Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.
Trinity United Church of Christ
and Black Liberation Theology

Barack Obama belongs to a church that is (or was until recently) headed by what appears to be an angry and bitter old man who harbors extremely radical views about America and about race relations in general.  The church could accurately be described as a black separatist organization.  It engages in exactly the sort of racial segregation that the "civil rights movement" has opposed for decades.  Until very recently, Senator Obama was proud to be associated with this church — but then some of Reverend Wright's sermons began to be widely publicized, and suddenly Senator Obama is trying to distance himself from his pastor of 20 years.  It isn't working.

Please note that Barack Obama's web site says that he "is a committed Christian."  Yet, as far as I can determine, the Trinity United Church of Christ is the only church Mr. Obama has ever attended on a regular basis.

One of the main reasons Obama can't make a clean break from Jeremiah Wright is that Wright seems to be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and doesn't want to give it up.  He won't keep quiet and let Obama win, because Obama's success dilutes Wright's message (to the "Black Church") that the blacks will always be victims of someone else's bigotry.

Why is there a "Black Church" — separate, different and incompatible with mainstream churches — in the first place?  Why is there a "black value system" — separate and apart from the value system in use by everybody else?

Note:  Evidently there was an actual conspiracy to keep Jeremiah Wright out of the headlines during the 2008 presidential campaign.

How We Got to 'Death to America' in Dearborn.  "G*d [...] America!" was the first and only serious crisis of Barack Obama's ascension to the Democrats' presidential nomination in 2008.  [No it wasn't; see note below.]  Obama's longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, said those words repeatedly in an infamous videotaped sermon.  In an earlier age, a presidential contender sitting still and keeping his mouth shut during years of sermons like Wright's would have torpedoed Obama's presidential ambitions.

The Editor says...
Jeremiah Wright was one problem, but there was also legitimate concern about Obama's college transcripts, his questionable citizenship status, his forged birth certificate, his phony Social Security number, and other matters that the news media refused to discuss.

Hamas and More: The Obama Files.  This was originally published more than 15 years ago — in March 2008 — after researching then-candidate Obama.  Raised in a broken home, his stepfather was a Muslim.  As Barack grew up, he increasingly consorted with supporters of Islamic terrorism.  Exhibit A:  his decades-long relationship with a Hamas-supporting pastor named Jeremiah Wright.  Wright amplified the mission of Hamas: to eradicate the Jews.  He gave a prominent Hamas figure publicity in his popular church newsletter.  Wright also befriended the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Muammar Gaddafi.  As one pundit summarized it, "Obama marinated in two decades of Jew hatred" at Wright's church.

When are enough Americans going to realize our government is a criminal enterprise?  While the mainstream media refuses to report actual facts, our blessed plethora of alternative media are on the job.  They are doing their level best to report the truth of the deep corruption of the deep state, exacerbated by the preternatural criminality of Joe Biden, his family and all those in service of the Obama agenda; the anti-constitutional, racially divisive transformation of America.  No one can deny that the hatred of whites has exploded, having been taught to young people as a moral imperative for many years now.  The myth of a white supremacy came to new heights under Obama, the man who revered Jeremiah Wright, a man filled with rage and hatred of America as founded and of, of course, white people.  Wright was Obama's mentor.  It was Obama who set us on the course for where we are today.

Lying About Obama.  [Scroll down]  Granted, Obama's two-decades-long relationship with his anti-Semitic, America-hating Chicago minister, Jeremiah Wright, did make MSM headlines.  The story was simply too big to bury.  Still, the MSM was quick to help Obama out.  First, it put a positive spin on the 2008 Philadelphia speech in which he stated that, despite Wright's imperfections, he could "no more disown him than I can disown my white grandmother." Briefly put, Obama, by way of exonerating Wright, threw grandma under the bus, saying that she'd "once confessed her fear of black men who passed her by on the street."  This was a lie.  In fact, Madelyn Dunham, who was seriously ailing at the time of the speech, had never "confessed" any such thing; Obama had invented the story, smearing the woman who'd raised him for years while his mother was off in Indonesia.  The Philadelphia speech was hailed by the MSM as a heartfelt statement on race relations.  A few weeks later, Obama kicked Wright to the curb.  Then, two days before her grandson was elected president, Dunham died, having refused, after the Philadelphia speech, to say how she felt about him.  The MSM spun (or deep-sixed) every bit of this disgusting episode to Obama's benefit.

Facebook Censors Ad Highlighting Raphael Warnock's Praise of Jeremiah Wright.  Facebook has censored an ad drawing attention to Democrat senate candidate Raphael Warnock's praise for far-left hate-preacher Jeremiah Wright, [...] The ad was bought by American Crossroads, a nonprofit linked to Karl Rove.  It highlights Warnock's praise for Wright, but was taken down by Facebook after it was "fact-checked" by Lead Stories, one of Facebook's approved third-party fact-checkers.  Lead Stories claims the ad "leaves out context," because it implies he was "communicating the same sentiment" as Wright.  But Lead Stories also admits that Warnock referred to Wright as a "preacher and a prophet."

Obama defends Rev. Wright as 'supremely gifted preacher,' hits Loeffler's 'crazy' attacks on Warnock.  Former President Barack Obama in an appearance on "The Breakfast Club" radio show on Wednesday said that attacks by Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler against her runoff opponent Raphael Warnock over his connection with Rev. Jeremiah Wright are "crazy stuff" as he defended Wright as a "supremely gifted preacher."  Obama appeared on the popular radio show and podcast to promote his book "A Promised Land," which details much of his presidency, including his 2008 presidential campaign during which his connection to Wright became an issue.  Wright has a history of controversial comments, including a sermon in which he said "[...]" when referencing racial injustice.  Further, after 9/11 he said that "America's chickens are coming home to roost" and after Obama's inauguration blamed "them Jews" for his inability to talk to the president, according to NBC, before adding, "[h]e's a politician; I'm a pastor.  He's got to do what politicians do."

The Editor says...
While he lived in the White House, Mr. Obama had nothing to say about Jeremiah Wright.  Nor did the press ever bring up the subject.

Warnock's Wright Stuff.  The Reverend Raphael Warnock is working [...] to revive memories of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Wright is a toxic figure who served as an omen of the future of the Democratic Party.  Back in 2008, Wright proved so toxic that Obama implausibly sought to distance himself from Wright with Obama's ridiculous speech on race, another sign of things to come.  As a Senate candidate, Warnock needs to distance himself from himself.  That should be a task with a higher degree of difficulty than the one Obama pulled off in 2008.  The Washington Free Beacon's Alana Goodman is on the Warnock beat.

Is Jeremiah Wright an Anti-Semite?  Raphael Warnock Can't Say.  Georgia's Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock evaded a question about whether the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom he has defended numerous times over the years, is an anti-Semite.  Pressed on his support for Wright, Warnock told MSNBC's Morning Joe:  "I'm not an anti-Semite."  Wright, who found a national spotlight during President Barack Obama's 2008 presidential bid, has blamed "them Jews" for driving a wedge between himself and Obama, his onetime congregant.  "Them Jews ain't going to let him talk to me.  I told my baby daughter that he'll talk to me in five years when he's a lame duck, or in eight years when he's out of office," Wright said in 2009.

Democrat Raphael Warnock Repeatedly Praised Jeremiah Wright, Marxism.  Georgia Senate Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock has praised the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright on many occasions and praised Marxism as a way to "teach the black church."  During the 2008 presidential election, Warnock appeared on Fox News to defend Wright after it was discovered that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama had close ties to the reverend.  Warnock hopes to unseat Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) during the January Senate runoff election.  During his March 2008 appearance on Fox News, he told host Greta Van Susteren that Wright's legacy as a pastor was "social transformation that's been the hallmark of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's ministry."

Philadelphia: The Perfect Spot for Obama to Resurface.  It makes altogether perfect sense for Barack Obama to make his first in-person campaign stop for Joe Biden in Philadelphia, PA.  On at least three occasions, Philadelphia helped save Obama's own political bacon.  The first time came in March 2008 after the racist, anti-American speeches of Obama's wild-eyed pastor, Jeremiah Wright, first surfaced.  To neutralize the fallout Obama chose Philadelphia as the site for a speech, immodestly titled "A More Perfect Union." [...] The bottom line, said Obama:  "I can no more disown Wright than I can disown the black community."  The speech wowed Obama's white liberal supporters and silenced his critics. [...] Obama's promise to not disown his pastor lasted just forty days and forty nights.  Unfortunately for Obama, Wright kept saying what he always had been saying. [...] Obama had been attending Wright's church with some regularity for twenty years.  Wright officiated at Obama's marriage to Michelle.  He baptized Obama's children.  Yet when faced with the fallout of the HIV quote, Obama claimed that he had never seen this side of Wright before.

Obama's Anti-Semitic Ex-Preacher [is] Back in the News.  Jeremiah Wright led a well-known Chicago church that once counted among its members former President Barack Obama, who left the congregation during his 2008 presidential run when a number of Wright's troubling comments were exposed. [...] After Obama rejected Wright's comments and won the 2008 election, Wright groused to the press that he had not spoken to his former congregant since he became president. [...] Wright also accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in Gaza.  "Ethnic cleansing of the Zionist is a sin and a crime against humanity, and they don't want Barack talking like that because that's anti-Israel," Wright said.  Wright defended notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan during comments broadcast on a C-SPAN taped event in 2012.

Barack Obama:  A Traitor for the Ages.  When Obama moved to Chicago two years after graduating from Harvard, he developed a close, 20-year association with Rev. Jeremiah [...] Wright.  As pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church, Wright taught black liberation theology, a religious doctrine predicated on the perceived perpetual existence of an oppressor class (a predominately white society) vs. a victim class (people of color).  Victim vs. oppressor ideology is classic Marxism.  Obama had another important mentor from Chicago, Saul Alinsky.  In his revolutionary book Rules for Radicals, the Marxist community organizer wrote, "The despair is there; it's now up to us to rub raw the wounds of discontent and galvanize them for radical social change."  The radical change to which he referred is the transformation of America into a single-party socialist nation.

Bernie Sanders's Rise is Like Death Knocking on America's Door.  [Scroll down]  Jeremiah Wright:  When Obama arrived in Chicago, he sought to gain street creds for his political ambitions by joining Trinity United Church of Christ, a predominately African-American congregation led by its firebrand pastor, Jeremiah Wright.  Rev. Wright taught Black Liberation Theology, a religious teaching based on victim vs. oppressor ideology, the essence of Marxism.  By their own admission, Barack and Michelle Obama regularly attended Trinity United for 20 years.  During that time, they listened to hundreds of Wright's "God d**n America" sermons in which he angrily blamed his country for problems in America and the rest of the world.  A passage from the audio version of Dreams From My Father reveals sympathy Obama had with the anti-white views of Wright, whom Obama quotes in Dreams as saying, "White folks' greed runs a world in need."  Obama and Wright are known to have associated with Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic, anti-white and American-hating minister of the Nation of Islam.

The Crisis Obama Let Go to Waste.  When Obama found religion (or feigned the motions of doing so for future electability), he chose out of the near 1,000 available options to him in Chicago a church whose pastor was an outspoken anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.  For the next 20 years, Obama and Michelle chose to sit in the pews of that swine and devour the filth he shoveled out from the trough at his altar.  When asked to justify his close association with this shameless bigot, Obama shrugged off such concerns, comparing Wright to "an old uncle who sometimes will say things that I don't agree with."  Obama distanced himself from Wright only when it started affecting his poll numbers.

An Obama Scandals List 1-100.  [Scroll down to scandal #56] Wright followed his appearance on Bill Moyers with an April 28, 2008 speech at the National Press Club.  It was an ambush.  Wright gave another talk on the history and role of the black church, but virtually every question he was asked dealt with some sensationalist remark that had come out of the recent campaign brouhaha:  Louis Farrakhan, HIV as government conspiracy, Israel, damning America, Marines as Roman soldiers.  And it was these that became the story.  Wright was portrayed as a publicity seeking whacko, a loose cannon in the well ordered Obama campaign.  Obama decided to end it.  Wright was a political liability, an embarrassment.  The next day, on April 29, 2008, Obama broke with Wright. [...] There was nothing particularly courageous in what Obama did.  He had a political problem and he dealt with it, in a fairly ruthless and effective fashion.  In that, despite what Obama had said, Wright knew Obama the politician better than Obama knew Wright the pastor.

Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr..  The writings, public statements, and sermons of Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright reflect his conviction that America is a nation infested with racism, prejudice, and injustices that make life extremely difficult for black people.  As he declared in one of his sermons:  "Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run! ... We [Americans] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God."  Lamenting "the social order under which we [blacks] live, under which we suffer, under which we are killed," Wright depicts African Americans as a politically powerless demographic whose constituents "don't run anything in the Capital except elevators."

Obama Appointees in the Communist Orbit.  Obama's pastor and personal hero and mentor, was an avowed Marxist.  His church congregants had to sign a pledge to support redistribution of wealth and reject 'middleclassness.'

The Democratic Party's Anti-Semitism Problem Is Obama's Legacy.  Prior to being elected president of the United States, Obama spent twenty years in the congregation of Jeremiah Wright.  Wright's anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks became a liability for Obama during the 2008 election but didn't matter enough to the people who voted for him.  Obama may have been forced to quit his church and distance himself from Wright, but that didn't change who Obama was at heart — and it presented itself once he showed up to the White House.

It's Jeremiah Wright's party now.  Five days after 19 Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon, the political protege of unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, attended his church.  Instead of quoting Jesus and the Bible, the preacher, Jeremiah Wright, quoted a Muslim.  Instead of offering comfort and hope, Wright spiked the ball.  "America's chickens are coming home," he shouted with joy.  The crowd cheered. [...] Post-Obama, Jeremiah Wright's chickens are coming home to roost on the Democrat Party that he served.  The biogotry and hate he preached is now his party's theme.  It was not Wright alone.  Thousands of university professors have preached the same thing.

When Does Trump Say, 'Enough Is Enough!'?  So what if Trump personally paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet?  Obama's campaign, not him personally, paid Reverend Wright hush money during the 2008 campaign and I don't recall any special counsel investigations or Congressional hearings into campaign finance violations.

Flashback: Obama Offered $150,000 Bribe to Silence Crackpot Hate Preacher Jeremiah Wright.  The Mueller Special Counsel and New York District Attorney's Office seek to destroy President Trump for paying out $130,000 in hush money to two former paramours.  The New York District Attorney's office has picked up the case because New York state crimes can not be pardoned by a president.  Most experts believe paying hush money is not a crime.  The media believes the alleged bribe ranks as one of the worst criminal act in US history.

Flashback: Obama Accused of Offering 'Hush Money' to Jeremiah Wright.  MSM Silent.  If you follow MSNBC and CNN, you would think the Michael Cohen "hush money" story is the crime of the century, with the two cable networks mentioning "impeachment" 222 times in one day.  But back in 2008, then-candidate Barack Hussein Obama was reported to have offered his pastor, Jeremiah 'G.D. America' Wright, $150K to stay out of the limelight until after the election.  And the story was, of course, ignored by most of the MSM.

Disinformation: Russian Espionage, Infiltration, Influence Peddling, and Sabotage.  Do you consider the development of liberation theology, the thinly veiled Marxist socialist pseudo religious activism that started in South American Catholicism and spread to Catholic clergy and an active element of the laity around the world now all the way to the socialist papacy to be a natural thing in an organization that was, a short time ago a bastion of anticommunism a natural development or due to disinformation?  If the left in the United States considers the United States to be the source of evil and oppression and guilty of heinous sins against the human race, would that be a natural development or due to disinformation?

"The incident foreshadowed Obama's issues with Jeremiah Wright's racism and anti-Semitism."
Obama's Girlfriend Broke Up With Him Over Black Anti-Semitism.  Garrow's Rising Star is probably the first mainstream unflattering Obama biography.  That explains the hostility to it.  And as this Politico piece notes, it turns up unflattering truths about Obama.

Jesse Jackson, Wright 'Arranged' Obama Marriage.  [Scroll down]  "It all relates back to Trinity United and to the Jesse Jackson orbit of blacks here in Chicago who gave Obama legitimacy and helped him establish his identity as a black man 'from Chicago,'" Robyn explained.  "Michelle came from a political family; she was intelligent even if she didn't really like to work.  Wright knew Obama was gay, but he needed the cover of a wife if he were to succeed in politics."  A current member of Trinity church who has known the Obamas for 20 years, "Carolyn," confirmed Trinity "helped a lot of blacks get successful and connected."  "That's what Wright did for Obama," she claimed.  "He connected Obama in the community, and he helped Obama hide his homosexuality."  According to Robyn, Jackson explained to Michelle that she would live a life of luxury once Obama was president, and that she never again would have to worry about money.  "Michelle was nasty, and most straight guys would never be able to put up with her moods and temperament," Robyn maintained.  "But Obama really didn't care.  Michelle had the credentials and she looked the part.  Obama wasn't interested in her for sex."

The Exhausted Epithets of the Left.  Barack Obama's signature phrase, "the audacity of hope," came from a black nationalist, Jeremiah Wright. [...] Wright, at the height of his black nationalism, baptized Obama and officiated at his wedding.  Obama sat in his pews as he defamed America.

Tim Kaine's radical roots.  According to the media, Tim Kaine took a life transforming "mission" trip to Latin America in 1980. Conveniently left out of these stories, are the radical reality of the Cold War in Latin America and Tim Kaine's Soviet sympathizing mentors.  In fact, whatever Kaine's intentions, he more likely met Karl Marx than Jesus Christ while there.  Connect the dots with a little history, and an alarming picture emerges of Kaine's adventures with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.  Reports indicate that in Honduras, "Mr. Kaine embraced an interpretation of the gospel, known as liberation theology..."  This wasn't mainstream "Catholic thought" at the time.  It was a radical, Marxist-based ideology at odds with the Church, the pope, and the United States, but supportive of (and supported by) the Soviet Union.

MSNBC 'community kids' host worshipped with Obama.  MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry worshipped with President Obama at the controversial Trinity United Church in Chicago, WND has learned.  Harris-Perry was also an associate of Obama's when both taught at the University of Chicago in the early 2000s, and she eventually became a regular commentator on Obama to the news media.  The MSNBC personality is currently in hot water after the network released a promo video in which she argued Americans must grow beyond the idea that children belong to their parents.  Instead, Harris-Perry contended, kids belong to the community.

Obama's Theological Roots Behind Black Lives Matter.  [Scroll down]  The Nation of Islam and Black Liberation Theology are two doors to the same room.  Black Liberation Theology is a "palatable" form of "Christian" black nationalism.  The fiery anti-American, race-baiting words of Wright, Cone, and others behind the theology of Black Liberation "are from the same philosophical cauldron as the Nation of Islam", concludes White.  From the beliefs that served as Obama's bedrock foundation for his ideology, is it any wonder that today that the radicals behind Black Lives Matter and the Nation of Islam are allowed a free pass to incite as much hatred and retaliation against those they deem are the oppressors? [...] The fact that the president would even entertain the thought of meeting with those like Yates and other "activists" who hold cop killers as icons for their movement further goes to show how Obama's belief in Black Liberation theology, primarily that retaliation and violence should be used to further their cause, has never left him.  Why else would Obama have met with these "activists" unless he was sympathetic to their plight, which given the fact that Obama spent over twenty years of his life listening to Jeremiah Wright's sermons, he very much is.

Obama wants to turn America against Israel.  When questions first arose regarding his controversial relationship with the anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Semitic Jeremiah Wright (whom he called his "moral compass" and "political mentor"), the media were eager to dismiss allegations that he shared — or even heard Wright express — such beliefs.  This was so despite Barack Obama having previously said he attended almost every sermon Wright gave; despite having his daughters baptized by Wright; despite giving the bulk of his charitable donations to Wright's church; despite borrowing one of Wright's favorite phrases, (not "God D--- America" and not any of the many anti-Israel tropes) "Audacity of Hope," for the title of one of his books; and despite approvingly quoting Wright's "white man's greed runs a world in need" in the same book.  (A sampling of Wright's anti-Israel hits be found in Barack Obama and Israel.)  Among a raft of other screeds, Wright complained that America was too close to Israel.

Is Obama Really a Christian?  [Barack H. Obama] sat listening to [Jeremiah] Wright's preaching for years. [...] How could he not have been heavily influenced?  In his public faith, he was.  But not by black-liberation theology.  Instead, he has publicly adopted the beliefs and practices of Wright's denomination, the United Church of Christ (UCC), perhaps the most liberal of the Mainline Protestant American denominations.  In fact, when one considers not just the president's public professions of faith but also his public policies, his relationship with the UCC represents the perfect marriage of church and politician.  Obama's public professions of faith have been in near-perfect harmony with his church's teachings. [...] The UCC's statement of its own beliefs is remarkable for how little traditional, orthodox Christianity it contains.

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful."
Psalm 1:1   

Black against White.  Barack Obama's presidency promised to be an era of racial healing.  Many people voted for the manifestly unqualified senator because they wanted to make a gesture, to give a vote of confidence to the African-American comunity.  Americans on the left and the right patted themselves on the back for electing Obama, for electing someone based on race, not qualifications.  Even those who did not vote for Obama allowed themselves to rejoice about what they perceived to be America's racial maturity.  No one quite understood that ovecoming the sin of racism would not solve the financial crisis.  We now know that the American people miscalculated.  The era of racial healing looks more like an era of racial animosity.  The utterly composed and contained Harvard Law grad began more and more to look like a deer caught in the headlights, in way over his head.  It was not so much that the idol had feet of clay as that his mind had been captured by the black liberation theology of Jeremiah Wright.

