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If money from the feds is free, why not give everyone $100,000?  Most politicians in both parties adamantly disagree with President Trump on the need to achieve proper balance between quarantine and our livelihoods.  They want an economic and liberty nuclear winter, and they want it indefinitely — without investigating any of the science and data behind it.  At the same time, they want to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars "stimulating" a dead body with nothing to stimulate and don't appear to see any downside to accruing all this debt and risking market distortions.  So if that's the case, why not just give every American a year's worth of income?  Like all Kabuki theater in Washington, where Republicans agree with Democrats on 99 percent of an issue but fight truculently over the last 1 percent, both parties shook hands (I mean elbow-bumped!) on a $2 trillion stimulus today plus $4 trillion in Federal Reserve shenanigans.  The bill indiscriminately throws too much money in a black hole without better defining and studying the scope of the problem to come up with a better solution.  It solves nothing, bankrupts our nation forever, and still brilliantly manages to leave many people behind at the same time!

China Is Lashing Out Because Wuhan Flu Has Unmasked It To The World.  The Chinese communists are afraid.  You might not guess it from the invertebrate and borderline anti-national corporate media parroting Chinese state propaganda, but they are.  Beijing is shaken.  Their dream of dominating the globe eventually, with the slow overstretch and collapse of the Pax Americana, was considered a matter of destiny.  Then suddenly, it all was shaken.  A combination of incompetence, criminal negligence, and totalitarian suppression of a new devastating virus originating from the raw meat and wet markets of interior China let it rage through the globe.  The world's first postmodern global pandemic, preventable but not prevented, has so far already caused the deaths of more than 13,000 people, torched all the major power centers, decimated the service sector, pushed the global economy to the brink of an unprecedented recession, devastated the stock market, closed the borders of all the great powers, ended global cooperation on vaccines, and rocked the boat of globalisation in ways unthinkable since the peak days of the autarkic 1930s.  If this is the hegemonic order of the future superpower, then civilization is doomed.

Abolish the World Health Organization.  Way back on January 10, the official Twitter account of the World Health Organization declared that 'WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travelers to and from Wuhan, #China.'  The tweet went on to say that 'It is generally considered that entry screening offers little benefit, while requiring considerable resources.'  A follow-up tweet described how 'WHO advises against the application of any travel or trade restrictions on #China based on the information currently available.' [...] Two wrong tweets shouldn't call into the question the creditability of the World Health Organization, but the direction in which its director-general, Tedros Adhanom, has steered the WHO, and his unwillingness to diverge from Beijing's public pronouncements, should trouble the world.

This Too Will Pass.  Economists at Goldman Sachs are now predicting a decline of 24% in GDP for the second quarter, though with 12% and 10% rebounds in the third and fourth quarters.  Along with the illness and death itself, businesses and workers are suffering from lost income, and Congress is planning a $2-trillion relief package.  Individual investors have also been hit, and many who sell now may never return to the stock market — just as many bailed out after 2008 and did not participate in the 300% gain that followed the low of March 2009.  Altogether, the global economy is facing an enormous setback as a result of the coronavirus, and it may take several years or more to return to the highs of 2019.

Destroying America:  It's Not A Game.  The GOP Senate leaders could not pass a "shell" bill to enable a stimulus package aimed at mitigating the economic damage caused by the Chinavirus (COVID-19).  The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will be submitting a separate piece of legislation tomorrow.  "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" and, at this point, the Democrats have nothing left to lose.  At a press conference earlier in the day the president was optimistic about the way the deal was proceeding.  "They are very close to getting a deal done," Trump said.  "So I'd be surprised if they didn't and if they don't, I think frankly the American people will be very upset with the Democrats because the Republicans are ready to approve a deal.  The only reason a deal couldn't get done is pure politics."

Time To Step Back from Economic Suicide.  [T]he marketplace realities of a locked-down nonfunctioning economy are inexorable, absolutely deadly and unsustainable:  [#1] No matter how much money consumers have in their pockets, they cannot purchase what the economy does not produce; [#2] The economy cannot produce anything when people do not work; [#3] People either do not work or work less productively when the government has instructed them to stay home and paid them to do so, when they spend much of each day caring for their children because frightened politicians have closed the schools and when they must spend the rest of the day searching for ever-scarcer food and essentials as sellers' inventories are drawn down near to exhaustion.  What sense does it make to isolate people at home away from their jobs and to thereby create shortages that force them to stand in line at stores in close proximity to hundreds of untested strangers?

Let the Cruise Lines Sink.  It is quite possible that all of the major cruise operators will need to declare bankruptcy.  While Carnival's stock has dropped almost 80 percent since January, it still could go a lot lower.  All the way to zero, in fact.  And yet, at least one well-informed bank analyst now believes that Carnival is undervalued because it is too big to fail and will be thrown a giant buoy to stay afloat.  The moral hazard created by the bailouts of a decade ago are undeniable in the hubris of this note, which suggests that investors can ignore bankruptcy risk for virtually any stock in the economy, even one premised entirely on luxury, because the government won't let anything fail.

Crisis Socialism:  No Bailouts for Open Borders Globalists!  Why should working-class American citizens being laid off from restaurants, bars, grocery stores, ports, gyms, entry-level service jobs and gig economy contracts rescue one of the beltway swamp's most powerful corporate lobbies — backed by the planet's third-richest mogul, Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway multinational holding company owns massive stakes in American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and United?  Reminder:  Berkshire Hathaway walked away with $10 billion after the 2012 AIG publicly funded bailout.  How much more in private wealth will Bailout Buffett reap from a federal flight fright freakout?  This exploitative campaign to "stabilize" U.S. passenger carriers is about shoring up globalist profits, not patriotism.

Justin Trudeau's Canada Is Obama's Dream for America.  To adapt a phrase from Matt Margolis, Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.  Like his American counterpart Barack Obama, he is both a know-nothing and a do-nothing leader, and an unmitigated disaster to the well-being of his country.  For example, Trudeau's unconscionably late and incomplete response to the COVID-19 pandemic — the "19" tells us it has been known for quite some time — much like Obama's delayed response to the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, and his determination to keep an illegal border crossing open, are only the latest of his ill-gotten political escapades.  Indeed, like the Obama of 57 states and the Austrian language, Justin Trudeau is a full-blown ignoramus masking as an intellectual prodigy. [...] His major accomplishments prior to being elected to the highest office in the land were instructing snowboarding, practicing yoga, and substitute teaching high school drama classes.

Cheap TVs, Expensive Flu.  Thanks to "globalism" — i.e., cheap goods from China — we've gotten many wondrous things, for example:
  •   Toothpaste on American shelves made with a poison found in antifreeze.
  •   Toxic Chinese drywall installed in about 100,000 U.S. homes, emitting noxious fumes that destroyed electrical wiring and metal fixtures and sickened homeowners.  Replacement of the drywall, pipes and wiring cost Americans billions of dollars.
  •   Hundreds, possibly thousands, of American dogs killed by melamine-laced Chinese dog food in 2007.
  •   The loss of about 200,000 beautiful maple trees lining the streets of small New England towns, eaten by Asian long-horned beetles that arrived on Chinese cargo ships in 1996.

Don't Call Democrats' Pork 'Stimulus'.  With much of the U.S. economy shut down to deal with the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Congress is putting together a $1 trillion stimulus package to prevent an economic meltdown, the third major bill to address the coronavirus pandemic.  That's a huge amount of money, but a question looms:  How much of it will actually help the struggling economy, and how much of it will just be politically motivated pork? [...] Before passing the second bill Wednesday, Democrats tried to force through a number of costly additions that had little to do with coronavirus.  And they wanted to make them permanent.  That might sound nice, but forcing small- and medium-sized businesses to foot the bill for expensive paid family leave and increased paid sick leave would bankrupt thousands of small businesses, which often have just a few workers and operate on the slimmest of margins.  Fortunately, GOP negotiators got the "permanent" part removed.

Will the Coronavirus Revolutionize Education?  With some K-12 school districts and administrators across America panicking and attempting to get ahead of any 'outbreak' of the coronavirus, more districts are opting for students to stay home.  I'd be willing to bet that most students thoroughly enjoy this. [...] Throughout the years, American homeschooling and online K-12 education has become far more popular and realistic than 'brick and mortar' public schools want to admit.  School choice is disrupting and angering public school districts and officials, and school boards are voting against student vouchers so they can continue to enslave students to their school districts instead of allowing state-allocated money to travel with that student to a school of their choice.  This includes online education.  School districts also keep knowledge of online schools and online education far away from K-12 students and their parents, at all costs.  After all, bodies in the seats mean more money for 'brick and mortar' school districts.  However, now that the coronavirus is causing school administrators to panic, 'brick and mortar' schools are encouraging students to stay home and engage in "Hybrid/Online" classes, where they communicate with their teachers online and complete online assignments and tasks at home on the internet.

Afghanistan:  Our Second Vietnam.  [Scroll down]  The political situation in 2016 was vastly different.  The Afghanistan war was fifteen years old but most Americans remained unconcerned and uninformed about the war.  They remain so today.  There are no huge anti-war protests and those in the media who bother to report on Afghanistan only do so to criticize Trump.  In both wars, the enemy was undefeated, its ideology intact.  The North Vietnamese and their surrogate force the Viet Cong — supported by Russia and China — were far stronger than the South Vietnamese.  The Taliban — long-supported by Pakistan, and now supplied with weapons, funds, and intelligence by Russia and Iran — are vastly stronger than the Kabul government.

It's All in the Stars.  [Scroll down]  We might also ask ourselves:  Who or what is [Harvey] Weinstein?  He is Hollywood, a representative of one of the sleaziest communities on the face of the earth, comprising a bunch of grasping, invidious, self-infatuated and morally corrupt people, many in cahoots with the man they have now turned against.

The problem with attacking for-profit health care, especially for Bernie.  Profit-seeking companies have cured cancer, reversed heart disease, and created every other advance you can name for the past 100 years of medicine.  A tiny fraction of innovation comes out of the NIH or non-profit society grants — and those discoveries would invariably sit on the shelf without the work and investment of profit-seeking venture capitalists and companies guiding the idea through clinical trials, regulatory hurdles, and production.  The majority of the profits that provide the incentive for innovators worldwide come from the U.S., and other health care systems piggyback (and rip off) our system to take advantage of the innovation that we provide.  In short, the U.S. market and the for-profit health care industry that serves it is the world's golden goose for global medical innovations... so please, Bernie, put patients before socialism and stop attacking profits.

Get Out of Afghanistan.  With few exceptions, America's longest war is largely ignored by our political class while the costs and casualties mount.  Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) held a hearing last month on the Washington Post's explosive and infuriating series on the war in Afghanistan:  Only three of his colleagues bothered to attend.  The sole Democrat in attendance was the committee's ranking member, Senator Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.).  "Doing nothing is no longer an option for any senator or member of Congress with a conscience," Paul said, perhaps during a moment of wishful thinking.  The long-time proponent of ending the Afghanistan war ticked off the stats:  Nearly 2,400 dead U.S. servicemen and women with more than 20,000 wounded.  Soldiers who have faced numerous deployments since the war began in 2001.  And nearly $1 trillion in U.S. tax dollars — an average of $50 billion per year for almost 20 years, as Paul pointed out — spent in a backward nation that still ranks near the bottom of the list of the world's most economically and politically free countries.

Socialism's Inequalities.  Few statements are more revealing of ignorance than the standard conservative indictment of socialism for "equally spreading poverty."  According to this critique, poverty happens when socialism's insistence on equality of conditions deprives people of the incentive to work.  Such statements so offend reality as to lead one to ask whether those who make them have ever opened their eyes in a socialist country.  No.  Socialism makes for the most radical of inequalities among human beings, and enforces them through the state's absolute power. [...] [I]n full-blooded socialist systems — the Soviet Union was prototypical — like Cuba, China, and Venezuela access to government power is the paramount avenue to success.  So much so, that all assets pale in importance by comparison.  Talent and enterprise seldom hurt.  But if you see someone prosper, you can be sure that he is well connected with the powers that be.  Under real socialism, prosperity and power are two sides of the same coin.  Always.  Invariably.  Food is the most fundamental feature of prosperity or lack thereof.

Think Trump is 'outrageous?' He's nothing compared to these past presidents.  Unprecedented, unprecedented.  Everything is unprecedented.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Except it pretty much has.  Whenever you see the word "unprecedented" in the media, you should ask yourself:  Has this reporter ever read a history book?  Make the case against Trump if you want to, but if you pretend the sorts of things he does are without precedent, you simply make yourself look ignorant.  Virtually any presidency you examine is guilty of far worse acts than whatever you think is the worst thing Trump has ever done, from John Adams' Alien and Sedition Acts, a breathtaking offense against freedom that was meant to punish political resistance, to Millard Fillmore's Fugitive Slave Act, which made it so the evil tentacles of the South's slavery regime could reach up North and pluck back people who had successfully made it to freedom.

There are Trillions At Stake.  President Trump is disrupting decades of multinational financial interests who use the U.S. as a host for their ideological endeavors.  President Trump is confronting multinational corporations and the global constructs of economic systems that were put in place to the detriment of the host (USA) i.e., YOU.  There are trillions at stake; it is all about the economics; all else is chaff and countermeasures.  We are already familiar how China, Mexico and ASEAN nations export our raw materials (ore, coking coal, rare earth minerals etc.).  The raw materials are used to manufacture goods overseas, the cheap durable goods are then shipped back into the U.S. for purchase.  It is within this decades-long process where we lost the manufacturing base, and the multinational economic planners (World Trade Organization) put us on a path to being a "service driven" economy.

A Return to Beauty.  The guilty flee when no man pursueth, says Proverbs, but it does not follow from this that the guilty do not flee when they are indeed pursued.  The guilty also have a tendency to argue when they know that they are in the wrong, as for example architects who continue to deny that, for the past seventy years at least, they have been disenchanting the world by espousing a dysfunctional functionalism and constructing buildings so hideous that they make Frankenstein's monster look like Clark Gable.  I refuse to think so ill of architects as human beings as to believe them to be totally unaware of what they have done.  Rather, I pity them.  They are like those unfortunate government spokesmen who have to defend the indefensible in public, which is always a disagreeable and nerve-racking thing to have to do.  As government spokesmen invent a language full of polysyllabic euphemism to disguise the catastrophe their masters have wrought, so architects speak a language that is either incomprehensible or, where comprehensible, entirely beside the point.

Don't Revive the ERA.  The House of Representatives voted this month to begin the process of reviving the Equal Rights Amendment, a constitutional effort dating to 1923 and first passed by Congress in 1973. [...] Though supported unanimously by House Democrats, the law remains procedurally suspect.  The Department of Justice has stated its intent to prevent the U.S. Archivist from including the ERA in the Constitution, should it secure enough votes, because of the expired ratification deadline.  Meantime, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — despite her support for the ERA, in principle — said that proponents need "a new beginning" beyond the 1982 deadline.  "There's too much controversy about latecomers," she added, urging proponents to start the process over.  Yet supporters keep contorting laws and flouting precedent to defend their cause, arguing, in effect, that America can never actually reject a constitutional amendment.  In late January, Virginia joined Nevada and Illinois to support the ERA, in theory securing the required number of states needed to adopt the proposed Twenty-Eighth Amendment.

Harvey Weinstein [is] Now Locked in a New York Prison — Just Like Jeffrey Epstein.  With Harvey Weinstein now headed off to prison on Rikers Island in New York City and holding so many deep, dark secrets about powerful Democrats and Hollywood figures in his creepy head, the countdown on how many days will pass before he suffers some form of highly-suspicious death has begun.  Who knows?  Maybe he will "Epstein" himself soon, or be the only person in a very crowded prison to somehow contract the Coronavirus.  That would be, like, totally believable.

The Russian/Chinese Plan to Bring America Down.  The leadership of Russia and China (both basically Communist countries), believe that the United States is a serious threat to them in at least six (6) major ways:
  1 - our cohesive unity of purpose,
  2 - our Judeo-Christian values,
  3 - our democratic ideology,
  4 - our technical prowess,
  5 - our economic power, and
  6 - our military might.
In response, their plan is to undermine each of these — and the more the better.  Their effort is not a simple six-step sequential series, but rather a multi-pronged campaign.  Some current issues (e.g. immigration) actually span several of the above items.  What's very disconcerting is that the Communists have strong allies within our country — e.g. socialists, etc. who are effectively unwitting pawns of Communist ideology.  [PDF]

ICE Should Deport George Soros as a Nazi Collaborator.  The deportation of a Nazi death camp guard from his residence in Queens, New York, in 2018 by ICE was described as the removal of the "last known Nazi collaborator from the United States."  That's not quite true.  There's another Nazi collaborator living on Fifth Avenue.  He's a billionaire and untouchable because his dubious fortune has been used to finance the Democrat Party, radical leftists, assorted anti-Semites, and opponents of ICE:  the agency that should step in to remove the aged Hungarian from the United States.  The legal basis for removing Soros is quite clear.

Stone Sentencing Ends Russia Collusion, Part I.  The Roger Stone sentencing farce is as fitting an end to the Russia Collusion saga as one could conjure up ... though it might be more fitting to call it the end of Russia Collusion, Part I.  No sooner did the first flick conclusively bomb than the media-Democrat complex was issuing the casting call for Russia Collusion, Part II.  In the sequel, you're asked to believe that Putin is manipulating the chesspieces to steal a second term for President Trump — somehow preferring an incumbent who beefs up the U.S. armed forces, pressures NATO allies to beef up theirs, imposes painful sanctions on Moscow, provides lethal aid to Ukraine, ramps up U.S. energy production, and seeks to thwart the Kremlin's coveted natural-gas partnership with Germany, over an unabashed socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and whose policies would wreck the American economy, end the resurgence of American energy production, and hollow out the American armed forces.  It's a lunatic plot.

Battle of the Boroughs.  There are 329 million people in the United States of America.  They are spread across 3.8 million square miles.  The presidential race will be determined by the actions of three of them:  Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Michael Bloomberg.  Each is a New Yorker.  Each hails from a different borough.  Trump was born in Queens, Sanders in Brooklyn, and Bloomberg, a native of Massachusetts, has worked and lived in Manhattan since 1973.  For a long time New York City politics stopped at the Hudson River.  Now the nation faces the prospect of eight months of septuagenarian New Yorkers yelling at each other.  The geographic, regional, ethnic, and racial diversity of America is nowhere visible.  Religion is an exception:  The first Jewish presidential nominee of a major party will also be, in all likelihood, the most hostile nominee toward Israel ever.  How did this happen?

Political Trials Should Be Tried Outside of the Beltway.  [Scroll down]  Hillary Clinton won 90 percent of the D.C. vote in 2016 compared to Donald Trump's four percent.  In the metropolitan area as a whole, which includes adjacent counties in Virginia and Maryland, Clinton won 68 percent.  The federal government is the area's largest employer; nearly everyone else is somehow tied to government work as a lawyer, lobbyist, consultant, or journalist.  By a 20-to-1 margin, Justice Department employees contributed heavily to Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.  Any trial automatically is rigged either in favor or against a political defendant based on the team for which the accused plays — and if it's Team Trump, the outcome is predetermined even before the opening statements.  After all, how could a swamp-dweller objectively judge a case tied to a president promising to drain the swamp?  The jury selection for the 2019 trial of Greg Craig illustrated the near-impossibility of seating an impartial panel in Washington.

DC Law.  Washington, D.C. has a relatively small population from which jurors must be found for the federal and local grand juries, petit juries, and civil juries. [...] Since almost 80% of the city are Democratic voters, often employed by the government or are connected to law enforcement or have family members who are, the ability to expeditiously find panels in criminal cases is limited.  Worse yet, the chance of an unbiased panel in a case involving Republican figures is minimal.  If you think this puts Republican figures at far greater risk than Democrats, you are certainly not wrong.  Recall if you will the prosecutor who publicly stated the Starr special counsel's office believed Hillary Clinton had lied to the grand jury, but because ethical prosecutors are not to bring cases they have no reasonable likelihood of winning and no D.C. jury would convict her, they were declining to prosecute her.

Forget Iowa — let's switch to a one-day national primary.  [Scroll down]  The second flaw in the nomination system is that the emphasis on the early states may also increase the tendency of candidates to take extreme positions that increase partisanship and gridlock.  While candidates should be truthful, they sometimes take positions to attract voters.  In the early states, they may make statements which might be popular there but not acceptable to voters in other states throughout the nation.  Ultimately, the parties may have candidates espousing extreme beliefs which they do not believe, and that may cause increased partisanship.  What's more, the current system only requires candidates to show they can win statewide elections serially, not a truly national contest like the one in November.

The Path to Ruin Being Blazed by Congress, the President, and the Fed.  Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell cited a record 11-year expansion, an economy "resilient to the global headwinds," "near half-century lows for more than a year" regarding unemployment, and how "GDP rose at a moderate rate over the second half of last year" in his appearances before Congress last week.  But his more oblique warnings about what should happen if a recession occurs came as the most interesting part of his words to the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee.  He essentially told Congress that economic gimmickry in sunny financial times leaves policymakers with few tools to combat a recession once the clouds roll into town.

America's Growing Approval Of Socialism Is A Rejection Of Freedom.  In February 2009, just after the inauguration of President Barack Obama, Newsweek declared on its cover "We Are All Socialists Now."  More than a decade later, socialism has taken over the Democratic Party, and has a strong hold on young Americans.  It's gone mainstream in a nation founded on principles opposite the tenets of socialism.  Seven in 10 millennials say they would vote for a socialist candidate, while 64% of Generation Z told pollsters last year it is "somewhat/extremely likely" they'd vote for a socialist, according to a YouGov-Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation poll taken last fall.

New Film Shows How the War on Poverty Failed and the Real Hope for America's 'Forgotten' Cities.  Filmmaker Christopher Rufo traveled to three crumbling American cities — Youngstown, Ohio; Memphis, Tenn.; and Stockton, Calif. — and documented the deep human struggles of communities left behind as the 1950s industrial boom yielded to a new kind of economy in the 21st century.  America Lost explains why top-down government solutions fail to address this urban decay and the film suggests a better path forward.

Limbaugh: A Genius at Radio.  [Scroll down]  He certainly did not capture new listeners by adjusting to the times.  While tastes changed and the issues often metamorphosed, he did not.  He remained conservative, commonsensical, and skeptical of Washington and those in it, as if he knew all the predictable thousand faces of the timeless progressive project, whose various manifestations reappear to mask a single ancient and predictable essence: the desire of a self-appointed group of elites to expand government in order to regiment the lives of ordinary people, allegedly to achieve greater mandated equality and social justice but more often to satisfy their own narcissistic will to power.  It was Limbaugh who most prominently warned that lax immigration enforcement would soon lead to open calls for open borders, that worry about "global warming" would transform into calls to ban the internal combustion engine, and that the logical end of federal takeover of health care would be Medicare for All.

The Steele Dossier's Biggest Fan Goes on a Really, Really Insane Rant.  [Scroll down]  A president wants people he can trust to enact his policies, which are subject to the oversight of the electorate via elections.  That's hardly new or unique to the latest inhabitant of the White House.  If you cross that trust, you can go back to the Pentagon or whatever agency you came from.  You'll still be getting your fat check and pension because no one is ever really fired from a government job.  Enough with the pretending that civil servants are actually servants.  They are typically overpaid, with huge benefits packages and get more time off in a single year than most private-sector employees enjoy over half a decade.  They are not martyrs, they are bureaucrats.  The fact that they can't just be outright fired with ease is bad enough, but painting them as everything that holds this country together is asinine and a false sense of grandeur that's incredibly idiotic.

Trump's Presidency Reveals 7 Undeniable Facts About The Swamp.  Although Trump may appear invincible at the time of this writing, ask yourselves who controls the helium to the biggest economic balloons.  The stock market is the pressure release valve.  But when the bond market blows, the USD is toast.  And, as supply chains snap and the bankers foreclose on the world, there will be ever-expanding pain for everyone to varying degrees, as the earth exhales.  Therefore, all current global trends,  including  especially Coronavirus®, are about establishing control prior to the advent of a new order.  Although the immediate future will be anarchy, out of that chaos will come order administered by technological switches and gates.  And the future will be cashless because slavery is rooted in economics.

The Once and Future Scandal.  Donald Trump, in concrete ways, has been far harder on Russia than was the "reset" Obama presidency, and far more helpful to Ukraine than Team Obama ever was.  Trump armed the Ukrainians.  He upped sanctions against Russia.  He ordered lethal retaliation against Russian mercenaries in Syria.  He vastly increased U.S. oil and gas production to Russia's detriment.  He jawboned Germany about its fuel dependence on Moscow.  He coerced NATO to spend more on defense.  He got out of an asymmetrical missile treaty with Russia.  He is rebuilding the U.S. military.  Unlike his predecessor, Trump did not dismantle U.S.-joint European missile defense in order to coax Putin into behaving during his reelection bid.  He did not push a big plastic red reset button in Geneva to mark outreach to Putin, in rejection of prior Bush sanctions on Russians.  He did not forbid the shipment of anti-tank missiles to an endangered Ukraine. [...] So the libel of Russian collusion was absurd from the get-go.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Senate 'Anti-Democratic.' Then Mark Levin Schools Him.  [Scroll down]  Just to rub it in, O'Donnell went on to call the Senate "American democracy's most structural flaw."  Sadly for O'Donnell and his fellow radical leftists, however, America is not now and has never been a democracy.  It's a constitutional republic.  The Founding Fathers made that choice very deliberately because they understood that real, full democracy is actually extremely dangerous.  As Levin explained on his show, the Senate was actually meant to protect the interests of the individual states.  "The 17th amendment" was, Levin explained, a "disaster."  Back in the day, if an attorney general from a state took a specific position, the state's senator would follow suit in the Senate (which would've shot down ObamaCare).  Now, however, senators can do as they [...] please.  This "democratization" has severely weakened the American system.

Gretchen Whitmer was Democrats' poor choice to respond to Trump.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi is commonly referred to in Washington as a master tactician.  But like the partisan impeachment fiasco and the humiliating Iowa caucus disaster, her selection of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to deliver this year's response to President Trump's State of the Union address was a major strategic misstep. [...] But if you bothered to watch the speech, you might have noticed that instead of following up with an example of her work to fulfill this campaign promise, Whitmer instead pivoted to what other Democratic governors are doing in other states — for example, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.  Whitmer didn't highlight her own work in Michigan [...] and that's because she failed to gather any support, from either party, for her 45-cent gas tax proposal, which would have left Michigan with the highest gas tax in the nation.

Fall Election About Personal and National Sovereignty.  As the Democrats try to sort out the hash they made of the Iowa caucuses — like the impeachment of President Donald Trump, a political mess entirely of their own making — a larger question looms over the fall election:  Will the United States remain a republic or will it molt into a plebiscitary "democracy"?  In the teeth of a constant battering from the left that seeks to call nearly every aspect of the American system of governance into question, the real question to be decided this fall is not Trump versus the Democrats' Your Name Here.  Rather, it's about the Constitution versus an entirely different political structure that may still go under the name of the United States of America, but in fact will be an entirely different country, bearing no more resemblance to the America of the founders than modern Rome does to the Roman Republic.  None of these pressing political issues, including Trump's evanescent impeachment, the critical function of the Electoral College, the proper role of the Senate, and the chaotic but yet somehow always predictable way in which one of the major parties insists on choosing its standard bearer, is occurring in a vacuum.

Insurgent 70-somethings Trump, Sanders have upset Biden's conventional apple cart.  [Scroll down]  Have you heard Obama ardently campaign against the party's current direction?  Or in support of his vice presidential partner for eight years, as Bill Clinton did for Al Gore?  Well, no, actually, you haven't.  The modern American political reality is that the Republican and Democratic parties today are basically just brand names.  They've become hollow, fundraising fuselages of once vibrant organizations that get captured every four or eight years by someone new with a contemporary personality packaged for the times.

The Cult of Western Shaming.  [Scroll down]  By 2015, the EU was a mess, so China was preordained as the inevitable global superpower.  American intellectuals pointed to its high-speed rail transportation, solar industries and gleaming airports, in contrast to the hollowed-out and grubby American heartland.  Now the curtain has been pulled back on the interior rot of the Chinese Communist Party, its gulag-like re-education camps, its systematic mercantile cheating, its Orwellian surveillance apparatus, its serial public health crises and its primitive hinterland infrastructure.  After the calcification of the Soviet Union, Japan Inc., the EU and the Chinese superpower, no one quite knows which alternative will next supposedly bury America.

Obama Stole an Election, Not Trump.  [Scroll down]  It's long been noted that anytime Democrats accuse Trump or Republicans of something, it's the Democrats who are actually guilty of it.  A scholarly study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute concluded that suppression of the Tea Party movement by Obama's IRS helped him get reelected. [...] The effectiveness of the Tea Party, combined with Obama's relatively small margin of victory in key swing states, suggests that the IRS's suppression of the Tea Party movement likely tipped the scales in favor of Obama.  "Had the Tea Party repeated and built on their activism of 2009 and 2010 in 2011 and 2012, Obama would have lost the election.  What happened to the Tea Party boost?  It didn't grow from 2010.  It appeared to weaken," Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform wrote in his book, End The IRS Before It Ends Us.  "The Tea Party didn't fall down the stairs.  It was pushed."

Ruling Class Held Hostage by Trump's Impeachment.  Since the Reagan era, the American Ruling Class has succeeded in electing George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, all of whom were members in good standing.  Thus, by 2016 the ruling elites were thoroughly entrenched and dominant throughout the halls of power.  They were prepared to govern this nation for many years to come as one of the flaws in the magnificent governing blueprint set up by the founding fathers was the reality that this government can only function with just two major political parties.  Both political party hierarchies had and fully intended to continue nominating candidates for the presidency and Congress who were either beholden to or members of the ruling class.  The rank and file voters were left with only superficial differences in the choice of candidates.  The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was an act of defiance and a rebellion by the deplorables and a devastating blow to the ruling elites.

Obama Prefers a Republican President.  During the 2008 election campaign, the party was divided into two major camps:  the left-centrist and more traditional wing supporting Clinton and the openly far-left, more energetic, and younger wing backing Obama. [...] Obama humiliated Clinton during the debate and his rallies.  The situation had reached a boiling point, as hatred between clans could cost the Democratic Party elections.  Formal reconciliation and the unification of groups around Obama took place in the house of the skilled apparatchik Dianne Feinstein.  It was decided that Obama would become the candidate for the Democrats, and Clinton would receive an important and prestigious post of secretary of state in the case of a victory.  Obama followed Sun Tzu's advice, keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.  Of course, formal reconciliation did not lessen Obama's and Clinton's deep hostility to each other, but they played the roles of good comrades in front of the public exceptionally.

Illinois pensions 101: Paltry contributions yield million-dollar payouts.  Illinois' pension crisis is the worst in U.S. history — which raises the question, "Why?"  First, because public employees pay very little toward their own retirement and assume none of the economic risk for investments.  Second, because workers retire relatively young so they are drawing from the systems longer.  And third, because they receive pension benefits often in excess of $2 million during the course of their long, generous retirements.  Ultimately, this poorly designed system is bad for the retirees.  They face a serious risk that the pension systems will go insolvent.

Paging Laura Ingraham:  An Alaska Senate Seat Is Yours for the Taking In 2022.  Everyone in Alaska already knows who Laura Ingraham is, and they all like her.  Name recognition isn't an issue.  They also know who Lisa Murkowski is — and they can't stand her.  The Republican Party machinery in Alaska is cowed by her, but an outsider need not care.  Someone like Laura Ingraham could walk in and just take the seat.

An Introduction to Q.  If you're unfamiliar with Q or only know it through the media's attacks, I'd like to provide a brief introduction to this extraordinary phenomenon.  I've followed Q since the first drop, and I've grown increasingly impressed by the accuracy, breadth and depth of Q's messages.  Q followers were prepared long in advance for the easing of hostilities with North Korea, the deflation of the mullahs of Iran, and the discovery of Ukraine as a hotbed of corruption for American politicians.  They knew a great deal about Jeffrey Epstein's activities before the public did and anticipate even more shocking revelations to come.  As Q likes to say, "Future proves past."  As Q's predictions come true, they lend retroactive credibility to the entire enterprise.  Q's followers believe that Q is a military intelligence operation, the first of its kind, whose goal is to provide the public with secret information.

A Tale of Two Terrorists.  Osama bin Laden deserved to die.  Only the fringe of the fringe disagree with this statement (looking at you, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn), which is why no one seemed to mind when Seal Team 6 invaded Pakistan to upgrade his train ticket to Hell to first class. [...] The country was ecstatic, justice had finally come to the man with the blood of 3,000 Americans on his hands.  Almost immediately, the raid was politicized to benefit President Barack Obama.  After all, he was facing re-election.  Democrats in and out of the media had themselves a new catchphrase: "gutsy call." [...] Now compare that to the reaction from those very same people to the operation that killed another terrorist mastermind, one with the blood of at least 600 American soldiers and tens of thousands of civilians around the world, Qasem Soleimani. [...] Iran shooting down a Ukrainian airliner and watching Democrats blame America for it was just the cherry on top.

One missile.  One Iranian regime change.  The death of Qasem Soleimani may have done more than lop the head off Iran's terrorism forces.  The regime change foreshadowed by a trucker's strike last June may come to fruition.  The Jerusalem Post reported, "A group of Iranian protesters demanded Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei step down on Saturday after Tehran said that its military had mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people on board.  'Commander-in-chief [Khamenei] resign, resign,' videos posted on Twitter showed hundreds of people chanting in front of Tehran's Amir Kabir university.  This is the first protest since the assassination of IRGC Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani.  Last November, hundreds were killed in protests in multiple cities across the Islamic Republic.

Nationalism Is Looking Pretty Normal Right Now.  The recent troubles with Iran highlight the problem with America First nationalism: it would mean placing the interests of regular people at home before transnational "interests" like foreign wars that have no bearing on middle-American life.  Put another way, real people living in a real country with real interests of their own have a real problem with really stupid government and the real Stupid Party, otherwise known as the Republicans, that enables bad government while pretending to stand against it.  Americans generally have no desire to see the blood of their children spilled on the altar of the foreign policy establishment.  Not so "democracy" can be spread around the globe, whatever that means, and certainly not so that sovereign states may be compelled into "acting like a normal country," as Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has said of Iran — not least of all when "normal" is defined by a government that provides millions in taxpayer funds for abortion and to inject children with puberty-suppressing, opposite-sex hormones, rendering them permanently infertile.

WW3 didn't happen but something else did.  The reaction to Soleimani's death has proved more destructive than the original strike itself.  It has already caused one mass casualty funeral stampede born of crowds eager to prove how beloved the late IRGC chief was; an Iranian missile volley that fortunately missed the town of Hit fired by the ayatollahs for face saving reasons and one accidental shootdown of a Ukrainian jetliner killing nearly 200 passengers in vigilance of an American strike that never came.  It also precipitated a nonbinding Congressional resolution "asserting that President Donald Trump must seek approval from Congress before engaging in further military action against Iran."

On Soleimani, President Trump Did the Right Thing.  James R. Hannibal flew the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the B-2 Spirit (stealth bomber), and the MQ-1 Predator UAV.  During that time, he worked numerous classified assignments and spent time as a mission planning cell chief, intelligence liaison, stealth materials liaison, and weapons and tactics officer.  He commented to American Thinker, "Americans need to understand that Qassem Soleimani was evil, a known terrorist, and proudly wore the blood of Americans on his hands.  Our intelligence surrounding this individual leaves no doubt about these facts.  This is intelligence that the politicians loudly mourning his death have access to, so they should know better.  That makes their betrayal all the worse.  They would sell out the memory of fallen Americans for their own political gain.  I have seen American blood spilt by Soleimani's proxy action with my own eyes.  I have wept over that blood on the worst day of my military career.  Any politicians pretending this man was anything but a bloodthirsty terrorist deserving of death have betrayed this nation and the people they claim to serve."

Iran's miscalculation.  It is hard to understand Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei's blunder in attacking the US Embassy in Baghdad.  He either believed Trump was weakened by his impeachment, as western liberal Media breathlessly and continuously reported, or he might have been misled by John Kerry's incompetent advice (apparently Kerry met again with Khamenei's emissaries in Paris just few weeks ago). Whatever the reasons, his goal of triggering a limited war with America to rally his people around the regime has failed miserably.  Iran desperately wanted a war — drone attacks on Saudi Arabia's heart of oil production, false-flag hits on oil tankers, unrest in Yemen — all aimed at this goal.  Trump restraint in responding to these provocations must have been disappointing.  But as Tehran resorted to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad, it must have realized it had overplayed its hand when the reaction was surgical, devastating, and unexpected:  the elimination of the mass murderer Qasem Soleimani, commander of the IRGC's Quds Force, Khamenei's right-hand man and chief executioner.

Maybe This Cycle Will Force a Change in Which States Vote First in the Primaries.  There's a good chance that two months from now, every delegate in the first four contests will have gone to one of four white candidates:  Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Pete Buttigieg.  This might just be enough to spur some serious talk of changing the order of primary states — if not for insufficient ethnic diversity in those first four states, then out of the general sense that 46 other states would like a turn going earlier.  But as far as it goes, those first four are lacking some features found in many other parts of the country.  As Castro observed, "I've gotten asked more about ethanol in Iowa than I ever have about mass transit or transportation."

The Editor says...
Wow.  This is the first time I've heard a writer complain about "insufficient ethnic diversity" in specific states.  Is there now a racial quota for each state?  As if every state must have the same percentages of ethnic groups or something's wrong with them.  Too many white people = bad.  Too many minorities = impossible!  It sounds like the writer (in the National Review) watches too much television:  TV commercials are filmed in a world where all the heroes are black, all the villains are white, and women live in spotless houses without a man to be seen — except for the prowler outside who is always a white male.

Tucker Carlson's Inane Claims About the Soleimani Raid.  To say this point of view is hopelessly naïve would be too charitable.  It's one thing to abjure nation building, but the isolationist belief that the United States can safely retreat from all "foreign entanglements" is pure fantasy.  Carlson clearly doesn't get this.  First, it would not make us safe!  It's hard to believe that this isn't obvious to anyone old enough to remember September 11, 2001.  Unless one is naïve enough to accept Osama bin Laden's propaganda — that it was the result of our presence in the Middle East — it should be clear that fighting our enemies abroad renders us safer at home.  Moreover, the 9/11 attacks were hardly our first exposure to this reality.  American isolationism in the 1930s led directly to Pearl Harbor.

Soleimani Schemed Against America As His World Crumbled.  Qassem Soleimani's demise came as his life project — spreading the Islamic Republic's zeal in the Mideast and beyond — was crumbling.  That doesn't mean the Iranian general couldn't, or wouldn't, have wreaked the kind of harm that the Trump administration felt it needed to preempt.  It may even explain why Soleimani has been on such a manic campaign.  In any event, shortly after the drone kill at Baghdad airport was confirmed, Secretary of State Pompeo re-tweeted a video of gleeful Iraqis who had awakened at at 4:30 a.m. in Baghdad and proceeded to march at the city's Tahrir Square.  There they celebrated the death of the arch-terrorist who sought to dominate their country.

Democrats still delusional about Trump even after Qassem Soleimani death.  The calendar turns and a decade begins, but there is nothing new under the sun in Washington.  Even the killing of an Iranian mass murderer is cause for more partisan strife.  In a sane country, which America used to be, there would be shared sober satisfaction over the elimination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani.  Yet Democrats apparently outsourced their reactions to robots, whose script called for conceding that the departed was a very bad man, but prohibited approval of President Trump's decision to take him out.  Instead, the quibblers' chorus raised questions of timing and expressed fear of escalation and retaliation.  In the context of Iran's military aggression and Soleimani's bloody hands, there is another word for that fear:  appeasement.

No, killing Soleimani doesn't mean war.  Everybody knows Donald Trump is going to start a war.  His critics have been saying so since his first year in office — remember the war with North Korea they predicted right after Trump tweeted about unleashing 'fire and fury' on the Little Rocket Man?  That war didn't happen.  Nor did an insurgency break out when President Trump moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, an act that the Trump haters were certain would incite waves of violence and unquenchable turmoil.  But maybe the third time's the charm — maybe the killing of Gen. Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Force division of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, in a US airstrike in Iraq will finally give the president's detractors the war they've been anticipating.  Or maybe not — maybe the critics are just as wrong as they've been every other time: about wars that Trump didn't start, about collusion with Russia that didn't happen, about the crash of America's economy... the list goes on.  The president should be reassured to have enemies who are so reliably wrong.

The Episcopal Church's Fruits of Heresy.  Anglican author David Virtue, a longtime critical observer of worldwide Anglicanism, reviews the Episcopal Church's decades-long fall from grace in an exposé of Christian folly in accommodating a secularized, sexualized modernity.  Virtue tells the depressing, detailed "story of a once proud Christian denomination that stood as a landmark church in a nation that has seen presidents, senators and business leaders pass through its hallowed red doors."  "Spiritual and ecclesiastical death marks the present and future state of this denomination" today as Episcopal Church membership has cratered from a 1966 peak of 3,647,297, to 1,676,349 in 2018.  Particularly the 2003 consecration of noncelibate homosexual V. Gene Robinson as an Episcopal bishop unleashed an "ecclesiastical tsunami wave" and the "worst single outflow of Episcopalians in modern history," over 100,000.  In an Episcopal Church "intoxicated with the spirit of the age," 31 percent of Episcopalians according to the latest statistics are 65 or older while 79 percent do not have a child under 18.

A Prediction About the Coming Split in the Methodist Church.  If the reports are true, then "a tentative plan" has been put in place "to split the [Methodist] church over differences on same-sex marriage and the inclusion of gay clergy." [...] Assuming that this split actually takes place, what will happen to these two branches, one conservative and the other liberal?  The answer is easy, based on history and common spiritual sense.  History says that the conservative branch will grow and the liberal branch will diminish.

Why the USA Needs a Space Force.  An ICBM is a weapon that attacks from space.  During its flight, an ICBM follows an elliptical orbit around the Earth.  It is based on land for convenience and because of arms control (proper control, I might add).  We have learned to live with ICBMs as a deterrent to all out war.  In the meantime, the U.S. has developed major space frontier vulnerabilities of a completely different kind.  Space has become the purveyor of information that we need for our very survival.  There are three types of information that have become critical:  1) observation of activities on Earth and in space, 2) secure communications, and 3) Global Positioning System navigation and timing.

The Editor says...
If we're paying for a Space Force, we no longer need NASA.

The Pope's Mask Falls Again.  Jorge Bergoglio is not so much the pope of the common man as a friend to the globally powerful.  He disdains the most devout members of his faith, labeling them "rigid," while rolling out the red carpet for thugs and pagan celebrities.  Not a week passes without the pope meeting and greeting some enemy of the faith.  The media, for the most part, continues to serve as his PR agents.

Our Lady of Perpetual Impeachment vs.  America.  During this coming year our nation is likely to be shaken to its foundations either by the indictment and trials of powerful individuals, or by the lack thereof.  The left may stop threatening to kill the president and actually do it.  It is quite possible that our southern borders will be overrun.  It's even more likely that we will be traumatized again and again by Islamic incursions, both anti-Semitic and anti-American.  It's looking like some terrible showdown is brewing in Virginia over the right to bear arms, and who knows what will happen with Iran, North Korea, or China?  We must choose our leadership wisely. [...] Were there a viable, responsible, clear-thinking candidate to run against Trump in November, small things might make the difference.  But this year we choose between a man who has been doing the job splendidly and Corruption Central.

Morality and the Presidency.  [Scroll down]  President Trump has been accused of "womanizing," but such behavior was rampant with John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  What is more, even if the accusations against Trump are true, one would be hard-pressed to argue that they somehow threatened the security of the United States or compromised his presidency.  This was not the case with John Kennedy.  Kennedy was purportedly on the precipice of being compromised as a result of his cavorting with an East German communist spy (and others with connections to organized crime) while he was president.  Had this been publicly disclosed it would almost certainly have ended his presidency.  It could be argued that Kennedy fell in the only way that allowed Camelot to rise.  That image inspired a generation.  President Kennedy did not die in disgrace, but had he lived he may well have been forced to resign the presidency in disgrace (or suffer defeat in the 1964 election).

The Many Faces of Scientific Fraud.  Any scientific article must be considered a reconstruction, an account, a clear and precise narrative, a good story.  But the story is often too good, too logical, too coherent.  In a way, all researchers are cooks, given that they cannot write a scientific article without arranging their data to present it in the most convincing, appealing way.  The history of science is full of examples of researchers embellishing their experimental results to make them conform to simple, logical, coherent theory.

Watch Venezuela's Dramatic Economic Plunge Under Democratic Socialism.  Economist Mark Perry has been putting together a series of intriguing animated charts to show changes over time in everything from recorded music formats, Social Security spending, to top manufacturing nations.  Over the weekend, Perry posted his latest animated chart, this one showing per capita GDP among Latin American countries.  Pay close attention to the highlighted bar, which represents Venezuela.  [Video clip]

Christianity Today vs. the Myth of Monolithic Evangelicalism.  Thirty-five percent of Americans identify as Evangelical, Pew Research finds.  But only a fraction of them, or 6 percent of the U.S. population, are Evangelical according to Barna, a Christian research organization that applies nine theological criteria (e.g., firm belief that Satan exists).  It classifies a respondent as Evangelical only if he or she meets all of them.  Christianity Today is a magazine for that 6 percent, David [French] writes:  Its recent newsmaking editorial (in which Mark Galli, CT's editor in chief, argues that the president should be removed from office) "is aimed like an arrow at that audience," which represents the publication's "colleagues and peers."  That may be.  We shouldn't assume, though, that Evangelicals who disagree with the editorial are less committed to their faith.

Democrats actively rolling out scheme to remove VP Mike Pence so they can install Nancy Pelosi, then Hillary Clinton as President.  The criminal coup scenario I warned you about has finally arrived.  A scheme is now active to convict Trump and remove V.P. Mike Pence from power, then install Nancy Pelosi as president.  Once there, she will appoint Hillary Clinton as her V.P. with no resistance from the Senate, then she will resign, making Hillary Clinton the president.  I warned about this exact scenario in an earlier article entitled, "It's ON: The deep state plot to install Hillary Clinton as PRESIDENT this year, bypassing elections altogether."  As many Natural News have come to realize, I have excellent sources deep inside the bureaucracy, and they fill me in on what's going down.  That's the only way I was able to write the following words over two months ago, almost word-for-word what we just witnessed with the fake impeachment by the House: [...]

The Editor says...
Come on, now.  This scenario presupposes complete cooperation (at every step) from the spineless RINOs in the Senate.  That would never happen, right?

How Democrats Could Undo Trump's Lasting Legacy in the Courts.  Aside from the well-known power to impeach judges, Congress can also pack the Supreme Court.  Yet it apparently has still another power, one little known:  to abolish entire federal courts.  The only federal court mandated by the Constitution is the SCOTUS; as to "inferior courts," Article III states that Congress "may from time to time ordain and establish" them, which it has often done.  But implied is that what Congress can make, it can unmake; or, as the Legal Information Institute puts it, the Houses can both "expand and contract the units of the system" (emphasis added).

Barr is on the case.  Attorney General William Barr sat for an extended interview with NBC's Pete Williams to discuss the findings in the Department of Justice Inspector General report released yesterday afternoon.  NBC has cut the thing up in a couple of stories, but it has also posted the whole thing on YouTube.  Barr is familiar with the evidence gathered so far; he knows what he's talking about.  He understands that what we have staring us in the face is an unprecedented political scandal.  He tentatively anticipates the criminal investigation reaching "a watershed" by late spring or early summer.  I urge interested readers to watch the whole thing.  The interview is invaluable in its entirety.  I'm not sure whether Pete Williams is just playing the fool for purposes of the interview, whether he is a fool, or whether he is handicapped by the fact that he gets his news from NBC News.  Whatever the case, everything he elicits from Barr is of interest.

Tucker Carlson's Critique Of Paul Singer Is Part Of The Reckoning Underway In America.  Tucker Carlson is perhaps the only major media figure in America willing to attack across party lines to make his point.  On Tuesday night he went after Republican mega-donor Paul Singer in a withering 10-minute special segment on how Singer destroyed a small town in Nebraska in a hostile takeover of the sporting goods retailer Cabela's.  For those who don't know, Singer is a New York hedge fund manager who has made billions as a so-called "vulture capitalist," buying up the sovereign debt of financially distressed countries at a discount and then cashing in later, using lawsuits to pressure governments to pay up.  He's done something similar with U.S. firms — buying up debt, shipping jobs overseas, firing American workers and cashing out — in some cases at taxpayer expense.

New Zealand:  Not the Paradise Americans Think It Is.  I will tell you right now that Americans craving a move to New Zealand — who nonetheless love their Constitution and Bill of Rights, 'til death do us part — need to cancel all of those plans immediately, and don't ever look back.  In New Zealand, as well as in Australia, we do not have the comprehensive search and seizure protections Americans are granted by their Fourth Amendment.  What results is that the New Zealand police regularly deploy roadblocks — euphemistically called "checkpoints" — which infringe on you being able to go about your daily driving business unmolested by the state.  At all of these roadblocks, the intention of the police is to find ways to either drag you away in handcuffs (failed drug tests or carrying contraband) or shank your bank account (fines for expired warrants of fitness, expired registrations, etc.) in order to help the government compensate for their — by global police standards — very high salaries.

Robocalls on the rise:  Americans get 18 spam calls per month, report says.  The United States is again the eighth-most-spammed nation in the world and the annoying calls are on the rise, according to a new report.  Americans received 7% more spam calls in 2019 compared to the year before, said Truecaller, a Swedish company that tracks spam calls, but hung on to their ranking from the last annual report.  The report Tuesday comes after efforts by the Federal Communications Commission to crackdown on robocalls, which are the No. 1 complaint consumers make to the agency.

The Editor says...
The Editor gets four or five such calls every day.  Each call comes from a different number, so there is no way to block them based on the number alone.  Many of the calls come with obviously spoofed Caller-ID information, because the alleged calling number is invalid.  (For example, a call came in this morning from 800-174-2604.  How would one complain about it?  There is no such number.)  Sometimes the Caller-ID shows my name and number.  The Editor was one of the first to sign up for the National Do No Call Registry, which is a sham and a farce.  The calls have never slowed down.  In most cases, the telemarketing calls are placed by machines.  The machines sometimes pretend to be people and if you play along, they will carry on a conversation.  Sometimes the machines have apparently called a dozen numbers, and the person in the telemarketing "boiler room" talks to the first party who answers the phone, and hangs up on the rest.  Sometimes the telemarketer is obviously calling from a crowded and noisy room in India, claiming that his name is Steve or Larry or George, and he's calling from Microsoft.  The Editor sometimes engages these callers for a few minutes, just to waste their time, ruin their averages, and keep someone else from being annoyed.  The Editor is still paying the phone company 50 cents a month for "Anonymous Call Rejection," which does not work.  The Editor should write a book.

The Great American Eye-Exam Scam.  [Scroll down]  On the one hand, some number of Americans who visit an optometrist to get a new prescription will indeed discover that they have a serious condition that requires immediate care.  On the other hand, it is likely that a much greater number keep wearing glasses that are too weak — or won't wear glasses at all — because they want to avoid the cost, time, or stress of a visit to a doctor.  I have not been able to find any studies that credibly assess how this barrier affects Americans' quality of life.  But it's reasonable to assume that it has an adverse impact on many people, especially underprivileged Americans — those who don't have insurance, have little cash, or lack the social or financial capital to navigate our country's byzantine medical system.

A 'Farm Kid' Thwarts the Coup.  If a full and fair analysis of the Trump-Russian collusion hoax ever is conducted, it will reveal the collateral damage suffered by innocent people ensnared by the wicked, multi-faceted operation launched by Barack Obama's White House in the spring of 2016.  There are plenty of infuriating passages in The Plot Against the President, a must-read book by journalist Lee Smith.  But the description of how the hoax plotters targeted the family of Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) evokes particular outrage.

How Our Administrative State Aids Communist China.  [Scroll down]  Concerned with what the report discovered hiding in plain sight, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said:  "China wins twice.  First, the American taxpayer funds China's research and development.  Second, China uses that research to improve its economic and military status."  Equally disconcerted, his colleague on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) warned "there are serious consequences that come from giving a foreign government so much control over the vital research we rely on to drive our country's economic competitiveness and bolster our national defense."

JFK's Assassination Only Grows More Distant at Dallas's Sixth Floor Museum.  [Scroll down]  Finally, there is a lull in the traffic, and the men sprint into the street, moving as briskly as their stiff-looking boots will allow, with their hands reflexively holding onto the brims of their Stetsons.  One of them breaks off from the pack, readying his phone.  The other two plant themselves on the large X that has been crudely affixed to the middle lane with reflective tape.  There's some debate about its accuracy; the X moves a little whenever the road is repaved, replaced each time by still-mysterious sources.  But it supposedly marks the precise spot where President John F. Kennedy was hit by a fatal headshot on a sunny November day much like this one.  With the faded red-brick building of the former Texas School Book Depository stationed picturesquely behind them, the two men position their feet on either side of the X, and throw their arms around each other's shoulders.  As their friend snaps away, they smile.  It's a grim yet familiar scene, one that plays out many times per day here — like Dallas's own morbid version of Abbey Road.

The Editor says...
The scene of the JFK assassination is the most popular tourist attraction in Dallas, even though it is never advertised as such.  The tourists are welcome, I guess, but when they impede traffic they are annoying.  And since there are always cameras around, "Deadly Plaza" has become a popular location for political protests and news conferences.  The official explanation of the JFK assassination does not add up.  There are several credible alternative explanations which point to various kids of conspiracies, and numerous sub-plots and loose ends that most people have never heard of.

Adam Schiff's Terribly, Horribly, Painfully Transparent Back-Tracking.  If you have liberal family members around for this weeks Thanksgiving feast and celebration it would be wise to understand the scale of their disappointment, even if they have yet to recognize it.  Perhaps the best course will be just smiling.

Netanyahu's Indictment Is a Fraud.  The indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was announced today did not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.  Israeli politics have become less workable and less democratic over time.  What we are seeing here is an attempted coup by the Israeli version of the Deep State.

Another feminist movie bombs at the box office.  [Scroll down]  I have not seen and don't plan to see this movie.  I saw one trailer about the "superwoman" theme and decided that watching a Stars hockey game was better for me.  Why are young women staying away?  My guess is that a lot of young women are sick and tired of the message.  So I have a message for the people of who financed this movie:  First, stop making films with predictable dialogue.  We know that Hollywood hates Trump and believes in climate change.  How many times do you have to tell us directly or indirectly?  Second, I would change the title overseas to something like "Charlie's Angels Defends the World from Trump."

How to Launder Foreign Aid.  [Scroll down]  All the former government buildings in and around Monrovia were shells, as destitute Liberians had stripped bombed buildings for whatever they could use or sell to scrapyards.  The two-story airport terminal structure had been bombed and gutted down to the concrete floors and columns during the war.  The Liberian Customs office at the airport was a two-car garage-sized structure with a single 25-watt lightbulb barely illuminating the area.  There were three desks, two with signs that read:  No bribes taken at this desk.  There was a single customs official present but she wasn't sitting at a desk with a sign. [...] Customs agents don't take bribes at those desks with signs but it is apparently perfectly fine to take bribes at desks without signs.  And if an American Embassy dumps taxpayer funds into a foreign company's operational account, isn't that how you launder money?

Democratic Debate Winners and Losers.  MSNBC went full "woke" with their production of Wednesday night's [11/20/2019] primary debate.  They held the event at Tyler Perry's historic Atlanta film studios — a seeming nod to the Black community although they perplexingly left out nearly any mention of Black voter issues — and they had an all women panel of moderators, led by Rachael Maddow.  Again, there was a perplexing lack of questions surrounding the issues you'd think most Democrat-voting women would be curious about... outside of the sacred abortion questions.

Americans Should Remember the Ninth Amendment.  The animating principle of the Ninth Amendment is one that, as Justice Stevens wrote, "goes to the very core of the constitutional relationship between the individual and governmental authority." Although the Ninth Amendment has only rarely been explicitly invoked by the Supreme Court, you can see its fingerprints on many of the Court's decisions.  The Court's protection of unenumerated fundamental rights that are "deeply rooted in this Nation's history and tradition" acknowledges that today, as at the time of the Founding, listing every one of a person's rights is impossible.

The Media Are Missing the Biggest Story Since the Fall of the Soviet Union.  Attorney General Bill Barr enunciated the anti-liberal manifesto at a speech before the Federalist Society.  Barr offers an ideological explanation for the rebellion against the establishment in a way Trump, being Trump, never could.  As such it is the first genuinely post-Trump political development in conservative ranks.  The Barr declaration means the attempt to isolate the causes of the 2016 rebellion to one man has decisively failed.  It is now a cause of its own, bigger than Trump.

The Department of Defense Joins the Coup Cabal.  Since the Vietnam fail, the Gulf War had to be fought twice.  Iraq is still a hot mess.  Syria has become another divided, surrogate killing field.  After thirty years of American campaigning, Afghanistan is arguably worse off today than it was under Soviet occupation.  Libya is still a smoldering Obama/Clinton era ruin.  Now, North Africa has another Specified Command bureaucracy and another spasm of pyric small wars.  And the global, so-called, "war on terror" might be the longest and most expensive bad joke in the history of military inertia.  Adding insult to insanity, we now have a new Cold War with Russia.  Much of this came to pass with [General James] Mattis and company at the helm in the Pentagon.

Bernie Sanders Goes Full AOC: 'Time for Us to Become the Party that Fights for Queer Liberation'.  In the campaign for the 2020 presidential elections, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders has joined forces with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow members of the so-called "Squad." [...] She connects all those issues to FDR, a guy who literally did nothing to help "queer liberation," and who (rightfully!) dragged his fellow countrymen into a new world war.  You can certainly say that FDR helped establish peace and prosperity, but he only did so after declaring war on the Axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan).  Yes, yes, Harry Truman finished the job.  True.  But without FDR, America's involvement in the Second World War may have been much more limited than it was.  And that's not all — other Democrats were also quite warlike.  Woodrow Wilson (World War I).  FDR (World War II).  JFK (Bay of Pigs).  LBJ (Vietnam).  Bill Clinton (Yugoslavia).  Barack H. Obama (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan).

The Establishment Hates Russia.  [Scroll down]  It's true that Russia is neither England, France, or Mexico for that matter.  We are not at war with Russia, but our relations are less-than-friendly.  Western elites' chief problem with Russia is that it has not complied with the script Western advisors provided after the downfall of Communism.  Russia was supposed to embrace the ever-changing kaleidoscope of modern values, including capitalism, secularism, multiculturalism, and sexual liberation.  Under Boris Yeltsin, Russia did exactly that, but these reforms led to chaos during the 1990s.  A handful of oligarchs became rich by looting the country, while prosperity declined and gangsters ruled the streets.  Vladimir Putin restored law and order, as well as Russia's ability to project power abroad.  Now Russia is a moderately authoritarian county that is largely white, nationalist, conservative, and increasingly Christian.  As such, it is an obstacle to the Western elites' desire to make the whole world look like San Francisco.

Stanford professor who changed America with just one study was also a liar.  Susannah Cahalan is the author of "The Great Pretender" about famed psychology professor David Rosenhan, whom she discovered while on a book tour for her memoir, "Brain on Fire."  The book chronicled her experiences with doctors who believed her autoimmune disorder was a serious mental illness.

Time for Conservatives to Build Their Own Hollywood.  It's time for conservatives and what Kurt Schlicter calls the "Normals" to have an entertainment industry of their own.  Hollywood has effectively divorced conservatives (and the Normals).  And after a divorce, as they say, "living well is the best revenge."  The question is how.  It's not easy and one of the big reasons is the conservative world itself.  Conservative financiers abjure the arts — indeed they seem even to fear them — unless it's putting money in their local philharmonic to have their name on a plaque in the lobby.  Problem is, we all love Beethoven but he doesn't need our help at this point.  Conservative fat cats also put a ton of money in think tanks that aren't particularly effective.  I don't mean to unnecessarily diss those tanks.  Some of my best friends are, etc., etc.... but the truth is, one good movie or television series is worth more than a hundred, or even a thousand, position papers when it comes to moving society.

The Editor says...
A conservative version of Hollywood is a nice idea, but it's not likely to materialize.  First of all, The Studios at Las Colinas was supposed to be the Bible Belt Hollywood.  At least that's the impression I got 20 years ago.  Secondly, how would a company run a conservative film-making operation without employing homosexuals, fornicators, druggies, and self-important egomaniacs — just like the other Hollywood?

The Looming '1984' Election.  For a variety of reasons, the 2020 election is going to be a referendum beyond Donald Trump's record and his Democratic opposition.  The furor that Trump has incurred, and the radical antithesis to his agenda and first term, have redefined the looming election.  It is becoming a stark choice between a revolutionary future versus American traditionalism. [...] In 2020 we will witness the penultimate manifestation of what radical progressivism has in store for us all — and the furious, often desperate, and unfettered pushback against it.

I Am the Anonymous Whistleblower.  [W]e Orthodox Jews, the fastest growing community of Jews in America, are deeply conservative.  Pro-life.  We oppose assisted suicide.  We are people of deep faith.  We live by the principle of personal responsibility.  We recognize only two genders.  We despise Communism and the socialist Left.  We love President Trump.  In the Democrat-predominant New York Tri-State area, more than 90 percent of Orthodox Jews are happy with Trump.  Even in radical left Los Angeles — Home of the Homeless, Turf of the Typhus — more than 70 percent of Orthodox Jews vote Trump.  We despise what the Democrats have done, particularly these past three decades, to destroy the social unity and moral fiber of our country.

How Libertarianism Makes People Susceptible To Huge Government.  [Scroll down]  For example, libertarian advocacy for legalizing drugs and prostitution seems to arise less from the prudential belief that suppressing these vices causes more harm than good than from a philosophical commitment to maximizing individual autonomy.  But hard drugs and prostitution are degrading, and they lessen the human capacity for responsible self-government.  In these and many other ways, today's libertarianism allows and even encourages the destruction of the virtues and associations necessary for successful self-government.

The reasons the IG report has been delayed will delight Trump supporters.  The continuing delays in releasing the Department of Justice Inspector General's report on the FISA warrant have discouraged a lot of conservatives.  But according to Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, whose sources on the ongoing scandal have been excellent, the reasons behind the delay are entirely positive.  Yesterday [11/6/2019] they appeared on Lou Dobbs's show on Fox Business Network, and laid it out.  [Video clip]

DiGenova and Toensing on Upcoming IG Report: "it's going to be worse than you can imagine".  Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing appeared on Fox News to discuss issues surrounding the ongoing investigations of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham.  Mr. diGenova and Ms. Toensing bring the tick-tock hammer to the audience.  According to Ms. Toensing the upcoming IG report is going to be "very bad for people in the Obama administration."  Toensing went on to say, according to her sources, "it's going to be worse than you can imagine."  Mr. diGenova went on to say:  "it's going to be devastating" ... "it's going to ruin careers" etc.  Mr diGenova has a great deal of confidence in AG Barr, Horowitz and Durham.

The Editor says...
This cliff-hanging build-up to the upcoming IG report has been going on for weeks.  I'm ready to see bad things happen to bad people.  Bring it on, already.

No, Kentucky Isn't Turning Blue, Here's Why.  If you were on social media last night, you probably saw a lot of folks on the left celebrating that Kentucky, a deep red state, "had turned blue" because of the razor-thin victory of Democrat Andy Beshear over incumbent Republican Matt Bevin.  Let me just get it out of the way right now and tell you that Kentucky isn't turning blue.  The state hasn't been "flipped" or whatever else they're saying.  We've seen this narrative before.  When Democrat Doug Jones narrowly defeated Republican Roy Moore in the special election for Jeff Sessions' vacant Senate seat in 2017, many on the left seemed to interpret that election as a sign of Trump's weakness, and Alabama's competitiveness in future statewide elections.

How the World to the Dark Tower Came.  "California," argues Victor Davis Hanson, is "becoming pre-modern" despite ballooning government solutions.  Like fictional pre-modern societies, it is becoming a two-tier society; a landscape of fantastical castles amid a sea of peasants.  It is as if the technologically sophisticated components of the Golden State were creating its shadow of poor, homeless, drug-addicted and unskilled populations. [...] Yet in some respects, not only California but the whole global world is morphing into a similar two-tier arrangement.  This may be driven by something called knowledge inequality.  The processes by which a society produced its goods and governed itself were once common knowledge to a large percentage of the population.  But they are not now.

Mexican blood is on liberal hands.  Drug abusing Americans have turned Mexico into a narco-state.  Last night, a drug cartel murdered nine Mormons in Mexico in an attack that should shame America's potheads, meth-heads, and coke users.  The blood of the LeBaron family is on their hands.

Fall Back, Spring Ahead.  Get ready to go through the routine of turning the clocks back an hour this weekend.  Daylight savings time is leaving us... yet again.  Daylight savings time has been with us in the United States since the days of World War I.  It has seen several changes since then but still exists essentially in its original form.

Fall back, daylight saving time — You need to cease and desist.  Proponents of daylight saving time — which ends at 2 a.m.  Sunday — argue that it gives more daylight hours after a workday and decreases energy consumption.  But the negatives far outweigh any positives.  It's time to get rid of daylight saving time once and for all.

How America Will Win the Next 100 Years.  Use any measuring stick and you will find the United States leads the way.  We are number one in opportunity, quality of life, access to healthcare, academics, and diversity in intellectual and political thought — we even lead the world in dog and cat ownership. [...] But American superiority is not a message we have heard from the Democrats running for president.  What's worse is that it seems to be a notion they outright reject.  If America, and our ideals of freedom, are going to outwit the communists in China and the antagonists in Russia, then we must elect leaders who understand how we became number one in the first place.

Chang:  China is 'the Third Reich in the 21st Century'.  Scholar Gordan Chang warns that the United States must ultimately "disengage from China" on all fronts if it is to maintain its status as a global superpower or risk China's massive potential to change the geopolitical structure of the world.  Chang, who just returned from Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, spoke on The Sara Carter Show where he described the current state of Beijing and the authoritarian government's influence across the globe.  "This is the Third Reich in the 21st century," said Chang.  China's policy "is incompatibility with our system.  We are unfortunately going to have to reverse course and disengage from China to protect ourselves — to reduce our vulnerability to an extremely dangerous actor."

The First Four-Star Flag Officer in US History Joins the Effort to Void the Election of the US President.  From time to time, I like to promote the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee, as their cause is righteous.  I agree whole-heartedly with almost all of their stances on issues.  Here is one of those opinion pieces that I'm certain will resonate with you, too.  In fact, the topic makes me furious!

Black leaders say 'racist' Hoover's name has no business on new FBI HQ.  Black lawmakers want to strip J. Edgar Hoover's name from the proposed new FBI headquarters because they think he was a racist, outraging longtime agents who say America's culture of political correctness and victimhood has gone too far.  The fight is bursting into public view again as the FBI inches toward building a new headquarters, a plan that has been simmering for nearly a decade.

The Editor says...
Why does every government building have to be named after a bureaucrat or a politician?  No matter which name is chosen, eventually that name will fall out of favor.  It would be better to name a building, in an anti-Orwellian manner, after someone whose name we are supposed to forget.  Like Richard Jewell or Vince Foster.

There Is No Basis for Barr to Recuse Himself Over Ukraine.  If Dianne Feinstein didn't recuse herself from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, why should anyone ever be recused from anything?  Senator Feinstein is in the news, making the characteristically hyperpartisan and frivolous claim (on Twitter) that Attorney General Bill Barr should ["]recuse himself from matters related to Ukraine because of concerns about his role in President Trump's efforts to damage a political opponent and undermine the Russia investigation.["]  Feinstein says she is speaking for Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats, all of whom have signed a letter to the AG.  There is no basis for Barr to recuse himself.  First, before we ever get to the law, the Democrats' claim is factually vacant.  The AG has no role in President Trump's dealings with Ukraine. [...]

China's president's daughter is at Harvard.  That's a big warning sign.  [Scroll down]  For a princeling, if you married Xi's daughter, you would become consort to the empress, but there would be a downside:  you would be killed in any palace coup.  If Xi Mingze is at Harvard, that suggests that the project to get her married off has had pushback and that President Xi isn't having things going all his way.  Another problem with Xi establishing a dynasty is that all the other families living in the gated community in Beijing for China's elite, Zhongnanhai, would become less than equal, something that would stick in their craw more than the president-for-life thing.  The communist regimes in Russia and Eastern Europe lasted about 70 years before they burned out, and it has been wondered if the 70-year rule will also apply to China.  The communist party in China recently celebrated 70 years since its founding, and it looks as if burnout is happening on cue.

Trump's greatest tweet ever:  Meet the dog who chased down Baghdadi.  How much did I enjoy this tweet?  Put it this way:  I'm thinking of voting for him next year now.  The dog, I mean.

The Post-Christian Pope and the Pacha Idols.  In his latest outrage, Pope Francis has had the police fish out of the Tiber the Pacha idols an anonymous Catholic removed from a church near St.  Peter's Square and threw into the river.  The writers at the Onion must be scratching their heads over how to satirize this one.  Their fake headlines can't beat the real ones, such as:  "Pope Francis asks for forgiveness after Amazon statues stolen, thrown into river."  His apology was of the most craven PC sort:  "As a bishop of the diocese, I ask forgiveness from the persons who were offended by this."  The post-Christian pope is rapidly making Rome pagan again.

The Democrats Are Neoconservatives Now.  When the establishment boot comes stomping, it's clear that party affiliation matters less to the swamp than loyalty to its dictates.  Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is a doctrinaire liberal in nearly every respect but one.  Yet what unites her and Trump is significant enough to make both targets of a machine bent on destroying them.  Last week, Gabbard became the center of an intra-party dispute after Hillary Clinton, the exiled queen of neoliberals, accused her of being a "Russian asset."  It was not the first time Gabbard was so libeled, but the attack, coming from Clinton, exposed a rift between the dominant international Left of apparatchiks who think that "Putin bad" is foreign policy, and the vanishing, historic anti-war Left that Gabbard exemplifies.

Take Tulsi Gabbard's explanation for not seeking reelection with a grain of salt.  Gabbard's decision not to seek reelection may have something to do with her longshot 2020 Democratic primary candidacy, which has never broken above 3% in surveys of potential Democratic primary voters, according to a RealClearPolitics polling average.  But the congresswoman's announcement this week also certainly has something to do with her troubles at home, including declining fundraising and polling numbers, neither of which are mentioned in her official reelection statement.

Stop Claiming 'No Quid Pro Quo'Quid pro quo ... it's the new "by the book."  You remember "by the book," right? [...] That was the memorable phrase Obama national-security adviser Susan Rice emphasized in her notorious CYA memo.  Remember?  The memo took the form of an email.  She wrote it while clearing out of her White House office while Donald Trump was being inaugurated.  It purported to summarize a meeting more than two weeks earlier, when President Obama held an Oval Office pow-wow on next steps in the Trump-Russia investigation.  Fully aware that what they were orchestrating was highly irregular (the continuation of a probe targeting the new president even as he entered office), Rice took pains to note that Obama had insisted that everything be done "by the book."  It was a flashing neon sign that "the book" was being burned.  There is no "book" — no set of legit procedures and norms — that endorses the exploitation of executive investigative powers in the service of partisan politics.

GOP Has A Choice:  Fight Anti-Trump Coup Effort Or Surrender Government To Democrats.  What we are facing now is not partisan warfare, it's not a mystery novel, it's not politics-as-usual.  We are facing an attempt to tear down the foundations of our republic by corrupt, unelected bureaucrats who have decided the will of voters is subordinate to their will to power.  It represents a fatal threat to our system of government, and if this coup succeeds — whether through impeachment proceedings, or through an election that (if the last three years are any indication) the other side is clearly willing to steal by hook or by crook — the nation will cease to be a constitutional, democratic republic.  This isn't about Trump, or Republicans, or conservatives.  It is about Washington needing to learn that political differences have to be settled at the ballot box lest they instead be settled with an undermining of our constitutional norms and institutions.

The Truth About China That LeBron and the NBA Don't Understand.  [Scroll down]  Genocide is more than an "excessive measure," and Mao was unquestionably a bloodthirsty, genocidal maniac.  Over the years, I have heard similar statements regarding the Holocaust, minimizing it subtly, as if it wasn't so bad after all.  I couldn't let this go.  "'Excessive?'" I said, so that the full room of students and business executives could hear me.  "Let's be clear, Mao killed between 40 and 70 million of his own people."  Silence.  Total silence.  I felt like Ann Coulter at Berkeley or like Daryl Morey after his controversial tweet.  One Chinese student sitting next to me, a fellow who had been quite friendly while giving me a tour around the campus, literally backed away from me.  The economist paused, looked around the room and at the doors, and then continued nervously.  No one argued the point.  It was as if I had said nothing.  They were afraid.  This is what societies with a history of violence and repression look like even after they're somewhat liberalized.

Pompeo: The Term 'Human Right' is Being Used 'For Something That is a Mere Preference'.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says his department's new "Commission on Unalienable Rights," which held its first public meeting Wednesday, aims to develop a document by mid-2020 that will make clear what precisely are "fundamental human rights and why they matter so much to America."  The initiative comes at a time when repressive regimes around the world are subverting the concept of human rights — a point highlighted by Pompeo in a speech Tuesday [10/22/2019] at the Heritage Foundation, where he cited as an example the Maduro regime in Venezuela's recent election onto the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC).  He returned to the subject Wednesday during an interview on Tony Perkins' national radio show Washington Watch, citing the HRC election as an example of how humankind has "deviated" from what human rights actually are.

What Is Conservative American Nationalism?  As I suggest in a new book, Age of Iron, conservative American nationalism is the country's oldest foreign-policy tradition.  Designed to preserve American self-government, it always has been based on a recognition that the United States is an independent nation-state.  This means that the material integrity, security, prosperity, and health of the U.S. as a nation ought to be of real concern.  It also means that in formulating U.S. public policy, the interests of American citizens come first.  One might think this is obvious.  And for previous generations, across party lines, it was.  But in our own time, a great many public intellectuals — along with the now-dominant progressive wing of the Democratic party — have together decided otherwise.

Democrats Seek to Drown Trump in Drama.  Democrats are running their own version of a hostage scenario, only they've taken a sizable portion of the American public hostage to their eardrum-splitting insanity.  Their hope is to create a crushing wave of noise and disruption through the use of bogus impeachment screeds, relentless media attacks, Antifa violence, never-ending investigations, daily Deep State leaks, Intelligence Community hits, strategically placed partisan polls, and the rest of the tactics they are deploying.  That noise becomes overwhelming, which is the point.  The never-ending churn is intended to wear out America to where enough voters so desire a return to "normalcy" that they will submit and vote for the Democrat.  They are trying to force voters to wave the white flag.  Their hope is that drama-exhausted voters will blame President Trump for their misdeeds and pull the lever for the Democrat.

Imagine if the Federal Government Were Ever Broken Apart into 'Flyover Country'?  [Scroll down]  Given the popularity in some circles of a push to deploy anti-trust suits against Big Tech, [James] Piereson went one step further.  Why not go anti-trust on the biggest monopoly of them all?  And what would that be?  Why, the U.S. federal government, of course.  He did not advocate burning down the house — but relocating it.  That could be done, he suggested in so many words, by moving the Interior Department to Boise, Idaho; Transportation to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Treasury to Laramie, Wyoming; and the like.  This would severely restrict the ability of the Establishment (aka the Deep State) to plot in cabals to do injury to their preferred targets, such as President Donald Trump.  These days they walk a couple of blocks — and plan their skullduggery over a pricey lunch.

McRaven and Mattis:  The M&M's of Perpetual War.  Give writers their pens, soldiers their swords.  Do not, however, salute old warriors who write in defense of war without end.  Do not let retired admirals and generals end the peace with their pieces about the honors of war.  Not the horrors of war, of the dead and disfigured, of the living dead who have nothing but their discharge papers and paper prescriptions, of minds deadened by killing and bodies dying from painkillers.  Do not let Admiral William H. McRaven and General James Mattis blind us with their medals and stars.

These 3 Countries Tried Socialism.  Socialists are fond of saying that socialism has never failed because it has never been tried.  But in truth, socialism has failed in every country in which it has been tried, from the Soviet Union beginning a century ago to three modern countries that tried but ultimately rejected socialism — Israel, India, and the United Kingdom.

Is America Becoming Sinicized?  Westerners, who apologize when Islamists kill cartoonists and journalists for supposedly insulting Islam, do not say a word when China puts a million Muslims into re-education camps, bulldozes Islamic cemeteries and shuts down mosques.  Loud human rights lions in Europe turn into kittens when it is a question of Chinese organ harvesting, forced abortions and sterilizations, and the jailing and execution of dissidents.  American environmentalists demand a radical shutdown of the current fossil-fuel-based U.S. economy.  They say little about greenhouse gas emissions from China, the biggest polluter in the world by far.  Outspoken NBA athletes and hip Hollywood celebrities damn the Second Amendment, curse their president and boycott states they find politically incorrect.  But they become abject cowards when it comes to China.

Obama Broke NATO.  Since the end of the Cold War, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been fraying.  Without the common Soviet threat, NATO has struggled to justify its existence.  Frankly, it has outlived its usefulness.  Yet, despite what many of his detractors claim, President Donald J. Trump has not broken NATO.  That honor falls to Trump's vainglorious predecessor, Barack Obama, the man who presidential historian Michael Beschloss believed to have been the "smartest guy ever to become president."

Trump in a landslide?  This historically accurate model predicts exactly that.  President Donald Trump has a love/hate relationship with polls, surveys and predictions.  He loves the ones that paint him in a positive light, and, of course, he hates all those "fake" ones that don't.  He's going to absolutely adore this one.  According to Moody's Analytics, Trump is headed toward another four years in the White House.  And, if the numbers are right, it won't even be close.

The FBI Eagerly Accepted Foreign Interference — To Give A Third Term To FDR.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the canonized saints of the Democratic Party, despite his long-known anti-Semitism, plus philandering that ranks him right up there with Democratic successors John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. [...] But the man Democrats consider the greatest president of the 20th century, the commander in chief who led the Allies to victory in the Second World War, and who established the country's most popular government entitlement, Social Security, did something that looks uncannily similar to what House Democrats are poised to impeach Trump for.

Is China Orchestrating the Democrats' Faux Impeachment Scheme?  China has not only compromised Biden, it is extremely likely that they are actively colluding with Democrats and the media to take down Trump.  Consider Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), whose financial ties to the Red Chinese are well-known through her husband, who somehow (like Hunter Biden) landed tens of millions of dollars in "investments" as she chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Worse yet, China was able to implant a spy into her staff for about 20 years.  But, of course, she knew nothing.  We all know that President Trump is costing China a lot of money.  The media's unprecedented and insane attacks against Trump raise my Spidey-sense.

The Syrian Kurds Are Not America's Problem.  There has been much conflation of both the American mission in Syria and the disposition of America's erstwhile Kurdish friends.  The fact is, despite being the world's largest stateless ethnic population, sharing a contiguous landmass that cuts across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran — roughly a 500,000-square-kilometer area — the Kurds are by no means a monolithic entity.  What's more, the United States government has never officially endorsed the concept of a Kurdish state in the Middle East.  Don't let those facts stop the experts from trotting out many falsehoods and half-truths about the messy situation that is Syria, though.

