Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and their conveniently "lost" text messages

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Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and their conveniently "lost" text messages

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Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and their conveniently "lost" text messages

Time To Fight Dirty.  [Scroll down]  And when I say we need to fight dirty, let me clarify what I am not saying.  I am not saying that we should persecute innocent people, like the Left does.  I am saying that we need to go full-throttle, no-holds-barred lawfare against those who do break the law and smugly get away with it. [...] Peter Strzok was Mueller's lead investigator against Trump.  He used his position as Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence to try to "stop" Trump, per the texts between him and Lisa Page, his mistress with whom he betrayed his wife.  He was eventually fired, he promptly sued, and of this past month is nearing a settlement with the Justice Department.  No jail time, no punishment for using his official government capacity to influence an election.  Just a fat settlement check, some talk show appearances, and a book deal.  Strzok got away with it.

By Settling With Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the DOJ Sends a Message.  Remember that time when the FBI handed out immunity agreements to Hillary Clinton aides and then deleted their hard drives containing classified materials?  This is kind of like that and the inevitable coda to the case.  Yes there are ideologues in the federal government, but few of these people would be willing to put their careers on the line unless they were assured that the Dems would have their backs.  And who better to serve as test cases than Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? [...] The Justice Department has reached its expected settlement via a tentative agreement.  The timing is nigh perfect as the elections draws near and more trials approach.  The messaging is pretty clear to any DOJ or FBI figures.  Even if they get made examples out of, the system will step in to protect them and reward them.  So go ahead.  Have fun.  Go after our political enemies and we'll take care of you.  With an anticipated Trump administration on the horizon, you can bet the message has been received in D.C.

Fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok:  We Need a Special Unit to Protect FBI Agents From Americans.  Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok said there needs to be a special unit to protect FBI agents from Americans.  The FBI recently formed a unit to investigate threats against prosecutors and FBI agents involved in the Hunter Biden probe.  "We have stood up an entire threat unit to address threats that the FBI employee facilities are receiving," executive director for human resources for the FBI Jennifer Moore told the House Judiciary Committee.  Moore said threats to the FBI are "unprecedented."

Question for Durham: Was It All to Impress A Woman?  Not since John Hinckley shot President Reagan to impress actress Jodi Foster has a lovesick suitor caused as much political havoc as the FBI's Peter Strzok did in pursuit of FBI attorney Lisa Page.  Or so, at least, it would appear.  The House Judiciary Committee this month will have a chance to probe this and other lines of inquiry with former special counsel John Durham as it regards his investigation of the apocryphal Trump-Russia connection.  Although a useful guide, the Durham report never got beyond the shallow end of the deep state.  Congress needs to go deeper.  Both Page and Strzok were in a position to shape outcomes.  In 2016, while their courting was still more or less covert, the 35-year-old Page served as an advisor to then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  The 45-year-old Strzok, despite his adulterous affair, was promoted later that year to be deputy assistant director of the FBI's counterintelligence division.

The Russiagate Players Got Rich and Escaped Consequences.  Peter Strzok, the man of a thousand sneers, reacted to the release of the Durham report by screenshotting the report's footnote of his own book and recommending people buy it.  Despite being fired from the FBI, the disgraced former agent got a book deal, "Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump" as well as co-hosting a podcast with 'Mueller, She Wrote's Allison Gill and scoring an adjunct professorship at Georgetown University.  The Russiagate investigation has been discredited, but the Russiagate grift is alive and well.  And none of the participants have any regrets or expect there to be any consequences.  Strzok and fellow agent Lisa Page, with whom he had an affair, are suing for wrongful termination from the FBI, and they've been fighting to depose former President Trump.

FBI's Peter Strzok concealed CIA memo that Hillary was trying to 'frame' Trump.  The release of the long-awaited report by Special Counsel John Durham rocked the political world as it exposed that the Russia collusion narrative used to undermine former President Donald J. Trump was always a massive hoax.  Among the [bad] nuggets of malfeasance within the 300-plus page report is a revelation that the disgraced Trump-hating former FBI agent Peter Strzok buried a memo from the CIA that 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have been hyping the concocted ties to Russia to "frame" Trump who would later go on to spring the political upset of the century against the heavily favored former first lady.  Reporter Luke Rosiak combed through the Durham report on the FBI's anti-Trump Operation Crossfire Hurricane and highlighted a key passage that should have given pause to a less ideological agent than Strzok, who once remarked that he could "smell" Trump supporters at Walmart.

Peter Strzok Isn't Taking the Durham Report Findings Very Well.  Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok isn't taking the latest Russian collusion update well.  Maybe that's because the report submitted by Special Counsel John Durham, which totaled over 300 pages, eviscerated the FBI and finally concluded that the whole investigation was a hoax.  Not a shred of tangible evidence could suggest that Donald Trump was colluding with Moscow, and there was certainly not enough to greenlight a full-blown counterintelligence probe into the matter.  The report confirmed what we already knew but took a katana to the credibility and professionalism the bureau prided itself on for decades.  The FBI is the Democratic Party's errand boy, and the report, like other IG reports on the Department of Justice, points to political bias as the primary motivator with all these witch-hunt inquiries into the former president.

'There's Nothing To This, But We Have To Run It To The Ground,' Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok Said: Durham.  Days after opening a full FBI investigation into connections between Donald Trump and Russia, lead FBI investigator Peter Strzok told a subordinate that "there's nothing to this, but we have to run it to the ground," the subordinate — a top official in the Bureau's London outpost — told Special Counsel John Durham.  Strzok opened a full investigation — skipping preliminary steps — based on nothing but a brief and "vague" account by an Australian diplomat of a conversation in a London bar, and within hours had traveled to London.  But when he explained why he had opened the investigation, neither the FBI employees there nor their British counterparts could believe it, according to a report released by Durham on Monday [5/15/2023].

What Will the FBI Not Do?  In addition, the FBI-issued phones of agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page, along with members of Robert Mueller's special counsel "dream team" — all under subpoena — had their data mysteriously wiped clean, purportedly "by accident."  Apparently, the paramours Strzok and Page, in particular, had much more to hide, given how earlier they had frequently expressed their venom toward candidate Donald Trump.  Strzok boasted to Page that the FBI in general, and Andrew McCabe in particular, had an "insurance policy" means of denying Trump the presidency:  "I want to believe the path you threw out in Andy's office — that there's no way he gets elected — but I'm afraid we can't take the risk.  It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40."  When some of their embarrassing texts emerged, both were dismissed by the special counsel.  But Mueller carefully did so by staggering Strozk and Pages' departures and not immediately releasing the reasons for their firings or reassignments.

With the FBI seizing phones and computers, Congress should act.  Peter Strzok, one of the major players in the Russia hoax against President Trump, put out a tweet boasting about how many cell phones the FBI has taken from people who support President Trump or question the 2020 election.  One of my friends reached out to me to say that all this phone stealing requires congressional action because, with the FBI going after ordinary people, not everyone who is affected can afford to replace the seized technology.  This can have devastating consequences for them.  I won't recount here Strzok's conduct leading up to, during, and after Donald Trump's election in 2016.  Suffice it to say that he is neither a nice man nor a good one.  Despite that, he managed to get away scot-free and, unlike President Trump, still has access to Twitter.  So it was that, on Wednesday, he sent out the kind of nasty tweet that seems entirely consistent with what we know if him:  [Tweet]

Peter Strzok says Russia might have tried to infiltrate Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.  During a recent episode of MSNBC's Katie Phang Show, Peter Strzok — disgraced former deputy director of the FBI's counterintelligence division — weighed in on his former organization's raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Phang asked Strzok if he thought it was possible that Russia had "tried to infiltrate" former President Trump's home to obtain classified data, considering the allegedly "top-secret" documents that were being stored there. [...] First off, the documents that the FBI seized during its August 8 raid of Trump's private residence were declassified by then President Trump — the only person with the ultimate authority to do so.  If the Commander-in-Chief says a document or documents is/are declassified, they are, ipso facto, declassified.  Secondly, Strzok is a never-Trumper, and was fired from his job for sending anti-Trump messages on his work phone.  Like many in the alphabet agencies, he has an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), and is therefore anything but an objective source.

The Return Of Peter Strzok: How A Fired FBI Official Is Making The Case Against Himself.  Peter Strzok is back in the news this week.  Career colleagues at the Justice Department previously referred Strzok for possible criminal charges and he was fired for his bias and unprofessional conduct.  However, Strzok was immediately embraced by many in the media and establishment for his anti-Trump sentiments.  After he was fired, the former special agent was given a lucrative book deal, lionized on the left, featured prominently as an expert by CNN, and given a teaching job at Georgetown.  It was an extraordinary recovery from a scandal where he showed flagrant bias, engaged in an affair with another married colleague at the FBI, and fought to continue to investigate Russian collusion claims despite early warnings over the questionable basis of the allegations pushed by the Clinton campaign.  (Strzok's colleague and former paramour, Lisa Page, was given a contract as a legal analyst with NBC and MSNBC).

MSNBC Trots Out Peter Strzok to Tell Americans to Trust the FBI.  MSNBC's "Morning Joe" interviewed disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok to reassure Americans that everything is fine within the federal agency after they raided former President Donald Trump's home in Florida.  Host Joe Scarborough downplayed Strzok having strong personal biases against Donald Trump while working on Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation.  Strzok was later fired from the investigation for the anti-Trump bias.  "So, despite that fact that put that out there the FBI makes mistakes.  The church makes mistakes.  People make mistakes.  They screw up.  Should this be any reason for Americans not trust that what the FBI and the DOJ are doing now is in pursuit of protecting classified documents?" Scarborough asked.

Ex-FBI agent Strzok repeats false disinformation claims about Republican senators.  Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose Crossfire Hurricane probe into the Trump campaign relied on a since-discredited Russia-sourced dossier, is rebooting an unverified Democratic claim that two Republican senators relied on Kremlin disinformation from a Ukrainian politician.  Mr. Strzok re-aired the claim in a March 16 tweet.  GOP Sens. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have hotly denied the allegation.  They assert that Democrats, not Republicans, injected Ukrainian politician Andriy Derkach's name into the investigative record in a probe of Hunter Biden, President Biden's son.  Democrats then leaked to the news media that Mr. Derkach was working with Republicans.  Mr. Johnson says Democrats knowingly lied.  Republicans never communicated or received information from the Kremlin-linked Ukrainian parliament member, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Grassley said.

Disgraced Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok's Wife, Melissa Hodgman, Named Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement for the SEC.  You just can't make this stuff up.  Peter Strzok's wife has been promoted to Director of the Division of Enforcement at the SEC[.] [...] Ms. Hodgman is the wife of perhaps the most corrupt individual in US government history who's not a politician, Peter Strzok.  Strzok was involved in the exoneration of Hillary Clinton and the set up and multi-year harassment and attempted coup of President Trump in the Russia-collusion national nightmare based entirely on lies.  The entire world got to know Peter Strzok after text messages between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were released during the Russia-collusion sham investigation.  We now know that the FBI knew the entire case was a sham before they even moved forward with it and before the President won the 2016 election.

Peter Strzok text message states FBI knew early on Steele was trying to 'influence' election.  Two enduring questions have lingered during the boomerang of the now-discredited FBI collusion probe.  First, when did agents suspect Christopher Steele had gone beyond being an informant to an agent provocateur trying to influence the 2016 election?  And secondly, when did the bureau realize a Yahoo News article wasn't independent proof of his allegations but rather a leak from his infamous dossier?  A newly declassified text message from lead agent Peter Strzok  — released last week to GOP Senate investigators Ron Johnson and Charles Grassley — suggests the FBI knew the answers to both questions in September 2016, well before agents went to a court and secured a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant suggesting Steele was credible and the Yahoo News article was independent proof of his anti-Trump allegations.

Peter Strzok's Declassified Messages Give Insider View Of FBI's Trump Campaign Probe.  The Justice Department declassified a batch of internal FBI messages from Peter Strzok, the former counterintelligence official who oversaw the bureau's investigation of the Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia.  The messages, which Senate Republicans released Thursday, provide new insights into the thinking of investigators who worked on Crossfire Hurricane, the code name for the investigation into the Trump campaign.  The documents, obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation ahead of their release, show Strzok and his colleagues discussing strategies for how to handle the investigation, as well as how to approach interviews with targets of Crossfire Hurricane.  The declassified documents also show that Strzok was provided with real-time updates as FBI agents or undercover sources were meeting with Trump campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papaodpoulos, who were early targets of the investigation.

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok gets hired by Georgetown University.  Former FBI agent Peter Strzok who was fired from the bureau in 2018 has been hired as an adjunct professor by Georgetown University teaching counterintelligence and national security courses.  Strzok is now listed on the university's website as "Adjunct Professor - Undergraduate Program," and has added to his Twitter bio that he is a Georgetown "adjunct prof and alum."  Strzok will teach a course on "Counterintelligence and National Security," which "is an upper-class seminar which explores the theory and practice of counterintelligence as a part of U.S. national security."  It is "designed to expose students to the type of issues and work they would be expected to perform as entry level professional employees within the U.S. intelligence community."

The Week Washington Went Third World.  [Scroll down]  The "other one" was the investigation into Hillary's emails.  "This" one was the investigation into the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia, "Crossfire Hurricane," which was formally launched on July 31.  The FBI, it would seem, was prepared "to endorse the CIA's view."  For the previous few months, Strzok and Page had been sharing their affection for each other and their loathing of Trump.  Now, they could do something about it.  "You're meant to protect the country from that menace," Page texted on August 5, the "menace" being Trump.  "I'll try to approach it that way," the heroic Strzok responded.  "I can protect our country at many levels."  Later that same day, August 5, Strzok gave Page the impression he attended that August 2016 meeting in the White House.  He quoted an unnamed bigwig, likely Brennan, as saying, "The White House is running this."  Strzok claimed to have pushed back not because of any perceived impropriety but because the White House was intruding on FBI turf.

Remember the Strzok-Page "Insurance Policy" Exchange — FBI Special Agent Barnett Exposes the Hole Card.  [Scroll down]  I say that because the new information from Special Agent Barnett strongly suggests the "Insurance Policy" was none other than General Michael Flynn himself.  You can make their "rationalization" fit into this concept if you just accept that they weren't going to name General Flynn individually when they offered the rationalization.  But when you put the context of events into their words — and Agent Barnett's recollection about what was done — or more importantly what was not done — there is only one conclusion.  Four "sub-investigations" were opened by the Crossfire Hurricane team under the "umbrella" of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  The sub-investigations of Carter Page, George Papadopolous, and Paul Manafort were opened on August 10, 2016, according to the "Four FISA" report of the Inspector General, at page 59.  The IG report also establishes that the fourth sub-investigation of General Flynn was opened six days after the others — on August 16, 2016, the day after the meeting in Andy McCabe's office.

Peter Strzok's lawyer claims notes made public by Flynn's defense were 'doctored'.  A lawyer for former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok on Monday alleged that some of the notes made public in a case involving former U.S. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have been changed.  Strzok's lawyer wrote a note to U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan on Monday that some of the notes made public by Flynn's defense team include "hand-written additions" — inserted dates — that were allegedly not written by the former FBI agent, according to a Politco reporter.  In one instance, a date was said to be incorrect and would have indicated that a White House meeting occurred before it actually did.

Mueller Team Had Lisa Page's Phone It Claimed Was Lost, Email Shows.  An official who worked on special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation wrote in a recently released email that he or she was in possession of an iPhone belonging to Lisa Page three days after the former FBI lawyer's last day on the job and at a time when the device was thought to have been lost.  The special counsel's office (SCO) and the Justice Department previously claimed to have no documents to show who handled Page's iPhone after she turned it in on July 14, 2017, or who improperly wiped it two weeks later, before it could be checked for records, in violation of SCO policy.  But documents released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Sept. 11 tell a different story, with three officials certifying that Page turned over her phone and one claiming to have been in possession of it.  "I have her phone and laptop," an administrative officer with the initials LFW wrote in a July 17, 2017, email to Christopher Greer, an assistant director at the DOJ Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

Peter Strzok and his conspiracy theorizing lack all credibility.  Former FBI agent Peter Strzok continues to push a conspiracy theory about President Trump that completely lacks evidence and credibility.  Trump, according to Strzok, has been "compromised by the Russians" and is therefore incapable of advancing U.S. interests, he told NBC's Chuck Todd on Sunday [9/13/2020]. [...] Strzok has no evidence to support this accusation, nor did he have any evidence to support the FISA warrant application that he authored at the end of July 2016, according to subsequent investigations by the Justice Department.  This shouldn't come as a surprise.  Strzok has no problem stretching the truth when it suits him.  Take, for example, his new book.  In it, he mixes up the genesis of the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation to make it seem more reputable than it really was.

Catherine Herridge:  Memo indicates Peter Strzok approved his own draft to open the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  Catherine Herridge obtained an Electronic Communication (EC) via Judicial Watch which announced the launch of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  The memo was drafted by Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok and also states it was approved by Strzok.  Herridge suggests that may be a problem.

Mueller Team Wiped at Least 27 Phones Before They Could Be Checked for Records.  At least 27 phones used by members of special counsel Robert Mueller's team had all of their data wiped before an official could review the devices for records, according to documents released on Sept. 10 by the Department of Justice.  Some of the phones were wiped by accident.  Others were reset after the users entered the wrong password too many times.  A phone belonging to assistant special counsel James Quarles "wiped itself without intervention from him," according to the documents.  Quarles didn't immediately respond to a request by The Epoch Times for comment.  Andrew Weissmann, a key figure in the 22-month investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, wiped his phone twice, once by accident and once by entering the wrong password too many times.  Weissmann also didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.  The Department of Justice's (DOJ) Office of Inspector General (IG) had in 2018 detailed an extensive effort to recover the text messages from the special counsel phones used by FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page.  The phones had both been wiped before the IG investigators found them.

Judicial Watch Obtains DOJ Records Showing Top Mueller Team Repeatedly, 'Accidentally' Wiped Phones.  Judicial Watch announced today [9/11/2020] it received 87 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that show senior members of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel's Office (SCO) repeatedly and "accidentally" wiped phones assigned to them.  The records were produced in response to Judicial Watch's September 2019 Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against the Justice Department and FBI over December 17, 2018, FOIA requests for:
  •   All records related to the hardware, software and contents of mobile phones issued to FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for their use while they served on the investigative team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  •   All records of communication (whether on government or email accounts and whether using real names or aliases), with FBI officials relating to the hardware, software and contents of mobile phones issued to FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for their use while they served on the investigative team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
In a table that appears to be a tabulation of Special Counsel's Office reviews of phones used by Robert Mueller'steam for records-preservation purposes, 27 phones were reported wiped clean of all data prior to the review having taken place.

Strzok: Text to 'Stop' Trump 'Was an Off the Cuff Comment Made Outside of Any Work Context Whatsoever'.  Thursday [9/10/2020], disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok appeared on CNN's "New Day" to discuss his new book, "Compromised."  Host Alisyn Camerota asked Strzok about the text messages between him and his extramarital lover Lisa Page in which he vowed the FBI would "stop" then-candidate Donald Trump from becoming president.

New Strzok-Page Emails Show FBI Investigated President Trump's Tweets Critical of Obama and FBI.  Judicial Watch announced today [8/28/2020] that it received 323 pages of emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page.  The records include an email from Strzok to other FBI officials about Trump's tweets regarding them spying on him, as well as their interaction with other media outlets including CNN.  The records were produced to Judicial Watch in a January 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the DOJ failed to respond to a December 2017 request for all communications between Strzok and Page.  The FBI is only processing the records at a rate of 500 pages per month and has refused to process text messages.  At this rate, the production of these emails will not be completed until late 2021 at the earliest.

Emails show FBI investigated Trump's tweets about Obama spying on him.  Hundreds of pages of emails obtained by Judicial Watch show that the FBI investigated President Trump's tweets critical of the agency and of the Obama administration spying on him.  The conservative watchdog group announced that 323 pages of emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page were released stemming from their January 2018 Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.  The documents include a message from Strzok to other FBI officials in 2017 about the president's tweets.  "These astonishing emails, which have been hidden for years, show the Comey FBI was investigating President Trump over his critical tweets of the agency and Obama's spying abuse and misconduct," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release.  "These emails also show that Comey was intimately involved with illegal and dishonest FISA spy op against President Trump.  Where is Durham?"  Strzok's March 18, 2017 email targeting Trump's tweets was sent to Page, Jon Moffa and then-Asst.  Director for the Counterintelligence Division Bill Priestap.

Judicial Watch Uncovers Explosive FBI Emails, Appearing To Reference A WH 'Confidential Informant'.  A top government watchdog group obtained 136 pages of never before publicized emails between former FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and one in particular appears to refer to a confidential informant inside the White House in 2017, according to a press release from Judicial Watch.  Those emails, some of which are heavily redacted, reveal that "Strzok, Page and top bureau officials in the days prior to and following President Donald Trump's inauguration discussing a White House counterintelligence briefing that could "play into" the FBI's "investigative strategy."

Peter Strzok Document Suggests New York Times Report on Russia Collusion Was False.  The Senate Judiciary Committee released a declassified document Friday that shows former FBI agent Peter Strzok knew that a February 2017 article in the New York Times suggesting Russia "collusion" was false in almost every respect.  The document includes Strzok's digital annotations on a Times article, "Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence," which claimed that former and current U.S. "officials" had alleged that "members of Donald J. Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials."

Justice Department unearths more notes from Peter Strzok and others in Flynn case.  The Justice Department announced that it has unearthed further information related to the FBI's investigation of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, including more notes taken by fired special agent Peter Strzok.  Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. attorney in the nation's capital, said Tuesday that the documents handed over to Flynn's defense team included handwritten notes from Strzok taken at a meeting on Jan. 25, 2017; notes from former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tashina Gauhar at the same meeting; an internal DOJ document dated Jan. 30, 2017; and handwritten notes from then-acting Attorney General Dana Boente which were dated March 30, 2017.  The notes remain sealed by the court.  Attorney General William Barr assigned Jeffrey Jensen, the U.S. attorney for Eastern Missouri, to review the Flynn case earlier this year, and the federal prosecutor has found a number of documents that appear to have been concealed from Flynn's defense team.

No Holds Barred:  Barr and Durham Must Investigate Obama & Biden Too.  [Scroll down]  Nevertheless, something is wrong here, increasingly wrong as we were reminded just the other day by the release of yet another heretofore "lost" (or was it missing?) page of notes — riddled with redactions, needless to say — from the Department of Justice, this one the scribblings of disgraced FBI Lothario Peter Strzok himself.  Strzok was reporting on what he heard of the January 2017 Oval Office meeting with the then president and vice president, James Comey (still director of the FBI) and that woman of preternatural loyalty Susan Rice.  The topic du jour was Trump's national security adviser in waiting Michael Flynn and his (supposedly suspicious) private phone calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. [...] Strangely, however, Stzrok quotes the president — yes, it's second hand — as saying he wanted the "right people" to conduct the investigation.

Sidney Powell Discusses Peter Strzok CYA Notes — "There's A Criminal Conspiracy in There".  Michael Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell appears with Maria Bartiromo to provide insight into the DC Circuit Appellate court ordering the dismissal of the Flynn case.  One of the key points Ms. Powell draws attention to is that her client was targeted.  Within that targeting there's a criminal conspiracy.  In hindsight it is very clear the White House, DOJ and FBI knew they were treading on thin ice.  Susan Rice's memo to file is clearly a CYA memo for the White House.  James Comey's memos are clearly a CYA effort for his participation.  Bill Priestap kept his own notes reflecting his CYA; and Peter Strzok's notes appear to have the same motivation.

FBI Agent's Notes Indicate Biden Brought Up Idea Of Investigating Flynn, Court Filing Says.  Handwritten notes by ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok in January 2017 appear to indicate former Vice President Joe Biden brought up the idea of investigating former national security advisor Michael Flynn, according to attorneys representing Flynn.  The attorneys say that Strzok's notes indicate that Biden thought Flynn might have violated the Logan Act when he conversed with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, according to court papers filed on Wednesday [6/24/2020].  "The previously sealed document also says that former President Barack Obama told top members of his administration that 'the right people' should investigate Flynn," The New York Post reported.

Strzok's newly discovered FBI notes deliver jolt to 'Obamagate' evidence.  The belated discovery of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok's January 2017 notes raises troubling new questions about whether President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were coordinating efforts during their final days in office to investigate Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn — even as the FBI wanted to shut down the case.  Investigators will need to secure testimony from Strzok, fired two years ago from the FBI, to be certain of the exact meaning and intent of his one paragraph of notes, which were made public in court on Wednesday [6/24/2020].  But they appear to illuminate an extraordinary high-level effort by outgoing Obama-era officials during the first weekend of January to find a way to sustain a counterintelligence investigation of Flynn in the absence of any evidence of wrongdoing.

Agent Strzok CYA Memo? — Strzok Notes Indicate Obama White House Involvement in Targeting Michael Flynn.  In a court filing yesterday [06/23/2020] the DOJ provided — initially under seal — the Flynn defense team with more exculpatory evidence.  The filing includes hand-written notes taken by FBI agent Peter Strzok in/around key dates in early January 2017.  The filing was unsealed today, and the Peter Strzok notes are released. [...] The notes are written by Peter Strzok during a conversation with former FBI Director James Comey; that context is important.  What the notes contain are Peter Strzok writing down what Comey relays to him from conversations with White House officials.

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Part of Durham Inquiry Into Russia Probe.  During an interview on Fox News, Trey Gowdy, former Republican Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district, let it be known that former FBI agent Peter Strzok could soon be front and center of U.S. Attorney John Durham's investigation into the Russia probe.  "Keep in mind.  Peter Strzok, that I think is now a household name, has his fingerprints on every aspect of this" said Gowdy.

NBC Hires... Russiagate Hoaxer Lisa Page.  Amazing.  Not even hiding it.  They were in on the coup from the beginning, and they're putting money in the pockets of all their coup conspirators.  Maybe afraid of what the coup plotters will testify to if they flip.