Major Christian Church Calls All Whites Racist, 'No Matter What'.  The United Church of Christ (UCC), a major mainline Protestant denomination, published a Facebook post telling all whites that they are racist against non-whites, no matter what they do.  An infographic posted to the church's Facebook page over the weekend gives white people a series of 10 tips on how to cope with their white privilege.  Suggestions include "Listen when people call you on your microaggressions" and "Stop contributing to gentrification."

The Editor says...
The UCC is not a "major mainline Protestant denomination."  Nobody had ever heard of them until Jeremiah Wright surfaced in 2008.  And if the UCC is just a group of political activists promoting special rights and privileges for homosexuals, it isn't a Christian denomination at all.

United Church of Christ:  White People are Racist 'No Matter What'.  United Church of Christ has reminded us the insanity that prevails when social justice becomes the cause célèbre among Christians.

Reality TV: Obama at the Mosque.  [Scroll down]  President Obama has, one expert on Europe and Islam told me, a messianic complex.  As for Jews, Obama called himself an "honorary member of the tribe."  Further, he has said, "I am the closest thing to a Jew" to sit in the Oval Office.  What an insult to those Jews who recognize Obama's hostility toward Israel.  Among Christians, he is somehow one of them.  But recall that his spiritual mentor was America-hating, Jew-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with whom he spent two decades.

Do Emotions Trump Facts?  Those of us who like to believe that human beings are rational can sometimes have a hard time trying to explain what is going on in politics.  It is still a puzzle to me how millions of patriotic Americans could have voted in 2008 for a man who for 20 years — TWENTY YEARS — was a follower of a preacher who poured out his hatred for America in the most gross gutter terms.

Jeremiah Wright Touts BDS Movement, Says 'Jesus Was a Palestinian'.  Reverend Jeremiah Wright touted "Boycott, divestment, and sanction" of Israel while arguing "Jesus was a Palestinian" and "Apartheid is going on in Palestine" at Saturday's [10/10/2015] Justice or Else! Event in Washington, DC.  Wright stated, "please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian, the Palestinian people have had the Europeans come and take their country, ignoring United Nations resolutions, after resolution, after resolution, over 40 resolutions, and illegally occupied territories, as they take the people who's [country] it is, and make it their's because their God told them that they could have somebody else's country."

Jeremiah Wright: 'Jesus Was A Palestinian'.  The fiery Chicago-based pastor who counted President Obama among his flock for two decades embraced a controversial theory that "Jesus was a Palestinian" during a speech Saturday [10/10/2015] at an event hosted by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  "We are grateful to God to be able to be here and to speak a word on behalf of Palestinian justice," Jeremiah Wright began his remarks on the National Mall.  He and numerous other speakers gathered there at an event called "Justice or Else!" to mark the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Jeremiah Wright: Jesus Was a Palestinian!  For years, people have puzzled over Barack Obama's motivation:  is he trying to be a good president and failing, or is he deliberately undermining the United States?  The jury is still out on that one, but there is no doubt where he stands on Israel, our chief Middle Eastern ally.  It's not as though we needed more evidence, but let's listen to Jeremiah Wright, the notorious anti-American and anti-Israel preacher who married Barack and Michelle, and to whose sermons Barack listened — presumably — for something like 20 years.

Jeremiah Wright Is Still Angry at Barack Obama.  Gradually, the story faded away.  But although Wright, who had already announced his retirement, slipped into relative obscurity, he didn't go away.  He's popped up occasionally to reignite a furor.

On Trump, Obama, Rev. Wright, and the Media's Double Standards at Work.  [Scroll down]  But if Barack Obama had twenty years to actually do something about an anti-Semitic pastor — when he could have, to borrow from Trump's famous TV show — looked Jeremiah Wright in the eye and say "You're fired"?  And he did zero about it?  That is one big no big deal. [...] And as a reminder, the Anti-Defamation League took the time to catalogue Wright's anti-Semitism, including his ties to the viciously anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, the latter who famously called Judaism a "gutter religion."

Black Skin Privilege: The Media's Love of Black Racism & Violence.  The media has only been barely interested over the years in President Obama's 20-year membership in white-hating, America-hating, Jew-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church in Chicago that is more or less a Christian version of the Nation of Islam. Wright and his ilk are no big deal the media assure us.  They just speak in a different idiom that the rest of America is too ignorant and stupid to understand.  In other words, white people can never "get" it because they're not black.  Holding black people who do terrible things and hold repugnant views accountable isn't fair, according to the media.

The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party.  Alinksy succeeded in what would be a crowning achievement:  the recruitment of young idealistic radicals — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — who would go on to climb to the top of political power in the Democratic Party.  Hillary wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College in 1969 on Alinsky's methods and remained a friend of Alinsky until his death in 1972.  A decade later, Barack Obama was trained in the methods and Rules for Radicals in the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago.  Camouflage and deception are key to Alinsky-style organizing.  When Barack Obama was organizing black churches in Chicago and was criticized for not attending church himself, he pivoted and became a regular church attendee, ultimately becoming a member at Jeremiah Wright's radical Trinity United Church of Christ.

Obama's Mental Rigidity Is Dangerous.  Obama comes from a power culture in Chicago.  Just listen to Obama's guru, Rev. Jerry Wright.  In Jerry Wright's sermons, no opponent has a respectable opinion.  Dissidents are scapegoated and abused, by words if not deeds.

Iran and the Roots of Obama's Rage.  This also explains why Mr. Obama joined the Rev. Jeremy [sic] Wright's congregation, a congregation that broke its ties with mainstream white Christianity and embarked on a mission of black power and liberation theology.  Wright took a dying congregation and rejuvenated it.  His liberation theology and sense of black pride, along with his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, spoke to thousands of black Chicagoans who felt alienated and marginalized in white society.  The Rev. Wright's rage was Mr. Obama's rage.  The Rev. Wright's theology was Mr. Obama's theology.  When the Rev. Wright upped the ante of outrageous comments and Mr. Obama had to part company with him, it was "them Jews" that the Rev. Wright blamed for Mr. Obama putting daylight between them.

Mentor of Obama's Minister Shrieks "White People Deserve to Die" in Latest Sermon.  Likely only a very few political junkies (i.e., losers) like myself remember the close personal relationship between Barack Obama's longtime minister, Jeremiah Wright, and the virulent racist Louis Farrakhan.  Obama marinated in the hateful, anti-white, anti-semitic rhetoric of Wright for 20 years, which were mere echoes of statements by Nation of Islam chief Farrakhan.  It turns out that Farrakhan has been on one of his verbal jihads of late, this time calling for an ethnic cleansing of white people.

Obama Channels Reverend Wright.  After 11 years of hiding and hinting, the real Barack Obama is back.  The guy who spent twenty years listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright preach the gospel of racial hostility has decided it is just too much trouble to keep his black-on-white resentment all bottled up.  So the president put it on full display last week at the eulogy for the pastor who was a victim in the Charleston mass murder.  And what we saw was quite a bit different than the fresh-faced, new-vision, 'put race behind us' guy who electrified the country with his speech to the Democrat National Convention in 2004.

How Is "Liberation Theology" Still a Thing?  Liberation theology grew out of the misbegotten "Christian-Marxist dialogue" of the 1960s and 1970s, which must seem as quaint and laughable as promoting Esperanto.  It was not a coincidence that liberation theology was especially popular in Latin America during the high water mark of Marxist guerilla insurgencies and the final death spasms of socialist utopias such as Nicaragua.  Critics who called liberation theology "Marxism with salsa" weren't far off the mark, and the irony that what Latin America needed to escape "western domination" was an adaptation of European philosophy seemed to be lost on everyone.

Liberation Theology's Comeback Comes With A KGB Caveat.  As Cuba's Raul Castro declares he may return to the Catholic Church, a top Soviet bloc defector has warned that the liberation theology now making a comeback there was actually a KGB creation.

Catholic church warms to liberation theology as founder heads to Vatican.  In its height in the late 1960s and 1970s, liberation theology — a distinctly Latin American movement — preached that it was not enough for the church to simply empathise and care for the poor.  Instead, believers said, the church needed to be a vehicle to push for fundamental political and structural changes that would eradicate poverty, even — some believed — if it meant supporting armed struggle against oppressors.  In Nicaragua, priests inspired by liberation theology took an active part in the 1979 Sandinista revolution against Anastasio Somoza's rightwing dictatorship.  The philosophy also influenced leftist rebels in Mexico and Colombia, where one of the main guerrilla factions was led for nearly 30 years by a defrocked Spanish priest, Manuel Pérez.

Communist Defector Says KGB Created "Liberation Theology".  A high-ranking communist official who defected to the United States in the 1970s now says the Soviet KGB was behind the tidal wave of "liberation theology" that swept through Catholic countries in Latin America before the opposition of Pope John Paul II effectively ended the movement.  Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former three-star general in Romania's Securitate, or secret police, said he first learned of liberation theology during meetings with Nikita Khrushchev and General Aleksandr Sakharovsky, then chief director of the KGB, when Sakharovsky accompanied the Soviet premier on a six-day visit to Romania in October of 1959.

It's Past Time to Acknowledge Black Privilege.  Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, posted an opinion piece by a Hamas terrorist, and also published blood libels of the United States and Israel. [...] Wright himself blood-libeled the United States by accusing it of developing the AIDS virus — i.e., of waging biological warfare, and added that "white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01."  Barack and Michelle Obama attended this "church" for roughly 20 years, and exposed their children to Jeremiah Wright's hateful rhetoric.  If a Caucasian had done this, the country would have realized quickly that he or she could not be president for all Americans regardless of their ethnicity.

Obama's 9/11 Conspiracy Theory.  What happened on 9/11, Obama concludes, is that "history returned with a vengeance," or, as his mentor Jeremiah Wright put it, "the chickens have come home to roost."  The attacks, in sum, were the result of "an underlying struggle between worlds of plenty and worlds of want."  We had it coming.  Mohammad Atta and the other hijackers, Obama concedes, did not "embrace ... diversity."  Otherwise they would have chosen another way to protest the injustice of the West. [...] Obama, too, was a victim of 9/11.  Whatever happens anywhere, it's always about him.  What it was not about, apparently, was Islam.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's daughter heading to jail after an alleged theft violates her bail.  Jeri L. Wright, the daughter of President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, was headed to jail Monday [2/23/2015] after a judge revoked a deal that allowed her to remain free as she awaits sentencing on a money-laundering conviction. [...] Wright, 49, of Hazel Crest, is the daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the Chicago minister known nationwide for the controversy his sermons created for Obama in the 2008 presidential election.  Last March, Jeri Wright was found guilty of money-laundering, lying to federal investigators and lying to a grand jury over her role in a state grant-fraud scheme orchestrated by one of her childhood friends, former Country Club Hills Police Chief Regina Evans.

Giuliani: Obama under communist influence since age 9.  "From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist," Giuliani told the New York City tabloid, which has also devoted recent cover real estate to hammering Obama's unwillingness to refer to the ISIS terror group as "Islamic extremists."  Giuliani also saw fit to revive the debate over Obama's former attendance at the Chicago church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which was a frequent conservative tactic from the 2008 campaign.

The Editor says...
The time to have this discussion was about six years ago.  Unfortunately, in 2007 most Republicans and all Democrats were afraid to question Mr. Obama's loyalty to this country, reluctant to express doubts about his qualifications, and hesitant to verify his citizenship.  Guess why.

Giuliani: Obama influenced by communists since youth.  "From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist," [Rudy] Giuliani said.  The ex-mayor added that Obama's grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist.  Giuliani also said another bad influence on Obama was Saul Alinsky, a community organizer whom the ex-mayor called a "socialist."  The man once called "America's mayor" also sharply criticized the president for having been a member of a church led by radical Chicago Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama: The Politician Without A Church.  [Scroll down]  Obama's pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, gave a speech in which he praised Marxism and faulted the media for claiming that communism and Christianity were somehow opposed to one another.  It also turns out that Wright's church accepted Muslims as members.  Wright told author Edward Klein that he "made it comfortable" for Obama to accept Christianity "without having to renounce his Islamic background."

Obama Does His Old Preacher Proud.  Lost in the swirl over the president's move to undo 55 years of U.S. policy in Cuba is his suggestion that America colonized Cuba and gave rise to its communist "liberators."  Where does he get such pap?  From his church.

Why Do Most Jews Stay with Obama?  It was implausible to me that Barack Obama never knew Rev. Jeremiah Wright hated Jews.  At best, Obama made a deal with this anti-Semitic racist, who helped Obama launch his political career.  Still, back in 2008, Jews — displaying the cognitive dissonance of a captive Democratic voter bloc — gave Obama the benefit of the doubt for the same reason most Jews continue to support him:  he's (half) black.  Jews favor underdogs and victims (though really, Obama is neither).

The Prisoner Swap Deal.  Many people who are painfully disappointed with President Obama have no real reason to be.  The man's whole previous history, from childhood on, was shaped by a whole series of people, beginning with his mother, whose vision of America was very much like that of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose church Barack Obama belonged to for 20 long years.  Obama is not a stupid man.  There is no way that he could have sat in that church all that time without knowing how Jeremiah Wright hated America, and how his vision of the world was one in which "white folks' greed runs a world in need."

The Victim Presidency.  It's a remarkable talent he has.  When he was getting beat up politically for his association with that goofy racist clergyman, he lectured us on the evils of racism, as though we'd been the ones sitting in on those hateful sermons.

Dangerous Times: Obama Surrenders.  Obama is the anti-Reagan.  He is the anti-Lincoln and the anti-Truman.  Reagan, Lincoln, and Truman never lost track of the moral high ground.  This administration has never found it.  What seems to motivate Obama and his kind is a bitter hatred for all that is good and decent in America.  It is an inversion of values, driven by demagogues like Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's daughter found guilty of money laundering.  The daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama's former minister, was convicted by a federal jury Friday of laundering thousands of dollars from a $1.25 million state grant for a Chicago-based job-training program.  Jeri Wright said she would "definitely" appeal the verdict in U.S. District Court, which found her guilty of 11 counts that included money laundering, lying to federal agents and lying to a grand jury.

Rev. Wright's chickens come home to roost.  Jeri L. Wright, the daughter of President Obama's spiritual mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has been convicted of money laundering, siphoning "as much as $11,000 in cash from more than $30,000 in checks" from "a $1.25 million state grant for a Chicago-based job-training program."  There is a lot of money sloshing around in the welfare state, and sticky fingers have been known to grab some of it for personal use.  Imagine that.  Not only does Ms. Wright bear a name derived from her father's name, she formerly was a deacon and Director of Media for Trinity United Church of Christ when her father was its pastor.

Dinesh D'Souza was Right about Obama.  When Barack Obama began his presidential campaign, concerns were raised when it was discovered that Jeremiah Wright, the man he called his "moral compass" and the pastor of his church, was a severe critic of Israel and anti-Semitic as well ("them Jews").  The tip off to me came when Wright told New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor that when Obama's "enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli" to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell."

Rev. Jeremiah Wright slams tea party as 'a 2.0 upgrade of a lynch party'.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright — known for his perceived anti-American rhetoric and ties to President Obama — has come out strong against the tea party, blasting them in a speech as akin to a lynch mob.  "We've got some unfinished business on the agenda, with one branch of the tea party being nothing but a 2.0 upgrade of a lynch party," Mr. Wright said at a Martin Luther King Day event in Delaware, according to the Wilmington News-Journal.  "We've got some unfinished business on the agenda, with some folks doing everything they can to get that black man out of their White House."

King had a dream, Obama has a drone, Rev. Wright says.  If the Rev. Jeremiah Wright believes — as he's claimed in the past — that he and President Barack Obama will be buddies again when he's out of office, the firebrand preacher didn't do himself any favors Wednesday [1/15/2014].  Speaking at a breakfast co-hosted by the Chicago Teachers Union to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Wright said that while the civil rights leader proclaimed "I have a dream," Obama says, "I have a drone."

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright joins up with Chicago Teachers Union.  Wright will give a keynote address Wednesday at a breakfast the teacher's union is holding in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  The union has invited local pastors to the breakfast in the hopes of building a coalition of Chicago clergy to support its causes.  In particular, union officials are seeking allies to fight the city's policy of shutting down dozens of neighborhood schools and opening charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately managed — and often, nonunion.  CTU is expecting about 250 representatives from the clergy at the breakfast.

The Problem of Selfishness.  Barack Obama's moral exhortations are almost without exception unseemly.  When the nation was giving him the hairy eyeball over his longtime association with the crackpot racist grotesque Jeremiah Wright, Senator Obama responded by lecturing the nation about racism, as though we, rather than he, had a problem. [...] That's our president:  sensitive to criticism but immune to irony.

Obama: The Affirmative Action President.  Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages.  How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world's largest economy, direct the world's most powerful military, execute the world's most consequential job? [...] And then there is the matter of his troubling associations: the white-hating, America-loathing preacher who for decades served as Obama's "spiritual mentor"; a real-life, actual terrorist who served as Obama's colleague and political sponsor.  It is easy to imagine a future historian looking at it all and asking:  how on Earth was such a man elected president?

'Friends of Barack' facing multiple charges in corruption case.  Well, well, well!  Just look at who has been charged with money laundering, mail fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and other crimes involving Federal and Illinois grant money for health charities, job training and other programs.  A few friends of our president, Barack Obama, that's who.  One of those charged is the daughter of Reverend [...] Jeremiah Wright.  Wright is the minister who united Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson in matrimony; the happy couple then attended his church for many years listening to Wright's anti American sermons.

Watchdogs: Tally in Illinois grant-fraud probe so far: 13 charged, $16M embezzled.  The U.S. attorney's office in Springfield has been busy the past few years investigating a variety of fraud schemes involving state grants.  Thirteen people have been charged so far, six who have pleaded guilty.  Two of them have ties to President Barack Obama.  One is the daughter of his controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Another was chief of staff to Obama's longtime friend Eric E. Whitaker when Whitaker was Illinois' public health chief.

Chief IRS Counsel Got Jeremiah Wright's Church out of IRS Probe Before Joining Agency.  News reports from the time indicate the now-chief counsel of the IRS, William Wilkins, helped a church connected to President Barack Obama's friend Rev. Jeremiah Wright get out of an IRS probe in 2008 while working as a private attorney.

30 Reasons To Dislike Barack Obama.  [#11]  He went to Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years and considered the man his spiritual mentor even though his utterly vile former pastor is anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-American.  Ultimately, the only reason Obama threw him under the bus at all was because Wright criticized him.

Rev. Wright's daughter indicted.  The Rev. Wright — President Obama's America-hating former pastor — has a daughter who was indicted today in federal court.  And wouldn't you know — the charges are centered on misuse of Illinois grant funds.

Daughter of Obama's former pastor charged with fraud.  The daughter of President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor was indicted on Wednesday [4/10/2013] on charges of money laundering and lying to federal authorities, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

Jeremiah Wright's "Down Low Club".  Dr. Jerome Corsi has bravely broken the longstanding embargo on talking about Jeremiah Wright's "Down Low Club" at Trinity United Church of Christ here in Chicago. [...] Like "Fight Club", the first rule of the "Down Low Club" is to never talk about the "Down Low Club".  If you do, you will be murdered.  That's not a joke.  There were a string of murders from 2005-2007 that involved men who were killed because they had knowledge of Jeremiah Wright's Down Low Club and the closeted gay black men who partook in the club's orchestrated cover-up of their homosexuality.

Trinity Church members reveal Obama shocker!  Ten years ago, the New York Times reported on a growing underground subculture in the black community known as Down Low, comprised largely of men who secretly engage in homosexual activity while living "straight" lives in public.  It's within that subtext that opposition researchers for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign began investigating rumors that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was running a "matchmaking service" for members of his Trinity United Church of Christ known as the Down Low Club, which included Barack Obama.

The Mourning After.  Race has always been the invisible elephant of Obama politics.  Starting with his first campaign for president, Barack has played the race card like a violin.  In front of white audiences, he's the proud grandson of a white WWII veteran.  Yet his demeanor with blacks is something else.  For twenty years or more, he sat in church and listened to the demagoguery of Jeremiah Wright, colleague to Louis Farrakhan, a virulent black racist.  If Wright was right for so long, why is he persona non grata at the White house?

Obama Asks Jeremiah Wright For Election Help.  Wright, of course, was so controversial that then-candidate Obama was forced to throw him under the bus during the 2008 election cycle.  Wright told author Edward Klein that Obama tried to pay him $100,000 to keep his mouth shut during the election cycle.  And now Jeremiah Wright's back, and better than ever.  When push comes to shove, Obama's still Jeremiah Wright's menthe.

Obama campaign denies Willie Brown's claim of Obama-Wright outreach conference call.  Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco, reported Saturday that President Barack Obama held a semi-secret conference call with the racist preacher Jeremiah Wright and other ministers last weekend to boost African-American turnout.  But Obama for America campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith denied it flatly to The Daily Caller on Sunday [10/21/2012].  "It is not true," Smith, the campaign's rapid-response director, wrote in an email to TheDC.

