Secession, Nullification, and the Ingredients for Civil War

Introduction by The Editor:
This is a delicate subject, but one that must be addressed by more than whispers or grumbles from both ends of the political spectrum.  It is becoming apparent that the United States is hopelessly divided:  There is an insurmountable chasm between conservatives and so-called progressives.  For years, this has been called a Culture War.  Conservatives have a set of values and Liberals have another, and the two are irreconcilable.  The people of the nominally United States are already hopelessly divided.

Unfortunately, the last time secession was tried, it ended in a slaughter called the Civil War.  A 21st-century secession can only be justified if it can be done in peace.  A lot of people would want to relocate in the aftermath.  If a Second Civil War erupts even without secession, the results will be heartbreaking; however, this would result in two (or more) countries enjoying the style of government they really want.  One would live in small-government freedom and self-reliance, and the other would be a welfare state like Greece or Venezuela.

If secession can be permitted peacefully, and (for example) California, Oregon and Washington go their own way, we might all benefit.  The chances of this happening are near zero, because the federal government fully depends two sets of residents:  The taxpayers and the perpetually dependent.  No matter how evenly balanced those two constituencies may be in the departing state(s), the federal government would lose leverage and cash flow.

Personally, I'd like to live in a country with tight borders, strong national defense, and lots of individual liberty.  A country in which free-market capitalism regulates more than the government, so the citizens aren't required to buy a 1.6-gallon toilet or a specific kind of government-approved laundry soap.  A country where you can still buy a gas-guzzling Oldsmobile if you'd rather not drive a Korean clown car (with no spare tire).  A country that doesn't spend taxpayers' money on multi-million-dollar sports stadiums and arenas that most of us will never use.  A country in which life is harsh for those who didn't pay attention in school and can't live without a cell phone.  A country in which English is the official language and foreign-language broadcasting is illegal.  It won't be easy; in fact it may never happen.  It may be too late already.

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Look, your municipality is responsible for ensuring that services including care of the elderly, the water supply, the fire and rescue service and schools continue to function, even in the event of a societal emergency. As a private individual, you also have a responsibility. Preparing correctly can enable you to cope with a difficult situation, regardless of what has caused it. In the event of a societal emergency, help will be provided first to those who need it most. The majority must be prepared to cope on their own for some time. The better prepared you are, the greater the opportunity you will also have to help others who do not have the same prerequisites. What is most important is that you have water, food and warmth and are able to obtain information from the authorities and the media. You also need to be able to make contact with relatives. There are check-lists available with foodstuffs and items that are good to have at home. States and organizations are already using misleading information in order to try and influence our values and how we act. The aim may be to reduce our resilience and willingness to defend ourselves. Your prerequisites and needs vary, for example, depending on whether you live in the countryside or in a built-up area, in a house or in an apartment. In a heightened state of alert, you may be called up to help in various ways.

Conscientious Objector to Taxes.  If one can be a conscientious objector to military service and be given a role that, without relieving one of the duty of service, does not require one to pull a trigger and kill another human being, so should taxpayers be able to pay taxes without being forced to fund illegal activity.  I know this subject has come up before and was summarily executed by the courts, we are in an entirely different world today.  On the one hand the government is so thoroughly corrupt and in the hands of lunatics that its implosion from lack of fiduciary responsibility, morality or common sense is likely to encourage its own demise in weeks or months and provide for a citizen's reset during which all manner of corrections might be made to the system.  On the other hand, it has been so for quite a while now and seems to have some levitating capability over the abyss that just might last another decade during which the people will lose all ability to correct the system without either civil war or counter-revolution.

Civil War if Trump Goes to Prison?  [Scroll down]  Okay, let's assume that Judge Merchan sends Trump to prison.  What happens?  Liberals dance in the streets.  Joy Behar can't hold it until she gets to Buc-ee's.  Conservatives on Fox News, Newsmax, X, and Truth Social vent.  Trump calls for calm and gets it.  Trump raises $500 million more in donations and thanks Merchan.  There will be little, if any, violence in red states or red cities.  Local democratic headquarters may get a rock or two through their windows.  There may be a few protest marches in blue cities, perhaps even a riot.  Maybe one or two blue-state governors call out the National Guard.  You see, Democrats want social unrest, or want to pretend there will be, because it fulfills their expectations, makes them seem rational, and allows them to take the moral high ground.  The whole civil war thing is just a scare tactic to make the gullible believe that Trump is a threat to democracy.  Sorry, Democrats — no civil war is coming unless you start it.

Beating the Historical Odds.  [Scroll down]  Is our government now so convoluted, so tangled in its own petty double-binds that it can't just act on the basis of justice alone?  I am grateful for the fact that we no longer crucify people or burn them at the stake, but Trump will be just as dead if he's attacked some night by a jailhouse suicide ghost.  His family will be just as bereft of him, his country even more so. [...] Is there a civil war in the offing?  We all hope not.  America can't really win unless we win via our Constitution and the rule of law.  It is lawlessness that plagues us now.  Violent reaction won't cure that; it will only be another symptom of what ails us.

The American Anti-Communist Revolution.  The constant threat that the states have to accept any wild, illegal and unnatural dictates that come out of Washington DC or risk civil war is making civil war more and more acceptable to those who do not want a few elites, in positions of power, forcing them to accept the unacceptable.  One cannot force acceptance from the barrel of a gun, they can force compliance, but not acceptance and it's the continual belief that anything the people are forced to comply with will, in time, become acceptable that is driving this mad dash toward oblivion.  There are always quicker, easier ways to the ultimate outcome, but no one seems able to throw down their tools and put it into effect, so we're forced to take it all the way to the bottom before we self-correct for the persistent crime of communism.  And, it is a crime, a crime against the people, against civil rights, against human rights.

All 7 conditions for an American color revolution have been met.  There are seven conditions that must be met for a color revolution to successfully topple a government, and it all must revolve around a national election.  The timing couldn't be more ripe as America heads into one of the most tumultuous and important elections we've seen in our lifetime.  Not only that, but according to Glenn Beck, we currently meet all seven conditions.  The first condition is a "semi-autocratic regime."  "We're not a fully autocratic regime, and that's not what you need.  You need a semi-autocratic regime," Glenn explains.  The second condition is an "unpopular incumbent."  As Joe Biden's disastrous polls reflect, we can definitely check that one off on the list.  The checklist goes on, with number three being a "united and organized opposition" and number four "an ability to quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified," which then begets number five:  "media to inform people about the falsified vote."  [Video clip]

The Next Civil War.  If there is to be a second American Civil War one of its aliases is likely to contain the phrase "Globalism vs America First", among several other possible discriminators.  Though it may involve many other things of the several names, "Globalism vs America First" appears to capture the essential issue which makes it unique.  It will resolve whether America will survive as a distinct cultural entity or if it is to become a non-special part of a future Global World, governed (or so the bureaucrats hope) from Washington D.C.  This national vs universalist aspect explains why open borders and cultural identity have taken on such importance to both sides, as have multilateral institutions.  They are signposts on a crossroad.  Quo vadis? is a very important question.  One will be the road not taken and that will make all the difference.

Billionaire Investor Says a US Civil War Likely.  There could be a 40% chance of a new US civil war breaking out, according to billionaire investor Ray Dalio.  In an interview with the Financial Times on Thursday, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, said that the probability of civil strife is higher than it has ever been.  "We are now on the brink," he said.  The US faces "much more turbulent times."  This is not the first time Dalio has made such a warning.  In late 2020, he suggested the US was already "seeing a form of civil war."  He was referring to internal movements within the nation as large numbers of people moved to other states for political and financial reasons.

Opposing viewpoint:
Unpacking Ray Dalio's Alarmist Prediction Of Civil War.  The other day, Ray Dalio, the billionaire investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates, told The Financial Times that he sees the risk of a second American civil war as "growing" and places the odds of such a war at "35-40 percent."  According to FT, Dalio's "research" has led him to conclude that "we are now on the brink," although we "don't yet know if we will cross over into much more turbulent times."  On the one hand, it's important to remember that Dalio is nearly universally known as a world-class crank.  He's made a lot of money in the markets and has long been considered an astute investor, but he has also long been considered an odd duck, to put it gently.  Additionally, the idea that this proclamation and setting of odds are based on "research" is silly.  There are no variables one can examine and analyze and then use to calculate an objective estimate of a civil war's occurrence.

The Editor says...
The prediction of a civil war is not a mathematical calculation based on quantifiable variables.  Also the counter-argument to Mr. Dalio's claims should consist of more than ad hominem attacks.

America Is Headed For A Civil War... Maybe.  War is what generally happens when two (or more) sides get to a point where they can no longer peacefully coexist with the current circumstances.  America seems to have reached that point.  How does one know a civil war is coming?  Have you been on a college campus lately?  2024 is an echo of 1968. [...] In '68, the students were protesting the Vietnam War (they were really protesting the draft; the war was just the rallying point), and then, as now, Columbia was the epicenter.  Spreading from Columbia across the country, that summer protests raged.  Chants of "Hell no, we won't go" and images of Black Power fists were seen and heard on every nightly newscast.  Today, the news and social media are filled with chants of "From the river to the sea," images of Palestinian flags, BLM signs, and Antifa graffiti.  Anyone not wearing a keffiyeh is being declared a "Zionist."  The difference between 1968 and 2024 is that, back then, most of the country disagreed with the protesters.

Democrats Have Deliberately Shattered The Ties Binding America.  Two generations of leftist media, a broken education system, and a corrupt government that protects itself at all costs have brought us to this day.  By and large, our youth have lost their ability to look rationally at what is required of them to shape their own future.  They feel simultaneously entitled and angry.  Ask them, and they'll tell you that the Baby Boomers were the last generation to make it.  They feel justified to malinger and complain about the remaining scraps.  Biden told them they were entitled to abandon their student debt obligations.  15% of Americans want to leave our country.  Never before have so many been so disenchanted that they effectively see the American Dream as dead.  The clock is ticking down our remaining time, however much that is.  There is time left to make a difference.

A Warning to America.  The liberal establishment aims to destroy America so that a society more conducive to oligarchical collectivist rule can be engineered upon its ashes.  Meanwhile, it consolidates authoritarian control.  The means of accomplishing these objectives are not secret.  The video below spells out most of them in under 2 minutes.  Tactics include:
  •   Open borders and illegal immigration
  •   Rampant crime and unsafe cities
  •   Election insecurity and interference
  •   The educational indoctrination of children
  •   The asymmetrical weaponization of justice
  •   The destruction of private property rights
  •   Inflation and debt
  •   Destruction of the nuclear family and parental rights
  •   DEI and the new racism
  •   Moral and societal decay
Those at the wheel do not mean us well.  If they remain in control, this country is doomed.  [Video clip]

Rebel generals defect to Trump after Biden outlaws 'terrorist' MAGA supporters, then Antifa start a 'kill whites' campaign.  Worrying about the break-up of the United States has become a national obsession.  Recent surveys show that more than 40 per cent of Americans think a new civil war will be fought within the next decade.  In 2022, the government-funded Political Instability Task Force announced that the U.S. should be considered a dangerous 'anocracy' — a state that is somewhere between democracy and autocracy.  In the liberal Washington Post, three U.S. generals warned of the 'potential for a total breakdown of the chain of command along partisan lines' in the U.S. military, should Donald Trump narrowly lose the next election.  It's the politics, stupid.  Everybody knows that the Trump vs Biden sequel is likely to be even nastier than the horror show of four years ago.  The incumbent is an increasingly doddery leader so unloved that even a majority of his own voters say they would rather he stepped down.

New York Democrat Congressional Candidate Slammed for Wishing Death on All Trump Supporters.  New York Democrat congressional candidate Nate McMurray wished death on Trump supporters on Saturday [4/20/2024] in a post on X.  McMurray is running to represent New York's 26th congressional district — and Ukraine.  The unhinged Democrat posted the death wish to social media after the House of Representatives passed a foreign aid package that allocated billions of dollars to Ukraine and Israel.  Lawmakers waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor which angered many conservatives.

Dysfunctional and Dangerous.  [Scroll down]  I've often proposed secession, not out of some desire to resurrect the past, but out of a desire to survive.  I think the case is becoming clear that the federal government is out of control.  The fallacy that it can be corrected through elections is becoming more and more obvious.  Holding onto that belief is a sort of self-deception.  That doesn't mean not voting, but recognizing what voting is.  Vote Republican, not because you will get anything different, or solve some greater social issue, through government action or inaction, but because it exposes the communists for who they are, on both sides of the aisle.  Hardly any Republican in the House or Senate has mentioned the 2020 election fraud, even though ample evidence exists.  Voting buys time, time we need, because a greater share of Americans have to recognize that the United States, as a system, is dysfunctional and dangerous.  We are at a very late stage of the republic, a dying nation.

The Bargain with Government Is Coming Apart.  The only thing that can stop the approaching decentralization of government power is force.  That's why bureaucrats everywhere, including in Washington, and especially authoritarian entities like the U.N., WHO, and WEF, look to China as their model.  They don't look to America and its traditional model of consensus-building; they look to totalitarian structures, where the people are controlled by force through the threat of violence and the denial of benefits.  That's government hard power.  The other way governments force compliance, and we see this more broadly today in the developed West, is through information.  The government's manipulation of information is soft power.  It is a bending of the will of the people to the government's will through withholding or manipulating information.  This type of soft government power got a big boost during the COVID scare.

Words Aren't Enough.  They want, I'm sure, for it to get so bad out there on the streets that gun battles are routine, that going to the gas station requires a 9mm and several magazines.  The more chaotic and dangerous it is, the easier it will be to implement the confiscation of weapons, but rationally, if it's so bad out there that they need to take your weapons to establish order, the last thing one should do is surrender their weapons.  Already, every city looks like some African hellhole.  Wherever the Democrats have had their way, they've destroyed their cities, their states.  The only way to clean it up is to clear them out, not illegals, Democrats.  If that can be done in the present governmental framework, that's fine, but I don't think it can be done with anything less than a wholesale reconfiguration of the charter.  I don't mean an Article 5 Convention of States, either.  Operating under the auspices of the Constitution is a fool's errand, it will just lend legitimacy to whatever the convention comes up with and I'm absolutely positive that they will come up with something much worse than what we have now.  There's a time when paper just won't do.  Supremacy has to be established in the streets, first and the victors have to write the new laws.  That's just a matter of historical fact.

We're At War.  There are enough signs, even for a skeptic, to believe that we are at war, but with who?  [Video clip]

October 7th and the Future of the United States.  There is a tipping point beyond which we will have lost our country.  Commentators have debated about the exact year that this tipping point will be reached.  As we get closer, Americans will have less and less control over our political process, government policy, the educational system, and our very culture.  The prevalence of the above pro-terrorist activities in the wake of October 7th reflects the approach of this tipping point.  Foreign-influenced factions have helped to elect some of our most extreme congressmen in more than one state.  They seek and obtain public office — sometimes even refusing to take the oaths that are so much a part of our traditions.  They attend and occupy our institutions of higher learning.  They work at all levels of government.  They react violently to those who speak out on social media against their preferred policies.  They have allies in Congress that labor endlessly to entrench them further in our society.  Their numbers dwarf those that we faced in the immediate aftermath of September 11.  The United States is a different country than it was in 2001.

Bucking For A New Waco?  Now that the Democrats/communists have decided to ban citizen militias, H.R. 6981 and Senate bill S. 3589, probably as a requirement from the CCP prior to their intended uprising within the U.S., it might be time to take a realistic look at citizen militias.  First of all, the law identifies these "citizen militias" as any time three or more people gather with the purpose of tactical training or training in the use of guns as an illegal "citizen militia."  That wipes out all sorts of gun safety programs right there.  How would that benefit anyone except a foreign power intent on invasion? [...] The question is: for what purpose does this arise now, when the government is highly unpopular, thrashing about to hurt people who express their opinions at school boards or refuse to use insane pronouns for the mentally ill, trying to start wars on every continent, where two-thirds of the people believe the current administration is illegitimate and there is evidence that the president has taken bribes or otherwise received money from China, a direct threat to American security?

Alarming Poll Finds Most Americans Have Significant Concerns About Post-Election Violence.  An alarming new poll has found that a vast majority of Americans are bracing themselves for election-related violence and fear the prospect of a civil war.  In the latest Battleground Civility Poll, conducted by The Tarrance Group, Research Lake Partners, and Georgetown University, 78 percent said they are "worried that the 2024 election will result in violent activity."  Just 23 percent said they were not at all worried.

There's A Deadly Race War Raging In America.  [Scroll down]  If America is coming apart at the seams, it's not because of any "systemic racism" but, rather, because Democrats have seen fit to weaponize blacks, and not just against whites, but against the very fabric of America.  This plays itself out in major cities across the country where most black Americans live and dominate politics.  Indeed, black mayors (most of whom are Democrats) run almost every one of America's largest and most important cities, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, St.  Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and New Orleans among others.  Virtually every one of them is like living in a relative war zone compared to much of the rest of the country.  The ironic thing about all of this is that the biggest victims of this black despondency and disconnection from civilized society are fellow blacks because the animating factors of alienation and desolation know no bounds, color or otherwise.

Lessons for the Future Republic.  Victor Davis Hanson and Dennis Prager are keen observers of American society.  Like honored physicians who examine the body politic for disease, they expertly diagnose what ails our country.  What they say and write matters.  It is significant, then, when both reach the conclusion that the United States is disintegrating. [...] Note the common warning from both Hanson's and Prager's respective diagnoses:  American society is showing identical symptoms to societies that disintegrated into civil war.  Both are plainly saying that, although we have detected the cancer destroying us, we have failed to treat it in time.  The options still available to us are grotesque: amputation, debilitation, or even death.  It is no longer clear that the patient can be saved or, if it is saved, whether it will resemble anything like its former self.  Will the American Republic, like the Roman Republic, become a dictatorship and a slowly dying empire?  Many would say we are already far along that path.  Will Americans descend into such bloodshed as to destroy the Union for good?  Many might agree that the U.S. government's aiding and abetting of the criminal invasion at our borders has already precipitated so many drug-related or violent deaths as to constitute civil war.

A quarter of US adults want their state to secede — Texans, Californians, and New Yorkers are closest to the exit.  Calls for Texas to secede from the US are growing louder, with advocates saying it could then stop migrant flows from Mexico without being hamstrung by the federal government.  The Lone Star state may have the country's noisiest secessionist movement, but it is not the most popular.  That label goes to Alaska, a new survey shows.  Researchers found that more than a third of Alaskans — 36 percent — want the Last Frontier to call it a day and leave the union.

The Left-Right Divide is Not Bridgeable.  To cite a few samples:  How are we to bridge the gap between those who believe men can become women and women can become men and those who don't believe this?  Between those who believe men menstruate and those who believe only women menstruate?  How are we to bridge the divide between those who believe "colorblind" is a racist notion and those who believe "colorblind" is the antidote to racism?  How are we to bridge the divide between those who believe Israel is the villain and Hamas is the victim and those who believe Israel is the victim and Hamas, which openly states its dedication to annihilating Israel and its Jewish inhabitants, is the villain, morally indistinguishable from the Nazis?  How are we to bridge the divide between those who believe young children should be brought to drag queen shows and those who believe this sexualization — and sexual confusion — of children is morally detestable?  How are we to bridge the divide between those who believe reducing the number of police will reduce violent crime and those who believe reducing the number of police will increase violent crime?  How are we to bridge the divide between those who believe in suppressing free speech if they deem any given speech "hateful" or "misinformation" and those who believe in free speech?  Every one of these positions is mutually contradictory.

The Five FUBARs.  The USA is a runaway train with a dead man in the engineer's seat.  The conductor goes through the cars assuring the passengers that everything is fine... never mind the screeching wheels on the curves. [...] The runaway train is still picking up speed.  You can't just jump off at 150 mph.  If you're one of the passengers watching this in horror, maybe you can decouple your car, or get the conductor to do it by any means necessary.  Let's say that each car behind the engine of this train is a state of the United States.  Let the engine up front with the dead man at the controls ride that runaway to its terrible conclusion.  Cut loose the cars behind it to take care of themselves, to slow down, get a grip on their situation, and make plans to find a better engine to pull the train.  Decouple.  Cut loose.  It's the only way.

Left With the Ashes.  I've looked at this every way that I can and the only possible solution is to break apart now, claim what we can of what we already have and root these threats out without the interference of the United States government.  It is no longer a republic, or it would abide by the constitution.  It is no longer a democracy, or it would abide by the dictates of the majority, which would require, right now, closing the border and deporting any who have come here illegally.  It is, in effect a collective dictatorship of the bureaucracy or the administrative state.  Reading the book, or even parts of it, mentioned above, will show how entrenched the permanent administrative state is.  It's power allows it to slow-walk implementation of any adverse laws imposed by elected officials, redefine regulations to technically comply, but effectively resist any or all laws passed by congress, engage in election fraud in order to eliminate anyone who might have the will or ability to disrupt their collective dictatorship.

The Pig Trap. [Scroll down]  Mr. Wheeler said, "Oh, I know dozens... perhaps hundreds that feel the same way.  I really don't think [gun] confiscation is something you need to worry about, because it will never work.  There are simply too many of them, and too many people have guns that there is no record of.  A confiscation program would only [anger] the most dangerous people in America:  the people who would shoot back.  You are correct, a mass confiscation would provoke a civil war."  I said, "Well, you are a military man... what would that look like?"  Wheeler said, "Well, it wouldn't look like the first Civil War — no lines of men standing in ranks and shooting across a field at each other, no "North and South" or sharply defined state lines for friendly and enemy territories, at least, not in the beginning.  No, it would look more like Iraq or Afghanistan, with house to house fighting, IED's, snipers, small factions and independent militias operating on their own, refugees streaming away from battle zones in all directions..."

Comes Thermidor.  [Scroll down]  This event became known as the Thermidorian Reaction.  The insane Jacobin program of terror and social derangement was swiftly abolished.  Nothing like it was seen again until the Bolsheviks, the Maoists and the Khmer Rouge came along in the 20th century, and now, in our time, The Party of Chaos as led by "Joe Biden" (or whoever and whatever is behind him), with their open border, their lust for another world war, their drive for censorship, their sadistic lawfare, their race and sex hustles, their compulsive lying, and their sick destruction of every norm and boundary in daily life.  America is headed for its own Thermidorian Reaction.  It'll end up being called something else, of course, because it is a different time, place, and set of circumstances.  But it feels close, doesn't it?  Everybody I know or correspond with mentions this feeling that something is going to blow in our country, and pretty soon.

Map of the day
Death of a Nation, Birth of Another.  [Scroll down]  The United States is a failed experiment, not because it's corrupt or communist so much as that it's simply too big to be managed by anything other than corrupt power-seekers.  Texas would have the 8th largest economy in the world if it broke free.  If you look at this map, you will see how many different nations we should be.  California has the same-sized economy as France.  Texas and Alaska have the same sized economy of Brazil, but the map shows it better than I can describe.  We are watching the separation.  Some of these nuevo nations would be Islamic, some would speak English and Spanish, most would be Christian, some would make alliances with Mexico, some with Canada.  It would not be the same world, but I live in Texas.  Some families have lived here since it was owned by Spain.  This is a realignment of world politics that's undeniable, because we are too big, too different and the longer we refuse to recognize it, the more harm is done to everyone.

Utah reasserts state powers with 'Sovereignty Act' to overrule federal government.  The Utah legislature passed the "Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act" in late January, and on the 31st it was signed into law by Republican Governor Spencer Cox.  The new law, which has garnered national media scrutiny, provides a legal framework for Utah officials to refuse the enforcement or assistance of federal government actions that violate the state's sovereignty.  According to the text of the bill, S.B. 57, "establishes a framework for the Legislature, by concurrent resolution, to prohibit the enforcement of a federal directive within the state by government officers if the Legislature determines the federal directive violates the principles of state sovereignty."

Of Course We Should Mock the State.  The federal government's targeted abuse of Americans has been an eye-opening experience for many.  Consider this question:  when is the last time you can remember an Establishment politician trying to unite Americans behind common history and principles, irrespective of background or race?  It's been many years, has it not?  Why is that?  Because the current power structure of the U.S. government depends upon keeping Americans fiercely divided.

Hohmann: The Second American Civil War Is Starting.  It doesn't take any brilliant analytical mind to discern that American society is losing its rudder and that there are powerful forces seeking to divide us at a critical juncture, provoking us to civil war.  After decades of ideological attacks on our gatekeeping institutions by globalists with no allegiance to this country, America's sense of identity and purpose is dangerously close to dead.  A country without a cohesive identity is a country ripe for manipulation, division and ultimately war among its factions.  When the elites feel their power slipping, which I believe they do, that's when they adopt a "burn it all down" mentality.  Gaslighting in the media, finger pointing and scapegoating all play into the strategy and we've seen plenty of that over the last few years.

Will it really take F-15s to overthrow a tyrannical government?  We are no longer the United States of America; we have morphed into something unrecognizable to many of us who still consider ourselves conservatives. [...] Acting as a government agent, each law enforcement officer is constitutionally responsible for upholding the law, all laws.  Sending pointed messages through the use of potentially deadly force is designed to send a signal to everyday Americans that you are Subjects and not Citizens and you dare not stand up on your own two legs.  Even if a higher-up does the ordering, it is up to the individual law enforcement officer to determine the legality of such an order.  You may risk your job by saying "No" to an unconstitutional order.  Still, you are protecting your family, friends, neighbors and, ultimately, our country by refusing to allow the government to set us against ourselves through the use of illegal orders.

A Western Consensus Is Brewing.  There is an understandable tendency to look at the growth of government-directed censorship, warrantless surveillance, and political persecution as proof that Americans will soon be under the yoke of full-fledged totalitarianism.  That is a real and threatening possibility.  However, petulant and steel-booted policies meant to terrorize and dishearten citizens also reflect a growing fear among the "ruling elite."  You do not spend three years hunting down patriotic grandmas and selfless veterans who attended the J6 protest for free and fair elections unless you are terrified that a critical mass of people sees rampant election fraud as a Uniparty weapon for maintaining illegitimate control.  You do not set up "disinformation" review boards or pretend public debate is a "threat to national security" unless you are frightened of what ordinary people have to say.  You do not spy on people's financial transactions, text messages, and social media posts unless you view every single American as a danger to the State.  Rapid technological advancements have given government authorities unsavory tools for pursuing unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral policies against the American people, but those authorities would not be so openly hostile to the public or flagrantly dismissive of their constitutional obligations if they were not already afraid.  They should be.  The single greatest social transformation in several centuries is occurring right now.  A transnational consensus is growing among ordinary citizens that coercive government is dangerous wherever it exists.

Texas Secession From U.S. Generating Buzz, Now California Claims Lead For Independence From Federal Gov.  Rumors swirl about whether Texas will or can secede from the United States to the point where a confused GOP presidential candidate, Nikki Haley, first said Texas could but more recently said it couldn't.  But secessionist fever is not only spiking in Texas.  Newsweek reported on Monday that conservative activists in California are working to establish a breakaway republic.  In fact, the leader of the movement told Newsweek that such a move is necessary to prevent another "civil war."  "So right now we're more working on the concept of national divorce as an alternative to potential civil violence and civil war in the country," conservative activist Louis Marinelli told Newsweek on Saturday.  "Our belief is that there's a lot of growing political violence and political problems in the country that may lead to fighting in the streets, civil war too, some people are calling for.  We are trying to propose the idea of potentially doing a national divorce of some sort ... to avoid that type of situation."  Marinelli is president of a group called Yes California.

Are We on The Doorstep of Another Civil War?  Before I get into my analysis, I want to make it clear I believe that anyone who wants a civil war to happen in the U.S. is dangerously naïve, insane, or working for one of America's enemies.  Imagine a Russia-Ukraine-type conflict in the U.S.  Thanks to Hollywood, most Americans believe that rebellions can be started and won by small ragtag groups of patriots, freedom fighters, insurrectionists, or everyday common folk.  All you need are pistols, assault weapons, bows and arrows, and maybe a few Molotov cocktails.  Blow up the Death Star, and the problem is solved.  But that is not how it usually works.  Revolutions require armaments, soldiers, money, something worth fighting for, and popular support.  Unless lives are at stake, few people are angry or committed enough to leave jobs or families to risk going to jail or dying needlessly.

Biden and the Border.  [Scroll down]  But desegregation in 1962 was very different from the present situation where the President is supporting immigration that in fact violates existing United States laws by refusing to enforce those laws.  Kennedy, on the other hand, was enforcing a court order to desegregate.  And, of course, while open borders are popular with elites, they're quite unpopular with the general public.  Add to that that Abbott has open support not only from members of Congress but from something like 25 other governors and it's not much like Mississippi in 1962 at all.  Instead what you get looks disturbingly like the early stages of a civil war, and in fact a Rasmussen poll from last week found that Americans think just that:  "A sizable majority of the public supports Texas's construction of a wall along its border with Mexico and feels that President Joe Biden's efforts to stop it are the first step toward civil war. ... Asked, 'Do you agree or disagree with this statement about the border dispute between Texas and the federal government: "The feds are staging a civil war, and Texas should stand their ground?" 55% said they agreed, while 36% said they didn't."  This is a bad position for the Biden Administration, which may explain our current sitzkrieg status, but it's not a good position for anyone.

Where Is All the Talk of Secession Coming From?  Secession has become a topic of discussion again.  Nikki Haley said rather inartfully earlier this week that Texas has a right to secede from the U.S., and she claimed that it is "their decision to make." [...] "I believe in states' rights.  I believe that everything should be as close to the people to decide," Haley said, adding that she supported Gov. Greg Abbott's (R-Texas) razor wire fencing that the Supreme Court temporarily ordered removed.  "If Texas decides they want to do that, they can do that.  If that whole state says we don't want to be part of America anymore.  I mean, that's their decision to make."  Haley walked the comment back on Thursday, telling Fox News, "It's not about secession.  Nobody's going to do that.  That's not what people are talking about.  What they are talking about is why isn't the president there, keeping Texans safe," the former South Carolina governor and former U.N. ambassador said Thursday in a Fox News Digital interview.  Most constitutional scholars will say the issue of whether a state has the right to secede was settled by the Civil War while others believe the issue that was settled had to do with the federal government's ability to enforce its will.

Texas secessionist claims 'Texit' getting 'closer' amid border dispute.  A leading Texas secessionist has claimed that the Lone Star State's breakaway from the Union — a movement dubbed "Texit" — "could absolutely be closer than we think" amid Gov. Greg Abbott's battle with the federal government over control of the border with Mexico.  "We're at a point where Texit is on everyone's mind, both those for it and those against it," Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, said on Tuesday's episode of his "Texas News" podcast.  "The border issue has become at the forefront of the news cycle and Texit has become the natural logical extension of what's happening down on the border," he said.  "We're in the throes of getting what we've always talked about, which is a binding vote — a vote on Texas becoming a self-governing, independent nation," Miller continued.

Is America Already A Dead Country?  Currently, we are two distinct nations under one flag, highlighted by what is happening in Texas.  Donald Trump is the President of the United Red States of America.  Joe "Dementia" Biden is President of the United Blue States of America.  Trump believes in capitalism, the free market, and the Constitution, while Biden and his puppeteers promote socialism and everything that flows from it.  This can't continue indefinitely.

The Black Swan Events That Could Determine This Election.  The border situation is coming to a head with a potential confrontation between Governor Abbott of Texas (and 24 other governors) and our alleged President.  The fact is that the Constitution requires Joe Biden to both enforce the laws and protect the states from invasion, but he is willfully doing neither.  That makes for a constitutional crisis, one completely of Joe Biden's doing, although the regime media is screaming that it's all Texas's fault for not meekly submitting to federal abuse and neglect.  I don't think we're going to have another Gettysburg, but Joe Biden is a stupid, malignant man, and his administration is full of stupid, malignant people.  It is entirely possible that they push this and provoke some sort of conflict.  Then it gets scary.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like 1776.  I argue in my recently published book, [...] that "our present conflict is unprecedented in our own nation's history and in our own lifetimes and marks the third major test, which will determine whether America survives or dies" — our previous major tests being the American Revolution and Civil War.  While it was the left's unprecedented and unlawful efforts to indict and imprison former President Trump that compelled me to make such a claim, more recent events have unfortunately reaffirmed its validity and served to exacerbate already deteriorating relations between our tyrannical federal Government and the American citizenry.  History would insist that we are on a collision course.

A world war, not a civil war.  Many in the press — and many readers — believe we are headed to a civil war.  The parallels to the first Civil War are obvious.  We have a weak president.  Biden makes James Buchanan look like a genius and Kamala like a C student.  Once again, Democrats are trying to keep the Republican presidential nominee off the ballot.  To gaze upon the parallels is to gaze upon your navel.  Look up and out.  What Texas is fighting is something larger than America because the attack on America's borders is just a battle in the war between Western civilization and Third Worlders seeking retribution for the West bringing them indoor plumbing and the like.  The chief beneficiaries of colonization now resent it.  The battle prep for this war has been going on for more than five decades.  The 1972 massacre of 11 members of the Israeli Olympics team tested our perimeter.  The next year came the oil embargo, which was designed to shut down the West's economy, and the Yom Kippur War, which failed to obliterate Israel.  The tests continued over the years and each time those who would destroy the West learned it wasn't time.  Then came 9/11 and the West finally failed.  While the president of the United States inspired and rallied Americans, his first priority was to block Islamophobia.

Border Patrol Turns on Joe Biden, Proclaims Support for Texas National Guard.  Is there going to be a major confrontation on the border following Joe Biden's ultimatum that Texas National Guard forces be removed from Shelby Park and other "disputed" areas?  Not if the rank-and-file of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have anything to say about it.  According to a new post put out by the Border Patrol Union, and a new report from Griff Jenkins of Fox News, Biden has lost operational control of the situation, at least in a practical sense.  [Tweet]  The Biden administration had initially warned Texas that it had until mid-day Friday to relinquish control of Shelby Park, the nearby boat dock, and the International Bridge.  That deadline has now come and gone, and instead of there being a major clash between the Border Patrol and the state-controlled soldiers on site, it appears those on the ground have already de-escalated the situation.

The Second US Civil War?  We may well be witnessing a pivotal moment in history[.  A] letter of support for Texas Governor Abbott, in his defiance of the federal regime, has been published and signed by governors of half the states in the very disunited United States.  These governors have also offered to send their National Guard troops to Texas, to support the Texas National Guard.  What was just last week a legal dispute between the governor of Texas and the federal regime has now become a very real confrontation between Washington and 25 states.  These states include all of the states who joined the Confederacy in the US Civil War, as well as some states that were on the Yankee side, and other states that were not even states back in 1861.  [Tweet]

Border Showdown:  Republican Governors Across U.S. Stand with Texas Against Feds.  A growing list of Republican governors announced they stand with Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the State's showdown against the Biden administration over the seized border park in Eagle Pass, Texas.  Speaker of the House Mike Johnson also stated his support.  A who's who of Republican governors announced their support for the State of Texas and Governor Abbott's fight against the Biden administration's open border policies.  The list includes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin, and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice.

Virginia Gov. Youngkin Comes Out Swinging Against Biden On Border Dispute.  Siding with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) criticized President Joe Biden and his "border czar" for continued problems at the Mexico/U.S. border.  Abbott is in a dispute with the White House over the security at the border.  According to Abbott, Texas has a "constitutional right to self-defense," and therefore the right to try to secure the Texas border if Biden refuses to enforce federal immigration laws.  "Virginia stands with Texas," Youngkin posted to X on Wednesday, captioning a lengthy statement from Abbott concerning the border dispute.  "Greg Abbott is doing the job Joe Biden and his border czar refuse to do to secure our border," Youngkin continued, referencing U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.  "The Biden administration has turned every state into a border state," the Virginia governor continued. "We must stop the flow of fentanyl, save lives, and secure our southern border."

Constitutional Crisis at the Border?  Joe Biden's border policy is unconstitutional.  Under Article II, his most fundamental duty as president is to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Biden has not faithfully executed our immigration laws; rather, he has deliberately sabotaged and negated them.  This is an impeachable offense, but what to do in the meantime?  In Texas, a constitutional crisis may be brewing.  Governor Greg Abbott, having had enough of the scofflaw Biden Administration, had fencing erected along the border to discourage illegal migration.  Biden, determined to illegally undermine our country, directed that the fencing be torn down so that more illegals can pour in.  The case reached the Supreme Court, which voted 5-4 to overturn a Court of Appeals decision that enjoined federal border agents from cutting the wire.  So for now, the Court has the feds back in control.  As Steve wrote yesterday, Governor Abbott is not backing down.  He is asserting Texas's constitutional right to defend itself against foreign invasion.

Joe Biden Gives an Ultimatum to Greg Abbott.  Joe Biden, or more likely his handlers, levied an ultimatum on Thursday, demanding that Gov. Greg Abbott relinquish control of the "disputed" border areas Texas has been securing.  That came after 25 states joined together to pledge their support to Abbott as he battles the federal government and its refusal to enforce immigration laws.  The date for the demand is set for Friday, January 26th, with the Biden administration saying it wants full access to Shelby Park, a boat launch, and the international bridge.  [Tweet] [Transcript] The federal attorney being quoted is reading more into the Supreme Court's ruling than exists.  The ruling simply lifted an injunction that stopped the federal officials from cutting the razor wire.  The ruling did not say that Texas must allow federal officials access to the areas where the razor wire is.

President Biden [is being] Urged to Seize Texas National Guard.  On Wednesday, Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) called on President Biden to "seize" the Texas National Guard by calling them into Federal service, removing them from the command and control of the State of Texas.  This is presumably in response to Texas Governor Greg Abbott's defiant tone towards the Biden Administration on closing the border. [...] This idea by Rep. Castro raises some interesting questions:
  [#1]  Were the President to activate the Texas National Guard under Title 10, what would their orders be?  To assist federal officers in throwing open the gates?
  [#2]  What happens if members of the Texas National Guard refuse activation and instead continue to follow the orders of TX-ANG officers and Governor Abbott?
  [#3]  What if the Texas Guard splits, and former comrades end up facing each other across that red line?
  [#4]  If the Pentagon sends federal troops, how willing are they going to be to confront other Americans to allow the continued invasion of the country?
  [#5]  Is there any possibility that there may be open conflict between Texas and federal officials?
I'm no wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, but this is the kind of thing that civil wars start over.

Abbott: Texas Has Constitutional Right To Defend Its Borders From Invasion, Supersedes All Federal Law.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a defiant statement on Wednesday pushing back against President Joe Biden's attempts to stop Texas from securing its borders against the millions of illegal aliens pouring into the state thanks to Biden's reckless border policies.  Abbott's statement comes after the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration earlier this week, ruling that it could remove or cut through razor wire the state has deployed to stop illegal aliens from crossing the Rio Grande into the state.  "President Biden has violated his oath to faithfully execute immigration laws enacted by Congress," Abbott said.  "Instead of prosecuting immigrants for the federal crime of illegal entry, President Biden has sent his lawyers into federal courts to sue Texas for taking action to secure the border."  "President Biden has instructed his agencies to ignore federal statutes that mandate the detention of illegal immigrants.  The effect is to illegally allow their en masse parole into the United States," he continued, adding:  "By wasting taxpayer dollars to tear open Texas's border security infrastructure, President Biden has enticed illegal immigrants away from the 28 legal entry points along this State's southern border — bridges where nobody drowns — and into the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande."

U.S. citizens are heavily regulated and monitored, but illegals are free of mandates, regulations and bureaucratic harassment.  There's a lot of talk lately about states potentially "seceding" from the USA.  Truth is, the federal government has already seceded from the United States of America in the sense that it has abrogated the boundaries of its authority as set by our Constitutional Republic.  It's gone rogue.  People fear the government in a nation where the government should fear the people.  Stay calm, stay peaceful, but prepare yourself mentally and physically to fight.  Because even if you don't want a fight, a situation involving violence might be coming to a city or town near you, possibly even to your own property.  Those 18 to 45 year old foreign nationals crossing over our southern border, at a rate of 10,000 or more per day, look for the most part amazingly trim, muscular and dangerous.  Hey, all you American men, are you dangerous?  Or are you spending too much time on the couch watching your favorite sports team and eating junk food?

Can the left peacefully coexist with us?  The Biden administration is tearing down any obstructions to the illegal invasion.  The flood is overwhelming shelters and hospitals while the left is falling all over itself to offer taxpayer-funded freebies to encourage even more to come in.  And on top of it all, the law states that the National Voter Registration Act prevents every state from requiring people to prove that they are U.S. citizens to vote.  It should be obvious by now that the fascist far left will do anything to stay in power, while it accuses the pro-freedom right of planning to do anything to stay in power.  How do you peacefully coexist with people perfectly willing to lie and violate the law to stay in power?

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 That State Authorities Cannot Protect American Citizens from Illegal Border Entry.  In a 5-4 ruling today [pdf Available Here], Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined with the radical leftists on the court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, to say that Texas is not permitted to protect itself from illegal border crossers.  None of the justices provided any explanation for their vote.  The court majority sided with the Biden administration policy of removing razor wire to permit illegal alien entry without impediment.  Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas voted with Texas, in favor of national border integrity.

Dear Treasonous Traitors: [Bleep!] Strong Message Follows.  Since SCOTUS has ruled — beyond and against any legal reasoning worthy of the name — that the U.S. Constitution does not apply to Texas, Texas should ratify that decision and return the favor, in spades.  There should be consequences to ruling a state is outside the protection of the Constitution under which it joined the republic.  All representatives of Texas outside its geographic boundaries should be recalled to the state forthwith.  [#1] How many divisions does SCOTUS have?  [#2] Texas should arrest on the spot any federal agent attempting to cut, remove, or displace any obstacle Texas has erected within the state's boundaries, or otherwise thwart prevention by Texas of the criminal invasion of their state, and hold any such arrestees without bail indefinitely, for insurrection and treason.

Rep. Higgins:  Stand Your Ground, "The Feds Are Staging a Civil War".  In response to the Supreme Court decision allowing the Biden administration to remove the razor wire in Shelby Park, Rep. Clay Higgins stated, "My thoughts are that the feds are staging a civil war, and Texas should stand their ground." [...] People are dying trying to get here, children are trafficked, drugs pour in, and our sovereignty is destroyed.  Is the Biden administration really going to cut down razor wire?  [Texas Attorney General Ken] Paxton had sued the administration in October over Border Patrol cutting razor wire in Shelby Park to discourage invaders.  The Biden administration argued that once migrants are on US soil, Border Patrol must apprehend them (only they don't, they catch and release).  The Biden administration is perverting US law to keep the borders open.  An Appeals Court granted Paxton's request for a preliminary injunction.  The DOJ then asked the Supreme Court for "temporary relief" so they could remove the razor wire.  The administration doesn't even want two-and-a-half-miles of border closed off as Texas is being destroyed by a mass of humanity that includes criminals and terrorists.

Elon Musk calls for unmasking of Patriot Front: 'just follow them'.  On Sunday, X owner Elon Musk called for members of the Patriot Front organization to be unmasked and questioned "Why doesn't the media or government care about their identities?" He asked.  The comment came in response to X user Wall Street Silver, who theorized, "The fact that the legacy media shows zero curiosity about unmasking these guys, tells us 100% that these are federal agents or paid stooges of one of the agencies."  "Seems like they should be followed and unmasked," Musk said.  [Tweet]

The Editor says...
Heaven forbid that any the remarkably uniform Patriot Front fellows should be physically assaulted and forcibly unmasked; but if that happens, let's see if the assailant faces charges for attacking a federal agent.  Will the government then claim that we should have known they were (barely) undercover feds?

Code 20 Explained.  The distribution of this information is protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  You have a First Amendment right to read and share this, or to not read it.  We are in troubling times that may be moving towards a violent conflict.  President Trump was robbed of his 2020 re-election; the Communist Biden/Harris/Obama cabal are working to enslave us; both Islam (Islam is an ideology, not a race) and Communism are mortal existential threats along with the People's Republic of China.  The Deep State is real.  They're accountable to NOBODY and they're hellbent on ERASING your rights and enslaving you.

The Editor says...
The Editor does not necessarily agree with the ideas put forth in the article above; especially the parts not shown in the excerpt, which pertain to low-level political terrorism.  However, the article is a thought-provoking expression of opinion from someone, or some group, who has had it with the Deep State.

Americans Are Fighting For Control Of Federal Powers That Shouldn't Exist.  It's no secret that politics in the United States is growing increasingly acrimonious — to the point that a 2022 poll found 43% of Americans think a civil war is a least somewhat likely in the next decade.  But here's what few people realize:  The intensity of our division springs from a federal government operating far beyond the limits of the Constitution — fueling a fight for control over powers that were never supposed to exist at the national level. [...] To rattle off just a random fistful of the federal government's unauthorized undertakings and entities — brace yourself — there is zero constitutional authority for the Social Security, Medicare, federal drug prohibitions, the Small Business Administration, crop subsidies, the Department of Labor, automotive fuel efficiency standards, climate regulations, the Federal Reserve, union regulation, housing subsidies, the Department of Agriculture, workplace regulations, the Department of Education, federal student loans, the Food and Drug Administration, food stamps, unemployment insurance or light bulb regulations.

Minds To Think.  The United States is without a political leader.  The State Department, Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and all other federal agencies are being run by their heads, or deputies while we seem inexorably headed to worldwide conflict.  There is no accountability to be found and we're headed for a cliff, because we are no longer a constitutional republic.  The arrogance and hostility toward the people, the patriots, by their own government is unparalleled.  They treat us like the enemy, because to them, we are.  When patriots tire of it, have lost enough that they finally see it, it might be too late.  Or, it might be the start of the bloodiest uprising in the history of the world.  The cost will be enormous.  The truth is, at this precarious point in our history, either Russia or China, or both could put an end to us anytime they wanted.  That's a fact and they could do it simply by taking out the grid.

National Populism and the Rise of Donald Trump.  There is a growing level of anger in America.  Defunding the police, illegal immigration, rising crime, green energy, and the woke doctrines of DEI and CRT have proven disastrous to the lives of working-class people, and they are pushing them toward the conservative cause.  People see societal dysfunction as an alarming hazard to their way of life.  There is talk of secession.  We have never seen anything like this, and it is getting worse.  This is a battle between good and evil, and ordinary people are starting to fight back as never before.  Deplorables are awakening to their vast, unharnessed power.  Rising opposition from working people is turning the tables and leading to increased boycotts and open protests over the wokery of the Left.  With the rise of the internet, the government is losing the façade of being kept honest by an independent press corps.  Grassroots patriots are finding new ways to communicate ideas they have never expressed publicly.

How long will the volcano stay dormant?  It already happened once.  What makes us think it will not again?  On April 29, 1992, the United States experienced a mini civil war in which more than sixty people were killed in armed conflict, and 2,300 were wounded.  Live television recorded the event, clips of which are available on YouTube.  Other, even more dramatic scenes depicted full-fledged gun battles on the streets of Los Angeles, California. The location was an urban section known as Korea Town.  Rioting and looting were sparked when a young black man was arrested for the violent robbery of a Korean-American business.  Over a period of a week, mob violence increased.  The targets included people of all races, and law enforcement authorities soon lost control of the situation.  When it became clear to the Koreans, many of whom were first-generation immigrants, that the local and federal agencies were not going to arrive in time to rescue them, the Koreans exercised their Second Amendment rights and fought back.  To their credit, the defenders acted with surprising restraint, holding their ground and firing warning shots when possible, but making it clear that if the attackers would not retreat, they would likely be killed in the combat.  Nor was it only the local Koreans who responded.  As word of the desperate situation got out, additional Koreans, many of them military veterans, some of them combat-experienced, arrived to support their kindred.  After about a week, government law enforcement, augmented by U.S. military forces, restored order.

Lawmakers and others are 'secretly' plotting a military mutiny if Trump is elected.  Mutiny is on the menu should Trump win again.  That's according to an allegedly "secret" plan, that's being widely trumpeted on NBC News, for the military to refuse to follow orders from Trump.  Part of this is pre-election posturing, but part of this is entirely consistent with the post-Obama military, up to and including the execrable Mark "White Rage" Milley. [...] And don't doubt that there are many in the military who will go along with this planned mutiny.  As I wrote years ago on my own blog, the military leadership, shaped by years of Obama's efforts to remove traditional American values from the Pentagon, hates Trump.  Gen. Mark "White Rage" Milley's time as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reflects this mindset.

Who Are We?  As Americans, we are being forced to understand that the governing framework that has existed for nearly two hundred and fifty years, doesn't work.  It relied on the common understanding of duty, pride and loyalty that persists in some, but not in those who administer and populate that framework today.  To corrupt the framework, those values had to be eradicated, separated from those who administer it and a great deal of effort has been expended by the enemies of America to do just that.  America, under whatever political framework it operates, so long as it enables Americans to be Americans, will always be a giant pool of power, wealth and innovation.  Some of that is because it draws the talented from all around the globe, who suffer under oppression and suppression to its shores by offering freedom.  This is the source of the "diversity is our strength" mantra that has been abused to the point of destroying freedom and opportunity.

Texas Supreme Court refuses to allow petition for independence referendum to be on the March primary ballot.  The Texas Supreme Court has rejected calls to allow Texans to vote on whether the state should become independent.  The Texas Nationalist Movement had submitted a petition to the Republican party demanding the question be posed on the March primary ballot.  But it was rejected by Texas Republican Party Chair Matt Rinaldi, despite being well over the 97,709 signatures required to get a vote added.  The petition was submitted with 139,456 signatures.

If it all goes wrong, with whom will the police side?  Should our government decide "our democracy" is in imminent danger and it's necessary to suppress dangerous insurrectionists like Catholics and soccer moms, would America's federal, state and local police play along?  It has long been common knowledge Federal agencies have been stockpiling enormous quantities of mil-spec arms, ammunition and other gear.  Agencies like the Railroad Retirement Board, Department of Education and Fish and Wildlife Service have automatic weapon-armed SWAT teams.  Apparently, railroad retirees, federal education grant applicants and Trout are a greater threat to "our democracy" than anyone imagined.

EPA Is Buying Millions of Dollars Worth of Military-Grade Weapons.  Why is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) purchasing millions of dollars worth of military-grade equipment, including night vision goggles and serious weapons, as if they are preparing for war?  Every agency has been arming up to some degree since at least Barack Obama's presidency.  When we look at the FBI and DOJ, who are heavily armed, we might think of them as a national police force.  If you combine them with all these heavily armed agencies, the US has numerous national police forces.  That's one way to look at it.  The weapons could be used against Americans.

Will our military fight for Joe Biden?  Who voluntarily enlists in the military?  Largely people from the South and Midwest, particularly sons and daughters of families with military traditions.  Even with recruiting crashing, most of those enlisting are patriots, willing to brave the DEI lunacy to serve.  How many purple-haired, nose and nipple-pierced vegans are enlisting, and how many of those are going to be combat effective?  Sure, some of the queer are enlisting for free trans surgery, but they're all going to be non-deployable, and little more than stationary targets on the battlefield if they're somehow forced into the field.

The nightmare scenario we are now facing.  [Scroll down]  It is almost impossible to imagine a scenario where Republicans, as weak as they are, would accept this, leading to an intractable divide in our nation.  Of course people will argue that the Supreme Court will intervene and mandate that Trump's name be placed on the ballot in every state, but what if they don't?  It's a low percentage chance that they do not, but nonetheless it's a real one.  After all, they declined to intervene in any of the post 2020 election lawsuits, including ones brought by multiple states, so there's no reason to assume that they will take action in this particular case.  And if they don't and Donald Trump is denied that one vote in Maine because of the unilateral decision of Democrat partisan Shenna Bellows that he engaged in an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, consisting of 2.7 million employees, then America will face a nightmare scenario which will permanently tear our country apart.

Texas Secession Movement Scores Massive Victory Against Establishment Politics.  [Video clip only.]

Gen Z: they're more fragile and neurotic than anyone imagined.  Should Gen Z and their handlers and enablers provoke a second civil war, I'm liking normal, sane American's chances.

Is This It?  [Scroll down]  [I]s there no point at which kinetic war against people who hate you and seek to subjugate you is justified?  As stewards of the American nation we inherited from our forebears to preserve and cherish, and now crumbling before our eyes, where does our duty lie?  A great many decent, patient, forgiving, and conscientious Americans are beginning to ask themselves this previously unthinkable question.  Nobody else is coming to save us.  It's easy, looking at history, to follow the stories of the decline and fall of nations and empires, in which the span of decades or centuries may pass in a day's reading.  To "zoom out", though, when one is embedded in history in real time is another thing altogether, and far more difficult.  But we are, at this point, rushing headlong past all of the familiar mile-posts.

Use the Colorado Precedent.  America is in the place that it has only been a couple of times in history. [...] Now, in the inflamed racial environment fomented for political gain by Barack Obama and egged on continually by the George Soros-funded BLM and Antifa, fighting to divide America again as it was during the [Civil War] for their own purposes of raising communism out of the smoking remains.  A third or less of America is willing to burn it to the ground to get what they want with the much larger share of Americans simply trying to ignore it while they go to work and support their families.  But Americans will not be defended from the antagonistic members of society by behaving themselves.  They want to, they have been taught their whole lives that there's nothing worth fighting for, that's not the way civil society operates, even while they are amidst the most uncivil society ever devised in the homeland.  They are being shown scenes of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China on their own streets, in their own courts of law, and they still refuse to see it.

Secession Without Secession.  [Scroll down]  In the case of the United States, all states have their own constitutions.  Some have already exerted their sovereignty and others can as well.  State legislatures and governors reflect back to the idea of a civil war resulting from the last attempt at secession, but as Minnesota has recently demonstrated an official declaration need not take place.  One just has to work around it, the way the congress does the parts of the constitution that limit their power.  All that needs to take place is for a few states to recognize that they are fully capable of their own defense, their own energy, electric capacity, etc., or can get it from a similarly situated neighbor.  Right now, the only thing the federal government offers the individual states is barriers to their own resources, barriers to their own ideas, their own methods.  If states try to do something in their own interest that will prove the federal way of doing things is ineffective, they will be showered with action from every federal agency from OSHA to DHS.  That's not how this is supposed to work.

Poll: About 20% of Democrats Want Donald Trump Executed, Exiled, Jailed for Life.  Some Democrats wish the worst for former President Donald Trump, even though his presidency successfully created prosperity for the nation's citizens.  Before the Chinese coronavirus came to the U.S., the Trump administration built the world's most prosperous economy, according to White House archives:
  •   America gained 7 million new jobs — more than three times government experts' projections.
  •   Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly three decades.
  •   Unemployment for women hit its lowest rate in nearly 70 years.
  •   The DOW closed above 20,000 for the first time in 2017 and topped 30,000 in 2020.
  •   Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.
  •   Lifted nearly seven million people off of food stamps.
Despite the accomplishments, many Democrats hold Trump in contempt.

The Editor says...
Regardless of Donald Trump's many accomplishments, one fifth of the baby-killing socialist democrats want to see something bad happen to him, far beyond merely losing the next election.  This is proof that [#1] not everyone should vote, [#2] too many people believe everything the talking heads on TV tell them, and [#3] civil war is not far away.  If they hate Donald Trump that much, they probably hate his supporters, too, and they won't listen to facts.  This country is beyond repair.

'Civil War' movie where president bombs American citizens in near future to premiere in 2024.  A different kind of "Civil War" will debut in 2024 ahead of the presidential election, courtesy of a new movie whose trailer just came out.  Written and directed by Alex Garland, "Civil War" is described in a tagline as "a race to the White House in a near-future America balanced on the razor's edge."  In the two-and-a-half-minute trailer from A24, the "razor's edge" appears to be a modern civil war following the secession of 19 states.  The trailer contains various provocative images, including U.S. soldiers and military tanks tearing through American cities during an apparent uprising.  [Tweet with video clip]  "Do you regret the use of airstrikes on American citizens?" a journalist appears to ask the "three-term" president, played by Nick Offerman.

Younger Americans fearing 2024 election could spark a civil war are preparing for disaster.  More young Americans are doomsday prepping ahead of the next presidential election over fears of a societal collapse or failed natural disaster response, a survey has found.  Gen-Z, adults born after 1997, is the most likely to be preparing for a disaster with a whooping 40 percent claiming to have spent money on doomsday supplies in the past year, according to a Finder survey.  The survey of 2,179 US adults was conducted from January 9 to February 17 and has a two percent margin of error.  Finder — who has been collecting prepping data since 2017 — asked people if they had spent money preparing for emergencies over the last twelve months.

Where's America's Conor McGregor?  Western governments around the globe, bastions of free speech and liberty, towers of diversity of thought and dedicated to truth have been compromised by a globalist sect determined to destroy the unification, the coalescing behind these values that has taken place over a couple of centuries.  These governments that rose on the power of these simple principles have rejected the will of the people, first with their responses to the pandemic, which I contend were tests of how far they could go before encountering violence.  Second, they allowed unrestricted immigration from third-world nations, mostly Islamic.  Another test as to these nation's religious dedication, another fail.  Third, they forced an untested, deadly vaccine on the populace through police-enforced mandates.  Fourth, to thwart the expression of the people against such measures they rigged elections, not just in the U.S., but other nations as well.  With no other civilized option left to the people who had been punished by these trials, the governments have identified them as "violent domestic terrorists" in what would otherwise be considered faithful patriots fighting for liberty and justice.  Here in America, it's obvious that it is not coincidental, it's designed to condition a people into a compliant public ready to accept totalitarian control.  If that doesn't get the results they want, they will be, and currently are, using economic measures to force compliance.  These are the issues that break a nation in two, that expose the people to the harshest of possible futures.

More Media Malpractice.  One of the major reasons why Americans are divided and hostile toward each other is that we live in alternate universes.  Not literally, but functionally.  We have all seen the polls that show Americans have been losing trust in the MSM for a long time.  Only 36% of Americans say they have a "great deal" or "fair amount" of trust in the MSM, but this fact hides an important distinction: the majority of Democrats trust the MSM, while Republicans have given up on getting anything remotely close to the truth from the MSM.  Republicans have earned their distrust not just because they are often lied about and can't help but notice this fact, but also because they are literally unable to avoid getting the majority of their news from MSM news sources, while consciously exposing themselves to alternative points of view.  Democrats rarely do.  They automatically distrust alternative or conservative media and tend to trust without question what they hear from the MSM. This is not because they are universally stupid or uninterested in the news, but because they are inclined to trust the "misinformation" narrative.

Michigan Town Becomes Second Amendment Sanctuary, Creates Official Militia to Stop Enforcement of Illegal Gun Control.  A Michigan town has passed a resolution declaring themselves to be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary, and they intend to back that resolution up by force if needed.  Holton Township, Mich. passed the resolution on Tuesday night and are creating a volunteer militia in the town that can interpose itself against the enforcement of illegal, unconstitutional gun control recently approved by the far-left Democrat legislator and governor.  The township is enacting these policies because they feel they are "necessary for the security and rights of Holton Township residents."

