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Obama for America

Barack Obama network takes aim at Texas' hottest congressional races.  Obama for America organizers are heading to Houston and San Antonio to help flip key congressional seats from Republicans to Democrats.  Former members of President Barack Obama's presidential campaign has announced it is sending representatives to Houston and San Antonio as part of a nationwide effort to mobilize voters in key congressional races.

Obama's Shady Trump-Russia Spinmeister.  An explosive story by Sean Davis at The Federalist reveals that President Obama's PAC, Obama for America, paid nearly $1 million in 2016 to the law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the consulting group responsible for the infamous Trump "dossier."  According to Davis, Federal Election Commission records show the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton's campaign, and Obama's PAC paid Perkins Coie more than $12 million last year alone.  The article also notes that Neil King, Jr. — the husband of Shailagh Murray, one of Obama's former senior advisors — went on to work for Fusion GPS shortly after the election.

Obama's OFA Paid Nearly $1 Million to Law Firm that Retained Fusion GPS to Create Steele Dossier.  A political group tied to the former president — Obama for America (OFA) — paid nearly a million dollars to the same law firm used by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary for America to funnel money to Fusion GPS, The Federalist reported Sunday.  Fusion GPS is the shady opposition research firm behind the unverified Steele dossier.  OFA has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie, an international law firm, since April of 2016, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

Obama's Propagandistic Iconography.  Obama's most recent graphic arrogance took the form of a faux "great seal" similar to the one seen on the podium of the president of the United States.  On Friday, June 20, Obama met with a dozen Democratic governors in Chicago.  The room featured a nice nameplate for each governor, but in front of Barack Obama was displayed an amazing bit of presumption in the form of a seal saying "Obama for America" and taking the form of an official seal the sort one might find from a government office.

Whites need not apply.
President Obama's camp tries to diversify.  President Barack Obama's team is looking to hire more African-Americans, a search that has stirred a debate among black Democrats about Obama's record on diversity and its implications for his reelection.  Stefanie Brown, director of the campaign's African American Vote program, wrote in an "urgent" March 21 email to contacts in the black community that "The Obama for America campaign is in the process of really staffing up in states around the country, and I need your help to find qualified, African American candidates for some of these positions."

Sure, He Supports The Troops.  If the president supports the troops, as he so often claims, he sure has a funny way of showing it.  The Obama for America campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Party of Ohio quietly filed a lawsuit on [Friday] July 17th trying to limit the number of days which members of Armed Forces have to participate in that state's early voting.  Multiple veterans organizations are opposing the lawsuit.

Obama Team Accuses GOP of Outsourcing to Manila, Pays Firm that Outsources to Manila.  Obama for America in February paid $78,314.10 to a company called Donor Services Group, LLC for "Telemarketing Services."  In fact, that company, which the Obama team uses, outsources to Manila.

The word is subterfuge.
How Obama's team gets his messages out while you're not looking.  Here's how President Obama's team is using his vast donor e-mailing list to circumvent any intermediaries and get his pure political message out to millions of supporters to marshal support for whatever he wants, in this case support for his budget:  They send out an e-mail to an estimated 12 million or 13 million names with a short text message from David Plouffe, the political campaign's manager and now the campaign manager for "Obama for America."

Obama campaign inflates US jobs by 40 percent for pricey electric auto.  President Barack Obama's deputy campaign manager got her facts wrong while she was trying to support the administration's $193 million subsidy for a luxury automaker.  "Hi, I'm Stephanie Cutter, I'm the deputy campaign manager here at Obama for America, and I wanted to arm you with the facts about the latest attack from 'Big Oil,'" Cutter said in her May 2 video.  "Let's get the facts out, because it is important that you guys know the truth."  Cutter's speech appears to have been aimed at a new attack ad by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) that dinged Obama for sending "half a billion [dollars] to an electric car company that created hundreds of jobs ... in Finland."

Obama Lawsuit to Disenfranchise Military Voters in Ohio.  Obama is attempting to disenfranchise military voters in the most important swing state of Ohio.  The Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in Ohio on July 17th to strike down part of that state's law governing voting by members of the military.  Their suit said that part of the law is "arbitrary" with "no discernible rational basis."

How much did Obama's visit cost Mansfield?  Mayor Tim Theaker says he'll try to seek at least partial reimbursement for costs the city incurred while providing beefed-up security for a presidential visit.  But so far, no entity — White House, Secret Service or the Obama for America campaign — has stepped up to accept an invoice.

Democrats Rally Their Own Activists.  Supporters of President Obama formerly signed up as members of "Obama for America" received an email today [8/9/2009] from Mitch Stewart, the director of the group's current incarnation, Organizing for America, to show up at town halls and congressional offices as a counter to the protestors against the president's health care reform push.

Team Obama Invites Jews to Big Synagogue Campaign Stop — Misspells Israel.  The Obama for America Campaign is holding a big event in a Philadelphia-area synagogue Monday [7/16/2012].  DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) is scheduled to appear at the Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park. [...] Besides misspelling Israel, the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign.

Fraud found in Obama's online donations.  President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign has hundreds of thousands of eager, low-dollar donors — and a tiny trickle of unwilling, defrauded donors.  The latest example comes from David Newman, who found a $15 charge, dated May 6, from the "Obama For America" campaign on one of his debit cards.  Newman had supported Obama in 2008, but "I didn't sign up to say 'Do this every three months or every three years when you need money,'" he told The Daily Caller.

Comcast is the nation's largest cable operator and the new owner of NBC.*
Comcast Employees Top Donors to Obama and 'Victory Fund'.  While Comcast employees gave $5,000 each to Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, "Comcast employees contributed nearly $80,000 directly to Obama for America and roughly $200,000 to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account benefitting both the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee, through the first half of 2011 records show."  The Center for Responsive Politics analysis found 40 percent of Obama Victory Fund contributions are coming from two very blue states:  California (25 percent) and New York (15 percent), also two states where most of our news and entertainment media are located.

Obama Now Chasing The Crowds.  The Obama For America campaign slogan is now "Forward," which is deliciously ironic given its laser-like focus on traveling back in time.

School Lets Dems Register Students to Vote, But Not GOP.  Florida Republicans are outraged after a school district allowed a pro-Obama organization to conduct student voter registration drives and deliver speeches to classes — but denied the Romney campaign similar opportunities.  Pasco County Schools confirmed to Fox News that volunteers from Organizing For America were given access to as many as a half dozen high school and middle school campuses.

Obama Quashes Conservative Media Access at DNC.  Media availability for Obama officials and acolytes has been shut up as tight as a clam for conservative media here at the Democratic National Convention.  According to sources at Talk Radio News Service, placing a stringer outside the designated TV area to ask high-level Democrats to stop by radio row has been banned by the DNC — in fact, as one source told me, "You need permission from Obama for America."

Barney Frank, Deval Patrick to help draft national Democratic Party platform.  Two Massachusetts Democrats will help draft the Democratic Party's national platform.  Retiring U.S. Rep. Barney Frank will be a member of the platform drafting committee.  Gov. Deval Patrick will be an ex-officio member.  The Democratic National Committee and Obama for America announced the committee on Thursday [7/12/2012].

Organizing for America

Obama to fold Organizing for Action group in effort to focus on gerrymandering reform: report.  Former President Barack Obama is going all-in on gerrymandering reform by consolidating his nonprofit political organization group with another to double down on efforts on what has become his major focus since leaving the White House.  Obama announced the consolidation of his Organizing for Action group into the National Democratic Redistricting Committee during a call with supporters this week.

Obama's Organizing for America joins forces with Eric Holder-run group on voter activism.  Former President Obama announced Thursday [12/20/2018] that his political operation, Organizing for America, would be joining forces with the group run by his former attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., in a striking pre-2020 partnership.  The two men announced the decision in emails to their respective supporters, saying it means Mr. Holder's National Democratic Redistricting Committee will now have access to Mr. Obama's powerful grassroots network.

Barack Obama, Communists, Socialists Are Behind Today's GOTV Marches.  Today's [6/30/2018] marchers are backed by the former president's closely-tied 'Organizing for America'.  The OFA trained and deployed organizers in 27 Republican-held districts, many with large Latino populations who vote Democrat when they come out to vote.  These marches are truly a Get Out the Vote drive. [...] OFA has already trained 40,000 leftist agitators in person or by webinar according to tax records, Sperry writes.  It was also cited in the New York Times.  OFA has also partnered with the angry, violent Indivisible Project.  Those are the people who [show] up at GOP town halls to shut down and threaten representatives and threaten.  The OFA agitators will storm Republican districts during the Fourth of July recess to ostensibly shout down 'Trump's racist policies' as per their website.  These are obviously Fascist tactics.  The OFA receives funding in part from the Soros Democracy Alliance.

OFA Organizing for Anarchy Recruitment.  Five months after his blatantly hypocritical 'I-wish-the-new-president-well' departure from the White House, Organizing for America is raising money for Obama as Leader of the Resistance poised to take President Donald Trump down.  Organizing for America and spinoff Organizing for Action — one and the same — is the chief fundraiser organization for Obama in private life:  renegade rabble rouser for the progressive left's planned re-takeover of a largely unsuspecting America.

Obama Quietly Hiring New OFA Staff to Fight Trump.  Welcome to the Obamabunker.  While the party continues at the White House, the community-organizer-in-chief is quietly preparing for war. [...] Obama intends to run the Democratic party.  And as much of the country as he can.

Obama asks 50,000 of his volunteers to aid Clinton.  President Obama is hoping to unleash his horde of grassroots supporters on behalf of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and hopes to secure 50,000 volunteers for her campaign in just 24 hours.  On Wednesday night [8/24/2016], Clinton's campaign emailed its supporter list, which is augmented by the remnants of Obama's campaign email list maintained by Organizing for Action, along with Obama's appeal.

What Do Yale, Missou, Alinksy, Cloward-Piven and Obama's Organizing for Action Add Up To?  Ever since we learned about President Obama's marination in the ideas of Saul Alinsky we've been frightening ourselves with a future defined by Obama's fundamental transformation through community organizing. And we have seen the fruit of his politics in the outbreak of left-wing activism this fall with ludicrous outbreaks of snowflake fascism at Missouri State University and Yale.  I've read hints that the Black Autumn is funded in part by George Soros foundations and President Obama's Organizing for Action.  But who knows?  But here's my take on all this.  Liberals are setting themselves up for a fall with this protest politics, because they fundamentally misunderstand what they are doing.

Pro-Obama group's Twitter account @barackobama follows purported prostitution promoter Rentboy.com on social media.  The Twitter account @barackobama, which is run by staff of the pro-Obama group Organizing for Action, had been following the account for an alleged online brothel busted Tuesday [8/25/2015] by the feds for promoting male prostitution.  Rentboy.com, which gets its name from the slang term for a male prostitute, counts @barackobama as one of its more than 20,000 Twitter followers.  Federal agents raided the Manhattan offices of Rentboy.com and arrested CEO Jeffrey Hurant and six employees.

Tough question for Democrats: Why didn't Obama's OFA create policy success?  When President Obama surveyed the room Thursday [4/23/2015] at the summit for his once-mighty campaign apparatus, he saw a political group that never lived up to the lofty billing promoted by supporters.  Organizing for Action, or as it was previously known, Organizing for America, was once seen as a way to take the grassroots appeal that catapulted a junior senator from Illinois into the White House and translate that approach into enacting the president's agenda.  The latest incarnation of the group, which Obama addressed Thursday to make his pitch on securing broader trade powers, was never really effective at pushing legislation across the finish line.

Obama's grassroots group Organizing for Action won't shut down even after he leaves office.  Organizing for Action wants its supporters to know its around for the long haul and will continue on past the next set of election, even though its founder, Barack Obama, will be leaving the presidency.  'OFA is not a political campaign,' OFA executive and former Obama adviser Jim Messina said in an email to supporters, according to the Washington Examiner.

Obama fundraises off immigration speech, seeks $1,000 contributions.  President Obama is fundraising off his controversial immigration decision Thursday night, dispatching an email that steers readers to a "Donate Today" page that seek contributions up to $1,000.  That page reads, "Thanks — now, we need to fight back.  President Obama is taking action.  The other side wants nothing more than to tear this progress down.  Help fight back — make a donation today."  What's more, in his email from his Organizing for Action, he claims that he is just like every other president in taking action on issues where Congress failed to act.

Obama group's fundraising sinks lower.  The nonprofit political action group created from the remnants of President Obama's reelection campaign raised just $1.8 million in the third quarter.  The haul is less than half the $3.87 million brought in over the previous three months, which was already a record low for the group.  Organizing for Action (OFA) dramatically scaled back its fundraising efforts out of concern that the group, which supports the president's policy initiatives, would divert donations from Democratic midterm campaigns.

OFA offering fire sale discounts on Obama merchandise.  Organizing for Action, alias "Obama for America," is Barack Obama's personal political organization, and it apparently has a lot of unsold Obama merchandise on its hands.  Does anyone wonder why it isn't selling anymore?

Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Solicited Subordinate's Help for OFA Fundraiser.  Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, who is now running for Los Angeles County supervisor, left a voicemail message in 2012 asking a subordinate to help with a fundraiser to support President Obama's reelection.  Rep. Darrell Issa released an audio recording of the voicemail today [7/16/2014].

Barack Obama doesn't know what @BarackObama says.  Children from Central America are crossing our southern border by the hundreds, Iraq is a smoldering mess, and it's hard to say how long it might be until Israel and Palestine declare all out war, but first, some important news on presidential Twitter protocol.  When asked about who composes or approves tweets sent from the President's @BarackObama account, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest pointed out that "The @BarackObama twitter handle is maintained by OFA," which is Organizing for Action, the political organization that is the "offshoot" of Obama's campaign machinery, Obama for America.  "That is a Twitter handle that is maintained independent of the White House," Earnest clarified in saying neither he or the president were aware of a specific tweet.

Obama's 'Political Nonprofit' Funded by Major Democratic Donors.  In the wake of the decision by President Obama's political nonprofit group Organizing for Action to put a timeout on fundraising for midterm elections, campaign finance watchdog groups have taken a deep dive into the group's fundraising to find out who has been fundraising the group.  The Sunlight Foundation and Center for Responsive Politics found that the groups biggest donors "turn out to be major political givers with long histories of backing Democratic candidates."

Lois Lerner 2013 e-mail: Maybe I can land an office job at Organizing For Action.  Organizing For Action is, of course, the group founded by Team Obama in 2009 after he was sworn in to push his agenda while in office.  It's the successor to Obama For America, his 2008 campaign outfit.  The first OFA got him elected, the second OFA is supposed to help get his policies through Congress.  Here's who was running the scrupulously impartial IRS Exempt Organizations Division that targeted dozens of tea-party nonprofits for extra scrutiny. [...]

Lucky Jim.  Earlier this week, inside a ballroom at the luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel in D.C., President Obama met with Organizing for America.  OFA, as it's called for short, raised $26 million last year, much of it from an assortment of heirs, heiresses, hedge funders, and Hollywood executives.  OFA is the president's advocacy group, charged with rounding up support for his gun control, immigration, minimum wage, and climate change initiatives.  It has not been having much success.  The headline from this week's summit was the president's remark that OFA volunteers are doing "God's work."  Nothing, though, on who was in the audience during the invitation-only, "intimate roundtable discussion" between the president, his 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe, and his 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina.  I would like to know who was there.  I would like to know who was there because I would like to tell them, as gently as possible, that they are being bilked.  Messina is taking their money and building an empire with it.

Obama urges Organizing for Action to push for $10.10 minimum wage.  U.S. President Obama Tuesday told an activist group pushing to advance his initiatives he wants them to help him get a $10.10 per hour minimum wage passed.  Obama told those gathered at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington for the Organizing for Action summit that getting the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to pass the wage hike should be their primary focus.

White House co-hosts MIT workshop as part of project on 'collecting, analyzing, and using' big data.  The Obama White House is co-hosting a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) workshop on "big data" as part of an administration effort to analyze how to collect and use complex data for public policy.  It comes as little surprise that the White House is analyzing "big data" collection considering the effectiveness of the 2012 Obama campaign's personality-tracking voter targeting database created through its "Project Dreamcatcher."  The information from that database is now held by Obama's nonprofit advocacy group Organizing for Action.

Washington's Pack of Pretenders.  Last Friday, in what would be a humiliating episode if it were capable of embarrassment, the Associated Press, aka the Administration's Press, acted as if a tweet from "@BarackObama" about the TV program House of Cards represented an "endorsement" of the program by President Barack Obama himself. [...] The folks at AP are so smitten with Dear Leader that they either weren't aware or didn't care that the Twitter account involved is from Organizing for America, a group of Obama lovers who are technically but not substantively separate from the White House, and whose life mission is to promote his missions of the moment.

Obamacare signs of desperation.  After enduring gales of laughter in response to the Pajama Boy Gambit, the folks at Organizing for Action, aka my.barackobama.com, have turned to the stalest cliché possible in an effort to put lipstick on the healthcare.gov pig.

Is Obamacare Adorable?  For Valentine's Day, the Obama administration decided to promote Obamacare in a manner less macho than its "Pajama Boy" campaign. [...] Makes Pajama Boy look like a stroke of marketing genius.

The use of stock photographs can backfire.
Barack Obama's 'hard-working American' is actually a London Overground commuter.  President Barack Obama's political action group, Organizing for Action, is out with a new advert urging Congress to raise the national minimum wage for millions of low-paid Americans.  Set to rising music, the 30-second commercial features a medley of images of hard-working Americans going about their day.  There's only one problem:  one of those "hard-working Americans" is in fact a London Overground commuter.

WaPo Fact Checker Gives Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Three Pinocchios.  Lately, President Obama's political action group, Organizing for Action (OFA), has claimed that six million Americans have successfully signed up for Obamacare.  However, even The Washington Post Fact Checker finds this assertion to be suspect.

At Democrats' Request, Even Mike Bloomberg Is Giving up on Gun Control.  When he was not belittling or cajoling gun control's foes, Bloomberg spent the better part of 2013 agitating for stricter gun laws.  As recently as December 14, the first anniversary of the massacre in Newtown, both Bloomberg's group and President Barack Obama's political arm, Organizing for Action, sent out messages to their supporters insisting that the need for stricter gun laws is no less critical today than it was one year ago.  But their actions speak differently.

Obama's OFA Thanks Paul Ryan, John McCain for Helping Push Amnesty.  Organizing for Action, the community organizing group rebooted from President Barack Obama's re-election campaign remnants that uses BarackObama.com as its website, has thanked House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and other Republicans supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Even from his vacation, Obama asks fading fans for more money.  Barack Obama was supposed to be on vacation in Hawaii all this week too.  The White House media pool notes him golfing again Monday [12/30/2013] with old Choom Gang buddies, while his family as usual did something elsewhere.  But somehow maybe between the fifth and sixth holes, through the electronic magic of OFA, Obama's political lobbying arm where he's parked so many salaried political cronies, Obama also contacted millions of his supporters via a year-end email.  It seems, unlike his $640 million no-bid government healthcare website, Obama's got the OFA money-raking operation running smoothly.

The President who stole Christmas.  Today, while you're singing about Santa Claus, celebrating the end of the year and opening gifts with your family, you should know:  You might be ignoring your presidential homework assignment.  Your celebration is probably wasting valuable time that could be spent shilling for his "signature legislation." [...] Christmas is the perfect time to discuss Obamacare with your family.  Rather than simply letting you plan a Yuletide get together you hope will devolve into a nightmare of political arguments, the caring folks at Organizing for Action have put together a handy guide that will let you cut to the chase.  Follow their simple plan and you can rest assured that your day will be as miserable as possible.

Obamacare's 'Pajama Boy' was accused of racism, anti-Semitism.  Ethan Krupp, the little man who played "Pajama Boy" in a widely-mocked Obamacare ad, was accused in college of racism and anti-Semitism.  Krupp, an Organizing for Action (OFA) content writer who became the face of progressive America when he sipped cocoa and smirked while wearing a onesie pajama suit in a recent Obamacare ad, is also a failed comedy writer whose work was not appreciated in his own time.

Meet Ethan Krupp: Pajamacare boy and Organizing for Action employee.  Pajamacare boy is Ethan Krupp, an Organizing for Action employee and the subject of ridicule after OFA created a social ad encouraging everyone to sign up for Obamacare.

Obamacare 'pajamas boy' gets roundly mocked.  The White House is trying to get families to spread the word about Obamacare coverage options ahead of the holidays.  Relatives will gather around a common table, and key deadlines loom for enrollees who want to select a plan and be covered by the new year.  The Obama administration wants young people — like the man in pajamas, say — to sign up for coverage in state-based exchanges so that healthier people balance out risk pools when sicker consumers with preexisting conditions enter the market, because they cannot be denied.

Pajama Boy, An Insufferable Man-Child.  Pajama Boy's place in Internet infamy was secured as soon as the insufferable man-child was tweeted out by Organizing for America.  He is the face of a web ad that is the latest effort by the Obama team to leverage the holidays for conversation about Obamacare.  "Wear pajamas," the ad reads.  "Drink hot chocolate.  Talk about getting health insurance.  #GetTalking."

Pajama Boy: The Obama Machine's Id.  The Obama administration isn't doing very well with putting an empathetic face on its calamitous health-insurance law, is it?  First, we had Julia, the creepy, eyeless, vision-of-horror from Brave New World whose life was run from cradle to grave by the federal government.  Then, we had Adriana, the painfully neutral and carefully ambi-racial stock-model-from-everywhere whose face became so synonymous with HealthCare.gov's hilarious launch that she had to be replaced with a graphic plugging an 800 number.  And now, courtesy of Organizing for Action, we have Pajama Boy, a metrosexual hipster in a plaid onesie who wants you to spend your precious Christmas days talking to him about the president's vision for health insurance.

Pajama Boy: The Obama Machine's Id.  OFA, and its various offshoots, are staffed by third-growth McGovernites who have come of age at the exact point that the radicalism of the 1960s finally won out.  As David Burge of "Iowahawk" fame likes to joke, perhaps it wasn't "a good idea to turn the most successful country in the history of the world over to the grievance faculty at Harvard."  Still, that is what we have done.  And we have ended up with a parade of over-educated and under-experienced perpetual children who don't think twice before dressing a grown man up in footie pajamas.

The politicization of Christmas:
OFA Video Teaches Parents How to Inject Obamacare into Christmas Dinner.  Just a week before young adults return home for the end of year holidays, Organizing for America is debuting a video imploring parents to interrupt their time with their children to promote the benefits of Obamacare in a last-ditch attempt to ease millennial dissatisfaction with President Obama.

Obama bombs Facebook with pro-Obamacare missives.  "Next time you hear from the Obamacare naysayers in your life, here's something you can send them... 29,000 Americans successfully signed up in just the first two days of the week," says the Dec. 7 announcement from Obama's "Truth Team"[.]  The email is signed by Erin Hannigan, the health care campaign manager for the president's Organizing for Action nonprofit.

ObamaCare Talking Point Survival Guide.  [T]he White House, via Organizing For Action, is encouraging the Zombie Faithful to shanghai dinner. [...] OFA Talking Point #1:  Healthcare.gov has had difficulties but the state exchanges are working well.  Rebuttal:  HA-HA-HA.... Like Oregon?  They spent $45 million, give or take a million — who's counting? — and signed up the same number of people clamoring to see Michelle on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a thong.

OFA Wants You to Fight to Raise Minimum Wage, Won't Pay You to Do It.  Organizing for Action is looking to sign people up for its spring 2014 fellowship program, which will teach them "best practices in the areas of community organizing, media relations, and grassroots fundraising."  The sign-up page allows users to select to volunteer either 15 or 40 hours per week.  But they won't be receiving compensation for their efforts.

Organizing for Action Asks Followers to Hold 'Newtown Anniversary Events'.  On December 14, Americans will mourn on the one year anniversary of the massacre of school children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.  The Newtown Massacre sparked a failed push by Democrats and their allies to pass new laws through Congress that would restrict gun ownership.  With that anniversary approaching, President Barack Obama's political arm, Organizing for Action, is urging followers to hold a "Newtown Anniversary event" with the aim of reminding the public of the need for stricter gun laws.

Barackobama.com urges Newtown anniversary parties.  Organizing for Action (OFA), which lives at the web address barackobama.com because it is an outgrowth of the Obama presidential campaigns, is shamelessly seeking to exploit the deaths of school children at the hands of a maniac in Newtown, CT.  I am beyond words.  How low can you go?

Why is President Obama trying to politicize the holidays?  The administration knows many people will be unfamiliar with the etiquette of discussing national health care at Thanksgiving.  So Organizing for Action, the president's political committee, has created a strategy sheet and suggested talking points.  "Take advantage of downtime after meals or between holiday activities to start your talk," OFA advises.  It's especially important, the tip sheet says, to use special circumstances that might arise during a family celebration to press the case for health care.  For example, one OFA tweet showed pictures of a young man wielding a big knife to carve a turkey.  That was followed by a picture of the man with a bandage on his hand.  "Food-related injuries happen a lot this time of year," the message said.  "It's a good time to talk about getting coverage."

Michelle Obama's idea of Thanksgiving table talk: Push the Obamacare.  So this is how first lady Michelle Obama imagines Americans should spend their Thanksgiving dinner:  Talking about Obamacare.  That's her call to supporters, via an email invitation to Democratic Party backers, The New York Post reported.  "As you spend time with loved ones this holiday season, be sure to talk with them about what health care reform can mean to them," she said, in the email that contained 14 talking points that could be raised. [...] Mrs. Obama's tips are posted on an Internet site operated by Organizing for Action, called "Health Care for the Holidays."

