Race-based Political Opportunism

Two name immediately come to mind when the news media present a spokesman for every disgruntled black person in America:  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  At least those are the two people whose opinions seem to be of the most value whenever blacks are cheated, insulted, or beaten by the police.

These two individuals, more than anyone else, seem to thrive on perpetuating strife and indignation by making blacks believe that all their troubles are the result of white racism.  They keep themselves in the headlines by keeping America racially divided and making sure that blacks are forever suspicious of their white neighbors.

Another nearby page about Liberal Democrats and the Minority Voter is a discussion of the more subtle dishonesty used to get the minority vote.

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The Commonalities Between the Rise of the Nazis and the Tactics of the American Left Cannot be Ignored.  First, racial division was a central component of Nazi political strategy and philosophy.  The Nazi Party was, without doubt, the most racially obsessed political party in human history.  Today's Democrat party is second only to the Nazi Party in their racial obsession.  Every piece of legislation, every accusation against their opponents, every aspect of American society, even weather and climate is framed in racism.  The Nazi Party's obsession with race focused on their perverted belief in the inferiority and superiority of the races.  This opened the door for blaming various racial groups for all the problems facing the country.  The American left are claiming the root cause of virtually all problems facing the nation is "systemic racism" as theoretically instigated by one particular race.  This obsession with race led to what is now often referred to as "identity politics."  Identity politics was not invented by the modern American left.  It was, in fact, a weapon in the arsenal of the Nazi Party.

The 'Spirit-Murdering' CRT Agenda.  It is encouraging to see that at least some of the broader culture's acceptance of CRT is waning, but we can be assured the zeal among CRT's adherents will not wane. [...] The Democrat party's radical left is a soul-crushing autocracy.  Their ideologies do not empower anyone to pursue happiness or to succeed and are not what America's youth need to be taught about our country or how to live and thrive in the greatest nation on earth.  Leftists everywhere demand allegiance and compliance, and dissent cannot be tolerated, because a close examination of their doctrines exposes them as morally bankrupt and utterly insufficient.  It is not racist to say CRT and its activists are wrong. [...] The Left has an unrelenting desire to see every inequity as an injustice and the inherent inequality in life's outcomes among individuals and among people of different races as evidence that the "system" is irredeemably flawed.  Enforcing the rules is not racist, and neither is playing by the rules to succeed and win in life.

'Woke' Democrat Caught Falsely Claiming to Be Hispanic.  A "woke" Florida Democrat has been caught faking her heritage to win votes from Hispanic communities in the race for the Miami Beach City Commission.  Kristen Rosen Gonzalez gave a bizarre response after getting caught falsely claiming to be Hispanic.  Gonzalez often boasts that she's "the most high-profile Hispanic Democrat in the City of Miami Beach."  While speaking about Hispanic communities during a candidate interview with Democratic Party leaders, Gonzalez described herself as "their girl."

House Dem threatens to vote against $3.5T bill unless Black colleges get more money.  President Biden's wavering $3.5 trillion social welfare bill took another hit when Rep. Alma Adams said she's a no vote unless more money goes to historically Black colleges and universities.  Ms. Adams, a North Carolina Democrat and top advocate for HBCUs, said Mr. Biden is shortchanging the Black schools in the massive spending bill.  "I cannot in good conscience vote for legislation that I sincerely believe will not serve its intended purpose," she wrote this week to her Democratic colleagues.  "If this language as written becomes law, it is accurate to say that HBCUs will only successfully compete for pennies on the dollar."

Sharpton gets shouted down by Hispanics at Del Rio, Texas border.  There's no charlatan like an old charlatan.  And in the wake of the migrant surge at the border, out comes race-hustler Rev. Al Sharpton from some blue city back east to Del Rio, Texas, to howl about all the supposed racism of the Border Patrol attempting to do their actual jobs, sending people breaking into the U.S. illegally back across the Rio Grande.  For Sharpton, that wasn't an opportunity to opine about the humanitarian crisis and the failure of the Biden administration to protect local communities, but an opportunity to do the cuckoo clock thing, and race-bait, cynically using the fact that most of the illegal crossers were dark-skinned Haitians as fodder.

Al Sharpton Gets Heckled By Protesters During Del Rio Border Tour.  Protesters heckled Rev. Al Sharpton's press conference during his Thursday visit to Del Rio, Texas, where he called for an investigation into horseback Border Patrol's alleged abuse on Haitian migrants.  Sharpton visited the Del Rio International Bridge, where over 10,500 Haitian migrants have illegally entered and encamped in makeshift shelters in recent days.  Protesters yelled over the reverend and civil rights activist's speech, calling him a "racist" and a "disgrace," footage shows.  "Why are you trying to invoke violence?  Why are you here advocating for violence?  Del Rio is not a racist city.  Del Rio is a loving, caring community.  We don't want your racism in Texas, get out of here," a protester said.  "We don't want your racist nonsense in Del Rio!"

Al Sharpton Attempts To Stir Racism at Del Rio Texas Border Camp, Fails Miserably.  For years the border crisis has been a problem, but it's not until thousands of illegal Haitian migrants hit the border in the past week that Al Sharpton shows up.  Everyone knows that "resist we much" Sharpton is is one-trick pony, using racial grievance as his financial profession.  His effort today [9/23/2021], at the Del Rio border encampment, was met with strong pushback by the local community.

Ted Cruz Asks Richard Blumenthal a Question About Black Voter Participation That Blows up Dem Narrative.  Democrats have created this completely false narrative about election security laws.  Doing things like requiring ID is somehow "racist," even though most of the world requires it for voting and most Americans want it to ensure the safety of the elections.  They created this fiction over the past few months, over laws in states like Texas and Georgia, creating a mania against the Georgia law which prompted Major League Baseball to pull the All Star game from the state.  Crazy Democrats from Texas fled the state to prevent a quorum to stop voting on an election security bill.  Both efforts only served to show how radical the Democrats were on this issue and how out of step with most Americans there are.  But what they're really saying with their objections is that they don't want checks on fraud.  I'll leave that to your great sense as to why Democrats wouldn't want checks on elections to make sure they're secure.  But they've wanted to shift the narrative to characterize the laws as "racist."

Protesters Shout Down Al Sharpton's Press Event at Texas Border Bridge Camp.  The Rev. Al Sharpton toured the makeshift Haitian migrant camp situated under the local international bridge Thursday.  At the conclusion of his visit, Sharpton attempted an impromptu press conference.  His remarks were cut short after protesters shouted him down until choosing to leave the site.  In the video, a visibly frustrated Sharpton can be seen trying to speak to media.  Shouts from the crowd of mainly residents included the phrases "go home," "get out of Texas," and "our Border Patrol are heroes."  Attendees eventually crowded the reverend's entourage as they exchanged words — prompting a quick departure.

When Everything is Racist, Nothing Is.  Did the "diversity" industry not see that this would be the result of their ideology — or did they not care?  We no longer embrace the assimilation of the "melting pot."  We are embracing cultural communities within communities — segregation.  A number of colleges had separate graduation ceremonies this year.  One school system in Atlanta is even segregating classes by race again.  It's not being done by the evil right-wing haters — it's being done by the progressive left.

Democrats Are Bringing Back Segregation.  New York City Commissar Bill de Blasio has thrown down the COVID gauntlet.  He recently mandated that the unvaccinated will not be allowed to eat indoors, go to a gym, or enjoy a live performance.  According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, that means mostly black folks and Latinos will have to stay at home.  Pinsky calls this the modern segregation. [...] Pinksy didn't supply a link to back up his claim that only 28.4% of black people have been vaccinated.  The people who responded to this tweet ranged from virtue-signaling white people to black people who remain indignant about "modern day segregation."

The Editor says...
Blacks may complain about "modern day segregation," but a lot of it is their idea.  Here are a few examples: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [26] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] How many black-only colleges, churches, and civic organizations exist in America today?  Who are the real segregationists in 2021?

How To Argue Leftists Into A Corner.  The furor over Critical Race Theory seems to have died down a bit (perhaps on purpose?), but don't think we have won.  This is likely to continue for quite some time and we know for sure that the leftists will not quit, and neither should we. [...] There recently has been very effective public pushback against Critical Race Theory.  Therefore, I interpret the post's author lamenting the lost ground and resorting to what every leftist does as a result — ad hominem attacks against the opposition's credibility ("Nazi/Fascist/Racist!").  It is an entirely predictable leftist non-answer to opposition on any issue, and an attempt to deflect from addressing the issue on its merits.  Be prepared for it and don't get distracted.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee grandstands as third House Dem to be arrested in DC.  U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was arrested and led away zip-tied to jail in front of strategically positioned journalists and cameras Thursday during a voting rights protest staged in Washington, D.C.  The 71-year-old congresswoman posted photos of her ordeal to Twitter showing her being escorted by a police officer to an awaiting "paddy wagon."  Lee branded it "good trouble" echoing the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).  "I felt the minimal I could do is have my liberty denied for a period of time and I was willing to get arrested," she declared.  "I will NEVER stop fighting for Voting Rights!"

Texas Democrats Finally Begin to Realize They [Have a Problem].  You'd be forgiven for forgetting they existed, but the fugitive Texas Democrats, who fled their state to stop the passage of a mundane voting integrity bill, are still hanging out in Washington, DC. Where exactly, I'm not sure, but I like to imagine them sleeping on cots and eating ramen noodles every night while they mutter obscenities about Gov. Greg Abbott to each other.  That's when they aren't spreading COVID to everyone, of course.  There was a sighting a few days ago in which some of them appeared with Al Sharpton at the MLK memorial.  You know, because nothing stirs support in Texas like latching onto a notorious, big-city race grifter to push the false notion that voting rights are being eliminated because there are only two weeks of early voting.

Why does Biden team ask thuggish regimes to lecture US on racism?  The Biden administration's racial obsessions have turned into a shameful fetish for national self-flagellation.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken has joined the discordant chorus of those who seem to believe the locus of evil in the modern world is the United States of America.  By requesting the United Nations to investigate and adjudge American racism, Blinken has abased himself and significantly harmed U.S. diplomatic standing.  Instead, he should be inviting international observers to learn from the great and moral example of American freedom and beneficence.

The Leftist Lunacy Called 'White Rage'.  It's difficult to keep track of the Orwellian-style lunacy that's destroying our country. [...] There are too many lies and false flags to list here, but there's one in particular that I find especially perplexing:  white rage.  I've known and interviewed white separatists, klansmen, outlaw bikers, and Christian Identity types.  But I've never met someone who struck me as having "white rage," at least as I'd define it.  I remember the days when the term "black rage" was used to offset accusations of racism against blacks.  The theory was that they couldn't be racist because this country's history of slavery and oppression created a psyche where they lashed back at whites out of frustration and anger, not because of the color of their skin.  As a result, a black career criminal could rape and murder a white girl, but it would never be called a "hate crime."  That was impossible, because blacks were incapable of hating whites based on the color of their skin.  It was a history of oppression that prompted their criminal behavior.  Therefore, they were the actual victims.  Obviously, white rage, whatever it is, is not the equivalent to black rage.  The term "white rage" apparently came into vogue a few years before the current Marxist revolution.

Secretary of State Blinken Invites United Nations to Investigate Racism in the U.S..  Democrats, specifically members of the Biden administration, frequently insult the United States of America by claiming that our country has a problem of systemic racism.  The only thing that could be worse is for them to invite a corrupt, hypocritical body like the United Nations to investigate those claims.  They did just that.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomes UN probe of 'racism' in US.  The United Nations — whose World Health Organization arm was just panned for its probe of the COVID-19 pandemic's origins confined to guidelines set by the Chinese Communist Party — has been formally invited by the Biden administration to investigate "the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia" in the US, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.  "As the President has repeatedly made clear, great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings; they acknowledge them openly and strive to improve with transparency," said Blinken in a statement released Tuesday.  "It is in this context that the United States intends to issue a formal, standing invitation to all UN experts who report and advise on thematic human rights issues," he continued.  "As a first step, we have reached out to offer an official visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues."

Texas State Democrats Break Out Into Cringey Rendition of 'We Shall Overcome' to Protest Voting Bill.  The state Democrats who fled Texas to Washington, D.C. in order to avoid voting on an election integrity bill have been unable to make their stunt any less laughable.  From accidentally showing off their rack of Miller Lite on their bus to their charter flights to talking about their "sacrifice" of not doing their jobs, the group of Democratic state congressional members took their hilarity to a new cringe-worthy level during their press conference outside the Capitol building.  After one member finished speaking with the press, the group began to sing, let's just say, an interesting version of "We Shall Overcome."  [Tweet]  Their lackluster performance was predictably mocked on Twitter.  [Another tweet]

The Editor says...
When politicians start singing "We Shall Overcome," it's always done just for the TV cameras, and it's always race-based political pandering.  White politicians don't sing that song unless TV cameras are nearby.

An Affront to the State.  Why is whiteness so reviled today?  It can't be slavery, slavery is still practiced in much of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and if one includes sex slaves and the like, worldwide.  Why is there not a big push to end ALL slavery of every type, instead of focusing on the history of the United States and the white people who founded it?  Because they are racist?  No.  Racism is practiced all over the globe, but America, one of the most diverse populations in the world, that has done the most to abolish it, is the focus of the attack.  In most nations, their racism isn't identified as such, because their populations are nearly 100% of a single race and the few who are not are openly treated differently and denied equality.  Sports figures advocate, promote and profit from some of the most egregious sponsors of racism and slavery on the planet today.  The entertainment industry is no different.  It is not just a curiosity, or an irony, it is the product of communist/fascism that is making its presence known and felt in America to the greatest degree.

Sharpton: We 'Cannot Sit by and Allow Them to Erode Our Voting Rights'.  MSNBC's Al Sharpton on Friday [7/9/2021] warned that the United States is "on the precipice of" eroding the voting rights of minorities.  Sharpton, who was part of a group of civil rights leaders that recently met with President Joe Biden to discuss battling new voting restrictions put in place in some Republican-led states, said on "Morning Joe" that he and other protesters will "turn up the street heat" to fight for voting rights because they "cannot sit by and allow them to erode our voting rights."

Intelligence agency busted for blatant Photoshop job on cover of diversity report.  The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) was roundly mocked on social media Thursday for using an image on the cover of its annual diversity report that was obviously Photoshopped.  The report, subtitled "Hiring and Retention of Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities in the United States Intelligence Community," featured a photo of smiling, diverse office staffers standing in a lobby, flanked by a woman in a wheelchair and a blind man with a seeing-eye dog.  The title of the image on stock photography company Shutterstock is:  "Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Office Staff Standing In Lobby."  But one glaring problem — which was first pointed out by Republican political consultant and podcaster Luke Thompson — is that the woman in the wheelchair and the blind man don't appear in the original stock photo.  They seem to have been Photoshopped into the image used on the ODNI report.

Scapegoats, Boogeymen, and Hobgoblins.  The world may be increasingly baffled by 2021 America, and its sudden scapegoating of "white supremacist" hobgoblins for problems it cannot or will not solve.  Roughly 400 Americans were shot over the past July 4 holiday weekend.  About 150 of them were killed.  The majority, both of the shooters and the victims, were inner-city, African-American males.  The level of violence approaches the bad casualty days of the recent Afghan and Iraq wars.  Meanwhile, during the carnage, progressive black leaders, from Representatives Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to Cori Bush (D-Mo.), blasted America's foundational holiday and the country at large for its white supremacy and the current supposed lack of freedom for African Americans.