Lisa Page Just Got a New Job, It's A New Low for Her Employers.  Guess where the infamous former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is now going to work giving "legal analysis?"  If you guessed CNN, you were close.  She got scooped up by MSDNC, the other home for left-over Democrats to hate on President Donald Trump and the GOP.  She is their new MSNBC "National Security and Legal Analyst."  Their public relations department just announced it.

Lisa Page Starts New Political Job as MSNBC Analyst.  The notoriously political DOJ lawyer who was assigned to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, has joined notoriously political DOJ lawyer Andrew Weissmann as a paid MSNBC analyst.  The media are not even pretending any more.

You can't make this up!  Anti-Trump plotter Lisa Page joins NBC.  Lisa Page, Peter Strzok's former paramour, who shared emails with him appearing to plot the downfall of Donald Trump, is now an NBC/MSNBC national security and legal analyst.  She joins Andy Weissman, who ran much of the Russia-Trump probe after he knew there was no collusion.  What a draw this will be for the Trump haters.  NBC/MSNBC is not a news organization.  What will they do if she ends up in jail?

Illegal Doc That Started Crossfire:  Created By Strzok, Approved By Strzok, Sent To Strzok, From Strzok.  Peter Strzok was not the only corrupt official trying to illegally interfere in a presidential election... but he did create the document that started the Crossfire 'operation,' and it clearly illuminates the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY no reason to start an investigation.  Essentially, Strzok created the document used to begin the investigation, approved it himself, sent it to himself, from himself, and Obama's minions carried it out.

Lisa Page and Benjamin Wittes Laugh at Flynn Revelations, But Mollie Hemingway Drops Them and Facts Finish Them Off.  Some people have absolutely no shame and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is definitely one of them.  Bombshell FBI internal documents broke yesterday with handwritten notes from agents in the Flynn case indicating there was an effort to set him up.  [Tweets]  In response, OAN's Jack Posobiec commented that Page and Benjamin Wittes seemed pretty quiet in the wake of the revelations.  Wittes is the the guy who became notorious for always posting cannon booms allegedly that were supposed to do in Trump (but never did).  He's a buddy of former FBI Director James Comey.  He's also Editor in Chief of the Lawfare blog and has been an analyst for NBC and MSNBC.

Newly Revealed Texts Show Strzok, Page Altered Flynn Interview Notes.  Yet another bombshell development emerged Thursday [4/30/2020] in the case of former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn: the release of additional exculpatory evidence FBI officials had withheld from the courts and the defense for three years.  Crucially, this includes evidence that the Bureau's official "302 report" filed by the lead agent who interviewed Flynn was edited multiple times, including by an official who never participated in the interview.  Thursday's revelations come on top of yesterday's disclosures indicating an apparent attempt by FBI officials to trap Flynn into committing a criminal offense during an interview.

Records Show Strzok Intervened when FBI Moved to Close Flynn Investigation Due to Lack of 'Derogatory Information'.  New unsealed FBI memos show that the Bureau found "no derogatory information" on former national security adviser Michael Flynn while investigating his alleged Russian contacts, and moved to close their investigation of him in early January 2017 before former FBI agent Peter Strzok intervened, asking to keep the case open.  The documents, which were released Thursday by the Department of Justice, show that Flynn was given the codename "Crossfire Razor" and investigated in a spinoff case predicated by the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign — a case in which the infamous Steele dossier played a "central role," according to DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz's December report.

FBI Planned To Close Michael Flynn Investigation, And Then Peter Strzok Intervened.  Former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok intervened at the last minute in early 2017 to stop the bureau from closing an investigation into Michael Flynn, the incoming national security adviser, according to government files unsealed Thursday [4/30/2020].  The FBI was investigating Flynn and several other Trump campaign associates at the time for possible links to Russia as part of Crossfire Hurricane.  But as of Jan. 4, 2017, the FBI's Washington Field Office had determined that there was no justification to continue investigating Flynn, whom the FBI referred to with the code name "Crossfire Razor."

New Clinton scandal memos confirm FBI stalled a month to search Weiner's laptop.  The FBI waited a month between the time it discovered Hillary Clinton emails on disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop and obtaining a search warrant — as Clinton and Donald Trump were entering the closing weeks of their tight 2016 White House race, according to newly obtained records by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.  The documents are communications between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page, who exchanged emails during the 2016 race that suggested they did not support Trump becoming president.  Weiner, at the time the emails were discovered, was married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.  The emails were purportedly from when Clinton was Secretary of State.  The Justice Department was already investigating Clinton using a private server to send official State Department information.

Crossfire Hurricane:  Texts Suggest FBI Considered Using Agent's Connection to Mike Pence Aide.  Text messages reveal the FBI considered using a personal connection between an FBI employee and a member of Vice President Mike Pence's staff to further its controversial probe into unsubstantiated and ultimately discredited allegations of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's presidential campaign.  The text messages in question were exchanges between disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page, the infamous texting duo who were previously reportedly romantically involved.

Senator Paul Compares Strzok and Page FBI Plot to Misko and Ciaramella NSC Plot.  After having his question denied by Chief Justice John Roberts, Senator Rand Paul held a brief press conference to discuss the reason and intent behind his question.  Senator Paul wants to know if Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko coordinated a plot to construct an impeachment issue from within the National Security Council.  CIA operative Ciaramella and current HPSCI staff member Sean Misko were on the National Security Council (NSC) together.  Currently back in the CIA, Mr. Eric Ciaramella has been identified as the "whistleblower."  Due to a severe level of media and internet censorship on this issue the Rand Paul presser is being scrubbed.  [Video clip]

Rod Rosenstein says he authorized release of Strzok-Page texts:  DOJ.  Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said it was his call to release hundreds of politically charged text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page to the media, according to a Friday court filing by the Department of Justice (DOJ).  In his declaration, Rosenstein explained he did not see any legitimate reason to withhold the text messages because they were sent on government phones and subject to FBI review.  He also said they were being sought by the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate, for oversight reasons.

New Strzok-Page Emails Reveal DOJ Special Treatment to Clinton Lawyers.  Judicial Watch announced today [1/9/2020] it received 211 pages of emails between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that detail special accommodations given to the lawyers of Hillary Clinton and her aides during the FBI investigation of the Clinton email controversy.  The new emails include a discussion about negotiations with Beth Wilkinson, a lawyer for the Clinton lawyers who gathered and then deleted 33,000 emails for Hillary Clinton, over the destruction of laptops provided to the FBI.

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?  [Scroll down]  And finally, we have DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz testifying to the Senate that, "We found no bias" on the part of those who initiated the counterintelligence operation targeting the Trump campaign, called Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  His report itself said, "We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced his decision [to open an investigation surveilling the Trump campaign]."  One might reasonably ask:  When top FBI lawyer and principal in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, Lisa Page, says in an August 2016 text to fellow Crossfire Hurricane principal, FBI official Peter Strzok, that Trump is "not ever going to become president, right?  Right?!"  And Strzok responds "No.  No he's not.  We'll stop it," isn't that perhaps documentary evidence of a political bias?

Redeeming the FBI.  To the recently fired/resigned employees most well known for their inappropriate personal relationship and ill-advised communication over government devices:  As FBI employees receiving assigned government phones, we were all asked to sign an acknowledgment that we had certain responsibilities with respect to usage of those devices.  Along with the restrictions that one would expect; (primarily for official business, minimal personal use allowed, don't discuss or transmit classified material, etc.) was the reminder that we had no expectation of privacy in using the device.  We were further reminded that any digital communication over said devices, be it an email, text, instant message, dialed and/or received telephone numbers would be archived at FBIHQ.  For an experienced investigator, the last tidbit is what's known as a clue.  The thinking agent understands, and is reminded annually, that any communication over the "Bu phone" is going to be captured, archived, and preserved for whatever use the owner of the device (the government, and by extension, the taxpayer) deems appropriate.  The part about "no expectation of privacy" is a powerful hint that the government does not need a warrant to look at anything on your government issued device at any time for any reason.

Peter Strzok Argues in Court His First Amendment Rights Were Violated.  The FBI official who led the team effort to violate the fourth amendment rights of U.S. person Carter Page via unlawful surveillance, is now claiming his first amendment rights to free speech were violated when the FBI fired him for gross misconduct.

Sen. Ron Johnson on IG report, FISA judge's rebuke:  FBI 'cabal' has a lot of explaining to do.  Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday [12/19/2019] that a "cabal" between former FBI official Andrew McCabe, ex-FBI investigator Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page existed at the FBI and that the agency has a lot of explaining to do following the release of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report last week.  Johnson's comments came one day after Horowitz rebuked the FBI for "failures" during the initial phase of the Russia probe, in his second round of Senate testimony following his extensive report on the investigation's origins and the process used to obtain a surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Former AG Michael Mukasey Outlines FBI Conspiracy, Explains Why Lisa Page is Suing DOJ and Why FBI Refuses to Unreadact Text Messages.  Former AG Michael Mukasey appears on Fox News for an interview with Maria Bartiromo.  As Mukasey walks through the purpose and intents behind the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages what he outlines is really the motive for Ms. Page to be suing the DOJ and the reason why current FBI Director Chris Wray is covering for them.  Additionally, Mukasey explains the unlawful activity behind HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff gaining the phone records of Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani and John Solomon.  The only thing he didn't mention is that AT&T owns a primary impeachment stakeholder, CNN.

Lisa Page sues DOJ, FBI over alleged privacy violations.  Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the bureau and the Justice Department, alleging privacy violations over her text messages with former FBI agent Peter Strzok.  In the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Page says the agencies unlawfully released to the press text messages between her and Strzok in December 2017 for "multiple improper reasons," including currying favor with President Trump after he publicly attacked the Department of Justice (DOJ) and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  "They did so by summoning DOJ beat reporters to the Department to review the messages at night, prohibiting the reporters from copying or removing the set of messages from the building, and instructing them not to reveal DOJ as the source," the lawsuit states, calling this approach inconsistent with the traditional disclosure process for materials in the public interest.

FBI lover Lisa Page Sues DOJ claiming she was left unable to work and in therapy when it illegally released her texts with Peter Strzok.  Lisa Page sued the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Tuesday, over DOJ leadership's decision to leak text messages with her FBI lover Peter Strzok to the press.  In a 23-page court filing, Page's attorneys spell out how on December 12, 2017, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions' spokeswoman invited reporters to the Department of Justice's headquarters after normal business hours and showed them the texts.  This release led to years of 'demeaning' tweets from President Trump, forced Page into therapy and left her looking for work, the lawsuit said.

Lisa Page Sues Justice Department for 'Unlawfully' Disclosing Texts with Peter Strzok.  Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page sued the Justice Department on Tuesday for violating the Privacy Act by "unlawfully" releasing text messages between her and former FBI deputy assistant director Peter Strzok — with whom she was having an affair — from her bureau-issued phone.  Citing the Inspector General report released Monday, which "did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the decisions" of the FBI to investigate Trump campaign officials, Page's lawsuit argues that President Trump and his allies used the text messages to attack her and tarnish her reputation over allegations that she and the FBI sought to take down Trump.

Yes, Lisa Page's text messages matter.  In the summer of 2016, FBI agent Peter Strzok began working on the bureau's inquiry into Russia's 2016 election meddling after concluding an investigation into Hillary Clinton's misuse of confidential information on a private email server.  It was about this time that Strzok began venting his frustration to FBI lawyer Lisa Page.  The two had been involved in an extramarital affair and sent thousands of messages back and forth over the course of a year, messages that have been the subject of an internal review into how the FBI handled its investigation into Clinton and whether political bias tainted its investigation into Russia and President Trump's 2016 campaign.

Lisa Page Text to Peter Strzok: 'You get all our oconus lures approved? ;)'.  A fascinating article, written by Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell, a former counterintelligence case officer, recently appeared on the Gatestone Institute's website.  Just when we thought we could recite every text message ever exchanged between Page and Strzok, along comes a new one.  In December 2015, Page wrote to Strzok, "You get all our oconus lures approved? ;)."  Because, believe it or not, the FBI is prohibited from such activities as investigating a major political party's candidate for the presidency, they needed to find an alternative.  Farrell explains that their alternative was to "manufacture a foreign counterintelligence (FCI) "threat" that could then be "imported" back into the United States."

Lisa Page Is Not A Victim:  Her Actions Damaged The FBI And Our Nation.  Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page surfaced on Sunday in a rare interview with the Daily Beast stating emphatically that she committed 'no crime' during her participation of bureau's investigation into President Donald Trump and instead, she portrays herself as a victim of the president.  Ironically, what comes across in the interview is her desire to shift the narrative from the mountain of evidence that exposed her anti-Trump hate during the bureau's Russia investigation.  Page, along with other former senior Obama officials, are doing everything in their power to shift the narrative before DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report goes public on Dec. 9.  Page is hoping the American public has a short term memory.

Trey Gowdy Dismisses Lisa Page's Claim that Texts were Taken Out of Context: 'They Were Talking about Impeachment'.  Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy on Monday dismissed former FBI lawyer Lisa Page's argument that her text messages criticizing President Trump were taken out of context, saying no context is necessary to confirm her bias.  "They were talking about impeachment before even Adam Schiff was talking about impeachment," Gowdy said on Fox News, referring to the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which concluded its impeachment hearings last month.  "When she says things need to be put in context, the word 'loathsome' really doesn't need to be put in context," the former South Carolina Republican congressman continued.  "And when you say somebody will be a national security disaster, that doesn't need to be put in context."

Lisa Page is no Monica Lewinsky.  Lisa Page, the now-famous former FBI lawyer who was outed as an adulterous anti-Donald Trumper during the now-defunct — nothing to see there, go home, folks — Russia collusion-slash-conflict-of-interest investigation into the president, has come forward, finally, to publicly speak.  And of what does she choose to speak?  Of how mean old Trump has forced her to shed her supposedly preferred quiet life and speak.  Of how Trump, that "intimidating," "demeaning," dastardly Trump, has forced her to return to the public stage and publicly speak.  Page, the victim.  What public relations' firm told her to play that card?

Lisa Page breaks silence.  [I]n an interview published late Sunday [12/1/2019], Lisa Page, the ex-FBI lawyer who carried on an extramarital affair with former FBI head of counterintelligence Peter Strzok as the two exchanged anti-Trump text messages, said she was breaking her silence.  The 39-year-old Page was referring to Trump's comments about her and Strzok at an October rally.  During the event, Trump performed a passionate, dramatic reading of Strzok and Page's August 2016 text messages, including Strzok's conspicuous promise to Page that "we'll stop" Trump from becoming president.  At the time, Strzok was overseeing the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the probe into the Trump campaign.

'I'm done being quiet': Lisa Page emerges ahead of FISA report.  Lisa Page, the former FBI lawyer whose anti-Trump text messages became ammo for Republicans to allege a "coup" against President Trump, stepped into the public spotlight one week ahead of a highly anticipated Justice Department inspector general report.  The Daily Beast published an interview with Page in the evening Sunday and shortly afterwards she was revealed to be on Twitter.  "I'm done being quiet," Page said in a short tweet sharing the report.  Benjamin Wittes, editor-in-chief of Lawfare and "good friend" of former FBI Director James Comey, confirmed the account, @NatSecLisa, is hers.  Page, 39, has been publicly silent ever since she left the bureau in May 2018 amid a political firestorm sparked by the revelation that she exchanged text messages with then-FBI special agent Peter Strzok in 2016 and 2017 that were heavily critical of Trump and also had an affair with her colleague.

DOJ Response to Peter Strzok [Means Trouble for] Comey, McCabe and the Lovers.  After his firing, disgraced former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok filed a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) asserting that his proposed termination was unwarranted.  In a recently released response dated August 8, 2018, OPR assistant director Candice M. Will outlined all of the facts underpinning Strzok's termination. [...] The OPR's 27-page response contains several interesting revelations, few of which have been publicized thanks to our Democrat Party media, which has spent three solid years trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election.  One of the most egregious activities Strzok appears to have engaged in is trying to sit on all of the missing Clinton emails, three months of which had never been seen before by government investigators.

Questions Answered — FBI Resistance Lawyer Lisa Page Takes Center Stage to Play Victim Card.  After several weeks of planning and careful roll-out organization, noted by several weeks of contact with mutually aligned journalists, today Ms. Page steps into the spotlight with her introductory article in the Daily Beast, aptly titled:  "Lisa Page Speaks".  Yes, yes, of course Lisa Page says she's a victim to the horrible President Trump and the exposure of "private affair", and the exposure of her "political texts and biases" etc. etc.  However, that's not what is really interesting.  Within the article there's a very specific and very familiar type of victim narrative construct.

Lisa Page plays the victim card a week before Horowitz report to be released.  In a story that doesn't hold together very well, Lisa Page launches her spin campaign just a week before the Department of Justice inspector general, Horowitz, is to release his report on the genesis of the investigation of candidate and then president Trump, in which Lisa Page was deeply implicated.  Speaking to Molly Jong-Fast of the Daily Beast, who is more than sympathetic, Page presents herself as a victim, with support from Jong-Fast (the daughter of two left-wing authors, Erica Jong and Jonathan Fast), such as this description:  [Quote omitted for brevity, among other things.]  The theme is that the mean old Orange Man is picking on poor Lisa.  Trying to explain the timing of her speaking out in public, she makes a claim that doesn't withstand scrutiny.

Strzok-Page Texts Were Not Unearthed by Sharp FBI Investigative Work — Strzok's Angry and Scorned Wife Turned Him In.  Oh my — the reason corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok was caught texting his lover in the FBI, Lisa Page, was not due to incredible investigative work.  The reason was the oldest explanation in the book — his jealous and scorned wife!  We are only now finding out how Peter Strzok got caught texting his mistress Lisa Page at the FBI.  He was outed by his wife[.]

Peter Strzok:  The Last Word.  Former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who led the Bureau's investigation into both the Hillary Clinton email scandal and what turned out to be the Russia hoax — simultaneously! — has sued the Attorney General over his ultimate dismissal from the Bureau.  A filing in that case a few days ago has made public the letter to Strzok from Candice Will of the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility that suspended Strzok without pay for 60 days and demoted him to a non-supervisory position.  If the letter has been made public before now, I am not aware of it.

FBI Releases Internal OPR Report Containing Details of Peter Strzok Investigation.  As an outcome of the ridiculous wrongful termination lawsuit filed by former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the DOJ provides the internal Office of Professional Responsibility report as part of their responsive filing.  The OPR report is the culmination of a two-month long internal investigation conducted in 2018.  The OPR report contains several embarrassing details, including new text messages, about Peter Strzok during his FBI employment.  The report is only public because it is part of a filing connected to his public lawsuit.

DOJ outlines slew of Strzok 'security violations,' says wife learned of affair through unsecured phone.  The Department of Justice released documents Monday outlining a slew of "security violations" and flagrantly "unprofessional conduct" by anti-Trump ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok — including his alleged practice of keeping sensitive FBI documents on his unsecured personal electronic devices, even as his wife gained access to his cell phone and discovered evidence that he was having an affair with former FBI attorney Lisa Page.  The DOJ was seeking to dismiss Strzok's lawsuit claiming he was unfairly fired and deserves to be reinstated as chief of the counterespionage division at the FBI.  In its filing, the DOJ included an August 2018 letter to Strzok from the DOJ's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which found in part that Strzok had engaged in a "dereliction of supervisory responsibility" by failing to investigate the potentially classified Hillary Clinton emails that had turned up on an unsecured laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner as the 2016 election approached.

Time to Subpoena Alexandra Chalupa.  Thanks to disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who told us in a text message that "POTUS wants to know everything we're doing," we know that President Obama was kept fully informed about the deep-state coup against President Trump. [...] If you want real collusion with a real trail of evidence of people trying to do real things interfering with the 2016 campaign, try Hillary Clinton's real collusion with the Ukraine to derail and besmirch Team Trump. [...] Where are the congressional hearings on Hillary's collusion with the Ukraine?  Where are the hearings on her making it possible for Russian interests to control 20 percent of our uranium supply in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation?  Where is Alexandra Chalupa on the impeachment witness list?  Time to drop the Chalupa on Hillary and Obama.

The Impeachment Antics Are All Smoke and Mirrors.  First, it was the #RussiaHoax manufactured by a cabal of anti-Trump foes:  former FBI Director James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan and others who took Democrat-funded opposition research — sourced from Russia and an ex-British spy — and used the "unverified and salacious" dossier to trigger multiple criminal investigations into Donald Trump and his associates to stop him from getting elected.  When that failed, Trump-hating FBI agent Strzok texted his lover Page about the "insurance policy" that high-powered officials in the FBI and deep state put in place in case of the unlikely scenario Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.  That was the first known example of domestic election meddling — in a major U.S. presidential election, no less — by those on the left who first tried to block Trump from getting elected in 2016 by concocting a phony "Russian collusion" conspiracy narrative.

Is Lisa Page singing to Durham's prosecutors?  There is a fascinating tidbit that suggests a cooperating witness may be helping build the case against the coup plotters.  I have for a long time suspected that Lisa Page could turn state's evidence when it comes to plea deal time in the investigation of the investigators on the Russia Hoax.  The former FBI attorney serving Deputy Director Andrew McCabe saw her adulterous affair with Peter Strzok exposed, and the lovebirds broke up.  Page lost her job, compounding the humiliation and sore feelings.  More to the point during the summer of 2018, when questioned behind closed doors by Congress (this was when the GOP ran the House), Page contradicted testimony offered by Strzok.

The Michael Flynn smoking gun:  FBI headquarters altered interview summary.  Hanlon's Razor suggests that we never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity or incompetence.  Having proudly served in the FBI for 25 years, I bristled at insulting accusations of an onerous deep state conspiracy.  Some obvious mistakes made during the investigation of the Trump campaign were quite possibly the result of two ham-handedly overzealous FBI headquarters denizens, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, clumsily seeking to impress each other with ever-increasing levels of loathing for then-candidate Donald Trump.  FBI employees are entitled to their own political views.  But senior-level decision-makers who express them on government devices, while overseeing a supremely consequential investigation into a political campaign, simply do not possess the requisite judgment and temperament for the job.

Here's Why Corrupt FBI Actors Strzok and Page Referred to Schiff's Suspected 'Whistleblower' Eric Ciaramella as 'Charlie'.  We reported a couple of days ago that it is suspected that Lying Adam Schiff's 'whistleblower' was Eric Ciaramella.  We now have some additional evidence on why Ciaramella was referred to as 'Charlie' in Strzok and Page texts.

Suspected 'Whistleblower' Ciaramella May Be CIA Spy Planted in Trump White House Identified as "Charlie" in Strzok and Page Texts!  No wonder Lying Adam Schiff and his Democrat cohorts don't want their suspected whistleblower Eric Ciaramella outed to the public.  This is because they all know that Ciaramella was in President Trump's White House and his purpose was specifically to spy on the Trump Administration.

12 facts about the IG investigation.  [Scroll down]  Tenth, we know Peter Strzok is the key to this.  Strzok was not a low level FBI agent.  He was in charge of the Hillary cover up and the spying on Trump.  Strzok was the chief of the Counterespionage Section.  Mueller hired him as his chief FBI investigator, later firing him.  The dude was a made man in the Deep State.  Flip him, you flip the whole thing.

Our Bankrupt Nomenklatura.  The strange thing about James Comey was not his serial leaking to the press, his deception of a FISA court, his effort to subvert the Trump candidacy by peddling a false dossier and using informants, or even warping the Clinton email investigation.  Rather, the rub was that Comey was not aberrant, but rather the apt expression of the Washington, D.C. culture of the FBI, at least as epitomized by his conniving and often deceitful associates such as James Baker, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok, who did not worry much about ruining the lives of others.  Page and Strozk apparently post facto classified Comey's presidential memos as merely confidential to preclude their ex-leaker-boss's felonious exposure.  And the two seemed to have texted about reworking the 302 interview memos of the Michael Flynn ambush, again post facto, to ensure he seemed guilty of lying.  Anywhere there was a major FBI scandal of the last three years, Peter Strzok was to be found — the Comey-McCabe go-to fixer when there was rigging to do.

The Madness of Progressive Projection.  A blatant conflict of interest was the intertwine of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, two of Mueller's investigators and previously at the nexus of investigating almost every alleged wrongdoing of Trump.  Neither disclosed that they were conducting FBI business as supposed independent investigators while conducting an affair.  Neither disclosed that they were investigating supposed Trump crimes while communicating daily their disgust for Trump, their disdain for his supporters, and their boasts about stopping the Trump candidacy and later his presidency.  Neither disclosed why and when they were fired from the Mueller team, perhaps in deference to Robert Mueller's unethical gambit of staggering their departures, claiming each was merely "reassigned," and not disclosing their absences until weeks after they left.

Anti-Trump Fraternity and NeverTrump Sorority Collude in Impeachment Scam.  [Scroll down]  Remember when "the dossier" first surfaced?  That was supposed to be one of those "bombshells" that was going to precipitate a tipping point and start the walls closing in.  But then it turned out that the dossier was just lurid gossip without any foundation.  It also turned out that it was opposition gossip (I won't say "research"), commissioned and paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.  But we were still being asked to take it seriously, just as we were asked to take Peter Strzok and Lisa Page seriously as impartial investigators even though they entertained themselves by larding their love-texts to each other with wild anti-Trump imprecations and fantasies about an "insurance policy" that either would prevent his election or assure his removal in case the worst happened.  The thing to remember is that we were never meant to hear about Strzok or Page.  Neither were we meant to know about the FISA warrants against Carter Page and others.

DOJ IG Reports on 'Misconduct' of a Special Agent 'For Failing to Report an Intimate Relationship'.  The Justice Department inspector general on Tuesday released an investigative summary involving "misconduct" by an "FBI Special Agent in Charge" for failing to report an "intimate relationship with a subordinate and for taking actions that lacked impartiality, demonstrated favoritism toward the subordinate, and contributed to the decline in staff morale."  The summary notes that the "SAC retired during the course of the investigation."  The special agent is not named in the one-page summary, but the situation sounds familiar.  However, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, who had an extra-marital affair with FBI attorney Lisa Page and demonstrated a lack of impartiality in his text messages to her, did not "retire" from the FBI.  He was fired, and he later sued the FBI for what he described as a politically motivated termination.

