More  Immigration  Issues

President Bush's Ideas and those of the Congress

President Bush, if you ask me, has let the illegal immigration problem run its course for the last five years.  That is, his administration did next to nothing while the problem got worse.  Now he is making a proposal that sounds like amnesty for those who are here illegally.  The House and Senate are also coming up with proposals of their own.

Back to indentured servitude.  The Obama administration's immigration proposals are both bad policy and cynical politics — harming our economy and our workers while turning foreign workers into indentured servants.

Better SAVE Than Sorry.  Why would nearly 50 Democrats not allow legislation they co-sponsored to get to the House floor for a vote?  Because their boss, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, doesn't want meaningful immigration reform that protects our borders.

Be Careful Crossing Kennedy's Bridge.  Even though poor Sen. Harry Reid insists on calling the Senate's latest attempt to inundate the nation with hordes of suddenly legalized illegal immigrants the president's bill, it is really Sen. Kennedy's monstrosity.  The president, desperate to get any kind of amnesty measure through Congress while he's still in the White House, has embraced the Kennedy bill, but that doesn't change the fact that it's Kennedy's illegitimate offspring.  Mr. Bush has simply become the kid's Godfather.

The Preferences Are Coming — Twelve Million of Them.  The 12 million or more who entered the United States illegally, and would gain United States citizenship under the current immigration proposal, Senate Bill 1348, will qualify for race preferences and privileges for which the majority of Americans are not eligible.  This is not fair. … Legalized Hispanic immigrants, [Ward] Connerly says … would be part of an officially sanctioned "underrepresented minority."

How big will the new agency be?  Why isn't anyone talking about the new governmental agency needed to implement the Senate's "comprehensive" immigration reform bill?

Base to GOP:  Hasta la Vista, Baby!  Success in politics depends on the ability of a candidate or a party to forge and maintain coalitions.  One of the most successful coalitions in modern political history has been the "Reagan Coalition", which brought together economic and social conservatives under the umbrella of the Republican Party. ... The coalition that Reagan fashioned is fraying, however, and is on the verge of unraveling.  The causes are many, but the coup de grace is likely to be the current controversy over immigration.

No to Bush-Kennedy.   The Bush-Kennedy immigration "reform," which is now expected to win broad bipartisan support in that chamber, provides legal status for an estimated 12 million illegal aliens.  In exchange for the massive, unpopular amnesty, Senator Kennedy is willing to engage in a little "border dressing" that purports to beef up enforcement of current laws barring illegal entry and the employment of illegal workers.

Now Fix Immigration.  The US Senate has shown itself to be an incompetent gaggle of grandstanders.  On the conservative side, the policy initiative should therefore revert to our best and most thoughtful people, those who share our mainstream American values.  The United States used to have immigration policies that worked reasonably well.  It must be possible to make that happen again.

20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill:  For example, one loophole in the "enforcement trigger" fails to require the U.S. VISIT system — the biometric border check-in/check-out system established by Congress in 1996, but never implemented — to be fully functioning before new worker or amnesty programs begin.  Without the system in place, the U.S. has no method of ensuring that workers and their families do not overstay their visas.

The Senate's Rotten Deal.  The U.S. has now constructed .286 percent of the 700 miles of fencing on the southern border provided for in 2006's Secure Fence Act.  That is sufficient for a bipartisan group of senators to want to effectively declare this brief national experiment with immigration enforcement effectively over.

President Bush opens the border to Mexican trucks and drivers.  Anyone who does much driving on our highways in ordinary sedans knows how crowded with big trucks the highways already are.  President George W. Bush's latest concession to Mexico is to allow Mexican trucks for the first time to have open access to all our highways, roads and bridges.  It is painful to note that the Bush administration is less protective of U.S. interests than the late, unlamented administration of former president Bill Clinton.

