Uncle Sam is afraid to say what he means
because he might offend the people who are determined to kill us all.

9/11/2017: Trump, Pence, Mattis, Sessions Fail to Name 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'.  On the sixteenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks, President Donald Trump did not once mention the terms "radical Islam" or "Islamic terrorism" during a commemoration ceremony at the Pentagon.  Those phrases were also not mentioned in speeches today [9/11/2017] by other Trump administration senior officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Instead of naming the enemy, Trump seemingly went out of his way to use other descriptors in his speech, including "terrorists who attacked us," "barbaric forces of evil and destruction," "horrible, horrible enemies," "enemies of all civilized people," and "enemies like we've never seen before."

FBI Claims Attempted GOP Assassinations Are 'Assault' — Not Terrorism.  The FBI is treating the attempted mass assassination of Republican lawmakers as "assault" and not terrorism, FBI Assistant Director in Charge Andrew Vale announced at a press conference Tuesday morning [6/20/2017]. [...] The FBI has long-defined terrorism as "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives[.]  A press release sent out by the agency before the press conference offered no speculation about the would-be assassin's motive.

PC Pentagon Caves To CAIR, Agrees To 'Review' Anti-Terror Training Program.  The Pentagon has agreed to formally review an anti-terror training program taught to special forces by a private contractor for material deemed offensive to Islam and Muslims, even though the Muslim group that lodged a complaint against the allegedly "Islamophobic" program has been accused by the Justice Department of supporting terrorism and is currently banned from outreach activities by the FBI.  The instructor hired to teach the program says he fears his class might not get a fair hearing, because military brass have assigned the review to a Muslim military chaplain who graduated from a radical Saudi-funded Islamic school raided by federal agents after 9/11 on suspicion of terrorist activities.  He is their second choice for conducting the review.  They had originally picked a more radical military chaplain to inspect the training materials before learning he has ties to an imam with a history of ministering to Muslims later convicted of terrorism.

FBI Correct:  Sharia Adherent Muslims Have Mental Issues.  Isn't it interesting how jihadis who have been investigated by the FBI with no action taken, wind up killing and/or wounding Americans in places like Little Rock, Boston, New York, San Bernadino, Orlando, and elsewhere, and are then dubbed "mentally ill?"  They are never dubbed "Islamic jihadis" or "Islamic terrorists."

Feds Still in Cover-up Mode:  Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter Indictment Omits Terrorism.  Days after the massacre that shut down one of the state's busiest airports, Judicial Watch reported that the shooter, Esteban Santiago, is a Muslim convert who years before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music online.  A California-based investigative news site dug up the information while the mainstream media blindly repeated the Obama administration's version of the facts though early on a photo surfaced of Santiago making an ISIS salute while wearing a keffiyeh, a Palestinian Arab scarf.  This was disturbingly reminiscent of the Benghazi cover up, in which the president and his cohorts knowingly lied to conceal that Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. Special Mission in Libya.

FBI: 'Too soon' to call Monday's attack terrorism.  It's too soon to call the attack on Ohio State's campus on Monday an act of terrorism, although the student who sent 11 people to the hospital might have been inspired by the deceased al Qaeda-linked terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as Islamic State.  "It's too soon to draw any conclusions if this is terrorism," FBI special agent Angela Byers said at a news conference held with the Columbus Division of Police on Wednesday afternoon [11/30/2016].

More Proof of Vetting Failures in the Immigration Process.  Two more recent terrorism-related law enforcement cases have led to three more chuckleheads who pledged allegiance to ISIS being in custody for material support of terror.  One of the three, Iraqi refugee Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, copped a plea to the charge in a Houston federal court.  His co-conspirator and fellow Iraqi refugee, Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, is detained in Chicago awaiting trial, unless he too decides to plead out.  In a separate case, a Bangladeshi named Nelash Mohamed Das was arrested and indicted by federal authorities in Maryland for plotting with ISIS to target and kill American soldiers.  In typical politically correct fashion for this administration, even the Justice Department's press release describes Das as "a Maryland man".  Neither it nor the indictment mentions Das's immigration status other than being a citizen of Bangladesh, although the Baltimore Sun tells us that Das is a resident alien who came to the United States two decades ago.  The indictment is bare-bones, but unusual in that it lays out the government's intent to seize property belonging to Das.  Clearly there is more here than meets the eye.

The Clinton Record.  [Scroll down]  In 2011 the Obama administration, in which Mrs. Clinton was obviously a major player, decided to purge, from the training materials and curricula of all federal intelligence and criminal investigators, every single item suggesting that "jihad" or "Islam" were in any way related to terrorism.  Instead, the new objective would be "countering violent extremism," improving "cultural competency training across the United States Government," and promoting "cultural awareness."  All told, the FBI removed more than 1,000 presentations and curriculum items that were deemed "offensive" or "Islamophobic."  The FBI's decision to change its training materials and interrogation methods went on to have deadly serious, real-world consequences.

FBI: Minnesota Mall Attacks "Consistent With the Philosophies of Violent Radical Islamic Groups".  The information discovered by the FBI in its investigation of the background of an attack on a mall in Minnesota suggests jihad.  FBI Special Agent Rick Thornton told reporters that the attacker, one Dahir Ahmed Adan, showed every sign of being an ordinary college boy until recently.  After he started reading the Quran in the several months predating the attack, he progressively became less interested in playing video games, or physical sports, and "went from being an excellent student with a GPA to flunking out of college almost overnight."  By itself that suggests a strong influence, but the FBI agent was not finished.  "We have numerous credible witness accounts of him asking victims during the attack if they were Muslim," Agent Thornton reminded the reporters, "and at least one instance of him yelling 'Allahu Akbar' while stabbing one of his victims, and others heard him yelling 'Islam, Islam.'"  Citing "compelling evidence" that the attack was provoked, Thornton added dryly, "one could reasonably conclude his actions were consistent with the philosophies of violent radical Islamic groups."

Federal complaint against bombing suspect omits journal's ISIS references.  Pages from the bloody journal of the New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami show he was a follower of Al Qaeda as well as the Islamic State terror group, yet federal investigators made no reference to ISIS in their complaint charging him on Tuesday [9/20/2016].  At least two pages include references to Anwar al-Awlaki — the American-born Muslim cleric who was killed in a 2011 drone strike and whose preaching has inspired acts of terror linked to ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Federal investigators mentioned Awlaki in the complaints.  However, the journal also appears to reference Abu Muhammad al Adnani — the ISIS spokesman killed by coalition forces in August after he called his followers to attack non-believers in their homelands.

Is the Justice Department Hiding ISIS Connection in NY-NJ Bombings?  Images released of the journal of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspected NY-NJ bomber, show mention of a recently killed ISIS leader, but that reference is curiously missing from the federal indictment filed against him yesterday [9/20/2016].  Is the Justice Department again trying to hide an obvious ISIS connection or inspiration from this past weekend's attacks, just as they did when they censored Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen's pledge to ISIS?

Clinton Failed a Crucial Homeland Security Test.  As the Hillary Clinton camp ceaselessly reminds us, experience matters when it comes to national security.  But Clinton's record as secretary of state suggests that she is more responsive to the civil rights posturing of Islamic advocacy groups than she is to the need for unfettered intelligence gathering that can protect American lives.  As terrorism threatens to swallow Western Europe and ramps up here, this is a subject that Clinton and the Obama administration want to avoid.  There was never much chance that you would hear the words "Islamic" and "terrorism" juxtaposed at any point during the Democratic National Convention.

The military fired me for calling our enemies radical jihadis.  [Scroll down]  I felt the intel system was way too politicized, especially in the Defense Department.  After being fired, I left the meeting thinking, "Here we are in the middle of a war, I had a significant amount of combat experience (nearly five years) against this determined enemy on the battlefield and served at senior levels, and here it was, the bureaucracy was letting me go."  Amazing.  At the time, I was working very hard to change the culture of DIA from one overly focused on Washington, DC, to a culture that focused on our forward-based war fighters and commanders.  It was not an easy shift, but it was necessary and exactly the reason I was put into the job in the first place.  In the end, I was [angry] but knew that I had maintained my integrity and was determined in the few months I had left to continue the changes I was instituting and to keep beating the drum about the vicious enemy we were facing (still are).

Ted Cruz Grills Snooty Jeh Johnson at Senate Judiciary Hearing.  Cruz began his line of questioning by noting that DHS didn't attend the hearing he held on Tuesday, "Willful Blindness:  Consequences of Agency Efforts To Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism."  He proceeded to fill Johnson in on what he missed, describing evidence and testimony that he said revealed a "systematic effort" to scrub all references of Islam in government documents.  "For example, in the 9/11 Commission report the word 'jihad' appears 126 times, the word Muslim appears in that report 145 times, the word Islam appears in that report 322 times," Cruz said.  "And yet since that 9/11 report, new policies have been put into effect and as a matter of systematic policy those terms are no longer allowed to be used in this administration.  The FBI counter-terror lexicon uses the word jihad zero times.  The national Intelligence Strategy of 2009 uses jihad zero times, the Strategic Implementation Plan to Prevent Violent Extremism of 2011 uses the word zero times.  The National Intelligence Strategy of 2014 uses the word zero times."

Reaction to nightclub massacre feels like eternal recurrence.  President Obama, who has spent his presidency yearning for the reality he wants rather than the one he has, once again downplayed any suggestion that this was another battle in the war on Islamic terror he does not want to fight.  "Over the coming days, we'll uncover why and how this happened," the president promised, referring to a killer who called 911 to proclaim his allegiance to the Islamic State and shouted "Allahu Akbar!" amidst the mayhem.  Obama conceded that it was an "act of terror," but as John Podhoretz noted in the New York Post, referring to "terror" without a modifier is like a doctor discussing "cancer" without identifying its specific form or location; it is a way of talking around the problem without addressing it.

House Democrats Walk Out During Moment of Silence?  Clinton, Obama, and likeminded lefties refuse to condemn or even say radical Islamic terrorism, and most recently, Hillary finally mentioned it, but in the context of "what difference does it make".  She said it isn't important what we we call them.  Why then has it been not only important but paramount that they do not use those words?  It is of no importance that they do use those words, but supreme importance that they do not?  Does that make sense?  No.

Smartest President Ever Unable to Deduce Motive of Pulse Nightclub Terrorist.  The shooting in Orlando, Florida is tied to ISIS and that has been confirmed.  The terrorist was shouting "Allahu Akbar" in the street and in the nightclub.  The president said in a speech that the slaughter of 50 people and the wounding of 53 was an attack but he doesn't know what the motives are.  He never used the words Islamic, radical Islamic, or any other realistic term.  His mentioning of his concern for LGBTs falls a little flat because he certainly isn't protecting them.  Shall we wait until they are being thrown off buildings in this country?  Apparently the terrorist's ties to ISIS, including a 9/11 call to them at the time of the attack, was not a dead giveaway.  Omar Mateen, the terrorist, pledged allegiance to ISIS in the moments before the attack.  The president called it murder and a massacre, saying they don't know the motivation and only know that the shooter was filled with hate.  He mentioned "terror" but that was as close as he got to describing it accurately.

The hate the president dares not name.  Islamist terror struck America again late Saturday, this time on the dance floor of Pulse, an Orlando nightclub, in the largest mass shooting in US history.  The death toll of 50 may yet rise, as some of the 53 wounded remain in bad shape.  That our president, in his remarks Sunday [6/12/2016], chose not to call it "Islamist" terror is almost irrelevant:  He has just seven months left in office; why would he break with his habits of denial now?

Obama Whiffs Again.  Weak-kneed and irresolute, our fearful and feckless president stepped to the White House podium yesterday [6/12/2016] to blame the [Orlando] terror attack on the gun control lobby.  And, rather than call for war against the Islamic State Barack Obama said that we all need to purge our minds of any residual homophobic tendencies.  Obama had been given yet another chance to denounce the depravity of Islamist terrorist.  Yet again, he failed, and failed miserably.  He knew that everyone was waiting for him to pronounce the name of Islam in association with terrorism.  And yet, he could not bring himself to do it.  Obviously, he is afraid.  Of what, you ask?  Of blaspheming a religion that he venerates.  Obama must be more terrified of blaspheming the Muslim religion than he is about what happens to America's citizens.

Not Islamic terror, of course, just terror.
President Obama Calls Orlando Shooting an 'Act of Terror'.  President Obama today described as "an act of terror" the mass shooting in Orlando overnight, which left at least 50 people dead.  "We stand with the people of Orlando who have endured a terrible attack on their city," Obama said at the White House.  "This could have been any one of our cities."

David Petraeus Goes Nuts:  Warns Americans Not to Succumb to "Islamophobia".  Retired U.S. Army general and former CIA director David Petraeus recently wrote an article entitled "David Petraeus:  Anti-Muslim bigotry aids Islamist terrorists."  Thank you, sir, for the clarification.  Up until now, I had believed Barack Obama; that Islamic terrorism was caused by climate change.  Petraeus' premise is that "inflammatory political discourse ... against Muslims and Islam ... including proposals from various quarters for blanket discrimination against people on the basis of their religion ... will compound the already grave terrorist danger to our citizens ... directly undermine our ability to defeat Islamist extremists by alienating and undermining the allies whose help we most need to win this fight:  namely, Muslims."