San Francisco Chronicle stands by report that Obama recently talked GOTV with Jeremiah Wright.  The San Francisco Chronicle is standing by its columnist's report that President Barack Obama recently held a get-out-the-vote teleconference with his anti-American former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.  The report appeared Oct. 20 in a column by Willie Brown, the city's former Democratic mayor and a 15-year chairman of the state assembly.

Documents: Despite Obama's 2008 claims, political relationship with Rev. Wright began as early as 1987.  Letters signed by Barack Obama 25 years ago and obtained by The Daily Caller, show the future president approaching Chicago's then-mayor Harold Washington in 1987 about a community organizing project whose advisory board would include his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the controversial leftist Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger; and the brother of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

This Is What Jeremiah Wright's America Looks Like.  Did you know that Reverend Wright lovingly published Hamas editorials in his church's newsletter?  There, ladies and gentlemen, is Obama's foreign policy in a nutshell.  As for the Lifetime Achievement Award that Wright bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan, I fully expect that in a second Obama term, we'll all be graced with Secretary of State Farrakhan.  And if that won't pass congressional muster, Obama can simply appoint Farrakhan our czar.

The Obama Tapes That Can Bring Romney Victory.  [Scroll down]  There's also a stunning tape of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, interviewed for Edward Klein's book The Amateur, claiming that the 2008 Obama campaign offered him a bribe to stay quiet.  Yet that bombshell from Wright, who feels betrayed by Obama and is clearly eager to damage him, has been disregarded by Romney and his surrogates and allowed to fade into obscurity by the conservative media outlets that reported it.  Is everyone asleep?

Obama's not-so-centrist Hampton speech.  To hear Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen tell it, President Obama is "a man of the center — or maybe a wee to the left of it." [...] Obama began his speech by praising Rev. Jeremiah Wright, at the time the pastor of the future president's church in Chicago.  Wright, as we know from his speeches, clearly isn't a "man of the center."  And men and women of the center would be hesitant to praise him, as Obama did in his speech.

Jeremiah Wright introduces candidate 18 days after Hampton University speech.
Another Obama Tape Surfaces.  It's June 23, 2007 — a mere 18 days after the now infamous Obama speech at Hampton University that the Daily Caller and the Drudge Report titled as "Obama's Other Race Speech."  An angry, racially divisive speech in which Obama effortlessly slides into a Southern accent, shouting "The people down in New Orleans they [the Bush administration and the federal government] don't care about as much!"  The event:  The United Church of Christ's 26th General Synod, the bi-annual gathering of UCC pastors and lay leaders from across the country, meeting that year in Hartford, Connecticut.

JournoList plotted to kill Jeremiah Wright story in 2008.  Now that The Daily Caller has uncovered and published video of President Barack Obama's "other race speech," liberal media figures are once again trying to quell coverage of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story — just like in 2008.  Records obtained by TheDC in mid-2010 showed that "at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate," after ABC News' Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos asked then-Sen. Obama about his controversial reverend during an April 2008 debate.

NBC Dismisses Obama Video as Old News, Edits Out Jeremiah Wright Comments.  In a stunning omission on Wednesday's NBC Today, brief coverage of a 2007 video of Barack Obama completely ignored the then-Senator praising his controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright as a "great leader, not just in Chicago, but all across the country."

Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012.  [#10]  When Obama gave this speech, the Reverend Wright scandal had yet to break.  This means that the scant, incomplete, and "selectively edited" coverage the speech received at the time wouldn't have thought much of the full minute Obama spends gushing over his mentor and pastor in his opening remarks.

In heated '07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds 'don't care' about New Orleans.  In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.  "The people down in New Orleans they don't care about as much!" Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. [...] The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.

Media Freakout: Left, Right Spar over 2007 Obama Video.  News aggregator Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report set political social media circles on fire with the announcement of a video purporting to show troubling racial statements from President Barack Obama. [...] Since then, the popular news website has leaked further details.  The tape is in the possession of the Daily Caller, features the then-Senator giving a warm adulation to controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright, and features divisive statements about inner cities vs. suburbs and the needs of the poor.

DNC scrambles to deflate Obama video before Daily Caller story published.  The mere prospect that videos of Obama talking about race and his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, would be published had the committee quickly working to kill the story.  In an attempt to link the story to Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the DNC also sent out an old story about Romney saying he would not make Wright a campaign issue.

The Editor says...
If Mitt Romney actually did say that he would not bring up the subject of Jeremiah Wright, that was a big mistake.  It is the same mistake John McCain made, and one that needs to be corrected now that new information has come to light.

Barack Obama Is An Anti-White Racist.  It actually shouldn't be a secret that Barack Obama is not overly fond of white people.  The first clue was that he spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright's anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church.  You don't go to a church for twenty years unless you're in general accordance with the pastor.  Furthermore, Barack Obama has made a number of racist comments over the years. [...] Barack Obama says racist things about white people, his Department of Justice discriminates against white Americans, and he lies to black audiences to convince them that white people hate them.  A white man voting for a man like that is like a black man voting for David Duke.  Why in the world would you vote for someone who doesn't like you because of your skin color?

Obama's race speech echoed Wright's ravings.  In the months before Barack Obama made his now-famous statement that the U.S. government cares less about majority-black New Orleans than other American cities, his longtime spiritual advisor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made similar claims in public.  The Daily Caller has obtained weekly bulletins from Chicago's Trinity United Church of Church of Christ in which Wright condemns the federal government's Katrina policy as racist.  Until now, those remarks have never been reprinted.

So Obama Is a Lying, Race-Baiting Demagogue: Does Anyone Care?  Over the last four years we have seen a petty, vindictive, frequently dishonest, and often shameless politician in the White House.  The video shows that Obama will lie, race-bait and adopt a fake accent for votes.  Really?  All of that, on top of being a lousy president?  So, no:  in political terms, I think the video is a non-event.  But what, you might ask, about Obama's alleged likability?

"I don't think my church is particularly controversial."
Jeremiah Wright: Obama's Spiritual Mentor for 20 Years.  The mainstream media seems to want to discuss Romney's Mormon faith.  In the interest of fairness, I think we should again review the spiritual mentoring that Barack Obama received for 20 years.

Bishop McKenzie, Democratic convention speaker, spoke at Jeremiah Wright's retirement.  Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, a speaker Tuesday night [9/4/2012] at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, is a close associate of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Church bulletins obtained by The Daily Caller show that McKenzie was one of 15 speakers — including Father Michael Pfleger and Cornel West — who spoke at Wright's retirement ceremony as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in February 2008.

Jeremiah Wright To Deliver Sermon In D.C. Sunday.  D.C.'s historic Florida Avenue Baptist Church is marking its centennial with a special sermon on Sunday [7/8/2012], delivered by President Barack Obama's former pastor, the controversial Jeremiah Wright. [...] When reached by phone, the church said it did not know what Wright's sermon would be about.

Reverend Wright knocks Obama in Sunday sermon.  Speaking at the 100th anniversary of a Washington, D.C. church, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright knocked President Barack Obama and accused America's elite academic institutions of instilling racism.

The Editor says...
It takes a lot of nerve for someone like Jeremiah Wright to accuse others of instilling racism, or to refer to himself as "Reverend".

Jeremiah Wright: We need control.  President Barack Obama's former spiritual adviser spoke just a few miles from the White House on Sunday [7/8/2012], and politics and controversy weren't far from what Rev. Jeremiah Wright had to say.  "As we celebrate the foundations of our future, this is not a time to romanticize because we have the first African-descended president in the White House," Wright said in a fiery sermon that lasted close to an hour.  "You see what the tea party is trying to do."

Powered by Hate: Racist Content from Dreams from My Father.  The appalling content of Dreams from My Father becomes even worse in the context of the complete picture.  This picture includes Mr. Obama's 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright's racist church, the same church that gave Michael Pfleger a standing ovation when he exulted that Hillary Clinton's defeat left "a whole lot of white people crying."  This, along with its social achievement award to Louis Farrakhan, is apparently what Mr. Obama's church calls "Christianity." [...] This ugly portrait of Barack Obama's racial policies would not be complete, though, without the equally repulsive content of Michelle Obama's senior thesis.

Unmasking the media's birth certificate hypocrisy.  [Mitt Romney's] Mormonism is fair game.  Yet, Mr. Obama's black liberation theology is not.  He spent over 20 years in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church.  Mr. Wright has now admitted that he was Mr. Obama's close "spiritual and political adviser," and that the pastor helped "guide" his protege's religious "conversion."  Mr. Obama was steeped in a radical church that champions an anti-American, anti-white and ultrasocialist agenda.  Major media outlets have simply ignored this.

Rev. Wright made claim before about being offered bribe to stay quiet.  Both the Obama administration and many traditional news outlets have blown off the claim in journalist Ed Klein's book that Eric Whitaker, a close friend of President Obama's, tried bribing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to stay quiet during the 2008 election.  But it turns out that Klein's book — "The Amateur" — actually isn't the first recorded instance of Wright, Obama's former inflammatory pastor, claiming someone tried to pay him off to stay quiet while Obama ran for president.

The Morphing Obama Biography and the Skeptics.  An odd taboo has been created on noticing that the president of the United States has a biography that can adapt itself to the needs of the moment.  Go too far in raising an alarm, and be labeled "birther" and shunned in polite society.  The credit for creating the "birther" label was claimed in 2008 by columnist David Weigel. [...] Weigel was also the most notorious "JournoLister."  In case you've forgotten about that left-wing media cabal, this Daily Caller article described the JournoList's coordinated efforts to bury the Jeremiah Wright story during the 2008 campaign.  (Although JournoList was disbanded in 2010, the mainstream media, in remarkable unison, have covered up the recent revelation that Wright was bribed $150,000 to keep quiet.)

Why Jeremiah Wright Matters — Still, Part II.  Sen. Obama described his 20-year relationship with his pastor this way: "What I value most about Pastor Wright is not his day-to-day political advice.  He's much more of a sounding board for me to make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible and that I'm not losing myself in some of the hype and hoopla and stress that's involved in national politics."  Indeed, Obama describes a relationship that is closer, far closer than the relationship that many sons have with their fathers.

Mystery Religion: Mr. Obama's Contradictory Conversions to Christianity.  [Scroll down]  Mr. Obama has adhered to two contradictory time frames as to when he converted to Christianity, and no matter which time frame one considers accepting, one encounters facts that make accepting the time frame very challenging for a rational person.  Therefore, one is rational to conclude that Mr. Obama's true relationship to religion, if indeed he has one, is, like so much else about him, a mystery.

Who Cares About Wright the Second Time Around?  When the videos of Obama's angry pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, hit voters' TV screens in March of 2008, Obama's favorable ratings plummeted.  The number of Democrats saying he would be their nominee fell 20%.  In a Rasmussen poll, a strong 56% of likely voters thought Obama shared some of Wright's views.  Soon after, we were told the Wright story was over, that it was racist, and never to mention it again.  Democrats and mainstream media then and now insist that Obama's church is off-limits, while simultaneously attacking Mormonism.

The 'Wright Stuff:' Examining the Jeremiah Wright election.  With its front page story last week detailing Mitt Romney's pranks as a prep student nearly half a century ago, the Washington Post proved that there is no statute of limitations on old political news.  Which is what makes new revelations about Barack Obama's relationship with his former pastor so important.  In 2008, John McCain forfeited one of his most powerful arguments against Obama by refusing to raise Obama's 20-year relationship with anti-American pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Mitt Romney should not repeat that mistake.

Why Jeremiah Wright Matters — Still.  Obama supporters warn, "After four years, how dare you 're-litigate' the matter!"  In fact, it was never "litigated" in the first place.  2008 Republican candidate John McCain feared being accused of playing the race card.  But Wright is not about "race."  It is much, much bigger than that.  Wright is about Obama's character, beliefs and policies. [...] Obama selected Trinity United.  He selected the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Wright married Barack and Michelle.  He blessed their home in Hyde Park.  He baptized the Obamas' daughters.  Obama initially wanted Wright to deliver the invocation when Obama announced his run for the presidency.  Wright calls the criminal justice system racially biased against blacks.  So does Obama.

Was Rev. Wright Offered Hush Money? Nobody In The Media Cares.  Liberals like the outraged activists at The New York Times want to make sure no one is allowed to bring up Reverend Wright again.  On MSNBC, they were demanding pledges that this would be banned from any honorable discussions of the campaign.  Few seem to understand why Rev. Wright still resonates among conservatives.  It's not about race — except that black racists like Wright are never called out by liberals — it's about a vicious hatred for America, so vicious that you almost cheer 9/11 because America had it coming.  Who can support that view in a pew and with your donations?  Obama did.

Romney Is Wrong on Wright.  Do you remember how you felt the week following 9/11?  How sad, how patriotic, how determined to protect America?  Can you imagine going to church that Sunday and hearing a sermon that America deserved to be attacked, and all the congregants cheering?  That was Obama's church.  Would you stay in a church that preaches God is white?  Obama went to a church that preaches God is black.  Would you stay in a church that equated being middle class with genocide for blacks?  That preached Marxist income re-distribution?  Whose pastor attacked Israel and Jews from the pulpit?  Whose pastor said whites invented AIDS as a tool to commit genocide against blacks?  Obama did.

Nina Totenberg: Reverend Wright Is Irrelevant Because Obama Killed Bin Laden.  The Obama-loving media had quite a hissy fit this week when the President's America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright suddenly became a campaign issue despite all their efforts.

Jeremiah Wright can sink Obama.  He's back.  And this time, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright threatens to engulf President Obama in a major scandal — one that could doom his re-election. [...] Mr. Wright's comments beg a fundamental question:  Why now?  Why is he speaking out about Mr. Obama at this moment?  The racial firebrand admits he feels burned; Mr. Obama threw him under the bus to win the 2008 election.  Mr. Wright is bitter and angry.  Yet what if he is telling the truth?  He has injected himself into the center of a potential political storm.  This is why his allegations must be investigated.

Rev. Wright urged to stay silent until after 2012.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose [most infamous] sermon set off a firestorm during the 2008 campaign, agreed not to publish an account of the episode until after President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, according to an interview Wright conducted with the author of a new book on Obama.

Mark Levin rails against Romney camp for avoiding Rev. Wright issue.  "Why would you take any issue off the table, particularly issues that give us a look into this man's character?" Levin said.  "And Rev. Wright helps us do that, among other things.  I mean, I can't believe — this would be the same Mitt Romney who spent tens of millions of dollars trashing his opponents in the Republican primary, trashing Newt Gingrich in Florida and elsewhere, trashing Rick Santorum wherever he could get to him — just viciously smearing these guys."

Why Wright Matters: Obama's on a Mission from God.  Black Liberation Theology is a phony cult concocted by Marxists to divide America along racial lines on the American continents.  It explains how Hugo Chávez came to power.  This toxic Marxist theology helps explain Obama's destructive presidency.  It explains why racial division is being stoked by Obama's White House and his legions in the media.  Obama is a true believer in the idea that "rich white people" are to blame for the poor living standards of black Chicago orphans.  To wit:  blacks and minorities are victims of an unjust system that rewards the few at the expense of the many.

How Soviet Intelligence Promoted Christian Marxism.  When you can't beat them, join them.  That's what the Soviet Union did to curtail Christianity's anti-communist influence.  In a new book titled Disinformation, a covert campaign to discredit Pope Piux XII is revealed.  In addition, the Soviets tried to influence the church with a Marxist-friendly version of Christianity.

Bill Keller, Political Hypocrite.  [Scroll down]  Of course, there was the inconvenient fact that the Times showed a notable lack of interest when it came to Barack Obama's 20-year relationship with Jeremiah Wright, a minister whose views are racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-American.  And for those Times readers who might have forgotten — and given the paucity of coverage by the Times, who could blame them? — the Reverend Wright was referred to by Obama as his "spiritual mentor," Wright married Barack and Michelle Obama, baptized their children, inspired the title of Obama's first autobiography.  Yet in 2008, the Times found all of this singularly uninteresting.  It looked the other way.

Ed Klein: Rev. Wright Was a Second Father to Obama.  For his book "The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House," which hits bookstores this week, Klein interviewed Wright for three and a half hours.  Wright told him of Obama's secret efforts to keep him quiet during the presidential campaign.  But the more significant material spotlights how important Wright was to Obama's thinking even before the future president began going to Wright's church in 1988.

Asked if he converted Obama from Islam to Christianity, Wright said, "That's hard to tell."
New Book Casts Doubt on Obama's Christian Identity.  The liberal media have harangued figures such as Franklin Graham when they have refused to state categorically that Barack Obama is a Christian.  Now comes author Edward Klein telling Sean Hannity that Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of United Church of Christ in Chicago, told him that he "made it comfortable" for Obama to accept Christianity "without having to renounce his Islamic background."  All of this is consistent with our point, made in 2010, that Muslims could join Wright's church without giving up their Muslim faith.  And while Obama accepted Christianity, in the sense of calling himself a Christian, there is no evidence that he was ever officially baptized into Wright's church.

Politico Covers Up Obama Campaign's Alleged Attempt to Bribe Rev. Wright.  In a 1200 word feature piece titled "Race Issues Return with Rev. Wright," written by Jonathan Martin and James Hohamann, MSNBC's unofficial web-partners at Politico go into excruciating detail charting the return of Obama's former pastor and 20-year mentor.  Naturally, the article is all about race-race-race and racism-racism-racism, and how by some unholy act of MSM witchcraft Wright is a bigger problem for Romney than for the man who spent two decades at his knee.

Obama's Media-Contrived Courage.  [Scroll down]  We know almost nothing about Obama's early years except what Obama himself has written.  Even his later years — sitting in Jeremiah Wright's church, listening to the anti-American racist nutcase — remain uninvestigated and unreported.  What did Obama think, listening to Wright for two decades?  Why didn't he leave that church for another if he strongly disagreed with Wright?

Obama Heads for Hush Money Scandal?  Staggering under an avalanche of bad news regarding the economy, Obama's presidential campaign took another hit over the weekend as the New York Post detailed divisions amongst Democrats and radicals, including charges that Obama tried to buy the silence of his controversial Chicago pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Author Edward Klein in his new book The Amateur writes that Obama offered his long-time radical preacher and pastor $150,000 in hush money for staying out of the spotlight during Obama's 2008 run for president.

Book: Rev. Wright offered $150 grand in 2008 to shut up until after election.  Looks like the "Wright distraction" has risen from the grave to haunt the Obama re-election campaign. [...] In case you haven't noticed, the press is ignoring both this story and the book.

Washington Post silent on bribe to silence Obama's Rev. Wright.  We have a right to be righteously indignant over the carelessness with which the media have skimmed over Barack Obama's past and current affiliations.  As the Washington Post concocts ways to vet Romney, perhaps they'd be better off doing some catch-up work on the one who has the keys to the ignition.

The 'bribe' to silence Wright.  Edward Klein interviewed [Obama's Chicago pastor, Jeremiah] Wright, who told him Obama's team tried to buy his silence.

Obama Camp Offered Jeremiah Wright $150,000 to Go Away in 2008.  Obama went to this nut's church for 20 years.  Wright also said Barack Obama would not meet him in public.

Flashback to 2008:
Obama's Rev Wright moves to Ghana.  [Scroll down]  "He said that he also got an email, but was unable to respond since he's in email hell," [Rev. Wright's daughter Jeri] Wright said, meaning in a place in Ghana where it's difficult to send and receive email.

Book says U. of Chicago Medical Center VP bribed Jeremiah Wright.  On an appearance on Sean Hannity's radio show on Monday, "The Amateur" author Edward Klein revealed the name of a close ally of President Barack Obama that his book alleges offered a $150,000 bribe to Rev. Jeremiah Wright to be quiet until after the 2008 election. [...] Klein also said Wright told him he "made it comfortable" for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his "Islamic background," which Klein said he has on tape.

Obama's thug style campaign tactics.  Over the weekend, we learned that the Obama campaign tried to pay off "G-D America" preacher Jeremiah Wright not to preach during Obama's 2008 election.  Apparently the price not to preach was $150,000.  If it's true, does this surprise you?  Not me!  This is Chicago style campaigning and it has been Obama's preferred campaign mode throughout his entire career and will continue to do so through the 2012 campaign.

Hannity Transcript: Did Obama Try to Bribe Rev Wright to Shut Up?  [Ed] Klein spent almost an hour on the air being interviewed by [Sean] Hannity.  During the interview Klein named, for the first time, the person who the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said initiated the attempt to bribe Wright with $150,000 for his silence before the 2008 election.

Documents: Obama friend Whitaker had history with Jeremiah Wright.  Documents obtained by The Daily Caller show that President Barack Obama's close friend Eric Whitaker, who runs the University of Chicago Medical Center's Urban Health Initiative, spoke at Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Chicago-area church in 2006.  Whitaker was a speaker at Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ during a Sept. 17, 2006 "Health Care Justice Forum," according to a church bulletin TheDC obtained.  The bulletin is no longer on the church's website.

Jeremiah Wright: I "Made It Comfortable" For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam.  In a shocking interview yesterday [5/14/2012] on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, author Ed Klein said Barack Obama's former pastor helped Obama accept Christianity without having to renounce Islam.

Jeremiah Wright: Obama never renounced Islam.  Sean Hannity interviews Ed Klein.

Jeremiah Wright Thinks Barack Obama May Still Be A Muslim.  I've seen it advertised all over but have not read "The Amateur" by author Edward Klein yet.  However, he gave an interview to CBN on The Brody File show [and] had a stunning recitation of his 3 hour, taped interview with [...] Jeremiah Wright.