Texas Enroll America official resigns after proclaiming Obama loyalty in video.  The Texas communications director for Enroll America has resigned after a conservative watchdog group posted a video of him discussing his Democratic leanings. [...] In the video, [Chris] Tarango tells an actor posing as a Democratic operative that he is helping out with a Texas House race on the side, "so that's about as partisan as it gets."  He says that many people who worked for Organizing for America, the grassroots arm of Obama for America during the 2012 campaign, ended up working for Enroll America.

The Spectacular Collapse of Obamacare's Holiday Propaganda Blitz.  The Affordable Care Act's Hindenburg-like debut has been characterized a series of spectacular failures, the latest being an attempt by President Barack Obama's political arm, Organizing for America, to furnish their followers with effective pro-ACA talking points.  This army of true believers was instructed to bombard their unsuspecting kin with counterpoints to deflect the unceasing stream of bad ACA news screaming at them from the television set.

Michelle Obama's 14 Obamacare talking points for Thanksgiving dinner.  First lady Michelle Obama not only wants Americans to consider signing up for Obamacare during their Thanksgiving get-togethers, she's also offering tips on how to talk about it and wants feedback.  In a fundraising note to supporters that also cheered her husband's economic and global warming efforts, the first lady urged supporters of the president's grassroots group Organizing for Action to share their Obamacare experiences.

OFA: Be sure to use Thanksgiving dinner to convince relatives to buy a plan on the ObamaCare exchange.  Believe it or not, these soulless robots have prepared an actual talking-points memo for the occasion replete with tips on how to plan your "talk."  My favorite:  "Integrate the talk into family time."  Good advice — and for my money, the more dramatic the integration, the better.

Obamacare Conference Call Spoiled by Website Failure.  President Barack Obama held a conference call Monday meant to whip up support for Obamacare, but many supporters who logged onto the Organizing for Action website to listen in experienced technical problems instead of the President's inspiring words.

'More than 100 million Americans already successfully enrolled'.  President Barack Obama told a conference-call audience of progressive volunteers on Monday evening that 'more than 100 million Americans' — in a nation of less than 314 million — have successfully signed up for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act.  And at a time when his signature legislative initiative's website has made the White House the butt of jokes, the website hosting the conference call was plagued with its own connection errors and other malfunctions.

'Healthcare for the Holidays': Obama's New Campaign.  Obama concluded a telephone call last night [11/18/2013] with 200,000 soldiers in his Organizing for America (OFA) army — the outfit that got him re-elected in 2012. [...] Obama vowed to tackle the ObamaCare enrollment deficit by doing what he does best:  approaching it as a campaign.  He is relying on hundreds of thousands of OFA mercenaries from the War of 2012 to enroll as many people as they can in the next few months.

Morose Obama asks his base for psychological intervention.  A downbeat President Barack Obama repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse of Obamacare.  The distracted president railed against opponents and at one point appeared to forget the number of people in the Obamacare system during the rambling quarter-hour address.

Obama Romneyizes the Republicans.  Virtually every Obama tweet demonizes the tea party.  Last week, within minutes of the collapse of the Obama-Boehner talks, the tweeting robot called "Barack Obama" had hung the collapse on the "tea party."  Wednesday morning [10/16/2013] (with even the New York Post cover depicting Uncle Sam going over Niagara Falls on the "Brink of Disaster"), the machinery that runs @BarackObama rolled into view.  It's the former Obama re-election apparatus, which has shape-shifted into a 501(c)(4) group called Organizing for Action.  From the Barack Obama Twitter feed at 10 a.m.:  "Be a part of @OFA'S Twitter takeover and tell Congress to #EndThisNow."

Only 2 People Attend 'Obamacare and You!' Event in South Carolina.  Last night [10/10/2013], the organization formerly known as President Obama's reelection campaign, Organizing for Action, held an Obamacare event in Greenville, South Carolina.  The event was called "Obamacare and You!"  "Let's discuss what this Affordable Care Act means for you and your community.  This session will help you understand the benefits and will equip you to spread the word about the benefits of Obamacare in your community.  Come out and get the facts!!," the event advertisement said.  But it wasn't widely attended.  Only two people, in addition to the two organizers, showed up.

What a coincidence: Single ObamaCare success story is [an] OFA volunteer.  Allahpundit told the story yesterday about how our intrepid national media searched high and low in this nation of 330 million people to find someone, anyone who could figure out how to actually buy coverage through the ObamaCare exchanges.  After putting out an SOS, the Washington Post finally found Chad Henderson, and so did the Wall Street Journal, Chattanooga Times/Free Press, the Huffington Post, and even "POLITICO!", as Henderson himself announced later yesterday [10/3/2013].

Confirmation of Paid Democrat Trolls?  On Thursday, Democrat tool Chad Henderson claimed to have enrolled in ObamaCare while most others' attempts failed.  News organizations eagerly lapped up his story.  Apparently, though, the story was "too good to check," because when someone finally did, it fell apart, discrediting Big Media, the Democrats, and ObamaCare.  Conservative and libertarian websites now are reporting the corrected story, and even some Big Media outlets reluctantly are reporting it.  But almost as devastating to the left is Mr. Henderson's confession that he is being paid to post pro-Democrat propaganda on the internet. [...] He claims to be employed as a "Volunteer at Organizing for America."

Astroturf: Media's Obamacare Poster Boy is OFA Volunteer.  "Surprise:  Media's Obamacare health insurance exchange poster boy is OFA volunteer" — that's Organizing for Action, spun-off from the Obama presidential campaign, as spotted by Twitchy: [...]

OFA Admits Polls Show Obamacare [is] Unpopular.  One of the featured speakers on an Organizing for Action (OFA) conference call Wednesday night designed to generate enthusiasm for President Obama's signature health care legislation among community organizers around the country, admitted on the call that Obamacare is unpopular in polls.  The speaker, identified as David Cutler, advised those on the call to "help people" by banishing the term Obamacare and using the program's formal title, the Affordable Care Act, when encouraging friends and family to enroll.  The Affordable Care Act, he explained, polls much better than Obamacare.

The Editor says...
Mr. Obama himself, during last year's debates with Mitt Romney, appeared quite proud to see that the ACA was colloquially known as Obamacare.  He told Mitt Romney that he didn't object to that name at all.  That's because he is a narcissist.  It is the OFA and the left-wing grassroots who are trying to turn people away from the use of the term "Obamacare," because Barack H. Obama's popularity is decreasing steadily, and Mr. Obama is now getting the blame, not the credit, for getting the ACA enacted.

The DNC Goes Broke.  [Scroll down]  Organizing for Action (OFA), Barack Obama's former campaign apparatus reincarnated as a nonprofit advocacy group, has emerged as a fierce competitor for donor dollars.  Last March, Fred Wertheimer, head of Democracy 21, a campaign finance reform group, aptly described what OFA is all about.  "It is operating as an arm of the presidency and it's funded by private money including large contributions and bundlers raising large amounts," he explained.

Why is the OFA buying ads to "save" the GOP from Ted Cruz?  Organizing for America [is] buying time on the lead show in the lineup for the mouthpiece network of the administration and doing so where it would get the highest chance of activating a viewing activists to call congress & urge the GOP to reconsider.  It's one thing for a network to exploit a disagreement in a party to gin up its core viewer base it's quite another for a political organization to pay for direct ads urging the faithful to tell their political foes not to jump off a cliff and destroy itself.

OFA Uses Navy Yard Shooting to Fundraise.  Organizing for Action, the non-profit group that branched off the Obama campaign, used this week's Navy Yard shooting to ask supporters for donations in an e-mail.  The e-mail asks supporters to "chip in today" after supporters sign an online petition to push for more gun-control measures.

OFA Propaganda: GOP should stop opposing Obamacare.  President Obama's campaign-turned-"advocacy" arm Organizing for Action has apparently been busying itself this summer with organizing poorly attended rallies concerning such political duds as climate change and gun control, but their most mainstream effort has gone toward helping the Obama administration with the oncoming "soft launch" of the Affordable Care Act by spreading the news about how totally awesome the whole thing is.

Obama's Grassroots Army 'Missing in Action' on Syria.  Organizing for Action, Obama's famed campaign apparatus turned independent advocacy group with millions of members, has been conspicuously silent in the debate over Syria.  The group's aggressive social media machine, which in the past has used info-graphics, web videos and online petition drives to educate its supporters and rally the ranks, is nowhere to be found.

OFA Fail: No Immigration Reform Activists Show Up For Republican's Town Hall.  Last week, Organizing for Action, an outside political group promoting Obama's agenda, used its local New Jersey Twitter account in an effort to organize supporters to appear at a [Frank] LoBiondo event in Cape May to show support for an immigration overhaul.  Jason Galanes, LoBiondo's spokesman, notified event organizers and local police that protesters might be in attendance.  It turns out, the extra security wasn't necessary.  "No one showed up," Galanes said.

Hope and change: Obama's Organizing for Action drags out Columbine for gun control.  Organizing for Action, the Obama-themed organization dedicated to promoting the administration's agenda, has sent an email to its distribution list exploiting the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre.  The stated purpose of the email is to drum up support in Congress for new federal gun control measures.

Meet the privileged Obama supporting white kids who perpetrated cruel Oberlin race hoax.  Dylan Bleier, one of the two students, organized a voter registration drive on behalf of Obama before the 2008 election.  That voter drive is still listed on the website for Organizing for Action, the non-profit group whose mission is to advance Obama's agenda.

All Barack and No Populist Bite.  On Tuesday [8/13/2013], I visited the offices of two local congressmen:  Cincinnati's Steve Chabot and Northern Kentucky's Thomas Massie.  My self-appointed mission was to observe appearances by protesting members of Organizing for Action, the now supposedly "independent" entity which until late last year ran President Barack Obama's presidential campaigns.  All of OFA's protest visits "just so happen" to target 135 Republicans characterized as "climate deniers."  As a result, on Wednesday, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, one of the very few real heroes in what used to be the world's greatest deliberative body, announced an investigation into whether OFA has violated the Hatch Act's prohibition against engaging in political campaign activities.

Senator Launches Probe to See If WH Violated Hatch Act to Promote Climate Agenda.  U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (O-Okla.) has launched a probe into potential Hatch Act violations by the White House in its climate agenda advocacy.  Inhofe today [8/14/2013] sent letters to EPA Regional Administrator Curt Spalding and White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Chair Nancy Sutley probing apparent coordination between CEQ and the Organization for Action (OFA) on events today pushing the president's climate change agenda and the potential violation of the Hatch Act.

For 'Action August" Little Obamanists harangue "Climate Deniers".  The cadre serving under the banner of Organizing for America have declared this month "Action August," and the marching orders were issued for the Little Obamanists to stage rallies and blizzard their neighborhoods with flyers and postcards about Global Warming. [...] Key to Action August is the effort to shame members of Congress who oppose the president's environmental agenda, but also to stick them with the label:  "Climate Denier."

Report: Zero Attendees at Organizing for America Climate Change Rally.  On Tuesday, Organizing for Action (OFA) organized an event in Washington, D.C. to promote President Barack Obama's climate change agenda.  Reportedly, no one showed up. [...] OFA kicked off its "Action August" with a pro-Obamacare rally in Virginia that did a tad better — one person showed up to that rally.  The invitation to the Washington, D.C. rally has also been removed from OFA's website.

OFA sets a new attendance record!
OFA Gets Zero Attendance for Climate Change Rally.  Not a single person showed up at the Georgetown waterfront Tuesday [8/13/2013] for a climate change agenda event put on by Organizing for Action, the shadowy nonprofit advocacy group born out of President Obama's 2012 campaign, the NRCC wrote in its blog.

Obama group: 'Gravity exists. The Earth is round. Climate change is happening'.  Organizing for Action, the advocacy group born from President Obama's reelection campaign, has a simple message for its 35 million Twitter followers as it seeks political support for the White House's climate agenda.

The Editor says...
Nobody disputes the fact that the climate is changing.  But the climate didn't start changing after the Industrial Revolution.  It has always changed, and industrial activity has very little or no connection to those changes.  And the only reason they call it climate change is because they can't tell if the temperature is going up or down.  That's how much it's changing.

OFA Extends Cult with ObamaCare Birthday Wishes to Barack.  Obama's organizing arm, OFA, not only wants me to know that Sunday is Barack's Obama, but also that I should be politically active in "honor" of the event.  This creepiness is beyond the ability of science to measure.

Obama Recruiting Radicals in High Schools.  Barack Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army.  Organizing for America (OFA), formerly Obama For America, is recruiting in our high schools to "build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda" — that is, his agenda of socialism for the United States of America.

Obama Using Public Schools To Recruit Agenda Advancing Interns.  A rather disturbing document surfaced on the Internet Saturday with grave implications concerning how the Obama administration is recruiting interns from public schools to assist in advancing the President's agenda along with his desire to get Democrats including himself elected.  Even scarier, the internship application recommends participants read Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."

Ohio High School Accused of Promoting Political Agenda in Classroom.  An Ohio high school teacher's giving students job applications for a Democratic organization that included suggested radical reading material has raising concerns of indoctrination in the classroom.  The government teacher at Perry High School in Massillon, Ohio, handed out forms recruiting students to intern for Organizing for America, a grassroots organization with direct ties to the Democratic National Committee and the successor organization for Obama for America.

