The NAACP is an organization which exists to promote special rights and privileges for the people of one specific race.  If such an organization existed for the benefit of whites, it would be called a racist group, yet somehow the NAACP is applauded for its race-based discrimination.

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NAACP urging pro athletes in free agency not to sign with teams in Texas over voting, abortion laws.  The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) issued a letter Thursday [10/28/2021] to all major players' associations calling for athletes in free agency to avoid signing with teams that are in Texas in response to the state's recently enacted voting laws and new restrictions to women's reproductive freedoms.  "In response to the most recent attacks on voting rights and reproductive care, the Association sent an open letter to the National Players' Leagues, urging free agents to reconsider moving their families to a state that is not safe for anyone," said the NAACP in a press release.  The two-page letter was sent to the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB and NHL Players' Associations signed by NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson and NAACP Texas President Gary Bledsoe.

The Editor says...
The term "reproductive freedom" is a pernicious name for fetal homicide.

NAACP pledges to bail Texas Dems out of jail if they're arrested for fleeing the state to tank bill.  The NAACP on Tuesday [7/13/2021] vowed to bail out any Texas Democrat arrested by state authorities for running away from a special legislative session earlier in the week called by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott to consider, among other things, new voter integrity legislation.  "War has been declared on democracy, and we will support anyone who stands up to defend it.  We are fully invested in good trouble," NAACP President Derrick Johnson said in a statement.  The pledge comes after nearly 60 state Democrats boarded chartered busses and planes on Monday to intentionally deny a quorum to majority Republicans who are pushing to shore up voter integrity ahead of the 2022 elections following a chaotic and mistrusted 2020 election cycle.

BLM and NAACP are slammed for their silence over racist 'Uncle Tim' attacks on GOP Senator Scott.  Black Lives Matter and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have been harshly criticized by Republicans for failing to condemn the viral 'Uncle Tim' reference to Senator Tim Scott on Wednesday [4/28/2021].  Scott was compared to the racist 'Uncle Tom' trope that depicts black people as subservient after delivering the GOP rebuttal to President Joe Biden's speech before Congress in which he defended the country as not racist.  Scott spoke extensively about race, and made the point that while he had personally experienced discrimination, he did not believe the United States was an inherently racist country.

Portland NAACP president resigns following accusations of sexual abuse.  An NAACP president in Oregon has resigned after 11 people accused him of sexual and psychological abuse while attending his church decades ago, the civil rights group said.  Portland NAACP President E.D. Mondainé submitted his "immediate resignation" late Tuesday [10/20/2020], the organization said in a statement.  "The NAACP is firmly opposed to all forms of abuse, assault, harassment or discrimination," the statement said.  "Such behavior has no place in the Association, regardless of whether these instances occurred in previous or current administrations."  An investigation into the accusations is ongoing — and "additional and appropriate action" will be taken if necessary, NAACP officials said.

NAACP Chapter President:  Being A Police Officer 'Is A Choice,' 'No Such Thing As Blue Lives'.  According to NAACP chapter president Bishop Talbert Swan, there is "no such thing as Blue Lives" because police choose to do their jobs whereas black people do not choose the color of their skin.  In a Twitter post on Saturday [9/12/2020], the NAACP Greater Springfield president said that while the death or murder of a police officer is a terrible tragedy, it does not have the same implication as a black person being gunned down by police. [...] Talbert Swan is not the only activist to irreverently respond to the news about the shooting of two officers.  Following the incident, leftist think tank The Gravel Institute said that "blue lives" simply don't matter.

Let's Take Back Our Kids, Already!  Dad was a civil rights pioneer.  He pressured me and my four younger siblings to always vote and join the NAACP.  Upon attending my first NAACP meeting, I was stunned.  They actually joined in a circle; held hands; and sang, "We Shall Overcome".  Their rhetoric sounded as though I had stepped through a time warp back to 1950.  Leftist institutions of indoctrination are still selling students, black and white, the absurd lie that America has not progressed racially beyond the 1950s.

NAACP Responds to Joe Biden Comments:  We Never Endorsed Him, Or Anyone.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) responded Friday evening to comments earlier in the day by former Vice President Joe Biden, who claimed — falsely — that the NAACP had endorsed him.  In an interview [...], Biden said:  "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."  He went on to defend his record on issues relevant to the black community, claiming:  "The NAACP has endorsed me every time I've run."

NAACP's own poll reveals surge in black support for Trump - and they react badly.  Dependence on 90% voting support from African-Americans for electoral success is the jugular vein of the Democratic Party.  President Trump's rising support among black voters is correctly seen as an existential threat to the party's — and progressivism's — ability to win national elections.  That's why I thought it was big news last Saturday when Rasmussen proclaimed that black approval of Trump had hit 29%, even though most of the media ignored it for reasons AT readers well understand.

Why NAACP's Anti-Oil And Gas Report Is Hot Air.  The NAACP recently published a paper with a dramatic claim:  "African-Americans face a disproportionate risk of health problems from pollution caused by the oil and gas industry."  It generated many headlines.  But it's deeply misleading.  Instead of acknowledging the complex factors that cause health problems in minority communities, the paper's authors point a collective finger at energy firms.

Unabomber's Brother, NAACP Call for End to Death Penalty.  A representative from the NAACP joined other activists to advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, referring to capital punishment as "state-sponsored violence."  "This is a modern-day human rights issue that felt really solvable as a law student, like, we can just get rid of this, right?  We don't need this.  Let's move forward and get rid of this and move on to some other human rights issues — that's kind of how I found myself representing people who are on death row," Ngozi Ndulue, senior director of criminal justice programs at the NAACP, said during a vigil to abolish the death penalty recently organized by Death Penalty Action at the Supreme Court.

Bodycam footage documents NAACP state president lied about racial profiling.  Poor Rev. Moultrie was a victim of racial profiling, if you believe this account.  But I guess he didn't realize that the officer was wearing a body camera that recorded the entire incident.

NAACP president in SC says he was racially profiled; body cam video shows otherwise.  Timmonsville NAACP President the Rev. Jerrod Moultrie posted on Facebook on April 13 that he was racially profiled when a Timmonsville police officer pulled him over for a traffic violation near his home on Harkless Court in Timmonsville.

Candace Owens Tells the Truth about the NAACP.  The NAACP has long been a sacred cow.  It did some good long ago, but for decades it has been a useless, left-wing pressure group in thrall to the Democratic Party.  As such, it has generally opposed the interests of most African-Americans.

The California NAACP wants 'The Star-Spangled Banner' removed as the national anthem.  The California NAACP is seeking state lawmakers to support its campaign to remove "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem, according to The Sacramento Bee.  The Bee on Tuesday reported that the California NAACP passed a resolution at its state conference last month aimed at the song's removal.  The resolution urges Congress to rescind "one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon" in "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Get rid of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' as national anthem, state's NAACP urges.  When California lawmakers return to the Capitol in January, the state chapter of the NAACP will be seeking their support for a campaign to remove "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem.  The organization last week began circulating among legislative offices two resolutions that passed at its state conference in October:  one urging Congress to rescind "one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon" as the national anthem, and another in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who launched a protest movement against police brutality among professional athletes by kneeling when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played before games.  "We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick," California NAACP President Alice Huffman said.  "I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed."

Dem Rep 'Sees Nothing Wrong' With Changing The Anthem.  Illinois Democratic Rep. Danny Davis says he sees 'nothing wrong' with the California ACLU's effort to ban the Star Spangled Banner as the country's national anthem.  "Well, you know, one of the things about the Constitution that our forefathers wrote, and basically, there were none of our foremothers that were there.  There were none of our fore-sisters there.  There are changes that can take place and there is room to change," he told TheDC Thursday.  Alice Huffman, president of the California chapter of the NAACP, declared the anthem to be "racist" and that it "doesn't represent our community.  It's anti-black people,", reported Wednesday.  The NAACP is hoping for lawmakers to change it.

NAACP Leader Defends Confederate Monuments:  Statues Not A Problem.  One of the leaders in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) spoke out against the removal of Confederate statues, saying they are a part of history.  Speaking to reporters on Tuesday at City Hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, local NAACP chapter president Esther Lee expressed her frustration with the current state of affairs in the U.S., WFMZ reported.  "I think it's all senseless.  All senseless," Lee said.  "You know, we're 108 years in as NAACPers and we might think things would improve, but they do not.  You know we still have this factor about black and white."  Lee continued talking about Confederate statues, noting that it is pointless to take them down.

NAACP Leader Balks At Idea Of Congressional White Caucus.  Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP, was at loss for words Thursday night as former Reagan adviser Jeffrey Lord injected a hypothetical Congressional White Caucus into a debate on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.  The racially charged exchange began during a discussion of President Trump having asked an African-American reporter from a black-focused new radio outlet if she knew the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus.

NAACP Denies Giving Sessions Award.  The president of the NAACP's Alabama chapter said the award the group purportedly gave then-Sen. Jeff Sessions is "bogus."  The honor in question is the 2009 Governmental Award of Excellence, which surfaced while aides were cleaning out Sessions' Mobile, Ala., office in preparation for his move to the Department of Justice.  The plaque, which has Sessions' name on it, lists that the award was given during the NAACP's Civic and Human Rights Convention in Mobile April 23-26, 2009, "for the outstanding work you do."

AACP Head And Convicted Murderer Says He'll 'Fire Back' If We Report On Embezzlement.  A high-ranking official convicted of murder threatened to "fire back" if The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group (TheDCNF) reported that a new branch president for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) embezzled during his tenure at a previous nonprofit.  Gerald Hankerson, president of the Alaska, Oregon and Washington State regional NAACP, told TheDCNF he wasn't "authorizing" the disclosure because it "strikes a blow to the NAACP by indicating that we allow criminals at the leadership."

