Black Mobs and Black Violent Crime

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Black mobs and race riots
The crashed pool party in McKinney, Texas, June 5, 2015
The 2016 race riots in Charlotte, North Carolina
The 2016 race riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The race riots in Baltimore, Maryland   (A subtopic now on its own page.)
The race riots in Ferguson, Missouri   (Ditto.)
Altercations and crimes directly related to fried chicken
Black violence
Black violence in schools
Black crime
Black crime in Chicago
Black crime in Waukesha and Kenosha, Wisconsin
Black crime in Detroit
Black crime in Philadelphia
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Black crime in Denver
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Black crime in Alabama
The Jersey City Black Nationalist Attack
Black crime in New Jersey
The carjacking at Short Hills Mall
Black violent crime elsewhere
The specific case of Shannon J. Miles
The specific case of Vester Flanagan
The 2001 Cincinnati riots

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Black mobs, organized premeditated disruptions, shoplifting gangs, and race riots

Oakland Exhibits Juneteenth Degeneracy And Violence.  An Oakland Juneteenth celebration at Lake Merritt ended in violence Wednesday night.  The Oakland Police Department says multiple people were shot, but did not have an exact number of victims.  A police spokesperson said it was a largely peaceful event with as many as 5,000 in attendance, until a sideshow involving "motorbikes and vehicles" took place at Bellvue and Grand avenues at around 8:15 p.m. on the north side of the lake.  Police said a fight broke out down the street from the sideshow and a crowd gathered in the area of the fight. "During that fight multiple shots rang out," said Paul Chambers, OPD's strategic communications manager.  Chambers said the shooting happened at 8:45 p.m.  Chambers said as officers tried to get the crowd to safety that several people struck OPD officers.  At least one person was taken into custody for assaulting an officer, he said.  Police did not say how many officers were struck in the face or pushed.  [Video clip]

California Jewelry Store Looted In Broad Daylight.  At what point do California voters finally realize that their Democratic Party leaders have abandoned trying to enforce the rule of law and shout "Enough!"?  The latest example of California's decline into a lawless state is a bold daylight robbery where 20 masked intruders looted a Sunnyvale jewelry store in broad daylight.

California Applies Broken Windows Theory in Reverse.  Thanks go to the erstwhile Golden State for warning us what we have to look forward to if we do not pry Democrats from power and reject leftism root and branch:  [Tweet with video clip]  Shoplifting is effectively legal in California.  Smashing through the front of a store so as to loot it is still against the law (until such law is found to have a disparate impact on Persons of Preferred Pigmentation), but by now it hardly matters.  By encouraging low-level crime, California has thrown the broken windows theory into reverse and then into overdrive.

Mob of 20 Executes a Smash And Grab at a Jewelry Store In San Francisco.  About 20 robbers entered a Sunnyvale jewelry store Wednesday afternoon and used hammers and tools to break display cases before fleeing with merchandise and leading officers on a pursuit.  The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety responded at 1:27 p.m. to PNG Jewelers located at 791 E. El Camino Real on a report of a robbery in progress.  After the alleged suspects stole valuables, they left the location in multiple cars before officers arrived.

Video Shows Around 2,000 Youths Go Wild At A Long Island Beach Which Of Course Leads To A Shooting.  Shooting breaks out after 2,000 teens skip school and swarm Nassau County beach in Long Beach, Long Island.  Teens were seen fighting, dancing on cop cars and eventually shooting someone after they skipped school for "senior skip day."  Hundreds of people were seen swarming the beach and taking over a lifeguard stand.  [Video clip]

Wilding by Lawless Teens in Long Beach, Long Island.  Last night, a mob of 2,000 teen losers swarmed Long Beach, Long Island, and caused violent chaos to celebrate their "senior skip day."  The shenanigans included a fight, gunfire, and students twerking on cop cars.  They also climbed atop a lifeguard stand.  According to the police, one teen was shot, leading to the arrest of two teens.  I'm guessing they skip more than one day.  [Video clip]

Thugs Loot An AutoZone In Lost Angeles.  An AutoZone store in South Los Angeles was looted by a large crowd overnight and it was all caught on video.  The incident happened around 4 a.m.  Monday on Century Boulevard and Hoover Street.  According to the Los Angeles Police Department, witnesses reported about 50 people breaking into the store.  Video from the scene shows the large group pulling back the security fencing in front of the store's entrance before they shoved their way in.  Police say at least one person was seen breaking a window.  There was a street takeover at the intersection before the looting, but it's unclear if the two incidents are related.  [Video clip]

Shoppers Barricade Thieves Into Perfume Store In Nashville.  Shoppers barricade a group of burglars inside a Perfumania store in Nashville, Tennessee after the thugs tried stealing merchandise.  According to police, four suspects tried stealing hundreds of dollars of merchandise at the store.  The thugs were able to escape through the back of the store, however they were forced to drop all of the merchandise they had tried to steal.  At one point, one of the shoplifters was seen trying to plead with the Good Samaritans to let them out.  [Video clip]

Retail Theft Is Wildly Out Of Control All Over America, And It Is Only Going To Get Worse.  We are right in the middle of a tsunami of shoplifting that never seems to end, and as a result major retailers are closing down locations in major cities all over the country.  A few years ago, videos of brazen shoplifters ruthlessly looting retail stores were shocking everyone, but now this sort of thing is so common that very few of us are shocked anymore.  We have come to expect that our retail stores will be regularly looted because this is who we have become as a nation.  Sadly, even many of our politicians aren't too concerned that the impoverished masses are stealing billions of dollars worth of merchandise from our major retailers.  Like so many others, maybe they figure that those retailers won't even miss what is being taken.  But the truth is that they do miss what is being taken, and CEOs have been complaining very loudly about it.

How about blaming the rioters for the riot?
New Jersey Attorney General Blames Shore Town for Having Too Few Police on Boardwalk During Melee.  New Jersey's attorney general on Friday blamed a Jersey Shore town for not having enough police officers patrolling its boardwalk over the Memorial Day weekend, when the force was overwhelmed and the city temporarily closed the walkway.  Matthew Platkin said Wildwood did not have enough police officers assigned to its boardwalk on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, when the city says it was swamped with calls for help to respond to incidents of rowdy teens and young adults creating disturbances.

Police Shut Down Boardwalk Over Teen Civil Unrest On Memorial Day Weekend In NJ.  The bustling boardwalk of Wildwood, a popular New Jersey shore town, was temporarily closed in the early hours of Sunday morning due to an influx of "unruly and undisciplined" teenagers, local officials revealed.  [Video clip]  The decision to shut down the boardwalk came after an overwhelming number of complaints about a significant gathering of young adults and juveniles during Memorial Day Weekend, according to authorities.  A statement issued by police mentioned a rise in "civil unrest," prompting the closure.

Massive 500-Person Brawl Breaks Out In Florida Parking Lot After Party Is Canceled And Refunds Were Issued.  29 people were arrested after a 500-person brawl took place in a Florida parking lot.  The group decided to "riot" after their planned "after-party" got canceled at Astro Skate.  The skating rink requires groups to hire an off duty deputy for private parties, which the group didn't do.  After their party was canceled and refunded, the group reportedly called for people to come "riot at the business and confront law enforcement."  [Video clip]

19 nauseating times cowardly thugs ganged up on — and savagely beat up — lone victims.  Left-wing violence seemed to spike along with mindless outrage after Donald Trump's election as president in 2016, and leading the way was Antifa — self-appointed social justice warriors hell bent on making others' lives a living hell on the streets if their leftist causes aren't obeyed.  Antifa's "uniform" always has been comically consistent:  masks and often dark glasses and goggles to disguise their identities, along with dark clothing and boots.  Armed with sticks, bats, and hammers, the marauding leftists gather in packs and are ready to fight and primed to destroy.  Oh, and the more of them there are, the more courageous they get.  Funny how that works.  The height of their bravery happens when they encounter lone individuals who haven't a prayer of escaping unscathed.

Graduation At Howard University Reached Maximum Capacity And Many Were Not Let Inside.  One person was hurt in the chaos surrounding the Howard University nursing program's graduation ceremony after it was cut short Thursday once it reached maximum capacity.  School officials said the honors and awards ceremony was for the 2024 graduates of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.  It was being held around 6:30 p.m. on campus at Cramton Auditorium.  The event drew a significantly large number of guests, officials said, which exceeded the building's capacity.  [Video clip]

If You Thought You Were Going To This Beach To Have A Nice Wholesome Time With Your Family...  It's time to make Spring Break a federal offense.  [Video clip, NSFW.]

San Francisco Devolves Into Lord Of The Flies.  A man apparently gets his car stolen and a woman gets hit by a car during a Bay Bridge street takeover.  Hundreds of people gathered and blocked traffic so they could do donuts in the middle of the street.  One man got beaten and then appeared to have his car stolen as a mob of clowns surrounded him and kicked him out of his own car.  The woman who was hit was reportedly a 20-year-old from Pittsburg and suffered a broken ankle.  [Video clip]

Alice Springs Australia Turns Into Chicago As Dozens Of Black Youths Riot.  Terrifying scenes emerged from Alice Springs on Tuesday afternoon with videos posted to social media showing a group of 150 rioters storming the streets and damaging cars and businesses.  Staff inside the Todd Tavern were forced to take cover as rioters kicked in doors and smashed windows with rocks and bricks.  Venue manager Craig Jervis told the ABC that staff at the tavern were shaken by the incident.  "I haven't seen it this bad before," he said.  [Video clip]

California Plagued by Hundreds of [Black] Teens Storming Malls Across the State.  What started last summer as a social media challenge has morphed into a major challenge for California shop owners, police, and teens.  Hundreds or even thousands of teens descended on one mall and milled about, blocking access to stores, getting into fights and generally raising holy hell.  One 16-year-old kid was shot during a disturbance involving hundreds of teens at the Pike Outlets in Long Beach.  Another teen was stabbed in the Bay area as a mob of teens descended on a mall in Emeryville.  The sheer number of teens who show up at these "takeovers" is alarming.  Thousands of teens confronted police at a fashion mall in Torrance, closing streets for hours.  They planned to repeat the event this weekend.

Sadly, This Kind Of Degenerate Behavior By Youths Isn't Shocking Anymore.  [I see one white kid in the group; the rest are black.]  [Video clip]

BLM Mob Chases And Corners Crowd Leaving A Kyle Rittenhouse Event In Memphis.  BLM mob charges at people leaving the Kyle Rittenhouse event at the University of Memphis before blocking them from leaving in the parking garage.  [Video clip]

California cops tackle teens to the ground during massive 200-person brawl.  A shopping mall in Southern California was forced to close early on Saturday evening after the venue became swamped by brawling teenagers.  Police in Long Beach were quickly on the scene of The Pike Outlets mall after a fight between two girls resulted in an all-out brawl.  Footage of the massive scuffle saw about 200 individuals all congregating at the mall after a social media post went viral suggesting there would be a fight between two females, one adult and one juvenile.

Cops Have [Difficulty] Trying To Break Up Massive 200-Person Brawl At Southern Cali Mall.  A shopping mall in Southern California was forced to close early on Saturday evening after the venue became swamped by brawling teenagers.  Police in Long Beach were quickly on the scene of The Pike Outlets mall after a fight between two girls resulted in an all-out brawl.  Footage of the massive scuffle saw about 200 individuals all congregating at the mall after a social media post went viral suggesting there would be a fight between two females, one adult and one juvenile.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
Aha!  Social media.  That's a big part pf the problem.  There are laws on the books that prohibit the use of a radio to facilitate a crime.  A cell phone is a radio.

Well-Armed Gangs Attempted To Seize Airport In Haiti After Massive Prison Break.  Heavily armed gangs in Haiti attempt to seize control of the main airport after a mass prison break[.]  Shocking videos capture men and women fleeing as gunshots echo through the Toussaint Louverture International Airport[.]  Gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, known as Barbecue, claims responsibility for the attacks, with the aim to capture Haiti's police chief and government ministers, preventing the prime minister's return[.]  The gang leader push to overthrow the prime minister, leading to attacks on public buildings and the National Penitentiary[.]  [Video clip]

Wigs and Weaves Go Flying in Wild Spring Break Brawl in Florida.  It's that time of year!  Wigs, weaves, and fists went flying during a brawl at a Spring Break beach party in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday.  A couple of wigs went flying but that didn't stop the women from beating each other.  [Tweet with video clip]

Of 'Teen Takeovers' and Television News.  [Scroll down]  On Saturday night, March 2, 2024 there was another teen takeover event at which a 17-year-old was shot to death during an altercation. [...] Following this latest event, local TV news totally eschewed the word, "mob," clearly deciding to use the mayor's preferred term, "large gathering," over "teen takeover."  The next night, on March 3, most local news stations avoided use of even the expression "teen takeover."  WGN9 called the mob event a "large gathering," but listed previous similar incidents.  ABC7's "Digital Team 7:04 p.m." referred to "a group of people, potentially [?] teenagers," who "were in the area"; its later 10:00 p.m. news employed the wording, "large gathering."  The anchor on CBS2 described "an out-of-control crowd," but the reporter preferred the wording, "so-called teen takeovers" and spotlighted crisis prevention specialists sporting orange hats and jackets dealing with teens who were "dancing in the middle of the street" and "antagonizing law enforcement."  Only NBC5 unequivocally spoke of a "South Loop takeover," also featuring a grill owner's remark about "teenage meet-ups."  On March 4, two nights after the horrors, NBC5's 10:00 p.m. coverage contained a reference to "Facebook meetings."

The Editor says...
The news media are engaged in a massive parallel effort (if not conspiracy) to avoid stating the fact that these "gatherings" are looting and rioting by loosely organized mobs of young blacks.  Approximately 100 percent of the perpetrators are black.  The news media refuse to report on out-of-control black crime.  The news media also refuse to report the fact that most of the violent crime is this country is committed by blacks.

One of the country's largest malls is requiring minors to be escorted by adults after roaming mobs of "teens" kept brawling.  [Tweet with video clip]  Yup, this is just the norm for youth of today, folks.  Move along now.  Stop noticing. [...] We aren't racist around here.  That means we view things objectively under the non-woke definition of the word.  We look at data and trends and if we notice, for example, that these massive fights in public places are being caused by a certain demographic, we start to theorize that something has gone horribly wrong in this demographic and we need to talk about it to fix the problem.  But nah.  Instead, the actual racists are the ones that talk about it even though skin color and ethnicity have nothing do with it, and they're out there speaking very loudly about it to conservatives.  Meanwhile, normies are mostly being quiet because the wokies will label them racists if they start talking about patterns.  We don't play those games here. [...] See, this isn't the only time these "teens" went nuts at the Del Amo Fashion Center on a mass scale — it happened last summer as well:  [Tweet with video clip]

Things Go Off The Rails At A Georgia Six Flags As 600 Youths Go Wild, Several Fights Break Out, One Person Shot.  Multiple suspects are being sought after a 15-year-old was shot when police exchanged gunfire with what they described as an "unruly crowd" of up to 600 people near the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park in suburban Atlanta, authorities say.  The shooting erupted around 6:15 p.m.  Saturday on a service road just off the 290-acre theme park's property in Austell, about 17 miles northwest of Atlanta, according to the Cobb County Police Department.  Before the shooting, Cobb County police officers were called to the park by Six Flags Over Georgia security to help disperse "a sizeable unruly crowd" of 500 to 600 people "running through the park and fighting," Cobb County police said in a statement to Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV.  [Video clip]

Hundreds of [Black] Teens Riot at Six Flags Over Georgia.  As many as 600 teenagers, most of them black, rioted Saturday night at Six Flags Over Georgia.  At least one teen was shot Cobb County officers said between 500-600 teens were "running through the park and fighting."  At one point th crowd opened fire on officers as they ran onto Six Flags Parkway.

Video shows brazen broad-daylight NYC Gucci store heist — as bandits make daring getaway with $51K in luxury items.  Dramatic video shows the moment three brazen robbers stole nearly $58,000 worth of high-priced bags in a broad-daylight armed heist at a Manhattan Gucci store this week.  The clip, released by the NYPD early Tuesday, shows two men and a woman barging into the high-end retailer on West 14th Street near Ninth Avenue in the Meatpacking District just after noon Monday.  One of the crooks, seen wearing yellow gloves, holds a gun in one hand while pointing at store workers with the other, apparently ordering them to get on the floor.

A Mob Of Black Women Rob An Outlet Store In Orange California, Assault Employee Who Confronts Them.  It's almost as if the state of Commiefornia has made these people entitled to steal from outlet stores.  If confronted, they get offended and may assault you so just sit back and enjoy the show.  [Video clip]

Crowd Sets Waymo Driverless Car Ablaze In Lawless San Francisco.  A Waymo self-driving car was targeted and deliberately set ablaze by a group of people in San Francisco's Chinatown on Saturday evening.  This incident is part of a rising trend of hostility towards autonomous vehicles, highlighted by an individual late last year on X: "The AI crusades have begun."  Local media outlet NBC Bay Area reports the self-driving Jaguar was traveling on Jackson Street, between Stockton and Grant, around 2100 local time when 10 to 15 people attacked it.  Videos on X show a group of people vandalizing the self-driving car.

Looks Like Some Upstanding Consumers Are Enjoying Some Early Black Friday, 100% Off Sales.  It's amazing how brazen black thugs have gotten with smash-and-grabs in liberal-run cities.  They don't even hide their faces or worry about any sort of security or resistance.  It's as if they know the game is rigged in their favor and even if they are caught, they will be released with barely a slap on the wrist.  [Video clip]

In This Sporting Goods Store Black Friday Means Something Totally Different.  How can any retail business survive in a state that coddles criminals?  [Video clip]

A Group Of African Migrants Including An 8 Year Old Brutally Assault A Man In Amsterdam.  The Amsterdam police are looking for the man who was seriously assaulted by a group of young African migrants at Bijlmer-Arena station earlier this year.  The perpetrators even threw the victim onto the track.  Shortly before half past nine on May 5th, the local man was attacked by a group of youths.  Others stood around shouting and making videos.  The victim was kicked several times in the head and then thrown onto the track, where he lay face to the ground.

The Editor says...
That was almost six months ago, and we're just now hearing about it?

Watch As 20 People Dine And Dash Out Of A Houston Cajun Restaurant, Leave 500 Dollar Bill Unpaid.  Houston seafood joint Crazy Cajun welcomed a funeral party with open arms last week, despite being short-staffed.  The mourners returned the favor — by skipping out on a bill worth over $500.  According to assistant manager Brenda Garcia, dine and dashers are pretty common.  [Video clip]

Funeral Party Walks Out on $500 Bill, Threatens to Shoot Staff.  According to Daily Mail, a group of 20 people were looking for a bite to eat after a funeral in Houston.  They decided to pop into Crazy Cajun Seafood & Sports for a bite to eat. [...] And so, those 20 mourners went down to the seafood joint and had themselves a meal.  However, when the $542.67 check came, the $84.64 gratuity fee — a 20% for a large party — was a bridge too far for 18 of the 20 diners.  They voiced their displeasure by walking out of the restaurant.  This was captured on video and posted on TikTok by Grizzy's Hood News. a news outlet with more journalistic cred than The New York Times these days.

A Clockwork Orange as Left-wing Politics.  Starting with Antifa and BLM riots of 2020 — fully supported by leftist local governments — urban centers in Democrat-led cities like San Francisco have spiraled into a "doom loop" wherein urban business flees "flash mob" looting and skyrocketing violent crime.  A few examples:
  •   San Francisco:  After flash mobs looted Neiman Marcus and other stores, two dozen retailers have left.  Walgreens closed 12 San Francisco stores, while upscale Nordstrom pulled its two stores, including its Westfield mall flagship.  Australian furniture retailer Coco Republic, which invested heavily in its showroom off Union Square, abruptly closed the store less than a year after opening across from Macy's.  Once fashionable Union Square is now a ghost town.
  •   Los Angeles:  Even two years ago, 20+ robbers at the popular Grove shopping center used a sledgehammer and assorted weapons to smash one of a Nordstrom's windows, reportedly taking men's clothing.  That was child's play, however, compared to the recent flash mob of 100+ that looted a 7-Eleven.
  •   Philadelphia:  Even the examples above pale in comparison to the two-night Philadelphia flash mob spree featuring caravans of hundreds who wrecked dozens of stores, including T-Mobile, Apple, Lulu and Footlocker outlets.  One of the looters, a social influencer calling herself "Meatball," gleefully livestreamed the event to 181,000 Instagram followers, rationalizing it by explaining "Everybody gotta' eat."  A tearful "Meatball" seemed less gleeful when charged with six felonies.

And now, everything in the store is under lock and key, except sunscreen and Father's Day cards.
Bare shelves in CVS store in DC after being routinely ransacked by mob of up to FIFTY unruly teenagers.  The desolate results of America's shoplifting epidemic have been laid bare at a CVS in DC where entire shelves have been cleared by gangs of children who attack every day.  A sole security guard at the store in Columbia Heights is no match for up to 50 teens who routinely strip the store both before and after school, Fox 5 reported.  The pharmacist chain is in the process of closing 900 stores across the US in the face of a crime wave that the National Retail Federation says is costing the industry $112 billion a year.

Massive Mob Of Youths Break Into PC Richard And Loot It Dry In Philly.  Wild video of a group of looters smashing their way into a store in Northeast Philadelphia during the stealing rampage Tuesday night has been released by Philadelphia police, while businesses are still on edge and taking precautions so they don't get hit again.  Guys with hammer and crowbar broke the glass doors of P.C. Richard on Cottman Avenue and the looters flood in like the old Black Friday shoppers.  Notice there is a steel cage they had to cut through first to get to the glass doors.  [Video clip]

Philadelphia swarmed by alleged juvenile looters targeting the Apple Store, Lululemon, Footlocker and others.  Philadelphia police responded to popular retailers like the Apple Store, Lululemon and Footlocker after they were allegedly being ravaged by swarms of looters taking over the City of Brotherly Love Tuesday evening.  At about 8 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to reports of large crowds of juveniles allegedly looting stores in the Center City business corridor of the 9th District.  "In a proactive measure, officers from the 9th District stopped a group of males dressed in black attire and wearing masks at the intersection of 17th and Chestnut Streets," a police spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

In the Old Days, They Would Have Called This A Lynching.  Vegas seems like a lovely place these days.  [Video clip]

Videos Of The Attacks By Black Youths At The Fashion Center in Torrance Shows The Levels.  After several brawls broke out in a Southern California mall, a rule has been implemented for minors requiring them to wear lanyards that contain their name and a parent's contact information, ABC 7 reported.  The rule goes into effect every day at 5pm.  Video posted to social media showed hundreds of teens and young adults running around the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, participating in violence and assaults.  [Video clip]

Masked Thieves Storm Jewelry Store in Broad Daylight, Take Small Fortune in Gems and Jewels.  In a brazen act that further highlights the ongoing crime issues plaguing California, a jewelry store in Pasadena's upscale South Lake Avenue district became the latest target of masked thieves.  The incident occurred near the historic Macy's shopping center.  Masked suspects, armed with pepper spray and decked out in gloves, stormed the store on Tuesday afternoon.  Using hammers, they shattered jewelry display cases before making a hasty getaway.  The merchandise stolen is estimated to be worth $500,000.

Youths At California Movie Theatre Start A Stampede, Fight.  Emeryville police say they were on the scene Sunday evening after about 300 juveniles broke into groups and were involved in multiple fights near the AMC Theater on Bay and Shellmound Streets.  Kathryn Borrud from Fresno says she ran right into the group as they were trying to leave the area.  "There were just these throngs of kids — I want to say 300, 400 kids," Borrud said.  [Video clip]

Massive Flash Mob Smash And Grab At Macy's Caught On Video In Lost Angeles.  A flash mob struck a Macy's department store in Sherman Oaks on Thursday afternoon in a dramatic robbery that was captured on video.  The incident at Westfield Fashion Square was only the latest in a series of organized robberies, many of them recorded by bystanders, that have plagued Southern California retailers.  [Video clip]

Massive Flash Mob Wreaks Havoc At Boston Mall.  A large fight broke out Sunday afternoon at South Bay Mall in Dorchester, according to police.  Police responded to the mall at 4:52 p.m. for a report of a large fight, a Boston police spokesperson said.  Multiple people were arrested, but no one was injured.  Earlier this month, police arrested four 13-year-olds at the mall after they attacked a random victim.  Late last month, six teens were arrested for attacking police officers at the mall.  [Video clip]

Los Angeles (Just Like California) Is Dying A Slow And Painful Death.  Just over a week ago, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass declared war on the recent smash-and-grab robbery trend infecting the county's retail stores.  She announced a new regional task force consisting of 22 investigators to focus entirely on curbing the shoplifting phenomenon sweeping Southern California.  Unfortunately, it seems lawless perpetrators did not get the message.  Since the task force — including officers from police departments across the region, along with state and federal support — was assembled, at least three more large group incidents have been reported.  On Tuesday of this past week, a video from the Citizen app showed five masked thieves ransacking a Dior counter inside a Macy's at the Shops of Santa Anita Mall.  They grabbed boxed sets of perfumes, threw them into trash bags, and ran away as onlookers gasped.  In a separate incident, also posted on the Citizen app, a video shows the aftermath of a flash-mob robbery at a Footlocker store on Melrose Avenue, one of the city's most popular shopping districts.

Mass Youth Brawls Hit California Malls.  Two massive brawls were reported on Sunday at malls in California, including one at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance in L.A., and one at the Bay Street Mall in Emeryville, near Oakland.  [Four tweets with video clips]  The mass brawls are the latest flash mob phenomenon to terrorize retail in the California area.  Mass looting events, which began in the Black Lives Matter riots and launched with fervor in November 2021 in San Francisco's Union Square, have sparked the formation of a special task force in L.A., with help from the California Highway Patrol.

LA's smash-and-grab epidemic:  Voters helped break California's justice system.  Smash-and-grab robberies are happening in broad daylight at stores throughout California and no one seems to be doing anything to stop them.  Two weeks back, a Nordstrom store in the west San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles was attacked by a flash mob of 30 to 50 masked thieves.  They made off with armloads of designer merchandise valued at an estimated $60,000 to $100,000.  Online video of the robbery showed metal-and-glass display shelves sliding along the floor as the thieves dragged expensive handbags, still attached to anti-theft cables, toward the exits.  The previous week, a gang of thieves helped themselves to about $300,000 worth of goods from a Yves Saint Laurent store in a shopping mall owned by the recent candidate for LA Mayor, Rick Caruso.

A Very Bad Week for Civilization in California.  A group of "up to 30" teens poured into a Nordstrom's store in Topanga, Calif., in a "smash and grab" looting that went off with military precision.  [Tweet with video clip]  Note the eerie silence.  These aren't young people on a lark looting a store for fun or because "raaaaaacism."  It's certainly not some last minute social media happening.  This is an organized gang of thieves carrying out a well-planned criminal operation.  That's not the only outrageous act of anarchy that happened in California last week.
  •   A flash mob comprised of dozens of thieves hit the Yves Saint Laurent at The Americana at Brand Mall Tuesday, making off with $300,000 in merchandise, according to the Glendale Police Department.
  •   The Gucci (Florence, Italy) store in Los Angeles' Westfield Century City Mall was robbed earlier this week by several thieves who pulled off a grab-and-go heist that was caught on video, The Los Angeles Times reports.
Police are investigating whether all three incidents of looting were carried out by the same gang of thieves.

Target Employee Breaks Up A Flash Mob Dancing Inside Store, Of Course He's Called A RACIST.  A wannabe pop star is receiving backlash online after she labeled a Target employee as a "racist" for calling the police on her "flash mob" that showed up uninvited to a store and began filming a dance video.  Baby Storme, an internet personality who released a song titled "This City Is A Graveyard," posted videos on YouTube and X titled "Racist Target Employee Calls The Police On Us For Dancing."  In the video, Baby Storme, who lists Los Angeles as her hometown on social media, and about a dozen other people dressed in goth-inspired costumes begin a slow dance as they walk through an aisle at a Target, whose exact location could not be determined.  [Video clip]

Now the mass looters are using bear spray.  A headline about a group of masked looters brazenly robbing a store in California is so common these days that it's barely worth writing.  But the incident that took place at a Norstrom in the Topanga Mall near Los Angeles yesterday is noteworthy for a couple of reasons.  First, there was the size of the mob.  As many as fifty masked people showed up to pull off a "smash and grab" where tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was taken.  In a rare exception to the usual rules, a store security guard attempted to stop one of the looters, but he was stymied by another unusual factor.  The looter pulled out a can of bear spray and drove him off.  And this all took place in broad daylight around four in the afternoon.  Officials are promising a full investigation, but we shall see what comes of that pledge.

The Editor says...
The looters are now using weapons.  At what point does it become armed robbery?  What category of weapon would cross the line?  Apparently many of them are coordinating their actions through social media.  When do the RICO laws take effect?

About 20 Thugs Rush A Nordstrom's In Commiefornia, Bear Spray Security, Chaos Ensues.  Horrified shoppers were left terrified as a large group of people swarmed a department store and used bear spray on two security guards, before taking off with thousands of dollars worth of luxury handbags and high-end clothing[.]  On a busy Saturday afternoon around 4 pm, shoppers at Nordstrom's were left in shock as a large group of people, which cops estimated between 30 to 50, ran into the store.  The thieves used bear spray on two security guards who confronted them, police say.  Video shows thieves scooping up armfuls of items and running for the exit.  [Video clip]

Nordstrom Westfield Topanga Mall is ransacked by gang of Fifty looters who targeted Bottega Veneta concession.  Horrifying footage shows the moment up to 50 looters ransacked a luxury accessories concession at a Los Angeles Nordstrom store.  The footage shows men in dark hoodies and face masks ransacking the department store at Westfield Topanga Mall, even resorting to attacking security guards with bear spray.  Videos have rapidly circulated on social media, depicting the mob shattering display cases and grabbing high-end designer accessories, some still affixed with electronic security tags.

'Full-on riot' breaks out during Twitch influencer Kai Cenat's PS5 giveaway in NYC's Union Square.  A Twitch influencer's giveaway in Manhattan quickly morphed into mayhem Friday [8/4/2023] as thousands of his young fans mobbed Union Square Park — assaulting cops, smashing cars and screaming "[...] the PD" in a wild, nearly three-hour scene.  Gamer Kai Cenat, who has over 20 million Twitch followers, planned to give away PlayStation 5s, computers, microphones and other gaming accessories at the real-life meet-up scheduled for 3:30 p.m.  The location of the mass gathering wasn't announced until just before Cenat arrived at the park and a permit was never obtained, officials said.  Videos show the 21-year-old livestreamer getting hyped up with his crew in his party bus before he heads to the park — where he's immediately mobbed by thousands of cheering fans.

A Group Of Black Teens Assault One White Teen During The NYC Riots Yesterday.  Dozens of spectators began fighting at around 3 p.m., throwing paint cans, bottles, and anything they could get their hands on into the crowd.  One man set off a fire extinguisher while another was walking around with a pickaxe after they tore their way into a construction site.  Most of those involved were teenagers.  In one of the more disturbing videos uploaded to social media, a black teen is seen jumping a white teen before a mob joins in to throw things and stomp on the individual.  [Video clip]

NYC Playstation Riot Demonstrates the Decline of the West.  Where would we be without social media?  Why, if we didn't have it, we would have to rely on an asteroid, nuclear war, a space virus, an alien invasion, or a revolution by chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas to bring down mankind.  But as it is, we have social media, so we've got the end of the world pretty well in hand.  In case you haven't heard, there was a riot today in New York City.  Big deal, you say.  It's summer.  It's riot season.  But this riot was not over race, abortion, trans rights, or some other hot-button issue that demands our slack-jawed, glassy-eyed attention from time to time.  No, nothing so noble.  Nothing so dramatic.  This riot was over a social media giveaway.  Some under-employed jackanape who is a Twitch gamer/influencer named Kai Cenat announced that he/she/zim/zer/whatever would be doing a giveaway of PlayStation 5s, microphones, computers, and gaming accessories.  You can witness the results below.  [Tweet with video clip]

Watch As A Mob Of Thugs Destroy A Car During Manhattan Riots Yesterday.  Thousands of people gathered at Union Square in New York City this afternoon hoping to score a free PlayStation 5s and other electronics after Twitch streamer Kai Cenat promised a "huge giveaway" there at 4 p.m.  The park was already packed at 3 p.m. and, according to NYPD chief Jeffrey Maddrey, "individuals in the park began to commit acts of violence towards the police and the public."  [Video clip]

NYC Police Get Assaulted With Prolectiles After A Social Media Influencer Incites A Massive Riot.  [T]witch streamer Kai Cenat will be hit with a slew of charges for organizing a mob of young fans that sent several people to the hospital and left multiple police cruisers and the city's popular Union Square Park trashed Friday.  The influencer, who has more than 20 million followers, will face two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, as well as other unspecified charges, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey said at a press conference.  The 21-year-old live streamer hadn't obtained a permit for his gaming accessory giveaway in in the park Friday afternoon and the event quickly morphed into violent chaos as thousands of young fans stormed the surrounding streets.

Insane Brawl Breaks Out At Crab Island In Florida.  For the second time in less than a week, we have another video of a fight at Crab Island in Destin, FL.  A large fight broke out in the shallow water of Crab Island, where many people go to relax and enjoy the water, between two large parties and this fight was ugly.  [Video clip]

Yesterday It Was Gucci, Today, Thugs Hit Up Louis Vuitton In Los Angeles.  Most likely they're just doing it to feed their families.  [Video clip]

Massive Mob Of Thug Youths Raid, Loot And Destroy A Chicago 7-Eleven, 40 Arrested.  A South Loop convenience store was looted Sunday night, and dozens of people — mostly teenagers — were arrested, as yet another teen takeover hit a downtown neighborhood.  Police said the group stormed stores and fought through the streets near Roosevelt Road and Canal Street.  As CBS 2's Marissa Perlman reported, there was still trash Monday afternoon around the 7-Eleven at 560 W. Grenshaw St. — adjacent to a Mobil gas station at Jefferson Street.  It was a sign of the chaos that had erupted just hours earlier.  Neighboring businesses said this was the second time a group of teens targeted the area in days.  [Video clip]

Mob of 500 takes over intersection, gawks at cars doing donuts at 2 a.m.  A mob of about 500 took over a Philadelphia intersection over the weekend, watching and recording video of cars doing donuts around 2 a.m. Sunday.  However, after police moved in to disperse the crowd, a vehicle hit an officer, and the driver fled the scene.  Officials said the crowd and vehicles were near a Sunoco gas station in the 1300 block of Broad Street in north Philadelphia, KYW-TV reported.

Massive Mob Swarmed The 4th Of July Fireworks Event In Charlotte.  Nearly 50 people, including 17 who are under the age of 18, were arrested or cited after chaos broke out before a fireworks show in Uptown on July 4.  According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, before the fireworks show began at Truist Field, a large group began to disrupt an otherwise peaceful event at Romare Bearden Park.  Police said 47 people were either arrested or cited.  17 were juveniles, the youngest of whom was 13 and oldest was 17.  [Video clip]

Black Teens Celebrate Juneteenth By Totally Trashing A Los Angeles McDoanld's.  On Monday, hundreds of patrons gathered at Leimert Park (Los Angeles) to partake in a Juneteenth celebration to honor the African Americans who were emancipated in the mid-1860s. [...] The cheerful event was cut short when numerous stampedes broke out.  After the crowds dispersed, a group of teens headed into a McDonald's restaurant on Crenshaw Blvd.  What could have been a routine visit turned into an all-out raid, resulting in food being thrown at McDonald's employees, vandalism, a cash register being stolen, and more.  [Video clip]

People Robbing a Stopped Train En Masse!  In this astonishing video, a brazen train robbery unfolds, revealing why your Amazon deliveries in certain areas of California have been delayed.  A group of audacious individuals seize the opportunity to rob a stopped train, snatching packages in a daring fashion.  The incident showcases the growing issue of theft and its impact on logistics and delivery services.  [Video clip]

White Delivery Driver Finds Out a New Street To NEVER Drive On Again.  This delivery driver was attempting to drop off a package at one of the houses these Chicagoans were standing in front of, it didn't end well for him when the racist remarks started and the [beating] quickly followed.  Hate crime!  [Video clip]

Baltimore's Leaders of Tomorrow Brutally Assault a Social Worker, Rip Him Out of His Car.  This social worker was preparing to enter a nearby home and was ripped out of his car and assaulted by this mob of brats.  [Video clip]

This Is Why Liberal Run Portland Is [so bad] and Residents Are Fleeing In Droves.  Portland, Oregon has suffered massive population loss since 2020.  According to Census data, the city lost the sixth-most number of people of any city in the US last year, losing 8,308 people from July 1, 2021, to July 1, 2022.  The decline comes after the city saw 15 straight years of growth before the Covid-19 pandemic and amid a massive crime wave since the city became the epicenter of the 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots.  In the summer of 2020, Portland saw over 100 days of consecutive rioting.  Here in this video, a group of thugs walk out with food they didn't pay for from a Chinese restaurant.  [Video clip]

Things At This Mesquite Texas 7-Eleven Got Insane.  What's going on in Texas?  [Video clip]

Video shows [black] teens beat up [white] Texas 7-Eleven clerks for refusing to sell cigar to minor.  Police in Texas are searching for a group of teenagers who were filmed attacking two 7-Eleven clerks who refused to sell a cigar to an underage girl.  According to the Mesquite Police Department, the girl had tried to purchase the tobacco product at the 7-Eleven on Faithon P. Lucas Boulevard on Saturday night but was denied, Fox News reported.  She left the store but returned around 9 p.m. with several other juveniles, who assaulted the employees, cops said.

Boston Beach Becomes A Scene Out Of Lord Of The Flies With Beatings And Shootings.  State police were forced to shut down Revere Beach on Sunday night after separate shootings left several people wounded, officials said.  Troopers responding to a reported shooting at 123 Centennial Ave. around 7 p.m. found a 17-year-old girl who had suffered a gunshot wound to her lower body, according to state police.  She was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with a non-life-threatening injury.  A preliminary investigation suggests the girl was wounded while shots were being fired into a group of people during a fight and she was not the intended target.  [Video clip]

Gunfire shuts down popular Chicago beach hours after opening for the season.  A Chicago beach was closed hours after it opened for the summer season when shots were fired during a large brawl on Friday, according to police.  The fight broke out among a group of 80 to 100 teenagers at North Avenue Beach around 1:30 p.m., police said.  During the fracas, someone pulled out a gun and fired a shot, Fox 32 reported.  Fortunately, no one was struck.  A juvenile was taken into police custody.  The weapon has not been recovered, cops said.

NYPD Attempt To Arrest Thug, Other Thugs Assault The Cops, Try And Get The Arrested Thug Free.  Bronx: East 170th Street & Webster Avenue, officers from the NYPD, 44TH Precinct on Tuesday, at around 7:45 pm, observed a vehicle making an illegal U-turn at a high-speed rate, blowing a red light, and ignoring a pedestrian on the crosswalk.  The vehicle came to a stop at a bus lane.  Officers then conducted a car stop and determined that the individual did not provide his correct name and his license was suspended.  The driver was ordered to step out of his car, but instead, he tried fleeing the officers.  Officers then removed the driver who resisted arrest and punched an officer in his shoulder and kicked his knee.  Another person intentionally used physical force in an attempt to interfere with the arrest.  [Video clip]

Chicago Has to Shut Down Armed Forces Carnival Because [of a black mob].  The Blaze-An armed forces carnival that was scheduled for Sunday was canceled by officials in a Chicago suburb after a flash mob of hundreds of teens caused chaos at the event on Saturday [5/20/2023].  The Village of Tinley Park in Illinois announced that the final day of the Armed Forces Weekend Carnival scheduled for Sunday had been canceled "due to safety concerns stemming from a flash mob incident at Saturday's event."  "Police said a group of about 400 teenagers who were responding to a call on social media to form a flash mob gathered at the carnival Saturday evening and began running through the parking lot and fighting with each other in an attempt to cause chaos and disrupt the event," Tinley Park government officials said in a statement.  [Video clip]

[White] Truck Driver Is Brutally Beaten by a [Black] Mob in Downtown Los Angeles.  Shocking video shows the moment a group of young men on bicycles viciously attacked a driver, leaving him badly beaten in the middle of a street in downtown Los Angeles.  It happened on Thursday afternoon in front of the Fox Jewelry building near Hill and 6th streets.  [Video clip]

Future Brain Surgeons Rob 125k Worth Of Swag From Dior At A NJ Mall.  Masked men stole $125,000 in luxury handbags from a swanky New Jersey mall, leaving employees cowering in a back room as they snatched the designer goods right off the wall, police said Wednesday.  The high-fashion heist happened a little before 11 a.m. Monday [5/15/2023] when four men donning dark clothes and masks stormed into the Dior store at the Mall at Short Hills, about 20 miles outside of New York City, according to Millburn police.  [Video clip]

Just A Normal Day In Philly.  [Video clip only.]

[Black] Youths Go Wild In Minneapolis, Brutally Assault Random [White] People.  Multiple people, including juveniles, were arrested within an hour of each other during a chaotic Friday night in Dinkytown, police say.  Around 10:38 p.m., officers from the Minneapolis Police Department's second precinct responded to a disturbance on the 300 block of 13th Avenue Southeast.  Police say a group of approximately 50 people were ordered to disperse from the site.  Officers allegedly observed a physical altercation and intervened.  [Video clip]

Disturbing Video Shows A [White] Man Nearly Beaten To Death By [a Black] Mob In Oakland.  A man was brutally attacked by at least two individuals at a sideshow in West Oakland on Sunday as a large group of people looked on, many videoing the beating on their cell phones.  Oakland police said they are investigating the incident, videos of which were posted on social media showing the bleeding man apparently unconscious on the sidewalk after the beating — with no one coming to his aid.  At one point as he lay there, someone put a bucket over his head.  [Video clip]

A Gaggle Of Ratchets Attack Cop, Cop Needs To Flex.  Metropolitan police release bodycam of use of force when arresting suspect who assaulted an officer.  [Video clip]

Youth Is Assaulted And Thrown Onto Train Tracks In San Francisco.  Juvenile violence and mayhem at the Civic Center Bart Station in San Francisco last night as a black kid was attacked by other black youths and tossed onto the tracks and was blinded by some chemical.  A friend of the victim managed to drag him back to the platform.  [Video clip]

Austin Has Turned Into Another Liberal Hellhole.  Massive spikes in crime, violence, and homelessness thanks to the city being run by liberals have put Austin on the fast track to becoming the next leftist statistic.  [Video clip]

Another Walgreens That Will Close Soon In California.  Cell phone footage captured the Walgreens on Hacienda and Amar in La Puente being robbed moments ago.  Two females went into the store and ransacked the makeup section before fleeing the location.  Walgreens, Walmart, and every other big retailer should shut their doors in California or face bankruptcy.  [Video clip]

Massive Mob Of Black Teens Nearly Beat White Woman To Death For Laughs In Chicago.  A horrific video circulating on social media shows a helpless white woman being cornered in a doorway before being dragged to the ground and brutally bashed by a large group of rampaging black youths.  The footage was reportedly filmed in downtown Chicago outside of a residential apartment building.  [Video clip]

Mob of Looters Hits California Gas Station for Food, Alcohol, Condoms.  Looters targeted a gas station in Compton, California, overnight Sunday and left the store severely damaged.  Thousands of dollars' worth of items were reportedly stolen during the incident that happened at the Arco gas station near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue, according to ABC 7.  Video footage shows two individuals apparently trying to break through the glass door by hitting it repeatedly as a crowd gathered around them.  At one point, someone began kicking the glass.  Once the door was opened, the mob poured inside the building while some at the scene held up their phones to record what was happening:  [Video clip]

A list of the big box shops which have closed due to millions in losses from rampant theft.  In 2021 retailers lost a combined $94.5 billion to shrink, a term used to describe theft and other types of inventory loss. [...] Walmart decided to shut 17 of its stores across nine states after CEO Doug McMillon warned in December that theft was the highest it's ever been around the country and if it did not slow down, stores would have to close.  And the company announced on Tuesday it would be shutting half its Chicago stores, mostly located on the crime-ridden city's south and west sides, because they are losing tens of millions each year. [...] Target revealed it lost an extraordinary $400 million in profits last November due to organized gangs of shoplifters who had been stealing merchandise from its stores.  And its CFO said the company expected retail thefts to reach $600 million by the end of the year.  Now the retailer has announced it is closing four stores in three cities in the coming months. [...] Walgreens has previously complained about retail shrinkage largely due to organized shop lifting last year and spent money on extra security measures including glass panels and security guards as preventative measures.  But its chief financial officer James Kehoe came out earlier this year and said 'maybe we cried too much last year when we were hitting numbers that were 3.5 percent of sales'. [...] Shopping mall staple Macy's is closing four stores in the first quarter of 2023, with malls in California, Colorado, Hawaii and Maryland losing out.  The closures are part of Macy's three-year plan to close 125 locations as an increase in organized retail crimes cuts into the profits of businesses. [...] Best Buy CEO Corie Barry highlighted the growing problem with theft at its stores back in November 2021.  The big box retailer sells very high value gadgets including computers, TVs and phones -- many of which are smaller in size but high in value, making them prime targets for shoplifters.

The Editor says...
The article above is accompanied by numerous video clips which seem to show that the perpetrators of the widespread theft seem to have one thing in common.  See if you can guess what it is.  This attribute was omitted from the text of the article, almost as if it is a forbidden topic.

Scene From Last Night's Mob Chaos In Chicago.  Chicago police responded to massive crowds of teenagers Saturday night at Millennium Park, one day after a similar gathering took place at 31st Street Beach, prompting police to heighten their presence along the lakefront.  Video taken Saturday night showed a massive presence at the park, along with large groups of people in the area.  A similar gathering took place Friday night near 31st Street Beach and eventually came to an end after a teenager was shot.  [Video clip]

Chicago Has Fallen, Hundreds Of Black Youths Storm Downtown, Destroying Cars And Buses.  Hundreds of teenagers flooded into Downtown Chicago on Saturday night [4/15/2023], smashing car windows, trying to get into Millennium Park, and prompting a major police response.  At least one person in a car was attacked.  Shots were fired near the corner of Madison and Michigan, and FOX 32 Chicago decided that it was unsafe to keep our news crew on the scene.  [Video clip]

Massive Mob Goes Wilding At RaceTrac Gas Station In Atlanta.  One Atlanta man is speaking out after a viral video with nearly four million views on Twitter shows his car getting repeatedly stomped on, cracking his windshield, denting his roof and even stalling his car.  It all happened during the crowd chaos on John Wesley Dobbs Avenue near Georgia State's campus on April 2 when street racing, doing donuts, and property was damaged outside of an off-campus student housing complex.  One person was also shot at a RaceTrac gas station the following night.  [Video clip]

The Mayor Of Baltimore Calls For A Curfew After [Riots] This Weekend.  Chaos erupted on Sunday evening [4/9/2023] in Baltimore City's Inner Harbor district as the sound of gunshots pierced the air, causing a mass exodus of spring break revelers through the streets.  The mayhem, captured on video, depicts a harrowing and apocalyptic scene.  Following the violent incident, Mayor Brandon Scott has suggested a citywide curfew for minors during the upcoming summer months.  According to Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, more than 200 "young people" were observed fleeing after the gunfire erupted, which reportedly occurred a mere 50 feet away from police officers.  [Video clip]

What Is Going On In Atlanta?  Scenes like this seem to be the norm in Atlanta, especially around Georgia State University.  [Video clip]

Female Assaults An Asian Security Guard At San Francisco Mall.  A video showing a teenager shoving and beating an Asian security guard in San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria has gone viral on Twitter.  The attack appears to be one of the latest instances of violence at the shopping mall, which has seen at least three separate incidents involving juveniles from March 15 to March 17, according to police.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl At Restaurant.  There seems to be a trend in America and that trend includes non-stop violence and chaos and it seems to be escalating.  What's causing this?  Some say it was COVID lockdowns, that it made people anxious and angry and they are taking it out on other now while others point to the soft on crimes policies by big city leftists.  [Video clip]

Wild Shooting At Popular South Carolina Beach Leaves 6 Shot.  Six people were hospitalized after a shooting took place on a South Carolina beach, according to police.  Authorities say that several people suspects have been arrested on weapons charges following the incident on the Isle of Palms, near Charleston, on Friday afternoon.  The six victims were transported to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) with non-life-threatening injuries, according to WCIV.  [Video clip]

Thugs Use Stolen Kia To Smash Through Pot Shop, Robbing It in Seattle.  A recreational marijuana store in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood is the latest business to be damaged by burglars.  Police were called to Ruckus Recreational Cannabis at North 36th Street and Phinney at around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday for a report of three men driving a car into the storefront.  [Video clip]

Mob Of [Black] Youths Attacked a Man at Target Center During High School Basketball Championships.  A melee and a report of gunfire at the Target Center caused a large police response Saturday night during the Minnesota high school boys' basketball tournament.  Minneapolis police say it received a report of possible shots fired inside Target Center just before 9 p.m.  MPD worked with security and confirmed no shots were fired.  They were unable to confirm the presence of a gun.  [Video clip]

Brutal Assault At San Francisco Galleria Mall Shows A [black] Mob Assault Two [white] People.  There have been multiple fights at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria shopping center involving students.  The latest attacks happened last week inside the Target store and at the food court and were captured on cellphone video.  Mall workers said mob violence broke out Friday after 4 p.m.  Witnesses say it was a beat-down.  Cellphone video showed a group of students with backpacks punching and kicking a person inside the Target store.  One of the youths can be seen slamming a victim to the ground.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
It is an error to lazily assert that every teenager in a public place is a "student."

Miami Turns Into The Worst Place In America.  Miami looks like the last place you want to be right now. [...] These nasty ratchets tore apart this ice cream shop and kicked out one of the workers as other low-lives cheered them on and took video.  The other employee was assaulted by debris thrown by the drunken women until the cops arrived when they all tried to make a dash for the door.  [Video clip]

Huge Mob Assaulting One Man At Walmart.  One can imagine the final days of the Roman empire looking something like this, minus the black people, Walmart or smartphones.  [Video clip]

Miami Beach mayor calls for Spring Break Ban.  The mayor of Miami Beach wants to cancel Spring Break as footage emerged of the moment a man was shot dead on a sidewalk during another wild weekend of partying.  'We haven't asked for spring break in our city.  We don't want spring break in our city.  It's too rowdy, brings too much disorder and is simply too difficult to police,' said Democratic mayor Dan Gelber.  The chaotic weekend saw two men shot dead and partygoers jumping on a car, brawling in streets and even trashing a slushie shop on the main drag despite the city instituting a curfew on Sunday night.

The Editor says...
Who's doing all the shooting and rioting?  A bunch of lily-white rednecks?  Not quite

Ghetto Brawl Just Keeps Snowballing Into Madness.  There is no backstory to how and why this massive brawl is happening so write your own [...]  [Video clip]

A Gang Of Hood Rats Assaults A 7-Eleven Employee With Bananas.  There is no way to know what triggered this, most likely nothing but punks looking for trouble.  And since there is no Google translate for the language they are speaking, context is impossible.  [Video clip]

A Bunch Of Punk Youths Totally Destroy A Restaurant In Queens.  Video showed a chaotic scene inside a Queens restaurant when a group of teens rushed in and trashed the eatery, wildly flipping tables and chairs.  The incident occurred just before 8:30 p.m. Saturday night at Fish Village in College Point, a restaurant on the third floor of a corner mall.  Manager Tony Hu, who does not speak English, said through a translator that more than a dozen teens suddenly raced in and started making a mess, disrupting patrons as plates and glass shattered.  The teens work masks and hoodie sweatshirts as they stormed through the main dining area, leaving a broken window and around $20,000 in damages.  [Video clip]

Carload Of Thugs Smash And Grab Women's Purses In San Francisco, Run Over One Woman's Legs While Getting Away.  San Francisco has not only become the most expensive place to live but now, the most expensive place to get brutally assaulted, robbed, and run over.  [Video clip]

Target CFO: 'Organized retail crime' contributed to hundreds of millions in lost profits in 2022.  With all due respect to Walgreens CFO James Kehoe, inventory shrinkage mostly at the hands of organized retail crime is still worth crying over if you are a retailer.  Take Target, for example.  "It [inventory shrinkage] was certainly a headwind [last year]," Target CFO Michael Fiddelke told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday [2/28/2023].  "We know we're not alone in seeing elevated levels of shrink and organized retail crime driving some of that theft."  Fiddelke said the profit impact amounted to "hundreds of millions of dollars of headwind."  The issue is likely to challenge Target's bottom line in 2023, he added.

A Group Of Feral Teens Surround And Violently Assault Convenience Store Worker.  Disturbing video footage is circulating online this week in which at least a dozen young people — all purported to be teenagers — appear to swarm, chase and physically attack a convenience store worker in downtown Toronto.  The clip in question, first uploaded to Reddit on Feb. 17, 2023, was filmed on Yonge Street near Shuter Street, just across from the Toronto Eaton Centre.  In it, we see a group of young people in winter coats arguing with an apparent Circle K employee outside the convenience store at 211 Yonge St.  The employee is wearing a red shirt with no jacket, indicating that he exited the store hastily.  [Video clip]

Black History Month Just Destroyed This Convenience Store.  Good thing black history month is almost over or this sort of thing would happen all the time.  [Video clip]

Asian Family Refuses to Give up their Airpods, This is the Outcome, Brutally Attacked by Young [Black] Kids.  Where is the security on these trains?  Where are the onlookers who don't allow a bunch of rowdy little girls who think they can fight, to stop them?  [Video clip]

Man Is Brutally Beat and Robbed By A Mob Of Youths Near Temple University.  Man is beaten and robbed at Broad and Cecil B Moore by a group of juveniles, just down the street from Temple University.  This happened in broad daylight, just around 4 pm.  [Video clip]

100 Black Youths Play A 'Hunting White People' Game Where They Beat Random White People In Memphis.  A video from 2021 has gone viral again where one hundred teens engaged in a violent activity called 'Point Them Out, Knock Them Out' wherein an individual is marked by the mob and then beaten to a pulp.  The teenagers playing the game are primarily black, while the victims shown in the video are almost exclusively white, with the exception of a black security guard who risked bodily harm to save one of the fallen victims.  A witness account indicates that there was at least one additional black victim, though this was unclear in the video.  [Video clip]

Gang of [Black] Thugs Brutally Assaults a [White] Customer at McDonald's.  Footage has emerged of a gang of bullies who launched an attack on a teenager in McDonald's as they hurled chairs and punched him until he was left black and blue.  The shocking video posted on Twitter, shot at the Conduit Street McDonald's in Lichfield, began with at least eight people all dressed in black attacking the teenager who was cornered and unable to escape.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The quality of the photography in this case is quite poor, so it is difficult to confirm that the victim is white, but that seems to be a reasonable assumption.  Prove me wrong.

Walmart Decends Into Brawlmart Mode.  Not many details on this video as to where this was and over what, but the brawl between several women and staff was pretty intense.  [Video clip]

A White Dude Gets Jumped By Several Black Men After Georgia vs TCU National Championship game.  Georgia won but race relations lost as a white young man who looks like a student got stalked and beaten by a black mob after the game.  [Video clip]

Is All This Really Necessary Just Because a Walmart Employee Asked to See a Receipt.  [No further information provided.]  [Video clip]

Hey let's check in at the Nike store in Long Beach.  If this brazen crime wave keeps up like it has been, we're not gonna have cities much longer.  Somebody or something has to stop this.  [Video clip]

[White] Father And Son Stalked And Brutally Beaten [by a black mob] At New Jersey Mall.  This is a video from early last year that is making the rounds again which shows a father and son being stalked by a mob for allegedly saying the N-word.  The mob clearly wants blood as the two men try and walk away from the situation but they soon realize they have to confront what's closing in behind them.  That's when the son first gets hit and the father tries to defend him.  They both soon get swarmed, punched and kicked in the head.  Even a thug dressed as Santa seemed to be interested in street justice.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
It is remarkable how scarce and sluggish the "security guards" at a shopping mall become when a black mob materializes.

19-year-old shot dead during brawl at Mall of America.  A 19-year-old man was shot and killed during a brawl inside Minnesota's Mall of America Friday night, police said.  The teen was shot "multiple times" as two groups of people were fighting on the first floor of Nordstrom just before 8 p.m., Bloomington Chief of Police Booker Hodges said at a press conference.  Between five and nine people were involved in the melee and one of the men whipped out a weapon and opened fire.  The entire altercation lasted about 30 seconds, Hodges said.  The two groups involved then ran out of a nearby door, Hodges said.  Police have not yet identified the victim.

Two Dead After African Singer Asake's Fans Storm a Concert with Fake Tickets.  Two dead, eight people were hospitalized after fans broke into an Asake concert in Brixton.  The incident occurred during the concert, and videos shared on social media show chaos as fans rushed to get into the venue.  It is not clear at this time what caused the fans to break into the concert, but authorities are investigating the incident.

America's Growing Political Impotence.  [Scroll down]  Just as exasperating is the huge increase in shoplifting, much of it going unpunished.  Here we watch security camera footage of shoplifters strolling the isles stuffing their booty into plastic bags while "guards" calmly observe the thievery.  Apathy is apparently the official corporate policy as if smash and grabbers were just regular customers, albeit non-paying ones.  And, in those rare instances where the culprit is apprehended, he almost immediately returns to "work," all to be repeated dozens of times.  Even for those not personally witnessing this unpunished thievery, its existence is conspicuous by the sudden appearance of glass doors in drug stores putting toothpaste and soap under lock and key.  This is an epidemic not of stealing per se, but of thievery that nobody bothers to stop, let alone punishes.

Family Dollar Store Employees Try To Detain Shoplifter, His Crew Comes Back To Destroy The Store.  These Family Dollar Store employees try to detain a shoplifter, and the shoplifter's crew begins smashing the glass of the doors which seem to have been locked to keep anyone from escaping.  The employees fight back, but the shoplifter ends up escaping.  [Video clip]

Target: Come For The Savings, Stay For The Battle.  This was the wild scene at Target in East Point, Atlanta this weekend.  [Video clip]

Young Asian Female Is Assaulted By Black Mob In San Francisco Mall.  A group of black juveniles attacked a young Asian girl inside the Stonestown Mall.  The victim reportedly has a cracked skull.  [Video clip]

Meanwhile, At The Dollar Store....  Merry Christmas and season's beatings.  [Video clip]

Another 100% Off Sale in Los Angeles Brings out the Hoodlums.  When you rob the stores in your neighborhood, crime rises because people have less. [...] It's real, these morons are hurting themselves.  [Video clip]

Macy's In Sacramento Is Sick Of Shoplifters, This Wild Scene Occurred This Weekend When One Got Busted.  It's good to see some California businesses fight back against the real pandemic in the state which is rampant shoplifting.  This Macy's in Sacramento stopped an alleged shoplifter via their loss prevention team and things got a little chaotic as you can see.  [Video clip]

Leica Store in San Francisco Robbed at Gunpoint of $178K in Gear.  A group of four robbers, at least one of them armed, stole $178,000 in camera equipment and caused $20,000 in damage to the Leica Store near Union Square in San Francisco over the weekend.  According to ABC7, surveillance video shows four thieves — at least one of them armed — exiting a gray sedan around 1:20 PM on Saturday and entering the store where they proceeded to smash display cases and make off with nearly $180,000 in camera equipment less than three minutes later.

Watch As Thugs Enjoy 100% Off Sale At This Apple Store In Palo Alto On Black Friday.  Palo Alto, California-Two people walked into the Apple store on University Ave on Black Friday and began stealing i-pads & phones.  All of this occurred as dozens of people watched.  [Video clip]

Target lost $600 million in profits this year due to shoplifting and looting.  It was all fun and games with "social justice" until wealthy investors started losing money from it, which is exactly what is now happening to those who hold shares in the Target retail chain.  Shoplifting has apparently gotten so bad at Target — and we say apparently because this is the excuse that Target's top dogs are using — that the company expects to lose a total of $600 million in profits this year.  Target's gross margin rate dropped from 28 percent in last year's third quarter to 24.7 percent this year.  Higher markdown rates and inflating freight costs are also shouldering some of the blame.

Group of thieves steal $100K worth of Nike shoes from Memphis business, police say.  A group of multiple suspects is wanted after breaking into a local business and stealing $100K worth of Nike shoes, as well as toys for a holiday toy drive.  The break-in happened at Valid Kixx, 6569 Winchester Rd., on Sunday, Nov. 20, around 9:45 p.m., according to the Memphis Police Department (MPD).  The owner told police his alarm system notified him that someone was breaking into the store.  The suspects threw a four-way tire wrench through a window to get in, MPD said.  Video footage showed approximately 20 men running in and out of the store grabbing merchandise.  While inside, they kicked a hole through a back wall to get inside a storeroom full of new shoes.  All the suspects were wearing hoodies and face coverings, MPD said, and some were wearing gloves. [...] The smash-and-grab break-in mirrors another incident at a local Walmart that happened the same night.

MPD: Group of thieves stole car speakers, flat-screen TV, scooters and more from Whitehaven Walmart.  Memphis Police have released surveillance video of thieves who targeted a Whitehaven Walmart.  The incident happened Sunday night.  A group of around 22 suspects, some armed, walked into the store at 5255 Elvis Presley Blvd. just before 9 p.m., according to MPD.  Police said they grabbed merchandise and fled in approximately 20 vehicles including Infiniti, Dodge, Chrysler and Kia. [...] Police said they threw a four-way tire iron through the glass window in the store's automotive section.  The store was open at the time. [...] They got away through the same window with $7,715.80 worth of items.

Memphis Walmart shoplifted by over 20 armed suspects in 13 minutes.  The Memphis Police Department is investigating a mass shoplifting incident that took place in Whitehaven Sunday night.  MPD says approximately 22 armed suspects with face masks stole multiple items from the Walmart on Elvis Presley Boulevard.  Surveillance video shows the suspects pulling up to the automotive section around 8:50 p.m. in about 20 cars, including Infiniti, Dodge, Chrysler, and Kia models.  Police say the suspects exited the cars and broke a window to the automotive entrance, where they then entered the store.

Fox 13 shows the surveillance video, and guess what that video reveals.
Group of 20+ suspects wanted after shoplifting from Whitehaven Walmart, police say.  The Memphis Police Department is searching for a group of suspects who stole items from a Walmart in Whitehaven on Nov. 20.  A group of around 22 suspects, some armed, walked into the store at 5255 Elvis Presley Blvd. just before 9 p.m.  Police said the group grabbed an unknown amount of merchandise.  [Video clip]

Police, Retailers Work to Crack Down on Increasingly Brazen Shoplifting Ahead of Holidays.  Holiday shoppers might notice some changes this year.  Along with heavier foot traffic, there will be a heavier police presence, and some of that is due to a spike in shoplifting cases.  "We have extra officers that we assigned to the malls and shopping centers," said 2nd Lt. William Arnest with the Fairfax County Police Department, who supervises a unit of officers who protect area shopping malls.  "There was a decrease during the pandemic with people staying home, but shoplifting is now increasing."  The News4 I-Team analyzed shoplifting data and found Fairfax County had the most cases in the area last year with more than 4,000 incidents.  That's among the 11,000 cases around the D.C. region in 2021.

Target Has Horrible Earnings This Quarter, Blame It On Losing 600 Million Dollars In Shoplifting.  Target is the latest big retailer blaming shoplifting for putting a big hit on its profits.  The company said its gross margin rate dropped from 28% in last year's 3rd quarter to 24.7% this year.  Along with shoplifting, referred to as shrink in the industry, the company blamed higher markdown rates and freight costs for dragging down profits.  The company says "inventory shortage or shrink" is a major drain on profits and it "is a growing problem."  Target expects theft to cost it $600 million in lost profits this year.  [Video clip]

Hoodrats Strung Out On Cocaine Destroy Store.  A group of morons who felt the need to let the world know how high they were on coke destroyed a convenience store for the fun of it.  One dope even jumped on top of the racks and kicked items off before the group left after the chaos.  [Video clip]

CEO blasts San Francisco as 'city of chaos,' closes store over rampant crime.  The CEO of a popular clothing brand Cotopaxi is closing the company's only San Francisco store due to "organized theft rings" and a lack of safety in the city, he announced this week.  CEO Davis Smith announced the closure in a lengthy post on social media, saying the location faces regular attacks by thieves with virtually no response from law enforcement.  "We are closing the store due to rampant organized theft and lack of safety for our team.  Our store is hit by organized theft rings several times per week.  They brazenly enter the store and grab thousands of dollars of product and walk out," Smith wrote.  "We started keeping the door locked and opening it only for customers, but even then, they'll have a woman go to the door, and then hiding individuals rush into the store as soon as the door opens.  Our team is terrified.  They feel unsafe.  Security guards don't help because these theft rings know that security guards won't/can't stop them," he added.

Woman Assaulted on D.C. Bus, Thrown Off After Giving Up Her Seat.  According to a Fox News report, one woman was forcibly thrown off a Washington D.C. Metrobus by a group of juveniles and possibly some adults.  The audio in the clip above has been censored for excessive profanity, as bus riders berated the woman before ultimately grabbing her and throwing her off.

Disturbing Video Shows Elderly Woman Being Viciously Attacked [by a black mob] on DC Metrobus.  An assault caught on a cellphone camera shows what appears to be several juveniles — and possibly some adults — shoving an older woman off a Metrobus in D.C.  FOX 5 has obtained the exclusive video and has reached out to Metro for answers.  Within the clip, the group can be heard berating a woman with red hair for nearly a minute as she stands near the backdoor of the bus.  After telling the lady to "get off the bus" multiple times, the video shows the driver comes to a stop, doors open and the juveniles begin to attack the woman.

Philadelphia police attacked by ATV, dirt-bike riders who hurled bricks and bottles at officers.  A group of violent Philadelphia ATV drivers was caught on video attacking police by throwing bricks and bottles at the officers before fleeing the scene, police said.  The group unleashed its assault on police just one day after a Republican city councilman accused the administration of Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, of instructing officers "not to enforce the law."  The Philadelphia Police Department shared video on Tuesday that showed "a large group of people riding dirt bikes and ATVs" around a gas station near Delaware Avenue and Spring Garden Street, police said.

Woman Tries To Defend Her Store From Shoplifting Kids In Cali.  Keep voting blue and this can happen to you.  Some of these kids are no older than 10 years old.  [Video clip]

Brawl Outside Rochester Mall Leads To People Getting Run Over.  A group of people was filmed outside a Rochester mall having a dispute, 2 people were beating on another with some sort of plastic tubing when another car pulled up and ran everyone over.  [Video clip]

Another Day, Another Massive Brawl At Walmart.  Big shoutout to New Orleans for staying in the ratchet Olympics.  [Video clip]

A Group Of Savages Destroy A Halal Food Stand In New York.  A gang [...] destroyed a halal stand in New York City while laughing and filming it on Instagram live.  The nasty youths were seen throwing hot dogs at the stand owner as well as other items on the cart as they yukked it up.  [Video clip]

Three Men Totally Loot a T-Mobile Store in Broad Daylight.  Authorities are seeking three suspects wanted for a robbery that occurred at T-Mobile store in Orange [California] on Monday.  According to the Orange Police Department, the suspects entered the store, located on E. Chapman Avenue, at around 6:15 p.m., where they stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  The suspects then fled from the scene and are still at large.  [Video clip]

A Group of Shirtless Thugs Assault People Outside a Hooters in Plano Texas.  This incident happened Thursday outside a Hooter In Plano, Texas, but not much information is known since no media outlet has reported it.  It looks like 3 shirtless men in basketball shorts storm into a Hooters lobby to assault several men as waitresses scream and run for the hills.  [Video clip]

Massive Gang Of Thugs Stomp On A Man In Bayside Queens.  This was Bell Blvd in Bayside on Friday.  A gang attack in broad daylight.  This neighborhood has been plagued by violence and crime by thugs from local high schools.  [Video clip]

Watch As A Mob Completely Destroys A Wawa In Philadelphia.  Another weekend, another streak of chaos and destruction in Democrat-run cities.  This time the ghetto hurricane hit this Wawa in the Mayfair area of Philadelphia as people threw items all over the place, turned over shelves and racks, stood on top of shelves, and left the place destroyed.  The juveniles then went outside and several got into a brawl.  [Video clip]

Criminals ransack a convenience store in Philadelphia.  Words cannot describe the utter lawlessness and criminality in our major cities.  [Same video clip as above, with numerous tweets in response to the video.

Carnival Cruise Takes On The Spirit Airlines Business Model As Another Crazy Brawl Goes Viral.  It seems like yesterday there was another massive brawl on a Carnival Cruise ship.  That's because there have been 2 other massive fights just this summer.  This one left bodies flying everywhere as well as wigs.  [Video clip]

6 Women Steal Nearly 10k Dollars Worth Of Merch from TJ Maxx.  Six women are at large after, police said, they stole thousands of dollars worth of purses from a South Florida mall.  According to police, the women shoplifted purses from TJ Maxx in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, totaling $9,500.  This happened at the beginning of July.  [Video clip]

Man Attacked By Mob In Philly, Beats Them All Back Using A Garbage Can.  This isn't this guy's first rodeo as they say.  Even a half dozen hood rats couldn't take him down as he fights back the mob even as he eats fists.  [Video clip]

Security guards feel helpless as brazen thieves loot high-end NYC stores.  Security guards at several high-end stores in the West Village and Soho say they feel like sitting ducks as thieves loot their stores in broad daylight with no consequences.  The two NYC nabes — and their high-end shops — have become a target for enterprising robbers, like the group of seven men and women who sauntered into the Lululemon store on 14th Street and 9th Avenue around noon on Aug. 16 and made off with close to $30,000 in stolen goods.  The gang grabbed clothing and other gear and stuffed them into large sacks and a shopping cart, walking nonchalantly by a security guard who appeared on video to do nothing to stop them.  One man carried a huge pile of apparel overflowing in his arms.

United Kingdom: 50 Youths Pile Into a McDonald's and Take All the Food.  Teenagers jumped over the counter and stole food and drink from a McDonald's restaurant in the [Nottingham] city center after a gang of around 50 youths piled inside.  The group of teenagers went into the Clumber Street eatery at around 9 pm on Sunday, August 21.  Police said around seven people jumped over the counter and started stealing food that was being prepared in the kitchen.  They also helped themselves to soft drinks.  Police said members of the group filmed what happened, with a video, which appeared to show the incident, has surfaced on social media.  [Video clip]

Children's birthday Party at North Charleston Chuck E. Cheese Ends With Fists And Arrests.  North Charleston Police responded to a large fight that broke out at the North Charleston Chuck E. Cheese restaurant Saturday night, arresting three and temporarily detaining a fourth person.  Lizeller Dixon and Dashawn Malik Grant were each charged with one count of breach of peace, according to jail records at the Al Cannon Detention Center.  A third person, Jasmine Ciera Judge, was also charged with breach of peace, but was not booked into the county jail, an incident report states.  [Video clip]

Inside the world of violent street racing mobs taking over Los Angeles.  Violent street racing mobs are increasingly taking over streets across Los Angeles with deadly consequences, and some are blaming the city's widespread adoption of "woke" policies.  Roving groups of young people in the hundreds block intersections and take over entire streets to watch the 2022 version of drag racing that often leaves innocent people injured and property destroyed.  So far this year, 705 takeovers have occurred that left six people dead, the Los Angeles Times reported. [...] Los Angeles police say they are helpless to stop the mobs because of the sheer numbers.  And now, the groups have a new thrill — invading local stores and picking the shelves clean after races are over.  Last week, a surveillance video went viral showing looters vandalizing a store and assaulting a clerk.

Huge Mob Flashes California 7-Eleven and Picks It Clean.  "Street takeovers" are becoming quite common in Los Angeles and big cities.  A mob of people and cars, responding to a prompt on social media, show up at an intersection and raise [havoc].  Police try to break it up but are usually far too late.  Such was the case on August 15 when a flash mob showed up at Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard.  After a few minutes of causing mayhem on the streets, they moved into a 7-Eleven store like a swarm of locusts.  They picked it clean of anything of value in a matter of minutes.

NYPD [is] Looking For Band Of Thugs Who Walked Into A Lululemon And Casually Walked Out With Nearly 30k Dollars Worth Of Items.  Police in New York City are looking for seven people who they say stole around $30,000 from a Lululemon store in Manhattan.  The incident happened on Tuesday at around noon when four males and three females entered a Lululemon store located at 400 West 14th Street and stole approximately $28,780 worth of clothing, according to police.  [Video clip]

Massive Flash Mob Ransacks and Loots 7-Eleven in Los Angeles.  Video from security cameras inside a 7-Eleven captured a chaotic scene when a crowd of people ransacked the store during a street takeover in Los Angeles' Harbor Gateway area.  The large crowd gathered for the street takeover on Monday night in the Harbor Gateway area swarmed the store at the corner of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard in a frenzy of looting and vandalism.  Security camera video showed the large crowd gathering outside the store. Inside, the situation quickly turned into mayhem when dozens of people emptied shelves, threw snacks and beverages, and left with merchandise.  Police described the scene as 'flash mob' looting.  [Video clip]

Raw Video Shows The Moment Shots Were Fired At The Mall Of American, Causing Complete Evacuation.  Someone fired shots Thursday at the Mall of America in suburban Minneapolis, sending shoppers running for cover, but police said it did not appear anyone was injured.  Bloomington police also said they were still searching for a suspect after securing the scene shortly before 6 p.m.  They said a lockdown that had forced some shoppers to shelter in place, while others fled, was in the process of being lifted, but that the mall would not reopen Thursday.  [Video clip]

Mob Steals 14k Dollars Worth Of Items From Beauty Store In Broad Daylight.  The Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office said over $16,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from Ulta Beauty by an "organized criminal group" on multiple occasions.  A video provided by the sheriff's office shows several people dodging around, quickly grabbing items off shelves at the store before running out of the Ulta Beauty store on West Main Street in Oshtemo.  Deputies say this has happened on both Monday and Wednesday at the same store.  The theft was committed by an organized criminal group who "rush into the store grabbing and stealing as many retail items (mostly perfume) as they can," a sheriff's department press release said.  [Video clip]

Multiple fights break out at Knott's Berry Farm, prompts police response, early park closure.  Knott's Berry Farm closed early Saturday night after a series of fights broke out inside the theme park, prompting a police response.  According Buena Park Police Department, officers responded to reports of multiple fights at the park, at around 7:30 p.m., after several 911 calls, as well as being notified by security at Knott's Berry Farm.  Annette Duran, a CBSLA staffer who was at the park Saturday night, described witnessing multiple fights and then stampedes of park-goers trying to get out of the way.

Smash-and-Grab Thieves Steal $500,000 in Merchandise From Luxury Malibu Retail Store.  Smash-and-grab thieves took off with more than $500,000 worth of high-end merchandise from a luxury retailer at the Malibu Lumberyard shopping center on Tuesday [7/12/2022].  According to The Malibu Times, six black male and female robbers wearing masks and hoodies ransacked Maxfield, a luxury store that carries jewelry and designer handbags.  Video shows the robbers grabbing the high-end handbags and running out of the store.

150-Strong Chicago Mob Attacks Trooper's Vehicle, Breaks Windshield.  Illinois State Police (ISP) are investigating mob violence against a trooper that happened early Sunday in Chicago.  The incident happened just prior to 2:00 a.m. at Division Street and Elston Avenue, ISP said in a social media post on Tuesday:  ["]An ISP trooper was driving southbound on I-90 near Division St. and noticed congestion on the exit ramp and eastbound traffic on Division completely stopped.  When the trooper approached the intersection of Division and Elston there were several vehicles blocking the intersection and people engaging in reckless driving stunts.["]  A mob of approximately 100 people surrounded the trooper's squad car, jumping on its hood, shattering the windshield, kicking the car, and tossing rocks, bricks, and fireworks.  Seconds after the trooper's vehicle stopped in the roadway, the group approached, many of them holding up cellphones to record the scene, a dash cam video shows.

Another LA "street takeover" turns deadly.  Late Sunday night, a deadly situation broke out in South Los Angeles and police rushed to the scene.  If you're familiar with South Los Angeles, you probably won't be surprised to hear this news.  It's a hub of gang activity and people are unfortunately killed there on a regular basis.  But this event was quite different from your usual gang shootout.  Police were responding to a "street takeover" where people were engaged in illegal drag racing and partying while blocking traffic for many blocks around.  But the victim was not killed in a car crash.  He was shot dead when the spectators at the event got into an argument of some sort.

Dance floor brawl erupts on NYC-bound Carnival cruise ship prompting Coast Guard response.  Dozens of cruise ship passengers were involved in an all-out brawl in a nightclub on a ship as it sailed through international waters headed for New York City overnight into Tuesday, according to reports.  Security for the Carnival Magic tried to intervene when the physical fight escalated to as many as 60 people but eventually had to call in the Coast Guard to help escort the ship back, according to the New York Post.  The ship arrived Tuesday morning with New York police waiting as it docked.