When the Truth Hurts, Lie.  I wish more people would understand that the union is already dead and the corpse is being shocked to life just enough to extort tax dollars from the people.  There is no republic, we've been dealing with the shattered remains of it for seven years. [...] The sooner the individual states recognize that they're aboard the Titanic after the iceberg, the better.  Instead of looking at all of their citizens as dual citizens, they would be wise to recognize that loyalty to their state is primary and only statutorily to the United States Government.  The tax revenues not spent paying the service on the debt would be better put to use shoring up their own states against the massive social unrest brought upon them by the reckless federal government.  While federal officials are spending the national treasure like a drunk stumbling around a strip club with the corporate credit card, they are building toward an economic implosion never before envisioned.

They Razed Paradise And Put Up A Solar Farm.  We've been told with clockwork regularity that in order to prevent a baked planet, we have to generate our electricity through renewable sources, primarily wind and solar.  Set aside for now the legitimate questions about the reliability and cost of both and consider this:  Do we even have enough room for the equipment necessary to produce enough power to meet the demand?  Both wind and solar power are voracious land hogs.  Wind or solar can need 90 to 100 times more acreage than a natural gas plant to generate the same amount of electricity.  And let's not forget the large swaths of land that will have to be appropriated, and in heavily forested areas clear cut, to build transmission lines that connect solar and wind farms to distribution lines.  Yes, there is a lot of open land in this country on which to build wind and solar projects.  But don't think the NIMBYs are going to let the renewables sites just roll over without not just a fight but a war.

5 Items to Remember for When Disaster Strikes.  "We, the People," through the bitter experiences of the past two decades, no longer trust our major political, financial, medical, and educational institutions to safeguard our lives, our freedoms, and our property.  Our nation had been invaded by eight million illegal aliens.  We have allowed fentanyl to destroy our inner cities.  We have let Marxist-Leninist politicians to empty our prisons and they have allowed crime and prostitution to flourish.  We have let out our illegally elected president run up the national debt and destroy our energy independence.  Our national media, with few exceptions, have become the yapping lapdogs of the Marxist Democrats.  America has crossed the tipping point.  We can clearly see that the inevitable politically caused disasters such as terrorism, overseas conflicts, and economic downturns will not be met with rational, coherent, and comprehensive solutions from the current federal or state authorities.  Each of us is now personally responsible for the survival of his family and friends.

When It Gets Bad Enough. To whatever extent a piece of paper can be a nation, the Constitution was a good effort and the principles it embraced and codified were outstanding, but they were only the principles that pre-existed the Constitution, they were not created by it.  It was the other way around.  I will never give up on those principles and to whatever degree another constitution can be written, or strengthening and putting some draconian penalties for violations of the one that already exists, it's worth a try, but make no mistake, whatever America is to be will be up to Americans to sort out in the next weeks and years as the old one collapses.  The government now in charge largely through violations of the Constitution, in violations of any form of popular democracy, owing its current configuration to communist principles of an autocratic ruler through dictate is not American in principle or ideology, it is Hegelian in nature and function.  Resistance to the government now, is resistance to communism.

Consequences of American Communism.  My position is quite clear:  this nation is done for.  In fact, it has already ended, but as long as the states continue to blindly follow the dictates of an over-extended, over-reaching, bankrupt federal government that has no interest in fair elections or the rule of law, it will continue on its downward slide until it's ultimately conquered.  The only real choice to be made is whether that's done by an inside force or an outside force.  The one thing a nation needs to be is true to itself, no matter how stupid, wrong or ridiculous it is, it has to believe in itself, to value itself, but this one does not. [...] It's nearly torturous to stand by watching this occur, daily waiting for something of the old America to present itself, but I know from history that everything has its time and to get out too far in front of it will do nothing but hurt the effort I'm trying to support.  The people are not yet ready, the states themselves are not yet ready to stand up to the open communist rebellion by the federal government. [...] From my perspective, the United States Government is so far out of its charter that it no longer recognizes boundaries, not legislative, not constitutional, not legal and has therefore forfeited its legitimacy.

The Late Hour of Our Republic.  [Scroll down]  It is my belief, and solely my own, that we, the United States of America, have been captured by the powerbase of the elite and that our representatives and senators now respond to that powerbase, that the people, that are the powerbase of America, have been conquered.  It was done in secret, behind our backs, not in a war or through attrition, but by trickery and now whatever fighting we do for our nation is done for the powerbase of the elite.  Please understand that I am not suggesting a rebellion against the constitution or the United States Government.  I am not suggesting a rebellion against those police forces, federal, state of local.  I am merely suggesting that they have already been captured and act against the people of the United States and so the United States of America no longer exist.

The Cult of Our Betters.  If you believe as I do, then you are left with limited choices for vital communications.  No one can fight the government alone.  Fighting the government means everything from passive to active resistance.  The surveillance state exists on a multitude of public and private plains [sic], and they have very sharp teeth.  The right to free speech is explicit in the Constitution.  Regardless of whether we indulge in questionable facts, over-the-top references to violence, or even discuss whether our government is legitimate, all such topics are protected speech.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.  This is especially true as we speak to each other privately.  Free speech becomes questionable when it translates into actual action or near-term threats.  That's Constitutional Law 101.

The Brink of Lexington.  [Scroll down]  Here's how I know the decision is upon us.  The federal law enforcement apparatus is comfortable enough to target school board meetings and pro-life protesters in clear violation of the First Amendment, so they are signaling that the constitution is no longer in play, that's the gist of the message.  They manufactured a riot out of a peaceful protest simply to arrest Trump supporters.  They hoped it would break their support of Trump and it worked in some cases.  When one looks at Trump, all that he's going through, you only have to understand that it's a desperate attempt to get his supporters to break away, to turn their backs.  Knowing that, when it is openly broadcast that the FBI has designated Trump supporters as domestic violent extremists one can see through their ploy.  Despite the fact that other than the orchestrated fedsurrection of January 6th, there has never been any riot at any of the hundreds of Trump rallies in excess of tens of thousands present.  Any disturbance at all was instigated by the feds or their useful idiots, Antifa or BLM.

Could Kevin McCarthy's Ouster Be a Tipping Point?  [Scroll down]  Biden calls anyone or any group standing in the way of his march to Marxism as "extreme."  We've seen what his administration does to those who actively oppose him.  Look no further than the January 6 prosecutions for evidence.  But it's much broader than J6 alone.  And our elected Republican leaders prioritize the wrong issues as our country suffers.  Some 62% of Americans have views they are afraid to share.  Being afraid of your government may be the most consequential and relevant reason we need a new kind of revolution in this country.  The producers, the old-style Democrat party union members, the entrepreneurs, and the millions upon millions of us who work every day to make things and deliver services are now a minority in our own country, with only 134 million working out of nearly 340 million.  In 1995, the share of working-age people in the labor force peaked at 72% and has since fallen to 62.2%.  This circumstance is unique and is a flashing danger sign.

FBI secretly monitoring MAGA ahead of 2024 election, says Trump supporters could start a civil war.  In another disturbing report regarding the FBI, we are learning that they have begun secretly monitoring the MAGA movement for domestic terrorism, worried that Trump supporters could start a civil war. [...] I don't mind the FBI monitoring actual domestic terrorist organizations and those who commit violence across the country, like Antifa.  But they probably don't monitor Antifa.  Instead they train their sights on the political mass of Trump supporters.  Remember earlier this year when we found out they were targeting traditional Catholics?  How about they just worry about the actual domestic terrorism groups, like Antifa, and stop targeting Americans who passionately participate in politics.

FBI secretly targeting Trump supporters ahead of 2024 election, labels MAGA followers as 'domestic violent extremists': Report.  [Scroll down]  In October 2022, the Federal Bureau of Investigation created a new subcategory of domestic terrorists labeled AGAAVE — which stands for anti-government, anti-authority violent extremism.  The new subcategory is a threat group that is not anarchists, a militia, or sovereign citizen groups.  The new classification is officially defined as "domestic violent extremists who cite anti-government or anti-authority motivations for violence or criminal activity not otherwise defined, such as individuals motivated by a desire to commit violence against those with a real or perceived association with a specific political party or faction of a specific political party."  The outlet reported, "Government insiders acknowledged to Newsweek that although they are not named specifically, the AGAAVE-Other title applies to political violence associated with Trump supporters."  "It was a subtle change, little noticed, but a gigantic departure for the Bureau," according to Newsweek.  "Trump and his army of supporters were acknowledged as a distinct category of domestic violent extremists, even as the FBI was saying publicly that political views were never part of its criteria to investigate or prevent domestic terrorism.  Where the FBI sees threats is also plain from the way it categorizes them — a system which on the surface is designed to appear nonpartisan.  This shifted subtly days after the events of January 6 when it comes to what the Bureau calls AGAAVE."

When a governor does something so blatantly unconsitutional, what's the point?  Is she just making a name for herself?
NM Gov cancels 2nd Amendment in Albuquerque.  We should rightly call what happened in New Mexico yesterday outrageous, but things like this are happening so often these days that some of us may have started to become numb to it.  Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an executive order suspending the right of citizens to carry firearms across the City of Albuquerque and the surrounding county for thirty days.  She claimed the ability to do this by declaring a state of emergency in the area and seizing emergency powers under that premise.  The "emergency" in question was a spate of shootings in the city in recent weeks.  The Governor plans to have the state police enforce the order, likely because the city's Chief of Police has already refused to enforce it and the County Sheriff immediately said he was "uneasy" about the order.

American Despotism.  America is now in the deepest, most dangerous constitutional crisis since the hostility in the 1850s that led to secession and civil war.  This constitutional crisis is so widespread and threatening that House Republicans must dramatically widen their investigations.  Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden are only a tiny part of a spiderweb of corruption, dishonesty, criminal behavior, and state weaponization.  The rule of law is steadily being replaced by a frightening new rule of power.  Of course, it is important to get to the bottom of the Biden corruption. [...] House Republicans must recognize, however, that they are currently focused on one tree in a forest of illegality and totalitarian behavior.  A powerful and growing faction of the American Left would undermine the Constitution, turn the government into an instrument of coercing Americans to do what it wants, and use the law as a weapon to destroy its political opponents.

Solutions Are Scary:  Part 1 — It's Time To Bring Back Citizen Militias.  The real solutions require hard work, sacrifice, courage, tenacity and above all, risk.  If a solution to tyranny and collapse doesn't scare you at least a little, then it's probably not a legitimate solution.  And, if there is one solution that has been demonized more than any other in our modern era, it's the citizen militia.  It's hard to think of a greater taboo, a more sneered at and disdained concept than the militia, and that's on both sides of the political aisle.  Many leftists hate the militia because they fear it; many Republicans hate the militia because they think it makes them look "extreme."  Sorry sunshine patriots, but if there was ever a time for extreme measures, it is now.

Jon Voight Slams Biden's 'Corrupt' Administration, 'Disgusting Scheme' Against Trump: 'This Is a Civil War'.  The current administration is a "corrupt mob" perpetrating a "disgusting scheme" against former President Donald Trump, according to Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, who warned of a "civil war" taking place against "all of us."  In a slightly over two-minute clip posted Tuesday, the Hollywood legend — featured against the backdrop of an American flag — began by questioning if we have become a "nation of destructive behavior."  [Tweet with video clip]  Warning that "this is now a war — a war against all of us," Voight blasted the Biden administration, which he described as "a corrupt mob," as well as the Obama administration which "fuels the cycle."

Sarah Palin Responds to Trump Persecution: 'Do You Want Us to Be in Civil War?  Because That's What's Going to Happen'.  Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has warned that continued persecution of former President Donald Trump will lead to a second Civil War.  Palin made the comments during an interview with Newsmax's Eric Bolling on Thursday evening.  "Those who are conducting this travesty and creating this two-tier system of justice, I want to ask them what the heck, do you want us to be in civil war?  Because that's what's going to happen," Palin said.  "We're not going to keep putting up with this."  [Tweet with video clip]

Matt Gaetz Tells Iowa State Fair Crowd That Washington Can Be Changed 'Only Through Force'.  Florida Republican Matt Gaetz set off a chain reaction of exploding heads on the left (that is figurative, not literal, as I don't want to get flagged by Facebook or Community Noted by Twitter for spreading disinformation) with a comment he made at the Iowa State Fair.  Standing near former President Trump, Gaetz said, "only through force do we make any change in a corrupt town like Washington, D.C."

The Editor says...
Maybe so, but if try to exert that force yourself, you'll be arrested.  Or worse.

Throw All the Bums Out.  Our Union came into existence only because the former colonies were assured that they would maintain their freedom and independence.  Had the Articles of Confederation or their successor, the U.S. Constitution, sought to extinguish the individual states' inherent sovereignties by replacing their discrete political powers with those of a single new nation, then no agreement to form a Union would have ever been reached.  The colonies did not fight a war for their independence from an empire only to squander their victory and become part of another empire.  Quite the contrary, the individual states maintain a political stature on par with foreign nations such as France and Spain; it is only in the specifically enumerated powers delegated to the federal government that federal authority supersedes the states' own.  That word "delegated" is important.  The federal government's power does not spring from thin air, but rather is derived from specifically listed authorities delegated to it from the states and the people. [...] If we were still abiding by the Constitution, then 99% of today's federal government would be chucked to the bottom of the Potomac.

The Consent of the Governed Is No More.  Our Constitution and Declaration — taken together — codify a very unique and fundamental tenet of Americanism; namely the principle of the 'consent of the governed.' In other words, our Government and the laws it institutes over the citizenry are only legitimate so long as the citizen maintains faith in the government and laws and consents.  Americans would do well to remember this.  Should, however, the Government become abusive and lawless and consequently lose the trust and faith of the governed, our Declaration makes it clear that "when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

It's not a "national divorce."  It's the Constitution working as intended.  Ever since Marjorie Taylor Greene brought up the idea of a "national divorce," I have found myself going back and forth on the theory. [...] The Founding Fathers never imagined an America where a bloated federal government would become massively powerful and seek to spy on its own people, impose uniform dictates as to how they choose to live their lives and control everyone's money and opportunities.  In fact, they were picturing almost the exact opposite.  You can find nearly endless examples supporting this idea in the Federalist Papers, but you really need to look no further than the humble Commerce Clause for proof.

Joe Biden pokes and pokes the populace.  I am among those tens-of-millions of Americans fearful of a new civil war.  I despair of liberty's protracted endurance and deplore the ever-increasing likelihood that in my lifetime, I will bear witness to the end of this once-great nation.  Never in the history of these United States has the federal government more aggressively sought to deprive the citizenry of those inviolable rights enshrined in the Constitution.  The First and Second Amendments — edicts essential to freedom's preservation — have been savaged by the sitting Executive and Legislative Branches and only feebly defended by the Judicial.  We are a nation in decline, a nation in peril, a nation deeply, and I fear ineluctably, divided.  The Second Amendment exists for the purpose of ensuring that the people are able to stand against a tyrannical and corrupt government — such as that currently in power.  Only a government intent on subduing and subjugating its citizens deprives them of arms.  This is not the supposition of one man; it is a statement of historical fact.

10 Paradigm Shifts that Shatter Establishment Illusions.  [#10] As Americans have come to terms with these revelations, they have also realized something else: the federal government spends an awful lot of time and resources dividing Americans against one another.  Should ordinary citizens ever seek to reclaim their liberties, that future conflict will resemble not America's regional Civil War, but rather the Revolutionary War's struggle against government tyranny.

A State of Martial Law: America Is a Military Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy.  The events of recent years have all been part of a master plan to shut us up and preemptively shut us down: by making peaceful revolution impossible and violent revolution inevitable.  The powers-that-be want an excuse to lockdown the nation and throw the switch to all-out martial law.  This is how it begins.  As John Lennon warned, "When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system's game.  The establishment will irritate you — pull your beard, flick your face — to make you fight.  Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you."  Already, discontent is growing.

Enough!  Do you realize that once you accept the fact that every vote you make now will be swarmed by several fake and fraudulent votes that the gig is up and there's nothing between that knowledge and confronting the criminals in the street?  That anything less is merely a delaying tactic while they better supply and prepare their troops? [...] We cannot let them have this nation without a fight.  We cannot allow our land and sovereignty to be used as collateral for their grift.  I'm looking for a leader, a general to marshal the troops.  This is so far past anything reasonably akin to our founding that thousands of such people must know it as well as I do.

Background information:
Our Nation Was Not Founded in 1776.  On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence that established separation of the colonies from England.  The Declaration did not establish new rights but simply re-affirmed the old rights that all Englishmen had under law.  The rights of the colonials were already codified into English law.  The Crown and Parliament were ignoring those rights and, through government force, were actually curtailing them.  The Colonials were only fighting to keep their rights for themselves and their descendants. [...] The colonies would become "Free and Independent States," equal to the State of Great Britain, and free to form their own governments.  They were not bound together as a nation, but "unified" solely for the purpose of defending themselves against invasion by the British. [...] The Declaration of Independence simply established the secession of thirteen colonies from Great Britain, each of which would form its own "nation."

Lefties Begin Denying Service to Trump Supporters.  Depending on your point of view, the Supreme Court's Friday decision in 303 Creative v. Elenis was either a great moment in American jurisprudence or a day that will live in infamy.  There are accusations floating around the MSM that a piece of evidence referenced by each side was falsified.  Alongside that story, there are whispers of attorneys being disbarred over the matter.  That didn't take long, did it?  But even before that, leftists were quick to stand up in outrage and state that the ruling gave them the right to refuse service to conservatives, notably Trump supporters.

The Editor says...
Just put up a sign in front of your business, making it clear that Trump supporters aren't welcome, and see how it goes.  You'll quickly discover that most of the "81 million" people who allegedly voted for Joe Biden don't really exist.

Lacking Unity, Can America Survive Our Growing Differences?  How are Americans feeling these days?  Certainly not united.  Our nation appears to be indivisible in name only.  Even more surprising, a significant number of people have even begun to wonder if the United States of America as we know it will even exist in the future, data from the latest I&I/TIPP Poll shows.

Louisiana Sovereignty Resolution Should Be Model for Entire Nation as DC Government Becomes Increasingly Lawless.  Few things concern American citizens more than the steady encroachment of the federal government on our constitutionally protected liberty.  WB Yeats' words aptly describe the way millions of Americans feel about their own government:  "The falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."  The federal government seems to have no mechanism of self-restraint.  We feel suffocated by its excesses.  It is appropriate in this context to celebrate the passage of SCR 21, Senator Stewart Cathey's Joint Concurrent Resolution.  SCR 21, passed in both chambers this yesterday, affirms Louisiana's sovereign constitutional right "to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government."  The Resolution rests on the foundational writings of the men who ratified the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the guarantees made to the 13 free and independent States who formed our Constitution, and US Supreme Court precedent going back two centuries.

The Union Is Not a Suicide Pact.  I don't look forward to the chaos ahead, but if the goal is to reclaim our personal freedom from a tyrannical beast that betrays both our natural liberties and the U.S. Constitution daily, I'd rather be living in this decade than during last century's monstrous growth of the administrative state.  At least now we're on the verge of being able to do something about it.  Surely, that's what Dementia Joe really means when he reads his Deep State handlers' script decrying "white supremacy."  They're not fighting "whiteness."  They're fighting rising calls for the federal government to answer for decades of heinous crimes, unconscionable power-grabs, and totalitarian tactics.

The Cataclysm to Come.  [Scroll down]  And it all culminates with the elections in November 2024.  Democrats can win only by cheating, and since they did it successfully in 2020, you can expect them to do it again.  While some election integrity measures have been increased in some states, almost nothing has been done anywhere to require open-source computer programming code of voting machines so we can be assured they are counting votes correctly.  Moreover, nothing has been done to prevent voting machines from being hacked to alter election outcomes.  At this point, the left has become brazenly indifferent as to whether anyone even knows of its cheating.  Court challenges almost always go the leftists' way.  Regardless of who is declared the winner, there will be unrest.  There could be a breakdown in civil order nationwide.  If the left loses, leftists will riot and loot in a replay of the 2020 BLM riots.  If the right loses, this will be a turning point, as we can't go on being lied to and threatened by the left.  Another stolen election will break our country.

Survival 101: How to protect your family during civil war.  When civil war breaks out, all factions fighting against each other will need more food, water, medical supplies and ammo.  If they find out you are a prepper, they might target your home to steal your supplies.  Before things go south, plan ahead and secure food, water and other essential supplies.  Keep them well hidden but still accessible.  Don't tell anyone about your stockpile or armed groups will want to take them for their cause.  Keep your preps a secret by building or preparing a hidden room to bury caches.  If this isn't possible, hide your supplies somewhere else, like your basement or a spare room at home.  Another option is to leave a decoy cache that is easy to find so anyone who decides to steal your stockpiles will have something to take.  Hopefully, this should be enough and they don't look elsewhere.

Wayne Root: Whether You Like it or Not, the "National Divorce" of America is Happening.  My book is titled, "The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book."  It explains how we can build our own conservative parallel economy.  We spend our money only with conservative and patriotic companies.  And we defund and starve the left- woke liberal companies that fund Democrat politicians intent on destroying America.  This strategy is a simple, easy way to start the process.  And it keeps you safe.  You can fight this battle in the privacy of your own home.  No one can stop you.  You can choose to spend your money however you'd like.  Part II is what I call "The Great American Relocation."  This strategy is also simple and easy.  I first predicted this in my 2005 book, "Millionaire Republican."  I urged conservatives and Christians to get away from crazy, radical, extreme, woke states.  In other words, escape from places like New York and California to a red state.  It's a free country, you have free will.  Vote with your feet.  No one can stop you.

The Return to Enumerated Powers America.  America must return to the pre-"progressive" era of the early 20th century.  American government must be reduced to the size it was for the first century and a half of its existence, it must be restored to the ideal government that the founders laid out in the Constitution, and must never again be allowed to go outside of the size or scope that the founders envisioned.  Government, in essence, must return to only performing the duties that the Constitution explicitly demands and allows them, and absolutely no more.  It must be a government that looks like the one described by the Enumerated Powers in Article I, section 8 of the US Constitution.

The Editor says...
Ri-i-i-ight.  We must push all the toothpaste back into the tube!  This dream of returning to the government we had in 1910, while admirable, is just not gonna happen.  Too many people have tasted power and won't give it up.  The system is very comfortable for thousands of other people with less power, and they don't want to rock the boat, either.  If the welfare state were dissolved overnight, millions of surly freeloaders would immediately start an armed rebellion.  Even if the federal government could be put back in its cage, every politician to the left of Ted Cruz would immediately start to "push the envelope" back outside its prescribed limits — for personal gain, as usual.  The fifty formerly-united States (in my opinion) cannot be salvaged as a unit.  There is only some hope that a few solidly conservative states can survive on their own.  In any event, it's going to be messy.

The Threat of Secession in Modern America.  Texas state representative Bryan Slaton introduced a bill, on the 187th anniversary of the fall of the Alamo, to allow Texans to vote on seceding from the United States.  Yes, secession, as in the pre-Civil War abandonment.  Slayton said in a tweet, "After decades of continuous abuse of our rights and liberties by the federal government, it is time to let the people of Texas make their voices heard."  In fact, history teaches us that there are a few ways that this movement may be successful even without secession. [...] Article 1, section 10 of the U.S. Constitution says nothing about a prohibition upon the states to secede, nor does Article 1, section 8, which enumerates the specific powers of the federal government.  However the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights does state, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."  This would, on its face, seem to include the right of secession as being reserved to the States or the people.

The Trump Indictment Accelerates America's National Divorce.  Unlike a lot of 'national divorce' advocates, I'm not telling conservatives to flee blue states.  Many of them are worth fighting for.  And I say that as a lifelong New Yorker.  But be aware of the risks.  The NRA was not and Trump's people, who saw what was coming down the pike, needed to prepare for the storm.  Conservative organizations should not incorporate in hyper-blue jurisdictions, although they still face risks when they raise money in blue states.  And prominent conservatives should understand the personal risks of living in a blue state or city that is being run by leftists.  This is a cold civil war that's heating up.  And this lawlessness is part of the process.

Leftist priorities: Nothing matters more than arresting Trump.  We are witnessing a two-tiered justice system in the United States — one where bad-faith actors of the Democrat party either get a slap on the wrist or are not punished at all for their penal code tomfoolery.  We saw this incessantly during the American version of the Irish "troubles" of 2020, where store looters nationwide, "CHAZ"-dwelling degenerates in Seattle, and rainbow-haired Antifa rioters in Portland got bailed out by left-wing district attorneys.  Meanwhile, vengeance was sought at every opportunity to hunt down each and every individual involved with January 6, and arguably over-punish their Trump-voting rear ends.  The two-tiered moral outrage system needs to end, or the calls for national divorce are only going to get louder and louder.

Overcoming America's Political Paralysis.  Why are some Americans having such a hard time figuring out what is happening to our country?  And for those who do see, why are so few taking action?  One in four Americans say they know someone who died from the COVID vaccine, and 50% now have less trust in government health experts.  Sixty-seven percent say they "weren't surprised" hearing that COVID came from a Chinese lab.  Most voters agree that the FBI has been weaponized by the current administration, and 61% believe that government agents helped provoke the J6 riot.  Ninety-one percent think bail should be set for criminals who may be a danger to the community.  Fifty-four percent think Biden is lying about his family connections to China.  Fifty-five percent of Arizona voters say issues in Maricopa County likely affected the 2022 results.  Sixty percent think climate change is a false religion, not scientific fact.  Most Americans now have zero trust in their government — the way it responds to health crises, the fairness of our law enforcement agencies, or its ability to conduct free and fair elections.  We think our president is a puppet of China.  So why does life seem to continue as normal?  In other countries, when elections are stolen or Social Security benefits are taken, it means rioting in the streets.  Why do we put up with policies pushing climate change and wokeism that make zero sense?  Who could entertain the idea that children can be given sex change treatments when just a few years ago, they were expelled from school for taking an aspirin without permission?

Antifa Plants Deadly Traps in Georgia Park.  Antifa has gone to war in Georgia.  Months of fighting has ensued over the determination of the Left to stop a police training facility.  But the police have fought back killing one leftist who opened fire on them and have pushed back hard in the face of arson, lasers, explosive devices and violent assaults.  This latest piece of news shows just how far Antifa has been willing to go. [...] Intrenchment Creek Park has become a major battle ground with Antifa and its allies camping out there in between battles with police.  They appear to have also taken steps to booby trap the area.  As we've seen in Portland and Seattle, elements of the leftist have adopted insurgent tactics and function not just as domestic terrorists, but see themselves as Maoist guerrillas fighting battles against law enforcement.  This is in keeping with Maoist tactical doctrines that generally haven't been applied in the United States since the 70s.  But the goal is to escalate each encounter, not necessarily to win, but to radicalize and go from a guerrilla movement to full armed warfare.

Irreconcilable differences but no divorce?  In New York, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has a terrible case of Trump Derangement Syndrome but 'bodegas" are under siege from street criminals.  Who keeps these criminals terrorizing "bodegas"?  The name starts with B and ends G, i.e.  Bragg.  Disney, the same one that made classics like Old Yeller and Swiss Family Robinson now goes woke with Strange World.  In school after school, parents learn that their kids are being indoctrinated without their consent.  It's scary for anyone who remembers a different past when we argued with liberals about the minimum wage, not transgenderism.  Or they said that abortion should be rare and legal, but not in the late terms of the pregnancy.  It sure looks like two nations with irreconcilable differences, or the early stages of a divorce.  Is there any hope to save this union?

The Age of Conspiracy.  Going forward there are likely to be three kinds of conspiracies history must deal with:  1) the cons, 2) the heresies that turn out to be wrong and 3) the heresies that turn out to be right.  The way to spot the "cons" is to follow the money.  From this point of view it is actually climate change ironically that looks most vulnerable.  Heresies that turn out to be wrong tend to get empirically weaker over time, while heresies that are ultimately right become gradually more accepted.  The lab leak Covid origin theory may prove an example of a conspiracy that eventually proves true.  What used to be called "conspiracy theories" now characterize the way left/right, democrat/republican sides routinely regard each other.  What's worrisome is that both sides have hung up the phone.  In a sense nobody cares about fixing the model any more, just getting even.

The "national divorce" comes to Vermont women's sports.  Not too long ago, Marjorie Taylor Greene raised a lot of eyebrows when she began teasing the possibility of a "national divorce."  While nobody wants to see another disastrous civil war (with much better weapons), she posited that the nation is splitting in two along social lines with the two sides embracing ideas and morals that are so far apart that there may not be any compromise left to be found.  I'm still not entirely sold on that concept, but one example that might support the phenomenon has popped up in Vermont and it brings us back to the ongoing debate over males who "identify" as females competing in girls' and women's sports.

'TEXIT' bill would let voters decide if Texas should secede from the US.  A Texas state lawmaker wants the Lone Star State to secede from the United States — and he's putting it to a vote.  If passed in the state Legislature, the Texas Independence Referendum Act, or TEXIT, would allow Texans to vote on whether the state "should reassert its status as an independent nation" during the next general election.  "The Texas Constitution is clear that all political power resides in the people," state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Houston) said in a statement.  "After decades of continuous abuse of our rights and liberties by the federal government, it is time to let the people of Texas make their voices heard."

Disunion?  It's Not So Unpopular.  Marjorie Taylor Greene made headlines by suggesting that it may be time for a "national divorce," with red states and blue states going their separate ways.  She was roundly denounced in nearly all quarters, as though she had called for a civil war.  But in fact, her point was the same one I have made more than once:  disunion is a real possibility, and the alternative to disunion is a rebirth of federalism.

Secession Is Inevitable.  War to Prevent It Is Optional.  The reality is that the current shape of any regime is more tenuous than many hope.  The debate is not whether the US regime will fundamentally change in size and nature.  The question is when and in what way.  Those who are willing to examine the possibility of gradually unwinding state power peacefully through decentralization — rather than letting internal national conflicts explode into violence and revolution eventually — display a far better grasp of political history than the knee-jerk unionists.  The emotional nature of this opposition to secession can be seen in the fact that the opposition grants no middle ground in the debate.  The only allowable options are the status quo or war.  Options for the "middle ground" include a confederation built on a consensus model in the style of the old Dutch Republic.  There is the model of the very loose confederation in the style of the old Swiss confederation.  There is the option of a customs union with voluntary membership, such as the European Union.  There is the option of a mutual defense compact among independent polities, as we find in a multitude of defense leagues.  None of these options require a state that imposes nationwide regulation and taxation in the manner of the enormous administrative state that we have today.

'Greater Idaho' movement to absorb conservative rural counties from liberal Oregon gains momentum.  A campaign to have rural eastern Oregon effectively secede from the blue state and join more conservative Idaho is gaining steam as leaders from both states express support for relocating the border between them.  Former Oregon House Speaker Mark Simmons penned an op-ed in the Idaho Statesman, a daily newspaper, over the weekend to explain why he supports the so-called Greater Idaho movement, which seeks to incorporate about 13 Oregon counties, or 63% of the state's landmass and 9% of its population, within Idaho's borders.  "Idaho would have the satisfaction of freeing rural, conservative communities from progressive blue-state law," wrote Simmons.  "We are dismayed by the manner in which Oregon government has marginalized our values and villainized our resource-based livelihoods.  This is why our counties voted 75% Republican last year (Idaho voted 67% Republican)."

A 'National Divorce' Is An Understandable Desire But A Recipe For Disaster.  A national divorce is impractical, and the prospect of a civil war, which is what happened last time it was tried, is horrible.  Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia congresswoman, is a terrible messenger for the idea.  Thus, it is no surprise that her tweet about the need for a national divorce brought a cavalcade of criticism upon her, including from fellow Republicans.  Yet for all the problems with the proposal — to say nothing of the often-stupid responses — there are good reasons why the idea is alluring to some on the right.  Acknowledging these points is not an endorsement of a national breakup, and ignoring them will not make them go away.  The first of these truths is simple: The moral and cultural divisions in our nation are probably as deep as those preceding the Civil War.

MTG calls for 'national divorce,' says US needs to 'separate by red states and blue states'.  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) kicked off President's Day by explosively calling for Republican states to secede from the union, asserting that we need a "national divorce" between red and blue states because of "woke" culture and that we must shrink the federal government.  "We need a national divorce," Greene tweeted.  "We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government.  Everyone I talk to says this.  From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat's traitorous America Last policies, we are done[.]"  The proposal comes as President Biden made a "surprise" visit to Ukraine where he took what looked to be a staged stroll with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as sirens blared for effect.  The Biden administration gave Ukraine notice of the visit just hours before the president arrived.  Greene was disgusted by that event as well.

Keith Olbermann Calls For "Economic Civil War" To Institute Gun Control.  Keith Olbermann, generally considered a washed up "journalist" with a modicum of his former influence, is nonetheless a prominent voice of madness within the easily led leftist fold.  People like him should be considered a valuable litmus test for what the political left is really thinking, including the kinds of sentiments they rarely say out loud.  The subject matter of his recent podcast should raise some eyebrows among anyone concerned about constitutional integrity or the 2nd Amendment, as Olbermann proudly suggests that Democrat controlled blue states should engage in economic civil war with red states in order to destroy conservative support for gun ownership.

Keith Olbermann calls for economic war against the Red states.  [Scroll down] His latest rant is a great example of his ability to combine Leftist talking points with his grating personality in a way that appeals so much to his followers.  Filled with righteous anger about how Americans are dropping like flies due to gun violence (slyly combining gun suicides and murders to inflate the numbers dramatically), Olbermann calls upon the wealthy Blue states to engage in an economic civil war against the troglodytes of the Red States.  This is exactly how many liberals think, unfortunately.  We hear constant references to how the "Blue" states are far more economically productive than the Red ones, and there is just a hint of truth to the assertion, although it is complicated by many factors.  Blue states are also far more expensive and your dollar goes much less far, and of course, Blue states would soon be filled with starving coders and engineers designing and programming phones being built in China but for the enormous productivity of Red states which produce the basic commodities upon which their wealth is actually built.

Biden installed: What could possibly go wrong?  Whoever pulled the strings to install Biden should go to prison.  Whoever is really calling the shots and implementing such terrible policy — lockdowns, vax mandates, restricting the capture of domestic energy, mandating DIE, ESG, CRT, etc. throughout every institution and corporation in the US — should be sent to prison for treason.  Whomever they are, they are traitors to this nation; they're waging a war against the American citizenry.  The vaccines alone have killed thousands; their pro-criminal policies have killed countless innocents; the open border has caused the deaths of thousands of migrants, and of law-abiding Americans who fell victim to criminal aliens and/or the fentanyl crisis.  The economy is the worst it's been in four decades.  Our national debt is $31 trillion — the interest alone is $750 billion a year.  None of this is sustainable.  The "green agenda" is climate communism to control how we all live.  If their "15-minute cities" come to America, there will be a second Civil War.  They want to mandate EVs but there is not enough lithium on the planet to put everyone in an electric vehicle.  That is a fantasy that will never be realized.

Democrat-led state that's 'killing businesses' could shrink amid push to secede in several counties.  After 11 Oregon counties approved a preliminary vote to secede from the Democrat-led state, local leaders around the movement are explaining how the urban-rural divide has left them with no other choice.  "People in eastern Oregon have felt like their state-level governance has not heard them, has not paid attention to our concerns, and has not been working for eastern Oregon," Greater Idaho Movement spokesperson Matt McCaw said on "Fox & Friends First" Monday.  McCaw, along with Oregon business owner Sandie Gilson, supports the idea of having select counties elect to move their state borderlines so state-level governance would come from Idaho.

Think about it.  Leftists abhor guns, can't drive across town without GPS, and only eat vegetables.  Who would win?
Leftists Want a New Civil War.  Make no mistake; the objective of these leftist vandals is to further divide us so that their "fundamental transformation" of America, with its defunding of police, sexual grooming of children, demonization of parents, cancelation, and social credit systems, may flourish.  Their ultimate goal is to so tarnish our Founding Fathers that the nation they bequeathed us, our Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence all become the fruit of the poisonous tree.  Then it's either a new civil war or one-party globalist rule, rigged elections, and citizen serfdom.

Leaders of East Oregon bid to secede and join Idaho thinks movement could go nationwide.  The leader of east Oregon's plan to leave liberal Portland behind and join conservative Idaho is moving fast.  Mike McCarter has a $70,000 budget for lobbyists in the two states, has seen allies introduce legislation in Oregon last month and has a bill ready to go in Idaho that would accelerate discussions for 15 counties to jump the border.  If it works, he says other red counties will have a model for how to dump their urban, Democratic rulers.

When Joe Biden Declared War On Half the Country.  On September 1, 2022, in a nationally televised address, the nominal president of the United States, Joe Biden, declared war on half the country.  In a dark, threatening speech before an ominous red-and-black background and flanked by two Marines in full dress uniform, Biden declared that "Donald Trump and the MAGA [Make America Great Again] Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic."  For the first time in American history, a president declared that his primary political opposition was outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse.  The message couldn't have been clearer:  The establishment Left, entrenched in power in the United States but deeply afraid of losing that power, was intent on criminalizing political opposition.  Dissent from Biden's agenda and you could end up with the thought police breaking down your door at four a.m.  Probably more out of historical illiteracy than historical awareness, Biden's handlers chose the 83rd anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland and the beginning of World War II for Biden's profoundly disturbing and un-American speech.

The root of our problems as a nation.  When a six-year-old brought a gun to school and shot his teacher, the first thought was that it was an accident.  When upon further review it was announced that it was intentional and deliberate, a sort of shock wave went through the population.  This was not just another incident, not just another step along the road to perdition.  Society is no longer slouching toward Gomorrah.  Like the expanding cosmos, the headlong race toward the edge of the cliff is actually accelerating.  This was a quantum leap, an order-of-magnitude increase.  When one observes the breathtaking increase in moral degeneracy, one is reminded of the biblical warning that the beast, knowing that his time is short, is seeking to devour whom he may. [...] Society is becoming more and more disoriented, less structured in terms of norms, and, as an inevitable result, more dysfunctional.  Indeed, the definition of what is "normal" has become so vague as to have lost all practical meaning.  If everything is normal, then nothing is.  If everything is a matter of personal opinion, then facts become irrelevant.  If your truth is not my truth, nor mine yours, then there can be no social contract.  Dysfunctional societies must eventually collapse.  Whether from internal strife or external invasion, they cannot survive.

Will Joe Biden's latest COVID 'big con' spark a second American Revolution?  The Stamp Act was used to impose tyrannical authority of the British aristocracy on colonials, the proto-Americans.  COVID was the hammer Democrats employed to impose their will on We the People.  Using a spurious COVID health crisis as justification, Washington elites suppressed the Bill of Rights, imposed quasi-martial law, and re-imposed a tyranny we rebelled against 247 years ago.  Evidence clearly shows that Washington consistently lied about COVID — it was magnificent scam.  They ginned up a virus that was as dangerous to most Americans as the seasonal flu — it was not bubonic plague.  COVID was a danger only to the immunocompromised and the elderly.  Numbers of "COVID deaths" were greatly exaggerated.  Autopsy studies and CDC demographic data show that 73 percent to 88 percent of those listed as COVID deaths were people who died not from COVID but with COVID, and because of pre-existing life threatening conditions.  Dr. Anthony Fauci urged parents to vaccinate their children, in whom the risk of death from COVID was less than 0.03 percent.  Meanwhile, adverse impacts of mRNA vaccines were falsified, hidden and suppressed.  Masks don't work.  Lockdowns, social isolation, and school closures not only didn't work, but had catastrophic consequences.  More than 200,000 small businesses closed in the first year of COVID.  Children, especially the poor, lost two years of schooling.  Democrats knew this and yet pounded away with danger warnings and mandates or advisories that violated the Bill of Rights.  They abrogated the rule of law.

The World May Have to Do Without America for a Bit.  In a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, 39 percent of Americans consider other Americans to be America's greatest threat.  That's more people than consider China our greatest threat (25 percent).  It's almost twice as many as those that consider Russia our greatest threat (20 percent). [...] We are experiencing a national identity crisis, and our distrust of one another is one of its manifestations.  The Right wants a country of maximum freedom and minimal government control.  The Left wants a country of collective security, with centralized control by elites, and citizens serving the needs of the hive. [...] We'll have only limited influence internationally until we resolve that internal conflict.  It isn't going to happen quickly due to the nature of the conflict.  The Right wants to debate and make its case to individual citizens.  The Left is uninterested in debate.  Their worldview renders the wishes of individuals irrelevant.  Only the collective matters — and they're the voice of the collective.  The Left stifles debate with phrases like:
  •   The science is settled
  •   Words are violence
  •   Freedom of speech is not freedom to spread disinformation
The American contest of ideas has devolved to: personal freedom advocated by the Right vs statism advocated by the Left.  Open dialog advocated by the Right, vs no dialog commanded by the Left.  There will be no quick compromise or resolution.  It's no exaggeration to point out that unless there's a sudden outbreak of sanity and reason, we are approaching a national breakup.

Does Deep State Want Civil War in US? Sure Seems Like It!  The Deep State appears to be involved in an effort to engineer another Civil War in the United States by dividing Americans into political and ethnic camps and pitting them against each other, warns The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State.  From endless media propaganda promoting the narrative to social-media engineered radicalization, the signs are everywhere.  Among other concerns, Alex warns Americans NOT to fall for this trap.  [Video clip]

How Is The Uniparty Destroying America?  Let Me Count The Ways.  We are seeing the foundations laid for a revolution.  Whether that revolution is peaceful or violent remains to be seen.  In virtually every society, over time, a few elites accumulate most of the power.  Those elites, in turn, run the nation as their personal fiefdom, where they utilize the machinery of the state to enrich themselves, accumulate more power, and use trifles to appease the exponentially larger population of serfs whom they rule.  This reality applies to monarchies, Communist tyrannies, "democracies," theocracies, and even, as we're coming to discover, republics.  It doesn't have anything to do with economics either, as it occurs in capitalist states, socialist states, Communist states, and mercantile states.  The only difference is how long it takes for the structure to collapse.  It took the Roman Republic 500 years to collapse, the French monarchy 1,000 years, the Soviet Union 70 years, and the EU is shaky after just 30 years.  Closer to home, the American Republic finds itself on a precipice of collapse after less than 250 years.  We're seeing it unfold right in front of us.

The Coming Crisis of Federalism.  Currently, we have at least two large states, Texas and Florida, that enjoy strong, effective leadership, while our national government flounders.  States like Texas and Florida are plenty big enough to go it on their own, and one wonders how long they will chafe under the yoke of an inept and destructive central government. [...] Both Texas and Florida are well-managed and fiscally sound.  In contrast, Washington is a spendthrift mess.  The federal government's trillions in deficit spending have caused inflation that devastates citizens of Florida and Texas, along with the rest of us.  And the national government levies onerous taxes to support its profligate spending.  Residents of well-managed states like Texas and Florida — and also a number of smaller states, South Dakota is a paragon — will reasonably conclude that they aren't getting their money's worth.  And Texas and Florida are populous enough to issue their own currency, either separately or jointly.

Rebellion Against the People.  [Scroll down] The majority of our students cannot pass rudimentary tests in the critical studies, but they can emote.  Our military is so confused about its mission that it ranks success as acceptance of perversion rather than marksmanship.  The question thus arises, what is left to support?  What is there now that an American can devote oneself to that is not now decidedly un-American?  I believe that across this nation there are those whose hearts beat with the pure passion for the republic as does mine, who understand the incredibly valuable gift of individual sovereignty that produced all of the wonders of previous generations and I would join with them to fight back against this culture of loss and failure, if they would but rise and accept the war as it has been thrust upon us, waged against us without significant response all these decades.  Maybe it was hard to see, hard to fathom during that time, but that veil has been lifted, their hostility revealed.  There are no more excuses for what we're suffering, it's them against us.

San Bernardino County Residents Vote to Study Secession from Far-Left California.  San Bernardino County residents voted for officials to study the possibility of seceding from California as more grow increasingly tired of the state's far-left policies.  The county approved the advisory ballot proposal, which was voted upon in November, earlier this week, the Associated Press (AP) reported.  San Bernardino's Board of Supervisors' next step is likely to form a committee that will study if state and federal public funds were fairly distributed with local governments within the county.

A Foundation of Sand.  It is of course still quite sensible to acknowledge that the "rule of law" has been lost, because it has been devoured by partisans in the media and in law enforcement, but it is more fruitful to wonder whether the "rule of law" is even possible in a nation such as ours.  A government as power-hungry and corrupt as ours minds not the laws, but perhaps more importantly, a critical mass of our own people have grown hyperpolarized and hyperracialized, not merely resentful and cynical, but downright disdainful of large portions of their fellow Americans.  No one is really and truly safe from the law now. [...] Such a political arrangement as ours simply cannot hold under such conditions of total sociocultural, sociopolitical, and intellectual degeneracy.  We are well down the road to political disintegration/government dissolution, folks.  When all is a war between good and evil, the law is but a weapon, and any order that arises from it is certain to be highly ideological, not to mention cruel and repressive, if not downright tyrannical.

The 2022 Mid-Terms Exposed the Existence of Two Americas and the Overwhelming Importance of the 2024 Election.  There have been many postmortems written about the outcome of the 2022 mid-term elections. [...] But what nearly everyone fails to understand is that this election further amplified that this nation has effectively and permanently split into two countries tenuously living side-by-side, while exposing the overwhelming importance of the 2024 election. [...] As half of the populace is content with the current state and trajectory of this nation and the other half is not, it is clear that these two populations can no longer maintain their increasingly fragile and potentially volatile relationship.  The United States is at that defining moment when one side has to win and the other lose; there is no middle ground.  There is no middle ground as this nation is beset with dichotomous ideological and societal differences that are irreconcilable as one side (blue America) is hellbent on defeating and subjugating the other (red America).

2 More Oregon Counties Approve Measure to Leave The State to Join Greater Idaho.  Nearly two years ago, I joked about making a deal with Massachusetts to give them Nashua.  After Tuesday's election, they might just take it.  Way out west, eastern and central Oregon residents are working on a different strategy.  They are trying to leave and become part of Idaho.  Who can blame them?  Republican counties make up most of the state, while the densely populated coastline counties packed with Marxists decide its political color and fortunes.  But most of the land mass has folks with very different values.  Ideas about life and living that their left-coast political masters despise.

PBS Warns Of Civil War Started By 'Christian' 'White Men'.  PBS took the democracy is in danger hysteria to new levels on Tuesday's Amanpour and Company as Hari Sreenivasan interviewed Prof. Barbara F. Walter to inquire on just how close the United States is to another civil war.  Walter, who wrote the book How Civil Wars Start, warned that all the pieces are in place for "Christian" "white men" to start one.  Sreenivasan began by accepting the premise that a civil war could break out and asked, "You have studied several types of societies who have been on the brink of, who've been in the middle of, a civil war, who've been after, who've survived after one.  How is America on that timeline?  How far along a timeline toward a civil war is the United States?"

Civil wars are too easy to start — just ask the Spaniards.  The body of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, who founded Spain's fascist party in 1933, is being exhumed.  For 63 years, his carcass occupied the place of honor in the Valley of the Fallen, the vast mausoleum built by Francisco Franco as a memorial to the civil war dead.  Jose Antonio's remains lay next to Franco's, the two rightist leaders surrounded by the remains of soldiers who died on both sides, like twin pharaohs compassed in death by the mingled corpses of their servants and their foes.  Spain's socialist government understandably objected to these arrangements, prompting Jose Antonio's family to take his body and inter him with Catholic rites.  It feels as if Spain's post-war compromises and pieties are being buried with him.  Jose Antonio's short life is a symbol of Spain's 20th-century tragedy, a reminder of how fortunate we are to live under the rule of law.  It is also a warning of how easily democracies can slide into civil war.

There Will Be No Civil War Here.  There is no possibility of civil war in either the United States or any of the Western powers.  None.  Civil war is often fueled by accumulated hatred, and the Left has tons of it, but that is not enough.  Waging war also requires order, decisiveness, leadership, and sacrifice.  And the current generations are allergic to those things.  Civil war could only succeed if the contenders agreed to fight each other through a free virtual fighting app.  On the other hand, if the military leadership in a hypothetical war is going to be represented by Biden, I would not want to be in his ranks.  That guy is capable of ordering an assault on his own fortress.  His people, who have to guide him through the corridors and scenarios as if he were a remote-controlled car, know it better than anyone else.

Oregon counties will vote on secession from leftist state to become part of Idaho.  Conservatives in Oregon are gathering forces to vote on secession from the state in a concerted effort to join Idaho, which shares their values and political beliefs including those on Critical Race Theory, supporting the police, and bail laws.  The Greater Idaho movement is pressuring state legislators as well as those in Idaho to redraw Oregon's border so that the eastern two-thirds of the Beaver State becomes part of the Gem State, known for potatoes, gorgeous mountains, lakes, lower taxation, and conservatism.  Nine eastern Oregon counties have already backed secession.  Two others are getting ready to vote in November on whether they want their representatives to work on redrawing the border.  State legislatures from both states would have to sign off on the plan before it proceeds to the United States Congress.

The Chimera of Glorious Civil War.  That sound we're hearing, annoying at first, but now disconcerting, is the cacophonic clamor of politically conservative armchair warriors, posting gleefully from their keyboards, barely able to contain themselves at the prospect of a Second American Civil War.  To their credit, they at least comprehend that such a war wouldn't involve divisions of troops duking it out in the open fields of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.  So, to all our digital Rambos, I ask:  How do you envision such a war playing out, and what precisely would your role in it be?  Do you picture yourself coolly and calmly patrolling the abandoned streets of a dystopic America, decked out in your zombie apocalypse gear, your Punisher t-shirt and your Navy Seals imitation sunglasses, pumping a single 5.56 mm round into each green-haired, lispy-voiced leftist who cartoonishly pops straight up from behind bushes and garbage cans?  Maybe.  Maybe it would be that easy.  But who among the enemy is fair game?  Armed leftists?  Unarmed civilians who support the other side?  Their property?  Their families?  Child soldiers?  Your lifelong neighbors with the "We Believe" yard signs?

Secede from Oregon? 'Greater Idaho' is on the ballot in two conservative counties.  Many rural Oregonians fed up with the state's liberal politics want to move to Idaho — or rather, move Idaho to them.  The Greater Idaho movement proposes redrawing Oregon's borders so that about two-thirds of the Beaver State's land mass becomes part of neighboring Idaho.  The movement has already gained support from nine counties in Eastern Oregon, and two more will vote on whether they want lawmakers to work on the logistics of moving the border.  "It makes more sense for Eastern Oregonians to get state-level governance coming from Idaho, where they share their values, share their culture, share their politics, than it does to be governed by Western Oregon," Greater Idaho spokesman Matt McCaw told Fox News.

Instead of a National Divorce, How About a National Backlash?  My "People's Republic" novels, the first one having come out in 2016, all deal with America splitting into red and blue, and these novels have a real problem.  I always tried to take reality one step beyond the plausible to satirize the insanity and evil of blue America if it was suddenly unchained to normal — i.e., red — America, and no matter what madnesses I predicted over the last six years, from pronoun laws to social credit scores ("privilege levels"), the reality has always more than caught up.  Right now, we have people running our country who think that mutilating kids to conform to their gender delusions is not merely acceptable but something to be celebrated.  It's kind of hard for fiction to top that.  There are a lot of logistical problems with splitting up the old United States.  How do you handle national defense?  What about the national debt?  Will the borders between old and new America be open?

Conservatives Defend Their Mountaintop.  Although tensions are high, please do not misunderstand me.  I am not advocating for another civil war.  This country has lost enough brave American patriots here and abroad.  However, we do have a dilemma.  The progressive left is confrontational and hell-bent on burning the Constitution and permanently transforming this nation.  With no compromise in their rhetoric and actions, they are giving freedom-loving Americans no option but to stand up and defend a nation we love — a nation that has brought freedom, prosperity, and the belief that flawed men can embrace noble principles for the betterment of mankind.

Calgary Pastor Rides Again.  Things are gwtting interesting as regards our neighbor to the north.  They suffer the same creeping tyranny that America does, but handle it a bit differently. [...] But it seems that the Canadians do have options that are somewhat foreclosed here in the United States, namely secession.  With no historical equivalent of the bloody American Civil War to deter them, Canadian provinces are not so jittery about entertaining separation.  Here in the USA, the American Civil War ended the recurring threat of secession as a political option.  No state has seriously entertained it since then, though some are starting to reconsider it. [...] However, Canada's constitution does entertain the possibility of secession.  In 1995, a referendum concerning secession was allowed in Quebec.  It almost passed.  But in 1998, the Canadian Supreme Court tightened the rules to declare that such a secession cannot be unilateral.

MAGA's Real Crime?  Spotlighting Government Failure.  For a nation not engaged in violent civil war, it sure sounds as if 75 million Trump voters have been officially declared the enemy.  Senator Mazie Hirono says pro-life Americans who oppose abortion are "literally a call to arms."  Representative Hank Johnson says parents attending school board meetings to protest racist, sexualized, and Marxist indoctrination disguised as academic curricula are part of a "coordinated attack happening across the country."  Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan says, "We've gotta kill and confront" MAGA "extremists."  Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas claims that the country's biggest national security threats come from "domestic extremists" who are "radicalized" by "anti-government sentiment" or "false narratives propagated on online platforms."  Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Mark Warner commemorated the twenty-first anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks by equating those heinous acts with the January 6 Capitol protests.

The Coming Outlawing of the Republican Party.  Republicans want to hold the majority and co-exist with Democrats, while Democrats, under the influence of the Left, want to eliminate Republicans.  This fundamental difference between the two sides was on display during Biden's fascist rant in Philadelphia where he denounced half the country as a threat to democracy.  And it would be a mistake to imagine that all the talk of a "threat to democracy" is mere rhetoric.  Another basic difference between the two parties is that Republicans are politically unserious.  Politicians, pundits and influencers spend so much time virtue signaling that they think words don't matter.  Democrats are quite serious.  The Republican refusal to take them at their word, to believe that their histrionic rhetoric represents a serious policy agenda, is why things are so bad.  Surely, Beltway GOP figures will reassure, Democrats aren't serious about adding states, Supreme Court seats, a trillion dollar coin or using unlimited dictatorial executive authority.  But what if they are?

Dem Senator Tim Ryan Says US Needs To 'Kill And Confront' 'Extremist' Republican Movement.  Democratic Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan said Tuesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that the U.S. needs to "kill and confront" the "extremist" Republican movement.  Ryan and co-host Willie Geist were discussing J.D. Vance, Ryan's Republican challenger for the open Senate seat in the upcoming election.  Geist noted a recent poll showing the two candidates trending closely, with Geist asking Ryan if he had a message for Republican voters in Ohio.  [Video clip]

Are Democrats looking to provoke riots by arresting President Trump?  To try and head off a likely loss of the House of Representatives and prepare for the next presidential election, Democrats create situations which raise anxiety in citizens, and this increases the chances their candidate will prevail because voters know discord will then subside.  An example is Kathy Griffin's widely read statement:  "If you don't want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November.  If you do want Civil War, vote Republican."  They make it very clear your life will only be peaceful if you keep Democrats in power, and they think that this is persuasive enough to tip elections. [...] In the past, Democrats fought a war inside the U.S., killing hundreds of thousands of Republican-backed Union soldiers in a grim civil war in order to keep humans as slaves.  Lately, legislation they filed shows they're for killing unborn babies right up until the moment before birth, or perhaps even after.  Most people would say owning slaves and killing babies is evil, so Democrats have shown what they were and are.

What is the Conservative plan to deal with Biden's fourth reich?  The time has come for a coalition of governors, attorneys general, and state legislators to demonstrate the power of broad-based federalism to interpose against extreme federal tyranny.  Many conservative commentators have finally woken up to smell the stench of the Fourth Reich following Biden's speech targeting political opposition, reminiscent of the authoritarian language of past dictators.  However, they should have been awake since March 2020, when our government declared de facto martial law on our lives, liberty, and property and used our bodies as lab rats with an ever-growing list of experimental therapies.  They should have awoken from their slumber after Americans were targeted with solitary confinement and disproportionate punishment for zero or nebulous crimes at the Capitol on January 6, after months of killing, rioting, and looting by BLM with impunity.  If Biden's speech is really to be a turning point in this one-sided cold war that is heating up, conservatives should resolve to use the power they already wield over Republican governors and demand united action for states to protect constitutional rights from this thuggish Biden administration and national security deep state apparatus that threatens our liberties more than any foreign enemy in our history.  Rather than making idle promises of winning back the House with RINOs or winning back the presidency years from now when it's too late, we should be demanding action now from 20 or so GOP trifecta-controlled state governments.  If they fail to take action now, then the entire point of federal elections with divided government is moot.

Is Biden Trying To Start a Civil War?  The globalist liberals want to imprison Trump voters, but need a reason to do so.  They will fake that reason if they have to.  [Video clip]

Poll: Voters See Biden's Philadelphia Speech As 'Dangerous' and 'Designed to Incite Conflict'.  According to a new poll of 1,000 likely voters from Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, a majority of voters believe the White House designed Biden's primetime speech to attack his political opponents.  They also viewed it as dangerous and believe the president intended to create conflict between Americans.

The recipe for a Democrat October surprise.  The corrupt media are already working overtime to set the stage by playing up the "civil war" potential and predicting violence from "white supremacists and far-right extremists."  The president and Dems in Congress will have no choice but to react decisively to save democracy and protect the American people from this horrible MAGA threat.  The critical decision will need to be made: will they have time for more televised show trials before the election, or should they just move on to declaring martial law and postponing the election indefinitely?  A year ago, I would have thought this scenario impossibly absurd.  I also never thought an ex-U.S. president's home could be raided by the FBI, or a current president could make such a hateful, incendiary, and shall I say "semi-fascist" speech.  Perhaps they will not need to make that decision at all if the media do their "job" and manufacture enough hate and resentment toward Republicans.

The Rise of the Unprincipled Left.  There is no question in my mind that we are in the midst of a dangerous cultural civil war and that the battle lines on many cultural issues have been sharply drawn and the armies conscripted for service.  As is usual with any civil war, there are more than just two opposing sides.  There is a third group that hasn't as yet chosen sides and will try to "sit out the conflict" and see which side will win (and will then promptly throw in with the winner).

It's Too Late For Corrupt Media To Decide Political Violence Is Bad.  It looks like the Washington Post has discovered that political violence is bad.  Unfortunately, the paper is probably two years too late. [...] But you would hope by now that Democrats and their friends in the national media have learned something:  This isn't going to be a country where political violence and harassment from their side is met by everyone with acquiescence.  January 6, 2021, didn't happen in a vacuum.  That's not the day that history began.  It was the consequence of nearly a year's worth of vandalism, destruction, looting, and deadly rioting that was instigated, exacerbated, and excused by liberals, both in the Democratic Party and the media. [...] Democrats should be grateful that Jan. 6 was as tame as it was.  It could have been, and it certainly can get, far worse.