Black History (aka Demonize White America) Month.  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' rise from nothing is an extraordinary American tale.  The NAACP and so-called civil rights community should hold Justice Thomas up high as a shining example to black youths of what can be achieved via education, hard work, right choices, and self-reliance.  Remarkably, Justice Thomas is despised by the NAACP and fellow Leftists for exposing the benefits of embracing Myers' tried and true virtues.  Renowned black retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and black businessman extraordinaire Herman Cain are hated by the NAACP for the same reasons.  They do not view themselves as victims nor do they hate whites and America.  Both Carson and Cain love their country and tout the benefits of self-reliance, education, and hard work.

NAACP President Busted for Dealing Coke:  Media Ignores.  The President of the NAACP getting busted for coke to make his child support payments apparently isn't news.  You're not going to hear about this one from anywhere in the major media — maybe not even in Muncie.  Now if he was the pastor the large evangelical church, we suspect that would be different.

NAACP president arrested in Jeff Sessions' office.  The president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and other employees of the organization were arrested around 7 p.m.  CST Tuesday [1/3/2017] after they refused to leave Sen. Jeff Sessions' office in Mobile, Ala.  President Cornell Brooks and three other staffers were taken into police custody after spending the day sitting on the floor of the Republican senator's office.  Brooks said they would not leave until either Sessions declined his nomination as attorney general or they were arrested.

NAACP stages protest in Jeff Sessions' office.  The NAACP staged a sit-in on Tuesday [1/3/2017] to protest the nomination of conservative U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions as the nation's next Attorney General, vowing to occupy his Mobile, Alabama, office until he withdrew as a candidate or demonstrators were arrested.  Sessions, 70, has a record of controversial positions on race, immigration and criminal justice reform.  Along with the sit-in, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) organized demonstrations at his offices statewide to draw attention to their concerns about his track record.

The NAACP Promotes Grievance Industry.  As a proud grateful American who happens to be black, what I am about to say is sure to cause me to be called ugly names and the black community yelling, "Off with his head!"  Frankly, I do not care.  God calls Christians to be salt rather than surrendering to evil "groupthink".  I saw a TV commercial for the NAACP Image Awards in which a group of black youths on stage had clinched fists raised in the black power pose.  The camera cut to multimillionaire black celebs like Spike Lee in the audience smiling approvingly.  I thought, here we go again, another generation of black youths taught to view themselves as victims and hate their country.

NAACP is supposed to be for blacks?  The NAACP wants to freeze expansion of charter schools until, according to the resolution, they meet the same "transparency and accountability standards as public schools," no longer compete for the same public funds as public schools, don't reject students public schools accept, and that evidence of segregation is no longer evident.  It is disappointing that the NAACP, which defines itself as a civil rights organization, wants to deny a right as fundamental as parents determining how and where to educate their children.  But although disappointing, it not surprising.  It is not just charter schools NAACP opposes, but all alternatives to public schools.

NAACP Leader on Keith Scott Shooting: 'It Really Doesn't Matter If He Had a Gun'.  A local NAACP leader told CNN's Carol Costello Thursday [9/22/2016] that it didn't actually matter whether or not black Charlotte man Keith Scott had a gun on him when he was shot and killed by police.  Scott's death led to protests and violence for the past two days, after his family reported that he was holding a book when he died.  Charlotte police have called that false, saying that police body camera footage shows he was brandishing a gun and that they recovered a weapon from the scene.  But the president of the Charlotte chapter of the NAACP Corine Mack said ultimately it didn't matter.

NAACP considers role alongside Black Lives Matter at annual convention.  After high-profile police killings of black men in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis and two targeted killings of police officers, the US is being forced to stare down its perennial struggles with race and justice.  So as 5,000 NAACP members, volunteers and leaders descend on Cincinnati, Ohio, one natural question that presents itself is:  where does the venerable association sit in relation to the relatively nascent Black Lives Matter movement that has captured the nation's attention with its loud, urgent protests against police violence?

NAACP members call for ban on privately managed charter schools.  The NAACP has long expressed concern about charter schools, but now its members are taking a tougher stance.  At their recent annual national convention late last month, members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People approved a resolution that included language calling for a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charters.  For years, resolutions at annual national conventions of the historic organization have raised issues about charters, but the 2016 resolution uses stark language.  The new resolution (see text below) notes that "charter schools with privately appointed boards do not represent the public but make decisions about how public funds are spent," and it cites a number of problems with some charters, including punitive disciplinary policies, fiscal mismanagement and conflicts of interest.

NAACP chief: 'Ensure every demonstrator is a vote'.  Black Lives Matter activists need to "need to ensure that every demonstrator is a vote" in the fall elections in order to win policy changes pertaining to police misconduct and officer-involved shootings, according to the head of the NAACP.  "To bring about the kind of change that we need, we need to ensure that every demonstrator is a vote and that we to show up en masse and in the millions at the polls in November," NAACP president Cornell William Brooks said on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday morning [7/10/2016].

Alabama NAACP president under fire for allegedly selling endorsements.  The president of the Birmingham, Ala. NAACP is under fire for allegedly trying to sell endorsements from an influential local PAC, after he told local candidates if they did not buy a table or ad at an event, they would not be considered for an endorsement.

Ousted Spokane NAACP head sued Howard U. for discrimination, claiming she was white.  Rachel Dolezal, the former head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, sued Howard University after she received her graduate degree there, claiming the historically black college had discriminated against her because she was white.  Dolezal resigned as president of the Spokane NAACP Monday [6/15/2015], just days after her parents told local media outlets that their daughter had misrepresented herself as fully or partially black.  In reality, they said, their daughter's ancestry is German, Swedish, and Czech, with some Native American background as well.  WTTG reported that Dolezal filed her lawsuit against Howard in 2002, asking for damages due to "medical and emotional distress."

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down as Head of Spokane NAACP.  Dolezal was supposed to address the media on Monday [6/15/2015] regarding her parents' claim that she was actually white and had been pretending to be black for years, but that didn't happen. [...] Instead of addressing the media, Dolezal addressed the NAACP executive committee and members in a Facebook post on the Spokane chapter's page, saying, "The dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal identity in the context of defining race and ethnicity."

Questions about Rachel Dolezal linger as NAACP members react.  Members of the Spokane NAACP chapter plan to demonstrate today over the controversy enveloping their president, Rachel Dolezal, who said Sunday [6/14/2015] she's not ready to face them and explain claims she has lied about her race.

More about Rachel Dolezal.

The NAACP's Fomenters of Fear.  [Scroll down]  A typical and familiar headline:  "Arson at Black Church Echoes Bigotry of the Past."  The NAACP jumped onboard and demanded that then-Attorney General Janet Reno investigate.  President Clinton fanned the flames; panels were formed; federal spending programs were passed.  But a year later, Fields' own paper was forced to admit that "analysis of the 64 fires since 1995 shows only four can be conclusively shown to be racially motivated."  Several of the crimes had been committed by black suspects; a significant number of the black churches were in fact white churches; and the Chicken Littles had obscured numerous complex motives including mental illness, vandalism and concealment of theft.

NAACP President Compares Ferguson Public Officials to 'Roaches'.  Shortly after Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson announced his resignation on Wednesday [3/11/2015], NAACP President Cornell William Brooks said he viewed it as "a validation, certainly not a victory."  "The fact is that the Department of Justice uncovered an unholy trinity between the Ferguson Police Department, the municipal court and city hall.  And the fact you have these resignations indicates that these public officials are reacting to the Department of Justice report the way roaches react to light.

NAACP Leader Slams Obama's Executive Amnesty: 'Our Kids Have Dreams Too'.  A local NAACP president spoke out against how illegal immigrants are using up public resources that would have otherwise gone to people of color in the country legally on "The Laura Ingraham Show" Monday [3/9/2015].  Bob Ross, president of the Maryland Prince George's County NAACP, was on the show to discuss his efforts to lobby against Prince George County's efforts to create two high schools specifically for recent immigrants and dedicated to teaching students English.  The local NAACP chapter is vocally against the proposal, with Ross calling it "separate but equal."

NAACP Battles Latino Group Over Special Schools For Immigrant Students.  A Maryland chapter of the NAACP and the Latino activist group Casa de Maryland are squaring off over a plan to open two new schools to help immigrant students learn English.  The Prince George's County chapter of the NAACP calls the facilities "separate but unequal," and its president, Bob Ross, fears that money for the schools will be diverted from black schoolchildren, WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C. reports.  But Casa de Maryland claims that the facilities will help immigrant students assimilate into society.

What Do The Politicians Who Claimed Bombing Targeted Colorado NAACP Branch Say Now?  None of the politicians who asserted that last month's bombing in Colorado Springs was targeted at the city's NAACP branch are now willing to admit that they were wrong.  The Daily Caller reached out to Maryland U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, Georgia U.S. Rep. John Lewis, and Texas U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee upon Friday's [2/20/2015] news that the man who set off a small bomb at the building which housed Colorado Springs' NAACP branch on Jan. 6 — 44-year-old Thaddeus Murphy — actually targeted his former accountant, not the NAACP.

NAACP opposes naming Buffalo buildings after Millard Fillmore, who signed Fugitive Slave Act.  The NAACP is asking elected officials in western New York to reject any future requests to name anything after President Millard Fillmore, who lived in Buffalo and is buried there.

