Diversity, "black studies," and multiculturalism
in schools and universities

Multicultural study means there is an emphasis on anything and everything that contrasts with America's historically male-dominated English-speaking white culture.  It is change for the sake of change — the result of the rebellious 1960's counterculture finding its way into the academics.

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California Judge Rules That Teachers Were Correct To Punish A 7-Year-Old Girl Who Wrote 'Any Life' Over A BLM Sign.  California judge rules that teachers were right to punish a 7-year-old girl who wrote 'ANY LIFE' over a Black Lives Matter drawing because 'she's too young to have First Amendment rights.'  The first grader at Viejo Elementary in Orange County was banned from recess and drawing pictures after she added the words "any life" below "Black Lives Matter" on a picture she drew and gave to a black friend.  School principal Jesus Becerra told B.B. her drawing was inappropriate and racist.  He also made her publicly apologize and banned her from recess and drawing pictures for two weeks.  The girl's family filed a lawsuit against the Capistrano Unified School District, claiming her First Amendment rights were violated in the 2021 incident.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
At what age will she acquire First Amendment rights?

Girl, 7, 'Too Young' for First Amendment Rights, Punished for 'Racist' BLM Drawing.  The woke indoctrination of your kids will never stop.  Homeschooling is a great option.  A California judge decided that punishing a seven-year-old schoolgirl for being "racist" is A-OK.  What did the li'l bigot do?  She drew a BLM picture including drawings of her diverse group of friends and added two "inclusionary" words, which this British news outlet found too vile to share on Twitter:  [Tweet]

How DEI Corrupts America's Universities.  The idea of public universities in the United States originally rested on a compact between the citizen and the republic.  The agreement was that the citizen would provide funding for the university in order to train young people to advance the public interest and the common good.  In recent years, however, this compact has shattered, and considerable efforts will be needed to rebuild it.  The clearest expression of what has gone wrong is DEI.  At first glance, a commitment to "diversity, equity, and inclusion" might seem laudable.  But DEI employs a propagandistic language to conceal its real intentions.  It is, in fact, the opposite of what it appears to be.

The Battle Against DIE Has Just Begun.  [Scroll down]  A more far-reaching example in this Trojan Horse effort is "A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction" directed by the Education Trust-West," a multi-state organization funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Its "Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction" handbook explains how instructors can proselytize the evils of White racism while teaching math.  Its anti-White message is everywhere:  "White supremacy culture is the idea (ideology) that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions."  Furthermore, "The framework for deconstructing racism in mathematics offers essential characteristics of antiracist math educators and critical approaches to dismantling white supremacy in math classrooms by making visible the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture."  The "evil whiteness" includes perfectionism, a sense of urgency, quantity above quality, either/or thinking, objectivity and other "White" traits.  Then, without any data, the book claims that toxic Whiteness "perpetuate(s) educational harm on Black, Latinx, and multilingual students, denying them full access to the world of mathematics."

UCLA Med School forced first year students to attend 'structural racism' course.  First-year UCLA medical students were forced to sit through a bizarre lecture by a pro-Hamas activist who made them pray to 'mama Earth' while a faculty member sought to identify one student who refused to participate.  Lisa Gray-Garcia gave the two-hour presentation at Geffen Hall, on the university's downtown campus on March 27.  The lecture was a mandatory part of the Structural Racism and Health Equity class that all future doctors must take, administered by pediatrician Lindsay Wells.

'Equity-Based Algebra' Is as Bad as You Imagine It to Be.  California's Math Framework (CMF) has been adopted in most of the state's 950 school districts.  And the one person most responsible for writing and pushing the framework, Jo Boaler, has been the target of a 100-page anonymous complaint that she misrepresented dozens of citations that underpin her research.  The CMF is a series of policy and curriculum "suggestions" designed to bring "equity" to the math scores of minority students.  Some of Boaler's outrageous suggestions already adopted are almost beyond belief. [...] Also, "letter grades will be discouraged in favor of 'standards-based assessments.'"  It's not very clear what "standards-based assessments" are, but it sure sounds academic and harmless, right?  The worst of it boggles logic and reason.  ["]Lessons will foreground 'equity' at the expense of teaching math basics like addition and subtraction. 'Under the framework, the range of student backgrounds, learning differences, and perspectives, taken collectively, are seen as an instructional asset that can be used to launch and support all students in a deep and shared exploration of the same context and open task,' the CMF continues.  It adds that 'learning is not just a matter of gaining new knowledge — it is also about growth and identity development.'["]

The collapse of the California mathematics framework.  The Stanford Education professor who inspired the elimination of 8th grade Algebra I in San Francisco public schools (now repealed) and who was the impetus for the equity-based California Mathematics Framework (CMF) has been accused of numerous instances of "reckless disregard for accuracy" in her research supporting these initiatives. [...] The Framework was made out of popsicle sticks and has now collapsed.  Don't bet on any consequences for the members of the California State Board of Education who rushed to vote in favor of this woke initiative, resulting in its approval.  Add equity-based math to the collection of narratives we were supposed to accept without question or risk getting canceled, doxed, fired, and maybe even spied on by the FBI, only to be debunked after the damage is done.

District Hiring 'Whiteness' Superintendent to Root Out White Supremacy.  The Saint Louis Park School District, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, is hiring an assistant superintendent to "examine the presence of Whiteness" in the district.  It's a good gig, paying between $134,000 and $201,000.  [Tweet]  It seems that "Whiteness" is a pressing problem for the district, which no doubt explains why there has been so much learning loss in the public schools over the past few years.  Enrollment of White students has been dropping, with only 53% of the students being White, and as they have fled to other districts, the problem of White Supremacy has gotten worse, leading to horrible test scores: [...] It's a troubling thing, to see how Whiteness is harming minority students, and the district is working hard to root it out.  As the student body and staff become less White, Whiteness has become an increasing problem.

Arizona State University professor sues school over DEI training: 'simply racism'.  A longtime professor at Arizona State University (ASU) sued the university on Tuesday over a mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) course for faculty, arguing it violates state law.  Owen Anderson, a professor of philosophy, religious studies and theology at ASU, is suing the school with the help of the conservative nonprofit the Goldwater Institute, claiming it is in violation of a two-year-old state law that forbids public agencies from requiring employees to engage in training that presents any form of "blame or judgment on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex."  Anderson could face discipline from his superiors for refusing to participate in the DEI training, according to a press release from the Goldwater Institute.  The complaint alleges the training discriminates by "compelling the speech of public employees by requiring faculty and staff to take an examination following a training that presents forms of blame or judgment on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex, and answer with Arizona State University's 'correct' answers, in violation of the Arizona Constitution."

Video teaches that all whites are racist, minorities can't be racist.  A college required its athletes to watch it.  Davidson College — a private institution in North Carolina — required its athletes to watch a video that teaches that all white people are racist and that racial minorities can't be racist, the College Fix reported.  The Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought and Discourse — an alumni-run free-speech organization — exposed and denounced the "I'm Not Racist... Am I?" video, the outlet said.  "In one clip of the film that we uncovered is the unequivocal repetition that all white people are racist, and people of color cannot be racist," the group said, according to the College Fix.

University of Florida fires all 28 of its DEI employees.  The University of Florida has eliminated all positions affiliated with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).  The move, laid bare in a leaked administrative memo, serves as the latest in the state's mission to nix DEI initiatives from public institutions.  University Director of Public Affairs Cynthia Roldan confirmed the cut consisted of 13 full-time positions, as well 15 administrative appointments -- 28 in total.

Death to DEI.  Bryan Caplan, professor of economics in George Mason University's excellent economics department, has a long article out today with the James Martin Center about the attempt to impose a mandatory "Just Societies" course for all students at George Mason starting next fall, and the course is a total ideological DEI wokefest.  He also has a separate Substack article that goes into lengthy detail.  Partly because Caplan blew the whistle on this Orwellian outrage, the course requirement is on hold for the moment, pending "review" by the administration.  And naturally the DEI campus Stasi is threatening to "review" Prof. Caplan for this offense.

Davidson College Students Are Required To Watch This Video Depicting All Whites As Racists And States That No Black People Can Be.  All students at Davidson College are required to watch this video.  In the video, they define racism as only from whites to minorities.  When an Asian girl pipes up and asks if racism could happen the other way, the moderator says "No... that's bigotry, not racism."  [Video clip]

Seattle High School Issues Handout Telling Children That Enjoying the 'Written Word' Is White Supremacy.  This story will make you miss the days when education was about actually learning skills and subjects that would help to equip children for adulthood.  A Seattle high school issued a reading assignment featuring nine supposed traits of white supremacy.  The assignment in question dives deep into progressive racial theory and is ostensibly intended to promote critical thinking about America's societal structures.  But a closer look reveals its actual aim:  To further indoctrinate children into progressive ideology on race issues. [...] The handout features the nine characteristics of white supremacy, which also include "individualism," "objectivity," "right to comfort," fear," "perfectionism," "either/or & the binary," and "Paternalism & Power Hoarding."  A father whose child attends the school told talk show host Jason Rantz: "I feel bad for any students who actually internalize stuff like this as it is setting them up for failure."

The NYT finally admits it:  Schools are teaching our kids divisive critical race theory.  Schools are just teaching honest history.  That's been the lie educators, teachers unions and the mainstream media have parroted for three years in response to the growing chorus of parents of all political stripes asserting schools are indoctrinating the nation's children in critical race theory and leftist politics.  Now the paper of record concedes we parents were right.  In a front-page article in Friday's New York Times, "Ethnic Studies Collides With Israel-Hamas War," education reporter Dana Goldstein exposes the truth about K-12 education.  The article is ostensibly about the blatant antisemitism embedded in California's ethnic-studies curriculum, which must be in all public high schools by 2025 and a graduation requirement by 2030.  The legislation was pushed, of course, by the 310,000-member-strong California Teachers Association, the largest affiliate of our country's largest teachers union, the National Education Association.

Teacher Critical of 'Woke Kindergarten' Training Gets Suspended.  Glassbrook Elementary is located in Hayward, California which is south of Oakland on the east side of the San Francisco Bay.  The school has just under 500 students and lately it has been struggling with falling test scores.  But that didn't stop the school from signing a $250,000, three-year contract with a company called "Woke Kindergarden" which, as the name suggests, provides training to teachers (but not to students in this case) on how to fight white supremacy.

It's the BLM 'Week of Action' in Public Schools.  Did you know that kids across America are enjoying this year's Black Lives Matter "Week of Action?"  This is thanks to the endorsement of the National Education Association, the largest teachers' union.  It has partnered up with BLM (they still exist?) to engage students in anti-White, anti-Jewish, and anti-Western activities designed to prepare children to become good citizens in the coming de-colonialized America.  [Tweet]  There is absolutely nothing good to recommend about the BLM Week of Action, but this year, a new and particularly vile twist has been added to the mix: a call to martyrdom.  Yes, you read that right.  Rather than just smear everything about the West, this year BLM has allied itself with a pro-Jihad group to promote the idea that martyrdom in the destruction of Western values is a good and necessary thing.

Yes, It Is Real:  Woke Kindergarten Destroying Bay Area School.  Woke Kindergarten.  It sounds like a bad joke.  But unfortunately, it is very real, and a Bay Area school is dropping $250,000 to this for-profit company to provide indoctrination to students who are already doing badly in school.  [Tweet]  It tells you something — nothing good, of course — that a school that is doing a horrendous job of giving kids a basic education is spending money to train teachers to turn children into woke warriors.  Given that reasoning skills are counterproductive when you want children mindlessly mouthing platitudes about indigenous rights, the elimination of work and rent, and the need to eliminate Israel, it makes perfect sense.  [Tweet]

The U.S. is going off the rails.  According to the New York Post:  ["]Students at Stamford public schools will no longer get the day off on [Veterans' Day and Columbus Day] for the next two school years after the board voted 5-3 to remove them Tuesday night, the Stamford Advocate reported.["]  The motive for the removals is obvious, however at least one board member claimed the holidays were simply axed to shorten the school year which currently extends into mid-June.  If so, why were these two days removed and no other holidays?  After all, PRIDE! month is celebrated, even if there is no single day off.  And the schools are closed on Indigenous People's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day, Yom Kippur, Election Day, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and "Juneteenth." Incredible.  Maybe cut out a couple of them?  Of course not.

DeSantis Chalks Up Another Policy Victory, Nukes DEI in State Schools.  Ron DeSantis has chalked up another policy victory in Florida.  The state's Board of Education, which was appointed by the governor, formally moved to ban DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) in all state schools.  The new rule was the follow-through on a law DeSantis signed last May which mandated that funding be denied to any state school that has DEI programs.

Toxic and incompetent academia.  The effort nationwide in many legislatures to end the very racist "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" (DEI) departments that now poison universities everywhere are not only failing, they are illustrating the emptiness of most of that effort.  In Georgia, for example, political pressure on the state's university system forced it last year to ban DEI statements from any applicants for teaching positions.  The university system was also required to "...eliminate references to 'diversity' and 'diverse' from the standards and replace them with the terms that are allegedly easier to understand."  These mere semantic demands were quickly warped by the universities, which instead of eliminating such bigoted programs, which create quota systems that favor the hiring of some races over others, the universities simply renamed the statements and the DEI programs to meet the letter of the ban, but not its spirit.

Legislatures Are Coming For DEI.  It is slowly dawning on liberals across America that DEI is, in most contexts, illegal.  The whole point of DEI is to discriminate against disfavored groups, and in favor of preferred groups.  Liberals have a hard time understanding that there is anything wrong with this, but the courts — most notably, recently, in the Harvard and UNC cases — are beginning to set them straight.  In many states, legislators aren't waiting for litigation to unfold.  They are passing laws barring universities from spending money on DEI, disbanding DEI programs, and so on.  Of course this is causing consternation in the world of higher education.

Academics Call For Critical Race Theory To Be Taught In Kindergarten, Warn Of Racist 3 Year Olds.  Academics and activists teamed up to create a guide to teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) to young children, arguing that kids exhibit racial bias from as young as three years old.  Titled "Reflections on Children's Racial Learning," the guide was created by a leftist organization called EmbraceRace, and shares strategies to effectively inculcate liberal beliefs on race among young children.  It was written in part by professors at prominent universities such as the University of North Carolina and Wake Forest University, who urge parents to have "courageous conversations about race" with their toddlers.  "Children will 'naturally' grow up to be non-racist adults only when they live in a non-racist society.  Until then, adults must guide children's anti-racist development," the guide argues, adding that "we have far to go before the US can be considered a 'non-racist society.'"  It also claimed that "by about 3 [tp] 4 years old ... white children generally show clear pro-White biases."

The Editor says...
The white kids are not the only bigots in the school.  The "EmbraceRace" people probably know, but won't admit, that the most prejudiced kids in class are black, and maybe that's why the other kids have "pro-White biases."  The news media avoids any discussion of black racism.  But I don't

Claudine Gay's Most Grievous Sin.  Claudine Gay's sudden resignation from Harvard has been an eye-opener.  Why would Harvard appoint a serial plagiarizer with an undistinguished scholarly record as its President?  Or a person with such limited administrative experience?  Nevertheless, this disaster is even worse.  Claudine Gay is intent on promoting the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) agenda whose aim is to radically transform the United States, including universities such as Harvard.  Nor is she alone in her radical quest.  According to one sampling of universities, the average university employes some 45 functionaries responsible for promoting the DIE program to recruit additional Black faculty across all departments.  Make no mistake, the DIE agenda is all about making racial identity, not merit, central to everything.  Hard to imagine an agenda more antithetical to American higher education than DIE.  This is not just an abstract philosophical dispute.  The DIE commissars exercise power over faculty appointments, promotions, and departmental budgets while mobilizing students to cancel conservative speakers.

Crenshaw to Introduce Bill Stripping Federal Funding from Universities That Require DEI Statements.  Representative Dan Crenshaw (R., Texas) will introduce legislation Monday to prohibit institutions of higher education from requiring students to write or endorse diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements, National Review has exclusively learned.  Building on a recently signed Texas law banning DEI programs in the state's public universities, the bill would amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to prevent universities across the country from receiving any federal funding if they compel students to compose or sign the oaths.  Crenshaw told NR that the recent explosion of campus antisemitism provided the impetus for the bill.

October 7 revealed the new Nazis.  London indeed has fallen to a group of Muslim invaders let in by the billionaires who installed Sunak, a Hindu, as PM. They seek to destroy from within and they are quite good at erasing history and love of country.  Their latest lie is that black people built Stonehenge.  Americans may laugh all they want but they live in a country where black history has replaced American history in your schools.  The big lie now is that blacks freed themselves on June 19, 1865, after the Civil War — which was a white people problem.

Middle School Student Suspended, Banned from Sporting Events After Principal Says His 'War Paint' Is Actually Blackface:  Report.  How's a kid supposed to get a decent education when he's surrounded by idiots?  A student at Muirlands Middle School in the progressive haven of San Diego, California, was suspended from school and banned from future sporting events for the grievous infraction of "wearing 'war paint' on his face at a La Jolla High School football game," according to Libs of TikTok.  Is showing up at a football game displaying a bit of school spirit considered offensive these days?  Almost, but not quite.  The Muirland Middle School's principal didn't see a kid showing up to a game to cheer on a team.  In the principal's skewed perspective through a radical leftist lens, the student was made up in a "clear-cut case of blackface," according to the report.

Black 4th Grade Teacher Teaches Her Kids To Hate White People.  ["]Teaching my 4th grade class about white supremacy and colonization.["]  [Video clip]

Universities Slow To Condemn Hamas Were Quick To Issue Statements About George Floyd, January 6.  Universities across the country that were quick to take stances on events like the death of George Floyd or the January 6 Capitol riot are either refusing to take an institutional stance on the terrorist attacks in Israel or correcting prior statements to explicitly condemn Hamas after facing backlash.  Northwestern University and Williams College have opted not to take a position on the attacks whereas Harvard, Cornell, Ohio State and Stanford University amended their statements after receiving criticism for not condemning Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror organization.  However, these institutions released statements condemning events including Supreme Court decisions, the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 2021 and/or the killing of George Floyd.

Why Have Military Academies?  According to the West Point website, "graduates were largely responsible for the construction of the bulk of the nation's earliest waterways, infrastructure, harbors, the Washington Monument, and surveys for the future transcontinental railroads.  Perhaps the greatest engineering feat in world history was the Panama Canal completed in 1914 under the direction of Colonel George W. Goethals (Class of 1880), an Army engineer."  All that began to change in the mid-1980s, when West Point transitioned to a liberal arts institution offering degrees in a wide variety of disciplines, many of which have little to no relevance to the battlefield or to leading troops.  Most useless and counterproductive of these is a minor that now woke West Point offers: "Diversity and Inclusion."  Courses within this minor include Social Inequality; Power and Difference; The Politics of Race, Gender and Sexuality; World Religions; Sex and Civilizations; Race, Ethnicity, Nation; and Society & Culture in American History.  These are fitting for a military academy that now promotes anti-white racism, communist-style self-criticism sessions for white cadets, transgenderism, discriminatory entry requirements, and race-over-merit promotions.

In that case, what should we now call the informal dining tables permanently installed at a city park?
UNLV law school apologizes for using word 'picnic,' changes it to 'Lunch by the Lake'.  A scheduled "picnic" sponsored by the University of Nevada Las Vegas law school's Environmental Law Society has been renamed "Lunch by the Lake" due to "diversity and inclusion" concerns. According to a memo obtained by Libs of TikTok, the law group informed members that the word "picnic" has "historical and offensive connotations," and apologized for "any harm or discomfort" caused by its use.  The group's view mirrors that of the University of Michigan's IT department from several years ago: "Picnic" was included in a "Words Matter Task Force's" list of offensive words and phrases along with "brown bag," "blacklist" and "long time, no see" among others.  At the time, Reuters did a fact check on the alleged offensiveness of "picnic"; its verdict:  It "does not originate from racist lynchings" but instead comes from the 300-plus-year-old French word "pique-nique," meaning a potluck-like social gathering.

Geology: Too hard?  Too white?  Willa Rowan, of Western Washington University, had what she thought was a rock-solid idea for her master's thesis.  She would generate — and sift through — data to discover the systemic racism and inequality that must be inherent in the geosciences... and the study thereof.  According to thecollegefix.com, Rowan surveyed 139 college seniors majoring in geoscience — from 99 universities.  She purported to find that "BIPOC students, especially female and non-binary students, were more likely to report struggles with mental health and feelings of inadequacy."  The same could be said of females and non-binary individuals that aren't in (or studying) the geosciences.  Unsurprisingly, Rowan also claimed that "BIPOC students in geoscience face discrimination and barriers to learning at all levels, from microaggressions to systemic racism."

College spends $200,000 on 'diversity' platform teaching doctors health care is racist.  The University of Minnesota (UMN) paid over $200,000 to develop a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training program that teaches medical professionals that healthcare is fundamentally racist, according to documents received by the medical watchdog Do No Harm and shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation.  The training, developed by Diversity Science, is intended to educate healthcare professionals on obstetric care for black and indigenous women, which the training dubs "birthing people," and highlights perceived "structural racism" in healthcare practices.  Moreover, UMN's DEI office blames "white supremacy" for certain disparities in perinatal care, and trains providers to view the development of medicine and the healthcare system as tainted with racism, documents obtained by Do Not Harm reveal.

California College Professors Sue Over State DEI Requirements.  Six California college professors are suing the state over diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) requirements they say force them to take the government's view on "politically charged" topics.  The professors, from three Fresno-area community colleges, are being represented by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), which filed the lawsuit in federal court last week.  The professors say the requirements are unconstitutional under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.  "I'm a professor of chemistry.  How am I supposed to incorporate DEI into my classroom instruction?" said Reedley College professor Bill Blanken.  "What's the 'anti-racist' perspective on the atomic mass of boron?"  The lawsuit says that Blanken does not believe that DEIA principles should be incorporated into his chemistry classes, saying he believes that it would be "pedagogically unsound and disruptive" to do so.

UC Faculty Members [are] Rebelling Against DEI in Math Classes.  Given enough time, all bad ideas are eventually shown to be exactly what they are.  The issue, of course, is how much collateral damage is created before someone either admits that they were wrong or stands up and declares that it is time to put an end to the madness.  And members of the faculty in the University of California (UC) system have decided that DEI just isn't working, at least in terms of math.  One at least sees how the champions of equity can co-opt art, literature, and politics for their purposes.  One may not like it, and it may be wrong, but one can understand the blueprint and pathways to ruining students' educations in pursuit of the popular thing at the moment.  But subjects like math, chemistry, astronomy, and geology should all be immune to the siren song of equity by their very nature.  Not that those in the "degreed class" haven't tried.  And lo and behold, someone noticed that the equity approach to math was not quite getting the job done.

Parents as Obstacles to Education?  [Scroll down]  Indeed, some teachers and schools go to great lengths for parental engagement, providing online access to student grades, attendance, and behavior reports as well as resources and assignments.  Regular email, voicemail, and text notifications keep parents informed while smartphone apps permit ongoing conversations.  But that is not always the case.  Some teachers, unions, school boards, and government actors deliberately exclude parents, dissolving the communal "glue" essential to educating kids.  Why?  In 2013, the NEA proposed ejecting "right-wingers" from school boards, while today an overtly partisan NEA supports parent-derisive politicians while declaring opposition to "anti-Critical Race Theory (CRT) rhetoric."  The NEA demands parents embrace one political view or be banished.  Such partisanship formed the Biden administration's now-defunct National Parents and Families Engagement Council.  Lamenting that conservative groups "attacked" efforts at parental engagement, partisan educators ironically called for "depoliticization" while pushing intrinsically political CRT-inspired diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) and LGBT activist curricula.

'Squad' member Rep. Cori Bush made $15K teaching course on reparations.  US Rep. Cori Bush pocketed $15,000 for teaching a university summer course on reparations, according to her financial disclosure report.  The Missouri congresswoman — and longtime champion of offering cash payments to black Americans as compensation for slavery — earned the dough from George Mason University for co-teaching the class "The Public Pedagogy of Truth and Reparations."  The course is expected to focus on "truth telling processes" as well as "state sponsored violence against African Americans and other targeted groups," the school said in a news release.

Professor Offers a Summer Writing Program — but Not if You're White, and Only if You 'Honor' Trans People.  Is it preferable to instruct people who hype homoeroticism and tout transgenderism?  It seems to be for a New York professor — at least in the case of a season-long writing extravaganza.  And the teacher has a no-exceptions rule:  All students must be black.  Syracuse University Assistant Professor of Political Science Jenn M. Jackson is teaching a writing workshop this summer.  It comes courtesy of Colored Convos Media, an LLC of which she's co-founder.

Only 'White People' Ever Enslaved Others, Says Black Professor.  In a recent article, we considered the claims of Brittney Cooper, a professor at Rutgers University.  She believes that all "white people," whom she also refers to as "m------------" who are "committed to being villains" — in a word, racists — need to be "taken out."  One of her arguments is that, whenever non-whites try to have a "reckoning" with whites, the latter say, "It's just human nature.  If y'all had all of this power, you would have done the same thing," right? [...] This must be the professor's most ignorant of claims — which is saying much — that non-whites somehow behaved with more tolerance and civility whenever they landed on the shores of others.  While we don't necessarily have historical records of black sub-Saharans "sailing across oceans," we do know that they savagely warred on and enslaved one another.  It is enough to point out that, as Michael Omolewa, a Nigerian diplomat, once did:  ["][T]he bulk of the supply [of African slaves sold to Europeans] came from the Nigerians.  These Nigerian middlemen moved to the interior where they captured other Nigerians who belonged to other communities. ... Many Nigerian middlemen began to depend totally on the slave trade and neglected every other business and occupation.  The result was that when the trade was abolished [by England in 1807] these Nigerians began to protest.  As years went by and the trade collapsed such Nigerians lost their sources of income and became impoverished.["]  These are not just historical observations.  Despite Western efforts to abolish slavery, there are currently more than 50 million slaves — all of them in the non-Western world.

Race Hoax:  Florida State U. Fires Prof for Faking Data on 'Systemic Racism' as Multiple Papers Are Retracted.  A Florida State University professor has been fired for "faking data" to prove that the legacy of lynching "makes whites want longer sentences for blacks" as part of his long-running work on "systemic racism."  Six of the professor's studies have since been retracted.  Florida State criminology professor Eric Stewart, who claimed that "systemic racism" infests America's police and American society, is now out of a job after nearly 20 years of his data was called into question, according to a report by the New York Post.

Prof:  Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege.  A math education professor at the University of Illinois argued in a newly published book that algebraic and geometry skills perpetuate "unearned privilege" among whites.  Rochelle Gutierrez, a professor at the University of Illinois, made the claim in a new anthology for math teachers, arguing that teachers must be aware of the "politics that mathematics brings" in society.  "On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.  Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White," Gutierrez argued.

LeBron James Founded A School Based On Equity.  It Is An Unmitigated Disaster.  There was a time, way back in another era, when the goal of the education system was to educate students.  Back in those days, this goal was pursued through a merit-based approach.  Kids were graded and ranked based on their performance.  High performing students were advanced, low performing students were held back.  Well behaved students were rewarded, poorly behaved students were punished.  This was the general idea.  But this strategy has fallen out of favor in recent years.  It was too mean, we were told and racist, too, somehow.  Piece by piece, the system of merit-based education in public schools was dismantled, until finally there was nothing left.  And into that gap came "equity" to replace it.  What does "equity" mean, exactly?  That's a question you'll never get a real answer to.  But in this case, we know what "equity" means from a practical perspective.  It means spending more money for worse schools.  It also means creating new schools, from the ground-up — because the only way to guarantee that you're not perpetuating White Supremacy is to start from scratch.  One of these new, non-racist schools was founded five years ago in Akron, Ohio, with help from NBA All-Star LeBron James.

Toronto principal killed himself after being singled out during DEI training.  This story was already being cited as cause for concern about corporate DEI training even before last week when it took an even darker turn.  Earlier this month the National Post reported that retired Toronto principal Richard Bilkszto was suing the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) over the treatment he received during diversity training sessions. [...] So this training is routine in Canada but what wasn't routine was Bilkszto's reaction.  Instead of going along with it, he stood up to the trainer.  And that quickly resulted in him being told to shut up and sit down because he was white.

Liberal Professor Says White People Who Treat Races Equally Are 'Dangerous'.  The lecture, entitled "What Does It Mean To Be White," was given by University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo.  DiAngelo, who according to her website specializes in "whiteness studies," added that people who say they've been taught to treat everyone the same deny black people their reality.  "If you are being honest, you've probably said it," she said of being taught to treat everyone the same.  "Your parents could lecture you to do it [but] you don't do it, you can't do it, there is no human objectivity."

Thank you, Florida, for Fighting Indoctrination.  Last month, two conservative groups made court filings to oppose Florida's anti-woke law:  The Academic Freedom Alliance ("AFA") joined the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression ("FIRE") challenging the statute's constitutionality.  The Florida law bans promotion of divisive concepts, based on race or sex, in the educational setting.  Its language is similar to President Trump's Executive Order 13950 which applied to the federal workforce but was withdrawn when Biden took office.  Challengers claim that the Florida law chills the free speech rights of professors and therefore violates both the First Amendment and what is called "academic freedom," a term that is variously defined but here refers to the right of professors to teach as they see fit.

Yes, Really: Texas University Offers Degrees in 'Victim Studies'.  [Scroll down]  In other words, this isn't a college degree; it's a glorified course in woke, leftist social justice activism.  It's likely students will learn little that isn't colored by leftist propaganda.  What exactly will these graduates be fitted for, other than gluing themselves to tarmac or joining Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Congress?  The website says the Victim Studies Department works with "local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, rape crisis and domestic violence shelters." The problem is that those most fitted to help abuse victims are not woke college students who spent four years in propaganda courses, just as Gender Studies graduates mostly aren't doing great work to help women.  It's all jargon.

New Book Details Government Unions Using Taxpayer Dollars to Push Radical Ideology on the Nation.  Teachers unions are writing the playbook of the hard Left.  The Freedom Foundation obtained "Racial Justice in Education," an internal document published in 2018 by the National Education Association.  It illustrates, in shocking detail, the degree to which the nation's largest teachers union embraces the tenets of critical race theory and shows how this neo-Marxist ideology serves as the fountainhead of the union's support of a host of radical policies, from defunding the police to banning voter ID requirements.  This guidebook, which remained almost invisible outside union circles, was produced well before these noxious trends became widely known.  But their discovery shows that the NEA was critical in laying the groundwork for the movements that nearly tore our country apart in 2020-21.  A mere two years after the NEA published "Racial Justice in Education," the union's evil plan came to fruition, as Portland and other cities starved law enforcement and CRT was shoved down children's throats all over America.  A full reading of the eighty-page "Racial Justice in Education" leaves one stupefied.  It also reveals that the NEA holds views on race that many, if not most, Americans and most teachers would find troubling or even repellent.

Lowering the national IQ.  What American education is doing instead of preaching that the black culture should clean up its act is saying to be proud of the black culture with its rap profanity, its high crime rate, its glitzy fame-seeking, its unwed motherhood, its one-parent families, and its emphasis on Being Black rather than on being competent.  America's schools and colleges, by not demanding excellence and by teaching courses geared to racial/sex differences, is lowering the national I.Q. not just for blacks, but for whites, Asians, Indians, and everyone else.  It is a classically liberal mindset: rather than raise the bar to encourage excellence, they lower it to the lowest achievers, believing that excellence and merit are too "white."  Thanks to people like Kendi and Hannah-Jones, youngsters are growing up believing that black is all that matters and white not only is demonic and genetically racist, with no hope of redemption, but also needs to pay up.

'Reparations Math' Fused with Critical Race Theory.  A recently released school curriculum by the 1619 Project education network will teach thousands of high school students that they are victims of slavery that ended in 1865 under the 13th Amendment — more than 150 years ago.  The new radical "Reparations Math and Reparations History" curriculum teaches how slavery "led to a wealth gap for African Americans."  Using Culturally Responsive Teaching, race-based Marxist propaganda is fused into lessons linked to Common Core Math and Social Studies Standards.  Through progressive groupthink Project Based Learning (PBL) over three-four weeks, students will gather information about "the way that the sugar industry, and other industries that grew as a result of slave labor, have led to a wealth gap for African Americans in the U.S."  Employing math skills, they will "evaluate whether they think reparations should be paid to descendants of enslaved people in the U.S."  And they will determine how trillions of dollars of this free money should be doled out by White taxpayers.

1619 Project releases new 'reparations math' curriculum for high school students.  High school students will learn about the causes of racial inequality and discuss reparations for slavery as part of a new "reparations math" curriculum developed by the creators of the controversial 1619 Project.  The 1619 Project Education Network, overseen by the Pulitzer Center, released the outline for "Reparations Math and Reparations History" on May 8.  "Students apply math skills, research into historical wealth gaps in the U.S., and an analysis of different reparations models to an investigation into whether or not reparations should be paid to the descendents of enslaved people in the U.S.," the network's website states.

How Modernism Is Fascism.  Today's woke culture, the outcome of decades of academic support for identity politics, is every bit as anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, and anti-religious as were fascism and communism, perhaps because, like fascism and communism, wokeism has its origins in Marxism, an intensely anti-modern, skeptical, and authoritarian system of thought.  In this sense, wokeism fills the spiritual and moral void left behind by Modernism and postmodernism.

UConn to require students to pass 'Anti-Black Racism' course in order to graduate.  The University of Connecticut (UConn) will officially make its "Anti-Black Racism" (ABR) course mandatory for all undergraduate students as part of the core curriculum's new social justice requirement.  Provost Anne D'Alleva announced on May 17 that the requirement will go into effect during the 2024-2025 academic year with a course that will be similar to the one-credit ABR elective that has been offered since 2021.  "An education at our university must provide many opportunities to confront the history and current reality of injustice and human rights abuses, and we expect our students to be leaders in creating a more just and equitable world.  ABR and the curricular changes that are in development are a powerful point of departure from the status quo," D'Alleva stated.

University of California sued for mandating DEI statements from applicants.  A policy that requires scholars seeking a job at UC Santa Cruz to provide a diversity, equity and inclusion statement as part of the application process is unconstitutional, argues a recently filed lawsuit against the University of California system and UCSC leaders.  The Pacific Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit on behalf of J.D. Haltigan, a former University of Toronto psychology professor, who argues the university's DEI statement requirement runs afoul of the First Amendment because it requires Haltigan "to express ideas with which he disagrees in order to be eligible for employment."  The lawsuit states UC Santa Cruz applicants "must express agreement with specific socio-political ideas, including the view that treating individuals differently based on their race or sex is desirable."

Social Emotional Learning: Don't Be Fooled By The Title.  The ultimate goal of SEL is to shift the values, beliefs, attitudes, and worldviews of students.  The goal is to psychologically manipulate students to accept the progressive ideology that supports gender fluidity, sexual preference exploration, and systemic oppression.  SEL uses a framework that addresses five competencies: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness.  These seemingly innocuous skills are very deceptive to most people.  The problem is these skills are delivered to students through an "equity lens" aka the viewpoint of someone who believes America is systemically racist and oppressive.

Inmates Take Over the Asylum at a Kansas High School.  The good news is that not every teacher in the schools across the nation is an agendized leftist culture warrior.  Some teachers actually practice virtues like dignity, values, and common sense, and embrace ideas such as free speech and critical thought.  The bad news is that such teachers seem to be much fewer in number than their guerrilla counterparts and face uphill battles in their efforts to reintroduce sanity to the classroom.  Caedran Sullivan, a 15-year veteran English teacher at Shawnee Mission High School in Overland Park, Kan., is one such teacher.  And she is paying the price.  Sullivan had become fed up with the woke culture at the school, which she says fostered an atmosphere of contempt and disrespect, according to The Blaze.  To that end, she penned two op-eds in an online magazine called The Lion, which advocates a Christian approach to education.

Kansas public school teacher: Yes, your children are being indoctrinated.  Parents and taxpayers need to know what's going on in the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD).  As an English teacher employed in the SMSD for 15 years, I can no longer stay silent about the state of our schools.  I will be attacked and threatened, but for the good of our district and the students with whom we are entrusted, I must speak out.  This is too important.  Amidst a worsening teacher shortage that saw SMSD pay $3.5 million to out-of-state agencies to recruit and retain more educators, we are losing good teachers because of an imposed divisive rhetoric that does not inspire mutual goodwill.  In my school alone, three teacher-coaches left in March and recently, in one day, four more teachers said they are contemplating leaving the profession.  We are being manipulated and intimidated by a divisive "woke" ideology that is creating a culture of contempt and disrespect.

The Wages Of Woke Are Death.  Going woke means more than, as the saying says, going broke.  It also means the ultimate loss of life.  The grip of wokeness on our society will eventually kill Americans.  Let's begin with health care.  Medical school students, whose learning should be focused on the healing arts, are being taught social justice ideology.  Apparently, white supremacy, oppression, and structural racism must be addressed by America's doctors-to-be, as well as the sin of being white.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion studies are being required at some schools, which of course crowds out time used in the past to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to be a good doctor.  Politics have no place in medical schools, but there they are.

How America's Obsession with DEI Is Sabotaging Our Medical Schools.  For better or worse, I have had a front-row seat to the meltdown of twenty-first-century medicine.  Many colleagues and I are alarmed at how the DEI agenda — which promotes people and policies based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation rather than merit — is undermining healthcare for all patients regardless of their status.  Five years ago I was associate dean of curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, and prior to that, codirector of its highly regarded kidney division.  Around that time, Penn's vice dean for education started to advocate that we train medical students to be activists for "social justice."  The university also implemented a new "pipeline program," allowing ten students a year from HBCUs (historically black colleges or universities) to attend its med school after maintaining a 3.6 GPA but no other academic requirement, including not taking the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

Die DEI, die.  The University of Arkansas issued a press release on November 16, 2022, "Ad/PR Student Attends National PR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit in Chicago." [...] The photo accompanying the story showed 20 people.  Three were white women and one was a black male.  The rest were black women and Asian women.  They think there is a future in becoming a professional but DEI is a ghetto for women, minorities, LGBT and others who marginalize themselves by not availing themselves of the opportunities afforded them by the great civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s.  The women and the man in that photo need to develop marketable skills.

Tenured professor who challenged social justice funding [was] fired in [a] secret board vote.  California's Bakersfield College has fired a tenured history professor formally charged with "dishonesty" for disagreeing with colleagues on diversity issues, including a proposed "racial climate task force" to supersede the gridlocked diversity committee on which he served.  The secretive move against Matthew Garrett followed a contentious public meeting on his fate Thursday.  The Kern Community College District Board of Trustees, whose vice president publicly compared Garrett to livestock that should be culled before apologizing for the remark, apparently held an unrecorded vote without public notice Thursday, either in closed session between morning and afternoon open sessions or after the public meeting.  Local media were confused, with KGET reporting that Garrett's status remained unknown as of noon Friday.  "There was an outpouring of community support and the room hit capacity; several people were turned away," Garrett told Just the News early Friday morning before learning of the vote.

Missouri School District to Fight Bias, Racism in Math Curriculum.  A Missouri school district plans to include the personal pronouns "they/them" in math problems and hire certified teachers as "math interventionists" to fight racism and gender bias in math classes after a curriculum evaluation.  "A persistent myth within math education is that since 'numbers are universal,' math classrooms are objective and free of bias," says the Webster Groves School District's Math Program Evaluation, which was presented Thursday during a Board of Education meeting.  "Research shows clearly that any space where learning occurs is neither free of bias nor resistant to oppressive systems such as racism, sexism, classism or xenophobia," Susan Bergman, the district's math curriculum director, wrote in a PowerPoint presentation reviewed afterward by The Daily Signal.

How Walmart Pushed Arkansas Public Schools to Go Woke.  In January 2020, Walmart approached public school administrators in Bentonville, Arkansas, about hosting diversity training sessions for the district.  "We want people to feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe living here" in Northwest Arkansas, Candice Jones, Walmart's head of diversity, emailed district leaders, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  To that end, the company was offering to arrange teacher training sessions with a North Carolina-based consultancy known as the Racial Equity Institute, a group "devoted to creating racially equitable organizations and systems."

Can We Do Anything About America's Decline?  Race is no longer an accurate barometer of either victimhood or legitimate grievance.  If "affirmative" action were to continue, it should be based entirely on class considerations, not the current system of Elizabeth Warrenesque fakery or delusions that the elite children of Eric Holder, the Obamas, the Duchess of Sussex, or LeBron James are in some need of compensatory privilege for college admissions, appointments, or hiring.  Because America is now multiracial, with untold ethnic and racial agendas, and countless and contorted collective grievances, it is impossible to sort out victimizers and victims.  Junk the entire illiberal and patently illegal system of racial discrimination, and there would be an organic return to merit, and with it, race would become incidental, not essential to American identities.  After 1964, it seems Orwellian that liberal institutions could continue to assign dorms by race, segregate graduations, and impose racial requisites to participate in special programs.

Fraudulent Studies Withdrawn as Professor Is Caught Faking the Racism Narrative.  Remember how during Trump's presidency, the media went to great lengths to push the narrative that Trump inspired an increase in racism and hate crimes?  And then it felt like many of the hate crimes reported in the media were actually hoaxes?  It didn't stop the mainstream media from perpetuating the false narrative that Trump was to blame for a rise in hate crimes.  Why?  Because it appealed to the left's ideology.  The left wants to believe that America is a bigoted, racist country, and blaming Trump for it was the icing on the cake — and they made sure they had their slice and ate it, too.  Even though it blew up in their faces over and over again.  And it's about to again.  It turns out that years of racism studies by Florida State University criminology professor Eric Stewart have been determined to be fraudulent, forcing him to leave his cushy $190,000-per-year job.  Six of Stewart's studies have been retracted.

The Deconstruction Of The Country Is On Track.  I may not get everything right, but one thing I definitely got right is that the fight over education is a fight for national survival.  It's been a frequent theme of mine for several years, including multiple speeches and presentations to state legislators: [...] A survey released by The Wall Street Journal measures how in just a quarter of a century traditional values of patriotism, religion, and even the value of child bearing, have collapsed.  While there may be many causes, there is no doubt that the relentless demonization of the nation that has been taking place in education particularly in the last 25 years is having an impact.  The education activists who now populate the system and have moved on to corporations and government, seek to deconstruct the country, to tear it down because it is iredeemably racist, capitalism is evil, and we are illegal occupiers.  DEI is the living, breathing bureaucratic mechanism.

Diversity Executives — The U.S. Version of Soviet Political Commissars.  Employing significant numbers of diversity executives is all the rage.  The average university, for example, now has 45.1 people dedicated to promoting diversity on campus.  The University of Michigan has a whopping 163 diversity officers.  That's 2.3 diversity officers for every one member of its history faculty.  Is it any wonder that college tuition has skyrocketed?  A political commissar or political officer is responsible for ideological conformity in military units to ensure party control of the unit.  Political commissars were heavily used in the Soviet Red Army, as well as in the armed forces of Nazi Germany.  The U.S. can now be added to the list.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) executives — our political commissars — are tasked with enforcing leftist policies in corporations, universities, and government agencies.  They do not contribute to the competent functioning of those institutions and in fact may detract from their profitability and efficiency.

The Editor says...
Diversity adds nothing to workplace productivity.  Japan has the least diverse and possibly the most productive workforce in the world.  Diversity and multiculturalism were invented by God himself, who inflicted them upon mankind as punishment at the Tower of Babel, in order to stop production overnight, which it did.

NYC teacher's union to hold seminar on the 'harmful effects of whiteness'.  The union that represents New York City's public school teachers is holding a workshop on how to reduce the "harmful effects of whiteness in our lives" for educators who wish to advance their credentials, a shocking New York Post report revealed Saturday.  According to the outlet, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) has scheduled the online seminar, titled "Holding the Weight on Whiteness," for Monday, March 27, for 4-6 pm.  The event's landing page says the course "is about cultural humility and inclusion," and "will allow us to discuss how whiteness relates to privilege and identity, and how both become normalized and invisible."

University Of Chicago Student was Called a Terrorist for Calling Out the 'Problems With White People' Course At His School.  Danial Schmidt, who is a sophomore at the University of Chicago, calls out his school for having a 'the problem with whiteness' course at the school.  Danial made a post about the course and it went viral which ended up in a news article in which the professor of this racist class calls him a terrorist.  The professor is now calling for Danial to be expelled.  [Video clip]

Exposing the DEI Scam.  Earlier this week, I delivered a presentation with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis exposing the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" bureaucracy in Florida's public universities.  I based my presentation on my recent investigative reporting series, which has revealed the process of ideological capture at four public universities.  These programs preach the values of tolerance and inclusion, but in reality, serve as vehicles for left-wing racialist ideology and partisan political activism.  They are designed to replace the system of academic merit with a system of race-based preferences and discrimination — which, in many cases, explicitly violates federal civil rights law.  Here are the headlines from these investigative reports:
  •   Florida State University divides students according to a "matrix of oppression" and offers a racially segregated scholarship that deliberately bars white students from applying.
  •   Florida International University condemns the United States as a system of "white supremacy" and trains students for participation in violent left-wing protests.
  •   The University of South Florida encourages students to attend racially segregated counseling programs and promotes "reparations," "defund the police," and "prison abolition."
  •   The University of Central Florida condemns the United States as "white-supremacist culture" and encourages active discrimination against the "oppressor" class, characterized as "male, White, heterosexual, able-bodied, and Christian."

Auburn Black Student Union produces list of racial slurs for white people.  A whistleblower in the Auburn University Black Student Union (BSU) claims to have retrieved a Google Doc from a group message associated with the organization, which lists over 250 racial slurs for white people, including "failed abortions," "diseased neanderthals" and more.  The whistleblower sent the document and screenshots of the group message on the popular group messaging app GroupMe to Auburn student Jaden Heard, who leaked the information to Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a conservative campus organization.  TPUSA published a short article about the findings on its website last week.

Black students call white people 'maggots' and 'vermin' in multi-university group chat.  A document reportedly linked to black students at numerous universities refers to white people as "maggots," "vermin" and "roaches."  Altogether the document contains hundreds of derogatory names for white people, with some listed as a "favorite."  One of the listed favorites was "decomposing form of humanity."  Other names referred to white people as "pigs" and "rats."  Auburn University student Jaden Heard, who is not in the campus Black Student Union, provided the document to Turning Point USA on behalf of a member of the group.

The 'Great Awokening' Is Transforming Science and Medicine.  The "great awokening" touches every elite institution in America, mostly radiating out from our compromised system of higher education.  One of the most disturbing and illuminating aspects of this cultural revolution is how much it is transforming science and medicine.  A video of medical students at Columbia University reciting an updated version of the Hippocratic oath that injected elements of critical race theory made the rounds on social media recently.  As many have noted, this "student-led initiative" sounds cult-like.

American Medical Association's Racism Course Is Unscientific Propaganda.  Let's say you are a doctor with an interest in the role racism may play in medicine.  Your natural inclination is to turn to the American Medical Association as a resource since it is the largest publisher of medical education products in the United States.  You find an AMA course titled "Racism in Medicine" replete with a video valued at one credit-hour of continuing medical education.  Of course, it helps that the course is free.  You turn on the video and are immediately met with the smiling, youthful face of Dr. Emily Cleveland Manchanda, who says:  ["]So tonight, we are going to begin as those of us at the Center for Health Equity always begin each of our talks — with a land and labor acknowledgement.  We acknowledge that we are all living off of the stolen ancestral lands of indigenous peoples for thousands of years; [etc.] ["]  Flabbergasted, you wonder what in the world this has to do with the practice of medicine.  The answer, of course, is nothing, but dogma like this is part of the woke agenda the AMA is forcing upon its doctors.

Woke Florida Teacher Made White Students Become Slaves To Black Students For Black History Month.  A woke teacher has sparked fury after mocking Florida's CRT rules by forcing his white students to act as slaves for black pupils.  The Florida educator also hit out at the state's recent push to ban certain books from classrooms by sarcastically screaming at the children while throwing their books around his classroom.  Footage of his antics, first posted on TikTok, led to a wave of backlash, [...]  [Video clip]

Racism in the Name of "Anti-Racism".  The University of Central Florida has adopted radical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programming that segregates students by race, condemns the United States as "white-supremacist culture," and encourages active discrimination against the "oppressor" class, characterized as "male, White, heterosexual, able-bodied, and Christian."  Officially, UCF reports that it has 14 separate DEI programs, costing in the aggregate more than $4 million per year.  But this dramatically understates the reality, which is that the ideology of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" has been entrenched everywhere.  The university's administration and academic departments have created a blizzard of programs, classes, trainings, reports, committees, certifications, events, documents, policies, clubs, groups, conferences, and statements pledging UCF to left-wing racialism.  These programs, long in the making, exploded into prominence following the death of George Floyd in 2020.

Miami Parents Outraged After Preschool Made Little Kids Wear Blackface For Black History Month.  Photos began circulating among parents of three toddlers at Studio Kids' Little River with what appeared to be brown paint on their faces, according to the Miami Herald, which two parents sent the photos.  One of the children appeared to be dressed as a construction worker, and the other was dressed as a police officer, and it was not clear what the third child was dressed as the paper noted.

Disney+ cartoon features 'Slaves Built This Country' song.  Disney's "Proud Family" cartoon series featured kids singing a song about reparations that America "owes" to Black Americans and how slaves "built" the U.S.  The "Proud Family" is an American cartoon series that originally ran from September 2001 to August 2005. Since then, the show was revived and is now titled "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder", which was released in 2022.  In the show's recent episode, "Juneteenth", which aired on Feb. 1, 2023, kids discover that their town's founder was a slave owner.  The song in the episode opens with the line, "This country was built on slavery which means slaves built this country."  This line was repeated continuously throughout the show.

'Equity' or Fighting Crime: You Can Pick Just One.  [Scroll down]  Equity brings with it a dubious travel companion: Critical Race Theory.  CRT categorizes you as either oppressor or oppressed based on your race, sex, or sexual orientation.  Blacks are oppressed; whites are the oppressors.  To accept CRT, one must acknowledge the existence of systemic racism and white supremacy.  CRT is unapologetically racist and anti-white.  Under CRT, it is open season on whites.  The campaign for equity has spawned an inquisition where white people are considered unrepentantly racist and should be required to atone for their sins.  One of the worst ideas ever invented by the Left, CRT wants to reintroduce racism and segregation to the forefront of American life.  Under the guise of ending oppression of blacks, CRT would remake whites into the new underclass.

Utah Educators and Union Officials Caught Boasting of Secretly Teaching CRT.  Administrators, educators, and union officials in Utah were caught on video boasting about how they managed to keep teaching critical race theory or LGBTQ concepts to students, despite Utah's bans on CRT in the classroom, according to a Jan. 27 tweet thread from Accuracy in Media.  [Tweet]  The Utah legislature passed two resolutions in May 2021 to ban CRT from schools, and the Utah Board of Education then approved similar restrictions in June 2021, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.  Which apparently hasn't stopped the more zealous pro-CRT Utah educators from trying to brainwash students.

DeSantis is right about AP African-American Studies: It's even more radical than I thought.  [Scroll down] Discussion of this question has been hampered by the College Board's refusal to release the APAAS curriculum framework and associated materials.  The refusal itself is telling, but it's not conclusive.  Stanley overcame this problem to some extent by obtaining a copy of the APAAS curriculum, and laying out its socialist agenda and embrace of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  However, he confined himself to a "fair use" discussion of the framework, declining to publish the full curriculum out of respect for the College Board's insistence that it was a "trade secret."  Thus, no one could judge the accuracy of his descriptions.  Now, however, the Florida Standard newspaper has obtained a copy of the pilot APAAS curriculum and made it public.

Racist Michigan School Board Member Takes Flak for Saying White People Are More Dangerous than Animals.  Parents at a Michigan school board meeting confronted a school board member for making incendiary — and racist — comments about white people in a series of tweets in December.  Many demanded her resignation, but the school board member took the opportunity to double down on her remarks. [...] During the meeting, parents called Hamilton out for her racist tweets.  One asked how all kids can "feel safe when physical characteristics over which they have no control are being called evil and dangerous."  Another noted that Hamilton was "not addressing the disparities," but "adding to them by your hurtful remarks."

Math Professor Says Math Education Is Racist — and Sexist and Homophobic.  Luis Leyva knows math.  And he knows education; he's an associate professor of mathematics education at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of Education and Human Development.  Luis also evidently knows social justice, and he's trying to add it to number-oriented instruction.

SPLC Promotes Teaching Kids About Black Lives Matter on MLK Day — in First Grade.  The Southern Poverty Law Center's education arm, Learning for Justice, promoted a former teacher's article about using Martin Luther King Jr.  Day to teach first graders about the Black Lives Matter movement and the "need for continued protest and action in the face of ongoing systemic injustice."  Critics slammed the lesson as "child abuse" and a "shameful form of indoctrination."  Learning for Justice shared the January 2018 article, "From MLK to #BlackLivesMatter: A Throughline for Young Students," on Twitter on Wednesday.  In the article, Bret Turner (then a first grade teacher at Head-Royce School in Oakland, California) wrote that Martin Luther King Jr.  Day represents "a great opportunity" to connect King's work with "the work of today's civil rights activists."  "First-graders are excited to study through a lens of fairness; it is largely what drives them in their daily interactions," Turner wrote.

UNC Chapel Hill Art Club Welcomes All Students but White Ones.  Attendees of a southern college are invited to join a creative club — unless they're Caucasian.  At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an art organization has been formed. [...] More from the school paper:  ["]The all-BIPOC art collective, which officially started last fall, hosts ... community meetings and 'paint-and-sips' ...["]  Cutting out one color is curious.  Art might be said to be the ultimate realm of free expression, but the group's still trying to stick to a color scheme.  Chapel Hill is far from alone:  [Numerous links]

Elite University Department Bans Use Of Word 'Field,' Claiming It's Too Racist.  The University of Southern California (USC) Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work will no longer use the world "field" in its curriculum or its practices as part of its anti-racist framework, according to an email reportedly sent Monday.  The school reportedly stripped the word from use due to alleged ties to "anti-Black" and "anti-immigrant" rhetoric, according to the email sent by the Practicum Education Department to the campus community, faculty, staff and students.  The school informed that the word "practicum" would be used instead to "ensure [its] use of inclusive language and practice."  "This change supports anti-racist social work practice by replacing language that could be considered anti-Black or anti-immigrant in favor of inclusive language," the email reportedly reads.  "Language can be powerful, and phrases such as 'going into the field' or 'field work' may have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers that are not benign."

USC's School of Social Work bans the word "field".  The University of Southern California's School of Social Work recently put out a letter declaring it would no longer use the word "field" when referring to one's area of expertise, etc.  It will henceforth use the word "practicum" instead.  And we are all a little dumber.  And our language less clear.

The Editor says...
Pop quiz:  A permanent magnet is surrounded by a magnetic _______.  One hundred yards is the length of a football ________.  After a football team scores a touchdown, they have the opportunity to kick a ________ goal.  You may have to send a big generator off for repairs if excessive ________ current results hot spots in the ________ winding.  My doctor had to study the ________ of medicine for many years.  When I look through a telescope, I have a narrow ________ of view.  If you got at least three answers correct, you're a racist!

Rutgers Professor Openly Calls For White Genocide.  A 2021 video of a critical race theory scholar claiming that "white people are committed to being villains" and warning that "whiteness is going to have an end date" has recently resurfaced on social media sparking renewed outrage.  Brittney Cooper, who is Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University, made the comments during a podcast interview with The Root, [...]  [Video clip]

DeSantis Admin Orders Florida Universities To Provide Information On How They're Pushing Woke Programming.  Florida colleges and universities are required to submit information detailing how they use state resources to support diversity, equity and inclusion programming, according to a memo from the state's Office of Budget and Policy obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. [...] Florida state law requires oversight over higher education curricula, requiring officials to "identify the degree programs offered by public postsecondary educational institutions."  "Each Florida College System and State University System institution must complete the attached document to provide a comprehensive list of all staff programs, and campus activities related to diversity, equity and inclusion and critical race theory within our state colleges and universities," the letter reads.

North Carolina professor was fired for criticizing critical race theory: Lawsuit.  A professor is suing the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction after he was allegedly fired for criticizing critical race theory while teaching at a state-organized summer program for incoming high school seniors.  The lawsuit, filed by the conservative free speech law group the Alliance Defending Freedom, says David Phillips, an English professor from North Carolina, was abruptly fired from his summer teaching job at the Governor's School, a four-week program for high-performing high school seniors in North Carolina after he openly criticized critical race theory.

Creative Historical Interpretations Are Not History.  The dominating narrative in American schools and the popular culture today is that slavery began in America in 1619.  Unfortunately, there is about as much truth in that scenario as there was in the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" media crusade in August 2014.  Nikole Hannah-Jones and her Critical Race Theory comrades prove beyond doubt the accuracy of Arthur Schlesinger's maxim that "history is a weapon."  They distort the historical narrative by omitting key facts that, if told, would present an entirely different view of the past.  There seems to be a general consensus, regarding the arrival of African slaves at Jamestown in 1619.  They were first captured in Angola, and sold to Portuguese slavers based in Luanda.  While in transport towards Mexico, two English corsairs flying a Dutch flag captured this Portuguese ship in the Gulf and removed some of the slaves, who were then brought to Jamestown, which was in desperate need of laborers.  Here, "some twenty odd" Africans were exchanged for "victuals."  Then, the historical concurrence stops.  Hannah-Jones argues that all the Africans were reduced to slavery, while others argue that they were given the same status as White contracted laborers.  Some argue that the word "servant" and not "slave" was used in Virginia's first census of 1620. What complicates matters is that indentured servants sometimes referred to themselves as slaves.  The status of the Africans is also unclear because after the 1625 census we lost sight of them.

Tufts University Hosts 'Unpacking Whiteness' Program, Declares the 'Game Is Rigged'.  Unpacking the existence of an entire race seems a radically robust job.  But Tufts University is evidently willing to do the work.  According to an article by student paper The Tufts Daily, the school's Diversity and Inclusion Education department hosts an ongoing "Unpacking Whiteness" discussion. [...] Whiteness is enjoying a well-attended audit:  [Numerous links.]

Teacher refuses to teach grammar, claiming it is part of white supremacy.  A teacher in California who identifies as "cringey" is going viral after claiming she does not teach grammar usage and writing skills in an attempt to defeat white supremacy.  Marta Shaffer teaches English at Oroville High School and uses linguistics to fight "white supremacy in my classes" and be "inclusive of all kinds of ways we use the language," she said.  The expectation that students should use syntax and proper grammar is based in a deep-rooted white supremacy culture, she argues, according to a report.  "I try to undermine that [stuff] in my classroom as much as I can," she said.  "We study linguistics and the rules that we actually use to communicate instead of the made-up rules that white supremacy created for when we write papers and stuff, which is what scholars call the 'language of power.'"

The Editor says...
Ignoring the teacher's clumsy and pedestrian syntax, it is an error to rail against "made-up rules."  All rules are "made up," usually by experts, and most language usage rules were originated centuries ago.

Our Devastating Education Schemes.  Little did I know that when I was teaching in the 1990s and "multicultural education" became all the rage, that it was just the beginning of an onslaught of radical endeavors that shows no sign of abating.  As 2022 winds down, let's take a glimpse at a small sampling of the schemes that have been inflicted on America's children over the past few years.  As a former teacher, I loved teaching math because there was clearly a right and wrong answer.  Feelings, opinions and political dogma didn't matter.  Now however, with the ascendance of racialism, if you insist on right and wrong answers, you just might be considered a racist.  Really.

Critical race theory-related ideas [can be] found in mandatory programs at 58 of top 100 US medical schools: report.  The next generation of America's top doctors could be more concerned about a patient's race than previous generations.  CriticalRace.org, which monitors critical race theory (CRT) curricula and training in higher education, has expanded its Medical School Database and found that 58 of the nation's top 100 medical schools have some form of mandatory student training or coursework related to the polarizing idea that racism is systemic in America's institutions.  "Medical School education is in crisis, with 'social justice' and race-focused activism being imposed on students, faculty, and staff," William Jacobson told Fox News Digital.