Alleged new Recordings of Jeremiah Wright cast doubt on Obama's Christianity.  In 2008, video recordings of Jeremiah Wright's sermons came closer than anything else to derailing Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Now, four years later, there appears to be audio recordings of Wright that may be damaging to Obama as well.  Those recordings, allegedly in the possession of author Edward Klein, consist of Wright telling Klein some unflattering things, to include charges that Obama attempted to silence Wright in 2008. [...] If Klein's claim is true, perhaps the best we can say about the president is that he is a 'Chrislamist,' which means he is not a Christian.  At worst, the president is feigning Christianity for political expediency so that he can remain a Muslim.

Obama's Nakba.  [Scroll down]  Obama is historic — not because he is our first black president, but because he is the first president who believes in a war ideology.  Abraham Lincoln did not believe in war, and neither did George Washington or FDR.  Normal Americans don't, but Obama believes in class warfare, racial warfare, ideological warfare, religious warfare.  This is Jerry Wright and Louis Farrakhan thinking.  How could it not be?  When you spend 20 years learning at the feet of Jerry Wright, you can't think outside of that box.

If Romney's Mormonism Is Fair Game, So Is The Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  By making Romney's Mormonism an issue, the Obama campaign has, as trial lawyers like to say, "reopened" the issue of religion.  The Romney campaign can therefore revisit the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama's close relationship to him.

The Media That Ignored Obama's Beliefs Goes After Mitt's Mormonism.  Gadfly Sean Hannity wouldn't leave well enough alone in '07 and decided to investigate not only Obama's pals but Barack and Michelle's pastor/mentor and religion that they had enjoyed for the last two decades.  Boy howdy, did Hannity and others stumble onto some interesting revelations about Obama's church.  Stuff like ...
  •   Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
  •   The advocacy of bizarre, pseudo-scientific racial ideas
  •   Opposition to interracial marriage
  •   Praising Communist dictatorships
  •   The denunciation of black "assimilation"
  •   The belief that the American government created AIDS to kill black people
  •   Preaching that America deserved 9/11 terrorists attacks
  •   The fact that Reverend Wright was, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, a "close confidant" of Obama

Obama Pastor Wright Attacks Justice Thomas, Tea Party.  President Barack Obama's former preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, targeted Southern Baptists, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the tea party and Theodore Roosevelt during a three-day revival meeting in West Virginia.  He even attacked founding father Thomas Jefferson as "a pedophile" during his sermons at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Charleston, W.Va.

Fox & Friends Examines Rev. Wright 'Re-emergence,' 'Hate-Filled Easter Sermon'Fox & Friends's hosts took some time to examine the reemergence of Rev. Jeremiah Wright over the weekend, and what possible impact the Reverend could have on the political landscape heading into the election season.  Steve Doocy related some of the Reverend's recent sermons which include saying "Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worships some other God.  Thomas Jefferson, he referred to him as a pedophile.  He said 'white supremacy is driving world politics.'"

Barack's People:  [Jeremiah Wright] presided over the Obama's marriage as well as baptizing Sasha and Malia.  Barack and Michelle perched in a pew, listening while the Right Reverend Wright preached racialism and hatred from the pulpit, for 20 years.  He may not deserve the "Right" or the "Reverend," being decidedly unrighteous and un-entitled to reverence.  Yet the president heard nothing from his "spiritual mentor," the man who actually coined the phrase "audacity of hope," the title of the president's hugely successful second autobiography.

Why Is Observing Obama as a Marxist Verboten?  Obama's maturation was influenced by Marxists throughout. ... His chosen place of worship was Jeremiah Wright's church, which extols blackness first and Christianity second.  Wright, Obama's "spiritual mentor," preached Black Liberation Theology, espousing doctrines more Marxist than Christian.  Wright gleefully ousted "bourgeois Negroes" from his pews in disdain for their "middleclassness," yet he embraced the Nation of Islam.  Perhaps Obama doesn't also scorn white Christians as "counterfeit" or believe that Jesus was a black socialist.  He joined Trinity — and resigned — when doing so was politically expedient.  His convictions are uncertain.  But he was married and his children were baptized there; he even asserted Wright as "like family to me."  The Audacity of Hope was named for Wright's sermon, from which Obama quoted favorably this gem in Dreams:  "White folks' greed runs a world in need."

Jeremiah Wright Endorses Anti-Semitic 'March to Jerusalem'.  President Barack Obama's longtime pastor at Trinity United Church, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has announced his support for the anti-Semitic "March to Jerusalem" at the end of March.  The White House has refused comment.

Jeremiah Wright on Derrick Bell, Jesus, and the Jews.  Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's incendiary Chicago pastor, admired radical Harvard Law School professor Derrick Bell, inviting him to speak at Trinity United Church of Christ and referring to him from the pulpit.  In one sermon, which Wright published in 1995 in a collection entitled Africans Who Shaped Our Faith: A Study of 10 Biblical Personalities, Wright referred specifically to Bell's protest against Harvard — the same protest that Obama supported in a video released by last week.

The Book of Obama: The Ganza Megillah.  [Scroll down]  The tapes of Obama supporting and embracing Derrick Bell at Harvard released by Breitbart's staff after his untimely death, which were covered up by Obama's friend Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree, the media and undoubtedly others, establish that the pre-election image of Obama as a post racial uniter was as accurate a description of the true Obama as the notion of the Grand Vizier as an enforcer of a Persian multi-cult paradise might be.  In fact Derrick Bell was a barely disguised racist, an anti-Semite and an inspiration for Obama's racist and anti-Semitic pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.  He was the creator of a school of thought known in academic speak as "critical race theory," a pernicious flimsy cover for anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Asian thought which contends that there is no real "merit."

Obama: 'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof.  If we did, here's what we'd be opening our hearts and minds to.  This is a close associate of Jeremiah Wright, a man who was quoted by Jeremiah Wright regularly.  This is a man who posited that the civil rights movement was too moderate because it accepted the status quo, and believed that the entire legal and constitutional system had to be transformed in radical fashion.  This is a man so extreme that, as we've reported, he wrote a story in 1993 in which he posited that white Americans would sell black Americans into slavery to aliens to relieve the national debt, and that Jews would go along with it.

Media Still Praising Rev. Wright and Making Excuses.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright it still out giving fiery sermons, but some journalists are either lazy publicists or Obama-loving whitewashers.  On Wednesday [2/29/2012] at noon, Rev. Wright will speak in Cleveland at the "Amistad Chapel" of Cleveland's United Church of Christ for Black History Month.  It's open to the public, but you must register and bring photo ID.  (Isn't asking for photo ID a scheme for racists?)

Media Skewers Santorum, Romney On Faith, What About Obama?  The religion and religious views of Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are all widely known.  They are reported on, discussed, and insulted regularly in the press.  On the other hand, discussing President Obama's religious views is apparently not in the realm of permitted discussion.  That's because Obama's religious philosophy seems to have a lot more to do with politics than spirituality — and the press doesn't want you to know anything about it.

Obama's Marxist Faith Is Legitimate Campaign Issue.  GOP presidential front-runner Rick Santorum did not go "well over the line," as the White House howled, when he questioned Obama's faith during a recent speech.  He didn't go far enough.  Santorum said Obama practices a "phony theology" not based on the Bible.  He said it's tied to his agenda and led by "radicals" like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Both are true statements.  But there's more.  What he also could have said, but stopped short of saying, is that Obama's faith — Black Liberation Theology (BLT) — is actually a front for Marxism and communism.  That makes it not only a legitimate topic of discussion, but a critical issue worth investigating.

Santorum accuses media of double standard on Obama and Jeremiah Wright.  Rick Santorum accused the media of a "double standard" Friday [2/17/2012] for defending President Obama for the comments of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his former pastor.  Santorum was reacting to criticism of comments Thursday by Forster Friess, who made ill-advised remarks about birth control.  He said he shouldn't be held accountable for every comment by one of his supporters, and said the media were playing "gotcha politics."

How Smart Is Obama, Anyway?  [Scroll down]  In general, Obama never showed acute insight into even his own field of expertise, racial politics.  It didn't occur to him that he should emphasize winning white votes rather than black votes until 2001.  But that insight didn't lead to the logical corollary that he therefore needed to distance himself from the anti-white Rev. Jeremiah Wright until seven years later.  For example, he gave over $20,000 to Rev. Wright's church in 2007, the year he started his Presidential campaign.  It didn't occur to him that it wasn't a good idea for him to feature Rev. Wright at his campaign kickoff on February 10, 2007 until the day before.  Mostly, Obama benefited from the media flying air cover for him on any issue touching on race, and from the willingness of Clinton and McCain to lose rather than to go to the mat with him over Wright.

As Obama seeks re-election, his former church expands its vision.  Trinity United Church of Christ hasn't changed its priorities.  But four years after the Protestant church on Chicago's South Side came under siege during the 2008 presidential campaign, it faces fewer distractions.  Now, as Trinity's most famous former member, President Barack Obama, seeks re-election to the White House, the Rev. Otis Moss III is seeking to renew the church's vision for its surrounding neighborhoods and enlarge its definition of social justice.

How Obama Betrays Martin Luther's King's Dream.  The man who campaigned on the theme that there was no "white America" or "black America" has used his powers as President to practice identity politics on a scale never before seen in America.  Barack Obama has overtly chosen top officials on the basis of their skin color and not on the content of their character.  Moreover, he has enacted policies that overtly favor "people of color" over "people of pallor" regardless of the merits of the individuals impacted by his programs.  What were we expecting from a man whose moral compass was the race-baiting Pastor Jeremiah Wright, whose views of white people and America would have repulsed Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Michelle Obama and Stokely Carmichael on Collective White Guilt:  [Scroll down]  The First Lady's 1985 thesis on being black at Princeton gave the tormented, race-obsessed young woman the chance to articulate long-repressed feelings of abjection, separateness, and anger.  When she purposely chose the Black Supremacist, radical, separationist, and anti-Semitic ideas of Stokely Carmichael to shore up a study of "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community," the writing was on the wall.  From there, she would go on to Harvard Law school and eventually end up at Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Afrocentric Trinity United Church of Christ with her husband and children.  Coincidently, Wright also happened to be a fan of the rabidly anti-white Carmichael.

Axelrod Defends Jeremiah Wright, Says He Was Victim of Selective Editing.  The claim that Wright's sermons were selectively edited by Obama's political opponents contradicts what is known about Wright's preaching and the radical, racialist creed of the Trinity United Church of Christ, to which Obama belonged for two decades and to which he contributed a large amount of money.  Axelrod's claim is also contradicted by Obama himself, who has cited Wright's enthusiasm for radical politics as the main reason he was attracted to the church.

Double Standards And The Reverend Wright.  Don't expect Obama to have to talk about [Jeremiah] Wright at all.  As I have written elsewhere, in depth, Obama's pastor for 20 years preached anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, advocated bizarre pseudo-scientific racial ideas, opposed interracial marriage, praised communist dictatorships, denounced black "assimilation," and taught Afrocentric feel-good nonsense to schoolchildren.  Obama's pastor actually believes that HIV/AIDS was created by the American government to kill black people.  He recommends books written by, and for, anti-Semites.  If Ron Paul's disavowed newsletters are fair game then Barack Obama's best-selling books ought to be fair game as well.

Who is this Barack Obama person, really?  [Scroll down]  Keep in mind this is a man who also sat under the spiritual tutelage of a man who said America's "chickens have come home to roost."  For twenty years, Obama called the Trinity United Church of Christ his church home.  That church, under the leadership of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, taught a religious doctrine known as Black Liberation Theology.  Black Liberation Theology has its roots in Marxism, and encourages a victim mentality among its followers.

The Gospel According To Wright.  In 2008 America elected a president whose pastor for 20 years preached anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, advocated bizarre pseudo-scientific racial ideas, opposed interracial marriage, praised communist dictatorships, denounced black "assimilation," and taught Afrocentric feel-good nonsense to schoolchildren.  When Americans discovered the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's views during the 2008 campaign, they rightly wondered if Barack Obama, like his pastor, really believed that HIV/AIDS was created by the American government to kill black people.  Even to this day, no one knows for sure whether Obama shares the views of Wright, whom the Chicago Sun-Times once described as Obama's "close confidant."

Democrats preempting revival of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  In an effort to preempt what could be a damaging political issue for President Obama's re-election campaign, Democrats are warning Republicans against reviving his relationship with controversial ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright.  And in one case, a Democratic operative is getting ahead of any discussion of Wright by implying that raising the issue amounts to playing the race card.

Obama in 2006: I 'stole' book title 'Audacity of Hope' from Rev. Wright.  Video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller shows Illinois Senator Barack Obama, then campaigning for Democrats before the 2006 midterm elections, praising Reverend Jeremiah Wright and telling an audience that he "stole" the title of his book "The Audacity of Hope" from Wright's sermon of the same name, which he "loved."  Obama also referred to Wright as "my pastor."

Herman Cain's Church Compared to Obama's Church:  Mr. Cain's church, Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, Ga., is theologically conservative, affirming the inerrancy of scripture and historic Christian creeds as literally true.  It was founded in 1877 as eight freed slaves banded together in prayer.  During its 134 years, it has hosted many civil-rights activists, and today it has 14,000 members.  The Chicago church where President Obama belonged for 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ, is theologically liberal, eschewing scriptural inerrancy and taking apostolic creeds as "testimonies" of faith, rather than literally, unchangeably true.  The scriptures are seen more as "living documents" than permanent anchors and pillars of faith.

Shrink: Obama Suffers 'Father Hunger'.  The abandonment by his father when he was an infant and by his stepfather at age 10 has left President Obama with a "father hunger" that influences everything from why he distances himself from pushy supporters, to his strong desire to compromise and bring people together, to his aggressive campaign to kill Osama bin Laden, says a psychoanalytic book out next week.  In Obama on the Couch, George Washington University professor Justin Frank also reveals that Obama has spent much of his life seeking out father figures, but most, like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Vice President Biden, have disappointed him.  "Obama searched for a father, for someone to relate to who could help him -- a strong man who knew what to do," Frank writes.

The media's love affair with a disastrous president.  The media walked right past the decades-long association of Obama with the weird and racist pastor Jermiah Wright.  In the midst of the brief stormlet over the issue, one CNN host — inexplicably — decided that CNN was going to be a "Wright-free zone."  He could have hung out a sign:  "No bad news about Obama here."  The media trashed Hillary.  They burned Republicans.  They ransacked Sarah Palin and her family.  But Obama, the cool, the detached, the oracular Obama — he strolled to the presidency.

Who Are the Real Religious Bigots?  [Scroll down]  Did President Obama, for example, subscribe to the noxious political and religious beliefs of his pastor Jeremiah Wright?  If not, why did he attend church there for 20 years and have his children baptized in that church?  If so, shouldn't [Bill] Keller's leftist ilk have followed up on why Obama agrees with Wright?  Is it merely accidental that Keller's candidate-faith anxiety is centered on conservative Christian candidates Bachmann and Perry?

Rick's Rock vs. Reverend Wright.  [Scroll down]  Obama was allowed to declare to audiences how he "let Jesus Christ into his life" on the south side of Chicago.  Reverend Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ were completely airbrushed out.  The [Washington] Post should have done more investigating and less sympathizing with Wright.

The 3 scariest things about Obama.  [Scroll down]  Interesting that in researching Obama's church of 20 years, Trinity United, the Marxist Black Liberation Theology church with racism in its mission statement, journalist Kyle-Ann Shiver found Muslim books for sale in the church's "Christian" bookstore!

Jeremiah Wright is the tiny tip of Obama's spiritual iceberg.  It wasn't the sermon that caught me off guard; I was prepared for that.  I had watched video of Wright, giving five of his fiery sermons.  The thing that really got me to thinking, reading and searching for answers was the church bookstore.  Having been a practicing Christian for more than 40 years now, and a practicing Catholic for 26 of those years, I have visited perhaps 100 various Christian bookstores, both Protestant and Catholic.  In all of those places, one thing tied together the books for sale:  Christianity.  Not so in Obama's church bookstore.

Rev. Wright Lets Loose on Another Tirade.  President Obama's former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright tells youth in a Georgia church that "whites are liars", over and over again. ... Does it still not matter to Obama supporters that the President spent thirty years with Wright as his spiritual mentor, and claims he never heard him say anything like this?

Jeremiah Wright speaks at Savannah State.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of President Barack Obama's church, who attracted nationwide scrutiny over comments made just after Sept. 11, called for African-centered teaching during a lecture.  A crowd of about 80 turned out at Savannah State University to hear the retired holy man and scholar...

Bias alert:
Jeremiah Wright is neither a holy man nor a scholar, and nobody outside of Chicago had ever heard of him until 2008.  Other than that, the first two sentences were fairly accurate.  I didn't read the rest.

Seductive Beliefs.  One of the painfully revealing episodes in Barack Obama's book "Dreams From My Father" describes his early experience listening to a sermon by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Among the things said in that sermon was that "white folks' greed runs a world in need."  Obama was literally moved to tears by that sermon. ... None of this was original with Jeremiah Wright.  All he added was his own colorful gutter style of expressing it, which so captivated the man who is now President of the United States.

Reverend Wright brings his anti-American crusade to Baltimore.  Forget hope and change; victimization is in.  Dropped by the president and dismissed as a racist by many Americans, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright still draws crowds with his sometimes crotch-grabbing, always riveting soliloquies about black oppression.  The former pastor of Barack Obama drew thousands last week to the 8,000-member Empowerment Temple in Baltimore City.  Overflow lots at the church were filled, and five blocks on either side of the massive stadium-like stucco building in Park Heights — a part of town where Orthodox Jews mix sometimes uneasily with blacks — were wall to wall with cars.

Call Democrats Out for Racist and Anti-Semitic Connections.  [Scroll down]  It is also a matter of record that Jeremiah Wright published a blood libel of the United States by accusing it of developing the AIDS virus, i.e. using biological warfare to murder countless people around the world.  The Trinity United Church of Christ's official bulletin of June 10, 2007 added a blood libel of Israel and South Africa:  "Both worked on an ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs."  I downloaded the TUCC's bulletins before the church "disappeared" them.

The latest:
Obama's Mystery Links to Qaddafi Uncovered.  As pressure mounts on the White House to intervene to stop Moammar Gadhafi's bloody crackdown in Libya, many commentators have been wondering why Barack Obama has been cautious in his criticism of the dictator after the U.S. president so fervently supported the removal from office of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.  But Gadhafi has been tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's spiritual adviser for more than 23 years.

Stop It Already — He's Not So Smart.  [Scroll down]  I have long sensed that Prof. Obama never got a fair deal from his critics, who kept asking how he could have sat silently for twenty years through the hate-filled anti-American sermons of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  I always have assumed the true answer is:  he did not realize because he almost-never attended church.  Of course no politician can say that to American voters, so Obama was caught in a quandary, ultimately throwing the reverend under the bus, then his grandmother as a racist.

Qadaffi's Chicago Connection.  Considering that Obama lived in Farrakhan's neighborhood, was a fledgling community organizer and was a congregant at Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, he must have at least become acquainted with the man who named him the "Messiah."

Obama's anti-Israel speech should surpise no one.  The citizens of the United States elected a President who attended a strict Muslim madrassa (parochial school) for two years.  Our current Commander-in Chief, while an impressionable young boy between 6 and 10 years old, bowed down toward Mecca five times a day while praying to Allah. ... Let's be very clear, Barry Obama surrounds himself with anti-Semitic advisors who relish the elimination of the Jewish state, attended a church for 20 years where the clergy spewed anti-Semitic hate, and now bows, scrapes and sends millions of US taxpayer dollars to Muslim countries and terrorist groups such as Hamas, who are the most lethal anti-Semites on the planet.

What Obama thought his kids should know:  [Scroll down]  Now compare what Barack Obama thought his daughters should learn at the church led by his "moral compass" and "sounding board" Jeremiah Wright.  These are Wright's views from the pews, that he gave to those entrusted to his moral and 'religious" teaching.  They include the teaching that Israel is a "dirty word."  They include an awards to the worst anti-Semite in America, Louis Farrakhan.  They include the church magazine carrying a manifesto written by a Hamas leader stating that Israel had developed an "ethnic bomb" that kills blacks and Arabs (now that is a blood libel for you).  Wright's sermons contained denunciations of Israel and Zionism, which he blamed for imposing "injustice and racism" on the Palestinians.  He believes that Zionism contains an element of "white racism" and compared Israel's treatment of Palestinians to apartheid.  Wright also supported boycotts of Israel.  He also blamed 9/11 partially on American support for Israel since he views Israel as practicing "state terrorism" against the Palestinians.

The Real Reason Obama Supports Reverend Wright.  Approximately two decades ago, while he was working as an activist in Chicago, Obama came to the Trinity Church in order to hear its pastor Jeremiah Wright.  Obama was not particularly religious; in fact, when pastors asked which church he attended, he typically hemmed and hawed.  But, in The Audacity of Hope, Obama writes, "I was drawn to the power of the African American religious tradition to spur social change."  Trinity, Obama had heard, was that kind of church.