We're in a permanent coup.  On Thursday [10/10/2019], news broke that two businessmen said to have "peddled supposedly explosive information about corruption involving Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden" were arrested at Dulles airport on "campaign finance violations."  The two figures are alleged to be bagmen bearing "dirt" on Democrats, solicited by Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.  Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman will be asked to give depositions to impeachment investigators.  They're reportedly going to refuse.  Their lawyer John Dowd also says they will "refuse to appear before House Committees investigating President Donald Trump."  Fruman and Parnas meanwhile claim they had real derogatory information about Biden and other politicians, but "the U.S. government had shown little interest in receiving it through official channels." [...] The men who are the proxies for Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani in this story are asserting that "official channels" have been corrupted.  The forces backing impeachment, meanwhile, are telling us those same defendants are obstructing a lawful impeachment inquiry.

Think Twice before Buying Chinese Stocks.  The Trump administration recently floated the idea of delisting Chinese stocks in the U.S.  This was met with ridicule and hand-wringing not only from the usual political opponents, but also from mainstream business analysts.  Though delisting Chinese companies already listed on U.S. exchanges is problematic, there are good reasons besides being a bargaining chip in the trade dispute why the U.S. should be more stringent about any Chinese company listing on U.S. exchanges.

Google, Apple, ESPN, Hollywood & NBA Committing Treason With China.  America's major entertainment and tech corps have decided that they're not going to be patriotic.  They have no particular loyalty to America.  It's just where a lot of their markets and talent happen to live.  But it's not as if they're incapable of loyalty.  The statements by the NBA and EA touting Chinese nationalism, Apple and Google's decision to pull protest apps, Hollywood's eagerness to let Chinese Communist apparatchiks censor their scripts, make it clear that they are capable of loyalty.  Just not to America.

The people are still sovereign:  Only Trump gets that.  There are a lot of differences between the global threat Roosevelt defeated in Germany and the global threat Mr. Trump faces now in the Syrian civil war.  But one thing remains the same:  American voters are still in charge.  Therein lies the great political sickness of our time.  American voters of every stripe are nearly unified against U.S. involvement in these endless wars in places like Syria at the very same moment when American politicians in Washington of every stripe are nearly unified in favor of same said wars.  The disconnect between voters back home and politicians in Washington is cavernous.  Mr. Trump is one of the only politicians to hear the voice of the people and obey it.

Liberals' Tears For Kurds Ring Hollow After Vietnam.  As a veteran of the Vietnam War and the so-called secret war in Laos, I don't get upset thinking about how we lost the war.  That's because we didn't lose it.  We won it.  It was lost — thrown away — by liberal politicians besotted with hubris over from their success in forcing Nixon from office.  It was they who threw away our victory.

Can we keep our Republic?  [Scroll down]  First was James Comey's phony investigation of Hillary's felonious abuse of rules for handling sensitive government information.  Even worse was the press conference in which he laid out the obvious predicates of an indictment, then found a nonexistent "intention" proviso in the penumbras and emanations of the relevant statute, and then usurped the Attorney General's authority as to whether or not to indict by making the decision himself during the press conference.  The second violation has not been as commented on as it should be — the handling of the "hacked" DNC servers scandal.  We know the narrative, since it is regularly repeated even by conservative commentators:  Several of our intelligence agencies discovered that a Russian operative named Guccifer 2.0 hacked the DNC servers, and then via Wikileaks publicized the contents to embarrass Hillary and weaken the Democrats, the goal being to help Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  This has become a foundational dogma of the whole Russia collusion, foreign interference, Trump corruption tale that provides the flimsy rationale for the Trump-haters' invective and calls for impeachment.  But as George Parry summarizes in an important analysis, this claim is unsubstantiated by any forensic evidence.

Hey, Congress:  Take Back Your War Powers, Or Shut Up About Syria.  If you want to stop Donald Trump from making unilateral decisions regarding war and peace, then stop letting all presidents make unilateral decisions about war and peace.  It's really quite simple.  Trump can abruptly pull back U.S. troops from northern Syria because Congress, having abdicated its foreign policy responsibilities long ago, has no leverage to stop him.  When Congress passed the War Powers Resolution as the Vietnam War was winding down, it gave presidents the power to send troops abroad for 60 days in response to any "national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces."  If the president failed to gain congressional support for the deployment, he would have another 30 days to pull back troops.  Congress is the institution vested with the power to declare wars, to debate where we send troops, and decide which conflicts are funded.

Five 'Gutsy Women' Who Didn't Make it into Hillary Clinton's Book.  [#4] Ayn Rand was born in Russia and was an eyewitness to the horrors inflicted by the Bolshevik Revolution.  By the time she emigrated to America in 1925, her core beliefs were established. [...] Her 1957 follow-up, Atlas Shrugged, portrayed a United States on the edge of collapse as a result of socialist and collectivist policies.  The novel proved to be enormously influential and stunningly prescient.  The election of Barack Obama in 2008 and the creeping socialist policies that followed caused the sales of Atlas Shrugged to spike.  To anyone who had read the dystopian novel, it all seemed depressingly familiar.

His doctors ordered an emergency flight by air ambulance.  His insurer wouldn't pay.  Yes, Americans pay more for healthcare than anyone else in the world.  Yes, for all those trillions of dollars spent annually, we have lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality rates than other developed countries — two key metrics for judging the effectiveness of a nation's healthcare.  But the thing that never ceases to astonish me is how needlessly cruel our system is.  I'm not just talking about the life-saving prescription drugs that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  I'm talking about the small acts of greed and pettiness that make a bad situation for the sick even worse.

A Tale of Two Coups.  There appears to be a curious symmetry connecting both the blocking of Brexit, and the continued attempts to bring down a free and fair American election.  The same or different types of "deep state" involved on either side of the Atlantic is debatable, but the repeated attempts at a coup d'état against both the American President and the British Prime Minister have a lot in common, not least the desire to thwart the openly expressed wishes of the US and British electorates.

For the Soul of America, 'Shifty' Schiff Must Go.  Fake news media and Democrats have launched another lie-filled, treasonous silent coup to remove Trump from office.  On TV, Adam Schiff lied to the world, claiming that during a phone call Trump threatened the president of Ukraine.  Schiff said that Trump told the Ukraine president that if he did not dig up dirt on Joe Biden, he would hold back funds from Ukraine.  To the horror of Schiff, Democrats and fake news media, Trump made the unprecedented decision to publicly release the transcript of the phone call between himself and the Ukraine president.  The transcript proved that everything Schiff reported Trump said was a lie.  In an America in which truth and justice rule, Schiff would be politically tarred and feathered and run out of Washington D.C. on a rail.

Muslims hurl firebombs, burn tires as Jews pray at Joseph's Tomb.  This is the hatred, bigotry and barbarity in which Rep. Rashida Tlaib was raised.  Palestinian terrorism and Palestinian incitement against the Jews must be debated in the United States Congress.

The Pope's Pitiful Reign of Error.  A visit to the Vatican was once an awe-inspiring religious experience.  It now feels more like a trip to Disneyland.  It exists primarily for tourists, not pilgrims.  It is a bazaar of camera-snapping Asians, cackling Germans, thieving vendors, gum-chewing priests, and trysting middle-age couples.  The overwhelming impression it leaves is that Catholicism is a religion of the past, not the present or future.  Whatever the future of Islam, at least Muslims have enough regard for God to keep Mecca and Medina from turning into Touristville.

Am I the Only One Who Does Not [Care About] the Ukraine Garbage?  [Scroll down]  But here's what does matter to me:  People who work hard and have worked hard all their lives to earn an honorable though modest income, only to find themselves challenged in later life as technology changes make their skills obsolete, even as people alongside them who are healthy and capable of working choose instead to game the system to live off government handouts ranging from food stamps to welfare.

How China 'Woke' America.  American trade and political appeasement were never interpreted by Beijing as magnanimity to be reciprocated, but always as weakness to be exploited.  It was always ludicrous to think that the more concessions on trade and human rights the United States gave, the more China would Westernize and begin to resemble America or an EU nation.  Even sillier was the old shibboleth that China's embrace of capitalist reforms — as if by some unwritten, determinist economic law — would lead to constitutional government.  But the ability to buy a new cellphone never ensures the right to vote for a candidate of one's choice.

Why Libertarians Are Unwitting Enablers of Socialism.  When the anti-socialist vote is split, the socialist wins.  In the real world, we have nations so that people with a common culture and heritage can govern themselves.  This necessitates the existence of governments, laws, regulations, taxes, public spending, and a host of other things libertarians may consider nasty.  To oppose overreaching laws, bad regulations, high taxes, excess spending, wasteful spending, or inappropriate spending, is the duty of any fiscal conservative.  But the role of government is to protect a national culture, not to just get out of the way so corporate multinationals can commoditize the world.

America's domestic enemies are the Democratic Party and its allies.  The leading foreign enemies of the 20th Century were clear.  The Empire of Japan.  The Third Reich.  Then the USSR, the Peoples' Republic of China and the Korean War. Followed by an episode of the Cold War turned hot in Vietnam.  The domestic enemies — those inside our borders — were Soviet spies, many known to exist but identified only by their code names, particularly in the era of nuclear arms development.  Later came spies from the Peoples' Republic of China entering America as foreign students in U.S. universities, not just searching for state secrets but for industrial secrets enabling the theft of intellectual property.  Today, the leading domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution are not dispatched to America from foreign shores.  They were born in the USA.  English is their first language.

Hey Democrats, Impeach This!  Remember 10 years ago when we conservatives trusted and respected the FBI and our intelligence community?  Good times.  Well, that's over.  It will be decades before a woke Republican is stupid enough to trust them again.  But on the other hand, we now have an opportunity to exploit their strategic blunder in order to rip them apart next November.  We have a chance to teach the Democrats, to the extent they are trainable, that their socialist-curious, corporatist nanny state dreams are electoral strychnine.  Letting these creeps steal our country from us is worse than the resulting carnage from the fight they've picked.  We could roll over, but instead we'll take the hit to keep our liberty.  In the end, after many figurative casualties, impeachment is going to boomerang on these clowns.

30 of The Biggest Lies & Hoaxes Perpetrated on The American People.  [#4] The Vaccine Industry:  Those overseeing the vaccine industry have weaponized it.  From the false swine flu epidemic, to the measles scare to change legislation, HPV causing deaths, thousands of reports of them causing autism, and over $4.1 billion in injury and death claims — it has been weaponized.

The Coup Has Begun — The Empire Strikes Back Everywhere.  You know I think there are no coincidences in politics.  Everything happens on a particular schedule.  So when I see a day as crazy as today I have to ask the question, "Why this, why now?" [...] When you lose control of the narrative, when you spin a story out of whole cloth all you can do is double down.  This is what the Democrats are doing in the case of Ukraine.

Angela Merkel's Toll on Germany.  At Leipzig University she devoted a year to studying Marxist-Leninist thought.  She attended a university in Leningrad for a year in 1977, away from Stasi and available to the KGB without the Stasi being aware.  Coincidentally, Vladimir Putin was a KGB officer in Leningrad in 1977.  Being such a devout communist and so sympathetic to the Russians, it is inconceivable that she was not approached by the KGB during this period.  Which explains a lot about the way she has governed Germany for the last 14 years.  And why nothing about her was found in the Stasi archives after reunification — she wasn't one of theirs. [...] De-industrialising Germany today reduces Russia's military threat on its western flank.  This has been an ongoing project of Merkel's in her years as Chancellor.  The Fukushima disaster was an excuse for Merkel to close Germany's nuclear reactors.  The influx of Syrians a couple of years ago was designed to reduce social cohesion.  De-industrialisation of Germany using the global warming hoax as the excuse is ongoing.

Why is teen climate activist off limits, but innocent Covington kids fair game?  While conservatives have some points of contention with Swedish teen Greta Thunberg's rabid climate change activism, leftists are accusing them of outright attacking the child activist. [...] But several right-leaning pundits have noticed that there is a glaring discrepancy between how Thunberg is being treated by conservatives, and how Nick Sandmann was treated after the media picked up on edited footage of the Covington Catholic School students just standing there.

Why are we calling Ukraine story leaker a whistleblower?  The question begs to be asked:  Why is the person who came forward with a story about President Trump and a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky still being referred to as a whistleblower?  Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson, is a Trump appointee.  Allegedly he found a reason to go forward with a complaint lodged against President Trump stemming from a conversation with Zelensky in July.  The anonymous "whistleblower," as it turns out, is not, in fact, a whistleblower.  The complainant is essentially a gossipmonger.  The person admits no direct knowledge of the conversation.  Doesn't that seem to be an important fact in this whole story?

What Are The Differences Between e-Cigarettes Vaping & Vaccines:  Both CAN & DO Kill!  Before readers and astroturfers, in particular, decide to 'attack' this article, let me cite U.S. CDC/HRSA statistics!  E-cigs are vaped into adolescent kids' growing lungs, whereas vaccines are injected into babies' tiny, day-old bodies, i.e., the Hepatitis B vaccine!  How many day-olds will be injecting meth and other street drugs, or participating in unprotected sex — the diseases that specific vaccine is geared to 'protect' against?

The Democratic Nomination Process:  The Electoral College on Steroids.  The two processes start out quite similarly.  Candidates must win 270 of 538 electoral votes to gain the presidency, and 2,382 of 4,763 delegates to gain the nomination (in 2016).  For all intents and purposes, electoral votes and delegates are the same concept.  Electoral votes are allocated to the states via constitutional law and the Census Bureau.  The nomination process, created and controlled by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), literally uses the Electoral College in its formula of allocating delegates to states.  But the DNC's formula is far more complex, even awarding bonus delegates to bordering states that hold simultaneous primaries later in the voting season.  Defying the laws of science, the DNC considers Maine as bordering Vermont, Hawaii as bordering Oregon, and Puerto Rico as bordering Guam.

The US Export-Import Bank is China's cash cow.  If you are wearing a tie, there's a good chance it was made in China.  The factory where that tie was made was probably subsidized by the Chinese government.  But here's what you probably never guessed:  That subsidized Chinese factory may have been subsidized by you, the U.S. taxpayer.  And for that, thank the Export-Import Bank of the United States, a federal agency whose single biggest recipient is the communist-run government of China.  Congress this fall has a chance to end U.S. subsidies to China's crony capitalists, but some Democrats don't like that idea.

The Fool in the Vatican.  I never thought I would refer to a Pope as a fool, but it has come to that. [...] But after reading Francis X. Rocca's article in the September 11 edition of the Wall Street Journal, which has the pontiff saying that it would be "an honor that [conservative Catholic] Americans attack me," for not standing up for traditional Catholic teachings on marriage, sexuality and bioethics, while instead opining on climate change and migration, I can't hold my tongue.

Battle over the Bahamas:  Whatever happens in the world, the answer is always mass migration to the US.  Do the resources of the United States government exist for the benefit of Americans or for the benefit of the world?  This is a simple question that needs to be answered now, because it seems that any time any event — be it weather, poverty, or war — breaks out in any part of the world, the answer is always immigration, and it's always to be brought to just one country — the United States. [...] Are we vetting these people?  What about the public charge?  Who is paying for their stay, and where would they stay?  Will they receive work permits?  How can we ensure that they will not remain here indefinitely like hundreds of thousands have done since the 1990s when we began granting amnesty to people from all over the world who experienced natural disasters in their home countries?  Will we grant them birthright citizenship for their babies too?  Why aren't other countries pitching in?

Lack of Common Sense, Comfort Animals and Anarchy:  Where Does It End?  The truth is the truth.  It always has been, and it always will be.  And truth's oldest child is common sense.  Unfortunately, that child has all but been banished by segments of the American population in the last several decades.

The Turn Toward a Pre-9/11 Mindset.  Intelligence-based security can be effective only if the government can collect and analyze it in secret.  Otherwise, we will get scant cooperation from key sources of threat information, from foreign intelligence services to people who've been admonished to say something if they see something.  Yet we remain error-prone humans acting on imperfect information.  A suspicion that a person could be a threat, however reasonable, will necessarily be wrong in some cases.  Some innocent people inevitably will be harassed.  On the other hand, if suspected people are given notice of, and a meaningful opportunity to challenge, their placement on the list, the list will no longer be secret.  And if it is not secret, it will no longer be effective.  It is Congress that is supposed to wrestle with these tough line-drawing exercises.

Bubbles: Seen One, Seen them All.  One of the greatest blunders in the history of financial bubbles is not a policy error that inadvertently forces a collapse.  Instead the real blunder is celebrating the old theory that some agency can prevent financial setbacks and recessions.  In various forms it dates back to the early 1600s. [...] There is an old saying in physics that "If you keep your database short enough it will fit your theory."  A full review of market history from the 1600s concludes that great financial bubbles have had similar setups, climaxes, and contractions.  All five from 1720 to 1929 suffered severe liquidity problems in the fall of the year.  All cleared their problems in November, except for the 1825 Bubble when pressures ran into Christmas.

Case closed in Russia collusion.  I believe the real reason we're getting all these exaggerated, dramatized news headlines and impeachment threats against the president is that the Trump "collusion delusion" is slowly falling apart.  Starting with the setup of 28-year-old George Papadopoulos in a London wine bar with Australian liberal party hack Alexander Downer.  This is a man who in testimony forgot to mention his role in helping the Clinton Foundation get $25 million in aid from his government in 2006.  In attendance were liberal Israeli diplomat Christian Cantor and his mysterious attractive girlfriend whose job at the Australian embassy remains a mystery.  We have recently learned Mr. Downer never contacted either American or Australian intelligence about his conversation with Mr. Papadopoulos, which is against established protocol.  Instead, he directly contacted the U.S. embassy in London.  His connection there was Elizabeth Dibble, who previously served as principal deputy assistant secretary in Hillary Clinton's State Department.  Strange coincidence that I find very hard to believe.

Put Your Hope In Radical Decentralization.  The EU is the first step on the way toward the creation of a European Super-State, and ultimately of a one-world government, dominated by the USA and its central bank, the FED.  From its very beginnings, and despite all high-sounding political proclamations to the contrary, the EU was never about free trade and free competition.  For that, you don't need tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations!  Rather, the central purpose of the EU, supported all-along by the USA, was always the weakening in particular of Germany as Europe's economic powerhouse. [...] In fact, Europe has essentially become a dependency, a satellite or vassal of the US. This is indicated on the one hand by the fact that US troops are stationed all across Europe, by now all the way right up to the Russian border.

The Real "Helicopter Money": Since 2009, China Has Created $21 Trillion Of New Money, More Than Double The US.  Back in the days of the Fed's QE, much of thinking analyst world (the non-thinking segment would merely accept everything that the Fed did without question, after all their livelihood depended on it), was focused on how massive, and shocking, the Fed's direct intervention in capital markets had become.  And while that was certainly true, what we showed back in November 2013 [...] is that whereas the Fed had injected some $2.5 trillion in liquidity in the US banking system, China had blown the US central bank out of the water, with no less than $15 trillion in increases to Chinese bank assets, all at the behest of a juggernaut of new credit creation — be it new yuan loans, shadow debt, corporate bonds, or any other form of debt that makes up China's broad Total Social Financing aggregate.  Now, almost six years later, others are starting to figure out what we meant, and in an Op-Ed in the FT, Arthur Budaghyan, chief EM strategist at BCA Research writes about this all important topic of China's "helicopter" money which — far more than the Fed, ECB and BOJ — has kept the world from sliding into a depression, and yet is blowing the world's biggest asset bubble.

New World Order In Meltdown.  By now it has dawned on people that the central bankers acting as central planners in a command economy and printing money (aka quantitative easing) to fuel asset bubbles are about to wipe off the last vestiges of what used to be a market economy. [...] Perhaps the weirdest news to crown it all, came from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the Western central bankers were holed up for their annual retreat.  The president of Bank of England Mark Carney shocked everybody (at least those not present) by announcing that the US dollar was past its best-before and should be replaced with something the central bankers have up their sleeves.

Dan Crenshaw:  The 'Principled Conservative' Who Wasn't.  U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) has enjoyed a relatively glowing reception from right-wing media since his election to Congress.  But that honeymoon period may come to a very swift end, in what could be the single biggest political casualty of the "red flag" law movement.  The freshman congressman and former Navy SEAL is no stranger to endorsing positions that invite criticism from his right, including his support for keeping U.S. troops in Syria indefinitely and his winks and nods to believers in the Russian collusion hoax.  But following the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, earlier this month, Crenshaw offered support for what may be his most controversial position yet, "red flag" legislation.

Trump — or what, exactly?  No president for the past 19 years has sought to offer any remotely sane budget.  And with still relatively low interest rates, massive federal spending, a $22 trillion national debt, and an annual deficit of nearly $1 trillion, it is hard to imagine, in extremis, that there remains any notion of "stimulus" or "pump-priming" left.  Yet we hear little about such financial profligacy.  Not a word comes from Trump's critics about the need for Social Security or Medicare reform to ensure the long-term viability of each — other than the Democrats' promises to extend such financially shaky programs to millions of new clients well beyond the current retiring Baby Boomer cohorts who are already taxing the limits of the system.

Why No Congressional Investigation into Epstein's Intelligence Connections?  With convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein now dead, the Justice Department has launched an investigation into prison procedures that allowed him to commit suicide.  Meanwhile, women who were sexually abused or raped by Epstein when they were minors are continuing civil actions against Epstein's estate.  But why no congressional investigation into Epstein's relationship, if any, to intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the Mossad, or any others?  Have we gotten to the point where everyone is so scared to be labeled a "conspiracy theorist" that Congress is precluded from conducting a legitimate investigation into the CIA or other intelligence agencies?  Such an investigation would not come out of the blue.  It would revolve around the undeniably sweetheart deal that the U.S. Attorney in Florida, Alexander Acosta, gave to Epstein and the reasons that he gave that sweetheart deal to him.

Red China Aligns with Dems to Swing the 2020 Election.  Red China is our frenemy, mostly enemy, and they steal our intellectual property or they get it gratis when a company opens up for business in their country.  The companies have to give them their secrets and follow their Communist rules.  That is ethically questionable and the U.S. has made these violent, dangerous people a Super Power.  President Trump is responding appropriately battling them and if a President had taken this on before now, it wouldn't be so difficult.

The Myth of Jewish Influence in the Democrat Party.  [Scroll down]  When the Democrats know they have you in their pockets, they move on.  For example, they figure they have Blacks in their pockets, so they now focus on importing Hispanic voters to leapfrog Blacks socially and economically — which is exactly what is happening.  And the Democrats likewise know they have non-Orthodox Jews, Fake Jews, and anti-Semitic Jews in their pockets.

Criticizing Israel is fine, but anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic.  [Scroll down]  Of all the world's 200-plus countries, the only country anti-Zionists declare illegitimate is also the only Jewish one.  That's pretty much all you need to know about their motives.  Why, for example, don't they make this claim about Pakistan?  In 1947, nine months before the establishment of Israel, India was partitioned into a Muslim state, Pakistan, and a Hindu state, India.  Unlike Israel, Pakistan had never existed before.  Unlike Israel's founding, which created about 700,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands and 700,000 Arab refugees from what became Israel, the founding of Pakistan created about 7 million Muslim refugees from India and about 7 million Hindu refugees from Pakistan.

Hong Kong is a huuuuuuuge embarrassment for Democrats.  Hong Kongers are waving the stars and stripes, singing the national anthem, and issuing a global cry for freedom.  For a Democratic party that loudly supports bend-a-knee leftists who hate the U.S. flag, such as Colin Kaepernick, that's a problem.  And for a party that is trying to sell socialism to the U.S. public, well, thug-state China's got socialism in spades.  President Trump has taken flak for his response to the crisis, arguably so, but the real clown show is in what's coming from the Democrats.

We Are In A Battle Against The Full-Scale Implementation Of Communism In America!  While for decades, Watchmen such as Steve Quayle and others have warned America of a sinister plan to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States by tearing down our nation's borders and allowing in to our nation those who will not conform to our way of life, eliminating our God-given Rights to defend ourselves which are merely protected by the US Constitution and 'endless wars for the global empire', for all of those decades, those warnings have been labeled 'conspiracy theory' by the mainstream media.  Well, as we learned in [an] extremely important story over at Breitbart [...] on Wednesday [8/14/2019], the attempts being made to take down the United States are very real despite being labeled 'conspiracy theory' with this new Project Veritas expose proving that tech giant 'google' was planning on tampering with the 2020 elections to "essentially overthrow the United States".

Terror without trust.  The crisis of confidence in Western institutions can be described as a crisis of morality.  The public has discovered that many public figures are shams.  The #MeToo sex scandals, the accusations of collaborating with foreign powers, and most recently the Epstein case have undermined the reputation of our social betters.  They are perceived are no better than the common clay and probably a good deal worse.  This has undermined the trust that formerly allowed them to exercise authority over the public. [...] Perhaps no one exemplified this more than Mao Tse Tung, a sex maniac and pedophile who was worshiped by millions of people.

The Election Is Legitimate Only If the Democrats Win.  "Horrifying!"  As we've seen, candidates can get chirpy at final presidential debates less than three weeks from Election Day, and Hillary Clinton was no exception.  What "horror" had her inveighing so?  The very thought that her Republican rival would question the legitimacy of the presidential election.  Donald Trump being Donald Trump, he wouldn't budge.  He would not pledge to accept the election results a priori.  Okay, no, Trump didn't use the phase a priori.  But he did speculate that the electoral process could be rigged.  Until he saw how it played out, the Republican nominee said, he could not concede that the outcome would be on the up-and-up.

The Strange Case of 'White Supremacy'.  America's founding documents were unique in their singular calls for innate and universal human freedom and equality under the law that would eventually and logically demand reification of such ideals.  In other words, in America there was a real chance to overcome not American sins per se, but the ancient sins of mankind in general.  The result is that more than 243 years after its independence, the current longest-lived democracy arguably is also the world's most racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse nation and unmatched in its efforts to promote equality.

We need criminal and crazy control, not gun control.  Mass murder is not a gun control problem.  In 2003, Kim Dae-han, a middle-aged taxi driver, killed 192 people and left 151 others wounded, by setting a South Korean subway train on fire using paint cans filled with gasoline.  In 2016, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Muslim terrorist, killed 86 people and wounded 458 others by ramming a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in France.  In 2001, Muslim terrorists killed 2,977 people and injured 6,000 more, by using box cutters to hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings.  Guns are a tool.  There are a whole lot of other devastating ways to kill lots of people.  American mass killers often use guns because they're convenient and available.  There are plenty of alternatives like trucks, boxcutters, pressure cooker bombs and paint cans full of gasoline.

Epstein's death raises questions about his prosecution and imprisonment.  Epstein should not have died in federal custody — the Justice Department's Bureau of Prisons will have to explain how someone under their care, and recently on suicide watch, was able to commit suicide.  But the other lingering question is:  Should he have been in federal custody in the first place?

Wanda, Wilton, Bambi, and Randy Andy.  The Church had once led the West in moral standards.  Now she slavishly followed the West's lowest ones, becoming in the process as sick and dysfunctional as its shabbiest pagan institutions.  All the scandals that defined a crumbling secular society hit the Church, culminating in a pederasty scandal of epic proportions.  That scandal is not unique to the Church — indeed, it is seen across the culture, from public schools to Ivy League universities to the Boy Scouts and college sports programs — but it is reflective of the modern Church's uniquely stupid embrace of Western decadence.

An ahistorical Voice of America Is dangerous for the nation.  By pure chance I stumbled recently on a news report posted on the U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America website.  It was a news feature story about the personality cult of Argentine Communist Ernesto "Che" Guevara.  He is described as a "Marxist revolutionary" in a complimentary narrative that would make any antifa sympathizer proud.  Americans who know something about the history of communist atrocities of the last century might find it shocking and wonder how their tax money is being spent.  What VOA failed to mention is that Che was a ruthless communist, directly and indirectly responsible for brutal murders of tens of thousands of innocent human beings in Cuba and elsewhere.

Repealing Michigan's Rat Bounty:  A Cautionary Tale.  This current advance of the pestilential rodents reinforces the wisdom of legislators who recognize that the more things change, the more they may stay the same — or can become worse, due to short-sighted, unsound laws.  As the instance in St. Clair Shores evinces, the reasons for the Senate Law Revision Task Force's call to repeal the rat bounty remain sound, specifically that there are better, more efficacious means to curb the city's rodent problem than incentivizing a vigilante army of rat hunters who could prove a bigger problem than their quarry.

Democrats exploiting mass shootings for political gain have forgotten the lessons of the Wellstone funeral.  When Senator Paul Wellstone and seven others, including his wife and one son, were killed in an airplane crash in northern Minnesota on October 25, 2002, just 11 days before he faced re-election, a massive memorial service was planned for Williams Arena in Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota basketball and hockey venue capable of seating close to 20,000.  Vice President Cheney, the presiding officer of the Senate, announced his plan to attend, only to be told by Wellstone's surviving sons that he was not welcome, much as President Trump has been told by some politicians and activists to stay away from El Paso.  Cheney, respecting the wishes of the family, did not attend, possibly avoiding some ugliness.  The memorial service degenerated into a political rally, so blatant that the Wellstone staff issued a public apology.

Shoehorning Multiple-Causation Shootings into Single-Cause Narratives.  We keep hearing the same kinds of anecdotes after a mass shooting.  The details change, but the gist is the same.  Often but not always, there's no father in the home.  Often but not always, the shooter has few or no friends and nothing resembling a real support network.  Often but not always, the shooter is unemployed or barely employed.  Often but not always, the shooter has some mental-health issue, sometimes formally diagnosed, sometimes not.  Often but not always, the shooter played violent video games.  Often but not always, the shooter was active on extremist or Columbine-focused chat boards or had a noticeable interest in or obsession with previous mass shootings.  Often but not always, the shooter has gotten in trouble in school or has been kicked out of school.

I'm Certain This Will Be Taken As An Insult.  When you see a run-down, dirty neighborhood full of trash and vermin you can assume the people living there don't really mind all that much.  Not so much that they do anything to prevent it themselves.  They wait until conditions deteriorate to the point Government steps in and makes it all like new again.

Social Media's Transition from Novelty to Malignancy.  What made sense as a communications vehicle for a diverse but circumscribed group of people sharing many life experiences on campus and later as a helpful tool for the larger world, has transformed benign to malignant as fast as rapidly improving technology could take it there.  Students moved off the campus into the "real world," taking Facebook with them. [...] Unlike on campus, where myriad shared activities were constant, for many the world of work just wasn't as engrossing or dynamic and offered far less commonality of interests among friends than the world of college.  Therefore, the communications rapidly turned to social life and the truly banal, like what a person was cooking for dinner, or the family dog's Halloween costume.

When You Understand Israel's May 1948 Borders, You Understand There is No "Occupation".  There are really only two ways to consider the borders of Israel when it declared independence in May 1948:  the entirety of the Palestine Mandate OR the proposed border put forward by the United Nations General Assembly in 1947.  As discussed below, only one of these is legally valid, while both options demonstrate that Israel does not occupy any "Palestinian Land."

Time to Kick the Islamizing Turkey Out of NATO.  Foreign and military policy needs to change along with circumstances.  During the Cold War, it made sense for Washington to forge the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and make Turkey a member.  Today, an American-dominated NATO makes little sense, and Ankara's membership even less so.  Bringing in Turkey, which no one ever mistook for a liberal Western-style democracy, was always a bit of a stretch.  That nation has proven over the years to be politically unstable, with occasional military interference in governing affairs.

Democrats woke and broke.  The Democrats have no money but they do have 20-plus candidates for president.  Adam Parkhomenko, a former DNC national field director, told Vice, "When Hillary became the nominee in 2016 she was handed nothing.  The DNC was nothing and there was nothing to build on.  You'd think we would have spent the last few years making sure this would never happen again, and it has."  How you run your party is how you would run the country.

George Will finds his presidential candidate.  I'm so old that I remember when George Will's opinion mattered to Republicans.  Apparently, the Bezos Bulletin scribe realizes he's lost his influence on the Grand Old Party and now offers advice to the Democrats on their nominee, in hopes that someone out there still cares about his opinions.  His disgust at President Trump — who has the support of roughly 90% of Republicans — is such that he has now taken to telling (fellow?) Democrats whom they should nominate in 2020, in order to defeat the man who has restored the American economy to growth rates exceeding population growth (a task his predecessor assured us required a "magic wand"), nominated conservatives to the federal bench in numbers that matter, and exposed a nefarious plot among the federal intelligence and law enforcement apparatus to reverse a presidential election.

The [New York] Post says: de Blasio must be removed as mayor.  The lights went out on Broadway Saturday night, and Bill de Blasio was a thousand miles away in Iowa.  It was the moment that perfectly captured his distracted, ego-driven failure of a mayoralty.  Bill de Blasio does not care about New York City.  He does not care about its people.  He does not care about how it's run.  He does not care about you or your taxes, creating jobs or improving lives.  All Bill de Blasio cares about is Bill de Blasio.  And so, for the good of the city, Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to remove the mayor from office.

Something is Rotten in the Pentagon.  The strains of almost eighteen years of continuous war, Obama's massive budget cuts, and a tide of damaging politics have eroded critical parts of our military.  What has held together, until last week, was the most critical element:  the trust that must exist between the civilian leadership and the military of all ranks.  A huge blow to that trust has just occurred on Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer's watch.  Another failure of leadership, both similar and different, is taking place about the nomination of Gen. John Hyten, Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, to be the next vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

Devin Nunes Has a Warning for AG Bill Barr:  Without Prosecutions None "will trust the FBI or DOJ for generations".  HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes has a deliberate warning to U.S. Attorney Bill Barr, and the Department of Justice should take it very seriously.  In a 30 minute podcast interview last week, Representative Nunes rightly warns of massive political consequences if Justice Department officials don't face jail time for their conduct during the Russia investigation.  I strongly urge everyone to listen to the podcast.  [Link]

Nineteen Eighty-Four: What Orwell Got Right.  Starting in academia, politically correct speech has now infected the media, the arts, tech companies, and corporations.  The protagonist in Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston Smith, works for the ironically named "Ministry of Truth," which is engaged in the practice of constantly editing history to conform to the current party line.  People and places are changed, erased, or added as needed.  "Who controls the past controls the future," Orwell explained, "who controls the present controls the past."  The erasing of America's past, the renaming of holidays, and the defacing and elimination of statues — the cultural vandalism that proceeds on a daily basis — is all part of an effort to conform America's history to the Progressive party line.

Don't Blame Wikipedia for Clinton and Epstein Edits.  Here's how Wikipedia works:  Anyone who cares to can go there and write an article. [...] For a lot of topics, Wikipedia is very useful, especially technical topics.  Articles on Math and Computer Science are generally at least pretty good, although sometimes written for a technical audience instead of a general one.  But the point is that there's no such entity as the Wikipedia Editors.  On current events, it's more like blog comments.

Hiding socialism behind skirts.  Former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted on Sunday [7/7/2019] what I have said for months:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the soul of the soulless Democrat Party.  His tweet responded to Pelosi dismissing as ineffective backbenchers AOC and three other rookie congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib.  Pelosi told Maureen Dowd, "All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world, but they didn't have any following.  They're four people and that's how many votes they got."  True.  In the House, they have four votes.  But the Fearsome Foursome have the media and the party's billionaires such as Jeffrey Epstein.

The Absurd Attack on Alexander Acosta.  The leftist media machine has launched an effort to link Donald Trump with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  This tiresome methodology of character attack is a threat to the core of free speech, as victimhood — whether of border children, women, blacks, gays, transgenders, or inquiring people — is transformed into a self-righteous weapon unhindered by policy prescriptions, employed by one political group against another on purely ideological grounds. [...] Consider that the ideology that wishes to erase criminal records attacked Brett Kavanaugh for an alleged juvenile offense, for which he was never charged; personally attacked Norm Pattis, attorney for Alex Jones, by association; forced the resignation of Harvard professor Ron Sullivan solely because he represented Harvey Weinstein (who has not yet been tried); and now calls for Alexander Acosta's resignation because he was a prosecutor in a case that (years later) the media have in hindsight "judged" was too lenient in sentencing.

A tired old man.  I'm tired of people telling me that symbols of freedom of this great country are supposedly symbols of oppression.  I'm tired of people telling me that symbols of Christianity offend them yet I am supposed to turn the other cheek when two persons of the same sex make out in public.  I'm tired of naturalized citizen politicians who denigrate the same people who kept them safe when we opened our arms to them to enjoy the fruits of America.  I'm tired of politicians who know the truth about the past Administration's illegal spying on political opponents yet continue to deny facts to brainwash the public with their lies.  I'm tired of the LSM who praise the yet to be found merits of the last Administration but will not recognize the herculean achievements of POTUS Trump.

When Dems Lose Elections, They Lose Pride In America.  [Scroll down]  They go on afterwards, I'm not going to play the whole thing, but they talk about all the ways they think America is not great and some of the stuff they say is fair, but a lot of it is questionable.  So, they use our high poverty rates without mentioning the fact that poverty in America is wealth anywhere else because of wealth transfers.  The problem we have here is not that people don't have enough money because they can get enough wealth transfer so that people living in poverty today are living at a fairly high level compared to other countries if you've ever been to another country with the exception of Democrat cities where people are homeless.  That's the kind of poverty that is widespread in a lot of other countries.  We'll talk about the high mortality rate among infants without mentioning the fact that we try to save a lot more infants who have been born so early that they would die in any other country.

John Adams Wanted Independence Day Celebrated With 'Devotion to God... Pomp and Parade... Guns, Bells, Bonfires'.  Americans declared their independence from Britain on July 2, 1776, a date that John Adams called "the most memorable epocha in the history of America."  Congress approved the Declaration two days later, on July 4, which we now celebrate as Independence Day.  Writing to his wife on July 3, 1776 from Philadelphia, John Adams said he believed the occasion would be "celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival."

Why Liberals Need To Shut Their Faces About Tanks Appearing During Trump's Independence Day Event.  Right now, we have a near Chernobyl-level style blow up over tanks and armored vehicles being part of the Fourth of July festivities this week.  President Trump ordered it.  It was a great decision.  And the fact that the Left is triggered by this means that he should have ordered more tanks for the event.  Tanks have been present for victory parades before.  The optics is fine.  No one cares about that.  Americans are patriotic and they like seeing tanks.  The only people who have problems with all of this are the Democratic Party and their allies in the media because Trump has taken over the event.  He can do that.  He should do that.  And the Left just needs to shut their face over this.

America's Detour from Sanity.  It is time for waking Americans to shout down every action witnessed or contemplated that devalues human life, denigrates fatherhood and motherhood, makes speaking the truth "hate speech," and replaces common sense and morality with political correctness.  This is a hard but necessary stand in order to make loud and clear to everyone throughout the land that Americans will no longer tolerate the deliberate and systematic dismantling of this nation.

Ideoloons.  In fact, idolatry is a major contributor to the current plague of ideologues.  We have made idols out of celebrity, of wealth, of movements (Antifa, Pro-choice, even the Earth itself) and if we can't achieve whatever we think demonstrates the approbation of these gods we become desperate and frozen, unable to crawl out of the hole we have dug for ourselves. [...] The most dangerous idolatry of all is the leftists' tendency to idolize themselves.  They shut their eyes to the clearly present God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and place their own puny selves on the altar and then run around trying desperately to prove that they're deserving of that position.  Virtue signaling has become a plague on our society.

Laws must be applied equally or they don't matter.  Yes, I know, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy is not an American, but he is in the country legally (pending the ICE detainer of course).  The problem is, with all the illegal immigrant criminals who are here getting a pass, day in and day out, on everything from identity theft to fentanyl dealing, why shouldn't Volodymyr, too, have expected all the passes he got — on drunk driving, on cocaine, on heroin, on larceny, in Massachusetts, in Connecticut, in Texas?  And so he enjoyed his multiple passes, right up until last Friday afternoon [6/21/2019], when he's accused of killing seven Americans by driving a pickup truck into a group of motorcycle riders in northern New Hampshire.

California Unplugged.  The very idea makes the mind reel:  San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley — all gone dark.  The electric-car charging stations, the $500-a-plate sushi restaurants, the rows of workstations at Google, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce — all suddenly unplugged.  This summer, blackouts could plunge large swaths of California into darkness — an act of deliberate policy, not equipment failure or operator errors.  Pacific Gas & Electric, Northern California's largest power supplier, recently announced that it will begin shutting down parts of the grid, possibly for days at a time, to help reduce the risk of wildfires.

Will you survive the coming blackout?  The largest red flag on this issue in years just waved in South America.  Last weekend, tens of millions of people in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay found themselves in a complete blackout.  In one moment, they had electricity.  The next moment, they had none, and they were catapulted back to the 1800s.  Only much worse.  People in the 1800s were not dependent upon electricity for their jobs, money, communication, Internet, transportation, education, security, medical services, prescriptions, water, and very lives.  The national power grid of the United States is truly a mess held together with, as the joke goes, by not much more than "baling wire and chewing gum."

Jerry Nadler Is A Sexist Pig Who Should Be Censured By Congress.  On June 19, Hope Hicks, the former White House director of strategic communications then director of White House communications, was interviewed by the House Judiciary Committee.  The interview was not public and was behind closed doors.  Yesterday, a transcript of the interview was released.  It was revealed that during the interview Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) referred to Hicks as "Ms. Lewandowski" three separate times before she corrected him.  If I hadn't seen the transcript for myself, I simply would not have believed it.

Jerry Nadler Waddles Into Hearing, Calls Hope Hicks "Ms. Lewandowski" Three Times.  Jerry Nadler is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and he's currently leading what can only be described as a clown show of an investigation involving the President and his associates.  After saying the Mueller report would be the final word, he and other Democrats have decided they want a do-over, which means dragging everyone who's already been interviewed multiple times back in front of Congress for no real reason whatsoever.  This had Nadler waddling into yet another "hearing," this time with former Trump associate Hope Hicks being grilled.

A Madisonian Remedy to the Social Media Revolution.  So effective is Madisonian political science that it provides remedies for such up-to-date threats to freedom as social media and the giant companies that monopolize the provision of information about us and about others.  According to Madison, one way of "curing the mischief" of factions — citizens' propensity to act on passions and interests hostile to the rights of individuals and to the public interest as a whole — was to eliminate the causes.  This would require either changing human nature or destroying liberty.  Since the former was impossible and the latter would defeat a leading purpose of political life, it was necessary instead to control factions' destabilizing effects.

How Secret Algorithms Are Crushing Conservative Media.  "Where do I go to get my reputation back, even though nobody knows I lost it?"  That seems paradoxical, since your reputation is what people generally think of you — but in digital publishing what really counts is what computers think of you.  Earlier this week, secret algorithms besmirched my digital reputation, in ways that could negatively impact my paycheck, and my employer's profits.  And it all happened behind the scenes, without any of my readers knowing.

Red Ed.  The malcontents and revolutionaries were a tiny sliver of the population.  But it was this fraction of 1% that was more and more shaping the country.  How is that possible?  By the muscular device of infiltrating the command structure of any organization you encounter.  Universities.  Businesses.  Churches.  Foundations.  Political organizations.  Publishers.  Media.  Showbiz organizations.  If you see any possible political or propaganda benefit, try to take over.  Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov has explained to American audiences how cunning the Russians were at psychological warfare, subversion, and manipulating Western society.  The KGB thought they needed only about 20 years to undermine and destroy most countries.  Sometimes it seems that Russians love deception more than victory itself.  They love what spies call "the game."  If they could fool Americans into surrendering their country, Russia would win the biggest duel in history without firing a shot.

Why I dislike casual dress religious services.  We attend a funeral in a dark suit and somber tie out of respect for the deceased and his survivors.  But Progressive clergy these days are hard at work on destroying respect for The Deity. [...] If the answer to why we attend services is to engage in a social organization that provides a venue for weddings, funerals, and coming-of-age ceremonies, all focused on furthering "Social Action," on electing the right people, it makes perfect sense.  Who cares, after all, how one dresses at a political rally?

The Editor says...
Believe it or not, I've been to church a few times this year myself, and yes, the football jerseys and ratty-looking jeans are annoying.  Other annoyances include music that's 20 dB louder than necessary (God's not deaf), people reading from three or four very different versions of the Bible, people of all ages checking their email and social media feeds the whole time they're in church, those who can't sit for an hour without something from Starbucks in one hand, and people who leave trash on the floor afterward.

Manifesto DestinyThis Land Is Our Land:  An Immigrant's Manifesto by Calcutta-born NYU journalism professor Suketu Mehta takes pro-immigration polemics to their logical conclusion:  "Immigration as reparations." Historically white countries must open their borders because whites have sinned and deserve punishment. [...] It's absurd, of course, for Hindus, the world's most racist, reactionary, and inegalitarian culture, to be paid to lecture white Americans on our crimes against wokeness.  It's relevant to note that most of the new generation of South Asian pundits on the make, such as Mehta and Saini, aren't egalitarian progressives in any abstract sense.  They are regressives, loyal to their families, clans, and races.  They wish their people to drive before them their enemies and hear the lamentations of their women.

Swamp expert to Levin: 'There's absolutely no authority for the administrative realm in the Constitution'.  The administrative state, the federal leviathan, the Swamp:  The monstrous, centralized, bureaucratic, entrenched decision-making apparatus within the federal government that seems to answer only to itself.  On Sunday night's [6/16/2019] episode of Life, Liberty & Levin, LevinTV host Mark Levin and Claremont Institute senior fellow and University of Nevada, Reno, Professor John Marini talked about how that Swamp got to be so deep and how things are actually worse now than most people realize.  [Video clip]

The Sky-High Stakes in Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong's huge protest over a proposed law that would allow extradition from the territory to mainland China, there is far more at stake than "confidence" in the integrity of Hong Kong's legal system, or the health of Hong Kong's economy — important though those both are.  The real showdown going on in Hong Kong has long been between despotism and democracy, between tyranny and the Free World.  And whether we, the free people of America, and our allies, choose to think of it this way or not, the reality is that the showdown now taking place in Hong Kong will shape our future as well.

Breaking Up Big Tech Companies Is A Big Government, Not Free Market, Response.  Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others have just become too powerful, says the narrative.  And it's not just the political right, which is justified in being upset at Big Tech's efforts to marginalize and silence it, that wants to use the nearly limitless power of the federal government to tame private businesses.  Some Democrats are in the game, too, most prominently Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who "has made breaking up the tech giants a cornerstone of her campaign."  The fact that a high-profile Democrat who has no appreciation for property rights and the blessings of markets, nor their power, is lighting torches and handing out pitchforks should be a warning.

The Occult Roots of The Wizard of Oz.  Although the Wizard of Oz is widely perceived as an innocent children's fairy tale, it is almost impossible not to attribute a symbolic meaning to Dorothy's quest.  As in all great stories, the characters and the symbols of the Wizard of Oz can be given a second layer of interpretation, which may vary depending on the reader's perception.  Many analyses appeared throughout the years describing the story as an "atheist manifesto" while others saw it as a promotion of populism.  It is through an understanding of the author's philosophical background and beliefs, however, that the story's true meaning can be grasped.

The Goal of Hollywood and the Entire Entertainment Industry is to Normalize Satanism.  In 1988, I left my parent's home in New Jersey and headed west to California.  In A very short period of time I found work as an actor, became a stand-in and double for then-stars like Richard Gere and Matt Dillon, acting in dozens of commercials and enjoyed small roles on many of the popular shows of the day.  I was a card-carrying member of SAG and AFTRA for 18 years.  From what I personally saw during the 6 years I was actively involved, before the Lord called me out of it in 1994, it was not an overly wholesome place.  Many crazy things were done behind closed doors.  But in 2019, not only are those things now done openly, you can also see that Hollywood, the music industry, and even formerly family friendly companies like Disney are working to normalize the occult in general and satanism in particular.

Capitalism Makes Miracles; Socialism Makes Dust.  A common example I often use in conversation with young people is a pizza that you might order for ten dollars on a weekend.  The owner of the pizza store, who might be making a good living assembling and delivering his product, did not plant or thresh the wheat needed to mill the grains into the flour used to make the dough, nor did he raise the cows that are milked to produce the cheese or the pigs needed to produce the pepperoni, nor did he cultivate the tomatoes used in the sauce.  No, the owner of the pizza store purchased all of these things from others, all of whom have their own ambitions and profit motives and employ thousands of individuals who likewise feed their families by applying their trades in order to provide us that $10 pizza that can feed any family of four or hungry college kids, indiscriminately, for that agreed upon price.

Venezuela: There's No Disaster Quite Like The Collapse Of Socialism.  Even while surrounded by military dictatorships and poverty, Venezuela at one time prospered with a strong economy and stable society.  Today, three Latin American nations produce more oil than Venezuela, though it has the world's largest proven reserves of crude, and just getting sick is nearly the same as death for some children.  It has rightly been called the "biggest economic disaster in modern history."  "Hospital shortages," says the headline of an Agence France-Presse story posted on Yahoo News in late May, are "a death sentence for Venezuelan children."  Half of the children who aren't dying can't get enough to eat.

Democrats stuck with Russiagate.  The only collusion in the 2016 election was between Donald John Trump and voters in 30 states.  But Democrats manufactured the Russian Collusion excuse after he beat them, their crone candidate, their billionaire donors, and their sycophants in the media.  For two years, Democrats promised the Mueller Report would bring him down.  But it didn't.  Mueller could not find a smidgen of collusion.  This presents a problem for next year because Democrats promised their base they would impeach the Orange Man.  They didn't.  In the eyes of their base, they are failures and cowards.  To the rest of us, Democrats are fools who fell [for] a hoax.

Must parental leave be dictated by government?  Can't we say something isn't government's job?  Both Republican and Democratic politicians want government to "do more" to give parents paid time off.  "This is not a women's issue.  It's a family issue," says Ivanka Trump.  "Every worker in America should be guaranteed at least 12 weeks," says Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.  "That's a very arbitrary number!  Why not 14 weeks?  Why not 26 weeks?" asks Independent Women's Forum analyst Patrice Onwuka.  She opposes Sanders' plan, saying government one-size-fits-all policies don't meet most parents' needs.

The Editor says...
The same idea is at the root of many leftist ideas:  Workers getting money without working.

It's Time for a Thoroughgoing Revamping of the Intelligence Community.  Today we've got too many spooks collecting too much money, with predictably bad results.  Among other bad consequences, intelligence is typically churned out by committees, guaranteeing that we don't identify our best analysts.  We need to drastically reduce the numbers of both budgets and bureaucrats, in order to figure out who's good.  Then we need to promote them, within a much smaller system.  It's hard to imagine this happening under normal circumstances, but today's circumstances aren't normal.

Levin: Only Way to Make Dems Stop Using Soviet Tactics Against Republicans Is if Soviet Tactics Are Used Against Them.  Thursday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity," conservative talker Mark Levin, author of "Unfreedom of the Press," made the argument for a criminal grand jury to be impaneled and a special counsel to be appointed to "get to the bottom of" the events that led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe based on allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.  Levin argued that if Democrats were going to use "Soviet tactics" against Republicans, it was up to Republicans to reciprocate.

Impeach or get off the pot, Democrats.  History didn't begin in 2016.  Every modern president has asserted executive privilege.  Attorneys general have been cited for contempt on much firmer grounds.  Former Attorney General Janet Reno was found in contempt in 1998 for refusing to turn over memos about Bill Clinton's campaign finances.  In 2012, Eric Holder became the first US attorney general in history to be held in both criminal and civil contempt after refusing to hand over memos detailing his knowledge about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' disastrous and bloody gunrunning scheme.  Nadler knows this, because he joined a Democratic Party walkout protesting the Holder vote.  Yet no Obama administration official was arrested.  There were no impeachments.  TV anchors didn't unsheathe melodramatic monologues about the corrosion of law and the end of democracy.

The Calming Feeling as Jew-Hate Now Takes Deeper Root in the Democrat Party.  When Ilhan Omar tweeted that Jews control because "It is about the Benjamins, baby," she revealed herself not a convenience-store-quality bigot but a ready-for-primetime Nazi.  Not every Nazi in the 1940s acted violently.  Most Nazis simply stood along the avenues and highways of Germany and cheered as Hitler's limo drove by.  Some made speeches.  Muslims led by the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin el-Husseini, were among Hitler's best Nazis.  When Omar tweeted about "the Benjamins," she revealed her Nazi moorings.  The irony, hardly surprising, is that it is she who rakes in the cash.  Ilhan Omar has leveraged her anti-Semitism to raise more than a million dollars in record time.  [It certainly] was about the Benjamins — hers.

Colluders, Obstructionists, Leakers, and Other Projectionists.  Real coups against democracies rarely are pulled off by jack-booted thugs in sunglasses or fanatical mobs storming the presidential palace.  More often, they are the insidious work of supercilious bureaucrats, bought intellectuals, toady journalists, and political activists who falsely project that their target might at some future date do precisely what they are currently planning and doing — and that they are noble patriots, risking their lives, careers, and reputations for all of us, and thus must strike first.

A problem for every solution.  As Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James has written, "The federal budget is at the core of our political system.  Everything the federal government does, from taxing, to regulating, to providing services, to protecting our very freedoms, it does through the federal budget."  Liberals might dismiss the foundation's "Blueprint for Balance:  A Federal Budget for Fiscal 2020," but they shouldn't.  The document is based on verifiable facts.  If implemented, Heritage claims, it would save trillions of dollars compared to projections by the Congressional Budget Office and produce a budget surplus by 2025.  Everyone knows "entitlements" are the main drivers of debt and that politicians don't want to reform them because they fear attacks by the media and by their political opponents.

Liberals Are At War With Science In The Transgender Athlete Controversy.  Democrats have long claimed to be the party of science, but on an increasing number of issues, party activists are pushing ideological agendas that are at odds with scientific evidence — sometimes to the detriment of the people they intend to help.  California Sen. and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is proposing that businesses prove they compensate men and women the same or pay a fine, although evidence shows the pay gap is not due to discrimination, but to women making different choices about work.  We know obesity is a dangerous medical condition, yet left-wing activists now demand obesity be celebrated and encouraged, actively working against the once-universally accepted idea that a good physique, diet and exercise is [...] good.

Let's Make Sure 'Obstruction of Justice' Is Properly Defined.  A line must be drawn.  No longer can the phrase "obstruction of justice" be allowed to mean something obscenely different from what any fair-minded, free person knows it was intended to mean.  In the minds of most, the phrase refers to blocking the discovery of truth, truth being the only legitimate basis on which appropriate redress can be made for some wrong that has been suffered.  Any codified law that uses the phrase "obstruction of justice" to mean something other than precisely this is in jeopardy of obstructing true justice.  If a law is needed to insure that an official investigation is not obstructed, then the language of the law must refer to obstruction of an investigation or obstruction of police work or obstruction of intelligence activities.

'Blazing Saddles' and other classic films don't deserve wrath of social justice warriors.  Classic films now face the wrath of perpetually enraged social justice warriors.  Last weekend's "Watters World" on Fox News Channel analyzed the impact of this politically correct phenomenon.  Exhibit A was Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles," the single funniest motion picture ever committed to celluloid.  Jesse Watters' guest, Cathy Areu, publisher of Catalina Magazine, responded to a clip of the comedy-Western in which Brooks himself portrays a Yiddish speaking American Indian chief.

"Something Strange Going On" At Fox News, And Not For the Good of America.  [Scroll down]  Nor is it just the millions of viewers that Fox News is gifting the likes of Sanders and Buttigieg with their 'town halls' that makes Fox "something very strange", it's the every day talking heads to whom the network is now giving voice:  With the 2020 election campaign underway, Fox brought in former DNC chairman Donna Brazile as a featured political pundit.  In other words, Brazile, who admitted she leaked questions for the last 2016 presidential debate to Hillary Clinton, is now an ongoing contributing Fox News political pundit.

Rent-A-Standing-Ovation-Crowd at Fox News' 'Town Halls'.  Since when did town halls become Fox News pep rallies? [...] Try to remember, folks that through no choice of our own, we all live in an era where "people are what they see on TV".  High time to tune out of Fox News and tune in to your own common sense.

Do We Need NATO?  NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, remains a problem for the U.S. [...] NATO has always differed from other military organizations in that it claims that it is not only a military pact, but also an alliance of countries with shared values, individual liberty, democracy, human rights, and rule of law, and it has a mechanism for collective defense and military command.  From the start, there have been ironies in the composition of this "North Atlantic" alliance and in these claims.  Geographers have been obliged to accept Balkan countries, and Hungary and Bulgaria as well as Turkey, as countries within the designated region of North Atlantic.  In addition, the portrait of Turkey is less democratic than autocratic, under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is the holder of all executive power and who in 1996 defined democracy as "not a goal, but an instrument."

China's Crackdown On Free-Market Economists Recalls Obama Tactics.  The Unirule Institute of Economics in Beijing, called "China's most prominent free-market think tank" by Bloomberg News, is a target of harassment from the Chinese government.  Its economists are considered dissidents by President Xi Jinping's regime.  The story reminds us of the treatment the Obama WhiteHouse gave to Tea Party groups that dared challenge the administration.

Democrats Look at South Africa, and They Like What They See.  Even in the wake of its latest free election, held on May 8, South Africa is not, on the face of it, a model of vibrant democracy.  The country suffers from persistent racial divisions, a stagnant economy, poor service delivery, rampant crime, and the world's worst income inequality.  Surely this would not be the kind of society that any American would want to transplant to our shores.  And yet the America that Democrats envision and are striving to create looks very similar to dysfunctional South Africa.  We should therefore view that country's steady unraveling as a cautionary tale.

Are Impeachment Democrats Geniuses or Idiots?  What would you have done as president the first time you heard about the Hillary e-mail system?  I'd say any president with half a brain would demand that either the e-mail system or Hillary is outta here by sundown.  But Obama is weak, feeble.  And what about the non-concession of the 2016 election?  I'd say that on election night, Hillary was drunk, and in no fit state to make a concession speech.  And then on the following day, she was hungover.  People don't make very good decisions when they are drunk and/or hungover.  And then the Mueller investigation.  I thought that Rule One for a lawyer is:  you never ask a question in court unless you already know the answer.  So, you gin up a two-year witch-hunt without knowing whether the witches did it?

Rebellion is Bursting out All Over.  As Spygate proceeds to its certain conclusion — the trials of those who engaged in this scandalous coup attempt — we receive the details of the scheme only in dribs and drabs.  Too many were involved and have too much to lose at this point by not revealing to the investigators their role in exchange for more lenient treatment, which is why I believe all will soon be revealed.  So for the moment let's turn to the broader picture that explains in large part why so many officials were so determined to keep Donald Trump from the White House and to oust him once he won the election.  To me, it has seemed they are clinging to the privileges and benefits of an order which is dying because its underpinnings — the post-World War II order — no longer suit the citizens of the countries involved, or the changing world.

Allow Venezuela To Fail.  Are we stepping on the same rakes again — in Venezuela?  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently tweeted "My message to the Venezuelan people is clear:  the United States stands firmly with you in your quest for freedom and democracy."  He also confirmed that the military option is on the table.  In other words, the U.S. is ready to liberate the Venezuelan people from themselves.  For those who suffer historical amnesia, it is worth pointing out, that the Venezuelans had democratic elections and they have chosen socialism.  Hugo Chavez was a socialist, and he ran on a socialist platform and got elected with wide popular support.  So was his successor Nicolás Maduro.  Whether the Venezuelans voted for socialist serfdom knowingly or they have been duped is irrelevant.  If people are ignorant or complacent, they deserve the government they elect.

The Next Battlefront:  Social Media.  Imagine a day when newspapers only publish articles regarding the benefits of late-term abortions, socialism, and open borders.  Where history books vilify Republican conservatives for fighting to defend slavery, inciting segregation, and founding the KKK.  Cable news shows would only report crimes committed by conservatives or capitalists and social media only allowed leftist ideas to be communicated over their platforms.  Well, if the left continues its scorched-earth policy against free speech, in no time at all the United States will have no resemblance to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.  So many examples exist that fully detail the poverty, violence, and atrocities that quickly emerge when free speech is taken away that it raises the question as to why so many younger Americans are indifferent about the loss of such an important right.

Hey, How About Sending U.S. Troops Into Venezuela?  Venezuela's dictator Nicolas Maduro is a former bus driver who rose through incompetence and luck to become a pompous, ruthless twit who's turned a wealthy oil-rich land into a stagnant, starving socialist state.  Bernie Sanders expressed admiration for socialism there years ago.  But Maduro and Hugo Chavez before him have created widespread starvation, hyperinflation and a refugee nightmare for millions of Venezuelans and Colombia and Brazil.  Maduro would be one of those laughable Peter Sellers movie characters if his military wasn't running over protesters in the streets of Venezuela, a large, resource-rich country of 32 million about the size of Texas and Arizona combined.

Russian 'democratic fraud' vs American hybrid war.  Venezuela is Trump's first new foreign "war," the only major conflict he did not inherit from the Obama administration.  "War" is in quotes because no military forces are likely to be involved.  This is the peculiar characteristic of what appears to be an American version of "hybrid war" using only sanctions, diplomacy, information operations, and proxies.  Why it has evolved is easy to explain.  A new Cold Hybrid War has been raging for some time, though its existence has been played down for years to preserve the fiction of a Global World Order.  Some of its most intense chapters are now coming to light.

Hey, Mazie Hirono!  Who Do You Work For?  Who is pulling your strings?  Surely, it's not the people of Hawaii or the rest of the country.  Your father left the family when you were very young, and your mom managed to bring you and your two siblings to Hawaii.  She supported the family by working long hours to put a roof over your head and food on the table.  In spite, of your meager surroundings, you managed to get yourself a fine education at the University of Hawaii and prestigious Georgetown Law School.  One would expect gratitude for the opportunity this country offered you, but instead you shamefully and ungratefully had the gall to state to your staff that "people are getting screwed in this country every single second, minute, hour of the day."

Ilhan Omar blames US for Venezuela crisis.  Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed the US for the political turmoil in Venezuela, saying we "helped lead the devastation" through the use of sanctions.  "A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela and we have sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today," the Minnesota congresswoman said during an interview Wednesday [5/1/2019] with Democracy Now!.  "This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela and it certainly does not help and is not in the interest of the United States."  The freshman Democrat added that there are "finally" members of Congress who agree with what she said.

The Editor says...
The situation in Venezuela is entirely the fault of socialism and a ruthless socialist dictator, which, in my opinion, is exactly what Ilhan Omar would become, if given the chance.

Joe Biden is the canary in the coal mine for today's feuding Democrats.  In recent times Republican and Democratic parties have stumbled in apparent dysfunction.  The tea party rebellion bubbled up to split GOP adherents because Republican leadership in Washington lost its conservative focus and seemed more interested in going along to get along.  Also, ideological purity became important.  In 2016, that resulted in a lifelong, pro-choice Democrat named Donald Trump cleverly capturing GOP leadership and the White House with long-term party ramifications yet to be determined.  Nowadays, Democrats are experiencing their own divisive, left-handed rebellion over deep dissatisfaction with the progress of progressive ideas in the hands of House leadership, all of whom are in their late seventies.

Here's How to Tell if Scientists are Exaggerating.  Let's call it:  "The Principle of Comparative Difficulty" (PCD): if an easier task is too difficult to accomplish, then a harder one certainly is too. [...] The PCD exposes Darwinian braggadocio to a very much deeper level.  I'm a biochemist.  Biochemistry is the study of the molecular and cellular foundation of life.  Back in Darwin's day the cell was thought to be a simple jelly called protoplasm.  Yet modern biochemists have discovered to their surprise that the cell is chock-full of sophisticated machines — actual machines, made of molecules.  Like the machines of our everyday world (say, a lawn mower), cellular machines consist of many parts that have to cooperate with each other to do their tasks.  Yet, as physicist David Snoke and I have shown, Darwin's mechanism of random mutation and natural selection strains to explain even the very simplest molecular example of cooperation (called a "disulfide bond").  Here's an analogy.  Suppose a lawn mower were stored in a shed that was kept closed by a hook and eye latch.  Darwin's theory struggles mightily to explain even the latch, with just two simple cooperative pieces.  So we're supposed to think it explains the lawn mower?  The PCD lets us easily realize that's ludicrous.

Get Ready for a Paradigm Shift on Russia, Climate Change, Everything You Think You Know.  It may now sound ridiculous, but Nikita Khrushchev once told America "we will bury you" and Washington believed him.  For years the intelligence community thought the U.S.S.R. was on the verge of overtaking the U.S. as the world's largest economy before the Soviets unexpectedly collapsed.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan's book, Secrecy: the American Experience, tries to explain how such a tremendous intelligence misjudgment could take place.

A Democrat disaster looms with their nominating convention.  The Democrats are setting themselves up for a possible, even probable, disaster at their nominating convention in Milwaukee, July 13-16, 2020.  The party that created the concept of "superdelegates" to rein in their crazies may have outsmarted themselves by allowing them to vote only in the second or later ballots.  As the field evolves and Joe Biden's still undeclared candidacy appears to be chaotic, the party elders (the ones with big money fundraising capabilities) are very worried that socialist Bernie Sanders will walk away with the nomination and lose to Donald Trump in a landslide.

Russia Collusion Peddlers Will Turn on Each Other.  Now that the Mueller Report has been published, what further investigations is Attorney General William Barr likely to pursue?  [Video clip]

Trump Guilty of Obstructing a Coup d'état.  The scurrilous anti-Trump innuendoes and outright lies spread by a weaponized FBI, CIA, State Dept. and various other federal agencies amounts to an attempted coup against America's duly elected president.  Such blatant treason cannot be allowed to go unpunished.  Nor can the two-tiered "justice" system We the People currently suffer under be allowed to stand.  If we no longer have rule of law in the United States then we are no longer a free republic.

What Really Caused the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire?  Following the horrifying fire that badly damaged one of the world's great treasures, the mainstream media is pushing the storyline that the fire that ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was caused by an "electrical short circuit."  But the story in the Daily Mail lacks any evidence to back up that claim. [...] "Investigators" brought in to determine the cause of the tragic blaze have not yet been given access to the burned-out cathedral.  Nevertheless they are already announcing the results of their investigation.  Even as the embers were still glowing on the day of the fire, French prosecutors were ruling out arson.

What 'Free Money' Means to Me.  Officials in Stockton, Calif., a hard-pressed agricultural and industrial city 75 miles northeast of San Jose, are enjoying the glow of media attention from their ongoing, first-in-America program to provide residents with a Universal Basic Income, or UBI. [...] This is about more than helping a few residents in a mid-size city pay medical bills, buy groceries, repair the car, or spend the weekend in the Sierra foothills gambling at the Jackson Rancheria Indian casino (there are no limits on how the money is spent, after all).  It's about setting the stage for a national political "discussion" that might eventually involve large, direct taxpayer payments to lower-income residents.  The research and storytelling will be used to soften us up for the hard sell, which will come in various state or federal proposals, and will sometimes be linked to plans for reparations.

Four Members of Congress Have Lifetime ACU Conservative Rating of 100%.  According to the 48th edition of the American Conservative Union's (ACU) Ratings of Congress report, Representatives Dave Brat (R-Va.), Ted Budd (R-N.C.), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.) have maintained a 100% lifetime conservative rating.  Although 11 other members of Congress also received a 100% rating for 2018, they have not maintained it for their entire careers in Congress.  Of those 11, only Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was awarded 100% for both 2017 and 2018.  The ACU rates elected officials by defining conservatism, as detailed in both its report and website, and taking into account their stances on specific types of legislation.

The Internet Erupts With Speculation About Who Started The Notre Dame Fire.  Ever careful to watch for false-flags and conspiracy theory concerns, video is emerging of a Gilets-Jaunes in black clothes at one of the two towers half an hour after the start of the fire at Notre-Dame.  [Video clip]  One definite way to disenfranchise the yellow vests — as they crush French autocracy — would be to set them up as the fall-guys for this national disaster.  Surely that is not possible! [...] In the end, there are only two options.  Either this was an accident, or someone intentionally started the fire.  And if the fire was intentionally started, obviously someone had a motive for doing so.

Reeducation Digest #1.  As a public service for long-time viewers of CNN and MSNBC who were shocked to discover that the two-year long narrative of Trump-Russia collusion was a total and complete hoax, the following tidbits may help in your red-pill journey. [...]

Let me tell you about 'White Privilege'.  I'm an adult white man living in the United States of America in 2019 and I feel absolutely no white privilege at all.  None.  I worked hard all my life at my chosen profession.  I didn't come from a family of money.  I had many menial jobs as a teen and young man until I was able to work my way into the career I wanted to have.  I hated social climbing and office politics so I didn't engage in it.  Whatever I achieved I got through hard work, talent, and perseverance.  No one ever gave me anything that I didn't earn.

Candace Owens:  The anti-Ocasio-Cortez.  It has been a long time since a person as young as Candace Owens appeared on the political scene who is as brilliant, grounded, and quick-thinking as she is. [...] Owens's grace and class are the antithesis of Ocasio-Cortez's empty-headed, ditzy meanderings.  Owens's videos are all worth watching, and her performance on Tuesday [4/9/2019] in front of the House Oversight Committee was spectacular.  She put the Democrats on that committee to shame, especially Jerrold Nadler and Ted Lieu.  Both of them tried their best to humiliate her, to use her as a prop in their latest narrative that Trump is responsible for a make-believe rise of white nationalism and white supremacy.  The two of them are imbecilic at best.  Their focus on "white nationalism" is nonsense, but that is all the Democrats have now:  nonsense.

Report: Lori Loughlin Thought The Feds Were Bluffing, Now "Freaking Out" About Having To Do Time In Prison.  [Scroll down]  Loughlin has now been dropped from and edited out of her current show, a frontier drama on the Hallmark Channel.  Her character apparently isn't minor, either; she plays the town mayor.  It would have been much easier for producers to leave the episodes they've already completed alone and just write her out of future ones, but apparently Loughlin has already reached a level of such O.J.-esque ignominy that they can't bear to have her onscreen.  They can add her back in five to 10 seasons from now, I guess.

Democratic socialism is the scenic route to serfdom.  In his 1944 book "The Road to Serfdom," Nobel prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek argued that socialist economic planning resulted not just in accumulating losses of economic efficiency but "the very destruction of freedom itself."  History was kind to Hayek's worldview.  The United Kingdom, Sweden, and India tested socialistic planning without sustained repression.  But people in the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cambodia and Cuba were not so lucky.  Natural experiments between socialism and capitalism in East Germany and West Germany, North Korea and South Korea, and Hong Kong and China, bore out the link between economic liberty and personal freedom.  Upon reunification, for example, GDP per capita in East Germany was one-third of the West German level, and the latter did not require the East's Stasi or emigration restrictions.

Google's treatment of Kay Coles James is shameful, misguided.  It was bound to happen.  In fact, I'm surprised it took this long for leftists to viciously attack Kay Coles James.  The general strategy since she became president of The Heritage Foundation seems to have been to largely to ignore Mrs. James in an attempt to keep the masses unaware of her effective advocacy of conservative principles.  It was only a matter of time that they no longer would be able to bite their collective tongue and launch an all-out attack on Mrs. James' voice of reason.  But their plan backfired.

The Democratic Party, Not America, Is Experiencing a Civil War.  Contrary to the overheated speculation of so many, the United States is not on the cusp of another civil war.  Sure, things are tense in America's political system.  Things usually are.  Americans are not, however, about to take up arms against each other and hunt down those with whom they disagree.  Instead, what we are experiencing is the very public collapse of our managerial elite and this has resulted in a civil war within the Democratic Party.  To them it must feel like a more widespread conflict since most of our self-styled elite are Democrats.  The good news is this Democratic Party civil war is sure to end in disaster for the Left.  And this can only benefit the American people.

The Democrat-media meltdown over Special Olympics funding is everything we hate about Washington.  The current debate surrounding grant funding for the Special Olympics is an excellent case study of why our country will probably never get out of debt.  In case you missed it, there's been a fair amount of outrage over the Department of Education's budget proposal to cut $18 million in federal grant money to the Special Olympics.  The proposed budget states that "such activities are better supported with other federal, state, local or private funds."

New EMP warning:  US will 'cease to exist,' 90 percent of population will die.  At a time when the military is starting to take the potential for an attack on the national electric grid more seriously, a newly declassified report is warning of an electronic world war launched by Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China that could wipe out North America, Europe, and Israel.  With ease and using a primitive nuclear weapon, a "New Axis" of those aggressive nations could "black out" the Western world, dismantle all electricity and electronics, end water and food supply, and lead to millions of deaths in America.  "Nine of 10 Americans are dead from starvation, disease, and societal collapse.  The United States of America ceases to exist," warned the report declassified by recently decommissioned U.S. Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

Long Overdue Action on EMP.  Much of what we read in the news is trivial.  This isn't.  I have been hearing about the threat posed by electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) for quite a few years.  A high altitude EMP can occur if a nuclear device is detonated over the Earth's surface.  It potentially could wipe out all electrical systems, effectively disabling the United States.  Some estimate that an EMP attack could kill 90 percent of Americans.  A number of countries, including Russia, China and North Korea, are believed to have the ability to detonate weapons creating one or more EMPs over the U.S.

The Editor says...
Responding to the article immediately above, I sent a rebuttal via email to Power Line Blog. Since they probably won't publish it, here is what I said:

The notion that a single nuclear weapon could produce an electromagnetic pulse that would knock out everything electrical in North America is dubious at best.
  1.   Those who are the most agitated about this threat are absolutely sure that such an attack would succeed, even though it's never been attempted.
  2.   The EMP Weapon Threat is very much like the Global Warming hoax or the over-population scare:  The whole thing is based on computer simulations, fearmongering, and pessimistic predictions.  The entire purpose appears to be the acquisition of taxpayer money to solve a problem we don't have.
  3.   There are only a few countries with the ability to launch an EMP weapon and detonate it at the right altitude over the right place, and I doubt if any of those countries want to gamble that EMP will work the first time.
  4.   Any time you hear alarmists say, "We've got to do something - quick!" you should beware.  All that urgency is a license to spend money without much supervision, e.g., the USA Patriot Act, Obamacare, Green New Deal, sending men back to the Moon, etc.
  5.   The United States and the USSR used to detonate nuclear weapons above ground, back in the 1950s, and as far as I am aware, those explosions — with a few minor exceptions — didn't knock out nearby electrical or communications systems.
  6.   I don't think the electric power grid is as fragile as many people make it out to be.  The same equipment that protects power equipment from lightning would be highly effective against EMP.  The power system is connected through transformers that are designed to pass 60-Hertz energy, not sub-microsecond pulses.  The distributed resistance and reactance in power lines would make them rather poor UHF antennas.  Your neighborhood power grid is replete with fuses and breakers.
  7.   Your personal computer is inside a metal case, to keep radio interference inside the box.  Shielding works in both directions.  The major data centers in the U.S. have been hardened already, with EMP in mind.
  8.   Even IF every last cell phone tower were to be blown out by EMP, they could all be quickly rebuilt, because the technology has already been debugged, spare parts are surely on hand, and the towers would still be in place.

Germany's Refusal To Fund 2 Percent Of Its Defense Is Not The Action Of An Ally.  Bob Gates, perhaps the most farsighted post-Cold War defense secretary, presciently predicted in 2011 "that there will be dwindling appetite and patience in the U.S. Congress — and in the American body politic writ large — to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defense."  Gates, who once rightly understood that the Saudis would fight Iranians to the last American, also essentially hinted the same with regards to Germany and Russia, "nations apparently willing and eager for American taxpayers to assume the growing security burden left by reductions in European defense budgets."

Earth Hour:  A Dissent.  Abundant, cheap electricity has been the greatest source of human liberation in the 20th century.  Every material social advance in the 20th century depended on the proliferation of inexpensive and reliable electricity.  Giving women the freedom to work outside the home depended on the availability of electrical appliances that free up time from domestic chores.  Getting children out of menial labor and into schools depended on the same thing, as well as the ability to provide safe indoor lighting for reading.  Development and provision of modern health care without electricity is absolutely impossible.  The expansion of our food supply, and the promotion of hygiene and nutrition, depended on being able to irrigate fields, cook and refrigerate foods, and have a steady indoor supply of hot water.

Thomas Sowell Is Right to Predict a Socialist America.  America's size, diversity, and democratic character are precipitating our demise.  The emphasis on equity, a moral foundation that causes envy, will surely lead us to a political ideology, socialism, that is widely known as the "politics of envy."  To conclude, the many characteristics of the American democracy that made it great are simultaneously contributing to its downfall.  As man grows estranged from his ancestors and his institutions, we will look for easy answers in all the wrong places.  Socialism is the lowest hanging fruit to pick for modern man, and we will reach that fruit by trampling our own democratic principles.

The Era of the Private Automobile Is About to Be Over.  Once you think about it, it seems almost inevitable.  No, the age of the automobile is not about to end, but the age of the private ownership of automobiles is passing away, at this very moment. [...] Note that the advances in ride sharing have been produced by private enterprise, not by public entities.  I trust that you do not find that surprising.  In New York, government cannot make the subways function.  You did not expect them to innovate, did you?

What Did the Founders Mean by "Invasion"?  Even by the middle of the 18th century, the English language lacked a widely-used set of standard definitions to English words.  While English dictionaries existed, those that did were widely considered deficient for a variety of reasons. [...] With this background in mind, a firestorm of controversy has recently erupted over what is meant by the word "invasion" that appears in both Article I, Section 8, Clause 15, and Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.  Respectively called the Militia Clause and the Guarantee Clause, these powers were meant to assure that the general government would protect the states from invasions.  However, the two clauses have recently been cited by those who support sending military forces to the southern border to restriction immigration, with some going as far as to suggest that the president has a unilateral power to do so.  It seems reasonable, then, to take a glance back and analyze what the American founders had in mind when they constructed the invasion authority.

Blankenship Is Right:  Sue the Mainstream Media Out of Existence.  [Scroll down]  [S]wamp-bought media hitjobs such as the one perpetrated against [Don] Blankenship prevent anti-establishment candidates from taking office and discourage them from running.  Can we say with certainty that now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh would have dared accept his nomination by President Trump had he known in advance the flurry of irresponsible reporting on unsubstantiated sexual misconduct allegations to come?  And our concern shouldn't be limited just to these cases:  consider the reckless endangerment of the very lives and careers of the Covington Catholic children by the mainstream media.

Sorry, Sandy, Capitalism Needs No Redemption.  The Industrial Revolution did, in fact, lead to the concentration of capital in the hands of some more successful and innovative individuals, which allowed some of them to create large businesses that flourished (and many more that failed), particularly in places like America.  The country's framework of laws allowed free markets to exist relatively unimpeded.  Without this "ideology of capital," where the profit motive drove success for many individuals and companies, there would have been no mechanism to create the economies of scale necessary for producers to provide larger quantities of higher quality goods and services.  That, in turn, led to the lower prices which made those goods and services more desirable and attainable among more consumers in a competitive marketplace.  The net effect of this economic system has been wealth creation such that the world has never seen, a more robust economic marketplace, and the exponential betterment of human well-being.  To grasp this doesn't require an economics degree, but only the most basic understanding of how the principles of supply and demand guide economic progress in a free market of voluntary, reciprocal exchanges of value.

What Trump does not do.  When Democrats lost to a non-politician in 2016, they could not swallow the failure and began to degrade their opponent's victory (by manufacturing "Russia collusion"), insult people who voted for the winner (calling them racist), and assassinate the character of the winner (calling him a dictator).  To make the case for the third act, they invented a story that Donald Trump likes dictators and wants to be one and will not leave office if not elected in 2020.  But his actions show the opposite.  Trump does not want to be a king or a dictator, while his predecessors behaved as if they wanted to be.  To demonstrate this fact, I will provide examples of what Trump has not done and what King Barack H. Obama and King George W. Bush did. [...]

Time to Embrace the 'American's Creed'.  If today's politicians, at all levels of government but especially members of the United States Congress, strongly embraced and let the "American's Creed" guide their daily actions and decisions, it would certainly be in the best interests of America.  Such a "lifestyle" should help overcome, one hopes in a major way, the terribly bitter and divisive political environment that presently exists in America.