President Bush has torn the conservative coalition asunder.  I suspect the White House and its allies have turned to name calling because they're defensive, and they're defensive because they know they have produced a big and indecipherable mess of a bill — one that is literally bigger than the Bible, though as someone noted last week, at least we actually had a few years to read the Bible.  The White House and its supporters seem to be marshalling not facts but only sentiments, and self-aggrandizing ones at that.

Groups unite against 'amnesty'.  The debate over President Bush's immigration bill and opposition to it as an "amnesty" proposal have invigorated otherwise dispirited conservative interest groups and forged an anti-Bush unity on the right not seen since the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers.

The Immigration Bill May Rise Again.  In all of the years I have been here I never have known when the establishment really wants something that the establishment cannot obtain it.  And the establishment really wants this bill.

Paris Hilton and immigration reform:  The pervasive sense of the American people is that our government — Democrat or Republican — is not responsive to us.  The latest Rasmussen poll showed just 23 percent of Americans supported the Senate immigration legislation, while 50 percent were opposed.  Pluralities of Republicans, Democrats, unaffiliated voters, male voters, female voters, older voters, younger voters, white voters and voters of colors all opposed the bill.

Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think.  The legislation has an incredible number of problems with it.  Some, as I will point out tonight, can only be considered deliberate.  Whereas on the one hand it has nice words with good sounding phrases in it to do good things, on the second hand it completely eviscerates that, oftentimes in a way that only the most careful reading by a good lawyer would discover.

Come to the aid of your country.  I used to think we needed to leave the Constitution alone.  That was before the Senate decided to extend citizenship to as many as 20 million lawbreakers whose sole purpose in breaking the law was to gain U.S. citizenship.  Talk about making the punishment fit the crime!  This punishment fits the crime exactly — they are identical!

Bush Gives Immigration Wink and Nod.  Using soft words to describe events, actions or persons in order to disguise their true nature is becoming a well-honed art among politicians in Washington and across the country, and nowhere more apparent than in efforts by the administration of President Bush and its supporters to sugarcoat the crisis of illegal immigration in and into the United States.

Of Ants and Immigrants:  This is exactly what happened when we tried amnesty before; by letting these lawbreakers off the hook, by actually rewarding their efforts, it became obvious that America was a great picnic basket waiting to be fed upon.  Their numbers increased exponentially when we fed them. President Bush and Congress are preparing an all-you-can-eat buffet, and the President, at least, believes this will somehow stem the tide.  They don`t seem to grasp that the guest-worker program is the equivalent of a giant dinner bell calling the hungry to feast.

Amnesty:  Undermining America's Civilization.  Senate Bill 1348, giving mass amnesty to as many as 20 million illegal aliens, proves a treacherous and outrageous act against our civilization by the U.S. Congress. … Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation said, "This bill will add 103 million people into the United States in 20 years and cost American taxpayers $2.3 trillion."  Current demographic figures show the United States doubling its population from 300 million to 600 million via immigration.  The ramifications of multiplying our current dilemmas double in every aspect of this civilization.

A Green Card in Every Pot.  Yes, this country has absorbed huge migrations of illiterate peasants in the past — notably Italian immigrants at the turn of the last century.  But also notably, half of them went back.  We got the good ones.  America was not yet a welfare state guaranteeing room and board to the luckless, the lazy and the incompetent from cradle to grave.

So Much for the 9/11 Commission Report.  Let's consider the facts.  When Kennedy and others refer to these millions of illegal aliens as being "undocumented", a political agenda is in play and manipulative language is being used:  they want to distract us from the fact that these people are defined, according to the American law, as illegal aliens and that they are present in the United States in violation of the law.  That violation is what makes them "illegal aliens."

A lame joke becomes reality.  Talk about "a fast track to citizenship"! Never mind probationary visas, Z-visas and Green Cards, in the eyes of the Democrat steering "comprehensive immigration reform" through Congress these guys are already "undocumented Americans."