Radical in the White House.  [Scroll down]  When I first found programs from the Socialist Scholars Conferences Obama attended in New York in the 1980s, I saw a number of people who were later part of his political circle.  I was particularly struck by the name James Cone, who was Jeremiah Wright's theological mentor and the founder of black liberation theology.  There were other talks on black liberation theology at those conferences as well.  That meant Obama would very likely have known about Wright's theology even before he met Wright, and would have recognized its socialist content.  Following this trail, I discovered that many of Obama's organizing mentors and colleagues in Chicago were prominent socialists, with ties to the group that had sponsored those early socialist conferences.

Obama's Other Anti-Semitic Guru.  The disclosure, during the 2008 presidential campaign, that Barack Obama had for two decades sat contentedly (perhaps with his cerebral hearing aid turned off) listening to the tirades of his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright against "them Jews" caused him some brief embarrassment but no harm at the polls, certainly not among Jewish voters.  No attention whatever was paid to the possible link between Obama's moral tone-deafness in the presence of clergyman Wright and his intense admiration of another, more unctuous, political clergyman with even less charity toward Jews than Wright:  namely, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

So Is He a Christian?  Though Obama would have us believe that he sat through 20 years of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons without hearing a word, it's hard for us to overlook the fact that Wright took the Lord's name in vain in his church and that the church subscribes to black liberation theology, which seems more race-centered than Christ-centered.  We also shake our heads in discovering that this church, through its publications, has championed the causes of certain terrorist organizations.

Obama Is Not A Muslim.  The only evidence for Obama's Christianity is that he faithfully attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years.  Yes, the guy bellowing "God d*** America!" is the one vouching for Obama's Christianity.  That's like saying you got sober with the help of your A.A. sponsor Lindsay Lohan.

Beck's 'Obsession' with Black Liberation Theology is Thoroughly Justified.  [Scroll down]  First off, our esteemed Mr. Rutten makes the astonishing claim that there is no "evidence" that ties our current president to Black Liberation Theology.  It's an astonishing claim because the only theology to which Barack Obama has ever been exposed (outside the Muslim training of his youth) is indeed Black Liberation Theology.  Wise observers already know this.

Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Karl Marx... Revisited.  As I wrote extensively after my own visit to Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago, the theology preached there was a cunningly cloaked racist political creed that bore very little resemblance to mainstream Christianity.  Since we now know, because of the recent Journolist revelations, that there was a conspiratorial movement among "mainstream" journalists to squash the Jeremiah Wright controversy during the campaign and to label those of us hammering the issue's details as "racists," the media has only itself to blame for not pushing Obama then to fully explain how his Christian beliefs differed (if they indeed did differ) from the Farrakhan-honoring pastor he later chose to denounce.

He's Not a Muslim!  ("Not that There's Anything Wrong with That")  Of course, Ground Zero for Black Liberation Theology in the City of Broad Shoulders was Trinity Church, and its high priest was Jeremiah Wright.  Wright, as we know, must be capable of some kind of Jedi mind tricks, as he was able to use sermons to simultaneously inspire Obama's first (or was it his second?) autobiography and put him to sleep for twenty years.  Nevertheless, it worked.  Obama's black street cred was established well enough for him to quickly job-hop through Chicago and Illinois politics — voting "present" at every step along the way.

No Baptism Or Renunciation of Islam Required.
Obama's Unique Form of 'Christianity'.  We've all heard by now that Obama became a Christian mostly to expedite his political career and that the Trinity United Church of Christ he joined, presided over by Reverend Jonathan Wright, was not exactly mainstream.  We've heard about Wright's damning of America and we know that the church was — and might still be — a hot bed of black nationalism.  But what is not as well known is that no baptism is required, nor must Muslims renounce Islam to be accepted as full members in that church.

Who Is He, Anyway?  [Scroll down]  But one thing I will say with confidence:  Jeremiah Wright is no Christian.  His ideology of hate disqualifies him.  So many millions of Americans, learning that Wright was Obama's spiritual mentor, must have wondered where Obama himself was coming from.  I think that is the main source of confusion, coupled with Obama's lack of connection to any identifiable Christian tradition.

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  It was the moment of greatest peril for then-Sen. Barack Obama's political career.  In the heat of the presidential campaign, videos surfaced of Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, angrily denouncing whites, the U.S. government and America itself.  Obama had once bragged of his closeness to Wright.  Now the black nationalist preacher's rhetoric was threatening to torpedo Obama's campaign.

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  It was the moment of greatest peril for then-Sen. Barack Obama's political career.  In the heat of the presidential campaign, videos surfaced of Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, angrily denouncing whites, the U.S. government and America itself.  Obama had once bragged of his closeness to Wright.  Now the black nationalist preacher's rhetoric was threatening to torpedo Obama's campaign.

Liar, liar:  Why Obama is failing.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama told us on several occasions then that he had not been aware of Wright's extreme black nationalist views during the candidate's twenty years in the reverend's church.  That made no sense, since Obama had dedicated his book to Wright, had his children baptized by him, etc.  Also, Wright's separatist brand of black liberation theology was no doubt quite familiar to Obama.  It had been to many of us for decades.  Yet the mainstream media paid little attention, or tried not to, certainly did not deign to investigate in any depth.

From Rev. Wright to the Sherrod Affair.  What was unusual about the Wright buffoonery was not just his street-corner venom (a 7 on the Farrakhan and old Al Sharpton scale), but two little remarked on phenomena.  One, the Trinity Church congregation in the video background seemed to give him a standing ovation at his most hateful moments — and it shocked America that such a villain could find so many willing listeners.  And in both his book, The Audacity of Hope, and in the pre-public discovery of Wright, the would-be president of the United States had seemed to think Wright was not only a spiritual font, but some sort of modernist philosopher, an undiscovered Chicago Niebuhr of sorts.

Are the Sins of the Fatherless the Root of Obama's Tyranny?  Barack clearly fits the profile of young boys traumatized by loss of a father, turning to atheistic gods.  It's reported Obama no longer attends church.  But don't be shocked at old friends remembering his Marxist self-identity, and a two-decade attendance at a Marxist-fixated church under a racist crackpot "pastor" espousing socialist wealth-redistribution ideals.  It fits the larger pattern.

Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability?  [Scroll down]  BHO admits that ]Jeremiah] Wright was his spiritual leader, married him to Michelle, and baptized his children.  BHO took them to Trinity United Church for sermons.  Assuming he cares about his children, it is reasonable to expect that he would have paid attention to the words from the pulpit and been aware of what his kids' spirits were being fed.  He did not and was not.  Further, assuming the same, one would have expected conversations between parents and children discussing the contents of the sermons, their takeaway lessons, what his children may have learned from their friends in attendance, etc.  It stretches credulity that in about twenty years' worth of attendance (around 1,040 Sundays, though he claims not to have gone every week), a number of them with children in tow, BHO never heard Wright speak "controversially" or learned of Wright's positions, either directly at church or indirectly from family, friends, newsletters, etc.

Corrupting Hatred.  To the followers of the Reverend, the Imam, and the Minister: ... [Louis] Farrakhan has long been associated with anti-Semitic canards, and for most Americans, Farrakhan epitomizes racism of the basest type.  Yet in 2007, Barack Obama's former minister, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, bestowed the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said "truly epitomized greatness" — thus, a man who consistently denigrates the Holocaust is seen fit by Obama's mentor to receive an award.  Do you agree with him or not?

Rev. Wright:  Civil Rights Movement About 'Becoming White'.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright unleashed a slew of racially charged proclamations at a seminar in Chicago last week, reportedly comparing the United States with apartheid South Africa and claiming the civil rights movement was about "becoming white." ... In the seminar, Wright reportedly told those in the class they will never "be a brother to white folk," describing racial divisions in the country as entrenched — as he did as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ. ... At another point, he said:  "White folk done took this country.  You're in their home and they're going to let you know it."

Wright is Still Wrong!  This past week Rev. Jeremiah Wright emerged again from the ashes of obscurity to the spotlight.  Like the mythical phoenix rising again from the fires of death, Wright is still politically alive after becoming a symbol of racism and division for mainstream America.  His actions mirror his friend, Louis Farrakhan, who has recently attempted to malign Jews worldwide.

Barack Obama's Attention Deficit Disorder.  Just consider Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright.  Despite calling the prejudiced preacher a friend, mentor and uncle, despite sitting in Wrong's church for 20 years, despite being married and having his daughters baptized by him, Obama says he was completely unaware of the bigot's anti-American, anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-Western and anti-Christian views.

Obama's race-rant Rev. rages on.  He's been keeping such a low profile since nearly derailing Barack Obama's campaign for president in 2008 — is it possible that the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright has mellowed?  Hardly.  During a five-day seminar Wright taught last week in Chicago, he was back at it, claiming that whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America.
This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2013 by Andrew K. Dart

Rev. Wright: 'Obama Threw Me Under the Bus'.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, said in a letter obtained by The Associated Press that he is "toxic" to the Obama administration and that the president "threw me under the bus."

Obama's Hackneyed Hypocrisy.  Barack Obama has spent his whole adult life doing the bidding of powerful interests. ... In Chicago, he settled in tony Hyde Park ... and chose the church of the wild and hateful Rev. Jeremiah Wright because it gave him a powerful entrée into the poor black community that he otherwise would lack if he spent all his time in Hyde Park.  He himself noted that he didn't really join a church until he appreciated "the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change."  This all was of a piece with his training as an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, who taught that power is its own justification.

Rev. Wright Wishes Obama Would Talk to Him, Slams Fox.  President Obama's former pastor Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. on Wednesday [3/10/2010] compared the president to a son who was being treated unfairly and said it had been hard weathering the media storm after Obama became a serious contender for the White House and controversy erupted over Wright's fiery sermons.

Two weeks later...
Wright Calls Americans Racist, Slams Fox News.  Reverend Jeremiah Wright commented Thursday [3/25/2010] on the controversy surrounding his fiery sermons brought up during President Barack Obama's campaign for the White House and the angry opposition to the historic new healthcare law.

Liberalism Is Dead.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama is not a liberal; he is a third-world Socialist of the really angry kind.  Obama has been surrounded by enraged Leftists from childhood on, including those crucial four years of living in Indonesia right after the whole Communist Party was wiped out by the Indonesian military under General Sukarno.  That's Obama's real experience of the world outside of Hawaii.  Ever since then, Obama has chosen to be surrounded by anti-Western, anti-liberal Leftists.  Jeremiah Wright is perfectly typical of Obama's crowd.

The Friends of Barack Hussein Obama:  the Castro Connection.  "I have been affiliated with the Cuban Council of Churches since the 1980s," boasted Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a sermon on July 16, 2006.

A Black Pastor Speaks Out on President Obama's Past.  [Scroll down]  First, the President was taught for twenty years by a virulent anti-Semite, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  In the black community it is called "sitting under".  You don't merely attend a church, you "sit under" a Pastor to be taught and mentored by him.  Obama "sat under" Wright for a very long time.  He was comfortable enough with Farrakhan and Wright's friend to attend and help organize his "Million Man March".  I was on C-Span the morning of the march arguing that we must never legitimize a racist and anti-Semite, no matter what "good" he claims to be doing.  Yet a future President was in the crowd giving Farrakhan his enthusiastic support.

Obama the Racist?  [Scroll down]  After the tutelage of [Frank Marshall] Davis, Obama's next-biggest "non-influence," as it were, came in his twenty-plus-year association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Obama sold his racism to whites during his presidential campaign, saying that he didn't really listen to the hate-speech wrongfully labeled "sermons" at his so-called church.  This was a "church" that practiced Cone's Black Liberation Theology, — a "theology" in which if the word "black" were replaced with "white," the "church" would have undoubtedly been considered a haven for the Aryan Brotherhood.

The $50 Billion New Socialist Media.  Robert W. McChesney, the socialist professor whose Free Press organization is leading the charge for the $50 billion transformation of the media, hosts a one-sided, tax-supported radio program sponsored by the University of Illinois that could serve as a model for the "New Public Media" the group has envisioned for America.  As Accuracy in Media was the first to disclose, McChesney recently introduced Obama's anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright at a celebration of the socialist publication Monthly Review.  Wright praised Marxism and called America "land of the greed and home of the slave."

Controversial New Video of Obama's Pastor.  A new video of Jeremiah Wright has surfaced, showing Barack Obama's pastor of 20 years praising Marxism and discussing his ties to communists in El Salvador and Nicaragua and the Libyan government.  Equally important, Wright is being introduced in the video by Robert W. McChesney, co-founder of Free Press, an organization which has come under scrutiny for its links to the Obama Administration and dedication to the transformation and control of the private media in the U.S.

Is Obama a Closet Conehead?  President Obama has never mentioned black liberation theologian James Cone, despite his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright's devotion to his work. ... It is apparent that Rev. Wright considers Cone's writings pivotal in comprehending his own teachings.  If that is true, isn't it likely that, at some point during the twenty odd years he mentored Obama, Rev. Wright had suggested the young man read Cone's publications?  Don't pastors usually encourage members of their congregation to read books they consider central to understanding the faith they espouse? ... A follower of Cone's theology would consider the present American system an evil to be annihilated rather than reformed.

But what about Chicago?  The most puzzling thing about Barack Obama's choice of church was that he sat there, listening to the hate-filled rants of Jeremiah Wright for what would come close to 1,040 Sundays but never saw the obvious connection between all that hate and the young, black male violence right outside the door there.  One of Jeremiah Wright's most passionate and oft-repeated fallacies was one that candidate Obama adopted as his own, until more than a few folks pointed out the sheer dishonesty of it.

Obama's Dissolving Credibility.  We had our warning during the campaign, we really did.  Remember Barack Obama's famous speech on race, back in March of 2008?  Obama had spent 20 years listening to the sermons of Jeremiah Wright, full of venomous anti-Americanism and attacks on "white America."  Yet when the reverend's rants were revealed to the public, Obama tried to convince us that he just happened to be missing from the pews on any well-documented Sunday, and that the Jeremiah Wright we saw and heard was not the Jeremiah Wright he knew.  It was a giant, implausible lie.

10 Reasons Why We Fight Against Obama.  [#8.] Obama is a racist.  As the product of a racist Church, whose hate speech has has defended, Obama's inauguration only showcased more examples of racism and fostering racial divisions, e.g. "and when white will embrace what is right."  The problem is not that Obama is black, the problem is that he is a racist and that he surrounds himself with racists.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright sorry, but gets ripped by Jewish group ADL.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright apologized and said he "misspoke" and meant "Zionists" when he said earlier this week that "them Jews" were keeping him from talking to President Obama.  Wright, according to Sirius Radio, called into Mark Thompson's daily show on the network to explain his comments to the Daily Press of Newport News, Va. Wright called in from the Hampton Ministers' Conference, an annual gathering of African-American ministers in Virginia.

The Editor says...
If there were an annual whites-only ministers meeting, would that not be front page news?

After Obama Fails.  Indeed, from the Sotomayor pick and anti-business rhetoric to the endless lecturing about America's sins, Mr. Obama is starting to sound a lot like his former pastor.  To be sure Obama is not as grating and shrill as Mr. Wright but closer to something more like Jeremiah-lite.  In other words, Mr. Obama's strategy seems to be to convince Americans to drink his socialist tonic out of sheer guilt.  I'm not sure what is so inspiring about all of this.

Why did the press ignore the Van Jones scandal?  On March 13, 2008, ABC News broke the story that Barack Obama's longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, had made a number of incendiary statements from the pulpit of Obama's church in Chicago.  The most inflammatory of those remarks was Wright's notorious "God d--- America" sermon.  The news set off a media firestorm.  "God d--- America" was in the papers, magazines, the Internet, television, radio.  It was everywhere, except one place:  the news pages of America's most powerful newspaper, the New York Times.

Jeremiah Wright: 'Them Jews' Keeping Him from Obama.  A day before an anti-Semitic gunman shot and killed a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, controversial Chicago pastor Jeremiah Wright was making news with some anti-Jewish comments of his own.  In a Tuesday evening [6/9/2009] interview, Wright told a Virginia reporter that Jewish members of the White House staff had kept him from talking to his former church member, President Obama, since last November's election.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright says "Jews" are keeping him from President Obama.  Same brashness.  Same spontaneity.  Same lightning-rod remarks.  If you were thinking the Rev. Jeremiah Wright had been tempered by a national backlash that nearly derailed Barack Obama's trip to the White House, guess again.

Obama and 'Them Jews':  Do you remember Jeremiah Wright, the long-time pastor, mentor and spiritual guide to Barack Obama? ... Well, the good reverend is back in the news.  Asked by a reporter if he had recently spoken to the president, Wright said, "Them Jews aren't going to let me talk to him."  "Them Jews" was an apparent reference to several top Obama aides, including White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Obama's Pastor Yelps:  "Them Jews Aren't Going to Let Him Talk to Me!".  Rev. Wright, who served for many years as Mr. Obama's pastor at the Trinity UCC in Chicago, said in an interview this week that President Obama had not spoken with him recently because "them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me."  He added:  "Ethnic cleansing is going on in Gaza.  Ethnic cleansing of the Zionists is a sin and a crime against humanity."

Rev. Jeremiah Wright and 'them Jews'.  What, exactly, did Wright mean with his remark?  Well, at least two things.  The first is that Obama is not a man who knows his own mind or can make his own decisions.  He's merely a puppet in the hands of "them Jews."  The second is the premise of all classic Jew-baiters and anti-Semites:  That Jews control the economy and the government and that there is some sort of Jewish cabal that seeks to run the world.

The Making of a Fuehrer:  For twenty years Obama was part of Jeremiah Wright's racist church and listened to all the hate which that man spewed against the Jews and the "rich White America."  Obama did not object to any of those hateful comments and even donated $20,000 dollars to his Trinity United Church of Christ.

Wolffe: President Missed Rev. Wright's Racist Rants Because 'He Wasn't Much of a Churchgoer'.  If you've ever wondered why the mainstream media didn't show much curiosity about how 20 years of attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church shaped President Barack Obama, there is a perfectly logical explanation.  Obama wasn't really there.

He's back: Rev. Wright rips Obama (a bit).  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright says Barack Obama has made mistakes but is "like my child" and he says he'll always love the president.  The former pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ spoke to around 400 people at the Methodist Federation for Social Action awards in Ames [Iowa].

Obama's fiery former pastor visits S.F. church.  President Obama's former pastor gave the sermon at one of San Francisco's oldest Baptist churches Sunday and gave local parishioners a taste of the controversial oratory style that created such a stir during the presidential campaign — ultimately prompting Obama to resign his membership at the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Chicago church.

20 Great Moments from Obama's First 100 Days!  [#12]  Despite the fact that Obama went to an anti-white church, he ran on racial reconciliation.  Therefore, it was a wee bit of surprise when his attorney general, Eric Holder, described America as a, "nation of cowards."  Perhaps Holder lost his bearings for a minute, thought he was overseas, and figured that would be an applause line.

Giving Back Cold War Gains.  The Soviets spread lies about the nature of democracy and destroyed indigenous democratic movements, lest they leech off the revolutionary ardor of groups both more murderous and more loyal to the Kremlin. ... They funded antiwar movements, peace congresses and supposedly crusading "independent" journalists.  For example, they spread the lie around the globe that America invented AIDS to kill blacks.  That lie made it all the way to Barack Obama's church, where Obama's former mentor and pastor, Jeremiah Wright, would repeat it with blindingly ignorant passion, saying that America invented "the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color."

You Thought the Jeremiad Was Over?  The good news for President-elect Barack Obama:  More than a million people are in town for your inauguration.  The bad news for President-elect Obama:  One of them is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The Wright Stuff.  A year ago, Barack Obama was running for president and people were starting to pay attention to his "spiritual mentor," Jeremiah Wright.  Obama tried to have it every way:  He claimed he had no idea about Wright's crackpot ravings, which of course he did not agree with, but he proclaimed his personal loyalty to a man he portrayed as merely eccentric and avuncular.  Months later, when this approach was no longer politically tenable, Obama threw Wright under the bus, as the vivid campaign metaphor had it.  The pattern has repeated itself, and because Obama is president, now his choice of associates really matters.

Rev. Wright Cautions:  Obama 'Ain't Jesus'.  President Barack Obama's longtime minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, gave an assessment Thursday of his former congregant's short time in the White House:  Obama is just like any other president.  Speaking in a brief interview with The Associated Press before giving a speech at a civil rights landmark, Wright smiled at the mention of the name of the nation's first black president.

Rev. Wright Attacks ABC, CNN, Time, Hannity, O'Reilly...  Rev. Jeremiah Wright returned to the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ on Sunday, reports Manya Brachear of the Chicago Tribune.  Will the networks notice that Wright suggested ABC and CNN were "the gates of Hell"?  They might enjoy Wright suggesting Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly were Satan, but he also listed the Chicago newspapers and Time magazine.  He also mocked Elizabeth Hasselbeck as factually challenged — even as he insisted that December 7 was the day the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima ... .

Obama's Afrocentric, America-Hating Church:  As readers here know, there has been some recent controversy about Barack Obama's religious background.  Mr. Obama has recently issued statements through his spokesmen in the media (i.e., reporters) which express his shock at being questioned about such things.  Most of his media spokesmen (i.e., reporters) have then gone on to cite his membership in Chicago's Trinity United Church Of Christ parish as proof that he is just a regular run of the mill American Christian.