Jason Whitlock:  The KLAN or the CRIPS: Who should we REALLY fear?  On Wednesday's [7/7/2021] episode of "Fearless," contributor Delano Squires joined BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock to expose the Biden administration's misguided thinking on race and to explain why the Klan is not as big a danger to the black community as the Crips and other gangs.  [Video clip]

San Francisco Political Leaders Out of Touch as City Descends Into Lawlessness.  If you don't like the explosion of violent crime, you're a racist.  That's the message sent by a top aide to the San Francisco district attorney to a self-described "Democrat" who had said on Twitter that the jump in crime had made people afraid for their lives and dubious about the city's future.  The Democrat tweeted that "every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving" San Francisco because of the big increase in crime, adding:  "My friends are scared for their children, and their husbands are scared for their wives."  Kate Chatfield, a senior director for San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, responded from a now-locked Twitter account: "'Husbands are scared for their wives' — your reminder that the 'crime surge' crowd shares the same ideology as The Birth of a Nation."

No Forgiveness for 1492.  Canada is currently undergoing the same orgy of antiwhite fear and loathing as the United States, although, due to the lack of blacks in Canadian history, it's rationalized as justified by white mistreatment of Amerindians in the past.  Ten churches in Alberta were set on fire on Canada Day, July 1, as part of a national nervous breakdown over "unmarked graves" at disused residential schools for Indian students.  While in the U.S. the problems of American Indians in the 21st century have largely been ignored because extroverted blacks vacuum up most of the attention, the Great Awokening in Canada focused upon "First Nations" as its sacralized victims.  Public meetings in Canada now begin with ritual incantations that "We acknowledge that we are situated on traditional land of the [insert name here] people."  This doesn't mean that white Canadians actually intend to give their property back to the First Nations.  But it will be interesting to see how they react once it is clear that this symbolism hasn't reduced the natives' alcoholism and anomie.

Squad member Cori Bush sparks outrage by saying she won't celebrate Independence Day because 'this land is stolen and black people still aren't free'.  Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush sparked controversy on Sunday with a tweet in which she said Independence Day was only a holiday for white people.  'When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this:  the freedom they're referring to is for white people,' she wrote. 'This land is stolen land and Black people still aren't free.'  Bush, who was first elected to the House of Representatives in November, has been widely viewed as the newest member of the so-called 'Squad' of congresswomen known for being outspoken on their left-wing views, and she is no stranger to controversy.

Squad member says Fourth of July is about freedom 'for white people'.  Democratic Rep. Cori Bush disputed the Fourth of July's message of independence on Sunday, saying the holiday only represents freedom "for white people."  "When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this:  the freedom they're referring to is for white people," Bush, a member of the left-wing "Squad," wrote on Twitter amid celebrations of the 245th Independence Day.  "This land is stolen land and Black people still aren't free."  "We know what our own freedom looks like," Bush wrote hours later in a follow-up tweet.  "End the slavery permitted under the 13th amendment.  End the War on Drugs.  End police violence.  End health care, housing, and education apartheid.  WE are the experts on our own liberation.  And we won't stop until it's won."

The Editor says...
The blacks want a separate Independence Day, a separate national anthem, trillions of dollars in reparations for slavery, no consequences for black crime, anti-white racism in public schools, anti-white discrimination, and centuries of "affirmative action" programs.  They stoke race-based resentment wherever possible, trying to permanently divide the country.

Maxine Waters Criticizes Declaration of Independence on Fourth of July.  House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) criticized the Declaration of Independence in a tweet on July 4th, suggesting it is a racist document because it was written almost 250 years ago, when there was slavery in the United States.

The Editor says...
Using this reasoning, one could claim that any document or book written in North America in the 18th century is racist.  Are the Federalist Papers racist?  There was plenty of slavery in the Middle East when the Bible was written.  Does that mean the Bible is racist?

The Fifty-Year War on America's Soul.  When ordinary Americans are bullied into reciting that the George Floyds, the Michael Browns, the Trayvon Martins of the world are helpless innocents and victims of "police brutality" and that statues should be built in their honor, they mumble under their breath:  "Come ON.  I know a fatherless drugged-out habitual criminal twerp when I see one."  Nobody except pre-Boomers like President Biden says "C'mon Man" anymore.  And you better not let the HR folks at work hear your "Come ON" mutterings.  Things have gotten much more serious in our 21st century culture.  That's because the suffering of oppressed peoples did not end with the Great Society nor with the Civil Rights Act nor with the Voting Rights Act nor with Affirmative Action nor with Diversity and Inclusion.  Every nice liberal lady knows that.  So, there is only one recourse.  We must proceed to Critical Race Theory in the schools and shame little children into lifelong guilt.

Weimar Turmoil and Racial Incitement.  [Scroll down]  In its role as amplifier of grievance, our shamelessly politicized media can be relied upon to continue parading before the public that hallowed list of names said to belong to martyrs of systemic police racism — names one cannot fail to notice are made up almost entirely of politically unaffiliated thugs posthumously recruited into a political cause to which they had no connection in life.  These morbid commemorations remind us of the worshipful treatment of the putatively heroic martyrs of the National Socialist movement on the occasion of their deaths.  Taken as episodes of political theater, these funerary performances aren't so much intended to honor the dead or comfort their families as to indict the hated enemy and incite resistance to it, an aim Goebbels would certainly recognize; he understood the value of clarity, and he well knew that the world is so much less confusing when viewed through the lens of hateful oversimplifications.  And so these names have been (and no doubt will continue to be) invoked to justify, even sanctify, episodes of rioting and widespread political violence.  Criminality, then, in all its spontaneous ugliness, is conflated with legitimate political protest.

Josh Hawley Takes On CRT in a Fight for the Nation's 'Soul'.  The veep's trip down Pennsylvania Avenue was unscheduled but necessary.  [Kamala] Harris had to travel to the Senate last Tuesday to rescue the nomination of Kiran Arjandas Ahuja, President Biden's pick to head the Office of Personnel Management.  It was Hawley, in large part, who had convinced his Republican colleagues to oppose the nomination.  Until Harris' motorcade rolled to a stop, the Senate was split 50-50.  She cast the deciding vote.  The dust-up over the OPM nominee was the latest skirmish in the larger ideological battle over the soul of the nation.  Progressives who espouse critical race theory argue that white people should own up to the benefits afforded to them by the systemic racism woven into the fabric of this country's past and present.

Biden Executive Order Mandates Divisive, Unscientific Race 'Training' At Every Level Of The Federal Government.  President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday [6/25/2021] that ensures that every part of the federal government will conduct race-conscious diversity training and engage in race-conscious hiring.  The executive order "establishes an ambitious, whole-of-government initiative that will take a systematic approach to embedding DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in Federal hiring and employment practices," according to a White House fact sheet.  In practice, it will ensure that federal agencies employ tenets associated with Critical Race Theory (CRT) within their hiring practices and day-to-day activities.

George Floyd, Daunte Wright and Jacob Blake are not Worthy of Celebration.  Racism has always been the DNA of the Democrat party.  America has a deep and colored history of racism.  Once it was an everyday experience, now it is a fleeting memory except for the folk who do not want to see it abrogated.  It is essential to these cats that George Floyd, a man with a vicious criminal history is a saint.  Never mind he had been involved in and convicted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, criminal trespassing and entering a woman's home and pointing a gun at her stomach while she was pregnant.  Not to mention he robbed a pregnant woman in her home and pistol whipped her.  Yet he is worshiped, and Heaven Sutton is memory holed.  Then there is Winston Smith.  According to Minnesota court records, Smith had a lengthy criminal history.  In 2017, he was convicted of aggravated robbery in the first degree.  Also, we can add Daunte Wright.  The 20-year-old who was shot and killed earlier this year had previously been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery in which he demanded a woman give him money while pointing the gun at her and choking her when she didn't.  It is sad that these people died.  But the lesson is that one reaps what [they] sow.  George Floyd, Daunte Wright and Jacob Blake should not have died the way they did.  But they brought it upon themselves.  They should not warrant protest and they [surely] do not warrant celebration.

Chicago's Lake Shore Drive renamed for Jean Baptiste Point DuSable.  Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive it is.  Or rather, will soon be.  Two years after a South Side alderman introduced an ordinance to rebrand the landmark Chicago Lake Shore Drive to honor DuSable because he was upset he didn't hear the Black founder of Chicago mentioned during a river boat tour, the City Council on Friday [6/25/2021] ended months of racially charged debate by adopting a compromise to make it so.

Critical Race Theory and Other Leftist Values Purposefully Cause Destruction.  Television news programming has severe time limitations, so this segment just barely scratches the surface of what's bubbling beneath the modern race-baiting culture.  But Will Cain is onto something important here that is worth examining further, especially as it pertains to what logically follows the left's daily identity politics and racism blitz.  Eventually, people are going to tire of being labeled a racist and will fight back.  At that point, the left, after years of hollow finger-pointing and baseless accusations, will finally, gleefully, claim that they've been correct all along.  And that's the point of all this racial posturing — critical theories, white guilt, revisionist history — it's all meant to either encourage shame or drive well-meaning Americans to the point of rage.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Says Opposition to Critical Race Theory Is 'Rooted in Racism'.  Rep. Rashida Tlaib said Thursday that opposition to critical race theory is "rooted in racism."  "Opposition to critical race theory is obviously rooted in racism and has just become the newest dog whistle for racists," the Michigan Democrat tweeted Thursday, referring to a video in which Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley defended critical race theory to the House Armed Services Committee Wednesday [6/23/2021].  Critical race theory holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race.  Its adherents pursue "anti-racism" through the end of merit, objective truth, and the adoption of race-based policies.

Chairman Milley Degrades, Divides and Politicizes the Military.  General Milley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff turned in a performance that was part gaslighting and part humiliating theater.  It's hard to imagine how his part in the hearing could have gone any worse than defending the imposition of critical race theory by arguing, "I've read Mao Zedong.  I've read Karl Marx.  I've read Lenin.  That doesn't make me a communist."  The military does not, as of yet, conduct Communist indoctrination sessions. [...] At the rate we're going it may only be a matter of time.  Learning from the enemy is very different than becoming the enemy.  Indoctrinating personnel with critical race theory is not studying the enemy.  It's trying to convince our men and women that America is the enemy. [...] Does rage have a color?  And is diving America around such cheap race-baiting tactics strengthening or weakening the military?  Milley knows the answer, but he also knows, like so many other figures in this career space, that he has to parrot the party line if he wants to have a future.  And national security is a small price to pay for his career.

CRT says MAGA is racist
Leaked Documents from Iowa School System show Teachers are FORCED to classify [MAGA] as a type of "racism" & "white supremacy".  [Thread reader]  This is done through MANDATORY Critical Race Theory training FORCED on teachers at taxpayer expense.  Trump won Iowa by +9 points[.]  Teachers of Iowa are being INSTRUCTED to classify the vast majority of Iowan children as Racist & White Supremacist.  Iowa is Trump country.  Trump carried 94 out of 99 Iowa counties in 2020.  The Republican Governor endorsed Trump.  The Iowa Senate/House is solid Republican.  This is a ROCK SOLID, REAL WORLD application of Critical Race Theory being used as a *political* weapon to target Republicans.  This is NOT education.  It is naked political vengeance using the state education system and our children's educators.

Blinken uses our embassies as leftist political billboards.  There are those in America undoubtedly pleased with her leftward tilt — one masterminded from within our republic — with some voluntarily driven by our own government.  Take Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken's decision to fly the Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag at U.S. embassies around the world upon the first anniversary of George Floyd's death.  Floyd was the black suspect who unfortunately died at the hands of white police officer Derek Chauvin while resisting arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020.  Chauvin had knelt on Floyd for nine minutes and 29 seconds, contributing to Floyd's demise — although it was undoubtedly further enhanced by Floyd having just swallowed a lethal dose of fentanyl.  His death triggered riots across the country under the BLM banner.  Of little interest to the media and rioting mobs was Floyd's violent criminal history.  Thus, Blinken's decision to fly the BLM flag at our embassies gives hero status to a man whose only contribution to life was his death — one for which liberal activists have awarded him martyrdom.

Here's Why it was So Important for Democrats to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday.  When the Civil War ended, and after Republican President Abraham Lincoln liberated the slaves, Democrats initiated Jim Crow laws to punish blacks.  Democrats discriminated against blacks.  In fact, the KKK, was founded as the the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.  The Ku Klux Klan assassinated many Republicans including Republican Representative James M. Hinds (December 5, 1833 - October 22, 1868) of Little Rock.  Hinds represented Arkansas in the United States Congress from June 24, 1868 through October 22, 1868 before his death. [...] On April 20, 1871 the Republicans passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act outlawing Democratic terrorist groups.  The last KKK official to serve in Washington DC was former Senator Robert Byrd, a KKK kleagle.  Byrd was a top Democrat and friend of Joe Biden.  In fact, throughout the Civil Rights era of the 19th and 20th century Democrats fought against freedom and rights for the black man.  The only blip of positive news during the 19th Century for Democrats was the long-forgotten Juneteenth celebration. [...] This is the only bright spot for Democrats today in the entire history of civil rights in the 19th and most of the 20th centuries.  Hence, they made it a national holiday.  They had to.

Appeasement only leads to more and greater demands.
Squad member Cori Bush now calls for reparations and 'black liberation' after House votes to make Juneteenth a 'National Independence Day' federal holiday.  Squad member, Rep. Cori Bush said on Wednesday night [6/16/2021] that black Americans now need reparations and 'liberation' after the House approved a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday known as 'National Independence Day'.  President Biden is set to sign the bill at an event with Kamala Harris on Thursday afternoon after it passed through Congress, with 14 Republican members voting against and saying it conflicted with July 4.  'It's Juneteenth AND reparations.  It's Juneteenth AND end police violence + the War on Drugs.  It's Juneteenth AND end housing + education apartheid.  It's Juneteenth AND teach the truth about white supremacy in our country,' she wrote in a tweet Wednesday night.  'Black liberation in its totality must be prioritized,' the Missouri Democrat encouraged.

Juneteenth bill passes House, set to become 11th federal holiday.  A bill to make Juneteenth Independence Day a federal holiday passed the House on Wednesday [6/16/2021] and will head to President Joe Biden's desk for his signature.  The bill would make June 19 the 11th federal legal public holiday.  Also known as Emancipation Day or Jubilee Day, Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States marked by Major General Gordon Granger arriving in Galveston Bay, Texas, with 2,000 Union troops to issue an order on June 19, 1865, that said "all slaves are free" under the Emancipation Proclamation.  President Abraham Lincoln issued the proclamation on Sept. 22, 1862, to go into effect on Jan. 1, 1863.  However, hundreds of thousands of black people in areas under Confederate control remained enslaved throughout the Civil War.

Take Your Fictitious Systemic Racism and White Privilege and Shove It.  Over the past fifty years the Marxist-inspired American Left has been hellbent on trying to convince the citizenry that the United States is and always has been a malevolent nation due to "systemic racism" and "white privilege." [...] Therefore, the current white population must openly confess their collective guilt and seek forgiveness.  Additionally, and in light of this demonic legacy, every American of any race should be mortified to be a citizen of such vile irredeemable country and its historic roots in Judeo-Christian dogma.  Not coincidentally, this same American Left, or as Mark Levin more accurately labels them, American Marxists, have declared that there is a path toward national redemption and a mechanism to forever erase the stain of "white privilege" and "systemic racism."  It is for the American Marxists (almost entirely populated by members of the white race) to assume the reins of power in perpetuity and transform the nation into a one-party secular socialist paradise.