Is Christioher Wray Protectung Andrew McCabe?  FBI Director Christopher Wray has tried to stay out of the public eye, and while he does not have liar and leaker James Comey's flair for flamboyant, self-serving press conferences, and doesn't have his fingerprints all over the Russian collusion hoax and FISAgate, he still is a D.C. swamp rat working behind the scenes to protect his deep-state cronies.  The text messages of FBI agents Peter Strzok and paramour Lisa Page have gone a long way to explain and document the attempt by President Obama's government agencies to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House.  One would think the text messages of Andrew McCabe, fired for "lack of candor," would be a treasure trove of information detailing the coup plotters' machinations and deliberations.  So why is Wray fighting to keep them out of public view and away from legal scrutiny?

Department Of Justice May Be About To Indict Andrew McCabe And Peter Strzok.  If the Times is close to accurate on this, the line prosecutors and the US Attorney's office have already decided to indict but Justice is taking an interest. [...] What is at stake here is not small, it is really little short of the Department of Justice making a decision on whether the United States has a two-tiered system of justice where FBI officials can casually and callously lie to federal investigators and avoid any downside while a guy like George Papadopoulos gets sent to jail for a transposing the dates of his appointment to the Trump campaign with the date on which the campaign officially announced his position, or worse, be a Michael Flynn an have this particular lying sack of ordure decide that you lied to investigators when investigators had decided just the opposite.  It would be hard to imagine that Barr and Rosen don't know this, plus, I can't imagine Rosen being all that keen on making a no-prosecution decision knowing what his Twitter timeline would look like the next morning after Trump's first tweet.  Nothing would make me happier than if the FBI went full "Law and Order" on McCabe and waited until he was on the air in the CNN studio and barged in an handcuffed him on camera.

FBI upset over conspiracy theories?  Hahaha, hypocrites.  The FBI spied on Donald John Trump using a baseless conspiracy theory to get a FISA warrant.  It was — in the words of its Chief of the Counterespionage Section, Peter Strzok — an insurance policy should America elect Donald John Trump president.  America did and the FBI cashed in its insurance policy, subjecting President Trump to a $32 million investigation that threatened his business, his family members, and anyone else associated with him.  Strzok was no rogue agent.  He was a major player in the bureau.  Meanwhile, the FBI destroyed evidence that implicated Hillary in her email scandal.

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Files Lawsuit Against DOJ and FBI.  Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok has filed a lawsuit in DC federal court seeking reinstatement and back pay as a result of his firing in 2018.  According to the lawsuit[,] Strzok is claiming his first amendment right to free speech was violated and his fifth amendment right to due process was violated.  Upon initial review, this lawsuit looks like a stunt; motive undetermined, but perhaps related to the pending release of the IG report on FISA abuse where Strzok was a key participant.

The Editor says...
From where I'm sitting, it appears that Mr. Strzok was one of the key players in an attempt to overthrow the President.  Therefore Mr. Strzok is in no position to complain about due process.

Peter Strzok Sues FBI/DOJ Over Firing.  Peter Strzok, a key FBI agent in the Russia investigation was caught sending anti-Trump text messages to his paramour FBI lawyer Lisa Page and subsequently removed from the special counsel's team in the summer of 2017.  Peter Strzok was fired from the FBI last August and escorted out of the building.  Now he's suing, claiming the US government violated his First Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights — he is seeking "reinstatement and back pay."

The Dream Team Loses to the Nobodies.  [Scroll down]  The Lisa Page-Peter Strozk text trove was an ungodly disaster for Mueller's team — revealing supposedly professional FBI dreamers of his media-hyped team as adulterous and self-obsessed Washington insiders, with a buffoonish hatred of Trump and schoolyard disdain for his supporters.  That Strozk revealed himself as a blowhard and wannabe in his secret notes to Page was all the more damaging given that he was a sort of swamp FBI everyman.  Indeed, Strzok popped up everywhere anything proved suspicious.  Strzok convinced Comey to change the wording of his report on Hillary Clinton.  Strzok likely initiated the setup of George Papadopoulos.  Strozk gave away the game early on with his text to Lisa Page that there was "no big there there."  Strozk interviewed former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and got him to talk without a lawyer.  Strozk met with Andrew McCabe to dream up ways of ruining Trump.

20,000 Strzok-Page emails get a second look.  "The FBI has been slow-rolling the release of Page-Strzok communications and is still hiding all their infamous text messages," says Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.  "We hope the Court recognizes the pubic interest in ensuring the FBI quickly releases key documents about the biggest scandal in American history — the Spygate abuses targeting President Trump."

Federal Court Orders Hearing about Whether to Speed Up Strzok-Page Docs Release.  Strzok and Page were key investigators in the Clinton email and Russia collusion investigations.  Strzok was removed from the Mueller investigative team in July 2017 and reassigned to a human resources position after it was discovered that he and Page, who worked for FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and with whom Strzok was carrying on an extramarital affair, exchanged pro-Clinton and anti-Trump text messages.  Page resigned in May 2018.  Strzok was dismissed from the FBI in August 2018.

Strzok-Page texts debated whether to share details with DOJ on key London meeting in 2016.  Text messages between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page debating how much information to share with the Justice Department about a London meeting — days after the bureau opened its initial Russia investigation — are drawing fresh scrutiny as alleged surveillance abuse and the probe's origins are investigated by three separate probes, Fox News has learned.  On Aug. 3, 2016, Strzok wrote, "I think we need to consider the lines of what we disclose to DOJ.  For example, the last stipulation notes we will not disclose [the] identifies outside the FBI.  I think you might argue the unauthorized disclosure might (reasonably) be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to US national security..."

New Strzok-Page Emails Reveal FBI Efforts to Muddle Comey Testimony on Clinton Emails; FBI-Media Collusion.  Judicial Watch announced today [6/20/2019] it received 345 pages of records from the Department of Justice that show FBI top officials scrambling to write a letter to Congress to supplement then-Director James Comey's Senate testimony in an apparent attempt to muddle his message.  Judicial Watch obtained the records through a January 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the DOJ failed respond to a December 4, 2017 FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00154)).  Judicial Watch is seeking all communications between FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page.  The emails were released in response to a May 21 court order by U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton to the FBI to process 13,000 pages of records.

DOJ Releases Flynn FBI Interview Report (FD-302) by Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok.  The DOJ has released the FBI agent report (FD-302) written after their interview of Michael Flynn on Jan 24th, 2017.  From prior testimony we know that FBI Agent Peter Strzok did the questioning and FBI Agent Joe Pientka took notes.  However, for some reason, within the DOJ release of the report they are continuing to redact the name Joe Pientka.

FBI Counterintelligence Is Focus of Trump Campaign Spying Probe.  The ongoing special Justice Department investigation into improper spying on the Trump campaign in 2016 highlights key failings by the FBI's once-storied counterintelligence division.  Two senior counterintelligence officials no longer with the bureau are among likely targets of the investigation by John Durham, U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut.  Both were key managers of the high-profile investigations in 2016 into classified information found on Hillary Clinton's private email server, and the now-discredited counterspy operation into links between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian government.  A central figure is Peter Strzok, deputy assistant FBI director for the counterintelligence division, who was fired in August.  Another key player was his boss, Bill Priestap, assistant FBI director for counterintelligence, who quietly resigned in December.

FBI Gave Clinton 'Special Treatment'.  A new batch of FBI emails has revealed officials at the bureau were looking to give special treatment to then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Judicial Watch obtained 218 pages of emails Monday between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  The emails contained discussions about missing reports and about interviews, commonly referred to as 302's, pertaining to the Clinton probe.

Lovebirds Canceled.  Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are Irish documentary filmmakers who have made several notable movies, including Gosnell.  Their latest project is a play called FBI Lovebirds:  Under Covers: [...] It is a nice concept, one that another playwright used effectively with grand jury testimony in the Michael Brown case.  All of the dialogue is taken straight from the texts exchanged by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  Unfortunately, the production has been canceled due to threats of violence. [...] So, once again, liberals get their way by threatening violence.  This is a common feature of today's landscape.  Liberals have dropped all pretense of wishing to live in a diverse, pluralistic, civil society.  They are making all-out war on all who do not buy into their extreme views.

New Damaging Info Comes Out On Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  The FBI did not warn the Trump campaign that two members of its campaign were under FBI investigation when agents met with the campaign in August 2016 to warn it about national security threats.  Fox News' Catherine Herridge reports that the FBI's mid-August 2016 counterintelligence "defensive briefing" for the Trump campaign did not notify campaign officials that Mike Flynn and George Papadopoulos were under investigation.

Rep. Collins Identifies Peter Strzok as Likely FBI Official Who Leaked Grand Jury Information and Prosecution Declined.  This is rather stunning.  In letters from Representative Doug Collins to Inspector General Horowitz and AG Bill Barr, Collins identifies Deputy Asst. Director Peter Strzok as the official who leaked grand jury information to the media and yet the DOJ refused to prosecute.  Incredible.

IG: DOJ Declined to Prosecute Deputy Assistant Director of FBI Who Made Illegal Leak to Media.  The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice says that the department declined to prosecute a deputy assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who made an illegal leak to the media.  In announcing that DOJ had declined to prosecuted this unnamed high-ranking FBI official, the inspector general also said that the case in question had been referenced in the IG's earlier report on the FBI's activities leading up to the 2016 election.  "The OIG investigation," said a summary released by the OIG, "concluded that the DAD engaged in misconduct when the DAD:  (1) disclosed to the media the existence of information that had been filed under seal in federal court, in violation of 18 USC 401, Contempt of Court; (2) provided without authorization FBI law enforcement sensitive information to reporters on multiple occasions; and (3) had dozens of official contacts with the media without authorization, in violation of FBI policy."

New Damaging Info Comes Out On Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  The FBI did not warn the Trump campaign that two members of its campaign were under FBI investigation when agents met with the campaign in August 2016 to warn it about national security threats.  Fox News' Catherine Herridge reports that the FBI's mid-August 2016 counterintelligence "defensive briefing" for the Trump campaign did not notify campaign officials that Mike Flynn and George Papadopoulos were under investigation.

This is your FBI under Obama.  Lisa Page texted Peter Strzok:  "Yep, out to lunch with Sally [Moyer].  We both hate everyone and everything."  Eric Felten at RealClearInvestigations has good news.  He wrote, "There are a growing number of indicators that the leading players in the 2016 election drama are turning on one another, making a mad dash for the lifeboats to escape being dragged under with the political Titanic that is Christopher Steele and his dossier.  These are many of the same people who had been eager to exploit the dossier, that collection of memos paid for by the Clinton campaign and supposedly sourced from Russia.  Once treated like the Rosetta stone of collusion, the Steele documents now seem even to Trump antagonists more like the Howard Hughes diaries."  Felten plowed through the emails, texts, and testimony of the people who did the grunt work for Obama in his spying on political rivals.  He found a lot of very sick people, just the sort who would turn on one another.

Unraveling Of The Obama Administration Conspiracy.  [Scroll down]  John Solomon, who has done some of the best investigative work on this subject, wrote last month that "Text messages between alleged FBI lovebirds Strzok and Page raised concerns about 'pressure' from the White House, the 'Agency BS game,' DOJ leaks and the need for an FBI 'insurance policy.'  And, as Strzok texted at one point in August 2016, quoting a colleague:  'The White House is running this.'"  But many of us have been pointing it out for years.  I wrote nearly three years ago about how the fix was in when then-FBI Director James Comey let Hillary off the hook for her clear violations of the Espionage Act.

Liz Cheney:  Strzok-Page texts sound 'like a coup,' could be 'treason'.  Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo, said in an interview that aired Sunday that text messages between former FBI investigators Peter Strzok and Lisa Page "sound an awful lot like a coup" and could even be treason.  "I think what is really crucially important to remember here is that you had Strzok and Page who were in charge of launching this investigation and they were saying things like, 'We must stop this president, we need an insurance policy against this president,'" she said on ABC News' "This Week."  "In my view when you have people that are in the highest echelons of the law enforcement of this nation saying things like that, that sounds an awful lot like a coup — and it could well be treason and I think we need to know more," she said.

Flashback (November 2016): Obama Claims He's Kept Politics Out of the FBI.  Video from November of 2016, just days after Donald Trump had won the election, shows former president Barack Obama claiming he has been very careful in keeping politics out of the FBI.  The statement came just months after text messages exchanged between disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his girlfriend, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, indicated that "[Obama] wants to know about everything" the agency was doing in regards to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  It was also made in the midst of what we now know was extensive surveillance on the Trump campaign.

FBI Officials Who Worked On Clinton Email Case Never Suspected Strzok-Page Affair Under Their Noses.  Two FBI officials who worked closely with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had no idea about the pair's extramarital affair, they testified to a congressional committee, even though they work for an investigative agency and considered themselves friends.  The two who did not pick up on any signs of an affair played key roles in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server use, which did not result in any criminal charges after FBI head James Comey drafted an exoneration speech before the investigation had concluded.  FBI personnel are trained to look for activity that could lead to an agent being blackmailed, which could include an extramarital affair.

Devin Nunes:  Peter Strzok's 'insurance policy' was about getting into Trump campaign emails.  Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., believes he has found the definition of the "insurance policy."  A text message sent by former FBI agent Peter Strzok to Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer with whom Strzok was having an affair, in August 2016 that mentioned an "insurance policy" has long been a subject of concern among Republican investigators who believe there could have been a plot to undermine then-candidate Donald Trump.  In an interview Tuesday [5/14/2019] with Fox News, Nunes tied the "insurance policy" text to the FBI's use of an unverified dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to wiretap Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

John Solomon Describes What He Thinks Strzok's 'Insurance Policy' Meant (Among Other Things).  In a stunning and dense interview with Judicial Watch, John Solomon, investigative reporter for The Hill, details what he's learned about the entire Russia collusion "dirty trick" the FBI played on the Trump campaign — and describes what he thinks Peter Strzok meant in his ominous "insurance policy" text.  Solomon has done remarkable reporting on the collusion hoax, even while the establishment press refused to touch it.  Like something out of a Hollywood noir film, he recounts how he came home one day in March 2017 to two men sitting in a blue sedan who proceeded to have a frank conversation with him in his driveway.  He says they told him that his reporting up to that point on the FISA court — he was familiar with that court and found the FISA warrants related to Carter Page suspicious — was the tip of a very large iceberg that led to the entire intelligence apparatus under the Obama administration being used in an opposition research investigation into a political campaign.

Comey: Yeah, Lisa Page And Peter Strzok's Anti-Trump Texts Made The FBI Look Like Total Trash.  Well, it's about time.  Fired FBI Director James Comey admitted in a CNN town hall that the text messages between also terminated FBI Agent Peter Strzok and former bureau attorney Lisa Page made the entire agency look like trash.  It damaged the institution and it tarnished the Russia investigation Caleb Howe at Mediaite has more:  Comey was fielding a question from the audience when the topic came up.  The audience member asked what Comey thought should have been the consequences for Strzok, Page, and Andrew McCabe.  "I think, given the standards that we have," said Comey, "there should have been, and was, severe discipline around their behavior."

Sen. Josh Hawley:  Prejudiced FBI Officials Tried to Overturn Results of a Democratic Election.  Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday [5/1/2019], said officials like former FBI agent Peter Strzok tried to overturn the results of a democratic election by launching an investigation into the Trump campaign for Russian collusion.  Hawley read aloud a text from Strzok to his former lover and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page on August 26, 2016:  "Just went to the southern Virginia Walmart.  I could SMELL the Trump support."

Sen. Lindsey Graham Reads off Strzok-Page Text Messages and Drops an F-Bomb to Open Judiciary Hearing with AG Barr.  Attorney General William Barr sat to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  This is his first of two back-to-back hearings he will take part in on Capitol Hill this week.  According to The Hill, Democrats are expected to grill the attorney general over his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference.  His prepared remarks were posted online earlier this week.

FBI Texts Show Agents Discussed Recruiting White House Sources To Spy For Bureau.  Senior Republican chairmen submitted a letter Thursday [4/25/2019] to Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr revealing new texts from former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok to his paramour FBI Attorney Lisa Page showing the pair had discussed attempts to recruit sources within the White House to allegedly spy on the Trump administration.  Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Charles Grassley and Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson revealed the information in a three page letter.  The texts had been obtained by Tuesday and information regarding the possible attempt to recruit White House sources had been divulged by several sources to this news site last week.

Strzok-Page texts suggested using post-election briefing to gather information on Trump team.  Text messages between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page indicate they discussed using briefings to the Trump team after the 2016 election to identify people they could "develop for potential relationships," track lines of questioning and "assess" changes in "demeanor" — language one GOP lawmaker called "more evidence" of irregular conduct in the original Russia probe.  Fox News has learned the texts, initially released in 2018 by a Senate committee, are under renewed scrutiny, with GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley and Homeland Security Committee chair Ron Johnson sending a letter Thursday night [4/25/2019] to Attorney General Bill Barr pushing for more information on the matter.

Unraveling Three Key Russian Collusion Hoax Plot Lines.  The third thread, however, has perhaps the most interesting origin story:  the revelations of the text messages between now disgraced FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page.  It began with a Democratic congressman demanding the Justice Department inspector general look into claims of bias at the FBI during the Clinton email scandal.  The results were not what the congressman hoped.  On December 2, 2017, the New York Times broke the story that Mueller removed Strzok from his team as a result of biased text messages.

Sources: Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok Could Face Serious Charges, IG Report Out In May Or June.  Sara Carter is reporting that multiple sources have told her that Peter Strzok, who led the initial Trump campaign investigation, could face "serious charges" in the future. [...] The question is exactly what he'd be charged with.  Though his animus toward Donald Trump wasn't in question, FBI officials have such wide latitude (too much) that they could seemingly steer investigations in a biased manner and still not technically break any laws.

Baker Transcript Highlights Additional Evidence Behind Strzok/Page Texts:  "Lock In Trump".  In the Day #2 transcript released today FBI chief legal counsel James Baker was asked about a specific series of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages on the evening President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.  Comey was fired on May 9th, 2017.  Later that night Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had the following text conversation: [...]

Sources: Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Could Face Serious Charges.  Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok could face 'serious' charges for his involvement and actions in the bureau's probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a private server to send classified emails, as well as the FBI's investigation into President Trump's campaign, multiple sources with knowledge of Strzok's actions told  Further, sources contend that the nearly year long investigation by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, will reveal explosive information and shed light on alleged malfeasance by FBI and DOJ officials directly involved in the Russia investigation.

Insider Reveals More Clinton Corruption.  Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) on March 12 made public the official transcript of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page's July 2018 closed-door testimony before Congress. [...] Page is hardly a Trump zealot.  She was one of those tasked with investigating the fanciful connections between the Russians and Trump.  Anti-Trump text messages between Page and fellow FBI agent Peter Strzok were, in fact, publicized and caused the bureau great embarrassment.  The texts were sent on government phones, and in the midst of both Page and Strzok supposedly independently investigating "collusion," and also while they engaged in an extramarital love affair.  A May 19, 2017 text from Strzok to Page said, "You and I both know the odds are nothing.  If I thought it was likely, I'd be there no question....  There's no big there, there," and was sent only two days after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed special counsel Robert Mueller.

Strzok-Page affair made them vulnerable to foreign intelligence, a top FBI official told Congress.  A top FBI official told Congress last year that he feared an affair between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page made them vulnerable to foreign intelligence services.  Bill Priestap, the bureau's assistant director for counterintelligence, testified in June 2018 that he had heard rumors about an extramarital affair between Page and Strzok, who directly reported to him, but was later prompted to confront the couple after receiving a tip.

The Metaphysics of FBI Bias.  The release of congressional testimony by FBI headquarters personnel last week once again focused a light upon bias at the FBI. [...] Much of the decisions in the justice system are the results of the discretionary powers of law enforcement personnel, and evidence of a bias on the part of the personnel does reasonably poison the system.  Fired agent Peter Strzok sought virulently to discount this type of bias in his own regard.  He feverishly, indeed, rabidly, claimed that his own hatred for Donald Trump could not have impacted his decisions, especially, he claimed, because of the system in place at the FBI and DoJ.  Interestingly, Strzok went off on this tirade on his own, not in response to any question.  Then-representative Trey Gowdy's reply was quite amusing:  "Agent Strzok, that is a fantastic answer to a question that nobody asked."

Lisa Page Testimony May Have Put Obama AG Loretta Lynch In The Crosshairs.  Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins released the private testimony of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, but it's former Attorney General Loretta Lynch who may feel the sting.  According to Page's testimony, which was made public on Tuesday, the FBI considered charging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with gross negligence under 18 U.S. Code § 793 for her alleged handling of classified information.

Anti-Trump former FBI lovers Strzok and Page sound like Abbott and Costello in testimony.  Page and Strozk were a stunning contrast in intellect and candor.  The pair are a modern-day version of the comedy team of Abbott and Costello, popular in the 1940s and 1950s.  Bud Abbott was the smart straight man.  Lou Costello played the dimwitted clown.  In her closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last summer that was just released Tuesday, Page — an FBI lawyer who resigned in May — comes across as smart and reasonably forthright.  With some exceptions, she answered questions directly.  She's Abbott.  FBI agent Strzok — who was fired by the bureau in August — is Costello.  His clownish rejoinders are reminiscent of the hilarious Abbott and Costello comedy routine "Who's on First?"  At every turn in his closed-door questioning by the House Judiciary Committee, the transcript released Thursday [3/14/2019] shows Strzok straining to provide answers that are evasive, incomprehensible and banal.

Yeah, There Was Election Meddling From The FBI/DOJ During The 2016 Election.  [A]ll of our suspicions have been confirmed about how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email probe, one of two highly sensitive investigations in which disgraced former FBI Agent Peter Strzok was involved.  Strzok was a counterintelligence agent with the bureau before being demoted to human resources once his extramarital affair with Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer, was revealed two years ago.  During the 2016 election, the two sent tens of thousands of texts, most were anti-Trump, which displayed gross unprofessionalism and added to the accusations that deep state antics were targeting Donald Trump and later his administration post-2016.  The two texts that caught the eye of everyone was one where the two had a meeting with then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe on August 15, 2016, where Strzok and Page discussed an "insurance policy" against a Trump presidency.  And another where he said they would stop Trump.

Revelations In The Deep State's War Against Trump Are Becoming Too Big For Them To Hide.  The abuse of power by officials at the top levels of the Department of Justice, including Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch, became clearer than ever due to Rep. Doug Collins' (R-GA) release of transcripts from the 2018 Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page hearings in the last week.  Their testimonies both corroborated many of Devin Nunes' previous findings and provided new information.  In addition, Fox News obtained a copy of an internal FBI chart with a written comment next to the section of the statute which most closely applied to Hillary Clinton which said:  "Note:  DOJ not willing to charge this."

Trump blasts Obama DOJ as 'corrupt machine,' as Page transcript suggests Clinton case intervention.  President Trump on Wednesday [3/13/2019] seized on new revelations contained in transcripts from former FBI lawyer Lisa Page's congressional testimony to hammer the Obama Justice Department as a "broken and corrupt machine."  Those transcripts, released by House Judiciary Committee Republicans, appeared to show Page confirming that DOJ officials during the Hillary Clinton email investigation made clear to the FBI that they should not pursue Clinton for "gross negligence" in the handling of classified information.

Lisa Page testimony means DOJ might want to re-open case against Hillary Clinton.  Lock her up?  More and more, it appears the Justice Department should have tried to do just that to Hillary Clinton and that only nefarious interference kept the attempt from occurring.  My colleague Becket Adams is correct in writing that newly released testimony by disgraced FBI attorney Lisa Page makes former U.S. attorney general Loretta Lynch look blatantly dishonest and makes her infamous "tarmac meeting" with former president Bill Clinton look even sleazier than it already had.  Specifically, despite sworn assurances to the contrary from Lynch, Page testified that Department of Justice officials repeatedly dissuaded the FBI from building a criminal case against Clinton for "gross negligence" in her handling of classified information.

The Creepiest Part of the Lisa Page Transcript.  Most media coverage of the newly-released transcript of Lisa Page's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee focuses on questions that have long since been answered:  We already knew there was bias against Donald Trump throughout the DOJ and FBI.  It was long ago established that they never possessed any credible evidence of collusion involving Trump's campaign and Russia.  We already knew the investigation into Hillary Clinton's crimes was a charade.  The real news is how fearful the denizens of the DOJ and FBI were of incurring Clinton's wrath.

Obama DOJ Told FBI Not To Charge Hillary, Lisa Page Reveals What The 'Insurance Policy' Was.  House Judiciary Committee members released the transcript of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page's testimony in front of the committee last year and it contained several major revelations.

Lisa Page Testimony Shows Obama AG Loretta Lynch Lied.  In the past few days, several transcripts of testimonies from FBI officials have been released and there's been some very interesting revelations.  One of the most eye-opening was that of Bruce Ohr, an FBI official at the center of the Steele dossier.  It was shown that Ohr did in fact have extensive contacts with Steele, including the day before the FBI started investigating Trump, and that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lied repeatedly to cover it up.  More shoes are now dropping and the latest involves FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who testified last year in a closed door session with the House.

Lisa Page:  Yeah, Obama's DOJ Killed the Prosecution of Hillary Clinton.  New testimony from former FBI attorney Lisa Page, which was released by Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe, shows the Department of Justice killed the prosecution of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before the FBI officially had a chance to refer her for charges.

What Lisa Page Said.  The FBI conducted a fake investigation of Hillary Clinton and her server as limited by the Obama Department of Justice.  Former FBI Director James Comey announced the termination of this investigation in the long deliberated but unsupportable script at his infamous July 2016 press conference.  This is a political scandal of the traditional variety.  The FBI also conducted a pretextual counterintelligence focused on the Trump presidential campaign.  Page and her FBI lover Peter Strzok texted about this investigation as their "insurance policy" in the event of Trump's election, although Page did not concede this point.  This is a political scandal that represents something new under the sun.  Page is a key witness in both of these matters.

Lisa Page Testimony May Have Put Obama AG Loretta Lynch In The Crosshairs.  Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins released the private testimony of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, but it's former Attorney General Loretta Lynch who may feel the sting.  According to Page's testimony, which was made public on Tuesday, the FBI considered charging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with gross negligence under 18 U.S. Code § 793 for her alleged handling of classified information.