The Most Trying Times.  What we are experiencing right now in America rivals the darkest days that our young nation faced so many years ago.  America as a Constitutional Republic is under the most dire threat that we have ever experienced, much worse than when our country became fractured by the secession of southern states during our Civil War.  Even then the Confederate States still carried the name 'America' as a part of their national identity.  The North and the South were divided over the issues of slavery and states' rights, but still united as Americans with a common history.  America is under attack once again, but this time by an enemy from within.  Our very existence as a nation may come down to how many Americans are willing to risk it all, as they did back in 1776, to save our country.

The Dis-Unification Of America Continues.  Are we a unified nation after more than a year-and-a-half of President Joe Biden?  Americans overwhelmingly answer no, the latest I&I/TIPP Poll shows.  To gauge the ongoing unity zeitgeist, each month the I&I/TIPP Poll asks Americans whether "the United States is: Very united.  Somewhat united.  Somewhat divided.  Very divided.  Not sure." [...] And among all survey participants, the No. 1 response was "very divided," with 43% answering this.  No. 2 was "somewhat divided," at 30%.  By comparison, just 8% of the entire survey called America "very united," while 16% described it as "somewhat united."  Just 2% were "not sure."

Kathy Hochul's call for 5.4M Republicans to leave New York is dangerous and disgusting.  Gov. Kathy Hochul, who hasn't proven shy about issuing orders, had one for the state's Republicans this week — all 5.4 million of them: "Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?" she said.  "You are not New Yorkers."  If you can move beyond the frankly disgusting political partisanship and intolerance, her message is fiscally irresponsible, even dangerous.  The governor probably already knows this, but the state's extensive public sector is heavily reliant on personal income taxes paid by residents, and with nearly $14 billion in projected budget gaps over the next five years, it can't afford to lose any taxpayers, let alone 5.4 million of them.  The Empire State has already lost 1.5 million residents in the past decade, and there's no sign of that trend letting up.

Out of Outrage.  [Scroll down] We are in a civil war, have been for a while.  How do you know you're in a civil war?  Here's a few clues:  is one political side exempt from blame, blatantly criminal, but the other political side is unable to make a common error without being raided and often arrested?  That exists when one is in enemy territory.  If just being alive and breathing is criminal, that's an enemy and those seeking to punish them for it are enemy combatants.  One side relishes the former freedoms, when stating one's mind, no matter how controversial, was not a crime.  They recognize the value of capitalistic wealth creation and the ability of greed to lift all boats. [...] The other side see only crimes and punishment.  The rich need to be taxed and taxed, hurt and, if possible, driven into poverty with the rest of humanity, prosecuted for some common faux pas just to exact revenge.  It's a dark, envious lot on the other side.  Fear, manipulation, coercion, punishment and revenge thrill their very existence.

The Second American Civil War, and Ways to Win It.  America is in dire need of leaders and supporters who care much more about the preservation of the nation's constitutional republic than about enriching themselves or doing only what their major donors desire.  America needs many more courageous, patriotic leaders like Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who, along with other bold actions, recently fired a George Soros-funded leftist Florida prosecutor.  Governor DeSantis is actively fighting the use of "woke" environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards by financial institutions to determine loans and other financial support for Florida businesses and citizens.  Many more chief executives need to demonstrate such courage and conviction.  Strong, DeSantis-type conservative leadership is urgently needed at all levels of government (county, city, state, and federal). Such leadership is also urgently needed at all levels of America's educational hierarchy, including K-12 and college and university environments.

'Civil War' Porn.  As Joe Biden's polls stagnate and the midterms approach, we are now serially treated to yet another progressive melodrama about the dangers of a supposed impending radical right-wing violent takeover.  This time the alleged threat is a Neanderthal desire for a "civil war."  The FBI raid on Donald Trump's Florida home, the dubious rationale for such a historic swoop, and the popular pushback at the FBI and Department of Justice from roughly half the country have further fueled these giddy "civil war" conjectures.

Huge California County Approves Measure of Possible Secession for 2022 Midterms.  The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors this week voted to add a November 2022 ballot measure that would allow the county to secede from California.  The measure, which was voted on 4-0 by the supervisors Wednesday [8/3/2022], would ask San Bernardino residents:  "Do the citizens of San Bernardino County want the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to study all options to obtain its fair share of state and federal resources, up to and including secession?" [...] Over the years, some California counties have evaluated the possibility of seceding from the Golden State due to monetary, cultural, and other differences.  In 2016, a failed ballot measure would have split California into six states, while a 2018 proposition that also failed would have created three new states.

How to split America when we get divorced.  With the deep fundamental and structural differences American culture is experiencing, I'd like to propose divorcing the regressives and going our separate ways.  But how to split up the spoils — who gets the kids, who gets what — are the questions.

Is The J6 Committee Trying To Get Trump Re-Elected?  Now that anonymous sources are leaking to The Washington Post that the Department of Justice is officially targeting former President Donald Trump with criminal charges, this is a good time to ask:  Just how crazy are the occupants of Washington, D.C.?  Do they really think they will indict, prosecute, convict, and imprison the Republican frontrunner for president in 2024 without creating a massive amount of public backlash?  For half the country, trying to take down Trump for giving a speech over a mile away from the Capitol on Jan. 6 while hardly anybody has been held accountable for the atrocious Russia collusion hoax that nearly destroyed his presidency will be nothing less than total confirmation of a two-tiered and irreparably corrupt justice system and could permanently tear the nation in two.  This may come as a shocker to Washington, but Congress's J6 obsession is not high on Americans' list of critical issues.  Polls show the American people's top concerns are skyrocketing inflation and economic uncertainty, not what happened on Jan. 6.

Poll: Nearly One-Third of Voters Believe They May Have to Take Up Arms Against the United States Government.  A poll conducted by University of Chicago's Institute of Politics shows nearly one-third of American voters believe they may have to take up arms against the United States government.  The poll of 1,000 registered voters was conducted from "May 19 to May 23 among 1,000 registered voters.  The margin of error is plus or minus 3.53 percentage points," The Hill reports.

Poll: Surprising Amount of Americans Considering 'Armed Revolution'.  The terrible, dirty, dark secret of the two-party system is this:  It forces every single issue to be on one side of the aisle or the other, allowing for very little compromise, and fueling the angst-machine of the mainstream media.  We see it night in and night out on cable news:  Hosts who purposely enrage us, (either against them or their political opposites), for the sake of keeping our attention through the commercial breaks.  Now, all of this unhealthy political behavior is coming home to roost, and our nation is growing unfathomably divided.

The Culture War Between the States.  [Scroll down]  Recently, for example, California announced that it will no longer pay for travel by its state employees to four states — Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, and Utah — because they have passed laws banning biological males who have transitioned to female from competing in girls' school sports.  California has now enacted travel bans on 22 states that Sacramento officials say have laws discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, though Newsom has sparked controversy by vacationing in one of those states, Montana.  A handful of other Democratic states — Washington, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut — have similar multistate employee travel bans in place.

Are We Looking At Another Civil War?  Consider the logic of the left and it's no wonder that many people are considering the unspeakable — whether America will devolve into actual violent conflict. [...] The most important question related to the long decline of America at the hands of a corrupt, incompetent, and terminally foolish ruling caste that controls our major institutions is whether we can pull out of this tailspin without bloodshed.  I sure hope so, but the risk is real and we need to confront it. [...] And the evidence is that the left remains ideologically open to using violence in the future to achieve its goals.  But what would a civil conflict look like if, heaven forbid, it ever came to pass again?

There Are Two Fundamentally Irreconcilable Constitutional Visions.  It's been a momentous couple of weeks at the Supreme Court.  As usual, they saved the big cases for the end.  This year the big three were Bruen (gun rights), Dobbs (abortion rights) and West Virginia (administrative regulation of CO2).  All three cases were decided 6-3 along ideological lines.  These cases involved the most basic issues of what the Constitution is and how it is to be interpreted.  On those issues there is virtually no hope of one side ever convincing anyone from the other side.  There just are two fundamentally irreconcilable visions of how this should work.  The two visions can be summarized in just a few sentences each:
  •   Vision 1.  The Constitution allocates powers to the three branches of government, and also lists certain rights entitled to constitutional protection.  The role of the courts is (1) to assure that the powers are exercised only by those to whom they are allocated, (2) to protect the enumerated rights, and (3) as to things claimed to be rights but not listed, to avoid getting involved.
  •   Vision 2.  The Constitution is an archaic document adopted more than 200 years ago, and largely obsolete.  The role of the courts is to implement the current priorities of the academic left and then somehow rationalize how that is consistent with the written document.  If a right is enumerated in the Constitution but disfavored by the current left (e.g., the right to "keep and bear arms"), then the courts should find a way to uphold enactments that minimize that right down to the point that it is a nullity.  If a right is not enumerated in the Constitution, but is a priority of the left (e.g., abortion), then that right can be discovered in some vague and unspecific constitutional language ("due process").  And if the left has a priority to transform the economy and the way the people live, but the Congress does not have sufficient majorities to enact that priority, then the Executive agencies can implement that priority on their own authority, and the role of the courts is to assist the agencies in finding something in the tens of thousands of pages of federal statutes, however vague and dubious, that can be claimed to authorize the action.

To Avoid Civil War, Learn To Tolerate Different Laws In Different States.  Most commentary on the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization — which overturns Roe v Wade — has focused on the decision's effect on the legality of abortion in various states.  That's an important issue.  It may be, however, that the Dobbs decision's effect on political decentralization in the United States is a far bigger deal.  After all, the ruling isn't so much about abortion as it is about the federal government's role in abortion.  State governments are free to make abortion 100 percent legal within their own borders.  Some states have already done so.  The court's ruling limits only the federal government's prerogatives over abortion law, and this has the potential to lead to many other limitations on federal power as well.  In this way, Dobbs is a victory for those seeking to limit federal power.

The Great Crackup Continues.  I've been reading about a dangerous polarization in American political life for as long as I can remember.  But one gets the sense that today, it is actually happening.  It isn't just that people disagree about important matters:  the whole point of the political process is to resolve important disagreements.  The difference today is that on both sides of the political divide, there is little sense of shared values, shared community and a common commitment to America and its future.  While I don't think Americans will be shooting at each other in the streets any time soon, it does seem that increasing numbers are open to the idea that red and blue America should peacefully go their separate ways.

The United States Has Become Two Countries Within a Nation.  Over the past thirty-years, a plurality of ill-educated and malleable citizens have allowed the self-serving, decadent and nescient ruling class, in alliance with the radical left, to establish near-permanent despotism in the United States.  They have deliberately and inexorably widened the gulf between the people and the government and effectively split the nation into two de facto countries that are at ideological and societal loggerheads.

Texas GOP pushing for referendum to secede from the "United" States of America in 2023.  Representatives to the Texas Republican Convention this week went full-on into a push for secession from Joe Biden's increasingly politicized, authoritarian America.  Under a section titled "State Sovereignty," the convention-goers adopted a platform plank that states:  "Pursuant to Article 1, Section 1, of the Texas Constitution, the federal government has impaired our right of local self-government.  Therefore, federally mandated legislation that infringes upon the 10th Amendment rights of Texas should be ignored, opposed, refused, and nullified.  "Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto," the plank continued.

Demolition of supply chains is pre-civil war sabotage to shape the battlefield for domestic warfare.  The United States of America is about to be plunged into a civil war.  It will be ignited by the imminent Roe vs. Wade nullification decision by the US Supreme Court, which also just rendered a landmark decision affirming the universal right to carry a personal firearm for self-defense (striking down the New York law that radically restricted the right to bear arms).  That pro-2A decision is already seeing heads explode across the anti-American, anti-liberty Left, with rabid left-wing commentator Keith Olbermann even calling for an open insurrection to demolish the US Supreme Court and seize total control over the country via the executive branch.  Once the Roe decision is rendered, the radical Left will erupt into full-blown domestic terrorism, launching unrestricted warfare against Christians, gun owners and conservatives.  What's coming will make the 2020 BLM and Antifa riots look like child's play.

Secession! Texas GOP Is Talking About It.  Is This Legal?  These United States rose above colony status by, essentially, seceding from Britain.  Texas became one of these United States a decade after seceding from Mexico.  Now Texas State Republican Convention members are talking again about the possibility of seceding — from the United States.  Critics, of course, say secession would be illegal.  The Texas Tribune, for example, writes in a subtitle that the "Civil War established that a state cannot secede."  But do wars establish anything from a legitimately legal standpoint?  Only if you believe that "might makes right."  As to the Texas GOP's action, its "State Republican Convention adopted a platform urging the Legislature to put a referendum before the people of Texas in November 2023 'to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation,'" the Tribune reports.  The Texas paper is clear about its position on this, too:  "No, Texas can't legally secede from the U.S., despite popular myth," its title reads.

The Editor says...
[#1] The Texas Tribune is a far-left propaganda outlet.  Not one article in the Texas Tribune should ever be read (I could stop there) without reminding yourself that Democrats wrote it for the benefit of other Democrats.  I can assure you that every delegate to the Texas Republican Convention is well aware of what the Texas Tribune is.  [#2] The resolutions, and most of the party platform, passed by the state convention will be completely ignored by the state legislature.  A referendum may appear on the ballot next year, but it will carry no weight.  The Texas Senate will do whatever it chooses to do.  The Republican state convention takes place every two years, but the real work goes on year-round:  Phone calls and emails are okay, but the elected representatives in Austin are influenced more by grass-roots activists showing up in their offices, than by anything that is said at the state convention.

Nearly half of Democrat men under 50 think it's okay to assassinate political opponents.  If you still doubted that our country is headed for a second bloody civil war unless we peacefully divide up the country beforehand, a disturbing but revealing new survey released this week should remove any remaining doubts.  The survey, conducted by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center — which figures — found that voters who identified as Democrats were far more likely than those who identified as Republicans to back political violence, up to and including the assassination of political leaders they considered threats to their agenda.  This helps explain why practically no elected Democrats and no left-wing, Democrat-voting 'pundits' in the media condemned the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  According to American Military News, the survey, "published June 1, found that 44 percent of Democrat men under the age of 50 said they 'approve' of assassinating a politician 'who is harming our country or democracy.'"

The Citizenry's Willingness to Surrender their Freedoms Risks a Potential Dissolution or Civil War.  Far too many Americans, preconditioned to willingly surrender their rights and freedoms over the past two decades, have submissively acquiesced to this evolutionary process which has brought about a deeply unhealthy society with a dysfunctional albeit powerful government dominated by the totalitarian left.  Forces have been created that are pushing us toward dissolution or a civil war:
  [#1]   Tribalism:  As the nation splits into implacable factions, animosity grows, making dialogue or cooperation virtually impossible. [...]
  [#2]   The Lack of a Shared Culture:  An increasingly sizable portion of the American populace believes this nation is not exceptional and in fact it is irredeemable. [...]
  [#3]   Gun Confiscation:  The ruling elites/radical left knows that it would be a logistical impossibility to confiscate guns in the United States, but they are convinced that the time is at hand to force de facto confiscation through red flag laws, taxes, additional regulations, gun registration, and using liability lawsuits to shutter gun and ammunition manufacturers. [...]
  [#4]   The Federal Government is an Overbearing Leviathan:  The United States is a nation of 330 million people the size of the continent of Europe.  It cannot be unilaterally governed by a central power.  Federalism is the safety valve on the American pressure cooker as the citizens of fifty different states can, for the most part, decide for themselves how they want to live. [...]
  [#5]   A Lack of Societal Morality:  In their pursuit of shallow hedonism and online fame, an ever-growing number of Americans and their leaders have abandoned morality and respect for others born and unborn.  They unabashedly promote the sexual exploitation and indoctrination of children and justify any duplicitous means to achieve their ends. [...] When the citizenry faces challenges larger than the nation can handle because of ideologically bound and self-absorbed politicians and a majority hedonistic populace, then this nation as presently constituted will not survive.

What would it look like if America split?  The overwhelming evidence present in the public domain today strongly suggests that the United States of America will separate into two countries in less than fifty years.  Here is the scenario concept.  The conservative and progressive sides of America today see each other as a lifeguard and a drowning victim.  Neither side will keep the other from drowning when push comes to shove.  The only option is for the lifeguard to let go of the drowning victim.  This event is the physical separation.  The conceptual separation has been playing out for about three decades.  The topics of abortion, gun rights, balanced budgets, central bank digital currencies, immigration, and free speech, either alone or together, can all be set aside with assurance they are not the reasons for the pending dissolution of the country.  The single reason for the U.S. going into parts is free choice. [...] The loose strategy playing out over the past two to three decades has been to push for the separation of the states.  Neither a December 1941- nor a September 2001-type attack will move enough people today to care for and help one another.  The division is too great on both sides.

Memorial Day in a Divided Nation.  It is important to honor our wartime dead.  But Memorial Day has a powerful meaning that we have forgotten.  It was the holiday that reunited our country after the Civil War.  It began when Americans, from the North and the South, entered the cold gray stone fields of the dead, and decorated the graves of the fallen from the Grand Army of the Republic and the Confederacy with freshly cut flowers.  They followed no presidential order.  They acted under no regulation.  Instead the mothers and wives of men who would return home no more brought flowers to the graves of their fallen sons and husbands, and to the resting places of the young American men who might have slain them, who had been the enemy, but who still deserved honor and respect.  Those women, of the North and the South, brought America together.  Today a new breed of leftists gleefully tears down Confederate memorials.  And it will not end with flags and statues.  They will not be satisfied until the cemeteries that were once decorated have been desecrated.  It is ominously fitting that the event which marked the end of one civil war now arrives to foreshadow the beginning of another war between brothers.

America is Regressing into a Tribal Society Rife with Acrimony, Anxiety and Suspicion.  There are but two basic components in this evolution to the present fractured society.  The first and foremost, has been the widespread submissive capitulation to the malicious exploitation of the nation's racial past.  The second, has been the lack of a viable opposition party to challenge the transformation of the nation's institutions.  For nearly five decades, while the Republican Party and establishment conservatives reveled in their "civility" and "bipartisanship," an increasingly socialist/Marxist Democrat party, media/entertainment complex, and education establishment has been conditioning two-plus generations of Americans to look to the federal government as the source of salvation, opportunity and rescue in times of difficulty.  This has created an ever-growing mal-educated, susceptible and easily exploited segment of the citizenry that by the turn of the Twenty-First Century was large enough to impact the governance of the nation.

No: It Is Not Time for a Civil War.  [Scroll down]  I would add to this that social and big media are owned almost entirely by the left wing, which means we have no platform to mass-communicate.  Do we run the CIA, or the FBI, or any national organization built to maintain law and order in a crisis?  No — all of it is in possession of the left wing, which gives leftists a clear advantage in organization and persecution.  More importantly, I would posit that these United States are so completely interdependent that any kind of real split, even without bloodshed, would result in mass starvation and eventually death.  This isn't the 1860s, when clothes could be homespun and farms were all family-owned.  There isn't a single business in these states that maintains its existence within a single state:  everyone is dependent on other businesses in other states, and many times in other countries, to supply what he needs to function on even a basic level.

Decorated Canadian Veteran And Pastor:  Trudeau Has Declared War On His Own People.  [Scroll down]  The convoy began when the Canadian government started enforcing vaccine passports on truckers and others at its border with the United States.  "We prayed to hold those who have done bad, who need to repent and take account for wrongdoing, that they be held accountable for their sins and receive the mercy of God," [Harold] Ristau told The Federalist.  "We prayed that there be no injuries, that no one here would have a hateful thought in our hearts, that our hearts would be filled with love."  Ristau noted that before police closed in on the protesters, the demonstration had a sort of market fair attitude, with bouncy castles for children, soup kitchens for the hungry, and organized cleanups of public property.  When there were complaints about the truckers' noise and local disruptions, they stopped making noise after 6 p.m., local news accounts confirm.  He also witnessed that the truckers kept emergency lanes open during their protest to protect locals.  For his peaceful participation in this public assembly, Ristau has faced criticism and threats from fellow pastors, fellow citizens, the government-run Canadian media, and the government itself.  On Feb. 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, which he claims allows the Canadian government to seize the children and property of anyone who attended the protest, without a court order or even proceeding.

America Is Not Divided; It's Being Hijacked.  It seems lately like everywhere, on both the Right and the Left, we are hearing a chorus of voices tell us America is hopelessly divided and on the brink of a second civil war.  The level of rancor and incivility characterizing much of our contemporary political dialogue appears to confirm as much on a daily basis.  It appears Left and Right have arrived at irreconcilable worldviews, disagreeing on first principles, core convictions, specific policy choices and ultimate ends.  Increasingly, they seem unable to see eye to eye even when it comes to pure matters of fact.  But what if the appearance of a great, insuperable divide is vastly overstated or even being deliberately amplified by forces that benefit from division?  The gulf on certain significant matters is substantial, to be sure, and yet when we turn to look one by one at some of the most high-profile issues, we see that the split may be greatly overstated.

The War Against Humanity.  On one side of the great divide in America are those who believe in standards of human value and action that transcend politics, applying principles that are independent of time and generation — the stand taken to heart by the founders of this country.  On this side are people drawn to the freer atmosphere that prevails in that healthier human environment.  On the other side of the divide, in ascendance over the past century and accelerating, are those who believe in standards of human value and action that are totally dependent upon "the times" — that is, upon continuous "change" in scientific discovery, technologic development, and political engineering for "what is best" for all of us.

Kinzinger: American Civil War 'Real Possibility' — 'Our Basic Survival Is at Stake'.  Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Monday [2/7/2022] on CNN's "The Situation Room" that former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party continuing to claim the 2020 presidential election was not valid and downplaying of the January 6 Capitol riot it was increasing the "real possibility" of a civil war in America.

Is Democracy Dying or America Disintegrating?  A precondition of democracy is that the results of elections be recognized and respected, and if repeatedly challenged, this is a mortal threat.  And this is the present peril.  Yet, there are other preconditions, not only for democracies but for countries, that were enumerated in The Federalist Papers:  "Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs ... "  "This country and this people seem to have been made for each other, and it appears as if it was the design of Providence, that an inheritance so proper and convenient for a band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties, should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous, and alien sovereignties."  John Jay was describing the preconditions of a nation, a country, a people.  Do these preconditions still exist in America?  "One united people"?  "A band of brethren"?  A common ancestry, common religion, common language, common customs and manners?  That may describe the America of 1789.  Does it describe the America of 2022?

A House Aggrieved Cannot Stand.  Over the course of history, societies have chosen different forms of moral currency.  In Rome, your virtue was determined by your nobility of ancestry and comportment.  In Medieval Europe (and the first two centuries of the American republic, perhaps) piety was the determinant of moral virtue.  Today, grievance is America's moral currency.  Understanding this is key to understand exactly what a civil war would be about.  January 6, 2022 brought the first anniversary of the turmoil at the Capitol.  In addition to neurotic public remembrances, the date brought with it a wave of hand-wringing furvor over whether we are approaching another civil war.  The prospect of a civil war is more than clickbait.  The acrimonious division that was previously contained to the political realm now sets the terms of social interaction everywhere: in schools, restaurants, the workplace, the grocery store, the church.  It is the price our establishment pays for its own radicalization.  Confronting the civil strife that this rolling revolution creates is a dangerous thing to even talk about — when respected voices broach the subject, this signals to the masses that such a conflict is a possibility, and that increases the possibility of it occurring.

Is the second American Civil War nearing its conclusion?  Leftists, through a combination of brilliant projectionist strategy and callously evil use of their political opponents' naïvité, decency, and tolerance, have transformed America's institutions.  They have weaponized them and used them against their less aggressive fellow citizens.  In the process, they have transformed Americans, their beliefs and expectations, too.  Much like the Chinese Communist Party, they own nearly all the levers of influence and power, exercising an iron grip on the education establishment, the mass media, Big Tech, Wall Street, corporate boardrooms, the health care industry, and Hollywood — and now the CIA, FBI, Defense Department, and ironically named Department of Justice (DOJ).  This in addition to effectively controlling all three branches of the U.S. government.  They are using this power to obliterate the democratic representative republic our Founders built, even as they loudly and incessantly claim they are trying to "save our democracy."

NYT Warns of 'Right-Wing Threat' to Democracy, Calls to 'War-Game' Insurgency, Secession, Civil War.  The U.S. may be on the verge of collapse due to right-wing threats on democracy, according to a recent New York Times piece that called to intensify "war games" for scenarios concerning the 2024 presidential elections such as "insurrection, secession, insurgency and civil war" in order to avert "political decay" of the country.  A Thursday New York Times essay, titled "We Need to Think the Unthinkable About Our Country," begins by deeming the U.S. perhaps "even more alarmingly fractious and divided" one year after the January 6 Capitol riot.  "Regrettably, the right has sustained its support for [former President] Donald Trump and continued its assault on American democratic norms," it continues.

Gutfeld: Maybe I'm nuts, but did Joe Biden just kind of declare a civil war on America?  President Joe Biden appears to have declared war on roughly 50 percent of the U.S. population, and according to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, this "should scare [...] all of us."  Speaking Friday on Fox News' "Gutfeld!" the host drew attention to a disturbing, eerie tweet the president had posted amid the left's Jan. 6th anniversary festivities on Thursday. [...] From the sounds of it, Gutfeld argued, it seems like the president has declared war on behalf of "the soul of America."  But who exactly has he declared war against, and does it even matter?  [Tweet]  It does matter, the Fox News host noted, because the president's tweet "implies a good side and a bad side, right, with two teams."  And knowing how often and how much the institutional left demonizes those on the right, this means that "if you're watching this show and you like this show, you're probably on the bad team."  So who's on the good team?

Democrats are trying to scare America over a civil war they're trying to start.  On Friday, John asked why liberal and progressive American news outlets and politicians are suddenly talking about an impending civil war.  He linked to a couple of reliably lefty publications that have recently raised the prospect in scary terms, and it's certainly true.  I've seen quite a few similar articles myself.  He also noted one of the questions plaguing this emerging theme, specifically the lack of some single, dividing issue that would rend the nation into two warring camps the way that slavery did during our original civil war.  (There were more factors than just slavery at play, but that was indeed a factor and the one the history books cite almost exclusively.)  So how much of this is real and how much of it is being manufactured by Democrats and their liberal media stenographers to counter the slide they are taking in the polls this year?

Why is the left suddenly talking about a second Civil War?  Just a few months ago the Atlantic published a piece claiming that there was a group of conservatives preparing for a new civil war because the country was now so divided between the conservative right and the woke left.  Since then, it seems the left is eagerly picking up on the civil war theme.  A few days ago the Guardian published a piece titled "The next US civil war is already here — we just refuse to see it."  The author of the piece has just written a book predicting a civil war is coming soon.

CNN's 1/6 Special:  Fox News 'Relishing the Idea' of a Civil War.  For years now, the liberal media have been telling us the country is in a "cold civil war" or a "neo-civil war" because people and policies they don't like have popularity.  But according to CNN's Anderson Cooper during the network's January 6 primetime special (Live From the Capitol:  January 6th, One Year Later) it was the folks at "other networks" — aka Fox News — that were "relishing the idea" of sparking another civil war in America.  Cooper's grotesque comment came during a conversation with his panel of all Democratic members of Congress, but was specifically directed at Representatives Jason Crow (D-CO) and Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) because they both had served overseas (Crow was a captain in Army and Gallego was a corporal in the Marines).

Majorie Taylor Greene calls for a 'National Divorce' from the East and West coasts.  Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia on Wednesday backed calls for an added tax for Americans moving to red states from the blue strongholds of California and New York.  She went on to advocate for a 'national divorce' between Democrat-run and Republican-run states.  The conservative firebrand lawmaker was responding to a Twitter post by an editor at the right-wing monthly magazine Chronicles, sounding off about Democrats moving to red states despite vocally opposing the majority's politics.

Is Hillary Clinton Suggesting Civil War?  The other day, in an interview with NBC News, Hillary Clinton went public with a warning — or was it a dog whistle to Democrats and the left? [...] Hillary suggested that if Trump or "someone of his ilk" is elected president in 2024, then American democracy is kaput.  Foolishness?  Knowing the conceits and delusions that infect her intended audience, her suggestion might not seem ludicrous. [...] Modern Democrats, very much enthralled by leftism, aren't for separation.  They're into seizure and dominance.  The last century-plus of communism — along with the period of kindred German and Italian fascism — provides ample witness.  "Progressivism" is morphing into a paler shade of communism or fascism.  Progressives haven't decided which and straddle both.  The "Great Reset" might be the decider.  Hillary is projecting.  It's Democrats who are intent on driving a stake through democracy's heart.

Three Retired Generals Loudly Demand A Military Coup In 2024.  Democrats claim that democracy is under attack in America and Democrats must act decisively to protect it.  They've been trying to end the filibuster, nationalize voting, and pack the Supreme Court.  The most ominous "fix," which hinges on the myth of a "January 6 Insurrection," sees retired generals argue that the military must purge the ranks of Trump supporters and prepare for a military coup to block a future contested election.  This is unconstitutional, illegal, and spells the end of American democracy.  Victor Davis Hanson notes that leftists are loudly worrying about democracy's end while ignoring all they've done to end democracy, such as bringing in millions of illegal aliens, many of whom are being given the vote; destroying centuries-old governing traditions such as the filibuster; packing the court; ending the Electoral College; and more. [...] The wild card in all of this, though, is what would the military do if, in fact, the progressives were able to achieve these goals (or even if they weren't).  Three retired officers have signaled that they want to purge the military of Trump supporters, and then plan a takeover of the military and related federal agencies that coordinate with the military to effect a coup in 2024.

Retired generals urge Pentagon to take steps to avert 'civil war' after 2024 election.  The U.S. military must start making preparations for another "insurrection" after the 2024 election, according to a trio of retired military generals.  An op-ed published by the Washington Post on Friday called for action amid growing concern among former senior officials about the "potential for lethal chaos inside our military" in a flash of violence that could eclipse the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.  Multiple courses of action were advised by Paul Eaton, a retired U.S. Army major general and a senior adviser to VoteVets, Antonio Taguba, a retired Army major general with 34 years of active duty service, and Steven Anderson, a retired brigadier general who served in the Army for 31 years.  They warned of the possibility of "civil war" resulting from a "military breakdown" due to splits in loyalty.

Female Democrat Senator wants a Civil War if the Supreme Court Stops Late Term Abortions.  Sen. Jeanne Shaheen thinks that stopping babies who would survive outside of the womb from being aborted is worth a civil war and destruction of the United States over.  Listen as she openly says if the supreme court stops states from allowing late term abortions she hopes women rise up and launch a revolution in order to stop the supreme court from doing their job.  This is how sick Democrats are to have less people in the world, they're willing to not just abort babies to stop the population from growing and possibly taking away their power by making it harder for them to control a larger population, they also want to start the fastest way to rid the population of the world, a war!  [Video clip]

America is tearing itself apart.  The noted moral philosopher Adam Smith once observed that there is 'a great deal of ruin in a nation'.  He was referring specifically to Britain's ability to withstand a few overseas military humiliations in the US War of Independence.  But more generally the point was that it takes an awful lot of bungling by political leaders to really bring down a powerful and prosperous state. [...] Even Friends, Frasier and Cheers feel like far-right propaganda now, like those pictures of pre-brutalism city centres with long demolished neo-Gothic town halls and department stores, and children playing hoop in traffic-free streets.  Remember sitcoms featuring loads of attractive white people just enjoying life?  They took this from you!  American citizens seem manic with distrust, distrust only magnified by competing Covid narratives and the endless side-switching on every safety protocol — Masks are for the libs!  Horse meds for the GOP! — depending on who first said it and when.  Every demographic hates every other — except white liberals, who hate themselves, which, if anything, is worse.

Domestic Wars See America Divided By Race, Class, Vax Status, Culture, And Climate.  Interesting that for so long liberals have accused Republicans of being "warmongers," when discussing foreign policy, yet it is the Democrat party that has brought the second civil war to America.  There are two parties in this nation, despite claims to the contrary saying "they are all the same."  Granted, in some ways they are the same, politicians will be politicians, but the clear dividing line is between those that feel they and the government should "control" the populace, and those that just want to be left alone to live their lives the way they see fit.  Readers can determine for themselves which is the party of "big government controls all" and which are the party of "leave me [...] alone."  When families get together for different holidays, whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any time that families gather together, we inevitably see arguments about everything from politics to sports and a number of topics in between, to the point where it has even become a movie cliché because it happens so often.

The Political Center Is Gone.  I started writing several years ago, noting the similarities of what is happening today in our country to where things stood in the 1850s when the institution of slavery was tearing at the soul of the nation.  Where is compromise about whether slavery should be accepted or not in a country that is supposed to be about freedom?  Some insisted yes, some insisted no, and everything exploded into a civil war.  What is happening today is similar.  In a Pew Research survey from last November, 80% of Biden voters and 77% of Trump voters agreed with this statement about voters from the other party:  "Not only do we have different priorities when it comes to politics, but we fundamentally disagree about core American values."  Culturally, there is no more room for compromise about differences of opinion regarding those accepting and those rejecting biblical, traditional values regarding marriage, family and sex than there was about slavery.

A Deeper Divide.  If you think America was split back in 1861 over states' rights, you should see it now.  Every minority group is yelling wolf and that they won't take it anymore, the only one with their jaws shut tight as if by wire, the WASPs.  Never has America been more ferociously divided, with every movie and TV series showing white men as bloodthirsty criminals, lefty pundits on TV presenting a nation ruled by white supremacists.  Much of the media went slightly hysterical after a so-called conservative won the governorship in Virginia.  All the poor winner did was go against the indoctrination of children in the fine arts of racial hatred, homosexual pornography, and gender neutrality.  Virginia parents rejected critical race theory, which tells black children that white children are inherently evil.  Listening to some of the pundits decrying the Virginia election of a moderate, a visitor from Mars would think a Hitler-Stalin heir had just carried the state.  What actually won Virginia for the Republicans was the simple argument of whether parents have rights over what their children are being taught or not.

The 'Peaceful Protest' Five Times Bigger than Jan. 6 the Liberal Media Refuses to Cover.  If there's one thing everyone in the country can agree on right now, it's that we don't really agree on anything in the country.  The more precise, John Locke-ian way to describe would be that the social contract which is required for a free and open society has been fundamentally violated and — without it — no longer provides any cohesion to our political system.  Leftists will point to the support for Donald Trump as the right having violated the contract and that, having done so, gave them no choice but to respond with militant resistance.  The right will say that five years of violence seems like a bit of an overreaction to a guy whose biggest crime was mean tweets.  And there's no better example of this than the way the media covers right- vs. left-wing activism.  A group of people waving American flags — or parents at a school board meeting! — are labeled domestic terrorists while rioters burning down buildings enjoy the Orwellian label "peaceful protesters."

Second-Class Citizens in Biden's America.  [Scroll down]  Government's power and role under Biden have evolved to be feared by an ever-increasing number of Americans.  Nobody is safe if the radical left's vision of America wins.  History has demonstrated that revolutions are deadly affairs for a wide swath of a country's population.  Their vision includes the creation of a one-world political order without national borders, ruled by a global elite unaccountable and operating with indifference and disdain regarding the overall living conditions of ordinary people.  Life will be grim for most if they are allowed to succeed.  We will confront a country with open borders, higher taxes, runaway inflation, rising energy costs, a decreased level of national and personal safety.  We will experience the creation of an ever-increasing powerful surveillance state in conjunction with Big Tech, leading to the death of personal privacy.

Three Reasons to Start Taking Secession Seriously.  The first reason we must now take secession seriously is that it's no longer a topic of discussion only among the most radical.  In 2014, for example, a quarter of those polled said they thought their state should secede.  By 2018, 39 percent were saying they think a state should "have the final say" as to whether or not that state remains part of the United States.  In 2020, more than a third of those polled said states have a legal right to secede.  Mainstream conservatives increasingly suggest the possibility, from Rush Limbaugh to Dennis Prager.  Indeed, just last week, Prager admitted that secession offers a chance to live in a country that better reflects one's own values.  Should secession happen, Prager said, "I would live in a state governed by Judeo-Christian values versus one governed by left-wing values."  Even elderly conservatives are starting to grasp the idea:  separation brings choice, and choice is better than ossified notions of "patriotism."  Indeed, it appears it's no coincidence that older conservative operatives like Prager have been among those who are late to warm to the idea of secession.

Legislators want three counties to secede Maryland for West Virginia.  State legislators in three conservative western Maryland counties are seeking permission to secede from the state to join neighboring West Virginia.  In letters to West Virginia state House Speaker Roger Hanshaw (R) and Senate President Craig Blair (R), six Republican Maryland state legislators who represent Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties asked the legislature to consider adding their residents to the Mountaineer State.  "We believe this arrangement may be mutually beneficial for both states and for our local constituencies," the identical letters read.  "Please advise on next steps."

The only alternative to a Great Divorce between the states is Caesarism.  There has been more talk of late of a divorce between the states or in other words, seccession.  What is prompting this is the continuing failure and corruption of the institutions that the country relies on to maintain a constitutional republic. [...] One of the root problems is that a significant proportion of the population is incapable of self-government.  Generations have been poorly served by the public schools.  They have effectively been dumbed down.  And the whole country is further debased by the popular culture to the point where virtue, manliness, and responsibility is a joke to many.  On top of that, the country is being flooded with swarms of immigrants who for the most part hold beliefs and attitudes that are unsuited for the American form of self-government.  An even more intractable problem is that the elites who are the shepherds of society are themselves divorced from the American people.  Instead of practicing noblesse oblige as had been done in the past, they scheme to line their own pockets while sneering at the working class for its "outmoded beliefs."  Call it what you will, but this is a form of hatred for one's own country.

The Great Struggle of Our Time:  The Battle for Reality.  Many have observed that the contenders seem to be separated by an unbridgeable gap, and yet no one has been able to explain the nature of this gap, or what exactly it is that separates the mindsets of the opposing sides.  In our view the great struggle in the grip of which we find ourselves cuts much deeper than the immediate issues we argue over.  The real fight extends beyond any particular point of public friction.  The great battle of our time is a battle about the very nature of reality.  More precisely, what the two sides war over on the most fundamental level is what constitutes truth and how it should be determined.

Why a 'National Divorce' Cannot Be Civil, but Would Inevitably Mean Civil War.  Many conservatives have talked recently about the need for a "national divorce" due to irreconcilable differences with the progressive left.  We should be clear about what we're talking about, though, when we suggest the prospect of a "national divorce."  We are talking about secession.  And secession, in America, is anything but a civil or amicable process, and it's useless to imagine it would be otherwise.  It's only truly been attempted once, after all, and it led to the bloodiest war in our history.  Certainly, there are practical differences between secession and civil war.  But in America, these are distinctions without meaning, because with secession comes "civil war," if one chooses, as we have, to characterize the American conflict of 1861-1865 that way. [...] There was not war in 1861 because the seceding states desired war, or, contrary to popular fiction, because of the moral crime of their having practiced slavery.  There was war because there was a bedrock, nation-defining question around the legitimacy of state secession that had yet to be answered.  That answer to that question was finally settled in 1865.

The Prospect of a National Divorce.  Are red and blue America headed for a split?  Lately, Dan Bongino has discussed the possibility on his daily podcast and radio show.  Glenn Beck has mentioned it, too.  It's a focused topic of David Reaboi, whom Bongino cites.  Reaboi suggests that a "national divorce" should be discussed.  He sees a split more as a matter of when not if.  The hope is for a civil, if not amicable, separation.  What may surprise readers is the convergence that's happening about the need for a national divorce.  As the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia discovered in its recent polling and data analytics: "roughly 4 in 10 (41%) of Biden and half (52%) of Trump voters at least somewhat agree that it's time to split the country, favoring blue/red states seceding from the union."  It's conceivable that the percentage for a separation would be higher among Biden backers had Donald Trump won reelection.  And the percentage lower among Trump-backers if the 2020 outcome was different.  Nonetheless, the poll does reveal broadening agreement.

Let's Just Call It a Day Already.  Honestly, if the country split up, I wouldn't miss anything the left brings to the table.  We're headed in that direction anyway, we might as well just do it.  Better to have a planned break up than be blindsided and bathed in violence, right?  I firmly believe a "hot civil war" would easily be won by the right; few liberals own guns.  Yes, Democrats lead the military, but would they really want to bank on troops firing on their friends and families?  The fact is I don't want these people dead, I just want them gone.  Not because I don't have liberal friends, but because I don't want anyone telling me how to live my life. [...] We lose the west coast.  That doesn't shock anyone.  We don't want it anyway.  As beautiful as California can be, the cost of needle clean-up alone would double the debt.  Oregon and Washington, meh, Dems already have them, they can keep them.  Pretty much everything over to Texas is theirs, but from there it gets complicated.

Premature Premonitions of Civil War?  Anyone paying attention knows that America is fast polarizing to become two distinct factions.  One is comprised of the coastal blue states commanded by dictators, for whom concepts like individual liberty are just speed bumps on the way to their newfangled visions of progress, and the other is largely made up of the red states in America's heartland and Southeast, where leaders still generally fear the electoral consequences of putting their boots on their constituents' throats.  The latter faction's ultimate victory in the war of ideas is the only chance we have of maintaining anything that resembles the American ideal, but that chance seems to be vanishing quickly as the blue states are consolidating their current ascendency to bring blue state authoritarianism to the red states via international corporate power, social conformity campaigns, and federal tyranny in Washington, including executive edicts, unconstitutional legislation, and threats to subvert the judiciary.  It's no wonder, you might say, that roughly two-out-of-three Republicans are open to the idea of secession, according to some polls.

If America's going to split apart, here's what will happen to you.  Today it is not so much North versus South or free states versus slave states; rather, it is red states versus blue states, the heartland versus the coastal states, elites versus middle class, leftists versus conservatives.  No matter how you chose to define the divide, a chasm has grown between two distinct groups living within in the U.S.  The room for compromise and accommodation seems to be shrinking by the day.  Joe Biden's candidacy was based on the promise that he would bring us together.  Look at what we got instead:  more divisiveness, stoked by the Biden administration itself.  A number of political scientists no longer think the idea of a crack-up of the Union is beyond the pale.  They cite a September 30 poll by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia showing that over half of Trump voters surveyed nationwide and 41 percent of Biden voters are in favor of blue and/or red states seceding from the union.  This is poll isn't the only one showing such a sentiment.  An earlier YouGov poll in June revealed that 66 percent of Southern Republicans surveyed said they wanted the Southern states to go their own way.

With America Splitting, One Side Sees Treason as Highest Form of Patriotism.  Since the early 1970s, when the Baby Boomer acolytes of George McGovern took control of the Democrat Party, the Left has been telling us that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism."  That is to say, the more strongly you oppose the policies and moral values of your country, the more you love it.  Like a devoted parent disciplining a wayward child, you are only showing it tough love in order to correct its ways, "fundamentally transforming" it (as Barack Obama might say) in order to improve it.  For those of you who did not come of age during the 1960s, this is a sloganized version of Herbert Marcuse's infamous notion of "Repressive Tolerance":  you must tolerate us when we are powerless but we most certainly will not tolerate you once we have seized power.

They Can't Win if We Won't Surrender.  What we are experiencing is not politics as usual.  The two political sides do not share common objectives while differing in their approaches to achieve those objectives.  They have diametrically opposed objectives.  The Left has said that they intend to transform America. [...] The Left has been working towards the elimination of our will to resist for many years.  They've leveraged the pandemic to curtail our freedoms.  Censorship and deplatforming have been used under the guise of preventing "misinformation."  Freedom of assembly (churches and political rallies) have been restricted in the name of "social distancing."  Even property rights have been suspended with forced business closures and eviction moratoriums.  The Left has also used legal harassment to target its enemies.  The IRS has targeted Christian and conservative groups.  The DoJ uses unequal application of the law to benefit its political allies and punish its political opponents.  The EPA encroaches on property rights.  And now, OSHA is being used as the enforcer of a vaccine mandate.

More than half of Trump voters and 41% of Biden supporters want red and blue states to SECEDE from one another.  Many breathed a sigh of relief when President Biden was elected, not for policy but for a reunification of the country after four years of tumult and fiery division under President Trump.  But eight months into the new presidency, America's deep disunity might not be letting up.  A new poll has revealed that political divisions run so deep in the US that over half of Trump voters want red states to secede from the union, and 41% of Biden voters want blue states to split off.  According to the analysis from the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, 52% of Trump voters at least somewhat agree with the statement:  'The situation is such that I would favor [Blue/Red] states seceding from the union to form their own separate country.'  Twenty-five percent of Trump voters strongly agree.

How It Might End, Act I.  A couple of years ago, I had the honor of publishing American Secession:  The Looming Threat of a National Breakup by Frank Buckley, a prolific author and law professor at George Mason University.  Buckley began by noting the obvious: that we in America are more divided now than at any time since the 1850s.  We know how that Disunited States of America worked out, and the horror of the Civil War — what Buckley calls Secession 1.0 — has led many of us to conclude that we'd put up with almost anything rather than risk a repeat of that disaster.  "Almost" anything.  Buckley does not predict a second American secession, exactly, but he shows, convincingly, I think, how it might come about.  "The bitterness" of our life together, "the contempt for opponents, the growing tolerance of violence, all invite us to think that we'd all be happier were we two different countries."  There is something to that.  And something to Buckley's admonitory conclusion:  "In all the ways that matter, save for the naked force of the law, we are already divided into two nations, just as much as in 1861."

Is America Heading Towards Authoritarianism?  The occupant of the White House is possibly senile and certainly incompetent.  He cluelessly wades from one crisis to another.  It began with the illegal immigration crisis on the Southern border where there was a mass influx of illegal immigrants.  They were then surreptitiously transferred to other states. [...] COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to infringe upon civil liberties, restrict movement, mandate masks, and mandate vaccines.  Employees in government and beyond being compelled to be vaccinated to retain employment.  School children are compelled to wear masks.  Landlords were prevented from the eviction of tenants during the pandemic. [...] There are civilians in jail for the Jan. 6 demonstrations on Capitol Hill with reports that they are in Gitmo-like conditions. [...] To summarize, the governing class now believes that they are the ruling class who own the power.  They look at the public as subjects who need to be permanently controlled.  They see freedom as a luxury they grant to obedient citizens rather than the right of every citizen.  They look at their opposition among the citizenry with disdain as pests who need to be crushed.

How States And Communities Can Fight Back Against Biden's Covid Tyranny.  A war is coming.  I have heard it argued that this war must be avoided; that it is "exactly what the establishment wants." I disagree.  I think globalists like those at the World Economic Forum certainly want enough chaos to provide cover for the implementation of their global "Reset" agenda, but they don't want a full blown rebellion.  They only want events in which the outcome is controllable or predictable — They do not want a massive organized resistance that might surprise them.  Ultimately it doesn't matter because the war is already at our doorstep.  A person has two choices:  Fight or be enslaved.  There is no third option.  There is no walking away.  There is no hiding from it and there is no passive solution to it.  Joe Biden's recent declaration of a federal level nationwide vaccine mandate has all but ensured that conflict is inevitable.  Why?  Because it is the first major step towards a two-tier society in which the unvaxxed are cut out of the economy.  The next step?  Forced vaccinations under threat of fines and imprisonment, the threat of confiscation of one's children, or vaccination at the barrel of a gun.

They Want You to Hate Each Other.  Everything Joe Biden and his team are doing right now depends on the American people despising one another. [...] The Left is banking on our mutual loathing because it's all they've got.  They have no achievements, no plan, not even a basic understanding of the challenges that face the country and the world.  They are a mob of bloated mediocrities whose every governing theory has been proven fatally wrong again and again for decades.  All they can do is distract from failure with oppression, hoping as they do that oppression will find grateful welcome among those whom they are not currently characterizing as subhuman undesirables.  And so they need us to hate each other.  This was the gamble Biden made with his venomous speech last Thursday, when he announced his intention to conscript business owners and make them bully hesitant workers into being vaccinated against COVID-19. This obscene decree was accompanied by a harangue against "the unvaccinated."

Open Letter to the Tyrant.  Some of the people may have voted for Joe Biden.  No one voted for mandatory vaccines.  No representative of the people so voted.  It was never put up for a vote.  It was ordered.  That is not America, anymore.  Americans are thus relieved of any obligation to obey.  The time has come to resist.  Not with violence.  With something more powerful.  Refusal.  We will not submit to this.  It is not negotiable.  You have neither the authority nor the right to order people to submit to any medical procedure, to take any drug.  To force people to submit their children for medical procedures and to take drugs of dubious palliative value that are known to cause harm.  We are not livestock, to be ear-tagged and injected at your pleasure.  And America is not a hospital.  The tyrant who now occupies the White House believes he can force his will upon you by threatening to remove your livelihood, using threats of financial ruin applied to employers by his regulatory apparat.

Florida restaurant owner posts sign telling Biden supporters to 'take business elsewhere'.  A Florida restaurant owner raised eyebrows after posting a sign outside the front door telling Biden supporters to dine elsewhere, citing his recent handling of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan.  "If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere," a sign posted outside the Debary Diner in Debary, Florida said, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Madison Cawthorn warns of 'bloodshed' if future 'rigged' elections occur.  Rep. Madison Cawthorn on Sunday warned there will be "bloodshed" if the "rigged" electoral system suffers from fraud in the future, despite officials' assurances that U.S. elections are secure.  The freshman Republican lawmaker from North Carolina , who attended former President Donald Trump 's "Stop the Steal" rally on Jan. 6 before rioters breached the U.S. Capitol in an effort to prevent Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's 2020 victory, suggested armed conflict could result if elections, which experts insist are not susceptible to fraud, continue to be "stolen."  "The things that we are wanting to fight for, it doesn't matter if our votes don't count," Cawthorn told attendees of an event at the Macon County GOP headquarters in Franklin on Sunday evening.  "Because, you know, if our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it's going to lead to one place — and it's bloodshed."

The Army of the Emboldened and the Gleefully Ignorant Is Growing.  [Scroll down]  Which proves definitively that this country is close to being irreparably bifurcated.  If we can't even agree that Biden's bungling of Trump's agreement to withdraw from Afghanistan (which, if I might remind you, the left has been demanding since we went in 20 years ago) then we can't agree on anything.  If you think it's clear as day to everyone that this Moron-in-Chief is a disaster than you are no longer listening to your liberal comrades who explain it away as being "Trump's fault."

Australians In Sidney Take To The Streets After Another Lockdown Declared, Battle With Police.  Anti-lockdown protesters clashed violently with police as thousands of unmasked people marched through the streets of Melbourne on Saturday [8/21/2021].  Victoria police said they had made 218 arrests and that six officers were hospitalised during a series of altercations.  Police said in a statement the majority of the estimated 4,000 demonstrators "came with violence in mind".  "The behavior seen by police was so hostile and aggressive that they were left with no choice but to use all tactics available to them," the statement said.  Footage posted on social media showed protesters cheering, throwing objects at police officers and letting off flares as well as police pepper-spraying protesters.  [Video clip]

Autonomy for Red America, Part 1.  For decades, Americans would tell pollsters that they believed the country was headed in the wrong direction.  The results were merely understood to be a reliable gauge of a president's popularity, and they could change dramatically with an improving economy.  Today, though, for the first time in more than a century, there is a growing, grim recognition on the part of many that any change in direction would be futile — that some kind of calamity awaits the United States:  separation, civil war, national divorce, or any manner of dramatic systemic collapse.  We're in this place because we no longer agree on what the American regime is, was, or should be.  Gradually, as resentment and radicalization increase, the trend toward physical separation from one another will intensify.  People will migrate to states where they are surrounded by likeminded citizens.  Unfortunately, this can only go so far.  The interconnectedness of our modern world — cultural, technological, political, and economic — ensures that geographic distance will not be enough; many of the mechanisms that facilitate American life in 2021, like banks, large corporations and Big Tech, seem committed to waging war on Red America.

America R.I.P..  Today it is a lie to call America "the United States."  The country is the Disunited States.  The blue states are one people.  The red states another.  The blue states politically assassinated the President elected by the red states.  The blue states are now trying to imprison the former president and 535 of his supporters who rallied for him on January&n bsp;6.  Trump supporters are called "insurrectionists" and "domestic extremists."  The Biden idiot in the Oval Office calls this "Unifying the country." [...] But the country is not unified.  66% of Republicans in the US South and about half of West Coast Democrats want to secede from the Disunited States.

Wake Up, RINOs!  [Scroll down]  Since President Asterisk's inauguration (we know he was inaugurated; we don't know if he was elected), the attacks have escalated.  The Democrats, and their leftist allies, are determined to never allow another conservative to dethrone them.  Observation of their tactics reveals that there is no limit beyond which they will not go to retain power.  They are seeking to:
  •   Silence political opposition
  •   Pack the Supreme Court
  •   Weaponize government against its citizens
  •   Nationalize elections and institutionalize election fraud
  •   Indoctrinate our children
  •   Manage the population with propaganda
  •   Suppress our freedom of speech
  •   Restrict our freedom of assembly (religious and political)
  •   Eliminate our right to self-defense
  •   Ally their party with rioters and looters
In short, they're willing to destroy the American dream to retain power.  That will require tyranny — which they are quite comfortable with as long as they're the tyrants.  If you doubt that statement, recall that Joe Biden's inaugural address was the first in U.S. history delivered solely to an armed military contingent.  If given their way, leftists will turn America into Cuba of the North — with their ally the Democrat party.

Rep. Issa: There Could Be A New America By Popular Revolt.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said he believes Democrats don't actually want the pandemic to end.  In an interview on Friday, the California Republican said Democrats have implied the pandemic isn't close to being over through their actions.  Issa suggested Democrats are trying to extend the eviction moratorium using the pandemic as continued cover.  He said without relief from the vaccine, there would never be relief from the pandemic.  Issa predicted this lack of relief would lead to a popular revolt among the American people.  His interview came on the heels of Joe Biden discussing the future of lockdowns, where he said they are still possible in the U.S. despite high vaccination rates.

You Can't Be Friends with Conservatives?  A recent poll by the Survey Center on American Life at the American Enterprise Institute found that Democrats are twice as likely as Republicans to report ending a friendship over a political disagreement (20% versus 10%).  Liberals are also "far more likely than conservatives are to say they are no longer friends with someone due to political differences" (28% versus 10%).  However, "no group is more likely to end a friendship over political differences than liberal women — 33% responded they stopped a friendship over politics."  This was underlined by CBS News digital reporter Kathryn Watson, who tweeted out a chart of some of these numbers, adding, "This is so wild to me.  I can't imagine not having friends across the political spectrum." captured a flock of "tolerant" leftists expressing hot outrage at this notion.

Two Americas, Two Different Belief Systems.  With proper credit given to Mr. Charles Dickens, for many Americans living today in America, "these are the worst of times."  A time period that many of us have never lived in.  A time period that many of us had never thought would happen in America.  A time period where we shudder to think what our children and children's children might live under.  Certainly, the worst of times that we have known.  What is becoming increasingly clear is that America is disintegrating into two warring factions. [...] Americans need to start asking themselves, "Is this what we really want?"  Is the country being so deeply divided and fractured what we really desire?  Or is it basically okay because we just don't have that much in common anymore?  Some have stated that maybe it is time for a peaceful, nonviolent dissolution from each other.  But is this what we really want?

Secessionist, Border Realignment Movements Gaining Traction in US.  The American Civil War is often thought of as being the deciding historical factor putting to rest any future ambition of individual or groups of states wanting to secede from the union.  Well over a century later, the idea of secession appears far from settled in the minds of millions of Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike.  In fact, secession mindedness has been gaining ground following the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, which showed the nation to be more politically divided than ever.  A newly released poll found that two-thirds (66 percent) of Republicans living in southern states, including Texas and Florida, would approve of seceding from the United States to join a union of southern states.  That number is up from 50 percent from a similar poll conducted earlier this year.  Among southern Democrats, 20 percent are in favor of breaking away and forming a new country, according to the latest poll by YouGov and Bright Line Watch of 2,750 Americans.

Progressivism's Collapse and Why it Matters.  [Scroll down]  Today, we're not up against progressives gone bad, but against a new generation of elites who've been inculcated with hard left worldviews.  These elites were nurtured to be this way, in many cases, coming from milieus — families, communities, schools — that increasingly embrace Marxist doctrine, whatever mask it wears.  This transition bodes ill for the nation, at least in the 2020s, which are shaping up to be one of the most tumultuous and momentous decades in the country's history.  This hard left cohort is now waging an intensifying cold civil war against the American Experience — against the very values and principles that justified our revolution and then the founding.  Whether this cold civil war turns hot is a matter of ongoing conjecture.

What a Second American Civil War Could Look Like.  I fear that there is a looming civil war on the horizon.  It is not yet inevitable, but all true American patriots must be prepared for the coming battle.  And the costs in blood will be heavy.  This war will not be fought like the American Revolution or the Civil War of 1861-65, where disciplined armies observed the laws of war and respected civilian lives.  This war will be waged by far-left radicals and their deep-state puppet masters.  For them, civilian casualties and massacres will not be moral evils, but merely part and parcel of their larger plan to "reconstruct" America.  Their objective is simple:  overthrow our constitutional order, destroy our way of life, and deprive us of our freedom, our liberties, our property, and our honor. [...] And until recently I would never have believed a second civil war in America to be possible.  But the warning signs are all there, and they began appearing most visibly when Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president.  He is the first American politician that strikes fear into the hearts of both the deep state and the radical left.  And that fear makes them extremely dangerous.

Regime Spokesperson Very Defensive About Americans Knowing the White House is Reviewing Their Social Media.  The economy is a hot mess; inflation is crushing the working class; people can see food prices increasing to a disturbing level; gasoline is expensive; vaccinations are being forced upon people; our borders are intentionally unprotected; the election fraud is beginning to surface; the institutions of government are openly corrupt; the media cannot provide adequate enough cover; censorship is back-firing; people are now looking at freedom from a very personal perspective; and into this mix, the installed regime is losing control and lashing out.  Yeah, something is about to happen.

Two in three Republicans in the South support seceding from the US.  A whopping two-thirds of Republicans in the South favor seceding from the United States while nearly half of Democrats in the Pacific region and almost 40 percent in the Northeast say the same, according to a new survey.  Support for secession is also considerable among independents in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, where 43 percent say they would favor breaking away and forming their own country.  Half of independents in the South also favor secession while 43 percent of Republicans in the Rocky Mountain states share the same view.

There Is An Existential Crisis In Conservatism.  We love this country, but are growingly concerned with its top-down control.  We love freedom, but that same freedom is abused by immoral and evil people, with an end result of far less freedom than before.  The confluence of philosophy and reality weaves a complex — sometimes hopeful, sometimes bleak — future.  Lately, I have found myself holding mutually exclusive thoughts regarding the current status and prospective future of America.  The problem for many conservatives, as I see it, is that we are resolute in our defense of many American principles but simultaneously recognize a growing problem with entrenched and seditious Deep State machinations.  America as an idea is not America as practiced.  In the end, too, only one side can win.

