Education Issues
in 21st Century America

Public schools aren't what they used to be.

Public school kids these days don't hear much about the Wright Brothers or the Constitution or Eli Whitney because they're spending time on multiculturalism, "diversity," birth control, "black studies" and the evils of styrofoam!

Public school students are deflected away from the idea of individual achievement and are taught to succeed only as teams.

The kids in government schools are being steered away from Christianity at every opportunity.  Public school kids no longer have Christmas parties, but they can have a "holiday festival".  They can't sing "Silent Night" in school, but it's okay to sing about Santa Claus, and it's okay to celebrate Kwanzaa or learn about Islam.  Just don't sing about the birth of Jesus Christ or you're in big trouble.

There is more money spent per student today than ever before, but there's no shortage of illiterate high school graduates and kids entering the workforce who can't make change (or an important decision) without the assistance of a computer.

Money injected into local school systems by the federal government hasn't helped the quality of education over the last 35 years.  It has only eroded state and local control, raised taxes, and made millions of people hopelessly dependent upon the government for day care and free meals.

The U.S. Constitution gives Congress no authority whatsoever to collect taxes for, fund, or operate schools.  It is my opinion, be it ever so humble, that if the U.S. Department of Education were completely eliminated next week, education in America could only get better, and we'd all have a lot more money in our pockets.  We could still have public schools, but only at the state, local, or family level, as provided by the Constitution.

This page is provided as a public service, to inform and enlighten as many people as possible so that they can be better informed when they vote.

In order to make the Education Page load faster, the material which once appeared on one huge page has been split into the following subsections:

Bad Ideas in Public Education  (The Ritalin section is at the bottom of the page.)

Common Core

The Pledge of Allegiance is Expelled

Lowered Standards and Dumbed-Down Schools

Liberalism and Political Correctness ... is a spin-off page that has been further subdivided:

      Revising history to fit the template of socialist politics

      Animal rights activism

      Environmentalism in schools

      Affirmative action, diversity, and multiculturalism

      Feminism and abortion acceptance

      Socialist and communist indoctrination

      Darwinism and humanism and the debate over Intelligent Design

      Speech codes and other rules that only apply to conservatives on campus.

      Gun control indoctrination

      Anti-American and anti-war indoctrination

      Pro-Islam indoctrination in schools

      Political Correctness and Moral Relativism

      Sex Education

      Acceptance and Promotion of Homosexuality

Zero Tolerance Displaces Common Sense

Spending More to Get Less

The War on Tradition, including the removal of recess from grade schools.

Religious Studies Exit the Schools

Home Schooling and Other Alternatives:

      Vouchers, Charter Schools, and School Choice.

"Affirmative Action" in College and University Admissions

Other Education Issues including a little about "No Child Left Behind".

      The teachers' unions

      The pressures on parents

      Other news items about education issues

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Parents do not have a fundamental right to excuse a child in public school from mandatory classes, says the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.  The student was excused from the family life and AIDS education portions of the 7th-grade health-education class, but the father argued the child should be excused from the rest.  The court held that, while the Supreme Court has recognized a parent's right to excuse a child from compulsory public-school attendance altogether, he does not have the right "to tell a public school what his or her child will and will not be taught."

Judge Robert Sack (appointed by President Clinton) wrote the opinion in Leebaert vs. Harrington.

Quoted from World Magazine

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