Uncle Joe Biden Meets Hollywood McCarthyism — and Folds.  Mike Pence, one of the finest and most decent guys around, is shunned and cast out by an entire sector of America.  His candid and well-lived Christianity is an affront to those who are the very living example of the characteristics they falsely attribute to him.  Why is Pence so reviled?  Well, it's because he not only talks the Christian talk; he walks the walk.

Inviting Self-Professed Socialist Democrats to Venezuela.  It's an obscenity to allow the "Socialist Democrats", who are really propped-up "Justice Democrats," to continue spouting their socialist ideals on society as long as the good citizens of Venezuela are having to rummage, dog-like, through street garbage for scraps to eat and collecting sewer water for their children.  AOC, Omar and company are equivalent to the socialist Venezuelan politicians who converge nightly in Caracas steak houses while the people they were elected to serve slowly starve to death in the dark.  If these Justice Democrats dared try to extoll the virtues of socialism in the streets of Venezuela the way they do in America, they'd be torn apart limb by limb.

Hey Ilhan!  Hey Alexandria!  Venezuela's democratic president wants you to come to Venezuela to see some socialism.  In the past, lefties have flocked to political pilgrimages to newly created socialist countries to drink in the collectivism and praise the new regimes.  It happened in Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade sugar cane-cutting harvest, it happened in Nicaragua with the Sandalistas (ain't that right, Bill de Blasio), and it certainly happened in Venezuela during the salad days of socialist Hugo Chavez (until socialized Cuban Castrocare actually killed him in 2013).  Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, and Dial Joe-4-Oil Kennedy were all in, and don't think they weren't loud about it.  Well, now a new invitation has been issued to the current defenders of socialism, from Venezuela's democratically elected president, Juan Guaido.

Trump's Anti-Socialist Strength Could Turn Venezuelan-Americans Into Republicans for Decades.  Ernesto Ackerman watched the horror play out in Venezuela this weekend on a large screen on the stage of a rally he had helped organize in support of the country's opposition leader, Juan Guaido.  The event was initially meant to bring Venezuelans in the city together to coincide with the protests back home.  It ended up being something very different.  "A killing of civilians without arms, burning the humanitarian help, we are dealing with the genocide," the Venezuelan-American activist said as they watched the violence play out in real time.

Don't conscript women into combat.  A federal district judge presumed last Friday to overturn U.S. Supreme Court precedent on a long-dormant topic — the military draft.  The judge, an appointee of George W. Bush, ruled that the current requirement that only men and not women register for the draft at age 18 through the Selective Service system is not "substantially related to Congress's objective of raising and supporting armies."  There's plenty to debate here.  Is the ruling legally sound?  Should Selective Service exist?  When is conscription morally defensible, if ever?  How are women in combat affecting troop readiness and morale?

Three Cheers for the Labor Market.  If your prospects are tapped out in the place you are, then move.  Go where the action is.  That isn't always easy.  Neither is being disabled or a convicted felon trying to make a new life for himself.  Nobody's asking you to take a Conestoga wagon through Indian country to homestead a farm in the western territories.  Just get on with it.

All News Is Bad News.  America is a country in trouble, of course, what with a gay black actor faking a mugging by racist white folk, and women claiming rape when hard hats whistle (they get twenty years minimum for whistling twice, life in jail for a long wolf whistle).  America is also in trouble when a Muslim woman goes over to Syria, gets married three or four times, is widowed three or four times, then wants to return and watch TV in Alabama.  Even worse is the fact that an intellectual congresswoman called AOC wants to do away with airplane travel to save the planet and take away all of Jeff Bezos' money.

Sorry, Pope Francis, your sex abuse speech was a disgraceful display of excuses and evasions.  Pope Francis's closing address to the Vatican Summit on Child Protection was a disgraceful display of excuses and evasions.  He began with an extended meditation on how a "great number of" abuse cases are "committed within families."  He urged the assembled bishops to focus on "other forms of abuse" experienced by "child soldiers," "starving children," "child victims of war" and "refugee children."  He laid out an agenda that, bizarrely, focused on matters have nothing to do with clerical abuse (such as combating "sexual tourism").  And, most shamefully of all, he lashed out at those demanding that bishops who covered up abuse and silenced victims be held to account, declaring that the church must "rise above" those who "exploit, for various interests, the very tragedy experienced by the little ones."

If We Can't Cut Entitlements, What Can We Do?  Thanks to the overspending of Congress and successive presidential administrations, America's debt totals $22 trillion, and it is projected to grow faster and larger in the years to come. [...] We must deal with the drivers of our future debt:  Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  But for those who think it is not politically feasible to tackle entitlements, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently published a report with a broader range of suggestions.  They include limiting highway and transit funding to expected revenues (translation: don't spend more than you collect), eliminating Head Start, and creating a federal value-added tax (VAT).  Disappointingly, many of the CBO's alternatives are meant to grow government revenue rather than shrink government expenditures.

Trump Should Just Let the Democrats Self-Destruct.  President Trump has demanded that Ilhan Omar voluntarily resign.  The idea of impeachment of another Muslim Democratic congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) is also being actively promoted.  The events surrounding Ilhan Omar, of course, are a shame for America.  The anti-Semitic focus of her recent statements is obvious.  However, this does not mean that President Trump has an urgent need to intervene in the process of natural political selection and demand the resignation of an anti-Semitic congresswoman.  Trump's intervention in the natural self-destruction of the Democratic Party is a strategic mistake.

Hey, Democrats, I've lived in a socialist country with income 'equality' and it was miserable.  [A]s Democrats justify grandiose proposals by decrying income inequality, many of us who immigrated to the United States from socialist countries see great irony.  After all, unending income equality is what drove us to leave our native lands in the first place.  My family left post-Mao Communist China in the mid-1980s precisely because there was so much equality to go around.  As a child, I lived in Guangzhou, the third largest city in China.  Everyone in my city was equal in having no running hot water, no modern toilet facilities, no refrigerator, no washer, no dryer, and no color television.  Imagine a world without Whole Foods, Safeway and Walmart, or the plethora of products stocked on their shelves.  Imagine no Vitamin Water, no Gatorade, no Starbucks, no Panera Bread, no candy bars and no sea salt potato chips.  Now imagine instead being allotted food stamps from the government, indicating how much your family can eat.

The Whole Lot of Them Are Bat-Crazy.  In his SOTU address, the President showed deep compassion for African Americans, for Hispanic Americans, for women — for all the groups that the liars and real haters allege he disdains.  All the haters who accuse this President falsely of racism and anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and all are self-serving liars who themselves view every person with bigotry, identifying each by gender, race, sexual preference, religion.  That is what their Identity Politics is all about:  "Vote for me because I am your Identity, too, or will try to change myself to be."  Stacey Abrams was the perfect Democrat counterpoint:  not Caucasian, not male, and still whining about losing.  The Loser as counterfoil to Make America Great Again.

Look Upon the Media's 'Life of the Mind'.  [Scroll down]  The primary mission of the media today is not to inform dispassionately but, like Charles Boyer, to convince the public that it cannot trust the evidence of its own senses, observations, or experiences, and is in fact losing its collective mind unless it undergoes an immediate attitude readjustment and gets with the program.  Many of the reporters and commentators can't help themselves.  As Ben Rhodes famously observed, they're small children who literally know nothing, and thus are prime receptacles for all kinds of counterfactual nonsense.  (The myth of manmade climate change is a prime example, since it is so easily countermanded by a simple glance back at history.)  Others are simply careerists, busily building their "brands."  The news business is no longer a calling, nor even a profession, but a trade once again, this time not in service to the truth but to the Narrative.

How Venezuela Struck It Poor.  Venezuela was considered rich in the early 1960s:  It produced more than 10 percent of the world's crude and had a per capita GDP many times bigger than that of its neighbors Brazil and Colombia — and not far behind that of the United States.  At the time, Venezuela was eager to diversify beyond just oil and avoid the so-called resource curse, a common phenomenon in which easy money from commodities such as oil and gold leads governments to neglect other productive parts of their economies. [...] Such success makes the sorry state of Venezuela's oil industry today, not to mention that of the country at large, all the more surprising — and tragic.

No gray areas are left anywhere:  The lesson of Ralph Northam's fall.  It's hard to recall a politician who has so quickly and starkly been exposed as a cipher who ascended to a major office almost by accident (any Democrat would have won in Virginia in 2017).  So there won't be a lot of tears for Ralph Northam, but the controversy consuming him is disturbing nonetheless for what it portends about the drift of our political culture.  It is increasingly frenzied, unforgiving and irrational, and only likely to get more so.

A Digital Iron Curtain Descends Over The Internet.  A centralized environment will be inherently collectivist.  It's impossible for it to be anything else.  And when a handful of companies control the internet, they become its political and cultural weak point.  Any government or totalitarian movement that can compromise them will control the internet.  If we want an open internet, then we must once again envision it as a chaotic environment of competitive companies, none of whom can get so big that they hold its future and ours in their hands.

It's Time to Get Real About Our Enemies.  There is more to #TheResistance than the political panic inspired by the likes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).  They are riding a monster not of their own making.  In order to survive, they are providing cover and normalization of something not at all normal.  Conservative pundits have latched onto the fun words "hysteria" and "Trump derangement syndrome."  These words, though cute, mask the seriousness of what is actually happening.  The mass hysteria is a goal and a tactic, whipped up by cool-headed, purposeful people.  It was not caused by Trump's tweets or orange coloring.  It has everything to do with a long game to change our country.  The exaggerated, weird loathing of President Trump and all Republicans — that flies in the face of our peace and prosperity — is the daily work of thousands of professional leftists.

Elizabeth Warren is not proposing a tax; she's proposing asset forfeiture.  In most cases, the revolution begins with a peasant prelude and reaches its crescendo with some variation on the theme of Napoleon; socialist revolutions in particular have a peculiar habit of beginning with a man in a work shirt and ending up with a man dressed like Cap'n Crunch.

Battle of the Brainless:  Justin Trudeau vs.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Sorry Americans; I know you like to finish first in everything but in this contest you lose.  The Canadian PM is hands down less intelligent than the newly elected representative from New York.  It is true AOC's airhead statements are becoming more and more bizarre, but the things she comes out with show a lack of education and the fact she is a committed socialist who has never learned the truth about socialism.  Trudeau, on the other hand, says things that no person above the age of five and of average intelligence would ever say.

Harry Reid Exposes Greatest Liberal Scam of All-Time.  The U.S. government is partially shut down over the wall.  But it's all a massive liberal scam.  A Ponzi scheme.  Pure fraud.  Bernie Madoff couldn't come up with a better scam.  Because the same liberal politicians and donors who scream about the "racism" and "immorality" and "ineffectiveness" of a wall all live behind walls.  President Trump needs to buy TV infomercial time and run a 30-minute TV show in a Ross Perot fashion — featuring aerial views of the mansions and estates of liberals, protected by walls, gates, and armed guards.  You know, the exact same protections they don't want you and me or our children to have.  Exhibit A is Harry Reid, the Democratic former Senate Majority Leader from my home state of Nevada.

Do intellectuals oppose religion?
Is Religion Anti-Intellectual?  Should you believe in a God?  All the discord and vitriol in our culture boils down to how you would answer.  Border walls, gay marriage, abortion, national defense, school choice — where you stand on these issues and the myriad others comprising our daily tussle is for the most part defined by how you answer this question.

Why is the Vatican standing up for the Venezuelan dictatorship?  Look at it this way:  can you imagine Pope John Paul II sending in his diplomats to legitimize the military dictatorship of Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski while it was in its showdown with Solidarity?  Pope John Paul was with the democrats all along, and as they won freedom with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolution, the Vatican in the end played a pivotal role for freedom.  Poland, as a matter of fact, is one of the few countries in Europe where Catholicism is still significantly practiced.  No such luck in Venezuela.  The battle lines have been drawn, and the first Latin pope and his Vatican bureaucrats have picked the bad guy, the ruling dictatorship, over the suffering people, all in the phony name of preserving peace, something whose potential came and went years ago.

Congress Is Not a Coequal Branch of Government — It's Supreme.  The notion of coequality of the branches is a myth that has been popularized over the past half century, during the rise of the imperial presidency, as a way to boost the executive's standing in the eyes of the public.  There are three main reasons that Congress is supreme.  First, Congress can get itself involved in the actions of the other branches.  It can override presidential vetoes.  It can deny appointments to the executive and judicial branches.  It can impeach officers of the executive and judicial branches.  It can set legislative and judicial pay.  It also has wide discretion in determining the size and shape of the executive and judicial branches.  Every executive department and indeed every officer except the president and vice president are creations of Congress.  And Congress also has total authority to design the court system as it sees fit.

More Populist, More Conservative.  It's not the free market that is financializing the American economy and empowering Wall Street's leveraged buyouts of American businesses.  It's the federal government's preferential tax treatment of corporate debt and guarantee of "too big to fail" bailouts.  It's not the "invisible hand" giving investment income preferential tax treatment over workers' wages, even though in a globalized economy that discrepancy can incentivize American investors to create jobs overseas instead of here.  It's not Adam Smith who simultaneously ended vocational tracking in American high schools while flooding college campuses with students and borrowed dollars that would have been better off elsewhere.  Nor did Milton Friedman make it unprofitable for residential real-estate developers to build anything other than mid-rise apartments and McMansions.  That's federal and state policymakers.  It wasn't capitalism that stripped religion from public schools and, indeed, the public square, denying working communities a source of social capital and solidarity they depended on.  That was a group of activist courts.

Sen. Cruz:  Democrats Forcing Partial Government Shutdown To Appease Their Base.  Senator Ted Cruz is blaming the partial government shutdown on what he calls the most radical and extreme members of the Democrat Party.  During an interview with the Daily Caller Friday [1/11/2019], the Texas lawmaker said Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are being held captive by far-left Democrats.  He claimed Democrats are filled with hatred and anger for President Trump and are politicizing the shutdown.

What was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doing, making a third Democratic response to Trump's wall speech?  The Trump speech started as a duel between Trump, who spoke out about a border wall last night, and not one, but two Democratic responders.  That had a precedent in how a State of the Union address response goes to the other party, but the Democrats couldn't even agree on a single responder.  They had a pair of them, hoping to hog more camera time, perhaps, but it came at a cost of a unified message.  Nancy Pelosi, who leads the House, was a logical response agent, but Democrats went and put New York Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer up there as well.  The result, as they stared out at the TV cameras together, all botoxed and heavily made up, was "American Gothic," except maybe with oily game show hosts instead of farmers.

Schumer and Pelosi's response to Trump's address becomes instant meme sensation on Twitter.  The Democratic leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, gave their response Tuesday to President Trump's prime-time Oval Office speech that called for border security.  Pelosi said Mr. Trump had "chosen fear.  We want to start with the facts," while Schumer said "We don't govern by temper tantrum" in their joint televised statement.  The lawmakers' stoic appearance standing at the same podium in front of a row of flags made for perfect meme material — and Twitter users quickly noticed — comparing them to everything from the famous painting "American Gothic" to angry parents and Bond villains.

Creep Show:  Pelosi and Schumer Freak Out Viewers:  Blank Stares, Scowls and Crazy Eyes Consume Dem Response.  President Trump held a national address the perils of open borders and illegal immigration on Tuesday.  Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi delivered the response.  Big mistake.

Pelosi, Schumer spark laughs on social media for 'angry parents' rebuttal to Trump address.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., triggered plenty of laughs on social media Tuesday night [1/8/2019] for their rebuttal to President Donald Trump's address from the Oval Office.  During his address, Trump called the conflict at the southern border a "crisis of the heart and the crisis of the soul" and repeated his request for $5.7 billion for a steel barrier.  Meanwhile, Pelosi and Schumer stood firm with their position that the government shutdown must end in order to continue talks about border funding.  However, folks on Twitter drew more attention to the serious tone of the Democrats' remarks and had some fun at their expense.

The Internet wasted no time roasting Schumer and Pelosi.  The Democratic response to President Trump's speech by Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi quickly got ripped apart online, as jokesters mocked the way they spoke while standing close together behind a small podium wearing scowls.  "Yikes.  I like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi but they gotta work on the whole 'not looking like villains from the next bond movie' thing next time," said Twitter user Dan Luke.  "Why are Chuck and Nancy every pair of white suburban parents who just witnessed you shotgun a coors light while home for break?" Twitter user Zachary Miller wrote with a screenshot of the pair.  "We trusted you with Dad's car because we thought you could be responsible with it, but we see now you're not ready," Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk joked.

Pelosi, Schumer say Democrats should get 'equal airtime' after Trump address.  Democratic leaders on Monday night [1/7/2019] called for equal airtime in response to President Donald Trump's primetime address to the nation on southern border security scheduled for Tuesday evening.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., argued that since Trump's speech will be broadcast, the other side of the aisle should have their fair share of broadcast time, too.

The Editor says...
The Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader were attempting to elevate their status to that of the President by demanding equal media coverage.  In reality, they were in no position to demand any such thing.  Moreover (in hindsight), the message delivered during their "equal time," and the way they delivered it, was a public relations fiasco.

The Coming Democratic Disillusion.  By the seventh year of his presidency, when some 100 U.S soldiers were killed in Iraq every month and gas on average cost $2.80 per gallon, George W. Bush was about as popular as Donald Trump is today.  And in 2007, as we all remember, Pelosi's Democrats set about enacting universal health care and ending the war in Iraq.  Fooled you!  Actually, the victories of the 110th Congress were much more modest:  a minimum wage increase, lobbying reform, and a ban of incandescent light bulbs.

Keep It Closed for Two Years.  I don't know about you, but I am enjoying the 25% Government shutdown.  I really am.  This is the closest we ever may come to demonstrating how much of our Government is wasteful, unnecessary, duplicative, and pointless.  As but one example — only from the 25% now shut down — we simply do not need a federal Department of Education.  States and municipalities can and should run education at the local level.  Under conservatives, a federal Education Department — at best — does nothing that justifies its existence; under liberals, it works to destroy civil rights and the national culture.

Anti-Semitic doctor who threatened Jewish patients should lose medical license.  Anti-Semitism should not be tolerated in any setting — least of all in an environment where medical personnel take a pledge to provide care and comfort to patients.  But that's exactly what's at the center of a controversial case unfolding in Ohio.  Physician Lara Kollab, a first-year resident at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, took part in social media rants that included anti-Semitic hate speech and dangerous threats.  In her tweets, Kollab referred to Jewish people as dogs, downplayed the Holocaust, and said she was brutally unsympathetic about it.  She said Allah will kill the Jews and threatened to purposely give all the (derogatory term for Jews) the wrong meds.  This behavior is abhorrent and dangerous.

Stereotypes are often accurate.  Almost any belief about almost any group has been considered a "stereotype" in empirical studies.  It is, however, logically impossible for all group beliefs to be inaccurate.  This would make it "inaccurate" to believe that two groups differ or that they do not differ.  Alternatively, perhaps stereotypes are only inaccurate group beliefs, and so therefore accurate beliefs are not stereotypes.  If this were true, one would first have to empirically establish that the belief is inaccurate — otherwise, it would not be a stereotype.  The rarity of such demonstrations would mean that there are few known stereotypes.  Increasing recognition of these logical problems has led many modern reviews to abandon "inaccuracy" as a core definitional component of stereotypes (see Jussim et al, 2016 for a review).  Nonetheless, an emphasis on inaccuracy remains, which is broadly inconsistent with empirical research.

Dems unprepared for a partial government shutdown that lasts for months and months.  Conventional wisdom among the media and politician branches of the Democratic Party holds that President Trump and the Republicans will pay a serious price for the very partial (25%) "government shutdown" as it drags on.  The passage of a House budget bill with not even one dollar, as Speaker Pelosi averred, is supposed to increase pressure on President Trump in their view.  They seem to believe that the public so loves visiting national parks in the middle of the winter — one of the few aspects of the 25% of the federal government that affects ordinary voters — that Republicans will crack under public pressure.

The Editor says...
There is no point in having national parks, national monuments and national museums if we don't have international borders.

Why Trump Shouldn't Cave On Border Wall, By The Numbers.  Despite all the hand-wringing about a government shutdown, President Donald Trump still has a strong hand.  The amount he's asking for is a relative pittance.  And the shutdown is exposing how useless much of the federal government is. [...] According to various news accounts, federal agencies sent about 400,000 "nonessential" workers home during the shutdown.  (Another 400,000 "essential" workers are putting in hours without pay.)  Not counting the Postal Service (which is self-funded) and the military, there are about 1.7 million federal workers.  That means that at least one quarter of the entire federal workforce is "nonessential."

False Flag Destroys Roy Moore — Why No Apology?  Reid Hoffman is not yet a household name, but as co-founder of the business platform LinkedIn, he is in the crosshairs of conservatives as an enemy of the people.  Hoffman's sin is funding the organization that faked a "Russian bot" infiltration that piled on the misery of Judge Roy Moore's ill-fated campaign in Alabama for the U.S. Senate.  Alt-left billionaire Hoffman gave American Engagement Technologies (AET) $750,000, with $100,000 earmarked for offshoot cybersecurity firm New Knowledge.  It, in turn, fabricated 1,000 Russian-sounding Twitter accounts to follow Moore and discredit his campaign.  Oh, but not satisfied with the Twitter disinformation campaign, the company went further, creating fake Facebook pages urging Alabama conservatives to support a "write-in" candidate instead of Moore.

Shut the doors of Government.  And leave them closed.  The continued shutdown of the government is good to the extent the government is shut down.  Most estimates are that about 25 percent of the U.S. Government shut down.  The good ends there.  A better shutdown would be, perhaps all of it.  Then a return to some kind of federal system.  No.  There is no federals system now.  There is a corrupt national system.

The Real Reason Why Fewer Americans Think Religion Matters.  Religions make moral proclamations that transcend individual belief and cultural consensus.  They also make moral claims that require our submission.  Unsurprisingly, as America shifts toward moral autonomy, fewer Americans rely on religious systems that make transcendent, unchanging, ethical claims and demands.

The Fed Must Repeal Its Disastrous Rate Increases.  With the stock market falling another 8 percent in the wake of the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates earlier this month, it's now clear that the biggest threat to the Trump economic boom is the Fed itself.  At a time of strong growth, wage gains, and record low unemployment, Fed policies have created one of the most dangerous deflation cycles in decades.  Falling prices — which we are seeing now in farm products, oil, silver, copper, iron, and so on — can be as destructive to growth as inflation was in the 1970s.  The job of the Fed is to keep prices stable, yet this year prices of all commodities are down 12 percent — with most of that decline following the two disastrous rate increases, first in September and then another one a week before Christmas.

7 Presidents Who Were Tougher Than Trump on the Media.  [President] Trump regularly tweets about "fake news."  He has doubled down on the view that overly critical news outlets are the "enemy of the American people."  He talked about more stringent libel laws to make it easier to sue news organizations, threatened the broadcast license of certain networks, and the Trump White House pulled the press pass for CNN personality Jim Acosta after a confrontation at a press conference.  But so far he hasn't taken government action, as Roosevelt and other past presidents have.

In DC a single day is a "prolonged shutdown".  Today is the sixth day of the government shutdown.  The first four days were scheduled days off.  The first two were Saturday and Sunday, followed by Christmas Eve, which President Trump decreed as a day off for federal workers, and Christmas.  On Wednesday morning [12/26/2018] — barely three hours into the first actual workday in the shutdown by Congress — Politico reported, "Federal workforce starts to feel pinch of prolonged shutdown."  If federal workers cannot last a single day under these circumstances, maybe we should replace them with adults.

The Editor says...
If federal workers are "non-essential personnel" whose services we can do without for a few weeks, their jobs should be eliminated.

Brandon Smith:  The Fed Is A Suicide Bomber With A Deeper Agenda.  I believe according to the evidence that the central banks are motivated by ideological zealotry with the core purpose of total global centralization of economic and political power into the hands of a select group of elitists.  This agenda is really just a modern "reboot" of feudalism or totalitarianism.  They sometimes refer to the plan in public as the "new world order," or the "global economic reset." I often refer to the encompassing ideology as "globalism" for the sake of expediency.  To attain this goal, central bankers must influence mass psychology using traumatic events.  Fear opens doors to centralization of power.  This is simply a fact of social behavior and history.  The more afraid a population is, the more willing they will be to give up freedoms in exchange for safety and security.  Therefore, the most effective weapon at the disposal of the globalists and their central banking counterparts is engineered economic crisis — a weapon that can, if allowed, destroy entire civilizations almost as fast as a nuclear war, while still keeping most of the expensive infrastructure intact.  Beyond that, economic crisis is also a weapon that can influence a population to embrace even greater enslavement while viewing their slave masters as saviors rather than villains.

Americans' faith in faith is failing.  Although Americans' church attendance is declining and they believe its importance in national life is dwindling, nearly three-quarters of them maintain that faith is important to them.  After one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar, Gallup is reporting that a large majority of Americans (72 percent) say religion is important and 51 percent say it's very important.

The Editor says...
God does not expect you to have faith in faith.  He expects you to have faith in Him, because He has paid for your sin through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ.  Faith in candles and statues and beads and incense and stained glass and organ music and regular church attendance is of no value.

I did not vote for Jim Mattis.  General Jim Mattis decided to quit as secretary of defense in protest to the president's decision to withdraw our 2,000 troops from Syria has flipped the switch in Washington back to hawk.  After warning us for three years that President Donald John Trump would lead us to three or four wars, the Washington Establishment is angry that we are not going to war with Russia and Iran in Syria.

If a Green Beret Is a War Criminal, then So Is Obama.  One would think that in war the duty of a soldier is to kill the enemy before he kills you or your fellow soldiers.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are different in that the enemy doesn't usually obey the rules of war, like wearing uniforms and rank insignia, and there are no "front lines" per se, only improvised explosive devices and sniper fire from second-floor windows or civilians used as human shields.  That is where Mathew Golsteyn found himself in 2010 when the Green Beret killed a Taliban bomb-maker who had killed two Marines, Sgt. Jeremy R. McQueary and Lance Cpl.  Raymon A. Johnson, in a war where only one side obeys the rules and the other is trapped by rules of engagement that make no sense and an Obama administration treating the whole thing as a law enforcement matter.

Democracy, Deliberation, and the Internet.  For 2500 years a consistent criticism of giving political power to the masses has been the question of competence.  To critics like Socrates and Plato, the knowledge of history, philosophy, and facts necessary for governing are beyond the abilities of the average citizen.  Hoi polloi had to spend their time making a living rather than studying these disciplines, or they were by nature driven more by their self-interest, appetites, and passions than by the rational search for knowledge of the true and good.  Thus from Plato's Republic to today's progressive technocrats, some form of technocracy has been preferable to rule by the "low-information" voting masses.  In the last few decades, the explosion of information instantly available on the internet has made this fear of giving political power to the uninformed more urgent in an age of "fake news."  Has the availability of an astonishing volume of information worsened the dangers of ignorance to governing, or has it provided a means of correcting it?

It Didn't Start With Hillary.  I'm always amazed at the number of people who have no knowledge of The Venona Papers.  Now, I grant you that reading some of the books and articles put out about them can be an eye-rubbing, mind-stultifying experience.  The mental effort to focus on the analysis, and to follow the logical reasoning of those who've spent years identifying those agents and their enablers can be hard.

Wanna Make Your Community Unaffordable?  Fill It with Government Workers.  There's no industry to speak of in the D.C. area; even more than Los Angeles, it's a one-industry town and in this case that industry is government, which (unlike Hollywood) creates not one cent of wealth but sure knows how to spend other people's money.  Accordingly, housing prices have soared, transforming places like Falls Church, Va., and Silver Spring, Md., into fancy bedroom communities.

When Does Trump Say, 'Enough Is Enough!'?  So what if Trump personally paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet?  Obama's campaign, not him personally, paid Reverend Wright hush money during the 2008 campaign and I don't recall any special counsel investigations or Congressional hearings into campaign finance violations.

Obama's Big Campaign Finance Violation That Everyone Wants to Forget Will Redeem Trump.  It appears all the pundits are out and claiming President Trump should be impeached because of his former attorney Michael Cohen's statements that allegedly implicate him in campaign finance violations. [...] It's strange that Barack Obama was hit by the SEC with one of the biggest campaign finance violation fees ever levied but no one called for his impeachment.

More about Obama's fundraising scandals.

Vandals, or Militants?  The origin of the present protest is not the price of bread but an increase in gasoline taxes.  Yet, with gasoline now occupying a central place in our way of life as bread once did, there is at least some link between the two eruptions.  And Louis XVI was guilty by inattention, just as Emmanuel Macron the First, France's president, seems strangely indifferent to public sentiment.  To enact policies that raise gasoline prices — already the highest in Europe — on the eve of the year-end holidays and without offering a justification, was a major political error.  Macron's mistake was made worse by the justification given after the uprising:  the government explained to skeptical citizens that the new tax was actually an ecological measure, and therefore justified, since the goal was not to add to the state's coffers but to help fight climate change.  Obviously no one believes this excuse, including the government that issued it, or so we must hope.

It's Time to Move Corruptible Bureaucrats Out of D.C. and into Flyover Country.  Today, D.C. is awash in expensive restaurants, some with Michelin stars even, and most of them have private dining rooms.  Dinner parties in those spaces abound, and if you're a foreign agent, or one of the FBI's gang of spooks, you want to get inside the "private" rooms, either physically (get one of your own invited to the table) or electronically.  The proliferation of expensive eateries requires money, as do private schools and costly colleges and universities, which are important to Washington parents.  A smart friend pointed out to me that you can't pay for all this with a government bureaucrat's salary.  Not even with two.  But they do pay for it, and the restaurants.  That means extra income from somewhere.  Writing books and blogs and op-eds doesn't come close to generating enough cash.

The Editor says...
If we move all the corruptible bureaucrats to Abilene or Salt Lake City, the lobbyists will move there, too, and then we'll have two centers of corruption.  Location isn't the problem.  The overgrown centralized government that prints and spends money is the problem.

Hollywood Is a Sex-Grooming Gang.  Former CBS chief Les Moonves's career had already ended in disgrace for repeated instances of alleged sexual harassment and assault uncovered last summer by The New Yorker.  Yet until this week the board that fired him for preying on women was planning to beg His Majesty's forgiveness for decoupling him from his kingdom, pressing into his hands a $120 million payoff.  Maybe not anymore.  The New York Times, with the cooperation of a washed-up talent manager who, at 75, decided to open his mouth about Moonves, reported on how the triangular sex trade works in Hollywood.

What Is Saudi Arabia to Us?  [Scroll down]  In other words, what is going on, including murder, is a purely dynastic power play.  But that is Saudi Arabia's nice side.  The fundamental reality is that this is a slave society, (the Arabic word for black man is the word for slave) which considers work something that inferiors do for superiors, prizes idleness, and practices cruelty as a means of asserting superiority.  Everyone knows that women, treated as property, end up disproportionately in the harems of the wealthy.  But few stop to think that this custom dooms the majority of Saudi men to lives without legitimate sex, never mind families. [...] The ultra-puritanical Wahhabi sect, which authorized the House of Saud to take power by murdering non-Wahhabis, is inexorably interwoven with the Saudi power structure.  No doubt, many believe its teachings.  And yes, Wahhabis pay for radical mosques throughout the world, America very much included.  But hypocritical corruption is at its core.  Fly first class from Riyadh to Paris or London.  Watch the women with Burqas step onto the plane.  Off comes the headgear.  On take-off, they doff the Burqas, revealing Dior fashions with plunging necklines.  And the booze flows.

Give Thanks for What Remains of Free Speech.  Free speech is increasingly imperiled as nations around the world turn to authoritarianism, which comes packaged as everything from iron-fisted dictatorial rule to coercive "progressivism."  One thing every brand of authoritarianism has in common is speech codes.  Dissenting ideas dilute authority, so they must be suppressed.  We should be thankful for the free speech that remains, and rise from our Thanksgiving tables prepared to fight for it.  Our political speech is soggy with endless calls to "fight" for various "rights," few of which bear any resemblance to what America's founders considered to be inalienable rights.  One important clue to their thinking is that rights were seen as something an unjust government could take away from citizens by force, not something benevolent governments present to citizens as a gift.

Media Hysteria Over Nationalism is Democrat Revisionist History.  No, President Macron:  nationalism isn't treason — it's necessary to a free and thriving nation.  Americans who are serious about their freedom should be ecstatic that the question of the importance of nationalism is enjoying a renaissance, after laying dormant under the four U.S. presidents before President Trump.  In the wake of Trump's declaration last month that he's a nationalist, it's been astounding to observe the revisionist history, historical ignorance, and flat-out lies Democrats, the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex), and members of the NeverTrump CMIC (Conservative Media Industrial Complex) have been willing to propagate.

The Medical Industrial Complex.  Our dysfunctional system combines the greed of capitalism with the corruption of socialism — the worst of both worlds.  Companies raise prices to what the market will bear.  But since third-party payers — both public money and private insurance — grotesquely distort the market, companies charge exorbitant prices that a natural, normal market would never abide.  In a natural market, where individuals chose, nobody ever opts to pay $4,000 for a drug when a competitor charges $125 for the same drug.  But in this distorted market, where groups — insurance and government bureaucracies — make the choices, such waste happens regularly.  In our The Twilight Zone, the company does not go out of business but the country, slowly, does.

It's Not What Happens Next.  It's What Won't Happen.  [Scroll down]  First, there will be no big ticket legislative packages going through.  No major immigration reform supporting the highest priorities of either party.  No new tax cuts, but also no tax increases.  No new gun control legislation.  The fact is, these folks will be lucky if they can name a new Post Office.  The President isn't going to be impeached.  The Democrats would need to round up every one of their members in the House to get the ball rolling and too many of them are on record saying that would be too extreme.  And even if they managed it in the House there is zero chance of a conviction in the Senate.  Donald Trump will finish his first term at a minimum.  The wall isn't going to be finished.  That's somehow become a badge of honor among Democrats, despite being one of the most doable solutions to immigration problems imaginable.

Birthright and the Angry Election.  President Trump wants tomorrow's [11/6/2018] election to be about the "caravan" of asylum seekers coming to the U.S. through Mexico and the false accusations made against Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his confirmation proceedings.  A lot of people are angry about those things.  For the Democrats, this election is all about anger:  anger at Trump for beating Clinton two years ago, anger at his attempts to control immigration, and anger at his success in making the economy robust at the expense of some of their pet programs.  Inevitably the election is a referendum on Trump.

Are You Better Off Than You Were Two Years Ago?  President Reagan won a landslide election in 1980 when he asked voters a simple question:  "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"  Voters knew they weren't.  Midterm voters should be asking themselves that same question now, before casting their ballots next Tuesday.  Only this time, the answer is yes.

The Electronic Committee of Public Safety.  Megyn Kelly will probably go into opulent seclusion and find herself disinvited from ceremonial appearances and speaking events, guillotined as a racist, with no more sympathy than a once privileged, beheaded Bourbon.

Annoy Liberals By Refusing To Care About Their Stupid Fake Outrages.  In the current convulsion, our moral and intellectual betters who make up our glorious elite are in a fake frenzy because Third World thugs are acting like Third World thugs. [...] Chopping up political opponents is generally a bad thing, though I will not hold my breath waiting for the libs to, for example, cancel their holidays in Havana because the Castro clan has butchered tens of thousands of people for preferring freedom to tyranny.

The Kingdom and the Power.  [Jamal] Khashoggi was a legal permanent resident of the United States, a Washington figure with a huge network of contacts, and a Washington Post columnist.  Any harm to him — including "merely" his kidnapping and disappearance into prison or the holding of a show trial — would inevitably become a cause célèbre and damage relations with the United States.  It would also inevitably damage Mohammed bin Salman's own reputation.  So the decision to act against Khashoggi was a revelation of ignorance about the United States, impulsiveness, brutality, or all three.  In the shadow of the Khashoggi killing we can now see the forcible detention of Lebanon's prime minister, Sa'ad Hariri, last year as a prelude.  It too revealed a thuggish approach and a remarkable lack of understanding of how such events would be viewed in the outside world.  It is perhaps not coincidental that MbS, rare among Saudi princes, has spent his entire life in the kingdom and never lived or attended school in the West.

Just in time for Halloween:  Democrat-led voter intimidation!  If we have learned anything about liberals, it is that they will do nearly anything to gain power.  This election season their strategy is all about enhancing turnout by ginning up their base with hateful negative messaging, divisive identity politics, demonization of president Trump, and threats of violence.  Witness the perfectly timed hit job on Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, designed to scuttle his confirmation or at least whip up an anti-Trump frenzy and perhaps separate the supposedly fragile "suburban white female voter bloc" from the Republican Party.  In recent days, another exquisitely orchestrated assault on the president's border policies, a "caravan" of "migrants," is headed toward our southern border from Honduras, gathering human and political momentum with each mile.  Is the media hysteria over the death of an obscure Saudi journalist meant to embarrass Donald Trump, who has been cozying up to the Saudis lately as a regional counterbalance to Iran?  Even the curiously scheduled Sixty Minutes interview of the president last weekend appeared to be designed by the left as a game-changing hatchet job, although, fortunately, it did not turn out quite as they had planned.

It's Past Time For Pope Francis To Come Clean, But Instead He's Burying Himself.  As news about the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal spreads, public confidence in Pope Francis' handling of the matter has plummeted.  A recent Pew Research Center poll shows that six in ten American Catholics say the pope is doing an "only fair" or "poor" job of managing the scandal.  That is almost double the share who said he was doing a poor job earlier this year, and triple the share who said this in 2015.  The lack of confidence is also broadly based — both Catholic women and men, young and old, and church-attending or not, have grown increasingly critical of this pontiff.

Bring on More Kavanaughs!  No man or woman — let alone their children — should be forced to endure the slanders that Brett Kavanaugh and his family experienced in the past three weeks.  If good and decent people of talent and brains now decide to run and hide in fear of a similar onslaught, it would be disastrous for the United States and for our future.  Surrender to that onslaught, giving a victory to the bullies and McCarthyites of the Left who want to end all opposition and dissent, and have been working most intensely for the past decade to undo the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is unthinkable.  They cannot be allowed to cement their hold on power.  No, now is not the time to hide.  Now is not the time for Americans who believe in the Constitution, in freedom, in the rule of law, in the presumption of innocence, of freedom of speech, of limited government, of due process, of the right to bear arms (rights all delineated clearly in the Bill of Rights) to shirk their responsibilities and hide from the assault of the smear machine of the Left.

Liberalism:  An Intrinsically Uncivil Ideology.  When Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder occupied positions of power in the federal government, they would often lecture conservatives on the virtues of civility and dialogue.  To counter Rush Limbaugh and the power of talk radio in the 1990s, rattled liberals once proposed "civility" boards, recruiting such models of civility as Paul Begala to serve on the "Penn Commission," an undertaking so stupid it didn't even last Bill Clinton's presidency.  In power, liberals peddle self-serving babble about "civility"; out of power — witness Hillary's recent pitiful interview and Eric Holder's endorsement of kicking conservatives — they peddle self-serving babble about the need to suspend civility.

Kavanaugh May Change Election Map.  This is impetuous, but I think the electoral map has changed with the Kavanaugh decision.  The Democrats avoided direct confrontation and tried to sandbag the nominee by a late allegation of sexual assault from 30 years before.  They gambled that whipping up post-Weinstein militant-feminist support would induce the president to say something outrageous that would split his party and drench him in another momentary shower of confected outrage, such as during the partial migration ban, the Charlottesville imputations of softness toward Nazis and the Klan, the Helsinki comments, and the detention of abandoned minors of illegal immigrants at the southern borders.  This would be the biggest such explosion yet and would leave the Supreme Court vacancy unfilled, assure control of the House for the Democrats, and possibly the Senate, and facilitate grid-lock and continued distractions about impeachment for another two years.

Vatican Cardinal:  Pope Francis Is 'Ice-Cold, Cunning Machiavellian'.  The German progressive weekly Der Spiegel has ended its love affair with the pope, declaring that the Church's sex abuse crisis is "increasingly about Pope Francis."  In a stunning cover article titled "The Silence of the Shepherds," the magazine blasts the pope for his unwillingness to answer direct questions regarding what he knew about the serial homosexual abuse by U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and when he knew it.

Hillary Clinton, Brett Kavanaugh and the Art of Trolling.  One of the dominant features of our time is that more and more people define themselves by what they hate.  For many partisans, what motivates them the most isn't support for their side's policies but their hatred of the other party.  Most Republicans didn't vote for Donald Trump; they voted against Hillary Clinton.  Most Democrats didn't vote for Clinton; they voted against Trump.  This dynamic doesn't just apply to presidential candidates.  It saturates both parties and both sides of the culture war, and it even distorts how we process basic facts.  The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences just came out with a report on how people will misinterpret objective data — in this case on climate change — if there's any hint that the data came from a Republican or Democratic source.  The moment Democrats saw a Republican logo, the ability to interpret a chart went out the window for many of them, and vice versa.

Video of Americans yutes talking about their problems should kill off any hope you have left.  Here's the background — President Trump said during a speech that now is the best time to be a young person in America, because of his presidency.  OK, kind of a spurious claim, but let's run with it.  So, the BBC goes out and talks to American yutes and asks them if they feel fortunate.  [Video clip]  It's unbelievable the level of ignorance you have to operate under to believe that the problems of young people are worse than ever before.

I Really Don't Feel Like Submitting To Socialist Tyranny.  Do You?  Allow me to unleash that which leftist nincompoops fear the most, besides gainful employment and their mom walking into their room at night unannounced while they are interacting with their computer/girlfriend.  Math.  Let's take the richest man ever was, Jeff Bezos.  He's got a net worth of at least $150 billion.  It not in actual dollars, though, unless he has the world's biggest mattress.  It's mostly in Amazon stock.  We'll just leave aside the inconvenient issue of what would happen to Amazon's stock value if it were "seized" and nationalized and just assume he's got a big pit full of dollar bills.  We take all that and split it among the 330 million Americans and everyone gets... $454.55.  Congrats.  Everyone gets one payment on their 2015 Toyota Camry.

When funerals become politics.  Sixteen years ago, on the eve of the 2002 midterm elections, and at a time when the United States was beginning to divide over the Afghanistan intervention and a looming Iraq war, Sen. Paul Wellstone, Minnesota Democrat, tragically died in a plane accident.  Mr. Wellstone's Minnesota funeral was meant to be a commemoration of a life of public servant well lived.  But the funeral service was soon hijacked by partisan speakers and ended up a loud and often grating political pep rally.  The message to mourners of all beliefs and persuasions was to translate their grief into votes for progressive candidates like Mr. Wellstone.  Popular discontent over news of the politicalized funeral may well have explained why, two weeks later, the in-power Republicans actually picked up seats in George W. Bush's first midterm election.

Trump and His Enemies.  The United States is now like Egypt, in that the armed forces are the only respected institution left standing.  A narrow majority disapprove of the president, and steadily larger majorities are doubtful of the judiciary, despise the Congress, loathe the academy, and detest the national media.  In a democracy, somebody will pay for this, and it is unlikely to be Donald John Trump, the principal accuser of the others.

Kavanaugh confirmation chaos offers a preview of what life would be like if Dems ran the government.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on his nomination to the Supreme Court was set for its second day Wednesday [9/5/2018], after the unhinged left was on full display on the opening day Tuesday.  Partisan rancor reigned as outbursts, interruptions, protests, and juvenile political stunts broke out when opponents of the nomination attempted to highjack the day's proceedings.  Each Trump-hating Democrat on the committee took his or her turn flaunting the left's radical anti-freedom agenda, as the American people got a glimpse of what life would look like if Democrats were entrusted with control of government.

Leading U.S. Exorcist:  Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is Demonic, Likely to Get Worse.  In a recent interview, a world-renowned exorcist said the sex abuse scandal currently rocking the Catholic Church is demonic in nature and likely to get worse before it gets better.  "We are in for a long storm," said Father Gary Thomas, the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California.  Fr. Thomas' training in Rome was the subject of the 2010 book The Rite:  The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio.  The book was made into a movie starring Anthony Hopkins in 2011.  "It's only going to get worse," Father Gary Thomas told the National Catholic Register's Patti Armstrong.  "But as bad as it is, it has to come out.  It is unacceptable."

The Audacity of Obama.  Few things could be more embarrassing than giving Barack Obama a prize for "ethics in government," as the University of Illinois did on Friday [9/7/2018]. [...] The media has made a great deal of Donald Trump's personal moral failings and fabrications.  The funny thing is, his exaggerations and braggadocio don't affect our lives.  But when Barack Obama told us that "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it," knowing full well that this was untrue, he defrauded every American.  And when he and his staff knowingly misinformed the media about the nature of the Iran Deal, he made every American (and every Middle Easterner) less safe. [...] And now that Donald Trump has waved that wand, sparking the economy, renegotiating trade deals, bring America to the point that — for the first time in history — the Department of Labor reported more jobs available than people looking for work.  Obama wants you to believe it was all his doing.

Journalists Celebrate Bob Woodward's Trump-Bashing Book After Trashing His Reputation For Years.  The mainstream press is rushing to defend Bob Woodward after President Trump attacked him over his new book.  That's funny, because journalists themselves had been saying far worse things about Woodward for more than a decade.

Catholic clergy in the news:
The Catholic Scandal Is More About Power Than About Sex.  A sociopathic cardinal and kingmaker caught retrospectively with his pants down is big news.  That the pope knew and covered for him is even bigger.  So the torrent of coverage is inescapable.  You have already read the sorry details about "Uncle Ted," his beach house sleepovers with seminarians, the cuddling and groping, all while Theodore McCarrick moved up the clerical ladder, reaping power and influence.  Then appeared Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò of Kosovo, former apostolic nuncio in Washington D.C., to finger a bevy of hierarchs in color-coded zucchettos who protected and advanced him.  Worse, he stated that Pope Francis had been aware of McCarrick's sexual history.  The pope who should have cashiered a serial predator made him a trusted advisor instead.  It is a blockbuster story.  But where does it lead?

The Scandal of Left-Wing Journalists Covering a Left-Wing Pope.  Last year, my wife and I visited Italy for the first time.  In Rome, we arranged for a guide to take us through the Vatican.  I envisioned an elderly gentleman, but our guide turned out to be an attractive young woman who, I soon decided, was a practicing Catholic.  At one point, she asked me guardedly what I thought of Pope Francis.  I'm not a Catholic, I said, so it's probably none of my business.  But I don't like him.  He seems to care more about left-wing politics than about Christianity.  When it comes to politics and economics, he is ignorant; he should stick to theology.  She discreetly kept silent, but I was pretty sure she agreed.

The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.  It is not the first time such allegations have been made, but it may be the first time the allegations have been so exhaustively detailed, including the naming of priests and their alleged victims.  In Ireland, where Pope Francis visited last week and issued another apology (but took no responsibility) for un-priestly behavior, more stories surfaced detailing what happened to unwed mothers and their babies seven decades ago in a home created for girls and women who became pregnant out of wedlock.  The girls and women were abused, their babies either buried in the home's yard, or forcibly taken from them to be adopted, all this from a church that claims to be "pro-life."

Two Funerals and a Missing Cardinal.  Pope Francis was under attack for failing to act on countless documented cases of sex abuse within the Catholic Church.  The Vatican's ex-ambassador to Washington, Archbishop Carlo Viganò, fired the first salvo, detailing the misconduct of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal Donald Wuerl and calling on the pope to resign.  Ricochet had the best wrap-up of the crisis in the church and the Lavender Mafia flourishing under Pope Francis. [...] There are calls for Cardinal Wuerl to resign and he appears to have gone missing, with rumors that he was spirited out of the country to avoid prosecution.  Certainly all this turmoil in our justice system and the Church is unsettling.  But it's a useful reminder that in all hierarchies, sooner or later, the mission of the organization becomes the protection of the hierarchy, not the stated mission, and every now and then, a thorough housecleaning is in order.

They Destroy Everything They Touch.  The Pope has a bigger agenda," said Cardinal Blase Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, in an interview about bombshell allegations about sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.  "He's got to get on with other things of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church.  We're not going to go down a rabbit hole on this."  And in that quote, which Cupich has protested was taken out of context (it wasn't), Cupich showed a sad reality, which is that the Catholic Church is the latest in a long line of exceptional institutions of Western civilization brought into deep decline by the infiltration of the cultural Marxist/postmodern Left.  The "rabbit hole" Cupich refers to is a testimony released Saturday by Archbishop Carlo Viganò, a distinguished Vatican veteran who had served as the papal nuncio, or ambassador, to the United States, which included a scathing critique of Pope Francis.

The Coming Global Middle-Class Majority:  Thank Capitalism, Not Socialism, For The Boom.  Capitalism has failed.  Socialism is ascendant.  That's a common message we get from the media these days.  Which is funny, because capitalism in the last few decades has had the most revolutionary impact on improving human lives in history.

Is the Pope a Catholic?  No one can have much to add to NRO's coverage of the crisis in the Catholic Church.  Michael Brendan Dougherty, Kathryn Lopez, and other colleagues have covered all the shocking events fully and with a kind of angry or hurt conscientiousness: the nature and extent of the sexual abuse; the quiet shuttling of pedophile priests from one parish to another; the legalistic bullying and manipulation of victims and their families; the placing of the Church's political and financial interests above justice and charity; the fact that bishops showed greater concern, even tenderness, towards clerical abusers than towards those they abused; and the repeated assurances that these abuses were being corrected when in fact they were being concealed and smoothed over.  These revelations have been deeply disturbing, and anyone predicting them a few years ago would have been dismissed — as indeed some critics of the bishops were dismissed — as dealing in fantasies of sexual perversion and blasphemy.  Despite the sensational nature of the revelations, however, we all had the eerie sense that there might be worse to come.

How The Pederasty Cover-Up Will Make Civil War Within The Catholic Church.  Sixteen years ago, reporters at The Boston Globe conducted an extensive investigation of the sexual abuse of minors by priests in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.  Not long thereafter, reporters elsewhere detailed similar abuse in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and the like.  The word used in the press to describe what had been going on was pedophilia, which is a misnomer deliberately employed to cover up what journalists then considered and still consider now an inconvenient aspect of the truth.

The sneering contempt of Pope Francis.  On Saturday night [8/25/2018] a document with the stark heading "Testimony" appeared online.  In this dossier Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal nuncio to the United States, accused the pope of reversing sanctions imposed upon the disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI.  He also alleged, among other things, that various curial insiders attempted to hamper Benedict's own internal investigation of McCarrick, that under Francis the cardinal served as a kingmaker who was responsible for the appointments of various eminent bishops who are close allies of the pope, and that all of this was quid pro quo for McCarrick's quiet masterminding of Francis' own election.  Viganò ended by calling upon the pope to resign.  It is almost impossible to the overstate the significance of this letter.  If Viganò is lying, he is guilty of one of the greatest slanders in the history of the Church.  If he is telling the truth, the Eternal City is mired in filth unseen since the days of the Borgias, and Francis is among the worst wretches who has ever besmirched the Chair of Peter.

Should the Pope Resign?  Many years ago in the early 1980s I was drawn ever so transiently into the bureaucratic intricacies of the Roman Catholic Church in America.  There was a saintly priest at Indiana University, Fr. James Higgins, who was driven from the university's Newman Center to a parish some 20 miles away from campus.  The archbishop of Indianapolis replaced him by two utter lightweights.  Their homilies had nothing to do with Catholic doctrine and much to do with their Yoga classes, interpersonal relationships of an odd sort, and, in one instance, the thrill of approaching a cliff and questioning whether to jump or not.  I looked over at my young children and decided I would drive 40 miles every Sunday rather than wait for the idiot to jump.  The more I looked into the plight of Fr. Higgins the more I discovered the early glimmerings of the full-blown crisis that confronts the Church today.  The sex scandal and its decades-long cover-up now confronting the Church is the most serious crisis that the Church has faced since the Protestant eruption of centuries ago.  The boys who took over from Fr. Higgins were planted on campus by a corpulent, luxury-loving archbishop, whose interests were worldly rather than spiritual and, incidentally, not very sophisticated.

Why Are We in Media Hell?  [Scroll down]  So, for instance, Senator John McCain dies.  For the record, the man was a heroic patriot with whom I often disagreed. [...] Either pay tribute, say Rest in Peace, or keep your mouth shut.  Nothing else is required.  And this is how we all behave — for about five minutes.  By the sixth minute, however, the reactions on the news channels and social networks have turned predictably vicious.  Some can't get out of their own heads long enough to silence their political snarling.  Others use their tributes to McCain to make nasty comparisons to the living.  Still others start attacking the way some paid their respects.

Prayers for the souls of hundreds of thousands of children that died because of McCain.  The Roman Catholic religion, and the Church, are fronts for the world's biggest business empire, a multinational at least 1500 years older than the next one, Holland's VOC which existed maybe 100 years.  It has played power politics for longer than anyone else, all over the world.  Its real estate portfolio alone is worth more than many a country.  For that matter, it effectively owns many a country.  There would have to be a huge outcry over the child abuse before there could ever be an investigation.  Multiple popes have promised exactly such investigations, and nothing has happened.  It would upset the business model too much.  And most faithful still believe their priests are decent men, anyway.  Yes, there's that word again, 'decent'.  If a priest can no longer be maintained in a specific church because he's been too obvious, too perverted and too greedy, he simply gets transferred to another parish.  They've been doing this for 1,500 years, they got it down.  And when things heat up, they beg god for forgiveness.  While the Church gets ever richer.

The Catholic Church is beyond redemption.  The new round of revelations involves pornographic episodes of sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses.  (The situation in Philadelphia, the state's largest diocese, was separately documented in a 2005 grand-jury report.)  On top of that, the leading figure from that 2002 convention in Dallas, the former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, is accused of sexually assaulting two children in addition to carrying on a series of exploitative sexual relationships with adult seminarians — relationships that had been an open secret among his colleagues.  And just last week The [New York] Post revealed that the Archdiocese of New York has paid out close to $60 million to sex-abuse victims in the last two years.  The rot is not exclusive to the United States.

The Unmasking of The Weekly Standard.  Barack Obama really owes Bill Kristol — big time.  First, had Kristol and his fellow neoconservatives not pushed for a deadly, prolonged war in Iraq after September 11, there would be no President Obama. [...] Second, Kristol's magazine, The Weekly Standard, just gave political cover to Obama's most unforgivable scandal:  The weaponization of our law enforcement and intelligence apparatus to target Donald Trump's presidential campaign and violate the constitutional rights of private U.S. citizens.

It's Not Just CIA's Brennan:  No Former Spy Should Have Access To Nation's Secrets.  Maybe former CIA Director John Brennan's loss of his security clearance and subsequent public meltdown is doing us all a favor.  Increasingly, many wonder:  Why should anyone have access to U.S. state secrets when they leave government?

List of Qualified Conditions for Medical Marijuana Use in Minnesota Grows.  Minnesota residents with autism or obstructive sleep apnea can now qualify for the state's medical marijuana program.  Those additions are effective Wednesday [8/1/2018], marking the latest expansion of the program that launched in 2015.  Minnesota lawmakers passed one of the nation's most restrictive medical marijuana laws in 2014, banning the plant form and restricting its use to patients with just a handful of serious conditions.  Patients with intractable pain were added to the fold in 2016.  The state allowed residents suffering post-traumatic stress disorder to buy the medication starting last summer.

The Editor says...
Next, they'l be adding those who have been triggered and victimized by microaggressions, the poor folks who have been addressed by the wrong pronoun, and the unfortunate fellow with no sound from his left stereo speaker.  They all need the healing power of medical marijuana!  What a sad generation of helpless, spineless, godless, lost people.

How Support For Socialism Arises From Ingratitude.  The free market took off at about the time the American experiment in liberty got going.  Before that time, life for virtually everyone was like a bad dream they could not wake up from.  People lived tired, dirty, hungry, downtrodden, and at the mercy of their circumstances.  You don't have to trace very far back in your family line to reach a time when your own people would have found the ease, affluence, and expansiveness of the life you lead totally astonishing.  Would they also be astonished by your lack of gratitude for what the free market has given you?  Or would they find you celebrating the free market and the gifts it provides?

And They Wonder Why We're Angry.  When the interpreters regained control of the House in 2006 — much as they seek it now — they immediately deregulated the GSEs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, under the guidance of House leader Barney Frank.  The lack of oversight over these massive federal government loan operators caused the massive economic collapse robbing the people of more than six trillion dollars in home values.  Home values in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas did not drop.  To this day, the suburbs of D.C. remain among the ten wealthiest counties in America.  There was no great recession in Washington, D.C.  The housing crisis and recession were strapped by the interpreters to the political corpse of President Bush, and the super-populist interpreter President Barack Obama was ushered into power.  Attempts to criticize or limit his political actions were regularly interpreted as racist.

Pope Francis collectivizes the guilt.  I am sure the holy father means well, and I am sure he is doing the best he can with his limited socialist background.  But his letter to the faithful on the massive Church scandal out of Pennsylvania alone leaves a lot to be desired.  The pope rightly condemned the abuses by priests of minors and seminarians, criticized the bishops who covered it up, and condemned the culture of "clericalism" — that weird belief among some clerics that they can do anything they like and get away with it, simply because they are clerics entrusted with powers from God. [...] But then his socialist orientation got the better of him.  He made it a matter not of individual guilt, but of collective guilt, societal guilt, something we all are part of and must atone for.  This is a big tenet of liberation theology and similar lines of lefty thought.  Society is guilty.

The Catholic Church's Homosexual Problem.  According to Cardinal Raymond Burke, "It was clear after the studies following the 2002 sexual abuse crisis that most of the acts of abuse were in fact homosexual acts committed with adolescent young men.  There was a studied attempt to either overlook or to deny this.  Now it seems clear in light of these recent terrible scandals that indeed there is a homosexual culture, not only among the clergy but even within the hierarchy, which needs to be purified at the root.  It is of course a tendency that is disordered."  If you're surprised to hear this candid admission, you're not alone.  As Cardinal Burke observed, "There was a studied attempt to either overlook or to deny this."  Yes, it was fine to talk about Catholicism's problem with pedophilia.  It was fine to discuss sexual scandals in broad terms.  But it was basically forbidden to connect them directly to homosexuality.

An Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops.  Last week, a Pennsylvania grand jury reported that several hundred Catholics priests might be predators.  The Catholic Church is losing the moral high ground by failing to recognize and report on these offenders.  Individuals who commit crimes are not real priests; they are criminals who have no place in the Catholic Church.  If proven guilty, they must face criminal justice.  These issues could have been resolved in 2002, when the church appointed a lay-independent commission.  The commission's chairman was Governor Frank Keating (former Oklahoma governor), a highly competent executive and former FBI agent.  He was the right man at the right time to expose wrongdoers and refer them to the prosecutors.  Keating began with an open mind, but quickly realized that some of the accusations were true and that the bishops covered them up.  It also became evident that the bishops did not have the moral courage to permanently resolve the crisis and expose the predators.

Why Hasn't Pope Francis Removed Cardinal Donald Wuerl?  On Tuesday afternoon [8/14/2018], the Pennsylvania attorney general released a shocking and sickening grand jury report documenting hundreds of cases of sexual crimes against minors committed by Catholic clergy in six Catholic dioceses over the course of 70 years, mostly before the sex-abuse crisis rocked the Boston archdiocese in 2002.  We've read enough of the report that we cannot fathom why Cardinal Wuerl, who served as bishop of Pittsburgh from 1988 to 2006, has not resigned or been removed by Pope Francis yet.

The Devil Resides In The Vatican.  Before his death in 2016, the Vatican's chief exorcist for over a quarter century, Father Gabriele Amorth, observed, "The Devil resides in the Vatican, and you can see the consequences."  We are seeing the consequences now from Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. all the way up to the College of Cardinals.  Fr.  Amorth described "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and bishops who are linked to the demon."  The Pennsylvania grand jury report relates one instance of ritualized, satanic abuse of a young boy by four priests.  There is some ambiguity regarding the precise nature of the incident owing to page-long redactions in the report. [...] Fortunately most of the 301 priests listed in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report are now dead, and many have been dead for decades.

Vatican Cardinal: 'Homosexual Culture' In The Church Part Of Abuse Crisis.  Cardinal Raymond Burke has called upon Pope Francis to clean up what he calls a "homosexual culture" in the Church that has contributed to the sex abuse crisis.  As noted by Matt Walsh and other Catholic commentators, roughly 80% of the sexual abuse victims in the Catholic Church were male, many of them being postpubescent.  Recently-ousted Cardinal Theodore McCarrick had sexual relations with both adult males and minors; far too often, he preyed on male seminarians entering the priesthood.

In the face of horror, the Catholic Church is worried about PR.  They read like scenes from a Marquis de Sade novel. [...] Yet the blockbuster grand-jury report on abuse in six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania is credible, deeply researched and all too real.  The findings — that 300 predatory priests victimized 1,000 children over seven decades — mark a crisis of still-unfathomable scale in the American church.  It involves clerical fathers who gravely sinned against their children and against the Father in heaven, and others who averted their eyes or made excuses or covered up the sins.  The most painful aspect of all this is the blasé response of many American hierarchs and especially those, like Washington Archbishop Donald Cardinal Wuerl, who are implicated in the report.  Wuerl and his colleagues have treated the report as a PR headache rather than a moral and spiritual wake-up call.

The Shame of the Church.  The release yesterday [8/14/2018] of a state grand jury report on the widespread sexual abuse of minors by priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses only serves to confirm — as if further confirmation were necessary — that there is a deep moral rot in the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, and one that will not be easily eradicated.

The Catholic Church's Rotherham.  'We are deeply saddened."  So begin the many perfunctory statements of many Catholic bishops today in response to the Pennsylvania grand-jury report detailing how priests in that state abused children and how bishops shuffled these priests around. [...] What exactly are they sorry about?  Soon the bishops are telling us about a chance for "renewal" after the promised implementation of new policies.  They tell us about "overcoming challenges" in the Church.  Or they use the phrase "a few bad apples."  I find it impossible not to notice that these expressions of sorrow never arrive before the courts, the state attorneys general, or the local press arrive on the scene.  That fact gives you another idea about what causes the bishops' sorrow.

Open Offices are the Communism Of Seating Arrangements.  It starts noble enough.  You're plugging along, working on a presentation or analyzing some numbers, then someone pops in with a question about a project that involves both of you.  Instantly, you're out of the zone and stuck trying to get back in it.  Or maybe your coworker is on a roll, performing a complicated task requiring a number of steps that must be performed in a specific order, and you pop over to his desk to discuss a project and pull him out of his work.  Either way, someone is getting hit, and not with the rhythm.  No one argues that the cube farm is the ideal working arrangement.  It does afford some privacy, with its small fences, but it also makes it easy for you to interrupt your coworkers and for them to do the same to you.

Conservative Confusion About Who and What We're Fighting.  [T]hink about who will take over the leadership of crucial committees if the Democrats flip enough seats to regain a majority in the House:  Adam Schiff will probably become the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee — Adam Schiff!  Before we go any further, think about that.  This buffoon is still braying about Russian collusion even as he covers up the crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Schiff's first order of business as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee will be to halt any ongoing investigations into Obama administration abuses of power — particularly the illegal deployment of the FBI, CIA, and IRS against domestic political opponents of the Democratic Party, including the Trump presidential campaign.  Schiff will likewise close down all inquiries into Mrs. Clinton's copious catalogue of crimes.

Kremlin Eyes U.S. Power Grid as Pols Take a Powder.  In the last two weeks, the Department of Homeland Security held four briefings, including one in New York City on July 31, warning that Russian hackers are already practicing how to throw the switch and cause a blackout in the United States.  We'd have no lights, no gas at the pump, no life support in hospitals, no mass transit, no food supply.  Yet nearly all Washington pols are ignoring the danger.

The Profound Impact of the Superficial.  Stephen Josephson, a therapist who specializes in "First World problems," told me that when he asks kids what they want to be when they grow up, the most common response is "rich and famous."  He added that those kids are at risk of depression.  "Everyone wants to be rich," said the American billionaire David Siegel, who sells "luxury" timeshare units on credit to middle- and working-class customers.  "If they can't be rich, they want to feel rich — and, if they don't want to feel rich, then they're probably dead." [...] He followed it up with the surprising insight that "money doesn't make you happy.  It just makes you unhappy in a good section of town."  If everybody knows that money doesn't bring us happiness, why do we devote our lives to trying to get more of it?

A pernicious example of anti-American propaganda:
Time to retire the Blue Angels.  Seafair has always brought a festive mood to the Puget Sound region.  No one can deny the excitement of the Navy's Blue Angels roaring overhead.  Yet I find their annual visit in poor taste.  Given the many worthwhile activities taking place during Seafair, I wonder why it is necessary to use the Blue Angels as part of the celebration.  The Blue Angels certainly provide entertainment; but do we really need this type of diversion?

The Editor says...
The article above apparently appeared in the Seattle newspaper, since it was on their web site.  It is not surprising that someone in Seattle would be opposed to an exhibition of America's military strength, because Seattle, from what I hear, is full of America-hating hippies.  The Blue Angels air show is a recruiting tool for the Navy.  It inspires young men and women to consider military aviation as a goal — and it's not a career that just anyone can enter.  Moreover, there is no wasted talent:  everyone involved in the Blue Angels air show is combat ready, and combat-ready pilots have to practice sometime, so they might as well let everybody watch.  Let the Communist spies get a good look at them, too, and imagine what it would be like to be under attack by guys like the Blue Angels.  The whimpering Seattle hippies probably don't appreciate the noise generated by fighter jets, but I can assure you that's the sound of freedom.

Are we giving fighter jets to a friend or foe?  Is Turkey still a friend to keep close, or an enemy to keep closer?  On Wednesday [8/1/2018], the Treasury Department sanctioned Turkish officials over the country's detention of an American pastor, Andrew Brunson, on flimsy charges.  It's the latest incident in deteriorating relations with the NATO ally, complicating matters far beyond the captive pastor.  When Recep Tayyip Erdogan was still considered a model ally, Turkey became a partner in a 2001 program launched by Lockheed Martin to manufacture the state-of-the-art F-35 fighter jet, designed to consolidate the West's air superiority in battle.

Allen West: 'Pursuit of Happiness' Means Equal Opportunity, Not Equal Outcomes.  Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West, a senior fellow with the Media Research Center and a former congressman, told the National Conservative Student Conference Tuesday [7/31/2018] that they will not be successful in life if they whine, insulate themselves from the reality of the world, and fear taking risks.  He also stressed that the "pursuit of happiness" in the Constitution means equality of opportunity, not equal outcomes, the latter an ideology pushed by socialists, such as New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Either John Podesta was quite a Russian dupe, or ...  Was John Podesta a Russian dupe?  At a minimum, he was a Russian dupe, based on information from a long, interesting article today titled "How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies," from Politico magazine.  Politico points out that the very firm that Podesta was involved with, Rusnano USA (via its Joule subsidiary), is the likely new vehicle for Russian spying these days, effectively replacing the now shuttered Russian consulate in San Francisco. [...] Rusnano, eh?  That's the one former Clinton campaign chief John Podesta was involved with, though Politico doesn't mention it.

Milking the System.  Why should children under the age of 5 in a country like Britain be in receipt of free milk, mostly through the intermediary of their mothers?  Milk, after all, is one of the cheapest of commodities, so cheap that its producers are constantly complaining of its price, and the problem seems to be that of overproduction rather than of scarcity. [...] Do people who mostly possess televisions whose screens are the size of many found in art cinemas really need to be given free milk?  And if they do, because they have expended whatever money they have on subscriptions to cable television, what does this say about their sense of priorities, and the culture in which they developed their priorities?  Moreover, one might have hoped that women who really could not afford the cost of milk (than which practically nothing is cheaper) would hold off having babies until they could scrape together the price of a pint or two.

NATO's Challenge Is Germany, Not America.  Does NATO still protect the West?  Does it prevent destructive European feuding?  Does it ensure the postwar global order of free trade, commerce, travel, and communications?  And is NATO — or the United States and its leadership of NATO — the real reason there has not been a World War III or a return to global tribalism and chaos?  NATO's post-Cold War expansion to 29 nations and to the border of Russia meant the alliance became more expansive at the very time the old existential Soviet threat disappeared.  Larger membership tended to weaken common ties, even as common dangers disappeared.  The result was that the idea of NATO membership became more important to the countries that are part of it than the reality and responsibility of actual military readiness.

America's Delusional Self-Destructiveness.  [Scroll down]  So, to our perpetually hysterical media, Trump is now a traitor who is siding with Russia over his own country.  Yet the childish reactions have obscured a number of important facts.  To begin with, as Pat Buchanan, Daniel McCarthy, and others have noted, our corrupt intelligence agencies have been inept and averse to America's interests for decades.  As such, they are hardly more credible than Russia, which, of course, has been meddling in our presidential elections for a long time.  Most important, Trump is trying to avoid a second Cold War with a formidable nuclear power.  That is a goal that, to say the least, scolding the proud Putin on the world stage would have done nothing to facilitate.

12 Advances of Civilization by Flawed White American Males.  Since 1965, 75 million people have immigrated to the U.S. — the largest migration of human life the world has ever seen, despite the fact that far too many of those immigrants have agreed to take part in fostering the left's slander against the flawed American white males who, in the first place, generously let them in.

The Left's Trump-Putin Meltdown.  In a press conference with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump refused to validate the findings of a deeply corrupt and compromised intelligence community that has been working assiduously since before he was even elected to discredit and destroy him, and now the sky is falling. [...] It is also interesting that the people who are crying "treason" the loudest today never uttered the word when Barack Obama shipped billions of dollars in cash in the dark of night to the Islamic Republic of Iran, even as the mullahs were chanting "Death to America."  Treason is defined in American law as giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  Wouldn't billions given to a terror-supporting rogue state be a great deal more aid and comfort to an enemy than some skepticism about our manifestly corrupt intelligence agencies at a press conference?

Nolte: Watch the Oh-So 'Sacred' Intelligence Community Lie, Lie, Lie.  In 2002, in the lead up to the disastrous Iraq War, we were told to salute and buy 100 percent into the Intelligence Community's (IC) assessment that of course Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, and of course those weapons would end up in the hands of terrorists.  Therefore, we had no choice but to launch a pre-emptive war, and anyone who disagreed, or who even expressed skepticism, was deemed a traitor, suspect, and un-American.  And to my everlasting shame I was one of those shaming others.  But at least I learned.  The establishment media, Democrats, and the neocon dead-enders in Never Trump are all desperate to return to 2002.  But this time it is worse, much worse, because this time we are supposed to salute and buy 100 percent into an IC assuring and reassuring us nuke-heavy Russia is destroying everything sacred about America.

Once Again, President Trump Is Magnificently Right — This Time About Russia.  President Trump offended the entire political spectrum with a tweet this morning blaming the U.S. for poor relations with Russia.  "Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity," the president said, and he is entirely correct.  By this I do not mean to say that Russia is a beneficent actor in world affairs or that President Putin is an admirable world leader.  Nonetheless, the president displayed both perspicacity and political courage when he pointed the finger at the United States for mismanaging the relationship with Russia. [...] I have no reason to doubt the allegations that a dozen Russian intelligence officers meddled in the U.S. elections of 2016, but this was equivalent of a fraternity prank compared to America's longstanding efforts to intervene in Russian politics.

A Ghastly and Tasteless Escalation of Tensions... With Ourselves.  Trump's intelligent conservative enemies among the commentators are now down to mere bile, like seasick passengers who have vomited out everything else.  The inevitable Carl Bernstein, who a few months ago was announcing a constitutional crisis because Trump's mental incompetence required the application of the 25th Amendment, is this week proclaiming the new constitutional crisis provoked by the president's treason.  This may all be another manifestation of the president's undoubted singular genius at provoking his enemies to uncontrollable outbursts of psychotic foolishness.  There are the usual comparisons with a kaleidoscope of horrible miscreants from Jim Jones to the ever-popular Adolf Hitler.  But it was all unwise, unnecessary, and debilitating.

Everyone Is Smart Except Trump.  [Scroll down]  Here's the thing:  Putin is a dictator.  He answers to no one.  He does whatever he wants.  If there arises an opponent, that guy dies.  Maybe the opponent gets poked with a poisoned umbrella.  Maybe he gets shot on the street.  Maybe the opponent is forced to watch Susan Rice interviews telling the world that Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video seen by nine derelicts in Berkeley and that Bowe Berghdal served with honor and distinction.  But, one way or another, the opponent dies.  Trump knows this about Putin.  And here is what that means: [...]

Do ordinary Americans take seriously the Left's Russia hysteria?  Trump Putin RussiaI'm so old I can remember when Teddy Kennedy, the revered lion of the Senate, during the height of the Cold War asked the Soviets to intervene in the 1984 presidential election.  I'm so old I can remember when Democrats constantly castigated conservatives for being paranoid about Soviet interference into world and American affairs.  I'm so old I can remember when Democrats and their fellow travelers brushed off stories about Soviet atrocities as mere Cold War propaganda.  I'm so old I can remember when we were told Communism is just another type of government and we should be more open to the Soviets and that the Cold War was a sorry relic of a fascist American past.

Why are greens silent over this ongoing ecological war?  Since the end of March, Hamas-spurred terrorists have flown hundreds of Molotov cocktails and improvised firebombs into Israel, setting aflame thousands of acres of farmland, forests and nature preserves.  The damage to Israeli agriculture is said to be in the millions, and a drop in tourism dollars compounds that.  The cost of fighting the fires, too, is enormous, not to mention the stress on locals.  But it's not just an economic hit.  Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry fears that particulate matter from the fires may boost cancer and vision problems as well as respiratory illness.  The world regularly shrugs at such Israeli suffering.  But what about the assault on Mother Nature?  The fires are destroying nature preserves, killing some animals and destroying the food supply for others.

Did Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Save America?  Over the past 55 years, regardless of any Republican in the White House or in charge of Congress, no one has been able to halt the incessant spread of left-wing radicalism in the nation's institutions and culture as well as the exponential growth of government with its tentacles increasingly intertwined in the day-to-day lives of all Americans.  As long as the people remained largely disengaged the potential damage to society as a whole and to the financial health of the country was ignored by the vast majority of the population.  Since 2012 this indifference has begun to change as the reality of the nation's future and the motives and tactics of those in the American Left has come into focus. [...] What these permanent adolescents and their megalomaniacal leadership fail to understand is that they, due to their hubris, obliviousness and single-mindedness, are responsible for the circumstances that eventuated with Donald Trump as President and the Republicans in control of Congress.

How the United Kingdom Became a Police State.  This article will demonstrate how the United Kingdom has steadily become a police state over the past twenty years, weaponizing its institutions against the people and employing Orwellian techniques to stop the public from seeing the truth.  It will demonstrate, contrary to official narratives, that both overall levels of crime and violent crime have been increasing, not decreasing, as the size of the state in the UK has gotten bigger.  It will also expose how the Labour government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown from 1997 to 2010, deliberately obscured real crime data with estimated crime rates based on survey data as opposed to the real numbers.  I will demonstrate that, contrary to popular opinion perpetuated by progressive myths, life was much safer in Britain during the era of classical laissez-faire from the 1850s to 1911.

Guilt by Inadvertent Association.  The propensity to condemn others, usually writers, for what we might call guilt by inadvertent association is a method of abuse or disparagement often used by those who are incapable of intelligent rebuttal.  It is a technique favored by the left and its legion of trolls, who like to point out that an author quoted in a conservative argument has dubious affiliations or, analogously, that the founder of a political organization is responsible for some of the suspicious characters who gravitate around his banner.

The Left Can't Come To Grips With The Loss Of Power.  Key Trump administration officials have been confronted at restaurants.  Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) urged protestors to hound Trump officials at restaurants, gas stations or department stores.  Progressive pundits and the liberal media almost daily think up new ways of characterizing President Trump as a Nazi, fascist, tyrant or buffoon.  Celebrities openly fantasize about doing harm to Trump.  What is behind the unprecedented furor?  Just as Barack Obama was not a centrist, neither is Trump.  Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States.  Trump pledged to do the same and more — but in the exact opposite direction.  The Trump agenda enrages the left in much the same manner that Obamacare, the Obama tax hikes, Obama's liberal Supreme Court picks and the Iran nuclear deal goaded the right.  Yet the current progressive meltdown is about more than just political differences.  The outrage is mostly about power — or rather, the utter and unexpected loss of it.

Keep the Kids Away from 'Drag Tots' — This Cartoon Is Coming Soon.  A new show proves the need for parents to monitor carefully what programs their little ones are watching:  On June 28, a cartoon called "Drag Tots" is premiering on World of Wonder network, and it is exactly what the title conveys — a cartoon about baby drag queens.  Not only that, but these are baby drag queens with a message:  The president is bad.  "In the show's first trailer ... a voiceover warns that the world is 'on the brink of chaos' because of President Donald Trump and his controversial administration," notes The Hollywood Reporter.  "After a clip is shown of Trump touting his plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the voiceover suggests a quick fix to all of today's political unrest:  'baby drag queens.'"

Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court.  The 5-4 SCOTUS decisions upholding the constitutionality of President Trump's travel ban and declaring the unconstitutionality of public sector unions extorting money from non-members to support political parties, candidates, and causes they oppose are two more benefits from President Trump's appointment of originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy provides another opportunity to appoint another justice like the late Antonin Scalia, an originalist who believed that the words of the Constitution should be interpreted as written by the Founders in the context of the time in which they were written.  I put forward the name of Sen. Ted Cruz.

'Jurassic World' Is Dumb, Leftist Claptrap.  As in virtually every movie and television series made by Hollywood of late, it is quickly hammered home to the audience that white males, military figures and corporations are the true enemy of humanity.  Beyond that, the film has more holes in it than a pasta strainer and the filmmakers could not care less.  They are playing movie goers for chumps to be manipulated and exploited while insulting their intelligence.  The massive box office for the movie is proof that their craven calculations are working.

ACLU Won't Support Free Speech If It's Offensive.  The ACLU admits it doesn't support free speech as written in the Bill of Rights so maybe it's time to start calling them what they are — Leftists.  They were always hard-left but they use to believe in free speech.  Imagine a group calling itself a civil liberties union but they're wishy-washy on free speech.  This is what the hard-left does.  They support free speech to ensure their own survival but when they have enough power, they ditch it.

World Asteroid Day:  Will we defend our planet together or perish like the dinosaurs?  Saturday [6/30/2018] is Asteroid Day, an annual, global educational event aimed at learning more about the hazard that nearby asteroids pose to Earth and our civilization, and marshaling support for the search and deflection technologies we need to protect our planet.  Many thousands will gather around the world this weekend to hear the latest science on the asteroid hazard, and what we can do to prevent a future damaging impact.

The Editor says...
If you have the time to be concerned about issues like this, your life is too soft.  When was the last time someone was struck and killed by a meteorite?  Statistically, you are at greater risk from earthquakes, tornados or flooding.

Much Ado About Caring.  [P]ublic outrage on social media is the easiest and most risk-free way to prove to the world that you're a good person without actually having to help anyone. [...] If you're going to step up on a digital soapbox and complain about a situation without doing anything of substance to fix the situation, I will immediately suspect that you are more concerned with appearing to be good than actually doing anything good.

How to Go Out in Public as a Trump Supporter without Getting Beat Up or Denied Service.  It's obvious that Trump supporters are increasingly unwelcome in the public square.  Tomi Lahren can't go to brunch without getting assaulted, Milo can't drink at a bar without being chased out by vulgar swine chanting "Nazi scum," Sarah Sanders can't take her family to dinner, and Pam Bondi can't go to the movie theater without being harassed by screeching SJWs.  There's no doubt you're next, random Trump supporter. [...] If you really want to be left alone, then don a hijab or burka and no one will dare approach you for any reason.

Tyranny Has Finally Arrived in America.  Enough with the endless investigations that lead nowhere and leave the guilty unpunished.  Enough with absurdity of agencies investigating themselves in order to protect the institution they serve rather than the people.  We need to see indictments and trials to restore the foundations of our political order.  The president and his Attorney General need to give more support to the Congressional oversight committees trying to do their jobs of holding accountable the abusers of the public trust.

