The Strange Case of Alvin Greene

Alvin Greene is apparently the Democratic Party nominee for US Senate, representing the state of South Carolina.  He won the nomination apparently without campaigning, without a web site, and without any of the normal means of generating publicity.  If Mr. Greene should win in the general election (and he almost certainly won't), the people of South Carolina will be stuck with him.

His unlikely victory had a lot of people wondering right away about what went wrong with the election.  Some suggested an electronic voting machine malfunction, or some sort of dirty trick by the Republicans.  But the more likely explanation is that the Democrats in South Carolina are uninformed and not terribly bright.  Some (or most) of them may have thought they were voting for Al Green, the pop singer from the early 1970s.

This incident tells us a lot about the voters of South Carolina, and should serve as a lesson to us all:  Don't vote for someone just because you like the way his or her name sounds.

Democrats Are From Pluto.  [Scroll down]  "How can a man win an election without spending money?"  You can hear the hurt in their voices, the feeling of betrayal, like someone who stepped out onto his patio only to find himself at the bottom of a sinkhole.  Politics is supposed to be about cash, wads of it, splashing in all directions, enriching the media and the consultants and the candidates themselves.  How can folks be rallied to a cause without spending on streamers and balloons and flyers and ominous radio ads delivered in hushed voices?  Free votes are an outrage, it seems.

Watchdog Urges Probe Into Whether Greene Was 'Induced' to Run for Senate.  A top government watchdog on Tuesday [6/15/2010] called on the South Carolina attorney general to probe whether Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene was "induced" to run, as speculation continued to build over how the candidate with no money and no campaign infrastructure pulled out a victory over a local lawmaker last week.

The Editor says...
Democrats seem so alarmed about this mentally challenged guy winning an election.  Aren't these the same Democrats who are constantly urging everyone else to "hire the handicapped"?

Alvin Greene:  The Most Qualified Democrat I Have Ever Seen.  Democrats have decided that Alvin Greene's surprise victory in the South Carolina Democratic senatorial primary must be the result of a Republican dirty trick. ... Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said Greene was not a "legitimate" candidate and called his victory "a mysterious deal."  (Yes, how could a young African-American man with strange origins, suspicious funding, shady associations, no experience, no qualifications, and no demonstrable work history come out of nowhere and win an election?)

Conviction wouldn't bar Greene from representing S.C..  If Alvin Greene is convicted of the felony obscenity charge against him, he could represent South Carolina in the U.S. Senate — but he might not be able to vote for himself, elections officials said Tuesday.  The U.S. Constitution's only requirements to seek federal office are age, residency and citizenship, Julia Queen, a spokeswoman for the Federal Elections Commission, said Tuesday [6/15/2010].

Alvin Greene's New Political Paradigm.  The mysterious South Carolina Senate candidate didn't knock on any doors.  He called almost no one.  He printed no campaign signs and didn't even put up a website.  But he won 60% of the vote.

Green light for Alvin Greene's senate run.  In what might be the best decision made by politicians in South Carolina in, well, ever, the executive committee of the South Carolina Democratic Party voted 5 to 1 to reject a call for a new Senate primary.  This should have incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint (R) smiling broadly, but it was the right thing to do.

Greene is S.C. Democratic Party's nominee in name only.  Alvin Greene is the South Carolina Democratic Party's nominee for the U.S. Senate, but that doesn't mean Democratic Party members actually support his candidacy.

The Greene Party.  The Democratic Senate candidate from South Carolina is not a GOP dirty trick but an appropriate representative of a party detached from reality.  An incoherent and off-the-wall empty suit, he is a perfect fit.

Misunderstanding the Problem of Alvin Greene.  I think people have been eager bystanders to the Alvin Greene train wreck, forwarding along the cringe-worthy interviews and quotes, without recognizing the real import of his victory in South Carolina. ... It's possible that enough protest voters intentionally voted for Greene to send a message about their distaste for establishment candidates.  But the point is that we don't know.  We'll never know.  Because there's basically no real-world record of that South Carolina Democratic primary.  It all exists inside the machines.

Democrats Trash Alvin Greene.  As for the rumor campaign that he's somehow a Republican, this is a standard page out of the old Stalinist playbook:  "If you can't suppress your political enemies by any other means short of shooting them then you make 'em out to be mentally ill," which is what they're trying to do.  They're trying to make this guy [appear to be] mentally ill.  "He's a nutcase!"  He's a black liberal and the Democrat Party is out to destroy him.  Where are Sharpton and Jackson, here?

A Greene Victory in South Carolina?  In a world in which people often imitate movies, some hapless voters were actually taken in by the name alone.  These same voters admitted to national reporters that they thought they were voting for the famous gospel singer.  To my father's generation, who fought for the right of minorities to vote, they would have seen this approach as irresponsible or squandering a "sacred right."  Nonetheless, most voters come to primaries fired up and informed about only a handful of races.

Red Flags Suggest Potential E-Voting Issues In Bizarre South Carolina Election.  People using ES&S machines have found that they voted for the wrong candidate.  It's also quite easy for anyone to recalibrate certain ES&S machines, so that it's easier for people to make mistakes while voting.  In South Dakota, ES&S machines added thousands of phantom votes.  And then there's Kentucky, where officials were recently arrested for using the confusing interface of ES&S e-voting machines to get people to leave the polling place before submitting their votes, so those officials could change their votes.  Oh, and the best part?  Most of these ES&S machines have no audit trail.  So there's no way to go back and check what happened.