Leaked Lisa Page Testimony Reveals FBI Was Considering Charging Crooked Hillary under Espionage Act Until DOJ Told Them "No".  On Friday [3/8/2019] Republican Doug Collins (R-GA) released the Bruce Ohr testimony transcript online.  Rep Collins said his patience with the DOJ had grown thin so he released the testimony.  Collins plans on releasing more testimony.  The Ohr testimony disclosed the Bruce Ohr gave his wife's opposition research on Trump to the FBI in a flash drive.

Explosive Lisa Page Testimony:  Dossier Timeline Contradictions And DOJ Interference.  Testimony provided to Congress from former FBI lawyer Lisa Page reveals contradictions as to when she learned about former British spy Christopher Steele's anti-Trump dossier, sheds light on the "insurance policy" and exposes the Obama Justice Department's decision not to charge Hillary Clinton with allegedly violating the Espionage Act.  Page's testimony, which was delivered behind closed doors last July before a joint task force of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, reveals the internal machinations between senior bureau leadership and the DOJ.  Basically, her testimony adds more depth to what happened during the critical months during the FBI's investigation into President Trump's election campaign and the bureau's "Midyear Exam" investigation into Clinton.

Docs Reveal FBI Cover Up of "Chart" of Potential Violations By Hillary Clinton:  Judicial Watch.  Once again Judicial Watch is doing the heavy lifting.  Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Friday it received another tranche of documents from a January 2018 FOIA lawsuit that revealed the FBI actively covered up a 'chart' of potential violations by Hillary Clinton.  The newly obtained emails came in response to a May 21 order by U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton to the FBI to begin processing 13,000 pages of records exchanged exclusively between Strzok and Page between February 1, 2015, and December 2017.  The FBI may not complete review and production of all the Strzok-Page communications until at least 2020, reported Judicial Watch.

If Only Trump Haters Could Realize How Dangerously Our Democracy Is Being Threatened.  Is it OK to run wildcat operations within the FBI aimed at destroying a President whom the FBI leadership detests?  More than whether Strzok and Page had a "secret society and "insurance policy to prevent Trump from governing, more than whether Comey deserved to be fired by Trump for being the dishonest and untrustworthy snake he is, more than whether the Mueller Investigation has gone completely off the rails after two years of searching for collusion that did not exist, we face a serious and much more threatening Constitutional crisis for the future:  Do we have systems in place to deter the FBI from doing yet even worse to a future President?

FBI Lawyer: 'Not Typically Appropriate' For Hillary's Aides To Attend Her FBI Interview.  Lisa Page, a former top attorney at the FBI, told Congress she believed it was neither appropriate nor necessary for two of Hillary Clinton's aides to accompany the former secretary of state in an interview she gave as part of the email investigation.  "I would agree with you that it is not typically appropriate or operationally necessary to have fact witnesses attend the interview," Page told lawmakers during a closed-door interview in July 2018, highlights of which were published by The Epoch Times on Friday [1/11/2019].

Leaked Transcripts from Lisa Page Provide Some Stunning Revelations.  The joint House committee previously requested approval from the DOJ and FBI for transcripts of all witness testimony to be released.  In response, Deputy FBI Director David Bowditch, citing possible interference with the Mueller investigation, refused to release the transcripts. [...] Many of us were trying to figure out how David Bowditch rose to the level of Deputy FBI Director under Chris Wray.  [Bowditch was previously the FBI field office head for the San Bernardino terrorist attack investigation in California]  Now we see that Bowditch was at the center of the small group in Washington DC who were doing the Trump investigation.

Transcripts of Lisa Page's Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal.  Transcripts of two closed-door testimonies by Lisa Page, the former assistant general counsel at the FBI, have provided new insights into the actions of the FBI, DOJ, and others — including CIA Director John Brennan — regarding their investigation into Donald Trump.  Included in the transcripts provided to us is information suggesting Brennan was aware of the so-called Steele dossier in early August 2016, and that he included information regarding the dossier in a briefing given to then-Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

FBI Lawyer: 'Not Typically Appropriate' For Hillary's Aides To Attend Her FBI Interview.  Lisa Page, a former top attorney at the FBI, told Congress she believed it was neither appropriate nor necessary for two of Hillary Clinton's aides to accompany the former secretary of state in an interview she gave as part of the email investigation.  I would agree with you that it is not typically appropriate or operationally necessary to have fact witnesses attend the interview, Page told lawmakers during a closed-door interview in July 2018, highlights of which were published by The Epoch Times on Friday [1/11/2019].  Page was answering questions about the FBI's handling of the investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified information by using a private email server while at the State Department.

Journalist Dies Suddenly Just Days After Exposing Mueller, Strzok 'Cover-Up'.  A conservative journalist and pundit has died suddenly, just days after she broke a news story alleging that special counsel Robert Mueller and his team had deleted evidence proving anti-Trump bias at the FBI and Justice Department. [...] Payton's article broke the story that special council Robert Mueller and his team may have deleted text messages from the phones of disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok and ex-Justice Department lawyer Lisa Page in an attempt to conceal evidence of anti-Trump bias at the departments during the ongoing Russia probe.  Unlike the mainstream media networks, who pushed the idea that there was "no evidence" the texts were deliberately destroyed, Payton raised questions of whether there was criminal intent in these deletions, a notion supported by President Trump.

Trump: Mueller probe 'purposely and illegally' deleted Strzok and Page texts.  President Trump accused special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on Tuesday [12/18/2018] of "purposely and illegally" erasing thousands of text messages between former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. [...] Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz recently released a report that explained how around the DOJ lost 19,000 text messages when it reset the government phones for Mr. Strzok, a former FBI agent, and Ms. Page, a former FBI lawyer, so that other employees could use them.

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Spoliation of evidence.  The spoliation of evidence is the intentional or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, or destroying of evidence relevant to a legal proceeding. [...] The spoliation inference is a negative evidentiary inference that a finder of fact can draw from a party's destruction of a document or thing that is relevant to an ongoing or reasonably foreseeable civil or criminal proceeding:  the finder of fact can review all evidence uncovered in as strong a light as possible against the spoliator and in favor of the opposing party.

Spoliation defined
Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 1401.

The FBI Manufactured '302s' before Mueller.  As Sidney Powell observes in the Daily Caller, there is ample evidence in the infamous Lisa Page-Peter Strzok texts and in the most recent Mueller filing that the FBI had prepared a 302 in a timely fashion.  Strzok, in fact, conducted the original interview.  That original 302 apparently has been lost or destroyed.  This is not the first time that the FBI — or some entity with power over the FBI — has manufactured a 302 in a politically sensitive case.  In the case of TWA Flight 800, the 747 destroyed off the coast of Long Island in July 1996, the FBI and/or CIA manufactured second interviews with the three most critical eyewitnesses.

Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok's iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New "FBI Lovebird" Texts.  The Justice Department's internal watchdog revealed on Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller's office scrubbed all of the data from FBI agent Peter Strzok's iPhone, while his FBI mistress Lisa Page's phone had been scrubbed by a different department, according to a comprehensive report by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released on Thursday [12/13/2018].

Report:  Mueller Team Scrubbed Texts From Peter Strzok's Phone Before Giving It To DOJ.  Here we go again.  How do so many people on the left get away with scrubbing devices and destroying messages?  First it was Hillary's team.  Now the Mueller team has been accused of doing something similar.

Two More Good Reasons to Shut Down Mueller's Probe.  [Reason #2] On Thursday, Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department's inspector general, filed a report based on an investigation into missing texts between Strzok and Page.  The report disclosed that the special counsel's office scrubbed the iPhones used by both FBI agents while they worked for Mueller in mid-2017.  Page, who exited the special counsel's team in July 2017, left her phone at the office; the device was not located until September 2018 and had been reset to factory settings two weeks after she left. Astoundingly, Mueller's office also erased all information on Strzok's phone in early September, determining there were "no substantive texts, notes or reminders" on his device.  It had been reissued to another user so the phone, according to Horowitz, "had no content related to Strzok."  How can this be acceptable?  How can a prosecutor delete information contained on a government device used by government employees?  Especially employees under suspicion for their partisan influence in key investigations, including the Clinton email and Trump-Russia cases?  Congress needs to demand an answer why the destruction of government property (texts, emails, and other communications) let alone the destruction of evidence is acceptable conduct by the special counsel.

Inspector general discovers that Team Mueller scrubbed Strzok and Page text messages during critical post-election period.  Robert Mueller's Special Counsel's Office (SCO) destroyed a potential treasure trove of evidence about the "insurance policy" Trump-haters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were implementing against the Trump administration as it prepared to take office and establish itself in its first few months.  Whatever the purported lovebirds texted each other and others during the tumultuous period, the SCO thought it was not worth scrutiny by outsiders not on the team.  Given the scandalous earlier texts between the two released by the OIG, this claim is so arrogant that it would be laughable, but for the profound implications of a rogue law enforcement operation covering its tracks, secure in its belief that it will never be prosecuted thanks to Deep State operatives throughout the FBI and DoJ.

Inspector General discovers that Team Mueller scrubbed Strzok and Page text messages during critical post-election period.  Robert Mueller's Special Counsel's Office (SCO) destroyed a potential treasure trove of evidence about the "insurance policy" Trump-haters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were implementing against the Trump administration as it prepared to take office and establish itself in its first few months.  Whatever the purported lovebirds texted each other and others during the tumultuous period, the SCO thought it was not worth scrutiny by outsiders not on the team.  Given the scandalous earlier texts between the two released by the OIG, this claim is so arrogant that it would be laughable, but for the profound implications of a rogue law enforcement operation covering its tracks, secure in its belief that it will never be prosecuted thanks to Deep State operatives throughout the FBI and DoJ.

The DOJ Inspector General Found 19,000 'Lost' Strzok and Page Texts.  The Department of Justice Inspector a General released a report Thursday showing thousands of text messages sent by fired FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page were not properly preserved and presented a "gap" in investigating their misconduct at the Bureau. [...] The time period in question is after the 2016 presidential election and up to the appointment of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel.  Page worked on the Special Counsel investigation until July 2017 and used the same phone during that time period.  The same goes for Strzok, who also worked for Mueller and had the same phone.  When Page and Strzok left the Special Counsel, their phones were wiped by Special Counsel Records Officer.  DOJ maintains this was simply standard procedure in order to give the device to another user.

The Editor says...
Cell phones are inexpensive, and the federal government doesn't care about costs anyway.  So why would the FBI give Page's phone and Strzok's phone to other users?  I wonder who the new "users" are, and what their "use" of the phone really is.  It all sounds like a contrived reason to wipe the phones.  (Like with a cloth.)

Strzok, Page messages from Mueller probe lost after phone resets:  IG.  Investigators weren't able to find any text messages between fired agent Peter Strzok and former bureau lawyer Lisa Page from their time on special counsel Robert Mueller's probe because by the time their phones were recovered, they'd been reset for others' use, an inspector general said Thursday [12/13/2018].  The report also said the FBI still isn't reliably collecting text messages of all of its employees — despite the black eye the bureau has suffered from Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page.

OIG: Mueller's Office Scrubbed Strzok-Page Text Messages Before IG Could Review Them.  The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) was unable to recover text messages from the iPhones of FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page from their time on the special counsel team because the records officer scrubbed them, a new report from the DOJ watchdog reveals.  Regarding Strzok's iPhone, investigators were told that it "had been reset to factory settings and was reconfigured for the new user to whom the device was issued."  The special counsel's records officer said that she had "determined it did not contain records that needed to be retained."  She wrote in her records log, "No substantive texts, notes or reminders," the report states.

Comey Confirms Lisa Page Helped Peter Strzok Draft Hillary Clinton's Exoneration Statement.  On Saturday, the House Committees released the 235-page transcript from Comey's closed-door interview that was conducted on Friday [12/7/2018].  The Committee on the House Judiciary joint with the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight interviewed fired FBI Director James Comey Friday in a closed-door session that was NOT UNDER OATH according to the transcript.

Rep. Mark Meadows Sends Legal Missive to FISA Court:  Review FBI FISA Abuses by Lovebirds Strzok and Page.  Republican Representative Mark Meadows sent a letter this week to the FISA Court encouraging the secret court to investigate the FISA abuses that took place under President Obama's FBI by love birds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Far Left Democrat Who Dared Trump to Release FISA Docs — Now Says Trump Is "Absolutely Lawless" for Releasing FISA Docs.  Back in April 2017 far left Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) dared President Trump to declassify the Obama DOJ surveillance documents. [...] On Monday [9/17/2018] President Trump went scorched earth and ordered the DOJ to publicly release all text messages WITHOUT REDACTION relating to the Russia investigation from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.  But now suddenly Democrats are suddenly upset with the transparency.  Eric Swalwell called President Trump's move "absolutely lawless."

Report: FBI and DOJ Officials "Scrambling to Respond" To Declassification Directives.  Beyond the narrative engineering, NBC's Ken Dilanian is reporting from his mutually aligned sources inside the DOJ and FBI.  The basic outline is the embed officials within the DOJ, FBI and larger intelligence community, are not happy about the White House declassification directive.  Why would they be?  These are the same DOJ and FBI officials who, without justification, redacted the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages.

Media Continues Its Slow Suicide.  Text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two high-ranking FBI agents (also in the midst of an illicit affair at the time of these events), continue to expose how they planted damaging stories about Trump associates in the press, even after Trump was sworn in as president.  Strzok — a ubiquitous figure tied to the Clinton email investigation, the Trump-Russian counterintelligence probe, the Mueller team (until he was dismissed from it over the Lisa Page affair), and the Michael Flynn investigation — was fired from the agency last month.  He boasted about a "media leak strategy."  The ploy used reporters as conduits to help justify the FBI's interrogation of Trump officials.

Strzok-Page Texts Show Potential Civil Liberties Violations.  Hours after Jim Comey was fired, counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok sent what looks like a very damning text to his lover, FBI attorney Lisa Page.  This report comes via Catherine Herridge of Fox News.  Strzok and Page were discussing whether to open a "case" in a "formal, chargeable way" two hours after Comey was fired.  On May 9, 2017, Strzok wrote:  "We need to open the case we've been waiting on now while Andy is acting."  Andy is Andy McCabe, then-Deputy Director of the FBI and Lisa Page's boss.  Page answered Strzok back, "We need to lock in [redacted].  In a formal chargeable way.  Soon."

Strzok-Page texts calling to 'open' case in 'chargeable way' under fresh scrutiny.  Text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, discussing whether to open a "case" in a "formal chargeable way" after Director James Comey was fired, are under fresh scrutiny after Page told congressional investigators there was no evidence of Russian collusion at the time, according to three congressional sources.  Two hours after Comey's termination became public on May 9, 2017, Strzok, a now-former FBI agent, texted Page, his then-colleague and lover:  "We need to open the case we've been waiting on now while Andy is acting."  "Andy" is a reference to then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who temporarily took over the bureau until Christopher Wray was confirmed as director in August 2017.

Trump to declassify the 'insurance policy' in the Strzok-Page text, Nunes says.  Rep. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, told Fox News exclusively on Monday that he believes President Trump's order to declassify several documents related to the FBI Russia investigation will expose the "insurance policy" that was referred to in text messages between FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  In a text from Strzok to Page dated Aug. 15, 2016, the pair discussed "an insurance policy" in the event that Donald Trump went on to win the presidential election.  "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office — that there's no way he gets elected — but I'm afraid we can't take the risk.  It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40," the text read.

Joe diGenova:  Comey, McCabe, and Strzok Are 'Going Down' Over FISA Warrant Abuses.  In the wake of newly released text messages between fired FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova said he believes "the walls are closing in" on Obama-era FBI and Department of Justice Department officials.  Damning new texts obtained by Fox News this week show former FBI lovebirds Strzok and Page talking about government employees "leaking like mad" and media outlets competing for scoops in the run-up to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Lisa Page testified investigators had no proof of collusion when Robert Mueller was appointed:  Report.  Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page admitted earlier this summer that more than nine months into the federal Russia probe, investigators had found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.  "I think this represents that even as far as May 2017, we still couldn't answer the question," Page told lawmakers during a closed-door deposition in July, according to Fox News.  The transcript shows Page stopped mid-answer, asking to consult with her counsel.

Newly Released Peter Strzok Text Messages and Emails — It's Not The Content, It's The Timing That Tells the Story.  Many column inches and media discussions surround the recently released "NEW" text messages and emails attributed to FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  "NEW" revelations that show how the FBI was coordinating a "media leak strategy"; which essentially further evidences the level of corruption within the DOJ and FBI & weaponization for political motives. [...] According to Joe diGenova, there's a seated grand jury ready to pounce on Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok and all the corrupt elements associated within "spygate" and "fisa-gate".  As the diGenova story is told, former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker has "turned states evidence", and is now testifying to the grand scheme, etc.  Exposing all those who participated.

Joe DiGenova:  Latest Strzok-Page texts reveal criminal and civil liability of many officials — 'they are going down'.  The former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe DiGenova, knows what he is talking about when it comes to legal liability, and he has the guts to lay out in straight talk what really happened with the conspiracy to swing a presidential election, cover up the effort, and take out a duly elected president.  Last night, on Sean Hannity's show, he explained the fate awaiting not just the Strzok-Page lovebirds, but a range of officials, including James Comey.

Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page 'interned' 'under Clinton,' texts reveal.  Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page, whose Trump-bashing texts made it clear who she backed in the 2016 presidential election, refers in a newly revealed message to serving as an intern "under Clinton."  Page, who exchanged tens of thousands of texts with disgraced FBI official Peter Strzok, revealed the information in one message among a new batch exclusively obtained by Fox News.  "Get inspired and depressing reading that article about how Obama approached the mail room," Page wrote Strzok on Jan. 19, 2017 — the last day of the Obama administration.  "Needless to say, it was very different when I interned there under Clinton."

Strzok-Page Emails Show FBI Officials Using Unsecure Devices for Sensitive Data.  Judicial Watch announced today that it has received 47 pages of records from the Department of Justice, including email exchanges between fired FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page revealing that FBI officials used unsecure devices in discussing how the U.S. could improve the sharing of sensitive data with the European Union top executive governing commission.  The documents also reveal that high-ranking FBI officials were not properly read-in to top secret programs.

Strzok Text to Page:  "The Times is Angry With Us About the WP Scoop".  A series of text messages released Wednesday reveal that former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok was in contact with reporters at the New York Times and Washington Post regarding stories they published about the FBI's investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and President Trump's campaign during the spring of 2017, according to a series of texts obtained by  The text messages suggest that Strzok, along with his paramour, former FBI Attorney Lisa Page, had been in contact with reporters from both newspapers.  Strzok specifically mentioned two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times writer Michael Schmidt his text message to Page.

Mark Meadows:  We Have the Reporters' Names Who Strzok and Page Leaked to.  On Wednesday night [9/12/2018] Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Freedom Caucus founder Mark Meadows (R-NC) joined Sean Hannity to discuss the latest Peter Strzok — Lisa Page text messages that show a coordination between the FBI and DOJ in their efforts in 2017 to detroy the sitting US President Trump.  The latest text messages from the anti-Trump officials show how they were feeding anti-Trump articles to the press.  The newly released documents obtained by the House Oversight Committee reveal deep state operatives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were discussing a strategy to leak unverified information to the media in an effort to damage President Trump.  Jordan told Stuart Varney earlier today that one liberal reporter had 13 different sources from within the FBI feeding him information.

New Strzok-Page texts reveal others were 'leaking like mad' in lead up to Trump-Russia probe.  New text messages between ex-FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal others were "leaking like mad" in the run-up to the Trump-Russia collusion probe, according to new communications between the former lovers obtained exclusively by Fox News.  A lengthy exchange dated Dec. 15, 2016 appears to reveal a potential leak operation for "political" purposes.

New Texts Reveal FBI Leaked Information to the Press to Damage Trump.  Newly released text messages and documents obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reveal that senior members of the FBI and Department of Justice led a coordinated effort to leak unverified information to the press regarding alleged collusion with Russia to damage President Donald Trump's administration, according to a letter sent by the committee to the DOJ Monday [9/10/2018].

New Strzok-Page Texts Reveal FBI Leak Strategy to Damage Trump after Election.  Newly released documents obtained by Congress reveal an "apparent systemic culture of media leaking" among high-level FBI and Justice Department officials, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) charged in a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Monday [9/10/2018].  In the letter, Meadows said a review of the new documents raised "grave concerns" that the officials were leaking unverified material related to ongoing investigations to the press in an effort to damage President Trump early in his presidency.  Two text messages, in particular, exchanged in April 2017 between now-fired FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page, raised alarm bells, according to Meadows, who serves on the House Oversight Committee.

From One Psychodrama to Another.  [Peter] Strzok was seemingly just a nobody who happened to have interviewed Michael Flynn and concluded that he was truthful, before his superiors apparently decided that Flynn should be indicted for being untruthful.  Strzok led the FBI investigatory team looking into the Clinton emails.  He had helped to edit James Comey's summary findings exonerating Hillary Clinton from culpability even before interviewing her.  He helped to lead the FBI investigation into Russian-Trump "collusion," and was a key member of Robert Mueller's special counsel team.  Strzok exchanged thousands of texts with his paramour and fellow Mueller team members Lisa Page, some of which expressed hatred for Trump and his supporters, and alluded to efforts to subvert his campaign and presidency.

And They Wonder Why We're Angry.  Peter Strzok exudes the temperament of the interpretive classes.  He can "smell Trump supporters at Walmart."  The public is generally intrigued and surprised that someone like Strzok might go to a Walmart.  Strzok's leadership of the Hillary Clinton server investigation and more recently the Russian collusion case causes the public to believe that justice is a rigged game in Washington.

Peter Strzok drank that dirty water.  Disgraced, fired FBI agent Peter Strzok worked in the Boston office of the Famous But Incompetent agency.  Why am I not surprised?  The most corrupt G-man in American history getting his start in the most corrupt outpost of the squalid agency — it makes perfect sense.  So why won't the FBI admit Strzok's impeccable pedigree?  I asked the FBI to confirm his years in the Boston crime school and got back this terse response:  "The FBI does not comment on personnel matters."  But it's true, and of all the horrible, slimy, sleaziest agents to come out of Boston, Strzok may be the worst.  The others just wanted to take bribes and booze from gangsters, and maybe kill one or two "rats" who crossed their underworld paymasters.  Strzok, on the other hand, wanted an "insurance policy" to fix the 2016 presidential election, even though he knew that when it came to crimes by Donald Trump, "there is no there there."

We knew Peter Strzok was gutless.  His begging reveals that he's shameless, too.  What's the most disgusting thing about Peter Strzok, the disgraced anti-Trump FBI agent who was fired a few days ago for unprofessional behaviour?  I know, I know, you've got a lot to choose from there.  Some might say 'Cheating on his wife with fellow FBI employee and anti-Trump hysteric Lisa Page.' Some might point to his extraordinary texts about Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. [...] At the end of the day, however, I think it is Peter Strzok's coda that is the most repellent thing about him.  Inspired, perhaps, by yet another disgraced FBI agent, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok was barely out on the pavement in front of FBI headquarters before he started a 'GoFundMe' campaign.  At first he was asking for $150,000.  When the money started pouring in, he raised his goal to $350,000.  As I write, his goal is $500,000 and he has managed to attract $417,000 from 10,000 credulous souls.

The Weekly Standard's Ties to Fusion GPS.  In his online appeal for money after being fired this week, disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok credited an unlikely source to vouch for his victim status:  The Weekly Standard.  At one time a leading conservative magazine, the Standard declared last month that Strzok's plight was merely an "overwrought tale of bias" and the case against him is "just sound and fury." [...] Strzok is following only 32 people on his newly-verified Twitter account.  Bill Kristol, the editor-at-large of the Standard, is one of them.  So, what's with the fanboying between the Standard — an allegedly serious publication dedicated to advancing conservative principles — and a corrupt government bureaucrat who embodies everything the conservative movement fought against for decades?

Why Are People Giving Peter Strzok Their Money?  This week, it was the news that fired FBI agent Peter Strzok has raised over $400,000 for his legal costs and lost income via a GoFundMe campaign.  Let me rephrase:  Actual people with actual brains actually decided that the best use of their hard-earned cash was to just give it away to this dude.  I really can't believe it.  I mean, I thought I was bad with money until I saw people were giving theirs to Peter [...] Strzok.

Strzok Fired, Likely Bruce Ohr is Next — False FISA Affidavits, Fraudulent 302s, Security Clearances Under Review.  The media narrative surrounding FBI Agent Peter Strzok's firing has been framed, almost exclusively, around his political text messages.  Given the nature of the media participation in the events this is not surprising.  However, Strzok's text messages have no bearing on his firing.

Trey Gowdy:  Peter Strzok is the Only Person Responsible For His Firing and He Completely Earned It.  In the aftermath of his firing, FBI agent Peter Strzok is claiming his forced departure from the agency is purely political and his lawyer argues the termination came as a surprise.  "We had an agreement with the FBI's Office for Professional Responsibility, which is the main caretaker for internal discipline, that he would get a 60-day suspension and a demotion.  At the last minute, that was countermanded by (FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich) and he was fired.  So yeah, we were surprised," Strzok's attorney told CNN.

Peter Strzok is Neither a Victim Nor a Martyr.  In our polarized age of spite-based politics, some partisans have taken the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' concept to preposterous lengths.  One of the more bizarre manifestations of this phenomenon has been the celebration and cultural martyrdom of a number of law enforcement officials who've been fired from their jobs over professional misconduct.  Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who repeatedly and knowingly lied to federal investigators, was showered with cash by The Resistance after his dismissal, because he was a frequent target of President Trump's ire.

Fitton Says Strzok's Firing Is 'Body Blow' to Mueller Probe.  Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that the firing of former FBI agent Peter Strzok was "long overdue." Strzok, who played leading roles on the Clinton email investigation and the Russia probe, was terminated from the bureau on Friday, according to his attorney, who added that the firing was politically motivated.