Keywords:  slush fund, redirection, bottomless pit, squander.
Mayor Frey will use $28 million in pandemic relief money for housing in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey wants to use $28 million of American Rescue Plan money for affordable housing, including rental assistance to low-income tenants, pathways out of homelessness and new homeownership opportunities, particularly for Black and Indigenous people and people of color.  At a news conference at the Elliot Twins public housing complex Thursday, Frey said his plan will help keep people in their homes as the city anticipates a wave of evictions after a statewide ban is lifted.  The federal government is expected to end its eviction moratorium on June 30.  "There is a looming eviction moratorium that will be lifted," Frey said.  "People are struggling to make ends meet, and we want to make sure that those who are struggling most are provided the assistance first."

Why Obama's So Defensive of Critical Race Theory.  [Scroll down]  For fifty years Obama and people like him have been scamming the system.  Critical Race Theory is a codification of that scam.  To justify the unearned benefits that come with being black or half-black, the "theorists" have to pretend that the continuing risks of being black justify the rewards.  This results in an increased demand for evidence of racism amid a dwindling supply.  In the absence of real racism, the theorists have had to imagine it or to re-create it à la Jussie Smollett and a thousand other hoaxers across the fruited plain.  With mandatory CRT imposed in schools and other institutions, the CRT "trainers" are able to demand that whites imagine a racist America along with them.  Those who refuse this nonsense, who refuse to live their lives in the requisite shame and guilt, further justify CRT by their seeming embrace of white supremacy, the new and even more ludicrous label now applied even to unyielding African-Americans.  Sorry, Barry, but CRT is a threat to our Republic.

Biden tells US graduate class of 2021 that systemic racism is one of 'the greatest crises of our time' and compares it to the Vietnam War.  President Joe Biden told new graduates that systemic racism is one of the 'greatest crises of our time' and said it was an 'inflection point' similar to the Vietnam War.  Biden's brief video message to graduates was released by the White House under his @POTUS address as the coronavirus pandemic has put a dent in commencement ceremonies.  Comparing today's students to those who graduated during the era of the civil rights and anti-war protest movements, Biden encouraged them to seize the moment to tackle climate change and systemic racism which he described as one of 'the great crises of our time'.

America First Legal Scores Victory, Biden Administration Cancels Race-Based COVID Relief Fund.  Stephen Miller organized the America-First Legal group to challenge unconstitutional rules and laws initiated by Democrats in congress and the JoeBama administration.  Yesterday [6/4/2021] they scored a major victory after the DOJ told a federal court it would drop the race-based rules for COVID relief funding.

Crazed Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Gets Heated After Questioning Bank Execs On 'Environmental Racism'.  Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan's 13th congressional district, is a close political ally of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who constantly pushes for a massive multi-trillion 'Green New Deal.'  Tlaib's bank questioning appears to be a precursor to introducing regulation to micromanage which companies get loans.  "Are you familiar with the term environmental racism?" Tlaib went around asking different bank executives from Chase Bank, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Well Fargo.  The Michigan representative became frustrated after she learned that most of the executives did not know what environmental racism was or very familiar with it.

Biden's divisive and false Tulsa speech.  The 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, in which black residents were murdered in bloody riots, was an opportunity for Joe Biden to be the uniter he promised to be.  Instead the president gave a speech with more partisan ire than lofty ideas; more condemnation of America than belief in it.  The horror of Tulsa, where at least 39 died and likely many more as whites burned down "Black Wall Street," is a too-often forgotten dark chapter of our history, and it's right to highlight it.  But Biden suggested that the nation hasn't come very far in the past century, and diminished the tragedy by pretending today's voting laws are somehow equivalent.  He accused Republicans seeking to secure election integrity of being "simply un-American," and engaging in a "tireless assault on the right to vote," an "unprecedented assault on our democracy."

Biden Administration's Blatant Institutional Racism Gets Rebuke From Sixth Circuit.  Last week, while the press drooled over the president's ice cream selection, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Vitolo v. Guzman declared unconstitutional the Biden administration's race-based approach to distributing COVID-relief funds.  While Vitolo only addressed the race- and sex-based reverse discrimination in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the precedent could prove fatal to many other federal and state statutes, regulations, or practices, leaving the Biden administration with a difficult choice:  accept defeat in Vitolo and risk a domino effect, or appeal and face an even more unpalatable decision from a newly comprised Supreme Court.  In passing the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), Congress created a $28.6 billion fund for grants to restaurants impacted by the "uncertainty of current economic conditions."  But rather than provide Americans access to these funds equally, Congress expressly mandated race- and sex-based discrimination in doling out the money.

Breaking: 6th Circuit Issues Stinging Rejection of Biden's Race-Based 'American Rescue Plan'.  The Biden administration has sought to racialize the COVID-19 pandemic response, including a restaurant aid program within the American Rescue Plan.  A judge just ruled that isn't going to fly.  The ruling comes by way of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case Antonio Vittolo vs. Isabella Casillas Guzman.  Guzman's lawsuit argued that white men are being 'pushed to the back of the line' for aid in the coronavirus relief program.  The lawsuit was directed at U.S. Small Business Association Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman by Antonio Vitolo, who is the owner of Jake's Bar and Grill in Harriman, Tennessee.  A majority 2-1 decision found that Biden's race-based litmus test for aid is not legal.  "This case is about whether the government can allocate limited coronavirus relief funds based on the race and sex of the applicants," Judge Thapar ruled.  "We hold that it cannot."

Biden's overtly anti-white COVID rescue plan won't survive in court.  Team Biden is poised to hand out billions of dollars to what it misleadingly labels "socially disadvantaged" farmers, restaurateurs and other business owners hurt by the lockdowns.  The money will start flowing to them in early June — provided they don't have white skin.  Biden's American Rescue Plan defines "socially disadvantaged" based on skin color and ancestry, not the hardships faced by an individual.  Blacks, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Hispanics and Pacific Islanders are included.  One group is excluded:  whites.  Fortunately, the new law's anti-white provisions are facing a challenge in court, and the challengers are likely to win.  The US Constitution forbids discrimination based on race — period.

Five reasons not to be optimistic about America's future.  [Scroll down]  This time it is white Americans who are being marginalized.  Thanks to the adoption of critical race theory in our schools, children are being brainwashed to believe that that all blacks are oppressed and all whites are oppressors.  White kids are taught that they should be ashamed of their race.  In other words, we have regressed to a point where people once again are being judged by the color of their skin.  All "white" values are being attacked, including meritocracy, the work ethic, and even mathematics — which has been labeled racist.  The latest symptom of this sickness is the statement by Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago that she will not grant interviews to white reporters.  Can America survive this insanity?  The Left's drive for "equity" means that equality of opportunity is no longer good enough.  Instead, the goal is equality of outcome, which can never be accomplished without control by a coercive centralized authority.

Amazon Agitprop and American Ambivalence.  [Scroll down]  Trump supporters — whether public officials or private citizens — are often belittled and parodied as dog-whistling racists despite President Trump gaining more votes than any incumbent running for re-election and the highest share of nonwhite votes for any Republican since 1960. Much like the caricatures in Borat's films, it quashes any attempt at reaching consensus by delegitimizing unwanted beliefs.  Moreover, it elevates the seedier side of journalism by never letting the facts stand in the way of a good story.  A cringeworthy example comes from Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.  She offered an official declaration that she will not grant one-on-one interviews to white journalists.  Were the roles reversed, it would be national news.  As it is, one must frequent conservative news outlets to even learn of the story.  Like the multitude of Cohen's references via Borat, patriotic Americans mocked as racists are, in fact, being treated with racism.

'Equity' is just racial discrimination by another name.  Since entering the White House, Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have talked incessantly about racial 'equity'.  On his first day in office, in fact, Biden signed an Executive Order on 'Advancing Racial Equity'.  For those not paying close attention, it is possible to think that this notion of equity is synonymous with equality.  But it is becoming clearer by the day that equity means the opposite of equal treatment and opportunity — it's a new form of racial discrimination.

Democrat Left's Critical Race Theory Preaches Black Failure.  Black Lives Matter, the "diversity" police, and other "systemic racism"-mongers relentlessly claim that white privilege and white supremacy blockade black success.  Blacks think, "Yes, we can."  The Democrat left replies:  "No, you can't."  Last June, Seattle staged something called Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.  This segregated brainwashing program for white municipal workers accused them of rendering people of color "unable to imagine a way forward that comes from a place of humanity and empowerment."  So, blacks are paralyzed victims, as helpless as butterflies ensnared in a tarantula's web of white racism.  This frightful fantasy is concocted to leave blacks cold and scared — all the better to swaddle them in the warm, loving arms of the left.

This is the Kind of News That Would Drive the MSM Into a Frenzy for 24-48 Hrs During Last Administration.  A federal judge in Texas last week blocked the Biden administration race obsessed SJW appointees from prioritizing grants in a COVID restaurant relief program by race or gender.  At issue is the fact the Biden Small Business Administration is prioritizing restaurants that are owned and controlled by women, veterans, and people THEY deem as "socially and economically disadvantaged."  The policy actively excludes entire classes of Americans not mentioned in the "priority" group (White Folks and Asians) who are also suffering significant financial losses caused by the pandemic.  In the plaintiff's suit, [...] it is stated:  "The Small Business Administration lurches America dangerously backward, reversing the clock on American progress, and violating our most sacred and revered principles by actively and invidiously discriminating against American citizens solely based upon their race and sex.  This is illegal, it is unconstitutional, it is wrong, and it must stop."

President Biden to host George Floyd's family at White House.  President Joe Biden will host George Floyd's family at the White House Tuesday to mark the first anniversary of his death at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer, White House officials confirmed Friday evening [5/21/2021].  Earlier in the day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the president would mark the anniversary of Floyd's death, but offered no further details on his plans. [...] [Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek] Chauvin was convicted last month on multiple charges stemming from Floyd's death.

The Editor says...
If Mr. Chauvin gets a new trial, based on jury misconduct (or anything else), wouldn't Mr. Biden's grandstanding jeopardize the fairness of that trial?

Illegal immigration:  A masterstroke in race-baiting.  Our country is being fiercely attacked from within by the Marxist mob movement.  There are several areas of our society it is assaulting to overthrow our constitutional government.  The Democrats in Congress are strongly promoting an open border policy.  They understand that large influxes of illegal aliens could greatly affect the voting outcome of elections.  It also would provide for slave labor for companies, while at the same time lowering the standard of living for the American worker.  The catastrophe at our southwest border with the illegal invasion is immediately eliminating our sovereignty as a nation.  We cannot be a free and independent country without enforceable borders.  The Marxists from the White House to the halls of Congress care nothing about what this is doing to our country.  The only thing they are concerned about is obtaining their communist goals at the expense of our nation.

PA Governor Sends Notice To All State Employees Suggesting Cops Are Racist Killers.  The Pennsylvania state troopers' union has demanded an apology from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf for perpetuating the false narrative that law enforcement officers are racist murderers.  Wolf included his anti-police views in a letter he issued to all state employees regarding the Juneteenth state holiday on June 19, WHTM reported.  The governor told state workers they would be getting the day off on June 18 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday, which falls on a Saturday this year, WHTM reported.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki defends teaching about systemic racism at American colleges and universities.  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended American colleges and universities teaching theories of systemic racism as 'responsible' on Thursday as she denied allegations that it amounted to 'liberal indoctrination.'  The issue has become one of the frontline skirmishes in the country's culture wars in the wake of last year's Black Lives Matter protests.  Conservatives allege that students are being taught a warped version of American history that claims the impact of slavery remains present throughout society.

Six Insane and Idiotic Positions by Democrats, and How Republicans Should Respond.  Race is the preeminent issue of the political left.  Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, H.R. 1, woke corporate trainings, media coverage, and a host of other social justice agendas have been forceful and intentionally inserted into the daily lives and activities of nearly all Americans.  Kids are exposed to the harmful lies as soon as they enter the education system.  The irony in all of their efforts is that while they proclaim whiteness as being the pinnacle of power, there is absolutely no power in speaking up or speaking out on behalf of whiteness.  White pride?  Racist and supremacist.  Black pride?  Beautiful.  White men asking for merit to be the order of the day?  Racist and supremacist.  Blacks asking for affirmative action and other governmental preferences?  Necessary.  Hell, women-abusing, drug-using, prison-serving black losers are revered in society for simply having the audacity to resist lawful arrests.  But the claim goes that white privilege is everywhere.

Black Lives Matter Plaza in D.C. to become permanent art installation:  Mayor Bowser.  Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington will soon became a permanent art installation, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser stated this week, nearly a year since it first came to fruition.  Ms. Bowser, a Democrat, told The Washington Post on Thursday [5/6/2021] that efforts are underway to enhance the two-block stretch of 16th Street NW that she designated as Black Lives Matter Plaza last June.  "In fact, right now we're undergoing a process to make the installation more permanent with lighting and landscaping and all the things that you expect in an iconic art installation," said Ms. Bowser.

The Left's Systemic Exploitation of Race.  Democrats and the left bring up race every five minutes to demonize Republicans and profit politically.  It is nothing more than a raw power grab.  Indeed, if you want to talk about shameful behavior on race, look no further than the liberal politicians and the media who smear half the country as racists daily because of their views on economic, political and cultural issues.  If you champion American sovereignty, advocate border control, support the indispensability of law enforcement, promote our free market economy and cherish America's founding principles — and if your skin happens to be white (unless you're a progressive) — you are presumptively racist.

Chicago's Feel Good Hypocrisy:  Renaming Lake Shore Drive.  Have you heard?  Chicago is set to rename its legendary Lake Shore Drive to DuSable Drive, in honor of Jean Baptiste Point duSable.  DuSable, an African American, is credited with being Chicago's first permanent settler.  The move, of course, reflects feel good, do-nothing hypocrisy at its worst.  For starters, DuSable no more "founded" Chicago than Christopher Columbus "discovered" America.  In both cases Native Americans were here long before.  In fact, "Chicago" is an Indian word that means — I kid you not — stinky onion.  Also, neither DuSable nor Columbus stuck around after their "discoveries."  In DuSable's case, he eventually high-tailed it for Missouri.

Biden's restaurant rescue plan blatantly discriminates against White males.  White males go to the back of the line in applying for funds to rescue their bars, restaurants and other venues eligible for federal relief for the impact of the coronavirus lockdown.  This violates the equal protection under the law requirements of the United States Constitution, but is nonetheless ongoing right now. [...] This ought to, and probably will be, challenged in court.  But unless the plaintiffs are able to find a judge willing to issue a restraining order, their businesses may well fold and vanish before the case is finally adjudicated.  And if victory is obtained, what then?  The advantaged-disadvantaged minority owners who got preference will not be forced to pay back their funds.  The White males who lost their businesses will not be able to keep them alive — too late for that.  So, what is the goal of Biden's plan?

Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto.  Kansas' legislature has just overridden its governor's veto and put into law a set of election reforms similar to those that just weeks ago Joe Biden declared were "Jim Crow on steroids."  Biden would know these laws are nothing like Jim Crow, if he still had all his mental faculties, because he was around for Jim Crow.  Biden happily cavorted with segregationist Democrats when it suited him.  And Jim Crow was a Democrat policy.  Biden called slammed Georgia a month ago, and Coke, MLB, American, and Delta Airlines duly lined up with Biden and his shrill supporters — many of whom, like Stacey Abrams, can't actually win elections.  Their power is mostly on social media and as any real PR pro will tell you, much of what you see on social media isn't real.  MLB moved the All-Star Game from majority black Atlanta to very white Denver in the name of social justice, or something.  Following Biden is a fool's game and has been for going on 50 years.  He's the guy who would have left Osama bin Laden alive 10 years ago if it had been up to him.

The Democrats in the Era of Joe Crow.  The Democratic Party has always been a racist party.  Any interested person who has studied the internal workings of this duplicitous faction is aware of its racist history, its elitist framework, its systemic arrogance, hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty — and, more disturbingly, of its brightly lit scaffold of democratic pretensions. [...] Democrats have always reveled in their abiding fantasy of owning and controlling entire populations of voters.  There is a terrible motive in that urge to create properties of men and women, to use them without justice in a massive vote-farming scheme; but Democratic strategists have lately rediscovered a political advantage in dividing the families of mankind against one another according to the color of their skin — of targeting and separating them into racial or ethnic groups, of stirring hatred into their spirit, of buying them with promises, of feeding them with propaganda, and selling them into dependency to progressive overlords.  It is called "identity politics," and of all the evils that partisan interests have devised for usurpation and the ends of power, this pure invention of tortured reasoning is the most dehumanizing, egregious, and corrupt.

Barack Obama, Race, and Revolution.  For nearly 50 years, until 2009, the United States experienced enormous progress in race relations.  Thanks to the efforts of individual citizens in their communities and not the nation's ruling elites and patronizing liberals, this country was well on its way to racial healing.  In 2008 only 18% of all Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country.  By 2017 that number had skyrocketed to 45%.  Further, in 2008 66% of Americans thought race relations were good; by 2016, 63% thought race relation were bad.  The common denominator in this freefall and primary instigator of the current societal chaos and national uncertainty:  Barack Obama.  As President and a man of African descent, Barack Obama was in a position to permanently mend fences and end the exploitation of racial politics bubbling beneath the surface. [...] However, true to his Marxist upbringing and indoctrination in Critical Race Theory, he created and exploited racial tension for political objectives and monetary gain for him and his fellow travelers.  Barack Obama and virtually all of his black and white collaborators on the left view the African American population as both useful pawns in their insatiable quest for self-aggrandizement, financial benefit and political power, as well as helpless minions to be paraded about and bought off whenever convenient to the overriding political, societal or self-serving cause.

Biden's First Hundred Days:  A Failing Report Card.  Biden has taken the poison of identity politics to an extreme.  Almost every presidential appointment has been made based on the appointee's race, ethnicity, sex, or sexuality, not the appointee's being the most highly qualified for the position.  He has reinstated the Critical Race Theory inspired, and thus racist, ideological training in the federal government.  (CRT divides humanity into oppressor races and oppressed races and revives the wicked ancient notion of blood guilt.)  He signed a law that gives loan forgiveness to Black farmers but not White farmers.  Biden has abetted the vicious lie that there is an epidemic of police violence against Blacks, leading most Blacks and many Whites to believe that Blacks are more likely to die at the hands of the police than in automobile accidents, whereas the facts show that the latter is ten times more likely than the former, and that police killings are statistically quite rare and show no racial skew.  And Biden continues publicly to indict the U.S. as plagued by systemic racism and White supremacy, despite offering no bill of particulars to back up that indictment (because there are no such particulars).

Growing number of black leaders embrace voter ID, reject Biden's Jim Crow claims.  Mark Robinson knows a thing or two about the political appeal of voter ID.  After all, he became North Carolina's first ever African-American lieutenant governor last November running as a Republican who vowed to restore voter identification for the state's elections.  And he won, even as the GOP's top of the ticket fell to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.  So Robinson chafes when he hears national Democrats like Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams claim that asking for an ID to vote is as disenfranchising as the voter suppression tactics of the Jim Crow era.

A Great New Idea for Reducing Police Shootings.  [Scroll down]  The Left has absolutely no real problems it can find in today's America, so it fabricates new ones that do not exist:  Systemic racism.  White privilege.  A new falsified history called "The 1619 Project," to be taught to children instead of such toxicities as cursive writing and Dr. Seuss.  They fabricate "systemic racism."  They start canceling conservative professors, as though students' minds will be broadened in an echo chamber where they do not get challenged with a single antithesis in the five or six years they vegetate for their undergraduate degrees.  The Left changes school curricula to replace reading, writing, and arithmetic with critical race theory and gender-fluidity studies.  Faced with a single academic sanctuary from the madness — the final redoubt for normalcy in "STEM" courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — they now advance woke math, where precise accuracy no longer will exist.  Thus, 8+6 = 14 ... but that is only "your truth."  By contrast, "my truth" is that 8+6 = 3.  If you insist otherwise, you are manifesting White privilege.  And, of course, racism.

Maybe they should just carry firecrackers.
Black Caucus chair Rep. Joyce Beatty:  Police could 'shoot in the air' to stop would-be killers.  The Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus has joined hordes of untrained armchair quarterbacks, in order to render her opinion on police procedure after the officer-involved shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant.  In Columbus, Ohio on April 20, 2021, Officer Nicholas Reardon had to make a split second decision to intervene as Ma'Khia Bryant rushed toward her potential victim with a knife, after ignoring lawful orders to "get down."  Reardon fired his pistol, striking Bryant and ending the attack.  Aid was rendered at the scene, but Bryant was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The Editor says...
Shooting the gun out of the bad guy's hand only works on re-runs of The Lone Ranger.  Similarly, unlocking a door by shooting the doorknob only works on re-runs of Hawaii Five-O and Perry Mason.  Anybody who thinks shooting into the air would stop a violent criminal in his or her tracks has lost sight of reality:  Such an action would only be undertaken in a black neighborhood, but nobody there would notice the sound of a few extra gunshots, much like the way they don't notice when a cop says, "Drop your weapon!"

The left's systemic exploitation of race.  You'd have to be blind and deaf to deny that this tactic is working for the left politically and that it has caused great harm.  Democrats and the left bring up race every five minutes to demonize Republicans and profit politically.  It is nothing more than a raw power grab.  Indeed, if you want to talk about shameful behavior on race, look no further than the liberal politicians and the media who smear half the country as racists daily because of their views on economic, political and cultural issues.  If you champion American sovereignty, advocate border control, support the indispensability of law enforcement, promote our free market economy and cherish America's founding principles — and if your skin happens to be white (unless you're a progressive) — you are presumptively racist.

Poll Shows After Coke CEO Poured on Outrage at Georgia Election Law, Public Support Goes Flat.  Mere weeks after going public with stern words about the new election law in Georgia, Coca-Cola has become far more muted in its corporate bellowing.  Now, we know why.  A new poll has come out to show more than pushback from select citizens has taken place; there is widespread rejection of the company's bold pronouncement, becoming just the latest in a growing list of companies who have suffered self-imposed, negative PR.  It has been nothing less than a consistent failure with all of the various business entities which rose up in protest of the Georgia election law.  Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star Game in the name of racial support, only to place the game in lily-white Denver.  Delta Airlines had its CEO mouthing off in opposition of the law, only to have it exposed that he was present during the crafting of the bill.

Heated argument erupts after Rep. Mondaire Jones calls GOP objections to DC statehood 'racist trash'.  GOP House members on Thursday [4/22/2021] erupted in heated opposition after Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.) condemned their objections to Washington, D.C., statehood as "racist trash" during a speech on the chamber floor.  "I have had enough of my colleagues' racist insinuations that somehow the people of Washington D.C. are incapable or even unworthy of our democracy," Jones, a progressive first-term lawmaker, said.  [Tweet]  His comments triggered an uproar from Republicans on the floor.  "The truth is there is no good faith argument for disenfranchising 700,000 people, most of whom are people of color," Jones continued as GOP lawmakers called for a point of order.  Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) asked for Jones to agree to have his remarks stricken from the congressional record.

Why Tlaib, Pressley, & Ocasio-Cortez Will Get More Kids Killed.  Following the recent shooting deaths of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, the disproportionate loudmouths in Congress, commonly referred to as "the Squad" repeated their oft-stated absurdity that police are killing unarmed black men and that America would be better off without them.  It's important to note that none of them offered to give up their own police protections made available to them at the Capitol.  The woke mobs on social media immediately began to echo their calls anew as well.  Within seconds "justice for Wright/Toledo" began to flood uninformed purveyors on Twitter and Instagram.  The newer messaging phenomenon in the era of critical race theory garbage is that modern police organizations are an extension of southern plantation legacies where former slaves were hunted down.  Despite the fact that the idea of lawful justice began in Biblical times these same absurdities get repeated over and over.

Al Sharpton leads impassioned funeral service for Daunte Wright.  On Thursday, as the family of the 20-year-old man shot dead 10 days ago by police held a funeral service, they sought to highlight the different strands of a life cut woefully short — his love of basketball, his position as a beloved sibling, a doting father, and a son whose smile was "worth a million dollars".  Yet, during a service at times markedly political and imbued with demands for racial justice, his life — and his fatal shooting after a traffic stop — was set against the backdrop of others who had lost their lives at the hands of the police:  George Floyd, Jamar Clark, Philando Castile and Breonna Taylor.

The Editor says...
Conducting a nominally Christian funeral does not retroactively turn someone into a Christian, nor does it guarantee any positive outlook for the life hereafter.  (Whfg nfx Zvpunry Wnpxfba.)

Critical Race Theory:  What It Is and How to Fight It.  Critical race theory is fast becoming America's new institutional orthodoxy.  Yet most Americans have never heard of it — and of those who have, many don't understand it.  It's time for this to change.  We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it.  In explaining critical race theory, it helps to begin with a brief history of Marxism.  Originally, the Marxist Left built its political program on the theory of class conflict.  Marx believed that the primary characteristic of industrial societies was the imbalance of power between capitalists and workers.  The solution to that imbalance, according to Marx, was revolution:  the workers would eventually gain consciousness of their plight, seize the means of production, overthrow the capitalist class, and usher in a new socialist society.  During the 20th century, a number of regimes underwent Marxist-style revolutions, and each ended in disaster.  Socialist governments in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and elsewhere racked up a body count of nearly 100 million of their own people.  They are remembered for their gulags, show trials, executions, and mass starvations.  In practice, Marx's ideas unleashed man's darkest brutalities.

We are witnessing the Democrats' final revenge for losing the Civil War.  Since the start of LBJ's "Great Society" and the welfare state, Democrats have been breaking American Blacks in the same way Petruchio broke Katherine.  If one were to pay attention solely to the rhetoric, there can be no greater love than that which leftists in politics, the media, academia, and the corporate world have for Blacks.  The results of this abundant affection have been devastating.  "Hands up, don't shoot."  "I can't breathe."  "I'm a crazy white lady screaming at cops on behalf of Black people."  "Math is racist."  "Ambition is racist."  "The English language is racist."  "Whites are born racist."  "Melanin makes people superior."  (That last is a paraphrase of Kristen Clarke, Biden's nominee to head the equal rights division of the Justice Department.)  Lower academic standards.  Separate dorms.  Separate dining halls.  Critical Race Theory.  White privilege.  Ibram X. Kendi bestsellers.  BLM.  Defund the police.  ACAB. [...]

White House links shooting of knife-wielding Ohio teen to 'police violence,' 'systemic racism'.  The White House weighed in Wednesday on the police shooting of a knife-wielding teenage girl as she attacked another girl in Columbus, Ohio, by connecting the incident to "police violence" in minority communities and the death of George Floyd.  White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered sympathy to friends and family over the Tuesday death of 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant, calling it "tragic" and saying that "She was a child," before tying the shooting to race.  "We know that police violence disproportionately impacts Black and Latino people in communities, and that Black women and girls, like Black men and boys, experience higher rates of police violence," Ms. Psaki said.

Jen Psaki baselessly and disgracefully racialized the killing in Columbus.  "Believe your own eyes" — that was the prosecutor's final admonition to the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial.  And indeed, the evidence of their own eyes was likely the reason the jury members didn't accept the defense's case that there was "reasonable doubt" about Chauvin's guilt.  Instead, they convicted him on all charges.  The same admonition should be governing the public response to the horrible event in Columbus, Ohio, that transpired just as the Chauvin verdict was being announced.  But it isn't.  No less than the press secretary of the president of the United States went before the public Wednesday and all but explicitly suggested what had happened in Ohio was an illegitimate, racist police killing.  Believe your own eyes, Jen Psaki.  Watch the body-cam footage that shows 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant charging first one fellow teenager, then a second.  The second girl was slammed against a car, at which point Bryant began to swing her right arm — with a knife in her hand.

Biden's statement following the Chauvin verdict was disgraceful.  [Scroll down]  Inciting racial hatred is central to this third act and Biden, who studied at the feet of the hate-filled White segregationists in the early 1970s, is proving to be an adept hate-filled Black segregationist in the 2020s.  From his first day in office, Biden's focus on "equity" has had nothing to do with the Constitution's promise that all Americans are entitled to equal treatment under the law.  Instead, Biden is willing to use the full force of the federal government to resegregate America.  If one understands Biden's background and his decades of hate-filled racial radicalism as a path to power, it's easy to understand the slanderously anti-American statement he made after a jury that had been intimidated in every way possible found Derek Chauvin guilty of a variety of murder charges against a lifelong, often violent, felon in the process of dying from a massive overdose of illegal drugs.  Here are just the libels that Biden uttered against America and Americans in the first two minutes of his statement: [...]

Biden and Xi Think the Constitution Is Racist.  Yesterday [4/16/2021] an intrepid reporter asked the insufferable Jen Psaki about U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield's assertion that America's founding documents are white supremacist.  Doesn't that echo Chinese Communist propaganda, as in the recent diplomatic debacle in Anchorage?  Does Joe Biden intend to fire Thomas-Greenfield?  And, the most salient question:  does Biden share her contempt for America's founding documents, i.e., the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?  It takes some doing, but the answer to that last question is Yes:  [Tweet]  I found it revealing that Psaki's first words were to the effect that Thomas-Greenfield is a black woman.  So how can anyone disagree with or criticize her?

The Early Line on the Next Election.  There is something strange about the behavior of Biden and the Democrats that can be best explained by a combination of Progressive mania and panic that their power might well slip away from them unless they lock it down by changing the rules in their favor and whipping up paranoia within key minority groups who are showing signs of slipping away.  Hence the relentless charges of racism. [...] The Democratic push to expand voting participation might not be the slam dunk for their side that they think.  Are minorities defecting from Democrats because Democrats aren't reminding them of racism enough?

Media pushes false narrative of racism.  The riots that have erupted after the killing of Daunte Wright reinforce a familiar pattern.  This response is rooted not only in tragedy, but in a distorted perception of reality.  Chelsea Handler, for example, suggested that people of color have a "50-50" chance of being shot by police.  This is a complete distortion, but fits a broader pattern.  My latest report for the Manhattan Institute, based on multiple surveys, shows that being exposed to news and social media, having left-wing views on race, and being anxious or depressed explains a great deal of how much racism a person perceives.  And when someone says racism in America has risen, this perception is almost entirely a figment of their imagination.  In fact, racist attitudes and behaviors have been declining for decades.

