The Secret Superhighway
and the Homogenization of North America

20 Facts That Show How NAFTA Is Destroying The Economy.  It amazes me how the American people can fall for the same lies over and over again.  The lies that serial liar Barack Obama is telling about "free trade" and the globalization of the economy are the same lies that Bill Clinton was telling back in the early 1990s. [...] Many Americans like to remember Bill Clinton as a "great president" for some reason.  Well, it turns out that he was completely and totally wrong about NAFTA.

It's back: Texas in 'Super Highway' deal with Spain.  Believe it or not, the Trans-Texas Corridor is back.  Very quietly, Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, signed in October a comprehensive development agreement to construct a toll-road redevelopment of Interstate 35 north of downtown Fort Worth.

Obama quietly erasing borders.  Acting quietly, below the radar of U.S. public opinion and without congressional approval, the Obama administration is implementing a key policy objective of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, to erase the border with Mexico and Canada.  The administration is acting under a State Department-declared policy initiative described in a March 23 fact sheet titled "United States-Mexico Partnership: A New Border Vision."

The Prerequisite Conditions Needed for Civil War II.  [Scroll down]  For me, the tree of knowledge and awareness opened when John McCain and friends attempted to steal my property and 300 of my neighbor's properties, without a dime of compensation, to make way for the CANAMEX Highway system.  From there, I learned about the North American Union and how NAFTA and CAFTA gave away American sovereignty and jobs.  Then the flood gates of information opened up and I saw the true nature of the beast that has absconded with our Republic.

State ends Trans-Texas Corridor project.  The Texas Department of Transportation has ended the Trans-Texas Corridor, Gov. Rick Perry's embattled plan to build a toll-road network across the state.  The agency said earlier this year it was scaling down the project and dropping the name "Trans-Texas Corridor."  Now, transportation officials say it's dead.

TxDOT announces end to Trans-Texas Corridor.  The Texas Department of Transportation announced Wednesday [10/7/2009] it will literally wipe a segment of the Trans-Texas Corridor planned alongside Interstate 35 off the map.  Since 2002, the proposed right-of-way that stretched 600 miles from Laredo through North Texas and onto the Red River angered property owners whose land was in the way, which ultimately led to the project's death.

State spent $15 million before Trans-Texas Corridor's demise.  While the Trans-Texas Corridor project officially hit a dead end Wednesday, the $15 million spent by the state on planning for the ambitious project did not go to waste, state officials said.  The Texas Department of Transportation formally announced that it does not intend to build the $184 billion system of toll roads, rail lines and utilities across the state.

Corridor project may be dead, but spending thrives.  Texas already has spent close to $60 million on the recommended-for-death parallel to Interstate 35 once envisioned as part of the Trans-Texas Corridor.  More money — perhaps millions more — will be spent as Texas closes the environmental review process and gets public comment on the recommendation to the federal government, state transportation officials said Wednesday [10/7/2009].

Trans-Texas Corridor plans dropped after public outcry.  The ambitious proposal to create the Trans-Texas Corridor network has been dropped in response to public outcry and will be replaced with a plan to carry out road projects at an incremental, modest pace, state officials said Tuesday. ... The Legislature, [Amadeo] Saenz said, has made it clear TxDOT must change and become more accountable and transparent.  The renewed effort now will operate under the name "Innovative Connectivity in Texas" to usher in a new method of operation, Saenz said.

Trans Texas Corridor is dead, TxDOT says.  After six years of bold plans, big talk and fierce pushback, the Texas Department of Transportation announced Tuesday [1/6/2009] that the Trans-Texas Corridor is dead, burying with it Gov. Rick Perry's visionary but controversial idea to string the state together with some 4,000 miles of highways, toll roads and rail lines.

Is the Trans-Texas Corridor dead?  Texas Gov. Rick Perry is attempting to engage in a public relations effort designed to distance the Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, from a massive network of toll roads known as the Trans-Texas Corridor, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert contends.  "The days of the Trans-Texas Corridor are over, it's finished up," Perry said speaking with U.S. reporters on a conference call during his visit to Iraq last week.