The Real Reasons Peter Strzok was Fired from the FBI.  There are certainly more than just the anti-Trump text messages sent by former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok that led the second in command at the FBI to fire him.  FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich actually overruled a recommendation by the bureau's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) to suspend and demote the former senior agent, and instead, terminated Strzok on Friday [8/10/2018].  But, what could have led FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich, to make the decision to overrule OPR?  Why didn't FBI Director Christopher Wray take charge and fire Strzok himself?

Strzok's firing reveals the scandal at the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility.  Because Trump-haters already are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Peter Strzok's GoFundMe begathon, they are likely to fund his lawyers making an issue of his firing.  The fact that the deputy director of the FBI overruled the Office of Professional Responsibility's recommendation for a mild penalty of a 60-day suspension and a demotion will no doubt be a centerpiece of their argument that politics reared its ugly head, and he is a martyr.

In Peter Strzok, Trump haters have picked a truly repulsive martyr to their cause.  Just like his former boss (and co-conspirator) Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, has established a Gofundme page to raise money for his anticipated legal issues lying ahead.

Peter Strzok's pain.  The lad got fired from the FBI, where once he strode the earth like a colossus.  He was reduced to making cute faces at the congressmen grilling him when he went in front of them to lie thru his teeth explain himself.  Now he leaves, apparently with no pension.

Good riddance — finally — to Peter Strzok, a D.C. disgrace.  What [...] took so long?  That's how every normal person responded to yesterday's announcement that amorous FBI agent Peter Strzok had finally been sacked.  The Trump-bashing bureaucrat was banished to the FBI's basement a year ago.  But Strzok kept the paycheck-pension gravy train rolling until now.

Peter Strzok is fired, and this former FBI agent is shedding no tears for him.  Yes, some form of justice has been served.  Strzok's conduct while overseeing two supremely consequential FBI investigations was unconscionable.  He tarnished the badge and committed the ultimate bureau "sin" — he embarrassed the FBI.  Strzok was the epitome of a "blue-flamer," FBI parlance for a ruthless promotion-seeker.  He may well serve as a cautionary tale during future reviews of the Robert Mueller-era management program named "Up of Out," that long unpopular administrative contrivance sought to incentivize junior employee migrations to Washington D.C. and FBI headquarters.

Feinstein, Strzok, and the Sinister Russia Probe.  One of the salient facts to remember in the wake of the firing (finally!) of Peter Strzok is that the man was the chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI.  That means the man in charge of counterespionage for the Unites States of America was conducting an extramarital affair with another important Justice Department employee via text messages that could easily have been hacked by a high school student.  Roll that around in your mind for a moment.  Can you think of anything dumber in the intelligence world?  You don't have to have read any of a dozen John le Carré novels to understand how foolhardy it was, how it made Strzok subject to all sorts of skullduggery from foreign powers.  No wonder it took them so long to fire him.  There must have been a lot to investigate besides his ridiculously biased and jejune politics.

Feinstein, Strzok, and the Sinister Russia Probe.  [Scroll down]  Separately or together they had the solution.  Bring someone else far less criminal to the dock — like Michael Flynn, who had had the temerity to criticize their beloved Iran Deal.  Let that poor sucker take the heat.  Put good old Strzok in there to sink him.  Then accuse a president — who, conveniently, has a tendency toward malapropisms — of covering up whatever (it doesn't matter — pick anything).  With any luck they can nail that president for perjury or that most heinous of sins, lying to the FBI.  He could be a second Martha Stewart.  Then they're really off the hook.  Rabid dogs of the press and the opposition party will demand impeachment.  Again, it doesn't matter for what as long as it happens.  Distraction is all.  And lucky for them they have two functional eunuchs standing by, ever willing to protect the organization at the expense of the truth — Christopher Wray and Jeff Sessions.

Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired.  Peter Strzok has been fired from the FBI for violating bureau policies, according to The New York Times.  Strzok has come under heavy fire from just about all directions in recent months for sending countless text messages smearing President Donald Trump and making controversial comments that implied he could take action to prevent Trump from taking office.  However, he also allegedly sent classified information to a personal email account.

The FBI Finally Fires Peter Strzok.  This guy's disdain for our system was on full display during his appearance last month before the House Oversight Committee, where he could barely conceal his contempt for our elected representatives and somehow insisted he put country before his personal beliefs, despite the clear documentary evidence that he did not.  Whether it's Strozk or former FBI Director James Comey, who decided he should play attorney general and determine whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton, the sense of entitlement among our highest ranking police is perhaps the most frightening thing I've seen out of the Russia collusion investigation.

FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts.  The FBI fired Agent Peter Strzok — at one time one of the leaders of the bureau's investigation into Russian election meddling and possible collusion with Donald Trump's campaign — for writing critical text messages about the future president, the Washington Post reported Monday [8/13/2018].  Aitan Goelman, Strzok's lawyer, told the paper that FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich ordered that Strzok be canned on Friday — even though the head of the FBI office that usually metes out discipline had ruled Strzok should face only a demotion and 60-day suspension.  Goelman said the move undercuts the FBI's assurances that Strzok would go through the normal disciplinary process.

FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts.  The FBI has fired Agent Peter Strzok, who helped lead the bureau's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election until officials discovered he had been sending anti-Trump texts.  Aitan Goelman, Strzok's lawyer, said FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich ordered the firing on Friday — even though the director of the FBI office that normally handles employee discipline had decided Strzok should face only a demotion and 60-day suspension.  Goelman said the move undercuts the FBI's repeated assurances that Strzok would be afforded the normal disciplinary process.  "This isn't the normal process in any way more than name," Goelman said.  The FBI declined to comment.

What The Peter Strzok Firing Actually Means.  On Monday [8/13/2018], FBI agent Peter Strzok — the agent who presided over both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Russian election interference investigation while texting with his mistress about stopping President Trump — finally got the axe.  The Department of Justice Inspector General report on the Hillary investigation was highly critical of Strzok, stating that his texts "potentially indicated or created the appearance that investigative decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations," and added that Strzok's behavior "not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate's electoral prospects."  The report found that Strzok's decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over the Hillary investigation could have been biased:  "Under these circumstances, we did not have confidence that Strzok's decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop was free from bias."  The report concluded that Strzok's activities were "antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the Department of Justice."

Anti-Trump FBI agent Strzok allowed to declassify documents after joining Mueller probe:  Watchdog.  New internal emails show that anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok demanded to preserve all the powers he held as a deputy assistant director as he agreed to move to special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe in 2017.  The emails show his superiors agreed and made him a "floating" deputy who could still handle counterintelligence cases and declassify documents as he investigated the Trump campaign for Mr. Mueller.  The emails were obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.  President Tom Fitton has emerged as one of Washington's most aggressive investigators into how the Justice Department and the FBI pursued President Trump.

Strzok demanded declassification, other FBI powers before joining Mueller team, emails show.  Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok insisted on preserving his security clearance and powers he held as a deputy assistant director at the agency before joining Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, newly released emails show.  The emails, acquired by the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, reveal that Strzok's supervisor agreed to make him a "floating" deputy who would be able to approve national security letters and declassify documents — all while working on the Mueller team investigating the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with the Russian government.

New Emails Show Strzok Gave Special Counsel "Special Authorities" to Target Trump.  In a July 13, 2017 email to numerous FBI officials (some of whom are redacted), Strzok says he wants to keep the privileges he had while serving as the deputy assistant director (DAD) in the counterintelligence division (CD) of the FBI:  "Broadly, I need to be able to act at least in the capacity of my old CD DAD job — approve NSLs [national security letters], conduct [redacted] declassify information, [redacted] agent travel, requisitions, etc.  Of those, the most problematic and one of the most essential is declassification authority."

New FBI Texts:  An Obama Briefing, a Mysterious Month-Long Gap, and an Anti-Trump Mission.  We are now getting our first look at a new trove of text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — who were having an affair during the 2016 election cycle as they worked on the Clinton email investigation, then later as part of the Mueller probe, from which they've been dismissed.  The messages reinforce some previously-known dynamics, but also raise new questions.

Lisa Page throws ex-lover, Peter Strzok, under the bus.  While Peter Strzok's testimony put a face on the deceptive and secretive Deep State, GOP lawmakers who were present at Lisa Page's closed-door deposition said they learned a lot of new information from the ex-FBI lawyer, and ex-lover of Peter Strzok.  Lisa Page confirmed to GOP lawmakers that the text messages sent between her and her lover Strzok "meant exactly what they said," contrary to Strzok's testimony.

Lisa Page Confirms:  The Chinese, Not The Russians, Hacked Hillary's Emails.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's Blackberry was hacked by the Chinese, according to Peter Strzok's mistress Lisa Page, who testified behind closed doors about her role in Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  While her boyfriend Strzok stonewalled Congress, Page was open to cooperating behind the scenes with Republican lawmakers.  Ohio's Jim Jordan led the way in getting Page into backdoor meetings where she aided investigators in their probe of Page and Strzok's collusion against the Trump government.

One FBI text message in Russia probe that should alarm every American.  [Page and Strzok's] extraordinary texting affair on their government phones has given the FBI a black eye, laying bare a raw political bias brought into the workplace that agents are supposed to check at the door when they strap on their guns and badges.  It is no longer in dispute that they held animus for Donald Trump, who was a subject of their Russia probe, or that they openly discussed using the powers of their office to "stop" Trump from becoming president.  The only question is whether any official acts they took in the Russia collusion probe were driven by those sentiments.  The Justice Department's inspector general is endeavoring to answer that question.

Report: Lisa Page revealed under oath that there was no basis for Mueller's appointment.  Earlier reports indicated that Page has been answering questions from the House Judiciary Committee quite frankly and may even have cut a deal selling out her ex-lover Peter Strzok over their professional misbehavior (and quite possibly worse) in targeting the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump with the intelligence-gathering tools of the FBI.  Last night [7/19/2018], John Solomon of The Hill revealed that he has obtained information from sources who heard Page's testimony in two days of sworn depositions behind closed doors that she offered a bombshell confirmation of the meaning of one of the most enigmatic text messages that the public has seen (keep in mind that there are many yet to be released).

Lisa Page cooperates.  Last Friday, Lisa Page testified in closed session before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.  That's the same body that publicly grilled Peter Strzok, with whom Page exchanged venomous texts about Donald Trump. [...] According to Rep. John Ratcliff, Page testified that the text messages she exchanged with Strzok mean exactly what they say.  Words tend to do that, so Page's testimony isn't earth-shattering.  However, it differs from that of Strzok who tried desperately to spin some of his writings in ways that defy common sense.  Page can't testify with 100 percent certainty about what Strzok meant by what he texted.  But they were lovers who texted constantly, so she should know.  Her interpretation of his texts, to the extent she offered it in her testimony, would be far more credible than Strzok's contorted, self-serving gloss.

Smirking Strzok's weakness:  Lisa Page.  Peter Strzok was so busy remembering his lies when he testified in front of Congress that he forgot one important piece of information.  His better half, Lisa Page, had not yet testified; she owed him absolutely nothing; and the two were never married!  In other words, there is nothing that he can do to prevent her from testifying against him.  As he sat in front of Congress with a pompous smirk on his face, Lisa Page was probably salivating — not for him, but for the treasure trove of information she had against Mr. Strzok, Mr. Comey, and some of the other "players" allegedly colluding against President Trump (then candidate Trump).  Obviously, Ms. Page was well aware of where Mr. Strzok's testimony was false.  As a seasoned attorney, she also knew that some of his lies would provide useful ammunition or bargaining chips for her down the road.

GOP Rep:  Lisa Page Contradicted Peter Strzok's Testimony.  Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe claimed on Monday that FBI lawyer Lisa Page contradicted many parts of testimony from her colleague and lover Peter Strzok.  Page testified for two days behind closed doors about her influence on the FBI's investigations into Russia and Hillary Clinton's emails less than one week after Strzok.  Strozk denied that texts he exchanged with Page — particularly one promising they would "stop" Trump from becoming president — were indicative of bias that affected the investigations.  However, Ratcliffe alleged that Page contradicted Strzok in her testimony and even admitted that the texts "mean exactly what they say."

New Text Messages Prove Obama White House was Involved in Early Stages of Trump-Russia Investigation.  Obama's pure corruption is starting to leak out.  It won't be long until someone in his administration needs to save themselves and expose him & other bad apples.  Now, is the time for "Patriots"!  The Republic is hanging in the balance.  Treasonous collusion at highest levels within the government.  Time to convene independent prosecutor's counsel and root out, those that are responsible for attempting to destroy our Constitutional Republic.  It was obvious from the very beginning that Mueller's investigation was seriously compromised!  We already know the FBI agent Peter Strzok was sending anti-Trump messages to his colleague — an FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The appearance of FBI counsel in the interview with Page.  I think this is very telling.  "The appearance of FBI counsel in the interview with [Former FBI lawyer Lisa] Page, who left the bureau in May, also frustrated Republicans Friday [7/13/2018]."  "Lisa Page is not an FBI employee, but the FBI was here providing counsel and giving her direction as to which questions to answer or not answer and there is a question as to the propriety of that before the House."  The FBI is part of the Justice Department.  And the Justice Department is part of the Executive Branch.  Trump can fire anyone he wants, for no reason.  He isn't.  Therefore Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray are working on something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than nonexistent collusion with Russia.  I don't know where Mueller fits in, but he doesn't matter.  I'm now convinced that Peter Strzok was an Iranian agent, and President Obama was being blackmailed by Iran.

Ethics must be upheld at FBI.  Yesterday's hearing on Capitol Hill featuring FBI agent Peter Strzok quickly turned into a political firefight among lawmakers, but overall it was a damning illustration of the toxic culture that exists within the Washington, D.C., beltway.  At one point, Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy confronted the former investigator over some anti-Trump texts he had sent.  In 2016, after FBI lawyer Lisa Page asked Strzok if Trump would ever become the president, his response was, "No.  No he won't.  We'll stop it."  Republican committee members read a number of Strzok's vitriolic texts about Donald Trump and his supporters, and at one point Congressman Darrel Issa even directed Strzok to read them himself, which he did.

Yes, It's True:  Peter Strzok Failed His Polygraph Yet Retained Security Clearance and Position on Two Investigations.  Yes, FBI Agent Peter Strzok failed his polygraph and his supervisors were notified on January 16th, 2016, his results were "out of scope".  Meaning he failed his polygraph test.  Yet he was never removed from any responsibilities; and against dept policy, he did not have his clearance revoked until he could clear.  This was discussed during the Rosenstein testimony and overlooked by most.

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page said to be 'cooperative' during Capitol Hill meeting about anti-Trump texts.  Republican lawmakers contend that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page provided new information during private testimony Friday that further convinces them political bias marred the investigations of Hillary Clinton's emails and the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia.  Though they offered no specifics, several GOP congressmen characterized Page as "cooperative," "forthcoming" and "transparent" during her interview with the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees.  The closed-door session lasted nearly five hours and was expected to resume Monday afternoon [7/16/2018].

Lisa Page Testimony Highlights Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Lied To Chairman Devin Nunes.  On January 3rd, 2018, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein entered an agreement for witness testimony.  One of those witnesses was FBI Attorney Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe's former special counsel.

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page gets closed-door grilling from House Republicans.  Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page on Friday afternoon [7/13/2018] faced a grilling from House Republicans keen to uncover any discrepancies between her testimony and Peter Strzok's, the counterintelligence agent who testified in public for 10 hours the day before.  Where the marathon Strzok hearing was a pageant display of the animosity and deeply divided politics surrounding the bureau, Page's closed-door deposition led to few fireworks.

Speaker Ryan Threatens Lisa Page with Contempt of Congress.  On Tuesday night Trump-hating FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her legal counsel announced she will not appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday despite a Congressional subpoena.  The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Lisa Page to appear in a closed-door interview Wednesday [7/11/2018].  But just like every other Deep State operative, Lisa Page believes she's above the law.

DOJ Attorney Lisa Page Refuses To Testify To Congress.  DOJ Attorney and Special Counsel to FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, is now refusing to testify to congress over her involvement in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 DOJ and FBI operations to exonerate Hillary Clinton and stop candidate Donald Trump.

'I want to see all their texts!' Rudy Giuliani blasts Mueller's team and says he'd bet dinner that special counsel's top aides were exchanging anti-Trump messages.  Rudy Giuliani said Monday [7/9/2018] that he suspects Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team of lawyers is rife with anti-Trump partisans who have vented their anger at the president in text messages like those that drove disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok out of a position of power last year.  Mueller is investigating so-far unproven claims that President Trump's campaign organization colluded with agents of the Kremlin in order to tilt the 2016 election in his favor.

Ms. Page Regrets She's Unable to Testify Today.  Subpoenas do not come with the option of regrets.  At least, that's how it's supposed to work.  For Lisa Page, however, one half of the infamous pair of "FBI Lovers", the option is apparently there.  Just hours before her required appearance before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss her role in the FBI's bias surrounding the Trump election, her lawyer informed the committee that she would not be appearing.  According to Page's lawyer, she needs more time to review materials in preparation for her testimony.  According to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), however, Page had more than enough time to review the documents in question.

Strzok, the FBI, and Bias.  [Scroll down]  The question of whether Strzok, Page, Comey, McCabe and the rest were able to "put their biases aside" is actually secondary, because no one with any common sense at all, or any experience with the way people actually operate, believes they did, including all the Democrats doing everything they can to disrupt the hearing, throw a blockade around Strzok, and prevent the truth from coming out.  The real question is:  What is the FBI going to do to make sure that in the future, agents understand their obligation to fairness begins way before the point when they have allowed themselves to become so overburdened with opinions, prejudgements, and biases that they have to figure out how to conduct themselves honorably despite the looming influence of entrenched and emotionally significant baggage.

The Gangster State.  Peter Strozk is the focus of a very serious criminal conspiracy to subvert the last election.  A mountain of evidence pointing to his guilt has been in the public domain for a year, yet he was just recently fired from the FBI.  He has not been charged with anything and it appears he will never be charged.  In fact, he is now telling Congress he has no intention of testifying.  It is not that he plans to take the fifth.  He is not going to show up.  Their silly laws no longer apply to people in his gang.  Again, this gets to the way in which gang life operates.  There may be rules, but what matters is who enforces the rules and on whom the rules are to be applied.  In this case, the wide ranging criminal organization known as the Democratic Party will never let their people get punished by the Republicans.  Those rules about complying with a subpoena from Congress only apply when the gangsters with power can enforce them and they will only enforce them when it suits their interests.  This is gang life.  This is the gangster state.

Gowdy to Strzok:  Please Explain Why You Texted "F Trump" Before Interviewing a Single Witness.  There may not have been much new substance revealed during Peter Strzok's testimony, as Jazz predicted, but everyone got to watch a lot of score-settling.  Republicans in the hearing went after Strzok, Strzok went after them, Democrats and Republicans fought with and talked over each other, and voters got another reason to either cheer or boo depending on who was talking at the moment.  How bad were the disconnects?  No one seemed to agree how Strzok ended up at the table today [7/12/2018], let alone what he could be asked.  Strzok ended up facing a charge of contempt of Congress for refusing to give Rep. Trey Gowdy the number of people he interviewed before beginning his text tirades about Donald Trump: [...] Regardless, Gowdy already knew the answer, even if Strzok would not provide it.

Strzok's Narcissistic Testimony.  The FBI's Peter Strzok had clearly been studying the work of his superior, Comey.  His testimony was a stew of self-righteous preening.  Caught red-handed, Strzok insisted that he's a patriot who had been victimized by libels.  And if you criticize him, you're working for Moscow.  It was a deeply silly and thoroughly offensive performance that was, with equal predictability, applauded by Democrats.  Whatever else Strzok may have done, he's anti-Trump and therefore worth applauding.

Two Systems of Justice:  FBI Lovebird Lisa Page Spits on Congressional Subpoena.  GOP Congressional investigators are furious after former FBI attorney Lisa Page issued a statement through her attorney notifying a jount House panel that she would ignore a subpoena to appear on Wednesday because she wasn't allowed access to documents by the FBI.  Page's attorney, Amy Jeffress, claimed that "Lisa and I went to the FBI today to review the materials that were previously produced to Congress related to her propsed interview, but after waiting for more than three hours, we were not provided with any documents."

Fireworks at Strzok hearing as GOP reps fume at anti-Trump FBI agent, threaten contempt.  FBI official Peter Strzok's first public hearing tumbled into a rancorous and heated political fracas on Thursday [7/12/2018], as Republicans clashed with Democrats as well as the former investigator over his anti-Trump texts — and even threatened contempt for refusing to answer questions on the Russia probe.  Strzok, throughout it all, remained defiant and maintained that he did not show bias in those infamous messages with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.  The contempt threat surfaced after House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., questioned "how many witnesses" Strzok interviewed before an August 2016 text from Strzok to Page stating "we'll stop" then-candidate Trump from becoming president.

[Why] was Strzok doing investigating for the FBI without a security clearance?  In the intelligence world, a security clearance, especially a really high one, is not only the job requirement, it's the ultimate status object.  It shields one from having to answer questions from curious outsiders, and it gives a wide berth for actions that other people are not allowed to do, such as surveillance and spying[.]  So why was Peter Strzok running around without a security clearance, in the nation's top counterintelligence outfit, as its director of counterintelligence?

Peter Strzok faces the music.  FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok will face hostile questions from Republicans on Thursday [7/12/2018] when he appears before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees for a public hearing.  In his first public hearing since the Department of Justice inspector general released a report outlining his anti-Trump texts to his FBI lawyer mistress, GOP lawmakers will be looking hard for signs that Strzok's bias swayed decisions he made in the FBI's investigations of Hillary Clinton and then-candidate Donald Trump.  The IG report acknowledged his bias and other biases in the FBI, but said none of them had an impact on the outcome of either the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server or the probe into Trump's alleged collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election.  Republicans will be looking to refute that finding.

FBI agent set for public House grilling.  House Republicans are sharpening their knives for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the counterintelligence agent and former FBI lawyer who exchanged a series of anti-Trump text messages during the 2016 campaign.  Two powerful committees — Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform — will publicly grill Strzok on Thursday.  And conservatives have given Page 48 hours to comply with a subpoena that she flouted on Wednesday morning, either by appearing behind closed doors on Friday or alongside Strzok in public on Thursday [7/12/2018].  The fight over Strzok and Page has become increasingly acrimonious.  House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) threatened to hold Page in contempt on Wednesday, while a lawyer for Page accused Republicans of "bullying" tactics in their investigation into the bureau's handling of investigations during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Sex, Lies and the Deep State.  At the heart of the effort to bring down President Trump were two affairs.  Unlike the bizarre lies about Moscow hotel rooms and prostitutes in the Steele dossier that was used by the Clinton campaign and its allies to smear President Trump and generate an investigation against him, these affairs truly took place.  And they didn't just expose the malfeasance of four people, but of a corrupt political culture.  The affairs between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in the FBI, and between Senate Intelligence Committee security director James Wolfe and New York Times reporter Ali Watkins, did more than betray the spouses of Strzok, Page and Wolfe.  They also betrayed the duties of the two men and two women.  The affairs were not private matters.  The two illicit sexual relationships were also illicit political arrangements.

Yes, It's True:  Peter Strzok Failed His Polygraph Yet Retained Security Clearance and Position on Two Investigations.  Yes, FBI Agent Peter Strzok failed his polygraph and his supervisors were notified on January 16th, 2016, his results were "out of scope".  Meaning he failed his polygraph test.  Yet he was never removed from any responsibilities; and against dept policy, he did not have his clearance revoked until he could clear.

House Committee Subpoenas Peter Strzok To Testify In Public.  The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed former FBI official Peter Strzok to appear at a public hearing July 10.  Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte issued the subpoena to force Strzok to appear before both the House Judiciary and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees.  The hearing will focus on Strzok's work on both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

House panel subpoenas FBI agent Peter Strzok for second round of questioning.  The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok Tuesday [7/3/2018] for a second round of questioning early next week, but this time it will be public.  Strzok, formerly the No. 2 counterintelligence official at the FBI, has been lambasted by Republicans lawmakers for the mountain of text messages he exchanged with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page disparaging then-candidate Donald Trump during the time the pair worked on the investigations into Hillary Clinton's private email server and potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Strzok Subpoenaed for Public Hearing.  Congress has subpoenaed embattled, anti-Trump FBI official Peter Strzok to appear before a public hearing next week.  The subpoena — issued by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) — scheduled a joint hearing between the Judiciary and Oversight committees for July 10 at 10 a.m., however, it is unknown if Strzok will comply.

Chairman Goodlatte:  "FBI Lawyers instructed Peter Strzok not to answer many, many questions".  Suffice to say it's not a good look when lawyers representing the FBI are telling the central witness within a political conspiracy involving the FBI not to answer questions from congressional oversight.  House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte tells Martha MacCallum that FBI lawyers are instructing FBI Agent Peter Strzok not to answer questions from congress about the nature of his involvement within a DOJ/FBI conspiracy to stop a political candidate; and later to overthrow a presidency.  Additionally Chairman Goodlatte states the answers agent Strzok did give about his text messages was "not believable".

Trump ticked after disgraced FBI texter clams up under questioning on Hill.  President Trump on Thursday blasted FBI agent Peter Strzok for refusing to answer "many questions" in his closed-door grilling on Capitol Hill this week — and took a shot at Special Counsel Robert Mueller over alleged "Conflicts of Interest."  "Lover FBI Agent Peter Strzok was given poor marks on yesterday's closed door testimony and, according to most reports, refused to answer many questions.  There was no Collusion and the Witch Hunt, headed by 13 Angry Democrats and others who are totally conflicted, is Rigged!" Trump tweeted early Thursday [6/28/2018].

What did Peter Strzok do?  As former top FBI official Peter Strzok faces congressional requests to testify, it's worth examining who he is. [...] Strzok isn't just any rank-and-file guy spouting off in one ill-advised email.  His fingerprints were on every FBI investigation that stood to impact Clinton's presidential candidacy or to hurt Trump before and after the 2016 election.  He was chief of the FBI's Counterespionage Section and number two in the FBI's Counterintelligence Division.  He led the team of investigators in the Clinton classified email probe and led the FBI investigation into alleged Russian interference in the election.