The Exact Word:  Black-Liberation Theology is a type of Marxist Liberation Theology that promotes an Afrocentric social gospel.  Inspired by Black Muslim nationalism, James Cone combined Marxism with black religion and a black Gospel and created Black-Liberation Theology.  Cone's theology is designed to liberate African-Americans from the economic slavery of the white man's free market system and to build a completely new society. ... Cone's theology is the core doctrine and his books are required reading in the church Obama attended for 20 years.

Obama's Religious Ruse: The Cult of the Marxist Messiah.  Barack Obama has identified himself with Christianity as a cloak for his political agenda.  The founder of community organizing, Saul Alinsky, regarded churches as an ideal vehicle for advancing the Marxist cause.  But to have credibility in organizing churches, young Obama needed to join a church.  So Bill Ayers' recruit was sent to Chicago's Trinity UCC.  There he found in Jeremiah Wright a mentor of kindred spirit, obsessed with race and loathing America.  Its mission statement declares Trinity's purpose is to be "agents of change for God who is not pleased with America's economic mal-distribution."

What We Know About Obama:  [Scroll down]  Similarly, Obama's "association" with Wright was far more than a mere pastor-parishioner — or even mentor-protégé — relationship.  Obama's work with the Gamaliel Foundation required him to "organize" left-leaning churches into a larger political force.  His real interest in Wright, Pfleger, and Meeks was to turn them into the nucleus of a far broader politicized coalition of radical black churches — as shown, for example, by his work with them on the Illinois racial-profiling bill.  Again, we are not dealing with mere "associations," but with intentional political partnerships.

Despite Campaign Claim, Obama Told Paper He Attended Trinity Church 'Every Week'.  President-elect Barack Obama said in 2004 — while he was a state legislator running for a U.S. Senate seat — that he attended services at Trinity United Church of Christ every week.  This is in contrast to what Obama, as a presidential candidate, said this year after controversial anti-American remarks by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright surfaced.  Obama then told news outlets that he did not attend the church frequently and was not aware of Wright's comments.

Racy Content.  The idea that Obama was ever really about transcending race flies completely in the face of his own writings.  The overarching theme of his book "Dreams From My Father" is the story of man who found it impossible to transcend race and instead explicitly chose to have a racial identity when he didn't have to (he describes fellow multiracial students he met in college as sellouts).  He then joined a black church whose theology is shot-through with black nationalism and whose longtime pastor believes that black brains are different from white brains.

The Unitarian Church and Obama's Religious Upbringing.  [Obama's half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, says,] "The man has been a Christian for 20 years."  Soetoro-Ng is able to make that ... claim based entirely on Obama's 1988 decision to join Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology Trinity United Church of Christ in 1988.  Dr James Cone of Union Theological Seminary invented Black Liberation Theology.  Explains Cone, "If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him."  But Obama resigned from Trinity after a May 25, 2008 sermon by Rev. Michael Pfleger worsened political problems caused by exposure of Wright's "God damn America" sermons.

Editor's note:
The following article is now outdated, since Mr. Obama won the presidential election.  The same is true of some other items on this page, but they are being left on line as a news digest for historical reference.  Who knows -- this information might become relevant again if Jeremiah Wright resurfaces.

Can Obama Win the "Values Voter?"  Reverend Jeremiah Wright remains an albatross, even given the media's best efforts to avoid him.  The ranting, raving, blaspheming political sermons by an uncorked, unhinged Wright — with the congregation loving every minute — remains a cruise missile at Obama's bid for moderate to conservative churchgoers.  Obama was way too close to Wright to politically extricate himself.

Trinity church rejoices:  'Yes, we did!'.  Hundreds of worshipers packed into the sanctuary for a joyous service that celebrated the church's role in the spiritual awakening of a future president.  Trinity's pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III, said history would note that Trinity was the holy place where "God stirred a young man's soul and put him on the path to the presidency."

Barack Obama's former church sees better days ahead.  [Scroll down]  With Trinity under relentless attack, [Rev. Otis] Moss said he and church members faced a decision:  Should they lash out or turn inward?  Moss chose to turn inward.  Establishing new rules, Moss banned cameras and recorders from church.  Reporters required approval to enter.  Church members were instructed not to speak to any media.

The Editor says...
Apparently it's still an anti-American black separatist cult, but as long as it's not on television, most people no longer care.  Similarly, even though the sewer is out of sight, there is no doubt that it's still messy.

As US churches mark election, Obama skips services.  His name was invoked at church services nationwide on Sunday, but President-elect Obama didn't attend any of them.  He went to the gym instead.  Obama doesn't have a church in Chicago since he severed ties in April with his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

Why Islamists Cheer For Obama:  Initially Obama argued that [Jeremiah] Wright's statements were taken out of context and played in a loop for heightened effect.  But when it was discovered that there was more, Obama took a different line.  He claimed that he had personally never heard Wright speak like this and that he knew nothing of his father figure's virulent anti-Americanism.  This is obviously a lie and an egregious one at that.  Whatever can be said about Barack Obama, he is not stupid.  A Harvard-educated lawyer, he has repeatedly shown intelligence and shrewdness during his meteoric rise to national prominence.  It is completely unbelievable he would not know about the belief system of the person who was his confidant for nearly 20 years.

Obama pleads for nanny state.  Dear Mr. Obama:  Sir, you confuse me. … Most Americans believe that our spiritual lives define us.  We also believe that your 20-plus years at the Chicago church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright define you.  If so, that would make you a radical racist — an America-hating, white-hating, Louis Farrakhan-supporting extremist.  Do you really expect us to believe that you sat in the pews for 20 years and did not hear any radical, anti-American drivel come out of the mouth of Rev. Wright?

The odd choices in Barack Obama's career:  Obama apparently had to swear an oath of belief in "black liberation theology" when he joined the [TUCC].  (It is the little touches of that sort that make it a "cult", and not simply a "church".)  Did the thought of his career ever cross his mind?  Didn't he realize that church would inevitably cause him trouble somewhere down the line?

Obama's Leftism:  The first time Obama attended services at Trinity, Wright delivered a sermon (it was titled "the audacity of hope") whose theme was:  "white folks' greed runs a world in need."  Twenty years later, when it was revealed that Wright's church had honored Louis Farrakhan, that Wright had traveled with Farrakhan to visit the Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, and that in his sermons Wright had beseeched God to "damn America," charged the U.S. government with inventing the AIDS virus in order to kill black people, and claimed that Israel and South Africa had colluded to invent an "ethnic bomb" to kill blacks and Arabs while leaving whites unharmed — when all this was revealed, Obama, under pressure from the Hillary Clinton campaign, declared himself "shocked" at Wright's vitriol.  But in truth not only was he aware of Wright's views, they were what had drawn him to Trinity church in the first place.

Wright 101.  Obama's tie to [Jeremiah] Wright is no longer a purely personal question (if it ever was one) about one man's choice of his pastor.  The fact that Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Wright's anti-Americanism means that this is now a matter of public policy, and therefore an entirely legitimate issue in this campaign.

The Wright Stuff.  [Scroll down] … and so, I asked, if Ayers is a legitimate issue, what about Reverend Wright?  [Sarah Palin] didn't hesitate:  "To tell you the truth, Bill, I don't know why that association isn't discussed more, because those were appalling things that that pastor had said about our great country, and to have sat in the pews for 20 years and listened to that — with, I don't know, a sense of condoning it, I guess, because he didn't get up and leave — to me, that does say something about character."

Sowing ACORNs to reap the biggest oak tree:  Back in Chicago, Barack Obama was "spiritually mentored" for twenty years by wild man Jeremiah Wright, whose Liberation Theology has been called "Marxism" by none less than Pope Benedict himself -- a man who understands the difference between theology and atheist ideology.  The New Republic describes Barack Obama listening to J-Wright in church, "Obama, sitting in the third row with his wife and two daughters, Malia and Natasha, stands, claps, prays, and sways along with the rest of the congregation.  During the sermon, he watches the preacher carefully and writes notes."  Wonder if the Obama campaign would like to share those sermon notes with the voters?

What Would MLK Do?  I've worshipped in quite a number of predominantly black churches.  I've also visited Obama's church of 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ.  And I don't believe I've ever been in any Christian church that was as far afield of traditional Christianity as is Trinity United.  I simply cannot, for the life of me, imagine King standing in his pulpit, hollering profanities aimed at the United States of America.

Masters of Disaster:  On March 13, ABC News was the first major media outlet to report on the anti-American rants of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama's Trinty Church in Chicago, igniting a controversy that continued to make headlines for weeks.

Whites Are Anti-Christ — That's Obama's Christianity?  Read the preface to the 1970 Edition of A Black Theology Of Liberation, by James H. Cone, and then tell me the TUCC is a Christian church.

Let scrutiny begin.  The fact is Obama spent more than a third of his adult life as a member of a church where black liberation theology is taught on a regular basis.  Black liberation theology is a mixing of the Christian gospel with Marxism, and the man most responsible for doing this is James H. Cone, a preacher turned professor at the Union Theological Seminary in New York.  Cone is the mentor of Wright, and he was reported to say following Obama's Philadelphia speech that he found nothing in Obama's books or speeches contradicting black liberation theology.

Black Liberation Theology:  The Enemy Within.  [Scroll down]  The incongruence with mainstream Christianity aside, Black Liberation Theology doesn't even make sense.  Churches and pastors which espouse BLT could not exist without one essential element:  A white oppressor.  The more one studies this heresy, the clearer it becomes that this element is even more important than Christ Himself.  Where then, one may ask, is the salvation of Christ in this theology?

Wright's Theology as Victimology:  "Reducing black identity to "victim" distorts the reality of true progress.  For example, was Obama a victim of widespread racial oppression at the hand of "rich white people" before graduating from Columbia University, Harvard Law School magna cum laude, or after he acquired his estimated net worth of $1.3 million?  How did "rich white people" keep Obama from succeeding?"

Marxist roots of Black Liberation Theology:  Understanding the background of the movement might give better clarity into Wright's recent vitriolic preaching.  A clear definition of black theology was first given formulation in 1969 by the National Committee of Black Church Men in the midst of the civil-rights movement:  Black theology is a theology of black liberation. … Black theology is a theology of 'blackness.'

Racism in the pews:  The hate-filled anti-American sermons of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. and other wolves in sheep's clothing have been exposed.  Yet, there still remains an unspoken disease infecting the black church -- the racism in the pews.  So, why do so many black "Christians" follow false, racist preachers?

Pulpit Racism Leads Blacks To Destruction.  Racism in the pulpit has been an ugly reality in the black community for some 40 years.  Yet, it took the mad rantings of Barack Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. to bring it to our national consciousness.  For the sake of the future of our great country, it is time we spoke frankly about this insidious cancer.

The Truth About Black Liberal Theology:  All racist theologies have the same basic core ideas and methodology.  Thus it does not really matter if we are talking about the KKK, the Nation of Islam or Black liberal theology, their focus is always on skin and not sin; race and not grace; gossip and not gospel.  Racism is always focused on the outward instead of the inward because it cannot deal with the root problem of sin.  Hatred and violence feed on bitterness and racist rage.  Class envy does not help anyone in this life or in the next.  Blaming others for one's own sin and guilt will not solve the problem.

Obama's Gospel of Envy:  Anger, or envy, about trust funds seems to be a big thing with the Trinity crowd.  Michelle Obama, for instance, bellyached regularly during her stump speech in the primaries:  "You're looking at a young couple that's just a few years out of debt.  See, because we went to those good schools and we didn't have trust funds.  I'm still waiting for Barack's trust fund.  Especially after I heard that Dick Cheney was s'posed to be a relative or something.  Give us something here!"

Do the Wright Thing.  As an up-and-coming Chicago lawyer and politician during the 1990s, Barack Obama courted key players in the city's black community — including his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright — to bolster his aspirations for higher office. … Such ties have now proved to be a drag on Obama's effort to win the Democratic presidential nomination, especially after Wright's fiery, sometimes cartoonish, criticism of American foreign policy and support for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, came to light.

The Pastor Casts a Shadow.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright went to Washington on Monday [4/28/2008] not to praise Barack Obama, but to bury him.  Smiling, cracking corny jokes, mugging it up for the big-time news media — this reverend is never going away.  He's found himself a national platform, and he's loving it.  It's a twofer.  Feeling dissed by Senator Obama, Mr. Wright gets revenge on his former follower while bathed in a spotlight brighter than any he could ever have imagined.  He's living a narcissist's dream.  At long last, his 15 minutes have arrived.

Obama:  Too Little, Too Late.  [In] "Dreams from My Father", [Obama] describes in vivid detail his first meeting with [Jeremiah] Wright, whom he quotes as warning him:  "Life's not safe for a black man in this country, Barack.  Never has been.  Probably never will be."  Apparently these words didn't set off warning lights.  To the contrary, the young, Ivy-League educated Obama, who had been raised in Hawaii by his white grandparents and attended prep school there, seemed to be seeking a vicarious sense of victimhood in Wright's church.

Obama:  Religious Hypocrite.  Senator Barack Obama is one of the leading candidates who parades as a compassionate Christian.  He is just the opposite. … The truth is that United Church of Christ member Obama is true to his theologically liberal Protestant denomination but he is abhorrent in the sight of God.

Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism.  Until I started following the threads of Obama's Chicago history, his church, his other associations, especially the religious ones, I honestly didn't think anyone but the scantiest few fringe neo-Nazis or throngs of Middle-Eastern Muslims still harbored Jew hatred. … But when I read the Black Liberation Theology books of James H. Cone, I saw a subtly disguised, resentful kind of antisemitism which I had never encountered before.

Who is Barack Obama?  Who is Barack Obama?  The truth is that neither Sen. Obama's supporters nor opponents can answer that question. … The people closest to Sen. Obama — and by his own account the two greatest living influences on his thinking — are his wife Michelle and his pastor, Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.  And each of them has made comments about America that could dissuade Americans from voting for Sen. Obama at least until they can get to know him better.

Obama's Marxist Axis Of Friends:  [Jeremiah] Wright is an adherent of black liberation theology, an explicitly Marxist interpretation of the Bible whose aim is to stir up class and race hatred to advance communism.  Created by a rifle-toting Peruvian priest in the 1960s, it's now discredited in religious circles.  "Liberation theology isolates a few verses, takes them out of context, and then exaggerates their meaning," said the Rev. Bob Schenk of the National Clergy Council, on "Hannity's America" last weekend.  But Wright clings to it.  And recently, he loudly praised the Marxist Sandinista dictatorship of Nicaragua.

At Obama's Former Church, Hurt Lingers.  This was not how it was supposed to be.  Obama, the biracial presidential candidate who has pledged to unite Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor, blacks and whites, was going to provide an opening for Trinity and other black churches to shatter their stereotypes and bolster their national presence.  Instead, a landslide of negative video of Trinity's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., and right-wing political attacks left Obama's former church and others like it even more marginalized and vilified.

Obama Is No 'Post-Racial' Candidate.  The issue that troubled many Americans about the widely publicized sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright was his view that America is an "institutionally racist" society.  This view lies at the heart of the defense advocates of race preferences make for "affirmative action."  It is also at the core of Black Liberation Theology.  By supporting race preferences, Mr. Obama is unmistakably attaching himself to despicable ideas like Rev. Wright's.

Barack and Michelle Keeping the Faith.  I'm not buying the Obama campaign spin on Michelle Obama's patriotic faux pas this week, any more than I'm inclined to believe that Barack Obama's refusal to wear our flag pin in his lapel is a meaningless gesture.  Both Michelle's stated lack of pride in America until this precise moment in history, and Barack's unwillingness to don our national symbol are in perfect keeping with the doctrines of their church, Trinity United Church of Christ.

Start the scrutiny.  Almost 20 years ago [Barack Obama] became a member of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.  There he gave his support to a program the church calls a Black Value System, which has nothing to do with Christianity, but encourages the separation of the races.  At its best the philosophy encourages the empowerment of black America.  At its worst it blames white people for every problem in the black community and tells adherents that they must not be "captive" to white society.

Obama's Farrakhan Test:  Barack Obama is a member of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.  Its minister, and Obama's spiritual adviser, is the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.  In 1982, the church launched Trumpet Newsmagazine; Wright's daughters serve as publisher and executive editor.  Every year, the magazine makes awards in various categories.  Last year, it gave the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said "truly epitomized greatness."  That man is Louis Farrakhan.

The First Affirmative Action Candidate.  Can you imagine proclamations posted on the church websites of the white presidential candidates (Protestant or Catholic), proclaiming that they are "unashamedly white?"  Seems Obama's pastor; Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the Chicago Trinity United Church (of which Obama has been a member of since 1988) is quoted as stating that he is "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian."  Rev. Wright, whom Obama credits with being the inspiration for his book, The Audacity of Hope, subscribes to what he calls the "Black Value System."  Does Obama also subscribe to this value system?  Obama has distanced himself from Wright's decision to present an award to Louis Farrakhan, but he has not otherwise distanced himself from this black radical pastor.

Why Does Obama's Pastor Matter?  On March 1, 1972, Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. became the pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), a position he still holds to this day.  Because he has been a revered figure in the life of presidential aspirant Barack Obama for two decades, Wright's political views, which he commonly draws from the tenets of liberation theology, are worthy of some scrutiny — if only to shed light on the teachings that have had enough resonance to retain Obama as a TUCC congregant since 1988.

The Editor says...
FYI, the United Church of Christ also approves of same-sex marriage, abortion, and reparations for slavery.
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Barack Obama's Church Changes the Way it Describes its Mission for African Americans.  Barack Obama's church is scrambling to undo the impression it is a ministry for blacks only with a radical message.  The Web site of the Trinity United Church of Christ has been purged of a section which spoke of the church's endorsement of — "black ethics" that — "must be taught and exemplified … wherever blacks are gathered."  Among those black ethics are "commitment to the black community, commitment to the black family, disavowal of the pursuit of middleclassness and allegiance to all black leadership who espouse and embrace the black value system."

Barack Obama's Controversial Pastor Puts Church In Hot Water.  Barack Obama's controversial pastor and the church he's served for 36 years may be in hot water over statements he has made from the pulpit in support of the Illinois senator's run for the White House.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. preaches that he follows the righteous path, but when it comes to the federal tax law, his Trinity United Church of Christ may have crossed the line.

Obama and the Bombmaker's Church:  Let's move on from the tale of Senator Barack Obama's pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to another tale of Obama's United Church of Christ — a denomination that he and I share.  Does the name Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional — Armed Forces of National Liberation — ring a bell?  You may remember this charming group by its initials, FALN.

Obama Minister's Hatred of America:  In a sermon delivered at Howard University, Barack Obama's longtime minister, friend, and adviser blamed America for starting the AIDS virus, training professional killers, importing drugs, and creating a racist society that would never elect a black man as president.  The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, gave the sermon at the school's Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel in Washington on Jan. 15, 2006.  While snippets from the sermon have appeared in a few magazines, no news outlet has previously run the entire text of Wright's diatribe.

Obama Attempts Damage Control, Fallout Over Pastor's Sermons Unclear.  Obama's pastor long has been a lightning rod for controversy.  For starters, Wright's relationship with Louis Farrakhan, once described by Obama as a "close" relationship, has been of concern to many in the Jewish community.  And once Wright's remarks were publicized last year, Obama backed out of plans to have Wright speak at his Feb. 10, 2007, presidential announcement.

The AP Style Guide on Defending Barack Obama:  The Associated Press editors tasked in-house "writer" Phillip Elliott to write an article that dispels the "rumors and outright lies" concerning Barack Obama and the perception that Mr. Obama's support of Israel is questionable.  The product of that task is what you'd expect from any number of left leaning story tellers in the mainstream media who write about Obama as opposed to journalists, reporters and political observers that actually take the time to research, study and honestly discuss that which they have found.

Obama's pastor disaster:  Jeremiah Wright is not exactly peripheral to Barack Obama's life.  He married the Obamas and baptized their children.  Those of us who made the mistake of buying the senator's latest book, "The Audacity Of Hope," and assumed the title was an ingeniously parodic distillation of the great sonorous banality of an entire genre of blandly uplifting political writing discovered circa page 127 that in fact the phrase comes from one of the Rev. Wright's sermons.  Jeremiah Wright has been Barack Obama's pastor for 20 years — in other words, pretty much the senator's entire adult life.

Wright and Wrong:  Obama's angry pastor.  If you've heard some of the chilling audio or watched some of the video from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a.k.a. Barack Obama's pastor, you've seen some of the dreams of Hillary Clinton's campaign realized.  Henceforth, it will be tough for media folk to fluff the pillows for Obama.  For once, reporters are having to focus on some unpleasant truths — truths you already know about if you've been watching Sean Hannity's Fox News shows or listening to his radio program.

The story behind the story:  Obama's pastor.  Wright is pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, which on its website calls itself "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian," and lists "a non-negotiable commitment to Africa" as part of its "10-point Vision."  The minister's controversial history has been written about countless times throughout the campaign.  Wright has ties to the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the black supremacist leader of the Nation of Islam — a fact that has been noted in more than 100 news stories just in the past few months, according to the Nexis database of news coverage.

Obama's ties to the Nation of Islam:  Jeremiah Wright, Obama's esteemed pastor for 20 years, came out of a Nation background.  Recently he accepted protection from an NOI security detail, and has praised Louis Farrakhan, the NOI's leader, as one of the "giants of the African American religious experience."  Wright's church celebrated Farrakhan for his having "truly epitomized greatness."  Farrakhan himself endorsed Obama, calling him "the hope of the entire world," "one who can lift America from her fall," and even "the Messiah."