Look who's crawling out of the woodwork:
Daunte Wright Funeral Set For North Minneapolis Next Week, Rev. Al Sharpton To Deliver Eulogy.  The funeral of Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man shot and killed by a white Brooklyn Center police officer, will be held in north Minneapolis next week.  Rev. Al Sharpton will be delivering the eulogy at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church on Thursday.  The funeral begins at noon.

Pelosi Hijacks Everything for Her Agenda — Even the Holocaust.  One would expect the commemoration of something as tragic and sacred as the Holocaust be done in a respectful manner and not be manipulated for political goals.  Such was not the case this week with Nancy Pelosi's statement sent out on Holocaust Remembrance Day; known in Israel as Yom Ha'Shoah.  Instead, she exploited the murder of six million Jews by Hitler and his regime into a manifesto of Democrat false talking points and the demonization of millions of Americans associated with conservatism and who voted for President Trump.  It was sacrilege and shameful.

The Voter Suppression Swindle.  The sound and fury with which the Democrats, the legacy media, and virtue-signaling CEOs greeted Georgia's new election integrity statute has inevitably included portentous accusations of voter suppression.  Peach State Republicans, we are told, are part of a multi-state GOP conspiracy to disfranchise minority voters by restricting ballot access.  The plot involves such horrors as requiring everyone to provide identification when they vote and compelling them to cast ballots in their own precincts.  Combined with such outrages as fixed time frames for returning mail-in votes, coherent rules for securing ballot drop boxes, and removal of dead people from voter rolls, these laws allegedly portend the return of Jim Crow.  The Jim Crow canard, however, doesn't work for this particular conspiracy theory.

Biden's Team of Racists and Anti-Semites:  An Anti-American Coalition in the Heart of the White House.  What America did with the slave system it inherited from the British was end it.  America's abolition campaign began with its revolutionary proclamation that all men are created equal and have a God given right to liberty.  America began implementing this right in 1787, the first year of its existence, with the enactment of the Northwest Ordinance, outlawing slavery in a territory the size of the original 13 colonies.  Within twenty years slavery was abolished in all the northern states.  As for the "original sin" of enslaving the black Africans brought to this country, that properly is the achievement of the Africans themselves who then sold their brothers and sisters to Europeans at slave auctions in Ghana and Benin.  All forms of institutional and systemic racism including Jim Crow were outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  In one of his first statements as president Biden claimed that "systemic racism" has been built into every aspect of our system."  This is a bald-faced lie.  The opposite is the truth.

'Squad' member Ayanna Pressley:  You 'can't be anti-racist' if you don't want to cancel student debt.  "Squad"-member Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., claimed that a person is unable to be "anti-racist" unless they support cancelling student debt.  In a tweet published on Monday, Pressley — one of the members of the "Squad" alongside Reps.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. — shared an article by the Washington Post that detailed the stories of people across America with student debts.  Alongside the article, Pressley claimed that a person cannot stand against racism if they don't support canceling student debt.  "You can't be anti-racist if you're anti student debt cancellation," Pressley wrote.

Dems Endorse Anti-Christian SPLC Report: 'It's Time We Extinguish All Bigoted Beliefs'.  House and Senate Democrats endorsed the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) "Year in Hate" report that brands mainstream conservative and Christian nonprofits "hate groups" and plots them on a map with the Ku Klux Klan.  The Democrats did not respond to longstanding criticisms of the SPLC regarding its racial discrimination and sexual harassment scandal or the fact that former SPLC employees have described the "hate" accusations as a "highly profitable scam."

Biden 'Environmental Justice' Appointees Equate Energy Production, Fossil Fuels With Racism.  In February, Beverly Wright linked the legacy of slavery and the Jim Crow era with energy development.  In March, President Joe Biden appointed Wright to his White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council.  Wright, the founder of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, is joined on the council by Jade Begay of the Indigenous Environmental Network, who co-wrote a 2018 op-ed in EcoWatch contending that climate change is "colonialism" and "cultural genocide."  Biden has named several activists that tie energy development to racial bigotry to the Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

Members Of Biden's 'Environmental Justice' Advisory Council Have History Of Radicalism, Claiming Fossil Fuels Are Racist.  At the end of last month, the Biden administration announced the members of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, which would "provide advice and recommendations to the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and the White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council on how to address current and historic environmental injustices."  Twenty-six people were named to the council, but at least four of them have made radical statements connecting fossil fuels to racism.  Susana Almanza, for example, is the director of People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources (PODER), an environmental justice organization based in Austin, Texas.  Hilltop Views, the student news website of St. Edward's University, profiled Almanza, noting that she has a Che Guevara poster in her office and said that her organization is "fighting big monsters; they're not little ones," referring to oil companies.

Biden seeks funding to probe white supremacist beliefs at immigration agencies.  President Joe Biden called for funding to investigate complaints of white supremacist beliefs at U.S. immigration enforcement agencies in his first budget request to Congress on Friday [4/9/2021], but officials offered no explanation for what prompted his request.

End Woke Corporate Extortion.  In the maelstrom spurred by lies about Georgia's voting law, woke corporations again endeavored zealously to virtue signal for the Left.  Echoing and acting upon the Left's deliberate disinformation campaign — including, notably, President Biden's infamous "Jim Crow on steroids" doggerel — Coke, Delta, Major League Baseball, and sundry others excoriated the Peach State's new statutory liberalization of voting procedures.  In an interesting twist, these "free-market" entities, which are often threatened with boycotts from the Left, demanded the cancellation of an entire state.  Ostensibly, this spasm of woke corporate extortion was largely wrought by the requirement for voter ID.  Curiously, this is a policy prescription supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans, including people of color.  On its face, this woke tirade makes no economic sense.  So why do corporations feel empowered to denounce, extort, and defy duly elected legislatures and the sovereign citizens who elected them — especially since they fully realize they are alienating half the country (i.e., potential and current customers) by allying themselves with the Left to bully state legislatures?

Pete Buttigieg:  Racism is 'physically built into' country's highways.  Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg suggested in a recent interview that racism is built into the country's highway system.  "There is racism physically built into some of our highways, and that's why the jobs plan has specifically committed to reconnect some of the communities that were divided by these dollars," the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor told reporter April Ryan this week in an interview discussing President Joe Biden's proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan.  Buttigieg explained that several major highways in the United States negatively affect minority communities.

Once again, Democrats are off to the racists.  Once again the Democrats are off to the racists.  Every time they can't explain their position on some public policy issue, they accuse Republicans and conservatives of being racist.  Look no further than the state of Georgia.  Almost two weeks ago, Gov. Brian Kemp signed SB 202 into law.  It was an election reform bill that Democrats effectively branded as "racist," "voter suppression" and "anti-civil rights."  The law expands early voting for primary and general elections, includes more voting on Saturdays and Sundays, and requires voter ID.  Only in the world of radical liberalism can more of an opportunity to do something be "suppression"; requiring one to prove they are who they say they are as "racism"; and applying the same rules to everyone as "anti-civil rights."

Charles Barkley:  Politicians Fuel Hatred Between 'Whites And Blacks' To 'Keep Their Grasp' On 'Money And Power'.  During the "Final Four Show" on Saturday [4/3/2021], former NBA star and "Inside the NBA" analyst Charles Barkley said that politicians intentionally fuel racial divides in order to "keep their grasp on money and power," and that the "system" is designed to foster hatred and to "scramble the middle class."  "Man, I think most white people and black people are great people," Barkley said during CBS' coverage of Saturday's March Madness games.  "I really believe that in my heart."  Barkley then continued to argue that our political system is set up to protect the power and wealth of those in government.  "But I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they're Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other, so they can keep their grasp [on] money and power," Barkley said.

Branding Georgia Election Law, Senate Filibuster 'Racist' Is Vile Tactic to Justify HR 1.  President Joe Biden, his fellow liberals, and his friends in the national news media are purposely — and cynically — misrepresenting Georgia's new election reform law, and it's a key part of a far-reaching strategy that stretches well beyond the borders of the Peach State.  They are dishonestly attacking the Georgia legislation as a throwback to the Jim Crow era, while simultaneously assailing the Senate filibuster as "racist" as well.  Those are two vital elements of the grand plan to ram the federal election-takeover legislation, HR 1, the euphemistically titled "For the People Act," through Congress.  The true intent of the legislation — and the road map to get it to Biden's desk — is to weaken election security and to cement liberals' hold on power for decades.

When Everybody Is a White Supremacist.  For a long time, liberals have been accusing conservatives of being conspiracy theorists.  Say anything about Hunter Biden, and you're a conspiracy theorist.  Urge Andrew Cuomo to resign, and you're a conspiracy theorist.  Now it's worse.  Conservatives aren't just conspiracy theorists; they're white supremacists.  Like those who defend Georgia's voting reforms designed to protect the integrity of the election.  Or any person or business that lives or operates in Georgia.  For the left, anyone associated with a bill designed to prevent voter fraud, and so deny Democrats permanent power, is a white supremacist.  Maybe that was the point of Biden's attack on "extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism" in his inaugural address.  Democrats are seeing white supremacists everywhere they look — like the New Republic, which in 2017 suggested that Trump's economic agenda of returning manufacturing jobs to America was "white supremacist." [...] The media worked overtime to establish this idea in the minds of the public, and now they're using the same rhetoric to attack opponents of the Biden administration.

Vermont accused of discrimination for moving minorities to head of vaccine line.  Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has come under fire for a newly announced statewide vaccination protocol moving minorities to the head of the line based solely on their race.  The Republican governor announced Thursday that Black, Indigenous and people of color, known as BIPOC, may now sign up to be vaccinated against COVID-19, two weeks before the state plans to make available vaccines to anyone over the age of 16.  "If you or anyone in your household identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC), including anyone with Abenaki or other First Nations heritage, all household members who are 16 years or older can sign up to get a vaccine!" Mr. Scott tweeted.

Joe Biden DOT Halts Texas Highway Project Using the Civil Rights Act.  President Joe Biden's Department of Transportation (DOT) has paused a highway widening project in Houston, Texas, citing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as legal justification.  In what could be a first for any administration in this context, the Biden administration is using its federal powers to pause the Texas DOT plan to widen Interstate 45.  The administration is doing this as a test to address what it calls a history of "government-driven racial inequalities."  This comes after complaints from local activities during the federal DOT's intervention period.  The proposed plan, known as the North Houston Highway Improvement Project, is proposed to widen I-45 at three different sections.

Why the Left needs 'institutional racism'.  The law of the instrument — or "Maslow's hammer", as it is sometimes known — has become an indispensable tool for negotiating the current world.  It holds, as Abraham Maslow said in 1966, that "it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail".  In recent decades, this law has held firm nowhere so much as in the business of "race relations", where one hammer in particular has been on very public display:  the casual accusation of "racism".  Allegations of racism have for decades been among the most serious accusations that can be made against a person; likewise, since the publication of the Macpherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, an allegation of "institutional racism" has been the most serious accusation that can be made against an organisation.  With this in mind, it was perhaps inevitable that, by virtue of their potency, such accusations would end up being wielded as a substitute for evidence.  And so for years, to set up an investigation into an institution on matters to do with race was to pre-ordain the outcome:  the institution always had to be found guilty.

Awkward: Jill Biden Wraps Up Cesar Chavez Day Speech by Butchering "Sí Se Puede".  This was awkward.  Jill Biden traveled to Delano, California on Wednesday to celebrate Cesar Chavez's birthday.  Cesar Chavez, a "hero" to people in the labor movement, was an activist who fought for fair wages for farm workers.  One aspect of Cesar Chavez's activism that the Democrats don't like to talk about was his fierce opposition to illegal immigration.

Joe Biden's Infrastructure Plan Focuses on 'Racial Equity'.  President Joe Biden's $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, the so-called "American Jobs Plan," spends a great deal of space promising to address "racial equity."  As Breitbart News has explained, the term "equity" is not the same as "equality."  Equity is prepared to sacrifice equality before the law to benefit individuals claiming membership in groups deemed to suffer from historic disadvantages.  Under President Donald Trump, black unemployment and poverty rates reached record lows, and the gap between black and white unemployment was the smallest ever, thanks to economic growth, Opportunity Zones, and immigration enforcement.  Trump achieved those landmarks without policies aimed at taxing the wealth of some Americans to redistribute it to others along racial lines.  However, Biden ran for president on a promise to "rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country."

The 10 Radical New Rules That Are Changing America.  [#3] Racialism is now acceptable.  We are defined first by our ethnicity or religion, and only secondarily — if at all — by an American commonality.  The explicit exclusion of whites from college dorms, safe spaces, and federal aid programs is now noncontroversial.  It is unspoken payback for perceived past sins, or a type of "good" racism.  Falsely being called a racist makes one more guilty than falsely calling someone else a racist.

Biden's list of judicial nominees leans heavily toward checking one identity box in particular.  Identity politics looms large in the list of judicial nominees released by the Biden White House today.  Can you guess which identity box is focused on like a laser beam on this list?  It's black women.  It is as though a call was sent out that only black women will be considered for judicial nominations, with a particular focus on one who may be Biden's Supreme Court nominee, should the opportunity arise.  Anytime a Democrat begins talking about diversity and the historic nature of decisions, you know what is coming.  The Biden administration doesn't even bother to finesse its blatant sop to a demographic that is responsible for Sleepy Joe's election.  Joe Biden won the presidential election thanks to black Democrat women voters.  It began in South Carolina with Biden scoring the endorsement of Rep. James Clyburn, a Democrat powerhouse in that state, and went from there.  Black women organized support for Biden and got out the vote for him across the country.  Now it's payback time.

California county funds welfare program that excludes whites and males.  Something strange is going on out in Marin County, California.  The elected officials there have instituted a pilot program offering a universal basic income in the form of a monthly stipend to a limited number of participants.  That in and of itself isn't unique, as programs such as this have been tested in other places, such as Stockton, California.  A couple of aspects of this program, however, really are unique.  The most glaring among these is the fact that in order to qualify, participants have to be women.  No males need apply.  On top of that, the program is not available to white women, but only to women of color.

Democrats Call Filibuster Racist — But They Used It Over 300 Times Last Year.  Democrats are desperate to end the filibuster.  They see this as the key to passing their far left agenda, and they're right.  Without the filibuster, Democrats would be able to pass pretty much whatever they want.  So, in an effort to get rid of the filibuster, they are calling it racist, which is ridiculous because Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times last year.

'Cynical, disgusting': AOC says her 2020 primary challenger was only picked because she's also Latina.  AOC's beef with MCC isn't over yet.  New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is alleging that shadowy political forces handpicked former news anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to challenge her in last year's primary because of her "ethnicity" as part of a "disgusting" attempt to confuse voters.  Ocasio-Cortez made the blistering claim in a wide-ranging interview this week, charging that "Wall Street" and other unspecified entities selected Caruso-Cabrera for the 2020 primary battle specifically because she's "also a Latina, down to having a hyphenated last name."  "It was just the most cynical, disgusting thing," Ocasio-Cortez said in the interview published by the Democratic Socialists of America's magazine.