Black School Board Members In South Carolina Freak Out When Newly Elected Members Ban Critical Race Theory.  On Tuesday evening, the Berkeley County School District in South Carolina swore in the board members who were elected last week, six of whom were endorsed by the conservative activist group Moms for Liberty.  Within two hours, the school board had voted to fire the district's first Black superintendent, terminate the district's lawyer, ban critical race theory and set up a committee to decide whether certain books and materials should be banned from schools.  In addition, the board voted to replace the chair with Mac McQuillin, a local attorney and one of the board members backed by Moms for Liberty.  [Video clip]

Lenin is Educating Your Children.  Try as I might, I can think of no solution to save public education as exists today.  There are outposts of excellence here and there, but even those few bright lights are dimming under the continued onslaught of political correctness, demands for equity, and greed.  Nonstop claims of white privilege, Virtue signaling, critical race theory, and myriad other contrived code words and phrases are all designed to separate us from our history, families, and norms.  Why did we not stop this sooner?  The damage lies before us in children who believe our country was founded on racism and theft.  They are taught to believe that the only way forward is to burn it all down and start over.  The destroyers positively pant at the idea of laying us low, brought to our knees, as the only path back to their vision of social redemption.  You can't reason with those destroyers that have no eyes, no ears, no soul, and no ability to apply logic, reason, or understand history itself.

NYC Private Schools Require Parents Swear Allegiance to Marxist CRT.  The New York Post reported that at least five elite private schools in the city require parents to attend training in "anti-racism" and "diversity, equity and inclusion."  DEI is based on Marxist values and Critical Race Theory.  They are requiring parents to swear allegiance to DEIA, a clearly anti-American ideology.  It's Marxist, anti-American, and antil-white.  It's pathetic that they are forcing parent indoctrination.  These parents want their children to go to the best schools and will apparently do anything.  One of the academies is Brearley School, an all-girls private school in Manhattan.  The student application states that "parents are expected to attend two diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism (DEIA) workshops per school year."

Most High School Students Say They Were Taught Critical Race Theory: Poll.  Most high school students reported being taught Critical Race Theory (CRT), according to a City Journal poll released Thursday.  Of the students surveyed between the ages 18 and 20 years old, 90% said they had either been taught or heard about CRT in school, according to the City Journal poll.  Approximately 69% said they had at least heard in school that "white people have white privilege" and 57% were taught that "white people have unconscious biases that negatively affect non-white people."  CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race.  Its adherents pursue "antiracism" through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.  "The claim that CRT and gender ideology are not being taught or promoted in America's pre-college public schools is grossly misleading," the study's authors Zach Goldberg and Eric Kaufmann wrote.

Eight things that killed the Democrat Party.  [#1] CRT: Critical Race Theory in all its permutations, regardless of its origins and history, has become the banner of anti-white racism, disguising itself as "anti-racism."  Under its banner, white people are told they are worthless, toxic, hateful oppressors.  Worse, companies are actually hiring people who promote this toxicity and schools are teaching students to hate white people.  Now out in the open, anti-white racism has created a hate-filled atmosphere of constant tension and dissension, where the only thing that matters, first and foremost, is skin color.  This can only be laid at the feet of Democrats.

High School Test Scores Are Plummeting, and It's Not Just Because of the Pandemic.  The numbers are as shocking as they are undeniable: American high school students are more ignorant and ill-equipped than they have been in decades or more; in fact, it's likely that their abilities are at their lowest level ever.  The Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday that "average scores on the ACT [American College Testing] college admissions test dropped to their lowest in 30 years, revealing more evidence of the pandemic's alarming impact on American education."  But it's not just the pandemic.  This is the result of the wokeification of the American public school system.  Far too many teachers are spending their time filling their students' heads with trans and Critical Race Theory nonsense instead of giving them an education.  It's dereliction of duty on a grand scale.

Biden's education secretary [is] spending hundreds of millions on [an] 'equity' agenda as reading scores tank.  Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is fixated on equity-based education and seems to be ignoring academic priorities as students nationwide are experiencing a "catastrophic" decline in literacy which will have severe consequences down the line.  Learning advocates and parents are slamming President Biden's education secretary for not even bothering to mention academics in a statement of priorities in connection with the Department of Education's annual report card, according to Fox News.  It shockingly shows the largest score drop in reading among 9-year-old students since 1990.  The DOE has been dumping hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into woke, equity-focused programs and grants that have next to nothing to do with actual learning. [...] Equity and race are being pushed as opposed to children learning how to read and the blowback for doing so will reportedly spike crime and severely hamper an entire generation of students when it comes to surviving out in the real world.

Medical Students Denounce the Scientific Method's Superiority and Promise to Defeat White Supremacy.  Medical school was once aimed at applying scientific knowledge to treat the sick and injured.  But these days, we're told society itself is sick, and it must be healed by the elixir of enlightenment.  Therefore, devoted future doctors in Minnesota are pledging to wokeness and a complete righting of the world's wrongs.

Grooming Future Revolutionaries.  The American military is peddling critical race theory, white shaming, queer theory, and left-wing activism to children in its K-12 military schools.  The U.S. Department of Defense ("DoD") runs 160 schools on military bases across the globe serving more than 69,000 children of military personnel.  It employs thousands of teachers.  The DoD's military base education budget exceeds $3.2 billion.  This education system allows for easy transfer from one base to another, but it also allows for central command to dictate changes in curricular emphasis and direction.  Tom Brady, the system's director, created a new division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in 2021 to transform the educational experience in military schools.  Last year, the Department of Defense (DoD) held a DoD Equity and Access (DoDEA) summit to guide common curriculum and practices for the military education system.

When you are sick, do you want Dr Woke or Dr Smart?  Medical school and postgraduate training is a long and arduous journey, often taking 8-10 years beyond college.  There is much to learn, process and assimilate.  Clinical judgement stems not only from experience but also from intelligence.  Medicine is a high stakes game.  Sickness and health lie in the balance, as does life and death (or vision and blindness in my professional world of retina surgery).  Medical errors can be due to accidents, incorrect judgement calls, or lack of knowledge.  When your health or life is on the line, you want the smartest physician caring for you, making critical decisions, or performing challenging surgery.  I would want the best and the brightest caring for me.  I am not as much concerned with my doctors' bedside manner, wokeness, or social skills but rather that they be smart, capable, and competent.  Are woke doctors necessarily the smartest?  If they are thinking more about proper pronouns and social justice, are they thinking less about blood tests and MRI findings?

Top med school putting wokeism ahead of giving America good doctors.  Elite medical schools are deliberately recruiting woke activists, jeopardizing their mission of training physicians.  That's what our organization found in a review of the application process for America's top 50 medical schools.  Nearly three-quarters of these institutions — and 80% of the top 10 — ask applicants about their views on diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism and other politicized concepts.  The clear goal is to find the students who will best advance divisive ideology, not provide the best care to patients.  We based our review on the 2023 "Best Medical Schools" rankings by US News and World Report.  We then looked at the secondary essay questions each school asks applicants, using a database compiled by Prospective Doctor.  (Despite the name, secondary questions play a primary role in each institution's selection process.)  Many schools explicitly ask applicants if they agree with statements about racial politics.  Others gauge applicants' views on or experience with woke concepts.

60 high schools across the US will study black pride, black power and black feminism.  About 60 high schools across the nation will offer a new Advance Placement African American studies course this fall that includes lessons on black pride, black power and black feminism.  Although the College Board, which approved the pilot program, declined to release a syllabus or name the schools that will be teaching the course, Marlon Williams-Clark, a history teacher at the Florida State University Schools, identified himself as one of the instructors for the new course, The New York Times reported.  Williams-Clark, 35, said the course would be a deep dive into African American history, but some fear the AP course could be a ploy to teach Critical Race Theory in schools, a controversial subject that has sparked a recent culture war in the US.

Woke Teachers Have No Idea When America Was Founded, Focus On Teaching BLM And LGBTQ Lessons Instead.  This teacher, who doesn't know when America was founded, says she teaches her students about protesting and activism but refuses to teach the curriculum.  [Video clip]

The Corruption of Medicine.  Vast sums of public and private research funding are being redirected from basic science to political projects aimed at dismantling white supremacy.  The result will be declining quality of medical care and a curtailment of scientific progress.  Virtually every major medical organization — from the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) to the American Association of Pediatrics — has embraced the idea that medicine is an inequity-producing enterprise.

New York Professor Claims Those Who Don't Want to Mask in Her Class are 'Racist'.  The mask fanatics refuse to give up.  Even though nearly every jurisdiction in the United States has ended mandates, there are legions of people desperate to maintain the disproven fiction of universal masking.  Mountains of data have accumulated over the past several years showing that masks have been completely ineffective at preventing the spread of COVID.  Yet some are so committed to avoiding admitting that the leaders of their political ideology have been wrong that they're willing to continue policies, seemingly forever.  One such recent example came from a SUNY New Paltz Professor Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón who is described on LinkedIn as an "interdisciplinary Latina feminist performance studies scholar."

Florida School Board Member Brags About Members Being 'Woke': We're 'Working from the Inside'.  Sarasota school board vice chair Tom Edwards this week proudly bragged that there are school board members who are "woke" and "working from the inside" to indoctrinate children, making the remarks ahead of the August 23 primary, as voters have a chance to flip the school board in favor of pro-parents and pro-students conservatives.  "Here in the state of Florida, there are school board members that are woke," Edwards, speaking at Wednesday's "Support Our Schools" event, proudly declared.

Northern Arizona U. to require FOUR diversity courses to graduate.  In a move its own Diversity Curriculum Committee has heralded as "unprecedented," Northern Arizona University will soon mandate students take four diversity, equity and inclusion courses grounded in "critical theory" to earn a degree.  The new grad requirement is scheduled to take effect in 2024 at the large public university, located in the progressive city of Flagstaff and enrolling some 29,000 students.  The four diversity courses must come from the categories of "global diversity," "indigenous peoples," "intersectional identities," and "U.S. ethnic diversity," according to an internal memo from campus administrators.

'Angry White Male Studies' course comes to campus this fall.  For the Fall 2022 semester, the history department at the University of Kansasis offering Angry White Male Studies as a course that will explore the "prominent figure" that is "the angry white male."  "This course charts the rise of the 'angry white male' in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger," the course description reads.  "Employing interdisciplinary perspectives this course examines how both dominant and subordinate masculinities are represented and experienced in cultures undergoing periods of rapid change connected to modernity as well as to rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals," it continues.

I'm A Teacher Who Blew The Whistle On CRT In Schools.  On July 13, 2021, I blew the whistle at Legal Insurrection on how a new Critical Race curriculum in the Providence, Rhode Island, middle school where I taught was creating racial hostility, turning students and staff against me because I was white, and turning students against their country.  My students, almost all of whom were minority, started calling me "America" because I was white — You are America, they would say, we are not.  How could I keep silent seeing what the Critical Race curriculum was doing to the students and our society?

The Origins and Impact of Racially Divisive Curricula.  In the fall of 2021, it appeared that Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, would rather easily defeat his Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin.  But the election turned dramatically once a number of parents voiced their opposition to the racially-themed material that was being taught in schools.  They didn't think it appropriate to tell students that America is an irredeemably racist country and that white people hold power and use it to oppress minorities.  These parents, of all races, had found out that, despite official denials, concepts embedded in Critical Race Theory (CRT) had been smuggled into school curricula.  At this point, McAuliffe made the fatal mistake of saying that what goes on in schools isn't really a matter of parental concern, since government experts are properly in control.  The polls swung rapidly toward Youngkin, who had voiced support for the parents.  He won.

Teacher Forces Children To Recite Black Pledge Of Allegiance While Raising Black Nationalist Fist In The Air.  Typically, schools in the United States begin each day with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  A patriotic symbol of our loyalty to America and a display of unity that everyone can be involved in.  But this teacher in Wisconsin decided to introduce six-year-old boys and girls, to the pledge of allegiance to the pan-African flag, a black nationalist symbol.  [Video clip]

College of Education Department Chair Commits to 'Death of Whiteness'.  A department chair at the University of Denver's College of Education wrote an article calling on educators to "commit to realizing the death of whiteness."  The April 2022 article features a call to academics and critical race theorists to join the author in committing themselves to the "death of whiteness," specifically asking them to take up the "verbal effigy 'dead honky.'"

CA First-Grader Disciplined, Harassed By School Officials For Writing 'Any Lives' Matter on BLM Drawing.  In a school discrimination case that could set a precedent for beleaguered parents across the country frustrated with Critical Race Theory-related issues in the classroom, a California woman is set to file suit against her child's school district after her 7-year-old daughter was punished and humiliated for drawing a Black Lives Matter picture for her friends that also included the sentiment that "any lives" matter.  In addition, the school never informed her about the incident or the punishment; she only learned about it after another parent mentioned it to her a year later.

Racist Left using Critical Race Theory in large metro school system to hold down blacks.  The 600,000-student Los Angeles Unified School District is using taxpayer dollars to train government teachers and staff members to instruct boys and girls that meritocracy, success, and hard work are all "white."  So, logically, if you are black, then kakistocracy (rule by the worst), failure, and sloth are just your cup of tea.  This is vile, repugnant, racist garbage.  Documents unearthed by Fox News Channel's Jessica Chasmar confirm that this "implicit/unconscious bias training" is guided by UCLA professor Tyrone Howard.  It contends that "Whiteness" "incorporates an anti-Blackness ideology which demonizes that which is furthest from White."  Also, "Individualism" "operates from a survival-of-the-fittest approach that stresses singular pursuit and accomplishment."

Two more reasons to be mad at Joe Biden.  [#2] Biden is forcing Critical Race Theory on state education systems.  Biden has sent a bill to Congress — the "Civics Secures Democracy Act" (CSDA) — that will allow the Biden administration to force Critical Race Theory (CRT) on every public school in the country.  "Over a six-year period," said Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, in National Review, "this $6 billion pot of competitive grant money will create a de facto national curriculum — just like Common Core.  States desperate to tap into the federal gravy train will have to tailor their civics and history grant proposals to the Biden administration's liking.  And abundant evidence shows that Biden's Education Department is pushing CRT."  Federal law prohibits the imposition of a curriculum on the states.

HHS gives NYU $40,000 to study why children 'favor Whiteness and maleness'.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded over $40,000 to New York University (NYU) researchers to conduct a study on why children "favor Whiteness and maleness over other identities."  The project titled, "Societal assumptions regarding typical personhood and their effects on reasoning development," seeks to uncover the developmental processes by which children "acquire the belief that White males represent the default person — a pattern rooted in the ideologies of androcentrism (centering the experiences of men) and ethnocentrism (centering the experiences of White people) prevalent in the United States," according to the grant summary on USASpending.gov. HHS awarded NYU a total of $40,391 for the 3-year project, which began in February and will conclude on January 31, 2025.

Cornyn, Other Republicans Push For Biden Administration To Expand Critical Race Theory In Schools.  If you're keeping an eye on what Sen. John Cornyn has in store for your Second Amendment rights, you might want to watch his other hand.  He has just recently reintroduced the Civics Secures Democracy Act, which would enable the federal government to impose critical race theory (CRT) — that is, state-sanctioned racism and anti-Americanism — on public school civics courses via federal grants.  Of course, the drafters of the bill are too politically savvy to explicitly endorse critical race theory.  Instead, the legislation provides for $6 billion in federal grants to states, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and researchers to improve civics and American history education primarily for "traditionally underserved students" (sections 102-106).  The bill makes clear that grant applications must demonstrate how the applicant intends to prioritize the education of such students.

Wisconsin teacher to 1st graders:  "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Afro-American people".  Typically, schools in the United States begin each day with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  A patriotic symbol of our loyalty to America and a display of unity that everyone can be involved in.  But this teacher in Wisconsin decided to introduce six-year-old boys and girls, to the pledge of allegiance to the pan-African flag, a black nationalist symbol.  [Video clip]  This is not teaching about the pan-African pledge, this is compulsory.  You can see her tell students that they must raise their fists in a black power salute and encourage them to repeat the racial mantra.

Private Massachusetts Catholic school is excommunicated by local bishop for refusing to remove BLM and Pride flags.  A Catholic private school in Massachusetts has been excommunicated by a local bishop after ignoring orders to remove pride and BLM flags.  The Nativity School of Worcester has been sanctioned by Robert J. McManus, the Bishop of the Diocese of Worcester, for their refusal to take them down.  He says the facility — the only tuition-free private school in the region — cannot continue to call itself Catholic while flying in the face of key church teachings.

An insight into educational race-hustlers and their anti-White venom.  Luke Rosiak has been paying close attention to the race-hustlers making money going into American schools and teaching children that Whites are evil and Blacks are the victims of this evil.  On Tuesday, he posted a few Twitter items that expose some of the worst grifters pushing these toxins into the American system — and making lots of money doing so. [...] The people Roziak identifies have been given incredible power in America's schools.  They are shaping how our children view the world, themselves, and each other.  If this doesn't stop very soon, there will be no turning back.  When elections roll around, those school board seats that most of us paid little attention to for years may be the most important items on the ballot.

Missouri Attorney General Investigation Uncovers Systemically Racist Curricula, Intrusive Surveys In Public Schools.  Today the Missouri attorney general announced subpoenas of seven school districts in response to parent complaints of racist instruction and intrusive surveys administered to their children allegedly without prior parental notice.  Attorney General Eric Schmitt's office also posted Wednesday a public database of open records investigations into 49 Missouri school districts that uncovered the systemic abuse of public schooling for political purposes.  The investigation uncovers Missouri public schools forcing students to participate in exercises that shame children for their skin color and teaching that races are inherently unequal, which violate the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Schmitt found such instances in 21 percent of Missouri's 226 school districts after only two months of following up on parent complaints, indicating the problems are much more widespread.  The investigations are ongoing and parents can submit more complaints to Schmitt's office [...] The newly public records document Missouri public schools forcing students to participate in a "privilege walk" in Saint Charles County's Wentzville School District, shaming "whiteness" in teacher training in Saint Louis County's Rockwood School District, and applying a Marxist or feminist "lens" to reading assignments at Hickman High School in Boone County.

Canadian College Requires Students, Faculty To Agree They've Benefited From White Privilege, Commit To 'Decolonization'.  A Canadian college made students a[nd] faculty agree they've benefited from white privilege before they could join a zoom call.  George Brown College in Toronto presented those attending the Zoom call to read a lengthy statement check a box saying the agreed that they had benefited from white privilege and would commit to "decolonization," The College Fix reported.  "The students and faculty who click the 'I Agree' box are acknowledging they 'benefit from the colonization and genocide of the Indigenous peoples of this land' and are agreeing it is 'imperative we constantly engage in acts of awareness and decolonization," the outlet noted.

College prof who fantasized about massacring whites gets promoted.  The professor nominated at Emerson College to be its new dean of graduate and professional studies is a woman who has fantasized about killing white people.  Lots of white people.  After all, her writings confirm that she believes black woman and white women never will be involved in "true friendships."  It is Sam Neves, a correspondent for Campus Reform, who has written at the Federalist about Kim McLarin, a "racially divisive professor" who has been nominated by college chief William Gilligan.  The report noted that it was in an article published only a few weeks before her nomination in which went into a fantasy:  "If a civil war breaks out, I say, if violent white mobs begin roaming the country as they have done in the past, I will not worry about precision shooting.  I intend to sit on my porch with my legally acquired handgun and as much ammunition as I have and perhaps a bottle of Scotch and take them as they come," she wrote.

Meet The Billionaires' Club Pumping Critical Race Theory Into Your Child's Classroom.  A decade ago, when an Obama-era initiative called "Common Core" convinced 41 states to give up control of their education standards, it was infamously the result of a massive influence campaign by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Now, with America's K-12 landscape being turned upside down by "equity" initiatives that divide children by ethnicity and devalue rigorous academics, the culprit is much the same:  Gates and other philanthropic foundations.  That's a takeaway from the two years I spent poring through educational and financial records for my new book, "Race to the Bottom:  Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education."  These philanthropic foundations are perhaps the most powerful and least understood force in American politics — and a key node in moving critical race theory from academic papers to society.  Pick any radical racial initiative in your child's school, and it is likely to tie back to the Ford, Kellogg, Gates, Annie E. Casey, MacArthur, or Surdna foundations.

University Makes All Graduates Pass a DEI Course, Claims Students Asked to Be Forced.  What happens if a college graduate wanders into the world without having learned about diversity, equity and inclusion?  At Illinois State University, they no longer want to find out.  Therefore, the school will now require all students to pass a DEI course in order to qualify for graduation.  As reported by WGLT (NPR from Illinois State), more than one class will be on offer.  The choices comprise ISU's "IDEAS" mandate — that's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in U.S. Society.

The New Racial Hatred.  America has truly reached Soviet levels of mass delusion and absurdity.  The official lines on the most important subjects of the day are not just inconsistent with reality, they are the complete inversion of it. [...] These are people brainwashing white elementary schoolchildren to hate themselves, their own skin, and their own history.  These are people who believe blatant racist discrimination against whites is necessary and good, and is in fact "anti-racist."  These folks truly believe white people are ineluctably racist, on account of being ensnared in a culture of white racism.  Whites cannot help being immoral!  They are an irredeemably awful race!  These people want whites to literally kneel before non-whites on account of history or something.  That is the price whites must pay for so unceremoniously existing.

Hidden Cameras Uncover How Schools Find Ways to Teach Critical Race Theory.  Even if your state or county has banned the teaching of critical race theory in schools, it might still be being taught.  Using hidden cameras, Accuracy in Media launched a series of investigations into school districts across the country that are still finding a way to teach students a curriculum that includes critical race theory.

Kids' book 'Our Skin' in NYC schools blames racism on white people.  An "inflammatory" children's book being distributed to New York City schools teaches kids as young as 2 that the concept of race was created by white people who claimed they were "better, smarter, prettier, and that they deserve more than everybody else."  The book "Our Skin" was penned by Harlem activist Megan Madison and Brooklynite and library worker Jessica Ralli, and published last year.  It begins with a simple discussion of skin tones — then launches into a screed that blames the idea of race on white people along with an illustration of scary-looking human skulls encased in glass and sitting on shelves.  "A long time ago, way before you were born, a group of white people made up an idea called race.  They sorted people by skin color and said that white people were better, smarter, prettier, and that they deserve more than everybody else," the book declares.  It goes on to say "That isn't true or fair at all!" with a picture of a "Caucasian" man holding up the "Most beautiful skull."

Biden's new disinformation czar said fears about CRT in Loudoun County schools are 'disinformation for profit'.  Joe Biden's new 'disinformation czar' dismissed concerns about Critical Race Theory in schools as 'disinformation for profit' — despite parents across the country being worried about the teaching of the philosophy in their children's classrooms.  Nina Jankowicz, a disinformation expert who has worked throughout Eastern Europe, was hired on April 27 to lead a Homeland Security Department working group designed to help its different agencies in dealing with disinformation on topics ranging from migration to plots from Russia and Iran.  But her appointment has angered Republicans.  The Republican National Committee dubbed the committee she heads 'Ministry of Truth' in a nod to George Orwell's novel '1984,' and raised fears that the group will deem as disinformation 'any speech we don't like.'

Why I'm suing my former employer, a school district, over critical race theory.  The first days of returning to school after the COVID-19 pandemic were overwhelming.  Like other educators across the country, those of us working in Albemarle County, Va., public schools were suddenly faced with fresh challenges that required our full attention and energy: implementing new health and safety procedures, helping students who had fallen behind academically during virtual learning and doing our very best to restore a productive learning environment for all.  It was at this exact time our school district decided to introduce controversial policies and mandatory teacher training based on critical race theory.  The goal was laudable — to "become an anti-racist school system" — but the curriculum, in fact, produced the opposite result.  As assistant principal at Charlottesville's Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, I witnessed firsthand how this training directed teachers to be racist by viewing each other and their students based solely on race and then treating each other differently according to the color of their skin.

Is Critical Race Theory Being Taught in Our Schools?  Here Are the Facts.  Parents were horrified during the COVID-19 pandemic as they discovered how left-wing activist teachers were indoctrinating their kids in the classroom.  Critical race theory, a Marxism-based ideology, burst onto the scene in a big way.  The left claims that what's being taught in classrooms isn't critical race theory.  But is that true?  Jonathan Butcher, an education expert at The Heritage Foundation, says critical race theory isn't just now showing up in classrooms.  He contends it's been there for decades.  "[In the] 1980s, 1990s, you're having teachers become trained in the idea that America is systemically racist, that we should be teaching students not so much about what they share as Americans, but about their identities, the things that separate them and make them different from each other," Butcher explained.

Blue States Used Democrat-Passed Coronavirus Relief Funds to Implement CRT in Schools.  Blue states, including New York and California, used Democrat-passed coronavirus relief funds to usher in the Marxist ideology Critical Race Theory (CRT) into schools, according to reports.  Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act in March 2021, which President Biden signed into law shortly after.  Republicans did not support the measure, but it passed in both chambers, as Democrats hold a majority.  It included billions supposedly allocated to "safely" reopen schools.  In August, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said New York's plan to use the funds to "support K-12 schools and students" laid "the groundwork for the ways in which an unprecedented infusion of federal resources will be used to address the urgent needs of America's children and Build Back Better." However, using the funds for CRT went far beyond just blue New York.

SCOTUS reinstates woke admissions criteria that top Virginia high school enacted after George Floyd's murder to 'diversify' student body.  Supreme Court justices have temporarily reinstated a woke admissions policy at one of America's top schools despite a federal judge previously ruling it was racist.  The high court did not explain its order Monday that allows the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology to continue using its admissions policy, while the Fairfax County School Board appeals the lower court's February ruling.  Fairfax County School Board changed its admissions policy in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 to boost 'equity' at the school.

Study prescribes anti-racism training for non-Black medical school faculty.  A new study in a leading academic journal recommends that medical schools implement mandatory anti-racism training for all non-Black faculty members as part of a "comprehensive intervention for dismantling anti-Black racism" in the U.S. health care system.  The study of 16 self-identified "expert(s) in anti-Black racism," which nine researchers published on Friday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, consisted of interviews with medical school faculty who are either Black or work in diversity, equity and inclusion offices.  According to the study, systemic racism explains the fact that "Black faculty and trainees remain severely underrepresented in academic medicine (AM) despite decades of diversity initiatives."

Math Assignment in Missouri Teaches Children About Maya Angelou's Past of Sexual Abuse, Work as Prostitute.  A math homework plan circulating over Twitter on Saturday exposes the absurdity that children are being subject to, in this case learning about author Maya Angelou's life of sexual abuse when she was eight-years-old, and her work as a pimp, prostitute, and nightclub dancer.  While this lesson was out of Missouri, it also further reinforces how right Florida's Department of Education was for rejecting 41 percent of math textbooks, since they contained prohibited concepts such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), as Landon covered earlier on Saturday.  On Saturday night, Christina Pushaw, Gov. DeSantis' press secretary, shared photos of a math homework plan for ninth graders, as well as a letter dated February 22, 2022, from Mark S. Penny, the superintendent of the Lincoln County R-III school system.  It is the 25th largest out of 518 school districts in Missouri.

University Orders Professors to 'Decolonize' Math, Think Twice Before Citing 'White or Male' Mathematicians.  Is STEM rife with racism?  Is math marred by misogyny?  It seems there's a good chance, judging by a policy at Durham University. [...] Not long ago, decolonization wasn't deemed necessary.  Everything appeared to be going gregariously thanks to an increasingly colorblind culture.  Then suddenly, we were informed we're either evil oppressors or tragic victims unable to societally succeed.  Therefore, the system must be upended in the name of non-negotiable equity.

Public Schools Teaching Racial Grievance, Gender Identity Absolutely Hurting Democrats.  "No matter what background you are, no matter what 'identity group' you are, parents look at that and say, 'What are you talking about?  What are you teaching my child?  In what way is this preparing them for life, and can you possibly teach them maybe math, reading, writing, grammar?  Any of that instead?'" Federalist D.C. Columnist Eddie Scarry said on "Fox and Friends First" on Friday [4/15/2022].  [Video clip]

OSU Student Leader Says He Wants Schools to Teach Black People They're "Superior" Because He "Full-Heartedly" Believes They Are.  A member of Ohio State University's student government is facing backlash after being recorded in a meeting saying he believes black people are "superior."  While presenting at a General Assembly meeting, third-year student John Fuller was presenting on anti-critical race theory legislation when he stated that he would like to see a world in which black people are taught that they are the superior race.

Why schools adopted the 1619 Project as a curriculum when it was full of historical errors.  Since the 1619 Project was founded by New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones in August 2019, it has been marred with credible accusations of historical distortions and inaccuracies.  Despite this bipartisan backlash, it continues to be integrated in school curriculums across the country because it is considered a factual historical narrative that has the prestigious backing of a legacy paper.  For example, Randi Weingarten, the union president of the American Federation of Teachers, denied the project peddles falsehoods.  "All of a sudden you're hearing people ... who are trying to ban the 1619 Project, because it is trying to ... actually teach a factual version of oppression in America," she said. [...] Many historians have peeked behind the curtain of New York Times prestige and found factual inaccuracies, which some go as far to condemn as "anti-historical."

School District To Pre-K Students:  Draw Your Own Transgender Pride Flag.  As part of its ongoing LGBTQ+ Equity study month this April, an Illinois school district has suggested that Pre-K students "identify the colors in the rainbow flag" and "participate in making" their own "rainbow and/or trans pride flag," according to curriculum materials reviewed by The Daily Wire.  District 65, located in Evanston, Illinois, has dedicated a significant portion of the academic year to "equity weeks."  From September 15 to October 15, it hosted Latinx Heritage Month.  In February, District 65 hosted Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action, The Daily Wire reported Wednesday.  The district's LGBTQ+ Equity Month study unit is currently running for Pre-K to eighth grade.  According to curriculum materials posted online, it is appropriate for students in the preschool to learn that some of their friends' parents might be "non-binary or queer" and to learn about the rainbow flag.  The curriculum also has students learn what each color of the flag represents[,] before drawing their own.

Critical Race Theory, Prison Culture Similarities Help Predict Where CRT Can Lead:  Christopher Rufo.  Writer, filmmaker, and researcher Christopher Rufo realized while working on a documentary that the ideology of prison gangs that leads to racial segregation in prisons holds similarities to the critical race theory (CRT) being promoted in society.  Rufo noticed that although the phenomenon of prison gangs and the development of CRT are different and disparate, by comparing the two and analyzing the outcome of gang activities in the California prison system, he would be able to draw conclusions as to where CRT could lead society.  Rufo began exploring prison culture, gang culture, and street culture for a documentary he directed for PBS called "America Lost," which looks at three of America's poorest cities — including Stockton, California — a city with a highly diverse racial makeup comprising white, black, Latino, and Asian populations.

Eyes Wide Shut.  Originating in academic legal theory, "critical race theory" has been used as shorthand by the Right, who have made it a catch-all term for the intrusion of race essentialism into teacher training, school curricula, and the like.  The standard Democratic comeback to criticism about CRT in the schools is to say that any voters, including parents, who worry about CRT are manipulated by right-wing media into opposing proper teaching about the history of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and so on.  Voters' worries about CRT cannot be bludgeoned away so easily.  Parents are far more worried that their child is taught — no matter the name of the theory — to see everything through a racial lens than they are concerned that she is learning about historical instances and practices of racism.

Videos Expose Educators Ignoring State Laws Banning CRT In Schools.  Schools in Republican-led states are skirting laws banning critical race theory (CRT) in public education, according to new investigative footage.  Released by Accuracy in Media (AIM), the videos show multiple school officials in Idaho discussing how the principles associated with the neo-Marxist ideology can be taught to students without officially being labeled as critical race theory, despite state law outlawing the teaching of ideas aligned with CRT by public educators.  While speaking with Mark Jones of the Boise School District, for instance, AIM President Adam Guillette asked whether educators could teach "tenets ... associated with [CRT], but under the guise of equity or something else," to which Jones affirmed and further explained that "part of [the district's] strategic plan deals with equity."

California State University, Fullerton: 'Antiracism' Posters Teach Students to View Each Other by Race.  College — it's a place of guidance.  And for those attending California State University, Fullerton, a plastered poster is lighting the way.  If you've not been categorizing people by identity groups, the school makes clear you've missed the mark.  On social media, student Noelle Fitchett recently revealed a sign allegedly hanging in her chemistry lab.  [Tweet] [...] Clearly, CSUF colossally cares.  It cares so much, reportedly, it's placed papers all over campus encouraging all to view one another according to race.  The school identically repeats the poster's points on its website.

Pre K-12 School Where Judge Jackson Sits on Board Pushes Cultural Marxism on Kids.  Georgetown Day School, the private Pre K-12 school where Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sits on the board of trustees, teaches radical critical theory pedagogy, and boasts on its website "everyone will engage in the work of social justice within all aspects of school life" — which Judge Jackson would be required to "support" and "promote" as a member of the board.  During her second day of questioning by senators on Tuesday, Judge Jackson took questions from a number of Republicans pertaining to her opinion on "Critical Race Theory" — and Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) specifically probed her on race-essentialist materials being taught at Georgetown Day School, such as "Antiracist Baby" by Ibram X. Kendi.  However, teaching "Antiracist Baby" is not the only radical material being pushed on children at the school where Judge Jackson sits on the board.

'The Future is Not White': The Normalization of Activist Elementary Education.  [Scroll down]  COVID-19 lockdown policies not only exposed but accelerated the normalization of social justice activism in K-12 education.  Before COVID-19, schools relied on clandestine curriculum and the slow creep of ideological indoctrination.  Now if a parent questions a book or school material, that parent is deemed racist or homophobic.  School staff disregard parents as distractions.  Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe announced parents should have no say in curricula.  The Biden DoJ released a memorandum directing the FBI to work with local leaders to combat uncited threats of violence against school boards targeting parents in the process.  Currently, the American Montessori Society pushes activist philosophy on families.  The president of AMS Board of Directors, Amira Mogaji, was a founding board member of Montessori for Social Justice.  This group organized conferences for teachers about "Decolonizing the Human Potential" replete with t-shirts asserting, "The Future is Not White."

San Antonio Schools Separates Kids by Hair Color, Says Lighter Hair Color Means less Intelligence.  Children at a local elementary school segregated by the color of their hair.  The children in one group told they're not as smart as the others.  It was supposed to be a lesson on racism, but some parents are furious neither they, nor their kids, were told about it ahead of time.  The parents we spoke to say they want their children to learn about racism and civil rights but feel Northside ISD went too far with the segregation experiment and by making children watch a documentary it admits was not age appropriate.  Mike and Brandi Lininger say their ten-year-old daughter was confused and hurt by a classroom experiment in January at Leon Springs Elementary.  Students were separated according to hair color, with one group receiving preferential treatment.  [Video clip]

Who Cares if Your Children Are Educated as Long as They Are Woke Antiracists?  Like many other school districts, Montgomery County, Maryland has seen a precipitous drop in its students' performance.  But at least the district will have less racist students because its leadership invested a sizeable sum into ensuring that schools are teaching enough antiracism. [...] The county's literacy readiness dropped drastically in 2021.  It fell between 30 and 40 percent and only 54 percent of MCPS high school students test at or above the required proficiency level.  MCPS happens to be one of those school districts that claims it does not teach elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in its classrooms.

School District Hires 'Antiracist' Consultants to Ask Parents if Kids Are Taught Enough About Racism.  In 2021, the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board was under attack by parents angry over several issues, most notably the teaching (programming) of Marxist-derived Critical Race Theory to young kids.  Now, in 2022, a Maryland school district is paying an "antiracist" consulting firm nearly $1 million to ask parents if their six-year-old children were being taught (programmed) enough about racism in class.

Exposing BLM at School — a deep dive into the indoctrination of fourth-graders.  As part of my investigation into the National Association of Independent Schools' (NAIS) People of Color Conference (PoCC), I watched "Growing Young Voices:  Understanding Black Lives Matter for Teachers," a presentation where two elementary school teachers at the $35,000/yr University of Chicago Lab School detail their implementation of the "Black Lives Matter at School" curriculum.  Referencing seven video clips from that session, I will show how these educators inculcate BLM principles in their fourth- and fifth-grade students, and then build on that foundation to steer them towards activism.  [Video clip]

Private School Teachers Nationwide Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther.  Through teacher training lectures with titles like "Cultivating Anti-Racists and Activists in Kindergarten," "Decolonizing the Minds of Second Graders," and "The White People Way," the nation's leading accreditation association for private schools is instructing educators to adopt a race-essentialist and cultural Marxist curriculum for children as young as five years old.  The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) hosts professional development conferences for teachers at schools in their network, which promote a race-based curriculum and grading system — including tips on how to avoid transparency with parents — according to a trove of footage reviewed by Breitbart News.

The Editor says...
Any time the teachers try "to avoid transparency with parents," somebody at the school, or the school board, should be fired.

Chicago Private School Injected Race Into Physics Class, Then Tracked Whether The Indoctrination Worked.  An email from Elizabeth Denevi, who at the time was the director of studies and professional development at the Latin School of Chicago, shows the private school injected CRT into its ninth-grade physics curriculum and even tracked students' changing beliefs on race and politics afterward.  Denevi explained that the high school freshmen would be taught a curriculum called "Social Justice in Physics," which addressed "power dynamics, systemic racism, white privilege, and the shortage of people of color and women in the field of science, especially physics."  The curriculum mentioned was constructed by Moses Rifkin, a science teacher from Seattle.  His current bio on the extremist Southern Poverty Learning Center-backed Learning for Justice website explains that Rifkin "coaches white affinity groups" and "is particularly interested in helping those with privileged identities ... understand their privilege and the role they can and must play in working for social justice."

Berkeley Professor Calls For The Abolition Of White People.  Critics are blasting a Berkeley professor after a video of him lecturing about the abolishment of "whiteness" and "white people" resurfaced this week.  "To abolish whiteness is to abolish white people," Professor Zeus Leonardo, an associate dean at Berkeley's Graduate School of Education, can be heard saying in the video.  "That's very uncomfortable perhaps, but it asks about our definitions of what race is and what racial justice might mean."  [Video clip]

Bill Gates funnels $1 million to push 'math is racist' narrative.  With a $1 million check from the Gates Foundation, leading universities and local governments are building an effort to bring "anti-racism" efforts to mathematics.  A Pathway to Equitable Instruction exists to address "barriers to math equity" by offering "guidance and resources for educators to use now as they plan their curriculum, while also offering opportunities for ongoing self-reflection as they seek to develop an anti-racist math practice."

Bill Gates Writes a Giant Check to Choke the Capitalism and Racism of Objective Math.  Is two plus two five?  It could be... unless you're racist.  That idea is being bandied about, amid a social justice analysis of mathematics.  Oddly, such a campaign is being supported by none other than Bill Gates.

Black History Month Is Appropriate Time For The Truth.  Can there be a more appropriate time for the truth about Black history than this month?  Isn't it an apt time to bring to light the long-held omissions that have skewed not only genuine history by promoting half-truths but most, unfortunately, have harmed and skewed racial relationships?  Our history education, as it's generally taught from elementary to secondary classrooms, basically presents the institution of slavery as one of black and white with Black being the oppressed and White the oppressor.  However, that is not the total history or story of the tragic institution of slavery.  Before Africans set foot on America's shores, there was more than just Whites enslaving and oppressing Blacks.  The slave trade was multi-racial.

Anti-White Racism at NYU Law.  In the United States, "if you're white, leave; it's really that simple," announced Regan de Loggans, an activist with New York City's Indigenous Kinship Collective, a "community of Indigenous womxn, femmes, and gender non conforming folx" who "denounce colonial power structures of leadership and blood quantum."

Creating A George Floyd Scholarship Sends Black Kids The Exact Wrong Message.  The constant push to virtue signal to the idol of social justice is causing some of our historically trusted institutions of academia, health care, and journalism to lose the public's trust and is further splintering our nation.  Minnesota seems to be in the epicenter of it all.  The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota recently endowed a new scholarship to honor George Perry Floyd Jr.  It's the wrong decision and undermines the work of the civil rights movement and what we communicate to black American children across the country.  What happened to George Floyd was a travesty.  But it is important we remain disciplined in acknowledging that tragedy.  When honoring someone's life in a scholarship at an institution of higher education, we should honor the sacrifice, achievement, and virtues of a person's life.

High School Kids Throw Out Books From The Library Written By Whites In Order To 'Decolonize' The School.  Brainwashed white high school students at North Allegheny Senior High School in Wexford, Pennsylvania throw hundreds of library books written by white authors into a dumpster in order to "decolonize" their school library.  [Video clip]

Safety First:  Computer Engineering Course Offers to Group Students by Gender Identity.  [A] computer course at the University of California San Diego is carefully treading where our savage ancestors once stomped.  A Google Form survey for Winter 2022's Software Tools and Techniques Laboratory class asks future leaders to select their "identity."  Via the document, Computer Science and Engineering Professor Joe Gibbs Politz explains:  ["]Sometimes people like to form groups with others that share an aspect of their identity.  If you would like us to try to form your lab group with others that share a similar characteristic, please select all of the attributes of your identity or interests that you might like to have in common with others in your group.["]  Among the options:
  •   Woman
  •   Black
  •   Hispanic/Latinx
  •   Native American
Not listed:  "White," "Male."

A DC Kindergarten Forces Little Kids To March With Black Lives Matter Signs.  This disturbing video has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, even ending up on Libs Of Tik Tok showing little kindergarteners being forced to march while holding Black Lives Matter signs in DC.  The children are heard chanting BLM slogans.  It is not yet known which school this occurred at.  It is very ironic children are being made to support a group that openly calls for an end to the nuclear family.  [Video clip]

Critical race theory is about to segregate America like an open-air prison yard.  [Scroll down]  A few years after making the film, I began studying critical race theory and the racialist ideologies that are becoming entrenched in American schools.  Though the comparison is provocative, frightening parallels exist between the racialist logic of the prison yard and the racialist pedagogy of many public schools.  First, schools that have adopted critical race theory reject individualism and colorblindness; to achieve an authentic identity and gain collective power, individuals must identify first and foremost with their racial group.  Second, as in the prison yard, some public schools have begun segregating teachers and students for training sessions, classroom exercises, field trips and even playground activities.  Third, many schools that have adopted critical race theory explicitly teach that children belong to categories of "oppressor" or "oppressed" based on a racial hierarchy, and then tell students that they must tear down society in order to "decolonize" the land, settle racial scores and direct the spoils to their compatriots.  This development might not come as a total surprise.  Critical race theory draws heavily from black-nationalist ideology, such as that of the Black Panther Party, which came to fruition in California prisons in the 1960s.

Iowa bill could see cameras installed in classrooms — so parents can livestream.  Conservative lawmakers in Iowa are pushing to have cameras installed in public school classrooms to allow parents to watch via livestreams — as the debate over critical race theory continues to rage.  The lawmakers introduced the bill this week that would see cameras put in almost every K-12 classroom, with the exception of physical education and special needs classes.  Teachers who fail to keep the camera recording, or obstruct its view, could be fined up to 5 percent of their weekly salary each time they are caught doing it, according to the bill.

Georgia School District Published Plans To Teach Critical Race Theory, Then Hid Them.  Documents obtained by Heritage Action revealed that Gwinnett County Public Schools, the largest public school district in the state of Georgia, admitted plans to teach both critical race theorist and Marxist thought to students enrolled in an AP Language and AP Research Combination Class.  In an audit syllabus obtained by Heritage Action, the school district remarked that "Students will bridge the skills from AP Language to AP Research, analyzing the value of using different lenses in social criticism (Critical Race Theory, Feminist, Marxist, Psychoanalytic) to aid their analysis across issues, and the class will discuss how these perspectives apply to the different methods used by research fields."

All 14 black Democrat lawmakers in Mississippi Senate Walk Out in protest over bill to ban teaching that 'any race is superior or inferior'.  All 14 black Mississippi state senators, all Democrats, walked out before a vote on a bill that forbids teaching students at public schools and colleges that 'that any sex, race, ethnicity, religion or national origin is inherently superior or inferior.'  The bill later passed passed 32-2, with only two Democratic legislators — David Blount and Hob Bryan, both white — voting against it.  It now heads to the Mississippi state House for approval.  The unprecedented walkout on Friday followed a two-hour debate when Democratic lawmakers asked whether or not Critical Race Theory (CRT), which centers on the idea that racism is systemic in the nation's institutions and that they function to maintain the dominance of white people in society, is actually taught in Mississippi schools.

On the Left's 'Our Democracy™'.  For decades, left-wing indoctrination of school children on race and gender continued stealthily until it finally boiled over into the public consciousness, which decidedly rejected this usurpation of parental rights and abuse of educators' privilege to instruct other people's children.  Per the Left's subversive playbook, at first the practitioners of this indoctrination denied it was happening.  As an insulted public's outrage turned into sarcastic disdain and, most importantly, electoral remedies targeted against these taxpayer-funded indoctrinators, the Left played the victim, dropped all pretense, and proclaimed any opposition to their ideological proselytizing was racist, homophobic, etc.  Last year's election in Virginia has failed to disabuse them of the merit of this line of attack.  But, as the Left's policies continue to fail abysmally and their targets for psychological projection and misplaced blame diminish, Democrats are increasingly and brazenly proclaiming their hypocritically autocratic lunacy in a host of other areas.

Critical Race Theory:  Wrong for K-12 Education.  Last year we heard the continual refrain, even from the highest levels of government, that CRT is needed for K-12 students because it teaches about slavery and racism in our history.  The problem with this assertion is CRT is not something you would look for in a history book because it is not an account of specific events of the dark history of slavery and Jim Crow in America.  Rather, CRT is based on legal theory from the perspective of the role of law in the treatment of people of color.  Specifically, CRT examines how the law, since the founding of the country, has been both central and complicit in upholding white supremacy throughout its history in terms of social domination and subordination of people of color.  CRT is a movement of admitted far-left scholars who wish to challenge power structures represented in the American legal culture and society with respect to "the rule of law" and "equal protection."  Their belief is that whereas our laws are ostensibly "neutral" and "objective," they are neither — and never could have been objective in the first place because of the racial dynamic that has been exercised legally and ideologically over the course of American history.

Gov. Youngkin Bans CRT, School Mask Mandates, And State Vaxx Coercion On Day One.  Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin took executive action to ban critical race theory (CRT) and mask mandates in Virginia schools, as well as prohibit vaccine mandates for state employees during his first day in office on Saturday.  The edicts came just hours after the Virginia Republican was officially sworn in as the state's 74th governor.  "We'll start where the future is determined in the classroom preparing Virginia's children to be career or college ready," he said during his inaugural address.  "We will remove politics from the classroom and re-focus on essential math, science, and reading.  And we will teach all of our history, the good and the bad."  "And we know that when our children don't go to school it harms their learning and development.  So let me be clear, we must keep our children in school five days a week," he added.

The Selective Bigotry of the Campus Diversity Industry.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — or "DEI" — is now big business across American campuses.  A 2021 Heritage Foundation study found that the average American college employs 45 full-time DEI administrators.  With a reported average salary of $79,400 per DEI staffer, the average college DEI budget exceeds $3.57 million.  Hence across more than 4,000 colleges nationally, America's total college DEI bill tops $14 billion.  One would hope that such massive investments yield tangible gains in the DEI bureaucracies' self-described mission, namely, assuring an inclusive campus environment for all students.  Unfortunately, a new study shows that the campus DEI industry not only fails this test, but also — at least towards one minority group — actively subverts its stated goal.

Critical Race Theory Program Teaches Disabled Preschoolers That 'Whiteness Affects Everything'.  A program designed by the University of North Carolina teaches 3- and 4-year-old disabled preschoolers to "deconstruct whiteness," according to a report from Education First Alliance.  Education groups called on the North Carolina General Assembly to stop funding a statewide program that teaches critical race theory-aligned ideas to special education students, according to a press release from Education First Alliance.  The North Carolina State Board approved the extension of a contract with UNC Chapel Hill's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, which has worked with the Office of Early Learning of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction since 2013.

Why teaching "white privilege" will create a more divisive society.  In an exclusive podcast for www.historyreclaimed.co.uk Dr Alka Sehgal-Cuthbert says that she is "disturbed" by so called theories of "white privilege" which by-pass empirical historical research methods to focus instead on "social justice", as a prism through which historical events should be judged.  Dr Sehgal-Cuthbert supports History Reclaimed in wanting to raise awareness about how divisive this new way of teaching is and "fears" that it will separate and distinguish children more than ever from a young age on racial grounds.  She thinks it is unhealthy for everyday interactions to increasingly be viewed through a lens of white advantage rather than moving towards a forward-looking society where integration amongst different groups of people is encouraged.  Dr Sehgal-Cuthbert gives an example of how by destroying our historical beliefs we may be creating the same conditions under which authoritarianism has thrived in other cultures when curators of museums have given their lives to protect their artefacts and thereby their society's past.

National Association of Independent Schools Rep Openly Admits To Brainwashing Kindergartners Into Being Social Justice Marxists.  The National Association of Independent Schools claims to "co-create the future of education by uniting and empowering our community."  It does this by offering "research and trend analysis, leadership and governance guidance, and professional development opportunities for school and board leaders."  Former math teacher Paul Rossi posted a clip from the NAIS Network's 2021 People of Color Conference that discusses how to shape kindergarteners into anti-racists and social justice activists.  This lesson is based on the work of Marxist educator Paulo Freire, critical pedagogist Henry Giroux, and critical race theorist Gloria Ladson-Billings.  [Video clip]

Glenn Youngkin Taps Ed Secretary Deeply Linked To The Critical Race Theory Education Swamp.  Virginia Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin was elected to stop critical race theory in public schools, and he has promised to do so in office.  Yet the woman he's appointed for state education secretary, Aimee Rogstad Guidera, has numerous professional and financial ties to organizations that underwrite the spread of critical race theory, a racist philosophy that pits Americans of different bodily hues against each other and smears those born into paler skin.  "Because of the national spotlight that was on Virginia, we saw people put their hand up all over the country" for his education secretary spot, Youngkin said in a recent interview about Guidera.  Guidera was the founder and longtime chief executive of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC).  She ran the organization from 2005 until May 2018, when she left to pursue private consulting.  Founding DQC is the biggest and most visible education-related job on Guidera's resume.

Top five media lies of 2021.  [#5] CRT is not taught in schools:  After Critical Race Theory became a key issue in the Virginia gubernatorial race, corporate media outlets such as CNN started to claim that Critical Race Theory was not taught in school at all despite it being publicly promoted by the Virginia Department of Education.  Multiple show hosts from MSNBC and CNN continued to push the lie that CRT does not exist at all.

Parents Push Indiana Legislature For Hearing On Toughest School Racism And Pornography Bill.  Indiana is among the numerous Republican-led states to consider bills this spring legislative session to protect kids in public schools from pornographic, racist, and anti-American materials.  Parent activists in the state say they're concerned the strongest bills on such issues will be kept from public hearings and open votes to protect Republican lawmakers from primaries and angry constituents.  In an era in which critical race theory and anti-American curriculum are shifting elections, that could be a fool's move.  Indiana's legislative session opens today, Jan. 4, with the first hearing on hot-topic education bills slated for Jan. 5.  Two bills, Senate Bill 167 and House Bill 1040, have already been filed to deal with critical race theory and other education issues of high public concern.  More are expected.  But legislative leadership hasn't committed to giving the strongest parents rights bill a hearing or vote.

Nikole Hannah-Jones beclowns herself on Meet the Press.  The fact that Nikole Hannah-Jones has been honored with a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant," a Pulitzer Prize, and has had the New York Times backing her error-riddled and fundamentally mistaken 1619 Project as a curriculum throughout the United States tells us that we live in an intellectually degenerate moment in history.  That she has been granted an endowed chair (despite no doctorate) and is heading a new center with $20 million in funding at Howard University bespeaks a collapse of standards.  Yesterday, when featured on Meet the Press, she demonstrated genuine intellectual mediocrity. [...] First of all, she has disqualified herself from from offering her 1619 Project as a curriculum if you take her at her word.  She is not an educator, and only educators can tell children what to learn.  Yet huge institutions are pushing that project to be the basis of school curricula throughout the country.

Hannah-Jones: Parents Shouldn't Decide what's Being Taught In Schools — 'Leave That to the Educators'.  Nikole Hannah-Jones, 1619 Project creator and professor, said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that parents should not be in charge of deciding what is taught in schools.  Hannah-Jones said, "I don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught.  I'm not a professional educator.  I don't have a degree in social studies or science.  We send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have expertise in the subject area.  And that is not my job."

The Editor says...
Thousands of home-schooling families have demonstrated that teaching K-12 curriculum does not require a college degree.  It requires a lot of work and consistent discipline, and usually a lot of cooperation with other home-schooling families, but it does not require professional teachers.

Parents Accuse Virginia School District of Teaching Students to 'Discriminate Based on Race'.  A Virginia school district is indoctrinating students with an ideology that "teaches children to affirmatively discriminate based on race," nine parents and eight minors allege in a new lawsuit.  The Daily Signal first obtained a copy of the lawsuit, filed Wednesday by Alliance Defending Freedom in Albemarle County Circuit Court against the Albemarle County School Board, Superintendent Matthew Haas, and Assistant Superintendent Bernard Hairston.  In their lawsuit, the parents accuse Albemarle County Public Schools of implementing an "Anti-Racism Policy" beginning in 2019 with a stated purpose of eliminating "all forms of racism" in the school system near Charlottesville, Virginia.  This policy is "racist at its core," according to the lawsuit, which asks the court for an order that would stop the Albemarle school district from implementing this policy.  "Defendants claim that they want to stand against racism," the lawsuit says.  "But rather than eliminate racism from the school district, defendants have done the opposite."

Defund higher education until critical theory is gone: expert.  The leading investigator and activist against critical theory and critical race theory says that the higher education behemoth needs to be starved of taxpayer dollars.  Sumantra Maitra, writing at the James G. Martin Center, recently described Christopher Rufo's plan for ending critical theory. [...] "Rufo's goal is to take away the federal government's power, not transfer it to another political party," Maitra said.  The second part of this strategy is to take away taxpayer subsidies to higher education.  Rufo said at the National Conservatism Conference that critical theory is a "creature of the state" and "[i]t was born, and nurtured, and raised within publicly financed and publicly subsidized universities and it now survives only in this vast constellation of publicly supported and publicly subsidized bureaucracy."

Scientists Take a Stand Against 'Woke Math'.  Saying two plus two equals four may now be problematic.  One of the key aspects of the left-wing cultural revolution that's taken over America's most powerful institutions is how it injects its politics and ideology into literally everything.  That includes science, and now math.  Many states and school districts are embracing "woke math" for K-12 students, intentionally lowering standards and changing math curriculum to focus on attacking "white supremacy" and "paternalism" while denying objectivity.  There are at least some within these institutions now speaking out in opposition.

Oberlin College will create 'Center on Race' and inequality.  Invoking the names of George Floyd and other Black people killed by police, Oberlin College has announced it will create a Center for Race, Equity and Inclusion.

The Editor says...
George Floyd was already terminally ill from a drug overdose when the police showed up for the last of his many encounters with them.  He was not an honorable man, and his death should not be used to create the conditions that lead to more tragic endings like his.

California school district reportedly encourages using witchcraft on people who say 'all lives matter'.  A California school district reportedly removed a link to resources that, among other things, outlined how to cast a spell on people who said things like "all lives matter."  That content was included as part of a Google Drive for a "Black Lives Matter Resource Guide."  A document on "Writing Prompts on Police Brutality and Racist Violence" encourages high school students to write a "curse" for police and others.  "Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration.  Make a list of specific people who have been agents of police terror or global brutality," it reads.

NYC Will Spend $500 Million Teaching Kids To Obsess About Sex And Race.  Last week, fifth-grade teacher Amy Parker took the pages of the education site Chalkbeat to celebrate New York City's initiative to promote "culturally responsive education" in its public schools.  Parker introduces her essay by lamenting that "School taught me to hide who I was and what I valued" because it didn't assign books with characters who had gay parents.  But, at the same time, Parker also complains that she "was overly represented in the books [she] read and the classes [she] took."  To make up for this injustice, Parker has now committed herself to providing a "culturally responsive and sustaining education" or "CRSE."  This means that she will pick texts on the basis of "representation" and "diversity" and emphasize racial and sexual identity in all her lessons.  Instead of learning about the world and how to contribute to it, her students will now learn about themselves and how to become "agents of change."

California's proposed woke math curriculum alarms mathematicians, scientists.  Hundreds of highly distinguished science and math professors have signed an open letter expressing "urgent concern" over California's efforts to reform mathematics education in the name of social justice.  The letter, signed by 597 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals, said the California Department of Education's (CDE) proposed new mathematics framework will aim to reduce achievement gaps by limiting the availability of advanced mathematical courses to middle schoolers and beginning high schoolers, making it more challenging for students to succeed in STEM at college.

Critical Race Theory Serves to Usher in Communist Agenda in America, Says Philosophy Professor.  Critical race theory has become the philosophic foundation supporting a Marxist communist agenda sweeping American society, according to philosophy professor Jason Hill.  Acting as racial managers or agents for African Americans, practitioners of critical race theory (CRT) are after power and aim to "destroy all those foundational values, all those codified values, and principles that we use in times of crisis," Hill said in a recent interview with Epoch TV's "American Thought Leaders" program.  Critical race theorists "want to first erase personal identity, then erase history, erase those codified values to usher in a new, what I would call, Marxist communist agenda in our society," he added.  CRT's view of America as systemically racist is "a misperception of reality," Hill said.  This central proposition — that the oppression of African Americans still persists today — is then used to justify CRT practitioners speaking on behalf of all black Americans, depriving the community of their own agency, according to Hill.  But these activists don't actually care about uplifting the black population, he added.

How to Remove Critical Race Theory from Our Schools.  State legislators know nothing about Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Descended from Critical Theory (CT) created by the Marxist German Frankfurt School, CRT is the latest effort to divide Americans by race and create a hierarchy of victimhood to use in the war against America's history and our free-market economy, with the goal of turning the United States into a Marxist state.  Do our state legislators fear CRT as the existential national threat it is?  Are they or are they not willing to expunge its divisive concepts from our educational system, and are they willing to stay the course to achieve this end?  Reviewing their legislative behavior, apparently they are not.

Los Angeles Public Schools Host Critical Race Theorist To 'Challenge Whiteness' While Saying They Aren't Teaching Critical Race Theory.  The Los Angeles Unified School District Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity prepared a presentation told students critical race theory isn't being taught in schools while the district made presentations that did precisely that.  The district also mandated that teachers take an "antiracism" course taught by a known critical race theorist who told them to "challenge whiteness."  A LAUSD presentation titled "Critical Race Theory and Racism in K-12 Education" starts out by defining the theory as a "Theoretical Framework through which researchers and scholars try to understand how structural and racial inequities exist and endure in our society."

Build Back Racism.  In June, I wrote that Republicans need to embrace the culture war and loudly oppose critical race theory.  I said we need to "lean" into the subject and show the organic movement of parents who are concerned about their kids' education that "we have your back."  I said Republicans need to make clear that America should be a colorblind society where individuals are judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.  Glenn Youngkin clearly heeded that advice.  And it's part of what earned him a historic victory in Virginia three weeks ago and why he's governor-elect.  Democrats wholly embraced critical race theory.  Youngkin's opponent, Terry McAuliffe, campaigned with Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, who penned a threatening op-ed for CNN warning parents that "you can't stop" teachers from using concepts borrowed from critical race theory.  It's vital to ask why they did that.  Why would Democrats embrace such a divisive ideology that instructs its adherents to judge individuals based on the color of their skin?  The answer is simple:  Democrats cynically believe they can create a coalition of minority voters by telling them they're victims and "oppressed."

California's new educational guidelines say math is racist.  California is set to adopt new math teaching principles that are based in critical race theory.  These changes, which include deemphasizing calculus and pulling programs for academically gifted students, will "apply social justice principles to math lessons."  These guidelines do not instruct educators to teach critical race theory, but rather use critical race theory as a guide for the formation of teaching principles.  Critical race theory is not being taught to students, but taught to teachers, who are then meant to use it to formulate their own practices.