Massive Brawl Breaks Out Aboard Carnival Cruise After Some Had A Threesome And Others Got Upset.  An all-out brawl that broke out between dozens of passengers aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship was sparked over allegations of cheating while on the trip, according to an eyewitness passenger who shared video of the fight with Fox News Digital.  Theresa James, who said she is a travel agent, told Fox News Digital that the fight started just before 2 a.m. on the ship's fifth floor, where a dance club and casino are located.  An alleged threesome between passengers had upset their significant others when they learned of the rendezvous, according to James, who said she witnessed the fight from her door.  Beer bottles were smashed, and a woman may have been cut during the chaos, James said.  [Video clip]

Chicago: Large Mob Causes Chaos, Smashes Police Car Windows, Dance On Cars.  Members of a large crowd in Lakeview smashed the window of a police SUV and danced on top of other cars and even a city bus early Tuesday morning.  It drew police to the area around Belmont and Sheffield avenues about 1 a.m.  The crowd was seen jumping on CTA buses and smashing a patrol car window.  They gathered near the Belmont Red Line stop.  [Video clip]

Rapper Sleepy Hallow And His Crew Totally Destroy Restaurant During Brawl At Mall In New Jersey.  It seems like Sleepy Hallow got himself into some trouble last week.  In a video posted onto [a] Reddit message board, the Brooklyn rapper and his entourage got into a crazy brawl with the staff of a restaurant they were dining at.  The video begins with Sleepy and his crew already in a heated argument with the restaurant workers at 1st RND restaurant located in American Dream, a mall in Rutherford, New Jersey.  Multiple people hold the rapper back, and he throws something at one of the staff members.  Then things get out of hand.  [Video clip]
Atrocious grammar in original.

Group Of Teens Break Into 8 Million Dollar Florida Mansion, Throw Party, Have Boxing Matches.  Florida authorities are giving teens and young adults a chance to "come clean" after breaking into an $8 million home, throwing a wild house party and posting videos on social media showing the rowdy scene.  The Walton County Sheriff's Office said deputies were called early Saturday to a home on Blackwater Street in unincorporated master-planned community of Watercolor, near Seaside, for a noise complaint.  Upon the deputies' arrival, most of the partygoers had left the scene, but videos circulating on Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms revealed to law enforcement how revelers had set up a boxing match in the mansion's foyer.  Several partygoers recorded large crowds blaring music and downing alcohol.

Last night in Chicago.  Viral video purportedly out of Chicago on Friday night shows a giant mob of black youths swarm an elderly white man's car, climb onto his roof and start jumping and twerking on it to cheers.  This is the new normal in Chicago.  [Video clip]

California smash-and-grab at Macy's occurs at same mall where dozens of looters robbed Nordstrom last year.  Authorities in California are investigating a smash-and-grab robbery at a Macy's in Walnut Creek Saturday morning after three suspects stole high-end watches before fleeing the scene, officials said.  The Walnut Creek Police Department said "three black male adult suspects" entered the store located in the Broadway Plaza shopping center at approximately 10:48 a.m., when they began "smashing jewelry display cases with hammers."  The suspects, all wearing hoods and masks to obstruct identifying elements, stole the valuables and fled the scene.

Brawl Breaks Out Inside Popular DC Brunch Spot (NSFW).  An all-out brawl was captured on cell phone video Sunday inside a popular brunch spot in Northwest.  The graphic video shows a group of diners fighting inside the HalfSmoke restaurant located on the 600 block of Florida Avenue in the Shaw neighborhood.  The altercation appears to be between several women, however, one man can be seen on camera visibly frustrated and attempting to charge at another patron.  At one point in the video, a chair is hurled across the restaurant.  [Video clip]

Dozens Brawl In Downtown Austin As Drunk People Spill Into The Steets Saturday Night.  Austin used to be one of the best cities to live in according to most polls over the past decade.  Even many famous people from California have found their ways such as Joe Rogan and Elon Musk.  But liberal policies are slowly decaying this once great city towards massive homeless encampments and violence.  Last year, Austin hit a record for homicides.  Robberies and assaults have skyrocketed the past couple of years.  [Video clip]

Disturbing Video Shows Mass Shooting Inside Indiana Club, Leaving 2 Dead, 4 Wounded.  The two people killed in an Indiana nightclub shooting early Sunday have been identified.  Four others were also wounded, according to police.  This isn't the first shooting there and tonight there are calls to shut the club down for good.  In a statement Sunday night, the mayor said, in addition to praying for those lost, the city is taking action temporarily closing the club.  [Video clip]

Entire Hood Comes Out To Beat A Guy Senseless and Steal His Car In Michigan.  Watch as a horde of hood rats swarm this poor guy, who's probably in the wrong neighborhood, beat him senseless, and steal his car.  [Video clip]

As Homicides Skyrocket In New Orleans, Young Teens Openly Walk Around With Their Illegal Firearms.  As crime run rampant in New Orleans, young street thugs walk around with their semi-automatics, none of which are purchased legally.  Want to bet these guys will laugh at any new gun control bill to come out of the uni-party in DC?  Homicides in Democrat-run New Orleans are up nearly 50 percent over year-to-date numbers from 2021.  The Metro Crime Commission's Weekly Orleans Crime Bulletin shows that as of June 5, 2022, homicides in New Orleans were up 46 percent over where they were in 2021 and 89 percent over where they were in 2020.  [Video clip]

New Orleans Descends Into Chaos As Cars Do Donuts Around Massive Crowds While Degenerates Hop Up And Down On Cop Cars.  City officials are pledging a "more bold and brazen" approach to illegal stunt driving incidents around New Orleans.  The New Orleans Police Department held a press conference Monday [6/6/2022] after several videos were widely circulated on social media Sun., June 5.  In the videos, drivers are seen burning out, spinning cars in donuts, driving at high rates of speed, and performing other maneuvers at different intersections across the city.  [Video clip]

Videos capture Chattanooga, Philly shoot-outs this weekend.  Multiple dead, including MSM narrative.  This story and the shooting in Philadelphia won't get the mainstream media attention that "mass shootings" get under other circumstances, and we bet you know why.  The start of the Chattanooga shooting was caught in a video that was shared to Facebook.  [Video clip]  News Channel 9 posted that clip, writing:  In the 11-second clip, you can hear more than 20 shots ring out as the woman dives to safety in her car.  Other people can be seen outside the car running away.  The Facebook account Tabby Tab shared several live updates on her page in the early morning hours that show she was in the vicinity of the bar on McCallie Avenue.  The start of the Philadelphia shooting was posted to Twitter.  [Video clips]  And in Chattanooga, the Mayor made this statement, which will pretty much guarantee CNN and MSNBC ignore the story and drop it from their websites as soon as they can get away with it, probably within hours:  ["]This violence is gang related.  Period.  We cannot fix the problem until we are honest about the problem.["]  Yeah.  If it can't be made out as a case of a guilty gun or a guilty "white supremacist" it goes away.

Future Brain Surgeons Enjoy 100% Off Sale On All Items At Sephora In Lost Angeles.  A brazen robbery at a store at a Cerritos mall was caught on camera, showing the thieves shoving products directly from the shelves into trash bags.  The robbery happened around 9 p.m. Saturday night [5/28/2022] at the Sephora store in Los Cerritos Center. [...] The video shows three people, all wearing hooded sweatshirts, dumping products off the shelves and into garbage bags, in front of employees and shoppers.  [Video clip]

Luxury stores still limiting crowds post-COVID — and won't admit why.  COVID-19 is waning, but shopping for a Louis Vuitton bag, a Chanel suit or a pair of Gucci loafers increasingly means standing in line outside a boutique — and luxury brands have been conspicuously tight-lipped on why. [...] According to experts, roped-off customers can mostly thank a relentless epidemic of smash-and-grab robberies rather than social distancing for ramped-up crowd controls nationwide, including in New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle.  Theft got so bad last year that Beverly Hills hired two private security firms to patrol Rodeo Drive.  Meanwhile, at the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY, where robbers ransacked a Louis Vuitton store in February, the boutique's doors were closed, with stanchions inviting shoppers to queue up outside.

The Editor says...
The store owners have been "conspicuously tight-lipped" because they can't afford to say that all of the smash-and-grab perpetrators are black, so they can't let too many black "shoppers" into the store.

No, the mass smash and grab robberies are not ending in California.  Is there a new wave of responsibility in the government of California taking place that will bring surging crime levels under control and make it safer for businesses to operate in a routine fashion and citizens to walk the streets?  The pending recall elections of soft-on-crime District Attorneys and the refunding of some police departments might make you think so.  But the crime wave is not receding yet.  The latest example comes to us this week from CBS News in Los Angeles where they provide details and video of the latest smash-and-grab mass looting even that netted the criminals roughly one million dollars in jewelry and other goods in a space of minutes.  Amazingly, the entire event was once again caught on camera, but the identity of the suspects thus far remains a mystery.

Insanity After Milwaukee Bucks Games Leaves 21 People Shot.  Milwaukee officials on Saturday [5/14/2022] enacted a curfew for young people and added extra patrols after 21 people were injured in three separate downtown shootings near an entertainment district where thousands gathered for an NBA playoff game.  Three people were injured in the first shooting, one in the second, and 17 in what police described as an exchange of gunfire between two groups of people, all just a few blocks from the arena where the Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA's Eastern Conference semifinals.  All of the victims are expected to survive.  [Video clip]

Mothers Day In Jacksonville Was Eventful, and Violent.  [Video clip]

The Ratchet Brigade Wipes Out A San Francisco Walgreens During A Loot N Scoot.  Three shoplifters wiped out another Walgreens in California, this one just south of the leftist mecca of San Francisco.  Two black women were seen removing all of the nicotine products from the shelves, before running to a different area of the store where a male accomplice was stealing other items.  No one bothered to stop them despite the fact that there were other patrons in the store.  [Video clip]

One person is shot dead and five others are injured at Mudbugs food festival in Mississippi.  One person has been shot dead and five others were injured at the Mudbugs food festival at Mississippi State Fairgrounds in Jackson.  Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones confirmed that one person was pronounced dead at the scene while several others are injured on Saturday night [4/30/2022].  The five wounded people suffered non-life threatening injuries.  The victims were not directly involved in the shooting, according to the sheriff.  Several shooters are involved and the investigation is being conducted as an active shooter situation, the sheriff said in a series of tweets.  Sheriff Jones said that an officer involved shooting shortly after the festival shooting was related.

Las Vegas Brawl Is One For The Ages.  This was the battle royale scene at an unknown Vegas casino as about a dozen or so rowdy patrons clashed with fists flying and pants dropping.  [Video clip]

Band of Thieves Ransack Louis Vuitton Store in Ohio.  I recently noted that the crime surge in California from organized gangs has gotten so bad that various types of robberies have begun getting fun, new designations.  Take, for instance, "smash and grab" robberies.  One member of the "horde" smashes into the store, while the rest of the pack swoops in to pillage and run.  But "smash and grab" is not confined to California, as there is a report of a dramatic incident in Ohio in which over $100,000 was stolen.  A horde of thieves stole 'every item on the showroom floor' of a Louis Vuitton store in Ohio on Wednesday [4/20/2022], making off with more than $140,000 in merchandise in just minutes.

White Woman Is Beaten By Gang Of Blacks Because She Had A 'Black' Hairstyle.  Five young teenage girls are facing charges in the brutal beating of a young woman in Downtown Crossing.  According to a police report, the juveniles pounced on the victim after making a comment about her hairstyle.  The attackers reportedly called the victim "white [expletive] with braids" and told her she could not wear her hair in the style because she was "not Black."  Witnesses told investigators that as many as 20 teens, some as young as 12 years old, swarmed the victim, who is 19 years old.  [Video clip]

Epic Road Rage In Atlanta.  [Video clip]

Group Repossesses ATV From Repo-Man.  These ATV enthusiasts pulled some GTA moves to get back a vehicle repossessed by police as they swarmed the repo man's flatbed and took back their ride.  [Video clip]

Shoplifters busted after nabbing $70K in merch in Soho boutique heist: police.  Video shows the moment a trio of thieves had their getaway foiled by NYPD officers after stealing more than $70,000 in pricey goods from a Soho boutique Sunday, police said.  The video posted on TikTok shows cops beating on the windows of the crew's Dodge Charger with their batons and eventually arresting two women and a man who attempted to get away in the vehicle, according to police.  The stop came a short time after the three suspects allegedly went into Kirna Zabete at 477 Broome Street and "removed items from the display cases and racks," the NYPD said.  The threesome then ran out of the store and jumped into the Charger.  "When officers attempted to conduct a lawful car stop, the vehicle refused to pull over and recklessly drove through traffic," an NYPD statement said.

Thieves bash Bronx jewelry store window with sledgehammer in brazen daylight heist.  A crew of thieves armed with a sledgehammer smashed a Bronx jewelry store display window and swiped $50,000 in baubles during a brazen afternoon heist caught on camera, police said Tuesday [4/5/2022].  The suspects, all described as men between 20 and 30, drove Westchester and Morrison Aves. in Soundview about 3:45 p.m. on Sunday and parked around the corner from the M&N Gold jewelry store.  Surveillance footage from outside the store shows two of the bling bandits, dressed in black with black masks, walk by the store.  A few moments later, a masked man in a green hoodie carrying a sledgehammer and another suspect walk up to the store.

Madness Inside Chicago Restaurant As An All-Out Ghetto Battle Royale Breaks Out.  Police responded to a knock-down, drag-out, table and chair-tossing, full-on brawl Saturday night inside Dinner and a Movie, the beleaguered restaurant and bar at 2500 North Ashland in Lincoln Park.  Video posted to Facebook shows men and women hurling chairs and tables during the fight around 10:45 p.m.  Witnesses told officers that one man displayed a gun before Chicago police arrived.  [Video clip]

About 40 Spring Breakers Destroy A Walmart In Panama City Florida.  While the news media focuses on the hell week Miami South Beach has had, including several shootings, fights, and rowdy behavior, little attention has been paid to Panama City, where people with less money, and, apparently, even less class visits during spring break.  Watch as these 40 or so thugs decide to destroy a Walmart in Panama City over the weekend.  The video was uploaded to Reddit and re-uploaded to LibsOfTikTok on Twitter.  [Video clip]

Smash-and grab burglars make off with millions in loot from Beverly Hills jewelry store.  Beverly Hills business owners and residents are on high alert after millions of dollars of high-end jewelry and watches were stolen during a brazen broad daylight smash-and-grab burglary where the suspects used sledgehammers on Tuesday [3/22/2022].  Police said at least five masked suspects in black and gray hoodies broke through the thick, tempered glass window of Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills located at the 200 block of South Beverly Drive at about 1:45 p.m.  The burglary was captured on video by several onlookers.  In one video, a driver who passed by the jewelry store recorded the suspects grabbing items out of the smashed storefront window.  Peter Sedjhi, owner of the jewelry store, told The Post he was in his office when he heard what he initially thought were gunshots.

Brazen Thugs Rob Beverly Hills Jewelry Store Of Millions In Broad Daylight With Sledgehammers.  A jewelry store in Beverly Hills was hit by smash-and-grab robbers Tuesday who remain at large, according to police.  It happened at the Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills on the corner of South Beverly Drive and Charleville Boulevard just before 2 p.m.  According to police, a group of about five suspects armed with what appeared to be sledgehammers broke the front window of the store and got away with several items.  The group arrived in a stolen car but left it behind, police say, they then fled in an unknown vehicle.  [Video clip]

More Shoplifters in Commiefornia Taking Whatever they Please, 3 Girls Caught Stealing Hundreds of Dollars in Purses.  A brazen burglary at a TJ Maxx store in Fontana was caught on video, and police say the retailer is one of many being targeted in the area.  The incident happened last week at the store off of Slover Avenue.  Cellphone video was captured by a shopper who was in the store with his daughter.  The footage shows a woman ripping purses off of a rack before rushing out with two other people, who were also seen carrying stolen handbags.  [Video clip]

Thugs With Guns And Sledgehammers Clean Out A Jewelry Store At A California Mall.  Police are looking for a group of suspects they say robbed a Roseville Galleria jewelry store and terrorized customers inside of the mall.  A crew of ten suspects flooded out of a Roseville Galleria following the robbery.  "It was really terrifying watching all employees.  They had their hands up," says Cera Lafabe, who works at a nearby shop.  Lafabe watched as the group, armed with guns and sledgehammers, raided Valliani jewelers and terrorized its employees and customers.  [Video clip]

California's brazen shoplifting epidemic laid bare.  Videos from California showing teens looting a Walgreens and a shoplifter casually strolling out of a Ross clothing store with multiple pairs of shoes have surfaced as retail stores battle an increase in shameless shoplifting.  In footage from Walgreens that surfaced Sunday [2/27/2022], three people pry open a locked shelf and fill garbage bags with merchandise.  Customers and staff watch helplessly as the store is ransacked.  At one point, a new customer walks in with a cart and quickly notices the brazen theft happening to his left.  In video from the discount retailer Ross, a woman walks out of the store with multiple pairs of shoes hanging from her hands.  The alarm goes off as she nonchalantly walks out of the shop and into the dark street.

Duo ransacks NYC bodega, throws monitor at worker in bid for cigarettes.  Two thieves ransacked a Lower Manhattan bodega — even throwing a computer monitor at a worker, wild new footage shows.  The duo barged into the shop on John Street near Broadway around 11:25 p.m. on Feb. 16 — joined by a woman who stayed close to the door, according to cops and a clip released late Wednesday [2/23/2022].  The pair demanded merchandise from a 28-year-old male worker and refused to pay, cops said.

Atlanta Police working to identify individuals caught ransacking store, stealing $25,000 worth of merchandise.  Atlanta Police said they are asking for the public's help in identifying people caught on video stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing.  At least six individuals triggered a business alarm at 1874 Piedmont Ave.  NE last Tuesday, according to the Atlanta Police Department.  Officers arrived at Toussant Namdi and spoke with management who said several males snatched clothes off the racks and mannequins before taking off, a news release reads.  APD's Larceny Unit said the group likely got away with $25,000 worth of merchandise.  [Video clip]

Another Group Smashing And Grabbing A Jewelry Store In A Mall In California.  Cell phone video shows about a dozen people inside a mall jewelry store in Central California busting glass display cases and stealing merchandise.  "There was jewelry flying everywhere and glass flying everywhere," said Graciela Pena.  Merced Police say they were called to the Merced Mall just before 1 p.m. Tuesday for a disturbance involving a group of 10 to 15 male juveniles and adults.  Investigators learned the group showed up to the mall with masks and hammers, smashed the jewelry cases at Prestigio Jewelers, stole items and then took off.  [Video clip]

Family Of 8 Robs Yogurt Shop In San Francisco Twice In A Week!  A brazen family of thieves hit a yogurt shop in San Francisco twice in less than a week, according to the owner.  Surveillance video shows a group of people, believed to be a family of eight, walking into Easy Breezy in West Portal on Tuesday January 25, just before closing.  "Grabbed our largest cups and just started filling them up with yogurts and toppings and just waltzed right out, were laughing about it, grabbing spoons and napkins on the way out," said owner Ariel Ford.  Ford said the smallest child wearing red grabbed the tip jar before leaving.  [Video clip]

New York Mall Becomes A Favorite Target For Smash And Grabbers As They Target A Louis Vuitton.  The Westchester Mall in White Plains New York has become a daily target of smash and grabbers.  In the video above, thugs storm a Louis Vuitton and steal thousands of dollars in handbags as employees wrestle to stop them.  [Video clip]

Geniuses Rob Some Phones From A T-Mobile, Don't Realize They Have Trackers, Get Arrested.  Three people were arrested after robbing two T-Mobile stores in Lynnwood on Saturday night [1/29/2022], police said.  Police said four people were involved in the robberies.  However, one person has not been caught yet.  [Video clip]

Bensalem police investigating fight involving 40 people at Golden Corral caught on video.  Police are actively investigating a brawl at a popular Bensalem buffet restaurant Friday afternoon [1/28/2022] after the fight was captured on video that has since gone viral on social media.  Screenshot from a video of a brawl between patrons at the Golden Corral on Street Road in Bensalem.  The video of the fight went viral.  Bensalem Director of Public Safety William McVey confirmed the department is actively investigating what happened Friday around 4:30 p.m. at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill restaurant in the 1400 block of Street Road.  McVey did not have an exact count of of how many people were involved, but officers believe it was more than 40.  The fight left the dining room heavily damaged and sent people fleeing for safety.

Bensalem police investigating massive brawl at Golden Corral.  Authorities in Bensalem have confirmed they are investigating a chaotic melee that unfolded Friday afternoon at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill.  A video of the brawl showed chairs flying across the dining room after an apparent altercation escalated.  The video, which was shared widely Sunday on Facebook, captured nearly four minutes of pandemonium inside the business.  It's not clear from the video what led to the fight, but Golden Corral employees can be seen intervening to stop people from throwing chairs and tables as patrons flee for safety.

Brawl breaks out at Golden Corral over alleged steak shortage.  More than 40 people may have been involved in a brawl at a Golden Corral in Pennsylvania, police say.  The fight allegedly broke out after a customer became enraged when the buffet ran out of steak.  Investigators are trying to figure out who started the fight that broke out Friday night at a Golden Corral in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.  Video of the incident shows punches being thrown and high chairs flying.

6 people charged in organized ambush thefts from Twin Cities stores during Black Friday.  Six people are charged with grabbing thousands of dollars in merchandise in front of stunned shoppers and employees at several Twin Cities retail outlets on Nov. 26, Black Friday.  "This brazen act by an organized group shocked those who witnessed it first-hand as well as the retail community and law-abiding shoppers who were out making purchases ahead of the busy holiday season," Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said Friday, when the charges were unsealed in District Court.

Shoplifting at a Beauty Supply Store In Los Angeles.  Bystander footage captured a group of brazen thieves as they shoplifted in broad daylight from a South Gate Ulta Beauty store and walked out with bags filled with merchandise.  The incident happened in the ULTA shop at the Azalea Regional Shopping Center Thursday afternoon, according to a witness.  Video showed several suspects loading up bags of merchandise before scurrying out of the store.  [Video clip]

Woke LA DA George Gascon blames Union Pacific for thefts from trains.  Progressive Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is firing back at a railroad company that has taken shots at him for not doing more to stop train burglaries in the area, despite the company's pleas for his office's assistance.  This comes after Governor Gavin Newsom was disgusted by a ravaged rail depot — full of visible cardboard and other debris due to the thefts — in the Lincoln Heights area of the city that he visited and helped cleaned up.  In December, rail company Union Pacific — which holds jurisdiction over crime on the rails — sent a letter to DA Gascón asking for more aggressive prosecutions for cargo thieves and an end to the no-bail policy for some defendants that Gascon wants to reduce overcrowding at jails during the pandemic.

Trash by the tracks
Union Pacific blasts Los Angeles DA for going soft on crime, considers rerouting trains amid rail car looting.  Major rail carrier Union Pacific is considering rerouting its trains after blasting Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon for going soft on crime amid a spike in rail car looting.  UP General Director of Public Affairs Adrian Guerrero wrote a letter detailing how at least 90 rail car containers are broken into each day, with criminals being caught and released only to come back and loot again.  "These individuals are generally caught and released back onto the streets in less than twenty-four hours," Guerrero wrote.  "Even with all the arrests made, the no-cash bail policy and extended timeframe for suspects to appear in court is causing re-victimization to UP by these same criminals.  In fact, criminals boast to [UP] officers that charges will be pled down to simple trespassing — which bears no serious consequence."

I knew it!  They're intentionally derailing the trains.
Union Pacific Train Derails Near Site Of Recent Thefts And Locals Seems To Reveal The Real Reason For The "Accident".  At least 17 cargo trains derailed near Lincoln Heights.  The crew members onboard the train were not injured.  The train derailed in an area where thousands of boxes are left by cargo thieves. [...] As the investigation into the crash is ongoing locals allege that the real reason for the accident is the criminals who according to them are mostly illegals that are attacking the trains in the last few months.  People say that they see obstacles on the railroad every day and that this time the looters even managed to derail the cargo train in order to steal more.

That scene at the Union Pacific rail depot is all about wokesterism, not the weird things the press is cooking up.  Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes, it's worth a million or more views.  This brings us to the pictures rolling out from Los Angeles of the wholesale theft of Union Pacific's railroad containers, leaving thousands of broken packages strewn around tracks in photos redolent of places like Calcutta, India.  [Tweet with video clip]  That's wokesterism in action.  What it's not is all the idiotic things the press has been trying to blame for it, and I'm looking at you, Los Angeles Times.  Union Pacific is ready to throw in the towel on Los Angeles because these thefts are out of control — something like one out of six containers now gets broken into — and very few thieves are ever prosecuted.

LA train scavengers - Photo by Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times
Rail thefts leave tracks littered with pilfered packages.  The scene was a stretch of railroad tracks in Lincoln Heights on Saturday:  A blizzard of torn plastic wrappers, cardboard boxes and paper packaging attesting to a wave of rail car thievery that officials say has been on the rise in recent months.  Several scavengers picked through the debris, hoping to find electronics, clothes or whatever valuables thieves left behind.  "Everything comes on the train — cellphones, Louis Vuitton purses, designer clothes, toys, lawnmowers, power equipment, power tools," said a 37-year-old man who declined to give his name.  He said he comes to the tracks regularly and once found a Louis Vuitton purse and a robotic arm worth five figures:  "We find things here and there, make some money off of it."

Union Pacific train derails near site of recent cargo thefts in Lincoln Heights; 17 cars off track.  Seventeen cars of a Union Pacific train derailed Saturday afternoon in Lincoln Heights, the same area which has recently seen rail car thefts.  Drone video showed the scene of the derailment near San Pablo Street and Valley Boulevard, which is expected to be blocked for some time.

The Editor says...
[#1] I'm not a detective, but if the railroad pirates have discovered a gold mine of flat-screen TV's and other merchandise that can be looted and re-sold, they have a tremendous incentive to figure out how to derail a freight train at exactly the place they want it to stop.  A derailment leaves the train stopped for a long time, which makes it much easier to board and hastily ransack it.  [#2]  Democrats don't spend any time wondering, Where is this going to lead?  But allow me to make this prediction:  Before long, television sets will be sold as brain-dead devices that can only be activated after you enter a code that the retailer will supply to you when you legitimately purchase the TV.  That way, a stolen TV set will be useful only as a doorstop or boat anchor.  This would be especially effective if the TV has a connection to the internet.  Under this registration system, one could easily invent a system to remotely disable TV sets that were stolen after they were purchased and initially registered, but for now I won't elaborate on the technical details.

As if there weren't enough Joe Biden calamities, now it's pirate attacks?  [Scroll down]  What we have here is an unprecedented attack that's literally the work of pirates our supply chain, land pirates, who by this definition are the same thing. [...] More recently, the U.S. also acted swiftly with NATO forces to get the Somali pirates under control, ensuring that by 2013, there were no pirate attacks at all on Western cargo ships near the Red Sea.  The attacks on our supply chain are the same kind of pirate attack, done on land and likely by local organized criminals and Mexican cartels, neither of which has any fear of the law.

Democrats 'New America': Here's the Aftermath of a Train Robbery in Los Angeles, Millions in Goods Lay on the Ground.  According to Los Angeles Police trains are being frequently robbed and their goods are thrown all over the ground exactly like can be seen in this video.  This is happening more and more frequently as Democrat cities across America are refusing to arrest people who are caught stealing.  Now, thieves have realized where they can easily get massive amounts of merchandise without any fear of being recorded, just rob the source — trains and trucks!  [Video clip]

This is Chicago!  Train Gets Robbed of TVs, Mattresses and More in Broad Daylight.  If you're wondering why it might be hard to find some products in Chicago, take a look at this train being robbed of all its goodies in broad daylight as it's stopped.  TVs, mattresses and a plethora of other large objects can be seen being taken from the box cars by individuals standing and waiting in line for something they may like.  All of the people filmed on camera will more than likely not be charged for theft since Democrats in big cities across the USA have basically said crime is acceptable and cops are evil for doing thier jobs.  Unless of course people show up to Democrats blocks, then suddenly it's an issue that must be dealt with ASAP.  [Video clip]

Video Shows Thousands Of Opened And Stolen Packages At Union Pacific Station In Lost Angeles.  A section of the Union Pacific train tracks in downtown Los Angeles has been littered with thousands of shredded boxes, packages stolen from cargo containers that stop in the area to unload.  Thieves have been raiding the cargo containers, taking packages that belong to people from all over the country from retailers like Amazon, REI and others.  The refuse left behind, like home COVID test kits, are items that the robbers did not want or did not think were valuable enough to take.  [Video clip]

Videos Show Freight Trains Being Looted By "Rioters" And Massive Sea Of Stolen Packages.  A video showing multiple packages reportedly looted from Los Angeles trains has gone viral with over 2 million views.  CBS 2 photojournalist John Schreiber shared on Thursday showing what he discovered at the Lincoln Heights train tracks.  He captioned the video:  "Keep hearing of train burglaries in LA on the scanner so went to Lincoln Heights to see it all.

Looters steal Amazon and UPS packages from trains waiting outside downtown LA sorting depot and strew debris along tracks.  Thousands of shredded packages were seen scattered along the tracks of a Los Angeles railway on Thursday, said to be left by thieves who are now looting cargo containers.  Video footage captured a series of packages that were either left empty or torn up along the Union Pacific tracks in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles.  The cargo packages have been bait for railway thieves who have targeted goods from companies such as Amazon and UPS bound for residences along the West Coast.

The Editor says...
[#1] California is the state that outlawed plastic straws and single-use bags because they might end up in the ocean, but they allow large mobs of people to commit train robberies and throw plastic packaging everywhere.  [#2] Many video clips accompanying news stories about these train robberies show plastic and paper littering railroad tracks.  So far, I've only seen one video clip [from Chicago] that shows a robbery in progress, and the numerous perpetrators are all black.  That probably explains why such video is hard to find.

The ascendance of the inner-city predator.  The inner-city predator has been a problem for decades, but never before has the predator received the affirmation of the criminal justice system.  The criminal justice system and the mainstream media have conditioned us to see the predators themselves as victims of social forces.  They are people deprived of opportunity and incapable of making decent choices.  The predators are the true victim.  The prey are simply collateral damage. [...] As sociologists, progressives, and liberals see it, the predators who come out of the inner city and smash and grab their way through suburban shopping malls for $500 to $1000 are not thugs but desperate young people.  Their behavior does not show their thuggery but their limited opportunities.  Why else would they take such enormous risks for so little money?  And who is responsible for this?  You are, because you have not worked to change the social system.  It is not the people doing the smashing and grabbing who are at fault, but the people who limited their opportunities.  And the legitimacy of this twisted ideology is underscored by having the police stand in place while the "teens" bash their way through suburbia.

California Thugs Storm A Jewelry Store At Mall In Broad Daylight.  A group of people forced their way into a San Jose jewelry store Monday [1/3/2022], smashed display cases with hammers and stole several pieces of jewelry before taking off, according to police.  Police said the takeover robbery happened at about 3:30 p.m. at Credit Jewelers, which is located in the La Placita Tropicana shopping center at Story and King roads.  Police said eight to 10 people were involved.  "A takeover robbery is very different from a standard smash-and-grab or what we've seen recently with retail mall thefts," San Jose police Officer Steve Aponte said.  [Video clip]

Entire Mall Closed Down For A Day Because Of This Crazed Brawl In Fairlawn Ohio.  Summit Mall closed abruptly Dec. 26 after young people decided to gather there, leading to fights and concerns about COVID-19, the City of Fairlawn said.  Even though the Fairlawn Police Department and Summit Mall management knew about and attempted to control the situation, a number of fights caused management to close the mall altogether.  [Video clip]

Ohio Mall Turns Into A Brawl Zone As Fights Break Out All Over The Place.  Multiple fights broke out during last-minute Holiday shopping at Beachwood Place mall in Ohio, prompting police intervention, a video posted to social media shows.  [Video clip]

Kids and teens banned from visiting this N.J. mall after Christmas without an adult.  The Cherry Hill Mall is continuing a holiday tradition this year with a restriction on unaccompanied juveniles on Dec. 26, typically one of the busiest days of the year.  Heather Crowell, an executive vice president of PREIT, which also owns the Moorestown and Cumberland malls in New Jersey, and Fashion District Mall in Center City, Philadelphia, said Wednesday the restrictions would be in place again this year.  "Yes, we will continue with the policy we have implemented for the past few years, prohibiting unaccompanied minors on 12/26 at [the] Cherry Hill Mall," Crowell said in an email.  Three years ago, up to 1,000 youths, mostly teens, were in the middle of melees that closed the mall around midday the day after Christmas.

The Left denies there's a shoplifting boom.  The Daily Mail reported, "A woman, armed with a pickaxe, was shoplifting at a Los Angeles Rite Aid.  "Shoppers videotaped the bizarre scene on Thursday as the woman walked up and down the aisles with the weapon in hand.  "She reportedly threatened employees and customers and warned that she would come back as she walked out with a basket full of merchandise.  "It comes as LA and cities throughout California continue to be plagued by robberies amid the state's zero bail policies."  There's your democracy.  Californians voted to decriminalize shoplifting.  Californians elected pro-criminal DAs.  Shoplifting and the outright looting of stores are rampant in California.  But just as the media called massive riots by Democrats in city after city mostly peaceful protests in 2020, the media is denying the theft.  In the epicenter of the new lawlessness, the San Francisco Chronicle is the bulwark for thieves.

Cops called as NYC crowd descends for coveted free COVID tests.  Cops had to step in Friday [12/24/2021] as a crowd mobbed a Brooklyn corner where the city was giving away free at-home COVID-19 tests.  Tempers flared as the larger-than-expected crowd descended on Flatbush and Church avenues, one of five spots in the Big Apple where city health officials were doling out tests amid a surge in demand over the holidays and lack of supply.

Shooting at Mall Near Chicago Results in at Least Four Injured.  We saw a shooting turn deadly in California after the smash and grab robberies that have been happening in some Democratic cities, killing a former officer who was defending a news crew from being robbed after they went to cover a smash and grab story.  Now, violence may have happened again, this time in Oakbrook Center Mall in Oak Brook, Illinois, which is a suburb near Chicago.

Wild Miami Airport Fight Shows Cop Getting Grabbed, Punching Passenger.  Two people are in custody after a brawl broke out at Miami International Airport Monday evening [12/20/2021].  According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, officers were called out to gate H8 at around 6:35 p.m. after an airport employee reported a disturbance stemming from a delayed charter flight.  Responding officers then found an unruly passenger had allegedly taken the keys to an airport transport golf cart, refusing to let the employee to leave.  [Video clip]

Brawl Breaks Out At Miami Airport, Cop Attacked.  Two people are in custody after a brawl broke out at Miami International Airport Monday night [12/20/2021].  Miami-Dade police officers were called to gate H8 shortly after 6:30 p.m. after an airport employee reported a disturbance due to a delayed charter flight.  Upon arriving at the gate, officers then found an "unruly passenger" had taken the keys to an airport transport golf cart, and refused to let the employee leave, police said.  Video footage by Only in Dade shows a large crowd surrounding one of the officers, who had someone in a hold.  The officer appears to be grabbed and pushed by the crowd when he then let go of his hold.  He could then be seen holding what appears to be a weapon while radioing for help with his other hand.  [Video clip]

Store Owner Asks Young Thugs To Put Back Items They Were Stealing So They Destroyed His Store Instead.  It's almost not worth having a business in America in 2021.  If the COVID restrictions have not yet murdered your establishment, or the supply chain issues, or inflation, then the crime pandemic in liberal run areas will surely finish you off.  [Video clip]

California police under fire after group targets Macy's in attempted robbery, assault.  California police are investigating an attempted robbery at a Macy's in San Jose after at least six male suspects entered the store and assaulted a female employee.  Police say between six and eight suspects entered the Macy's at the Westfield Oakridge Mall at about 6 p.m. local time Saturday [12/18/2021].  Employees of Macy's loss prevention team approached the suspects and tried to stop them, according to authorities.  A female Macy's employee was assaulted by one of the male suspects, suffering minor to moderate injuries, NBC Bay Area reported.

Multiple jewelry stores in Massachusetts targeted in smash-and-grab robberies.  Police are searching for the people responsible for smash-and-grab robberies at several Massachusetts jewelry stores.  Surveillance video shared by Touch of Midas in Burlington shows nine people breaking through the front door in the overnight hours between Saturday and Sunday.  Those people then used hammers to smash display cases in order to grab fistfuls of jewelry.  Those thieves were able to run off before anyone could catch them.  Roland Racicot, the owner of Roland's Jewelry, said thieves broke into his 30-year-old Medford business and stole about $15,000 in merchandise the same night Touch of Midas was robbed.  The two stores are approximately eight miles apart.

America's Unamerican Smash-And-Grab.  [Scroll down]  Within the first section of Proposition 47 lies the primary driver of "smash and grabs."  Shoplifting is defined as "entering a commercial establishment with the intent to commit larceny while that establishment is open during regular business hours" where the value of the property does not exceed $950."  That is, according to the California penal code, if someone enters the store when employees are present (putting them at risk) and loots $950 worth of items (if not more, as seen in many of the smash-and-grab cases), they should be allowed to walk free without punishment.  This reclassification only allows criminals to get away with crimes instead of reducing crime itself.  For instance, on November 19th, 20 to 40 people organized a burglary at a San Francisco Louis Vuitton store.  It was not an act of opportunity but a raid organized to some extent through social media and messaging apps.  With only five officially arrested in the above case, criminals are growing bolder, leading to more smash and grab events, such as when 90 people raided a Nordstrom Rack at the Walnut Creek shopping facility on November 20th.  An estimated $100,000 worth of goods were stolen there.

San Francisco is so Lawless Stores Have Turned into Prisons to Keep People From Stealing.  California is quickly becoming a third world nation as Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, does his best to bring about the nations richest state's demise.  After a law was passed that would allow people in the state to steal up to $950 worth of merchandise in what appears to be an attempt by the elites to destroy small businesses so everyone is reliant on the government, millions of dollars were stolen from businesses large and small.  Wealthy corporations like Safeway have the funds available to turn their stores into prison-like buildings in order to stop the theft, while smaller mom and pop stores are robbed into bankruptcy.  [Video clip]

Horrific Scene Unfolds at a Park, Child Attacked by Grown Women Leads to a Car Ramming the Women.  A chaotic scene unfolded as camera's were recording when a large group of large women attacked a small child.  Moments after the child was attacked, what appeared to be another child took it upon themselves to use a car as a weapon to ram the women; only to be ripped out of the car and savagely beaten as well.  [Video clip]

Safeway Redesigns San Francisco Store To Prevent 'Flash Mob' Robberies.  A Safeway grocery store in San Francisco, California, has redesigned the front end of its store to mitigate shoplifting and smash and grab mobs.  "This Safeway is getting weirder and weirder," one shopper told San Francisco Chronicle who walked through a newly installed electronic gate at the entrance of the store.  The gates allow customers to enter the store but prevent looters from running out with a cart full of stolen items.  Barriers were added throughout the checkout area, directing customers leaving the store into a single file line.  Unused checkout aisles were blocked with large physical barriers.  The store's side entrance was blocked by a new display of heavy plastic water bottles.

AOC blasted for doubting 'smash-and-grab' heists; retail org. says she 'has no idea what she's talking about'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being criticized after she appeared to suggest that so-called "smash-and-grab" robberies, which have been on the increase across the country but especially in California, were not really occurring.  "A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out," the self-described Democratic socialist from New York said in an interview with The Washington Times last week.  "I believe it's a Walgreens in California who cited it, but the data didn't back it up," she went on to claim.  Videos of the robberies have frequently gone viral on social media.

Teen Shot, Massive Fights Breakout, 21 Arrested Outside of Millennium Park.  21 people were arrested around 9PM yesterday after a shooting that sent a 15-year old boy to the hospital.  The teen was shot in the arm with a handgun after bumping into another teen.  The boy was taken to Lurie Children's Hospital in stable condition.  [Video clip]

Downtown chaos:  Chicago police arrest 21 juveniles, two officers are injured, bus driver attacked.  A gunshot wound, 21 juveniles arrested, two officers injured, one bus driver attacked, nine curfew citations:  It was a busy Saturday night for Chicago police in the downtown area.  Chicago police arrested 21 juveniles downtown on Saturday night after calls came in of a large group.  An additional nine juveniles were cited for curfew violations.  Police said one juvenile had a gunshot wound to the arm and was taken to the hospital.  Two officers were injured, including one who had a broken arm.  Two replica guns were recovered.

A Pack Of Wild Youths Go On Rampage In Chicago, Beat Bus Driver Senseless, One Boy Shot, 20 Arrested.  A 15-year-old was shot, a CTA bus driver was beaten, and about 20 juveniles were taken into custody as a "large group incident" unfolded in the Loop on Saturday evening, according to police and initial information from sources.  Acting on intelligence gathered through social media and other sources that hundreds of young people planned to gather downtown, CPD leaders deployed extra resources to the area late Saturday afternoon.  Among the more serious incidents:  A CTA bus driver was beaten on the 100 block of North Michigan when he stopped his vehicle to inspect it for damage after he heard a loud noise around 8:50 p.m., according to a CPD statement.  [Video clip]

Looters steal $5 million of products from 15 cannabis shops in the San Francisco Bay Area in a single month:  One business.  Cannabis shops across the San Francisco Bay Area have been thrown into dire straits as gangs of thieves broke into more than 15 shops throughout November during the series of 'smash-and-grab' robberies that are plaguing California.  Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told reporters that 'hundreds' of vehicles targeted marijuana stores in Oakland last month, firing 175 shots and stealing about $5 million worth of products.  Alphonso 'Tucky' Blunt, owner of Blunts and Moore, told MJBizDaily that his store lost about $25,000 during a November 22 raid, where more than a dozen burglars ransacked the store.

Pillaging and Plundering:  The prosecution of the $950 theft.  These smash-and-grab thefts have escalated, thanks to the uber-liberal left, and their George Soros-sponsored, elected prosecutors failing to perform their duties.  These prosecutors hide behind a loophole in California law that makes theft below $950.00 a misdemeanor.  They use this law to claim it is not worth their time to prosecute, so they either plea bargain the crime down to a fine only, or outright dismiss the charge.  At issue here, is that the law of shoplifting less than $950.00 should be applied only to an individual acting alone at best.  These smash-and-grab robberies being committed from Los Angeles to San Francisco and now across the country are not being committed by individuals.  These crimes are being committed by highly organized groups of individuals acting in a conspiracy to commit these thefts.  This was evidenced recently in L.A. when more than 80 suspects stormed a shopping mall and then fled to numerous waiting getaway vehicles.

14 arrested over L.A. smash-and-grab thefts, but all released as leaders call for end to COVID no-bail policy.  Authorities in Los Angeles on Thursday [12/2/2021] announced more than a dozen arrests in recent smash-and-grab thefts at stores where nearly $340,000 worth of merchandise was stolen, part of a rash of organized retail crime in California.  Fourteen people were arrested in connection with 11 brazen robberies between November 18 and 28, but all were released from custody, police Chief Michel Moore said.  Most bailed out or met no-bail criteria, and one is a juvenile, he said.  At a joint news conference, both Moore and Mayor Eric Garcetti called for an end to a no-bail policy for some defendants aimed at reducing overcrowding at Los Angeles County jails during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fifty years ago, before surveillance cameras (and the internet) were everywhere, she might have gotten away with this gaslighting:
GOP, businesses slam AOC for doubting existence of smash-and-grab robberies: 'Tone-deaf and offensive'.  New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was slammed by Republicans and business leaders following an interview where she cast doubt on whether rampant smash-and-grabs are actually occurring.  "A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out," Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview with The Washington Times last week.  "I believe it's a Walgreens in California cited it, but the data didn't back it up," she added.  The comments sparked pushback from retail leaders and Republican lawmakers, including from Walgreens.

AOC Claims Those Organized Smash and Grabs on Stores You're Seeing Aren't Real.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often seems to be living on another planet with the takes that she frequently has.  But she had one this past week that was a truly mind-bending departure from reality.  AOC told the Washington Times that "a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out."  "I believe it's a Walgreens in California cited it, but the data didn't back it up," she said.  Now, she says this in the face of numerous videos and reports of smash and grabs in Democratic cities across the country, in particular a spurt of such criminal actions in California.  So, it's fantasy to deny them.

'Flash Mobs'.  The facile assembly of large mobs of miscreants to raid retailers in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles is even more alarming than it seems. [...] More important than the incidents per se, however, is what they may reveal about the participants.  Lootings have been widely reported, mainly on the West Coast. [...] The focus here is on the flash mobs involving dozens of assailants.  Criminal flash mobs do not assemble spontaneously in an appointed location in response to a social media announcement.  The perps arrive as a group after some preparation: cars have multiple passengers, license plates have been covered or removed, and full-face coverings for the perps far exceed the exigencies of COVID. Once the perps leave their cars and enter the target stores, however, planning is no longer evident.  Bedlam ensues, the video records portraying controlled chaos in what might be described as an amalgam of the no-limit-shopping-challenge and a Black Friday at Walmart.  The trespass is brief.  Perps collect their prizes, load them into cars, and disappear in multiple directions.

L.A. Arrests 14 for 'Mass Looting,' but Lets All of Them Go.  Officials in Los Angeles announced Thursday with great fanfare that they had made 14 arrests in connection with recent "mass looting" events in the city — but all fourteen have since been released from jail, either with or without posting bail. [...] "Progressive" policies to reduce or eliminate bail have come under the spotlight recently, after a number of high-profile crimes allegedly committed by those released, including a mass murder in a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  California has a particular problem:  not only is cash bail being removed, but the state is governed by Proposition 47 of 2014, which makes retail thefts of up to $950 misdemeanors instead of felonies, meaning that fewer are ever fully prosecuted.  Both Los Angeles and San Francisco have seen mass looting events in the past several weeks.

The Usual Suspects Smash And Grabbing Jewelry In Los Angeles.  You can't make it through the day on social media without seeing several videos of thugs smashing and grabbing businesses in either Los Angeles or San Francisco.  These thugs targeted a shopping center in Los Angeles, robbing jewelry from a merchant as he tried to fight them off.  Seeking to quell growing public concern amid a surge in "smash-and grab" robberies, authorities in Los Angeles announced Thursday that 14 people have been arrested in connection with 11 such robberies from North Hollywood to South Los Angeles in recent weeks.  [Video clip]

Smashing and Grabbing Blue America into Ruin.  The recent spate of brazen organized store lootings in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and surroundings aren't the beginning of societal unraveling in those places, but the latest manifestations.  They represent a new stage and an acceleration.  It's no accident that this mayhem is lopsidedly centered in blue strongholds.  Note that these smash-and-grab robberies aren't confined to poor neighborhoods in big blue cities, but have spread to middle-class and upscale areas — areas frequented or inhabited by the affluent, (mostly) white progressives who have favored defunding police and emptying prisons.  Their virtue-signaling about equity and justice is well and good until they become victims — or, at least, feel threatened.

America's smash-and-grab crime wave baffles congressional Democrats.  Democrats on Capitol Hill are flummoxed by the waves of smash-and-grab retail thefts in their states, with some denying it's happening and others saying they are not ready to make major shoplifting a felony.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Democrat, said retailers could be fabricating the rash of smash-and-grab burglaries and "flash mob" shoplifting sprees.  "We have to talk about specifics because, for example, we're actually seeing a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out," she told The Washington Times. [...] Organized crime theft slammed big-box retail stores including Apple, Nordstrom and Home Depot in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis and other cities, according to police reports.

Fights break out at MSP Airport, are quickly subdued.  Police are investigating a series of fights that broke out at Terminal 2 of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport just before midnight Friday.  The fights erupted among a dozen or so male and female passengers after two large groups deplaned from a Frontier Airlines flight, according to Patrick Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which operates MSP.  A video of the incident, which lasted just over a minute, was posted on social media and shared by more than 7,000 people by midday Monday.

Wild Fight Breaks Out Between A Dozen People In Minnesota Airport.  Social media posts show a violent brawl involving at least seven people that erupted inside the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP).  Footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook and Instagram and seems to have occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The footage posted to Facebook shows a group of men and women striking each other.  One woman is pushed to the ground by two attackers who continue to assault her as she struggles to stand.  Another woman appears to use a trash can lid as a weapon.  A third wields a metal post as the fight spills into a closed security checkpoint.  [Video clip]

The Looting Will Stop When Store Owners Can Shoot On Sight.  In the upside-down morality of the left, it is perfectly acceptable for criminal gangs to target high-end stores free of consequences.  At once ascribing poverty, immoral historical legacies, and contemporary systemic racism, we are supposed to believe that what is happening is actually a form of justice.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is no moral or humanitarian justification for the now-daily shoplifting and burglary sprees witnessed time and again in various California cities and across the country.  Are the black youths hungry?  Are they robbing a grocery store?  Are they impoverished, thereby stealing the jewelry to sell?  Or, are they simply products of a failed culture that are protected and encouraged by malicious political actors?  It should be as simple as saying that stealing is wrong.  If it is not yours, don't take it.  If you want something, earn it.  It is a crime in and of itself that the criminal justice system allows this perverse form of social engagement to continue.

Do store owners prefer to be looted by whites?  According to some creative minds in media and academia, there's a new politically correct term for looting.  Those who believe in the magical power of linguistic reform have decided that looting is a racist term.  Therefore, if must be euphemistically transformed in order to be non-offensive to those who smash storefront windows and doors, run through retail establishments, and steal everything in sight.  Lorenzo Boyd, a criminal justice professor at the University of New Haven, said:  "Looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something.  We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing." [...] The City by the Bay has been the scene of several rapacious lootings, with businesses losses numbering in six figures.  Yet the best they can get from law enforcement is an argument over the racial connotation in the use of words.  When one police chief called it "looting," he was quickly chastised by some in the media and others in the constabulary.  Sergeant Christian Camarillo, a San Jose police spokesman, said it should not be called looting because it's an organized robbery.  I feel certain that those store owners felt relieved when they realized they had been robbed rather than looted.

BLM Looters Loot Each Other After They Stole A Merchandise From The Nearest Store.  Walnut Creek police and city officials warned businesses Sunday that the same group of thieves that targeted a Nordstrom at Broadway Plaza on Saturday night may try to steal from shops again in the next few days.  While the thievery threat is unconfirmed, and a specific location and time remain unknown, police who are "actively monitoring intelligence" said in a community tweet that businesses "may consider closing early or taking other precautions ... out of an abundance of caution."  According to the tweet, the Walnut Creek police are calling out additional officers and reserves.  [Video clip]

Looters Loot Each Other During Black Friday 100% Off Sales In San Francisco.  Things have gotten so out of control in the Walnut Creek area of San Francisco, looters are now looting each other.  Black Friday apparently means 100% off in San Francisco.  Best of luck, retailers.  [The same video clip]

Retired Oakland police officer murdered while protecting news crew documenting smash-and-grab retail looters.  Kevin Nishita, a father of two and grandfather of three, was shot and killed while protecting a TV crew covering the surge of smash-and-grab crimes in the Bay Area.  Nishita, a security guard on assignment to guard a KRON4 news team in Oakland, was shot and killed when a robber targeted the TV crew to rob them of their cameras.  Nishita, a retired Asian American police officer, confronted one of a dozen masked looters to protect the news crew, and one of the thugs shot him in the abdomen.  He died after being transported to hospital in critical condition.

Possible Lakewood Home Depot Robbery Suspects Arrested in Beverly Hills.  Four suspects that police believe might be involved in the flash mob robbery at Home Depot in the Lakewood Center Mall are in custody Saturday [11/27/2021]. [...] Approximately eight males entered the store at 7:46 p.m. Friday, walked directly to the tool isle and stole various sledgehammers, crowbars and hammers, said Deputy Miguel Meza of the Sheriff's Information Bureau.  Store employees said a group of up to 20 males from 15 to 20 years old pulled up to the store in up to 10 cars, put on ski masks and began stealing sledgehammers and crowbars.

Wild Smash-and-Grabs in Dem Cities Now Turn Deadly.  We tend to think of Black Friday as the day that we can pick up some good deals at the stores.  But instead, we've been seeing people thinking they could get more than a good deal — a five-finger discount, in fact.  It's happening at expensive stores in Democratic cities, particularly in California when they know that because of leftist prosecutors there, they will likely not suffer any real consequences even if they are caught in the act.  This is all courtesy of the Democratic policy of being lenient on crime.  When even CNN is recognizing this as a problem in cities like San Francisco and Chicago, then you know Democrats can't hide the hard reality of what their policies are causing.

Up to 30 conduct Black Friday robbery at Best Buy in Burnsville.  A group of 20 to 30 people grabbed numerous electronic items Friday evening [11/26/2021] at the Best Buy store in Burnsville and quickly fled before police could arrive.  No weapons were seen in the incident and no one was reported injured, Burnsville police Capt. Don Stenger said.  No one had been arrested as of Saturday morning.  "We don't know exactly what was taken or the dollar value," Stenger said.  The robbery occurred shortly after 8 p.m. on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year following the Thanksgiving holiday.  There were unconfirmed media reports that a similar robbery conducted by a smaller group also happened Friday at the Best Buy in Maplewood.

The Editor says...
The news media painstakingly avoid any description of the suspects, even when they all have one obvious attribute in common.

Los Angeles-area looters target Home Depot, Bottega Veneta stores on Black Friday: reports.  Officials in California sent word earlier this week that they planned to crack down on "smash and grab" robberies and flash-mob-style looting after numerous recent incidents up and down the state.  But apparently not everybody got the message.  At least two such incidents occurred in Los Angeles County on Black Friday, according to reports.  In Lakewood, a group of suspects ages 15 to 20 stormed a Home Depot store around 8:30 p.m. and grabbed tools such as crowbars, mallets and sledgehammers before getting away in vehicles that were waiting outside, FOX 11 of Los Angeles reported.  One entire section of hammers was completely cleared out, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies told the station.

Home Depot smash and grab as teen thieves aged 15 to 20 take off with hammers and crowbars.  Teen thieves descended on Home Depot as part of a smash and grab robbery before taking off with sledgehammers and crowbars amid Black Friday chaos across the US.  Up to ten young men — believed to be aged 15 to 20 — stormed the DIY store on Hardwick Street in Lakewood, Los Angeles at around 7.45 pm.  Employees said the mob pulled up in vehicles with ski masks on before grabbing multiple tools and fleeing into several waiting cars.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the entire hammer section was cleared by the suspects.

CNN Analyst Has 'No Idea' What's Behind 'Smash and Grab' Robberies — Then Gives up the Answer.  A CNN analyst — a former Philadelphia police commissioner and CNN senior law enforcement analyst, no less — serves up a perfect example of why CNN's ratings continue to swirl down the toilet at breakneck speed.  Simply put, can't make it up; don't have to.  And the best part is they totally don't get it.  Or do they? [...] As we've reported, flash-mob robberies, so-called "smash and grabs," which are rampant [...] in many Democrat-run cities across America, have become all the rage.  As is the case with any important issue facing the country, the key question is why are they occurring and what do have to do to stop them?  In what can only be described as "the genius of CNN," the above-mentioned analyst, Charles Ramsey, has pondered the same question.  While the former police commissioner and law enforcement analyst claims to have "no idea" why the wave of robberies continues to occur (utter nonsense; of course he knows exactly why the robberies continue to occur), he did manage to provide the answer while pretending to be clueless.

Shooting At Durham, North Carolina Mall Sends Shoppers Running For Cover, 3 Injured Including One Child.  Three people were shot at Durham's Southpoint mall Friday, during one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  One of those injured was a 10-year-old who was hit by a bullet ricochet, Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews said.  The child was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries, according to a follow-up police news release.  Police provided no information about the others who were shot, but did say three additional people suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the aftermath of the shooting that were not gunshot wounds.  [Video clip]

Flash mob smash-and-grabs continue at high-end stores in Los Angeles.  A rash of flash mob thefts continued in Los Angeles as organized groups grabbed expensive merchandise in pre-Thanksgiving raids on stores in the Beverly Center and a Nordstrom in Canoga Park.  A security guard was attacked with bear spray as several people entered the Nordstrom at the Westfield Topanga & The Village shopping center in Canoga Park on Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a news release.  In interviews with local TV stations, LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said the burglars made off with several high-end purses.

Robbers Hit California Apple Store, Make Off With $20,000 Worth Of Items.  A San Francisco-area Apple store was targeted Wednesday by robbers and looters in broad daylight, resulting in thousands of dollars in losses.  Police in Santa Rosa, located approximately 50 miles from San Francisco, said the incident occurred around 11:30 a.m. local time, involving four black male suspects.  They said the "brazen daytime burglary" occurred in front of staff and customers, with thieves stealing $20,000 in goods from the store.  They then fled the scene in a vehicle, officials said.  The Santa Rosa Police Department released photos of the suspects, who were described as "four young, Black males between 14 and 18 years old" and who were "wearing mostly black clothing with masks covering their faces."  No details about the vehicles released.

Look for bear spray at your favorite inner-city convenience store — right next to the ski masks.
Bear Spray Used in Latest Smash-and-Grab Robbery at Los Angeles Mall.  Nordstrom store in a mall in Los Angeles County was robbed Wednesday evening by thieves who used a chemical spray on a security guard to get inside the building.  The store, which is located at the Westfield Topanga & The Village shopping mall in Canoga Park, was hit by a group of thieves shortly before 7 p.m. local time as some shoppers were still inside the store, according to KABC-TV.  Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) told KTLA-TV that one of the thieves pushed and sprayed a security guard at the store with "some kind of chemical substance" as others within the group rushed inside to grab items.

The Editor says...
I don't know how many black people have purchased bear spray, but I suspect that the number of them who have ever seen a bear is zero.

Looting gang target LA Nordstrom stealing pricy handbags and assaulting security guard.  A looting gang have targeted an LA Nordstrom, making off with eight luxury handbags and assaulting a cop — the latest in a string of smash-and-grab raids to plague California.  Five people, one wearing an orange wig, entered the open store in Canoga Park shortly before 7 pm on Wednesday and sprayed a security guard with 'some kind of chemical' in front of terrified shoppers, police said.  The thieves sped off and managed to escape with thousands of dollars worth of handbags despite multiple police cruisers, as well as fire trucks and ambulances, responding to the raid.

Flash mob smash-and-grabs continue at high-end stores in Los Angeles.  A rash of flash mob thefts continued in Los Angeles as organized groups grabbed expensive merchandise in pre-Thanksgiving raids on stores in the Beverly Center and a Nordstrom in Canoga Park.  A security guard was attacked with bear spray as several people entered the Nordstrom at the Westfield Topanga & The Village shopping center in Canoga Park on Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a news release.  In interviews with local TV stations, LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said the burglars made off with several high-end purses.

Looting for Amusement and Luxury Goods.  Walnut Creek is a quiet exurban town outside of San Francisco.  It uncharacteristically made national news over the last few days, and not for anything good.  It was the scene of a large-scale smash and grab in the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.  Over a dozen vehicles pulled up to the Broadway Plaza shopping mall.  Some eighty vandals, some wielding crowbars, ran inside Nordstrom and stole merchandise.  Five Nordstrom employees were physically assaulted.  The action was said to be over in less than a minute.  With their bounty in hand, estimated at $200,000, the thieves drove off in different directions.  Only three were apprehended.  Of those, one was illegally carrying a firearm.  The media has omitted the race of the perpetrators, a policy that ironically makes race even more salient.  Video footage shows the perpetrators were black.  Eyewitness accounts confirm that.  And the same tactic and demographic makeup were seen at the Louis Vuitton smash and grab earlier in San Francisco.

Young Black Adults Storm a Pharmacy, Rob People of their Much Needed Medications.  A pharmacy in Oakland California was robbed of all it's medications, leaving people who used the Wellspring Pharmacy as their source for medications, without their life saving help.  Watch as a brazen, organized robbery takes place, emptying this pharmacy out of its medications just momnents before 7:40 PM on Saturday [11/20/2021].  A rash of robberies has occurred throughout the US over the past several months as more and more Democrat controlled cities downgrade the crimes to misdemeanors, which is only encouraging more robberies.  [Video clip]

Black Lies Matter.  I dare you to look, with a clear and unfiltered lens, at the bloody nightmare we once called the United States of America.  Connect the dots.  Contemplate the utter chaos in every major city while Black Lives Matter militants, academics and bureaucrats prattle on about "systemic racism" and "two-tiered justice." [...] Look at the living hellhole of New York City, where homeless lunatics push random strangers off subway platforms, repeat offenders rob and beat pedestrians on their way to work, and druggies urinate, defecate and fornicate openly on once-safe tourist thoroughfares.  Look at Oak Brook, Illinois, just outside woke-hijacked Chicago, where mobs of diverse thieves carted off $120,000 from a Louis Vuitton store on Wednesday afternoon.  Look at Walnut Creek, California, where roving bands of black-clad gangs absconded with $200,000 worth of merchandise from Nordstrom.  Similar crime rings hit luxury stores in Hayward, San Jose, and Los Angeles.  We are all supposed to pretend we can't discern the race of the criminals so "experts" can castigate us for using racist terms like "looting" to describe ... looting.

Quiet, everyone!  The Experts are about to speak!
Experts caution use of 'looting' in describing rash of Bay Area smash and grabs.  Bay Area police departments have called what happened at various retail stores this weekend "looting."  We saw similar crimes happen in the wake of the George Floyd protests, but are the past weekend's crimes truly considered looting?

Looters Hit Jewelry Store In San Francisco Mall In Broad Daylight.  Hayward police said 8 to 10 individuals carrying sledgehammers entered Sam's Jewelry in Southland Mall around 5:25 p.m. Sunday, smashed several jewelry cases, and fled carrying an unknown amount of loot.  No arrests were made.  The suspects fled in several vehicles, Hayward police Lt. Mark Ormsby said.  [Video clip]

Dozens Of Looters Storm Nordstroms In Commiefornia — Where Else.  Dozens of looters swarmed into the Nordstrom store in downtown Walnut Creek Saturday night [11/20/2021], terrorizing shoppers, ripping off bag loads of merchandise and ransacking shelves before fleeing in a several vehicles waiting for them on the street.  Walnut Creek Lt. Ryan Hibbs told KPIX 5 that police began receiving calls about the looting at around 9 p.m.  He said there were approximately 80 individuals who ran into the store and began looting and smashing shelves.  Video shot at the scene shows the masked looters streaming out of the store, carrying bags and boxes, jumping into the cars.  Dozens of police vehicles also responded to the scene.  [Video clip]

Cultural Marxism, Are We Supposed to Ignore What All the San Francisco Looters Have in Common?  Perhaps there is a rule book somewhere that says you must not point out that all of the San Francisco looters who hit Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton are black.  There are hundreds of media reports talking about the brazen nature of the ongoing mob and rob situations, but no one seems to point out what they all have in common.  All of the people doing the robbing are black.  Here's an example of CBS outlining a massive mob-n-rob of Nordstroms just outside San Francisco.  [Video clip]

The Weimar Republic Comes to Nordstrom.  I drove over to the Nordstrom in Nashville's Green Hills neighborhood today, intending to do a little early Hanukkah and Christmas shopping, but there was so much traffic heading into the parking structure that I just gave up.  Maybe it was due to those supply-chain fears.  And this was only a day after between 50 and 80 looters, according to first-hand reports, invaded a Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, California, pepper spraying and punching people who got in their way before they made off with their booty in waiting cars.  Even if those numbers are exaggerated — and we have no reason so far to disbelieve them — and only 30 or 40 of those thugs ransacked the department store, imagine the horror for shoppers and employees.  Only a day before, on Nov. 20, if we're to believe Twitter reports that include videos (the mainstream media no longer bothers with this), swank stores such as Louis Vuitton were being looted in downtown San Francisco.  Public safety is literally defunct in the Bay Area and Los Angeles as well.  Evident from their actions, the district attorneys of San Fransico and Los Angeles have shown more sympathy for criminals than for their victims, rich or poor.

Bay Area is hit by third consecutive day of looting as 50-strong hammer gang storms mall jewelry store.  San Francisco Bay has been hit by a third day of brazen looting, with a gang of thieves filmed smashing glass cases at a jewelry store and emptying them as staff screamed in terror.  The latest incident happened at a Sam's Jewelers store at the Southland Mall in Hayward around 5:30 pm PST Sunday evening, and was caught on camera.  Robbers — said to have been part of a gang of around 40 to 50 teens who entered the mall — wielded hammers to smash display cases at Sam's, before making off with goods.  Dramatic footage shot from a nearby store showed shop workers screaming with fear as the disturbing scene unfolded.  Also on Sunday, another gang of looters snatched garments from upmarket yoga clothing brand Lululemon's San Jose store, KPIX reported.

Up to 40 Looters Target California Bay Area Stores for the Third Straight Day.  Another mob of looters targeted several San Francisco Bay Area retailers on Sunday night, marking the third such incident in as many days.  Police told CBS San Francisco that they responded to the multiple calls of smash-and-grab looting incidents at the Southland Mall in Hayward, located south of Oakland and north of San Jose.  They told the station that robbers used hammers to smash cases before running off with jewelry at a jewelry store.  "I would say at least 30 to 40 [people] from what I saw," an unnamed witness told San Francisco CBS Local, which was corroborated by another witness.  "But then after the main group of kids rushed out, we saw 15 to 20 scattering, some even came back in."  A nearby Macy's store in the mall was also ransacked, witnesses told the station.  "We saw all the other stores closing.  They were panicking, so we were panicking and quickly closed our store and barricaded ourselves," said another female witness.

San Fran Police Chief Lists All The Stores That Were Looted On Friday [11/19/2021] As City Descends Into Chaos.  Police say around 8:10 p.m. on Friday, officers responded to reports of possible looting and vandalism to retail establishments in the Union Square Area.  Chief Scott listed at least 10 businesses that were targeted including Bloomingdale's, Burberry and Louis Vuitton.  "This is unacceptable," the chief added.  [Video clip]

Looting Comes to the Suburbs.  Cities like Portland, Minneapolis and San Francisco have been devastated by rioting and looting.  But smug suburban liberals haven't seemed to mind much, as long as crime was confined to urban centers like Minneapolis and San Francisco, where, on Friday night, Union Square was looted.  But what will they think when disorder strikes closer to home?  Last night [11/20/2021], an organized gang of looters struck the Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek, California.  Walnut Creek is a prosperous community of around 64,000, 85% white and Asian.  The raid was well-coordinated, as 25 cars blocked the street in front of the store while dozens of looters ran inside, stole merchandise, and left in the waiting vehicles.  Apparently only three of the looters were arrested.

Gang of eighty crowbar-wielding looters in ski masks ransack California Nordstrom and fill 25 cars with designer goods.  Eighty looters ransacked a Nordstrom store in California's Bay Area on Saturday night, injuring at least three employees in a raid that lasted less than a minute.  The large group,wearing ski masks and carrying crowbars, rushed the Walnut Creek store, stole an undetermined amount of merchandise and fled in their vehicles.  During the theft, two Nordstrom workers were punched and kicked, while another was sprayed with pepper spray.  All three individuals were treated for their injuries on scene.  Walnut Creek police have arrested three people in connection to the incident and they are facing various charges including robbery, conspiracy, burglary, possession of stolen property and a weapons charge.  The brazen robbery comes as Bay Area businesses reduce their hours due to a spate of brazen shoplifting incidents.  Locals are also slamming woke San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin over his failure to prosecute thefts.

Newly Released CCTV Footage Shows Crazy Shooting Inside Aventura Mall Sending Everyone Running For The Tall Grass.  Newly released surveillance video shows shoppers running for their lives right after gunshots rang out at Aventura Mall in Florida earlier this year.  The surveillance footage, released Wednesday [11/17/2021], comes after police announced a second arrest in connection with the May 8 shooting that left three people injured.  Norman Lee Pickens, 21, faces three counts of attempted second-degree murder, according to an arrest affidavit.  Back in June, police arrested 18-year-old Chrisey Irwim Pressley on a charge of illegally carrying a concealed firearm.  The shooting happened while the mall was packed with shoppers on the Saturday before Mother's Day.  The surveillance video shows what appears to be a group of people getting into an argument on the first floor outside of the Nordstrom department store.  Suddenly, a man in a black tracksuit drops his shopping bags, turns around, takes aim and fires his gun.  [Video clip]

Second Arrest Made in Aventura Mall Shooting Which Left 5 People Injured.  Police have charged a 21-year-old man in connection with the shooting at Aventura Mall earlier this year which left five people injured.  Officers arrested Norman Lee Pickens and took him into custody Monday night on three counts of attempted second-degree murder, his arrest affidavit said.  [Video clip]

Pennsylvania Mall Shut Down After Shooting Reported.  Park City Mall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was shot down after a shooting was reported there on Sunday afternoon [10/17/2021], officials said.  The Lancaster Bureau of Police said in a statement that the mall is closed over a "police incident" and there is "no immediate threat or danger to the public at this time."  The mall will remain closed until Monday.  Two women told the York Daily Record that they were hiding in a closet of a Lush store after they heard a commotion and people running.  A video posted on social media appears to capture the sound of gunfire inside the mall as shoppers are seen running to safety.

Thugs Loot A Chicago Mall Including A Louis Vuitton Store In Broad Daylight.  Chicago's historic crime wave appears to be creeping into the suburbs as two high-end retailers were hit by groups of thieves this week.  Fox 32 Chicago reported that seven to eight men stole several purses from a Bloomingdale's store in the Westfield Old Orchard mall in Skokie, located roughly 15 miles north of Chicago.  Cellphone footage captured the incident, showing hooded individuals sprinting towards the exit with the merchandise.  They were gone by the time police arrived.  [Video clip]

Brawl At Albuquerque Skate Park Spills Into Streets, Leads To Clips Being Emptied, One Confrimed Shot.  Albuquerque police is investigating a shooting that happened at Tower Skate Park in the southwest part of the city.  Officials said one victim was taken to the hospital and they are in stable condition.  Last year, another shooting happened in the same park, where 24-year-old Justin Sanchez was killed in a drive-by shooting.  [Video clip]

Shoplifters casually rob California Marshalls as people watch, employees do not report crime.  Multiple shoplifters in California were seen brazenly stealing from a Marshalls location as the crime continues in the state.  "People shopping there were just kind of standing there watching.  The only thing I figured I could do was get their identities and their license plates and give them to somebody who will do something with them," witness Lindsey Rodriguez, a resident of Hemet who recorded the suspects, told NBC4.  Rodriguez said she saw one man stroll out of the store with his arms full of clothing on Saturday evening [9/25/2021] in Hemet, and said one woman used wire cutters to sever security tags on expensive purses.

Brazen Shoplifters Rob Chicago Department Store In Broad Daylight.  This is the new trend in all progressive cities now.  Cities that have decriminalized most 'soft' crimes such as shoplifting.  Watch as these two shoplifters fill bags with expensive perfumes in broad daylight and leave while people film.  This was at the Ulta in Norridge at 4115 N Harlem near the 16th district in Chicago.  [Video clip]

Six Flags In Maryland Get Plagued With Insane Violence This Past Weekend During Fright Fest, Police Investigating.  Chaos and violence erupted at Six Flags America in Prince George's County Saturday night causing the annual Fright Fest to shut down early.  PGPD have confirmed they are working to identify suspects and victims.  Videos shared on social media show teenagers assaulting each other in multiple different fights.  Another video shows parked cars with smashed-out windows with young people jumping on and vandalizing the vehicles.  Prince George's County police said Sunday that no arrests were made.  Videos show officers on the scene trying to intervene in the brawls.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl At Six Flags In Texas Results In One Teen Arrested.  Arlington police arrested an 18-year-old for fighting at Six Flags Over Texas Saturday night [9/11/2021].  Kenderrick White, of Fort Worth, faces charges of fighting in public, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.  Police said an officer who was working off-duty at Six Flags saw White involved in a fight.  When the officer tried to detain him, White is accused of running away.  The officer later found White when he was involved in another fight.  White was taken into custody.  [Video clip]

Female Shell Station Owner Tries In [Vain] To Stop A Group Of Kids From Looting Her Store.  No, this is not after a white cop shot a black criminal, nor is it a natural disaster scene like hurricane Ida.  No, this is just the new fad when a group of young black teens mob a store and walk out with the booty.  The poor recipient of this visit was a [white] female Shell gas station owner.  [Video clip]

Crowd attempted to storm gate at Minnesota State Fair on Monday night.  A crowd attempted to push through the main gates of the Minnesota State Fair on Monday night [9/6/2021] and law enforcement officers used a chemical agent to break up the group, said Ramsey County Sheriff's Office spokesman Roy Magnuson.  One man who was part of the disturbance had a gun, Magnuson said. [...] St. Paul Police spokesman Steve Linders said his agency sent five squads to the fairgrounds to assist with crowd control and they remained on the scene for about three hours.  Authorities did not say how big the crowd was, whether there were any arrests or injuries, or what led to the disturbance.

The Editor says...
The authorities also failed to mention (and thus the news media was afraid to say) that everybody in the unruly crowd was black.

San Francisco shoplifting:  Women caught on video allegedly bolting from CVS with bags full of stolen goods.  A witness captured a group of women running out of a San Francisco CVS Pharmacy with bags allegedly stuffed full of stolen items as a spree of retail thefts continue to plague the city.  The incident, first reported by KTVU FOX2 reporter Henry K. Lee, happened around 5 p.m.  Monday at the drugstore located at Van Ness Avenue and Jackson Street.  Witness Steve Adams told Lee that the four women were "picking the place dry" and that when he asked store employees if they were going to call police, "they just shrugged."  "This sort of thing is becoming so normal," the witness told Lee.  [Video clip]

'Please protest and loot responsibly'.  Jacob Zuma's son has urged looters to 'do so responsibly' and called for his father to be freed after South Africa's lawlessness entered its sixth consecutive day amid fears of a 'humanitarian crisis' with food, fuel and Covid medicine shortages.  The former president was locked up last Friday for failing to appear in court on corruption charges, prompting riots and looting across the country, with police forces totally absent or in some cases, officers participating.  Duduzane Zuma took to Instagram to call for his father to be freed and the Covid lockdown to end, claiming that with troops now deployed the country was 'just one massacre away from a complete spiralling out of control.'

This Is The Apocalyptic Hell That Is South Africa Right Now, Looks Eerily Like A Typical BLM Riot.  This was the pathetic scene at Watercrest Mall in Waterfall, KZN, South Africa as what looked like a zombie horde looted stores and stole anything and everything from, clothing to refrigerators to entire stoves.  Aidan David, a former police officer and chairperson of the eThekwini outer south community police forum, said he has never witnessed anything like this.  "It just goes to show that our country is ill-equipped, naked and vulnerable to crime and criminals.  We are not ready for this.  We are just sitting ducks," he said.  [Video clip]

South Africa's William Wallace Prepares His Fellow Civilians For War Against The Looting Zombie Horde.  Watch as this South African man, dubbed the William Wallace of South Africa, prepares his locals for battle with the looting horde coming their way to burn and steal everything in sight.  The armed civilians, alongside a few armed police, were able to push back the horde, even teaching a handful a lesson that crime can get [someone hurt].  [Video clip]

Video Shows Armed Vigilantes Driving Around And Shooting At Looters In South Africa.  South Africa is in a state of chaos and unrest ever since the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma on July 7.  As riots, arson, violence and lootings escalate in the country, the Indian community living there faces dangers to their homes and businesses.  In a desperate attempt to protect their businesses from looting, Indians have now stepped up their fight against the arsonists and looters.  [Video clip]

'Unruly teenagers' cause rule change at Elitch Gardens.  Elitch Gardens is now requiring teenagers under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult — a rule change brought on by troublemaking teens, the park says.  "Elitch Gardens strives to maintain a fun, family-friendly environment and this policy modification better enables us to continue to do so," the Denver amusement park said in a statement Saturday.  "The park has experienced some unsupervised and unruly teenagers attending this summer that can alter this environment."  Previously, children 12 years old and younger had to be chaperoned by an adult.  The policy change bumps that age up by three years, to children 15 and younger.

Side Show In Vallejo Goes Off The Rails As Car Spins Out Of Control, Runs Over People, Others Assault Car, More Get Run Over.  It was a busy scene in the North Bay — Police responded to several sideshows and illegal fireworks explosions this past weekend in Vallejo.  Videos posted on social media show hundreds of people taking over the streets.  These videos are shocking.  They show fires, cars spinning dangerously close to crowds, one showing two people actually getting hit by a car.  [Video clip]

61 People Arrested After Descending Onto Downtown Chicago, Wreaking Havoc.  Chicago police arrested 61 people Sunday night after the group took over the street, danced on cop cars and set off fireworks, among other raucous behavior, according to multiple reports.  More than 100 people took to the streets and sidewalks in the Chicago area known as the Loop late Sunday, according to Fox 32.  A police spokesman confirmed to the local outlet that 61 people were arrested, with most being young adults, along with some minors.  Charges ranged from battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to the report.  Police began receiving calls around 6:30 p.m., when some members of the crowd started launching fireworks.

What's happening in San Francisco goes far beyond 'shoplifting'.  We're hearing a lot about the overwhelming number of murders and attempted murders in Chicago and New York.  San Francisco, however, has gone in a different direction.  It seems to have become the "shoplifting" capital of America.  This honor goes along with its long having been the capital of America for car break-ins.  It's so bad that I know suburbanites who refuse to drive in the City.  The latest "shoplifting" video is an impressive one, showing a whole gang of thieves racing out of San Francisco's Neiman Marcus store on Union Square, clutching what appears to be thousands of dollars in handbags.

Furious shopper posts video of horde of shoplifters fleeing Neiman Marcus.  A video posted to Instagram captures yet another brazen act of shoplifting in San Francisco, this time at the luxury department store Neiman Marcus where at least ten people stole armfuls of designer goods and then fled without anyone trying to stop them.  The footage reveals the shoplifters leaving the Union Square store, each carrying bags of stolen items with the security tags still dangling off of them.  The perpetrators then ran in different directions, with a few speeding away from the scene in a white sedan.  One person watching says, 'They can't do anything,' perhaps referring to security at Neiman Marcus.