Open Border Activists Demand White House Confront The "Insurrection of Rebellious States".  This was so predictable CTH wrote about it [elsewhere].  Several states responded to the call from Texas Governor Greg Abbott asking for allied states to send law enforcement and national guard to secure the southern border after the Biden administration actively, intentionally and purposefully works to keep it open.  With the potential for cooperation from states, what I call "extreme federalism", to secure the border regardless of the Federal inaction, an assembly of various activist groups are petitioning the White House to confront the states with direct military action.  The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a far-left communist advance group, is asking Joe Biden to fight the state effort with all measures possible, including armed confrontation.

The Editor says...
I am in favor of "direct military action" and "armed confrontation" at the border, if that's what it takes to stop illegal immigration.  The socialist Democrats want to defend illegal immigration by using military force against US!

Radical leftists call for armed confrontation for any state that enforces borders.  As states pursue rule of law at the border amid a record surge of illegal migrants and Biden administration inaction, open border activists are getting busy. [...] [T]hey don't want protection of the U.S. border from migrant surges, they want the feds to turn their guns on states that seek to do the job the feds won't do.  Which is pretty twisted logic.  It's almost as if the cartels have donned activist skin suits and advocated their invader agenda.  LULAC's Wikipedia page notes that the group, like the Cesar Chavez United Farmworkers, originally opposed illegal immigration.  Now they've switched, and seem to be doing the cartels' bidding.  Something funny happened to them.  What's more, the rage of these open-border activists — who are very well funded, by the way — likely comes with political muscle, an 'or else' to Joe, if he doesn't comply with their demands.

Are We Witnessing The Death Of America's Democratic Republic?  Public safety is perhaps the pre-eminent responsibility of government.  If a government cannot protect its citizens against criminal members of its society, or even against the unlawful behavior of government itself, that nation no longer deserves to call itself a functioning democracy.  Has the United States reached that point?  The Constitution, which is the primary document of the United States government, begins, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare...."  These provisions are the basic tenets of the need to maintain civil order and public safety in a nation in harmony with itself.  It means providing law and order, protection, and safety for each lawful individual citizen.

Squad member says Fourth of July is about freedom 'for white people'.  Democratic Rep. Cori Bush disputed the Fourth of July's message of independence on Sunday, saying the holiday only represents freedom "for white people."  "When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this:  the freedom they're referring to is for white people," Bush, a member of the left-wing "Squad," wrote on Twitter amid celebrations of the 245th Independence Day.  "This land is stolen land and Black people still aren't free."  "We know what our own freedom looks like," Bush wrote hours later in a follow-up tweet.  "End the slavery permitted under the 13th amendment.  End the War on Drugs.  End police violence.  End health care, housing, and education apartheid.  WE are the experts on our own liberation.  And we won't stop until it's won."

The Editor says...
The blacks want a separate Independence Day, a separate national anthem, trillions of dollars in reparations for slavery, no consequences for black crime, anti-white racism in public schools, anti-white discrimination, and centuries of "affirmative action" programs.  They stoke race-based resentment wherever possible, trying to permanently divide the country.

Is It a Conspiracy Theory to Say All This Racial Discord Is Intentional?  What do CRT, the 1619 Project, BLM, and white supremacists have in common?  All promote the depraved idea that some Americans are sufficiently different from others not to have a common interest in a unified country, a melting pot of immigrants of all races and ethnicities connected with the binding force of nationalism.  The left denounces nationalism repeatedly even though it is the sole force that holds an entity like the United States together.

To Rescue a Nation.  Serious changes, regardless of their sources, lead some to want a resetting the country on what they regard as its proper basis — or outright resuscitation.  Machiavelli wrote that doing that amounts to re-founding a nation, and that this is considerably more difficult than founding one in the first place.  What does it take to re-found a nation?  The question is lively for twenty-first century Americans because the changes that have taken place in the bipartisan ruling class that controls nearly all our institutions have explicitly denied and denigrated what had made America itself.  Today's ruling class leads and even forces Americans to act, speak, and think as if all that they had thought good were bad, and vice versa.  Almost as if a vengeful power had conquered the country.  At least half the country yearns for some kind of rescue.

Can Radical Federalism Save America?  Eminent conservative thinker Angelo Codevilla had an article titled "To Rescue a Nation" last week at the American Mind that's very much worth reading.  To save the republic means ending the escalating tensions and conflicts precipitated by growing divisions. [...] To reduce conflict, to gain the tranquility and harmony necessary for the nation to adhere, prosper, and provide for a common defense, there has to be a multiplicity of jurisdictions that grant like peoples the autonomy to govern themselves in better alignment with their values and principles.  We're tempted to say that Codevilla's vision aligns the nation more closely with its inception, with the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union — at least in that spirit.  A looser federation of states and enhanced localities with Washington more focused on core functions — national defense being preeminent — would boost chances of the United States continuing as one nation.

The Three-Way Squeeze.  Here is why the "Joe Biden" regime only has a few months to live:  it is caught in a squeeze between some of the greatest lies in world history, and they're all unraveling now. [...] Big Lie No. 2 is that "Joe Biden" won the Nov 3, 2020 presidential election.  That colossal scam, which the Democratic party advertised well in advance, and accomplished via blatant mail-in ballot fraud and computer voting machine tweaking, was never properly adjudicated — despite media claims that court cases were dismissed on the basis of evidence, which was not so.  The Arizona vote audit underway is the first of probably many efforts among the so-called swing states to interrogate that operation.  The "Joe Biden" government tried and failed to shut down the AZ audit early in the game.  Then, late last Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland upped the ante, saying that he was about to send a gang of federal attorneys down AZ-way to scotch [it].  Recall that, constitutionally, elections are conducted entirely under the prerogatives of each state, not the national government.  The AZ audit was ordered by the Arizona State Senate.  State Senator (and former fighter pilot) Wendy Rogers, replied to AG Garland, "You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.  Maybe you should focus on stopping terrorism."  The next move is Mr. Garland's.  Will he send in federal marshals to seize the ballots and Dominion machines?  Or will "Joe Biden" tell AZ Governor Doug Doucy to sic the national guard on his own state senate?  If you want to start a real civil war, that would be a good way to kick it off.

Rep. Chip Roy wonders what Texas gains from being in 'a union that won't secure it's own border'.  Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy raised concerns over why his state should remain in the union if it will not receive support to secure the southern border during a recent interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation.  "Every state in the union should send resources to the state of Texas to help us secure the border," he told the DCNF, "because [...] Texas is going to secure this border if the United States of America is failing to uphold its end of the bargain of our having a union."  "I've got people in Texas that are starting to rattle about 'what are we getting out of this equation?  What are we getting out of being part of a union that won't secure its own border?'" Roy told the DCNF.  "You know what — it's our border, too."  Roy emphasized how Texas "has a duty as a state, as a sovereign people, to defend ourselves."  "This is pure John Locke kind of stuff," he told the DCNF.  "The first duty of government — to secure the people" and to "take care of our communities."

Ask yourself:  Why is this necessary?
Florida County Citizens Demand Bill of Rights Sanctuary Ordinance: 'Have the Courage to Do What Is Right'.  In a contentious three to two vote, the Collier County Board of County Commissioners (CCBOCC) agreed on June 22 to postpone the vote on a proposed ordinance that would establish Collier County as a Bill of Rights sanctuary.  However, even after the county sheriff, one state representative, a United States congressman, and a parade of determined citizens demanded that the CCBOCC "have the courage to do what is right," two board members seemed more concerned about personal liability than supporting the will of their constituents.  Of the 67 counties in the state of Florida, 42 have already adopted Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions.  However, Collier County may be the first to pass an ordinance protecting all freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights.  The difference between a resolution and an ordinance is what caused concern among three board members.  Where a resolution deals with matters of a unique or temporary nature and expresses an opinion of a policy or item of business, an ordinance establishes law that bears legal penalties and remains in force until the ordinance is repealed by another ordinance.

Are You Living by Lies?  [Rod] Dreher was inspired to write his book by heroic dissidents who refused to bend the knee to communist tyrants and saw a similar tyranny becoming ensconced in the United States.  These moral giants are astonished that the primary beacon of freedom during their years of oppression has become a society where speech and actions disapproved by secular elites are regularly squelched and punished.  Religious freedom, for example, is being reduced to the freedom to gather in congregations where (at least for now) marriage is affirmed by a priest, rabbi, or minister, a freedom that doesn't extend beyond meeting walls to how a baker runs his business. [...] Under this soft totalitarianism, Americans are now compelled "to engage in doublethink every day.  Men have periods.  The woman standing in front of you is to be called 'he.'  Diversity and inclusion means excluding those who object to ideological uniformity.  Equity means treating persons unequally, regardless of their skills and achievements, to achieve an ideologically correct result."  I might add to that short summary the lie that America is a racist country, that law enforcement and our judicial system are institutionally racist, and that America was founded in 1619 upon the bedrock principle of white racism.

Critical Race Theory and Other Leftist Values Purposefully Cause Destruction.  Television news programming has severe time limitations, so this segment just barely scratches the surface of what's bubbling beneath the modern race-baiting culture.  But Will Cain is onto something important here that is worth examining further, especially as it pertains to what logically follows the left's daily identity politics and racism blitz.  Eventually, people are going to tire of being labeled a racist and will fight back.  At that point, the left, after years of hollow finger-pointing and baseless accusations, will finally, gleefully, claim that they've been correct all along.  And that's the point of all this racial posturing — critical theories, white guilt, revisionist history — it's all meant to either encourage shame or drive well-meaning Americans to the point of rage.

Gun Sanctuary Movement Erupts: 61 Percent of US Counties Now 'Second Amendment Sanctuaries'.  An analysis has revealed that more than three-fifths of all U.S. counties are so-called "Second Amendment sanctuaries" after a number of states this year passed legislation declaring them as such.  The website, Sanctuary Counties, found on June 20 that there are now 1,930 counties that are "protected by Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation at either the state or county level," representing 61 percent of all counties.  It noted that a number of states have passed "Constitutional Carry" laws, while specifically, approximately 1,137 counties "have taken it upon themselves to pass Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation and likely hundreds of cities, townships, boroughs, etc have done so at their level as well."

Five Shots of Optimism for Freedom-Lovers.  [#1] More and more counties across the country are passing resolutions as first steps to secede from home state governments that have become too oppressive.  A proposed bill by a state senator from Roswell is pushing for several New Mexico counties to become part of Texas.  Seven counties in Oregon have voted to secede and become part of Idaho.  Citizens of Weld County, Colorado are thinking of joining Wyoming, and counties in western Minnesota have proposed leaving for South Dakota.  What was once merely a dream of northern Californians to break away from Democrats by forming the new state of Jefferson has turned into a national movement.  And after years of actively trying to secede from dark blue cities, even neighborhoods are redoubling their efforts.  In the face of skyrocketing murders, rising violent crimes, and a fading police presence, the Buckhead community of northwest Atlanta is doing everything it can to escape the dangerous policies of Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms by declaring its independence and hiring its own law enforcement.  The only way for communities and counties to survive in the face of crime waves and political tyranny unleashed by Democrats is to divorce from those who cause them harm and fight for freedom on their own terms.

American Division Is Now a Strategic Weakness:  Part 2.  America is on a path of political denormalization, and it is not alarmist to recognize the maintenance of our federal union as-is faces no guarantee.  The agitation and unrest we face are the output of our division, not the cause.  No solution will be found in traditional pleas for comity or brotherhood.  We won't arrive at a better place by the elite-fool's errand of shaping speech by social media censorship, nor by Beltway-borne messages reassuring us we're really not so far apart.  We need to stare down the fundamentals of our divide — a core disagreement about the nature of the American regime for which there are a few remaining big conciliatory mechanisms such as constitutional amendment or convention.  Exercise these mechanisms as necessary and hope that we can remain united and with our founding principles intact.

American Division Is Now a Strategic Weakness:  Three Perilous Trends.  Three perilous trends accelerate in the United States as we speak.  They weaken us, and that weakness is now sensed and tested by foreign powers, threatening to plunge the United States into a major foreign conflict in the very years that the consensus for our federal union is at a historically low ebb.  The first perilous trend is that our division is now so prominent it's a thing our enemies can plan to.

Michael Flynn says coup 'should happen' in U.S..  A former U.S. national security adviser said over the weekend that a military coup to overthrow the U.S. government "should happen."  Michael Flynn said at a convention in Dallas that America's armed forces should follow the lead of those of Myanmar, who seized power after a disputed election.  He was asked during a question-and-answer session at a QAnon conference by a man who said he was a Marine "I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here?"

Armed Black Supremacists in Tulsa: 'There Will Come a Time When We Will Kill Everything White in Sight'.  Black activists from the New Black Panther Party and other groups staged an armed march in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday [5/29/2021].  Organizers held a Second Amendment "March for Reparations" and marched through downtown Tulsa.  "The struggle for Reparations must be escalated," a news release from organizers read.  "We must fight on every front to achieve redress and Reparations for the atrocities committed upon Tulsa Massacre descendants; and we must intensify the fight to achieve Reparations for all 40-million Blacks still grossly affected by racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police brutality and the like.  Tulsa will mark a new beginning in the upgraded fight for Reparations for Black people."  Activists shouted, "Black power!  Black power!"  Another supremacist threatened white people and said, "Because that time will come when there's a rat-a-tat-tat... black Americans will kill everything white in sight."  [Video clip]

Rural Oregon counties vote to explore seceding to Idaho.  A handful of Oregon counties voted to approve measures that would initiate the process of seceding to Idaho.  Voters in five counties (Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur, and Sherman) approved measures Tuesday that would require local officials promote seceding to Idaho.  All of the counties are predominantly conservative despite Oregon's overwhelming liberal population.  The local initiatives were supported by Citizens for Greater Idaho, a group that advocates for the state lines to be redrawn, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Five Rural Counties In Oregon Vote To Leave State And Become Part Of Idaho.  A few months back, several counties in far-left Oregon began an effort to secede from the state and become part of Idaho.  Now they have voted for it.  It's not a done deal yet, but they are off to a strong start.  These are simply people who are tired of being associated with the radical left-wing politics of Portland.

How the Left Plans To Put Boots on the Ground to Subdue Middle America.  [Scroll down]  With GoogTwitFace (Big Tech) having upped its bias and dropped its mask and corporate America joining academia, the media and entertainment on the Dark Side, these entities act as a malevolent monolith silencing dissident voices from Maine to Maui.  But it would be naïve to think the Left, which craves power and wants total control, will be satisfied with its current soft authoritarianism.  This brings us to two developments that could cause the raising of eyebrows if not militias.  Consider:  If you heard about a Third World country in which the leadership was purging the military of political opponents, would you assume it was just an exercise in ideological nepotism?  Or would you suppose the leaders wanted a military of devoted fellow travelers who would, when asked, unflinchingly turn their guns on domestic opponents of the regime who couldn't be cowed by other methods?  Now, should the assumption be different just because the military purge occurs in a developed country?

12 Lessons Learned from Covid-19.  [#12] Politicians stay in power by creating division.  Have you ever witnessed a more divided country since the Civil War?  Government has weaponized much of the population to shame, report, and attack anyone who doesn't follow their dictates.  The division keeps hatred and anger directed at fellow citizens rather than at government, where it belongs.

How 'Woke' May Be Leading Us to Civil War.  The other day I wrote that "Woke" was the new conformism.  It is, of course, but I undersold it.  It is much more than that and more dangerous.  As Tal Bachmann notes at Steynonline, it is now our state religion, a state religion in a country that — constitutionally and for good reason — is not supposed to have one.  But "Wokism" is yet more than that too.  It is a mass psychosis similar to many that have arisen throughout history when the masses followed leaders who, in their zeal or self-interest, took them to disastrous ends.  A good example was when the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola — in a 1497 version of "cancel culture" — swept up everything secular in Florence from some of the most extraordinary paintings and sculpture of all time to the works of Boccaccio and burned them in the so-called "Bonfire of the Vanities."

Socialist Revolution Is Underway in America:  Trevor Loudon.  America is now in the midst of a communist revolution that is trying to centralize power through bringing every element of the U.S. government, from the lowest levels to the top, under the control of the executive branch, said author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon.  "Therefore, the independence of the legislature, the independence of the supreme court, the independence of the sheriffs and the police must all be destroyed, and the loyalty of the army to the Constitution must be transferred to loyalty to the president," Loudon said in an interview with The Epoch Times' Crossroads program.  "And this is guided by socialists.  I believe it's guided by the Communist Party of China," Loudon said.  The revolution uses race "rather than class to overturn the existing structures of society and start something new."

Is Balkanization Inevitable?  Despite its flaws, the United States is the greatest country the world has ever known.  We don't need fences to keep people in America and there are no flotillas of refugees escaping to Cuba.  Its greatness stems from its foundation of freedom and liberty for everyone.  But in recent years we're seeing the convergence of some very dangerous societal trends which threaten America.  Intersectionality is encouraging divisiveness.  The rule of law is transforming into mob rule.  Finally, a growing grievance industry is pitting citizen against citizen.

Subjugation, Dissolution, or Renewed Federalism?  Where does this all end?  You know what I mean, the turmoil and conflicts — the great roiling that is now America.  This can't go on indefinitely.  Nothing under the sun does.  How might the conflict long underway — which has been intensifying over the last half dozen years — between opposing visions of America resolve itself?  Not just politically, but culturally.  The conflict is existential, as they say nowadays.  Will we only acquire peace — albeit uneasily — through the defeat of one or the other side in our divided nation?  Or will peace come through the dissolution of the nation?  Or can divisions close through arrangements that allow for the preservation of the Union, a respect for rights, mutual benefit, and tranquil coexistence?  The last is admittedly the toughest to envision and achieve.

Shaking Our Fists at the Sky Won't Work Anymore.  [Scroll down]  Here's what isn't going to happen.  There isn't going to be mass armed rebellion.  It's not feasible.  For example, I have two brothers, and I would have to shoot the one I like.  There isn't going to be a state-based or geographic secession.  Political secession based on territory is yesterday's war.  Here's what can happen.  The 75 million must accept that the United States of America as a structural and functional constitutional republic is over and gone and not coming back.  The vast artifacts of scientific advancement ended the struggle for material survival (post-scarcity), and the detachment of legal rights from God's love (post-Christianity) made following the Constitution too much of a bother.

Not Dead Yet.  Our nation began with an initial declaration of independence and now every law and executive order from this administration is leading us toward dependence — debtor dependence, energy dependence, and government dependence for the begged permission to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  The list of grievances and offenses are staggering and too numerous to mention and if one does, they are censored or banned by the government's confederate oligarchs of Big Tech.  It's a depressing situation and the truth of the matter is a sobering one.  The diagnostic is that in the predawn darkness of the morning of November 4, 2020, the American Republic flatlined.  The nefarious and somewhat dubiously defined Deep State does not want it revived.  We've got some work to do.

The Democrats' Divide and Conquer Policy is on Steroids.  Evidence of a "cold" American civil war has been playing out in the streets of America for the last year and the reality is it's been percolating for decades.  From the 1999 WTO protests to the hordes calling George Bush a Nazi to Occupy Wall Street, the hyperbole and violence have been ratcheting up for years.  The catalyst that put us on the path to today was Barack Obama's nomination.  Not because of Obama himself, but rather because of the cudgel Democrats crafted from his race.  Anyone who opposed Obama's policies was racist.  Suddenly, conservatives who reiterated policies they'd supported for decades were racists as was anyone who opposed Democrat policies.  But race was only the beginning.  If you opposed gay marriage:  Homophobic.  Opposed women in combat:  Sexist.  Supported the police:  Fascist.  Such was the beginning of the journey that brings us to America circa 2021.

BLM Activists Suggest We Should 'Start Killing' All White People.  A shocking interview from the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis reveals how many Black Americans think about White people in the US.  During the collection of interviews, journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz asked several people who were attending the memorial about their thoughts on burning the city down and using violence against white people.  The responses may be shocking but not surprising to those who have been paying attention.  "Burn the whole city down, what does it matter?" one of the women asked.  "I say burn the city down, y'know?  So they can see that we're here," another woman said.  One of the women went on to say that Derek Chauvin should not have received a trial at all, and should have just been sent right to jail for life.

The Editor says...
Yes, there was one party involved in this mess who should have been sent to jail for life, and it wasn't Derek Chauvin.

Go Ahead, Joe:  Stop Virtue Signaling and Grab the Guns.  And the Knives and the Blue Sedans While You're at It.  Joe, it's time to be the king you were born to be.  You've already signed enough executive orders to make King George III look like a benevolent friend of the American colonists.  Stop virtue signaling and grab the guns.  All of them.  Destroy them.  It's not even unprecedented.  In fact, exactly 246 years ago this very month, King George III ordered British troops to seize and destroy guns and munitions from the American colonists — in April of 1775.  It's apropos that your announcement comes on the anniversary of this tyrannical action.  But King George III had guts.  He didn't virtue signal.  He took decisive action.  But a word of caution — the gun grab of 1775 sparked the American Revolution.  The Continental Congress responded to the gun grab with a "Declaration on the Causes and Necessity of Taking up arms."  Thomas Jefferson and John Dickinson wrote, "what is to defend us against so enormous, so unlimited a power?"  The answer is guns.

The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values.  Conservatives often speak of Judeo-Christian values and how the current civil war in the United States and the rest of the West is essentially a battle between those values and the left, which rejects Judeo-Christian values.  They are right. [...] When Judeo-Christian principles are abandoned, evil eventually ensues.  One doesn't have to be a believer to acknowledge this.  Many secular conservatives recognize that the end of religion in the West leads to moral chaos — which is exactly what we are witnessing today and exactly what we witnessed in Europe last century.  When Christianity died in Europe, we got communism, fascism and Nazism.  What will we get in America if Christianity and Judeo-Christian values die?

The Coming American Breakup, and Why It May Be the Right Thing.  It saddens me to have come to this conclusion, but I don't see any sort of viable path forward at the rate we're going.  Congress is hopelessly deadlocked with both sides convinced they are doing the Lord's work and that anything less than total, utter legislative victory is a sorry defeat.  Likewise, the grassroots on both sides of our country's ideological divide seem incapable of seeing eye-to-eye.  Our new president isn't helping matters.  After four tumultuous years of Donald Trump, Joe Biden promised to be a breath of fresh air, telling us that he would promote "unity" or at the very least dial down the proverbial heat.  We're nearly two months into his administration, and so far he's shown little inclination to do either, preferring instead to pander to the progressive base and sign whatever Congressional Democrats shove across his desk.  And he is blaming Trump for every ill afflicting America.  Please.  It is so immature.  The larger federal government seems to have also lost any sense of the people it's supposed to govern.  The party leaders (Pelosi, Schumer, McCarthy, et al.) have little concept whatsoever what life is like outside of D.C. or the big coastal cities.  Farmers in Iowa or factory workers in Pennsylvania can no longer count on Washington to take their issues seriously, if the issues even get brought up at all.

Our apathy is Why We are in the Situation We are in Now.  We will never be stronger than we are right now at this point in history.  Every day now they are chipping away at our freedoms and taking more control.  The left, this deep state enemy, they are united while our side can't agree on the simplest of things.  It does us no good to fight among ourselves while facing an united enemy.  Our only real disagreements seem to be about strategy.  Most people on our side don't think it is time to go hot, but they also recognize that the odds of getting out of this peacefully are shrinking by the day.

A Time to Choose.  Americans sit paralyzed, watching the fabric of a representative republic unravel before their eyes, ignoring this chain reaction while happily checking the bank account to see the latest stimulus check's arrival is but one example of national paralysis. [...] Examining the idea of traditional American values shows that they are under attack.  These values are besieged by a hostile legacy media that mocks them.  They are undermined by legislative agendas that seek to outlaw their practice.  They are belittled by popular shows in a popular culture looking to boost ratings from quick jabs at the leaders elected by traditional-minded Americans.  Just last week, a New York judge removed a child from her mother's custody because the mother — a physician — was not masked while dropping her child off at school.  The most American of traditional values — rugged individualism — wobbles on the ropes from the pummeling onslaught it receives under a carefully coordinated attack by progressives — who, of course, know best how others should behave in all circumstances.

Who is Shaking the Jar?  "If you catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants, and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen.  However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other.  The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real enemy is the person who shook the jar.  This is exactly what's happening in society today.  Liberal vs. Conservative.  Black vs. White.  Pro Mask vs. Anti-Mask.  Vax vs. Anti-vax.  Rich vs. poor.  Man vs. woman.  Cop vs. citizen.  The real question we need to be asking ourselves is who's shaking the jar... and why?" — Shera Starr.  A few weeks ago, I saw the above quote in Jeff Thomas' article Learning from Ants, and it has been reverberating in my mind ever since.  It is a perfect analogy for what has been happening in this country for years, with the jar lately being shaken at a rate faster than a Biden vote count increase at 3:00 am in a swing state.  Everyone in this country, and the world, is at each other's throats.  Who is shaking the jar?  Why are they shaking the jar?  Why do they want us fighting each other?

What are the conditions that cause a rebellion?  Oppressed societies do not automatically rebel.  Perhaps contrary to intuition, oppressed populations have a tendency to keep their heads down.  Despite their misery, they continue their increasingly dismal lives, until something shocks them into action. [...] Rebellions occur when three internal conditions are met, along with at least one external factor, for a total of four elements.  I will list them here, not necessarily in order of importance.  There must be a leader, a population of followers, and a defining moment.  These are the three internal factors.  There must also be an external factor.  In the American Revolution, that was the king of France, whose navy tipped the scales at Yorktown, where the British finally surrendered. [...] In the United States of 2021, we have met the first two conditions but not the third.

Secession won't happen without a fight.  Fond as I am of at least some of those calling for it, secession is a non-starter.  Big fat caveat:  I've already declared myself all in for the nullification idea, and I still feel that way.  But that doesn't mean I have high hopes that it will work.  Ultimately, the roadblock obstructing secession is simple:  FederalGovCo absitively, posolutely WILL NOT let it happen without a fight.  Ask somebody from the Confederate States of Americans how it worked out last time around.  I see no reason to think that FederalGovCo's position towards secession has mellowed; the roadblock still stands, as impassable as it ever was.  With nullification the same roadblock looms, but it is at least conceivable that a way could be found for the several states to pull it off without sparking a violent response.  It's a remote possibility to be sure, but a possibility nonetheless.  I don't have a whole lot of faith in it, but it does exist.  Secession, though?  Not a chance.

Orisha Land — A New Nation In The State Of Texas.  Back in 2020 when Grandmaster Jay of the Not F----- Around Coalition (NFAC) was talking about a separate Black nation in North America and saying "We'll take Texas," most people were skeptical.  A group of guys who spend most of their time accidentally discharging their weapons and shooting each other did not seem particularly serious.  NFAC's missteps, however, masked the deadly serious consequences of an ideology that increasingly seeks to Balkanize us and break our nation into pieces, which collectively will be much less than the whole. [...] Orisha Land is apparently named in honor of African deities originally worshipped in West Africa and also figuring prominently in religious practices in Brazil and the Caribbean.  Orisha Land is under the control of a group calling itself "400 + 1."  The group's website makes clear it is dedicated to the creation of a separate Black nation.  It also lays out the predictable Marxist positions one would anticipate from such an organization at this point in history.  "400 + 1" opposes capitalism, "imperialism" and Israel.  It wants to abolish prisons, abolish the police and open the borders.  Whether the last means opening the borders to Orisha Land or the United States remains unclear.

A New Zealander's 9 'Starter Steps' to Save America From Socialism.  [#5] Organize a Compact of Free States:  MAGA folk need to build a "nation within a nation."  This doesn't mean secession — Russia and China would be quick to exploit such division.  What's needed is a re-affirmation of 10th Amendment rights as already outlined in the U.S. Constitution.  The already out-of-control federal government is about to go on a rampage against every form of independence left in the country.  Every red state with the courage to do so must immediately begin working toward a formal compact to collectively oppose all forms of federal overreach.  Such a formal alliance should start with Florida and Texas, then grow by inviting Oklahoma, the Plains states, most of the Southern states, New Hampshire, the free Midwestern states, and the Republican-led Northern and Western states.  Such an alliance, stretching from the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Great Lakes and the Canadian border and even Alaska, would bisect the entire country.

Another black swan in America's future?  In chronological order, the black swans we've experienced in just the past five years are:
  [#1]   the surprise election of Donald J. Trump in 2016,
  [#2]   the Chinese-induced pandemic and the anti-science response of most government officials to it,
  [#3]   the acquiescence to and even open encouragement of the Antifa and BLM riots in the summer of 2020 by large segments of the Democrat party, and
  [#4]   the boldness and success of the election coup of 2020.
Each of these in its own way permanently changed the country.  Of these four, only the first one — the election of Donald Trump — had a positive effect.  The other three left America seriously damaged. [...] Financially, America is in a Bizarro World in which deficits and debt don't matter, real interest rates are negative, yet the stock market climbs to record heights.  A financial day of reckoning is due.  It can happen at any time.  It could take the form of the dollar losing its position as the world's reserve currency, it could be a massive stock market crash, or it could be runaway inflation or a depression.  Any one of these would be a major black swan event catching a large majority of people by surprise.  Given the polarized state of the country and the lack of trust in government and other institutions, anything can happen then.  Anything.

Oklahoma House votes to enable legislature to block Biden's executive orders.  James Madison once asserted that "in a republican government, the legislative authority necessarily predominates."  Well, today, only executive power predominates, because federal and state executive agencies seem to be the only ones doing the legislating.  As Joe Biden continues to pass sweeping "laws" unilaterally with no authority from Congress, the red states are the only even potential check on his abuse of power.  It appears that the state of Oklahoma has now taken up the mantle as the second state to move to block these executive orders.  On Thursday [2/25/2021], the Oklahoma House overwhelmingly passed a bill, HB 1236, that would grant the state's attorney general and state legislature the authority to review the president's executive orders to determine constitutionality.  Specifically, the bill would authorize the legislature to recommend that the attorney general review any executive order, federal agency rule, or federal congressional action to determine whether the state should seek an exemption or declare it unconstitutional.  If either the attorney general or the legislature, by concurrent resolution, declares the act unconstitutional, then all state and local officials and any publicly funded organization are prohibited from enforcing it.

Poll Shows Republicans Care About Issues, Democrats Just Hate Republicans.  [Scroll down]  Listen, it's over.  The idea that we can reason with or shame the left into being decent or into not hating us is over.  Numbers like this perfectly explain why Republicans are being blacklisted and canceled, why we are being disappeared from the dominant culture, which is this hostile towards us, this afraid of us, hate us this much, and see us as this big of a threat.  We have to disengage from the dominant culture because no amount of pleading will make a difference.  We have to build our own Internet, our own corporations, continue to build our own media, home school, cancel cable TV.  The full-blown assault on our liberties and freedoms at the hands of Democrat-run government and hostile mega-corporations is only going to get worse.  Moreover, the threat against our personal safety at the hands of left-wing terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter is only going to increase.

A short primer on the importance of our Second Amendment rights.  Without the Second Amendment, there is no Bill of Rights.  As we're learning, the Bill of Rights is a leash on the government and has meaning only if the government accepts that leash.  If it throws off the leash and flexes its police power, the only recourse is to yield or fight — and you can't fight without weapons.  Incidentally, let me be clear:  We have not reached the physical fighting point.  Thankfully, we are still a civil society with multiple civil, legal, and non-violent means for asserting our rights.  Resisting now through these lawful mechanisms will ensure continued peace in America.  Still, an armed society is a society respected by its own government.

Nobody knows what's coming, but we can all feel it in our bones.  None of us know what's coming, but I think we can all agree that the "signs of the times" point to serious disruption in our way of life.  The "blue states" are showing signs of reverting to socialist dictatorships.  The "red states" are rebelling against attempts to force them into that same mold, and resisting as best they can.  Within each state, "blue" or "red" enclaves are resisting the other side, and trying to build their own little fiefdoms, insulated from views and policies with which they don't agree.  There's no longer a sense of a shared national identity.  We've become a nation at war with ourselves.  Nobody knows what's coming ... but something's got to give, sooner or later.  I have a feeling that we may have less than a year before things get out of control, at least somewhere in these formerly United States.

Congressional Whack-a-Mole.  At least half the country is bewildered by the incapacity of the Democrat party to get beyond Donald Trump.  We fondly remember bygone times when general elections were simply won or lost on Election Day, where the victors trotted off to church to give thanks and light a few candles, and a fair and balanced debate across the aisle settled on the best policies for the nation.  Instead, we are treated to a second wasteful impeachment engineered to politically neuter an already cashiered president, a national capital dressed up as an armed camp, and a class system drawn along ideological lines putting the bourgeoisie and aristocracy at each other's throats.

All Peaceful Means.  [Scroll down]  Reliance on the vote as the primary means of rectifying rogue elements is a natural circuit breaker and when that election is not free and fair, it cannot produce a legal and lawfully elected government, tripping the final circuit breaker of a civil society.  The only thing left is might.  Thus, having tripped all federal circuit breakers in a reasonably short time frame, the citizen can only look inward, to their local jurisdictions to recognize the rights held by all and given to all by God.  I have proposed the Autonomous County Project, a means of separating the counties themselves from even state governments, but by making allies of other autonomous counties, rebuild the state, excluding only those counties that have failed to secure the God-given rights of Man to their citizens.  Others have called for secession of the whole state from the union, or to pass legislation negating unconstitutional acts arising from the federal government.  That these states seem compelled to do one or the other, suggests that the lawlessness of the federal government is not merely opinion or supposition, but entirely obvious to a large part of the voting population.

Where Is All of the Ammo Purchased by the Obama Administration?  That is a serious question.  Looking at recent images of our nation's capital gives me the feeling that the federal government is afraid of something.  Just maybe, a government that wasn't popular with the people, would need to use a bit of force to stay in power.  That got me thinking about all of the arms and ammunition that was purchased by the last administration run by the democrats.  They weren't just buying it for the military.  All kinds of agencies that you wouldn't think needed bullets were getting them.  This was all happening circa 2014.

A New Conservatism Must Emerge.  America is currently engaged in a regime-level struggle that will preserve or destroy the purpose that has defined it.  On one side stands the American way of life, characterized by republican self-government and the habits of mind and character necessary to sustain it.  On the other side stands identity politics, which demands the perpetual punishment and humiliation of so-called oppressor groups combined with the unquestioned rule of the so-called marginalized.  These two regimes are in conflict and cannot coexist.

Are Democrats Creating Two Americas?  Is it possible to create parallel Americas without instigating a separation?  A divergence among Americans has been underway since the 60s.  It's been a visible, though gradual, parting.  But the parting is accelerating.  Half of America doesn't share many of the same values, and in some sense, principles, with the other half.  Our worldviews differ.  This is noteworthy:  greater disengagement is something patriotic Americans are being driven toward, not so much choosing.  The Jacobins vindictive politics and power lust are doing the driving.

Biden Continues To Proclaim Unity While Sowing Division.  On Friday [2/12/2021], the president and first lady meandered through a Valentine display Jill Biden designed to decorate the front lawn of the White House.  With Champ, Major, and a handful of media lap dogs in tow, the Bidens nodded with approval at the large white, red, and pink heart-shaped cut-outs adorned with trite truisms: "unity," "healing," "love," and "compassion."  But Democrat politicians don't want healing, love, or compassion.  They want power.  If successful and long-lasting, the policies they push, and corporate media and Big Tech's complicity in the leftward lurch of our country, will ensure America is never united again.

What if the leftists want a civil war?  [Scroll down]  Somehow, the assertion of significant or even overwhelming election fraud is being viewed by the government as tantamount to sedition.  The response has been not to seriously audit the ballots, the machines, or the process.  Instead, it has been more of a "he said, she said" situation, with the caveat that one side is actually showing the artifacts on which it bases its opinion.  How can an opinion be seditious?  Rather than alienate half the voters, wouldn't it be more rational to go through each point and attempt to explain it away?  After all, not all data are evidence.  If the data don't support a conclusion, then they're just data.  But any theory of what happened has to account for all the data, and "shut up, liar" isn't an explanation at all.  The FBI and other agencies sit on data and evidence and do nothing.  The DOJ declines to prosecute.  The SCOTUS declines to hear cases.  There are 74 million people who at least have some questions about the election process — too many to reprogram or intimidate.

You have less than a year.  Ladies and gentlemen, you've just witnessed a coup. [...] It certainly wasn't a revolution.  Revolutions are usually more violent or come with force to some extent.  The Democrat Party didn't do that.  They planned, many years in advance, a fraud to gain full control.  It was no accident that mail-in votes and harvested ballots gave Biden, now president for (the remainder of his) life, the presidency.  The vote, in general terms, has been diluted for many years.  You should have seen this coming — but nobody did.  It's not a coincidence that the DNC, wherever possible, wanted no ID checks and more ways to vote.  Not because voter ID is racist, but because more people can vote the 'right' way.  They have fought with success to give everybody they need a vote.  Including dead people.  The trick worked.  Suddenly the bombshell exploded.  Now it is too late.

Discouraged? Remember:  Truth Always Prevails.  In 2008, presidential candidate Obama promised to fundamentally transform America.  Well, "mission accomplished."  Perhaps I give the former president too much credit, as he didn't build that, but his philosophy and policies directed our culture onto a path such that now everything has become political.  It's infected our education, science, businesses, and even health care system.  Like attending a movie in 3-D, everyone uses a political lens in which to view the world.  Sadly, it is to the destruction of us all.  Politics is a zero-sum game of winners and losers — us versus them.  If politics is our governing mindset and prevailing worldview, then we will never have unity.  A divided house falls.

American Police State:  No Questions Allowed.  [Scroll down]  All of these questions are now too dangerous or too inconvenient for the U.S. government to abide.  They are too dangerous or too inconvenient for Google, Facebook, and Twitter to tolerate on their "free speech" platforms. [...] Look how fast questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election became a state offense.  In November, doing so was mocked as mere "conspiracy-mongering."  In December, it had become a "threat to democracy."  By January, it was "insurrectionist."  And by February, Congress is holding a Soviet show trial to punish the president; the FBI is busy arresting his supporters; the military is purging MAGA troops from its ranks; and prominent media personalities openly suggest drone strikes against American citizens.  This is not normal in a free country, and it is important to say so.  Free people neither fear nor punish debate; open and continuous disagreement is, in fact, a hallmark of all free societies.  Anybody who claims that political speech should be punished as criminal incitement is no friend to freedom.  Anybody who pretends that words are violence is only looking to police thought.

South Dakota Legislation Seeks to Block Biden's 'Unconstitutional' Executive Orders.  New legislation has emerged in South Dakota that seeks to nullify any of Joe Biden's executive orders deemed "unconstitutional" by state lawmakers.  State Rep. Aaron Aylward (R-Harrisburg) introduced HB 1194 which aims to give the state's attorney general the authority to review executive orders from Democrat Biden and potentially override them.  According to South Dakota news station KELO-TV, the process to potentially block an executive order, and bypass congressional approval, "begins with a review by the Executive Council of the Legislative Research Board, followed by a referral from the Council to the attorney general and the governor."  "Once the referral has been made, the attorney general may examine the order to determine whether the state can seek an exemption or declare it unconstitutional."

Two cultures occupying one land:  Can the center hold?  From the presidential election of 2016 to the presidential election of 2020, from the huge, mostly peaceful protest on Jan. 6 to facing our second presidential impeachment of the same president, it is all too clear that we are becoming two cultures.  We are becoming two cultures that occupy one land.  The last five years have shown us all that there are two distinct cultures in America.  From extremely partisan elections to election fraud to impeachments to possible Deep State criminality, it is hard to see how these two cultures can become one again.  It is hard to see how this ends well.

Civil War 2.0 Weather Report: A Bridge Too Far?  [Scroll down]  A Bridge Too Far would be an apt description of the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act.  Thankfully, the chances of this travesty being enacted are small.  This act, however, is a dream list of Leftists everywhere:
  •   Universal gun registration.
  •   Psychiatric tests, including input from your ex. We all know how stable those relationships can be.
  •   $800 fee for "insurance"
  •   All magazines of greater than 10 rounds would be illegal.
  •   Huge penalties for noncompliance.
  •   And so, so, much more.
I won't go into more details, because, as I said, this particular bill won't become law.  I think that even the far Left in Congress knows that passing this would be a de facto declaration of war on 80 million-plus American Citizens.  Just because it fails this time, don't think that this isn't exactly what they want.  It may be a bridge too far now, but their general offensive will continue.

First Steps for Surviving What's Coming Our Way.  Well, that didn't take long.  The Harris/Trotsky administration's opening salvo of executive orders stopping the Keystone Pipeline, allowing Chinese access to the US power grid, destroying women's sports, and declaring diabetic Americans as collateral damage is only a precursor to the anti-terrorism and gun control laws targeting some seventy-four million voters.  So, what are you and your family's first steps as this barbed wire curtain swiftly envelops our formerly constitutional Republic?  (We do not have a constitutional Republic while there are still thousands military troops occupying our nation's capital.  We are now enduring a Kabuki government as we are being force-fed a well-crafted MSM fantasy of a lawfully and joyously elected national presidency.)  Progressive Marxist-Leninists regimes all have a few common themes as they consolidate power.  These include the criminalization of free speech, free assembly, elimination of a free press and religious freedoms, and a sustained and brutal attack on the civilian ownership of firearms.  For Americans these are more than a coordinated attack of our 1st and 2nd Amendments rights, this is a deliberate design to eradicate these rights in perpetuity.

Is Another Civil War Likely?  A Historian Says 'No,' but We Should Still Be Concerned.  In the past few years, Civil War figures from Confederates to Abraham Lincoln have been denounced, and in the case of statues and monuments, removed and torn down.  But have we learned anything from the great calamity that beset the nation in the 1860s?  Increasing American polarization, the political unrest that left neighborhoods in ruins in 2020, and the violence that took place at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 have many Americans worried that the country may slip into a second civil war.  Historian and Civil War expert Allen Guelzo, a visiting scholar at The Heritage Foundation, spoke on a virtual Heritage panel discussion, "Another Civil War?  The Struggle Over the Meaning of America," on Tuesday about what a civil war would mean in modern America, and offered his assessment of how likely one is in the next few years.  [Video clip]

The Fight That Lies Between Status Quo and Secession.  With a stolen election, stolen culture, stolen courts and stolen dreams, many Americans are realizing that rule by the Left, absolutely corrupt even without absolute power, is unthinkable.  Talk of secession, something continually entertained in various states throughout history, is again in the air.  The problem is that for the most part, we've been supinely submissive in the face of burgeoning leftist tyranny.  So it would help if there were something between secession and our current slouching toward servitude.  And there is.  Too many conservatives are also waxing defeatist, saying "The republic is dead; our freedoms are gone." And, yes, if we continue operating inside the box and being "conservative" — as in status-quo oriented — we can kiss our (remaining) liberties goodbye.  But the left isn't constrained by any box, except what's physically and politically possible; it doesn't abide by rules, laws, social codes or conventions except when convenient.  So why should we remain in any box except that which is divinely ordained?

A Tsunami of Hate.  All politics is divisive.  That's the healthy basis of our constitutional order: the freedom to disagree.  To suppress disagreement, to outlaw it — as many Democrats and their Big Tech and media allies — are demanding these days, is to end democracy as we know it.  The problem is not that we disagree.  We are not suffering as a nation from healthy disagreement.  We are suffering from a Tsunami of Hate emanating from the Democrat Party that seeks to demonize, criminalize and extinguish dissent from the 75 million supporters of Donald Trump.  It is now official Washington dogma that to question an election result — something the congressional Democrats have done in the face of every Republican presidential victory since 2000 — is now "insurrection" and "domestic terrorism," or the incitement thereto, and needs to be prosecuted and suppressed.

Poll shows most Americans believe other Americans are biggest threat to country.  There is no way America as founded can survive if elite progressives/leftists/statists comprising the vast government-Big Tech-academic-media complex have their way.  Specifically, they wish to marginalize, silence — and possibly eliminate — those with whom they disagree.  Unity is not possible when one large group of people in a society believe another large group of people in that society are a threat to their beloved power and control and therefore must be neutralized at all costs. [...] Put another way, those who detest the country as founded obviously cannot live in peace and harmony with traditional patriots.  And, as we have seen this past year, there are now enough of the former to make this an immediate, existential crisis.

Stop It!  [Scroll down]  Since it is apparent that there is never going to be an armed insurrection in the United States, not by individuals banding together, or groups defending themselves, stop talking about it.  That's not who we are, not anymore. [...] When a government, as a whole, has committed treason against the people by subversion and removes all effective methods of rectifying the situation there is but one recourse.  Secession.  If FREEDOM is to exist ever again on the North American continent, it will have to be in some other form than the United States of America.  All safeguards against tyranny have been conquered.  Start working on secession, if you love FREEDOM.  One method is to start at the county level and establish your rights there.  Then, build out from that one county at a time, if necessary.  The first order of business must be to deny federal troops or agents access to the county in any form for any reason.

Nicolle Wallace Again Floats 'Drone Strikes' as Solution to 'Domestic Terrorism'.  Nicolle Wallace has Republicans and drone strikes on the noggin.  Yesterday [1/28/2021], we caught MSNBC analyst and former FBI agent Clint Watts saying on Wallace's show that if Anwar Awlaki had said what Trump said, the result would be a "drone strike."  Wallace took it an insane step further on her show this evening, saying:  ["]We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni-American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism. ... The way you root out terrorism, is to take on, in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill those who incite it.["]

Are facial recognition programs being used against Trump supporters?  For four years, leftists have been on a maddened rampage of threats, anger, hatred, and actual violence.  Conservatives abided by the law.  However, since taking power in Washington, D.C., the Democrat party has a mission:  It is redefining all 75-80 million Trump supporters as white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  One person's Facebook post suggests that merely attending the Trump rally — and having no connection with the preplanned violence at the Capitol — is enough to get you on a government list. [...] Of that huge number of people, a small fraction went to the Capitol, an even smaller fraction entered the Capitol, and an even smaller fraction engaged in violent behavior.  And it's that last small fraction that gave Democrats the handle they needed to claim that every Trump supporter is a terrorist. [...] The Democrats actually intend to criminalize half the country.  This cannot end well.  The Democrats need to pull back from this behavior.

Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Begin Process For Texas To Secede From The U.S..  Texans are fed up.  They have had enough of the far Left turn that America has taken and they aren't going to follow it down that path.  Now a Representative in Texas has formally filed a bill that would put Texas on track to be the first state to secede from the nation.  The bill filed in the Texas legislature on Tuesday would put the issue of secession and Texan independence before voters of the state.  Rep. Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg, Texas, filed the "Texas Independence Referendum Act," which is seen as the necessary first step towards the Lone Star State leaving the union.

The New Regime.  [Scroll down]  On the second question as to who is in charge, we no longer really know who is running things anymore.  Corporations with whom you have no business dealings now dictate what you can say in public.  Banks can cut people off from the economy without fear of the government.  Politicians do things, but nothing the public wants or expects.  Someone is pulling their strings, but those people in the overclass are a complete mystery to us.  As far as those rules, customs, and taboos that grease the wheels of human relations, those have been systematically dismantled and replaced with weird new rules.  The great and the good say being white is a crime, but the worst crime is noticing that nonwhites commit most of the crime.  Not only has morality been turned on its head, but the underlying logic of human relations has been destroyed.  What the new regime inherits is a tinderbox of its own creation.  Generations of making war on the basic rules that make human organization possible have led us to civil unrest and a divided, embittered people.  They took away that which made it possible for disparate people to coexist.  Now they demand that everyone come together and celebrate the people who made it impossible to live a peaceful life.

Fredericksburg representative files bill moving toward vote on Texas independence.  On Tuesday [1/26/2021], Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) filed House Bill 1359, otherwise known as the Texas Independence Referendum Act.  If passed, it would allow Texans to vote on whether the Texas Legislature should create a joint interim committee to develop a plan for achieving Texas independence.  According to Biedermann, the bill is not a resolution to allow for immediate independence.  Instead, it would give power to the people via referendum to allow the right to discuss, debate and vote on creating a path toward independence.  "This act simply lets Texans vote," said the Texas representative.

The Left Wants Unconditional Surrender, Not Unity.  America is now a country divided into Hatfields and McCoys.  In just his first four days in office, it's clear there isn't going to be any unifying of the country under Biden.  That was a hollow campaign slogan that has swirled down the drain as the White House issued executive orders, such as killing the Keystone XL pipeline, that have infuriated conservatives.  The absurd House snap-impeachment of former President Donald Trump a few days before he was to leave office was absurd enough, but not nearly as divisive as the apparent Senate plans to go ahead with a trial.

The Tech titans ignore incitement to violence against conservatives.  "Doxing" is defined as publishing on the internet private or identifying information about people with malicious intent.  People who are doxed have their lives destroyed.  Some are attacked so viciously they go into hiding.  It's therefore a dangerous incitement to violence that Don Winslow, a Russiagate conspiracy theorist, has released a video urging people to root out every single Trump supporter in America and target them for destruction.  Yet Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have allowed the video to remain, with the Twitter version having over 4 million views and getting retweeted over 28 thousand times.  The video (which I won't link but you can find [elsew]here) shows footage of Trump rallies and explains that all of the attendees are "domestic terrorists."  These domestic terrorists, he says, are hiding in plain sight.

Far-Left Activist Calls for Citizens to 'Monitor' and 'Report' Trump Supporters.  A far-left activist named Don Winslow is calling for American citizens to spy on their fellow citizens, and report any supporters of President Donald Trump to the authorities, as reported by Breitbart.  In a roughly two-minute video released by Winslow that has since garnered over three million views, he declares that all Trump supporters are "domestic terrorists," and that "they're hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs."  Winslow also claims that even after Trump leaves office, he will "lead his army of domestic terrorists," and baselessly claims that Trump will "encourage and incite violence," and "start a civil war."  Winslow goes on to explicitly compare President Trump to the late Al-Qaeda leader and terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, saying that "before the Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, he had to be found." Winslow concludes that the Left must form a "citizen army patrolling the Internet," and once again blanket labels all of President Trump's supporters as an "army of white supremacy."

Clarity in Trump's Wake.  In 2021, the laws, customs, and habits of the heart that had defined the American republic since the 18th century are things of the past.  Americans' movements and interactions are under strictures for which no one ever voted.  Government disarticulated society by penalizing ordinary social intercourse and precluding the rise of spontaneous opinion therefrom.  Together with corporate America, it smothers minds through the mass and social media with relentless, pervasive, identical, and ever-evolving directives.  In that way, these oligarchs have proclaimed themselves the arbiters of truth, entitled and obliged to censor whoever disagrees with them as systemically racist, adepts of conspiracy theories.  Corporations, and the government itself, require employees to attend meetings personally to acknowledge their guilt.  They solicit mutual accusations.  While violent felons are released from prison, anyone may be fired or otherwise have his life wrecked for questioning government/corporate sentiment.  Today's rulers don't try to convince.  They demand obedience, and they punish.

Biden Inauguration Day: America's Dark Winter Begins.  There's not much healing in our future when:
  •   Biden less than two weeks ago compared Donald Trump and Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.
  •   A Democratic member of the House is obviously pleased that "that Congress is looking into creating an investigative commission to 'rein in' the media," meaning, of course, the few independent outlets that refuse to operate as the Democratic Party's marketing department.
  •   The inauguration will be infected by "a climate of fear and loathing" because the Democrats won't stop feeding the narrative that Trump and his supporters are deplorable insurrectionists.
  •   The bright lights of the media want to know "how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump," and are agitating for a "cleansing" of the Trump "movement."
  •   A political analyst from Democratic Party favorite MSNBC says "MAGA terrorists" — largely those on the right with whom he disagrees — are "much more dangerous" than Al Qaeda after 9-11, [...]
  •   And a cybersecurity expert insists "we're going to have to figure out the OANN and Newsmax problem," referring to a pair of cable outlets that are alternatives to the hard-left cheerleading regularly seen on the broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, and others.

Left Wing media Anchor, Katie Couric, Openly Says Trump Supporters need to be 'Deprogrammed'.  Former co-anchor of NBC's "Today" show Katie Couric ripped the Republicans in Congress who voted against impeaching President Donald Trump and certifying the 2020 presidential election results.  "And the question is:  How are we going to really, almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?" Couric said during an appearance Friday night on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."  [Video clip]

Tucker Carlson:  Democratic Party is planning a war on half of America.  'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host accuses Democrats of 'plotting revenge' against the party they just defeated.  [Video clip]

The Great Healing Forward.  [Jack Posobiec on Twitter - Thread reader] WH source:  The NRA, Turning Point USA & Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list CID / FBI are using to cross reference in vetting for potential "extremists"  "YAF also on the list"  "They're looking at various TPUSA chapters in almost every university and high school where there is one (for example high school members who are in the future soldier program, which is Army's version of Delayed Entry Program) + college age soldiers obviously already in."  "Investigators also looking for the following in pictures:  MAGA / KAG apparel, Gadsden flag, Confederate Flag, NRA gear, Q stuff"  "Soldiers facebooks, twitters, instagrams, tik-toks and snapchats also being checked, units from deep red states such as Texas being thoroughly examined."  "Left wing, anarchist groups also listed but not a top priority, in fact zero have been investigated as of this evening.  Leaders in both Army + FBI have directed to focus attention on groups with "strong conservative sentiments"  "NCIS, AFOSI, CGIS also expecting to receive that directive from senior DoD officials in the coming days, this goes way beyond the inauguration.  It won't magically stop after tomorrow."

Why Democrats demonize good GOPers, too.  There's a reason why blameless Republicans and Trump voters are being tarred with the same brush as the Capitol rioters.  It's not enough just to arrest and prosecute actual lawbreakers who smashed their way into the Capitol.  No, anyone who supported the president, voted for him or worked for his administration now has to be hunted down and purged.  They're losing their jobs, having their insurance canceled, their book contracts and recording deals torn up.  They are being banned from flying or banking or speaking on social media.  A petition at Harvard University even demands Trump staffers have their degrees revoked.  A feverish mood is afoot, evoking the spirit of McCarthyism and the Salem witch trials, in which irrationality and hysteria point fingers at the innocent.

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie.  A feasible secession movement would likely have to begin with Texas.  The terms of Texas' admission to the Union are complex and debated, but the legal right to secede was embedded in its prior agreement to enter the Union.  Moreover, Texas is ideally positioned to entertain the prospect of secession, possessing its own gold depository, owning 95% of state land, and blessed by an independent spirit.  As I wrote several weeks ago, the map tells an interesting story.  Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana and other southern-central red states, even Georgia, could align with Texas to form a powerful and coherent nation, say, the Free States of America (the FSA), with two open coastlines, a vast energy sector, adherence to the original Constitution, and a local industrial, agricultural and maritime base.  Other non-contiguous states, such as Alaska and South Dakota, could opt to join the new Union. [...] Of course, the issue of legal secession is moot.  Nothing prevents a state from declaring unilateral secession from a Washington government that, in its estimation, consists in part of a crime syndicate and in part of a Marxist tyranny — nothing, that is, but a federalist armed intervention, which seems unlikely.

It's Breathtaking to Observe What's Going on in Our Country.  We got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now saying that she wants the social media companies to censor all conservative media.  We gotta clean up media by getting rid of conservative media.  We gotta clean up America by getting rid of conservatism, and she's asking that the media be the people responsible for making this all this all happen.  Which is not a surprise.  The media is no different than a Democrat, is no different than anywhere else you find a leftist. [...] Look at the record of achievement for Donald Trump in the first three years before the pandemic hit.  The economy alone, and they're destroying the guy, and they have to because they've got to destroy that legacy.  They've gotta destroy that record 'cause it's in direct contradiction to what the Democrats and Biden and all of them in the media are now promoting.

When America's Religion Goes Wrong:  Wokeness as Secularized Puritanism.  America seems to have gone mad.  It still is the world's richest and most powerful country, with the oldest continuous government on earth.  Yet it is in deep crisis, and divided between hostile camps that reject each other's legitimacy.  Paradoxically, what made America strong also makes it inherently fragile.

The Unwanted Ghost of Trump?  The divide in the United States is profoundly ideological.  When Congress voted to impeach Trump for his phone call to the Ukrainian president, all Democrats voted to impeach him, however ridiculous the charge seemed.  Democrats also ran to accept the canard that Brett Kavanaugh raped a woman several decades ago under circumstances that even the supposed victim couldn't clearly recall.  What drove this united front in fantasy was opposition to putting a non-leftist judge on the Supreme Court.  Bipartisanship is now a country-club Republican illusion, although one that Democrats periodically trot out when they want the Romneys, Murakowskis, Toomeys, etc. to vote with them.

Texas is Vowing to Secede and Take Several States with it if Biden Turns it into a Socialist Nation.  Lawmakers in Texas say they are considering pursuing a Brexit-like movement as an alternative to living under what they see as rising Democratic socialism, and they say lawmakers in other states have shown a similar interest.  "This is not about war, this is not about actually seceding from the United States," state Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R) told Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo on Monday after praising Americans from around the country for "standing up" and expressing themselves following the election.  [Video clip]

Autonomous County Project.  The Constitution was written for an overwhelmingly rural people, not considering that at some point the number of people in the cities would outnumber those in the whole rest of the state. [...] The thing to think about in the Autonomous County project is that there are 3,142 counties in the United States of which Joe Biden won either 477 or 504 depending on your source.  We are quickly becoming a republic that functions as a democracy in that the dense population centers in a few counties control everything about state and national politics.  The people in these cities do not have the same concerns as the wider population, but because they have many of the same concerns with others in the dense population centers, they control all legislation.  But, that leaves residents of some 2600 plus counties without a voice, never having their concerns addressed at either the state or national level and many state and national laws override county ordinances.  But, it doesn't have to be that way, because until they actually burn and eradicate the Constitution, it still says what it says and even though a bloated Supreme Court might rule against it in every decision, it still says what it says.  If they choose to do away with it all together, then they can no longer claim its authority and that is the crucial part of the moment.  The minute they disavow the Constitution, they become a body of individuals with no rights and no protections.  Oddly, this is exactly what happened when the Constitution was written to replace the Articles of Confederation and why it was largely done in secret.  So, don't think they won't try something similar.

Texas Congressman, Rep. Chip Roy, says what we're all Thinking, USA is Currently in a Cold Civil War About to go Hot!  Roy told Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson the division in the country could escalate from the current state of "cold civil war" to "full-scale hot."  "[T]he American people are rightfully angry," he said.  "The American people are angry about big government, but they're also angry about Big Tech.  They're angry about corporations that are stomping all over small businesses, local governments that are shutting down small businesses and putting them out of work.  Now, they've seen issues in elections that are reducing their faith in elections that matter for democracy and for our country."  [Video clip]

What Now?  Indeed, as scary as the situation may be right now, one thing's for certain:  worse is on its way.  The Democrats now control both houses of Congress and are about to be handed the executive branch.  The totalitarian-minded elements in that party are on the ascent, backed up by Silicon Valley, the legacy media, and much of corporate America.  And they're about to party like it's 1793.  In Paris.  The sky's the limit.  And therein lies our hope, long-term though it may well be.  Without doubt, these people will overreach.  Their lists will grow so long, their cancelations so widespread, that, as happened with the Reign of Terror, everyone who isn't clinically insane will finally realize that things have gone too far and will, in one way or another, put an end to the madness.  But how far will things have to go before that happens?