University of California system permanently abandons standardized testing for admissions.  Too many of the "wrong" people are gaining admission to the University of California's nine campuses.  The racial bean counters are therefore altering the process by which applicants are judged.  The nation's premier public university system is not going to base its admissions process on standardized testing of any sort.  "Test-free admissions" is to be the rule. [...] Admission will now rely on grades, student essays, and teacher recommendations.  All of these factors seem much more vulnerable to bad actors and manipulation.  The end of testing is brought to you by progressives who are convinced that standardized tests help maintain white supremacy.

Headteacher at London's most expensive day school resigns over CRT.  Parents with children in the American School in London sound a lot like parents at home.  Slowly but surely, their complaints about the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) have been answered.  The headteacher resigned from her position.  Robin Appleby resigned as headteacher after serving in the appointed position for less than five years.  The American School in London is the most expensive day school in London, with tuition at £32,650-a-year.  The students are the children of diplomats and other professionals, including Hollywood actress Salma Hayek.  The school is governed by a Board of Trustees but the Head of School is responsible for the day-to-day administration, programming, and policies.

Indiana teacher who exposed CRT teaching put on leave, has email locked, banned from school buildings.  An Indianapolis school administrator who went viral for explaining how his district is pushing Critical Race Theory on children has been locked out of his email and Google Drive accounts and been told to work from home because he was causing other staff members "anxiety."  "As of one hour ago, Indianapolis Public Schools has suspended my access to email & Google Drive," Indianapolis district science coordinator, instructional coach, and administrator Tony Kinnett posted on Twitter along with a screenshot.

Indiana Educator Who Exposed CRT Banned From School.  An Indianapolis Public Schools administrator who leaked student trainings infused with critical race theory (CRT) was banned from school buildings and locked out of his email Wednesday [11/24/2021].  "I am currently banned from going to any IPS school building or hosting any professional developments," Tony Kinnett posted on Twitter Nov. 24, sharing a screenshot of his work email login.  He confirmed that the actions came in response to the Daily Caller News Foundation report, describing warnings he had received from human resources over his "whistleblowing."  Kinnett provided a video to the DCNF featuring an equity administrator who lectured middle school students about systemic racism permeating all aspects of society, including related to the environment.

Winsome Sears Directly Challenges Dana Bash Claim That CRT Is Not In Virginia Curriculum.  Republican Virginia Lieutenant Governor-Elect Winsome Sears pushed back Sunday on CNN's Dana Bash when the "State of the Union" host claimed that Critical Race Theory was not part of school curricula.  Bash began the segment with a question about the fact that Sears, the first black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia, had made history — and Sears, who has said several times that making history was not her goal in running for office, added that she did see the importance of being an example for those who would come after her.  Pivoting to the topic of education, Bash noted that Sears — like Republican Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin — had voiced opposition to Critical Race Theory while on the campaign trail.

Hey, RINOs!  How's all this working for you?  President Trump issued an executive order banning federal funds from contractors who conduct Critical Race Theory (CRT) training.  He saw this theory for what it is: a race-based "pre-trial guilty verdict" of racism, which is itself, by definition, racism.  Boom, by a stroke of the pen, he declared it un-American and gone!  Biden?  In a 180-degree turn, he reinstituted CRT and has promoted the metastasis of this divisive Marxist ideology all across the nation, angering millions of people, especially parents who do not want this racist nonsense taught to their children in K-12 education.

How long can MSNBC viewers fall for the lies?  Watching MSNBC you'll be told that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in public schools.  As I explained last week, while the original CRT texts probably aren't being presented, lessons are being rammed down kids' throats that put them into two camps for instance, oppressors and oppressed.  And that America is incurably racist — well there is a cure.  And that is of course CRT, even though it might be labeled "equity training."  That conversation is morphing into their belief that conservatives don't want racial history, including slavery, taught in schools.  That's just made-up nonsense.  Just this morning on some MSNBC program called Velshi, one of the panelists made the claim that many of the protesters who spoke up at school board meetings aren't parents, or perhaps she said they don't have children at those schools.  No matter.  For instance as taxpayers these patriots have a right to voice their opinion on how the biggest part of their property tax bill is spent.  Secondly if we take that twisted logic further, then Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, who has no children, should have no voice in how are youngsters are educated.

Reason has been superseded by the need to obey.  From "New Business Item 39" posted on the National Education Association's website on July 5, 2021:  "The N.E.A. will provide an already-created, in-depth study that criticises empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeniety, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarcy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of oppression at the intersections of society."  This is the country's largest Teachers Union.  What do these words mean?  That the teachers will be put in charge of criticising.  Whom?  Whomever the N.E.A. designates.  And how might one, however convinced, ensure that he will not transgress the rules?  There are no rules, for the categories are infinitely expansible.

When all the media narratives collapse.  [Scroll down]  We were — and still are! — being told by most of the media that critical race theory isn't in high schools at all.  Meanwhile, a tsunami of evidence is out there showing that it absolutely is — in every subject, and every class, as the central philosophy behind many states' education policies.

Don't Let Leftists Gaslight You on Critical Race Theory.  Chauncey Devega, a race essentialist and staff writer for Salon, insists that Critical Race Theory is a fairytale. [...] At no point does Devega dare to take a real look at the issues at the heart of the pushback against CRT — at what is happening in school board meetings across the United States.  He couldn't care less about the growing concerns of parents, teachers, and administrators in K-12 schools, or the rest of American society at large.  CRT is a "fairytale" because arrogant race essentialists like Devega say it is. (For the record, Vox is parroting this same nonsense, as are NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR.)  Although this summary denial of CRT by people like Devega is frustrating, the reality is that Critical Race Theory is being effectively smoked out.  There was a time not so long ago when people actually tried to defend the use of CRT, like Marc Lamont Hill during his interview with Christopher Rufo.  But now the playbook has changed.  CRT is simply too toxic even to try to defend.

Loudoun County Parents Press On With Calls for School Board Resignation.  "Resign," scores of Loudoun County residents told the local school board on Nov. 9.  While the Virginia gubernatorial election last week saw a win for conservative candidate Glenn Youngkin, parents told the school board that their fight wasn't over yet.  "We are still here," repeated residents in their public remarks.  "This has always been about our children, not an election," said one mother.  "Never underestimate the determination of a mama bear when her cubs are under attack."  About 100 people signed up to speak in person at the school board meeting on Tuesday evening [11/9/2021].

Critical Race Theory [is] taught at many of America's 50 most elite private K-12 schools, according to new study.  A website that features a database with information on critical race theory (CRT) curricula and training in higher education found the controversial ideology is infiltrating many of the most elitist K-12 private schools in America.  Last month, the project focused on the top 25 private schools in the country and researchers found some openly admit to teaching CRT, while others are more subtle.  Over the past few weeks, the topic has become even more polarizing amid furor surrounding the Virginia gubernatorial race, with Democrats and liberal pundits claiming CRT isn't taught or doesn't exist.

Senator Rick Scott destroys a CNN Host with Facts she Can't Rebuke.  CNN along with many in the leftist media continue to gaslight American's by telling them Critical Race Theory aka CRT is not being taught in schools.  The only problem for them is a plethora of parents nationwide who have the proof directly from their sons and daughters homework that shows it is much more prevalent than they would like us to believe.  Watch as Senator Rick Scott uses Biden's own website in order to combat the fact that CRT is not only being taught, but that CNN along with their leftist cohorts in the media, are either lying about it not being taught, or completely clueless as to what is really going on.  Either way, it was a bad day for CNN's Brianna Keilar.  [Video clip]

Democrats Traipsing Through Strawberry Fields.  Start with critical race theory, one of the major issues in school board elections nationwide and in the Virginia gubernatorial race.  Former Bush Republican, now a Trump-hating liberal Democrat, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace declared that critical race theory "isn't real."  Her strawberry fields analysis of a Republican sweep in Virginia, the GOP winning the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general positions was, "So, I think that the real ominous thing, is that critical race theory, which isn't real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump-insurrection-endorsed Republican."  Maybe in the cocooned studios of MSNBC, critical race theory is some QAnon or white supremacist conspiracy theory, but to voters it was quite real, and concerning.  If critical race theory is not real, someone should tell Amazon as they offer numerous books on the subject, in education and mathematics, how to teach it in school and how to respond to "microaggressions," meaning any viewpoint that challenges the CRT agenda.  Defeated gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe told fellow Democrat Chuck Todd shortly before the election that critical race theory has "never been taught" in the state's public schools and that the fight to ban the theory from school curricula is a "racist dog whistle."  McAuliffe also claimed that eventual gubernatorial victor Glenn Youngkin "wants to ban critical race theory."  Chuck Todd missed the obvious follow up question of why something that doesn't exist or isn't taught would need to be banned?

Anti-CRT Parents Win School Board Victories Throughout America.  The victory of Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin (R) over former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) has spurred excitement for future Republican wins, but the triumphs in local school board races hold special significance for those parents who fought big battles against leftist tyranny and Marxist-based Critical Race Theory (CRT) right in their own communities.  Ryan James Girdusky's 1776 Project PAC has helped a number of candidates for local school boards win their elections.  He and the PAC tweeted out the victories.

The Myth of White Privilege.  Throughout academia, corporate world, and government, leaders are pushing the notion that American society advantages whites and disadvantages blacks.  The notion of white privilege, though, is mistaken, thereby rendering worthless much of the teaching and underlying research.  In 1989, Wellesley College's Peggy McIntosh published her influential article, "White Privilege:  Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack."  This article tied in with a group she founded, Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity (SEED).  Since 1986, SEED has trained 2,200 teachers and professors in more than 40 countries.  As a result, her work has influenced and will continue to influence millions of students.  The notion of white privilege intersects with other areas of teaching and research, including Critical Race Theory, white fragility, and whiteness studies.

McAuliffe's Mendacious CRT Claims.  Terry McAuliffe wants the voters of Virginia to give him a second term as governor, yet he refuses to be honest with them about the curricula to which students are subjected in the Old Dominion's public school system.  He continues to insist that Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn't taught in the state's schools while accusing his Republican opponent in Virginia's gubernatorial contest of using CRT as a "racist dog whistle."  In reality, as City Journal's Christopher Rufo has pointed out, the Commonwealth's education system was initially infected with this pernicious ideology during McAuliffe's first term as governor and it has rapidly metastasized during the past four years under his Democratic successor Ralph Northam.  Gov. Northam's Superintendent of Public Instruction, James D. Lane, has made CRT a priority during his tenure.  A few months after he was appointed in 2018, for example, Lane issued Superintendent's Memo #50-19.  This document included a reading list consisting of core CRT texts such as Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education, by Edward Taylor, David Gillborn, and Gloria Ladson-Billings; White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo, and Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  The state's school districts are also spending taxpayer money on lectures from CRT luminaries like Ibram X. Kendi.

Democrats are right to be scared of backlash against critical race theory.  In Virginia, parents have realized what's at stake.  Public school enrollment in Fairfax County, one of the wealthiest in the country, continues to drop, even though schools have returned to in-person learning full-time.  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is rapidly losing support, especially among voters with K-12 children.  And that's because concerns about public education and the backlash against leftist efforts to keep parents out of it are organic, no matter how much Democrats would like them not to be.

What other county in the U.S. has a secret curriculum in the public schools?
Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style Form To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum.  Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to view a portion of the district's new curriculum inspired by critical race theory, according to documents reviewed by the Daily Caller.  As part of LCPS' broader equity agenda, the district spent approximately $7,700 to become a "licensed user" of Second Step Programs, a branch of the left-leaning non-profit organization Committee for Children.  According to a copy of the NDA-style form reviewed by the Daily Caller, "eligible parents" at LCPS must sign the document to view the Second Step curriculum.  Curriculum presentations can only be given in person and parents cannot broadcast, download, photograph, or record "in any mannern whatsoever."

No whites allowed at anti-racist Elizabethtown College event.  Elizabethtown College hosted an event October 12 about white supremacy and racism, but the alleged perpetrators of hatred were not allowed to themselves attend.  The event at the private Pennsylvania University is part of a three-part series called "Mediocre + Multimedia Content."  "The programming for this event is for participants who identify as individuals of color," the event description said.  "Following the first and third sessions, participants will come together with participants representing different racial affinity groups for a shared reception at the Bowers Writers House featuring its signature chocolate fondue."

Virginia's McAuliffe Is Dishonest & Deceptive On Critical Race Theory.  Appearing this weekend on CNN's State of the Union, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe charged that Republicans have "made up" K-12 disputes over Critical Race Theory (CRT) in order to "divide" voters.  McAuliffe said, "This is a made-up — this is a Trump, Betsy DeVos, Glenn Youngkin plan to divide people, and really bothers me."  In a television interview last week, McAuliffe had previously said of Critical Race Theory, "It's not taught in Virginia, it's never been taught in Virginia.  And as I've said this a lot:  It's a dogwhistle.  It's racial.  It's division."  But the controversy over Critical Race Theory is hardly "made up," as McAuliffe alleges.  Take developments in Virginia's Loudoun County, an affluent Washington suburb that's made plenty of national headlines with its CRT disputes.

Seattle elementary school cancels its annual Pumpkin Parade because it 'marginalizes students of color who don't celebrate Halloween'.  A Seattle elementary school has canceled its upcoming Halloween parade and will be banning students from dressing in costumes on October 31, claiming that the annual event 'marginalizes' students of color who administrators claim do not celebrate the holiday.  Officials at the Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary School have discussed axing the annual Pumpkin Parade for five years, but first notified parents about the unilateral decision to cancel it in an October 8 newsletter, according to The Jason Rantz Show on local news station KTTH Radio.  'As a school with foundational beliefs around equity for our students and families, we are moving away from our traditional 'Pumpkin Parade' event and requesting that students do not come to school in costumes,' reads the newsletter, seen by the radio host.

The Editor says...
[#1] How many "students of color" don't enjoy Halloween?  How many of them are beyond indifferent and actually object to it?  [#2] Most of the students who are offended by Halloween are home-schooled.  [#3] Schools don't cancel Black History Month because it marginalizes white kids who don't celebrate Juneteenth.  Schools don't hesitate to celebrate homosexuality even though most of the students would rather not hear about it.

Florida Mom Calls For 'Mass Exodus' From Public Schools as A Tactic To Fight Indoctrination.  "They are not kidding.  This is not going away... The only thing to do is to have a mass exodus from the public school system."  That was the startling pronouncement made by Quisha King, a Florida mom, to the attendees and viewers of the "Fighting Indoctrination on a National Scale" panel of the Family Research Council's Pray Vote Stand Summit.  Her statement came following the question "how pervasive do you think this problem... this indoctrination is across the country?  And what are some things that you think parents can do?"  The audience appeared to largely and loudly agree with Ms. King, as a tumultuous roar of clapping and applause followed her call for an exodus from the public school system that many parents claim is indoctrinating students with critical race theory.  [Video clip]

Garland son-in-law's education company recommends book featuring Bill Ayers.  The left-wing education company co-founded by Attorney General Merrick Garland's son-in-law recommends that teachers read a book in which the first essay is written by Bill Ayers, the former domestic terrorist group leader and Chicago educator who helped lead the Weather Underground.  Panorama Education, co-founded by Xan Tanner, claims it has made its way into thousands of schools in the United States, selling race-focused student and teacher surveys and conducting training on systemic racism and oppression, white supremacy, implicit bias, and intersectionality, all under the rubric of "Social-Emotional Learning."

McAuliffe Calls Parents 'Racist' and CRT 'Made-up,' but Refuses to Define It.  How hard up is Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe at this point?  He took a beating from his opponent, Republican Glenn Youngkin, in the last debate, particularly over the issue of parents having a say in their children's education.  McAuliffe got into deep trouble, saying, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."  He then got into more trouble the next day trying to defend that indefensible statement when he said, "You don't want parents coming in, in every different school district saying this is what should be taught here and this is what should be taught there."

Minnesota High School Proclaims It Is Committed To Dismantling Whiteness.  Teachers and staff at Richfield High School apparently begin all of their meetings by committing to dismantling "processes that benefit whiteness."  That's according to Principal Stacy Theien-Collins, who spoke to the school board at a Monday meeting.  "We're going to start like we start all of our high school meetings, which is with our Richfield High School vision of equity," said Theien-Collins.  She said this "vision of equity" was developed last school year and is used "in all programs, all decisions, [and] all policies."  [Video clip]

Judicial Watch Obtains Critical Race Teacher Training Guide For Westerly, Rhode Island.  We don't teach Critical Race Theory!  But how dare you try to stop us from teaching what we don't teach!  That's pretty much the argument you will find at almost all school districts.  As explained a gazillion times, you will not find a third-grade book called Critical Race Theory.  Instead, you find the race-focused principles of CRT under other names, such as "antiracism," "equity," and "culturally responsive learning."

Furious School Parents Will Not Be Silenced.  It's tempting to see the new directive by Attorney General Merrick Garland as merely a transparent attempt to intimidate parents into silence on opinions that the Biden Administrations doesn't like.  But it's worse than that.  It's worth going though the reasons why this misconduct by federal law enforcement is so appalling, and to remind parents why they should not be deterred.  Many parents in Illinois and across the country have spoken out recently with unprecedented anger in unprecedented numbers at school board meetings and beyond.  Their complaints have been about Critical Race Theory in classrooms, mask mandates and explicit materials for minors about sexuality and gender. [...] But on Monday, Garland issued a directive to the FBI and federal law enforcement officials across the nation to focus on alleged criminal conduct in protests by parents.  Outrage ensued immediately, and appropriately, from parents, their organizations and commentators who are infuriated that a threat of federal law enforcement is being used to try to scare them out of constitutionally protected speech.

California becomes first state to bring in compulsory ethnic studies for high school students.  California became the first state in the nation to make ethnic studies a required class for high school students after five years of debate.  The requirement would apply to students who graduate in 2030 and was created and approved by the state Board of Education in March after Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a similar measure last year until it was 'inclusive of all communities.'  During the bill signing on Friday [10/8/2021], Newsom said students 'must understand our nation's full history if we expect them to one day build a more just society.

The 'Spirit-Murdering' CRT Agenda.  It is encouraging to see that at least some of the broader culture's acceptance of CRT is waning, but we can be assured the zeal among CRT's adherents will not wane. [...] The Democrat party's radical left is a soul-crushing autocracy.  Their ideologies do not empower anyone to pursue happiness or to succeed and are not what America's youth need to be taught about our country or how to live and thrive in the greatest nation on earth.  Leftists everywhere demand allegiance and compliance, and dissent cannot be tolerated, because a close examination of their doctrines exposes them as morally bankrupt and utterly insufficient.  It is not racist to say CRT and its activists are wrong.

Christian Education and the Future of Western Culture.  The war over education will be a defining issue for the next decade.  Unfortunately, defeating Critical Hate Theory isn't going to stop the poison that already infects our educational system.  Beneath the veil of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance is the acidic educational philosophy that America is evil, that its values need destroyed, and that Western culture is irredeemable.  That is what actually motivates progressive education: hatred of their culture and homeland.

AG Merrick Garland's Daughter [is] Married to [the] Co-Founder of [a] Company Selling Critical Race Theory Resource Material to School Districts.  U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland recently instructed the FBI to begin investigating parents who confront school board administrators over Critical Race Theory indoctrination material.  The U.S. Department of Justice issued a memorandum to the FBI instructing them to initiate investigations of any parent attending a local school board meeting who might be viewed as confrontational, intimidating or harassing.  Attorney General Merrick Garland's daughter is Rebecca Garland.  In 2018 Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner.  Mr. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of a controversial education service company called Panorama Education.  Panorama Education is the "social learning" resource material provider to school districts and teachers that teach Critical Race Theory.

Exactly who or what is the National School Boards Association?  I'm willing to bet that, before this week, most Americans, including parents whose kids are or were in public school, had never heard of the National School Boards Association ("NSBA").  When its president, though, wrote to Joe Biden suggesting that parents who complain about Critical Race Theory, masks, and transgenderism are domestic terrorists, it popped up on our radar.  And when the DOJ promptly agreed with that suggestion by promising to send FBI agents to become involved with local school boards, people started wondering just who or what the NSBA really is. [...] It's a do-good lobbying organization for American public-school boards.  It's when you get into the details of exactly what constitutes doing good as far as the NSBA is concerned that you realize that it is a group completely dedicated to leftist policies.  The word "equity" crops up repeatedly. [...] Equity is a zero-sum game of winners and losers, with the government determining who wins and who loses.  It pits groups against each other, treats individuals based on external, immutable characteristics, glories in victimhood, and generally is antithetical to a free people and a free society.  The NSBA has a whole disquisition on equity.

Book Review:  Debunking the 1619 Project.  Mary Grabar has authored a serious, mature book that should be in every American household and classroom.  Its message is so critical to understand that it might usefully serve as required reading in a test and qualification for American citizenship.  There were a couple sections I found demandingly granular, but they stem from her determination to get the story re-assembled factually, as much historical detail was falsified or ignored by the 1619 project members.  Ms. Grabar "debunks," either directly or by implication, at least four primary objects:
  •   the asserted significance of the date 1619;
  •   the asserted unique culpability of Jefferson and other Founders in American slave-labor perpetuation;
  •   the assertion of unique colonial and early Republic promotion of slave markets and slave trading and;
  •   the asserted educational value of such historical revisionism that also rests on a modern policy narrative of unresolved racial discrimination and harm in legal and financial dimensions.
Ms. Grabar doesn't merely "debunk" the 1619 Project, she devastates it, by a relentless, professional marshalling of facts and data, and with thoughtful argumentation, choice sourcing and careful footnotes.

Critical Race Theory and the Many Piles of Dirt It Creates.  Rather than indoctrinating people with training sessions on newly-defined terms like racial equity, white rage, white fragility, unconscious bias and microaggression, we should be willing to discuss the root causes of the many hurdles facing black children growing up in fatherless homes and in crime-ridden cities across the country.  Furthermore, it is important to consider the roots of Critical Race Theory.  An inquiring and openminded person would see its alarming connections to Marxism as expressed by the founders of CRT, Black Lives Matter and the academicians who support these movements.  Where Marxism in America failed over the last one hundred years to attract the "proletariat" in a thriving middle class, today's Marxists seek to overthrow capitalism through the divisiveness of identity politics and the reduction of the entire society to two classes:  privileged/oppressor and victim/oppressed.

Anti-white bias in the classroom is real, and it's toxic.  The Pennsylvania State Education Association, the state's largest teaching union, is providing its members with a seminar focused on the New York Times podcast, Nice White Parents, Todd Shepherd of Broad and Liberty reported.  This podcast describes itself as a series dedicated to "building a better school system, and what gets in the way."  And, as this advertisement shows, "what gets in the way" is merely a trope for "blame white people."  The seminar will happen through Zoom over three weekends between Oct. 4 and November.  It is union-funded indoctrination at its worst.  It is propaganda seeking to indoctrinate teachers across the state that, essentially, white parents are the root of all evil when it comes to education problems in our country.  Teachers will then pass on this indoctrination to students.

Virginia high school teacher says making kids behave in class is 'white supremacy'.  A Virginia high school teacher is under fire for calling efforts to make kids behave in class "the definition of white supremacy."  Josh Thompson, an English teacher at Blacksburg High School, posted a since-deleted TikTok video attacking the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program used in Montgomery County schools, Fox News said.  The teacher called the techniques that help reduce disruptive student behavior "white supremacy with a hug."

North Carolina Gov. Cooper Vetoes Bill Prohibiting Critical Race Theory in Classrooms.  North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill on Friday that would have prohibited teachings in the K-12 school system that the bill calls contrary to "the equality and rights of all persons[.]" "This legislature should be focused on supporting teachers, helping students recover lost learning, and investing in our public schools," Cooper, a Democrat, said in a press release.  "Instead, this bill pushes calculated, conspiracy-laden politics into public education."  Proponents of the bill, mostly Republicans, call it the anti-discrimination bill, while many Democrats consider the bill an attack on critical race theory (CRT), also claiming that there is no evidence of it being taught in the North Carolina school system.  CRT is based on the Marxist philosophy that describes society as a class struggle between oppressors and the oppressed, labeling white people as the oppressors and all other races as the oppressed.

Schooling in America:  We Need More 'Stuff'.  Increasingly of late, parents all across the country seem to be getting pretty upset about how children in both public and private schools are being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory (CRT). Both the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have endorsed teaching CRT at all grade levels. [...] According to Christopher Rufo's analysis in Imprimis, CRT has also infected training programs in many of our local and federal government agencies — including the Department of Defense and the Department of State.  "This isn't limited to the permanent bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.," Rufo explains, "but is true as well of institutions in the states, even in red states, and it is spreading to county public health departments, small Midwestern school districts, and more.  This ideology will not stop until it has devoured all of our institutions."

Merit system is unjust because it rewards productive individuals, professors argue.  Professors from the University of Arizona and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs are arguing that "success and merit" are "barriers" to the equity agenda.  "Admitting that the normative definitions of success and merit are in and of themselves barriers to achieving the goals of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion is necessary but not sufficient to create change," professors Beth Mitchneck and Jessi L. Smith recently wrote for Inside Higher Education.  Mitchneck and Smith attributed those definitions to a "narrow definition of merit limited to a neoliberal view of the university."  Specifically, they express concern that universities receive funding and recognition based on the individual performances of professors' own work such as peer reviewed journals and studies.  Campus Reform reached out to Smith, asking what should be done to alter the merit system.  Smith did not provide any alternatives.

College course blames 'global whiteness' for attack on Pearl Harbor, Pacific War.  A University of North Carolina course titled "Global Whiteness" blames the West in general and the United States in particular for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent Pacific Theater battles of World War II. [...] This is yet one more illustration of the insanity and rigid ideological control rampant on college campuses across America.  Maniacal Marxist "mentors" incessantly attack the very country that lets them achieve wealth and tenure for spewing their toxic idiocy at often tragically receptive young people.  The less logical and more insane the idea or claim, the better.  On campuses across the U.S., professors now routinely teach that "White privilege" leads to horrible things like competence, discipline, self-control, literacy, meritocracy, politeness, and work ethic — by which they mean to excuse the opposite.  Yet by attempting to legitimize incompetence, sloth, illiteracy, and rude behavior in this way, they also assign them to minorities.  Can anything be more racist than that?

Dumbing Down K-12 Education.  When in-person school finally resumed after an entire calendar year, the low norm accepted by multiple governors was a mere 30 percent of pre-pandemic instruction hours — e.g., two-and-a-half-hour school days, four days a week.  As if to pour salt into the wound, when in-person public schooling was reinstated in many urban areas and beyond, instead of focusing on academic instruction, school boards, administrators, and teachers advanced curriculum agendas centering on a host of other topics.  These include gender redefinition and self-selection, a twisted anti-American historical narrative, Critical Race Theory, and other woke academics under the increasingly familiar guise of innocent-sounding terms — diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice.

Exclusive: Ohio State University Paid 'White Fragility' Author $12,000 For Zoom Talk.  Robin DiAngelo, one of the most prominent critical race theory (CRT) peddlers and the author of the 2018 book "White Fragility," was paid $12,000 in taxpayer dollars by Ohio State University to lecture on white privilege, while contractually concealing her work and avoiding dialogue.  DiAngelo, an "anti-racist" consultant with a limited liability corporation (LLC), addressed the third-largest university in America by enrollment.  Ohio State paid her for a virtual keynote speech on March 24, according to a signed contract exclusively obtained by The Federalist.

Tennessee University Segregates Students for 'Antiracism' Training, Hails the Absence of White People as 'Magical'.  Sometimes, things are magical.  And in Tennessee, a school's come upon a recipe for just such a thing.  The University of Tennessee-Knoxville's College of Social Work is offering "antiracism" workshops this month, and officials have made clear just how some may find an Abracadabra kind of wondrous state: the absence of white people.  The college is employing a 1940s-inspired separation:  Participants will be split according to white and nonwhite.  Caucasians are assigned to the "White Accountability Group."

University's '21-Day Antiracism Challenge' Schools Students on 'How White People Got Made'.  If you're up for a challenge, a school in New York's got just the thing.  The State University of New York at Cortland is hosting a three-week endeavor to clean up America.  Per the official invitation, it's "open to all members of the SUNY Cortland community, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, prior anti-racism work."  Participants are "welcome to share the challenge with friends and family," but the event's Facebook group — and its diary-oriented "reflection form" — are for SUNY Cortland attendees only.

Professor wants white people to kill themselves.  Occasionally, I receive nasty notes.  My favorite are the hurry-up-and-die notes from lefties who hate white people.  It is no secret that leftists believe they will be in power forever once white people no longer are a majority in this country.  Which brings us to Professor Derek Hook.  Emma Colton reported, "A professor employed at a Catholic university in Pennsylvania [Duquesne] said on camera that there are merits to the claim that it's ethical for White people to commit suicide."  Any college that would employ and continue to employ a professor who promotes suicide is not Catholic.  Hook quoted a South African philosophy professor, Terblanche Delport, who said, "White people should commit suicide as an ethical act."  The Hook said, "There was something ethical in Delport's statements."  The message is clear:  Hurry up and die so socialists can take over and Make America South Africa.

Critical Race Theory is On the Ropes.  Protests against Critical Race Theory (CRT) are breaking out all over America.  It may even be shaping up as a major election issue next year.  Parents are protesting against CRT at school board meetings and with their local school administrations.  It has become such a heated issue that even state and local governments are getting involved — and they're not coming down on the side of CRT.

School board members resign following 'toxic' debates over CRT and mask mandates.  Angry parents and activists growing tired of mask mandates, the teaching of critical race theory, and other progressive ideas have flooded school board meetings across the country.  They've raised their voices, aired their grievances, and taken educators to task.  The intense scrutiny has led to a wave of resignations of school board members who say they are done being the proverbial punching bag for people upset with the system. [...] For school board members who haven't resigned, parents and political groups have vowed to unseat them in looming elections.  So far, 59 school board recall efforts against 147 board members have been made this year, according to Ballotpedia.

The Ten Commandments of Critical Race Theory.  Critical Race Theory is the latest version of Marxism, except it has gone racial.  This means that unlike traditional Marxist theory, which used to focus on the injustices experienced by working men and women in industrial and industrializing societies around the world and preached violent revolution to overthrow the capitalist democracy that persecutes them, the new victims are any kind of minority, usually people of color, but not exclusively.  The "white" working class no longer counts. [...] The key thing is to hate whites, hate capitalism, hate democracy, hate American, Canadian, and British political culture, and believe that "whites" have caused all the trouble in the world.  For example, an activist from this thought group once reframed WWII as "white on white" violence.

Teachers to Meet in 115 Cities to Protest Bill Curbing Critical Race Theory.  Thousands of teachers are planning to gather in over 115 cities across the U.S. this weekend to protest legislation reining in critical race theory.  The "Days of Action" and the "Teach Truth Pledge" event, hosted by the Zinn Education Project, will take place Aug. 27 through Aug. 29.  The events across the country are advertised as raising "public awareness about the danger" of bills to counter critical race theory.  Critical race theory holds that America is fundamentally racist and teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race.  In at least 27 states, legislators have introduced or enacted legislation that imposes limits on curricula discussing racism, sexism, and oppression in American history, ABC News reported.

James Madison University students shred 'racist' campus training labeling Whites, Christians as 'oppressors'.  James Madison University is under fire for pushing controversial rhetoric as part of its freshmen orientation training for student leaders.  The PowerPoint presentation and accompanying video addressed topics like social justice, identity, power and privilege, and labeled any person who fits the parameters of White, male, straight and Christian as oppressors in a detailed chart.  JMU College Republicans chairwoman Juliana McGrath shared her frustration with Fox News, saying the training at the Virginia university that's meant to bring students together will ultimately be divisive.

The Surprising Origins of Critical Race Theory.  [Scroll down]  But historically, the Frankfurt School theorists were latecomers to the racial theory table.  They were not the originators of Critical Race Theory.  A revolutionary socialist movement had already existed decades before in Germany.  These racial justice warriors sought to pit one race against another and encourage the oppressed to overthrow the oppressor.  They called themselves German National Socialists.  After World War II, the Frankfurt School intellectuals and academics began to plagiarize the "racial struggle" and "victimhood" theories that had originated with Nazi theorists in the mid-1920s.  It is true that the Nazi theorists, many with Marxist leanings, were less sophisticated in their racial superiority approach.  But their long-term goals on racial disparity and struggle were remarkably similar. [...] To demean the so-called "Jewish oppressors," the National Socialists taught German children that the Jews, Jewish-run banks, and capitalists were persecuting the German nation and its people.  This "oppressor versus oppressed" narrative is pure classical Marxism, which had devastating effects across the annals of modern history.  Such racist nonsense divides society, creating hostile tribalism and unending ethnic violence.

College's Equity Plan Creates Affirmative Action Toolkits and 'Diversity' Curriculum, Prioritizes Hiring LGBT.  At Michigan State University, Powers That Be are eyeing a school-wide revamp.  Via its "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:  Report and Plan" document, a wealth of changes are prescribed.  As reported by Lansing State Journal, a 33-member committee created the 77-page offering, which forces different "voices and communities (together) at the table at the same time."  So explains Luis Alonzo Garcia, co-chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Committee and director of MSU's Migrant Student Services.  As stated by Luis, "[T]here are some areas that clearly have room for improvement..."  Hence, the plan commissions diversity hiring toolkits aligned with MSU's Affirmative Action Plan.  Speaking of staff, they'll be required to undergo regular DEI training.  A fund will be established for equity and justice research, conducted by faculty.

American University Creates Black-Only Version of Required Course on 'Anti-Blackness'.  At American University, they're investing in safety.  In the name of protection, AU's added a black-only option to its required racism-discussion class, AUx2. [...] These days, oppression is a trending topic of choice.  James Madison University recently made student workers undergo injustice education.  The "antiracism" lessons leveled that straight white Christian males — for instance — oppress minorities of non-Christian faith.  And in July, a Penn State professor told a white student that, if he left his house that day, he "may have suppressed somebody."  As a society, we've significantly switched gears.  We haven't merely moved to pursue unity differently; it seems we've decided unity shouldn't be a goal.  As was done during the 1940's — and, oddly, in the late 1700's — we're categorizing people according to color.

In Mandatory Training, CA Faculty Union Leader Says There's Nothing Good About 'White' Culture.  During last week's two-day mandatory "antiracism" training for members of the California Faculty Association leaders went just a bit further than many Critical Race Theory sessions — including laughing over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.  The union, also known as CALFAC, is the exclusive collective bargaining agent for all faculty in the 23-campus California State University system, including lecturers, professors, counselors, librarians, and coaches.

Scholars Insist Preschoolers Must Be Taught 'Antiracism' 'Throughout the Day'.  What kind of education do preschoolers need?  A scholarly quartet has ideas, and they recently revealed them online.  For the Summer 2021 edition of the National Association for the Education of Young Children's (NAEYC) journal, science was dutifully dropped. [...] The essay asserts teachers need to "understand the racial history of early childhood programs and the racism in current early childhood programs."

University's Required Training Labels Straight White Males 'Oppressors' — in the Name of Being 'Inclusive'.  At James Madison University, they're trying to make sure everyone's included. [...] As for "privilege" oppressors, the school listed them thusly:
  •   Male
  •   Cisgender
  •   Christian
  •   Heterosexual
  •   Western European
  •   Upper-to-middle class
  •   Thin/Athletic build
  •   Able-bodied
  •   Age 30s to 50s
  •   White

Black dad passionately denounces CRT, then school board votes to ban it: 'Let racism die the death it deserves'.  A Colorado Springs father's speech against critical race theory at a school district's board meeting is taking the internet by storm.  The black man was clear that America is not a racist nation and that racism would "by and large be dead" if not for liberal institutions "keeping it on life support."  Turns out, his opinion appears to have helped persuade the board to vote to ban CRT.  "I am a direct descendant of the North American slave trade.  Both my parents are black.  All four of my grandparents are black, all eight of my great-great-grandparents, and all 16 of my great greats.  On my mother's side, my ancestors were enslaved in Alabama.  On my father's side, we were enslaved in Texas," he said.  "I am not oppressed.  I'm not oppressed and I'm not a victim," the father added — the remark prompting a standing ovation from the other parents in the room.

Teaching assistant docks point on conservative student's Black Panther essay: 'White people cannot experience racism'.  A student at Virginia Tech University was told by a teaching assistant that "White people cannot experience racism" when asked why she received a low grade on her final paper.  Students in the Nations and Nationalities class at Virginia Tech were asked to complete a paper describing a hate group from the Southern Poverty Law Center's list, and analyze how that group justifies its worldview, according to Alyssa Jones, a student in the class.  Jones is also the president of the Virginia Tech University Turning Point USA chapter and a campus ambassador for The Leadership Institute, the parent organization of Campus Reform.  Jones told Campus Reform that she decided to pick "the New Black Panther Party with the focus of the essay being on separatism."

The Great Parent Revolt.  As overreach in classrooms by progressive school administrators, nonprofits and the federal government has reached new heights, parents are stepping up to fight back.  Moms for Liberty, Informed Parents of California, EdFirstNC, NJ Parental Rights, No Left Turn in Education and Parents Against Critical Theory are just a few of the hundreds of new parent groups that have emerged across the country in recent months.  Many parents have become education activists because of schools' failure to bring children back into the classroom or their continued imposition of mask mandates.

Senate votes 50-49 to PASS Tom Cotton's amendment banning federal funding to schools that teach critical race theory.  The Senate on Tuesday [8/10/2021] voted 50-49 to pass an amendment to its $3.5 trillion budget blueprint that would ban federal funds from being used to teach critical race theory in schools.  Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., joined all of his Republican colleagues in voting to pass the amendment.  The amendment passed around 3:30 a.m. as part of a 15-hour 'vote-a-rama' that led to the passing of the blueprint.  The resolution is non-binding and cannot be legally enforced.

The Editor says...
What is the point of haggling over legislation that is "non-binding and cannot be legally enforced?"

Loudoun County teacher Quits at school meeting in protest over CRT lessons.  A Virginia teacher has dramatically resigned during a meeting of her scandal-hit school board after blasting its obsession with lessons on critical race theory.  Laura Morris spoke before Loudoun County School Board in an emotional address, explaining why the 'equity trainings' and political dogma forced her to resign.  She said she could no longer be part of an organization that told her 'white, Christian, able-bodied females' needed to be reined in.

Lakeville parents file lawsuit against ISD 194 over Black Lives Matter posters.  Native American and white parents of multi-racial students at Lakeville Area Schools, alongside other Lakeville parents and students, have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the posting of Black Lives Matter posters on school property, claiming the schools refuse to post divergent views such as "All Lives Matter" and Blue Lives Matter posters.  The lawsuit is filed against Independent School District 194 and Superintendent Michael Baumann. [...] The lawsuit states Black Lives Matter posters were posted on school property in response to input from some members of the Lakeville community.  The suit was filed after the school refused the Cajunes' request that Blue Lives Matter and "All Lives Matter" posters be posted.

How To Argue Leftists Into A Corner.  The furor over Critical Race Theory seems to have died down a bit (perhaps on purpose?), but don't think we have won.  This is likely to continue for quite some time and we know for sure that the leftists will not quit, and neither should we. [...] There recently has been very effective public pushback against Critical Race Theory.  Therefore, I interpret the post's author lamenting the lost ground and resorting to what every leftist does as a result — ad hominem attacks against the opposition's credibility ("Nazi/Fascist/Racist!").  It is an entirely predictable leftist non-answer to opposition on any issue, and an attempt to deflect from addressing the issue on its merits.  Be prepared for it and don't get distracted.

As thousands of teachers endorse critical race theory, home schooling surges.  In the past few months state legislatures across the country have passed resolutions that ban schools from teaching the Marxist and bigoted program dubbed Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Not surprisingly, the leftists who dominate our school systems have fought back.  The very leftist Zinn Education Project immediately created a petition calling for teachers to defy such laws and to continue to teach CRT, which teaches children to hate whites and to give minorities privileged status.  In the two months this petition has been on line almost 6,000 teachers have signed it, with many adding comments of defiance.

Gigantic Teachers' Union Sues Mom for Asking What the Local Public School Is Teaching Her Daughter.  There was a time when parental involvement in our kids' education was seen as a good thing that all parents should do.  We were invited to meet our kids' teachers and even participated in class once or twice a week.  This was all part of making sure our kids obtained the education our tax dollars paid for.  The COVID pandemic and the moral panic following George Floyd's death destroyed all of that.  Unionized teachers advocated for closing schools and keeping them closed and started sneaking in critical race theory teachings at every level during online classes.  When parents noticed and asked, they tended to get a run-around or worse.  In Loudon County, Virginia, public school administrators and teachers formed a cabal to hunt down and smear parents who questioned them.  Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas wanted to know what her daughter was being taught in kindergarten.  So she asked the school for copies of the curriculum.  She is entitled to that, as a parent and as a taxpayer.  Public school curricula are public documents.

CRT Shares the Same Ideology as China's Cultural Revolution, Chinese American Warns.  The Heritage Action for America, a partner organization of the Heritage Foundation, hosted a panel discussion on critical race theory (CRT) in Georgetown, Delaware, on July 29.  Six speakers stressed the dangers of CRT and how it has penetrated American society.  One speaker compared the similarities of CRT and China's Cultural Revolution.  About 500 people attended the event in person, while thousands watched it via livestream.  At the beginning of the panel discussion, Jonathan Butcher, senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, talked about the history of CRT and what it's all about.  He said CRT, an offshoot of Critical Theory from the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School, is built upon Karl Marx's ideas and has slowly and methodically worked its way into American society, infecting the education system, workplace, military, and everything in between.  He added that CRT is destructive and advocates for the exact opposite of what it claims to be — treating individuals differently based on the color of their skin.

Teachers Union Sues Mom Nicole Solas To Prevent School District From Releasing Critical Race Teaching Records.  Nicole Solas is the South Kingstown, Rhode Island, mother who gained national attention when she told her story at Legal Insurrection regarding her stymied efforts to obtain school records regarding teaching of Critical Race and Gender theory[.]  [Video clip] [...] Solas has had dozens of national media appearances, and has continued to make news in Rhode Island and nationally.  I expect that news cycle will continue because Solas was just sued by the Rhode Island branches of the largest teachers union in the country, the National Education Association, trying to prevent South Kingstown from providing Solas with information she has requsted, including communcations involving the union or its members.

As Media Push Critical Race Theory, Ayaan Hirsi Ali Fears Curriculum Will Teach Children To 'Hate Each Other'.  Somali-Dutch scholar and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not mince words regarding her feelings about critical race theory in an interview with Fox News, calling it a "nihilistic" practice that will teach children to "hate" one another.  Ali is concerned about America's trend toward "wokeness," which she said is all about stoking division.  "It divides us into people of different races and it says that these racial differences are irreconcilable and then divisions along gender, along transgender, along immigrants ... It sees no reconciliation, no coming together unless the people that they describe as eternal victims, black people, people of color, women, transgender people, unless they unite to destroy and dismantle our existing institutions.  It's a very nihilistic, zero-sum game.  It's the worst philosophy I've ever come across," Ali said.

Sen. Hawley:  Public schools must shape kids who love America and our founding.  Parents know something is wrong.  It's why they are showing up in droves at school-board meetings across the nation.  They are sending a message.  They don't want their children taught that the true founding of America came in 1619, or that America is a systemically racist place, or that most Americans are oppressors.  They don't want their children taught lies.  And they are right.  Sometimes, these lies go by the name "critical race theory," a pet project of the left that began, as many bad ideas do, in the academy and has spread in recent years across corporate America and into school curricula.  Sometimes the lies are called "anti-racism."  Whatever the label, the central principles are the same.  These doctrines teach that American society is structurally oppressive, that our culture is shot through with racism and other forms of bigotry, and that most Americans are complicit in racial oppression, knowingly or not.  The radical claims of critical race theory have become an article of faith for many on the left, but they bear little resemblance to our actual history.

Minnesota fourth-graders told to hide 'equity survey' questions from parents.  A Minnesota fourth grade student and her mother expressed concern to their local school board after her class was given an "equity survey" and students were told not to tell her parents about the activity.  Sitting alongside her mother Kelsey, fourth grader Hayley Yasgar told "Fox & Friends" on Monday that the questions were confusing and it made her "very nervous and uncomfortable" when the students were told not to tell their parents.  According to a video uploaded by Alphanews, when students didn't understand some of the survey questions, they were told by a teacher in the Sartell-St.  Stephen School District to not repeat the survey questions to their parents.  "The survey asked questions that some students didn't understand.  Even after hearing an explanation from their teacher, some still couldn't comprehend the survey questions," The Center Square reported.

Critical Race Theory in Classrooms Isn't Just About Teaching 'Honest History'.  The National Education Association, the country's largest public school teachers union, said in a recent directive that it aimed to promote "an already-created, in-depth study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or [The New York Times'] 1619 Project."  Does that sound like just straight, plain old history to you?  Parents protesting against critical race theory aren't calling for the removal of teaching about slavery from classrooms.  None of the anti-critical race theory bills passed in a number of states to date prohibits teaching about racism in America's past.

Missouri Teachers, CRT Advocate Plotted to Hide Social Justice Curriculum from 'Trump Country' Parents.  The curriculum-writing team in a suburban St. Louis school district plotted with a critical race theory advocate on how to keep parents in the dark about their efforts to inject leftwing social justice advocacy into their classrooms, according to a video of their meeting leaked online.  The video, posted on rumble.com in early July, is alleged to be a condensed version of a September 2020 webinar that members of the Francis Howell School District's curriculum-writing team participated in.  The webinar was hosted by their equity consultant, LaGarrett J. King, an associate professor of social studies education at the University of Missouri.  He was described on the call as a specialist in the study of "race, critical theories and knowledge."  It's unclear who edited the video, which appears to have been posted anonymously by someone with the online moniker "wokeatfhsd."

Mark Levin:  Fight Back Against CRT with Classroom Cameras.  Mark Levin, author of American Marxism, advised the use of cameras in classrooms to monitor teachers in response to the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in public school curricula.  Levin noted how government-decreed school shutdowns, ostensibly in response to the coronavirus outbreak, inadvertently allowed parents to observe neo-Marxist indoctrination of children relegated to remote-learning at home.  "Six months ago ... people were calling my show and talking to me about what they were seeing on the monitor going on with their kids as a result of the pandemic," Levin shared.  "The vast majority people in this country would never have heard of critical race theory but for the pandemic [and] home teaching, where the parents are looking in the monitor and going, 'What the hell did that teacher just say to my kid?' which is why I now support cameras in the classroom and have been pushing for that for two months."

What's Dumber Than CRT?  CNN.  As we discussed last week, "critical race theory" is a subtle philosophical construct where the answer to everything is:  THAT'S RACIST!  Teachers hawking this glop are being defended by their journalist allies, who sneer that CRT critics are too stupid to understand the nuances of the theory.  The Aristotelian ideal of this sneer was Elle Reeve's "special report" for CNN — pre-taped to eliminate any danger of Elle being contradicted by someone smarter, such as a 10-year-old.  CNN's Brianna Keilar introduced the segment by asking her:  "Do these vocal opponents of critical race theory actually understand fully what it is?"  (That's what's known as a "rhetorical question," kids!)  Elle:  "No."  [Bored]  "And why should they?  It's an academic theory taught mostly at the grad student level.  But what they think it means is teaching white kids that all white people are bad and racist.  And so, of course they're afraid of that."  They're afraid!!!  Wait — remind me:  Who's banning books, again?  Who's flipping out about "microaggressions"?  Who's demanding that Big Tech censor people?  Who's demanding "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" from speech they don't like?

The Enablers of critical race theory.  [Scroll down]  Public schools, which have the power of compulsion, are pushing toxic racial theories onto children, teaching them that they should be judged on the basis of race and must atone for historical crimes committed by members of their racial group.  Critical race theorists have the right to express their beliefs as individuals, but voters and taxpayers are obligated neither to subsidize their speech nor to include it in the public school curriculum.  After all, the public education system is not a "marketplace of ideas" but a state-run monopoly.  Even under the most dogmatic libertarian philosophy, monopoly conditions justify, even require, government intervention.  The anti-critical race theory bills do not restrict teaching and inquiry about the history of racism.  They restrict indoctrination, abusive pedagogies, and state-sanctioned racism.

CRT Opposition Grows Stronger, Bolder, and More Organized: 'You Have to Fight Fire With Fire'.  Despite growing opposition to critical race theory (CRT) and a growing number of states passing laws to ban it from classrooms, education and teachers' unions are vowing to teach the controversial subject matter anyway.  But one outspoken Florida mom says it's time to "fight fire with fire."  "I think parents have realized you have to fight fire with fire," Quisha King told the Epoch Times.  "You have to be as strong, as forceful, and as unrelenting as they are."  King is the Florida mother who gained notoriety when she blasted the Duval County school board with strong opposition to CRT.  In response to the National Education Association's threat to go after those who dared oppose CRT, King said "bring it on."  In an effort to help citizens fight back against the behemoth education system, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) is now distributing a 46-page booklet teaching parents and students how to get organized in their effort to fight back.

A How-To Guide for Activists Combating Anti-American CRT.  Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an existential threat to America, freedom, justice, peace, and the Constitution.  It is a racist, Orwellian, and totalizing ideology forced on America by left-wing communists.  In fact, CRT is simply communism dressed up in the language of race instead of class.  Once confined to the most radical fringes of the academy, CRT now dominates multiple arenas in our lives — our workplaces, our television screens, our government (including our military), our children's classrooms, our favorite stores, and more.  Buzz phrases like "systemic racism," "racial equity," and "diversity, equity, and inclusion," while once mostly just used by niche activists and academics, have spread like wildfire, and their use signifies membership in a new "woke" religion.  The idea that America is somehow an irredeemably racist country is now mainstream — or at least presented as such by the media and a majority of institutions and industries.  Everyday Americans have been blindsided and are struggling to learn the rules of this new national religion, seemingly adopted overnight and without our consent.

A Weapon to Fundamentally Transform America.  The Social Justice Warriors and their media allies are working furiously to transform our thinking about people with whom we have harmoniously lived, worked, and played for years.  The term "white supremacist" formerly conjured up images of the hood-wearing, cross-burning Ku Klux Klansmen.  Now the term applies to anyone with whom the Wokerati disagree, including those black and brown people who behaved badly by professing conservative values, i.e., "multiracial whiteness."  Further dividing us, the party line dictates that we condemn all white people for their "whiteness."  This includes attributes such as rugged individualism, family structure, emphasis on the scientific methods, Protestant work ethic, planning for the future, and speaking proper English.  How interesting.  These are all qualities my black parents had instilled in me.  Even mathematics is racist.  For example, teachers asking students to show their work when solving math problems is a sign of white supremacy.  According to class materials, this requirement reinforces "worship of the written word as well as paternalism" and wrong answers "perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict."  Take heed.  If even a small group of people can be convinced that math is racist, they can be convinced of anything.

Education Department claims 'error' after referencing materials from radical group in handbook.  The Department of Education said it was an "error" to reference a radical activist group's guidelines that used language commonly associated with critical race theory in the COVID-19 reopening handbook.  The department's handbook, which is intended to help schools across the country safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, previously linked to the Abolitionist Teaching Network's "Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning," which includes guidelines such as "a commitment to learning from students, families, and educators who disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression," according to the group's virtual manual.  After receiving backlash over the citation from Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, anti-CRT activists, and others, the department spoke out.  "The Department does not endorse the recommendations of this group, nor do they reflect our policy positions," a DOE spokesperson said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.  "It was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation."

Biden admin promotes radical group pushing critical race theory in schools.  The Biden administration's guidance for school reopening promoted a radical activist group's handbook that advocates for educators to "disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression."  The Department of Education linked to the Abolitionist Teaching Network's "Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning" in its handbook intended to help schools reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic and recommend how they should spend billions of dollars they collectively received through the American Rescue Plan.  The Abolitionist Teaching Network's website includes links to various materials and media that include language often associated with critical race theory, though the group avoids using the exact phrase.

Research Used to Justify California's 'Equity' Math Framework Doesn't Add Up.  The push to create "equity" and more "social justice" in public schools in California, America's largest state, rests on this basic premise:  "We reject ideas of natural gifts and talents," declares the current draft of the California Math Framework, which also states that it rejects "the cult of genius."  Informed by that fundamental idea, the 800-page framework calls for the elimination of accelerated classes and gifted programs for high-achieving students until at least the 11th grade.  It's a major departure for the framework, commissioned every seven years by the Department of Education to provide guidance to the state's 10,315 public schools serving 6 million students.  Some California teachers describe it as a misguided "one size fits all" approach to reversing long-standing discrimination against girls and students of color in math instruction.  But the framework, which could be adopted next year, claims its recommendations are based on the latest, seemingly unimpeachable findings of advanced social science research.

Cardona retreats from making critical race theory part of new school grants.  Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Friday backed off from his proposal to create a new grant that was seen as encouraging the teaching of critical race theory and the "1619 Project."  Mr. Cardona's decision came after the department received more than 35,000 comments on the proposed grants, with most of the comments objecting to grants to promote teaching U.S. history through the prism of race and highlighting the impact of slavery.  In a blog post, Mr. Cardona announced that the department would go forward with the creation of the new federal grants but the grants would not require classwork based on critical race theory or the "1619 Project."

Critical Race Weary.  Much of the recent attention on Critical Race Theory ("CRT") has been a result of the increase in Zoom teaching during the COVID-19 school shutdowns.  Parents became aware of the kind of identity-politics indoctrination forced on their kids.  Students who hadn't even reached high-school age were being told that they were part of systematic oppression based on their skin color.  It has been known for a long time that academia is riddled with CRT nonsense, and college campuses have been demanding that students worship at the altar of "Diversity and Inclusion."  But corporate America has also been infiltrated with similar politically correct brainwashing.  The Marxist rot of CRT has spread into the executive suites of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world.  Case in point:  Raytheon Technologies.  It's the second-largest defense contractor in the world, with around 181,000 employees and revenue over $56 billion in 2020.

Who's Next?  [Scroll down]  Oh yes: they know that parents and school boards across the country are standing up to drive their nasty racialist creed out of local schools.  They know, and they intend to put a stop to it.  It is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes to define political action by the opposition as inherently violent and morally unconscionable.  When one side can riot, loot, and murder with official sanction, while the other cannot so much as organize without risking a summary imprisonment of indefinite duration, there are not really two sides anymore at all.  These are developments which need attention, and vigorous opposition, now.  Tomorrow is too late; today is already getting there.  That is why we are focusing attention on this Strategy, and why we have invited a number of contributors to describe the threat and what can be done about it.

The American Descent into Madness.  The universities over the past 40 years were intolerant, hard Left, and increasingly anti-constitutional.  But they also fostered a golden-goose confidence scheme that administrators dared not injure, given the precious eggs of federally guaranteed student loans that ensured zero academic accountability and sent tuition costs into the stratosphere.  There was an unquestioned supposition that a degree of any sort, of any major, was the ticket to American success.  In cynical fashion, we shrugged that most prestigious institutions were little more than cattle branders that stamped graduates with imprints that gave them unearned privilege for life.  Yet universities now have both hands around their golden goose's neck and are determined to strangle it.  The public is becoming repulsed at the woke McCarthyite culture on campus, and will be more turned off when campuses open in the fall in 2019-style.  At the Ivy League or major state university campuses, admissions are no longer based on proportional representation in the context of affirmative action, but are defined increasingly by a reparatory character.

Ben Carson:  Critical Race Theory Is About Creating Division and Strife That Allows Control.  Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson slammed the teaching of Critical Race Theory to children during a speech at Turning Point USA's Student Action Summit on Sunday [7/18/2021].  "Critical race theory, the 1619 Project, what is that really about?  It's about dividing people.  It's about creating the kind of division and strife that allows control.  We've all heard the phrase, 'divide and conquer.'  That's what it's about," he said.  He said kids should be taught that slavery was not unique to the United States, but that the U.S. is unique in that it fought a civil war to end it.  "Slavery is not unique to the United States of America," he said.  "There's been slavery since there's been societies in the world and today there are more slaves in the world than there were in 1863 when the Emancipation Proclamation was put forth."

Victory: Biden Caves on Critical Theories Grant After Parents Push Back.  [Scroll down]  This outcome is good news on two fronts.  First, opposition to new regulations proposed by the sprawling bureaucracy can succeed through coordinated efforts with high participation during the comment period.  Conservatives should work to replicate this kind of action over the next three years on issues that have broad appeal.  There are whispers the DOE will snap back to the horrid Title IX kangaroo courts that trample all over the due process rights of college students accused of sexual assault.  Americans should take up a similar campaign to comment when the changes are proposed.  Next, the DOE reinforced local decision-making where parents will still have a say in the curriculum their schools adopt.  This news should underscore the importance of grassroots action at the local level, which many of us have ignored for too long.  Putting forth candidates for local elections and petitioning local governments needs to become a higher priority.  The insertion of critical theories will continue without parents remaining vigilant and involved.

"If You Do Not Have Free Speech You Are Not Free".  As Manhattan Institute's Christopher Rufo explains in USA Today, critical race theory reformulates the Marxist dialectic of oppressor and oppressed, "replacing the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the identity categories of white and Black".  In simple terms, critical race theory can be seen as a form of "race-based Marxism".  This appears to be why these exiles, who have known Marxism in their own countries, are alarmed by seeing how its racial version of "oppressor and oppressed" is spreading throughout the United States.

Will CRT Flip Congress in 2022?  The greatest danger facing the Democrats in the 2022 midterms has little to do with the state election reforms that President Biden has ridiculously compared to Jim Crow.  It is instead the increasing frustration of parents who don't want their children force-fed critical race theory.  The advocates of CRT insist that it is nothing more than an arcane academic discipline that isn't taught to K-12 students.  That was proven false this month by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA).  Both unions clearly intend to infect the nation's schoolchildren with this toxic ideology despite the angry objections of their parents.  An instructive example of the contempt with which these unions view CRT dissenters was provided by AFT President Randi Weingarten at a July conference.  Comparing these parents to "Holocaust deniers," she delivered herself of the following fiction:  "They are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history."  In reality, these "deniers" want nothing more than to prevent their children from being taught an ethnocentric version of American history whose relationship with the facts is tenuous at best.

NAACP leader blasts parents who oppose critical race theory in fiery speech outside Virginia middle school board meeting.  An NAACP leader has been caught on camera blasting parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and shouting 'let them die' in a fiery speech outside a Virginia middle school board meeting.  NAACP Vice President Michelle Leete — who is also a member of Virginia state PTA — made the inflammatory comments to a crowd at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Fairfax County, Thursday.  The crowd, who cheered in response to Leete's speech, had gathered to counter-protest a group of parents who were holding a 'Stop CRT rally' at the school.  Leete is Vice President of her local NAACP chapter, Vice President of Training at the Virginia state PTA and Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA.  The PTA said Friday night that Leete's words 'do not reflect the values' of the group and that she will be sent on 'sensitivity training' to learn about the 'impact of the words we use'.

I'm A Middle School Teacher And See How Critical Race Curriculum Is Creating Racial Hostility In School.  I love being a teacher and I care a great deal about my students, almost all of whom are non-white.  This past 2020/21 school year was a sad and worrisome turning point for me as an educator.  Providence K-8 teachers were introduced to one of the most racially divisive, hateful, and in large part, historically inaccurate curriculums I have ever seen in my teaching career.  Yes, I am speaking about the controversial critical race theory that has infiltrated our public schools here in Rhode Island under the umbrella of Cuturally Responsive learning and teaching, which includes a focus on identities.  You won't see the words "critical race theory" on the materials, but those are the concepts taught.  The new, racialized curriculum and materials focuses almost exclusively on an oppressor-oppressed narrative, and have created racial tensions among students and staff where none existed before.  During fall 2020 semester, we were given our curriculum timeline on the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.  I noticed the stories and books seemed to focus almost exclusively on slavery and racism.  Those are appropriate topics that we always have taught, but the focus has become narrow, excluding many other aspects of our history.