Racial Fairy Tales from the NAACP.  [Lei-Chala] Wilson was explaining to a reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune why crime rates for black people are so astronomically out of proportion:  "The statistics have proven we don't commit more crimes than anyone else, but we're more likely to get stopped, detained and arrested," Wilson said. [...] If what Wilson says is true, in San Diego alone, tens of thousands of white criminals are getting away with murder, assault, burglary, theft, you name it.  All under the sleepy gaze of the local newspaper that might be expected to notice something like that.  A paper that apparently is too somnambulant to ask:  "Really?  What statistics are you talking about?"

Sacramento NAACP Leader Prepares Excuses for Ferguson Violence.  The President of Sacramento's NAACP branch has stated that he hopes there will not be violence once the decision in the case of Officer Darren Wilson is handed down, but also asserted that he understands that members of the NAACP community have animosity for police.

The Silence of the 'Colored People'.  Voters on Election Day chose Tim Scott as South Carolina's U.S. senator.  They also sent Utah's Mia Love and Texas's Will Hurd to the U.S. House of Representatives.  Thus, the 114th Congress will include three black Republicans.  This is a new high-water mark for black Americans.  Too bad the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People couldn't care less.  (America's oldest civil-rights organization still plasters that retrograde expression all over its logo and website.)

When Will the NAACP Truly Help Their People?  Folks, I am sorry, but the NAACP and others in their civil rights syndicate are a despicable bunch.  All they really care about is furthering liberalism and increasing their political power.  They are disgusting.

NAACP To Host "How To Stay Alive When Stopped By A Cop" Forum.  It was following the shooting of Brown that the metro chapters of the NAACP joined with the Georgia NAACP in announcing that they would be training young African American males about how to stay alive when they are stopped by a police officer.  They also called for sensitivity training of police officers in Georgia.  Atlanta NAACP President Dr. R.L. White says, "Most of the cops, are good cops but every once in a while one in a basket can spoil the whole thing."

Texas prosecutor fired for dismissing juror over NAACP activism.  A senior prosecutor in Travis Country (Austin) Texas has been fired for dismissing a juror in a trial and is likely to sue, which could lead to a fascinating court battle over the nature of the NAACP.

Liberals: Exempt from Scrutiny.  Does the NAACP stand as our watchdog over racism?  In theory, yes; in fact, not so much.  The L.A. branch was quite content to overlook Donald Sterling's sterling racialism, given his donations.  Sterling apparently thought that supporting the local NAACP either was not antithetical to his racist sloppy talk and rental practices, or was a wise investment in progressive insurance.  Al Sharpton receiving a "person of the year" award from the same branch of the NAACP is no less absurd than Donald Sterling's "lifetime-achievement award" — given that Sharpton is on record as an anti-Semite, homophobe, inciter of riot, former FBI informant, tax delinquent, and convicted defamer of a district attorney.  But the NAACP brand nowadays functions much like our green culture, as a sort of way to display correct coolness.

Fmr. NAACP President: Tea Party's Disrespect Toward Obama Drove Politics 'Into a Ditch'.  Benjamin Jealous, the former president of the NAACP, appeared on MSNBC on Thursday and praised Attorney General Eric Holder's remarks before the National Action Network, in which he implied that both he and President Barack Obama suffer race-based indignities from conservatives.  Jealous said the nation should count itself "blessed" to have such an honest attorney general and blamed the tea party for the racial antipathy directed at White House officials.

Former ACORN CEO at Sharpton Convention: Amnesty Opponents, Voter ID Supporters Want USA Apartheid.  Bertha Lewis, the former CEO of ACORN, claimed at Al Sharpton's National Action Network convention on Wednesday that opponents of amnesty and supporters of voter identification laws want to institute in America something similar to South Africa's apartheid.  President Barack Obama will address the convention on Friday and discuss voting rights issues and voter ID laws.  Speaking on a panel about immigration reform, Bertha Lewis, who is now the president and founder of The Black Institute, noted that America will soon "have a new majority, and that majority will be darker — black, and brown, and Asian."

The NAACP Realizes the IRS Limiting Free Speech is a Bad Thing.  In response to its own inappropriate targeting of conservative, patriot and tea party groups, the IRS has proposed a new set of rules limiting the free speech of tax exempt groups. [...] But now, liberal groups like the NAACP are discovering new rules apply to them too and they're not happy about it.

NAACP requires marchers protesting North Carolina voter ID law To Show Photo ID.  North Carolinians marching to protest voter-ID laws must present a valid photo ID to participate in an NAACP-hosted protest against voter-ID laws in Raleigh on Saturday [2/8/2014].  The central claim among the protesters is that the voter-ID laws disenfranchise certain segments of the voting population, particularly minority voters and poor voters.  According to official NAACP flyers passed out at the rally, protesters must carry the precise kind of ID that they would be expected to present at the voting booth.

ID's required to attend NAACP rally to protest voter ID requirements.  The North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP is holding a rally to protest that state's new voter identification law, but participants are being advised to bring photo identification.

Stop Giving Obama Radicals the Benefit of the Doubt.  Right now the nomination of Debo Adegbile to run the Justice Department Civil Rights Division is before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Adegbile was the former NAACP Legal Defense Fund head.  In that role, he oversaw the defense of the cop-killing Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal.  The Fraternal Order of Police has demanded that President Obama withdraw the nomination.  Adegbile has pushed every other crackpot racial theory popular among the civil rights industry.  His career has been characterized by attacking school discipline policies and employer background checks as racially motivated.  He fought to keep Abigail Fisher out of the University of Texas Law School merely because she was white.  Just a decade ago, this radical racialist background would have been a disqualifier for any nominee to the Justice Department.  But today, radicalism is a prerequisite for the job.

NAACP accused of selling-out to same-sex movement.  The civil rights movement has been hijacked at the expense of black Americans.  One black leader says the NAACP literally has sold out to check-writing gay rights leaders.  The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,now is used to promote a new agenda.  Expect to hear it expressed in today's Lincoln Memorial speeches by Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama.  Sexual rights, which protect behavior, often are emphasized more than racial equality, even though race is something that nobody can change about themselves.

The NAACP has stopped advancing colored people and started advancing colored progressives.
Why I left the NAACP.  After a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, the NAACP pledged that it "will not rest until racial profiling in all its forms is outlawed."  The reaction is characteristic of today's NAACP, a group that deals more in political demagoguery than in advancing the causes relevant to African Americans.  The group is a shadow of what it once was.  There was a time when the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was at the forefront of the fight for equal rights and black empowerment.

NAACP president Ben Jealous: These are 'times of great peril'.  Today's opening speeches of the NAACP's national convention in Orlando have become a rallying cry for action in Trayvon Martin's name.  NAACP president and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous told hundreds of attendees that although these are times of great possibility, they are also "times of great peril."  "We feel it every time we see one of our young sons... walk out the door and pull his hoodie up," said Jealous.

The Editor says...
The rebuttal to Mr. Jealous has already been written by Jack Coleman:  "Then again, your teenage son, regardless of skin hue, is likely to live a longer, healthier life if he manages to avoid suspensions from school, dabbling in drugs, getting caught with jewelry and a burglary tool hidden in his backpack, and aspiring to gangstahood."

Justice Department faces evidence hurdles in proving Zimmerman bias after verdict.  The NAACP started the drive to pressure the DOJ to continue its probe by posting a petition Sunday morning on the website  "The most fundamental of civil rights — the right to life — was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin," the group wrote.

The Editor says...
The NAACP's great concern over the "right to life" would be a lot easier to take seriously if they said something about the black babies being killed every day in abortion clinics.  Every day, approximately 1,876 black children are aborted.  Yet the NAACP is completely silent about abortion, because to oppose abortion is to oppose the Democratic Party, which is the abortion party and is also the source of the NAACP's political clout.

NAACP Blackballs Borelli and Bryant.  The NAACP is blackballing black conservatives.  Specifically, two black conservatives:  Deneen Borelli and the Reverend C. L. Bryant.  You missed this?  Considering the state of the liberal media these days, one shouldn't be surprised.

NAACP holds town hall meeting at church.  Members say it's important to gather at church and have civilized meetings and rallies -- and stay away from the courthouse.  "The so-called "demonstration area" that has been designated you will not see us protesting in that particular area cause no one tells us where to go, how long to stay, what to do, and what to say," said Seminole County NAACP President Turner Clayton Jr.

150 People Arrested In NAACP Protest Against NC Republicans.  Upwards of 150 people were arrested outside the doors to the [North Carolina] state Senate chambers, where demonstrators chanted, sang and delivered speeches decrying what they called a regressive agenda that neglects the poor.

The NAACP and company thrives on black Americans believing themselves victimized.  The NAACP leadership has abandoned it's commitment to traditional marriage, family, education, self-reliance and hard work.  The once great well-intentioned organization has morphed into a far-left radial liberal racist hate group which exploits race, using it as a bludgeon to silence any and all opposition to Obama and the Democrats' government overreaching, ever expending entitlement programs and Obama's vowed redistribution of wealth. MLK would not approve.

NAACP Chair Emeritus: 'Legitimate' For IRS To Target 'Admittedly Racist' Tea Party.  Julian Bond, chairman emeritus of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, joined anchor Thomas Roberts on MSNBC on Tuesday [5/14/2013] where he said that he did not believe the federal government was complicit in any wrongdoing given the news that the Internal Revenue Service singled out conservative groups for added scrutiny.  He said that it is right of the government to look into the Tea Party, which he called "overtly racist" and the "Taliban wing of American politics."  Bond made these comments after noting that his group was illegitimately targeted by the IRS in 2004.

Pro-Obama election flyer marked with NAACP seal featured Klan, lynching imagery.  A presidential election flier disseminated in North Carolina and marked with a seal for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) featured Ku Klux Klan and lynching imagery as part of its presentation urging voters to head to the polls.  Another pro-Obama flier in North Carolina informed African-American voters that Mitt Romney would relegate them to "picking cotton" if elected president.