Venezuela's Future — and Ours.  Venezuela and North Korea could not be more dissimilar in terms of their respective cultures, peoples, and histories.  And yet they have arrived in approximately the same place:  at the terminus of F. A. Hayek's "Road to Serfdom."

Illegal Immigration, Internment Camps, and Useful Idiots.  The Bush family has a famously adversarial relationship with English.  It became clear this week that at least one of them is also illiterate where U.S. history and immigration policy are concerned.  This was demonstrated when former First Lady Laura Bush took to the pages of the Washington Post to denounce President Trump for enforcing a statute signed into law by her own husband, George W. Bush.  Even worse, she compared the HHS facilities where the children of illegal immigrants are briefly housed to the infamous internment camps where Democrat icon FDR imprisoned 110,000 American citizens of Japanese descent.  This comparison not only played into the hands of the very Democrats and partisan journalists who remorselessly savaged both her and her husband for eight solid years, it is wildly inaccurate.  Mrs. Bush clearly knows very little about the plight of children caught up in the illegal immigration crisis, and even less about the internment camps she so glibly evoked.  It's blindingly obvious that she has been suckered by the propaganda relentlessly pumped out by the "news" media, completely taken in by their lurid images of wailing children and "cruel" DHS officials.  Laura Bush has thus become just another useful idiot.

Democrats don't cry for U.S. citizens — or aborted babies.  [MSNBC's Rachel] Maddow, for instance, didn't have an on-air crying meltdown when Kate Steinle, an American citizen, was shot and killed by an illegal with previous deportations and a felony record who was back in-country, taking advantage of San Francisco's glorious sanctuary city sunshine.  She didn't publicly cry, either, when Omar Mateen, serving an Islamic terror master, shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 and injuring 53.  Did Petkanas go off on a "how dare you sir" rant about Barack Obama-era open-door border policies and lead-from-behind nationally risky foreign affairs diplomacy?  The same open borders and foreign affairs strategies that put U.S. citizens in harm's way?  Guess not.  Or, if you really want to speak to the plight of innocent lives — neither Maddow nor Petkanas nor anyone on the left cry rivers of tears for the 44.5 million babies the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate were aborted in this country between 1970 and 2014.  Ouch.  At least these kids on the border being ripped from their parents' sides, as the left would put it, had a chance at life.  Not so the aborted millions.

Forget Facebook, Google.  Here's what I worry about much, much more.  Today in China, if you email friends about books like Orwell's "Animal Farm" or Huxley's "Brave New World," your message will be blocked.  Even pictures of Winnie the Pooh were banned because someone said president Xi Jinping resembled the stuffed bear.  And now, another step, one subtler than just banning things:  the social credit score.  The government brags the system will "allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step."  That's totalitarianism.

Melinda Gates [is] Wrong, Of Course — White Males [are the] Key to Innovation.  According Melinda Gates, the wife of the (white, male) Microsoft pioneer Bill Gates, only women and minorities can give us innovation.  Perhaps Mrs. Gates should talk to the psychologists who actually research these things.  Because their finding is that it is overwhelmingly high IQ — and therefore white — countries that are responsible for per capita innovation.  And it is specifically those high IQ, white countries whose populations have the highest levels of the male hormone testosterone.  We tend to assume that a country's scientific achievement is essentially a reflection of its average IQ.  Controlling for population size, smart countries produce the most science Nobel Laureates, the most important scientific breakthroughs, so it's the countries with the biggest brains that are the engines of civilization.  However, a recently published study, led by Dutch psychologist Prof. Dimitri Van der Linden has concluded it's not so simple.  Of course national IQ is important — but so are national average levels of testosterone.

A Baptist Reader Says The Election Of J. D. Greear Means The "Soros Wing" Has Captured The Southern Baptists.  Commenters call these people the "Soros wing" of the SBC because they all have ties to the open-borders, Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table.

Pope calls on oil execs to convert to clean fuels.  Pope Francis warned that climate change risked destroying humanity on Saturday [6/9/2018] and called on energy leaders to help the world to convert to clean fuels to avert catastrophe.  "Civilization requires energy but energy use must not destroy civilization," the pope told top oil company executives at the end of a two-day conference in the Vatican.  Climate change was a challenge of "epochal proportions", he said, adding that the world needed an energy mix that combated pollution, eliminated poverty and promoted social justice.

The Editor says...
Anyone who believes man-made climate change might "destroy civilization" is a person with no faith in God and no knowledge of the Bible.

What's Next for Conservatism:  Today's young Libertarians, who came of age as Ronald Reagan was readying history's dust bin for the Evil Empire, think the previous age consistently overrated communism's threat.  It didn't; and the youngsters should show more respect for the analytical ability and survivalist instincts of their freedom-loving forebears whose blood ran strong for so long — even as they should respect their forebears' desire to preserve a culture free from, and opposed to, radical social experimentation unmoored from the truths and traditions that sustained Western Civilization for centuries.

Let's not polish Saint Bobby Kennedy's halo yet.  Look, of course it's terrible that RFK was murdered at the age of 42, leaving behind all those kids and Ethel pregnant with the last of them.  But since his passing, there's been even more historical revisionism about Bobby than with almost any of the other liberal icons.  So, as the gushing from his fawning biographers like Comrade Chris Matthews of MSNBC begins, let's remember a few things about St. Bobby.  First of all, he was not going to be elected president in 1968.

'Roseanne' Canceled; Why Not 'The View'?  The "Roseanne" revival was abruptly canceled by ABC Tuesday following crude, racist tweets sent by show star Roseanne Barr about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.  And while there's absolutely no excuse for Barr's tweets, it's extremely hypocritical of ABC to continue airing "The View" given all the abhorrent things the co-hosts have said.  In February, Behar infamously and openly mocked the Christian faith of Vice President Mike Pence and millions of Americans when she proclaimed that the ability to hear messages from God is not a marker of faith, but "mental illness."  It took Behar weeks to apologize, and she only did so after constant public criticism and ridicule.

Roseanne and the High Cost of Embracing Craziness.  If Roseanne Barr is a poster child for anything, she's a poster child for cultural brokenness.  Consider, for a moment, the cascade of failures that brought us to today — a day when one of the most popular shows on television is canceled after its toxic star tweeted a racist insult of Valerie Jarrett.  First, ABC shouldn't have brought her back.  She was, quite obviously, one of the more toxic and troubled personalities in American public life.  This was a woman who, after all, trafficked in grotesque conspiracy theories, said that anyone who eats at Chick-fil-A "deserves to get the cancer that's sure to come," and defiled the National Anthem more thoroughly than a thousand kneeling football players.

Socialism's victory tour.  You know when you are living in a socialist country when there are no more pets, because they have been eaten.

Mr. Trump, end DOJ's campaign of secrecy — Declassify everything possible.  Democrats and their media allies are again shouting "constitutional crisis," this time claiming President Trump has waded too far into the Russia investigation.  The howls are a diversion from the actual crisis:  the Justice Department's unprecedented contempt for duly elected representatives, and the lasting harm it is doing to law enforcement and to the department's relationship with Congress.  The conceit of those claiming Mr. Trump has crossed some line in ordering the Justice Department to comply with oversight is that "investigators" are beyond question.  We are meant to take them at their word that they did everything appropriately.  Never mind that the revelations of warrants and spies and dirty dossiers and biased text messages already show otherwise.

Mr. Sessions, Your 'Extraordinary Circumstances' Are Here.  In March, Attorney General Sessions wrote to three Republican congressman, declining to appoint a special counsel in the matter of the FBI, CIA, Obama administration and... and... frankly, I don't know what to call it, since there is so much from the Clinton Foundation to the emails to the FISA court to who knows what.... because, the AG said, a special counsel necessitated "extraordinary circumstances."  I sympathized somewhat with Sessions at the time.  Special counsels do not have the best track records.  Often they are appointed for dubious politicized reasons.  In the Valerie Plame case, a special counsel put Scooter Libby in jail for outing the insignificant Plame as a CIA agent when she was already easily identified in Who's Who (not to mention that the never-indicted Richard Armitage, not Libby, did the initial public outing anyway).

How Low Can the ACLU Fall?  During recent testimony before the House Education and the Workforce Committee, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said that "the issue of reporting undocumented students is a 'school decision' and 'local community decision,' adding that 'we have laws and we also are compassionate.'"  That is an accurate, well-balanced statement:  for better or worse, Americans do not have a legal duty to aid law enforcement.

It's time for Mueller to put up or call it quits.  The FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane, a counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, on July 31, 2016.  Ten months later, Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein passed the counter-intelligence baton to special counsel Robert Mueller to continue the inquiry.  Thus, the question of whether there was "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump" has dragged on for 22 months.  To quote former FBI director James Comey when defending the drafting of an exoneration of Hillary Clinton in May 2016, 11 months into her email investigation and before interviewing her, "If you've been investigating something for almost a year, and you don't have a general sense of where it's likely to end up, you should be fired because you're incompetent."  Thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian companies were charged with conspiracy and identity theft involving a Russian propaganda campaign.  Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were charged with financial crimes occurring years before Donald Trump even announced his presidential candidacy.

Mueller caught in a trap of his own making.  Special counsel Robert Mueller looks likely to face a huge humiliation in court and a massive public relations disaster.  And it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.  Unless a Trump-appointed judge bails him out and grants an exception to federal law, trampling on the rights of the defendants he indicted, Mueller will have to go into court to try a case he doesn't seem to think he can win — or else face the humiliation of dropping the charges he brought against 13 Russian entities (some of which did not exist at the time of the alleged crime) with great fanfare. [...] I am no lawyer, but the problem with this excuse is obvious to even me:  if the case is so complex that extra time is required, then why was the indictment brought in the first place?  Why did the special counsel rush the indictment when he now confesses that it was too complex to go to trial?

Trump White House's feud with John McCain is an ugly scrimmage in the war against political correctness.  Kelly Sadler, a White House communications aide, made a crack recently during an internal meeting about how Sen. John McCain's opposition to President Donald Trump's CIA pick, Gina Haspel, didn't matter because McCain is "dying anyway."  Once the remark was leaked, presumably by someone who doesn't much like Sadler, the media — mainstream and social — exploded as if the stock market had crashed.  What a horrifying thing to say!  Proof of the rottenness at the core of the Trump White House!  Off with her head — that is, let's get her fired and ruin her career!  Of course, it was not at all a nice thing to say.  And yes, Trump says many, many not nice things.  And it could be that his rudeness and crudeness trickles down to the staff.  But Trump's directness has been a big part of his appeal, even to evangelicals and other "deplorables" accused of hypocrisy and obtuseness for backing a profane man.  They were tired of being told what they are allowed to say and think.  And nobody is going to tell Trump what to say.

Pass 'right to try' to advance my child's life — tomorrow, it could be yours.  Lawmakers have another chance to make things right by passing "Right to Try" legislation that will give terminally ill patients one more shot at life.  Legislation making experimental drugs and treatments accessible for individuals with life-threatening conditions is set to be voted on Tuesday by the House of Representatives.  Thanks to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., a similar bill passed the Senate last August and is a lead priority for President Trump.  Until now it has been in political limbo due to a lack of bipartisan backing.  As the mother of a child with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening illness, I want options when it comes to experimental treatments that could prolong my daughter's life.  But as an American and taxpaying voter, I also want to see Congress working to take morally correct action for the most vulnerable and sickest among us.

Goodbye, Netflix.  After about thirteen years of being a loyal customer of Netflix, the time has come for me to say goodbye. [...] Given that I'm a conservative, one might be inclined to believe that my choice to leave Netflix is predicated upon the company's most recent decision to partner with Barack and Michelle Obama's new company, called "Higher Ground Productions," to produce loads of new content.  In a way, I guess that's correct.  But this choice by Netflix has not alone led me to this decision.  Rather, this was the straw that finally broke the camel's back — the latest in a series of indicators that the network has become little more than a propaganda arm for radical left-wing political actors.

A Royally Useless Spectacle.  The man who is sixth in line to be king of Great Britain is getting married today, and America has lost its mind.  What does it mean to be sixth in the line of royal succession to an office that depends solely and exclusively on who your father is?  It means that five family members have to die before you get the real goodies.  Granted, those goodies are amazing.  Who wouldn't want to live in a thousand-year-old castle (too bad it's in Scotland) or have dozens of "servants" cater to your every whim and need?  But that lifestyle depends on people believing that you are deserving of such wealth and privilege because you happened to be lucky enough to be sired by a big-eared dolt whose mother is currently known as a "queen."  I find it unbecoming that citizens of our republic should be so enamored of the goings-on of a family who takes the issue of "bloodlines" seriously.

Right Here:  Mass Murder Is The Problem, And Today, Hollywood Has The Answer.  Searching for answers in the wake of a terrible tragedy, many people turn to God.  Others consult friends and family.  Perhaps some find wisdom in the words of experts.  However, there is a large contingent among the masses that looks nobly to that greatest bastion of superior thinking:  Hollywood actors. [...] In light of the terrible mass murder of 10 people at Santa Fe High School in Texas today, many Tinseltown elites took to the Twitterwaves in order to solve the planet's problems in 280 characters or less.

Time for Mccain to Resign.  It is unfortunate that a careless person in the Trump White House made the callous remark — even if in a supposedly private setting — that John McCain doesn't matter because "he's dying anyway."  First, that staffer, Kelly Sadler, obviously doesn't know the first rule of Washington, which is that nothing is ever truly off the record, especially in White House staff meetings, though coming in a close second is the rule that "in Washington, all microphones are live."  Of course, while Sadler was foolish, how does the substance of her remark differ from the liberals who gleefully point out that the Trump majority is temporary at best because so many Trump voters are old and dying off quickly?  I have heard political science professors say this very thing several times in recent weeks at academic gatherings.

Honest Discourse About Article V Convention Needed.  Whether States should ask Congress to call a convention under Article V of our federal Constitution is one of the most important issues of our time.  The Delegates to such a convention, as Sovereign Representatives of The People, have the power to throw off the Constitution we have and set up a new Constitution — with a new and easier mode of ratification — which creates a new government.  Americans need the Truth.  But former law professor Rob Natelson's recent article in The Hill is filled with ad hominems and misstatements.

The War on Wisdom.  Last year, Amy Wax, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, co-authored an opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer with a professor from the University of San Diego School of Law in which they wrote that the "bourgeois culture" and "bourgeois norms" that governed America from the end of World War II until the mid-1960s were good for America, and that their rejection has caused much of the social dysfunction that has characterized this country since the 1960s.  Those values included, in their words:  "Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake.  Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness.  Go the extra mile for your employer or client.  Be a patriot, ready to serve the country.  Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable.  Avoid coarse language in public.  Be respectful of authority.  Eschew substance abuse and crime."  Recognizing those norms as universally beneficial constitutes wisdom.  Rejection of them constitutes a rejection of wisdom — i.e. foolishness.

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx.  Not.  Marxist dialectic was never about logic.  It's about anti-logic:  the kind, you might almost say, that collapses under the weight of its own contradictions.  It's about ignoring the obvious truth, for example, that if a troublesome intellectual like Marx had had to live under any of the totalitarian regimes he inspired — Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, Pol Pot's Cambodia, etc — he would quickly have found himself dead in a ditch with a bullet in the back of his head, or, at best, in a mental institution.

A Reality Check for Those Who Deplore the Nuking of Japan.  In his book With the Old Breed, E.B. Sledge will enlighten you on the true cost of war and the paramount need to end it as quickly as possible.  If you have the stomach to learn what war really is like, read his book.  When you are done, judge for yourself whether E.B. Sledge was a good man — and then make a stab in the dark as to whether he might have approved of Truman's decision to nuke Japan.  If all this leaves you cold because it seems inadequately grounded in reason, then please explain why it is reasonable to keep civilians out of things when discussing a war for survival.

No, We Shouldn't Include Girls In Everything.  It's fitting that the Girl Scouts are still the Girl Scouts while the Boy Scouts have changed their identity and now even their name to include girls.  Girls can still have their own spaces and their own organizations in our culture.  They are forced to allow boys into their locker rooms and bathrooms, which is insane and dangerous, but even in that case the boy has to pretend to be a girl in order to gain admittance.  Boys, on the other hand, are expected to include girls in everything.  They are provided no area and no time to be boys, and do boy things, and be around other boys.  We used to understand that boys need space apart from girls.  Not anymore.  It's been trending this way for a while now.

An Imminent Counterattack Begins the Fight of Our Lives.  Unparalleled government abuses of power are about to become public.  The question is what we, the people, will do in response to this overt attempt by deep state players to strip us of our freedom. [...] The Left's ongoing refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election and live according to the rule of law, along with their willingness to destroy people's lives, are irreconcilable with a constitutional republic of self-governing people.  There can be no negotiated settlement over such fundamental differences.  We must boldly reclaim the righteousness of liberty and equal justice under the law on behalf of all Americans.

Congressman Louie Gohmert Just Absolutely Wrecked Robert Meuller With Epic 48-Page investigation Blowout'.  "What I have accumulated here is absolutely shocking upon the realization that Mueller's disreputable, twisted history speaks to the character of the man placed in a position to attempt to legalize a coup against a lawfully elected President," writes GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert.  Gohmert is referring to the exhaustive expose he just released called:  Robert Mueller:  Unmasked.  And the GOP Representative does exactly that, shining a bright light on decades of Mueller misdeeds, stating:  "Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence.  He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone."  And that's the nice part.

The last word on Chappaquiddick (for now).  Believe it or not, there are still things to be said about Chappaquiddick.  One of them is that the real thing that protected Ted Kennedy from the wrath of the crowd after his failure of nerve in that night of dark water was much less his family's money and power than the strength of the victim mystique. [...] The Kennedy legend, which began with PT-109, died at Chappaquiddick, where the script was played backward.  One brother saved the rest of his crew, and pulled a shipmate to safety, while the other left a woman to die in his car.

Is a false flag attack on a US Navy ship next?  Even without the recent upgrading of the Kinzhal system, the experience of the British fleet in the Falklands conflict illustrates the vulnerability of warships to low-flying missiles.  In addition to the sinking of the HMS Sheffield and Sir Galahad, virtually every British ship was hit by at least one of Argentinian's French-made Exocet missiles — a weapons system which was already 20 years old at the time.  [Video clip]  Reportedly the only thing that saved the UK force from obliteration was that the Argentinians had got their missile altimeter settings wrong.  The Russians will not make the same sort of error!

Would You Vote for a Felon?  I Plan To.  The GOP primary in June for Staten Island promises to be newsworthy and a difficult decision for residents of this conservative NYC borough.  The race will be between two men I have supported in the past and for whom I have great respect, but I plan to vote for Michael Grimm, described in the mainstream media as the disgraced former congressman who served seven months in prison for felony tax evasion.  It is my hope that the president will pardon Grimm and Dinesh D'Souza, another individual who was also railroaded for being conservative.  These men both admitted they made the mistakes; however, their sins have always been ignored when perpetrated by Democrats.  President Trump just pardoned Scooter Libby, another soul railroaded by the left, so I'm hoping he'll rectify the damage done to Grimm and D'Souza.  Michael Grimm was sent to prison for felony tax fraud committed when he under-reported business income and paid employees under the table.  Frankly, about 90% of businesses in New York do the same thing, it seems to me, but they aren't the targets of a congressional cabal.

Not only is Flynn not going to jail, his plea is going to be reversed.  Mueller's now on a desperate fishing expedition with Michael Cohen that's going to lead to...well nothing really.  Mueller was given free reign because they knew the team he'd be working with would do this kind of absurd over reach.  They haven't even come CLOSE to laying a finger on Trump or any Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

Maybe the Russians Did It.  If ever a military incident seemed to scream "false flag," it's the alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma.  The Chief of Russia's General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, predicted a staged chemical attack almost a month prior.  If Syria launched such an attack, it did so a week after President Trump spoke of bringing American troops home, when Syria was clearly winning its war against myriad rebel groups, and knowing the attack would bring global condemnation and possible military action by the US and its allies.  The losing rebel groups have chemical weapons (chlorine gas can be produced by mixing ammonia and bleach).  If Syria's government was blamed, any retaliation by the US and its allies would aid the rebel cause and further the interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel, America's putative allies who would dearly love to see Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad deposed.

Can We Judge People By What They Look Like?  In Fact, Yes.  Unless it involves mocking President Trump's supposedly "small hands," there is nothing that horrifies our multiculturalist masters more than judging by appearances.  It is impossible, they claim, to infer anything about how someone is likely to behave by their gender or because they are from a particular ethnic group.  Everyone is unique (but also, somehow, equal).  Judging by appearances is not just superficial but plain evil.  It will be fascinating to see what they'll make of the recently-published book by British academic Dr. Edward Dutton titled How To Judge People By What They Look Like, which argues that even within races and sexes you can, with a fair degree of accuracy, infer people's personalities from appearances.  You may even get an inside track on how smart they are by taking a good look at their physical characteristics, according to Dutton.

A California Reader Warns That A "Speaker Kevin McCarthy" Will Be Wholly Owned By The Cheap Labor Lobby.  There are rumors that Kevin McCarthy is going to replace Ryan as Speaker.  [Paul Ryan endorses Kevin McCarthy to be next House speaker, By Matt Richardson, Fox News, April 13, 2018]  It's horrible news for Americans if he is — McCarthy's district includes Paramount Farms, probably the largest employer of illegal aliens in the nation, they've imported so many migrant farm workers they've turned Bakersfield from a white American city into a brown Socialist Latino city.  McCarthy can't enforce federal immigration law and stay in office, Paramount Farms was also used in the Reagan amnesty, pretty much any illegal alien in the nation claimed a work record there and there was no verification.

Attacking Trump's Attorney:  Calling All Tea Partiers.  Let's get the Tea Party visible again with rallies in support of Trump's agenda, the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and other important issues.  We must inform the masses about Trump's remarkable achievements.  Here's a taste:  for each regulation that Trump has introduced, he has ended 66 of Obama's overreaching, job-killing, and insane leftist regulations.

Trump should offensively depose Yates and Comey.  [Scroll down]  Critically, one would argue that before a sitting president, President Trump, could or should be forced to testify, the defense should be able to depose Yates and Comey to expose what was an objectively cognizable conspiracy to knowingly lie in their FISA court application whose result could be to effect a coup d'etat.  The first question would be:  Is such an offensive motion by the Trump defense team for a Yates/Comey deposition in, and of itself, an "obstruction of justice?"  The answer is that if legitimately attempting to zealously defend your client against a governmental conspiracy in seeking to depose the authors of a sworn written FISA document where the statement is objectively false is an "obstruction of justice," then any legitimate act of President Trump's legal defense by the President is, in and of itself, an "obstruction of justice."  A person and his legal team legitimately defending himself can't be considered "obstruction of justice," otherwise every legitimate act in every legal defense for every alleged defendant in the United States is obstruction of justice.

Media Matters:  Bully Masquerading as Tax-Exempt Charity.  According to public records, David Brock's Media Matters group has ignored important legal requirements for tax-exempt charities.  Instead of reveling in the impact of his attacks against Laura Ingraham, David Brock and his team at Media Matters for America (MMFA) need to try complying with the strict laws that do regulate activities of publicly supported, tax-exempt organizations.  In theory, MMFA is an "educational" charity.

Chappaquiddick Wasn't the Only Scandal.  [I]n regard to the mainstream media's breathless, non-stop coverage of the self-levitating Trump-Russia collusion theory, consider this bit of trivia:  In 1991, when Russian President Boris Yeltsin opened the archives of the Soviet Central Committee, Western researchers quickly descended on Moscow to plow through the treasure trove of previously classified official documents.  Among those researchers was Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times and the BBC who found a May 14, 1983 letter from KGB chief Viktor Chebrikov to Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov.  Bearing the highest security classification, it summarized a confidential offer by Senator Ted Kennedy to the Soviet leadership to help stop President Ronald Reagan's aggressive, anti-Soviet defense policies.

When the Lie Becomes a Pillar of the State.  The whole Soviet system was built on lies.  As Alexander Solzhenitsyn was later to write, "In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State." An unceasing attempt to establish the Lie and to destroy the truth has been as characteristic of the Left here in America as it was in Soviet Russia.  The Lie has become systemic because a reductionist ideology based on lies has thoroughly invaded the academia, the media, and the body politic.  It has metastasized to the point that if it is not eradicated — not just modified — the body will die.  What is the chief characteristic of the great Lie that grips so many of America's institutions?  It is that human beings are on their own when it comes to the pursuit of Truth.  The issue has been the same since the creation of mankind.  It is the belief in the sovereignty of the individual as opposed to the sovereignty of God.

Running in hot pursuit of George Orwell.  George Orwell is dead and gone, and more than a half-century has passed since he wrote "1984," but he would recognize America today.  He was an Englishman (real name Eric Blair) who understood that no state is immune to human mischief.  "Every record has been destroyed or falsified," he wrote in "1984," his novel of Utopia despoiled, "every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue and street building renamed, every date altered.  And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute.  History has been stopped.  Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right."  We're almost there, and the Mob has replaced the Party as the intimidator of men who were once free.  Once we cleansed the square of Robert E. Lee, whose memory is held by perfectly honorable men and women to be a hero of their past, all toil and trouble for the abused and mistreated among us would be avenged at last and forgotten forever.  Weak men of cramped mind went along with the barbarians who wear ignorance as their only badge of distinction.  Now the Mob moves on, as the attentive and alert knew it would.

Fahrenheit 451 Updated.  [Amy] Wax and [Larry] Alexander were roundly condemned by their university colleagues. [...] What they found especially egregious was Wax and Alexander's observation that "All cultures are not equal."  That hissing noise you hear is the sharp intake of breath at the utterance of such a sentiment.  The tort was compounded by Wax's later statements in an interview that "Everyone wants to go to countries ruled by white Europeans" because "Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior."  Can you believe it?  Professor Wax actually had the temerity to utter this plain, irrefragable, impolitic truth.  Everyone knows this to be the case.  As William Henry argued back in the 1990s in his undeservedly neglected book In Defense of Elitism, "the simple fact [is] that some people are better than others — smarter, harder working, more learned, more productive, harder to replace."

Why We Cannot Afford To Ignore Anti-Freedom Activist David Hogg.  Let's say, just for the sake of this discussion, that your house catches on fire.  Would you ignore the flames, thinking that they'll go away if you give them no attention?  Of course not. [...] Nor should we ignore Hogg and his not-so-merry band of demagogues, who are now burning the country down in their mission to strip us all of at least two of our most fundamental rights.  You see, not only do they want to take away our right to keep and bear arms, but they also seek to silence anyone critical of their point of view.  Just look at what Hogg and the George Soros-funded Media Matters are doing to Laura Ingraham.

Laura Ingraham is Too Weak.  Laura Ingraham said Baby Hitler David Hogg "whines."  This offended people who do not watch her show.  She apologized.  Idiot. [...] Baby Hitler refused to accept her apology.  The left does not want her apology.  The left wants her dead because she is a conservative.  She is not a victim of anything but her own cowardice.  As an experienced journalist she should know this by now.  Never apologize.  That is a sign of weakness in both spirit and mind.  If you cannot stand by your words, shut up.

Rhode Island considers cash incentives to win new residents before Census.  One Rhode Island state representative wants to pay cash to people willing to move there, as the state faces the prospect of losing half their congressional delegation after the next census and reapportionment process.  State Rep. Carlos Tobon (D) has introduced legislation that would give families $833.33 per month — up to $10,000 — to move to Rhode Island for a year.  Those families would be counted in the 2020 census as Rhode Island residents.  The goal, Tobon said, is to attract enough residents to maintain Rhode Island's two seats in the House of Representatives at a time when most population projections show the state has not grown fast enough to warrant two seats.

The Editor says...
This could be construed as buying votes.  If you accept compensation to reside in a state for a year, specifically for the purpose of tampering with the outcome of the census, which then amplifies the power of that state in the House of Representatives, you abetting an attempt to affect the balance of power in the Congress.  Are you willing to relocate to another part of the country at the request of the highest bidder?  To migrate across state lines for a better job is one thing, but this bonus is for one year only, and $10,000 is not enough:  That's not much more than it would cost most people to move to Rhode Island, and it's certainly not enough to compensate for the high cost of living there, not to mention the cost of heating one's house in Rhode Island's long winters.  None of this matters much, because the idea is unlikely to become law.  Where is the State of Rhode Island going to get ten thousand dollars, multiplied by the number of additional residents they'd need to acquire another seat in the House of Representatives?  That would be a lot of money.

Mental health:  The issue everyone dodges until after the mass shootings.  A new report by the Secret Service on recent mass shootings finds a vast majority involved people with mental illness whose behavior could have tipped off authorities about their latent danger.  While recent protest demonstrations across the country were aimed at creating new laws, the report suggests a clear unwillingness to address the issue of mental health, which could be covered under existing laws and regulations.

Silicon Valley has gone from liberating to creepy.  Next stop, government regulation.  Silicon Valley's reputation used to protect it from regulation.  Now it's changed in ways that make regulation more likely.  From the old days of Lotus and Visicalc and CP/M, to just a year or two ago with Facebook and Uber, Silicon Valley has basked in its glowing reputation.  It was seen as a center of innovation, where hard-working entrepreneurs started businesses in garages, and produced things that made everyone's lives better.  Because it was constantly innovating, it stayed ahead of regulators' ability to regulate, resulting in "permissionless innovation" — change that didn't have to ask for permission first.  And that seemed fine, as it brought us personal computers, spreadsheets, word processing, databases, laptops, cell phones, smart phones and social media.

Was Social Media A Mistake?  Here's An Experiment To Find Out.  What strikes me most is the contrast between this and the Internet era before social media, before Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube swallowed up everything.  I'm talking about the 2000s, the great era of the blogs.  Do you remember what that blog era was like?  It felt like liberation.  The era of blogging offered the promise of a decentralized media.  Anybody could publish and comment on the news and find an audience.  Guys writing in their pajamas could take down Dan Rather.  We were bypassing the old media gatekeepers.  And we had control over it!  We posted on our own sites.  We had good discussions in our own comment fields, which we moderated.  I had and still have an extensive e-mail list of readers who are interested in my work, most of which I built up in that period, before everybody moved onto social media.  But then Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube came along and killed the blogs.  There were three main reasons they took over.

This Omnibus pork barrel has a shelf life of 6 months.  We need to consider the [...] storm coming down the line with OIGGate, ClintonGate, ObamaGate and other scandals.  There's no way that these won't touch Congress itself.  More than a few Congress critters are implicated, especially on the Dem side (also GOPe).  Each hit the Uniparty takes, makes Trump stronger.  Each hit the Dems take, makes Trump stronger.  Removing GOPe swamp creatures also makes him stronger.  Keep that in mind, as the next few months unfold.

Deep-Freezing the Truth at Penn.  The diversity imperative demands dissimulation and evasion.  The academic-achievement gap, the behavioral differences that produce socioeconomic disparities, and the ubiquity of racial preferences must all be suppressed in public discourse, since they undercut the narrative that white racism is the driving force in American society.  This dissimulation was on display last week at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, when Dean Ted Ruger announced that law professor Amy Wax would no longer teach mandatory first-year law courses at the school. [...] Wax was deemed a "white supremacist" for suggesting that not all cultures were equal in preparing people for participation in a modern economy.

The Dangers of Drugged Driving.  There are measures that law enforcement, government, and the public can take to combat drugged driving, including implementing a system for testing whether a motorist is high, akin to the use of Breathalyzers to test for elevated blood-alcohol levels, experts say.  Increasing public awareness of the problem would also help.  The public widely agrees that drinking and driving poses a serious danger, but studies have found that a significant portion of the public doesn't feel the same way about driving while high on marijuana.

Nobody Wants to Talk About What Many Mass Shooters Have in Common.  Some blame guns, others blame mental health, and still others confidently blame false flag events and crisis actors.  But one commonality among numerous mass killings in the United States remains absent from these conversations.  It is always reported when details of the shooter are published, but the widespread connection is rarely acknowledged:  A mounting number of mass shooters have ties to the military, including Nikolas Cruz, who was a member of his school's military prep organization, JROTC (Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps).  The United States has indulged in a culture of 'patriotic' militarism for decades, glorifying this institutionalized violence as a sign of strength and morality.

Collapsed bridge, courtesy of Obama program.  The $14 million project was partly federally funded through Obama's Tiger program (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery).  "The 174-foot, 950-ton section of the bridge was built adjacent to Southwest Eight Street using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods, which are being advanced at FIU's Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC).  This method of construction reduces potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and minimizes traffic interruptions.  The main span of the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge was installed in a few hours with limited disruption to traffic over this weekend," the press release said.  It went up quickly.  It came down even quicker.

Collapsed FIU Bridge Was Funded by Federal Grant Program Criticized for Shoddy, Politicized Review Process.  The pedestrian bridge that collapsed at Florida International University's Miami-Dade campus today, killing several people, was funded with $11.4 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program.  The TIGER program has come under repeated fire for awarding money based on politics rather than merit.  Eight vehicles were reportedly crushed when the 174-foot, 950-ton pedestrian bridge, installed Saturday over Southwest Eighth Street in Miami, collapsed this afternoon [3/15/2018].  The bridge was supposed to demonstrate methods developed by FIU's Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC), whose work is also funded by U.S. DOT grants.

Time To Ditch Daylight Saving Time — It's A Killer That Doesn't Save Energy.  Sunday, March 11, is the start of daylight saving time across the country.  But it might be the last time people in Florida have to switch their clocks.  The legislature there voted overwhelmingly to abolish the biannual changing of the clock, and stick with daylight saving time year round.  Last year, Massachusetts considered a similar move by switching to Atlantic Standard Time, which would permanently set their clocks ahead one hour.  Maine also passed bills to ditch daylight saving time.  Arizona and Hawaii don't abide by daylight saving time.

The Problem With White Guys These Days.  [Daniel] Johanson wants to inform you that he is a white man but is NOT happy about it one bit: [...] I gotta tell you:  The way he describes it, it sounds positively exhausting to be a white man.  As a white man, Daniel Johanson has a bone to pick with all those dead white men who composed all those dead white symphonies, as if poor black Americans are threatening to burn down cities from coast to coast if they aren't allowed easier access to opera music.  Have you ever met a black person that didn't love opera music?  I haven't.  And when I say that, I mean that I've never asked any black people about it.  It's one of those topics that you instinctually know not to raise with them because they'd probably laugh in your face.

Tell the Truth on Tariffs!  While totally free trade is an ideal and a goal, it is impossible to accomplish without becoming wholly interdependent on other nations.  There will always be another country capable of driving your domestic industry into the dirt on some product or another, as no one nation can be the most efficient and best producer of everything that nation requires.  Because some industries cannot be outsourcedwithout risk to national security — even to friendly nations — trade representatives have always balanced imports and exports of these products through the use of taxation (tariffs) to both protect the viability of their domestic industries and to ensure a place for their own exports in the economies of other nations.  While a simplistic explanation, it covers the basic function of tariffs.  Throughout history, administrations and regimes have misused tariffs, sparking "trade wars."  And it is true that these disruptions have proven costly to both sides, but to say "no one wins in a trade war" is patently false.

Homeland Security Oversight Is a Mess.  Here's What Should Change.  Since its founding in 2002, the Department of Homeland Security has never been reauthorized, which has allowed various problems to fester.  Last July, the House passed a reauthorization bill that addressed many of the problems.  But more can be done to address the inefficient and complex congressional oversight structure that continues to plague the department.  On Wednesday [3/7/2018], the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee passed the Senate's version of the reauthorization for Homeland Security, which is good news considering the department is desperately in need of reform.  Specifically, the Senate bill proposes a commission to fix the department's impractical congressional oversight structure.  The Department of Homeland Security was created after 9/11 to bring several national security-related agencies — including the Coast Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Secret Service, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement — under one roof.

Forget Gun Control:  Bring Back Mental Hospitals.  After another inexplicable act of violence in Parkland Florida claimed 17 lives, the usual chorus (and some of the not so usual chorus) is screaming for gun control.  We don't need gun control; we need nut control.  With the first one constructed in 1773, our country has a history of building and maintaining mental hospitals.  In 1955, the United States had more than 100 mental hospitals with a population of over 560,000 people.  The U.S. population in 1955 was around 165 million.  Today, with a population around 323 million, we can safely assume more than 1 million people would be institutionalized by 1955 standards.  Where are these millions of people who should be in mental hospitals?  Living in our communities, wandering the streets while arguing with imaginary figures, or in prison having been declared to be insane, but competent after having committed a crime.

Don't Be Fooled:  Russia is Weak and Dying.  The Russian presidential elections are two weeks away and the outcome is hardly in doubt.  Vladimir Putin on Wednesday gave his annual state of the nation address to the Russian Duma.  During his speech, the strongman-president raved about Russian strength.  Then, with bizarre computer-generated images of weapons projected behind him, Putin detailed five new Russian weapons systems.  The new weapons are dangerous, of course.  But their appearance is misleading.  In reality, Putin's announcement was a sign of desperation and weakness.  Fact is, the Trump Administration's yearlong show of strength against Russia from Ukraine to Syria has worked well.

Scientologists Open Two New Mega-Churches in a Single Weekend.  Mainline denominations are bleeding members at unsustainable rates.  Even the overall growth of evangelicalism has become stagnant, and the only reason that's true is because it's growing among Hispanics and African-Americans.  However, one religion that seems to be growing and thriving is the weirdness that is Scientology.  To be clear, I'm not convinced that Scientology should be classified a religion and not a cult.  I've always thought of it as a pyramid scheme with eternal rewards in place of a pink Cadillac.  How it could be growing is beyond me. [...] However, since movie stars seem especially susceptible to Scientology, the religious cult has taken on an aura of glamour for some people.

The Coming Controversy Over Admitting White Refugees from South Africa.  The news that South Africa is moving decisively in the disastrous direction of Zimbabwe — confiscating the land of white farmers, which is by definition ethnic cleansing and almost certainly will involve mass murder (as it did in Zimbabwe) — has already sparked a petition to allow the resulting refugees into the United States: [...] Similar petitions have been created in the E.U. and Australia.  Stand by for the inevitable backlash.  President Trump is putting a lid on refugee flows, and the left is dead certain that this is because of racism.  Asking to make an exception for white people is going to be called every nasty name under the sun, with special emphasis on those starting with R.

Much of the federal government should be shut down.  The conventional wisdom about the government shutdown chaos in Washington is completely wrong.  Whoever you listen to, their explanation for the shambles is political.  If you're on the left you blame President Trump — just as you blame him for everything from bad weather to burned toast.  If you're on the right you call it the "Schumer Shutdown" — after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. — and point out that today's Democrats are being driven by their extreme "open borders" base.

The absurdity of government 'shutdowns'.  First of all, government shutdowns aren't the end of the world.  President Ronald Reagan had eight government shutdowns in his terms in office and the nation experienced strong economic growth.  Quite frankly, if Republicans really knew how to win a messaging fight, they should shut the government down.  When shutdowns take place, all non-essential federal employees are sent home.  While there is a pause in their pay, historically Congress has voted to make that pay retroactive once government reopens.

CPAC's disastrous, misguided embrace of Marion Le Pen.  [Scroll down]  What has changed?  There are, I think, three possibilities.  The first is that conservatives are taking their cue from Trump, whether out of tribalism or personal ambition. [...] The second is that immigration, especially Muslim immigration, has become such a vast issue for conservatives that it squeezes out everything else. [...] The third explanation is the likeliest.  For some culture warriors, my enemy's enemy is my friend.  Leftists uncomplicatedly loathe the Le Pens, so some rightists, whether from contrarianism or ignorance, defend them.

The Russians Colluded Massively — with Democrats.  Team Mueller did find Russian interference in the 2016 election — and how!  The February 16 announcement of federal criminal indictments against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies was a Cold War flashback.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told journalists that Russians close to the Kremlin infiltrated the last presidential campaign "to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy."  But Rosenstein threw a bucket of wet sand onto the Left's simmering narrative that DJT = KGB.  The Russian meddling began in 2014, well before Donald J. Trump's campaign commenced.  The Russians promoted Vermont senator Bernie Sanders's Democratic-primary bid and Green-party nominee Jill Stein's general-election effort.  After Trump won, the Russians organized pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrations, once in New York City on the same day.  They also staged an anti-Trump rally in Charlotte.

NRA's Wayne LaPierre Makes Valid Point On School Security.  For all the talk about gun control these days, we're not hearing much about school security.  As per usual, the people screaming so loudly for gun control are acting like it's a silver bullet for any and all problems at schools.  They don't seem to even be capable of acknowledging the possibility that new gun laws might not make all the evil in the world go away. [...] LaPierre has a valid point.  Armed security is everywhere; we see it everyplace from our banks to Hollywood awards shows.  And yes, some of us even see it in our schools.

The Failure to Confront Evil in Florida Shooting.  So far, reactions have been governed by emotions, which tend to be irrational and uninformed.  Almost always, it is the Republican leadership that is blamed for someone else's act of free will.  That an individual person has free will and that they act according to it is an unimaginable reality in the culture of victimhood.  As a result, the media is conflicted.  Should they treat the shooter as a victim of the system?  That is tempting because then, perhaps, reform of the system might prevent future incidents?  Of course, this always means more regulation.  But if criminals are seen as victims, where does that leave the actual victims who have perished in crimes?

Obnoxious, ignorant teens now demand curbs on guns.  Teens across the nation, fed up with school shootings, are planning marches, media events and three-minute demonstrations at the White House in order to get across their messages of frustration with the Second Amendment and to demand lawmakers take immediate action.  Now if only they weren't so [...] entitled, snarky and obnoxious.

Thoughts On The Mentally Ill.  There is an issue of liberty that makes dealing with this situation a huge problem.  So let us just imagine that someone 'brings this guy in' to talk about the youtube comment.  They put that with all of the other contacts that the cops have had with him and realize he is a loose cannon.  Then what?  How do you propose that the state respond?  Involuntary detention?  For how long?  For what specific purpose?  Current statutes say that if he is clearly suffering from a mental illness and is imminently dangerous to himself or others, he can be held and involuntarily treated in a locked psychiatric facility. [...] What about the other hundred idiots that say this sort of thing but DON'T go on killing sprees?

Was the Florida School Shooting Part of the CIA's MK Ultra Program?  [Scroll down]  What's even more interesting is this tie into cell phone technology, mixed with psychotropic drugs and mind control.  As far as I know, none of these school shootings existed before cell phone technology.  That's not to say that has to be used, but it is an interesting fact to consider.

Hollywood Elite Triggered By Breitbart's Positive 'Black Panther' Review.  Early Friday afternoon [2/16/2018], Breitbart News published my mostly glowing review of Marvel's Black Panther.  By Friday night, some among the Hollywood elite were triggered by the review, including Don Cheadle, another member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Outside of the fact that the review was mostly positive, the trigger seemed to be my noting the obvious connection between the film's hero, T'Challa aka Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), and President Trump.  I also noted the obvious comparison between the film's villain, Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), and Black Lives Matter.

Florida Teacher of the Year's gun violence post goes viral after school shooting.  The middle school teacher said over her almost two decades as an educator that she's seen an increase in violence and a lack of compassion among students.  "Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no!  Not MY KID.  What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I'll say it — violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others' lives — as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others' faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school," the sixth-grade language arts teacher wrote.

The Tea Party is dead — it's the Covfefe Party now.  The Tea Party is dead.  The Covfefe Party has killed it.  The Tea Party was the term given to the grassroots movement that emerged out of nowhere in spring 2009 in response to an explosion of government spending and direct federal involvement in the economy the likes of which we had never before seen in peacetime.  Both those who sought to claim the Tea Party's triumphs for their own conservative causes and those who sought to use the Tea Party as an umbrella term for every conservative policy idea they wished to discredit misunderstood it.  The Tea Party wasn't complicated.  It wasn't a conspiracy.  Simplicity was the hallmark of its success.  Its message was:  You're doing too much — too much spending, too much regulation, too much interference in the private economy.  Too much government.  And the message resonated because it was true.

Did Michael Flynn Actually Do Anything Wrong?  Special  prosecutor  counsel Bob Mueller has one significant scalp on the wall:  that of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI and has yet to be sentenced.  But, in a brilliant column, Byron York reviews the sequence of events as we have tortuously come to know them.  Based on what we now know (or think we know), it is highly doubtful whether Flynn did anything wrong at all.

General Flynn Should Withdraw His Guilty Plea.  His New Judge Is A Government Misconduct Expert.  Extraordinary manipulation by powerful people led to the creation of Robert Mueller's continuing investigation and prosecution of General Michael Flynn.  Notably, the recent postponement of General Flynn's sentencing provides an opportunity for more evidence to be revealed that will provide massive ammunition for a motion to withdraw Flynn's guilty plea and dismiss the charges against him.  It was Judge Rudolph Contreras who accepted General Flynn's guilty plea, but he suddenly was recused from the case.  The likely reason is that Judge Contreras served on the special court that allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to surveil the Trump campaign based on the dubious FISA application.  Judge Contreras may have approved one of those four warrants.

Andrew Weissmann:  Robert Mueller's Dirty Cop.  One of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's lead attorneys has an ethics problem.  Actually, a lot of ethics problems, considering what he's gotten away with.  According to investigative journalist Sara Carter, Weissmann has been busted for withholding evidence in a previous court case involving prosecution of organized crime, to put an extra thumb on the scale of justice in his own favor.

President Trump, Buy The Newseum!  What a lot of people don't realize is the Newseum is basically an event space, which drives more than twice the revenue of the actual admission dollars.  This only happens because of the A+ location — which it can't afford.  Because of the revenue derived from the event space, if the Newseum moves, which seems inevitable in very short order, it will really be a going out of business move.

Newseum: Monument to America's Most Disgraced Institution in Talks to Sell.  The Washington D.C.-based Newseum is a massive failure, bleeding red ink and in serious talks to sell out and relocate.  Someone actually believed that a massive monument to the most disgraced institution in America — journalism — was a good idea.  Then, to the surprise of no one in the real world, that massive monument to left-wing liars and frauds not only failed, it is now talking seriously about selling out and moving elsewhere.  The Newseum currently stands seven-stories tall in a pretentious $450 million building right on Pennsylvania Avenue, a stone's throw from the U.S. Capitol.  The only problem is that it is running massive deficits.  Last year alone, what Kyle Smith described as a "cathedral of sanctimony," lost over $8 million.

The Great Flynn Case Mystery.  I have been wondering why, shortly after Judge Rudolph Contreras was (without explanation) recused from hearing the Michael Flynn case and Judge Emmet G. Sullivan took over, Special Counsel Robert Mueller agreed to postpone the sentencing until May, after the inspector general's report is due.  I have no assurances that my suppositions are correct, but I'm beginning to think that at the next hearing of this case, Judge Sullivan will hear Mueller dismiss the case.  Here's how I come to that. [...]

Scandal, Corruption, Lawbreaking — And So What?  Democrats at some point will see that what they thought was the formerly defensible is now becoming absolutely indefensible.  Adam Schiff, after months of leaking, making grandiose false statements on cable TV, and getting punked by Russian comedians, is now a caricature.  He became the sad legislative bookend to the neurotic James Comey.  Schiff will probably soon be forced to pivot back to his former incarnation as a loud critic of FISA-court abuse.

Republican Embarrassments.  George W. Bush doubled the national debt.  After running against Bush profligacy (remember the Chinese credit card trope), Barack Obama doubled it again by doubling Bush's levels of borrowing.  Conservatives blasted Obama for his even greater lack of thrift.  The Tea Party movement emerged in reaction to reckless expenditures and borrowing to fund Obamacare.  Now Donald Trump is caught in the same old matrix.  His deregulation, tax cuts, and energy expansion will likely increase federal revenue.  But his various budget concessions and his own proposed increases in defense spending and infrastructure would likely bleed the budget at a far greater rate than the growing federal revenue.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.  [W]hile every generation undoubtedly had valid complaints about the pop culture of their time, there is no way, even in the era of bell-bottoms and pet rocks, the popular culture at the time was a dumb as it is now.  People are filming themselves eating laundry detergent and posting the videos online, because being stupid for attention is now something people aspire to.  First off, if you're dumb enough to eat poison, the genepool can do without you.

NBC apologizes to the Korean people for its insulting comments.  [Scroll down]  So how on earth could someone like this say something so earth-shatteringly insensitive?  This was a gaffe of classic Michael Kinsley character:  Inadvertently telling the truth in an offensive way.  The Koreans are reacting in horror because of the implication that they admire the Japanese and are inspired to emulate them.  They do not want Japan to be seen as a shining examle to anyone, least of all to Koreans.  But among the people Ramo associates with, bygones will be bygones and there's a lot of money to be made.  Globalists adhere to a global culture in which mere national identity is an afterthought to the class interest in smooth transactions with many more to come.  Yes, the globaist elite is that out of touch with the common folk.

Stage a grand military parade?  Absolutely — it's overdue.  The Pentagon has confirmed that it is in the preliminary stages of planning a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue — one of President Trump's fondest desires.  Trump was, understandably, impressed in a visit to France last July by the pageantry of the Bastille Day parade.  The parade dates back to the 1880s.  Nothing the United States comes up with will match its resonance or its beloved, unifying nature.  Trump's motivation for ordering up a parade anyway is pretty obvious.  He likes big, brassy displays, and he gets a kick out of being the commander in chief of the most impressive military on the planet.

Disinformation: Russian Espionage, Infiltration, Influence Peddling, and SabotageDisinformation is [Ion Mihai] Pacepa's warning to America and the Western World about the reach and influence of communist propaganda and disinformation and its ability to compromise Western culture, traditions, institutions and influence movements in target societies.  He warns us:  do not underestimate the magnitude of effort and the effectiveness of the communist intelligence, propaganda and espionage operations, or their ability to sow seeds of destruction in western societies.  For example, all foreign representatives of Russia (the USSR) are agents — physicians, nurses, engineers — they are all saboteurs or at least provocateurs for the movement, and they are agents for the regime or they would not be out of the country.

Senator Mark Warner and Entire Senate Intelligence Committee Compromised, Corrupt and Finally Exposed.  Tonight Fox News is reporting on the efforts of Senator Mark Warner to make secret and off-the-record contact with Christopher Steele in March of 2017.  Warner, a rabidly partisan Democrat, is the minority Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  The Majority Chairman is Richard Burr (R-NC) and also corrupt as [can be].  Not surprisingly, Burr is covering for Warner.

Joe 'The Drooler' Kennedy III's lip service hard to ignore.  By the squalid standards of his family, JoJoJo Kennedy had a successful evening in Fall River this week.  I mean, not one young woman was raped, drowned, crippled or beaten to death with a golf club.  No one tried to play footsie with Adolf Hitler, crashed an airplane, died of a drug overdose, told a Barnstable cop that she was drunk, screamed "Do you know who I am?!?" or began slamming his head into a wall (Uncle Max, this means you).  Many wiseguys, of course, have made sport of U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, especially that strange whatever-it-was going on with his lips, the thin line of drool.  Was it really caused by Chapstick, or, as one internet wag asked, Chappaquiddick-stick?

Democrats turned a hero into a horror story.  During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, the president honored an undeniable hero — a kind and caring New Mexico police officer who stepped up to save a child about to be born, and her desperate, homeless, opioid-addicted mother.  It was a three-hanky anecdote, made all the more vital because it concerned a drug-damaged, impoverished woman and the law enforcement officer who protected her, a man more likely to be treated with contempt these days than with the respect and love he deserves.  The feel-good moment didn't last.  Within hours, the hard left got hold of the inspirational story and mangled it into a cautionary tale about Republican misogyny, mistreatment of the poor and a handmaid forced to reproduce against her will, human roadkill in the evil war on drugs.  No mention was made of innocent children maimed by drugs and parental neglect.  It was dizzying.

Joe Kennedy's 'drool-mouth' outshines his State of the Union response.  Congressman Joe Kennedy III gave the Democratic response to the State of the Union — and drew comments both about his policy ideas and for what was dripping off his lips.  The 37-year-old Kennedy family scion — who is the grandson of RFK — appeared to have large, bizarre wet spots at the corners of his mouth as he talked after President Trump's speech, prompting people to wonder if it was drool or an abundance of Chapstick.  "Marco Rubio had dry-mouth during his #SOTU response in 2013.  Joe Kennedy has drool-mouth," tweeted GOP pollster Frank Luntz, as he compared Kennedy's speech to the disastrous 2013 Republican response by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) in which he awkwardly reached for water.

Health Ranger's Theory:  The Flu Vaccine Is Causing The Flu Outbreak.  If there is any part of you that's inquisitive you've likely wondered how on Earth this year's flu could be so bad.  Afterall, we have vaccines and Western medicine's advancements in technology to help people.  But the Health Ranger says that is the exact problem with the influenza outbreak.  As the reports continue to come in that this influenza outbreak is killing about 100 people a day, many begin to wonder what the purpose of getting a vaccine that's only 10% effective could possibly be.

Burger King Tries To Explain Net Neutrality.  Burger King is just about nobody's first choice when it comes to garbaging up on fast food and its latest gambit helps to explain why.

Black Nixon.  If you read the Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon, what jumps out to a modern reader is just how weak the case was against the President.  Impeachment is a political action, so the rules of evidence we see in a courtroom don't apply, but even so, the allegations seem weak in comparison to those against Bill Clinton.  The case against Nixon was what we would now call a corrupt enterprise, like a mobster.  Bill Clinton, in contrast, was accused of specific crimes that he committed while in office.  In both cases, the key question to be decided by the political class was what was best for the political system.  The guilt or innocence of either man was a secondary consideration, outside of the impact on the political system.  In the case of Nixon, his decision to resign, rather than fight impeachment, was all about defending the political order.  Whether or not it was proper to run Nixon out of town or allow Clinton to remain in office is debatable, but the calculus at the time was about the best interests of the political order.

When Government Shuts Down...Everyone Else Is Better Off.  Every single function they take on sucks resources out of the economy.  They squander and waste the majority of those resources, then end up giving people a $2 billion website that doesn't work.  Clearly this is a government in need of serious downsizing.  Any other organization in the world with a history of such gargantuan waste would be forced to strip itself down to its core and limit itself to only the most essential functions.  Sadly, though, the public attention seems to be focused on how terrible this shutdown is and how these politicians need to come together to reopen the government.  Are you kidding me?  This is a gift.  Keep it closed.

James Clapper's perjury, and why DC made men don't get charged for lying to Congress.  Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper is about celebrate one of the most important anniversaries of his life.  March 13th will be the fifth anniversary of his commission of open perjury before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  More importantly, it also happens to be when the statute of limitations runs out — closing any possibility of prosecution for Clapper.  As the clock runs out on the Clapper prosecution, Democrats like Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) have charged that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen committed perjury when she insisted that she could not recall if President Donald Trump called Haiti and African countries a vulgar term.  The fact is that perjury is not simply tolerated, it is rewarded, in Washington.  In a city of made men and women, nothing says loyalty quite as much as lying under oath.

'White Privilege' and the Great Stink of 1858.  In sophisticated Roman vacation spots like Pompeii, you can still walk on the double-raised sidewalk as long as you hop over the open excrement channel in the middle. In India, the Untouchables come from native Indian tribes who were kept for centuries out of the governing caste system, because their job was to collect and somehow dispose of mountains of poop that collected in cities like Calcutta.  In Arabia, it is still taboo to touch someone's left hand, because that was the hand used to wipe one's bottom before toilet paper was imported from the West.  It was only in Europe and America, and soon other places, where great engineering systems were constructed over the 20th century that allow college students and other snowflakes to take all that for granted.

The Value of Calling [Bad Places 'Bad'].  In a news cycle full of poverty, war, political intrigue, and all the usual torment, America's media have wasted valuable time this week debating the value of President Donald Trump's use of a bad word. [...] It is a fact that those of us with family roots in oppressed nations know all too well:  the left divides the world into "paradises" and [bad places] all the time, depending on how much money there is to be had in duping apolitical Americans into buying their classifications.  It takes barely any time to find a handful of examples of profiteers selling naive thrill seekers the notion that any variety of impoverished, exploited underdeveloped country is a secret oasis full of exotic beauty and free of the "stain" of Western luxury.

For example, Cuba.

Tonya Harding is no hero.  It's hard to recall a second act in American life like Tonya Harding's.  She doesn't deserve it.

Of Crudeness and Truth.  Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth.  Point out that women and men are different, that black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, that most terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, and the Left leaps to its collective feet in openmouthed shock, like Margaret Dumont after a Groucho Marx wisecrack.  This is racism!  This is sexism!  This is some sort of phobia!  I'm shocked, shocked to find facts being spoken in polite company!  No one is really shocked, of course.  This is simply a form of bullying.  The Left has co-opted our good manners and our good will in order to silence our opposition to their bad policies.  The idea is to make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious.

The post-Weinstein Golden Globes was an exercise in hypocrisy.  This year's Golden Globes were meant to be a defiant, vibrant celebration of a post-Weinstein industry, an awards ceremony about so much more than meaningless awards.  We were promised a reckoning, the leveling of a male-dominated industry that institutionalized the rape, abuse and harassment of women for decades.  Like so much Hollywood product, advance buzz was greatly exaggerated.  Not one actor or actress, on the red carpet or on stage, made direct reference to their industry's greatest monster — the one they boast of slaying yet still want to appease.

The War on Driving to Come.  At some point in the future, be it years, decades, or a century hence, the federal government will seek to ban driving.  This, I'm afraid, is an inevitability.  It is inexorably heading our way.  The dot sits now on the horizon.  As is common, the measure will be sold in the name of public health.  "Now that robots can do the work," its bloodless advocates will explain, "there's no need for human involvement."

Spy corruption began with W.  Blame George Walker Bush for Obama's political abuse of the nation's spy agencies.  Sharyl Attkisson, an Emmy-winning investigative journalist, wrote in the Hill, "10 times the intel community violated the trust of US citizens, lawmakers and allies."  Her list began with President Bush 43.  And it began before 9/11.  In fact, it was one of his first acts as president.

Exiting NAFTA — The Myth of Global Markets.  If the U.S. were to exit NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), the price you pay for most foodstuff at the grocery store would drop 10% in the first quarter and likely drop 20% or more by the end of the first year.  Here's why:  Approximately a decade ago the U.S. Dept of Agriculture stopped tracking, and reporting, U.S. consumer food prices.  The food sector joined the ranks of fuel and energy in no longer being measured to track inflation and backdrop Fed monetary policy.  Not coincidentally this was simultaneous to U.S. consumers seeing massive inflation in the same sector.

MAGA Success IS The Existential Threat.  In the larger analysis, Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) proposition is a daily reminder that citizen inspired government can eliminate the decades-long notion of politics as a profession.  There are hundreds-of-thousands of people within the institutional system known as politics.  Each member carving out a specialty and selling their expertise as necessary within the opaque organization known as government.  From city council, through state legislature and into federal representation, the primary selling point of each participating member is to declare their operational skill within the institution.  [Indeed], the professional political enterprise is so accepted as ordinary you can even go to college and earn a degree in how to be a politician.  Why?

A funny pattern emerging from Russia.  Russia has been engulfed in a sludge of news stories about supposed collusion with the Donald Trump presidential election campaign, none of which is holding water.  In fact, the unpleasant sense is emerging that the Federal Bureau of Investigation might have cooked the fiction up as a pretext to Get Trump.  It's unfortunate, because President Trump's desire for good relations with Russia was one of the better reasons for voting for him and it's obvious domestic politics is blocking that.  But beyond that, another Russia is emerging, one redolent with the winds of war, which Russia-watchers should pay attention to.

Teaching children about the evils of communism.  It's not easy to teach children about the evils of communism.  The vile ideology's long and bloody history of violent repression and murder does not make for a kid's story.  Nonetheless, children should be taught to reject communism early on since the proponents of this ideology purposely prey on them from an early age.  Luckily, there is a solution.

Sally Yates, One of the Biggest Frauds of the Year.  Drunk on the ruling class's praise of her subversive hackery at the Justice Department, Sally Yates evidently conceives of herself as a very august presence in American public life.  How else to explain her state of the union-style address in USA Today this week?  The piece is full of third-rate partisan cant dressed up as deep thoughts on "who we are as a country."  Yates has taken it upon herself to inform us of America's "core values."  Full of the usual jargon about "inflection points" and laughable liberal sanctimony ("our country's strength comes from honoring, not weaponizing, the diversity that springs from being a nation of Native Americans and immigrants of different races, religions and nationalities"), the piece is only notable for its audacious hypocrisy on the subject of "apolitical law enforcement."

Some Real Talk For Conservatives About 2018.  [Scroll down]  We owed Roy Moore nothing — he owed us loyalty, which he failed to show when he refused to drop out and make way for an undamaged candidate.  His determination to make this race about "clearing his name" cost us a Senate seat.  If he wanted to clear his name, there were courtrooms for that.  Instead, we got stuck with a guy we knew was a doofus even before he admitted he was a skeevy doofus.  Weird candidates lose.  The claims of illegality against him are shaky, but based on his own admissions, the best case was this guy scammed on high school girls in his thirties.  Okay, legal or not, that's going to turn people off.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.  People know almost without having to be taught, that the second amendment isn't about hunting.  That's why tyranny will ultimately fail.  The more the deep state tyrants try to squeeze the people, the more guns and ammunition they buy.  Now to be sure, they have to be willing to use them, but that time will come.  It's a peaceful, longsuffering people.  But they can be pushed hard enough to crack.  I don't know whether the revolution will be televised or not, but I'm certain that parts of America won't have power, so many people won't see it even if some do.

Are Anti-Trump Conspirators Using HAM Radio to Communicate?  Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spy, was hired by Fusion GPS in April, 2016.  Months later, Mrs. Ohr joined Mr. Steele at the opposition research firm, after being hired by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson to investigate then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Additionally, her husband, Bruce Ohr, reportedly met with Mr. Steele during this time period, and with Mr. Simpson after President Trump's victory.  It is not clear if Mrs. Ohr ever used her HAM license, or if she herself owns the equipment to do so, but what is interesting, is the 1970s technology, when blended with modern day communications, can create an untraceable protocol for clandestine transmissions.

The Editor says...
For those of you unfamiliar with ham radio, the transmission of encrypted messages is generally illegal.  The use of the ham radio bands in connection with any illegal activity is itself illegal, too.  Speaking to business associates about business is also prohibited.  And chatting across town from one's car, which was once a novelty, is now done by cell phone.  The only reason that I can imagine for Mrs. Ohr to get a ham radio license — if her intent was to communicate secretly and send data files without using the (presumably wiretapped) telephone — is to make it easier to buy transmitting equipment without raising suspicion.  The proprietors of ham radio shops tend to ask for your callsign when you buy anything — especially anything with a transmitter in it.  Incidentally, the "ham" in ham radio is not an acronym and is only capitalized by people who don't know much about it.

Who Really Lost in Alabama.  The Alabama Senate election was about everything except Alabama.  And in the end, Alabamans stayed home and let the inevitable turnout tide of passion politics take its course.  Minority voters rallied to Obama.  Republicans stayed home.  And the GOP is now holding on to a bare one-seat Senate majority.  The Democrats had abandoned Alabama, along with much of the South.  They weren't interested in Doug Jones until they smelled weakness.  And they still aren't interested in representing Alabamans now.  They just want another Senate seat to bring them closer to blocking and impeaching President Trump.

5 Things to Know About Doug Jones' Victory Over Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Race.  [#4] McConnell and establishment Republicans dodged a bullet.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) urged Moore to step aside after the sexual assault allegations.  As late as Tuesday, McConnell remained confident the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee would investigate the allegations against Moore should he win the election.  There was a great deal of speculation as to whether, if Moore won, the Senate would even admit him. [...] Indeed, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced that he would resign from the Senate last week, in what many interpreted as a ploy to make the Democratic Party seem more morally pure than the Republican Party.  Moore's loss frees the GOP from the albatross of having a senator with these sorts of charges against him.  Had he won, Democrats would have used Moore as a symbol of alleged pedophilia with which to smear the GOP.

What is Hollywood going to do about this serial sexual harasser?  Obviously, the sexual abuse scandals that are now roiling Hollywood did not start recently.  But how far back do they date?  To answer that question, this investigative reporter tracked down the most flagrant and notorious of Hollywood's sexual predators.  I refer, of course, to that undeniable stinker, Pepé Le Pew.  Unashamed and uninhibited, Pepé Le Pew actually filmed his serial assaults.  True, many of his victims were of his same stripe, but on more than one occasion his arrogance and recklessness led him to cross the species-line.

Rebellious Jurors Make the World a Better Place.  After criticism by some local officials of a new program that refers people caught with four ounces or less of marijuana for fines and community service, El Paso, Texas, Police Chief Greg Allen turned out to be a surprise defender of bypassing the usual criminal justice rigmarole of booking, mug shots, and jails.  While careful to emphasize that he's no fan of drug legalization, Allen says it's a waste of his officers' time to put hours into an "an arrest that has no end result of a conviction because of jury nullification."  This is only the latest evidence that rebellious jurors are putting limits on how badly government officials can treat the rest of us.

Pearl Harbor:  Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not.  On Sunday, December 7, 1941, Japan launched a sneak attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, shattering the peace of a beautiful Hawaiian morning and leaving much of the fleet broken and burning.  The destruction and death that the Japanese military visited upon Pearl Harbor that day — 18 naval vessels (including eight battleships) sunk or heavily damaged, 188 planes destroyed, over 2,000 servicemen killed — were exacerbated by the fact that American commanders in Hawaii were caught by surprise.  But that was not the case in Washington.  Comprehensive research has shown not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack, but that it deliberately withheld its foreknowledge from our commanders in Hawaii in the hope that the "surprise" attack would catapult the U.S. into World War II.  Oliver Lyttleton, British Minister of Production, stated in 1944:  "Japan was provoked into attacking America at Pearl Harbor.  It is a travesty of history to say that America was forced into the war."

100 Years of Communism, 100 Million Deaths, and the Morally Bankrupt Death Cult of Che Guevara.  It's time for the final installment of my series commemorating the evil impact of 100 years of communism. [...] Today we're going to wrap up the series with a look at Che Guevera and contemplate how a mass-murdering racist and homophobe became a cultural icon.

Leftwing Evangelicals:  An Oxymoron?  Donald Trump has been president for a year, yet my social media newsfeed and email inbox still overflow with stupefied leftwing evangelicals who hate Trump (literally) and loathe the conservative Christians that voted for him.  So then, where was the outrage from the same better-than-thou Chardonnay-swirling leftwing evangelical crowd when Christians voted for Obama?  It's obvious that their condemnation has less to do with evangelicalism or Christianity and more to do with their political leanings.  Otherwise, when Obama was in office, they would have expressed a little of that righteous indignation they currently can't control when Obama's policies harmed Christian bakers and nearly sent the Little Sisters of the Poor to the poor house.

If Roy Moore wins.  Senate Republicans will have decisions to make.  First, they must decide what to say.  Members who believe the most serious allegations against Moore and don't think the passage of nearly 40 years matters should feel free to say Moore is unfit for the Senate and thus should resign.  Once they say so, they will have done as much as Democrats did to John Conyers and Al Franken.  And much more than they did to Bill Clinton.  But if they declare Moore unfit, they should be prepared to explain why they consider Donald Trump fit for the presidency.  The allegations of sexual assault against Trump were much more recent than those against Moore.

A Time for War:  The Gathering Storm.  [Scroll down]  All the really bad stuff that is happening is happening to those who are conjuring the storm onto Trump, and not so much the other way.  This guy Strzok?  He has destroyed himself, his credibility, and his career.  Along with his FBI honeypot.  It appears that Andrew Weissman has done the same thing.  Look at James Comey.  He's losing.  Andrew McCabe is as well.  The FBI will be purged.  The Clintons have lost their power.  They are no more than a corrupt, ugly footnote to history.  No power, with little future.

Washington Post Against Enforcing Logan Act Before It Was For It.  The Washington Post, whose pages include numerous articles supporting the idea that President Donald Trump or his advisors violated the Logan Act before his inauguration, once dismissed the law in an editorial as an irrelevant atavism when used to criticize the acts of prominent Democratic officeholders. [...] The government has never successfully prosecuted anyone for violating this law.

10 Characteristics of False Flags.  In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the 10 common characteristics of false flags to help better understand why the official story of Vegas shooting is suspect at best.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
The video clip is 20 minutes long, but well worth your time.

Ted Kennedy Made Secret Overtures to Russia to Prevent Ronald Reagan's Re-Election.  Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy had "selfish political and ideological motives" when he made secret overtures to the Soviet Union's spy agency during the Cold War to thwart then-President Ronald Reagan's re-election, a Reagan biographer said in an interview with The Daily Signal.  When they came to light years later, Kennedy's secret contacts with the Russians through their KGB spy agency in the early 1980s didn't cause nearly the tizzy that Russia's alleged interference with this year's election has for President-elect Donald Trump among liberal activists and reporters.

Obamacare Mandate Repeal Is the Most Important Civil Rights Victory in Years.  After the humiliation of failing to keep their defining promise to repeal Obamacare, the Senate turned to tax reform, which also looked sketchy due to deficit projections.  But then the clouds parted and the stars aligned with the discovery that repealing the Obamacare mandate would save the government this $340 billion.  Talk about a win-win.  Here was a way to kill the most hated (and crucial) part of Obamacare and pass tax cuts.  And that is exactly what happened — the American people won a sweet two-fer:  lower taxes and freedom from a fascist mandate.

Roy Moore and the Fire This Time.  What began as a targeted hit on Roy Moore in his Senate race against a faceless Democrat with the generic name of Doug Jones has now turned into a blazing ammo dump, littered with the bodies of Hollywood celebrities and politicians in both the United States and Britain.  And yet, despite the best efforts of Gloria Allred, Moore is not only still standing, he is probably again leading in the race.  A pair of recent polls has Moore up over Jones by anywhere from two to seven points, and only Democrats will be surprised if Moore wins on Dec. 12.

Freedom Is a Right, Not a Gift from the Government.  We use the term freedom in political, economic, social, and religious contexts.  But what exactly does it mean to be free?  The answer to this question is crucial because different conceptions of liberty entail different political ideals, and different models of government.  A good starting point to explore what it means to be free is with the distinction introduced by the early 19th century intellectual Benjamin Constant.  In an 1819 work titled "The Liberty of the Ancients Compared with that of the Moderns," Constant offered two antagonistic ideas of what it means to be free.

Void the Non-Disclosure Agreements That Conceal Congressional Misconduct.  Our public officials are supposed to be accountable and transparent, especially when they are expending public money.  It is thus outrageous that Congress has made this cozy arrangement to sweep under the rug malfeasance by members of the club.  There is no legal or policy reason to refrain from legislation that would out the lawmakers involved in misconduct settlements — regardless of the type of misconduct (I wouldn't limit it to sexual episodes).  To the contrary, the other parties — I prefer to describe them as "victims" rather than "survivors" — should be permitted to speak publicly if they wish to do so.  If not, their privacy ought to be respected.  We can argue about what procedures should apply in the future; but to the extent that these existing non-disclosure arrangements guarantee confidentiality, it ought to be up to the victim whether or not to remain anonymous.  Meanwhile, the growing assumption of secrecy in government operations is very disturbing.

Alabama Sen. Candidate Roy Moore's Vietnam Army Buddy Knew Him to Be 'An Altogether Honorable, Decent, Respectable, and Patriotic Commander and Soldier'.  A man who served in Vietnam with Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore said in an editorial published the day after Thanksgiving that he knew Moore to be one of the better men with whom he served.  In what YellowHammerNews termed "an open letter to the voters of Alabama," former Army officer Bill Staehle of Asbury Park, New Jersey told Alabama voters just what sort of person he feels Moore is, based on his close personal relationship during one of the most trying times in their lives — a time of war.  Mr. Staehle, who was a captain in the 504th Military Police Battalion in the 1970s, begins his testimonial with a strong endorsement of Moore's character, at least as he knew him 45 years ago.

Shaky Allegations Against Roy Moore Are Not Enough to Disqualify Him.  Any commentary I have thus far made about the Roy Moore scandal has been on social media, and that has centered primarily on mocking the media's hypocrisy while also noting my thoughts on individual aspects of the story.  The big question, though, the question of whether or not the allegations add up to something serious enough to knock Moore out of Alabama's Senate race, I have saved until now.  It may no longer be fashionable to wait for all the facts before expressing an opinion, but when it comes to something as deadly serious as a man's reputation and allegations of child molestation, call me a fuddy-duddy.

"Stealin' Be Ok, No Big Deal" — LeVar Ball Showcases Mentality Behind His Son LiAngelo Ball Shoplifting in China.  After watching this bizarro interview with his father I can completely understand why LiAngelo Ball thought it would be perfectly okay to shoplift in China and live a life beyond the boundaries of ordinary moral behavior.  Somehow this guy thinks he's making a point that will benefit his son — epic fail.  The father of the UCLA basketball player who was arrested in China for shoplifting sunglasses appears on CNN to explain why he feels President Trump did nothing to help his son get released from Chinese authorities.

Time to Give Thanks to White Males.  While every other demographic group is coddled by the media, it is still PC to ridicule white males, partly because they are a benign majority who don't complain much.  This Thanksgiving seems an opportune time to give them thanks for forging a country that beckons the world's tired, huddled masses, and to appreciate their overall magnanimity in sharing our abundance.  The loony left, forever futile in foisting the discredited socialist tenet of equal outcomes upon unequal contributors, purports that white privilege explains discrepancies in achievement.  Actually, through their invention, brilliance, and industry, whites wrestled comfort and plenty from nature's tight grasp.  Guilt-ridden apologists, effete elites, and the race-hustling grievance industry may discredit Western Civilization and rewrite American history, but through our beneficence America's poor are comfortable, compared to the most of the earth's population.  Our bottom 99 percent comes "surprisingly close" to being in the top 1 percent of household incomes worldwide.

The Ultimate Argument for Roy Moore.  The reason why the bipartisan ruling class of officials, corporate executives, educators, the media, entertainment, etc. demand Roy Moore's political scalp is that it fell on Moore to be the focus of a pivotal effort to detach the Republican Party from that ruling class.  It has nothing to do with what he may have done four decades ago, and everything with the threat that his election now poses to their power to run the country while de-legitimizing the rest of Americans and their culture.  Had it been anyone else, the degree of hostility would have been the same, the charges possibly different but just as fiery and equally beside the point:  which sector of the population shall have its power enhanced, and which diminished?

McConnell doesn't get to play Roy Moore's judge, jury and political executioner.  American jurisprudence is well-known for its basic premise of "innocent until proven guilty."  In a court of law, a criminal defendant must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to be convicted of a crime.  That defendant walks into the court presumed innocent until that presumption is rebutted by evidence that a judge or jury finds convincing beyond a reasonable doubt.  A political campaign may not be a courtroom, but nonetheless Americans have an innate sense of fairness and due process.  Americans believe that due process is a precept applicable in many walks of life, including the workplace, which is why unions, for example, negotiate contracts that include binding arbitration clauses.  Why?  Because we want to believe that in most every aspect of life there is a semblance of due process.

Moore yearbook signature fraud.  [Scroll down]  The rest of the add-on is numbers or printed text, which cut down the forger's work, but the numbers, particularly "77," are a dead giveaway that the sentiment and the lighter blue add-on text were written by two different people.  Also, does the story behind this inscription pass the "smell test"?  If you saw the yearbook of a charming waitress on the countertop, would you pick it up and start writing in it without being asked to?  For a waitress you knew only in a business environment, would you write a really mushy compliment and end it with "Love"?  Instead of signing it with only your first name, which would be appropriate with the familiarity that goes with "love", would you sign it with your full name and abbreviated title, then print (not write cursively) a date that duplicates the date in the message, followed by the location?  Would you identify yourself as a "D.A." when you are only a deputy district attorney?

A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs.  On Twitter, Thomas Wictor has made a credible analysis establishing that the one piece of non-testimonial record against Moore, a yearbook notation purportedly by Judge Moore in 1977, is a forgery made with two different inks, and the "D.A." after his name (at a time when he was not district attorney) are the initials of his law clerk, who signed the court paper used as the forgery template.  Gloria Allred, notorious for sitting with unpersuasive sobbing women as she daubs their tears and peddles incredible tales, repeatedly refused to answer Wolf Blitzer's questions about whether the signature was a forgery and has said she never even asked her client, Mrs. Wilson, whether she actually saw Judge Moore sign it.  Moore has demanded the yearbook be turned over for forensic examination and Allred says she'll turn it over only to a (nonexistent) Senate Committee for its investigators to study.

A special counsel must investigate the Russia dossier, explain why Obama's FBI was involved.  For the past year, as our government has been mired in both an aimless and fruitless investigation into accusations of collusion between the Russian government and the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign, Democrats have insisted that Congress follow where the evidence leads in this investigation.  My Democratic colleagues are absolutely right.  Congress should follow where the facts lead.  However, they're leading in a very different direction than the mainstream media narrative might suggest.  With regard to the original purpose of the investigation, Congress has held multiple hearings and interviewed dozens of witnesses looking into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  There is nothing there.  It's time to move on.

Attacking Judge Moore's Morality Is a Dirty Leftist Trick.  Judge Moore is hated by Leftists and establishment Republicans because he is an outspoken, character-driven Christian conservative; a faithful courageous defender of our Constitution, principles and values which have made America great.  Moore elected to the U.S. Senate would be extremely helpful to Trump draining the swamp and making America great again.  Judge Moore's unwavering commitment to biblical morals and support of Trump's agenda makes Moore the last person fake news media, Hollywood, Democrats and RINO Republicans want to see in the U.S. Senate.  Therefore, it is not surprising that Leftists and RINOs are clamoring for Moore to drop out of the race; claiming Moore is morally unfit to serve.  These same people told us president Bill Clinton['s misbehavior] in the White House was none of our business.

The Real High Ground in the Moore Case.  [Bill] Clinton of course was guilty.  He admitted it.  But Democrats — and many Republicans — defended him, and the Senate refused to convict him for perjury and suborning perjury after his impeachment.  Now some senators want to expel Moore before the election.  Phooey.  That's virtue signaling.  Absent an admission of guilt between now and Election Day, he deserves the support of every Republican and of every conservative.  Vote for Moore and be a conservative, or vote for someone else and be a liberal.  Anything else is nonsense.

Judge Moore's Wife Kayla Moore:  We Are Gathering Evidence of Money Being Paid to Accusers.  Judge Roy Moore is running for US Senate in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions.  Judge Moore has NEVER been accused of inappropriate sexual conduct in his 38 years of public service before the charges this past week. [...] On Monday [11/13/2017] Roy Moore's wife of 30 years Kayla Moore wrote that they are gathering evidence the accusers are being paid to speak out against her husband.

Are We Sure About Roy Moore, Or Do You Just Hate Him?  The swiftest pile on over Roy Moore has come not from Democrats, but from a bunch of Republicans who have hated his guts for years.  And now it's pay back time.  Look, I know I'm going to get set on fire for this piece, but I think it needs to be said.  If the allegations are true, Roy Moore needs to step aside.  But how do we know?  I have to tell you that this seems like a political miracle for the Democrats with a most convenient timing and most convenient pile on.  To listen to most, if Roy Moore is guilty he needs to step aside and if he is innocent he needs to step aside and clear his name.  Moore's opponents have constructed the argument in such a way that the only way forward is for him to get out of the race.  That's awfully convenient for a lot of people who hate him for political reasons.

With or without a trial?
Senate GOP campaign chair:  Moore should be expelled if elected.  Senate Republicans escalated their calls for embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to leave the race — with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying he believes the women who have accused Moore of sexual misconduct and the chair of the GOP's campaign arm endorsing an effort to expel Moore should he be elected next month.  "I believe the individuals speaking out against Roy Moore spoke with courage and truth, proving he is unfit to serve in the United States Senate and he should not run for office," said Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  "If he refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate."