Asian American history to be taught in all Illinois public schools.  With the backdrop of anti-Asian violence increasing nationally during the coronavirus pandemic, Illinois has become the first state to require Asian American history be taught as part of the public school curriculum.  Governor JB Pritzker signed the Teaching Equitable Asian American History (Teaach) Act into law on Friday last week, which requires elementary and high schools to teach a unit of Asian American history beginning next year.  "Today, we are reaffirming our commitment to creating more inclusive school environments.  We're making Illinois the first state in the nation to require that Asian American history will be taught in public schools, including a unit about the Asian American experience," Pritzker said in a press statement.

The Editor says...
There's only one problem with this idea:  the new curriculum is almost certainly going to paint Asian Americans as the victims of the evil white man.  How will that help anybody?

California school district will spend $40M making 'ethnic studies' mandatory for for high school students.  A small school district in California is planning to spend $40 million teaching 'ethnic studies' to high school students — with consultants training teachers on the new curriculum at a cost of $1,500 an hour.  Hayward Unified School District in June became the first in the state to officially adopt the new curriculum, promising in a press release cited by an op ed in The Wall Street Journal that it 'will be informed by and include Critical Race Theory.'  On June  25, the Bay Area district announced that they had approved the teaching of ethnic studies throughout all grade levels, from preschool to 12th grade, and it will become a graduation requirement by the 2022-23 school year.

Loudoun County Parents Discover Chilling CRT Teacher Training Material Decrying "Heterosexism" and Parental Autonomy.  Fight For Schools, the parent group currently fighting to fire most of the Loudoun County School Board, has gained access to some of the materials used for teacher trainings last May and June.  They have distributed them as a warning of just how far the teachers unions and public school boards are willing to go to infect education with divisiveness and bias.  Some of the highlights from the Fight For Schools recent email blast are chilling. [...] That, ladies and gentleman, is Critical Race Theory 101.  So don't let the Joy Reids of the tv world try to tell you that conservatives are just being hysterical over CRT because they hate Black History.  As you can well see, the parents of Loudoun County know exactly what they are pushing back against.  Notice that your race as a white person isn't the only problem.  Your sexuality and how it shapes your desires and worldview is also a huge problem.

Want to Save America?  Don't Act Like a Conservative.  Chris Rufo is doing something so spectacularly unconservative, he may need to update his political affiliation: he's winning.  Last week, Rufo's successful legislative efforts to ban critical race theory in the classroom found critique in the New York Times.  The guest essay conspicuously avoided naming him; then again, it didn't have to.  Rufo, a journalist and advocate, has become so synonymous with both the effort to alert Americans to the racism their children are imbibing in public school and the legislative efforts to stop it, that he's become the person we think of whenever "Critical Race Theory" is mentioned.  For the first time in years, Ibram X. Kendi and Nikole-Hannah Jones face actual pushback to the white-hatred they peddle and division they feast upon.  Parents have someone they can turn to for evidence, argument and reassurance of their marrow-deep sense that the racial essentialism in their kids' classroom is wrong and that it's not racist to say so.  For the first time in years, the rejection of "Critical Race Theory" is gaining ground.

Media, critical race theory and one serious disconnect.  [Scroll down]  So, while we focus on CRT in our schools and teach children as young as five years old to see others through a racial prism, to judge others by the color of one's skin rather than the content of their character (which would only serve to divide this country further for generations to come), we'll continue to lag behind the rest of the world in the key areas of reading, math and science, where the U.S. ranks 25th.  First in math, of course, is China.  Ireland is 11th; Australia, 21st.  And the U.S. — with more resources and technology poured into education than almost any other country — sits in 25th place.  But don't blame the teachers, for the most part — blame the teacher union leaders as well as the public officials, including the president, who fail to stand up to them.  Know this:  Parents aren't taking this anymore.  Look at school board recall efforts, for example; it's a huge indicator of how parents are responding to CRT being taught in their children's schools.

The End of Critical Race Theory.  The tide is turning against Critical Race Theory as those who endorse it become its victims.  Most teachers and staff of New York schools went along with the CRT craze, because they were afraid they would lose their jobs if they spoke out against it.  In fact even George Davison, the headmaster of New York's Grace Church school that teaches CRT did not dare admit that he had said in a private conversation with Paul Rossi, a teacher at his school, that "we're demonizing kids, we're demonizing white people for being born."  Instead, Davison accused Rossi of misquoting him.  Rossi released an audio recording proving his account was accurate after which Mr. Davison, perhaps with some persuasion from his school, decided to retire.

Teachers Unions Push Critical Race Theory in Schools, Urge Defiance of State Laws Against It.  "Critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools or high schools," the head of America's second-largest teachers union insisted Tuesday.  American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said that what you think is critical race theory is actually just "teaching students accurate history."  The very next day, however, Weingarten introduced a presentation by Ibram X. Kendi, the author of "How to Be an Antiracist" and a leading proponent of critical race theory ideas, at a conference about educating children.  The gaslighting is nothing if not blatant.

Over 5,000 Teachers Sign Pledge to Defy Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws.  More than 5,000 teachers have signed onto a pledge at the Zinn Education Project that states they vow to teach their students the concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT), even where it is banned by law.  [Tweet] [...][ The project claims the laws "aim to prohibit teachers from teaching the truth about this country:  It was founded on dispossession of Native Americans, slavery, structural racism and oppression; and structural racism is a defining characteristic of our society today."

Here's a 4th grade teacher explaining how she brainwashes her students in Critical Race Theory.  Okay, I'm pretty sure this fourth grade teacher isn't an antiracist, because she's just a racist!  But I guess that's pretty much what antiracists are anyways.  [Video clip]

Three Hard Facts That Doom Woke Public Schooling.  First, virtually all the research used to justify the teaching of Critical Race Theory, when closely examined, falls clearly into the category of junk science.  Education studies in general are notoriously biased by political prejudice, teacher union economic priorities, and poor controls — more than half cannot even be replicated by independent experts, according to Stanford University's Meta-Research Innovation Center — but those that claim some value for woke schooling are especially unreliable.  What up until recently has passed for woke science was some progressive administrator promoting a race or gender-themed student survey which, no matter the results, became the pretext for a far-left overhaul of the curriculum.  This strategy worked well enough when parents and even school board members were blind to the administrator's ultimate purpose, but the growing controversy over Critical Race Theory has alerted more and more voters to challenge any proposed study with words like "diversity," "equity," or "inclusion" in the title.

The Left's Critical Race Theory Is Ruining U.S. Public Education.  A radical teachers' union has a message for parents:  We control your children, not you.  And it means to prove it by shoving Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) down your kids' throats, part of the union's ongoing effort to "fundamentally change" America.  If you want the best for your children's education, you'll say "hell, no!" to this pernicious, anti-American ideology.  Unfortunately, many centrist and conservative parents have looked the other way as our nation's once-superior public schools have been taken over by leftist unions and their "educator" allies, using race-based Marxist CRT as their tool.  It's a pity.  Just last weekend, the 3-million-strong National Education Association, the largest labor union in America, stated its outright opposition to parents' groups and state legislatures seeking to end CRT's baleful influence on a whole generation of school kids.

Are We Seeing a Cultural Realignment?  Debate about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in our schools has broken out across the country.  Protests against CRT at school board meetings have gotten loud and contentious.  A number of states have even passed legislation prohibiting it in public schools.  It's all fine and good to want to eliminate racism until that morphs into teaching our children to hate themselves.  Teachers' unions and numerous school boards are fighting back against the protests.  The very people who told us just a few years ago that every kid needs to get a trophy — because we must support their self-esteem — are now telling us that we need to teach our kids that they're guilty of sins committed 200 years ago.  They've tipped their hand.  They're not in the business of teaching, they're in the business of indoctrination.

Common Sense Alternatives to Critical Race Theory.  The left has thrust Critical Race Theory (CRT) into our national narrative.  Its tenets of "white privilege" and "white supremacy," etc., are now both familiar and regrettably influential.  People are actively resisting CRT on all fronts, both local and national:  In government, in academia, and in our military.  Citizens from every race, ethnicity, economic class, and all walks of life; active-duty and retired Veterans; and a large segment of Christian and religious leaders have repudiated CRT and its teachings.  CRT does not unify; it is discriminatory and divisive.  Thus far, CRT is achieving its proponents' obvious goal, which is to divide Americans.  We should expect this will be a prolonged and difficult conflict in the arena of ideas.

Is Critical Race Theory at a school near you?  The Legal Insurrection Foundation released an interactive map that allows individuals to track Critical Race Theory training in education.  The resource serves to provide students and parents with more information about the curriculum that is being taught in 200 colleges in all 50 states.  As Campus Reform has reported, Critical Race Theory training has been used by colleges and universities as a form of "diversity" training for students and faculty.  Former President Donald Trump signed an executive order in 2020 banning these types of training.  President Joe Biden reversed this order shortly after being sworn in.

What I discovered about critical race theory in public schools and why it shouldn't be taught.  America is up in arms about critical race theory in public schools.  Lawmakers in California and school districts in Washington and Oregon have introduced or mandated aspects of critical race theory in the curriculum; lawmakers in Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma and, most recently, Florida have passed legislation prohibiting teachers from promoting critical race theory in the classroom.  But despite all of the furor surrounding these bills, many Americans still do not have a firm grasp of what critical race theory is and how it manifests in public schools.  I'm a senior fellow with the public policy think tank the Manhattan Institute and have recently completed a multipart investigative series about critical race theory in public schools — and what I discovered shocked me to the core.

National Education Association Suddenly Deletes Critical Race Theory Documents From Its Website.  Last week, the National Education Association held its annual meeting.  It was filled with the usual twaddle that NEA activists talk about when they get together, but there was one useful thing it accomplished for the nation.  It admitted that Critical Race Theory (CRT) was not only taught in schools; protecting the ability of teachers to conduct struggle sessions by humiliating and intimidating their young charges into submission was a top priority.  This is what was termed Business Item 39: [...] If you look for Business Item 39 on the NEA website, [...] you find the page has been scrubbed.  The copy posted in this article is from the Wayback Machine.  What purpose was served by deleting an item the NEA voted to approve in a meeting viewed by thousands of people?  The obvious answer is that the battle over the definition of CRT is not over for some on the left, and the NEA acknowledging that they are pushing CRT undercuts the argument that no such problem exists.

Unions Double Down on Inserting Critical Race Theory Into Education.  Periodically, it's worth checking teachers union priorities.  Such reviews find just how much these special-interest groups are disconnected from mainstream opinions on the role of schools in society.  We also find how singularly focused they are on political fads, such as the toxic ideology of critical race theory, instead of improving the state of American education.  The most recent example of this leftist mission creep is a slate of critical race theory-based resolutions the National Education Association — the country's largest teachers union — adopted at its 2021 annual meeting earlier this month.  The NEA adopted New Business Item 39, a massive commitment to push critical race theory in public school classrooms across the country.

Activist Teachers Brag About Injecting Race, 'Equity' Lessons in Elementary Classrooms.  Several King County, Washington, activist teachers revealed to Crosscut how they inject race and "equity" lessons into their elementary classrooms.  Kent teacher Joanne Barber took advantage of violent Black Lives Matter protests last year "to teach more about race" in her second grade class.  "I am willing to be that teacher that has those hard conversations," she said.  "I would be doing a huge disservice to my students if I didn't give them information that they could see themselves in."  She told Crosscut learning that "racial history" is "just as important as reading or math."

Critical Race Theory Is Cultural Marxism, Has No Place in Classroom.  Critical race theory is a twisted and vile concept.  It's the belief that our nation's somber history of slavery can only be redeemed by erasing every institution and person that took any part in the nation's founding.  Just as Marxism before it, critical race theory eliminates our individuality and instead divides us into groups of the "oppressor" and the "oppressed."  Where Marxism divided people according to economic status, critical race theory divides people based on the color of their skin — just like the very racists that its proponents claim to oppose.  And, just as with Marxism before it, the goals of critical race theory will only be achieved by means of a full-scale revolution to rewrite any trace of American history.

Parents fight critical race theory as teacher's union commits over $127k to advance it.  The National Education Association (NEA), the largest labor and teachers' union in the U.S., has voted to spread critical race theory as parents across the nation are fighting against it.  The union is preparing to commit $127,600 to advance critical race theory, according to the Epoch Times.  "According to the plan, the NEA will share and publicize information about 'what CRT is and what it is not,' dedicate a 'team of staffers' to assist union members who 'want to learn more and fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric,' and provide a study that critiques 'power and oppression' in American society, including 'white supremacy,' 'cisheteropatriarchy,' and capitalism," the news website reported.  The teachers' union's plan to promote critical race theory comes amid a growing grassroots backlash of parents fighting against the influence of the ideology on educational curriculums in their school districts.

Critical Race Theory Proponent Ibram X. Kendi to Speak at Teachers' Union Conference.  The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) will feature Critical Race Theory champion Ibram X. Kendi Wednesday during its biennial TEACH (Together Educating America's Children) professional development conference.  Kendi, the author of Antiracist Baby, has received the backing of the Biden Education Department.  [Tweets]  In April, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona's office proposed a rule that called for the development of "culturally responsive teaching" in American History and Civics and held up the widely discredited "1619 Project" as a model for schools to teach these subjects.  The rule intends to establish priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs that incorporate Critical Race Theory-based curricula, such as the "1619 Project."

CNN: 'Panic' over Critical Race Theory Because White People 'Afraid They Might Be Complicit in Racism'.  CNN has found an explanation for what it calls the nationwide "panic" over Critical Race Theory: white people are "afraid that they might be complicit in racism" and that they will be "blamed for their ancestors' crimes," the network reported Tuesday [7/6/2021].  CNN has been defending Critical Race Theory for nearly a decade, ever since Andrew Breitbart and Breitbart News brought it to national attention.  Then as now, CNN portrayed opposition to the theory as the product of white people's irrational fears, rather than reasoned objection.  In a story and video by New York-based correspondent Elle Reeve, and video producers Deborah Brunswick and Samantha Guff, CNN claims, without evidence, that conservatives use "Critical Race Theory" to mean "any instruction about the role of race in America, past or present."

Nation's Largest Teacher's Union Approves Critical Race Theory Plan for All 50 States.  The National Education Association, the largest teacher's union in the United States, has approved a plan for Critical Race Theory to be implemented in all classrooms nationwide.  The radical agenda was adopted after the 100th NEA Assembly, which was held at the Washington Convention Center and was livestreamed as a virtual meeting.  Both President Joe Biden and Jill Biden spoke to the educators in a reportedly "mostly empty" hall in Washington.  It was symbolic of the lack of public support for the hard left's racially divisive agenda.  Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and activist against Critical Race Theory, reported that the agenda item was adopted.

Largest Teachers Union Says Critical Race Theory Is 'Reasonable And Appropriate' For Kids.  The country's largest teachers union has moved to undermine the left-wing talking point that critical race theory is not taught to children — by voting promote it and arguing it is "reasonable and appropriate" to use CRT in social studies classes.  The National Education Association has approved a plan to "publicize" critical race theory and dedicate a "team of staffers" to assist union members looking to "fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric."  New Business Item 39 also declares that the union opposes bans on critical race theory and the New York Times' controversial 1619 Project — which roughly half the U.S. states have already implemented.

America's Largest Teachers' Union Votes to Help Members 'Fight Back Against Anti-CRT Rhetoric'.  The largest labor and teachers' union has voted to spread and further the teaching of the quasi-Marxist critical race theory (CRT), which it describes as a "reasonable" and "appropriate" framework for students to understand and interpret America's past and present.  The National Education Association (NEA), which represent more than 3 million employees in public education, on June 30 kicked off its 100th Representative Assembly.  During the four-day online convention, the union adopted a measure that would commit at least $127,600 to advance its pro-CRT agenda.  According to the plan, the NEA will share and publicize information about "what CRT is and what it is not," dedicate a "team of staffers" to assist union members who "want to learn more and fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric," and provide a study that critiques "power and oppression" in American society, including "white supremacy," "cisheteropatriarchy," and capitalism.

Ohio private school expels students because their MOMS launched campaign against woke curriculum and Critical Race Theory.  An Ohio private school has expelled three students whose moms led a coalition campaigning against Critical Race Theory being taught to their children.  Columbus Academy sent a letter to parents Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez informing them that their children will not be reenrolled at the school, where tuition fees cost up to $30,000 a year.  The school said Gross and Gonzalez leveled 'false and misleading attacks' on the school and its leadership through their 'inflammatory' campaign, including making claims that students were being subjected to bomb sniffing dogs on campus.

Yes, We Should Ban Critical Race Theory from Our Schools.  As we head toward this weekend's 245th anniversary of American independence, critical race theory has emerged as the dominant subject gripping and dividing the nation.  The threshold question, itself the subject of rancorous and oftentimes disingenuous debate, is what the term "critical race theory" even refers to.  When this semantic debate surfaces, proponents usually attempt two things at once.  First, they accuse their CRT-skeptical interlocutors of being bigots, white supremacists or apologists who want to deliberately muddle and whitewash America's complex — and at times tragic — history of race relations.  This first step involves CRT proponents grilling CRT critics as to why they are so "scared" to "discuss racism" or "discuss slavery," as if that applied to anyone other than a truly infinitesimal and politically powerless fringe subset.  Second, while publicly seizing the moral high ground, CRT proponents simultaneously work behind the scenes to advance what it is that they actually believe.

White teacher sues Evanston/Skokie School District 65 for alleged race based policies.  A middle school drama teacher is suing Evanston/Skokie School District 65 in federal court for alleged discrimination.  Stacy Deemar, who is white, filed the lawsuit Wednesday, claiming the teacher training and lessons about race and racism discriminated against her.  Deemar's attorney, Kimberly Hermann, explains that the lawsuit is centered around how the District's race-conscious training, policies and curriculum violate federal law through "segregating its students and treating them differently because of their race."

Is Harvard Sacrificing Science for Wokeness?  There is a cultural shift underway affecting all aspects of American life.  Though hard to define, it usually takes the form of an emphasis on what is known variously as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), critical race theory, wokeness, anti-racism, and the like.  Several scholars and writers have been raising the alarm about its anti-intellectual and illiberal aspects.  Heather Mac Donald has shown how it has permeated the university.  Is there reason to be suspicious?  One might suspect that the new ideology only affects intrinsically political areas of study, such as Government and History.  But in fact it has infected every area, even science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The Founders Of Critical Race Theory Once Got Together And Marveled About How It Was Taking Over Education.  Supporters of critical race theory (CRT) often argue that it's not being promoted in K-12 schools, but two law professors who are considered among the founders of the legal sub-discipline once praised its growing influence in education in a 2010 interview.  Richard Delgado and his wife Jean Stefancic, both professors at the University of Alabama School of Law, have authored numerous texts about CRT.  The two spoke about their legal scholarship in an interview featured in the winter 2010 edition of "Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems" — a multi-disciplinary legal journal at the University of Iowa.  CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race.  Its adherents pursue "antiracism" through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

Black Father Who Shredded Critical Race Theory Laughs at Left's Attempts to Discredit Him.  The black Illinois father whose rant against Critical Race Theory at a local school board meeting last week went viral is not backing down.  He, instead, is laughing at attempts by the left to discredit him.  Ty Smith appeared as a guest Monday [6/28/2021] on Fox Business Channel's Varney & Co. where he told host Stuart Varney the left actually had "nothing to say" in response to his comments at the board meeting because he was "the very type of person that they were talking about, that was down, and suppressed, and oppressed, and ... disproportionate, and for me to be able to come out of that, to work my way through school to get where I am, I just call BS on it — it's nonsense."

The Top Ten Pending Eruptions.  [#8]  Critical Race Theory:  I'm thrilled to see angry parents accosting school boards.  We need a lot more of that.  I'm also thrilled to see parents pulling their kids from public schools and educating their children at home.  Will we be able to rectify the damage that's been done?  It will be hard because we have a couple of generations of teachers who have succumbed to the propaganda, so who do we find to teach the kids the truth?  It will be interesting to see how this shapes up this summer.  It's a desperate issue because our 1st Amendment is at stake here.

Stop Gaslighting Parents on Critical Race Theory.  Some journalists, informed by other "experts," contend that CRT is synonymous with "talking about racism."  NPR defined CRT as "teaching about the effects of racism"; the New York Times called it "classroom discussion of race, racism."  NBC News labeled it the "academic study of racism's pervasive impact."  These definitions are, of course, mutually exclusive.  But they both serve to paint parents into a corner.  If CRT is defined just as talking about racism, then parental objections to it must be rooted in racism.  If CRT is defined just as a thesis discussed in law schools, then parental objections to it must be rooted in ignorance.  There's no doubt that CRT has become a politicized term.  Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo forthrightly explained his strategy on this issue as follows:  "The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think 'critical race theory.'  We have decodified the term and will recodify it to annex the entire range of cultural constructions that are unpopular with Americans."

Virginia Student Records Teacher Manipulating Lesson to Force Critical Race Theory.  Friend of the Treehouse John Spiropoulos continues highlighting how Critical Race Theory is infecting the public educational system.  In this brief excerpt John highlights the efforts of a teacher in Virginia who was recorded by a student during a distance learning class.  The teacher clearly wants to make race the focus of an innocuous picture and the student doesn't get why the teacher is so racially focused.  As the student continues to push-back against the manipulative intent, the teacher gets frustrated and accuses the student of being "intentionally coy" about a picture of two young women.  The excerpt shows the way teachers are forcing students to focus on race; essentially bullying the students by demanding they focus on race.  [Video clip]

Meet the CRT burghers.  The burghers in places as far-flung as Loudoun County, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas and Langley, Washington have turned out in recent days at local school board meetings to protest the CRT-inflected curricula that their districts have been inflicting on students.  The protesters — mostly parents of enrolled students — regard the emphasis on critical race theory as state-sponsored propaganda aimed at indoctrinating children in racial grievance, allegiance to authoritarian leaders and hatred of their own country.  As if to prove these accusations well-founded, supporters of CRT have been rounding up children to stage counter-protests.  At the Washington State protest, for example, the parents, according to the Everett, Washington Herald, were 'met by over 360 counter-protesters, nearly half of whom were South Whidbey School District students, who marched to the protest site from nearby South Whidbey Community Park in support of the school board's progressive actions'.

Penn State's Professor of Sociology Is Teaching Your White Kids They Are Oppressive, Arrogant And Ignorant.  Meet Dr. Sam Richards.  He is Penn State's Professor of Sociology and he is making sure the tens of thousands of dollars you spend on yearly tuition goes towards making your white kids feel as bad about themselves as possible.  Professor Richards believes if you don't acknowledge your privilege as a white person, you are dumb, arrogant and ignorant.  The foundation of Critial Race Theory.  [Video clip]

CRT Backlash Is Not Astroturf.  Texas has joined Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Tennessee in passing laws to ban public schools from teaching critical race theory (CRT).  Other states, such as Florida, have done so through executive rulemaking.  This is a positive first step towards reclaiming American education from openly anti-American pedagogy.  The intellectual roots of CRT can be found in Marxist-influenced critical theory, which began in the academia of Weimar Germany.  It developed into an "intersectional" ideology at Harvard Law School in the late 1980s, through Kimberlé Crenshaw and other supporters of Professor Derrick Bell.  In recent years, however, it has metastasized into the pop psychology of bestsellers such as Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist and Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility as well as pseudohistory such as the New York Times' 1619 Project.

Is Your School Hiding Its Critical Race Theory Teaching?  Here Are 5 Things to Ask About.  Is your school principal denying that her school makes use of critical race theory when you call to complain about it?  If so, it's likely that she's either misinformed or just spreading disinformation.  Here below is how to tell the difference.  There is a need for a checklist because as more and more Americans reject critical race theory indoctrination in schools, workplaces, or even the military, educators, HR personnel, and others are feeling the need to engage in a little, uh, CYA.  Sophists among academics, the Twitterati, and the political world are rising to support this disinformation, too.  Frankly, the purveyors of critical race theory and related theories are shocked that Americans from all walks of life are speaking up against critical race theory.  They thought they could take over classrooms, offices, the military — the whole country, really — without meeting any resistance.

What 'Critical Race Theory' Critics Are Actually Criticizing.  From your television set to the local school board meeting, the fight over "critical race theory" (CRT) is everywhere. [...] The phrase has elicited, unfortunately, a terminological debate, as commentators spar over what it means, rather than the phenomenon it's meant to identify.  That is at best a distraction, and at worst a diversion:  By fighting about what "critical race theory" means, we're avoiding a conversation about what has afflicted our schools over the course of the past year.  Defenders of CRT make two points in this vein.  One is that the term "critical race theory" is being applied overly broadly — and therefore meaninglessly.  CRT refers to a particular philosophical and scholarly tradition, they contend, and those who are attacking it today are so badly misusing the term as to invalidate their arguments.  The other is that critics are motivated by a desire to keep hard truths about America's historical intolerance out of the classroom, lest white students feel uncomfortable.

Dem Rep. Green:  CRT 'Just About Telling the Truth' and History 'That We Don't Teach in our Schools'.  On Friday's [6/26/2021] broadcast of C-SPAN's "Washington Journal," Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said that Critical Race Theory "is just about telling the truth about how there is still systemic racism in this country today and that we have to deal with it and how it impacts the lives of people."  [Video clip]

We Can't Let the Psycho Marxist Democrats Win the Critical Race Theory Fight.  The noise surrounding Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been getting a lot louder lately.  Democrats keep paying obeisance to Karl Marx by trying to shove it down the throats of American school children.  Parents who would prefer that their kids take a path that involves less communism are pushing back.  It's an ugly dance that can only end in people breaking beer bottles over each other's heads out in the parking lot.  I'm one of those freaks who thinks that parents should have some say in what their children learn and how they grow up.  That puts me at odds with almost every public school union teacher in the United States.

Cornell course teaches black holes could be linked to 'racial blackness'.  Cornell University has introduced an astronomy course to explore the connection between the term black holes and "racial blackness" — proof, say critics, that even the hard sciences aren't immune to universal "racial hysteria."  The course, titled "Black Holes:  Race and the Cosmos," uses work from black studies theorists, artists and fiction writers to challenge "conventional wisdom" about the role that race plays in astronomy.  "Conventional wisdom would have it that the 'black' in black holes has nothing to do with race.  Surely there can be no connection between the cosmos and the idea of racial blackness.  Can there?" reads the college catalog description.  Students at the Ivy League school are taught that readings, music and art "implicitly and explicitly posit just such a connection," according to the description.

Amazon Spends Thousands to Distribute Far-Left 'Anti-Racist' Book to Virginia Schools.  The tech giant Amazon has spent thousands of dollars to help distribute copies of an infamous far-left book full of anti-White teachings to public schools in the state of Virginia, according to the Washington Free Beacon.  The scheme was revealed after emails between Amazon and officials at Arlington Public Schools were obtained by the nonprofit group Parents Defending Education (PRE), a grassroots organization that is fighting far-left indoctrination in schools.  The emails reveal that Amazon is planning its own initiative titled "NeighborGood," in which the company offered to donate up to $100,000 to various entities that "empower black voices and serve black communities."  Although the "director of diversity and inclusion" at Arlington Public Schools, Arron Gregory, rejected this broader offer from Amazon, he did request that Amazon fund the purchase and distribution of between 500 and 600 copies of the book "Stamped:  Racism, Antiracism, and You," by far-left author Ibram X. Kendi.  Amazon spent about $5,000 on this effort, as well as $10,000 to bring Kendi's co-author, Jason Reynolds, to give a speech to students.

The Editor says...
For what it's worth, Ibram X. Kendi is an assumed name.  His original name was Ibram Henry Rogers.

Educators condemn $1M 'Dismantling Racism in Mathematics' program funded by Bill Gates.  Educators around the country have come out to condemn a 'Dismantling Racism in Mathematics' program which tells teachers not to push students to find the correct answers to math problems because doing so promotes white supremacy.  The program is centered around a workbook for teachers entitled 'A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction' which asserts that America's education system — even mathematics instruction — reinforces the dominant power structures of white colonizers.  Grading students, asking them to show their work, requiring participation and even pushing them to get the right answer are depicted in the workbook as harmful to minorities.

CRT says MAGA is racist
Leaked Documents from Iowa School System show Teachers are FORCED to classify [MAGA] as a type of "racism" & "white supremacy".  [Thread reader]  This is done through MANDATORY Critical Race Theory training FORCED on teachers at taxpayer expense.  Trump won Iowa by +9 points[.]  Teachers of Iowa are being INSTRUCTED to classify the vast majority of Iowan children as Racist & White Supremacist.  Iowa is Trump country.  Trump carried 94 out of 99 Iowa counties in 2020.  The Republican Governor endorsed Trump.  The Iowa Senate/House is solid Republican.  This is a ROCK SOLID, REAL WORLD application of Critical Race Theory being used as a *political* weapon to target Republicans.  This is NOT education.  It is naked political vengeance using the state education system and our children's educators.

The politics of race will wreck America.  Suppose that instead of living in an upper-middle-class suburb you are a white living in a multiracial working-class or middle-class neighborhood in a megalopolis.  The great majority of crimes are committed by minorities.  Most of the children in the bottom of the class in your child's school are minorities.  These observations are not the products of a racist imagination.  They are the facts of your lived experience.  There are exceptions, to be sure — your daughter's super-smart minority classmate, the minority couple down the street who provide loving care for foster children, the minority cop you watched deftly defuse an escalating confrontation.  But your lived experience tells you that these are not typical.  Is it OK for you to generalize that minorities are criminal and dumb?  Obviously not.  The obviously correct answer is that a difference in means exists, but that we must insist on treating people as individuals.

Concerned Parents Protesting CRT Arrested After Virginia School Board Meeting Declared Unlawful Assembly.  Parents were arrested while protesting against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and a transgender policy at a Virginia school board meeting Tuesday [6/22/2021].  The meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia abruptly ended after the crowd became too rowdy and was later declared an unlawful assembly, footage posted to Twitter showed.  Two arrests were reportedly made for trespassing after some parents refused to leave.  [Video clip]

Things Explode at School Board Meeting Over CRT, Arrests Are Made.  Things are popping off in Loudon County, VA tonight as the debates over critical race theory and transgender issues in schools heat up.  Over 200 parents signed up to give public comments at a local school board meeting, and things just got crazier from there.  Eventually, an unlawful assembly was declared and several arrests were made. [...] All the crowd did was clap in support of someone's comment.  That's literally the extent of their "eruption," but that was enough for the little tyrants on the school board to shut down the meeting and get the cops involved.

As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial, Dismissal.  Americans are waking up to the threat posed by critical race theory, which is often presented behind a cloak of secrecy and the banner of social justice, and across the country, they are now fighting back.  The Biden administration may have reversed former President Donald Trump's ban on critical race theory and so-called anti-racist training in government agencies, but Americans from a diverse set of backgrounds are now making this a national fight, which is dramatically playing out on the local and state level.  What has been the response from the left to this popular rebellion against critical race theory?  Denial and dismissal.

Race-Baiting Media Say Parent Pushback to CRT is Organized by Vast Right Wing AstroTurf — John Spiropoulos Sets The Record Straight.  As noted yesterday the narrative engineers in corporate MSM are falsely stating that pushback against school indoctrination and their cultural revolution is being organized by a vast right-wing mechanism with national coordination.  The leftist talking heads project their own activity onto their political opposition, and cannot fathom of grassroots organizations operating organically.  The media see everything through the prism of 'Astroturf' because that is their forte'.  However, friend of the Treehouse, John Spiropoulos, appears on Steve Bannon's podcast to push back against this nonsense.  John is continuing to provide local groups of parents with the tools and voice to push their own message to a larger audience.  Perhaps John is the national right-wing conspirator the MSM is worried about.  [Video clip]

Why Is Republican-Run Indiana Letting Tax Dollars Fund Critical Race Theory?  State agencies in Republican-controlled Indiana are providing taxpayer dollars and marketing assistance to a far-left organization that is bringing two prominent critical race theory activists to a statewide teachers' conference this summer.  Indiana Black Expo, a group that bills itself as "celebrat[ing] cultural diversity and inclusiveness across all races, ethnicities, nationalities, generations, socioeconomic levels and religious affiliations," will host its annual education conference from July 13 to 15.  Dena Simmons and Dr. Bettina L. Love, two activists who frequently rake in thousands from taxpayers to lecture on "systemic racism," will deliver keynote speeches.  Both did not respond to The Federalist's request for comment.

If everybody is racist, then nobody is.  Now that racism has been outlawed in business, and racists have been driven from the public square, you don't witness much racism in America.  Being racist is a bad move socially and career-wise.  That's good.  But black achievement in America still lags badly behind white, Asian and Hispanic achievement.  The black illegitimacy rate is triple the white rate and the black murder rate is 7x the white rate.  Both figures are worse than before affirmative action, worse than before the Great Society programs of the 60s and 70s, and even worse than the days of Jim Crow laws.  The latest explanation for this continued malaise is that there's a type of racism that you can't see, but can only feel, and it's getting worse.  They call it "systemic racism."  Systemic racism in America is like water to a fish in a pond.  It's everywhere, but undetectable except in its effect.  That effect is to keep American blacks uniquely — not Asians or Hispanics or even black African immigrants — oppressed.  A scientific sounding name has been assigned to this:  "Critical Race Theory."  The people who dreamed up the name ironically seem to think that calling it a "theory" makes it true.

Teacher Shares Behind-Scenes Look at How Unions Further Woke Agenda.  California teacher Brenda Lebsack says she began seeing "red flags" in public education when she decided to become more involved with her union, the California Teachers Association.  After she began attending the union's conferences in 2015, Lebsack says, she was alarmed to see that many of the topics weren't academic but instead focused on social justice, human rights, and LGBTQ issues.  "I thought, wow, my union does not seem to care that much about academics as much as they do the political side of things," Lebsack told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.  A teacher since 1987, Lebsack has taught a variety of grade levels and subjects.  She currently is a physical education teacher for special education students in several elementary schools in the Santa Ana Unified School District, about 35 miles south of Los Angeles.

Black Father Demolishes Critical Race Theory by Asking One Question.  Ty Smith, a father of two teenagers and the star of a popular YouTube channel, disposed of the incendiary Critical Race Theory agenda at a meeting about the Bloomington Public Schools curriculum earlier in June.  Smith implored that parents and educators never allow the CRT agenda to become a part of the curriculum.  [Video clip]

NBC's Chuck Todd:  Outrage on Critical Race Theory Is 'Manufactured'.  NBC anchor Chuck Todd said Sunday [6/20/2021] on "Meet the Press" that the outrage parents are experiencing over critical race theory was "manufactured."  PBS reporter Amna Nawaz said, "Specific to this idea of critical race theory.  I spent time reporting on this county in Virginia about an hour outside of Washington.  To your point, this is something mobilizing people and resonating very deeply.  It was about a 100-degree day, dozens and dozens and dozens of parents, mostly white in this largely affluent county, showed up to a school board meeting, for in the first one they attended, specifically because of this one issue."

Omar Falsely Claims Critical Race Theory Is Not Being Taught in Schools.  Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar has denied Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being taught in public schools, despite a backlash from parents for the doctrine being pushed on their children. [...] Omar's comments come just a day after a bill was introduced by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman to ban Washington, D.C. public schools from teaching CRT.  The bill was the latest in a series of legislative pushes to ban Critical Race Theory.

A kid with the right attitude takes on her school board's BLM hypocrisy.  I'm not a huge fan of videos showing elementary or middle school kids at school board meetings complaining about Critical Race Theory or BLM propaganda.  It's always so obvious that the kids got a lot of help from Mom and Dad.  The kids may believe what they're saying but it's not their voice talking.  That's not the case with a nine-year-old girl from Lakeville, Minnesota, who gave school board members a verbal whipping for lying about political posters on school property.  While it's clear that her values come from her parents, the voice is her own.

Wisconsin GOP Congressman Pushes Bill To Ban Critical Race Theory In DC Public Schools.  Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman introduced a bill Friday that would ban Washington, D.C. public schools from teaching critical race theory — a controversial doctrine that assumes systematic racism is a defining feature of U.S. history and society.  Grothman said that critical race theory teaches children "to hate each other and hate their country."  "In other words, students being taught that they are defined by the color of their skin, not the content of their character," he said in a statement.  Congressional lawmakers have the jurisdiction to enact laws that affect the nation's capital, as D.C. is not a state.

Missouri School Teacher Says One Of Her Students Tried To Commit Suicide Because Of Her Whiteness, Gets Cut Off And Forced Away By Cop.  A Missouri educator blasted a school board over the teaching of Critical Race Theory, even talking about one of her bi-racial students attempting suicide because of shame she felt over her whiteness.  "As an educator, it is not our job to shame kids.  It is our job to lift kids up.  It is not my job as an educator to take on the role of the parent," said concerned teacher Brooke Ely Henderson to her school board in Springfield, Mo.  [Video clip]

Woke Black Man Drops A Nuke On Critical Race Theory.  A parent from Illinois who hosts a weekend radio show condemned critical race theory during a crowded district school board meeting.  Ty Smith, a father who believes that critical race theory is deeply flawed, criticized schools for teaching the controversial ideology that has gotten parents across the nation upset and frustrated.  [Video clip]

[A] Group with Marxist ties [is] behind [the] critical race theory push in schools.  As the controversy over critical race theory in public schools heats up, activists on both sides of the debate have spent massive amounts of time and money on a topic that takes aim at white privilege in America. [...] Parents Defending Education, an advocacy group headed by conservative Nicole Neily, said parents should be wary of progressive groups behind teaching critical race theory.  "Through a stealth marketing campaign, Black Lives Matter — the global enterprise not the cause with lowercased letters — found its way into their children's homeroom classroom with its divisive, political agenda — putting students just one click away from the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee and a lesson that 'the characteristics of white supremacy' include 'objectivity' and 'right to comfort,'" she wrote.

Fed up Illinois Parent Drops Some Inconvenient Truths About CRT During School Board Meeting.  Diverse groups of outraged parents, students, educators, and other concerned citizens are rising up across the country in opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms.  They've been successful in their efforts to a certain extent at the local level, enough that now the mainstream media has all but literally declared war on opponents of CRT, as we've previously reported.  The videos of people speaking out against CRT never get old, and the next clip is no exception.  It shows Ty Smith, a father of two in Illinois, absolutely go off on the concept of CRT during a contentious school board meeting.  In particular, he strenuously objected to the victimhood aspect of CRT, pointing out that he grew up in poverty and still went on to make something of himself with the help of white and black people alike.  [Video clip]

Academia's Obsession with Racism.  Throughout America, faculty at colleges and universities are being required to enroll in modules (courses) on race relations, written with an eye toward critical race theory and the epistemology of Black Lives Matter.  These modules have various names, but among the most common is an oxymoron titled "inclusive excellence," as if everyone can be excellent by being included.  The object, of course, is for colleges and universities to enroll greater numbers of those who already receive preferential treatment based on ascribed characteristics.  Meanwhile, sacrosanct suppositions that represent critical race theory are increasingly becoming the norm on the college campus.  Among these are:  All whites are racists; systemic racism is the cause of a vast black underclass, and the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow explains every pathology to be seen in the black community.

Critical Race Theory at Stanford Leads to Antisemitism Complaint From Jewish Faculty.  This is an old problem with a critical new urgency in the age of critical race theory.  Jews may be the target of a disproportionate amount of hate crimes, but they're not an official minority.  As critical race theory rolls out in organizations, people are pressured into joining segregated groupings.  Official minorities go to minority Oppressed Victim caucuses, while designated white people go to the White People are Evil Oppressors and Must Apologize Every Day for Their Existence caucuses.  And that means the descendants of Holocaust survivors being told they're guilty of white supremacy.

American moms are taking a stand against Critical Race Theory.  The sleeping giant of the American Mom has been awakened and is "filled with a terrible resolve," as Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto once said of the United States after his country's attack on Pearl Harbor.  These mothers' watershed moment is the hateful cult of "critical race theory" which is being shoved down their children's throats under the guise of "equity" and "anti-racism."  In reality, CRT is simply another version of a deadly old ideology that is Marxist and utopian in nature — only this time it seeks to divide people by race, rather than by class.

Republicans introduce bills to strip federal funds from schools that teach '1619 Project'.  House and Senate Republicans introduced bills on Monday that would bar federal funds from being used to teach The New York Times' "1619 Project."  The measures are unlikely to pass the Democratic-run Congress, but the bills reflect mounting opposition to efforts to form school curriculums with the newspaper series, which reframed U.S. history with a focus on slavery and racism as the defining characteristic of the American experience.  "Activists in schools want to teach our kids to hate America and hate each other using discredited, Critical Race Theory curricula like the 1619 Project.  Federal funds should not pay for activists to masquerade as teachers and indoctrinate our youth," said Sen. Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, the bill's main sponsor in the Senate.

Boston school officials resign over texts slamming 'delusional,' 'racist' White parents.  Two Boston school officials have resigned over surfaced private text messages slamming White parents as "delusional" and "racist."  Boston School Committee Chairwoman Alexandra Oliver-Dávila and committee member Lorna Rivera submitted their resignations after facing backlash for text messages sent to one another during a committee meeting in October.  "Wait until the white racists start yelling at us," Ms. Rivera said to Ms. Oliver-Dávila at the time in a text message obtained through a Boston Globe public records request.  "Whatever.  They're delusional," Ms. Oliver-Dávila, who is of Argentinian and Nicaraguan descent, responded.  "I hate WR," added Ms. Oliver-Dávila, referring to West Roxbury, The Globe reported.

Black mother slams critical race theory at Florida school board meeting: 'Not teaching the truth'.  A Black mother slammed critical race theory (CRT) on Thursday [6/10/2021], telling the Florida Board of Education that it was teaching hate and ruining the "greatest country in the world."  "Just coming off of May 31, marking the 100 years [since] the Tulsa riots, it is sad that we are even contemplating something like critical race theory, where children will be separated by their skin color and deemed permanently oppressors or oppressed in 2021," said mom Quisha King.  King's comments came after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis asked the school board to pass a rule banning CRT and associated ideas in schools.  "That is not teaching the truth," King added, "unless you believe that Whites are better than Blacks."

NYC Law School Makes 'Systemic Racism' Courses a Graduation Requirement.  A top New York City law school announced Thursday that students will be required to take courses on systemic racism and critical race theory to graduate.  In an email to students, Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law laid out major curriculum changes "designed to help our students examine and understand racism in the law and throughout the legal system."  Chief among the changes is that students beginning with the incoming class of 2024 must complete at least one of four newly created classes on "race and the law" in order to graduate.  The four classes are Race and the Law, Critical Race Theory, Indigenous Rights in the Americas, and Cross-Cultural Negotiation.  The email further announced that "explorations of race and racism" would be integrated throughout all the school's teachings, "including in courses that are not primarily or ostensibly about race."

Iowa governor signs bill banning critical race theory, rails against 'discriminatory indoctrination'.  The governor of Iowa signed a bill into law banning critical race theory in the state, declaring the Hawkeye State will not teach "discriminatory indoctrination."  Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, signed House File 802 into law on Tuesday [6/8/2021], codifying the state's stance against teaching "specific defined concepts," such as the widely controversial critical race theory.  Critical race theory teaches students to look at American society and history through a racial lens and views race itself as a relatively recent social construct that is weaponized by dominant groups to oppress others.  Reynolds announced the signing in a press release sent on Tuesday, where she said critical race theory was not about education, but rather "labels and stereotypes."

A speed bump on the road to indoctrinating federal workers in CRT.  Team Biden isn't content with imposing critical race theory (CRT) on America's students.  It also is bent on indoctrinating federal workers in CRT's grotesquely racist anti-American tenets.  That, at least, is the conclusion I draw from Biden's selection of Kiran Ahuja to lead the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  If confirmed to that position, Ahuja would be able to oversee the curriculum for the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" training federal employees will receive.  Ahuja is a fan of CRT.  She's a supporter of Ibram X. Kendi, a Boston University professor who is probably the leading exponent of CRT.  In fact, Kendi gave a lecture on "anti-racism" (i.e. racism against Whites) for the speaker series sponsored by a group Ahuja heads.

Black Columbia professor calls for 'truly antiracist parents' to pull their kids out of $52k New Jersey school.  A black professor at Columbia University has called for parents to pull their kids out of a $52,000-a-year private school in Englewood, New Jersey after a teacher quit over critical race theory lessons.  John McWhorter, an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, tweeted his support for Dana Stangel-Plowe[,] who resigned from the Dwight-Englewood School on Tuesday [6/8/2021].  'All hail Dana Stangel-Plowe, who has resigned from the Dwight-Englewood School, which teaches students "antiracism" that sees life as nothing but abuse of power, and teaches that cringing, hostile group identity against oppression is the essence of a self,' McWhorter tweeted.

Critical Race Theory's Poisonous Roots Trace Back To Harvard University.  In the past several months, multiple state legislatures have made moves to ban critical race theory — the latest hot-button issue in contemporary American politics — from their public schools.  Activists have opined that critical race theory is either the cure for racial injustice in America or the most dangerous force threatening our democracy.  Plenty of writers have explained the main tenets of the theory, some in great detail.  But where did it come from?  How did an obscure academic theory come to dominate the national political conversation in only a few years?  The answer to these questions lies in the origins of the theory.  Critical race theory emerged from one of America's foremost institutions:  Harvard University.

College Athlete Sues Over Critical Race Theory, Woke Culture.  A spokeswoman for Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, a Republican, expressed support Friday [6/4/2021] for former University of Oklahoma volleyball player Kylee McLaughlin, who has accused the university of violating her First Amendment rights by excluding her from her volleyball team over her conservative views.  "Governor Stitt fully supports every individual's right to freedom of speech and thought," the governor's communications director, Carly Atchison, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Friday afternoon.  "It's shameful that young people on college campuses, and in today's world, even K-12 classrooms, who dare dissent from the left's agenda are being punished."

Teachers Are Feeding Critical Race Theory to Our Kids.  Look What's Happening in Wisconsin.  Critical race theory is an academic discipline that has been around for decades but only recently became the ideology of the far left in its push to tear down our country, destroy the principles our country was founded on, and eliminate the protections every American is afforded under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Critical race theory seeks to fundamentally and profoundly change the United States forever.  Critical race theory preaches that the United States was founded on racism, grew to become the successful nation that it is today because of this racism, and that our country, still today, is fundamentally defined by our racism and racism is found in everything that we do and that we do not do.

Critical Race Theory Teaches Our Children to Hate Their Country, Neighbors, and Themselves.  Critical Race Theory isn't new.  It has been craftily injected into our societal thought behind closed doors for decades.  It has held many labels from "Diversity Training" and "Black Studies," to "Reconstructing Curriculum," but the objective has always been the same; and though many people have penned the "curriculum" there is only one author.  Most reasoned people recognize it for what it is.  What we don't understand is the "why" of it all.  Why would someone purposefully try to make freedom bad, truth a lie and the American dream wrong?  Why would anyone want to convince people they are either oppressed or an oppressor because of their gender or color?  That's what a lot of parents are wondering as they show up en masse at school board meetings to protest this pernicious, agenda-driven "curriculum" being thrust on our children.  It is the "why" that led me to a teacher's training in the winter of 2016 in hopes of finding at least some understanding if not answers.  What I discovered was quite alarming.

There is a lioness in Carmel, New York, who is fighting for the children.  In Carmel, New York, there is a woman named Tatiana Ibrahim.  She is a warrior and a heroine.  She stood up at a school board meeting and gave the board members what-for because the teachers in her children's school district are bringing Marxism to the classroom in the form of Critical Race Theory ("CRT"), defund the police lessons, and other leftist concepts.  In the past couple of months, more and more parents are starting to fight back against the plague of leftism that has been infecting America's classrooms. [...] Parents are sending open letters to schools and speaking up at school board meetings.  Each of these parents is a true hero.  However, I don't think I've ever seen anyone with the passion and clarity that Tatiana Ibrahim brings to the subject.  She completely dominates the room.  The only thing disturbing about this video is the passivity of the other parents in the room.  They should be applauding her wildly.

Maine Father Fights Critical Race Theory In Daughters' School: 'We Need Education, Not Indoctrination'.  Shawn McBreairty, a parent of twin girls in Maine who has clashed with school officials for the last year over their district's curriculum, said he was banned from their graduation over objections to critical race theory (CRT) being taught in their school, telling "The Faulkner Focus" on Tuesday that "we need education, not indoctrination."  McBreairty said his daughters are enrolled in MSAD #51, which serves the communities of Cumberland and North Yarmouth, and communicated with school officials only through email as, he said, they would not meet with him regarding his concerns.  "I can't speak for Martin Luther King Jr., but I think he'd be extremely ashamed of what this administration is doing," McBreairty said.  "They're teaching young kids as young as kindergarten to essentially hate their white skin."

11 States Consider Bans on Teaching Critical Race Theory.  Earlier this year, an Aiken County teacher wrote to South Carolina state Rep. Bill Taylor in alarm about critical race theory emerging in public schools.  "I know full well the insidiousness of the so-called critical race theory that aims to resegregate society, discriminate against those who are white, victimize those who are black, and render America a nation of identity groups rather than Americans," the teacher wrote.  Hardly a day goes by, Taylor said, that he doesn't hear from a constituent on the issue.  Critical race theory contends that individuals either are oppressed or are oppressors, based on their skin color.

The public school system had stopped teaching children long before the pandemic.  In Virginia, the Loudoun County Public Schools district was caught passing out a graphic to students that described Christians and white people as "privileged" groups, while women and minorities were described as "oppressed." The "privileged" groups, according to the district's diversity training, contribute to a "white supremacy culture," from which the oppressed groups suffer.  That is, if you are a Christian, you are an oppressor. [...] Forcing deeply controversial and divisive ideologies such as critical race theory upon young children is nothing less than an attempt to make them little Marxists, he added; just replace "racial antagonism for class antagonism."  Parents need to see the public school system for what it is.  It has failed our children academically, but that failure was deliberate.

Villanova Professor Admits Critical Race Theory Is A Way To Build A Church Of Marxism On Leaked Zoom Call.  Watch as this Villanova professor encourages the adoption of Critical Race Theory due to its roots in Marxism on a leaked Zoom call.  "The Marxist foundation of Critical Race Theory is at base a spiritual concern.  If you read Marx you know he was concerned with alienation.  Specifically, alienation of the species being.  That element of humanity that provide creativity that is unique to the individual and defines us from animals," Professor Glenn Bracey told a zoom audience of educators.  [Video clip]

Maryland School District Indoctrinates Students Into Believing MAGA Is 'Covert White Supremacy'.  In yet another example demonstrating why parents must be diligent about knowing what schools are teaching their children, Maryland's largest school district reportedly included a curriculum in its classes teaching kids that conservatives are white supremacists.  According to watchdog group Judicial Watch, documents show that the material used by educators labeled phrases like "Make America Great Again," as an example of white supremacy.  Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, "The racist revolutionary claptrap in these documents should be nowhere near a school classroom."  He added:  "These documents show that extremists have access to our schools and are willing to abuse this access to children in order to advance a dangerous, divisive, and likely illegal agenda."

The Revolution Comes to Juilliard:  Racial hysteria is consuming the school.  Turn on CNN or open the New York Times, and you may encounter someone explaining how exhausting it is to be a black person.  The idea that systemic racism is leaving blacks scarred and spent has been embraced across mainstream America, articulated by corporate CEOs and university presidents.  The latest performative assertion of black oppression is playing out at the Juilliard School in New York City.  The controversy has significance beyond the school.  In September 2020, the Juilliard School's Drama Division announced a series of "community meetings" to address "Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) issues."  The school's growing cadre of diversity bureaucrats would discuss Juilliard's' "anti-racism work."  The head of the Center for Racial Healing would give a presentation.  Workshops would address such topics as "race in rehearsal" and "voice and speech and race."  NYU theater professor Michael McElroy, one of the school's two external diversity consultants, would offer a three-day seminar in black musical culture.  These Drama Division meetings were part of Juilliard's broader effort to bring race into all its activities, including music and dance.

Virginia County's 'Diverse Book Collection' Spotlights Radical Agenda Coming to K-12 Schools.  A Virginia school district has become an epicenter of the debates occurring over critical race theory and other, similar curriculums coming to K-12 classrooms around the country.  In 2020, Loudoun County Public Schools adopted a plan to double down on bringing so-called culturally responsive teaching to the classroom.  It's notable that the administration of Loudoun County Public Schools has not only aggressively promoted critical race theory, it essentially threatened teachers and staff against criticizing the program in any way, on campus or off.  The message it sent to staff was, basically, that the First Amendment is fine and all, but accept the "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" plan — or else.

Brandeis University assistant dean: 'All White people are racist,' 'I hate Whiteness'.  An administrator at Brandeis University declared "all White people are racist" and that she "hates Whiteness" in a defense of critical race theory on Saturday [5/22/2021].  Kate Slater, an assistant dean of graduate student affairs at the private Massachusetts university and a self-described "White anti-racist educator," faced criticism on social media after she posted a message on Instagram defending critical race theory, which teaches that America's institutions are inherently racist.  "'Debates' about critical race theory are often straw men for debates about whether or not systemic racism is real," she wrote.  "And no number of statistics or facts that I could offer up are going to convince people to 'see' systemic racism if they don't want to."

Five reasons not to be optimistic about America's future.  [Scroll down]  Number three is the woke revolution that is creating the worst internal division since the Civil War.  The Civil Rights Revolution of half a century ago ended the oppression of African-Americans.  Martin Luther King's dream of people being judged by their character instead of the color of their skin became a reality.  In the blink of an eye, all of that has been reversed as racism and segregation are being reintroduced into American life under the aegis of identity politics.  This time it is white Americans who are being marginalized.  Thanks to the adoption of critical race theory in our schools, children are being brainwashed to believe that that all blacks are oppressed and all whites are oppressors.  White kids are taught that they should be ashamed of their race.  In other words, we have regressed to a point where people once again are being judged by the color of their skin.

Critical Race Theory or Crazy Radical Tantrums?  As a former teacher, I loved teaching math because there was a right and wrong answer.  Feelings, opinions, and political dogma were irrelevant.  2+2=4.  Period.  If you have another take, sorry but you're wrong.  Now that the crazies are in charge, however, if you insist on right and wrong answers, you are racist.  Really.  Until last week, in fact, the proposed California math framework recommended eight times that teachers use A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction:  Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction as a resource.  This radical drivel insists that addressing student errors, focusing on getting the right answer, and requiring students to show their work is a form of white supremacy.  Objectivity is now racist, apparently.  However, due to citizen outrage during the "public comments" period, the state walked back some of its new math mandates, notably dropping the over-the-top Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction.

Tennessee Gov. Lee signs bill banning critical race theory in schools into law.  Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has signed a bill banning critical race theory in schools into law.  Earlier this year, Tennessee lawmakers passed HB 0580/SB 0623 that would withhold funding from schools when students are taught about topics like systemic racism and white privilege.  Gov. Bill Lee signed the bill Monday afternoon [5/24/2021].  "The Governor signed the bill and believes Tennessee students should be taught history and civics with facts, not divisive political commentary." — Spokesperson for Governor Lee

Texas Nears a Ban on Critical Race Theory.  [Scroll down]  The bill also champions an understanding of the nation's founding according to its actual documents, as well as "the fundamental moral, political, and intellectual foundations of the American experiment in self-government."  To those who attended school long ago, all of the above may seem a given.  However, in case you've been paying no attention, schools have changed a smidge.

Critical Race Theory Backers: 'Our Constitution Should Be Burned'.  According to a handful of critical race theory proponents who want the controversial worldview to be taught in schools and dominate our society, reason must be rejected and the United States Constitution should be "burned."  You can see a clip of their discussion here.  In the clip, one of the CRT supporters calls for both the rejection of reason and the end of the American Constitution.  [Video clip]

'Our constitution should be burned': What critical race theorists really think of America.  Will Reusch, a high school teacher in LA who also worked with the Heterodox Academy, asked to have a conversation with advocates for CRT in schools.  That conversation revealed that CRT advocates do not believe in America's founding documents, instead saying that "the constitution should be burned."  Reusch spoke to Alfred "shivy" Brooks who is running for Atlanta City Council, Dr. Kate Slater who has worked in teacher recruitment for a top prep school, and Louiza "Weeze" Doran who were proponents of critical race theory.  While undoubtedly these folks would define it differently, critical race theory is the practice of looking at all events both current and historical through the lens of race and racism.

DeSantis Promises To End Critical Race Theory In Schools.  Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis denounced Critical Race Theory (CRT) at a press conference Friday [5/21/2021].  DeSantis said CRT needs to be addressed by the Florida Board of Education at a press conference in Pensacola he held to announce a series of tax breaks for consumers.  The governor said that it is offensive to the taxpayers to fund a program that teaches children to hate each other and their country.  "You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig," DeSantis said about CRT.  "It's offensive to the taxpayer that they would be asked to fund critical race theory, that they would be asked to fund teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other," DeSantis said.

Bill Barr says progressive agendas in schools are unconstitutional and are creating 'militantly secularist government-run' classrooms.  Former Attorney General Bill Barr denounced what he called 'militantly secularist government-run schools' as the greatest threat to religious liberty in the country as he made his first speech since leaving government. 'The time has come to admit that the approach of giving militantly secularist government schools a monopoly over publicly funded education has become a disaster,' he said.  Instead he made the case that school choice vouchers may offer parents the best protection from curricula designed to indoctrinate children with a radical, secular theology.

Opposition to critical race theory intensifies in Georgia.  The superintendent of schools in Cherokee County issued the latest volley against a perceived threat that has drawn the attention of the state's Republican leadership, saying an academic construct known as "critical race theory" will not be taught in classrooms.  In a meeting that drew hundreds, with hundreds left outside after the school board meeting room reached capacity, Superintendent Brian Hightower addressed a local debate of an issue that has flared up across the country.  The school board voted 4-1, with two abstentions, to approve a resolution to prohibit implementation of critical race theory and the 1619 Project, a New York Times project that put slavery and Black contributions to democracy at the center of American history, from being taught in Cherokee schools.  "Our intentions have been wildly mischaracterized," Hightower told the crowd, saying there was never an intent to use the academic theory in classrooms.  He added that the district would not be implementing a "diversity, equity and inclusion" program as planned.

Disney Teams with The Roots for Animated Series Teaching Toddlers About Racism and Social Justice.  Members of the Grammy-winning rap group The Roots are teaming up with Disney Junior for several animated short films aimed at teaching kids aged 2 to 7 about race, racism, and social justice issues.  The project, entitled Rise Up, Sing Out, is set to be executive produced by The Roots members Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter.  "We hope these shorts will encourage the young audience to recognize and celebrate our differences as human beings while learning the tools to navigate real-world issues of racial injustice," Thompson and Trotter said in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

The Editor says...
That doesn't sound like the language one would ordinarily use to address a two-year-old.

Cornell Hot Woke Mess — No Clear Mandate for Critical Race Theory Mandates Emerges From Faculty Senate Voting.  There is bad news and good news coming out of the Cornell University Faculty Senate vote on Critical Race Theory mandates for faculty and students.  First, the bad news.  The Faculty Senate nominally voted for some forms of Critical Race Theory mandates on faculty and students.  Second, the good news.  The margins were surprisingly thin, there was suprisingly substantial opposition, and some of the six resolutions contradicted others, leaving a muddled mess that has to be viewed as a loss for proponents who must have expected overwhelming support.

How Biden Aims to Take Critical Race Theory to the Next Level in Your School.  If the Biden administration gets its way, the federal government will soon be alternatively bribing and threatening every school district in the country to push divisive and damaging curricula on race in the classroom.  It would come courtesy of a proposed rule from the Department of Education, available for public comment until May 19.  In announcing the rule, the Department cited the historically debunked 1619 Project from the New York Times, as well as the "scholarship" of Ibram X. Kendi, whose many radical arguments include a suggestion that every law in the country should be subject to the approval of an unelected board of "antiracist" academics.  But the rule's consequences would be more than academic.  It would infuse critical race theory into the whole of the federal government's primary governing law concerning K-12 schools, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  And if Congress standardizes state civics metrics, the rule will help shape the content of it (and do it with a billion-dollar-a-year cash infusion), unwittingly moved forward in a bipartisan way by Republicans.