Four Seasons sues NAACP for alleged unpaid bill.  Houston's Four Seasons Hotel is suing the NAACP, claiming the association owes the hotel almost $100,000, apparently for a summer banquet.  The lawsuit claims that the NAACP owes the Four Seasons $99,597 for various unpaid charges from July to November for an event held at the downtown hotel, according to a petition filed in Harris County District Court on Jan. 16.

Four Seasons Houston sues NAACP after annual convention.  A lawsuit filed last week in Harris County claims the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People did not pay its bill at the downtown Houston Four Seasons Hotel for its 103rd Annual Convention in July.  Court documents examined by Houston Business Journal show that the hotel alleges it is owed $99,500 for room, banquet and finance charges.

Gun Control Frenzy — Proof Democrats Are The Real Racists.  The NAACP condemned 'Birth of a Nation' for its racist and "vicious" portrayal of blacks, its proclamation of miscegenation, its pro-Klan stance, and its endorsement of slavery.  The film is used to recruit new members of the Ku Klux Klan which was founded by the Democrats during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.  Today's NAACP apparently ignores American History and has forgotten who really arrested Martin Luther King.

NAACP Shamefully Plays Race Card With Tim Scott.  The once-proud NAACP has dissed a new African-American Republican senator as a token who knows nothing about civil rights because, well, he's a Republican — unlike, say, Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights Act.

NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama.  According to Eve Rockford, a poll watcher trained by voter integrity group True the Vote, three NAACP members showed up to the 139 precinct location with 50 cases of bottled water and began handing bottles out to people standing in line.  While wearing NAACP labeled clothing, members were "stirring the crowd" and talking to voters about flying to Ohio to promote President Barack Obama. [...] "The NAACP basically ran this poll location and the judges did nothing about it," Rockford said.

Report: NAACP Takes Over Polling Station in Houston.  Volunteer election poll watchers from True the Vote, the Houston-based nonpartisan election integrity group, are reporting that Houston's NAACP chapter has taken over an election polling station.

NAACP Sees 'Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations' in FL Race-Based Education Goals.  The Florida State Board of Education recently announced that its K-12 academic achievement goals for math and reading will vary depending on a student's race.

NAACP Tries to Kill the Golden Goose.  The last 75 years have seen remarkable civil rights progress.  As Jesse Jackson would put it, African-Americans have gone from the outhouse to the White House.  Foremost in this campaign has been the NAACP (and its closely aligned Legal Defense Fund).  Cataloging this progress might fill an entire library.  But, successes acknowledged, like all successful, long-lived organizations, the NAACP faces what is sometimes called the March of Dimes problem.  In a nutshell, what's an organization to do after it has accomplished nearly all of its goals?

Obama Camp. Threatens NAACP Official.  The Illinois political director of President Barack Obama's campaign allegedly threatened a Chicago NAACP official because he did not support Obama's reelection campaign.  David Lowery, the president of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP, alleged to CBS Chicago that Louis Raymond, the Obama official, threatened him during a phone call because Lowery did not support Obama.  Lowery felt Obama did not adequately address the concerns and issues of the black community.

NAACP Urges U.N. to Investigate U.S. for 'Racially Discriminatory Election Laws'.  Charging that millions of citizens, two-fifths of them black, have been denied the right to vote because of felony convictions, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called on the United Nations this week to investigate America's "racially discriminatory election laws."  An NAACP delegation visiting Geneva hosted a panel on the "disenfranchisement" of U.S. citizens and addressed the U.N. Human Rights Council, which is in session in the Swiss city.

Mississippi NAACP Official Convicted for Casting Deceased's Absentee Ballots.  A Mississippi NAACP executive is in jail after being convicted of voter fraud for fraudulently casting absentee ballots, including for four dead people.  Lessadolla Sowers, who is a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee, was convicted and sentenced in April for what a judge said were crimes that cut "against the fabric of our free society."

Mississippi NAACP leader sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud.  While NAACP President Benjamin Jealous lashed out at new state laws requiring photo ID for voting, an NAACP executive sits in prison, sentenced for carrying out a massive voter fraud scheme.  In a story ignored by the national media, in April a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots.  Sowers is identified on an NAACP website as a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee.

Obama And NAACP Pervert Civil Rights To Advance Gay Agenda.  The mainstream "progressive" media created a stir about the NAACP crowd booing Mitt Romney at the decidedly liberal group's national convention in Houston, Texas.  The activist attendees didn't like the fact that President Obama's presumptive GOP challenger intends to repeal Obamacare if elected.  Still, what you won't hear from the mainstream media is the fact that those very same left-leaning activists gave Mr. Romney a rousing ovation when he pledged to defend the institution of real marriage from secular extremists' ongoing attempts to radically re-define it.

Obama — The Black Man's Burden.  Barack Obama was a no-show at the recent 103rd NAACP conference, but, clearly, he is being given a pass by the NAACP leadership. [...] If Barack Obama cannot attend the annual NAACP meeting, in an election year, on a day when he has no other pressing duties, when he has the opportunity to address almost 10,000 attendees, then how can it be a surprise to anyone that during the Obama Administration, Black Americans have experienced more set-backs than at any time in the past 30 years?

NAACP Furthers the Mission of the KKK.  The mission of the KKK is to stifle black liberation via intimidation, which is exactly what the modern black civil rights coalition continues to do to blacks.  Both organizations despise self-starting, self-reliant, and free-thinking blacks.  The primary mission of the black civil rights coalition (NAACP/CBC) and the Democratic Party is to keep black Americans believing themselves eternal victims of an eternally racist white America.  Many blacks have been successfully indoctrinated into believing that every problem in the black community is the result of white oppression.

The Left's False Claim of Suppression From Voter ID Laws.  On Monday [7/9/2012], Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP, decided to confront the issue of Voter ID.  Unfortunately, he embraced the left's absurd ideology that it is voter suppression and an assault on the rights of minorities.  He likened the movement of opposition to Voter ID laws to the Civil Right Movements with his reference to "Salem and Montgomery times".  This rhetoric is nothing but divisive.

Why would Obama blow off the NAACP?  The refugee emergency in Mali.  President Obama has ordered as much as $10 million given to the United Nations to help.  Maybe that's why Obama's wide open schedule today simply didn't permit him to speak to his most loyal band of supporters, the annual NAACP convention.  Or maybe it's really because those supporters are so loyal he can and does take them for granted.

NAACP, then and now.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is no longer a civil rights organization.  It was at one time, in the glory days when men like Walter White and Roy Wilkins led the organization.  Those were the days when lawyers like Thurgood Marshall racked up court victory after court victory to whittle away at, and eventually destroy, the edifice of de jure segregation in the United States.  The era of White and Wilkins has passed.  In the 1990s, Julian Bond became the NAACP's board chairman and, more than any single individual, started the organization's slow descent from esteemed civil rights group to what it is today:  at best, an African-American subcommittee of the Democratic National Committee; at worst, a hatchet man for the Democratic Party.

Mitt Romney was booed for this: Do you agree?  No one expected an ovation from the largely Democrat organization, since Romney stuck to his free enterprise platform to replace ineffective government programs.  Few, however, expected outright boos for their invited guest.  We're publishing here some selective excerpts from Romney's remarks.  See if you think the former governor deserved the vocal derision.

Romney at NAACP: An impossible crowd.  If nothing else, Romney had shown up.  He got points for that from nearly everyone I talked to.  It was more than President Barack Obama did; he was a no-show after his appearance was touted in convention programs.  What struck me, though, was the futility of the whole exercise.  Romney wasn't just facing a tough crowd, he was facing an impossible one, trying to appeal to a loyal Democratic demographic of which 95 percent voted for his opponent.

Dallas NAACP Wants Texas Lottery Shut Down.  The Dallas chapter of the NAACP wants to stop seeing low income Texans pumping money into the state lottery by putting it out of business.  In poorer communities, though, the lottery seems to offer the chance at a life otherwise out of reach.

Iowa NAACP leader quits over same-sex marriage flap.  A prominent leader in the Iowa/Nebraska branch of the NAACP — the country's oldest civil rights group — announced today [6/6/2012] that he is resigning as branch president and a national board member in the wake of the national organization's decision to endorse marriage between people of the same gender.  The Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr. of the Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church in Des Moines issued a statement saying he was stepping down from the NAACP national board and as Iowa/Nebraska state conference president "due to the NAACP's position and support of same-sex marriage.

Where are the "separation of church and state" people now?
Black power: NAACP seeks 1 million new teen voters.  If the NAACP, black colleges and African-American churches get their way, there will be an additional 1 million black 18-year-olds flooding the nation's voting stations to presumably vote for President Obama in the fall.  The civil rights group on Wednesday [5/9/2012] announced a 50-state initiative with the 7.5 million member National Baptist Convention, historically-black Clark-Atlanta University and radio personality Tom Joyner to register voters who turn 18 by Election Day.

NAACP purges Allen West.  Local representatives of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) have uninvited Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., from speaking at their event due to his criticism of House Democrats.

Zimmerman family member calls NAACP 'racists'.  In a letter obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller on Monday [4/2/2012], a family member of George Zimmerman ripped Seminole County, Fla. NAACP president Turner Clayton for a rush to judgment in the Trayvon Martin case.  "It's time for you to end the race issue in this matter and call for cooler heads to prevail," the letter reads.  "If something happens to George as a result of the race furor stirred up by this mischaracterization of George there will be blood on your hands as well as the rest of the racists that have rushed to judgment.  You need to call off the dogs.  Period.  Publicly and swiftly."