The Persecution Of Judge Roy Moore Shows Why The GOPe Must Be Defeated.  Former Democrat pollster Pat Caddell has referred to Republicans and Democrats as, respectively, 'the stupid party' and the 'corrupt party.' That labeling gets more appropriate every day, as evidenced by the way the dysfunctional GOP establishment is helping along the persecution of Judge Roy Moore, its Alabama Senate candidate.  As you'll remember, Judge Moore ran in the Alabama Primary against one of Mitch McConnell's swamp creatures, Luther Strange.  McConnell and his fellow New Tories spent $30 million dollars on the campaign (an absurdly large amount in Alabama) to get him in, but the people of Alabama knew exactly who Judge Roy Moore was, and weren't impressed.  And he won by a substantial percentage.

Trump is the Next Target after Roy Moore.  There's a reason why President Trump says that the fate of Senate candidate Roy Moore will depend on whether the charges against him are proven to be true.  Trump knows that if they get rid of Moore, using charges that obviously cannot be proven, he's their next target.  Sex-gate will follow Russia-gate.  In this atmosphere, women charging sexual harassment are easy to find, even if their charges cannot be proven.  The men are assumed to be guilty as charged.  One can argue that everything but the kitchen sink has already been thrown at Trump and he has survived nonetheless.  But since the election we have seen that the allegations of sexual harassment have been cast as a major blight on American society, making it more likely that "new" accusers against Trump will be found and that a new variation of the "scandal" will be used to cast a pall over the presidency.  The same members of the GOP establishment lined up against Moore will be called upon to dump Trump.

Roy Moore for Senate?  I agree with Paul [Mirengoff] that the Washington Post's allegation that Moore tried to seduce a 14-year-old girl 38 years ago is more likely false than true, particularly given the gaping hole in the accuser's story that has been attested to by her own mother.  Beyond that, I question whether a newly-surfaced, 38-year-old allegation should ever — short of murder or something nearly as heinous — be grounds for defeating a political candidate.  There is a reason why our criminal laws include statutes of limitation.  After decades have gone by, it is often impossible to prove (or disprove) an allegation.  The accuser in the present case remained silent for 38 years, during most of which time Moore was a prominent figure in Alabama politics.  Now, a few weeks before a U.S. Senate election, at the importuning of a team of reporters from the Washington Post who are obviously determined to bring down the candidate, she sees fit to accuse Moore.  One of the kinder words we apply to this sort of conduct in the law business is "estoppel."  It is much too late to dredge up an accusation from the 1970s.

Troy Has Fallen.  Don't Let Helen Trick You.  Today, we Americans find ourselves sinking into swamp after swamp of institutional corruption, from Washington's Russia eruptions to Hollywood's frisky lust to academia's sheer madness.  A question repeats ad nauseam:  How do they get away with this stuff?  How did gropers and pederasts run amok in our nation's media for decades without being challenged?  How did a web of state operatives, lobbyists, agents, and propagandists fool so many people with disinformation for so long without being caught?  And at last, how did colleges that were conceived as lights of reason and character formation plummet into such unreason and depravity with nobody to stop them?  It isn't the wickedness that staggers the mind, since most people understand the existence and reality of evil.  It is the evasion of justice.

JFK murder is a mirror maze that won't be solved by a few more documents.  Last week we came close to a milestone as President Trump released all but the last few hundred public documents related to the Kennedy assassination.  Considering that the assassination took place 54 years ago, and we live in what is touted as a transparent society in which the people are sovereign, it's not really much to be proud of.  But, on the other hand, when you realize that the Warren Commission had originally sealed many of the documents from its original investigation for 75 years, people my age are lucky we didn't have to live till 2039 to see what the government thought we couldn't handle.

Dems Are Loath to Weaponize Russia Probe Indictments.  The indictment of Donald Trump's former campaign chairman and the guilty plea entered by a former low-level foreign policy adviser seemed to hand Democrats a weightier cudgel with which to club the president's party this week.  But even though special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia collusion probe is picking up steam, Democratic strategists and campaign operatives are urging party members to tread carefully.  Research in the form of focus groups, polling, and on-the-ground conversations conducted by various Democratic groups suggests that reaction to GOP policy will drive their voters more effectively than the ongoing Russia investigations, however newsworthy they have become.  Democrats figure that the eventual conclusions reached by Mueller and congressional committees will speak loudly for themselves.  In the more immediate term, many Democrats argue the party will be more successful in its electoral efforts by focusing on economic issues that matter to everyday voters.

What is Mueller Investigating?  And Why?  This morning's Minneapolis Star Tribune reported, in a story that doesn't seem to have gotten a lot of national attention, that Robert Mueller's ever-widening investigation has ensnared Vin Weber, a former Minnesota Congressman and long-time Washington lobbyist: [...] Mueller's operation is leaking on a more or less daily basis.  Isn't that illegal?  Aren't grand jury proceedings supposed to be secret?  Maybe the Attorney General should appoint a special counsel to look into possible crimes associated with leaks by Mueller's staff.

The Cunningness Of The CIA's JFK Assassination Cover-Up.  [Scroll down]  It was one of the most brilliant and cunning ruses in history.  They get the body out of Parkland by force, in violation of Texas law, and put it in the hands of the military in Maryland, which conducts a secret fraudulent and bogus autopsy.  Lyndon Johnson telephones Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade on the night of the assassination and orders him to shut down any investigation of a conspiracy because it might lead to nuclear war.  As soon as Oswald is assassinated, the FBI orders Wade to turn over all his investigative files to the FBI.  At the same time, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach and FBI Head J. Edgar Hoover both write secret memos and reports saying any further investigation must stop immediately.  Lyndon Johnson gets Earl Warren and Sen. Richard Russel to join the Warren Commission by telling them that the assassination could lead to World War III.  Johnson appoints former CIA Director Allan Dulles, who Kennedy had fired as a result of the CIA's regime-change operation at the Bay of Pigs, to the Warren Commission, thereby guaranteeing that there will be no investigation of the CIA.  Then keep all the records secret for decades, when many people won't care anymore who killed President Kennedy.

It's Starting To Look Like Putin's Real Goal Was To Drive Americans Crazy — And Guess Who's Helping.  Here's a thought experiment.  What if Russia's goal in its machinations before the November election wasn't to get President Trump elected, but to sow discord and dissent in the U.S.?  If that's the case, Russia's investment has paid off handsomely, and blame for that rests not with Trump, but his political enemies.

Harvey Weinstein Set Off The Left's Version Of The Televangelist Scandal.  It didn't stop with Harvey Weinstein.  Of course it didn't.  We all knew he was just the tip of the iceberg.  The scandal of powerful men using their position to force their attentions on young women in more or less disgusting ways hasn't even stopped in Hollywood.  It is now spreading to the political media, where it is about to cause a similar devastating loss of moral credibility. [...] Here is just a partial list of the miscreants who have been outed in the past few weeks.

Of Course It Matters That Team Clinton Funded the Dossier.  [Scroll down]  My sense is that Russia was playing both sides in the 2016 presidential election.  Its goal was not to influence the outcome — an achievement the Russians understood to be beyond their capability.  Rather the goal was to undermine the credibility of our democratic system and, in the words of James Comey, to "freak people out." [...] The Russians have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, thanks to the unwillingness of Hillary Clinton and her backers in the mainstream media to live with the result of last November's presidential election.

Swamp Central:  U.S. State Department.  In the long process of draining the D.C. swamp, the executive department to watch is State, whose leadership has long enjoyed a revolving-door relationship with the Bush and Clinton political dynasties, the CIA and the Department of Defense.  For the swamp draining to be real and lasting, changes must be reflected not just around the edges, but in the heart of the swamp as well, and it must not simply pander to domestic populist priorities like immigration; it must restore respect for the common foundation of all civilization: authentic marriage and the natural family.  The true litmus test for making America — and the world — great our response to the culture-destroying "gay" agenda, and the true measure of our national sanity is whether we stop trying to force the world to normalize it.

Roger Goodell Fell for Mainstream Media's Fake Reality and Destroyed NFL (Possibly Forever).  Thanks to George W. Bush's terrible second term, two unbelievably awful Republican opponents in John McCain and Mitt Romney, not to mention the charisma and impressive political skills as the most leftwing senator in the country, Barry O won two national elections and did so by impressive margins.  The problem is that America's so-called Smart People misread these victories.  And by "Smart People," I am, of course, sarcastically referring to Democrats, the imbecilic Republican establishment, and the corrupt national media — all of whom deluded themselves into believing that Obama's victory meant that the country had not just moved to the left, but to the far left.  Buoyed by this mistaken belief, not only did the Democrat Party move to the far-left (Warren, Bernie, Hillary 7.0, etc), so did the media.

America Has Built the Most Comfortable Civilization in the World.  Agatha Christie in "At Bertram's Hotel" makes a comment about Americans liking their rooms warmer in winter, and needing air conditioning in the summer.  There was a faint sneer to the words.  Americans, you know, like to be comfortable, and aren't hardened, easy-going travelers like the rest of the world.  They don't put up with discomfort and inconvenience with a smile.  For some reason, this is held against us.  The thing is, you stack all your cathedrals, all your palazzos, the broad expanses of European plazas, of arches and columns and ancient paintings, and they're all very fine, very impressive, very worth seeing.  But you can't have them and ease and comfort in the same day.  Because nowhere in Europe, no matter how much you're paying (unless you are at the very top of the tree and paying multi-millionaire type of money) will you find the consistent comfort and ease of American life.

The Mythical Far Right.  Few ideas are as silly or destructive as the idea that there is an "ideological spectrum" that has at one extreme Nazis and fascists and at the other end communists.  There is no "far right" that connects in any way with conservatism.  The communists and Nazis are not simply totalitarians, but totalitarians who believe in almost identical values.  That is why Orwell in 1984 could describe an Inner Party that everyone understands but fits nowhere on an "ideological spectrum."  Moving too far in the direction of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater never, ever leads to totalitarianism, but moving too far in the direction of Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi always leads to totalitarianism.

America Divided: It Starts With the Democratic Party.  Five political worldviews are currently vying for supremacy in the public square:  identity politics, progressive class-based redistributionism, libertarian anti-statism, reform conservatism, and Trumpist populism.  Despite some tensions, the first two co-exist in the Democratic Party.  The other three are jostling for control of the Republican Party.

Are the California wildfires Jerry Brown's Katrina?  Nobody knows with certainty the cause(s) of the Northern California wildfires that have overwhelmed the capacity of governments to in any way contain them.  A few theories exist.  NASA blames lightning, but I am not sure how much credence NASA deserves.

The Editor says...
If the wildfires were caused by lightning, why are they confined to California?  Is there no lightning in Mexico or Oregon?

Congress warned that NoKo EMP attack could kill 90% of Americans.  The House Homeland Security Committee heard expert testimony yesterday on the effects of a high-altitude nuclear detonation that could knock out the U.S. electrical grid for up to a year, resulting in the deaths of 90% of Americans.  A nuclear attack from space would generate an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that would "inflict devastating damage" on the U.S.

The Editor says...
When people talk about news media sensationalism (and click bait), the article above is the kind of thing they're talking about.  News media outlets thrive on fear and uncertainty, as do politicians.  But let's step back and look at this EMP threat for a moment, since the whole issue is hypothetical at this point.
  [#1]  North Korea can just barely get a rocket off the ground and splash it in the ocean.  If they could hit a specific target, they would aim for the biggest U.S. city they could reach, which would either be in Hawaii, Alaska or Guam.  In doing so, they would have to understand that it would likely be a suicidal act.
  [#2]  Even if North Korea could deliver an H-bomb to North America, they wouldn't waste their first strike on an EMP pulse over Kansas.  They would hit Los Angeles or New York with it, hoping the U.S. Congress would be reluctant to retaliate in kind.
  [#3]  If an EMP attack is so destructive, why hasn't the U.S. used such a weapon in the Middle East, and why hasn't Russia done it to Ukraine, etc.?  Nobody has ever attempted an EMP attack, yet everybody seems 100 percent sure it would be 100 percent effective, the first time it's tried (by the most technologically primitive nuclear power in the world).
  [#4]  The central processor in a computer is on a chip, inside a grounded metal case, which is usually inside a grounded metal box.  The energy from a pulse unleashed over Oklahoma would not be sufficient to cut through the shielding, in my opinion.  Maybe your modem would be fried, and your memory chips would be flaky, but then again, maybe not.  There might be a momentary surge on your power line, but if your entire house goes up 1000 volts and back down, that's not an issue, as long as the whole house floats up and down.  In other words, damage would be done by differential voltage rather than common-mode voltage.  Unless your cell phone is connected to a charger, the entire device is floating.
  [#5]  The power grid, as I've said before, has widely-distributed protection against lightning, not to mention the unavoidable resistance of the wires, which would go a long way toward protecting against (other forms of) pulsed energy from the sky.
  [#6]  If the event of a missile attack on North America, NORAD should be able to provide the utilities with at least 10 minutes warning, which would be time enough to open every switch in the system, so induced energy wouldn't sweep through the whole grid.
  [#7]  If an EMP attack wipes out all the cell phones and televisions, we would be back to 1948, when America was a superpower.  Americans watch too much TV anyhow, and most people with cell phones pay entirely too much attention to the phone.  It doesn't take much high-tech to get radio stations back on the air.  It doesn't take much training to learn to use a map (or a dictionary or a newspaper or a cookbook or the post office) instead of the phone. 
  [#8]  There are more generators installed in the U.S. than anyone realizes, and power would be systematically restored within a matter of days.  I can't imagine that a single pulse from 1,000 miles away would burn up a 10,000-amp generator at the power station.
  [#9]  Other countries around the world would be happy to assist with our recovery and reconstruction.  Unless they've been hit, too.
  [#10]  If an EMP attack is even moderately successful, and American resilience and ingenuity gets all the lights back on in two or three weeks, obviously another EMP attack will occur at that time.  If it's such an effective weapon, other countries will likely pile on.
  [#11]  If I'm wrong about all the above, then we'll just have to use our wits, adapt, improvise, and live like the pioneers for a while (and the pioneers didn't have canned food and bottled water).  The people who are most hysterical about the EMP threat are the same people who preach "survival of the fittest" in the public schools.
  [#12]  In the aftermath of a wholesale power outage, life will be more difficult, especially if we're all rounded up and "housed" for our own protection.  I'm a lot more wary of big government tyranny than reckless enemies with nukes.

Who Would You Want For A Boss — Mike Pence or Harvey Weinstein?  This isn't a difficult question.  Unless you live in Hollywood, and you were willing to accept this sexual abuse because it was Harvey Weinstein.  So long as he said all the right things, gave the right people money, and supported all the right causes, he continued to prey on women.

Humanity and Mr. Killer Paddock.  First of all, I keep reading that somehow it's unique in human history that men gather innocent human beings together, pen them up, and then slaughter them in large numbers.  The tragic fact of human nature is that mass killings of totally innocent human beings are not at all unusual.  Genghis Khan swept across Europe and Asia killing by the hundreds of thousands when it had to be done by hand and not by machines.  His victims were as innocent as could be.  In World War II, the Nazis killed Jews and Russians by the millions, making no distinction at all between the men and the women, the children and the adults.  A common way for them to do this was to unload cattle cars filled with Jews, line them up in fields, make them dig their own graves, then machine gun them.  The earth would still be rising and falling for days after the "burial."  Even before that, in World War I, the Turks killed one and a half million Armenians by shooting and starvation and exposure, and the world said nothing.  The Führer was inspired.  Stalin killed by the tens of millions, almost all civilians.  Not only did no one stop him, but many in the elite circles in the West thought of him as a hero.

An Unreal Existence.  At the end of the 20th century people believed in the truth.  While they had several truths, — liberalism, conservativism, classic Communism of the kind once espoused by Che Guevara and in places a naive form of apocalyptic Islam — at least each believed the world's problems could be solved if their truth should triumph over the rest.  The clash of civilizations since September 11, 2001 has left every culture wounded and guilty in its own way.  Western civilization, dominant through the modern era appears to be destroying itself in self-hatred, literally choosing extinction.

Stephen Paddock's 'secret life'.  My guess is that the "secret life" [Stephen] Paddock led was part of a life plan he absorbed from his father, who twice lived a life on the run from police under phony identities he manufactured.

False flag in Vegas shooting?  Stephen Paddock, 64, has been named as the Las Vegas shooter.  He is dead.  He killed 58 people at a concert and wounded 515 others.  In the Congress, calls are rising for new gun control laws..."  But, as it turns out, the evidence suggests there were multiple shooters in the Mandalay Hotel.  Paddock may or may not have been one of them.  The overall operation was designed to invoke widespread horror and fear, and usher in new restrictions on gun ownership. [...] [T]he background of the purported shooter, Stephen Paddock, gives no indication of any competence with auto weapons, gives no indication he could have dealt with the problems and challenges of using such a weapon — and on top of that, his state of mind at the time, as an non-professional, would have been unstable, to say the least.  Any reasonable law-enforcement group investigating this mass shooting would certainly keep its options open, regarding other perpetrators.  But that is not what is happening here.  The books are closed on this case.  There is no going back.  The desired result has been achieved.  One shooter, mass killings.  End of story.  Objective achieved.  That rush to judgment and "closure" is also a prime feature of the false flag.  It has to be.

The bitter fruit of Hefner's life's work has helped poison American families.  Hugh Hefner didn't invent pornography, and it would no doubt be thriving today even if he hadn't founded Playboy magazine those many years ago.  After all, man is fallen, and somebody would have filled that depraved niche in American life.  Hefner, however, played his part, and the part he played was immensely destructive to our nation's cultural, moral, and spiritual fabric.  Hefner mainstreamed porn, he put it in millions of homes, and he even glamorized it — recasting one of America's most pathetic industries as the playground of the sophisticated rich.  He then grew to a ripe old age, consorting with women young enough to be his granddaughters.  He was America's most famous dirty old man.

Hugh Hefner Was A Creepy Old Pornographer.  So Why Are Leftists Celebrating Him?  Let's be clear about one thing:  Hefner's attempt to glorify the "swinging" lifestyle was a dressed-up version of pure hedonism.  While he said he liked to listen to jazz, talk about Nietzsche, and be surrounded by beautiful women, he's only famous because of the last element:  without publishing pictures of bare breasts, Hugh Hefner would have been a nearly-anonymous, seedy-type trying to hit on women who could pass for his granddaughters.  Hefner is iconic only because our culture has been so degraded. [...] The media may pretend that Hefner's "sophistication" is the reason they're praising him today, but it's his obscenity and his open hatred of traditional morality that really turned them on.

Tom Cruise's Latest Film Fabricates History to Attack President Reagan.  Ronald Reagan, we were told in the 1980s, brought to the White House a worldview suffused with America-boosting Hollywood cliché and informed by dodgy facts.  Liberals blanched when Tom Cruise amplified this voice in the Reaganite Top Gun.  Three decades on, the charge is being trotted out again, only this time it is Cruise who is making it, in a film suffused with America-bashing Hollywood cliché and informed by dodgy facts.  Cruise plays Barry Seal, a real-life Louisiana TWA pilot-turned-drug smuggler for the Medellin Cartel who got rich in the 1970s and 1980s before he was eventually busted.  Desperate, he volunteered to turn informant for the DEA and earned the wrath of the drug lords after photographing some of them with cameras the CIA had installed on his plane.  All of this is shown in American Made, but as far as I can tell, most of the rest is fabricated.

Igor, bar the door.  Shared values can't exist in a world where each ever splintering group seeks its own "safe space" only a step ahead of the pursuing harpies of cultural appropriation.  "Divide and conquer" couldn't live in the same town as "we are the world" forever.  Sooner or later the global project had to square off against identity politics and it looks like the hyphens are winning.

That Shooting At Georgia Tech Was Suicide By Cop.  What with all of the other rioting going on all over the country, you're to be forgiven if you missed the latest mayhem breaking out around Georgia Tech this week.  It resulted from the shooting of a student there by the name of Scout Schultz on Saturday night [9/16/2017].  Schultz reportedly "identified as neither male nor female" but based on the pictures and some of the local reporting I'm going with male because I can't be bolloxed with writing an entire column while dancing around the use of pronouns. [...] Since it was a student being shot by the police, the New Normal dictates that people have to immediately take to the streets.

The NDAA is Fatally Flawed and Threatens National Security.  Looking at some of the early Christmas gifts buried deep on the National Defense Authorization Act for both liberals like Elizabeth Warren and our enemies like North Korea and Iran, it's almost hard believe Republicans won an election in November.  Somehow, deep in the fine print almost no one in Washington ever reads, are a series of provisions snuck in to the NDAA by Senator Warren and Obama Administration holdovers at the Defense Department that will actually make America less safe and grow government bureaucracy.

Is Google attempting to cover up an inconvenient hurricane truth?  Since nobody else seems to want to stick their neck out, this old fool might as well do it and point out the obvious: those who have shouldered the heavy lifting in the disaster and rescue work in South Texas and South Florida during our hurricane events have been — with plenty of exceptions, of course — those hated white males the left loves to disparage. [...] If you care to take the time to review the endless stream of videos out there from these disasters, particularly of the widespread flooding from Harvey, one truth quickly jumps out at you: the Americans driving those boats and operating other rescue vehicles are far and away mostly white males, and a disproportionate number of those being rescued are people of color.  Yes, there are numerous Hispanics and some blacks among the rescuers, but the undeniable reality is that the bulk of that huge rescue team was lily-white — and, even worse for liberals, Southerners, which represents a truly inconvenient truth for all those rabid progressives who would have the world believe that Southern White Males are all vicious racists, most of whom have freshly laundered white-sheet KKK attire hanging in their closets.

Flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  My independent atomic elemental analysis of flu vaccines, published in the summer of 2014, proved that flu vaccines contain over 50 ppm mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal linked to kidney failure, birth defects, spontaneous abortions and neurological damage.  This finding has never been refuted by anyone.  In fact, it was affirmed by vaccine proponents who insisted that it is perfectly safe to inject pregnant women, young children and senior citizens with mercury even though the flu vaccine insert itself readily admits there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in such groups.  Believe it or not, there are still millions of people, doctors, pharmacists and even journalists who do not yet realize there is a very high concentration of mercury in influenza vaccines given to pregnant women, children and senior citizens.  Most people, you see, have been lied to by the media which has stated over and over again that mercury was removed from all vaccines.  That's simply not true.

Electing to Investigate Voter Fraud.  Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes' non-efforts to prevent voter fraud are typical of Democrat officials.  She sounds like your run-of-the-mill, corrupt Democrat capo from Philly or Pittsburgh whose primary objective is maintaining Democrats' power without regard for the rule of law or maintaining a civil society.  Both social norms and the Constitution are targeted by the nihilist, communist left/Democrat Party for annihilation. [...] Leftist apparatchiks like Snipes are vital to the Joey Stalins of the Democrat Party, the malevolent Schumer and abortionist Pelosi.  Snipes most likely considers Antifa to be a community organizing group; in fact, it is — like ACORN and Black Lives Matter — violent, anti-American, communist, and darlings of the mainstream media.

Climate Change Sermon at Hurricane Relief Concert.  Last night our favorite celebrities held a benefit concert for victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  So kind, right?  Well it didn't take long for those self-righteous stars to turn a charity night into a political statement because, why let a good tragedy go to waste, right?  [Video clip]

Houston, We Have a Problem.  Houston / Harris County has two enormous "dry reservoirs," along with several hundred (regular) reservoirs, bayous, stream beds and other infrastructure designed to collect the water of torrential rainfalls to prevent flooding.  The two dry reservoirs, being dry, do not help the city survive periods of drought, as the rest of the system does.  They are only to temporarily hold the waters of massive rainfalls.  One of these two dry reservoirs is Addicks Reservoir, within which is Harris County Bear Creek Park.  Normally, the land of this reservoir is used for recreation.  For example, park land.  Also, athletic fields.  The other dry reservoir is Barker Reservoir.  Within this reservoir is George Bush Park.  This park offers a mix of amenities similar to that offered by Bear Creek Park.  The two dry reservoirs and the rest of the water control system were put into place following the floods of 1935.  The system was supposed to contain the rush of water associated with massive downpours perhaps even the size of Hurricane Harvey.  But, over time, the city sold pieces of land constituting its reservoir system, reducing the capacity of the system and, of course, the city failed to maintain its (mere earthen) dams.  So, over time, the capacity of the system to absorb torrential rainfall was severely diminished.

Flashback — Admitted Occultist Sally Quinn Ridiculed Sarah Palin's Christian Faith.  Back in 2009, when journalist/socialite Sally Quinn used the pages of the leftwing Washington Post to blast former-Governor Sarah Palin's Christian faith, all we knew about Quinn was that she was a committed atheist (this is someone the Washington Post thought should run its religious section).  What we did not know about Quinn, because she did not want us to know, is that while The Queen of Pro-Science could not bring herself to believe in God, what she did believe in was the occult, the dark arts, voodoo, and the power of the hex.  Quinn believes so strongly in her own witch-like powers, she is certain that she is responsible for the deaths of three people, three innocent people who died after Quinn hit them with a hex.

The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels.  [Scroll down]  Our Navy should now be something like I described back in 2000 — lots of drones, surface, subsurface and air, being controlled by nodes which take the info back quickly to centralized areas for decisions on action.  The weapons can be delivered by drones as well.  Why we are still dropping iron bombs on top of targets before they are softened up is beyond me.  Iron bombs have their place, and so do manned aircraft, but they are truly expensive to lose.  We need to do better.

With Hurricane Irma, Private Volunteers — Not Gov't — Again Lead Way In Relief.  As with Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma has severely tested Americans' generosity and willingness to help their fellow human beings in a time of need.  And they have once again passed the test with flying colors.

The Great Hate Flood of 2017.  [Scroll down]  Who knew?  Apparently not the legions of leftist fanatics who openly salivated at the idea that thousands of white redneck bigots would be drowning in Texas last week.  So eager were they to revel in the idea of a PMS-enraged Goddess punishing these inbred racists with a hurricane and flooding, they didn't check to see that the area getting walloped went solidly blue in the 2016 elections.  The blood-red parts of Texas — where all those foul-spirited subhuman Republican white rednecks live, the ones who put Trump over the top and gave him the nation's second-largest electoral prize, those morally retarded mutant throwbacks who live and breathe on pure fumes of hatred — were mostly untouched by Harvey's destruction.  Can you imagine these progressive sadists' bitter moral agony when informed that there would be no rainbows in Houston until the storms had taken a rainbow coalition of human lives?  Can you picture the tears that fell sadly to the ground when they realized that not only white people would be dying?

Stop Blaming Houston's Libertarian Zoning For Hurricane Harvey's Destruction.  The media is determined to blame Houston's urban developers for the hurricane's devastation.  That isn't a comprehensive, balanced understanding of the situation.

Did Joe Arpaio receive a fair hearing from an unbiased judge?  My position on the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is that it was a reasonable exercise of the president's pardon power.  Not pardoning the sheriff would also have been reasonable, in my opinion.  Indeed, as I said in my post on the subject, I don't like presidential pardons.  Absent overwhelming evidence that the person getting the pardon did not commit the offense for which he was convicted, my preference is no pardon.  The Arpaio pardon does not meet that standard.  However, Arpaio's offense arises from his efforts to combat a serious problem of lawlessness — illegal immigration — that the federal government refused to take seriously.  Arpaio was filling a void created by the feds, a void that inflicted hardship on the people Arpaio was elected to serve.  In addition, political animus by those who opposed Arpaio's efforts to fill the void left by the feds appears to have driven the legal case against him.

Warning: The Race War Is Being Engineered.  [T]he corporate media (which is owned by a handful of corporations) have the power to influence your thinking and, as a result, keep you afraid or angry.  The media (and the people behind it) are working together to create conflict.  To stir the pot.  To stoke the flames.  In reality, for the average American these issues truly represent a small slice of the issues which are of immediate threat to their freedoms and livelihood.  While I believe all people should oppose low-level, primitive thinking such as racism and bigotry, we should be hesitant to let these stories and pundits play on our fears and push us into violent action.  Also, we should remain skeptical and be aware there are infiltrators and provocateurs involved with promoting these fears.

Does the Left Know Something's Coming Involving Guns?  This sounds a little "out there," but we live in a time when what is going on beneath the surface dwarfs what we see as the end result of someone's planning.  So what if the discordant calls for gun control are because those politicians, anarchists, and activists (though I repeat myself) have foreknowledge of some kind of planned escalation of their brand of "protest" and are setting the stage for disingenuous "I told you sos'?  What if they have something of a timeline along which they either believe that things will happen or will make things happen, to escalate the blitzkrieg of media and hysteria by which they effect "change" — meaning a coup?  What if they and the media are in bed together on this, too, and have prepared their stories and narratives ahead of time? [...] Seeing the unprecedented dishonesty we have seen over the last nine years, practiced by unethical zealots who see their opportunity to gain full control over the wealth of an entire nation, is this too ridiculous to imagine?

The Insatiable Left.  Steve Bannon, the wily provocateur who helped push President Trump across the finish line in the bloody 2016 presidential contest, has resigned from his position as White House Chief Strategist. [...] Democrats are quicker to hop on opportunity than rats looking for scraps in a dumpster.  But even some Republicans couldn't help jumping on the "fire Bannon" band wagon.

The human cost of hate, and the high price of love.  If life were as simple as the mainstream media makes it out to be, then we would have the luxury of never having to think about anything.  We could all march in lockstep from birth to death, never disagreeing, never finding nuance, never having to worry about the other side — because there wouldn't be another side.  Of course, there are such simple societies, but come to think of it, they are simply horrible.  I'm talking about the nations, cultures and religions that don't tolerate diversity of opinion, ethnicity or religion.  I'm talking about Germany under Hitler, China under Mao, Russia under Stalin, Cambodia under Pol Pot, the Islamic State under al-Baghdadi, Korea under the Kims.  In each of those cases, the people have been told what to think — and variance from those instructions often has meant a death sentence.

Navy's Report on Fitzgerald Collision Is Evidence Of Corruption.  Two months after the USS Fitzgerald's June 18 collision with a freighter in the Sea Of Japan, the Navy announced that the ship's commanding officer, executive officer, and senior enlisted man were being relieved of their positions. [...] The Fitz's damage control fiasco may be a small reflection of the OOD's failure on the bridge.  What was that officer doing before the collision that so diverted his/her judgment, and after the collision that it took him/her 14 minutes to sound General Quarters?  Drugs?  Sex?  What kinds of people and policies are in at the controls in today's Navy?  Unfortunately, the Navy is giving us one more example of how America's ruling class deals with its failures:  indict formal scapegoats, issue long reports that sidestep the key issues, and close the matter by promising to "continue the investigation."  That is why serious persons assume that official reports are cover-ups.

Apple Funds Left-Wing Hate Group.  As has been documented many times, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a left-wing hate group that has blood on its hands.  I don't know whether [Apple CEO Tim] Cook shares SPLC's hateful agenda, or whether he is just a naive stooge.  Either way, Apple has aligned itself with some very bad actors.

The Left Is Doing Exactly What White Nationalists Want.  It wasn't long ago that Americans were being told repeatedly not to overreact to Islamic terrorism, because that would only serve as a terrorist recruiting tool.  That's worth remembering now, in the wake of the white supremacist attack in Charlottesville, Va. [...] Liberals and the press should know that wildly exaggerating the size and influence of these racist miscreants only serves as a powerful recruiting tool for more disaffected whites to join their ranks.  Ignoring these idiotic marches, in contrast, will starve these people of what they want more than anything else — attention.

One Easy Way Democrats Can Stop Neo-Nazis.  In Dallas, a black nationalist activist shot and killed 5 police officers at a Black Lives Matter anti-police rally.  Instead of condemning BLM, Barack Obama defended a racist hate group whose role model is Assata Shakur, a wanted black nationalist cop killer, at the funerals of the murdered officers.  The left killed civil rights and replaced it with black nationalism.  The racial supremacism of black nationalism that killed those officers is everywhere. [...] But racism is a two-way street.  So is violence.  Extremists feed into each other.  You can't legitimize one form of racism without legitimizing all of them.  The media may advance this hypocritical position.  Obama used the shameful "reverse racism" euphemism that distinguishes between black and white racism.  But propaganda and spin don't change the physics of human nature.  Either all racism is bad.  Or all racism is acceptable.

Trump Was Right to Condemn Violence on 'Many Sides' in Charlottesville.  President Donald Trump reacted to Saturday's [8/12/2017] violence in Charlottesville by condemning violence "on many sides."  His critics pounced, saying that he should have specifically condemned violence by white supremacists, and that by not doing so, he in fact condoned such violence.  The critics are guilty of a double standard, and of exploiting the violence for political gain, widening America's divisions at a time when national unity is the only proper course.

Is Charlottesville What's Really Going On in the USA?  [Scroll down]  [T]he Klan, although it's the most famous and features the ever-popular David Duke, is not the only organization of wretched white supremacist nut cases.  There are a number of others.  So for the sake of argument, let's say there are as many as 100,000 white supremacists in America today. (This is undoubtedly a vast exaggeration, but let's use it, as I said, for the sake of argument.)  Meanwhile, since the 1920s, our population has more than tripled to some 325 million.  Using the figure of 100,000 white supremacists (not many of whom made it to Charlottesville fortunately), this puts the percentage of white supremacists in the U.S. at a puny 0.03%.  Terrible people, yes, but no epidemic by any stretch of the imagination.

Skokie and Charlottesville:  Compare and Contrast Nazi marches.  Those who have followed the origins of the Charlottesville riot know that this same Supreme Court decision [National Socialist Party v. Skokie] was held to apply there, too, as the ACLU once again rode to rescue of the rights of Nazis to the same free speech protections as groups favored by public sentiment.  The two marches are linked in their DNA by a common ancestor, the ACLU.  So what was different this time?  Clearly, it was the fact that unlike 40 years ago, the Left is prepared to violently prevent the exercise of First Amendment rights.  Yes, the Nazis are repugnant.  They were repugnant forty years ago, too, and if anything, more so because they targeted a community that was home to many Holocaust survivors.

Celebrate the WWII Ending Atomic Bombs for the Millions of Lives Saved.  Like their soldiers on these islands [Saipan, Iwo Jima, Tarawa, Guadalcanal], the 73 million Japanese prepared to defend to the last man, woman, and child their almost 146,000 square mile homeland.  Everyone who could fight was being trained and armed; even children were taught to fight with spears.  The death toll promised to be horrendous.  The American forces anticipated 1,000,000 casualties including at least 150,000 dead.  The atomic bombs convinced the Japanese to surrender saving American lives and avoiding the extinction, or near extinction of the Japanese people.  While the death toll from the atomic bombs was high, Hiroshima 80,000 and Nagasaki 40,000, they were not extreme in WWII.  The March 9-10, 1945 bombing raid on Tokyo took about 100,000 lives, the raids on Hamburg took about 42,000 lives, the raids on Dresden took 25,000 lives, raids on London took perhaps 50,000 lives.  Compared to the perhaps 60-70 million Japanese that might have died in the invasion of Japan, the death toll from the atomic bombs was low and a small price to pay for the lives saved.

Silencing ALL opposition voices:  Inside The Media Matters Playbook.  Even to casual observers, it has been obvious for months that the left is orchestrating a tightly-coordinated campaign to undermine and delegitimize the current presidential administration.  As an extension of the decades-long campaign to wrestle the narrative away from conservatives, independents and centrists, they're smearing right-leaning commentators with anything they can find. [...] So, what exactly do they want?  Nothing less than complete control over political discourse in America.

While Trashing Trump, Apple Is Selling Its Soul To Do Business In China.  Tech giant Apple Inc. is increasingly caving to the demands of communist China in order to stay in a market where it is losing ground and advancing authoritarian objectives in exchange for short-term profits and, potentially, long-term losses.  China is Apple's second-largest market and could eventually become the company's biggest market, but Apple's China sales are declining.  As the company struggles to maintain a share of the Chinese market, it has increasingly kowtowed to Beijing, delivering blow after blow to internet freedom, human rights causes, and fair-market practices.  At the same time, its leadership continuously criticizes the American president while harping on progressive causes at home.

Is America on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown or Civil War?  [Scroll down]  Can the Deep State co-exist with an awakened populace, even a partially awakened one?  Increasingly, beneath all the leaks and counter-leaks, the missing emails and accusations, what we are looking at is a sclerotic system that has become increasingly built on self-preservation and not on the people's will, in fact is largely disinterested in and disconnected from that will.  Call [Michael] Savage an extremist or whatever you want, but the truth is we are clearly on the edge of something explosive.  The number of leaks is astronomical and they seem to come from everywhere, including our intelligence agencies, the FBI, and inside the White House.

Sanctions, Smoke and Mirrors from a Kindergarten on LSD.  The latest US sanctions and the Russian retaliatory response have resulted in a torrent of speculations in the official media and the blogosphere — everybody is trying to make sense of a situation which appears to make no sense at all.  Why in the world would the US Senate adopt new sanctions against Russia when Russia has done absolutely nothing to provoke such a vote?  Except for Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, every single US Senator voted in favor of these sanctions.  Why?!  This is even more baffling when you consider that the single biggest effect of these sanctions will be to trigger a rift, and possibly even counter-sanctions, between the US and the EU.  What is absolutely clear is that these sanctions will have exactly zero effect on Russia and I don't think anybody is seriously expecting the Russians to change anything at all in their policies.  And yet, every Senator except Paul and Sanders voted for this.  Does that make any sense to you?

Stop Calling Jesus a Socialist.  To make Jesus of Nazareth a socialist is to give credence to an alternative account in which he is useful only when he speaks of someone else's finances.  The socialist structure demands giving without first inspiring generosity and getting without gratitude, but as for the Kingdom of Heaven, the object of its judgment is the inner life, ignoring status, and calling to account the conduct of the slave as a slave and the master as a master.  It is her witness to this judgment that makes the church a body of grave opposition to those like Bernie Sanders.

We All Need to Admit that America Has a Tattoo Problem.  If America can be divided into those who don't have tattoos and those who do, the two groups seem to be rapidly approaching equilibrium.  About one in five Americans have tattoos, and among 18-29 year-olds the latest figures peg those with ink at 40 percent.  Speaking of percentages, the Air Force is so hard up for recruits that it recently eliminated its "25 percent rule."  Like all military regulations, the 25 percent rule is painfully exact, but loosely stated, it meant that you weren't eligible to serve, much less join a bomber crew ferrying around nuclear weapons, unless you were capable of exercising good enough judgment not to cover more than a quarter of your body in tattoos.  Back in the good old days, the problem was getting tattoos after you joined the military.

Why No Warning Label on Marijuana?  The federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires all drugs in the United States to be shown safe and effective before being marketed in the United States.  Now that the manufacture and sale of marijuana is legal in Colorado, California, and six other states, why hasn't the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required warning labels on marijuana?  The FDA has plenary powers, including the outright prohibition of the marketing of unsafe drugs.  It has similar statutory authority to issue an order recalling drugs, although recalls are normally done voluntarily by drug manufacturers.

Procter & Gamble's Identity-Politics Pandering.  Once upon a time, brothers-in-law William Procter and James Gamble sold candles and soap.  Their 19th-century family business grew into the largest consumer goods conglomerate in the world — launching the most recognizable brands on our grocery shelves, including Tide, Pampers, Crest, Nyquil and Old Spice.  Now, Procter & Gamble want to conquer a new market:  identity-politics pandering.  Industry marketers aren't satisfied with selling useful products people want and need.  They're hell-bent on transforming successful businesses into social justice busybodies.

That's Just Your Opinion:  Moral Relativism and the Death of Liberty.  The protection of individual liberty is the core purpose of American government, built into our nation's framework.  As I've aged, I've come to believe that this is the fundamental distinction that separates the American idea from the rest of the world.  And I've come to understand that to destroy our notion of individual liberty requires the institution of this silly notion of moral relativism, where your opinion and mine are equal simply because we have opinions and a vote.

Russian dossier operator Fusion GPS in business of doing dirty deeds for corrupt dictatorships.  The secretive Washington firm that commissioned the sensational anti-Trump campaign research dossier also advised corrupt Venezuelan officials accused of conducting a lucrative money laundering scheme, a respected international human rights group told lawmakers probing the Russian election-meddling scandal.  Thor Halvorssen, head of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, told the Senate Judiciary Committee in written testimony that Washington-based political intelligence firm Fusion GPS operated a campaign against journalists who threatened to expose a multibillion-dollar fraud involving faulty South American electric power plants, the laundering of its proceeds in U.S. banks and a kickback scheme to pay off Venezuelan officials.

Combat Veteran:  War Is No Place For The Gender Confused.  Combat veteran J.R. Salzman said Wednesday morning [7/26/2017] in the wake of President Donald Trump's military transgender ban that a war theater is no place for the gender confused.  In a tweet series, Salzman recounted his experiences in Iraq in 2006, when he was stationed at an isolated firebase in the blazing heat and experienced constant stress from the intense nature of his job.

The CBO's Cryptic Approach To Scoring Laws Undermines Public Confidence.  Efforts by Republican lawmakers to repeal the Affordable Care Act in recent months have repeatedly collapsed after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scored the various bills using a closely guarded analytic process done entirely behind closed doors.  As Republicans released proposed legislation, the CBO announced its views about its effect on the federal budget and how it would affect the number of people without health insurance but didn't provide a clear account of how those numbers were reached.

David Axelrod, son of communists, suddenly worried about Trump's meeting with Putin.  David Axelrod, President Obama's former political strategist, is stroking his chin about President Trump's supposed "second" conversation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, coming at the G-20 in Berlin a while back. [...] Would that be the same David Axelrod whose family was found by journalist Paul Kengor to be full-blown, card-carrying communists when young David was growing up in Stuyvesant Town on Manhattan's Lower East Side?  The same ones who were Soviet dupes, as Kengor found, and in tight with now revealed KGB agent I.F. Stone?  Communists so tight in the inner circle of communists that they were buddies with Obama's Communist Party mentor, Frank Marshall Davis?

Mueller's Investigation Must Be Limited and Accountable.  How much goalpost moving should be tolerable in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation? [...] The investigation is a moving target because of its slippery vocabulary.  It has been discussed and analyzed through the prism of "collusion" and "counterintelligence."  When we think of an "investigation," the connotation is a criminal proceeding — crimes, penal law, grand juries, subpoenas, warrants, arrests ... prosecution.  In that thicket, the terms "collusion" and "counterintelligence" are outliers.  The former is a vague term that blurs the legally salient lines between mere association and conspiracy — that is, the difference between innocence and guilt.

Philly Archbishop Decries Vatican Article Attacking U.S. Christians as 'Willfully Ignorant'.  In a hard-hitting essay, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has joined the dozens of Christian leaders who have denounced the ignorant and insulting article published last week by the Vatican-vetted journal, La Civiltà Cattolica.  The essay by papal confidants Father Antonio Spadaro SJ and Rev. Marcelo Figueroa paints an offensive caricature of conservative Christians in the United States as politically ambitious racists who promote an "ecumenism of hate" and long to impose a theocratic state. [...] The Archbishop also makes the politically incorrect but undeniably accurate observation that the goal of much gay activism today goes beyond mere equality for the same-sex attracted and extends to a desire to "punish those who oppose the LGBT cultural agenda," something publicly acknowledged by gay activist Tim Gill last month.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer Releases NAFTA Objectives.  It cannot be overstated how critical this is.  Please, please, understand.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.  All political opposition to President Donald Trump will increase in exponential severity as the dates of these renegotiated trade deals draws closer.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.  The entities outlined below will throw everything at the current administration in an effort to secure a better financial outcome for their interests.  Multinational Corporations, Wall Street interests and Multinational Financial stakeholders (mostly banks and foreign governments), have lobbied DC politicians for decades to create trade outcomes favorable to them.  It is, at its core, the financial and policy cancer that has distributed America's physical and financial wealth globally.  Additionally, multinational corporate media are part of this entire process and are stakeholders in the outcomes.

Trump-Hatred Is All About Islam.  One and a quarter billion people, roughly a fifth of the world's population, cannot make the leap from tribal society into the modern world.  Their anguish and rage is a source of continuous instability and an occasional threat to the security of Western countries.  Western leaders from George W. Bush to Pope Francis I struggled to avoid a clash of civilizations, praising Islam as a religion of peace.  Trump, by contrast, told Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia May 21 that the onus was on them to extirpate terrorists from their countries and mosques.  Trump isn't seeking civilizational war.  He's giving Muslim leaders fair warning and a chance to avoid it.  That is what the whole kerfuffle is about.

Fox News Takes a Sharp Left Turn.  If any doubts remained that the Fox News channel is continuing to swerve from its conservative roots, they were erased on July 16, 2017 when Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D., a principal architect of Obamacare and a barely hinged spin doctor for the Democrat socialist left, appeared on the channel's signature weekly program Fox News Sunday in his new role as a paid contributor.  During the program, the ever arrogant Emanuel jumped on the Resist Trump bandwagon and suggested that President Trump is worthy of being impeached.  Hired last February primarily as a health policy analyst (he is a physician and professor, after all), Emanuel is now providing opinion not only on medical subjects but on political ones, as well.

Russia Didn't Interfere In U.S. Election To Help Trump, But To Destabilize America.  A still unidentified Democratic Party donor paid for the factually challenged dossier that almost sunk the Donald Trump campaign.  The dossier was created (and perhaps written) with the support and assistance of unregistered foreign agents of the Russian government, according to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The offer by an obscure music publicist to Donald Trump Jr. to share compromising information on the Clinton campaign was, as will be shown below, most likely a Russian operation.  I conclude that Russia's interference in the 2016 election was not to help Trump but to throw the American political system into chaos and threaten its foundations.  Russia boasts one of the most effective and ruthless political operations in Washington.  A flamboyant man-about-town ambassador sits at the top hobnobbing with the American political aristocracy.  Russia's diplomats, spies, and PR experts lobby Russian interests and recruit the powerhouses of American political influence to plead their cases and use hired guns to sling dirt and promote "disinformation" about opponents.

Were Democrats Working With The Russians?  Because of left-wing outrage and media obsession, the nation has focused on whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to influence the American election.  In the hype and hysteria, we have been distracted from an obvious issue.  If, as the Obama Administration claimed, the Russians merely wanted to undermine American trust in the democratic process, would not they work both sides against each other?  It is looking more and more like that may be the case.

This isn't Watergate.  This isn't treason.  And there's still no smoking gun..  Russia did not swing the election to Trump.  He won because Americans, including hundreds of thousands who had voted for President Obama eight years previously, thought he was a more compelling candidate than Clinton.  Trump did a better job speaking the language of solidarity to the working class.  Get over it, and pick a better candidate next time.

The Next Right-Wing Populist Will Rise to Prominence by Attacking American Higher Education.  Republican voters may disagree on policy and principle, but they can agree on whom they don't like:  Radical professors, race-obsessed provocateurs, gender-studies grifters, anti-Israel fanatics, weak-kneed administrators, disgusting libertines, angry feminists, and illiberal student protesters.  Conservatives can get on board with this critique.  They have long railed against the liberal bias of colleges and its effect on America's young.

Thanks to the Constitution, the left's biggest problem is the American people.  In this country, voters and juries decide, not government officials.  Or media.  Or pundits.  That's by design.  The Founders' design.  Politics has always been a blood sport.  More than a few of the things in the Constitution (some more are most of the Bill of Rights, the prohibition on ex post facto laws, and the bar against bills of attainder and corruption of the blood) were expressly put in there specifically to prevent things from getting out of hand — such as when one faction got control of the executive branch of the government.

Global Warming Skepticism is Part of the Final Phase of the American Revolution.  [Scroll down]  Marshall McLuhan's global village was realized through the electronic village of the Internet.  The power of the Internet and thereby its threat to the power elite who want total government control.  The mainstream media and their political masters were end run by the people ignoring them and seeking facts evidence and information from fellow citizens.  Internet success and power were confirmed when the power elite and media tried to participate by creating websites. [...] For the first time in history, the people had access to and control of information.

How Did Trump Earn an Unprecedented Progressive Backlash?  It may not be traditionally presidential, but the Trump mode is to nuke those who first attacked him, in an effort to create a sort of deterrence.  CNN, to take one example, or Barack Obama to take another, at least knows that their smug, chic Trump putdowns will receive a reply in a manner that is neither smug nor chic.  Trump in Samson fashion is quite willing to pull the temple down on top of himself, if it means his enemies perish first.  Trump's agenda so far is an encapsulation of various conservative initiatives of prior presidents.  Remember, Trump did not promise to make "America great" but rather "American great again."

The Democrats' Latest Plan:  Commit Political Dissidents Like Trump to "Psychiatric" Disposal.  The former Soviet Union possessed many imaginative mechanisms to deal with the problem of enemies of the people who obstructed the path to socialist utopia — now known as "social justice."  One of those mechanisms was the practice of confining individuals who were thinking the wrong thoughts to insane asylums.  Indeed, if you caused any trouble for the commissars, a good inoculation of neuroleptics (powerful drugs used to "quiet" the symptoms of schizophrenia), forcibly administered through a tube in the nose, could do wonders in bringing your politically incorrect behavior to a halt.  Dissidents such as Natalya Gorbanevskaya, Pyotr Grigorenko, Vladimir Bukovsky, Alexander Esenin-Volpin and Joseph Brodsky were all among the brave freedom-fighters who bore the brunt of the Soviet practice of institutionalizing dissidents in mental hospitals and force-feeding them mind-shattering drugs.

CNN Is Breeding a Post-Millennial Generation of MAGA-Loving Rebels.  It has become crystal clear that CNN still has no clue why Hillary and the establishment lost.  Much of the post-election reflection has focused on Trump's popularity with the white working class, with whom the president's populism and protectionism resonated.  Most, however, have ignored the reactionary post-Millennials who, despite holding liberal values on many issues, voted en masse for Trump.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Is Fighting for the First Amendment.  For one thing, no matter how many times people repeat it, the case isn't about discrimination or challenging gay marriage.  But when the news first broke, USA Today, for example, tweeted, "The Supreme Court has agreed to reopen the national debate over same-sex marriage."  The headline (and story) on the website was worse; it read, "Supreme Court will hear religious liberty challenge to gay weddings."  Others similarly framed the case.  (And, don't worry, "religious liberty" is almost always solidly ensconced inside quotation marks to indicate that social conservatives are just using it as a facade.)  There is an impulse to frame every issue as a clash between the tolerant and the closed-minded.  But the Masterpiece case doesn't challenge, undermine or relitigate the issue of same-sex marriage in America.  Gay marriage wasn't even legal in Colorado when this incident occurred.

Making It Up As You Go Along.  Ten years ago one could predict what the official (and unofficial) story would be in any situation.  By contrast today's headlines are often absolutely contradictory, a situation that has made it hard for pundits to write anything intelligent about current events.  Some have given up or seemingly had a nervous breakdown.  This randomness is telling because it is indicative of a narrative in disarray.

Don't Read Too Much into the Drop in Refugee Arrivals Under President Trump.  A sharp decrease in FY 2017 refugee admissions under President Trump compared to those under the Obama administration has been reported recently.  The drop could easily be interpreted as a sign of policy change and tougher screening measures brought about by Obama's successor.  But the numbers are not quite as telling.

Trump Russia probe gets special counsel but not Hillary, not IRS? Time to investigate the investigators.  The American people want justice to be blind.  They want equal justice and equal protection for everyone.  But Mr. Comey's actions continue to call his impartiality, and the impartiality of the Holder and Lynch Justice departments, into question. [...] Throughout 2015 and 2016 there were calls from Congress for a special counsel in the Clinton email scandal.  Again the Justice Department refused, even after it was revealed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton less than a week before the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton.  No special counsel was established, even after some unusual Justice Department immunity deals were revealed, including those designed to protect Secretary Clinton's chief of staff Cheryl Mills, and Bryan Pagliano, who set up the email server in the first place.  This is the type of unequal justice that Americans despise.  No special counsel in the IRS targeting investigation.  No special counsel for the Clinton email investigation.  But if it's about protecting Mr. Comey's reputation and hurting President Trump, then of course there has to be a special counsel.

The Environmentalists' Human Shields.  What was it that took humanity out of a life that was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short?"  It was cheap power.  It was the ability to heat your home AND cook your food, not having to choose between the two, on a modest income.  Not filling your lungs with smoke from burning wood or animal waste.  Not having to spend back-breaking hours chopping and carrying that wood.  Not losing days from your work and years off your life through those poisonous inhalations and hard labor.  Cheap power is what made modern life possible.  It made everybody's life better, but especially the poor (which is the case for so many other life-changing achievements of capitalism).  It is truly remarkable that "liberals" and "Progressives" champion the most regressive energy policies imaginable.  Higher energy prices generally and electricity prices specifically mean deprivation, hunger, suffering and even death.  And it means these things especially for the poor because the rich are, well, rich.

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience.  My own local Whole Foods is just a block away from the campus of Duke University.  Like almost everything else near downtown Durham, N.C., it's visited by a predominantly liberal clientele that skews academic, with more science PhDs per capita than a Mensa convention.  Still, there's a lot in your average Whole Foods that's resolutely pseudoscientific.  The homeopathy section has plenty of Latin words and mathematical terms, but many of its remedies are so diluted that, statistically speaking, they may not contain a single molecule of the substance they purport to deliver.

That Was Quick:  Reports Say Mueller Granted Comey Full Immunity Even Before Investigation Began.  Thus far, over the course of the utterly fraudulent "Russian Colusion" investigation, Democrats have accidentally uncovered crimes by Obama's attorney general Loretta Lynch and his FBI director James Comey.  And, as an added bonus, they may have also instigated brand new investigations of Hillary Clinton's suspicious activities.  So, by all means, let's continue this charade.

The Curse of Our Times.  The reign of electoral politics in our lives — the endless talk about things that aren't going to get done, and likely wouldn't get done right if they did get enacted through maneuvering and compromise — is the curse of the times.  The whole political system under which we live and obsess may have to crash for us to get the point.  And if that happens, we still may not understand, so inveterate are our habits of reaching out to the political fraternity for resolution of every grievance, the fulfillment of every hope.  We don't understand that politicians are people just like the rest of us:  no smarter as a class, no better tuned in to the realities of the day for having attended law school.

The Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States.  After President Trump rejected the Paris Climate treaty, which had never been ratified by the Senate, the European Union announced that it would work with a climate confederacy of secessionist states.  Scotland and Norway's environmental ministers have mentioned a focus on individual American states.  And the secessionist governments of California, New York and Washington have announced that they will unilaterally and illegally enter into a foreign treaty rejected by the President of the United States.  The Constitution is very clear about this.  "No state shall enter into any treaty."

Russia's Last-Minute Hacking Was Meant to Burn President Hillary.  To the disappointment of Trump's biggest haters, the NSA leak provides no evidence that Russia changed any votes.  And that makes sense, as Russian altering of the tally in favor of their preferred candidate Donald Trump would be sufficient justification for war — one Russia would lose against the U.S.  The Kremlin sought instead to create the perception among Americans that the election may not be authentic in order to push their secondary election effort:  Undermine the mandate of Hillary Clinton to govern, should she win.

Should a liberal gun control activist have a Navy warship named after her?  Hillary Clinton plans to attend the launching ceremony of a warship.  And not just any warship, but the USS Gabrielle Giffords, named for the liberal congresswoman who was shot in the head.  For Hillary, every decision is still about wimmen and grrrls.  But her decision raises the larger question about whether it is appropriate to name a warship after Giffords.  After all, Giffords was viewed as a helpless victim.  That doesn't make for a very intimidating name for a warship.  Giffords is called a hero because she survived.  Does surviving make her a hero?  I think surviving makes her a survivor.  I think Giffords would have been a hero if she had been shot while doing something heroic.  But Giffords was just giving a liberal speech.

'Free' Government-Funded Health Care.  [W]hat should government-supplied healthcare target?  This is hardly hair-splitting if government must pay for curing "an illness."  What makes this question so timely is that "illness" has been expanding so that what was once a non-medical, purely personal infirmity is now a "sickness" that deserves medical attention.  Indeed, countless "sins" now warrant government-paid doctor treatments.  Examples of this expansive "medicalization" include obesity, sexual dysfunction, multiple addictions — gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual behavior such as exhibitionism and child molestation — and crimes such as shoplifting (kleptomania). Millions of youngsters once chastised for being fidgety are now diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and medicated with Ritalin or Adderall.  How about people who experience episodic but not debilitating depression?  Surely occasional "being blue" is common but does everyone now have an unalienable right to Prozac?  Even violent criminal behavior can be a genetic disorder and thus possibly reversed by brain surgery, not incarceration.  Innumerable mental conditions may be troublesome, but are they "illnesses" demanding treatment?

Thinking the Unthinkable Regarding Germany.  Without deploying a single division of panzers, today's Germany has succeeded in what no previous German regime has done: unifying Europe into a single economic and political entity; one, moreover, dominated by Germany.  In so doing she has extended her economic and social policies across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Baltic and Black Seas.  With every incremental encroachment on their national sovereignty, other European nations have been compelled under threat of sanction to open their borders, to accept unprecedented and destabilizing refugee flows from the Middle East and to acquiesce to economic rules and restrictions dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, under the increasing control of Berlin.  Today the United Kingdom is threatened with economic reprisals for daring to leave the European Union.  What will happen, once the EU has its own army, to European nations who wish to leave in the future?

Self-Government Not Climate at Issue in Paris Agreement.  For our purposes here, it is less interesting to debate whether or not climate change is natural or man-made, or whether the worst-case scenarios offered about its supposed effects are realistic.  Those are questions of judgment and they are not the issue at hand.  Instead, we want to focus on the legitimacy of these kinds of international agreements and how they are made under the United States Constitution.  In other words, who gets to make the judgments discussed above?  And who decides what the United States should do in response to potential climate change?

Ted Kennedy Created USSR Back Channel To Help Negotiate Against President Reagan.  While the MSM obsesses about Russia trying to set up a back channel through Jared Kushner in order for National Security Adviser-designate General Flynn to talk to Russian Generals about Syria.  This is not the first time a president-elect has opened a back channel. [...] President elect JFK sent his brother Robert Kennedy to establish a back channel with the Kremlin via a Russian spy operating out of the United States.  Even before he was elected Richard Nixon sent Robert Ellsworth, a longtime aide and personal friend, to relay Nixon's thoughts on non-profileration and geopolitical issues to Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin and Soviet Charge d'Affaires Yuri Cherniakov.

Something Is Deeply Wrong in the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Many high-profile Trump critics, irresponsibly in our view, have been giddily cheering the onslaught of leaks designed to damage the Trump administration.  Reasonable people can debate the merits of leaking in certain circumstances.  But the recent unauthorized release by U.S. intelligence services of sensitive information relating to the Manchester bombings has no imaginable justification.  As Leonid Bershidsky writes in Bloomberg, it can only be understood as the product of a dangerously arrogant and unaccountable intelligence community.

The Democrats' Second Secession & America's New Civil War.  The idea that creates the identity "American" is summarized in America's official motto:  e pluribus unum — out of many, one.  It took a Civil War and two hundred years of sacrifice and struggle to achieve a polity that approached this ideal.  If one political faction is now able to redefine the ideal to conform to its own sectarian beliefs, the country we have known will cease to exist.  But that is just what the current creed of the Democratic Party — "identity politics" — entails, and is why the current divisions in our political life seem so intractable.  Identity politics is, in fact, the antithesis of the American idea.  It is a reversion to tribal loyalties.  It regards diverse origins — colors, ethnicities, genders and classes — as primary, and proposes a hierarchy of privilege based on them, which it justifies as a reversal of past oppressions.

Strong Enough.  Trump voters are far greater in diversity of class, background, and concerns than the left believes.  Most Trump voters decided their vote for a host of reasons, but high among them was given to his being strong enough.  The one thing the Democratic/media collusion is misjudging is this: they aren't changing the minds of Trump voters.  Polls show this conclusively.  MSNBC just did a piece in North Carolina and were shocked to learn Trump voters haven't been swayed.  For all the breathless daily Trump gotchas, the ones where they think they have Trump in full retreat, they aren't changing the electorates' mind.  Trump voters are staying the course.

The Real Constitutional Crisis is the Appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Rod Rosenstein's appointment of Robert Mueller to investigate wholly unsupported claims of "links and/or coordination between the Russian government and ... the campaign of President Donald Trump" poses the most serious threat to American constitutional government and domestic peace since the Civil War.  The only reason anyone is still talking about this subject, let alone investigating it pursuant to an order originating at the highest levels of the United States Justice Department, is that the media propaganda arm of the Democratic Party has refused to stop headlining it, despite a total lack of evidence of criminality after continuous investigation for over half a year by multiple agencies of the United States government.

Oops: Looks like Robert Mueller has a major conflict-of-interest issue as special counsel.  Jenna Greene, writing at Litigation Daily (subscription required), describes a significant hurdle faced by former FBI director Robert Mueller in serving as special counsel in the nonsensical "Russian collusion" investigation.

Not On Our Soil.  Video of the incident is jaw-dropping.  About a dozen people protested Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — arriving at the ambassador's residence after a White House visit — from across the street, separated by police from Erdogan's forces.  Then guards suddenly rushed en masse past the D.C. cops to beat up the demonstrators.  The neutral language of press accounts can obscure the truth of what happened.  The two sides didn't really "clash" or "engage in a violent confrontation," as is often reported.  There was an overwhelming aggressor — the thuggish security personnel of the head of state of, amazingly enough, a NATO country.  The guards repeatedly kick in the face a man who had been thrown to the ground.  They put a woman in a headlock.  Dressed in black suits, they behave like drunken British soccer hooligans or anti-fascist agitators.  Clearly, assaulting innocent people is a core competency.

Here's How Congress Can Fix the Way We Investigate Presidents.  The controversies over President Trump's firing of FBI director Jim Comey, and over the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation, are yet another reminder that our existing process for investigating political figures is broken.  To fix that process going forward, Congress should create a new cabinet-level inspector general charged with handling investigations and prosecutions of political cases, including those involving the president and other high executive-branch officials.  In general, the executive branch needs new cabinet departments like it needs a hole in the head, but this one would actually do some good without significantly expanding the federal government.  And unlike prior innovations in this area, it could be designed to work comfortably within the framework that the Constitution provides for the enforcement of the law.

10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Became Conspiracy Facts.  The internet has obviously had a profound effect on conspiracy theories, simultaneously helping and hurting the cause.  While a world of information is at people's fingertips, so too are alternate worlds of manufactured propaganda.  While the Internet may appear to be a democratized, unfiltered path toward facts and truth, it is easily manipulated.  Powerful corporations pay a lot of money to have their dirty laundry buried in the search results underneath contrived puff pieces.  With nearly the entire mainstream media apparatus at their disposal, the government is a maestro at this practice. [...] Unfortunately, there are those who seek to lie and invent fictions for monetary gain and fame.  Disinformation, propaganda, and dishonesty exist at all levels of society.  However, sometimes conspiracy theories turn out to be true.

Guess who is warning the Democrats' base to back off on Russia?  OK, gang, time to move along — other stuff is more important.  That's the logical strategy for the Democratic Party leadership to signal the base that the Russia conspiracy narrative has served its purpose and belongs in the Memory Hole.  You don't want to go farther out on the limb of an unfounded charge dreamed up to explain away the failure of Hillary and her campaign henchpeople to pull off the expected victory.

Huge Arms Sale to Saudis Makes Trump-Russia Collusion Ridiculous.  Why?  It should be obvious but I'll state it anyway.  Not very long ago Ronald Reagan built up U.S. armaments not to go to war with the Soviet Union, but to bankrupt it out of existence.  It worked.  The same thing is going on here, as anyone with the proverbial pulse should notice.  Selling three hundred and fifty billion in advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia is not just aimed at the obvious target — Iran.  It is also aimed at Iran's big brother Russia.  And there is no way that relatively impoverished oligarchy can possibly keep up, not in the long run anyway.  They don't have the rubles.

The malicious and dishonest media really are, as Trump says, 'enemies of the people'.  The whole point of the Trump campaign was the need for radical but centrist reform.  He was midway between the Sanders left and the Cruz right.  But he mobilized the angry and politically incorrect traditionalists, and much of the working and middle class, and attacked the deferences to both Wall Street and organized labour (especially the teachers' unions), as well as the appeasement of the societally self-hating and faddish academics and Hollywood.  At his heavily attended rallies, he singled out the national political media for its almost relentless disparagement of him and his followers, and for the soft ride it had given to the Obama regime, which — despite the great breakthrough of having a non-white president — was unsuccessful in almost every field.

Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel.  Robert Mueller has a serious conflict of interest that should disqualify him from serving as special counsel.  He has had a long and close relationship with someone who will surely become a pivotal witness — James Comey.  No one doubts Mueller's sterling credentials.  That is not the issue.  He is imminently qualified.  The problem arises in his duty to fairly and objectively evaluate the evidence he gathers.  How can Americans have confidence in the results if they know the special counsel may harbor a conspicuous bias?  They cannot.

If the President Is Not the Subject of a Criminal Investigation, Then Say So.  Well is he, or isn't he?  Almost everything in a counterintelligence investigation is classified.  And much of what goes on in a criminal investigation is secret, kept confidential by investigators and prosecutors.  But there is one thing that need be neither classified nor otherwise concealed from the American people:  the status of the president.  Is the president of the United States the subject of a criminal investigation?  If he is not, then the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller owe it to the country to say so.  There is no reason to be coy about it.  In fact, because a president under criminal suspicion would be crippled, his inability to govern detrimental to the nation, it is imperative to be forthright about his status.

By What Right Do We Bear Arms?  The constitution is a covenant by which men have agreed to live together.  We derive our authority to bear arms from God, in whose image we are made, and who Himself made war when necessary, and thus we are to protect that image.  This is His immutable law.  If the covenant within which we live does not reflect God's laws, it is an abomination and dishonors God.  It is null and void.  Second, to the extent that it does, when we fail to live within the framework of that covenant it is null and void.  Therefore, if the government breaks covenant with the people, the government has declared itself null and void before God.

There's something wrong with President Macron.  The problem is this.  So you have an IOU, as it were signed jointly by the 27 members of the EU.  Where would you present it for payment?  Athens, Riga, Bucharest? or Berlin?  Not a difficult question.  The good Germans would pay you and it would then get added to the list of intra Eurozone liabilities, which is called Target 2 and is already out of control.  Italy already owes €400 billion under the Target 2 system, accounting for almost half Germany's creditor position.  If Italy defaulted, Germany would be liable for 33 percent of this figure, assuming it could get others to cough up.  That is €133 billion, before we have eurobonds.  Eurobonds mean borrowings by the unsuccessful countries of Europe guaranteed by Germany.

Protesters spell out 'RESIST' at Trump golf course.  A Facebook Group for the organization describes them as "a group of concerned citizens that realize the Trump administration's agenda will take America backwards, and must be stopped."

The Editor says...
Why yes, I would be delighted if President Trump could "take America backwards," to the years before a multi-trillion-dollar national debt; the era of currency based on the value of gold and silver rather than paper and politicians' promises, and coins were made of genuine silver; the era when construction projects had higher priority than endangered snails and bugs; the good old days when the DDT truck came down every residential street in the summertime and got rid of all the mosquitos; the years when lawyers and prescription drugs could not be advertised on television, and everything on TV was rated G and was broadcast in English; the pre-calculator days when clerks knew how to make change for a twenty; the days when nothing good would happen to you if you sneaked into this country; the days when homosexuals were not allowed in the military; the days when your privately-owned business could not be compelled by the state to participate in a homosexual wedding; the years when tattoos, marijuana, illiteracy, fatherlessness, homosexuality, atheism, food stamps, prostitution and abortion each carried an embarrassing stigma.  Yes, if the country is going off a cliff, let's take it backwards.

It's Time To Tone It Down On Health Care.  Fact #1:  Nothing has happened, nothing at all.  Despite the shock and awe, regardless of proclamations of "insurance for everybody" on the one hand or doomsday on the other, the AHCA has not impacted the health care of a single American in any way, shape, or form.  If you had insurance yesterday, you will still have it tomorrow, and the premiums won't change next month.  If you have a doctor now, that provider will still care for you next weekend.

People Who Don't Believe In The Constitution Think We're Facing A Constitutional Crisis.  If you are a Constitutionalist, and you believe in the original intent of the words written in the Constitution, the Left for the past few decades has been trying to tell you that the document is outdated and that it has to be interpreted as a living document to still be relevant.  It is an annoying argument because it makes something so simple as the meaning of words into an abstract interpretive dance where anything is possible.  So then it only makes sense that these very same people who, let's face it, have no regard for the Constitution or what it's stood for since the founding of our country would now say Donald Trump violates it at every turn.

Follow the Lies.  [Carl] Bernstein is saying that if you want to find the truth, first you've got to figure out who is lying to you.  This goes much deeper than simply calling out false claims in print, a practice I applaud even when it's done poorly, because it's always revealing.  Either a lie gets exposed or the biased reporter does.  You find the roadmap when you go a step further, and realize that one side of a dispute may be lying continually, as a strategy.  It might be a public safety union trying to snow the public about a failing pension.  It might be a prosecutor ruining an official's future with charges motivated by politics.  They're relying on the same thing — superficial news coverage.

Does Anyone In Washington Even Care That We Are 20 Trillion Dollars In Debt?  There has been a tremendous amount of talk about the spending deal that was just reached in Congress. [...] But what nobody is really talking about is that this deal actually increases spending at a time when our debt has been absolutely exploding.  We added more than a trillion dollars a year to the U.S. national debt during Obama's eight years in the White House, and our debt binge actually accelerated toward the end of his second term.  In fact, the national debt increased by more than 1.4 trillion dollars during fiscal 2016.

Trump's Executive Order on Religious Liberty Is Worse Than Useless.  Fresh on the heels of a budget deal that fully funds Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump has signed a religious-liberty executive order that — if reports are correct — is constitutionally dubious, dangerously misleading, and ultimately harmful to the very cause that it purports to protect.

The Myth of the Military-Industrial Complex.  The idea of a military-industrial complex originated with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who warned in his farewell address of the increasing coziness between the state and vendors of war: [...] Though I like Ike, his warning was way off the mark:  the Democratic-entitlement complex is the real Leviathan threatening the integrity and spirit of America.  In fact, while defense spending as a factor of GDP has steadily declined, welfare and entitlement spending has ballooned to nearly four times what it was when Ike began his second term.  Social Security and Medicare alone consumed nearly three times more money than defense last year.

The "UniParty" Congress Deserves No Quarter.  This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption.  I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening.  It may be that our task is impossible.  Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can't be done?  And if we do not try, right now, it most certainly won't be done.  The Founders' Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.

With This Budget Deal, The Swamp Wins.  Shortly after announcing a $1.1 trillion — with a "t" — spending deal to fund the federal government's domestic and military programs for the next five months, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called it a "very good deal for the American people."  House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said it "reflects Democrats' values to protect health care, environment and education."  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that "we now have an agreement that both sides should support," praising the negotiations as "bipartisan and bicameral every step of the way."  The New York Times gushed that the bill "could serve as a template for putting together the next round of spending bills."  When you hear talk like that, grab on to your wallet, because it means big-spending business-as-usual reigns in Washington, which is precisely what voters sent Republicans and Donald Trump to Washington to end.

Is Marine Le Pen a 'Far-Right' Candidate?  [Scroll down]  In other words, those looking to cherry-pick easy comparisons to American politics have their work cut out for them.  Except in one regard.  For decades, critics of America's mass immigration have argued that the social upheaval such policies produce is dangerous and destabilizing.  But the topic became radioactive for reasonable politicians, creating an opening for unreasonable ones among the working-class constituencies most affected by immigration.  This is precisely what has happened in France.  Interviews with Le Pen voters tell this story over and over again.  They bemoan the great "replacement" of not only workers but also customs, traditions, and lifestyles brought by waves of immigrants.

Why We Have a Second Amendment:  Venezuela Plans to Give Firearms to Loyalists So They Can Purge Growing Resistance.  After enduring shortages of food and medicine for years, as well as a total collapse of their currency, the people of Venezuela have had enough.  Last week it was estimated that 2.5 million people marched against the Maduro regime, which had previously tried to strip away the powers of the opposition-led parliament.  It's estimated that as many as 6 million people may have taken to the streets to protest throughout the country.  In the lead-up to the protest, which had been planned for weeks by opposition political parties, President Maduro issued an alarming proclamation that didn't receive nearly enough press.  He promised to expand the nation's armed militia, and hand out firearms to as many as 400,000 loyalists.

The Rise Of Anti-Whiteness.  In his renowned dialogue, Sophist, Plato refers to a common trend in which philosophers intentionally distort the truth so that it appears accurate unless viewed from the proper angle. [...] Liberals are promoting a similar kind of trend today.  Many liberals have even begun to claim that reality is subjective, going so far as to label species, gender and biologically masculine and feminine qualities as social constructs.  Unfortunately for these deluded escapists, reality is not subjective.  No matter what you believe, the mere fact that you believe it does not make it true.  On the contrary, the lens through which you are viewing the world is malformed.

Who Is Obama?  Ex-President Barack Obama is the mystery man of American politics.  Given the absence of a viable paper trail, nobody can say for sure who he is.  He manifests for us as a figure of multiple identities: a Christian, a Muslim, a secularist, a socialist, a humanist, an intellectual, a man of the people.  His lack of definable substance, his inner absence, has been an important political advantage.

Bulk Cash Pays for the Wall.  In the hyper-charged debate over the merits of building "the wall" along the U.S.-Mexico border and its funding impact on a possible government shutdown, I would like to propose a solution.  The focus has largely been on contraband and illegal immigrants going north.  We largely ignore the other side of the equation; i.e. illicit proceeds — mostly in the form of bulk cash — flowing south.  If we could recover just a few percentage points of the tens of billions of profits from the sale of drugs and other transnational crimes (TOC) that annually flow south across the border, we could pay for the wall.  Moreover, targeting the illicit proceeds should be palatable to both Mexico City and Washington DC, and may serve as a basis for enhanced U.S.-Mexican cooperation on illicit trafficking and related TOC.

How Progressives Cherry-Pick Science They Like.  It's hard to think of a better way to undermine the public's faith in science than to stage demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and around the country modeled on the Women's March in January.  The Women's March was an anti-Trump festival.  Fine.  I found it vulgar and demeaning to women, but it's a free country.  Science, however, to be respected, must be purely the search for truth.

Hold the celebrity enablers of Venezuela's hellhole accountable.  What holds Venezuela together these days?  According to the New York Times, this state is held together only by an encircling ring of death-squad gangs, who serve as its enforcers.  These are the community organizers known as 'colectivos' who ride and circle around menacingly on motorcycles, and shoot randomly into crowds to generate terror.  I saw them myself in Caracas in late 2005, and they were scary.  Now, they are engorged with drug cash and legitimized by the state.  Who could have imagined that this tontons macoute situation would be the logical conclusion of Chavista socialism?

A physicist's take on the March for Science.  Like wizards uttering a magical incantation, lobbyists routinely invoke the existence of a "scientific consensus" to lend an aura of infallibility to their political stands. [...] There is enormous room for improving science education in our nation's public schools, colleges, grad schools, media, and — yes — political institutions.  But the March for Science — lobbyists claiming that supporting the scientific method is equivalent to supporting their political agendas — is a very big, very public step in the wrong direction.

Before Demanding Donald Trump's, Let's Look Into Susan Rice's Tax Returns.  Show us the tax returns.  No.  Not Donald Trump's tax returns.  Geraldo Maddow already made a fool of herself with those on MSNBC.  Show us Susan Rice's tax returns. [...] Susan Rice is different.  From 2013 to 2017 her official salary was paid for by taxpayers.  That of course represents a very small portion of her net worth.  When she signed on as Obama's National Security Advisor her net worth was around $20 million.  When she left office somehow her net worth had doubled to nearly $50 million — a succession of pay raises that increased her government salary from $172,000 per year in 2014 to $176,000 certainly doesn't account for the extra $30 million she made as National Security Advisor.

Is America Really Ready for a Second Korean War?  North Korea is a place of tyrannical horror, ruled by a backward regime that oppresses its own people on a scale seen nowhere else in the world.  That regime sustains itself in part by maintaining a permanent war footing, putting its immense but antiquated forces on hair-trigger alert and promising ultimate devastation in the event of conflict.  While we can bomb, say, an al-Qaeda gathering in Yemen without risking immediate catastrophe, any assault on North Korea would represent a gigantic roll of the dice, with the fate of entire cities hanging in the balance.

Same Leftists Who Spent a Century Eroding the Constitution Suddenly Worried About Preserving the Constitution.  Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin wants you to be aware that the Left is starting to notice the headway conservatives are making toward an Article V Convention of States to amend the Constitution.  And liberals are fighting back with lies to block any chance of it.  Earlier this week, Levin addressed a Huffington Post article by Fred Wertheimer, titled "The Battle to Preserve the Constitution," that demagogues an Article V Convention of States as a "constitutional convention" where the Bill of Rights could be repealed ... or some other such nonsense.  The reality is the Left fears any changes to the Constitution that would rein in the massive federal government, and obstruct its agenda.  "We know the Left wants to leave things as they are because the Left wins," Levin said.  "The federal government represents their ideology."  But, as Levin discusses, there are some on the Right who are spreading misinformation about an Article V convention as well.

After Trump's Syrian Attack, China Suddenly Gets Very Concerned About North Korea's Nukes.  Keen observers have noted that the missile attacks on the Syrian air base were launched as President Trump sat down last week to dinner with China's President Xi Jinping.  No doubt Xi immediately recognized that this president, unlike the previous one, acts quickly to make sure bad situations don't get worse.  What does this have to do with North Korea?  Plenty.  Despite their at times rocky relationship, China is the totalitarian communist North Korean regime's main patron and protector, accounting for over half the North Korean nation's trade and much of its food and energy supplies.  Strive as it does for self-sufficiency, without aid from China, North Korea would soon starve.

The Legacy of George Soros Part 11.  Here in the United States, Soros is planning what can only be called sedition.  His plans, if they come to fruition will end in the violent overthrow of our way of government.  Harkening back to his days within the Nazi regime, Soros is financing his present day "brownshirts" — the black clad anitfa crowd.  Nothing more than ignorant thugs, the were created for only one purpose, they are the street animals who will create the violence, the looting, the burning to shut down any other voice.  They realize that law enforcement, academics in charge and others in position of authority will continue to be cowed and allow them to just destroy anything and anyone who gets in their way.  Obama was complicit in this, but it is Soros who is funding the various factions to work together.

The Legacy of George Soros Part 1.  [Scroll down]  Placed in charge of the entire Soros Foundation Network and the Open Society Network was Aryeh Neier.  Neier was one of the creators of the Students for a Democratic Society,(SDS) a large socialist radical group of the 1960's.  The main goal of the SDS was the overthrow of America, its democratic institutions, and the decimation of the culture that the United States was based on.  After leaving the SDS, Neier worked with the American Civil Liberties Union serving some time as the national executive director.  After his time at the ACLU, Neier founded Human Rights Watch in 1978. He spent a great deal of time at both the ACLU and the HRW promoting the idea that the Un9ited States is an oppressive nation, and one of the worst violators of human rights in the world.  The Open Society Institute has given over $100 million to the HRW alone, and over $8 million to the ACLU.  There are other monies that the Open Society Institute has given to those that follow the Soros idea of "open society" including such organizations as The American Prospect, Media Matters, Columbia School of Journalism, National Public Radio, Pacifica Foundation, Pro Publica.  And the Washington Post.  In all Soros has spent more than $48 million funding journalism schools, media outlets, and industry organization such as unions.

The Legacy of George Soros Part 8.  [Scroll down]  In 2004, Soros turned his attention to the United States.  He then made a profit of over $1 billion on the housing trade collapse through a series of bets on the market.  Funneling money through organizations such as the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and The Democracy Alliance to bypass election laws in one way the Soros can fund a myriad of organizations that will give him political power.  Democrats go along with his agenda to continue to receive the assets that Soros provides.  Among the higher politicians that have received funding from Soros are Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the Clintons.