Rx For Breakdown.  One of the biggest — and least discussed — problems with the immigration bill now before the Senate is the sheer impossibility of implementing it.  The measure would triple the workload at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services — an agency that the Government Accountability Office says is already at the breaking point.  It's an invitation not only to fraud, but to any terrorist group or criminal gang that's looking to insert minions into America.

Rushed Immigration Bill Will Cost Taxpayers Trillions.  Over the weekend senators only had access to a draft of the bill for "discussion purposes only" which in small print ran over 300 pages.  Once the working draft is put into proper legislative form, it's expected to be anywhere from 800 to 1,000 pages long.  Because of the hurried way the immigration bill is being rushed through the Senate, no fiscal analysis has been completed to find out how much it will cost taxpayers.

The Amnesty Fraud:  Part II.  Every aspect of the current immigration bill, and of the arguments made for it, has Fraud written all over it.  The first, and perhaps biggest, fraud is the argument that illegal aliens are "doing jobs Americans won't do."  There are no such jobs.  Even in the sector of the economy in which illegal immigrants have the highest representation — agriculture — they are just 24 percent of the workers.  Where did the other 76 percent come from, if these are jobs that Americans won't do?

Turn Up the Heat.  In reality, illegal immigrants are far more interested in legal status than in citizenship.  The bill gives them that immediately.  (It is a prize available only to those aliens who have violated our immigration laws.)  The enforcement provisions in the bill, meanwhile, are meaningless.

Ripping the lid off a secret immigration deal:  Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants will eventually make them eligible for welfare, Social Security, Medicare and other government benefits.  Senior research fellow Robert Rector [of the Heritage Foundation] gave a preliminary estimate of the cost of amnesty to the taxpayer — a whopping $400,000 per person over the average lifespan and age of entry for the illegal immigrant.

Immigration Bill Subverts Americanization, English Language.  Whether America ultimately absorbs 12,000 or all 12 million illegal aliens estimated to live here, it will be better for them and this nation if they speak, study, and vote in English, understand America's Constitution and political culture, respect our history and civic traditions, and honor our flag and national heroes.  Otherwise, bedlam awaits.

5 Big Problems With The Senate's Amnesty Bill:  The amnesty bill in the Senate looks as if it's going to be around a thousand pages, it didn't go through normal channels in the Senate, and it was just recently released, so there are sure to be dozens of serious problems with it that either haven't been discovered or widely publicized yet.  Then, once the amendment process gets started, a whole new host of issues will be created.

The Cost of Scamnesty:  $126 Billion.  Yes, that's $126 billion with a b, which rhymes with see, we told you so.  Government revenues, based on how the bill is actually written, would decrease by $78.5 billion for the ten-year period.  If the bill had been drafted as it should have been, government revenues would supposedly increase by $43.6 billion.  We're supposed to have confidence in that?

America is Being Destroyed By Stealth Legislation.  The first step was to allow millions of illegal aliens into the country.  The next step is to explain that "amnesty" is something other then "amnesty."

The Immigration Bill Sells Out the Poor.  So do we need 12 million illegal immigrants to pick our crops?  How many people actually do pick our crops?  I had to check.  The best I can figure is around 300,000 people, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics for non managerial positions.

The newly troubled immigration policy.  When Republicans like George W. Bush, and even the beloved conservative Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, give in to a vast amnesty plan, how much worse could the Democrats be?  I hate the immigration issue for many reasons, but most practically because it may have just won the Democrats the presidency in 2008.

Immigration debacle:  The bipartisan immigration "reform" legislation pushed by Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and Jon Kyl and others, applauded by Michael Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland Security, and Carlos Gutierrez, the secretary of Commerce, is a disaster in the making.  That is not so slowly becoming abundantly clear.  It's a disaster for national security, for keeping Islamist jihadists out of the country, for exploding the costs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, for preserving the rule of law, and for that quaint principle called national sovereignty.

The "A" Word:  For a long time, the most popular example of chutzpah, the Yiddish word for monumental gall, was the guy who killed his parents and then asked the court for mercy because he was an orphan.  But we now have an example that at least runs a close second.  We have Hispanics who broke the law by sneaking into the country, had a baby at our expense, and then insisted they have the constitutional right to remain here because their kid's an American citizen.

