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The immigration issue has been simmering for many years, and over the last ten years or so, nothing much has been done to address the problem.  As a result, it is rapidly getting out of hand.  This page is an overview of the immigration problem generally, featuring a number of articles that examine the big picture.

This map shows where people speak English in the U.S. ... and where they don't.

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See also Language Use and English-Speaking Ability.

Leftist 'Human Rights' Group:  Illegal Aliens are Like Children.  The only blatant racism I've seen has been entirely from the other side of the debate, and this has taken two distinct forms.  One consists of ethnic solidarity groups like "La Raza" (Spanish for "The Race," if you had any doubt regarding their central motive) and the other is composed of white liberals condescendingly out to help their little brown brothers as a sort of "pet" project in feel-good paternalism.

Immigration madness.  It is almost inconceivable that an argument is taken seriously that we don't have the right to secure our borders and determine who shall enter our country.  Not only has such lunacy become respectable, but our mainstream media instantly, instinctively embraces such a position.  Every radio headline newscast, almost every newspaper and television report willfully refuses to distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants.  Each report stamps the mark of evil on the forehead of all who would guard our borders.

Fixing immigration:  Our immigration mess is like a three-legged stool.  Fixing one leg is no better than doing nothing. … I wonder how many conservatives who embrace the anti-immigrant message know that their fellow travelers' roots are in the pro-abortion, population-control movement.

No footpath to citizenship.  Today it is vital that we adopt a policy that separates those aliens seeking permanent status from those only interested in temporary employment opportunities.  Unfortunately, much of the present debate treats the groups as if they are one and the same.

Stop this corporate scandal now.  Is the administration tolerating an increased risk of terrorism because it doesn't want to stop big businesses from hiring illegal aliens?

The Making of 'Londonistan':  Like much of Europe, Britain's demographic composition is changing radically and very fast.  At the most conservative estimate, its population of sixty million will rise over the next three decades by six or seven million, with 83 percent of that new growth coming from immigration and most of that from the third world.

Gingrich:  The GOP is 'Drifting Toward Disaster'.  With Senate Republicans "drifting toward disaster" on immigration, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said it's up to President Bush to reconnect with the majority of Americans who support a strong enforcement-first approach.

Just give me some truth on immigration.  Twelve million.  That's the number of illegal immigrants living right now in the United States, according to a just-released study by the Pew Hispanic Center.  The majority are from Mexico.

Illegals hurt Americans.  When there are many willing workers, employers cut wages.  That is simple supply and demand.  Illegal immigrants who take low-skilled jobs reduce wages and take jobs from both citizens and legal immigrants.

The Top Ten Reasons To Enforce Our Immigration Laws:  Our immigration laws exist for good reasons:  to protect our safety, our national sovereignty, our standard of living, our health, and our culture.  Those who break them may "want a better life for themselves," but then again, so do all who enrich themselves by disregarding the law.

Random thoughts on immigration:  You know why immigration brings people to a boiling point, separates races, and creates classes in our society?  It's simple, really:  OWNERSHIP
.  Hard line Mexican and Latin Americans coming across the border to Texas and California believe the states belong to them. Because of the United States' contentious history with its southern neighbors, these extremist Mexican immigrant groups coming across the border couldn't care less about assimilating with American society, and in fact prefer not to.  For they believe that it's their land and that Americans better leave or get used to their presence.

The Illegal Immigration Emergency:  The Southwestern states are being inundated by illegal aliens trashing ranches, killing cattle, committing crimes and eating up tax dollars.  The traffic in narcotics and human beings from Mexico is a national scandal and a human rights disgrace.  What is true of New Mexico and Arizona is true of our nation, which is now home to an estimated 10 million to 15 million aliens who have broken our laws and broken into our country.

The immigrant "cheap labor" myth:  The truth is, immigrants — legal and illegal — inflict a net drain on the U.S. economy, when you factor in all of the expenses associated with providing them taxpayer- and consumer-supported benefits and services.

Immigration taboos:  There are thousands of Americans who might still be alive if we had banned immigration from Saudi Arabia — and perhaps that might be more important than the rhetoric of the intelligentsia.  In that rhetoric, all differences between peoples are magically transformed into mere "stereotypes" and "perceptions."  This blithely ignores hard data showing, for example, that people who come here from some countries are ten times more likely to go on welfare as people from some other countries.

Brown is the new black.  This is the only country on Earth that thinks it's not sporting to consider our own interests in choosing immigrants.  Try showing up in any other country on the planet, illiterate and penniless, and announcing:  "I've seen pictures of your country and it looks great.  I think I'd like to live here!  Oh, and by the way, would you mind changing all your government and business phone messages, street signs and ballots into my native language?  Thanks!"  They would laugh you out of the country.

Immigration Debate Is Symptomatic of Society Unable to Say 'No'.  What is it that makes people here for decades and centuries cower in front of those here illegally, arriving only yesterday?  What is it that makes people unwilling to lay claim to their own land and country?  It is guilt.  It is fear.  It is a brainwashing that has convinced so many that every member of the world is entitled to U.S. constitutional and welfare "rights."  It is a society that no longer believes in itself as a specific culture or even a sovereign country.  Worse, it is a society so emotionally weak that it will accept disease, terrorism, crime, bankruptcy and the disintegration of its own chosen laws rather than being called racist, even though such charges are false.

The Invasion Force Shows Itself.  Did you know that one in ten Mexicans now living who were born in Mexico are now in the United States?  Eighty-five percent of them are here illegally.  Of those marching yesterday [4/10/2006], it is estimated that 80% of them were Mexicans, and the vast majority of them were here illegally.