The Real Reason for Big Tech Left's Ban Spree.  For the last several years I felt as we were living in a hyperbolic era, with both sides clamoring that we were headed for civil war.  Now what was once hyperbole has become reality, through the dangerous actions of a few.  These actions are not just undemocratic.  They are not just un-American.  They are not just unconstitutional.  They are the makings of the very end of the American Experiment.  We are witnessing — if left unchecked — the fall of the Republic.  For the last several years we have watched as the left continually redefines things as they see fit.  First, it was marriage, in expanding equal protections to same-sex couples. [...] However, later came changes of what defined biology, what defined the family, and the very definitions of what defined right and wrong.  The left wouldn't rest at equality.  They wanted more.  They wanted the destruction of the Constitutional principles upon which the country was founded.

Warning: Do Not Attend Armed Protests at State Capitols Before Inauguration! — Possible Sinister Plot Hatched By Radical Left To Take Away Gun Rights!  There are several armed protests at state capitols across the country before inaugural ceremonies next week.  We are urging you not to attend!  We believe this is likely a sinister attempt to take away your guns!  Think about this:  Last week the demonic left used the assault on the US Capitol to take away your First Amendment right of Free Speech.  Tens of thousands of Americans were removed from social media along with the US President.  The far left tech giants took away President Trump's ability to communicate freely to the American public.  The next planned operation is to take your guns.  We are very concerned the radical left is using this to start a firefight and take away your gun rights!

Understanding the Rage.  [Scroll down]  What happened was scary.  Especially for the protected class inside the beltway.  Republicans aren't supposed to behave like that.  We pick up our trash; we don't talk it.  We respect police officers and support the rule of law.  It was like a flock of sheep baring its teeth, confronting and turning on the dogs.  Could it be that even sheep will become aggressive if they are pushed far enough?  The elites have no idea how angry millions of Americans are.  We are not as stupid as they think.  The smug media has its narrative about us and the election, and they are sticking to it.  We should ignore our lying eyes, just shut up and accept their version of the facts.  Anyone who questions them will be demeaned and silenced.  So the anger grows.  It festers below the surface.  Finally, like a volcano, the rage explodes.

Democrats close in for the kill — not just Trump, but all Republicans.  [Scroll down]  But hubristic Democrats have another plan, one that's even worse than striking at Trump.  Ignoring their repeated history of objecting to Republican presidential Electoral College certifications, they plan to use sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment to remove all federal and state elected officials who objected to Biden's Electoral College votes.  That section bars political office to people who "engaged in insurrection or rebellion against" the Constitution" or gave "aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."  The 14th Amendment, of course, was written and passed immediately after a shooting Civil War that killed over 600,000 men.  But that's not stopping Rep. Cori Bush (D. Mo.), a pastor who leads "with radical love," from working to "expel the Republican members of Congress who incited the white supremacist attempted coup."  Rep. Ayanna Pressley is all in because "white supremacy is when Black skin alone is treated as a crime punishable by death, but white skin allows you to incite a violent overthrow of the government & still act entitled to hold elected office." Pelosi is on board, too, because she's trying to delay the day these execrable race hustlers turn on her.

Nancy Pelosi Basically Asks for Civil War with Insane Gambit to Expel GOP House Members.  Well, so much for that whole unity thing.  Democrats are out for blood, emboldened by the idiotic alt-right fools who rushed the Capitol last week, and they are seemingly going to play every card they have.  Impeachment is already being talked about, perhaps even after Biden's inauguration, in order to ban Trump from every holding office again.  But if that wasn't dumb enough, Nancy Pelosi is now looking at the 14th Amendment as a way to expel Republican members of the House for supposedly taking part in an "insurrection." [...] I don't typically think we are on the verge of a national break-up (despite thinking our politics have devolved into a dumpster fire), but you start expelling dually elected GOP House members based on ridiculous claims that they somehow supported a rebellion and that's what you are egging on.  Perhaps Pelosi is too naive to realize that, but I suspect she knows exactly what she's doing.

Poll: 'Civil War' expectations reach new new high, 71% of Trump voters.  Soul searching and lecturing following the election and Wednesday's Capitol protests and riots have done nothing to tamp down GOP outrage.  According to a new survey, a record high 71% of President Trump's supporters believe the country is headed toward civil war.  What's more, 40% of President-elect Joe Biden's supporters agree.  Trump has done little to cool feelings, today [1/8/2021] tweeting that he plans to stay in the fight after leaving office.

Let me say something briefly about the Big Tech purge tonight.  [Thread reader]  Now there is a sizable percentage of Americans who flat out believe the election is stolen.  So they won't believe that voting matters any more.  And now Twitter and the Tech giants have decided you shouldn't be able to complain about it either.  The old refrain used to be "if you don't like how a social media platform behaves start your own."  Well, that looks pretty hollow tonight, doesn't it?  I guess now the left will say "if you want to speak freely start your own internet, create your own cell phone companies, IOS, computers, and so on."  And this ignores that there are anti-trust laws designed to keep one side from controlling everything.  Indeed, often traditional methods of expression are shut down.  Many states have imposed limitations on gatherings applied to expressive activities and the courts have mainly collectively gone on an extended bathroom break.  So to a person who thinks this way, they can't vote and they can't even complain and get their message out effectively.  That person might think that if all lawful methods of trying to bring change are gone, then he or she has to use unlawful methods. [...] Twitter and big tech thinks they are helping to lower this nation's temperature.  But my fear is that they just threw a match on a puddle of gasoline.  For that reason, [I] hope they stop this.

The new American aristocracy, like the old European one, hates the peasants.  The same people who praised Black Lives Matter and Antifa despite the billions of dollars of destruction they wreaked across America and the many lives lost are in high dudgeon that a relative handful of people out of over half a million peaceful protesters entered Congress, where the police slaughter an unarmed Air Force veteran. [...] Democrats currently think they're in perfect and permanent control.  I think the Greeks were wise to warn of hubris.  It's very dangerous to try to stomp down hard on at least 75 million people.

Elites' War on Party of the Country Is Now Out in the Open.  [Scroll down]  Both parties within the Beltway are joined in their attacks on Trump because partisan identity — Democrat and Republican — is no longer relevant in U.S. politics.  It's the Country Party, currently represented by Trump, vs the Establishment Party, representing the interests of an oligarchy anchored by Big Tech and owing its power, wealth, and prestige to its access to cheap Chinese labor and China's growing consumer market.  The establishment party protects its protestors because they are the instruments weaponized to target Trump supporters.  "Protestors should not let up," vice president elect Kamala Harris said of the summer's violence.  "There needs to be unrest in the streets as long as there's unrest in our lives," said Rep Ayanna Pressley.  "I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  It is not hypocrisy that corporations like Bank of America and Coca-Cola that issued statements in support of the summer riots were quick to denounce Wednesday's protests.  Nor is it hypocrisy that the activists who took over parts of a Senate office building to protest the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh were celebrated while Biden and the press labeled the people who broke into a federal building Wednesday domestic terrorists.  It is not hypocrisy for the establishment to draw a sharp divide allies and enemies, but just evidence that they are at war with the party of the country.

The Capitol:  So Much Susupicious Evidence.  Grace Curley, among others, pointed out the other day, you cannot get the toothpaste back in the tube.  The left should think about what it has done and what is coming.  These people have stolen an election without caring who knows it.  They have rioted, assaulted innocents, and burned down our cities for most of a year.  They have defunded police, resulting in a nationwide increase in murders — forget about the increase in other crimes.  And they told us we were wrong to mention how all their predations make us suffer.  Whether the left successfully prosecuted a false flag operation or this was an organic conservative rebellion, the result is the same.  The left thinks it can push Americans around forever.  Leftists think they can tell us what to do and we will obey.  They have another think coming.

Congress Has Learned Nothing and Left America More Divided.  D.C. has spoken.  It is fine to burn down businesses and threaten homeowners in the name of "racial justice," but you must never, ever question the results of a political election that takes most of a week to sort out before declaring a winner.  Black Lives Matter and Antifa are reportedly sitting on billions of dollars in donations after causing billions of dollars in property damage in this last year.  Americans who took part in "Stop the Steal" rallies at the Capitol will not find fat bank accounts awaiting them once D.C.'s wrath goes scorched earth on Trump-supporters.  And while glossy fashion mags depict Antifa revolutionaries as chic and stylish in glamorous photo spreads, Shopify and other online stores have already blacklisted MAGA revolutionaries from selling political clothing altogether.  Murder and physical battery against innocent civilians and police officers followed BLM and Antifa violence all year long; despite the terror those groups caused, the media saw nothing but "mostly peaceful protesters."

Biden Fans the Flames, Labels Trump Supporters "Domestic Terrorists".  Joe Biden fanned the flames on Thursday following Wednesday's chaos at the Capitol and labeled Trump supporters "domestic terrorists."  Not all protesters who entered the US Capitol building were Trump supporters.  According to a former FBI agent who was on the ground at the US Capitol, at least one bus load of Antifa goons infiltrated the Trump rally as part of a false flag operation.  The New York Post reported that at least two known Antifa members were spotted among the pro-Trump protesters yesterday.

Rush Limbaugh rebukes those calling for an end to unrest after MAGA mob run riot.  Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh drew comparisons between the leaders of the American Revolution and yesterday's [1/6/2021] siege at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. rebuking those 'calling for the end of violence'.  Limbaugh, 69, took aim at liberals who protested this summer, claiming they were anarchists using the Black Lives Matter movement as a 'guise'.  He continued, saying he forgave yesterday's group of rioters who were simply 'fed up'.  [Video clip]  'We're supposed to be horrified by the protesters,' Limbaugh said on his program on Thursday.  'There's a lot of people calling for the end of violence.  There's a lot of conservatives, social media, who say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable.  Regardless of the circumstances,' he said.  'I'm glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual tea party guys, the men at Lexington and Concord didn't feel that way,' he continued.

DC Capitol storming:  When the refs won't make a call, the gloves come off.  For the Trump-supporters, the last four years were a litany of "no-calls."  I can't even begin to think of them all.  We can start with Hillary's emails.  Then lying on FISA statements.  Congressmen lying under oath.  Information illegally leaked to select reporters.  A two-year harassment investigation, replete with over-the-top, brownshirt-style early-morning raids.  Those were then matched by an FBI gone AWOL.  That's followed by two attorney generals plus an FBI that make the Keystone Cops look effective.  Nevertheless, team Trump had better jobs and more income and a future so bright that they just straightened their helmets and shook off most of the no-calls.  Then came COVID and restrictions based on "for thee but not for me."  Governors had gone wild.  They tossed aside the Constitution.  Long held rights were arbitrarily suspended without explanation.  The refs swallowed their whistles.  The violators were terrorized.  Then there's a summer of loving Antifa rioting and destruction.  Antifa's named a terrorist organization, but from law enforcement Americans get crickets.  You'd think they'd have dropped their gloves sooner.

Was the Capitol storming America's Reichstag fire?  It remains to be seen whether the incursion into the Capitol (Jan. 6, 2021) was the act solely of Trump-supporters or whether there was some involvement by Antifa agents provocateurs.  Given the propagandist character of the major news organizations, the facts may never be honestly sorted out. [...] If the incursion into the Capitol was a false flag attack, it will be a ready-made pretext for draconian suppression of dissent.  The United States today is, as often has been noted, more severely divided than at any point in the lifetime of most American citizens.  People no longer merely disagree on ideology; they positively detest each other, both topically and personally.  In such an atmosphere, the art of discussion suffers, and the practice of civilized debate has all but disappeared.  Even Fox News, once venerated as "fair and balanced," aborts live interviews with invited guests (such as Newt Gingrich) the moment the guest strays from the "party line."  The other networks are even worse.  Only the "correct" views are to be tolerated, not only on live television, but on pervasive social media platforms.

Pelosi's advice to rioters
No Justice, No Peace.  We Didn't Make the Rules, Alinsky Did.  I woke up today angrier than yesterday, and angrier than the day before that.  This has been going on so long you'd think we'd all have reached the final stage of the grief cycle by now.  Thankfully no, many of us still have a fire burning in our belly and are still squarely entrenched in the "anger" stage with no intention of allowing it to abate.

Why the Left Always Wins.  [Scroll down]  I won't be fooled again.  America is no longer one nation under God.  One road ahead is armed rebellion.  It is justified but won't solve the problem.  Neither will political secession.  Our liberty remains God-given, and we don't need a new Constitution.  America's better half, the 75 million-plus whose votes were stolen, need to face that we live in a nation controlled by hostile occupiers.  We can't kill them, but we can stop playing by their rules.  We need a written charter to establish a massive, subnational economic partition, social apartheid, moral renaissance, and a sacred oath to uphold reverential ideals.  We can stop giving deconstructivists money.  We need our own currency with a preferential dollar exchange rate for members, our own culture, our own police.  These changes are happening piecemeal with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and social media like Parler. [...] The deconstructivists need us.  We do not need them.

You're It.  As it stands, patriots know that if they fight back against BLM or Antifa, they will be the ones arrested, even if those groups are busily destroying property or harming people at the same time, in the same place.  That when they go to trial, they are likely to get an antagonistic judge who will heartlessly, vindictively sentence them to the maximum of the law.  That acting to save the republic will be seen as the actions of a right-wing extremist terrorist, where BLM and Antifa are considered peaceful protestors.  That the admonition to "vote for someone else" means accept your role as a non-person, without rights, without voice, but full of assets to be taxed or confiscated.  The only thing left is to throw off a tyrannical government and institute new government more likely to restore these rights and respect freedom.  I'm sure the reader is asking the same question I often ask when reading something like this.  Okay, what do we do about it?  In addition to everything else, I will be proposing the Autonomous County Project in a few days.  Something to try and work with the system to secure, at least at a county level, those unalienable rights.  Something that can be done by many people, not just fighters.  Beyond that, however, look to history.  What did our forefathers do?  They wreaked havoc on the system.  It's a little too early for that, but that's something one can put in their back pocket for later.  Do not let the system work, ever.  Let them spend their time putting out proverbial fires instead of harassing citizens.

The American Revolution Was a Culture War.  [Scroll down]  For now, the cultural divide in the United States today has yet to reach the proportions experienced during the revolution — or, for that matter, during the 1850s in the lead-up to the American Civil War.  But if hostilities reach this point, there will be little use in discussions over the size of the tax burden, mask mandates, or the nuances of abortion policy.  The disdain felt by each side for the other side will be far beyond mere compromises over arcane matters of policy.  And just as discussions over "taxation without representation" miss the real currents underlying the American rebellion, any view of the current crisis that ignores the ongoing culture war will fail to identify the causes.  Yet, the culture war has also likely progressed to the point where national unity is unlikely to be salvaged even by charismatic leaders and efforts at compromise.  When it comes to culture, there is little room for compromise.  It is increasingly apparent that the only peaceful solution lies in some form of radical decentralization, amounting to either secession or self-rule at the local level with only foreign policy as "national" policy.  Had the British offered these terms in 1770, bloodshed would have likely been avoided.  Americans must pursue similar solutions now before it is too late.

Was Nashville Blast the New Fort Sumter?  [Scroll down]  Given how divided our country is, what happened in Nashville this Christmas morning may have been the first salvo in a second civil war.  Just for the record, Fort Sumter is only eight hours' drive away.  Of course, there is always the possibility that one side is impersonating the other in this action — that it is a false-flag operation.  But if so, it's even more a license for civil war.  Whose statues will be torn down this time?

Trump: The American David.  People ask, why have the lower courts not acted and the Supreme Court deferred hearing the Texas case in the face of overwhelming evidence of massive fraud that violated other states' rights?  Some assume they are fearful of acting because it could provoke a civil war.  There are various explanations and most recognize the lower courts tend to be weaker and have more corruption than the high courts.  But anyone with eyes and ears knows that the civil war between truth and falsehood has been raging all around us for many years.  In the last four, it has intensified and threatens to turn into a shooting war.

Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president.  My unwillingness to relax and accept that the election grew out of a level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I had experienced in more than 60 years involvement in public affairs.  The challenge is that I — and other conservatives — are not disagreeing with the left within a commonly understood world.  We live in alternative worlds.  The left's world is mostly the established world of the forces who have been dominant for most of my life.  My world is the populist rebellion which believes we are being destroyed, our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault.  (Note the new Human Rights Campaign to decertify any religious school which does not accept secular sexual values — and that many Democrat governors have kept casinos open while closing churches though the COVID-19 pandemic.)  We also believe other Democrat-led COVID-19 policies have enriched the wealthy while crushing middle class small business owners (some 160,000 restaurants may close).

Even CNN calls out Chris "Maynard G." Krebs.  I have sad news for Never Trumpers.  Opposing, defying, and resisting President Donald John Trump will not protect you if the fascists take over the country next month.  Chris "Maynard G." Krebs learned this lesson on live TV on Sunday when Jake Tapper of CNN held him accountable for foreign governments hacking our computers when Krebs was director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which Tapper called CISA. [...] While the left is demanding show trials from a "truth and reconciliation committee" — and they are dead serious about extracting vengeance on anyone who ever opposed them on anything at any time [...]

The New Phony War.  As of the November elections, the nation is at war.  It's a 21st-century war, so it's very different.  Because it's new, the scope and magnitude aren't easily understood.  It hasn't been declared.  It may never be.  Hence, for many millions of Americans, perceptions are clouded or lagging.  In human affairs, with change, this often occurs.  It's the second American civil war, and its origins predate the November elections fraud, which seems on track to steal the presidency from the rightful winner, Donald J. Trump.  The genesis of this civil war is the ideo-cultural war that has waxed and waned across the nation since the late 1960s. [...] But the new civil war isn't just about cultural dominance.  It's very much about greater power acquisition for elites and their subsets.  The elites wish to obliterate America as founded because they covet tyranny (in whatever modern manifestation) as a means of perpetuating their advantages.

The Sovietization of California.  There is no question that America is becoming, if it hasn't already become, two countries: one that values liberty, from small businesses being allowed to operate to people being allowed to say what they believe, and one that has contempt for liberty, from eating in restaurants to free speech.

Chuck Todd Touts 'Truth & Reconciliation Commission' for Trump.  With an outgoing Trump administration, NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd spent Sunday dreaming up new commission to judge all the Team Trump failures.  In reply, PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor dragged out the usual lines about Trump and "truth" never matching.  Todd began the program by pushing a 9/11-style commission for Trump's coronavirus failures (as opposed to say, Andrew Cuomo's failures).  "As we've noted, we're now experiencing a 9/11 every day, and it's worse than a 9/11 on some days," he announced.  "After September 11th, the government created a commission to study what went wrong.  How did we miss the clues?  Our question this morning:  Is it time to establish a 9/11-like commission to study how significant parts of our government missed this — chose to dismiss the obvious danger making it impossible for health officials to do their jobs."

Secession: A Gift to the Communists.  There is much loose talk about secession among conservatives.  Focused as they are on the outrages of the Left — the cheating, the immorality, the welfare-state entitlement, and the rabid anti-Christian beliefs that put men in women's bathrooms — conservatives think that these represent the fundamental existential threat to the Republic.  They do not.  Over the horizon lies the largest, most well-funded, most well educated, communist power in the history of the earth. [...] If you were going to take down the USA, the way to do it, of course, is to divide and conquer.  The goal would be to create and exacerbate internal divisions while weakening the whole as best you can.  We are currently reeling from a bioweapon that was bad enough to wreck our economy, and kill many people, while emptying the Pacific of aircraft carriers, but not yet bad enough for our leadership to declare war on the perpetrator.  Compounding the bio-warfare attack, there is evidence that this same foreign power bribed our elected officials (strong evidence for Biden, deep suspicions about the Georgia Secretary of State, for example).  We also have witnessed Democrat-run massive vote fraud, and DNI John Ratcliffe has confirmed Chinese interference.  We have honey-traps of elected officials.  The effect of combined sabotage has been to severely damage democracy and throw the country into civil strife:  divide precedes conquer.

The Editor says...
[#1] The country was already divided even without China being involved.  [#2] If the U.S. splits into two or three pieces, the "blue state" pieces are the ones most likely to be invaded by foreign countries, because those people abhor firearms.  The "red state" country will be like Pig #3 in the brick house.  On the other hand, once the Communists take over the easy coast and the west coast, they'll have the rest of us surrounded.

Dem doc: re-educate Trump voters, purge social conservatives from government.  Congressional Democrats back "Secular America," a group that has sent a 28-page document to the Biden transition team advising him to strip First Amendment rights from Christians who advocate traditional biblical positions on the sanctity of life, marriage, education, and the nuclear family, Harbinger's Daily reports.  The letter was titled, "Restoring Constitutional Secularism and Patriotic Pluralism in the White House:  Prepared exclusively by Secular Democrats of America PAC for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Transition Team."  The document, presented by Reps Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Jared Huffman, D-Calif., and endorsed by Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Calif., states that an incoming Biden administration must "educate the American public," particularly those identified as the "religious right," on the need to keep their "religious dogma" to themselves.  The document calls for a purge of social conservatives from all levels of government, labeling them as "white nationalist" and "conspiracy theorists."

Stumbling Toward National Divorce.  The classic signs are present.  There are arguments, expressions of contempt, stored resentments, and breaches of trust.  The left is having an affair by cheating with the Chinese.  Verbal abuse has escalated to violence, with street commies burning down businesses of Trump supporters.  There are threats of worse to come.  Peaceful splits are possible.  Hungary and Austria separated in 1867 through the Ausgleich agreement.  Norway and Sweden peaceably split in 1905 over irreconcilable foreign policy differences.  The British government recognized the results of Jamaica's 1961 vote for independence, and Trinidad's request for independence a year later.  A peaceful resolution can happen rapidly.  The breakup of Singapore and Malaysia, prompted by racial tensions, took four days.  After a day or two of negotiations, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his Malaysian counterpart signed a separation agreement on August 7, 1965.  Parliament approved it on August 9.  Negotiated divorces require trust and mutual respect.  They are done carefully, with an eye to international recognition of both nations.

The New Oligarchs Will Not Tolerate Secession.  [Scroll down]  America has not been a constitutional republic based on the consent of the governed for many years.  It has, in fact, been a thinly disguised oligarchy, dominated by ruling class elites in the media, in academia, both political parties in government (where politicians freely make promises to voters but find it easy to evade and ignore), the bureaucracy, the deep state (including the intelligence agencies), corporations, Silicon Valley, and other centers of influence.

A brief history of secession in America.  The call and clamor for secession has steadily increased within the United States over perhaps the last decade and a half.  Prior, for the most part, it was more of an intellectual exercise than anything else.  Despite its troubles, America remained the most free, prosperous nation on the planet as we rolled into the 20th century.  Then things began to change.  Perpetual war, out-of-control spending, and a lack of governmental transparency and accountability, along with cultural corrosion, began to weaken and divide the nation.  The 2020 election with its specter of fraud and corruption has perhaps ignited the conversation, particularly after comments made by former congressman Allen West, with regard to succession to a level it hasn't been at in over a century (Mastrangelo, 2020).  Given this, perhaps it would be wise to study our tense history with secession, whether the concept is valid, and whether it would be wise.

Remember when the left trumpeted secession?  Of course there was none of this hyperbole in November of 2016, when The New York Times — a mere two days after Trump's election! — published an article that discussed secession talk out of California ("Calexit") and Oregon in very favorable terms.  One day after Trump's election in 2016, NBC News also ran a piece on California and secession, with a similar sympathetic tone.  Scan the internet in November and December of 2016 and you'll find that these two leftist publications were far from alone when seriously and sympathetically discussing the secession of California. [...] Thus, as we see again, what's good for the left can't even be discussed by the right.  This is the case because the modern left long ago seceded from the truth.

Texas GOP Leader Allen West Sets the Record Straight on 'Secession'.  The worst part about our political divide these days is the left's habitual inability to simply be honest.  While accusing President Donald Trump and all of his supporters of lying like it's our job, the fact is, the modus operandi of the Democrat left is to always accuse their political opponents of what they themselves do.  This was on full display again just days ago when the head of the Texas Republican Party, former Florida congressman and retired U.S. Army officer Allen West made some comments following the Supreme Court's decision to toss the Lone Star State's election lawsuit.  Understandably disappointed that the high court wrongly claimed Texas didn't have "standing" to sue Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for unconstitutionally changing their voting rules and procedures ahead of this year's election — changes that very likely affected the presidential outcome — West commented that perhaps Texas should "bond together" with other "law-abiding states."  That, we are told, was a call for secession, though West never said that.

The Editor says...
But if he had suggested secession, I was ready to listen.

Could Secession Succeed?  Yes, there is the potential for serious violence and even secession.  It still seems unlikely — using our Constitution and its provisions remain the best way to sweep away the petty tyranny and the electoral fraud — but it could happen.  Normalizing the BLM/Antifa/Other scumbag violence last summer was pretty short-sighted by the people who don't have most of the guns.  But hey — we have what Glenn Instapundit Reynolds has accurately assessed as the worst ruling class ever, so poorly-thought out initiatives is par for the course.  Here's a positive thing:  Secession and massive violence are unlikely because the people pushing the SJW agenda just aren't likely to put themselves in a place where they can die for their ridiculous beliefs.

Head of TX GOP Responds to SCOTUS Decision:  Law-Abiding States Should 'Bond Together,' Form a Union That Follows the Constitution.  Texas Republican Party head Allen West suggested that the Lone Star State, and others, should consider seceding from the union on Friday, following the Supreme Court's decision not to hear a potential landmark case challenging voter irregularities in some battleground states.  The high court on Friday [12/11/2020] rejected a lawsuit from Texas, which challenged the election results in the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvanian and Wisconsin.  President Donald Trump and others have alleged those states and others allowed corruption to steal victories from the president.  The court's rationale for not hearing the case was that Texas did not have the legal authority to challenge election procedures in other states.  West, on behalf of the Texas GOP, did not take the decision lightly.  The former Republican House representative suggested secession as a remedy for a perception that the rule of law has been abandoned by the court.

Texas Lawmaker Will Introduce Referendum to Secede from U.S..  A Texas state lawmaker has vowed to introduce a referendum for voters to cast their ballots on whether to secede from the United States.  On Tuesday [12/8/2020], Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) told his supporters on Facebook that he is committed to authoring legislation in the 2021 legislative session.  "The federal government is out of control and does not represent the values of Texans.  That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the State of Texas to reassert its status as an independent nation," Biedermann said in a statement.  "The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient."  Efforts to secede have been championed by the Texas Nationalist Movement, an organization who have promoted the idea for 20 years, and the 87th Texas Legislature has seen hundreds of such motions presented to them in the past.

Dred Scott II: The second judicial civil war is now upon America.  America has now entered the second Supreme Court judicial civil war in our history.  The Supreme Court was asked to adjudicate a momentous case from Texas, essentially a state vs. state dispute, and, so far, they took a pass.  Call it a civil war.  Because the last time America went through a full on judicial civil war, it also was momentous, it was in their infamous Dred Scott decision of 1857 which led up to the horrific carnage of our real Civil War.

Our Crisis Already is at DEFCON-3.  We're witnessing a historical rift in a cold (so far) civil war.  It's like overlooking the battlefields pre-Gettysburg, or looking at Hiroshima before the bomb. [...]
  •   We just had an election that was stolen.  The evidence is clear, the left colluded, and stole this.  The collusion/coordination was massive.
  •   Pollsters are saying 60% of the country now believes this election was fraudulent.
  •   The entire country knows this issue isn't going away.
  •   More than three quarters on the center-right believe that.  Almost half of independents.  Thirty percent of liberals.  Those are serious numbers.  Real.  And growing.
  •   Those numbers make it clear to anyone with a sentient brain that we cannot survive as a country without fixing what happened.
[...] Make no mistake, I am not suggesting civil war.  I am calling for actions to avoid one.

Chairman Allen West's Response to SCOTUS Decision.  "The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and 106 US congressman, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law.  Resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences.  This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable.  This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic.  Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution."

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West Proposes a Union to Solve the Problem SCOTUS Created.  [Scroll down]  To be clear, I do not read this as West calling for a group of states to secede from the Union.  Rather, I read it as a group of states banding together to uphold the law defined by the Constitution.  Following Inauguration Day 2021, the "moderate" Biden administration has made promises on several policy fronts that will run afoul of our founding documents, and such a group will be necessary.  States joining together to litigate and push back against these issues will slow or stop this encroachment on our civil liberties.  As I have said for several months now, blue states and cities feel emboldened to ignore immigration law, which is an area of law the federal government clearly has responsibility for.  Red states should feel equally emboldened to refuse to enforce laws that infringe on our constitutional rights.

Texas GOP: Perhaps Law-Abiding States Should 'Form A Union' That Will 'Abide By Constitution'.  In reaction to the Supreme Court dismissing a lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to overturn presidential election results in four states, the state's Republican Party Chairman Allen West posed, "Perhaps, law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution."  "The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and 106 US congressman, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law," West said in a press release published Friday.  "Resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences."  The SCOTUS decision "establishes a precedent that says states can violate the U.S. Constitution and not be held accountable," the Republican said.  "This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic."

The District of Corruption Has Overplayed Its Hand.  [Scroll down]  The truth is that Americans are mad, and they should be.  They have put up with four years of fake Russian collusion hoaxes and fake impeachments and fake judges using their powers to hamstring lawful executive orders from President Trump.  They have watched the CIA abuse its powers to spy on a Republican political campaign and the FBI abuse its powers to punish political allies of the president, and the only person facing any semblance of justice in the whole mess is some no-name young lawyer from deep in the bowels of the Deep State's operations against Trump who lacked the judgment to understand that his own side would use him as a scapegoat.  Police officers have been totally thrown under the bus so that lawless Democrat mayors and district attorneys could send armies of Antifa thugs into the streets this election year as a show of strength.  Old and young veterans have been watching elected officials tear up the Constitution they took oaths to defend, and if fighting broke out tomorrow, I think 90% of those former soldiers would be at the front lines the day after next.

Is Our Second Civil War — also a 'Forever War'?  When the Electoral College meets Monday, it will almost surely certify former Vice President Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.  And he will take the oath of office Jan. 20.  There is, nationally, a growing if grudging realization of that reality.  Yet millions of Americans will refuse to accept the legitimacy of that election and its outcome and will continue to believe, with President Donald Trump, that it was "rigged."  "Was the 2020 election stolen by the establishment to get rid of a president, Donald Trump, whom it loathed?" will be debated decades hence — as are questions such as, "Did FDR have advance knowledge the Japanese were going to attack?" and, "Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone in Dallas?"  That perception that something was afoot first arose in the minds of millions in the hours after the election on Nov. 3, when 83% of Republicans polled by Gallup said they did not believe reports of Trump's defeat.

The Coming Civil War (United States), Cool Maps, and Uncomfortable Truths.  Don't know a great way to put this, but we're (in the United States, and in Europe, though my read there is much murkier) heading towards civil war.  In Europe, civil war means dissolution of the EU and (likely) expulsion of large numbers of immigrants.  But I'm not European, so I won't go too far speculating about them.  I'm not sure if it will be a decade off or longer, but I put the arrival of this war as soon as 2024, and as late as 2032.  Not really any longer than that.  What would stop it is a prolonged, total war that would challenge the very existence of the United States.

Stability or Justice:  A False Choice.  Aggrieved Democrats, leftists, and their plutocrat backers (and the lurking Xi Jinping and Iran's mullahs) won't take kindly to the coup they're attempting to commit being scuttled.  The left, with tacit approval of Democrats, demonstrated this year that they have no compunction about smashing things and hurting innocents. [...] If these scam elections are permitted to stand, the legitimacy of elections will be fatally wounded.  Trust in government by the people will quickly erode.  Government, based on so spurious a foundation, will inevitably clash with patriots unwilling to bend to an illegitimate government's edicts.  Imposing rule through various means of force will mount.  What resolves, then, is tyranny that invites social disorder and clears the way for intensifying conflicts.  What, then, are the prospects of the republic's survival?

Rush Limbaugh says he believes the U.S. is headed for 'secession' after divisive election.  Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience Wednesday [12/9/2020] he believes the United States is lurching ever closer toward "secession" as many of his fellow conservatives find themselves at growing odds with those on the political left regarding the direction of the country.  Most importantly, his comments follow a divisive presidential election and come as the country tries to grapple with how to properly move forward together and reconcile with each other amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic.  Experts, it should be noted, are in agreement that, while the U.S. is way more polarized now that it was in the 2000s and 1990s, the country has been becoming more polarized ideologically over the course of at least the past half-century.

Setting the Stage for Revolution.  [Scroll down]  The Democratic Party had to rig their primary to install Biden as the nominee instead of Sanders.  Now it appears they have rigged the general election to install Biden instead of Trump.  If the voters cannot pick their leaders, they have no hope of influencing the political class through the electoral process.  If the political class has nothing but contempt for the people, those people will inevitably return the favor.  Where that leaves us is where societies end up with dictators.  With no peaceful option available, the only option left is a violent overthrow of the ruling order.  Somehow, a system that was supposed to allow for regular pressure relief is now operating like a pressure cooker.  Every move by the political class results in a greater degree of public agitation with them.  This in turns results in more foolish responses from the political class.  Liberal democracy in America appears to be in a death spiral inevitably leading to what appears to be a violent conclusion.

Forget fancy language.  Trump's re-election is all about killer instinct.  How do you fight an obvious election fraud?  It's a matter of political will.  Who has the strongest killer instinct?  That's really what it all comes down to.  Never mind the fancy legal arguments; don't bother learning the tortuous logic of constitutional law.  This is a rough-and-tumble battle, a street fight.  The forces arrayed against Trump and his supporters are awesome, possibly insurmountable.  The various mainstream media are telling everyone that the election is over, and that anyone saying otherwise is indulging in baseless conspiracy theories.  Silicon Valley has been aggressively censoring any news item or video that purports to show that fraud actually did occur.  Then you have the Storm Troopers, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd, who threaten to doxx and intimidate anyone willing to stand up to the Narrative.  At least one whistleblower is already in the hospital.  Who wants to be next?

There Can Be No Reconciliation.  [Scroll down]  There is ample evidence of election fraud, and if you believe that the country elected Joe Biden as president, you're as dumb as a bag of rocks.  Biden's own campaign web site explained that they intend to force registration of semi-automatic firearms as NFA items in a national gun registry.  HUD regulations and a host of other preferential treatment for one sector of the public has essentially forced middle class neighborhoods to incorporate low income housing into the middle of their communities.  Big spending FedGov would like to nationalize retirement accounts, as they are the last big pot of untouched money that can forestall the reckoning with hundreds of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities.  If you thought that the exercise of religion was free in America, you haven't stopped to ponder what the shutdowns did to the churches.  Under orders from governors, worship services everywhere were shut down, or otherwise churches faces fines for having public worship.  Most establishment types and every leftist in America wouldn't know anything about this personally, as they are unchurched.  We could go on, but you get the picture, and you develop your own list and compare and contrast with views by the opposition.

Bring on 2021.  [Scroll down]  Censorship — coordinated speech suppression — across social media, in order to impose a narrative to aid Biden's and Democrats' election prospects.  The machinations of the Deep State to depose a duly elected president and, possibly, thwart his reelection.  And the capstone event:  historic elections fraud that's near stealing the presidency from the rightful winner, Donald J. Trump.  The latter, particularly, is a stunning subversion of Americans' constitutional right to select their leader.  It's the last event that should finally blow the lid off the national pressure cooker.  As the evidence is assembled from battleground states, and that evidence is ordered and rendered in clearer perspective, the magnitude of the evil — the utter betrayal of our Constitution — will be grasped by more Americans, more profoundly.  Not all, mind you, but a growing number.  If this attack on free and fair elections stands, it's the stuff of war, whatever the form.  Or, at minimum, it's fodder for open-ended civil strife.

Donald Trump and the Avignon Presidency.  For years, it was primarily forces on the left pushing this cultural zero-sum game of zero accommodation for dissent, via their weapons like political correctness, campus censorship, and now cancel culture.  However, now that the right has finally gotten the message that there's no place for its people in the post-revolution America the left aspires to, we have reached the point of no return.  A full-fledged cold civil war is underway.  If Trump is ultimately denied the presidency, he will not drift off into irrelevancy as his detractors hope.  Quite the contrary:  Losing this way despite massively growing his appeal among voters compared to 2016 will only make Trump stronger in the hearts and minds of his base.  He will become a living martyr — something even more powerful than a president in some ways, a symbol of how far the left in America is willing to go to end anything American conservatives view as worthy of conserving:  Fake News, Fake Borders, Fake Laws, Fake Genders, Fake Science, Fake Russian Collusion, Fake Pee Tapes, Fake Independent Counsels, Fake Ukrainian Collusion, Fake Social Media, Fake COVID Panic Porn, and now Fake Elections.

The election has been stolen.  [Scroll down]  Whether we will even have an opposition Republican Party come 2024 is highly questionable.  The nation is now going down the same road traveled by Venezuela, by Russia, by California, and many local urban American cities.  Once these corrupt Democrats manage to game the system to their liking, they never let go.  Finally, that peaceful and trustworthy elections are likely no longer possible in America means Americans no longer have any peaceful options should the ruling powers do things that the public doesn't like.  Eventually, the response will be violence, and bloodshed, and brutality.  I am not calling for it.  I am simply predicting that it will happen, all because the Democrats refused to accept the legality of the 2016 election and then used any means to steal the 2020 elections, and the Republicans stood by and let them do it.

Daily Beast Editor Calls For "Humiliation" and "Incarceration" For Trump Supporters.  We have been discussing the rising threats against Trump supporters, lawyers, and officials in recent weeks from Democratic members are calling for blacklists to the Lincoln Project leading a a national effort to harass and abuse any lawyers representing the Republican party or President Trump.  Others are calling for banning those "complicit" from college campuses while still others are demanding a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to "hold Trump and his enablers accountable for the crimes they have committed."  Now, Daily Beast editor-at-large Rick Wilson has added his own call for "humiliation," "incarceration" and even ritualistic suicides for Trump supporters in an unhinged, vulgar column.  Wilson declared "[o]nly exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP."

Leftist Actors Zach Braff and Chris Evans Want to Keep a List of Trump's 'Enablers'.  Throughout the Trump era, Leftists have consistently argued that the president was behaving as a dictator, a fascist and even compared him to Hitler and Mussolini.  But what is abundantly clear is that it was never just about Trump.  It was about you.  The Left despises you and will do whatever it has to in order to make sure your voice is never heard if it doesn't tow [sic] their line.  They will cut down anyone who dares to stand in the way of their everlasting quest for power.

The Ideology Now Running the Democratic Party Looks Like a Classic Cult.  Apart from deliberate projection, which is regularly used as a political tactic as per Saul Alinsky, there is the more classic and unconscious projection that happens among true believers of the same ilk.  Take a look at what happens when one of those believers is caught telling the truth about what he'd like to do to Trump voters:  DNC member David Atkins openly suggesting that 75 million Americans need to be "deprogrammed."  While Atkins wonders how anyone could be a Trump supporter, many of us wonder how a leftist who may have been initially attracted to feel-good ideas like "tolerance" and "diversity" could publicly advocate forceful "deprogramming" of 75 million of his fellow citizens (in refugee camps? concentration camps?) for the sin of disagreeing with him about a political candidate.  How does that happen?

The Difficult Way Forward.  Republicans are still playing the old politics about governmental efficiency and improving the American people's lives.  The Democrats are trying to destroy America and assume unlimited power over the American people.  Republicans do everything within the confines of the Constitution and law.  The Democrats are lawless and recognize no standard or precedent.  We should not persist in thinking of today's Democrats as the American political party of old:  Andrew Jackson, FDR, Harry Truman, [JFK], etc.  It is a radical atheist revolutionary party, more akin to the Nazi Party of Germany or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union than the Republican Party of today.  The Democrats are utterly corrupt, power mad, and pitiless.  They are trying to destroy the institutions of its country and replace them with totalitarianism.  They do not wish to serve the American people, for whom they have nothing but contempt; they wish to enslave us.  We have to stop thinking that what we are experiencing today is still normal politics.  This is a war against evil and for national survival, nothing less.

Fighting Words.  Democrats are not democrats; they are totalitarians.  They have declared war on the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Electoral College, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the election system, and the idea of civil order.  They have called for the Republican President of the United States to be de-platformed and jailed.  Their obvious goal is a one-party state that criminalizes dissent.  To them, support for such basic necessities as borders and law enforcement are racist.  If you oppose their efforts to legalize infanticide, they will condemn you as enemies of women, and if you make videos of their confessions to selling body parts of murdered infants, they will — like Kamala Harris — throw you in jail.  Progressives are not progressive; they are reactionaries.  They are out to abolish liberal value systems and create a status hierarchy where race, gender, and sexual orientation define and confine you to an unalterable place in their new social order.  If you are white or male or heterosexual or religious — Justice Kavanaugh was all four — you are guilty before the fact.

America Is Over.  It's Time To Opt Out.  [Scroll down]  [Michael] Anton queries:  "Americans don't have the luxury of fleeing a Californicated America.  Where are we supposed to go?"  The simple answer:  nowhere, physically.  Legally and institutionally?  That's another matter.  On those fronts, America's wronged electoral majority needs to do exactly what Californians are doing.  Leave.  Opt out.  As some would have it:  secede.  Though the favored word here is "partition."  Because the United States of America ceased to exist the moment the vote tally crossed the threshold allowing Team Biden to claim "victory" — as the Democrats nullified its existential principle: "consent of the governed."  Nor can any nation of states be "United" when nearly half of its citizenry has been so aggrieved.

This is War.  We are at war with enemies of liberty, domestic and foreign.  Domestic enemies are now pressing relentlessly. [...] This war is much more than disputes over fraudulent elections, though that would be cause enough.  The Democratic Party is a means.  The new war has been imagined, developed, and phased in over decades by the left.  It's unconventional, asymmetric, and cunning.  It's insidious, and has been about stealth and infiltration more so than outright confrontation — until this year, when state shutdowns have been imposed to test the limits of tyranny... to gauge the level of tolerance of unconstitutional centralized rule over a free people.  Targeted violence has been employed in cities to engender angst, a sense of helplessness, and, consequently, to demoralize us.  The left's warfare — underwritten by coastal plutocrats, chiefly — is comprehensive.  The target now are our politics.  The aim is to capture our national and state governments.  Dominating the means of government nearly ensures its ends, which have nothing to do with our freedoms.  Capturing governments is an endpoint — the crowning achievement in the left's long march.

Is America Doomed to Split Apart?  [Scroll down]  In a situation like we are in today, with America polarized and the Establishment and its serfs dedicated to an agenda of oppression aimed directly at the patriot faction — oddly, the people who are so eager to rule this country also tend to hate this country — can we even survive as a nation?  Should we? [...] Could a Split happen?  In some ways it is happening already.  In the last month two Californians I know have announced a move to Idaho.  Don't think that California is exporting only liberals — these are conservatives.  There is, to some extent, a great sorting going on.  Patriots are leaving big blue cities — and the House redistricting is showing that.  But that means the blue enclaves are even bluer and therefore even more malignant.

Flashes of a Nation in a Lot of Danger.  We are in big trouble, and it's all due to lies.  White America isn't racist, but black America is being told we are, and that white people are all white supremacists and that our existence is a threat.  It's a race war that we aren't waging.  It's a falsehood, and it's set to destroy us all.  [Video clip]

What's Our 'Stamp Act'? When Will It Be Enough?  What is it going to be for us?  Which right is the one that finally becomes intolerable for us?  What will we finally take a stand to protect?  Is it the right to self-defense?  Is it the right to raise our own children?  To choose our own medical care?  To own our own homes?  What will our Stamp Act be?

"How Do You Deprogram 75 Million People?" — California Democrat Calls For "Post WWII" Reeducation For Trump Supporters.  California Democrat David Atkins this week called for Trump supporters to be "deprogrammed" in "post WWII" type reeducation camps. [...] Atkins called the 75+ million people who voted for President Trump a "belligerent death cult against reality."  After taking heat for his tweets, David Atkins gaslighted by claiming he doesn't really mean "re-education camps" (he does).

A Cautionary Note to Antifa and BLM Thugs Contemplating "Civil War".  What will happen when President Trump is certified the winner after the massive electronic voter fraud by Dominion Systems et al has been fully exposed?  I find this short video instructive toward that end, as it focuses on the emotions of people that are being exploited — especially in the Left — and how a civil war or insurrection might start.  Control the narrative; control the people.  That is what the legacy media have been doing since "declaring" Joe Biden the winner despite the lack of certification by states that would give him the necessary 270 Electoral College votes to win.  [Video clip]

Why Trump supporters are here for good.  If people living in Trump country seem like they live in a different world from that inhabited by Silicon Valley executives and the editors of The New York Times, there is a reason for that:  They do.  Before the election, I talked to Democratic partisans who were expecting a blue wave that would see Joe Biden winning not only swing states such as Florida but also Republican-leaning states such as Texas, and I talked to Republican partisans who expected Donald Trump to sweep blue states from Virginia to California.  Neither of those things happened, of course.  The run-up to the election — and, now, the disconnect between town and country over the president's election-fraud complaints — has contributed to the sense that there are two Americas inhabiting two very different realities.

The Unintended Consequences of Voter Fraud.  First and foremost, if this election stands it will not only work to destroy the faith in our entire electoral process for 40-50% of the country, but it will also drive an even deeper wedge between the Right and Left, and completely wipe out any chance that there might have been at reconciliation between the two sides.  In layman's terms, there are going to be a lot of rightfully [angry] people out there who may not be willing to play the silent role anymore and will no longer take the high road when the subject of politics is brought up.

AOC & Co.'s loathsome plan to keep lists of pro-Trumpies.  In Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado," a man named Ko-Ko appointed to the job of Lord High Executioner tries to figure out whom he should have killed.  "There will be," he says, "no difficulty in finding plenty of people whose loss will be a distinct gain to society at large."  And then he reveals that he has "a little list" — a list "of society offenders ... who never would be missed!"  Ko-Ko's example is being followed exactly by a group of petty and loathsome enforcers of pious attitudinal orthodoxy who have appointed themselves to the collective post of Lord High Career Executioner in post-Trump America.  They literally talk about the "lists" they are making of people who have committed the grievous evil of working for the administration they hated, with the stated goal of ensuring such people don't find employment afterward.  Last week, there arose something that calls itself the Trump Accountability Project. [...]

Dem activists urge violence, repressions against Trump voters.  Democrat party activists are calling for political retribution against supporters of President Trump and other Republicans.  According to reports on Tuesday [11/10/2020], many Democrats took to Twitter with calls to fire, shame and deny future employment to republicans.

The Left Threatens GOP: 'We Have a List' and You'll Never Work Again if You Helped Trump.  Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden used the power of the office to spy on the media and political enemies, including, of course, Donald Trump.  Obama kept a disposition matrix, an assassination list.  And now the D.C. Left is trotting out a new list.  It goes something like this:  If you complain about potential voter fraud in the 2020 election, you'll never work in this town again and if you ever worked for Trump, you're through.

Your Name Might be on This Nazi-Like Democrat Website Collecting Lists of Trump Supporters.  Democrats have made a website dedicated to compiling lists of thousands of Donald Trump supporters who have donated to his presidency using data.  The website claims the list is of "Americans that give money to support a racist".  An individual researcher had found that not only is the website compiling personal information of thousands of Trump supporters, but when accessing the website, it collects your browser data as well.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Suggests 'Trump Sycophants' Should Be Held Accountable 'In The Future'.  Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested Friday that "Trump sycophants" should be held accountable for their "complicity in the future."  The recently reelected congresswoman tweeted asking whether anyone was keeping track of comments made by "Trump sycophants."  She was likely referring to supporters of President Donald Trump who are alleging that voter fraud is causing the president to fall behind 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.  Trump has not provided evidence that voter fraud is costing him the election.  "Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future," she asked.  "I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future."

Representative Ocasio-Cortez Requests Immediate Enemies List for Targeting After Biden Takes Office.  New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has requested the immediate assembly of a political enemies list so the far-left can target Trump supporters for elimination.  Not surprisingly former President Obama's data-assembly lead, Michael Simon, affirms the list is already being assembled.  Historically, the elimination of political opposition is a consistent approach by far-leftists who prefer to use ostracization, internment and ultimately extermination to avoid any further impediments upon their quest for ultimate control.  A reference is the Tea Party targeting list used by President Obama through the IRS.  A more recent reference was the call to action by President Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe.

Dems Start 'Enemies List' to Go After People Who Supported Trump, Including Fed Judges He Appointed.  There are a lot of things to be concerned about if Joe Biden were to win the presidency. [...] Now that some on the left believe that the President has lost and Joe Biden has won, their true colors are coming out.  Not only do they want control information, they want to make you pay if you supported Trump.  Prominent leftists and media folks are talking about making an "enemies list" to go after people.  The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin called for making sure that Trump supporters not be allowed to work or accepted into "polite society."

Ocasio-Cortez Touts Secret List Targeting Trump Supporters For Retaliation.  There is no denying that the American left has become fully totalitarian as a result of the Democratic party's embrace of radical socialists and anti-Semites.  A prime example of the vicious element that has been growing increasingly powerful is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the taco bar revolutionary who in a twisted modern version of the classic fairy tale Cinderella, has become arguable the most powerful member of the Democrat Congress.  Since she burst onto the political scene in the summer of 2018, AOC has shown that she is a petty, vindictive, vicious and cruel person who lies without consequence and has a formidable Twitter mob that will rip any Dems who dare to question her to shreds.

AOC and other Dems' vows of vengeance on Trump supporters ensure a fanatical fight to the bitter end.  Since antiquity, military commanders leading expeditions have burned their boats so that nobody would be tempted to desert the battles ahead and head for the safety of home.  Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by calling for lists of Trump supporters to be compiled, has in effect burned the boats for those Republicans tempted to concede the presidential election and pledge their support to Biden, so that the media and Democrats (they imagine) will be kind to them. [...] While ominous, neither of these avengers specify what they have in mind for those who disagreed with them in a presidential election.  Others were not so shy.  Jennifer Rubin, who poses as a conservative op-ed writer for the Washington Post, wants a blacklist that would deny the opportunity to make a living to those who supported the incumbent Republican president.

A House Divided Along New Lines.  Americans used to agree on certain things.  They believed in God.  They believed that America was a force for good in the world.  They believed in the individual.  They believed in protecting the innocent.  They believed in the rule of law.  They believed that all men are created equal but are not guaranteed equal outcomes.  They believed in charity rather than subservience to government.  They hated communism and socialism, loved the challenge of innovating, and took delight in the market's response to their gifts.  They hunted and fished and went to church and minded their own business and helped their neighbors.  In the current political realignment, these beliefs are no longer universal.  Half the country holds them.  These citizens are derisively referred to national populists, but really they're the same old people who consider themselves patriotic Americans.  It's the other half of the country that has changed.  The Oligarchy of America is guided by New Age spirituality.  God is mutable, as is truth.  Abortion is a sacrament.  Individuality has given way to conformity of thought and ideas.

Michigan Militia Is Preparing For Civil War After Rigged Elections.  Militia groups in Michigan, a crucial swing state in the US, say they fear that democracy will 'not survive as it was built' after the results of the US election.  Sky News' Special Correspondent Alex Crawford has gained access to a militia group in Michigan, one described as a 'potential threat to national security':  the Boogaloo Bois.  [Video clip]

What Will It Take for Americans to Consider Breaking Up?  As things stand at this writing, last night's [11/3/2020] presidential election remains undecided and looking ugly.  At least six states are still uncalled, and both the Trump and Biden camps have their legal teams claiming victory.  We may be in for days, weeks, or even months of legal skirmishes, all of which can only add to our intense political (or more accurately cultural) breakdown.  Today, perhaps 140 million American voters are in purgatory, fearfully wondering what will happen to them if the other guy wins.  This is nothing short of a national psychosis, absurd yet deadly real. [...] Regardless of how the election turns out, it's obvious America is not much of a country anymore, much less a nation.  The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can get to work asserting the principles of federalism, subsidiarity, nullification, and even secession.  None of the current frictions will get better over time, but they can get much worse — and our most important task must be to avoid any movement toward outright civil war.

Democrats go ballistic after Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation.  Amy Coney Barrett's ascension to the Supreme Court marks the first time in 81 years that the Republicans will have a majority on the Supreme Court.  The Democrats, rather than accepting gracefully that the regularly applied constitutional rules finally stopped favoring them, have responded with a complete meltdown.  They've resorted to apocalyptic predictions, hysterical rants, and threats, lots and lots of threats.  The last time the Democrats behaved this disgracefully was in 1860, a temper tantrum that ended in a civil war that left over 650,000 Americans dead.

Liberals Create Public Registry Of Trump Donors So Anyone Can Track Them Down By Name And Address.  If you've sent a donation to the reelection campaign of President Donald J. Trump, your name, address, and other information are now part of an online database posted by lunatic leftists whose only objective is to get you threatened.  Or hurt.  Or fired from your job.  Or denied a promotion.  Or worse. [...] These are not tactics of a free people; they are those of authoritarian hypocrites who cast aspersions and fake allegations of 'fascism' at Trump's supporters while behaving like Mussolini's brown-shirted fascists.  Well, whoever is responsible for the site probably ought to secure some legal counsel.  We're betting they're going to need it.

Threatening letter
Threatened in New Hampshire:  A warning to all Trump supporters.  "You have been identified as a Trump Supporter," the letter begins.  It asks if you have fire insurance, and ends with the statement, "you have been given fair warning." Not an implied threat, but an implicit threat to burn down houses of Trump supporters.  While these letters were delivered in two small in New Hampshire towns, they culminate four years of hatred of this president and everyone who supports him.  It is the expected outcome of the largest propaganda war launched against a nation since Joseph Goebbels ran the Reich Ministry of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.  The lessons learned from Goebbels are being applied today by the legacy media, high tech media, and the Democratic party.  The key to the Goebbels' strategy was to have one voice.  And that is exactly what the combined Democratic propaganda machine is giving to America and, sadly, to the world.  One voice that hides any dissension, or variance from their talking points.

How to get a head start on preparing for post-election civil unrest.  Only fourteen days until America's watershed election.  Some of you may be concerned that your family has not made adequate preparations for the probable civil unrest ahead.  Not to worry:  here are some bare-bones suggestion[s] that will ensure that you and your loved ones will have the basics needed for some short-term supply chain shortages.  These are suggestions that I have personally purchased for my family and our extended family.  Shop for these items at three or four different stores.  You don't want folks to notice two or three shopping carts overflowing with obvious prep supplies.  It's time to stay under the radar.  Water is life.  Have on hand two gallons of water a day per person for 14 days.  Do this first.  Here are the "must have" items that you will need before November 3. [...]

How Likely Is a Violent Transition of Power This Election?  American politics has gotten extremely polarized.  According to a substantial PRRI study, "Fractured Nation:  Widening Partisan Polarization and Key Issues in 2020 Presidential Elections" on the nation's culture wars and partisanship, Americans have diametrically different values and perspectives on America itself.  And it's not just a matter of different opinions on policy.  People have largely picked a side, and they really don't like the other one. [...] The other side is viewed as an existential threat — not without the help of many politicians and the media.  Nearly half the country (48%) thinks the Republican Party has been taken over by racists, a view held by 80% of Democrats.  Similarly, 44% of Americans agree the Democrat party has been taken over by socialists — and 82% of Republicans share that opinion, as per the study.  This trend dangerously collides with the public's increasing justification of political violence.

How Close Is the U.S. to Civil War?  A War Correspondent Is in Portland to Find Out.  Michael Yon has covered many civil wars, insurgencies, and popular uprisings.  He originally thought he would spend the next several weeks in Taiwan.  Instead, he came to Portland in September with the plan to stay here through Election Day and its aftermath.  Michael lives in Thailand, and had hoped to go to Taiwan to cover the unrest there as China becomes ever more aggressive.  When he saw what was going on with antifa and Black Lives Matter in Portland and other West Coast cities, he decided he'd seen this story before and needed to come here instead.

The Revolution the US is Experiencing — and What if it Succeeds.  It may be difficult to admit that a full-scale revolution is brewing in the United States of America.  While there are no guerilla bands pouring out of the mountains to attack towns or cities or government installations, recent violence by armed revolutionaries against US courthouses may be a harbinger of things to come.  While there are no formal press briefings or published manifestos in which the revolutionaries explain why the current system is rotten and why their proposed new system will herald peace and justice, the utterances and proposals of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and, indeed, of virtually all of the radical left Democratic presidential candidates — as well as those of almost all Democratic Congresspersons and senators, and many radical Democratic city mayors — would seem to qualify.

Our Second Civil War:  Communism Collapsed Only to Revive.  This great country, which is the miracle story of humankind, runs because most people get along with other people.  But there are limits to how much people can be pushed around.  In some parts of the nation, like Seattle and Portland, those limits may have already been reached.  I hope they never are in the greater society.  But in 1850, no one thought the bloodiest conflict in the history of the Western hemisphere would start 11 years later because a government that claimed moral superiority and threatened action on it, took office in Washington, D.C.  I pray we never reach that stage again.  But every day's headlines tell me we are racing towards it.

9 Warning Signs of Democrat Radicalization.  When Antifa domestic terrorists dress from head to toe in black while throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers in upscale urban neighborhoods, can we all agree that the left has no interest in peace?  When MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes insists that the "most humane way ... to deal" with Republicans after the election is a "truth and reconciliation commission" similar to communist regimes' use of re-education camps, and neo-socialist Bill Kristol responds by promising that no reconciliation is possible with Trump-supporters, is it time to recognize that former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's fantasies of violent revolution and political assassination should be taken seriously?  The Antifa and BLM riots this year have been the costliest in American history.  Members of Bernie Sanders's campaign openly talk about guillotines in the town square, and Hollywood celebrities celebrate the Chinese coronavirus as "God's gift to the left."  All of these threats come just three years after a single Democrat nearly succeeded in murdering an entire baseball field of Republican lawmakers.

New Pew Poll Suggests Election Day 2020 Will Make Bush V. Gore Look Light 'N Easy.  While the 2000 election was heavily contested and ended in a dramatic Supreme Court ruling that Democrats have bemoaned for decades, the 2020 Election Day just might top it. [...] While nearly 90 percent of both Trump and Biden supporters say that the opposing candidate's win would cause "lasting harm," 89 percent of Biden supporters and 86 percent of Trump supporters claim that whichever candidate is elected should "focus primarily on the concerns of all Americans, even if it means disappointing some of his supporters."  These concerns, however, appear to differ drastically.  Eighty percent of those who prefer Biden and 77 percent of those who prefer Trump claim that they "fundamentally disagree about core values" and that these disagreements extend far beyond political beliefs.  The divide furthers as over half of the voters surveyed claimed that "they think about politics as a struggle between right and wrong, while about as many (48 percent) say they don't think about politics this way."  Because of these convictions, it appears that 95 percent of voters are somewhat to extremely motivated to vote.  How these voters are choosing to vote, however, also differs.