University of Central Florida police defend description of 'Middle Eastern' suspect.  The University of Central Florida's police chief is defending the response to reports of a "Middle Eastern" suspect in the school's library.

White House under fire for 'censoring' video of French president's speech by eliminating interpreter's translation of the words 'Islamist terrorism'.  The Obama administration is under fire for briefly censoring a portion of video footage in which French president Francois Hollande uttered the phrase 'Islamist terrorism' — a pairing of words that the president has consistently cut out of its homeland security lexicon.  Calling the omission the result of 'a technical issue with the audio,' a red-faced White House re-posted an unedited version of the footage late on Friday [4/1/2016].

White House Scrubs Video of French President Saying "Islamist Terrorism".  The White House website has censored a video of French Pres.  Francois Hollande saying that "Islamist terrorism" is at the "roots of terrorism."  The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on terrorism with Pres.  Obama, and when it reappeared on the WhiteHouse.gov website and YouTube, the audio of Hollande's translator goes silent, beginning with the words "Islamist terrorism," then begins again at the end of his sentence.  Even the audio of Hollande saying the words "Islamist terrorism" in French have, apparently, been edited from the video.

Hollande's 'Islamist terrorism' omitted from White House vid; 'technical issue' blamed.  French President Francois Hollande's comments this week in Washington about Islamic terrorism — a term President Obama won't use — were omitted from an official White House video.  Holland made the comments at an international summit in Washington on nuclear security that also focused largely on global terrorism. [...] Republicans and others have been highly critical of Obama, and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, for not saying the words "Islamic terrorism" when talking about the Islamic State terror group, which has claimed responsibility for the recent, deadly bombing attacks in Paris and Brussels.

White House Blames 'Technical Issue' for Video Missing 'Islamist Terrorism' Comment from French President.  A White House official is blaming a "technical issue" for the sudden loss of sound on a White House video in which French President François Hollande said the words "Islamist terrorism."  Yesterday [3/31/2016], a video of Hollande's remarks was pulled from the White House website, according to a report from the Media Research Center.  The video was reloaded on the website with a version that not only muted the French president's remarks in French but eliminated the English translation as well.

The Editor says...
The lame "technical issue" excuse would be a lot easier to believe were it not for the amazing string of lucky coincidences that have benefited the Muslims since Obama has been in the White House, and the substantial body of evidence that shows Obama himself is a Muslim.

Faulted for Avoiding 'Islamic' Labels to Describe Terrorism, White House Cites a Strategic Logic.  President Obama chooses his words with particular care when he addresses the volatile connections between religion and terrorism.  He and his aides have avoided labeling acts of brutal violence by Al Qaeda, the so-called Islamic State and their allies as "Muslim" terrorism or describing their ideology as "Islamic" or "jihadist."  With remarkable consistency — including at a high-profile White House meeting this week, "Countering Violent Extremism" — they have favored bland, generic terms over anything that explicitly connects attacks or plots to Islam.  Obama aides say there is a strategic logic to his vocabulary:  Labeling noxious beliefs and mass murder as "Islamic" would play right into the hands of terrorists who claim that the United States is at war with Islam itself.

The Obama White House Just Censored A Foreign Leader Who Mentioned 'Islamist Terrorism'.  President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande met in Washington on Thursday [3/31/2016] to discuss ways for the two countries to work together to defeat terrorism.  But the White House apparently had zero appetite for Hollande's mention of Islamist terrorism, since it censored the phrase from the official White House video of the meeting posted on the White House website.  Media Research Center, a non-profit media watchdog, was the first to report the White House censorship.  While the official transcript available on the White House web page includes Hollande's use of the phrase "Islamist terrorism," the White House video of the remarks muted the audio during that portion of Hollande's remarks.  The audio of the French-to-English interpreter stops right before Hollande characterizes "Islamist terrorism" as the root of terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Campaign rhetoric on Muslims harms U.S.  security efforts: Homeland Security chief.  Harsh rhetoric about Muslims by Republican candidates in the U.S.  presidential election campaign is undermining national security efforts, U.S.  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Tuesday [3/29/2016].  Asked about comments by Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Johnson told MSNBC in an interview that singling out a specific community hampers government efforts to build the connections needed to thwart possible attacks.

DHS whistleblower: U.S. handcuffed in terror war.  The terms of the settlement of a recent discrimination lawsuit brought by Muslim activists against the New York Police Department has set a dangerous precedent that makes it even harder for law enforcement in the United States to prevent attacks like the coordinated bombings Tuesday in Brussels that killed at least 31 people and injured more than 180, contends a newly retired Department of Homeland Security officer.  Philip Haney, a former Customs and Border Protection officer who previously worked in the Middle East, explained to WND that as part of the settlement reached in U.S. District Court in January, the NYPD was forced to purge a study of terror attacks that helped law enforcement detect potential threats.

State Dept. Hesitates to Confirm Terrorists Who Claimed to Target Christians Targeted Christians.  State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Monday [3/28/2016] that he did not have "the fidelity of information to confirm overtly" that the massive suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan on Sunday was specifically targeting Christians celebrating Easter.  Ahsanullah Ahsan, a spokesman for Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, the breakaway Taliban faction claiming responsibility for the attacks, told the Associated Press on Sunday that the suicide bomber "deliberately targeted the Christian community celebrating Easter."  He also said the attack was meant to protest Pakistan's military operation in the tribal regions.

FBI Admits Faisal Mohammad A Self-Radicalized JihadistNow they admit he was a "self-radicalized" Islamist.  Previously, they spent a lot of time claiming to have no idea what his motive could possibly be.  If you don't remember the stabbing spree at Merced University, that's because Obama and the FBI have conspired to make sure you don't.

P.C. — R.I.P..  In spite of Islamists having established an unparalleled record of terrorism — some 20,000 assaults in the name of Islam since 9/11 — the Defense Department has come under the grip of PC, which has forced military training to delink terrorism from Islam.  Even after self-described "soldier of Allah" Nidal Hassan killed 13 in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting spree, the Defense Department recorded this incident as "workplace violence."  The DOD bureaucracy had almost no other choice as it was then in the midst of an ongoing purge at West Point and the Naval War College of all "vital references to Islamist ideology driving terrorism or conflating terrorism with Islam."  The FBI followed suit in 2011 and systematically purged its counterterrorism training manuals of some 900 pages that were considered offensive to Muslims.  The 2013 Islamist Boston Marathon bombers had high-risk profiles known by law enforcement intelligence and could have been stopped, but for political correctness.  The December 2, 2015 ISIS-inspired San Bernardino massacre might also have been prevented.

FBI Scrubs References to Islam from Anti-Radicalization Game After Hamas-CAIR Complains.  Earlier this month, the FBI launched Don't Be A Puppet, a browser-based video game designed to counter recruitment propaganda from violent extremists.  However, after complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Bureau has removed and replaced references to Islam and Islamic terrorism on the site.  The FBI originally intended to launch the site in November, but progress was stalled by CAIR's complaints.  At the time, the Islamic lobby complained that the website, which is targeted at young people at risk of extremist recruitment, would lead to the "stigamitzation" and "bullying" of young Muslims.  CAIR also contended that the website should instead focus on right-wing extremists, which they argued were a greater threat to American youth.  It seems that the FBI have caved to CAIR's complaints.

Americans tired of elites who consider them stupid and vicious.  How stupid and vicious do they think we are?  That's a question that I think explains a lot of things about politics and society today — and about this year's unpredictable presidential race.  The "we" in that question are ordinary citizens and the "they" are political and media elites who hold them in contempt.  Which they do over and over again by trying to obfuscate and cover up the source and motives of terrorist attacks.  Barack Obama, who refuses to use phrases akin to "Islamist terrorism," is a prime offender, but far from the only one.

Tolerance in the face of tyranny is insanity.  Don't you yearn to have this nation led by someone who views its safety as his or her primary responsibility?  Neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton will even call Muslim jihadists by their name, fearful of offending the wine-and-brie crowd.  Don't they understand what's happening in France is not theoretical?

60 percent of voters say the U.S. is at war with 'radical Islamic terrorism': Rasmussen Reports.  President Obama and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton are reluctant to say that America is at war with "radical Islamic terrorism" for fear of insulting all Muslims, notes a new Rasmussen Reports poll.  Voters are not so skittish.

Democrats prefer fantasy to reality.  In the immediate aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, much of the debate focused on how to respond to the threat from ISIS.  Unfortunately, the Democratic presidential candidates are captives of political correctness and refuse to label the threat accurately.  They agree with President Obama that the term "radical Islam" is offensive to law abiding Muslims.  They prefer the innocuous and inaccurate term "extremism" to identify the string of terrorist attacks being inflicted across the globe.

It's time for Obama to make a choice: Lead us or resign.  President Obama has spent the last seven years trying to avoid the world as it is.  He has put his intellect and rhetorical skills into the dishonorable service of assigning blame and fudging failure.  If nuances were bombs, the Islamic State would have been destroyed years ago.  He refuses to say "Islamic terrorism," as if that would offend the peaceful Muslims who make up the vast bulk of victims.  He rejects the word "war," even as jihadists carry out bloodthirsty attacks against Americans and innocent peoples around the world.

Hillary Clinton refuses to say U.S. is at war with radical Islam.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to say the U.S. is at war with radical Islamic terrorists during the Democratic presidential debate here on Saturday [11/14/2015].  "I don't think we're at war with Islam.  I don't think we're at war with all Muslims," Mrs. Clinton said.

Veterans Told to Avoid Targeting by ISIS 'Lone Wolves'... Don't Act 'Pompous' Online, Hide Your Military Service.  Over the weekend, military bases across the United States were placed on higher alert for domestic terror attacks, in response to a surge in threatening chatter from ISIS and its sympathizers.  "It is the highest level of security since the tenth anniversary of September 11," notes Fox 13 News in Tampa Bay, home of MacDill Air Force Base.

The Editor says...
If you hide under your bed, afraid to speak about your military service, U.S. citizenship, or Christianity, then the homicidal Muslim terrorists have won.  As for me, I am not afraid to publish the truth.

Expert Fears White House Deliberately 'Whitewashing' Iran, Hezbollah Terror Threat.  A recent US Intelligence report which appears to downplay the terrorist activities from Iran and its proxy groups has raised questions about what could have motivated the change from previous similar reports.  Cliff May, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a Washington DC think tank, called the Director of National Intelligence's 2015 Worldwide Threat Assessment "disturbing."  May said he is worried that the Administration is attempting to minimize the terror threat of Iran and Hezbollah in an effort to lift sanctions against Iran, and further nuclear negotiations.  As first reported in The Times of Israel, the 2015 report to the Senate Armed Services Committee by James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, appears to largely omit the terrorism threat posed by Iran and Hezbollah when compared to previous reports.

Obama administration reports Iran and Hezbollah are no longer terror threats!  What a relief!  The 36-year long era of state-sponsored terror by the Iranian regime has finally drawn to a close.

CIA director on ISIS: They aren't Muslims — they're "psychopathic thugs".  Call them "psychopathic thugs" or "murderers," but don't call the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Muslims.  CIA Director John Brennan at an event Friday [3/13/2015] warned against ascribing "Islamic legitimacy" to the overseas terrorist group, saying that allowing them to identify themselves with Islam does a disservice to Muslims around the world.

Where Did All The 'Islamic Terrorists' Go?  ISIS is often portrayed by the mainstream media (MSM) as the demonic face of "extremism."  To our president, this organization is not Islamic.  For Obama, ISIS is composed of pathological individuals who are masquerading as Islamics, hence inappropriately called "Islamic extremists" or "Islamic radicals."  Not only ISIS is to be exempted from the "Islamic" appellation, but so are other groups like al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the growing number of "lone wolf" assassins.  Even Hamas, which is on our State Department terror list, is allowed to receive money, in complete contravention of U.S. law, as they "partner" with the Palestinian Authority.  Also, Iran, a country with which we do not have formal diplomatic relations because of their atrocities, is purposely not portrayed as governed by "radical Islamists" or "Islamic terrorists."

Gov. Jindal: Obama Has 'Disqualified Himself to Be Our Commander-in-Chief'.  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said in front of the White House Monday [2/23/2015] that he believes President Barack Obama loves America, but questioned if the president could be commander-in-chief if he is unwilling to identify the enemy.

Vox: Media, President Must End Political Correctness About Radical Islam.  One of Vox's authors who has been at the forefront of the push to denounce critics of radical Islam as "Islamophobes" has dramatically reversed course on the issue of ISIS' connection to Islam.  On Thursday [2/19/2015], Max Fisher said it's time for the president to stop pretending no such connection exists.  Just as significant, he revealed that he and others in the media have been intentionally misleading Americans out of a desire to control what readers think about Islam.