Al Sharpton threatens to accuse Manchin, Sinema of 'supporting racism' if they don't kill filibuster.  Civil rights leader and MSNBC host Al Sharpton threatened to accuse Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona of "supporting racism" over their approval of the Senate filibuster.  "The pressure that we are going to put on Sinema and Manchin is calling [the filibuster] racist and saying that they are, in effect, supporting racism," Sharpton told Politico.  "Why would they be wedded to something that has those results?  Their voters need to know that."  Sharpton is part of a larger push from the left to eliminate the filibuster in order to pass Democrats' election and voting rights legislation known as S. 1.

For the Left, Bigotry Is a Tool.  The same sources decrying anti-Asian sentiment have spent years expressing anti-Asian animus in the form of discriminatory college admissions standards:  President Joe Biden's administration dropped a discrimination case against Yale University just a month ago, clearly thanks to the administration's position that affirmative action for black students outweighs Asian American success in a pure meritocracy.  The same people blaming "white supremacy" for anti-Asian hate crimes have militantly ignored the location of the crimes — largely major metropolitan areas, with a large number of such crimes coming not from white Americans but from black Americans (a plurality of overall violent crimes targeting Asian Americans, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, were committed by black Americans in 2018).  The same establishment media sources blaming Trump for anti-Asian hate cheer on the active closing of merit-based magnet schools in New York and San Francisco, thanks to those schools' disproportionate Asian American attendance:  Hannah-Jones tweeted last year that it was "disingenuous" to talk about "specialized high schools being majority POC" (people of color) when referring to Asian Americans.

Charlottesville mayor slams own city as racist, 'void of a moral compass'.  The mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, is defending social media posts that slammed her own city as "rooted in racism" and compared it to a rapist.  Mayor Nikuyah Walker, who became Charlottesville's first Black female mayor in 2017, wrote a graphic comment on Facebook that she said got her briefly suspended from the platform.

SPLC Chief of Staff: 'The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Not Anti-Christian at All'.  On Wednesday [3/24/2021], Lecia Brooks, the chief of staff at the scandal-plagued far-left smear factory the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), insisted that her organization "is not anti-Christian at all."  Brooks attempted to dismiss claims that the SPLC brands mainstream conservative and Christian organizations "hate groups," listing them on a map with the Ku Klux Klan due to leftist bias and fundraising, not due to objective criteria.  Brooks testified at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on "Extremism in the Armed Forces."  She cited the current and former members of the military who had been arrested in conjunction with the Capitol riot and argued that the military must work to screen out extremists.

The Democrat Party Has Declared War on America.  In the six decades prior to the 1960's, racial segregation (i.e., racism) was an institutionalized government sanctioned reality.  "Separate but equal" was the Supreme Court-endorsed (Plessy v.  Ferguson) directive of the land.  Thus, segregation, which particularly benefited the Democratic Party and trade unions, was sanctioned and promoted in varying degrees in a number of states. [...] The radicalized American Left has seized upon the existence of those attitudes in a small number of Americans combined with disparities in income and education to claim that "systemic or institutionalized racism" endures — when it does not.  They do so to a) intimidate the nonsensically guilt-ridden and oblivious segment of supposedly well-educated white America; b) incite resentment and raise expectations among minority communities; c) to make certain racial animosity engulfs the country; and d) to exploit the education establishment and corporations through the obligatory hiring of diversity bureaucracies.  All of which benefits the left in their quest to seize power in perpetuity.  They are deviously convincing minorities and gullible whites that white Americans are the only ethnic group in the history of mankind that has ever fueled racism.  They are implicitly leaving the impression with these groups that they will make certain the white populace pays the price for centuries of bigotry through their so-called solutions to "systemic racism".  Solutions which entail:  1) proclaiming that the white population will be punished through reverse discrimination and reparations and 2) reinstating "separate but equal" under the banner of equity.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls Filibuster Racist After Filibustering Sen. Tim Scott's Police Bill.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has called the Senate filibuster racist months after she herself filibustered police reform legislation from Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.  Warren said the filibuster is both racist and shouldn't be permitted in the Senate since it gives the minority veto power, Axios reported.  The legislative filibuster, which dates back to the 1800s, is a rule that requires 60 votes for most legislation to pass in the Senate.  "The filibuster has deep roots in racism, and it should not be permitted to serve that function, or to create a veto for the minority," Warren, who is white, told Axios on Thursday.  "In a democracy, it's majority rules."  Warren added that the Founders didn't intend for the filibuster to be implemented in Senate legislative procedure, Axios reported.  Rather, it was designed to give Southern states the ability to veto any anti-slavery or civil rights law they opposed, Warren said.

VP Kamala Harris: 'Racism Is Real in America, and It Has Always Been'.  Vice President Kamala Harris condemned the U.S. as racist, xenophobic, and sexist in remarks at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she and President Joe Biden traveled Friday to show solidarity with the Asian American community. [...] Eight people were murdered this week at three massage parlors in Atlanta.  Six of the victims were Asian.  Though police said that there was no evidence of a racial motive, advocates have claimed that the event is only the latest in a wave of anti-Asian-American hate crimes.

President Biden Gets Reamed for Using Coronavirus to Virtue Signal and Race-Bait.  You would think that the Democrats would have learned by now that trying to pin the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes on conservatives was a failing strategy.  But it appears they are slow learners.  In the latest in a series of attempts to virtue signal about racism, President Joe Biden added to the chorus of leftist castratos singing their classic hit, "Everything Is Racist."  On Friday [3/19/2021], Biden tweeted a subtle race-baiting criticism at those who reference COVID-19's country of origin when discussing the pandemic.  "Words have consequences.  It's called the coronavirus.  Full stop," he tweeted.  Biden's tweet was met with a flurry of criticism from right-leaning Twitter users who took issue with his attempt to link their description of the virus to the increase in Asian hate crimes.  It was quite a show.

Joy Reid And Julián Castro Say It's Racist To Ask White House About Failed Immigration Policies.  MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed that Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher is "afraid of these brown people" because Fisher asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether the Biden administration plans to limit the number of abandoned foreign children accepted illegally into the United States at the border.  U.S. border officials are currently taking in approximately 565 such children per day, and border facilities are up to 700 percent beyond capacity with children used by drug cartels as a lucrative ticket to U.S. entry.  The majority of girls drug cartels traffic over the border are raped on the journey, and untold numbers of these trafficked minors die.

Farmers blast Biden's divisive debt relief, doling out billions to non-whites.  Sean Hannity's show on Monday [3/15/2021] had an exclusive with reporter Sara Carter who interviewed farmers that are angry and frustrated at President Biden over the COVID-19 relief package that awards billions in debt relief to farmers of color.  The farmers called the package "divisive."  Biden signed the $1.9 trillion bill last week.  The debt relief for farmers is premised on race-based criteria which makes no sense to these farmers.  "I'm sorry, but I was raised to not see color and not to see race, but to see the character and the person's heart," Tennesse farmer Kelly Griggs said to Sara Carter.  "That's how I was raised, that's how the farming community sees each other."

A Kingdom of the Anti-American Elite.  Biden's defense secretary, General Lloyd Austin, tells us the greatest security threat to the United States comes from internal subversive organizations, and it is implied that these are white supremacists.  Civil servants, like most American elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students, are taught the malignant critical race theory and it is legitimizing the monstrous self-directed blood libel that America is based on racial exploitation and was always a racist enterprise.  There is not and has not been for many years the "systemic racism," as even Biden now claims afflicts the country.

When Minorities Vote GOP, the Media Smears Republicans as Racists.  In just one week, the Washington Post churned out two op-eds on the same theme, "The GOP is Now Just the Party of White Grievance" and "The Republican Party is Making Jim Crow Segregationists Proud".  The D.C. Democrat paper doesn't bother clarifying why Democrats from two generations ago would be thrilled that 1 in 5 black men voted for President Trump.  Ever since the election, the media has been beating its narrative drum with one message.  CNN howls that Republicans are the worst racists.  The New York Times insists they're even more racist than that.  And MSNBC will counter that only white racists would vote Republican.

It's Not the Left's Place to Tell Us What Is and Isn't Offensive.  Lately, I've been watching a few content creators on various platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube, many of them black or Asian, who have been speaking out about the recent decisions by businesses looking to crack down on the racism and sexism of the past by deleting episodes of television shows or taking books out of circulation.  Dr. Seuss is the most recent one who saw both Black and Asian content creators making it clear that they don't find the depictions in these books offensive.  Now we're seeing that the classic cartoon character Speedy Gonzales is also on the cancel culture chopping block, with one Hispanic comedian speaking out against the woke mob trying to bring it down.

Grocery Store Chain Panders to Dems with 'Black-Owned' & 'LGBT-Owned' Labels on Food.  If you watched Sunday night's NBA All-Star Game, you quickly learned that Democrats are not about to let the issue of "racial inequality" die down anytime soon.  The way the left goes out of its way to pander and talk down to minorities is pretty incredible.  What's worse is that far too many people can't read between the lines.

This is probably the only mention of the British royal family on this web site.
Meghan Markle 'didn't do any research' on the British royal family, exposing herself as a fool.  Meghan Markle, it seems, isn't much of a scholar.  While much of the focus has been on her barbs accusing the British royal family of abnormal interest in her baby's skin color and denying him a title and personal security protection supposedly because he is black and they are racists, what's striking to me is how unprepared she was for the royal role she sought when she married Prince Harry.  And not just ignorant, but willfully ignorant, proud of her ignorance, flippantly stating she never did "any research," as if that's something to be proud of.

Meghan Markle reveals her true self in Oprah interview.  If you had any doubts that Meghan Markle is a manipulative piece of work, her bombshell Oprah interview Sunday night [3/7/2021] dumping on the British monarchy would set you straight.  Prince Harry's American wife accused his family of hateful racism against her baby, claimed they refused to protect her and drove her to the point of suicide.  She made the incendiary and implausible charge that when she was pregnant with Archie, the royal family decreed that her unborn son would be denied the title of "prince" because her mixed race meant he might have dark skin.  You could make no more damaging charge about a monarchy that presides over a commonwealth of nations made up of a majority of people of color.  So this was the root of Megxit:  Meghan convinced herself that the royal family was denying her son a title — and the security protection that came with it — because of his potentially dark skin.

Biden's Administration Choices Are A Disgrace — Including Rachel Levine.  In the Biden administration everything is driven by identity politics.  The nominee for Interior Secretary is someone who supports an anti-American North Korean front group and is supported by the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA).  All that matters, though, is that she is Native American.

Why The Equality Act Is Bad Law.  If you run a business, you realize that to stay out of court, you need evidence to prove that you are not in fact discriminating, and the only way to do that is to hire someone from the protected group in advance and to have a "woke" corporate policy in your advertising.  That way, if someone does make a claim against you, you can prove your innocence with the evidence of your prior obedience to the anti-discrimination policy.  It is like the old suburban riff, "Some of my best friends are from protected groups..."  On the other hand, if you do not have members of those protected groups on your staff and woke propaganda in your advertising, watch out!  Your guilt is assumed by your failure to provide proof of your innocence in advance, even if you had a legitimate reason for turning down a specific job applicant.  When the courts developed theories like "disparate impact," which says that if a protected group is disadvantaged by an action, it is assumed to be discriminatory even if no such intent exists, the problem got even worse.  You now must show an intent toward anti-discrimination in advance.

Sheila Jackson Lee:  Republicans Engaged In 'War on Black People' Voting.  Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said Tuesday on CNN's "Tonight" that the Republican Party was engaged in "a war on black people as it relates to voting."  Anchor Don Lemon said, "The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today that could weaken voting rights in Arizona.  Major push nationwide to make it harder for people to vote.  What does this mean particularly for black voters?"  Jackson Lee said, "Well, I think tragically we have not had this historic opposition to our rights since slavery, during the Jim Crow days and of course the harshness of the 1960s.  The tragedy of this is an entire party, the Republican Party, is committed to voter suppression, committed to avoiding the opportunity of votes.  Donald Trump laid out he only wants one day for votes.  They don't want opportunities for absentee ballot, extended voting, same-day registration, all things that empower young people and people of color, African-Americans."

The Editor says...
If Election Day was a single day, as it once was and should be again, how would that inconvenience black voters more than any others?  The same restrictions would apply to everyone.  How is that unfair?

SPLC Urges Biden, Big Tech to Block 'Online Funding' for 'Hate Groups' to Fight Domestic Terrorism.  In the wake of the Capitol riot, the House Committee on Financial Services — chaired by none other than Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) — held a hearing entitled "Dollars Against Democracy:  Domestic Terrorist Financing in the Aftermath of Insurrection."  Who should testify at such a hearing?  Democrats invited none other than the scandal-plagued far-left smear factory the Southern Poverty Law Center, which routinely brands mainstream conservative and Christian nonprofits "hate groups," listing them along with the Ku Klux Klan.  In her testimony, SPLC Chief of Staff Lecia Brooks suggested concrete ways that government and Big Tech can separate "hate groups" from their "online funding sources."  She praised some tech companies for taking action while demanding far more throttling in the future.

Neo-racists in state government prioritizing Blacks and Latinos for Covid vaccination.  A new wave of racism is sweeping across the country in the guise of "anti-racism" or "equity."  A better term is "neo-racism," for unlike the previous waves of state-sanctioned racism under slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow (all of them largely at the hands of Democrats), this wave of racism claims to be about fighting racism, though, in fairness, it is also largely being implemented at the hands of Democrats.

Democrats Snuck $1 BILLION For 'Racial Justice' In Farming Section Of COVID Bill.  It should be clear by now that the COVID relief package is little more than a gigantic giveaway to special interests that are loyal to the Democrats and bailouts for mismanaged blue states.  The House approved their version of the bill in the early hours of Saturday morning, cynically choosing to keep it out of sight of the American people and to hide Republican opposition to what will be a budget-busting boondoggle of epic proportions.  With the bill now headed for the Senate, much of the contents will be ignored by the media or cloaked in the guise of 'racial justice'.

Why Are Dems Nuking GOP Voters' No. 1 Issue?  You've probably seen the poll about the top concerns of GOP voters and Democratic voters; it's been all over conservative media.  The top three concerns of Republican voters are:
  [#1]   Illegal immigration
  [#2]   Lack of support for the police
  [#3]   High taxes
Democratic voters live in a completely different world.  Their top three concerns are:
  [#1]   Donald Trump's voters
  [#2]   White nationalism
  [#3]   Systemic racism
[...] Initially, I was as outraged as you about the hatey-hate Democratic voters.  But then I realized that it all made sense. [...] What would be the biggest threat to the comfortable global educated and credentialed elite and its noble plan to Build Back Better in a scientifically designed Great Reset?  Exactly:  a resurgence of nationalism all across the world.  And "whites" — whoever they are, wherever they are, however they are scientifically identified by top-notch scientists — are in the forefront of this planetary cultural and political movement.  What about "systemic racism?"  Do you seriously think that our liberal friends will ever agree to stop the fight against racists?  Let's face it, liberals have had a glorious 50 years accusing everyone else of being racists; they have made racism the new Original Sin.  But it's in the nature of a tire that it will slowly deflate unless you pump it up from time to time.  There must be racism, there simply must, because the power of our liberal friends begins and ends with the nuclear weapon of "Racist!"