Did his mentor share hatred with Barack?  Loose cannons in the pulpit are nothing new.  But what makes this one worthy of a closer look is that he's Barack Hussein Obama's pastor, friend and spiritual mentor.  This would-be president, about whom much too little is known, has, in fact, been an active member of Wright's flock for the past 20 years, certainly long enough to have known what the man is all about, and long enough to have left in protest if he found the sermons offensive.

Obama and the Minister:  Much as most of us would appreciate the symbolism of a black man ascending to the presidency, what we have in Barack Obama is a politician whose closeness to Mr. Wright underscores his radical record.  The media have largely ignored Mr. Obama's close association with Mr. Wright.  This raises legitimate questions about Mr. Obama's fundamental beliefs about his country.  Those questions deserve a clearer answer than Mr. Obama has provided so far.

Obama's Jeremiad:  This newspaper was the first to draw attention to Obama's hate-mongering preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, and his black segregationist church in Chicago. … Now comes the leaking of recently videotaped sermons by Wright angrily condemning whites as racists and America as evil.  If you close your eyes, you'd swear you were listening to the hateful rantings of uber-bigot Louis Farrakhan.  Like the Nation of Islam minister, Wright feeds his 8,500-member flock, including Obama and his family, legends about whites keeping blacks down by getting them hooked on crack and then locking them up.  He even claims whites invented AIDS to destroy blacks.

This just in...
Study traces AIDS virus origin to 100 years ago.  The AIDS virus has been circulating among people for about 100 years, decades longer than scientists had thought, a new study suggests.  Genetic analysis pushes the estimated origin of HIV back to between 1884 and 1924, with a more focused estimate at 1908.

The Editor says...
To my great astonishment, I discovered recently that I have a co-worker who actually believes everything Jeremiah Wright claims, including the claim that the U.S. government invented AIDS to wipe out the blacks.  At the same time he doesn't seem to care that abortion has been used to exterminate millions of black Americans.

I Don't Believe Obama.  If Barack Obama is to be believed, he just figured out that The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a complete nutjob. … Does Obama really expect us to believe that in nearly two decades he never attended a service where Reverend Wright uttered an unkind word about America?  Did Reverend Wright only go off the deep end on the Sundays when Obama wasn't around?

Wrighting Dirty:  The videos of Barack Obama's pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, surpass Saturday Night Live parodies.  As his congregants are hopping up and down like hyperactive children and fellow pastors are clapping him on the back, a sashaying Wright allows himself a range of rancid and conspiratorial musings that might even give Cynthia McKinney pause.  The feverish racism reaches its high point of buffoonishness when Wright accuses the so-called first black president, Bill Clinton, of "riding dirty," exploiting the black community as he exploited Monica Lewinsky.

The peculiar theology of black liberation:  Senator Barack Obama is not a Muslim, contrary to invidious rumors.  But he belongs to a Christian church whose doctrine casts Jesus Christ as a "black messiah" and blacks as "the chosen people".  At best, this is a radically different kind of Christianity than most Americans acknowledge; at worst it is an ethnocentric heresy.

Outspoken pastor brings down hellfire and brimstone on Obama.  Pastor Jeremiah Wright's inflammatory views from the pulpit have met a frenzy that has not been calmed by Senator Barack Obama's fierce repudiation, and the story of the preacher and the politician continues to dominate the US media.

Rev.'s Rants Shake Voters' Obama Faith.  More than half of voters are less likely to support Barack Obama for president after hearing the anti-American rants of his longtime Chicago pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a shocking poll revealed yesterday [3/17/2008].  The Rasmussen Reports survey found that Wright's controversial comments made 56 percent of voters, including 44 percent of Democrats, less inclined to vote for Obama.

Double Life of Barack Obama:  Barack Obama says he didn't hear the particular things that Jeremiah Wright said that are now causing so much comment. … If Barack Obama was not in church that particular day, he belonged to that church for 20 years.  He made a donation of more than $20,000 to that church.  In all that time, he never had a clue as to what kind of man Jeremiah Wright was?  Give me a break!  You can't be with someone for 20 years, call him your mentor, and not know about his racist and anti-American views.  Neither Barack Obama nor his media spinmeisters can put this story behind him with some facile election-year rhetoric.

The Dishonesty of Hope:  Evidently, Obama wants us to believe they never talked about anything besides the Gospel and the weather.  Nothing is so unbecoming as a beacon of the new politics resorting to such naked evasion.

Barack and the Bigot:  Other church members must have told Obama what Rev. Wright said, or he could have viewed the sermon on the church's Website.  It appears many others besides just Rev. Wright share this point of view.  If one looks at the video, church members are standing, shouting approval and applauding.  This is not one man speaking for himself.  From the reaction, one can fairly conclude he is speaking for most, if not all, of the congregation. But not for Barack Obama, he says.

Obama Attended Hate America Sermon.  If Obama's claims are true that he was completely unaware that Wright's trademark preaching style at the Trinity United Church of Christ has targeted "white" America and Israel, he would have been one of the few people in Chicago to be so uninformed.  Wright's reputation for spewing hate is well known.

Obama's Lies.  Will Obama deny he was in attendance at the controversial Chicago church when the pastor referred to "white arrogance" and "the United States of White America" on July 22, 2007, accompanied by his Secret Service detail.  Wright laced into America's establishment, blaming the "white arrogance" of America's Caucasian majority for the woes of the world, especially the oppression suffered by blacks.  To underscore the point he refers to the country as the "United States of White America."

Is Obama's hate-monger mentor really being lynched by his own videotapes?.  Obama:  "Ignore my actions (that I sat listening to hate and exposed my children to it); listen to my speeches."  "Ignore the words of my pastor for he knows not about what he speaks.  He is the victim of his generation"  Black ministers:  "Playing tapes Reverend Wright sells in his church equals lynching."  How more absurd can you get?!  If this does not remind you of Muslim apologia for Jihadists, I do not know what will.

Church accuses media of 'crucifixion'.  [Rev. Jeremiah] Wright built the church from a small flock of less than 100, to a strong pillar of African-American Chicago.  The church preaches an Afro-centric theology, describing itself as "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian."  Their black heritage is seen throughout the sanctuary.  Painted glass windows depict famous scenes from black history, like the founding of the NAACP, and church officials wear bright African print tunics and robes.

Obama's Church of Slurs:  Through months of outrage over Obama the Supposed Muslim, reporters have largely ignored the church Obama attends in Chicago.  The Trinity United Church of Christ claims to be "unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian."  It proclaims it's a church of "an African people, who remain 'true to our native land,' the mother continent, the cradle of civilization."  You can't tell conservatives that if their church said it was "a European people," committed to the European culture and motherland, that reporters wouldn't smell white supremacy in between the lines.

The Wrong Reverend.  What do we know — and what does Obama know — about Rev. Wright?  We know from his sermons that he blames the events of 9/ll on the United States:  "America's chickens are coming home to roost," he said the Sunday after the attacks, when human remains were still being uncovered in lower Manhattan.  He believes the AIDS virus is the malicious design of a white supremacist government.  He gave an achievement award to the anti-Semitic demagogue Louis Farrakhan.  We know, too, that he invokes the Bible to justify his crackpot conspiracy theories.

Throw Grandma Under the Bus.  As an authentic post-racial American, I will not patronize blacks by pretending Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is anything other than a raving racist loon. … We treat blacks like children, constantly talking about their temper tantrums right in front of them with airy phrases about black anger.  I will not pat blacks on the head and say, "Isn't that cute?"  As a post-racial American, I do not believe "the legacy of slavery" gives black people the right to be permanently ill-mannered.

It's Time to Call the Democrats on Race Demagogy.  The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a very popular preacher of racial anger in Chicago.  So is Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Cynthia McKinney, Professor Nikki Giovanni at Virginia Tech and far too many others.  They always get favorable media coverage, because they are speaking for the Left.  If you look at conservative blacks, you see exactly the opposite….  So the Left, and its mouthpiece the Democrats, have chosen the destructive demagogues and not the peace makers.  So be it.  But it's high time to call them on it.

Ready for Obama.  [Scroll down]  So, why did the Obamas not find another church after finding out that Reverend Wright had some tart things to say about "the Man"?  Because they weren't listening to them as logic, but as atmosphere.  To the Obamas, attending to such rhetoric may even have felt like a gesture of solidarity with less fortunate blacks.  Commentators reading this as evidence that the Obamas are conniving to get at the reigns of a nation they loathe are missing that in black America, to an extent that is easy to miss if one has not lived it, race trumps class.

Obama's Pastor and the Traditional Religious Left:  Apologists for Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright have tried to portray him as a traditional voice for the black church in America.  But ... Wright's calls for America's damnation and his suggestion that our country deserved 9-11 are fairly traditional fare within the Religious Left, especially among the mostly white elites of his 1.1 million member denomination.  His liberal stance on homosexuality, which is conventional within the UCC, is also anathema to historically black churches.

The Wright Stand:  Reverend Wright clearly preaches from a particular cast of mind, one with which Obama was surely familiar.  If Obama isn't willing to voice his concerns and objections with Wright and stand up for his country as it is being slandered by his pastor, what can we expect from Obama when he is asked to stand up against some of the world's worst dictators?

Obama and His Minister:  The New York Times has praised Obama's speech as a "profile in courage."  That is baloney — reflecting the gross double standard that has prevailed for decades on the subject of race.  The underlying problem is that the liberals who still control so much of the debate quietly agree with much of what Wright said.

Obama's pastor — and populism — foster disunity.  By choosing — and sticking with — Wright as his spiritual adviser, Obama has damaged his ability to heal the nation's racial wounds.  And his agenda offers nothing that will attract Republicans and end political polarization.

The Barack Obama Double Standard:  Imagine in 1999, that a videotape had come to light showing the pastor of Texas Gov. George W. Bush's church making vicious, hateful comments about America and cruel, racist statements about Americans of color.  Suppose this preacher had given a lifetime achievement award to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and had traveled to Europe with Duke to meet with neo-Nazi terrorists. ... Is there a doubt that Republican officeholders would have run from the Bush campaign like rats from a burning barn, that he would have become the political leper of the 2000 campaign?  And what about the media?

My letter to Barack Obama:  I wrote a letter to Barack Obama.  A dear friend asked me to after listening to my observation that it would be sad to see Obama's presidential bid derailed by Don Imus chickens coming home to roost.  Yeah, the defenders of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the people pleading for context and understanding of his irrational, unpatriotic and borderline racist words, are the same people who clamored for Imus' removal and claimed context had no place in the discussion of Imus' inappropriate description of female basketball players at Rutgers.

Obama's Pastor Slurs Italians in Latest Magazine.  Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has been a member for two decades, slurred Italians in a piece published in the most recent issue of Trumpet Newsmagazine.

Obama's Imperiled Candidacy:  Ironic, isn't it?  Some conservatives have been calling for an inquiry into Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim connection — didn't he attend a madrassa in Indonesia? — when the real problem turns out to be Obama's Christian mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Wright is a kind of Ward Churchill in vestments.

The Audacity of Rhetoric.  It is painful to watch defenders of Barack Obama tying themselves into knots trying to evade the obvious.  Some are saying that Senator Obama cannot be held responsible for what his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, said.  In their version of events, Barack Obama just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time — and a bunch of mean-spirited people are trying to make something out of it.  It makes a good story, but it won't stand up under scrutiny.

Champion of the little guy, indeed.
Obama's Former Pastor Getting $1.6M Home in Retirement.  A two-week FOX News investigation ... has uncovered where Wright will be spending a good deal of his time in retirement, and it is a far cry from the impoverished Chicago streets where the preacher led his ministry for 36 years.  FOX News has uncovered documents that indicate Wright is about to move to a 10,340-square-foot, four-bedroom home in suburban Chicago, currently under construction in a gated community.

Church builds $1 million mansion for Wright.  Trinity United Church of Christ is building Barack Obama's controversial former pastor a million-dollar Tinley Park home complete with an elevator, whirlpool, butler's pantry, circular driveway and four-car garage, building plans show.  The four-bedroom home being built for the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is in the Odyssey Club neighborhood, which boasts some of Tinley Park's largest homes and a mix of town homes.  It backs up to the Odyssey Country Club and golf course.

Wright Moves On Up.  The concept of practicing what you preach is apparently lost on Wright.  After decades of lecturing blacks to remain loyal to the black ghetto and eschew the white suburbs, he's now building a 10,340-square-foot mansion in the white suburbs.  Among its amenities:  an elevator, a rubberized exercise room and room for a future theater and indoor swimming pool.

McMansion Marxism:  Padding between his reported whirlpool and circular driveway, or maybe while fishing out a snack from the butler's pantry, Wright can develop some thoughts for volume one of his memoirs on the blinding racism of bourgeois living in the USA.  Not that Wright is alone in his McMansion Marxism.  That's the familiar posture of most radicals:  the farther they get from Marxism, the better it looks; the more America protects their celebrity, status, and wealth, the more secure they feel in denouncing it.

Who's Scrubbing the Trinity United Church of Christ Website?  The website for Sen. Barack Obama's church – Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago – not long ago described the "Black Value System" in the "About Us" section of its website.  And it used to provide a link to the Trumpet Magazine that once gave an award to Louis Farrakhan – a magazine published by Rev. Jeremiah Wright's daughter.  No longer.

Obama's indoctrination:  The United States is "the number-one killer in the world," preached Wright, the "U.S. of K.K.K. A," a nation that only maintains its standard of living "by making sure that Third World people live in grinding poverty."  For 20 years, Barack Obama drank [this] Kool-Aid, never seeing the problem.  That makes him a problem.

Self-Destructive Democrats?.  Until Pastor Wright managed to become Obama's potentially career-shattering albatross, Obama looked unstoppable, indeed superhuman.  But as has happened repeatedly in this campaign, Hillary's persistence was rewarded — briefly, anyway.  Obama's long and close association with the incendiary pastor undercut his perceived ability to rise above both race and party.

Obama's church founded on radical creed.  The church where Sen. Barack Obama has worshipped for two decades publicly declares that its ministry is founded on a 1960s book that espouses "the destruction of the white enemy."  Trinity United Church of Christ's Web site says its teachings are based on the black liberation theology of James H. Cone and his 1969 book "Black Theology and Black Power."

The Wright Questions:  (#9)  With which elements, if any, of black liberation theology — as represented by Reverend Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ — do you strongly disagree?  Do you think any of the core tenets of black liberation theology are racist?  (#12)  Since the Wright story broke there seems to have been a concerted effort to keep Reverend Wright from speaking to the press or in public.  If he is the man you says he is — if the soundbites we have all seen are anomalous and the portrait of him is a caricature — then why not encourage him to do interviews in order to set the record straight?

Wright:  'Black Evangelism' Produces 'Religion of Hatred'.  In an essay entitled "What Do I Tell My Children" that was published in the August 2007 issue of Trumpet Newsmagazine, a publication of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. spoke critically of a "Black Evangelism," which he said "produces a religion of hatred, gay-bashing and heterosexism."

The Wright Stuff:  The American people can be forgiven for suspecting that there is more here than Obama is letting on.  Wright's comments on the United States weren't unleashed in the course of a drunken party or a fiery debate.  They were part and parcel of a serious statement — probably in the course of a sermon — addressed to the members of his church, and were received by them, enthusiastically, as such.

Dog-Whistling Dixie.  With Barack Obama's "postracial" appeal having proved illusory but Democrats likely to nominate him for president anyway, the party faces a difficult problem:  how to persuade Americans to vote for the spiritual protégé of a man who espouses crackpot anti-American and antiwhite views.  One response, born less of strategy than of reflex, is to claim that opposition to Obama is racist.  A pair of recent posts by prominent Angry Left bloggers show just how intense is the desire to impute racism to the other side, and how far they are willing to depart from logic to do so.

Obama Has Chosen His Running Mate:  Jeremiah Wright.  Do we really want a commander-in-chief who is capable of such incredible rationalization?  But let us cut to the chase.  The elephant in the living room is this:  Barack Obama would not have stayed in this Afrocentric, separatist church run by a paranoid, bigoted leader if he did not subscribe to the rhetoric that was being preached.  His insistence on defending Jeremiah Wright tells us a great deal about what Obama himself believes.

Obama's church:  'Enough is enough'.  It's time to talk about race.  And the media need to back off.  That was the message Thursday at Barack Obama's hometown church, Trinity United Church of Christ, which has been at the center of a political fire storm over incendiary sermons by its former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

20 Questions for Barack Obama:  (#3) If you didn't agree with Jeremiah Wright's racist and anti-American views, why did you take your own children to his church and expose them to what he had to say? … (#14) Can you give a more convincing explanation for why you no longer wear a flag pin and why you famously chose not to hold your hand over your heart for our National Anthem?

Lanny Spreads 'The Poison'.  Could Joe Klein provide any better example of the liberal elitist mindset and how disconnected it is from the real world?  Rev. Wright is on tape spewing some pretty vile anti-American stuff from the pulpit, yet Klein accuses [Lanny] Davis of being the one "spreading the poison" for having the temerity to question whether it was appropriate for Barack Obama to sit silent in the pews of Trinity United for 20 years.

If Jeremiah Wright is a Prophet, Isaiah Wasn't.  "Woe unto those who call good 'evil' and call evil 'good,'" said the Prophet Isaiah.  Those who cannot see the monumental moral gulf between America and the unspeakably evil jihadists America is fighting in Iraq and elsewhere are not prophets.  Those who think Americans got what they deserved on 9/11 are not prophets.  Those who think the Russian people were better off under Communism are not prophets.  Those who think America developed AIDS and infected people of color with it are not prophets.  Those who think America is more worthy of damnation than of blessing are not prophets.  They are fools.

The Hypocrisy Of Rev. Jeremiah Wright:  Add the Reverend Jeremiah Wright to the list of race-hustling, misleading double-speaking con men … Certainly, we are all too familiar with their names.  Their demagoguery is infamous.  They are often deemed by the media as the leaders and spokespeople of the black community.  In his lust for power, Wright, a haughty man, did irrefutable harm to every parishioner at Trinity United Church of Christ.  Whether they know it or not, their minds have been deliberately poisoned by a man who demeans their human worth.  For thirty-five years they sat in the pews and were told unapologetic, racist, bigoted lies, while allowing themselves to become brainwashed with anti-American hate speech.

When Will We Admit the Truth About Barack Obama?  Obama called Wright a friend, mentor and uncle; he had a 20-year relationship with him, during which time he attended Wright's church; he was married and had his child baptized by the reverend; and last year he donated $26,000 to the church.  Yet some would give Obama credit for not casting his friend to the winds.  After all, [Obama] said that he "cannot disown him."  But my question is:  Why, Mr. Obama, did you ever own him in the first place?

Obama's Wright Turn:  When Barack Obama made his official announcement that he was running for President over 14 months ago in Springfield, Illinois, the Senator made sure that his pastor Jeremiah Wright had no speaking role and was kept away from the ceremony.  Obama campaign manager David Axelrod has admitted that there were concerns back then about what Wright might say.

Wright's Honorary Degree Withdrawn by Northwestern.  Northwestern University withdrew its offer to give the Reverend Jeremiah Wright an honorary degree at this year's commencement because of the controversy over past sermons by the former pastor to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Jeremiah Wright and the AIDS 'conspiracy':  Among all the commentary on Wright's controversial statements, I have seen no informed challenge to his statements that the US government caused (or, he said later, could have caused) the AIDS virus in an effort to kill blacks.  With documentation from KGB archives, British historian Christopher Andrew and former KGB agent Vasili Mitrokhin revealed nearly a decade ago that the AIDS-virus story originated in the 1980s as part of Soviet anti-American active measures or disinformation.

The Real Reason Why Rev Wright Dissed Obama:  [Scroll down] For sure, Rev. Wright's supersized ego has boxed out Obama's ambition.  But ego preservation pales when compared to Rev. Wright's real purpose — keeping the pledge payments flowing and collection plates full.  Wright's root agenda, in perfect alignment with the far left Democratic Party politics of indignation, has been to capitalize on the misfortunes of others, to stoke both race and class resentment, offer a platform and voice pipe for the permanently aggrieved all to fill his own coffers.  Rev Wright has amassed the equivalent of a small fortune not by finding solutions but by recycling a permanent state of self-inflicted misery, despair and bitterness.

Stabbed in the Barack.  Obama's candidacy, like any gamble, was a risky venture.  It was made more risky given the tightly guarded knowledge that revelations about Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Obama's pastor of some 20 years — could well bring down the junior senator's "audacity of hope" to be elected America's first non-white president.  The crash came this week when Wright appeared in public and confirmed to everyone that his bigoted ranting displayed on YouTube — which Obama, with the help of his liberal-left mainstream media friends explained away as "snippets of those sermons" taken out of context — were for real.

Wright's past, Obama's future.  [Rev.] Wright may have single-handedly done enough damage to make sure Obama never gets to the Oval Office.  If so, Wright probably will blame the white man for the defeat, but the rest of us will know who helped.

Obama's Trap:  The truth is, liberals don't find Reverend Wright shocking.  Liberals find themselves nodding in silent agreement with much of what he preaches.  Furthermore, they aren't offended by the notion of rewarding a domestic terrorist from the 1960's with professorship at a major state university.  Even more damaging is the notion that they really don't practice zero tolerance on racism and bigotry — they're happy to ignore it if it's being practiced by part of their base.