Silly Denials Of Islamic Terrorism Bring A Silver Lining.  Ever since the Paris attacks, when Muslim terrorists shouted "Allahu akbar" as they slaughtered people in the name of their god, the Obama administration has continued to twist itself into lexicological pretzels, insisting that Islam had nothing to do with those attacks or any others committed by self-declared mujahedeen around the world.  Indeed, the just-concluded White House summit on "Countering Violent Extremism" is a perfect example of the rhetorical and logical cul-de-sac President Obama has crashed into.  It was a community-organizing confab dedicated to a problem the community organizer in chief refuses to acknowledge exists.  He found himself arguing that Islamic terrorism is an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp" or "good flan."

The Editor says...
What's wrong with flan?  I like flan.

Obama 'looks scared' to call terrorists Islamic says ex-CIA director.  The former director of the CIA said Thursday [2/19/2015] that President Obama "looks scared" to called members of al Qaeda, the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations "Islamic."  When asked by CNN host Don Lemon if Mr. Obama was too politically correct, Mr. Woolsey said, "The President is sort of a world champion of political correctness, and I think that he's let it really run too far here.  It might be different if he was taking a stern position in the Middle East and [other places] that are causing huge problems," Mediaite reported Thursday [2/19/2015].  Mr. Lemon then asked, "Does it affect the strategy?  The president said that we have to address the root causes of radicalism — poverty, the lack of education and so on."

Obama lies by omission.  The see-no-evil president doesn't glimpse Islam as the common denominator behind recent ugliness from Libya to Syria to Nigeria and points beyond.  The speak-no-evil president dare not name the religion as the inspiration for vile acts but instead maintains that a perversion of the message of the Warrior Prophet motivates them.

The Hate Whose Name They Dare Not Speak.  In Washington, they are practically praying for a Christian terrorist.  At a breakfast in January, President Obama reached all the way back to the Crusades for an example of violence purportedly motivated by Christian extremism.  Days later, when three Muslims were murdered in Chapel Hill, social media erupted with demands that Christians be called upon to condemn the attacks in the same way that Muslims are called upon to condemn acts of Islamic terrorism, and the disappointment was palpable when the man charged with those murders turned out to be a militant atheist and Rachel Maddow fan who was angry about a parking dispute.

Will It Take The End of the World For Obama To Recognize ISIS As 'Islamic'?  Doing a verbal tap dance around Islamic theology and extremism, even calling it "whatever ideology," Obama and his policy team have it completely wrong.  We have to own the issue of extremist Islamic theology in order to defeat it and remove it from our world.  We have to name it to tame it.

The Word for this Administration: Islamisant.  The president is usually quick to describe violent extremist attacks by "random folks."  We are surprised that he did not call the murder of the twenty-one Egyptian Copts "workplace violence."  After all, weren't they kidnapped from their place of employment?  The Obama administration infamously called the murders at Fort Hood in 2009 workplace violence.  They were carried out by a jihadist who for years had been spewing violent Islamist threats, and who had been protected by Pentagon bureaucrats who were more interested in a false notion of diversity than in security of our troops.  Islamisant is a fair characterization of President Obama's attitude from Day One.  He boasted to The New York Times in 2006 that he could still recite the Shahada — the Muslim call to prayer.  He learned it as a boy in Indonesia.

A Closer Look at the White House Statement On The Murder of Egyptian Coptic Christians.  The White House released a statement yesterday [2/15/2015] regarding the brutal murder of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.  Within the statement itself you'll note the absence of the word "Christian" which continues the administration's avoidance narrative: [...]

'Islamic extremism' off limits at White House terrorism summit.  The White House will kick off a three-day summit Tuesday on combating violent extremism on social media — but the administration won't focus on Islamic extremism and won't even mention the term.  "You can call them what you want; we're calling them terrorists," a senior Obama administration official said Monday [2/16/2015].  The determination not to mention Islam or Muslims comes as ISIS continues its murderous spree in the name of Islam, most recently beheading 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya.

Who Are These "Violent Extremists" Obama Keeps Talking About?  This week President Obama will host in Washington a summit conference on "violent extremism."  However, exactly what the violence is all about and who is an "extremist" about what remains a question the White House, the U.S. State Department or everyone else in Democratic politics has yet to answer.

Just as Loose Lips Sink Ships, Meek Talk Lets Terrorists Walk.  The safety of civilians who gather in all corners of the world is truly paramount to Western leaders, they should look at the possibilities of expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO's) mandate to one that can keep close watch and regulate with full authority any and all elected officials who patently refuse to term Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism, identifying it instead as "random attacks".

Countering violent extremism? 'It's the theology, stupid'.  Obama seems more concerned with protecting the sensitivities of Islamists than he does the lives of their victims.  He walks on eggshells to avoid singling out Islam, and so uses the euphemism "violent extremism."  That condemns any resulting policy to failure:  To discuss violent extremism but refuse to define what it means is the equivalent of hosting a conference to cure cancer, but barring any mention of cancer or discussion of tumors or metatheses.

Former Obama DIA Chief: Administration 'Struggling to Define' Threat of Islamic Extremism.  President Obama has sent a proposal to Congress for the authorization of military force to fight against the threat of IS.  Flynn said the president had used the term "Islamic State."  This action recognizes that there is a faction of radical Islam that wants to commit terroristic threats.  "If the enemy is calling themselves that, why are we having such a difficult time defining that," Flynn said.

Obama's Response to ISIS Murders: Better Stick to the Golf.  [Scroll down]  The clue to Obama's dreamy bemusement lies in the words: "whatever ideology they are operating off of, it's bankrupt."  Go on Barack, take a quick stab at that ideology thing.  Are they — Islamic State — really an ideological terrorist cover for Presbyterianism?  Radical Quakers?  Mormons, Jews, Hindus or pastafarians?  Is that their political/religious orientation?

'Strategic Patience': White House Unveils National Security Strategy.  President Obama issued a national security strategy to Congress this morning calling for "strategic patience" to face challenges ranging from rampaging terrorists to Vladimir Putin on the march.  "America leads from a position of strength.  But, this does not mean we can or should attempt to dictate the trajectory of all unfolding events around the world," Obama wrote in the preface of the report.  Global challenges, he added, "require us to take our responsibilities seriously and make the smart investments in the foundations of our national power."  The 35-page document mentions "Islam" just twice — in spelling out the formal name of ISIL, and stating, "We reject the lie that America and its allies are at war with Islam."

What Are the Metaphysics of Islamic Denial?  After six years, it is no surprise that the Obama administration does not see the Taliban as "terrorists" or that it will not associate "violent extremism" with radical Islam or just Islam.  After all, when Maj. Hasan murdered U.S. soldiers it was nothing more than "workplace violence," as if he were a disgruntled post office employee of the 1970s.  Our two top intelligence chiefs assured us that the Muslim Brotherhood was "largely secular" and that jihad "was a legitimate tenet of Islam."  Add in "workplace violence" and the old "overseas contingency operations."  Do we remember that Ms. Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security warned us about right-wing returning veterans as the most likely to terrorize us? When someone blows up people at the Boston Marathon, beheads a woman in Oklahoma, or puts a hatchet in a NYPD officer's head, he is not a terrorist or proselytizer fueled by Islamic hatred of non-Muslims as much as mentally confused.

Obama once again refuses to call battle with terrorists a war against radical Islam.  President Obama has again refused to call the battle with terrorism in the Middle East a war against radical Islam.  In his latest interview, the Commander-in-Chief agrees certain factions have perverted the religion having embraced a 'nihilistic, violent, almost medieval interpretation of Islam'[.]  But he insists that such labels hurt efforts to root out radical ideologies in Muslim communities which have been tainted by groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Behind the White House's defense of the Taliban.  [T]he Obama administration today [1/28/2015] claimed that the Taliban is an "armed insurrection" — you know, kind of like George Washington's Continental Army — not a terrorist group.  It is therefore materially different, spokesperson Eric Schultz argued, from ISIS.  Thus, it is okay for the U.S. to swap prisoners with the Taliban (see Bergdahl, Bowe), but not okay to make concessions to ISIS in exchange for prisoners.

White House: Taliban An "Armed Insurgency," Not A "Terrorist Group" Like ISIL.  At Wednesday's White House press briefing, deputy press secretary Eric Schultz wouldn't call the Taliban a terrorist group, instead referring to it as "an armed insurgency."  "The Taliban is still conducting terrorist attacks.  You can't really say the war has ended as far as they are concerned," ABC's Jonathan Karl said at the briefing.  "Well, I'd also point out that the Taliban is an armed insurgency, ISIL is a terrorist group.  So, we don't make concessions to terrorist groups," Schultz said.  "You don't think the Taliban is a terrorist group?" Karl asked.  "I don't think that the Taliban, um, uh — the Taliban is an armed insurgency. [...]"

Jindal: I Won't 'Tiptoe Around the Truth' on Radical Islam.  [Scroll down]  He then declared "I think it's embarrassing the president, somehow, for some reason, doesn't want to use the word 'terrorist' to describe these individuals, doesn't want to use the words 'radical Islam.' ... I think it's time for the leaders to denounce the individuals, not just the acts of violence.  I know the left wants us to tiptoe around the truth, I'm not going to do it.  Part of the president's job as the leader of our country, the leader of the free world, is to state clearly and honestly to us what are the challenges we face."

Kerry on Rejecting 'Islamic Extremism' Label: We Can't 'Blame Muslims Collectively'.  Over the past few weeks, some members of the press (and the conservative media) have been criticizing the White House for refusing to say the phrase "Islamic extremism" in reference to the Paris attacks or other acts of terrorism.  Aside from Josh Earnest, the administration has not addressed such criticism publicly, but speaking at the World Economic Forum today, Secretary of State John Kerry indirectly responded to those criticisms.  Kerry said many a terrorist group "illegitimately claims an ideological and religious foundation" for what they do, and warned the West about not overreacting too much:  [Video clip]

Jihad by Civilian.  Jihad has rapidly taken a new and ominous shape.  In the past, bombs were exploded — either human homicide bombs or car/truck bombs.  Rockets were launched.  Unbelievably, planes were once flown into major Western targets.  Now, President Obama empowers the radical Islamic world further by refusing to join the words "terrorism" and "Islam" and by insisting that Islam is a religion of "peace."  Obama continues to empower Iran to become a nuclear power and, most fatefully, empowers the recruitment efforts of The Islamic State.  He does so each time he refuses to say that the Free World or the Judeo-Christian West is at war with Islamic barbarianism or with radical political Islam.

Why Obama Can't Say 'Radical Islam'.  Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris this month, White House spokesman Josh Earnest briefly became an Islamic theologian.  At issue was why U.S. President Barack Obama's administration, unlike the leadership of France, wouldn't describe the murderers as adherents to "radical Islam." [...] It's easy to see the absurdity in saying that men who shout "Allahu Akhbar" before they murder Jews, cartoonists and French policeman are not radical Muslims.  But Earnest was not freelancing, he was articulating a longstanding U.S. policy, not only for Obama but also his predecessor, George W. Bush.  Both administrations have said repeatedly since Sept. 11, 2001, that radical Islam is not Islamic.  There is a reason for this:  The long war against radical Islamic terrorists requires at least the tacit support of many radical Muslims.

NYC may yank terrorism report to appease mosque 'spying' critics.  In top-secret talks to settle federal lawsuits against the NYPD for monitoring mosques, the city is weighing a demand that it scrub from its Web site a report on Islamic terrorists, The [New York] Post has learned.  The groundbreaking, 92-page report, titled "Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat," angers critics who say it promotes "religious profiling" and discrimination against Muslims.  But law-enforcement sources say removing the report now would come at the worst time — after mounting terror attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris, Boston, Sydney and Ottawa.

The Conversation Obama Doesn't Want to Have.  Could this argument be any dumber?  The Obama administration has forced America and much of the world into a debate no one wanted or needed.  Namely, does Islamic terrorism have anything to do with Islam? [...] White House spokesman Josh Earnest says, "We have chosen not to use that label [of radical Islam] because it doesn't seem to accurately describe what happened."  What happened was the slaughter last week at the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.  The sound of the terrorists' gunfire was punctuated by shouts of "Allahu akbar!" and "We have avenged the prophet Mohammed!"

Dem Rep Gabbard: Obama Admin 'Refuses to Recognize Who Our Enemy Is'.  Representative and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) argued that the Obama administration "refuses to recognize who our enemy is" on Friday's [1/16/2015] "Situation Room" on CNN.  "It sickens me, Wolf, like so many other people who I served with and service members, who served both in Iraq and in other places, unfortunately we lost friends there who paid that ultimate price, and what is so frustrating now as we look at the situation there, our administration refuses to recognize who our enemy is.  And unless and until that happens, then it's impossible to come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy.["]

Dem Rep.: 'Frustrating' WH 'Refuses to Recognize' Radical Islam as Threat.  One common refrain this week among conservatives is that President Obama and the White House have a very steadfast resistance to referring to terrorists like the ones in Paris as "Islamic extremists" or "Islamic radicals."  Josh Earnest argued it's a matter of "accuracy," but the administration hasn't provided much of an explanation beyond that.  And now, Democratic Congresswoman and Army veteran Tulsi Gabbard is joining in on that criticism, telling Wolf Blitzer on CNN today, "It's frustrating how, as we look at the situation there, our administration refuses to recognize who our enemy is."