Myth vs. Fact:  Politicians and pundits are defending illegal immigration with worn-out myths that can easily be proven wrong.

Mom, Dad and illegal nanny:  An American tale.  Without the "undocumented nanny" to fall back on, many middle-class parents would have to stay home.  Such a shift would have untold repercussions, not least of which would be on the little one.  Without two-career parental largesse, he might actually grow into the kind of teenager who is willing to work hard and cheap — busing tables, washing cars, working construction and cutting grass.  In short, the model young citizen.

Tell Mamá all about it.  The timing was perfect.  Just as a growing number of American women were entering the labor force, a massive wave of immigration — much of it undocumented — was headed north from Mexico and Central America.  With so many U.S. women leaving the home in the 1970s and 1980s, the demand for paid domestic work skyrocketed, particularly in urban areas with large immigrant populations.

Immigration Tsunami, Part 1.  According to a January Report by the investment firm of Bear Stearns there may now be as many as twenty million illegal immigrants in the United States.  The Center for Immigration Studies and the Federation for American Immigration Reform had estimates of ten to twelve million illegals in the country in late 2004.  As illegal immigration is, of course, illegal and kept as quiet as possible, it is hard to get a handle on how many illegal immigrants are here.  The three sources agree, however, that the numbers are growing rapidly.

Immigration Tsunami, Part 2:  Recent estimates by a major investment firm and two research firms have placed the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. at between ten and twenty million.  All the estimate revisions seem to move constantly upward.  Obviously, our immigration problem is so enormous and out of control that it is very difficult even to measure.  Some have very appropriately termed the immigration tsunami an invasion.

Immigration Tsunami, Part 3:  The cheap labor we are selling out our country for is actually not so cheap.  It is only cheap to the big corporations and smaller businesses that recruit and use illegal immigrant labor.  The rest of America pays the education, medical and welfare bills and the higher taxes.

Stem the Flow of Illegal Jobs.  It is this reporter's opinion that if we eliminate the jobs provided to illegal aliens by greedy employers, we will go far in reducing the flow of illegal aliens into the United States.  Shut off the jobs and they will stop coming!

A 'no truth' zone?  There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.  The majority of these come from Mexico and Central America.  Contrary to the stereotype, however, they are not all farm workers or domestics.  Nearly one-third of them own their own homes, and many have U.S.-born children.  In other words, they have roots in this country.  Many of them provide cheap labor, which we all benefit from.  But none of this changes the fact that they are here in violation of U.S. law.  Nor should their success make us feel better about our porous borders.

"Guest" worker wilderness.  The problem is that we have unsuccessfully tried this approach before, from 1942 to 1964, with the so-called braceros — the hired "arms" from Mexico.  Various programs to bring Mexican laborers across the border were initially small, supposedly temporary, and aimed only at alleviating wartime shortages of labor.  But some 4 million braceros later, the idea of guest workers had evolved into a huge labor exchange, delivering hardworking — and very cheap — farm workers to American employers, most of them large agribusiness concerns.

Bordering on insanity:  A congressional report notes that groups of illegal immigrants routinely tramp across Fort Huachuca, a military base in Arizona.  More than 3,000 illegals were detained on the base last year.  The Washington Times reports that immigrants "routinely wander through base housing units, drink from hoses and pools, and trample through the yards of military families and other private areas."

Illegal immigration calls into question equal representation.  Most Americans assume that the election of the House of Representatives is based fairly on the geographic distribution of our population.

Government discriminating against U.S. citizens.  Corporations are induced to import foreign workers not only because the cost of their wages and benefits is substantially less, but because many federal laws (open-borders policies plus the promiscuous granting of H-1B and L-1 visas) encourage discrimination against American workers.  Outsourcing jobs to a foreign country enables the corporations to avoid the numerous regulations with which U.S. businesses must comply.

Porous southern border adds to danger shared by local police.  The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims held a hearing in February [2003] to question officials from New York City and Houston about their "sanctuary" ordinances, which deter or even prohibit local police from reporting undocumented immigrants to federal authorities.

America is for aliens.  So you think your government looks out for you?  Not nearly as much as it does for aliens.

Social Security Won't Alert INS to Illegals.  Although the FBI and CIA are now reputedly chatting away, there is a growing school of thought that the more mundane IRS and SSA need to get on the information-sharing superhighway as well.

Making Colonies out of Nation-States:  While the British worry about losing cities to Third World immigrants, the United States is losing entire states.  Assimilation has broken down.  In its place, Americans now endure Third World enclaves or colonies.

The disunited states:  As more information from the 2000 Census is released, it's increasingly clear that this is not our parents' country.  Ethically, it stopped being their country in the 1960s.  Ethnically, it now resembles not a united nation, but a United Nations, with divisions along class, racial, religious, language and ideological lines.  Our national motto, E pluribus unum ("out of many, one,") no longer applies.

Criminals Use Semis to Smuggle in Illegal Aliens:  Border Patrol agents are finding an increasing number of semi-trailer trucks loaded with illegal aliens, officials said Thursday [8/22/2002].  Border Patrol agent Xavier Rios said agents are not sure why trailer smuggling is increasing so rapidly, but there are more trucks on the road in South Texas because of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Legalizing Aliens Would Alienate Citizens:  Missouri Democrat Dick Gephardt received a standing ovation when he told the annual meeting of the National Council of La Raza in Miami that he will introduce legislation to legalize undocumented workers who have lived in this country for five years and worked here at least three years.

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