DNC Organizing to Destroy U.S. Healthcare.  Organizing for America, a propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee, is lying to Americans about leftists' proposed so-called reforms of the healthcare system.

Organizing for America and the DNC:  ACORN 2.0.  Investigative reporter Carol Greenberg's work inside Obama's Organizing for America has already helped expose the OFA's connection to ACORN and its network of top Democrat party insiders.  Greenberg's latest article explains the OFA plan to deploy rapid response teams to Ohio ahead of the elections.  Any liberal discussion of Ohio includes the sentiment that "Ohio is ground zero for the left."  Long a playground for groups like ACORN, they conducted voter experiments, filed lawsuits against the state and their voter fraud shenanigans led to a civil RICO suit brought by the Buckeye Institute.  ACORN's settlement of the case required that it surrender its business license in the state.

The ACORN Thugocracy:  The intimidation by police of a woman at a public event because she didn't support Big Government healthcare "is a glimpse of our future," Glenn Beck said Monday [7/27/2009].  Beck reported that at a healthcare rally organized by the Democratic Party's "Organizing for America" arm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ACORN directed police to silence a woman who disagreed with President Obama's socialist healthcare scheme.

Union mobocracy drowns out democracy in Wisconsin.  [Scroll down]  Republican legislators were often surrounded and threatened by cursing demonstrators; protesters repeatedly disrupted the legislative process; and chanting, screaming, horn-blowing crowds took over the rotunda and other parts of the capitol.  Outside agitators were shipped into the state by President Obama's Organizing for America, the SEIU and other national unions, and the organization formerly known as ACORN.  As events reached a crescendo, demonstrators broke past security police, breaking windows and forcing doors open in mob actions clearly intended to bring Wisconsin government to a stop and to nullify the results of last November's elections.  Worst of all, many credible death threats were received by Republican legislators and are now being investigated by Wisconsin law enforcement authorities.

Obama Seeks New Social Media Mouthpiece.  The Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America — the successor organization to Obama for America — are seeking a "social networks manager" to oversee Obama's accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  The ideal new hire, according to the official job description, will possess "strong, sharp and personable" writing skills, as well as the ability to craft messages that "move people to act" and managing multiple "complex" projects.

Obama Campaign Workers Caught in Election Fraud Scandal.  Project Veritas, the group headed by James O'Keefe and known for undercover video operations, has released a new investigation that exposes Obama campaign workers, including a Regional Field Director at Organizing for America (OFA), engaged in election fraud.  Announcing the release, James O'Keefe said, "These individuals showed no concern whatsoever when our investigators declared their intention to vote multiple times for President Obama.  In fact, they were happy to help, even going so far as to provide the forms necessary to commit the fraud and offering advice on how to avoid getting caught."

DNC, Obama Now Astroturfing Talk Radio.  The shameless media manipulators at the DNC have a new campaign designed to promote Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.  As with previous campaigns, the "Kagan for Justice Action Center" is run via a special website set up by Organizing for America.  It encourages people to write letters to the editors of newspapers nationwide (And we can presume that, as before, local newspapers will publish DNC talking points without realizing it).

Obama activist is connected to vote fraud in Houston uncovered by local Tea Party group.  The [Washington] Examiner first reported on this weeks ago, and that was followed by this Fox News report, but a local Tea Party group appears to have uncovered some serious allegations of vote fraud by a group run by an SEIU official.  Blogger Patterico takes a closer look at the story and finds that the group is also connected to controversial activist with Obama's Organizing for America campaign group.

Organizing for America can Recruit in New York Schools but the Boy Scouts Can't.  The Boy Scout's law conflicts with the Obama agenda, and a title of honorary president of the Boy Scouts is more of a hassle than it is an honor of Obama.  If Obama could find a way to use the Boy Scouts as community organizers, a sudden interest would appear.

Liberal Media Concludes Size Doesn't Matter.  The widely publicized, heavily subsidized "One Nation" rally was Saturday in Washington, D.C.  As has been openly admitted by the organizers, which included the AFL-CIO, the SEIU and Obama's perpetual campaign organization Organizing for America, this rally was held in the same place and at basically the same time of the day as Glenn Beck's 8/28 "Restoring Honor" rally, specifically to demonstrate the depth of support for the president's program.  The convention organizers had a number of advantages, perhaps the greatest being that the buses bringing in demonstrators were apparently subsidized by the rally organizers.

Vocal minority greet Howard Dean at town hall.  Groups backing President Obama's healthcare overhaul filled the 2,700-seat gymnasium where Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) held his healthcare town hall with more than enough supporters to drown out a small but vocal minority of opponents.  Organizing for America and Change that Works turned out supporters, handed out signs, gathered signatures and turned the town hall meeting into something that resembled a campaign rally.

Dem Astroturfing Campaign Targets Conservative Talk Radio.  Organizing for America  — the campaign arm of the Obama administration — is rolling out the astroturf in an effort to get liberal voices heard on the nation's most popular (i.e. conservative) talk radio shows.  The campaign is called "On the Air."

Organizing Kids for Obama.  Obama is using the public schools to recruit a private army of high-schoolers to "build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda."  We now know that Obama's "agenda" is to move the United States into European-style socialism.  Obama's Internet outreach during his campaign, Obama for America, has been renamed Organizing for America (OFA) in order to recruit students to join a cult of Obama and become activists for his goals.

Astroturfing:  Obama plans to flood conservative talk radio with liberal talking points.  Organizing for America, the powerful activist organization with some 13 million email addresses that grew out of the Obama campaign, has launched a new website ... The purpose of the website is supply the President's supporters with liberal talking points on health care reform.

Long after Election Day, major donors keep giving to Obama.  The Obama organization, which is in the process of transitioning to a nonprofit entity called Organizing for America, transferred $5.5 million to the campaign itself, which will employ the campaign's assets, including its valuable supporter databases, to advance the president's legislative agenda.  That nonprofit will be able to take contributions in unlimited amounts from corporations and wealthy individuals, a first for a sitting president, and one that critics say opens the door to influence-peddling.

The Editor says...
If you send a politician money, but he isn't running for re-election, does that not have the appearance of bribery?

Obama's 'Organizing for America' Pose as Official Registrars in Virginia to Register Students?  President Barack Obama got his start as a community organizer, working with groups like ACORN and other corrupt activist groups.  ACRON [sic] eventually collapsed under the weight of its own corruption, but their tactics live on.  Organizing for America, the DNC project to reelect Barack Obama, is working to reelect the President.  The President isn't very popular right now for any number of reasons, Obamacare, the economy, unemployment, his seeming fetish for apologizing to people who hate us or kill our troops, $5+ trillion in new debt, etc., etc.  Whatever the case, Organizing for America has a steep hill to climb in front of it.  Given the President's affinity for, and past with ACORN, it's not surprising that OfA would be caught using ACORN tactics.

More about ACORN.

Something "fishy" when Obama's Organizing for America plays doctor.  [Scroll down]  Behind the public stage is the staging of Obamacare that really matters.  It's called Organizing for America (OFA), and its main hallmark is deceit.  In their own words, this is how OFA is fighting "insurance companies" and "partisan attack groups" they accuse of "stirring up fear with false rumors about the President's plan".  "So we've cooked up an easy, powerful way for you to make a big impression:  Office Visits for Health Reform."  That's right.  The OFA comes right out an admits to their activists that their Office Visits for Health Reform are "cooked up".

See Obamacare is based on a pack of lies.

A perpetual campaign?  Yes, he can.  It was a welcome call to end the partisanship that has gripped the political process — but a prescription rendered utterly meaningless when, just minutes after finishing the speech, Obama's permanent-campaign organization dispatched a mass e-mail soliciting, yes, campaign funds.

Obama Letting It Ride on a Bad Bet.  In his State of the Union, the president waxed eloquent about the baleful climate of what is commonly called the "permanent campaign" mindset in Washington.  This was an interesting line of attack from a man who has never disbanded his campaign operation, Organizing for America, and who responded to the Scott Brown election by bringing his campaign manager into the White House.

Obama's crocodile tears over the "perpetual campaign".  It turns out that almost before the TV lights went out in the House chamber following his SOTU address, the administration sent out a fund raising appeal to the millions of supporters in the president's personal political army, Organizing for America.

Theme of "Together We Thrive" T-shirt came from Obama's Organizing for America.  University of Arizona brass did not originate the "Together We Thrive" T-shirt.  They merely recycled it for Obama — and recycled it in time for what should have been a dignified Memorial for the dead.  If you were a mourner who took home a "Together We Thrive" T-shirt have a look at the bottom of your shirt.  "Rocking America and Rocking the Vote" is a common theme of the DNC, and it's right there on your Memorial T-shirt memento.  Welcome to the era of Obama, where cheering and standing ovations, for the first time in history, became part of the Requiem for the Dead.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2013 by Andrew K. Dart

Organizing For Action

Time For Patriots To Declare War On Antifa Terrorists.  The time for President Trump to take action on ANTIFA in labeling the organization an international terrorist organization is long overdue.  It is an international terrorist group, since it also operates in many European countries as well as the United Kingdom aside from the US.  ANTIFA is only part of a much larger spiderweb of anti-American terrorist groups, all founded and organized by Barack H. Obama and run via the central organization known as Organizing For Action.  ANTIFA along with Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org, the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood, just to name a few are all part of the massive Obama organized and managed sphere of influence, all of which are financed by George Soros.

Obama political arm to merge with Holder-run group.  President Obama's political organization is merging with Eric Holder's National Redistricting Action Fund, giving it control of the vaunted list of supporters, donors and volunteers that Obama and his team built over more than a decade.  Organizing for Action (OFA) will fold itself into the Holder-run group, and the merged organization, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), will kick off a campaign, dubbed All On The Line, to promote redistricting reform and participation in the 2020 Census.  The efforts ahead of the decennial reapportionment and redistricting process that begins next year, and that will have a major effect on the apportionment of electoral college votes and congressional districts.

It's Time to Get Real About Our Enemies.  [Scroll down]  Federal support for radicalism exploded under Obama.  He illegally transferred money from the U.S. Treasury — some $500 million, not small seed money — and distributed it among leftist nonprofits like La Raza, to create havoc in the name of social justice.  His own organization, Organize for Action, for which he raised money as president, has a database of 2 million volunteers.  We are talking about billions of dollars in total and tens of thousands of professional activists — or more.  That pays for a lot of agitation, lawsuits, demonstrations, and "resistance."  That's why the country is in turmoil.

Eavesdropping on Obama's revolutionary guards (Organizing for Action).  There is nothing like the local coffee shop near my home to hear the unvarnished truth.  Tuesday morning, I was sitting with my morning brew reading how wonderful it was that the Dodgers got slam dunked, when a group of 12 folks, mostly in their 20's, and the leader in her forties, orders and they sit across from me at a large table and hold their meeting.  They are the true believers; door bell ringers for the Democratic candidate for the California Assembly in my district.  The leader was real piece of work, white, sour faced, short hair, no makeup, black jeans and black tee, and wearing a black and white "Palestinian" keffiyeh around her neck, and carrying a notebook with the OFA (Organizing for Action) logo.  Yes, Obama's own Revolutionary Guards.

Obama's army takes on Trump.  Walk into Organizing for Action's new hipster downtown hardwood space here, and there's no big picture of Barack Obama, just a deep blue wall with a giant "OFA" painted in white. [...] Fresh off a huge win for anti-Trump forces in the Obamacare repeal fight, the Democratic activist group is gearing up for its next showdown this fall — battling President Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts with the same state- and district-focused strategy it employed on health care.

Obama-linked activists have a 'training manual' for protesting Trump.  An Obama-tied activist group training tens of thousands of agitators to protest President Trump's policies plans to hit Republican lawmakers supporting those policies even harder this week, when they return home for the congressional recess and hold town hall meetings and other functions.  Organizing for Action, a group founded by former President Barack Obama and featured prominently on his new post-presidency website, is distributing a training manual to anti-Trump activists that advises them to bully GOP lawmakers into backing off support for repealing ObamaCare, curbing immigration from high-risk Islamic nations and building a border wall.  In a new Facebook post, OFA calls on activists to mobilize against Republicans from now until Feb. 26, when "representatives are going to be in their home districts."

The GOP should do something!  This seditious plot is organized by Barack Hussein Obama from his compound in D.C. and financed by billionaire George Soros, who favors a one-world government.  Obama has boasted of his 30,000-strong OFA (Organizing For Action), with 250 offices throughout the country to resist and persist.  In effect, they are organized to resist the will of the people who legally elected President Trump.  When President Trump delivered an executive order to ban immigration from seven hotbeds of Islamic terrorism, Obama delivered his orders to resist and obstruct to his henchmen in those 250 urban areas.  Likewise, his propaganda arm, the mainstream media and the press, along with Soros Brownshirts (antifa), sprang into action with violent protests while activist Obama-appointed judges nullified the order.