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The Democrats' Weakest Trump Talking Point.  America's role as the world's only superpower does obligate it to act when the international order is threatened by atrocities.  The leader of the free world can and must send a message to rogue regimes that they can't use weapons of mass destruction with impunity.  But this doesn't mean that everyone affected by those governments automatically gets a ticket to enter the United States.

We should be cheering the likely end of the Senate filibuster, not mourning it.  The Senate filibuster is the modern descendant of the Senate's one-time tradition of unlimited debate.  Unlike in the far larger House of Representatives, where every speech is of limited duration, a senator who has the floor can keep it until overcome by exhaustion or an irresistible call of nature.

Winning the Civil War of Two Americas.  When John Edwards touted the "Two Americas" during his presidential campaigns before his political career ended in disgrace, it was still a metaphor.  It stopped being a metaphor at the end of last year.  If you doubt that, you can watch Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic National Committee, yelling that President Trump didn't win the election.  There is a huge difference between opposing the winner of an election and denying that he won it.  It's the difference between opposition and rebellion.  Democrats have not recognized a single Republican presidential victory this century.  There is no real reason to think that they will recognize a third one.  We can safely assume that the third or fourth Republican to win the White House, no matter who he is, will face the same treatment.  A two-party system can't function if one party denies the legitimacy of elections won by the other side.

The Nasty Truth About the CIA.  Why have a war in Central America?  Why invent Daniel Ortega, a liberal politician from Nicaragua as a dangerous dictator?  Could it be because arming "contras" used planes that accidentally came back loaded with cocaine?  When the CIA took over oil operation services in the Gulf of Mexico around that time, the boats that came into New Orleans and other ports, were "tasked" with carrying "medical supplies" to Honduras to support the covert was on Nicaragua.  They came back loaded with, wait for it... cocaine as well.  Every discussion was "cocaine" and how to use CIA technology to avoid police, jam radars, find missing bales of drugs or how to keep America's allies in Colombia from killing each other off and ruining business.  Miami became the center of the drug universe, where the warriors fighting communism sat in hotel lobby's with umbrella drinks, heading to the toilet every few minutes to stoke themselves up on cocaine.  Money moved in trash bags, too tiresome to count, some say they only weighed it.  That money bought Washington and was a key aspect of White House policy, and the cover operation to sell weapons to Iran through Israel and Saudi Arabia, then use this as a front to launder billions in cocaine cash in what became known as "Iran Contra."  There was no "Contra," only cocaine and the cash it brought and the American cities inundated with crack cocaine and a descent into addiction and crime that continues today.

The Sovietization of American Politics.  Strong arm rule, political surveillance and the show trial threatens to replace the orderly alternation at power which characterized elective government.  Watching the Beltway is now disturbingly like watching an unfolding power struggle at the Kremlin.  Richard Arenberg writing in the Hill asks:  "is there any hope of pulling out of the "nuclear option" death spiral before the Senate inflicts permanent damage upon itself and the Supreme Court?"  There's growing concern the acrimony will permanently poison the atmosphere by locking both parties into a cycle of retaliation.

The Watergate-sized scandals rocking the Trump and Obama administrations.  Did Donald Trump collude with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton?  Did Barack Obama politicize law enforcement and intelligence-gathering to spy on Trump and destroy his presidency?  Those are extraordinary questions, all the more so because the race to answer them is happening on parallel tracks.  The usual partisanship has become a winner-take-all war to paint the other side's president as guilty of un-American conduct.

Why We Must Abolish the U.S. Department of Education.  In this video, The New American's correspondent Alex Newman, an educator and the co-author of a book on education, explains why it is essential that the unconstitutional and highly damaging U.S. Department of Education be shut down.  [Video clip]

It's the Democrats who Collude with the Russians.  Vladimir Putin is shrewd, calculating, and fairly predictable.  If he were serious about influencing the outcome of the November 2016 U.S. presidential election, he would not have favored the relatively unknown and impulsive Donald Trump, who had no history of doing favors for Putin or Russia.  It is far more likely Putin would have chosen to help Hillary Clinton — the known, predictable, progressive candidate with a history of helping Russian interests.  By doubling down on drama rather than facts, leaders of the Democratic Party show disdain for nearly half the country who voted for Trump and a seditious inclination to destroy his presidency.

The Russian Farce.  In March 2012, in a meeting with President Dimitri Medvedev of Russia, President Barack Obama thought his microphone was either off or could not pick up the eerie assurances that he gave the Russian president:  "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it's important for him [Vladimir Putin] to give me space."  Medvedev answered:  "Yeah, I understand.  I understand your message about space.  Space for you ..."  Obama agreed and elaborated, "This is my last election.  After my election, I have more flexibility."  Medvedev finished the hot-mic conversation with, "I understand.  I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you." [...] Barack Obama naturally wanted to continue a fourth year of his reset and outreach to Vladimir Putin, the same way that he was reaching out to other former American enemies such as the Iranians and the Cubans.  Yet Obama was uneasy that his opponent, Mitt Romney, might attack him during his reelection campaign as an appeaser of Putin.

Breast Cancer Trends:  Why Do Women in These 5 States Opt for Unneeded Mastectomies?  Doctors agree that too many U.S. women who are diagnosed with breast cancer opt to have both breasts removed.  Now a new study shows where they live has a strong effect on that decision.  Young women in five states — Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, and South Dakota — were much more likely than other women to have preventive mastectomies. [...] Just as other researchers have found, they saw a big increase in the number and proportion of women opting to have the other breast removed, even though there was no sign of cancer in the second breast.

The Editor says...
If you had cancer in one lung, would you have both lungs removed, just to be on the safe side?  Articles like this tell me one thing:  Some people watch too much television.  Especially the syndicated shows that are based on hypochondria.

The Election Wasn't Stolen by Moscow.  The notion that Russian efforts succeeded in stealing the presidential election from Hillary Clinton has no basis in fact.  As both Comey and Admiral Michael Rogers of the National Security Agency affirmed, there is no doubt that the Russians undertook activities designed to undermine faith in American democracy.  It is equally true that the Putin regime preferred to see Trump rather than Clinton elected president of the United States.  But the notion that these dots must somehow connect in a plot between Trump and Putin to steal the election requires faith in the sort of discredited claims (such as the Steele dossier) and conspiracy theories that Democrats laughed at when they were put forward by the far Right against Obama.

Levin: House Intel Committee Asked Comey None of the Important Questions.  "Pointless."  "Useless."  Those are the words Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin used to describe Monday's House Intelligence Committee hearing on investigations into the Trump campaign and its alleged ties to the Russian government.  The Committee neglected to ask the important questions, explained Levin.  He went back, through the media reports that suggest members of the Trump campaign were surveilled by the government, and demanded to know why FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers were not asked about these reports and the source of these leaks.

George Soros's Organizations Foment Political Violence And Use US Taxpayer Dollars To Do It.  [Scroll down]  While the letter is only concerned with USAID funding Soros's money-making ventures, Soros is involved in many areas of conflict.  He has kept the conflict in Ukraine going and has tried to bring down Hungary's government.  His organizations have been banned in Russia... something that doesn't look like a bad idea.  Under the Clinton and Kerry reigns at State, Soros's Open Society became the de facto face of American foreign policy in many places.  It did not serve us well.

Is George Soros On The Ropes?  Although multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon and international political pot-stirrer George Soros lost big with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the victory of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, he stands to lose further ground, politically and financially, as the winds of political change sweep across the globe.  Soros, who fancies himself as the master of placing short put options on stocks, often cleaning up to the tune of billions of dollars in the process when the stock values collapse, has been dealt a few financial body blows.

Precedent: Right After 1992 Election Bill Clinton Fired U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions.  As liberals react in horror over Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to ask for the resignation of 46 Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys, an inconvenient fact has also surfaced.  Jeff Sessions himself was fired by a newly elected president in 1993 when Bill Clinton won his first term in office.  The Department of Justice announced on Friday that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignation of 46 U.S. Attorneys who were appointed during President Barack Obama's regime.

Steve King States the Obvious, Unleashes Fury.  Kudos to [Rep. Steve] King for standing up for Western Civilization.  Even if few have the spine to say it, everyone who has spent more than a minute thinking about it understands that a society cannot be sustained by importing massive numbers of foreigners from an alien civilization rather than having babies of its own.  This is especially obvious when that alien civilization has been vehemently hostile for 1,400 years, and the foreigners are ostentatiously uninterested in assimilation.  Just because David Duke agrees with him does not mean he is wrong.  King is in for a storm, and deserves every patriot's support.

Anne Patterson? What Could Possibly Make Secretary Mattis Think That's a Good Idea?  When we first saw the news reports that Defense Secretary Mattis was considering former Obama appointee Anne Patterson for undersecretary of policy we thought it was simply fake news.  However, apparently it is not.  Anne Patterson is a severely toxic entity and was considered the epicenter of dangerous political policy because she gave legitimacy to the extremists within the Muslim Brotherhood.  Specifically due to her role in supporting the Brotherhood's former candidate turned President, Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, Anne Patterson should forever be dispatched into the waste-bin of failed mid-east policy.

What is Going On (Part II)?  Closing the gold window in 1971 and allowing politicians to run up the national debt from $400 billion (34% of GDP) to $20 trillion (106% of GDP), while making $200 trillion of unfunded entitlement promises, has been the result.  Total credit market debt has risen from $2 trillion in 1971 to over $65 trillion today.  Total global debt has surpassed $217 trillion, or 325% of global GDP.  The only way to make these disastrously horrible decisions seem palatable has been to produce inflation at prodigious levels in order to make the debt appear payable.  It's not. [...] Of course, the pliable public has been convinced government debt doesn't matter because we owe it ourselves, or some such nonsense.

Obama Wiretapping?  Trump Colluding?  We Are Headed Down a Rabbit Hole.  When he was Ronald Reagan's secretary of state, George Shultz was once asked about the CIA's disavowal of involvement in a mysterious recent bombing in Lebanon.  Replied Shultz:  "If the CIA denies something, it's denied."  Has there ever been a more dry, more wry, more ironic verdict on the world of espionage?  Within it, there is admission and denial, smoke and mirrors, impenetrable fog and deliberate obfuscation.  Truth?  Ask the next guy.  Which is why my default view of espionage is to never believe anyone because everyone is trained in deception.  This is not a value judgment; it's a job description.

Senator Ted Cruz Wants to Revoke Citizenship of Americans Who Turn to Terrorism — Why Aren't We Already Doing This?  Cruz is talking about the soon to be introduced Expatriate Terrorist Act (ETA) of 2017, which would allow the U.S. government under certain circumstances to revoke the citizenship of Americans who knowingly join or provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations.  Of course, the idea isn't new.  Not only has such a bill been floating around Washington for some time, for over a year President Donald Trump has been talking about better vetting to prevent terrorists from getting into the country in the first place.  But the Texas Senator says that working to prevent Muslim terrorists from getting into the U.S. is only part of the equation of combating terrorism in at home.  The other half of the problem is composed of home-grown terrorists — those the media often erroneously call "lone wolf terrorists — who turn to terror right here inside our own borders.

Conspire With Russia to Swing Presidential Election?  It's Been Done.  The Democrats' allegations against Jeff Sessions, one of the most upright men in Washington, are ludicrous.  I don't understand how anyone can think they amount to anything.  But if the Democrats want to talk about collusion with the Russians, by all means let's have that conversation.  Chris Adams takes us on a walk down memory lane.  In 1983, Ted Kennedy — the "liberal lion of the Senate" — tried to enlist the Soviet Union, our most bitter enemy, in the Democrats' effort to defeat President Ronald Reagan's re-election. [...] If someone is going to investigate the executive branch's relationship with Russia, he should start with Barack Obama's pledge to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would sell out the United States in his second term.

The truth (and nothing but the truth) about leaks.  The leaks of confidential communications from within the White House may be a pain in the neck for the president, but they are not criminal.  And generally, a boss can look at an employee's cellphone, as long as the employer of the boss and the employee owns the phone — except when the employer is the government.  The Fourth Amendment insulates government employees from governmental reach into its employees' cellphones.  Absent an employee's waiving his Fourth Amendment rights, the government may not seize work-related (governmental) or personal phones without a search warrant.  Can the media publish these leaks?  In a word, yes.  The media may publish anything that is of material interest to the public, notwithstanding its level of secrecy or how it was acquired.

Why Should it be a Firing Offense to Talk with the Russians?  On the surface, the complaints against [Attorney General] Sessions are the work of an embittered Democrat establishment still desperate to pin something impeachable onto Trump and to punish Russia for what it deludes itself into thinking was a Russian hacking role that secured Hillary Clinton's defeat.  Never mind that Clinton was a bad candidate and that Trump got the votes in the critical swing states. [...] That's the situation we have in Washington as Democrats seek ever new ways to target Trump by hitting Sessions.  They aren't interested in national security, and they never have been.  If they were, they'd have halted the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who was found to have committed the Mother of All Security Violations in illegally securing a private server to handle her State Department email.  They didn't.

An Endangered Species:  The Democrats Remain Seated.  Give the Democrats some credit.  They were nimble enough to choose someone who's not going to be running for office again to give the Democratic response to Trump's tour de force.  A truly unenviable assignment.  (The equivalent military assignment would be guarding a dog house in the Aleutians in January.)  I only listened to the first half of what former Kentucky governor Steve Beshear had to say.  It sounded like he had found a copy of a campaign speech Hillary Clinton had delivered in August and was reading it off the teleprompter.  Adding incoherence to irrelevance, at one point Beshear said, "I'm a proud Democrat, but first and foremost, I'm a proud Republican and Democrat, and mostly American."  The only sensible reaction to this is, "Huh?"

In Congress speech, Trump stood to unify while Democrats sat to divide.  The optics could not have been starker — President Donald Trump stood before America with an overarching message of unity.  Meanwhile, Democrats sat firmly planted in their chamber chairs, still seething from their electoral pummeling.  As Trump delivered promises of soaring optimism, Democrats almost appeared disappointed — for their aims of regaining electoral control sunk as hopes for America's future lifted.

Just in time for Trump, George W. Bush lifts embargo on criticizing successors.  George W. Bush broke his policy of not attacking a sitting president.  Bush did not criticize or attack Obama but has joined the Opposition Party (Democrats and mainstream media, aka Fake News Media)'s war against Trump.  Bush acted like a punching bag during his second term.  Obama blamed Bush for every problem, but Bush remained silent. [...] It is disappointing to see that Bush finally ends his silence not to criticize Obama or Bill Clinton, but to criticize Trump because Trump criticized the same media that attacked Bush mercilessly.

The Democrats Became The Party of Hate Tonight.  President Trump gave a good, presidential speech tonight.  It wasn't Reagan.  But it [surely] wasn't The Donald of June 2015 either.  He hit the right message, the right tone, and most importantly, exposed the Democrats as the party of hate.  Democrats behaved like petulant children by sitting and grimacing against public opinion, while Trump gave the most inclusive and bipartisan speech he's ever made.

The intelligence community vs.  Trump.  We're watching a low level coup, America.  Right now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that intelligence agents are withholding information from Donald Trump because they fear it will be given to the bad guys.  The New York Times is reporting Donald Trump is about to send in a friend to clean house.  The intelligence community is concerned.  This is all going to end badly.  Just about all of us were wrong about where 2016 would lead and now we can all see the worst case on the horizon.  The left is in a nonstop state of agitation calling for mass resistance.  Trump supporters are looking to settle scores.  Democrats have every incentive to play up unproven allegations that the Russians tampered with the election.  Republicans have every reason to play up the theory that the intelligence community is out to get the President.

Logan Act Is Too Vague to Prosecute Flynn.  Or Anyone.  The resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn grew out of Department of Justice concerns that he had violated the Logan Act, a law from 1799(!) that bars private citizens from engaging in international diplomacy.  The law as written applied to Flynn even though he was working for the president-elect when he engaged in a phone call with Russian ambassador to the U.S.  But there's a more serious problem, which should be kept in mind in case there's an investigation of whether Donald Trump violated the law:  It is probably unconstitutional.  Enacted by the Congress that brought you the Alien and Sedition acts, the law is too vague for enforcement. [...]If a criminal law doesn't clearly specify what actions would be criminal, it's unconstitutional to apply it.

Danger Signs: 5 Thoughts On NSA General Flynn's Ouster.  [#4] Democrats, As Always, Aren't Interested In Truth.  Democrats are mostly interested in pillorying Trump.  If this same thing had happened under Barack Obama, Democrats would have defended him with alacrity.  They didn't seem to care that UN ambassador Susan Rice lied to the American people, or that someone lied to her; they didn't seem to care that President Obama was happy to parlay with the Russians leading up to an election, and reached out to the Iranians before he took office in 2008.  They're just interested in targeting Trump.

The Oroville Dam in California.  Constructed in 1968, the Oroville Dam in California was built with an emergency spillway; should water levels on the reservoir side rise faster than could be released in controlled fashion, the lower walls of the spillway were designed to allow overflow to be shunted harmlessly to the side of the main waterway.  Until this winter, we have never had to wonder whether or not this spillway was going to work as advertised, because until this winter, the Oroville Dam has not once encountered enough rainfall to test the design.

Why is it okay to silence Betsy DeVos but not Elizabeth Warren?  Either the Left has suffered severe cognitive dissonance or there's an underlying double standard when it comes to sexism.  Judging from the treatment of Republican women in Trump's America, it seems the latter is more likely.

Government May Protect Our Unalienable Rights — It Doesn't Grant Them.  One of the most common misconceptions about the U.S. Constitution is that it grants rights to individuals.  This myth is perpetuated by those who fail to understand the Constitution in context, and by activist judges who proceed from the premise that if the government (through the Constitution) grants rights, then the government can likewise take them away.  This is precisely what the Bill of Rights expressly forbids.  There is a difference between rights and privileges.  Rights, as the Founders recognized in the Declaration of Independence, are those "unalienable" aspects of our humanity that set people apart from all other beings.  These are rights that cannot be sold, bought, abridged, or otherwise infringed at the government's whim — including life and liberty.  The Declaration specifically acknowledges that rights are endowed by our Creator, not our government.

Which is better: a president who criticizes the police or one who criticizes Nordstrom?  President Trump is being criticized for making critical comments of Nordstrom, which just dropped his daughter's product lines.  Nordstrom claims that it is dropping her products due to economic reasons, but it is a big coincidence that Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Neiman Marcus, and other retailers are dropping Trump products just as President Trump took office. [...] One wonders:  if President Obama had sold an Obama-branded marijuana cigarette, would stores in California and Colorado be as quick to drop his product line when he became president?  Probably not.

The Editor says...
That's a bit of a non sequitur, because department stores don't sell cigarettes.  But I believe privately-owned department stores have the right to sell whatever clothing they can, since they have an obligation to the stock-holders to make a profit.  The addition of political turmoil doesn't help sales.  Moreover, in my opinion, the Trump clothing line and all other avoidable exploitation of the Trump brand for profit should have been suspended when Donald Trump won the presidential election, just to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

The Challenge To Trump's Executive Order Limiting Visas is Motivated by "The Money".  President Trump is waging a multidimensional battle against all entities who stand in opposition to American interests.  In addition to the content of Trump's policy, pay close attention to the timing of delivery and the sequencing within the policy delivery.  With the outline of the visa suspension as lead-in toward a security policy, President Trump is also now entering economic policy phase 2.  It is all connected.

Senator Wyden Must Resign.  The shocking revelation:  Senator Wyden has been, for more than a decade, a willing accomplice to a plot to undermine the American political order and to overthrow the Constitution by infiltrating agents of radicalism into the highest reaches of the federal judiciary.  The nefariousness of this undertaking cannot be overstated.  The monsters advanced to positions of power with Senator Wyden's assistance include dangerous extremists whose ideology "represents a breathtaking retreat from the notion that Americans have fundamental Constitutional rights."

How to Create a Fascist Dictatorship.  Creating a fascist dictatorship is far easier than it may seem.  You are watching the rise of fascism in America, although the story the fake news media is telling you isn't the truth.

'Alternative facts': A common legal term.  It has been rather shocking to observe the recent tidal wave of derision hoisted upon President Trump's senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway — shocking not because the derision is the deserved blowback for a foolish, embarrassing utterance, but because the derision has been so spectacularly off base.  The phrase "alternative facts" is used in law and is known to most lawyers.  I presume that this includes Ms. Conway, who received her degree from George Washington University Law School.  It therefore seems eminently possible that Ms. Conway knew exactly what she was saying.  Before we move on to some nonlegal examples of alternative facts, here is but one of many ways the concept can be employed in an actual case.

My Vote for Waterboarding.  Along with President Trump, I too would like to see waterboarding return as a tool for getting information from captured enemies.  My support for this comes from my personal experience of being waterboarded while I was in the Marine Corps. [...] In my humble opinion, waterboarding is not torture.  It is an effective technique, albeit an extremely terrifying and dehumanizing technique, that will make anyone sing the truth like a canary.  Torture, to me is something permanent, like cutting off fingers or dislocating and relocating body joints over and over inducing extreme pain, giving one a disability for life.

Trump's Exclusion of Aliens from Specific Countries Is Legal.  [Scroll down]  Federal immigration law also includes Section 1182(f), which states:  "Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate" (emphasis added). Section 1182(f) plainly and sweepingly authorizes the president to issue temporary bans on the entry of classes of aliens for national-security purposes.  This is precisely what President Trump has done.

Mexico threatens to take your ball and go home.  Mexico is America's third largest trading partner.  The United States last year bought $60 billion more from Mexico than it sold.  On top of that, Mexicans in America — both legal and illegal — sent home $25 billion in what are called remittances.  How much of this is welfare money (which includes food stamps and other handouts) is unknown.  Between trade and remittances, doing business with the United States represents one-quarter of the Mexican economy.  Mexico represents 1.4% of the U.S. economy.

It's No Revelation That Intelligence Agencies Are Politicized.  Furor has arisen over President-elect Donald Trump's charges that our intelligence agencies are politicized.  Spare us the outrage.  For decades, directors of intelligence agencies have often quite inappropriately massaged their assessments to fit administration agendas.  Careerists at these agencies naturally want to continue working from one administration to the next in "the king is dead; long live the king!" style.  So they make the necessary political adjustments, which are sometimes quite at odds with their own agency's findings and to the detriment of national security.  The result is often confusion — and misinformation passed off as authoritative intelligence.

Mayor de Blasio budgets $1B to fix NYCHA roofs, but critics say it's not enough.  Mayor de Blasio will unveil a budget Tuesday [1/24/2017] that includes a promise to spend $1 billion over the next 10 years to fix leaky roofs in public housing across the city.  The preliminary budget also includes more money spent on new school classrooms and millions more to repave miles of beat-up city streets.  De Blasio will reveal his $84 billion budget plan along with a 10-year strategy for longer-term city building projects going forward, paid for by floating bonds.

The Editor says...
In other words, the city will borrow money from 15- or 20-year municipal bonds, to fix potholes and leaky roofs that may need repairs again next year.  This makes no sense.  Would you take out a 20-year loan to fix the leaky roof of your own house?

National unity is no longer possible.
America's Second Civil War.  Liberalism — which was anti-Left, pro-American, and deeply committed to the Judeo-Christian foundations of America, regarded the melting pot as the American ideal, fought for free speech for its opponents, regarded Western civilization as the greatest moral and artistic human achievement, and viewed the celebration of racial identity as racism — is now affirmed almost exclusively on the right and among a handful of people who don't call themselves conservative.  The Left, however, is opposed to every one of those core principles of liberalism.  Like the Left in every other country, the Left in America sees America as essentially a racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, war-mongering, money-worshipping, moronically religious nation.  Just as in Western Europe, the Left in America seeks to erase America's Judeo-Christian foundations.

Inaugural shows 'The Resistance' is an attack on democracy.  At a time when the nation set out to celebrate the peaceful transfer of authority, activists on the left descended on the nation's capital to show just how fragile that can be.  They rioted from the night before the inauguration until well after Donald Trump's oath of office, all before Trump had a chance to implement even one of his policies.  Any exercise of American freedom must include the right to demonstrate.  Freedom of speech, and the freedom to petition for redress of grievances, come first in our Bill of Rights for a very good reason.  A self-governed nation must have ways to hold elected officials accountable, and the existence of peaceful, law-abiding demonstrations can assure us of the health of our liberty.

President-Elect Trump Should Never Release His Tax Returns.  Last week Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill that would require President-elect Trump and future presidential nominees to release their last 3 years of federal tax returns.  This bill is a partisan ploy — the only co-sponsors are Democrats — and it is clearly meant to shame President-elect Trump, who did not release his.  And there are demands for Trump Cabinet nominees to disclose their tax returns, which will inevitably be leaked.  But it is worth pointing out that the idea that releasing tax returns somehow promotes rational discourse in election campaigns or confirmation hearings is nonsense.  To begin with, the oft-repeated claim that presidential candidates have released their tax returns since Watergate is absolutely untrue.

Abolish The CIA.  Every American who looks at the CIA objectively or in a balanced way and judges it by any number of criteria, such as moral, legal and pragmatic, should reach the conclusion that the CIA should be abolished.  JFK wanted to break it into a million pieces.  Trump is right to dismiss its intelligence reports about DNC hacking.  The CIA war on Trump shows us immediately that the CIA is a rogue organization within the U.S. government and a severe threat to America.  The CIA is an internal threat to the rule of law and to the government that it supposedly serves.

Common Sense — 2017.  Thomas Paine was born in 1737 in Britain. [...] The same common sense Paine used to argue against a tyrannical, oppressive hereditary monarchy applies today when judging our corrupt, authoritarian, co-opted government.  His themes of society as a blessing, government as evil, and revolution as inevitable are as applicable today as they were 241 years ago.  As we approach Trump's inauguration it has become clear the ruling elite feel threatened and are using their control of the media, intelligence services, military, and financial system to try and undermine his presidency before it begins.  As their fake news propaganda falls on the deaf ears of disgusted Americans, their next ploy will be violence, war or assassination.  The vested interests have no intention of relinquishing their power and wealth, just as King George and his Parliament had no intention of allowing the colonies to form an independent republic.  If you thought voting Trump into the office of the president constituted a victory, you are badly misreading historical precedent and the inevitable paths of Fourth Turnings.  The fight is just beginning.

Taxicab Confessions.  The attention given to the opinions of people from the world of entertainment — essentially actors and pop stars — irritates me.  Actors strike me as unlikely gurus because those who spend their lives imitating others are unlikely to have firm principles or even personalities of their own.  In practice, moreover, the opinions of actors and pop stars are drearily uniform:  When it comes to bad things that might cause suffering, they are always against them.  I cannot imagine why anyone should take any notice of what such people say — except, of course, that being kept constantly entertained is the main purpose of many people's lives, and they naturally assume that those who entertain them are therefore of immense importance and authority.

Bogus Vietnam Charges against Nixon.  [Scroll down]  Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger saw that South Vietnam could defeat the Viet Cong if it were powerfully enough assisted by American air power against the North Vietnamese.  In April 1972, between Nixon's historic visits to China and to the Soviet Union, the North Vietnamese made their supreme play and launched an all-out invasion of South Vietnam.  There were only 28,000 U.S. ground forces in-country, and they were used entirely to defend air bases.  But Nixon finally put an end to Johnson's insane bombing halt of March 1968 and launched 1,000 air strikes a day on North Vietnam, moving up to 1,200 a day during his visit to the Soviet Union, so there could be no doubt about his seriousness.  The North Vietnamese failed, decisively defeated by the South Vietnamese, assisted by heavy American air support — which it was always Nixon's intention to reapply when the North Vietnamese violated the Vietnam peace agreement of 1973, which the Soviets and Chinese twisted their arms to sign, so cunningly had Nixon and Kissinger triangulated that relationship.  This was why Nixon submitted the peace agreement as a treaty to the Senate: to secure Senate approval of its enforceability.

Jared Kushner, Beware of Jamie Gorelick.  Some recent highlights.  In 2014, it was revealed that the George Soros-funded Urban Institute had an officially sanctioned role in the vetting of non-profits that seek tax-exempt status through the IRS.  [Jamie] Gorelick was the vice-chairman of the Urban Institute board.  In 2011, she represented Duke University in its attempt to squash a suit by lacrosse team members whose lives had been turned upside down by false rape accusations that the university aided and abetted.  In 2010, Gorelick represented BP in the Deepwater Horizon oil mess.  It gets worse, much worse.  In 1993, as deputy attorney general under President Clinton, Gorelick served as "field commander" for the horrific government assault on a religious community in Waco, Texas, that left more than eighty dead, twenty of them children.  In 1995, she went on to pen the infamous "wall" memo that prevented the FBI and CIA from sharing information in the run-up to September 11.

The Four Key Truths of the WikiLeaks Mess.  [Scroll down]  Fourth, there is still no evidence that the Russians changed the outcome of the election.  It is true that Julian Assange is anti-American.  It's likely true that the Russians worked to disrupt and influence American public debate, and it's possibly true that they did so to elect Donald Trump.  But it's still wildly speculative to claim that Russian actions were decisive.  The Russians didn't hack voting machines.  They didn't change vote tallies.  Any "fake" news stories were lost like tears in the rain of news.  The WikiLeaks revelations were but one small part of an election cycle that sometimes seemed to feature not just a scandal per day, but a scandal per hour.

To the FBI, CIA and NSA: Where Were You When We Needed You?  While failing utterly to provide evidence (let alone persuasive evidence) that Russia intruded into the DNC's email system, today's intelligence report is not without interest.  The most notable sections of the report are those that tie Russia's government to a series of left-wing propaganda campaigns in the U.S.  No member of the Occupy movement, for instance, can read the report without squirming.  If true, it vindicates what we conservatives have been saying for decades, going back to the unilateral disarmament and nuclear freeze movements of the 1950s through 1980s.

Russia "Hacking" and the Intel Credibility Gap.  At a hearing today [1/5/2017], Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana) today said it was "astounding" that anyone would question the credibility of our intelligence agencies.  That comment defies the factual record.  It's not that Americans don't appreciate our many honest, hardworking intelligence professionals.  But there are concrete examples of false information promulgated by some U.S.intelligence officials under Democrat and Republican administrations.  That's why it would be imprudent to blindly accept, without question, everything our intelligence officials say or, for that matter, everything any government claims.  In fact, one need look no farther than a lead witness at today's hearing on Russian election hacking:  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  In June 2013, Clapper provided false testimony to Congress denying existence of a National Security Agency (NSA) secret, massive data collection program.

Is Julian Assange Telling the Truth about the WikiLeaks Hack?  Imagine you are Julian Assange and ... [#1] You know for a fact that Moscow was not the source of the WikiLeaks e-mails.  What do you do?  In this case, it seems most likely that you would simply tell the truth, that Russian intelligence was not behind the leak.  [#2] You know for a fact that Moscow was the source of the WikiLeaks e-mails.  What do you do?  That is going to depend a great deal upon your personal commitment to the truth and your integrity. [...] [#3] You don't know whether Moscow was the source.  That does not seem to me implausible, either.

Election Interference? The U.S. Has Done It In 45 Countries Worldwide.  Russia's attempt to sway the 2016 election continues to consume American politics as the Obama administration struck back with a series of punishments targeting Russia's spy agencies and diplomats.  The White House on Thursday [12/29/2016] moved to expel 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives from the U.S. and impose sanctions on the Kremlin's two leading intelligence services in response for what the U.S. says were a series of cyberattacks conducted by Russia during the presidential campaign.  For the time being, Russian President Vladamir Putin has indicated that he won't immediately retaliate, though that could change.

The CIA's Dirty Tricks Against American Democracy.  There is an easy way to determine who is a faithful Democratic Party hack in the media and who on the left maintains at least some independence from the party line.  Long-time Democrat Bill Moyers thinks it's an open-and-shut case that Russia's Vladimir Putin intervened in the election to help Trump and that our democracy is in peril.  The Intercept thinks the evidence is weak, and that the CIA may have some other reason for "squaring off directly against Trump."  What could that possibly be?  Could it be that CIA Director John Brennan fears that Trump as president could order an investigation into what the CIA has been up to under President Obama?  What could that be?  Could the CIA have been interfering in foreign elections, and if so, could such efforts have provoked Russian retaliation?

I Guess 'Fake News' Only Comes on Facebook and Is Written in Macedonia.  Who did you hear more about in the past few weeks?  Texas elector Chris Suprun, who announced in the New York Times that he wouldn't vote for Donald Trump?  Or Robert Satiacum, the Washington state Democratic elector who announced months ago that he wouldn't support Hillary Clinton?  Did the coverage in the mainstream media leave you with the impression that there would be more faithless Republican electors or more faithless Democratic electors?  Call me crazy, but I think the mainstream media was much more interested in Suprun's preening and Larry Lessig's implausible claims of significant GOP defections than any reports of dissention in the ranks among Democrats.  They overhyped one side of the story and largely ignored another, because one story made them feel good and the other made them feel bad.

Does anybody else notice something odd about this pic?  Don't underestimate body language.

CIA and the Wizard of Oz.  An anonymous CIA official tells The Washington Post and The New York Times that Russia hacked to elect Donald Trump.  Gives zero details.  The CIA refuses to meet with the congressional intelligence committees.  After a week of media echoes that the voters were victims of "fake news" conspiracies including from the Russians, The Hill reports:  "Poll:  More than half of Americans bothered by Russian interference in election." Hence John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, formerly President Obama's senior counselor, was on firm public relations grounds when he contended that the 2016 elections were not "free and fair."  Presto:  America's electoral repudiation of the ruling class is on the skids toward delegitimization.

Are Europe's 'Extreme Right' Parties Really So Extreme?  The European left — lost for so many years in a blind, virtue-signaling multiculturalism — now has to come to grips with the fact that maybe all cultures are NOT equal, that some cultures truly are racist, sexist, and homophobic and are governed by a religious ideology that seeks to rule the world with no separation of mosque and state and human rights virtually non-existent, the very things the left claims it abhors.  And those same leftists don't know how to handle this contradiction.  So they blame those who do and call them neo-Nazis.  Ironically, those called neo-Nazis and the like are often the most open-minded people, seeking to preserve Europe's gift to humanity, the Enlightenment.  Such a person is the extraordinary Geert Wilders, recently found guilty of "discrimination" by a Dutch court and now the odds-on favorite to be the next prime minister of that country.  The Dutch are in many ways the most honest people in Europe.  Wilders — no shrinking violet — has already tweeted out in no uncertain terms that Angela Merkel has blood on her hands for what transpired in Berlin.  She does.

America as Animal Farm — Again.  Since his days fighting for the loyalists during the Spanish Civil War, the left-wing Orwell had become an increasingly outspoken enemy of Communism.  After the defeat of Nazi Germany, when Stalin renounced all his wartime assurances and steamrolled Eastern Europe, Orwell came to see state socialism under authoritarian auspices as the greatest threat to human freedom. [...] His 1945 novella Animal Farm — initially difficult for Orwell to publish and deeply hated by Western leftists — was an allegorical warning to liberals of the dangers of left-wing propaganda.  Words and phrases changed their meanings — again and again — to serve a tyrannical agenda.  The assorted creatures of Orwell's fictional barnyard frequently wake up to new commandments posted on the barn wall by their Stalinesque pig leaders, with yesterday's edicts crossed out or modified — and soon to be forgotten.

Of Course Russia Meddles in Our Elections — But the 'Hacking' Claim Is a Farce.  To begin with, it would be shocking if the Russians had not attempted to meddle in our election.  Historically, they've done it countless times (I assume, every time).  That's what hostiles do, they make mischief when and where they can.  Democrats, moreover, conveniently forget that they've historically welcomed such mischief-making — such as when Jimmy Carter pleaded with Leonid Brezhnev for Soviet help in the futile effort to defeat Ronald Reagan in 1980 and when Ted Kennedy pleaded with Yuri Andropov for Soviet help in the futile effort to defeat Reagan in 1984.  If the American intelligence community (IC), after considered chin stroking, had concluded that there had been no Russian attempts to meddle in the presidential election, I imagine most taxpayers would say we want our $50 billion per annum back — a reaction that may be warranted in any event given the IC's propensity to politicize its reports and to miss major developments from Pearl Harbor to 9/11, and from the rise of jihadist Iran to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Exclusive: What If the Convicted "Serial Rapist Cop" Is Innocent?  Today [12/10/2016] is the one-year anniversary of the verdict in the Daniel Holtzclaw case.  I'm reposting my feature op-ed from last week.  Several radio talk show hosts have given me time to make my case (Pat Campbell in Tulsa, Chris Morales in Enid, and Lee Matthews in OKC).  Oddly, local journalists in Oklahoma City have reported on our screening today in Enid — but none of them have reached out to speak with me directly about my findings.  Instead, they keep quoting the accusers' social justice advocates expressing their outrage — and police brass who have denigrated our work ad hominem as a "business project" without addressing a single exculpatory point of fact or evidence that we have introduced.

Street Cop reveals Positive attitude toward Armed Victims.  A Georgia police officer from Atlanta wrote an opinion piece in the Newnan Times-Herald.  The piece vigorously defends armed self defense.  It is clear that the officer is a street officer, and not one confined to his desk. [...] Police are individuals.  They tend to be more cynical than most, probably from dealing with the worst in society as a regular part of their job.  But most of them attempt to do the best they can at their job, most of the time.  Most of them do not see maximizing the number of people in prison as their job.  Most see their job as maintaining order and the rule of law.  Police and armed citizens are natural allies.  Both are pushing to maintain the rule of law.

25 Cities On the Brink of Disaster:  "Don't Be Here When Things Get Violent, Unsafe and Fragile".  Dallas, Texas just suspended pension payments for some of its civil servants, a sign that financial insolvency could create an epidemic during the next crisis.  Several states, like California, have over promised benefits to state employees in the pension programs, without ever planning to pay for them.  If people lose it, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the whole of the surrounding areas could simply erupt.  Similar problems have left Detroit, Michigan and Puerto Rico, the commonwealth island, extremely vulnerable to bankruptcy and economic apocalypse that could contaminate the nation and global within hours.  If a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, hits the East or Gulf Coast, tens of millions of people could be caught up in traffic, locked in cities without food, and desperate to cling to order and survive.  Likewise, if a major earthquake hit the West Coast, millions could be displaced and left without many options.  That's when things turn ugly.

Ted Kennedy Secretly Asked The Soviets To Intervene In The 1984 Elections.  Earlier this week, 47 Republican senators published an open letter informing the leaders of Iran that any nuclear deal with the United States that failed to be approved by the Senate would likely expire in 2017, once President Barack Obama's term ended.  You can read the full letter [elsew]here.  The letter enraged progressives, who immediately began accusing the senators of treason for having the audacity to publish basic constitutional facts about how treaties work.

Fake News Is Unreal.  Of course, social media didn't win the election for Trump, information did.  Social media was just the vessel, and if your entire foundation is built on lies, information is your enemy.  The phony capitalists at Bloomberg had hoped the free market might correct this horrible problem but now realize "There might be a need for the state to step in."  The president himself has claimed we need a "curating function" to handle this "wild-wild-west-of-information flow."  Later he complained to Rolling Stone that we are getting information from "completely different sources." [...] Barack is ultimately calling for the abolition of facts and suggesting America take up some kind of state-run media the way Britain and Canada have.  "If you're looking for fake news, you might want to check in on the people trying to shut it down."  I've lived in both those countries.  The scariest thing about state-run propaganda is how well it works.

Scientists Should Stop Mixing Their Work with Politics.  [Scroll down]  Leading up to the election, and particularly after Election Day, this tension was exposed in an ugly way, and not one that reflects favorably on the scientific community.  It isn't their political opinions that are objectionable, it is how they abandon the very evidentiary principles that should guide not only their professional conduct but also their political commentary, particularly if they are a taxpayer-funded scientists opining on social media for the world to see.  They make accusations without proof, sweeping conclusions they cannot support, and predictions for a dystopian future that do not reflect reality.

Workers beware:  Here come state-based retirement plans.  Under the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans lost the health insurance they liked.  Now, the same could happen with their retirement savings.  In August, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a little-known rule that allows states to set up retirement plans for private sector workers.  States that do so must also require employers — typically those with five or more employees — that don't offer their own retirement plan to offer the state-based option. [...] But a shift to state-based retirement plans will be bad news for workers and taxpayers.

"Before political correctness, our soldiers were free to fight back."
How American Soldiers Used Pig's Blood and Corpses to Fight Muslim Terrorism.  A century before American soldiers fought Muslim terrorism in the Middle East, they fought it in the Philippines.  Their attackers were Moro Muslims whose savage fanaticism appeared inexplicable.  A formerly friendly Muslim might suddenly attack American soldiers, local Muslim rulers promised friendship while secretly aiding the terrorists and the yellow left-wing press at home seized on every report of an atrocity to denounce American soldiers as murderers whose honor was forever soiled.  Much of what went on in that conflict, including the sacrifices of our soldiers, has been forgotten.  The erasure has been so thorough that the media casually claims that the American forces did not use pig corpses and pig's blood to deter Muslim terrorists.  Media fact checks have deemed it a "legend".  It's not a legend.  It's history.

Force the Media to Win Back Our Respect.  Reforming the media would require more imagination and mostly be a matter of style and protocol.  For reasons of symbolism, Trump should skip the White House Correspondents' dinner.  It has descended into a strange Neroian feast, where left-wing Hollywood celebs and the denizens of WikiLeaks fame meet to treat, and in turn hear, the president as if he were a fellow Las Vegas carnival barker.  It is a relic whose time came and went a long time ago There is no reason in this rapidly changing digitalized world to follow antediluvian customs of rewarding the New York Times or the Washington Post, or NPR, or PBS with blue-chip perks at press conferences or first claims on interviews.  They have not proved disinterested or competent in their reporting and should have to re-earn the esteem that they customarily take for granted.  WikiLeaks reminds us that CNN, the Washington Post, and Politico offer no more disinterested opinion journalism than do Rush Limbaugh or the Drudge Report — though the legacy media do spend far more to reach far fewer.

The States' Trump Card against the Fed.  It's hard, and it's never been done in the 229 years we've had the Constitution — not until now.  By using their Article V power, in 2017, the states, and the people, will, for the very first time, exercise their sovereignty.  And it is full sovereignty, plenary, unlimited. [...] The federal courts do not have jurisdiction over the states when they are exercising their Article V powers, and the president has no involvement whatsoever.  The third branch, Congress, has only a ministerial role to play.  The only discretion Congress has is in selecting the time and place of the Amendment Convention, and of choosing the method of ratification — by the state legislatures or by state conventions.  In order to organize a two-thirds supermajority, the States may choose to meet in a preliminary Convention of States.  This was last done in 1861, in Washington.  State delegations assembled to try to avert the Civil War, but they didn't have enough time, and they failed.

Opposing viewpoint:
Here Be Dragons:  Dangers Of A Constitutional Convention.  [Scroll down]  Article Five [of the US Constitution] has no instructions about the workings of a constitutional convention.  It sets forth requirements for calling a convention (two-thirds of the states must ask the Congress for a convention) and how proposed amendments arising from a convention are to be ratified, but that's all.  Article Five's silence practically guarantees lawsuits on every aspect of a convention's operation.  Some say their state legislatures have passed bills that would limit the convention to consideration of certain issues.  However, it's possible that these issues would vary from state to state, plus Congress may choose to add or delete issues in its call for a convention.  And once the delegates are seated and the doors to the convention hall are closed, no-one can predict what will happen on the floor.

Is Pope Francis Resurrecting the Nefarious Liberation Theology?  Instead of finding inspiration in Pope Francis's latest pronunciations, Catholics should be worried.  His latest political and economic ideas are a throwback to the 1970s, when Latin America was in full swing with "liberation theology," a brand of Catholicism inspired by Marxist doctrine.  This school of thought claims that theology must be grounded on more than just philosophy and scripture in order to defend the poor here on Earth, according to Juan Carlos Scannone, an Argentinean priest who greatly influenced the Pope's thinking.

WaPo: Say, maybe Hillary was the boat anchor rather than Trump.  During this past election cycle, the media did their best to Akinize Donald Trump in Senate and House races across the country.  Every time Trump said something outrageous or offensive — and Trump did provide plenty of that material — media outlets would challenge Republicans to repudiate Trump.  The assumption was that, as happened in 2012 with Todd Akin in Missouri, Trump would become a boat anchor for the GOP and lead to massive down-ballot losses.  How'd that work out in 2016?

Awards show?  The AMAs were a political hit job on President-elect Trump.  The music industry suffered a melt down on national television during the American Music Awards — launching into unhinged, profane tirades directed at President-elect Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.  Do not be fooled, folks.  This was not an awards show.  It was a political hit job on the president-elect.

America's real hate-crime epidemic is killing cops.  For all the hysteria on the left about a supposed outbreak of hate-filled violence in the wake of Donald Trump's election, a truly deadly series of hate crimes has prompted precious little outrage.  One police officer was murdered and three others wounded Sunday in four separate ambush attacks in three different US cities.  These weren't violent confrontations that spun out of control:  All but one were shot while sitting in their patrol cars.  The other was gunned down and killed in an ambush outside police headquarters.  As William McManus, chief of police in San Antonio — where Detective Benjamin Marconi, a father of three, was killed in cold blood — said:  "The uniform was targeted."

Here's How the 'Hamilton' Cast Reacted When Hillary Clinton Attended their Show.  The conservative and liberal worlds lit up in a firestorm when Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of "Hamilton"' on Broadway this past week. [...] No matter where you fall on the topic of the "Hamilton" cast being right or wrong for their actions, it's clear that Democrats received a very different reception from the Broadway cast when they visited during the election.

Some stars of Hamilton haven't voted in years despite clash with vice president-elect Mike Pence.  Some members of the cast of Hamilton, who delivered a message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence about their fears of the new administration, have abstained from voting for years, records show.  There are no records available for this year, so it's unclear if the cast members voted in 2016, but years prior show many were absent on Election Day.

'Hamilton' and the implosion of the American left.  The Democratic Party's alienation from the rest of America was on full display at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Friday night.  And the left seems completely oblivious to how ridiculous it looks to the rest of the United States.  Professors at Yale and Columbia universities and other elite schools postpone exams and cancel classes for students who could not deal with the election results.  Kids in Washington schools cut class with tacit approval from administrators to march in protest of the results of a free and fair election.  School officials in Montgomery County offer grief counselors to "help students process any concerns or feelings they have about the election."  (Funny, I don't recall anyone canceling exams or offering my kids grief counselors when Barack Obama was elected).

Judge Jeanine Scorches Cast of Hamilton:  "Out and Out Reverse Racism and Teed Up Hate".  Judge Jeanine Pirro did not stay silent about how ridiculous the cast of Hamilton acted and treated Mike Pence.  She ripped into them and she held nothing back.  [Video clip]

Tolerance is easier to preach than practice.  The reactions to a couple of news stories last week provided ample evidence of just how divided we are as a nation, and how unforgiving we have become.  Example No. 1 was the front-page story on Wednesday [11/16/2016] about the resignation of Gil Jordan as executive director of the Northwest Montana Historical Society.  Gil had served admirably in that capacity for 12 years, and helped to convert the Museum at Central School from merely a historic building into a building full of history.  Gil and his wife, Kimberly Pinter, who had been office manager for the historical society, announced last week that, following the election of Donald Trump, they had decided to resign and "focus on other priorities."  In a letter they wrote to "friends and family," Gil said that, "I am unwilling to carry on with business as usual as if nothing catastrophic has occurred."  Say what you will about Jordan's politics, it is certainly a rare and thus newsworthy occurrence when someone in the public eye takes such a serious course of action over a national election.  And unlike those national celebrities who said they were going to move to Canada if Trump won, Jordan actually acted on his principles.  Kudos to him for having a core belief system.

The left attacks Jeff Sessions on his past, but excuses Keith Ellison.  President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general.  Expect the left to use Mr. Sessions' past statements on race as ammunition against him, while ignoring his record since then.  Also expect those same people to make the argument that Rep. Keith Ellison's controversial past statements are a non-sequitur in his bid to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee.  Indeed, it's already happening.  The Nation tweeted of Mr. Sessions' AG pick:  "Jeff Sessions was too racist to be confirmed by Republicans in 1985," speaking of his failed confirmation hearings to be a federal judge that year.

The Editor says...
Former Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, who was once an officer in the Ku Klux Klan, was unavailable for comment.

One more product to boycott:
Massive Stewardship Fail — PepsiCo CEO Tells Trump Supporters to Take Their Business Elsewhere.  This will not end well for shareholders of stocks in PepsiCo.  Macy's business model collapsed after they took a similarly adversarial position toward candidate Donald Trump in 2015.  Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency, PepsiCo is following the same path as Macy's.  Business organizations, and various boards of directorship, who hire these insufferable political activists within their corporations, are fools for allowing their shareholders to be put at risk by their Chief Executive Officers.

Why celebrity endorsements didn't help Hillary at all.  Donald Trump had Scott Baio and a "Duck Dynasty" star.  Hillary Clinton had Jay-Z and Beyonce, Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen, Clooney and Leo, Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, among many, many other A-listers who hosted glittering fundraisers, who raised hundreds of millions of dollars for her.  One takeaway:  celebrity endorsements in presidential politics don't matter anymore.  Another, more likely and long-term:  They hurt.

Panic Amid The Department of Richard Windsor.  99.99% of the American electorate have yet to fully grasp of the scope of the 2016 election.  99.99% of Americans have sparse comprehension toward the meaning of 8 years without a federal budget — when contrast with a reality of a $986 billion (that's billion with a "B"), "stimulus" bill that has been re-spent (used as an executive slush fund), and intentionally hidden behind the curtain of the UniParty.  99.99% of Americans have no cognitive concept of what is possible, because the water-carrying media never discussed the ramifications of an absent federal budget.

5 Ways Trump Shows How To Win Elections.  [#2] Media and Celebrities Don't Matter:  The first rule of Republican politics is to look in the mirror and ask, "Are we trying to be Democrats?"  Twice Obama's big glittering machine of celebrities, media and memes rolled over hapless Republicans.  Republican operatives desperately wondered how they could run against Oprah, Beyonce and BuzzFeed.  How were they supposed to survive being mocked by Saturday Night Live and attacked by the media?  The answer was to find voters who weren't making their decisions based on any of those things. [...] The mediasphere matters most when you care about it.  When you don't and when you focus on voters who don't either, then it ends up as weak and impotent as it did in this election.

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Deplorables.  We do not have time to sit on our hands in our basket and bask in the thrill of victory.  We must begin right now to crystalize and articulate what we will demand of our newly elected Republican government — from the White House to the Congress — and be prepared to hold all of their feet to the fire.  Come January, it will be time for them to deliver.  A Supreme Court justice like Scalia?  The end of Roe and judicial games with marriage, "gender," and toilets?  Abolishing the Department of Education?  A patriotic, non-interventionist foreign policy?  A border?  Gun-owner rights?  An attorney general who doesn't persecute state and local law enforcement?  Trade deals that benefit Americans?

Celebrities, Have the Grace to Fulfill Your Promises.  Before any election, some celebrities threaten to leave the country if a Republican is elected.  Barbara Streisand, Whoopi and Cher are perennials, but they always weasel out.  Cher threatened to move to Jupiter — more dramatic, but easier to gainsay.  Miley Cyrus, whose fame results from being the example usually cited when someone speaks of the decay of society and examples of bad taste and no manners.  Samuel L. Jackson is famous for being in every movie ever made.  Other than that, there were some comedians I've never heard of, actors in dramas I have never seen.  All are welcome to depart, they will not be missed, and if they would refrain from giving their political opinions publicly, it would be deeply appreciated.  We really don't care what you think.

Trump's huge election night changes US politics forever.  Of course, we're seeing desperate and pathetic efforts to declare the results illegitimate.  For example, Paul Krugman of The New York Times said last night that Hillary Clinton's loss was due to conscious efforts to suppress the African-American vote.  That idea is beyond preposterous and intellectually deranged.  What we saw was a national wave that turned blue states red, not a case in which voter ID laws and efforts to restrict early voting changed the balance of a state or two. [...] The other facile explanation is that James Comey is at fault for making public his examination of the new e-mails two weeks ago.  If true, the fault goes back to March 2015, when Hillary Clinton's illicit homebrew server became a matter of public knowledge and she began a Nixonian effort to lie and cover up and hide the evidence of her reckless behavior.

The Blackmail State.  This presidential campaign appears at times to be a race to the gutter.  Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have been accused of having sexual relations with minors.  These allegations of sexual impropriety have raised some disturbing questions about the level of corruption in our society.  Perhaps more serious than the possible sexual perversion is the undermining or our judicial system.  The case of Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire financier and convicted pedophile, illustrates this point.

If Hillary wins, we'll have chosen our leaders for the rest of our lives.  I don't know who will win, but let's say it's Hillary.  In that case we'll have elected the head of America's natural governing party.  We'll have chosen our leaders not only for the next four years but for the rest of our lives.  It won't matter if from time to time the Republicans hold one branch of Congress, given the way in which Obama has shown how a Democratic president can rule as an autocrat.  And why will the Democrats keep the White House?  Because the Republican Party of the NeverTrumpers, the party of a narrow right-wing ideology, will have died.  It had a good run for 160 years but everything has to come to an end, and the GOP is no exception.  But it's not Hillary that will have killed it, nor Trump either.  Instead, its last gasp was the Romney debacle of 2012.

Columbia Journalism Review's Truth Problem.  While Trump is being criticized for saying he would keep the media and the nation in suspense as to whether he would accept the results of the election, the hard fact is that Al Gore spent two months not accepting the election results.  Florida law provides for an automatic recount.  Gore got that.  It did not go in his favor.  He requested a hand recount in several Democratic counties.  The fight in the courts thus began when Gore resisted obeying the results of the automatic recount.  The Secretary of State certified Bush the winner on November 26th.  The very next day Gore contested the certification in a Tallahassee circuit court.  In other words, ignoring the certification from the duly authorized Secretary of State Harris, Gore did exactly what Trump's critics find so appalling:  he simply refused to accept the election results.

It's official:  Venezuela is a dictatorship.  All this year, as they trudged through an unprecedented economic implosion, Venezuelans have been gearing up for what was meant to be the defining political event of the year:  a referendum on whether to recall our increasingly loathed authoritarian president, Nicolás Maduro.  The tense buildup suddenly ended Thursday as five separate (and supposedly independent, but c'mon now) lower courts approved injunctions to suspend the recall, closing down Venezuela's last best hope for a peaceful solution to its long-running political crisis.  Even for battle-hardened Venezuelans, it all came as quite a shock.

None of the above for president.  Oh, there is a basket of deplorables out there, all right — to borrow a phrase from one of the presidential contenders.  But it's not among the voters.  It's the deplorable presidential choices voters have been handed this election year.  Our political system has over the years been skewed by a host of rules and timetables designed to kowtow to regional sensibilities (Hello Iowa!) and partisan needs (welcome to Super Tuesday).  This year we are paying the price for all of that.  With all the great talent this nation has produced, the voters are left with a choice between two of the most distrusted presidential candidates ever to share space on one political ballot.  Fully two-thirds of American voters have said they distrust both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump.  And frankly we can't blame them.

The Editor says...
This year, the voters' two choices are worse than ever.  We can select either an incompetent centrist bloviating "loose cannon," or a lying corrupt left-wing radical baby killer with more accumulated baggage than JFK Airport.  The voters have an important decision to make.  The Boston Herald's noncommittal editorial isn't helpful.

James O'Keefe Says Donna Brazile's Head May Be Next to Roll.  Having already gotten Democrat operatives Scott Foval and Robert Creamer (Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's husband) to "resign" after the release of the first two parts of his recent sting, James O'Keefe just hinted that he's got bigger fish to fry: [...] The MSM has been dismissing the videos that sunk Foval and Creamer with weak nonsense about them being "low-level" and "unknown," despite the fact that Creamer is married to a member of Congress.  If Brazile is forced to go, look for a lot of unfounded attacks on O'Keefe designed to distract.  Brazile has her current job because her predecessor was forced to step down under scandalous circumstances.

Revolt Against the American Aristocracy.  The current aristocracy in America came to power in the 1960's.  It was a major shift in the power elite, away from the military, captains of industry, and religious leaders.  It became heavily concentrated in media elites, educators, bureaucrats and lawyers.  It was a deliberate infiltration of institutions and the seizure of power from the people and the states; concentrating it in unelected and unaccountable institutions.  The rise of network TV, the fairness doctrine imposed by the FCC, and the takeover of virtually all national media by doctrinaire "progressives" meant that the "progressive" gatekeepers in the media decided who could be nominated, who could win elections, what issues were important and what were not.  The "progressives" decided what candidates were acceptable for the Supreme Court.  The aristocracy had shifted from a limited government with a "military industrial complex" to an unlimited "government/media/bureaucracy" complex.  The new grouping held the military in contempt.  The core of its ideology disdained Christianity, limited government, "consent of the governed", honor, truth, and accountability.  The most desirable things in its value system were celebrity, unaccountable and unlimited sex, wealth and political power.

Blue Lives Matter Is Asking All Americans To Boycott Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.  Ben & Jerry's went beyond making a statement in support of civil rights when they actively accused law enforcement of widespread racism.  By spreading these false and misleading statements, Ben & Jerry's lends an appearance of legitimacy to the baseless claims that police officers are killing men based on the color of their skin.  This message has inspired the assassination and attempted assassination of police officers, and it costs officers their lives.  Black Lives Matter is made up of political organizations with political goals that most of Ben & Jerry's customers would disagree with, including disrupting the "nuclear family" structure (see Black Villages), taxpayer-funded reparations for black people (see Reparations), and the elimination of charter schools (see Invest-Divest.)  If you are unfamiliar with the Movement 4 Black Lives website we linked to, that's the coalition of over 50 Black Lives Matter organizations which is receiving $100 million in donations to push their political goals.

Blue Lives Matter encourages nationwide boycott of Ben & Jerry's.  A week ago, ice-cream makers Ben & Jerry's endorsed the "Black Lives Matter" movement.  On its website, a letter written to their customers, Ben & Jerry's spelled out their support.  In response, "Blue Lives Matter" said they are calling on all Americans to send a message — boycott Ben & Jerry's.

16 Times Democrats Tried To Prosecute Their Opponents.  [#5] Gov. Rick Perry:  In 2013, Rosemary Lehmberg, a Texas district attorney for Travis County and a Democrat, was arrested for drunk driving.  A video of her booking, in which she's visibly under the influence and slurring her words, went viral.  Former Gov. Rick Perry tried to remove her from office by threatening to "veto funding for a statewide public corruption unit that she headed unless she resigned."  Democrats tried to get him prosecuted in retaliation.

Acts of War Cannot Go Ignored.  On Sunday night [10/9/2016], as Americans were transfixed by the spectacle of the second presidential debate, events occurred off the coast of Yemen that remind us of the kind of challenges with which a president must contend.  Two ballistic missiles were fired at a U.S. destroyer in international waters from the part of Yemen controlled by the Houthis, an Iranian-back militia.  The missiles did not hit the USS Mason, although it's unclear if they had some internal defect or whether the ship defended itself with its suite of missile-defense systems.

Columbus Day and what Native Americans really need.  The two million Indians in this country are the poorest racial group.  They have higher rates of gang violence than blacks or Hispanics.  Indian women are raped at 2.5 times the national average.  Indian children are abused at twice the national average.  And suicide is the leading cause of death for American Indian boys aged 10-14. [... But] the reason that American Indians are where they are today is not because of events that occurred 500 years ago or even a century ago.  It is because of policies perpetrated in Washington today.  American Indians are poor because people who live on reservation don't have property rights.  Their land is held in trust by the federal government — which means they cannot buy it or sell it or develop it as they wish.  They can't even get a mortgage to buy a home, which is why reservations that have hundreds of millions of acres also have housing shortages and why people are stuffed into overcrowded trailers.  Indian reservations contain almost 30 percent of the nation's coal reserves west of the Mississippi, 50 percent of potential uranium reserves, and 20 percent of known oil and gas reserves.  Those resources are estimated to be worth nearly $1.5 trillion.  But the vast majority of Indian lands with natural resources remain undeveloped because of federal regulations.  In fact, just about every aspect of the lives of people on reservations is micromanaged by the 9,000 employees at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

About Last Night.  My favorite line of the night came from Megyn Kelly when among the many sins she accused Donald Trump of was "Rating women by her looks."  But isn't that what she does every time she looks into her makeup mirror?  Runner-up was delivered by longtime Clinton operative Paul Begala, when he dutifully played up the Dems' talking point in calling Trump's boorish talk proof of his having committed "sexual assault."  Yet not a word from Begala about the presence of Juanita Broaddrick in the debate hall last night.

Obama Lets Putin Get Away With Anything Except Attacking Democrats.  Here is what the Democratic establishment seems to think:  This time Vladimir Putin has gone too far.  He has dared to publish secrets from the Democratic Party's inner sanctum that are designed to put a Republican in the White House.  Judging from the administration's swift reaction, Obama thinks that Putin's affront is worse than all others.  It cannot go unrecognized and unpunished.  Vladimir Putin has invaded Georgia, annexed Crimea and redrawn European boundaries by force, caused 10,000 war deaths in eastern Ukraine, shot down MH17, pumped secret money into right and left-wing parties in Europe, and bombed relief convoys in Aleppo.  He has suffered few consequences for his international outlawry because the West plays along with his game of plausible deniability.

Clintons playing prude [is] the height of hypocrisy.  Just imagine if every American's private conversations were secretly taped over the course of their lives — without their knowledge or consent — and then they were released to the public in a political smear campaign just weeks before the election.  No one would be able to run for public office.

The Sun Is Setting on America as Founded.  The United States has evolved into a Euro-socialist democracy.  It now has the following in common with the failing states of Europe:  1) socialist and socialist-lite political parties, 2) no checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches, 3) uncontrolled immigration, legal and illegal, with the vast majority of immigrants refusing to assimilate, 4) overwhelming national debt and insolvent cradle to grave social programs, 5) escalating limitations on speech, religion, gun rights and assembly, and most significantly, 6) increasingly secular and agnostic societies.  The republic the founders bequeathed future generations is no more.  But that is what the American populace has chosen.

He should know.
Obama: Trump would do 'lasting damage' to the nation.  President Obama is waxing nostalgic for the Republican Party that nominated presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain, and told Democrats in a new fundraising email that Republicans in the old days wouldn't have sought to reverse as much of his work as Donald Trump.

The Editor says...
Republicans in the old days wouldn't have had so much to repair.

Better internet access won't pull people out of poverty.  A recent report from the Brookings Institution looked at data from the American Time Use survey and concluded that less-educated Americans were spending more time on screens and less time on "active leisure" than their better-educated counterparts. [...] The authors run down a quick litany of the problems associated with screen time:  "Prolonged time spent watching television is associated with poorer health, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Playing computer games, browsing the Internet and other forms of sedentary leisure may contribute to obesity.  Such screen time is also associated with lower grades and lower levels of personal contentment among youth."  The researchers acknowledge that "many of these impacts may not be due to the screen time itself, but to the lack of the activity that it displaces.  More time spent in front of a screen inherently means less time doing other things."

Why No Self-Respecting Woman Can Vote for Hillary.  Hillary Clinton is the very opposite of the smart, independent female role model once hoped-for as the first woman president.  For nearly five decades she has defended her serial predator and accused rapist husband whose despicable behavior she denied while behind the scenes she viciously trashed his victims and often ruined their lives.  Hillary conducted her own personal war on women against the very same women her own husband had already savaged.  And now she wants us to believe her whole life has been about helping women and children.

Clarence Thomas Is Conspicuously Absent In The New Black History Smithsonian.  Justice Clarence Thomas, the second black man to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, is practically absent from the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Anita Hill, the woman who accused Thomas of sexual harassment, however, is given prominent billing in the museum.

Follow The Money, The Trans-Pacific Partnership Payoff.  Of the 262 Companies that lobbied feds on TPP, 82 gave to [the] Clinton Foundation:  The Combined Giving of these companies was between $21,382,082 [and] $67,615,000.

Heather Mac Donald Fact-Checks Hillary Clinton on Systemic Bias and Stop-and-Frisk.  [Scroll down]  [C]avalier claims are being made about stop-and-frisk — an investigative method in which police, upon observing suspicious behavior, stop a person to ask questions and pat the person down to check for weapons.  While Trump endorses the practice, both Clinton and Lester Holt suggested that it has conclusively been found unconstitutional by the courts; and Clinton insists that it is also ineffective.  The claims are based on a ruling by a single, agenda-driven judge (who was actually removed from the case, as Ed Whelan explained at the time).  But, as Heather relates, the Supreme Court sanctioned stop-and-frisk in the 1960s, so "[n]o federal judge would have the power to declare pedestrian stops unconstitutional."  Moreover, Stop-and-frisk remains a lawful and essential police tactic.  Criminologist David Weisburd examined the practice in New York City and found that it reduced crime in shooting hot spots.

Branco cartoon
Nailing the networks.  Political cartoonists are in a tough, very competitive business, having to be many more things than just gifted artistically.  They must be politically intuitive in an absolutely up to the minute manner so that their creative gifts can evoke at least a chuckle and more hopefully a gleeful belly laugh from a far more sophisticated audience than those artists who draw for the funny papers.  One of the best of the current lot is Antonio Branco, who has an uncanny ability to come up with imagery that conveys more truth and insight into our current political state than the wisest of political pundits could impart in several paragraphs of sage observations.

It's time to send Muslim terrorists a message:  Deport the Rahami Family.  The Rahami family came to America from Afghanistan as refugees.  They made life miserable for their neighbors.  When the police tried to bring some order, they cried Islamophobia.  Two of the Rahamis have posted in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups on social media.  The third actually built and planted bombs to kill Americans.  He terrorized two states, tried to kill and maim countless Americans and then shot it out with police.  Ahmad Khan Rahami, the central figure in the terror case, brought his wife here from Pakistan and she departed days before his attack.  His mother left for Pakistan a few weeks before his bombing spree.  The media, eager for a story of redemption, has widely broadcast the claim that Mohammed Rahami, Ahmad's father, told the FBI that he was a terrorist.  But that was years ago.  And Mohammed didn't turn in his son because there was a terror plot, but because he attacked family members.

Prepare For a Massive Racial Onslaught From The Professional Left.  Hillary Clinton is in a complete state of electoral collapse.  Her polling is far worse than what the media is capable of propping up.  Once the professional left cross a particular desperation threshold, what follows becomes predictable; this will be similar to Brexit's "Operation Fear" only with a traditional American-left-wing twist, the use of race to drive the needed division.  Before laying out substance for this tripwire prediction, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to grasp the scope of what they are going to attempt to pull off.

The Federal Reserve and Its Murky Role in the US Election.  First of all, the financial picture in America today and throughout the world looks much as it did in 2007, just as the global financial crisis was about to hit.  A careless statement by the Fed chair could spark a new crisis.  Second, the US is just about to elect a new president.  Again, a careless word from Yellen could hurt the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Although chairs of the Federal Reserve are supposed to remain above the political fray, everyone knows that Yellen is a Democrat and knows how to toe the party line.  Many Americans are troubled by this prolonged lull before the promised hike in the Fed's benchmark rate.

The Two Clinton Nuclear Bombs.  North Korea has let it be known that this test has allowed it to produce standardized nuclear warheads "able to be mounted on strategic ballistic rockets" so that it can "produce at will and as many as it wants a variety of smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear warheads of higher strike power."  Kim doesn't just want a nuke.  He wants a lot of nukes.  And at the rate he's going, he will have them.  And the man to thank for all that is Bill Clinton.

Cashing in on presidential prestige.  The president, as he prepared to leave office, was dead broke.  So broke, in fact, that he had to take out a loan to get him through the transition.  Bill Clinton in 2001?  No, Harry Truman in 1953 — and the resemblance ends there.  Back then, although Truman had only a monthly Army pension of $112.56, he was adamant about not employing his presidential service to cash in.  As biographer David McCullough relates, Truman turned down a new Toyota; a Miami real estate development company's offer of "not less than $100,000" to come on board; an array of consulting gigs.  "I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable, that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency," Truman later wrote.

The Sinister Side of a Cashless Society.  Some on the left are proposing the elimination of currency bills larger than $10.  This may seem like an insignificant matter, but if adopted, the proposal would be a giant step in the direction of totalitarianism.  By forcing Americans to use an electronic means of payment, government would gain the power to monitor and manipulate every aspect of one's finances.  Washington would know what you buy, where and when you buy it, where you travel and eat, and whom you associate with.  Granting government this kind of power is madness unless you're one of the political elite.  They seem to be lining up in favor of a cashless society.

China's Insult and Obama's Climate Kowtow.  Obama downplayed the insult, telling reporters "not to over-crank the significance."  Maybe that makes sense in the bubble-world of the Ben-Rhodes-foreign-policy narrative, where the tide of war is forever receding, the arc of history bends toward justice, the oceans rise and fall at the command of Obama's pen and phone, and the echo chamber, on cue, applauds.  But China's reception was an insult, pure and simple.  No one need study the tea leaves to understand that this was a gesture of gross disrespect, seen around the world, putting the American president in his place — especially as compared with the warm reception for Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

The Day The Lights Go Out And The Trucks Stop Running.  At some point a major national emergency will strike, and when that day arrives we could suddenly be facing major power grid and transportation disruptions.  Are you prepared for that?

Is the impeachment of the next president an inevitability?  Bizarre and increasingly troubling as this political year has been, the worst may lie ahead:  2016 could come to be known as America's inevitable impeachment election.  Based on their prior and present conduct, there is a high likelihood that either a President Donald Trump or a President Hillary Clinton could end up being impeached and possibly convicted and removed from office.  The country is rushing headlong toward an almost certain constitutional crisis next year.

A Candidate's Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election.  The presidential election could be delayed or scrapped altogether if conspiracy theories become predictive and a candidate dies or drops out before Nov. 8.  The perhaps equally startling alternative, if there's enough time:  Small groups of people hand-picking a replacement pursuant to obscure party rules.  The scenarios have been seriously considered by few outside of the legal community and likely are too morbid for polite discussion in politically mixed company.  But prominent law professors have pondered the effects and possible ways to address a late-date vacancy.

How the Clintons Gave American Foreign Policy its Muslim Tilt.  The Clinton role in the rise of Islamic irredentism has now come full circle.  Bill Clinton might get the credit for the original Muslim tilt.  Bosnia (1992-95) set the table for a series of interventions that gave birth to the so-called Arab Spring and any subsequent triumphs of Islamofascism.  Ironically, Bill Clinton could be both righteous about civil wars in the Balkans and oblivious to genocide in Rwanda simultaneously.  Muslim lives matter, Black Africans, not so much. [...] When Donald Trump claims that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created ISIS, his rhetoric might be figurative, but the underlying truth is literal.

Maybe borders aren't the worst invention ever.  "Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians."  Those were the words of Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Union's European Commission, at the Alspach Media Academy in Austria last Monday [8/22/2016].  Nonsense, most readers will surely think.  But it's worth thinking a bit more about where Juncker is coming from, and the implications of his statement in what is, in Europe as well as America, a fraught political year.  Juncker comes from Luxembourg, a 998-square mile country wedged between France, Germany and Belgium, where he served as prime minister from 1995-2013.  If you look up Luxembourg in lists of world economic statistics, you'll find it rated No. 2 in gross domestic product per capita.  That's thanks to what Juncker called politicians' worst invention ever, borders.

Why Would Russians Hack Democrats?  It seems dubious that the Russians had anything to do with leaks about Democrats, and we have well-founded hypotheses for the real perpetrators.

The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse.  In America you can say just about any offensive thing imaginable, directed at just about any group or person imaginable, and you'll be okay.  Add to that the strong protections for political speech that statute and Supreme Court precedent have established, and America is almost unique among the nations of the world in terms of freedom of expression.  We have it good.  But that might not always be the case.  In fact in the very near future American free speech may be sharply curtailed.

The Left Refuses to Learn.  People increasingly tend to believe what they see, hear and read in the media without scrupling to perform any fact-checking on their own initiative, in this way contributing to a culture perhaps best described as an amalgam of frivolity and delirium. [...] This sort of thing is going to keep happening and, what is worse, will become customary, if not universal.  It is made possible by the plague of ignorance and intellectual torpidity that has descended like a cloud of locusts on the mental horizon of a once privileged but now vassal culture that no longer wants to think for itself or to work for the truth.  Who wants to work when you can get free stuff, whether cell phones or gratuitous pseudo-knowledge?

Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars?  [Scroll down]  To the CFR, America's role in the world is to corral Russia, defend Europe, contain China, isolate Iran, deter North Korea, and battle al-Qaida and ISIS wherever they may be, bleeding our country's military.  Nor is that all.  We are also to convert Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan into pro-Western preferably democratic countries, and embrace "free trade," accepting the imported merchandise of all mankind, even if that means endless $800 billion trade deficits, bleeding our country's economy.  Otherwise, you are just an isolationist.

Gary Johnson's Campaign to Make Hillary President.  This is the summer of Gary Johnson.  The former New Mexico governor who has been steadily drifting left over his career is now doing his best to make Hillary Clinton into President Hillary Clinton.  Back in 1999, Johnson rejected overtures from the Libertarian Party for a presidential run.  "I'm a Republican, and I'm not going to run for President.'"  Both parts of that statement proved to be lies.  Libertarian and non-libertarian supporters see a principled politician in Gary Johnson.  But Johnson has always been a political chameleon, shifting his colors to win elections.  Gary Johnson is now desperately courting Bernie Sanders voters.

Sorry, Tim Kaine Is No Centrist.  Yes, he's reportedly a nice guy who, in interviews, describes himself as "boring." But to call him a centrist is a stretch.  He supports curbs on the Second Amendment.  He likes ObamaCare.  He wants more federal government involvement in education and is OK with income redistribution through the tax code.  He backs the government's unscientific war against "climate change."  And, with Obama, opposed the job-creating Keystone XL pipeline.  These are not centrist stances.

Venezuela Reaches the End of the Road to Serfdom.  A lefty correspondent who believes that I have been unfair to Senator Bernie Sanders — specifically, that I have given insufficient attention to the "democratic" part of his so-called democratic socialism — writes:  "You should write about those millions of souls trapped in the Canadian, Icelandic, Danish, and other democratic-socialist gulags."  But, of course, there are no Canadian and Danish gulags.  Then again, Canada and Denmark are not socialist countries.  This is a truth the Left, and some of the Right, insists on refusing to learn.

We'll Survive.  It's not great to be living through the worst presidential matchup ever.  And it's not a cheerful thought that one of these two horrendous candidates is very likely to be our next president. [...] Trump has shown he has nary a clue as to how to make America great.  Clinton has produced not a whit of evidence that she has ever brought about significant beneficial change.  It is likely to be a rough four years.  But we can and will survive.

Let's Roll:  Why Standing Up to a Terrorist Is Your Best Self-Defense.  After the carnage like we've witnessed in American cities such as San Bernardino and Orlando, and more recently in Europe, the national conversation tends to shift temporarily back toward gun control legislation and how to best protect ourselves in the homeland from future terrorist attacks. [...] This change includes an overdue re-examination of how unarmed civilians should respond during these events, including how federal, state, and local authorities tell the public to respond.

Political elite:  Self-interest disguised as principles, public service for personal profit.  Up until recently, our permanent, professional political class was largely content spending their entire careers living off of taxpayer revenues, while, at the same time, finding new ways of squandering our hard-earned cash on projects and services meant more to ensure their reelection than providing any tangible benefits to their constituents.  Concomitantly, they expanded the reach of the federal government, further limiting our liberty with laws designed to consolidate their power and justify their useless existence.  Apparently, life as public parasites was simply not enough.  The new paradigm for the permanent, professional political class is public service for private profit.

Not Knowing.  [Scroll down]  By striking at Hillary's aura, the Russians may be attempting the same thing.  Democratic voters looked up to her to protect and defend the nation because that's what presidents do.  By hacking Hillary and humiliating her, Putin has sent the message that she cannot even defend herself — and what's the use of a president who can't defend herself?  This is why the Taliban target the chiefs of police and the district heads to show the populace that their leaders are vulnerable, that no protection can be expected from them.  The same threat logic is being applied by Putin.

Democrats admit they have no evidence of Putin link to disastrous leak.  [Scroll down]  Thousands of emails were leaked to Wikileaks Friday [7/22/2016], likely courtesy of a hacker who refers to himself as 'Guccifer 2.0,' who says he's not Russian and is a solo actor.  However, Crowdstrike, the DNC's cybersecurity firm, noted back on June 14 that analysts had discovered that two separate Russian intelligence groups had gained access to the DNC's networks.

The Editor says...
It is entirely possible that one or more entities gained access to these emails, in addition to "Guccifer 2.0" and the Russians.  It is also possible that "Guccifer 2.0" is a Russian or a team of Russians, but even so, hackers are not mutually exclusive.

Lion Ted.  While I have at times been critical of Cruz, in general I am a fan.  I endorsed him in the 2016 election, and nothing from last night causes me to reconsider that endorsement (quite the opposite).  What's more, Cruz's decision shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone paying attention to the post-election statements from either the senator or his team.  In various conversations with people close to the campaign in recent weeks, they were unanimous that they did not expect Senator Cruz to ever endorse Donald Trump, and certainly not at the convention.  And Senator Cruz's team went out of its way when they were given a speaking slot to indicate that an endorsement was not required of them in exchange for it.  Frankly, it was gross political malpractice by the Trump team to allow Cruz to deliver his speech essentially unvetted, yet, given other gaffes made at the convention, it's hardly surprising.

The Long Fall of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  As Debbie Wasserman Schultz made her unceremonious exit as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, what was most remarkable was what you didn't hear:  practically anybody coming to her defense. [...] Few Democrats will miss Wasserman Schultz, who was widely seen as an ineffective leader.  She was a poor communicator whose gaffes often caused the party headaches; a mediocre fundraiser; and a terrible diplomat more apt to alienate party factions than bring them together.

Florida Woman Causes Disaster.  [Debbie] Wasserman Schultz is very bright, in the sense that the very bottom of Carlsbad Caverns is bright, and very sharp, in the sense that a brass doorknob or a stick of warm butter is sharp.  Her greatest hits are the stuff of legend:  Chris Matthews asked her to explain the difference between being a Democrat and a socialist (such as Bernie Sanders) and she was lost as last year's Easter eggs.  She has suggested that Republicans want to deport all women from the United States.  She tried to use House rules to keep members of Congress from calling Obamacare "Obamacare."  Like Joe Biden, she literally does not know what "literally" means.  She complains that if Republicans who opposed the GM bailout had their way "we would be driving foreign cars."  Her Infiniti SUV was made in Tochigi, Japan.

Flag should not bend to terrorists.  Back on the Fourth of July, the Daily Inter Lake published an Associated Press story about how flying the U.S. flag at half-staff had become a common occurrence.  As the story said, "some have questioned whether the country has lowered the bar on the lowering of the flag."  That got us to thinking about how often we have lowered the flag outside our office over the past six weeks — multiple days for the terror attack in Orlando, again for the ambush and murder of police officers in Dallas, then once again for the terror attack in Nice, and most recently for the police murdered in Baton Rouge.  While all of those instances provided more than enough reason to show mourning and respect for the dead, it has started to seem to us as though lowering the flag every few days is tantamount to a form of surrender to terrorism — both domestic and foreign.  Should we really be acknowledging the sick work of inhuman murderers and terrorists?  Or should we vow to stand tall and unbowed before the threat of bad men?

Why Trump is right about NATO.  As is always the case, NATO is a euphemism for American combat resources, troops and funding.  The 28 countries that comprise NATO are all committed to common strategic goals and safeguarding freedom, but for too long these countries have relied on America's military power and force projection without meeting their own obligations.  NATO imposes a goal on member nations that at least 2 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) goes to support defense — a direct benefit the alliance.  Only five of the 28 countries are meeting that obligation and the United States assumes the disproportionate share of the funding burden at 3.6 percent of GDP.