Crush and Destroy Culture.  [Scroll down]  We are in the midst of an assault on our Republic, a Marxist revolution under the guise of "racial justice."  Who knows what will come after the election in November?  The passions today are no less extreme than they were in 1860.  Both times, Democrats were attempting to dismantle the nation.  We are well beyond cancel culture.  The proper term is "crush and destroy culture."  But it is worse than that.  It is an insurrection, and the enemy has taken over our leading institutions.  Unwittingly, though, these forces of darkness have roused the sleeping giant.  Patriots and citizens, modern-day Paul Reveres, have organized and pushed back as we have seen in Kenosha, Oregon, Ohio, Colorado, Seattle, and elsewhere, including outside Walter Reed Medical Center during President Trump's brief hospitalization.

Blue States Secede?  Make My Day.  It was a bit of a surprise to read tweets from Lanny Davis, the famous attorney and associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton, detailing the possible secession of the blue states from the rest of the country.  You can read portions of the sequence of tweets [elsewhere].  This may be Lanny's way of venting Democrat frustration.  Despite every dirty trick the left has employed, Trump is still president and may continue to be through 2024.  Okay, if you red-state rubes will not kneel before us, we will pick up our socialist toys and create a country of our own!  To be clear, this is not a threat of civil war.  It is more like a family law attorney telling the unappreciated wife what she can expect out of the divorce.  For example, Davis claims that the new country will get the following states:  ["]Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and all the Northeast ... including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Washington D.C.["]

The Editor says...
Mr. Davis, on behalf of his new country, claims ownership of such things as "most of the U.S. low-sulfur coal ... [and] Hollywood."  I don't know what the new country will do with all that coal, other than sell it to the Chinese, since they hate to burn it themselves.  And I couldn't care less if they own Hollywood, which doesn't produce any essential products.  I'd be in favor of this idea, if all Democrats are required to move to the newly-formed socialist utopia.

Left-wing 'Nation' Ponders Seccession of Democrat-run StatesThe Nation, a storied left-wing magazine, pondered the possibility of secession in an interview published Tuesday morning [9/29/2020].  The idea has been circulating on the left over the past few weeks, as Democrats ponder the possibility of President Donald Trump being re-elected.  Though many mainstream media polls show former Vice President Joe Biden with a lead, the polls have been wrong before — and Trump is running a confident, energetic campaign, while Biden is barely leaving his house.

David Horowitz:  The Civil War Started When Democrats Seceded From the Union in 2016.  [Scroll down]  ["]The second thing with the Democrats... the reason there's a civil war is that it's a racist party.  Identity politics is racism.  When you know in advance that you're going to pick a black woman to be vice president you obviously picked them on the basis on their race and gender and it's all over for the American way.  The words white and black don't appear in the Constitution, or male and female, for good reason.  The founders' vision, and they couldn't achieve it in the 18th century, but their vision was that people would be judged on their character, just what Martin Luther King Jr. said, and not their skin color.["]

Jeff Daniels Calls for Political 'War:' 'This Is Not a Time To Be Nice' to Trump Voters.  While journalists constantly blame President Trump for dividing Americans, the Democrat-controlled media and Hollywood seem to be the ones truly motivated to make Americans hate each other.  Far-left actor Jeff Daniels didn't even try to hide this fact while on The View Friday [9/25/2020], as he rallied Democrats to stop "being nice" to the right because they're at "war."

The War of All Men Against All Men.  [Scroll down]  If civil war ever again afflicts our great country, it would look like the Spanish Civil War, but far more vicious and with far greater consequences for the world.  Those who are rampaging in our streets today, in some cases unhindered either by the law or by our elected officials, and perhaps even encouraged by some of those officials, are the precursors of that war, and we are letting them get away with it.  In the last 100 years, communists and fascists have sought and often gained power through the same means being employed today — street fights, calls to defund the police, and attacks on history and culture.  We are allowing Marxists and anarchists to bring fire and mayhem to our cities, and no one ever explains why these vandals suffer so few repercussions for their pillaging and destruction.

Civilization Requires Collective Common Sense.  Without common sense in government, civilization cannot continue.  After the summer protests and rioting in many large cities, activists demanded a defunding, or at least radical pullbacks, of the police.  So-called crime experts often concurred.  So some city governments ignored public warnings and diminished their police presence despite a sharp rise in crime in many cities.  Looting and arson were often ignored.  If you call 911 in a large American city, there is no guarantee that anyone will answer promptly and send out police to aid the endangered.  So gun sales have soared.  Some people who never before owned weapons, or even opposed the use of firearms, are now terrified to remain unarmed.  Self-protection often outweighs abstract ideology.  According to a recent Gallup poll, most black Americans favor maintaining or increasing police presence.  Often, city officials who support cutting back on law enforcement still expect their own homes and property to be constantly policed.  The same is often true of activist elites who live far from the inner city.

Portland Protesters Threaten to Burn Down Home for Displaying an American Flag.  Protesters in Portland, many of whom have taken their activism to residential areas of the city, threatened to burn down a home for displaying an American flag.  The city has experienced well over 100 days of protests, and in that time demonstrators have moved into residential areas of Portland.  Terrance Moses, a black veteran who runs a nonprofit in Portland, said he observed protesters marching in the streets of his neighborhood.  However, the demonstration took a turn after activists noticed an American flag displayed on one of the homes.

America [is] in peril if RBG's SCOTUS seat is not filled before the election.  It is long past time to punish Democrat violence rather than reward it.  Americans have a long tradition of settling our internal disputes with ballots, not bullets.  Most Americans abhor the thought of another hot Civil War.  Unfortunately, the American left in 2016 went from a noble political opposition to an Intifada.  The "resistance," borrowed straight from Yasir Arafat, means seizing power by any means necessary.  Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton led to a wave of leftist violence against conservatives.  Congressman Steve Scalise was shot.  Senator Rand Paul was beaten by a neighbor, collapsing his lung.  North Carolina GOP headquarters were firebombed.  The Duval County, Florida GOP tent was rammed into by a vehicle.  Other Republicans including Sarah Huckabee Sanders were chased out of restaurants.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged her supporters to get in the faces of political opponents.

The Battle of November 3rd Is Coming.  [Scroll down]  Whether Trump wins or loses, these people are going to have a shock in store when they wake up on November 4.  A civil war now stares us in the face.  You don't have to be a kook to see it coming anymore.  I expect that, on Election Day, Trump will win by a healthy margin.  Most ordinary working people, always the real majority, are unfazed by Trump's language and have a natural aversion to looting, arson, and public beatings.  We've noticed.  We get it.  We have gotten tired of being made to cower before a pandemic that is heavy on economic and social destruction but rather light on actual fatalities.  I am far less certain that an electoral victory will settle the matter.  The Democrats have already said, in no uncertain terms, that they aren't going to accept defeat.  The prospect of mail-in voting worries me a little, but the grumbling of the political generals in the Pentagon worries me a lot.

The left threatens death, destruction and fire if President Trump dares nominate a replacement for RBG on SCOTUS.  The news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing has driven much of the left bonkers.  They know that President Trump may nominate a constitutionalist replacement and rather than a robust opposition, are vowing death and destruction in response: [...] It's strange stuff, given that they no longer believe in debate, persuasion, or even congressional maneuvers — they just want to menace, burn, and kill, which is the sort of thing totalitarian mobs in nasty third world hellholes do, if not National Socialists in action.  And they speak of it as if they haven't already been to that well once, burning and looting to demonstrate their supposed calls for what they claim to be racial justice, frequently targeting small black-owned buisnesses in inner cities to make their mendacious claims.  Basically, it's full blown civil war they want and like overconfident Confederates, they may be surprised how quickly they get it.  Unlike the Confederates, they lack courage, so it could be over quickly.

The Biden Hoax.  Wavering voters need to wrap their minds around this fact:  President Trump isn't squaring off against Joe Biden.  He's battling the cabal that Biden is fronting.  If through some perversion, some warping of sensibilities — or epic fraud — Biden is elected president, it isn't just Kamala Harris who becomes de facto president.  It's the entire depraved enterprise that comprises the Democratic Party and the left.  Harris may well be the General Secretary in a "Harris Administration," but you can bet that she'd have a Politburo to answer to.  If Democrats steal the election, then for years ahead, a spiderweb of lies, fraud, and venality will stretch across America.  America will be run by some amalgam of Sacramento, Portland, and Chicago — or, in other words, some combo of Big Brother, lawlessness, and corruption.  The country may not free itself for decades.  Or the nation could break apart.

Silicon Valley and Team Biden Collude to Rig 2020 Election.  If there is any doubt Big Tech oligarchs are colluding with Team Biden to influence the outcome of the 2020 election, none other than two-time losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave the game away this week.  "We can have democracy — or we can have social networks that allow the spread of weaponized disinformation about our elections," Clinton tweeted on September 16, "But we can't have both.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google can and must act before the damage is done."  The Democratic Party and NeverTrump Republicans — backed by a handful of anti-Trump billionaires — are preparing what fairly can be described as a post-election civil war to make sure Joe Biden takes the White House no matter what.

The Atlantic says Democrats will not be able to concede in November.  On Sunday [9/13/2020], The Atlantic ran an article that suggests that if President Trump wins in November, Democrats will not be able to concede the election.  The article was written by Shadi Hamid, where he outlines an entire list of grievances in which the left would not accept a Biden loss.  Such an event, Hamid says, is the worst-case scenario.  The author indicates that Biden losing the election would undermine democracy.  He says that Democrats would not accept losing the electoral college vote as they did in 2016.  He said that they did not accept the results then and would not accept it now.  He continued saying that the violence and extremism that the left has been financing and promoting would continue.  He continued with the same left-wing radical lie that President Trump is to blame and that all of it would go away if Biden were to be elected.  I am sure it would, as would every freedom that we all enjoy every day.

Stop recklessly delegitimizing the 2020 election result in advance.  A massive effort is underway to delegitimize the result of the presidential election.  It's not the Russians or the Chinese doing it, but U.S. politicians, and even the candidates themselves.  It would once have seemed edgy or over-the-top for the Nation magazine to ask on its cover whether President Trump is planning a military coup d'etat if he loses.  Now, this is just par for the course.  Old hat, in fact.  Democratic officeholders are campaigning to make people think that the vote will not be fair, that the count will be corrupted, and that the other side will not accept defeat.  This is a recipe for disaster, even civil unrest.

Democratic Derangement:  Party 'Games' A Possible Coup If Trump Wins In November.  [T]here's every sign now that the Democrats, in a panic over candidate Joe Biden's lackluster basement campaign and growing evidence that he is suffering age-related mental impairment, will refuse to acknowledge President Donald Trump for a second term, even if he wins clearly.  The last time we had a party really refuse to accept the results of an election was in 1860.  Then, Democrats in southern states threatened to secede if Abraham Lincoln, candidate of the anti-slavery Republican Party, won.  He did, and southern states began seceding before he even took office.  We fought a civil war.  Today, we might be edging toward another.

Stop the Coup.  [Scroll down]  As Anton and even Kilgore observe, Hillary Clinton and company have already put Biden and Harris on notice — along with the rest of us — that the Democrat ticket must refuse to concede, no matter how lopsided the loss.  Is this report from the Daily Beast wrong?  "Inside the coalition, there is dispute over whether Biden should even concede if he wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral College....  The Transition Integrity Project noted that there would be immense pressure on Biden to fight it out."  You get that?  Even if Trump wins the Electoral College and therefore the presidency, like every other President in American history, the Left is preparing to — to what, exactly?  As TIP co-founder Rosa Brooks wrote in the Washington Post, "with the exception of the 'big Biden win' scenario, each of our exercises reached the brink of catastrophe, with massive disinformation campaigns, violence in the streets and a constitutional impasse" — almost as if the party of chaos is the one whose powerful ideologues run the media, the mobs, and the deep state.

Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers Suggests the Civil War Has Already Begun.  As violent and destructive antifa and Black Lives Matter riots continue to ravage American cities like Portland and Kenosha, a self-described communist who plotted to blow up the U.S. Capitol in the 1970s suggested that America's second Civil War has already started. [...] Ayers was suggesting that the antifa and Black Lives Matter riots in Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, Chicago, and other cities may be a prelude to a much larger conflict, a full-blown civil war.  Others on the Left have suggested something similar.  The Portland antifa ally suspected of shooting a Trump supporter said a civil war was "right around the corner." Former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta war-gamed the 2020 election and suggested that Joe Biden may cry foul if he loses, starting off a chain reaction resulting in secession and a civil war.  Far-left groups recently came together to prepare for a civil war.

Vote in person and in large numbers to stop Democrat cheating.  With Democrat threats to further undermine the presidential election process, the best thing average patriotic Americans can do to combat this is to vote in person.  We need to have overwhelming numbers of Americans in line to fill out their ballots on Election Day.  Crowds of Trump-supporters are the only force that can surpass the Democrats' plans to cheat through mail-in voting.  And guess what:  our numbers will also be a show of protest against these internal enemies of America.  Conservatives rarely take to the streets to protest.  We have families to take care of, careers, and bills to pay.  However, when liberty is threatened and government overreaches, the signs and flags of conservatives will rise high in protest and in great numbers.  This Election Day is our time not only to redress government abuses at all levels, but also to protest the attempts of Marxist radicals (and their supporters in the Democrat party and mainstream media) who are trying to foment a civil war.

Democrats [are] laying [a] foundation for action with their post-Election Day doomsday warnings.  Democrats are setting the stage for something, what it is isn't yet exactly clear.  The are moving in unison along with the mainstream media to predict that Biden will win the election based on mail-in ballots counted in the weeks after Election Day, Trump will refuse to leave office, and then ... well, then what?  None of this can be coincidence.  The memo has gone out. [...] Having spent four years perfecting resistance litigation against Trump, there is little doubt that Democrats will try to find a judge somewhere somehow who will issue an injunction or other relief to enable this theft to take place.  Such relief may not ultimately prevail, but it will further the chaos.  Now we have Bernie Sanders, cheered on by Chuck Schumer, issuing similar warnings.

Columnist describes how Democrats will not give up and will not accept 2020 election results.  The closer the presidential election gets — 57 days and counting — the further the Trump Deranged Democratic Party goes off the rails, hyperbolically insisting — with zero facts or even a hint of suggestion to back them up — that President Trump would try to steal the election.  Then, for months, the media and their Democratic allies have discussed this idiocy about Trump refusing to leave the White House as if he's going to barricade himself inside the Oval Office.  Naturally, this only happens if he loses. [...] Should Dementia Joe lose the election, Donald Trump won't be the one going off the deep end.

Chuck Schumer Backs Bernie Sanders in Plan to Force Trump from Office If He Loses.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted an article from Politico in which Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that America needed to plan for President Donald Trump's refusal to leave office, under the assumption he loses the election.  Schumer added approvingly:  "This is important:  I'm standing side-by-side with @SenSanders to make sure we have a plan if President Trump refuses to leave office."

The Editor says...
If Mr. Trump wins in a landslide on Election Day, and then some number of days later, millions of obviously fraudulent ballots are "found" in battleground states, who could blame him for refusing to leave?

Columnist Warns:  Democrat Party Has 'No Intention of Accepting' 2nd Trump Term.  The closer the presidential election gets — 59 days and counting — the farther the TDS-riddled Democrat Party goes off the Crazy Train rails, hyperbolically insisting — with zero facts or even a hint of suggestion to back them up — that Donald Trump will try to steal the election.  Then there's the silliness about Trump refusing to leave the White House — as if he's going to barricade himself inside the Oval Office — if he loses, but we're not going to waste time or space on that nonsense.  Speaking of 2020 Democrat psychosis, it isn't Donald Trump who will go off the deep end if he loses — it's them [...] And, of course, there's Hillary Clinton, who recently — and stridently — warned Biden "not to concede under any circumstances."  Same Hillary who in 2016 was apoplectic after Trump said in an early debate he didn't know if he would accept the election results.  Same Hillary, also, who has spent four years whining about losing, blaming everything from "Russian collusion," to the basket of deplorables, to minority voter suppression, to everyone and everything not named Hillary Clinton.

The Guns of November.  A veteran GOP political strategist told me he likens the current state of America to pressure building inside a volcano and predicts, "It will blow its top immediately after the election."  Living in Florida, perhaps I watch too much of The Weather Channel, but my own election natural disaster analogy resembles the tracking of a monster hurricane as it moves closer to the U.S. mainland.  Based on present conditions, we know at least a Category 3 will strike late on Nov. 3 and gather strength on Nov. 4 or 5.  Virtually everyone is aware of the potential for devastation, and millions are taking pro-active precautions — buying guns and ammunition.

Democrats are telling us they will not accept a Donald Trump win.  Are you listening?  Hillary Clinton said under no circumstances should Biden concede Election Night, and Democrats should plan for weeks and months of litigation and ballot fights.  [Video clip]  "The Red Mirage" theory, recently floated by a Democrat data firm and promoted by Axios, predicts that Trump will have a large lead on Election Night that will evaporate in the ensuing weeks as mail-in ballots are counted.  It provides a ground upon which Democrats will refuse to concede the election either Election Night or even the following day.  Rather, the claimed certainty that there is a wave of Biden mail-in votes yet to be counted is all Democrats will need to make a concerted post-Election Day effort to steal the election. [...] There also was something called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a supposedly 'bipartisan' but the Republican side represented by the likes of Michael Steele and Bill Kristol, devoted NeverTrumpers.  So the TIP is the Democrat/NeverTrump version of what might happen.

Democrat Mail Fraud Will Take Us to the Brink.  With American peace now hanging in the balance, will Democrats choose country over socialism and temper passions already overinflamed?  Of course not.  If four years of the Russia hoax has brought our nation to the brink of civil strife, the Democrats' Operation Chaos will make it nearly impossible for wisdom and reason to succeed in the months ahead.  This fact alone should disqualify Democrats from office in 2020.  A party that is driving the country to civil war cannot be trusted to have the country's best interests at heart.

From World War to Civil War?  In the 75 years from V-J Day to today, America has changed, from united as we have ever been to disunited as we have ever been.  In 1945, enemy cities were firebombed; in 2020, American cities are firebombed.  In 1945, food was strictly rationed; in 2020, food is plentiful, but local authorities mandate conditions under which restaurants can operate.  In 1945, the nation mourned when President Roosevelt died; in 2020, a large chunk of the American nation wants to see President Trump dead. [...] Today's American people are badly divided to the extent that many believe that a civil war is near, if not here already: a second civil war (a third, if one counts the war between Whigs and Tories in 1775-1783) due to conflicting ideologies and value systems.

The Fog of (Civil) War.  [Scroll down]  To some, the more relevant point is that Kyle Rittenhouse should not have crossed state lines, underaged and armed, and past the established curfew in Kenosha.  To them, if he was not there, he is not positioned to kill 2 people and wound another.  To others, the more relevant point is that the uprisings in places like Kenosha and Portland continue to involve a deadly mix of ANTIFA-affiliated anarchists, peaceful protesters, experienced criminals, militia members, out-of-town observers, unmarked vans, and scared residents — a mix where the tensions can only be tamped down through a philosophy of "law and order", even if that means that ordinary Americans must be counted on to grab a gun and take matters into their own hands on either side of a scrum.  To some, Jacob Blake could not possibly have been a threat with his back turned — not one that deserved seven shots to his back in front of his young children in broad daylight.  To others, a turned back and a non-compliant attitude should always signal a potential threat during a police interaction, thus opening the possibility to deadly force being used.  In the fog of civil war within modern America — where every intention, event, bill, speech, and discussion are up for wide-ranging interpretations that are based often on just feelings, not facts — nothing can be pragmatically-deduced anymore.

Will Hillary & The Dems Get The Civil War They Are Trying To Provoke?  If you have not already seen this, check out this video of Hillary Clinton stating that, quote, "Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances":  [Video clip]  "Any" means "any".  That would include the (admittedly hypothetical) case of Trump clearly winning in [a] landslide.

Florida Democrat suggests it's 'open season' on killing Republicans and President.  Politics is hardly ever pretty when it comes for folks racing toward an election, and thus that means the election for Florida's 18th congressional district is not immune from the likes of nasty rhetoric from people trying to get a seat at the table.  But when you have people calling for an "open season" for killing your political opponents, then that is where a line has been crossed.  The person who crafted a hypothetical call for murdering the likes of President Trump, Roger Stone and AG Bill Barr is Pam Keith.  This Democrat is vying to land Florida's congressional seat for the 18th district, [...]

Pelosi and Clinton's scare tactics endanger the presidential election and the republic.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the mob, each in their own way, last week increased the risk that we will face a fairly grave constitutional moment.  Mrs. Pelosi, in an unscripted moment, with her usual charm, identified the president and his allies in Congress (one can only assume she meant all the congressional Republicans) as domestic enemies of the United States.  For her part, Mrs. Clinton publicly advised Democratic presidential candidate Jose[h [sic] R. Biden not to concede the election under any circumstances.  The mob attacked a U.S. senator in the street.  In ordinary times, these comments and actions would be remarkable enough and worthy enough of severe approbation.  But in a presidential election cycle in which there is a very real possibility of a contested result, identifying the opposition as domestic enemies, counseling no concessions of any kind and assaulting an elected official merely because he is an elected official amount to material endangerment of the republic.

Gun Sales Smash Records.  Are Americans Preparing For War?  The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports some astonishing figures for gun sales in 2020: [...] The figures show that 58% of all firearms purchases were among women and Black men.  Taken together, the picture that emerges is one of an America getting prepared.  But prepared for what?  When people feel less safe, they make all kinds of decisions they wouldn't make under more normal circumstances.  They buy a gun or join a cause or march in the streets.  They are driven by fear and there are experts who know how to channel that fear to achieve political power.  Both sides are ramping up the fear in advance of the 2020 election.  But unlike past elections, both sides are describing the outcome in apocalyptic terms.  And given current events, people are believing them.  When both sides are saying they won't accept the outcome or that the count is going to be hopelessly fraudulent, the catalyst is present for an explosion of violence.

In Kenosha, The Seeds of Civil War.  [Scroll down]  What did you morons think was going to happen?  That you could continue burning down a small city in middle America without any resistance?  People are going to defend their lives and property sooner or later, you know.  You may have caught a break in that your nemesis turned out to be a 17-year-old you can cancel as a crazed would-be school shooter, but the next incident might very well run your people up against decorated Navy SEALS or Marines or retired cops with unblemished service records.  Or just plain pillars of the community well-versed in firearms.  Particularly in a place like Wisconsin where those with hunting licenses represent a fighting force as large as the army of many a small nation.  The citizenry will eventually fight back.  And when it does, nobody ought to be surprised.  The make-believe revolution must at some point become real.  In Kenosha it became real.  And in real revolutions people get killed, because more than one side is fighting.

Yes, This Is a Revolution.  The battle for the survival of the United States of America is upon us.  It has not come in the form of traditional civil war.  There are no uniformed armies, competing flags, or alternate constitutions.  The great showdown is not being fought within the physical limits of a battlefield.  It is instead happening all around us and directly to us.  It defines our culture, sustains our media, and gives new shape to our public and private institutions.  In this fight, there is no distinction between what was once known as the culture war and politics rightly understood.  The confrontation stretches through time and space, reframing our distant past even as it transforms the horizon, erupting from coast to coast, and constraining our lives in subtle and obvious ways.  And it's happening too fast for us to take its full measure.  For partisans, it often feels as if everything stands or falls on the ideological battles of the day.  But this is different.  This is objectively real, and it's remaking the nation before our eyes.

"This War Can't Be Civil": Berkeley Columnist Calls For "Violent Resistance".  I testified in the Senate about the erosion of free speech and rise of violence on our campuses and in our streets.  Antifa and related groups have succeeded in advancing anti-free-speech agendas as students and faculty justify attacks on those with opposing views.  An example of the growing intolerance can be found in an editorial at the Daily California by staff writer Khaled Alqahtani.  The August 12th column calls for violent resistance and denounced notions of civility in the public debate over racial and economic justice.  In his column entitled "This War Can't Be Civil," Alqahtani mocks those who seek non-violent change and while "quoting Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. about peaceful protest and resistance."

'Our families are starving.  We'll become revolutionary citizens soon'.  A military veteran in Northern California expressed the frustration of many when he addressed elected leaders in a recent public hearing over California's business and social lockdowns.  Carlos Zapata, who owns a martial arts studio in Redding, took the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to task at a public forum this month, saying the coronavirus restrictions are threatening the lives of his and other families.  "At first we sat as concerned citizens, and we all wanted to best figure out how to navigate our way through this COVID thing," he said.  "As we realized that it's not as quite as dangerous as we thought it would be, I was absolutely appalled."  "I'm a business owner and I'm telling you, our families are starving," he continued.  "You guys can sit here with your jobs — you're going to sit here and get paid to fall asleep in your chair like that gentleman's doing behind his mask right there."  "I don't blame you for wearing masks because I would be hiding my face if I was you for what you're doing," he added.  [Video clip]

Veteran Tells County to 'Take The Masks Off,' Says 'It's Not Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer'.  Video footage shows military veteran and business owner Carlos Zapata tongue-lashing the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in Redding, California for invasive mask and lockdown policies related to COVID-19.  In the footage, Zapata reprimands local bureaucrats for their "cowardice," and states, "It's not going to be peaceful much longer" if the county does not reverse its harshest restrictions.  "As you're sitting there with your masks on, I don't blame you for wearing masks, because I'd be hiding my face too if I were you for what you're doing," the military veteran and local business owner noted.

The Case for Trump.  To say the least, there does not appear to be any shared interest or bond of unity underneath contemporary America's bitter Red-Blue divide.  One side loves America, the other hates it — or can tolerate it only for what it might someday become, were the Left's entire program to be enacted without exception.  One faction, or most of it, is religious in the traditional sense; the other invented the god of wokeness, which it worships with Dionysian abandon.  One side speaks only English, the other boasts of the literally hundreds of languages now heard in America's Blue precincts.  One side insists that the ultimate moral imperative is to punish the other — who in turn understand that morality requires fairness and equal justice under law.  What would partisans of either side cite as something they share in common with the other?  The land itself?  But they each go to great lengths not to live anywhere near one another.

The Singularity Is Near.  It's obvious to all, at this point, that factional division is reaching a breaking point in America.  Like a pair of locked-together tectonic plates pulling slowly in opposite directions, the strain has been increasing for a long time now — and when seismic ruptures finally occur, they happen suddenly, and release enormously destructive energies. [...] Secessionist civil wars are those in which one part of a nation wishes to separate itself and go its own way.  Both of the wars fought on American soil, it could be argued, fall into this category:  not only the one we now call "the Civil War," but also the one we proudly refer to as the American Revolution.  Successionist civil wars are conflicts in which factions vie for control of a nation's political system.  In these conflicts the form of the nation is not at issue, just who shall occupy the throne.  History is rich with examples.  Supersessionist civil wars are those in which two factions, with incompatible visions of what the form of the nation should be, vie for sovereignty over the nation's territory.  The French and Russian revolutions were of this type.

The Apocalypse Election.  You can also expect Antifa to play a prominent part in the aftermath of a Trump victory, only with a heavier emphasis on violence.  We know what will happen with a Biden victory, either an acquiescence of Americans to a "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" or a civil war.  We need only look at what is happening today, and what Democrats are already hinting at, almost 90 days out, at what they intend to do when Trump wins.  At this point, an apocalypse is probably unavoidable.

Democrats' 'War Game' for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War.  Democrats are contemplating secession and potential civil war as they game out possible scenarios for a closely contested election, according to a report by Ben Smith in a New York Times column Sunday [8/2/2020].  The bulk of Smith's column is devoted to the question of how the media will handle Election Night coverage, given that the result may not be known for weeks.  Vote-by-mail, which many states have only recently adopted — ostensibly, to prevent the spread of coronavirus in polling places — could lead to an uncertain result.

Liberals, Secession, and "The Other".  Recently there has been an uptick in discussions of secession.  Last week on his #1 radio show, Rush Limbaugh pondered what secession would look like, with California and New York (and some satellite states) leaving the Union.  His reasoning was that the liberal states and the so-called "red" states are so drastically at odds with each other that before long they will have to divide. [...] Now, imagine we just ahead a few years and actually engage in secession.  Violence is inevitable when societies begin to exercise inordinate and unsupported control over their populations.  People will leave.  Think about the Berlin Wall.  It was built to stop the exodus of Germans (and other East Europeans) to the West because the West offered so much more than communism.  No one could just leave the Soviet Union.  If anyone could, most would have.  The same story unfolded in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s.

Defending Ourselves in Case the Country Falls Apart.  In her article "How to Prepare for a Communist Coup," Judith Acosta advises we arm ourselves, build a cache of supplies, be ready to take a stand if necessary, and prepare in the Spirit. [...] In the event of an attempted radical coup in the United States, which some now think a possibility, or to prepare for the chaos that may follow November's election, we should own weapons, know how to use them, and be willing to use them.  We should store survival essentials in our homes — everything from water to canned and dried foods — and then be ready in our hearts to take a stand for freedom.  We should ferret out the truth of things rather than automatically believing the mainstream media, speak for that truth when we can, and for the believers among us, keep our faith in God.  Acosta offers some solid advice in her article about how to prepare for a coming shake-up.

We Are in a Civil War and No One Has Come to Terms With It Yet.  When people think of "civil war" they think of two armies shooting at each other, engaged in a bloody conflict where the winner takes all.  They think of soldiers in recognizable uniforms with identifiable generals.  Looking around our country today, you won't find uniformed men shooting their rifles at one another as trumpets sound and generals scream orders.  Rest assured that despite not seeing these things, we are in a civil war.  It's because you don't see the things history taught you to associate with a civil war that we don't think we're in one.  I've watched many people on both sides of the political aisle scoff at the notion.  I imagine this article will receive a level of derision from my peers.  Nevertheless, you are at war.  The people you are at war with would rather you not think you're being besieged.  In fact, they want you to fight for them by masquerading their efforts as something you, as an American who believes all men are created equal, can't help but fight for.  It's a brilliant tactic.  Getting your enemy to fight for you is a strategy that few would have even seen coming.  Regardless, they are your enemy and with your help, they're attacking on multiple fronts.

Do Burning Cities Mark Start Of Democrats' 'Civil War 2.0'?  It's become obvious to one and all:  The left media and so-called progressive Democrats would rather see urban bonfires than lose to Donald Trump in November.  Asked recently about 59 straight days of protests and violence in Portland, New York Rep. Jerry Nadler called reports of Antifa rioting there a "myth."  Not to be outdone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi likened the federal police sent to quell the disturbances to "Nazis." This is today what passes for leadership in the Democratic Party, which since losing in 2016, has undergone an extreme makeover to become the most radical "mainstream" party in the U.S. in modern times.  To find its equivalent, you'd have to go back to ... let's see, 1860 and 1861, when the very same Democratic Party convinced 11 states to secede from the union, thus setting off the Civil War.

The Seditious Among Us.  By refusing to condemn and, instead, implicitly encouraging the ongoing riots and violence, as well as meekly acquiescing to the demands of the left-wing extremist, the Democrat party establishment, which includes the mainstream media, has exposed their spinelessness for the world to see and signed on to government by mob rule.  The Marxist ideologues in the nation's professoriate, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the media and the extreme left-wing of the Democrat party have unabashedly declared their primary objective is to overthrow the government and radically transform the nation.  Yet, there is no condemnation or repudiation of these goals from Biden, the Democrat party hierarchy or the mainstream media.  By their silence they have wordlessly endorsed sedition. [...] There is but one word to describe this cabal:  traitors.  Not because they wish to see Trump defeated or choose to not vote for him in November but that they are willingly and openly in league with those implacably bent on overthrowing the government and radically transforming the United States.

The Implosion of the Left's Language Circus.  Recent fiascos in Portland and Chicago indicate a dangerous turn for the left.  Portland's mayor let anarchists terrorize the downtown for fifty days, then fueled a psy-op campaign blaming the destruction on Trump.  Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, lashed out at Donald Trump just before hundreds of protesters hurled projectiles at police before a Christopher Columbus statue.  Next, they marched to surround her house, yelling expletives at her.  Conservatives worry, understandably, about whether the public will blame this chaos on Trump.  Many signs indicate that the left's propaganda machine has worked.  As a personal endeavor, I contacted Democratic friends and relatives during June and July to see if we could find common ground.  There exists no common ground.  All the Democrats I know hold Donald Trump personally responsible for the spread of COVID.  They believe that racial violence has increased under Donald Trump.  No Democrat who spoke to me believes there is any rioting in the United States other than white supremacist provocateurs.  They believe that cancel culture is not real, not a problem, and not something that leftists participate in.  They do not believe that the media have any bias.

Democrats continue to lay the groundwork for Resistance II: The Civil War.  It started with Hillary Clinton, who has spent the last three-and-a-half years insisting that she was cheated out of her rightful place in the Oval Office.  Last week, she opined, "Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he's going to go quietly or not."  And then she issued the marching order:  "And we have to be ready for that."  How does one get ready to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States?  After all, the Democrats' Deep State efforts during Trump's first term have failed.  Democrats are therefore getting their ducks in a row for a more aggressive challenge. [...] Now, Rep. Maxine Waters (D., the slums of L.A.) is on the job.  And if you thought Krugman and Pelosi were unhinged, Waters shows that they're rank amateurs.  Waters was on Joy Reid's new "ReidOut" show on MSNBC.  To Waters, when she looks at Portland, it's 1938 in Berlin all over again.

Brace for the Backlash.  According to science, which we recently learned is racist except when it is useful to the libs, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. [...] [T]he radical left, seek to lock in their domination of the culture through physical and social terrorism.  The intended victims — us — are not going to just sit here and take their guff.  They will react.  That reaction, that backlash, has already begun.  And if the left responds by escalating, it could get super ugly. [...] Kosovo was also pretty peaceful until the cultural aggressors changed the rules.  So were Lexington and Concord.  Our goal needs to be to maintain the conflict within the rough bounds of our political process, but unfortunately, the left can decide to take it to another level.  That's when things get real, as in real ugly.

The Age of Conspiracy.  I sometimes think that when future historians look back on our time, they will label it "The Age of Conspiracy."  And there would be some truth to that.  One tends to see conspiracies, plots and secret plans galore, wherever one looks, whether from the perspective of the left or the right.  The left believes that the right is conspiring to promote a fascist takeover of the nation, in line with its presumed colonial history.  The right sees a socialist, if not a communist, conspiracy to ignite a coup against the body politic and its political organization.  There is no possibility of moderating these views.  They are frankly irreconcilable.

What a Second American Civil War Could Look Like.  I fear that there is a looming civil war on the horizon.  It is not yet inevitable, but all true American patriots must be prepared for the coming battle.  And the costs in blood will be heavy.  This war will not be fought like the American Revolution or the Civil War of 1861-65, where disciplined armies observed the laws of war and respected civilian lives.  This war will be waged by far-left radicals and their deep-state puppet masters.  For them, civilian casualties and massacres will not be moral evils, but merely part and parcel of their larger plan to "reconstruct" America.  Their objective is simple: overthrow our constitutional order, destroy our way of life, and deprive us of our freedom, our liberties, our property, and our honor.

Democrats Are Forcing a Civil War.  Leftists are pushing to see how far they can go before the people confront them.  The push for "change only they can believe in" is going to force this country in a series of bloody battles the left cannot win.  Before the economy-killing and unnecessary lockdowns, and the rioting, I would have said the civil war would happen after the election, no matter who won.  Yet, those on the left are not going to allow that grace.  Everything they are doing speaks to a political movement preparing to overthrow a nation.  They think this country is owed to them and they are determined to take it.  Having sidelined or neutered the National Guard and police, the facts on the ground today are Antifa and BLM rioting in most cases unopposed.  They will run rampant in the days and weeks preceding the election unless citizens stand up to them.  It is early, but it seems that more and more people have had enough of their terror tactics.

Is America Heading For Civil War?  Of Course It Is.  In my view, it is clear that the political left has gone so far off the rails into its own cultism that there is no coming back.  There can be no reconciliation between the two sides, so we must separate, or we must fight.  I advocate for separation first for a number of reasons:  First and foremost, conservatives are the primary producers within American culture.  If we leave the leftists to their own devices there is a chance they will simply implode in on themselves and eat each other because they have no idea how to fill the production void.  The recent developments in the defunct CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone are a perfect example.  Those people don't have the slightest clue what they are doing and it shows.  Second, if conservatives separate it provides a buffer that helps defuse future random conflicts.  When you force the two sides into a box together eventually they will find a reason to try to kill each other.

Fight for Freedom.  If there is anything systematic in America today, it is systematic communism.  It permeates every aspect of society.  Communists abound without knowing they are communists.  Ask anyone in state government and they will say they are not a communist, but they work all day enforcing communist principles with relish.  It gives them a sense of individual power to enforce state dictates.  The mask is a symbol of that systematic communism worn by those who do not see the connection, who no longer recognize the individual as supreme, the only way it can be in a republic. [...] They will turn the governments and their police against us.  They will arrest as many as they can.  They will try to disarm us.  They will come after our children.  They will try to inoculate us against our own freedoms.  This will rip this country apart.  Already there are whole states that will enable and come to the aid of communists.  The world we were allowed to enjoy should push us onward in seeking to provide that once again for our children and grandchildren. [...] Our enemies will do what communists always do, establish power and start killing everything.

Nothing Is Off Limits to Defeat Trump.  We are now witnessing the American dream dying on the altar of the left's belief that Barack Obama's election guaranteed an ascendant Democratic Party's eternal governance.  Accordingly, President Trump's election in 2016 was illegitimate.  And as illegitimate, any action taken to end the travesty of Trump's presidency, however violent or undemocratic, would not only be justified but also dutiful.  Democrats concluded that if they must destroy our economy with false lockdowns and open rebellion to regain power, they will do so because they would rather rule in the ashes than be the minority party in a prosperous republic.  As the days dwindle in the runup to November's presidential election, "We the people" appear not to realize that the Democrats will not allow Donald Trump a second term.  Citizens believe we are in the midst of a campaign to win the presidency when what we are really seeing is the open rebellion of civil war.

The Coming Collapse of the Republic.  In keeping with President Reagan's observation, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction," being one election away from tyranny means that not enough people noticed and took action when we were one generation away — or two or three.  Also perhaps overlooked is that being one election away from tyranny now means we'll be one election away after the next election — whatever happens November 3.  The point is that politics being downstream from culture (and, really, from morality, faith and philosophy), this isn't merely a "moment."  It's not a fashion.  It won't just pass.  And we need be prepared for things to come. [...] General Michael Flynn, whom, it's clear, was targeted by the Creep State for being a good man, just warned that if we don't act, two percent of the people are about to control the other 98 percent.  But I'm here to tell you:  Long term, voting won't save us.  Oh, for sure, get out and vote in November as if your life depends on it (because in a way, it does).  But as was the case in 2016, a Trump victory and partial GOP control of Congress only amount to a "stay of execution."  The clock is ticking.

The Fatal Flaw in the Electoral Victory Plan of Democrat Elites.  [Scroll down]  Just as the naïve fools in Germany did not realize that once they accepted Hitler into the political hierarchy the die was cast, neither have the naïve fools among the Democrats' establishment realized that once they allied themselves with the Marxists masquerading as democratic socialists and became willing apologists for their twin militant arms, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that the die is cast.  Whether the Democrat party succeeds or fails to win the White House in November, the elites have lost control of the party in perpetuity.  Thus, the only issue at hand is the reality that if Biden were to win the presidency, these credulous buffoons will be responsible for the nation descending into chaos and potential nationwide civil unrest, as well as obliterating the future for their progeny.  The current Democrat party hierarchy, the media, and the elites in the party are incapable of thwarting the inevitable ultimatums of the radical left.  Further, the left knows that these self-absorbed elitists will cower and surrender in the face of the inevitable violence and aggression fomented by Antifa and Black Lives Matter if they do not get their way.  An unthinkable civil war will no longer be a hypothetical thesis but an escalating reality.

The American You Grew Up In Is Dead And Will Never Return.  There is a reason men and women alike are buying guns and ammunition.  America is in the middle of a revolution, and the violence is just beginning.  These are just skirmishes, and it will get much worse.  In order to avoid the necessity to make the decision to run over people or pull the trigger — there is a lawyer attached to every round you discharge — stay away from crowds.  But that may not be possible in every circumstance.  Study the law, learn to retreat, learn means of self defense, with and without a weapon, learn to use improvised weapons (a vehicle might be one consideration), and most of all, understand that just like the Bolsheviks, there is no peace with these people.  You cannot accommodate them, you cannot appease them, you cannot make them happy, and you cannot compromise with them.  They are your sworn enemy, whether you want them to be or not.  The Marxists have successfully swept through the academy, corporations, the government and churches.  Everything else is just cleanup.  All of the pieces have been put into place, and the war is upon you.

The Old America Is Dead.  Where Do We Go From Here?  Patriotic Americans understand Muley.  Our people, our culture, our history, everything we hold dear, is under relentless attack by the Main Stream Media, politicians, "activists," and kritarchs in the courts, aided and abetted by enemies within, often our own kith and kin, who have internalized the blood-libel Leftist narrative of an irredeemably "racist" America that must be razed to the ground.  "If you know your enemy," wrote Sun Tzu, "and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."  Our enemy, in this case is the globalist Blob and its militant would-be Che Guevaras and LARPing Leninists, the MSM, the bureaucracy, the courts, the big corporations, and the education establishment.  Yet, for the most part, until recently, the Blob has not confronted the Historic American Nation head-on.  The Blob has been patient, killing us by the death of a thousand cuts, taking ground steadily through subversion, using propaganda and misinformation, censorship via Tech Totalitarians, and the slow encroachment of what the late Sam Francis called "anarcho-tyranny," with mass immigration ("the Great Replacement") as its weapon of mass destruction.  The Blob is amorphous, a slippery, slimy thing that probes and gropes its way into whatever social-economic-political cracks it can exploit, eventually englfing its prey like quicksand.  It is also using "hybrid warfare" tactics that have been used before but have gelled with the expansion of mass communications and can quickly conjure up "flash mobs" and distribute "fake news."

Conservatives Are Treated like Second-Class Citizens, and That's Dangerous.  The whole point of the Constitution is to create a social contract whereby each citizen hands over the legitimate use of force to the federal government in exchange for the promise that certain inalienable, God-given rights be guaranteed.  When the federal government fails to protect Americans' free speech and religious worship and does nothing while Democrats in local offices and on the streets deprive Americans of their property and livelihoods under the color of law, shouldn't the federal government be afraid that Americans from Maine to New Mexico might one day wake up and say, "All right, contract cancelled"?

George Floyd and the Fraternal Disorder.  [Scroll down]  It should not matter if BLM or Antifa can rally their communities and create widespread carnage.  In the past, America rightfully committed itself to a civil war in order to bring justice and constitutional protection to a disenfranchised minority.  If necessary, the country could do so again.  No community gets to threaten the safety and stability of society in order to provide cover for the systematic abuse of even a single individual.  Working against us are the corrupt local powers with police departments under their thumb, subverting rule of law for political machinations.  This is the present state of American politics.  The looters, rioters, and murderers of BLM and Antifa run free in cities where politicians estimate a high degree of overlap between their voter base and these groups (such is the case in Minnesota, where the Attorney General is explicitly sympathetic to Antifa).

An Uncivil War.  There is a growing consensus among conservative writers and many individual citizens that America has descended into a condition of virtual civil war.  It is not, or not yet, characterized by military confrontations on a national scale, as in 1861-65, but the facts on the ground strongly suggest a breakdown of civil order:
  •   the irreconcilable conflict between the political left and right;
  •   the belligerence and vituperation that passes for a national "conversation";
  •   sporadic acts of violence, flash mobs and organized riots erupting in every corner of the country;
  •   the dismal lack of local and state leadership;
  •   Orwellian Ministries of Truth, otherwise known as digital platforms, controlling and censoring information;
  •   a rabid feminist network intent on destabilizing cultural traditions and mores;
  •   a president betrayed by his own generals and party senators;
  •   a rogue enclave set up by malcontents and domestic terrorists in the middle of an American city;
  •   and racial mayhem fomented and exploited by a class of partisan criminals. Whether or not we call this situation the preliminary stages of civil war or simply massive social unrest and cutthroat politics may be only a matter of terminology.

How to Fight the Woke...and Win.  [#12] Support secession.  Let's be honest, the time has come for some areas in the U.S. to be allowed to go and build their desired Woketopia.  We should let them go — not just figuratively, but literally.  After all, the United States are indeed states, but they are not united.  And secession is the only peaceful and moral long-term solution to the division in America.  The other alternatives are continuing political and cultural war — with serious violence being a real possibility — or total political and cultural submission for one side or the other.  But the former option is worse than secession, and the latter one is immoral.  Moreover, it is just wrong that every four years, nearly half the country is shaking in fear at the prospect that the other side might win the election.  Not to mention that such fear is a sign — a big, bright neon sign — that two groups of people so culturally and morally different should no longer be together.  Thus, to defeat the Woke peacefully but permanently, secession is the only real answer.  And if America is truly an idea, then it is an idea that can be recreated anywhere, even in a newly formed country.

A tale of two Americas.  [Scroll down]  The yawning chasm between our bicoastal ruling class and the Americanists of the heartland has never been more starkly revealed. [...] The fraying of America into two discordant, silently warring tribes underscores all the nationwide mayhem of the past two weeks.  One tribe looks at the societal uproar and sees a decadeslong strive toward fuller equality and justice; the other tribe looks at the chaos and sees a ruinous and self-destructive breakdown of law and order.  But those in the former camp cannot plausibly claim to understand the grievances of the latter camp if their most prestigious arbiter of opinion refuses to consider the latter's median viewpoint to be within the window of tolerable opinions for polite society.

It Is Time To Face The Facts.  We Cannot Be United.  One of the first articles I wrote for The Daily Wire was a typically optimistic and cheerful piece titled "The United States Of America No Longer Exists."  It was not met with a warm reception by many readers, who understandably found it to be a tad bleak.  Three years later, it brings me no pleasure to say, "I told you so."  My basic thesis in that piece was that our country, though existing still as a legal and geographic entity, cannot be meaningfully described as "united."  We have nothing but the law and the land holding us together anymore.  That is not enough to make a nation or a people.  There needs to be something else.  Some uniting principle.  Some defining commonality that binds us.  If we are going to be united, we must be united around something or by something.  Today, all of this holds true, only more so.  The key difference between now and three years ago is that we no longer have the law.  Between the unconstitutional lockdowns and the sudden abandonment of those policies in order to allow rampaging leftist mobs to wreak havoc in the streets for weeks on end, the rule of law has broken down.

Crystal clear differences between the left and the right.  The crisis of the coronavirus-induced economic lockdown and now the violent protests in the streets have unleashed a depression-level financial crisis and unprecedented human suffering — especially in our inner cities.  These events have also exposed a Grand Canyon-sized chasm that now separates how the left and the right see America today. [...] [Example #11] The right wants to make America look like Florida and Texas.  The left wants the rest of the nation to look like New York and Illinois — which are crumbling from rioting, lockdowns, high taxes and an accelerating stampede of businesses leaving the state.

'We Need to Have a Conversation'.  Recently, the ability to "have a conversation," let alone actually solve a problem, has shriveled like a piece of rotting fruit. [...] Some common ground needs to exist.  We need to operate on a mutual moral foundation.  Do we agree that murder is wrong?  Or is it only wrong when it's a white person killing a black person?  Is it okay when the black victim has yet to be born?  Is it wrong to steal?  What with cities refusing to prosecute thieves, private property may no longer be a community value.  With massive stealing during these riots, and no repercussions, it appears that some new nuances in our understanding of theft have happened without our notification.  When a Seattle city councilwoman can say, "I don't know why people are upset about looting," then what is there to talk about?  America was built on the common urge to create a free society, one in which the needs of the individual and the needs of a smooth-running community were in balance.  People shared a reverence for dignity and decency and productivity.  But what happens when a large and loud faction of the society sees no value at all in these things?  When people parade down the streets of a city in various states of undress, performing various deviant sex acts as they go?  When people are willing to just sit around and let others support them?  When demanding respect instead of earning it becomes the norm?  There's just nothing to say.

A Deliberately Bankrupted America.  In Minneapolis, under the leadership of Mayor Jacob Frey, the police are there to keep your nonessential business shut down because of COVID-19, but not to protect your life's work from the anarchists.  In Washington D.C., the mayor at first refused to use city police to protect the White House and our nation's monuments.  Arlington county withdrew its police from D.C., when they saw their officers help the President cross the street during the protests.  To some, the real problem is the political opposition, not the rioting. [...] Our country is deeply divided and hurting economically, educationally, morally, and spiritually.  But division is in the interests of some of our political leaders.  Why unify, when division makes your supporters more passionate?  Why build, when it is much easier to tear down?

Democrats at War.  Lives and our democracy are definitely in danger.  But the danger comes from a Democrat Party that is at war with their country and willing to aid and abet a terrorist force, Antifa, whose clearly stated purpose is the destruction of the country.

The coming death of America.  I have been so appalled and horrified by the events of the past three months, culminating in the riots and brutal violence and looting this past week, that I have found myself unable to express myself.  I stand for freedom, for justice, for equal protection under law, and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, fundamental documents that more than any philosophical tract ever written outline the most just way to run a country.  That country however appears to be dying, fast.  It strongly appears that a large plurality, maybe even a majority, no longer believes in these ideals.

'Resistance' Has Become Insurrection.  Make no mistake: we are at an inflection point in U.S history, one that's already blown past the political and race riots and Hong Kong flu of 1968 and is barreling toward Fort Sumter, Shiloh, and Antietam.  For decades, a number of blue states have been in open defiance of federal law, especially regarding drugs and immigration.  They've created "sanctuary" cities, and have refused cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), resulting in needless deaths of many Americans.  And they don't care.  Today, from their bastions in New York City, Albany, Los Angeles, Sacramento, California, Chicago, and Lansing, Michigan, they have openly trashed the First Amendment's guarantees of the free exercise of religion and peaceable assembly in deliberate overreaction to COVID-19, while simultaneously finding a "right" to violent mass protest and property destruction.  They are no longer demanding a "redress of grievances" — they see the country as the grievance itself.  Designating the masked cowards of Antifa as terrorists is a good first step.  It will give the feds valuable new tools to put them away.  But neither should the feds shrink from confrontation.  This is no time to play patty-cake with the rainbow coalition of terror now being visited upon us.  The only thing violent thugs understand is overwhelming force, brutally applied — a principle that Grant and William T. Sherman came to understand in their conduct of the Civil War.

It's an insurrection, no longer just protests.  The Republic is in the greatest peril since the Civil War.  A grand coalition of its enemies is taking advantage of the weakness and frustration created by the lockdown of the economy and ordinary life, the protests triggered by video of lethal barbaric cruelty of a then-police officer, and the economic desperation and frustration that has multiplied over a quarter century of de-industrialization and widening class divisions as globalization has transformed our economy.

Communist Spring Sprouts in Minneapolis.  This is the stuff of revolution.  Don't let any of the promoters of Antifa try and tell you that they do not support the riots in the cities across the US. They have supported these proponents of communism for the past several years.  Usually, these Antifa troopers, who are nothing other than the military wing of the Democrat Party, served them well while countering all manner of conservative protests, especially anything having to do with Donald Trump.  That Antifa took their role seriously as revolutionaries and now fail to see why Democrat run cities should be excepted on their list of targets is simply amusing.  Antifa usually operates well in and near public universities, but more so when school is on and they can organize on campus, which is their MO, but they have strident supporters across the nation, nurtured by Democrat governors and mayors who sought to employ them as counter protesters to conservative opposition to Democrat policies.  Whenever the right came out against something, Antifa was there to provide cover for these Democrat governors and mayors, but not when they smell the opportunity to advance their sole objective of installing communism across the US.

The Fog Is Lifted.  The fog of war.  It's real.  It's been hiding the truth that civil war has been upon us for years now. [...] Now the hard left has opened up another front for us to fight.  The leftists are trying to scare us with violence dressed up as racial protest.  They are using the horrible death of George Floyd to foment racial division.  They want us to believe that these are organic protests, when they are fomented by Antifa and paid for by George Soros.  Oh, for sure, there are common looters joining them, but this is the leftists' plan:  foment violence so they can once again claim that Trump is causing violence in America — and deal the race card as hard as they can.  America, understand one thing:  this is a civil war, one that is upon us from the hard left.  It is stoked by leftist leadership, stoked by leftist media toadies, and unfortunately bought by too many of the Democrat Party voters.  Do not be deceived:  the war has one end, and one end only: the removal of Donald Trump and his coalition and the ascendance of the hard left to power and dominance.

Carlson: Liberal Media Are 'Thrilled' with Division, Want People to 'Hate One Another'.  Between Wednesday [5/27/2020] and Thursday nights, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson was in rare form when discussing the riots in Minneapolis supposedly in appropriate response to the heinous, police-involved killing of African-American man George Floyd.  Carlson didn't mince words, noting that "news organizations like CNN" want Americans to "hate one another" and wondering if liberals would still support rioting if it involved destruction of their property.  On Wednesday night, he reminded viewers of how "[r]ioting is a form of tyranny" and "oppression," but "CNN welcomes it, however, in fact encourages it" since rioters are instead called "protesters."  Carlson added (as he would on Thursday): "America is a diverse country.  Diverse countries only survive if the groups within them can coexist peacefully and thankfully, almost everybody in America wants to coexist peacefully."  However, he noted that liberal media outlets like CNN don't seem keen on that: "[N]ews organizations like CNN do not want that and that's why every day they work hard to fan racial resentment to make different groups distrust and hate one another."

Across the Wide, Growing American Divide.  Red- and blue-state America was already divided before the coronavirus epidemic hit.  Globalization had enriched the East Coast and West Coast corridors but hollowed out much in between.  The traditional values of small towns and rural counties were increasingly at odds with postmodern lifestyles in the cities.  There were, of course, traditionalists in blue states.  And lots of progressives live in red states.  But people increasingly self-segregate to where they feel at home and where politics, jobs and culture reflect their tastes.  The ensuing left/right, liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican divide not only intensified in the 21st century, it also took on a dangerous geographical separatism.  The coasts vs. the interior reflects two Americas — often in a manner similar to the old Mason-Dixon line that geographically split the U.S. for roughly a century.

Two Americas:  Lockdown Left vs.  Re-open Right.  According to a CBS News/YouGov poll released Thursday, 88% of Democrats believe the top priority of America is to "stay home, slow virus spread."  Only 12% said the top priority should be "back to work, get economy going."  Sixty-two percent of Republicans, on the other hand, favored getting the economy going as the top priority, while 38% felt staying at home is the top priority.  Put another way, the net difference between Democrats and Republicans on what the top priority of the country should be is 50 percentage points.

13 May LA County Supervisors:  Flashpoint for the Second American Revolution?  The LA County Board of Supervisors announced on May 12th a three-month extension of lock down or stay-at-home orders.  The LA Times concurrently reported that LA County's death toll stood at 1,613, which is said to be over half of the total for the entire state of California.  California has an estimated population of around 40 million people.  Which means coronavirus deaths in California represent around 0.000075 [percent] of the population, or about one thousandth of one percent.  And for this, all of Los Angeles will be subject to three more months of lockdown.  This is absurd and outrageous on its face.  Lethality rates for Covid-19 based on actual data do not justify this action in any way, shape, manner or form.  There isn't a shred of any 'science' backing up this decision; just political blather about insufficient testing making it too dangerous to conclude the worst is over.

Our Endangered Transfer of Power.  In a country so divided it's now a weakness our enemies can play to, President Trump joined his two immediate predecessors to become the third U.S. president in a row plagued by widespread illegitimacy claims.  The 2016 election is still perceived by many as tarnished by foreign intervention, and saw voters spontaneously take to the streets in protest of the results, violence during the inauguration, and multimillionaire entertainers campaigning openly for state electors to ignore the public and overturn the results of the election.

Ruling Class Wants Your Face In The Dirt Begging For Handouts.  The Ruling Class is doing everything possible to drag our country into a total state of bloody anarchy and destruction by exploiting the Chinese Virus.  The Ruling Class is trying to destroy our Republic and replace it with a Communist government like China.  If allowed to continue, we will have a revolt that will kill a large multiple of the 500,000 lives lost in our Civil War.  Signs of discontent by the people are everywhere, and increasing.  Facts are clear, the Ruling Class will kill those who do not bow down in poverty, slavery, and total submission to brutal Communism.

No, we're not all in this together.  Wanna see how we are all in this together?  Try watching the daily White House briefings in Real Time for the past month or so.  The Hyena Media is all in this together, that's for sure: every day is a new adventure in entrapment and "gotcha-ism".  No, we haven't "all been in this together" since November 2016.  You see, if "we were really all in this together" there would not have been a knee-jerk reactionary #Resistance driving a wedges between us since The Get Go. [...] The Speaker of the House would not have torn up the President of the United States SOTU address and flipped it onto the chamber floor.  If we were all in this together the Mainstream Corporate Press, Hollywood and Big Tech would not be pushing Chinese Propaganda about the Chinese Virus.  A country where "we're all in this together" pulls together after a contentious election and doesn't defame The Other Side as Nazi Fascist Haters.  Daily, on multiple platforms, for years on end.

Protests show 'two Americas' — those who lost their jobs and those still getting paid.  [T]he country has been shut down for about a month, and we're seeing cracks start to form.  While some epidemiologists are talking about keeping things closed down for months longer, we're also seeing growing public protests around the nation, as people call for restarting things.  Others shame them as "virus deniers" and accuse the protesters of wanting people to die.  But it's hard not to notice a class divide here.  As with so many of America's conflicts, the divide is between the people in the political/managerial class on the one hand and the people in the working class on the other.  And as usual, the smugness and authoritarianism are pretty much all on one side.

Dangerous Distinction.  [Scroll down]  In the interest of public safety, many have tolerated the lockdown, but that limited leash is reaching its end.  Michigan has found a way to resist the communist nature of its governor and that method of resistance should continue and grow across the nation, putting more and more pressure on the oppressive governments to rescind their communist orders.  It does not undo the damage already done.  By once forfeiting the right to make such decisions on our own, we cannot reclaim them without force.  That is the ultimate question to be answered by patriots.  We have now seen communism demonstrated on these shores, the black hand of Marx spread throughout the states.  We have enough evidence of their intent and their methods to determine what they have in mind.  It is ours to start dismantling these forces peacefully, or not.

East and West Coast Blue States Team Up To Begin Economic Civil War.  It seemed clear several weeks ago this was going to happen.  East coast blue state governors and West coast blue state governors are uniting to begin the economic civil war planning to block any White House effort to re-open the U.S. economy.  The founders planned for this in Article I, Sec 10 (paragraph 3):  "No state shall, without the consent of Congress, ... enter into any agreement or compact with another state".  The three step plan seems predictable:  (1) Get out ahead of President Trump.  (2) Defy the 'all clear' and shape economic benefit to their political allies.  (3) Then use Fauci's upcoming dossier to hit the administration for heartlessly opening the economy too early.