Looters ransack San Francisco Neiman Marcus in broad daylight:  Video.  Looters were captured on video Monday [7/5/2021] ransacking a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco as thefts continue to plague businesses in the area.  At least nine suspects smashed display cases, snatched handbags, and jetted out of the building before law enforcement arrived to the scene at about 6 p.m., according to footage.  The suspects were seen running out of the store with their hands full of merchandise before entering an apparent getaway car that sped off down a busy intersection.  [Tweet with video clip]  A man was caught on video in June filling a garbage bag with what appeared to be hair products before leaving the drugstore on his bicycle.  A security guard, who was recording the incident, tried to grab the individual, though he eluded custody.

Walmart Parking Lot Brawl Leads To Shots Fired, One Dead, 3 Injured.  A teenager was killed and three other people were wounded when gunfire erupted during a fight in a parking lot in Rochester early Monday [6/28/2021], police said.  The shooting happened shortly before 1 a.m. in a parking lot outside a Walmart on Hudson Avenue, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.  An 18-year-old man was killed in the gunfire, Police Capt. Frank Umbrino told the newspaper.  [Video clip]

A Bunch Of Street Thugs Block Police Cruiser In Pursuit Of Suspect In Vallejo Cali As Crime Skyrockets.  Crime has skyrocketed in Vallejo and this may be part of the problem.  Aside from shootings, assaults, and robberies, illegal street shows known as SIDESHOWS have become a big issue in Vallejo.  This Mustang was allegedly involved in a sideshow and a police cruiser gave pursuit.  A group of men jumped in the road and blocked the officer, allowing the Mustang to escape.  [Video clip]

Wait Time At iHop In New Orleans Results In Fatties Assaulting The Cooks.  This was the wild, hunger pain induced assault that took place on IHop cooks in New Orleans.  The wait time was long and as you can see, these people need food so IHop was suddenly morphed into a Waffle House.  [Video clip]

Juneteenth Celebrations In Long Branch NJ Went Off Without A Hitch.  Throngs of teenagers and young adults showed up at Pier Village in Long Branch late Saturday afternoon [6/19/2021], prompting lots of online speculation about what actually happened over a few hours-span of rowdy behavior.  The party had been promoted on social media, attracting "thousands of young people from all over the state" along the beachfront around Pier Village, according to Long Branch Director of Public Safety Domingos Saldida in a written statement Sunday.  Visitors arrived by both train and car, and by 5 p.m. drinking and unruly behavior began, at which point police began working on getting the crowd to disperse, he continued.  [Video clip]

Lake Merritt California Descends Into Hell As Multiple People Are Shot.  This was just a small sample of the madness and chaos that went down in Lake Merritt, California on father's day as women are seen grinding on men and twerking against an ambulance as it responds to the violence of the day.  Police say there is a seventh victim in Saturday's deadly shooting in Oakland that left one person dead, five others injured.  The female victim showed up to the hospital with a gunshot wound but is listed in stable condition.  [Video clip]

Chicago shows the existential danger behind the Democrats' policies.  A brutal, race-based execution on a major Chicago street highlights where Democrat policies are taking us.  Their obsessive focus on race, coupled with their attacks on moral law, criminal justice, and social norms, will turn all of America into Chicago unless we refuse to go along with a program that affects every facet of American life, from the federal government down to the smallest school board. [...] Democrats instantly invoked gun control, but it's clear watching the slaughter that this crowd would as readily have executed Arzuago and Perez with knives or simply beaten them to death.  What we are seeing here is a return to stone-age savagery.  It is a reminder that human beings have only the thinnest veneer of civilization.

Puerto Rican Couple Is Pulled Out Of Car In Chicago Park, Shot, Man Dies, Woman In Critical Condition On Father's Day.  A man was killed, and a woman was critically wounded in a shooting Saturday night in Humboldt Park on the Northwest Side.  About 9:15 p.m., the man and woman, 24 and 25, were in the 3200 block of West Division Street, when they were ambushed by up to three males who fired shots at them, Chicago police said.  The man, Gyovanny Arzuaga, was rushed to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said.  [Video clip]

Man Is Critically Injured When Large Mob Swarms, Beats And Stomps Him In Yonkers NY.  A man is in critical condition with a brain injury after a large crowd attacked him in the streets of Yonkers on Thursday night [6/17/2021].  The police commissioner calls it an "outrageous gang assault."  A man was hit in the head with a bottle and stomped on by a group of people that included known gang members.  It happened in the area of North Broadway and Ashburton Ave. and the attack was captured by a surveillance camera.  [Video clip]

Brawl Caught On Phone Cam Inside Downtown Las Vegas Eatery.  A crazy incident happened at a Mexican take out place in downtown Las Vegas last week that's making its rounds around social media.  [Video clip]

Thieves Swarm Louis Vuitton Store In Palo Alto, Steal $100,000 In Handbags; 11 Suspects Sought.  Nearly a dozen thieves working together swarmed into a Louis Vuitton store in Palo Alto, stealing more than $100,000 in handbags in the second such theft at the Stanford Shopping Center in three weeks, police said Wednesday [6/10/2021].  "I'm worried about my safety, because I'm working here and I'm an employee," said Lakshay Soorma who works at a department store located in Stanford Shopping Center.  "I have to make sure my clients, my customers, they are safe here too."  Palo Alto police said the latest incident happened on Monday at about 5:30 p.m.  A coordinated group of eleven suspects ran into the store and grabbed 36 handbags, running through the mall and getting into five vehicles before officers arrived.

BLM "Protesters" Surround A Car And Pull Out A Gun — The Police Search For The Driver Who Served Them Instant Justice.  For nearly a year, Jefferson Square Park in downtown Louisville, often called Injustice Square, Breeway, or simply "the square," has been a place where multiple rots started.  The mainstream media however likes to call these riots peaceful protests.  Protest in downtown Louisville led to 17 arrests, five cars towed, one confiscated gun, and a search for a driver who hit a protester with their car.  Police provided video captured on Real-Time Crime Center cameras, which are on the Metro Corrections building by the corner of Sixth and Liberty streets, that showed an individual in a car appearing to be confronted by about 10 protesters on Liberty.  The car drove forward, running directly into an individual and flipping the person over the hood onto the street.  [Video clip]

Waldameer Amusement Park Was The Home Of Several Massive Ghetto Brawls Over Memorial Day Weekend.  Multiple violent brawls broke out at Waldameer Amusement Park on Memorial Day.  According to Millcreek police, at least 6 different fights broke out during a 3 hour period on Monday [5/31/2021].  Waldameer owner Paul Nelson told Erie News Now that he's disappointed about the fights because he doesn't run his park that way.  [Video clip]

A Gaggle Of Hoodrats Steal Turkey Legs At Six Flags In St. Louis, All Hell Breaks Loose.  This was the nonsense employees at a Six Flags in St. Louis over Memorial weekend when a group of people stole some turkey legs and handed them out to their friends.  Some cops showed up and all hell broke loose, sending turkey-clutching looters running.  One woman was arrested.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The only white people visible in the crowd appear to be cops and park employees.

Another Day, Another Massive Brawl At Miami International Airport.  Memorial weekend was kicked off with a bang and smash at Miami International Airport yesterday when a group of rowdy travelers threw hands outside a terminal.  Miami has been not only a busy hub for international travelers but also a hub for massive group brawls.  [Video clip]

Knuckle Sandwiches Are Served In Huge Quantities At Quality Dairy in Lansing, MI.  Just some quality people spending some quality time at Quality Dairy.  [Video clip]

Kings Island closes early after fights break out among guests.  Several fights broke out among guests Saturday [5/22/2021] inside Kings Island and in the parking lot, forcing the amusement park to close about 30 minutes early, reports say.  Police officers and troopers with the State Highway Patrol responded to the park because of "unruly guests, primarily juveniles," WCPO Channel 9 reports.  The patrol tells the Cincinnati Enquirer that several fights occurred during the afternoon, with a large fight occurring just before 10 p.m.

Man In A Red Car Is Attacked By Three Black People Armed With A Knife And Hammer.  When massive demonstrations against racial injustice erupted across the nation last summer, protesters used an increasingly common tactic to draw attention to their cause: swarming out onto major roads to temporarily paralyze traffic.  This method sometimes resulted in searing images of drivers plowing through crowds, causing serious injuries and in some cases, deaths.  Now, Republican politicians across the country are moving to stop the road-blocking maneuver, proposing increased penalties for demonstrators who run onto highways and legal immunity for drivers who hit them.  The bills are among dozens introduced in Legislatures aimed at cracking down on demonstrations.  [Video clip]

Police looking for teens who terrorized Southeast Portland businesses and drivers.  Monday afternoon [5/17/2021] near Southeast 92nd and Division, police say a handful of teens walked into a convenience store, spread out and stole a bunch of things.  On their way out, investigators say, the suspects pushed an employee.  After leaving the convenience store, authorities say the group walked into a restaurant a few blocks away, yelled at staff and stole a tip jar.  According to detectives, the teens then turned their attention to a hair salon near Southeast 82nd and Division.  The suspects walked in and started throwing products off shelves before going into an employee area and stealing some things.  The teens, police say, even tried to take a customer's purse.

Shootings and chaos in Portland (with a possible connection to 'defund the police').  Monday a small group of four to five teenagers apparently woke up and decided to launch a brazen crime spree that spanned several businesses: [...] About 40 minutes after the initial theft, they entered a hair salon: [...] Half an hour later they were stealing from a driver in a parking lot: [...] Half an hour after that they escalated to carjacking: [...] A couple hours later, they tried to use the stolen car to block the road and carjack a second car but the driver managed to get away.  As of yesterday afternoon, police still aren't sure if there are other victims of this crime spree who haven't been identified yet.  Portland police posted two photos showing some of the teens involved.  Meanwhile just a couple hours after this crime spree took place, a large group of people showed up at a McDonalds and began racing their cars in the parking lot and threatening people.

Brawl Breaks Out In Downtown Austin.  A wild, fist-infused free-for-all broke out on 6th Street in downtown Austin a couple of weeks ago but the video has just hit the social media universe.  [Video clip]

Uber Driver Goes To Bar For A Pickup In Morgantown Virginia, Gets Swarmed And Beaten By A Mob.  An Uber driver and his passengers were attacked on High Street early Sunday morning [5/9/2021].  On Monday, the Morgantown Police Department announced officers responded to a physical altercation at about 3 a.m.  Detectives are reviewing video footage and trying to identify people involved in three separate incidents.  [Video clip]

Shooting At Aventura Mall In Florida Leaves Three Shot Over The Weekend.  Three people were injured in a shooting Saturday [5/8/2021] at Aventura Mall, with the gunfire stemming from an argument between two groups of people near the Hugo Boss store, police said.  The three were rushed to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Aventura police, who added that they were from the groups that were arguing.  Two other people were hurt while trying to exit the mall after the shots were fired, authorities said.  They were also taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  [Video clip]

Brawl breaks out at Miami airport over standby seats.  A fight broke out among passengers at Gate D14 in Miami International Airport on Sunday, April 25 over standby seats.  The brawl erupted after a gate agent announced that only three seats bound for Chicago were available for a group of four passengers on standby.  Officers arrested 20-year-old Jameel Decquir and charged him one count of disorderly conduct after the incident.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl in a Mississippi Olive Garden.  A massive brawl involving about a dozen people at a Mississippi Olive Garden included fists and flying chairs.  The entire restaurant cleared out as the battle royal took place at center stage as some young children of the parents involved watched.  [Video clip]

An airport brawl seems like a microcosm of America.  A few videos are making the rounds showing a wild brawl taking place at one of the gates in Miami International Airport.  We don't know what started the brawl, although the media are reporting that the police did eventually arrest one person for disorderly conduct.  The primary victim, however, does not want to press charges, so the matter will almost certainly disappear.  What makes one of the videos so compelling is the fact that it seemly represents the breakdown of law and order across American cities.  That sense begins with the video's backdrop.  Because of the relationship between the person who filmed the video and the fight itself, the backdrop to the fight is a store in the terminal called "Urban Decay."

Black Mob Beats Up Disabled Driver Who Accidentally Hit Their Car.  A violent black mob beat a disabled driver with a cane after he accidentally hit a car that was pulling donuts on a street in Los Angeles, the video originally posted on Instagram and removed shortly after shows.  They were filmed squaring up to him even as he wailed 'Sorry!  Sorry!' and 'I'll give you everything I got bro.'  His pleas ended up falling on deaf ears, with one man seen punching the terrified Honda driver in the face even after realizing he was disabled.

Ferris Wheel Operator Goes Wild — Gets Beaten Up By A Group Of Black Moms.  Opa Locka Hialeah Flea Market Carnival is going on in Miami-Dade County this month.  Things got a little heated on Saturday night when a black mom got angry at a Ferris wheel operator and the two got into a physical altercation.  A group of black moms and other people then jumped in, including people in a Charlie Conway "Mighty Ducks" jersey and a Penny Hardaway jersey.  The video below shows Opa Locka Hialeah Flea Market Carnival Ferris wheel operator getting pushed by the angry mom and him shoving a kid, shortly after he fights with his coworker and a group of angry moms.  [Video clip]

Meanwhile, at a Georgia WaffleHouse....  The secret recipe that makes everyone go ape for the waffles is the extra touch of vanilla and [something else].  [Video clip]

The "Woke" Corporations Received A Brutal Dose Of Reality As Shocking Videos From Minneapolis Reveal BLM Rioters Looting And Destroying Their Stores.  Shocking images emerged this morning [4/12/2021] from Minneapolis where BLM rioters destroyed most of the woke corporation businesses that send them support.  Stores from Target, Nike, Speedway, T-Mobile, and many more were ransacked yesterday.  They received a brutal dose of reality as many of them did send support to these violent rioters.  [Video clip]

Rioter Tries To Toss Cinder Block At Cops, Gets Taken Down With Rubber Bullets.  A riot is underway in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, and has already seen rioters injured, police property damaged, and an attempt to hurl a cement block at an officer's head.  The riot started in response to police-involved shooting of a man who had an outstanding warrant and was in the process of fleeing from police.  [Video clip]

Louisville Police Go To Arrest A Murder Suspect In The Projects, What Happens Next Is Insanity.  Louisville Metro Police on Friday arrested a homicide suspect who took officers on a vehicle pursuit before hiding in a Park Hill apartment.  Officers were in the neighborhood just before noon when they saw Deandre Smithers, 20, who spokesperson Beth Ruoff said was wanted on an active arrest warrant in connection to the March 16 homicide of Demontray Rhodes at 12th and Hill streets.  When officers saw Smithers Friday, the suspect fled into a nearby apartment on Brashear Drive near 12th and Hill streets, Ruoff said.  "Due to the violent nature of the arrest warrant the SWAT team was called as was the Hostage Negotiating Team," Ruoff said.  [Video clip]

Not Insurrection?  BLM Storm Iowa State Capitol, Fight With Police.  Troopers clashed with Black Lives Matter activists after they stormed the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday [4/8/2021].  Footage from the scene appears to show protesters wearing face masks, holding signs and chanting inside of the building in Des Moines.  [Video clips]

Protestors Storm The Iowa State Capitol Building.  The protest is against the Iowa Legislature, whom is trying to pass bills that are seen as racist by some groups.  [Video clips]

Teen arrested after mob of bicyclists attacks man in Miami Beach.  Police have arrested a teenage boy after, the victim said, he was attacked by a mob of bicyclists when he tried to stop them from heckling people in Miami Beach.  Surveillance and cellphone video captured the assault in the area of Ninth Street and Collins Avenue on Tuesday.  A group of teenagers could be seen hopping off their bicycles and attacking Daniel Ciforelli.  [Video clip]

Tense Video From Inside Oklahoma County Jail Shows Prison Guard Being Held Hostage By Inmates.  An inmate was fatally shot Saturday [3/27/2021] after a corrections officer was taken hostage at the Oklahoma County jail in Oklahoma, authorities said.  "The person who had taken him hostage was shot by an Oklahoma City police officer," said Aaron Brilbeck, spokesman for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.  "He is deceased."  The officer, who was not identified, was hospitalized for what was described as minor and non-life-threatening injuries, Brilbeck said, adding that the injuries did not occur during the shooting.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The video was obviously recorded by an inmate with a cellphone.  Why is it not impossible for an inmate to possess a cell phone, and/or to smuggle video out of this prison — or any prison?

Classy Fella Starts A Fight With Some Classy Ladies At Wafflehouse, Doesn't Go As Planned For Him.  This guy had some heated words exchanged with one of the ladies inside Wafflehouse, and we know just the aroma inside Wafflehouse can cause bloody noses and lips on random customers.  Needless to say, it doesn't end well for the brother-man.  [Video clip]

Spring breakers swarm South Beach for party-packed weekend.  People on spring break across the U.S. gathered to enjoy the warm-weather around South Beach, Florida.  Officials in Miami Beach declared a state of emergency on Saturday, March 20, and instituted an 8 p.m. curfew due to maskless crowds of spring breakers descended on the city.  [Video clip]

Insane Fight At Cumberland Mall In Atlanta Totally Destroys Clothing Store.  Looks like NBA all-star weekend in Atlanta will be a wild one, complete with beatdowns, shootings and crime in general.  [Video clip]

Meanwhile, In The Houston Projects.  Even big Bertha holding a baby gets in the action as this ratchet battle royal goes off the rails at this Houston projects.  [Video clip (NSFW)]

Brawl Breaks Out At Crab Joint In Florida.  This was the wild scene this past weekend at Mr. And Mrs. Crab Juicy Seafood & Bar In Bradenton, Fl.  Police were called to a disturbance at the popular Floridian crab joint but for some reason, only sent one cop, who had a [problem] getting tossed around by some big ladies.  [Video clip]

Wild video shows massive brawl of teens in Illinois trampoline park.  A massive melee broke out at a trampoline park in Illinois, a wild new video shows.  Dozens of people, who appear to mostly be teenagers, overwhelmed the handful of staffers at the Elevate Trampoline Park on Saturday night — brawling all over the lobby in front of shocked onlookers, the video shows.  At one point in the nearly 10-minute clip, one of the teens toss a garbage can at the crowd.  Local police said they got the call just before 9:45 p.m. of the large group of juveniles punching and pulling hair.  During the melee, one of the teens use some sort of pepper-spray inside the trampoline park, forcing some outside, cops said.

Insane Footage Of Massive Brawl Between Dozens Of Teens At Trampoline Park In Peoria.  An Illinois trampoline park promising "the best high energy, adrenaline fix in Peoria" became the site of a violent melee on Saturday night [2/6/2021].  In a video of the brawl, dozens can be seen punching, shoving, stomping, and pulling hair as even more stand and observe, sometimes toppling over each other as they get to a safe distance or jockey for a better view of the fray.  Most appear to be teenagers.  Outnumbered staff at the Elevate Trampoline Park try to break up the fighters and push them out of the building.  [Video clip]

1 on 1 Quickly Turns into an all out Brawl, Cop Ends it Quickly with his Taser, the GF then Yell's at the Cop.  It was perfectly fine for these morons to be fighting, but the second the cop tases the guy who is clearly jumping someone, suddenly she cares. [...] Don't fight in a crowded parking lot, the cops won't have to tase your man.  Simple as that.  Perhaps if these clowns took a boxing or MMA class they could have ended the fight long before the cop showed up.  [Video clip]

Waffle House:  Come For The Food, Stay For The Battle Royale.  Believe it or not, most of these women are employees at this very Waffle House.  [Video clip]

Chanel Store In SoHo Gets Robbed In Broad Daylight, Over 165k Dollars Worth Of Items Stolen.  It happened just before 2 p.m.  Tuesday [2/4/2021].  Four suspects can be seen swiping handbags and wallets.  Sources tell CBS2 one of the suspects showed a gun to the security guard, a retired NYPD officer.  Forty-four items were taken.  The total value of the items is more than $165,000.  [Video clip]

Meanwhile At Brawlmart.  Now you know why Walmart stopped selling All Lives Matter merchandise and started selling BLM gear.  Walmart also donated 100 million dollars to Black Lives Matter and just recently announced they would stop donating to the Republican party.  [Video clip]

Gang of armed crooks runs wild in SoHo Chanel store, wanted for 20 other heists.  A gang of armed crooks caught on video running wild during a robbery at the Chanel boutique in SoHo are part of a prolific grab-and-go crew wanted for raiding up to 20 other high-end stores, officials said Thursday [2/4/2021].  The boisterous band caught on surveillance and cell phone video in the Spring St. Chanel boutique Tuesday afternoon got away with 32 handbags and 12 wallets.  One of them flashed the butt of a pistol, scaring off an armed security guard, officials said.

Gang of youths on bicycles began stopping traffic and targeted a BMW SUV.  An SUV driver and his mother say they thought they were going to be killed after a gang of teenagers surrounded their car and began smashing it up in New York City.  The incident occurred in broad daylight in the heart of Manhattan on Tuesday [12/29/2020] — evidence that Big Apple officials are failing to protect residents amid surging rates of violent crime.  [Video clip]

Mob rule on Fifth Ave:  Boy, 15, is arrested for smashing BMW's windshield with his bike.  A 15-year-old boy has been arrested after a gang of 25 teenagers launched a brazen attack on a luxury SUV while the driver and his terrified 74-year-old mother sat inside fearing they would be killed.  Horrifying video shows a gang on bicycles smashing up Max Torgovnick's BMW on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in broad daylight on Tuesday [12/29/2020].  Torgovnick, who hails from the Upper East Side, was behind the wheel when the mob started leaping on the vehicle and stomping on its windshield as his elderly mother wept beside him and screamed 'They are going to kill us'.  The 15-year-old boy, who is not being identified because he is a minor, is being charged as a juvenile over the attack.

This Is What Happens When Your City Is Overrun By Crackheads.  A large gang of drug addicts marauded the Cracolândia region of Sao Paulo, attacking cars with stones and random garbage.  Once the cars would stop, the gangs would rob them.

Massive Brawl Breaks Out During Jezzy Vs Gucci Watch Party In Orlando.  This was the moment a massive brawl broke out during the Jeezy Vs Gucci watch party in Orlando at a Seafood spot.  Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Jeezy not only traded hits, but they also, at times, had intense verbal exchanges.  The two rappers have been involved in an ongoing feud dating back 15 years that has included countless dis records, fights between the two rappers' entourages and even a murder charge against Gucci, of which he was acquitted in 2006.  It seems there may be peace between the two going forward.  [Video clip]

Looting At Walgreens!  Washington, DC.  [Video clip]

Philadelphia looting included man stealing a washing machine.  Looters were seen in a series of videos trashing Philadelphia stores Tuesday night — with one even blithely wheeling out a large washing machine.  A heavy police presence with the backing of the National Guard mostly prevented disturbing scenes of violence that marred the City of Brotherly Love on Monday after the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace.  But police said about 1,000 people instead headed to shopping areas to loot and trash stores, leaving wild scenes of complete destruction in their wake.

The Editor says...
Stealing appliances and expensive sneakers always leads to social justice!

Chaos in Philly:  National Guard Deployed As 1,000 Looters Create Mayhem and Target Businesses.  Mayhem has engulfed Philadelphia.  No, it's not because of Dallas week.  We had another officer-involved shooting that left a man dead after charging police with a knife.  Walter Wallace Jr. was shot and killed on Monday.  He reportedly suffered a mental break [...] This set off another wave of urban violence, rioting, and clashes with police erupting last night.  The National Guard has been deployed, but chaos has already engulfed the city.

Looting and Riots Overwhelm Philadelphia Police — Aftermath of Walter Wallace Shooting.  Two Philadelphia police officers are under scrutiny after they refused to allow 27-year-old Walter Wallace stab them in a violent frenzy.  After retreating from the confrontation; and after being chased by Mr. Wallace; the officers eventually shot and killed the attacker.  Black Lives Matter and the Philadelphia social justice network immediately activated to steal electronics, loot retail stores and start fires in a quest to achieve justice for Wallace.  The police are overwhelmed and the looting continues across the city of brotherly love while the media calls their behavior "protesting". Nothing solves violence like a brand new pair of looted Nikes.  [Video clip]

Looters Destroy A Black Woman's Boutique After Putting Her Life Savings Into It In Philly.  This was the moment BLM looters destroyed the Lavender Boutique in Philadelphia last night during an evening of chaos and destruction.  The owner of the boutique wrote a heartbreaking note on her gofundme about how her American dream was destroyed in minutes by these thugs:  ["]I quit my job and decided to invest in my dreams and community.  I emptied my savings and checking account.  Maxed out credit cards and sold my house to open my business.  While we were lucky to survive covid and a previous burglary on 8/27 which wet us back significantly, on the morning of 10/27 we were again burglarized and cleaned out.  We are now in danger of losing everything we worked so hard for.["]  [Video clip]

Stealing Soho:  Luxury retailers terrorized by shoplifting mobs.  Bands of shoplifters are terrorizing Soho's high-end boutiques, lifting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise, and in some cases, threatening security guards to keep quiet — or be labeled racist, The [New York] Post has learned.  The disturbing pattern began in late May during the riots that rocked the city in the wake of the George Floyd police custody death.  High-end Celine was looted of $1.5 million in merchandise then, and the blatant thievery continues "every week" in ritzy stores such as Prada, Moncler, Dior and Balenciaga, one plugged-in local said.  "This is happening every week.  Walk around Soho on Wooster Street and Greene Street, Mercer Street. ... You have huge bouncers out there trying to deter hit-and-run activity," the source, a restaurateur, said.  But in some cases, the thieves are given carte blanche to steal.

Cashier Hands Out Plastic Bags To BLM Looters To Make It Easier On Them.  A cashier at a Speedway in Milwaukee was caught on video handing out plastic bags to BLM looters to make it easier [to] lug their booty out of the [store].  A live streamer later reported the business was left in shambles, totally cleaned out.  [Video clip]

Group Of Thugs Assault Waffle House Employees, Stop Them From Calling Cops in Atlanta (NSFW).  A group of diners at this Waffle House In Atlanta tried to skip out on paying their bill and dash but the employees had a couple of their phones and refused to give them back until they paid.  The mob stormed behind the counter to fight the servers and cook, many punches were thrown.  When one of the employees picks up the phone to dial 911, one of the women with the group grabs the phone from her hand.  [Video clip]

Drunk Atlanta Ratchets Turn Apartment Lobby Into A Battle Royal (NSFW).  Things got a little too hot and too drunk when a large group of women openly brawl to the death at the Altitude apartment complex in Atlanta.  [Video clip]

Group Robs A CVS In Broad Daylight As Employees And Manager Just Watch.  Ever since California decriminalized what the state considers 'petty crime', this sort of brazen robberies of stores has become more and more common.  Add mask laws to the mix, which conceals criminals' identities, you can bet on a lot more of these broad daylight heists.  [Video clip]

Chicago looters seem to have one thing in common
Chicago police release surveillance video of suspects seen looting store in May.  Chicago police on Tuesday [9/1/2020] released surveillance video asking for the public's help in identifying a group of people who broke in and ransacked a store on the city's West Side back in May.  Many were captured taking whatever merchandise they could find over a roughly 25-minute period.  At least one person violently kicked and shattered a protective covering under a counter that housed additional items.  [Video clip]  The aftermath of the looting spree saw the store looking like a shell of itself.  The floor was littered with items and packaging as well as shattered cases that previously had protected the store's merchandise.  Walls that held up goods and electronics were stripped bare, with only a few items remaining.

Wild video shows women twerking and dancing on parked car in NYC.  This 2005 Honda Accord will never be the same — though at least the footprints will wash off.  Truly bonkers video shows a dozen rowdy gals randomly surrounding the car on an Upper East Side street on Friday night, and then climbing on top of it while singing, dancing and twerking up a storm.  "There's literally foot prints all over the car," perplexed car owner Michael Schwartz told The Post after discovering the damage the next day.

Armed Man Gets Shot By Cops In Pasadena, Mob Surrounds Cops.  The Pasadena Police Department released bodycam and dashboard video that shows an officer who shoot 32-year-old Anthony McClain in the back as he runs away from a traffic stop.  McClain died later in the hospital.  [Video clip]

Store Opening in times of Covid.  The Store has made an opening promotion to attract customers.  [A mostly-black and apparently all-female mob shows up.]  [Video clip]

SPD: Man arrested for allegedly assaulting officer at Cal Anderson Park.  Two people were arrested and four officers were injured Saturday afternoon at Cal Anderson Park, according to a blotter post.  Police said they responded around 4:30 p.m. to reports of a man breaking windows near 11th Avenue and East Olive Street.  Officers responded and found the man in the park.  When officers tried to talk to him, a crowd surrounded them as they took the suspect out of the park, according to a blotter post.

BLM Violent Protest:  Louisville, KY 4th Street Live.  Louisville Metro Police says BLM rioters invaded 4th Street Live! flipped chairs and tables over, set trash cans on fire, while people were eating and drinking at Fourth Street Live!  [Video clip]

Looting in Chicago.  This clip won't them any favors if police decide to prosecute anyone.  [Video clip]

Chicago in Chaos.  It started with a false story on social media about police shooting a black "child."  Within minutes, hundreds of young black men and women filled the streets, targeting businesses along the Magnificent Mile, in River North, and in the Central Business District.  This was the scene playing out in Chicago on Sunday, August 9th and continued through the early part of Monday morning [8/10/2020].  People sat in idling cars as looters calmly brought them merchandise.  The thieves cleaned out high-end stores like Gucci, Dior, and Hermes, taking everything, including the mannequins.  A woman livestreamed a video of herself running through a department store muttering that she couldn't find a tool to detach expensive garments from their racks.  "I can't breathe!" she exclaimed, either in protest or fatigue.  Others set their sights on the police tasked to protect businesses and the city.  By daybreak, the city had tallied more than 100 arrests, 13 officers injured, two shot, and countless businesses looted.  "Th

16 Minutes of INSANE Footage From Last Night in Chicago as Hundreds of People Looted Dozens of Stores.  Videos circulating online show widespread looting and clashes with police across Chicago's Magnificent Mile shopping district early Monday, sparked by a police-involved shooting hours earlier that left a young man wounded.  Social media users posted videos of hundreds of people looting stores such as Nordstrom, Walgreens, Macy's, Coach, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  Some exchanged gunfire with police at one point, although no officers were injured.  [Video clip]

Downtown Chicago Looks Like A Bomb Hit After Night Of Looting And Rioting.  Police clashed with crowds overnight in downtown Chicago as looting and vandalism erupted in the retail district.  Chicago police say crowds began to gather around midnight.  [Video clip]

Did Chicago Really Think this would Stay in the Black Neighborhoods?  When I visited Chicago a few years ago I asked the resident of the suburbs that I stayed with about the danger in the city and how they managed it.  I was told that the worst of it was confined to certain areas and as long as you avoided those areas you were generally safe.  Not anymore. [...] Closing thought:  The last republican Mayor in Chicago left office in 1931.

Magnificent Mile Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago.  "Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores," reports the Chicago Tribune.  There was also gunfire and violence against police officers.  As of this writing, downtown Chicago is all but closed to those trying to get to work on a Monday morning.

Widespread violence and looting in Chicago.  Media reports showing widespread looting in Chicago on Sunday night [8/10/2020].  The Chicago Tribune reported that it observed people carrying shopping bags full of merchandise in the areas where the looting was happening and at least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up.  The Chicago Transit Authority also tweeted that all bus and train service going into the city's downtown areas was "temporarily suspended at the request of public safety officials."

BLM rioters loot a Walgreens in Chicago tonight.  [Video clip]

Mayhem ensues after hundreds of teens [were] dropped off at Mid-South putt-putt facility.  Scenes from a chaotic night at the Golf and Games Family Park on Summer Avenue are being shared all over social media.  In video posted on Facebook you can see dozens of teenagers throwing objects at employees, spitting on people, and destroying property.  Memphis police were also called to the scene.  Investigators say the business reported parents were dropping off kids in the parking lot until there were more than 300 people at the business.

Chicago Driver Barely Survives Attack by [black] Teens w/Pitchfork.  Are the police defunded enough yet? [...] If only there was some sort of mechanism for the police to detain and lock up huge violent gangs roaming the streets?  They used to call them prisons.  They worked surprisingly well in the 80s and 90s, but now a whole bunch of Ava DuVernay documentaries on Netflix tell us that's a terrible idea and it's much better to bury a dozen people every weekend in Chicago instead.

Shoplifting Zombies Just Walk Out Of San Fran Walgreens With Tons Of Stolen Merchandise, No One Stops Them.  The employees of this Walgreens can do nothing but watch the usual suspects steal.  No security nor help from the police.  The video ends when the filmer's phone was hit. [7/12/2020]  [Video clip]

BLM Thugs Threaten Black Officer, Make Racist Slurs.  This video shows the tremendous amount of restraint Police Officers must demonstrate on a daily basis.  These "protesters" were in Officers' faces, threatening to overrun the officers.  When these "Protesters" observed an African American Officer standing on the line, they began to target.  This happened in Columbus Ohio, May 28th.  [Video clip]

Wild Shootout In Peoria Leaves 13 Shot At Massive Parking Lot Meetup.  Police said that 13 people were shot and wounded early Sunday [7/19/2020] after a fight broke out along the riverfront in the central Illinois city of Peoria.  [Video clip]

A Pack Of Wild Youths Destroy And Loot 7-Eleven.  In case you missed it, the newest fad in the black community is to rush into a business, usually supermarkets and convenience stores, and destroy products while filming it for social media likes.  This was one of those incidences.  [Video clip]

Insane Ratchet Brawl At The Airport Luggage Carousel.  Yesterday we had ratchets attacking airline workers at a terminal, today we have this.  Maybe it was better when we weren't allowed to fly.  [Video clip]

Nothing Solves Racial and Police Issues Better than Looting a Wig Shop.  These must be those people who just need bread Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was talking about.  [Video clip]

Spirit Airlines employees battered in violent brawl over delayed flight.  Three Spirit Airlines employees were battered in a wild melee at a South Florida airport over a delayed flight, according to a report.  The attack captured on video broke out Tuesday night at a gate for a Philadelphia-bound flight from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, news station WPLG reported.  The employees suffered minor injuries when three passengers "became combative following a delayed flight," the airline said.  In the clip, several women were seen hurling items at the workers before going behind the counter and attacking at least one of the employees.

Thugs Terrorize Couple At Welfare Office.  It's bad enough to be on the taxpayers' dime, but these people terrorized this couple, who clearly didn't want to fight them.  When the woman is assaulted, the husband defends her and gets beaten.  [Video clip]

'Known gang member' puts an NYPD officer in a headlock in the Bronx while he tries to make an arrest and is cheered on by the watching crowd before fleeing.  An NYPD police officer ended up in a headlock after an attempt to disperse a crowd on a street corner in the Bronx earlier this month went horribly wrong.  The officers found themselves to be vastly outnumbered and were quickly surrounded by angry bystanders who could be heard taunting and threatening them on camera.

Protesters Block Off Street Near DC's BLM Plaza, Force Locals To Turn Around.  A small group of protesters briefly blocked traffic near the newly renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., forcing cars to turn around Tuesday evening.  Earlier in the evening, protesters were seen shouting at police officers in front of St. John's Church following numerous arrests.  The police officers were not allowing protesters to impede traffic on one of the roads, and some members of the group chose a different road to block.

BLM protestors crash church service, assault worshippers.  A church service was interrupted at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York by a Black Lives Matter protest.  The small worship service was underway when about ten or so protestors walked into the church and announced "black lives matter."  [Video clip]

Insane 4th Of July Street Party In Atlanta Turns Into Madness When Bullets Fly.  Atlanta police said they responded to multiple shootings throughout the city during the fourth of July weekend.  Police reported at least 25 people were shot in six separate incidents.  [Video clip]

One child dead after shooting at Galleria Mall in Birmingham, Alabama..  Multiple shots were reported near the food court inside the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Hoover Police Capt. Gregg Rector said in a statement.  At least four people were injured in the attack and rushed to local hospitals for treatment.  The conditions of the victims are unknown at this time.  Witnesses have said at least one of the shooting victims is a child.  [Video clip]

Alabama mall shooting kills boy, 8, wounds 3 others.  A man fired shots during an altercation at an Alabama shopping mall, killing an 8-year-old boy and wounding three others, including a young girl.  It happened Friday [7/3/2020] in the middle of the afternoon at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, a Birmingham suburb, police said.  The boy who died was Royta Giles, a Jonesboro Elementary School student on his way to the third grade.

This Is What De Blasio's NYC Looks Like Right Now.  I don't see anyone in this video who isn't black.  [Video clip]

Occupy City Hall protesters in standoff with NYPD amid budget vote.  Anti-cop protesters got into a tense standoff with police near City Hall early Tuesday [6/30/2020], as lawmakers near a vote on the budget — and weigh steep cuts to the NYPD.  Video posted around 5:45 a.m. shows a crowd of protesters on one side of the street while dozens of cops face them on the other.  "At #OccupyCityHall cops are trying to arrest us for being on the sidewalk on the morning on the budget vote," the video caption says.  "NYC get here now!!!"  Video posted about 15 minutes later shows officers with batons pushing back some demonstrators.

NYPD Cops Ambushed in Harlem With Glass Bottles And Debris.  Chaos broke out in New York's Harlem neighborhood on 7th Ave and West 133rd St. around the NYPD's 32nd Precinct at 3:45 am on Sunday [6/28/2020].  A group of around 500 people crowded on 7th Ave between 131st and 133rd and ambushed police upon arrival, an NYPD spokeswoman said in a statement.

Domestic Terrorism — Missouri Couple Defends Their Home From Rampaging Mob Who Broke Through Perimeter Gate on Private Property.  Coming soon to a home near you.  A Missouri mob of looters/protestors was very lucky not to be legally shot as a well-armed couple defend their home from the mob that broke through their perimeter gate.  Video shows the armed couple facing down the mob.  The important aspect is here the mob was not on a public street; the mob represented a clear threat; and Missouri has strong Castle Doctrine laws that do not require a duty of the homeowner to retreat from the threat.  This mob was very fortunate the couple were well disciplined in their use of firearms.

St. Louis couple draw weapons on protesters headed to mayor's house: report.  A married couple brandished firearms at a group of protesters who marched through their upscale St. Louis neighborhood on Sunday night on their way to the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson.  The male homeowner stood barefoot on his Renaissance-style porch in the Central West End neighborhood while carrying a semi-automatic weapon at around 6 p.m. local time, while his wife pointed a pistol at the gathering.  The couple confronted the group of about 300 protesters after they breached a gate in the neighborhood, according to a local NBC affiliate.

Off-duty Dallas police officer beaten to ground after trying to disperse crowd, police say.  An off-duty Dallas police officer was attacked from behind Thursday night after telling a group to leave a closed pool area at an apartment complex, authorities said.  The assault unfolded around 9 p.m. at the Allure apartments complex in North Dallas, police said Friday in a news release.  The officer, who was in plainclothes, identified himself as a Dallas police officer and tried to disperse the crowd, police said.  As he walked away, police said multiple people attacked him from behind and he fell to the ground.  The officer lost consciousness during the attack, police told WFAA-TV.  When he wokevup, he called 911 and told responding officers that a group of three or four men had struck him in the back and kicked him several times, police said.

Mob Torches Home, Throws Bricks At Officers During Search For Missing Teens.  Sparked by a mix of anti-police sentiment, "vigilantism," and apparent misinformation via social media, chaos erupted in Milwaukee on Tuesday [6/23/2020] during the search for missing teen girls.  According to local news reports and video footage, in the process of the urgent search, officers and other first responders had bricks thrown at them, three people were injured in a related shooting, and a house was burned to the ground.  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday that the crowd outside the home that was later burned to the ground included "a mix of neighbors observing the situation, people expressing frustration with police and activists who'd marched in Milwaukee's racial justice protests."

Idiot Protester Carrying An AR-15 Shoots Himself In The Foot In Front Of Cops, Gets Taken Down.  A protester accidentally shot [himself] with demonstrating in front of the Florissant Police Department Tuesday night [6/23/2020], according to police.  [Video clip]

Protesters try to topple Andrew Jackson statue near White House.  D.C. police said that it appeared protesters Monday [6/22/2020] were trying to take down a statue of Andrew Jackson in a park near the White House.  D.C. police and U.S. Park Police moved demonstrators back from Lafayette Square Park, as protesters told NBC Washington that they wanted to tear the statue down.  The statue shows Jackson in a military uniform, riding a horse that is rearing on its hind legs, the Associated Press reported.  The 19th century president's ruthless treatment of Native Americans has made his statue a target of demonstrators protesting the United States' legacy of racial injustice.

Denver City Council meeting stormed by protesters demanding for the defunding of the police.  Following a scheduled 30-minute public comment and right before Denver City Council commenced its regular Monday evening meeting, council chambers were overtaken by protesters demanding racial justice and calling for the defunding of the police.  Council President Jolon Clark of District 7 at first tried to compromise, but his efforts weren't kindly received.

Minneapolis Was Shattered Because of Riots.  Now a Shooting Leaves 11 Injured and One Dead.  In the wee hours Sunday morning, 12 people sustained gunshot wounds in Minneapolis' Uptown, just a few miles from where George Floyd was killed.  Eleven received non-life-threatening injuries but one succumbed to their injuries.  Initially, Minneapolis Police thought there were only 10 victims.  That number later climbed to 12.  According to Libor Jany, a reporter for the Star Tribune, there was confusion about the number of victims because the area had multiple shootings overnight.

Ten People Shot in Minneapolis, Reports of '100 People Fighting With Various Weapons'.  Ten were shot in Minneapolis after midnight on Sunday morning [6/21/2020] and there were reports of up to 100 people brawling using "various weapons" in the area.  Minneapolis has been severely under policed since the rioting began, as politicians and media continue to cause hostility towards law enforcement.  [Video clip]

Suspects Sought in Minneapolis, Syracuse Shootings.  Minneapolis police are seeking suspects in Saturday night's shooting in a popular nightlife section of the city that left one person dead and 11 wounded.  Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo called the shooting "tragic and senseless."  He added "we absolutely do have several leads" on suspects and that the FBI and state agencies are helping.  The city has not recovered from last month's death of George Floyd, an African American man who died while in the custody of white police officers, setting off worldwide protests against racism and police.

White kid knocked out, then stomped on by mob.  Police in Ocean City, Maryland, are probing what media are describing as a "large brawl" on the ocean boardwalk.  But video obtained by a Washington, D.C., Fox affiliate shows the June 9 incident was a "brutal beating" that could have killed a white child in an apparently racially motivated incident, reported the Gateway Pundit blog.  The video shows the child was knocked out and the mob continued to beat him.  At least one person stomped on the boy.  Police also are investigating several other violent incidents that happened June 9 in the resort town on the boardwalk and the beach.

Angry Mob In New Orleans Surrounds Police Car After Trans-Woman Arrested, Force Cop To Release Her.  A woman [sic] who was detained by police during Black Lives Matter protests in New Orleans was immediately released after hundreds of demonstrators surrounded the patrol car officers were going to take her [sic] away in.  It was not known what led to the woman's [sic] arrest or why she [sic] was eventually released from the patrol car, the Times-Picayune reports.  [Video clip]

Hundreds of looters breaking into a Tampa Walmart.  Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has released shocking video of hundreds of looters breaking into a Tampa Walmart last month.  Deputies are asking for the public's help to find some of the suspects who they say stole more than $100k in merchandise.

Hundreds of looters storm a Florida Walmart and make off with $100,000 worth of merchandise.  Authorities in Florida have released disturbing surveillance video showing the moment hundreds of looters broke into a closed Walmart and stole more than $100,000 worth of merchandise.  The incident took place on the night of May 30 during George Floyd protests in Tampa and the surrounding areas.  The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office on Thursday [6/11/2020] issued a plea to the public seeking help with identifying the looters who ransacked the Walmart at 2701 East Fletcher Ave. in Tampa.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
I check the news every day.  I wonder why I've only seen this in the British press and the relatively obscure LiveLeak.

Aerial shot shows thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters on Brighton promenade.  Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in Brighton today (June 13) to march through the streets.  Aerial footage shot by drone shows thousands of marchers moving along the beach and shore-side promenade to support the cause.

Democrats Are Destroying America.  [Video clip]

Mobs Filmed Rampaging Throughout Ocean City, Maryland.  Shocking videos out of Ocean City, Maryland show giant mobs of thugs attacking people on the boardwalk and in the streets over the past few days as lockdown restrictions were lifted.  While the media has been hyper-focused on policing microaggressions and "Karens," these giant mob attacks appear to have received zero coverage outside of local news.

Chicago Looters Actually Rob A Moving Train.  [Language warning]  [Video clip]

Philly Police Chief Orders No Arrests, Teen Thugs Take Advantage With Thieving Mobs.  A few weeks ago, as soon as news of the coronavirus suddenly became the most important thing, the left-leaning police chief in Philadelphia sent out instructions telling cops not to arrest 'nonviolent' crimes, like muggings, petty theft, etc.  But, of course, the violators of lockdown orders are arrested.  Now, businesses in the city are complaining of thuggish teen mobs swarming their stores, stealing whatever they can carry and running out.

Hide The Children, It's A Typical Afternoon At Chuck E Cheese.  [Video clip]

What in the Ghetto is Going On Here?    [Video clip]

Another Day, Another Mall Riot, This Time In Providence.  Police say several juveniles were among eight people arrested after at least three fights broke out at a Rhode Island mall.  Police say a small disagreement involving two young men broke out on the third floor of the Providence Place Mall at about 9 p.m.  Saturday [12/28/2019].  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl At Opry Mills Mall Cause Shoppers To Flee For Their Lives.  According to authorities, a fight broke out at Opry Mills Mall, Nashville, causing mall-goers to run frantically.  During the incident, a few juveniles were seen shouting 'shooting' and escalated more people to run and exit the mall.  [Video clip]

Fight involving as many as 200 teens forces temporary closure of two California malls.  Two Stockton, Calif., malls were forced to close this week after police say as many as 200 teens were involved in a brawl.  According to multiple reports, the Stockton Police Department said the Weberstown and Sherwood malls closed early on Thursday [12/26/2019] after 150 to 200 youths became involved in a large brawl around 5:30 p.m.

At Westroads Mall in Omaha:  Multiple Fights, Cops Shooting Pepper Balls, Sheer Madness!.  Authorities are investigating what triggered a brawl at Westroads Mall Thursday night involving a crowd of teenagers.  The disturbance eventually spilled out into the parking lot where police confirm that pepper balls were used to contain the disturbance.  Cell phone video from inside shows the chaos as authorities tried to calm the melee.

The Editor says...
This video clip, and many others, show one thing the news reports won't discuss:  Apparently one hundred percent of the violence is perpetrated by blacks.  The news media refers to them as "teens" and "youths," but won't state the obvious:  This is all instigated by young blacks.

Police look into night of mayhem at Westroads Mall.  Authorities are investigating what triggered a brawl at Westroads Mall Thursday night involving a crowd of teenagers.  The disturbance eventually spilled out into the parking lot where police confirm that pepper balls were used to contain the disturbance.  Cell phone video from inside shows the chaos as authorities tried to calm the melee.  Police said the crowd had grown progressively unruly throughout the night until the conflict boiled over into physical battles.

Massive brawl involving hundreds of people forces Connecticut mall to close early.  Major fights broke out at a Connecticut mall, forcing authorities to shutter the shopping center hours early, according to police and new reports.  The fights — involving "in excess of a couple hundred" people — broke out around 6 p.m.  Thursday at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford, where panicked shoppers streamed out three hours before its usual closing time, police told local outlet WTNH.

9 teens arrested after hundreds storm Ohio mall and began fighting.  At least nine minors were arrested for fighting each other and police during a teen rampage at a Cincinnati area mall.  Reports said police were called to the Northgate Mall on Thursday because employees and shoppers were fearful of the hundreds of teens fighting there.  Sources said the massive group busted into the mall all at once, causing chaos and disturbing shoppers.  The single security guard on duty at the time was largely outnumbered and immediately called for backup.

12 arrested after massive fight involving teens breaks out at Northgate Mall, police say.  Eleven juveniles and one adult were arrested after a large fight involving hundreds of kids broke out at the Northgate Mall in Colerain Township on Thursday [12/26/2019].  The fight happened at the mall's food court just before 6 p.m., according to police at the scene.  Police said nearly 200 juveniles were inside the mall at the time of the fight, but it's unclear how many of them were involved in the fight.

Wild melee breaks out at upstate New York mall on Christmas Eve.  A wild brawl erupted at an upstate New York mall on Christmas Eve, with the fighters wreaking havoc in The Beef Jerky Outlet.  In a viral clip posted to Twitter at least 10 people battle each other in the melee at Albany's Crossgates Mall.  A number of combatants appear to single out one person, throwing punches and forcing them into a wall, knocking down display items in the process.  [Video clip]

7 Arrested in Wild Brawl at Connecticut Mall.  Seven people were arrested after fights broke out at the Westfield-Trumbull mall Thursday [12/26/2019], according to police.  Police said officers who were patrolling the mall responded to a fight between several teenagers on the upper level of the mall near Target around 7 p.m.  Officers broke up the brawl, but others broke out at different spots in the mall. [...] Fights also broke out at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford and the Westfarms shopping center in West Hartford Thursday.

Hundreds of teens storm Cincinnati-area mall, start fights, police say.  Police started getting calls about 6 p.m. from frightened shoppers and workers who said they were hiding in fear.  Sgt. Jim Love said Colerain Police made several arrests, and more could be coming after the mall had to be shut down and evacuated.  The young people also stormed nearby streets.  Investigators believe the teens responded to a Facebook post telling people to come to the mall.  "This was a social-media organized situation," Love said.

9 times police were called to CT malls because of fighting.  [#1] A year ago, on Dec. 27 2018, a series of disturbances were reported at the Connecticut Post Mall.  Police described several "disturbances and altercations" but said they weren't connected.  Police said at least 100 teens were involved, and the mall closed early, as it did this year.  [#2] Police reported to a fight involving as many as 300 youths, also on Dec. 27, 2018, at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills mall in Manchester.

Police: Milford mall closed after 'huge fights'.  Reports indicated that several fights also broke out at the Westfarms Mall in Farmington.  Police reportedly arrested two people after the disturbance, but the mall remained open.  Last year on Dec. 26, police officers arrested one juvenile after what officials called several "disturbances and altercations" at the Milford mall.  Although the incidents that day in 2018 apparently were not connected, there was also a fight involving an estimated 200 to 300 youths at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester.  Four people were arrested in the Manchester mall fight.

The Editor says...
Use your favorite search engine and look for "mall fights," or search YouTube for "Mall Brawl Compilation" to see many more cases just like the above.

Cordova Mall Brawl, teens fight right next to Santa.  A group of teenagers will be on Santa's naughty list after a large brawl broke out at Cordova Mall on Saturday [12/21/2019].  Videos provided to Channel 3 News by eyewitnesses show a fight breaking out right next to where children line up to meet Santa.  [Video clip]

Teens arrested after shopping mall beating of off-duty CHP officer.  Two teens were arrested and six more are being sought for the assault of a girl and an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer after a disturbing attack at a shopping mall in Emeryville, authorities said.  The robbery victim returned to Bay Street mall around 8 p.m.  Friday after her phone had been stolen and she found a group of juveniles who she believed were associates of the person who took her phone, Emeryville police said in a statement.  In surveillance video shared by authorities, a girl approaches a group of about eight teens when one of them, wearing a white hoodie and red baseball cap, pushes her away with his right hand.  A second teen then towers over the girl.  [Video clip]

Off-duty officer attacked by 8 teens while trying to help alleged theft victim.  Authorities say surveillance video shows a young woman approach a group of teenagers on the night of Black Friday at the Bay Street Mall in Emeryville, California.  She claimed the group stole her cell phone from her 30 minutes earlier and demanded they give it back.  The group of eight allegedly began violently shoving her.  An off-duty officer with the California Highway Patrol witnessed the incident and intervened on the woman's behalf.  [Video clip]

After the Impeachment.  An overview of past riots indicates what is possible when hatred and fury prevail:
  •   In 1965, the Watts Riots lasted six days with nearly 1,000 buildings looted, damaged, and set on fire, 34 people killed, and 3,500 arrested.
  •   In 1967, the Detroit Riots ended up with 43 people dead, 2,000 buildings destroyed and 7,400 people arrested.
  •   The 1992 Rodney King riots in LA caused 63 deaths, about 1,100 buildings damaged from hundreds of fires with total property damage of about $1 billion.
  •   During the recent 2015 riots in Baltimore, more than 100 citizens took to the streets to throw bricks and bottles.  Approximately 300 businesses were damaged, 27 stores looted, 150 vehicles were burned, at least 20 police officers were injured and the city was in a State of Emergency for nearly a month.  During the next month there were 43 homicides and more than 100 non-fatal shootings.

Video shows men fleeing store with armfuls of merchandise.  A cell phone video is tearing across social media after a customer appeared to catch a group of individuals running from a Nike store with armfuls of stolen merchandise.  The video was reportedly captured around 8:30 p.m. on Monday evening [11/11/2019] at the Nike Factory Store at the Mountain Grove Shopping Center in Redlands, California, according to a report from Fox.  The footage shows at least five men carrying as much Nike gear as they could before fleeing, allegedly stealing costly apparel as well as shoes still tucked into their boxes.

Woman pistol-whipped, robbed in St. Paul.  A group of male juveniles pistol-whipped and robbed a woman Monday in St. Paul with her 2-year-old son nearby, according to police.  The St. Paul Police Department said the victim stopped her car in a large parking lot near North Mackubin Street and Charles Avenue at about 2:15 p.m. to make a call with her 2-year-old son in the back seat.  The victim told police male juveniles suddenly surrounded her vehicle, and one opened her driver's door while holding a black handgun.

Teens recorded attack instead of helping fatally stabbed student: cops.  A Long Island teen was fatally stabbed at a strip mall near his high school as dozens of other students pulled out their cellphones to record the melee rather than to help him, police said.  Khaseen Morris, a 16-year-old senior at Oceanside High School, was stabbed once in the chest Monday afternoon during an apparent dispute over a girl.  He later died at a hospital after many of the 50 to 70 teens who gathered nearby recorded the bloody attack and made no attempt to stop it, Nassau County police said at a news conference Tuesday [9/17/2019].

Onlookers wish death on officers after fatal shootout on Staten Island.  Onlookers pelted police with profanities and death wishes shortly after officers killed a career criminal in wild a shootout that left a cop with a bullet in her hand.  [A man] bellowed [...] at a police cordon for about two consecutive minutes along the Clifton street, where the officer was struck on the left hand around 8:45 a.m. [...] Much of the invective came from a group of 14 people restricted to the driveway of one Prince Street home while cops painstakingly processed the scene where the Finest was wounded and gunman Gregory Edwards was shot dead.

Videos of Minneapolis robberies, mob-style beatings go viral.  Fox News has obtained a series of disturbing videos showing mob-style attacks in downtown Minneapolis in which police say "vulnerable" victims were targeted and brutally beaten for valuables such as cellphones.  Police told Fox News that an "incredible" law enforcement investigation led to the arrest of 16 people in connection to the videos.  They face assault and robbery charges, among others.

Horrific Video Of Man Being Beaten By Mob In Ilhan Omar's 5th District.  What makes this even more horrible is that this is not a one-off.  16 people were arrested in connection with this event, but there were other similar videos of people also being beaten in the same area.

Robbery victims targeted for cellphones, beaten in downtown Minneapolis.  The Minneapolis Police Department has arrested more than a dozen suspects involved in crime ring that focused on robbing cellphones from intoxicated people and then beating the victims.  According to a report provided by Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder, a three-day sweep conducted two weeks ago ended with police arresting 16 people between the ages of 13 and 25.  The suspects are seen on surveillance video punching, kicking and riding over one man with a bike.

Why teens shoot video of violence instead of helping.  The incendiary trend of teen violence going viral on social media has raised the question:  Why isn't anyone helping?  Monday [9/16/2019] on Long Island, a group of his peers taped 16-year-old Khaseen Morris being beaten in a strip mall parking lot.  Khaseen later died at the hospital.  The young bystanders "videoed his death instead of helping him," Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said in a press conference Tuesday [9/17/2019.  Experts say the problem is a relatively new one, which could have consequences on the teens' mental health for the rest of their lives.

Thieves Clearing Out An Apple Store.  Burlingame [California] police said thieves got away with about $50,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple store Thursday night [8/29/2019].  [Video clip]

Thieves steal $50K worth of products from Burlingame Apple store.  Burlingame police said thieves got away with about $50,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple store Thursday night [8/29/2019].  Seven suspects, described as males between ages 16 and 21, ran inside and grabbed just about everything they could off of the display tables, according to the Burlingame Police Department.

$70K Worth Of Items Stolen From Burlingame Apple Store In 3rd Hit In A Month.  Burlingame police are looking for a group of suspects who stole a haul of around $70,000 from an Apple store on Thursday night.  This is the third time this month that the store has been hit.  Eight black males entered the Apple Store on Burlingame Avenue at around 8:20 p.m. and stole the devices on display, according to Sgt. Bolanos of Burlingame PD.  The suspects then fled in two separate vehicles and remain at large.

'Back To School Brawl' Of 100 Teens Prompts Police, Paramedics To Rush To Scene.  On Thursday, a massive brawl involving at least 100 individuals near Stagg High School in Stockton, California, prompted police and paramedics to rush to the scene to try to get the situation under control and provide help to those who had been injured.  The incident, which was caught on video, resulted in at least one arrest.  In a "wild scene" reported by CBS Sacramento, just after school Thursday afternoon, dozens of students became embroiled in a sprawling brawl that "spilled off-campus" and ultimately involved at minimum 100 individuals.

Chaos erupts at meeting about proposed Minneapolis development.  Tension boiled over at an open house for a Minneapolis development project Friday night [8/30/2019].  The city wants to create an Africa Village Market in the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood.  The building, which could be 10 stories high, would replace a parking lot on Fourth Street S., according to city officials.  Construction is anticipated to start in 2021 and the marketplace would open in 2022.  "So much of the vision is still to be created," said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.  "This could be everything from affordable housing, to small entrepreneur space to allow small and local businesses to scale a great idea faster."

Viral video shows youth tossing scooters into Detroit River, damaging property.  Detroit Police have a message for a band of hellions responsible for flinging scooters into the Detroit River, rolling the contraptions downhill in an attempt to knock people down and pushing a man to the ground.  They're coming for you.  The antics were caught in a viral video making the rounds on social media.

Cop-Hating Mob At Housing Project Injures Three NYPD Officers.  An angry cop-hating mob attacked and injured police in Brooklyn projects.  Three NYPD police officers were hospitalized with injuries after a cop-hating mob in the Brooklyn housing projects attacked them during a party on Saturday, the NY Post reported.  Obama's disrespect of police has advanced in Bill de Blasio's New York.  Cop hating mobs will be their legacies.

Cop-hating mob at Brooklyn housing project injures three NYPD officers.  Roving, cop-hating mobs erupted in violence, taunts and gunfire in Brooklyn overnight into Sunday, leaving three officers with minor injuries.  At least some of the injuries were caused by "air mail," objects thrown down at cops from rooftops, police at the scene in Bedford-Stuyvesant told The [New York] Post.  By early Sunday [8/18/2019], 11 people had been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.  The violence came after a series of water dousing attacks on NYPD officers throughout the city this summer.

Social breakdown:  Philly residents throw objects at, shove, physically confront officers responding to police ambush.  As Philadelphia police officers responded to an ambush of their fellow officers Wednesday afternoon [8/14/2019], residents of the City of Brotherly Love pelted some of them with objects, in what has become the latest sign of social breakdown and resistance to authority in another major American city.  Officers under fire, meanwhile, were struggling to gain control of the situation involving an armed suspect, even as some Philly residents were also seen impeding officers, confronting them in an aggressive manner, and shoving them.

Philly residents reportedly taunt and harass officers during active cop shooting.  A crowd of what appeared to be local residents allegedly harassed, taunted, and threw objects at Philadelphia Police Department officers Wednesday evening as they reportedly worked to resolve a standoff with a dangerous, armed suspect who'd already shot six officers.  The evidence is twofold.  Video footage shared to Twitter late Wednesday evening by an unverified account shows a crowd of unruly, disrespectful locals harassing officers allegedly outside of the apartment building where Maurice Hill, a Philadelphia man with a lengthy history of crime, was holed up.  [Video clip]

DC Tourist Savagely Beaten, Stomped, Spit on by Gang of Youths at Hilton Hotel Where Reagan Was Shot.  A tourist was savagely beaten, stomped and spit on by a gang of over a dozen youths at the entrance to the Washington Hilton Hotel around 1 a.m. on July 14, according to Washington, D.C. police who released hotel surveillance video showing the brutal unprovoked attack.  The Hilton — located about twelve blocks north of the White House at 1919 Connecticut Avenue and T Street, NW — is a key part of official Washington, playing host to presidents, foreign dignitaries, business and political gatherings including the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

Brutal Assault In DC.  The [Washington, DC] Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public's assistance in identifying 14 persons of interest in reference to an Aggravated Assault incident which occurred in the 1900 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW, on Saturday, July 13, 2019, at approximately 1:00 AM.

The Editor says...
This story involves a group of about twenty violent black perpetrators conducting an unprovoked and coordinated attack on a lone white man.  If the colors were reversed, this would have been a viral (Breaking News!) national "hate crime" story.

Gang of teens beat up mentally disabled girl in disturbing video.  A mentally disabled girl was ruthlessly beaten by a group of teens in Chicago as bystanders cruelly laughed and recorded the assault, disturbing video shows.  A 42-second clip posted to social media on Monday [7/22/2019] shows the girl, 15, walking with a group of several other girls and at least one boy when one of the girls suddenly punches her from behind.  A witness who was already recording the teens walking then immediately starts laughing as the other girls — as many as five at one point — join the unprovoked attack.  "They beating her," one teen says while chuckling.  [Video clip]

A teen girl was beaten as onlookers laughed, caught in viral video.  Chicago police are investigating an attack on a teenage girl after cellphone video shared online showed her being repeatedly struck by a group of people as onlookers laugh.  Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted Tuesday [7/23/2019] that the video "is beyond disturbing to watch and this young girl deserves far better."  He says the video has been forwarded to the department's Special Victims Unit and a criminal investigation is under way.

4 boys arrested during dramatic armed robbery at Streetsboro Verizon store (bodycam and surveillance video).  Four suspects burst into a Verizon store on Wednesday [7/17/2019], put a gun to a clerk's head, tied him up and demanded that he open a safe in the back room.  As police converged on the scene, the bound clerk escaped from the suspects and made his way into the arms of officers.

The Editor says...
You can click the link above, or you could just go to to see the video, without having to watch the plastic-coated TV anchor team state the obvious, build up the video in advance, put on a phony alarmed act, tell you what you can already see with your own eyes, and then promote tomorrow's show.

Shoplifters ransack store, get away with $30K+ of merchandise.  The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is working to identify ten male suspects after they were caught on camera stealing more than $30,000 worth of merchandise from the North Face store at the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets.  News spoke with Police Chief David Smetana about the incident — which happened Monday evening, July 1.

Roughly 60 Teens Run Amok, Ravage Philadelphia Walgreens.  Philadelphia police have released video of the July 4 incident in which a surging crowd of roughly 60 teenagers marauded through a Philadelphia Walgreens, stealing merchandise, destroying property and reportedly throwing a bottle at the head of an employee who tried to intervene.

Surveillance Video Shows Group Of About 60 Teens Vandalizing, Looting Walgreens On South Street.  Philadelphia police have released surveillance video showing dozens of teens vandalizing and stealing from a South Street Walgreens on the 4th of July.  The incident happened at the store on the 1800 block of South Street in the Graduate Hospital section of the city.

Teens Allegedly Loot Walgreens in Downtown Philly.  A group of teenagers allegedly looted a Walgreens in downtown Philadelphia Thursday evening [7/4/2019], according to video footage of the incident.  The video showed dozens of teens running through the streets on Philadelphia's South Street Thursday, but things began to get violent when a group of 60 teens descended on Walgreens.  CBS Philly reported that as the crowd moved west on South Street and violence broke out around 10 p.m., authorities advised businesses and residents to lock their doors.

The Editor says...
There's an adjective missing from this news story.  Hint:  Five letters, starts with a B.

3 Stabbed, 16 Others Hospitalized After Altercation, Stampede At Navy Pier Fourth Of July Celebrations.  Three people were stabbed at Navy Pier around the time of the annual fireworks display Thursday night [7/4/2019], and 16 others were hospitalized for injuries after being trampled in the following stampede, Chicago police confirm.

NYPD ramps up patrols at Staten Island Mall in wake of attacks.  Police have ramped up patrols at the Staten Island Mall as they investigate five attacks by groups of young girls on other girls in the past 10 days, according to reports.  Four of the attacks took place on June 21 and were committed by a group of black and Hispanic girls aged 12 and 13, according to the Staten Island Advance, which cited a law enforcement source.  Their victims were all white, but authorities do not believe race played a role in the attacks, according to the news outlet.

25 officers injured in Tennessee [riot] after U.S. Marshals fatally shoot felony suspect.  Armed officers and an angry crowd faced off after a Tennessee man was fatally shot by U.S. Marshals in a working-class Memphis neighborhood.  People in the crowd threw rocks and bricks, with 25 officers suffering mostly minor injuries during the clash Wednesday night in the Frayser community in north Memphis.  Officers cordoned off several blocks.  By 11 p.m., officers had used tear gas and most of the crowd dispersed, police director Michael Rallings said at a Thursday morning [6/13/2019] news conference.  Three people were arrested.

Dozens of police officers injured in Memphis riots over fatal shooting.  At least two dozen police officers and two journalists were injured in violent riots that broke out in Memphis overnight, the city's mayor said Thursday [6/13/2019].  Six officers were taken to the hospital, Mayor Jim Strickland said in a statement.  The injuries came amid clashes between police and protesters sparked by a fatal shooting in north Memphis on Wednesday night [6/12/2019].

Memphis Shooting Protest & Riot.  A Memphis shooting protest and riot in Frayser has left officers and reporters on the scene with minor injuries, according to local reports.  The shooting occurred in the 2000 block of Durham in Memphis and involved the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, a U.S. Marshal Service, at about 7 p.m. local time, officials said.  Officials have not released any details on the shooting.  A local reporter said marshals were serving a warrant on a "violent suspect" who "pulled a rifle" on a marshal.  He was identified as Brandon Webber.

Video: Memphis Police Shooting Was 100% Justified.  But 36 Memphis officers and sheriff's deputies were injured during a large protest.  [Video clip]

Rep. Omar's (Somali) Constituency Terrorizes White Community.  Last Friday [5/17/2019], a dispatch audio from the Minneapolis Police Department reveals that an incident involving "a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers" occurred near the University of Minnesota in the "Little Mogadishu" neighborhood.  Turns out this was a group of juveniles ages 12 [to] 15.  In the police reports their names are redacted due to the fact that they are minors.  It is clear that the group of males were Somali minors and were targeting white people and people who they perceived to "have money," according to one eyewitness account.

Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis East Bank LRT Patrons.  [Scroll down]  A mob of eight to 10 males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday night [5/17/2019] injuring several, according to recorded police dispatch audio.  The incident was apparently reported to 911 just before 10 p.m. on Friday according to the audio and other social media police scanner reports.  A 9:48 p.m.  Facebook post on 2nd Precinct Minneapolis Crime Watch page said that University of Minnesota (U of M) police were requesting assistance from Minneapolis police (MPD) and Metro Transit police for "a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers" and that some people were injured.  A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to "multiple [911] calls" about "10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people," also with "several injuries reported."  Both Facebook pages regularly post summaries of police scanner audio.  A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had "hammers and bars," and that they seemed to be "attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white."

Information slowly emerging about pipe-wielding mob of Somali 'youths' who attacked people waiting for light rail train in Minneapolis last Friday.  My hometown of Minneapolis has been totally transformed by the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees from Somalis, one of whom now represents the city and a few suburbs in Congress.  Nobody there was asked if such a makeover was desired by the residents; State Department officials decided that the generous welfare benefits available in Minnesota were reason enough to send people whose native land is tropical to the coldest major city in the United States.  But now that the old 97%-plus Caucasian city has been made into a multicultural exemplar, the local establishment, including the newspapers and broadcasters, is ultra-protective of its prized diversity-endowing Somali community.  That might explain why the news of a horrific attack on people waiting for a light rail train at the University of Minnesota has been so slow to emerge.

Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis East Bank LRT Patrons.  A mob of eight to 10 males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday night [5/17/2019]injuring several, according to recorded police dispatch audio.

Whitewashing Black College Beach Week.  Black College Beach Week was organized by black people, for black people, promoted by black people, on black radio stations, at black colleges.  They sent buses to pick up members of black fraternities and sororities.  And they brought them all to Virginia Beach.  And they raised holy, violent, unapologetic, race-conscious hell.  Or as WTKR TV described the week:  "Guns, knives, fights:  Complete chaos."  Much of it was on video.  Even so, every step of the way, local politicos and media types tried to minimize and deny the violence and who was responsible.

Orange Crush organizer arrested, but event continues drawing crowd.  Police dealt a blow to a major Spring Break event on Saturday, when a major organizer was arrested.  Tybee Island police arrested George Ransom Turner III late Friday evening [4/26/2019] and charged him with serious damage to personal and real property.  Turner was listed in a statement from the city as an organizer for the annual "Orange Crush" event held on the island each year — albeit unofficially since no one tied to it apparently secured a permit.  He also allegedly gave a fake name to arriving officers.  Police said that more than 200 people left the home upon their arrival.

Outbreak of Colorblindness Strikes Chicago Reporters.  Chicago picked a strange time to go all colorblind on us.  The occasion was the occasional riot in one of America's premier high-end shopping districts:  the Magnificent Mile.  Wednesday night [4/17/2019], 500 people rampaged through downtown looting, destroying property, attacking white people, defying police, stopping traffic, threatening tourists, and created lots of mayhem and chaos.  All on video.  Some of which you can find [online].  If local media is to be believed, race had nothing to do with the fact that every single one of the rioters was black.  Strange behavior from a local media that is obsessed with race, especially white racism and black victimization.

Alderman believes Foxx's "soft on crime" policies to blame for "wilding" by teens in Chicago.  A Chicago alderman believes "soft on crime" policies by Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx helped embolden hundreds of teens who took part in a massive "wilding" in downtown Chicago Wednesday night [4/17/2019].  Chicago police say more than 30 teens were arrested, and it has merchants on the Mag Mile jittery.  Police estimate about 500 teens, spurred on by social media, flooded into the downtown area, many intending to create havoc.

Disruption breaks loose at a gas station brawl over hot dogs.  A frank discussion turned nasty at an Ohio gas station where a quartet allegedly accused of stealing hot dogs went on a rampage.  Four women were caught on video attacking a man with everything they could get their hands on when he stepped in to stop them from beating up another female customer, according to Cam Dancy, who posted the video on YouTube and spoke to Cleveland's 19 News.

Transgender woman 'beaten unconscious' by mob in Texas.  Police are investigating the brutal beating of a transgender woman in Texas after an apparent outbreak of "mob violence" was caught on camera. [...] A police spokesman said on Sunday [4/14/2019] that the woman's identity would not be released.

Several injured as Nipsey Hussle memorial ends abruptly after stampede of people.  Hundreds of mourners who had gathered Monday night to remember Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle fled the memorial in droves after inaccurate reports of shots fired in the area. [...] While a member of the crowd shared some words on the late rapper, dozens of people who had gathered outside Hussle's store started running away.  People fell on top of each other as they tried to flee amid the dense crowd, many of whom lost their shoes along the way.

McDonald's security guard pepper-sprayed by customer during melee in Atlantic City.  Police are investigating a lengthy melee at a McDonald's restaurant in Atlantic City that involved a woman standing on a counter and twice pepper-spraying a security guard during a fight over the weekend. [...] Video posted on the Facebook page of Scan Atlantic City shows women already behind the counter tossing wrapped food and straws during a chaotic scene.  One of the women then climbs on the counter and pepper-sprays a security guard twice.

Chicago police forced by mob to release drug dealer.  As the Chicago Tribune reported, on March 20th, two tactical police officers from the Chicago PD were in the process of arresting a suspected drug dealer on the city's west side.  After securing the suspect and confiscating a bundle of drugs as evidence, placing them in the patrol car, the officers were surrounded by a group of men who began to threaten them.  At least one claimed to be armed and demanded the suspect be released or he would shoot the cops.  Someone in the mob stole the drugs from the patrol car and fled, with one officer giving pursuit.  The threatened violence surrounding the patrol car escalated and the cops wound up releasing the suspect and leaving the scene.

Shocking video shows a group of bikini-clad women having a HUGE fight in Miami during Spring Break.  It's Spring Break in Miami, and fists are flying.  A shocking video has emerged on social media over the weekend showing a colossal brawl involving dozens of scantily-clad women in South Beach.  The cellphone recording, which was uploaded to the video-sharing site on Sunday [3/17/2019], shows young women dressed in swimsuits and brightly colored beach coverups mercilessly pummeling one another in the middle of the road.

Rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie event sparks chaos, violence at Queens Center mall.  Chaos erupted at Queens Center mall Friday evening [3/8/2019] during a planned event for rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie.  Video posted to social media shows people punching, kicking and stomping on each other, as well as looting the stores.  Authorities say rapper "A Boogie wit da Hoodie," whose real name is Julius Dubose, was at the mall for an appearance at the Puma store when the fight broke out within the huge crowd that had gathered.

Massive brawl erupts over crab legs at Chinese buffet in Queens.  A massive caught-on-video brawl over crab legs erupted inside of a Chinese buffet in Queens last month after one diner accused another of being a "privileged white bitch," according to patrons and a victim involved.  The wild incident unfolded inside of the Queens Buffet eatery on Atlantic Avenue in Ozone Park on Feb. 23 at around 7 p.m., police said.  A victim, who would only identify herself as Christine, 39, told The [New York] Post Thursday [3/7/2019] that the melee started when her 10-year-old son was waiting at the buffet for crab legs and another woman "pushed him with her hip."  [Video clip]

Video shows group of women allegedly trying to attack food court employees after their credit card was declined.  A group of shoppers at the Galleria mall food court in Houston were captured on camera yelling at employees and trying to jump the counter of Charleys Philly Steaks.  The outlandish behavior was captured on multiple people's cellphones.  According to ABC13, the incident occurred on Sunday after a woman's credit card was declined at the fast food restaurant.  The woman and her group allegedly attacked innocent workers who had nothing to do with her account, her balance or the machine.

Group of women attack food court employees at mall after card is declined, manager says.  A group of mall shoppers were caught on camera yelling and trying to jump over the counter at a Charley's Philly Steaks inside the Galleria mall food court in Houston, Texas.  The angry outburst took place Sunday [1/20/2019] when a woman in the group had her card declined, an assistant manager told ABC13.

The Editor says...
The Galleria in Houston was a really nice place 40 years ago.

Roaming mob of 'urban youth' terrorized Chicago's 'Magnificent Mile' in below-freezing weather, sent Asian bystander to the hospital.  Cold weather no longer is acting as a deterrent to the marauding mobs of teenagers (of no particular demographic characteristic, according to Chicago mainstream media) roaming through Chicago's showcase shopping district along Upper Michigan Avenue around the Water Tower.  News of the attack could not be ignored, because the famous Water Tower Place Mall had to be closed and because the mob sent an innocent bystander waiting on a subway platform to the hospital.

Teens fighting at Arden Fair leads to shutdown and mall's early closing.  According to police spokesman Sgt. Vance Chandler, a large group of youths caused a disturbance inside the mall at about 6 p.m. [12/29/2018]  According to witnesses at the mall, police closed entrances to the shopping center after officers encountered the group inside. [...] Chandler said that fights took place inside the mall and outside as well with "at least a couple hundred juveniles that were here causing a disturbance and fighting."

Another Large Brawl At Arden Fair Mall Forces Early Closure.  For the second time in three days, police were forced to break up large crowds of teenagers fighting in and outside the Arden Fair Mall.  The fighting started around 6 o'clock Saturday night when police say several hundred teenagers began surging through the mall.

Here's a Definite Round Up of All the Best Black Friday Brawls You Missed Today.  There's a chill in the air, pretty much everybody's diet is out the window, and the spirit of consumerism is in the air.  Black Friday is always special, but this year, it somehow felt even better.  Maybe it's because everybody has a cell phone and is able to capture the most bloody, brutal, savage and unbelievable brawls of the year.

You Didn't Hear About This Mob Attack in Minnesota.  On Saturday, September 22, 2018, while the world focused on the tragedy in Iran of the Ahvaz military parade attack carried out by ISIS, a mob of Somali Muslim men and boys rushed the entrance to Valleyfair, a family amusement park that had set aside the day to honor law enforcement in Minnesota.  The mob overcame security, jumping fences avoiding metal detectors while bringing in weapons.  It was a direct, premeditated attack on police and security.  Backup had to be called in along with fire trucks, ambulances and even a police helicopter.  This attack should be understood as a "dry run" test (in counterterrorism parlance).

Black Violence:  The Terror That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  On Halloween, hundreds of black people rampaged through Hyde Park in Chicago — home to Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and Louis Farrakhan — destroying property, defying police, setting fires.  Watch any of the videos, then try to tell the neighbors they are not being terrorized.  But no one was arrested, so it never happened.  Except on video.  In South Jersey, two white kids were hospitalized with serious head injuries they received after they refused to give their trick or treat candy to the 10-20 black people who demanded it.  Think that's not an act of terror just because the black people did not leave a thank you note?  Or a sign that said 'Vote for Maxine?' Or a demand for more free stuff?  Guess again.  In Dallas, five cops were killed during a Black Lives Matter parade.  Afterward, black people looted a 7-11 then stuck around under the gaze of local police, dancing — yes, dancing — with joy, celebrating the carnage.