Betrayal by any other name.  What would you call it if some Americans went overseas to the United Nations Human Rights Council and gave aid and comfort to some of the most repressive regimes on the planet?  What if they falsely accused America of suppressing the vote of racial minorities because some states require voter photo ID and other measures to deter fraud?  I'd call it "treason," but you also could say it's just liberal politics as usual.

The Real Reason the NAACP Went to Geneva.  The NAACP move is so absurd and so self-destructive that one has to wonder why the organization has done this.  According to the Freedom House 2011 assessment of freedom in the world, of the 41 members of the U.N. Human Rights Council, fewer than half are free countries.  Ten are ranked "Not Free," and 12 "Partly Free."  Among the "Not Free" members are Angola, China, Congo, Cuba, Jordan, Russia and Saudi Arabia.  Those countries' elections, if they have them, are rigged, and prominent opponents are jailed, tortured and killed.  To bring a human rights complaint before countries in which there are almost no human rights is truly absurd.

NAACP Brings U.S. Election Law Before United Nations.  The United Nations Human Rights Council, comprised of human rights violators like Saudi Arabia, China, and Cuba, has turned its attention to American election laws.  Ironically, the council is investigating the impact of American election laws on minorities in the United States, even as some of the Council's member nations have only just recently permitted women the right to vote, and Saudi Arabia still bars women from voting completely.  Fox News reports, "Officials from the NAACP are presenting their case against U.S. voter ID laws, arguing to the international diplomats that the requirements disenfranchise voters and suppress the minority vote."

UN rights council delves into US voter I.D. laws.  The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the issue of American election laws at its gathering on minority rights in Geneva, Switzerland.  This, despite the fact that some members of the council have only in the past several years allowed women to vote, and one member, Saudi Arabia, still bars women from the voting booth completely.

NAACP Asking U.N. Human Rights Council to Condemn American Voter ID Laws.  Riled by state-level voting law changes that it alleges are designed to suppress "the political participation of people of color, the poor, the elderly, and the young," the NAACP is turning to the U.N. Human Rights Council for support.

The story of how the New York NAACP sued charter schools serving black kids.  The United Federation of Teachers, the New York City teachers' union, joined forces with the New York State NAACP in a lawsuit to evict charter schools from the buildings those schools share with traditional district schools.  This despite the high percentage of minority children who attend the city's charter schools.  Why would the NAACP agree to sue the very charter schools that were saving the lives of so many black kids?

NAACP Plantation Masters Play Race Card Again.  The more states expand their Medicaid programs, the more federal funds they get.  So they have a perverse incentive to keep growing these programs.  It is unfortunately analogous to drug pushers who get richer with each new addict.  If indeed Santorum did single out blacks, it's not unreasonable because they are disproportionately on Medicaid.  Blacks comprise 12 percent of the population but they constitute 30 percent of those on Medicaid.  Medicaid is government monopolized socialized medicine for the nation's poor.  Not surprisingly, its spending is out of control while delivering increasingly shoddy care.

The NAACP Sics the UN on Our Sovereign States.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is petitioning the United Nations to investigate alleged disenfranchisement of black and Latino voters in anticipation of next year's presidential election.  According to the NAACP, ... more than a dozen states have passed laws aimed at unfairly restricting the constitutionally protected right of black and Hispanic voters to vote.

NAACP Taking Complaints About U.S. Voter Laws to United Nations.  The NAACP is calling on the United Nations to intervene as it claims state governments are colluding to "block the vote" for minority communities ahead of the 2012 election — a charge those governments vehemently deny.  The nation's biggest civil rights organization this week released a report that claimed a raft of new voting laws at the state level would disenfranchise minority voters.  The report said 14 states passed 25 measures "designed to restrict or limit the ballot access of voters of color."

NAACP taking grievances against voter ID laws to the UN, claiming discrimination.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is taking its racial grievances against America to the United Nations this weekend.  On Saturday [12/10/2011] the NAACP will offer evidence of what it considers a coordinated effort to disenfranchise black and Latino voters in a racist attempt to limit minority voting.

NAACP targets tougher voter qualifications.  Voter ID laws are at the heart of the debate, according to the report.  The authors maintain that such laws disproportionately target minorities.  The report says about 25% of black Americans and about 16% of Latinos do not possess government-issued photo identification, compared with 8% of whites.

The Civil War is Over. Let the Battle Flag Be.  Over the past several months, the NAACP has launched a campaign against the Confederate Battle Flag by protesting its presence at the South Carolina statehouse.  Governor Nikki Haley did not respond to the demands of the NAACP to remove it.  In a similar matter, black protesters have called for the removal of the Battle Flag from a Georgian cemetery that happens to have interred the bones of Confederate soldiers.  And now, most recently, Republican presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry of Texas has become the newest target of the NAACP over whether the Battle Flag should appear on license plates.  In the end, Perry decided against the idea.

The NAACP's Betrayal of Blacks.  Tragically, this once-great organization has been hijacked by far-left, radical, America-hating socialists.  Thus, the NAACP is relentless in its efforts to portray American race relations as having progressed very little since the 1950s — ignoring obvious evidence to the contrary, like a black first family occupying the White House.  The NAACP's modus operandi is simple, a one-trick pony.  Their strategy is to despicably declare every issue and all opposition "racist."

Mississippi NAACP leader sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud.  While NAACP President Benjamin Jealous lashed out at new state laws requiring photo ID for voting, an NAACP executive sits in prison, sentenced for carrying out a massive voter fraud scheme.  In a story ignored by the national media, in April a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots.

Is this going to make America a better place to live?
NAACP demands US Airways apology.  The NAACP says it won't drop its fight over saggy pants.  About two dozen people protested Monday [7/18/2011] at the U.S. Airways ticket counter in San Francisco International Airport over last month's arrest of a black man wearing drooping pants.

Town hall meeting attacks S.C. voter ID law.  More than 40 people appeared at an NAACP town hall meeting today [7/18/2011] where opponents said they would do everything in their power to see that the state's new voter ID law never gets used.

NAACP Blasts Lack of Diversity in Prime Time News.  In a press release issued this morning, the NAACP condemned 24-hour cable news channel CNN for its recently announced prime time news lineup, calling the lack of diversity in its collection of news anchors a "glaring omission."

The Editor says...
Race-based hiring quotas are perfectly okay with the NAACP, if the right people benefit.  There's no "lack of diversity" at CNN, even without an abundance of black news anchors.  "Diversity" in this case is a code word for "blacks."

NAACP to CNN: You're Racist!  [The NAACP is] a group whose membership is strictly for one race.  I'm the first to laugh and point at mainstream media, but the premise of this publicity stunt is devoid of logic.  The NAACP assumes that CNN is barring black journalists as opposed to there not being enough black journalists ready and present for promotion to prime time.  Did the NAACP take inventory of all the black people (or white, men and women) in the CNN newsroom?

Inner city parents protest NAACP, teachers' union.  Minority parents in New York have a message for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT):  you are hurting our children.  In New York Monday [6/27/2011], charter school parents staged another of several rallies to voice opposition to a lawsuit brought by the UFT and NAACP against the New York City Department of Education.  If the organizations are successful with their suit, it would prevent enrollment or re-enrollment in 17 charter schools and stop the closure of 22 public schools.

NAACP vs. Black Parents.  Here's something you don't see everyday.  Thousands of American blacks held a rally in Harlem last week to protest ... the NAACP.  The New York state chapter of the civil rights organization and the United Federation of Teachers, the local teachers union, have filed a lawsuit to stop the city from closing 22 of Gotham's worst schools.  The lawsuit also aims to block the city from giving charter schools space to operate in buildings occupied by traditional public schools.
[Ellipses in original.]

NAACP Declines To Condemn Left-Wing Racist Attacks On Justice Thomas.  The NAACP is quick to play the race card when it means defending a left-wing agenda.  In fact, they partnered with Think Progress and Media Matters and New Left Media to launch, a website that publishes and monitors what they consider "racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement."  But after lefty moonbats at a Soros-funded anti-Koch rally made unambiguously racist comments [about] Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ... The race card was nowhere to be found.

Race and the 2010 Elections.  Will the NAACP be celebrating the arrival of two new black faces to the U.S. House of Representatives?  Don't hold your breath.  They certainly will not.  These two new black congressmen are Republicans.  There's a powerful message here that should and must be digested.  We have arrived in post-racial America but establishment blacks — lodged in the political left — refuse to accept it and are doing all they can to get black citizens to refuse to accept it.

Sell-outs at the NAACP.  For decades the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People fought the good fight against racial discrimination. ... The NAACP is now a defender of a system of racial spoils, a champion of big government, and a promoter of progressive politics.  In short, the organization has been transformed into an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.  And that enforcement is achieved through the use of race as a weapon.  The NAACP's recent report on racism within the Tea Party is a rather clumsy attempt at wielding that weapon in order to demonize political opposition to the Democrat agenda.  It is also dangerous because it undermines black political and cultural progress.

Why I Won't Be Reading the NAACP's Report on Tea Party Racism.  The NAACP has become a creator, not a fighter, of racism.  They are in the racism business, fanning the flames in order to survive, and I won't be reading their shameful, phony propagandistic report on the supposed bigotry in the Tea Party movement just being issued today [10/20/2010] in time for the election.

What the NAACP/Tea Party Battle is Really About.  [Scroll down]  Urban demographics were radically altered by forced integration, and this remains true today.  The 1964 Civil Rights Act brought federal intervention into local restaurants and movie houses and even constrained peoples' ability to choose their neighbors.  The 1965 Voting Rights Act and subsequent extensions now make every city and town in America vulnerable to Justice Department oversight if their election system slights minority representation.  Employment based affirmative action has exploded from a narrow presidential directive targeting federal government contractors to a bureaucratic colossus.  There is scarcely a person alive, from professors to blue collar cops and firefighters whose life-chances have not been shaped by government race policy.