Trump Derangement Pandemic.  The anti-Trump fervor is so intense that it has divided the nation into two alien camps until there is hardly any longer a national conversation or a united front in the face of the deadly contagion.  For anyone not in thrall to anti-Trump obsessions, the spectacle of Trump hatred is unfathomable.  It's not that the criticisms of President Trump are harsh, but that they veer on the lunatic, making communication with those who voice them impossible.  It is why the national conversation and a semblance of national unity in the face of threats seem almost hopeless.

Gavin Newsom Declares California a "Nation-State," Suggesting It is Independent of Federal Authority.  Look, either formally secede — with my enthusiastic Bon voyage! — or get ready for invocation of the Insurrection Act and civil war by the usual means.  We're not going to have this [nonsense] where every state has to buckle under leftwing federal diktats but that liberal states are free to secede-in-part whenever the federal government is not leftwing.  If America isn't working for you anymore — Leave.  We can work out the details later.  I suggest that all border counties be permitted to vote to leave or stay on a county-by-county basis.  We don't need to keep states intact when we're dividing the country.  Then I suggest we mutually agree that any citizen of one America has the right to move to the other America as a citizen within five years of division.  After five years, you're a foreign immigrant like any other, and the countries can choose to accept or reject your request for citizenship as they like.  The five year period will permit a lot of self-sorting.

The Hamptons is seeking a travel ban... from NYC.  Yesterday [3/28/2020] we discussed the fact that the Governor of Rhode Island had sought legal advice as to whether or not she could close the borders of her state to people arriving from New York City, effectively instituting a travel ban on people who live in or had visited Gotham.  That turned out not to be possible because of pesky constitutional considerations.  But what if a governor wanted to set up such a ban inside of their own state?  That's a question that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have to deal with this week.  It's not just people in Rhode Island and Connecticut who are upset about a flood of Big Apple residents invading their neighborhoods.  Out on Long Island, residents of the tony coastal region known as the Hamptons are equally bothered.  They don't need a bunch of potentially contagious city slickers coming by and getting everyone sick down at the yacht club.

We Already Are In A Civil War, Just Using WMD Instead Of Lead Balls.  Since the beginning of the Obama administration, the loss of our freedom was being planned.  The stockpiling of weapons for every agency of the Federal government, the weaponization of the media, the destruction of our institutions, the opening of our borders, the waves of illegal migrants invading the West on two continents at the same time (they really think you'll believe that was just a coincidence), the destruction of our education system, all were designed and executed in the name of wokeness.  Just as in our previous civil war, where the South sought the help of the French, the Left is in bed with communist China, who have stealthily usurped our economic and military might while their Marxist protégées destroyed America from the inside.

What the left is destroying goes far beyond politics and the economy.  It is clear that reconciliation with the left is a pipedream!  They reject reciprocal respect, based on a mutual agreement about human nature.  They can't have it both ways.  They can't demand our politeness while we are insulted by them.  They can't fabricate "crimes", knock together "evidence" and call it "justice", as Sidney Powell exposes. [...] They can't butcher the record to fit in with their slanted ideology and pretend it's "history".  They can't stake out adolescent absurdity as the correct response to the world, and expect us not to interrogate their wisdom.  If honorableness in communication is the shining standard we aim for between human beings, it has suffered the same fate as every other aspect of culture the left touches.  It's been destroyed.

The Real Reason Why Such Elderly People Run America.  America now has two oppositional and incompatible paradigms of national identity:  the foundational paradigm One nation under God vs. the modern summative Our diversity is our strength.  One nation under God encapsulates America's true, eternal, and viable understanding of identity and purpose.  Though implicitly a statement of theistic faith, the identity "One nation under God" does not involve an individual test of religion or belief.  It does imply an individual responsibility to maintain the unity of the nation as a constitutional republic.  On the other hand, Our diversity is our strength (ODIOS) sounds virtuous, but it is a self-destructive and ultimately suicidal ethos of national identity.  The word diversity comes from the same root as division, divisiveness, divorce.  ODIOS is a godless formulation that literally means that the states and traits dividing us up are the most important thing about us.

Governor Cuomo Threatens Rhode Island With Lawsuit Over NY Quarantine Policy.  Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) threatened Governor Gina Raimondo (D-RI) with a lawsuit over a new state quarantine policy, which would involve using the police and National Guard to track down people fleeing to Rhode Island from New York and forcing them to self-quarantine.  "We're talking to Rhode Island now.  If they don't roll back that policy, I'm going to sue Rhode Island," Cuomo said on CNN Saturday evening, reports the radio station 101Wins.  "No state should be using police to limit interstate travel."

'We should blow up the bridges' — coronavirus leads to class warfare in Hamptons.  It's all-out class warfare in the Hamptons.  The year-round residents, the locals who serve and clean and landscape for the super-rich in the summertime — and put up with all manner of entitlement and terrible behavior in exchange for good money — are silent no more.  "There's not a vegetable to be found in this town right now," says one resident of Springs, a working-class pocket of East Hampton.  "It's these elitist people who think they don't have to follow the rules."  It's not just the drastic food shortage out here.  Every aspect of life, most crucially medical care, is under strain by the sudden influx of rich Manhattanites panic-fleeing, bringing along their disdain and disregard for the little people — and in some cases, knowingly bringing coronavirus.

Are We a Nation of Bigots?  Pundits of all political stripes are taking note of the fact that the 2020 election is bringing to the fore just how deep and bitter are the cultural divisions within our nation.  The glaring decline in political comity rivals that of the days leading up the Civil War.  While the political divide is obvious and bitter, the growing religious divide is also increasingly obvious, and, perhaps, this development has been a stronger factor in the social and cultural divisions of the American public than has been previously acknowledged.

Balkanization of America Accelerating Faster Than Expected.  Because of our open-door policy for the past 55 years, we're being balkanized to death.  This past week, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle said, "I hope Trump is assassinated."  To make such a call constitutes "treason" but since she's a minority, she gets a pass.  Another woman in my State of Colorado, Denver Councilwoman Candi de Baca said, "If I get the coronavirus, I am going to attend as many MAGA rallies as I can."  In other words, she would deliberately infect anyone who doesn't hold her views.  Also a minority, she enjoys immunity.  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said, "Trump is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot."  That statement condemns half the American public that voted for Trump.  It enflames half the American people.  When a national leader attacks SO virulently, it incites civil unrest, social anger, racial animosity and cultural chaos.  It's poor behavior and a dangerous example for our young people.

Tired of Being Mocked?  America has broken down into two different countries.  One lectures us, mocks us, and lies to us.  It is about to experience four more years of us.

The Civil War is Here.  A civil war has begun.  This civil war is very different than the last one.  There are no cannons or cavalry charges.  The left doesn't want to secede.  It wants to rule.  Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority.  The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn't control.  The left has rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans.  It has rejected the judicial authority of the Supreme Court when it decisions don't accord with its agenda.  It rejects the legislative authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the left.  It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.  It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama.  And now it's for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow.

Texas Sues California Over Economic Sanctions on Religious States.  One of the more bizarre elements of our cold civil war is California's imposition of economic sanctions on any states that provide any element of religious freedom.  California has currently imposed economic sanctions on eleven states.  And then it messed with Texas.

So much for E Pluribus Unum.
Ossoff: We Need to Beat Trump Backers So Badly They Can't Show Their Faces in Public.  Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff (D.) told a crowd earlier this month that Democrats needed to defeat President Donald Trump's backers so badly that they wouldn't be able to show their faces in public.  "We need to send a message this year," Ossoff said.  "We need to send a message that if you indulge this kind of politics, you're not just going to get beat.  You're going to get beaten so bad you can never run or show your face again in public, because we have had enough, absolutely enough of what we are getting from Donald Trump and his fellow travelers right now."  He made the remarks at a Jan. 19 Democratic candidate forum in Dunwoody, a northern suburb of Atlanta.

Documents: Extremist group wanted rally to start civil war.  A hidden camera captured members of a white supremacist group expressing hope that violence at a gun rights rally in Virginia this week could start a civil war, federal prosecutors said in a court filing Tuesday [1/21/2020].  Former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews also videotaped himself advocating for killing people, poisoning water supplies and derailing trains, a prosecutor wrote in urging a judge in Maryland to keep Mathews and two other members of The Base detained in federal custody.  But the 27-year-old Canadian national didn't know investigators were watching and listening when he and two other group members talked about attending the Richmond rally in the days leading up to Monday's event, which attracted tens of thousands of people and ended peacefully.

Democrats Seek Civil War, But Will Get Revolution.  Democrats conspired with foreign agents, lied, cheated, and denied due process to Donald Trump.  If they were willing to do that to a duly elected president in order to obtain power, what should Americans expect them to do to them should they refuse attempts to be disarmed?  Democrats understand that an armed America can say, "No!"  And they can't have that.  If they want to radically change the America extant for more than two centuries, they need to first disarm Americans.  And they realize asking nicely is not going to accomplish this.  Therefore, the ever-equable Democrats have suffered a recrudescence of their desire for the disease of civil war... a disease that has lain dormant for more than 160 years.  Democrats will do their utmost to create a situation where blood is spilled and lives are lost to engender this war.

How Do Civil Wars Happen.  Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country.  And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree that elections are how you decide who's in charge.  That's the basic issue here. [...] What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean?  It means they don't accept the results of any election that they don't win.  It means they don't believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections.  That's a civil war.  There's no shooting.  At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice.  But the Democrats have rejected our system of government.  This isn't dissent.  It's not disagreement[.]  You can hate the other party.  You can think they're the worst thing that ever happened to the country.  But then you work harder to win the next election.  When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don't win, what you want is a dictatorship.

GOP senators: don't overthink impeachment scam.  Like poison, cowardice flows through the GOP's bloodstream.  Trump does not fit their mold because he is fearless and speaks his mind.  He's not one of them.  It hurts my ears to hear conservative pundits say that we need the Democrat party as some sort of loyal opposition, so they can "reach across the aisle."  No more neutrality.  It is now clear from the recent Project Veritas recording that the leftists at the Bernie campaign (and no doubt everywhere else) intend to destroy this nation by violence, if necessary.  There really is a civil war going on.

Can the Union Endure?  At this point, Red and Blue America are not even speaking the same language.  We stand near the point of what divorce lawyers term "irreconcilable differences."  In increasingly strident and self-assured tones, the Left believes it is morally superior, intellectually untouchable, and wholly justified in pursuing whatever extralegal, corrupt, or violent methods available to implement their ideology. [...] [After the split,] America could focus on God, freedom, family, and productivity.  Wokestan could focus on socialism, homeless encampments, needle programs, and post-birth abortions.  A wall would surely be built, either by us to keep them out, or by them to keep them in.  The third option is civil war.  Suffice to say, victory in such a war would be a foregone conclusion.  Antifa punks fancy themselves brave while terrorizing progressive cities whose socialist mayors green light their thuggery, but when met with actual force they always skitter away.  In a civil war, during which the American side will enjoy the support and firepower of the vast majority of the military, the police, the food and energy sectors, most of the blue-collar class, and over 100 million gun owners, it's doubtful gaggles of black-masked, androgynous incels would offer much "resistance."

Cynics on the road ahead for federal law enforcement.  When laws seem not to apply to those who create or enforce them, skepticism can turn into cynicism.  If left unresolved, cynicism can move toward a critical mass that, when met, bids trouble for the fate of a nation.

Don't Look Away.  [Scroll down]  We try to be polite when the time for politeness is long past.  You can't be polite with someone who hates you and wishes to destroy everything that you build your society on.  You have to speak out and loudly, before it comes to blood on the streets.  Because if you don't it will come to blood on the streets.  It will come to blood on the streets when they optimize their fraud machine (they're already doing it.  Look at all the felons who've had their voting rights restored in the last couple of years) and slip Hillary in under the wire as the "moderate" choice.  Or worse, they actually run Sanders.  Are you ready for the first openly communist president of the US?  What will he swear on?  Das Kapital?  And what will he swear to do?  NOT defend the constitution.  We do know that.  And it will come to blood on the streets if we actually rise up and vote in unheard of numbers and the fraud can't catch up to us.  There will be blood.  They'll start it.  (Which mind you is preferable to us starting it.)

Corrupt Democrats Pushing America toward the Abyss.  [Scroll down]  Political deterrence was shattered under Obama.  This is what is largely driving the revolutionary spirit that has taken hold in this country.  Democrats feel entitled to complete power and violently act out when that power is checked.  At the same time, conservatives are furious when they see an America that has two sets of rules and norms, in which the best way to never be held accountable for anything is to declare yourself a Democrat.  When unelected liberal bureaucrats believe they have the right to remove an elected president, anger continues to boil.  Add in a side of removing borders and favoring non-citizens over citizens, and you have the perfect recipe for this very dangerous place America is at right now.  The revolutionary divide will continue to build and will result in some form of civil war if deterrence is not restored.

Luongo: Pelosi's Coup Attempt Is Now Open Warfare, "There Will Be Casualties".  The Democrats declared war this week.  Not on Donald Trump but on the United States and the Constitution.  What started as a coup to overturn the 2016 election has now morphed into a Civil War as Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Fran-feces) presided over the passage of a bill which creates a clear Constitutional Crisis.  And that means we have multiple factions vying for control of our government, the definition of a Civil War. [...] [Joe] Biden was put in charge of Ukraine by President Obama.  He had full discretion on policy towards Ukraine and was caught on tape bragging about doing exactly what the impeachment article is accusing Trump of doing.  Shaking Ukraine down for favors in order to get $1 billion in aid.

It's not a coup.  It's a civil war.  At least since the 1960s, a faction of people have been looking for a chance to make our government conform to what they think it should be.  This faction has identified itself in many ways, and its members always embrace Marxist ideals with a top-down government run by a few.  A "law-based" government, on the other hand, would have a constitution to protect the rights of the minority from the "tyranny" of the majority.  That is what the United States of America is: a law-based government founded on the belief that those working in government are employees of the people, and not that the people are subservient to them.  And all decisions are to be based on our agreement to form such a government — that is, as spelled out in our Constitution.  When a group, no matter how large or small, decides it wants to step beyond the constitutional means for changing the government and change it to fit their own ideals of government, and superimpose those ideals on everybody else, we have a true conflict.  If that conflict cannot be resolved to their satisfaction through the instrumentalities of the provisions to do so, and so they decide to overthrow it and replace it with their own views or ideas, we have a war.  We have those circumstances playing out before our eyes (and ears).

Speaker Pelosi Declares a Coup Against President Trump.  Nancy Pelosi transparently announced a coup against President Trump on Thursday morning, Dec. 5, 2019, a date which will live in political infamy.  There was never any doubt that the House of Representatives will vote on a strictly partisan basis to impeach the president, but it could not have been foreseen that Pelosi would frame that approaching act as a naked power grab.  Yet that is exactly what she did.  In opening her announcement to draft impeachment charges by quoting the Declaration of Independence, she acknowledged more plainly than ever before that she is taking a revolutionary act, that she is overthrowing the established order and that, in modern terms, she has launched a coup. [...] This impeachment is not a unifying act like the joining together of 13 Colonies against a common enemy, but rather the tearing asunder of a union into separate camps much like the rebellion that Abraham Lincoln encountered in 1861.

Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War.  Civil war becomes likelier with every passing day.  With the failure of the doddering Mueller's Democrat-inspired coup attempt, the disaster of Schiff's impeachment hoax, and Nadler's Wednesday hearing comprised of angry leftist academics, the country has learned a valuable lesson; the Democrats will never accept Trump as the duly elected president — no matter how much of a landslide he wins by in 2020.  And as Michael Walsh has pointed out.  "They never stop, they never sleep, they never quit."  Unbridled hatred will do that. [...] When the enemy stands between those with blinding hatred in their hearts and the power they crave, there is nowhere else for them to go but to war.  There is just one problem with their strategy, Americans see what the Democrats have planned for them.  Americans understand what is coming.

Thankful for 'foresight,' but can we stop this potential second Civil War?  Organized Antifa terrorism is spreading around the country.  People are brutally assaulted on the streets for their political views by crazed, brainwashed leftists.  Marxist political parties and their calls for revolution are gaining serious traction among young people, especially on college campuses.  Fake leftist news coverage incites anger and demonizes conservatives and any organization that does not march in lockstep with radicals' latest social justice demands.  The First and Second Amendments are under attack and are in mortal danger of being effectively repealed as soon as the left wields the requisite power, legitimately or otherwise.  High emotions, violent reactions, riots, and protests are guaranteed to boil over in 2020.  And according to a poll released last month, the average voter already believes the U.S. is approaching the verge of a civil war.

The Hate and Anti-Intellectualism of the Modern Democratic Party.  Bill Maher recently played the role of a broken clock and stumbled upon a truth.  He noted that America is potentially heading toward a civil war due to rising anger on both sides of the political aisle.  This is a true sentiment, although he misdiagnoses the cause and effect.  Runaway hate, growing violence, and anti-American extremism on the Left have triggered a rise in righteous anger on the right.  Should President Donald Trump win re-election in 2020, everyone paying attention believes that this will serve as a triggering event that will result in a serious spasm of violence.  Maher immediately followed up his call for ramping back the incendiary language that now defines the political discourse by calling Republicans the equivalent of hate-filled anti-intellectuals.  His idea of offering understanding of Republicans is to say that they are even more hateful than stupid, people to perhaps be pitied instead of despised.

Are We Headed Toward a Second Civil War?  Even if the military withheld its most destructive weapons, a modern hot civil war would be disastrous on a scale that's barely imaginable.  It's a prospect no sane person wants, even on the fringes of the right or the left.  Yet, in today's polarized age, most people now genuinely believe civil war to be a very real possibility.  An October Georgetown Institute poll found that the average American believes we are "two-thirds of the way to the edge of a civil war," while a solid majority believes that "political, racial, and class divisions are getting worse."  From where I'm sitting, it sure seems that way, and it's a topic that's getting an increasing amount of coverage in the media from both conservative and liberal perspectives.

Democrats Hate America.  This won't surprise anyone who has been paying attention, but there is a stark difference between the parties:  Republicans love America, while Democrats can't stand her. [...] If you hate your country, there is a party for you!  You are a Democrat.  If you love your country, you have only one plausible home:  you are a Republican.  Never has this difference been so clear.

What the University of Alabama's football stadiums tells us about Trump's popularity.  America is dividing into two nations, one based in coastal and a few inland urban areas, full of hatred for President Trump and his supporters, and the rest of the country that largely supports him and cheers "USA, USA!" when he enters an arena.  It's sad, but that's where we are right now.

Why 300,000 Texans Want to Secede.  "We have to decide," Daniel Miller told me, speaking Texan to Texan:  "What is right for our people?  Do Texans, at a fundamental level, want the right to be governed by themselves?" [...] He is the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, which is devoted to ending Texas's nearly 175-year experiment with membership in the United States of America.  The group, which claims some 300,000 members, demands a referendum on secession and, after what Miller predicts will be an "inevitable" vote to leave, the declaration of an independent Republic of Texas.

Civil War Begins When the Constitutional Order Breaks Down.  Here is a quick template for how we might more usefully decipher how this nation gets to another civil war.  It is arranged as a short series of questions:  [#1] What is civil war?  [#2] Why do political-constitutional orders sometimes breakdown, rather than simply transform in response to change?  [#3] How is violence essential to constitutional and political resolution?  [#4] How close is the U.S. to such a break down, and its consequences?  What is civil war?  Civil war is, at root, a contest over legitimacy.  Legitimacy — literally the right to make law — is shorthand for the consent of the citizens and political parties to abide by the authority of a constitutional order.  Civil war begins when this larger political compact breaks down.

Is the USA headed for a violent revolt in 2020?  The Left is a cornered, rabid wolf, unhinged, immoral, and violent.  There is literally nothing these people will not do to retain and expand their power over you.  Whichever way the 2020 presidential election goes, the losing side will be in an uproar.  The 2016 election may be but a mild prelude to what will happen.  Remember that even after the final vote had been cast and counted, the Left fought tooth and nail to overturn the results, even openly offering bribes to electors to vote "faithlessly."  Leftists have never stopped opposing the outcome.  They will absolutely not accept another Trump win.  As for the right, our main fear is voter fraud.  Democrats have been relentless in their opposition to any safeguards against it.  If there is any evidence of voter fraud, a Trump loss will be blamed on it.

Linking Incompatibles Is the Left's Stock-in-Trade.  Any clear-sighted observer can see that America is now undergoing its most severe crisis of legitimacy since the Civil War of 1861-1865. The Democrat Party has gone hard left, the education system is indoctrinating the young with a socialist syllabus as extensive and invariant as the Nazi curriculum of the 1930s, the media are irremediably corrupt, the pervasive ideology of "social justice" ensures multiple miscarriages of basic justice, an activist judiciary defies constitutional legality, and violence both rhetorical and actual has become the standard operating procedure of the New Totalitarians.  The nation's public institutions and government agencies are in full sedition mode, and the lawful tenure and authority of the President is under sustained attack.

College kids' hard left turn means trouble ahead for America.  If college kids' political views are a clue to the nation's future, America is headed over a left-wing cliff.  Consider:  A recent Chegg/College Pulse poll found 69% of students say they'd vote for a Democrat in 2020, while just 23% back President Trump. [...] That survey highlighted other eye-opening trends:  College kids back the Green New Deal 2 [to] 1, and two-thirds want Medicare for All.  And get this:  The Yale study says 32% of college kids believe it's sometimes OK to "shout down" campus speakers, and 31% are actually OK using "physical violence" to stamp out "hate speech" or "racially charged language."  The dangers there are obvious:  Who decides what speech deserves to be silenced, even perhaps with violence?  And what kind of society are we headed for when that kind of thinking becomes so prevalent?

Gohmert on Impeachment:  Dems 'Coup' Will 'Push This Country to a Civil War'.  On the House floor Thursday [10/31/2019], Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said the way House Democrats were running the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump was "about to push this country to a civil war."  Gohmert said, "Never in the history of this country have we had such gross unfairness that one party would put armed guards [...] to prevent the duly authorized people from being able to hear the witnesses and see them for themselves.  And then, oh, we hear from this resolution today, we're going to send you the depositions after we get through doctoring and looking at and editing the transcripts, we'll send you those, so you have the evidence you need.  That's not the kind of evidence that a coup should be based on.  If we're going to have what they're trying to legalize as a coup, we ought to have a right to see each of those witnesses."

Is the USA headed for a violent revolt in 2020?  The United States was founded in a violent revolution and then, "fourscore and seven years" later, found itself in the midst of a brutal civil war that cost the lives of three quarters of a million Americans, more American deaths than in any other war.  Could another violent internal war in America erupt yet again?  While it is not probable, the possibilities are sobering. [...] The leftist view of America is more than merely jaundiced; it is overtly hostile.  American patriots are openly referred to as Nazis, and the cultural leaders of the Left are brazenly and violently opposed to any peaceful discourse with those with whom they disagree. [...] The Left is a cornered, rabid wolf, unhinged, immoral, and violent.  There is literally nothing these people will not do to retain and expand their power over you.  Whichever way the 2020 presidential election goes, the losing side will be in an uproar.

Most Americans Do Not Believe That This Chapter Of American History Is Going To End Well.  America is more divided today than it has ever been in my entire lifetime, and the very deep divisions that now exist are getting deeper with each passing day.  In particular, the animosity between the political left and the political right has risen to an extremely frightening level.  Instead of learning to love those that we disagree with, we are constantly being trained to absolutely loathe them, and the pot is constantly being stirred by the mainstream media and many of our national leaders.  And as both sides go at it like cats and dogs, irreparable damage is being done to our political system.  At this point, we are not too far away from a point where this country will not be governable by anyone.

U.S. decline of Christianity continues at rapid pace.  As the Republican and Democratic parties continue to bifurcate across Christianity, we can expect a deepening of seemingly irreconcilable tension.  Christianity has certain views and associated actions which are unique, and sometimes diametrically opposed with those of other Belief Systems.

Battleground: 7 in 10 say US 'on the edge of civil war'.  Partisan political division and the resulting incivility has reached a low in America, with 67% believing that the nation is nearing civil war, according to a new national survey.  "The majority of Americans believe that we are two-thirds of the way to being on the edge of civil war.  That to me is a very pessimistic place," said Mo Elleithee, the executive director of Georgetown University's Institute of Politics and Public Service.  And worse, he said in announcing the results of the Institute's Battleground Poll civility survey, the political division is likely to make the upcoming 2020 presidential race the nastiest in modern history.

When Does It Count as a Coup?  Not only are we living in the most divisive time in the republic's history since the Civil War, but we are also right now witnesses to an ongoing plot to subvert the duly elected President of the United States.

Slight of Hand.  It's good that we support Christian filmmaking, watch conservative television, write our congressmen now and then.  But that's not joining the battle and we are in a place now where we either fight or run up the white flag and snap on our own shackles.  If we want the glories of this amazing country to continue we have to dig in and fight.  Demonic forces have sickened the media, the entertainment industry, our entire educational system in a masterful slight-of-hand operation.  These forces have even infiltrated and robbed our churches of their most positive influence.  All have conspired to force on us an alternate, delusional worldview, one that will kill us all.

Pew Report:  The two-party gap widens without agreement on basic facts.  [Scroll down]  Moreover, 73% of the public — including 77% of Republicans and 72% of Democrats — say that voters in both parties "not only disagree over plans and policies but also cannot agree on the basic facts."  Even a cursory glance at House impeachment proceedings and media reports about the Trump presidency provides proof enough of that.  Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidates double down on Leftist extremism in their calls for open borders; providing health care, voting rights, and benefits for illegal aliens.  Democrats are promoting an environmental policy that would cost tens of trillions of dollars; student loan debt forgiveness; minimal guaranteed incomes; gun confiscation; punishing churches for their religious beliefs, and much more.  All against conservative policy increasing the political divisions between the two parties.  There is no coming to an agreement.

How To Start A Civil War.  The Democrat Party has made a fateful decision.  They've decided to safeguard all that is left of their power and the progressive movement they have worshiped at the cost of the existence of the nation they have sworn an oath to preserve.  The Democrats, after 160 years, have once again resolved that they will not accept the election of a president decided by a legal and Constitutional process.  Their crusade to oust our president started in 2016 and will probably climax in 2020.  This time they will not accept separation, only control — a true civil war!

Poll Shows Partisan Animosity Has Deepened Since 2016.  A 64% majority of Republican respondents felt that Democrats are more closed-minded than other Americans.  Sixty-three percent said Democrats are unpatriotic, and 55% said they are immoral.  Small numbers of Republicans said Democrats are lazy and unintelligent — 46% and 36%, respectively.  On the other side, 75% of Democratic respondents said that Republicans are closed-minded.  Forty-seven percent said members of the GOP are immoral, 38% said Republicans are unintelligent, 23% said they are unpatriotic, and 20% said they are lazy.

Nancy gets a wakeup call.  Most of the Dem strategy is based on the assumption that the party of the Bushes, Romney, and Ryan will never strike back.  But the ground is shifting, and a new GOP, brought to life by the Orange Cthulhu, is beginning to stir.  So far nobody has chased Nancy or Adam or Little Sandy from a restaurant or confronted them on the street.  It would be a shame if anyone did.  But these things have a logic of their own and will go the way they go.  Fires of this type, once set, will burn until they burn out.  The Dems, in their embrace of violence, lies, manipulation, and gutter tactics, have opened a door, and they must deal with whatever emerges.

The Walls Really are Closing In On the Elite.  The entire globalist neoliberal order is teetering on the brink.  Trump was nominated and elected by people who are tired of endless wars of supposed democratization for people uninterested in it and unfit for its responsibilities.  They are tired of the mass importation of illegals and refugees who don't understand or care about our principles or way of life.  They are tired an economic system that brings ruin to the American working and middle classes and of the intensifying persecution of normal Americans.

America Beware:  Pelosi, Schiff may get the Civil War they are fighting for.  With a national election coming in 13 months, Democrats seem convinced they cannot win.  So they revert to another two years of the Russia Hoax II.  A fabricated scandal created by deep state elements, coordinated with leading Democrats, and laid out in the left-wing media like a PR campaign.  As they continue to trample the constitution in their efforts to destroy President Trump, Democrats are on the verge of triggering a Civil War in America.  The Whistleblower hoax and its attendant impeachment hysteria is a distraction to cover up the criminality of numerous high ranking Obama officials.  In hopes of convincing enough people that their lies are the truth.  [Video clip]

War Is Coming!  Are You Ready?  Will You Fight?  Most of us don't want a second Civil War, though many of us will fight, and a very few even think war is a good idea.  But the obvious question is what would it look like?  The answer is nothing like the last civil war.  I polished off a bottle of McCallum 25 with a couple of old friends who think about this stuff for a living.  You'd like these guys, bright, inventive; each kept up at night by their serious jobs.  The causes of the last Civil War were economic.  Tariffs on products coming into and leaving southern ports meant the agrarian south was at odds with the more urban and industrialized north.  No such division exists today.  The left does not control states; the left controls cities; everything else belongs to the people.

The Death of American Citizenship.  Multiculturalism has reduced the idea of e pluribus unum to a regressive tribalism.  Americans often seem to owe their first allegiance to those who look like they do.  Citizens cannot even agree over once-hallowed and shared national holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.

Thoughts On Civil War.  A prevailing assumption in all of outsider politics, both Left and Right, is that America is headed for a civil war. [...] From time to time polls are done that show Americans are increasingly sure that a civil war is the most probable outcome for the turmoil and conflict of the current year.  At first blush, it is not a silly assumption.  After all, empires tend to end in violence, either they are conquered or break apart.  Even if you think America is some sort of exception when it comes to being an empire, every society is racked with conflict.  It has been over 150 years since the United States has had serious internal distension.  The closest to a revolt was the Civil Rights Movement, but the blacks were easily bought off after some protests and riots.  America seems due for a violent adjustment.

Events like this are becoming more common:
Coffee shop employee kicks out conservative customer.  Marilyn Synek loves the coffee and crepes at Cultiva Espresso & Crepes in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Her weekly visits have become something of a tradition.  But on Wednesday [9/11/2019], Synek tells me she was confronted by one of the employees who demanded that she leave the coffee shop because of her conservative beliefs.

Update -- with an additional detail that I missed the first time:
Trans Barista Boots Conservative From Coffee Shop.  On Wednesday 9/11/2019], a transgender barista booted a young conservative woman from a coffee shop in Lincoln, Neb., attacking her for her political principles.  The coffee shop later apologized to the conservative woman and fired the impolite barista — in a move the barista interpreted as evidence of discrimination against transgender people.

The Editor says...
Aha!  It turns out that the woman wasn't ejected "because of her conservative beliefs," but because the employee is a troublemaking transvestite snowflake who can't tolerate dissenting opinions.  And of course the transvestite is now claiming to be the victim of the trouble he stirred up.  This is another way that America is split into two incompatible groups:  those who see nothing wrong with men dressing as women, and... the rest of us.

Trans privilege:  Liberal media sugarcoats the story of a transgender employee harassing a conservative customer.  Guess what happens when an employee randomly harasses a customer and throws them out of the store without cause?  The employee gets fired, that's what.  And everyone, or at least everyone sensible, agrees that they deserve it.  Unless, of course, that employee is transgender.  Then, as intersectionality demands, special rules apply.  The progressive and LGBT media cover the incident in a way that implies the trans employee's actions were righteous, so long as the person they targeted was a conservative.  Or at least, that's how NBC News and the Hill bizarrely decided to spin the story.

No Matter Who Wins in 2020, There Will Be Blood.  The machinations of an illiberal left, on display in its ever-increasing violence accompanied by the ululations of a propagandist media in contravention of an imaginary "white supremacist" right, have riven the nation into diametrically opposed camps.  The right will never accept socialism, while the left will accept nothing less.  Those on the left will not allow a Trump victory, even should he win the popular vote and the Electoral College. [...] Antifa, the military arm of the Democratic Party, has not spent the last three years practicing and organizing merely to sit on the sidelines.

Democrats' Gun Buy-Back Plan Would Backfire Horrifically.  [W]hile such plans might be politically profitable in a left-wing primary, in practice they could end in catastrophe.  When Australia and New Zealand initially mandated buy-backs of assault weapons, most gun owners ignored the decrees.  Similar non-compliance over laws to surrender or register guns has since occurred in California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and elsewhere.  Nor is there a clear, consistent definition of "assault weapon": automatic weapons are already effectively banned by federal law.  Depending on how the term is defined — like if you include semi-automatic rifles built on the AR-15 design — there could be as many as 10 million "assault weapons" in private hands.  What would happen if the feds decided to vigorously enforce confiscation of all of those firearms?

33 Tough Questions for Pro-Immigration Christians.  We're past the point where fuzzy rhetoric and damp-eyed virtue signaling can mask the deep divisions in our country.  And we're coming close to the moment where demographic realities will hand the pro-abortion, pro-socialist, gun-grabbing anti-Christian Democrats almost overwhelming power.  If not quite forever, for the rest of our lifetimes and our children's.  We might well leave the next generation behind as hostages to our own moral cowardice and desperate desire not to be called unpleasant names.

American Civil War: Four Fates, From Freedom to Soviet Tyranny.  I don't mean to say that to create a feeling of defeat -- far from it.  But the first step in dealing with a situation is understanding reality.  And reality is very simple today.  At a minimum, the Left has coopted the following elements of culture in the United States -- they have been, over time, "converged" into Leftism:
  •   The K-12 educational system.
  •   Colleges and Universities.
  •   Most Protestant religious organizations.
  •   Most Catholic organizations.
  •   The psychological establishment.
  •   The American Medical Association.
  •   All mainstream news media.
  •   All mainstream entertainment media.
  •   Most departments of the Federal government, absent the armed services.
  •   The general officer corps of the armed services.
  •   The courts.
  •   Silicon Valley tech companies.
  •   Many (but not all) Fortune® 500™ companies.
This isn't an accident, it's entirely by plan.  And not only by plan, it's by a plan that was entirely shared.

The Role of Gun Control in Dictatorship.  Eventually, there will be conflict, which brings us to the Second Amendment.  The fate of everything the Left intends depends in the end on whether normal, non-communist Americans have the power to make the price of dictatorship so high that the Left will be unwilling to force it to completion.  If Americans can be disarmed and neutralized, they can be imprisoned without trials.  If they can be made powerless, they can be shot at without fear that they'll shoot back.  If they can be conquered, they can be subjugated and made to serve their totalitarian masters.  The Second Amendment was always about exactly this scenario.  The Founders did not insist on the Second Amendment so that they could hunt in perpetuity but because they feared a large, authoritarian government controlled by unethical and immoral politicians and their mobs.

The Mountebank Left Is Banking on You.  Some time ago, I noted the irreconcilable difference between the Left and the rest of America:  the majority of our fellow citizens believe America is an inherently good nation that continues its pursuit of a more perfect union; the Left believes America is an inherently evil nation that must be transformed fundamentally into an oppressive socialist state — at best. [...] This is a dangerous devolution of the classical American political paradigm, in which both antagonists, conservatives and liberals, agreed America was an exceptional, fundamentally decent nation but differed about how to effectuate a more perfect union.  This devolution has several causes, but notable is the incestuous relationship between the leftist media and left-wing academics.

The White Supremacy Hoax.  More surely, an inherently abusive campaign of racial profiling itself guarantees deadly friction.  One of these days, some misdirected SWAT team will shoot it out with innocent people, with casualties on both sides, or some person unjustly ruined will take his tormentors to the grave with him.  One police force will fight another.  The paths to civil war are many.  A generation of domestic peace is increasingly difficult to imagine.

Civil War Over 2nd Amendment?  Pay Attention.  This is the time when a good government can go bad, when the laws of freedom that have governed us for over 200 years are in jeopardy.  It could easily lead to civil war to have everyone who owns a semi-automatic rifle instantly become a criminal.  It's what happens when people run on emotion rather than rational thought on the consequences of their actions.

Also posted under emotion versus reason.

Heading for civil war.  Donald Trump's opponents are completely unhinged.  The hate and slander directed towards the president and his supporters is off the charts.  The vitriol comes not just from the Democrat party, the media, and the world of entertainment, but also from a sizable proportion of the federal bureaucracy and many seemingly ordinary people.  The media coordinates this campaign and amplifies the hate at every opportunity.  Media twist every event, be it big or small, into a criticism of the president.  The goal is always to present Trump in not just an unfavorable light but to make him appear too loathsome for polite society.  And Trump is not the sole target of this demonization.  It is directed at his supporters, too.

Igniting Civil War.  Government sponsorship of violence against opponents or complacency in the face of incitement to violence is a powerful tool of political repression.  Regimes such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua, China, and other tyrannies have used such tactics to great effect.  When mobs attack anti-government demonstrators, for example, the police either disappear or stand by watching.  In American cities run by Democrats and on the U.S. college and university campuses, the authorities increasingly have been standing by as radicals do the dirty work of beating up or silencing conservatives.  In societies riven by mutual hate, the people who control the police and public communications make all the difference.  When they maintain impartiality, as did Germany's Weimar government while the Nazis and Communists struggled for primacy, partisan warfare tends to be resolved politically — though the results are harsh.  When societal hatred or the partiality of authorities results in deaths, long-smoldering cold civil war can blaze into holocaust.  We Americans are now facing the danger of a civil war thus ignited.

Civil war as entertainment.  Universal Pictures has produced a film called The Hunt (originally titled Red State vs. Blue State), which begins with rich liberals capturing "deplorables" from red states to hunt down and murder.  If you lived in Dayton, Ohio, you might consider this a realistic premise, although I don't think that is what the filmmakers had in mind.  This is the trailer; if I interpret it correctly, the "deplorables" fight back and win what looks like a civil war.  In that respect, one might say that the film is realistic.

A Transformation of the American Regime?  Almost all observers agree that America is profoundly divided.  This intense polarization has been described by the Claremont Institute's Angelo Codevilla as a "cold civil war."  What is it all about?  First and foremost, this conflict is between those who unhesitatingly love America, its history, culture, principles, and people and those who believe that "the United States of America," its past and present, is seriously flawed and, thus, in need of "fundamental transformation" as Barack Obama famously put it. [...] Around Independence Day, we saw the city council of Charlottesville, Virginia vote to cancel Thomas Jefferson's birthday holiday; Nike recall the Betsy Ross flag sneakers; the San Francisco School board vote to cover up a painting of the life of George Washington; and in St Louis Park, Minnesota, the city council vote to abandon the traditional "Pledge of Allegiance" before its meetings.

Breaking Down The Imminent Second USA American Civil War.  [Video clip]

Pete Buttigieg Warns Black Americans of Another Civil War.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday [7/2/2019] warned Black Americans of a new civil war if the federal government failed to end racist institutions and pay reparations for slavery.  "If we do not tackle the problem of racial inequality in my lifetime, I am convinced that it will upend the American project in my lifetime," he warned.  "It brought our country to its knees once and if we do not act, it could again."

The Editor says...
Was that a warning of an impending civil war, or an incitement of civil war?

Can We All Put Aside Our Differences, Recommit Ourselves to Each Other, Our Nation?  It took a lot of muscle, blood, courage and tenacity to tame a continent. [...] It took a people who were willing to claim this wild land foot by foot and come together armed with a few muskets and squirrel rifles to defeat the most well-equipped and feared military force on the planet.

The Editor says...
The writer goes on to say how great the United States once was, before finally urging us all to set aside our differences.  It is a script suitable for a July 4th speech, right before the fireworks show.  But there is no way I'm going to set aside my differences with violent, godless, corrupt, destructive, lying, parasitic, earth-worshiping, self-pitying, race-baiting, statue-removing, vote-stealing, gun-grabbing, baby-killing, Socialist Democrats, as if we're all one big happy family.

Dangerous Derangement.  America cannot continue as a republic without the acceptance that one party routinely will be turned out of office.  Democrats no longer accept that bedrock principle of American liberty.  They see themselves as the only party entitled to govern.  "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and the Russian collusion frame-up are two faces of the same coin:  Democrats now reject the orderly succession of power through duly constituted elections.  Democrats have whipped the nation into mass hysteria for three years.  It's a destructive game, manipulating people into a rage until Americans see each other as enemies.  Most dangerous of all, driven by the social justice agenda of Obama progressives, Democrats are purposely delegitimizing our democratic institutions.

Oregon Senate closes due to 'possible militia threat' after Republican walkout.  The Oregon state Senate closed Saturday [6/22/2019] after a "possible militia threat" from a right-wing group — amid a broader drama over a walkout by Republican lawmakers over looming climate change legislation.  Right-wing groups posted their support for the 12 rebel Republicans on Friday, including one group — the Oregon Three Percenters — who joined in an armed takeover of a wildlife refuge in 2016.

Joe Biden, 76, wants a violent civil war.  Ryan Saavedra reports for the Daily Wire that on Monday, June 17, at the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People's Campaign in Washington, D.C., Demonrat 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden was asked by MSNBC's Joy Reid:  "How would you get past either a majority Republican Senate in which Mitch McConnell was determined to kill all of these ideas or even a Mitch McConnell in the minority who repeated the consistent filibustering when you were vice president and anything that came from the Obama-Biden administration Mitch McConnell considered dead on arrival?"  Biden replied:  "Joy, I know you're one of the ones who thinks it's naive to think we have to work together.  The fact of the matter is if we can't get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive.  There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight.  Let's start a real physical revolution if you're talking about it."

Civil War II Weather Report:  Spicy Time Coming.  Civil wars don't happen all at once, and like a strong storm, they require the atmosphere to be right.  A weather report is probably a good metaphor.  So, to review the future, let's start by looking at Civil War I so we understand what happened, and what the potential differences are.

Biden Suggests Starting 'Physical Revolution' To Deal With Republicans.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to suggest using violence against Republicans on Monday in response to a question about how he as president would deal with opposition to his agenda in the Senate from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. [...] "There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight," Biden continued, later adding:  "Let's start a real physical revolution if you're talking about it."  [Video clip]

Nancy Pelosi needs to stop her endless war against Trump.  [Scroll down]  The majority of voters understand that Mueller had the time, investigators, and incentive to find any dirt he could.  His probe was vast and expensive — he summoned 500 witnesses, issued 2,800 subpoenas and used grand juries and heavily armed agents in search warrant raids.  If Trump had broken the law, Mueller would have found it.  Forget the noise and legalisms:  in a binary world, the president was cleared.  So it's past time for the left to get over 2016 and accept that Trump was legitimately elected and is entitled to the full powers of the presidency.  Her party's continual denial of that reality is the dry tinder that makes Pelosi's gamble so reckless.  Mueller was their best shot and to talk of prison now smacks of third-world countries where there is no peaceful transfer of power.

The divisions among Americans are reaching a tipping point.  As a nation, and with President Trump at the helm, we have finally reached that proverbial crossroads, that moment in which truth must finally shine its light, or else deception will darken the world for generations to come.  I sense that the wheat is about to be separated from the chaff, and the uncommitted must finally take up arms for one side or the other.  There will be no neutrality.  Warning to those of us on the right:  The Left already knows all this, and leftists are preparing for the final battle.

A Future You Don't Want.  While you were sleeping, the Democrats (abetted by some deviant Republicans) have been working on a plan that would destroy the diversity of the American political system and bring the nation to the brink of civil war.  The plan is called The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and tens of millions of dollars have already been spent over several decades trying to implement it.

The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper.  Pretend you're someone with your eyes on the horizon.  What would you be looking for, exactly?  Increasing partisanship.  Civil disorder.  Coup rhetoric.  A widening wealth gap.  A further entrenching oligarchy.  Dysfunctional governance.  The rise of violent extremist ideologies such as Nazism and Communism.  Violent street protests.  People marching with masks and dressing like the Italian Blackshirts.  Attempts at large scale political assassination.  Any one of those might not necessarily be the canary in the coal mine, but all of them in aggregate might be alarming to someone with their eyes on the horizon.  Someone with disproportionate faith in the state is naturally inclined to disregard these sorts of events as a cognitive bias, while someone with little faith in the state might take these signs to mean they should buy a few more boxes of ammunition. [...] So that's another canary in the coal mine for the tin foil hat right winger — you have a class of people who are vehemently demanding confiscation of rifles in the public sphere, while some of them are secretly building underground fortresses in the private sphere.

The Coming Civil War Over Abortion.  A civil war is coming to America.  Only this time it will be abortion, rather than slavery, that divides the nation.  And while I hope with all my heart that it will not be a physically violent war, the ideological conflict will certainly be intense.

Sanctuary Laws and the Death of E Pluribus Unum.  Sanctuary laws are a gateway to chaos.  If such rebellion is allowed to stand, are there any limits at all? [...] Authority on immigration matters — which are part of foreign policy — must be held by the federal government.  Without deference to federal law we are no longer a nation, but a hodge-podge of 50 separate nation-states pulling in different directions.

It's Not Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The derangement we are facing is not Orange Man Bad; it is America Bad.  The Democrats don't believe in our two-party system anymore.  They utterly reject American civic norms of treating the president with a modicum of respect and cooperation.  They don't want to alternate presidential power every four or eight years.  They think theirs is the only party that deserves to be elected.

Mississippi flag ordered out of park near Statue of Liberty.  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is ordering that the Mississippi flag be replaced by the American flag at a state park that overlooks the Statue of Liberty because it has a Confederate emblem on it.

So much for E Pluribus Unum.
New Jersey's Dem governor says Mississippi flag won't fly in park near Statue of Liberty.  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy ordered the Mississippi flag removed from a state park Friday [4/27/2019] over the Confederate emblem that adorns it, as the nationwide debate rages over symbols honoring the antebellum South.  Murphy, a Democrat, ordered the flag be replaced with an American flag at Liberty State Park, a preserve of more than 1,200 acres in Jersey City that overlooks Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, just across the harbor from New York City, reported.  The park has traditionally flown the flags of all 50 states.

The Editor says...
The liberals have to inject politics into everything.  The socialists are bent on destroying American traditions.  Draw your own conclusions about the New Jersey Governor.

'Shedding of blood' may be required to save US, author of an Arizona immigration law says.  Russell Pearce, a former president of the Arizona state Senate who helped author a controversial immigration law in the state, appeared to advocate for violence for the U.S. to save itself in remarks delivered earlier this week.  Pearce, a Republican, spoke Monday [4/15/2019] at a rally in Gilbert, Ariz., dubbed "Patriotism Over Socialism."  Other featured speakers included Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward and Laura Loomer, whose anti-Muslim social media posts have gotten her banned from Twitter, Uber and Lyft, the Arizona Republic reported.  "And it may take the shedding of blood to keep this Republic," Pearce.  "And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes."

Electoral College scheme:  Grounds for civil war?  In their bid to establish dictatorial, totalitarian, socialist rule in the United States, Democrats all over the country are pushing a plainly anti-constitutional scheme to erase the constitutional method for electing the president of the United States. [...] The states have no lawmaking power to alter the authority of electors chosen by the people.  States can regulate the manner of choosing the electors, but they cannot dictate the terms of their vote, as if the electors themselves do not exist.  Such legislation is not a law; it is an act of rebellion against the duly constituted government of the United States.  If they pretend to claim power as a result of this anti-constitutional scheme, their rebellion will properly be the signal for civil war.

The Never-Ending Threat of Civil War.  We and the Left are now two nations within one country.  This is undeniable.  We are now so different that we cannot even agree on what a country is, or on the merits of a country having a border.  The number of people who still say, "I just don't care about politics" dwindles.  It is still possible to hate both sides — but it is getting hard to be indifferent and still be breathing.  How many people can just take or leave infanticide?  How many people are entirely flexible about the idea of the government having authority over anything and everything, to experimenting with our fundamental demographics, or to giving up fossil fuels cold turkey?  The "news," whether ours or theirs, focuses myopically on the daily round of legal wrangling that now completely lacks the power to resolve our differences.  The law has degenerated into a mere procedural habit.  Few people, and even fewer officials, were genuinely interested in whether Robert Mueller was pursuing the truth or not.  The assumption, on both sides, was that he wasn't.  What matters now is simply which side wins.

The Democratic Party, Not America, Is Experiencing a Civil War.  Contrary to the overheated speculation of so many, the United States is not on the cusp of another civil war.  Sure, things are tense in America's political system.  Things usually are.  Americans are not, however, about to take up arms against each other and hunt down those with whom they disagree.

For Peace in America, We Must Return to the Rule of Law.  It remains to be seen if our internal divisions will explode into mass violence, but the likelihood of that will be determined by the extent to which the rule of law is re-established in this country.  For if we don't have recourse at the ballot box (our elections are stolen by the likes of Brenda Snipes, "ballot-harvesting", etc.), and there is a wildly uneven application of the law (in the course of a now discredited investigation, Roger Stone is arrested with more firepower on hand than was used to take down Osama bin Laden, while the likes of Comey, Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Lynch walk free), then many Americans will conclude that there is nothing left to defend our rights besides force of arms.  The collapse of the Mueller charade has served to move the hands of the civil war doomsday clock back a few notches, but now we need to see real criminals held accountable.

5 Reasons We're In This Mess.  We are in the midst of a very, very dangerous time.  Anyone who still believes in the power of the vote to reconcile our differences has not been paying attention.  The time for campaigning things away has come and gone and there will never — until this conflict settles matters in flesh and blood — be a coming together of one side with the other.  It is purposeless at this point to reason with one another, sides have been clearly drawn and like a family dispute, everyone knows where everyone else stands on the matter.  The premise is simple; there are those who want the heritage America of the past and those who want another country altogether.  Those aren't views that can be reconciled and both sides are convinced that they hold the moral high ground.  The conflict has a neo-theological feel to it.  It has become a religion to many, the righting of historical wrongs on people living in the present and the only solution is final.  There is no compromise with someone who wants you gone.

The Game Is Rigged.  From the comfort of TV green rooms, Beltway backrooms, corporate boardrooms, and conference ballrooms, it may not look like civil war is imminent.  But threats and outright violence against ordinary, law-abiding people are now regularized features, not random bugs, of political life in these dis-United States.  College students are being punched, elderly citizens are being harassed, MAGA hat wearers are being kicked off planes and assaulted in school hallways and restaurants, conservative speakers are being mobbed and Molotov cocktailed, ICE agents and their families are being targeted, pro-lifers are being kicked and menaced, pro-Trump, anti-jihad moms on social media are being monitored and doxxed.  The madness is beyond parody.  Last week, social justice media warriors whipped up hysteria over a Mar a Lago pastry chef's Instagram posts.  Where are the sanctuary spaces for law-abiding conservatives who simply want to exercise their rights to free speech and peaceable assembly?

What would a hybrid civil war look like?  If a civil war were actually underway it would take the form of hybrid warfare and look much like what can already be observed today.  It would explain why, in an era obsessed with safe spaces and tolerance, there is little of either left; why no one is safe from offense, nothing is private; why everything is increasingly criminalized.  That context would explain why each new restriction, whether on the use of cash, private transportation, or gun ownership can be perceived as a veiled threat.

Is a Second Civil War Coming?  Civil wars are horrendous and bloody affairs.  That's why we should avoid them.  They happen when two sides cannot settle on who runs the country.  When they can't reconcile the matter through elections, the country falls apart.  When one side does not accept the election results, we have a countdown to a civil war.

America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun.  Its opening shots were fired by Barack Obama when he stated, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."  Most of this country is center-right and never considered America a place that needed transformation.  Most people can think of things they would change but few believe the nation needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  Obama failed but the left soldiers on in its quest for a new America remade in their own image. [...] For example, their "open borders" policy is effectively importing a new electorate — one guaranteed to vote for them.

Is a Second Civil War Coming?  It is no secret that Democrats and Republicans are more ideologically divided than in recent years.  Parts of the country detest the other parts.  Coastal elites dislike flyover country.  The blue states despise the red states, and vice versa.  We may now be near a point comparable to 1860.  Modern Democrats hate President Trump as much as the Democrats of old hated President Lincoln.  Democrats repudiated Lincoln for opposing slavery, and modern Democratic leaders are repudiating Lincoln's belief that the government is of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Then as now, Democrats are on the wrong side of history.

CNN Publishes Obama Official's Civil War Conspiracy:  Calls for Military, State Rebellion If President Trump Refuses to Accept Defeat After 2020 Election.  CNN published an op-ed on Saturday by a former Obama administration official that calls for planning, including the military and a rebellion of states, should President Trump refuse to "peacefully" leave office if he loses his 2020 re-election bid and fails to accept the results.  While the Obama official does not use the phrase "civil war", it is the name for the rebellion of states and the military that he calls for if Trump will not "peacefully" hand over the reins of government on January 20, 2021 following an election defeat.  Curiously, the op-ed comes the day after a 2018 election for a Congressional seat in North Carolina was vacated due to fraud and a new election ordered to take place by the State Board of Elections.

Joe diGenova warns America is too polarized, suggests on brink of a real 'civil war'.  There's no denying that America faces a serious cultural divide today, with left and right more angry and polarized than at any time in recent memory.  Some believe there is a cultural-driven civil war of sorts underway, based on severe social and ideological disagreements, but Joseph diGenova, the former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, believes that divide will eventually result in violence.  Appearing on The Laura Ingraham Podcast, diGenova said our differences go beyond civil discord and that it's going to result in "total war," saying people should take care to properly arm themselves.

On Civil War and the Political Class in America.  Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country.  And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree that elections are how you decide who's in charge.  That's the basic issue here.  Who decides who runs the country?  When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country.  When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.  The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election.  We all know that.  But it's not the first time they've done this.  The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn't really win.  The Supreme Court gave him the election.  There's a pattern here.  What do sure odds of the Dems rejecting the next Republican president really mean?  It means they don't accept the results of any election that they don't win.  It means they don't believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections.  That's a civil war.

Omar and AOC
Pelosi's Untouchables.  Reps.  Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., are becoming examples of a new super-class of human being, riding roughshod over all their peers, proudly displaying their ignorance of, and hatred toward, all things American.  They are Pelosi's Untouchables.  Deriding the traditional patriotism and conservatism of the American people, the socialist club in Congress spews kook theology, far-left ideology, and outrageous cultural Marxism.  They are the tip of the sword that will skewer this nation and engulf us all into a prolonged civil war based on race and religion.  And Pelosi is allowing all of it.

Covington Gives Us a Glimpse of Civil War Two.  During the attempted electronic lynching of the Covington Catholic high school boys on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the mask hiding the Left's genocidal rage slipped and was momentarily visible.  The reality of the confrontation was inverted 180 degrees by the duplicitous mainstream media so that a smiling white teenager was made to face the wrath of an Orwellian two-minute hate that stretched on for days, even after the factual record was corrected.  Accelerated by social media, the virtual lynch mob called for, among other horrors, MAGA-hat-wearing teenage boys to be fed headfirst into wood chippers, or for them to be locked en-masse into their school and the school to be burned to the ground.  This hurricane of socially sanctioned racial fury did not arise spontaneously, but was the result of deliberate cultivation over the past few decades by the political Left, academia, the mainstream media, and the Hollywood entertainment elite.

The Left Won't Allow a Peaceful Separation.  [Scroll down]  Whether in these more recent cases or our own country's founding, political differences can become so pronounced that living under the same regime, where one's rights and power are controlled by another group seen as alien and threatening, is intolerable to both sides.  Elections become high stakes, imposing alternating tyrannies or liberations in the eyes of a divided people, and justifying extralegal mechanisms to prevent such risks.  A peaceful national separation is probably a good idea.  But those on the Right must face the most important obstacle:  The Left would never ever let us leave. [...] The Left would be embarrassed and discredited if their ideology were rejected by the group it is supposedly benefiting with the promise of diversity, equality, and progress.  Nailing shut the exits is a deliberate part of the Left's utopian quest for uniformity and expansive labeling of all of its opinions and policies as nonnegotiable "human rights."

Can Red and Blue State America Coexist?  The last several weeks and months Democrats have demonstrated for all to see what a radical party they've become.  The left wants 70 percent tax rates, an end to the First and Second Amendment rights, massive new government spending, an end to fossil fuel production, a government takeover of the healthcare system, an end to the Electoral College so they can win more elections and make states irrelevant, open borders, free everything, abortion on demand, impeachment of Donald Trump, and on and on.  Moreover, the ideological split in America between the values and economic operating systems of red states and blue states is more pronounced than an anytime in 150 years.  It is as if we were two nations today:  Red State America and Blue State America.  Can we continue to coexist as one nation?

The Verbal Part Of The Civil War Begins.  With the election of Donald Trump, the US right let its id off the leash.  Now pretty much everything conservatives have thought but not said is finding its way to Facebook, Twitter, and the evening news.  So it's no surprise that the left, wildly envious of conservatives' newfound rhetorical freedom, have decided that what's good for the misogynist pig is great for the crazed socialist.

Colleges Are Breeding Grounds for Civil War.  We have become a nation of angry people.  Too many of us carry a chip on our shoulder and find racism everywhere, sexism everywhere, misogyny rampant, homophobia out of control.  It is no wonder we have masked leftists lashing out with violence, a new congresswoman making profanity-laced speeches demanding President Trump's impeachment.  We now have a Democrat majority House of Representatives with scores of avowed communists in their ranks who are in no mood to cooperate with the system as founded, but to overturn it.

Online petition calls for US to give part of Minnesota to Canada.  An online petition is calling for the U.S. government to "Make America Great" by handing over the Northwest Angle of Minnesota to Canada.  Nearly 3,500 people have signed the petition, launched Sunday on "We the People," the White House's public platform.  The petition claims a surveying error more than 200 years ago placed the land under the wrong territory.  It's unclear who created the petition.  The author is only known by the initials C.C.

Will the 2020 Presidential Election be the Most Violent in American History?  2020 is not going to be very civilized.  The Democrats have narrowed down their convention city to one of these four:  Denver, Houston, Milwaukee, and Miami Beach, Florida.  The Republicans will hold their convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  These are cities you will want to avoid in 2020.

Civil War?  If It Starts It Will Be Uglier Than Anyone Can Imagine.  I've tried but failed to recall a single secular-progressive political movement of any note that has accepted defeat at the ballot box and supported the electoral results.  Our Sec-Progs are on the cusp of realizing such a defeat.  That's why I think we are close.  From the Left's point of view, it's either accept defeat at the hands of people they truly believe are subhuman or start shooting the subhumans.

The Way To End Our Cold Civil War?  Get Back To Less Government.  Our cold civil war has been brewing for at least a half century — since the very awful 1960s.  When the radical Left began its march through our institutions — ultimately, totally conquering government primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, the media on all fronts, Hollywood and the Silicon Valley.  Government schools indoctrinate the radicals — colleges activate them.  And these new young radicals are amply augmented in their anger by the Leftist news, technology, movies and music with which they are inundated.  The Left has also totally taken over the Democrat Party.  The national committee — is now run by an avowed Communist.  The Left has totally taken over the Democrat Party — because their voting base is made up of radical Leftists.  And because the Party's mega donors — George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, et al — are all radical Leftists.  A key fuel for the Left's fire — is nigh everything is now political.