Only slightly off-topic:
Floor collapse near Clemson University leaves at least 30 hurt, authorities say.  At least 30 party attendees were injured early Sunday [10/21/2018] when a floor collapsed at an apartment complex near Clemson University in South Carolina, sending guests falling several feet into a clubhouse basement, authorities said.  Clemson police received a call around 12:30 a.m. reporting the collapse at the Woodlands of Clemson Apartment, police Chief Jimmy Dixon told FOX Carolina.

They danced and jumped to celebrate homecoming weekend.  Then the floor gave way.  As a crowded group of Clemson University students and local residents danced and jumped around at an apartment clubhouse late Saturday night, Jeremy Tester felt something strange beneath his feet.  "You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of," he said, "but nobody thought it was going to happen.  They just kept going."  But suddenly the floor gave way.  Dozens of partiers dropped into free fall and landed in a mass of sprawling bodies in the basement.

Police: Brawl Involving Up To 200 Students Erupts Outside McDonald's In Hunting Park.  Over a dozen juveniles were arrested and cited after police say a large brawl involving up to 200 school students erupted outside of a McDonald's in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia.  Police say they were called for a report of a large fight on Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue around 3:40 p.m.  Police say when they arrived it "immediately deteriorated into a riotous condition" with roughly 150 to 200 students fighting and instigating.

Juvenile center brawl gets out of hand.  New video obtained by the [New York] Post shows the wild gang melee at the city's new juvenile center Wednesday [10/3/2018] that left 20 officers injured.  The footage, which begins mid-brawl, shows correction officers at the Horizon Juvenile Center in the Bronx frantically scrambling to get the teenage inmates under control.  [Video clip]

Minnesota: Somalis Riot at Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation.  On Saturday September 22, 2018 at the ValleyFair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, police and emergency responders had to evacuate all guests after a mob of Somali teenagers and men rushed through security and caused several violent fights to break out inside the park.  According to eyewitnesses who were at the park to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a group of nearly 100 Somali men mob rushed past security and amusement park staffers at the front entrance, and proceeded to run through the park and instigate fights among themselves and with guests.  As several violent fights broke out, guests began to panic as reports of people being stabbed and shot began to circulate.

Nearly a dozen shot in San Bernardino apartment complex.  At least 10 people were shot in an apartment complex in San Bernardino, Calif., with at least three of the victims in "extremely critical" condition, according to reports.  Police set up a large perimeter around the crime scene, according to KTVN-TV in Los Angeles.  Multiple handguns and rifles were fired by suspects who fled the scene, according to Capt. Richard Lawhead of the San Bernardino Police Department.  Officers arrived at the location Sunday night [9/2/2018] to find an "unruly crowd" at a common area in the apartment complex, Lawhead said.  It appeared the crowd of people may have been playing a game of dice when the shooting occurred, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Chick-fil-A employee fired, customer arrested after 'incredibly disturbing' brawl inside DC restaurant.  A Chick-fil-A employee lost his job and a customer was arrested after the pair got into an intense brawl inside the Washington, D.C., fast-food restaurant — and the fight was caught on camera.  The skirmish took place Tuesday [9/4/2018] when a 55-year-old man, identified by police as Sean Turner, allegedly began shouting at other patrons and went behind the counter, WTTG-TV reported.  The customer was asked to leave by an employee, but he allegedly threw a punch in response, according to a police report provided to Fox News.  The unnamed 27-year-old employee and Turner then began to fight.  In a viral video shared on social media, the employee is seen punching Turner several times in the head.  Other employees and customers apparently attempted to intervene as well.

Fourth instance of mob violence this year shuts down Chicago's fanciest shopping district.  Business interests and police are doing their best to minimize attention to the slide into mob rule of the streets in Chicago's nicest, most famous neighborhood.  But shoppers, tourists, and ordinary working Joes and Janes can no longer take for granted the freedom to walk around Chicago's upscale shopping district along North Michigan Avenue near the famous Water Tower.  Four times this year, mobs of "urban youths" have taken to "wilding" and attacking random pedestrians while looting stores.

Thieves wig out in intense beauty shop brawl.  A beauty shop robbery in Silver Spring, Maryland, erupted in an epic brawl with flying fists and wig whipping.  Police are asking for tips to apprehend the suspects who snatched wigs and assaulted employees.

Bowling alley worker asked a large group to calm down[, so] They mobbed him.  Inside a bowling alley in northwest Illinois, police say, an employee approached a rowdy group last Thursday night and asked them to calm down, according to the Quad-City Times.  But it appears they didn't take kindly to that request.  Police in Moline, Illinois, released surveillance video Monday that shows someone grabbing the employee and lifting him up inside QC Family Entertainment.  The employee tries to avoid blows to the head, throws his arms up in front of his face, backs away and runs out of the frame.

Couple robbed by group with a shotgun in terrifying video.  Six juveniles were in custody in Texas following an alleged crime spree that one man said included moments of "sheer terror" as he and his wife were confronted with a shotgun while being robbed outside their home in Dallas.  Garrett and Caroline Scharton were captured on surveillance footage walking their dog early Sunday when the group pulled up in a black Chevrolet Malibu that had been carjacked at gunpoint in Oak Cliff, according to reports.

Cops fire rubber bullets, tear gas to disperse crowd at XXXTentacion memorial.  Cops fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse hundreds of rap fans who took over a central Los Angeles neighborhood Tuesday [6/26/2018] to pay final respects to slain hip hop artist XXXtentacion.  At least 300 people — many carrying candles or lit cellphones — filled a stretch of Melrose Avenue shortly before 8 p.m.  But as time passed, some of the mourners became rowdy, climbing onto building roofs and swarming passing cars, the LA Times said.  They also threw rocks at nearby police, KABC-TV reported.

Fake event brought 15K to unprepared Seaside Park, brawls and hand-wringing followed.  When thousands descended upon Seaside Park for a meet-up organizers promised would be "fire," officials were surprised.  And then they were overwhelmed.  The meet-up, spread as a flier on social media accounts without any notice to officials, left police and first responders scrambling to account for the chaos of an estimated 15,000 additional beach-goers (yes, that's on top of the usual crowds for a busy summer Saturday).  Some stormed past a single officer along the boardwalk, skirting beach fees, and a handful ended up in brawls caught on camera, which eventually elevated the underground meet-up to the national news stage.

Belligerent crowd shouts at cops, EMS workers treating man who had seizure.  A group of people who grew increasingly belligerent at the ambulance response time after a man had a seizure in the parking lot of a Pleasantville convenience store repeatedly screamed at and taunted police officers on Father's Day, authorities said.  Police arrived at King's Food Market on North Main Street 28 seconds after being notified of a 911 call about the man just before 4 p.m., but it took 13 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, authorities said.

Police seek customers who smoked weed, walked out on $420 restaurant bill.  Police are looking for a group of more than a dozen diners who allegedly tried to smoke marijuana inside a restaurant before causing a scene and walking out on the $420 bill.  The incident happened Sunday night at Frida's Mexican Restaurante in Memphis, Tennessee, WREG reported.  The group of 16 came in at 10:30 pm, a half an hour before closing.

Group lights up, walks out on $420 restaurant bill.  Police are looking for a group of more than a dozen people who they say tried to smoke marijuana inside a popular restaurant, then skipped out on a $420 bill.  It happened at Frida's Mexican Restaurante on Madison avenue in Memphis, Tennessee this past Sunday night [6/3/2018].

The first hot weekend brings violent mobs to Chicago streets as media turn a blind eye.  "Wilding" is the term for mobs of violent young people taking over upscale neighborhoods and wreaking havoc, looting, mugging, and attacking innocent people just for the fun of it.  A "good" neighborhood is no guarantee of safety anymore in Chicago.  The breakdown of civil order, in other words, is well underway in the Windy City.  Bit by bit, civilization is slipping away in Chicago.

Why the 'Racist America' Meme is Collapsing.  On May 5, one day after Don Lemon claimed that it is his "obligation as a journalist" to call the president racist, a violent "flash mob" of mostly black teenagers broke out in Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  Groups of teenagers took to the streets and randomly attacked pedestrians.  Responding officers were "vastly outnumbered."  Dozens of teens beat up a man walking with his girlfriend, sending him to an intensive care unit.  One teen is facing a felony count of aggravated battery to an officer.  The event was virtually identical to an incident from 2013, where, again, hundreds of mostly black teenagers took to streets and caused mayhem in Mag Mile.

Did you hear about the violent teen flash mob that took over Chicago's fanciest shopping area Saturday?  The end result of indoctrination in government schools and mass media that teaches "urban youths" that American society is racist, corrupt, unfair, and unworthy of compliance is the crumbling of civil order.  When a substantial group of young males (the segment of society most prone to acting out with violence) think they have no stake in the continuation of existing social and property relations, they are able to impose anarchy in local areas.  When enough people think and feel this way, the forces of order — police, and in extremis the National Guard — can be overwhelmed and powerless to stop the disorder.  This nightmare scenario is developing step by step.  The rise of social media enables the organization of what are now called "flash mobs" that can descend on targets and cause chaos.  Sometimes, targets are chosen for the lucrative looting opportunities.  That appears to be what happened last Saturday night [5/4/2018] on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, at the very heart of upscale shopping, dining, and residential life, the Water Tower Place, a multistory shopping mall at the base of a 74-story tower.

Alabama police say 5 people [were] shot, 2 trampled at teen concert.  Police say five teenagers were shot and two others were trampled at what was advertised as a concert for high school students on Easter night in Mobile, Alabama.

Chairs are thrown as fight breaks out during grandmother's birthday party at Golden Corral.  A grandmother's birthday party descended into chaos when a fight broke out at Golden Corral.  Terrance Jones told officers responding to the incident he was celebrating his grandmother's birthday when people set upon him in Peoria, Illinois.  Chairs were thrown, tables were turned on their heads and the buffet section of the restaurant was damaged in the restaurant and two people were left injured by the melee.  [Video clip]

Chicago students allegedly trash Walmart during National School Walkout protest.  About 60 students from a Chicago high school used their time during the National School Walkout protest to wreak havoc at a Walmart, witnesses say — and police are investigating.  Walmart shoppers and store employees were stunned by the destruction allegedly inflicted by Simeon Career Academy students Wednesday morning [3/14/2018], FOX 32 reported.

Inmates destroy an Ohio prison with broken metal furniture in violent riots.  Teenage inmates at a Ohio juvenile prison have been caught on camera destroying the facility during a violent riot.  Six inmates have since been charged over the January 8 incident at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center in Cleveland.  The sheriff's department SWAT team was called in after the teens — aged 14 and 15 — used broken metal furniture to smash security glass and barricade themselves into cell blocks.

The Editor says...

20-person brawl breaks out at pizza restaurant over missing iPhone.  This is the shocking moment a massive brawl broke out in a California pizza restaurant over a missing iPhone that turned out to have been in the lost and found the whole time.  Police were called to John's Incredible Pizza Company in Newark's NewPark Mall on Saturday night after violence erupted.  It broke out after a girl missing her phone had approached a group to see if they'd seen it but quickly descended into chaos, with video showing two large groups of people exchanging blows and screaming at each other.

7 people, including 2 gang members, arrested in Wolfchase Galleria disturbance/shooting.  Memphis police said they have arrested six male juveniles in the Wolfchase Galleria disturbance, making 7 arrests total.  Marquice Lester, 23, was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon Wednesday morning [12/27/2017].  Numerous people were involved in a fight in the food court area when things escalated Tuesday evening.  The fight ended near mall entrance #2 located by the Cheesecake Factory.  Shots were fired outside the entrance moments later.

Bartlett movie theater mayhem:  Police release new details on viral fight.  Cell phone video of the brawl was shared thousands of times, and viewed well over 100,000 times on social media.  The man who recorded the video, told FOX 13 the fighting stemmed from an argument over a boy.  Moments later multiple girl fights broke out.  According to Bartlett police, the movie 'Insidious' let out and then several juveniles starting to hangout in lobby.  Staff eventually tried to get them to leave.  The teens refused and started screaming at the staff.

Louisiana Walmart brawl caught on video ends with 4 women arrested.  Police in Slidell, La., arrested four women following a large fight inside of a Walmart.  Police say the fight happened around 1 p.m.  Saturday [12/23/2017].  According to police, they received several calls about the large fight in the produce section.  Callers also told police that some of the people were using pepper spray.

5 arrests after up to 1,000 youths descend on Cherry Hill Mall.  As many as 1,000 juveniles converged Tuesday night [12/26/2017] at the Cherry Hill Mall, creating a disturbance that jangled a lot of post-holiday shoppers' nerves but, police said, did not result in any injuries or property damage.  Police responded to the area near JC Penney around 7:30 p.m. for a report of a large group of disorderly teens.  They estimated between 700 and 1,000 unaccompanied youths had descended on the area; as police dispersed the crowd, they arrested five people:  four juveniles from Camden and one from Cherry Hill.  The youths face charges including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  The incident garnered a lot of attention on social media Tuesday night, with many people warning others from going to the mall.

Video: Child in stroller caught up in mall brawl in Fort Myers.  A brawl broke out at Edison Mall in Fort Myers on Sunday afternoon during the busy holiday shopping season.  The graphic video shows a group of people punching and kicking one another, and a woman pushing a child's stroller appears and kicks one of the women in the head.  She then leaves the baby off to the side as she goes running.  [Video clip]

Child gets in the middle of a chaotic mall brawl.  While a brawl breaking out at a mall would usually be upsetting enough, an incident in Florida on December 17, 2017 took a turn when a woman pushed a stroller with a child in it into a fight with her.  She then started throwing punches and kicks, while the child sat oblivious to the danger.  Police are investigating the incident.

Family sues Six Flags over 'savage' attack during Fright Fest.  A family who was attacked by a group of young people at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee during "Fright Fest" in September is suing the park for negligence allowing the attack to happen.  The Batavia family says Six Flags Great America staff failed to intervene when a group of about 20 young people attacked the 12-year-old boy and his parents at the park on Sept. 23, according to the three-count suit filed anonymously Monday [11/20/2017] in Cook County Circuit Court.  The family suffered "extreme" and "debilitating" physical, emotional and psychological injuries."

Woman lucky to be alive as upscale Baltimore neighborhood terrorized by marauding bands of teens wielding wooden boards.  A Baltimore woman says she's "lucky to be alive" after being beaten with wooden boards and sticks by a pack of teens on Halloween night.  The vicious group of around 10 to 15 juveniles committed at least three other attacks that night in the South Baltimore area, a city councilman said, and police also believe the incidents are related.

Goodbye, tourism industry!
Violent Teenagers Terrorize Baltimore's Inner Harbor With Random Attacks.  Baltimore's Inner Harbor area is one of the bright spots in the Maryland city.  It's the home of the U.S.S. Constellation and one of the country's great aquariums.  It has restaurants and shops, and is near Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team and M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens football team.  It is one of the main tourist attractions in Baltimore, drawing large crowds.  But over the past two weeks, violent groups of teenagers have randomly assaulted multiple individuals in and around the Inner Harbor area.  For now, the police have no suspects, and are identifying the group behind the assaults only as "juveniles."

NJ Family Visiting Baltimore Haunted By Random Teen Attack At Inner Harbor.  It's the heart of Baltimore's tourism industry, but the Inner Harbor turned into a nightmare for a visiting family of 10 earlier this month.  Out of nowhere, they were swarmed and beaten by a large number of teenagers.  While the family that was attacked does not want to be identified, they do want their story to be heard.

Family Swarmed, Beaten by 'Large Group of Teenagers' in Baltimore.  Earlier this month, a family of 10 was visiting Baltimore's picturesque Inner Harbor when suddenly a large mob surrounded them and beat them without provocation — think of it as a group-effort knockout game.  The family wasn't identified, but they spoke to local news about the ordeal.  "They swarmed us," a female victim said.  "They hit my husband in the head.  They knocked him out and then it was just complete bedlam."  The family was visiting from New Jersey on October 21 during the crowded Baltimore Marathon weekend.  The victims ranged from grandparents to grandchildren, according to WJZ.

Family injured in attack at Six Flags Great America; nine suspects arrested.  A family of three was hospitalized Saturday [9/23/2017] after being attacked by an adult and eight teens at Six Flags Great America after members of the larger group apparently cut in line and were using foul language when the family exchanged words with them, according to Gurnee police.  Gurnee police Officer Daniel Ruth, the incident's lead investigator, said the family members — a 51-year-old man, 50-year-old woman and a 12-year-old boy — all were transported to an area hospital by a Gurnee Fire Department ambulance with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Family attacked, beaten by teenagers at Six Flags.  A family outing at Six Flags Great America's "Fright Fest" took a horrific turn Saturday night [9/23/2017] when a group of teenagers brutally beat a 12-year-old boy and his parents as they waited in line at the amusement park in north suburban Gurnee, authorities said.  The annual Halloween-themed attraction typically draws "an increased number of knuckleheads who come to stir things up" at the park, but nothing like Saturday's attack that left a family of three hospitalized, said Gurnee Deputy Police Chief of Operations Brian Smith.

Black Lives Matter Protest Mob Busts Into STL Hotel.  Last Friday a St. Louis judge found former Police Officer Jason Stockley NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of Anthony Smith, a black suspected heroin dealer.  Black Lives Matter has held protests daily since the verdict.  The protest mob went to the Cheshire because it advertises as being safe.  [Several video clips]

New Liberal Canard:  Arresting Looters = White Supremacy.  Imagine a natural disaster hits, like when Hurricane Irma hit Florida or when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and suddenly the looters are out destroying store fronts and taking what they please.  Unfortunately, this happens regularly. [...] This is just a continuation of the liberal-forced degeneration of American English into political correctness: arguing against illegal immigration is being anti-Hispanic, fighting against Islamic terrorism is xenophobic, and now wanting to put looters in jail is white supremacy.

Florida looting crackdown is 'white supremacy,' claims author Sarah Jaffe.  An author and journalist came under fire on social media Monday [9/18/2017], after she tweeted a reply to an anti-looting warning from Miami police by saying:  "The carceral state... is inseparable from white supremacy."  The Miami Police Department took to Twitter on Sunday [9/17/2017], as Hurricane Irma battered the state.  "Thinking about looting?  Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors," the post read, sharing a photo of people inside a jail cell.  Though Sarah Jaffe's tweet on Monday garnered 1,500 likes, it sparked more than 100 comments — many of which were critical and accused her of being racist.

As St. Louis Erupts, Democrats Own It.  The acquittal on Friday [9/15/2017] of a white cop on trial for murder for fatally shooting a black man in 2011 after a high-speed chase was immediately met with demonstrations and violence including attacks on police, property, and the media.  That was predictable, but what was equally and sadly on display were incendiary comments by local elected Democrat officials up and down the line that appeared to add more fuel to the already volatile fire in the streets. [...] None of these politicians — in the midst of a volatile situation with various agitators having planned and threatened to take action — encouraged people to respect the integrity of the judicial system that had rendered a verdict in the case.

Mall protests
St. Louis Rioters Storm Mall, Chant 'No Justice, No Profits'.  A couple hundred angry people marched through West County Center shopping mall, forcing police to eventually close the building.

Protesters Smash Windows in 2nd Violent Night Near St. Louis.  Protests turned violent for second night near St. Louis following the acquittal of a white former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man, as a small group of demonstrators refused to disperse, breaking windows at dozens of businesses and throwing objects at police, who moved in with hundreds of officers in riot gear to make arrests.

U2 cancels St. Louis concert after protests lead to dozens of arrests.  After violent protests erupted in St. Louis Friday night, U2 has announced they've canceled a Saturday night performance in the city.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said 32 people were arrested when protesters took to the streets after a white former police officer, Jason Stockley, was acquitted earlier that day in the 2011 fatal shooting of Lamar Smith, a black man.

The Editor says...
The only time the news media refer to someone as "a black man" is when he is a victim, not a suspect.  Showing only one side of a coin, when everybody knows there's a nice side and an ugly side, is overt bias.

St. Louis police deploy tear gas, arrest 13 after protesters descend on mayor's home.  Police have declared an unlawful assembly and deployed tear gas, after protesters moved from the streets of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, to the home and neighborhood of the mayor.  After 10:10pm local time Friday [9/15/2017], St. Louis police wearing gas masks lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in riot gear, as a helicopter flew over declaring the assembly unlawful.  In response, protesters raised their voices in chants of "Hands up, don't shoot."  Police then deployed several tear gas devices.

9 officers injured in day of protests downtown and in Central West End, mayor's home damaged.  About 1,000 protesters surrounded the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson in the Central West End late Friday, breaking at least two windows and throwing red paint at the brick house before some 200 police in riot gear moved in to break it up.  There was no indication on the scene that Krewson was in the home at the time.

Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice.  Fort Lauderdale cops busted nine people caught on camera looting a Florida shoe store amid the chaos of Hurricane Irma on Sunday.  The arrests came after local TV station WPLG recorded the crooks entering the Simon's Sportwear shop on West Sunrise Boulevard through a broken window and running off with merchandise.  [Video clip]

Miami-Dade police arrested 28 people for looting in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  The wrath of Hurricane Irma isn't even a day in the books and looters have taken to the streets to add insult to injury.  In Miami-Dade alone, police have arrested 28 people for burglary and looting, our affiliate WPEC reported.

Community leaders
Florida Police Shame 'Hurricane Irma Looters' On Social Media.  Florida police are shaming 'Hurricane Irma looters' on social media.  Not only do they deserve shame, but hefty prison sentences, if found guilty.

Dan Bongino: 'Apparently, Condemning Irma Looters Makes You Racist'.  Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino blasted critics who he said labeled him a racist for previously condemning looters in Florida. [...] He said the political left makes excuses for looters during natural disasters because their livelihoods are "based off clickbait."

TV stations catch people breaking into stores during Hurricane Irma.  As Hurricane Irma lashed Florida with heavy winds and rain, TV stations captured groups of people breaking into stores.  Footage from WPLG Local 10 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, shows multiple people breaking through the front window Simon's Sportswear, entering the store and walking out with various items.  According to WPLG Local 10, the looters had also broken into other stores in the nearby area, including Footlocker and CashAmerica Pawn Store.

Alleged looters
Nine people busted for looting in Fort Lauderdale during Hurricane Irma.  Dozens of people have been arrested for looting as Hurricane Irma trudged through Florida on Sunday [9/10/2017], including nine people caught on camera at a sporting goods store in Fort Lauderdale, police said.  The alleged bandits were captured by WPLG-TV looting Simon's Sportswear store, with some stepping in and out of a broken window with pilfered goods despite Irma's heavy winds and rain.

Onlookers CHEER as cops arrest looters in midtown Miami during Irma.  As we told you earlier, looters were spotted today [9/10/2017] in Ft. Lauderdale.  And it looks like the same sort of behavior is happening in midtown Miami as well: [...]

Looters and shoes
A TV station caught people breaking into a store during Irma.  Then police caught up.  As Hurricane Irma lashed Florida with heavy winds and rain, TV stations captured groups of people breaking into stores.  Footage from WPLG Local 10 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, shows multiple people breaking through the front window Simon's Sportswear, entering the store and walking out with various items.  According to WPLG Local 10, the looters had also broken into other stores in the nearby area, including Footlocker and CashAmerica Pawn Store.

The Editor says...
The looters were not "walking out with various items."  They were running out with expensive sneakers.  That's all they were after.  Expensive athletic shoes are the currency of the ghetto.  They're like cigarettes in prison.  Notice also that the so-called news media strictly refrain from stating the obvious fact that all the looters are black.

Thieves Rush Sneaker Stores, Steal Thousands in Merchandise in Just Seconds:  NYPD.  Police are looking for a group of 10 young men in a series of quick-hitting thefts at sneaker stores on the Upper East Side.  The group of alleged thieves, believed to be in their late teens to early 20s, have hit a Nike store and a Jack Rabbit store on Third Avenue at least three times since June, swiping up to $2,500 in merchandise each time.

United Center closes when fights break out during high school game.  The United Center closed Monday evening when fights broke out during the West Haven Safe Summer League championship game between neighborhood teams made up of players from two of the city's top high school basketball teams. [...] Free tickets were provided to the event, which is normally held at West Side high schools near the United Center.  Security had to close the doors after nearly 10,000 people showed up.

Suspect in brutal DART attack says he feels remorse for beating.  A suspect arrested for his role in a mob attack on a DART light rail train and station told Fox 4 News Friday that he feels remorse.  Jakobi Hendrix, 21, was arrested Thursday and faces an aggravated assault charge for hitting Kennan Jones with his skateboard.  His brother, Remon Hendrix, was arrested early Friday morning and charged with misdemeanor assault.  Police also are looking for a third Hendrix brother.  On Sunday night [7/30/2017], police said Jones was punched and kicked until he was unconscious.  Both brothers were on their way to work at Whataburger and can be seen in cell phone video wearing their distinctive orange work shirts.

DART riders concerned after train beating.  [Video clip]

Second arrest made in Deep Ellum DART mob attack.  Dallas police arrested a second suspect early Friday [8/4/2017 for the beating attack on a DART light rail train.  Police said Remon Hendrix was arrested around 1 a.m.  Friday at Target Cityplace across the street from the Whataburger where he and his brother worked.  Police said Remon Hendrix was spotted as he showed up for work.  He is charged with assault causing bodily injury, a misdemeanor.

Brothers arrested in DART train attack.  Two arrests have been made in connection with a violent assault by a group of people on a northbound Green Line DART train over the weekend.  Brothers Jakobi Darion Hendrix, 21, and Remon Hendrix, 23, were taken into custody on Thursday and Friday.  An arrest warrant shows that Jakobi Hendrix will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his bond has been set at $25,000.

Chick-fil-A patrons trash restaurant after heated exchange with staff.  A pair of Chick-fil-A customers in Florida were unsatisfied with their local restaurant's service — so they decided to trash the place on their way out.  The incident took place on Monday night at a Chick-fil-A in the River City neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fla., according to Allison Music, a witness who shared footage of the ordeal on Facebook.

Flash mob of 500 teens throw glass bottles and taunt Philadelphia police.  More than 500 teens flash mobbed police who came to disperse them during an unauthorized cookout at a Philadelphia recreation center.  The mob occurred in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood on Sunday night [7/16/2017], outside the city-run Lonnie Young Recreation Center.  Police said that the incident began at around 9.30 pm, when officers arrived to find the center's sidewalks and street filled with teenagers, believed to be age 12 to 17.

Lifeguards attacked by beachgoers at Jersey Shore.  Ocean City police went to the beach Tuesday afternoon [7/4/2017] following reports that several intoxicated people were causing a disturbance.

Video Inside Little Rock Arkansas "Power Ultra Lounge" Nightclub During Shooting.  National media are stuck between a rock and a PC hard place again, because the 25 people shot at the Little Rock Power Ultra Lounge nightclub do not fit their approved PERT chart for broadcasting victim coverage.  Unfortunately, all the usual thug-life suspects were part of the participating mayhem.  To understand how challenging it is for the media, we must understand the actual reality of the situation represents every cultural affirmation the PC narrative control authority constantly try to obfuscate.  Video of black people, shooting black people, in a nightclub filled with black people shouting vulgarities and racist slogans, [...]

Police: Club shooting that injured 28 may be gang-related.  The volley of gunfire inside the Power Ultra Lounge early Saturday came so fast that investigators believe multiple people had to have been involved.

San Francisco mall brawl leaves officer injured.  A mall in San Francisco briefly went on lockdown after a brawl erupted Sunday, leaving one officer injured.  Video of the event showed officers trying to stop the fights breaking out at the mall on Sunday night [6/25/2017].  Many people were seen running from the mall, which ultimately closed early.

Chicago Police unable to control thousand-strong gang party lasting hours.  At last we know why Chicago's homicide level is so out of control:  Gangs, not police control the streets.  The gangs know it; the police know it; and now, thanks to, we know it.  A week ago, Chicago street gangs held a huge party in a park, with a thousand people attending, some brandishing firearms, terrifying neighbors for hours.  The police sent 25 squad cars, yet were outnumbered and unable to really do anything.

Mass Shootout Streamed on Facebook Live.  There was a shootout in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the wee hours of the morning yesterday.  At 12:30 am, a bunch of young people gathered at 5th Ave N and Ocean Boulevard.  They were blocking traffic and the police were called.  But before they got there, three young men got into a fight.  A man in a white t-shirt and jeans pulled out a gun and started firing.  Then he tried to carjack a car.  He was caught by the police however and didn't get far.

Weekend of shootings at Myrtle Beach leaves some tourists saying they won't be back.  "Multiple people down!" Bubba Hinson exclaimed as he live-streamed a video of what started as a mob stalling traffic, but turned into a mass shooting on Ocean Boulevard early Sunday morning [6/18/2017].  Eight people were injured in three shootings that erupted this weekend around heavily trafficked tourist areas in Myrtle Beach.  At least one of the shootings was caught on the camera of a visitor, who streamed it live on Facebook.

Police: Crowd Attacks Officers Responding to Fight Between 2 Women.  Paulsboro Police Chief Vernon Marino says a "very large crowd" made up of mostly children and young adults attacked the officers, who soon received help from cops in neighboring towns.

Angry passengers arrested after Spirit Airlines cancel flights in Florida.  Several people were taken into custody at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida when 11 flights were canceled Monday [5/8/2017].  Cell phone video captured by Jose Rodriguez showed at least three people being arrested as long lines of angry people lashed out at the airline.  Rodriguez said a group of people going to a graduation Tuesday had their flights canceled and will now have to miss the event.  Upset over the cancellation, travelers starting yelling and pounding on the counter.  Security stepped in to calm them down, but their attempts failed.

Chaos at Fort Lauderdale airport as angry passengers clash with cops.  Several people were detained during ugly confrontations with law enforcement when 11 Spirit Airlines flights were canceled and 26 were delayed at the Florida hub on Monday night because pilots refused to fly during a union dispute.  The group of passengers who clashed with cops were angry because the last-minute disruptions meant they would miss a graduation ceremony.

Black People:  Don't You Worry About 'Bout a Thing.  Kat Timpf Will Save You.  [Scroll down]  In Central Florida, 60 black people fought and rampaged through the Orange Park Mall.  Not the first time at that mall, or hundreds of others throughout the country over the last several years. [...] In beautiful Las Vegas, police responding to a large group of black people fighting at a nightclub found three people stabbed and nobody saw nuttin'.  There are dozens of these kinds of "let out" fights at black clubs around the country every night.  Yes, every night.  While you sleep.  Ask a cop if you want the truth.  Not a reporter.  [...] In Syracuse, another large fight among another large group of black people in the daytime in downtown left three people with stab wounds, and everyone else there inflicted with a sudden case of amnesia. [...] In Des Moines, Iowa, a group of black people beat a white woman as they left a city bus.  City official refuse to release a video of the violence, because like the riot at BART, they say using video to find the black criminals would impede their investigation.  This is the same town where hundreds of black people a few years ago rampaged through the Iowa State Fair, declaring it was "Beat Whitey Night."  That went on for three nights.  Ditto for the Wisconsin state fair a few nights later.

Chaos erupts at 5-year-old's birthday party; mom, 3 others arrested in clash with Birmingham police.  A 5-year-old's weekend birthday party in one of Birmingham's public housing communities ended up with four adults arrested and a 4-month-old pepper sprayed, and now residents and community activists are calling for the firing of two city police officers.  Patrice Bozeman, 24, said family members were gathered outside her apartment in Kingston Saturday night to celebrate the birthday of her daughter, Zauriona.  Two beat officers, they said, told them the music was too loud and when they questioned them on it, they said, at least 15 police officers arrived as backup and chaos erupted.

Fights, arrests after 300 youths converge on N.J. downtown.  South Orange Police Chief Kyle Kroll said Tuesday the crowd contained a mix of village teens and others from nearby communities, including Newark, East Orange and Irvington residents, who apparently arrived by public transportation.  The unruly crowd formed around 8 p.m. [Saturday, 4/29/2017] and kept officers busy until around midnight, according to police.  Kroll said he requested assistance from the Essex County Sheriff's Office, Maplewood and Orange police as altercations broke out among the throngs of teens and young adults.

60 teenagers involved in massive brawl at Florida mall; 5 people arrested.  A vicious brawl, involving more than 50 teenage boys and girls, erupted at a Florida mall.  The disturbing video of the fight was shared on social media, featuring a large group of teens pummeling each other outside a Rue 21 clothing store inside Orange Park Mall.  The Clay County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened Saturday [4/22/2017].  In the footage, several people are seen punching a girl on a couch.  Behind them another group is seen fighting as a woman appears to try and calm things down.  A third and fourth group of teens are also seen fighting in the background.

Teens Commandeer BART Train In Violent Takeover Robbery Of Passengers.  Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were robbed, and in some cases beaten, when dozens of juveniles stormed aboard the train and forced them to give up their property, police said.  The incident happened at 9:30 p.m.  Saturday at the Coliseum Station in Oakland aboard a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train.  BART Police said witnesses reported 50 to 60 juveniles jumping the fare gates and going to the platform.  After boarding the train, the juveniles "committed multiple strongarm robberies of bags and cell phones," according to a police report.

Reporters Sleep as 60 Black People Rob a BART Train in Oakland.  Alicia Trost, a BART spokeswoman, said Monday that seven robberies had occurred — with victims losing a purse, a duffel bag, and five phones.  Six people were robbed inside the train car, with a seventh confronted on the platform, she said.  Not one of the reporters for any of the dozens of news outlets in that area mentioned the central organizing feature of the "teens":  they were black.  Tons of Bay area law enforcement officials say so.  After they rampaged through the train, this black mob retreated into their East Oakland neighborhood — you know, the one that is widely reported to be the "backbone of African American life and culture in Oakland."

40-60 Teens Storm BART Train, Rob Passengers.  This didn't get much media play anywhere else, but there was a shocking robbery late Saturday night in San Francisco when a swarm of 40-60 juveniles stormed a BART train, took over a railway car, and robbed the passengers.  The teens exited the train and disappeared into the surrounding East Oakland neighborhood.  And yes, the story in the San Francisco Chronicle somehow fails to mention the race of the wildlings.

Teen Mob Attacks Train, Violently Robs Passengers, Here In America.  Perhaps if Californians had "shall issue" concealed carry instead of "may issue" restrictions that leave residents in many counties virtually unable to obtain a carry permit then nonsense like this wouldn't happen... at least not twice.  I have to think that someone skillfully using a compact semi-automatic such as a Glock 19 would have been able to take down enough of these vermin to see the others scampering back to their holes empty-handed.

BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, hold up riders.  BART police are beefing up patrols at Oakland stations after dozens of juveniles terrorized riders Saturday night [4/22/2017] when they invaded the Coliseum Station and commandeered at least one train car, forcing passengers to hand over bags and cell phones and leaving at least two with head injuries.  The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m.  Saturday.  Witnesses told police that 40 to 60 juveniles flooded the station, jumped the fare gates and rushed to the second-story train platform.  Some of the robbers apparently held open the doors of a Dublin-bound train car while others streamed inside, confronting and robbing and in some cases beating riders.

A Tale of Violence in Two Cities:  Augusta and Biloxi.  [M]ore than 65,000 black people gathered in Biloxi for the annual ball of confusion called Black Spring Break.  Cops and residents are calling it the worst Black Spring Break ever.  It took a few days for locals to figure out how bad it was.  They all knew the traffic was horrific.  The crowds of black people were twice as large as they were expecting.  And when the partygoers ran out of space at the beach, they pulled their cars into white Biloxi neighborhoods and set up barbecues and picnics on lawns in front of houses belonging to people they did not know.

Mob goes on teddy bear rampage at Oakland carnival; $30K lost.  A mob of teenagers stormed an Oakland carnival, stealing stuffed animals and other prizes in a free-for-all that left workers fearing for their safety, KRON reported.  About $30,000 in merchandise was lost in Saturday night's [3/11/2017] rampage at the Butler Carnival in East Oakland.  Workers told KRON that most of the prizes that were stolen were later smashed or ripped to shreds in a senseless display of vandalism.  Cellphone video footage showed teens helping themselves to teddy bears and other toy prizes.

Chair-hurling brawl breaks out in Bronx Seafood City eatery.  A group of boneheaded brawlers used chairs to beat one another in a no holds barred beatdown at a Bronx restaurant, according to police and video of the incident.  A brief video recording of the fight at the City Island eatery Seafood City emerged online Friday [2/24/2017].  The bedlam, which looks like a full blown WWE-style wrestling match, took place around 9:45 p.m., Thursday, according to police.  A dozen people can be seen in the clip tossing and using chairs as shields as well as throwing punches at one another.

The Editor says...
Guess what five-letter adjective was omitted from the article immediately above.

Huge group of Florida women brawling is captured on video as 50 people watched.  Multiple videos that captured a large group of women brawling in a Florida neighborhood have led to criminal charges after they quickly went viral.  The cellphone videos showed the group of women fighting near several homes in Leesburg around 4.30pm on Monday.  Neighbors said the fight attracted a huge crowd just minutes after people began posting about it on social media.

Rallings: 'It's not our job to raise your children'.  Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings spoke out Tuesday [1/3/2017] about large teen disturbances at two malls last week, saying malls need to make sure they are taking care of security and parents need to keep a better eye on their kids.  "The mall has an incredible responsibility to make sure they have the proper practices in place," said Rallings.

Malls debate teen policies after rash of Christmas weekend fights.  An unusually high number of teen fights at shopping centers across the U.S. over the Christmas weekend is prompting some mall operators to re-examine security policies and consider controversial restrictions on when and how teens may shop.  Security task force members from malls across the U.S. conducted a conference call Tuesday [12/27/2016] to discuss strategies for preventing mayhem, which may include more mall security or even bans on teens coming to malls alone, after multiple reports of teen fights over the four-day holiday, said Stephanie Cegielski, vice president of public relations for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Mayhem continues as 200 teens crash Philadelphia mall for Snapchat-planned brawl, officials say.  The mayhem that has rippled through malls in more than a dozen states continued Tuesday evening [12/27/2016], when about 200 rowdy teenagers showed up en masse at a Philadelphia mall in a gathering planned on Snapchat, officials said.  Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told ABC affiliate WPVI that police responded to a report of a disturbance at the Philadelphia Mills Mall at about 6:45 p.m.  The large group arrived by bus, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, but only about 30 or 40 were able to get inside.  "They went to the food court area and that's when they started running around, yelling and screaming and acting disorderly," Small told WPVI./p>

The Editor says...
See if you can guess the five-letter adjective that's absent in this report.  Hint:  starts with a B, rhymes with crack.

Police Suspect Social Media in Mall Violence in at Least 9 States.  Social media may have contributed to a series of possibly related incidents in which groups of people, many of them teens, fought and created disturbances at shopping malls in at least nine states, according to authorities.  The disturbances erupted in malls from Arizona to North Carolina and drew hundreds of spectators in some cases, causing several malls to be closed.

Mall Fights Break Out Across the Country.  Fights broke out at malls around the country Monday night sending shoppers, who were looking for post-holiday deals, scrambling for the exits.

Fights, Shooting and Mayhem Break Out At Malls Across The U.S.  There were numerous incidents throughout the U.S. today as police responded to fights, shooting, looting, bloodshed and general mayhem in multiple States.  The mall issues and/or violence was reported in:  Manchester Connecticut, Beachwood Ohio, Monroeville Pennsylvania, Aurora Colorado, Fayetteville North Carolina, Elizabeth New Jersey and Aurora Illinois.  Various terms like "youth", "kids", "teens" and/or "students" appear amid the general media reports which accompany each story.  However, beyond the words there appears to be something the PC media are trying to avoid.  Something transparently obvious to those who are looking at each story.

Seattle Nike outlet gets completely Trashed by Black Friday shoppers.  It looked like the scene after an earthquake.  A sea of orange boxes littered the floors, shoes stuffed in every crevice, while confused people stood in shock.  But this was no natural disaster.  This was Black Friday at a Nike factory store in Seattle.  Horrified shoppers at the Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip, Washington, shared pictures and video of the store's dismal condition after the holiday weekend.

Black Friday hijacked by protesters.  As shoppers were busy making purchases on one of the most crucial shopping days of the year, hundreds of people took to the streets in cities across the country on Friday to protest various issues, including police mistreatment of minorities and retail workers to the fur trade industry.  In Illinois, activists have called for a shopping boycott in Chicago's downtown on Black Friday as around 400 people gathered in the city's Magnificent Mile shopping district to demand an elected civilian police review board.

Mob of 50-60 angry students surround student who didn't want to participate in the BLM movement.  On October 14th I told you about how the Seattle Schools were organizing a "Black Lives Matter" Day in an effort to close the achievement gap between black and white students.  Apparently the students at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way (south of Seattle) thought that would be a great idea as well.  Turns out the event didn't go as planned.

Bottles, Rocks Thrown in Beach Brawl.  More than 100 people brawled on a Massachusetts beach Sunday evening [5/10/2015] in a melee that saw bottles and rocks hurled, some at police, and nine people arrested.  The fight broke out near the bandstand on Revere Beach soon before 6:15 p.m. when two girls or women began fighting, Mayor Dan Rizzo said.  Their boyfriends joined in, and then their boyfriends' friends, and it kept growing from there, he said.

New Details about Youth Attacks on Temple University Students, Bystanders.  Police were called on Friday, October 21, when the mob of teens began running around the campus attacking people who were walking the sidewalks on campus.  Police first claimed that perhaps as many as 50 attackers were involved, but now the number has been increased to over 150.  Also, earlier reports noted one or two victims of the attackers, but now that number includes at least six students and one police officer.

200 teen flash mob storms college, attacks students in the street.  When you hear "flash mob" you might think of a pre-planned dance in a spontaneous location.  Don't.  That is not the kind of flash mob that has occurred in Pennsylvania at Temple University's main campus.  The result has four young adults arrested and many victims struggling to recover.  Friday night [10/21/2016] there were several cases of violence that erupted on the campus.  Groups of around twenty young adults would target individuals or small group and attack them.  In some cases they stole their belongings.  This included a cell phones and speakers.  And many were injured.  One young woman was beaten so seriously she was hospitalized.

Mob attacks on Temple students stoke racial tensions.  The father of a Temple University sophomore who was beaten by a roving teen mob last week said people "should draw their own conclusions" about whether the string of attacks against students and cops was racially motivated.  Joe Lauletta, 50, wrote on Facebook a day after the flash mob-style attacks that a group of 30 to 40 "black teenagers" assaulted his daughter, Christina, 19, and her two male friends on their way home from a Temple football game at Lincoln Financial Field on Friday [10/21/2016].

Crazed teens viciously attack college kids for no apparent reason.  A slew of vicious, "flash mob"-style attacks at Temple University left at least six students beaten and bloodied over the weekend, along with a cop and a police horse.  More than 150 teens, spread out in groups of 20 or 30, descended upon the campus at around 8:30 p.m.  Friday — wreaking havoc for nearly two hours before eventually dispersing, according to NBC 10.  Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told the television station that the mob had been playing a "cat-and-mouse game" with officers throughout the night as they assaulted people who were walking around campus.

The Editor says...
Any time you see a news report about "teens" involved in violent crime against strangers in the street, you can safely assume that the perpetrators are black and the victims are white.  Any time you see a news report that says blacks attack whites "for no apparent reason," you can safely assume that the attacks were racially motivated and the newspaper is afraid to say so.

Three badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game.  Did you know a black mob beat college students on Saturday night in Philadelphia?  Weird how we're not reading about this until three days later.

Friday violence as teen mob attacks Temple students, police; four arrested.  Four juveniles have been arrested in a series of violent incidents Friday night [10/21/2016] near Temple University's main campus in North Philadelphia.  According to Temple security, a group of over 150 juveniles coordinated a "meet up" on Instagram, amassing on Broad Street near the campus at approximately 8 p.m.  Four youths, ranging in ages between 14 and 17, were arrested in connection with wide-ranging attacks on Temple students, others in the crowd, and two Temple police officers that seemed to mimic the "flash mobs" that hit Center City in recent years.

As civil society crumbles, flash mob loots Apple store.  Make no mistake:  we are sliding toward something like a third-world urban reality, with street violence frequent and law enforcement unwilling or unable to do much about it.  In certain Latin American, Asian, and African cities, stores containing valuables have bars, locked entrances, and armed guards.  Those with enough money hire armed guards and lie behind walls with barbed wire at the top.  There are powerful forces attacking the legitimacy of the civil order of the United States.  Black Lives Matter is merely the newest visible component of the effort, but efforts are underway to release into the population violent criminals (because "mass incarceration"), to dispute the legitimacy of criminal convictions based on the group rights theory of "disparate impact," to shackle police tactics, to incite mob violence against police, and to devastate morale and hamper recruitment.

Teens Steal Over $13K In iPhones From Natick Apple Store In 'Flash Mob' Robbery.  A group of thieves stole over $13,000 in iPhones from the Apple store in the Natick Mall in a "flash mob" robbery.  Natick Police Lt. Cara Rossi said a group of seven teens were only in the store for less than one minute, but were able to steal 19 phones.

Mob of 40 people attack a California Highway Patrol cruiser with a white officer inside after he tried.  Footage has emerged of a mob attacking a California Highway Patrol cruiser while the officer was trying to shut down an illegal sideshow at the weekend.  The incident occurred at the intersection of North and Orange Avenues in Southwest Fresno on Sunday afternoon [9/25/2016] around 3.40 pm.  Police say a group of about 40 people blocked traffic by putting on a sideshow that involved reckless driving and cars doing burnouts.

Rioting:  The Unbeatable High.  It's fun watching the pundits on CNN try to intellectualize the riots in Charlotte.  They bounce stats around and wonder aloud if the protesters are more angry about 19th-century lynchings or 20th-century segregation.  They keep talking about bus seats and Alabama like anyone throwing a brick gives a shit.  We all know Keith Scott was not reading a book, just as we know these rioters don't read books.  Do you expect an apology when we find out the cop was justified?  Of course not.  Nobody on TV seems prepared to face the truth, which is, these stupid kids are rioting because it's really, really, really fun.  That's it.  The same was true of the Rodney King riots and the riots in Ferguson.  All vandals need is a semblance of a meme for justification and they're good to go.  To pretend it's anything more than that is to tell your rapist you're a Malcolm X scholar in hopes that he'll stop.

Charlotte riots, Tulsa doesn't.  Charlotte is the latest Ferguson.  The facts of the event, still unknown, do not matter.  It does not matter that since Obama took office, over three thousand African-Americans have been killed in Chicago by other African-Americans.  No one outside their immediate family and friends knows their names.  Obama does not speak out about their murders or the fact that Illinois's strict gun laws have done nothing to reduce the number of shootings in Chicago.  So, curiously, Charlotte is the scene of riots, looting, and more violence like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas.  Many of the protesters are being bussed in and paid, quite possibly with dollars donated by George Soros.  He was behind the paid protesters in Ferguson and is most likely behind the chaos in Charlotte.  Last night [9/23/2016], seventy percent of the people arrested were not from North Carolina.

North Carolina Mob Attack Female Truck Driver — Police Refuse to Help.  Following an officer involved shooting in Charlotte North Carolina yesterday [9/20/2016] a mob of angry protestors assembled.  Immediately the protesting mob began attacking police officers and vehicles.  The mob clashed with police and riot squads were called, tear gas deployed.  The mob grew into approximately a thousand people who then moved collectively onto interstate 85 and blocked traffic.  Several vehicles were caught by the mob included numerous tractor trailers.

Protests break out across North Carolina injuring 12 police officers after cops shot dead a 'disabled' black father-of-seven.  Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer at The Village at College Downs in Charlotte at about 4pm on Tuesday [9/20/2016].  The police department issued a statement saying the officers fired their weapons after considering Scott a threat.  But Scott's brother and sister said he didn't have a gun and was reading a book in his car while waiting for his son to be dropped off from school, WSOC reported.  On Tuesday night, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tweeted that demonstrators were destroying marked police vehicles and that approximately 12 officers had been injured, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.

Protests erupt after fatal shooting by police; 12 officers injured.  All lanes of Interstate 85 were reopened early Wednesday [9/21/2016] but still littered with some rocks and glass after a night of protests over an officer-involved shooting of an African-American man in the University City area.  The officer was also African-American.  Twelve police officers were injured Tuesday night in a series of clashes, and reports were coming in early Wednesday of motorists on Interstate 85 being hurt and their vehicles damaged when protestors threw rocks, bottles and traffic cones off interstate overpasses onto traffic below.  At least seven of the police officers needed to be hospitalized after the clashes, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.

Disturbances at Mall of America lead to 10 arrests.  Witnesses at the state's largest shopping and entertainment complex described the scene that unfolded Monday evening [9/12/2016] as "chaotic" with people running and chanting.  A series of disturbance calls over the course of several hours Monday evening at the Mall of America led to 10 arrests, Bloomington police said.  Skirmishes broke out in the third-floor food court area after 6 p.m. and officers made the arrests for alleged offenses ranging from disorderly conduct, obstruction of the legal process and providing false information to police.

New video shows mob of Yale students encircling professor and angrily demanding an apology after he told them to 'just look away' if they were offended by racist Halloween costumes.  New videos have surfaced of a Yale professor being protested and yelled at by students for sending an email telling them to ignore people dressed in offensive or racist Halloween costumes last year.  The fallout of the email saw Nicholas Christakis, the master of Silliman College at Yale, and his wife Erika, a faculty member, resign from their positions at the university.  The new videos, which appeared on The Federalist, give a greater insight into what the students were demanding from Christakis, and his defense that cultural appropriation on Halloween is permissible.

Forget Milwaukee:  Cedar Rapids Had Much Better Black Mob Violence and Denial.  People outside of Milwaukee may be a bit surprised that last week hundreds of black people burned down businesses, threw bricks at cops, attacked white people, and created an enormous amount of mayhem.  All because police killed a member of that city's black criminal elite after he pointed a stolen gun at them.  The New York Times certainly was — it even dug up a few locals to say so.  But on the porches of Milwaukee, the home town crowd remember how hundreds of black people rampaged through a recent state fair, attacking white people in and outside of the fairgrounds — with all the bloody carnage captured on 911 calls.

Bike trails becoming a center of black on white mob violence.  Urban bike and jogging paths are becoming synopsis with black on white mob attacks and media censorship.  Groups of young blacks look for vulnerable whites to brutally beat up.  Little, if anything, of value is stolen.  Racial hatred seems to be the primary motive in most of these attacks.  The race of the attackers are often aggressively censored by the media.  The attacks are blamed on "a lack of lights" or a "lack of security."

Charleston's impromptu street protest sparked tense police response.  "They're throwing bricks!"  An officer barked the warning into his radio as an object bounced off an officer's vest and hit him in the face Wednesday night [7/13/2016].  The officer was part of a group who stood at Broad and King streets, trying to keep a throng of protesters marching in the middle of the streets away from the shops and bars a little farther north on King Street.  About 100 protesters broke off from a rally against police shootings in Marion Square to take their complaints to the streets.  They marched south past the Market to The Battery, then turned around and marched north on King Street, chanting all the while and challenging police orders to get on the sidewalk.

Police: 65 arrested after blocking Baltimore expressway during protest.  Sixty-five people were arrested on Saturday [7/16/2016] after participants in a march against police brutality blocked Interstate 83 just north of downtown Baltimore.  The arrests created a chaotic scene around Penn Station, where thousands milled around for the annual Baltimore Artscape festival.  The march, which was named and tagged on social media as "Afromation," began at Guilford Avenue and Chase Street, moved through Artscape on Charles Street, then to St. Paul Street and past Penn Station to the I-83 onramp, which was closed for the festival.

21 Officers Injured as St. Paul Freeway Protest Turns Violent.  Twenty-one officers from various Minnesota law enforcement agencies were injured and more than 102 protestors were arrested as a demonstration on the I-94 freeway in St. Paul turned violent Saturday night [7/9/2016], with protestors hurling rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks at law enforcement officers on the scene.  Hundreds of demonstrators began protesting at the Governor's Residence in St. Paul Saturday night over the police-involved shooting death of Philando Castile earlier in the week before heading onto the I-94 freeway around 8 p.m., local Fox affiliate KMSP reported.

Government Street in Baton Rouge closed due to protests.  What started as a peaceful march in downtown [7/10/2016] ended with tense moments between police and protesters.  Officials say 48 people were arrested during the unplanned demonstration.  A portion of Government Street in downtown Baton Rouge remains closed after a group held an "unlawful protest" following a peace march that was held at the Louisiana State Capitol.  Police believe the secondary protest was initiated by out-of-state groups.

Oakland Authorities, Business Owners Worry About More Protests.  The city of Oakland was cleaning up Friday[7/8/2016] after a night of disruptive protests as officials and business owners expressed concerns over more unrest to come.  Thousands turned out Thursday night to stand against two deadly police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota this week.  A crowd estimated at around 2,000 people gathered in downtown Oakland to protest the recent police shootings, marching through the streets, taking over Frank Ogawa Plaza and gathering outside of the Oakland Police Department on Broadway.  Someone painted the word "murderers" on the door of Oakland police headquarters.

Black Lives Matter protesters sprayed with tear gas in Phoenix as rally spirals out of control.  Black Lives Matter protesters have been sprayed with tear gas in Phoenix after a march against police brutality spiraled out of control.  Police also fired bean bag rounds and pepper spray at the protesters, who were seen running away and shielding their eyes.  One image showed a white man holding a Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' placard interrupting the protest on Friday night.  Less than three hours after the demonstration began at 8pm, police declared the protest an 'unlawful assembly' and ordered people to leave after objects were thrown at officers, the Arizona Republic reported.  In Rochester, New York, the SWAT team arrived and police arrested 74 protesters who were blocking the streets.

Saturday protesters: 'Disrupt,' 'shut down' outside 24th, 25th Police Districts.  Activists started their march Saturday evening [7/9/2016] from the Fairhill section of North Philadelphia toward the 24th and 25th Police Districts, where they planned to "disrupt" and "shut down" police activity and area traffic as part of a "weekend of rage" against fatal police shootings nationwide of young black men, one of the protest leaders said.

This Wal-Mart brawl is unbelievable.  Gates [NY] Police Chief Jim VanBrederode says the fight started around 7 p.m.  Sunday [7/3/2016] after two 17-year-olds made fun of a dress worn by a 24-year-old woman.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
No, the riot is not "unbelievable."  I suspect incidents of this sort take place more frequently than any of us know.

Kanye causes chaos in New York:  Thousands mob streets for star's 'secret' gig prompting NYPD shutdown and near riot.  Chaos erupted outside Kanye West's secret concert in New York City early Monday morning [6/6/2016] after thousands of desperate fans descended on the venue — forcing officials to cancel the event and requiring dozens of police officers to disperse the crowd.  Kanye was heard asking for Mayor Bill de Blasio to shut down the block in a Snapchat video taken by wife Kim Kardashian early Monday morning after some people were trampled in a stampede outside the gig.

Police: Virginia man fatally beaten, stabbed by mob at party.  Virginia police say a man found dead in his family's home was beaten by a mob of people and stabbed at a party he attended the night before.

Nashville Cop Of The Year Attacked by Mob at Housing Project.  Responding to a shots fired and domestic call last week, Officer Matthew Cammarn arrived at a housing project on South 7th Street where he witnessed 22-year-old Brian Shannon reportedly assaulting a female.  Cammarn intervened but Shannon responded aggressively and refused to be taken into custody.  He grabbed the officer and pulled him to the ground.  Cammarn wrestled with Shannon while a crowd gathered and a group of men started hitting the officer over the head.

The London Loot-athon:  Outrage as dozens of people are filmed brazenly snatching bottles of water left for marathon runne.  This is the shocking moment a group of people including parents with children were seen stealing bottles of water from London marathon runners.  The mob were pictured descending on tables laid out with liquid in Deptford, south-east London.  Eyewitnesses say a group of opportunistic thieves started stealing the bottles minutes after the front runners had passed through.  One man even brought a trolley with him to pile up crates of the water which should have been much needed refreshment for the athletes.

Police officer attacked in wild brawl, chases suspect at Nashville housing complex.  Nashville police are increasing patrols at a housing complex after an officer was attacked in a wild melee that was captured on video.  The officer, Matthew Cammarn, suffered a head injury in the brawl, which occurred Tuesday while he was trying to make an arrest at the James Cayce public housing development.  Video shows Cammarn and a man — identified as Brian Shannon, 22 — scuffling as a crowd surrounds them.  Cammarn allegedly saw Shannon assault a woman, and was pulled to the ground when he tried to intervene.

Black Lives Matter shuts down Chicago expressway over police killing of teen.  Traffic on Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway was disrupted Tuesday night [4/12/2016] when a Black Lives Matter vigil held over the death of a 16-year-old boy turned into a march.  Several lanes of the expressway were blocked, and two protesters were arrested.

Oklahoma police hunt suspect who punched retired cop trying to break up fight.  Oklahoma police are investigating after a fight outside a local convenience store showing a retired police officer being sucker-punched was caught on video. [...] When officers arrived at the scene they encountered a crowd of 50 teens and young adults, Fox 23 News reported.

Armed stand-off at Texas mosque: Racial tensions erupt in Dallas.  Racial tensions erupted during an armed demonstration outside a Nation of Islam mosque in Dallas on Saturday [4/2/2016].  Anti-radicalization protesters from the Bureau of American Islamic Relations turned up with semi-automatic rifles, clad in skeleton masks as they confronted members of the New Black Panther Party.  Hundreds of black activists meant the group was outnumbered as they lined up behind barricades on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

Nine arrested in giant street brawl that killed teen.  Nine people are behind bars in Georgia charged with murder after a massive street fight caught on video.  Police are investigating what sparked the brawl in a small town near Augusta that left a teenager dead.  David Begnaud reports from outside Glenn Hills High School in Augusta, where some of the suspects are enrolled.

9 face murder charges in recorded after-school brawl in Georgia.  It started out as a fistfight.  Two girls — emboldened by bystanders alternately yelling out support or derision — went toe-to-toe in the residential street before they tumbled to the ground.  It only got uglier from there.  A two-minute cell phone video shot by a witness last week in Hephzibah, Georgia, captures the chaos as others join the fray, some wielding bats or pipes, others their fists.  The driver of a black car targets two young men, narrowly misses them, and backs up on the subdivision lawn, striking another vehicle.  In the end, an 18-year-old boy was mortally wounded.

The Editor says...
Notice that the bystanders all have cell phones with internal video cameras, and every gang fight is televised on the internet.  Not to identify the suspects, of course, but to generate internet fame for the photographers.  The lower class is preoccupied and driven by celebrity and fame.

A Deadly Fight Involving Up To 50 Teens Started With One 15 Year Old Girl.  Authorities say nine people have been charged with murder and another is being sought after a teenager was stabbed to death in a massive, chaotic brawl that involved baseball bats, pipes, knives and other weapons near Augusta.

Video captures teens fighting at Burger King.  An all-out brawl inside a Memphis fast food restaurant was caught on camera.  A WMC Action News 5 viewer said they took the footage at the Burger King near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Cleveland Street.  In the video, several young people can be seen fighting near the counter.  The people appear to be in school uniforms.  The video shows what appears to be students throwing punches, pulling hair, and standing on counters in a local fast food restaurant.

Will Thuggish Hip-hop Culture Destroy Austin's SXSW?  It is Austin's most important and coolest festival:  South by Southwest.  But after two gun-related incidents at this year's SXSW, both involving volatile hip-hop crowds on March 18 and 20, the festival's organizers and Austin's liberal political leaders must be in a panic — wondering how to get rid of all the thuggish hip-hop shows while maintaining their high-minded values of political correctness.  The mayhem at SXSW's music week together with other hip-hop thuggishness over the years — including the deaths of four festival[-]goers three years ago caused by a black rapper who was eluding police in a stolen car — has stirred public outrage.  The talk on social media and in online posts in recent days has veered into the politically incorrect, with many slamming hip-hop's thuggish culture.

Spring Breakers Cause Chaos On South Beach.  The crowd became so big and out of control so quickly that Miami Beach police had to call in more units working other areas of the beach as well as units from Miami police.  "At first everything was under control," Miami native Jovannae Sweeting told Reporter Donna Rapado.  "But then I guess when people tried to fight police, of course when the police were attacked other police tried to help them.  It was crazy."  Video even captured people even standing on top of cars.

Mayhem over new Air Jordans shuts down Eastland Center.  A little pink sneaker created a big ruckus this morning [3/5/2016] at Eastland Center mall in Harper Woods.  At 8 a.m., when the doors opened at the Kids Foot Locker for the highly anticipated release of the Girls' Air Jordan 12 Retro Vivid Pink shoe, crowds rushed the gate, broke a lock, shoved and hollered.  Police immediately shut the mall down.  At 10 a.m., the store tried to open again and the same thing happened, according to William McClure, the general manager at Eastland Center.

Fox News blamed for stoking 'racism' in city's spring break crackdown.  The actual bacchanalia is still to come, but the underside of spring break in this party mecca has produced heated council meetings, attempts at a crackdown and court proceedings on whether Fox News is to blame for the town's purportedly racist crackdown.  Laws limiting alcohol consumption and scooter rentals have divided businesses and residents of this rural county which, for the past 20 years, has been transformed by hundreds of thousands of young visitors who spend tens of millions of dollars in a raucous six weeks.

Police: Gun owner saved cop from attack by kids.  Police are crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an Upper Darby cop Friday [2/12/2016] after he saw the officer being attacked and surrounded by a large group of teens.  "There were 40 kids.  If it wasn't for the good Samaritan stepping forward, he'd have been dead meat," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.  "There's no doubt they would have attacked him."

No Justice, No Football.  For me, the big question isn't which team wins in that football thing this weekend. The real big question is whether local anarchists and malcontents will try to shut down any big-name bridges, freeways or otherwise jam up the Bay Area's Super Bowl festivities.

Lawbreaking Bikers Promote Anti-Second Amendment Message.  People all along the East Coast are increasingly being subjected to a low level of lawless intimidation with massive traffic intimidation by a subculture of outlaw bikers.  This is a separate subculture that revels in their ability to escape police and to break traffic laws with impunity. [...] Most are unlicensed dirt bikes and ATVs.  The riders have learned to break the law with impunity, especially in large, semi-organized groups.  The bikes give them the ability to go places where police cars or even conventional police motorcycles cannot go, and police organizations have been under pressure not to chase the law breakers for fear of causing accidents.  In many areas the police have given up on enforcing the law, and have broadcast their intentions to the public.  This serves to empower and reinforce the attitudes of the outlaws.

ATV, motorcycle riders take over streets in Miami-Dade, Broward counties.  Motorcyclists and ATV riders took over the streets of Miami-Dade and Broward counties, ignoring traffic lights, driving the wrong way down city streets and speeding on sidewalks on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  At least 150 riders started in Miami-Dade County about 3:30 p.m., moving north into Broward County on Interstate 95.  Riders went as far north as Pompano Beach before turning back south as night fell.  Although it's illegal to drive an ATV or an unauthorized motorcycle on roads in both counties, officials said they did not chase the riders or pull them over because it was too dangerous.

Bay Bridge reopening after protesters chain themselves, shut down span.  California Highway Patrol officers arrested 25 demonstrators after the group used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Monday [1/18/2016] to chain themselves and their vehicles across all five westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge, bringing traffic to a standstill as they demanded racial equity.  The activists froze traffic for about 30 minutes before they were arrested on suspicion of public nuisance, unlawful assembly and obstructing free passage, CHP Officer Vu Williams said.

Mob of 50 Black Teens Storm Georgia Walmart, Destroy and Steal Store.  Do you think the Old Media establishment will report this story of a mob of 50 black teenagers swarming a Walmart in Georgia and destroying the place? [...] But imagine if it was a mob of 50 white kids doing this?

Teens terrorize holiday shoppers.  The entitlement generation is on the rampage — turning many of our nation's shopping centers into war zones.  Over the long holiday weekend, mobs of unsupervised teenagers terrorized shoppers and department stores across the fruited plain.  As many as 2,000 teenagers rioted Saturday night at the Mall St. Matthews in suburban Louisville, Kentucky.  Officer Dennis McDonald, a spokesperson for the St. Matthews Police Department, told USA Today that most of the offenders had been dropped off at the mall or had arrived by public transportation.

Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally.  A skirmish broke out between rival activists on the steps of City Hall Wednesday [12/31/2015] during what had been intended as a demonstration against violence in Newark.  Police were called to the scene after a small crowd began arguing over escalating violence and the city's attempts to curb it.  The noon press conference was called by a group of activists led by Salaam Ismial, co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, and Abdul Muhammad, a longtime Newark anti-violence activist.

Two arrests as Black Lives Matter, other groups protest during Mummers Parade.  Philadelphia Police arrested a man and woman who they say briefly disrupted the annual New Year's Day Mummers Parade in Center City Philadelphia. [...] A 45-year-old man was charged with disorderly conduct.  A 34-year-old woman was charged with disrupting a procession.  Both were among a group of about 50 demonstrators who staged a protest during the annual Mummers Parade.

Police violence protesters 'crash' brunch at North Side restaurants.  Several protesters took to popular North Side brunch restaurants on New Year's Day to chant and raise awareness of police violence in Chicago.  The protesters, including members of Black Lives Matter Chicago, the Black Youth Project, and Assata's Daughters, went into restaurants Kanela Breakfast Club and Dove's Luncheonette in Wicker Park and chanted "While you are here celebrating over brunch, black families are struggling to keep themselves safe from CPD."

Kentucky's Mall St. Matthews Shuts Down After Brawls Involving Up to 2,000.  The officers on duty at the mall called for backup, and 50 officers from five different agencies responded, according to police.  "It was a series of brawls" involving 1,000 to 2,000 people ages 13 to their early 20s, McDonald said, adding that "the entire mall" was affected.  About 8 p.m., authorities started to advise stores in the mall to close their doors, but those involved in the brawls were refusing to leave.  "Businesses were in the process of closing their doors, steel grates, and you had juveniles that were not allowing businesses to close up — [they were] climbing on the grates," McDonald said.

More than 500 people swept up in chaotic flash mob at Deptford Mall.  Several law enforcement agencies are investigating after a "large disturbance" involving more than 500 people broke out Saturday night [12/26/2015] at the Deptford Mall.  Officials from Gloucester and Camden counties arrived at the scene of what appears to have been a flash mob that took place at the Sears department store on the mall's second floor, according to  Police stopped short of calling the disturbance a "fight," confirming there were no reports of assaults or injuries.

America's Newest Christmas Tradition: Black Mob Violence at Malls.  In the days before, during, and after Christmas, 15 malls reported large-scale episodes of rioting, shooting, looting, rampaging, fighting, throwing rocks at police, damaging cars and more.  Two black people died.

Mall Mayhem: Over 1,000 Teens Shut Down Kentucky Mall.  A mall in Louisville, Kentucky, reopened this morning after over 1,000 teens loitering, fighting and refusing to leave businesses forced the shopping center to shut down Saturday night [12/26/2015], police said.  Around 7 p.m., police started to receive disturbance calls from the Mall St. Mathews regarding "juveniles who were loitering, refusing to leave businesses, fights, those kinds of things," St. Matthews Police spokesman Dennis McDonald told ABC News today.

500 people involved in large disruption at Deptford Mall.  Confusion broke out at the Deptford Mall Saturday night after a "large disturbance" involving more than 500 people erupted near the food court.  Multiple law enforcement agencies from both Gloucester and Camden counties were called to the mall, located on Deptford Center Road.  Videos posted on social media show droves of people dispersing near the Sears store on the second level.

Media fails to identify the race of 1,000 to 2,000 Black teens that shut down Kentucky mall.  The teenagers involved in this incident were Black, but media reports, including Fox News, omit the fact from their reports.  Notice how CBS just calls them "unruly".  Why?  It's obvious.  The media works from templates to fit their agenda.  Minorities behaving badly will always be unreported as much as possible.  But, had a White Cop shot one of these criminal Black teens, then the races of all involved would be indentified.

Kentucky's Mall St. Matthews Shuts Down After Brawls Involving Up to 2,000.  Chain-reaction brawls involving up to 2,000 people erupted in one of Kentucky's largest malls Saturday night, forcing the entire mall and businesses in the surrounding area to shut down, police said. [...] The officers on duty at the mall called for backup, and 50 officers from five different agencies responded, according to police.  "It was a series of brawls" involving 1,000 to 2,000 people ages 13 to their early 20s, McDonald said, adding that "the entire mall" was affected.

Riot ideology: Results through coercion.  In the summer of 1966, Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach warned that there would be riots by angry, poor minority residents in "30 or 40" American cities if Congress didn't pass President Lyndon Johnson's Model Cities antipoverty legislation.  In the late 1960s, New York Mayor John Lindsay used the fear of such rioting to expand welfare rolls dramatically at a time when the black male unemployment rate was about 4 percent.  And in the 1980s, Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry articulated an explicitly racial version of collective bargaining — a threat that, without ample federal funds, urban activists would unleash wave after wave of racial violence.  "I know for a fact," Barry explained, "that white people get scared of the [Black] Panthers, and they might give money to somebody a little more moderate."

A Mob's Maul Of America.  Presumably the purpose of a protest is to attract attention to one's cause.  That police shootings have led the news and are at the top of the White House's agenda isn't quite good enough for Black Lives Matter, because the loose social-media collective wants more than attention.  It wants destruction.  Its latest protest at the Mall of America is explicitly intended to create economic losses as a means of shaking out concessions from "the establishment."

1 of 8 Arrested in Minnesota Airport Protest Remains Jailed.  One of eight people arrested during a flash protest that briefly tangled holiday travel at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport remained in jail Thursday [12/24/2015], with the others facing orders to appear in court later.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter storm Minneapolis Airport and cause travel chaos as riot police are deployed to terminals.  Thirty people have been arrested after hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted holiday travel and shopping in several states Wednesday with protests blocking access roads to airports and shutting down the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Police are out in full force today to ensure smooth Christmas Eve travel a day after the demonstrations led to disruptions.  Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said Thursday [12/24/2015] that there's no reason to believe there will be a repeat of protests that led to traffic backups and security checkpoint shutdowns at a secondary terminal Wednesday.

Black Lives Matter protest snarls Minneapolis airport.  Several hundred Black Lives Matter activists shut down at least one terminal at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International airport Wednesday for about two hours in an afternoon of protest that began miles away at the huge Mall of America.  A total of 15 people were arrested at both sites, mostly for trespassing or obstruction of justice, police said.  No injuries or property damage were reported.  The protesters not only disrupted rail traffic to the terminals, they blocked the freeway in front of the airport, snarling holiday traffic on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

New at the mall: Fierce black-mob attacks.  A mall in Ocoee, Florida, has been forced to impose a curfew after as many as 900 black teenagers, mostly girls, stormed a theater inside the mall so they could see the sexual bondage-themed film, "Fifty Shades of Grey," on Valentine's Day.  According to WKMG-TV in Florida, hundreds of middle- and high-school students rushed the AMC Theater at the West Oaks Mall after not being allowed into the R-rated movie.  Some reports indicate the riot was organized on social media weeks in advance.

Black Lives Matter Protester Says Disrupting Christmas Travel Is 'A Good Idea'.  Black Lives Matter organizer Asha Long says that disrupting air travel is not a bad thing:  "I think it's important for that we realize people who are upset about missing their air, their flight, that many black lives are disrupted every day."  Appearing on "CNN Newsroom" with Carol Costello on Thursday [12/24/2015], Long was unable to provide statistics to back up her claims arguing, "I do not have statistics but I do have lived experience which is just as valid."

Flash mob hits designer store in Georgetown, steals $13,000 in goods.  A large group of juveniles robbed a clothing store in Georgetown on Tuesday evening and stole $13,000 worth of items, according to D.C. police.  The incident happened just before 6 p.m. at the Diesel store in the 3000 block of M Street NW.  More than 20 people went into the store and grabbed several items off the racks, police said.  They stole four leather jackets, costing about $800, and an additional $12,000 worth of merchandise.

Cops Fired For Telling the Truth about Black Violence.  The first hero is Lori Lavorato, the former spokeswoman for the police in Des Moines, Iowa.  A few years ago, at the Iowa State Fair, large groups of black people created havoc and violence in and out of the fair for three nights.  In their wake, they left a fractured skull, dozens of black on white assaults, property destruction, defiance, and two hospitalized cops.  All at, yes, the Iowa State Fair.  When reporters wanted to know why all the black people were violently attacking white people, Lavorato told it the way it was:  "In the police report it states that a group of black males and females were out at the fair yelling 'it's beat whitey night'.  The police chief said truth was not the "messaging" she wanted.  So Lavorato had to go.

Thousands Of Black Teens Fighting, Rioting And Looting In Malls Across America Christmas Weekend.  These acts of disorder and violence by young blacks appear to be coordinated.  Why is the media not reporting on these incidents and why are they not even trying to discover who is behind these coordinated acts of violence across America?  If these were Tea Party members, do you think the media would only refer to them as "crowds of people?"

Black Lives Matter Protesters Rush LA Mayor's Podium at Town Hall.  Los Angeles Mayor Mayor Eric Garcetti was escorted out of a church and taken to his car after Black Lives Matter protesters overtook the town hall meeting.  According to KNBC-TV, Black Lives Matter protesters rushed the podium at the town hall event, which was being held to discuss economic opportunity and community safety.  As Garcetti attempted to leave the meeting, protesters surrounded his car and continued to chant.

America is due for a revolution.  Here's the good news:  The chaos and upheaval we see all around us have historical precedents and yet America survived.  The bad news:  Everything likely will get worse before it gets better again.  That's my chief takeaway from "Shattered Consensus," a meticulously argued analysis of the growing disorder.  Author James Piereson persuasively makes the case there is an inevitable "revolution" coming because our politics, culture, education, economics and even philanthropy are so polarized that the country can no longer resolve its differences.

Video reveals America is either greatest country in the history of the world, or the low point of human civilization.  I have been struggling for several days now, trying to wrap my mind around the video embedded [in this article].  It was recorded on a cruise ship, the Carnival Breeze, as a fight broke out among passengers waiting for cheeseburgers at Guy's Burger Joint, an outlet jointly owned by Guy Fieri of the Food Network and the Carnival Cruise Line.

Rumble in VA! Trump Supporters Brawl with #BlackLivesMatter and Latino Radicals.  It was only a matter of time before this happened.  Look for it to get much worse.  Politico makes a big deal out of a Trump supporter spitting on and cursing at a Black Lives Matter jerk.  First off, there is no context.  What did the radical say and do before that happened?  Second, I'm not sure you can blame the guy.  He's obviously had it with these racist, commie thugs.  I know I have.  The crowd raged over this.  I'm surprised there wasn't a bigger brawl.  Guess the state police got there in time and hauled away the disrupters.  Black Lives Matter thugs and Latino radicals crashed the Trump rally in Richmond, Virginia and this time people fought back.  There were 5,000 people there and they were ticked.

Black Violence Matters.  [Example #1]  Harrisburg.  100 black people leave a local festival, ransack a convenience store, and vandalize more than 50 cars, including one belonging to the chief of police.  The mayor said the large scale violence is "isolated" and caused by poverty.  The chief of said he is going to stop the repeated and large-scale lawlessness by "preaching" to the kids.  Two days after the riot, we learned another mob assaulted two white kids coming from the festival, breaking at least one jaw.  The local press finally had to 'fess up':  "The beatdown also had a "racial overtone," to it, said the chief of police.  He said the attackers, who were black, yelled racial comments at the white victims, who had been "minding their own business."

Putney: Gangs at the center of Charlotte weekend violence.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said retaliatory shootings between at least two gangs were at the root of many of the violent crimes over the Labor Day weekend.  Police are treating all of the shootings as if they are connected. Putney wouldn't identify the gangs involved and gave no updates on any possible arrests in any of the five killings over the weekend.  Twelve people were shot at six locations over the holiday weekend.  So far in Mecklenburg County, there have been 43 homicides in 2015, more than for all of the year before.

MPD officer confronted by crowd, punched, police say.  A Madison police officer was confronted by a crowd and punched after a street fight on Prairie Road Wednesday night [9/2/2015], according to a release from Madison police.  The officer stopped in the area of Prairie Road and Jacobs Way around 6:20 p.m. after spotting a large number of people in the street.  He said that as he approached he saw a woman punch a man in the face, and he could see that the woman had a can of pepper spray.  The officer said that as he went to arrest the woman he was surrounded by a crowd that was voicing anti-police sentiments, including "We need to start killing these officers."

Wisconsin Mob: 'We Need to Start Killing These Officers'; Punched Police Officer.  Two women in Madison, Wisconsin were arrested Wednesday night after punching and threatening to kill a police officer who was responding to a 911 call about a nearby street brawl.  Within minutes of arriving on the scene, police said the officer attempted to arrest a woman he saw punch a man in the face but was quickly overwhelmed by a mob of people chanting anti-police slurs, including "We need to start killing these officers."

School protests hijack Chicago mayor's budget forum.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a rare public forum on Monday [8/31/2015], seeking support for painful belt tightening to solve the city's fiscal crisis, at a meeting dominated by protests over the closing of a high school in an African-American neighborhood.

Black Lives Matter Activists, Including Nancy Pelosi Staffer, Shut Down D.C. Highway During Protest.  Lives Matter activists, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's press assistant, reportedly shut down a Washington, D.C., interstate highway Saturday afternoon [8/15/2015].  Taylor Griffin, who according to her LinkedIn profile is a press assistant in the Democratic congresswoman's office, tweeted photos and videos of herself and other activists marching and carrying signs.  Griffin also tweeted an images of her with the group apparently shutting down I-395, a heavily traveled freeway in D.C.

Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!  [Scroll down]  Black Lives Matter thugs are allowed to roam the country wreaking havoc.  At a major speaking event, liberal Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders allowed BLM thugs to storm the stage, take his microphone and run him off his own stage.  How wimpy is that?  Democrat presidential contender Martin O'Malley also allowed BLM thugs to hijack his event.  O'Malley wimped out and pandered to the rude thugs.  O'Malley's attempt at appeasement emboldened the thugs to demand that he apologize for daring to say "white lives and all lives matter."  O'Malley complied.  Sanders and O'Malley displayed typical Democratic Party weakness and politically correct liberal thinking.

Bernie Sanders: Pathetic and Outdated.  Bernie Sanders, practicing the gutless leadership that he preaches, gave up his podium in Seattle to Black Lives Matter "activists."  He was spouting his neo-Marxist rhetoric about the class struggle (oops, "income inequality") when young BLM speakers pushed his old boring rhetoric aside, took over his microphone, and began a dumb-speak chant, "Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, etc."  Bernie kept smiling and soon left the area giving up all attempts to control the podium.  If we look at the issues section of Bernie's website, we see he advocates a massive program to employ young people age 16-24.  The fiasco in Seattle leaves us wondering if he intends to employ those young people to disrupt the speeches of politicians of both the left and right.

Black Panther rally
Black Panthers March in Texas.  In Waller County, Texas the New Black Panther Party staged a demonstration to protest the suicide death of Sandra Bland while in jail.  A small group showed up to voice their displeasure with the Waller County Sheriff's Dept.  But, there was a twist to this demonstration as Breitbart reports: [...]

More about the Black Panthers.

Black lawmakers back disruptions of Sanders, Democrats' events.  In recent weeks, members of the Black Lives Matter movement have gone after the leading Democratic hopefuls — most notably during a viral weekend encounter with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — urging them to prioritize criminal justice reform and other race-related issues on the campaign trail.  The activists have employed the controversial tactic of interrupting stump speeches and other public forums, which has drawn ire from many Democrats as an uncivil and misguided effort that targets allies, rather than opponents, of such reforms.

Bernie Sanders retreats before Black Lives Matter protestors.  While much of the political world obsessed about the latest developments in Donald Trump's takeover of the Republican presidential race, an extraordinary thing happened on the Democratic side.  In Seattle on Saturday [8/8/2015], the most liberal candidate in the Democratic contest, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters, who took the event at which he was scheduled to speak hostage.  It was an ugly moment; the anger and bad feelings onstage were intense, judging from several videos of the event.

Fifty Years after Watts.  Deep into the second term of our worst president, the man who was supposed to resolve racial problems in America, we can look back fifty years and see how little the dreary cant of leftism has changed.  On August 11, 1965, Watts exploded into an orgy of violence and destruction, resulting in 34 deaths and thousands of injuries.  Tens of millions of dollars of damage gutted much of Watts, and this destruction, combined with the lawlessness of the black rioters, drove business from that part of Los Angeles.

Five Arrests In Michigan Racial Mob Beating — Twenty Black Teens Brutalize White Victim.  Reverse the races and this would be playing 24/7 on CNN.  However, specifically because it does not fit the preferred media narrative, it's doubtful this story will reach a single national news broadcast.

Panic in Pittsburgh: Media Struggling to Ignore Black Mob Violence.  Large-scale black mob violence is now an accepted part of life in the Pittsburgh area.  The latest example came last week, when hundreds of black people rioted outside of a carnival at St. Basil's parish.  No one in the press called it a riot.  Neither did they identify the hundreds of people involved as black.  A few cops and residents took care of that in emails.  The parish cancelled the 40-year tradition permanently, for the "safety of its parishioners," said the pastor.  And oh yeah, black violence has been a fact of life in that neighborhood for a long time.  The local city councilmember said she is really, really sad about it, and had no idea why it happened, but she is pretty sure it was caused by not enough social programs.

Ohio Cops Hunt 70 Juveniles In Late Night "Mob And Rob" Of Circle K Store.  Ohio cops are investigating the ransacking of a Circle K store that was overrun early Saturday morning [7/25/2015] by up to 70 juveniles.  According to Akron police, the suspects "entered the gas station and started to destroy and steal property" during the so-called mob and rob attack.  As seen [in this article], a couple who stopped at the Circle K for gas shot video of the juveniles fleeing the store with stolen merchandise.  A woman in the car called 911 and reported that the suspects were "running around in the parking lot like wild children."

Three women caught on camera getting into massive brawl at Epcot with one attacking a park employee.  Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth... but apparently they don't make the same promises for Epcot.  [Video clip]

Black Lives Matter Founder Rants at Netroots: 'Burn Everything Down!'.  The nascent Black Lives Matter movement cannot claim that these statements were made by a few fringe members:  the entire rant was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisee Cullors, who can be seen in the video enthusiastically pumping her fist and shouting along with every incendiary statement.  Nor is Black Lives Matter a fringe group; they have been embraced and given fealty by the highest levels of the Democratic power structure.

Newly Emerged Video Reveals The Real Agenda Of Radical 'Black Lives Matter'.  [Martin] O'Malley, the former Maryland governor, tried to appease members of the noisy and insistent disruptors.  But when he dared to tell the crowd that "all lives matter," he was caught in such a liberal bind that he quickly backed away from that statement and publicly apologized for his supposed insensitivity to the Blacks Lives Matter message. [...] As Breitbart notes of the profanity-laced disruption of the event:  "The shouted manifesto lays bare the theory behind the burning, looting, and rioting that have transpired in recent months in Baltimore and Ferguson, and it also lays out the group's agenda on current news events like immigration reform, transgender activism, and the fables about the death of convicted criminal Sandra Bland that the group is spreading through the media."

Disastrous Consequences of Lib Indoctrination from the 60s to Obama.  Due to black youths believing America is against them and cops routinely murder them, black mob attacks, rapes, and murders of innocent whites are on the rise.  Black looters feel entitled.  Social justice gives them the right to recoup what whitey/America stole from them.

Police Attacked by Black Mob in Cincinnati, Rescued White Man from Beatdown.  Did you see this on the news?  Because I sure didn't.  And even the news reports out there on this downplay or just plain don't mention the white man that was beaten and left in the street by a black mob of about 40.  You want a hate crime?  That's a hate crime.  According to one officer's account online, he was beaten simply because he was white.  You can bet Al Sharpton will not ride to the rescue on this one.

Video of black race rioters brutally beating white man at July 4 gathering taken down by YouTube.  According to a video posted to the Facebook account of QbabyOfTeamQ, a white man attending a July 4 concert in Fountain Square, the heart of downtown Cincinnati, was beaten bloody and unconscious.  Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the video because YouTube has taken it down, with a notice:  "This video has been taken down as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."

Cincinnati Mob Beats White Male Victim, "simply for being white", While Rioting In Fountain Square.  The details of a Cincinnati mob riot this weekend appear customarily poured through the MSM PC-filter, receiving editorial board cleanup prior to publication/broadcast.  However, social media accounts, as customary in an era where media are afraid to tell the truth, construct a more honest version of events.

Organized mob (of no particular race, according to media) ransacks a Walmart, attacks handicapped man in motorized cart.  The fragile bonds of civilization that keep society peaceful and orderly are fraying in the face of mobs organized online.  Last Sunday [6/28/2015], an organized mob of about four dozen people attacked a Walmart in Macon, Georgia, intentionally doing damage to displays and merchandise and dragging a man out of motorized cart and throwing him to the floor.

Report: Macon Wal-Mart mob wanted to see how much damage it could do.  Surveillance video of a wee-hours ruckus at a Macon Wal-Mart on Sunday shows a teenager race inside flashing gang signs ahead of a mob of four dozen or so people who burst in and smashed merchandise.  The commotion, which caused an estimated $2,000 in damage, appears to have been planned.  Some in the crowd also snatched a man, apparently a shopper at the Zebulon Road store, from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor, Bibb County sheriff's officials said Monday [6/29/2015].

Mob of 50 Black Teens Storm Georgia Walmart, Destroy and Steal Store.  Do you think the Old Media establishment will report this story of a mob of 50 black teenagers swarming a Walmart in Georgia and destroying the place?

Documentarian tells story of 1967 Newark riots, city's ongoing recovery.  In 1967, five straight days of rioting and civil unrest in the city left 26 dead and hundreds more injured.  In a new film that debuts in a private screening at Seton Hall University Saturday, filmmaker Kevin McLaughlin has dubbed it, "The Week that Changed the World."

Hot 97 DJ blames 'idiots' for SummerJam unrest.  Ebro, the host of "Ebro in the Morning" on Hot 97, blamed "a few idiots" for the clashes between crowds and state police Sunday at MetLife Stadium during the radio station's annual Summer Jam concert.  Crowds of people tried to enter the sold out concert by climbing over fences and forcing their way past security, state police said Sunday night.  Troopers shut the gates.  Concertgoers said police used tear gas to control the crowds.  Members of the crowd reportedly began throwing bottles at State Police.

Police: 61 arrested, 10 troopers injured at concert.  The melee [6/7/2015] at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in East Rutherford, New Jersey, drew a sharp rebuke Monday from hosts at WQHT-FM, but it also prompted questions from fans who had tickets but were ordered to leave. [...] New Jersey State Police in riot gear blocked gates outside the arena after officials said people tried to push their way inside or jump the fence.

Police shoot tear gas to disperse New Jersey concert crowd.  While tens of thousands of fans listened to some of the biggest names in hip-hop inside MetLife Stadium Sunday night [6/7/2015], hundreds trying to get in clashed with police in riot gear after the gates were closed, leaving 10 troopers hurt.

An Obama Crime Wave Spreads Across America.  Fueled by this president's anti-police policies and race-baiting rhetoric, thugs are attacking cops and terrorizing major cities.  Horrible violence is breaking out all over.  We are witnessing a national crime wave.  Law enforcement expects to see an escalation in criminal activity over the summer.

100 Beachgoers Brawl in Massachusetts.  More than 100 people brawled on a Massachusetts beach Sunday [5/10/2015] evening in a melee that saw bottles and rocks hurled, some at police, and at least 12 people arrested.

Bottles, Rocks Thrown in Beach Brawl.  State police said nine people — five female, four male — were charged with disorderly conduct.  One of the people arrested, Cornelius Jackson, 24, was arraigned Monday [5/11/2015] on charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, giving a false name and disorderly conduct.  While being arrested, he allegedly attempted to kick out the windows of the State Police cruiser.

The Inconvenient Truth about Ghetto Communities' Social Breakdown.  When the recorded fatal shooting of a fleeing man in South Carolina brought instant condemnation by whites and blacks alike, and by the most conservative as well as the most liberal commentators, that moment of mutual understanding was very fleeting, as if mutual understanding were something to be avoided, as a threat to a vision of "us against them" that was more popular.  That vision is nowhere more clearly expressed than in attempts to automatically depict whatever social problems exist in ghetto communities as being caused by the sins or negligence of whites, whether racism in general or a "legacy of slavery" in particular.  Like most emotionally powerful visions, it is seldom, if ever, subjected to the test of evidence.

Long Hot Summer Coming.  What we know so far:
  •   Valerie Jarrett is the coordinator of "demonstrations" in cities nationwide.  She is "on the phone" with mayors, radicals and activists.  NYC is the next big one and has already started.
  •   Every incident of a black person getting shot by police or roughed up resisting arrest is being examined by a Democrat team to see how useful it could be.  Media allies will be told which to go after and what messaged to include.
  •   They will occur in Democrat-run cities and the police will be hamstrung (stand down, fall back, don't look aggressive, etc....) to maximize vivid scenes of violence and destruction and make authorities look powerless.
  •   This is an IW [information warfare] campaign that will go on all summer and escalate in cities around the country.  The overarching memes will be economic injustice, judicial prejudice, income inequality, white racism and police brutality.  They are throwing the police and firefighter unions under the bus on this.
  •   The goal?  Set up another Dem messianic candidate and blame Republicans for the violence.  Party before country for Democrats, always.

Huge brawl in the aisles of Philadelphia Zara store caught on camera.  Philadelphia might mean the City of Brotherly Love in Greek, but the sentiment of the name apparently doesn't always doesn't apply to Philly's female residents.  At least five women got into a large-scale brawl that lasted for multiple minutes at a Zara clothing store on Friday afternoon [4/17/2015].

Panama City Gang Rape: A Kitty Genovese for the YouTube Era.  After phone footage of a girl being gang-raped in front of hundreds was discovered by cops, it has been revealed that a string of such incidents had taken place; on different days — maybe — and recorded on different phones.  Among the confusion, one thing remains a constant:  the profile of the victim.  Young, drugged, and only aware of the nightmare that had befallen her after videos of the attack wound up online.  That a trend of this nature has been allowed to proliferate is disturbing to the core.

Florida beach city may cancel Spring Break.  The tourism council in Bay County, Florida voted Tuesday [4/14/2015] to spend more money on spring break security after a month of violence in Panama City Beach — mostly fueled by alcohol.  Some people in town wonder if it's time to close the party down for good.  When partiers show up, the population grows 2,000 percent — from 12,000 full-time residents to a quarter-million, mostly college kids.

Hamilton Mall brawl in Mays Landing involved 30 people.  A fight involving 30 people — some teenagers and others adults — Saturday night [4/11/2015] at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing ended in the arrest of a 17-year-old who was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing chairs, police said.  Hamilton Township police said the fight was reported at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.  Hamilton Mall security officers asked for assistance dealing with a large fight involving approximately 30 people, according to a statement issued by police.

Huge 'gang' brawl involving Four Hundred people breaks out at Queens casino.  A four hundred-person mass brawl broke out Friday night [4/3/2015] at a casino in Queens.  Patrons at a bar opening inside the Resorts World Casino, next to JFK airport, reportedly turned on one another around 10pm.  Video of the fight sees a crowd of people erupting from a bar area, punching, kicking, shouting and re-purposing casino decorations as weapons.

Spring Break Violence is a Black College Thing.  [Scroll down]  The annual mayhem continued until 2013, when city officials ran out of ways to describe the "living hell" that 400,000 black people created in Miami Beach.  So they turned that small town into a large armed camp.  Today, lots of attendees complain how the cops, the towers, the dogs, the drones, the license plate scanners, the lights, the Homeland Security and the cameras are all killing their buzz.  And attendance is down.  [Bill] O'Reilly wrote off the Panama Beach City violence as some kind of new exhibitionism, all made possible by that new-fangled social media; ignoring the whole racial thing, i.e., they were not black rioters, they were just rioters who happened to be black.  But large-scale and persistent mob violence during Spring Break is a black thing.  Or as the t-shirts say:  A Black College Thing.

The Drought: California Apocalypto.  I think that we've come full circle in California:  from the premodern Wild West of the 19th century to a decadent postmodernism that is every bit as feral, though the roughness of ascension is always preferable to its counterpart in decline.  The day before Easter, Sacramento tried to stage the world's largest public Easter egg hunt.  From news reports it seems quickly to have devolved into a Darwinian free-for-all, where the ochlos swarmed the few who played by the rules.

Somali Muslims Swarm School, Force Lockdown After Somali Posts ISIS-Supportive Picture.  Over a hundred alien Somali Muslims, imported into the U.S., courtesy of non-discriminatory refugee policies, swarmed St. Cloud Technical High School on Friday [3/20/2015] in a rage.

Suspect Dead, Officer Wounded in Arizona Wal-Mart Brawl.  An overnight brawl in an Arizona Wal-Mart parking lot has left one person dead and two others wounded, including a police officer who was shot in the leg.

Forget The Terrorists: Malls are Already Under Attack from Black Mob Violence.  Forget ISIS and its threat to terrorize American malls.  Dozens of shopping areas are already under attack.  Since the Christmas season, at least 25 malls around the country have experienced black mob violence, many connected to movie theaters.  With much of the mayhem captured on video.  With many of the malls turning into No Go Zones because of the regular racial violence and the muted response to it.  Let's list these attacks, starting with the latest and working back. [...]

Hundreds of teenagers cause chaos outside of movie theater they couldn't get into.  Hundreds of teenagers caused chaos in central Florida, brawling each other after they could not get into a movie theater.  Police in Ocoee, west of Orlando, said that 300 high school and middle school students 'caused a disturbance' outside an AMC theater at the local mall on Saturday night.  After security guards kept most of them out, the crowd was moved to a parking lot where they began fighting each other and shots were fire into the air.

Massive Black Mob Causes Mayhem At Florida Mall — 800 to 900 Black Teens Involved.  This happened last night [2/14/2015] and both police and media are downplaying the story as "kids and teens just being kids"; as would be expected in the new normal reality.  Another report shares "just a bunch of stupid kids".  Obviously all media ignoring the racial aspect of the thugs gone wild.

Downtown Saint Paul Minnesota Besieged By Black Mob Violence — Media Hides Story.  Saint Paul Minnesota is a hotbed of racially driven black mob violence, but the media work diligently to keep it hidden.  Recently the frequency of the attacks has increased in severity and now even the local media are forced to discuss it.  However, the media avoid the racial motive inherent in all of the suspects being black and all of the victims are white.

Black Teen Girls Riot in Pittsburgh Mall, Force Closure.  In a brawl apparently instigated using social media, a thousand or more young teen black girls descended on Monroeville Mall outside Pittsburgh Friday night, resulting in the mall being closed as a massive brawl broke out.  An investigation is ongoing, including via social media, although no arrests were reportedly made at the time.  Many of the teens used their phones to capture video of the events and that too is now making the rounds via social media.

Scores of rowdy teens start mass brawl in a Pennsylvania mall forcing into lockdown.  Authorities say several fights broke out among hundreds of teens who packed a western Pennsylvania shopping center, forcing it to close early and it seems to be a trend cutting across malls in America.  Several altercations erupted on Friday evening [12/26/2014] at the Monroeville Mall.

Man killed in Oakwood Center shooting; sheriff describes 'bedlam in the mall'.  Oakwood Center mall near Gretna was packed this Christmas Eve afternoon, as throngs of shoppers — young and old — scurried about for last-minute holiday gifts.  But one man in that crowd stood outside the Foot Locker store inside the mall, Jefferson Parish authorities said, waiting for 24-year-old James Vaughn to finish his purchase.  And when Vaughn did, police say, that man walked up to him and shot him to death.

Black Mob Violence at Christmas, All Over the Country.  Let's start in a small town near Houston called Texas City, where hundreds of black people decided to celebrate Christmas Night at a party promoting "Hood Night.'  Near midnight, one of the patrons found himself in the parking lot, shooting a handgun.  When police arrived, he was shooting toward the crowd and ignored orders to drop the weapon.  That is when Hood Night got real:  The man with the gun turned towards police and they shot him dead.

NYPD announces $12,000 reward for three women and four men who attacked cops on Brooklyn Bridge during protests.  The New York's Police Commissioner has offered a $12,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of seven people who attacked two lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge. [...] The incident began when the two officers arrested a City University of New York professor, Eric Linsker, 29, as he tried to pour a rubbish bin onto other cops from a pedestrian overpass.  They were punched and kicked in the heads, leaving them needing instant medical attention.  Ironically, the officers were from the department's Legal Bureau and were only present at the protest to ensure that demonstrators' civil rights were respected by police.

Al Sharpton Leads March in DC as NYC Protesters Chant: 'What Do We Want? Dead Cops!'  Joining the families of blacks killed by police, thousands marched toward the capitol and down New York streets on Saturday [12/13/2014] to protest what they called an epidemic of abuse at the hands of police.  But even though it was his event, many attendees didn't want to hear from organizer Al Sharpton.

The Editor says...
The news coverage of these incidents is especially disturbing when it becomes apparent that the so-called "journalists" are intentionally omitting any mention of the perpetrators' race or their racial motives.   If the newspapers refer to these criminals as "troubled inner-city youths" or "at-risk teens" or some such euphemism, it doesn't make the public better informed.  There is no point in publishing a newspaper if you're afraid to state the obvious, and the obvious is this:  The teens are not the ones who are most at risk.

Police contain unruly Air Jordan shoppers at Houston-area malls.  Police were called to quell unruly crowds after hundreds converged outside several Houston-area malls early Sunday morning [12/14/2014] in hopes of getting a ticket to buy pricey Nike Air Jordan sneakers being released next weekend.  Chaos reached a crescendo when a rock shattered a glass entrance door at the Willowbrook Mall and a teenage girl was zapped with a Taser outside The Woodlands Mall.

Black Minister: Ferguson Rioters 'Disgusting' and are 'Glorifying Ignorance'.  Protestors rioting in Ferguson, Mo. are "glorifying ignorance" and "what we're seeing in this city is disgusting," said Minister Jonathan Gentry from West Angeles Church of God in Christ on Neil Cavuto yesterday.  Gentry accused Al Sharpton of "fueling hate into an innocent generation" and said that activists like Holder, Obama, Sharpton and Jackson need to "look themselves in the mirror before protesting" because change needs to begin within African-American communities.  "You want everything else around you changed except yourself," said Gentry.  "That is no way to survive."

New Cure for Racial Violence in Minneapolis: Crack down on the victims.  Police in Minneapolis have discovered a new way to fight the wave of black violence and mayhem that is now an every day fact of life in their city:  Blame the white victims for drinking too much. [...] First, Minneapolis police tried ignoring the problem.  But dozens of victims, videos, witnesses, police reports and 911 calls made that impossible.  Then they tried denying it:  A spokesman for Minneapolis police department told me that race has nothing to do with anything involving crime and anyone who thinks differently is a bad person.  That lasted about as long as it took to go the Minneapolis Police Department web site and see all the special programs for "protected" minorities.

The media embargo on "the B word".  [Scroll down]  If America's reporters are so concerned about race relations in the country that such descriptions are included immediately when discussing a case where a white person is charged with injury to an African American, how is such discussion less valid when the roles are reversed? [...] As much as some of these news outlets may hate to admit it, black people do, on occasion, commit acts of violence.  And sometimes the victims of that violence are white.  But somehow that's not a story.

Will Black Mob Violence Put an End to State and County Fairs?  I remember the first time I was taken to the state fair in Arizona.  I was in junior high school and enthralled with all the rides, food and games.  It was a fun and safe family atmosphere.  However, I can't help but wonder if those days will soon be over for county and state fairs and they become a thing of the past.  As reported by WND, last year, the Drew Expo in Roanoke, Virginia was forced to close early due to black mob violence.  The violence involved at least 500 people and was almost a repeat of what happened in past years.  The Spring Carnival in Hampton, Virginia last May was forced to close a week early after black mob violence erupted and resulted in five people being shot, one of them fatally.

Fights disrupt Albany fireworks.  Albany Police suspended the July 4th fireworks show Wednesday night because they say a series of fights put families, who were there to enjoy a night of fun, in danger.  Chief John Proctor said a number of fights broke out in the Turtle Park area where many people gathered to watch the fireworks show.  He said it became a safety and crowd control issue, and police officers made the decision to suspend the fireworks.

'Black Mob Violence' Archive.  at Unamusement Park

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly spotlights 'mob violence' in Detroit.  Fox News host Bill O'Reilly gives vigorous coverage to stories in which white people suffer crimes at the hands of black people.  In May 2012, he turned a group assault by black youths on two white newspaper staffers in Norfolk into a federal case.  Last September, following the not-guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, O'Reilly said:  "Is there a rise of hate crimes in the U.S.A. in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict?  All over the country, police are arresting black men and some girls for assaulting white people."  Four examples followed.

Florida State Fair in Tampa Forced to Close Early Due to Massive Black Mob Violence.  [T]hough a massive concentration of youth (oddly, they happened to all be black) forced the early shutdown of the Florida State Fair in Tampa last week — covered up for a few days by police, Maj. Tom Feeney would describe this as the "worst thing he has seen in law enforcement" in 30 years — you still aren't supposed to notice or question any racial aspect of this incident.

Beat Whitey Night Goes Viral: the Milwaukee State Fair.  The Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta tried to cover-up the Black Atlanta Public Schools (APS) cheating scandal; Philadelphia tried to replicate Atlanta by performing a similar cheating scandal for academically-challenged Black students; and "Beat Whitey Night" just went viral in Milwaukee, a city that is already on the brink of something... big.  Chicago has had Mahogany Mobs; Cleveland and Philadelphia too.  Carter Strange rests in a hospital, nearly beaten to death by a Black mob in Columbia.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to connect the dots that point to a national emergency that no curfew can contain. [...] Blacks are getting a free pass to attack whites nationwide, and the Beat Whitey night of Iowa's State Fair in 2010 has gone viral.

Downtown business owner says violent teen mobs not uncommon.  Police said that Saturday night's rampant vandalism and violence was an isolated event.  But those who have seen groups of teens terrorize the area just south of Waterfront Park before, say it's nothing new.  Police responded to 17 separate incidents Saturday night between 7 and 9 p.m.  They say the criminal acts occurred after police broke up a gathering of around 200 teenagers at Waterfront Park.

The universality of black mob violence.  The Media in the U.S.A. generally refer to such attacks as "fights" to make it appear the the victims and their attackers were equally to blame.  One such mob attack occurred in Georgia where Joshua Heath Chellew was assaulted by four black males at a Chevron gas station.  Like the attack mentioned above, the mob appeared to select Chellew as a random victim merely because he was white.  Chellew was severely beaten, then forced into oncoming traffic where he was killed.  That attack occurred in June of this year.  The Associated Press shamefully reported Chellew's murder as a fight that spilled into the street.

Why is the Media Whitewashing Black Flash-Mob Violence?  In the latest occurrence of flash-mob violence, 10-15 young people attacked four men in Denver earlier this week.  Multiple attacks similar to this one have taken place across the country this summer with one disturbing similarity:  The media has generally refrained from reporting that the attackers have generally been black — while their victims have usually been white.  Racially motivated?  Not sure — but I am sure of this:  If just one group of white youths attacked blacks or Hispanics in similar fashion, all hell would break loose.  The liberal media would suffer a collective apoplectic seizure, while Al Sharpton would be on the next jet to wherever the attack had occurred [...]

Black Mob Violence Comes to Kentucky.  [L]ess than 24 hours after a mob of 30 black people roamed through the city's downtown Saturday [3/22/2014], beating, laughing, destroying property, sending three seriously hurt people to the hospital and walking away laughing, outraged citizens in Louisville are asking two questions:  Why is black mob violence such a problem?  And when is local media going to start telling the truth about it?

Race Riots in America.  In June, thousands of black people headed to the Brighton Beach for the annual Brooklyn-Queens Day.  Five people were shot.  Lots of mayhem and violence as well. ... Why does it freak so many people out to state the obvious:  This was a race riot.  In January, dozens of black people mobbed a Wendy's in Queen's Village, with beatings, property damage and threats.  In May, the same thing happened at Dunkin' Donuts, a large group of black people were "terrorizing" employees and stealing from the store.

Possible Flash Mob Hits Maryland 7-Eleven, Police Say.  A pack of 30 teens helped themselves to items in a Maryland 7-Eleven early Sunday morning [8/14/2011] in what authorities have labeled another instance of a possible flash mob.  The store, which is located in Germantown, Md., was empty at 2 a.m. Sunday morning when a group of teenagers calmly walked in and picked out items as though they were shopping.  Then, just as calmly as they entered the store, police say, they exited without paying for the items.

The news media intentionally suppress politically-incorrect facts.
Media Stifling Racial Violence Coverage.  Race matters if we want to understand the current wave of racial mob violence.  Flash mobs have a lot of people talking, no thanks to PC journalists who have refused all along to help us understand this emerging social problem.  For those who care about language and the truth, Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune has done a great service.  She openly admits that her newspaper refuses to report the race of violent criminals responsible for an outbreak of racial mob violence in Chicago, which mirrors similar violence around the country.

Video Shows Teens Violently Looting Redford Gas Station.  Surveillance video shows a group of teenagers on Friday night [7/22/2011] tearing through a Redford Township gas station.  The group of nearly 20 teens are shown running through the station and stealing several pieces of merchandise, owner Sam Matalka said.  Matalka said he lost hundreds of dollars in merchandise and had to spend hours cleaning up the damages caused by the teens Friday night.

The Editor says...
"Black" would be part of a more accurate description of the suspects, since that's what they all have in common, but that word is completely absent from this story.

'Flash robs' invade Canada.  Close to midnight on a hot summer's night in July, the Quickie convenience store in Ottawa's west end was virtually empty.  The next minute, 40 or so youth descended en masse.  As they marched in they grabbed everything in sight.  The next minute, like a well-oiled many-tentacled machine, the mob turned around and left with $800 worth of goods.

The Editor says...
The writer's name is Debra Black; aside from that, there is no mention of "black" in the article, even though an illustration shows that all the perpetrators were black.

Once again, no mention of black.
Teen mayhem hits Philly's streets again.  A mob of unruly teens last night once again wreaked havoc on Center City, assaulting and robbing random pedestrians.  About 9:15 p.m., police began to receive 9-1-1 calls about a group of 20 to 40 teens assaulting people.

No mention of the forbidden word black here either.
Witnesses Describe Mob Attacks Outside Wisconsin State Fair.  Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds.  Police said that some victims were attacked while walking.  They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.

Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks.  Witnesses tell [WTMJ] of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.  Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.  Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left [the Wisconsin] State Fair Thursday night [8/4/2011].

Racial mob violence rocks the Wisconsin State Fair.  This is far worse than the racially motivated attacks at last year's Iowa State Fair during "beat whitey night."  The dramatic and unprecedented rise in black on white violence across America has yet to be addressed by Mr. Obama or any of the leadership in Washington who are far more concerned with attacking Tea Party members as racists and terrorists than they are in facing any of the real issues which are tearing our country apart.

This article mentions the one detail left out by other writers.
Mob Rampages Through Wisconsin State Fair.  A concession worker told the newspaper that large groups of African-American youths began running through the midway around 7:00pm, knocking people over, disrupting rides and tearing up signs.  He said police, including officers on horseback, were not able to bring the situation under control.

Union Thugs Disrupt Wisconsin State Fair.  Wisconsin's public sector unions are ramping up hysteria in anticipation of the recall elections on Tuesday.  A reported $15 million, most of it from out of state, has been spent on behalf of the left-wing candidates in the recall races.  Yesterday, Scott Walker opened the Wisconsin State Fair, as is traditionally done by the governor.  But the unions couldn't let their hyperpartisanship rest even for fifteen minutes, and they put on a disgraceful delay.

Lessons from a Milwaukee Mob.  On August 4, 2011, the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, the worst race riot in Wisconsin history occurred.  As darkness fell over the amusement park area known as the Midway before closing time, hundreds of young blacks swarmed out into the parking lot, seeking out white fairgoers to attack — pulling people off their bikes, out of their cars, to knock them to the ground and beat them:  with fists and whatever blunt instruments they had handy.

American Tinderbox.  For some time now, residents of some US cities have noted occasional incidents of seemingly random, racially motivated violence in which young Black males are involved.  The hot weather and bad economy seem to be combining to generate a small but possibly significant uptick this year.  The national media are doing their best to avoid looking too closely at this disturbing phenomenon, and perhaps for good reason.  What the United States doesn't need is a media firestorm that triggers copycat violence.  Nevertheless some attention should be paid.

It's time to take steps to stop young thugs.  While out of town last week, I suddenly started receiving urgent long-distance messages about young black people in Milwaukee acting crazy.  Again.  Last time it happened, I was on vacation during the Fourth of July weekend when a bunch of misbehaving young black people ransacked a gas station convenience store and attacked residents in a park.

The Taboo on Mentioning Black Mob Violence.  The wave of racist violence committed by black flash mobs is different from any other form of racism today.  The neglected social problem of racial mob violence is unique in its organization, the high numbers of people involved, the intensity of the violence, and the stark racial impact of that violence.  The violence is also unique in that it has been purposefully obscured by the mainstream media, with the editor of the Chicago Tribune, among others, saying that his paper will not report on the race of the attackers.

Boy, 11, among 4 charged in flash-mob attacks.  An 11-year-old boy is among four people who have been arrested for allegedly participating in a mob that wrought chaos on Center City on Friday night.

Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks.  Witnesses tell [WTMJ] of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.  Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.  Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night [8/4/2011].

Weapons of Mob Destruction.  In Philadelphia, a group of 20-40 youths went on a rampage in Center City August 1st, resulting in 59 people being beaten and briefly hospitalized.  Last Thursday, a mob ran through the Wisconsin State Fair at closing time, beating up people at random.  In London, citizens have been besieged by three straight nights of hellish rioting, even as that rioting has spread to other parts of the nation.  The common themes?  A racial component, studiously ignored wherever possible; technology that makes mob organization far easier than ever before; and the undeniable relationship between welfare state policies and the expansion of underclass mores.

The Mob Tears at the Foundations of Civilization.  The law has failed Marty Marshall and his Akron, Ohio, family.  On the Fourth of July in 2009, he was watching fireworks in his front yard with his wife and children.  A mob of 30 to 50 black teenagers went onto his property and beat up Marshall, his wife, his children and two adult male friends.  "This is our world.  This is a black world," they taunted the injured victims.  Marshall spent five nights hospitalized in critical care.

West Allis Police release timeline detailing incidents at State Fair.  The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department released 911 audio from the opening night of State Fair.  These tapes display the graphic details of the attacks, some of which were racially motivated. ... Most callers tell dispatchers they see a racially motivated melee.

White Mob Terrorizes Black Milwaukeeans.  I'm sorry.  I got that header wrong.  It was a black mob that ransacked convenience stores and hammered a group of white people in Milwaukee this past July 4th weekend. ... The fact that it was a black on white assault would explain why we didn't hear about it via the national news.

All eight suspects in brutal Five Points beating in custody.  All eight suspects are in custody after a brutal attack in Five Points early Monday morning [6/20/2011] which left the teenage victim in critical condition, according to Columbia police.

Solicitor: No evidence that Five Points beating was racially motivated.  Except that the thugs were black and the victim was white.  Maybe he didn't notice.

Blacks must not remain silent about America's new racists.  Last year, four black Skidmore College students yelled racial slurs while they beat up a white man because he was dining with a black man.  Skidmore College's first response was to offer counseling to one of the black students charged with the crime.  In 2009, a black Columbia University professor assaulted a white woman during a heated argument about race relations.  According to interviews and court records obtained and reported by Denver's ABC affiliate, black gangs roamed downtown Denver verbally venting their hatred for white victims before assaulting and robbing them during a four-month crime wave.

Planned Parenthood's 'Lucy Ricardo moment' arrives in a Texas rape case.  Last November, an 11-year-old Latina was gang-raped in the town about 40 miles northeast of Houston.  At least one of the idiots who took part in this atrocity recorded the incident on a cell phone camera.  Videos of the assault surfaced at the girl's school.  One of her classmates alerted the principal, who alerted police.  So far, 18 suspects have been arrested and charged.  According to some news stories, all of them are black; according to others, the "overwhelming majority" are.

Police: Race a factor in State Fair violence.  All the victims were white or Hispanic and the offenders were described as African-American.

These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact?  What colour is Mark Duggan?  Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by the police on Thursday in Tottenham.  The Tottenham riots last night were sparked when people protested his death.  This morning, I first heard of the riots on the radio, then on the television.  I read articles on the internet.  But oddly, no one would say what colour Mark Duggan was.  No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were, I suspect on the whole, black.

Flash Mob Robberies Continue.  In the latest incident, 10 women stormed the Shop Express convenience store along Benning Road in northeast Washington at about 3:15 a.m. Thursday.  They loaded up on food, drinks and snacks at different parts of the store.  Some of the women were carrying bags to hold some of the items.  Then they all rushed out of the store at the same time without paying.

The Editor says...
Fortunately the accompanying video tells the rest of the story, since the "reporter" didn't: all the suspects were black.

Are the Black Flash Mob Attacks on Whites Obama's Fault?  As America's first black president, fair or unfair, Obama's presidency comes with enormous responsibility in terms of its influence on black youths.  This is why it is so unfortunate that American black youths' ultimate role model is a characterless, race-baiting political hack.  While I am not saying president Obama is responsible for the epidemic of black youth flash-mob attacks on whites around our country, his race-baiting has to be a contributing factor.

'Flash mobs' pose challenge to police tactics.  The suspects in these crimes often connected via cellphones and share information on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, police say.  How best to combat the technology-connected crimes — and how far police agencies should reach into private online and mobile phone access — are at the core of a growing debate among police officials, city leaders and civil rights activists.  Everyone agrees:  It's uncharted territory for law enforcement.

Again, the most appropriate adjective was omitted.
17 charged in Germantown flash mob theft.  Montgomery County police say 17 people have been charged in a flash mob theft of a Germantown convenience store.  A group of 25 young people stormed the 7-Eleven at 13001 Wisteria Drive shortly before 2 a.m. on Aug. 13.  In just about a minute, they stole snacks, drinks and other items from the store, then left.

The Racial Violence that Dare Not Speak Its Name.  Recent flash mob violence has alerted Americans to a troubling wave of sadistic racial mayhem.  A notable outbreak occurred in Denver in 2009, setting a pattern of delay, denial, and silence.  Now that same scourge has returned to Denver, among many other places.  In 2009, a four month wave of mayhem broke out in Denver.  There were at least 26 violent robberies committed by two black gangs.  The victims were — without exception — whites and Hispanics.

Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall.  Police are asking for the public's help tracking down a large group of violent teenagers.  They say 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic and both male and female — attacked four white men on the 16th Street Mall at about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday [9/11/2011].

WCBS-TV seems very sympathetic with this gang of teenage armed robbers.
Brazen Teenage Gang Robbing Straphangers During Rush Hour.  Police are searching for teenage thugs targeting subway riders.  There have been at least three armed attacks recently.  CBS 2's Dave Carlin has seen pictures of the suspects and knows what they're after.  A team of baby-faced bandits, young enough to still be in high school, is making life quite stressful in Gotham's underworld.

White Middle-Schooler Beaten Unconscious by Group of Black Students.  The story is shocking enough, even without bringing race into it:  on the way to school in Ocala, FA, a thirteen-year-old girl was beaten unconscious and reportedly went into a seizure after being attacked on the school bus by a group of fellow students.  The girl reportedly was riding the bus for the first time. ... Aside from the brutality, there was another troubling fact about this crime — a fact that predictably did not make it into the news:  the attackers were black, and the victim was white.

Associated Press coverage of the same story, with no mention of the obvious adjective, "black":
7 teens charged with beating classmate unconscious.  Seven central Florida teenagers were arrested after authorities said they punched and kicked a 13-year-old until she was unconscious while on a school bus.

Riot breaks out at Dekaney High School.  A Dakaney High School student used a cell phone to capture a brawl that broke out in the cafeteria on Friday [1/27/2012].  Spring ISD officials said the fight started between four students and no one was seriously hurt.  But students said — and the video will attest — that it was more like a riot, and there were a lot more than four students involved.

Massive brawl at notorious high school.  Police were called to a troubled Texas high school after another major brawl erupted in the cafeteria — and parents say they have had enough.  Cell phone video provided an inside look at Friday's melee, showing students at Andy Dekaney High School, throwing wild punches and crowding the cafeteria.

Brazen smash-and-grab jewelry store mall robberies continue.  Gordon's Jewelers at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land suffered the most recent attack, as KTRK Ch. 13 first reported.  A surveillance video from Feb. 22 shows four masked men storming the store, smashing display cases, stealing merchandise and running from the scene in less than a minute.

Media Conceal True Nature of "Flash Mob" Racial Violence.  Relying on documents made available exclusively through a Freedom of Information Act request, we can add another face to the growing picture of racial "flash mob" violence in America.  It is a face that the media have concealed from public view.  This writer was forced to use the local Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to ascertain the facts about the racial identity of one of the victims of these attacks.  The media concealed the identity of the white victim apparently because of misguided racial sensitivity.

Flynn calls looting, beatings in Riverwest barbaric.  Shaina Perry remembers the punch to her face, blood streaming from a cut over her eye, her backpack with her asthma inhaler, debit card and cellphone stolen, and then the laughter.  "They just said 'Oh, white girl bleeds a lot,'" said Perry, 22, who was attacked at Kilbourn Reservoir Park over the Fourth of July weekend.

Of course there is no mention of black in this article.
Carter Strange Speaks About Five Points Assault.  On June 20th, Strange was brutally attacked by a group of eight teenagers as he was walking home in Columbia's Five Points. ... Eight suspects were arrested in connection with his attack, and seven of the suspects were juveniles.

Police issue arrest warrant for seventh suspect in beating of Bayonne man.  [Dawid] Strucinski was left in a coma after he was jumped by about nine people near the Quick Chek at Broadway and 12th Street in Bayonne at around 3 a.m. July 3.  Today [7/12/2011], police arrested a sixth suspect — a 15-year-old boy — and charged him with the riot and endangering injured victim today after a parent brought him to headquarters, police said.

Police: Trayvon protesters ransack store.  North Miami Beach police said surveillance video shows dozens of high school students demonstrating in the Trayvon Martin case Friday [3/23/2012] ransacking a Walgreens store.  The incident occurred during a walkout from North Miami Beach Senior High School in support of Martin, 17, who was fatally shot in Sanford.

NMB Students Turn Trayvon March Into Criminal Mischief Investigation.  Thousands of students in South Florida have taken part in school walkouts as a way to protest the lack of an arrest in the Trayvon Martin killing at the hands of a volunteer neighborhood watch campaign.  All of them remained peaceful except for one and North Miami Beach police released surveillance video Tuesday [3/27/2012] of that incident which took place at a Walgreens located at 1501 NE 163rd Street.

6 charged in beating of NC man in Seneca.  The report said that a woman told police that there were several black men attacking the 32-year-old white man, whose identity was redacted.  "Upon exiting the restaurant he was jumped by a mob of individuals, and severely beaten about the head and torso," said John Covington, the Seneca police chief.  "The report was that racial slurs were being used toward the victim."

Six Men Who Could Be Obama's Sons Arrested For Pummeling White Man.  This beating occurred March 17 and we're just hearing about it now?  Where's the national media to gin up the outrage?

The Media Downplay Murder When It's Black-on-White and Black-on-Black.  If violent black-white crime generates headlines, where were the media after the sickening racially motivated assault that occurred in Long Beach, Calif., on Halloween night, 2006?  Three young white women were brutally kicked, punched and beaten by a mostly black mob of 30 to 40 teens and adults.  According to witnesses, during the rampage the mob yelled:  "We hate white people.  F--- whites!"  Yet only two local papers reported the story, and one — the Los Angeles Times — published its article a full week after the attack!

'The level of poverty, the disillusionment hasn't changed'.  Twenty years ago, at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in south Los Angeles, a mostly black mob, enraged at the acquittal of four Los Angeles policemen in the beating of black motorist Rodney King, dragged white truck driver Reginald Denny from his cab and beat him unconscious while news helicopters hovered overhead.  The gory images helped incite six days of fires and looting throughout the city that led to 53 deaths and an estimated $1 billion in property damage.

Twitter Buzzes With Talk of Zimmerman Riots.  Since Friday [4/20/2012], there has been an explosion of tweets surrounding the possibility of rioting if Zimmerman is acquitted — or even because he was released on bail.

L.A. Riots Picture Special.  This Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the night when chaos broke out in Los Angeles.  Angered by the acquittal of three white and one Hispanic police officers who had been filmed beating black motorist Rodney King rioting erupted across the city.  When the flames had died down six days later 55 people had died, 2,300 had been injured and more than 1,500 buildings were left damaged or destroyed.

Thin Veneer of Civilization.  [Scroll down]  I went back to the hotel on the evening of April 29 to the news of the near-beating death of trucker Reginald Denny in the aftermath the acquittal of the four Los Angeles Police Department officers charged with using excessive force during their arrest of Rodney King after a drunken King led them on a high speed chase and then resisted once the police pulled him over.

What We Should Have Learned.  Could it happen again?  That is the taboo question on the 20th anniversary of Los Angeles's murderous Rodney King riots, just as another racially charged prosecution — this time in Florida — captures headlines across the nation.  Sadly, the answer is yes.

Norfolk, Virginia: Violent Black Flash Mob Assault White Journos — Their Newspaper Buries News For Weeks.  The feral wilding mob was 100 strong, at least 30 participated in the attack.

'Justice for Trayvon':
15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs... So Far.  At least 15 whites have been beaten not just with fists, but with potentially deadly weapons including hammers and lengths of chain.  Many of the victims have been hospitalized, some may never fully recover, and one lingers on the verge of death.  David Forster and Marjon Rostami are just the latest victims of brutal beatings tied to the Trayvon Martin shooting, and some Virginians are outraged that the newspaper did not report the attack for "politically correct reasons."  The attack was revealed not as news, but in an opinion piece.

Attack on Pilot reporters was a crime — but not the only one.  Pilot reporters Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were pummeled by a pack of punks last month in Norfolk.  It was two weeks before any mention of that vicious attack appeared in the paper.  As a result, The Virginian-Pilot is now taking a beating.  The reporters didn't deserve this act of aggression.  But what about The Pilot?

A problem with the truth?  As WND reported Tuesday [5/1/2012], dozens of black teenagers attacked two white reporters for the local Norfolk, Va., newspaper, the Virginia-Pilot.  Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were stopped at a traffic light two weeks ago as a crowd of at least 100 black youths congregated nearby.  Someone threw a rock at the window of the car and Forster got out to confront the perpetrator.  That's when the beating started.  When Rostami tried to pull Forster back into the vehicle, the crowd of dozens began pulling her hair, punching her head and scratching her eyes.  Both were out of work for a week due to their injuries.  Amazingly, though the victims were staffers for the only newspaper in town, the story was not reported.

Mob of between 30-100 black teens brutally beat white male and female in Virginia.  The pink slime media and race hustlers have more blood on their hands as yet another racially motivated mob beating has occurred.  As usual, with the exception of a few local reports, the pink slime media is silent on this story.  Even in the following video from a local ABC station in Norfolk, the reporter mentions:  "a mob of teens" forgoing the mention of the race of the attackers.  Welcome to Obamaville.

White couple's terror as 30-strong mob of black youths armed with rocks attacks.  A 16-year-old male has been arrested after a gang of black youths armed with rocks violently beat a white couple in an unprovoked attack.  Reporters Marjon Rostami and Dave Forster were waiting at a red light at the intersection of Brambleton Avenue and Church Street in Norfolk, Virginia, on April 14 when they were set upon by the 30-strong mob.  But the couple's ordeal was not reported by their employer, the Virginian-Pilot, for two weeks, sparking outrage among some readers who claim the newspaper buried the story for political reasons.

O'Reilly Producer Confronts Editor Of Virginia Paper About Covering Up 'Racially Motivated' Assault.  On his show Monday [5/7/2012], Bill O'Reilly started off by following up on the assault case in Norfolk, Virginia — in which two Virginian-Pilot reporters, Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami, were attacked by a group of black men.  The story went unreported in the paper for two weeks, and O'Reilly has been following the case since last week.  In this update, we heard from the paper's editor himself.

Bill O'Reilly: 'Inconceivable That Had a White Mob Set Upon Two Black Americans Media Would Sit it Out'.  "It is inconceivable that had a white mob set upon two black Americans the media would sit it out."  So said Fox News's Bill O'Reilly Monday about the media's almost total silence about a white couple that was attacked by a crowd of young African-Americans three weeks ago in Norfolk, Virginia.

Group of 10 or 15 'thugs' rob and beat 5 people following Prudential Center concert, cops say.  A roving band of teenagers assaulted five people as they left a sold-out concert at Newark's Prudential Center Saturday night [5/5/2012], leaving one man unconscious and another with a fractured eye socket during a two-minute crime spree, according to police officials and incident reports.  The attacks happened as nearly 20,000 guests departed from a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and marked only the second major reported crime at the arena since it opened in 2007, officials said.

Newark police: Violence may have been chief motivation in brutal Prudential Center assaults.  The mob of teens who attacked and robbed five people who eaving a sold-out Prudential Center concert Saturday night were "laughing" during the brutal assaults, and may have set out to injure people rather than rob them, Newark police officials said this morning.

Mobile police chief: No more arrests expected in Matthew Owens beating.  Barring new information, police do not expect to make any more arrests the widely publicized beating of a man in the city's Pleasant Valley community, Police Chief Micheal Williams said today [5/9/2012].  The beating, which left Matthew Owens in the hospital in critical condition, caused a sensation that reverberated across the nation because the victim is white and the large group of men, women and children who confronted him are black.

A Censored Race War?  When two white newspaper reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks — beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work — that might seem to have been news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper.  But it wasn't.  "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident.  Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug.

It's the toxic culture that's killing our kids.  FoxNews' Bill O'Reilly has been publicizing the attack on two white reporters by a mob of about 30 black youths in Norfolk, Virginia that took place on April 14th.  He did this because the reporters' own newspaper, the Virginia-Pilot, delayed the report on the assault until after the reporters filed a complaint against the Norfolk police.  Since the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, there have been a number of black on white assaults that have gone unpublicized and Mr. O'Reilly was attempting to tie this mob attack with others.

Evidence presented in Bryan Stow beating case.  The video was the first piece of evidence Los Angeles County prosecutors put forth Wednesday [5/30/2012] during the opening day of the preliminary hearing for Norwood and Sanchez.  The hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence for the two men to stand trial on charges of mayhem, assault and battery, and inflicting great bodily injury in the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium on opening day last year.

'Flash' Mob Violence, Poverty, and Reclaiming the Streets.  As a physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital learned the other night, you're really not safe in Streeterville.  Accosted by a "flash" mob of black teenagers, the physician was repeatedly hit and beaten.  He wasn't robbed.  He says the motive wasn't racial, as he's Asian.  But typically such mobs are black and their victims are whites, who are abused with racist insults while they're being injured.  The physician observed that the teenagers had accosted others before they attacked him.

No mention of the word "black", as usual.
'Flash rob' targets Troutdale Albertsons.  A group of teens targeted a Troutdale store last weekend in a 'flash rob' and investigators are trying to identify the suspects.  Investigators said as many as 40 kids entered the Albertsons store at 25691 SE Stark Street at the same time late Saturday night [7/14/2012] and started stealing things.

Are Race Riots News?  When I first saw a book with the title, "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty, I instantly knew what it was about, even though I had not seen the book reviewed anywhere, and knew nothing about the author. [...] That phrase was spoken by a member of a mob of young blacks who attacked whites at random at a Fourth of July celebration in Milwaukee last year.  What I was appalled to learn, in the course of my research, was that such race riots have occurred in other cities across the United States in recent years — and that the national mainstream media usually ignore these riots.

Again, no mention of the term "black".
Smash mob causes havoc at Walmart.  The Walmart off Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville fell victim to a mob of 300 people who entered the store and destroyed the security system as well as some merchandise.  According to a police report, the group destroyed an electronic anti-shop lifting security scanner that costs about $1,500.  The police report also stated the massive crowd could have arrived at the store after a party that was broken up on Sampson Road.

An interview with Colin Flaherty:
White Girl Bleed a Lot.  [Scroll down slowly]  I documented hundreds of examples in more than 70 cities.  And here is what happens.  I hear about a riot or a mob and I check it out and learn that it was a large group of black people creating havoc.  So I write the details.  In the course of reporting it, or after the story comes out, I almost always hear:  "That's been happening here a long time."  But reporters are afraid to write about it.  City officials are afraid to combat it, or call it by its name.  So it goes on.  And it is not just the places where you might expect it:  Chicago, Philly, Boston, Baltimore.  It's in smaller places in the Midwest as well. [...] Ames, Iowa.  They had a "Beat Whitey Night" at the State Fair.  Peoria, Illinois.  They had almost a dozen episodes of racial violence and lawlessness by black mobs over the last year.  Milwaukee.  Minneapolis.  Seattle.  Portland.  And on and on.

Black mobs now have soundtrack for violence.  The epidemic of black-mob violence now has a soundtrack.  In fact, lots of them: sophisticated, highly produced songs and videos that urge black people to create all kinds of mayhem.  From murdering CEOs and delivery drivers to starting riots and engaging in random warfare and everything in between.  Millions of people enjoy them every day; not just as music, but as a lifestyle.  It is not known if any of the 1,000 black people who rioted in downtown Greensboro following the Fourth of July festivities this year were dancing to this kind of music.  But there is no doubt they were part of the lifestyle.

Chicago clothing store loses $3,000 worth of jeans in flash robbery.  A clothing store in a trendy Chicago neighborhood is one of the latest victims of a so-called flash mob robbery — when a large group storms into a shop to collectively rip off a retailer.  About 20 people entered the Mildblend Supply Co. in Wicker Park on Saturday afternoon [7/28/2012], together grabbing more than $3,000 worth of high-priced denim jeans, according to police.

Drunken gang of girls in subway stab attack: cops.  A wolf pack of drunken young women "acting stupid" on a downtown No. 6 train in Manhattan stabbed a 63-year-old man early today [7/30/2012] — for having had the nerve to ask them to pipe down, police said.  The man was on his way to work at about 6:15 a.m. when he was attacked as the train entered the East 23rd Street station, a law-enforcement source told The [New York] Post.

'They were laughing as they slashed at me'.  The 63-year-old war veteran who was attacked and stabbed by a group of young girls on a subway on Sunday morning said the gang were laughing at him as they stabbed him.  Ralph Carnegary, of Queens, has spoken out about the unprovoked attack which left him in hospital.

The local police and the news media bend over backwards to avoid stating the obvious.
Six teens attacked man because 'they were just bored,' police say.  Six teenagers "were just bored and were looking for something to do," a police report said, when they ambushed [Pat] Mahaney as he turned off Simpson Avenue onto Dallas Avenue. [...] Several residents called police, noting the suspects are black and inquiring whether Mahaney was specifically targeted because he is white.

The Editor says...
This is the most transparently false cover story I've heard since the crash of American 587. .  How "bored" would you have to be to attack a stranger on the streetcorner and beat him up?  Thugs don't ambush people out of boredom.  They are inner-city predators looking for someone to punch out.  Preferably someone who can't possibly fight back when outnumbered four-to-one.  It's a sport.  It's a hobby.  It's a chest-thumping male dominance ritual.

Man beaten by 'bored' teens dies 1 year later.  Authorities say the Cincinnati-area man who was badly beaten by six teens almost a year ago in a Cincinnati suburb has died.  Pat Mahaney, 46, died yesterday in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, said Julie Wilson, spokeswoman for the Hamilton County prosecutor's office.  The six teens, all 13 or 14, injured Mahaney in August and told police they did it because they were bored and looking for something to do.

Moving melee causes chaos at packed Mall of America.  A noisy, racing crowd of more than 200 young people created a chaotic scene at the packed Mall of America Monday evening [12/26/2011], sending frightened shoppers scrambling for safety and causing some stores to close early, eyewitnesses and officials said.  It took more than an hour to quell the disturbance, which began about 4:20 p.m. as a single fight involving a large group in a food court and quickly spread through the nation's largest mall...

The Editor says...
This story is accompanied by video, which shows all the violent actors were black, but the word black is nowhere to be found in any of the articles describing the event.

Mall of America melee may have started over rumors of Drake and Lil Wayne visit.  Rumors that rap superstars Drake and Lil Wayne were visiting Minnesota's Mall of America may have sparked Monday's massive brawl at the giant retail center, a local TV station said.  Nine people were arrested as dozens of shoppers fought on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, according to local media reports. ... A Mall spokeswoman said the incident involved about 50 youths, but witnesses and police pegged the number at closer to 200.

Riot at the Mall of America.  One of my daughters works at a department store at the Mall of America.  After the riot was over, she texted one of her sisters:  ["][My department store] closed its doors.  It was the scariest thing I have ever seen.  Hundreds of gang members running through the Mall knocking things over.  And there were fights all over!  A good half of them were wearing red.["]

Eric Holder, 'Hate Crimes,' and 'His People'.  A group of those whom Eric Holder described as "his people," at least six young men, repeatedly punched a 24-year-old white woman in the face, then proceeded to kick her face over and over when she was on the ground helpless.  This occurred in Buffalo, New York last week, but the event has received no attention by the mainstream media because the victim was white and the attackers were black.  This was no friendly urban jostling:  the woman was left with a broken nose and cracked bones in her face.  There must have been a little bit of hate in at least one of those kicks to the face, but you can bet it won't be charged as a hate crime.

Cops: Man hit by car, officer hurt as 100 people brawl in Dover.  Multiple fights were happening at once in the crowd of more than 100 people by the time Sgt. Anthony Smith and officers Jonathan Cachola, Walter Michalski and Paul Wilkes arrived, police said.  Michalski then went to Mercer Street where he found a man lying bloody on the sidewalk, police said.  Friends of the man told Michalski the driver had purposely struck him with a car and left, police said.  So Michalski began administering first-aid to the man, but he called for additional units to assist him when a large, raucous crowd encircled them, police said.

The Editor says...
It is sometimes necessary to read between the lines of a news story.  The word "black" was not used in any of the news reports about this incident.  However, given the news media's track record, it is safe to say that if a mob of a hundred white people had taken part in a street brawl/riot, the story would have been carried by dozens of media outlets, leaving no doubts about the rioters' general description.

Pa. Football player's death ruled homicide.  [Timothy] McNerney was walking back to campus with Zach DeCicco from Main Street Brew House on South Main Street when they were approached near the rear of Lombardi's Auto Service by as many as six males wanting to steal a cellphone, [Police Lt. Dan] Stanek said.

The Editor says...
The victim was known to Google, and a search for pictures of "Timothy McNerney" shows he was a white man.  The perpetrators were apparently black.  What makes me think so?  Because if they hadn't been black, they would have been described as white men in the press.

Looters brag on Twitter.  [Scroll down]  A mob of more than 50 thieves made the most of the opportunity on Coney's Island, starting down Mermaid Avenue on Tuesday morning [10/30/2012] as the water receded.  'People were running in and out of Rent-A-Center carrying these big flat-screens,' witness Aisha John, 20, told the Daily News.  'They were holding on tight.  I couldn't understand how someone could steal a big TV in broad daylight, but no one cared.'

Queens residents arm themselves in the post-storm blackout from looters.  When night falls in the Rockaways, the hoods come out.  Ever since Sandy strafed the Queens peninsula and tore up the boardwalk, it's become an often lawless place where cops are even scarcer than electrical power and food.  Locals say they are arming themselves with guns, baseball bats, booby traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend against looters.

Seven Black Teenagers Attack 1 White Teenager And Beat Him Senseless.  The white kid was simply going to play football, but seven black kids beat him before he got there.  It was only a few blocks from his house.  Apparently, the kids at his school didn't like him because he was white.

Black Mobs Take Over Washington Metro.  Members of this mob call themselves the 44th Street Crew in Southeast Washington.  For those not familiar with the different sections of Washington, that is not the lobbyist/media/functionary dinner-party part of town.  Reporters at the Fox affiliate in Washington seemed surprised at the mob violence.  But to people who ride the Metro, it was just another day.  Metro police have seen so much of it they are ready with instructions for riders who encounter it:  Resistance is futile.

Shoe shoppers get sprayed with mace at Hulen Mall.  A rush for limited-edition tennis shoes sparked a near riot Friday morning [12/21/2012] at Hulen Mall. [...] The crowd, estimated to be as large as 350 to 400 people, had apparently flocked to the mall to purchase retro Air Jordan sneakers, a re-release of the famous red and black Michael Jordan shoes.  The popular shoes retail for between $150 and $200.

Paramus police arrest 2 teens after group of 10 harassed officers.  Paramus Police Officer Anthony Liggio had stopped a motor vehicle on Route 4 east, backed up by Officer Joseph Cullen, just before 2:30 a.m.  A group of about 10 males walking on the road approached the officers and began to yell and scream insults and obscenities at them, police said.

Flash mob at Mall of Louisiana goes horribly wrong when massive 200-person brawl breaks out instead.  A flash mob at the Mall of Louisiana turned violent last night, causing the shopping center to be evacuated.  As many as 200 young people were in the food court of the Baton Rouge mall for an apparent flash mob, but things turned ugly quickly.

Large-scale fight erupts at Mall of Louisiana, shutting it down.  A large-scale fight involving as many as 200 juveniles erupted in and around Baton Rouge's Mall of Louisiana Saturday night [1/5/2013], prompting three different police agencies to respond and forcing the mall to close, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office reported.  No injuries or weapons were immediately reported, Casey Rayborn Hicks, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department said.

Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control.  A chaotic scene erupted at the Taylor Human Services Center when the crowd waiting for a Section 8 housing voucher distribution got out of control. [...] Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center.  Many were homeless, single moms, or disabled.  They were hoping to get help paying for their housing from the government.

Riot ensues at Section 8 voucher giveaway.  Law enforcement tried to break up a riot in Detroit Saturday morning after 3,000 to 5,000 people showed up for only 1,000 Section 8 housing vouchers.  People had lined up overnight waiting for the Wayne County Family Health Services Center to open, and when it came time for the vouchers to be distributed, police said there was a mad rush for the door.

Massachusetts man is savagely beaten outside pizza shop in Greenwich Village.  A heinous beatdown in the heart of Greenwich Village has left a Massachusetts man fighting for his life.  Kevin McCarron, 24, was bashed with a tire iron, baseball bat and blackjack and stomped repeatedly by a gang of toughs in the middle of MacDougal St. early Sunday, police and witnesses said.  Cops on Monday [1/14/2013] busted 24-year-old Hatem Farsakh of Brooklyn, who was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and assault.  Onlookers were horrified by the savage attack.

Westampton fight involving 'more than 100 people' leads to five arrests, police say.  A fight involving more than 100 people broke out early Sunday morning [1/20/2013] at the Rancocas Community Center and resulted in $800 worth of damage and five arrests, police said.  Police were sent to the center on Main Street on a report of shots fired and a large fight, police said.  When they arrived about 12:25 a.m., police found more than 100 people acting disorderly and "jumping on top of vehicles," police said.

Brawl At Social Services Office Caught On Video.  Sources said the fighting started even before the video started rolling at the Illinois Department of Human Services Office.  The video shows at least 4 women involved in the brawl, with fists flying from one side of the lobby to the other.

Flash Mob Mayhem: Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins.  Violent, thieving mobs have been making headlines across the country for the past few years, and now they have hit New York City.  And Maurice Dubois reported in this CBS 2 investigation, the teen mobs have left neighborhoods worried as businesses take matters into their own hands.

12-year-old among 12 accused in beating of pregnant woman.  A pregnant woman is recovering from an attack after Seminole County Sheriff's deputies said she was beaten during a brawl in Sanford by 12 people, including four juveniles.  The youngest suspect is 12 years old.  Neighbors said the fight broke out on Sunday [2/10/2013] just after 10 p.m. in the Palm Point subdivision along Daffadil Terrace.

High school food fight turns into violent 'race riot'.  What started out as a lunchtime food fight in a Minneapolis high school ended in a massive brawl involving hundreds of students and police officers wielding canisters of Mace.  Minneapolis South High School was placed on lockdown shortly before 1 pm Thursday [2/14/2013] after violence broke out during third-period lunch inside the cafeteria between Muslim and black students.

Hundreds of students brawl at Minn. high school.  A food fight quickly turned into a brawl involving hundreds of students at a Minneapolis high school on Thursday [2/14/2013], forcing police to use chemical spray to break up the melee.

A Blind Pendulum.  While in the newspapers or on television you will not be informed about it in a form that makes sense, a growing cancer of racially-based violence is metastasizing in our cities.  Moreover, unless you were to see these outrages first hand or in media outside the mainstream organs, you would know nothing of it — for it is being withheld from you.  For reasons that we may want to speculate on, the news media have made an overt decision to avert your eyes away from the stone cold reality that a spectrum of young black men and women, motivated by race, rage, or entertainment, are increasingly committing crimes against life and property by the medium of flash mob violence.

Explaining the Inexplicable.  Almost daily on internet news agencies is some lurid story of a shooting, flash-mobbing, or beating that unfortunately involves a racial motif. [...] Yet such information is usually implicit rather than overt.  The paper or news agency that reports the crime either provides no overtly physical description of the suspects, or offers almost every detail of their appearances (sometimes even artists' renditions!) except for their race.

Michigan Avenue warning: Teens allegedly planning disturbance.  Chicago police have warned businesses to be on alert for a potential problem on Michigan Avenue Saturday [3/2/2013].  Authorities have learned a large group of teenagers may gather tomorrow to participate in what's described as "disruptive behavior".

Obama's America — Mall Warnings.  Now, does anyone else think it's pathetic, sad, and more than a little bit ridiculous that American citizens have to be warned to be on alert for roving bands of teens bent on destruction and mayhem? [...] And the fact that this Department is calling it "disruptive behavior" instead of organized looting, planned batteries and mindless property damage is truly stupid to the n-th degree.

Cleanup in aisle 1: Teen's 'mourners' trash Brooklyn shops.  A vigil for a teenager fatally shot by cops turned into a riot in Brooklyn last night [3/11/2013], as a mob of outraged thugs ransacked stores, broke car windows and assaulted residents in East Flatbush.  The chaos erupted after about 200 people gathered to mourn 16-year-old Kimani "Kiki" Gray, a reputed Bloods gang member who was shot after pulling a gun on police Saturday.

100 teenagers 'riot' on the streets following vigil of 16-year-old.  An orderly protest over the death of an armed 16-year-old turned into a riot in Brooklyn tonight after young people started lashing out at NYPD officers.  Between 60 and 100 rioters gathered around Church and Snyder Ave. in East Flatbush and threw bottles and other debris at police, witnesses said, following a vigil for Kimani Gray, 16, who was shot dead by two plainclothes officers over the weekend.

Enraged protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets during third night of rioting.  As fights between cops and angry teens erupted in East Flatbush, 46 were arrested Wednesday night [3/13/2013].  Police struggled to control a furious crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil.

Brooklyn Neighborhood Is 'A Powder Keg' After Teen Killed By Police.  [Scroll down]  The witness said the teenagers suddenly took off, fanning through streets and side streets, followed by the sound of glass breaking and metal store-front gates being pulled down.  Protesters began throwing bricks and bottles while cops began pepper-spraying and arresting.  By the end an officer's face and the window of a police van had been hit with bricks, and 46 people had been arrested.

New York gangs use Easter Sunday as a 'day of initiation' to attack people and businesses'.  New York police have stepped up patrols in the center of Manhattan today over fears of gang violence over the Easter weekend.  Times Square and Midtown have seen a growing trend for crime on Easter Day with gangs seemingly using it as a day of 'initiation'.

Whites attacked by black mob for walking white.  When a black mob attacked two reporters in Norfolk, Va., last year, the editor of the Virginian-Pilot newspaper said it was just a "street altercation" and he had no proof of racial motivation.  But even the most diehard denier of the epidemic of black mob violence around the country will find this case difficult to explain away:  Three white men in Georgia were allegedly robbed and assaulted and almost killed in April by a group of black people, all because of the color of their skin.  At least that is what the victims told the local sheriff.

Black Mob Violence Rocks Virginia Beach.  Reporters at all the local media in Virginia Beach had trouble describing what happened over the weekend when 40,000 black people descended on their town for a party.  Their audiences, however, did not.  Daniel Johnson was one of dozens of people who had no trouble describing the lawbreakers and the chaos, danger, thefts, violence and lawlessness they brought to Virginia Beach as part of College Beach Week 2013.  A time when black students could "blow off some steam" before final exams.  The readers and viewers offered eyewitness accounts that local media could not, or would not, present.

325 calls to VB 911 this weekend.  Virginia Beach Police confirm they received 325 calls for service to the Oceanfront this past weekend; a weekend that included several violent crimes.  City officials are speaking out about that violence during a college event.

A 100 proof case of racial violence in Georgia.  Reporters say racial violence does not exist unless the perpetrators issue a press release or confess to a reporter or blab to the police.  Which is what happened down in Georgia.

Euphemism alert!  [Scroll down]  I don't fault [Eric] Litz for never mentioning any particular racial group.  He probably wants to keep his job, his friends, his social contacts, and avoid the deadly label of racist.  So he writes in code. [...] There is not one mention of race in the piece, even though that clearly is the heart of the story.  The code word "urban" is understood by at least 90% of the adult population to mean black in this context.  Nobody is fooled by this obligatory dance with the truth.  It is all really quite laughable, this walking on eggshells.  It puts the lie to any claim that mainstream journalism is about telling the truth.  The dishonesty about social pathologies only makes them worse.

Judge bars racially charged protests from private property.  Jason Gosselin, a lawyer for One Liberty Place, sued the group Tuesday and asked [Judge Ellen] Ceisler to bar it from continuing its assemblies.  The demonstrations featured about a half-dozen men with thick beards, dressed in robes and using bullhorns to shout at pedestrians.  Among their rants, the suit said, were these:  "The white man is the devil," and "A woman need to shut her ... mouth."

Happy holiday! Let the violence begin.  While locals fled in anticipation of the annual celebration of violence and chaos during Black Beach Week over the Memorial Day holiday in Miami Beach, large-scale black mob violence erupted in Jacksonville, Rochester, West Bloomfield, and Baltimore.  A lot of it on video.

'Beach week' draws black crowd — and violence.  Reporters with all the local media had trouble describing what happened over the weekend when 40,000 black people descended on Virginia Beach for a party.  Their audiences, however, did not.

An Epidemic of Black Mob Violence.  Racial violence is back.  Along with racial lawlessness and even riots.  You didn't hear about it?  The Midwest state fair with a "Beat Whitey Night?"  Or the Black Beach Week that turns a town into "living hell?"  Or the school principal who blamed Asian students for being racist after suffering years of abuse?  The eleven episodes of racial violence on the Fourth of July 2012?  Some involving more than 1000 black people?  These criminal episodes go by different names:  Flash mobs, flash robs, black on white crime, or as one social worker put it:  Kids just "blowing off steam."  Anything except what they are:  Racial violence.

150 People Arrested In NAACP Protest Against NC Republicans.  Upwards of 150 people were arrested outside the doors to the [North Carolina] state Senate chambers, where demonstrators chanted, sang and delivered speeches decrying what they called a regressive agenda that neglects the poor.

Juneteenth festival ends with several arrests.  Milwaukee police sources told [WISN] there were several arrests at Wednesday's Juneteenth celebrations at the Martin Luther King Center, but would not go into further detail about the incidents.  The arrests were made as the festival was winding down, authorities said.

Are there any reporters left in Milwaukee?  Every year, Juneteenth in Milwaukee is a mess:  Lots of violence.  Lots of people arrested at this annual festival of black liberation. [...] Something happened at Juneteenth in Milwaukee a few days ago but not one local reporter is talking about it.

Black mob violence claims life of pregnant woman.  A Dayton woman who was nine months pregnant is dead today after she was shot during an episode of black mob violence.  The incident began Wednesday afternoon [6/19/2013] when Dayton police were called to break up a large fight involving a crowd of black women.  Wednesday night, the crowd formed once again.  And once again fighting broke out, this time involving 50 to 100 people.  Gunfire was exchanged.

400 black people riot in downtown Greensboro.  A repeat from last summer:  A series of black mob attacks "every single weekend" in July.  And before.  And after.

Man Claims Attack Was Trayvon Retaliation.  The victim, who did not want to be identified, told News Channel 3 and investigators the men drove up to him and asked him to get into their car, implying they had a gun.  The man, who is white, told police the men who attacked him are black.  The man says the men drove him miles away in silence before pulling him from their car and attacking him, saying, "I'm fixin to beat your a** for Trayvon."

Protesters storm Wal-Mart in Crenshaw area.  People protesting George Zimmerman's acquittal marched along Crenshaw Boulevard on Monday night, stomping on cars, chasing bystanders and storming a Wal-Mart.  Several protesters made their way into the Wal-Mart as guards scrambled to close security gates.  A short while later, Los Angeles Police Department officers wearing helmets and carrying batons swarmed the store as others marched through the parking lot.

Zimmerman verdict protesters attack TV reporter, storm Wal-Mart.  A peaceful protest of the George Zimmerman verdict in Los Angeles turned violent Monday after youths broke away from the main demonstration in Leimert Park, stomped on cars, broke windows, set fires and attacked several people.  KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV reporter Dave Bryan and his cameraman were among those who came under assault.

'Let's Go Mess Up Hollywood For Trayvon'.  On Tuesday night [7/16/2013], a flash mob of some 40 to 50 teenagers invaded the busiest and most tourist-centric part of Hollywood, smashing windows, stealing cellphones, and assaulting passersby.  The police described the incident as a "rolling crime wave."  One police official said that the George Zimmerman acquittal provided the flash point excuse for the flash mob.

'Bash mobs' sweep through Southern California.  Organized "bash mob" crime rampages of roving groups attacking innocent people and businesses have been striking cities around the United States.  Law enforcement agencies in Southern California have reported few similar problems — until now.  In the last several days, there have been several reports of such group crime waves in South L.A., Hollywood, San Bernardino and Victorville.  Long Beach police are bracing for another one Friday [7/19/2013].

Arrests in San Bernardino; 'Bash Mob' in Long Beach.  Police say a mob of young people smashed windows and threw rocks and bottles in San Bernardino, resulting in at least six arrests.  Police are trying to determine whether Thursday night's [7/18/2013] civil unrest was arranged through social media contacts and whether it was sparked by the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Racial Unrest and the 'Duty to Retreat'.  In response to the second degree murder acquittal of George Zimmerman, pro-Trayvon Martin supporters are expressing their displeasure with the verdict by storming shopping malls and pilfering drive-in markets.  The point of the "tear up the city" rallies currently taking place across America is to loudly proclaim that an innocent teenager died because he had a run-in with a trigger-happy racist itching to kill a black boy.  In honor of Trayvon, bands of whipped-up teens are "running in and out of traffic, knocking people over on the sidewalks and snatching their belongings."

Video: 'Flash mob' robbery at DC convenience store.  "It was crazy.  Beyond our control," says the manager of the King Convenience store in the 1500 block of U Street in Southeast D.C.  He says a flash mob of teens stole candy, soda and other items from his store Saturday night.

Riot sparked by basketball bet heavily damages Polk juvenile center.  The melee needed 150 law enforcement officers from several state and local agencies to quell.  Seven juveniles were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  Polk County sheriff's deputies said 18 of the 20 buildings at the Avon Park Youth Academy were destroyed and nearly half the juveniles had to be taken to a jail.  Rioters confiscated a guard's radio and all of the staff golf carts and set fire to a building containing the teens' records and a trash bin, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.  The riot started about 8:30 p.m. after a fight on a basketball court.

The Editor says...
The article above includes no suspect descriptions or names of those arrested.  If the rioters had been white guys named Billy and Steve and Seth and Larry, that aspect would have been made abundantly clear in the article's first sentence.  So it's safe to assume that everyone involved was black.

Police officers sent to break up raucous party pelted with rocks, bricks and bottles.  The pandemonium of between 150 and 300 people behaving in a riotous manner took every Trenton police officer and state trooper working in the city plus Transit police, a Ewing police unit and State Police reinforcements from Hamilton barracks 15 minutes to bring under control, said Lt. Mark Kieffer, a police spokesman.

Student beaten while waiting for school bus.  The victim said the four adults — two males and two females — exited the car and demanded cellphones and money.

The Editor says...
This happened in Gary, Indiana, and the newspaper offered no description of the suspects, so it is safe to surmise that the suspects were all black.  Prove me wrong.

Two Trenton cops injured in West Ward street brawl.  According to the sources, [Officers] Rivera and Flowers were patrolling on North Hermitage Avenue near Boudinot Street around 8 p.m. when they observed two girls fighting out on the street.  The females were taken into custody without incident, but after they were handcuffed the situation turned ugly, the police sources said.  At least two men approached the officers, one striking Rivera in the face.  More people allegedly rushed Rivera and Flowers, causing their injuries as the crowd of undetermined size continued to strike them.

3 more accused in southwestern Illinois attack on Red Lobster waitress over wrong fish order.  The latest charges, filed Monday in Illinois' St. Clair County, came six days after one member of the fracas, Ania Wilkes of Ferguson, Mo., was convicted of felony assault and mob action.

Black Mob Violence in the Liberal City of Portland.  Portland is in the middle of a nasty bout of black mob violence.  This time directed at bicyclists.  But Tim Oberlander does not want us to know. [...] Oberlander is a news editor at KGW TV in Portland.  His city is under attack from black mob violence centered around Martin Luther King Boulevard.  This mob has been attacking bike riders, housewives, students, seniors, you name it.  These attacks are part of a long — but quiet — history of racial violence in a liberal enclave that prides itself on racial tolerance and harmony.  But you would never know it from Oberlander.

The Editor says...
Every big city has a Martin Luther King Boulevard, and as far as I know, they are all in the most dangerous parts of those cities.  Why do you suppose that is?

Urban streets named for MLK still struggle.  A walk down the 6-mile city street named for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. yields plenty of images that would surely unsettle the civil rights leader:  shuttered storefronts, open-air drug markets and a glut of pawn shops, quickie check-cashing providers and liquor stores.

Police make another arrest in biker beating of SUV driver.  Police have said the bikers stopped the SUV on a highway, attacked the vehicle and pulled the driver from the car after he plowed over a motorcyclist from Massachusetts while trying to escape.

Motorcyclist charged with gang assault; Off-duty and undercover cops did nothing to stop biker beatdown of dad.  Reggie Chance, 38, turned himself in and was being questioned at the 33rd Precinct in Washington Heights on Friday night [10/4/2013], officials said.  He allegedly bashed in Lien's driver's-side window with his helmet and pulled him out of the vehicle to be beaten by the merciless mob in front of his frightened family following the confrontation on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Undercover NYPD Cop Watched SUV Driver Get Beaten.  The man who police say was seen on video using his helmet to smash the driver's side window of an SUV besieged by motorcyclists in New York City surrendered to police late Friday.  Reginald Chance, 38 of Brooklyn, N.Y., allegedly was the man shown hitting the Range Rover with his helmet before the video cut off and the driver, Alexian Lien, allegedly was assaulted.  Chance's possible role in the alleged assault beyond the window smashing was not immediately clear.