Trans Texas Corridor Renamed, Not Dead.  A familiar plant along Texas roadways is the prickly pear cactus.  It sports the most beautiful flowers when in bloom, but the most wicked thorns imaginable. ... So it goes with the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), the first leg of a planned superhighway meant to bring Chinese goods into the United States via Mexican ports — bypassing more expensive American ports and workers.

North American Union:  Conspiracy or Cover-Up?  The elites, however, must be feeling the heat.  Following the Hudson Institute's helpful suggestion to change the name of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the fourth annual SPP meeting to be held in New Orleans on April 21 will now be called the North American Leaders Summit, and the promoters of the TransTexas Corridor are trying to change its name to "regional loop."  To see what the elites are planning, you don't have peek through keyholes or plant a spy under the table.  Just read their published reports.

Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Meeting in New Orleans.  Prominent public policy activists opposing a North American Union (NAU) among the United States, Canada, and Mexico will challenge President Bush's avowed intention to economically integrate the three countries when Mr. Bush meets in New Orleans on April 21 and 22 with the heads of Mexico and Canada.

Harper arrives in New Orleans for North American summit with Bush, Calderon.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in New Orleans on Monday [4/21/2008] for the North American leaders' summit.  Harper was greeted on arrival by Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.  Schoolchildren and a jazz band were also on hand to welcome the prime minister.  Harper is joining U.S. President George W. Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon in historic New Orleans for the fourth North American summit.

North American leaders meet on NAFTA.  The leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States were meeting here Monday for an annual summit with the North American Free Trade Agreement taking center stage, amid criticism of the pact in the US presidential race.  As US President George W. Bush meets with his Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, US unions and Democratic White House hopefuls have lambasted the three countries' free trade agreement.  Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are battling for the Democratic nomination, have warned that they are willing to re-negotiate parts of the agreement if elected in November.

Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway.  Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.

Papers Reveal Plans for 'North American Union'.  Judicial Watch this week released documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request that include U.S. officials' notes from the North American Forum, a September 2006 meeting with Canadian and Mexican officials that explored ways to create "genuine partnerships." … Several points of discussion at the September meeting worried Judicial Watch, most notably a note in one set of documents referring to "evolution by stealth."

Super suspicious foes.  If the government really has a secret plan for a 12-lane road-and-rail NAFTA Superhighway that will split the heartland from Mexico to Canada, it is playing with a great poker face.  "There is absolutely no U.S. government plan for a NAFTA Superhighway of any sort," said David Bohigian, an assistant secretary of commerce.  Sen. Kit Bond, a Missouri Republican and a powerful member of committees that would authorize and pay for a NAFTA Superhighway, if one were being planned, dismissed the notion as "unfounded theories" with "no credence."

Bush's Legacy:  A New World Disorder.  The fact has been ignored by the major media, but when the Senate immigration bill collapsed in June, congressional approval of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the federal scheme to bring the U.S., Canada and Mexico together in a trilateral entity, went down with it.  An after-the-fact endorsement of this scheme had been inserted into the Senate immigration bill by parties unknown.  The White House was most likely behind this stealth attempt to get Congress to approve the SPP, which forms the basis for a North American Union (NAU).

Bush refuses to deny that there is a North American agenda.  The three-nation summit at Montebello, Quebec, was held behind closed doors, well guarded behind an intimidating fence and plenty of police, but the news conference that followed on Aug. 21 revealed more than the three heads of state had planned.  President George W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon all refused to deny that the Security and Prosperity Partnership is a stepping stone toward a North American Union.

Security and Prosperity Partnership:  With virtually no mention in the mainstream media and no oversight from Congress, Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez is pushing forward, through his department, the "working groups" that are currently implementing this plan.  Government bureaucrats and business leaders are "harmonizing and integrating" our laws with Mexico and Canada on a broad range of issues such as E-Commerce, Transportation, Environment, Health, Agriculture, Financial Services, and National Security just to mention a few.  Do we want our laws "harmonized" with Socialist Canada and corrupt Mexico?

Landowners protest Trans-Texas Corridor.  People board decorated tractors, trucks, carry posters for parade downtown The Texas Department of Transportation held another hearing last night about the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor.  Before last night's meeting at the Trinity High School gym, people boarded decorated tractors and trucks for a parade downtown.  Many made posters displaying their anger about the proposed superhighway.  Landowners say the highway would divide their county in half and cost them about 5800 acres of land.