Radical NAACP Leftists Propose Resolution Condemning Tea Party Racists.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the radical leftist group that labels black conservatives "Uncle Toms", proposed a resolution at their 101st Annual Convention this weekend condemning the "tea party racists."  This far left organization will vote on the resolution Tuesday [7/13/2010] at their national meeting.  A racist NAACP leader recently attacked black conservative Kenneth Gladney for being "kissed on the forehead, by a European."

Michelle Obama Set To Appear At NAACP Convention.  First lady Michelle Obama will speak at the NAACP convention at Bartle Hall Monday as the keynote speaker of the event.

Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party.  First Lady Michelle Obama brought renewed energy to the NAACP today, delivering the keynote speech at the annual convention one day before the nation's largest civil rights group is expected to condemn what it calls racist elements in the Tea Party movement.  The nation's largest and oldest civil rights organization will vote on the resolution Tuesday [7/13/2010] during its annual convention in Kansas City, Mo.

Liberal Ignorance, Hate, and Intolerance:  Michelle Obama Addresses the NAALCP.  Does Mrs. Obama ever have anything positive to contribute to the national discourse?  Like her husband, she's always agitating, always rabble-rousing, always bringing the worst out of people.  She may blame the other side of the aisle for stoking hate, fear, division, and racism.  But, perfectly illustrating the psychological defense mechanism of Projection, it is she and her ideological ilk who do it, and they do it as frequently and effortlessly as breathing.

The Racism of the NAACP:  The NAACP, once an important Civil Rights organization, has not only forgotten its mission, but has degenerated into what it was formed to prevent, it has become a racist organization.  If you go to the group's website you can read all about the groups original goals. ... Notice it calls for eliminating race-based discrimination against all persons and equal rights without discrimination for all individuals.  Yet too many incidents in recent history has shown the group has strayed far away from its goals.

Black Activists Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Movement.  As the NAACP plans to use their group's prestige to bash the tea party movement, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are urging delegates at the NAACP's national convention not to turn the NAACP into a pawn for progressive political bosses.

NAACP will vote today on whether you are a racist.  I have not seen a single interview of any Tea Partier — and certainly of any credible movement leader — who did not repudiate and denounce racism when asked.  I hope they all continue to repudiate it, but I don't really think that's what the NAACP is trying to accomplish here.

NAACP Passes Tea Party Racism Resolution.  The NAACP has passed a resolution condemning racism in the Tea Party movement.  The resolution was approved in a vote by more than 2,000 delegates at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Kansas City.

Tea Party Is Dealt The Race Card.  The NAACP, in crafting a resolution condemning racism in the Tea Party movement, seems to have forgotten those Black Panthers with clubs intimidating voters and wanting to kill white people.  The "angry mobs" that reshaped the 2010 political landscape are angry white racist mobs, at least according to a resolution proposed by the NAACP at its annual convention this week in Kansas City, Mo.

Black Tea Party Spokesperson Rebukes NAACP Resolution Against Tea Parties.  The NAACP Resolution proclaiming the Tea Party Movement to be racist is motivated by hate and fear.  Though well disguised in intellectual rhetoric, underneath festers hate and fear.  Along with their underlying resentment of whites and non forgiveness of America's sins of the past, the NAACP has become zealots for the religion of Progressivism which preaches victimhood-ism and entitlement.  The NAACP are the true racists whose secret motto is "Keep Hate & Victimhood-ism Alive."

NAACP had no business condemning tea partiers.  By the time its annual convention in Kansas City is concluded, the NAACP will have held a series of votes, endorsed a slew of resolutions and discussed any number of issues.  But only one will be remembered:  Its resolution condemning "racist elements" among the tea partiers.  It was inappropriate, narrow-minded and divisive, a move that will only cement the aging organization's growing reputation as a repository of partisan hacks.  It will do far more harm than good in a political environment already simmering with contentiousness, suspicion and race-related grievances.

NAACP Won't Release Text of Tea Party Resolution Until October.  The NAACP will not release the actual text of its resolution condemning "racist elements" within the Tea Party movement until October, when the organization's board gives it final approval, a spokesman for the group has told me.

Liberals Crash Tea Party, But Stay Silent On Black Panther Hate Talk.  Over the past year, members of the liberal media, progressive politicians and the Hollywood elite have demonized the Tea Party movement partly by claiming that that Tea Partiers are a fringe group driven by racial animosity.  Now, faced with unequivocally racist antics by members of the New Black Panther Party, the progressive establishment seems devoid of passion to root out hatred.

NAACP plays latest race card against tea party.  [Scroll down]  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People played a big race card, accusing the libertarian-leaning tea party movement of harboring racists. ... Now the NAACP, an organization with a historic role in civil rights, seems to be taking [Jesse] Jackson's path to irrelevancy.  At its national convention in Kansas City, Mo., this week, the NAACP offered a resolution condemning what they call "racist elements" in the anti-big government tea party movement.

How Can I Prove I am Not a Racist?  How do you prove you are not a racist?  I, my husband, and several members of my family have attended several Tea Party events and rallies, including a rally of over 100,000 in Washington, D.C. last September.  According to the NAACP, and many members of the Democrat party establishment, my family and I are either racists ourselves, or we are tacitly supporting and enabling other racists in the Tea Party.  So how do we defend our honor?

On being labeled as 'racist':  A clear pattern of behavior has emerged over the last 16 months.  According to liberals, if you disagree with their thinking, and if you disagree with the Obama administration, you are not only wrong, you are a "racist."  The latest strike by the left comes from the NAACP, which has resolved that the tea party movement is inherently "racist."  At its most simple, this is a direct attack on the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans.  The NAACP has long history of liberalism and racism.  If you are a conservative — including a conservative African-American — there is no room for you at the NAACP.

Backpedaling at full speed:
Revs. Sharpton, Jackson downplay tea party issue.  The Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton sought Wednesday [7/14/2010] to steer attention away from an NAACP resolution condemning racism within the tea party movement, saying focus should remain on jobs and an upcoming march in Washington.

The National Association for the Advancement of Coddled People.  Before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People decided to ride the anti-tea party wave back to political relevancy, its most recent activist crusade involved a silly space-themed Hallmark graduation card.  Yes, the NAACP has been lost in space for quite some time now.  And blaming whitey will no longer cut it.

The NAACP:  Still Stuck In The Past.  Sometimes they make things way too easy.  [Video]

The NAACP's Descent.  [Scroll down]  In recent decades, the NAACP has transformed itself into just another liberal advocacy group, absurdly dragging "racial justice" into nearly every public policy argument.  In 1994, the NAACP filed suit against the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, claiming that a proposed fare increase would discriminate against minorities.  That same year, an NAACP spokesman suggested that raising the retirement age for Social Security could "exacerbate racial divisions" because blacks tend to have shorter life expectancies.

NAACP has forgotten what a racist is.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution at its national convention in Kansas City condemning the Tea Party movement as — guess what? — racist.  This is false, outrageous and no surprise.  The NAACP is like a Talking G.I. Joe doll with a cord coiled into its back.  Pull it, and G.I. Joe says something manly and combative.  Pull the NAACP's string.  "Racism!" squawks the shopworn voice.  Pull it again.  "Bigotry!" it squeals, as it has so many times before.

NAACP Spits into the Wind — with Obvious Results.  At the July 2010 NAACP "One Nation One Dream" Convention, the NAACP spit into the wind hoping to damage the growing Tea Party movement and avoid the Democrats losing any of their power following the November elections.  But spitting into the wind can be risky, and in the NAACP's case, it resulted in revealing the organization's own racist dishonesty.

Breitbart hits NAACP with promised video of racism.  The NAACP is about to learn one of the most basic of all lessons in life — those who live in glass houses should avoid provoking a stone-throwing war.  After the civil-rights organization threatened to issue a condemnation of Tea Party activism by equating it with racism (a position from which they ultimately retreated), Andrew Breitbart announced that he would publish at least one video of the NAACP itself cheering racism.

NAACP's Image Issue.  After passing a resolution condemning Tea Party racism, the NAACP must confront its own tolerance of bigotry.  The post-racial society we were promised seems to be drowning in a sea of hypocrisy.

NAACP Ushers in The Era of Nonsense.  [NAACP president Ben] Jealous appears to have selective memory when it comes to who founded the NAACP and fought for the rights of blacks.  While most groups are proud of their heritage, it seems the NAACP is intent on revising theirs, and in fact, I found no reference to the NAACP being founded by Republicans on their website!  The same Republicans, black and white, are still fighting for the rights of blacks, yet Jealous portrays us as racists.

NAACP Confirms Election of a Black President Made No Difference.  [Scroll down]  When it came to the likely consequences of the election of a black president, we conservatives — including this one — were fooled.  The election of a black as president of the United States has evidently had no impact on the use of the lie about American racism.  Just as the American people's adoration of a black woman, Oprah Winfrey, and the appointment of two blacks, one a woman — by a Republican president — as secretary of state had no impact, so, too, the election of Barack Obama has had no impact.  Virtually every liberal commentator who has written or spoken on this issue has described political opposition to Mr. Obama — not only that of the tea parties — as racist.

The Slow, Painful Decline of the NAACP.  For starters, the mere act of criticizing a black president is not racist.  Nor is it racist to raise the public consciousness to the very important issues of spiraling debt, misguided bailouts, and a series of social policies that may bankrupt the country.  Our nation benefits from uninhibited discussion about these serious issues.  Very simply, when movements — Tea Party or otherwise — openly debate these issues, the truth rises up.  When the NAACP labels and dismisses the Tea Party as racists, it has a chilling effect on this important debate.