How did Peter Strzok's notorious text stay hidden so long?  The Justice Department gave Congress [Lisa] Page's "not ever going to become president" text months ago, when it produced thousands of texts to Hill investigators.  But lawmakers — and the public — did not learn of the explosive second part of the exchange — [Peter] Strzok's "We'll stop it" answer — until last Thursday, when Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report on the Clinton email investigation was released.  The newly-revealed text was devastating on its face.  But it also raised eyebrows among Republicans who immediately asked why it had been not been turned over to lawmakers months ago.

Rudy Giuliani:  Mueller needs to be investigated for hiring FBI agent Peter Strzok.  Special counsel Robert Mueller, who's leading the investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of the Trump campaign, needs to be questioned under oath for his hiring of partisan FBI agents, according to the president's attorney, Rudy Giuliani.  "The investigators need to be investigated," Giuliani said on Tuesday [6/19/2018] during an interview with FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo.  Mueller, a registered Republican, has come under fire for hiring FBI official Peter Strzok, whose politically charged texts were uncovered by the Justice Department inspector general report.  Strzok called Trump an "idiot" and wrote that they "can't take the risk" of a Trump victory.

Trump Napalms Strzok And Page For Biased Texts.  President Donald Trump called the Russia investigation a "phony witch hunt" on Wednesday night [6/20/2018] and noted the bias of FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  [Video clip]  Strzok and Page, who were engaged in an extramarital affair, exchanged a number of biased messages against Trump prior to his election and discussed ways to stop his presidency.

'Extraordinary' Strzok removal shows FBI agents in crosshairs from IG probe.  Peter Strzok's abrupt removal from his FBI office this week signaled that the Justice Department inspector general's work already is leading to consequences for bureau officials ensnared in various probes — with potentially more repercussions to come.  Strzok, who worked on both the Clinton email and Russia probes, was escorted from the FBI on Tuesday [6/19/2018], following a referral for further investigation from DOJ IG Michael Horowitz.  The watchdog, as part of his Clinton case review, found that Strzok and four other FBI employees sent "hostile" anti-Trump messages on bureau devices.

Mueller needs to be investigated for hiring FBI agent Peter Strzok:  Rudy Giuliani.  Special counsel Robert Mueller, who's leading the investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of the Trump campaign, needs to be questioned under oath for his hiring of partisan FBI agents, according to the president's attorney, Rudy Giuliani.  "The investigators need to be investigated," Giuliani said on Tuesday [6/19/2018] during an interview with FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo.

IG confirms he is reviewing whether Strzok's anti-Trump bias impacted launch of Russia probe.  Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed Tuesday that he is investigating whether FBI official Peter Strzok's anti-Trump bias factored into the launch of the bureau's Russia probe.  During a joint hearing before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, Horowitz testified that his office was reviewing Strzok's anti-Trump text messages as part of a separate probe related to the Russia investigation.  "It clearly shows a biased state of mind," Horowitz said, referring to text messages written as the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton's private email use was wrapping up and the Russia probe was getting underway.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok, author of anti-Trump text messages, escorted out of bureau headquarters but still employed:  Lawyer.  Peter Strzok, the FBI agent whose text messages highly critical of President Donald Trump have fueled claims that the special counsel's ongoing investigation of the Trump presidential campaign is tainted by bias, was escorted out of the bureau's headquarters, his lawyer said Tuesday [6/19/2018]. [...] Strzok was removed from the investigatory team headed by special counsel Robert Mueller last summer after he became aware of Strzok's communications with Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer romantically involved with the agent.

Mueller Has Strzok Out.  The other night MSNBC ran a fawning documentary about James Comey.  It was full of howlers about the unfathomable depths of his "integrity."  None of the clips age well, but one in particular captured the utter lunacy of Comey serving as Mueller's presumed chief witness — a clip in which Comey accuses Trump of "lies, plain and simple" for describing the FBI as "poorly led" and in "disarray."  Here is a former FBI director categorizing Trump's opinion, and a manifestly correct one at that, as "lies."

FBI lover Peter Strzok is escorted OUT of the agency but still in a job after his 'Stop Trump' message was revealed.  FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was revealed to have sent a text to his FBI lover saying he would 'stop' Trump, was marched out of the building Friday [6/22/2018], following the release of an explosive Inspector General's report.  But Strzok is still on the job, CNN reported.  He has been placed in the Human Resources department, following an IG report that revealed him to have made the statement about stopping Trump to his FBI lover, Lisa Page.

FBI agent Peter Strzok escorted from headquarters.  Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who promised he'd make sure Donald Trump lost the election, was escorted out of the agency's headquarters on Tuesday [6/19/2018].  His lawyer, Aitan Goelman, confirmed a report that his client left the building with an escort during an internal review of his conduct, but said he was still employed by the FBI.  "Pete has steadfastly played by the rules and respected the process, and yet he continues to be the target of unfounded personal attacks, political games and inappropriate information leaks," Goelman said in a statement.  "Despite being put through a highly questionable process, Pete has complied with every FBI procedure, including being escorted from the building as part of the ongoing internal proceedings."

Law Firm Hired By Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok Donated More Than $24K to Hillary Clinton.  In the run-up to the release of the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General's report on misconduct by the FBI during the Clinton E-Mail Investigation, disgraced former FBI Deputy Head of Counter-Intelligence Peter Strzok hired Washington DC law firm Zuckerman Spaeder LLP.  Another Zuckerman Spaeder Attorney, William W. Taylor, represents Trump-Russia Dossier creator Fusion GPS, after being originally retained to assist with subpoenas from the House Intelligence Committee.

Senator Chuck Grassley Demands Page/Strzok Text Message Redactions Be Removed.  This is an interesting development.  Until now, for some mysterious reason, no-one in congress has ever asked for the redactions of the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages to be removed.  Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is the first politician to ask for all of the text messages without redactions.

Grassley to DOJ: Why Is There a Redaction on a Strzok Text Message Referring to the Obama White House 'Running an Investigation'.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday [5/23/2018] asking for the remaining redactions of text messages between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to be removed.  Strzok and Page are the agents who were busted earlier this year for anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias during the 2016 presidential election.  According to the letter, the redactions appear to be improper and cover information, including lavish spending and FBI investigations, the American people deserve to see.  There's also a redacted reference to an investigation being led by the Obama White House.

How the Clinton-Emails Investigation Intertwined with the Russia Probe.  "Cruz just dropped out of the race.  It's going to be a Clinton Trump race.  Unbelievable."  It was a little after midnight on May 4, 2016.  FBI lawyer Lisa Page was texting her paramour, FBI counterespionage agent Peter Strzok, about the most stunning development to date in the 2016 campaign:  Donald Trump was now the inevitable Republican nominee.  He would square off against Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' certain standard-bearer.  The race was set ... between two major-party candidates who were both under investigation by the FBI.  In stunned response, Strzok wrote what may be the only words we need to know, the words that reflected the mindset of his agency's leadership and of the Obama administration:  "Now the pressure really starts to finish MYE."  MYE.  That's Mid-Year Exam, the code-word the FBI had given to the Hillary Clinton emails probe.

The Strzok-Page Texts and the Origins of the Trump-Russia Investigation.  It was July 31, 2016. [...] FBI special agent Peter Strzok was downright giddy that day.  The Bureau had finally put to bed "Mid Year Exam."  MYE was code for the dreaded investigation of Hillary Clinton's improper use of a private email system to conduct State Department business, which resulted in the retention and transmission of thousands of classified emails, as well as the destruction of tens of thousands of government business records.  Strzok and other FBI vets dreaded the case because it was a go-through-the-motions exercise:  Everyone working on it knew that no one was going to be charged with a crime; that Mrs. Clinton was going to be the next president of the United States; and that the FBI's goal was not to be tarnished in the process of "investigating" her — to demonstrate, without calling attention to the suffocating constraints imposed by the Obama Justice Department, that the Bureau had done a thorough job, and that there was a legal rationale for letting Clinton off the hook that might pass the laugh test.

Recovered Strzok-Page text messages delivered to congressional committees.  Recovered text messages exchanged by anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been delivered to at least five congressional committees, sources familiar with the situation told Fox News Thursday [4/26/2018].  The messages were transmitted to lawmakers three months after Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announced that his office had recovered communications between Strzok and Page over the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017.  One source told Fox News that approximately 50 pages of texts were provided to lawmakers.  The source added that the messages were incomplete, garbled and in some cases incomprehensible because characters were substituted for letters.

FBI lovebirds might be getting busy in other ways, too.  Are Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — those cheatin' FBI lovebirds — cooperating with investigators looking into the Bureau's handling of Hillary Clinton' emails?  Last week I put a little blurb in my column wondering why the two hadn't been fired yet even though their own emails suggest they were clearly conspiring against the Trump campaign.  I also added new information from a reliable source who says the two hadn't even lost their security clearance — which is unheard of, I'm told, even when FBI agents are caught having extramarital affairs.  Well, that piece caused a healthy amount of speculation from readers on why Strzok and Page are still FBI'ing.  The only logical conclusion, according to a number of my readers, is that the two must be cooperating in an investigation against FBI higher-ups like James Comey and Andrew McCabe, the two top FBI guys during the investigation.

Trump haters Strzok, Page still have top-secret security clearance, FBI tells Rand Paul.  Two romantically involved FBI officials who were removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team over a series of anti-Trump text messages still have Top Secret security clearances, Sen. Rand Paul revealed Wednesday [4/11/2018].  Paul tweeted a letter he had sent the FBI in January asking whether Strzok and Page still had security clearances and whether they are able to "search FISA data or other classified databases".

FBI Notifies Judicial Watch It Needs At Least Three Years To Turn Over Strzok-Page Communications.  On Monday [4/9/2018], the FBI notified Judicial Watch that the bureau will need at least three years to hand over "releasable," communications between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Strzok, Page and the FBI texting scandal explained.  As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election continues, two former members of his team are under scrutiny for text messages they exchanged about President Trump and the probe.  In the messages, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who were romantically involved, bashed Trump and discussed concerns about being too tough on Hillary Clinton during an investigation into the use of her private email server.  The pair exchanged some 50,000 text messages throughout the presidential election and first year of the Trump administration, many of them with anti-Trump sentiments.

New Texts Between Disgraced FBI Agent And Mistress Possibly Show Attempt To Collude With FISA Judge.  Whether there was collusion between FBI agent Peter Strzok, bureau lawyer Lisa Page, and a FISA judge remains to be seen, but the optics certainly are not good.  The Federalist obtained texts between Strzok and Page, reportedly showing that the two planned to collude with Judge Rudolph Contreras after his appointment to the FISA Court.

The Professional Outrage Machine is Going Bananas.  Beyond the thirst for clicks, ratings and perpetual outrage there's an aspect to the Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Rudolph Contreras story that deserves some attention.

Peter Strzok Had Personal Relationship With Recused Judge In Michael Flynn Case.  Newly discovered text messages obtained by The Federalist reveal two key federal law enforcement officials conspired to meet with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) judge who presided over the federal case against Michael Flynn.  The judge, Rudolph Contreras, was recused from handling the case just days after accepting the guilty plea of President Donald Trump's former national security adviser who was charged with making false statements to federal investigators.

Anatomy of a Coup.  Every place you look in Robert Mueller's investigation, the same names keep popping up:  FBI agent Peter Strzok and sleazy, foreign private eye — or "British intelligence agent" — Christopher Steele.  So it's rather important that they both are Trump-hating fanatics, and one was being paid by Trump's political opponent in a presidential campaign.

Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages.  Text messages between a pair of controversial FBI agents, reveal that the couple frequently used their private iMessage apps to discuss work and in one case texted about transmitting classified information on the unsecure chat medium, according to the troves of newly released texts last week.  FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI attorney Lisa Page are at the center of a growing controversy surrounding the investigation into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's use of a private server and Robert Mueller's Special Counsel's investigation into alleged Russia collusion on the part of the Trump campaign.

Why are the Comey memos secret?  If there is an obstruction of justice case to be made against the president in the Trump-Russia affair, James Comey is in the middle of it.  President Trump's decision to fire the FBI director is often cited as Exhibit A for obstruction, and the foundation for that case is a set of seven memos Comey wrote describing conversations he had with the president between Jan. 6 and April 11, 2017.  The memos are critically important.  Portions of them have been leaked to the press, given to a Comey friend, discussed in congressional testimony, and read by a few Capitol Hill lawmakers and staff.  Sometimes it seems the only people who have never had a chance to see the Comey memos are the millions of Americans who are trying to make sense of the daily firehose of Trump-Russia news.

FBI Lovers' Text: 'We Text on That Phone When We Talk About Hillary Because It Can't Be Traced'.  A text message exchanged between two senior FBI officials involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation has raised questions about whether they tried to prevent their Clinton-related messages from being "traced."  FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were having an affair during the 2016 presidential election cycle, and during that time, they exchanged a multitude of texts that displayed strong bias against then-candidate Donald Trump, who was facing Clinton — the Democrat nominee — in the general election.  In one of those texts, uncovered in December 2017, Page asserted that the two lovers discussed the former secretary of state on "that" phone "because it can't be traced."

While probing Hillary Clinton for classified breaches, FBI's Strzok was violating them himself.  Once upon a time, the FBI was filled with straight-arrow types, G-Men, many of whom had Marine backgrounds and Marine habits of discipline.  They were people who could be trusted with classified information.  Those who couldn't were drummed out.  It seems that at least a vestige of that could be expected of the deputy director of counterintelligence, whose mission itself is protecting America's secrets.  What's more, Strzok's slovenliness came at a time when he was investigating Hillary Clinton for her wholesale failure to protect U.S. secrets by communicating on an illegal private server located in some guy's bathroom.  Could anyone with standards that low have investigated Clinton objectively?

Grassley calls out FBI lovers' use of 'private' devices during Clinton email probe.  FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may have used personal accounts to send official records to each other about the Hillary Clinton email probe in 2016 even as the bureau investigated her for a "similar" practice, according to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.  "It appears that Strzok and Page transmitted federal records pertaining to the Clinton investigation on private, non-government services," the Iowa Republican wrote in a Thursday letter to FBI Director Chris Wray.

New Strzok, Page Texts Discuss Evasion of Message Archiving.  Newly released text messages between a pair of FBI anti-Trump officials at the center of the Russia investigation controversy show that they sought to "get around" rules established by the government to preserve text messages, stating that none of the agencies abide by the rules then "why should we."  Former FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page discussed getting new Apple iPhones, in lieu of their Samsung 5 government issued phones in text messages they exchanged in August 2016.  They noted in the texts that the new phones would help keep their text messages from government collection after speaking with the FBI's IT director, according to newly released August 2016 text messages.

Fox News Host Says Strzok-Page Texts Reveal Scramble To Hunt Down Hard Drive, Intent To "Destroy Evidence".  House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte joined Fox News' Maria Bartiromo Sunday [1/28/2018] to discuss the latest about the Strzok-Page text message saga.  During their discussion, Bartiromo says she was told texts between the two FBI agents spoke of the intent to "destroy evidence."  "After the election, they talked about this secret society, did they also talk about destroying evidence?" asked Bartiromo.  Before the Republican lawmaker could reply, the "Sunday Morning Futures" host followed up with a stunner, saying, "I'm told there are some texts that haven't been released yet about 'we gotta get our hands on the hard drive or we gotta get our hands on the thumb drive'."

Justice Department withholds majority of FBI texts.  The Justice Department has given Congress less than 15 percent of the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — and that is all Congress is likely to get, at least until department experts finish an effort to recover an unknown number of previously lost texts that were sent and received during a key five-month period during the Trump-Russia investigation.  There is much confusion over some basic facts of the Strzok-Page texts.  How many are there?  How many relate to the two most politically-charged investigations in years, the Trump-Russia probe and the Hillary Clinton email investigation?

Justice Department withholds majority of FBI texts.  The Justice Department has given Congress less than 15 percent of the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — and that is all Congress is likely to get, at least until department experts finish an effort to recover an unknown number of previously lost texts that were sent and received during a key five-month period during the Trump-Russia investigation.  There is much confusion over some basic facts of the Strzok-Page texts.  How many are there?  How many relate to the two most politically-charged investigations in years, the Trump-Russia probe and the Hillary Clinton email investigation?  How many have been turned over to Congress?  And how many are left to be turned over to Congress?

Trey Gowdy:  Newly revealed Strzok/Page texts exhibit 'manifest bias 'favoring Hillary Clinton over Trump.  Text messages that were exchanged between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page demonstrate "manifest bias" favoring Hillary Clinton and provide the "unvarnished truth" for their feelings about President Trump, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said Thursday night [1/25/2018].  Strzok and Page, both of whom were part of Clinton and Trump investigations, discussed being cautious during the agency's investigation of the former secretary of state, since she might become president.

Revelations of Key FBI Officials Leaking To WaPo Should Cause Review of Underlying Media Narratives.  With the latest information revealing that FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ/FBI Attorney Lisa Page were specifically leaking to their media sources to shape the underlying story of their political efforts, everything presented by the recipients of those leaks should now be questioned.

Special Agent Strzok Text Message Highlights FBI Investigative Intent.  [Scroll down]  This message by Strzok shows a team of FBI officials intentionally conspiring to withhold "inflammatory" Clinton investigation evidence, from congress.  And the decision-making goes directly to the very top leadership within the FBI.

Grassley Releases Strzok-Page Texts Showing FBI Was 'Pulling Punches' In Clinton Probe.  A text message exchange between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page is evidence that the FBI was "pulling punches" in its investigation into Hillary Clinton, a top Republican senator is alleging.  In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, drew attention to a Feb. 25, 2016 text message exchanged between Strzok and Page.  The message was included in seven pages of messages that Grassley released on Thursday.  The Justice Department recently provided six congressional committees with 384 pages of text messages between the pair.

DOJ recovers missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Strzok and Page.  The Department of Justice has recovered missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the DOJ's inspector general said Thursday [1/25/2018].  In a letter sent to congressional committees, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office "succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017."  "Our effort to recover any additional text messages is ongoing," Horowitz said.

Crickets from the left as DOJ IG recovers lost 50,000 critical FBI texts and swamp rats everywhere start lawyering up.  DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has achieved what many thought unlikely at best.  He has recovered the 50,000 missing text messages between FBI star-crossed lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz told Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., in a letter Thursday, according to the Washington Examiner.  The text messages were missing from a critical five-month period — Dec. 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017 — because of an alleged technical issue on FBI-issued mobile phones.  "[F]orensic tools," were successfully used to retrieve the texts, the inspector general said.

Sara Carter:  FBI Agents Want to Know Why Strzok and Page Are Still There.  [Scroll down]  "The Lovebirds.  They were having an affair, they were both married, they're working counter-intelligence.  That's enough for blackmail," Carter said.  "Now they're sending text messages on an unsecured phone.  Believe me, the Germans, the Russians, the Israelis, everybody is going into those phones and trying to suck out all the information they have."

Thousands of FBI cellphones affected by glitch that lost Strzok-Page texts, officials say.  Thousands of FBI cellphones were affected by the technical glitch that the DOJ says prevented five months' worth of text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page from being stored or uploaded into the bureau's archive system, federal law enforcement officials tell Fox News.  The missing messages have been at the center of a storm of controversy on Capitol Hill, after the DOJ notified congressional committees that there is a gap in records between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017.

Embattled FBI Agent Text References Trump Impeachment.  The latest batch of text messages between the pair of embattled FBI agents at the center of the Special Counsel's probe into President Donald Trump's campaign and alleged Russian collusion reveals that one of the agents may have seen his participation in the investigation as a path to "impeaching" President Trump, said several congressional sources.  The recent text messages between FBI special agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were turned over last week by the Department of Justice to six congressional committees.  Those text messages, as previously reported, shed new light on the political leanings, unvarnished bias and possibly a concerted effort by some members of the FBI to influence Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation, congressional sources reveal.

Report: DOJ Has Found and Is Recovering Missing FBI Text Messages.  According to a Fox News exclusive report the Department of Justice has found the missing text messages between Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page, and is in the process of recovering them.

'Blackmail' Fears Grow After FBI Officials Say 'Foreign Actors' May Have Hacked Strzok's Unsecured Phone.  Reporter Sara A. Carter joined "Hannity," Monday evening [1/22/2018], revealing former and current FBI officials fear Peter Strzok-Lisa Page text messages exchanged on Bureau-supplied phones may have been hacked by "foreign actors."  In addition, Carter raised the prospect that countries such as Russia and China could have used the captured exchanges to blackmail both the disgraced FBI agents.

FBI text messages lost because of 'misconfiguration issues' that perplex security analysts.  The FBI may have ignored its own data storage procedures as it lost five months of text messages between two anti-Trump FBI employees, security analysts said.  Texts that have been made public, which show the two employees and reported lovers talking about their antipathy toward the president and efforts to impeach him, have become a major embarrassment for an FBI already reeling from accusations of bias and bungling.

How Did the FBI Lose Five Months of Text Messages Between Two Trump-Hating Employees?  Drafted to lead a politically polarizing investigation, working under the beady eyes of distrustful congressional Republicans, [Robert] Mueller has striven to keep his team's conduct as unimpeachable as possible by bringing on some of America's sharpest legal minds to check his own work and keeping public comments to a minimum.  Imagine how Mueller feels, then, to have to answer so frequently for the partisans and incompetents surrounding him.  The special counsel's biggest headache is the conduct of Peter Strzok, a former member of his team who was revealed in December to have exchanged anti-Trump text messages with another FBI employee, his girlfriend Lisa Page.  That controversy grew more heated this weekend, when the FBI reportedly informed congressional overseers that it had failed to retain more than five months of text messages between the Trump-loathing lovebirds.

Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

      Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

18 U.S. Code § 1519      

Why FBI's 'missing' five months of texts is worse than Watergate.  The text messages between agents Peter Strozk and Lisa Page are instructive for several reasons.  First, the texts were sent in the lead-up to Robert Mueller being named a special counsel in the investigation of Russia and the 2016 presidential election.  Second, earlier messages that have been released included not only the involvement of outgoing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but the desire of top-level FBI officials to create an "insurance policy" against a Donald Trump presidency.

Find the Trump-hating FBI lovers' 50,000 missing texts NOW, Jeff Sessions orders his officials as White House says messages are 'possibly illegal'.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered an investigation into missing text messages exchanged between two Federal Bureau of Investigation staffers accused of expressing views against President Donald Trump, the Justice Department said Tuesday [1/23/2018].  Texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page exchanged between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017, are among a broader batch of missing phone messages that the FBI says its system failed to store because of a software upgrade glitch on many Samsung 5 cellphones.

Peter Strzok's Lawyer Donated $416,000 to Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Former Deputy Head of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok has become the subject of public controversy and legal controversy following the release of tens of thousands of text messages with his colleague and mistress, FBI Lawyer Lisa Page.  Following the discovery of the text messages, which showed anti-Trump, pro-Clinton political bias, Strzok was removed from Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election and transferred to the FBI's Human Resources Department, where he currently works.

Mystery: Justice IG 'received...all' anti-Trump FBI texts it now doesn't have.  In another mystery surrounding phone texts between two anti-Trump FBI officials, the Justice Department that last week blamed the FBI for failing to preserve five months of texts said six weeks earlier that it had "received" them in August.  The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has revealed that the IG not only said it had requested the texts now missing, but that they were provided by the FBI.  In a letter demanding that the IG clear up the contrast, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson quoted an earlier letter from the inspector general's office about the texts between two key figures in the Hillary Clinton email probe, agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page.

Why FBI's 'missing' five months of texts is worse than Watergate.  The FBI failed to preserve five months of text messages and expects the American public to believe it was a random mistake. [...] This apparent FBI cover-up and failure to retain evidence must be met with the harshest penalties available under the law.  It is reassuring that Sessions promised to leave "no stone unturned in an investigation," and that, "If any wrongdoing were to be found to have caused this gap, appropriate legal disciplinary action measures will be taken."  Sessions is on solid legal ground to demand answers.  The missing text messages may have included evidence of a crime having been committed, and that itself is a crime.

In 'Jaw-Dropping' Text, Peter Strzok Expressed 'Concern' About Joining Mueller Team.  The FBI's top agent on the Trump-Russia investigation sent a text message last year that one top Republican senator says suggests he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion.  The text message, which was sent by Peter Strzok, is "jaw-dropping," Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a radio interview on Tuesday [1/23/2018].

What's next in the investigation of those missing FBI texts.  Congressional investigators believe they are barely beginning to answer the questions raised by the text messages between the FBI's Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  For several reasons:  [#1] Strzok and Page were more prolific texters than anyone knew.  In a statement late Monday [1/22/2018], Attorney General Jeff Sessions said FBI investigators have found "over 50,000 texts" in their review of Strzok-Page communications.  [#2] Even with all those texts, the FBI says it cannot find the couple's messages between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017 — a critical time in the Trump-Russia affair.  It's probably safe to say there is not a single Republican on Capitol Hill who does not view this as a fishy set of circumstances and does not believe Congress should step up its investigation.  [#3] Strzok and Page didn't just text each other on their FBI-issued Samsung phones.  At times in the text exchanges that have been released, either Strzok or Page suggested that they switch over to iMessage — suggesting they might have used personal, Apple phones to communicate about FBI business in addition to their bureau-provided phones. [...] [#4] Strzok and Page emailed each other on Gmail.

FBI Agents Discussed "Secret Society" Within DOJ And FBI Working To Undermine Trump.  [Scroll down]  As we have been reporting over the last two days, the FBI "lost" five months of text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  The explanation for the gap was "misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI's collection capabilities."  The missing texts conveniently span the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017 — the day Robert Mueller was appointed to take over the FBI's probe of alleged Trump-Russia collusion, and during the period in which the FBI would ostensibly have been hard at work on their "insurance policy" against a Trump victory — and during the period in which the "secret society" Rep. Ratcliffe referred to would have been hard at work.

DOJ Begins Probe Of 'Missing' Anti-Trump FBI Texts, "Will Leave No Stone Unturned".  Following the not entirely surprising news at the end of last week that The FBI "failed to preserve" five months of text messages between various anti-Trump agents, Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed today that the department of justice has launched a full investigation into this debacle.