Engineered Chaos And Fear The New Norm In America As Many Assume The "Reality" Of Staged Events.  There was a time when there was actually a sense of normality all around us and there was a sense of justice and accountability at the government level even if it was mostly the perception of it. [...] There was even a time when you could comfortably plan on traveling pretty much anywhere in the world, especially here in the United States for business or pleasure without having to deal with the prospect of "terrorism" or another psyop mass shooting, terror truck drivers, snipers or lockdowns.  You also didn't have to worry about a violent police state, checkpoints, surveillance cameras, killer robots, government spying and 24/7 fear, death and destruction being put out by the mainstream media news.  There was a sense of order, in other words, that many of us still remember and we remember exactly what it felt like.  Obviously you can't miss something or yearn for the days you've never experienced.  This disconnect that the younger generation has to what some may refer to the good old days is important in the grand scheme of things because this chaos is all they know and it is a grand example of learned helplessness.  For the first time in modern American history we have a generation that doesn't know what order, calmness and peace looks like.

I'm Writing in Ted Cruz's Name for President.  Like many of my fellow constitutional conservatives, I oppose both Hillary Clinton and her old donor Donald Trump.  I oppose a catastrophically corrupt, race-baiting, plutocratic socialist who serially undermined American national security and lied to the faces of the families of Benghazi victims, and I also oppose a borderline-deranged, Kremlin-tainted, quasi-fascistic, fraudulent orange cult leader.  As between Ebola and HIV, I choose neither.  I am firmly both #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump.  In May, I posted a "#NeverTrump Cheat Sheet," which I thought best represented the options available for those of us committed to opposing both of these Big Government jokesters.  It is time to revisit those options.

The War On Cops.  There is no more important book to read right now than Heather Mac Donald's clear-eyed, riveting new work The War on Cops:  How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. [...] [The book] begins by noting that crime is skyrocketing in cities across the United States as "the most anti-law-enforcement administration in memory draws to a close."  This isn't, however, "the greatest danger in today's war on cops.  The greatest danger lies, rather, in the delegitimization of law and order itself."  If we don't begin to counter the present lies about law enforcement propagated by the Black Lives Matter movement and facilitated by a complicit media and by the "academic victimology industry," Mac Donald concludes, civilized urban life will break down — which we are already beginning to witness.

20 Examples of What It Would Look Like if White Privilege Really Existed.  [#1] We'd see frequent discussions on whether bumbling white dads or negative portrayals of southerners on TV and in movies were unfair to white people. [...] [#5] There wouldn't be an option to press 2 for Spanish. [...] [#8] Every year we would celebrate White History Month and on the final day, we would hold a Miss White America pageant on White Entertainment TV.

New York City needs a leader like Dallas police chief David Brown.  Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton could learn a thing or two from Dallas Police Chief David Brown.  The man is a bona fide leader, someone who has the respect of his officers, his city — and now the entire nation.

Dallas: The Target Is Order.  Dallas was not just another attack by a lone shooter against defenseless civilians.  Rather, it was a highly symbolic act against those who defend order.  The target was order.  The target was the uniforms and badges the officers were wearing.  Those who died were merely representatives of order.  They were the defenders of the principles and institutions around which society agrees to be organized.  Defending this order is made more difficult by the fact that the Dallas massacre was directed against an order of things that is decaying.  As society unravels, the order that once united us as a people is also coming apart.  Our political leadership no longer strongly defends society's core principles.

Obama's Agenda of Anarchy.  To understand what we are witnessing, it must be first made clear that the murderous attacks on the police have little to do with the questionable deaths of black men by police.  Their deaths are being conveniently exploited by individuals and groups whose plans were set in motion decades ago under different pretexts.  We must remember that we've seen this type of "orchestrated chaos" before, specifically in the late 1960s during the radicalization of students and young people across college campuses.  Protests, sit-ins, and armed takeovers of campus offices by the radical left were increasing and blamed, in part, on the Vietnam War.  Other reasons existed as well, including many of the same anti-Capitalist, anti-American sentiments we are seeing today.

What's a Reasonable Number of Blacks to Shoot?  Barack Obama's position on police shootings seems to be that more blacks get shot by police than their percentage of the population tells us is reasonable.  In other words, about 45 a year is okay, any more is racist. [...] This is how insane this discussion has gotten.  Obviously blacks get shot at a higher rate than whites because their crime rate is higher, and not just by a smidgen.  But the liberal elite can never say that, can they?  Because they cannot believe how the police (working class, generally white, maybe college educated maybe not at state schools, often sons of police themselves, military veterans in large measure and frequently seen kneeling on a black guy's head in order to get a pair of cuffs on) cannot be bigoted.  So therefore they must be.  This is called a Divine Fallacy — I cannot imagine how something may be true therefore it's false.

The working classes vs. the smirking classes.  Put it all together and what do people see?  Politicians who send boys into battle mendaciously; who flood the country with immigrants because they want cheap gardeners and nannies; and who force low-income people to rescue wealthy bankers and bondholders from the consequences of their own errors.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't softened in my attitude to Trump.  He remains a vainglorious, dishonest boor, whose policies would do the most damage to the people he promises to help.

American Socialists Are Trying To Start A Race War So They Can Shut Down The Government And Declare Martial Law — Don't Take The Bait.  For the past several weeks there has been a lot of talk about the so-called "Black Lives Matter" protests, and how the protests seems to be growing in violence and less and less being done to deal with them.  President Obama, as expected, appears useless to stop the violence and even siding with the violence by his same refusal.  There is a lot of talk about "racism," "discrimination," and the usual language.  There are even calls for black to take over southern states and create their own country and "kill all the white people." [...] This brings to mind something I learned a long time ago from the Russian communist literature.  That is, the issue is never the issue, but the issue always is the revolution.

It's Déjà vu All Over Again.  The pace of recent events, from the outré presidential election, the "exoneration" of career criminal Hillary Clinton by the FBI, and the shooting of multiple police officers in Dallas during a "Black Lives Matter" protest, is reminiscent of '68; the country barely had time to process one enormity when the next once occurred.

The American Left Has Won.  The Democrats in the House of Representatives recently staged a theatrical sit-in ostensibly demanding that they, as an oppressed and victimized minority, be allowed to vote on additional gun control measures.  This childish attempt to mimic the demonstrations attendant to the union organization drives of the early 20th Century and the civil rights movement of 1960's was produced by myopic fools who do not seem to understand that they have won.  They now control virtually all levers of power in the federal government, dominate one major political party and fully intimidate the other, and are successfully altering society as a whole.  They have defeated "the man."

Our Eternal War For Independence.  There are two visions of how men are meant to live today, just as there were in 1776.  Revolutions and wars may occasionally clarify these visions, but they do not permanently resolve them.  New governments are quick to adopt old tyrannies.  Freedom is a popular rallying cry for rebels.  But few rebels wish to be rebelled against.  That is what made America unique.  That is what still does.  We were not meant to be a society of sinecures for public servants.  We did not come into being to be ruled by bureaucrats.  Our birth of freedom was not meant to give way to the repression of a vast incomprehensible body of regulations administered by an elite political class in Washington D.C.

After "Brexit," Can We Exit a Few Things Too?  Is Brexit the first victory in a larger freedom movement?  Can we get out of a system that creates money out of thin air to benefit the ruling class while impoverishing the middle class?  Can we get out of a central bank that finances the wars that make us less safe?  Can we exit Executive Orders?  Can we exit the surveillance state?  The PATRIOT Act?  Can we exit NDAA and indefinite detention?  Can we exit the US worldwide drone program, that kills innocents overseas and makes us ever-more hated?  Getting out of NATO would be a good first move.  This Cold War relic survives only by stirring up conflict and then selling itself as the only option to confront the conflict it churned up.  Wouldn't it be better to not go looking for a fight in the first place?

Why Our Leaders Won't Name The Enemy.  [Scroll down]  The real reason that our leaders won't name the enemy is that they don't like us and they don't trust us.  Running through their heads are nightmare scenarios like Brexit and Trump.  They see their job as shepherding us away from our "worst impulses" toward a proper role within the global community.  They are quite capable of recognizing Islamic terrorism for what it is.  They may not be terribly bright, but people in their positions have more than enough access to information for the conclusions to be inescapable.  But they are determined not to allow Islamic terrorism to disrupt their larger plans for us.  It isn't another 9/11 or 7/7 that worries them, but a resurgence of nationalism in response to it.  That is why they will lie, mislead and even criminalize any dissent.  Their response to every Islamic terrorist attack is to make us feel responsible, ashamed and helpless by transforming Muslims into the victims.  For these same reasons they will push mass Muslim migration no matter what the terror risks are.  They will champion the hijab, even though they know it harms Muslim women.  Why?  Because these policies undermine our values and transform our countries.  And that is their overriding agenda above all else.  That is what we are up against.

What's really behind the ongoing push for gun control?  All modern governments are organized crime legitimized by the police power of the state.  There is illegal crime and there is legal crime.  We tend to accept government crime because it has made itself politically legal and politically palatable with such propaganda myths as "democracy."  All economic power, political power and religious power are vested in the state.  The state manages the system backed by police power.  Police power is civil and military.  The German state under Adolf Hitler was organized crime protected by visible military power, whereas American so-called democracy is a police state without the jack boots and the swastika.  Police power in a modern "democracy" appears more benevolent because it is more subtle or more invisible.  But police power is ever present.  It normally isolates and prosecutes enemies of the state, radiating its presence through the controlled media for public obedience.  This type of police state is accurately described as benevolent totalitarianism.  Sometimes, however, it misfires and rears its despotic head in actions like Waco and Ruby Ridge.  All national states have one thing in common.  They want all uncontrolled arms of the people confiscated.

That's it.  I've had it.  The United States of America is not a democracy; it is a Constitutional Republic.  However, when we don't teach our history, instead choosing to revise it; when we don't teach civics, instead choosing to create a generation of subjects, mindless drones, and not citizens — we cannot keep the Republic.  The reason is we don't even know what a Republic entails, and as Franklin once quipped, we then get the government we deserve.  We live in a representative Democracy, and our representatives in political office are selected to represent and be accountable to us — that is a Constitutional Republic.  But what happens when we're too ignorant to know the difference between that which we were created to be, and that which we are becoming — a Constitutional Monarchy?  We find ourselves not being governed, but rather being ruled, by a class of political elites enabled by a complicit media and entertainment elites.

Johnson's Rise and Imminent Fall.  After a contentious convention fight, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has emerged the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party.  As a successful two-term governor, he is far and away the most qualified LP candidate in decades.  Johnson's vice president, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, shares the gravitas.  With two able governors on the ticket, it feels like the stars are aligning for libertarians.  They've ditched the nerdy book clubs, begun taking hygiene seriously, and attracted two accomplished executives to lead the party.  In a year when both major nominees are loathed, the LP is poised for major gains.  So could this be the year when the duopoly that controls Washington's welfare-warfare apparatus is finally busted?  Don't count on it.

America Needs Nuclear Weapons — and the World Needs Us to Have Them.  Since the end of World War II, it has been axiomatic that nuclear weapons are a central pillar of U.S. foreign policy, enabling America to resist not only far-flung threats to its security but to advance its interests globally.  Upon entering office and throughout his presidency, President Barack Obama in various pronouncements made clear his intention to overturn this link between foreign and military policy.  During a visit to Hiroshima, Japan in May, the president intoned that there needed to be a "moral revolution" to rid the world of nuclear weapons.  Obama's perspective coincides with an era in which the United States is fighting "small wars" against adversaries incapable of inflicting the type of catastrophic damage against the United States or its allies that guided U.S. nuclear policy in the Cold War era.

Libertarian ticket has nothing but good things to say about Obama and Hillary.  [Matt] Welch thinks the error here was in Johnson and Weld straining to seem "nice," which isn't a terrible strategy when you remember that the two major-party candidates this year are widely viewed as dirtbags.  But I don't know.  Johnson has winked at anti-Trump conservatives periodically during the campaign but he seems to be betting bigger on Bernie Sanders's large idealistic progressive minority, emphasizing in interviews how very much he and Bernie have in common.

The Persistence Of Washington Delusion.  Jonathan Rauch has a cover story in The Atlantic — "How American Politics Went Insane" — which is getting positive links from a lot of otherwise intelligent people. [...] The steady decline of confidence in institutions that began with Watergate and Vietnam is due to real failures of the elite leadership class.  These failures undermined confidence not just in capacity to do good but in capability to represent interests.  The list is familiar to you by now:  Impeachment.  9/11.  Iraq.  Katrina.  Congressional corruption.  Financial meltdown.  Failed stimulus.  Obamacare.  Stagnant wages.  Diminished hopes.  But oh, the party establishment was doing good?  These middlemen Rauch puts on a pedestal — they were responding and managing and running things well?  No.  They were looking out for the interests of people other than those they were elected to serve.  They were responding to the donor class and to the party leadership — the very people Rauch views as responsible balances against the populist tendencies of the electorate.  Let's be clear:  Rauch's argument requires you to believe elites were doing just fine running the country until about 2010.  Rauch's darkest day comes in 2011, when earmarking was banned.  But there's no data to support the contention that removing earmarking contributed to any level of American political insanity.

The War on Stupid People.  Few will be surprised to hear that, according to the 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a long-running federal study, IQ correlates with chances of landing a financially rewarding job.  Other analyses suggest that each IQ point is worth hundreds of dollars in annual income — surely a painful formula for the 80 million Americans with an IQ of 90 or below.  When the less smart are identified by lack of educational achievement (which in contemporary America is closely correlated with lower IQ), the contrast only sharpens.  From 1979 to 2012, the median-income gap between a family headed by two earners with college degrees and two earners with high-school degrees grew by $30,000, in constant dollars.  Studies have furthermore found that, compared with the intelligent, less intelligent people are more likely to suffer from some types of mental illness, become obese, develop heart disease, experience permanent brain damage from a traumatic injury, and end up in prison, where they are more likely than other inmates to be drawn to violence.  They're also likely to die sooner.

The Government's Do-Nothing Approach to EMP Threats.  EMPs — pulses of electromagnetic energy created by natural or manmade causes, such as a terrorist attack — have the potential to critically damage our electrical grid and catastrophically disrupt communications, transportation, emergency services, and food and water supplies, virtually destroying the world we live in today.  Even worse, lives are at stake.  According to Dr.  Peter Pry, the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, EMPs pose "existential threats that could kill 9 of 10 Americans through starvation, disease, and societal collapse."

The Editor says...
This is a subject that has been largely ignored by akdart.com because The Editor finds it unlikely that the threat posed by EMP is as great as everyone else seems to think it is.  The power grid includes protection against lightning, which would also go a long way toward protecting against EMP.  The brains of your computer are probably enclosed in a metal box, which would shield it against EMP.  Your cell phone might be toast, but you shouldn't have to rely on your cell phone to get back to your house from anywhere.  Maybe you'll realize you shouldn't have given up your POTS line and replaced it with total dependence on cell phone service.  If your TV set gets fried, the enemy will have done you a big favor.  And if the EMP event happens directly over your city, the effects might be severe, but even then I have my doubts.  [#1] If a third-world country or terrorist group develops an atomic bomb, and they only have a prototype, they are far more likely to detonate the device halfway up a skyscraper than out in space, because one requires access to the freight elevator and the other requires an ICBM.  Which one is easier to acquire?  [#2] When the first atomic bomb was detonated out in rural New Mexico, did all the telephones quit working in Alamogordo and Albuquerque?  Did the lights go out?  I remain skeptical.  At the same time, the government isn't talking about this potential threat and going back into the Civil Defense preparedness mode of the 1960's, because to do so would draw attention to the fact that an EMP attack would most likely come from Iran or ISIS, i.e., from Islamic terrorists.  President Barack H. Obama would never encourage any such discussion.

National security profiling is a no-brainer.  While everyone's undies are in a bunch over Donald Trump's proposal for a Muslim immigration moratorium, it is undeniable in a time of "heightened alert" — when violent jihadists have no problem targeting their enemies here and around the world — that national security profiling is imperative to our survival.  Yes, that means taking politically incorrect criteria such as ethnicity, nationality and religion into account when battling radical Islamist throat-slitters, suicide bombers and hijackers who incinerate children on airplanes traveling to Disneyland, plant bombs in their shoes, underwear, soda bottles and belts, and shoot up concert halls, restaurants, malls, Army bases and social services centers.  Yes, that means unapologetic government tracking of Arab and Muslim foreign students, high-risk Muslim refugees, Muslim chaplains serving in the military and in prisons, and Arab and Muslim pilots and flight students.  Yes, that means taking immigration status into account to apply increased, common-sense scrutiny of temporary visa holders from jihadist breeding grounds.

Is the era of big infrastructure over?  One issue where the leading Democratic and Republican presidential candidates seem to agree is the need for improved US infrastructure.  And many economists think that the combination of need and cheap financing makes a big round of new investment a no brainer.  But what kind of infrastructure investment?  Fixing roads, improving an airport here or there, upgrading schools — that kind of thing?  Or is it time for a megaproject ... or two or three?

The Wages of Non-Judgmentalism.  There is a fundamental contradiction at the heart of daily American life.  It's one that undermines the role that citizen sentinels are obliged to serve in the collective effort to combat low-tech aspiring terrorists who may be operating independent of a foreign or domestic extremist network.  At once, Americans are supposed to be vigilant and unafraid to express to authorities their fears when they believe someone is behaving abnormally and may represent a threat.  At the same time, however, society frowns on those who are perceived as judgmental.  Since social pressures to avoid being seen as hypercritical, paranoid, or — worst of all — bigoted are acute, and the rewards for keeping an eye out for the next terrorist plot are virtually non-existent, the vigilant are often inclined to keep their concerns to themselves.

Hillary Born a Female, but What Difference, at This Point, Does It Make?  Could it be possible that an increasing number of voters are tiring of liberals stuffing identity politics down our throats? [...] The left's preoccupation with race, gender, income level and other pet causes necessarily compromises the nation's best interests.  But that's nothing new, from its environmental activism to opposing voter identification laws.  You would think the electorate would be waking up to the dangerous seduction of identity politics as the presidency of the first black president of the United States approaches its long-awaited end.  Americans might want to ask themselves whether it was really worth it.  Did this obsession with skin color justify electing an untested, stunningly divisive ideologue to the highest office in the land?  Wouldn't it have been wiser to elect someone not hellbent on fundamentally transforming America?

Clinton vs.  Trump:  The Best Argument For Limited Government Yet.  Unless something earth shattering happens between now and November, the public's choice for president will be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Has there ever been a better case for cutting back the size and scope of the federal government?

No, not Trump or Clinton.  Voters really do have another choice.  The Libertarian Party nominated two socially tolerant but fiscally conservative former governors, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  Weld?  Isn't the former Massachusetts governor just another Republican? [...] Johnson added that his running mate was "pro-gay, pro-choice and pro-medical marijuana at a time nobody else was talking about this stuff."  But Weld also supported the Iraq War, saying that George W. Bush had "grown in office."  As Massachusetts' governor, he backed the drug war and restrictions on gun ownership.

The Editor says...
I watched some of the Libertarian Party's national convention on a satellite feed, and it appears to me that the Libertarians are essentially a two-issue party:  They want to legitimize homosexuality and legalize marijuana.  As much as I abhor Hillary Clinton and reject Donald Trump, I still won't vote Libertarian.  The Libertarians don't appear to understand what it takes to maintain liberty.

The existential despair of Hillary Clinton vs.  Donald Trump.  Millions of Americans detest the idea of choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps you're among them.  You may think that both presumptive nominees are unfit for office.  You may loathe the way their candidacies are warping the personalities of your friends and family, particularly on social media.  Perhaps you simply feel that each of these candidates is somehow undeserving of the time and energy that is required to vote.  You might also feel some pressure to suck it up and vote for "the lesser of two evils."  Well, I have a simple message for you:  Don't.

The False Comparison of Trump to Hillary.  [Scroll down]  Most obviously, Donald Trump is a private citizen who has never held public office.  He is a businessman in a world where decorum and class often aren't as important as sharp elbows and tough negotiating skills, where making a profit is more important than consistency or sparing people's feelings. [...] Hillary Clinton is in a very different line of work from Trump's.  Her whole life has been spent as what we laughably call a public servant.  In other words, she is supposed to be working not for profit or her own status and enrichment, but for the public weal. [...] But while Trump's character flaws have been assets in his profession, Hillary's arrogant sense of entitlement, relentless money-grubbing, chronic mendacity, and obvious dislike of people other than her minions all undercut her claims to be a public servant, and help explain why she has serially failed at that role.

Muhammad Ali, Tool of Hucksters.  The idea that a professional fighter or a football player is a victim is only true to the extent that many are immature, uneducated, and thus exploitable by schools, coaches, promoters, managers, corner men, fight doctors, and arena entrepreneurs that could care less about a jock's health, especially after the athlete ceases to be a cash cow.  Knowing when to quit required a maturity and wisdom that Mohammed Ali never achieved. [...] Ali could have used his last years to illuminate the hazards of head trauma in sports like hockey, football, and especially boxing where "knockout" is literally the harbinger of senior years as a diminished soul, if not a vegetable.  Ali might also have used his celebrity to condemn the "knockout game" (aka "polar bear hunting"), a popular punk pastime where gangs of black teens punch random white elders to render them unconscious.  Ali did neither, but he did have time for magic tricks and overpriced autographs.

Reflections on Muhammad Ali.  [Scroll down]  Right after winning the title, Ali did something that set his life on a controversial trajectory from which it would never deviate:  [Cassius] Clay announced to the world that he had become a follower of the Nation of Islam religion and had changed his name to Muhammad Ali, rejecting forever, as he put it, "my slave name."  The great majority of people in America had never even heard of Islam or the Muslim religion.  Many were confused by his actions and put off by his angry denouncements of "white" American culture and society. [...] Muhammad Ali was indeed a fascinating and charismatic figure, and perhaps the "Greatest" boxer of all time, as he was only too quick to point out.  But he was a multi-dimensional figure, not all of it good by any means.

PC police are running amok.  The good news is that 58 members of the Mass.  House were willing to go on record last week and publicly declare that it's probably not the wisest idea to allow convicted male sex offenders open access to female toilets and shower rooms.  The bad news is that there are 160 members of the Mass.  House — and 92 of them don't want to prohibit Level 2 and 3 sex offenders from exercising their God-given civil rights to take a bubble bath with your teenage daughter.

Gary Johnson:  I Agree With 73% of What Bernie Sanders Says.  Gov.  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, said that he agrees with 73 percent of what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) says, citing that libertarians agree with socialism as long as it's voluntary.  On Tuesday [5/31/2016], a caller from Arkansas on CSPAN's Washington Journal questioned Johnson about Sanders, saying that people she knows want Sanders to win the nomination.  She suggested that Johnson and Sanders could sit down together.  This was after she called Johnson a Republican, and Johnson said he wanted to "draw a line of distinction" between being a Republican and being a Libertarian.

10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TPP and TTIP.  [#1]  Sovereignty will be lost.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership constitute an all-out assault on, and an existential threat to, America's sovereignty and independence.  Even if all of the glowing economic predictions and rosy job promises of the TPP/TTIP promoters were true — and as we show below, there are many good reasons to disbelieve this prosperity propaganda — would it really be worth sacrificing our national sovereignty and independence for these purported benefits?  Would it be worth sacrificing our liberty and our Constitution?  Would it be worth subjecting ourselves and our posterity to the rule of international bureaucrats and judges?  Those are not idle, speculative questions; they go to the core of what the TPP and TTIP are all about.

Leftist Lies on the Decision to Bomb Hiroshima.  The President recently visited Hiroshima Japan, site of the first atomic bomb ever used in combat.  The bombing took place on August 6, 1945.  It was followed three days later by a second bomb on Nagasaki.  Although he was very careful not to explicitly "apologize" for our use of atomic weapons — mindful of the harsh backlash that awaited him should his trip be perceived as yet another "Obama apology tour" — the tenor of President Obama's remarks left little doubt as to where he stands on the issue. [...] The March 1945 firebombing of Tokyo resulted in far greater casualties than either atomic strike in August 1945, yet the modern anti-nuclear war faction has let that one pass completely.

A Leader Without a Moral Compass.  The moral equivalence movement, with its moral relativism, and the fatuous history taught in our institutions of post-secondary (no longer higher) education have come to a head in the obscenity committed by President Obama in Hiroshima.  The atomic bomb was not some kind of "evil" as the president consciously chose to portray it, but the source of victory that brought Japan's barbaric aggression to an end.  Even so, it required two bombs to accomplish this and the putting down of a potential revolt by Japan's young officers who chose to fight on to the death.  Those in their sinecured warrens burrowed in the groves of academe who teach that the bomb was evil have never taken an instant to read the Japanese order of battle on the eve of the atomic attacks.  Our intelligence totally underestimated the strength of the Japanese army in Manchuria or Japan's navy.  An invasion of the islands would have resulted in hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of casualties of military and civilians.

Signals Intelligence Indicates Wall Street Dropping Hillary Clinton.  [Scroll down]  Who the alternate candidate doesn't really matter.  The reasoning we have continually evidenced within expanded explanations about the Congressional Legislative Agenda being dictated by Wall Street interests.
  •   The influences who control the legislative agenda have already put in place, convinced and paid for, the politicians needed to advance their interests (the legislative priorities).
  •   Those interests don't care about who occupies the White House so long as that occupant is incapable of derailing their objectives.
  •   There is only one current candidate who is a risk to that Wall Street goal, Donald Trump.  The second candidate, be it Hillary or Bernie, does not represent the same risk.
  •   Bernie cannot disrupt the legislative agenda because he is external to the party structure who currently control the construct (Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan).
  •   Only Donald Trump can disrupt the agenda because he would also carry an electoral mandate and allegiance with elements inside structure of the party apparatus.

If You Don't Want To Get Nuked Don't Bomb Pearl Harbor.  President Obama has kowtowed to the Japanese and Western liberals by promising at the site of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb "we shall not repeat the evil."  People who agree with this sentiment ought to do two things.  First they should read the essay — Thank God for the Atom Bomb — war historian Paul Fussell wrote on how he felt when, as a 21-year-old second lieutenant in the US army, he and his comrades heard the news that Japan had been nuclear bombed into surrender.

Thank God for the Atom Bomb.  [Scroll down]  The Japanese plan to deploy the undefeated bulk of their ground forces, over two million men, plus 10,000 kamikaze planes, plus the elderly and all the women and children with sharpened spears they could muster in a suicidal defense makes it absurd, says Alsop, to "hold the common view, by now hardly challenged by anyone, that the decision to drop the two bombs on Japan was wicked in itself, and that President Truman and all others who joined in making or who [like Robert Oppenheimer] assented to this decision shared in the wickedness."  And in explanation of "the two bombs," Alsop adds:  "The true, climactic, and successful effort of the Japanese peace advocates ... did not begin in deadly earnest until after the second bomb had destroyed Nagasaki.  The Nagasaki bomb was thus the trigger to all the developments that led to peace."

The Shift To A Cashless Society Is Snowballing.  Love it or hate it, cash is playing an increasingly less important role in society.  In some ways this is great news for consumers.  The rise of mobile and electronic payments means faster, convenient, and more efficient purchases in most instances.  New technologies are being built and improved to facilitate these transactions, and improving security is also a priority for many payment providers.  However, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins explains, there is also a darker side in the shift to a cashless society.  Governments and central banks have a different rationale behind the elimination of cash transactions, and as a result, the so-called "war on cash" is on.

I'm Here Because We Bombed Hiroshima.  All-out war is often a choice between something horrific and something even more horrific.  Making these decisions surely weighs upon the consciousness of wartime leaders.  Harry Truman struggled with the decision but ultimately believed he had made the correct call.  Oppenheimer, the physicist who headed the weapon design lab at Los Alamos during the war, was a staunch leftist who later became a peace activist.  Yet, he too went to his grave supporting the creation of the bomb.

Yes, Dropping Atomic Bombs On Japan Was A Good Thing.  Last week, President Obama announced that he would be visiting Hiroshima.  It would be the first time a sitting president has done so.  Of course, we've entered another arena of liberal debate:  were the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ethical/justified/moral?  The answer is yes to all three.

My uncle leveled Hiroshima.  We're not sorry.  Millions of Americans have a personal or family connection to World War II.  One is Salon columnist Camille Paglia who, in answering a letter from a reader in her April 21 column, mentioned her father's service during the war, explaining how he and his Army unit, which was slated for an invasion of Japan, were "spared from certain decimation by the two atomic bombs and Japan's surrender."  Paglia's father was among many thousands spared because of President Harry Truman's decision to launch a nuclear strike against Imperial Japan.  His order to attack Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, was carried out in no small part by my uncle, Maj.  Tom Ferebee.  He was the bombardier aboard the Enola Gay, the B-29 that dropped the first atomic bomb, and that in doing so, ushered in the nuclear age.

This nation does not need the draft.  After 23 years of military service, it is clear to me that a universal draft is not essential, and indeed would be harmful to our national security.  Asking everyone to serve would be a disaster. [...] What are you going to do when 40 thousand people [refuse to serve?]  Are you ready to put thousands in prison if they refuse?  How much will that cost?  What if they run off to Canada again?  What are you going to do?

Researchers believe two mega tsunamis wiped out ancient shorelines on Mars.  According to a new published paper in Nature Scientific Reports by Planetary Science Institute, senior scientist J. Alexis Palmero Rodriguez said some kind of bolide impact triggered the enormous waves and completely wipeout any kind of shoreline features which scientists have been struggling to identify.  "For more than a quarter century, failure to identify shoreline features consistently distributed along a constant elevation has been regarded as inconsistent with the hypothesis that a vast ocean existed on Mars approximately 3.4 billion years ago," Rodriguez said.

The Editor says...
Set aside what the "experts" say for a moment and use your head.  A tsunami involves the sudden movement of a lot of water.  In this case, they say the tsunamis were triggered by "some kind of bolide impact."  What's a bolide?  Google says it's "a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere."  (What atmosphere?)  And this meteor was so big that it caused two tsunamis.  There was so much water involved that it destroyed every trace of the shoreline.  Then the water disappeared.  It's all gone.  All of it.  So where did all the water go?  Here's my answer, and my answer is every bit as plausible as the article above:  Mars today is exactly the way God made it.  Just accept it, and stop trying to concoct these elaborate, implausible and incredible (i.e., not credible) alternative explanations.

Why Don't Republicans Name the Enemy?  In The Wall Street Journal last week, two influential billionaires — former New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a very moderate Republican, and Charles G. Koch, the libertarian chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. — wrote an op-ed piece decrying the suppression of free speech taking place at universities across America.  You have to salute their good intentions.  But as well-intentioned and accurate as their critique is, the Bloomberg-Koch column is largely useless.  Why?  Because they assiduously avoid identifying who or what acts are causing our universities to mimic fascist institutions, namely: ruining dissenters' careers; penalizing dissenting students; not hiring dissenting professors; disinviting the few invited speakers with whom the majority differs; shouting down dissenting speakers; students and faculty occupying and taking over college administrators' offices, etc. [...] Why don't Bloomberg and Koch mention the words "left" or "progressive" or "liberal" even once?

Underestimating Missile Defense.  It is exactly things like the ballistic missile defense program that are needed to expose how empty Putin's aggressive rhetoric really is while reassuring out allies in Eastern Europe of American support.  For the reality is that Russia, bellicose threats and all, is increasingly a paper tiger militarily.  With its science and industry in a precipitous decline presently, Russia is forced to import between 80% and 100% of its computer equipment, 95% of industrial robots and 100% of advanced metal-cutting machines and tools.  According to a defense ministry report from the end of 2015, the percentages of Russian forces equipped with 'modern' weapons are as follows:  land forces — 35%, navy — 39%, air force — 51%.  And the situation is hardly better with Russia's nuclear arsenal.  There have been numerous reports by Russian nuclear specialists casting doubts on its very functionality, because the plutonium in their warheads has not been replaced in over twenty years.

Three Problems With the Big Bang.  [Scroll down]  The first is the Horizon Problem.  If we look far out into space, billions of light years away, we see photons with the same temperature — roughly 2.725 degrees Kelvin.  If we look in another direction, we find the same thing.  What a coincidence!  In fact, when astronomers look in all directions, no matter how distant, they find that all regions have the same temperature.  This is incredibly puzzling, Siegel says, "since these regions are separated by distances that are greater than any signal, even light, could have traveled in the time since the Universe was born."  The Big Bang offers no explanation for this fascinating quirk.  Yet another quirk unexplained by the Big Bang is the Flatness Problem.  Almost all the evidence collected by cosmologists indicates that the Universe is flat.  Like a sheet of paper on a desk, spacetime shows almost no curvature whatsoever.  Within the context of the Big Bang, this seems extremely unlikely.

The Editor says...
Seemingly well-educated scientists have gone to great lengths to concoct an explanation for Creation, but even the latest and most refined version of their story has deal-breaking holes in it:  Most obviously, who created the Big Bang?

The Pentagon's Medal Inflation.  [Scroll down]  There has been a jarring addition to U.S. military uniforms since the end of World War II.  Seventy years ago, high-ranking officers wore relatively few ribbons or medals — and awards for valor were rare.  Go back farther to the Civil War, and it was common for officers to not wear military decorations at all.  But for the modern officer, it's now possible to perform one's duties without being a hero and still have a chest full of ribbons that are indecipherable to all but the most dedicated students of phaleristics.  Most of all, the typical Twenty-first Century American general is a walking wall of multi-colored "great job" ribbons, none of which are awards for valor.

Ten Reasons Moderates Should Vote for Ted Cruz.  [#2] Only Ted Cruz Can Stop Donald Trump.  So, GOP voters need to rally around their best candidate remaining, and not surrender to despair.  That means first stopping Trump.  In order to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention, you need 1,237 pledged or committed delegates.  Only Trump still has a chance to get that — and only Cruz can beat him in the places needed to stop Trump.

The Federal Debt Violates the Constitution.  President Obama has doubled the national debt and added an additional $4.2 trillion to debt through the Quantitative Easing program.  Both of these actions are unprecedented.  The issue that needs to be discussed is the extent to which Federal debt, at any level, is allowed by the Constitution.

Hiroshima and 'Unwarrantable Self-Abasement'.  Next month, Obama will be in Japan for the G-7 Summit.  There are rumors that he will visit Hiroshima and formally apologize for the U.S. dropping atomic bombs on that city and Nagasaki in August 1945.  Maybe that's why John Kerry didn't apologize during a recent visit to the Hiroshima memorial, but merely set the stage for Obama by lamenting the suffering and calling for a "world free from nuclear weapons.  The debate over whether or not Truman should have authorized dropping the bombs is an old one.  And any objective evaluation of the decision shows that it was correct, for it shortened the war and saved millions of Japanese and American lives.  More interesting than rehashing what should be a settled debate is the ideological prejudices and moral incoherence of those who continue to want the U.S. to express regret for swiftly ending a war it didn't start and paid for with nearly 112,000 lives.

The horrors of Hiroshima in context.  [Scroll down]  Tens of thousands of Americans had already died in taking the Pacific islands as a way to get close enough to bomb Japan.  On March 9 and 10, 1945, B-29 bombers dropped an estimated 1,665 tons of napalm on Tokyo, causing at least as many deaths as later at Hiroshima.  Over the next three months, American attacks leveled huge swaths of urban Japan.  U.S. planes dropped about 60 million leaflets on Japanese cities, telling citizens to evacuate and to call upon their leaders to cease the war.  Japan still refused to surrender and upped its resistance with thousands of Kamikaze airstrikes.  By the time of the atomic bombings, the U.S. Air Force was planning to transfer from Europe much of the idle British and American bombing fleet to join the B-29s in the Pacific.  Perhaps 5,000 Allied bombers would have saturated Japan with napalm.  The atomic bombings prevented such a nightmarish incendiary storm.

Everything That HBO Isn't Telling You About the Anita Hill Story.  Mark Paoletta was a lawyer in the Bush White House working on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. [...] "Confirmation" portrays Hill as a reluctant witness who the Senate just finds and contacts out of nowhere.  "Anita is the person, in my opinion, who set this rumor in motion," Paoletta said.  "We know, based on an independent investigation, that she called a friend in Washington who was a well-connected lawyer... and released her to spread this rumor.  It seems that the timing of this movie aligns well with the war on women narrative that many presidential candidates have been campaigning on.  "In my view, it was 'let's drop [the movie] into the middle the 2016 presidential election year and help Hillary Clinton'," he said.

Call it Fascism.  In a few words, fascism is crony capitalism with a suppression of civil liberties.  Labor and proletarian elements are suppressed, but a sop of social legislation is enacted to keep the lower classes from outright revolt.  The degree to which social concessions are made determines whether the fascism is leftist or rightist.  Mussolini was more to the right.  The Peróns ended up being leftist.  In all cases, the philosophy is statist.  Fascism is not the free market capitalism of Adam Smith by any means.  Smith opposed government interference.  Fascism can be viewed as much a form of leftism as rightism — depending on one's point of view.  This is a statist envelope where all groups:  rich, poor, unions, capitalists are brought under state control.

GOP-Passed Solyndra Subsidies Use Enron-Style Accounting to Fuel Federal Housing.  What happens when you mix green energy social engineering with the affordable housing agenda?  You get the worst elements of venture socialism that led to our economic collapse.  You also get a bill from your GOP Senate pushing this very left-wing ideal of central planning.  To begin with, the Republican-led Senate is pushing a dubious energy efficiency bill at a time when they should be focusing on bold and popular conservative legislation, especially pertaining to homeland and national security.

More than just removing the W keys from all the keyboards:
Obama is leaving IEDs for the next President, just as Clinton did to Bush.  When Bill Clinton left office, he left a burgeoning recession on George W. Bush's doorstep.  That wasn't the only thing he left Bush.  He left Bush Osama Bin Laden.  Clinton has openly boasted that he could have killed Bin Laden and chose not to try.  In fact, Clinton had numerous opportunities to kill Bin Laden.  But there's more.  Under Bush Bill Clinton buried an IED.  The IED was a house of cards built upon lousy mortgages and trash securities sold as high value.  And it was all legal, thanks to Bill Clinton.  Clinton pushed Fannie to 51% subprimes, made predatory lending legal and coerced bankers to make bad loans.  Worst of all, bowing to Wall St. he opted not to regulate derivatives on the advice from his Wall St. pal Robert Rubin.  That house of cards finally fell in 2007 when the economy slowed and people began to default on their mortgages.  People still blame Bush, but it was Clinton buried the IED in 1998.

Why There Is No Reason to Believe Facebook's Promise Not to Influence Voters Against Trump.  Gizmodo has revealed what everyone knew already:  that Facebook's employees are biased against presidential contender Donald Trump.  In response, the social network has hurriedly insisted that it's a "neutral" platform and won't use its considerable power to influence the election.  But who really believes them?

Is NATO worth preserving?  NATO is certainly no longer aimed at keeping a huge Soviet land army out of democratic Western Europe, as was envisioned in 1949.  The alliance has been unwisely expanded from its original 12-nation membership to include 28 countries, absorbing many of the old communist Warsaw Pact nations and some former Soviet republics.  NATO may have meant well to offer security to these vulnerable new alliance members.  Yet it is hard to imagine Belgians and Italians dying on the battlefield to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin's forces out of Lithuania or Estonia.  Today's NATO pledges to many of its newer participants are about as believable as British and French rhetorical guarantees in August 1939 to protect a far-away Poland from its Nazi and Soviet neighbors.

Anti-Encryption Bill is an Affront to Privacy, Technological Security.  In recent months, the government has regularly been unable to underscore technological security and privacy in the digital sphere, as more and more tech companies turn to encrypting their data.  From the Apple case to the recent WhatsApp encryption overhaul, individuals have witnessed a glimmer of hope that their privacy may once again be protected from government interference.  However, this consumer privacy is in danger once more as Congress seeks to nullify the system of encryption.

Cruz Isn't Cheating Trump, He's Outwitting and Outworking Trump.  There's something else about these delegate fights that have taken place over the weekend where Cruz has just skunked Trump.  It isn't even a contest.  It is fascinating to watch.  And, of course, the Trump people think that games are being played and that tricks are being pulled.  But that's not happening.  This is just somebody who understands the system using it. [...] Now, what happened in Colorado is, I'm sorry to say, it's not a trick.  What happened in Colorado is right out in the open.  Everybody's known how Colorado runs its affairs.  Everybody has known.  Nobody just chose to look at it.  It's no secret that Colorado was gonna have a convention and they're gonna choose their delegates before the primary.  It's not a secret.  It's just nobody leaked it.  Nobody talked about it.  Nobody bragged about it.  So it was left to be discovered by people who didn't know.  And it turns out that people on the Trump campaign didn't know.

The sugar conspiracy.  Robert Lustig is a paediatric endocrinologist at the University of California who specialises in the treatment of childhood obesity.  A 90-minute talk he gave in 2009, titled Sugar: The Bitter Truth, has now been viewed more than six million times on YouTube.  In it, Lustig argues forcefully that fructose, a form of sugar ubiquitous in modern diets, is a "poison" culpable for America's obesity epidemic.  A year or so before the video was posted, Lustig gave a similar talk to a conference of biochemists in Adelaide, Australia.  Afterwards, a scientist in the audience approached him.  Surely, the man said, you've read Yudkin.  Lustig shook his head.  John Yudkin, said the scientist, was a British professor of nutrition who had sounded the alarm on sugar back in 1972, in a book called Pure, White, and Deadly.

Nullifying the Republican Primaries.  Certain turbo-charged words have been used, such as "steal," as in stealing the nomination from the frontrunner.  But isn't the nomination something that is awarded or conferred, not something that is seized?  Should a nominee think that he "owns" the nomination?  As far as I'm concerned, a party should be able to replace a nominee at any time if he/she proves unfit or unelectable.  Some have said that if convention delegates choose someone other than one of the candidates who ran in the primaries, that the voters would be "disenfranchised."  But the voters exercise their franchise in the general election.  Some have opined that bringing in some "savior" who hasn't run in the primaries would subvert the "democratic" process.  But there's little that is "democratic" in the primaries.  Is it "democratic" to have primaries and caucuses spread out over months?

Americans Aren't The World's Rent-A-Cops.  As Americans have sacrificed blood and treasure to safeguard ourselves against our enemies and defend our interests, we also have protected any number of other nations and served their interests.  Not unfairly, we have looked upon these as "free riders" and thought of ourselves as fostering in them a kind of international welfare dependency.  From time to time, Americans have called for these people to make greater efforts on behalf of common goals and, if they do not, for us either to stop protecting them or to "make them pay" for the protection we provide.

Ted Cruz Thinks Islamic Terrorists Are Actually Responsible For Islamic Terrorism.  There are many factors we can blame for the rise in Islamic terrorism in recent years:  Racism.  Income inequality.  White people.  Offensive editorial cartoons.  Racists.  South Park.  America.  Christians.  Did I say racism already?  Well, that's the main one:  racism.  One thing that is not a factor in Islamic terrorism is the ancient and beautiful religion of Islam.  That has nothing to do with any of this, because #NotAllMuslims run around stabbing and bombing and otherwise inconveniencing non-Muslims.  I blame myself, and you should blame yourself too.  Unless, of course, you're a Muslim.

The War Against Cash, Part III.  Although it doesn't get nearly as much attention as it warrants, one of the greatest threats to liberty and prosperity is the potential curtailment and elimination of cash.  As I've previously noted, there are two reasons why statists don't like cash and instead would prefer all of us to use digital money. [...] In general, they don't talk about taxing our savings with government-imposed negative interest rates.  Instead, they make it seem like their goal is to fight crime.

German Banks Told To Start Hoarding Cash.  German newspaper Der Spiegel reported yesterday [3/3/2016] that the Bavarian Banking Association has recommended that its member banks start stockpiling physical cash.  Europe, of course, has been battling with negative interest rates for quite some time.  What this means is that commercial banks are being charged interest for holding wholesale deposits at the European Central Bank.  In order to generate artificial economic growth, the ECB wants banks to make as many loans as possible, no matter how stupid or idiotic.  They believe that economic growth is simply a function of loans.  The more money that's loaned out, the more the economy will grow.  This is the sort of theory that works really well in an economic textbook.  But it doesn't work so well in a history textbook.

Sweden Begins 5 Year Countdown Until It Eliminates Cash.  How much louder can the "ban cash" calls get?  Recall it was just last year when we catalogued the growing cacophony of crazies for whom banning physical currency is the only way to ensure that depositors can't simply reassert their economic autonomy under a low or zero rate regime. [...] Now, the excuse given for banning big bills is that it combats crime.  And maybe it does.  But in the end the rationale is simple:  if there are no more physical banknotes, people have no economic autonomy.

$500 bill
Suggestions for [the next] Presidency: Issue $500 Bills.  When I graduated high school, in 1969, a $20 bill had about as much value as a $100 bill today.  Inflation has taken a toll.  In 1969, $500 and $1,000 bills were still in reasonably common circulation.  They had been issued up until 1945.  With the turn toward ever increasing government snooping and tracking of financial transactions, the bills were taken out of circulation with an executive order by President Richard Nixon.  It is long past due to bring the $500 bill back into common use.  The European Union issues 500 Euro bills.  Cash is useful for preserving privacy and transportation of value to those who wish to avoid the electronic trail that follows digital transactions everywhere.  All it took to remove the bills from circulation was a simple executive order.  That is all it would take to bring them back.  But more should be done.  The insane tracking of every one's financial transactions should be scaled back.  The forfeiture laws that allow legal theft of property need to be revised or repealed.

An Open Letter to the Conservative Media Explaining Why I Have Left the Movement.  [Scroll down]  I cannot for the life of me understand how conservatives of all people convinced themselves that the solution to the 9-11 attacks was to forcibly create democracy in the Islamic world.  I have even less explanations for how — 15 years and 10,000 plus lives later — conservatives refuse to examine their actions and expect the country to send more of its young to bleed and die over there to save the Iraqis who are clearly too slovenly and corrupt to save themselves.

For Democrats, Immigration Is About Winning Elections.  We have all witnessed the waves of illegal immigrants this administration invites with its brazen defiance of already-on-the-books immigration laws and its abject refusal to secure borders in the name of national security.  To the left, it seems immigration is nothing more than a game and illegal immigrants are the pawns they use to manipulate the system to win elections.  No wonder they vehemently oppose requiring proof of citizenship or even photo IDs to ensure voting integrity.  Even still, here in America there is this thing called the rule of law whereby only citizens get to vote.  Despite what Democrats say, that is not discriminatory nor is it disenfranchising.

Media vs. Democracy: The Case of Poland.  Why is America the cornucopia of invention?  Why did America give birth to modern industry?  Why was it Americans, and no others, that gave the world controlled flight?  Why did an American dream up the assembly line?  What inspired our geniuses to invent electric power and electric lighting, atomic energy, the telegraph, the telephone, electronics, motion pictures, television, transistors, the microchip, cell phones, robots, GPS, weather satellites, and the internet?  Masterpieces of creative art, all.  Who was it that discovered new ways of marketing and of rapidly delivering products anywhere across the continent and across the world?  What took us so rapidly to the moon when we decided it was necessary?  Why do we have overwhelming dominance in science and in Nobel Prizes? [...] One answer to this puzzle lies in a unique combination of peoples and circumstances.  In this nation there has long been a collision of cultures, ideas and genetic stock and a subsequent melding together of these human riches.  All our people were drawn to this nation by the simple idea of liberty.

Why I am Supporting Ted Cruz for President.  I managed to sneak into a Ted Cruz rally Wednesday night [3/2/2016] in suburban Kansas City.  Upon leaving, I no longer counted myself among the uncommitted.  I and thousands of others in this overflow crowd had to be thinking the same thought, "Why would a conservative vote for anyone else?"  That is not to take anything away from the other candidates.  This is easily the best Republican crop in anyone's memory.  Even the remaining go-along, get-along candidate, John Kasich, would make for a better president than the five go-along, get-alongs the Republicans have nominated since 1988.

The Road to Autocracy.  Autocracy is the most natural form of government, and historically the most dominant form of political organization.  There are more democracies in the world today than ever before, but most are autocracies or so-called hybrid governments that cannot objectively be called democratic.  Perhaps the most obvious way that America is exceptional is that there is no real autocratic domestic antecedent to our republican form of government.  The American Revolution took place mostly because the British king had not exerted his authority on the colonies, and we revolted when he did.  America has never truly been under the thumb of an autocratic regime, except for the brief period between the end of the Seven Years War (1763) and the Revolution (1776).

Cash is the currency of freedom.  Former Treasury secretary Larry Summers wants to get rid of the $100 bill.  But I think he has it exactly backward.  I think we need to restore the $500 and $1000 bills.  And the reason is that people like Larry Summers have done a horrible job.  Summers wrote recently in The Washington Post that the $100 bill needs to go.  The reason, he says, is that it's a favorite of criminals, along with the 500 euro note, which is likely to be discontinued.  The New York Times editorialized in agreement, writing:  "Getting rid of big bills will make it harder for criminals to do business and make it easier for law enforcement to detect illicit activity. ... There is no need for large-denomination currency. Britain's top bill is the 50-pound note ($72), which has been perfectly sufficient.  The United States stopped distributing $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills in 1969.  There are now so many ways to pay for things, and eliminating big bills should create few problems."  Reading this got me to thinking:  What is a $100 bill worth now, compared to 1969?

Robert Reich: Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump.  Cruz is more fanatical.  Sure, Trump is a bully and bigot, but he doesn't hew to any sharp ideological line.  Cruz is a fierce ideologue:  He denies the existence of man-made climate change, rejects same-sex marriage, wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns.  He doesn't believe in a constitutional divide between church and state, favors the death penalty, rejects immigration reform, demands the repeal of Obamacare, and takes a strict "originalist" view of the meaning of the Constitution.  [#2] Cruz is a true believer.  Trump has no firm principles except making money, getting attention, and gaining power.  But Cruz has spent much of his life embracing radical right economic and political views.

The Editor says...
Thank you, Mr. Reich, for reminding me of several good reasons to vote for Ted Cruz.  Maybe the reason Ted Cruz "doesn't believe in a constitutional divide between church and state" is because that's not in the Constitution!  Perhaps Senator Cruz "believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns" because that's exactly what it says!  Senator Cruz isn't an extremist, Mr. Reich.  If you like the IRS and you support homosexual marriage, you are out of step with the American mainstream.

Countering Sanders's College Scheme.  Instead of transferring wealth from taxpayers to colleges, which are top-heavy with administration and overpaid, underworked professors, why not pay any American of any age before retirement for passing proficiency tests equivalent to college degrees in useful areas like science, math, computer science, and languages?  This stipend could be very attractive, even if it were significantly less than what a college degree in that subject might cost.  All Americans, whether working or at home, could have a strong incentive to actually learn, and the education process could be by whatever means is most effective.  This would also encourage lifelong learning, which is really what our nation needs to be competitive in global commerce.

Our Once and Future Caudillos.  History demonstrates that once caudillos come to power, their most likely successors are other caudillos.  Obama is a caudillo.  And so would be Clinton, Sanders, or Trump as president.  It is easy to mock caudillos, whether they hail from Latin America (where the term originates) or other backwaters of the underdeveloped world.  But on balance, this is the model that has dominated international governance since nationalist revolutions between the 18th and 20th Centuries superseded monarchal dynasties.

1924 Newspaper Article Outlines Six Goals of the Illuminati.  Of course, these days the concept of the Illuminati is much less a shadowy secret society bent on world domination than a cruel inside joke MTV has played out with borrowed symbolism.  But back in 1924, people were very worried about the Illuminati's plans to take over the world by destroying it.  [An] article in the June 21, 1924 edition of the Joplin Globe laid bare the six "principles" or goals of the Illuminati:  First, the abolition of government.  Second, the abolition of patriotism.  Third, the abolition of private property rights.  Fourth, the abolition of all rights of inheritance.  Fifth, the abolition of religion.  Sixth, the abolition of the family relations.

Republicans Can Get More Black Votes.  Blacks still do not appear to be buying what the Republican Party is selling.  And the key point is they should be.  Any company selling a product that blacks clearly should be buying, but are not, would make major-league efforts to try and understand what is going on.  This is how Republicans must handle this.  For instance, 26 percent of blacks say that the Democratic Party favors the rich and 65 percent say Democrats favor the middle class and the poor.  In contrast, 80 percent of blacks say the Republican Party favors the rich and 15 percent say Republicans favor the middle class and the poor.  I think the truth is just the opposite.  It is Republicans who are promoting the kinds of ideas and policies needed to help low-income Americans move up the ladder.  Republicans don't favor the rich.  They favor those who want to get rich.  Why is this not getting through?

Yesterday Men.  America is long overdue for an overhaul of its political system.  The yesterday men of both parties are like guests who won't leave.  Eventually, they have to be made to leave.  That's what we're seeing today.  The wrecking ball is swinging, preparing the way for what comes next.  If Trump and Sanders are a clue, the future of American politics may look more like the 19th century than the 20th.

Deranged Central Bankers are Blowing Up the World.  It is now self-evident to any sentient being (excludes CNBC shills, Wall Street shyster economists, and Keynesian loving politicians) the mountainous level of unpayable global debt is about to crash down like an avalanche upon hundreds of millions of willfully ignorant citizens who trusted their politician leaders and the central bankers who created the debt out of thin air.  McKinsey produced a report last year showing the world had added $57 trillion of debt between 2008 and the 2nd quarter of 2014, with global debt to GDP reaching 286%.

Capitalism Is Freedom; Socialism Is Slavery.  Socialism requires the intervention and control of the marketplace by an overwhelmingly powerful centralized government.  It penalizes high achievers, rewards laziness and stifles choice.  Socialism is a government regulation that stops you from creating a successful business.  It's the Bureau of Land Management or the EPA making arbitrary decisions about what you can do with your own land.  It's the IRS taking the money you busted your butt to earn and giving it to people who didn't work as hard as you did.  Almost every socialist policy requires taking resources from someone who's earned them and giving them to someone who hasn't.  Even programs that are supposed to be self-funding rarely are because the juice is never quite worth the squeeze.

Do customers still want landlines? Telecom industry doesn't want anyone to hear the answer.  The deregulation lobby operates on faith — the faith that government regulation is unnecessary because the magic of competition is all that's needed to keep consumer prices under control.  But is it so?  California has been running a sort of laboratory test of this theory since 2006, when the state Public Utilities Commission deregulated telephone landline prices.  The PUC's rationale was that competition from wireless, cable phone service, and voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) carriers such as Vonage had become strong enough to keep landline rates in check.

Trump and Sanders: The Founders' Worst Nightmare.  As many European and American intellectuals have lamented, no serious socialist or communist party has ever succeeded in the United States.  There is a reason why Bernie Sanders comes from a tiny state and represents a caucus of one.  Our Constitution's separation of powers and federalism raises too many barriers for any movement to take over all of the levers of government and impose an ideology on the United States.  Even if they get too carried away by the latest intellectual fad or passionate anger, the American people have the handbrake of the Constitution to stop them from making a catastrophic mistake.

Ever Looked at Ted Cruz's Resume?  Say what you will about Ted Cruz, but the Senator from Texas is the only man in the current presidential field who has spent his entire life defending the United States Constitution.  He went to the Senate promising he wasn't going there to make friends, but instead pledged to rattle the cages of the establishment.

America is a Nation Headed For a Fall.  [W]hen was the last time America decisively WON a war and achieved all of our objectives?  If we don't count small excursions like Grenada, that would be WWII.  We may have the best military in the world, but our ridiculous rules of engagement and meddling politicians have become more of a problem for our troops than the enemy.  Additionally, the rule of law no longer exists in America in a meaningful way.  Well-connected Democrats like Hillary Clinton can break the law with impunity while Republicans like Scott Walker and Rick Perry have to face politically motivated prosecutions.  Meanwhile, our government openly encourages illegal aliens to laugh at our laws while liberal judges ignore the Constitution and base every ruling solely on their ideology.  Justice is supposed to be blind, not just politics by another means.

Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to End.  When precisely did Chelsea Clinton complete her transition from a White House kid whom journalists agreed to treat as off-limits to a public figure deserving of the full scrutiny of the press corps?  The unsettling answer to the question appears to be, "Not yet."  The soon-to-be 36-year-old occupies the status of an American princess — Diana on the Potomac, if you will.  The press covers her, of course, attempting to ask her substantive questions, but mostly she exists to grace the covers of magazines — Fast Company and Elle most recently — and be treated to lighter-than-air puff pieces.

The Peace of Submission.  During the Cold War, the Soviet Union funded "peace movements" throughout the west — because for the Soviets "peace" meant "the absence of opposition".  In our time the new peace movement is Islam.  And so we are told today, from the podium of a mosque with "extremist" "links", that the very word Islam means "peace".  Actually, it means "submission" — ie, the absence of opposition.  The only difference between then and now is that instead of being chanted by scrofulous hippies protesting outside a Nato air base the old line's being peddled to us by the President of the United States.

Sanders has "no social skills, no sense of humor".  "Bernie has no social skills, no sense of humor and he's quick to boil over," said Chris Graff, who covered Sanders for 25 years as Vermont's AP bureau chief.  So he's pretty much the same angry leftist you keep seeing yelling at the screen.

The Conservative Case for Ted Cruz.  Prior to winning that senate seat with conservative grassroots and TEA Party support and becoming the first Hispanic to serve as a senator from Texas, Cruz was also the first Hispanic — and the longest-serving person in Texas history — to hold the office of Solicitor General of Texas.  Cruz joined the George W. Bush campaign in 1999 as a domestic policy adviser and advised then-candidate and Governor Bush on a wide range of policy and legal matters, including civil justice, criminal justice, constitutional law, immigration, and government reform.  During the Bush administration, Cruz served as associate deputy attorney general at the DOJ and as a policy adviser on the Federal Trade Commission.

Cruz the Moderate.  Here is an outline of Cruz's positions, in the order that the website presents them:
  •   Restore the Constitution and roll back the federal government to the functions the Constitution sets out and return power to the states and the people
  •   Defend the Second Amendment
  •   Secure the border, enforce the immigration laws, prevent any increase in legal immigration while unemployment remains high, and restore state authority to cope with immigration problems
  •   Rebuild our military and defend our national interests, and exert leadership on the international stage
  •   Stand with Israel
  •   Defend religious liberty and resist the pressure to make to non-religion into a compulsory national faith (and, in indirect language, oppose gay marriage and abortion)
  •   On the economic front:  adopt a flat tax, embrace regulatory reform (including reining in EPA power grabs), repeal ObamaCare, use all our energy resources, support a stable dollar and a rules-based monetary regime, and protect Internet freedom
  •   Eliminate large swathes of the Federal government, including the IRS and the Departments of Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD, along with other special-interest-based governmental units, and undertake a broad program of governmental reforms

The Case for Ted Cruz.  Since Ted Cruz walked onto the national stage, he has been consistent in leading the attack against the corrupt Washington Establishments of both parties.  Redolent of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  He has done that with a level of articulate intelligence and perception virtually unprecedented in Washington.  I served President Reagan in the White House Office of Policy Development, and I have studied his speeches and writings for years.  Cruz embraces the same three dimensional political and policy framework as Reagan — fearless, consistent, free market economics, Peace through Strength National Defense, and Traditional Values Cultural Conservatism.  On issue after issue, I can see no difference between Reagan and Cruz in any of these dimensions.

Next President Must Flush Out Administrative State.  Picture your dream scenario for 2016:  your favorite Republican candidate becomes president and the more conservative candidates win Senate seats.  For good measure, let's continue dreaming and toss in the resignation of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as a viable political outcome for 2016.  We are all set and ready to restore our republic, right?  Not so fast.  First, as we've noted before, the courts will continue to illegally grab power from the other two branches and invalidate many of our priorities, especially as it relates to immigration.  But more fundamentally, the next president will immediately be confronted by the "fourth branch of government" — the administrative state.  Even when Republicans win the White House, the various departments and agencies that actually run government serve as a collective fourth branch and a fifth column countermanding any semblance of the conservative agenda.

Natural Born Citizens and the Presidency.  The recent controversy over the eligibility of Ted Cruz for the office of the Presidency is one of those conundrums embedded in the U.S. Constitution.  That august document is full of ambiguous words and phrases that challenge even the strictest and most principled interpreters.  The phrase "natural born citizen" could mean any number of things.

You Do Not Understand Sarah Palin.  In fact, Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump makes sense, and fits both her politics and her personality.  Yes, she has been the iconic symbol of conservatism and the Tea Party, whereas Trump seemed perfectly happy to go along with Obama and the Clintons until a few years ago.  But just as Palin has never let herself be defined by the Republican Party, she has never felt bound by ideological checklists, either.  She is a conservative, but she is anti-establishment first.  Palin became the governor of Alaska in 2005 by running against the establishment of both parties.

Sarah Palin Just Threw Away Years of Goodwill as a Principled Conservative.  Much of Palin's popularity with tea partiers and conservative activists comes from her willingness to be a strong voice for conservative principles, and sadly, today's endorsement stands in direct contradiction to many of Palin's own words over the years.

The 'will of the people' means us — this time we must enforce it.  I confess that I haven't watched the most recent GOP debates.  I prefer reading the transcripts online and determine from the responses who impresses me the most.  I loathe the nitpicking and snarky remarks made by both the candidates and the moderators but what depresses me the most is the audience reaction to them.  The hoopla, cheering and booing indicates to me that there is an unserious tenor to the entire process.  Does anybody realize what is at stake if we again choose an even worse president than the one in office now?

Ted Cruz is Natural Born under Originalism.  The people who question whether Ted Cruz is eligible to be president under the Natural Born Citizen clause fall into two categories: the sincere and the opportunists.  This essay is for the sincere.  Those who sincerely believe Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen may be fed up with the Constitution being violated by the political class.  Fed-up Americans may share my view that the Constitution is America's supreme, paramount and fundamental law governing government, i.e., the law over government itself.  Like me, they may see government as America's biggest lawbreaker — with no close second.

Phyllis Schlafly Makes the Case for President Trump.  In an exclusive hour-long sit down interview with Breitbart News, 91-year-old conservative icon and living legend Phyllis Schlafly declared that Donald Trump "is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers," and detailed why she believes Trump alone will return the government to the people.  She warned that if immigration is not stopped:  "we're not going to be America anymore."

'Father Of Conservative Activism' Endorses Ted Cruz.  Countering 91-year-old Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly's surprise support for Donald Trump, very much connected to her concerns about the long-term effects of immigration on the American electorate, Leadership Institute founder and president Morton Blackwell has now enthusiastically endorsed Iowa frontrunner Ted Cruz.  In November, Blackwell wrote an article on the influential Red State website contending that "Several candidates now running appear to be more conservative than anyone Republicans have nominated for president since Reagan," yet conservatives "haven't yet come close to uniting."

Every Muslim Will Bow Before Jesus.  It is, indeed, our great hope and prayer that every Muslim — every human being — might surrender self and come to the saving knowledge and grace of Christ Jesus, who, alone, is "the way and the truth and the life."  For, "No one comes to the Father except through [Him]" (see John 14:6).  To be sure, it is the express desire of both God the Father and Christ His Son that each and every Muslim on earth should abandon Muhammad's broad path to perdition, turnabout and move toward Christ's narrow path to eternal life.

The Bitter Clinger Party.  Ask yourself this:  Which side do you want to be on?  The proactive self-defense bitter clingers, or the side that is so delusional it thinks the government can actually protect and care for them?  Yes, it's an easy choice for sane people, for only crazy folks put their faith and trust in the current leadership of the United States.  When you take the liberal media (most all of television, movies, news outlets, and internet influence), the Executive Branch, liberal judges, the recent actions of the Supreme Court, EPA, DOJ, IRS, and other rogue agencies out of the picture — the majority of America is held together by Bitter Clingers!  And while they cling to their guns and religion (and the constitution) they also comprise a force of millions and millions who are near the breaking point of a revolution aimed at not just voting the liars and scoundrels out of office — but ignoring the many unconstitutional directives that have been vomited out of the White House, the SUPCO, and the aforementioned agencies.

Constitutional Scholars Explain Why Ted Cruz Is Eligible to Be President.  Donald Trump says questions about whether Ted Cruz is eligible to be President of the United States could become a "big problem" for the Canadian-born Republican candidate.  But among legal scholars, there's a consensus:  He's eligible to occupy the Oval Office.  The Texas senator, who was born in Calgary, Canada, to an American mother, has been widely viewed as meeting the "natural born citizen" requirement of the United States Constitution.  And most legal experts agree — including former Solicitors General Neal Katyal and Paul Clement.  "An individual born to a U.S. citizen parent — whether in California or Canada or the Canal Zone — is a U.S. citizen from birth and is fully eligible to serve as President," the bipartisan duo wrote in a Harvard Law Review article in March 2015.

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Born Citizen.  Donald Trump must be feeling Ted Cruz nipping at his heels.  Having at one time declared Cruz's birth in Canada a nonproblem, Trump now professes himself troubled by the question of his eligibility for the presidency.  Does Cruz's birth on foreign soil render him something other than a "natural born Citizen" as required by Article II of the Constitution?  Trump now claims to have heard that Cruz's foreign birth to an American mother may raise a constitutional problem. [...] Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother.  If he was born an American citizen, as he was, rather than naturalized, he should be good to go.

Ted Cruz, Natural Born Citizen.  Senator Ted Cruz is wise to laugh off Donald Trump's intimation that his constitutional qualifications to serve as president may be debatable.  The suggestion is sufficiently frivolous that even Trump, who is apt to utter most anything that pops into his head, stops short of claiming that Cruz is not a "natural born citizen," the Constitution's requirement.  Trump is merely saying that because Cruz was born in Canada (of an American citizen mother and a Cuban father who had been a long-time legal resident of the United States), some political opponents might file lawsuits that could spur years of litigation over Cruz's eligibility.  The answer to that "problem" is:  So what?  Top government officials get sued all the time.  It comes with the territory and has no impact on the performance of their duties.  Indeed, dozens of lawsuits have been brought seeking to challenge President Obama's eligibility.

Ryan: Trump or Cruz would 'absolutely' be better than Obama.  Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would make better presidents than Barack Obama.  When asked by Yahoo News's Katie Couric if the country would be better off with a President Trump or a President Cruz, Ryan replied, "Yeah, absolutely."  "I think any one of these men or women running for president in the Republican primary would be a far better president than Barack Obama.  Absolutely," he said.

The Editor says...
Almost anyone would be a better president than Barack H. Obama, the worst president in our country's history.  For example, Sean Hannity.  Phyllis Schlafly.  Mary Lou Retton.  Anybody!

Vote for the Candidate Both Sides Fear.  It's as Limbaugh says: the left and the establishment right will always tell you who they fear the most.  Sure, they hate both Trump and Cruz.  The hatred for Trump is understandable, from their standpoint.  He makes Republicans look bad.  He's intolerant and generally causes them embarrassment.  But the antipathy for Cruz is born of fear.  They fear the end of the government gravy train if he gets elected.  They fear that with Cruz at the helm, Americans may just discover they don't actually need Washington involved in every facet of their lives.

It Has Come to This.  The United States of America that we grew up in, and in some cases fought for, no longer exists.  I would like to write something stirring in defense of our Constitution, but it isn't under attack.  It is simply ignored.  Some have proposed that we have a Constitutional convention to add new amendments.  What would that accomplish?  Would our present Federal government respect a set of new amendments when they don't respect the old ones?  What good does it do to insist on one's rights as a citizen, when in fact mere citizenship has lost its meaning?  Americans have no rights officials in Washington feel bound to recognize.  Both Republicans and Democrats overrule majority opinion as a matter of course.  They do not doubt for a moment that they are the best and brightest, and that our voting franchise is merely an antiquated inconvenience.  My elected representatives represent no one but themselves.

The sum of all fears.  Many Americans are angry that politicians of both parties seem to have placed their careers ahead of their responsibility to take care of the nation.  As Ronald Reagan said, we are just one generation away from losing it all.  That's because democracy and equal rights are not the norm in the world.  They must be fought for and maintained if we wish to pass them on to our descendants.  Yes, we want immigrants to come to America, but we want them to come respecting our laws (otherwise what are laws for?), to learn English, our history and values and to become — as earlier immigrants did — fully American without hyphens.

These Are The Most Persecuted People in the World.  The most persecuted group in the world today is Christians.  Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria and other nations are murdered, raped, kidnapped, enslaved and persecuted on a daily basis.  The reason for the vast majority of all of this violence is that they are Christian among Muslims.  But their abuse does not stop with the violence.  The perpetrators of violence are measured in the thousands, but the greatest abuse is at the hands of those who should demand that the violence stop.  The silence in the face this persecution is denial and justification.  The persecutors are few, but the deniers are in the billions.

Post-Obama, Cruz is the best candidate to repair our damaged Constitution.  Ted Cruz is the only candidate who has shown absolute fealty to the Constitution.  If anyone is going to repair the damage to each citizen's core relationship with government — which means returning to pride of place the Constitution's checks and balances, thereby limiting the Supreme Court's and the President's increasingly unchecked powers — it's going to be Ted Cruz.  He understands that, as president, his job isn't just to carry out policy, it's to preserve and protect the United States, right down to repairing the tattered constitutional fabric Obama bequeaths to the next White House occupant.

Tom Friedman's Utopia: Breathing the Air in Red China is Like Smoking 40 Cigarettes a Day.  The free market is often blamed for pollution.  The the unbridled greed of capitalists is the reason rivers flow red, forests are felled, and air is made hard to breathe.  And historically speaking there is some truth to this.  However what is often left out of this critique is the degree to which governments encourage environmentally damaging actions.  Almost invariably serious environmental degradation happens as a result of a lack of property rights.  (In one form or another.)  This is not always true by any means but it is generally true.  Those areas where no one has any responsibility, where no one is held accountable, are often the most polluted.  Oceans, rivers, remote rain forests are all commons and as such are abused.  Such abuse can also happen in instances where the responsible party is the government too.

Obama's Phony War Against ISIS.  For good and for ill, fighting from the air has been perhaps the defining aspect of America's warmaking.  We invented "precision" daylight bombing against Germany in WWII. We pioneered firebombing and nuclear bombing against Japan in that same conflict.  We developed laser-guided munitions for use against high-priority targets while fighting North Vietnam, and even more precise GPS-guided munitions for our 21st century wars.  We build the best bombers, the best fighters, and the smartest bombs.

'We are at war with militant Islam!' A rookie senator notes what many fear to say.  Have you felt frustrated, angered, maybe even frightened for yourself and family by the lack of credible leadership — real stand-up, follow-me leadership — from the so-called leaders of both political parties?  Has the thought crossed your mind that the two parties' leading candidates for president are not really up to the deadly serious task of commander-in-chief, of keeping our country safe.  Watch Ben Sasse in the video [in this article].  He's not running for anything.  He voices precisely what so many of us have been thinking and fearing and, occasionally, hoping.  Many in Washington will not like what he says.  Good!  Sasse is not attacking either of the you-know-who's or the other over-sized narcissist who addressed the country Sunday night.  He's a fellow American, simply laying out in clear, unvarnished candor the facts of where we as a nation are.  In danger, serious long-term danger.

The Ugly Truths the Democrat and Republican Establishment Seek to Conceal From Us.  [Scroll down]  They're all indifferent.  The political goal is more power for them and their friends, mostly economic power.  More ability to extract from you by force and threaten you with jail or worse if you try to resist.  More power over your daily life.  More power to tell you that you must bake a cake for gays (because your religious convictions don't matter) but if your religious convictions are Muslim then they do matter and must be protected because that's where one of the big reservoirs of oil and undeveloped people that can be exploited in the future reside.  They literally don't care if you get blown up or shot and it doesn't matter if they're Democrat or Republican.  They don't care if you live under a freeway overpass because your health "insurance" that you are forced to buy covers so little that you have to spend $6,000 before one dime is covered, and you don't have $6,000.  They don't care that a Christmas Party was shot up by a couple of Islamic Nutjobs who they could have identified if they did care and in fact they shut down an investigation on "civil rights" grounds that probably would have identified the shooters years before.

Let's kill them first.  As world leaders grapple with how to respond, just as they did after the recent Paris attacks, they must resist the tendency to further bolster the police state at the expense of individual freedom.  Throughout history, war and the fear of war have been used by governments to expand their power at the expense of citizens' property and liberty.  The American Revolution was a striking exception to this trend where individuals took to defending their property and their liberty from an organized enemy who wanted to take both.  A strategy of engaging individuals in the fight against today's terrorism can be similarly successful.

The kind of president we need.  Many Americans are mad as hell at our political leaders — both Republican and Democrat — and are giving voice to their anger through the likes of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).  The anger is understandable.  The federal government is paralyzed, unable to tackle any of the major problems facing our country or even accomplish basic functions such as enacting annual budgets for federal departments and agencies.  The anger derives equally from governmental ineptitude, arrogance and corruption, and self-serving politicians more concerned with getting reelected than with the nation's future.  The next president will face major domestic problems, as well as the challenges posed by Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, terrorism and a Middle East in turmoil.  What kind of qualities should we be looking for in a new chief executive?

The Real 2016 Election: The Bipartisan Political-Media Establishment vs. the American People.  The 2016 election is not a contest between the Democrat and Republican ideologies, nor is it a choice among various approaches to address the nation's problems, but something far more fundamental.  It is a battle between the entrenched power of the bipartisan political-media establishment versus the rights and liberties of the American people.  It is a conflict between those who want to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law and the party leaders and a biased media, who wish to continue the practices of political expediency and crony capitalism.  It is a decadent system the political-media elite created and continues to nurture, one that benefits a few at the expense of the many.  There are only two issues that matter for the 2016 election: the political-media establishment is hopelessly corrupt and, although we have elections, we no longer have representative government.

Paris climate change meetings: Best estimate for progress? Zero.  Highly anticipated international climate negotiations began Monday [11/30/2015] in Paris, aiming to finalize commitments from all countries to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.  Countries submitted in advance their final plans (known as "Intended Nationally Determined Contributions," or INDCs), which means the potential progress from a global agreement can be estimated already.  Unfortunately, though claims of success are already pouring in, the best estimate for that progress is approximately zero.

In Memory of a Patriot — Alan Caruba.  In recent years, we have seen greater and greater attacks on freedom and liberty, yet even with the lamp of freedom seeming to grow ever dimmer, there are many even today who work to keep that lamp aglow.  One such person was writer Alan Caruba.  A New Jersey native, Alan's career included public relations and print journalism, and later became quite active writing articles for the internet.

Armed militias and concealed carry: It is Lexington and Concord time.  Thomas Paine wrote in the "Rights of Man" (1791):  "The fact, therefore, must be that the individuals, themselves, each, in his own personal and sovereign right, entered into a contract with each other to produce a government:  and this is the only mode in which governments have a right to arise, and the only principle on which they have a right to exist."  That is, government is a construct of and accountable to its citizens and whenever the actions of government are contrary to their interests and well-being, citizens have the right to defy or dissolve the government.

Dallas Mayor Who Fears White People Lives In 92 Percent White Neighborhood.  Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has said that he is more afraid of "white men" than Syrian refugees.  Despite his fear of whites, however, the mayor manages to get by living in a ritzy neighborhood that is more than 92 percent white and only 1 percent black.  The former CEO of Pizza Hut, Rawlings lives in the prestigious Preston Hollow neighborhood, which D Magazine described as "almost entirely lily white" as part of a feature piece titled "Why are the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Still Segregated?"

The Editor says...
That's not exactly a mystery.  The best neighborhoods in Dallas are still segregated because if they weren't segregated, they wouldn't be the best neighborhoods in Dallas.  Anybody can move into a 92% black neighborhood (for example, a mile south of the Cotton Bowl) and take their chances.  Houses are cheap in those areas, except for the constant cost of maintaining strong fences, scrubbing graffiti, picking up the neighbors' trash, feeding and training your big hungry dogs, and keeping bright lights turned on all night.  You might also need surveillance cameras, burglar bars, a monthly alarm-monitoring service, and an ample supply of 12-gauge ammo.

When will our leaders face up to the truth that the EU is a gigantic sham?  What is left of the European idea?  Whatever indeterminate reassurances emerge from however many EU "summits" on security and shared intelligence, everybody must know that Paris was the end.  The disastrously uncoordinated response to the refugee crisis had already discredited the notion that this was a unified federation in which all member states had an equal voice.  The grand verbiage of solidarity and cooperation simply dissolved when faced with a global humanitarian disaster — precisely the sort of event which the whole edifice was originally constructed to avert.  And then, with Paris, it became horrifyingly obvious that the open borders policy — the most sacred of the EU founding principles — was unsustainable.

National security issues expose the danger of amateur candidates.  National security has emerged as a central issue in the 2016 presidential election. That's probably bad news for the Republican Party's front-runners.  Ben Carson and Donald Trump have failed to exhibit a command of the issues and have made a series of gaffes on the campaign trail which expose their lack of knowledge and perhaps even call into question their fitness for office.

Anti-Liberty Politicians.  After a terrorist attack, it's natural to ask:  What can politicians do to keep us safe?  One thing they could do is actually focus on keeping us safe rather than devoting so much time, energy and hot air to the many things government does instead of protecting lives and property.

What's Actually in the Trans Pacific Partnership?  Here's a quick summary:
  •   A legislative body superior to Congress
  •   A vehicle to pass Obama's climate change treaty
  •   Increased legal immigration
  •   Reduced patent protection for U.S. pharmaceuticals
  •   Quotas on U.S. agricultural exports
  •   Increased currency manipulation
  •   Reduced U.S. power

The First Amendment Is Dying.  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Unless we're talking about a white chocolate-paneled cake for a gay wedding or perpetual funding for 'women's health' clinics, because it's the 'right thing to do.' [...] Or of the press; unless the press invades safe spaces designated by mobs or writes about incorrect topics at incorrect times.  And to petition the Government for a redress of grievances; unless they are members of pre-designated special interests groups, they should report to the IRS before doing so.  That's pretty much the state of the First Amendment today.

Black intellectual admits why liberals fear Ben Carson.  There is not too much excitement in the black community for the 2016 presidential campaign.  This time around, the Democrats have given blacks a choice between an old white woman and an old white man.  Boring.  Or they can choose the intelligent, highly successful black neurosurgeon running as a Republican.  In fact, Dr. Ben Carson's life story better aligns with black Americans than does President Obama's.

What Size Cement Shoes Does Jeb Bush Wear?  Jeb is a big government progressive.  He, like his brother, undoubtedly agrees that the federal government cannot do without a single dime, or even one less employee — that the federal budget can never be cut. [...] Jeb and Hillary are like two peas in a pod.  Both candidates are bought and paid for.  It's been said of Hillary thousands of times — big money donors, domestically and internationally, are literally purchasing the White House in the form of the election of Clinton.  The same can be said of Jeb.  These Superpac mega-donors don't give hundreds of millions of dollars because they like Jeb's campaign promises.  They, like the Clinton donors, are buying access and influence.

A Letter To Rand Paul: Stop Using Fake Founding Fathers Quotes.  Four months ago, we brought to your attention that your first two books contained several quotations incorrectly attributed to our founding fathers.  In The Tea Party Goes to Washington, you write eloquently of the need to limit government, quoting Thomas Jefferson as saying, "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."  But Jefferson never said this.  In Government Bullies (an e-book best seller!), you argue against tyranny and oppression, quoting James Madison as saying, "If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."  There's no evidence Madison ever said or wrote this.

The 20 Best Quotes From Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz is the living embodiment of what a conservative Republican in Congress is supposed to be.  While the Republican leadership was bowing to Obama, breaking campaign promises and attacking its own supporters, Ted Cruz was at the point of the spear, fighting for the American people.  Cruz is intelligent, eloquent and he has proven over and over again that he's willing to stand up, speak out and fight back.