NAACP leader blasts parents who oppose critical race theory in fiery speech outside Virginia middle school board meeting.  An NAACP leader has been caught on camera blasting parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and shouting 'let them die' in a fiery speech outside a Virginia middle school board meeting.  NAACP Vice President Michelle Leete — who is also a member of Virginia state PTA — made the inflammatory comments to a crowd at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Fairfax County, Thursday.  The crowd, who cheered in response to Leete's speech, had gathered to counter-protest a group of parents who were holding a 'Stop CRT rally' at the school.  Leete is Vice President of her local NAACP chapter, Vice President of Training at the Virginia state PTA and Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA.  The PTA said Friday night that Leete's words 'do not reflect the values' of the group and that she will be sent on 'sensitivity training' to learn about the 'impact of the words we use'.

NAACP Monster Openly, In Public, Wishes Death Upon All Parents Who Oppose Critical Race Theory.  A leader of the NAACP was seen outside a middle school in Fairfax County, Virginia on Thursday denouncing individuals she said were "anti-equity" and even stating, "Let them die."  While speaking outside of a middle school where anti-critical race theory demonstrators were, NAACP Vice President Michelle Leete said:  "Let's deny this off-key band of people that are anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-racial ... anti-opportunities, anti-help people, anti-diversity, [inaudible], anti-science, anti-change agent, anti-social justice, anti-healthcare, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-children, anti-healthcare, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-admissions policy change, anti-inclusion, anti-live and let live — let them die!"  [Video clip]

The NAACP Leader Who Declared 'Let Them Die' About Opponents of CRT Has Resigned.  The other day I highlighted the disturbing remarks of a local NAACP leader in Fairfax County, Virginia.  On Thursday night, Michelle Leete stood outside the Jackson Middle School and rallied protesters in favor of Critical Race Theory (CRT) into a round of applause as she declared "Let them die" about her opponents.  On Saturday morning, the Virginia PTA announced over Twitter that she's since resigned from her position with them.  Leete resigned from her position of Vice President of Training at the Virginia PTA.  She's also the Vice President of the Fairfax NAACP and the Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA.

"Underlying this insurrection were the actions of folks who were challenging the voices of people of color.".  "If you look at whose votes were being challenged, these came from largely urban areas.  The votes of people of color were being challenged."  Said said Janette McCarthy Louard, deputy general counsel of the N.A.A.C.P., quoted in "N.A.A.C.P. Sues Trump and Giuliani Over Election Fight and Jan. 6 Riot/The civil rights group brought the suit on behalf of Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, with other Democrats in Congress expected to join as plaintiffs"  (NYT).

Now back to the more important work at hand...
NAACP Wants to Make Neverland a State Park.  The NACCP, which captured national attention this week by formally condemning the "racist elements" in the Tea Party, is now supporting a California state lawmaker's proposal to turn the former home of the King of Pop into a state park.

Is NAACP blind to Farrakhan & Company?
The Nation of Islam is built on racism and lies.  Neither [Martin Luther] King nor any reputable people doing serious work would have anything to do with the Nation of Islam.  It was too racist and too much of an intellectual embarrassment.  Over the years, many things have changed.  The Black Power era is largely forgotten.  The various "Afrocentric" cults and costumes are now little more than subjects for political science classes.  Black Power is now a silly blip of "history," and we know how little Americans know or care about history, especially if it is not pleasant.

NAACP's Glass House.  The NAACP has tried to make itself relevant again by casting aspersions on the Tea Party movement.  But if we're looking for actual racism, as opposed to the fabricated kind, we need look no farther than the NAACP itself.  Big Government posted this video of U.S. Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod, speaking an an NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia earlier this year.  Her speech, which was greeted with approval by the NAACP members, was explicitly racist.  [An] Obama administration official described how she was conflicted when a white farmer came to her for help.  Not her help, mind you, but the taxpayers' help — she administers a billion dollar budget.

Shirley Sherrod sues Andrew Breitbart over video he posted.  Shirley Sherrod has filed a defamation suit against Andrew Breitbart, the conservative gadfly she alleges triggered her firing by the Obama administration and ignited a national debate on race and reverse discrimination.

Birthday Bash.  The NAACP turns 100 today — but if it ceased to exist tomorrow, would it have a significant effect on black America?

The NAACP and Abortion Politics.  Why would a bill that criminalizes abortion motivated by race not have the support of the NAACP?  Or, even more perplexing, why would the NAACP endorse such a bill and then rescind its endorsement?  This is exactly what just happened in Georgia.

Is Black History Month already history?  Well, it depends.  Abraham Lincoln ... was born 200 years ago on Feb. 12.  A hundred years later the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization, was born on Lincoln's birthday.  A century later we have our first biracial president.  What a country.  Which raises a question I've pondered increasingly in recent years about the NAACP and Black History Month.  If they weren't around, would anyone notice?  A lot of people ask, now that Americans of all colors have put an African-American in the White House, how much more "advancement" do we need?

NAACP 100th Anniversary:  Exploiting Color Instead of Erasing It.  The historic achievements of the NAACP — all but forgotten by most Americans — derived from a passionate dedication to colorblindness and individual freedom.  From its founding in 1909 until the 1960s, the NAACP fought for a "colorblind Constitution."  Since then, it has become just another interest group pleading for favors.

NAACP head outlines plan, new 'human rights' focus.  The NAACP's new leader intends to hold President Barack Obama accountable for his promises about civil rights regardless of Obama's status as the first black occupant of the White House.  "The president being black gives us no advantage," [Emphasis added] NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous said Tuesday [2/3/2009] in an interview with The Associated Press, adding that Obama's background as a community organizer and civil rights lawyer may make him more receptive to the NAACP's agenda.

The Editor says...
The statement highlighted above comes as a surprise to me.  I thought the election of a black president was one of the NAACP's major goals, and now their CEO says it doesn't matter that much.  What more does the NAACP want?

Black Activists Criticize Use of Taxpayer Funds to Buy New NAACP Headquarters.  Members of the black leadership network Project 21 are critical of the District of Columbia City Council's vote to give the NAACP $3.5 million in taxpayer money to relocate the NAACP's headquarters from Baltimore to the nation's capitol.  The NAACP is not a revenue-generating industry and does not pay the full range of DC taxes due to its nonprofit status, Project 21 members say, and also point out that the economic revitalization cited by proponents may actually hurt poor black Washingtonians.

Today's NAACP is a symptom of black problems.  The NAACP today is not the organization it once was. … Today the NAACP has simply become a rote platform for left wing politics.  For reasons that I'll leave to others to explain, the organization has become more highly motivated to promote this left wing agenda than addressing the many problems of its own community.

Coloring History.  This is Black History Month, perhaps an appropriate time to call attention to an aspect of black history that has been papered over and all but forgotten in the official accounts and in what is taught in schools.  How many people today, black or white, know that the National Association for Colored People was founded by three white folks, two WASPS and a Jew, and that it was led and funded until well into the last century by whites, many of them Jews?  It is understandable that after a hundred years some degree of historical Alzheimers may appear in the memory of the organization — as it does on its web-site — but perhaps it is time to remember the truth about how it all happened.

Racial Hoaxes and the NAACP:  The once proud and useful NAACP has outlived that usefulness and has in some instances become an impediment to black progress.  The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black liberal-to-moderate Washington-based think-tank, reported that 88 percent of blacks favored educational choice plans.  A Gallup Poll found 72 percent of blacks support school choice.  The NAACP, acting as handmaidens for the teachers' unions, is solidly against school vouchers.

It's a Black Thing.  The crowd of 10,000 at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner on Sunday night [4/27/2008] came ready to Wright a wrong.  The spirit of the 1960s' civil-rights movement hung above Detroit's Cobo Center as local black leaders took to the dais to celebrate "the hottest brother in America" — Rev. Jeremiah Wright — who had been lynched by the "monolithic electronic media," (Detroit pastor Martin Bolton) for "speaking truth to power" (Rev. Wendell Anthony, NAACP chair).  As Wright stepped to the podium, the throng stood (albeit slowly after their $150-a-plate dinners) with him — a standing ovation in anticipation of the misunderstood pastor….

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright?

Abuse of Power:  Here's what can happen when a politically powerful interest group manages to achieve an almost quasi-governmental status and boldly acts as if it were an extension of the federal government itself.  Although the NAACP claims that its sacred task is to ferret out "unfairness" and bring about "social justice," very often this organization simply acts as a tool for a consortium of well-heeled blacks, who have their eyes on someone else's property.

NAACP head:  Obama win won't solve racial injustice in U.S.  The chairman of the NAACP says racial disparity will remain an issue in America whether or not Barack Obama is elected as the nation's first black president.

NAACP Wants Probe Of "Barbie Bandits" Case.  The head of the Georgia NAACP called for the state to investigate the sentences given in the so-called "Barbie bandits" bank theft case, saying the two white defendants got less prison time than two black men.

Feeding the Hand that Bites Him.  After a five-year boycott, [President] Bush spoke before the NAACP, the organization that blamed him for the dragging death of James Byrd during an election year.  The same group chaired by Julian Bond.  A few months ago, Bond said, "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side" and likened President Bush's judicial selections to the Taliban. … The NAACP has never withdrawn its ridiculous Byrd blood libel, nor has it apologized for any of its rhetorical excesses (at least publicly).  Nevertheless, Bush agreed to address the organization.