TxDOT gives up on toll financing for Trans Texas Corridor 69.  In a further retreat before anti-road activists and a hostile legislature Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has abandoned Trans Texas Corridor 69, acknowledged there will be no significant toll financing, and abandoned consideration of any new routing.  Only existing surface arterial roads will be upgraded.  TxDOT is increasingly dropping use of the prefix TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) and using the term I-69 for the road, though much of the road will never meet interstate standards.

Scholars explain president's plan for a North American Union.  Those who seek to understand what's behind the chatter about President George W. Bush's Security and Prosperity Partnership as a possible prelude to a North American Union, similar to the European Union, should read the 35-page White Paper published recently by the Hudson Institute called "Negotiating North America:  The Security and Prosperity Partnership."  The Washington, D.C., think tank is blunt and detailed in describing where the Security and Prosperity Partnership is heading.

Spokeswoman dodges question about NAFTA Superhighways.  President Bush is comfortable when the United States, Mexico and Canada work together on issues facing the continent, according to spokeswoman Dana Perino, even though Congress is considering a warning that the nation's sovereignty could be threaten by such efforts.

Highway Robbery:  Amidst a firestorm of opposition to the Trans Texas Corridor the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) held the second annual Texas Transportation Forum on Wednesday, July 18 through Friday, July 20 [2007] at the downtown Hilton in Austin, Texas. … Most attendees were there to promote their various business interests, but many were there to facilitate building the super-corridor system needed to make possible the North American Union — a merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a single economic, political, military, educational, and cultural entity.

Texas commission adopts hostile policy on toll concessions.  Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) adopted a hostile policy to toll concessions at their monthly meeting today.  The state's policymaking body unanimously passed a Minute Order of Guiding Principles for Toll Projects and the Trans-Texas Corridor which contains a complete prohibition on non-compete clauses in toll concession projects, generally termed Comprehensive Development Agreements or CDAs in Texas.  Officials say compensation for unanticipated competing free capacity will also be barred.  Further TxDOT will have the right to buy out concessions "at any time" on terms left unspecified.

Bush gives away the farm — and the highway, too.  Let's be clear — this is one more rotten fruit of the NAFTA tree.  It is that treaty, devised by Bush's father and shepherded by President Clinton, which said that roads in Canada, the United States and Mexico must be open to carriers from all three countries.  Canada unfortunately already has full and total access to the U.S. trucking market, and now it looks like Mexico will follow.

Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor plan is a hard sell.  Gov. Rick Perry's ambitious Trans-Texas Corridor plan, and his advocacy of toll funding for future roads, hit the skids in a skeptical Legislature last spring.  The road shows no signs of getting any smoother as state transportation officials try to sell the plan to Houston-area audiences.

Trusted traveler toll road system means the government will decide if and where you travel.
NAFTA Superhighway RFID Card For US Citizens.  US citizens will be forced to adopt a de facto national identification card and have their freedom of mobility defined by behavioural fielty to the government under proposals set to derive from NAFTA superhighway toll road systems and the implementation of the American Union.  Existing toll road systems operational at US borders such as SENTRI/NEXUS and the FAST program mandate that passing vehicles are enrolled in RFID passive tracking and identification programs linked to central databases.

More information about Toll Road RFID Tags.

Protesters object to North American alliance.  About 40 flag-waving protesters gathered in the rain Saturday [11/17/2007] to oppose what they foresee as an erosion of American sovereignty as the United States, Mexico and Canada form closer ties.  The March for America gathering at 40th and Summitview avenues in Yakima was one of nine around the country, including Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Perry's push for super highway raises conspiracy buzz.  [Governor] Perry enhanced the conspiracy buzz earlier this summer by traveling to Turkey to attend the secretive Bilderberg conference, which conspiracy theorists believe is a cabal of international monied interests and power brokers pressing for globalization.  And the conspiracy rhetoric is likely to ratchet up this week as President Bush meets with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Quebec in their third summit to discuss North American relations under the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

Highway Robbery:  Rick Perry's vision for Texas, the Trans Texas Corridor, made it through the State Legislature in 2003.  H.B. 3588, the enabling bill for the Trans Texas Corridor and, hence, the largest spending bill in the state's history, became law in large part because Texas' mainstream press, used as a watchdog, was inexplicably asleep.