Racist Obama Caused Dems' Downfall, Not Hillary.  As president, Obama started a private foundation, which he calls Organizing for Action, which trained 30,000 millennial street activists, as many as half from immigrant families.  He funneled his campaign experts and donors to this left-wing army, leaving normal liberal politicians on their own.  Most of them went down to defeat, but Obama never changed course.  He was not interested in building the Democrat Party, but in taking it over.  Thanks to Obama's community organizing from the White House, America now has a hardcore, violent, progressive vanguard, which the useful idiot Democratic Party leaders and media are applauding as "the Resistance."  This is Obama's lasting legacy.

People Just Saw What Obama Has Been Doing in DC — It's Worse Than We Thought.  We have never seen a former President do this before.  Label a current sitting President as an enemy within and go after him to destroy him.  It should not surprise anyone in the least that Barack Obama would do this.  It was the plan all along to salvage his legacy and destroy Donald Trump, so the left could seize power again.  Obama has 30,000 activists for Organizing For Action on speed dial.  He has a war room set up in his mansion, not two miles from the White House, to plot the demise of Trump.  He's not hiding any of it by the way.

Obama's Role in Undermining Trump's Presidency.  If Congress is looking for something to investigate, it should perhaps start first with the shadow apparatus that Obama has erected for himself after leaving office.  Our former president has set up shop just a couple of miles from the White House, and brought along his top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, who has reportedly moved into the Obama's new home.  Obama is continuing to influence Washington, D.C. and nationwide politics through the mobilization of tens of thousands of volunteers under the umbrella of Organizing for Action (OFA).  Oddly, on Twitter, Obama continues to identify himself as president, rather than as a former president.  "Unbeknownst to most Americans, Barack Obama is the first ex-president in 228 years of U.S. history to structure and lead a political organization, a shadow government, for the explicit purpose of sabotaging his successor-duly elected President Donald Trump," writes Scott S. Powell for American Thinker.  Obama's group, OFA, has been organizing with the Soros-linked Indivisible.

TRUMP: Obama Is Behind The Protests, Maybe The LEAKS Too!  President Trump bluntly stated earlier this week that he believes Barack Obama is behind both the protests and the leaks.  I believe he is exactly right.  People shoot back that Obama was on vacation during most of this.  Since when has that stopped him?  And it is even more likely that it is Valerie Jarrett behind all of this.  It has her fingerprints all over it.  Barack Obama has an army of 30,000 activists in OFA at his beck and call.  Trump made a big mistake by not firing everyone connected to Obama immediately after being elected.  There are even some Republicans who could be in on it.  It's not a conspiracy... the leaks are happening and so is the sabotage.

Obama, Organizing for Action, and the Death Throes of the Democratic Party.  Political correctness remains so dominant in language and culture in the U.S., that no one dares utter the word "sedition."  Unbeknownst to most Americans, Barack Obama is the first ex-president in 228 years of U.S. history to structure and lead a political organization, a shadow government, for the explicit purpose of sabotaging his successor — duly elected President Donald Trump.  The primary vehicle of this campaign is Organizing for Action (OFA), legally founded in January 2013 by First Lady Michelle Obama and her husband's 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, with input from David Axelrod.  Being respectful and accepting loss when your team doesn't win — essential for the functioning of any electoral representative democracy and a fundamental lesson every child used to learn through playing competitive sports — has been destroyed by the left and appears no longer relevant for many in today's millennial generation.

Obama's fingerprints are all over recent town hall protests.  By now you've seen the coverage of the progressive protests at congressional town halls across the country.  Are these protests organic or organized?  The answer is a little bit of both.  Two organizations are taking the lead in organizing town hall protests.  The first is a group of former Democratic congressional staffers calling themselves "Indivisible."  The second is a group founded by Barack Obama from the remnants of his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns called Organzing for Action (OFA).  Both groups look to recreate the success of the Tea Party movement in affecting public policy and elections.

Shadow President Plans More Disruption, Chaos and Violence.  Former President Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his generously funded agitation outfit, Organizing for Action, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and violent polarization.  It is a chilling reminder that the increasingly aggressive, in-your-face Left in this country is on the march.

Obama-linked activists have a 'training manual' for protesting Trump.  An Obama-tied activist group training tens of thousands of agitators to protest President Trump's policies plans to hit Republican lawmakers supporting those policies even harder this week, when they return home for the congressional recess and hold town hall meetings and other functions.  Organizing for Action, a group founded by Obama and featured prominently on his new post-presidency website, is distributing a training manual to anti-Trump activists that advises them to bully GOP lawmakers into backing off support for repealing ObamaCare, curbing immigration from high-risk Islamic nations, and building a border wall.

Organizing for Astroturf.  Obama's Personality Cult is organizing and staging the protests against Trump and Republicans.  They even have a manual.

Obama-linked activists have a 'training manual' for protesting Trump.  An Obama-tied activist group training tens of thousands of agitators to protest President Trump's policies plans to hit Republican lawmakers supporting those policies even harder this week, when they return home for the congressional recess and hold town hall meetings and other functions.  Organizing for Action, a group founded by Obama and featured prominently on his new post-presidency website, is distributing a training manual to anti-Trump activists that advises them to bully GOP lawmakers into backing off support for repealing ObamaCare, curbing immigration from high-risk Islamic nations, and building a border wall.  In a new Facebook post, OFA calls on activists to mobilize against Republicans from now until Feb. 26, when "representatives are going to be in their home districts."

Leaked Emails:  Dem State Leaders Think Obama's New Organizing Army is [Bad].  It is difficult to overstate just how enraged state Democratic activists and leaders are with Organizing for Action (OFA), the political and community-organizing army that grew out of Barack Obama's presidential campaigns.  The nonprofit, which functions as a sort of parallel-Democratic National Committee, was founded to mobilize Democratic voters and supporters in defense of President Obama's, and the Democratic Party's, agenda.  Instead, the organization has drawn the intense ire, both public and private, of grassroots organizers and state parties that are convinced that OFA inadvertently helped decimate Democrats at the state and local level, while Republicans cemented historic levels of power and Donald J. Trump actually became leader of the free world.  These intra-party tensions aren't going away, especially now that OFA "relaunched" itself last week to protect the Affordable Care Act, boost turnout at congressional townhalls, and train grassroots organizers gearing up for the Trump era.

Obama's Shadow Presidency.  Former President Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his generously funded agitation outfit, Organizing for Action, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and violent polarization.  It is a chilling reminder that the increasingly aggressive, in-your-face Left in this country is on the march. [...] What is Organizing for Action?  It is a less violent version of Mussolini's black shirts and Hitler's brown shirts, or of the government-supported goon squads that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Castro brothers used to harass and intimidate their domestic opponents.

Surprise: Obama joins the attack on Trump's presidency.  On February 11, 2017, Paul Sperry, of the New York Post, reported on Barack Obama's plans to continue his efforts to fundamentally transform our country.  Obama supports the demonstrations against President Trump and supports the efforts of "Organizing for Action," a 501(c)(4) entity to attack the Trump presidency.

Sperry: Obama Organizing Violent Anti-Trump Protesters Just Miles from White House.  Paul Sperry writes that former President Barack Obama is setting up a "shadow White House" in Washington, DC, for organizing anti-Trump protests nationwide and "rebuilding the ravaged Democrat Party."

How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump's presidency.  In what's shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn't just staying behind in Washington.  He's working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular "America First" agenda.  He's doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action.  Normally you'd expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama's OFA.  Rather, it's gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.

Obama's party-building legacy splits Democrats.  For years, the former president's popularity among Democrats stifled any public critiques of his stewardship of the party — a period in which the party suffered tremendous losses at the state and local levels.  But now that Obama and the political operation that succeeded his campaign, Organizing For Action, have expressed interest in playing a role in the task of rebuilding, it's sparking pitched debates over how much blame he deserves for the gradual hollowing out of a party that now has less control of state-elected positions than at any other time in nearly a century.  That degree of mistrust — rooted in the idea that OFA was always primarily interested in advancing the president's political interests, often at the expense of the party — is already showing signs of hampering Obama's former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as he pursues the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.

Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House.  Obama can no longer be commander-in-chief.  Instead he's plotting to become organizer-in-chief.  The infrastructure for the organization was put into place long before anyone thought that Hillary might lose.  Organizing for Action gave him his own organizing hub.  If Hillary had won, it would have been a pressure group.  Now that Trump won, it's an axis to build a personal counterrevolution around. [...] While the leftist rioters in the streets are garnering the most attention, the real threat comes from the network of staffers dubbed Obama Anonymous which are beginning to organize and coordinate.  OFA is Obama's equivalent of the Clinton Foundation.  The Clintons built Clintonworld around staffers, but its goal was harvesting money.  Obama Inc. is being built around organizing and activism.  Like Clintonworld, it will be a network encompassing a variety of political and non-profit institutions.  Unlike them, it will be much less focused on directing money to its bosses in preparation for an election.  Instead it will function like a traditional leftist movement, merging influence operations with crowdsourced mobilization.  OFA will be far more dangerous in the wild than the Clinton Foundation ever was.  The Clintons hoped to ride back to power on a giant wave of money.  Obama is taking a much more radical course.

'Blizzarding:' Obama's plan to plow under GOP critics.  President Obama's grassroots organization has developed a plan called 'blizzarding' for his supporters to plow into neighborhoods and communities to sock GOP critics of Obamacare, gun control, and climate change as part of its "Action August."  While other elements of Obama's Organizing for Action are planning high-tech and expensive assaults in August on GOP lawmakers, the 'blizzarding' strategy calls on small groups or even individuals to promote the president's agenda with a door-to-door campaign followed by hyped up social media.

OFA Attracts One Person for ObamaCare Event.  Organizing for America, the advocacy off-shoot of Barack Obama's reelection campaign, has declared August as a month of "action."  It is taking a page from the Tea Party playbook and trying to show grass-roots support for Obama's agenda.  Its first event on Sunday [8/4/2013], Barack Obama's birthday, was to promote the benefits of ObamaCare.  In Northern Virginia, a base of support for Obama, it attracted one volunteer.  One.

Economy not on Organizing for Action's 'Action August' agenda.  Organizing for Action, the nonprofit organization assembled from the remnants of President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, is pushing for the president's second-term agenda during a month-long "Action August" of advocacy and fundraising — but don't expect to hear about the economy.

OFA embraces tea party blueprint for August push.  If Organizing for Action's plans come together, 2013 will be its turn to make trouble for members of Congress back home in their districts. [...] OFA's preparing a range of under-the-national-radar tactics in conjunction with heading for town halls.  Rallies, distribution of fliers and district office demonstrations will be aimed at drawing the same sort of local attention that tea party groups managed four years ago, hoping to spook members of Congress worried about the 2014 midterms.

OFA Chair on Immigration Reform: We're Going to Force It Through the House'.  Barack Obama's former campaign manager who now heads an advocacy group promoting the President's policy initiatives said the group will try to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the House of Representatives.  "We are going to force it through the House," said Jim Messina, the chairman of Organizing for Action, according to the Washington Post.

Organizing for America plans to celebrate Obama's birthday by promoting Obamacare.  For President Obama's 52nd birthday this year, his former campaign operation — now a non-profit activist group — wants to rally his supporters in favor of Obama's favorite liberal causes in the month of August.  The group plans an "Obamacare Day of Action" on August 4, using the president's birthday to inspire activists for a month long protest.

The Editor says...
This is exactly the behavior you'd expect in North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela.

Obama talks economy, but directs aides to immigration, Obamacare.  In several pending speeches this week, "I'm going to talk about where we need to go from here; how we need to put behind us the distractions and the phony debate and nonsense that somehow passes for politics these days, and get back to basics," he told the members of his Organizing for America group, which serves as his year-round campaign force.

Report: Obama to meet with pro-White House advocacy group.  President Obama will meet on Monday with members from Organizing for Action (OFA), the pro-White House political advocacy group formed from the remnants of this 2012 campaign operation.  Obama will deliver remarks and answer questions at an OFA dinner Monday evening in Washington.

Organizing for Action raises $8.2M in second quarter.  Organizing for Action (OFA), the group spun off of President Obama's reelection campaign, raised $8.2 million in the last three months, the group announced Friday afternoon [7/12/2013].  That represents an uptick in donations from earlier in the year.  OFA raised $4.9 million during the first three months of 2013, which was viewed as a slow start for the group.

The ObamaCare Spin Machine Revs Up.  There's been a recent flurry of activities attempting to boost the Affordable Care Act.  In mid-June, for example, President Obama's "Organizing for Action" group reportedly spent seven figures on TV ads (in California, Florida and Texas) claiming, "Americans are already seeing the benefits" of health-care reform.  Also in June, the administration and an allied nonprofit, Enroll America, described how hundreds of thousands of community organizers will sign up seven million uninsured people for health coverage, once registration for subsidized insurance starts Oct. 1.  Then on July 2, the administration dropped a bombshell, delaying the employer mandate for a year.  Even Democrats were taken aback.