Historical amnesia at the NAACP:  Look around.  Black candidates are serious contenders for governor in three states this year, and two of them — Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania and Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio — are Republicans.  The third, Democrat Deval Patrick, is running in Massachusetts, a quintessentially blue state that has managed to elect only one African-American to statewide office in its entire history:  former US Senator Edward Brooke — a Republican.

NAACP chairman compares GOP to Nazis.  Civil rights activist and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond delivered a blistering partisan speech at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina last night [2/1/2006], equating the Republican Party with the Nazi Party and characterizing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor, Colin Powell, as "tokens."

Whitewashing a Black Leader:  Isn't it newsworthy when the leader of a venerable organization like the NAACP engages in such over-the-top, crackpot rhetoric?

Bush panders before the NAACP.  [NAACP] Chairman [Julian] Bond, on July 8, 2001, said, "[Bush] has selected nominees from the Taliban wing of American politics, appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing and chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection."

NAACP Challenging IRS Probe Into Its Tax-Exempt Status.  Under Internal Revenue Code, federally tax-exempt organizations "are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office."

NAACP Wants African-Americans To Stay Away From Target.  Even companies that make an effort to work with minority-owned businesses typically spend barely 5 percent of their contracting dollars with them, the NAACP president said Monday as his group released report cards on several industries.  Blacks shouldn't spend money with companies that don't hire them or advertise in their communities, NAACP President Bruce S. Gordon said.

[This is exactly the opposite of what the black "leaders" used to say about the liquor billboards in black neighborhoods, even though the alcoholic beverage companies "advertise in their communities."]

The NAACP needs to get a clue.  The NAACP has just concluded its 96th annual convention, and it makes me sad.  I am sad because black America has real problems and the NAACP and its leaders either don't care about them or are so out of touch with reality that they are incapable of honestly seeing them.  As result, the challenges facing blacks are far greater than they might otherwise be.

Pattern of abuse claims at NAACP kept quiet.  The same day in May 1999 that Kweisi Mfume abruptly announced that he would not be a candidate for mayor, an internal investigative memo was sent to top officers of the NAACP describing allegations of Mfume's mistreatment of female subordinates at the organization's Baltimore headquarters.

Mfume gets the boot.  Kweisi Mfume did not resign from the nation's oldest and most prestigious civil rights organization.  He was kicked out; following a long-simmering feud with Julian Bond, NAACP chairman.

Golden chance for NAACP.  Unfortunately, after the victories of the 1960s, black leadership, typified by the NAACP, refused to turn from the business of politics to the business of living.  The leaders transformed a creative struggle for liberation into the destructive politics of anger and guilt.  By turning their energies to building a new welfare state and culture of litigation, these civil rights leaders of the 1960s created as many problems as they solved.

NAACP stoops still lower.  As if it isn't enough that decades ago vast numbers of black men opted to absent themselves from the lives of the sons they fathered, thereby consigning these boys to undisciplined and rootless childhoods; and as if it isn't enough that such boys feel compelled to seek out their own peculiar forms of power within their fatherless worlds, we now have the Great Black Leader confirming the rule of boys over men.

Why Young Black Males Are Not Graduating High School.  A new report from the Schott Foundation reveals that only 47 percent of black male students earn a high school diploma on time.  Ironically, this report came out shortly after Judge Vaughn Walker ruled regarding Proposition 8 in California.  If the statements on which Judge Walker based his ruling are "facts," how do we explain what is happening educationally to boys in the black community where a large majority are growing up without fathers?

NAACP in hot water over speech.  The Internal Revenue Service is reviewing the tax-exempt status of the nation's oldest civil rights organization, saying criticism of President Bush at the NAACP's national convention in July may have violated rules against partisan activity.

Not Exactly the Gettysburg Address.  If Lincoln's Gettysburg address was one of the greatest speeches ever made, this may be one of the worst.  Kwesei Mfume, President of the NAACP, re-writes biblical history, insults Catholic University and Catholics in general, and accuses Pope John Paul II of being guilty of the crime of silence!  He offers all of this in a heated style with enough grammatical errors to make a grade school teacher cringe.  It's bizarre, funny and ultimately sad.

Black Conservative to Rebut NAACP Leader's Remarks.  At the NAACP's annual convention, currently underway in Philadelphia, Kweisi Mfume said that conservative black organizations are formed and funded by white Republicans.  He said:  "When the ultraconservative right-wing attacker has run out of attack strategy, he goes and gets someone that looks like you and me to continue the attacks…  They can't deal with the leaders we choose for ourselves, so they manufacture, promote and hire new ones."

Bush Rightly Shuns NAACP.  NAACP Chairman Julian Bond opened the organization's 95th annual convention with harsh words for the Republicans and the President.  The Republican Party appeals to "the dark underside of American culture, to that minority of Americans who reject democracy and equality," snarled Bond, who later said he feared President Bush was "going to repeal the 14th amendment" guaranteeing equal protection under the law.

The Editor says...
That is a vicious canard.  Does anyone really believe that President Bush — or any other President — could single-handedly repeal a Constitutional amendment, or that he would if he could?  How poorly educated and how gullible would you have to be to believe a statement like that?

NAACP Chairman Compares Republicans to Terrorists.  In remarks to hundreds of cheering liberal activists Wednesday [6/2/2004], NAACP Chairman Julian Bond singled out Republicans as enemies of black Americans and compared conservatives to the terrorist Taliban who once ruled Afghanistan.

Judicial scandal:  Documentary evidence is overwhelming.  The NAACP Legal Defense Fund secretly requested that confirmation of a federal appeals judge nominated by President Bush be delayed until the court ruled in favor of affirmative action.  The Senate, then under Democratic control, granted the delay.

NAACP Legal Group's Integrity Called Into Question.  Fifty years after the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling, the integrity of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund is being challenged because of an alleged plot by its president to delay the confirmation of one of President Bush's judicial nominees.

Alleged child rapist nominated for Image Award:  So, how does the NAACP choose to celebrate Black History Month?  Among other things, they've nominated alleged rapist, child pornographer and drug addict R. Kelly for their annual image award.

"Mammy Condoleezza" Parody Prompts Apology; NAACP Mum:  A Florida radio station has apologized for letting one of its hosts air a racist song parody about National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.  But the apology comes no thanks to the local chapter of NAACP, which was contacted about the racial outrage but decided not to complain on behalf of the top black Bush official.

NAACP to open Cuban office:  "Cuba likes the idea of an NAACP chapter established there, and we are very open to it," said Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP's Washington office.

How the Left Trashes Black Conservatives:  Two days ago a nationally prominent speaker referred to Ward Connerly, a politically active African American in California, as both a "fraud" and a "con man."  Connerly is the Board of Regents member who led the 1996 fight to pass Proposition 209, which ended affirmative action in California's public sector.  Who was the speaker who so disparaged Mr. Connerly?  None other than NAACP chairman Julian Bond, who made his remarks during an address to those attending the NAACP's national convention in Houston.

NAACP Called "Out of Touch" with Blacks:  The NAACP is wasting too much time and energy on its boycott of South Carolina, according to a group that insists the NAACP is "out of touch" with blacks.

NAACP Intimidation Tactics in South Carolina Criticized:  The NAACP has maintained a tourism boycott of South Carolina since 1999 to pressure the state of South Carolina to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the State House grounds.  The flag was removed from atop the State House dome in 2000, and the flag currently flies from a pole on the building's grounds.  Intimidation is intimidation," said Council Nedd, a member of Project 21's National Advisory Council.  "It doesn't matter if you are trying to keep black people from the polls on election day or if you're trying to stop families from visiting relatives who happen to live in South Carolina."

African-American Group Boycotts NAACP:  Over the years, the NAACP has engineered boycotts against everything from segregation to the state of South Carolina's use of the Confederate flag in the name of civil rights.  Now the NAACP itself is the target of a boycott — and by one of its own.  The African-American group Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) has asked blacks nationwide to protest the NAACP's left-leaning politics, which have thrust the group into the "socialist wing of the Democratic Party," says Rev. Jesse Peterson, BOND's founder and president.  "Pay the NAACP no money.  Pay it no mind," Peterson wrote in announcing the boycott.

NAACP vs. Racist Hollywood:  According to the Screen Actors Guild, blacks, who comprise 12 percent of the population, are cast in 14.8 percent of all roles on television and in movies.  Besides, don't the "good guys" — mostly Leftist Democrats — run Hollywood?

The Editor says...
In the article immediately above, Larry Elder makes another interesting point:  black households watch more TV than do white households.  Compared to some other groups, black children under-perform on standardized tests.  Studies also show black children do less homework than their white counterparts.  Meanwhile, the president of the NAACP seeks ways to make television more appealing to blacks.

Bush Rightfully "Disses" the Collectivist NAACP:  "I was surprised, President Clinton came every year but one, and then he sent Al Gore in his place," says an official with the NAACP upon learning that President George W. Bush declined to speak at the organization's annual meeting.  Hold the phone.  How dare he?  Just because the NAACP spent nearly nine million dollars to "get out the black vote," an effort designed to defeat Bush?

Black conservatives say Mfume is gaining from boycott and TV deal:  A black conservative group isn't buying NAACP President Kweisi Mfume's claim that his organization's looming boycott of NBC and other major networks and his possible talk show deal are not a conflict of interest.

At the NAACP, Obama Removes His Mask of the Great Unifier.  It is truly a sad day in America when the president of the United States fans the flames of racial hatred.  The man elected to be president of all the people, in his speech at the NAACP basically said, though America is racist, sexist and homophobic, you can make it in spite of those white [people]'s attempts to stop you.  Wonderful.  How inspiring.  The NAACP audience erupted in applause.  Obama's condemnation was "red meat" to the liberal, protective of their victim status, organization.

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