Ten Questions on Critical Race Theory.  Here are 10 questions for [AFT president Randi] Weingarten concerning the use of critical race theory in America's K-12 Classroom:  1. Should we be teaching children that all White people are inherently racist?  This is a central point made by Robin DiAngelo, who regularly facilitates professional development trainings for teachers and other organizations.  Her bestselling book, White Fragility has been used to develop so-called "antiracist" curriculum in school districts across America.  2. Should we be teaching children that America is a systemically racist country based on white supremacy? [...] 3. Should we be teaching children that all racial disparities are the sole result of racism? [...] 7. Should we be teaching children that things such as linear time, work ethic, individualism, and the scientific method are aspects of White supremacy culture? [...] 9. Should we be teaching children that being nice, cooperative, and compliant is racist, and that the notion of "hard work" is White cultural appropriation?

American Airlines Investigating Pilot Who Opposes School District's Critical Race Theory Plan.  American Airlines says it's investigating a Texas-based pilot who spoke against an effort by his local school district to implement elements of critical race theory.  Guy Midkiff of Southlake, Texas, has been flying for American Airlines for more than 30 years, according to the Dallas Morning News.  His job remains uncertain, however, after he criticized a "Cultural Competence Action Plan" (CCAP) proposed by Carroll Independent School District online and in podcasts.  The plan, which was developed by Carroll's diversity council after white students were caught on video singing a rap song that contains a racial slur, called for the district to hire "equity and inclusion" officials, encourage students to report each other for "microaggressions," and impose mandatory "diversity training" on students and staff.

St. John's professor allegedly fired for reading racial slur from Mark Twain book.  In a twist worthy of Mark Twain himself, a St. John's University professor has been fired for reading a passage containing the N-word from Twain's anti-slavery novel "Pudd'nhead Wilson" in her "Literature of Satire" class.  Hannah Berliner Fischthal, an adjunct instructor at the Catholic college in Queens for 20 years, uttered the N-word once during a remote class Feb. 10 — after she first explained to students the context of the word and said she hoped it would not offend anyone.  "Mark Twain was one of the first American writers to use actual dialect," Fischthal said.  "His use of the 'N-word' is used only in dialogues as it could have actually been spoken in the south before the civil war, when the story takes place."  The day after the class, however, she got an email from a student who said she had to "abruptly" leave the call because of Fischthal's use of an "inappropriate slur."

Critical Race Theory Weakens Society and Breeds Hate, Minorities Say.  The Rev. C.L. Bryant, a Baptist minister and a senior fellow at FreedomWorks, had been a proponent of critical race theory as a young man, but has since turned against it.  "Critical race theory was something that was formed back in the 1950s, along with black liberation theology," he explained.  Though its proponents are often compared to civil rights advocates of the past, Bryant said, their goal is really to ensure that the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. and others were all for nought.  One of the more prominent aspects of critical race theory, Bryant says, is how it changes the definition of racism.  "When you change the definition, you change the destination," he said, and that destination is moving people away from traditional ideas about education, family, gender, and marriage.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki defends teaching about systemic racism at American colleges and universities.  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended American colleges and universities teaching theories of systemic racism as 'responsible' on Thursday as she denied allegations that it amounted to 'liberal indoctrination.'  The issue has become one of the frontline skirmishes in the country's culture wars in the wake of last year's Black Lives Matter protests.  Conservatives allege that students are being taught a warped version of American history that claims the impact of slavery remains present throughout society.

When a newly-elected school board member stood up to oppose teaching critical race theory....  In a bizarre "Complaint" filed against recently-elected Vermont School Board member Elizabeth Cady, two citizens allege Cady's inquiries about the introduction of Critical Race Theory (CRT) constitute a "clear breach" of School Board Operations Policy.  As in many states, this controversial ideology is seeping into Vermont's curricula. [...] CRT proponents oppose dissenting opinions.  A core principle of CRT asserts that free speech liberties have been used to oppress Black people, and thus White people cannot be permitted a differing opinion — free speech is an obstacle to "equity."  (Ryszard Legutko calls this "coercion to freedom.")  A quasi-religious ideology, CRT is being launched in Vermont schools via what scholar Christopher F. Rufo aptly identifies as an "institutional orthodoxy."  This dogma does not tolerate disagreement, as it "feels that each and every member" of society "should" agree to use skin color as a determinant of education and public policy.  If one disagrees, one is a heretic to be targeted, shunned and slandered.

To Fight Racism, Should White Children Be Made 'Uncomfortable'?  Years ago, I attended a play with the theme of racism.  At curtain rise, two actors began berating the audience primarily made up of white people about how this work would make them uncomfortable, uneasy, and fearful.  It is a very common theme in "antiracism" and critical race theory.  But if part of "doing the work" to "dismantle systemic racism" is to endure this discomfort, how does that apply to teaching "antiracism" to small children?  Should young white kids be made to feel uncomfortable?  Examples abound in CRT theory and popular writing about how overcoming white fragility requires of white people that they sit with their guilt, shame, and unease.

What Voters Are Saying About Critical Theories Should Have Woke Educators Shaking in Their Shoes.  Americans' views about school curriculum based on critical theories of race and gender were assessed in a mid-April poll by Competitive Edge Research and Communications (CE). The poll, which surveyed 808 active voters and included parents with children in school and other community members, found that an overwhelming majority of those surveyed object to critical race theories being taught in schools.

Reps. Cawthorn, Foxx introduce bill to prevent federal funds from being used to push critical race theory.  A pair of North Carolina Republicans are introducing a bill on Wednesday to prevent federal funding from going to a recent Department of Education proposal or any other proposal aimed at teaching critical race theory in schools.  Freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., and House Education and Labor Committee ranking member Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., are planning to introduce the Protecting Equality and Civics Education (PEACE) Act on Wednesday, Fox News has learned.  The PEACE Act amends the Consolidated Appropriations Act to prohibit federal funds from going to programs that push for critical race theory in schools.

Entire Public School Board Freaks Out From Critical Race Theory Ban In Oklahoma.  The entire Oklahoma City Board of Education denounced a law passed Friday that bans Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools, calling it "racist" and an "insult," numerous sources reported.  The eight-member school board said Monday [5/10/2021] that they worry House Bill 1775 will prevent accurate lessons involving race and history, according to The Oklahoman.  Ruth Veales, a board member, said the law was intended to "protect white fragility" and that the ban was an "insult" because the district has a large population of minority students.

Virginia School Board Shuts Down Parent's Objections To Racist Indoctrination.  The Fairfax County school board in northern Virginia ordered an upset parent raising objections to state-sanctioned racism called critical race theory in their schools to "go to your seat."  The altercation took place Thursday, after former Wall Street Journal reporter and local parent Asra Nomani spent three minutes scolding school officials for their blatant double-standards in pursuit of "antiracism" that endorses racism and cultural erasure.  Nomani, who writes for The Federalist, began her remarks outlining dismissals from each school board member of parent concerns at Thomas Jefferson High School, then highlighted members' comments declaring the parents toxic and racist for opposing racism in the high-ranking school district.

What's Energy?  From my perspective, many of our public-school systems are promoting Marxist/Maoist theory because the two largest national teachers' unions are saturated with leftists seeking to convert our constitutional republic into a federal socialist republic.  The leftists are promoting a devastating racial divide to undermine the unity of American society through anti-American brainwashing, even to the point of convincing white students to apologize for being white.  This is due to the Marxist, anti-American Critical Race Theory.  They are also promoting political correctness and instilling a cancel culture mentality among virtually all sectors of our society, even the military.  Although I am mostly white, thanks to Ancestry.com, I found out I am also part Native American.  So, I guess that means I do not have to apologize for being white.  Yet, even if I were 100% white, contrary to the demands of the Critical Race Theorists, I still would not apologize for being white.

Oklahoma governor signs bill banning schools from teaching critical race theory.  Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law on Friday banning the teaching of critical race theory in public schools and universities.  "Now more than ever, we need policies that bring us closer together — not rip us apart.  As governor, I firmly believe that not one cent of taxpayer money should be used to define and divide young Oklahomans by their race or sex," Stitt, a Republican, said in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner.  The measure prohibits schools from teaching students that "one race or sex is inherently superior to another" and that "an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive."  The legislation passed through both GOP-controlled chambers of the Oklahoma Legislature.  Democratic lawmakers largely opposed the bill, with some arguing it sought to mend nonexistent problems in the state's education system, according to the Tulsa World.

Public Education was Never the Solution.  Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been making its way into public schools for decades.  Now it has reached a tipping point, aided perhaps by the realities of Covid and the remote school board meetings and online classes.  Now parents, formerly unable to attend meetings of arguably the dumbest collection of people in elected office and formerly unaware of the dumbed-down curriculum of their children, are starting to wake up and push back.  There is hope that schools can turn around from the indoctrination of young people and reintroduce objective truths and American values.  A recent school board election in Southlake, Texas provided encouragement that there are still many families who love this country.  Still, the resistance to CRT is only the latest chapter in a longer story of the failures, shortcomings, and limitations of public schooling. [...] The family — not the school system — is the only path forward in maintaining the greatest society and country in the world.

Anti-racist day care?  According to Campus Reform, Michelle DeJohnette, a San Diego Community College District adjunct faculty member, is now running an anti-racist day care facility.  DeJohnette, who is currently completing a joint doctoral program in education at San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University, is studying "critical theory, culturally responsible pedagogy, anti-bias/anti-racist education, and issues of equity in early childhood education, focusing on preschool."  She is currently applying her knowledge of critical race theory and equity by attempting to teach it to toddlers at Village Kids Family Child Care in San Diego, where she is the director.  The day care service's Twitter and Facebook pages both provide resources discussing anti-racism in preschool education.

School District Apologizes for Including White Students in 'Support Circles' After Chauvin Verdict.  [Scroll down]  Hence, in Piedmont, California recently, someone in charge of schools had an idea.  It went something like this:  In light of the Derek Chauvin verdict, let's host "support circles" for students to discuss the outcome.  And let's do it in a segregated way.  Fast-forward to now, and officials are sorry — not for delving into social issues as a public education institution, and not for separating students by race.  They've apologized for including a circle for whites.  How did such a gaffe occur?

Parents who left California now fight to keep critical race theory out of schools in Utah.  A couple who left California over the teaching of critical race theory in schools, are now fighting to keep the topic off the curriculum in Utah.  Gloria and Oscar Vindas said they began homeschooling their son in California due to the teaching of the subject in schools.  The curriculum was 'one of the main reasons' they chose to relocate to Utah, where they were shocked to find that it was also taught in schools.

Private school parents [are being] pressured to become BLM activists, NYC dad says.  A New York City father who went viral after pulling his daughter out of The Brearley School after seven years shared new details about the elite school's left-wing culture in a new video interview with Fox News.  Andrew Gutmann shot to national attention after sending former New York Times editor Bari Weiss a scathing letter addressed to Brearley parents, saying the $54,000-a-year institution's "obsession with race must stop."  "We already do a horrific job in this country teaching history, and now we're going to make that 10 times worse, we're going to eradicate that," Gutmann warns in the new interview.  "Our country doesn't survive not teaching history and civics, and it sure [...] doesn't survive teaching our children to hate their country and their history."

NYC public schools officially cancel Columbus Day, replace with Italian, Indigenous People's Day.  The New York City public school system has officially dropped Columbus Day and replaced the annual federal holiday with Italian Heritage and Indigenous People's Day, which will be celebrated this October.  The city's Department of Education announced the changes Tuesday [5/4/2021], amid ongoing concerns about the European explorer's treatment of indigenous people when in America.  The holiday has been celebrated in the United States for nearly 100 years.

NBC News Laments 'Bitterly Divided' School Board Election After Woke Activists Lose in Landslide.  After voters in Southlake, Texas, rejected the efforts of left-wing activists to mandate "cultural competence" training in K-12 schools, NBC News lamented the "bitterly divided" contest, even though two-thirds of the electorate backed candidates who opposed the controversial proposal.  The Comcast subsidiary's reporting on the election results is almost comically biased in its framing of the dispute.  The election, which saw unusually high turnout compared with similar contests, is described as a showdown between candidates who "supported new diversity and inclusion training requirements" for students and teachers on one side, and "those backed by a political action committee that was formed last year to defeat the plan."  The activist-backed proposal, unveiled in 2020, called for mandating cultural sensitivity training from "enrollment to graduation," establishing a "systemic process for consistently tracking and reporting microaggressions and incidents of discrimination," and creating a Director of Equity and Inclusion position with an annual salary of $125,000.

NYC schools cancel Columbus for 'Indigenous' Day, add Juneteenth as holiday.  New York City schools have canceled the Columbus Day holiday, replacing it with an Indigenous Peoples' Day, while also making Juneteenth a school holiday and getting rid of snow days altogether.  The city Department of Education called Oct. 11 "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in the 2021-2022 calendar it posted on its website Tuesday [5/4/2021], flagging the beginning and end dates for the school year as well as winter and spring recesses but not the big changes within in a tweet.  The move, which was announced, however, in a press release to education beat reporters, officially cancels for school kid recognition what remains a federal, state and city holiday on the second Monday in October — although the Indigenous Peoples' holiday will give students and teachers the same day off.

Here's a deep dive into one university's anti-white diversity training.  A student at the University of Florida has provided to The College Fix images from a diversity and inclusion training that students are being told to take.  The materials teach that "equity" is fair while "equality" is not, that "whitesplaining" is a "form of racism," and many other lessons that suggest white people are the problem.  The program consists of a series of multiple choice questions, infographics and videos.  Each of the questions and videos focuses on specific examples of insensitive language and interactions between white students and minorities and highlights what is considered the appropriate interaction in each case.

St Louis Teacher Goes Off On School Board For Pushing INSANE Crital Race Theory And Gender Nonsense To Little Children.  Jonathan Koeppel is a Spanish teacher who exposed an online teaching tool for children called "BrainPOP" that pushes leftist ideologies like "Critical Race Theory."  "Evil and disgusting stuff in school programs by left wing companies.  This is one example, there are many!  It's not just in California, it's in our own backyards — St Tammany Parish, La. get involved in your community and speak up, be brave," Koeppel wrote to Facebook when he first posted the video to get his message out early April.  "And some individuals prefer they as a pronoun, like Neat, Orbot.  They are my best friends," is what played from the app discussing pronouns.  "We got kids that can't read and write and then we're going to teach them incorrect grammar.  I mean, it's ridiculous.  OK, vwho gave permission to talk about this? [...]"  [Video clip]

Oklahoma House Advances Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory in Classrooms.  The GOP-controlled Oklahoma House passed a bill, 70-19, banning critical race theory (CRT) from public schools, including colleges and universities.  The bill prohibits teachers from teaching students "that individuals, by virtue of race or gender, are inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously."

Opponents of 'critical race theory' win Texas school board election.  A Texas school board has scored an overwhelming election victory to stop "critical race theory" and a new "cultural competence action plan" from being forced into classes.  The elections in Southlake on Saturday [5/1/2021] were so divisive that backers of the new anti-racism measures called on the Department of Justice to intervene — and even pop star Demi Lovato ripped opponents of the plan.  "It is horrifying to see how some of the parents ... are literally FIGHTING to uphold white supremacy and are resisting the anti-racism work that is so needed," she tweeted in January, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram noted.  Opponents, however, told a series of heated meetings for the Carroll school district that the plan created "diversity police" — and was effectively "reverse racism" pushing a "left-wing agenda," the Dallas Morning News previously reported.

Schools indoctrinate children as young as eight in race and gender essentialism.  America's youngest students are being bombarded with classroom activism and indoctrination that is inappropriate not only developmentally but for public school systems in general.  The contemporary obsession with identity has made its way into elementary school policy, curricula, and standards approved by state boards.  While we continue to see poor reading and math scores, schools spend money and time confusing and shaming other people's children.  Many educators and elected leaders have good intentions; they believe deeply that they are part of a necessary and long-overdue movement to teach racial literacy, social justice, equity, and antiracism.  But as virtuous as these terms may sound on their face, they mean something else in far too many classrooms.  American schools are teaching young children race essentialism: reducing them to identity groups, putting them in boxes labeled "oppressor" and "oppressed," and often inflicting emotional and psychological harm.  If this sounds extreme, that's because it is.  It is not happening everywhere — but it is happening enough to have juiced a multibillion-dollar, nationwide industry.

Professors Admit They Weave 'Social Justice' Into Their Curriculum.  One by one, the American Marxist left has, over the course of a half-century, taken over all American institutions and have turned them into little mind-altering propaganda mills aimed at overthrowing the old order for good.  That includes, of course, our institutions of higher learning.  Once boasting some of the finest teaching centers on the planet, today's American universities are replete with activists instead of professors who are more interested in churning out ideological drones than teaching critical thinking skills along with a broad-based education aimed at sustaining our republic as founded.  And in fact, the takeover by the left is now so pervasive, the propagandist/professorial types openly, brazenly admit what their real objectives are.

Parents Revolt After Texas's No. 1 School District Tries To Institutionalize Racism.  A suburb of Dallas, Texas has exploded into national media coverage and arrests of school board members after parents found out what their schools have been teaching in the name of "racial justice."  They're fighting back with lawsuits and challengers for two school board seats in an election that finishes May 1.  Carroll Independent School District of Southlake is the top-achieving school district in Texas.  It has no racial achievement gaps, which is nearly unheard of.  That's because Southlake attracts high-achieving families of all races.  The local median income is more than four times the national average and poverty there is statistically nonexistent.  According to district data, "microaggressions," bullying, and racially charged incidents happen approximately three times per month in the district of 8,500 students, meaning they involve 0.3 percent of students a year.

Barnard College Instructor Discusses Locking Up and Gassing White People in Hypothetical 'Race War'.  During an appearance on a Canadian radio show Monday [4/26/2021], a Barnard College English instructor discussed with a Jewish host a passage from his new book about how he would gas white people in a locked room "when the race war hits its crescendo." Ben Philippe, who teaches English and film studies at Barnard, appeared on the CBC show "q," to talk about his book "Sure, I'll be your Black Friend," the College Fix reported.  The host, Talia Schlanger, read the following passage from the tome in which he describes what he would do if there was a "race war." [...] "It was ultimately just trying to take the state of the world to its logical conclusion if we all have to exist in this common land together, and we can't get along and we can't feel and we can't try to understand each other," he explained.

A Great New Idea for Reducing Police Shootings.  [Scroll down]  The Left has absolutely no real problems it can find in today's America, so it fabricates new ones that do not exist:  Systemic racism.  White privilege.  A new falsified history called "The 1619 Project," to be taught to children instead of such toxicities as cursive writing and Dr. Seuss.  They fabricate "systemic racism."  They start canceling conservative professors, as though students' minds will be broadened in an echo chamber where they do not get challenged with a single antithesis in the five or six years they vegetate for their undergraduate degrees.  The Left changes school curricula to replace reading, writing, and arithmetic with critical race theory and gender-fluidity studies.  Faced with a single academic sanctuary from the madness — the final redoubt for normalcy in "STEM" courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — they now advance woke math, where precise accuracy no longer will exist.  Thus, 8+6 = 14 ... but that is only "your truth."  By contrast, "my truth" is that 8+6 = 3.  If you insist otherwise, you are manifesting White privilege.  And, of course, racism.

The Cancer of Critical Race Theory.  In brief:  critical race theory (CRT) is a modified form of Marxism that divides people based on race and culture rather than class.  The worldviews are similar in every other important way, the most significant being that they are promoted and perpetrated by people seeking their own power and aggrandizement regardless of the cost to society or to humanity. [...] CRT founder Derrick Bell might not have intended his new "theory" to become the national cancer that it is.  Indeed, CRT was initially little more than a debate in academia about the proper way to structure a college curriculum.  No need for the "working man" or the "soccer mom" to care about that, right?  The founding of CRT was Stage One of its cancerous spread; it was there, but nobody recognized its terrible, inevitable path.  Stage Two involved the spreading of these ideas, just as with Marxism, into the minds of ambitious people outside the world of academia and professional philosophizing.

'It's all social justice.  All day.  Every day.'  Socialist OPRF school board members caught gloating on Zoom.  Two Roosevelt University professors who also serve on the Oak Park and River Forest High School school board were caught on an open Zoom call bragging about how they promote Marxist re-organization of American society to their college students.  Talking before the start of OPRF's Feb. 26 board meeting on a live microphone, Gina Harris and Ralph Martire said they were proud to advocate for so-called "social justice" Marxist economic concepts.  "I mean, it's all social justice.  All day, every day, I get to talk about the things I love.  I'm really living the life over here," Harris said.  She called social justice "a part of everything," adding that she was teaching "middle school theory and practice" to future K-12 teachers at Roosevelt.

Idaho senate passes bill Banning the teaching of critical race theory in schools.  Idaho's State Senate has banned critical race theory in schools after Republican lawmakers claimed its teachings 'indoctrinate' students.  The state Senate passed a controversial bill Monday [4/26/2021] banning teachers and other staff at public schools, charter schools and universities from discussing with their students belief systems that claim racism or sexism are responsible for past actions in history.  Monday's [4/26/2021] vote sailed past the Republican-controlled Senate with 28-7 in favor of the bill, reported Idaho News.

Critical Race Theory:  What It Is and How to Fight It.  Critical race theory is fast becoming America's new institutional orthodoxy.  Yet most Americans have never heard of it — and of those who have, many don't understand it.  It's time for this to change.  We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it.  In explaining critical race theory, it helps to begin with a brief history of Marxism.  Originally, the Marxist Left built its political program on the theory of class conflict.  Marx believed that the primary characteristic of industrial societies was the imbalance of power between capitalists and workers.  The solution to that imbalance, according to Marx, was revolution:  the workers would eventually gain consciousness of their plight, seize the means of production, overthrow the capitalist class, and usher in a new socialist society.  During the 20th century, a number of regimes underwent Marxist-style revolutions, and each ended in disaster.  Socialist governments in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and elsewhere racked up a body count of nearly 100 million of their own people.  They are remembered for their gulags, show trials, executions, and mass starvations.  In practice, Marx's ideas unleashed man's darkest brutalities.

Ohio State Board of Education Sued for Allegedly Banning Criticism of '1619 Project'.  An Ohio man filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the Ohio State Board of Education, charging that it instituted racial policies so controversial that they prompted outcry — then prohibited disagreement during the portion of meetings dedicated to hearing citizens' views.  Daniel Regenold said the state board banned citizens from speaking during the public comment period of its meetings if they disagreed with critical race theory or the schools' racial equity policies, alleging that the move violated his 1st and 14th Amendment rights.  The board president has acknowledged creating and enforcing such a policy, even though it was never put to a vote, the lawsuit said.  Critics have been "barred from having access to the public forum created ... for public comments or testimony ... based solely upon [their] anticipated statements or testimony," the lawsuit said.  Off-limit subjects include opposition to Ohio schools promoting the 1619 Project, lesson plans based on the New York Times series that has been heavily criticized by historians and seen its own author walk back a central premise.

Theology professor defends her 'Dear God, Please help me to hate White people' prayer.  A theology professor has published a rebuttal to those who are troubled by her "Dear God, Please help me to hate White people" prayer.  Chanequa Walker-Barnes, a psychologist and professor of practical theology at Mercer University, contributed to a collection of prayers in "A Rhythm of Prayer:  A Collection of Meditations for Renewal."  It was published in February and became a best-seller.  Walker-Barnes's contribution is titled "Prayer of a Weary Black Woman."

The End of Basic Education:  Biden Issues Universal Public School Critical Race Theory Order.  The Biden Department of Education has quietly proposed a new rule prioritizing the use of federal tax dollars for K-12 schools that replace traditional education with "culturally responsive teaching and learning" — more commonly referred to as critical race theory.  This is the most significant move by the federal government to redefine the nature of state-funded public schools in U.S. history.  Although the current effort to push public schools receiving federal funding to adopt a detailed indoctrination agenda may feel new and overwhelming for parents, the truth is that the Biden attempt is simply the last phase in a decades-long effort to control local schools and press the progressive agenda on our children.  With the power of taxpayer-funded purse strings, the federal government sends a message to public schools that if they want financial aid they must "teach" critical race theory and prioritize its ideologically anti-American, anti-traditional agenda over traditional education.

Children's Book Used in New York School Faces Backlash Over Claims that Police are Racist.  A public school district in New York state is facing criticism after it promoted a children's book that falsely claims that police target black people instead of White people, and that black people are more likely to be shot, as reported by Fox News.  In the city of Binghamton, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) denounced the city's school district for their promotion of the book "Something Happened In Our Town."  The book, which was selected by the school as the "Book of the Month" for April for MacArthur Elementary School, was read aloud to students.  In the book, several characters react to a recent police shooting, with one black boy saying that the police officer responsible for the shooting won't face any charges because "cops stick up for each other," while also falsely claiming that police "don't like black men."  The black boy's father adds that "we can't always count on [police] to do what's right."

Ken Starr predicts Supreme Court would strike down mandatory critical race theory curriculum.  Former Solicitor General Ken Starr predicted a mandated critical race theory curriculum would be struck down by the Supreme Court after President Joe Biden's administration established education grant priorities for programs that agree to teach the controversial course load.  "We have to scream from the rafters," Starr said of the race-based curriculum on The Laura Ingraham Show this week.  "They can recommend [the courses], but thank goodness, the United States government cannot control.  It can influence, to be sure, through its spending powers because every public school district receives federal funds — I understand that — but to mandate a particular curriculum, I think will be struck down by the Supreme Court."

Tragedy as a Political Weapon.  The day after the Chauvin verdict, Philadelphia Public Schools teaches kindergarteners that "George Floyd was killed by a police officer" and that America is built on a "pyramid of hate" culminating in "genocide."  The lesson plan, produced by Philadelphia's Office of School Climate and Culture, instructs kindergarten through second grade teachers to encourage students to discuss "what happened to George Floyd and the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement."  The teachers are told to share a "social story" presenting the case in racial terms:  "George Floyd was killed by a police officer"; "Mr. Floyd was African American, the officer was white."  The lesson teaches that for years, "some police officers have hurt African Americans."  Finally, the teachers are asked to discuss the "Pyramid of Hate" with the children as young as four years old, teaching that "our society" is built on "biased attitudes," "systemic discrimination," and "bias-motivated violence," which can lead to "genocide."

Biden administration offers grants to teach children '1619 Project,' inherent racism central to U.S..  The Biden administration plans to offer grants for U.S. history classes that teach critical race theory and the "1619 Project," a New York Times series that views slavery and the consequences of slavery as the centerpiece of the American narrative.  The grants were proposed this week as part of programs that dispense several million dollars a year to K-12 schools.  Critics of the anti-racism ideology and the historical inaccuracies in the 1619 Project warned that the grant program was a precursor to the administration's attempt to cement the left-wing curriculum in Department of Education policy.  "What's really happening in the 'Proposed Priorities' is an effort to establish funding priorities that will shape the $1 billion per year Educating for American Democracy (EAD) bill pending in Congress," said Peter Wood, president of the conservative National Association of Scholars.

A New York father pulls his daughter out of Brearley with a message to the whole school.  [Scroll down]  It cannot be stated strongly enough that Brearley's obsession with race must stop.  It should be abundantly clear to any thinking parent that Brearley has completely lost its way.  The administration and the Board of Trustees have displayed a cowardly and appalling lack of leadership by appeasing an anti-intellectual, illiberal mob, and then allowing the school to be captured by that same mob.  What follows are my own personal views on Brearley's antiracism initiatives, but these are just a handful of the criticisms that I know other parents have expressed.  I object to the view that I should be judged by the color of my skin.  I cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin, but encourages and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs.  By viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and every facet of society through the lens of skin color and race, we are desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and utterly violating the movement for which such civil rights leaders believed, fought, and died.

One Parent of New York City Indoctrination School Has Had Enough.  Brearley is a private all-girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City.  Tuition costs $54,000 a year and prospective families apparently have to take an "anti-racism pledge" to be considered for admission.  However, one family has had enough of the indoctrination machine and penned an eloquent letter explaining their reason for removing their daughter.

A Loudoun County Teacher Explains How Leftist Institutional Racism Is Devastating Public Schools.  "What do you see?" was the question posed at our "equity" training.  I saw, like most of my colleagues, LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen posing together on the cover of Vogue.  Our "trainers" claimed this was an example of a subconscious implicit bias.  This was surely a modern depiction of King Kong and Fay Wray, they claimed.  They claimed I was really seeing a black man portrayed as an aggressive ape.  The purpose of this training was not just to reveal implicit bias, but also to accuse our community of systemic racism that needed to be disrupted and dismantled to root out this type of white supremacist thinking.  From this training onward, I've watched Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) implode under the destructive forces of critical race theory (CRT).

Statement of Prof. William A. Jacobson Opposing Cornell Faculty Senate Proposed Critical Race Mandates.  The cumulative effect of these initiatives is coercive not educational, tying academic and professional performance to a deceptive concept of "antiracism" that in reality is neo-racist and endangers free expression.  Dissent will be silenced when grades, evaluations, continued employment and professional advancement are tied to meeting top-down mandates, creating an environment of compelled activism and compliance in which opposition is defined as inherently racist.  Cornell already ranks low in protecting student free expression.  Like so many institutions of higher education, it is also now putting at risk its ability to protect academic freedom for its students and faculty.  Hopefully, the Cornell senior administration will pull the campus back from this brink.

NYC Teacher:  Yes, 'Critical Race Theory' 'Training' Is Harmful 'Indoctrination' of Our Kids.  The never-ending story of the grip the left has on America is a sobering reality.  On that bright note, as reported by the New York Post, a private school teacher in New York City is risking his career by warning we're doing a disservice to America's school kids who are subject to the indoctrination of controversial "Critical Race Theory."  [Tweet]  Paul Rossi, a math teacher at Grace Church School in Manhattan — which costs a pricey $57,000 a year to attend — slammed his school in an open letter titled, "I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated," published Tuesday by former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss, from which the Post article was excerpted.

Will Wokism Cancel Hardin-Simmons University?  I reported previously how Hardin-Simmons University forced out a student who had published disparaging but accurate material about the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is far from the only controversy that has happened on the watch of President Eric Bruntmyer. [...] It is meanwhile to be remembered that Nicholas Sandmann sued several media entities over far less explicit allegations of racism.  I would encourage the student involved to contact a Texas attorney who specializes in this field before the statute of limitations runs out.  She should also investigate whether a complaint should be filed under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) which may prohibit public disclosure of disciplinary actions by universities that receive Federal funds.  Bruntmyer said that he could not disclose the specific steps of the disciplinary process, and then added that the student was no longer enrolled in the school.  I believe regardless of whether FERPA applies to HSU and/or this specific situation that any university whose president talks about why a student withdrew or was separated from the institution should be avoided, period.  I would not recommend that anybody attend this institution as long as the problems remain uncorrected.

Today's blacklisted American:  Whites at Cornell University.  Continuing my weeklong series documenting the modern bigotry of our culture, today's bigot is Cornell University, who recently offered a segregated rock-climbing course that whites were forbidden to attend.  From the course's original description:  ["]This class is for people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color.["]  Moreover, that original course description made it very clear that the course was limited to such students only.  ["]The original description gave no indication that BIPOC [Black, Indigenous People, Others of Color] students were the "special focus" of the course, instead of the only eligible category for enrollment.  While [that original version] said students "will also talk about BIPOC individuals and groups in rock climbing," that sentence was immediately followed by the restriction to "people who identify as" BIPOC.["]  Such a class would be illegal under both federal and New York state law.

A professor pushed back on mandatory 'white fragility' training for four minutes, the school investigated her for nine months.  Today [4/5/2021] Reason published a piece by Jesse Singal about an English professor named Elisa Parrett.  Parrett teaches at a public technical college outside of Seattle called the Lake Washington Institute of Technology.  Last June 19, in the wake of the death of George Floyd, the school held an event called Courageous Conversations which was based partly on Robin DiAngelo's book White Fragility.  The event was mandatory in the sense that the school's president sent an email asking every professor to attend unless they had a conflict with their teaching schedule.  It was also segregated by race, meaning whites in one room and people of color in a separate one.

I Work in the Public School System.  Critical Race Theory Is Everywhere.  The basis for Critical Race Theory is the belief that America is systemically racist and divided into a racial hierarchy with black people at the bottom.  For America's inherent racism to end, Caucasians must recognize that through the color of their skin, they are afforded certain privileges in American society that "people of color" do not have.  Once this recognition is made, American society can begin the radical process of dismantling every institution and remaking each to bring about equity, or equality of outcomes for everyone.  This radical alteration of every aspect of American society is communism, using race as the basis for the destruction of traditional norms and values.  Critical Race Theory was developed in the 1970s by Professor Derrick Bell of Harvard Law School to challenge what he believed was America's inherent racism that permeates every aspect of society, especially the law.

Rochester Schools Hire BLM Leader To Indoctrinate Their Students.  If you needed more proof that conservatives need to start taking over school boards in their cities, this story should suffice.  A public school district close to Rochester, New York will be rolling out a brand spanking new "anti-racist" curriculum that will involve a local Black Lives Matter leader who garnered national attention last year after she appeared to support the actions of rioters burning buildings.

8 Ways Public Schools Could Further Radicalize When They Finally Re-open.  I think we can infer eight negative outcomes down the pike after a long period of politicized school closures that were never justified by medical science.  I imagine our ruling elites will be happy with such outcomes.  We should be prepared for the following. [...] [#7]  Increased Isolation Even Back at School:  More enforced conformity could actually breed more alienation and isolation than pre-COVID.  The shutdowns are causing spikes in depression and even suicide among students who cannot tolerate the isolation.  Imagine, however, what would happen when the physical isolation ends, but a more insidious form of mental isolation takes place.  As children undergo the coercive thought reform programs of critical race theory and transgender ideology, their minds become poisoned with hatred towards America and one another.  This creates a sense of anomie — loneliness when in a crowd — that's bound to create even more stress.

The Resegregation of America.  It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore a growing, insidious ethos overtaking America's most powerful institutions.  Individual merit and reasoned debate are out.  "Lived experience" and the hierarchy of group grievance are now what matter most.  Even truth is considered meaningless.  Narratives are everything.  The concept of fundamental human equality, derived from ideas at the heart of America's founding and famously rearticulated by civil rights champion Martin Luther King Jr. in his "I Have a Dream" speech, is now being replaced by the enforced "equity" of the woke.  The end result, ironically, is the resegregation of America.  This new woke ideology, building on critical race theory, not only rejects the concept that people should be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, it increasingly also embraces actual governmental race-based discrimination.

Texas Legislator Introduces Bill to Keep Critical Theory and Politics Out of Classrooms.  State Representative James White, a Republican who represents District 19 in Texas, has submitted a comprehensive bill to eliminate critical theory's primary components from schools in the state.  The bill has left the committee and had its first reading on the floor.  It specifies civics instruction guidelines that include using the founding documents and other significant pieces as required lessons.  The bill also prevents teachers from being pressured into teaching contentious current events and requires presenting both sides of political issues if they do cover them.  Perhaps just as important, the proposed changes prohibit state agencies, school districts, teachers, and administrators in Texas from taking any private funds for curriculum development, purchasing materials, or staff training.  The Gates Foundation is the hardest hit.  The charity has put millions into Common Core, and a new math curriculum that teaches that asking minority children to show their work in middle school is racist.  Schools in Texas will no longer serve as a lab for Gates and other activists' bizarre social experiments.

The 'most terrifying story I have ever had to report': Glenn Beck reveals newly approved CA school curriculum.  California's Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a new, multimillion-dollar Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, which will be offered statewide with many of the state's largest school districts making it a requirement for graduation.  According to National Review, the curriculum is "probably the most radical, polemical, and ideologically loaded educational document ever offered up for public consideration in the free world."  On the radio program Tuesday [3/30/2021], Glenn Beck reacted to the newly approved curriculum, calling it "the craziest, most terrifying story I have ever had to report."

Against California's Ethnic-Studies Curriculum.  To graduate from high school in the state of California, students have to take just three years of English and two years of math.  Democrats in the state are now trying to add another subject to these paltry requirements, which are among the most lax and lenient in the nation.  Chemistry, biology, physics, history, geography, civics, and foreign languages have all been passed over.  As it turns out, the subject that California's political machine wants taught to all children in the state without exception is ethnic studies.  Today, the state's Board of Education will vote on whether or not to approve a model curriculum for this subject to be used in each and every Californian public school.  The state legislature has signaled its intention to make the curriculum mandatory if the Board of Education gives its approval.  If such a bill is signed into law, ethnic studies will be the only subject in California with the same pedagogical priority in K-12 classrooms as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

California's ethnic studies uses Nazi language to demonize Jews.  They're coming for you next:  The new California ethnic studies program that is expected to be imposed on all the state's classrooms is in fact based entirely on critical race theory (CRT) that makes whites the devil and all other minorities its victims, except Jews, who are targeted for special condemnation using language reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  Because of outrage over the bigoted nature of the earlier versions, two revisions have been offered, both of which really changed nothing of substance.

Cops investigate Virginia teachers' Facebook group for naming parents who were 'against critical race theory'.  Virginia police are investigating an 'anti-racist' Facebook group that named the parents of students who members say are 'against critical race theory'.  The Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County group — which reportedly includes teachers and school board members — shared personal details of those they say had opposed moves to teach the controversial curriculum.  It urged followers to 'gather information' on them and encouraged online hackers to silence critics of the theory, The Daily Wire reports.  Parent Cherly Onderchain told Fox News she was on the 'hit list', adding:  'Their goal is silence.'

Professor rips new discrimination on campus against 'whiteness'.  Once upon a time, Aaron Kindsvatter relished the scholarly world, which he found to be a fascinating marketplace of ideas with liberal leanings.  Those days are gone.  Now, a tenured professor of counselor education at the University of Vermont, he finds himself in a surreal, totalitarian environment.  Faculty and administrators want him exiled because he has taken a stand against what he saw as pigeonholing of people according to skin color.  "Please stop reducing my personhood to a racial category in your teach-ins," he asked in the first of three videos he made this month that embroiled him in a campus fury.  "Please stop telling me my views are harmful just because they are more moderate than yours."

Oxford University wants to cancel musical notation.  One of the things about living in a totalitarian society is that, once something has been identified as problematic, everyone ends up competing to attack in the most aggressive way.  Fail to do so, and you may find yourself being the next person identified as problematic.  Perhaps that explains why the University of Oxford, founded in 1096, is contemplating ending sheet music because it's part of white supremacy.  To be honest, it's a little bit hard to make sense of the story because it's so screamingly stupid.  Apparently, music professors are claiming that all Western classical music has "complicity in white supremacy."  This seems to include such composers as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Handel, all of whom were living in continental Europe in the 17th through 19th centuries and none of whom had anything whatsoever to do with Blacks, Africa, or the slave trade.

Florida State University offers an explicitly racist, sexist class.  One of the problems with conservatives is that, for the most part, they're nice people.  They work hard, they refuse to be easily offended snowflakes, they're tolerant of different ideas, and they're unlikely to take to the streets in protest or to engage in lawfare.  It's this type of passivity that allows Florida State University feels it's appropriate to offer a class explicitly attacking "white womanhood."  This type of speech seeds racial violence and, if conservatives don't challenge it, it will continue unabated.  So, about that class.  Campus Reform, which all liberty-minded people should check weekly to understand the racist, anti-American garbage being force-fed into young people's minds, describes what's happening at Florida State University: [...] The teacher of this misbegotten, angry, racist class is Meghan Martinez, a teaching assistant professor at FSU.  Her bio shows that she's a product of the college and is absolutely pickled in racist thinking.

Sesame Street Introduces 2 Black Muppets To Teach Racist White Preschoolers Stuff.  Sesame Street introduced two Black Muppets this week as part of its initiative to teach children "The ABC's of Racial Literacy."  According to the "Sesame Street in Communities" website, "racial literacy" is defined as "the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to talk thoughtfully about race and racism; this naturally includes having a rich vocabulary including terms such as race, racism, prejudice, ally, upstander, and so on."  In addition, the site says, racial literacy means having "the ability to identify racism when it happens," "having strategies to counter or cope with racism," and "understanding the role racism plays in society."  [Video clip]

Mayor Breed, Other Officials Call On School Board Member Who Said Asians Use 'White Supremacist Thinking' To Resign.  San Francisco School Board member Alison Collins is under significant pressure to resign after tweets she posted about Asian Americans back in 2016 were brought to light by a parent group seeking to oust her.  As I pointed out yesterday, one of Collins tweets said, "Many Asian Am. believe they benefit from the 'model minority' BS...  They use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and 'get ahead.'"  Today the San Francisco Chronicle reports on the significant backlash to those statements.

Elite Private Academy Refuses To Show Race-Based Curriculum To Parents.  An elite private school in Ohio refuses to share copies of its race-based curriculum with parents, even as students were subjected to a"civil disobedience" walkout orchestrated by the school's top leadership.  For the price of $30,000 per year, students at Columbus Academy (CA) are being taught left-wing political opinions as fact, according to parents at the school.  The school — like other elite institutions across the nation — has allegedly opted to teach "anti-racism" and "critical race theory" in the classroom.  Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez are two parents spearheading a coalition to push back on what they call the school's "intimidation and bullying" campaign against students and parents with non-progressive views.  In an open letter to the school, Gross and Gonzalez — on behalf of 160 parents, students, alumni, and faculty with differing political views — presented evidence that the school has been intolerant towards people that view "anti-racism" and "critical race theory" as a form of racism.

Southern School District Tells Teachers to Ignore White Parents' Complaints Over Critical Race Theory — They're Benefiting From Whiteness.  In North Carolina, they're trying to figure out equity.  Hence, the state's largest school district is advising teachers:  Dismiss the complaints of white parents over "critical race theory."  The reason:  Those parents' kids are getting the benefit of the racist system.  Per documents obtained by City Journal, Raleigh's Wake County Public School System trained teachers last year on incorporating critical race theory into lesson plans.

San Francisco school officials sued over plan to rename 'racist' schools.  A group of alumni has banded together to sue the San Francisco school system in hopes of permanently blocking any chance that supposedly "racist" names — including Abraham Lincoln and Dianne Feinstein — will be scrubbed from the schools.  A lawsuit filed Thursday [3/18/2021] in San Francisco County Superior Court against the San Francisco School Board and Superintendent Vincent Matthews demands that officials officially repeal the controversial renaming resolution, claiming the city erred by not giving community members or historians a chance to weigh in.  Last month, school officials tentatively walked back the school renaming plan in the face of public outrage, saying they would not move to rebrand the 44 schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A North Carolina school district says White parents are a problem.  The plague of Critical Race Theory ("CRT") has reached North Carolina's largest school district.  Christopher Rufo obtained documents from a teachers' training program held last year that was a festival of race hatred.  CRT blatantly violates the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and offends the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.  What's especially disturbing about the training in Wake County is that the teachers were told to ignore parents' concerns and force the training on their children.  Just to orient those who may be new to CRT, it holds that every aspect of American life is infused with racism, all of it emanating from Whites towards other races.  (Jews are classed as White and come in for both race hatred and anti-Semitism from the CRT crowd.)  Whites who object to being labeled as evil, racist oppressors are told that their objections only prove their racism.  Additionally, anything associated with Western culture — scientific accuracy, grammar, punctuality, ambition, organization, whatever — is inherently racist.  As I noted above, CRT is pure racism and is, therefore, unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral.  Nevertheless, thanks to the religious fervor of BLM that swept through Democrats last year, CRT is gaining traction in schools across America.

Gov. DeSantis BANS 'Critical Race Theory' from being taught in Florida schools; makes bold announcement.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared on Wednesday that a controversial student curriculum called "Critical Race Theory" would no longer be permitted in the state's public schools.  During a news conference in Naples, the popular Republican governor denounced the curriculum as divisive, racist, and anti-American.  "There's no room in our classrooms for things like critical race theory," he said.  "Teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.

DeSantis Takes On Critical Race Theory: 'Teaching Kids To Hate Their Country' Not Worth 'One Red Cent Of Taxpayer Money'.  Florida is purging the teaching of "critical race theory and other unsubstantiated theories" from its public schools.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis updated the public on his state's new educational priorities in a press conference on Wednesday.  The governor said that the state's civic education should focus on "foundational principles" rather than narratives such as critical race theory that views all of history through the lens of race, and suggests that racism still infects almost every institution in the U.S. today.  Critical race theory has gained traction recently, being prominently displayed in The New York Times' '1619 Project,' which reframed the history of the United States as a country entirely built on slavery rather than on the principles of the Declaration of Independence.  "Florida civics curriculum will incorporate foundational concepts with the best materials, and it will expressly exclude unsanctioned narratives like critical race theory and other unsubstantiated theories," DeSantis said.

What Happens When a Slogan Becomes the Curriculum.  Last month, a public-school district that serves mostly elementary and middle-school students in Evanston, Illinois, held its third annual Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action — using a curriculum, created in collaboration with Black Lives Matter activists and the local teachers' union, that introduces children as young as 4 and 5 to some of America's most complex and controversial subjects.

Columbia To Host Six Graduation Ceremonies Divided By Sex, Race, Income.  Columbia University is set to host six separate graduation ceremonies based on sex, race, and income in the name of "multiculturalism."  The graduations will "complement" the existing school-wide ceremonies.  The school's web page claims that the segregated events will "provide a more intimate setting for students and guests to gather, incorporate meaningful cultural traditions and celebrate the specific contributions and achievements of their communities."  The ceremonies provided include a "Native Graduation" for Native-American students, a "Lavender Graduation" for students who identify as part of the LGBTQ community, an "Asian Graduation," a "FLI Graduation" for "first-generation and/or low-income community" members, a "Latinx Graduation," and a "Black Graduation."  According to a report by the National Association of Scholars, more than 75 schools across the nation offer optional segregated graduation ceremonies to students.  The most notable and elite institutions include Harvard, the University of California-San Diego, the University of California-Irvine, Arizona State University, Stanford, the University of California-Berkeley, UCLA, and Yale.

If the graduation ceremony or the whole school is restricted to one race or gender, excluding all others, that's monocultural, not multicultural.  Look, if you guys don't like being around white people, why don't you just say so?

Bi-racial high school senior who can pass for white receives failing grade after refusing to publicly confess his 'white dominance'.  A bi-racial high school senior, who can pass as white, was allegedly failed by his teacher after he refused to confess his 'white dominance' during a class at his Las Vegas charter school.  William Clark received a failing grade in his Sociology of Change class after he refused to categorize and label his racial, religious and sexual identities, according to a press release from Schoolhouserights.org, which supports civil rights litigation in defense of students' freedom of conscience in public education.  According to a lawsuit filed by his mother, Gabrielle Clark, in December 2020, William is described as having 'green eyes and blondish hair' and 'generally regarded as white by his peers'.  His mother is black and his deceased father was white, according to court documents.

Why I Am Leaving a Great Career in Public Education.  [Scroll down]  In schools, this new woke authority is developed in the administrative and teaching ranks through district sponsored anti-racism training — passed off as professional development — given by highly paid "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" consultants.  Books and materials on how the police are racist, implicitly biased, and purposely target people of color now fill the libraries and classrooms of our public schools.  School staff that advocate for free speech and against the cancel culture are now having their employment terminated, which has created a silencing effect for staff members who would dare speak out against the obvious totalitarian nature of being cancelled for one's opinions.  Indeed, conservative and traditional educators are now living through an Orwellian nightmare in modern-day public education.  Gone are the days in which we operated according the principles of a colorblind society that Dr. Martin Luther King fought for.  Now, under the new narrative, we must work for social justice and equity to rid our schools of systemic racism.  This means equality of outcomes, rather than equality of opportunity that the Constitution guarantees.

Lords of the Flies:  Wokism and the University.  Let's begin with the understanding that there is no "hate speech" exception to the First Amendment.  That has been settled law since the Founders first signed the Constitution of the United States in 1787.  Yet, on college campuses all across the United States, the First Amendment rights of commencement speakers have been repeatedly violated by those who think they have a First Amendment right to forcefully silence any speech they don't like.  To demonstrate the absurdity of this response, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel cites her five-year-old daughter's definition of the First Amendment:  "Free speech is that you can say what you want — as long as I like it[.]"  How have we arrived at the point where so many of our college-educated citizens now have the perspective of a five-year-old?

Fomenting Race Wars.  Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a binary theoretical framework rooted in Marxism, that defines individuals as either oppressed or oppressors based on their skin color.  Critical Race Theory insists that white people are oppressors and people of color are oppressed.  CRT is an obscene and entirely unAmerican doctrine because it views every individual through the prism of race, rather than the prism of merit.  Two notable black leaders in American race relations had diametrically opposed views on the subject.  Martin Luther King advocated the American ideal of judging a person on the content of his character, not the color of his skin.  Malcolm X embraced the anti-American, CRT prism that judges everyone and everything through the prism of race.  What could be more racist?  The entire narrative of CRT is racist.  So, why is racist CRT being taught in American schools?  Why is racist CRT considered woke [enlightened]?  Why did President Trump ban racist CRT, and why has Biden/Harris resurrected it?  What is the point?  What is the motive for fomenting racism?  The goal of Critical Race Theory devotees and their cancel-culture campaign is to foment race riots and a race war in the United States.

Opposing Left-Wing Indoctrination Is Not Cancel Culture.  Most conservatives realize our cultural and educational institutions are in enemy hands.  Public schools and universities fill our kids' heads with radical anti-American nonsense.  TV shows and movies shove woke ideology down the throats of ordinary Americans.  It makes sense that conservatives would want to fight back against this.  Yet some conservatives (and many liberals) make the bad-faith argument that resistance to wokeness is, in fact, "cancel culture."  In order to prove you love free speech, you must allow the Left to maintain its total domination of our culture-forming institutions.  This argument was recently repeated by Acadia University lecturer Jeffrey Sachs for Arc Digital.  Sachs details the many legislative proposals aimed at challenging left-wing ideology in education.  West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas are considering bills that effectively would ban anti-white lessons at schools and universities.  A Georgia lawmaker wants his state's public universities to show if they teach "white privilege" and other forms of anti-white propaganda.  It's implied that he would try to defund these schools if they do promote such ideas.

The Case for Closing Public Schools Indefinitely.  Part of me sympathizes with the conservative parents who are struggling to cope with working from home and the online curriculum management of their children.  (Though that sympathy does not extend to liberal parents who knowingly voted for this lunacy.)  But I am struggling to understand why conservative parents are insistent to return their children to these wretched institutions that are delivering a subpar education and indoctrinating their children with Marxist theory.  Public schools throughout the nation have adopted wholesale the insidious Marxist curriculum of race agitators like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi, along with Nicole Hannah Jones's fictional work that is the "1619 Project."  In Buffalo, New York, teachers and administrators have introduced "anti-racism" lessons that instruct kindergarteners — yes, kindergarteners — that 'all white people perpetuate systematic racism' and forces children to watch videos of dead black children.  In Oregon, the 'Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction' claims that obtaining the 'right' answer to a math problem is somehow rooted in white supremacy.

New York Public School Urges Parents to be 'White Traitors'.  A public school in New York City has provoked a firestorm of outrage by asking parents to become "white traitors" and promote "white abolition" in an effort to allegedly fight racism.  The controversial letter was sent by Mark Federman, principal of the East Side Community School in New York City.  It included an "ethnography of whiteness" written by Northwestern University associate professor Barnor Hesse who ranks all whites on a color-coded scale of "The 8 White Identities" which range from "White Supremacist" to "White Abolitionist."  "There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities.  People who identify with whiteness are one of these," Hesse explains in an introduction above the list. [...] As University of New Mexico professor Geoffrey Miller has observed:  "Applied to any other group, this would sound like a monstrous euphemism for mass extermination and cultural annihilation."

3-month-old babies are racist, says Arizona Department of Education's 'equity' toolkit.  The Arizona Department of Education has crafted an "equity" toolkit designed to teach critical race theory to children, offering a number of recommended readings on the topic.  [Tweet]  The toolkit teaches, among other things, that babies start to become racist at just three months of age.  The toolkit insists that babies must be spoken to about race, as "letting children draw their own conclusions based on what they see" leads to racism.  It is unclear how allowing children to think for themselves leads to racism.  It also suggests that white children specifically are strongly biased in favour of their own race by the time they are five years old, but claimed that such a phenomenon does not exist among black and "latinx" children.  To solve this problem, the toolkit advises parents to begin speaking to their children about race "even before their children can speak."

The Editor says...
If the only things you discuss with your children are incinerators, furnaces, campfires, matches, and wood-burning stoves, don't be surprised if your kids grow up to be pyromaniacs.  And if the only things you talk about at home are cooking, baking, frying, roasting, boiling, stockpiling, freezing, defrosting and consuming food, you can't be too surprised if the kids turn out to be morbidly obese gluttons.  Promiscuity is no different.  Perpetual victimhood is no different.  Addiction is no different.  Racism is no different.

There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math.  In my position as a professor of mathematics at Princeton, I have witnessed the decline of universities and cultural institutions as they have embraced political ideology at the expense of rigorous scholarship.  Until recently — this past summer, really — I had naively thought that the STEM disciplines would be spared from this ideological takeover.  I was wrong.  Attempts to "deconstruct" mathematics, deny its objectivity, accuse it of racial bias, and infuse it with political ideology have become more and more common — perhaps, even, at your child's elementary school.  This phenomenon is part of what has been dubbed "The Great Awokening."  As others have explained powerfully, the ideology incubated in academia, where it indoctrinated plenty of bright minds.  It then migrated, through those true believers, into our important cultural, religious and political institutions.  Now it is affecting some of the country's most prominent businesses.

Is it racist to expect black kids to do math for real?  There is a document getting around called Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction, a guide put together by a group of educators.  It has a black boy on the cover.  The idea is to show us how our racial reckoning of late ought change how we expose black kids to math.  I suppose the counsel is also intended for kids of other types of melanin, but this is in essence a document that could be called "Math For Black Kids."  The latest is that state-level policy makers in Oregon are especially intrigued by this document.  There is all reason to suppose that its influence will spread more widely.  And this is to be resisted, as this lovely pamphlet is teaching us that it is racist to expect black kids to master the precision of math.  To wit — its message, penned by people who consider themselves some of the most morally advanced souls in the history of the human species, is one that Strom Thurmond would have happily taken a swig of whiskey to.

Oregon Promotes 'Dismantling Racism' in Math Instruction.  One might well ask, how can math — which more than any other subject deals in the realm of pure logic — possibly be racist?  The "toolkit" provided as a resource for the first course session is happy to answer this question.  "We see white supremacy culture show up in the mathematics classroom even as we carry out our professional responsibilities" explains the guide.  Educators must therefore take on the responsibility for "visibilizing the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture with respect to math."  These "toxic characteristics" include basic academic principles such as:
    The focus is on getting the "right" answer.
    Teachers are teachers and students are learners.
    Independent practice is valued over teamwork or collaboration.
    Students are required to "show their work."
    Grading practices are focused on lack of knowledge.
    "Real-world math" is valued over math in the real world.
    Students are tracked (into courses/pathways and within the classroom).
    Participation structures reinforce dominant ways of being.
The toolkit goes on to state that "The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so.  Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict."

'Math is racist' training bankrolled by Bill Gates Foundation, which refuses to say why.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a training manual that argues "white supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms" when students are required to "show their work," among many other controversial lessons.  The "Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction" toolkit also argues that a focus on getting the "right" answer is a "toxic characteristic" of math instruction.  The diversity lesson was recently distributed to educators by the Oregon Department of Education as a micro-course in "math equity."  "This toolkit was developed by a team of teachers, instructional coaches, researchers, professional development providers, and curriculum writers with expertise in mathematics education, English language development, and culturally responsive pedagogy," the toolkit's website notes.

This Week in Campus Insanity Vol. 33.  [For example,] Cornell Charges Students $1,800 for Racially Segregated Rock-Climbing Class:  Cornell University offered a segregated rock-climbing class only for minority students.  After Campus Reform requested comment, Cornell edited the original course description to say the class is "designed" so that black, indigenous, and other minority students who are "underrepresented in the sport" could "feel included and supported."

Cornell charges students $1,800 for racially-segregated rock climbing class, frantically scrubs website when confronted.  Cornell University altered the course description of a racially-segregated physical education course offered to students during the Spring 2021 academic semester after Campus Reform reached out for comment.  The class, entitled "BIPOC Rock Climbing," was originally restricted to "people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color," before its description was edited to state that the class is "designed to enable Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color underrepresented in the sport of rock climbing to learn the sport and to feel included and supported."  The course's original description, noting the class's race-based enrollment restriction, is still visible, courtesy of an internet archive.

Bishop Ready teacher placed on leave after saying how George Floyd died is disputed.  A theology teacher at Bishop Ready High School on Columbus' Hilltop neighborhood has been placed on administrative leave after saying during a virtual class Wednesday that it's disputed whether George Floyd could breathe while a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into Floyd's neck May 25.  Deborah DelPrince, who has been a teacher at the Catholic high school since 1999, responded on camera during a virtual class to a student's screen showing LeBron James wearing a shirt that says "I can't breathe" in reference to Floyd's death:  "That's not necessarily true, but it perpetuates a myth against police."

Math: The Latest Battleground in the War Against Truth.  Across America, math teaching practices that were considered essential are suddenly being condemned as racist, requiring students to display the steps in solving a problem is now deemed white supremacist; teachers' corrections, and even the concept of a correct answer, are considered suspect or undesirable; polite interaction, raising hands before commenting or asking questions, and maintaining order in the classroom are viewed as reinforcing paternalism and condemned as "power hoarding."  This idiocy has swept, among others, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the fruit of the worst practices of monopolistic capitalism but now quick to align itself with left-liberal, pseudo-egalitarian causes.  The foundation is providing more than $140 million to 'A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,' an organization of 25 educational institutions that contend that math is synonymous with white supremacy and upholds "capitalist, imperialistic and racist" views.  Pathway offers a five-part toolkit and videoconferences to make educators "reflect on their own biases" and commit to advance math "equity" by understanding that students of color use math differently than do white students.

Buffalo Public Schools claim 'all white people' perpetuate systemic racism.  A public school system in New York has introduced a new curriculum to teach that 'all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism', and show kindergarten classes videos of black children shot and killed by police, instructing them about the dangers of police brutality.  Buffalo's schools are expected to follow lesson plans devised by Fatima Morrell, the associate superintendent for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives.  Morrell's lesson plans, obtained by City Journal, teach pupils and their teachers how to be, in her words, more 'woke.'

'Ethnomathematics': Tucker Carlson and Guest Shred the Insanity of 'Racist Math,' the 'Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations'.  Finding the right answer is racist.  The belief that there are objective answers — even in math — is a characteristic of white supremacy.  Math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.  Insane?  Oh [...] yeah.  Welcome to "ethnomathematics," America.  Not only is ethnomathematics insane; it could not be more blatantly racist. [...] Every time something like this comes down the leftist pike, I wonder what people in China, Japan, India — any number of countries — think.  Do they laugh hysterically?  Do they simply shake their heads and say to themselves, "The Americans are idiots."?  Regardless of what the world thinks about the cancerous impact of the left on this country, they know what the left fails to understand:  we are purposely depriving our children of the ability to be able to compete with the rest of the world when they become adults, get jobs, and live in the real world.

Veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired after refusing 'Black Panther' salute.  Pledge your allegiance to "Wakanda Forever" — or else.  A veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired in part because she refused to mimic a salute to Black power from the 2018 comic-book movie "Black Panther" during superintendent meetings.  At official gatherings of high-level Department of Education bosses, then-Bronx superintendent Meisha Ross Porter often asked the group to do the arms-across-the-chest gesture of solidarity from the mythical African nation of Wakanda.  The salute is considered a symbol of empowerment.  When Rafaela Espinal — a Dominican-American who describes herself as Afro-Latina — declined to join in, she "was admonished and told that it was inappropriate for her not to participate," according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Feb. 3 against the city DOE, Chancellor Richard Carranza and some of his top-ranking lieutenants.