The immigration debate features magical thinking.  The U.S. Senate, under the leadership of Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., embarks today on an exercise in magical thinking.  Reid and his Democratic allies — including Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo. — will attempt to convince the American people that the U.S. Senate is about to adopt "comprehensive immigration reform" that is (pick your favorite adjective) tough, practical, sensible, realistic and humane.  These words have been carefully chosen since last year when the Senate adopted a measure that was roundly rejected by the then much more conservative House.

More amnesty fraud:  Under this new plan, its advocates claim, illegal immigrants would "have to leave the country" and re-apply to come back in legally and get on a path toward citizenship.  It sounds good but on closer examination it turns out to be a fraud.  How long would the illegal immigrants have to leave the country?  According to the Senate bill they "may exit the United States and immediately re-enter."  In other words, do a U-turn and come right back.  How is that for "tough" border control?

Border Fence Becomes Law.  Republican President George W. Bush entered this election year with a plan to force Congress to do something that the majority of Republican members did not want to do:  enact an amnesty for illegal aliens.

Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized.  The Bush administration, which is vowing to crack down on U.S. companies that hire illegal workers, virtually abandoned such employer sanctions before it began pushing to overhaul U.S. immigration laws last year, government statistics show.

Senate OKs $2 billion to stop illegals.  The Senate yesterday [4/26/2006] approved immediately spending nearly $2 billion to stop illegal immigration, the largest such infusion of emergency cash for the effort in recent years.

Bush is out of touch with GOP regarding illegal immigration.  Like many teenagers, President George W. Bush dashed off to Cancun for spring break.  Protected by a long and impenetrable fence and plenty of security guards, he met privately with the Mexican president and wealthy chief executive officers from both countries.  Bush should have gone to the Arizona border where U.S. citizens really need a fence to protect themselves, their children, their animals and their property from the hundreds of illegal immigrants who tramp across their land every night.

Bush Immigration Plan is a Bad Idea.  I am against President Bush's newly announced plan to revise America's immigration system, but what's worse is that I don't think I even understand his motivations behind it — either on substance or politically.

Immigration, part 2: American culture.  With the firestorm of debate over President Bush's immigration plan we've heard very little public airing of a factor that concerns many opponents of relaxed immigration policies:  the changes to our culture they are certain to bring about.

Bush, senators agree on alien citizenship, shut out critics.  President Bush and a group of senators yesterday [4/25/2006] reached general agreement on an immigration bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for many illegal aliens.  But left out of the closed-door White House meeting were senators who oppose a path to citizenship.

End run eyed on border bill.  Senate Republicans proposed immediately spending nearly $2 billion to combat illegal border crossings, making an end run around Democrats and some Republicans who oppose border-security legislation that doesn't include a guest-worker program or what many consider to be amnesty.

The Bush Administration's de facto open borders immigration policy:  Homeland Security seems like an incredibly bad joke, when the Bush Administration will not enforce border security, while a virtual tidal wave of illegal immigrants are crossing our borders.  Furthermore, our internal immigration enforcement is purely nominal.  Once illegal immigrants are in the country only arrest for a felony is likely to get them deported.

United States of North America.  Elitists in the United States, Mexico, and Canada are plotting to merge these three nations into a single regional government similar to the European Union.

Immigrants hurt our standard of living.  In order to preserve our way of life and standard of living, we must restrict legal immigration and prevent illegal immigration.  Legal immigration has been well over 1 million each year for many years and Senators John McCain, Edward Kennedy and Arlen Specter want to double that.  They want to grant amnesty to the 11 million to 20 million law breakers already here.

King rips 'illegal invader' event in article.  As the battle over immigration continues in Congress, Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa has written a blistering broadside against the planned National Day Without Immigrants.