Only Eight People Show Up to Organizing for Action Immigration Rally.  On Monday [7/1/2013], only eight people showed up to a pro-immigration reform event held by Organizing for Action (OFA), the policy advocacy group that was formerly known as the 2012 Obama reelection campaign.  According to a Huffington Post report, the group could only entice "eight people to rally outside of the Merillville office of Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-ID) on Monday to push the congressman to support reform."  The Indiana Democrat has opposed a "pathway to citizenship" in the past.

Now the defense of marriage begins.  A couple of hours after the decisions were announced, President Obama's Organizing for Action sent an email to supporters stating that the rulings were "a call to action."  "This is a fight we will win," Mr. Obama's team announced.  "We will go state by state if we have to.  And OFA is going to be there every step of the way."

OFA talking points: Don't mention cost or impact of Obama's environmental policies.  An environmental official working on behalf of Organizing for Action, the Obama administration's advocacy group, sent out a memo to supporters and pro-Obama pundits, warning them to avoid using "economic arguments" to defend the president's new policies that could put a damper on coal plants and the Keystone Pipeline project.  Ken Berlin, who is General Counsel for the Coalition for a Green Capital and chairman of OFA's Energy and Environment Team, also warned people to not "over-promise on the impacts taking action will have."

Obama to speak at July OFA summit.  President Barack Obama will speak to an Organizing for Action summit July 22 in Washington, Obama's political arm announced Friday [6/21/2013].  Obama is to appear at OFA's "Action August" summit, at which OFA will "plan for and discuss the action we will be taking during the August congressional recess."  Obama will speak twice to the invite-only audience, once to the assembled OFA members and a second time during a "working dinner" with OFA leaders.

OFA Anti-Gun Rally Draws Three People.  Last Friday [6/14/2013], Organizing for Action exploited the six-month anniversary of the Newtown shooting.  They mobilized their supporters for a series of anti-gun rallies across the country.  In San Bernardino, that call to action was answered by three people.

Newtown family member sends out email plea for gun control on behalf of Obama lobbying group.  Six months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, the daughter of the school's principal sent out a plea on behalf of President Obama's legislative lobbying group to keep pushing for gun control.  Erica Lafferty, whose mother Dawn Hochsprung, died trying to stop the shooter, sent out an emotional plea in an email on behalf of Organizing for Action, asking people to sign onto an online petition aimed at pressuring Congress to pass gun control legislation.

The Editor says...
Apparently OFA is trying to keep the Newtown shooting in the news as long as possible.  I suspect this is probably an effort to divert attention away from the numerous Obama scandals.  At the very least, it is an attempt to capitalize on someone else's misfortune.

Obama Campaign Reignites Gun Fight.  With an email today [6/14/2013] from the daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the group formerly known as the Obama reelection campaign, Organizing for Action, is reigniting the fight over guns in America.

Which Database: OFA or NSA?  The Breitbart piece was titled "Breitbart Flashback: Maxine Waters Reveals Obama's Secret Database Filled with Voters' Private Info."  Although what Rep. Waters described seems eerily similar to the recently leaked NSA secret database, she was not referring to the NSA, and not necessarily to anything "secret."  Waters and her interviewer specifically identified the keeper of the "powerful" database that she described as "Organizing for America" ("OFA") — Obama's campaign machine, which at the time was being restructured as a 501(c)4 and renamed "Organizing for Action."

Rep. Waters: Obama Campaign Database Has Information on 'Every Individual'.  Earlier this year, in an interview with TV One, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) praised President Barack Obama for putting together a campaign database that "will have information about everything on every individual."  "And that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it's never been done before," Waters told "Washington Watch" host Roland, referring to Obama's "Organizing for America," which was changed from a campaign organization to a 501(c)(4) called Organizing for Action.

Why is Obama's OFA group seeking exemption?  Via Liberty News, why Issa and company haven't been hammering this point since the first hearing on the IRS scandal, I'll never understand.  One of the left's most persistent defenses of the agency over the past month, long before the memo came down about "GOP overreach," is that the IRS was simply overzealous in a good cause.  Too many groups are abusing tax exemption under section 501(c)(4), a provision designed for "social welfare" groups, by engaging in electoral activities while keeping their donors hush-hush.

Obama Signs Fundraising Email for 'Non-Partisan' Organizing for Action.  Today [5/29/2013], President Obama personally became re-involved in his former campaign organization's new incarnation Organizing for Action.

Obama, Democrats Misfire on Guns.  President Obama made gun control a priority after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  After months of speeches that demonized the National Rifle Association, the gun bill failed in the U.S. Senate last month. [...] A poll released by The Washington Post and the Pew Research Center one week later showed only 47 percent of respondents were "disappointed" that the Senate failed to advance a bill to expand background checks to gun shows and online sales.  Part of the problem is how the bill was pushed by Obama and his political arm, Organizing for America:  People who own guns were condemned in shrill, strident terms that puzzled people who own guns, and even those who don't.

OFA's first foray falls short.  President Barack Obama's man in North Dakota couldn't pitch in to help shame Sen. Heidi Heitkamp for her vote against gun control — he was busy with his new job selling Toyotas.  Organizing for Action's top Montana official wouldn't canvass the state to turn up the heat on Sen. Max Baucus because there was no reimbursement for the gas money.

Team Obama calls global warming doubters 'crazy'.  The president's recently formed grass-roots campaign operation revealed Thursday that it plans to attack Republicans who question radical global warming hype, dubbing them "crazy" purveyors of "far-fetched conspiracy theories."  In a fundraising memo from President Obama's re-election campaign manager, Organizing for Action slammed "climate deniers" and their doubts, which Jim Messina compared to the nutty things a crazy uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner.

Fact-checkers rip Obama group's claim on climate change 'hoax' vote.  A recent video from a President Obama-aligned group is under fire from fact-checkers for claiming hundreds of House members voted to call climate change a "hoax" — namely, because they didn't.  The video from Organizing for Action cleverly splices together quotes from Republican climate change skeptics while building up to the factoid about the vote, which was on an amendment to a broader bill in 2011.  The video then includes the following text:  "Number of House members who voted in 2011 that climate change was a 'hoax': 240."  The amendment, though, did not include the word hoax, and the circumstances of the vote were far more complicated than the video portrayed.

Obama team kicks off climate change push.  President Obama's allies at Organizing for Action kicked off their campaign for climate change legislation with a video attacking "climate deniers" such as Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, for being on the opposite side of the issue.  "In 2011, there were 240 members of Congress who voted to say that climate change is a hoax," OFA executive director Jon Carson reminded liberal activists in an email this morning.

Look who is purging their party now.  Until Monday, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., had been acting like a man seeking re-election — raising $1.5 million in the first quarter and attempting to distance himself from Obamacare.  But Baucus had just voted against the gun control measures that President Obama had been pushing.  And in response, Organizing for Action — the post-campaign version of Obama's campaign — announced it would be mobilizing activists to shame and pressure Baucus and the three other Democrats who had voted against gun control.

Obama's most fervent follower is himself.  In 2012, after scoring an impressive re-election win, Mr. Obama apparently thought he solved the puzzle.  He needed more organization, like he had in the election.  Obviously, everyone loves what he has to say, Mr. Obama reasoned, but he needed to translate that love into action.  So he rebranded his presidential campaign into his own personal grass-roots operation, Organizing for Action.  Action item No. 1?  Gun control.

Obama's Political Army Targets Sen. Ted Cruz's Office for Direct Protest.  Tonight after the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, President Obama called on Americans not to "rush to judgment against groups of people."  The president applies such thinking when terrorists strike and kill, but not to Americans who happen to disagree with him.  He spent Wednesday afternoon yelling at Americans who disagree with him on gun ownership.  Saturday, the political army that answers directly to Barack Obama and no one else, Organizing for Action, will muster in Dallas to target Sen. Ted Cruz for disagreeing with him on gun ownership.

Big Government Mind-Readers.  [Cindy Simpson] wrote recently about the controversy over Obama's "Organizing for Action," and posited that its power lies not in the White House access granted to big-dollar contributors, but the other way around — the ability of the White House (or other OFA designates) to access the data gathered and maintained by the OFA.  Many analysts have attributed OFA's "list," described as "the most sophisticated voter database in history," as the primary force behind Obama's second win.

Billionaires, Rappers, and Former Lobbyists Give to OFA.  [Scroll down]  Disclosed donors include hedge fund billionaire S. Donald Sussman and real-estate mogul Wayne Jordan, contributing at least $50,000 each.  Both have been supporters of the Democracy Alliance, an organization backed by major progressive donors that steers donor dollars to dark-money groups that disclose very little about their funding sources.  Michael Kempner, chairman of the lobbying firm MWW, also gave at least $50,000 to OFA. [...] The organization also accepted a $15,466 in-kind contribution for office space from the National Education Association, which is where OFA has been headquartered.

Democracy Alliance Members [are] Big Contributors to OFA.  President Barack Obama's connection with the network of dark money donors known as the Democracy Alliance has carried over to his dark money advocacy group Organizing for Action (OFA).  The husband of Rep. Chellie Pingree (D., Maine), billionaire hedge fund manager S. Donald Sussman, contributed at least $50,000 to OFA.  Sussman has deep connections to the Democracy Alliance.  Pingree came under fire for riding on Sussman's private jet in 2010.  Another Democracy Alliance mega donor, Wayne Jordan, also contributed at least $50,000 to OFA.

Chairman of Lobbying Firm Is Major OFA Donor.  One of the "founding members" of President Obama's dark money group, Organizing for Action (OFA), is Michael Kempner, chairman of public relations and lobbying firm MWW Group.  Kempner was one of the top donors to the group, donating $50,000.  Kempner was a national finance chair for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign; he took a major fundraising role with the Obama campaign after Clinton suspended hers.  He was registered as a lobbyist until 2008.

Lobbying for Action.  Organizing for Action, which has pledged not to take money from lobbyists and says on their website that they will not engage in lobbying, has registered as a lobbying group in New York state, according to public records.  "We anticipate Organizing for Action will exceed the $5,000 threshold for lobbying," OFA Chief of Staff Grant Campbell wrote in a letter to the state's ethics commission on March 27.  OFA, President Barack Obama's dark money group, recently joined with two other New York lobbying organizations, the Public Campaign Action Fund and Citizens Action of New York, to advocate for New York campaign finance reform legislation.

Not so gran marcha.  Obama's new high-tech political machine, Organizing for Action, doesn't seem to have played a huge role in the rally.  It declared a "week of action" on immigration, but that was last week.  (You missed it?)  Why is OFA not making its presence known on the President's biggest possible domestic legislative achievement?

Organizing for Action loses bid to control website domain.  Organizing for Action, President Obama's nonprofit advocacy organization, has sought to be nimble as it ramps up a national effort to back his agenda on gun control measures and immigration reform.  But it appears the group didn't move swiftly enough to protect its presence online.

Fowl Play.  [Scroll down]  Our first reaction was that it's funny OFA is still asking for $5 donations when it's also renting the president for 100,000 times that.  It's like some Silicon Valley hot shot spending the morning meeting with venture capitalists and the afternoon panhandling on the street.  Some of our fellow writers had other interesting reactions.  "What's neat about this is that it's a pure appeal for political warfare," one wrote.  "The particular issues involved are secondary, mentioned in passing or not at all.  The point is to fight Obama's opponents, period."

Lobbying for Fun and Nonprofit.  Organizing for Action's efforts on behalf of legislation in New York state may fall under that state's definition of lobbying, requiring registering with the state and the disclosure of activities, according to campaign finance experts.  OFA, the nonprofit formed out of President Barack Obama's successful campaign, recently joined with two other New York lobbying groups, the Public Campaign Action Fund and Citizens Action of New York, to push for New York public election financing and other legislation championed by Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Organizing for Millionaires.  My friend Jim emailed me Wednesday.  "Friend," he wrote, "I want to make one thing absolutely clear:  We're up against a whole lot more than just opposition in Congress."  Jim — that's "Mr. Messina" to you — ran President Barack Obama's reelection campaign.  Now he's chairman of Organizing for Action, a nonprofit formed under section 501(c)4 of the tax code.  Organizing for Action is able to raise unlimited money, does not have to disclose where that money comes from, and engages in "issue advocacy" ("Tell Congressman Smith to grab guns"), but not "express advocacy" ("Vote against Congressman Smith because he likes freedom").

An Instance of the Permanent Campaign.  The 2014 Congressional campaign began on the day after the 2012 election, and President Obama's re-election campaign was seamlessly transformed into a vehicle to support Democratic Congressional candidates.

You didn't really think Obama's Chicago crowd would stop fundraising, did you?  The PAC is called Organizing for Action, which in the tradition of Windy City politics not coincidentally will provide ongoing employment for numerous Obama loyalists.  So, get those credit cards out right now.  Wednesday's message to millions of Obama fans was from Jim Messina, addressed to "Friend" and crudely headlined [...]