Selling Out America:  On August 20-21, in Montebello, Quebec, secure behind a cordon of fifteen miles maintained by the Canadian Mounted Police, Security Quebec, and reportedly even the U.S. Army, the leaders of America, Mexico, and Canada will meet to further discuss the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and, no doubt, the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC). … Connect the dots between SPP and TTC and what you get are Americans expected to buy cheap goods while their own economic structure and security disappears along with their borders with Mexico and Canada.

The three amigos, erasing borders?  Promoters of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, chief among them Robert Pastor, a professor who worked in the Carter administration and has advised Democratic presidential candidates since, have already named the currency — the "amero" — they expect to one day find in the well-picked pockets of Americans.

Goodbye America, Hello North American Union.  In a month, August 20 and 21, the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico will sit down together in Montebello, Quebec to discuss making the borders between these three nations disappear.  They will also discuss progress on a vast highway project passing through America to link Mexico with Canada.  So far, no one has asked the citizens of these three nations whether they want to do this.  It is not up for a vote in Congress and, indeed, Congress has no supervision over the gnomes in the U.S. Department of Commerce who are busily "harmonizing" the laws under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

North American union plan headed to Congress in fall.  A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc.

Upcoming Meeting Fuels 'North American Union' Fears.  The Aug. 20-21 meeting is the fourth in a series of meetings among the leaders of the three countries as part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a "trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity … through greater cooperation and information sharing."  The first meeting took place in 2005 in Waco, Texas.

Texas governor clears way for NAFTA superhighway.  The way was opened [for the Trans-Texas Corridor] when Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, vetoed a series of proposals the Texas Legislature assembled to slow down the work on what is considered to be a key link in a continental NAFTA superhighway network.  Perry's latest veto was of a plan to add a number of requirements to the Texas eminent-domain procedures, under which governments can grab and use private property.

NAFTA Superhighway:  Highroad To National Oblivion?  As author Jerome Corsi describes this Fox-Bush autobahn, container ships from China would unload at Lazaro Cardenas, a port named for the Mexican president who nationalized all U.S. oil companies in 1938.  From there, trucks with Mexican drivers would run fast lines into the United States, hauling their cargo to a U.S. customs inspection terminal -- in Kansas City, Mo.  From there, the trucks would fan out across America or roll on into Canada.  Similar superhighways from Mexico through the United States into Canada are planned.  According to Corsi, construction of the Trans-Texas Corridor, the first leg of the NAFTA superhighway, is to begin next year.

AU and NAU:  Evidence shows that NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement involving the U.S., Canada and Mexico, is being expanded without congressional approval or oversight as part of a plan to create an economic and political entity known as the North American Union (NAU).  Federal documents uncovered by Judicial Watch quote participants in the scheme as saying that an "evolution by stealth" strategy is being used to put the pieces into place.  Documents also speak of developing a common security perimeter and a common identification card for citizens of the three countries.

Progress in the Fight to Stop NAU and NAFTA Superhighway.  A tiny but determined band of organizations and individuals are standing up to Goliath and are beginning to see his knees wobble.  Goliath is the globalist-inspired Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) — better known as the North American Union (NAU) and the Trans Texas Corridor (TCC) — also know as the NAFTA Highway.  To date a dozen states have introduced resolutions to oppose the SPP and the NAU.  Some states have also included language to oppose creation of a new currency called the Amero.  Also opposed in most of the resolutions is the super highway (TCC) to run from Laredo, Texas all the way to Kansas City and more.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2013 by Andrew K. Dart

Immigration Bill Advances North American Union.  Rep. Edward Royce, a high-ranking conservative California Republican, said [in late April 2007] that a White House-backed amnesty plan for illegal aliens has provisions which undermine the national sovereignty of the U.S. and help facilitate development of a North American Union, much like the European Union that supersedes the sovereignty of 27 European countries.