Shamnesty:  Hijacking Reform.  Congress and the White House are playing some cruel prank, right?  Surely, they can't be serious about granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and opening the border floodgates even wider than they already are to millions more aliens who will be instantly legalized as "guest workers."  Unfortunately, this is no joke.  It is for real, and it is deadly serious.

Immigration bill proposes in-state tuition for illegals.  The immigration bill now under consideration in the Senate would grant even a broader amnesty to illegal aliens than similar legislation did in 1986, conservatives say, and would make hundreds of thousands of illegal residents eligible for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities.

Overqualified Immigrant:  If the federal government ever gets its act together and passes a much-needed immigration reform, I'm giving up my legal career and taking up a profession that will actually allow me to become a U.S. citizen.  Like gardening.  Or construction.  Or anything else that counts as "unskilled."

"Transnationalists" don't take immigration reform seriously.  Consider the current immigration debate in this light.  In the transnational view, patriotism, assimilation and cultural cohesion are obsolete concerns.  Borders and the nation-state are on the way out.  Transnational flows of populations are inevitable.

So Hillary Speaks For Jesus on Immigration Now?  This one simply tickled me.  Hillary made claims that by enforcing tougher immigration laws, we are in effect transgressing against Jesus Christ.  Here is a woman, who has spoken to the entire nation about adhering to biblical principles with a history that would shame the devil himself.  So I would like to find where Hillary gleaned her knowledge of scripture and question what she has said when what I have read and learned is contrary to her statement.

Congressional chicanery about H-1B visas.  It's called the H-1B racket, and it's very profitable for the big corporations.  This system is not the free market; it's politicians and corporations conniving to do an end run around our immigration laws in order to keep wages artificially low.

House Conservatives Want an End to Birthright Citizenship.  House conservatives today [12/8/2005] announced plans to amend a Republican-sponsored immigration reform bill with language calling for the construction of a 2,000-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and a provision that would deny citizenship to children born in the U.S. whose parents aren't citizens.

The next crisis:  The flow of illegals across our southern border will only get worse if Washington continues to ignore the tell-tale warnings coming from the region.

From a Melting Pot to a Chamber Pot:  What Clinton/Gore did not dare do for fear of Republican demagoguery, Bush celebrates.  The legalization of millions, no tens of millions, of law-breaking illegal aliens!

Republicans must keep focus on woes caused by illegal immigration.  Democratic Govs. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Janet Napolitano of Arizona have declared a state of emergency and asked for federal help to deal with the costs of the violence and property damage caused by illegal immigrants coming over their southern borders.  If President Bush lets these partisan Democrats get to the right of him on the immigration issue, all Republicans will suffer in the next election.

Abolishing the USA.  For decades, federal officials have ignored the pleas of American citizens to secure our borders against an immense, ongoing migration invasion that includes not only millions of "common variety" illegal aliens, but also drug traffickers, terrorists, and other violent criminals.  Now, under the pretense of providing security, the Bush administration is adopting an outrageous policy that, in effect, does away with our borders with Mexico and Canada altogether.

A serious stop sign.  One agent per mile of border?  No wonder those few agents are overwhelmed.  This isn't a lack of ability — it's a lack of effort.  The government is making no serious attempt to stop the flood of illegals.

The McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill:  This bipartisan deal cut by Sen. John McCain is noxious.  No, the issue isn't judges.  (Or campaign finance, or health care, or any number of other things.)  It's illegal immigration and a proposal that has just been cooked up by the Arizona maverick and the Massachusetts non-maverick Sen. Ted Kennedy to grant an amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Bush Encouraged Illegal Aliens, "Tried to Cover It Up," Lawmaker Says.  The co-sponsor of legislation to make it more difficult for illegal aliens to find work in the United States said Tuesday that the Bush administration is encouraging the illegal entry by offering amnesty and is trying to cover up the proof of its actions.  U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) has consistently warned that the "Temporary Worker Program," proposed by President Bush in January, would, "encourage millions of people to come here illegally seeking his amnesty proposal."