University buildings in Virginia once named after Confederates now honour African Americans.  James Madison University has renamed three prominent buildings for African Americans who made significant contributions to the public institution in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, culminating a process of historical reckoning that began last summer when officials removed the names of Confederate leaders from the halls.  The buildings, all on the quad of the campus in Harrisonburg, now honour elements of the school's past that had long been overlooked under a plan the JMU governing board approved Friday [2/19/2021].  The action "is part of our deliberate effort to underscore JMU's commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive institution", the university's president, Jonathan Alger, said in a statement.

Critical Race Theory Is Coming to Your Suburban Community.  Radicals pushing a Marxist and racist pedagogy called Critical Race Theory (CRT) have achieved their goal of destroying quality education in K-12 school systems in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other large, progressive-controlled cities.  But if suburban parents think they are safe from these depredations due to the existing quality of their school systems and parental involvement, they are wrong.  CRT has already quietly established residence in affluent suburban communities under the benign-sounding guise of Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CR-S) under the aegis of state education departments, teachers' unions and the burgeoning CRT industry.  For example, in 2018, the New York State Board of Regents engaged the New York University/Steinhardt Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools to develop a "framework for culturally-responsive-sustaining education.  As a result of the Regents' adoption of the resulting guidance document, students and parents in the affluent suburbs in Westchester County, which is immediately north of New York City, are being subjected to efforts to perform "equity audits", "cultural proficiency training" and culturally responsive educational programs.

[The] Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [is] Behind [the] 'Anti-Racist' Math Push.  A radical new push to purge math curricula of allegedly racist practices like showing your work and finding the correct answer is bankrolled by one of the nation's most prominent nonprofits:  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Gates Foundation is the only donor mentioned on the homepage of A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction, a group of 25 education organizations whose curriculum states that asking students to show their work and find the right answer is an inherently racist practice.  Over the past decade, the Gates Foundation has given upward of $140 million to some of the groups behind Pathway, whose antiracist resources are the basis for a new teacher training course offered by the Oregon Department of Education.  The Education Trust, a California-based group that promoted the September release of Pathway's antiracist "toolkit," has received $86 million from the Gates Foundation, including a $3.6 million grant awarded in June.

Oregon and Bill Gates Lead the Radical Left's Assault on Math.  Parents will be grieving the little Einsteins who will never be if atrocious ideas, such as that mathematics "uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views," continue to be embraced by educators and school administrators in America.  According to Nation and State, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is at the forefront of funding new initiatives designed to root out racism in the sciences.  The curriculum from the group A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction states that "asking students to show their work and find the right answer is an inherently racist practice."  The Gates Foundation is listed as the organization's sole donor.  Not surprisingly, Oregon is following California's lead by pushing far-left ideologies and implementing radical curricula, aimed at both teachers and children.  On February 5, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) sent its math educators an invitation to participate in the California-based online Pathway to Math Equity Micro-Course. [...] This "virtual micro-course for professionals looking for a deeper dive into equity work" will teach educators the "key tools for engagement to develop strategies to improve equitable outcomes for Black, Latinx, and multilingual students."  Under the pretense of advancing equity and inclusivity, the course is tailored exclusively to children of specific ethnicities.  It is steeped in academic jargon intended to confuse parents and educators so they may not question the enormity of the changes to standard math curriculum.

What Left-Wing Educators Don't Teach During 'Black History Month'.  Apart from the bizarre notion that educators should set aside one month to salute the historical achievements of one race apart from and above the historical achievements of other races, Black History Month appears to omit a lot of Black history.  About slavery, do our mostly left-wing educators teach that slavery was not unique to America and is as old as humankind?  As economist and author Thomas Sowell says:  "More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than Blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed.  White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after Blacks were freed in the United States."  Are students taught that "race-based preferences," sometimes called "affirmative action," were opposed by several civil rights leaders?

More about Black History Month.

Fmr Vanderbilt professor rips 'diversity, equity, inclusion industry' as the 'greatest threat' to America.  "The greatest threat to American society today... is coming from the diversity, equity, inclusion industry," warns retired Princeton University and Vanderbilt University Professor and author Carol Swain.  "It is steeped in critical race theory which is Marxist.  It divides people," the professor added in an appearance on The Ingraham Angle.  "When you think about what is taking place on college campuses and also now in K-12, children are being bullied, they're being shamed.  Teachers are being encouraged to teach nonsense, and they may justify it by saying it is fighting racism, it's helping racial and ethnic minorities; it's really harming everyone's child," she insisted about the radical agenda that has rapidly gained currency across the country in schools, government, and in corporate America.

NYC public school asks parents to 'reflect' on their 'whiteness'.  A city public school principal is asking parents to "reflect" on their "whiteness" — passing out literature that extols "white traitors" who "dismantle institutions," education officials confirmed to The [New York] Post on Tuesday [2/16/2021].  The "woke" offensive at the East Side Community School in Manhattan features a ranking list titled "The 8 White Identities," which ranges from "White Supremacist" to "White Abolitionist."  The curriculum, written by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of African American studies at Northwestern University in Illinois, claims, "There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities. [...]"

Eight alleged white identities
New York principal sends parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness' and urging them to be 'white traitors' who 'dismantle institutions'.  A New York City principal sent parents documents asking them to reflect where they land on a scale of 'whiteness' from 'white supremacists' to 'white abolitionists,' it was revealed on Monday [2/15/2021].  Mark Federman, the principal of East Side Community High School, first shared the material with staff before he reportedly sent the survey to parents at the public school in Manhattan's Lower East Side, education officials told the New York Post.  The '8 White Identities' graphic includes a colored meter ranging from red to green, indicating that those who identify in tiers including white supremacists are bad and those who identify as white abolitionists are good.

Woke teachers want Shakespeare cut from curriculum: 'This is about White supremacy'.  The crown teachers once put on William Shakespeare now lies uneasy upon his head as the English playwright comes under assault from teachers who fault his unwoke attitudes regarding race, sexuality, gender and class.  For the new breed of teachers, Shakespeare is seen less as an icon of literature and more as a tool of imperial oppression, an author who should be dissected in class or banished from the curriculum entirely.  "This is about white supremacy and colonization," declared the teachers who founded #DisruptTexts, a group that wants staples of Western literature removed or subjected to withering criticism.

Why Math Is Racist.  This is actually a claim that is being made often these days:  the sciences in general, and math in particular, are racist. [...] Liberals believe that scientific and mathematical talent are distributed unequally among the races, with Asians being well-endowed in those areas, and blacks below average.  Therefore, it is appropriate to discriminate against Asians and to lower standards for blacks — e.g., by pretending that it is unimportant to get the right answer to a math problem.  Are they right?  I doubt it.

Activists Outline Their Plan to Push Black Lives Matter in the Classroom.  Corporations, nonprofit institutions, the media, and countless individual Americans have expressed support of the Black Lives Matter movement, funneling millions of dollars into organizations that purport to carry out its cause. [...] It's deeply important that we know what the agenda truly is.  A new book, "Black Lives Matter at School," lays out how the entire system of K-12 education in America could be transformed to carry out the agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement.  "Black Lives Matter at School," a collection of essays, gives a framework for how the movement aims to shape public education in coming years.  The book received a fairly laudatory and sympathetic analysis in The Washington Post.  But much like President Joe Biden's references to radical critical race theory programs as simply "sensitivity training," the Post smooths over the radicalism of the work and makes it digestible to a larger audience.  A fair number of left-leaning Americans don't want to support Marxism and ethnic nationalism, but it's clear that is what "Black Lives Matter at School" and affiliated groups actually are selling.

5th Graders in Failing Public School Celebrate Angela Davis, 'Black Communism'.  Whistleblower documents revealed a Philadelphia elementary school, ranked as one of the worst-performing schools in Pennsylvania, forced fifth graders to act out a "Black Power" rally in honor of radical Marxist Angela Davis and to celebrate "black communism."  According to Critical Race Theory investigator Christopher Rufo, who obtained the documents and spoke to a source within the William D. Kelley School, a fifth-grade teacher designed a social studies curriculum "to celebrate the political radical Angela Davis, praising the 'black communist' for her fight against 'injustice and inequality.'"

The New York City public school system honors JoAnne Chesimard.  JoAnne Chesimard:  BLM unashamedly embraces her and, recently, the New York City school system decided to incorporate her so-called wisdom into its curriculum.  Therefore, it is more imperative than ever to shine a bright light upon the life, times, and accomplishments of one JoAnne Deborah Chesimard, a.k.a., Assata Olugbala Shakur. [...] For openers, Chesimard is an actual "Domestic Terrorist."  She earned the "Most Wanted Terrorist" designation from the F.B.I. because of her role in the "Black Liberation Army" or BLA, for short.  The BLA arose from the Black Panthers and after splintering, was responsible for numerous reprehensible and extremely violent criminal acts, mostly centered on ambushing and assassinating police officers from about 1970 into the early 1980s.  One of the group's trademarks was to take the murdered officer's service weapon as a trophy.

Exposing BLM's Agenda-Driven K-12 Curriculum.  February is Black History Month, and the push to inject Black Lives Matter curriculum into America's K-12 schools is in high gear.  In the fight for racial justice, the slogan "black lives matter" is a reasonable mantra that focusses on equality; creating a fair and inclusive society is indeed a very worthy goal.  But "Black Lives Matter" the activist organization with a registered political action committee is a different matter entirely.  And it's Black Lives Matter the political organization that is pushing an agenda-driven curriculum into America's K-12 schools, an agenda that at times is not only racially polarizing, but one that calls for defunding police; disrupting the nuclear family; and replacing individualism and capitalism with an irresponsible brand of socialist globalism.

'Spirit Murder,' Neo-Segregation and Science Denial in American Schools.  A distressed parent writes me from Harvard-Westlake (tuition: $41,300 a year; alma mater of the siblings Gyllenhaal).  She tells me that, this fall, a dean lavished praise upon Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, both Louis Farrakhan fans, in a high-school wide assembly.  She is shocked and so I mirror it back.  But at this stage of the game, in which Mallory is appearing in the pages of Vogue, I'm not surprised in the least.  Then another parent at the school tells me of the school's 20-page plan outlining its "anti-racist" program.  Policies include: "assessing word problems in math and rewriting them to be more representative and culturally sensitive" and "redesigning the 11th grade US History course from a critical race theory perspective."  I start writing it up only to see the news out of Dalton (tuition: $54,180 a year), which makes Harvard-Westlake look almost conservative by comparison.

Cornell law professor creates online database of 220 universities teaching critical race theory.  A Cornell Law School professor has launched a new database which lists schools teaching critical race theory, after blasting the practice as 'very racist' and accusing 'anti-racism ideology' of causing discrimination on campuses.  William Jacobson appeared on Fox News on Thursday night [2/4/2021] to speak about the site, which he claims will help parents avoid sending their children to schools where they will be 'indoctrinated' into thinking that the 'most important thing in society is the color of your skin'.  Jacobson, the founder of the conservative website Legal Insurrection, launched the site earlier this week and has already listed 220 universities and their approaches to critical race theory, which Fox host Tucker Carlson branded as the notion that 'some races are inherently better than other races'.

The Editor says...
I am surprised that the list includes ACU.

Parents at ultra-elite prep school mobilizing against race-obsessed curriculum changes.  One of the very fanciest, most expensive prep schools in the country recently has been convulsed with demands to alter its curriculum and staff to force feed a radical racial agenda on the children of the Ruling Class.  But a group of parents has circulated a letter of protest, seeking to ensure that Junior and Muffy will not be dumbed down and radicalized in the name of avenging the death of George Floyd of a drug overdose while in custody of the Minneapolis Police.  It is notable that the parents backing the letter remain anonymous; such is power of casual accusations of "racism" today.  Nonetheless, at least when their privacy is protected, parents can recognize that the demands of the racialists can harm their offspring, curtailing the breadth and depth of their education, degrading their ability to think and be aware of the intellectual heritage of our civilization, and maybe even cheapening the value of the education they receive, currently at the price of $54,180 a year and certain to rise further every year.

Anti-White Racism Pervades Major Academic Publisher's Teacher Resources.  Hours after being sworn in as America's 46th president, Joe Biden reversed Trump's ban on using toxic Critical Race Theory in federal government diversity trainings.  Doing so has reopened the floodgates for allowing anti-American identity politics in our public institutions and schools.  Corwin Press, an academic publisher that supplies books for K-12 schools, has taken advantage of Biden's new agenda by releasing a series of free teacher resources titled "Responding to Insurrection, Domestic Terrorism, and Threats to Democracy."  A quick look at these so-called teacher resources, which are linked at the top of Corwin's webpage, reveals that they are disturbingly political and agenda-driven, with a clear objective to teach children what to think and not how to think.  In short, these resources fail to allow students to critically analyze current events in an accurate and balanced context.  They do not offer a classic pro and con format, but are presented from a one-sided lens that makes a complex situation simplistic.

Biden's Presidency of Disunity.  Biden's choice for Education Secretary nominee, Miguel Cardona, points to the hollowness of talk of unity.  Cardona greatly expanded Critical Race Theory as Connecticut education commissioner.  Cardona introduced mandatory Black Puerto Rican and Latino Studies that analyze how race, power, and privilege influence group access to citizenship, civil rights, and economic power.  Mr. Cardona is likely to want to expand such efforts on the federal level.  Children in America's educational institutions will be divided into categories based on race, and ethnicity.  Stripping people of their individuality for categorized thinking will cause resentment because those in attendance will not necessarily view themselves as privileged or see peers like the categories presented.  Other people in attendance, if it is mandatory attendance, will resent the time spent away from useful learning.

Football Coach Fired For Challenging Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory Curriculum In Daughter's 7th Grade Class.  High school football coach Dave Flynn was reportedly fired for challenging critical race theory and Black Lives Matter propaganda being taught in his daughter's seventh grade, public school classroom.  Flynn had held the position for a decade and was "widely respected" by the community — Massachusetts's Dedham Public School District — according to local news.  His termination — chalked up to "significant philosophical differences with the direction, goals, and values of the school district" in a Dedham Public Schools announcement — was a result of him challenging the left-wing curricula dominating his daughter's classsroom.

University of Virginia Goes Fully Woke.  When University of Virginia (UVA) president James Ryan assumed his duties as the new President of UVA in 2018, he announced his vision in a humble speech to the UVA faithful.  He proclaimed that the university must have faith in the future — a faith that requires ["]... that we acknowledge the sins of our past, including, for example, the fact that slaves built these Grounds.  That we recognize, with requisite humility, both Jefferson's brilliance and his brutality.["]  For the knowledgeable, it was a thin gruel of academic psycho-babble, but for the secular faithful, it was a feast of hope.  Since then, race relations have cratered.

'Hello, my wonderful social justice warriors': School sued over critical race theory instruction.  Critical race theory has made the jump from the ivory tower to public school classrooms.  Now it's in the courtroom.  A Las Vegas charter school is being sued in federal court by a family alleging the school is indoctrinating children into the view that White people are inherently racist and perpetuate their economic and political power by oppressing people of color.  "This isn't some passing ideological trend," said Jonathan O'Brien, a lawyer with SchoolhouseRights.org who filed the lawsuit for the family.  "These people are crackpot bigots."

Radicals in the Classroom.  The San Diego Unified School District has been radicalized.  In recent months, the district has announced mandatory diversity training for teachers, added a new "ethnic studies" curriculum focused on racial grievance, and even abolished the requirement to turn in homework on time — all in the name of becoming, in the words of school board member Richard Barrera, "an anti-racist school district."  Last month, I reported on one of these training sessions, focused on "white privilege," in which white teachers were accused of being colonizers on stolen Native American land and told "you are racist" and "you are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies."  The trainers demanded that the teachers "confront and examine [their] white privilege," "acknowledge when [they] feel white fragility," and "teach others to see their privilege."  After the story caused an uproar, school officials defended the training as a form of "racial healing."  According to new whistleblower documents, San Diego Unified held an even more radical training program featuring a speaker who believes American schools are guilty of the "spirit murdering of Black children."

Systemic Chaos in Liberal Education Land.  It's hard to decide whether to laugh or cry at the education chaos in Liberal Land.  There's Dalton, the swank private school on Manhattan's Upper East Side, whose staff has just issued a 24-point anti-racist manifesto demanding, amongst other things, twelve diversity officers, thusly[:]  ["]Expand the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to include at least 12 full-time positions:  one Director, one Office Assistant, three full-time staff members per division, and one full-time staff member for PE/Athletics.["]  Back when I went to a swank private school in England in the 1960s, I'd say the total administrative staff, from headmaster and bursar down to office staff, was no more than five.  Then there's the school district in swank Brookline, Massachusetts, a town full to the brim with highly-credentialed, well-paid experts and NPR honchos like Meghna Chakrabarti who all seem to have the credentials to boss around the school district and its teachers' union.  Because credentials.

Diversity would be taught in N.J. schools under bill that just cleared Legislature.  The state Senate on Thursday [12/17/2020] gave final passage to a bill that would require public school districts in New Jersey to teach diversity and inclusion.  Under the bill (S2781) which passed, 26-13, the instruction will be taught to students grades kindergarten through 12th starting in the 2021-22 school year.  The bill would ensure students "examine the impact that unconscious bias and economic disparities have at both an individual level and on society as a whole," it states.

Students want the word 'black' banned from textbooks and lectures.  University students have demanded the word "black" be banned from lectures and textbooks amid claims it symbolises "negative situations".  Undergraduates at the University of Manchester say the colour's use as an adjective is stemmed in "colonial history", which has become outdated in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Supporters are calling for commonly used phrases such as "black sheep" to be removed from lecture slides and books, while concerns have also been raised about "blackmail" and "black market" during a student union-led audit of racism concerns on campus.

The Editor says...
Does this mean nobody on campus will ever say "black lives matter" again?

'Racist' classics banned from schools: 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Huckleberry Finn,' 'Of Mice and Men,' and others.  A number of classic novels that have long been a staple of school curriculum have been axed from California's Burbank County because of concerns about racism.  "Until further notice, teachers in the area will not be able to include on their curriculum Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, Theodore Taylor's The Cay and Mildred D. Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry," Newsweek confirmed late last week.  Four parents, three of them reportedly black, complained that the novels posed "potential harm" to the Burbank Unified School District's 400 black students.

University offers whites-only space for students to learn how they oppress nonwhites.  In an effort to combat systemic racism, Brandeis University's Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion division is setting aside spaces exclusively for white students.  The catch?  They will partake in anti-racist trainings.  Guided by a white staffer, Caucasian students who choose to participate will undergo a six-week training covering all things race so they can "come to a deeper understanding about how whiteness moves," according to the DEI office's website.  The training is in addition to their regular course load.  The end-game of the program is students engaging in "cross racial dialogues," which will help white students exchange ideas about race-related issues with students of other races — eventually.

"Not Pro-Black": Wisconsin Students Unanimously Vote To Remove Lincoln Statue As Racist.  We previously discussed the effort at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to have the famous statue of Abraham Lincoln removed as racist.  The student government has now voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that calls for the removal of the Abraham Lincoln statue on campus.  The students declared that the president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, advocated for the 13th Amendment, and led the war against the South and slavery was "not pro-Black" and a "remnant of White Supremacy." That would likely have come as something of a surprise to John Wilkes Booth.

Unpacking Peggy McIntosh's Knapsack.  The concept of 'white privilege' was popularized by Peggy McIntosh in a 1989 paper written at Harvard University and titled, "White Privilege:  Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack."  It was written as a personal, experiential essay, and it details 26 ways in which McIntosh's skin color has been decisive in determining her life outcomes.  This hugely influential paper has been responsible for the subsequent proliferation of a rigidly enforced theory of privilege throughout social movements and university classrooms.  So central has this doctrine become to progressive politics, pedagogy, and activism, that to even question its validity is to invite the inquisitorial wrath of 'social justice' radicals.  But it is for this very reason that it is important to subject McIntosh's ideas to scrutiny.

Battling for the Youngest Minds.  One would expect that a deceptive narrative about colonial America, rebuked by a couple of dozen distinguished historians of that era, would promptly be pulled from the shelves and kicked to the curb.  Not so for the 1619 Project, the New York Times Magazine magnum opus that uses slavery as the force majeure to pass an idea off as factual history.  The 1619 Project has now been integrated into the curricula of at least 4500 elementary and high schools in California, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York.  The illiberal embrace of this fictional work in scholastics is emblematic of a much larger battle now underway.  It is a no-holds-barred struggle to create a national education system that breeds antipathy in schoolchildren towards their identity, parents, descendants, and country. [...] The extent to which critical social and racial justice, white privilege, and revisionist assumptions of history has crept into the elementary school curricula in the past decade is quite remarkable.

Critical Race Theory And The Disunited States of Oppression.  Is there any clearer sign of how privileged a society is than the disproportionate amount of time that society spends guilting citizens over how privileged they are?  I'll never forget the first time I encountered "critical race theory" and its overbearing adherents at my alma mater, Oberlin College, in the 1990s.  Multicultural studies were all the rage.  Higher education officials had torpedoed Western civilization curriculum requirements at prestigious universities nationwide.  The ululations of the aggrieved reached a fever pitch as anti-white extremists demanded separate academic departments, dorms, graduation ceremonies and deans in the name of justice and equality.  The entire spectacle was as self-indulgent as it was comical.  Spoiled white limousine liberals' children lectured me — a child of Filipino immigrants who came from a Third World country colonized by the Spanish, overtaken by Americans and occupied by the Japanese — for thinking and acting "white" because I opposed race-based affirmative action policies.  A miserable feminist student castigated me for using the patriarchal term "exploit" (as in "exploiting an opportunity.")  Wealthy minority progressives — cloistered in their intolerant "safe spaces" on a campus full of entitled brats whose parents forked over $40,000 a year in tuition — whined about being systemically oppressed.  The whiners whined all their way through their senior theses to secure their worthless degrees.

University hosts 12-Step recovery program for WHITENESS.  The University of Minnesota hosted a webinar series aimed at helping white participants "recover" and learn about their "ties to white supremacy."  UMN's School of Social Work recently offered a virtual lecture using a "12 step" program like that used by Alcoholics Anonymous in order to help white people "recover and reclaim our full humanity."  The lecture titled, "Recovery from White Conditioning," is taught by school alumnus and therapist Cristina Combs and was hosted by the school's Center for Practice Transformation.  The program is a creation by Combs, a white woman who spent "years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness in her personal, academic, and professional journeys," according to the university's website.

The Editor says...
I must admit, the construction of that sort of psycho-babble is turning into an form of art.

Super Woke Update:  University Votes to Stop Calling Its English Department the ENGLISH Department.  On today's episode of "This Just in From the No Longer Hallowed Halls of Academia," we learn that "faculty members of color" at Cornell University in Ithica, New York, recently introduced a proposal to change the name of the school's English Department, because "racism."  Earlier this month, as reported by The Cornell Daily Sun, a "significant majority of the department approved the change and is now awaiting approval from college administration."  I'll go out on a limb and bet — how should I put this? — there isn't a snowball's chance the name change won't be approved.  Unanimously.

In Richmond's Public Schools, a Rabid BLM Leftist [is] at the Helm.  After almost three years at the helm of Richmond's public schools Superintendent Jason Kamras, a one-time education adviser to Barack Obama and devotee of Marxist professor Cornel West, has emerged as something much worse than an incompetent liberal do-gooder lording his Princeton and Harvard degrees over unsuspecting inner city black kids.  Kamras is a full-blown, far-left extremist spreading the poisonous teachings of Black Lives Matter and promoting Democrat policies which have led to some of the lowest proficiency test scores in the state.  Twenty-two out of 44 schools in his district are not fully accredited, one out of four students drop out before graduating high school and school buildings are badly in need of renovation or demolition, whichever comes first.  So, who and what does Kamras blame for the dismal conditions of city schools?  Racism (naturally), to be followed by, wealthy suburban people, inequity, lack of funding, and in one laughable case, President Trump's adversarial relationship with China.

University of Minnesota lecture features 12 step recovery program for whiteness.  The University of Minnesota's School of Social Work hosted a virtual lecture recently that aimed to teach white people about their white supremacy and how to counteract it by using a "12 step" program mirrored after the one used by people in Alcoholics Anonymous.  The two-hour "Recovery from White Conditioning" lecture, hosted through the school's Center for Practice Transformation, featured therapist Cristina Combs.  Combs is a University of Minnesota alumnus who created the white supremacy 12 step program "after years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness in her personal, academic, and professional journeys," according to the university's website.  The university's website indicates the lecture can earn viewers continuing education units.

Visiting professor claims Oberlin wouldn't hire her fulltime because she's white: lawsuit.  Oberlin College is facing another lawsuit.  This time, a former dance professor alleges the private, Ohio-based institution would not hire her for a tenure-track position because she is a white heterosexual, according to several news reports on the lawsuit.  Alice Blumenfeld, a visiting assistant professor of dance between 2018 and 2020, was denied a fair opportunity for a tenured position over her race and sexual orientation, alleges the lawsuit, filed in September.

Blacked-out picture
Brown U professor hates Israel so much she erases Jews from her photos of "Palestine".  About a week ago, Ariella Aisha Azoulay of Brown University gave an anti-Israel lecture at Cornell.  One of the attendees described the lecture this way:  ["]Today I attended a lecture given by Brown University professor Ariella Azoulay who had been invited to talk to a Cornell class in the school of architecture.  This lecture was afactual, ahistorical and steeped in antisemitic narratives to the extent that all photographs showing Jews or Israelis she had erased the image of the people because 'I can't bear to look at them.'  Deeply disturbing and profoundly depressing.["]  Sure enough, Azoulay tweeted her photos that she showed at the lecture, and they show all Jews who were the early pioneers of modern Israel are deliberately blacked out of the photos.

The Diversity Guidebook:  How to Politicize Everything.  [Scroll down]  In this case, a physician-instructor learned she was on the receiving end of a complaint filed by a first-year medical student at a well-known university.  Apparently, she had offended the student's "ethnic sensibilities."  The drama ensued over the instructor's selection of six slides (repeat six) showcasing a cross-section of patients for a basic course on taking a history and physical.  The student "felt" her ethnic group was shortchanged with only one slide featuring African-Americans.  When peering through a viewfinder of racism, where everything lacks racial parity, the student was bound to make a simple mathematical mistake.  Not that it should matter, but the instructor — who remains mindful of SJWs on campus — deliberately selected two slides of African-Americans, two of Hispanics and one Asian.  The token white patient made up the sixth slide.  There is a perverse irony to be drawn from the complaint.  Statistically speaking, African-American patients were actually over-represented, accounting for 33-1/3 percent of the slides, and 13 percent of the national population.

Elementary School Kids [are being] Taught That "Objectivity" and "Perfectionism" Are Racist Traits of "White Supremacy".  Children at an elementary school in Virginia are being taught that traits such as "objectivity" and "perfectionism" are 'racist' characteristics of "white supremacy."  Yes, really.  Author James Lindsay posted a screenshot of the lesson outline, which is apparently taken from a 2001 Dismantling Racism Workbook by authors Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones and is being taught to kids aged 6-11 at the Belvedere Elementary School in Virginia.  [Tweet]  The "15 characteristics of white supremacy" include "perfectionism," a "sense of urgency," "individualism," and "objectivity."  By discouraging positive concepts such as these by associating them with white supremacy, teachers are actually harming the chances of non-white children from progressing in school.  In other words, far from being anti-racist, the teachings are actually racist.

Marquette University mulling plan to implement 'black only' housing in response to student petition.  Marquette University is currently exploring ways to implement "black only housing" on its campus following student demands.  "Marquette will work toward creating a Black Living Learning Community in a residence hall," campus administrators said to the student body in a statement last month, adding that learning communities "bring together students with common majors or common interests."  The school's black student council started a petition, signed by over 1,500 people on Change.org in July, outlining a list of demands, including asking the university to "publicly recognize and apologize for the traumatic events that Black students experience on campus and the part Marquette has played in contributing to the experiences."

Diversity Über Alles:  Science Is Threatened by Identity Politics.  I have worked in academic science my entire life and I have never seen any sign of racism, systemic or otherwise.  On the contrary, I have seen people go to considerable lengths to aid able minorities.  Yet a petition is circulating nationally complaining that: women and "people of color" are under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math); that this is "systemic racism;" and that the cure is to change science (although it isn't put quite like that).  If enough signatures can be gathered, the petition is apparently to be published in Science, one of the two leading general-science journals (the other is Nature).

The myth of the 'stolen country'.  Last month, in the middle of the COVID panic, a group of freshmen at the University of Connecticut were welcomed to their campus via a series of online 'events'.  At one event, students were directed to download an app for their phones.  The app allowed students to input their home address, and it would piously inform them from which group of Native Americans their home had been 'stolen'.  We all know the interpretation of history on which this app is based.  The United States was founded by a monumental act of genocide, accompanied by larceny on the grandest scale.  Animated by racism and a sense of civilizational superiority, Columbus and his ilk sailed to the New World.  They exterminated whomever they could, enslaved the rest, and intentionally spread smallpox in hopes of solving the 'native question'.  Soon afterwards, they began importing slave labor from Africa.  They then built the world's richest country out of a combination of stolen land, wanton environmental destruction and African slave labor. [...] In Canada, in the greater Toronto school district, students are read a statement of apology, acknowledging European guilt for the appropriation of First Nations lands, before the national anthem is played over the PA system every morning.

Let the Winning Continue!  [Scroll down]  Then on Friday we got Secretary Betsy DeVos's letter to Princeton that Paul is covering, saying that if Princeton is serious about its complicity in racism then it may well be in violation of civil rights laws and risks forfeiting its federal aid.  More of this please!  I hope and expect that the general counsels of a great many virtue-signaling universities will receive similar letters soon.

Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms.  Two weeks ago, President Trump issued an executive order to root out critical race theory "trainings" from federal government agencies.  Russell Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget, explained that "these types of 'trainings' not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce."  CNN anchor Brian Stelter credited City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo for bringing this issue to the administration's attention through his investigative journalism, featured prominently on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Working with whistleblowers, Rufo documented that NASA spent half a million dollars on "power and privilege sexual education workshops," that the FBI was holding weekly "intersectionality" workshops, and that Sandia National Laboratories, which designs America's nuclear weapons, held a three-day reeducation camp to deconstruct "white male culture."  Cancelling these conferences, workshops, and seminars is an overdue and salutary step, but a more formidable task lies ahead:  rooting out identity-politics propaganda from America's public schools.

Progressives Seek To Make Segregation Great Again.  The progressive left touts segregation on college campuses.  You have probably already heard of minority students requesting separate dorm facilities and safe spaces.  But there is another aspect of college life that the left wants to segregate:  Graduations.  Virginia Tech University recently started offering ten segregated graduation ceremonies that are separated by race, sexuality, and other identity groups.  Students are allowed to participate in the graduation of their choosing.  The ceremonies are open to anyone who wishes to attend, but the participants must fall into the right category.

Ohio University considers minorities-only gym: report.  Ohio University leaders were reportedly considering the creation of a workout room that would be designated for minority students, although a campus official has since clarified the room would be open to all students.  The original suggestion was one of at least three ideas proposed by a campus diversity leader as she and student leaders brainstorm plans to redevelop a portion of largely unused racquetball courts at the public institution.

Separate but equal:
Black Harvard Students Want Their Own Graduation.  Black students at Harvard University are organizing a graduation ceremony of their own this year to recognize the achievements of black students and faculty members some say have been overlooked.

Segregation-Loving Ivy League Students Demand Separate-But-Equal Dorms.  A gaggle of 17 far-left student groups at Princeton University released a lengthy "solidarity" statement in the campus newspaper which complains about all the racially integrated housing on campus and asks for racially segregated housing.  "The events in Charlottesville, Va., have made the presence of neo-Nazism and white nationalism in the United States undeniable," the students group declare in their Daily Princetonian statement seeking separate housing based on skin color.  "At a white-serving and male-serving institution like Princeton University — with ties to slavery and racial and gendered exclusion — we must hold our university and each other accountable," the pro-segregation statement says.

University offers segregated housing to shield black students from 'microaggressions'.  Segregated housing will now be available to black students at California State University Los Angeles as a means of combating "microaggressions" and "racially insensitive remarks."  School officials have honored requests by CSLA's Black Student Union and will offer "housing space delegated for Black students" at the Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community.  CSLA spokesman Robert Lopez told education watchdog the College Fix on Tuesday [9/6/2016] via email that its segregated housing will also focus on "academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory."

UConn building 'black-only' living space to promote scholarship.  Faced with alarmingly low graduation rates for black males, the University of Connecticut is trying something it calls bold — and critics call segregation.  The school's main campus in Storrs has launched a program slated for fall in which 40 black male undergraduates live together in on-campus housing.  Proponents believe the students can draw on their common experiences and help each other make it to commencement.  But others cringe at the idea of black-only housing, saying it turns decades of hard-fought racial progress on its head.

The Editor says...
Where's the separate but equal whites-only dorm?  Wouldn't white students find it easier to study with no blacks around?  Whaaaat?  That rationale only works in one direction?  This whole idea is an example of "the soft bigotry of low expectations."*  In this case it is assumed that blacks can't make it to graduation except under the most favorable conditions.

Black-only dorm at UConn
This University Is Building a Black Only Residence.  The University of Connecticut has an unusual perspective on diversity.  UConn is building a separate residence for black males.  They think this racially segregated housing will help with retention and graduation.  The university hopes to "make UConn feel like home" and match students with like-minded peers. [...] Dr. Erik Hines, a professor of educational psychology at UConn said black students are graduating at a lower rate "so the University of Connecticut was forward-thinking in bringing a solution to this issue."  There is absolutely no common sense in this solution.  What if we had an only white residence?

Separate but equal facilities are acceptable again!
Kellogg and Brown University to Offer Segregated Dinners for Black, Muslim Students.  Liberal Brown University is set to offer segregated dinners for black and Muslim students on the tail of recent Antifa protests that have turned violent over the last few months.  Purporting to offer "racial reconciliation," Brown administrators took a $300,000 grant from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) to "break down racial hierarchies and create a positive narrative about race in the community," the College Fix reported.  The money was supplied by donations by liberal organizations such as the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Newman's Own Foundation.

Clemson lecturer turns technical writing course into social justice seminar.  According to the syllabus circulated by lecturer Victoria Houser, the central text the class will be using is Race After Technology:  Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code by Ruha Benjamin.  The book's promotional materials say it "cuts through tech-industry hype to understand how emerging technologies can reinforce White supremacy and deepen social inequity."  Benjamin, an associate professor of African American studies at Princeton University, has argued that racism is endemic in technology, such as when a Google Maps glitch read "Malcolm X Boulevard" as "Malcolm Ten Boulevard" or when all the beauty contest winners in a competition judged by robots "were white and only one finalist had visibly dark skin."

Cut the Chaff.  If like me you're disgusted with the corporate, political, and academic nonsense about "systemic racism" which now covers everything, including being on time for appointments, mowing your lawn, doing your homework, and speaking and writing standard English, Secretary of education Betsy De Vos seems deftly to have called the bluff of these virtue signalers.  Christopher Eisgruber, president of Princeton University, sent a missive to the university community admitting that his institution was plagued by "institutional racism."  Doubtless he intended this merely to add to the sickening masochistic white male limbo dance. [...] Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, discriminating on the grounds of race, color, or national origin can cost an institution federal funding.  (Princeton received over $75 million in federal aid in the seven years Eisgruber headed it.)  The Secretary of Education rather quickly informed Eisgruber that her Department had opened an investigation into racism at Princeton.

Epic: Princeton Declares Itself Racist, Betsy Devos Immediately Opens an Investigation Into Their Racism.  Sometimes, something happens in politics that is just too perfect.  That happened today, after Princeton University went public to declare itself systemically racist.  Betsy Devos, who heads the Department of Education, decided to respond to their admission in kind.  I mean, she can't just sit idly by after a school admits to violating civil rights, right?

After Admitting Its 'Racism' Feds Say Princeton Can Lose Federal Funding for Violating Civil Rights Act.  Oh, this is fantastic:  Last week Princeton University "admitted" that it is steeped in "racism."  Now the Depart. of Education says that the school could lose its funding for violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  On Sept. 2, President Christopher Eisgruber published an open letter claiming that "racism and the damage it does to people of color persist at Princeton" and that "racist assumptions" are "embedded in structures of the University itself."  But now, the Dept. of Education says that if Princeton is admitting that it is rife with racism, then it has violated the law and should lose all its federal support.

Education Dept.  Opens Investigation into Princeton after President Claims Racism 'Embedded' in University.  The U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into Princeton University after the Ivy League school's president claimed racism is "embedded" at the university, the Washington Examiner reported on Thursday [9/17/2020].  Princeton president Christopher L. Eisgruber made the assertion in an open letter published September 2, which addressed in part the protests and riots over the summer following the police killing of George Floyd.

The Editor says...
Why would you want to be the president of a racist university?  If the school wasn't racist when you arrived, but now it is, whose fault is that?

University of Chicago's English Department declares it will only accept applicants interested in working 'in and with Black studies' for its next graduate admissions cycle.  The University of Chicago's English Department declared it will only accept applicants interested in 'working in and with Black studies' for its 2020-2021 graduate admissions cycle.  In a statement uploaded to the English department's website in July, the faculty announced their commitment to the 'struggle of Black and indigenous people, and all racialized and dispossessed people, against inequality and brutality'.  'For the 2020-2021 graduate admissions cycle, the University of Chicago English Department is accepting only applicants interested in working in and with Black studies,' the statement adds.

Will Virginia teach critical race theory to kindergartners?  This week, the Virginia Board of Education will meet to discuss a report that may promote destructive racial ideologies — the August 2020 "Report from the Governor's African American History Education Commission."  James Sherlock laments "the fiercely negative approach to the teaching of African American history offered by the Governor's Commission."  He says says its "Report is critical race theory brought to life.  It represents the most thoroughly negative view of America's history and pessimism about its future as a nation that I have ever encountered in a government document anywhere.  Many universities have had success at radicalization.  This recommends an earlier start.  Kindergarten."

U of Chicago English Dept Won't Accept Anyone Unless They're in Black Studies.  The cultural revolution decimating academia and turning it into a hollow shell for radical indoctrination only grows more crudely shameless with each cycle.  It's not enough to just jettison Shakespeare or rename buildings.  No, you will only be allowed to work with Black Studies.  A memo from what used to be the University of Chicago English Department.  ["]For the 2020-2021 graduate admissions cycle, the University of Chicago English Department is accepting only applicants interested in working in and with Black Studies.["]

University's Center for Social Justice and Inclusion Hosts Race-Segregated Virtual Events.  The University of Michigan-Dearborn's Center for Social Justice and Inclusion states that its mission is to "celebrate the uniqueness" of each student and "remove barriers" to full participation in campus life.  But this laudable goal would appear to be at odds with the actual practices of the center, which include hosting race-segregated virtual events.  This week, the center advertised an online discussion session for "students that do not identify as people of color" — white students, in other words.  A separate event — for students who are black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) — is also on the calendar.  The non-POC event is billed as "a space for students that do not identify as persons of color to gather and to discuss their experience as students on campus and as non-POC in the world."

Loyola University Chicago explores blacks-only freshman housing plan.  Loyola University Chicago recently said it continues to contemplate a proposal for a residential community for black students only.  The Catholic university on the north side of Chicago released an update on August 28 on a series of initiatives meant to address racial issues on campus.  The initiatives stem from 15 demands lodged in June by several student groups, led by the Black Cultural Center, and called "In Support of Black Students."

California Schools Kowtow to Black Lives Matter's Marxist Agenda.  [Scroll down]  Now, fast forward to the English 9 Ethnic Studies curriculum for the Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD) at the high school level.  The colorful syllabus for the course was sent to students as a Power Point in mid-August 2020.  In the first slide, an image of a cheerful "Ms. Powers," who wears sneakers and a T-shirt with the black power-communist fist salute, waves to the students in front of a backdrop that features the Black Lives Matter logo and a rainbow flag. [...] Below the introductory slide are listed the "Units of Study" for the August-December 2020 semester.  Week One is devoted to "Community Building".  Weeks 2-5 are about "My Place in the Community."  Weeks 6-9 are dedicated to "Protest."  (The syllabus doesn't specify if that will include extracurricular activities on-site in Chicago, Portland, or other field trip location.)  Weeks 10-12 are for "Intersectionality," and Weeks 13-15 are about "Stereotypes and Internalized Racism."  Yes, this is an English class.  But don't be too sure about any actual "English language" content.

Professor Cottom
Black professor argues Republicans have 'deputized all white people to murder us'.  A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor recently argued on Twitter that Republicans have "deputized all white people" to murder black Americans.  Tressie McMillan Cottom, associate professor of information and library science, made the comment in reference to another tweet which stated:  "Sen. Ron Johnson just said he supports 'citizen soldiers' in Kenosha.  Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered 2 people, is a citizen soldier. [...]"  Johnson is a Republican U.S. senator representing Wisconsin.  The professor has nearly 142,000 followers on Twitter.  Her tweet had been liked nearly 10,000 times as of Monday night [8/31/2020].

Back To Academic Brainwashing.  Parents, legislators, taxpayers and others footing the bill for college education might be interested in just what is in store for the upcoming academic year. [...] The leftist bias at our colleges and universities has many harmful effects.  A University of California, Davis, mathematics professor faced considerable backlash over her opposition to the requirement for "diversity statements" from potential faculty.  Those seeking employment at the University of California, San Diego, are required to admit that "barriers" prevent women and minorities from full participation in campus life.  At American University, a history professor wrote a book calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.  A Rutgers University professor said, "Watching the Iowa Caucus is a sickening display of the over-representation of whiteness."  A Williams College professor has advocated for the inclusion of social justice in math textbooks.  Students at Wayne State University are no longer required to take a single math course to graduate; however, they may soon be required to take a diversity course.

Texas School District Caught Teaching Children the Police are Just Like the KKK and Slave Owners.  The Wylie School District in Texas apologized after they were caught teaching children police officers are like the KKK and slave owners.  Parents complained after they found this cartoon in their child's school assignment.

Wylie cartoon
Some believe canceled Wylie ISD assignment that likened police to KKK, slave owners was taken out of context.  Wylie ISD has not determined what next steps it will take after the district apologized for an assignment that featured a cartoon that appeared to compare police with the KKK and slave owners.  The cartoon caught the attention of the National Fraternal Order of Police.  The district issued an apology and removed that assignment after 400 8th graders received the political cartoon as part of a lesson.  A national representative for police said he was disgusted over the cartoon being shown in school.

Conformity to a Lie.  Fealty to "diversity" and denunciations of white privilege have been a unifying theme in academia for decades, of course.  What's different this time is the sheer venom of the denunciations.  College presidents and deans competed for the most sweeping indictment of the American polity, rooted in the claim that blacks are everywhere and at all times under threat. [...] All such institutional self-accusations by college presidents leave out the specifics.  Which faculty members do not treat black students fairly?  If that unjust treatment is so obvious, why weren't those professors already removed?  What is wrong with an admissions process that lets in thousands of student bigots?  In other moments, college presidents brag about the quality of their student body and faculty.  Are they lying?  Shouldn't they have disclosed to black applicants that they will face "racist acts" and "systems of inequality" should they attend?

Twitter founder gives $10 million to university research center that promotes anti-white discrimination.  The religion of "antiracism" requires racial discrimination against whites, as its leading apostle Ibram Kendi has made clear.  Anti-white discrimination is getting an enormous boost courtesy of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who donated $10 million through his charitable foundation to Boston University's Center for Antiracist Research, launched by Kendi just six weeks ago, the private university said Thursday [8/20/2020].  The gift from Dorsey has "no strings attached," which shows his "unqualified support of Kendi's vision of putting academic researchers at the forefront of the movement to dismantle policies that underlie racial inequity and injustice," the university gushed.

University Of Minnesota Medical School Application Features Question About George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks.  The University of Minnesota Medical School application includes an optional question that asks students to share their "lessons learned" about "systemic racism" in the wake of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks's deaths.  "Right now is a watershed moment in American history and this country's reckoning with race, racism, racial injustice, and especially anti-black hatred," the question on the application, obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, read.  "If you feel comfortable, we welcome you to please share with us your reflections on, experiences with, and greatest lessons learned about systemic racism that is receiving international attention with the murders of numerous Black, Indigenous, and People of Color including but not limited to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Vanessa Guillen, Rayshard Brooks, and Elijah McClain," the question concluded.

Iowa State University Instructor Warns Anti-BLM, Pro-Life Views Are 'Grounds For Dismissal'.  An Iowa State University instructor's syllabus warned students that anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-life viewpoints are "grounds for dismissal."  Instructor Chloe Clark's English 250 syllabus includes a "giant warning" advising students that only certain views would be permitted during her classes.  "I take this seriously," she notes at the end of the warning.  "Any instances of othering that you participate in intentionally (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, sorophobia, transphobia, classism, mocking of mental health issues, body shaming, etc.) in class are grounds for dismissal from the classroom," Clark wrote in the syllabus, a copy of which was provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation by the Young America's Foundation (YAF).

Cologne Antifa Extremist Group Funded by University Student Fees.  Cologne University students have donated at least €8,500 from their student fees towards a far-left extremist Antifa group which is under observation by the German security services.  The Cologne General Students' Committee (AStA) has donated thousands of euros since at least 2010 to the Antifa AK extremist group, according to budget documents.  Following the revelation, the local Green University group expressed their full support for Antifa.

Maine University asks students & staff to sign a BLM pledge, signers to be named.  Southern Maine University is asking students to sign a Black Lives Matter statement pledging to practice 'anti-racism' behaviors.  The University President asked the faculty and students to sign a statement pledging to PARTICIPATE in "anti-racism behaviors."  It's not enough that universities deny your free speech rights, now they plan to control your physical actions.

Candace Owens blasts 'white supremacists running Dem Party' for what they are teaching black children.  Conservative commentator Candace Owens called out "the true white supremacists" running the Democratic Party for destroying black America.  Owens addressed the latest efforts by Democrats to negatively impact the black community, noting in a tweet accompanying a recent interview that they are well aware that "ignorance guarantees them votes." [...] "Black children are now learning that the nuclear family, traditional values, and academic success are tacit forms of 'white supremacy,'" Owens wrote in the caption of the tweet she posted Monday [8/10/2020].  The conservative activist spoke about this narrative with the Daily Caller's editorial director Vince Coglianese, as he brought up the controversial "whiteness" chart recently on display at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of African American History.

Kick the '1619 Project' Out of Schools.  America needs to get the "1619 Project" curriculum out of its schools.  Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has introduced a new bill that would go a long way toward that goal — the Saving American History Act of 2020 (SAHA 2020).  The New York Times introduced The "1619 Project" last August.  The "1619 Project" mainstreamed the anti-American ideology of a new generation of woke activists, who have graduated from college radicalism to careers in progressive institutions such as the Times.  The "1619 Project" seeks to rewrite American history with the claim that it is based on slavery and oppression, rather than on liberty and democracy, in order to delegitimize the American republic.  The "1619 Project" claims to be "revisionist" history — but many of the best scholars of American history swiftly demonstrated that it was nothing more than a shabby, fact-free polemic.

Profs say Black Lives Matter is a 'spiritual movement'.  Melina Abdullah, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles and professor of Pan-African Studies at California State University-Los Angeles, and Hebah Ferrag, assistant director of research at the University of Southern California's Center for Religion and Civic Culture talked with KCRW-FM about Black Lives Matter as a spiritual organization in an interview with KCRW.  According to Abdullah, "there was always some component of spirituality" to Black Lives Matter.  She noted that on the first night that members of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles gathered together, there was a "summoning of ancestors to space and the very palpable spiritual energy that circulated through the group."  Farrag said that the core beliefs around which Black Lives Matter centers around are "the inherent nature of human dignity, and the duty to fight against injustice, and oppression that threatens that inherent dignity."

The Editor says...
Tell me about your inherent dignity after you stop throwing bricks, looting, and screaming at white people on public transportation.

Kindergarten History Lessons in Virginia to Focus on Slavery.  Most adults who attended public school remember early history lessons about American leaders and symbols — George Washington crossing the Delaware, Betsy Ross sewing the American flag.  But starting this fall, kindergarteners in Loudon County — a wealthy suburb of Washington D.C. — will be taught a new radicalized history curriculum focusing on slavery and social justice.  Loudon County has elected to partner with the disgraced far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to develop the new curriculum which deliberately paints America in a highly negative light.

Cultural Revolution comes for sleepy professor with insufficient wokester zeal.  Leftists are famous for their boring, long-winded meetings and droning "struggle sessions," but in a communist revolutionary atmosphere, heaven forbid anyone should fall asleep.  Breitbart's John Nolte found one such miscreant, not in Chavista Venezuela or Kim Jong-un's North Korea, but at Marymount Manhattan College in New York, and the pitiful Alinsky-ian "pick-a-target" is now the subject of a recall petition.

New York Professor Faces Latest Termination Petition Over Allegedly Falling Asleep During Anti-Racism Meeting.  Students are seeking the termination of Marymount Manhattan Theater Arts Associate Professor Patricia Simon after she appeared to briefly fall asleep during an anti-racist meeting held on Zoom.  Simon denies the allegations but Marymount Manhattan student Caitlin Gagnon started a petition which features this picture and also accuses her of "ignoring ... racist and sizeist actions and words of the vocal coaches under her jurisdiction."  The petition has roughly 2000 signatories.  It is an ironic twist on the woke movement where literally not being awake is now cause to be terminated.

The Editor says...
That's the first appearance of the word sizeist (whatever that means) on this web site, as far as I know.

Brooklyn College's 'anti-racist agenda' to address profs who give too many low grades.  Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson recently announced that the school had "raised funds" to address professors who have given a large quantity of D's and F's, and/or have high "racial disparities in outcomes."  In a message titled "Enacting an Anti-Racist Agenda at Brooklyn College," Anderson wrote the "uprisings against racial violence around the world" means that her school "must address how racism has shaped [the college's] history and how it continues to infect [its] present."

College Democrats of America's leadership implodes amid internal accusations of racism, elitism.  The College Democrats of America's national leadership team recently experienced a major shake-up after its only black board member claimed some of his peers in the group were guilty of racial microaggressions and similar bullying.  That black board member, Matthew Nowling, announced his resignation on June 27, claiming he'd been subjected to racist and elitist behavior and comments during his tenure as the organization's communications director.  After the accusations, College Democrats of America President Mikaela Guido — a female woman of color — resigned amid pressure to do so, and other members of the executive board who stayed on promised not to run for re-election or accept future leadership positions within the organization.

Professor: Term 'low-hanging fruit' is a microaggression because it reminds blacks of lynching.  The official definition of the term low-hanging fruit is "a thing or person that can be won, obtained, or persuaded with little effort," according to the Oxford dictionary.  But according to one business professor, it's a racial microaggression.  "For African-Americans, if you say 'low-hanging fruit,' we think lynching," said Mae Hicks-Jones, an adjunct faculty member of Elgin Community College.

The Editor says...
All looks yellow to a jaundiced eye.*  Who knows how much innocent fruit has been hanged over the years.

Virginia high schools to offer African American history courses in fall.  When Virginia high school students return to class this fall, they'll have the option of taking an African American history course — a new offering in the commonwealth this year.  The state's Commission on African American History Education — which has been tasked with making sure African American history is properly represented in the state's schools — would like the course to be made mandatory for seniors to qualify to graduate.  But Virginia Education Secretary Atif Qarni said the state is not ready for that yet.  "We just don't have enough licensed teachers to teach the course," said Qarni.  "So we have to build capacity."

The Editor says...
Of course, it goes without saying (doesn't it?) that only black teachers could teach African American history.

Washington State suggests schools give priority to nonwhite students during reopening.  Washington state is considering a plan that would give priority to minority and disadvantaged students when schools reopen in the fall following months of closure during the coronavirus pandemic. [...] A "district planning guide" released last month by Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, makes similar suggestions, but it also suggests granting priority to non-white students during proposed reopening phases.  The guide cited a theoretical reopening plan that would "serve students furthest from educational justice first," among which it cited "students of color."

Black Lives Matter In Public Schools Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxists.  New York City is one of many school systems in the United States set to roll out Black Lives Matter (BLM)-themed lesson plans this fall.  According to the NYC Department of Education, teachers will delve into "systemic racism," police brutality, and white privilege in their classrooms. [...] Encouraging people to identify and condemn racism is an undeniably laudable undertaking by these school administrators.  That's not what's really happening, however.  By bringing BLM into the classroom, activist educators are allowing the most radically divisive movement in modern American history to warp children's worldviews.

UMass Lowell Nursing Dean Reportedly Fired After Saying 'Everyone's Life Matters' in Email.  The cancel culture that is rampant on American college campuses right now has just claimed another victim.  A nursing dean at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, has reportedly been fired after saying in an email that "everyone's life matters."  Where does this end? [...] In one of the most disturbing aspects of this case, as noted by Professor Turley, if you go to the university's web page about Dean Leslie Neal Boylan, it is blank.  She has already been erased.

Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings [are] not biased against blacks.  Michigan State University leaders have successfully pressured Stephen Hsu to resign from his position as vice president of research and innovation after the Graduate Employees Union launched a campaign to oust him from his role.  This came after the union, which represents teaching and research assistants, crawled through years of blog posts and interviews Hsu had conducted and criticized him for sharing content on genetic differences among different races.  But the main thrust to oust Hsu came because the professor touted Michigan State research that found police are not more likely to shoot African-Americans.

Defund colleges, not cops.  The American left, from Black Lives Matterers to their knee-taking social-justice allies in their hydrangea-colored masks, has decided now is the moment to drain public resources from the custodians of public order.  I have an alternative.  Now is the moment to defund the colleges.  We should defund them because they are the root of the virulent anti-Americanism that feeds the riots, the looting and the learned helplessness that afflict the country.  And they have been feeding the protest culture for generations.  The chief lesson taught by our nation's colleges and universities is soft disdain for our country and its forms of self-government.  And the soft disdain ripens to outright antipathy for about a quarter of the graduates.

Should Jews Endorse Black Lives Matter?  We are living in a maelstrom of hatred, ignorance, and virtue-signaling that is breathtaking to observe. [...] America is the least racist country in the world.  We have more people from around the globe than any other country.  One million immigrants are let in to this country each year.  Accommodations are made for them in the way of monetary assistance, language training, and scholarships.  But when young people marinate in anti-American indoctrination, and they keep hearing the drumbeat that America is evil because we once had slavery, what do you expect they will parrot back?  There is a complete dearth of knowledge about the greatness of this country.

'1619' Pulitzer Will Boost Socialist Teaching in Schools.  The Pulitzer Prize Board this week awarded its commentary award to The New York Times' Nikole Hannah-Jones for her essay launching the "1619 Project."  This will accelerate a trend already underway: subjecting schoolchildren to a curriculum that blames slavery on capitalism and whose creator believes socialism offers the best path to racial equity.  The overt political nature of the 1619 Project should alert parents, educators, members of school boards, and political leaders that a major political experiment is being practiced on the nation's schoolchildren.  The 1619 Project isn't just a series of articles placing slavery at the center of the American story.  It is also a curriculum that is sweeping the land.  No sooner had the prize been announced than The Pulitzer Center — which is independent of the prizes — was using it to promote that curriculum.

How the 1619 Project slandered America.  [Scroll down]  A number of universities have already said they will make the 1619 Project a tool for teaching US history.  Given what we know about freedom of intellectual thought on campuses on the issues of race, gender and sexuality, chances are that this view will become the unchallengeable official version of events quite soon.  No one challenges the proposition that US history is bound up in a history of repression and exploitation of minorities, from the slaughter and dispossession of Native Americans to slavery and Jim Crow laws.  But to assert, on the basis of zero historical evidence, that its very foundational motivation was the persecution of those minorities is a conscious effort not to provoke academic debate but to inculcate the entire country, its people and its institutions in a continuing crime against humanity.

College plans virtual graduation, but only for minorities.  A liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota, will conduct a virtual graduation ceremony this year because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.  But not for all students.  Only if they are "students of color, international students and LGBTQIA+."

Graduation canceled...except for 'students of color' and 'LGBTQIA+' students.  St. Olaf College in Minnesota plans to host three virtual graduation ceremonies for different groups of minority students, while others must wait until next year to celebrate their completion of college.  "Self-identified domestic students of color, international students and LGBTQIA+ students" at the Minnesota school will receive their own virtual graduation ceremonies at the conclusion of this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, per an administrative email.  Meanwhile, graduation for the rest of the class of 2020 has been "rescheduled for a date in late May/early June of 2021," according to the school's website.  The three virtual graduation ceremonies for students in minority groups were announced by and will be hosted through the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion.

Call It a Ponzi Scheme.  As American unemployment mounted by the millions in March and April, the dance of the college diversity deans kept up its usual brisk pace.  On April 1, Harvard University announced that its acting associate dean for inclusion and belonging was moving on to Denison University.  But the Harvard associate deanship will not be vacant for long.  On May 1, the current head of diversity, equity, and inclusion at New York University's Abu Dhabi campus will step into the Harvard position, to direct the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion team within the Dean of Students Office; the Office of BGLTQ Student Life; the Office of Diversity Education and Support; the College's Title IX Office; the Women's Center; and the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations.  Elsewhere, campus diversocrats enjoyed similarly enviable mobility while the rest of the country was shutting down.  The vice president for inclusion and diversity at George Mason University will become chief diversity officer at the University of South Carolina at Columbia on June 15.  The former occupant of the South Carolina position decamped to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on March 15 to serve as its community and equity officer.

If Tulane's Victory Bell is Removed Over Potential Connections to Slavery, Shouldn't the University Itself Be Shut Down?  Tulane University recently removed the McAlister Victory Bell.  A bell used for decades as a part of university sporting events.  It is the university's version of a generic item used all across Western Civilization for centuries. [...] Recently, though, someone raised the issue of bells being used on Southern farms where slaves worked.  Although every media report regarding the McAlister Victory Bell references its use for slavery, the only hard allegation offered toward that conclusion appears to be the university President's claim that "archives confirmed the bell was made in 1825".  Okay.  So?  Other than that fact, there are lots of slippery-worded, but unsupported, allegations about how bells (generally speaking) were used on farms (using the loaded word "plantation") and claiming blacks were denied clocks or watches so slave masters could better control them. [...] There are no specific allegations about this bell being used in such a setting or for such a purpose or with such motivations.  Just that it could have been like that.  But maybe not.  Nobody knows.

'Let white people die' prof triples down:  Whiteness is 'mental and physical terrorism'.  Trinity College sociology professor Johnny Williams is the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.  In an end-of-February op-ed in the Hartford Courant, Williams says white people preside over an "oppressive system," and when people of color "refuse to abide" by this system, they're accused of "inciting hatred and violence."  The professor is referencing the controversy following comments he made about the shootings of GOP congressman Steve Scalise and others three years ago.  Williams wrote that, in whatever predicament you may them, "let [white people] [...] die" ... and to "smile a bit" when it happens.

White Choir Sings Black Spirituals and [Chaos] Breaks Loose.  Should white people sing black spirituals?  Western Michigan University is grappling with that question after a black student was triggered and suffered a social media meltdown when a predominantly white choir sang "Wade in the Water." [...] "We as a collective are appalling [sic] that this took place on our campus," The Black Student Union wrote in a statement.  "This act is a further example and reflection of the racial insensitivity and ignorance that has been allowed to occur on Western Michigan's campus."

Seattle To Make Math Instruction All About Race, Downplay Right And Wrong.  When a blogger of American Mathematical Society writes of the urgent need for math to be "antiracist," it's time to start worrying.  In the post, blogger Tian An describes his experience teaching college-level methodology class to non-math majors, attempting to employ a social justice curriculum.  His starting point was the assumption that "mathematics operates as whiteness" because, in the view of critical race theorists, over the course of last several centuries, many prominent practitioners have been "white."  An did not go into specifics of his class, but when the Washington state superintendent of public instructions developed a curriculum along the same lines last year, it published the details online.  Because of the "urgent need for anti-racist education," the superintendent's office produced Seattle Public Schools' Math Ethnic Studies Framework aimed at "resist[ing] and liberat[ing] people and communities of color from oppression."

Student about Multicultural building: 'Frankly there is just too many white people in here'.  A college student at the University of Virginia says there are too many white people in their new multicultural building.  She wants white people to know there are other places on campus they can go and to be mindful that the MSC, Multicultural Student Center, is for people of color and that people of color might feel uncomfortable around too many white folks.