NAFTA Superhighway Has Giuliani As Key Player.  The Trans-Texas Corridor is the biggest and most massive highway building project of them all and for the first time will rely upon a foreign entity to not only maintain toll roads but to have a stake in building, controlling operations and tolls and expanding new roads and critical infrastructure.  Additionally, eminent domain law will come into play in order to reconcile the taking of property and farmland for road expansion to accommodate pipelines and railroad tracks.

Feds threaten Texas over superhighway funds plan.  The Federal Highway Administration has threatened Texas with the loss of federal highway funds if the state continues with its legislative plan for a two-year funding moratorium on construction of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Chertoff, Gutierrez, Rice:  Plotting Bush's North American Union.  In a March letter to his supporters, Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), who has led the fight on Capitol Hill for border and immigration law enforcement since he went there in 1999, said:  "I am now convinced that the President's true objective is the absorption of the United States into some sort of borderless 'North American Union' with Canada and Mexico.  "That's why they have done nothing to secure our borders.  That's why they seek to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  That's why they're building a massive 'North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway,' which will speed foreign goods and labor from Mexico into the heart of America and up into Canada."

NAFTA Super Highway Faces Scrutiny.  By now many Americans have heard about the proposed "NAFTA Super Highway," which is also referred to as the trans-Texas corridor.  What you may not know is the extent to which plans for such a superhighway are moving forward without congressional oversight or media attention.  This superhighway would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada, cutting a wide swath through the middle of Texas and up through Kansas City.

The NAFTA Superhighway:  By now many Texans have heard about the proposed "NAFTA Superhighway," which is also referred to as the trans-Texas corridor.  What you may not know is the extent to which plans for such a superhighway are moving forward without congressional oversight or media attention.

Where will this highway take the U.S.?  Though this effort is in its infancy, the plans are to establish a NAFTA Superhighway, to be the width of eight football fields.  It will eventually run from Mexico to Canada, through the middle of the United States. … the project threatens the safety, security and sovereignty of America in the name of globalization and unfettered free trade.  It is not too late to stop this thing, if the people of the United States, believing in the Constitution, make their voices heard in Washington, D.C.

The Coming North American Parliament.  Robert Pastor, a top Democratic Party foreign policy specialist associated with the Panama Canal giveaway ... said that he favors a "North American Community," not a formal union of the three countries.  Wearing a lapel pin featuring the flags of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Pastor told AIM that he favors a $200-billion North American Investment Fund to pull Mexico out of poverty and a national biometric identity card for the purpose of controlling the movement of people in and out of the U.S.  So the "conspiracy" is now very much out in the open, if only the media would pay some attention to it.

Texans fear US sovereignty will disappear down superhighway.  Opposition is strongest in Texas, where the state's plans for a vast road project, known as the Trans-Texas Corridor, are well advanced.  Once complete, the corridor could become the first leg of a Nafta Superhighway, crossing the Mexican border at the Rio Grande, near Laredo, and then pushing north to Kansas.

North American Union leader says merger just a crisis away.  Robert Pastor, a leading intellectual force in the move to create an EU-style North American Community, told WND he believes a new 9/11 crisis could be the catalyst to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Toward a North American Union.  The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union (NAU).  The NAU is roughly patterned after the European Union (EU).  There is no political or economic mandate for creating the NAU, and unofficial polls of a cross-section of Americans indicate that they are overwhelmingly against this end-run around national sovereignty.

Scanning the News about North American Integration.  Rep. Virgil Goode (VA), Rep. Ron Paul (TX), Rep. Walter Jones (NC), and Rep. Tom Tancredo (CO) introduced House Concurrent Resolution 487 — Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

Congressman:  Superhighway about North American Union.  Rep. Ron Paul, a maverick Republican from Texas, today denounced plans for the proposed "NAFTA superhighway" in his state as part of a larger plot for merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union.  "By now many Texans have heard about the proposed 'NAFTA Superhighway,' which is also referred to as the trans-Texas corridor," he said in a statement.  "What you may not know is the extent to which plans for such a superhighway are moving forward without congressional oversight or media attention."