Man who intervened in NYC biker-SUV brawl says he 'felt intense danger' as he protected driver.  Police have said the bikers stopped the SUV on a highway, attacked the vehicle and then pulled the driver from his car on after he plowed over a Massachusetts motorcyclist while trying to escape the initial confrontation.

Biker in NYC assault arraigned on gang assault charges, flips off reporters.  A motorcyclist accused of catalyzing an attack that left a young New York father bloodied and beaten has been arraigned on gang assault charges, which his attorney said were overblown.  Reginald Chance, 37, was ordered held on $75,000 cash bail following the court appearance on Sunday. [...] Prosecutors said Chance, a married father of six, played a key role in the beating of driver Alexian Lien, who ran over another biker in what relatives said was fear for his life.

21 Arrests! Biker in NYC Road Rage Assault Was Freed By Lenient Judge.  The fallout continues from last weekend's road rage attack in New York City, as we now learn that one of the bikers has a mile-long rap sheet.  Reginald [...] Chance appeared on the widely seen video smashing the driver's side window of an SUV driven by New York City father of two Alexian Lien before Lien was dragged out of his SUV and assaulted by several enraged bikers.

Are these the same bikers who beat the SUV driver?
Video emerges of motorbike gang intimidating and terrorising other drivers.  The gang of bikers who were filmed beating up a SUV driver had allegedly intimidated and terrorized people on a previous rides.  A new video has emerged of a dozens of motorcyclists attacking car drivers, riding through red lights and even speeding along the sidewalk.  The latest footage was reportedly uploaded by the same motorcyclist who posted the shocking clip of driver Alexian Lien being beaten by an angry group of riders.

NYPD undercover officer arrested in SUV-motorcycle gang attack.  An NYPD undercover detective has now been arrested in connection with an attack on a family in an SUV by a group of motorcyclists, reports CBS News' John Miller.  The officer is expected to be charged with criminal mischief for allegedly banging on and breaking the rear window of the SUV.  The detective waited four days before coming forward to the NYPD and he allegedly made false statements about his involvement, reports Miller.

NYPD cop arrested in motorcycle-SUV assault case.  An undercover detective who investigators said was off duty when he was recorded on video pounding on an SUV as a biker rally spiraled into violence was arrested late Tuesday [10/8/2013].

Undercover NYPD Cop Seen on Video Smashing Window in SUV-Biker Brawl: Source.  An NYPD officer who was on a deep undercover assignment when a violent fight erupted between a group of motorcyclists and a man driving a Range Rover in Manhattan has been arrested, police say.  Detective Wojciech Braszczok, 32, turned himself in to police Tuesday evening and was charged with riot and criminal mischief, according to police.

Undercover NYPD officer arrested in motorcycle/SUV melee.  The New York City Police Department confirms an undercover police officer has been arrested in connection with the Sept. 29 videotaped Manhattan melee between motorcyclists and a motorist and his family in an SUV.  Wojciech Braszczok has been charged with riot and criminal mischief, Detective Brian Sessa of the NYPD's public information unit said Tuesday night.

Beating victim Ray Widstrand on the road to recovery after being viciously assaulted and robbed by gangs.  The 27-year-old was walking home in his neighborhood on St Paul's East Side on August 4 when he was attacked by a group of 30 to 50 juveniles and young adults.  He was hit in the head with a 'can in a sock', stomped on, had his pants ripped off him and was robbed.  He was placed in a medically-induced coma when he was taken to hospital.

Group of black youths beat white couple in racially-motivated attack.  A young couple in Brooklyn were beaten up Monday in what police are calling a racially-motivated attack.  30-year-old Ronald Russo and his wife Alanna, also 30, were stopped at the intersection of Avenue U and East 58 Street near Kings Plaza Shopping Center Monday [10/21/2013] when they had the green light.  Mr Russo couldn't go though because a group of teenagers were blocking his way, so he honked his horn.  The group of 10 black youths ranging in age from 12 to 18, including a 12-year-old girl, got agitated and started kicking his car.

Young man killed in big brawl at N.J. bowling alley.  A young man was killed [10/19/2013] in a brawl involving about 250 people at a New Jersey bowling alley, police said.

Several Injured, Arrested Outside Howard U. Concert.  A group tried to ram the gate of a Howard University homecoming concert in D.C. Friday afternoon, resulting in several injuries.  D.C. Police responded to 6th Street and Howard Place NW just after 3 p.m. after several individuals tried to rush a gate into the YardFest concert, hosted by Howard University.  Seven people were injured, including two officers and one other person was hospitalized.

Black Mob Violence and Denial.  For those who have not picked up a ball for a while, a visit to your local alley in the daytime is like stepping back in time.  Same lanes.  Same beat up shoes.  Same scruffed up balls.  But weekend nights, many bowling alleys — and roller skating rinks too — shed their white, lower middle class trappings and are transformed into gleaming centers of hip-hop, with the latest and greatest in lights, sounds, fashion, booze and drugs.  All topped off with frequent large-scale, black mob violence.

Rioting black youths stun Austin, Texas.  It was a spasm of violence that stunned residents: some 200 black youths raising hell — what police called a full-blown riot — in Austin, Texas.  Angry black youths inexplicably converged by the Highland Mall, near an iconic haunted house attraction, and walked atop parked cars, fought among themselves, and hurled rocks at some 30 arriving police officers.  Several people, including one officer, suffered minor injuries.  Later, police said so many squad cars were need that the department was unable to provide adequate 911 emergency coverage to the rest of Austin.

Fights break out at shoe stores across the country [over] Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneakers.  Each year, the highly anticipated release of a new version of limited edition Air Jordans is released and each year, a spate of robberies, assaults, riots and even deaths occur.

600 People Involved in Movie Theater Brawl, 5 Arrested.  Five teenagers were arrested when a 600-person brawl broke out in a Florida movie theater's parking lot on Christmas night.  Described by police as a "melee," the fight occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday outside the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville when a group tried to storm the theater's doors without purchasing tickets, police said.  Several had rushed an off-duty police officer working as a security guard.

Flash Mob Of Teens Causes Disturbance At Brooklyn's Kings Plaza Mall.  A melee at Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn the day after Christmas was captured on cellphone video.  According to police, the flash mob involving as many as 300 teenagers, mostly 15 and 16 years old, began a short time before the Mill Basin mall closed at 9 p.m. on Thursday [12/26/2013].

The Editor says...
I surmise that all the perpetrators were black.  Prove me wrong.

Hundreds of teens trash mall in wild flash mob.  A wild flash mob stormed and trashed a Brooklyn mall, causing so much chaos that the shopping center was forced to close during post-Christmas sales, sources said Friday [12/27/2013].  More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin on Thursday at 5 p.m., sources said.

Mob of teens caught on tape ransacking convenience store in 20 minute spree.  A mob of teenagers have been caught on tape robbing a convenience store in Bryan, Texas.  Surveillance video shows the kids rushing through the store, grabbing everything they can get their hands on as girls are seen twerking and doing the splits outside.  The frightening ransacking incident took place Saturday [1/4/2014] as store clerk Terry Polsgrove, 19, was shutting up for the night.

Tennessee Robbers Use Sledgehammers to Rob Jewelry Store in Busy Mall.  The robbers used the sledgehammers to smash the cases containing Rolex watchers [sic] as shoppers screamed and hid in other stores.  The robbers were quick and after stuffing jewelry into held pillow cases, they ran to the closest exit and departed.

'Wilding' youths overwhelmed deputies at state fair.  An atmosphere of family fun at the Florida State Fair was trampled Friday night by a crowd of young people carrying out an annual practice known as wilding, sheriff's investigators said.  By the end of the night, the fair closed early and one teenager among the 99 people ejected for disorderly conduct was killed — hit by a sport utility vehicle as he tried to cross Interstate 4.  Twelve people were arrested on charges including trespassing and fighting.

The Editor says...
In news reports of this sort, the perpetrators are called youths, kids, teens, and every descriptor in the English language except black.  And it is well known to be "an annual practice," so why didn't the police have fire hoses, rubber bullets and aggressive dogs ready for this riot?  That may sound harsh, but the treatment has to match the disease.

Fair restricts free youth tickets after 'wilding'.  The Florida State Fair, reeling from a rampage involving hundreds of youths on opening night, announced late Tuesday [2/11/2014] it is taking steps to curb such outbreaks by requiring that any minor presenting a free entry ticket after 7 p.m. be accompanied by an adult. [...] Most of the chaos was blamed on black youths, law enforcement officials and others said.

The Editor says...
"Black" first appears in the 17th paragraph.  And even then, the newspaper lets a little pressure escape by saying most of the chaos was the fault of "black youths," leaving open the unlikely possibility that others were involved as well.  But in the opening paragraph one major root of this problem was revealed:  Free admission to the fair.  What the kids don't pay for, they do not value.  Let them pay the full price of admission like everyone else.

Chief Forte says police to crack down on Plaza teen disturbances.  Following Saturday's disturbance on the Country Club Plaza, three teens were arrested and one juvenile was detained.  While one mother is apologizing and asking for the public's forgiveness, another teen arrested over the weekend remains unapologetic for his actions and says police racially profiled him.  Kansas City police were first called to Cinemark Palace, located at 500 Nichols Rd., about 8:15 p.m. Saturday on a large disturbance involving about 150 juveniles.  Police said they dispersed the unruly group; however, they scattered through the Plaza.

Arrests pending in Orange Park Mall melee.  Dozens of juveniles are accused of starting a violent melee that began at the Orange Park Mall and eventually ended after a shot was fired at the Wells Road Chick-fil-A location on Saturday [3/1/2014], Clay County deputies say.  The Clay County Sheriff's Office reports dozens of juveniles first became unruly near the movie theaters at the Orange Park Mall before they crossed the street and created a melee outside of the Chick-fil-A.

Big Gym Fight Has Police Hoping LA Fitness Beefs Up Security.  On Sunday, city police responded to a call involving 10-15 people fighting at the gym's Cleveland Avenue location.  It started all on the basketball court over a call and escalated, moving into the main fitness area.  "People were actually throwing two and a half, five, 10 pound weights within the building," said Police Lt. Lorne Rosand.  This recent fight is just part of a bigger problem.  Police say the gym has been plagued with crime in recent years.

LMPD: 2 suspects arrested in connection with teen mob violence.  Metro Police say two suspects have been arrested in connection with last weekend's violence in downtown Louisville.  Shaquazz Allen, 18, and 19-year-old Tyrone Booker are charged with seven counts of first degree unlawful imprisonment, and one count each of fourth degree assault and third degree criminal mischief.

Police: Man Beaten Unconscious By Crowd After Striking Child With His Car.  Detroit police are looking for suspects in the beating of a driver who investigators say accidentally hit a young child on the city's east side. [...] Debra Hughes says she saw the attack and claims it was a group of mostly teenagers who beat the man unconscious.  Hughes told WWJ's Stephanie Davis that the boy was hit after he ran into the street and that the driver stopped to check on the child, and when he did, he was beaten. [...] Police say the 54-year-old man, whose wallet was also stolen, wasn't at fault for the accident.  He's currently hospitalized in critical condition.

LMPD: Teen arrested during mob disturbance at Shawnee restaurant.  When officers arrived, police say 18-year-old David Leach was standing in the parking lot of Long John Silvers and refused officers' orders to leave the location, even though allegedly he was not a customer.  Police say the group of 50 people alarmed nearby residents and prevented passing motorists from driving through the crowded roadway.

FBI, Louisville police address youth gang memo.  A Louisville youth gang known as YNO, or "Young 'N Off That," did not gather at Waterfront Park March 22 to memorialize Me'Quale Offutt, the teen stabbed to death on a TARC bus on March 16, according to an FBI email that was not intended to be made public.  Instead, according to the email the FBI sent to law enforcement agencies, YNO went to the park to fight another gang, "believed to be TYS — Trill Young Savages," whose members had been "talking smack" about Offutt.  When the TYS members didn't show, according to the memo, "mob violence" ensued.

FBI: Middle school gang behind mob violence.  The teens responsible for the mob violence in downtown Louisville last month were members of a gang of middle-school students, according to an FBI memo distributed to law enforcement agencies.  The memo, which the FBI says was based on "unverified intelligence," says that the gang — "Young 'N Off That," or YNO, was organized last summer at Frost Middle School but spread to other schools, and that its members are "armed in a major way."  The FBI memo also says there have been "rumblings" about the gang showing up in large numbers May 1 at the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade.

See if you can guess the forbidden five-letter word that was omitted from this article.
Flash mob of women steal $20,000 worth of sunglasses from California store.  A brazen flash mob has been caught on camera storming a California store and making off with $20,000 worth of sunglasses.  Surveillance footage shows eight women piling into a Sunglass Hut and crowding around display cases.

Police caught off guard by huge park gathering where 2 women were shot.  DeKalb County Police say they were caught off-guard Sunday by the unsanctioned party at a public park that ended with two women being shot.  "This came really as a surprise to us," the county's public safety chief Cedric Alexander told reporters on Monday [4/21/2014].

Video: 'Flash mob' robbery strikes DC convenience store.  On the video, about 20 people are seen entering a convenience store on the 4400 block of Benning Road — one right after another.  The video shows several unidentified subjects dashing out the store with what appear to be goods in their hands.  According to the police report, in a matter of about three minutes, the suspects took candy, snacks and soda before running out of the door.  Police say the total value of the stolen merchandise was about $350.

Clearwater Beach shootings may not all be connected.  Police filed criminal charges against four Tampa men after a series of shootings left Memorial Day revelers reeling in the heart of Clearwater Beach's tourist district.  At least two people were shot in the chaos, which spanned three shooting scenes.

Police Arrest Dozens During Memorial Day Ruckus By The Beach.  Fort Lauderdale police believe hundreds of young people made their way to the beach for one reason this Memorial Day, to cause trouble.  Police described a volatile scene Monday night as they had to arrest dozens of people that were part of unruly crowds.  Two separate incidents late Monday afternoon kept officers busy.  One scene was near the area of 31st Avenue and West Broward Boulevard.

Police: Taste of Cincinnati was 'general mayhem' Officers report 'numerous incidents' of crime.  It was a "kind of general mayhem."  That's how Central Business District commander Capt. Paul Broxterman is describing several incidents near last weekend's Taste of Cincinnati event.  Police say they were called to some outer areas of the three-day celebration of Cincinnati's eateries to deal with numerous assaults, at least two robberies and even teens throwing rocks at officers.

Widespread Memorial Day Black Violence Ignored by National Media.  Black Beach Week used to get all the glory: Every Memorial Day weekend, 300,000 black people gathered in Miami Beach to get their freak on. And also create a tsunami of violence, robbery, shootings, carjackings, vandalism, mayhem, noise and trash.  But this year, many party-goers complained that Black Beach Week — only reporters call it "Urban Beach Week" — just wasn't as much fun any more:  Too many cops, tactical vehicles, helicopters, lights, towers, cameras, suspicion.  Not enough chaos.  Not to worry:  The rest of the country picked up the slack.  Black mob violence over the holiday weekend was reported in more than a dozen cities around the country.  Some fatal.  Some comical, almost.

Wilding Popping Up Again.  If anyone listened to zone 4 last night they would have heard that [...] multiple car and store windows on North Michigan Ave were smashed by "urban youths".  That there was a massive fight between "urban youths" on the Red Line platform at State and Lake that shut down the line.  That there were multiple thefts of purses, laptops, phones, etc. by groups of "urban youths" celebrating the holiday.

13 Cedar Point workers from Michigan arrested after brawl.  Sandusky police arrived at the rec center to find Cedar Point officers struggling with a man and several other men trying to get at the officers.  Several other Cedar Point officers were struggling with three other men, who were swinging their arms at officers.  Another man, who refused to leave the area, then began pushing an officer.

Massive brawl breaks out on Island Belle during summer cruise on Sunday.  Police say an all-out brawl occurred on the Island Belle early Sunday [6/29/2014] while hosting the "Rock Da Boat" summer cruise.

July Fourth Weekend May Bring More Black Violence.  Take Miami Beach.  Its Memorial Day holiday "Urban Beach Week," aka "Hip-Hop Weekend" or Black Beach Weekend, has come to mean anarchy in the city, and this "tradition" has been going on for ten years.  Up to 300,000 black "hip-hop" fans, many intent on wreaking havoc, descend upon a city with fewer than 90,000 residents, only four percent of whom are black.  The fans assault and intimidate people, block traffic, blast music 24/7, steal food and drink, trash restaurants, urinate on police vans, and fondle every woman who tries to walk down the street.

NYPD looking into video showing people jumping on squad car.  Cops are investigating a video that shows revelers kicking and jumping on an NYPD squad car in what may be a celebration gone wild after the West Indian Day parade, police said.  Though law enforcement sources said there is a possibility the mayhem occurred during Monday's parade in Brooklyn, officials could not confirm the time or place that the video showing a horde of young men wrecking the patrol car was shot.

Cops told to ignore drunken booze-fests.  Brooklyn cops were ordered to ignore blatantly illegal liquor sales inside three junkyards that were turned into open-air nightclubs — drawing thousands of rowdy revelers who vomited and urinated in the streets during the Labor Day weekend, The [New York] Post has learned.  A 25-year-old man who was at one of the parties tied to the West Indian Day Parade was critically injured by two drunken men who followed him outside and stabbed him with a broken beer bottle.

15 people, mostly teens, shot at Miami nightclub.  Fifteen people, many of them teenagers and some as young as 11, were shot early Sunday morning [9/28/2014] at a Miami nightclub, Miami-Dade police reported.  Police spokeswoman Frederica Burden said the victims ranged in age from 11 to 25 and were taken to area hospitals.

Ferguson flash mob disrupts St. Louis symphony with Michael Brown requiem.  It was a protest of an altogether different sort.  Rather than take to the streets of Ferguson, these demonstrators took their demands to the seats of the symphony. [Video clip]

Alinsky Tactics 'Disrupt the Blind State of White St. Louis'.  Demonstrators interrupted the St. Louis Symphony's performance of Brahms' "German Requiem" on Saturday to protest the August 9 shooting of Ferguson, Missouri 's Michael Brown.  After the intermission, as the conductor came to the podium, a middle-aged black man stood and sang, "What side are you on friend, what side are you on?" Soon a white women stood up from a few rows away singing, "Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all."  About 50 protesters scattered throughout Powell Hall then rose out of their seats at different times and joined in the singing.  A chorus ensued.

It's Come to This: "Surviving Mob Attacks on Your Vehicle".  [Scroll down]  The situation changes, however, once the rioters attack you or your vehicle.  With your vehicle surrounded in a manner that you can't escape and your attackers being trying to burn your car, flip it over, or drag you out, it is reasonable to assume that you will suffer serious injury or death.  That's when you can start striking people with your car.

'Hostile' protest over Garner, Brown decisions wreaks havoc in Berkeley.  Protesters described as "hostile" and "aggressive" over the killing of unarmed black men by white police officers briefly blocked a highway in Berkeley, Calif., nearly preventing medics from reaching a pregnant woman stuck in traffic, set garbage cans on fire, threw rocks at police and brought mass transit to a halt during the city's fourth night of protests.  "The crowds have become larger, more hostile and more aggressive," Eric Sanchez, an assistant division chief for California Highway Patrol, told the San Francisco Chronicle.  The protests started peacefully, but just before midnight small groups broke off and began breaking store windows, including a 7-Eleven and Safeway.

The 2016 race riots in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Burning.  With Election Day only weeks away, it is possible the chaos in the Tarheel State is part of a left-wing get-out-the-vote effort to foment unrest in the state's black communities.  Remember that Democrat Barack Obama narrowly won the vitally important battleground state in 2008 and narrowly lost it in 2012.  It is entirely possible that the whole exercise in civil unrest was engineered or at least exacerbated by professional left-wingers trying to win the state for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Riots, of course, are the stock in trade of radical speculator George Soros, the preeminent funder of the Left who has given generously to Black Lives Matter.

When Narratives Implode:  Gun Recovered from Keith Lamont Scott Was Reported Stolen.  Nice of these lunatics to try and torch the city down in pursuit of a fraudulent narrative. [...] Undeterred by evidence and facts, the laughingstocks at the NAACP released their list of demands Monday, blissfully unaware of the latest development.

Keith Scott WAS carrying a stolen gun, police say — and his wife filed for a restraining order against him saying he was armed, violent and had threatened to kill her.  Keith Scott was carrying a stolen gun when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Charlotte, North Carolina, authorities have said.  The gun was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, according to the police.  A breaking and entering suspect told agents at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives that he had sold the gun to Scott, ABC 11 reported Monday.  He is now in custody.  Scott's wife Rakeyia, who filmed her husband's killing on Tuesday, had filed for a restraining order against him and had told authorities he carried a gun, hit her as well as one of her children and had threatened to kill her, records have shown.

Man shot by cops in Charlotte bought gun from burglar: report.  The man shot dead by cops in Charlotte was in possession of a gun he had bought from a burglar who stole it during a residential burglary, according to a report.  The burglar admitted he sold the gun to Keith Lamont Scott, 43, who was shot Sept. 20 by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg cop when officers noticed him with marijuana while they were serving a warrant on someone, sources told WBTV.  Authorities have not released information about the alleged burglar.  Meanwhile, it emerged that Scott's wife, Rakeyia, filed for a restraining order against him last year, saying in October that authorities should consider him a potential threat because he carried a 9mm handgun, The Charlotte Observer reported.

Dear Rioters:  Your Boy Was Carrying A Stolen Gun And His Wife Filed This Against Him.  That gun his wife says he doesn't own?  It showed up in the paperwork when she filed a restraining order against her husband.  Who had a loaded gun on him when he was shot.  The guy who's being held up as Charlotte's BLM martyr?  Not such a sweet guy.

He carries a Glock

List of people arrested during Charlotte riots.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested at least 72 people over six days of riots and protests in Charlotte following the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.  The latest round of arrests totaled 15 people from Saturday into Sunday night's protest in Uptown.  Eleven of the people arrested were from Charlotte.  Four of the individuals were from out of town.  Charges ranged from Breaking and Entering, carrying a concealed weapon, Extra Ordinary Event violations and Urinating in Public.

Charlotte Shooting Facts Support the Police.  The Charlotte rioters didn't know whether the controversial police shooting of Keith Scott was justified or not, and didn't care.  They worked their mayhem — trashing businesses and injuring cops, with one protester killed in the disorder — before anything meaningful could be ascertained about the case except that the cops said Scott had a gun and his family said he didn't.  Charlotte is the latest episode in the evidence-free Black Lives Matter movement that periodically erupts in violence after officer-involved shootings.  The movement is beholden to a narrative of systematic police racism to which every case is made to conform, regardless of the facts or logic.

The Mark of Soros:  Charlotte, North Carolina.  [Scroll down]  In Charlotte they have regularly referred to the thugs as "protestors" and failed to fully publicize how awful their behavior has been.  Here are some examples you won't see on your news programs:  Rioters attacked an elderly homeless man and beat a helpless man in parking garage and pulled off and stole his pants to further humiliate him.  Reports are in of stealing and looting on a significantly large scale, hijacking cars and trucks and terrifying their occupants, blocking streets and threatening to spread the mayhem outside the city limits.  BLM would in a lawful society be subject to criminal racketeering and conspiracy charges[.]

If Keith Lamont Scott Had Followed Gun Laws, Would He Still Be Alive?  The black man shot and killed by a black police officer in Charlotte, N.C. Tuesday was a felon who had gone to prison for seven years, making it illegal for him to possess a firearm.  According to records from Bexar County, Texas, Keith Lamont Scott was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in July 2005 and sentenced to seven years in prison.  In relation to that case, he was charged and found guilty of evading arrest.  He was also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, reckless driving, and assaulting his wife, but these charges were later dismissed.

Wife of Charlotte's Keith Scott Filed Restraining Order Citing Violence and Gun Use in 2015.  And so a week later the media begins to look into the troubled back story of Keith Lamont Scott, the man killed by police during a highly publicized armed encounter in Charlotte North Carolina which led to four days of riots and social unrest.

Oops: Convicted felon Keith Scott was carrying an illegal firearm while smoking pot in public.  We were told time and time again that Keith Scott, killed by Charlotte Police Officers last week, did not have a firearm.  His wife even said it on the video she released.  Um, yeah, about that [...]

Charlotte Officials to Rioters — Anyone Caught Looting Will Have Welfare and Food Stamps Revoked For Life.  According to the local affiliate WBTC, the punishment also applies to minors who might be participating in the ongoing melee.  Parents of underage individuals who are captured while engaging in criminal activities related to the rioting will be held fully accountable, and could risk losing state benefits, as well as the custody of their child. [...] The announcement was made shortly after hundreds of national guardsmen and law enforcement officers took to the streets intent on restoring calm to the city.

Charlotte Rioters Have New List Of Demands, Includes Reparations.  Charlotte rioters recently issued a list of demands over the death of Keith Lamont Scott.  According to the list, rioters called for the de-funding of the police department; the money used for the police department should be re-allocated to jobs programs, affordable housing and transportation.  They want reparations for Scott's family, families of those who have been killed by police and for those affected by "police violence."  Rioters also demanded that police release all those who have been arrested during the Charlotte riots with all charges dropped.

Wife of Keith Scott Releases Video Showing Gun on Ground After Charlotte Shooting — DNA and Fingerprints Belong to Scott.  Police released information earlier today that Keith Scott's fingerprints and DNA were on the hand gun, seen in eye witness reports and retrieved from the shooting.  This news apparently spurred the family of Keith Scott to attempt recovery of their narrative.

Charlotte Rioters Loot a Store, Destroy a Cash Register, Steal Shoes.  Videos from the riots Wednesday night in Charlotte show protesters looting a souvenir store, destroying a cash register, and stealing shoes out of a car.  The first video shows protesters loot a souvenir store in Charlotte.

Keith Scott, killed by Charlotte police, had troubled history in San Antonio.  Keith Lamont Scott, the man whose fatal shooting by Charlotte, North Carolina police this week sparked unrest in that city and protests nationwide, told a state district judge in Bexar County in 2005 that his family had "suffered from a tremendous amount of racism and hate crimes," court documents say.  Scott made the statement in a motion that unsuccessfully argued for a reduction to his seven-year sentence for aggravated assault, a second-degree felony to which he had pleaded no contest under an agreement with prosecutors that reduced the charge stemming from the Sept. 17, 2002 incident from a first-degree felony.

CMPD said Keith Lamont Scott had a gun.  Was that reason enough to order him to drop it?  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say that Keith Lamont Scott was holding a handgun — not a book — moments before he was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday afternoon [9/20/2016].  But one expert questions whether CMPD was justified in its initial interaction with Scott, even based on the police's own version of events.  In a statement released Wednesday morning, the city said that officers had come to the Village at College Downs apartment complex to serve an outstanding warrant.  As they entered the complex, the police noticed Keith Lamont Scott, who was not the person they were trying to serve the warrant.

Stunning Facts Regarding the Conflagration in Charlotte:
  [#1] There's a Black President
  [#2] There's a Black Congressman
  [#3] There's a Black Mayor
  [#4] There's a Black District Attorney
  [#5] There's a Black Chief of Police
  [#6] The officer involved in the shooting was Black
  [#7] The  victim  perp was Black
So whose fault is it when the perp gets taken out?

This is what BLM is protesting
The Charlotte Riots:  What They Are Not Telling You.  As America awaits to see if Charlotte will burn for the third consecutive night, Paul Joseph Watson points out something troubling:  thugs burned down a city because a black cop shot someone, yet meanwhile the mainstream media spun it, or at least tried, as as "peaceful protest."  There is just one problem:  violent criminals looting, attacking bystanders, attacking journalists, setting fires, smashing up cars, smashing up businesses and shooting at each other is not a "peaceful protest." [...] It's a violent, unjustified riot by criminals and thugs.  The question is why is the media giving it legitimacy by still referring to it as a protest?

Charlotte Police Officer Ran Over By Protesters, Crowd Cheers.  Police used tear gas to disperse a violent riot Tuesday [9/20/2016] that started as a result of police fatally shooting 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott.  12 law enforcement officers were injured during the protest.  Protesters shut down highway I-85 near UNC Charlotte, threw bricks and looted.  Raw video shows a protester running over a police over with a car as the crowd cheers.  [Video clip]

Police announce arrest in shooting death at Charlotte riot.  Charlotte police announced the arrest of a suspect in Wednesday's fatal shooting of a protester, a killing witnesses initially insisted was carried out by police.  Rayquan Borum, 21, was charged Friday morning in shooting death of Justin Carr, who died a day after being shot during protests in Trade Street, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.  Putney said surveillance footage supplied by buildings in the area helped identify the suspect.  The shooting occurred Wednesday night [9/21/2016], and Charlotte police initially said the man had died, although he survived on life support until Thursday.  Witnesses gave conflicting accounts about who shot him, with some insisting they saw police gun him down with rubber bullets, while others said he was killed by a fellow protester.

The Madness of Crowds.  A policeman shooting a local citizen sparked the turmoil.  We watch the repackaged rerun even though it played past limited engagements in Dallas, Ferguson, Baltimore, and points beyond to negative reviews.  The Queen City protesters pummeling people and property lack truth in advertising.  Touting themselves as "peaceful protesters" desirous of "social justice," the mob put a man on life support, stripped a pale face of his pants and beat him in a parking garage, and viciously kicked an aged, homeless white man to the ground.  In the latter two cases, the rioters laughed riotously at the barbaric behavior.  This, too, inevitably spins into the "hate that hate produced" or some other claptrap to avoid flipping the script.  But the audience plainly sees the made-for-TV victims as the real-life villains.

DOJ Sends Same Unit to Charlotte That Helped Ferguson, Baltimore Rioters Organize.  In moments of social unrest featuring violence and crime, one would expect the only proper role of the taxpayer-funded federal government is to quash the disturbance.  However, a unit of progressive attorneys within the Department of Justice has been at the center of every significant riot during the Obama administration, and this unit — the Community Relations Service, or CRS — was not at those scenes to protect the safety of all citizens.  In fact, the CRS was caught encouraging the chaos.  Not only did CRS side only with the protesters and not with law enforcement, they actively facilitated the protests, even as they were turning violent.  Additionally, this same unit has a serious fraud and corruption problem.

After Charlotte shooting, press downplays a key fact:  The officer's race downplays a key fact:  The officer's race.  The riot in Charlotte, and the fatal shooting of Keith Scott that sparked the violence, was the lead story in yesterday's New York Times.  But a crucial fact was buried.  Not until the 30th paragraph were readers told that "Brentley Vinson, the officer who the police say shot Mr. Scott, is black, as is the police chief."  The Washington Post took a similar approach with its lead story, waiting until the 31st paragraph to report that "authorities said the officer who shot Scott is black."

America, the rioting in Charlotte is Saul Alinsky 101.  Charlotte, North Carolina is under a state of emergency after another night of violence.  An angry mob prowled the streets like animals hunting prey — brutally attacking police, civilians and news reporters.  They literally tried to stuff an unconscious photographer into a burning trash can, according to eyewitness accounts.  One civilian was gunned down in the melee.

Disturbing videos show violence during Charlotte protests.  Ugly scenes emerged from Wednesday night's rioting in Charlotte, including Twitter video of a white man being beaten and dragged by a mob, and the brother of the black man whose death in a police shooting touched off protests telling media that all white people are "devils."

North Carolina congressman says Charlotte protesters 'hate white people'.  [Scroll down]  In the video posted online Thursday [9/22/2016], [U.S. Rep. Robert] Pittenger responded:  "The grievance in their mind is — the animus, the anger — they hate white people because white people are successful and they're not."

One shot as hundreds protest for second night in Charlotte.  One person is on life support after being shot during a second night of protests in Charlotte as North Carolina's governor declared a state of emergency.  The city said the gunshot was fired by one civilian at another, not by police.  An officer is said to have also been injured in the demonstration and Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney described the protest as "very aggressive".  "We're trying to disperse the crowd.  We've been very patient, but now they've become very aggressive, throwing bottles and so forth, at my officers, so it's time for us now to restore order."

Protesters start overnight fires on I-85, loot local Walmart.  Protesters blocked part of I-85 and looted a Walmart in north Charlotte after a black man was shot and killed by a CMPD officer Tuesday.  All lanes of Interstate 85 were reopened early Wednesday morning after protesters blocked the highway and started fires.  Protesters looted tractor-trailers and removed the contents to start two fired on I-85 before police forced them off the highway.

A man is on life support after being shot in the head by a civilian in violent protests in Charlotte over fatal police shooting of a 'disabled' black man.  National Guard troops have arrived in Charlotte after a protest turned violent on Wednesday night.  A state of emergency has been declared in response to the chaos that has taken over the North Carolina city, two days after a father-of-seven was shot dead by a police officer.  One of the demonstrators was shot in the head outside the Omni Hotel and is fighting for his life.  At least three other protesters and four police officers were also taken to hospital after they were injured in the riot.  A cameraman and reporter for WCNC-TV were also attacked while a CNN correspondent was body-slammed during a live broadcast.

Eye Witness Photographs Show Keith Scott Handgun During Charlotte Police Shooting.  A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot and killed an armed man named Keith Scott at an apartment complex Tuesday, while executing an arrest warrant.  Angry street protests began almost immediately.  CMPD Chief Kerr Putney reiterated Wednesday morning that Keith Scott was armed when he approached officers in University City Tuesday.  Putney said that officers gave repeated verbal commands for Scott to drop his handgun.  He said Scott posed a threat to the officers.

Charlotte Police Chief:  Officers Found Handgun, Not A Book At Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Scene.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerr Putney confirms that police investigators did not find a book at the scene of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.  After Scott was shot and killed, members of his family and protesters insisted that he had a book in the vehicle, not a handgun as police officers reported.  Protests and riots fueled by the alternate narrative rocked the city.  Rioters trashed multiple police vehicles, blocked Interstate 85, looted a tractor trailer, set items on fire, and injured 16 police officers, according to Putney.

How does looting a Walmart, burning a truck advance your cause?  It was a night of terror in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A rioting mob shut down Interstate 85 and attacked terrified motorists.  A horrified female truck driver told a reporter thugs had boarded the truck and were stealing the cargo and setting it ablaze.  Looters pillaged and plundered a Wal-Mart.  More than a dozen police officers were injured — along with an untold number of civilians and at least three journalists.  The mayhem started earlier in the day after a black police officer shot and killed an armed black man.  The dead man's family disputes the police department's account of what happened.  Regardless, that does not give agitators a right to engage in acts of domestic terrorism.

Eye Witness Photographs Show Keith Scott Handgun During Charlotte Police Shooting.  A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot and killed an armed man named Keith Scott at an apartment complex Tuesday, while executing an arrest warrant.  Angry street protests began almost immediately.  CMPD Chief Kerr Putney reiterated Wednesday morning [9/21/2016] that Keith Scott was armed when he approached officers in University City Tuesday.  Putney said that officers gave repeated verbal commands for Scott to drop his handgun.  He said Scott posed a threat to the officers.

Slain Charlotte man had lengthy criminal record.  The friends and family of Keith Lamont Scott, the Charlotte man killed by police this week, portray him as a "family man" and "likable."  This may be true.  However, Scott also had a long police record that included gun violations.

Keith Scott shooting:  Charlotte police say they warned him to drop handgun.  Charlotte's police chief said on Wednesday that officers gave a man numerous clear warnings to drop a handgun before fatally shooting him, at a news conference following a night of clashes on the streets of the North Carolina city that left 16 officers injured.  Kerr Putney, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief, said officers were searching for a suspect on Tuesday [9/20/2016] when they saw 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott exit a vehicle with a handgun, and mistook him for the wanted man.  He said the officers told Scott, who was black, to drop his gun and that he got out of the vehicle a second time still carrying the gun.

War zone in Charlotte:  White man begs for mercy as he is beaten while a reporter is nearly dragged into a fire by rioters.  Disturbing videos have emerged of protesters brutally attacking white bystanders in Charlotte as violent demonstrations continued to engulf the city, 48 hours after a black man was shot dead by police.  A man was dragged and beaten by a mob while begging for mercy, an unconscious photographer was almost tossed into a fire, and a CNN correspondent was slammed to the ground in the midst of the chaos.

Dear Media:  Please Stop Calling Violent Rioters 'Protesters'.  Watching coverage of the unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina last night, I was struck by a common trend in how the most violent acts were being covered. [...] Looting a Wal-Mart, destruction of property, attempted murder, all carried out by... "protesters." [...] I suppose you could make a convoluted argument about how the protests were against white supremacy, and capitalism and the media are agents of white supremacy, therefore attacking those institutions are acts of "protest" or whatever.  But if even violent attempted murder and destruction of property can be a "protest" so long as the motives are political, I don't see why the same can't be said of, say, a terrorist attack.

When A Book Is Not A Book, But A Gun.  As I've noted in several places, those who spent last night trashing a Walmart, shutting down I 85, throwing bricks and rocks at cars, torching buildings and vehicles, and stealing cargo from semi trucks blockaded on the interstate are by no means "protestors."  No, they are CRIMINALS.

Truck Driver Caught In Charlotte Riot Tells TV Reporter: 'They're In The Trailer'.  A truck driver whose trailer became caught in the middle of the riots in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday [9/20/2016] tearfully described her predicament to a local news reporter as her trailer was looted.

They Are Rioting in Charlotte Because a Black Cop Fatally Shot an Armed Black Man.  The streets of an American city have erupted in violence to protest police officers doing their jobs.  This time it is in Charlotte, NC and the reason is because a cop fatally shot a black man.  Mind you, the cop was also black and the person he fatally shot was armed with a gun, but some people don't need much of an excuse to riot.  WSOC reports that an angry mob has taken over the streets of Charlotte, specifically targeting police.  As of this writing, 12 officers have been injured, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.  Police have tried to disperse the violent thugs with tear gas but it doesn't appear to have worked.

The 2016 race riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Judge rules Milwaukee park at center of riots must return to normal hours.  A judge has ruled [9/4/2016] that a Milwaukee park at the center of a neighborhood where riots erupted after a police shooting last month can return to its normal hours for now.

Milwaukee.  These incidents seem to come at shorter intervals.  In characteristic confusion, in Milwaukee the mob believed that the dead man was shot in the back when the body-cam video show that he was raising a pistol toward the policeman.  Either they can't read, don't read, don't have access to the internet, or don't care.  As usual, sixty years after Brown vs. the School Board they shout in illiterate semi-English.  It isn't working.  The racial thing, I mean.  The hunting of whites, beatings of whites, calls for attacks on whites.  In the age of cell phones, the media can hide only so much.  To avoid admitting that we are seeing a racial insurgency, the media insist that the police are the problem.  They are not.  Blacks are unmistakably gripped by a powerful racial hatred of white people.

The Truth About the Milwaukee Riots.  The problem is black resentment, not police bias.  [Video clip]

Democrats Promise A Future Of Lawlessness; Coming To Your Town Soon!  In Milwaukee, Black Lives Matter activists, looters and rioters set out to hunt down and attack any and all white people.  Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith, the criminal shot down in Milwaukee, called for rioters to stop burning down their own neighborhoods and businesses and head out to the suburbs and burn them down.  "You're burning down s**t we need in our community.  Take that s**t to the suburbs!  Burn that s**t down!  We need our s**t, we need our weaves, I don't wear them but we need them.  We need our gas, We need our food.  We need this.  You all want to hurt somebody, take that # further out."  Was she arrested for inciting violence?  Nope!  As a matter of fact, CNN, immediately portrayed her as a hero in their newscast.

Milwaukee police charge 3 for looting during riot after shooting.  The criminal complaint filed Friday [8/19/2016] says the defendants told police the windows were already shattered and other people were looting the store when they went inside.

Poverty accompanies Democrats
The Worst Cities For Poverty All Have One Thing In Common.  Each of these places has been Democratic for many decades, some even longer.  And what do each of these places have in common?  That's right, they're all run by Democrats.  Big government, high taxes, lots of regulation, and plenty of welfare and poverty.  Yep, that's Democratville for ya.

Road to urban despair paved by Democrats.  Riots broke out in Milwaukee the other day, and before that in other cities, each erupting with familiar sights: fire and pain, anger and looting.  It will likely happen again in some other urban area, perhaps after a black man is killed by a police officer, whether the shooting is justified or unjustified.  Was the victim a known criminal pointing a gun at a cop?  Or not?  These are reasons, but reasons really don't matter now, do they?

When the Suspect Is an Armed Black Man — and the Cop Is Black.  After the death of a young black man by a Milwaukee police officer, riots, looting and fires followed.  In one instance, as a gas station burned, people watching chanted, "Black power!"  Local news reported that the 23-yearold suspect was not only armed but that he also defied orders to drop his gun.  The Milwaukee police chief refused to identify the officer involved, but did say that he was "black."  At one time, such a fact would suggest that racism and police brutality were not at play.  But as the death of Freddie Gray — a black man who died after being transported in a Baltimore police van — shows us, not necessarily.

How The Democrats Turned Milwaukee Into a Cesspool.  [Scroll down]  And indeed, wherever we look — Atlanta, Camden, Newark, St. Louis, Chicago, Flint, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington — we see one-party cities that are crumbling testaments to the awesome power of bad ideas.  Specifically, Trump referenced "the situation right here in Milwaukee, a city run by Democrats for decade after decade," citing its high rates of homicide, joblessness, poverty, and educational failure.  But Milwaukee wasn't always like this.  It was once a prosperous metropolis with a host of thriving industries, particularly renowned for its breweries and manufacturing.  Modern-day Democrats and their leftist allies, however, snuffed out those good-ol'-days like a jackboot on a cigarette butt.  Every mayor of Milwaukee since 1960 has been a Democrat, and the one who served just prior to 1960 was Frank Paul Zeidler, an open Socialist.

What's the Matter With Wisconsin?  [S]everal hundred blacks burned automobiles and looted buildings, including a cell phone store.  A beauty salon was stripped of its hair extensions and then torched.  (This wasn't even the first riot in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood this summer.  In late June riot police had to drive off 100 youths throwing rocks.)  The dead man, Sylville Smith, was not an upstanding citizen, as his social-media presence demonstrated.  He had been arrested nine times since 2011.  He had been charged with witness intimidation but had been released due to the witness being properly intimidated.  But that didn't matter to the rioters, who identified with Smith.

Milwaukee Officer Who Shot Armed Criminal In Hiding After Death Threats.  "Protesters" have posted the name, pictures, and address of the African-American Milwaukee police officer who shot serial predator Sylville Smith (above) this past weekend in Milwaukee, causing the officer to seek shelter at an undisclosed location while Milwaukee police guard his home home against threats on his life.

Trump Vows to Restore Safety, Says Law-Abiding Black Americans Main Victims of Riots.  Donald Trump spoke about the violent riots that have plagued the country during a speech on law and order in West Bend, Wisconsin on Tuesday [8/16/2016], promising safety for all Americans and appealing to African Americans.  "Law and order must be restored... it must be restored for the sake of all, but most especially for those living in the affected communities," Trump stressed.  "The main victims of these riots are law abiding African American citizens living in these neighborhoods."  "Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration," Trump vowed.

DOJ Pushes "Implicit Bias Training" for Local Police Officers.  [Rich] Lowry notes that Smith had a long arrest record.  It included arrests for a shooting, a robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, theft, and possession of heroin and cocaine.  He beat a shooting rap at a jury trial in 2015 when a witness recanted, allegedly after Smith intimidated him.  Yet Smith was also the victim of crime, at least according to his mother.  She says her son got his gun because he had been shot twice and robbed four times.  From all accounts, things aren't much different in Baltimore and Chicago these days.  I suspect there are plenty of other cities one could add to the list[.]

Cop who shot and killed Milwaukee man now receiving death threats.  The African-American Milwaukee police officer who shot dead a black man Saturday, touching off violent riots, has reportedly received death threats.  The police officer, whose identity was reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel but could not be confirmed by, is reportedly a 24-year-old patrolman who went to high school with Sylville Smith, who was allegedly holding a gun and ignored orders to drop it when he was shot.  Thousands of people have circulated a photo, purportedly of the police officer, on Facebook, with some posts accompanied by threats and even his home address.  "Now y'all see his face if he's seen anywhere in the city drop him," read one post reported by the Journal Sentinel.

Black males murder five year old white girl in Milwaukee.  No national outrage.  Two black males in Milwaukee walked up to the home of a white family, in a majority black neighborhood, and unleashed a hail of gunfire.  A five year old white girl, Laylah Petersen, was murdered while sitting on her grandfather's lap.  Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberating trying to kill people inside the house.  At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house.  There may have been a third person driving a getaway car.  The house was located in a census tract that is 77% black and 14% white.  The Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee channel 6 have actually been trying to downplay the murder.  They are falsly reporting that it was "a stray bullet."  That directly contradicts all the evidence found by police.

Milwaukee Congresswoman:  Black Incarceration Rates Created 'Powder Keg' in City.  The first African-American woman to be elected to Congress from the state of Wisconsin said the incarceration rate of black men in her Milwaukee district has created a "powder keg" of tension in the community hit by riots over the weekend.  Milwaukee Police reported 10 arrests overnight, one report of shots fired and no new damage to cars or property.  The previous evening saw four injured officers, 14 arrests, damage to three police cars and a store with broken windows.

Why Milwaukee boiled over with violence after police shooting death.  After two nights of violent clashes between police and residents following a fatal police shooting of a young black man, Police Chief Ed Flynn stepped to the microphone late Monday night to declare a small victory.  "We've seen great improvement over yesterday," Flynn said.  The night had produced 10 arrests, but no rioting or property damage after officials instituted a 10 p.m. curfew.  "This community is not interested in doing damage to where they live," he said.  Milwaukee has become the latest U.S. city to see decades of simmering anger and frustration among black residents boil over into violence after a death at the hands of police.

Milwaukee agitators shout 'black power,' attack white drivers.  Race agitators in Milwaukee used the police shooting of an  unarmed  armed black man to burn down their city and attack white people.  Several videos show white drivers being stopped in the middle of the street and the "protesters" attempting to pull them out of their vehicles.  "They're beating every white person!" one of the agitators shouted in the video.  "They jumpin' every white person."  When the mob spotted a white driver, they attempted to block his car from passing.

Bodycam footage 'proves cop was RIGHT to shoot armed man whose death sparked Milwaukee riots because he was raising his gun'.  Milwaukee's mayor and police chief announced Monday [8/15/2016] that body cam video supports the shooting of Sylville Smith — which sparked riots across the city.  At least one person was shot as police clashed with protesters during a second night of riots after Smith, 23, was shot dead by a police officer on Saturday.  But Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A Flynn insists the footage makes it clear that the shooting was lawful.  He said that Smith was shot after he turned toward an officer and raised his gun.  Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, speaking at a press conference on Monday, added that a still from the cop's body camera shows 'without question' Smith had a gun in his hand.

Why Milwaukee Burns.  The war on cops, ideological and sometimes lethal, may be expanding into a broader race war, in which only one side fights.  The thugs who torched businesses and police cars, assaulted cops, and shot at firemen in northwestern Milwaukee on Saturday night [8/14/2016] went after "white bitches," among other targets. [...] The Black Lives Matter-inspired assassin who murdered five police officers in Dallas in July 2016 said that he wanted to kill white people, as well as white cops.  The vitriol that officers working in urban areas now encounter on a daily basis is inflected with racism.  And if the war on cops escalates into more frequent attacks on whites and their perceived interests, the elite establishment will bear much of the blame.  For the last two years, President Barack Obama has seized every opportunity to advise blacks that they are the victims of a racist criminal justice system.  We should not be surprised when that belief, so constantly inflamed, erupts into violence.

The anti-cop movement hits a new low in Milwaukee.  Tim Pool is a fearless social-media reporter who specializes in getting close to the action.  It almost doesn't qualify as a protest or riot if Pool isn't live-streaming from the streets.  But he's pulling out of Milwaukee because it's too dangerous for white people.  In a carefully stated YouTube video, Pool described the verbal taunts and threats, as well as actual violence, directed at whites.  After an 18-year-old male was shot in the neck and extracted by Milwaukee police in an armored vehicle — Pool identifies the victim as white, although other press reports don't mention his race — he concluded he had to leave.  (For the record, Pool is half-Korean — not that rioters care).

Milwaukee Message:  "Give Me Money Or I'll Kill You".  What would you label a person who made a statement like "Give Me Money Or I'll Kill You"? That's exactly the essence of the statement that at least one rioter made in Milwaukee last weekend.  We'd call a person making such a statement a robber and a criminal for demanding our money, and we would charge him with robbery and put him in jail.  And robbery is exactly what the Milwaukee rioters were referencing when they demanded money or they would start killing more police, and would "beatdown" more white people.  The traditional welfare that the non-working underclass have gotten from Democrats the last 50 years is now considered to be chump change and will no longer satisfy their needs.  They are tired of all of the failed promises from liberal Democrats these last many decades, and now they want to be made wealthy by the party of compassion, and they want the money now!

Hillary Clinton accused of 'inflaming' violence which tore through Milwaukee after police shot young black man carrying handgun.  Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, pointed his finger in the direction of Hillary Clinton suggesting she's 'inflaming' the situation in Milwaukee by making recent comments.  Yesterday [8/15/2016] at her Scranton, Pennsylvania rally, the Democratic nominee said there was 'urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities,' pointing to the recent riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an example.

CNN edits out Milwaukee victim's sister calling for violence in 'the suburbs'.  Both online and on television, CNN edited out Sherelle Smith, the sister of a black man who was killed by police in Milwaukee on Saturday, calling for rioters to take their violence "to the suburbs."  Correspondent Ana Cabrera reported Ms. Smith was "calling for peace" in a televised segment Monday [8/15/2016] on CNN Newsroom, NewsBusters reported.  The network showed a brief clip of Ms. Smith telling protesters:  "Don't bring the violence here and the ignorance here."  But CNN cut away before Ms. Smith called for rioters to "take that s--- to the suburbs."

Media coverage of Milwaukee riots takes a detour.  Have you ever heard members of the media talk about how failed cities across the country are, just-as-a-nonchalant-point-of-interest, run by Democrats?  Ever heard them make mention, you know, as a quick aside, that the mayor of Milwaukee and the city alderman for the district where rioting unfolded are both Democrats who, I presume, support a felon for president?  I didn't think so.

Police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting.  Following a night of violence that left half a dozen businesses in flames, the Milwaukee police chief expressed surprise at the level of unrest that erupted after the fatal shooting of a black man by a black officer.  "This was, quite frankly, unanticipated," Police Chief Edward Flynn said Monday, two days after the worst of the rioting hit the Sherman Park neighborhood on the city's economically depressed and largely black north side.  The city was calmer on Monday evening [8/15/2016] after two nights of unrest.

Communist group members go to Milwaukee to help 'revolution'.  A Chicago-based communist revolutionary group blamed by Milwaukee's police chief for stoking a second day of violence said that some of its members did go there to "support a revolution" but didn't set out to cause trouble.  Police chief Ed Flynn said members of a Chicago chapter of the Revolutionary Communist Party turned what had been a peaceful night into a tense one by leading marchers down several blocks at around 11:30 p.m.

New Black Panthers Declare War In Milwaukee.  [Scroll down]  You can't watch "Training Day" and come away with any other conclusion than it is a New Black Panther call for a revolution, beginning with a war on America's police forces.  So the Milwaukee "riot" and the Dallas attack that killed 5 police officers should be seen for what it is, and it was not an impulse-driven reaction to police shootings of African-Americans in Milwaukee, Louisiana and Minnesota, but part of a carefully choreographed wave of terrorist violence intended to influence the political outcome of this election.  Don't believe us?  The "rioters" showed up in "riot gear" ready to rumble according to reports in the UK's Daily Mail.  But let's be clear — it wouldn't matter whether Donald Trump or Jeb Bush was leading the Republican field — a summer of radical Leftist violence is coming, and it was planning, building and organizing long before Trump became the Republican nominee for President.

Milwaukee County Sheriff explains the cause of Milwaukee riots:  Failed Liberal Policies.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke explained on Fox Business that these riots, like we saw in Milwaukee over the weekend, are the result of "failed liberal urban policies" that have left many of these ghettos with inescapable poverty and terrible school systems:  [Video clip]

White Reporter Pulls Out Of Milwaukee Because Of Racial Threats [Video].  A freelance reporter who films protests across the U.S. says he is leaving riot-torn Milwaukee because the situation there has grown too dangerous for white people.  "For those that are perceivably white, it is not safe to be here," Tim Pool said in a short video explaining his decision to leave Milwaukee, where protests over the police shooting death of an armed black man turned violent over the weekend.

Journalist Says He's Leaving Milwaukee Because These are Race Riots.  Tim Pool, the on-the-ground journalist who runs TimCast, was in fact on the ground last night in Milwaukee during the riots.  Today [8/15/2016] he records a video saying that he is now leaving for fear of his own safety.  Pool explains that while many were looking forward to him staying and covering the riots, he said it has become unsafe for him, primarily because these riots are about race and not just a civil uprising.

'We WANT BLOOD! We cannot co-habitate with WHITE PEOPLE!' — UGLY video from Milwaukee.  A really ugly video surfaced of angry thugs threatening racial violence to police right before last night's rioting in Milwaukee. [...] They're only hurting the people they say they want to protect — the innocent and reasonable people in the same community.  Let's not generalize about the entire black community here — I've lived in a very poor, minority community among these kinds of thugs, and I hate it when the decent people are grouped in with them.  But the screaming idiots in the video ARE thugs.  They're simply assuming the cops are unjustified without caring or even knowing what the facts are.  And they're threatening violence for the stupidest reasons, and for very racist reasons.

Video: Milwaukee Rioters To Police: 'We Want Blood...We Cannot Cohabitate With White People Anymore'.  A seventeen-minute video has emerged which appears to show the beginning of the Milwaukee riots as the rioters were initially threatening police officers who were trying to keep the peace during the afternoon.  The video starts with the Black Lives Matter crowd angrily yelling at officers over the fatal shooting of Sylville Smith, a black man with a lengthy arrest record who, according to Milwaukee's Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett, had stolen the gun, which held 23 rounds in it.  Also, it turns out the cop that shot him was black.  Worth noting that in the video here, many of cops being threatened are non-whites and female.

CNN Selectively Edits Police Shooting Victim's Sister's Words to Protesters.  In a classic case of media bias by omission, CNN took extra care Monday to leave out a crucial part of their reports on the Milwaukee police shooting.  After a black police officer fatally shot Sylville Smith Sunday, after he refused to put down his gun, riots and violence ensued in the city.  Smith's family was eager to talk to the media and his sister Sherelle had a message that should have been covered and condemned by the media.  Instead, CNN decided to air her words but curtail them before they became controversial.  In this video posted by user DeeconX on Twitter, Sherelle Smith can be seen here, in front of several reporters, calling for violence to the city.  What she says next is shocking.

More on the Milwaukee Riots.  Community activists are already asserting that the violence in Milwaukee results from a lack of investment in black neighborhoods, and that there will be more riots unless more money is pumped into black institutions (including theirs). [...] Even before this incident, the Obama Department of Justice was already investigating the Milwaukee police department, just as it investigated the Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland departments, among others.  The results of that investigation are 100% predictable, given DOJ's agenda.

National Guard Activated in Response to Milwaukee Rioting.  The Wisconsin National Guard has been activated in Milwaukee Sunday in response to violence and protests that erupted there overnight after a man was fatally shot by police.  "I have activated the Wisconsin National Guard to be in a position to aid local law enforcement upon request," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in a statement Sunday [8/14/2016]. [...] Volunteers spent the morning sweeping and picking up debris — including bricks, bottle and bullet casings — after about 100 protesters clashed with a couple of dozen officers in a north Milwaukee neighborhood, NBC News reports.

'This is war': Black Panther leader says' black people are being murdered' and insists violent protests are protected by the Second Amendment.  A leading New Black Panther figure has declared 'this is war' in response to the violent protests in Milwaukee at the weekend.  Babu Omowale, the national minister of defense for the People's New Black Panther Party, said there is a 'war against black people' as 'we're the ones being murdered'.  His comments came as a second night of riots erupted following the death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith, who was shot by an officer.  At least one person was shot during the protests as police moved in to disperse nearly 150 protesters, while a cop was also injured.

Violence in Milwaukee after police shoot dead armed 23-year-old in African-American community.  Protesters have hurled bricks and fired gunshots at police cars and set a gas station on fire as protester says "this is a warning cry[.]" Violence has erupted overnight in the US city of Milwaukee after a police officer shot and killed an armed man in an African-American community.  Protesters hurled bricks and fired gunshots at police cars and set a gas station on fire.  The violence came hours after the patrol officer shot and killed the 23-year-old a pursuit that followed a traffic stop.  Milwaukee police said a uniformed officer had opened fire while chasing the man.

Milwaukee Rioters Hunt Down, Attack Whites.  Several videos recorded during last night's riot in Milwaukee appears to show black rioters hunting down white passerby to attack.  Multiple videos recorded by locals show a crowd of people apparently checking the race of passing drivers when deciding what cars they should attack.  A collection of these videos were combined and uploaded to LiveLeak Sunday morning.  [Video clip]

Milwaukee officials plead for calm after police shooting sparks violence.  At a news conference just after midnight [8/14/2016], [Mayor Tom] Barrett said the situation appeared to be calming after a riotous scene in which as many as 10 protesters skirmished with police, torching a squad car and tossing a brick through the window of another.  Police mounted at least two efforts to push the protesters out of an intersection at the heart of the violence.  Other leaders blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for igniting the violence.  Black Lives Matter has "stoked hysteria," Bishop E.W. Jackson told "Fox & Friends" Sunday [8/14/2016].  "A mass hysteria has taken grip" and President Obama has made it worse by embracing the BLM movement, Jackson said.  He added:  The BLM movement works on the false premise "police are out hunting down black men."  They are "using race as a way of avoiding responsibility," Jackson said.

Milwaukee Rioters: 'They Beatin' Up Every White Person!'  Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars collected videos from Saturday night's [8/13/2016] riots in Milwaukee where participants say they are targeting white bystanders for assault.

Milwaukee burns:  Four buildings and a police car are set on fire as violent protests erupt after cops shoot and kill armed man during chase.  First images of the 23-year-old armed man shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer, whose death sparked riots and unrest in the city, have surfaced.  Officials identified the dead man as Sylville K Smith, previously charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety for his involvement in a shooting last year, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  Both Smith and the officer who shot him are black, according to the Chicago Tribune.  During a press conference Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett said a photo shows 'without question' Smith had a gun in his hand.

Man shot by Milwaukee police subject of witness intimidation case.  The man shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer Saturday [8/13/2016] was charged last year in a shooting and then charged again, with trying to intimidate a witness in that same shooting, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has learned.  The man shot by police was 23-year-old Sylville Smith, police sources and Smith's family told the Journal Sentinel.  Smith was charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety and with witness intimidation, but the charges were dismissed, court records show.  The charges were dropped even though the prosecutors had recorded jail calls in which Smith asked his girlfriend to pressure the victim to recant, according to court records.

BLM Riot Breaks Out in Milwaukee.  There's no word yet on how this is Donald Trump's fault, but sources say they're working on it.

Sister of Milwaukee man fatally shot by police urges crowd to torch suburbs.  The sister of a Milwaukee man fatally shot by police over the weekend told a group Sunday that they should burn the suburbs down.  Sylville K. Smith was shot in the chest and arm by a black police officer on Saturday, which prompted violent protests, looting, and arson.  One of Mr. Smith's sisters, Sherelle, was caught on video at the charred remains of a BP gas station telling a crowd to set the suburbs ablaze.  "You're burning down s--- we need in our community.  Take that s--- to the suburbs!  Burn that s--- down!" she screamed in video shared by a Twitter user identified as DeeconX.  The story was then picked up by news aggregator website Weasel Zippers.

Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots.  The Milwaukee riots should be the last time the policies of liberal Democrats are held up as anything other than misery-inducing, divisive, exploitative and racist manipulation of the urban populations.  Unfortunately they won't.  As Sheriff of Milwaukee County, I am furious that the progressive left has put my citizens in harm's way and that I had to send my officers into cauldrons of anarchy and hatred that were created by the left.  As an elected public servant I am livid that Milwaukee's pathetic, kowtowing city officials and aldermen take this opportunity to abandon their citizens and preen before the Black Lives Matter-enabling media.

President Obama gets briefing on violence in Milwaukee, then goes golfing.  A vacationing President Obama received an update Sunday about a night of rioting and gunfire in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before he headed out for another round of golf.  The White House said Mr. Obama was briefed on the unrest by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who spoke to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

If Obama Had a City, It Would Look Like Milwaukee.  AWD predicted shortly after five Dallas police were assassinated by a Black Lives Matter supporter that black violence against the police would soon spread to black violence against white civilians.  Last night in Milwaukee, blacks were recorded yelling "Black Power" and targeting random whites for violence after another black man with a lengthy criminal record was shot by a black policeman.  Disclaimer:  We at AWD are positive the victim was a goot boy who ain't never done nuffin' wrong.

The race riots in Ferguson, Missouri

This subsection has moved to a page of its own, located here.

Altercations and crimes directly related to fried chicken

When constructing this subsection, I confined my search to incidents specifically involving chicken; however, if you'll use your browser's search function and hunt for the word restaurant on this page, you'll see dozens of other cases of disorderly behavior.  Some people get really upset when their lunch plans are disturbed.  Many of them are unable to resolve conflicts without resorting to shouting, intimidation, threats, and outright violence.  When an incident like this is serious enough to get newspaper coverage, one would think that the publicity would be embarrassing enough, but lately, the belligerent parties themselves have begun to record their own misbehavior and put it up on the internet.  This one is a good example. If there are video clips accompanying these stories, I must warn you that they are replete with profanity.

Two Men In Critical Condition After Shooting Each Other Over A Dollar Found On The Ground At Atlanta Chicken Wing Joint.  Disturbing surveillance video shows the moments two men started shooting at each other at a DeKalb County wings restaurant, all over a few dollars.  The incident happened at the Atlanta's Best Wings store on Covington Highway.  According to DeKalb County police, an argument started when one man dropped some money, and the other picked it up.  This quickly escalated into a violent gunfight that left both men in critical condition.  [Video clip]

Florida Man Arrested for Attacking His Sister with Fried Chicken During Argument.  A Florida man was arrested for a crime that could be mistaken for a headline in the Onion or the Babylon Bee.  As the Smoking Gun reported, 20-year-old Khanye Edrayieze Medley was arrested on Monday by Clearwater Police on a domestic battery charge.  He allegedly got into a verbal altercation with his sister, who he lives with, that turned physical in a most unusual way.  The police affidavit shows that Medley grabbed a bag of chicken from his sister and began hurling pieces at her during an argument on Sunday.  One piece of chicken hit her in the back and left debris on her shoulders.

Come For The Chicken, Stay For The Hoodrat Brawls.  [Another] chicken joint with wild ghetto fights.  [Video clip]

Couple Gets Busted Having Sex In Front Of A Popeyes.  Today's video is about a couple who were arrested Saturday afternoon for having sex on the sidewalk in front of a Popeyes, in plain view of passing motorists.  According to arrest reports, the cop spotted Arnold, 70, "making a thrusting motion while on top of" April, 44. When confronted by Deputy Eric around 2 PM, the duo began "adjusting their shorts."  Both Arnold and April were arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor.  April was also charged with resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication.  [Video clip]

Black Lady Celebrates Black History Month By Eating Her Food And Then Refusing To Pay For It.  [Video clip only.]

Fight Broke Out at Chipotle After Customers Were Told They Would Be Charged for Ordering Extra Chicken.  A request for extra chicken at a South Carolina Chipotle turned into a brawl in the dining area between two customers and an employee.  An argument over the additional cost of the extra food got heated and turned physical.  It all went down on December 10 around 9 pm in Indian Land, South Carolina.  According to the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, 34-year-old Kayla Pyle entered the restaurant and placed an order.  As she did so, she asked for extra chicken.  The Chipotle employee had the audacity to explain to Pyle that extra chicken comes with an additional cost.  Can you believe that?  I thought this was America and we lived in a free country where you could add as much extra chicken to your order as you want — free of charge.  Apparently that's not the case anymore.  The customer heard the words "additional cost" and decided to do the right thing.  She stood up for those who were afraid to fight back and she demanded her extra chicken for free.  An argument between good and evil ensued.

Black Teen Murdered in Dispute Over Piece of Chicken.  [Video clip only.]

Possibly related:
Customer Destroys A Drive Thru Because Her Order Wasn't Right.  Apparently at Burger King.  [Video clip]

Thug In Maryland Chicken Shop Is A One Man Wrecking Crew.  Though one man may have headed to a Maryland chicken shop for a bite, he left with a smashed phone and several charges after driving his tow truck into the eatery.  It's unclear what prompted the patron, 24-year-old Josyah Brown to spar with staff at New York Chicken and Grill, an upload of the video on r/PublicFreakout citing a broken phone, whatever it was happened to be that serious, the customer appearing to smash a card reader and break down the restaurant's door before before heading for the iPad behind the counter.  [Video clip]

The [Guys] Who Looted Philly For The Fun Of It Even Hit Up Popeyes.  Imagine trying to loot one of the cheapest fast-food joints in America.  Every chain retailer should close their businesses and leave Philadelphia this week.  Let the thugs loot each other's houses.  Leave them with nothing.  [Video clip]

Woman claims she tried to stab her pit bull for eating her chicken sandwich and accidentally stabbed her 1-year-old niece instead, police say.  Police responded to a report of a stabbing just before 11 p.m.  Tuesday at a Days Inn in the city's Castleton neighborhood, WXIN-TV reported, after which they said they found a 1-year-old girl stabbed in the neck.  A short time later, police found the suspect — the girl's 32-year-old aunt, Sharon Key — hiding near a bush outside the hotel, the station said, after which Key was arrested on allegations of criminal recklessness.  The suspect said the stabbing was an accident, WXIN said, citing police reports.  Police told the station Key said the family went to Burger King to pick up food and then returned to the hotel.  Court records indicate Key claimed her pit bull ate her chicken sandwich, after which she got angry and chased the dog around the room with a knife, WXIN said.

Teen Is Murdered By Her Friend Over McDonald's Dipping Sauce.  Police in Washington, D.C., say a 16-year-old girl is dead after a fight over sauces from McDonald's.  They say she was out with friends on Sunday when one of them stabbed her.  The group had gone to a D.C. area McDonald's around 2 a.m. Sunday.  They were back in the car when an argument between the teens broke out over sweet and sour sauce.  The fight that followed spilled out of the car in front of the McDonald's, and that is when Naima Liggon was allegedly stabbed twice by another 16-year-old teen.  [Video clip]

Meanwhile At Popeyes...  Maybe the AI video posted on TikTok showing a black woman shooting up a chicken joint over an order isn't that far off from reality.

Brawl Between Two Wingstop Employees Gets Dreadful.  Not sure what started this dread-yanking dispute but no matter what, the customers waiting for their orders will be waiting a long time.  [Video clip]

Things Get Way Too Heated And Violent Over Some Chicken Nuggets.  The female worker in ways more than one deserved to get some sense knocked into her and she got in the angry customer's face and took a swing.  But let's be honest, neither of them has very good fast food takeout etiquette.  [Video clip]

CCTV Captures The Brutal Moments Of A Gang Armed With Machetes Hacking Up A Man In A Chicken Takeaway Shop In London.  This is the terrifying moment six men wielding machetes and knives stormed into a London chicken shop to launch a savage attack on a young man.  CCTV cameras inside the restaurant in Haringey, in the north of the capital, captured the brutal attack by the balaclava-clad gang at around 9.15 pm on May 14.  The Metropolitan Police said it made one arrest of a 17-year-old male following the incident on West Green Road and is appealing for more witnesses.  Video footage of the attack shows a 20-year-old man wearing a black face covering exiting the restaurant with his food.  [Video clip]

White Karen Finds Out Black Girls Fight in Groups.  Remember 'all for one and one for all'? Well, when it comes to group attack videos we can say we overwhelmingly have more blacks against whites than any other race attacking a single race of people.  Here is yet another example.  In this case, we could obviously argue this Karen deserved it, but we would never condone such a thing.  [Video clip]

Popeye's Employee Loses His Mind and Destroys the Store After Not Being Paid for An Entire Month.  A Popeyes employee in Chicago has been caught on TikTok destroying the restaurant after allegedly not being paid for a month.  The viral video shows the employee throwing food, equipment, and other items around the restaurant, causing extensive damage.  The incident has raised concerns about the treatment of workers and the need for proper compensation and labor laws to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Ghetto Trash Destroys A NY Chicken And Grill Before Crashing His Truck Into The Retaurant.  Video being widely shared on social media captures an enraged man trashing the counter at the NY Chicken and Grill on Branch Avenue in Temple Hills until a restaurant worker fights back chasing him outside.  A second video shows the man ramming the store in a tow truck.  It all happened at about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.  The damage done is visible.  A boarded up hole in the front of the restaurant.  A man at the restaurant, in fear for his own safety, not wanting to be identified, told 7News he's furious.  The man says the attacker came in at closing time.  He ordered chicken and waffles.  He was served but then demanded wings.  When the restaurant manager said it was too late to cook wings the man became enraged and attacked.  [Video clip]

I can't tell what kind of fried chicken was involved here.
Things At The Wendy's Drive-Thru Got Spicy.  It's amazing to see these idiots assault the drive-thru worker, then ask for their order afterward.  [Video clip]

Woman Drives Her SUV Into A Georgia Popeyes After They Forgot Her Biscuits.  A Georgia woman allegedly drove her vehicle into a Popeyes restaurant on purpose after biscuits were mistakenly left out of her order, according to officials.  Belinda H.  Miller, 50, was charged with first-degree criminal damage to property and aggravated assault.  Deputies with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office were called to the Popeyes location on Walton Way in Augusta after receiving reports of an accident with injuries.  The store's manager told police Miller became angry when she discovered no biscuits with her order and that she then drove her SUV into a restaurant entrance.  [Video clip]

Possibly related:

Fellow Employee Tries To Help Stop Violent Customer, Ends Up Getting Knocked Out Himself.  This hero learned the hard way that enraged black people at a fast food restaurant won't stop until they knock someone out or see some blood so don't be that guy.  [Video clip]

Guy has a Meltdown in Chic-Fil-A, Hops over the Counter, and Makes His Own Order.  At a Chic-Fil-A?  No, this is McDonald's, Burger King, and Waffle House behavior!  [Video clip]

Chicago School Worker Is Charged After Stealing 1.5 Million Dollars Worth Of Chicken Wings.  The food service director for an impoverished south suburban school district is accused of stealing $1.5M worth of food — mainly chicken wings — according to court documents reviewed by WGN Investigates.  Vera Liddell, 66, worked for Harvey School District 152 for more than a decade, according to a LinkedIn account associated with her name.  [Video clip]

For Out of Control Violence in 62% Black Baltimore, Black Mayor Blames Popeyes.  Courtesy of virtually every homicide and nonfatal shooting in Baltimore having a black suspect, the city just surpassed 300 homicides for the eighth consecutive year!  The city is 62% black and 27% white.  And the black mayor Baltimore just blamed a fast food restaurant for the violence.  Yes, the black mayor has called out Popeyes.

Thug Pulls A Knife On McDonald's Employees, Steals Nuggets And Burgers.  A real-life Hamburglar is wanted by police for stealing more than two dozen nuggets and two double cheeseburgers from a Bronx McDonald's in a knifepoint robbery last week.  The alleged thief threatened staffers inside the Mount Eden eatery with a blade before casually heading behind the counter and helping himself to the fast food around 4:30 p.m. last Monday, police said.  He allegedly snatched one 20-piece chicken McNuggets, one six-piece McNuggets and two McDouble cheeseburgers before running out of the chain restaurant at 101 East 170th St., according to cops.  [Video clip]

Sickening Viral Video Shows [Black] Chick-fil-A Employee Spitting Into The Batter.  Two Chick-fil-A workers in Tennessee have been fired after a sickening video emerged that appears to show one of them spitting into the batter.  The viral clip shows an employee at the West Memphis joint mixing the chicken batter vigorously as she apparently spits into it while her co-worker records the nauseating scene, ABC 24 reported.

Possibly related:
[Black] Man Assaults [White] Restaurant Worker Because He Didn't Like How His Order Was Made At Hibachi Restaurant.  Food and soda bottles flew in a Westerville hibachi restaurant when a man attacked store employees before fighting another bystander near him, video from the restaurant security camera showed. [...] Westerville police released both a security camera photo of the suspect, as well [as] a video of the Sept. 21 incident at Genjigo at 14 E. Schrock Rd.  The video did not have any audio of what happened, but it began with the suspect and another man standing at the cashier's counter.  [Video clip]

Rapper PnB Rock Is Shot And Killed During Robbery At Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles In Los Angeles.  PnB Rock, the Philadelphia rapper best known for his 2016 hit "Selfish," was fatally shot during a robbery at the Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Times.  Los Angles police Capt. Kelly Muniz said a shooting took place at 1:15 p.m. at the famous eatery on Main Street and Manchester Avenue.  She would not identify the victim.  Rock, 30, whose real name is Rakim Allen, had been at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who'd posted a location-tagged photo in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Man Loses His Phone And Now Wants To Fight Everyone At Chick-fil-A.  This guy lost his phone but he claims someone at Chik-fil-A stole it and is ready to fight everyone behind the counter over it.  The cops were called and the man later found his phone.  No Arrest was made.  [Video clip]

Woman Destroys A McDonald's Because Her Chickemn Wrap Wasn't Quite Right.  A video has gone viral showing a woman losing her mind after a McDonald's got her chicken wrap sandwich wrong.  The woman received a grilled cheese chicken wrap instead of a normal chicken wrap and for this, she thought it was justified for her to go behind the counter, intimidate the staff and throw things around.  [Video clip]

A Man Dressed As A Woman Jumps Popeye's Counter And Steals Some Chicken.  A video uploaded to Twitter shows a black man dressed in a black mini skirt and blue and black halter top jumping the counter at Popeye's and casually stealing some fried chicken and sides.  The man then slides back over the counter with his socks and sandals, grabs his phone and pen and saunters out.  [Video clip]

TikToc Influencer Blocks Traffic To Hospital Just To Get KFC At The Drive-Thru.  This is the type of bottom feeder that's influencing the youth on TikTok.  This woman was so vapid, that she blocks the entire road, which happens to lead to the hospital just to wait for KFC take out at the drive-thru.  [Video clip]

Two Women Loot A Dollar General In Stone Mountain, One Even Wore Her Popeye's Uniform.  Two women walked into the Dollar General on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain and stole a cart full of items.  One of the women, who wasn't even smart enough to take off her Popeyes uniform, loaded the stolen items into a car parked in front of the store.  [Video clip]

Man Pulls Gun On Wing Stop Employee Because He Was Short One Wing.  A low IQ customer just assured himself a lengthy prison sentence after pulling a gun on a Wing Stop employee in Grand Prairie, Arkansas.  What was the horrific act the employee was guilty of?  Did he slap the customer?  Made fun of his momma?  No, the customer claims his wing order was one short.  [Video clip]

Texas family dines at North Carolina Waffle House, then robs it: police.  A Texas family who sat down for a meal at a Waffle House in North Carolina Monday before robbing it has been arrested, police said.  The Hillsborough police announced the arrest of the suspects on Wednesday, saying they received assistance from the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office and the US Marshals Service.  Police identified the suspects as Tamiko Lashun Jones and Tony Eugene Lemon, both of Marshall, Texas, and Diamond Walton, of Longview, Texas.  They are each charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and defrauding an innkeeper.

Brazen Punk Steals Entire Tray Of Fried Chicken From Restaurant In DC.  Watch as this hood rat brazenly grabs an entire tray of fried chicken at a DC chicken joint.  A staff member tries to stop him from leaving but gives up eventually, letting the man leave figuring it's not worth getting into some violence over 50 dollars worth of chicken.  [Video clip]

Tennessee Party Turns Violent Over Fried Chicken!  Police say a man tried to kill his brother-in-law during an argument at a couple's anniversary party in South Memphis.  Police say Deandre Dandridge and Tiara Munn were celebrating their fifth anniversary April 8, and had invited several family members to a party at their home on Woodland Avenue.  That's when police say Munn's mother got into a heated argument over "guests getting too many pieces of chicken" with another family member, according to court documents.  Jonathan Rogers got involved in the argument on behalf of his mother, and Dandridge attempted to de-escalate the situation.  [Video clip]

Florida man accused of robbing victim who refused to buy him Wendy's chicken nuggets.  A South Florida man is facing a host of charges after police said he robbed at gunpoint the stranger who declined to buy him chicken nuggets.  The armed robbery was reported Thursday outside a Wendy's in Miami-Dade County, WPLG reported.  According to the arrest report, John Earl Taylor, 34, approached the victim as he exited his car and asked if he could purchase chicken nuggets for him.  The victim told Taylor that he only had enough money for his personal purchase and walked into the fast-food chain, the TV station reported.

Florida man reportedly carjacks guy over Wendy's chicken nuggets.  A hangry Florida man carjacked a Wendy's customer at gunpoint — for refusing to buy him chicken nuggets, according to reports.  Miami-Dade police said the victim had just parked his car and was heading into the fast-food chain when John Earl Taylor, 34, asked him to buy him some food.  The victim explained that he only had enough money to purchase his own meal and went into the eatery, according to Local 10.  As he returned to his vehicle after eating, Taylor again approached him — this time brandishing a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine.