Obama vs. Cameron: British PM takes hard line on 'Islamist' extremists, Obama avoids I-word.  "Poisonous ideology."  "Radical, death cult of a narrative."  British Prime Minister David Cameron was unsparing in his condemnation of Islamist terrorists on Friday, as he stood beside President Obama in the White House.  Like French officials last week following the deadly attacks in Paris, the PM bluntly described the problem as a "very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat."  Obama?  The U.S. president stayed the rhetorical course.

Religion that dare not speak its name: British PM warns of global 'Islamist extremist terrorist threat'.  Barack Obama pointedly refused to call ISIS terrorists Muslims today [1/16/2015] as he spoke at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.  Standing just a few feet away, Cameron warned of a global 'Islamist extremist terrorist threat,' condemning the perversion of Islam in the strongest possible terms three times and using the word 'poisonous' to describe the radicalized ideology five times.  Keeping with his administration's policy to label foreign fighters as 'terrorists,' Obama would not refer to the religion of ISIS militants during the White House news conference but at one point called them 'fanatics.'

Dem Rep: Obama Right Not to Call Terrorists 'Islamic Extremists' Because It Would Anger Them.  When asked if the Obama Administration was right to refuse to use the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism," Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) backed the White House because saying "Islamic Extremists" would anger the terrorists. [...] The White House and Lee's acquiescence to how they label America's enemy has been the subject of much scrutiny and debate this week.  The catered response signals a fear of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and their extremist allies.  This trepidation is only magnified when compared to the language used by America's oldest ally, France.  The French government has responded in a strong manner to radical Islam in both words and actions.

The Editor says...
There is no point in tiptoeing around Muslims to avoid angering them.  They will live in constant outrage until Islam dominates the world.  Their anger is regenerated and amplified every Friday at the mosque.  Appeasing and accommodating them is like bringing a hornet's nest into your house and expecting to tame the hornets and make them do tricks for your guests.  It will never happen.

Men In Burqas.  I am, of course, speaking of those 'Men' in Power And Control in The West.  What a sorry bunch of wimpy and naive mediocrities.  Not only are they wet behind the ears when it comes to understanding the motives of the Mohammedins, but they are wet in the pants just thinking about confronting the Reality that Islam and The West cannot coexist, teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony at morning call to prayers.

Obama's remarks on Paris shooting 'Shariah-compliant'.  Shariah is Islamic law, the moral code of Islam that encompasses all realms of life, from the personal to the criminal, economic and political.  In addition to Obama's comments Wednesday in the immediate aftermath of the Paris shooting, Brighton referenced his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York Sept. 25, 2012, in which he said, "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

The fruits of cowardice and appeasement.  Aside from murderous attacks primarily directed against Jews in Europe over recent months, there have been ongoing massacres and atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists throughout the world.  To name a few:  the butchering of 2,000 Nigerians in the wake of the Boko Haram enslavement of 300 schoolgirls; the murder of 130 schoolchildren in Peshawar, Pakistan, by the Taliban; the barbaric videos broadcast of hostages being decapitated; ongoing mass murder in Syria and Iraq; oppression of women; and gruesome persecution, expulsion and murder of Christians in the Middle East.  Today, as the global impact of Islamic fundamentalism grows exponentially, with increasing manifestations of brutal terrorism, Western leaders lack the courage to even identify the enemy.

Obama Will Hold Summit on 'Countering Violent Extremism' — Not Radical Muslim Terrorism.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced in a written statement today that President Obama will host a "Summit on Countering Violent Extremism" — not radical Muslim terrorrism [sic] — on Feb. 18 and that the event will be held "in light of recent, tragic attacks in Ottawa, Sydney and Paris."  The statement said one "theme" of the summit would be "religious leader engagement," but made no mention of radical Islamic terrorism.  It also made reference to "foreign terrorist fighter recruitment" generically, but made no specific mention of radical Islamic terrorist groups recruting fighters in Western nations.

The Editor says...
Islamic terrorists are waging a religious war against America, a fight to the death, and Obama intends to counter it with a PowerPoint presentation about workplace violence and "extremists," presented to a group of carefully-screened and friendly faces.

FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism.  The FBI's most recent national threat assessment for domestic terrorism makes no reference to Islamist terror threats, despite last year's Boston Marathon bombing and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting — both carried out by radical Muslim Americans.  Instead, the internal FBI intelligence report concluded in its 2013 assessment published this month that the threat to U.S. internal security from extremists is limited to attacks and activities by eight types of domestic extremist movements — none motivated by radical Islam.  They include anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with "sovereign citizen" nationalists, and anarchists.  Other domestic threat groups outlined by the FBI assessment include violent animal rights and environmentalist extremists, black separatists, anti- and pro-abortion activists, and Puerto Rican nationalists.  "Domestic extremist violence continues to be unpredictable and, at times, severe," the report states.

FBI national domestic threat assessment omits Islamist terrorism.  The FBI's most recent national threat assessment for domestic terrorism makes no reference to Islamist terror threats, despite last year's Boston Marathon bombing and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting — both carried out by radical Muslim Americans.  Instead, the internal FBI intelligence report concluded in its 2013 assessment published this month that the threat to U.S. internal security from extremists is limited to attacks and activities by eight types of domestic extremist movements — none motivated by radical Islam.  They include anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with "sovereign citizen" nationalists, and anarchists.

State Dep't Official Advises Against Conflating Islamists With Terrorists.  The desire of some elements in the Middle East to "eliminate Islamists entirely from the political scene" was complicating the fight against violent extremists, a senior State Department official said on Monday [6/9/2014], citing the tendency of some to "conflate Islamists with terrorists."  The remarks were made in Doha by Assistant Secretary for the Near East Anne Patterson, whose tenure as U.S. ambassador to Egypt was marred by allegations that she was too cozy with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood before the military ousted it last July.

Nobody can Deny Violent Islam.  No one can deny the nature of jihad after last week's horrors in Kenya were broadcast around the world.  Everybody who saw the brutal Nairobi mall killings gets it.  But our profoundly corrupt and Muslim-penetrated media and political class will keep denying those horrors.  British PM David Cameron just made the usual nauseating pronouncement that "Islam means peace."  The ruling classes in the West were able to twist and cover up the truth after 9/11.  They are desperate to peddle denial, because they are deeply afraid that popular outrage will destroy their power.

The Age of Obama: The end of the American military.  This week, Nidal Hasan was dishonorably discharged from the Army, three and a half years after he committed treason and mass murder at Ft. Hood.  Hasan was a disaster waiting to happen.  Everyone knew it.  Hasan was an American in name only.  He advertised that his loyalties were to Islam, not to America.  Yet because of political correctness, instead of investigating him and getting him out of the Army, Hasan was allowed to get away with almost anything until he committed mass murder.  This is because Hasan was a Muslim.

Blunt words about Muslim backwardness.  It's creepy and unnerving how swiftly the West's chattering classes have accepted that the peculiar sensitivities of Islam require a deference extended to no other identity group.

Revealed: How the FBI and DoD missed Nidal Hasan.  There is no doubt at all of the motive behind Hasan's actions — it was clearly intended as a terrorist attack.  Why won't the White House acknowledge it?

The War that dare not be named.  Our government won't admit it, but jihadists are at war with the West.  The futility of this response is dissected by Ali Salim, in a long, frank discussion of the Jihad War on the Gatestone Institute website.

Inability To Call Terrorism What It Is Dooms U.S. Policy To Incoherence.  Jen Psaki, blameless State Department spokeswoman, explained that the hasty evacuation of our embassy in Yemen was not an evacuation but "a reduction in staff."  This proved a problem because the Yemeni government had already announced (and denounced) the "evacuation" — the word normal folks use for the panicky ordering of people onto planes headed out of country.  Thus continues the administration's penchant for wordplay, the bending of language to fit a political need.

Ideology Matters: Time to Call the Fort Hood Attack Terrorism.  Staff Sergeant Alonzo Lunsford told prosecutors this week that Major Nidal Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" before he opened fire on military personnel at the Fort Hood base in 2009.  Hasan's Islamism-animated killing spree caused the deaths of 13 people and one unborn child, and wounded 32 other individuals.  In a remarkable and heartbreaking Washington Post opinion piece today [8/8/2013], Shawn Manning, who barely survived Hasan's rampage, urged the U.S. Army to designate the murderous act as terrorism.

Was the Fort Hood gunman left unchecked because of political correctness?  Survivors of the Fort Hood massacre are suing the U.S. government for allowing a jihadist soldier to rise through the ranks unchecked because of 'political correctness'. [...] Major Hasan doesn't deny that he carried out the November 2009 rampage at Fort Hood, one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

FBI Learns the hard way that truth is the new hate speech.  Congressman McDermott, like David Sirota of Salon and other Leftists who are fanatically committed to the dogma that Muslims are always the victims of evil actions, and never the perpetrators, really wishes that there were more non-Muslim terrorists.  But there aren't.

The PC-ification Of The FBI.  In a testy exchange with Republican lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Robert Mueller reluctantly acknowledged FBI counterterrorism training materials have been purged of references to "jihad" and "Islam" and that counterterrorism agents have been restricted from doing undercover investigations at mosques.  These outrageous policies likely contributed to the FBI missing signs of radicalization in the Muslim community — including that of the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston.

'Faces of Global Terrorism' bus ads being pulled.  The FBI says it's pulling some advertisements off buses in the Seattle area, after some people complained that they stereotyped Muslims.

FBI Purged Training Materials Deemed 'Offensive' to Muslims by the Professionally Offended.  According to Judicial Watch, it has obtained documents that show the Federal Bureau of Investigations intentionally blinding itself.

Barack Obama: Don't say 'Islamic terrorism'!  'Words that Work,' produced by the State Department's Counterterrorism Communications Center, found that Islam and terrorism are not linked.  So that's official! Islamism or militant Islam and terrorism are not linked either.  There is absolutely no connection whatsoever between Islam, in any of its forms, and terrorism.  The only thing that is linked to terrorism are various 'death cults' or 'sects'.  This is now the truth according to Barack Obama too.  Obama ordered a revision of America's National Security Strategy, around three years ago, so as to erase all possible connections between Islam and terrorism.  That is, between Islam and anything violent.  This is thought control.  It's all really about words; not about realities or actions.

Hacked - Thank You!  [Scroll down]  Panelist Qanta Ahmed, looking dazzling as ever, said that in Pakistan they call a "jihadist" a "jihadist."  She cannot understand how America can defend itself against Jihad if we are too afraid to even name it for what it truly is.  This film is the "first serious attempt to wrestle the narrative back to where it should be."  Ahmed is a physician.  She said:  "If you can't identify and name a pathology, you cannot cure it."

Barack Obama, George Orwell, and Terror.  Lying can be a conscious choice or an accidental habit.  The leader "Big Brother" did it all the time in 1984, but lying can also come from sloppy language.  President Obama and his team use euphemisms to describe Arab-Islamic terror.  Fort Hood was "workplace violence," Detroit a "lone gunman."  Obama and his staff got so wrapped up in "politically correct" and factually wrong syntax that they could not see the truth even when it bit them in the leg in Benghazi.  Their own discourse trapped them in a policy of inaction and clumsy cover-up.

Don't be afraid to call evil by its name.  What would help a lot right now, as the chilling reality of savagery engulfs us, would be a cultural green light to begin calling evil what it is, to begin calling it by its name, to stop dancing around demographics because of the fear someone, somewhere will take offense.

Obama's Drone War.  George Bush called this conflict a "global war on terror," but the left so ridiculed the phrase that even Bush gave up on the term.  Three years ago, Obama banned the terms "Islamic extremism" and "jihad" from the official statement of our national security strategy.  If we can't use these terms to describe the enemy — even the ones he uses to describe himself — how can we know his mind and defeat his beliefs?  In short, under the policies of the Obama administration, we can't.

How Obama Betrayed America.  Far from shouldering his responsibility as the commander-in-chief of America's global War on Terror and embracing it as this generation's equivalent of the Cold War, Obama showed his distaste for the entire enterprise by dropping the term "War on Terror" and replacing it with an Orwellian phrase — "overseas contingency operations."  Minimizing the Islamist threat to the United States is not an oversight of the Obama administration; that is its policy.

FBI Refuses To Call Boston Marathon Bombing A Terror Attack.  But it has the "potential" to be a terror investigation.  [Video clip]

Flashback: FBI Training Manual Purged References to Islamic Terror.  [Scroll down]  However, around the same time the bureau interviewed Tsarnaev, changes in the FBI training manual took place as well.  The FBI's own departmental counter-terrorism analytic lexicon was purged of key words that could reference Islamic terrorism.  Words like Muslim, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and sharia were not mentioned once in the FBI's counter-terrorism lexicon afterwards.

State Dept. Still Downplaying Religious Element in Terrorist Threat Advisory.  A State Department "worldwide caution" updating U.S. citizens about potential terror threats has little to say about the fact that most of the terrorist groups targeting Americans profess themselves to be inspired by Islam.  The 2,000-plus word memo released this week does not use the word "Muslim" at all.  "Islam" is used only where it appears in the actual name of a militant group (such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan), and in reference to "anti-Islamic videos and cartoons," which the department says were linked to some anti-Western violence last September.