When Media Foist False Narratives to Sow Social Discord, They Indeed Are the Enemy of the People.  Social discord leads to streets being set on fire — witness Ferguson and Baltimore during the Obama Years.  Social discord dispirits potentially valuable citizens who could help build a society, instead turning them against that society and motivating them to work towards its downfall or simply to drop out.  In its worst aspect, social discord leads to armed insurrection and civil war.  If the problem is that a Stalin is murdering millions by deliberately starving them while incarcerating millions others in slave camps in the Gulag, then insurrection and civil war can be righteous, potentially saving such a despoiled society.  But when the society actually is doing quite well, when freedom reigns and people of all colors, creeds, religions, and ethnicities are enjoying remarkable opportunities to succeed and to live wonderfully rich and precious lives alongside their neighbors in respectful diversity, then Fake News media indeed are the enemy of the people when they seek to sow social discord in that welcome environment, aiming to upend civil harmony.

47% of Americans 'feel like a stranger in their own country,' cultural alienation survey finds.  The sense that the nation's culture and way of life have dramatically changed is reflected in a PRRI "American Values" survey that gauged both political opinions and "cultural alienation."  It found that 47 percent of Americans now say that things have changed so much, they "feel like a stranger in their own country."  A slim majority (51 percent) disagree.

What to Do About Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  If our police and government continue to let the left get away with unjustified harassment and violence, then, growing bolder and more insolent, the left will only get a lot worse.  At some point, citizens themselves will push back where police and government have failed them.  This is a terrifying situation, the stuff of which civil war is made.

Limbaugh: 'We Are Seriously at a Tipping Point... Close to Losing Our Country As Founded'.  [Rush] Limbaugh was talking about the high stakes in the midterm election:  There's always going to be an America, but what is it going to be?  And it really is at stake.  And I've been trying in I don't how many ways to explain to my audience why it is different now than it was 15 years ago or 20.  And I do it by trying to analyze who the left is.  What they have become.  I'm naive in many ways.  I look at what happened during the Kavanaugh hearing.  You just described ricin and the stuff sent to (Sen.) Susan Collins.  We looked at the literal mob behavior that was inspired, bought and paid for, by the Democrat Party, the media encourages it.  In my naive world, that behavior would secure the biggest landslide defeat a political party has ever had.  In a sane world, where decent people are the majority, that would be rejected out of hand.  It wouldn't even be considered relevant.  And the people of this country would want to get rid of that as quickly as they could.  But yet, it may be close to 50 percent of the country.

Elites are the ones who are dividing America.  Darcelle Slappy says Democrats and Republicans who live in places like this part of Western Pennsylvania are a lot closer than how they're portrayed on TV.  "Unlike Washington, we are all just a few notches from each other in either direction.  We have much more that draws us together than divides us," Slappy says.  In fact, she says the divide in this country isn't Republican versus Democrat.  "The real division is between the elites and us."  If you watch TV news or read most mainstream media, you would believe our country is in meltdown.  In a New York Times column last week entitled "The American Civil War, Part II," Thomas L. Friedman stated that "he began his career covering a civil war in Lebanon" and that he'd never thought he'd end it "covering a civil war in America."

The American Civil War, Part II.  I began my journalism career covering a civil war in Lebanon.  I never thought I'd end my career covering a civil war in America.  We may not be there yet, but if we don't turn around now, we will surely get where we're going — which was best described by Senator Jeff Flake on Monday [10/15/2018]:  "Tribalism is ruining us.  It is tearing our country apart.  It is no way for sane adults to act." [...] There is a deep breakdown happening between us, between us and our institutions and between us and our president.  We can't find common ground on which to respectfully disagree; the other side is "the enemy."  We shout at each other on television, unfollow each other on Facebook and fire verbal mortars at each other on Twitter — and now everyone is on the digital battlefield, not just politicians.

What Do We Have In Common?  America stands at a precipice.  It's a moral precipice of our own making:  We're not facing any external existential threat, or any serious economic crisis.  Nonetheless, we're at each other's throats in a shocking and unique way. [...] A nation is a people united by history, ideals, culture, institutions.  But we've been steadily chipping away at each element of that nationhood.  Our history now divides us. [...] On the one hand are "red state" Americans, steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian principles and mores — Americans who believe that our rights are God-given, and that liberty must be balanced by traditional moral virtue.  On the other hand are "blue state" Americans, steeped in egalitarian principles and mores — Americans who believe that rights spring from government, and that inequality is a more pressing concern than individual liberty, and that systems of traditional virtue merely mask hierarchical power structures.

Hillary Clinton Is Dangerous.  Many Americans have been wondering when the Democrats are finally going to calm down and accept the will of the voters as expressed in the 2016 election.  Hillary Clinton provided the answer Tuesday afternoon — never.  She clearly believes that Republican control of Congress or the Presidency is, by definition, illegitimate and must be resisted by any means necessary.  During an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour she said, "[Y]ou cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for."  She went on to say that "civility can start again" when the Democrats regain control of the government.  She declared, in other words, that the peaceful transfer of power which has long been the hallmark of our system of government now applies only when her side wins and that she won't stop stoking unrest until the "deplorables" learn their place:  "But until then," she said, "the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength."  By "strength" she means "violence," as experienced by Republicans Steve Scalise and Rand Paul.  The last time leading Democrats utilized such irresponsible language was in 1860, when their refusal to accept the result of an election caused a war that got 600,000 Americans killed.

Hillary Advocates Violence Unless Democrats Win.  Some people have asked about the computer projections for a tremendous increase in civil violence.  There is absolutely no resolution to the great divide that has unfolded politically.  The Democrats advocate violence as Hillary clearly states.  She says that civility can ONLY return when the Democrats take back the government.  Clearly, this is throwing down the gauntlet that it shall be their way or no way.  This is the end of Democracy for what she is saying is there is to be none. [...] The next stage is the violence.  This is what will carry us into the peak of 2032.  By that time, the hatred we are witnessing today drawn on political lines is simply that what will happen is all civility vanishes and this will build into violence and end in civil war.

Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever As The Country Literally Spirals Toward Civil War.  Now that Brett Kavanaugh has officially been confirmed, it is a good time to reflect upon where we are at as a nation.  And where we are at is a nation that is rapidly moving toward a state of civil war.  At one time we were a nation that was united by shared values, a shared purpose and a shared destiny, but now all of that has been replaced by anger, frustration, bitterness, strife and discord.  The left hates the right and vice versa, and both sides are becoming increasingly radicalized.  And without a doubt we are in a life or death battle for the future of America.  Eventually one side or the other will emerge victorious, and their ideology will become dominant in this country.

Kavanaugh and the Crux of a Cold Civil War.  We are in the midst of a cold civil war.  The crux?  Realizing politics is part of life, one side believes America is fundamentally a good country requiring some prudent improvements upon which reasonable minds may differ.  On the other side, the Left, thinking politics is life, believes America is a hopelessly unjust nation requiring "fundamental transformation" and this is a point on which no reasonable minds can differ.

Congratulations — America Divided and in Peril.  Politics runs our lives.  It makes our laws, enforces our laws, punishes the law breakers, oversees our economy affecting our incomes and families, and has in essence infused itself into our very being — happily, willingly or not.  Everything has become "partisan."  Every word spoken or tweeted, posted or presented on paper becomes a foundation for either reason or ridicule.  The badinage and excited exchanges fight logical levels of lucidity because of agendas and personal purpose.  The clarity of conscience is swept aside and covered with lies, half-truths, and undiscerning discourse. [...] The division of Americans grows more every day as we see the agenda of the left to demean our people, deny our rights, dismantle our system of justice and attempt to destroy our way of life and our very country.

An Impending Shooting Civil War.  When political animus spills over into action in the real world such as repeated criminal assault, as has been happening now with regularity and is being increasingly documented in video form and in their own voices by the political left there is a major problem.  When that sort of activity is intentionally amplified and permitted by major corporate firms such as Facebook and Twitter while suppressing any sort of pushback whatsoever you now add an attempt to con the public into believing this is some sort of "organic" series of events — when nothing of the sort is the case.

There Will Come A Time.  We are exactly in the place that our forefathers were. Like us, they waited to have their grievances addressed; they appealed to the king for mercy; they requested responsive governors for their colonies.  The difference between then and now is the media:  the communist propaganda team.  All of these things that they promote, we know are intended to defame the republic or to make communism the logical response to the evils they expose.  Everything is directed at reducing the Bill of Rights to ashes in the minds of the people; it is directed at melting individuals into the commune; it is directed at bankrupting the economic system to prove that capitalism is a failure.  But, there is built up pressure for a confrontation, a clear and open division between the communists and the republic.  The corruption and exposure of the DOJ has increased the pressure.  The only thing missing now is a watershed moment to create that ultimate division.

Are We on the Verge of Civil War?  Americans increasingly are either proud of past U.S. traditions, ongoing reform, and current American exceptionalism, or they insist that the country was hopelessly flawed at its birth and must be radically reinvented to rectify its original sins.  No sphere of life is immune from the subsequent politicization:  not movies, television, professional sports, late-night comedy or colleges.  Even hurricanes are typically leveraged to advance political agendas.

The Deep State, Obama, and Destroying America.  According to Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, the Robert Mueller investigation is a mockery of justice full of Democratic partisans.  It was never intended to root out Russian collusion; instead, it is to take down the duly elected president, his family, and anyone associated with his past life.  Ask yourself, would this sham collusion narrative be happening if Hillary were in the White House?  Of course not. [...] We will have a shooting, civil war on our hands if Trump is impeached over an investigation that has never proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump colluded with Russia.

The Civil War on America's Horizon.  This will not end well, I fear.  Goodwill and moderation exist on neither side.  It may be that a civil war looms on the horizon.  All that's required now is a spark because every cultural accelerant is now in place.  That spark could come from the Mueller investigation, which is viewed by Trump and his supporters as a brazen attempt at a coup d'état by a thoroughly corrupt intelligence community and legal establishment.  Impeachment over payments to paramours, for example, will be viewed as a phony pretext for the lawless removal of a duly elected president.  Given the intemperance of Trump and the viciousness of his opponents, compromise seems unlikely.

These are the real scandals plaguing our country.  America is being scandalized by four enormous events that are happening simultaneously.  By scandalized, I mean that people are shocked and outraged at what they regard as breaches of acceptable behavior or morality.  That wouldn't be a problem if the vast majority were scandalized by the same things.  That's not the America we have.  The vicious polarization stems from the fact that the country is split almost exactly in half over what people are outraged about.

The Left Wants War, Give It to Them.  If you're not ready to go to war, you're not paying attention.  The war is already on.  It is escalating with or without your participation. [...] In March 2016, three men in Georgia threatened a homeowner with a gun over a Trump campaign sign in his front yard.  In May 2016, a Trump supporter in California needed a half-dozen stitches after a mob of illegal aliens and their supporters bashed open his head.  In October 2016, a GOP office was evacuated in North Carolina after a bomb threat was received.  In the month President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, a Georgia man was murdered after joking he had voted for Trump.  Again that November, a man in Massachusetts was punched in the back of the head, knocked unconscious, suffered a fractured eye socket and broken nose, because he had a discussion with friends about Trump that six thugs overheard.  The following month, Justin Barkley, a former New York state employee, murdered a 52-year-old UPS driver who he confused with the president in a fit of unhinged rage.  "I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally, and very proudly," he said.  Also that December, a man was stabbed in the throat in Washington for openly supporting the president, and a 69-year-old woman was nearly beaten to death with a chair for the same.

I Insist On A Divorce.  I suggest that this divorce can be quite peaceable and it's not very hard to achieve.  We return to the Federalism we were contractually promised, and you agreed to be contractually bound to in 1789. [...] I think it's time for those of us who have had enough of NY, Portland and San Francisco thinking that Federalism is some quaint notion to point out where the actual necessities they enjoy today come from — and who makes it possible for them to have same.

The Origins of Our Second Civil War.  We are now nearing a point comparable to 1860, and perhaps past 1968. Left-Right factionalism is increasingly fueled by geography — always history's force multiplier of civil strife.  Red and blue states ensure that locale magnifies differences that were mostly manageable during the administrations of Ford, Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, and Clinton.  What has caused the United States to split apart so rapidly?

Poor Sports:  Democrats Pull Out of Annual Softball Game with Republicans.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is refusing to play Republicans in the annual Congressional softball game this year.  The DNC's softball boycott "stunned" the Republican National Committee (RNC), The Daily Caller reports.

Out In Left Field:  DNC Refuses To Play RNC In Time-Honored Softball Game.  Despite being a time-honored tradition going back many years, the DNC is refusing to play the RNC at this year's annual softball game.  RNC sources tell The Daily Caller that they were "stunned" when Democrats abruptly pulled out of the good-natured game between leadership and staffers at opposing political organizations.  The game was an opportunity to put aside the partisan bickering and come together in friendly competition.  The decade-old tradition typically ended in staffers having a drink at a nearby bar.

Rob Reiner:  Fox, Breitbart 'Trafficking in Another Narrative' — We Might Be in 'Last Stage of a Civil War'.  Wednesday [8/1/2018], on "MSNBC Live with Katy Tur," actor and director Rob Reiner made the argument that Fox News and Breitbart News Network are "trafficking in another narrative" that is different from outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times working to get the truth out and that we "might be the last stage of a civil war."  On the media, Reiner said, "I think of it as two mainstream medias.  You have the Washington Post, the New York Times, all the networks except for Fox, working very hard to get the truth out."

The Editor says...
Yes, the WaPo and NYT appear to be "working very hard to get the truth out," but only in the sense of working very hard to remove the truth from their products.

America's Next Civil War Will Be Worse Than Our Last.  Yes, there were big differences between North and South a century and a half ago.  The South was a slave-holding, free-trading, libertarian-leaning, conservative Christian, agricultural, aristocratic Sparta, while the North was a commercial, industrial, protectionist, Transcendentalist, social gospel, democratic Athens.  But they held far more in common than separated them — beginning with the fact that, as Lincoln observed, "Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God."  In the end, the war was fought over a single legal issue: whether the states that had freely ratified the Constitution to form the Union could freely leave the Union if they felt it no longer served their interests. [...] Today, however, our divisions are so deep and fundamental that Americans cannot even agree on what marriage is or what a man or a woman is (which is pretty [...] fundamental).  The lunatic self-righteousness of the Left (and yes, I'm afraid one must point fingers here), where disagreement is bigotry to be prohibited by law or even condemned and prosecuted as treason, is a consuming, destructive fire that will not be easily quenched, and cannot be reached by cool waters of rational argument.

Distinguishing Civil War from Social Anarchy.  Antifa is no more a "protest organization" than Mussolini's blackshirts were.  Assaulting people in the streets doesn't normally fit under the constitutional rubric of "free speech."  Antifa's goal is to influence politics by creating fear of bodily harm among its opponents.  That is the very definition of terrorism.  Nevertheless, mob violence and even political assassination still fall far short of an actual civil war.  In the increasing volatile and dangerous atmosphere of our time, we cannot lose our heads.  We must, despite provocations, do our best to understand clearly what is happening around us.  Civil wars are made by certain distinct actions of public officials and are not simply an emergent condition that occurs after a certain level of street violence is reached.

Galvanized by contempt.  On July 2, a woman spoke to then-Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt at a Washington, D.C., restaurant while holding her young son and looking at notes that she had prepared.  She told Mr. Pruitt that he should resign.  She then posted the encounter on social media.  (Mr. Pruitt announced his resignation on July 5.)  On June 17, White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller was accosted by a patron at the Washington, D.C., restaurant Espita Mezcaleria and called a "real-life fascist."  When the Metro D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America received word that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was at MXDC Cocina Mexicana on June 19, at least 15 protesters showed up shouting "Shame!" until she was forced to leave. [...] This increasing personal nastiness reflects the left's understanding that they are losing.  They can't win the argument, so they use intimidation, aggression and spectacle.  These examples are evidence that America is at a breaking point of a political-cultural civil war.

History's Bad Ideas Are an Inspiration for Progressives.  Another crazy idea from the past was state nullification of federal laws by carving out spaces exempt from Washington's control.  Democrats tried it and failed in the South Carolina nullification crisis of 1832-33, when they sought to render void federal tariff laws.  Later, the soon-to-be Confederate States were more serious, and in 1861 bragged that federal law no longer applied to them, as federal property within their confines was appropriated by the states.

Poll: 59% fear violence from Trump haters, 31% predict civil war.  The division in the United States that has escalated into the organized harassment of presidential aides has six in 10 worried about the violence from anti-Trump advocates and nearly a third fearing it will end in civil war.  The latest survey from Rasmussen Reports found that 59 percent of all voters "are concerned that those opposed to President Trump's policies will resort to violence."  And, added Rasmussen, 31 percent believe "it's likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years."

When Will The Other Shoe Drop?  [Scroll down]  [A]t some point Leftist derangement will exceed the Rightist's reluctance to resort to violence.  And when that Rubicon is crossed, there is no going back.  Leftists are quicker to violence, but Rightists are far better at it.  The consequences of this will be grave.  To top it off, nobody really knows exactly where the Rubicon is, in this political mess.  Will it be gun control or confiscation?  Will it be the next time a Democrat wins control over the federal government?  Will they be hellbent on revenge and do something they shouldn't?  Will it be getting Rightists fired from their jobs, destroying their businesses and ability to earn, such that they have nothing to lose?  Or will it be a cumulative 'death from a thousand cuts' situation, where all of these smaller, lesser attacks will, in aggregate, finally exceed the Rightist's ability to tolerate?

Deranged Anti-Trumpers Need to Get Out More.  I recently met a lovely man in Northern California, whose grown children haven't spoken to him in over a year.  He writes, sends messages of love and concern and his adult daughters won't write back.  They didn't even have a fight, they just stopped talking to him.  He is heartbroken.  It's happened to me.  I wasn't even a full-on Trump supporter when an Italian friend who I had shared an apartment with 30 years ago sent me a message out of the blue telling me we were done, she couldn't be friends with me anymore because of Trump.  Apparently I had posted something on Facebook that was not sufficiently anti-Trump and she didn't want a discussion, she was done.  She's not the only one.

Chris Matthews Urges Communist Revolution to Stop Supreme Court.  So the Chris Matthews [plan] is for the Democrats to declare a Communist revolution, call in the Russians for help, start executing their own people for being insufficiently left-wing, go down to defeat, flee the country while kidnapping a bunch of children and stealing all the gold?  Actually I think that is their plan.

Americans [Have] Never [Been] Divided So Sharply Over The NRA.  In its latest poll, Gallup found that 88 percent of Republicans view the NRA very or mostly favorably.  Democrats, on the left hand, view the outfit the same by only 24 percent.  That's a whopping 64 percent division in positive feelings, the largest margin Gallup has ever encountered on the NRA.

The 'Coming Civil War' — Already Here.  Oh, it's already upon us.  And it has been raging for some time now.  The once-serious political party known as "Democrats" has been hijacked by lawless lunatics who have been sowing discontent and fomenting violence for years now.  Just ask all the families of police officers in America who have been executed over the past four or five years by militants inspired by the so-called "Black Lives Matter" movement.  This would be the same movement that Democratic leaders are terrified of standing up to.  When their last standard bearer — Hillary Clinton — made the grave error of declaring that "all lives matter," she later issued an apology and a correction.  After a lifetime in politics, you would think that the woman might understand that political rhetoric has consequences.

Mob Violence and Gun Ownership.  [W]hen the Democrat side of the political spectrum manipulates the most zealous and unwell members of their ranks to operate as civilian mobs, encouraged by elected officials and unmoored from the limits of legal accountability, another line has been crossed on the path to open civil war.  Certainly, we saw the first act in this escalation with Antifa, the oxymoronically named fascist enforcement mob, but that unit at least had an identity.  What we are seeing now appears to be the organization of willing grassroots members of the Democratic Party into mobile gangs sent to publicly target and shame political opponents in surprise attacks meant to drive government officials from not only the public square, but their employment in service to the country. [...] Feeding this crusade against our laws and sovereignty is the manufactured "morality" of the left, which happily conflates vice with virtue.  Indeed, Maxine Waters has invoked a new god who supports anarchy and violence against one's political enemies.

What Kind Of America Does Maxine Waters Want?  My question is:  Does Waters wants America to return to those divisive, intolerant days, similar to when Southern Democrats routinely segregated and harassed our fellow black American citizens?  Fortunately, this time around, intolerant Democrats like Waters are not targeting Americans due to their racial heritage.  Sadly, they are instead targeting them solely due to their political affiliation, no matter how loose that affiliation might be.  They are denying their fellow human beings the freedom to eat a meal, purchase gasoline or watch a movie in peace.  Think about that.  Shockingly, they are even distributing personal home addresses, so that liberal mobs can harass innocent families within their residential neighborhoods.

Liberals Call for Violence After Kennedy Resigns — Is Civil War Coming?  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation last night, and with that, a reliably conservative judge will take his place.  Instead of the recent 5-4 rulings we've seen thanks to Neil Gorsuch, we could be seeing a court leaning to the Right, 6-3.  On the other side of the fence were those who must be tired of losing by now.  In response to the news, which came after a number of Trump administration officials were harassed and threatened by mobs this past week, liberals were quick to call for even more harassment and violence.

31% Think U.S. Civil War Likely Soon.  Most voters fear that political violence is coming from opponents of the president's policies, just as they did in the second year of Barack Obama's presidency, and nearly one-in-three think a civil war is next.  Thirty-one percent (31%) of Likely U.S. Voters say it's likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years, with 11% who say it's Very Likely.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 59% consider a second civil war unlikely, but that includes only 29% who say it's Not At All Likely.

Is America headed toward a civil war?  Sanders, Nielsen incidents show it has already begun.  The other day, author Tom Ricks asked whether we're heading toward a civil war.  "I don't believe we're to Kansas of the 1850s yet.  But we seem to be lurching ... in that direction," he wrote.  Ricks was commenting on "What Democratic rage would look like," a Bloomberg opinion column that quotes political scientist Thomas Schaller as saying, "I think we're at the beginning of a soft civil war. ... I don't know if the country gets out of it whole."  That sounds pretty serious.  The column by Francis Wilkinson presents a catalog of things Democrats are mad about — from the existence of the electoral college to Trump's "propaganda apparatus" — and predicts that if Democrats lose the midterm elections, there will be hell to pay.

Opposing viewpoint:
Is civility in America really dead?  Is civility in America really dead?  I am not fully convinced it is.  Indeed, we have reached a point where our rhetoric has become much more volatile and our willingness to disagree without being disagreeable has certainly dissipated.  We are certainly at a place where neither side is very willing to work with the other toward a shared interest, but we have definitely seen a lot worse in the history of country.

The Warnings About A "Civil War In America" Are Becoming Much Louder.  Civil conflict is coming to America, and it is going to tear our nation apart.  Earlier today I received an email from a good friend about the rising tide of anger and frustration that we are currently witnessing in America.  After thinking about it for a few moments, I wrote back and told him that I don't know if there is any way to stop what is coming at this point.  In my entire lifetime, we have never been closer to a "civil war" in this country than we are right now.  Let us work for peace, but it would be foolish to ignore the forces that are ripping the fabric of our society to shreds.

Insurrection is Here; How Long Do We Have Until Civil War 2.0 Starts?  Organized lawlessness is spreading to cities across the United States but the news is almost totally ignored and blacked out by the mainstream media.  These ominous uprisings are taking various forms but the most visible and aggressive ones involve Antifa-style "occupy" socialist and anarchist street mobs dedicated to taking down ICE — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal government policing agency that is part of the Department of Homeland Security.  The impetus for these actions has been the anti-President Trump Fake News psy-op meme that claims minor children of illegal immigrants arrested for crashing the U.S./Mexico border are being separated from their parents, sent to "Nazi"-like "concentration camps," and systematically mistreated.  Far left groups whose rag tag appearance belies their sophisticated networking skills, including Direct Action Network and Democratic Socialists of America, are behind the actions.  The Hill analyzed the radicals' agendas after a group of DSA activists loudly confronted DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen while she was having dinner at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

GOP Congressman Warns Nation Headed to Civil War.  Rep. Steve King posted a warning on Twitter Sunday evening [6/24/2018] that the U.S. is heading toward a second civil war, comparing the present day actions of the anti-Trump resistance to the run-up to the Civil War.  King, an eight-term Congressman from Iowa, keyed off a PJ Media article about leftist protesters shutting down a Portland, Oregon ICE office and taking down the U.S. flag, replacing with an "Refugees Welcome" flag.

The Battle For America Is Nowhere Near 'Over.' Here Are 10 Ways To Fight.  If you want peace, prepare for war.

Days of Rage.  Angry, in-your-face confrontations dramatically increase the chances of violence.  Put people in close proximity, yelling and spitting, and public officials will rightly start to fear that they're in physical danger.  While millions of Americans don't remember that a Bernie Sanders supporter last year tried to assassinate a significant portion of the GOP Congress, you can be assured that not a single Republican in Washington has forgotten.  They can never be sure that the screaming person in front of them doesn't mean them physical harm.

Dear America, The LEFT Has Declared War On You.  The desperation at the loss of power, the open & undeniable hostility towards traditional America, their mockery making of our elections, laws, and public servants, their use of any and all tactics to fight back regardless of how gutter-prone they may be all pale in comparison to what they believe about their own beliefs.  No longer interested in a pluralistic society with many different world-views competing in generations' long struggle over ideas.  They have had enough.  They are not interested in hearing opposing viewpoints, much less allowing them to prosper.  This is why they want no church to teach that abortion is taking a human life, many sexual behaviors are literally unhealthy, or that people should choose to do good vis-a-vie their earnings vs. being forced to at the government's point of a gun.

Liberals' Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence.  This week they turned the hate up to "11," then cranked it to "17."  There are not many places to go once you reach "You are real live Nazis murdering children by not letting aspiring Democrat voters flow into the country at will!" At some point, instead of a few wild-eyed randos with crummy aim trying to off libs' political/cultural opponents, they are going to start collectively going to go for the throat.  Our collective throat.  Which I do not anticipate us Normals responding to in a huggy, loving kind of way.  You can see it coming as they grow more and more unhinged.

When Do We Get To The Last Straw?  I have seen a lot of conservative commentary conjecturing the possibility of another civil war here in our nation.  In many respects, the inevitability of such a thing happening presents itself as an emerging threat that seems more likely every day.  I'm hoping that won't happen.  And I know that if we begin now to make it understood, in the polls and through aggressive and unyielding declaration, litigation, and legislation, that our patience has come to its final end, we can avoid civil war — absolutely.  But when the unavoidable necessity of that ultimate protest presents itself, just as currently no one is asking us to stand on our feet and defy their bullying, we will then not be sent any invitations from the opposition.  They want us to just fold up and let them destroy us without notice or resistance.

Liberals Are Pushing The Country To The Edge.  The ability to agree to disagree is dead, murdered by leftists who demand absolute adherence to their political will or they declare you an enemy of the people and seek to destroy you.  As long suspected, those "coexist" stickers on their Priuses were for show, they should read "obey" because obedience, in absolute terms, is the only acceptable way to "coexist" with the liberal mob. [...] When the leadership of the party does not condemn mob action against a Cabinet Secretary while she's having a meal or is at home, disrupting her entire neighborhood, the next steps are only more dangerous.  And when the media willingly lies to advance the mob to those next steps, how do you pump the brakes on this runaway train?

It ain't just Trump they hate.  "Conservatives" are going to have to decide what they consider to be worth fighting for, or whether anything at all is.  The decision isn't being offered to them as an option which can be avoided or abstained from; it's being rammed down their throats, by adversaries whose commitment and relentlessness are absolute, whose willingness to do violence against their enemies has been repeatedly demonstrated.  "It can't happen here"? It already has, way more than just once.

This Man Threatened To Kill A Congressman's Kids Over Trump's Immigration Policy.  This is yet another sign that our nation is becoming ungovernable.

Fascist Restaurant Owner of Red Hen Lexington Kicks Press Secretary Out.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia by a hate-filled owner — a Fascist Democrat.  This is an example of what life will be like under the angry, hate-filled hard-left.  If you disagree and you will pay.

She Should Have Asked Them To Bake Her a Cake.  There is not much point in trying to keep up with the Liberal Outrages of the Day.  They come too fast and furiously; it would be a full-time job, and more.  But yesterday's [6/22/2018] peak outrage is one you probably already know about:  the manager of a Red Hen restaurant kicked Sarah Sanders and her family out of her establishment last night.

Liberals Openly Call for Violence and Dehumanization of Opponents.  Liberals/Leftists are getting more dangerous by the day.  They are pushing for violence and the silencing of all with whom they disagree.  They openly and freely stalk and harass conservatives [or even liberals who agree with something conservative] at their homes and restaurants.  MSNBC's Donny Deutsch on Friday compared people who vote for President Trump to Nazis, saying "if you vote for Trump, you're the bad guy."  The USA is now a country where the left-wing believes people with whom they disagree have no freedom of speech, at least not political speech.

The critical fraction.  According to the General Social Survey in 2013, about 1 in 4 Americans owned guns.  That's 79 million gun owners, and probably an undercount because gun owners are chronically suspicious of the intention behind such questions.  But we'll go with it as an assumption that's best-case for the doorknockers.  That means that in order to stop attempted gun confiscations dead on a purely force-on-force level, only one in 317 American gun owners needs to remember that our first American Revolution began as spontaneous popular resistance to a gun-confiscation order.  Only one in 317 American gun owners need to remember their duty under the U.S. Constitution as members of the unorganized militia — "the body of the people in arms".  Only one in 317 American gun owners need to shoot back.  Is that a plausible fraction?  Yes.

Protesters burn Mississippi flag, say it symbolizes racism.  A group of about 30 demonstrators on Monday burned a Mississippi state flag, saying it symbolizes the racism at the heart of the state's problems with poverty, education and health care.

This Is the Most Divisive Issue In America.  Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, we've been told over and over (and over) that America is more divided now than its ever been.  But what exactly are we so divided on?  A new Gallup poll reveals what issues, more specifically what social issues, liberals and conservatives just cannot see eye to eye on.  Number one on the list:  abortion.  Among those who identify as "very liberal," 66 percent think abortion is morally acceptable.  However, only 19 percent of those who consider themselves "very conservative" said the same.

Nancy Pelosi wonders why there 'aren't uprisings' across nation: 'Maybe there will be'.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that she is confused why Americans aren't "uprising" against the Trump administration over conditions on the border with Mexico.  The California Democrat's weekly press briefing veered into explosive territory when the subject of illegal immigration came up.  Mrs. Pelosi said there may be "uprisings" over children who are separated at the U.S. southern border when asylum seekers decide not to arrive at a proper checkpoint.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures:  Part 1.  As many observers have noted, America is now embroiled in a de facto civil war in which the nation is being relentlessly attacked and disassembled from within, not by the conservative Right, as The New Yorker and other progressivist outlets irresponsibly lament, but by the domestic Left.  Reputable commentators like Kevin Williamson at National Review and John Podhoretz for the New York Post believe the nation is descending into chaos — and place the onus squarely on the Left.  In a prescient article for PJ Media about the potential result of a political coup orchestrated by the Left under the guise of the faux Mueller investigation, Roger Simon writes:  "That word sounds hyperbolic but it isn't.  We could see anything from civil war to social atrophy.  Who knows if our country will survive it?"

The Coming Second American Civil War?  With all the talk of a new Civil War in the air, this piece in the far-left New Yorker, which originally ran in August 2017 in the wake of Charlottesville, is worth revisiting on this Memorial Day weekend.  The New Yorker seems these days to be written entirely by spoiled children and mouthpieces for the Central Intelligence Agency, but it is a reliable barometer of the increasingly lunatic preoccupations of the seething Left, and it behooves us to keep an eye on it.

Warning: 2018 political 'civil war' threatens, fueled by media.  More and more voices are raising concerns that the 2018 elections will ignite a terrible clash between supporters of President Trump and his increasingly agitated critics in a partisan battle that has been brewing for years.  Purdue University President Mitchell E. Daniels, former President Ronald Reagan's political director and a two-term Indiana Republican governor, sees the nation dividing into feuding "tribes" that gravitate to tyrants who "bludgeon" opponents.

Liberal Lies And Slanders Are A Slippery Slope To Trouble.  Donald Trump is just one manifestation of the blowback against the rule-by-contempt our alleged betters currently practice.  And if the election of The Donald doesn't convince them to change their ways, what will come next will not be anywhere near as pleasant.  The ability to discuss and debate issues in good faith is a key principle essential to the maintenance of a democratic republic. [...] The principle of reasoned debate is critical.  If the American people can't use reason to determine how to govern our country then that leaves... hitting each other over the head, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a democratic republic.  Now, the problem for liberals is that when we reason, they lose.

What the United States Can Learn from Yugoslavia's Breakup.  It is highly likely that the United States will break up sometime in the near future.  Since the 1960s, the United States has become more racially heterogeneous and more politically polarized.  The right and left have grown increasingly farther apart and see each other not as fellow Americans, but enemies.  This polarization has accelerated since the presidential election of Donald Trump in 2016.  Americans used to mostly have the same religion, Christianity, and now they don't.  Many are irreligious or are members of other religions.  The immigration of large numbers of people from Latin America and Asia since the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 has transformed the United States.  As a result of this mass immigration, white people are projected to become a minority in the United States in 2042.  No other country has undergone such a rapid demographic transformation in such a short period of time.

America Faces One of Three Inevitable Paths:  Unrest, Tyranny, or Divorce - Pick One.  In a piece for The Federalist entitled, "It's Time For The United States To Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous," writer and former Marine corp combat veteran Jesse Kelly ruffled more than a few feathers with his contention that the time for the United States as a united nation may be nearing an inevitable end.  Comparing the Left and Right in America to "the couple screaming at each other all night, every night as the kids hide in their room," Kelly cites a congenial divorce as the best option for a country that's "hopelessly divided" on seemingly every important issue.  He even tweeted a helpful accompanying map with a hand-drawn red line ceding the Left coast and the northern states to the liberal governance they deserve.

7 Forces Driving America Toward Civil War.  [#1] A Post-Constitutional Era:  Liberals don't believe in the Constitution.  Typically they deny this, but that's exactly what a "living" Constitution means.  You make it up as you go along.  The Founders foresaw the instability and danger that would be created by this approach, which is why they wanted us to be a constitutional republic, not a democracy.  Unfortunately, America has in many ways already become a post-constitutional democracy and we're one liberal judge away from abandoning the Constitution altogether.

Turning California into three states won't solve its problems.  For former Californians like me, our days consist of at least two head shakes whenever news of our former home state crawls across the transom.  Almost every day, there's a report out of that beautiful state that generates pity and bemusement at the latest outlandish event.  Last week we learned a billionaire venture capitalist finally accomplished a dream by getting enough signatures to put a measure on the ballot asking voters if they want to divide California into three states.  Tim Draper, the iconoclast behind the plan, understands the state is a disaster, but only Californians would think that the solution lies in making more Californias.

The Cold Civil War Just Got Warmer.  The Republicans want to kill poor people; they want to throw grandma off a cliff; Republicans want dirty water and polluted air; Republicans want to deprive little schoolchildren of lunches; Republicans want to send your kids to war; Republicans are greedy, no-good, swindling weasels who prey on the weak and downtrodden.  That's the popular narrative the Left (along with their cronies in the news media and pop culture) have shoveled down America's throat since the 1930s.

Panhandle Rancher Speaks Secession.  Secession, a word filled with angst, harbinger of civil war, destroyed cities, and refugee populations fleeing war's destruction.  Notwithstanding, the Texas Republican Primary ballot this year might just offer Texans the chance to voice their opinion on severing ties to the United States of America.  Many non-Texans forget that Texas was once a sovereign nation for nine years, a nation born of strife just like the USA.  Texas won sovereignty from Mexico the hard way, through rebellion and war.

Liberals Announce Plan to Crush Normal Americans in a New "Civil War".  Normal Americans are not going to simply give up their rights and their self-determination because a bunch of liberals want them to.

Did Twitter's CEO Just Share a Post Calling For 'Civil War,' Wiping Out the GOP, and How We Should Be Like CA?  Well, if there were any lingering doubts about Twitter's perceived bias against conservatives, look no further than what CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted out last night.  Apparently, a "good read" is a post co-written by a Center for American Progress senior fellow that calls for "civil war," the destruction of the GOP, and the adoption of how California runs everything from sea to shining sea.  Yeah, bipartisanship is dead, so mob rule is what's needed.  Now, to be fair, the "civil war" will be won at the ballot box and demographic shifts, namely through the so-called emerging Democratic majority, but the overall theme is quite explicit:  conservative Republicans are not welcome until they reform.  In other words, until they break to the power of progressivism.

Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second 'Civil War'.  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey aroused controversy after labeling a Medium article "great" that claimed there's no "bipartisan way forward" in the United States and that the country is engaged in a "fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order."  Dorsey shared the Medium article on his personal Twitter account Thursday night [4/5/2018], with the accompanying acclaim that it was a "great read."

Is The Golden State Trying To Secede?  There may be hope in California yet.  Despite the state's political descent into madness by illegally declaring itself a "sanctuary state," the resistance it growing.  California has a political and legal fight on its hands, one it can't win.

Why Democrats Would Lose the Second Civil War, Too.  It's obvious that the central tenet of the Democrat Party platform is now hatred and contempt for Normal Americans. Taking their cue from the elites in Europe and Canada who are stripping dissenters of their free speech rights and religious freedoms, the leftist elite is moving to solidify its hold on power here with the eager assistance of tech companies and the moral support of the Fredocons who yearn to return to pseudo-relevance as the ruling class's slobberingly loyal opposition.  In California, the leftist government is practically firing on Fort Sumter.  And nationally, these aspiring fascists are especially eager to disarm Normal Americans — doing so would be an object lesson in who's the boss, as well as solving that frustrating problem of the Normals having the ability to resist.  Probably because I've spent time where they actually had a civil war, many people ask me — people whose names you know — whether I think this turmoil will all end in a Second Civil War.  They are seriously concerned, and not without cause — the left's hatred for Normal Americans and its dedication to totally stripping the people who are the backbone of this country of their ability to participate in their own governance is threatening to rip the country apart.

The Benedict Predicament.  At least half of Americans sense that their country has been taken from them. [...] They voted for protection against government, big business, the media, the educational and even the religious establishments, which wage a cold civil war to push them and their "deplorable" way of life to society's margins.  But the election's aftermath confirmed fears that mere voting cannot reestablish traditional American priorities.  It has done and can do little to lessen the ruling class's relentless pressures on how we live our lives.  How to save a way of life while avoiding surrender, or a hot civil war, is the subject of anguish, and much debate. [...] Judicious retreat may not be enough to avoid a civil war, never mind to deal with the other crises that sweep away nations.  If war comes, it must be fought.

How a Civil War Happens.  Guns are how a civil war ends.  Politics is how it begins.  How do civil wars happen?  Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country.  And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree that elections are how you decide who's in charge.  That's the basic issue here.  Who decides who runs the country?  When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country.  When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

"New California" moves to split off from Golden State.  Shortly after the New Year opened, I noted that President Donald Trump had begun mounting a #CounterResistance to California's political war against his administration.  I recommended 5 strategies for continuing the battle, including assistance in helping the "State of Jefferson" break free to dilute the Golden State's electoral power.  It appears that someone may have followed-up with this suggestion, as a group of unhappy state residents has launched a quite public declaration to create "New California".

The Weaponization of History and Journalism.  Today we have a large variety of truths:  truths for feminists, truths for blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, homosexuals, transgendered, truths for the foreign policy community that serves the military/security complex, truths for the neocons, truths for the One Percent that control the economy and the economists who serve them, truths for "white supremacists," itself a truth term for their opponents.  You can add to the list.  The "truth" in these "truths" is that they are self-serving of the group that expresses them.  Their actual relation to truth is of no consequence to those espousing the "truths."  Woe to you if you don't go along with someone's or some group's truth. [...] When a country has a population among whom there are no truths except group-specific truths, the country is so divided as to be over and done with.

Sacramento Democrats Fire on Fort Sumter.  [Scroll down]  What provoked this extraordinary statement is California's open defiance of federal immigration law, embodied in the state's becoming a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens as of January 1.  Under the new state law, nowhere in California may police ask about an individual's immigration status, nor may local authorities cooperate with federal officials on immigration enforcement.  Let's be as clear about this as we possibly can:  not since South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter, thus precipitating Southern secession and the Civil War, has any state of the Union so brazenly thumbed its nose at the federal government.  (And not just on immigration; California also just became the largest state to legalize marijuana, setting up a separate but no less serious conflict with federal drug laws.)  And, once again, it's Democrats who are doing the thumbing.

Civil War.  Apparently, lots of people worry that America is headed toward a civil war of some sort.  Perhaps people with an interest in statistical methods worry about civil wars, in addition to methodological wars.  It could also be that people fond of math know that society is fragile and it would not take much to topple it over.  The distance between us and Somalia is not a big as we like to pretend.  Anyway, it is a good brain teaser.  What would a civil war in America be like this time around?  The country is a vastly different place than the last time.  The north is still richer than the south, but there's a Midwest, Southwest, West and Northwest now.  More important, nothing is made in the Northeast anymore, other than trouble.

What Might Civil War Be Like?  Some dimensions of a future civil war would be, I think, largely unprecedented.  When lesser countries have imploded in violence in recent times, they have done so with most of the world around them still intact.  There were other nations to offer aid, assistance and intervention, welcome or unwelcome.  There were places for refugees to go.  The collapse of the world's remaining superpower would take much of the world down with it.  A global economic crisis would be inevitable.

Poll Shows Nation Divided Between America First And Blame America First.  For conservatives, according to [a new] poll, the most patriotic organizations and individuals include the National Rifle Association, Chick-Fil-A, the Republican Party, Fox News and Hobby Lobby.  The least patriotic to conservatives are:  CNN, The New York Times, NFL, Planned Parenthood, Target, Starbucks, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton.  Liberals think the most patriotic institutions and people are the Democratic Party, Colin Kaepernick, the U.S. Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood, Michael Moore, The New York Times, and the NFL.  The least patriotic to liberals are Chick-Fil-A, Fox News and Hobby Lobby.

Politico: Jerry Brown, President of the Independent Republic of California.  David Siders writes in Politico that California Governor Jerry Brown, as he visits Europe en route to the United Nations climate talks, is functioning rather more like the leader of a country distinct from the United States than merely the governor of one of fifty states within that powerful union.

Plan to divide California into 3 new states clears first hurdle.  A plan to split California into three separate states has cleared its first hurdle.  Supporters are set to begin collecting signatures to qualify for next year's ballot.  The plan is being funded by Bay Area tech billionaire Tim Draper, who previously funded a similar proposal back in 2014 to divide the state up into sections.  That plan failed.  Draper argues that citizens would be better served by three smaller state governments, rather than one large one.

The Next Liberal Craze:  Trump May Break Up The United States.  The author [Bill Mckibben] has a book coming out shortly which is fictional and deals with the idea of Vermont seceding from the nation.  But in the real world, he's once again raising the specter of California putting up a wall of their own and declaring their independence. [...] Mckibben goes on to suggest that Vermont probably wouldn't try it because its aging population wouldn't give up their Social Security, but how about New York?  Speaking as one of the residents of upstate, allow me to second this idea, provided we just split off New York City and leave the northern and western sections in the union.  The author then ups the ante and suggests that all of New England might want to split off as a group.

It's 1968 All Over Again.  After the polarizing Obama presidency and the contested election of Donald Trump, the country is once again split in two.  But this time the divide is far deeper, both ideologically and geographically — and more 50/50, with the two liberal coasts pitted against red-state America in between.  Century-old mute stone statues are torn down in the dead of night, apparently on the theory that by attacking the Confederate dead, the lives of the living might improve.  All the old standbys of American life seem to be eroding.  The National Football League is imploding as it devolves into a political circus.  Multimillionaire players refuse to stand for the national anthem, turning off millions of fans whose former loyalties paid their salaries.  Politics — or rather a progressive hatred of the provocative Donald Trump — permeates almost every nook and cranny of popular culture.

Some thoughts on how we might get from where we're at now to a Second Civil War.  In March, my totally unscientific hunch was a second civil war had less than a 20% chance of happening.  Now I'm guessing it's closer to 40%.  The revision is less a reaction to the current president or perceived deterioration of the political environment as it is a revision of my own understanding of "where we are."  I've lately become persuaded that our current leaders are nearly incapable of mediation, reconciliation, or compromise in much of anything, regardless of the stakes; nor do I expect that to improve.  If anything, I expect it to worsen.

In A Religiously And Politically Polarized Country, Is There Still Hope For Shared Ground?  Without a shared language of belief, every difference threatens to pull us further apart. [...] We are not "one nation," perhaps largely in part because we don't believe we're "under God" anymore.

Calexit III? New ballot measure plots route to California independence.  On Thursday, people unhappy with California's place in the United States filed yet another proposed ballot measure that could lead to the Golden State striking out on its own.  This time, the goal is convening a U.S. constitutional convention to overhaul what proponents call a moldy national blueprint out of step with life in California.  The measure says a reworked Constitution should include a provision creating a "clear and reasonable path for states to achieve complete independence from the United States should any state so choose."  No state has become independent under the existing U.S. Constitution.

Tucker Debates 'Calexit' Supporter Who Calls CA 'Not the US'.  Tucker Carlson reported that the United States may lose a star on its flag for the first time ever, if "Calexit" becomes reality.  Carlson said the Calexit movement wants California to become an independent country through a ballot initiative in 2018 that would require 585,000 signatures to get started.  Shankar Singam, a supporter of Calexit and vice president of the California Freedom Coalition, told Carlson such a split does not have to be "hostile."

Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules Police [are] Not Allowed to Follow Federal Law.  The glorious progressive secession movement from the United States continues.  If Obama were in office, we would be hearing lots of talk about the Confederacy.  But since it's a Republican in the White House, treason is patriotic again.  Also Massachusetts cops are not allowed to follow Federal law.  Obama had already decided that Arizona is not allowed to enforce Federal immigration laws.  Now the highest court in MA has decided that police are not allowed to follow Federal law either.

Recent poll suggests more Californians want to secede.  A growing number of Californians want to secede from the U.S., according to a new poll by Supporters of California Independence.  Thirty-three percent of the people surveyed were in favor of the idea, the majority of them saying they are progressives or social Democrats.  Many of the respondents were moved to their answer by the current political climate.

Will the Second Civil War Turn Violent?  In a recent column, I made the case that Americans are fighting the Second Civil War.  The deep chasm that has opened up between the left -- not liberals, the left -- and the rest of the country is so wide and so unbridgeable that there is no other way to describe what is happening.  But I noted that at least thus far, unlike the First Civil War, this war is not violent.  Unfortunately, there is now reason to believe that violence is coming.  In fact, it's already here.  But as of now, it's only coming from one direction.  Left-wing thugs engage in violence and threats of violence with utter impunity.  They shut down speakers at colleges; block highways, bridges and airport terminals; take over college buildings and offices; occupy state capitals; and terrorize individuals at their homes.

Winning the Civil War of Two Americas.  When John Edwards touted the "Two Americas" during his presidential campaigns before his political career ended in disgrace, it was still a metaphor.  It stopped being a metaphor at the end of last year.  If you doubt that, you can watch Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic National Committee, yelling that President Trump didn't win the election.  There is a huge difference between opposing the winner of an election and denying that he won it.  It's the difference between opposition and rebellion.  Democrats have not recognized a single Republican presidential victory this century.  There is no real reason to think that they will recognize a third one.  We can safely assume that the third or fourth Republican to win the White House, no matter who he is, will face the same treatment.  A two-party system can't function if one party denies the legitimacy of elections won by the other side.

The Civil War Is Here.  This civil war is very different than the last one.  There are no cannons or cavalry charges.  The left doesn't want to secede.  It wants to rule.  Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority.  The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn't control.  The left has rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans.  It has rejected the judicial authority of the Supreme Court when it decisions don't accord with its agenda.  It rejects the legislative authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the left.  It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.  It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama.  And now it's for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow.

If There Be Lawlessness.  Things are proceeding so fast toward cultural and political meltdown that it is difficult to keep up.  City states such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have declared their independence from the union and are in open rebellion.  Call it what you will, take the MSM meme of protecting illegal aliens if you choose, but it is nothing less than secession by disobedience.  It is a flagrant act of rebellion against federal authority and should be met with armed troops on the steps of these city halls.

What is Going On (Part III)?  I believe what's wrong with this country is unfixable.  I think Trump's legacy will be the tearing down of the corrupt, decrepit, self-serving, evil status quo.  His in your face, no holds barred style so angers the established social order; they come out of the shadows to fight him.  The sinister intelligence services and Soros/Obama left wing terrorists are being revealed as the true enemies of the common people.  We know our enemy.  That's the first step.

Today's Riot-Prone Mobs Are A Product Of America's Cult-Like Education System.  If aggressive mobs can deploy enough warm bodies through their organized pyramid scheme of recruitment, the reasoning goes, then law enforcement will be overwhelmed and have to throw in the towel.  Or maybe what's left of civil society will devolve to civil war.  Those who are pushing for sustained street resistance seem to be banking on two things.  First they are betting that mainstream Americans won't realize until it's too late that we are in the midst of a virtual civil war that could turn violent.  Dennis Prager recently wrote of this Second Civil War, warning Americans to wake up to it.

Entertainment Industry is Leading Charge to Civil War.  The constant protests by the Entertainment industry against Trump will not subside.  There is only one way this is going to end and that is blood in the streets.  The riots will only escalate and the left always becomes violent.

Today's Riot-Prone Mobs Are A Product Of America's Cult-Like Education System.  The professed hope, as stated by founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA Carl Dix as well as Princeton University professor Cornel West, who are founders of the Soros-funded group, is to mobilize "tens of millions" of resisters into the streets to bring down the Trump administration.  Sen. Tim Kaine recently lent them his relatively moderate voice by calling for people to resist the Trump administration "in the streets."  Former President Obama gave them a shout-out as well.  If aggressive mobs can deploy enough warm bodies through their organized pyramid scheme of recruitment, the reasoning goes, then law enforcement will be overwhelmed and have to throw in the towel.  Or maybe what's left of civil society will devolve to civil war.

Too bad to check:  California secession movement leader lives in ... Russia?  Donald Trump's stunning election win has some Californians so upset that they want to secede from the United States.  A group calling itself Yes California has organized a petition drive for a referendum in the spring 2019 election to demand a convention of states to approve "Calexit," which would recreate the Republic of California of 1850.  Louis Marinelli writes that the movement "is about California taking its place in the world, standing as an equal among nations."  Taking one's place in the world is something Marinelli knows about, as the New York Times discovered.  His place in the world isn't California at all, but Yekaterinburg — deep in Russia.

Is the Growing Political Divide Leading America Towards Another Civil War?  We all tend to think of civil war as it was way back in 1861-1865.  The pro-slavery Democratic South vs. the anti-slavery Republican North headed by the great President Abraham Lincoln.  I'm over simplifying, to be sure.  And thankfully, we came together after much hardship and many, many deaths (it's often forgotten that 750,000 people died in the civil war — more casualties than in WW1 and WW2 combined).  But nevertheless, I believe we are in a civil war today.  This time, it is between left and right.  But it's not limited to America this time — it's happening also throughout the Western world.  The divide is between globalism and nationalism, progressives and conservatives, big government and small government, pro-life and pro-choice, those in favor of open borders and those who want restricted, legal immigration.

'Progressives' Fantasizing about Civil War like Children Playing with Fire.  "Chicago 'scholar' claims militias would be 'toast' if resisting military coup," I posted last month.  A "progressive journalist" was enamored of a "progressive academic," both presuming the military is as predominantly subversive as they are.  It would not only help them depose President Trump, the delusion goes, but would do all their dirty work for them.  And as for the fate of us "bitter clingers" and "deplorables"?  They did their best to convince their echo chamber we'd be made short and effortless work of.  This presupposes those who support and defend the Constitution are the enemy.  And the whole fantasy seems painfully unaware of the myriad factors that would rise to the surface and compete for dominance once disincentives against them were weakened or removed.

Nigel Farage and the 'Bad Boys of Brexit' set their sights on splitting California in two.  The 'Bad Boys of Brexit' who led the campaign to break Britain away from the European Union have taken on a new exit challenge:  splitting California into two states.  Former UKip leader Nigel Farage and Leave backer Arron Banks have just returned from the United States, where they helped raise $1million (£800,000) for a 'Calexit' campaign, which would split California into two eastern and western regions.  There are several 'Calexit' campaigns competing for a referendum in the United States, with one aiming to remove the state from America entirely as a response to President Donald Trump being elected last year.

Congressman: Californians Have 'No Loyalty to This Country'.  Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) lamented that the large segment of Californians clamoring to secede from the U.S. have "no loyalty to this country whatsoever" during an interview Tuesday on "The Laura Ingraham Show."  McClintock recently endured a raucous town hall event in early February in which the attendance of hundreds of anti-Trump protesters led to police escorting McClintock out of the building.  These protesters reflect the 32 percent of Californians who support secession from the union, according to McClintock.

The Editor says...
Personally, I'd like to see Texas secede from the U.S. and resume its position as an independent country.  To say that my position reflects "disloyalty" to the U.S. is misleading:  I'm only hoping to live in a free country once again, much like the U.S. was at the beginning of the 20th century, when the national debt was near zero, politicians stayed in office only temporarily, crime was under control, homosexuals were rightly perceived as deviants, nobody worried about what the weather would be like a hundred years hence, schools actually taught kids how to think and learn, and there was no welfare state.

Resistance: Democrats Plan to Withhold Federal Taxes to Protest Trump.  Some Democrats prepare to withhold paying federal taxes in potentially the biggest tax boycott since the Vietnam War, according to a report from The Guardian.  The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC), which campaigns for federal tax boycotts, says there has "renewed interest in war tax resistance following Trump's inauguration," with the website's traffic doubling in the past month.  "Something has clicked in the minds of thousands of people across the country... we don't want to pay for Trump's agenda!

Internal Secession and the Road to Ruin:  Two Countries.  Trump did not cause the deep division in the country.  It caused him.  There are two very different Americas.  I suspect that the half of the country that voted for Trump, that voted with wild enthusiasm, that roared at huge rallies, was not so much voting for Trump as against the other America.  It was just that they had never had a chance before.  The two countries have little in common and do not belong on the same geography.  Whether Trump proves to be the catastrophic buffoon he apparently aspires to be, the current protests illuminate a stark difference between his supporters and Hillary's.  The chasm is far deeper than just politics, embracing culture, taste, manners and morals.  The groups are distinct and incompatible.

California Shouldn't Secede from the U.S., It should divide in two.  At the height of the tea-party movement, Texas governor Rick Perry merely hinted at the thought that Texas might react to President Obama's executive overreach by reclaiming its one-time status as an independent republic.  He was denounced as something akin to a traitor; critics lamented that he wanted to return Texas to the era of sharecroppers or Jim Crow.  Now Dan Schnur, who teaches political communications at the University of Southern California, says "California is the new Texas," with its elected officials promoting a "virtual secession."  The secessionists plan to take to the legislature, the courts, and the streets to resist Trump's agenda.  Never before have so many prominent Californians gotten into such a reactionary, defensive crouch.

Officials announce proposal that would establish California as separate nation.  A proposal for California to secede from the United States was submitted to the Secretary of State's Office Thursday [1/26/2017].  The proposed "Calexit" initiative — its name borrowed from the UK's "Brexit" departure from the EU — would ask voters to repeal part of the state constitution that declares California an inseparable part of the U.S.  A recent poll found that one in three California residents would support a possible secession from the U.S. due to their opposition to President Trump.  No mention has been made of the president in the proposal.

'Calexit' organizers can now start collecting signatures to get California secession on the ballot.  Supporters of the campaign for California to secede from the United States can now begin collecting the hundreds of thousands of signatures they need to get a proposed "Calexit" initiative on the ballot.  California Secretary of State Alex Padilla cleared the proposed initiative to begin collecting signatures on Thursday.  If the measure gets on the ballot and gains approval by a majority of voters, it would repeal clauses in the California Constitution stating that the state is an "inseparable part of the United States" and that the U.S. Constitution is the "supreme law of the land," according to the title and summary prepared by the state attorney general's office.  The measure would place another question on the ballot in 2019, asking whether California should become a separate country.

OreGONE — Oregon Joins California In Proposal To Secede After Trump Victory.  Just yesterday we wrote about the "Calexit" proposal that was starting to gather steam after Trump's historic victory on Tuesday night.  Now The Oregonian points out that a group in Oregon has also filed the "Oregon Secession Act" in response to the perceived notion that "Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States."  But, unlike the Calexit proposal, the distraught Hillary supporters in Oregon are thinking big picture and have invited the states of California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska to all band together to form a new nation.

Trump Victory Gives New Life to #Calexit Secession Movement.  The November presidential election gave Yes California credibility.  The group's organizers said their website was stretched to its limits Nov. 9 when 11,000 emails started pouring in from people scared to death at the reality of Donald Trump in the White House.  This tsunami of support isn't just a bunch of old SDS and Weatherman radicals looking for a new port in their storm of old age.  Some of the top guns in Silicon Valley were suddenly tweeting about breaking away from the USA.  And it wasn't just California.  Two people in Oregon have submitted a ballot proposal to break their state away from the rest of the USA, too.

Secessionists formally launch quest for California's independence.  Supporters of a plan for California to secede from the union took their first formal step Monday morning [11/21/2016], submitting a proposed ballot measure to the state attorney general's office in the hopes of a statewide vote as soon as 2018.  Marcus Ruiz Evans, the vice president and co-founder of Yes California, said his group had been planning to wait for a later election, but the presidential election of Donald Trump sped up the timeline.

Special California Snowflakes Are Really Attempting This Whole Secession Thing.  Remember when it was racist and evil and anti-democracy when Texas floated this type of thing? [...] It was also mean and racist when parts of California wanted to secede from California to become their own state (there have been many plans on splitting California into two, four, and even six states).  But, hey, this is a great idea!

Disgruntled Democrats Want A Constitutional Convention To Leave The Union.  On Tuesday [12/6/2016], disgruntled Democrats held a forum to discuss the possibility of replacing the Electoral College.  Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) conceded that Democrats could not get rid of the Electoral College due to the way the United States Constitution is written.  "I don't think we can sustain our American democracy by having the majority ruled by the minority.  And so the question is how to fix this since the Constitution is written in such a way that it's almost impossible to amend," Lofgren said.

Monckton: It's Time For 'Texit' — Texas Should Secede, Thatcher Advisor Says.  Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, thinks Texas should secede from the United States.  In his native Britain, voters are preparing to decide whether they will remain in the European Union.  Here in the United States, Texas just last month considered putting secession on the ballot.  The Republican Party of Texas killed the measure.

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