Destroying, Suppressing Evidence Is FBI Standard Procedure.  Congressional investigators were rocked this weekend when the FBI notified them that five months of text messages from a top FBI investigator into the Trump campaign's Russian connections had mysteriously vanished.  The FBI-issued cell phone of Peter Strzok, whose previous texts to his mistress (also an FBI employee) showed fierce hostility to Trump, suddenly had problems due to "software upgrades" and other issues — and voila — all the messages between the two from Dec. 14, 2016, to May 17, 2017 vanished.

The Editor says...
Yes, but your email messages do not reside on your cell phone.  They reside in an email server.  Just ask Hillary Clinton.

FBI Says 5 Months Of Texts "Lost," Yet IG Horowitz Says His Office Received Them In August.  A major contradiction has been discovered between yesterday's [1/21/2018] revelation that the FBI "lost" five months of text messages, and a claim by the DOJ's Inspector General, Michael Horowitz — who claimed his office received the texts in question between FBI employees Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page last August.

Oops! Those FBI Texts and 4 Other Times the Deep State 'Lost' Crucial Communications.  [Scroll down]  Many believe, and not without cause, that this "insurance policy" is the phony Russian dossier funded in part by the FBI (along with the Clinton campaign). The phony dossier was almost certainly used by the Obama White House to wiretap the Trump campaign under the FISA program.  These lost five months of texts also happen to coincide with the crucial months when the Russian hoax blew up in the media and resulted in the appointment of special prosecutor Robert Mueller.  Although, on its own, the very idea that these crucially important text messages were "accidentally lost" defies belief, what makes this news even more troubling is how frequently the Deep State loses communications that might prove to be inconvenient to the Deep State.

Page and Strzok Referenced FBI 'Secret Society' that Met the Day After the Election.  There is serious talk on Capitol Hill about the appointment of a second special counsel amid several new bombshell revelations swirling around the Trump/Russia probe.  First, there are the allegations of shocking and substantial government surveillance abuses under President Obama outlined in the FISA abuse memo.  Secondly, the FBI lost five months of key text messages between the anti-Trump/pro-Clinton FBI officials Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page.  And now there's talk of a "secret society" of officials within the FBI that apparently met the day after the election of Donald J. Trump to plot against the president-elect.

Why, you'll never guess what events coincide with the start and end of the missing Strzok-Page text messages.  At this point, I'm in favor of a military tribunal that can get to the bottom of DOJ and FBI corruption.  And, of course, I'm not talking about the rank-and-file.  I'm describing a horrifically corrupt set of leaders who abused their office to absolve Hillary Clinton of her crimes while falsely accusing Donald Trump of "collusion".

FBI 'Secret Society' Met [the] Day After [the] 2016 Election to Sabotage Trump.  Yes, there was actually something called a "secret society" at the FBI that included Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (the two hacks who's text messages suddenly went missing) and they met the day after Hillary Clinton was crushed in the 2016 election.

Texts From FBI Agents Suggest AG Lynch Knew 'No Charges Will Be Brought' in Clinton Probe.  It appears that the text messages between two FBI agents who were once part of the ongoing Russia investigation are causing more controversy.  The Associate [sic] Press highlights an exchange between former top investigator Peter Strzok and his mistress and DOJ lawyer Lisa Page around the time the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails came to a conclusion in July 2016.  The exchange was sparked by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who made an announcement that she would rely on the recommendation of then-FBI Director James Comey regarding the Clinton probe after her secretive tarmac meeting with Former President Bill Clinton was drawing negative attention.

FBI Agents Spoke Of 'Pressure' To Wrap Up Clinton Probe As Trump Surged To GOP Nomination.  One of the FBI agents who oversaw the Clinton email investigation spoke of "pressure" to wrap up the probe after it became clear that Donald Trump would win the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.  And in a text exchange on July 1, 2016, FBI lawyer Lisa Page suggested to her lover, counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had foreknowledge that the FBI planned to exonerate Clinton in the investigation over her use of a private email server.  That despite then-FBI Director James Comey saying on July 5, 2016 that the Justice Department had no idea what statement he planned to make that day.

Tom Fitton: 'In Response to Missing Strzok-Page Text Messages, AG Sessions Should Direct U.S. Marshals to Seize Computer Evidence at the FBI'.  President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton is fed up with the corruption in the FBI and DOJ.  In response to the 'missing' Strzok-Page text messages, Fitton said AG Sessions should direct U.S. Marshals to seize computer evidence at the FBI.  He also said if Sessions doesn't act, President Trump should order it to be done.

Another missing-email defense from the bowels of the Deep State.  The FBI has told a Senate committee that it "lost" the text messages of top counterintelligence officials attempting to undercut President Trump, conveniently during the five months when their political activity was most fervent.  This calls for its own investigation.

From foreplay to foreknowledge.  We learn from Senator Johnson's letter to FBI Director Wray that the Department of Justice has turned over 384 pages of text messages between FBI counterintelligence officer Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page.  (We also learn that five months' of text messages between the infamous FBI couple during the critical period culminating in the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel have disappeared.)  What do the newly disclosed text messages reveal?  Strzok and Page seem to have been in the loop on then FBI Director's forthcoming exoneration of Hillary Clinton.

More than 50,000 exchanged between FBI officials Strzok and Page, Sessions says.  More than 50,000 texts were exchanged between two FBI officials who have come under fire for exchanging anti-Trump messages during the 2016 election, Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Monday [1/22/2018].  The figure surfaced as lawmakers have been pressing for answers after revelations that the FBI "failed to preserve" five months of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  "We will leave no stone unturned to confirm with certainty why these text messages are not now available to be produced and will use every technology available to determine whether the missing messages are recoverable from another source," Sessions said in a statement provided to Fox News.  "If we are successful, we will update the congressional committees immediately."

Confirmed: FBI can effectively monitor anybody EXCEPT perhaps some of their own.  It's entirely possible that the FBI could produce documentation on what you or I bought the last time we went to the grocery store or quickly produce an email we sent 13 years ago, but when it comes to monitoring their own personnel who happened to be anti-Trump during the 2016 campaign, hey, accidents happen!

Five Months Worth of Peter Strzok Text Messages GO MISSING — FBI Cites Mystery "Glitch".  Additional text messages sent and received by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok have been handed over to Congress, reports the Associated Press.

In Search of Lost Texts.  Under federal law, the head of each federal agency is required to preserve all records documenting the decision-making process and essential transactions of the agency.

FBI admits it 'failed to preserve' five months of text messages from anti-Trump FBI agent.  The Department of Justice made the disclosure in a letter to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Friday, according to the Daily Caller.  The letter states that FBI systems didn't preserve text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page.  "The Department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI's technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page," the letter states.  Stephen Boyd, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs, penned the letter.

FBI Mysteriously "Loses" Five Months of Text Messages Between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  The Daily Caller journalist Chuck Ross has some extremely interesting information released today surrounding former top FBI Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ/FBI liaison attorney Lisa Page which includes a disclosure by top FBI officials that text messages between Strzok and Page have gone missing.  Peter Strzok was the head FBI Agent in charge of the 'Clinton Operation' (exoneration), and 'Trump Operation' (political surveillance).  Strzok reported to the FBI Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap.  Lisa Page was the DOJ attorney assigned to the FBI and key legal aide for FBI Asst. Director Andrew "Andy" McCabe.

FBI 'Failed To Preserve' Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump FBI Agents.  The FBI "failed to preserve" five months worth of text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the two FBI employees who made pro-Clinton and anti-Trump comments while working on the Clinton email and the Russia collusion investigations.  The disclosure was made Friday [1/19/2018] in a letter sent by the Justice Department to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC).  "The Department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI's technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page," Stephen Boyd, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs at the Justice Department, wrote to Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of HSGAC.

Congress seeks answers after FBI claims texts missing in Trump-Russia probe.  Investigators in both House and Senate were stunned late Friday [1/19/2018] when, receiving a batch of newly-released texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, they also received notice from the bureau that the FBI "failed to preserve" Strzok-Page messages from December 14, 2016 through May 17, 2017.  Given the amount of texting that went on between Strzok and Page, who were having an extramarital affair, that probably meant thousands of missing documents.

Newly released texts between ex-Mueller team members suggest they knew outcome of Clinton email probe in advance.  The Justice Department has given various congressional committees nearly 400 pages of additional text messages between two FBI officials who were removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.  One of the newly discovered messages, lawmakers said, appeared to indicate that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page knew that charges would not be filed against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a result of the investigation into her email server — before Clinton was interviewed by the bureau.

Investigators Examining Whether FBI Officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Improperly Leaked to Media.  House and Senate committees are investigating whether FBI agents who led the Russia investigation improperly leaked to news media, according to a report.  In text messages reviewed by The Hill, FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page exchanged a series of texts shortly before Election Day 2016, that suggests they knew in advance about a Wall Street Journal article, and discussed how to pretend finding it and sharing with colleagues.

FBI lovebirds sing a leaky tune.  Like a couple of teenagers blissfully unaware of the watchful eyes of their parents, FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page got caught out for sending text messages showing just what Deep State was up to.  Exposed by The Hill's John Solomon, the messages show a self-satisfied pair egging each other on in leaks, snipes, bitchiness, and insults, centered on their copious and potentially illegal contacts with the media.  You have to read it to believe it.  What it shows is that the whole thing pretty well amounts to a conspiracy against the incoming new administration of President Trump.  The other thing it shows is that it had all the sophistication of a real teenage conspiracy.

Republicans probe FBI agents' text messages for evidence of leaks.  Republican-led committees reportedly are investigating whether FBI officials once involved in Robert Mueller's Russia probe helped leak to the media, based in part on text messages they exchanged mentioning news outlets.  The Hill first reported that House and Senate panels are looking anew at the text messages exchanged between agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page, who were romantically involved and exchanged anti-Trump views in their now-public texts.  They also discussed news articles and strategized on how to react.  One set of texts — confirmed by Fox News — in late October 2016 suggests they knew about a Wall Street Journal article in advance.

FBI agents' text messages spur congressional probe into possible news leaks.  Republican-led House and Senate committees are investigating whether leaders of the Russia counterintelligence investigation had contacts with the news media that resulted in improper leaks, prompted in part by text messages amongst senior FBI officials mentioning specific reporters, news organizations and articles.  In one exchange, FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page engaged in a series of texts shortly before Election Day 2016 suggesting they knew in advance about an article in The Wall Street Journal and would need to feign stumbling onto the story so it could be shared with colleagues.

Surprise: NYT and WaPo Totally Ignore FBI Agents' Anti-Trump 'Insurance Policy' Texts.  [Scroll down]  The pressing question is what Strzok meant by his "can't take that risk" and "insurance policy" missives, and what specifically was discussed in McCabe's office.  McCarthy believes those texts crossed an important threshold separating "political banter" from "tainted law enforcement," and are more sigiifciant and concerning than bellyaching about Trump being "loathsome" and sundry other insults that grabbed headlines.  Perhaps there are explanations for the "insurance" musings that are satisfactory and unconcerning.  Perhaps there is documented evidence about what took place at the private meeting in question.  But these developments represent legitimate concerns for people to raise.  Alas, many Americans are likely totally unaware that those concerns even exist — let alone are valid — because some major news outlets have completely ignored them.

Former Assistant FBI Director:  Strzok "Belongs In Leavenworth".  Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom called disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a "total moron" who belongs in Leavenworth federal prison, during a TV appearance on Thursday.  Kallstrom, a former Marine captain and Vietnam veteran, told FBN host Liz MacDonald that if an FBI agent wanted to stop someone from becoming President, "I think he can do what [Strzok] tried to do," adding "He can fabricate things, he can make stuff up, he can lie, he can be a total moron."  "You know, he belongs in Leavenworth this guy, in my personal view."

8 Worst Defenses Of FBI Agent's Anti-Trump 'Insurance Policy' Texts.  [#2] Leaks Are Suddenly, Briefly Bad:  Natasha Bertrand is a reporter receptive to publishing storylines from the opposition research firm that put out the Russia narrative — Fusion GPS — as well as leaks from Democratic intelligence sources.  But with the news of these texts, she became someone deeply concerned about leaks.  Her only two stories on the matter are not on the substance of the texts and what they indicate about the Russia and Clinton probes but, rather, whether the release of the texts was authorized. [...] Perhaps a year into a story based on nothing but a leak campaign against Trump officials is a bit late to express concern about communications between intelligence officials and reporters, particularly when in this case the emails were released to Congress.

DOJ Defends Decision To Publicize FBI Agent's Anti-Trump Text Messages.  The Justice Department defended a decision to release nearly 400 of FBI agent Peter Strzok's anti-Trump text messages Thursday [12/14/2017], claiming his former position on Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigative team made the information relevant.  The defense comes after Democrat members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the DOJ demanding they explain the "unusual" decision to release Strzok's messages.  DOJ Public Affairs Director Sarah Flores fired back, saying the department had committed no wrongdoing and was sure to allow Congress to view the texts before releasing them publicly, CNN reported Thursday.

Dems rail against release of Strzok-Page text messages.  Democrats seem to be reading George Orwell's 1984 as an instruction manual, taking to heart the injunction "ignorance is bliss."  They are very, very unhappy that the privacy of adulterous lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page has been violated with the release of about three and half percent of their ten thousand text messages sent on government-owned smartphones, therefore the property of the American people.  Why, people might start to think that Mueller investigation was biased or something, and we can't have that!

Judicial Watch Sues FBI for Records About Removal of Former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok From Mueller Operation.  Judicial Watch today [12/14/2017] filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for records about the removal and reassignment of Peter Strzok, a former deputy to the assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, from the special counsel's investigative team led by former FBI director Robert Mueller.  Strzok also was the FBI's second in command of counterintelligence and chief of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's illicit email server, interviewing Hillary Clinton himself on July 2, 2016.

New Details Emerge About Discovery Of FBI Agent's Anti-Trump Texts.  The Justice Department's office of the inspector general revealed new details Wednesday about how it discovered the anti-Trump text messages that led to FBI agent Peter Strzok's removal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.  Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department watchdog, said that his office obtained the text messages from the FBI on July 20.  A week later, he met with Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to inform them of the politically-charged texts.  Strzok was "immediately" removed from the investigation after Mueller was told of the texts.

We Now Know FBI Agents Privately Called Trump an 'Idiot,' But Not Why That's Relevant.  Republicans added a titillating new narrative to their ongoing effort to delegitimize special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation earlier this month when it was revealed that a top FBI counterintelligence agent was removed from Mueller's team this summer after the Justice Department's inspector general began looking into politically charged text messages he exchanged with another FBI official.  On Tuesday night the Justice Department provided Congress with copies of those messages, which were promptly made public, adding more fuel to right-wing claims that Trump is being unfairly persecuted by the nation's top law-enforcement agency.  Peter Strzok, the deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, and Lisa Page, a senior FBI lawyer, were both involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server and the Trump team's possible Russia ties.  The pair reportedly exchanged the messages while carrying on an extramarital affair, and they came up as part of a Justice Department inspector general's probe of how the FBI handled the Clinton and Trump investigations.

All of Hillary's Men.  The only picture of collusion emerging from the Russian probes is one that implicates Hillary's.  Across the U.S. government, political appointees and deep state hacks were helping Hillary and gunning for Trump.  One of her partisans over at the FBI, Peter Strzok, performed a virtual hat trick of political espionage:  he went from inoculating Hillary against criminal prosecution (by convincing Comey to soften his description of her mishandling of classified information) to joining the quest to nail Trump, all while writing to his mistress, also at the FBI, that they had a mutual duty to prevent Trump from winning the White House.

Strzok-Page texts show hatred of Trump by the two ex-Team Mueller members.  The text messages speak for themselves.  I would just add that the view of Trump expressed in these messages, and the language used to express them, are standard among the lawyer and government worker class in Washington, D.C.  In the Summer and Fall of 2016, I doubt that a week went by in which I didn't hear them expressed.  And I tried to avoid liberals during that period.  I believe the Page-Strzok hatred of Donald Trump is just the tip of the Team Mueller iceberg.

Explosive Texts Point To FBI, Not Russian, Meddling In 2016 Election.  [Scroll down]  On their own, these texts might not be a big deal, even if the two are career government employees.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions.  But Strzok and Page weren't just a couple of bureaucrats crunching numbers in a windowless office at the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  Strzok was a key player in the FBI's investigation into whether Clinton had broken the law by using a private, unsecured email server to handle highly classified documents.  He interviewed several of the people involved, including Clinton herself.  He was also the person who watered down the language in the statement used by Comey to exonerate Clinton, changing it from "gross negligence" to "extremely careless," which as we noted in this space was critical to Comey's claim that Clinton didn't break any laws.

After mysterious 'insurance policy' text, will Justice Department reveal more on FBI agent bounced from Mueller probe?  Yes, the release of texts sent between top FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show that both loathed Donald Trump while they were working on investigations involving Trump as a presidential candidate and later as president.  Of course, lots of federal employees loathe Trump.  It would be hard for all of them to recuse themselves from government matters, although it is probably not a great idea to have them play key roles in high-stakes probes that could have a momentous effect on the presidency.

Deepstate: FBI Agents Texted About Protecting Country Against Trump.  Two FBI agents who were assigned to the special counsel on Russia, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, had texted each other during the 2016 campaign about protecting the country against Trump, according to reports.  One of them, Strzok, had also led the FBI's Clinton email investigation, and watered down language that might have brought criminal charges for Hillary Clinton.  Strzok cryptically referred to a potential idea to thwart Trump's election during a meeting in FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's office in August 2016.

FBI Agent Peter Strozk Anti-Trump Messages Released To Media — However, The Key Question is Not Content.  [Scroll down]  As Judicial Committee Representative Jim Jordan rightly outlined, Agent Strzok would not likely be removed because he had biased text messages with his mistress.  So long as that bias did not interfere with his work duty, there is no issue; and Strzok was not in a position of supervision over Lisa Page so they could encounter like rabbits to their black-hats desire.  However, if FBI Agent Strzok was a "leaker" to the media, or worse, well, that's an entirely different kettle-o-fish.  Getting caught as a leaker is likely the reason Strzok was removed and reassigned to the HR post; not the bias.

Not exactly impartial:
In Texts, F.B.I. Officials in Russia Inquiry Said Clinton 'Just Has to Win'.  Senior F.B.I. officials who helped investigate Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign last year wrote in text messages that Hillary Clinton "just has to win" and described a potential Trump victory as "terrifying," according to texts released Tuesday night.  A top counterintelligence agent, Peter Strzok, exchanged the messages with Lisa Page, a senior F.B.I. lawyer.  Some messages criticized Mrs. Clinton's team, the Obama administration, Congress and other Democrats.  But the two appeared appalled at some of Mr. Trump's comments during the campaign and feared that he would politicize the F.B.I.

DOJ provides Congress with hundreds of texts between ex-Mueller team agent Peter Strzok and alleged mistress Lisa Page.  The Justice Department provided congressional committees with hundreds of text messages between Peter Strzok — the agent on special counsel Robert Mueller's team who was demoted for critical messages about President Trump — and his alleged mistress Lisa Page, a lawyer also assigned to the probe.  Those text messages were obtained by the Washington Examiner, and show extreme political opinions shared about the two dating back to 2015.

FBI Agent Peter Strozk Anti-Trump Messages Released To Media — However, The Key Question is Not Content.  The text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strozk and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, have been released to both Fox News and CBS.  The messages reflect a strong bias against President Trump.  However, the bigger story is not the anti-Trump bias within the text communication, the bigger story is why the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General (OIG), began even looking at Agent Peter Strozk's communication in the first place.  Remember, the original mandate by the Inspector General's office was initiated to review and discover any politicization of the FBI and/or DOJ officials.

Jim Jordan Makes the Case Against the FBI and Peter Strzok.  If you want to understand the news that has been swirling around the FBI's Peter Strzok, who played a key role in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and Robert Mueller's wide-ranging Russia probe (including interviewing General Flynn), you should watch this riveting seven-minute video of Congressman Jim Jordan interrogating FBI Director Christopher Wray earlier today.  Wray was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. [...] Jordan acts like he knows something we don't.  If he is right, this is the biggest scandal in American political history:  [Video clip]

Report: DOJ Reviewing More Than 10,000 Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Mueller Investigators.  The Justice Department is sifting through 10,000 text messages involving the FBI agent who was kicked off of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation for making anti-Trump comments.  Fox News reports that the bureau is reviewing "several months" worth of messages that the agent, Peter Strzok, exchanged with Lisa Page, an FBI attorney with whom he was having an affair.  The Justice Department is searching the texts before turning them over to the House Intelligence Committee, a process which could take "weeks."

'Over 10,000 texts' between ex-Mueller team officials found, after discovery of anti-Trump messages.  Justice Department officials are reading through "over 10,000 texts" between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Fox News has learned, after it emerged Strzok was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe following the discovery of anti-Trump messages between them.  Department of Justice officials told Fox News they are in the process of going through the texts so they can hand them over to the House Intelligence Committee.  Strzok, who was an FBI counterintelligence agent, had worked on the Mueller probe, but was reassigned to the FBI's human resources division after the discovery of anti-Trump text messages with Page, with whom he was having an affair.  Page was briefly on Mueller's team, but since has returned to the FBI.

Mueller investigation looking more and more like The Revenge of James Comey.  Senior FBI agent Peter Strzok was removed last summer for sending anti-Trump text messages.  Mueller, the FBI and DOJ did everything they could until the information was revealed a day ago.  Strzok, it turns out, also was involved in the investigation of and interview of Flynn leading ultimately to the criminal charge.  Strzok also was involved in the Hillary Clinton investigation during the campaign, and reportedly was the person who made key wording changes to the FBI's findings, read by Comey at a July 5, 2016 press conference, which absolved Hillary of "gross negligence" in the mishandling of classified information.

Obama's Legacy of Bureaucratic Rot:  Peter Strzok.  When the IRS, EPA, and various other agencies targeted a Houston Tea Party activist, it was pretty clear that the Obama administration had unleashed their many hounds to intimidate and harass political enemies. [...] The Obama administration, that is President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the rest of their minions throughout the government used the government for personal purposes politically and to enrich themselves financially.  They thought that they were going to win the 2016 Presidential election and so used all branches of government for their own purposes with impunity.  Who was going to stop them?  Really, who wanted to stop them?  No one.  The bureaucracy is overwhelmingly Democrat and so the hive mind worked with one, joyful accord.  Why wouldn't the bureaucracy continue to work together to ensure that Donald Trump never became president?  That's the question.

Former FBI Assistant Director:  Strzok Bombshell 'Casts A Cloud Over Much Of The Clinton Investigation'.  New revelations about one of the FBI's top investigative agents have cast a "cloud" over the agency's handling of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email server, former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker said Monday night.  FBI agent Peter Strzok, a key figure in both the FBI's Clinton investigation as well as the ongoing Russia probe, exchanged anti-Trump, pro-Clinton texts last year with an FBI lawyer who was also his mistress.  Strzok, it was revealed on Monday, softened then-FBI Director James Comey's draft description of Clinton's email conduct from "grossly negligent" — a legal term that correlates with criminal penalties — to "extremely careless."  Additionally, Strzok conducted the interviews with two of Clinton's aides when they gave false statements to the FBI.

Double-crossing FBI agent must be held accountable.  FBI investigator Peter Strzok not only let Hillary Clinton off the hook, he may have used Democratic Party opposition research as an excuse to spy on Trump campaign advisers.  Strzok became such a political liability that special counsel Robert Mueller had to boot him off the Russia case, where he worked for nearly three months.  Mueller made the move after the Justice Department's inspector general pointed out text messages Strzok sent to a mistress, who also worked for Mueller, exhibiting a strong anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias.  His misconduct has sent shock waves through Washington because in July 2016, just days after closing the Clinton e-mail case he led, Strzok signed the document that opened the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  His fingerprints are all over both cases, one widely criticized as a whitewash and the other condemned by the president and many in his party as a witch hunt.

DOJ to hand over official's anti-Trump texts, amid contempt threat.  The Justice Department is in the process of handing over to the House Intelligence Committee the anti-Trump text messages that got a key FBI official removed from Robert Mueller's Russia probe, Fox News has learned — a move that comes as the panel weighs a possible contempt resolution.  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., had demanded the text messages between FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer with whom Strzok was romantically involved.  Both were part of Mueller's Russia team at the time.  Page has since returned to the FBI, and Strzok was reassigned to the FBI's HR department after the discovery of the anti-Trump texts.

Political Hack Peter Strzok at the Center of the Hillary Scandal.  It's the trifecta of malfeasance, and the conflicted Robert Mueller is aiding and abetting the witchhunt.

Fired FBI Investigator Was The Person Who Interviewed Flynn.  [Scroll down]  ...and today we discover that Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was the person who interviewed National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn on January 24th, 2017.  An interview, that blindsided Flynn because there was no advanced notification.  And an interview that was the basis for the recent Robert Mueller charging of Flynn.  Good grief, it's no wonder why the FBI desperately tried to control a pending IG release by advance-scripting a narrative, via leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post.  If FBI Agent Strzok can be shown to have conflicting political and institutional bias, then every aspect of the investigation he was involved in comes into question... and Agent Strzok is at the EPICENTER of every angle, within every aspect, of EVERY investigation.

FBI agent fired from Russia probe oversaw Flynn interviews, softened Comey language on Clinton email actions.  The FBI agent who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia — because he sent anti-Trump messages to a colleague — oversaw the bureau's interviews with ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Fox News confirmed on Monday [12/4/2017].  Peter Strzok, a former deputy to the assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, also was confirmed to have changed former FBI Director James Comey's early draft language about Hillary Clinton's actions regarding her private email server from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless."  The language being edited was important because classified material that's been mishandled for "gross negligence" calls for criminal consequences, analysts point out.

Tucker Carlson Discusses FBI Politicization and Special Agent Peter Strzok
  •   Peter Strzok was the lead FBI agent in charge of the 2015/2016 Hillary Clinton email investigation.
  •   Agent Strzok was one of a small group who actually interviewed Hillary Clinton.
  •   Agent Strzok was also the person who interviewed Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, granting them immunity.
  •   Agent Strzok created the wording for the Comey/Clinton exoneration
  •   Strzok was the counterintelligence investigator for the 2016 'vast Russian conspiracy', narrative.
  •   Agent Strzok was also the FBI contact person to receive the Russian Dossier and interview the author Christopher Steele.
  •   Agent Peter Strzok was then hired by Robert Mueller to lead the FBI investigative efforts into the "Russian Election Collusion/Conspiracy."
  •   Agent Strzok was the person who interviewed National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.
  •   Agent Strzok was then removed from the Mueller Team after the anti-Trump/pro-Clinton content of his internal communications were discovered by the ongoing Inspector General investigation.