One Year Ago Today, Obama Promised to Expedite Keystone XL.  A day before the one-year anniversary of President Obama promising to expedite the Keystone XL pipeline in Cushing, Okla., his campaign arm Organizing for Action accused Senate Republicans of launching a "backhanded environmental attack."  But proponents of the pipeline charge the administration is attacking the project through endless delays and unfulfilled promises.

OFA organizing birthday parties for Obamacare.  Obama group Organizing for Action is urging supporters to celebrate the third anniversary of Obamacare at local events where they will talk about how to support the law's implementation in the months to come.

The Perpetual Campaign: How Obama's Left-Wing Partisans Plan to Invade and Destroy Texas.  With much fanfare and hullabaloo, President Obama's former campaign, Organizing for Action, recently launched a 10-year effort to turn red Texas into a true swing state.  The plan, officially unveiled in a meeting in Austin on February 26 by Obama operative Jeremy Bird, hails the onset of Battleground Texas.  Texas is not a swing state, at least not yet, but Battleground Texas intends to treat it like one in a sustained and systematic way so that it becomes one.

Jim Messina: Obama Never Attacked Fox News, Rush Limbaugh.  In another video from Talk Radio Network chief investigative reporter Jason Mattera, Barack Obama's 2012 campaign manager and director of Organizing for Action Jim Messina denies that Obama has ever attacked Fox News or Rush Limbaugh — a funny claim, considering the wealth of evidence to the contrary.

Some of that evidence can be found here.

OFA is taking porous campaign finance laws and exploiting them to the max.  In yet another defensive maneuver, OFA's new leader penned an op-ed reaffirming the group's commitment to transparency, thwarting special interests, and acting as a nonpartisan organization for advancing the president's agenda (is it me, or does that actually make no sense?) before speaking at the group's first meeting on Wednesday [3/13/2013], that quickly closed its doors on reporters.

Obama: Replace your Facebook profile picture with my gun control sign.  President Obama's grassroots campaign organization is pressing supporters to switch out their Facebook profile picture with a black and white gun control sign.  Organizing for America is distributing the digital signs that read:  "I am one of the 92 percent of Americans who support universal background checks."

Organizing for Action: Obama's broken transparency promises.  President Barack Obama campaigned on a new era of government transparency and crusaded against deep-pocketed special interests, so it's highly disappointing to see him now blatantly sell access to the White House.  The conversion of his campaign into a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization mocks the very campaign finance laws the president argued needed to be strengthened in the first place.  Organizing for Action, which is raising millions of dollars to support the president's legislative agenda, is walking the finest of lines between a "social welfare" organization and a full-fledged political campaign.

Obama meets with new advocacy group.  President Obama on Wednesday [3/13/2013] cemented his relationship with a new advocacy group set up to back his second-term agenda, underscoring the unprecedented role the nonprofit is playing as an outside arm of the White House.  In his first speech to Organizing for Action since its January launch, Obama urged former campaign donors, staff and volunteers to channel their resources and energy into the new entity.

Obama: 'I actually wanna govern, at least for a couple of years.'.  President Obama, speaking at his campaign-turned advocacy group, contradicted media reports that his primary focus right now is setting up House Democrats to retake the majority in the 2014 midterms.  "It's not about 2014," Obama told Organizing for Action this evening, per the pool report.  "I actually wanna govern, at least for a couple of years."  He added that "If a senator or congressman from a swing district is about to take a tough vote on immigration or guns, they need to feel supported."

Obama asks Organizing for Action to help him pass his policy agenda.  President Obama on Wednesday night [3/13/2013] pleaded with some of his most enthusiastic campaign backers to mobilize support for his domestic policy agenda, telling them, "I actually want to govern."  The entreaty came in Obama's first address to Organizing for Action, the nonprofit group formed from his reelection campaign, as it kicked off a two-day summit to chart its future.

Organizing for Action 101.  President Obama will speak to a collection of wealthy donors and activists Wednesday evening at a luxury hotel near the White House.  The event is called the "Founders Summit," and it is the second major donor meeting for the president's new dark money group, Organizing for Action (OFA).  Reporters will not be permitted to attend the speech.  The tax-exempt 501(c)(4) has drawn scrutiny from liberal watchdog groups and the New York Times editorial board for, among other things, a reported scheme that would grant donors who give or raise $500,000 quarterly meetings with the president.

Fewer Than 100 Attend OFA's Opening Session.  Fewer than 100 people attended the opening session of the two-day "Founders Summit" for Organizing for Action, the 501(c)(4) restructuring of what was formerly the Obama reelection campaign.  Reporters had access to the opening session, which featured speeches by founders Jim Messina and David Plouffe, but not the ensuing private sessions.  The Washington Post noted the low attendance Wednesday morning [3/13/2013].

The Hidden Purpose of Organizing for Action — Obama's New Political Action Group.  Today in Washington, D.C., major donors to the Obama campaign are meeting with the president at a $50,000 per person fundraiser on behalf of the ongoing campaign's new so-called "grassroots" organization, Organizing for Action. [...] The official statement is as non-threatening as possible, hiding what is particularly unique and different about this group.  Those visiting its website will not be made aware that no American president has ever put together a group such as this.  In essence, it is the campaign organization continuing on after the last election, now focused on promoting outside pressure towards a left turn by the nation.

OFA leader: 'We are not a partisan organization'.  Top donors, volunteers and organizers for President Barack Obama's new nonprofit met Wednesday [3/13/2013] at a Washington hotel to discuss how the group can stay active and relevant in the president's second term — but Obama and the group's leader swears the effort is nonpartisan.  "I want to say a word about what we aren't:  We are not a partisan organization," said Jon Carson, a former White House official who is now serving as the executive director of Organizing for Action.

Organizing For Action Is NOT Non-Partisan.  Organizing For Action used to be Organizing For Obama, in other words, his campaign machine.  Now that he's been re-elected OFA has re-branded as a non-profit, tax-exempt entity which laughably claims to be non-partisan.  It's being run by Jim Messina who ran Obama's 2012 campaign and they now control Obama's official Twitter feed but we're supposed to believe they're a "non-partisan" organization?  Please.

White House denies OFA is selling access to Obama.  The White House is strenuously denying that Organizing for Action, President Obama's former re-election campaign that morphed into a nonprofit group, is selling access to the president despite the group's own coy implications and his cooperation with it.

Critics hold the line on pro-Obama lobbying group: 'Shut it down'.  Organizing for Action has given up corporate cash, but watchdog groups won't be satisfied until the pro-Obama nonprofit is shut down for good.  The lobbying group, which was built from the remnants of President Obama's reelection machine, has come under intense pressure from good-government advocates who say it's ripe for corruption.

OFA: The Organizing of America.  [Scroll down]  In fact, it seems the DNC is no longer holding the leash, but is the one wearing the collar.  Organizing for Action appears to be Organizing for Obama, and perhaps the DNC is now the ONC:  the Obama National Committee.  OFA's launch was "the subject of chatter among Democratic activists and strategists," wrote the Los Angeles Times, "who predicted that it could upend the party's power structure... and challenge the party itself as a center of influence."

Messina: Obama may meet with OFA donors amid controversy.  Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said Friday that President Obama may meet as soon as next week with donors to the nonprofit group that has sprouted from the remnants of his reelection campaign.  The possible meeting comes as watchdog groups and Republicans have accused the White House of selling access to the president through the outside group, Organizing for Action (OFA), which accepts unlimited individual donations.

W.H.: 'No set price' for meeting with Obama.  There is no "set price" to meet with President Obama, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday amid continued outcry over the role of Organizing for Action, the outside group supporting the president's agenda.  "Any notion that there is a set price for a meeting with the president of the United States is just wrong," Carney said during his daily briefing.

The fire sale at the White House.  Bubba was a piker.  The Clinton White House sold sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom that were cheap at the price.  Barack Obama is auctioning off access to His Grandiosity for really big bucks.  Unlike Hillary, Michelle doesn't even have to straighten up the room and make up the bed when the guests leave.

Secret Obama Group Won't Disclose Secret Meeting Location.  A controversial dark money group recently created to promote Democratic policies and officials has refused to disclose the location of a secretive donor meeting it will hold in Washington, D.C., next week.  Organizing for Action (OFA), a 501(c)(4) advocacy group created by President Barack Obama's former campaign manager, will hold an event called the "founders summit" in a Washington hotel on Wednesday, March 13, according to an NPR report.

Creepy: Obama OFA Responds To Being Caught Using Spambots on Twitter To Push Gun Control.  [Scroll down]  Ms. Slack, the author, seems not to have had any hesitancy with simply publishing the response of OFA without question.  Of course, why should one doubt the word of OFA?  They are a new "non-partisan" "grassroots" organization who doesn't support any candidates, despite the fact that their agenda, according to their first tweet, is to pass the agenda of Barack Obama.

Want to meet Obama? It will cost you $500k.  One of my favorite scenes in Lincoln takes place at the White House.  Petitioners from across the United States wait in the lobby for an audience with the president. [...] Those days are over — needless to say.  Unless, that is, you happen to have a spare $500,000.  In which case you too can meet with the president, on a quarterly basis, provided the $500,000 finds its way to Organizing for Action (OFA), the nonprofit, social welfare organization "established to support President Obama in achieving enactment of the national agenda Americans voted for on Election Day 2012."

Obama Talks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth on Campaign Finance.  Last Friday, a story by Nicholas Confessore of the New York Times revealed that President Obama's political team is trying to raise $50 million to fund the conversion of his reelection campaign into Organizing for Action, a "powerhouse" new national lobbying group.  The story said that at least half of the organization's budget will come from a small number of well-connected donors who each raise or contribute more than $500,000.  In return, those donors get a spot on a national advisory board, the right to attend quarterly meetings with the president and access to other White House meetings.

President Obama doesn't (really) care about campaign finance reform.  Organizing for America, the new grassroots lobbying and advocacy organization being run by top aides to the 2012 campaign, has set a budget of $50 million with at least half of that total coming from large checks written by a handful of very wealthy donors, according to the New York Times' Nick Confessore.  The group has also been set up as a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, meaning that it can not only accept unlimited donations from individuals but that it is under no requirement to disclose the sources of those contributions.

Leaked Email Shows True Intent Of Obama's Organizing For Action.  First, let us revisit the description of Organizing for Action given to us this week by White House Insider [...]

Carney Flees Podium When Cornered About Obama's Pay-For-Access Scheme.  [Video clip.]

OFA Email: Attack Congressional Republicans on Sequester.  The email pushes the boundaries of the standard that defines allowable communications that can be sent out by "issues advocacy" social welfare non-profit groups organized under Section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue code.  In effect, Wednesday's OFA email constitutes one of the first campaign ads of the 2014 mid-term Congressional elections, sent by a partisan Democratic organization billing itself as a social welfare group.

Organizing For Corruption.  As if it weren't bad enough already that President Obama has decided to keep his campaign machine active as a tax-exempt, "social welfare organization" to advocate his political agenda, it's a fact that anyone who writes a check for $500,000 sits on OFA's "national advisory board" and gets face time with the president four times a year.  That's a lot of access from a president who refuses to answer questions from the press about his actions and rarely ever holds press conferences.  It also renders White House spokesman Jay Carney's blunt denial that the president is selling access for cash total baloney.

OFA Sells Access to President Obama for Anyone Who Donates $500k.  On Saturday [2/23/2013], the New York Times reported that Organizing for Action — the Obama for America presidential campaign structure recently re-organized as a 501 c 4 tax-exempt "issues advocacy" non-profit — is offering access to President Obama to any donors (individuals or corporations) who contribute $500,000 to the group.

Left-wing group urges Obama to shut down campaign apparatus.  The president of the United States should close down his new lobbying, advocacy and fund-raising organization, says a left-wing group that has long sought to reduce the role of donations in politics.  "If President Obama is serious about his often-expressed desire to rein in big money in politics, he should shut down Organizing for Action and disavow any plan to schedule regular meetings with its major donors," said Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, which helped pass the 2002 campaign finance law.

We've already established what you are, Mr. President.  Now we're just haggling over the price.
Why a Duck?  Federal law prohibits any donor from giving more than $5,200 to a candidate in a given election cycle.  The limit for contributions to political parties is an order of magnitude higher, at $32,400.  But there's no limit on contributions to a 501(c)(4) corporation.  OFA could charge $5 million for access to the president if the market would bear it.

Chuck Todd on OFA Fundraising: 'This Just Looks Bad'.  MSNBC's Chuck Todd criticized Monday the new fundraising efforts of President Obama's dark money group, Organizing for Action, calling a scheme for high donors to meet regularly with Obama "the definition of selling access."  Todd was describing the quarterly meetings that will be enjoyed by OFA's $500,000 donors, the New York Times reported over the weekend.

White House denies selling access to President Obama to wealthy supporters.  The White House may call OFA "independent," but it's a thinly veiled outgrowth of Mr. Obama's reelection campaign.  It was created immediately after the election by people such as Jim Messina, Mr. Obama's former campaign manager, to build grassroots support for the president's second-term agenda, such as gun control and immigration reform.  OFA's executive director, Jon Carson, formerly ran the White House office of public engagement.  Its spokeswoman, Katie Hogan, was a deputy press secretary for Mr. Obama's reelection campaign.