Emerson, IPT Expose Brennan Letter: FBI Training 'Substandard and Offensive' to Muslims.  Steven Emerson and the Investigative Project on Terrorism have revealed that on Oct. 19, 2011, Muslim Advocates President and Executive Director Farhana Khera sent a letter to Chief Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan, listing numerous Islamic-based grievances against the FBI.  On Nov. 3, 2011, Brennan capitulated and began a fundamental change of FBI practices.

This would explain it...
Barack Obama's choice for CIA chief 'converted to Islam' former FBI agent claims.  The incoming head of the CIA converted to Islam while working as a station chief in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, a former FBI agent has claimed.  John Guandolo, who retired from the FBI in 2008, said in a radio interview that John Brennan — who has been nominated by Barack Obama as the new director of the CIA — visited the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina accompanied by Saudi officials who may have persuaded him to convert.

Another low bow to radical Islam.  The Army of yesteryear would never feel it necessary to beg for an enemy's mercy or cultural indulgence.  Ike did not caution Americans not to speak ill of the Nazis on the eve of D-Day lest they abuse his soldiers.  FDR did not describe the beheading of American pilots by the Japanese in 1942 as "workplace violence" lest he offend the men of Nippon.  Ike and FDR counted on soldiers and Marines to be big enough to take care of themselves.

New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban.  Here is a strong indicator that the Obama Administration's crusade to appease Islam has gone too far; a new U.S. military handbook for troops deployed to the Middle East orders soldiers not to make derogatory comments about the Taliban or criticize pedophilia, among other outrageous things.  It gets better; the new manual, which is around 75 pages, suggests that Western ignorance of Afghan culture — not Taliban infiltration — is responsible for the increase in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces.

The Benghazi Slingshot.  The Center for Security Policy panelists aren't the only thinkers to question whether this administration has an affinity for sharia.  In his article "Obama knew:  Did ideological soft spot for Sharia keep US government from protecting Benghazi consulate?," American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord suggests that the highest levels of the Obama administration are "in some fashion simpatico with a totalitarian ideology."  That "ideological soft spot" may explain why President Obama "can't," as Rep. Dana Rohrabacher declared, "utter the words 'Muslim terror attack.'"

Obama's Big Con: His Big Lies About Benghazi.  [Scroll down]  From the time it took office, the Obama administration has sought to suppress the very concept of a "war on terror" or the terrorists' war on us.  The painful farce of calling the Fort Hood murders "workplace violence," instead of a terrorist attack in our midst, shows how far the Obama administration would go to downplay the dangers of Islamic extremist terrorism.

Did someone mention the Benghazi attack?

Obama's jihadist cover-up .  The Obama campaign keeps having to answer questions about White House reluctance to use the word "terrorism" in describing the Sept. 11 killing of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  The latest argument in Mr. Obama's defense is that he had no reason to conceal the attack's true nature.  We're to believe he was simply the victim of conflicting intelligence reports.  For this gambit to work, we'd have to forget the president's well-established pattern of going easy when discussing terrorists.

Fort Hood Shooting Still Not Terrorism.  Three years after Major Nidal Hassan opened fire in a personnel center on Fort Hood, Texas, the Obama regime has yet to declare the incident is what it obviously is:  an act of terrorism.

Fort Hood Victims Demand Attack Deemed 'Terrorism'.  Survivors of the Fort Hood massacre released a new video this week calling on the government to classify the November 2009 shooting as a terrorist attack rather than "workplace violence," a change that would make them eligible for specific combat-related benefits.

More about the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

State Dept. Official Refuses to Call Attackers in Libya Terrorists.  State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary of International Programs Charlene R. Lamb, who is responsible for safety and security at U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, used the word "attack" five times and "attackers" four times in her written testimony describing the 9/11 terrorist strike on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, but never used any derivative of the word "terror."  When Rep. Dan Burton (R.-Ind.) asked why she did not call the terrorist attack "terrorism," Lamb said:  "I'm not making any judgments on my own."

FBI Directive: Membership in a Known Terrorist Group Is Irrelevant.  Since March of this year, FBI agents have been directed not to treat individuals associated with terrorist groups as potential threats to the nation.  The fact that a terrorism suspect is associated with a terrorist group means nothing, according to the FBI document, "Guiding Principles: Touchstone Document on Training."  The "touchstone" document, dated March of this year, is available online but hasn't been reported on by major media outlets.

FBI Counter-terrorism lexicon skips all references to 'al qaeda'.  Could federal law enforcement's own training protocol on what they have been defining as "terrorism" be delaying the investigation of what happened in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th?  As I pointed out in a previous post, the FBI training manual after a 2011 purge, does not even include the terms "al Qaeda", "Muslim Brotherhood", or "jihad."  PJ Media's Patrick Poole wrote about the FBI's denial of the agency's own departmental counter-terrorism analytical lexicon.  However, the agency went silent when Poole posted the official 14 page unclassified booklet.

Terrorist? Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  FBI agents aren't allowed to treat individuals associated with terrorist groups as potential threats to the nation, according to a startling, newly discovered FBI directive.  The fact that a terrorism suspect is associated with a terrorist group means nothing, according to the FBI document, "Guiding Principles: Touchstone Document on Training."  The "touchstone" document, dated March of this year, is available online but hasn't been reported on by major media outlets.

A Recent Case Sheds Light on the Muslim Brotherhood, but Most Republicans Ignore It.  The people have 435 representatives serving in the House and another hundred in the Senate.  Of these 535, a total of 288 are Republicans — 241 and 47 in the lower and upper chambers, respectively.  Of these, only five House conservatives — five — have had the fortitude to raise concerns about the Islamist connections of government officials entrusted with positions enabling them to shape U.S. policy.

Judge Napolitano: Gov't Wrong Not To Label Ft. Hood 'Domestic Terrorism' Like Sikh Temple Shooting.  "The legal definition of terrorism is two or more acts of violence intended to change the policy of the government by scaring the population or by scaring the government," the Judge explained.  Asked whether this definition applies to the Wisconsin temple, Napolitano replied that the shooter, Wade Michael Page, appears to have been "a disgruntled nut job who hated Muslims, didn't know the difference between Sikhs and Muslims, and thought by killing the Sikhs, he was somehow going to eliminate the Muslim population.  It was an absurd way of thinking, but not domestic terrorism."  On the other hand, he added, the Ft. Hood shooter who killed members of the military in the place where they work while condemning the behavior of the government would constitute an act of domestic terrorism, although the government has not described it as such.  Asked why this would be the case, the Judge explained that "there is a political ramification to calling something terrorism.  It scares people; we look at it more closely."

Military instructor suspended over Islam course.  The instructor of a college course that taught top military officers the United States was at war with Islam has been relieved of teaching duties and the course ordered redesigned to reflect U.S. policy, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.

Islamically correct counterterrorism.  The Department of Justice and the FBI are revising their counterterrorism training material to remove "inaccurate and biased information" at the direction of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.  The Department of Homeland Security, which uses the most funding for counterterrorism training, recently issued new guidelines on "countering violent extremism."  Why the sudden need for drastic change?

Impeachment-Ready Obama Surrenders American Military to U.N..  [Scroll down]  Americans may remember that under Obama's orders the FBI recently removed every mention of Muslim terrorism from its training materials.  This is all part of the plan of submission to the greater power of the United Nations with the support of Muslims worldwide.  And Americans would do well to finally open their eyes to a reality that will not change unless they decide to defend their country and their defenseless men in the military, at the mercy of the wrong leadership whose now obvious allegiance is not to watch over American interests.  So far, every measure taken by Obama and his entire administration has been nefarious for our country.

Guess Who Decides What FBI Agents Get To Learn About Islam?  The FBI — following the administration's lead — is purging its training materials of publications that are deemed offensive to Muslims (you know, crazy stuff like claims that passages in the Koran and Hadith promote violent jihad, Islamic supremacism, killing of apostates, oppression of women, etc.).  So what are the criteria the Bureau uses to figure out what materials are offensive?  And who decides?  You'll never guess.

FBI removes hundreds of training documents after probe on treatment of Islam.  The FBI has removed hundreds of counterterrorism training documents after a months-long review found inaccuracies and other problems in their description of Muslims.  The review was triggered after a September blog in Wired magazine revealed training documents that reportedly called the Prophet Muhammad a "cult leader," claimed "devout" Muslims have been generally violent for hundreds of years and made other controversial statements.

U.S. Bans Linking Terrorism To Muslims In Agent Training.  To meet the Obama Administration's high standards of political correctness, the U.S. government will change the way it trains agents to combat terrorism and violent extremism by eliminating all materials that shed a negative light on Muslims.  It's a government-wide call to end Islamophobia, if you will.  A few months after the White House ordered an investigation of government counterterrorism training, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has destroyed instructional material that characterizes Muslims as prone to violence or terrorism.

Obama Administration Bans Knowledge of Islam.  The Obama administration's censoring of photographs of the late Osama bin Laden, lest they "offend" Muslims, is one thing; but what about censoring words, especially those pivotal to U.S. security?  Weeks earlier, the Daily Caller revealed that "the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive."

VP Biden Says that 'The Taliban, Per Se, Is Not Our Enemy'.  The ongoing reconciliation process has long included bringing in forces who have taken up arms against the U.S. and against the Afghan government, but Biden might face criticism for stating that as an organization the Taliban is not the enemy of the U.S., when its leadership and members have devoted so much time, resources and energy towards killing American soldiers.

In memorial speech, Obama ignores al Qaida.  President Barack Obama's speech memorializing the thousands of 9/11 terror victims played down the identity and purpose of their attackers. ... Obama did not identify the attackers as Islamists or al Qaida members, and did not describe their purpose, but labeled them vaguely as "hateful killers."

Lieberman to Obama admin: Stop using 'soft terminology' to reference 'Islamic extremism'.  The phrase "war on terror" is being bandied about more by both press and Capitol Hill lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.  Senator Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, referred to the killing of Osama bin Laden as "a turning point in the war on terror."  Senator Joe Lieberman, Connecticut Independent, told me he thinks that "it's silly" for the Obama administration to refer to the war on terror with "soft terminology."

Our Schizoid Foreign Policy.  Terrorism of the home-grown kind is now a "grave" concern, and that is why we do not use the offensive terms "Islamist" or "jihad," and have evolved to nomenclature like "overseas contingency operations" for "war on terror" and "man-caused disasters" for "terrorism" — although one may doubt that any serious American security official has ever phoned his European counterpart to discuss joint "overseas contingency operations" against "man-caused disasters."  When jihadists strike, they do so "allegedly" until formally convicted, and the resulting American uproar and threats to diversity programs can be as serious a concern as the actual terrorist operation.  Formerly one-dimensional agencies like NASA now have new expanded missions, namely, reaching out to the Muslim world.

State Department:  Taliban is not a terrorist organization.  A new State Department report designating terrorist organizations notably excludes one group:  the Taliban.  The U.S. has been fighting a war in Afghanistan for almost a decade aimed at "defeating the Taliban," Taliban members repeatedly have threatened and killed American citizens and lawmakers have increased pressure on State to add the Taliban to the list.

Terror — and candor in describing the Islamist ideology behind it.  [Scroll down]  Holder's avoidance of the obvious continues the absurd and embarrassing refusal of the Obama administration to acknowledge who out there is trying to kill Americans and why.  In fact, it has banned from its official vocabulary the terms jihadist, Islamist and Islamic terrorism.

Holder balks at blaming 'radical Islam' for terror attempts.  Despite crediting the Pakistani Taliban with fostering the recent failed car bombing in Times Square, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. was reluctant Thursday [5/13/2010] to say radical Islam was part of the cause of that and other recent attacks.

An obvious but muzzled truth:  Islamist terrorism.  If you want to watch someone squirm, take a look at the two-minute videotape of Attorney General Eric Holder dodging Republican Rep. Lamar Smith's question whether "radical Islam" motivated the Times Square bomber.  Holder, who last year called America "a nation of cowards" for refusing to talk frankly about race, plainly didn't want to say what is plain to everyone else, that Faisal Shahzad, back from five months in Waziristan, launched his terror attack because of his Islamist beliefs.

War of Wordcraft.  The newest tactical weapon of this administration against our terrorist enemies appears to be one constructed of language.  Its deployment began when the term "War on Terror" was replaced by "Overseas Contingency Operations," and terrorist attacks were renamed "man-caused disasters."  More recently, as witnessed in the exchange with Attorney General Eric Holder and Rep. Lamar Smith, it consists of a complete absence or rejection of particular words to describe the threat if such descriptions include the term "Islam," even when combined with the modifying adjectives "radical" or "extremist."

The Tomb of the Unknown Lawyer.  Watching Attorney General Eric Holder as he testified recently before the House Judiciary Committee was a disheartening experience.  Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) tried repeatedly to get the general to acknowledge that "radical Islam" was a motivation for three of the recent attacks on the homeland — Nidal Hasan's murderous Fort Hood attack, and the failed attempts of Abdulmutallab and Shahzad in Detroit and New York, respectively.  The administration has said again and again that these were "isolated" individuals, only to be contradicted when the facts came out.