Mueller Russia probe has credibility problem wedding cake showdown in Supreme Court.  Peter Strzok, who was removed from Mueller's investigation because he sent anti-Trump messages to a colleague, oversaw the FBI's interviews with ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Fox News confirmed.  Strzok, a former deputy to the assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, also changed former FBI Director James Comey's early draft language about Hillary Clinton's actions regarding her private email server from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless," Fox News confirmed.  The language being edited was important because classified material that's been mishandled for "gross negligence" calls for criminal consequences, analysts point out.  Strzok is under review by the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General for the role he played in the Clinton email investigation.  The reports about Strzok prompted President Trump to suggest over the weekend that the handling and closure of the Clinton email probe without criminal charges allegedly was driven by partisan politics.

Senate Releases Unredacted Strzok-Page Texts Showing FBI Initiated Multiple Spies in Trump Campaign in December 2015.  The US Senate today [6/4/2018] released over 500 pages of information related to the Spygate scandal.  Hidden in the information are unredacted Strzok-Page texts that show the FBI initiated actions to insert multiple spies in the Trump campaign in December 2015.  Once again Internet sleuths unearthed damning evidence that the FBI was engaged in Spygate long before they let on.

Robert Mueller's Coverup.  When anti-Trump, Pro-Clinton text messages between Peter Strzok, the FBI's Former Deputy Head of Counterintelligence and Lisa Page, a Senior FBI Lawyer, became public in December, lawmakers and public citizens alike expressed outrage that agents with such bias were hired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate President Trump's 2016 Campaign.  Some of the most critical questions surrounded why Robert Mueller removed these two agents from his team on July 27th without notifying lawmakers or his overseers at the Department of Justice.  The Daily Caller now reports that the FBI says that they "failed to preserve" five months of text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in a letter sent by the Department of Justice to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  The Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at the Justice Department Stephen Boyd, wrote to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the chairman of HSGAC that "The Department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI's technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page."

'Over 10,000 texts' between ex-Mueller team officials found, after discovery of anti-Trump messages.  Justice Department officials are reading through "over 10,000 texts" between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Fox News has learned, after it emerged Strzok was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe following the discovery of anti-Trump messages between them.  Department of Justice officials told Fox News they are in the process of going through the texts so they can hand them over to the House Intelligence Committee.

Embattled FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Has Resigned.  The FBI attorney who exchanged anti-Trump text messages with another bureau official resigned on Friday, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.  The FBI confirmed that the lawyer, Lisa Page, tendered her resignation.  Page has faced months of scrutiny over the text messages, which she exchanged with Peter Strzok, the former deputy chief of the FBI's counterintelligence division.  The exchanges show a deep hostility to President Donald Trump at a time when the two officials were working on the FBI's investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government.  Some of the texts show Strzok and Page cryptically discussing how to proceed with the investigation, which was opened on July 31, 2016.

Peter Strzok's public testimony, July 12, 2018
... and the abhorrent behavior of his leftist enablers.

Transparency Would Wipe the Smirk Off Strzok's Face.  Last Thursday's hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok followed the usual pattern, for the most part, with one key difference: the American people finally saw the truth about Strzok.  Strzok, the disgraced but somehow-still-employed-with-security-clearance agent, is a real piece of work.  His behavior has been so shameful that he was booted from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.  He became a prime focus of the Justice Department inspector general's report on the FBI's political bias during the 2016 presidential election.  Nearly an entire section of the report was devoted to Strzok's actions, inactions, and (crucially) his text messages.  Strzok served as the chief of the FBI's counterespionage section, heading the Hillary Clinton server "matter" before launching the probe into the Trump campaign's alleged and as yet unproven Russian collusion.  It's perhaps not enough to say he's been at the very center of the FBI's most controversial investigations.

Fever dreams of the Democrats:  Strzok's bizarre testimony, hysteria over Trump's Helsinki comments.  Trump Derangement Fever Dream One is brought to us by FBI agent and anti-Trump texter Peter Strzok.  His bizarre public testimony was infused with a strangely hyper-smug arrogance.  As he was questioned about text messages to his lover, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, which were rife with hate for Mr. Trump, and discussed interfering with and "stopping" his election as president, this deputy assistant director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division's testimony to Congress was troubling.  It was punctuated with bouncing and swaying in his chair, mugging at the committee, smirking and strange smiles that some compared to Jack Nicholson's character in the horror film, "The Shining."  Some thought it disturbed; it was at least the sort of performance you get from a juvenile delinquent who has never faced any consequences for his actions.

Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan's Envoy To Iranian Regime.  The truth is that after Peter Strzok III turned 18 his life is arcane, which is the usual story of many like him.  Did you know that Peter Strzok II (Strzok's father) and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common?  It turns out after advocating for Khomeni in Iran and then working in Saudi Arabia to calm the waters of an Iranian government (appeasing them with anti-Semitic rhetoric), Strzok's father Strzok II also dabbled in "charity work."  Strzok's father was involved in so-called charity work in Haiti but also helped dismantle and reassemble Upper Volta, now known as Burkina Faso.  Despite Deep State efforts to scrub information, the Internet is forever.

Peter Strzok's arrogance is the product of a corrupt FBI.  Watching FBI agent Peter Strzok battle with Congress, my initial reaction was pure anger.  His repeated, arrogant insistence that he had done nothing wrong despite tons of evidence to the contrary convinced me he deserved immediate firing — if not the firing squad.  Gradually, though, anger gave way to amazement as Strzok grew increasingly combative and condescending.  Given his predicament, the sneering and smirking were stupid, and yet he persisted.  Who is this jerk, I wondered, and how in the hell did he get to be a big shot at the FBI? And why are taxpayers still paying for the privilege of his malignant presence on the FBI payroll?

No, Ben, it was a Strzok of genius.  One of the reasons cable television pundits are so useless is that they give a microscopic view of Washington (which is a pretty boring and colorless place) when they need to look at the big picture.  They follow events too closely.  Consider Ben Shapirio's take, "Why The Peter Strzok Hearing Was A Giant Waste Of Time."  Wrong.  The Strzok hearing showed this loon for who he is.

Dirty Democrats try to hijack House hearing to protect their own.  If the corrupt Democrats in the FBI and the DOJ have nothing to hide in the investigation of their attempted coup against Donald Trump, then why did their congressional enablers attempt to hijack the FBI corruption hearing yesterday?  Point of order!  Point of order!  Roll call vote! [...] After hours of "testimony" from Peter Strzok, the most dishonest agent in the squalid history of the FBI, it becomes clear what the Mueller "investigation" is really all about.  It's about providing cover for these bent Democrat dirty tricksters from the FBI to stonewall the investigation into their effort to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.  Whenever Strzok said "ongoing investigations," replace that phrase with "smear campaign," "frame up" or "Democrat dirty tricks" and you'll see what he really meant.

FBI's Strzok Was Told a Foreign Power Hacked All of Clinton's Emails and Did Nothing.  A member of the House Committee on the Judiciary said during a hearing Thursday that a government watchdog found that nearly all of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails were sent to a foreign entity and that the FBI didn't follow-up on that finding.  The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found an "anomaly on Hillary Clinton's emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list," Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said during a hearing with FBI official Peter Strzok.  "It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia," he added.

I'm wondering if Strzok is another Robert Hanssen.  [Scroll down]  Strzok Jr's Wikipedia page is fraudulent.  The stuff about his background links to articles that don't back up the claims.  His birth date is unknown.  Junior's lawyer says he served in the 101st Airborne and in the FBI for 22 years.  I can't find confirmation dates for anything.  But Junior obviously spent tons of time in Iran.  And his dad is a fan of Khomeini.  What did Trump talk about the entire time he campaigned?  The Iran deal. [...] So here's what I think:  The Iranians BLACKMAILED Obama for his entire presidency.  They got the nuclear deal, and then they demanded a fake operation that would make Iran look good back home AND on the international stage.

Strzok Admits He 'Detested' Trump, But Was Still Unbiased.  Peter Strzok admitted to Congress on Thursday that he "detested" Donald Trump and was rooting for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election.  "You were both rooting for Hillary Clinton to win and you both detested Donald Trump, were you not?" Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot asked Strzok during a joint congressional hearing.  "I think that's fair to say," said Strzok.  While acknowledging his animus to Trump, Strzok insisted in Thursday's hearing that bias did not affect his work on the Trump-Russia investigation.

Strzok's claim of no bias so ridiculous that even CNN's political director [has doubts].  Only a fool or a Democrat (the two groups considerably overlap in the United States) would believe Peter Strzok's claim under oath that it was only the appearance of bias, not actual bias, that was the problem with his texts to his inamorata Lisa Page.  Yet, the Democrats in the joint committee hearing were eager to hitch their wagon to his fate.  One of them, Rep Steve Cohen of Memphis, offended many people with his claim that Strzok deserved a "Purple Heart," oblivious to the genuine grievous physical injuries that have been honored with this medal that he trivialized.  I can only assume that Democrats believe that because Strzok was out to harm Trump, they must defend him.  But linking their political fate to Strzok's ridiculous-on-its-face claim was so stupid, that even CNN's political director apparently felt compelled to speak out.

Seriously: Call in the Secret Service to investigate Special Agent Strzok.  I was serious when I initially called for the Secret Service to interview FBI special agent Peter Strzok in a previous American Thinker article: [...] He has a clearance, a badge, and a gun, and he is so angry about Candidate Trump that he links his anger to a death in combat of a fallen hero.  He'd better be quizzed as to whether his direct reference to violent death warrants violence in his mind late at night.  He should be assessed to see if he is a driven man empowered to change the course of American history.  In such cases, caution is always advised.  I bet that if the FBI or the Secret Service identified someone putting messages on the internet from a government address with absolutely no self-control or awareness of his overblown ego, who was trained in the use of firearms, threatening to "stop" the president, there would be an investigation.

Rep. DeSantis Blasts Strzok After House Hearing: 'Why Is He Still Getting a Paycheck?'.  Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) on Saturday blasted embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok following Strzok's hearing Thursday before the House.  The focus of the hearing was the slew of Trump-bashing texts Strzok sent to his former co-worker and lover using his FBI phone while conducting investigations into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton's email server.

Trumps blasts FBI Agent Strzok as 'disgrace to our country'.  President Trump called FBI Agent Peter Strzok's testimony on Capitol Hill last week over the investigation of Russian interference in the election a "disgrace to our country" on Sunday [7/15/2018].  "I thought it was an absolute disgrace," Trump said during an interview on CBS's "Face The Nation."  "Where he wants to do things against me before I was even, I guess before I was even the candidate.  It was a disgrace.  And then he lied about it."  Trump added that he believes Strzok's role in the investigation hurt the United States relationship with Russia.

Democrat's 'Purple Heart' remark at Strzok hearing spurs veterans to plan protest march.  Some veterans in Tennessee say they're planning a protest march following a congressman's comment this week that embattled FBI official Peter Strzok deserved a Purple Heart for enduring a House panel's grilling over allegations of bias against President Donald Trump.  Sean Higgins, an Air Force veteran from Memphis, is leading the upcoming march, the Tennessean reported.  Higgins told the paper that many constituents of Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen are [very angry] after Cohen said Strzok deserved the military award.

Peter's 'principles' damaged public's faith in FBI.  Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok spent a long Thursday on Capitol Hill, trying his best to sell the idea that his own words are not indicative of how he acts.  What a third-grader would recognize as absurd, nevertheless got the full political-theater treatment by an oversight committee that seemed to miss the point.  Peter Strzok's text messages with former FBI attorney Lisa Page were disgusting.  They were harmful to the FBI and, ultimately, to the American people.  He should have apologized for them on their face.  They are not words any FBI agent with such responsibilities should have uttered, regardless of whether or not they indicated bias.  There is a higher principle at play here, but one he apparently didn't recognize, since no apology was forthcoming.

Furious Ratcliffe holds Strzok's feet to the fire: 50,000 'F' Trump texts!  How are we supposed to believe you?  Rep. John Ratcliffe ripped into former FBI agent Peter Strzok at a joint hearing investigating allegations of political bias in the Justice Department and FBI.  The Texas Republican left Strzok nowhere to hide Thursday [7/12/2018] at the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees' joint hearing as he obliterated his defense that he had never "crossed the line" in his professional position as an FBI agent.

Gohmert: Peter Strzok Knew 'Foreign Entity' Hacked Clinton's Emails and Did Nothing.  Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said FBI agent Peter Strzok had been made aware of a "foreign entity" — not the Russian state — intercepting over 30,000 emails sent to or received by Hillary Clinton's unauthorized personal email server through which she conducted governmental communications in her former capacity as Secretary of State.

Strzok by a Farce.  The principal question before the joint investigation of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees is whether the Democratic administration's law-enforcement and intelligence arms strained to manufacture an espionage case against the Republican candidate, having buried an eminently prosecutable criminal case against the Democratic presidential nominee.  It should be straightforward to answer this question, provided that the investigative process has the one attribute central to any credible probe:  the capacity to compel the production of evidence and testimony, with the corollary power to hold witnesses in contempt for defiance.  The House investigation has devolved into farce because it lacks this feature.

Pirro on 'Unapologetic' Peter Strzok:  He's the 'Personification of the Deep State'.  In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted FBI agent Peter Strzok, who last week testified before GOP lawmakers regarding his alleged bias against President Trump.  "Peter Strzok, the personification of the righteous left ... was a composite of pompous, arrogant, indignant, sarcastic, smug, condescending, defiant and unapologetic," Pirro said of his hearing.  Pirro also said that Strzok is "also the personification of the deep state itself, where fascism rules."

Strzok Says FBI Agents Are Permitted to Engage in Some Adulteries.  FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who worked on the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the investigation of possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign testified under oath in a congressional hearing on Thursday that FBI agents can engage in some types of adultery. [...] When FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee on June 28, he declined to say whether adultery created a "significant vulnerability" for an FBI agent.

Peter Strzok's Smirk Said He Was Lying.  Although his texts to his paramour indicate he hated Donald Trump as much or possibly more than most of us hate Hitler or Saddam Hussein, Peter Strzok insists his extreme feelings did not affect his work in the Hillary Clinton email matter or the subsequent Russia probe.  He repeated that ad nauseam throughout the circus-like congressional hearing Thursday.  But no matter how many protestations the man makes, under oath or not, Occam's razor plus most of our life experiences tell us that Strzok is full of it.  Still, you need concrete evidence and, in a situation like this, that is hard to come by.

Strzok Claims He Still Has Top Secret Security Clearance.  Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was given a limited security clearance ahead of his testimony before Congress on Thursday, a Justice Department official tells The Daily Caller News Foundation.  The official disclosed Strzok's security clearance status after Strzok claimed during a joint hearing on Thursday that he has a top secret security clearance.  "You currently have what classification?" Strzok was asked by Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins during a joint hearing of the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees.

Rep. Trey Gowdy exchange with Peter Strzok.  Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI agent Peter Strzok got into a testy exchange Thursday over a series of anti-Trump texts Mr. Strzok sent his lover just before he started as lead investigator for special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia collusion probe.  Mr. Gowdy, South Carolina Republican, questioned Mr. Strzok about his dismissal from Mr. Mueller's team, saying the texts disparaging President Trump showed he was biased.  But the embattled FBI agent challenged that, saying that he was let go because the text messages create the perception of bias, not that he was found to be biased.

Trey Gowdy Destroys FBI's Peter Strzok.  In typical fashion Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy did not mince words while questioning embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok during a joint hearing with the House Judiciary Committee.  First, Gowdy slammed Strzok during his opening statement and defined him as a biased, selfish agent out for vengeance.  Then when Strzok refused to answer questions, Gowdy went after him again and destroyed him with evidence — written by Strzok himself.

Strzok out.  [Scroll down]  And that, dear reader, is how you do it.  The Republican congressman from Texas just impeached Strzok.  In the court of public opinion, the jury no longer has to believe a word that the witness said.

Struck by Strzok.  I am a retired naval officer and your basic law-and-order type guy.  I try to follow the rules and instill the same in my family — and to a lesser extent in friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  I support law enforcement officers in general and have held the FBI in high esteem for years because I understand the importance of its missions and the overall character of its field agents.  Great work ongoing on with human trafficking, MS-13, opioids, and anti-terrorism!  But I have to tell you, after watching former Deputy FBI Counter-Intelligence Division Peter Strzok's prevarications, hubris and outright lying on display yesterday during his House Judiciary Committee "testimony," I've got some SERIOUS concerns with FBI HQ.

The Strange Testimony of Peter Strzok.  Infamous FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before Congress on Thursday, July 12.  Many questions put to him concerned his text messages and focused on the bias displayed.  But the text messages may be a side story.  Taking a look at Strzok's testimony other than that regarding his messages, two moments are particularly striking.  It seems either he is lying or, if not, that he may be incompetent in a way that is hard to believe.

Rep. Darrell Issa Makes Peter Strzok Recite Controversial Anti-Trump Text Messages He Sent to Lisa Page.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) made disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok recite his most controversial text messages to his lover Lisa Page during Thursday's House Judiciary Committee hearing.

'You're a good liar, Mr. Strzok.  How many times did you look into your wife's eyes and lie to her about Lisa Page?'.  Peter Strzok's first open hearing descended into shouting matches throughout the day with Republicans getting testy with the FBI agent over his anti-Trump's texts while Strzok remained defiant and Democrats rose to his defense.  The marathon 10-hour hearing was characterized by shouting matches, cross talk, threats, one lawmaker asking another if he was off his medication, and got so contentious at times that a member called it 'a new low in the United States Congress.'  There were several memorable moments, including one in the afternoon when Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert accused Strzok of wearing a 'smirk' on his face throughout the hearing and tried to shame him by bringing up the FBI agent's affair with former agent Lisa Page.

Strzok out.  [Scroll down]  And that, dear reader, is how you do it.  The Republican congressman from ?Texas just impeached Strzok.  In the court of public opinion, the jury no longer has to believe a word that the witness said.

Rudy Giuliani:  Peter Strzok's testimony was a disgrace.  President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani insisted early Friday that congressional grilling of FBI agent Peter Strzok showed the investigation against his client is irreparably biased.  Giuliani called for special counsel Robert Mueller's entire probe of the Trump campaign — and potential collusion with Russia — to be ended immediately, because Strzok once wrote text messages critical of the president.

Peter Strzok, A Cocky Liar to the End.  The Peter Strzok hearing was a travesty, starting with the fact that he testified as a cocooned, lawyered-up government employee still working for the FBI.  It is outrageous that he hasn't been fired yet.  He even still has a security clearance!  That alone is proof of the deep state's hold on certain executive branch agencies.  If the FBI keeps its so-so employees close, it keeps its worst employees even closer.  That Strzok could huddle with FBI lawyers while stonewalling a Republican-led committee speaks to the corruption of official Washington and the comparative impotence of Republican administrations.  Does anybody think an FBI agent who had vowed to "stop" the candidacy of Barack Obama would have lasted a week at his job, let alone over a year, after the discovery of his bias?

Peter Strzok is absolutely shameless.  FBI agent Peter Strzok was full of indignant outrage Thursday as he testified before Congress, and all sides reacted accordingly.  [Indeed], The New York Times didn't even wait for him to say Word One before posting a story headlined, "FBI Agent at Center of Russia Probe Turns Tables on GOP."  But then, the Times knew Strzok planned to say that the mere fact of his being questioned is a "victory notch in Putin's belt."  This, from a guy who's been slammed by the Justice Department inspector general for his highly unprofessional conduct while serving on the investigations of Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign.  His worst breach of ethics was to conduct an affair with another member of the team.  That relationship couldn't help but compromise his judgment, and hers.

The Democrats Disgrace Themselves.  Peter Strzok testified today [7/12/2018] — sort of — before a joint session of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees.  The hearing crashed on takeoff and never recovered.  After giving an opening statement lauding his own patriotism, Strzok refused to answer questions on the ground that an FBI lawyer had told him not to.  What followed was a farce — a farce deliberately created and sustained by the Democratic members of the committee.  They interrupted constantly with silly points of order, heckled the committee chairman, and generally tried to disrupt the proceedings.

Strzok's Smirk.  There are two kinds of villains in TV mystery shows.  The plausibly sympathetic type and the smirking creep.  Peter Strzok had rehearsed all the lines of the plausibly sympathetic type.  The character that James Comey is trying to play.  A man so upright that he combs his hair every hour.  But Strzok couldn't help that smirk.  Every time he clashed with the impotent House Republicans barraging him with questions that he dodged or refused to answer, the smirk crept over his face and into his voice.  And what was meant to be one character became another character.  Public testimony of this kind is a performance.  But Strzok couldn't helping letter his inner self, the one we got to know from his texts, slip through.  Both slimy and self-righteous, he came out of the closet in moments like this exchange with Louie Gohmert that quickly went viral.

Goodlatte Says FBI's Peter Strzok Will Be Held in Contempt.  After a contentious exchange between Democrats and Republicans during a House Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte informed FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok he will be recalled later today and voted in contempt.  The move comes after Strzok refused to answer a question from Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy.  Gowdy asked Strzok how many people he had interviewed as part of the Special Counsel before discussed impeachment for President Trump.  Strzok discussed impeachment of President Trump in a text message to FBI lawyer Lisa Page just one day after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Bob Mueller to lead the Special Counsel Russia investigation.

All the eggs are in one unstable basket:
Adulterer Strzok Swears Under Oath He Oversaw 'Every Espionage Case in the FBI'.  Peter Strzok, who according to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice engaged in an adulterous affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, swore under oath in a joint hearing of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday that he was responsible for overseeing "every espionage case in the FBI."  "In the fall of 2016, I was the deputy assistant director of the counterintelligence division," Strzok told the Committee.  "I was busy overseeing thousands of cases — every espionage case in the FBI, every economic espionage case in the FBI," he said.

Trump-hating FBI agent says his work was never tainted by politics.  FBI lovebird Peter Strzok blasted the House committee where he was testifying Thursday [7/12/2018], calling it "another victory notch in Putin's belt."  Strzok, who slammed then-candidate Donald Trump in text messages in 2016, stood by his investigation into Russian meddling into presidential election.  "Russian interference in our elections constitutes a grave attack on our democracy," Strzok said in prepared remarks to the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.  "Most disturbingly, it has been wildly successful--sowing discord in our nation and shaking faith in our intuitions.  I have the utmost respect for Congress's oversight role, but I truly believe that today's hearing is just another victory notch in Putin's belt and another milestone in our enemies' campaign to tear America apart."

Thunder Strzok.  Where James Comey was haughty and buffoonish, Strzok managed to maintain a look of utter contempt for hours on end, mixed in with bizarre body language and circumlocution.  For some unfathomable reason, at the end of every Congressman's statement, Strzok would plead for time to respond, the Republican chairman would give it to him, and then Strzok would babble a self-defending word salad which baited the Congressman into engaging the witness again as he answered a question not asked and attempted to paint himself in an angelic light.

Strzok and His Rabid-Dog Handlers.  Rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok, married, long-time FBI powerhouse, having long-term affair with other FBI agent named Miss Lisa Page, had sent texts over his official FBI phone calling Trump supporters "[names]," had said he could "smell" them at a Walmart in southern Virginia.  Had promised Lisa Page that the FBI would prevent Trump from being elected just as he was starting the fake Trump-Russia collusion probe.  Had said that even when Trump was elected, the FBI would cook up something to keep Trump from being President.  This was a megalomaniac madman — and today, as he was examined by a House committee, he showed it again in spades.  Did he apologize for what he had done?  Far from it.

The dishonesty of the deep state.  I've seen President Clinton deny he had a relationship with "that woman, Miss Lewinsky."  I've seen President Obama assure people they will get to keep their doctor under ObamaCare.  And I've seen former press secretary Sean Spicer declare that President Trump's inaugural crowd was larger than Obama's.  But these falsehoods pale in comparison to the performances of a series of "deep state" witnesses who have combined chutzpah with balderdash, culminating so far in the testimony of FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The Democrats at the FBI agent Peter Strzok Hearing.  All through the hearing, the Democrats interrupted the hearing over and over.  They praised Strzok's past service for the FBI and refused to let Republican Congressmen ask the much-needed questions.  Sadly, they thought they were being constructive, but they didn't stop us from getting all the information we needed.  The testimony that Strzok gave was very telling.  We learned that number 1, Strzok is a good liar.  Congressman Louie Gohmert asked Strzok about how he lied to his wife every night about his relationship with Lisa Page.  Gohmert highlighted that if he could lie to his wife every night for years with a straight face, then he could definitely lie to Congress with a straight face.  At that moment, the Democrats hissed and foamed at the mouth over the statement.  However, all of the things the Democrats objected to, they used the same tactic to interview every person in the Trump admin that went before them.  This, once again, is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the left.

Peter Strzok tells Congress his political opinions never affected his work at FBI.  FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, who has become the target of President Trump and House Republicans' allegations of corruption in the Russia investigation, will tell House lawmakers that his political biases never affected his work.  "[L]et me be clear, unequivocally and under oath:  not once in my 26 years of defending my nation did my personal opinions impact any official action I took," Strzok said in his opening statement, released ahead of his testimony before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees on Thursday [7/12/2018].

Rep. Louie Gohmert Drops Strzok Hearing's Bombshell Revelation.  What Mr. Gohmert revealed is that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) and his investigator reported to the FBI and more specifically Peter Strzok that the metadata from Hillary Clinton's email provided to the ICIG (and the FBI) for investigation showed that over 30,000 of Clinton's emails were forwarded to the email of a known hostile foreign entity, not Russia, in real time.  Our friend Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller unpacked Rep. Gohmert's revelation further pointing out that ICIG found an "anomaly on Hillary Clinton's emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list."

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