Illegal aliens and the secret monster highway.  There is underway a secret, under-the-radar, plan for a north-south super-highway spanning three countries — from Mexico through the United States and into Canada.  This is part of a long-range scheme by internationalists ultimately to form a North American Union similar in structure to the European Union.  The word "secret" is used advisedly.  The plan is regionalized, mostly in Texas.  A lot of Texans do know about it, but few of them know the whole story because the project is being built in increments so as to keep it off the national radar screen of most, if not all, the mainstream media.

U.S. Borders:  Going-Going-Gone!  Readers of the AIM Report are accustomed to learning of huge distortions or omissions by the media.  This time, the under-reported story deals with the possible end of America, as we know it.  Major players are secretive and are trying to keep the media out of the loop.  But that does not let the mainstream media off the hook.  There is enough stonewalling, secrecy and there are plenty of telltale signs, so that any assignment editor whose curiosity is not aroused is probably in the wrong business.

Constitutional Lawyers ... Where Are You?  In addition to the KC SmartPort, there are other signed agreements with foreign governments for the CANAMEX corridor, and the Trans-Texas-Corridor (TTC-35).  There exists many more signatories since there are some 80 super-corridor projects planned and in motion across the country.  All these projects are aimed at creating the North American Union without ANY congressional oversight in violation of our Constitution.

Political-military-industrial elite agenda to merge Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  CNN's Lou Dobbs reports that newspapers and other media in Canada are referring to, as innocent on-going consultations to combat "terrorism" and promote "co-operation" among U.S., Canadian, and Mexican political elites, are actually not so innocent.  Talks that are being officially labelled as "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SPP), are really aimed at destroying the independent sovereignty of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, under the cover provided by the "War on Terror".  Elites who are linked to a industrial-military complex, are seeking to further consolidate a "North American Union" that is to be run by them.

Audit:  Few expected to use TTC tollway.  The projected toll for the TTC-35 are among the highest in the nation at $0.125 per mile per car and $0.48 per mile per 5-axle truck, according to a table included with the audit.  The 333-mile trip from Oklahoma to San Antonio would cost $41.63 for a passenger vehicle, with a truck-tractor semi-trailer paying $159.84. ... Although [Governor] Perry has pushed for the Trans-Texas Corridor by citing immediate, pressing needs, TxDOT's own projections seem to indicate the TTC-35 will not take the burden off of I-35.

North American Union Threat Gets the Attention of Congressmen.  While several members of Congress have denied any knowledge of efforts to build "NAFTA superhighways" or move America closer to a union with Mexico and Canada, four members of the House have stepped up to sponsor a resolution opposing both initiatives.

Texas newspapers sold to Australian interests.  Macquarie, an Australian investment consortium involved in leasing U.S. toll roads, has begun acquiring newspapers in Texas, a move critics say is designed to silence grassroots objection to the planned Trans-Texas Corridor.  That highway project is believed to be part of a much larger plan that eventually could, critics allege, tie the economies, lifestyles and even governments of the United States, Mexico and Canada together.

America Deconstructed by Transnationals.  The objective of the transnational right is the piece-meal deconstruction of our sovereign Republic in expectation of dissolving our nation into a supranational macro-organization comprised of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  This suprastate — or as George Bush, Sr. called it, "the world's first completely democratic hemisphere" — is to be called the North American Union, and will be built on the model of the European Union.

Stop "NAFTA Plus" by Repealing NAFTA.  A growing number of Americans have already been alerted about plans to create a North American Union (NAU), merging the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  While news of this monstrous betrayal has yet to reach most fellow citizens, widespread awareness about the enormous harm caused by NAFTA already exists.  Closed factories, lost jobs, more open borders, even judicial panels overruling U.S. court decisions are NAFTA's legacy.  Now, the newly crafted NAU, rightly dubbed "NAFTA Plus," is being steered toward enactment by some of the very same people who gave us NAFTA in the first place.

'Bush doesn't think America should be an actual place'.  "People have to understand what we're talking about here.  The president of the United States is an internationalist," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.  "He is going to do what he can to create a place where the idea of America is just that — it's an idea.  It's not an actual place defined by borders.  I mean this is where this guy is really going."  Tancredo lashed out at the White House's lack of action in securing U.S. borders, and said efforts to merge the U.S. with both Mexico and Canada is not a fantasy.