AgJobs Amnesty to Be Introduced Soon.  Senator Larry Craig announced on Wednesday [4/13/2005] that he plans to offer his AgJobs legislation as an amendment to the Iraq spending bill.  If passed, AgJobs would allow illegal immigrants in agricultural work to remain legally in the U.S. for at least a period of three years.

Politicians Want Gun Buyers Checked, Not Illegal Aliens.  Dozens of U.S. House members who sponsored the nationwide instant background check system for gun buyers in 1993 or backed the expansion of that system in 2002, have shown no support for a similar database intended to identify illegal aliens trying to find work in the U.S.  At least one member who supported the gun control measure is challenging the proposal to crack down on illegal immigrants.

Defend the border!  Despite the fact that millions of foreigners invade our country, break our laws, rob us of billions in tax dollars and provide cover for terrorists, drug dealers and arms merchants hell-bent on destroying what is left of our civilization, the Bush administration is unconcerned.

With Democrats on the high ground.  When everyone south of the Rio Grande has a green card we won't need the Border Patrol.  But that's an odd way to quell the hell on the border.  Runaway illegal immigration is the sleeper issue of this year, and years to come, but the Bush administration seems oddly out to a late lunch.

Guide For Illegal Aliens:  Cash In On Colorado!  Colorado Governor Bill Owens' gushy welcome to Spanish-speaking "recent arrivals" appears just below that of Mexico's Consul:  "As governor of Colorado, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our great state, which appreciates recent arrivals and your contribution to our economy and culture."  Putting out the welcome-to-welfare mat, Owens continues:  "I also want to recommend this Guide to you, so that it will help you to adapt successfully to Colorado, whose institutions and agencies exist to help its people and families."

Bush Immigration Plan Meets GOP Opposition.  President Bush's plan to liberalize the nation's immigration laws to allow millions of undocumented workers the opportunity for legal status appears to be on a collision course with newly aroused sentiment among House Republicans pushing for a crackdown on illegal immigration.

Amnesty and Culture:  The president claims that America lacks the political will to deport the eight to twelve million illegal aliens already here, so we have no choice but to grant them visas.  But what message does this send to the rest of the world?  If we reward millions who came here illegally, surely millions more will follow suit.  Ten years from now we will be in the same position, with a whole new generation of lawbreakers seeking amnesty.  The Bush administration proposal does not provide a coherent immigration policy, nor does it address the urgent need for stricter control of our borders.  The overwhelming majority of Americans — including legal immigrants — want immigration reduced, not expanded.

Tancredo presses White House on control of border.  The chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus yesterday [9/14/2004] questioned the commitment of the nation's border czar to track down and deport the 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens in the United States, asking whether he had "any real interest" in getting the job done.

Five reasons to fear the Democratic party: Reason #4 - The Open Borders Lobby.  Groups such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the National Council of La Raza, and the Ford Foundation have protested enforcement, detention, deportation, employer sanctions, and secure identification measures every step of the way.

Amnesty and Betrayal:  President Bush's proposed immigration reform package is a shocking betrayal of our nation's sovereignty, culture and economy.  It must not be allowed to pass.

Bush's Coming Amnesty Plan.  Get ready for a battle royale to save our borders.  The Bush administration and pro-immigration invasion Democrats and Republicans in Congress are planning a big move this year to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens now residing in the United States.

Bordering on Insanity.  Bush Republicans and Clinton Democrats are united in supporting immigration policies giving thugs and terrorists easy access into America.

Ever wonder why? Part III.  We already have enough homegrown America-haters in this country without importing any more, whether from Mexico or the Middle East.  But neither political party has the guts to put a stop to it.

Right wing sees betrayals.  "It's Clintonlike doublespeak in a Republican platform:  I'm against amnesty but let me define what amnesty is," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican.  "The president is wrong not to reach out to his base, which opposes amnesty.  This pandering to Hispanic voters is going to get the president into more trouble than if he dealt with illegal immigration forthrightly."