Organizing For Amerika, One Moron At a Time.  Big Guy's former political reelection arm, Organizing For America, has morphed into "Organizing for Action."  It's still "OFA" so they can keep the cool logo!

Exclusive: Obama Fails to Register 'OrganizingForAction.net'; Site Points to NRA Home Page.  At the beginning of the year, President Barack Obama's new 501(c)4 political nonprofit, Organizing For Action, was launched with all the usual bells and whistles.  But the tech wizards at OFA forgot one important rule in today's Internet world:  Register all the iterations of your website address before someone else does.  Now Obama's team is filing complaints against the folks smart enough to get the addresses before he did.

Obama selling White House access to wealthy donors who support Organizing for Action.  The group 'Organizing for Action' is a reorganized version of President Obama's 'Organizing for America' campaign juggernaut — now a tax-exempt "advocacy" group where federal contribution limits don't apply.  According to the Times, wealthy donors who give $500,000 or more get to join the group's "national advisory board" which allows them to attend quarterly meetings with the president "along with other meetings at the White House."

White House denies claims that a $500,000 donation 'buys' face time with the president.  The White House defended itself today after suggestions that high-dollar donors to President Obama's new non-profit advocacy group would 'buy' face time with the Commander-In-Chief. [...] There have been reports that those who contributed more than $500,000 to his cause would be invited to quarterly meetings with the president in a pay-to-play.

Obama's new political group to lure unlimited donations.  The fledgling Organizing for Action says it will be nonpartisan and steer clear of election activity.  But the line between issue disputes and electoral politics can be a fuzzy one.  The first of an expected wave of ads on gun control, for example, has targeted only Republicans.  And OFA board member Jim Messina, who managed Obama's reelection campaign, has been talking with Democratic Party leaders, including those responsible for success in the 2014 midterm elections.

Obama's Backers Seek Big Donors to Press Agenda.  President Obama's political team is fanning out across the country in pursuit of an ambitious goal:  raising $50 million to convert his re-election campaign into a powerhouse national advocacy network, a sum that would rank the new group as one of Washington's biggest lobbying operations.  But the rebooted campaign, known as Organizing for Action, has plunged the president and his aides into a campaign finance limbo with few clear rules, ample potential for influence-peddling, and no real precedent in national politics.

OFA Email Asks for Anecdotes of Gun Violence.  The former campaign apparatus of Barack Obama, Organizing for Action, sent out an email requesting recipients send back stories of gun violence which they have experienced.  Sami Rahamim, the author of the email, encourages readers to share their stories to prove to Congress that America needs "sensible solutions" for expanded gun control legislation.

Permanent Campaign: Obama Speech Launches 'Organizing for Action' Nationwide.  As President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address, activists involved in his new non-profit advocacy group, Organizing for Action, gathered in local meetings around the country to watch and cheer him on.  The new 501(c)4 organization, which is an offshoot of his re-election campaign, aims to support the president's policies and to project the power of the White House beyond Washington into local communities and media.

How Organizing for Action Plans to Keep Obama's Foot Soldiers Enlisted.  The latest configuration of the universe of Barack Obama's allies:  a policy-focused, chapter-based non-profit called Organizing for Action.  "Here's the plan:  Our team leaders and team members, we're putting you in charge," Jon Carson told a crowd of more than a thousand Obama campaign veterans gathered in a frigid Washington ballroom on Sunday [1/20/2013].  Headquarters can supply tools, training, and connections — "but we are going to challenge you to lead it.  We are going to challenge you to organize it.  And we're going to challenge you to pay for it."

Not all Democrats are pleased about this new "Organizing for Action" thing.  Obama & friends only dislike the role of well-funded and corporate interests in politics, when it's politically profitable to say so.

New Obama group Organizing for Action says it's non-partisan.  President Barack Obama's new nonprofit Organizing for Action insists that promoting the White House's legislative agenda can't be counted as "partisan political activity."  The organization on Wednesday [2/6/2013] quietly posted new guidelines on its website formally declaring its intention to stay out of campaign politics.

Looking For Organizingforaction.com? Sorry, Domain's Taken.  Obama supporters have developed a reputation for being tech savvy, but they may have dropped the ball on this one.  Organizing for Action, the advocacy group founded to enable Obama 2012 campaign supporters to lobby lawmakers and the public on issues of importance to them, has failed to register its own domain name.

Moments After Inaugural Address, Obama Launches Battle Machine.  Shortly after delivering one of the most divisive inaugural addresses in American history, President Barack Obama doubled down on his ram-it-through strategy by sending out an email on behalf of his newly-converted permanent campaign instrument, Organizing for Action.

Obama Incorporated.  Organizing for Action pledges on its website not to "be involved in anyway in elections" or — no joke — "partisan political activity."  501(c)(4) groups can engage in lobbying and electioneering but do not have to disclose the identities of their donors.  They are precisely the sorts of organization, in other words, that at one point in the not-so-distant past Barack Obama expended considerable energy condemning.

Another theory about Obama's domestic army.  How do authoritarians and totalitarians usually gain power?  One of the tried-and-true methods is to foment social chaos.  It happened in the Bolshevik revolution.  It happened in Adolf Hitler's Germany in the 1930s.  It happened in Mao's "cultural revolution."  It's important to understand — and this is hard for most of us — that crime and mayhem and lawlessness are actual goals of transformational socialists.

Michelle Obama is a left-wing political activist and is therefore fair game for criticism.
First lady re-launches 'Obama for America' as 'Organizing for Action'.  The newly restructured group is expected to launch as a 501(c)4 activist organization, which is prohibited by federal law from having politics as its primary purpose.

Long after Election Day, major donors keep giving to Obama.  The Obama organization, which is in the process of transitioning to a nonprofit entity called Organizing for America, transferred $5.5 million to the campaign itself, which will employ the campaign's assets, including its valuable supporter databases, to advance the president's legislative agenda.  That nonprofit will be able to take contributions in unlimited amounts from corporations and wealthy individuals, a first for a sitting president, and one that critics say opens the door to influence-peddling.

The Editor says...
If you send a politician money, but he isn't running for re-election, does that not have the appearance of bribery?

Non-Profit Organizing for Action Displays Obama Campaign Logo in Immigration Email.  Organizing for Action, the non-profit iteration of Barack Obama's campaign organization, decorated its first big email blast with the well-known campaign logo of Obama for America.

Unprecedented: Obama Campaign to Turn Itself into Non-Profit.  Never in U.S. history has a sitting president morphed his campaign team into a tax-exempt nonprofit designed to use its voter databases to ramrod a president's legislative agenda.  Until now.  On Friday [1/18/2013], First Lady Michelle Obama said the Obama campaign, officially known as Obama for America, will soon be turned into a 501(c)4 social welfare non-profit called Organizing For Action that can raise unlimited donations and will become "the next phase of our movement for change."

Will the Democratic Party survive Obama?  Democrats are even more concerned now that the Obama campaign has announced they will create a 501c4 non-profit entity to push Obama's agenda.  Fred Hudson, vice chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party, told National Journal:  ["]We need a unified organization that will bring about victories in 2013 and 2014, and we don't need to be splitting our efforts.  It's a recipe for how to lose an election.["]

Obama's strongest opposition may come from within — over spoils, not principle.  President Obama holds unprecedented sway over his own party — and yet the first signs of internal tension are already bursting into the open.  The news that he has turned his campaign into a permanent, non-profit organizing outfit to push for his policies has been greeted with frustration by members of the Democratic National Committee, who see the new "Organizing for Action" group as a competitor for fundraising dollars and power.

Democrats Grumbling About Obama Lobbying Shop.  Several of the president's top political advisers and the campaign's gold mine of a voter database will be housed not at the national party, but at a tax-exempt group called Organizing for Action.  It's the next phase of the year-round campaign apparatus formed after the 2008 campaign to capitalize on Obama's unprecedented grassroots network and help implement his agenda, only now it will be separate from the Democratic National Committee.

Big Money, Big Protest, Big Muscle: Obama's New Left-Wing Political Machine.  Democrats are already taking politics to a new level, creating parallel organizations to advocate for President Barack Obama's agenda and using their political clout to rearrange private business relationships to their liking.  American politics has never seen anything like it.

Obama's cashier's window?  For evidence that the permanent campaign has become embedded in our national life, look no further than President Obama's recent announcement that he is setting up a group to keep his supporters energized and enrolled for action in a second term.  To be called Organizing for Action, the group will harvest the rich data — e-mails and names — of the Obama foot soldiers who knocked on doors and got out the vote.

Unions, Hollywood open to bankrolling Obama's advocacy arm.  Labor unions and Hollywood donors are open to bankrolling Organizing for Action, the outside group that has been formed in support of President Obama's second-term agenda.  Traditionally one of the biggest donors to Democrats, unions are considering putting their financial weight behind the group as it tries to harness the grassroots power of Obama's reelection machine.

"Truth Teams" -- the 2012 version of "Snitch on Your Neighbor"

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Obama's henchmen in action:

The President's Hit List.  Those are some ugly details that [...] Kimberley Strassel has been turning up about the effort to smear Mitt Romney's campaign donors.  The dirt-digging exercise reflects the character of President Obama's re-election campaign, as well as what's really behind the drive for more "transparency" in political donations.

Businessman Says He Lost Hundreds of Customers After Attacks by Obama Campaign.  Businessman Frank Vandersloot, the CEO of Melaleuca, has been targeted by the Obama campaign after donating money to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. [...] Vandersloot revealed in an interview on Fox News that his business practice is being hurt by the attacks from the Obama team.  "Those people that I know well weren't affected by this [attack]," said Vandersloot.  "But for people who didn't know me, who are members of our business or customers, and they were reading this, then we got a barrage of phone calls of people cancelling their customer memberships with us."

Top Romney Donor on Obama's 'Enemies List': They're Stalking My Kids.  Romney donor Frank VanderSloot, one of the eight men detailed by the president's "Truth Team" by the campaign, was on with Greta Van Susteren on Friday night [5/11/2012].  Frank is discovering what it means to be on a president's "enemies list."

The liberal blacklist:
Report: Lovitz Put Career in Jeopardy by Critiquing Obama.  The Left routinely regales us of the horrors of the Blacklist, the time in history when speaking your mind politically could prevent you from working in the entertainment industry, or even spell jail time.  Yet there's little outrage when conservative entertainers share stories of losing gigs for not publicly declaring their allegiance to the Democratic party.

Obama's Rent-A-Thugs Storm Banks In New Shakedown.  The radicals who caused the mortgage crisis by shaking down banks for risky loans now demand they forgive those loans.  Bankers must fight this theft.

Where Are the Rolling Heads from NOAA?  NOAA law enforcement collected close to $100,000,000 in fines and seized goods from fishermen over the past several years.  The Department of Commerce IG investigated and found that only about $60M could be accounted for, while some $40M is just plain gone.  This is not taxpayer money, but money taken in huge chunks from fishermen for infractions, some very minor.  Claims by the fishermen of coercion and extortion were validated by the IG.

Obama recruiting young cadres.  Attention young people of diversity!  The leader has need for a youth corps.  So says the leader's dear comrade and consort.  Something like that is underway now.

Obama recruits an army of community organizers to ensure his reelection.  President Obama's election campaign is recruiting an army of determined community organizers to walk the streets of the nation's cities this summer and autumn in the footsteps of a young Chicago community organizer named Barack Obama.

The Left's Spring Offensive.  Communist Van Jones and MoveOn have begun training up to 100,000 activists across the nation in the fine art of terrorizing corporations and the general public in order to force change that the American people don't want.  The activists plan to disrupt shareholder meetings of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and 30 other large corporations.  They also plan to conduct "actions" against education lender Sallie Mae and businesses they accuse of profiting from student indebtedness.

Obama Becomes O'mobba.  In another historic first, President Obama's backers are actively whipping up mobs. ... The Obama campaign loves to boast about its use of Facebook and Twitter to push The One over the top last time.  With Facebook claiming 700 million members, the potential for political mayhem is huge.  This is David Axelrod's specialty of astroturfing.  Obama has become O'mobba:  he is the first president in history to give his official public blessing to "idealistic" anti-capitalist mobs.  There is no doubt that these organized "spontaneous" mobs will be used in the election campaign.  Be prepared to face nasty, vicious lowbrow mobs with iPhones and iPads.

Leftist Mob Mobilizes Against the GOP.  The Obama-backed "Occupy" movement has been working nonstop in New Hampshire bullying, intimidating, harassing, and provoking the Republican Party's presidential candidates.  It is the kind of unseemly, Latin American-style political activism that threatens to become a permanent feature of American politics if President Obama wins a second term.  It's also the classic Saul Alinsky "inside/outside" strategy.  Ensconced in the White House Obama appears to remain above the fray while his loyal minions on the outside of officialdom do their best to irritate and embarrass his Republican adversaries.

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