A Tragedy of a Father and Son.  Why did Obama feel compelled to join a church whose teachings were so inherently controversial?  Of all the pastors, ministers, priests, rabbis, and imams in Chicago, why did Obama choose Wright to be his close friend and confidant?  Why, when the first examples of Wright making shocking and outrageous comments from the pulpit became well-known, did Obama insist that critics were jumping to conclusions based on snippets?

Where Reverend Wright is Really Right:  I've got to give Jerry his due for not backing down from his point of view, unlike Barry and Michelle.  Yep, this guy actually believes the white devil-inspired US government put AIDS on black people's sandwiches, that Farrakhan is funkalicious, and the USA is a terrorist state.  He's sold on it.  He didn't give an inch when queried.

Bigot on parade:  Rarely in the history of American politics has a bigot had as much power as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright enjoys today.  Support for Sen. Barack Obama has plunged nationally and (more importantly) in North Carolina since Rev. Wright confirmed at his National Press Club appearance Monday that he does indeed hold racist, lunatic, anti-American views, and implied that Sen. Obama has been insincere in separating himself from them.  "He had to distance himself, because he's a politician," Rev. Wright said.

Jeremiah Wright's Controversial AIDS Charge.  The charge that AIDS is a plot against blacks has been used by people like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan to inflame race relations.  Louis Farrakhan's newspaper, The Final Call, ran an article (December 15, 1999) quoting [Leonard] Horowitz as saying that AIDS is a "genocidal plot" against blacks.  The paper's on-line version carried a link to the Horowitz website.

Bulletins at Obama's Church Carry Their Own Controversy.  Articles published in the Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin in 2007 carried controversial comments written by people other than Jeremiah Wright.  Those comments included the claim that Israel worked with South Africa to build an "ethnic bomb" that would kill blacks and Arabs, that the Pentagon was training Latin Americans to be terrorists, and that the TV networks are run by right-wing racists.

Jeremiads:  I was tired of hearing Jeremiah Wright, so I started reading him.  This did not improve matters.  In his books I found mainly (in the words of one of his admirers) "Africentric Christian manhood," a panic about the situation of the African American male raised into a truculent paranoid theology.  There are many expressions of love in Wright's preaching, but only for his own, which is not love's strongest test.

Jeremiah Wright's 'Trumpet'Trumpet provides a rounded picture of Wright's views, and what it shows unmistakably is that the now-infamous YouTube snippets from Wright's sermons are authentic reflections of his core political and theological beliefs.  It leaves no doubt that his religion is political, his attitude toward America is bitterly hostile, and he has fundamental problems with capitalism, white people, and "assimilationist" blacks.

Farrakhan on the cover of Trumpet
Obama's 'Mentor' Gave Farrakhan An Award.  That sure does look like Louis Farrakhan on the cover of Trumpet.

Obama, Wright and Farrakhan on the cover of Trumpet
I've Got You Covered.  Appears to be a picture of the TUCC Trumpet with Obama, Wright and Farrakhan on the cover.

Rev. Wright Magazine Featured Obama on Cover with Farrakhan.  To this day, Barack Obama continues to insist he was shocked and surprised to discover that Reverend Jeremiah Wright had bizarre racist views.  Now Tom Blumer has discovered images of Wright's radical newsmagazine Trumpet — and look who was featured on the cover of that magazine at least three times.

'I'm ready for my close-up, Rev. Wright'.  Now that we know Obama has appeared multiple times on the cover of a magazine which spouts shocking (to middle Americans) political views, it will be hard for him to credibly deny knowing what was up with Wright.

Left in Church:  Deep inside the Wright Trumpet.  Since repudiating his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., at an April 29 news conference, Barack Obama has done everything in his power to minimize the nature of his relationship with Wright.  Supposedly, Obama found Wright's recent and controversial remarks at the National Press Club shocking, unfamiliar, and out-of-character.  In fact, we now know that Wright's controversial remarks were entirely in character, and that regular church attendance, and even limited familiarity with church publications, would have made Wright's radical views entirely evident.

Rev. Wright's Teachers:  It turns out that a number of Jeremiah Wright's incendiary and racist comments are not new, and are traceable to leaders of the Black Muslim Movement.  As it turns out, Wright's radical ranting is an echo.  A glance back at history reveals an eerie connection between black separatists, the Nation of Islam (NOI) and Barack Obama's pastor.  Although both NOI and Wright excel at racist and anti-American rhetoric, it now appears that they read from the same hymnal.

The company Obama has kept:  Mr. Obama wrote in his 1995 autobiography, Dreams From My Father, about his attraction to the leftist pastor's church as a vehicle for social change.  If black nationalism would uplift the race, he wrote, "then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence."  That's a remarkable admission of a racialized "ends justify the means" morality.  It helps explain why Mr. Obama was willing to stick with a crackpot like Dr. Wright.  It also might explain why an up-and-coming Barack Obama found nothing particularly wrong with rubbing political elbows with Bill Ayers, the Chicago university professor and onetime fugitive member of the revolutionary, communist Weather Underground.

Reverend-turned-professor James Cone, Jeremiah Wright's mentor:  Cone's books are required reading at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama has worshiped for the past 20 years.  Trinity instituted the theology and its attendant "black value system" a full decade before Obama formally pledged membership in 1991. … Cone writes that "black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy" and all its institutions.

Obama, Black Liberation Theology, and Karl Marx.  When I visited Obama's church, still under the directorship of Jeremiah Wright, I came away with far more questions than answers, and one thing leading to another, have spent the last several months trying to fathom how Marxist political philosophy wound up emblazoned with a cross and a pulpit, and pretending to rely on the Bible for its authority.  It is somewhat difficult to imagine a more contorted blasphemy, with the single possible exception of Hitler himself claiming to be acting by divine decree in the interests of Christianity.

Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Karl Marx (Part 2).  From the outset of his campaign, Barack Obama has declared himself to be a Christian. … For awhile, until Obama's actual "religion" became clear through the rantings of those who have formed his "moral compass", it did appear that Barack Obama would beat the religious right at their own "game."  But the foibles of faking faith can be quite the undoing of a man who proclaims to be above the low-road politics of deceit.

Meanwhile, Back at Trinity United...  The video was uploaded to YouTube this past Sunday, though it is unclear if it was shot then or earlier.  But to judge by the subject matter, it is quite recent.  The video features Father Michael Pfleger, with an introduction by the Rev. Otis Moss, Jeremiah Wright's successor at Trinity United.  As we noted last month, the Democratic presidential front-runner described Moss as a "wonderful young pastor" after Obama renounced Wright.

Father Michael Pfleger, Surpassing Jeremiah Wright at Trinity.  Much like written words don't do justice to Jeremiah Wright's sermons, the video must be watched to be believed. … Words cannot describe the surreality of watching a middle-aged white man in a priest's collar appearing like he is trying to imitate Jeremiah Wright at his most outrageous.

Obama 'Disappointed' by Pastor's Remarks That Were Critical of Clinton.  During a guest appearance last Sunday at Trinity United Church of Christ, the Rev. Michael Pfleger delivered a blistering critique of Mrs. Clinton's candidacy.  Mr. Pfleger, a wellknown activist Chicago priest and a friend of Mr. Obama, said Mrs. Clinton felt entitled to the presidency and was stunned by "a black man stealing my show."

Obama's latest racial problem:  Apart from the appallingly racist nature of Father Michael Pfleger's remarks about Hillary Clinton, what is one to make of the congregation who seemed to lap it all up?  How, one may be entitled to ask, do these assembled churchgoers differ from those white Appalachians who admitted they voted for Sen. Clinton on the basis of race?

Obama Resigns Church Membership.  Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, resigned their membership in the South Side Chicago church that had been their spiritual home for two decades, but that recently become a political liability in Obama's campaign for the presidency, according to aides.

[Wait a minute.  Isn't this the same Obama who said he could no more disown his former pastor than he could disown his own white grandmother?  Granny must be worried now.]

Barack Obama quits Trinity United Church of Christ.  In a painful episode of his quest for the White House, likely Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama said Saturday [5/31/2008] his family withdrew their membership at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.  The damage control came as his church — and controversial sermons from the Trinity pulpit — were increasingly becoming a target that threatened Obama's presidential bid.

The Editor asks...
Who's to say he won't rejoin the church if he loses in November?

Obama Resigns Church Membership in Chicago.  Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have resigned their membership at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, after controversies stemming from the congregation created a persistent distraction for Obama's campaign.

Aha!  I knew it!
Not So Fast, Barack.  A careful reading of the transcript of Obama's press conference over the weekend reveals that he neither denounced his church nor permanently quit it.  He twice left open the door to rejoining Trinity United Church of Christ after the election.  He said he and his wife merely decided "it was going to be very difficult to continue our membership there so long as I was running for president."  Typical of the coverage of this candidate, nobody in the press followed up with tough questions.  Nobody bothered to parse his words.

Barack Obama to delay church choice.  Senator Barack Obama, hoping to avoid his personal faith attracting more controversy, has said that he will not decide on which new church he and his wife, Michelle, will join until after the presidential election.  "Our lives are fairly unsettled right now," he told reporters.

No Liberation.  Having now left Trinity United Church of Christ, can Barack Obama escape responsibility for his decades-long ties to Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright?  No, he cannot.  Obama's connections to the radical-left politics espoused by Pfleger and Wright are broad and deep.  The real reason Obama bound himself to Wright and Pfleger in the first place is that he largely approved of their political-theological outlooks.

Irrelevant Apologies:  For any politician, what matters is not his election year rhetoric, or an election year resignation from a church, but the track record of that politician in the years before the election.  Yet so many people are so fascinated by Barack Obama's rhetorical skills that they don't care about his voting record in the U.S. Senate, in the Illinois state senate, the causes that he has chosen to promote over the years, or the candidate's personal character and values, as revealed by his actions and associations.

The Unretirement of Reverend Wright:  When Sen. Barack Obama severed ties with his Chicago church, most political observers saw the move as a way for the candidate to insulate himself from the controversies stirred by its retiring pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.  But Trinity United Church of Christ does not have that kind of insulation.  According to sources within Trinity, Wright, 66, who began the process of retirement two years ago, is resisting fully relinquishing his duties as senior pastor, hanging on to power in the church he helped build.

Reports of Rev. Wright's Retirement Seem Greatly Exaggerated.  Wright was to have stepped down as senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ last Sunday and his hand-picked successor, the Reverend Otis Moss III, was to deliver his first sermon in that role.  Instead, church bulletins identified Moss as "pastor" rather than "senior pastor."  And, Time Magazine Reports Wright said during a meeting with church leaders that Moss should be declared "senior pastor-elect" because he still needs supervision.

Jeremiah Wright's Apprentice:  The sermon was delivered by a preacher that Obama described to Tim Russert on Meet The Press, Sunday, May 4, as his church's "wonderful young pastor."  His name:  The Reverend Otis B. Moss III.  He is the pastor in line to assume Jeremiah Wright's position upon Wright's retirement.

Reverend Wright fails to shut up and disappear

Rev. Wright plays the victim card:
Wright Defends Sermons, Calls Uproar Unfair, Response Political.  Wright, in his first interview since portions of some of his sermons began playing widely on television and over the Internet, said as an activist he's accustomed to being "at odds with the establishment."  He said the portrayal of his teachings is unfair, unjust and has made him the target of hatred.

Bad News For Obama:  In his National Press Club speech [4/28/2008], we saw another side of Rev. Wright — utterly unrepentant about any of the things he has said, and insistent that the wave of criticism aimed at him was really "an attack on the black church."  That argument is familiar — even pervasive.  When a visible member group that has suffered exclusion is challenged, that individual is frequently heard making that argument.

Who Needs Friends Like the Rev. Wright?  What is Jeremiah Wright doing?  That's easy.  He's helping himself.  Trying to save his reputation.  Smiling for the cameras.  What can Barack Obama do about it?  Not much.  The only thing worse than Wright speaking out is the respect with which he is treated when he does.  In numerous reports, Wright is being described as one of the leading African-American pastors in the country.

The Moment of Truth for the Left has Arrived.  Jeremiah Wright — the respectful word "Reverend" seems grotesquely out of place now — is shouting out the slander catechism of the Left.  His sermons say exactly what other Leftists say in calm voices, over and over again.  Mr. Wright just does it with real, raw hatred, and every new slam is cheered on by his jubilant congregation.  His is not a lone voice.  He just sings the music to fit the words.  We have been nursing a viper in our national bosom.  Seven years after September 11, 2001, this is the moment of truth, when the Left must finally decide what side it's on.

It's a Black Thing.  The crowd of 10,000 at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner on Sunday night [4/27/2008] came ready to Wright a wrong.  The spirit of the 1960s' civil-rights movement hung above Detroit's Cobo Center as local black leaders took to the dais to celebrate "the hottest brother in America" — Rev. Jeremiah Wright — who had been lynched by the "monolithic electronic media," (Detroit pastor Martin Bolton) for "speaking truth to power" (Rev. Wendell Anthony, NAACP chair).  As Wright stepped to the podium, the throng stood (albeit slowly after their $150-a-plate dinners) with him — a standing ovation in anticipation of the misunderstood pastor….

A Christian Farrakhan.  [In a speech at the National Press Club, Rev. Wright] stood by his damnation of America and his contention that the U.S. government had created AIDS:  "I believe our government is capable of doing anything."  For good measure, he dishonestly denied Louis Farrakhan's infamous denunciation of Judaism as a "gutter religion" and called him "one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century."  The more Wright talked, the more he sounded like a Christian Farrakhan.

Obama's Chickens Come Home to Roost.  Over the weekend, the Obama campaign suffered a further disaster:  the Reverend Jeremiah Wright finally seized his 15 minutes of fame.  Lured by the irresistible glow of the spotlight, the reverend launched a media blitz that took him from a softball interview with Bill Moyers on Friday, to a speech to a Detroit meeting of the NAACP on Sunday, to a press conference at the National Press Club on Monday morning [4/28/2008].

Obamastan.  Barack Obama would like us to believe that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright who ranted anti-American profanities at the National Press Club was not the man he saw from the pews of his church for two decades.  He'd also have us believe that Weatherman terrorist bomber William Ayers, who played host to his first fundraiser and with whom he would later serve on a board, is just a "guy in the neighborhood."  Similarly, Obama would have us believe he doesn't accept the recent endorsement of his candidacy by Ahmed Yousef of the terrorist organization Hamas.

A Missed Shot.  Before the Wright scandal broke, Obama sailed through primaries and caucuses in snow-white places like Iowa and Wisconsin.  But once the images of Wright in kente cloth ranting about America's chickens coming home to roost hit the perma-loop on US airwaves, things changed.  At first, Obama quelled white flight with a powerful speech in Philadelphia about race.  But he refused to denounce Wright himself, even as he condemned his words.  So deep down, the Wright effect continued to gnaw away, only to be forced back into the headlines with his decision to take his case to the public.

Barack and Jeremiah go to Splitsville

Candidate faces down his former pastor, but what took so long?  For weeks, Barack Obama portrayed [Rev. Wright's] statements as isolated soundbites, deeply offensive to him, but nonetheless taken out of context by political enemies to create a negative impression of an otherwise caring pastor.  It wasn't until Wright took to the airwaves over the past week to defend himself and take fresh ownership of the statements that Obama became fed up.

Obama:  I am 'outraged' and 'angered' by Wright's Comments.  Barack Obama, declaring "that's enough," denounced Tuesday [4/29/2008] as "appalling" and "ridiculous" comments made in the last few days by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.  In a press conference in North Carolina, the Illinois senator used his strongest language to date to condemn Wright's controversial sermons, which have remained a burden to his campaign since they became national news more than a month ago.

On the verge of making history, Obama opens a can of worms.  Well, it is likely that Sen. Barack Obama won't be going back to Trinity United Church of Christ.  Not after this. On Tuesday [4/29/2008], Obama responded to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's ill-timed defense by condemning his former pastor's fresh comments as "ridiculous," "outrageous" and "appalling."

Obama took too long to denounce Wright.  Wright for four long days had been back in the headlines.  In a PBS interview with Bill Moyers on Friday [4/25/2008], he essentially dismissed Obama as a posturing "politician," somebody who says what he has to say to get elected.  Then Sunday in Detroit, before 10,000 members of the NAACP, Wright did it again. … But Monday at the National Press Club in Washington was the worst, a combination of overarching narcissism peppered with sarcastic smackdowns.  Wright, who is a certifiably brilliant scholar and speaker, chose instead to be the bully in the pulpit.

Obama's Un-Disownable Preacher of Hate:  Barack Obama looked pale and wan at what he called his "big press conference" about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Tuesday afternoon [4/29/2008].  Numb.  Chastened.  Defeated.  Extolled for his eloquence, Obama stuttered and stammered his way through the question-and-answer session.  It appeared he was having an out-of-body experience.  Who knew that the greatest threat to his presidential campaign would come from the preacher who married him, baptized him and prayed with him?  Barack Obama should have known.  That's who.

How dumb does Obama think we are?  Barack Obama has a pattern of dealing with political problems by denial.  He denies that this person or that person is his foreign policy adviser; he denied a close relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright, yesterday — he called Wright just his "pastor".  Clearly the relationship is much broader and deeper than Obama is lately representing.  In other words, when people become a political problem for Barack Obama, he distances himself from them, redefines their role, throws them down a "memory hole" or throws them under the bus.

[Apparently Obama needs to find a larger bus.]

For Obama, the Danger From Wright Isn't Over.  Is it really plausible for Obama to say that he did not hear a steady stream of such stuff coming from Wright's pulpit in the last 20 years?  The fact that Obama is such a long-time member of Wright's church makes it reasonable to suspect that Obama found a lot to agree with in what Wright preached.  In addition, it is not clear whether Obama has fully renounced what he said about Wright in Philadelphia.

Obama throwing Wright under the bus.  Obama has now taken two positions on Wright.  March 13:  No, I cannot disown him.  April 29:  Yes, I can.  Left still unanswered is the question:  How can the man we heard deliver that speech in July 2004 about what unites us — in which his strongest line was "in the blue states we worship an awesome G-d" — how could that Barack Obama have attended the church of that Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years?  And not just attended:  He and his wife contributed more than $20,000 to the church.  It just doesn't add up.

The more you know about Wright, the more you doubt Obama.  The message lives, but the messenger is wounded, perhaps fatally.  And Obama has only himself to blame.  He practically called out the divorce lawyers Tuesday, but what took him so long?  How could he sit and listen to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's wackiness for 20 years and fail to see him for what he so obviously is?  Or is it true, as many suspect, that Obama did see Wright in full, but rationalized his presence in the church and the financial support he gave it as the cost of building a base in Chicago's often-radical black politics?

The company Obama keeps:  Just six weeks ago, Sen. Barack Obama said he could no more disown his former pastor than he could disown his own white grandmother.  Until, of course, he did.  Obama finally (and firmly) disavowed the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright this week.  But the moment came only after sensing his presidential bid could be undone by the simmering controversy.

The Wright-Obama Split in Historic Perspective:  [Booker T.] Washington's philosophy of self-reliance and Dr. [W.E.B.] DuBois' sophisticated resentment are contradictions, not contraries.  One is true and the other is false.  For the modes of existence available to Black America — self-help or protest — are not mutually inclusive, like yin or yang.  Black existential choice comes down to Washington or Dr. DuBois.  Lately, that dilemma has manifested thus — Sen. Obama or Rev. Wright.

Obama Would Be A Clinton Third Term.  First, Obama thought it best to castigate Wright's critics, and deflect criticism by attempting to point out faults among the race of Wright's presumed detractors, including Obama's own white grandmother.  Then, when this ploy proved ineffective, Obama did the exact thing he had previously insisted he would not do, which was to disavow Wright who was, it turns out, expendable.

Not that I really care all that much, but...
Barack Obama's web site says that he "is a committed Christian."  So it is only natural to wonder:  Where does Senator Obama go to church, now that he has split with the TUCC?

Obama's church must not be forgotten.  Senator Obama is now trying to erase his personal history by resigning from his radical Left church, after two decades of active membership — that's more than 1,000 Sunday sermons over twenty years. … The Rev. Wright, Rev. Moss, Rev. Meeks, the demonic Father Pfleger, Rev. Willie Brown, Louis Farrakhan and the whole Black Liberation movement — they must not be forgotten, just because Obama and the media want us to.  Not just for this election alone, but because the crypto-Marxist churches and their allies in ACORN and the radical Left have deliberately been making things worse for ghetto blacks.  This follows the old Leninist maxim that people should be made to feel worse about their social conditions in order to bring about the Revolution.

Reverend Wright plans an October surprise.  New York Magazine has done a special issue this week on race and the US election.  There's lot of good stuff in the package but this line from John Heilemann's cover story stood out to me:  "In October, Obama's former pastor, Wright, will publish a new book and hit the road to promote it" … This is a huge problem for Obama.

Obama Re-invents his Trinity Church History.  He did not indicate any scheduling problems or absences back in 2004, no scapegoating of his daughter.  Now he has to deal with Pastor Wright controversy and he just dreams up a different history -- and Newsweek helps him along.

Editor's note:
Quoting from the article in Newsweek:  "After he began his run for the U.S. Senate, he says, the family sometimes didn't go to Trinity for months at a time.  The girls have not attended Sunday school."  Is that the behavior of a "committed Christian?"

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"
Amos 3:3    

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