More about Terrorist attacks reported as "isolated incidents".

See No Radical Islam, Hear No Radical Islam.  On May 13, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) confronted Attorney General Eric Holder about whether radical Islam was the motivating factor in the terrorist plots against the United States over the past year.  Rather than acknowledge the religious-ideological threat posed to us, Holder continued the Obama Administration's pattern of trying to avoid using terms like "radical Islam" and "Islamic terrorism."

Who Is Governing America?  Attorney General Eric Holder testified the other day before the House Judiciary Committee.  Republican congressman Lamar Smith asked him what seemed to be a pretty simple question. ... Smith re-worded the same question and re-asked it six times, with Holder refusing to acknowledge what is as obvious as the fact that I am typing these words and you are reading them.  That every major incident of terror of recent years has been performed by Muslims and that all of them associate their particular theology with their acts of terror.

An Obvious but Muzzled Truth.  If you want to watch someone squirm, take a look at the two-minute videotape of Attorney General Eric Holder dodging Republican representative Lamar Smith's question of whether "radical Islam" motivated the Times Square bomber.  Holder, who last year called America "a nation of cowards" for refusing to talk frankly about race, plainly didn't want to say what is plain to everyone else, that Faisal Shahzad, back from five months in Waziristan, launched his terror attack because of his Islamist beliefs.

Nicking Our Public Discourse.  What with the Fort Hood mass murderer, the Christmas Pantybomber, and now the Times Square bomber, you may have noticed a little uptick in attempted terrorist attacks on the U.S. mainland in the last few months.  Rep. Lamar Smith did, and, at the House Judiciary Committee, he was interested to see if the attorney general of the United States thought there might be any factor in common between these perplexingly diverse incidents.

Obama's invisible Islam.  The Obama administration seems to have issued an internal gag order that forbids any official statements that might cast even the most extreme interpretations of the Islamic religion in a negative light.  The "force protection review" of the Fort Hood massacre omitted any mention of shooter Nidal Malik Hasan's openly radical Islamic worldview or the fact that he made the jihadist war cry "Allahu Akbar!" before opening fire.  Initially, the Obama administration refused to even call the massacre an act of terrorism, much less radical Islamic terrorism.

Word to Obama — Daniel Pearl Was Not Beheaded Because He Was a Journalist.  Yesterday Barack Obama signed the toothless Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act of 2009 named in honor of the Wall Street Journal reporter who was killed by terrorists in 2002.  The bill promotes press freedom.  The president declined to take questions from the media at the signing event.  Jennifer Rubin at Contentions Blog pointed out that Barack Obama forgot to mention that Daniel Pearl was murdered by Islamic extremists.

Obama Won't Say Who Killed Daniel Pearl.  At a signing ceremony for the Freedom of Press Act, it is ironic and shameful that Obama could not bring himself to identify the killers who beheaded the man who fearlessly reported on the jihadist terrorists.

The Army censors Franklin Graham.  The Army made the wrong decision to forbid Franklin Graham from praying with soldiers at a National Day of Prayer event on May 5 because he spoke out against Islam.

Rev. Franklin Graham Banned by the Pentagon for Telling the Truth About Islam.  Franklin Graham, distinguished Christian minister and son of an American evangelical treasure (i.e. Billy Graham) was banned from praying at the Pentagon for their upcoming May 6th National Day of Prayer event because he called Islam "evil."  Apparently Franklin didn't get the memo that we can't say squat about Islam anymore.

Lawmaker Calls for Hearings into Pentagon's 'Politically Correct' Decisions.  A conservative Republican congressman from Georgia is calling for congressional hearings to investigate actions by the U.S. military in recent weeks to cancel or rescind invitations that had been made to two prominent conservative Christian leaders — Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins — to speak at military prayer events.

PC In The DOD.  The Army disinvited the Rev. Franklin Graham from praying at the Pentagon because he might offend Muslim soldiers.  But isn't that the same attitude that led to the Fort Hood massacre?

Obama Appeases U.S. Muslims.  The New York Times reported Monday [4/19/2010], with no hint that it understood the implications of what it was reporting, that Barack Obama is reaching out to Hamas-linked groups in the United States, while hamstringing our response to the terror threat by making obfuscation of the ideology of jihad terrorists official U.S. policy.

Obama Stands with Muslims as He Promised.  Though the president is taking great public pains to appear tough on terror and the real terrorists — as opposed to the imaginary ones (i.e., conservatives and Tea Partiers) — Barack Obama has actually gone to great lengths to make sure others like Shahzad remain utterly undisturbed.  Others who at this very minute remain undetected among us, ready to strike on orders from radicalized Imams or terror-army chiefs, walk among us, now knowing that they have a true friend and protector in the White House.  Barack Obama has successfully purged from the national discourse on terrorism — excuse me, "man-made disasters" — any mention of the religion/political ideology which is the undeniable common denominator.

Obama bans terms Jihad, Islam.  President Barack Obama's advisers will remove religious terms such as "Islamic extremism" from the central document outlining the US national security strategy and will use the rewritten document to emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terror, counterterrorism officials said.

To this president, there's no such thing as an Islamic extremist.
Obama's jihad on 'jihad'.  President Obama's latest strategic innovation in the war on terrorism is to ignore jihad and maybe it will go away.  The Obama administration is removing terms such as "jihad" and "Islamic extremism" from the U.S. National Security Strategy in an attempt to convince Muslim countries that America doesn't view them solely through the lens of counterterrorism.  It's reasonable to look beyond terrorism in developing relationships with Islamic states. ... But the National Security Strategy is not some kind of outreach initiative, it is the framing document for America's global safety.

What the Euphemisms Tell Us.  In the latest installment of politically correct, not to say Orwellian, language emanating from the Obama administration, the term "rogue states" has been sidelined in favor of "outliers."  The switch was unveiled as part of the just released Nuclear Posture Review.  States like North Korea and Iran, labeled "rogue" by the Bush administration, will no longer labor under that punitive adjective.

Lieberman:  Omitting 'Islamic' Terrorism From Security Document Dishonest, 'Offensive'.  Sen. Joe Lieberman slammed the Obama administration Sunday for stripping terms like "Islamic extremism" from a key national security document, calling the move dishonest, wrong-headed and disrespectful to the majority of Muslims who are not terrorists.

The Most Dysfunctional Place on Earth.  We now live in a nation that will not name its enemy.  Homeland Security wants to eliminate terms like Islamic jihad or terrorism from its vocabulary lest we offend some of the people trying to kill us.  The United States has global enemies of every description.  Pretending they don't exist is an invitation to attack.

Governor's aide: National Security meeting "surreal".  A close aide to one of the longtime governors in attendance, who was present for much of this meeting, ... described a strange and "almost surreal" usage of terms, phrases and jargon that dominated their presentations to the governors, and noted an obviously deliberate avoidance of other more specifically accurate terms that seemed to obscure their messages.

Terror reviews avoid word 'Islamist'.  Two new documents laying out the Obama administration's defense and homeland security strategy over the next four years describe the nation's terrorist enemies in a number of ways but fail to mention the words Islam, Islamic or Islamist.

Administration Dumps 'Jihadist' Term.  President Obama does not see the terrorism challenge as a fight against "jihadists" because that conveys an undeserved religious legitimacy and risks reinforcing the view that the U.S. is at war with Islam, his counterterrorism adviser said Thursday [8/6/2009].

Dare to Call It Terrorism.  So it turns out that the worst Islamist terrorist strike since 9/11 — an attack that killed twice as many Americans as were slain in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing — was not a terrorist attack at all.  Just ask the FBI. ... Like the cavalry, the FBI came riding to the PC rescue.  The Federal Bureau of Let's Skip the Investigation pronounced that the killing was not terrorism.  Forget about Islamic (or at least Islamist) terrorism.  This mass murder wasn't even terrorism.

Obama Scraps 'Global War on Terror' for 'Overseas Contingency Operation'.  The Obama administration has ordered an end to use of the phrase "Global War on Terror," a label adopted by the Bush administration shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.  In a memo sent this week from the Defense Department's office of security to Pentagon staffers, members were told, "this administration prefers to avoid using the term 'Long War' or 'Global War on Terror' [GWOT.]  Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.'"

Obama Scraps 'Global War on Terror' for 'Overseas Contingency Operation'.  The Obama administration has ordered an end to use of the phrase "Global War on Terror," a label adopted by the Bush administration shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.  In a memo sent this week from the Defense Department's office of security to Pentagon staffers, members were told, "this administration prefers to avoid using the term 'Long War' or 'Global War on Terror' [GWOT.]  Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.'"

Homeland Linguistics.  The Obama administration has made great changes in the way we handle national security.  And judging by its actions so far, it seems that the most important failing of the previous administration has been in semantics.  The changes started with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano deciding that the word "terrorism" was too harsh.  She has made a point of not using it, opting instead for "man-caused disasters."  That was merely phase one.

Obama's War on English.  In an age when a waiter is a server, an actress is a female actor, and a dubiously-competent socialist cult leader is an American president, it was only a matter of time before the "Global War on Terror" became an "Overseas Contingency Operation" (OCO).  Thus Spoke Zarathustra this week via a memo sent to the Pentagon and select speech writers, officially establishing Team Obama's redesigned terminology.  The War is over, long live the Operation! ... Victory through euphemism!

How to keep the war on terrorism out of America's backyards:  No longer will federal officials speak of "the long war" and "the war on terrorism."  The administration has banned these terms from the government lexicon.  That's not to say that the long war against transnational terrorism is over.  Just ask the police in Lahore, Pakistan.  Last week, terrorists armed with heavy weapons and grenades stormed Lahore's police academy.

No More Jihadists.  The Associated Press is reporting that the U.S. government is moving to kill off jihadists, Islamo-fascists, and mujahedeen.  Not the people:  the words.  Reports from the Department of Homeland Security and the National Counter Terrorism Center recommend discontinuing the use of such terms, because, as the AP report says, "Such words may actually boost support for radicals among Arab and Muslim audiences by giving them a veneer of religious credibility or by causing offense to moderates." … If we eschew these words, what how are we supposed to refer to our enemies?

Government Policies Stifle Talk of Islam.  When President Roosevelt addressed Congress after Pearl Harbor, he cited Japan fifteen times in a speech of five hundred words.  When President Bush did the same after 9/11, he uttered "Islam" or "Muslim" more sparingly — just eleven times in a speech of three thousand words.  And when Senators Obama and McCain spoke at the respective conventions and debates, asking to be entrusted with America's security, not a single reference to Islam could be found.

Flying Blind in the War on Terror:  Imagine that following the bombing of Peal Harbor in December 1941, that FDR had prohibiting the use of the terms "Nazi" or "Japanese Imperialism" due to pressure brought to bear by German and Japanese-American lobbying groups.  Or at the height of the Cold War that the US government had determined to ban the use of "Soviet" or "communism" for fear of offending the sensibilities of Russian-Americans or European socialists.  Yet that is precisely what has happened following the revelation last week by the Associated Press that the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security has issued guidelines banning the use of "jihad", "mujahedeen" and other Islamic terminology with reference to Islamic terrorism.  This move lays bare the ideological prison house of political correctness in which our top policymaker's reside.

Who Is Afraid to Say "Honor Killing"?  The FBI removed all mention of the controversial term "honor killing" from the wanted poster of a double-murder suspect after FOXNews.com ran a story announcing the use of the term.  Yasser Abdel Said, wanted for the murder of his two daughters, has eluded authorities for almost a year. ... According to family members, Said felt he was compelled to kill his daughters because they had disgraced the family by dating non-Muslims and acting too "Western."

Military report: Terms 'jihad,' 'Islamist' needed.  A U.S. military "Red Team" charged with challenging conventional thinking says that words like "jihad" and "Islamist" are needed in discussing 21st-century terrorism and that federal agencies that avoid the words soft-pedaled the link between religious extremism and violent acts.  "We must reject the notion that Islam and Arabic stand apart as bodies of knowledge that cannot be critiqued or discussed as elements of understanding our enemies in this conflict," said the internal report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times.

Strategic Collapse in the War on Terror:  Words matter, and in the global war on terror we are losing the battle of words, in a self-inflicted defeat.  The consequences could not be more profound.  Recent government policy memoranda, circulating through the national counter-terrorism and diplomatic community, establishes a new "speech code" for the lexicon in the war on terror, as reported by the Associated Press and now available in the public domain.  These new "speech codes" recommended that analysts and policy makers avoid the terms jihad or jihadist or mujhadid or "al-Qaida movement" and replace them with "extremists" and by extension other non-specific terms.

Let's call this 'terrorism' by its real name.  It's official: We're fighting … terrorists.  You can also call them violent extremists if you like, but never use jihadist or mujahedeen or Islamo-fascist to describe our enemy.  These words are deemed pejorative and offensive, according to a recent Bush administration memorandum to federal employees whose jobs involve explaining our ongoing war to the public.