Univ student announces 'too many white people' in Multicultural center, calm heads call for 'teachable moment'.  Racism is alive and well at the University of Virginia.  But because it's anti-white racism in particular that's apparently been breeding at the increasingly far-left university, you ought to expect to hear zero about it from the mainstream establishment press.  It turns out that the university contains a Multicultural Student Center that's designed to serve as "a student-centered, collaborative space that supports underrepresented and marginalized communities, while cultivating the holistic empowerment of all students."  And apparently, underrepresented and marginalized communities don't include white people, as the following stunning video footage clearly demonstrates:  [Video clip]

Children in All 50 States Being Taught Revolutionary War Was Fought To Promote Slavery.  The New York Times' 1619 Project — a curriculum that makes the fantastical claim that a primary cause of the Revolutionary War was the colonists' desire to protect slavery — has been adopted in 3,500 classrooms across all 50 states.  For this reason, some of the nation's most renowned historians have called for The Times to correct this and other factual errors.  The Pulitzer Center, which is partnering with The Times to promote The 1619 Project, recounted in its 2019 annual report, "Good journalism, innovative educational resources, and deep community engagement are absolutely essential to bridging the divisions that threaten to rip our democracy apart.  It is this belief that has driven the Pulitzer Center for the last 14 years."

Public Schools Are Teaching The 1619 Project in Class, Despite Concerns From Historians.  The 1619 Project — The New York Times Magazine's much vaunted series of essays about the introduction of African slavery to the Americas — will now be taught in K-12 schools around the country.  School districts in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Buffalo, New York, have decided to update their history curricula to include the material, which posits that the institution of slavery was so embedded in the country's DNA that the country's true founding could be said to have occurred in 1619, rather than in 1776.

Far-left agitprop for pre-K tots: what NYC schools have come to.  What are they teaching in New York City preschools?  At one taxpayer-funded Brooklyn nursery, it isn't numbers, letters or nap time — but racism and victimhood, plus transgender and "queer" rights, with a heavy dose of political indoctrination in the mix.  "I was kind of horrified," the father of a preschooler told me.  "They say they're trying to reduce racism and discrimination.  To me, they're perpetuating it, fomenting a sense of victimhood that 4-year-olds would never consider on their own.''

Teacher Allegedly Displays Graphic Saying Confederate Flag Means 'You Intend To Marry Your Sister'.  A Georgia teacher allegedly showed a Powerpoint image of a Confederate flag to the teacher's classroom accompanied by a caption reading, "A sticker you put on the back of your pickup truck to announce that you intend to marry your sister.  Think of it like a white trash 'Save the Date' card."  That teacher has been placed on administrative leave.

The Editor says...
The teacher is probably black, but somehow the news reports don't mention that aspect.  Who else would be so upset about a confederate flag?  Who else would make disparaging remarks about "white trash" in the classroom?

A Giant University Hosts A White Privilege Workshop.  The Hilarious Attendance Was As Dismal As The Message.  Would you love to attend a White Privilege workshop?  If you're not white, would you relish the opportunity to find out how paler people have it made?  If you're white, would you jump at the chance to learn how pathetically glorious you've got it due to your monstrous melanin?  If so, you just missed euphoria.  At the University of North Carolina Charlotte, an event called "White Consciousness Conversations for Students" was sponsored by the school's IEE — for the tragically sleepy among you, that's the taxpayer-funded institution's Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement.

Huge University Holds White Privilege Workshop.  Only 9 Students Show Up.  The University of North Carolina at Charlotte — home to 30,000 students — held a white privilege workshop last week.  Only nine students showed up.  The event was titled "White Consciousness Conversations for Students," and on the UNC page, organizers said it was for "students only."

More evidence that "diversity" means "eliminating whites."
Public Schools Revive Racial Segregation In The Name Of 'Diversity'.  Public school districts across the nation, from Washington to Virginia, are assigning children to schools based on race and family income.  They claim to oppose segregation, a practice that was outlawed in the 1950s.  Perversely, however, these districts are reviving it.  For example, in Howard County, Maryland -- the third-highest-income county in the United States -- the government pushes integration efforts while using a backward definition of "segregation" that would perpetuate racial segregation instead of ending it.

How being a white person became a crime.  At the very moment when the issue of race might at long last have been put to rest, it is now becoming the most important issue of all.  The decades since the 1960s saw the growth of "black studies" in American universities.  The courses started out in part as a way of de-stigmatizing the group and educating people about a crucial aspect of their history.  But, just as a popular strand of feminism turned from celebrating women to vilifying men, a portion of black studies started attacking people who were not black.  A discipline intended to de-stigmatize began to re-stigmatize.  This has led to the growth of "whiteness studies" — a discipline that is now taught at all of the Ivy League universities in the US.  Oxford University's Research Encyclopedia describes whiteness studies as:  "A growing field of scholarship whose aim is to reveal the invisible structures that produce white supremacy and privilege."

Multicultural Frauds.  Notice how multicultural intellectuals teach nonwhites that they are victims in need of redress.  Notice how whites learn that they are to blame for all the world's problems.  Despite their appearance of righteousness, multicultural intellectuals are in the business of manufacturing hostilities and grievances between racial groups, for, as with feminism and its endless battle against "sexism" and "misogyny," the war on "racism" requires a perpetual supply of "racists" to oppose.  Meanwhile, social order is breaking down, and the future looks dark.  In 2017, the Brookings Institution took a survey of 1,500 current undergraduates.  To the question of whether a student group had the right to shout down or otherwise disrupt a speaker who is "known for making offensive and hurtful statements," 51% answered that they found such a tactic justifiable.  One in five students said that violence was acceptable in silencing a politically incorrect speaker.

New NYC teachers given book with essay titled 'Dear White Teacher'.  A cadre of newly hired teachers will report to city schools this week following orientation sessions where they were given a book that includes an essay titled "Dear White Teacher," The [New York] Post has learned.  But unlike the Department of Education's controversial "implicit bias" training — which, among other lessons, tells teachers that "racial equity" requires favoring black students over whites — the essay's message is that white instructors should stop being afraid to discipline black students.  Essay author Chrysanthius Lathan blasts white teachers who she says routinely send minority students to "teachers of color" for discipline — because they're scared of being called racist.

Bill De Blasio:  Merit Is Racist, So We Won't Allow It In NYC Public Schools.  Merit is now considered racist, as New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio's new education advisory committee suggests.  A panel de Blasio appointed recently recommended ending selective merit-based programs in city public schools, even when no evidence supports the accusation of racial discrimination simply because people of some racial backgrounds fail to achieve as much as others do.  As Christine Rosen writes in Commentary, "The advisory panel describes merit-based testing and other screening procedures used in New York City's public schools as 'exclusionary admissions practices,' not because they found any evidence of racial bias in the screening procedures but simply because the outcome of screening does not perfectly reflect the demographic make-up of the city."

Left-wing activists trying to hijack kids' minds with 'ethnic studies'.  President Trump said last week that "we are all Americans.  We all share the same home" and "the same heart."  He warned that "radical Democrats are trying to tear this country apart" with identity politics.  Left-wing activists are using the same divisive ideology to hijack our kids' young minds.  Across the country, leftists are demanding public schools teach "ethnic studies."  Many of these courses demonize America, label whites as oppressors and indoctrinate students to become "social justice organizers."  California Democrats are pushing to make ethnic studies a high school graduation requirement statewide.  Their draft curriculum defines ethnic studies as the "experiences of people of color in the United States" and the "forms of oppression" they've endured.

Radical Indoctrination:  Coming to a Public School Near You.  [Scroll down]  California is getting ready to mandate an unprecedented ethnic studies requirement for high school graduation based on this extraordinary syllabus.  It reflects a revolutionary storm sweeping through educational leadership in the nation's legislatures and metro school districts.  That means that to get a high school diploma, starting in 2024, California students by law will have to complete three courses in English and social studies, two in math and science, and one in arts or world languages.  A bill adds to these core requirements "a one-semester course in ethnic studies based on the model curriculum."  Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, Stockton, and other minority-rich school districts in the state have already established Ethnic Studies graduation requirements or programs.

California's proposed new ethnic studies curriculum is jargon-filled and all-too-PC.  [Scroll down]  The goal of the new course is to help students learn about and engage with the history and culture of groups that have been overlooked, marginalized or subjected to "invisibility."  But a current draft of the model curriculum, drawn up by a committee of teachers and academics and headed to the State Board of Education, is an impenetrable melange of academic jargon and politically correct pronouncements.  It's hard to wade through all the references to hxrstory and womxn and misogynoir and cisheteropatriarchy.

'America' and 'American' vanish in a college guide for how not to offend.  [A]n early version of a document compiled by the "Inclusive Communications Task Force at Colorado State University" actually singled out the words "America" and "American" as being potentially offensive.  Here is the actual language used in the draft:  "The Americas encompass a lot more than the United States.  There is South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean just to name a few of 42 countries in total.  That's why the word 'americano' in Spanish can refer to anything on the American continent.  Yet, when we talk about 'Americans' in the United States, we're usually just referring to people from the United States.  This erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country."  The conclusion in that draft was to replace "America" and "American" with "U.S. citizen" or "person from the U.S."

New York City School Posts 'White Privilege' Survey In School With Almost No White Students.  A New York City school apparently posted a "White Privilege Exercise" — essentially a survey of questions intended to determine the level of the poll takers' white privilege — in a hallway outside the principal's office in view of all students, but no one knows why since there are very, very few white students at the school.  "What could even be the purpose of this in a school that has so few white students?  Is it to inflame tensions and single out?," City Councilman Joseph Borelli (R-Staten Island) said after receiving photos of the poll from a city worker.  "Given the school's abominable test and college readiness scores, perhaps the chancellor should be concerned that they are not teaching enough math and English," he added.

'White privilege' survey posted in mostly minority school in Manhattan.  The "three Rs" at this school are reading, 'riting and resentment.  A survey on "white privilege" was posted in a Manhattan school with virtually no white students — raising questions about what, besides stirred-up outrage, is being taught.  The two-page "White Privilege Exercise" was spotted earlier this month inside the Life Sciences Secondary School amid the ongoing controversy over Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza's racial diversity initiatives.  City Councilman Joseph Borelli (R-Staten Island) said a city worker last week sent him photos of the questionnaire stapled to a hallway bulletin board near the principal's office, but it's unclear who put it up or why.

New York City trying to "liberate" teachers from their "whiteness".  A new mandatory, $23 million "anti-bias" program is training New York City school teachers to discriminate against white children, no matter what.  The New York Post recently published remarks from one training session, in which the instructor defined 'racial equality' as favoring non-white students over white students, regardless of any other circumstances.

The Aboriginal Grievance Industry and the Demise of the University.  In a brace of scathing articles for the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS), former Native Studies professor at Brandon University in Manitoba, Jeff Muehlbauer, recounts the doctrinal travesty and ideological perversity that has overtaken the modern academy.  Muehlbauer is a Canadian linguist fluent in German, Icelandic, Latin and Greek, with a specialty in the Cree language and its various dialects.  He worked with native populations in the province, recording "aboriginal memory" in order to preserve native recollection of a past fast disappearing with the older generation.  He soon ran afoul of the Native Studies establishment at his university, which had its own politicized agenda, namely, the preservation not of aboriginal memory but of a particular ideological purpose and perspective regarding indigenous experience.

NYC Department of Education: 'Individualism' Is 'White Supremacy Culture'.  The New York City Department of Education has instructed its teachers that "objectivity" and "individuals" are "white supremacist" concepts.  According to a report from the New York Times, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza gave a presentation about "white supremacy" culture.  In the lesson, Carranza claims that concepts like "perfectionism," "paternalism," and "objectivity" are part of "white supremacy culture."

What are the Children Learning?  Because of the manipulative leftist ideology rampant in schools, black children are not permitted any pride in their own achievements.  Instead they are pumped full of an inordinate opinion of themselves merely because of the color of their skin.  It is an abuse of the potential that they actually possess, and it is leading to frustration, failure, and anger at many levels.  Examples abound.  In Saratoga Springs, New York students are asked to tabulate their "privilege" and as a result their race, gender, religion, appearance, and disability status are used as a means "to enlighten students on their relative status in society."  Achievement is cast aside.  Instead, a false self-aggrandizement for certain groups is established.

University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity.  Wake Forest University is hosting a series of "listening sessions" for faculty and staff of color that aim to advance inclusion efforts on campus.  The listening sessions come amid ongoing racial tensions on campus, including a protest Monday [4/29/2019] at which some students decried the "white supremacy" that allegedly runs rampant at the private, North Carolina institution.

Universities now requiring loyalty oaths taken to 'diversity'.  I am so old that I can remember when Democrats and the progressive Left regarded forcing college faculty to sign loyalty oaths as abhorrent.  Of course, that was when Communist infiltration of colleges, the media, and government bureaucracy was both genuine and a real threat.  President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9835 requiring federal employees to sign a loyalty oath and the state of California passed a law, the "Levering Act," requiring the same of state employees.  The University of California has published a loving, celebratory timeline describing the reaction among faculty and the ultimate repeal of the loyalty oath.  Loyalty oaths were very, very bad, back then.  But loyalty oaths are back again, and this time, according to the progressive deep thinkers, they are good.  Because it is not loyalty to the United States, but rather loyalty to the ideology of "diversity" that is being demanded.

Trinity College defends professor's 'whiteness is terrorism' message.  Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams is capturing headlines once again for proposing "whiteness is terrorism" on Twitter.  The Hartford, Connecticut, sociology professor who called white people "inhuman a-holes" who need to "die" following a shooting attack on congressional Republicans now says "whiteness is terrorism."  School officials, as they did for years, are standing by the professor.

Historic Depression-Era Mural Removed from Chicago School for Depicting Only White Children.  A historic Depression-era mural has been removed from a Chicago school because it featured a painting of white children.  The painting, "Child and Sports — Winter," was removed from the cafeteria at Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois, because the winter scene of children playing in the snow wasn't "inclusive" enough as all the children in the painting were white, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Historic WPA mural featuring only white children removed from Oak Park school.  A Depression-era mural depicting white children playing outside in the winter was removed from Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park because school officials said it failed to represent the school's diversity.  While some said the mural was upsetting to students of color who felt it excluded them from the school, a local historian likened the removal to a "modern-day book burning."  Julian Principal Todd Fitzgerald announced the weekend removal in an email sent to school staff Monday [4/15/2019].

The Editor says...
The offensive mural will probably be replaced with a mural featuring only black children, and that will be perfectly okay.  "The school's diversity" probably means that everybody's black.

Gender Studies Professor Says Time is Racist.  Brittney Cooper — an associate professor of women's and gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers University, says that time is racist.  Yes, really.  During an interview with NPR affiliate WSIU-FM, Cooper explained that black people have a reputation for being late, therefore time itself is owned by white people.

Rutgers professor:  Even the concept of time is racist.  The associated professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Africana Studies who once opined that Jesus was "potentially queer" or was "married to a prostitute," called black city officials she did not like "white supremacists in Blackface," and had nothing but words of "the four-letter variety" after the US Supreme Court allowed for religious exemptions to the ObamaCare contraceptive mandate, now says that the very concept of time itself is racially biased.  In an interview with NPR last week, Cooper said that the way we "position ourselves in relationship to time comes out of histories of European and Western thought"; in other words, "white people own time."

Sarah Lawrence College "students of color" protesters issue 9-pages of demands, target conservative professor.  [Samuel] Abrams is under attack again by the campus social justice warriors.  There is a building sit-in/takeover going on at Sarah Lawrence by a coalition calling itself "the Diaspora Coalition" — an apparent reference to the African diaspora.  As part of the building takeover, the group has issued a 9-page list of demands [...] reminiscent of demand lists that were the rage a couple of years ago at places like Oberlin College.  The demand list reportedly was signed by 140 students.

Denver high school changes policy allowing Black History event opt-out.  A Denver high school reversed a controversial policy on Thursday [2/28/2019] that allowed students to opt out of attending a Black History Month assembly.  Officials at George Washington High School told ABC News parents no longer will be allowed to prevent their children from attending individual assemblies amid backlash over its decision to let students opt out of an upcoming black history celebration in March.

Georgetown students may pay reparations for slavery with new student fee.  Georgetown University students will soon vote on whether they want to tax themselves to benefit the descendants of slaves sold by the university in the 1830s.  Its student government recently authorized a campus[-]wide student referendum on whether to establish a fund for the families of the 272 men, women and children sold by Georgetown in 1838.  If approved, the semesterly fee would begin to be collected in the fall of 2020 and start at $27.20 per student "in honor of the 272 people sold by Georgetown," states the student government resolution approving the referendum, a copy of which was obtained Wednesday [2/6/2019] by The College Fix.

The Editor says...
Who gets the money?  If it goes to Georgetown University, doesn't that reward the perpetrators?  How does that repair anything?

Is this a crime?
Man with 'It's ok to be white' sign has appeared near four VB schools.  A man with a sign that reads "It's ok to be white" has appeared near four schools across Virginia Beach, according to school officials.  The man first got attention Monday morning [2/11/2019] after he was seen carrying the sign outside of Plaza Middle School.

DC school won't play sports at Christian school where Karen Pence teaches: 'They feel unsafe'.  A progressive school in the nation's capital said its students will not be playing sports at the school where Second Lady Karen Pence teaches part-time because of safety concerns.  Jessica Donovan, headmaster of Sheridan School, a K-8 institution located in northwest D.C. that has a tuition of more than $36,000 a year, sent a letter to parents saying Immanuel Christian School's policies were an "obvious challenge" given the school's "fundamental belief in diversity and inclusion."

The Editor says...
This is the first time I've seen anyone claim that a lack of "diversity and inclusion" was a safety issue.

The Hypocrisy of Multiculturalism.  Before there was "diversity," which is college-speak for people who look different but all think the same, there was "multiculturalism."  In the abstract, "multiculturalism" is entirely sensible.  We ought to learn about other cultures, and even borrow from or imitate them when they have successful or enriching customs and art.  But in practice what multiculturalism meant is active hatred of our culture — the culture of Western European civilization and its outgrowths overseas, like, oh, maybe we should mention parliamentary democracy in India.

What Does Diversity Have to Do with Science?  Do you care about the race of your doctor, or the gender of the person who built the bridge you drive across?  The latest trend across STEM fields claims you should.

The Editor says...
STEM is now being supplanted by STEAM, which means science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  In other words, at a STEAM school, the kids are taught everything in the world except spelling, grammar, history, civics, and English.  And every science, math and engineering class has socialism baked into it, as an un-advertised bonus.  Most of the math classes are really just Common Core arithmetic, or instructions on how to use a calculator.  Kids these days don't memorize multiplication tables, and when they get a high school diploma, almost all of them are unable to make change for a $20 bill.  There's no point in claiming that second-grade kids are learning engineering, when all they're doing is stacking cups or assembling Lego pieces -- in teams, of course.  Engineering is a college-level subject, and engineering students must understand math and applied physics before moving on to the college level.  Similarly, there's no point in claiming that elementary school kids are learning technology when all they're doing is learning how to use the internet -- which they probably learned at home already.  And what are they learning in science classes, other than evolution, endangered species propaganda, and global warming hysteria?

Student Says He Loves White People; Columbia University Explodes.  Columbia University is no longer a legitimate university.  It is simply a joke.  One recent event — the "Julian von Abele Affair" — has shown that this organization no longer serves the common good, advances learning, or contributes anything to society. [...] Columbia University stands in Harlem, a historically black neighborhood.  If Columbia cannot help people — at the very least its own students — make sense of all this, it does not deserve to exist.  It should cease to operate.

Rutgers prof who said **** white people cleared of wrongdoing: report.  Rutgers University on Wednesday [11/14/2018] reversed its previous finding that a professor violated the school's discrimination and harassment policy after he said he "hates white people" in a social media post.

Okay to be White
It's NOT Okay to Be White in Canada's Universities.  I am the student who put up the 'It's Okay To Be White' flyers at the University of Manitoba. [...] They were posted in protest of racially discriminatory ideology that is taught at the University of Manitoba that targets white individuals.  The absurd over-reaction, including by Harjit Sajjan, the Minister of National Defence, to a statement indicating it is "Okay" (i.e. acceptable) to be genetically European (white) is proof that many people do in fact believe it is not acceptable for an individual to be white.  Simply stating that it is acceptable for an individual to have certain DNA has sparked outrage, accusations of "racism", "white supremacy", and "hatred", and has even been condemned as "offensive" and a "scare tactic".

Kent State University cancels production of West Side Story after complaints that too many white students were cast in lead roles.  A student production of West Side Story at Kent State University has been cancelled after uproar that white students had been cast to play Latino characters.  Latino students who auditioned for roles playing members of the 'Sharks', a Puerto Rican street gang in the musical, were outraged after the three leading roles all went to non-Latino students.  Kent State musical theater major Bridgett Martinez, whose parents are from Puerto Rico, auditioned for her dream role as the romantic lead Maria, and was devastated when a white student landed the part.

The Editor says...
Oh, yeah.  So many white people!  That must be tough.  Get a life.

Look At What Iowa H.S. Students Were Forced To Do For Refugees Who Said They Were 'Offended' By White Kids.  High School students from Valley High School in Des Moines, Iowa, decided to ditch their typical school colors over the weekend, donning red white and blue as a way to patriotically cheer on their basketball team who was playing a local rival school.  The beautiful patriotic display is something that every American should've celebrated, but because many of the players on the opposing team came from refugee families, local idiots immediately began losing their minds over what the high school students did, immediately labeling the sea of red white and blue in the auditorium as "racist."  Outraged local liberals immediately began to spew their insane rhetoric over Facebook, with one parent, in particular, getting extremely triggered during the game.

University Corruption.  I'm thankful that increasing attention is being paid to the dire state of higher education in our country.  Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has just published "The Diversity Delusion."  Its subtitle captures much of the book's content:  "How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture."  Part of the gender pandering at our universities is seen in the effort to satisfy the diversity-obsessed National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, each of which gives millions of dollars of grant money to universities.  If universities don't make an effort to diversify their science, technology, engineering and math (known as STEM) programs, they risk losing millions in grant money.

Leftists Are Now Advocating Racial Segregation.  If you don't like a leftist position, just wait a while.  It'll change.  A good example of this is how while liberals fought racial segregation decades ago, now they increasingly are advocating it.  Just consider that at George Mason University (GMU) recently, a separate orientation was held for black students.  As The College Fix reports, "The event was called the 'Black Freshman Orientation.'  Hosted by the Black Student Alliance, the additional orientation occurred on August 25 at the university.  It has become an annual event there."  "Incoming black freshmen at GMU did not have to attend the Black Freshman Orientation, and if they decided to attend, they still were required to go to the university's regular orientation as well, according to the university," the site continues.

University hosts separate orientation for black freshmen.  Incoming freshmen at George Mason University recently had the opportunity to attend another orientation created specifically for black students.  The event was called the "Black Freshman Orientation."  Hosted by the Black Student Alliance, the additional orientation occurred on August 25 at the university.  It has become an annual event there.  Incoming black freshmen at GMU did not have to attend the Black Freshman Orientation, and if they decided to attend, they still were required to go to the university's regular orientation as well, according to the university.

'White Rage,' Black Lives Matter:  How one professor teaches U.S. history.  A basic U.S. history course at Clemson University focused on the post-Civil War era to modern times teaches the subject of America's past largely from a far-left perspective, including subjects such as "White Rage" and Black Lives Matter, according to the required readings for the course.  History 1020, or History of the U.S., focuses on the "political, economic and social development of the American people from the end of Reconstruction to the present," according to its online description.

Liberal college professor:  Whites should die.  Another college professor has been outed for being an anti-white racist after he went on a tirade on social media Sunday [8/5/2018], saying that all whites are inhumane and demanding should die.  John Eric Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, said that it was time for racially oppressed minorities to do what white people won't do, "put (an) end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and white supremacy. [...]"

The Left Are the Locusts of Culture.  [Scroll down]  The majority have no idea of the complex interweb of relationships, or the weave of technology, finance and just plain work that allows them their comfortable first world lives.  They have no idea what it would mean if it collapsed.  To an extent, they assume that every time and every place had this quality of life and that their "diversity" will only make it better.

America's Delusional Self-Destructiveness.  American universities and corporations now spend millions of dollars on implicit-bias training, even though the concept is sheer superstition.  From Harvard and Stanford to high-tech corporations such as Google and Apple, employers go out of their way to hire people because they are female, or black, or Hispanic, and so on.  Such persons may or may not be competent, and it goes without saying that if identity politics is the sole or primary criterion for employment, then they will probably be incompetent.  Nevertheless, as Heather Mac Donald has documented, the "equal representation" is rapidly increasing, and universities and corporations are becoming more precise in their implementations of the aim.  Meanwhile, as we level ourselves down in the name of equality and diversity, China graduates four times as many STEM bachelor degrees as the United States and twice as many PhDs.  A ruthless meritocracy, China does not lead students to believe things like affirmative action and implicit bias will compensate for their own inadequacies.  Rather, the Chinese must accept fierce competition as a matter of course.  Owing to affirmative action, American universities admit black students at about the same rate as white students.  But the graduation rate for black men six years after matriculation is only 40 percent, compared to 70 percent for Asian men and 62 percent for white men.  It is time to end affirmative action, hiring quotas, and all such forms of self-destructive generosity.

Florida State University offers students 'social justice' living community.  A public university in Florida offers its students a dormitory option to study "social justice," with the promise that residents will have the chance to "further their own understanding of people, groups, communities, and societies."  Florida State University's Social Justice Living-Learning Community offers a progressive take on traditional learning communities.  According to the program's website, the themed dormed allows students to "discuss and challenge common beliefs on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, ability, citizenship, political ideology and other identities."

California university works to reduce number of white people on campus.  In keeping with the diversity and inclusion movement sweeping campuses across the country, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently released a 30-page report outlining plans to "improve diversity" via a series of initiatives.  One goal is to increase the number of people of color on campus beyond the increases that have already occurred over the past few years, as "applications from underrepresented minority students doubled between 2008 and 2018."  "In 2011, the campus was 63 percent Caucasian," the May 2 report informs readers, "in fall of 2017, it was less than 55 percent ... but there is still much work to do."

Prof criticizes green movement for being too white, male.  In a recent interview with Yale University, a sociology professor argued that the green movement needs to "become more inclusive and effective" because white males occupy too many positions at environmental organizations.  Dr. Dorceta Taylor discussed the "troubling lack of diversity" in the green movement, complaining about the lack of progress since she first identified the preponderance of white men as a problem in a 2014 study.

Harvard Isn't Interested In Meritocracy or Asians.  [Scroll down]  The worm in the apple here is that Harvard offers an illusion of meritocracy.  But its aim is preparing future leaders.  Rather than letting in the brightest and most dedicated students.  And its notion of leadership qualities has only so much to do with academic merit.  That is why there's an extensive industry dedicated to helping parents get their children into those high end schools.  Some Asian parents have been paying thousands to tens of thousands of dollars just for the image management side of things.  Diversity is a much more important value than merit in academia.  And while that serves as an unofficial quota on white people.  It serves as a quota on Asian people too.

Harvard teaching hospital to take down portraits of prestigious white male doctors.  Of the 31 various doctors and department heads that have their paintings hung in the Louis Bornstein Family Amphitheater at Brigham and Women's Hospital, all are men, 30 are white, and one is Chinese.  They've been described as "pioneers of medicine," and getting a portrait hung there is something great to aspire to, according to the white male doctor who most recently had his image installed, Dr. Ron Walls, founding chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine.  But apparently having a cluster of white male doctors' portraits — great as they may be — sends a message to employees and students that "white men are in charge," Dr. Jeroan Allison, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who researches health disparities, told the Boston Globe, which first reported the news.

Harvard med school removes portraits of prominent white, male doctors.  The president of Harvard's teaching hospital got to thinking one day and decided there were too many portraits of white male doctors hung in a popular amphitheater.  She bemoaned the horrible situation that people walking into the amphitheater didn't feel like they "belonged."  The problem cried out for a solution.  So she moved several portraits of prominent white doctors in order to be more diverse and inclusive.

Diversity and Inclusion Harm.  [Heather] Mac Donald says that identity politics has already taken over the humanities and social sciences on American campuses.  Waiting in the wings for a similar takeover are the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math.  In the eyes of the diversity and inclusiveness czars, the STEM fields don't have a pleasing mixture of blacks, Hispanics and women.  The effort to get this "pleasing mix" is doing great damage to how science is taught and evaluated, threatening innovation and American competitiveness.  Universities and other institutions have started watering down standards and requirements in order to attract more minorities and women.  Some of the arguments for doing so border on insanity.

How Identity Politics Is Harming the Sciences.  Identity politics has engulfed the humanities and social sciences on American campuses; now it is taking over the hard sciences.  The STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and math — are under attack for being insufficiently "diverse."  The pressure to increase the representation of females, blacks, and Hispanics comes from the federal government, university administrators, and scientific societies themselves.  That pressure is changing how science is taught and how scientific qualifications are evaluated.  The results will be disastrous for scientific innovation and for American competitiveness.

Professor banned from restaurant for profanity-laced rant against white children, university investigating.  A white professor at Rutgers University is being investigated by the school for a Facebook post captured by The Daily Caller that railed against white children eating in a Harlem restaurant while he was there.  "OK, officially, I now hate white people," history professor James Livingston wrote in the post removed by Facebook for violating community standards.

Prof exposes $11 million payroll for 'diversicrats' at UMich.  The University of Michigan spends more than $11 million per year on salaries for 93 full-time diversity employees, according to one of its own professors.  Mark Perry, an economics and finance professor who is also an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar, recently convinced UM to conduct an internal investigation of 11 programs that benefit female students while excluding men.  While the university recently closed that investigation without offering an explanation, Perry argues in a recent post on AEI's blog that UM has more than enough diversity-related resources to conduct regular audits of its programs without prompting from a formal complaint.

Former WA Prof Who Refused to Leave Campus Over His 'Whiteness' Blasts College.  The now-former Washington state professor at the center of campus unrest over his refusal to leave campus based on his skin color returned to "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to give an update on his situation.

Texas State University students: You can't be racist to white people.  One freshman student's seemingly innocuous tweet about racism has ignited a firestorm at Texas State University.  Now other students are shaming her and asking her not to attend the university in the fall. [...] Backlash from other Texas State students and Twitter users was almost immediate, with some individuals suggesting that it's impossible to be racist to white people.

Evergreen State College students host 'No Whites Allowed' event for second year in a row, but at what cost?  One year ago, members of the Evergreen State College community asked white people to leave the campus in a "day of absence."  Those who refused to give into such demands sparked uncontrollable outrage from event planners and a chain of events led to mass chaos, national media coverage, and the exit of a few faculty and staff.  You'll remember students stormed a faculty meeting, disrupted classes, roamed the campus with baseball bats, blocked students and staff from leaving the library, and successfully demanded that campus police give up their guns.  Eventually, the chief of police resigned, explaining that she had been given all of the responsibility, but none of the authority to keep people safe on campus.  Professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, who were endlessly stalked and harassed, resigned from their tenured positions and sued the school.  At least four others followed.

Reed Students Say Humanities 110 Should Not Include White or European Authors.  Reedies Against Racism, a student group at Reed College, is demanding that the school's Humanities 110 course remove all European texts and replace them with non-European reading materials as "reparations for Humanities 110's history of erasing the histories of people of color, especially black people."  Whitewashed curricula are worth fighting.  But the Oregon college will repeat the error in the opposite direction if it decides that European and Mediterranean authors have nothing to contribute by virtue of their whiteness.  The activists already lobbied successfully for the Hum 110 (as it is called) curriculum to be altered, through a series of protests in early April.  These entailed interruptions of classes and thus clashes with other students and professors, at least one of whom understandably disagreed with the idea that the course represented "white supremacy."

Anarchy at Texas State University.  A recent incident at Texas State University is all too representative of the atmosphere with which those who deviate from the Creed of identity-politics must contend.  Connor Clegg, a young white Republican student and student body president, was impeached just two days before his term was set to expire.  Those students from such organizations as the Pan-African Action Committee, Latinas Unidas, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Unit 6875-B, Texas Rising for LGBTQIA Equality, and the Student Community of Progressive Development who had been pushing for Clegg's ouster erupted in cheers when his impeachment was announced.  The reader will get one guess as to the charge that these groups brought against Clegg and that led to his removal.  The College Fix reports that Clegg was ousted "following allegations of racism," allegations that in turn fueled the charge that he failed to represent "all students."

Video: 'White Privilege' Indoctrination In Our Public Schools.  [Sean] Fitzgerald sheds light on the stealth ways this radical programming is being introduced, as well as its devastating effects on students.  The video was produced in conjunction with the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Stop K-12 Indoctrination campaign.  [Video clip]

Stop Indoctrinating Our Children.  At the Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota, all employees, even bus drivers, must take "Equity and Racial Justice Training" instructing them that "dismantling white privilege" is at the core of the district's mission.  They must acknowledge their racial guilt, and embrace the district's "equity" ideology.

Minnquisition.  Last fall in Thinking Minnesota magazine, Katherine Kersten authored, "Whose values?  Educational Excellence Threatened by Ideology in Edina Schools."  As she learned, district bosses were more occupied with "white racism," dressed up as a concern for "equity" but in reality "an oppressive ideology with authoritarian undercurrents that steamrolls students and intimidates parents."  Some Edina parents had never heard of the "white privilege" concept until it turned up in an eighth-grade class on "21st Century Literacy Skills."  On social media, one parent noted, "this is a mandatory class!" and part of the official curriculum.  It also featured tests, and if students failed to answer in politically correct fashion, teachers took points away.

Ga. parents furious after 7-year-old, 'the only white girl in her class,' cast to play supremacist.  A Georgia school district is investigating after a 7-year-old student, "the only white girl in her class," according to her father, was cast to play a segregationist in a school play.  In a video of the play, 7-year-old Anastasia Bertram, playing the part of a segregationist, yelled at a group of black children to "go away, you don't belong here!"  She then marched with a sign that read, "Go home," on one side and "Cursed is the man who integrates" on the other, ABC-affiliated WSB-TV reported.

School district pulls 2 classic novels off required reading list, citing racial slurs.  District officials in Duluth, Minnesota, schools have removed "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" from the required reading list because of racial slurs in the books, CBS Minnesota reports.  Michael Cary, the district's director of curriculum and instruction, told The Duluth News Tribune the books will still be optional reading and available in the school libraries, but they'll be replaced next year by other books that touch the same topics without language that makes students uncomfortable.

The Editor says...
Nobody ever worried about making students uncomfortable when I was that age.

How Progressives Use Race as a Weapon Against Our Country.  [T]o believe the Democratic Party platform one has to believe that the historic Civil Rights movement, which led to the Civil Rights Acts was an abject failure and achieved nothing.  Such extreme condemnations originate, and are intended, as attacks on America itself — on the American idea and its achievements.  This is the meaning of the nationwide protests of the national anthem, and the attempt by the California NAACP to delegitimize and replace it as "racist," and by the numerous attempts to destroy monuments to Thomas Jefferson and other American Founders, as though their legacy was not one of freedom but oppression.  The curricula of American schools originally designed to educate the citizens of a democracy are increasingly devoted to the doctrine that whites are racists, that America oppresses "people of color," and that "whiteness" is a socio-political "construct" which must be abolished.  As one Texas State college student, echoing Obama, wrote in his school paper, "White DNA is an abomination."  Nor is this a view confined to students and their teachers, but rather one with broad currency among the nation's intellectual elites.

Ithaca High School pulls 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' over casting diversity outcry.  When Ithaca High School announced last fall that the spring musical would be "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," high school senior Annabella Mead-VanCort's mother, Eliza VanCort, wrote a letter to school administrators.  Mother and daughter were thrilled that a musical with a leading role of a female of color would be performed on the school's stage.  They would be keeping an eye on this production, Eliza wrote in the letter in late November.  "And then they cast it the way they did," Annabella said.  "And then we decided to write letters."  A white actress was cast in the role of Esmeralda, a Romani gypsy living in 15th-century Paris.  Maddi Carroll, a 17-year-old senior at Ithaca High School and member of Students United Ithaca, was cast in the ensemble and quit in November due to the casting of Esmeralda.

Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory.  For decades, the public schools of Edina, Minnesota, were the gold standard among the state's school districts.  Edina is an upscale suburb of Minneapolis, but virtually overnight, its reputation has changed.  Academic rigor is unraveling, high school reading and math test scores are sliding, and students increasingly fear bullying and persecution.  The shift began in 2013, when Edina school leaders adopted the "All for All" strategic plan — a sweeping initiative that reordered the district's mission from academic excellence for all students to "racial equity."  "Equity" in this context does not mean "equality" or "fairness."  It means racial identity politics — an ideology that blames minority students' academic challenges on institutional racial bias, repudiates Martin Luther King, Jr.'s color-blind ideal, and focuses on uprooting "white privilege."

Public Minnesota Kindergarten Class Teaches Children About 'White Privilege'.  A public school district in Minnesota is taking a radical social justice approach to the education of their youngest children.  Young students in the Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota, will be introduced to the concept of "white privilege" as early as kindergarten, according to a new report from the Weekly Standard.  The report details some of the unusual practices of the district.

White Privilege:  An Article of Left-Wing Faith.  Until thinking Americans who vote for much needed school budgets or fork over thousands of dollars of college tuition money start demanding an end to "this imposition of white guilt and universal black innocence," the left will continue to pit "various groups of people against one another simply because of the melanin level of their skin."

You Are an Unconscious Racist!  In an age where race was becoming less and less important after the triumphs of the Civil Rights movement, they needed something to stoke the fires or racial animosity.  Enter the Implicit Association Test.  You might laugh or scoff at this sort of high level academic nonsense masquerading as social science.  After all, most all high level academic social science these days is serves a political narrative.  But the cornball Implicit Association Test is more than a laugh line, it's outright dangerous and immoral.  This unconscious racism nonsense drove policing policy during the Obama administration.  It led to lectures, and consent decrees, and lots of your tax dollars flowing to consultants and teachers and programs designed to teach police they were all unconscious racists — so they better not pull out their weapon too soon.  They better delay the use of deadly force, because they all unconscious racists.

Anti-conservative SPLC now has chapters on 100+ campuses.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that maintains a list of conservative "hate groups," now has more than 100 chapters on college campuses across the country.  Chapters are expected to distribute materials such as a guide to the "alt-right on campus," as well as "further the SPLC's goals by raising awareness of the growth and activities of hate and extremists groups."

Prof says 'male-dominated' textbooks deter women from Econ.  A University of Michigan professor recently presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association arguing that "male-dominated" textbooks may be partly to blame for the lack of women in the field.  Betsey Stevenson found that 77% of the people represented in 8 leading texts are male, and concluded that "concrete steps" are needed to make textbooks "reflect the diversity of the student body we would ideally like to attract."

Gender Studies Coordinator's Checklist Determines Your Level of Support for White Supremacy.  What does this even have to do with academics?  Nothing.  Serious study is being replaced with social justice activism.

Dirty College Secrets.  Donna Riley, a professor at Purdue University's School of Engineering Education, published an article in the most recent issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Engineering Education, positing that academic rigor is a "dirty deed" that upholds "white male heterosexual privilege."  Riley added that "scientific knowledge itself is gendered, raced, and colonizing."  Would you hire an engineering education graduate who has little mastery of the rigor of engineering?  What does Riley's vision, if actually practiced by her colleagues, do to the worth of degrees in engineering education from Purdue held by female and black students?  Sympathizing with Riley's vision is Rochelle Gutierrez, a math education professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  In her recent book, she says the ability to solve algebra and geometry problems perpetuates "unearned privilege" among whites.  Educators must be aware of the "politics that mathematics brings" in society.  She thinks that "on many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness."

Liberal Prof Declares Meritocracy a Sign of White Supremacy.  Let's be honest.  The Democrat Party is now openly pushing Communism on US campuses.  English professor Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt put together a checklist for white supremacy.  Dutt-Ballerstadt tells students that if you believe in meritocracy — or awarding people according to their accomplishments or excellence — is a sign of white supremacy.  Of course, this is an openly Communist idea that Democrats are pushing on college campuses.

Our Kids Are Being Taught They're Flawed if They're White.  The American Left has morphed into our newest religion.  With frightening similarities to Islam, the religion of the Left "is an authoritarian movement that wants total compliance with its dictates," says Daniel Greenfield, journalism fellow at the Freedom Center, "with severe punishments for those who disobey."  In my new book, "Tyranny of the Minority," I warn that "a Hillary Clinton victory might have placed us closer to a political inquisition in which conservatives would be given the chance to confess and recant.  In that scenario, unrepentant conservatives would be deported."  Is that so far-fetched?  I don't think so.  Why?  Because an inquisition aimed at white people is already underway.

First day of 'White Racism' class at Florida university brings police presence.  The class, according to its course description, will confront "white racism and white supremacy."  It will examine "racist ideologies, laws, policies and practices" that "maintain white racial domination."  Its title is short but provocative and, to some, problematic.  As word spread that Florida Gulf Coast University will offer a course called "White Racism," controversy inevitably followed and homed in on the professor who designed the course and came up with the title.  Messages such as "What about black racism?"  "You're the problem in this country," and "If this was a racist country, you wouldn't have a job" bombarded his inbox and voice mail, said Ted Thornhill, an assistant professor in the university's sociology department.

FGCU police presence planned for start of 'White Racism' class.  When a "White Racism" class meets Tuesday [1/9/2018] at Florida Gulf Coast University, at least two campus police officers will be on guard as a precaution.  Today marks the start of the spring semester at FGCU, and Tuesday will be the first time the class meets.  The course has caused controversy due to its name and garnered national media attention.  "We have prepared for any possible distractions related to Tuesday's first class of the White Racism course, but we are expecting normal campus civility as our students engage in this and other courses at the spring semester's start," Susan Evans, FGCU's spokeswoman and chief of staff, said in an email.

The Ugly Racism of 'Whiteness Studies' Programs.  [Scroll down]  Out of this mindset grew the academic field of Whiteness Studies — a.k.a.  Critical Whiteness Studies — which first made its way onto college campuses in the early 1990s.  And from its inception, this discipline bore no resemblance whatsoever to other group-identity-based curricula like Black Studies, Chicano Studies, and Women's Studies.  Whereas those fields steadfastly celebrated their respective groups and emphasized their status as innocent victims of societal oppression, Whiteness Studies depicted whites uniformly as malevolent oppressors of people with darker complexions.  They weren't Italians, or Brits, or Poles, or Germans — they were just depraved white miscreants, best known for their many crimes against humanity.  As Jeff Hitchcock, the co-founder and executive director of the Center for the Study of White American Culture, said in 1998 at the Third National Conference on Whiteness:  "There is plenty to blame whiteness for.  There is no crime that whiteness has not committed against people of color.  There is no crime that we have not committed even against ourselves....  We must blame whiteness for the continuing patterns today that deny the rights of those outside of whiteness and which damage and pervert the humanity of those of us within it."  And absolutely nothing has changed in the field of Whiteness Studies in the years since then.

Academic:  Teachers must prevent 'assimilation' of 'whiteness'.  An academic paper published by the SIT Graduate Institute calls on educators to "promote racial identity exploration" so that students of color do not "assimilate" into the dominant culture.  The author, Hadiel Mohamed, says her research "aims to answer how educators can incorporate ethnic/racial identity development in the classroom for youth of color who are driven to pursue Whiteness," making clear as she goes along that she views "assimilation" as an unambiguously negative outcome.  "Historically, our education system has been used as an oppressive tool for people of color," she contends, attributing the condition to "the lack of representation within adults, distance caused by one-sided material, denial of racial tensions or experiences, and implicit bias from educators, classmates, and administration."

Prof Calls for Overthrow of 'White Democracy,' Violate Laws of 'White Man's Constitution'.  he video above features Diablo Valley College Professor Albert Ponce telling his class they "must destroy" the foundation's of the United States because it was built on laws created by white men.  The footage was published last week by The Red Elephants after a student sent in the video taken during a lecture called "White Supremacy in the USA." [...] The laws written by Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers in the Constitution should be violated, Ponce argues, simply because they were written by white men.  The professor believes our founding document "should be called a white man's constitution."  This from a man who considers Karl Marx "one of the most profound thinkers in the history of Western philosophy."

Professors claim farmers' markets cultivate racism: 'Habits of white people are normalized'.  Two professors from San Diego State University claim in a new book that farmers' markets in urban areas are weed-like "white spaces" responsible for oppression.  Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco are part of an anthology released this month titled "Just Green Enough."  The work, published by Routledge, claims there is a correlation between the "whiteness of farmers' markets" and gentrification.  "Farmers' markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized," the SDSU professors write, the education watchdog Campus Reform reported Wednesday [12/27/2017].

Professor: 'Mathematics Itself Operates as Whiteness'.  A math-education professor at the University of Illinois wrote about some of the more racist aspects of math in a new anthology for teachers, arguing that "mathematics itself operates as Whiteness."  "Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White," Rochelle Gutierrez wrote, according to an article in Campus Reform.  Confused?  Think that math is just math?  Well, you're wrong; math might as well be called "white math," because as Gutierrez explained, "curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans."

University teaches white employees how to overcome the 'discomfort' of being white.  A two-day professional development conference held recently at the University of Michigan included a training session that aimed to help white employees deal with their "whiteness" so they could become better equipped to fight for social justice causes, according to organizers.  Participants who took part in the "Conversations on Whiteness" session, held December 5 during the university's Student Life Professional Development Conference, were taught to "recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it," the university's website states.

One Ivy League College Just Took Self-Identification to a Whole New Level.  Brown University decided to change its graduate program's application process.  The change would allow potential students to 'self-identify' as a person of color, The College Fix reported.  Apparently, the university decided to make the change after faculty complained that international and Asian American students weren't being "treated as members of historically underrepresented groups."  Because of the lack of recognition, some students were missing out on invitations to multicultural events.  This policy is said to help the university reach its goal of doubling historically underrepresented groups by 2022, the Brown Daily Herald reported.

Brown University Will Allow Students to 'Self-Identify' as a Person of Color.  Brown University has announced a change to their application process that will allow applicants to "self-identify" as a person of color.  According to The College Fix, the policy is the result of complaints made by Asian-American and international students that they aren't yet categorized as members of historically underrepresented groups.  Historically, Brown has restricted minority status to "American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic or Latinx and Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander" students.

Apple Diversity Chief RESIGNS for Saying White People Can Be Diverse Too.  Oh the controversy.  A woman admits that white people are humans too.  Why would anybody spill the beans that white people should be included when diversity is discussed.  After all, white people are not the majority people on earth.  They only happen to be the majority people where most civilized cultures exists.

Professors:  It's Not Okay To Be White.  "Can my children be friends with white people?"  This bizarre question is the basis of a New York Times op-ed published Sunday, and the author answers it with a "no," albeit with some exceptions.  "History has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people in this way [of genuine friendship], and these recent months have put in the starkest relief the contempt with which the country measures the value of racial minorities," writes Ekow N. Yankah, a law professor at Yeshiva University.

Public school in Minnesota requires English course aimed at eradicating white privilege.  A public high school in Minnesota implemented a required, race-based English course aimed at eradicating "white privilege," but it wasn't billed that way to students or parents, according to a public policy organization.  "Pre-AP English 10 constitutes an abuse of parents' trust, taxpayers' money and — most importantly — vulnerable children," Katherine Kersten, a senior policy fellow for the Center of the American Experiment, told Fox News.  "Edina citizens should hold district leaders accountable for substituting political indoctrination for a real education."

Mathematics Is Not 'White'.  Recently, the NYC Board of Regents decided to loosen the certification process for new teachers, since not enough of their P.C. diversity quota were passing these qualifying tests.  Are we to believe that adults choosing the noble profession of teaching who cannot read, write, speak, or calculate to an established rigorous level (a level any parent expects) should be granted exemptions owing to some diversity goal?  Can't jump over the bar?  Let's lower it, then!  Problem solved.

Prof:  Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege.  Gutierrez worries that algebra and geometry perpetuate privilege because "emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi" give the impression that math "was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans."  She also worries that evaluations of math skills can perpetuate discrimination against minorities, especially if they do worse than their white counterparts.

Professor Claims Math, Algebra And Geometry Promote 'White Privilege'.  A University of Illinois math professor believes that algebra and geometry perpetuate "white privilege" because Greek terms give Caucasians unearned credit for the subject.  But that isn't the professor's only complaint.  She also believes that evaluations for math proficiency perpetuates discrimination against minority students, if they do worse than their white counterparts.  Rochelle Gutierrez argues in a newly published math education book for teachers that they must be aware of the identity politics surrounding the subject of mathematics.

Minnesota is Ground Zero in the Left's efforts to brainwash young people.  [Scroll down]  Teachers in Edina take the ideas of Freire, Lenin, and Ayers seriously.  At Edina's Highlands Elementary, teachers indoctrinate five-year-olds in order to radicalize them and encourage them to become activists obsessed with race.  The school district's "unrelenting focus on skin color is the leading edge of a larger ideological campaign to shape students' attitudes and beliefs on a range of controversial issues — most importantly, the familiar litany of 'race, class, gender,'" [Katherine] Kersten writes.  While this is happening "ordinary students are too often falling through the cracks and gifted education is languishing."  Edina embraces something called the All for All plan.  Its "fundamental premise is that white racism — not socio-economic factors like family breakdown — is the primary cause of the achievement gap."

Berkeley holds early orientations for 'special populations'.  The University of California, Berkeley invited certain "special populations" of new students to move in a day early to attend racially-exclusive orientation sessions.  Hispanic students, black students, Native American students, and Asian American/Pacific Islander students were all invited to the events, which addressed concerns such as mapping classes and financial aid.

School: AP and Honors classes will be decided by skin color, not intelligence.  A Virginia high sent a disturbing letter to parents and students announcing they would be selecting students for Advanced Placement and honors classes at least partly based on skin color, a concerned parent told Fox News. [...] "Through our collective work, advanced classes such as AP and Honors will have proportional representation," read the letter.  "Proportional representation is 40% White, 35% Hispanic, 12% African American, 10% mixed race."  The letter went on to explain that public schools across the country "continue to see outcomes that are disproportionate by race and social class."

Cambridge University Diversity Officer Under Investigation After Anti-White Racist Rant.  Jason Osamede Okundaye, Ethnic Minorities Officer for Pembroke College at the University of Cambridge, is being investigated after cheering on violent 'Black Lives Matter' rioters in an extraordinary anti-white online rant.  "ALL whites people are racist," tweeted the Cambridge Ethnic Minorities Officer, as rioters protesting the death of alleged drug dealer Rashan Jermaine Charles attacked police and members of the public in Dalston, East London.

Prof: 'ALL white people are racist,' 'ALL men are sexist'.  A Georgetown University law professor recently declared on social media that "all white people are racist" and "all men are sexist."  Preston Mitchum even told Campus Reform that simply being a part of "any dominant group when it comes to race, gender, sexuality, etc. contributes to the oppression of other groups."

Kent State offers minorities-only orientation, mentorship.  Kent State University will kick off the school year with a four-day orientation program held exclusively for minority students.  Following the "Kupita/Transiciones" orientation, African American, Latino American, and Native American students are assigned a mentor to periodically check in with them throughout the year.

Feminist geographers encourage colleagues not to cite research of white men.  Two feminist geographers are encouraging their colleagues to be more mindful about citing the research of white males because doing so contributes to "the reproduction of white heteromasculinity of geographical thought and scholarship."  Writing in "Gender, Place & Culture:  A Journal of Feminist Geography," Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne argue that considering an author's gender, race or sexuality prior to citation can be an effective "feminist and anti-racist technology of resistance that demonstrates engagement with those authors and voices we want to carry forward."  The authors point out that whether an academic's research is cited by his peers has significant implications for promotion, tenure and influence.  Therefore, to cite only white men "does a disservice to researchers and writers who are othered by white heteromasculinism."

Slavery, White Guilt, and the Politics of Absurdity.  Over a hundred million white Americans trace their ancestry to immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, which didn't open until 1900.  Most white Americans are descendants from people who came to these shores long after slavery was extinguished.  The indictment of all white people for the evil of slavery because they share skin color with slave owners is an indulgence in absurdity.  We are told not to judge all Muslims as terrorists or all blacks responsible for the crimes of individual blacks.  Yet, for whites, the collective guilt is unending.  It is propagated in our universities under the now theological dictates of white privilege and white guilt.

Colleges: Islands of Intolerance.  Is there no limit to the level of disgusting behavior on college campuses that parents, taxpayers, donors and legislators will accept?  Colleges have become islands of intolerance, and as with fish, the rot begins at the head.  Let's examine some recent episodes representative of a general trend and ask ourselves why we should tolerate it plus pay for it.  Students at Evergreen State College harassed biology professor Bret Weinstein because he refused to leave campus, challenging the school's decision to ask white people to leave campus for a day of diversity programming.  The profanity-laced threats against the faculty and president can be seen on a YouTube video titled "Student takeover of Evergreen State College."

College Fires Minority Professor After Racist Diatribe on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  I didn't think this day would ever come, considering the bigoted Leftist philosophy that has conquered higher education.  But a college has actually fired a professor for making racist anti-white comments.  A minority female professor.  Such a status is probably why Professor Lisa Durden thought she could say whatever racist garbage she wished during an interview with Tucker Carlson.  However, what passes as acceptable on campus was a massive embarrassment when on national television, so she is now out of a job.

Professor's profane, anti-white messages cause campus controversy.  The professor's incredibly offensive Facebook postings and hashtags were originally reported by Campus Reform. [...] Ironically, Professor Williams teaches about race and racism.

Prof Who Made Belligerent Appearance On Tucker Carlson Tonight Suspended Indefinitely.  A former professor at Essex County College was indefinitely suspended two days after her heated appearance on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."  Lisa Durden was told that she had to cancel her classes and report to Essex County College's human resources department two days after a June 6 appearance on the prime time Fox News show.  School officials then indefinitely suspended her. [...] Durden went off on the show in defense of a black-only Memorial Day party organized by Black Lives Matter, dodging a direct question from Carlson on whether it's okay to exclude people based on race.

Going on Fox News cost me my job, professor claims.  On June 8, Lisa Durden, a producer, filmmaker and media commentator, arrived at Essex County College in Newark to teach her speech class.  It was the closing days of the summer session and Durden was already set for the fall semester.  She was listed as a returning adjunct professor to teach mass communication and popular culture and two effective speech courses.  Two days before, she had appeared as a political commentator on the Fox News show "Tucker Carlson Tonight," invited to give her opinion as to why Black Lives Matter organizers held a Memorial Day event in Brooklyn for black people only.  When she arrived on campus June 8, Durden was abruptly suspended.

White Professor Awarded $4.9M After Being Fired From Black College To Make It 'Blacker'.  A white teacher was awarded almost $5 million in a racial discrimination suit after being fired by administrators at the historically black college of Harris-Stowe State University who were intent on making the college "blacker."

White Professor Fired From Black College Gets $4.9 Million.  A Missouri appeals court upheld a $4.85 million racial discrimination award to a white teacher who was fired from Harris-Stowe State University, an historically black college.  A trial jury awarded Elizabeth Wilkins $1.35 million in compensatory damages and $3.5 million in punitive damages on her claim that she was fired in favor of less senior black teachers.  She also claimed Dr. Latisha Smith, the temporary co-chair for Harris-Stowe's Teacher Education Department, repeatedly proclaimed her belief in "black power" in emails.

Here Comes Progress.  Over the past couple weeks, Evergreen has leapfrogged over Yale, Mizzou, and even Berkeley to become the most eagerly self-castrating school of higher learning in the US of A.  Reaching back to the 1970s, the school has hosted an annual "Day of Absence" in which nonwhite students and faculty were encouraged to skip school and reflect elsewhere on how [bad it was] to go to a racist school with racist teachers and racist students and racist buildings with racist libraries full of all that racist knowledge, even though their educations were likely almost entirely funded by racist white taxpayers.  The annual holiday was supposed to underline what college life would be like without black people, which presumably would make white students feel bad about themselves and possibly even lead to mass self-sterilization in the hope of building a better future.

College melts down over plan for white people-free day on campus.  After protesters at a Washington state college called for a day without white people, a biology professor says he no longer feels safe on campus — and student activists complain they're being vilified by conservative media.  Evergreen State College students said racial tensions have been simmering in recent weeks, but reached a boiling point when a faculty member disagreed with their plans to protest what they say is institutional racism at the Olympia campus, according to The Olympian.

"Blackalaureate".  The National Association of Scholars (NAS) presents a photo essay on a "black only" commencement exercise at Brown University.  Known as "blackalaureate," the event was held at a Providence hotel the day before actual commencement.  Graduating African-American students were inducted into something called Onyx, an organization that celebrates the "transition from Black student to Black Alumni."  During the real commencement, all the black and other "students of color" (except Asians) marched at the front of the processional, with the white students behind.  According to NAS's reporter, since 1979 Brown's black students have been showcased at the front of the procession.  Now, however, the lead group has expanded to include Native Americans and other students of color.  This apparently does not include Asian or Asian American students, who were dispersed throughout the procession.

Evergreen State College:  The Poster School for Academic Rot.  In the latest events at Evergreen we have on display the radical subversion of academia's historical mission as the premiere civilizing cultural institution, for at Evergreen, it is now savagery that rules.  As it turns out, every year for the last several years, Evergreen would hold its annual "Day of Absence."  On this occasion, non-white students and faculty would stay home while white students and faculty would attend "anti-racism" seminars and the like.  This year, however, someone decided to reverse the agenda by encouraging non-whites to come to campus and coercing whites to stay home.

University to host a public workshop on how to 'reduce the impact of white privilege'.  A public university in Washington state is hosting a workshop Friday [5/26/2017] to 'reduce the impact of white privilege'.  The seminar at Western Washington University, in Bellingham, is a part of the school's Campus Equity and Inclusion Forums, and will be led by a history professor, who is white, Randall Jimerson.  It is designed for faculty, staff and students, and will incorporate presentations, interactive exercises, and facilitated discussions in order to learn 'how to reduce expressions and effects of white privilege', according to the university's website.

Madness reigns at Evergreen State College as students 'take over'.  A new video has surfaced of students this past week at Evergreen State College yelling and ranting about everything from "racist white teachers" and "white-a** administrators" to "black power!" during a so-called "meeting" with President George Bridges and other college administrators.  Apparently, the activists are not pleased that this recording made its way to the Internet at large.

Student Mob Shrieks at Professor Who Objected to Event That Kicks White People Off Campus for a Day.  Evergreen State College students have berated a professor and called for his resignation after he objected to an event where white students were asked to leave the campus for a day.  Bret Weinstein, a biology professor at the university, sent out an email criticizing the purpose of this year's "Day Of Absence" event where, unlike in the past, white students and faculty members were asked to leave campus to give space to people of color.  Traditionally, the annual event is characterized by people of color leaving the campus to show their contribution to the campus, while white students and faculty members are attending anti-racism workshops.

'Abolition of Whiteness' course offered at Hunter College.  Hunter College will offer students an "Abolition of Whiteness" course this fall to discuss how "white supremacy and violence" influence individual identity.  The course fulfills one of four graduation requirements in political science, and its instructor has requested that it be added to the list of courses that satisfy a diversity requirement.

Students harass white prof for questioning diversity event.  Hundreds of students marched through campus at Evergreen State College to protest what they consider rampant racism at the school.  The protesters demanded that Professor Bret Weinstein resign over an email he sent questioning the decision to ask white people to leave campus for diversity programming, which he distinguished from a group voluntarily absenting itself.  They were also upset over a social media post in which a self-described liberal student pointed out the absurdity of a demand for classes specifically for "black/brown people" by inserting "white people" into the original post.

The End of Diversity.  [Scroll down]  Eventually, of course, the Progs figured out that this was a loser so they moved onto celebrating diversity.  Unlike tolerance or sensitivity, diversity has the benefit of putting everyone on the same level.  One race is as good as another.  Men and women can do all the same things.  All cultures are the same.  Modern life was going to be a celebration of the beauty and variety of life!  Well, except the white parts. [...] The internal incoherence of multiculturalism means that they will forever have to be dashing about in an effort to keep the plates spinning.  One day we're celebrating diversity and the next day we're stoning a heretic for noting that people are different.