Man robs victim at gunpoint after victim refuses to buy him food.  Officials say John Earl Taylor approached the victim as he was getting out of his vehicle and asked him to buy him some chicken nuggets.  The victim reportedly told Taylor that he only had enough money for himself and continued to walk into the Wendy's.  When the victim walked back out of the restaurant, Taylor again approached the victim, this time with a semi-automatic gun with an extended magazine.  Taylor reportedly demanded the victim's gold chain and car key before taking off with both.

Unhappy Arizona Wendy's customer assaults employee over botched fries and nuggets, police say.  Authorities in Arizona are looking for a woman who was apparently upset that the fries she ordered at a Wendy's restaurant were cold and the chicken nuggets were not spicy before allegedly assaulting an employee.  The Casa Grande Police Department said the unhappy customer took things too far when she notified the fast-food restaurant of the botched order.  A surveillance photo released by authorities shows the woman accused of assaulting a worker at a drive-thru window.

Popeyes Employee Tells Her Boss She's Punching Out For The Day — So He Punched Her Out.  A Popeyes employee is being criminally investigated and drawing widespread scrutiny after a video showed him striking a female employee in the middle of a work shift.  The video was posted Monday on Twitter by user @freakymarko, captioned, "This Popeyes manager need to be arrested for putting his hands on a worker because she wanted to clock out."

Memphis Police are Seeking Insane Woman Who Assaulted People in [a] Car After [a] Fender Bender.  Memphis Police are asking for the public's help identifying suspects involved in an assault and vehicle vandalism at a local Dodge's Chicken.  The incident happened at Dodge's Chicken at 5192 S. Third St. on May 20.  [Video clip]

This may or may not be off-topic, depending on the contents of the sandwich:
Woman Stabs Teen At Jimmy Johns Because She Wasn't Happy With Her Sandwich.  A customer is accused of stabbing a 16-year-old employee at Jimmy John's in High Point.  Demetris Holeman, 45, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and injury to real property for the damages to the store.  Employees told police that she threw several items at the teen employee after insisting that her order was wrong.

Woman Stabs 16-Year-Old Jimmy John's Employee Over Sandwich Order.  An angry customer stabbed a 16-year-old Jimmy John's employee over a sandwich order.  Demetrius Holeman, 45, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and injury to real property for the damages to the store, WXII reported.  According to police, Holeman was on a 'do not serve' list at Jimmy John's because of past behavior but she entered the store on Tuesday and became violent.  The teen victim suffered non-life threatening injuries, but was badly hurt according to WXII.

The Editor says...
"Demetrius" is a highly unusual name for a 45-year-old woman, if you get what I'm saying.  To put it another way, how many baby girls were named Demetrius in 1977?

What Some People Would Do For A Chicken Sandwich At Popeye's.  When human life means even less to you than a crappy chicken sandwich full of anti-biotics and preservatives, culture is dead.  [Video clip]

Possibly related:
Ghetto Princess Climbs Though Driver-Thru Window, Threatens Staff Over Ranch Sauce, Twerks On The Way Out.  This ratchet apparently didn't think she got enough ranch sauce with her order so she climbed through the drive-thru window.  The woman then threatens the staff into handing her some more sauce before jumping back through the drive-thru window.  [Video clip]

Spelling errors in original.

Guy Attacks Popeyes Employees When they Ran Out of his Favorite Sandwhich.  If you're interested in having a somewhat seasoned chicken sandwhich, go to Popeyes, you can also see a fight at the window while your at it.  Since apparently people who love Popeyes food seem to enjoy throwing down frequently when they run out of their popular Sandwhich, [...]  [Video clip]

Fight at Popeyes.  [Video clip]

Philadelphia Popeyes posts 'no homeless' sign on door banning them from the store.  A Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchise in Philadelphia has banned homeless people from entering its restaurant.  Manager, Dayshon Aaron Sields, who runs the fast food joint on 15th street and Chestnut in Center City, said the new policy was put into effect after multiple homeless people came in without masks despite the city mandate.  At other times, employees have had to call police on those who 'come in and trash the store'.  He adds that staff 'understand there is a problem with people being homeless, and do not want to add to the problem, but also have a business to run and rules and regulations they have to follow.'

Armed Robbers Put Gun On Couple And Rob Them Inside Hot Wings Place On Melrose Place And No One Notices.  As SoCal shoppers headed out to stock up on holiday deals, retailers in high-profile areas were once again the target of smash-and-grab robberies over the Black Friday weekend.  At least three incidents were reported in high-profile areas on Friday, according to authorities.  The Los Angeles Police Department went on tactical alert following a robbery at a high-end clothing store in the Melrose area.  [Video clip]

Possibly related:
Crazy Brawl Between Concession Workers At Texas State Fair Includes Hot Oil Being Tossed On People.  This was the wild scene at Dallas Fair Park this weekend when workers from competing concession stands went to war with each other.  Many items were thrown by each party but the big eye-opener was from the fry cook when she took a bucket of boiling oil and tossed it at the crowd.  [Video clip]

Video Shows WNBA Players In A Massive Brawl In The Parking Lot Next To Food Truck.  A viral video shows several Women's National Basketball Association players engaging in a wild fistfight in a parking lot next to a food truck in Atlanta, Georgia.  The video allegedly features three players from the WNBA's Atlanta Dream, including Courtney Williams, Crystal Bradford, and Kalani Brown.  The three reportedly throw punches at several people in front of the "Tenders and Bites" food truck.  The brawl was reportedly sparked when someone made a "comment" about Williams' girlfriend.  The five-foot-eight WNBA guard is said to have thrown the first punch.  [Video clip]

Texas police say 'armed citizen' shot robbers at fast-food chicken chain, killing 1 suspect, wounding second.  Texas authorities say an armed customer intervened during the attempted robbery of a fried chicken fast food restaurant, fatally wounding one gunman and sending a second suspect struck by gunfire to the hospital.  Port Arthur police responded around 8:45 p.m. Friday [10/1/2021] to an aggravated robbery happening at the Church's Chicken location at 1849 Jefferson Drive.  Detectives learned that two suspects armed with handguns were robbing the restaurant, but an armed citizen intervened and a shootout ensued.

Possibly related:
Unsatisfied Customer Jumps The Counter At Sharks Restaurant, Instantly Regrets It.  This dissatisfied customer at Sharks Restaurant in New York thought he would take out his anger on the cook.  The cook wasn't having any of it and swiftly got together an order of knuckle sandwiches for the aggressive customer.  [Video clip]

Popeye's Manager Gets An Earful From Mother After He Removed Her Daughter's Headphones.  This was the wild and loud scene when a mother went off on a Popeye's manager for, as she puts it, 'putting hands' on her [...] baby.  The manager allegedly snatched a pair of headphones off the female employee as she was listening to music at work.  The employee called her mother and this was the calamity that followed.  [Video clip]

Tavarus McKinney
Cops:  Couple Opened Fire On Burger King Workers "Over A Spicy Chicken Sandwich".  A Tennessee couple is facing attempted murder charges after they allegedly opened fire at Burger King employees following a dispute "over a spicy chicken sandwich," according to a criminal complaint.  Police report that Tavarus McKinney, 22, and Keonna Halliburton, 20, got into an argument earlier this month with Burger King workers at a restaurant in Memphis.  The duo, cops say, complained that Halliburton's chicken sandwich was too spicy.  After the "initial altercation," McKinney and Halliburton departed for a few minutes, but returned in their Ford Escape and allegedly "fired multiple shots from the road into the parking lot."

Police investigate 'refuse service to white people' sign at St. Louis-area drive-through.  Police are asking for help to identify the person or people who posted a sign in a fast-food drive-through saying the business "will reserve the right to refuse service to white people."  The sign was posted at the Popeyes located at 6475 Ronald Reagan Drive in Lake Saint Louis.  The Lake Saint Louis Police Department says several drive-through menus have also been vandalized with spray paint earlier this month.  A photo of the sign quickly spread through social media and on Wednesday the restaurant closed, but people were reportedly still going through the line to see the viral sign.

Big Woman Slaps Her Man Repeatedly at a KFC in South Africa.  A South African social media user [...] recently headed online to share a clip of a very harrowing incident that took place publicly.  In the clip that he shared, a woman can be seen basically attacking a man.  In the video, the pair appear to be buying food at a local KFC fast-food restaurant when suddenly things turn sour and the woman tries to take something out of the man's pocket, which he stops.  She then proceeds to hit him a number of times.  [Video clip]

Thugs Beats And Robs Man At NYC Kentucky Fried Chicken For 2 Dollars.  A man was viciously beaten for $2 at a Kennedy Fried Chicken restaurant in the Bronx, cops say.  The NYPD shared surveillance video of the assault and is asking the public to help identify the suspect.  The man approached the 36-year-old male victim, demanded his money, and punched him in the face repeatedly.  The suspect then took off with $2 from the victim, according to cops.  The incident occurred on Mar. 31 at about 9:50 p.m. at 1798 Westchester Ave. in Soundview.  The victim suffered minor injuries to his face.  [Video clip]

Nasty Couple Beat A Man With A Floor Sign At A Bronx Popeyes.  A man and a woman beat a customer inside a Bronx Popeye's, repeatedly punching him and hitting him with a wet floor sign, police said Wednesday [4/7/2021].  [Video clip]

This might be off-topic, but I think not.
Insane 4 On 4 Fight Caught On Video At Benton Harbor Wendy's.  This was the madcap scene at a Benton Harbor Wendy's Sunday when 4 people fought another 4 over, wait for it, a 4 for 4 dollars menu incident.  Apparently, the orders were mixed up and heated words exchanged and this was the end result.  [Video clip]

Customer At Wing Stop Is Refused Refund, Hurls Cash Register Through Window.  Video shows a restaurant customer slamming a register to the floor and throwing it through a window after he said his chicken wing order was wrong and he couldn't get a refund.  "I don't want the food.  I don't want to wait.  I don't have time to wait on the food again.  OK, so now what do we do?" the man is heard saying in cellphone video shot Saturday at a Wingstop location in Antelope. [...] The manager said it cost about $6,000 to replace the register, and they have all the man's information to track him down.  The Wingstop location is in the process of filing a police report.  [Video clip]

Police Are Searching For These 4 Ratchets Who Attacked A Popeye's Drive-Thru Employee.  Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office are looking for four female suspects in connection to a strong-arm robbery.  The incident happened Monday afternoon [3/15/2021] around 1:14 p.m. at the Popeye's at 7049 Seacrest Blvd.  A silver Nissan Sentra entered the drive-thru and when they got to the window, one of the suspects got into an argument with the employee, according to deputies.  She then spat and attacked the employee.  [Video clip]

Wild Video Shows Man Who Was Denied Service At Chicken Restaurant For Not Wearing Mask Returns With Gun.  A maskless gunman held up a restaurant in Pasadena, California but rather than emptying the cash register, the suspect demanded chicken that he had been refused because he wasn't wearing a face covering.  Enjoy the rest of 2021. According to staff at Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles, the chicken heist occurred after a man was told to leave the establishment because he refused to wear a mask in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.  The enraged customer reportedly stormed out, before later returning with a gun... and his food order.  Robert Gonzalez, who works at the restaurant as a cook, told local media that it was clear the suspect was "not after money." He said that the gunman entered the kitchen and began chasing him before getting distracted.  "The guy just said, 'Put all the chicken in the bag,'" Gonzalez told local news channel KTLA.  [Video clip]

Other countries have the same problem.
Brawl Breaks Out Between KFC And Foodpanda Employees In Pakistan.  Pakistan's leading e-commerce food platform Foodpanda was embroiled in a controversy as a video of a group of people fighting outside KFC Bahria Town Islamabad has gone viral on the internet.  According to an eyewitness, the manager of KFC branch asked the Foodpanda rider to wait for an order outside the restaurant.  The rider waited for more than 30 minutes before he went inside to ask for it again.  In retaliation, the manager misbehaved with the rider which escalated in a full-blown fight.

Why the Violence Over Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich Isn't About Food.  The violence over Popeyes' chicken sandwich isn't about a food shortage; the combatants aren't famished and fighting for morsels in order to survive.  What's causing the brouhaha is people, many of whom are likely already wound up, being denied the opportunity to participate in a frivolous cultural moment.  Said another way:  the violence is resulting from malcontents who wanted to be seen with a hyped-up product in order to secure status, and when that attempt was thwarted, they became aggrieved and irrational.  The hysteria over Popeyes is really no different than how consumers battle one another when a new pair of Nike Air Jordan becomes available.  Customers don't shell out several hundred dollars because the sneaker aids their walking or improve their chances of playing in the NBA.  Rather, they buy the sneaker for what it represents:  status.

Is the Popeyes chicken sandwich really worth fighting over?  After its release on Aug. 12, [2019,] Popeyes' chicken sandwich sold out in just over two weeks, during which time customers went to great — and sometimes violent — lengths to get their hands on the sandwich.  The fast food chain brought the sandwich back in early November and the violence has returned, leaving one man dead. [...] Back in September, Houston police say a man pulled a gun after learning a local Popeyes was out of chicken sandwiches, McClatchy news group reported.  Employees say a group of people tried to order the sandwich in the drive-thru, then "rushed" the front door when they learned the restaurant was out. [...] A brawl broke out in Brooklyn after a customer says she paid for what she was told was the last chicken sandwich in the store, MTO News reported.  She says the restaurant then gave her sandwich to another customer, causing an argument and ultimately a fight between the woman and the employee.  [Video clip]

Customers Go Ballistic, Fight Employees At Wings-N-Things Dallas Because Chicken Took Too Long.  It was a scene of madness and chaos as angry customers brawled with employees of this Dallas Wings-N-Things for allegedly taking too long to fill orders.  [Video clip]

Guy pulls gun at Houston Popeyes, demands sold-out chicken sandwich.  Popeye's fried chicken restaurant chain had the business savvy to produce a new chicken sandwich and throw it up against rival Chick-fil-A's famously good chicken sandwich in what has proven to be a spirited competition on social media.  What Popeye's didn't do as good a job of is preparing for the demand brought on by the notoriety, as many of the restaurants have been running out of the product amid large crowds.  One such incident this week resulted in a mob that stormed a Houston Popeye's in search of the sandwich pulling a gun when they were sold out. VGhvc2UgcGVvcGxlIHN1cmUgZG8gbGlrZSBmcmllZCBjaGlja2VuLg==

Guy Acts Like A Madman Over Popeye's Boneless Chicken.  The poor guy in the drive-thru's thinking this can't be worth minimum wage.  [Video clip]

Chick-fil-A patrons trash restaurant over cold nuggets.  A pair of Chick-fil-A customers in Florida were unsatisfied with their local restaurant's service — so they decided to trash the place on their way out.  The incident took place on Monday night [7/31/2017] at a Chick-fil-A in the River City neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fla., according to Allison Music, a witness who shared footage of the ordeal on Facebook.  In her post, Music explained that she was waiting for an order at Chick-fil-A when she saw a teenage boy arguing about his order with the staff "for a good 15 or 20 mins."  She also said the manager had locked up the store in response.

Jacksonville Chick-fil-A trashed during fracas caught on camera.  A Nassau County woman took to social media to vent after witnessing a fracas at a Jacksonville Chick-fil-A restaurant.  The incident happened at some point Monday night [7/31/2017] at the River City Marketplace location.  The witness, Allison Music, said several customers grew unruly during some sort of disagreement over chicken nuggets.  The disturbance began as two male customers arguing with staff for roughly 20 minutes, Music said.  She said it continued when two women — who are related to one of the male customers — undeterred by a locked door, barged in and confronted employees.

Customer gets angry at Jacksonville Chick-Fil-A.  An angry customer makes a scene and trashes a Chick-Fil-A in Jacksonville.  And some of it was caught on camera.  Store management says they got the police involved.  The video shows two women yelling at Chick-Fil-A employees.  Later, a customer yells back, as a woman tosses condiments all over the floor.  You'll even hear something shatter in the background.  Allison Music was there and posted the videos on Facebook.  In the police report, an employee tells officers one of the suspects was complaining and trying to get refunds and free food.

Florida women trash Chick-fil-A during argument over order.  Video she posted shows the women arguing with employees, tossing condiments on the floor and throwing an object that could be heard breaking in the background.

Two Guys Fight Over The Last Chicken Wing At Buffet.  Thursday evening in beautiful San Diego, California.  [Video clip]

Man arrested in assault at Columbia Popeyes.  A 29-year-old man was arrested Friday after an alleged assault at the Columbia Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant, an incident that was documented on video and went viral on social media. [...] There were conflicting versions of what happened leading up to the body-slamming incident.  An employee's husband told WSMV-TV, Channel 4 in Nashville that Staggs had called employees a racial slur after they accidentally overcharged her for a sandwich.  He said Staggs had kicked his wife.  Staggs' lawyers say their client denies using the N-word.  They say Staggs came back to the Popeyes after checking her bank statement so that she could get a refund, and that the manager "immediately began insulting her."

$5,000 Bail For Fake Grubhub Driver Charged With Hitting Restaurant Worker With His Car, Driving Away.  A Cook County judge set bond at $5,000 on Tuesday for a Grubhub delivery driver accused of running over a Lakeview restaurant worker Friday and driving off before police arrived.  Aamir Mohammed, 30, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, failure to report an accident, leaving the scene and driving without ever having been issued a license, according to a Chicago Police news release. [...] The incident happened 6:18 p.m. outside Ms. T's Southern Fried Chicken, 3343 N. Broadway.  It was caught on video.  Mohammed was picking up and delivering orders for Grubhub — but he did not actually work for the service and was using another person's account, "which is a fraudulent misuse of our platform," a spokeswoman for the delivery company said in a statement.

Videos show confrontation at Columbia Popeyes that led to woman's assault.  More sides of the story are coming out after a woman was bodyslammed outside a Popeyes Chicken Restaurant.  Now we're seeing the fight with restaurant employees before, and hearing from people who were inside.  CPD said officers responded to the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Nov. 5 around 5:30 p.m. in the 800 block of Nashville Highway.  They said they received calls of a disturbance and an assault.  Video shows a Popeyes employee slamming a woman onto the concrete in the parking lot.

Man Wanted in Connection to Chicken Restaurant Shooting in Custody.  A man was shot following a disturbance inside the USA Chicken and Biscuit Restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday, May 24.  The 42-year-old victim was treated at Elliot Hospital for a serious gunshot wound to the shoulder and torso.  He is expected to survive.  Police say it appears he was shot subsequent to a large fight that started inside the establishment after a woman was pushed to the floor.

6 arrested after disturbance at USA Chicken.  Six people were arrested after a disturbance at a local eatery which started after a manager asked police to remove a disorderly patron.  On Feb. 20 at about 2 a.m.  Manchester Officer Chad Tennis was working an extra detail at USA Chicken when several patrons were acting disorderly, according to police, so the manager asked the officer to remove multiple individuals.

Sonic Drive-In customer shatters door after chicken tender dispute.  Del City police have identified the two suspects who are believed to be responsible for a disturbance at a Sonic Drive-In in Del City that resulted in a glass door being shattered.  Del City police posted an update on Facebook stating that the two suspects, a male and a female, have been positively identified and that "charges will soon follow."  The suspects became angry because they received the wrong order.  The male suspect threw a glass bottle through the door before they left the scene.

Popeyes' chicken sandwich has been linked to a deadly stabbing and reports of assault and physical violence.  The Popeyes chicken sandwich is back, and the second iteration of the famed menu has been as wild — if not more — than its first go-around.  Foot traffic to stores surpassed the peak traffic during the original launch of the sandwich, according to foot-traffic tracker  Since the sandwich relaunched on November 3, there have been various reports of customers resorting to extreme measures to get one of the sandwiches.

Man Is Fatally Stabbed Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.  The authorities are searching for an unidentified man who they say fatally stabbed another man in an altercation while waiting for the new Popeyes chicken sandwich in Maryland on Monday night [11/4/2019].  The police are also searching for a woman who is wanted for questioning.  Kevin Tyrell Davis, 28, who had cut a line designated specifically for customers ordering the sandwich, was confronted by another customer once he reached the counter, Chief Hank Stawinski of the Prince George's County Police Department said at a news conference on Tuesday.  An argument broke out, and seconds later Mr. Davis was stabbed once in the upper body, the police said, adding that they found a knife at the scene.

Senseless Act of Violence Over a Chicken Sandwich.  A man who had been cutting in a line for chicken sandwiches at a crowded Popeyes restaurant in Maryland was stabbed to death by another customer who confronted him, police said Tuesday [11/5/2020].  Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski appealed for the public's help in identifying the man who fatally stabbed 28-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis once after their argument spilled outside the Oxon Hill restaurant Monday evening.  Stawinski, who called it a "pointless crime," said only 15 seconds elapsed from when the altercation started to when it ended with the stabbing.  Davis had been "methodically" cutting his way through the line for sandwiches for 15 minutes before the suspect confronted him at the front counter, the chief said.

Brute turns himself in for savage beating of man who offered to pay for meal.  One of the brutes who participated in the savage beatdown of a disabled man who offered to buy their meal at a Brooklyn food joint was busted Thursday, police said.  Kariem Roberts, 21, turned himself in to police and was charged with robbery, gang assault and menacing in connection with the March 1 attack on Joseph Molohon, 37.  Molohon was in a Texas Chicken & Burgers at Ocean and Church avenues in Flatbush around 7:30 p.m. when he kindly offered to cover the cost of a meal for two other patrons.  The men went berserk, yelling at the good Samaritan and proceeding to punch and kick him, cops said.

Man who was viciously beaten with his own cane and then robbed after offering to pay for his attackers' meal is MS sufferer.  A disabled 37-year-old who was brutally beaten after he offered to help pay for his attackers' meal cried watching the surveillance footage of the attack and called it 'disgusting'.  Joseph Molohon, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, offered to use the social security money he had just picked up on March 1 to help two men at the Texas Chicken & Burgers in Brooklyn, New York, when they were short of cash.  But an argument broke out, and Molohon was punched, kicked, and struck with his own cane by a group of four before another man rifled through his pockets while he was lying on the ground.

Group of brutes pummel man for offering to pay for their meal at Brooklyn restaurant.  A man offered to do a good deed at a Brooklyn restaurant — and was punished with a bone-breaking beating, cops said.  A group of men kicked and pummeled a 37-year-old customer, beating him with his own cane after he offered to pay for their meal, police said Tuesday [3/14/2017].  Then, as he lay prone and bleeding on the ground, two customers simply ordered dinner as if nothing had happened, police sources said.

Man suffers broken bones in gang assault at Brooklyn restaurant:  NYPD.  Four men beat and robbed a patron at a Brooklyn restaurant earlier this month, police said.  It happened at Texas Chicken and Burgers on Ocean Avenue on March 1.  While inside, two men got into an argument with a 37-year-old man after he offered to help them pay for their meal, police said.  The dispute escalated when the individuals started to punch the victim and hit him with his cane.  When the victim tried to defend himself, the men, along with two others who entered the fast-food spot, pursued the assault further by punching him and kicking him in his head and body, and striking him more times with the cane, police said.  After the men who partook in the attack ran away, another man entered the restaurant and stole the victim's belongings, according to police.

Group Breaks Man's Bones After He Offers to Help Pay for Their Food:  NYPD.  A group of people beat a man in a Brooklyn restaurant after he offered to help pay for their food, police said.  Surveillance video captured the brutal beating inside Texas Chicken and Burgers in Prospect Park South earlier this month.  Police released the video in the hopes of catching the four suspects.  After the 37-year-old victim offered to help pay for two of the suspects' meals, they began yelling at him and then started punching him and beating him with his own cane, police said.

Woman smashes Staten Island Popeyes window over meal.  Authorities are searching for the woman who harassed employees and broke a window at a Staten Island Popeyes earlier this month. [...] She grew angry and began to harass the restaurant's staff about her meal, but proceeded to eat her food, said police.  Before leaving, the woman made obscene gestures at the employees and used a chair to break a glass window, video surveillance shows.

Popeyes violence continues after woman is body-slammed outside Tennessee restaurant.  A viral video of a Popeyes employee body-slamming a woman outside a Tennessee restaurant has resulted in an arrest on Friday [11/8/2019].  Deriance Ra'Shaiel Hughes, 29, was charged with felony aggravated assault for the incident that stemmed from an altercation between the woman and employees inside the fast-food location.  A lawyer representing the victim, Debra Staggs, 55, said she was trying to get a refund after reportedly being double-charged for food, reports local TV station WSMV.

Customers vs Popeyes.  Fight ensues when the restaurant ran out of fried chicken.

Thugs Beat White Woman And Girl Over Fried Chicken, Then Get EPIC Dose Of Justice.  After being caught on video beating a woman and her daughter, a 28-year old woman and 45-year-old male are now pleading guilty in court.  In George at the end of June of this year, Nathaniel and Latasha Smith beat a restaurant owner and her daughter after Latasha complained about the quality of the food at the Qwik Chick in Baxley, Georgia.  After police released the surveillance footage, people called in with their tips and the Smiths turned themselves in on July 5th, presumably because they wanted to enjoy the Fourth of July first before answering to their crimes.  Last Friday [11/17/2017], they were back in court to plead guilty to aggravated assault and cruelty to children, according to the District Attorney.

Police hunt couple caught on video brutally beating a restaurant owner because they were unhappy with their order.  Police are on the hunt for a couple who were caught on video camera beating a restaurant owner and her 15-year-old daughter because they weren't happy with their meals.  The incident happened at the Qwik Chick takeout stand next to U.S. Highway 1 in Baxley, Georgia just after 3pm on Thursday, reported WTOC.  The couple, identified as Nathaniel Eric Smith and Latasha M. Smith, got into an altercation with the food store's owner, Jeanette Norris, because they said their chicken was cold and they didn't have enough fries.

Couple assaults Georgia restaurant owner and daughter over food order.  An angry couple assaulted a Georgia fast food owner and her daughter outside a restaurant over a chicken and fries order — leaving the two women battered and authorities in disbelief.  "I have a severely broken nose that requires surgery," Qwik Chik owner Jeanette Norris told the Daily News Sunday.  "My daughter is scared.  She was hit on her right side and has a black eye."  Norris was violently attacked at around 3 p.m.  Thursday [6/22/2017] at the restaurant in Baxley after a couple complained about an order — prompting an argument that led suspect, Latasha Smith, to slap and punch her repeatedly, Baxley police said.

Keywords:  fried chicken, public transportation, Martin Luther King Drive.
Girl robbed in Jersey City after she tells men she has $90 to buy shoes.  A 15-year-old Jersey City girl was robbed yesterday after she told two male acquaintances she had $90 on her to go buy shoes, according to a police report.  The girl was waiting for a bus inside the U.S. Fried Chicken at Bidwell Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive around 5:15 p.m. when she shared the information with two people she knew from the neighborhood, according to the police report.  Once she told them about the money, one of the males she was speaking with struck her in the head and then held her wrists, while his accomplice, a 22-year-old later identified as Nigel Nealey of Bidwell Avenue, took the money and a cellphone from her pockets, reports said.

Sixth person charged in delivery driver's murder.  After shooting Zhen Bo Liu on a dark Wilmington street, the gunmen stole his food delivery of chicken wings and shrimp fried rice and shared the meal among their accomplices at a nearby house.  After eating, they returned to view Liu's body and rummage through his car.  When police arrived on South 13th Street to begin their investigation into Liu's June 14 death, the only things missing from the 60-year-old delivery driver's vehicle was the order of food and $48 in cash.

Police: Man claiming to be from the future steals food from Arby's.  The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that 36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson was arrested April 15 on a complaint of robbery by force or fear.  Police say at approximately 10:45 a.m. they responded to the area of 9020 S. Western to a disturbance.  Police spoke with employees of a Carl's Junior who said a man, later identified as Anderson, walked into their restaurant and began screaming and demanding food.  Employees were able to get Anderson to leave and he walked across the street to Arby's.  The Arby's manager told police Anderson jumped on the front counter and demanded food.  The man then jumped off the counter and allegedly grabbed the manager and forced her towards a wall.  The manager told police the man then grabbed a hand full of bacon and chicken and walked out of the business.

Police: North Carolina woman waves gun in restaurant after order was messed up.  Police in North Carolina have charged a couple after a fouled-up order of chicken wings apparently prompted a woman to wave a gun inside a restaurant.

NC woman accused of pulling gun at restaurant over wrong chicken wings.  The suspect is accused of walking into the restaurant and ordering bone-in chicken wings.  Authorities said when she received boneless wings, she started arguing with the clerk and went to her car to get a gun.  She returned to the restaurant and started waving the gun in the air, according to WECT.  Police found her outside the restaurant with the gun.

Teen pulls gun after Jack in the Box employee shorts her a nugget, police say.  Three teenagers in Puyallup, Wash., were arrested Monday [6/19/2017] after they became enraged that a Jack in the Box shorted their order and pulled a gun on workers at a drive-thru window, the Pierce County sheriff's office said. [...] After she got her food, the 19-year-old woman who was driving said workers forgot her drink and didn't give her enough nuggets.

Popeyes customer, 28, is 'stabbed to death in an argument over the chicken sandwich while waiting in line'.  An eyewitness described how a 'dude cut the line' before they 'went outside' and 'dude got stabbed', adding: 'And now we can't leave because they have to make sure there is no blood on the road.'  Police have confirmed a 28-year-old adult male, found with multiple stab wounds in the parking lot, died during a fight at the scene.  They are still hunting the suspect. VGhvc2UgcGVvcGxlIHN1cmUgZG8gbGlrZSBmcmllZCBjaGlja2VuLg==

Man stabbed to death in Maryland Popeyes after altercation over chicken sandwich, sources say.  A fight over someone cutting in line lead to a fatal stabbing Monday night at a Maryland Popeyes. [...] According to police, the fight initially began in line when a man cut in front of another man and then the altercation escalated and spilled outside where one of the men was stabbed.

Woman shoots at KFC drive-thru over missing fork and napkin: report.  One customer in Shelbyville, Ky., reportedly shot out the window of a KFC's drive-thru after receiving her food and drink items.  Apparently, she was unhappy that she did not receive a fork and napkin with her order.  [10/28/2019]

Desperate Popeye's chicken sandwich fan destroys her car as she attempts to cut in line at an LA chain's drive-thru.  A women [sic] in California became the latest person to fall victim to the Popeyes chicken sandwich pandemonium on Tuesday [11/5/2019] when she brazenly attempted to cut in line at a local drive-thru but inadvertently ended up destroying her own car.  The humble dose of instant karma was captured on video by a number of perplexed diners at a Los Angeles branch of the eatery, who can be heard laughing at the unidentified motorist throughout the incident.  The woman, driving an early 2000s silver Mercedes, can been seen trying to force her vehicle between a pillar and in front of another car in the line.

Popeyes customer, 28, was stabbed 15 seconds after cutting the line for popular chicken sandwich.  The Popeyes customer who was stabbed to death outside one of the chain's restaurants in Maryland has been identified, as police reveal he was attacked because he cut the busy line.  The victim was identified as 28-year-old male Kevin Tyrell Davis of Oxon Hill, Maryland, Prince George's County Police spokeswoman announced Tuesday [11/5/2019].  He entered the fast food joint on the 6200 block of Livingston Road around 7pm Monday evening [11/4/2019] where about three dozen people were in line, many waiting for the newly released chicken sandwich, Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

Police release photo of deadly Maryland Popeyes stabbing suspect, ID victim.  Prince George's County Police have released a photo of a suspect in a deadly stabbing that allegedly occurred over a Popeyes chicken sandwich Monday night [11/4/2019].  On Tuesday, they released a photo of the suspect, along with a woman they're hoping to identify in connection with the incident.

Fatal Stabbing at Popeyes Spurs National Conversation About Chicken-Related Hate Crimes.  Just as is the case whenever there is a new release of an urban-oriented line of sunglasses or athletic footwear, waves of violence greeted the summer release of Popeyes chicken sandwich, which is rumored to taste good although we aren't willing to risk getting stabbed to death in order to find out.  The poultry-based item sated the appetites of so many impoverished and downtrodden palates upon its release that it almost instantly sold out, only to be resurrected a week or so ago.  According to an eyewitness of the fatal stabbing at a Popeyes facility in Oxon Hill, MD, the tragedy started when "dude cut in line" — chicken-sandwich-eaters tend to do that — and then "went outside" with their sandwich, only to be stabbed to death in the parking lot by someone who apparently lost their place in line after dude cut in line. [...] It's a documented fact that whenever a new designer chicken sandwich is released in an urban area and the demand exceeds the supply, violence inevitably erupts.

Popeyes Employee Body Slams Customer.  Columbia police said they are investigating after video surfaced of a Popeyes employee assaulting a woman outside the restaurant. [...] Video shows a Popeyes employee slamming a woman onto the concrete in the parking lot.  Police identified the employee as 29-year-old Deriance R. Hughes.  He was arrested Friday [11/8/2019] and charged with felony aggravated assault.  [Video clip]

Black violence

'If they don't get out, I'm going to take them out one by one': Anti-white texts spark DOE probe.  New York City's Department of Education (NYCDOE) is currently investigating racist, anti-white text messages that were allegedly sent by Marion Wilson, the black superintendent for schools in District 31.  According to the New York Post, screenshots of the offensive text messages were forwarded by email to chancellor David Banks and other officials from an encrypted email address, Mikeboy70@protonmail.  It's not clear who's behind the account, as the owner has reportedly refused to reply to requests for information from the Post and other outlets.  It is clear though that the text messages are quite disturbing.  "I need to clean up this Island.  White folks need to recognize this is not the boys club anymore.  A strong black woman runs this bitch now and they can either get on board or get out.  If they don't get out I'm going to take them out one by one.  They're not gonna know what hit them," one message reads.

Let Criminal Faces Be Shown.  "Police release images of suspects in Iverson Mall shooting."  As is often the case, the images were of athletic young black men wielding powerful weapons, firing at close range, apparently with intent to kill.  I often check the images of perpetrators, and often they tell me more than the accompanying story, which conceals the most important clue for apprehending the criminal.  But often the images are not published with the initial reporting, especially if the perpetrator is black. [...] Lying has consequences.  In terms of the media depiction of blacks, the consequence is that society is less likely to face the problem that exists in the upbringing and childhood conditions of a large number of black Americans.  Blacks commit murder at a rate of seven times that of whites, according to one source.  But among young black males, murder rates are far higher, because 90.3% of homicides are committed by males, and because we are speaking of young men.  Young black males between the ages of 14 and 35 constitute some 3% of the U.S. population, but this small demographic is responsible for nearly 50% of the murders.

Mayors in D.C. Conference Target Gun Makers over City Crime.  A coalition of mayors working with Mike Bloomberg-affiliated Everytown for Gun Safety are targeting gun manufacturers over crime the exists in various levels across cities in the United States.  Axios reports pro-gun control mayors attended this week's U.S. Conference of Mayors in D.C., where they blamed gun makers for crime problems.  Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas (D), a member of Bloomberg-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said, "Mayors are on the frontlines of our nation's gun violence epidemic and that's why we won't shy away from naming those who make the guns that are killing our communities."

The Editor says...
Guns aren't killing communities.  Individual shooters, who probably don't know one gun manufacturer from another, are killing other individuals.  The descriptions and biographies of the shooters are remarkably similar, but nobody wants to talk about that.  The only "communities" involved in this mess are rival gangs.

Sen. Klobuchar hosts roundtable to discuss spike in carjacking.  According to reports, Minneapolis experienced a 537% increase in carjacking between 2019 and 2020.  Monday afternoon, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) held a roundtable with six police chiefs from across Minnesota to emphasize the need to address the spike in carjackings and other crimes.  The police chiefs shared their experiences.  Many of them discussed the topic of mental health and the need for more resources to address mental health crisis in the community.

The Editor says...
What if it has nothing to do with mental health problems?  What if the shooters are all completely sane, but also completely reckless, ruthless and recalcitrant?  What if they're all a bunch of godless, fatherless hoodlums who have no regard for other people's lives?  Addressing this as a mental health problem will fail.

Color the Red State Murder Problem Black.  [Scroll down]  With a little internet searching, though, I was able to find a table of information from 2020 on homicide arrests by race in the state of California.  According to the table (Table 31 on page 38), there were 1,597 homicide arrests in the state, 462 — or 29 percent — of them committed by black people.  And again, this is a sufficiently large enough sample to probably be reflective of the remaining body of suspects who were still at large.  Since black people make up only 6.5 percent of the state's population, they are overrepresented in homicide arrests by a factor of about 29 ÷ 6.5 = 4.5.  They are probably similarly overrepresented in whatever the San Francisco city stats may be.  Curious about the murder arrest stats in the state of Florida, I came across 2019 figures (Arrests by Jurisdiction, Offense Type, and Race) that showed a total of 787 arrests of which 447 — almost 57 per cent — were of black suspects.  And yet again, this is a sufficiently large enough sample to probably be reflective of the remaining body of suspects who were still at large.  Now since black people make up about 17 percent of the state's population but account for about 57 percent of murder arrests, it means that about 40 percent of those arrests are due to one little group committing way more murders than they should.

Crime 2020.  The FBI annual crime statistics for 2020 are now out, making their appearance in a new format called the Crime Data Explorer; I'll be going over the murder stats.  Table 1 of the Expanded Homicide Data lists a total of 17,754 murder victims, 7,029 of them white, 9,913 black, 497 other, and 315 unknown.  Table 3 lists the murder offenders, totaling 20,982, 5,844 of them white, 8,142 black, 404 other, and 6,592 unknown, the large number of unknown offenders attributable to as yet unsolved cases.  Table 6 — the single victim / single offender table — is made up of 7,875 pairs of victims and their corresponding known offenders; it is this table from which a number of published percentages are developed.  Of the 7,875 victims, 3,400 — 43 percent — were killed by white offenders (white Hispanics included in the white category), while 3,938 — 50 percent — were killed by black offenders.  According to Statista population estimates for 2020, whites, including white Hispanics, made up 75.8 percent of the population and blacks made up 13.6 percent.  So a group that is less than a fifth the size of a larger group manages to commit more murders than the larger group.

There's a small group of known criminals who are driving crime — and it's not law-abiding gun owners.  A new study from the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform revealed who is driving the vast majority of criminal firearm misuse in the Nation's Capital.  Go figure it's a small number of lawbreakers and not law-abiding gun owners.  Stating that gun crimes in Washington, D.C., are shown to be committed by a "very tightly concentrated" group of individuals, the study's author said, "This very small number of high risk individuals are identifiable.  Their violence is predictable and therefore it is preventable."  The data demonstrate the irony of Democratic-run big cities with strict Second Amendment restrictions and national gun control groups' continued drive to force more gun control despite Americans believing in it less and lawfully buying their own firearms at record numbers.

Who kills the police?  [Scroll down]  Moreover, it is not white supremacists calling for killing cops.  "Off the pigs," goes back to the Black Panther days of the 1960s.  In 2015, protesters in St. Paul, Minnesota were holding a Black Lives Matter banner and chanting, "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."  You did not need a degree in criminal justice to understand what they meant albeit the obvious meaning was subsequently denied by BLM spokespersons and major media outlets.  In the wake of Minneapolis police officer Kim Porter shooting Duante Wright, one protester carried a pig's head on a spike.  None of his fellow protesters found this obscene.  If that message wasn't clear, the firebombing of a police union hall in Portland and the rioters in Washington, D.C. chanting "burn the precinct to the ground," should have clarified it.

Who Is Killing 10,000 Black Americans Every Year?  What caused the number of U.S. victims of murder and manslaughter to explode by almost 5,000 last year to reach a total of 21,500?  Why are homicides rising another 10% this year?  Why are murders and manslaughters rising so dramatically in the USA?  For that number of killings, 21,500 in 2021, is three times the number of U.S. soldiers dead in 20 years of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The New York Times and Washington Post both made the FBI figures front-page news.  And the Times gave some insight as to who the victims of homicide in this country were and are.

Scapegoats, Boogeymen, and Hobgoblins.  The world may be increasingly baffled by 2021 America, and its sudden scapegoating of "white supremacist" hobgoblins for problems it cannot or will not solve.  Roughly 400 Americans were shot over the past July 4 holiday weekend.  About 150 of them were killed.  The majority, both of the shooters and the victims, were inner-city, African-American males.  The level of violence approaches the bad casualty days of the recent Afghan and Iraq wars.  Meanwhile, during the carnage, progressive black leaders, from Representatives Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to Cori Bush (D-Mo.), blasted America's foundational holiday and the country at large for its white supremacy and the current supposed lack of freedom for African Americans.

2021's Stratospheric Murder Rates In America's Five Blackest Cities.  Democrats are in charge of all of the most murderous cities in the United States.  In terms of total population, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Houston are the biggest black cities in America.  It is in these cities — not rural white cities home to white Supremacist Trump supporters — that blacks are exposed to the highest rate of murder and sheer number of murders.  According to the FBI, over 90% of these murders come at the hands of another black.  In other words, white supremacy is a fraud and total boogeyman. [...] Systemic racism does not exist in the United States.  This is an obvious truth.  However, if leftist pawns and useful idiots want to believe in such nonsense, the only logical place of blame is toward the Democrat party.  A good place to begin dismantling systemic racism would be voting for something else.  Until that changes, nothing will change.

Brawl Breaks Out On Spirit Airlines Flight Where Three Black Women Attack Someone Elbowing "Big" Ex-Navy Man Out Of The Way.  Three black women got into a brawl with a so far unknown person.  Mobile phone footage of the incident was uploaded to social media sites and in the videos, three female passengers can be seen attacking an unknown person while elbowing a big ex-navy guy out of the way.  [Video clip]

Systemic Racism, Chicago-Style.  The "Windy City" has a black population of just over 30 percent and is deadly dangerous.  Chicago and Illinois both have some of the strongest gun control laws in the country, with more on the way — do you think it's possible that the criminals might not be obeying those laws? [...] In Chicago, there were 2,240 shootings and 440 homicides from January through July 2020.  The numbers are way up again in 2021.  Back in 2015, Chicago's homicide rate had already risen to 18.6 per 100,000.  By 2016, Chicago had recorded more homicides and shooting victims than New York City and Los Angeles combined.  Chicago's biggest criminal justice challenges have changed little over the last 50 years, and statistically reside with homicide, armed robbery, gang violence, and aggravated battery.  Chicago is considered one of the most gang-infested cities in the United States, with an estimated population of over 100,000 active members from nearly 60 different factions.  Gang warfare and retaliation are quite common in Chicago.  It is estimated that gangs are responsible for 60 percent of the homicides in Chicago.  One thing stands out — almost every shooter and homicide victim (97.7 percent) are black.  But Black Lives Matter and Chicago's Democratic politicians continue to blame "police and systemic racism."

Murder rates soar dramatically in cities after BLM protests with up to 6,000 extra deaths nationwide.  A researcher has found that cities that had Black Lives Matter protests saw a significant decrease in police homicides, but a huge overall increase in murders.  Travis Campbell, an economics PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts, published his findings in a recent pre-print study examining the impact of BLM protests on police use-of-force incidents.  His analysis, which is still undergoing peer-review, found that cities with BLM protests had 15 to 20 percent fewer police homicides than expected if the protests had not taken place, equating to 300 fewer police killings nationwide over five years.

The Racial Reckoning's New Normal: 50 Murders Per Day.  Why didn't gun control come up much regarding Atlanta?  Well, that shooter used a handgun, while the Boulder murderer employed a Ruger that's officially classified as a pistol, but it looks like one of those scary military-type rifles that feature so prominently in the paranoia porn of liberals.  The Biden Administration is gearing up to crack down on rifles, seeing them as the white man's weapon.  In reality, according to the FBI's statistics, rifles accounted for only 5 percent of all 2019 homicides in which a particular type of gun was identified, with shotguns adding 3 percent.  Handguns, in contrast, were used in 92 percent of known gun homicides.  Of course, handguns are the main weapon with which blacks slaughter blacks in such vast numbers.  White Democrats like Joe Biden aren't terribly interested in reducing the number of blacks murdered by other blacks, especially if they'd have to admit that murder is largely a black problem in the U.S. You aren't supposed to know this, but in 2019, 55.9 percent of known murder offenders were black.  And blacks traditionally are responsible for a slightly larger share of gun murders than of total murders due to their cultural predilection toward shooting into crowds of partyers in the general direction of that guy who dissed them.

Killer Stats.  It's a tradition for local crime beat newspaper reporters to write up during the slow news days between Christmas and New Year's articles summing up local murder data.  So, I was able to find homicide counts for 46 of the 50 most populous municipalities.  In these cities, which accounted for almost one-third of all murders in the country in 2019, killings were up 38.5 percent in 2020 over 2019. [...] Another piece of evidence for who is doing the incremental murdering is that more than a few cities reported even bigger increases in shooting incidents and woundings than in killings.  For example, murders were up 41 percent in New York City but shooting victims grew 103 percent.  New York is evidently experiencing a return to the bad old days of angry black men firing wildly into a peaceable crowd to try to kill the one guy who dissed them.  Wikipedia keeps lists of what it defines as "mass shootings" in which at least four people were struck, whether killed or wounded.  The number of mass shootings grew 40 percent this year from 438 to 615.  But the number of people killed in mass shootings fell by one from 522 to 521, while the number wounded grew 45 percent from 1,748 to 2,541.  Because blacks are notoriously poorer marksmen, this implies that most of this year's incremental mass shootings were carried out by blacks.

Congressman Jason Lewis Tells the Truth about Black Violence.  The journalistic hounds at CNN have a new target, a politician whose sin is so egregious — so unthinkable — that it can hardly be spoken aloud:  the recently elected congressman from Minnesota disagrees with CNN orthodoxy on race.  And now, with enthusiasm we have not seen since hordes of reporters descended on Rick Perry's boyhood hunting grounds where they found a 30-year-old racial expletive written under a rock, CNN has set out to punish Congressman Jason Lewis. [...] Lewis made the fatal error of questioning whether welfare dependence is good for black people.  Per usual CNN standards, none of the genius CNN talking heads are willing to actually talk with Lewis, other than call him names and say he is a bad person and hope no one notices the difference.

Trump's Answer to Black-on-Cop Murder.  In Chicago, every routine stop in a black neighborhood is accompanied by black mobs, often chanting "CCK, CCK:"  Chicago Cop Killer.  Many point their index fingers at the cops, as if shooting a gun.  And every stop is greeted with the accusation:  You are only doing this because I am black.  Around the rest of the country, a cop meeting a black person is much more likely to hear "F*** The Police" than "Hello Officer."  And it is not just the cops.  Racial resentment and hostility against white people have been an institution in this country for at least 40 years.

This is how the Ferguson Effect got started:
Obama's America:  Off-Duty NYPD Officer Shoots Man in Self-Defense, Family Promises to 'Hunt Him Down'.  Now that we've established that the law is what you want to make it up to be, our descent into lawlessness will be rapidly accelerated.  If the cops think the government's got their backs, they're in for a rude awakening.

Rapper busted after video shows him blasting Trump while brandishing stolen guns.  By the time [Joe] Meaux called police, he said local authorities and the Secret Service were already aware of the Instagram video featuring Demarcus Davis, 22, a local rapper who goes by "Maine Musik."  "I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is tryin' to take food stamps from my momma and that's all the (expletive) she got," Davis said on the video.  "Let Donald Trump know it's up over here.  We want war; we're going to declare war."

The Editor would like to ax this question:
Why doesn't your father provide for your "momma" instead of having her rely on the taxpayers for her income?

Witnesses: Massive Los Angeles arson was reaction to Mike Brown shooting.  According to witness testimony, a December 2014 fire that burned down an unfinished, 7-story apartment building in Los Angeles was set by a man who was angry about the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Miss. governor calls for probe of councilman who says let's pelt cops with rocks, bricks.  Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement Saturday [1/2/2015] denouncing remarks a local elected official made about throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police officers.  Bryant also called for an investigation to determine if Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes' remarks "represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers."

Miss. governor calls for probe of councilman who says let's pelt cops with rocks, bricks.  Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement Saturday [1/2/2015] denouncing remarks a local elected official made about throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police officers.  Bryant also called for an investigation to determine if Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes' remarks "represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers."

Shocking violence casts shadow over federal Job Corps program.  [A] 17-year-old was lured into the woods by three of his classmates at the federally funded Homestead Job Corps in Florida.  Outside the live-in vocational school, the students pulled out a machete, police say, and began to hack away at him.  As he lay in a pool of his own blood, the attackers threw him in a shallow grave and set him on fire, authorities say. [...] Government watchdogs have issued multiple warnings for years about the escalation in violent crime at Job Corps — the $1.6 billion antipoverty program launched during President Lyndon Johnson's tenure to provide free vocational training for low-income students.  The program, which was once seen as a safe harbor for teens in high-risk areas, has seen a disturbing spike in documented cases of violence as well as reports that those in charge looked the other way as dangerous conditions developed.

Teen Killed Taking Instagram Photo With Gun To His Head.  There are few things dumber than pointing a gun at your own head.  One of those dumber things is then pulling the trigger.

Teen accidentally shoots self while taking selfie.  A 19-year-old trying to take an Instagram selfie died Tuesday [9/1/2015].  The teen tried to take a picture of himself holding a gun to his head when the gun went off, according to the Houston Police Department.

The Editor says...
This "teen" was an adult, and had he been white, he probably would have been called a man, not a "teen."

What the media still won't report about minorities and pools.  I grew up in Spanish Harlem and the only pool nearby was the Jefferson pool located in a nearby project.  Inevitably, fights would break out between the few Hispanics outnumbered by an unruly black crowd.  This had nothing to do with race but was really just bad behavior.  When we first moved to Staten Island, the swimming pool near the Staten Island ferry, Lyons Pool, would be routinely overwhelmed by blacks from Brooklyn who would disobey pool rules and terrorize the families with young children, even urinating and defecating in the community pool.  That problem was solved after a multi-million dollar renovation which requires registration via email for entry.  Again this is not a race issue as those who utilize pool now are racially balanced by all who obey pool rules.

Black Mob Violence In Swimming Pools: A Long History.  Today, residents who live near public swimming pools in New York dread the opening day of summer because of the black violence in the pools and in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Ditto for the other swimming pool in Wilmington called Canby Park.  It closed 15 years ago, ostensibly for repairs.  But neighbors spent one hour on a radio show talking about the black mob violence connected to the pool, and how the black city officials ignored it because they said it was just white people complaining about black people for No Reason What So Ever.

Time for the Welfare State to Stand Trial.  As of 1950, "only 9% of black families with children were headed by a single parent."  Between 1940 and 1960, "the black poverty rate had been cut in half." [...] By 2012, the black illegitimacy rate was at 73%, starkly high in contrast to other demographic segments.  And the moral decay that came with this trend is not obscure.  "According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, 60% of rapists, 72% of adolescent murderers, and 70% of long-term prison inmates are men who grew up in fatherless homes."  In light of these facts, these statistics may be less surprising:  In 2010, blacks (approximately 13% of the population) accounted for 48.7% of all arrests for homicide, 31.8% of all arrests for forcible rape, 33.5% for aggravated assault, and 55% of arrests for robbery.  It was by design that the social structure provided by government supplanted the social structure of the family.

Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media.  By now, almost everyone has seen one of the semi-amusing videos of black teen mobs rampaging through a store.  Maybe we've even seen the non-amusing pictures of the victims, or heard their stories.  Most Americans have heard of recent violent "flash mobs," which are the bands of black teens that attack mostly white victims and white businesses, as even the New York Times once noted.  But the flash mobs, which are more accurately called "race riots" or "racial mob violence," are not the only interesting topic to cover in our national conversation about race.  There is also the "knockout game," which is stunning in its brutal simplicity and stark racial significance.

Liberal Racism.  The Berkeley/Oakland area was on high alert last week... but not because of a natural disaster, like an earthquake.  A jury was deciding the fate of a white police officer charged with killing a black male at a BART station. ... This is not the first time that riots have occurred relative to this incident.  Mobs have already broken windows, looted stores, beat people up, and destroyed cars.  The attitude then, as well as now, is that "we" have a right to riot.  Why?  Why do certain groups have a right to riot?  And why do others make excuses when livelihoods are ruined, millions of dollars are wasted, and innocents are hurt?  My opinion?  Liberal racism.

Excusing the Oakland Rioters.  Looting is not an inevitable concomitant of the exercise of speech rights.

Burned, Baby, Burned:  Watts and the Tragedy of Black America.  The author argues that the riots in Watts launched a new — and misguided — tactic of menacing protest and rebellion for its own sake in the struggle for civil rights.

More Overlooked History:  Black Violence.  [The Black Panthers] Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver wrote about his history of raping women, claiming that rape was "an insurrectionary act."  Because his victims were white, he explained, rape was not only a way to get revenge but also to defile and trample upon "the white man's law and his values."

Chaos erupts in courtroom during sentencing of 20-year-old carjacker.  Chaos engulfed a Jersey City courtroom this morning [5/4/2012] when a woman convicted of a brutal carjacking erupted in screams upon hearing the lengthy sentence imposed.  The moment Superior Court Judge Patrick Arre said "15 years," Latoya Campbell, 20, became hysterical, as did her family members sitting in the courtroom.

Massive brawl breaks out at child's birthday party.  A young Florida boy saw his mother arrested for his birthday after his party at Chuck E. Cheese turned into a massive 18-man brawl.  Besides his mother Briana Walker, a Robert Thompson and Alfred Peoples were also arrested on drug charges as well as defrauding an innkeeper.  The trio allegedly fled the restaurant without paying the almost $300 check.

Shocking video shows teacher stuck in the middle of a violent classroom fight.  A shocking video shows a teacher helplessly stuck in the middle of a classroom fight — with no one coming to her aid.  The footage, recorded by a teenage boy in the class at Gibbs High School in St Petersburg, Florida, shows two young girls exchanging a war of words with their classmates egging them on.

A Localized Culture of Violence.  [T]he United States may have a culture of violence, but one that is isolated in easily identifiable communities.  The results from Virginia, Minnesota, and Louisiana bring into question the veracity, pragmatism, or true objectives of activists who propose broad restrictions of Constitutional rights when high firearm homicide rates are almost exclusive to less than 1% of the land area and a small fraction of the population.  A more logical and effective approach would be to address the root causes of the culture of violence in these communities, but this is more difficult and the required introspective self-analysis appears to be outside of the comfort zone of most community activists.

I presume that the locals call it PERP High School.
PRP High School student allegedly punched school official, cop.  According to an arrest report, 18-year-old Shantarra Willis got mad at the assistant principal and began swearing and shouting.  When a police officer tried to take her into custody, she allegedly punched him in the face.  The assistant principal tried to assist the officer, but Willis punched him in the face 5-6 times, according to police.  Willis also allegedly kneed him in the groin.

FBI warns New Black Panther leader in Ferguson inciting violence.  The FBI is concerned members of the New Black Panther Party are in Ferguson and advocating violence against police.  According to an alert from the St. Louis Division of the FBI the National Chief of Staff of the New Black Panther Party is in Ferguson.

Black violence in schools

A Massive Ghetto Brawl Breaks Out During A Los Angeles Graduation For Students On Probation.  Massive brawl breaks out at a Los Angeles high school graduation for students on probation.  The incident happened at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA when someone jumped off a 2nd-story balcony to target one of the students.  According to local reports, gunshots were heard outside.  The graduation was for about 150 students, 29 on probation.  [Video clip]

Ugly brawl breaks out at kindergarten graduation in Memphis — even children square up.  An ugly scene broke out at a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Tennessee when a brawl erupted with both adults and children involved, leading to multiple arrests.  The action went down at Buckley Carpenter Elementary in Somerville on May 15 when emotions boiled over, resulting in fisticuffs in the bleachers of the school gymnasium where hundreds of parents and children were present for what became a memorable occasion for all the wrong reasons.  In video of the throwdown that has gone viral on social media, the two adults involved who were identified as Kierra Smith and Tyeisha Humphreys are seen duking it out as attendees scramble to get out of harm's way as others joined the melee.

It Wouldn't Be An Oakland Graduation Without A Mass Shooting.  The graduation ceremony at Skyline High School in Oakland was marred by a shooting Thursday evening that left three people wounded and two people detained, authorities said.  Emergency crews were called to the school at about 7:42 p.m., said Oakland Fire Department spokesman Michael Hunt.  Oakland Police Lt. Robert Trevino told reporters officers found two adults — a male and a female — with gunshot wounds.  They were taken to a hospital and listed in stable condition, Trevino said.  [Video clip]

Classroom Brawl in Texas Middle School.  A Texas middle school is the latest location for a classroom fight involving students and a teacher.  On May 20, at Hurshel Antwine Middle School in El Paso, Texas, a fight broke out between students, with a teacher caught in the middle, KTSM reports.  A video of the outbreak was posted on social media.  The video shows two students fighting and a teacher attempting to break up the fight.  One student assaults another student who appears to fend off the attack.  A teacher tries to intervene, and she is then attacked by the same student.  The teacher is eventually thrown against the wall and lands on the ground.

The Editor says...
[#1] With all the billions of dollars being spent on public schools these days, every classroom should have high-definition video cameras in all four corners of the room, so we don't have to rely on the shaky cell-phone pictures shot by some 10-year-old, after the fight is already well underway.  A good surveillance system would be able to produce courtroom-quality evidence and help the school administrators (or other parties) file civil and criminal complaints against the "troubled inner-city youths," some of whom should already be in prison.  [#2] The schools have to be more concerned with maintaining order than almost anything else.  Yes, the bad actors come from godless single-parent households, but once they are in the school building they should be under the thumb of the principal.

Brawl erupts during Tennessee high school graduation after a student throws up gang signs.  Asenior at a Tennessee high school apparently thought it was a good idea to hurl his diploma at another student as he was being escorted out of the graduation ceremony for throwing up gang signs, according to the New York Post.  As a result, an on-stage fight ensued.  Hamilton High School was in the middle of celebrating the graduation of its seniors inside the Cannon Center in Memphis, Tennessee, on Thursday night when the fight broke out.  Footage of the dispute has been shared across social media.  WREG reported that the incident stemmed from a prior incident with the two students.  The student who started the fight threw up gang signs to one of his peers.  As a result, a security guard witnessed the gesture and began ushering the student out of the ceremony.  However, as the student was being escorted from his seat, he could be seen throwing his graduation binder at another student seated in one of the back rows.  Though the security guard grabbed the student who threw the binder, the student who was hit jumped over a row of chairs and pursued his attacker.

'Alarming': 9-year-old girl attacked at school for 'not being Muslim'.  Police in the town of Savage, Minnesota, are now investigating an attack on a little girl at a local school by assailants, schoolchildren, who told officials they beat her up because "she wasn't Muslim."  Alpha News reports Minnesota mother Shawna Larson is demanding answers after her 9-year-old daughter was "jumped" on the school playground by a group of girls.  The school wouldn't report the incident to police, so she did.

Details Emerge in Local High School Shooting.  A shooting on Wednesday at Bowie High School in Arlington has elicited many questions from concerned community members, and some are finally being answered.  New details have come regarding the on-campus shooting that resulted in one death, as covered by The Dallas Express.  The Arlington Police Department identified the shooter as 17-year-old shooter Julian Howard, who was arrested and booked into the Arlington City Jail on a murder charge.  Howard allegedly shot 18-year-old Etavion Barnes five or six times around 3 p.m. outside one of the school's buildings.  Responding to the sound of gunshots, school resource officers tried to administer first aid to Barnes.  The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office said in a statement obtained by NBC 5 DFW that Barnes was later taken by ambulance to Medical City Arlington and pronounced dead at 3:27 p.m.

[Black] Student Who Slapped A [White] Female Teacher Is Being Charged As An Adult.  The thug who was caught on camera slapping the teacher multiple times is being charged as an adult.  Aquavis Hickman, 17-year-old student at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, was indicted last week on assault and kidnapping charges.  He was charged as an adult for two attacks, including an incident on April 15 where he slapped a female teacher twice.  In the first incident, Hickman was charged with second-degree kidnapping and misdemeanor riot for an attack on a male teacher at the school on February 1st.  The substitute teacher had his head pushed in the hallway, allegedly by Hickman and other students.  [Video clip]

The Giant High School Thug Who Beat A Teacher Unconcious Because She Took His Nintendo In Class Is Now Suing The School.  The high school student who beat his teacher unconscious for taking his Nintendo Switch is suing the school district, blaming them for the attack.  Lawyers for Brendan Depa, a 6 foot 6, 270-pound teen, say the school district is responsible for ruining Depa's life.  "The district should be held to account for its failures which have forever changed the trajectory of this young man's life," they argued.  The lawyers said that the special needs program should have known that taking electronics from Depa was a 'trigger.'  [Video clip]

Giant Substitute Teacher Punches Las Vegas High School Student To The Ground, Then Slaps Him For Good Measure.  A Las Vegas substitute teacher and a teen student unleashed a barrage of punches on each other after a classroom argument over a reported slur spilled out into a crowded hallway in front of other students.  Re'Kwon Smith, 27, is accused of brawling with the Valley High School student on Thursday when he asked the teen, who allegedly shouted out a racial slur, to leave the classroom, according to 8NewsNow.  The altercation turned physical when the student allegedly placed his hands on Smith.  Video obtained by the outlet captured both parties swinging at each other before Smith connected several times on the pupil, eventually knocking him down.  After knocking down the unidentified student, Smith stood over him seemingly yelling as the student balled up and cowered behind his hands.  [Video clip]

American Classrooms Are Looking More And More Like Insane Asylums.  Someone please put a straight jacket on the insane female student filming and screaming at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason.  [Video clip]

A Disabled Girl Who Was Pulled Out Of Her Wheelchair Gets Brutally Beaten By Two Other Girls.  The mother of a 12-year-old girl who was pulled from her wheelchair and beaten by bullies in a horrifying attack is speaking out about the abuse.  Footage of two disturbing attacks on the 12-year-old in the bathroom and an elevator at Conway Middle School in Orlando show her being dragged around like a rag doll and shoved onto the cold tile floor in an attack filmed by fellow students.  The victim's mother Myisha Hall told her daughter was bullied for weeks by the same girls.  Hall's daughter suffers from a rare spinal condition had had six surgeries since she was five.  [Video clip]

Two Students Brutally Beaten Unconscious In Miami After Unprovoked Attack.  Miami police confirm they've made seven arrests so far in connection with the brutal beating near SLAM! Charter School in Little Havana on Thursday, which left two students recovering in the hospital.  A viral video caught the altercation near NW 12th Avenue and 5th Street, where multiple students can be seen kicking and punching another student who was already down on the ground.  Later in the video, one can also see a second student on the ground.  Both victims appear paralyzed and unresponsive when the crowd separates.  [Video clip]

Mother Sues Elementary School After Teacher Organized Fight Club Between Young Kids.  Teacher Julious Johnican is accused of organizing a fight club in class with 7-year-olds.  In the video, a student can be seen beating up another student with special needs.  The "fight club" reportedly went on for months in the 2nd grade classroom.  The student in the lawsuit, identified as O.D., was "physically assaulted" and was held down by Johnican as he was beaten.  [Video clip]

Teacher Gets Into A Fight With An Out-Of-Control Student At A Memphis High School.  A teacher may lose his job after getting into a fight with a student at Trezevant High School Tuesday afternoon.  The fight took place in the cafeteria.  A video is now being shared all over social media showing moments leading up to the fight and the aftermath.  A student who witnessed the fight says he believes the teacher is in the wrong.  "He pushed him and he wasn't supposed to get that aggressive with the student," he said.  [Video clip]

[Black] North Carolina HS student charged after slapping [White] female teacher in profanity-filled classroom tantrum.  A North Carolina high school student was charged after he allegedly slapped his teacher multiple times during a viral profanity-laced classroom rant earlier this week.  The rage-filled youngster, identified only as a minor, confronted the educator inside Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, where he violently attacked her, according to video posted to social media.  After the initial impact, the teacher seemed unfazed by the slap as the student continued to run his mouth.

Shocking Video Shows A [Black] High School Student In North Carolina Slapping And Abusing [a White] Teacher.  Teachers at a school have reacted with horror to a video of their middle-aged female colleague being repeatedly punched in the face and abused by a male student.  The teenager has been arrested after a classmate filmed the profanity-laden physical attack at Parkland High School in North Salem, North Carolina.  [Video clip]

Disturbing Video Shows A [Black] Middle School Student Brutally Beat [a White student] While Barking At Her.  A disturbing incident occurred at Sebastian Middle School in Florida, where a student was brutally assaulted.  The victim's head was repeatedly slammed against the floor as other students stood by, barking in a bizarre manner.  In response to this alarming event, the school administration merely instructed the two students involved in the attack not to communicate with each other.  Shockingly, the school did not inform the teachers about the incident and appears to be attempting to conceal the severity of the situation.  [Video clip]

Autistic White Girl Is Brutally Beaten By A Group Of Black Girls For Accidentally Stepping On One Of Their Sneakers.  A White girl with autism was assaulted and beaten by a group of students.  Her crime?  She accidentally stepped on one of the girls 'Jordan 4' sneakers.  [Video clip]

What Do You Think They're Learning In This Class?  Little homie almost knocked himself out on that desk before throwing hands in the middle of class.  Someone should tell little homie he's supposed to hit the books, not the desk.  [Video clip]

What Happened to the 6-Year-Old Shooter's Disciplinary File?  Yesterday I wrote about the grand jury report which was released in connection with the 2023 shooting of Abby Zwerner, a first grade teacher in Newport News, VA who was shot by one of her 6-year-old students.  There's another aspect of this story that I didn't delve into yesterday but I looked into it further today.  After the shooting, police searched the school for a disciplinary file belonging to the 6-year-old shooter.  There should have been two copies of this file in the school but both had disappeared.

Special Grand Jury Report on the Investigation of the January 6, 2023, Richneck Elementary Shooting.  There were believed to be two physical files in the school for the child:  one located in the main office and one located in Ms. Zwerner's classroom.  When law enforcement executed the search warrant to obtain those files they were not found.  Every other student file was in both locations.  The child's file was the only file that was in neither location.  Law enforcement asked the administration about the files.  Mr. Rashard Wright, formerly the Chief of Staff of NNPSS, called Dr. LaQuiche Parrott, the Director of Elementary School Leadership in Newport News.  Dr. Parrott returned one file, where it was in her home, or, she claims, her car.  This was the only file, the main office file, that was returned to law enforcement.  The second file was not obtained or located.  The returned file was missing all the child's disciplinary records including the incident referral form provided by Ms. White about the choking incident.  There was never any record recovered on the schools end about Ms. White being choked by the child.  The choking incident was only confirmed through interviewing Ms. White and her providing her own copy of the referral form that she had kept for her personal records.

The Editor says...
It sounds like everyone in the school is black, except the teacher who was shot, and the kid who did the shooting was a known troublemaker from day one.  It also sounds like the school administration has tried to cover up the whole incident and conveniently "lose" all the documentation of the kid's past disciplinary problems.

A White High School Girl Is Brutally Assaulted By A Group Of Blacks In Uber-Rich Greenwich Connecticut.  A white female Greenwich High School student was brutally assaulted by at least two black youths in Byram Park in Greenwich, CT, around 8:25pm last night, April 9th.  While Greenwich Police have not yet released details regarding the identity of the suspects or the exact nature of the altercation, the Centinal has reviewed a video of the assault.  The video starts by showing a white female getting attacked by at least two black youth, though it is unclear what prompted the initial attack.  The girl is repeatedly punched, thrown down, and dragged on the ground while onlookers recorded and screamed "whoa" and "that's right".  [Video clip]

Texas High School Teacher And Her Son Arrested For Sex Trafficking Her Students, Ran A Huge Prostition Ring.  A Klein, Texas high school cosmetology teacher and her son were arrested after allegedly recruiting students who were reportedly runaways, to work as prostitutes.  Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez posted to X that 42-year-old Kedria Grisby and her son, 22-year-old Roger Magee, were each charged with three counts of child sex trafficking and three counts of compelling prostitution.  [Video clip]

[Black] Woman Assaults Special Needs [White] Boy On School Bus.  A Littleton school bus assistant repeatedly abused at least two severely disabled boys during trips to and from a school for kids with autism and developmental disabilities, police said, and they fear there could be additional victims.  Kiarra Jones, a 29-year-old paraprofessional, has been charged with a low-level felony on assault charges and has posted a bond at the Arapahoe County Jail.  Police said in her seven-month tenure as an assistant on a school bus for kids with special needs, she hit and physically abused at least two children by pulling their hair, elbowing them in the face, stomach, and back, and flicking their faces.  Neither of the boys can talk, but both were crying during the episodes on the bus, police documents said.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
If the colors were reversed, this would be front-page "hate crime" news.

Massive Brawl Between High School Students Is The Best Advertisement For Home Schooling.  Your kids are better off at home, learning on their own.  [Video clip]

Kaylee Gain's high school is refusing to hand over records to Attorney General.  Kaylee Gain's high school has refused to hand over records to the Missouri Attorney General after he said that wanted to charge her alleged attacker as an adult following a vicious school fight that left her fighting for her life.  It is just the latest in a heated back-and-forth between prosecutors and local school district officials, who say they are the victims of intimidation tactics.  In an interview on Fox News, right wing Attorney General Andrew Bailey spoke to host Laura Ingraham and claimed that the brutality was a result of an obsession with woke DEI policies and the soft-touch approach to justice under former St. Louis DA Kim Gardner and current Rep Cori Bush, a hardline progressive Democrat.

Is This A Prison Or A High School?  It's getting harder and harder to tell.  [Video clip]

Black Students Beat A Defenseless White Student At A Minnesota High School.  A disturbing video of a group of black boys shoving a smaller white student against lockers before beating him up at a Minneapolis school has surfaced online.  Video footage showed the shocking moment a terrified middle schooler is backed up against a wall of lockers by a group of apparent bullies.  All of a sudden, two of the much larger boys start pummeling the boy as he ducks down to try to avoid their violent swings.  The rest of the group descended on the scared teen, and chaos ensued before the video clip came to an abrupt end.  [Video clip]

Older [Black] Female Student Brutally Assaults Seven-Year-Old [White] Boy on Michigan School Bus While Adults Do Nothing.  Shocking footage captured on a cell phone shows the moment a vicious fifth-grade female student beat up a little boy on a school bus while the woke school the children attend kept the footage from the victim's father.  As Real News Michiana (RNM) reported, the incident occurred in Niles, Michigan, on March 4 and involved Ballard Elementary School students.  The video opens with the boy staring at his cell phone when the girl starts smacking him around for about nine seconds.  She pauses briefly after the kids, including the victim, start chattering.  One taunts the seven-year-old, saying, "You just got beat up, little boy, shut up!"

Missouri AG to charge black teen who smashed white girl's head into the concrete as an adult.  Missouri AG Andrew Bailey says he is open to bringing Hate Crime Charges against the black St. Louis student who was caught on a viral video viciously beating her white classmate, Kaylee Gain, until she was unconscious, leaving her in a coma.  Missouri beating victim Kaylee Gain was suspended from school the day before a fight in which her attacker repeatedly pounded her head into the pavement, according to a new report.  Gain, 16, suffered a skull fracture and a brain bleed that put her in a coma for two weeks after the March 8 incident.  Gain, who is white, and her attacker, who is black, based on the video, are students at Hazelwood East High School in St.  Louis; the attack took place about a mile from the school, according to the New York Post.  [Video clip]

15 Year Old White Girl Who Got Her Head Brutally Smashed By a Violent Black Girl Is Fighting For Her Life With Severe Brain Damage.  The 15-year-old Missouri girl who was beaten unconscious has severe brain damage and a skull fracture.  Kaylee was left convulsing after she got her head beaten on the pavement outside of Hazelwood East High School.  Kaylee has not woken up yet and has swelling, major brain bleeding, frontal lobe damage and a fractured skull.  [Video clip]

An Older Black Female Brutally Beating A 7 Year Old White Child On The School Bus As Others Laugh.  REAL News Michiana has obtained video showing a 1st-grade student at Niles Community Schools being viciously beaten by a 5th grade girl while riding the bus home from school.  RNM was able to speak to the child's father regarding the incident, who claims the school never notified him until he saw video of the beating posted by another student online.  It turns out, there were also two adults on the bus, the driver and a bus monitor, who both did nothing to intervene.  [Video clip]

Thugs Beat and Stomp Helpless Illinois High School Student into Unconsciousness.  Shocking footage has emerged showing the moments an innocent high school junior from Wheaton, Illinois was beaten into unconsciousness by two fellow students.  Even worse, credible information reveals infuriating steps the school took to sweep the incident under the rug.  The video, which has gone viral today thanks to Libs of Tiktok, shows a white kid being assaulted by two other individuals in a bathroom at Wheaton Warrenville South.  The thugs are seen beating and stomping on the poor youth while one shouts, "[...]"  [Video clip]

White Student Is Brutally Beaten By Black Kids At Chicago High School.  There was outrage in the western suburbs Wednesday night after a student was allegedly brutally beaten inside a bathroom at Wheaton Warrenville South High School last month.  Two juveniles are now facing charges in connection to the beating.  At about 11:43 a.m. on Feb. 28, the School Resource Officer (SRO) at Wheaton Warrenville South High School was alerted about a potential medical emergency involving a male student in the building's commons area, police said.  The SRO concluded that the student had reportedly engaged in a physical altercation with at least one other male student.  School nurses assisted the student, and the SRO called Wheaton Fire Department paramedics for further assistance.  Subsequently, the student was taken to a nearby hospital for assessment and medical treatment.  [Video clip]

When You Take On Your Entire School In A Fight.  Looks like these kids really enjoy fighting.  Most likely, more than learning.  [Video clip]

Chicago Public Schools Will Be Even More Dangerous Without School Resource Officers.  At a bare minimum, every student attending a public school in the United States should feel safe.  Sadly, in far too many government-run schools, this is not the case.  This is particularly true for the 320,000 students who attend Chicago Public Schools (CPS), where abuse, assaults, thefts, drug dealing, and gang activity have become all too commonplace.  Unfortunately, the decision to remove school resource officers from CPS will likely result in more violence and a less conducive learning environment.  According to a recent report by the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute, "School safety is a particularly pressing issue in urban public schools; the incidence of violent episodes is almost 60 percent higher in city schools than in suburban schools, and 30 percent higher than in rural schools.  Urban schools are approximately twice as likely as other schools to report that students verbally abuse teachers and act disrespectfully (other than verbal abuse) toward teachers either daily or at least once a week."  This disturbing trend has engulfed Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

Thug Opens Fire On Students At A Florida High School.  The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is asking for help locating a wanted man they say opened fire at several teens on Friday during a fight down the street from Spoto High School.  Deputies say Jahfahree Prince Edwards is wanted for four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and felon in possession of a firearm.  Deputies say what started as a fight between two girls led to one of them calling the shooter to the fight.  [Video clip]

What a brilliant idea!
Chicago Education Board Moves to Pull Cops from Schools.  Dozens of Chicago high schools that continue to employ school-resource officers to protect students and staff from violence will no longer be allowed to do so under a plan coming before the far-left city's education board this week.  The "Resolution to Create a Comprehensive Whole School Safety Policy," which is on the board's Thursday meeting agenda, would prohibit the 39 city schools that continue to utilize school-resource officers from continuing to do so next school year.  If approved, the resolution would direct Chicago Public School leaders to develop "a holistic approach to school safety at every District school" that "addresses root causes" of violence, and that focuses on "restorative justice" and "healing-centered practices."  The effort to eliminate officers from schools has been a priority for progressives and racial-justice activists who contend that black students and students with disabilities are disproportionately policed and disciplined by in-school officers.  It also comes after at least four students were killed in three shootings near Chicago schools in recent weeks.

Atlanta high school shooting injures 4 students after dismissal, district says.  Four students were shot Wednesday outside an Atlanta high school, school administrators said.  The gunfire came from a vehicle shortly after students were dismissed from Benjamin E. Mays High School, Atlanta Public Schools said in a statement.  The shooting occurred in the campus parking lot, the district said.  Four students were struck by gunfire and taken to a local hospital.  They all sustained non-life-threatening wounds, the school district said.  "No other students, faculty, or staff were injured," the district said in a statement.

Black Student Puts On A Ski Mask And Sucker Punches A Random White Student In School For Social Media Likes.  Looks like another case of a black student trying to get likes on social media by attacking a random white student.  This kid was such a coward, he wore a ski mask before the attack.  The young man was knocked out cold during the random attack.  [Video clip]

Footage From Inside A Chicago Public School Shows What Teachers Go Through Every Day.  You have to feel for these educators as they deal with angry, unruly black males from the inner cities of Chicago.  The level of patience from this particular teacher is near saintly levels as all the students curse and disobey him.  The vast majority of these kids have no father figures in their lives and it shows.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl Featuring Molly Whops And Pepper Spray Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Georgia.  Absolute chaos reigned during a Friday night high school basketball game in Cairo, Georgia as a massive brawl erupted following an intense overtime between the Westover Patriots and Cairo Syrupmakers.  Leading up to the 77-74 victory for the Syrupmakers (man, I love that name), tensions were at a high, with several technical fouls reportedly getting called.  After the contest, things hit a boiling point as a gargantuan rumble took off.  Absolutely insane video shows a crap load of people — players, coaches, fans, family — scrappin' on the court, with molly whops being tossed and pepper spray being, well, sprayed.

NYC Gifted and Talented students arrested in horrific, caught-on-video bus beatdown.  Ten middle schoolers were arrested for allegedly assaulting a Coney Island classmate in a brutal, caught-on-video bus beatdown.  The victim — who one fellow student later callously declared "deserved it" and "shoulda died" — could be heard shrieking in pain as a pack of kids collectively rained punches on him in the Jan. 26 incident, footage shared with The [New York] Post and posted on social media show.  The boy can be seen trying to protect his head from the relentless fists while he's passed down the aisle by his attackers on an MTA shuttle bus, which brings kids from Mark Twain IS 239 for the Gifted and Talented to the Stillwell Avenue subway station.  The beating continues for several minutes, moving from the back of the crammed bus to the front as the boy is punched, slapped, kicked and even hit with a sneaker.  Kids can be seen with their phones out, filming the madness, while others are standing on seats and hanging from the railings.