Homeland Security Newspeak.  The Department of Homeland Security thinks it's a bad idea to use the word "liberty" when describing America's foreign policy goals.  Nor does it much like the terms "Islamist" and "jihadist."  Heaven forbid the federal government cause needless offense in the current war against, well, whoever.  Such are the recommendations on "Terminology to Define Terrorists," a nine-page, "Official Use Only" memo issued in January by Homeland Security's Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

The War on Words:  During the past year, several federal agencies — including the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, and the National Counter Terrorism Center — have declared a war on words.  Specifically, these agencies have issued memoranda discouraging their employees from naming the enemy in the War on Terror.  The prohibition included words such as "jihad," "Islamist," "Islamofascism," and "caliphate," among others.

The Jihad against Free Speech:  One important element to note in connection with the recent Al-Haramain designation is that on at least two separate occasions it had used legal threats against US media organization to coerce retractions following reports of its ties to the international terror network -- ties that are now considered well-established by both the US government and the media.  These incidents are instructive on how Islamic extremists have previously used lawfare strategies to silence those asking questions about their activities, and give us insight into how these legal theats are being used today to scuttle media investigations.

Uncle Sam isn't the only one.
PC language hinders the fight against terrorism.  There is never any situation so challenging that Government ministers cannot exacerbate it.  Last year ministers directed local councils to employ a special PC vocabulary in their drive to wean the Muslim community, especially young men, from extremism and support of terrorism.  In this lexicon of euphemism, "extremism" became "community resilience" and "terrorism" was translated into "anti-Islamic activity".  What retard dreamed up this nonsense?

Somewhat related:
Civilian base employee files federal lawsuit against Camp Lejeune CO.  A Camp Lejeune civilian employee filed a federal lawsuit this week accusing base officials of violating his constitutional rights by requiring him to remove anti-Islamic bumper stickers from his Toyota. ... As result, [Jesse] Nieto, a retired Vietnam War veteran who has worked aboard base since 1994, is not able to use his vehicle to visit Arlington National Cemetery, the site where his son was buried after he died in the 2000 terrorist attack on the U.S.S. Cole.

A war of words over honour killings.  In its initial poster seeking fugitive Texas cab driver Yasser Abdel Said — sought for the double homicide of his teenaged daughters — the bureau said he disapproved of their dating non-Muslim boys and stated that they were murdered "due to an 'Honour Killing.'  Though family members speculated that the father's Islamic belief motivated the crime, the use of the phrase "honour killing" incensed the local Muslim-American community, who argued that the accused's religion should not be linked to the double homicide, which left his two daughters dead in the back of his taxi.  After a public outcry, the FBI struck the offending words three weeks ago.

Strategic Collapse at the Army War College.  A faculty member publicly defends Hamas while students are not allowed to read texts on militant Islam.

Speaking Truth to Muslim Power.  'The United States is not at war with Islam and will never be.  In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject."  So spoke President Barack Hussein Obama in Turkey last week.  Following in the footsteps of the Bush administration, Mr. Obama wants to avoid labeling our enemy in religious terms.  References to "Islamic terrorism," "Islamic radicalism," or "Islamic extremism" aren't in his speeches.  "Jihad," too, has been banished from the official lexicon.

Language Police Terrorize Common Sense.  There is nothing wrong with crafting careful language when dealing with terrorism.  For years political leaders have used terms such as Islamist terrorist or Islamo-fascist to carefully distinguish militants from the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims.  But there is a difference between being careful and being cowardly.

Fort Hood massacre report gutless and shameful.  There are two basic problems with the grotesque non-report on the Islamist- terror massacre at Fort Hood (released by the Defense Department yesterday [1/15/2010]):  [#1] It's not about what happened at Fort Hood.  [#2] It avoids entirely the issue of why it happened.  Rarely in the course of human events has a report issued by any government agency been so cowardly and delusional.

GOP Congressman Blasts Pentagon Report on Fort Hood Shooting.  The independent Pentagon review of the Fort Hood massacre purposely avoids any mention of radical extremism, a congressman who represents the area where the base is located has charged.  Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, told Fox News Monday [1/18/2010] that the 86-page report — released last week — fails to mention alleged shooter Nidal Malik Hasan's extremist views and behavior.

Pentagon Whitewash:  November is not so far away that it deserves forgetting or whitewashing:  An Arab terrorist named Nidal Hasan went to a health-care center, in a fort -- at an Army base -- in Texas, and opened fire killing 14 people while he shouted "Allahu Akbar."  But you would not know this if you read the Pentagon Report on the massacre released Friday [1/15/2010].

Muslim question persists in Army shooting.   Fear of offending Muslims or being insensitive to religion was likely a key factor to why Army supervisors missed signs that the suspect in the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage was a Muslim extremist, according to national security experts.

Holder Refuses to Say 'Radical Islam' Causes Terrorist Attacks.  How is it possible to prosecute the war against radical Islam when Obama administration officials don't believe radical Islam causes terrorist attacks?

Barack Obama declares the 'War on Terror' is over.  The US president has instead replaced it with a softer approach stressing "new partnerships" and multilateral diplomacy.  "Our long-term security will not come from our ability to instill fear in other peoples but through our capacity to speak to their hopes," Mr Obama said in a message introducing a new national security strategy.

Brennan's Surrender.  We've seen the enemy and it's not just the jihadists.  It's also our own government, which refuses to see this very real enemy.  How can we fight and defeat what we refuse to see?

Obama Makes Little Headway Among Arabic-Speaking Muslims.  Barack Obama entered office with high hopes of improving the U.S. image among Muslims worldwide.  He hauled out his middle name, gave his first interview as president to Al-Arabiya television, quoted hadith, gave major speeches in Istanbul and Cairo, and talked ceaselessly of "respect" for Muslims.  Where has all this gotten him?

The Elephant in the Room:  Islamism and appeasement.  In a speech in Cairo about a year ago, President Obama sought a "new beginning" for the United States and the world's Muslims.  In pursuit of this initiative, Obama gave his first interview as president to Al-Arabiya television, apologized for America's past behavior, bowed before Saudi royalty, sided with the Palestinians against our ally Israel, did next to nothing to forestall Iran's development of nuclear arms, and released a National Defense Strategy last week that ignores the connection between Islamism and terrorism.

New national security strategy borders on incoherent.  Is it possible to defeat an enemy we don't understand?  That is only one of the questions that ought to occur to anyone reading President Obama's new national security strategy.  Administration officials and loyalists have been trying to put the best possible face on the congressionally mandated 52-page document.  But anyone who glances at so much as a page will see that is rife with platitudes, wishful thinking and self-delusion.

The endless hypocrisy of Eric Holder.  [Scroll down]  Holder's refusal to link radical Islam with the epidemic of global terrorism is likewise entirely political.  When asked at a congressional hearing if radical Islamic terrorists were behind the Fort Hood killings, the attempted Christmas Day bombing and the foiled Times Square bomb attack, he refused to identify that obvious common catalyst.  He cited instead a "variety of reasons."  The nation's chief prosecutor wasn't looking at the evidence, but adhering to a politically correct predetermined dogma.

None Dare Call It... What?  Former Speaker Newt Gingrich may be the most notable public figure in some time to state the obvious:  radical Islam is a clear and present danger to America.  In a speech last week at The American Enterprise Institute in Washington, Gingrich said, "this is not a war on terrorism ... this is a struggle with radical Islamists."  The problem, he said, is that too many leaders are "sleepwalking" and won't face the threat.

Refusing to Name the Enemy.  [Scroll down]  Can one imagine during World War II if the American government and military had never used the term "Nazism" or "kamikaze" to describe the enemy?  It is unthinkable.  Indeed, at present, it is unforgivable that American officialdom has covered up who our present-day enemy is, what it stands for, and what its ultimate goals are.

Pentagon Whitewashes Cause of Ft. Hood Massacre.  When I heard the initial report on Friday on the findings in the Fort Hood shootings investigation, I almost ran my car off the road.  The words "workplace violence" were used.  As if the shooting at Fort Hood was like a fired worker going back in to his place of business and killing his co-workers.  Maj. Nidal Hasan is depicted as a loner, who everyone thought was a nice guy who just snapped. ... Can we not honor our dead by calling the name of the enemy?  In Fort Hood, it was a radical Islamist who was an al-Qaeda wannabe.  He was a terrorist.

Imagining Islam.  Self-delusion is a convenient policy.  It resists defining missions with anything but the most detached, politically correct loftiness.  Serial attacks by readily identifiable enemies seamlessly become a nebulous "war on terror," then a "long struggle against violent extremism," then an "overseas contingency operation."  If you stubbornly avoid saying whom you're fighting and why, pretty soon no one remembers — the better to define down success — don't say victory.

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Must-Read of the Day:  Andy McCarthy on 'Imagining Islam'.  As usual, Andrew McCarthy offers a bracing dose of reality over at NRO as he coolly assesses where we are today, nine year after Sept. 11, in the ongoing struggle between Islam and the West.  Read and don't weep — read it and get mad.

Who Is the Enemy?  According to a Washington Post poll, two-thirds of Americans do not want the Cordoba House mosque built near ground zero, and half of all Americans harbor negative views about Islam.  They don't want the mosque by ground zero because they think Islam had something to do with those 3,000 massacred Americans.  Are they entirely wrong?  How do we win a long war when we cannot name the enemy?

Obama is losing U.S. troops' hearts and minds.  President Obama's arbitrary July 2011 deadline for U.S. combat forces in Afghanistan to start drawing down weakens our allies' resolve and strengthens our enemies'.  But the president is also sending the wrong message to his own troops, and losing our hearts and minds.  It seems that many inside the Beltway lack exposure to members of the military, and do not even understand the basic concept that troops consider themselves warriors in a war.  The Obama administration will not even call it a war on terrorism — preferring the term "Overseas Contingency Operation."  Obama says he does not want to use the word "victory," a word that has motivated soldiers for millennia.

A Class War or War?  The enemy is becoming an intimate part of the American landscape and less easily identifiable as a distinctly foreign phenomenon.  This is precisely the time for our leaders to find an intelligent way of discussing the true nature of the fight.  Officially denying that there are Muslim terrorists among us will not protect innocent Muslims; it will put them at greater risk, as a potentially traumatized citizenry becomes frustrated with leadership that refuses to take seriously the complicated threats arrayed against it.  Yet at no time since 9/11 has our government been this willfully inarticulate — even insulting — about the challenges we face.

Ideologically-driven strategic ineptitude.  [Scroll down]  Given that US officials are barred from using all the terms that are relevant for describing reality in places like Pakistan, it is obvious why the US cannot put together a strategy for contending with the challenges it faces there. ... The Obama administration's decision to ban relevant language from the official US policy discourse was ideologically motivated.  And in choosing ideology over reality, the Obama administration has induced a situation where rather than construct policies to deal with reality, at all levels, US officials have been charged with constructing policies to deny and ignore reality.  Against this backdrop it becomes fairly clear why the Obama administration's handling of the political turmoil in Egypt has been so incompetent.

What's Islam Got to Do with It?  Is there anything Islamic about Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps?  On what basis does Ayman al-Zawahiri, now al-Qaeda's leader, formerly the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, claim to be a jihadi — an Islamic warrior?  Do groups that justify terrorism on the basis of Islam have a doctrinal leg to stand on?  Let's not start by answering these questions.  Let's start by agreeing that such questions need to be asked — not suppressed.  Yet right now suppression seems to be the goal of senior officials in the Obama administration.

Obama Administration Bans Knowledge of Islam.  The Obama administration's censoring of photographs of the late Osama bin Laden, lest they "offend" Muslims, is one thing; but what about censoring words, especially those pivotal to U.S. security?  Weeks earlier, the Daily Caller revealed that "the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive."

Obama to law enforcement: Stop linking Muslims to Terrorism.  In yet another curtsy to the politically correct orthodoxy, President Barack Obama's White House plans to tinker with federal police curriculums for counterterrorism training classes.  The first bit of "revamping" is the removal of all material that groups, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, find offensive or containing a "negative" image of Muslims.

Politically correct — and dead.  Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and some of his colleagues in Congress are trying to prevent U.S. law enforcement and intelligence organizations from teaching their personnel about the enemy.  Can you imagine not telling Americans about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party during World War II?  Or failing to teach about communism during the Cold War?

Invasion of the military effectiveness snatchers.  The Joint Chiefs chairman wrote he was concerned that the military was teaching material "inconsistent with the values of our profession, and disrespectful of Islam."  A new review would "ensure our Professional Military Education programs exhibit the cultural sensitivity, respect for religion, and intellectual balance that we should expect in our academic institutions."  How about teaching material consistent with the values of free inquiry and with respect for truth instead?  What is urgently needed is a review to ensure military education offers unflinching threat analysis based on meticulously sourced facts and research.  That's what a "real" Joint Chiefs chairman would demand, not a "politically correct" curriculum designed to subordinate U.S. national security interests to a policy of not offending Islam.

State Department Won't Call Terrorists "Terrorists".  If the definition of the word "terrorist" has seemed somewhat flexible to many Americans in recent years, that state of befuddlement is shared by the U.S. government.  The difficulties of defining a "terrorist" were on display on Capitol Hill when a high-ranking State Department official declared one of the most violent Islamist organizations in Africa to be a "terrorist" organization, while explaining that it was not a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).  As Penny Starr recently wrote in an article for CNSNews, when it comes to the Nigerian Jihadist group Boko Haram, being a terrorist organization in a foreign country does not actually make that organization an FTO — at least in State Department logic.