End the Civil Rights Commission's Reign of Error.  Everywhere you look, someone is accusing governments of abusing the rights of people crossing their borders. [...] If we know anything about the human-rights community, it's that it often combines lofty idealism with dubious anecdotes and shifty statistics that undermine its genuine concerns.  Take the U.S. commission's report:  On close examination, it is a dubious farrago of abuse claims used to lobby for a preferred pro-immigrant and pro-union outcome.

The Democrats' Preoccupation With Inequality.  Material inequality is the predominant concern of the Democratic Party.  Indeed, material inequality has been the predominant concern of the left since Karl Marx. [...] In a free society, wealth is not a pie — meaning that when a slice of pie is removed, there is less of the pie remaining.  And the poorer members of society have the ability to improve their economic lot.  Through hard work, self-discipline, marriage and education — and with some degree of good luck — the poor can join the middle class and even the wealthy class.  The latter is generally the case in America.

Thinking About Giving Some Money to Ben Carson? Read This First.  It's easy to like Ben.  It's a little harder to like John Phillip Sousa IV (yes, the great-grandson), Vernon Robinson, and especially Bruce Eberle.  But they're going to get a hefty percentage of whatever you fork over for Dr. Carson.

Why Socialists Shouldn't Cite Sweden as Success.  When Bernie Sanders and his ilk hold up Scandinavia as an exemplar, they are really thinking of a couple of decades beginning in the early 1970s when Sweden and others got their full Sanders on.  In Sweden, the effective marginal tax rate topped 100 percent in some circumstances.  There is a reason that IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad fled the country in 1973.  Sweden instituted a scheme to confiscate corporate profits and hand them over to labor unions.  The idea was, in the words of a Swedish economist, to have "a market economy without individual capitalists and entrepreneurs."  This was about as logical as it sounded — and delivered predictable results.

A Marxist Farce in Vegas: Commentary on the first Democratic candidates' debate.  [Scroll down]  In fact, I can't find anywhere just how many attended.  It must have been very, very bad.  The attendance was the first thing you saw on the Republican debates.  Only 61 out of 354 seats for the press were filled.  Not even the local press showed, much less national and international.  They didn't want to die from sheer boredom.  I lived in Vegas for over 20 years... drag queen shows had far better attendance.  In fact, I'll bet that's where a lot of the Dems were.

Why Republicans Need to Nominate Ted Cruz.  For years, the most conservative elements of the party have complained about nominees such as Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney, seeing those Republican leaders as pragmatists who didn't deeply hold conservative principles and weren't worthy of the label "Republican."  According to those conservatives, the GOP loses when "squishy" Republican nominees don't offer voters a sharp contrast, and because of that, millions of conservative voters sit at home, unexcited with the choices offered.

Cruz Has a YUUGE Pick for Speaker.  Yesterday [10/12/2015] on the campaign trail, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was asked who he would want to be Speaker of the House.  Unlike Chris Christie, who said it doesn't matter, Cruz put forth a name that conservatives could love.

Restarting the Engines.  Washington seems unable to do anything at present.  The Republican inability to lead an impeachment is matched by the impotence of the president and his party actually get anything done.  Obama's failures have not only created a crisis abroad, they have created a crisis at home in the form of political paralysis.  At least the Republicans are in the process of determining, through the process of rebellion, what the future of their party will be.  The Democrats are a long way from resurrection, having yet to die as a party, though they have managed to rot.  For the moment, both wings of the Washington elite are out of money, credibility and moves.  It will take some time to shake things out.

Let States Build Their Own Highways.  The inability of Congress to come together to pass a transportation package has frustrated the myriad special interests whose lobbyists want assurances that the dollars will keep flowing for years, and not just months, to come.  And the media, which seldom miss an opportunity to push the "crumbling infrastructure" narrative, treat the matter as just another lamentable example of congressional gridlock inhibiting progress.  But the real source of the dysfunction is the fact that Washington is so involved in state and local transportation funding decisions in the first place.

Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Is Complete — Final Agreements Reached Today.  Wall Street wants the TPP deal.  The Obama administration wants the TPP deal.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants the TPP deal. [...] The TPP deal is exceptionally bad for U.S. manufacturing and jobs.

Ben Carson stands firm. What nerve!  Ben Carson has done it now.  First he had the temerity to say that Islam is in conflict with our Constitution.  And now he won't back down.  Doesn't he know Republicans are supposed to cave, cower, and crumble after standing for truth and that anyone, irrespective of their political leanings, must not criticize Islam?  How dare Ben Carson commit blasphemy.  How dare he ignore the president's warning that "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam!"

Pope Francis' fact-free flamboyance.  Pope Francis embodies sanctity but comes trailing clouds of sanctimony.  With a convert's indiscriminate zeal, he embraces ideas impeccably fashionable, demonstrably false and deeply reactionary.  They would devastate the poor on whose behalf he purports to speak — if his policy prescriptions were not as implausible as his social diagnoses are shrill.  Supporters of Francis have bought newspaper and broadcast advertisements to disseminate some of his woolly sentiments that have the intellectual tone of fortune cookies.

The Pope's Marriage Endgame.  It's been 18 months since Pope Francis invited Cardinal Walter Kasper to raise anew the argument that divorced and remarried Catholics should be allowed to receive communion.  That invitation touched off a civil war within the church's hierarchy, pitting cardinal against cardinal, theologian against theologian; the conflict has reverberated across books, speeches, and op-ed pages, and it's dominated the church's synod on the family, whose second meeting looms this fall.  It's clear that this was all intentional:  That Francis wanted a big internal argument over marriage and communion, that he deliberately started this civil war.  The question that remains unanswered, though, is how the pope intends to finish it.

Why Should We Pay for 'Happy Birthday'?  Believe it or not, "Happy Birthday to You" is still protected by copyright.  It's a lucrative copyright.  Warner Music Group allegedly earns $2 million per year from this 19th-century song.  Whenever the birthday melody is sung on television or a film, or even in a public performance (including restaurants and possibly senior citizen centers), money is due to the copyright holder.  The use of the song in a film is rumored to cost as much as $10,000.  The steep price tag has inspired some filmmakers to look for less expensive alternatives.  Don't be surprised if you see a birthday scene on screen with revelers singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" instead.  That song, dating back to 1709, is in the public domain.

America is being bullied into sympathizing with 9/11 attackers.  In the days and weeks following Sept. 11, 2001, we were a nation united in agony.  We bore a common resolve to defeat the forces of evil that hit us, and hit us hard.  "Never again!" we cried in unison.  I remember walking down a New York City street, debris still swirling in the air from the destroyed World Trade Center, and seeing women and even men hugging heroic cops, firefighters and other first responders.  Now, one is just as likely to see a man or woman in uniform spit upon or cursed at by the very people whose lives they protect every day.

Politicians Have Chosen Political Expediency Over Backing Their Police Departments.  As of this writing, there have been 23 police officers gunned down in the line of duty this year.  That is not even taking into account the ones killed in car accidents, injured while directing traffic, dealing with domestic violence, a hostage crisis or any of a myriad of other dangerous situations they face every day.  Police go into neighborhoods where the streets are ruled by violent gangs and the next person they face could be some drug crazed junkie with a knife or some street hardened teenager who wants to make a mark in his upside down world by killing a cop.  Mayors of major cities have chosen political expediency over backing their police departments.

Survival in the Age of EMP.  An EMP attack is within reach for Iran, North Korea, and perhaps a terrorist organization.  These entities are not necessarily rational and may not be deterred by threats of retaliation, assuming we can even identify the source of the attack.  There are lots of ways to harden our infrastructure against EMP at reasonable cost, but the government isn't doing anything, and the Obama administration is studiously ignoring the matter, perhaps because it might make the administration's Iran policy look dangerous or interfere with its clean energy boondoggles.

Hussman: Get Out Before It's Too Late.  John Hussman's weekly letter provides sound advice for anyone looking to avoid a 50% loss in the next 18 months.  The market has been overvalued for the last three years and now sits at overvaluation levels on par with 1929 and 2000.  The difference is that fear has been overtaking greed in the psyches of traders.  The average Joe isn't in the market.  Only the Ivy League MBA High frequency trading computer gurus are playing in this rigged market.  The 1,100 point crash last Monday [8/24/2015] is what happens when arrogant young traders, fear and computer algorithms combine in a perfect storm of mindless selling. Suddenly the pompous risk takers became frightened risk-averse lemmings.

Lessons in disaster for the next Katrina.  Who can you trust when disaster strikes?  Not the media.  And definitely not the government.

The Federal Reserve: A Solution in Search of a Problem.  The Federal Reserve opened its annual symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Thursday [8/27/2015].  Its experts have assembled to discuss "inflation dynamics."  Concurrently, another group of economists and financial experts is meeting just down the road.  They're discussing monetary policy, as well, but they're considering questions never raised at Fed symposia — questions like:  "Do we really need the Fed?"  It's a question worth asking.  America's monetary system is the Achilles heel of the world's economic system.  Something is seriously wrong when trillions of new dollars are created out of thin air to bail out big banks, "stimulate" the economy and buy government debt.  And something is dangerously wrong when the political establishment is afraid even to discuss it.

Why US must keep a close eye on Russia's plans for the Arctic.  "The North Pole is Ours!" read the headline of Rossiiskaya Gazeta — the Russian government daily newspaper of record — on May 20.  In today's circumstances of heightened tensions with the West, Vladimir Putin needs victories, which may also make the country less pragmatic and more concerned about identity politics and symbols.  Against that context, we have the most significant physical event on our planet since the end of the last ice age is taking place today — the opening of the Arctic.  Activity in all the high north is likely to continue to increase, together with fish stocks and pursuing fishing fleets migrating farther north.

Market's wild ride: Are Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders partly to blame?  Everyone is pinpointing China, the Fed, Europe and other international turmoil for the market crash over the past week.  And justifiably so.  China has roughly tripled its debt burden over the last six years to more than $20 trillion.  Investors are starting to suspect a worst case financial scenario that Beijing is starting to resemble the U.S. — circa 2008.  And Janet Yellen is a modern day Hamlet at the helm of the Federal Reserve with her daily wavering:  to raise or not to raise (interest rates).  But another overlooked factor behind the fear mania is the narrative that our major political candidates are laying out to American voters in recent weeks.

The Coming Collapse: Fed Lunacy is to Blame.  Dr. Hussman presents his case against the Federal Reserve as clearly as anything I've ever read.  Bailing out criminally negligent Wall Street banks with taxpayer money, allowing fraudulent accounting to cover up insolvency, printing $3 trillion out of thin air and handing it to the Wall Street banks, penalizing savings while encouraging consumers and corporations to go further into debt, and gearing all of your efforts towards creating stock, bond, and real estate bubbles, is the height of lunacy — unless you are a captured entity working on behalf of a corrupt status quo.

Presidential candidates comparison
Presidential Candidates Comparison

The Left, Not Fox News, Has Made Us All Crazy.  Since Fox's creation in the mid-90s, the media has become less and less interested in disguising its liberalism, which has, ironically, ensured Fox's continued success.  Certainly, the escalating polarization is lamentable and it seems particularly pronounced among older Americans.  My parents watch a lot of Fox News, as do my in-laws.  Frankly, the majority of people over 60 that I know watch a lot of Fox News.  However, are Fox News viewers victims of a "conspiracy" to brainwash them?

Office Beasts: Venomous Employees a €10 Billion Problem in Germany.  The daily life of the modern office worker is an ordeal with ever-changing trends.  Sometimes workers are overstimulated to the point of burnout.  At others they are understimulated to the point of boredom.  Bookshelves are crowded with literature on employee psychopathology.  But one phenomenon is often overlooked when people research the daily office life that takes place between the meetings and the water cooler:  toxic workers who contaminate the workplace and make things a nightmare.

Hiroshima And Nagasaki: Still Justified 70 Years Later.  Aug. 6 marks one of America's most important anniversaries, remarkable for what happened on that date in 1945 and for what did not happen subsequently.  What did happen was that the Enola Gay, an American B-29 bomber, dropped Little Boy, a uranium-based atomic bomb, on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.  That dramatic act hastened the end of World War II, which concluded within a week of the Aug. 9 detonation of Fat Man, a plutonium-based bomb, over Nagasaki.  These are the only two nuclear weapons ever used in warfare.

In Defense of Incivility.  The elites always talk about civility in politics.  That is a way to control the citizenry, by shaming them into silence when focused anger would serve the Republic better. [...] The last thing we need in American politics is more civility.  What we need is more focused anger.  Anger begets debate and debate begets change.  This is Donald Trump's real contribution to the 2016 presidential contest.  Patrick Henry did not say, "Give me civility or give me death!"  Liberty is often messy and yes, uncivil.

Willingness to Fight: Ted Cruz Has Earned a Second Look From Us All.  I like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) a lot as a Senator, but I have never been a huge fan of his candidacy for President — at least until now.  Generally speaking, I prefer governors to Senators, and I have an especial wariness for first term Senators.  Additionally, I have questions about Cruz's ability as a coalition builder and I know that he is a polarizing figure, even within the conservative movement.  However, episode three billion in the GOP Failure Theater tour, this time featuring Planned Parenthood failure theater, has pushed me into the camp that makes me want, more than anything, to see a Presidential candidate who is willing to fight and show the cowering squishes who run this party how it is done.

Thank God Mr. Cruz is in Washington.  When I lay my head on my pillow at night which candidate winning the White House will cause me to sleep the most peacefully?  Who is most likely to remain true to their promises to We the People; fight to repeal ObamaCare, end the invasion of our borders, defend life and traditional values?  Who believes in Conservatism enough to throw a lifeline of inspiration to those drowning in the treacherous deep dark sea of Obama's welfare state America?  Who will pray as the song says, "Lord lift us up where we belong" as Americans?  Currently, I believe that candidate is Sen Ted Cruz.

Can hipster Christianity save churches from decline?  [H]as the cool-church movement done anything to reverse trends of declining church attendance, particularly among young people?  Most evidence suggests the answer is no.

Is Social Liberalism Winning? Don't Believe The Spin.  The end of the Supreme Court term was depressing for conservatives.  The double-whammy of a 50-state mandate for gay marriage and the upholding of ObamaCare sounded the alarms for religious freedom.  All that unease is measurable.  Credit the Washington Post for doing precisely that.  The polling team has just reported, "Liberals have won a string of victories on gay marriage and health care reform this year, but a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds a large majority of Americans are unhappy with where the nation is headed on social issues."

The exceptional campaign timing of Ted Cruz's ferocious floor speech.  During a speech from the Senate floor on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in direct terms on an arcane topic.  "What we just saw today was an absolute demonstration that not only what [McConnell] told every Republican senator, but what he told the press over and over and over again was a simple lie," Cruz said.  "We know now that when the majority leader looks us in the eyes and makes an explicit commitment, that he is willing to say things that he knows are false."

Truth is an existential threat to the US government.  The United States is not a constitutional republic.  It is an oligarchy controlled by wealthy financiers who hire politicians to pass legislation beneficial to them and employ journalists to keep the citizens ignorant and compliant.  Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans believe in democracy.  It is simply an ideological contest between two different forms of totalitarianism based on big government, where they represent only themselves in their pursuit of personal power and profit.  Over the last hundred years, the Democrat Party has moved farther and farther to the left, evolving from populism to Marxism and developing an operational model resembling that of the mafia.  Its leaders are a gaggle of coffeehouse communists and unindicted felons, who seek the lifestyles of the rich and famous while practicing the politics of Joseph Stalin.  The Republicans are democratic only in the sense that they are willing to sell their votes to the highest bidder, where their political power and, ultimately, compensation from their rich donors increase proportionally with the expansion of government.

Why So Many People Regard Obama Positively.  This essay attempts to comprehend why, despite his policy failures at home and abroad, scandals, and lies, many Americans continue to approve of Obama's job performance and regard him favorably as a person.  At least five major factors seem to play a part:  (1) Americans' views of the presidency; (2) Obama's racial make-up; (3) his party affiliation; (4) the mainstream media's (MSM's) bias on his behalf; and (5) Americans' tendency to accord very low priority to politics.

The Editor says...
I would add #7, America's dumbed-down public education system that no longer teaches civics or the contents of the Constitution, and promotes left-wing propaganda including the supposed benefits of affirmative action, and #6, Americans' very short memories and even shorter attention spans.

How to Win a Nobel Prize.  I really haven't the foggiest idea how the Nobel Prize is awarded but it used to make sense.  Now the rules have apparently changed because to win the Nobel Peace Prize, you just have to be the right color.  It also helps if you promote a global warming hoax that will make you a billionaire; and to win this once prestigious award you have to write a convincing bogus autobiography.

Coburn Shreds Opponents of an Article V Convention: We "have a runaway convention right now".  During his time in the House and Senate, Tom Coburn developed a reputation fighting the excesses of Washington.  Now retired from public office and back to living in Oklahoma, he has added his powerful voice to a growing movement urging states to force a convention to amend the Constitution in order to rein in the federal government.  "The Congress, the courts, and the president ignore the Constitution we have today and our Founders knew we would eventually get to that point, and they gave us a method... to amend it to keep the federal government limited in its scope and its jurisdiction," Coburn said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Disregard For the Law is America's Greatest Threat.  Barbarians at the gate usually don't bring down once-successful civilizations.  Nor does climate change.  Even mass epidemics like the plague that decimated sixth-century Byzantium do not necessarily destroy a culture.  Far more dangerous are institutionalized corruption, a lack of transparency and creeping neglect of existing laws.  All the German euros in the world will not save Greece if Greeks continue to dodge taxes, featherbed government and see corruption as a business model.  Even obeying so-called minor laws counts.  It is no coincidence that a country where drivers routinely flout traffic laws and throw trash out the window is also a country that cooks its books and lies to its creditors.

The Revenge Of The Lost Boys.  [Scroll down]  But the truth of the matter is that Dylann Roof (at least from what we know) isn't that different from so many other young, mostly white men over the past 30 years or so who have lashed out against their society in different ways.  Although mass killers understandably seize our imaginations and dominate the media, and not all dysfunctional young males are violent and not all of them gain the publicity they crave.  Some are terrorists, others are murderers, and some are merely vandals.  A few are traitors and deserters.  What they all have in common is their gender (male), their race (most are white), and their youth (almost all under 30 at their peak destructiveness).  Beyond this, they seem to share little beyond a stubborn immaturity wedded to a towering narcissism.

Athens on the Potomac.  Financial experts in New York, London, and Brussels have tut-tutted Greece's economic travails as Athens considers its future with the European Union.  Why did they borrow so much money?  How can they ever pay it back?  Do they think that much debt is sustainable?  Instead of pointing fingers at the innumerates running Athens, they should consider our own situation.

Asleep for the last 60 years? Wake up — and brace yourself.  It does not shock me that younger people — let's say those born after 1970 — do not share my nostalgia for a world gone by.  Tantalized by a future that is beckoningly seductive — and about five seconds away — it is not surprising that they do not have time to absorb, analyze or appreciate the "distant past" of the 1940s and 1950s, let alone the five centuries from the dawn of the Renaissance to the rescue of Europe from the barbarism of the Nazis in the Second World War.  But what does surprise me is how easily members of my generation and those older than me have betrayed their own experience, their own history, and their own culture for the sake of instant gratification, avoidance of responsibility, and the exhilarating sense of belonging that come from joining the age-old rebellion against God.

De-Confederatizing the U.S. won't solve anything.  The Civil War was an awful time of American history.  It pitted brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and state against state.  Around 620,000 Americans died in the war, more than any other conflict the U.S. has been involved in.  It's something which will hopefully never happen again.  Which is why those calling for the destruction of Confederate monuments are wrong.

The 5 Best Thomas Paine Quotes From 'Common Sense'.  "Common Sense" was a short work but had an enormous impact on colonial America's decision to break its ties with Great Britain.  Paine was an English defector to the American cause.  Born in 1737, he immigrated to America in 1774 after leading a life of disappointment in England.  He initially settled in Philadelphia under the tutelage of Richard Bache, Benjamin Franklin's son-in-law.

Five True Lies Republicans Should Tell In 2016.  Our readers don't really need to see another column, post, or podcast about how the Supreme Court and the Obama administration has wrecked the America we used to know, and we're past the time where we wallow in grief about how the country is lost.  It's not lost.  The fight isn't over until conservatives say it's over.  Are you really going to just sit there and let a bunch of high-school losers who found religion in campus cultural Marxism destroy the greatest society in world history?

America's Destiny in the Balance.  I am an immigrant to this country and a displaced survivor of a war that destroyed a continent.  A war fomented by men, beginning the 1920's, who also adhered to the same basic tenets espoused by Barack Obama and his fellow travelers.  I have seen and experienced the end product of their narcissism and megalomania.  Based on firsthand knowledge I can attest to the existence of God as well as his helping hand.  God has given the people of the United States one last opportunity, through the circumstances of the election of Barack Obama, to rescue the last best hope of mankind.  There will be no divine intervention — it is for the people, in their free will, to decide.  If the citizenry chooses to maintain its present course, God will turn his back on this nation as he has done with much of Europe and the Middle East.

Pope Francis, The Earth Is Not My Sister.  The pope thinks we should view the earth as our sister.  I don't, mainly because I have a sister.  While my sister and I have had our disagreements over the years, I haven't spent my entire life trying to stop her from killing me.  In the opening words of "Laudato si," Pope Francis quotes a prayer of his Namesake-of-Assisi:  "Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit with coloured flowers and herbs."

The Editor says...
Worshipping the earth is idolatry, which is the forte of the Catholic church.  And if idolatry is their forte, superstition is their five-te.

Is Ted Cruz Too Smart to Be President?  People who question Ted Cruz's "electability" are missing the point.  The question isn't whether or not he can win, but what happens to us if he doesn't.

Mass Insanity is Creating a Snowflake Generation.  Today's children will grow up in a dangerous world in which the forces of order are staging a disorderly retreat before the geopolitical ambitions of dictatorships on the one hand and the pornographic fantasies of blood-crazed religious fanatics on the other.  There are real monsters out there and homework isn't one.  If kids are not taught to manage daily life, they certainly won't be able to face the ordeals that await them as adults.

Port insecurity: Is it going to be terminal this time?  It was 2006, just five years after the 9/11 terror attacks and in the midst of two wars being waged by the United States against two Islamic fundamentalist terror groups — al-Qaida and the Taliban.  Yet President Bush thought it was no problem to put Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates in charge of our major East Coast ports.  Fortunately, Congress said NO in thunder back in the days when Congress still hadn't ceded all or most of its constitutional authority over to the presidential branch.  That, you would hope, would be the end of it, but Mideastern potentates are apparently as persistent as Midwestern liberals.

Panic Before the Herd Does.  When everyone on Wall Street is using the same algorithms in their HFT supercomputers, and John Q. Public isn't even in the market, who will these supercomputers sell to when they all get the sell signal at the same time?  When that time comes, and it won't be long, I'll be munching popcorn and watching the festivities unfold.

Caitlyn Jenner Brought Out the Left's 'Speech Police' in Full Force.  Of all the many aspects of the "Caitlyn" Jenner story which bother conservatives, the one which causes me the most agitation is how the liberal "thought police" have attempted to censor any debate over the many issues related to this extraordinary tale.  It's not just that the vast majority of media coverage has been overwhelmingly celebratory.  That alone is annoying by default.  What is flat-out scary is that the many forces of the left have used media intimidation and political correctness to enforce the notion that enthusiastically honoring Jenner's transformation is the only acceptable reaction.

Why Bruce Jenner can never be a woman.  The celebration of Jenner "becoming a woman" is a fantasy.  It's artificial.  It's make-believe.  It's not authentic at all.  It's a mirage.  Jenner has always fantasized that he's a woman, dreaming of the possibilities of becoming what he imagines himself to be.  But possibilities in life are only fantasies when they aren't rooted in something real.  You can't become a woman without being a girl, complete with XX chromosomes that determine our sex.

Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner Is Asking Too Much.  To me, this conversation is beginning to feel very 1984.  I have been told that I must refer to a man as a woman.  If I decline to do so, however politely, I am demonized as an oppressor, a bigot and a hater.  I have been told that I must use the female pronouns:  she, her, and hers, not the male pronouns, he, his, and him.  If I decline to do so, however politely, I am excluded from decent society.  I am classed with murderers.  I am very wary of any movement that demands that people change their everyday language and that demonizes those who decline to do so.  If we redefine a woman as a person who poses in a corset and shows substantial cleavage on the cover of Vanity Fair, what does that make a woman who has had a double mastectomy and dresses modestly and hasn't access to Vanity Fair?  My question is not rhetorical, it is not a joke, and it is not trivial.  Definitions get to the scaffolding of society and the essence of things.  If we don't answer this question now, it will become less and less of a joke as we proceed down this slippery slope.

The Editor says...
The Editor took the liberty (while he still has it) to alter the headline above.

Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman Is an Insult to Women.  Parents, be aware:  soon the magazine rack in the checkout line at the supermarket will feature this profoundly disturbing image of Bruce Jenner.  The picture is plastered right on the cover of the next Vanity Fair issue, and it shows Bruce dolled up in makeup and hair extensions, posing in a corset, with parts of his face, forehead, and throat shaved off for cosmetic reasons, and his chest enhanced by hormone pills, Photoshop, and silicone.  The idea is to make the 65-year-old grandfather look like a college girl, but the effect is that he looks like a distorted version of neither.  What he most closely resembles is a mentally disordered man who is being manipulated by disingenuous liberals and self-obsessed gay activists.  Far from having the appearance of a genuine woman, he reminds me of someone who is being abandoned to his delusions by a culture of narcissistic imbeciles.

Is it Time for Civil Disobedience of Kludgeocratic Bureaucracy?  Is there any way to reverse the trend toward ever more intrusive, bossy government?  Things have gotten to such a pass, argues Charles Murray, that only civil disobedience might — might — work.  But the chances are good enough, he says, that he's written a book about it:  "By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission."  Murray has a track record of making seemingly outlandish proposals that turn out to be widely accepted public policy.  His 1984 book "Losing Ground" recommended the radical step of abolishing all welfare payments.

It's the Obama Record that O'Malley and Sanders are Bashing.  Governor O'Malley made it official.  He is in and running for us, as he told the crowd:  "Our economic and political system is upside down and backward and it is time to turn it around"...  Senator Sanders said something similar a few days ago.  Who's been in the White House for seven years?  Whose stimulus didn't stimulate?  Whose "shovel ready" jobs weren't ready after all?  Who promised so much and didn't deliver?

Phoenix protests Islamism.  [T]he Phoenix protest demonstrated that constitutional America works.  In Baltimore, 486 were arrested; in Phoenix, 0.  In Baltimore, 113 officers were attacked and injured; in Phoenix, 0.  In Baltimore, vandals and thugs inflicted $20 million in damage to their neighbors.  In Phoenix, the vandal damage was precisely $0.  Indeed, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

'The News' [is] now planted progressive propaganda.  In October of 2008 Obama and the Dems threw the Fundamental Transformation of America up in garish, jaw-dropping neon lights and the world thereafter was never to be the same.  The communications world now digital gave an about-to-be-jettisoned America its first digital dictator.  Back then David Axelrod astroturfing portrayed Obama's promised Brave New World as an empty screen, one on which Obama could be projected in whatever image folk wanted him to be, history's first free phone and easy food stamp president.

Put ATF Out of Its Misery.  The ATF, as it's known, is charged with overseeing federally licensed firearms dealers, most of which are responsible and law-abiding — but not all.  Criminals know the difference, but even when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has figured it out, it has lacked the resources and leadership to crack down.  A new report by the Center for American Progress recommends that the ATF be merged into the FBI.  It's worth considering.  It would be hard to do worse than the status quo.

Art Activists File First-Amendment Rights Suit Against New York City.  A trio of art activists has filed a federal lawsuit against New York City claiming their First-Amendment rights were violated during a protest last year outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The plaintiffs — Kyle Depew, Grayson Earle and Yates McKee — are members of the Illuminator Art Collective, a group that uses high-powered, mobile video projectors to broadcast images and political messages.  According to the complaint, New York City police officers seized the group's van-mounted projector as it was beaming "political speech" onto the side of the museum during an evening gala for billionaire industrialist David H. Koch on September 9.

The Editor says...
There is a similar group in the Dallas area, projecting left-wing environmental propaganda on the sides of buildings owned by companies they don't like.  The method is made possible by the use of a theater-size projector mounted in a car, which the group is sure to park on public property.  It is a mild form of eco-terrorism:  Just a little light-weight bullying to promote their cause.  It is also a form of vandalism.  Just because their graffiti is in the form of a temporarily projected image that does not leave permanent damage, it still defaces private property for the duration of their protest.

Should Cars Be Recalled Over Peeling Labels?  You may scoff, but this hypothetical is something that actually happened to tens of thousands of owners of Chevy Camaros (model years 2013 and 2014).  General Motors also had to issue a stop delivery order to dealers, notes Diane Katz, a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and instruct them to inspect the label on each sun visor.  If the label was prone to peeling, the entire visor had to be replaced.  I bring this up as an example of the real-world impact of regulations.  We don't always see it, but they exact a cost.

Save Obama (on trade).  That free trade is advantageous to both sides is the rarest of political propositions — provable, indeed mathematically.  David Ricardo did so in 1817.  The Law of Comparative Advantage has held up nicely for 198 years.  Nor is this abstract theory.  We've lived it.  The free-trade regime created after World War II precipitated the most astonishing advance of global welfare and prosperity the world has ever seen.  And that regime was created, overseen, guaranteed and presided over by the United States.

What Will the G.O.P. Cave On Next?  [Scroll down]  For years — in fact, to this very day — the left's poster boy for the monstrous injustice of the war on drugs was DeMarcus Sanders, whose life was ruined, so the legend goes, just because police found a single marijuana seed in his car.  And then you run a basic Google search and find out that DeMarcus was a known gang member who had already served time for shooting a rival gang member.  After that conviction, DeMarcus was arrested again, for who knows what — but copped a plea to possession of marijuana, the only charge we ever hear about in connection with his name.

Cities On Fire — Dallas/Garland.  How very appropriate that on May Day, May 1st (Commie Day), protests were staged in Dallas, Texas against immigration and police brutality.  Two groups joined forces for the protests:  Mothers Against Police Brutality and the Texas Organizing Project.  Their common stated goal was an end to law enforcement terrorizing their communities.  Translation... the federalization of our police forces.  The protests in Dallas were only violent in message, not deed, but they are setting the country on fire Constitutionally and figuratively.  This is not grassroots — it's staged.  Things are never ever what they seem anymore.

Conspiracy Theory as a Personality Disorder?  The treatment of "conspiracy theories" by the US intelligentsia is reminiscent of the Soviet commissions that labeled political dissidents mentally ill.

The Brains of the Operation.  [Scroll down]  That man is Utah's junior senator, Mike Lee, who is the author of a new and important book, Our Lost Constitution, which should — along with the Constitution itself — be required reading.  Not just for anybody seeking elected office in the United States but for any American who cares about good government, freedom, and leaving a worthwhile country for our children.  The book's subtitle more explicitly diagnoses the disease for which Sen. Lee offers a treatment (if not a guaranteed cure): "The Willful Subversion of America's Founding Document."

Why There Are No ISIS 'Lone Wolves'.  An ISIS call-to-arms posted online nearly two weeks ago mocked the term that the West uses for the terror group's members abroad — a big picture of a lone, grey wolf accompanied the text. [...] A "lone wolf" would be a jihadist taking it upon himself with no direct outside involvement — be it direction or support — to commit an attack.  But recent attacks have shown government's desire to rush to "lone wolf" judgment, be it to placate a nervous public, cover intelligence about wider plots or networks, or just save face for counter-terrorism efforts that let one slip through the cracks.  Government officials use the less alarming terminology that the U.S. suffered an attack from disaffected loners rather than the U.S. suffered an ISIS attack.

The Editor says...
It sounds to me as if the Homeland Security defenses are just for show.  The system appears to be full of holes, despite all the years of groping at the airport, frisking at the courthouse, and wholesale ingestion of everybody's email.  Well... everybody's email, that is, except Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin.  As far as I know, the only terrorist attacks that have been foiled have been the ones that the FBI set up as sting operations.  Actual terrorists, on the other hand, seem to have very little trouble entering the country or comparing notes at the local mosque.

As Ben Carson bashes Obama, many blacks see a hero's legacy fade.  [Dr. Ben] Carson has been a black icon since 1987, when he became the first person to successfully separate twins conjoined at the backs of their heads.  He was a rare and much-desired role model:  a black man who became known for his intellect, not for telling jokes or shooting basketballs.

Urge Your State Representatives to Support an Article V Convention.  Do you believe Washington, D.C., is broken?  Do you believe those in D.C. are willing or capable of curbing their own power?  Are you looking for a solution to reduce the size, scope and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints and place term limits on federal officials?  A package of constitutional amendments — proposed by an Article V convention of the states and designed to curb the abuses of the federal government — would go a long way toward restoring the rightful power of state and local governments.

Conservative Leadership Project: A President for Such a Time as This.  First, we must be clear about our non-negotiables:  Life should be protected from conception to natural death.  Government should be limited to preserve individual freedom.  Policies that promote economic growth should be promoted.  Just to name a few.  Conservatives should anticipate that most of our potential standard bearers will speak to these principles regularly.  Yet that also creates a dilemma.  How do we differentiate between the candidates when many of them are going to be saying a lot of the same things?

House Republicans try to gut a key American principle.  The Civil War era's 14th Amendment, granting automatic citizenship to any baby born on American soil, is a proud achievement of the Party of Lincoln.  But now House Republicans are talking about abolishing birthright citizenship.  A House Judiciary subcommittee took up the question Wednesday afternoon [4/29/2015], prompted by legislation sponsored by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and 22 other lawmakers that, after nearly 150 years, would end automatic citizenship.

The Editor says...
The Washington Post writer is apparently horrified by this idea, judging by the headline.  I think it's a terrific idea that should have been implemented at least  20  50 years ago.

Smartphones Bringing Barbarians To The Gates?  A European hipster has broken new cultural low ground by defacing America's national parks and posting pictures of his operation on Instagram.  He joins Greenpeace, which was caught destroying the Nazca lines of Peru to create an ad for itself last February.  And further down the food chain is ISIS, which intentionally destroyed ancient artifacts last month to make recruiting videos.  What is it about these vandals that drives them to destroy the irreplaceable and post the images of it on the Internet?

Genocide Begins with Groupthink.  Mass exterminations generally involve two prerequisites:  1) a mandated program by a centralized state power, and 2) a well-coordinated, aggressive propaganda campaign that enlists public support in vilifying the targeted group.  It's also worth noting that war often serves as cover for genocide; the Armenian Genocide took place during the total war conditions of World War I.  Propaganda campaigns to dehumanize the victims are central to virtually every mass killing in history.

Obama Must Honor Armenia's Suffering by Calling it a "Genocide".  President Obama claims to be guided by morality and what he thinks are "American values" in his conduct of foreign policy. [...] However, Obama cannot even claim to seek the "moral path" in foreign policy if he fails to do what he promised during the 2008 campaign, and that is call the genocide committed by the Turks against the Armenians what it is:  a genocide.  Friday [4/24/2015] marks the 100th anniversary of beginning of the slaughter, which killed more than a million people.

For 7th year in a row, Obama breaks promise to acknowledge Armenian genocide.  This week is the 100th anniversary of what many historians acknowledge as the Armenian genocide — the Turkish massacre of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians[.]  And it's also the seventh year in a row President Barack Obama has broken his promise to use the word "genocide" to describe the atrocity.

Obama Literally Edits Out the Genocide, Marks 'Armenian Remembrance Day'.  The White House moments ago issued President Obama's annual statement to mark Friday's [4/24/2015] Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, and as promised there is no genocide to be found.  In fact, the White House press release just called it "Armenian Remembrance Day."

Hose out the sewer
Mark Steyn arrives at the ultimate campaign slogan for 2016.  As of this writing, there is only one candidate in the field who:  (a) is routinely attacked by the establishment fogies of both parties; (b) has never been forced to change his position on critical policy issues; (c) and has proven to be a formidable debater in every venue imaginable.  That man is Ted Cruz.

Mideast Disasters Multiply Thanks To U.S. Power Vacuum.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are spoiling for war in the country the Obama administration not long ago touted as an illustration of its successful policies.  The Mideast minus U.S. power equals mass bloodshed.

Conservative activists target Republican state lawmakers blocking Constitutional Convention.  Conservative activists pushing to amend the Constitution to rein in federal spending are preparing to delve into state legislative elections across the country, specifically targeting Republicans who are standing in the way of a convention of the states.  "Our attitude is if state legislators won't stand against Washington, D.C., then they need to be replaced by somebody who will," Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance and a leader of the state convention movement, told The Washington Times in an interview this week.

On the other hand...
A new constitutional convention: The right's worst idea.  [Scroll down]  The [Washington] Post immediately identified the obvious pitfalls associated with this plan.  The foremost among them for conservatives being the fact that participation in a constitutional convention will not be limited exclusively to those Americans who share their political values.  Liberals, too, will be inclined to litigate their cultural and legal grievances with the system at this convention.  Secondly, the scope of such an affair is likely to broaden extensively in relatively short order.  A balanced budget process will quickly become the least pressing priority for the conventioneers.  Finally, the Founders were so vague as to how such a gathering would operate that it could easily spiral out of the control of those in attendance, and that has the potential to usher in a very real and potentially violent constitutional crisis.

The Constitutional Convention Trap.  A dangerous idea has been circulating over the past few years:  that it is time to call a new Constitutional convention, to remedy the vast overreach of federal power.  But therein lies a treacherous trap:  such a body's powers cannot be limited.  The end result easily could prove the polar opposite of what those seeking revision intended

Downsize the Federal Government.  The size of the federal government has exploded over the last century.  The legislative and judicial branches of government have grown to serve the increased number of states and its growing population.  The size and scope of the executive branch has grown to reflect an expanded role of the federal government over the last 100 years.  Apparently the staffing of fourteen separate cabinet departments were not enough to manage the current executive branch, so Barack Obama felt the need to appoint a number of "czars" to focus on special emphasis areas.

Ted Cruz: 'I Was Not a Community Organizer'.  Ted Cruz is trying to put the comparisons with President Obama to rest once and for all.  "Unlike Barack Obama, I was not a community organizer before I was elected to the Senate," Cruz said during a Sunday appearance on CNN's State of the Union.  The freshman Senator turned Republican presidential candidate has come in for criticism from some in the party who see that résumé as too similar to that of Obama's.

Tom Cotton, tragic hero.  The snarky quip attributed to 19th-century French Foreign Minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand — "It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder" — has recently been making the rounds to deride a letter written by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and signed by 46 other senators.  They wrote to the Iranian theocracy that any agreement on nuclear proliferation negotiated with President Obama will not constitutionally bind the next administration — unless it is properly ratified by Congress.  Democrats were outraged.  They charged that Mr. Cotton's letter is a crime, a violation of the 216-year-old Logan Act.  That law bars unauthorized individuals from conducting negotiations with foreign governments.

Time to kick Obama Election Campaign Experts Out of Canada.  Fresh out of the Israel election, where they failed to dump Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in spite of millions of dollars, top Obama campaign experts are still in Canada working to topple our staunchly pro-Israel, Christian, conservative prime minister.  Why is the Obama campaign team working Canada?  Primarily because current circumstances make The Land of the Maple Leaf easy pickings.

5 Reactions to the Announcement that Ted Cruz will Campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination.  Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the establishment (both the Democrat-Media Complex and the old, bloated, sputtering GOP crony capitalists) telling us who our candidates should be.  I support Ted Cruz for President.

Krauthammer for President.  The group I was with grinned at the sight and almost spontaneously said to each other:  "Why not Krauthammer for president?"  And why not?  He probably knows the issues better than any possible candidate on either side of the aisle and could discuss them more coherently.  And when it comes to a life story, does anyone contemplating running for president have one even roughly the equal of Krauthammer's?

Obama's 'Streisand Effect' Presidency.  [Barbra] Streisand hasn't exactly been a pop culture fixture over the last few decades.  In fact, if you're on the younger side, Streisand's fame extends primarily to an internet phenomenon, known as the "Streisand Effect."  In 2003, a photographer trying to document coastal erosion took a picture of Streisand's Malibu home from a helicopter and posted it online.  There was no attempt to specifically draw attention to Streisand's home; it was one of 12,000 pictures of the coast that the photographer took.  Nonetheless, Streisand sued to have the photo removed from the web.  Of course, the silly legal action ended up drawing more attention to the picture of her house than it would have if she'd just left it alone.  It became an internet meme.  People were posting photos of her house, just to spite her.

India Censors a Rape Documentary; the Streisand Effect Goes Nuclear.  We get a lot of laughs out of the so-called "Streisand Effect" — the phenomenon of someone trying to cover up or otherwise limit public knowledge of some already public aspect of their life, and in the process drawing far more attention to the situation than would have been the case if they'd just kept quiet in the first place.  When we're talking about a wealthy celebrity trying to suppress photos of their Malibu mansion — that's what the Streisand Effect is named for, by the way — at least a few chuckles seem entirely understandable.  But when governments unwittingly invoke the Streisand Effect via shortsighted, misguided, hamfisted attempts at censorship of important issues, it's difficult to find any humor on the stage.  So we now have the sorry spectacle of the government of India — at least in theory the world's largest democracy — petulantly and disastrously attempting to suppress the viewing of a BBC documentary exposing a nightmarish culture of rape within India itself.

Americans move government itself to No. 1 on their list of concerns.  Here we are after so many failed fixes and the partial-term senator is older but talking no wiser, recently proposing that the federal government underwrite two years of free college for everyone.  But the Democrat now faces a Republican-controlled Congress.  Little of his overblown liberal hooey is going anywhere legislatively.  And Obama seems to have turned to entertaining himself more, spending $2 million in taxpayer money this week to fly to Los Angeles for an appearance on a late-night show.  And also, of course, to raise some money for the party.

Treason in the U.S. Senate.  The letter to Tehran was written by Tom Cotton, a freshman Republican senator from Arkansas, who wants to prevent Mr. Obama signing an agreement with the mullahs unless he agrees to submit it for approval by Congress, and lays out his reasons why.  The angry Democratic senators and scholars (of dubious scholarship) cry treason, one of the most heinous of crimes.  Mr. Cotton's letter was actually little more than a letter to the editor, perhaps rising to the level of an op-ed, but something far short of a "negotiation."

Senators take a stand for the Constitution.  Just look what happens when a senator starts to act like one!  Sen. Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, who has been a U.S. senator for less than three months, rattled the cage of the White House, the Democratic Party, and Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei, all with a single-spaced, one-page letter on the U.S. Constitution.  Addressed as "An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran," the missive was signed by Cotton and 47 other Republican senators.  The avowed intent of the letter was to educate the Iranians on the nature of the American constitutional system, in particular the role of the U.S. Senate in ratifying treaties negotiated by the president.  The letter is entirely accurate and an appropriate elucidation of the constitutional separation of powers.

The Cotton Letter Was Not Sent Anywhere, Especially Not to Iran.  Before U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) and 46 of his GOP colleagues are frog-marched to the gallows and hanged for treason, one vital point of confusion must be cleared up.  Say what you will about the Republicans' open letter "to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran."  The Cotton/GOP letter regarding Tehran's atom-bomb talks with Obama was not sent to the ayatollahs.  Had Cotton & Co. actually delivered their communiqué to Iran's mullahs — perhaps via a Swiss diplomatic pouch or something even more cloak and dagger — their critics would be on less swampy ground in calling them "traitors," as the New York Daily News screamed.  Either through befuddlement or deceit, many of the Republicans' detractors have echoed this gross inaccuracy.

Tom Cotton Proves: History is Wasted on the Old.  Bob Schieffer could barely contain his outrage at Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) for daring to warn the Iranian leadership that any nuclear deal would have to be ratified by the Senate, under the U.S. Constitution, to be binding.  As Cotton explained in his appearance on CBS News' Face the Nation, Iran is clearly not hearing that from the Obama administration itself, which is desperate to achieve "peace at any price," rather than using constitutional constraints as leverage to force a better deal.  It turns out that there is a precedent for this particular dispute — and a troubling one.

3 Charts That Demonstrate American Exceptionalism Remains Alive Despite Barack Obama's Best Efforts.  Pew Research Center surveyed people in 44 countries last spring and discovered that America was exceptional in ways beyond economic wealth and military power.

A war of Obama's making.  There's a war going on between the executive and legislative branches in which Obama has shown contempt for Congress' constitutional powers, and now, in response, Congress is showing contempt for the president's constitutional powers.  It's an unfortunate situation, but it's what Obama has wrought.

It's Time to Kill Daylight Saving.  Like millions of other Americans who have slogged through an uncomfortably cold winter, I'm looking forward to the change of season.  But Daylight Saving Time is an annual tradition whose time has passed.  In contemporary society, it's not only unnecessary:  It's also wasteful, cruel, and dangerous.  And it's long past time to bid it goodbye.

Why the US Southwest is fighting daylight saving time.  Nevada and New Mexico want to stay on daylight saving time, while Texas and Utah want to stay on standard time.

The Death of the American Dream in 22 Numbers.  For decades, the rest of the planet has regarded the United States as "the land of opportunity" where almost anyone can be successful if they are willing to work hard.  And when I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was living the American Dream.  I lived on a "middle class" street and I went to a school where it seemed like almost everyone was middle class.  When I was in high school, it was very rare to ever hear of a parent that was unemployed, and virtually every family that I knew had a comfortable home and more than one nice vehicle.  But now that has all changed.

I refuse to take the media's bait.  Americans believe our nation is facing some substantial challenges.  Government spending is out of control.  Terrorists seek to destroy our way of life.  Our economic recovery has been slow.  Our borders aren't secure.  The federal government has usurped powers that rightly belong to our states.  And every day across Wisconsin, and as I travel the nation, I hear from people who share with me their worries about — and their hopes for — our country.

Let's Just Kill 'Homeland Security'.  DHS oversees almost two dozen agencies and groups, including the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), immigration processing and enforcement, the Secret Service, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the brave folks responsible for an endless series of junk-touching, drug-stealing, and kiddie-porn scandals.  Given all those fearsome responsibilities, you'd figure Barack Obama would be sweating gravy over even a partial shutdown of DHS.

Finally Cleared, Zimmerman Should Sue the DOJ.  "In all criminal prosecutions," reads the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, "the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial."  In its dangling of George Zimmerman over the pit of judicial hell for the last three years, the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) violated the spirit of that amendment for no better reason than to pacify the Democrats' increasingly bloodthirsty base.  Finally, on Tuesday of this week [2/24/2015], the DOJ announced that it had found insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.  A White House so seemingly appalled by torture had no qualms about torturing Zimmerman needlessly for nearly three years.

Don't Just Shut Down the DHS — Get Rid of It.  The world's most useless government bureaucracy (and the competition is stiff) has got to be the Department of Homeland Security.  From its creepy name to its kluge of ill-fitting departments, this panicked overreaction to 9/11 is a disgrace to America.  Now someone's finally making the case against it[.]

Why is Congress all talk, no action?  Congress as a deliberative body, and as the instrument of the people's power, has for all intents and purposes ceased to exist.  The true function of the Congress today is that of the Lord High Treasurer, and Congress has turned spending money into an art form.  In other sectors this is known by names such as bribery or payoffs, but in Congress it is known as appropriations.  But other than spending money, what is Congress most known for?

The Dean of Snobs.  You don't have to ponder the polls these days to figure out which Republican presidential possibilites are in the ascendency.  All you have to do is see who is being attacked by liberals and the mainstream media.  Their latest target is Scott Walker.  Of course, Governor Walker has been under the gun for four long years by labor unions and their supporters.  But since the phony scandals trumped up by the opposition have not affected his popularity with voters, liberals are getting desperate for dirt that might permanently muddy his image.

A surprising number of presidents never graduated college.  Media and potential opponents are scandalized that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is considering a run for president even though he didn't graduate from college.  But if Walker (who dropped out of Marquette University in his senior year) won in 2016, he would be joining an exalted group that includes the two presidents most frequently named as the favorites of the American people.  Eleven presidents — exactly 25 percent — were not college graduates.  Most prominent on that list are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, [...]

Why Washington Shouldn't Control Transportation Decisions.  Whether for pipelines, factories, refineries, cell towers, or freight rail, the private sector has demonstrated its prowess in prudent investment and proper management.  Private infrastructure spending is four times larger than all levels of government infrastructure spending put together.  Consumers get cell service, goods delivered, and energy transported when they need them and at a competitive cost.  Even when the private sector fails, as Ford did with the now ill-famed Edsel — it learns from its mistakes and moves on to something that consumers want.  Meanwhile, year after year, consumers of roads, bridges, and other transportation find themselves stuck in traffic or waiting on a delayed train.

Don't Authorize Obama's War.  The authorization for the use of military force against ISIS that the Obama administration sent Congress this week is not worthy of the name.  Its language is far more about what the president won't do against the terrorist army that controls much of Syria and Iraq — limits on ground troops and a sunset provision for the authorization after three years — than what he will do.  Congress should reject it.

Scott Walker Gets College Scrutiny That Media Failed to Give Obama.  David Fahrenthold's examination of Walker's college years in the Washington Post spanned more than 2,000 words, and in the end, there is little mystery.  Walker was an active member of the Marquette student body and has openly said that he decided to leave the university after being offered a full-time job during his senior year. [...] Unlike Walker, who was well known at Marquette and had a group of friends, Obama was a ghost at Columbia.  More than 400 classmates of Obama were contacted during the 2008 election, and not one said they remembered him.  The New York Sun described Columbia just before the 2008 election as a place Obama "rarely speaks about and where few people seem to remember him."  The record on Obama's Columbia years was sealed.

There's Nothing Shameful about Walker's Being a College 'Dropout'.  Already, a search for the words "dropout" and "Scott Walker" reveals the taunt to be a favorite of left-leaning sites that are angry with Walker for his education reform; while Twitter has a sizeable contingent of users who are convinced that the republic will fall if the "uneducated" "dropout" "loser" gets anywhere near the reins of federal power.

The Left Alinskies Scott Walker.  The Left is throwing just about everything in the book at Walker early on, trying to Romneyize him:  define him and put him so far back on the defensive that he can never recover.  With support from the MSM, which is now thrashing about trying to figure out why he left college, the progressive Left is perfectly following Alinky's Rule for Radicals No. 12:  "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."  This is exactly what is happening today.

The Sad Death of Kayla Mueller: A "Useful Idiot" of Hamas.  [Scroll down]  The problem with the tributes, especially that made by President Obama, is that Mueller was not a simple human rights worker.  Nor was she, as Mr. Turnbull said, "the best of the good."  The truth is that Kayla worked in Israel and the Palestinian territories with the International Solidarity Movement, the same group that the late Rachel Corrie was part of.  The ISM placed Corrie in a dangerous situation, and falsely told the world that Israel's IDF had purposefully killed her in order to scare off foreigners coming to aid the Palestinian people.  The ISM, as anyone can easily find out, supports Israel's enemies, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and those in the Palestinian Authority who work for Israel's destruction.

Who Was Kayla Mueller?  A look at the writings of the ISIS victim shows her support and aid to Palestinian Arab terror groups, her acting as a human shield for them, and her active participation in anti-Israel protests.  Rachel Corrie did the same.

Ted Cruz knocks Obama, 'photo op foreign policy' in blistering speech.  Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, said Wednesday [2/11/2015] he hasn't seen a "seriousness of purpose" in confronting the Islamic State terrorist group, as the White House sent a request for the authorization for use of military force to fight the group to Congress for consideration.  In an approximately 30-minute speech at the Center for Security Policy's "Defeat Jihad" summit, Mr. Cruz also methodically picked apart recent comments from the president on religion, free speech and terrorism that have come under fire.

Hating the Duggars.  If you're not familiar with the Duggars, there are, well, 19 of them. The Duggars are devout evangelicals following what they believe is God's plan for their family and fertility.  They have their own reality TV show.  Actually, it's now 19 Duggars and counting, as some of the older children are having little Duggars of their own.  That mere reproductive fact infuriates a large number of very angry people on the left.  But to make liberals' nightmares worse, the Duggars display their lifestyle on a popular TV show broadcast by The Learning Channel (TLC).  That the Duggars have a platform, even as a mere bizarre curiosity to the 99.9% of people who have no desire to produce 19 children, is driving many liberals into fits of rage.  Once again jettisoning their professed sacred cows — tolerance, diversity, open-mindedness, and let's add freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and opposition to censorship — they're insisting the Duggars' show be canceled.  For many of them, this has become an obsession turned into a crusade, as they are hellbent in driving the Duggars off the air.

Dear World, We're Sorry.  We Americans elected and re-elected a used car salesman to the most important office on the planet, and everyone got a lemon.  The first time was because so many of our citizens have been conditioned to feel guilty about wrongs done before we were born; the second was because so many of us are simply stupid.  We have it good here in the United States, and this breeds contentment.  It also breeds ignorance.

The Time Is Right for Cruz Control.  These times call for someone who does not fear the media, the Democrats, oor the Washington/New York Republican establishment.  We need someone who will plant a flag and draw a line in the sand, and mean it.  These times require someone who realizes that the biggest threat to the country today is Washington — a realization that for too long America has been held hostage to "how Washington works," when it's Washington that should operate in light of how America works.

A Pocket Guide to the Liberty Amendments.  While electing a President who is a Constitutional Conservative would be a great start, it is unlikely to reverse a century-long march of progressive radicals bent on centralization of power in Washington.  An Article V Convention process is, in my opinion, the only way out short of civil unrest.

Obama's budget is 'the silliest thing since Monty Python'.  President Barack Obama's 2016 budget proposal is as silly as a comedy sketch, a Senate leadership aide told Daily Mail Online on Monday [2/2/2015].  'This $4 trillion budget is the silliest thing since Monty Python,' the senior staffer said, recalling the British funnymen's 'Ministry of silly walks' routine.  'The only think about it that isn't funny is that the president thinks it's serious.'

Ted Cruz and Climate Change.  If this is the best liberals can do to disparage Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator has a great chance of being our next President.

Fox News and French honor.  Seventeen French citizens are murdered in Paris in cold blood by homegrown terrorists — and the city's mayor expresses her outrage for ... Fox News? [...] So while we're on the subject of apologies, maybe French President François Hollande should offer one for his claim that the gunmen who murdered to avenge the Prophet Mohammed had "nothing to do" with Islam.  Really?  Nothing to do with Islam?  Or how about a larger apology to France's Jewish citizens, whom the government appears incapable of protecting?

A fantasy for tweens.  The state of the union is indeed strong, because even if you're just talking in relative terms, what nation on this planet is in better shape than ours?  Europe remains in crisis.  China is slowing down dramatically and arresting thousands.  Russia is a tinpot empire.  In Japan, more people expired last year than were born — a wildly dangerous death spiral.  Here, our economy is actually growing, oil prices are falling, consumer confidence is rising and if you have a 401(k), you're finally back to feeling pretty good about it due to the stock market explosion.

The Wrong Kind of Market Disruption.  Federal and state governments are using seemingly unlimited tax bases to compete with private businesses, disrupting the free market and even endangering troops, according to a new report.  The Business Coalition for Fair Competition, which represents a broad base of trade associations, released an analysis on Friday morning documenting 10 times public sector entities have hindered the free market by injecting government-backed entities into competition.  The U.S. Postal Service, for example, is looking to enter the grocery delivery business after losing market share to Fed Ex and UPS.  The guarantees of government support mean that it can charge inordinately lower prices, unfairly competing with private sector services, such as Pea Pod, according to the BCFC.

Why American Sniper Is One of the Greatest War Movies Ever.  It is a timeless American war movie that explores the necessity of having men who are — and bear the burden of being — really really good at killing bad guys.  In fact, this is easily one of the ten best American war movies of all time.

Pro-War on Terror Films Crush Anti-War on Terror Films at Box Office.  Anti-American films are costly box office bombs at a rate of nothing less than 100%.  On the flip-side, pro-American films make money.  Many are outright blockblusters [sic].  Moreover, almost every the anti-American film produced over the last decade has also been an artistic failure, while many pro-American films have garnered positive reviews.  Let me boil this down for the leftwing-impaired:  Lies make for lousy art and can't be sold to the public.  And here's another lie Hollywood was spreading a few years back — the lie that in an international film market, Americanism doesn't sell.

American Sniper Has Created a Cultural Moment: Here's Why.  At 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night [1/17/2015], a packed theater in Franklin, Tenn., was completely quiet.  As the credits rolled, some folks were filing out, but many more were standing, still looking at the screen, honoring the man whose life they'd just seen portrayed on the silver screen.  Before the movie, I'd never seen the parking lot so crowded.

Scott Walker, the un-academic?  In 1990, Scott Walker left Marquette University before graduation.  He is reportedly hoping to complete his degree now, but if he doesn't, he could become the first president since Harry S Truman to enter the White House without a college degree.  Some think his lack of degree could cost him his chances to get there, but we tend to think otherwise.  Considering the current state of most colleges (and of their graduates) this could be a point in his favor.  It might even make his career.

Thank gridlock for economic turnaround.  [I]f activist policies really have as big an impact on our economic fortunes as Washington operatives claim, I only have one question:  What policy did President Obama enact to initiate this astonishing turnaround?  We should definitely replicate it.  Because those who've been paying attention these past few years may have noticed that the predominant agenda of Washington has been to do nothing.  It was only when the tinkering and superfluous stimulus spending wound down that fortunes began to turn around.  So it's perplexing how the same pundits who cautioned us about gridlock's traumatizing effects now ignore its existence.

Time to stand up to a corrupt Congress.  Congress has recently shown that it does not have the ability, or the desire to govern properly and reduce excess spending.  The U.S. debt is steadily climbing due to a lack of congressional and executive self-control.  The burden of this debt will be carried by our children and our grandchildren.  This is a threat to our nation.  How can a country successfully compete with other nations if they cannot financially support themselves?  It is time to stand up to the corruption of Washington, letting the Legislative and Executive branches know that "We the People" are fed up with their egregious spending.

Hate Speech Leads to Hate Crimes.  Literally thousands of inciters have propagated a dishonest storyline of widespread police violence against blacks.  And what we've seen in recent months is only the current instance in a long history of incitement against the West.  A view of the West as enemy is cultivated in universities across the country as the cutting edge of moral thinking, with full rein given to a very un-academic manner of speech, replete with the colorful language of vilification.  From these heights, the same attitudes inevitably seep into other venues, including textbooks for much younger students.  The bulk of journalists and teachers do not believe in the full range of anti-Western ideology, but they accept it as an orienting guide.

Meet Bill Nye, The Anti-Science Guy.  I've never been a fan of Bill Nye "the Science Guy." Partly it's because I'm from a different generation.  I grew up with Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan as my introduction to science, and Nye always struck me as a cheap substitute.  I find something condescending in his hyperkinetic manner, as if science couldn't actually be interesting and exciting in its own right, as if it could only be interesting if the guy trying to explain it to us is bouncing off the walls.  It all seems like Science for People with Attention Deficit Disorder.

The Editor says...
Almost all of the Saturday morning "E/I" television shows for pre-teens appear to be tailored for kids with ADHD.  It makes one wonder whether the frenetic TV shows are the response to ADD or its cause.

Should You Believe What They Tell You or What You See?  I'm sure my blood pressure would be lower and my mood better if I just accepted everything I was told by my wise, sagacious, Ivy League educated, obscenely wealthy rulers as the unequivocal truth.  Why should I doubt these noble, well intentioned, champions of the common folk?  They've never misled us before.  They would never attempt to use two highly publicized deaths as a lever to keep black people and white people fighting each other and not realizing all races are now living in a militarized police surveillance state supported by the one Party.  They would never use their complete control over the financial, political, judicial, and media organisms to convince the masses that voting for one of their hand selected red or blue options will ever actually change anything.  They would never engineer the overthrow of a democratically elected government, cover up the shooting down of an airliner, and attempt to blame their crimes on the leader of a nuclear power in their efforts to retain a teetering global empire.  They would never overthrow or wage economic warfare on countries that don't toe the line regarding the continued dominance of the petrodollar in global commerce.

CIA interrogation report: Democrats want to punish America, blame Bush.  In its ideological zeal to punish America, the outgoing Democratically-controlled Senate, plans to make public a report that, according to Fox News will examine "the alleged use of torture by the CIA."  Although the 6,000 page full report will remain classified, the 500 page summary is expected to be released to the public in coming days.  According to press reports from those who are familiar with the study, it is expected to portray the American intelligence community in the worst possible light.

I keep finding a new reason to love Ted Cruz every day.  In an era of Oligarchs and partisan mush, Cruz is a beacon of hope.  The Framers would be proud.  We need a Constitutional conservative with some testicular fortitude in the White House in 2016.  I see only three viable contenders at the moment:  Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or Scott Walker.

A Government of Wolves.  [Scroll down]  It really doesn't matter what you call them — the 1%, the elite, the controllers, the masterminds, the shadow government, the police state, the surveillance state, the military industrial complex — so long as you understand that while they are dealing the cards, the deck will always be stacked in their favor.  Incredibly, no matter how many times we see this played out, Americans continue to naively buy into the idea that it's our politics that divide us as a nation.  As if there were really a difference between the Democrats and Republicans.  As if the policies of George W. Bush were any different from those of Barack Obama.  As if we weren't a nation of sheep being fattened for the kill by a ravenous government of wolves.

Congress [should] not invite Obama to give his next State of the Union.  Remember what Barack Obama said in his State of the Union message earlier this year?  Of course you don't.  No one does.  State of the Union reports may be required by the Constitution:  The president "shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union."  But that doesn't mean they have to be good, useful, relevant or can't degenerate into pathetic political polemics as Obama has transformed them in recent years.  The Great Uniter even turned one into a direct attack on Supreme Court justices sitting just feet in front of him.  The words "Obama" and "class" both have five letters.  But that's as close as they get.

Is It Time for an Anti-Federalist Party?  No wise and serious American, whatever his notional ideology, trusts the federal government. [...] It is the nationalization of standards that often creates the problem.  Anti-Federalism is the tonic.  The message of Anti-Federalism to voters in states with differing cultural values is simple:  do you want the voters of your state to decide policy, or do you want federal politicians making those decisions?  Politicians represent states, and which politicians can face voters and say that politicians from other states are better judges than they are for what is good for their state?  Anti-Federalism also taps into the simmering anger voters feel toward both political parties at the national level.

Britain's energy policy is a national disgrace, but Germany's is even worse.  In a shocking assessment, National Grid last week said that Britain's cushion of spare generating capacity had sunk to just 4pc, down from 17pc three years ago and its lowest level in five years.  And that's despite a series of emergency measures, including incentives to business to use less power, to deal with the looming blackout problem.

The Rule of Memo.  Turn now to the President's "executive action" on immigration.  What did he do?  According to a wide variety of media sources, the President issued an executive order. [...] Wow. Some executive order.  Except there isn't one.  Check the White House web site under the section "Presidential Actions."  The most recent executive order is one from October 17, on consumer financial transactions.  What the President signed on Friday, November 21 were two memoranda, setting up a task force and directing government officials to recommend improvements in the immigration system. [...] An executive order has the force of law.  The Office of the Federal Register assigns it a number and publishes it.  There is a permanent record; a place to go to find it.  None of this applies to the memo.

Thank a White Male.  Biting the hand that feeds is a core principle of Leftists.  For 150 years, they've sought to concentrate power in their own hands by exploiting the resentment of ignorant people against a system that has finally enabled mankind to spring the Malthusian trap.  Multiculturalism, with its simple-minded relativism, has broadened the scope of the party line.  Not only shadowy "capitalists" are vilified, but whites and males.  Ignorant people can now think well of themselves by opposing "racism" and "the patriarchy" — and by voting for an unqualified and deceptive poseur because, though a male, he is not white.  The first step parents can take to help spare America from being "fundamentally transformed" is to insist that history be properly taught.  This means, among other things, recognizing the accomplishments of a few men who've found cures for or relieved the symptoms of diseases that have killed and tortured humans for millennia.

More reason to love Mike Rowe.  Mike Rowe is a hero of mine, a tireless advocate of practical skills and knowledge who urges Americans to acquire a trade, rather than mindlessly go to college and acquire debt and a possibly useless degree.  The host of former cable TV hit Dirty Jobs and current CNN hit Somebody's Got to Do It, Rowe celebrates those who work hard and perfect their art at manual trades.

10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer.  It isn't just our economy that is crumbling.  Something is happening to America that no amount of money will be able to fix.  Everywhere around us we can see evidence of the social decay that is systematically eating away at the foundations of our society.  It can be found on the streets of our inner cities, in dark basements in extremely rural communities, in the most prestigious boardrooms on Wall Street, and definitely in the halls of power in Washington.  Bringing in an entirely different crop of politicians or printing gigantic mountains of money is not going to solve this problem, because it exists in the hearts of millions of ordinary men and women.  The truth is that we really need to take a good, long look at ourselves in the mirror, because we need to take a 180 degree turn as a nation.

Should Republicans Embrace The Obama Non-Enforcement Doctrine?  [Scroll down]  The Environmental Protection Agency, as now operated, probably does more harm than good.  A Republican president could suspend enforcement of all federal environmental laws, thereby putting the EPA out of business, and remit all environmental regulation to the states and to private actions sounding in nuisance and trespass.  This would result in a major improvement in the nation's environmental policies.  Or, if he preferred, the president could single out for non-enforcement some, but not all, environmental laws.

Cheating Aids the Ratchet.  Since the indignities of the Great Depression swept Franklin Roosevelt and his crack team of social engineers into the highest offices in the land, the Left's primary political strategy has been to pass as big an expansion of government as is feasible in their brief moments of ascendancy and then to dare the dissidents to take its fruits away when, eventually, they get back into power.

Don't Let Lame Ducks Spend Your Money.  On November 4, voters fired the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, replacing it with a GOP majority that campaigned against Obamacare and big spending.  But the Democrats who lost are still running the show.  These lame ducks lack the moral authority to govern.  They shouldn't be allowed to do any more than the bare minimum to keep government operating until January, when the new Congress meets.  Allowing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to ram through an omnibus spending bill for the coming year, or make other key decisions, would be like letting your ex-spouse keep using your checkbook.  One of the first acts of the next Congress should be to outlaw lame duck sessions.

Welcome to EbolaCare — but the Website is Down.  A well known phenomenon in the animal kingdom is that when taking over a new pride, a lion will sometimes kill all the cubs.  We don't know exactly what kind of feeling drives him in this bloody act, but there's obviously a lack of attachment.  Suffice it to say the problem can be summed up thus:  it's not his family.  America's pride is falling.  And few things illustrate this better than the open-borders mentality that has allowed foreigners to bring diseases — most notably Ebola but also EV-D68 and others — into our country.

Lankford: Gruber's Comments Show 'Arrogance of Centralized Government'.  Sen.-elect James Lankford (R-Okla.) told "Fox News Sunday" that Obamacare architect and MIT professor Jonathan Gruber's comments reflect an "arrogance of centralized government."  "I think Gruber's comments show what is consistent in Washington, it's this arrogance of centralized government.  This administration really believes they're smarter than everyone else and they need to just create the policy and impose the policy, and states exist only to be able to carry out their wishes from the central government.  And I think that's exactly backwards," he said.

Muslim Brotherhood Overruns National Cathedral In DC.  100 years ago today, the last Caliph, or emperor of Islam, declared the last Jihad against the infidel — and today is the first time ever that the National Cathedral in the nation's capital will host Muslim prayers.  Most American's will have no idea that, as part of World War I, the then-Caliph of the Ottoman empire declared a Holy War against infidels, as was his right within sharia law and Islamic theology. [...] That statement by the last sitting head of what was the theocratic empire of Islam was the catalyst which led to religiously-fueled genocide against Christian Armenians and Assyrians.

Rev. Franklin Graham: Muslim Prayer Service at National Cathedral 'Sad to See'.  Reverend Franklin Graham, son of world renowned evangelist Billy Graham, said the Muslim prayer service on Friday at the Washington National Cathedral, an Episcopal church established under a charter granted by Congress more than 100 years ago, is "sad to see" because the church should only open its door for worship of "the One True God of the Bible."

The Editor says...
A church should open its doors to every drunk and prostitute and Muslim in town, but not to take over positions of leadership, even for a day.

Three reasons why the Rick Perry indictment must be dismissed.  A lot of us among the uneducated hoi polloi found the original indictment of Rick Perry over the use of his veto powers to be silly and unlikely to do well in the courts.  But at least in my case, I couldn't quantify exactly why.  It didn't sound right, but I'm not a lawyer and the courts often get up to all manner of monkey business which makes no sense to me.  But this week, constitutional scholar Eugene Volokh has done the hard work for the rest of us and identified three entirely separate reasons why this indictment isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Bipartisan group of lawyers call for dismissal of Rick Perry's felony charges.  In the amicus brief filed at a court in Austin, the lawyers argue that two-felony count indictment against the Republican governor is constitutionally flawed.  "Reasonable people can disagree on the political tactics employed by both Governor Perry and his opponents.  But to turn political disagreement into criminal prosecution is disturbing," the brief said.

6 bills the GOP should pass.  The problem for Republicans is that because they do not have a veto-proof majority, they can pass bills but can't get them past President Obama.  It doesn't mean that they're doomed to futility.  They can pass three kinds of bills:  those Obama will want to sign; those he won't want to sign but will have to; and those he'll veto, but where a veto is unpopular.

Abandoned by party, is Mary Landrieu dead woman walking? Or is GOP overconfident?  [Scroll down]  Now, as Landrieu heads to a Dec. 6 runoff with Republican challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy, Democrats have already lost control of the Senate — a reality that won't be affected by the outcome of the runoff.  So while Landrieu still has a chance to win, one thing is absolutely certain:  She will not chair the Senate Energy Committee.  The entire rationale for her campaign collapsed on primary day.

Give Back the Senate.  The Seventeenth Amendment made the Senate utterly redundant.  Now it's kind of a retirement home for lifers; the House of Lords with six year terms that get further and further away from the people that elected them and who sit in a sort of royal court being serenaded by special interest groups in DC steakhouses.  The Senate was designed to protect the power of the states because the more power the states have, the less power the Federal government has — and vice versa.

Did Voters Really Choose Compromise And Conciliation?  [Scroll down]  Yet, though this was a referendum on Obama and his policies, and though both were repudiated, some pundits are claiming that America voted for an "end to gridlock" and a new era of compromise and conciliation.  How so?  If the American people were truly saying that, why did they vote to turn the Senate over to Mitch McConnell?  Why did they vote to send more Republicans to strengthen the hand of John Boehner and those in the House who had "shut down" the government?  Did America vote for the GOP to go back to Washington and work with Obama?  Or did America reward the GOP for promising to return and continue to oppose Obama's policies?  Is the answer not obvious?

The Republican Wave Debunked Four Myths About The Obama Era.  [#1] Sorry, Voters Don't Hate 'Obstructionism.'  If we're to believe the media-authored account of the last six years, the GOP has made rigid obstructionism of Barack Obama's policies its sole agenda item. [...] Where exactly have Republicans suffered?  After endless analysis of the Kentucky Senate race, Mitch McConnell, the architect of obstructionist strategy in the Senate, won re-election easily.  The reality is that Republicans have been generously rewarded from their tenacity in stopping post-Obamacare progressive policy.

Yes, Ted Cruz Can Be Born in Canada and Still Become President of the U.S..  Since our last article we published garnered such a big response, I thought I'd put forth another article on Ted Cruz that also looks at his eligibility.  Now before anyone gets the idea that we are endorsing Senator Cruz in a bid for the nomination for Republican Candidate for President of the United States, we here at CH2.0 will entertain any well written, thoroughly researched articles that purport his ineligibility.

The shiny object election.  The short-attention span generation has birthed the shiny-object election.  The theme of the 2014 midterms — to whatever extent one is discernable — has been an explosion of one crisis after another, each of which demands an enormous amount of media attention before fading for the next one.  From the Secret Service to ISIS, Ebola to immigration, mistreated veterans to Ferguson and race relations, candidates and the president have been forced to react to the controversy du jour.

When facing threats, we are unfortunately on our own.  The multiplying missteps by the Obama administration with regard to the Ebola "crisis" exposes a deep, dark secret our federal government keeps from you.  That secret is this:  Should the worst happen, you and your family are basically on your own.  As our government and its power to intrude into our lives and hamper our personal liberty escalates unchecked, its ability to protect us in a crisis is equally diminished by the growing weight of the bloated, entrenched and self-serving bureaucracy.

The Devil's Christianity.  It might be prudent to confess, before getting too far along with this essay, that I have nothing against Pope Francis except his politics.  It isn't that he's rude or selfish or uninspiring; anyone with half a brain knows that Pope Francis is one of the kindest and most exciting public figures we've had in a while.  I simply have a problem with him saying horrible things, like that he knows many good Communists.

Throwing the Intelligence Community under the Bus.  Earlier this month, President Obama asked the American people to use the midterm election as a referendum on his policies.  His comment:  "I am not on the ballot this fall... But make no mistake:  these policies are on the ballot."  He is completely correct, and looking at his failed policies toward combating terrorism, people should vote to send a message of opposition to the president.  Throughout his administration President Obama and the Democrats have made wrong decisions and have constantly thrown the intelligence community under the bus, while deceiving Americans.

Did you miss 'Indigenous People's Day'?  The man who made perhaps the most consequential voyage of discovery in human history is being buried in a wave of guilt about exploiting his find.  Christopher Columbus is one of the most unlovely characters in our history books.  But whatever his faults — and they were legion — he should be honored for opening an entire continent to settlement and resource exploitation.

You Can't Stop Genocide Without Killing Civilians.  By the time World War II was over entire cities had been devastated and hundreds of thousands of civilians had been killed by the Allies in one of the last wars whose virtue we were all able to agree on.  The civilians were not limited to enemy German and Japanese civilians, but included French civilians in occupied territory, Jewish prisoners and numerous others who were caught in the war zone.  To the professional pacifist these numbers appear to disprove the morality of war, any war, but they were the blood price that had to be paid to stop two war machines once they had been allowed to seize the strategic high ground.  There was no other way to stop the genocide that Germany and Japan had been inflicting on Europe and Asia except through a way of war that would kill countless civilians.

If Your Pastor Has A $60k A Year Clothing Allowance, You Probably Should Leave That Church.  As a 51-year-old I've had it with the Christian Glitterati obsessed with "success" using ministry as a means to get rich, wear Rolexes and play like they're Ryan Seacrest.  Our world is going to hell and the last thing we need is a preening pastor with a histrionic personality disorder.

On Nov. 4, Joe Biden Could Become the Most Powerful Man in the World.  Vice President Joe Biden is a complete idiot.  That truth, reinforced by a string of recent foreign policy gaffes, is supported by evidence too great to summarize in one article.  Suffice it to say that Uncle Joe's incompetence is stipulated by all political parties.  He apparently believes he still has a shot to be President.  There is no chance of that — but on Nov. 4, Biden could suddenly become the most powerful man in the U.S., and therefore the world.

The real scandal is a President who is so complacent about protecting Americans.  There is a theory in politics that once a leader has fired 50 or more people from his or her administration, he or she is finished. [...] Obama went a lot further than firing 50 people.  He managed to single-handedly alienate 200,000 employees in the American intelligence agencies by going on 60 Minutes and ruthlessly chucking them all under a bus over the rise of terror group ISIS.

No firing squad for these deserters, just EBT cards.  They used to deport illegal aliens. They used to shoot deserters.  But that was then and this is now.  So the three Afghan Army deserters who fled Camp Edwards and, after a short sojourn at a local strip club, took off for Canada, are now begging for political "asylum."  And we all know what political asylum means — instant welfare, forever.  Instead of going in front of a firing squad, or at least being sent back to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, the deserters are likely to score EBT cards, MassHealth, WIC vouchers, Section 8 housing, free translators — the full Tsarnaev, in other words.

The Only Way Out: An Article V Convention of the States.  Former Comptroller General of the United States, David M. Walker, has been sounding the clarion call of economic disaster for the nation if spending is not reined in, and politicians refuse to deal with fiscal realities of unabated spending. He describes America as a "sinking ship" in a sea of our own debt. [...] Something must be done before the dollar and our entire economic system collapses entirely due to our calamitous accumulation of debt.  And the solution could be nestled in Article V of the Constitution.

The Obama Family Is Not From Chicago.  A few days ago Omar Gonzalez vaulted over the White House fence and made it all the way into the front door of the residence. [...] But the front door of the White House was unlocked.  The only possible conclusion is that the Obama family is not from Chicago.

Rand Paul vs. The Cowards.  If arming Syrian rebels is such a great idea, why was everyone in D.C. so terrified of a standalone vote on the issue?  Before Senators voted 78-22 to pass a continuing resolution that would fund government through Dec. 11 and avoid a government shutdown, Rand Paul asked that question — and some other uncomfortable ones — on the floor.  Call him is an isolationist if you like, but it'd be nice to hear some coherent answers.

The time may be right to salvage states rights.  States enraged by an Obamacare provision denying them subsidies unless they created insurance exchanges shouldn't have been surprised.  Congress routinely uses the power of the purse to twist states' arms until they submit.  It's worked for decades.  When states wanted federal highway funds in the 1970s, they first had to lower their speed limits to 55 mph.  A decade later, states were prodded into raising the drinking age to 21.  In the 2000s, federal education grants were made contingent on states adopting standards included in such programs as No Child Left Behind and Common Core.  Now, however, states increasingly are complaining and pushing back or ignoring federal laws and mandates they say are out of touch, excessively burdensome, or unconstitutional.

Ex-CIA director predicts US to have 5,000 ground troops in Iraq by December.  Former CIA Director Michael Hayden told Fox News Sunday [9/14/2014] that up to 5,000 American troops will be in Iraq by the end of the year.  He's basing that estimate on the number of support troops it will take to carry out the air campaign against ISIS.

Rick Perry could get rick-rolled again.  Hey, did you hear about the Republican governor running for president in 2016 who just hired two of the GOP consultants conservatives loathe the most? [...] One of the most respected thinkers in the conservative movement is Morton Blackwell at the Leadership Institute.  One of his tried-and-truisms is "personnel is policy."  If Mr. Blackwell is right, then what Mr. Perry has done here is very wrong.

Ron Paul: US Involvement in Iraq Made Things Worse.  The United States made things worse in the Middle East when it decided to go to war with the Iraq in 2003, especially in light of the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), says former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.  "I've taken my cues from our early presidents and our constitution," Paul told J.D. Hayworth on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV Friday [8/29/2014].  "They preached the gospel of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, not to get involved in international consequences and that's all we've been doing," he explained.

Texas Democrats Are Pretty Happy About Depriving Gov. Perry of Some of His Firearm Rights.  Democrats even in Texas hate guns, and they really really hate Rick Perry, so the malicious indictment of him is a win-win.  Anyone under felony indictment is deprived of certain gun rights, and that now includes the governor of Texas. [...] Don't think they would be any less happy about depriving you of yours, if you happen to disagree with them.  The Democrats would indict every single Republican in the entire state if they thought they could get away with it.

What Cops Really Do.  [L]et us suppose that you, the reader, are an average white cop in, say, Washington, DC.  Let us further agree that you are not swatted-out, do not have ninja fantasies.  You are not evil and do not want to hurt anyone.  Evil cops exist, but you are not one of them.  You are just a real cop in the real city — not the city as imagined by the humid orchids who write editorials at the New York Times.  How will the world seem to you, a new cop just out of the Academy?

Valerie Jarrett: President Obama 'Doing His Job' Handling Ferguson Unrest.  President Obama is doing his job, according to White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is now defending his handling of the Ferguson shooting and the civil unrest that has followed.  "He's doing his job and there's no magic wand," she said.  "And there are no words that he can speak, alone, that will stop the violence."

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