Wild Fight Breaks Out At A School In Minnesota.  A massive fight broke out at Lakeville North High School on Tuesday.  Teachers were overpowered, police had to be called, and students were threatened with suspension if they shared the video.  [Video clip]

Violent Outburst:  NM State Basketball Player Ejected for Punching Opponent.  Robert Carpenter, a New Mexico State men's basketball player, will miss at least one match after being ejected for punching Shiloh Robertson in the face during Thursday night's overtime win over Liberty.  Carpenter and Robinson were tangled under the net as Carpenter was looking for a bounce in the early part of the first half.  Carpenter appeared to strike Robinson in the face as Robinson turned to go down the court.

The Things Allowed to Happen in Baltimore Schools Are Hard to Believe.  It has been a few months since I wrote about Baltimore schools and I find that over the past week or so an amazing story has broken there.  A teenager who is a convicted rapist has been allowed to return to high school and parents were not told about it.  The student in this case is 15-years-old and just last month was convicted of having sex with a minor child last year, a member of his own family. [...] This student, who was given a slap on the wrist and sent back to Patterson High School, is constantly around younger students including freshmen girls, many of whom are still 14-years-old.  In fact, it's worse than that.  In digging into this case, WBFF discovered that the same student is facing similar charges in a second case involving another young child. [...] Again, this kid is walking around in high school and the parents of the other 1,300 kids haven't been told about it.  How is this possible?

[White] Teacher Brutalized by 270-lb [Black] Student Rejects Activists' Pleas for Leniency, Wants Him to Face Maximum Sentence.  A Florida teachers' aide who was badly beaten by a 17-year-old student nearly a year ago wants her assailant to spend decades in prison for his crime.  Brendan Depa, an autistic 270-pound, 6-foot-6-inch man now 18 who was tried as an adult, confessed to beating Joan Naydich and pleaded "no contest" to the single felony charge of aggravated battery filed against him after beating the school paraprofessional after she recommended that his Nintendo Switch be confiscated, according to Unilad.  That charge carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

St. Louis Park High School closes Friday after 2 fights.  St. Louis Park High School will not hold class on Friday after two fights broke out at the school on Thursday.  According to a post on the school's website, a fight involving two groups of students erupted at the end of the school day.  Later, adults who did not work at the school but knew about the earlier fight got involved in another altercation.  St. Louis Park staff and police intervened to break up the later fight, and two adults were arrested, the school said.  Some students and staff suffered scrapes and bruises, but no major injuries were reported.  It's unclear whether any weapons were involved.

Florida Girl, 11, Presses Box Cutter to Boy's Neck in School and Whispers Threat, Cops Say.  An 11-year-old Manatee Elementary School student faces criminal charges after she brought a box cutter knife to school today and threatened another student with it.  The student has been taken into custody on charges of possession of a weapon on school property and aggravated battery.  The victim reported the incident to school administrators who then contacted CCSO.  Detectives interviewed both students.  The victim said the student approached him from behind in the school cafeteria and poked him in the neck with the knife several times, while whispering a threat.

Nasty Female Student Beats Up Teacher In The Hallway Of St Louis High School.  A brutal fight between a Missouri high school student and an elderly science teacher left the educator in hospital and the teenager having a seizure in handcuffs on the floor, in front of her horrified classmates.  The violence broke out at Normandy High School in St Louis on Wednesday after teacher Sheryl Rogers, 65, challenged the student in a school corridor.  Students at the school claimed that the teacher became unfairly suspicious when she saw the teenager retrieving her anti-seizure medication from a bag in her locker.  But Ms Rogers partner, Greg Stanton, said the student pushed the teacher, tried to snatch back her bag, and then attacked her after being told to wait.  [Video clip]

The Baltimore School System Is So Broken, The Hallways Look Like Prison Yards With Mass Brawls.  This is why liberals want to push everyone into these massive, dystopian areas.  To keep people poor, uneducated, and at each other's throats long enough not to pay attention to what those in power are doing to [...] the constituency.  [Video clip]

[Black] Teen Thugs Arrested for Brutally Beating [White] Student, Slamming His Skull to the Concrete.  [Video clip only.]

Brutal Fight At Patriot High School In VA Ends With 3 Arrests.  A student lost consciousness during a fight at Patriot High School on Wednesday morning, the Prince William County Police Department said.  The student, who police identified as a 14-year-old boy, received treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening.  Three students were charged in connection with the assault.  A 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy were charged with malicious wounding and assault by mob.  Another 17-year-old boy was charged with assault and battery and assault by mob.  [Video clip]

HS basketball player, older brother beat up coach after game for getting benched: police.  A Texas high school basketball player attacked his coach in a parking lot after he was benched for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game earlier that night.  Jevin Allen, 17, and his brother Jarrick Allen, 22, who also allegedly participated in the beating, were arrested Dec. 5 for the assault that left the coach with injuries to his head, neck, face and arms, authorities said.  The coach, who was not identified by name, told the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office that Jevin was benched during the away game "due to his behavior toward an opposing team player" — a disciplinary action that "infuriated" the teen and his family.  Upon returning to their school, Willis High School in Conroe, [Texas,] at around 9:52 p.m. after the game, the coach found the teen and his family were waiting for him in the parking lot, authorities said.  The relatives confronted the coach, and the fight escalated when Jevin allegedly punched him in the face, the sheriff's office said.

Wild Brawl At This Birmingham Alabama High School Looks More Like A Prison Riot.  This was the wild scene yesterday at Huffman High School in Birmingham, Alabama when a bunch of students went at each other as security tried to break it up.  Huffman High School boasts of a 5% proficiency in reading and math comprehension [...]  [Video clip]

Mass brawl breaks out at North Carolina high school before student is stabbed to death.  Shocking new footage shows the moment a mass brawl broke out at a North Carolina high school, leaving one student dead and another in hospital.  One child, in a gray hoodie with a black jacket, backs another student in a red hoodie into a corner and then punches him repeatedly.  The pair run into the school gymnasium, followed by dozens of whooping and cheering students filming on their phones.  [Video clip]

Degenerate Student Who Should Be Nowhere Near A School Sucker Punches An Autistic Kid For Laughs.  A black teen sneaks up behind an autistic [white] kid in high school and brutally sucker-punches him for no reason whatsoever.  He then stalks and threatens to autistic boy as if he's getting a kick out of his fear.  This monster should be nowhere near any school but rather behind a 16-foot barbed wire fence in prison.  [Video clip]

8 [black] teens arrested on murder charges in beating of [white] classmate in Las Vegas.  Eight high school students in Las Vegas between the ages of 13 and 17 have been arrested on suspicion of murder in the fatal beating of a 17-year-old classmate, authorities announced Tuesday at a news conference.  Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Jason Johansson said investigators were still working to identify two more students believed to have participated in the Nov. 1 fight that he said was over a pair of wireless headphones and a vape pen.  Johansson said the local FBI office assisted with the arrests Tuesday morning of the eight students.  The two outstanding students will also face murder charges, he said.

White Teen Is Beaten To Death By A Mob Of Blacks Right Next To His School In Las Vegas.  A Las Vegas teenager beaten by a group of about 15 black males near Rancho High School last week died on Tuesday, according to his father.  Jonathan Lewis Sr. said Friday that son Jonathan Lewis Jr., 17, died while at University Medical Center for treatment for injuries he suffered in the fight.  "We're all just trying to process this," said Lewis, 38, by phone.  "The whole family is in shock."  From what he understands, the altercation happened after "Jonathan stood up for one of his smaller friends," Lewis said.  "A couple (of people) attacked him, and they weren't able to hurt him enough, and they all attacked him at once," he said.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
If the colors were reversed, and a group of 15 lily-white rednecks beat a black student to death, this would be a front-page "hate crime" story for at least a week.  As it is, the news media won't touch this story, and hardly anybody has even heard of it, even though the murder took place about 11 days ago.  Apparently it has become almost completely illegal to report, depict, or openly discuss violent black-on-white crime in the U.S.  The only parties exempt from this stigma are the blacks themselves, who merrily record each other's violent crimes, while cackling and chuckling amongst themselves.

White High School Student Severely Beaten and Kicked to Death by 15 [Black] Thugs at Las Vegas School.  In a brutal episode of violence, a 17-year-old Las Vegas native, Jonathan Lewis Jr., died following a vicious attack by an estimated group of 15 individuals near Rancho High School.  Jonathan Lewis Sr., the victim's father, confirmed this on Tuesday.  The attack happened on Wednesday, November 1.  "Today at 11:26 am my son was pronounced dead he will always be so loved as his dad I'll forever hold him in my heart, shine even brighter, love even more and work all my life to bring peace into this world," Lewis Sr. wrote.

[Black] High School Student Who Brutally Beat And Stomped A [White] Teacher Pleads Guilty, Faces 30 Years In Prison.  Florida teen who beat a teacher unconscious for taking away his Nintendo has pleaded guilty to the felony charge against him.  Brendan Depa faces up to 30 years in prison for the brutal beating.  His sentence will be determined in January.  The teacher Joan Naydich is reportedly refusing to help Depa get a lighter sentence as she said she hopes this case will "prevent anyone else from ever dealing with the trauma."  [Video clip]

Multiple students are stabbed at Van Nuys High School in California.  At least two students have been stabbed at Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles after a fight broke out, according to officials.  The stabbing happened on Wednesday morning after a brawl between 11 students broke out in the campus quad area.  A student used an 'unidentified' weapon to stab two others teens, 16 and 15.

High School Is Bad Enough Without The 20 Year Old Gangstas Waiting To Beat On The Kids.  Two 14-year-olds have a disagreement.  The first [black] student spits on the Latino student and a brief altercation ensues.  The Latino student is then jumped by a 20-year-old [black] student.  [Video clip]

At least 4 NYC teens slashed in separate after-school incidents this week.  At least four New York City teens were slashed in separate after-school incidents this week so far, police said Tuesday.  Two boys, 13 and 16, were wounded on Tuesday afternoon after dismissal in Brooklyn and Queens, respectively, according to cops.  The older teenager was slashed around his stomach with an unknown sharp object at around 3:20 p.m. on 77th Road and Maine Street in Kew Gardens, police said.

High School Student Doesn't Understand Why He's Being Arrested For Having A Gun In Class.  This teen is actually flabbergasted for why he's being arrested for having a firearm in class at his high school.  He thinks he has to use it for it to be illegal.  Someone taught him wrong.  And listen to the end of the video, he was just getting off probation so this one is a troublemaker by nature.  [Video clip]

Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Charged with Stabbing Schoolmate to Death on New York City Bus.  A fourteen-year-old boy has been arrested and charged in the stabbing death of a schoolmate that took place on a New York city bus Friday.  Officials believe the killing, which occurred in the town of Eltingville on Staten Island, was possibly gang related.  The New York Police Department has charged the boy with murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon in connection to the heinous act, according to multiple reports.  The boy's identity has not been released by authorities.

Who Would Want To Be A Teacher In One Of 'Those' Neighborhoods?  This old guy has probably been a teacher for 3-4 decades and is now wondering where it all went wrong.  There have always been trouble-makers in schools but in the last decade, violence against other students and teachers has skyrocketed, especially in inner-city and urban areas.  [Video clip]

Lord Of The Flies Type Violence Inside Louisiana High School.  More than a dozen students were arrested after multiple fights broke out at a Louisiana high school Thursday.  The "series of fights" began in the cafeteria of John Ehret High School, a spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office told Crisis in the Classroom (CITC).  It is not immediately clear what prompted the altercations.  [Video clip]

14 Scholars Arrested At Louisiana High School After Insane Brawl.  Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office arrested 14 students at John Ehret High School Thursday afternoon after they had to break up numerous fights.  Officers say that the fight started in the cafeteria and spilled across the campus just before noon.  [Video clip]

Brawl at a Kickball Game in California Ends With a Brutal Knockout.  A kickball game in Sacramento got out of hand last week and ended in a massive brawl with several of the players trading punches on the field.  One of the punches thrown knocked a man out cold, putting an end to the brawl in the process.  The fight took place around 9 pm on Tuesday night at Franklin Roosevelt Park during a sport and social league game put on by Xoso Sport.  The Sacramento Police Department arrived on the scene around 9:15 in response to reports of a fight.  [Video clip]

Video Shows Female Teacher In Flint Michigan Getting Knocked Out By Flying Chair Thrown By Student.  A staff member was injured during an altercation between two students at Flint Southwestern Classical Academy on Sept. 28.  The incident is currently under investigation by the Flint Community Schools district, according to a statement that was sent by Superintendent Kevelin Jones Thursday night.  "We take this matter seriously and are fully committed to addressing it in a manner that adheres to the law and aligns with the policies of our district," Jones wrote.  "We understand the concern and worry that incidents like this can generate within our school community."  [Video clip]

Florida High School Turns Into Madhouse As Dozens Of Students Brawl, 13 Arrested.  More than a dozen Zephyrhills High School students are facing charges after massive brawls broke out on campus Tuesday.  According to the Pasco County school district, two fights involving a total of 14 students occurred around noon.  Cell phone videos of the incidents show the school resource deputy and staff struggling to break up the fight, with students and faculty, including the school's principal, on the ground at times.  [Video clip]

3 Little League Coaches Suspended After Causing Massive Brawl In Cincinnati.  Three coaches have been suspended and a parent has been criminally charged after a fight broke out at a little league football game.  It happened during Sunday's game between the Aiken Little Falcons and Lord's Gym Panthers at Woodward High School.  [Video clip]

Another Gunman Terrorizes UNC's 'Gun-Free' Campus.  Yet another gunman terrorized the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a "gun-free zone" by state law, a little over two weeks after a pistol-wielding Wuhan University alum allegedly shot dead a professor inside a school laboratory late last month.  Like the case of the "mostly white Asian male" shooter, as satirically described on social media, the press — typically titillated by the thought of a trigger-happy maniac wreaking havoc on school grounds as a means to push the Left's gun-control agenda — isn't going to like this one.  The suspect, a black man, is a career criminal reportedly with a rap sheet dating back a decade.

Over A Dozen Students Arrested After Massive Brawl Erupts At Florida High School.  With youth like this, I truly feel bad for America and her future.  Thirteen students from Tampa Bay-area Zephyrhills High School have been arrested and are now facing charges after two massive brawls erupted on campus Tuesday.  A total of 14 students were involved, according to the Pasco County school district via FOX 13.  Video shows the school resource deputy and staff trying to break up the brawl, but struggling to do so while students and faculty, including the principal of the school, ended up on the ground.  [Tweet with video clip]

Shooting At High School Football Game In Baltimore Leaves A 12 Year Old Shot.  Baltimore City Public Schools halted a football game on Friday after a 12-year-old boy was shot near Dunbar High Football Field, according to authorities.  The boy had been amid a crowd of people in the 1100 block of Madison Street when gunfire erupted on Friday evening, Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said.  Worley initially said the gunshot victim was an 11-year-old boy.  Police later said he was 12 years old.  The boy was taken to a local hospital where he is in stable condition, police said.  [Video clip]

Teen Killed, Woman Wounded In Shooting At Louisiana High School Football Game.  Gunshots rang out during an evening at a high school football game in Louisiana, resulting in the death of a 16-year-old student and the injury of a woman's arm, as authorities reported on Saturday.  As of now, no arrests have been made, and the reasons behind the outbreak of violence at halftime on Friday, near the stands, remain a mystery, according to Sergeant Landon Groger from the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.

A Mob Of Blacks Attacks Two Random White People Outside High School Football Game In Maryland.  After losing to Walter Johnson High School 21-14 in varsity football last night, a violent fight broke out two blocks from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.  Several students were injured in the incident and required medical attention.  A mob of students violently assaulted two white victims.  One of the victims was knocked out on the ground as the mob continued beating them mercilessly, according to video footage shared on Twitter.  [Video clip]

Multiple [people were] shot at Oklahoma High School Football Game.  A shooting at a high school football game in Choctaw, Oklahoma, wounded several people Friday night according to police.  Police responded to Choctaw High School for reports of shots fired during the game between Choctaw High School and Del City High School.  The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. with less than four minutes left in the third quarter, according to police.  [Tweet with video clip]

Why Johnny can't play tag.  When little Johnny goes to school this fall, he may face another danger.  The poor boy already has trouble reading and writing.  He suffers from losing social skills and faces an assault upon his innocence through the destructive influence of horrible books and drag queens.  It is increasingly common that the boy will no longer be allowed to play tag, dodge the ball and other simple contact games.  They are too dangerous and must be banned.  Someone might write this ban off as another concession to a snowflake generation that idolizes safety and comfort.  However, the funny thing is that the games really are dangerous.  School officials are finding that they are causing more serious injuries than in the past.  Contact between students is more intense and brutal.

The Editor says...
In other words, Johnny can't play tag because Jarquavius takes a razor to school.

Disturbing New Details [about the] 6 Year Old Who Shot His Teacher In Virginia.  The 6-year-old Virginia boy who shot and wounded his teacher with his mother's gun later bragged about it to a school employee — shockingly claiming, "I shot that b[...] dead," according to newly unsealed search warrants.  After the first-grader shot Abigail Zwerner at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News on Jan. 6, reading specialist Amy Kovac held the boy until cops arrived, according to the documents obtained by WTKR.  "I did it ... I shot that b[...] dead," the pint-sized pistol packer bragged, the docs show.  "I got my mom's gun last night."

Female Youth Basketball Team Assault Ref After He Stops Blowout Game.  A brawl after a basketball game in Indiana was caught on camera.  The video shows a referee getting attacked on the court during the Next Level Classic in Fairland, Indiana, on Sunday.  Witnesses are blaming a girls team from Cincinnati.  "They were looking for trouble," Bobby Ewing, coach of the DSB Heat from Owensboro, Kentucky, said.  Ewing said his team was playing the Cincinnati Indians Elite team.  Owensboro was up 41-10 when he said the Cincinnati girls started swearing at his players.  Tensions escalated, and a referee called the game.  [Video clip]

High School Student Beats [up] Teacher In Class In New York.  The 16-year-old student has not been identified because of her age, but she was arrested on Tuesday after an investigation and charged with second-degree assault, a Class D felony.  [Video clip]

Seven people shot in mass shooting at Virginia high school graduation ceremony.  Two men, 18 and 36, have been shot dead after a gunman opened fire at a Virginia high school graduation, as seven wounded in the incident were hospitalized.  Police said a 19-year-old who was in custody will be charged with two counts of second-degree murder and that he knew at least one of the victims.  Police are yet to release their names, but confirmed the 18-year-old had been one of the graduates.

Student Gets Suspended From Detroit High School, Returns After School And Opens Fire.  The Warren Police Department says a shooting outside of Michigan Collegiate High School could have ended up much worse as there were three buses full of kids just feet away from the shooting scene.  Police said at 2:40 p.m., six gunshots were fired in what they're calling a planned fight that evolved into a shooting involving someone who is not a student at the school.  According to police, some students who had been suspended from school earlier in the day on Monday came back, parked on the south side of the school, and then started shooting.  "Looking at the video, we believe this to be a planned after-school fight," said Warren Police Captain Charles Rushton.  [Video clip]

A Gang Of Black Girls Jumping A White Girl In High School Hallway.  A video from about 8 months ago has really taken off on social media showing a white, female high school student getting surrounded by and beaten by a group of black girls.  The white girl remained calm and didn't want trouble but got punched in the face back of the head and stomped regardless.  [Video clip]

Stabbing, shots fired, and 50 people brawl as 'Somali Culture Night' held at high school in Minneapolis.  A Thursday evening event held at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, located in an upscale neighborhood, was planned as a "Minnesota nice" event, celebrating diversity and the arrival over the last 3 decades of a Somali immigrant community that now comprises almost one-fifth of the city's population.  A video on the school's website offered free admission and free food.  But as the event unfolded in the school's auditorium, it turned into a nightmare. [...] I grew up in the same area of the city more than half a century ago, and Washburn High was known for high academic and athletic standards.  I never heard of anything remotely resembling this incident.  But that was a different era, and ethnically a different city.

Video Shows 12 Year Old Student Gets Strangled Unconscious While Teacher Did Nothing, Parents Not Notified.  From The Publica-A mother in Henderson, Texas is desperate for answers after her child was brutally assaulted in class while a teacher was present.  The horrific incident took place at Henderson Middle School on February 28, just two weeks before students were released for spring break.  The Publica has been provided a copy of a formal grievance submitted to the school district by the child's mother, which outlines that she was not informed about the assault for almost one week after it took place.  [Video clip]

Melee, stabbing, and shots fired at Washburn HS Somali culture night.  Mayhem erupted at a south Minneapolis high school Thursday evening during a planned Somali cultural event and performance that resulted in fights, a stabbing, and shots fired.  According to dispatch audio at the time, one person was reportedly stabbed around 7:45 p.m. during a fight involving about 50 people at Washburn High School located at 201 West 49th Street.  As police arrived to respond to the fight, an officer called out over the air that shots had been fired, and a city-wide officer help call was toned by the dispatcher.  Several squads responded from across the city as well as state troopers, Hennepin County deputies, and officers from Edina and Richfield police departments.

The Editor says...
Legal or illegal immigrants are expected to assimilate quickly and behave lawfully while they are here.  If they cannot act like good citizens, they should be rounded up and deported.  Anyone who takes to the streets to protest their deportation should be put on the boat with them.

Police: Student Arrested in Shooting Death of Another Student Outside Pittsburgh School.  A student was taken into custody in the shooting death of another student early Wednesday just outside a school in Pittsburgh shortly before classes were due to start, police said.  Police said the shooting happened just before 7:30 a.m. by the front steps of Oliver Citywide Academy.  Officers found the victim with gunshot wounds in front of the school and gave first aid, Major Crimes Commander Richard Ford told reporters at the scene.  An officer saw another student running from the school with a gun.  The student was arrested and police recovered a gun, Ford said.  The victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition and later died, he said. [...] The shooting came a little more than a year after another student was gunned down at the same school.

[Black student] Puts His Hands Around the Throat of [a white] Teacher After He Took His Phone.  Note to teachers working in CERTAIN neighborhoods:  your physical safety is not worth making a stand against cell phone usage during class.  Most of those who don't care about rules in school or don't pay attention during class are lost causes anyhow.  [Video clip]

Three [black] teens attack, try to shoot [a white] student on school bus in Prince George's County.  A student in Prince George's County is lucky to be alive after a terrifying armed attack on a school bus.  Authorities are currently investigating the incident as an assault, but from what witnesses are saying, it sounds like attempted murder.

A Student Pulls A Knife And Stabs Another At Columbus High School.  The footage showed a student in a white sweatshirt going by another student in a black hoodie.  The student in the black hoodie was waiting against the wall in a common area of Mifflin High School in Columbus, Ohio, around dismissal time on Friday.  When the student in the white hoodie approached the student, the teen in the black hoodie could be seen pulling out a knife from his waist and stabbing the student in the white hoodie.  The victim immediately flinched back and tried to run away, but his assailant chased after him in an attempt to stab him again.  [Video clip]

High School Coach Is Knocked Out Cold And Sent To The Hospital Trying To Break Up Fight.  What was said to have started as a fight in a Physical Education class at Klein Oak High School ended with a coach being rushed to the hospital after being knocked unconscious.  Officials from Klein Independent School District said the student at fault is now in serious trouble.  [Video clip]

Apparently the Vice Principal is white, and every student is black.  And where are the security guards?
A Mob Of 9th Graders Beat Their Vice Principal Because She Tried To Break Up A Fight.  A mob of ninth-grade students has beaten up an assistant principal in Texas, who had to be rushed to hospital with serious head injuries.  The pupils at Westfield High School in Spring, 20 miles north of Houston, pummeled the administrator to the ground as she tried to break up a fight.  [Video clip]

Video Of Male High School Student Who's Pretending To Be Female Beating Actual Female Students.  A video has emerged of a male who claims to be a woman, violently attacking female students at King High School in Riverside California.  The attacker has apparently been demanding to have access to the female spaces at the school.  Reports also state the male student has shown his penis while inside these female spaces to the female students.  [Video clip]

Apparently the same incident as above, from another angle:
Giant Trans Student Assaults A Much Smaller Female Student At Cali High School.  A Transgender student at a High School in Riverside, California has assaulted a girl after exposing his genitals and spitting at girls in the girls' locker room.  According to a student witness, the transgender boy entered the girls' locker room and after being confronted for being in there, spat at a group of girls and exposed his penis to them.  [Video clip]

Brawl Breaks Out Between Teens Near Chicago High School.  A fight at a high school on Chicago's West Side left two students injured after a car-full of adults showed up at the school and attacked the juveniles with baseball bats, according to police.  According to Chicago police, the incident occurred at a high school in the 1100 block of North Western Avenue in the West Town neighborhood at approximately 3 p.m.  Tuesday.  Police say that a group of males between the ages of 15 and 17 were fighting after school had released when one of the individuals made a phone call to another person.

Houston High School Student Punches Teacher In The Face After Taking Student's Phone.  A student at Lamar High School in Houston, Texas, was caught on video punching a teacher in the face Thursday, KHOU-TV reported.  The violence apparently was over a confiscated cell phone.  In a clip used by KHOU that blurs the faces of the student and teacher, the student is seen right up in the teacher's face and demanding his phone back.  [Video clip]

Teachers' Unions Are Destroying American Education.  American public schools are witnessing a mass exodus of teachers.  The term "stampede" may be more appropriate.  According to one poll conducted in 2022, some 55% of educators were ready to leave the profession, and this unease is often translated into action.  In one Chicago school nearly every teacher bailed out.  Many teachers are not even waiting for the end of the school year and are leaving in mid-term.  These departures overwhelming result from school violence, disorderly classrooms, insufficient administrative support, and trying to teach kids who just don't care.  According to one study during the 2020-21 school year, one-third of teachers reported at least one incident of harassment or threats of violence while 14% were actually physically attacked.  The American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on Violence against Educators and School Personnel reports that threats can even come from parents convinced that junior is "a good kid" despite carrying a knife to the classroom.  Cold statistics understate the fear of violence, especially in schools where poor, single-parent minority students predominate.

Teacher shot by 6-year-old student says school ignored warning signs: $40M suit.  The Virginia teacher shot by a 6-year-old student filed a $40 million lawsuit on Monday [4/3/2023], accusing school officials of repeatedly ignoring warnings that the disturbed youngster had a gun.  Abigail Zwerner, 25, filed the suit nearly three months after she was shot while teaching at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News by a first-grader with "a history of random violence," according to the lawsuit.  That history included "multiple reports that a firearm was on school property and likely in possession of a violent individual," the suit said about the troubled youngster who was suspended for smashing Zwerner's phone two days before the shooting.  "We know for a fact that there were at least three opportunities for them to stop this from happening," one of her attorneys, Jeffrey Breit, told the "Today" show moments after filing the suit Monday.

Dorm Fight Between Hood Ratchets Is Off The Chain.  This supposedly happened at Florida Memorial University.  [Video clip]

Mother Helps Daughter Beat Up Another Student At School.  A Sacramento mother helped her daughter assault a student at school who allegedly beat assaulted her the previous day.  [Video clip]

Female [black] college basketball player charged with assault after allegedly punching [white] opposing player.  University of Memphis guard Jamirah Shutes was charged with assault after allegedly punching Bowling Green State University guard Elissa Brett as the teams lined up to shake hands after Bowling Green won a National Invitation Tournament game Thursday night, ESPN reported, citing Bowling Green's campus police.  As the teams' players approached each other in the traditional handshake line following Bowling Green's 73-60 win, ESPN said Shutes stopped to talk to Brett.  After a short conversation, the sports network said Shutes appeared to throw a punch at Brett's face, after which Brett fell on the floor.

For their personal feel-goodery, the Denver School Board shoots three, kills one, and endangers thousands at East High.  Like many school boards, the Denver School Board years ago asked the police for help in quelling violence in the schools.  The police succeeded to some extent.  So far, so good, though it's a poor reflection on our society, our schools, our students, and their parents.  In 1975, about 1% of schools had cops onsite.  By a few years ago, it was over 50%.  The presence of cops did help.  But the Denver School Board was disappointed that the encounters by the school police involved a disproportionate number of students of color.  That was no surprise to anyone paying attention to crime statistics.  A disproportionate number of police encounters in society at large involve people of color, and so it's natural that it would be the same in the schools.  All serious observers know that's because a disproportionate number of crimes are committed by people of color. [...] For example, it has been well documented that Black people commit murder at roughly seven times the rate of white people.  Most people murdered by Blacks are themselves Black.  The response of the Denver School Board was not to focus on the message that a disproportionate number of violent crimes are by students of color, but to shoot the messenger — the police.

Brawl At Baton Rouge School Involved 200 Students, Officer Injured, 10 Arrests.  A massive brawl broke out Wednesday morning on a school campus in Louisiana resulting in a hospitalized officer and multiple arrests.  Baton Rouge officials said 10 people were arrested at East Baton Rouge Readiness Alternative School after multiple fights involving both students and parents broke out across the school's grounds.  [Video clip]

Black Students Frustrate White Teacher So Badly, She Gets Her Things And Quits.  A viral video shows a white teacher getting so frustrated with her black students that she packs her things and quits.  The teacher is heard saying to her students that they do what they want and don't listen anyways and that she's 'just a stupid old white lady' before storming out the door and telling them she won't be back.  [Video clip]

Classrooms Gone Woke & Wild.  Student misbehavior, disrespect, and violence have become standard features of traditional public schools.  Instead of imposing firm consequences, woke ideology — under the guise of "restorative justice" — produces dangerous classrooms.  According to a study by the American Psychological Association, "One-third of surveyed teachers reported they experienced at least one incident of verbal and/or threatening violence from students during COVID (e.g., verbal threats, cyberbullying, intimidation, sexual harassment)."  A staggering 14% of teachers and 22% of school staff cited physical violence from students during COVID.  Considering schools were closed during much of this period, the percentage of adults affected is astounding[.]

CCTV Shows White Children Are Rounded Up By Black Students, Forced To Kneel And Pledge Allegiance To BLM.  Ohio police are pursuing charges against students involved in a disturbing racial incident at Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield.  The incident, which reportedly occurred during recess on February 12th, involved a group of Black students allegedly rounding up white students and forcing them to kneel and pledge allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Several of the white students were also reportedly assaulted.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
Why is Black capitalized, but white is not?

How 'Progressive Discipline' Turned Ontario Schools into a Battleground.  A 200-pound Ontario middle schooler was getting ready to pummel his classmate when a group of teachers escorted him to an office where they hoped to calm him down — instead, he proceeded to ram into the two adults, a man and a woman, for the better part of an hour, leaving them shaken and bruised.  He never faced any consequences.  "You should have seen their bruises.  The guy's back is totally messed up.  The girl still has arm issues," Margaret, a teacher with over a decade of experience in Ontario's public schools, told National Review.  Worried about the potential repercussions, the teachers who were assaulted were not able to physically restrain the student, nor did senior school administrators expel him.  "All he got was an in-school suspension.  His mom came to pick him up, asked if he wanted dumplings, and they left.  There were no consequences," Margaret said.

California High School Protest Against Phantom Racism Gets Violent.  A protest against phantom racism that exists only in the minds of perpetual victims at Indian Springs High School turned chaotic on Tuesday, with school security officers deploying pepper spray to control a group of unruly students, according to a statement from the San Bernardino City Unified School District.  The protest began peacefully around 11:30 a.m., but tensions rose as a group of students attempted to disrupt a teacher's classroom, prompting staff to request that they return to their classes.  Despite the staff's request, a small group of students refused and continued to cause a disturbance.  [Video clip]

Angry kid takes down 2 students and a teacher.  [Video clip only]

Florida HS Student Attacks, Knocks Teacher's Aide Unconscious After Nintendo Switch Taken Away: Deputies.  On February 21, 2023, the FCSO School Resource Deputies assigned to Matanzas High School were alerted to a paraprofessional employee being physically attacked on campus.  Upon arrival, deputies located the female paraprofessional on the ground with severe injuries after an unprovoked attack by a male student.  The student was escorted from the area and later placed in custody.  The 17-year-old student was transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility and later turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.  The student has been charged with Felony Aggravated Battery with Bodily Harm.  The student stated that he was upset because the victim took his Nintendo Switch away from him during class.  On surveillance footage from within the school, the student who is approximately 6'6" and 270 pounds, is shown walking fast toward the victim and pushing the victim several feet, knocking her to the school floor, which knocked her unconscious.

'Traumatized' teacher's aide brutally beaten by 270lb student, 17, reveals she did NOT take away the boy's Nintendo Switch.  A 'traumatized' teacher's aide who was brutally beaten by a 270 lb student has said she is 'overwhelmed' by the support — and denies having taken a game console from the pupil.  Brendan Depa, 17, is facing an aggravated battery charge — a felony — after he allegedly attacked Joan Naydich, 57, at Matanzas High School on February 21.  The teenager told police that Naydich, a teaching assistant at the school, had taken his Nintendo Switch from him which caused the outburst.

What Is Going On In America's Schools With This Massive Surge In Violence?  Something has broken with America's youths since lockdowns as violence against each other as well as teachers have skyrocketed.  New federal data released on Thursday offers insight into the many, growing ways that schools have amped up security over the past five years, as the country has recorded three of the deadliest school shootings on record, and as other, more routine gun incidents on school grounds have also become more frequent.  About two-thirds of public schools in the United States now control access to school grounds — not just the building — during the school day, up from about half in the 2017-2018 school year.  An estimated 43 percent of public schools have a "panic button" or silent alarm that connect directly with the police in case of emergency, up from 29 percent five years ago.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Alton, IL High School.  Another week, another batch of videos from middle schools and high schools showing massive brawls.  [Video clip]

A Group Of Students Attack A Parent During Argument At Wisconsin High School.  There were more than fist fights in a hallway at a Wauwatosa high school.  There were beat downs, as one Wauwatosa school board member told FOX6 News.  That same school board member is now calling for an independent investigation into the fighting.  Parents are rightfully concerned after seeing several videos of fights in Wauwatosa schools.  Meier told FOX6 News parents and staff have been calling since last year about fighting.  [Video clip]

Little White Boy on a School Bus Gets Strangled By Much Larger Black Female.  This disgusting display happened in Fairfax County in the Mt.  Vernon area.  A large black female student is seen sitting down next to a much smaller white boy.  As he tries to pull his bookbag closer, the female starts assaulting him for no apparent reason, striking him in the head in the face before strangling him against the school bus window.  [Video clip]

15-year-old boy killed in stabbing at high school in St. Paul, Minnesota.  A 15-year-old boy was killed in a stabbing at a high school in St. Paul, Minnesota, police said Friday.  Police arrested a 16-year-old boy suspected of carrying out the killing, a police spokesman announced late Friday afternoon.  Both teens were students at Harding High School, St. Paul police Sgt. Mike Ernster told reporters during a news conference.  He didn't identify either of the students.  Officers arrived at the school late Friday morning to find school staff members providing first aid to the 15-year-old, Ernster said.  The teen was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A 15, 17 and 37 Year Old Get Shot Outside NYC High School.  Three people were shot near Williamsburg Charter High School, according to the NYPD.  The shooting took place just before 2:15 p.m. on Varet Street outside of the school, according to the FDNY.  Three victims were transported to Elmhurst Hospital, and the NYPD says that they are all in stable condition. [...] At this time, police sources say that they are looking for a school-age black male who was wearing black Adidas pants with a white stripe and a blue jacket.  [Video clip]

Systemic Violence in Miami-Dade Schools, Supported by MDSPD, Surfaces Yet Again.  Let me be very clear, having investigated the Miami-Dade and Broward County school system for over a decade, this is not surprising.  Following the path of Trayvon Martin and the weird school discipline program he was a part of, I ended up spending a lot of time deep in the research of these school systems.  Things are not what they appear.  The recent video of a 9-year-old Latina student and her brother being beaten mercilessly by older black students on a school bus is not an isolated incident.

South Florida student arrested after video of brutal beating on school bus goes viral.  Disturbing video of a young girl's assault on a school bus has gone viral, angering parents and inundating a South Florida school district with demands that someone be held accountable.  In the cellphone video, a student from Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead is seen pummeling a 9-year-old girl's head with his fists repeatedly as she tries to fend him off.  He stops for a moment, and another boy quickly jumps in to take his place amid the shouts of onlooking classmates.

A Bunch of Teen Girls Beating Each Other In Florida High School.  A brutal fight between several teenage girls was caught on camera.  It's not known who threw the first punch and what the fight was about, but the vicious beatdown involved girls aged from 15 to 17 years old.  It happened at West Broward High School on Jan. 24.  The video begins with a school security guard holding one girl wearing a blue shirt back while another comes up to her screaming and appearing to want to fight.  Then utter chaos erupts.  [Video clip]

Little 9 Year Old White Girl Getting Beaten By Several Older Black Children On The School Bus.  The parents of a 9-year-old Florida girl who was videoed being mercilessly beaten by two boys aboard a school bus plan to pursue criminal charges against her attackers, according to reports.  Footage of the stomach-churning assault shows two boys ferociously and repeatedly pummeling the third grader at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead as she desperately tries to fend them off.  No adults intervene during the almost 30 seconds of the attack which was video recorded by a classmate.  The mother of the victim told Local 10 she will demand criminal charges against her child's assailants.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl At Texas High School Has A Parent Flashing An Illegal Handgun.  The parents who were charged in connection to a big fight at Atascocita High School are defending their actions.  Images from a video circulating on social media show what Humble ISD said was a fight that started inside the school before spilling outside Friday afternoon.  In a letter to parents, Atascocita High School Principal Will Falker said the "disruption" started at the end of the day.  The letter said a parent entered the campus without permission, and the fight began.  [Video clip]

Insane Brawl In High School Hallway Looks More Like A Prison Fight.  Yes, you are noticing high school fights are getting wild, more violent and with larger groups of people involved.  This poor teacher must be thinking even 100 grand a year isn't enough to put your body in between warring tribes.  [Video clip]

High schooler breaks teacher's leg during attack in Rockdale County classroom.  A Rockdale County high school student will face criminal charges after attacking her teacher inside a classroom.  Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes was at Heritage High School on Friday where a ninth grader was caught on camera getting into an argument with her teacher and attacking her.  Channel 2 has learned that the teacher, who has not been identified, is recovering from a broken leg.

9th-Grade Female Student Physically Beats Teacher.  The tragic descent of American public schools has been succinctly captured by a viral video in which an unruly high school student beats up her teacher as her classmates gleefully laugh and cheer on the senseless violence.  The assault, perpetrated by a ninth-grader, occurred last week at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia, according to the Rockdale Citizen.  The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and the Rockdale County Public School District are investigating the shocking beatdown, which was posted on social media.

[Black] Female High School Student Assaults [White] Teacher, Ends Up Breaking Her Leg.  A student attacked her teacher in class at a high school and it was caught on video.  One of the students who witnessed the attack took to Twitter to share videos.  In one video, the student is seen verbally attacking her teacher while putting herself in front of the teacher's face. [...] It ended with the teacher being carried away on a stretcher after she suffered a broken knee.  [Video clip]

Cleveland Cop Gets Roughed Up Trying To Get In The Middle Of MASSIVE Brawl At High School Basketball Game.  A "large fight of at least 50 students" broke out in the parking lot of Cleveland Heights High School following the Cleveland Heights vs.  Garfield Heights basketball game, according to police.  Officers reported the incident occurring around 9:48 p.m. on Tuesday night at the high school located at 13263 Cedar Road.  As more fights broke out, police requested back up from nearby police departments, including Shaker Heights, University Heights and South Euclid.  [Video clip]

Wisconsin High School Has Turned Into Lord Of The Flies As Students Beat [Up] Each Other.  While your kids are being force fed rainbows, 'Love Wins' signs, and left-wing extremist agendas.  This is what I meant when I said Wauwatosa Schools have become MPS West.  A 'woke' indoctrination curriculum and no discipline.  This video is from this morning at Wauwatosa West high school.  An all out brawl broke out in the hallway and teachers were helpless.  It ultimately took several Wauwatosa Police officers to stop it.  Thank goodness the 'woke' school board has not taken away School Resource Officers... yet.  [Video clip]

Two students are shot dead at school in Iowa: Cops say 'multiple' suspects are in custody.  A shooting at an Iowa school for at-risk youth has left two students dead and one staff member wounded.  The students were shot around 1pm on Monday at Starts Right Here, an education mentorship program founded by local activist and rapper Will Keeps, located in downtown Des Moines.  Sgt. Paul Parizek, a spokesman for Des Moines police, said an adult employee at the nonprofit was wounded and was in serious condition.

Suspect arrested in Des Moines shooting that left 2 students dead.  A man was arrested and charged with murder after a shooting at an educational program for at-risk youth in Des Moines, Iowa, left two students dead and the program's founder seriously injured, authorities said in a press release.  At 12:53 p.m. Monday, police and fire personnel responded to a report of a shooting at 455 SW 5th Street, which houses the non-profit, called Starts Right Here, Des Moines police said in a news release.

Latest TikTok Teen Trend = Setting off Fireworks in School.  Nothing says stupid like possibly burning the entire school down and killing countless people for TikTok likes.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The resulting panic and stampede can easily be more dangerous than the fireworks.

Brutal High School Hallway Assault Leaves Student Possibly Paralyzed.  On Tuesday, January 17, Reddit user DigitalDemon021 posted footage of a brawl at Riverbend High school in Spotsylvania, Virginia, that may have left a teen paralyzed.  Footage of the incident shows several teens in a mass brawl in the hallway of Riverbend High School.  At one point, two young boys in track pants and dark jackets can be seen exchanging punches before one of the students picks up the other and slams him on the floor.  In the aftermath of the slam, the student thrown can be seen lying motionless as the other teens continue to fight around him.  [Video clip]

High School Basketball Game Shooting Caught On Live TV In Oklahoma.  Police have arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with a Tuesday night shooting after a high school basketball game in Del City.  Del City police said shots were fired about 7:36 p.m. inside Del City High School's John Smith Fieldhouse after a boy's basketball game between Del City and Millwood.  Police said one person was hit by gunfire.  The victim was driven to OU Medical Center in a personal vehicle and is listed as stable, according to police.  [Video clip]

Public Schools Face Dramatic Rise in Student Misbehavior.  Reports of student misbehavior have risen sharply in public schools, as districts also report widespread "stunted" social development among students.  Yet special education resources may not be able to cope with the subsequent rise in students with special needs.  The annual "School Pulse Panel," a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute for Education Sciences (IES), revealed some troubling trends:
  •   More than 80% of public schools reported "stunted behavioral and socioemotional development" among students because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  •   Schools also saw a 56% increase in "classroom disruptions from student misconduct" and a 49% increase in "rowdiness outside of the classroom."
  •   Seven in 10 public schools reported increases in students seeking mental health services since the start of the pandemic.
Many of the problems reported in the survey were preexisting, even if exacerbated by pandemic policies.  For example, the demand for social and mental health services was already trending upward well before COVID-19.

This Video Sums Up What Teachers Have to Deal With In The Hood.  This teacher has to battle with agressive and sometimes violent kids from the inner cities of Chicago.  [Video clip]

I'm Not Qualified.  I have taught high school English in the public schools for twenty years in three states, including two red states and a deep blue state.  I have taught mainstream English, honors English, and remedial English.  I've worked in alternative schools, high-poverty schools, large high schools serving mostly English learners, and predominantly white, middle-class schools.  Last month I let my teaching license expire.  For the first time since 1998, I am no longer qualified to be a teacher in my home state of Kansas.  When I consider the public education landscape not only in the Midwest, but across the country, it is with sadness that I think, "Not qualified to teach secondary English anymore?  You're right."  I'm not qualified to deliver counseling services to the legions of broken, fatherless, emotionally stunted students who walk through our classroom doors every day.  I'm not qualified to engage in behavior modification with dysregulated, angry kids who exhibit no impulse control, zero empathy for others.  Students have talked about killing me, threatened to hit me in the face.  Upon writing up these incidents, I have been blamed, told I need to work on "building relationships" with students, or offered more training on working with students dealing with trauma and abuse.  Administrators pass off these students' comments with, "Oh, he didn't mean it..."  "I talked to him... " or "Think about what may have occurred in your class that provoked this behavior."  There are minimal consequences for students who verbally and physically assault teachers.  It's open season on public school staff.

Very likely related:
Study: School Causes Children to Commit Suicide.  Children are killing themselves in large numbers due to government schools, suggests a new study highlighting a very strong correlation between school attendance and youth suicide.  In fact, the researchers concluded, "youth suicides are closely tied with in-person school attendance."  The study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), found that youth suicides decline during the summer, when children are home from school.  Once school starts again, though, suicide levels among children in school start rising again.  The trends are so clear that, in parts of the country where the school year starts in August, suicide rates start climbing in August.  Meanwhile, in jurisdictions where school is not back in session until September, suicide rates among children do not start going up until then.

More on the 6-year-old who shot a teacher.  Over the weekend, we discussed the bizarre case of a 6-year-old first-grade student in Newport News, Virginia who brought a loaded handgun to school and shot his teacher, Abby Zwerner.  The police didn't initially release many details, leaving many questions hanging in the air.  Where did the gun come from and how did the student get his hands on it?  Was it stolen or did he grab a weapon belonging to his parents?  And how did he get it into the school undetected?  NBC News had some new updates on the story last night and the picture has become at least a bit clearer.  First of all, the gun, a 9mm Taurus, belonged to his mother and had been legally purchased and registered.  The local police are reportedly saying that the boy won't (and probably can't) be prosecuted, but the parents might be.

The Editor says...
If he had parents (plural), he probably wouldn't be toting a gun to school.

How did a 6-year-old get a handgun and shoot a teacher?  This is a shocking story that took place on Friday in Newport News, Virginia, but I held off on addressing it in the hope that more details would be forthcoming.  (That didn't happen.)  A six-year-old boy entered his first-grade classroom, produced a loaded handgun, and shot his elementary school teacher.  The shooting was described by authorities as "not accidental" and it followed an "altercation" between the teacher and the student.  The female teacher survived the serious wound and she is currently listed in stable condition at a local hospital.  The boy, whose name is being withheld for obvious reasons, is currently "in custody," but not technically under arrest.  As alarming as this story may be, the path forward from here is murky.

The Editor says...
More broadly, how safe is the school, if any six-year-old can walk right in with a gun?

6-year-old boy shoots teacher at Virginia school.  ANewport News, Va., teacher has sustained life-threatening injuries after a six-year-old male student brought a handgun to school and deliberately fired at the victim.  The shooting occurred at Richneck Elementary School in a first-grade classroom.  "The altercation was between a 6-year-old, the student, who did have the firearm, and the teacher, and then a round was fired," said Newport News police chief Steve Drew, per NBC.  "This was not an accidental shooting."  The suspect is in custody but authorities will not identify him due to his age.  The female teacher has been hospitalized.

Breaking: 6-year-old student in custody after allegedly shooting his elementary school teacher in Virginia.  A Virginia elementary school went into lockdown after a 7-year-old student shot a teacher in the abdomen on Friday morning.  The startling incident unfolded at the Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, a city of nearly 200,000 residents in the eastern part of the state.  Police responded to the shooting at about 2 p.m. and said an adult female victim was rushed to Regional Riverside Medical Center.  Michelle Price, a spokeswoman with Newport News Public Schools, confirmed that the victim was a teacher at the school.

Judge Rules Virginia Teacher Shot By 6-Year-Old Student Can Proceed With $40M Lawsuit.  In an incident that shook the community of Newport News, Virginia, a first-grade teacher, Abigail Zwerner, was shot by her 6-year-old student during a classroom session.  The aftermath of the incident led to a legal battle between Zwerner and the school system, with Zwerner filing a $40 million lawsuit against the school administrators for negligence.  In January, a 6-year-old student retrieved his mother's handgun and shot Abigail Zwerner, his first-grade teacher, while she was seated at a reading table.  The incident resulted in Zwerner being hospitalized for two weeks and undergoing multiple surgeries to treat her hand and chest injuries.  Zwerner alleges that the school administrators ignored multiple warnings about the boy's possession of a gun and his concerning behavior.

Nightmarish High School Student Smashes Fire Extinguisher On Other Student's Head, Nearly Killing Him.  Back in Aug 2022, this student was assaulted by another student with a fire extinguisher at Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove, California.  The original charge of attempted homicide was [reduced] to other charges including assault with a deadly weapon back in September.  [Video clip]

A Group Of Black Girls Brutally Beat And Stomped A White Girl In Boston School.  An investigation is underway in Boston after a girl whose mother said was bullied since the start of the school year was attacked by a group of students.  The attack was caught on video.  The attack happened Monday at the Young Achievers School in Mattapan, a pilot school for students from kindergarten through eighth grade that focuses on science and math.  [Video clip]

Cop Breaks up a High School Brawl with a Flying Knee.  Just another fight with a lot of spectators.  [Video clip]

Your Tax Dollars Are Paying For This High School Insanity.  Imagine paying taxes for your local public school system and then trying to send your kids to a place that resembles a prison system with massive outbursts of violence every day.  [Video clip]

[Black] Student Brutally Assaults [White] Bangor Maine High School Student For No Apparent Reason.  A Bangor High School student was violently attacked on school property while dozens of students and several school staff watched helplessly.  The entire assault was caught on a shocking video that has only recently been released on social media by a concerned parent.  In the video, the attacker, who is black, punches the victim, who is white, several times in what appears to be an unprovoked assault, though it's not clear what happened before the video recording begins.  [Video clip]

Black Student Brutally Beats White Student for Not Being Racist.  A black high school student walks up to a white student doing his work and said "I'm gonna give you 5 seconds to be as Racist as possible", the white kid said "No."  If he did do it, he would have been beaten, he didn't, and he was beaten anyways.  [Video clip]

Black Student Is Arrested In Winston Salem State University Classroom For Arguing With White Professor.  Winston-Salem State University's chancellor released a statement on Wednesday in response to a video that has gone viral on social media.  Chancellor Elwood Robinson says school officials are aware of an incident involving a student and a law enforcement officer in a classroom.  Robinson says the university received a report of a disturbance in Carolina Hall, and a WSSU employee called for help after attempting to resolve the situation.  [Video clip]

[White] Georgia High School Teacher Beaten Bloody By [Black] Student.  A student accused of assaulting a teacher in a classroom attack caught on video will face charges, Georgia school officials said.  Discovery High School Principal Marci Sledge condemned the incident in a letter to parents following the incident Tuesday, Nov. 29, WAGA reported.  The attack occurred just before noon during a class change at the Lawrenceville school.  "I want to reassure you, we are taking this situation very seriously," Sledge wrote, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  [Video clip]

Teacher left bloodied in classroom beating, Georgia school says.  Student to be charged.  A student accused of assaulting a teacher in a classroom attack caught on video will face charges, Georgia school officials said.  Discovery High School Principal Marci Sledge condemned the incident in a letter to parents following the incident Tuesday, Nov. 29, WAGA reported.  The attack occurred just before noon during a class change at the Lawrenceville school. [...] The wife of the teacher who was hurt told WSB-TV that her husband met with the student's parents the day before the incident to discuss his "poor performance in class."  She said the attack left him with a bloody mouth and head injuries.

[White] Female Teacher Gets Assaulted While Trying To Break Up Massive [Black] Brawl In Philly High School.  A female teacher got assaulted while trying to stop a massive brawl at Norristown High School in Philadelphia.  [Video clip]

Brawl Outside Maryland High School Leads To 14 Year Old Student Getting Shot By Another 14 Year Old.  Suitland High School was on lockdown on Thursday after a ninth-grade student was shot on the grounds of the District Heights, Maryland, campus, police and Prince George's County Public Schools said.  Just after 10 a.m., the single student victim was shot during a "physical altercation" outside the school building, PGCPS said.  Several other students witnessed the shooting, then fled the area, the school system said.  According to Prince George's County Police Chief Malik Aziz, between 10 and 15 students were involved in the fight, which ended in the gunfire that began the lockdown.  [Video clip]

50 shell-shocked teachers, staff flee chaotic Florida school district.  Violent and disrespectful classroom behavior has led to a staggering 50 teachers and bus drivers to quit a Florida school district in the last two years.  Brevard County School District, the state's 10th-largest, held a heated meeting Thursday that offered an unvarnished and often disturbing glimpse into the state of its classrooms.  "On an everyday basis I am deflecting being attacked, scratched, headbutted, pushed, hit," teacher Alicia Kelderhouse said as her voice choked with emotion.  "I've had my hair pulled, and pulled down to the ground.  I've had my throat gone for on multiple occasions.  It's on an everyday basis right now."

Providence High School Principal Is Stabbed While Trying To Break Up a Fight.  A video published on Wednesday shows three students repeatedly kicking another student lying on the ground in the hallway of Central High School.  The beating was broken up by other students.  The video then shows the student who was repeatedly kicked pulls a knife from his pants.  A fellow student yelled, "He's got a knife."  The student holding the knife then ran down a flight of stairs and was grabbed by Principal Robert DiMuccio, who was stabbed in a struggle with the student.  DiMuccio was taken to Rhode Island Hospital by ambulance and treated for the injury.  [Video clip]

[Black] Student Launches a Metal Legged Chair at his [White] Teacher's Skull.  That is definitely one way to get both expelled and slapped with assault with a deadly weapon charges.  [Video clip]

One [Black] Student Stabs Another In Oakland High School.  student at McClymonds High School in Oakland stabbed another student with a sharp object after a dispute, the school district said in a statement.  Oakland Unified spokesperson John Sasaki said the incident happened on campus Tuesday afternoon and was witnessed by several students.  [Video clip]

Brawl Between Two Huge High School Girls Is Unbeweavable.  These two high school girls look like they may have been held back a few times.  Watch as they go at each other as two angered grizzlies would before the brawl is taken down to the ground.  This is when the girl on top gets her paws into the other female's weave and yanks it, with disastrous outcomes.  [Video clip]

Woman Pulls Gun In Front Of Phoenix School, Police Arrest Her Immediately.  Police have released body-camera video that they say shows an officer stopping a potential shooting at a school in north Phoenix.  In the video, a woman is seen pulling a gun out of her bag at Mountain View School near Seventh Avenue and Peoria on Sept. 22.  An officer quickly grabs the woman to prevent her from doing anything.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl After School In Detroit.  There aren't any news stories on the incident yet but a viral video uploaded to Reddit shows a massive mob of high school students brawling after school and police swooping in to break things up and tend to one student who was knocked out.  The student snaps out of it and springs up to fight some more.  The police restain him.  [Video clip]

Asian Student Is Stabbed Several Times At Utica High School.  A scary situation at Proctor High School in Utica a fight escalated into a stabbing and left one student with multiple injuries.  That student suffered several cuts to his back and hands, police say, but the injuries are not considered life-threatening.  Utica Police say teaching staff was notified of the fight in a first-floor hallway and as they approached they could see that one of those involved was repeatedly stabbing the other.  Utica police have confirmed to WIBX 950 that both are students at the high school.  [Video clip]

Black Student [Falsely] Claims It Was A White Man Who Was Mass Shooter At St Louis High School.  During TV interviews shortly after the mass shooting at the St Louis high school, a student claimed the shooter was a white man.  The armed former student broke into a St. Louis high school Monday morning warning, "You are all going to die!" before fatally shooting a teacher and a teenage girl, and wounding seven others before police killed him in an exchange of gunfire.  Speaking at a news conference Monday afternoon, police Chief Michael Sack identified the shooter as 19-year-old Orlando Harris, who graduated from the school last year, who also happened to be black.  [Video clip]

Man Trying To Break Up Massive Brawl Between Students Ends Up In His Own Fight.  Wild video showing female students going wild on each other, throwing fists, and taking each other down to the ground until an older man jumps into the fray and tries to break things up.  As the older man tries to pull the girls apart, someone comes from behind and pushes him, causing him to fall to the ground.  He then pops up and confronts those he believes pushed him, getting pulled down and assaulted as well.  [Video clip]

Police: 3 killed in shooting at St. Louis high school.  A gunman broke into a St. Louis high school Monday morning, fatally shooting a woman and a teenage girl and injuring six others before police killed him in an exchange of gunfire.  The shooting just after 9 a.m. at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School forced students to barricade doors and huddle in classroom corners, jump from windows and run out of the building to seek safety.  One terrorized girl said she was eye-to-eye with the shooter before his gun apparently jammed and she was able to run out.  Speaking at a news conference, Police Commissioner Michael Sack said the shooter was about 20 years old but did not provide a name for him or his victims.  He declined to say if the woman killed was a teacher.

North Carolina High Schools Cancel Volleyball Games Against One School After Transgender Player Injures Girl.  High schools in Cherokee County, North Carolina, have canceled volleyball matches against one school after a transgender athlete (a boy living as a girl) injured another girl at a recent game.  The injury occurred last month when a Highlands High volleyball player made a spike and smashed a Hiwassee Dam High player in the forehead, causing severe head injuries.  "The Hiwassee Dam player, a biological girl, suffered severe head and neck injuries, resulting in long-term concussion symptoms, including vision problems.  The girl has still not yet been cleared to play again by her primary care physician or a neurologist," reported Education First Alliance.

The Editor says...
Or, to put it another way, a black bully intentionally injured a much smaller white girl at school, and everybody's afraid to say so.

HS girls' volleyball player badly injured with 70 mph spike to the head by a biological male.  Last month in Cherokee County, North Carolina, a high school girls' volleyball game was played between Hiwassee Dam High and Highlands High.  One of the players on the Highlands team, a biological male, hammered a spike at an estimated 70 mph.  The shot looked different than the shots the biological girls were making.  It was "abnormally fast," said one witness.  The spike beaned a Hiwassee Dam girl in the head.  The assaulted player went down hard, having suffered devastating injuries to her head and neck.  A month has passed, and she is still suffering from a long-term concussion, including impairment to her vision.  She has not been cleared to play.  The names of both players have been protected.

Viral Video Shows Unruly [Black] Student Hauls Off And Clobbers [White] Female Teacher In The Face.  A video uploaded to Twitter and Reddit shows a teacher from the back, telling a couple of students to leave and shutting the door but one of the students hands was caught in the way and the door closed on it so he hauled off and punched her in the face, sending her to the floor as she still hung onto the door.  [Video clip]

Two Adults, One Student Shot Outside Toledo High School Football Game.  Three people were shot and wounded outside a high school football game in Ohio on Friday night.  The Friday night game at Whitmer High School was wrapping up when approximately 12 gunshots were heard outside the stadium's main entrance, reported WTOL 11.  Two adults and one student were injured in the shooting but are expected to recover, according to the outlet.  "An act of violence occurred outside the stadium at tonight's football game between Central Catholic and Whitmer," a spokesperson for Washington Local Schools, Katie Peters, said in a statement.

Televised Toledo High School Football Game Captures the Moment Gunshots Ring Out, Massive Stampede Ensues.  Toledo police are saying now that at least three people have been shot outside a Toledo high school stadium, CBS station WTOL is reporting.  Several bullet casings were scattered on the ground behind the field house, according to the station.  The game between Whitmer High School and Central Catholic High School was paused because of the shooting.  [Video clip]

Police Officers In Hot Water After Trying To Break Up Massive High School Brawl In Texas.  Irving police is investigating a use of force incident involving its officers who were breaking up a fight at Nimitz High School.  This happened Wednesday, when police said several students started fighting in the lunch line.  Officers assigned to the school responded to break up the fight.  Police are investigating the use of force by officers to separate the students, who were detained for school staff.  [Video clip]

[Black] Teen Arrested After Disgusting Assault On [White guy] at Beaumont Texas High School.  A West Brook High School student is under arrest and in the Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center, pending the outcome of an investigation into an attack against another student last week inside a bathroom, according to information the Jefferson County DIstrict Attorney's Office has provided to KFDM/Fox 4 News.  The D.A.'s Office says BISD Police are finishing their investigation and once they turn it over to the D.A.'s Office, a determination will be made about what charges to file.  [Video clip]

High School Staffer Is Shot While Trying To Break Up Fight In Vallejo, California.  A staff member at Vallejo High School was shot Tuesday afternoon after breaking up a fight outside campus, police said.  According to the Vallejo Police Department, officers responded to the area around 3:54 p.m. and determined that several students had been fighting with an unknown group when a staff member intervened and broke up the squabble.  "Some of the involved subjects fled the area in a dark-colored sedan while shooting back towards the remaining group," the police department said in a news release.  [Video clip]

8th Grader In Texas Sends Teacher To The Hospital Over Not Handing Over His Phone.  A video has gone viral that shows an 8th grader at Bowie Middle School in Odessa attacking his teacher following a disagreement that appears to be over a cellphone.  The ECISD says the student has been arrested but the district isn't treating this as an isolated incident.  The district says student violence has been on the rise, and ECISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri believes he knows why.  [Video clip]

Middle School Child Mercilessly Beats Teacher — Felony Charges Introduced.  A Texas eighth-grade student is facing a felony aggravated assault charge after the brutal beating of his middle school teacher, according to a news reports.  KWES-TV.  The student was arrested Wednesday in the attack, which took place at Bowie Middle School in Odessa, according to KWES-TV in Midland.

Kids Hit The Deck As Shots Are Fired At High School Football Game In Florida.  After shots were fired during a sporting event at a high school in Lauderdale Lakes, injuring three people, investigators have located a fourth victim.  According to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, the two male teens and two male adults sustained non-life-threatening injuries.  Broward County Regional Communications received a call shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Sunday about a shooting during a little league football game at Boyd Anderson High School.

Teens Brawled Outside Of High School In Chicago, 3 Shot.  Three teenagers were wounded, two seriously, in a shooting Friday afternoon near Michele Clark High School on Chicago's West Side, according to authorities.  The shooting occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. in the 400 block of South Laramie, just blocks away from the high school.  Chicago police say three male individuals were near the sidewalk, possibly involved in a fight, when they were struck by gunfire.  [Video clip]

Schools Have Just Reopened In Atlanta And The Fists Are Flying.  This was the wild scene at Eagles Landing High School in Henry County as several teens got into a wild brawl as they exited the bus.  [Video clip]

New York High School Goes Into Lockdown After Wild Brawl Leads To Gun Being Pulled.  East High School was locked down Tuesday afternoon after a massive fight broke out and a gun was drawn.  RPD responded to multiple calls at approximately 3:05 p.m. indicating that a fight broke out with many people at East High School located at 1801 East Main Street.  Police say that a fight among several parties ensued on the front lawn of the school which then led to a male pulling a gun and hitting a student with it.  [Video clip]

Tucson High School Brawl Caught On Video, School Ordered Into Lockdown Mode.  A large-scale fight involving at least one adult caused a lockdown at a school in Tucson on Tuesday, May 3.  The Tucson Police Department said officers were called to Tucson High by the Tucson Unified School District.  The TPD said investigators believe the fight started when a man showed up on campus during a lunch break.  The TPD said a least one person was detained, there were no reported injuries and no weapons involved.  [Video clip]

Bully Attacks Girl who has Brazilian jiu-jitsu Training.  Watch this white girl was some serious MMA level Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills use them to defend herself from a giant [black] school bully whose been stalking her all the way home.  [Video clip]

72 Year Old Louisiana School Bus Driver Caught On Video Beating [a] Student.  Jerome McNabb, 72, of Pine Grove, was arrested Friday evening after a video on social media showed a school bus driver punching and even kicking a child on April 29, 2022 in St. Helena Parish.  It appears the incident caught on video took place after school let out on Friday afternoon.  The video was brought to the attention of St. Helena Parish Schools Superintendent Kelli Joseph, who spoke with St. Helena Parish Sheriff Nat Williams.  "It's something we will not tolerate.  The superintendent called us and showed us the video.  He was arrested immediately," said Sheriff Williams.  [Video clip]

Video Livestreamed From Chicago Basketball Court Shows Youths Armed To The Teeth.  A disturbing video uploaded to social media shows a bunch of black youths, most of which are teens, showing off the massive cache of weapons they are carrying at an indoor basketball court.  The video is said to be from the south side of Chicago.  [Video clip]

Racist Black High School Student Beats Fellow Student For Speaking Spanish.  Two young Venezuelans, Isabella Palma and Antonella Belsitoliving in New Albany, Franklin County, Ohio were riding the school bus to school while they spoke to each other in Spanish.  According to them and other witnesses, a high school classmate began to insult them for not communicating in English.  As he got off the bus, other students began recording the situation.  Faced with the student's insults, the young Venezuelan woman began to tell her what her problem was and tried to persuade her to stop bothering them.  "You are being very immature.  You want me to fight you right now and make believe that I am the one attacking you.  What's wrong?  What is your problem?  Is that all your problem?  It's nothing serious.  And you tell me to shut up?  Wow, you're a hypocrite," the assaulted young woman is heard saying in the video.  Then, The girl who began with verbal aggression hits him on the head from behind and begins to hit anyone who approaches.  [Video clip]

Parent accused of assaulting Clarksville principal arrested.  After searching all night, deputies have arrested a Montgomery County mom accused of assaulting a school principal.  According to investigators, Tandrea Laquise Sanders was seen on surveillance cameras assaulting the Glenellen Elementary School principal.  The video was released by the Sheriff's office.  In it you see Sanders punching the principal in the face.  A School Resource Officer was called to the scene yesterday around 1:15 in the afternoon to investigate.  They said it happened in the school building when the principal was meeting Sanders about the student.

This White Guy Realized He Picked The Wrong Career Path In South Africa.  There was chaos and carnage in during this Joburg school brawl earlier in the week, and the shocking behavior of pupils in this classroom — allegedly situated near Krugersdorp — was caught on camera.  The footage has now gone viral, and then some.  Just under half-a-million people have watched the eventful 12-second clip so far, and it was only uploaded online on Wednesday evening.  This video has spread like wildfire, and although details about the brawl remain sketchy, everything we've seen so far is jaw-dropping.  [Video clip]

Massive Brawl Breaks Out During Track Meet In Cali After One Runner Pushes Another At The Finish.  On a night when a majority of track fans were anticipating a historic run by the U.S. high school runners from Newbury Park in the two-mile, the men's 4x400m relay stole the spotlight.  At the Arcadia Invitational in Arcadia, Calif., on Saturday evening, a fight broke out at the finish line between teams from Long Beach Wilson and Central Fresno high schools.  The Long Beach Wilson team led by 50 metres going into the anchor leg when Central Fresno runner Jeremiah Walker split 23 seconds over the opening 200m of his anchor leg to close the gap.  As Walker passed the LB Wilson runner, Diego Alveradoof, with 100m to go, Alveradoof tripped and fell, which resulted in LB Wilson finishing third.  At the finish, Averadoof confronted Walker, which led to a brawl breaking out between the two teams.  [Video clip]

High School Students Attempts To Murder Teacher Over Bad Grades, Sexually Assaults Her.  A high school student in Nevada has been arrested for allegedly assaulting and attempting to kill his teacher amid a classroom discussion about his grades.  The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) said in a Friday [4/8/2022] press release that an unnamed 16-year-old student had been arrested on charges of attempted murder, sexual assault, battery with intent to commit sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping, and robbery.  Police said that the incident occurred on Thursday after the student entered the classroom to "talk about his grades."  During the discussion, the student allegedly "got violent and began punching the victim and strangled her until she lost consciousness," according to the LVMPD release.  [Video clip]

Boston shocked to find more crime in schools after they ditched their police.  In December of 2020, Massachusetts passed its "Police Reform Law" in response to BLM protests and calls to "abolish the police."  The law would have required school police officers to undergo 350 hours of very expensive, specialized training in order to keep their positions in their school districts.  Almost all of the schools in the Boston School District chose to instead cut their cops loose and replace them with "school safety specialists" who don't carry handcuffs or firearms and who do not have the authority to arrest students.  This left teachers and administrators with no choice other than calling 911 when trouble broke out.  To the great surprise of many of the activists pushing for "police reform" (but really not to anyone else with an IQ above room temperature) incidents of many sorts of crime in the city's public schools began to rise almost immediately.

Baltimore: Parents say sending their 'terrified' kids to school is like sending them to 'fight club'.  Baltimore County Public Schools have been the scene of a number of violent incidents in recent months.  Last December two girls in a high school locker room got into a fist fight.  One girl was airlifted to a hospital with a serious head injury.  The other was arrested and charged with assault.  [Tweet]  In January another fight at a different high school was broken up by a School Resource Officer using pepper spray.  In February, there was a shooting in the parking lot of a Catonville high school.  In March, a fight at Parkville High School caused the school to be briefly locked down.  The very next day a female student was arrested after a fight between two groups of people at Chesapeake High School.  Police had to be called and a resource officer was injured during the fight.  With all of this going on, last Thursday Baltimore County Public Schools held a listening session with parents who are concerned the city's schools have become dangerous places for their kids.

Las Vegas High School On Lockdown For A Second Day After Another Massive Brawl Breaks Out.  A Las Vegas High School was placed on a hard lockdown for the second day in a row.  "It's blowing my mind that this keeps happening," said Desert Oasis parent Laplac Brown.  Clark County School District Police Lt. Bryan Zink confirmed that the action was taken after fights were reported on campus.  According to a parent letter sent by CCSD, additional police units will be on campus on Thursday [3/10/2022].  Clark County School District Police say an adult and juvenile have been arrested in connected with fights on the campus of Desert Oasis High School.  [Video clip]

Total Madness As Students Throw Chair At Teacher, Teacher Left With Gash On His Head.  A video went viral on Thursday after a substitute teacher and a student at a Desoto ISD school were seen throwing chairs at one another during an altercation.  Following the incident and a separate fight on campus, Desoto ISD decided to close campus for Friday, Mar. 11.  At the end of the video viewers can see that the teacher did suffer a laceration on the top of his head that caused moderate bleeding.  [Video clip]

Group of Black Kids Yell 'Brown Power' While Attacking White Kids with Sticks and Boards.  Five Lyons Creek Middle School students are facing charges for race related attacks on other students.  Three of the students are Black, the other two were listed as white on the arrest forms.  According to police, they beat up four boys, who are white, saying things like "It's Opposite Day.  You're White" and "Brown power."  The attacks happened at the North Recreation Complex where students usually go before they head off to class at the nearby school.  The students charged in the attacks range in age from 12 to 15.  [Video clip]

Dallas ISD student-athlete arrested for shooting while at state playoffs in San Antonio.  A member of Dallas ISD's Kimball High School basketball team has been arrested in San Antonio after police said the student's gun went off and a bullet hit a teenage girl.  Kyron Henderson, 18, and his team were in San Antonio for the state championship basketball tournament.  He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm on school property, both felonies.

5-Year-Old Attacks Teacher In Florida Elementary School, Leaves Her Hospitalized With Severe Injuries.  A 5-year-old student who left a teacher hospitalized after he attacked her at an elementary school in Pembroke Pines won't face charges, police said.  The incident happened Wednesday [3/2/2022] at Pines Lakes Elementary School, and a police report described the incident as an aggravated assault with hands, fist or feet.  Pembroke Pines Police officials confirmed Monday the student will not be charged in the incident.  According to the report, the incident began when two students, ages 4 and 5, started throwing things around the pre-K classroom and at the teachers, then started flipping over chairs.  One of the teachers took the 5-year-old into a smaller "cool down" room and that's where the student attacked her, the report said.

Police: 6 teens charged in drive-by shooting outside East High.  Des Moines police on Tuesday released new details in a deadly drive-by shooting outside of East High School that took the life of a 15-year-old boy.  On Tuesday afternoon [3/8/2022], Des Moines police said the victim in the shooting was 15-year-old Jose David Lopez, of Des Moines.  On Monday, police confirmed that Lopez was not a student at East High.  According to police, six teens have been charged with first-degree murder after detectives determined that shots were fired by multiple shooters from multiple vehicles.  Police executed five search warrants in Des Moines since the shooting.  They said they have recovered six firearms during the investigation.

Woman charged in fatal stabbing that killed student at Lincoln University.  Authorities in Chester County arrested a woman who fatally stabbed a 21-year-old student at Lincoln University on February 16.  Nydira Smith was charged with fatally stabbing Jawine Evans, 21, in the neck at a dormitory hall on campus, according to Fox29. The suspect also stabbed two other students — Eric Dickerson, 22, and Clifton Walker, 22.  Smith was the sister of a student at Lincoln University who was involved in the fight with all three students stabbed.  Footage of the incident was obtained by detectives.

Allen mom arrested for attacking teens, adult at Murphy basketball tournament.  An Allen mother is facing several charges after police say she attacked multiple people, including teenagers, at a sports complex in Collin County.  Police say she lost it at her daughter's basketball game, punching a referee and hitting and kicking seventh grade girls on the team her daughter just played.  It all took place after a middle school basketball game.

Michigan men's basketball coach Juwan Howard takes swing at Wisconsin coach and sparks massive brawl at end of game.  Michigan men's basketball coach Juwan Howard unloaded a wild swing at a rival coach after his underperforming team was routed Sunday, sparking a massive postgame brawl that could have major ramifications on the rest of the Wolverine's season.  Howard, a a former member of Michigan's famed Fab Five and longtime NBA star, apparently got angry that Wisconsin coach Greg Gard called a timeout in the closing seconds of a game that was out of reach between the Big Ten conference foes.  After the final horn sounded on Michigan's 77-63 drubbing, Howard appeared to make contact with Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft after arguing with Gard in the handshake line.  The punch set off a wild melee between the two teams at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Teacher Refused to Let a Child Do what She wanted, So the Brat Destroys the Classroom.  The backstory on this is supposedly that the little girl wanted to do something other than her class work, so she snapped and begun destroying the entire classroom.  The teacher stood idly by just watched the little [bad] kid wreak complete havoc, slamming chairs, breaking anything she could get her hands on.  Then they allowed her to push her 60-pound body through a doorway full of grown women and walk away after shutting down the class.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
Apparently — judging by the video — everyone in the school is black.

Texas coach has broken arm after he's chased, beaten by middle schoolers.  A Texas physics teacher was chased and beaten by a group of middle school students who broke his arm in the attack, video shows.  The assault occurred at Langham Creek High School in Houston on Thursday when students from Aragon Middle School attacked assistant baseball coach and high school physics teacher Michael Shott during a baseball practice, according to reports.  Cellphone video posted on social media shows Shott sprinting away at full speed through the high school parking lot, attempting to evade several pursuing students while others follow, taking videos of the attack on their phones.

Texas high school coach recovering after he was beaten by middle schoolers.  A Texas high school coach is recovering after getting jumped by a group of middle schoolers after school.  A disturbing video of the attack that happened Thursday was shared with Fox 26 Houston.  It shows students chase down the coach at Langham Creek High School, part of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, before students punch the coach, and he falls to the ground. [...] "I heard there were kids doing donuts and stuff, causing a ruckus with their dirt bikes," student Logan Wisniewski said.  "The coach wasn't happy with it.  He asked them politely to stop doing that.  The kids weren't having that, so they decided to jump him."

Huge 13-Year-Old Student Manhandles a Significantly Smaller Student, Slams and Stomps her.  A video showing a disturbing physical altercation between two students at a Beaufort County, South Carolina middle school is under investigation, and charges are pending against one of the students, according to law enforcement.  The Beaufort County School District and Beaufort Police Department began looking into the horrifying incident at Lady's Island Middle School on Thursday.  As depicted in the video, the larger student initiates the bullying by pushing the smaller student.  When the smaller student attempts to leave, the larger student sends her back to the ground with a clothesline move to the face, with the smaller student yelling "Don't!  Don't!"  [Video clip]

Watch As Thug Kids Beat And Rob A High School Student Of Her Phone In Los Angeles.  Just another day in hellhole South Central Los Angeles as a bunch of nasty ratchets beat a teenage girl walking home from high school for her phone.  You can see one of the girls on top of the student pulling her hair and punching her in the face before she snatches the phone from her hand, then demanding the password.  [Video clip]

A School Shooting You Won't Be Hearing About.  Liberals love to use school shootings as springboards for their favored hobby horses, usually more gun control.  But what happened yesterday at the South Education Center in Richfield, Minnesota doesn't fit the narrative.  This high school is part of a school district that focuses on special education, alternative learning and transitional services.  As I understand it, many of its students come from other high schools where they have gotten into trouble, so that the South Education Center represents a second chance.  It also embodies, perhaps, the ultimate in high school wokeness. [...] But far leftists and the teachers' union are driving Resource Officers out of the public schools.  ["]Superintendent Lewandowski also ordered the removal of all metal detectors for the 2021-2022 school year 'after serious concerns about the racial equity impacts of using metal detectors.'["]  Contemplate that idea for a moment!  Everyone has to go through the metal detector, not just members of one race, so how can it represent racial inequity?  The only possible answer is that "students of color" are presumed to be most likely to bring guns to school.

What's So Frightening about Parochial Schools?  I work at a high school where the majority of the students are from inner-city Milwaukee.  They are confronted almost daily with some form of dysfunction, depravity, or violence.  One day, some of my students challenged me as to why they should put a lot of effort into their studies when, from their perspective, the outlook for their futures looked bleak.  I reminded them that God doesn't want them to live in poverty or hopelessness.  Rather, as stated in Proverbs 13, He wants them to live lives of prosperity, generosity and leave a legacy, which is possible if we follow His plan.  I was able to share aspects of my faith with my students because the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) has enabled their parents to send them to Milwaukee Lutheran High School on a voucher.

Seattle-area prosecutor defends light-on-crime approach for teens wielding guns at school: 'Get used to