Media blackout on the dangerous CFR.  President Bush and Congress have implemented a plan to create a North American Union, which will become an open border policy between the United States, Canada and Mexico.  This is a plan, similar to the European Union, in which the security (primarily from the ocean borders), infrastructure, laws and economies of the three countries will become intertwined, with the United States citizens paying, not only monetarily, but also with our freedom and our sovereignty.  We will have the shell of our Constitution with international laws controlling it.

NASCO corridor North American Trade and Wildlife Corridors.  As an extension of NAFTA, a massive 12-lane highway system is being built to link Canada, Mexico and the United States as a free trade "region".  A part of the North American Super Corridor will be a network of "inland ports" which will eliminate the need for customs at the existing borders.  In addition to the trade corridor, a wildlife corridor is planned to "protect" wildlife habitats from human interference.  See how these two corridors fit together.

Texas Segment of NAFTA Super Highway Nears Construction.  The Trans-Texas Corridor is ready to begin construction in 2007, building the first segment of what is planned to be a NAFTA Super Highway stretching from Mexico to Canada. … The NAFTA Super Highway is planned to begin at Laredo, Texas, proceeding north to Kansas City via Oklahoma City, and ultimately connecting with Canadian limited-access highways north of Duluth, Minn.

On the other hand...
Official says NAFTA Super Super Highway is an urban myth.  Minnesota Department of Transportation's John Bray says he's heard all about the internet article boasting the Bush Administration's plans to build a Super Highway from Mexico to Canada.  "This thing has no credibility at least as far as our agency is concerned."

Investors Push NAFTA Super-Highways.  What is objectionable is the plan to form a European Union-style North American Super-Highway system whose primary goal is to establish trilateral links for the open passage of freight transportation and the virtually unrestrained "migration" of people among the three countries.  Building NAFTA Super-Highways that effectively erase the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada is a concern, especially if the NAFTA Super-Highways contribute to accomplishing in a de facto manner the integration of the United States into a North American Union, thereby threatening the currently established sovereignty of the United States.

North American Union to Replace USA?  President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada.  This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy. … What the Bush administration truly wants is the free, unimpeded movement of people across open borders with Mexico and Canada.

President Quietly Creating 'NAFTA Plus'.  Without announcing his intentions to do so, President Bush has decided to support the creation of a North American Union through a process of governmental regulations, never having to bring the issue before the American people for a clear referendum or vote.

The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero'.  The idea to form the North American Union as a super-NAFTA knitting together Canada, the United States and Mexico into a super-regional political and economic entity was a key agreement resulting from the March 2005 meeting held at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, between President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin.

Foreign Control of U.S. Interstates Encouraged by Feds.  The anticipated widening and extension of the Trans-Texas Corridor which runs 316 miles and parallel to I-35 in Texas, is slated to be built by Cintra, the Spanish company, and Zachry Construction, out of San Antonio, TX, who plan to invest $7.2 billion.

Red China Opens NAFTA Ports in Mexico.  The Port Authority of San Antonio has been working actively with the Communist Chinese to open and develop NAFTA shipping ports in Mexico.  The plan is to ship containers of cheap goods produced by under-market labor in China and the Far East into North America via Mexican ports.

Working to kill America.  The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, "a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing," was launched March 2005 — in Texas.  The premise of the near-treason is that the SPP hopes to unite this republic, Mexico and Canada in a near-suicide pact….

The NAFTA super highway:  This is a "mind-boggling concept," exploded Lou Dobbs.  It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have "gone utterly mad."  What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor?  Dr. Robert Pastor, vice chair of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on North America, had just appeared before a panel of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations — to call for erasing all U.S. borders and a merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada in a North American union stretching from Prudhoe Bay to Guatemala.

Do we really need a massive, foreign-owned toll road system in Texas?  No.  Gov. Rick Perry and his special interest crowd at the Capitol are not listening to the people of Texas.  At 55 hearings across the state, thousands of hard-working Texans said, "No," to Perry's still secret deal with a foreign company to build toll roads across Texas.  The governor and his transportation officials insist on going forward with his Trans-Texas Corridor, the largest land grab in Texas history — seizing half a million acres of private property.