State Department To Downplay Religious Oppression.  The U.S. government no longer includes religious freedom in its annual Human Rights Report.  We won't embarrass anyone by pointing to burnt out churches abroad while suppressing religious liberty at home.

Report downplays Islamic role in Fort Hood jihadi attack.  No government officials should be penalized for their inaction while they watched an online al-Qaida organizer persuade U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to murder twelve of his fellow soldiers at Foot Hood in 2009, says the final report of an independent panel.  "Although we are critical of certain actions and omissions, we do not regard any of those actions to be misconduct that would warrant administrative or disciplinary action," said the third-last paragraph on the 150-page report, titled "Final Report of the William H. Webster Commission."

Is It Time for Defenders of Liberty to Abandon the GOP?  The Obama administration and the Republican establishment would have us live a lie — a lie that endangers our liberties and our security.  The lie is this:  There is a difference between mainstream Islamic ideology and what they call "violent extremism."  The vogue term "violent extremism" is chosen very deliberately.  To be sure, we've always bent over backwards to be politically correct.  Until Obama came to power, we used to use terms like "violent jihadism" or "Islamic extremism" in order to make sure everyone knew that we were not condemning all of Islam, that we were distinguishing Muslim terrorists from other Muslims.  But now, the Obama administration and the Republican establishment prefer to say "violent extremism" because this term has no hint of Islam.

At What Point Is It 'Islamic Terrorism'?  Lawmakers expressed concern that a recently released review of the FBI's actions in the Fort Hood shootings showed an agency that let "political sensitivities" temper the aggressiveness of their investigation into Army Major Nidal Hasan.  "An active duty member of the military communicating with a known radicalizer and recruiter should have been taken more seriously than it was," said Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies at a hearing to review the findings yesterday [8/1/2012].

Colonel's class on radical Islam leaves career in limbo.  When Army Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley last year began teaching a class to fellow officers on the dangers of radical Islam, he seemed to have landed in a perfect spot. [...] Today, Col. Dooley finds himself at a dead end while being targeted for criticism by American Islamic groups, at least two of which are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which advocates universal Islamic law.  More important, Col. Dooley's critics include Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Key GOP lawmaker blasts Obama administration for downplaying terrorism.  Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the incoming chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, is wasting no time with niceties when it comes to the Obama administration, which he says has a disturbing tendency to downplay terrorism.

Obama to Troops: Don't Criticize the Taliban.  The Obama Administration has ordered changes in a new military handbook to now forbid U.S soldiers from criticizing the Taliban.  In addition, our men in uniform are forbidden to disparage pedophilia.  Even further, our soldiers are instructed not to speak of women's rights.  Or homosexuality.  Or criticism of Afghans at all.

Obama To Troops: Don't Insult The Taliban.  The administration blames U.S. troop rudeness for insider attacks by Afghan training partners.  So it's issuing an etiquette book ordering them not to criticize "pedophilia" and other things Islamic.

Pentagon Deep-Sixes Lt. Col. Dooley for Violating Muslim PC.  Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley isn't the one who has to hang his head low.  That honor goes to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey.  Dooley is in the doghouse with the political, knocked-kneed Dempsey over his approved teachings about militant Islam.  That's right, approved teachings.  As a result, Dooley, considered a gifted officer with a bright future, has been handed a one-way ticket out of the Army unless an appeal he's filing succeeds.  But just like it's hard to beat city hall, it's tough to beat the Pentagon.  Dooley's last recourse is federal court.

Top brass crush career of Army officer who warned of jihadists.  The Pentagon's top brass has dealt another blow to a decorated Army officer who was fired last year as a war college instructor because of his teachings about radical Islam, his attorney told The Washington Times.

Tsarnaev, Hasan and Deadly Political Correctness.  On Wednesday [7/10/2013] Dzhohkar Tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to 30 counts in the Boston Marathon bombings and jury selection began in the case of U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan, accused of murdering 13 at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009.  The Hasan and Tsarnaev cases emerged the same day in testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee, where the first witness, Rudy Giuliani, said that political correctness hinders efforts to stop terrorists before they strike.

Tweets Won't Stop Modern Barbarians.  Nigeria's homegrown, al-Qaeda linked militant group, Boko Haram, brags openly that it recently kidnapped about 300 young Nigerian girls.  It boasts that it will sell them into sexual slavery.  Those terrorists have a long and unapologetic history of murdering kids who dare to enroll in school, and Christians in general.  For years, Western aid groups have pleaded with the State Department to at least put Boko Haram on the official list of terrorist groups.  But former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's team was reluctant to come down so harshly, in apparent worry that some might interpret such condemnation as potentially offensive to Islamic sensitivities.

State Dept's Psaki Declines To Say Terrorism On The Rise.  On Monday [6/17/2014] at the State Department daily briefing, spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to say that Islamic extremists are on the march, in light of al Qaeda affiliate ISIS invasion of Iraq as an attempt to establish a "caliphate.  When asked directly if terrorism is on the rise Psaki replied, "I wouldn't put it in those terms."

You Can't Defeat 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' If You Won't Utter Those Words.  "You cannot win a battle against radical Islamic terrorism if you're unwilling to utter the words 'radical Islamic terrorism,'" Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Tuesday [6/17/2014].  Coincidentally, on the same day Cruz made that comment, Secretary of State John Kerry said that "extreme poverty" breeds terrorism.  Cruz was talking about the Benghazi attack with CNN's Erin Burnett on Tuesday evening.  He noted that the Obama administration, in explaining the attack to the American people, "edited out every reference to al Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorism."

Fox Reporter: Why Won't Obama Recognize We're at War with ISIS?  Following the release of a video purportedly showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff, Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen asked State Department Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Obama administration would recognize the U.S. was at war with ISIS, given they are clearly at war with us.  "A lot of Americans are sitting at home and they see Americans who are not even combatants, but who are journalists, being beheaded by the group overseas, and from a common sense point of view the average American will say to himself, 'This group is at war with us, why does our President or our Secretary of State not recognize that and say, indeed, we are at war with this group and we will destroy them?'"

Krauthammer's Take: Obama 'A Man in Denial, On the Verge of Delusion'.  "Here's a man who comes into office and denies the existence of a war on terror," said Krauthammer on Special Report [9/2/2014].  "And what do we see?" Attacks by Islamic jihadists in Somalia, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Yemen, and, of course, Syria and Iraq, Krauthammer said.  "It's everywhere."  Yet, he said, "Obama persists in calling them 'extremists.'  As if they are extremists for — what reason?  They are just very upset about a lot of stuff.  He will not call it by its name, Islamic radicalism.

Krauthammer: Obama Is 'a Man in Denial on the Verge of Delusion' on Terrorism.  On Tuesday's "Special Report," Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed President Barack Obama on the heels of a second American journalist being beheaded by ISIS for his seeming reluctance to acknowledge the threat of terrorism around the world.

Obama Agency Won't Certify Boston Marathon Bombing a Terror Attack.  Despite its seeming incompetence, the Obama Regime has settled on an ingenious strategy for protecting the American homeland from terror attacks.  It simply refuses to acknowledge that terror attacks are terror attacks.  ISIS wannabe Nidal Hasan's shooting spree at Fort Hood was workplace violence, not Islamic terror.  Now it appears that the Boston Marathon bombing wasn't terror either.

Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques.  AT had a chance to catch up with Steven Emerson, head of The Investigative Project on Terrorism, and hear his assessment of the ISIS threat here on American soil.  Emerson runs the country's top data center on Islamic terror groups in the United States, working like a man possessed, and accomplishing the work of thousands on sheer guts and determination to protect our country.  Wherever the bad guys have been caught and prosecuted successfully, you will find Emerson working quietly behind the scenes as an invaluable ally of the FBI and Homeland Security.  Because he accepts no money from the government, Emerson has been free of the diktats of the Obama administration that have forbidden the FBI to train their sights on Muslim terrorists.

Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques.  [American Thinker] had a chance to catch up with Steven Emerson, head of The Investigative Project on Terrorism, and hear his assessment of the ISIS threat here on American soil.  Emerson runs the country's top data center on Islamic terror groups in the United States, working like a man possessed, and accomplishing the work of thousands on sheer guts and determination to protect our country.  Wherever the bad guys have been caught and prosecuted successfully, you will find Emerson working quietly behind the scenes as an invaluable ally of the FBI and Homeland Security.  Because he accepts no money from the government, Emerson has been free of the diktats of the Obama administration that have forbidden the FBI to train their sights on Muslim terrorists.

WH 'Warrior' Won't Let FBI Consider Religion in Terrorism Investigations.  The Investigative Project on Terrorism, run by Steve Emerson, is the top data center on Islamic terrorism in the country.  In assessing the threat by ISIS, he said the FBI has been hampered by not being allowed to consider religion in their investigations.  The terrorists are actively recruiting in Mosques and the FBI is not allowed to monitor them in mosques.  Emerson believes there are 300 to 400 ISIS killers in Syria and Iraq with American passports who can come back whenever they want.  Why can they come back whenever they want?  This is insane.  They're traitors who went to fight with terrorists.

Critics blast authorities for treating beheading as case of workplace violence.  Authorities are treating Thursday's beheading at an Oklahoma food distribution center as an incident of workplace violence but that is prompting raised eyebrows among some terrorism experts.  The FBI is investigating the incident in which fired employee Alton Nolen, 30, allegedly attacked Colleen Hufford, 54, stabbing her several times before severing her head.  Nolen also stabbed another women [sic] at the plant.

Jah'Keem Yisrael and Protecting Muslim Sensibilities.  In Moore, Oklahoma a Muslim convert shouting Islamic utterances, on a rampage following getting fired, expressed his displeasure by beheading an innocent woman in a meatpacking plant.  This wasn't Jihadi John in Syria, or south of the border where drug cartels remove heads with great regularity; this took place late afternoon in Oklahoma.  And as shocking as a woman being beheaded in broad daylight is, what's more horrifying is the fact that after she arrived in the morning in one piece and left in the afternoon zipped into a body bag, as usual the politically correct types seem to be more concerned with protecting Muslim sensibilities than acknowledging bloody jihad.

White House 'Not Going to Get ahead' of Motive Investigation in Oklahoma Beheading.  Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken told Fox News this morning that "we don't know" if the beheading of a woman by a Muslim co-worker in Oklahoma last week was terrorism.  Alton Nolen, 30, a recent convert to Islam, reportedly tried to convince co-workers at the Vaughn Food processing plant in Moore, Okla, to convert before last week's murder.  His Facebook page was under the name Jah'Keem Yisrael and included images of jihadists and Quran citations. [...] Members of Congress have been relatively quiet about the murder; neither of Oklahoma's GOP senators, Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, have issued statements about the attack.

Rectification of Names: Let's Call Obama Era What It Is.  When you are in a mess, the first thing to do is to get the names right, and call a spade a spade.  Usually, the reason you are in a mess is exactly because you have been in denial and have been hiding from the truth.  That is what "Islam is a religion of peace" and the Fort Hood shooting as "workplace violence" are all about.  Our ruling class cannot bring itself to confront the truth, because if it did it would have to do something.

It has EVERYTHING to do with Islam.  Let's not mince words here, the constant attempt at redefining reality by our leaders' insistence that the Muslim violence we are witnessing on a daily basis has nothing to do with the Muslim religion, is frankly offensive and in the end encourages more and ever grislier acts of terror.  In "problem solving 101" we learned that location and formulation of the problem was the first step in finding a solution.  However, covering one's eyes and pretending there is no problem will not make the problem disappear.  In point of fact, it will only make the problem bigger and much harder to solve.

We Need to Call It Terrorism.  Within three days there have been two jihadist attacks in Canada, carried out by Canadian citizens who recently converted to Islam.  No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility, at least as yet.  Nevertheless, Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed no reluctance in calling the terrorists ... terrorists.  Bravo!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Doesn't hide behind other names for Terrorism.  South of [the Canadian] border, the current occupier of the White House calls jaw-dropping citizen slaughter by members of the so-called Religion of Peace "Workplace violence".  Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls the attack on Parliament Hill that took the life of War Memorial Honour Guard Cpl. Nathan Cirillo exactly what it is:  TERRORISM.  Terrorism is terrorism and no other name comes close to describing it.  Those who call terrorism anything else, for reasons that include both cowardice and political expediency, are doing exactly the same thing the terrorists do:  attempting to hide terrorist violence under phony names like 'Religion of Peace'.

DoD renames "unlawful combatants" in detainee manual to ....  In fact, captured terrorists went out of style a long time ago, so that's not the actual change.  Until recently — like, say, two weeks ago — the Department of Defense used the term unlawful combatant as the label for terrorists captured by American military and intelligence forces as a way to distinguish them from uniformed soldiers of a recognized state authority in a straight-up fight.  Their new manual dispenses with that term, the Federation of American Scientists noticed today [11/26/2014].

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