Joe Biden's Embrace of Fallacious Critical Race Theory.  The fallacy that America is "systemically racist" is rooted in arguments that the white majority suffers from subconscious racism which contaminates the entire "system." [...] President Joe Biden has eagerly joined this crusade to eliminate subconscious racism!  White Americans are kept in the dark as to the details of this enlightened reprogramming, but are told that the Bill of Rights is an impediment to these lofty new goals to eradicate systemic biases.  The first step in eliminating subconscious racism is to stifle conscious thoughts:  the liberties of Free Speech and Due Process are viewed as tools of oppression by the white majority.  It is axiomatic that government cannot eliminate subconscious racism.  Yet, government can be very effective at fomenting racism, as numerous current and historical examples demonstrate.  America is about to try its hand at this folly.

The Left's Latest Battleground Is Your Neighborhood.  The progressives running the Biden administration are planning a two-pronged strategy to attack traditional suburban families where they live — in their homes and schools.  The Biden campaign platform, largely written by Bernie Sanders and his supporters, called for initiatives for equity in housing and education.  Going forward, these will translate into actions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assert its policy to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH) and for the Department of Education to impose Critical Race Theory (CRT) to attack both real and intellectual property.  The strategy got underway with the new president's executive order on equity that calls for "an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda."  Their primary weapon is the concept of disparate impact, a conveniently squishy theory that there needs to be no factual finding of discriminatory zoning or racism in schools to conclude that a community is racist.  All disparate impact requires is for a bureaucrat to declare an imbalance of race or income among the residents of a local community or in its school's Advanced Placement courses.

I guess racial equality has been achieved, if everyone's moving on to something else.
Kamala Harris:  Equality is Old News, Let's Talk About Equity.  Kamala Harris has only one card and she plays it over and over again.  And then she plays it some more. [...] You can't fight for equality and equity.  No one starts out from the same place.  Kamala started out as the daughter of wealthy foreign students who grew up in Canada and lives in a Brentwood mansion.  That doesn't mean that she should be held back.  Different people are born with different skills, physical abilities, and potentials.  Handicapper General Kamala can't change that no matter how many sandbags she ties to them.  No matter where someone is born, they can achieve things on their own, whether it's by pursuing their dreams, or by sleeping with the married mayor of San Francisco in exchange for political connections.  That's not something you're born with.  It's not about where you start, but where you end up.  Equality is freedom.  Equity is a plantation.

The Biden administration's dangerous and racist BREATHE Act.  I just caught up with Y.G. Nyghtstorm's discussion of the BREATHE Act, the centerpiece of BLM's hard pressure on the American political scene.  It's ostensibly about limiting police brutality, but it actually pushes a comprehensive social agenda.  This agenda will not only be hugely damaging to civil society but it's also terribly racist in its approach to the Black community.  The BREATHE Act, obviously, is a reference to the fact that George Floyd couldn't breathe while in police custody.  The Act ignores the fact that Floyd's problem wasn't that the police suffocated him (they acted in complete accordance with guidelines for dealing with people suffering from drug-induced excited delirium) but that he was rapidly dying from a self-induced fentanyl overdose. [...] Biden has already enacted bits and pieces of the act through executive orders that defund private prisons, try to destroy suburbs with a push for high-density housing, and mandating Critical Race Theory training in the federal government.

The Imaginary Menace Behind Everything Wrong In America.  Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland announced his chief priority to the Senate Monday.  "If confirmed," he said, "I will supervise the prosecution of white supremacists and others who stormed the Capitol on 6 January — a heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy." He also insisted America faces a "more dangerous period than we faced in Oklahoma City" due to the "white supremacist" threat. [...] You would think that Klansmen are roaming American streets and terrorizing ordinary citizens on a daily basis.  You have to worry about a skinhead gang beating you to a bloody pulp every time you go to the supermarket.  That's how this problem is portrayed.  According to liberals, terrorism, violence, and crime stem from this pasty-faced menace.  This is the only problem that warrants law enforcement's attention.  Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that this is plainly ridiculous.  There are, of course, some nutty right-wing extremists out there, but they weren't the ones burning down cities or laying siege to the entire Pacific Northwest.  That was Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Virginia poised to become 1st Southern state to declare racism a public health crisis.  Virginia — whose state capital Richmond was once the capital of the Confederacy — is about to become the first state in the South to declare racism a public health crisis.  The state Senate approved the declaration Tuesday and sent it to Gov. Ralph Northam — who's expected to sign it.  It had previously passed the House of Delegates on an almost party-line vote, with Democrats voting overwhelmingly in favor.  The American Public Health Association says 145 cities and counties in 27 states have declared racism a public health issue — up from just seven in 2019.

The Editor says...
Racism is a character issue, not a medical issue; but it's easier to politicize if it can first be medicalized.

The dangers of using Climate Policy as a Social Justice tool.  Cap-and-trade has been criticised in California for allowing big emitters to pay their way out of reducing emissions and cause pollution.  It's become a social justice issue as poorer communities tend to be located near where the pollution is being created.  James Bushnell at the Energy Institute at Haas warns that such clashes are being caused by the mistaken view that climate policy should be a major tool for reducing inequality.  In fact, some climate policies — on their own — will inevitably work against social justice.  Just think of the jobs lost when gas refineries close down.  Or subsidies for EVs that, overwhelmingly for now, benefit affluent buyers.  Bushnell strongly asserts that social justice should be addressed with its own policy tools.  If this is not understood, good policies like cap-and-trade (which raises California billions in revenues) are in danger of being sidelined.  Worse, any failure climate policies have in reducing inequality could lead to disillusionment and acrimony over the new green agenda.

How Democrats Are Already Maneuvering to Shape Biden's First Supreme Court Pick.  After meeting in the Oval Office earlier this month with President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and his fellow senior House Democrats, Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina made a beeline to Ms. Harris's office in the West Wing to privately raise a topic that did not come up during their group discussion:  the Supreme Court.  Mr. Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, wanted to offer Ms. Harris the name of a potential future justice, according to a Democrat briefed on their conversation.  District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs would fulfill Mr. Biden's pledge to appoint the first Black woman to the Supreme Court — and, Mr. Clyburn noted, she also happened to hail from South Carolina, a state with political meaning for the president.

Democrats Are Trying to Ruin the Military.  One of the things I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh say repeatedly back in the day was that the point of the United States military was to "kill people and break things."  The beauty of that statement was that it was simple, to the point, and undeniably true.  If I remember correctly, this was during the Clinton years when the left started meddling with the mission of the military to incorporate their social agenda.  That push was just getting off the ground in the '90s, and now Joe Biden is giving it wings.  Where it goes from here is disturbing and detrimental to the very purpose of the military itself.  The U.S. military is the ultimate meritocracy, or at least it used to be.  It didn't used to matter what color your skin was, your rank, your job and how well you did it was all that mattered.  Thanks to Democrats and their obsession with, and weaponization of, race in the country, skin color will be all that matters soon.  The U.S. Navy formed something called "Task Force One Navy" last June, as the left-wing social agenda crept even under Republican presidents.  Last week, they issued their report on making the Navy more "inclusive" by treating people differently based on their skin color.

Our Military's SJW-Driven Abandonment of Warfighting Is Going to Get Troops Killed.  It gives me no pleasure to say that I no longer recommend that young people join the military, and I'm not alone.  The non-Blue Falcon veteran community is in full revolt against the conscious decision to decline embraced by our current military leadership.  After failing to win a war in the last 20 years — and don't say Syria, because the second President * woke up in the Oval Office wondering how he got there, more of our troops were heading back into the hellscape for reasons no one has bothered to articulate — the military has decided to target an easier enemy, i.e., other Americans.  See, the problem with me and the other vets who are disgusted by the brass's choice to focus on SJW priorities instead of, you know, successfully deterring or defeating America's enemies, is that we actually listened to what we were taught when we were coming up.  Most of us were trained by the heroes who put the shattered American military together after the Democrat war in Vietnam broke it.  We learned about leadership, about putting mission first but taking care of people always, and about objectives and how to attain them.  None of that's a thing anymore.

Vermont House features 'devotional' seething with racist hatred against whites.  Vermont's House of Representatives opens each session with a "daily devotion."  Tuesday morning's presentation (February 16) by Representative Harold "Hal" Colston was an outrageous condemnation of Vermont's history and culture as racist.  This abused the very concept of devotion, and Vermonters. [...] Referencing the 1619 Project, Rep. "Hal" launched into an overtly anti-white tirade.  Quoting James Baldwin, whom Colston "regard[s] as one of Black America's most prolific prophets," Colston proclaimed (in a state where slavery was never legal, and very few blacks ever resided):  ["]What if the Negro was not invented?  How would our country have worked without chattel slavery, the exploitation of black and brown people who became the backbone of our capitalistic system?  Who would you be?  Who would we be? ... Structural racism is the normalization of many dynamics that are historical, cultural, institutional and interpersonal and routinely advantages White people while producing chronic, adverse outcomes for people of color.["]  Not all Vermont legislators — let alone citizens — would view this rant as "inclusive" of the Vermonters who died in the Civil War freeing blacks from slavery.  This "historical and cultural omission" is suspicious.

"Underlying this insurrection were the actions of folks who were challenging the voices of people of color.".  "If you look at whose votes were being challenged, these came from largely urban areas.  The votes of people of color were being challenged."  Said said Janette McCarthy Louard, deputy general counsel of the N.A.A.C.P., quoted in "N.A.A.C.P. Sues Trump and Giuliani Over Election Fight and Jan. 6 Riot/The civil rights group brought the suit on behalf of Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, with other Democrats in Congress expected to join as plaintiffs"  (NYT).

If Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the standard, what about Democrat 'kingmaker' Rev. Al Sharpton?  Because of offensive tweets posted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., before she won office, House Democrats joined by 11 Republicans voted to strip her of her committee assignments.  If this is the new standard, can we apply this to the Rev. Al Sharpton, aka a Democratic "kingmaker," whose support was solicited by every major 2020 Democratic presidential candidate? [...] At the 1995 Million Man March, Sharpton said, "O.J. is home, but Mumia Abu-Jamal ain't home, and we won't stop till all our people that need a chance in an awkward and unbalanced criminal justice system can come home."  Of course, O.J. Simpson, whose acquittal was celebrated by Sharpton, murdered two people.  As for Abu-Jamal, a Black man, he was convicted in 1982 for the execution-style murder of a white Philadelphia cop.  The prosecutor called the case "the strongest I ever had."  CNN host Michael Smerconish co-wrote, along with the slain officer's widow, a book called "Murdered by Mumia."  Smerconish criticizes "ignorant" supporters of Jamal who, like Sharpton, call Abu-Jamal innocent.  Smerconish also said that the cop killer's multiple post-conviction appeals "made a mockery of the judicial system."

Worshipping At The Altar Of Power.  On Wednesday, January 6th, a mob of aggrieved voters from across the political spectrum stormed the Capitol, presumably in hopes of suspending the certification of electors and preventing the finalization of the election's outcome.  In subsequent news stories, the members of the mob were described as everything from seditious traitors to white supremacists.  There does not seem to be any evidence that the mob was attempting to overthrow our government or that racial animus motivated them.  However, as we are becoming increasingly aware, everything is now racial.

Oh, yeah.  This sounds perfectly reasonable.
Southern Poverty Law Center Calls for Expelling Half of Republicans in Congress.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is no longer confining itself to listing bar signs and brands of oil as hate groups (not to mention, yours truly), it's going full coup.  In its Year in Hate, the SPLC demands that, "Congress should discipline, censure, or expel all of the 147 Senators and Representatives who supported the insurrection and baseless "Stop the Steal" lies by voting against Electoral College certification of President Biden's victory."  That's about 56% of the Republican members of the House and Senate.  Obviously, Congressional Black Caucus members who opposed certifying President Bush's win are just fine.  Then, the SPLC is calling for a South African style, "national truth, racial healing and transformation commission to examine the history of white supremacy and structural racism in the United States. [...]"

Rev. Al Sharpton, 66, files for divorce from his estranged wife 17 years after their separation - sparking rumors he will wed girlfriend, 42.  The Rev. Al Sharpton has filed for divorce from his wife Kathy 17 years after they separated.  The 66-year-old civil rights activist and Baptist minister submitted the paperwork on Thursday.  They have lived apart since 2004.  The pair met in the 1970s when he was touring with James Brown and she was a back-up singer.

The Editor says...
He may enjoy Cafeteria Christianity, but at least he's not a bigamist.

A Tsunami of Hate.  [Scroll down]  The claim that "systemic racism touches every facet of American life" is itself a racist lie, whose evident target is white people, since according to the woke, "people of color" can't be racist.  Not surprisingly, one of Biden's first week initiatives was a systemically racist plan to provide financial assistance to small businesses whose owners were black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American.  Only whites were excluded.  But Asian Americans as an ethnic group have higher incomes than white Americans.  So what rationale for this policy is there but anti-white racism?

China Doesn't Have to Lift a Finger to Push Biden Around.  "Xenophobia" has been a constant Biden theme.  On January 31 of last year, President Trump announced the "travel ban," prohibitions and restrictions on arrivals from China.  Within moments of the announcement, Biden went on the attack.  "This is no time for Donald Trump's record of hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science," he said.  Biden's campaign said the attack was not in response to the travel ban, yet on the following day the candidate expressed the same thoughts in a tweet:  "We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering."  There was nothing "xenophobic" about Trump's travel ban.  It was imposed on arrivals from the country where the disease first appeared.  The ban, therefore, saved lives, and it would have saved even more if it had been stricter, announced sooner, and had been more rigorously enforced.

In push for woke 'equity,' Biden abandons equality.  President Biden's embrace of utter nonsense pushed by the "woke" continued with last week's executive orders to "advance racial equity" and "root out systemic racism in housing and criminal justice."  The "equity" approach assumes that any outcome that doesn't meet inane racial quotas is the result of bias.  It is, in fact, systematically racist.  The four executive orders Biden signed Tuesday don't seem that earth-shattering.  He directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development "to take steps necessary to redress racially discriminatory federal housing policies," told the Justice Department to stop using private prisons, recommitted the feds to honoring tribal sovereignty and vowed to combat "racism, xenophobia and intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders."  But, as the White House put it, his many "equity" orders set up "a whole-of-government initiative to address racial equity and support underserved communities, and redress systemic racism in federal policies, laws and programs."  He'll also require "all agencies to take affirmative steps to promote diversity, equity and inclusion."

Historians slam woke teacher responsible for renaming 44 San Francisco schools: incorrect research came from Wikipedia.  Acclaimed historians are hitting out at a chairman in charge of renaming 44 San Francisco schools after it was revealed that he refused to consult with them during the decision-making process and his research was based on information he found on Wikipedia.  Earlier this week, the San Francisco Board of Education voted 6-1 to strip 44 public schools of their current monikers because they honor 'racist' figures from American history.  Schools named after politicians including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are now set to be rebranded in the coming months.  The controversial decision comes three years after a task force was established to study the names of the city's 125 schools to determine which ones needed to be replaced amid a nationwide reckoning on race.

San Francisco Committee Changed School Names Based on Wikipedia and Wild Accusations.  The San Francisco Board of Education voted to rename 44 of the city's schools, claiming that prominent figures from American history, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Paul Revere, were tied to racist incidents.  The committee based their decisions on Wikipedia and other wildly inaccurate information to source its claims.  Committee chairman Jeremiah Jeffries, along with his fellow committee members, used Wikipedia to support their claims that prominent U.S. historical figures had ties to racist incidents, and therefore warranted the renaming of scores of San Francisco schools, according to a report by Mission Local.