Taxpayer dollars support U.S.-Mexico merger plot.  The master plan for merging the U.S., Mexico and Canada is being devised in American University's Center for North American Studies whose faculty is subsidized by the U.S. State Department through the Fulbright Program.

Trans-Texas Corridor paved with campaign contributions?  The contractors building the Trans-Texas Corridor — a massive statewide transportation network critics claim is an important part of the controversial proposed integration of the U.S. and Mexico — have made large contributions to the campaigns of Texas politicians, including Republican Gov. Rick Perry.

Bill Would Kill Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor Plan.  A legislator from San Antonio has filed a bill to kill G-O-P Gov. Rick Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor toll road proposal.  Perry spokesman Robert Black today [1/26/2007] said the governor will fight the anti-corridor measure.

Houston on tollways:  We have no problem.  Maybe success was predictable for Houston toll roads, which got an 18-year head start on the Austin tollways opening next month.  The 108-mile tollway system last year turned a $137 million profit, and more than 1 million cars are driving around Greater Houston with EZ Tags, the electronic windshield sticker that allows drivers to pay without cash and without slowing down.

Toll roads are a dishonest way to raise our taxes.  The plan to make new lanes on Highway 288 subject to toll fees amounts to nothing more than passing the buck.  We hope taxpayers — better yet voters — are smart enough to see the Texas Department of Transportation's plan to make most of all new highway projects toll roads for what it is:  an in-our-faces consequence of government attempting to sneak through a tax increase.

Corridor Watch features a Trans-Texas Corridor Route Map.

The TTC is an all around bad idea for Texas.  It's designed to generate revenue first and provide transportation second.  The Corridor plan is designed to provide transportation funds, more than transportation. Rather than identify specific transportation needs and offer solutions, the Plan defines funding as the need and the Corridor as the solution.  Accordingly it's not important where the Corridor is built, as long as it generates revenue.

Trans Texas Corridor Catastrophe.  It's not about transportation.  It's about revenue.

North American Union Isn't Going Away.  Michael Medved has now published a second tirade on the issue of North American integration, this time attacking both Joseph Farah and me by name.  John Hawkins has also responded briefly on his blog, taking the opportunity to issue yet another ad hominem attack, this time calling me "crazy."  Neither gentleman has yet responded to the substantive arguments or evidence that many of us have produced, demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that North American integration is proceeding full speed ahead in the Bush Administration.

Analysts:  Dollar collapse would result in 'amero'.  Two analysts who have reconstructed money supply data after the Fed stopped publishing it argue a coming dollar collapse will set the stage for creating the amero as a North American currency to replace the dollar.

Premeditated Merger:  How leaders are stealthily transforming USA into North American Union.  Can it really be possible that Americans are witnessing a governmental program designed to merge — slowly but surely — the United States, Mexico and Canada?  That question is generating a major amount of below-the-media-radar buzz.

Bush administration allocates $66M to 'NAFTA highways'.  The Bush administration announced Monday it is granting $66.2 million to reduce congestion and improve freight flow on several so-called NAFTA highways.

Trans-Texas Corridor:  Commentary, news and information about the Trans-Texas Super Corridors.

TTC News Archives:  The Trans-Texas Corridors, eminent domain abuse, and the Texas Toll Road Rebellion.

Opposing viewpoints:

Killing the North American Union Conspiracy.

The Star-Telegram scoffs at the "consipiracy".
Group's 'conspiracy' is to create more efficient trade route.  More than 350 business and political leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada are gathered in a Fort Worth hotel ballroom for the annual meeting of a Dallas-based trade organization called North America's SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO).

The NAFTA Superhighway:  There's no such thing as a proposed NAFTA Superhighway. … The myth upon which it rests was not fabricated out of whole cloth.  Rather, it has been sewn together from scraps of fact.

The Editor says...
Consider the source.  The article immediately above appears on a web site known for its extreme left-wing propaganda.

Highway myths.  Fringe groups cultivate the myth of a planned 'NAFTA Superhighway,' diverting attention from the crumbling highways that already exist.

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