Greene says action figures based on him could boost SC economy.  Unconventional U.S. Senate hopeful Alvin Greene has an idea about how to get South Carolinians back to work:  start selling action figures of himself.

Greene had legitimate sources for South Carolina election fees.  Alvin Greene, the obscure jobless man whose come-from-nowhere victory in the June Democratic primary for U.S. Senate created a national furor, had legitimate sources of income to finance his $10,400 primary entry fee, law enforcement sources said Friday. [7/9/2010]

Enigmatic Jobless Man Prepares Senate Campaign.  On a blisteringly hot afternoon here, Alvin M. Greene talked in a perfunctory way about his improbable candidacy for the United States Senate.  But his voice intensified with grievance when the subject turned to his short-circuited career in the Army, from which he was discharged in August involuntarily.

What is it with Alvin Greene?  A month and a half after Greene's out-of-nowhere victory in the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary, the media obsession with his unlikely story is becoming as big a mystery as the circumstances surrounding his curious candidacy. ... There's no other marginal candidate this election cycle drawing such attention.  And there may be no other example in modern political history of a statewide political hopeful with so little hope of victory, yet so much media attention.

Alvin Greene Dances to Rap Song; South Carolina Democrats Cringe.  Alvin Greene, the unlikely Democratic Senate candidate from South Carolina, is coming out of his shell.  As he is trailed by documentary filmmakers, reporters and photographers — puzzled by his candidacy but unable to look away — Democratic officials continue to keep their distance.

Alvin Greene, the documentary.  Last summer at this time, South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene was a veritable nobody.  Today, the unexpected, recently indicted, unemployed candidate for the world's greatest deliberative body is a news media superstar, despite the bewildered mien ... Greene regularly displays when presented with questions of political significance such as the implications of "cap and trade" or "Middle East peace."

Alvin Greene has not filed with FEC.  Despite all the media attention to his campaign, Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee for Senate in South Carolina, just hasn't been able to raise much — if any — money for his unlikely quest to defeat GOP Sen. Jim DeMint.  In fact, Greene has not filed any disclosure documents with the Federal Election Committee, presumably because he has not reached the $5,000 threshold in campaign donations required to report, according to an FEC spokeswoman.

Lawrence O'Donnell Asks Alvin Greene If He's A Witch.  Surreal South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene kept things pretty quiet for a while, but he broke that relative silence last night [10/11/2010] on The Last Word, where Lawrence O'Donnell brought him on for a Q&A.  Like most everything involving Greene, things got pretty bonkers extremely quickly.

Alvin Greene crashes WIS broadcast at State Fairgrounds.  Long-shot U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene made a surprise campaign appearance in Columbia on Wednesday [10/13/2010] at the state fair — right in the middle of a live WIS News 10 broadcast!

Alvin Greene explains his strategy for victory in South Carolina.  Despite being down 37 percent in the polls to Republican South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint six days out from the Election Day, Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene remains in high spirits — and is continuing to push his key message:  "DeMint started the recession!"

Editor's note:
The latest report that I saw [11/3/2010] showed Alvin Greene received 359,406 votes, or about 27.69 percent of the total.  It is astonishing that almost 360,000 people thought Alvin Greene could adequately representative them in the U.S. Senate.

Alvin Greene, Ultimate Warrior.  Faster than an incumbent politician, stronger than the Hulk, able to leap both Michael Jordan and the ballot box in a single leap from logic.  Alvin Greene may have lost his surreal bid for the Senate, but no one, apparently, defeats his alter ego:  the "Ultimate Warrior."

Alvin Greene mulls presidential bid.  Greene, the unlikely Democratic Senate nominee in South Carolina who lost overwhelmingly to Republican Sen. Jim DeMint last week, called the state Democratic Party on Tuesday [11/9/2010] to ask how much it would cost to run for president.

Alvin Greene:  'Born to be president'.  Former South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene has only the highest hopes for his political future despite his crushing defeat two weeks ago — he thinks he will be the next president.  In an interview outside a Columbia, S.C. courthouse — where he was being tried for allegedly showing pornographic material to a college-aged girl — Greene said he would sue the Columbia Free-Times newspaper if he read an account of the legal proceedings.

Quirky Dem who lost Senate bid to run for SC house.  Alvin Greene, the unemployed Army veteran who suggested during his failed U.S. Senate bid that making action figures of himself would help create jobs, is running for office again.

Alvin Greene gets fewer than 40 votes in South Carolina race.  Former Senate candidate Alvin Greene lost his bid for a seat in the South Carolina legislature on Tuesday [2/15/2011], winning just 1 percent of the vote in a Democratic primary.

What Is Going On in South Carolina?  Alvin Greene has been accused of being a plant, and, honestly, it's an accusation that may not be too far from reality.  After winning the state's Democratic Senate primary with over 100,000 votes, becoming the challenger for Republican Jim DeMint, the 32-year-old unemployed veteran has given interviews and appeared on TV.  When asked about his campaign, he does not give answers that indicate he ran a real one.

New grassroots movement:
Alvin Greene for President!  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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