No Tax Deductibility for Illegals.  Last week, I posted a note from a reader who urged that businesses not be allowed to deduct wages of workers who cannot prove their legal status in the United States.

Supreme Court says "Start Your Engines".  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday [6/7/2004] that the Bush administration can open U.S. roads to Mexican trucks without having to wait for the completion of a lengthy environmental study, reports the AP.  This ruling ends a battle that's been ongoing since NAFTA came into effect, pitting labor groups against free-traders.  NAFTA specified the opening of U.S. roads in 2000.

Walks like amnesty, talks like amnesty, it must be amnesty.  The White House's intention to grant legal status to non-citizens who have entered the country illegally was sharply criticized by American Conservative Union chairman David A. Keene.  "The Bush Administration would have us believe that this move toward legalizing the status of illegal immigrants — lawbreakers — will curb the flow of illegal immigration and enhance our border security.  Nothing could be further from the truth," said Keene.

Bush gives the country away:  Joseph Farah says, "President Bush's plan to legalize 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens — maybe considerably more — is one of the most irresponsible, dangerous, reckless proposals to come out of Washington in my lifetime."

Before opening the borders, seal up the wombs!  What is the dirty little secret that the Bush administration doesn't tell you about its proposed "temporary" guest-worker program?  These workers will come here in the prime of life and, while they are in our country as temporary workers, they will have babies, who immediately become U.S. citizens.  These workers may be poor, but they are not stupid!  Can U.S. citizens be deported?  Of course not!

Mass Immigration Melts the Pot Itself.  With mass immigration shredding what Harvard scholar Samuel Huntington calls the "Anglo Protestant core" of American civilization, the Open Borders lobby remains delighted with the benefits the shredding brings.

Walks Like a Duck; Talks Like a Duck...  Open borders, illegal immigration, and most recently, Bush's proposal for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens.  Immigration, illegal or legal, results in the homogenization of individual nation's populations and cultures and loss of identity:  religion, history, language, political and economic systems.  Open borders/illegal immigration has been an essential pillar of world government for over 200 years and without it world government cannot happen.

Erasing Our Borders:  Globalists are maneuvering America into a merger with the rest of the Western Hemisphere via "free trade" agreements.  Their goal, as with the EU, is regional government.

Bush's "open door" slammed:  President Bush is the leading obstacle to controlling illegal immigration in this country and his "open door" border policy is a threat to national security, the Republican chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus said yesterday [4/18/2002].

Who is Janis Sposato?  Here's a closer look at how bogus the immigration reform charade really is.

Other bad ideas:

Stop the FTAA!  If you like illegal immigration you'll love the Free Trade Area of the Americas!  FTAA advocates favor open borders.  Although keeping the general public in the dark as to their real plans, FTAA sponsors admit that the FTAA is intended to follow in the footsteps of the EU – and so will lead to the abolition of meaningful national borders.  National borders will become like state borders.  There will no longer be an immigration problem, because there will be no more immigration – only migration of populations at will.

Border Patrol Advertises for Illegal Aliens:  The U.S. Border Patrol is using taxpayer-funded beacons to attract and abet illegal immigrants.

Goodbye INS.  The 70-year-old Immigration and Naturalization Service is being carved into three new offices within the colossal Department of Homeland Security.  Gone will be the agency charged with dual, sometimes incongruent roles of welcoming foreigners, as well as keeping them out, all the while administering an enormously complex system of immigration laws.

Politicians Plot America's Demise, While the People Fiddle:  House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt spoke this past week at the annual meeting of the National Council of La Raza, a radical Latino advocacy group.  He had a grande announcement for them:  His fellow Democrats will soon announce major legislation to allow millions of illegal aliens to stay in this country legally and permanently!  What a generous man!