Separate but equal:
Harvard To Hold Blacks-Only Graduation Ceremony.  In the name of progress, Harvard University will segregate graduation ceremonies based on race.  For real.  "Aside from studying and taking grueling tests, if you're a minority, the outer pressures of society make the already challenging coursework even more difficult.  Knowing this, Black members of the class of 2017 decided to form an individual ceremony.  It's the first of its kind at the school in recent memory and took nearly a year to plan," reports BET.  "The separate graduation is an effort to highlight the aforementioned struggles and resilience it takes to get through those."

Student reporter fed to wolves for challenging anti-white prof.  A student journalist was recently thrown under the bus by her school's campus newspaper after she described a professor's comments about white people as disgraceful.  The paper withdrew the entire issue from print because the op-ed referred to a professor having "resigned in disgrace" from another job after racially provocative tweets, which the editors called "unimpeachably false."

Los Angeles Middle School Faces Budget Cut For Having Too Many White People.  Los Angeles parents are outraged after their middle school announced budget cuts because there are too many white students, according to Sunday [3/26/2017] reports.  Walter Reed Middle School announced there would be layoffs and larger classes because the school's white student body is too big, reports ABC 7.  The Los Angeles Unified School District gives schools money only if white students make up no more than thirty percent of the student population.

Caution:  Offensive language throughout.
NC State Sponsors Event to Let Students Know that White People are Racist.  As part of "Diversity Education Week," NC State's Union Activities Board hosted an event today called "Dear White People," in which white students are told directly that they are racist.

Outcry after Chicago public school plans seminar around civil rights, race.  A public school in one of Chicago's wealthiest neighborhoods stepped into unforeseen controversy last week after deciding that its annual seminar will focus on race and civil rights.  Dozens of workshops planned for Tuesday at New Trier, located in Winnetka, Ill., will cover such topics as voter suppression, affordable housing and police brutality.  Colson Whitehead, whose historical fiction "The Underground Railroad" has won literary accolades, will speak.  Administrators and many parents said the seminar is particularly important because of the school's population.  About 85 percent of the school's 4,000 students are white with similar demographics among the teachers.

School: No More Music Composed by White Guys.  The Spring Lake Park High School in Minnesota has decided to stop purchasing music composed by white guys — at least for the time being.  "We made a commitment this year to only buy music from composers of color," marching band director Brian Lukkasson told National Public Radio. [...] The marching band also pledges to toot their horns to at least one musical selection composed by a lady.

The 12 Dumbest Ever 'Bias Incidents' On America's College Campuses.  In the last few years, more than 230 American colleges and universities — 143 of them lavishly funded by taxpayers — have launched bias reporting systems encouraging students to report each other for incidents of offensive speech and other kinds of "bias."  The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) published an exhaustive survey of such speech-chilling bias reporting systems earlier this month.

University of Michigan Student Group Demands White-Free Space for Plotting Social Justice.  Imagine a student KKK group demanding a special space on campus where no blacks are allowed, so it could scheme against blacks without them learning what it is up to.  Outrageous, right?  Yet we barely bat an eye at this:  ["]A student activist group at the University of Michigan is demanding campus officials provide them with 'a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work.'["]  In this context, "social justice" means "racial revenge."

Yale to Host 'Black Panther Party' to Celebrate Black History Month.  Yale University students will celebrate Black History Month by cheering the founding of the violent Black Panther Party — with their own "Black Panther Party."  The shindig, to be held on campus the school's African-American House (known as Af-Am House), and sponsored by the African American Cultural Center is designed to celebrate the Black Panther organization's 50th anniversary, and to help students at the school come face-to-face with the history of black activism.

The Saga of the Nutty Professor and Drexel University.  On Christmas day, Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher was caught with a twitchy tweet finger by American Thinker Editor Thomas Lifson, who published the professor's Christmas message:  ["]All I Want for Christmas Is White Genocide["]  [...] Ciccariello-Maher, who describes himself as a communist, joined Drexel University in 2010.  Drexel University said in a statement Sunday afternoon [12/25/2016]:  "While the University recognizes the right of its faculty to freely express their thoughts and opinions in public debate, Professor Ciccariello-Maher's comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not in any way reflect the values of the University."

Communists really do want white genocide.  "White Genocide" was trending on Twitter yesterday [12/27/2016] after self-identified communist professor George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University in Philadelphia tweeted, "All I want for Christmas is White Genocide."  But what most of the media has missed is the direct correlation between Ciccariello's anti-white sentiment and his communist ideology.  The academically-promoted concepts of "White Privilege" and "Critical Race Theory" can be traced back to anti-white Marxists who have successfully influenced a generation of students that white people are racist oppressors.

U Penn Removes Shakespeare Portrait Because He Does Not Represent 'Diversity'.  Students at the University of Pennsylvania have removed a portrait of Shakespeare from its Fisher-Bennett Hall and have replaced it with a picture of a black lesbian poet Audre Lorde in the name of "diversity."  According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, a group of students removed the portrait and placed it in the office of English Department chairman Jed Esty after a department "town hall meeting discussing the election" on December 1.  The Penn reports that the department had actually voted to replace the Shakespeare painting for "diversity" reasons several years ago, but that nothing had been done about it until after that specific meeting.

University Offering Course on 'The Problem of Whiteness'.  The University of Wisconsin is offering a course this spring on the "Problem of Whiteness," which is taught by a radical assistant professor who believes America is a terrorist state.  The course will cover institutional racism and "what it means to be #woke."  Damon Sajnani, an assistant professor in UW-Madison's African Cultural Studies department, is teaching the course.

Taxpayer-Funded Colleges Offer Courses On America's 'Problem Of Whiteness'.  Two more taxpayer-funded American universities — the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver — will offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how "whiteness" is a serious social problem in the upcoming spring 2017 semester.  The course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is matter-of-factly called "The Problem of Whiteness."

UC-Denver offers course on 'Problematizing Whiteness'.  The University of Colorado at Denver is offering a course called "Problematizing Whiteness:  Educating for Racial Justice" during the 2017 spring semester.  The three-credit course fulfills the cultural diversity requirement for students in the School of Education and Human Development, which is advertising the offering by posting flyers around campus and making the syllabus available online for students to view.

Dey be colonizin'
Buzzfeed: White People Are A 'Plague to the Planet'.  Buzzfeed published a listicle Monday [12/5/2016] containing insulting and racist messages towards white people.  The listicle, entitled, "19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero Fucks," is a list of students giving presentations.  Many of the presentations include insulting and hateful messages towards whites, such as, "White People Are a Plague to the Planet," "How White People Plagued Society," and "White People Are Crazy."  An image featured on the list shows a young woman with the presentations, "White People Stay Colonizing," while wearing a T-shirt that reads:  "Make America Brown Again."

University Of Michigan Protesters Demand A Separate But Equal Safe Space For Black Students.  In response to Donald Trump's electoral victory, students at the University of Michigan are planning a campus-wide class walkout Wednesday afternoon [11/23/2016].  They're demanding segregated campus space for students of African-American descent.  The event is hosted by Students 4 Justice at The University of Michigan, a group of students "who organize to target inequities on our campus," according to their Facebook page, which features Black Panthers imagery.

Sacrificing Diversity in the Name of 'Diversity'.  Diversity is engagement with the fullness of human experience as passed down for millennia in the Great Books and the Great Ideas and the Great Discussion.  This Discussion has animated our understanding of ourselves and each other across numerous cultures across numerous generations.  This is diversity.  Those who demand "diversity" have banished the Great Books, in all their rich diversity of perspectives.  They reject the Great Ideas because they don't conform to their own monomaniacal ideology of narcissistic self-expression.  They refuse the Great Discussion because that would mean giving a platform to those with whom they disagree, be it great philosophers or humble professors.  Needless to say, advocates of this form of "diversity" have not read the Great Books; they have no idea about the Great Ideas; and they have never been part of the Great Discussion.

SMU Volleyball Cancels Invitation to Daughter of Fallen Cop, Saying It 'Could Be Insensitive'.  Southern Methodist University invited, then disinvited, the teenage daughter of a Dallas police officer, who was killed in the line of duty, to hit the honorary serve at a volleyball game this week.  The reason they gave for rescinding the invitation was, "In light of recent events and diversity within the SMU community, the demonstration could be deemed insensitive."  After an outcry ensued, the university apologized and re-extended the invitation, but failed to give an adequate explanation for why it was spiked in the first place.

Whiteness:  The Original Sin.  According to the modern moral framework as it's dictated to us by academia's huddled rodents, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a racist.  We are also increasingly lectured that all white people are racist — so racist, they don't even realize it, even when they're trying their best not to be racist.  Therefore, it's not a giant leap to assume that under the current moral Reich, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a white person.

Left-Wing Berkeley Protesters Demand 'Spaces of Color', Harass White Students Trying to Pass.  Left-wing students at the University of California, Berkeley are protesting again.  This time, however, these students are calling for "safe spaces" for transgendered people, as well as "spaces of color" at the University (which they already have).  The protesters are also harassing white students trying to study, barring their path across a key bridge while allowing students of color safe passage.

High School Teacher: 'To Be White Is to Be Racist, Period'.  The parents of a high school student in Oklahoma are livid that their daughter's teacher said all white people are racist.  The girl caught the comments on tape with her phone.  "To be white is to be racist, period," the teacher at Norman North High School declared in class.  The student, who is not entirely white, felt very offended.  "Half of my family is Hispanic, so I just felt like, you know, him calling me racist just because I'm white... I mean, where's your proof in that?" the anonymous student asked in an interview with News Channel 4.  When the girl came home and shared the audio with her parents, they took their complaint to the school.  "Why is it ok to demonize one race to children that you're supposed to be teaching a curriculum?" the father asked.

High schooler records teacher's racism lecture: 'To be white is to be racist, period'.  A Norman North High School teacher is instructing students that "to be white is to be racist, period."  A student at the school who did not want to be identified recently used her cell phone to record a classroom lecture at Norman North High School in which her teacher, who also is not identified, explained how to "heal the racial divide," KFOR reports.  The girl alerted her parents to her teacher's troubling comments and they in turn contacted district officials to demand answers.  The lecture began with a video about the "Mistreatment of Native Americans" that prompted the student to record the lesson and ended with the teacher's lecture about racism.

Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, Bias Reporting:  The New Micro-techniques of Surveillance and Control.  A singular orthodoxy has infiltrated the discursive parameters of U.S. and other universities and colleges.  This orthodoxy now constitutes the ethical vocabulary of academia.  Adopted from feminism, anti-racism, and LGBTQ theory and practice, the language, doctrines, and mechanisms of this orthodoxy now dominate academia's policies, procedures and handbooks.  The terminology has become the vernacular among the swelling ranks of administrators, especially the relatively new cohort of chief diversity officers, directors of diversity, associate provosts of diversity, assistant provosts of diversity, diversity consultants, and so on and so on.  I refer not merely to the orthodoxy of "diversity," but in particular to "diversity" initiatives as they are currently administered, using a particular set of policies, procedures, and mechanisms: trigger warnings, safe spaces, bias reporting, and the like.

Colorado school district defends 'white privilege' survey given to staff.  A "white privilege" survey handed out to staff members at a Denver-area school district rankled some employees, but a spokesperson for the district said Wednesday it was useful in finding "opportunity gaps."  The survey, distributed at Cherry Creek School District, included 26 statements such as, "If a police officer pulls me over, I can be sure I haven't been singled out because of my race," and "I can choose blemish cover or bandages in 'flesh' color and have them more or less match the color of my skin."  Staffers would score each statement based on how much they felt it applied to them.  More than one employee voiced concerns about the survey, KMGH reported.  A student told the channel, "the title is definitely suspicious."

Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat.  Students of color at Columbia University can apply to attend an upcoming racially segregated retreat hosted by the school that promises to embolden and empower participants, according to organizers.

White privilege survey
Public high school under fire for 'white privilege' survey given out as homework.  School district spokeswoman Maureen Wheeler told KGW that the class in question covers issues affecting the U.S. today, including race, class, sexuality and religion.  The goal of the class is for student to 'gain empathy, understanding and to build bridges'.  But Jason Schmidt, whose senior son is in the class, doesn't see the survey that way.  'The way this survey is read, it almost wants to like, shame you for being white,' Schmidt told KATU.  Schmidt says he'd like to see his son 'learning actual education and not be a part of some social experiment or teacher's political agenda'.

Cultural Marxism Is Destroying America.  How is it that eight years after Obama promised a post-racial America and fifty-two years after the Civil Rights Act was passed, Americans are more divided by race than ever before?  It is certainly not for lack of resources being thrown at the problem.  American universities have Black Studies Departments, corporations have diversity trainers and racial staffing quotas and the mainstream media covers race issues constantly.  Despite all of this, the divisions keep worsening.  This trend is not being driven by white prejudice.  It is being driven by ideology.  The reason race relations in America continue to deteriorate is the cultural Marxist philosophies being taught relentlessly in schools and colleges across the nation.

U.S. Students on Track to Learn America Is to Blame for 9/11.  As America looks back on the September 11 terrorist attack that changed the nation, the direction of education in the country seems on track to ensure that U.S. students either forget that day entirely or view it as a result of America's own failure to be open and accepting of other cultures.  Signs of the promotion of a "borderless" country that fosters unfettered multiculturalism could be seen decades ago in progressive school textbooks read daily by American students.

'How To Be a White Ally' posters say all white people are racist.  New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on "How to be a (Better) White Ally" and stating that all white people are racist.  The signs state white people should "acknowledge your privilege" and "apologize if you've offended someone," adding that offensive language includes words like "sassy" and "riot," which are "racially coded."

'White People' Are the Enemy at New York University.  The State University of New York at Binghamton (SUNY-Binghamton) is offering a training class titled "StopWhitePeople2k16," to instruct residential assistants (RAs) on how to deal with "uneducated" people who don't believe in ideas like white privilege.  The class is just one of several available to RAs at the school, and was discovered by the Binghamton Review, a student newspaper.  Residential assistants are students who agree to assist with overseeing and monitoring residential life in return for receiving a free room from the school.  Apparently, though, Binghamton RAs also have the responsibility of "stopping" white people.

Public university hosts blacks-only student retreat — to promote inclusion.  California State University Fresno recently held a three-day student retreat for black students that aimed to foster inclusion and help incoming African American students adjust to college life and get involved in the campus community.  The inaugural "Harambee Student Retreat," which took place Aug. 14 through Aug 17, was free to participating students, who enjoyed housing, meals, workshops and activities meant to help aid in the "successful transition of incoming African American/Black students to Fresno State," the university's website states.

Segregation was outlawed in the '60's!  Liberals want to bring it back!  Nothing says "pulling together" like one-race-only leftist seminars.  The Democrats are back at it, in the 1960's they supported segregation and today they are at their same racist antics, just a different victim to target.  Public university hosts blacks-only student retreat — to promote 'inclusion'.

Outrage at North Carolina college as 'white, male, Christian able-bodied and straight' students are told 'to check their privilege' in poster campaign.  A North Carolina university became embroiled in controversy on Friday after a student group posted a 'privilege board' on campus which calls on white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender people to 'check their privilege.'  Students at Appalachian State University notice the board when they enter Plemmons Student Union, a major campus hub that has allowed the incendiary board to remain in place since last semester.  The board's existence, which was first reported last year by the web site Campus Reform, has conservatives outraged over what they perceive as the singling out of one religious group as well as the imposition of a political point of view on unsuspecting students.

Ole Miss band to look away from 'Dixie' beginning this fall.  "Old times there are not forgotten" proclaim the lyrics to the Southern anthem "Dixie."  But the University of Mississippi, whose athletic traditions were once overlaid with Confederate symbolism, is ready to forget the song.  Athletics Director Ross Bjork said Friday [8/19/2016] that he asked the university's marching band, known as the "Pride of the South," to create a new pregame show that excludes all the variations of Dixie it has traditionally played.

Seattle offers classes on 'white fragility,' to explain roots of guilt.  A city-run cultural program in Seattle is offering residents classes on "white fragility" to white folks understand why they can't seem to handle matters involving race, and tickets have sold out.  Lecturer Robin DiAngelo, who coined the term, is teaching the taxpayer-funded class for the city Office of Arts and Culture.  She defines white fragility as "a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves."  Critics say it is just the latest attempt at spreading white guilt, following in the footsteps of concepts such as "white privilege."

Vanderbilt to remove 'Confederate' from building name.  Vanderbilt University will repay an 83-year-old donation in order to remove from a residence hall what its leader called "a symbol and a reminder of racism, slavery and a very, very bloody Civil War."  Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos made the announcement Monday [8/15/2016], capping a 14-year effort to rename Confederate Memorial Hall.  The building, which has had that name etched into the stone above its entrance since it opened in 1935, stands in the heart of the university's freshman commons, and has frequently spurred debate about the university's attitude toward an increasingly diverse student body.

College president denounces black student's non-white roommate request.  A small liberal arts college near Los Angeles is denouncing a Facebook post made by a black student who was seeking out a non-white roommate.  The Claremont Independent reports Pitzer College student Kare Urena asked in the post that only people of color apply to live in her off-campus residence, adding that she didn't "want to live with any white folks."

Pitzer College Leaders Can't Agree If It's OK for Students to Advertise for Non-White Roommates.  So is it OK for college students to take out ads seeking non-white roommates for their off-campus house?  Well, at Pitzer College in California, it depends which senior administrator you ask.  Students at Claremont Colleges (of which Pitzer is one) advertised an opening in their off-campus home on Facebook that listed "POC" (or "person of color") as one of the requirements to apply.  The students are also resident advisors at the school.  Although other students immediately pointed out that the policy was discriminatory, the RAs countered that the segregated housing "protected" students of color and created a "safe space" for members of their community.

Chicago-area community college to reserve course exclusively for black students.  Race isn't a typical prerequisite to taking a college course, but it will be this fall at a community college near Chicago.  For the first time in its history, Moraine Valley Community College is earmarking two sections of its College 101 course exclusively for black students, spokeswoman Jessica Crotty told the Chicago Tribune.

Two murals at University of Wisconsin-Stout to be removed: 'Psychologically devastating'.  Two inoffensive murals hanging in the lobby of Harvey Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) are being removed because of a recommendation of the so-called Diversity Leadership Team.  One mural depicts a wooden fort, and the other depicts French trappers canoeing down a river with Indians.  No violence, no depiction of white supremacy — about as inoffensive as you can find.  But the DLT claims that the murals may be psychologically devastating to American Indian students.

College Takes Down Historical Paintings Because They Might Traumatize Students.  Since 1936, two large murals by Cal Peters portraying early Wisconsin history have dominated the common area of Harvey Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout).  One mural shows French fur traders and American Indians traveling down the Red Cedar River by canoe, while another portrays a wooden fort constructed by the French.  Neither painting shows any violence at all.  But now, after 80 years, the murals are abruptly being given the heave-ho after concerns were raised that the paintings are offensive.

Good Grief:  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Want To Stop Calling Kids Boys And Girls.  Why can't hardcore nutjob moonbat liberals just let kids be kids?  Why do they have to push their crazy ideas on kids?  Why can't they just mind their own business and, oh, say, teach them subjects which will allow them to be functional members of society?

Elite NYC school teaching kindergartners about 'white privilege'.  Administrators at the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side claim it's a novel approach to fighting discrimination, and that several other private New York schools are doing it, but even liberal parents aren't buying it.  They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they're made to feel awful about their "whiteness," and all the "kids of color" in other rooms where they're taught to feel proud about their race and are rewarded with treats and other privileges.  "Ever since Ferguson, the school has been increasing anti-white propaganda in its curriculum," said a parent who requested anonymity because he has children currently enrolled in the school.

Dartmouth to spend $145M promoting diversity, inclusion.  As part of the decade-long overhaul, Dartmouth has set a goal of increasing the percentage of minority tenure-track professors from 16 to 25 percent by 2020, which will require hiring 50 new "underrepresented" professors in the next four years.  Employees, of course, come with a price tag, and in this case the school estimates that salaries and start-up costs will be somewhere in the ballpark of $100 million over the next 10 years.

The Editor says...
Call it what you will, this is nothing more or less than race-based discrimination.

A Monstrous Moral Leviathan.  [Scroll down]  But then I read an article in the Guardian online by Bobby Scott a black U.S. Congressman titled:  "America's Schools Are Still Segregated by Race and Class.  That Has To End".  Scott's argument is the really old and really weird one many Conservatives are familiar with, i.e.; that the government should do something about the fact that in some mostly black districts and/or neighborhoods there weren't enough white students to go around.  Implying of course, that black students cannot excel in school work without enough Whites faces in the classroom.

Towson University hosts presentation: 'white people are a plague'.  In Obama's America, it is open season on whites.  White Americans now seem to have a "Kick Me" sign on their backs because bashing whites has become a popular sport, especially on college campuses.  Towson University is a public university located in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland.  Founded in 1866 as Maryland's first training school for teachers, Towson still produces the most teachers of any university in the state.

Teaching While White.  Teaching While White is becoming an occupational hazard these days.  So is being a white student, for that matter.  At the "Unofficial Scripps College Survival Guide," students learn that "white peers and faculty — portray Claremont Consortium as a haven for liberal ideology and acceptance.  It's a rhetoric that has led many white students to believe that racism does not exist on campus."  Thus, "as white students, [they] must identify the ways that [they] are engaging in the perpetuation of white supremacy and work to unlearn [their] racism."  Of course, "reverse racism does not exist because there are no institutions that were founded with the intention of discriminating against white people on the basis of their skin.  Many white people claim to be victims of reverse racism when people of color associate negative characteristics with white people or have a general dislike for them as a group.  This is not reverse racism because racism is privilege plus power and people of color do not have racial privilege.  Moreover, distrust or anger at white people is a legitimate response to a repetitive history and current state of racist violence."

A Hostile Cultural Environment.  Harvard President Drew Faust has now earned her place in the pantheon of cultural tyrants.  In the name of her high-minded principles, she has issued a dictate designed to bring more gender diversity to what are called Harvard's final clubs.  They are off-campus organizations and have no official connection to the university.  Students can join these social clubs during their last year at Harvard.  The problem is that many of them are single-sex.  President Faust has taken serious exception to this great social injustice.

Education or Indoctrination?  The left preaches diversity.  They shout it from the roof tops.  But, it appears the only diversity they want is color, [...] gender identity and sexual preference.  Diversity of thought and political beliefs are not welcomed.

Scripps 'Unofficial Survival Guide' claims 'hatred of white people' is 'legitimate response to oppression'.  Last summer, two Scripps College students spent approximately 500 hours creating a 217-page "Unofficial Scripps Survival Guide" intended to help new students acclimate to the college, with lengthy discussions of topics ranging from food and money management to gender identity, race, and privilege.

College Booklet Encourages Racism, Hatred of Whites, Denounces Capitalism.  A California liberal arts college for women, Scripps College, put together a 217-page "Unofficial Scripps College survival Guide.  It deals with adjustment to college life, health, time management, and social issues like race, privilege and gender identity.  A junior named Jocelyn Gardner led it with the full-backing of the school.  "My intention for the guide was to have something for every student," Gardner said at the time of the guide's release.  "I came up with a list of topics and opened the list up to student feedback.  I wanted it to reflect the Scripps experience on the whole and address anything a new student could have concerns about."  Aside from some absurd gender pronoun issues, it engages in racism against whites in what is a very divisive approach to race relations.

Only You Can Stop Whiteness.  A specter is haunting America.  The specter of white privilege, white supremacy and whiteness.  What is whiteness?  If you ask the radical education activists at the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference,"whiteness" is the source of all human evil.  Also it's the race of the majority of the country.  The conference with its 2,500 teachers, school administrators and counselors is a bizarre throwback to National Socialism's ideological indoctrination of every part of society on the evils of one single race.

Black History Professor Imagines A World Without Whiteness.  James Harrison, history professor at Portland Community College, said in a lecture Monday [4/4/2016] for the college's April Whiteness History Month that peace in the U.S. is impossible so long as whiteness still exists.  In a talk entitled "Imagine A World Without Whiteness," Harrison declared confidently conflict can only cease once the power structure of whiteness is totally eliminated.

Multiculturalism has gone mad in Germany.  The University of Dortmund had opened an interfaith prayer hall with special rules.  It had been named "raum der stille", the room of silence, a prototype which was opened in many universities in Germany during the last two years.  Just twenty square meters, the walls painted green, a red carpet, two sofas, two chairs, a bookcase from Ikea.  Minimalism of the "same God".  A strictly "neutral" space.  You can find it in the University of Berlin as well as in Bremen.  Students of all faiths, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims, could have found a gathering space there.  But it did not fare very well.  Two days ago there was a terse announcement:  "The attempt to create a non-religious room of silence has failed" said Eve Prost, the press officer of the University of Dortmund.  Many students had complained that they were segregated by other Muslim students and forced to remain in the smaller part of the room, along with any women.  Copies of the Koran were placed in the room despite the agreement, posted on the front door, that expressly forbade religious symbols.  Muslim students had ordered women to wear the veil and give up perfumes.

Widely Held Beliefs That Are Either Untrue or Meaningless, Part 2.  A pillar of contemporary leftism is the notion of "white privilege."  Given that a generation of high school and college students are being taught that a great number of "unearned privileges" accrue to white Americans — the charge of white privilege demands rational inquiry.  The assertion turns out to be largely meaningless.  And more significantly, it does great harm to blacks. [...] So, then why all this left-wing talk about white privilege?  The major reason is in order to portray blacks as victims.  This achieves two huge goals for the left, one political, the other philosophical.  The political goal is to ensure that blacks continue to view America as racist.  The left knows that the only way to retain political power in America is to perpetuate the belief among black Americans that their primary problem is white racism.  Only then will blacks continue to regard the left and the Democrats as indispensable.

Virginia high school nixes 'white guilt' video after criticism.  An animated film designed as a lesson in "racial discourse" for students at a Virginia high school will not be shown after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it "white guilt."  The video was shown at Glen Allen High School in Henrico during two assemblies for Black History Month and depicts several runners on a track, with black runners facing insurmountable obstacles while white runners are unimpeded.  Officials said in a statement Tuesday [2/9/2016] that the video, "The Unequal Opportunity Race," was a presentation involving "American history and racial discourse."

'White guilt' video shown to high school students irks community.  An animated film designed as a lesson in "racial discourse" for students at a Virginia high school has led to backlash from community members who've taken issue with not-so subtle references to so-called white privilege throughout the video.  "They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint.  It's a White guilt kind of video," Don Blake, whose granddaughter attended the assembly where the video was shown, told told WWBT.  "I think somebody should be held accountable for this."  Officials at Glen Allen High School in Henrico said in a statement that the video, "The Unequal Opportunity Race," was a presentation involving "American history and racial discourse."

Public School Kisses Goodbye to Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas to be Culturally Sensitive.  In a letter to parents last week, Principal Scott Masini said his rationale was to avoid "encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening a culture of tolerance and respect for all."

Public school kisses Valentine's Day goodbye.  The Baby Jesus, Tom Turkey and Cupid are about to be given the heave-ho at a Minnesota elementary school to be more inclusive of their ethnically diverse student population.  Bruce Vento Elementary School, in St. Paul, has decided to stop celebrating Valentine's Day along with other "dominant holidays" including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Florida First-Grade Teacher Under Investigation for "Lesson in Racism".  A Lake County mom is outraged over what one teacher tried explaining to her students during what she called a "lesson in racism."  Lychelle Bland wants her daughter to learn black history, but not by being discriminated against.  "It's the craziest thing I've ever heard that a teacher did to teach a child something," Bland said.  The principal of Minneola Elementary Charter School said that Tuesday [1/19/2016] after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a first-grade teacher conducted an unapproved classroom experiment without notifying the school or parents.

Oregon College Schedules Shame With "Whiteness History Month".  Portland Community College has decided to focus on "whiteness" for the entire month of April, but not in an ethnic heritage or celebratory sort of way.  No, they've decided to focus on shaming all that paleness.  Oregon has long been known as one of the most liberal states in the country, so it's really no surprise that any type of social justice rhetoric comes from its learning institutions.  This so-called "bold adventure" isn't a companion to Black History Month, though, but an attempt to change attitudes toward "whiteness", and not in a positive, let's-learn-and-grow-together sort of way.

College president says inclusivity more important than diversity, tuition costs.  The President of the College of St. Scholastica (CSS) says he will devote the final year of his tenure to promoting inclusivity, arguing that diversity is more important than tuition costs or adapting to new technology.  "I believe that the most significant challenge facing our school today is not affordability or government regulation or the impact of technology," Larry Goodwin writes in the Fall edition of St. Scholastica Magazine.  "It is becoming a more diverse and inclusive community of leaders where everybody can succeed."

15 Excerpts That Show How Radical, Weird And Out of Touch College Campuses Have Become.  [Example #2:]  "Portland State University Offers Course Teaching How to 'Make Whiteness Strange'.  According to Portland State University Professor Rachel Sanders' 'White Privilege' course, 'whiteness' must be dismantled if racial justice will ever be achieved.  The course description states that 'whiteness is the lynchpin of structures of racial meaning and racial inequality in the United States" and claims that 'to preserve whiteness is to preserve racial injustice.'  Students taking the course will 'endeavor to make whiteness strange.'  In order to make whiteness strange, the description says students must 'interrogate whiteness as an unstable legal, political, social, and cultural construction.'"

Colleges Designating Official Halloween Costume Sensitivity Consultants.  Colleges are hanging flyers around campus with phone numbers of officials that students can call to consult with about whether or not their Halloween costume is perfectly politically correct.

Obama: We Need An "Undocumented Immigrant Awareness Day" In America's Schools.  The Left has proselytized for its various constituency groups in the schools for decades in order to create cultural shifts in their favor.  It worked, for example, like a charm in the case of homosexuals — so much so that there is a generation who actually believe the government should be shutting down businesses in the wedding industry who refuses to participate in gay weddings.

Schools Ordered to Help Illegal Aliens, Hold "Undocumented Immigrant Awareness Day".  The Obama administration is ordering the nation's public schools to support illegal immigrant students, promote the president's amnesty and "embrace and value" the diversity and cultural backgrounds of the foreigners receiving a free, American taxpayer-funded education. In a 63-page "Guide for Success" issued this month, the U.S. Department of Education directs teachers in the nation's publicly funded schools to "understand the cultural and educational backgrounds" of their students and to "model multicultural sensitivity."

S.F. Principal: Student Council Election Not 'Diverse' Enough.  A San Francisco middle school principal withheld the results of the first student council election in years because the winners were white, Asian and mixed-race — and not black or Hispanic.  Lena Van Haren, 36, decided that because Everett Middle School is 56% Hispanic, 18% white, 20% white, 9% black, and 5% Asian, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the October 10 results should have reflected that diversity.

N.J. school nixes Halloween celebrations, cites diversity.  In a letter home to parents on Oct. 12, Seth Boyden Elementary School Principal Mark Quiles, and PTA Co-Presidents Amelia Riekenberg and Donna Upton, said the school's diversity prompted the Halloween celebration decision.

California Middle School Principal Is Openly Withholding Student Election Results Because She Wanted More Minorities to Win.  A middle school principal in San Francisco has refused to release the results of a school election because of a lack of diversity among the winning candidates.  Everett Middle School principal Lena Van Haren said in an email to parents sent Oct. 14 — four days after the student government election — that the results would be withheld because the winning candidates did not properly reflect the diversity at the school, according to KTVU-TV.  Van Haren told the news station that her school's population is 80 percent students of color and 20 percent white students — statistics the election results did not represent.  "That is concerning to me, because as principal, I want to make sure all voices are heard from all backgrounds," Van Haren told KTVU.

Clemson University apologizes to offended students for annual 'Maximum Mexican' food day.  Clemson University issued an apology this week after some students were offended by the school's annual "Maximum Mexican" dining night.  The cultural food night has become favorite for students at the South Carolina University.  Many students on Twitter posted excited messages showing their love of the food and festivities.

Mexican Restaurant Banned From Handing Out Sombreros As University Brands Them Racist.  A university has banned students from wearing sombreros after they deemed the Mexican hats to be 'racist'.  The student union (SU) at the University of East Anglia ordered staff at Pedro's Tex-Mex Cantina in Norwich to stop handing out the free sombreros at a fresher's fair in a bid to boost business.  Officials at the university believe that it would be "offensive" for anyone who is not Mexican to be wearing the traditional headwear.

The Editor says...
If the sight of a sombrero on a non-Mexican's head is so terribly offensive, why are sombreros sold to the turistas in Juarez, Matamoros and Reynosa?  It's not the Mexicans who are complaining in this case, it's the university "officials," who probably have never walked across the border.  Let those who have suffered an actual injury or disgrace do the complaining.

University of Louisville president slammed for Halloween photo in 'Mexican' costume.  The University of Louisville apologized to the school's entire Hispanic community Thursday after a photo surfaced showing President James Ramsey among a group of staffers at a Halloween party dressed in matching stereotypical Mexican costumes.

The Editor says...
Stereotypes don't just appear out of nowhere.  Every stereotype has a basis in reality.

College student's op-ed criticizing Black Lives Matter movement stirs controversy.  An Iraq War veteran has found himself in a First Amendment battle after taking on the Black Lives Matter movement in his role as a college newspaper columnist.  Bryan Stascavage, a 30-year-old Wesleyan University student who served two tours in Iraq, penned an op-ed in the school newspaper that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for creating an environment he believes advocates violence by spreading anti-cop hatred, and questioned the movement's legitimacy.

Amid Declining Participation, USDA's School Lunch Program Embraces 'Cultural Inclusion'.  The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 changed the nutrition requirements for school lunches and breakfasts, but the U.S. Agriculture Department says the law also gives schools the flexibility to prepare meals that are "familiar to kids from culturally diverse backgrounds."  Blogging at the USDA website on Wednesday [8/19/2015], Dr. Katie Wilson, deputy undersecretary for for food, nutrition and consumer services, hailed the nation's "diversity" of people, ideas, and culture:  "One of the way culture is expressed is through the foods we eat," she wrote.  "Our nation's school meals should be no exception."

University of Alabama sorority slammed for 'racially-homogeneous' recruitment film.  A University of Alabama sorority has been slammed for their recruitment video which critics are saying is racially-homogeneous and lacks diversity.  Alpha Phi, who are based at the Tuscaloosa campus, uploaded the footage to YouTube and it has since been viewed 500,000 times.

The Editor says...
If the football team is all black, or the marching band is all black, or the entire university is all black, nobody says anything about a "lack of diversity."

Professor: 'Whiteness' Is 'Terror,' Confederate Flag Represents 'Capitalism'.  I've granted been out of college for some time, but I sometimes think professors play a game with each other where they say ridiculous things just to see how many people will agree, and if they can even get away with it.

White Professor Says All White People are Evil, Some Only 'Less Bad' Than Others.  Another example of why our system of miseducation needs to be torn down and rebuilt raises its ugly face at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey where a white professor has decided that all white people are evil and that some are only "less bad" than others.

Teacher: I Don't Teach Shakespeare Because He's White.  The Washington Post has published a guest article by a California teacher arguing that American high school students shouldn't read Shakespeare because he's a dead, white man.  Dana Dusbiber, who teaches English in Sacramento, says she avoids Hamlet and all the rest because her minority students shouldn't be expected to study a "a long-dead, British guy" (Dusbiber herself is white).  And while Shakespeare is widely regarded as the premier writer of the English language, able to timelessly portray themes central to the human experience, Dusbiber says he only is regarded that way because "some white people" ordained it and he can easily be replaced.

University Report States That A Room Full of White People Is a Microaggression.  Everyone feels out of place in college and like they don't fit in — even white people.  It will come as a shock to these people that white students don't get called on either in class.  Get over yourselves.  What is wanted here is that white people are labeled as inferior and that deference should be given to those of color.  That's racism in itself and cultural elitism or cultural cronyism if you prefer.  This isn't about racism — it's about racial superiority and it is meant to create conflict.  By declaring racial microaggression, you are engendering aggression among the students.  And they know it.

The Four Horsemen of the Education Apocalypse.  America watches in horror as ravaging mobs of young, mostly black, people tear through American towns burning cars and businesses, looting and vandalizing, screaming obscenities and mindless chants.  Our president blames slavery — gone now for over 150 years, blacks blame the cops, journalists blame poverty, but so far no one has blamed the educational system.  If you spend between 12 and 16 years telling kids:
  •   that they are victims of gross unfairness,
  •   that they have no hope unless somebody else fixes things for them,
  •   that the system is rigged against them,
then you shouldn't be astounded when they blow up.

Boston University prof flunks 'white masculinity' in controversial tweets.  Critics say a newly-hired Boston University professor has crossed the line with recent tweets bashing whites, but the school says it's simply free speech.  "White masculinity isn't a problem for america's colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for america's colleges," Saida Grundy, an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Boston University, tweeted in March.  In another tweet from January, she wrote:  "Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses.  and [sic] every year i [sic] find it nearly impossible."

The Editor says...
One would think that a "professor" would capitalize the first-person singular pronoun I, capitalize the first word in a sentence, and refrain from beginning a sentence with a conjunction.

Public Schools Spend $Millions Keeping Blacks Down With Pernicious White Privilege Propaganda.  The concept of "white privilege" is cultural Marxism taken to its final extreme of morally depraved idiocy.  It entails condemning members of the European race for the traits that have allowed them to build the most successful civilization in human history.  So fundamentally perverted is this ideological toxin that its proponents focus on applying it to children, who have not yet developed intellectual defenses from lunacy.  Liberal control of public schools makes it easy to do this on your dollar.

School District Excludes All White Students From Third-Grade Field Trips To Local College.  Public school officials in South Bend, Ind. are segregating elementary schools students by race and ferrying black students — and only black students — on visits to local colleges.  The students facing racial segregation in America in the year 2015 are third graders at seven elementary schools, reports local ABC affiliate WBND.  School district officials say they do not intend for the taxpayer-funded reenactment of Jim Crow-era race segregation to be discriminatory.  Instead, they say, the intent is to inform black students about college because low numbers of black students attend college.

American-themed dance causes controversy in Lexington.  A debate over a themed dance is sparking controversy at Lexington High School.  Students said the administration canceled an "American Pride" dance because it excluded other nationalities, despite the theme getting the most votes from the dance committee.  School officials defended their decision and added they are willing to tweak the theme in order for everyone to be included.

Theme of Lexington High's 'American Pride' Dance Changed for Excluding Other Nationalities.  The theme of a junior/senior dance at Lexington High School has been changed from "American Pride" to "National Pride," causing debate in the community.  Lexington, which played such a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War 240 years ago and whose school district motto is "The Historic Past Meets the Progressive Future," has scrapped the red, white, and blue celebration on April 10 for a less America-specific focus.

Univ Drops Racial Descriptions From Crime Alerts; Sheriff Clarke Reacts!  The University of Minnesota has dropped racial descriptions from campus crime alerts, after students protested for weeks about campus diversity.  Student groups pressured the university to stop sending campus-wide crime alerts using vague racial descriptions of suspects in serious crimes.

Black Mr. Gay teaches new guilt theory to liberal white kids.  The New York Times had a long article about "diversity training" at elite private schools in New York.  In the finest tradition of Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, white students were encouraged to sit around and brainstorm about the oppression caused by white privilege.  And leading the sessions was a diversity agitator named Mr. Gay, who is also black. [...] I'm glad our next generation is de-emphasizing mundane topics like math, science, reading, and writing to focus on the truly important topics, like oppression by race.

Rutgers campus holding admissions fair for illegal immigrants.  Rutgers University — Newark is hosting a first-of-its-kind college admissions fair called "UndocuRutgers" for illegal immigrants seeking to enroll.  "The NJ 'DREAM' Act and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals provide more access to higher education for undocumented students than ever before," reads the registration page for the Saturday event in Newark, Campus Reform reported.  "Come learn what resources and opportunities are available at Rutgers University-Newark."

Rutgers To Hold First Ever College Fair For Illegals.  Rutgers University, the flagship state university of New Jersey, will be hosting what appears to be the first ever college admissions fair designed exclusively for illegal immigrants.  The event, dubbed "UndocuRutgers," will be held this Saturday, and will feature admissions representatives from Rutgers as well as several local colleges.  According to NJ.com, it will also have representatives from Rutgers School of Law-Newark, who will offer tips on how prospective students can apply for federal deferrals on deportation and other legal issues.

High School principal OK'd racially charged anti-cop poster.  A city high-school principal allowed a racially charged, anti-police poster to hang in the hallway — even after the December execution of two officers, The [New York] Post has learned.  The sign was made by a student at Frederick Douglass Academy in The Bronx — among several posters protesting the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner that were put up in early December.

Arizona State University offers course on the 'Problem of Whiteness'.  Arizona State University is offering an English course this semester that promises to explore critical race theory and the "problem of whiteness" in American literature and culture.  "U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness" is being taught by ASU assistant professor Lee Bebout, who is white, Campus Reform reported.

School censors 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' because of 'racial connotations'.  Kindergartners in Victoria, Australia will be learning a revised version of the classic nursery rhyme, "Baa Baa Black Sheep." The lyrics, the Herald Sun reports, are being changed "because of concerns over the racial connotations of 'black,' and to reflect a multicultural community."  Teachers in Melbourne are also considering changing the line "one for the little boy who lives down the lane" because "it could be deemed sexist."

CA Lawmakers Aim To Ban English Only Instruction in Public Schools.  On Tuesday [8/26/2014], a few hours after Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto said that Illegal Aliens deserve justice in the USA and Gov. Jerry Brown welcomed all illegal immigrants to California, lawmakers in Sacramento passed a proposed ballot measure seeking to dismantle the English-only mandate for public schools and increase multilingual education programs.

The real sea change should occur on campus.  One of the pillars of the liberal movement on college and university campuses is diversity.  Unfortunately, such diversity usually stops when it comes to hiring those who exhibit conservative or even Christian backgrounds.  Discrimination against conservatives flies in the face of academic responsibility, honesty and liberty.  This ideological purification program used by the left is pervasive and cuts across day-to-day academic activities such as recruitment, hiring, promotion, tenure, grading, curriculum decisions and even graduation and admission into advanced degree programs.

University of Wisconsin Faculty Votes to Apportion Grades by Race.  Political correctness has for some time mandated that everyone get an A, so it was only a matter of time before the coercive forces seeking "Diversity and Inclusive Excellence" rendered grades utterly meaningless.  But to commandeer grades as a vehicle for reparations?  That level of brainlessness deserves an F — no matter what color you are.

White students fed up with black professor's racial screeds, lawsuits fly.  The politics of faux victimization are spiraling out of control at a community college in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where several white students, their black professor and irritated administrators have one-upped each other with complaints, reprimands and now a lawsuit.  The trouble began in English professor Shannon Gibney's Introduction to Mass Communications class at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  Though the class ostensibly has little to do with race, Gibney considers herself an activist on racial issues, and frequently invokes white privilege and oppression during class time, according to her students.  Recently, several white students announced that they had had enough with Gibney's incessant racial screed.  They interrupted her during a lecture, and said, "Why do we have to talk about this in every class?

Time to Eliminate Ethnic Studies?  It might be comforting to students who seek education simply to amplify their political beliefs — after all, that is pretty much the effect if not the purpose of most racial and ethnic studies courses — but engineering courses would teach a discipline of thought and the difference between fact and theory that would enhance any Michigan student's education, even if they lowered the grade-point average of those more accustomed to being marked on effort rather than result.  Perhaps the University of Michigan — and other prominent schools — should go further, however, and eliminate race and ethnic studies courses altogether, at least at the undergraduate level, because they are hopelessly narrow and deny students the broader base and context they would need to address race and ethnicity in a serious way.

College group cancels diversity 'happy hour' after excluding white staffers.  An attempt to fight racism at a community college may have backfired.  A group of employees at South Puget Sound Community College sent out an invitation to all 300 staffers.  The "Staff, Faculty and Administrators of Color" encouraged employees to reply to the invitation to find out the confidential date and time of what was being called a "happy hour" to "build support and community" for people of color.  The invite made it clear white people were not invited.

The Editor says...
If the colors were reversed, this sort of un-invitation would be called "hate speech."

Taxpayer-funded community college bans white people from staff happy hour.  The pitifully goofy notion of addressing racism — somehow — by bringing back the separate-but-equal doctrine keeps popping up at colleges and universities.  The latest incident occurred last week at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Wash., reports Seattle-area NBC affiliate KING-TV.  Staffers in the Diversity and Equity Center sent an invitation to all 300 employees of the taxpayer-funded school concerning a happy hour intended to "build support and community" for "people of color."  The invitation stated in no uncertain terms that white people could not attend.  It instructed recipients with the right skin colors to reply seeking the highly confidential date and time of the happy hour.

College group's diversity event canceled after excluding white people.  An event meant to celebrate diversity and combat racism at a Washington state community college has been cancelled after a flier emailed to guests said white people weren't invited.  A group of employees, under the name "Staff, Faculty and Administrators of Color," at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia sent an invitation to all 300 staffers to attend a diversity "happy hour," a local news station reported.

Students against diversity.  This should make clear, if you ever had any doubt, that "diversity" is a scam, because what people want is not diversity, but rather to advantage some groups and disadvantage others.  And underlying that is hate.  Switch the races, and see for yourself.

Texas Principal Put On Leave For Banning Spanish In School.  A Texas middle school principal has been placed on paid leave after she banned the speaking of Spanish by students while in class.

Students go back to school with 'Trayvon Martin dialogues'.  Middle and high school students in San Diego, California will be encouraged to vent their frustration that the world lacks justice when they return to school and participate in the "Trayvon Martin dialogues" this fall. [...] The sponsors of San Diego's Trayvon Martin dialogues, however, believe the resolution of the case has produced in teenagers "feelings of fear, anger, and skepticism that they will live in a just society," according to The College Fix.

Colleges Become Re-Education Camps In the Age Of Diversity.  Northwestern University is going to require all students to complete a course in diversity before they can graduate.

Obama names black education czar to reduce 'resegregation'.  U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has announced the appointment of David J. Johns as executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.  Mr. Johns' duties will focus on improving the academic performance of black students, promoting understanding and tolerance among all Americans, as well as reducing "racial isolation and resegregation of elementary and secondary schools."

Public School Teaches "White Privilege" Class.  A school district in Wisconsin said they will review a high school diversity class that exposed students to radical leftist thinkers and promoted a critical race theory that alleges white people are oppressors.  The "American Diversity" class was taught to students at Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin, Fox News has learned.  "They're teaching white guilt," one parent told Fox News.  "They're dividing the students.  They're saying to non-whites, 'You have been oppressed and you're still being oppressed.'"

Principal Sees Racism in Peanut Butter.  An Oregon grade school principal suggested in a newspaper interview that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches might be racially and culturally offensive. [...] The equity program is called "Courageous Conversation" and it involves taking educators through an intensive program so they can understand their own "white privilege," the newspaper reported.  Robb Cowie, the communications director for Portland Public Schools told Fox News they were aware of the story and to their knowledge it was factually accurate.  "What we're trying to do in our school district is to ensure that we have instruction that is meaningful and relevant to ever student in the classroom," Cowie said.  In some cases, that means offering programs strictly for students of color.

The Editor says...
That sounds like the "separate but equal" education system that the liberals say they oppose.

White Guilt Awareness Day.  "White guilt" is the politically correct agenda taught by the Left on college campuses today. ... White guilt perpetuates the victimization of minorities by convincing them of how terrible their existence is.  As long as we keep telling people they are victims, the Left will continue their reign over the oppressed, students will be forced to be more politically correct in order to avoid further injustice, and white students will continue to be ashamed of themselves and find ways to apologize to society.  White hate groups are just one of a few different means used at universities to battle the "privileged."  Welcome to the politically correct world of higher education — allow them to tell you how you should feel.

The Case Against Mortarboarding.  I have received a number of e-mails over the years from disgruntled parents griping about the left-wing indoctrination their kids are forced to undergo at colleges and universities all over America. ... If I were running things, most high school grads would enter trade schools.  America will always need nurses, plumbers, carpenters, glaziers and mechanics.  What nobody needs is some 21-year-old schnook who's wasted four years and most of his inheritance majoring in black, Hispanic or lesbian studies.

White Student Sues For Racial Discrimination.  This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear two race-related lawsuits filed by white parents in Seattle, Washington, and Jefferson County, Kentucky, who claim their government school systems are engaged in discrimination by using race to make school assignments, a practice supposedly outlawed by Brown v. Board of Education.  (Although based on political considerations and a flawed sociological study, rather than on legal arguments, Brown nevertheless is the law of the land.)

The First Affirmative Action Candidate.  It seems as if American college students have been groomed to cheer a black presidential candidate thereby providing them with a small measure of ablution from their "racist sins."  Unfortunately, they were not trained to apply universal moral standards and sound judgment when analyzing issues and individuals.  Rather, their worldview is seen through the limited prism of white guilt.  The outcome of which is that white America, Europe and Israel are tainted with sin, and blacks, Muslims and those of the third-world are victims, and therefore virtuous regardless of their actions or motivations.

Ethnomathematics:  Even math education is being politicized.  A new textbook, "Rethinking Mathematics:  Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers," shows how problem solving, ethnomathematics and political action can be merged.  Among its topics are: "Sweatshop Accounting," with units on poverty, globalization and the unequal distribution of wealth.  Another topic, drawn directly from ethnomathematics, is "Chicanos Have Math in Their Blood."  Others include "The Transnational Capital Auction," "Multicultural Math," and "Home Buying While Brown or Black."

A betrayal of the civil rights struggle.  During the 2003-04 school year, only 52 of the nation's 92,000 public schools were labeled "persistently dangerous," a designation under the No Child Left Behind Act entitling students to move to an alternate "safe" school.  Philadelphia had 14 schools labeled as "persistently dangerous" and Baltimore had six. … School violence, including assaults on teachers and staff, is not restricted to inner city schools but occurs also in suburban and rural schools.  However, the bulk of the violence is at schools with large black populations.

Enough Already.  Many have weighed in on Eric Holder's "cowards" slur.  He obviously hasn't paid much attention to college campuses, where the obsession with race permeates departments, curricula, hiring, faculty profile, student events, funding, etc.  Bumper-sticker identification and hair-trigger readiness to accuse someone of racism to further a particular ideological or even personal agenda are now 30 years old and institutionalized in higher education.

Noose Outcry:  A New Entry in the Campus Hall of Shame.  Does anyone still wonder why college culture is the laughingstock of the larger community?  Our campuses seem to lurch from one politically correct knee-slapper to the next.  Does anyone crack a book at these places anymore?

Sending Poor Kids to Middle-Class Schools Doesn't Fix the System.  Proximity is not destiny, educationally speaking.  A generation of experience with racial integration has taught a clear lesson:  Sitting black kids next to white kids in school is not a silver bullet that zaps unequal achievement.  However, the faith that proximity leads to equal achievement remains the cargo cult of education.

Pin the tail on the honky:  If you haven't been following the campus cultural wars lately, you might find it hard to believe that some of those quotes were actually uttered.  But if you have worked or studied on a campus lately, chances are you've heard variations of several of them.

Academic Cesspools:  Professor Noel Ignatiev, of the Massachusetts School of Art, explains that his concern is to do away with whiteness.  Why?  "Because whiteness is a form of racial oppression."  Ignatiev adds, "There cannot be a white race without the phenomenon of white supremacy."  What's blackness?  According to Ignatiev, "Blackness is an identity that can be plausibly argued to arise out of a resistance to oppression."  Bucknell professor Geoff Schneider agrees, saying, "A lot of our students, I think, are unconsciously racist."  Both Ignatiev and Schneider are white.

Academic Cesspools II.  The Philadelphia-based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a frontline organization in the battle against academic suppression of free speech and thought, released information about what's going on at the University of Delaware, and probably at other universities as well, that should send chills up the spines of parents of college-age students.

An Afro Centric Curriculum Will Segregate Students.  In Philadelphia, students are going to be required to take a year-long course in African and African-American history  — written by an "Afro centrist". … No good can come of placing more emphasis on the events and experiences of one race over that of another in our public schools. … Implementing a curriculum in which a theme of black oppression dominates, is simply trading inequities.

Capistrano Abandons Race-based Student Attendance Policies.  The Capistrano Unified School District will stop using students' race to determine where they will go to school, under a comprehensive settlement approved by the Board of Trustees Monday night [11/27/2006].  The settlement comes in response to a lawsuit brought by Pacific Legal Foundation, which challenged the District's policy of utilizing race as a factor when drawing attendance boundaries, along with the current attendance boundaries plan created pursuant to that policy.

Reporter claims assault at 'racist' public school.  A radio reporter attempting to interview the principal of a publicly funded school backed by radical groups that lay claim to the Southwestern U.S says he was chased down and tackled at the campus today, apparently by order of the principal.

A definition of racism, itself racist.  Apparently, blacks and Latinos and Native Americans can't be racist.  So the next time a kid of minority color pulls a knife on a white kid, calling him "Whitey" or worse, we'll know that this wasn't racist.  The next time a minority rights champion flies off the handle and says that all whites are racists, we'll know that statement isn't itself racist.  How will we know?  Because according to the people who teach our children, only white people in America can be racist!

The flag, the schools, the immigrants, and us.  Exalting multiculturalism and multilingualism, and encouraging separatism on the part of minorities, liberals are in effect asking Americans not just to open their doors but to tear down the house.

Planning ahead is considered racist?  Are you salting away a little money for your retirement?  Trying to plan for your kids' education?  If so, Seattle Public Schools seems to think you're a racist.  According to the district's official Web site, "having a future time orientation" (academese for having long-term goals) is among the "aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype and label people of color."  Huh?

"I pledge allegience to my black people".  One of the nation's fastest-rising poetry prodigies is a 7-year-old New York girl whose poisonous demagogic advocacy of black separatism makes Al Sharpton look like Mister Rogers. … Autum Ashante' is the natural offspring of militant multiculturalism and government-sanctioned identity politics.  We reap what we sow.

Baking up a controversy.  The enemies of campus bake sales are at it again, inflaming one another over the dire threat of cupcakes and cookies sold at different prices to whites, minorities, and women.  The sales are political parody, of course, poking fun at affirmative action policies and trying to get a debate going.  Campus orthodoxy holds that such policies are sacred and that any dissent, even in the form of satirical cookie prices, is illegitimate and deserving of suppression.

Letter to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times.  During my last two years at Dorsey High, I've had my classroom burnt to the ground, had a death threat, physical assaults, and constant accusations of racism.  Community "activists" in our area have written woeful letters to the Superintendent, imploring her to remove me from my position as a Spanish teacher.  Their accusation:  Students are failing my class because they're forced to learn Greek and Hebrew instead of Spanish.

Enforced diversity:  William Anderson describes his participation in a mandatory "diversity" seminar for his new job at Frostburg State University in Maryland.  After recounting some of the idiotic exercises, he observes that liberals have managed to impose such indignities as these "diversity" sessions because of their control of so many social institutions.

Multiculturalism's War on Education.  Back to school nowadays means back to classrooms, lessons and textbooks permeated by multiculturalism and its championing of "diversity."  Many parents and teachers regard multiculturalism as an indispensable educational supplement, a salutary influence that "enriches" the curriculum.  But is it?

Rap Music as Education an Insult to Minority Youth, Says Columnist.  A growing number of public school teachers across the U.S. are using rap music to teach history and English — but that's not sitting well with one conservative columnist.

Western Civilization At Stake:  Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) worries that too many young Americans — particularly immigrants and their "first generation" children — are being taught the wrong lessons in our schools.  We cannot allow this to continue or else we risk becoming the Dis-united States of America.  If you care about our country and its heritage, then you need to contact your local school board and state legislators and emphasize the importance of their recognizing the importance of Western Civilization.

Liberal segregationist in the schools:  The spirit of George Wallace is alive and well — among left-wing zealots in some of America's most "progressive" taxpayer-funded schools.  In Oberlin, Ohio, local school board president Tony Marshall argues that only black high school teachers should teach "black history."

Black History Month vs. Condoleezza Rice:
A friend of mine from Arkansas writes the following:  "Thought you'd appreciate this little anecdote.  A co-worker of mine has a daughter in public elementary school, here in Pine Bluff.  They're still doing Black History Month stuff, apparently, because the kids were told to come to class dressed as a famous (and presumably accomplished) African-American.  My co-worker's kid was told to come as Tina Turner.  My co-worker informed the teacher that her child would come as Condoleezza Rice instead.  The teacher refused to allow it, on grounds that Rice 'is for white people.'  Nice, huh?"

Politically Correct Education:  Multiculturalism is often given as the driving ethic that prompts one to be politically correct.  At the foundation of this movement is the belief that all education is political.  Nowhere in the curriculum can one find a hiding place from race, class, or gender issues.  Added to this assumption is the law of moral and ethical relativism:  All systems of thought, all cultures, are equal in value.  To assume otherwise is politically incorrect by definition.

Quota "logic":  Old-timers may remember a radio program about a crime-fighting hero called The Shadow, who had "the power to cloud men's minds, so that they cannot see him."  Affirmative action has that same power today.  Some of the murkiest thinking of our times has come from those defending group preferences and quotas.

Quota "logic" part II:  What most blacks need is — first of all — the kind and quality of education that they do not get in most ghetto schools.  Least of all do they get this education from those teachers who spend precious class time dredging up the past instead of preparing students for the future.

College Prof Shunned by "Tolerant" Crowd for Opposition to Affirmative Action.  A professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington has requested a debate with black activist Jesse Jackson.  Dr. Mike Adams wants a face-off with Jackson on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor to discuss the issue of affirmative action.  But Adams says he doubts Jackson will be "courageous enough" to come on the program and debate the topic.

Sincerity of "Diverse" College Campuses Questioned:  A conservative activist says despite all the "diversity" hype on public university campuses today, there is little tolerance for those who dare to question left-wing ideology.

Race is Still an Issue in College Admission, Activist Says:  In 1996, California voters passed Proposition 209, which did away with racial preferences in admissions.  The Center for Equal Opportunity says the University of California is ignoring the law in a unseemly manner and is back to using race as a factor in admitting first-year students.

The Prep-School PC Plague:  The diversity industry — the profession paid to harangue Americans about racism and sexism — has burrowed deep into the nation's elite prep schools.  Where private secondary schools once inculcated American citizenship and patriotism, today they employ diversity professionals to show students their complicity in an unjust society.

Diversity vs. "Diversity":  Sometimes it seems as if "diversity" is going to replace "the" as the most often used word in the English language.  Yet the place where this word has become a holy grail -- academia -- shows less tolerance for genuine diversity of viewpoints than any other American institution.

Penn State Caves to ActivistsPennsylvania State University has given in to the "diversity" demands of hundreds of leftist students camping out in the student union.

Military memorial not PC enough:  A memorial to commemorate alumni who "gave their lives" in military service to the United States say the honorarium is not "diversified" enough.

The London Terror Plot's Academic Connection.  One of at least 24 "young Western Muslims" nailed in the British airliner bombing plot last week, [Waheed] Zaman is described as "a well-known political activist" at London Metropolitan University.  According to the Times of London, "He is head of the Islam Society at London Metropolitan University and is reported to have spoken at Muslim rallies and written a number of articles about Islam for the student magazine."

The Crime of Being White:  Recently I wrote a piece about Keith John Sampson, a college student who was charged with "racial harassment" for reading an anti-Ku Klux Klan book.  Not surprisingly, the article evoked a great response, including emails from those with their own stories to tell about persecution inspired by what I will call caucaphobia.

American Politics Aren't 'Post-Racial'.  The story began prosaically enough.  Keith Sampson, a student employee on the janitorial staff earning his way toward a degree, was in the habit of reading during work breaks.  Last October he was immersed in "Notre Dame Vs. the Klan:  How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan."  Mr. Sampson was in short order visited by his union representative, who informed him he must not bring this book to the break room, and that he could be fired.

There is also a section about racial bias in College and University Admissions.

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