The Five Billion.  The State Department's bizarre Diversity Visa Lottery hands out green cards to 50,000 random individuals per year. … The Diversity Visa Lottery gets up to ten million applications per year.  And those are just from foreigners outside the 15 countries, such as Mexico, China, and India, that send the most immigrants to America and hence don?t qualify for the Diversity Visa.

Candidate pledges to tax wire transfers.  As placard-waving supporters cheered him on, radio talk host Dan Patrick vowed Tuesday [10/03/2006] that if elected to the Texas Senate, he will seek to tax money wired to foreign countries and push for creation of an ID card for state residents.

The Editor says...
Heavily taxing wire transfers is a great idea, but a National ID Card is not.  If the 50 states have their own ID cards, the federal government will insist on standardizing them, and the result will be a National ID Card, without which you will not be able to vote, buy an airplane ticket, open a bank account, or enter a federal building.

Should an illegal alien have a license to drive?

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Other ID card issues:

A more extensive discussion of the proposed National ID card can be found on another page.

Fake documents swamp Houston.  Illegal immigrants fearful of being caught in stepped-up workplace raids are fueling a growing market in Houston for phony immigration and work documents.  The result, experts say, is a glut of false, altered and counterfeit documents that are easily obtained at Houston-area flea markets, businesses and clandestine printing shops set up in homes and apartments.

Passport rules may be scaled back for some border crossers.  The Bush administration is facing a rebellion by northern border-state lawmakers who want to push back deadlines requiring passports or tamperproof ID cards from all who enter the United States.

Document fraud imperils the homeland:  Emulating Mexico's controversial "matricula consular" card, at least five nations are instituting or considering instituting new identification cards for their citizens visiting the United States ... including those visiting illegally.

Mexican Immigrant ID Cards Raise Nat'l Security Fears:  Identification cards issued by the Mexican government are gaining greater legitimacy in the U.S. That has some people worried that illegal aliens will be able to better conduct terrorist activities on U.S. soil.

Immigration Reform Activist Blasts Consular ID Cards:  The cards, which are the hottest item now available at Mexican consuls in the United States, are an "official" Mexican identification card granted by the Mexican government to Mexicans living in this country.  There is a catch, though.

Lawmakers, Officials At Odds Over Mexican ID Cards:  The Bush administration's coziness with Mexican President Vicente Fox is causing some members of the Republican Party to express frustration over immigration policy.

Immigration corrupts:  If the government cannot control the documents it issues, what is the point of issuing more documents, such as a national identity card?

Mexican ID Card Gets Illegal Aliens Access to Banks:  Mexican citizens living in the United States illegally are allegedly being helped by at least one national banking chain that now accepts a card issued by the Mexican government as valid identification for opening accounts.  But an immigration reform group says those banks are violating federal law.

Illegal aliens are illegal voters.

Illegal Aliens can vote in some US cities.  The U.S. Constitution grants voting rights only to American citizens.  However, in Montgomery County, Maryland, six cities (Garrett Park, Takoma Park, Somerset, Chevy Chase, Martin's Additions and Barnesville) allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

Purging illegal aliens from voter rolls isn't easy.  President Clinton signed the motor-voter legislation into law, hailing it for increasing voter participation by simplifying registration.  But many states do not verify citizenship when residents apply for licenses, which allows noncitizens to get on voting rolls.

[Thanks a lot, Bill.]

The illegal alien swing vote:  Why is it that we can't protect our elections from people who have no right to vote, no right to be here, and no right to undermine our safety or sovereignty?

Let immigrants vote?  No!  Our Constitution begins "We the people of the United States" not "We the inhabitants" or "We the taxpayers" or "We the consumers."  Our political institutions therefore ought to be reserved for the American people — citizens either by birth or by choice, joined in the common goal of forming a more perfect union.

No history, no study, no debate.  The Associated Press and various newspapers reported this month that the University of California at Los Angeles' Chicano Studies Research Center released a "study" that recommended allowing California's 4.6 million non-citizens to vote in local elections.  But there was no study.  There was no new research or in-depth information.

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