San Francisco to strip Abraham Lincoln, Dianne Feinstein and others from public school names.  The names of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and other prominent figures including California Sen. Dianne Feinstein will be removed from 44 San Francisco public schools, a move that stirred debate Wednesday on whether the famously liberal city has taken the national reckoning on America's racist past too far.  The decision by the San Francisco Board of Education in a 6-1 vote Tuesday night affects one-third of the city's schools and came nearly three years after the board started considering the idea.  The approved resolution calls for removing names that honored historical figures with direct or broad ties to slavery, oppression, racism or the "subjugation" of human beings.

The Editor says...
If you put a 12-foot fence around the entire U.S. Capitol, isn't that subjugation of the voters?

Biden's 'racial justice' agenda:  Judge everyone by the color of their skin.  On Tuesday [1/26/2021], six days into Joe Biden's administration, it became clear why Susan Rice, hitherto a foreign-policy specialist, was named director of the Domestic Policy Council.  Rice — unconfirmable for a Cabinet post after her unembarrassed Sunday-show lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack — ventured into the White House press room to preview Biden's "equity" initiative.  With one possible exception, the specific policies announced were less important than the word "equity," invoked 19 times by Rice and nine by Biden.  Ending federal private prison contracts and combating "xenophobia" against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are small potatoes as federal policies.  Not so, perhaps, with the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing initiative, started under former President Barack Obama, repealed under former President Donald Trump and now due for spirited revival.  The idea is for the feds to reverse local zoning laws and plant low-income housing in suburbs deemed insufficiently diverse.

Racial Equity, Equality, and the Bureaucrats' Charter.  Reading one of the first new presidential executive orders — titled "Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government" — was for me a depressing experience. [...] The order begins with the words, "Equal opportunity is the bedrock of American democracy."  This at best is a half-truth depending very much on the meaning attached to the concept of equality of opportunity. [...] In short, the order is a symptom of what Thomas Sowell called "the search for cosmic justice," the demand that existence be made fair in every respect, a search that, if taken seriously, can lead only to a totalitarian hell.  The term "people of color" appears in the order, as if all people who aren't of European descent have something in common transcending all other differences between them.  This is revealing, for the only thing they can possibly have in common is that they are oppressed by those people of European descent from whom they are distinguished.  This isn't only obvious nonsense, but is a deeply racialized view of the world.

Joe Biden: 'We Have Never Fully Lived Up to the Founding Principles of This Nation'.  President Joe Biden told Americans on Tuesday[1/26/2021] that they had "never fully lived up to the founding principles of this nation." Biden was speaking at the White House on the occasion of signing four executive orders that, he claimed, would address racial "equity." [...] Biden did not explain why he believes Americans are not "treated equally" under the law, or who is mistreating them.  The Civil Right Act of 1964 has been in effect for nearly six decades — only slightly longer than Biden's own political career.  The idea that America has never lived up to its founding principles was a repeated theme throughout Biden's presidential campaign.

Impeach Harriet Tubman.  Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, Democrats are once again on the march, this time to put abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.  They don't actually know very much about Harriet Tubman, but she was Black, and Democrats desperately want to put somebody Black on our money.  So here she comes.  I say they don't know very much about Ms. Tubman because Democrats announced this on the same day that Democrats sent a procession of House Managers over to the Senate to deliver an Article of Impeachment against former President Trump.  They are charging him with "inciting insurrection."  If Democrats want to impeach someone for inciting insurrection, they could start with Harriet Tubman.  She was one of the major planners of the attempt to take over and occupy the United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry in 1859.  Seventeen people were killed in that action.  The leader, John Brown, was charged with treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia, murder, and inciting insurrection.  He and six others were convicted and executed for their roles in the attack.  Had she not fallen ill shortly before the attack, Harriet Tubman might well have been among those captured and executed.

Democrats' Version of Unity Means 'Us against Them'.  [Scroll down]  Politicians and political activists love to muddy the water.  As such, they take advantage of the situation by offering a wrong diagnosis and even worse solutions.  "Your suffering," they say, "is because of the injustice committed by another group of people."  There are villains out there, those who are different from you.  Having preached that wrong diagnosis, they then come up with a cunning solution:  to give power to crooked politicians.  The result?  The problem still exists and may even be getting worse, but the crooked politicians stay in power for decades with lavish lifestyles.

Biden Admin Embraces 'Racial Equity' Ideology in Slew of Executive Action Announcements.  The incoming Biden administration has announced a series of executive actions that open the door for instituting the quasi-Marxist critical theory across the federal government.  President Joe Biden would sign documents to "launch a whole-of-government initiative to advance racial equity," his transition team said in a Jan. 20 release.  Equity means equality of outcome, a concept tied to the critical theories that slice up society into identity groups based on race, gender, sexual proclivities, and others, while positing which groups are oppressed and which are the oppressors, similarly to how Marxism labels people as oppressors or the oppressed based on class.  "The president-elect will sign an Executive Order beginning the work of embedding equity across federal policymaking and rooting out systemic racism and other barriers to opportunity from federal programs and institutions," the release said.

First Duty of the Press:  Make It About Race.  Even after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, the media felt the need to pile up the false accusations.  Their first order of business was to turn it into a story about race.  The Trump riot has as little to do with race as any story in 21st-century America.  COVID, immigration, tax cuts, the stimulus — I could come up with a racial angle for any of those.  Your assignment:  Make the siege at the Capitol a story primarily about race relations.  You, a normal person, one week later: I'm stumped.  But to our media, the main point to be made about the riot was:  Can you imagine what would have happened if black people had done that?

What Changed?  Kamala Harris Suddenly Introduced As 'Asian American' AND 'African American'.  Is Kamala Harris "African American" or "Asian American"? I guess it depends on who they're trying to win over.  When they were in campaign mode, she was touted as the first "African American" VP candidate in order to get more votes from minority communities.  However, Amy Klobuchar just introduced her as the first "African American, Asian American" VP.

AOC said she avoided 'extraction points' during Capitol storm because she feared 'white supremacist members of Congress would disclose her location so she could get hurt or kidnapped'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed concern that her own colleagues in Congress might have shared her location to the mob of fanatic Trump supporters while they were storming the Capitol last Wednesday.  Ocasio-Cortez's remarks comes as other Democrats have sounded off on the possibility that some GOP members of the Congress abetted the rioters as they stormed the building.  Lawmakers were instructed to head for a designated 'extraction point' to seek protection from the chaos, but AOC asserted that that wasn't really an option 'because there were QAnon and white-supremacist sympathizers and, frankly, white-supremacist members of Congress in that extraction point who I know and who I have felt would disclose my location and would create opportunities to allow me to be hurt, kidnapped, et cetera.'

The Editor says...
Actual "white supremacists" are extremely rare in this country.  I've known a lot of rednecks, and I've only run across a couple of people who might have been white supremacists, back in the 20th century.  I suspect most people like that are in prison or dead.  But if such a person still exists, he or she generally keeps his feelings private.  It is difficult to imagine that an actual white supremacist would be elected to Congress.  Yet, nobody seems to object when AOC claims there are "white-supremacist sympathizers and, frankly, white-supremacist members of Congress."

St. Paul to form reparations commission for descendants of slaves.  The city of St. Paul apologized for its role in institutional racism on Wednesday and agreed to form a new commission to study reparations for Black residents whose ancestors were enslaved.  The City Council voted 7-0 to form the St. Paul Recovery Act Community Reparations Commission as a way to promote racial healing.  The resolution creating the commission also apologizes for slavery at Fort Snelling and the destruction of St. Paul's Rondo neighborhood in the 1950s.  Council Member Jane Prince, the resolution's lead sponsor on the council, partnered with Trahern Crews, co-chairman of the Green Party of the United States who heads up its national reparations working group.

More about reparations for slavery.

To help heal racial wounds, Black national anthem would become America's hymn under proposal.  U.S. Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., wants a song about faith and resilience long revered in the Black community to become the national hymn and help toward uniting the country after centuries of racial turmoil.  Clyburn, the House majority whip, plans to introduce a measure as early as this week that would make "Lift Every Voice and Sing," known as the Black national anthem, the national hymn and give it a special place alongside the country's anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner."  "To make it a national hymn, I think, would be an act of bringing the country together.  It would say to people, 'You aren't singing a separate national anthem, you are singing the country's national hymn," said Clyburn, the highest-ranking Black American in Congress.  "The gesture itself would be an act of healing.  Everybody can identify with that song."

The Editor says...
I suppose you're going to tell me that if I don't go along with this plan, I'm a racist.  But if someone concocts a "black national anthem," specifically and exclusively for the benefit of blacks, then who's the racist?  And if some Congressman demands that we replace our 200-year-old National Anthem with this specious claptrap, is that really "an act of healing?"

Something missing?  Biden's priorities to re-open 'Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, women-owned businesses'.  Joe Biden plans to help small businesses hard-hit by COVID with federal funds, but apparently only if those establishments fit within the parameters of identity politics, a philosophy which itself is a priority for Democrats.  Reading off a teleprompter, Biden explained that "Our focus will be on small businesses on Main Street that aren't wealthy and well connected that are facing real economic hardships through no fault of their own.  Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American-owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.  "But we're gonna make a concerted effort to help small businesses in low-income communities, in big cities, small towns, rural communities that have faced systemic barriers to relief," he added in a video clip on the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Twitter feed.

Twenty-First Century Rules for Revolutionaries.  #1: Inertia is fatal to a revolutionary movement.  The overtures of the late 60s movement are eerily similar to what is happening today.  The problem for leftists was that, back then, the revolution centered around the anti-Vietnam War Movement.  Once peace came, the revolution's impetus died out.  The 2008 Occupy Wall St Movement had the zeal, but cold winter months in New York were not conducive to this type of protest.  The lesson:  choose your cause carefully.  Today's cause célèbre is "systemic racism" and its offshoots.  Racism can be recycled perpetually.  Recently, for example, the Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, declared racism to be a public health crisis.

Instead Of Unity, Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Chose Divisive Lies.  In the aftermath of one of the worst days in modern American history — when violent rioters stormed the US Capitol building — President-elect Joe Biden [...] said that "a group of Black Lives Matter" protesters would have been "treated very, very differently," and that "we all know that's true."  Joe Biden called the difference between how police treated Trump rioters versus Black Lives Matter protesters "unacceptable."  Kamala Harris took this statement one step further by presenting the appalling actions of the rioters as being demonstrative of a wider issue, "a justice system that does not work equally for all."  Setting aside the unbelievable irony that Joe Biden — the author of the 1994 crime bill — and Kamala Harris — a former District Attorney and Attorney General who has jailed more black people than nearly any other American citizen — are assigned authority on "criminal justice reform," it's crucial that we reject these statements for what they are:  racist, inflammatory garbage.  The narrative that the "white pro-Trump rioters" who stormed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. were treated "better" than "Black Lives Matter protesters" is simply untrue.  Police clashed violently with rioters on January 6th.  One police officer tragically lost his life, and one rioter — an unarmed white woman — was shot and killed.

Hilarious: MSNBC's Al Sharpton Repeatedly Insists He's 'Nonpartisan'.  During MSNBC's live coverage of the Georgia Senate runoff election, race hustler and longtime PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton reveled in the possible victories of Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock by insisting that he and his fellow civil rights activists are "nonpartisan" individuals concerned about the direction of the country.  Former liberal Republican-turned-leftist and MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace introduced Sharpton by insisting that the election has not only hinged on "issues of...race" and "issues of identity," but also "how extraordinarily disciplined the candidates on the Democratic side have been."

Of Merit and Melanin:  Identity Politics and the Balkanization of America.  Identity Politics strips away the idea that we are all Americans first.  It places race, religion, creed, sexuality, and most importantly, skin pigmentation at the forefront of one's identity.  It maintains that America is a horrible place, filled with racists, sexists, and xenophobes, and is, in fact, the source of most of the world's problems.  This is a reversion to tribalism.  It repudiates everything that America stands for and could ultimately have catastrophic consequences.

Democrats Unleash Their Inner-Racism.  Race has always been an effective weapon for Democrats.  The party of slavery became the party of Ku Klux Klan, became the party of segregation, became the party of Jim Crow, became... the party of tolerance?  No.  In the name of "tolerance," Democrats have brought about segregated graduation, school dances, and college housing.  The circle is complete.  It'd be easier and faster to list things Democrats haven't made into a race issue than it would be to list what they haven't.  The latter consists mostly of the failed policies they've implemented in the cities they've controlled for generations, and they're only on the list because the complete economic collapse of those places can only be blamed on their actions.  If you wanted to condemn a race of people to a life of poverty and crime, you'd be hard-pressed to find a way to do it more effectively than Democrats have.

Jamaal Bowman calls capitalism 'slavery,' says Dems should follow 'Squad,' not Obama.  As he prepares to enter Congress in the new year, Rep.-elect Jamaal Bowman said in a new interview that he believes capitalism is "slavery by another name."  Bowman (D-NY), who ousted longtime Rep. Eliot Engel in a bruising primary battle, made the remarks while speaking Monday [11/21/2020] to The Root, an African American-focused news organization.  The incoming congressman, whose future district includes parts of Yonkers and Scarsdale, began by making his case that the Democratic Party is ripe for a makeover.

'Vote Reparations': Law School Prof Says Black Ballots Should Count Twice.  In case you haven't figured it out yet, so-called "social justice" efforts aren't aimed at righting ongoing wrongs of "systemic" inequality and racism because they don't exist.  Rather, those efforts are designed to enact official policies aimed at achieving vengeance against white people in America for things literally none of them have done to persons of color, ever.  Accepting that will help you understand such blatantly racist 'recommendations' that are supposedly designed to bring about 'equality,' when really they're just designed to cancel out the white majority (many of whom already vote with the left as it is).  Writing in the leftist bible The Nation, Brandon Hasbrouck, an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law, actually proposed allowing black votes to count twice as a means of enacting "vote reparations."  Not even kidding.

He isn't kidding.  This isn't satire.
The Votes of Black Americans Should Count Twice.  Black votes in this country are worth less than white votes.  Joe Biden won the Electoral College because Black voters in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia turned out in significant numbers.  But even with overwhelming Black support — 94 percent of Detroit voted for Biden! — the outcomes in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were worryingly close.  One core problem is the Electoral College.  Wyoming, which has just 580,000 residents and is 93 percent white, gets three electors because of its two senators and one representative in the House.  By comparison, Georgia's Fifth Congressional District — which includes Atlanta, has 710,000 residents, and is 58 percent Black — has no dedicated electors or senators and can only occasionally overcome the mostly white and conservative votes from elsewhere in the state.  This devaluation of Black votes allows our political system to ignore Black lives, and the consequences are devastating.

The Editor says...
Incremental changes made by the left can only go in one direction.  If black voters are allowed to vote twice next year, they will never be restricted to a single vote ever again.  And as soon as the rest of the country gets used to the idea, the black voters will be allowed to vote three times each.  Then four.  Then, why not ten?  After that, why not allow only blacks to vote?

The American Left Has Now Fully Embraced Racism.  There is no issue more important to the future and soul of our nation right now than the leftist bigotry threatening the very concept of what it means to be an American.  On the medical side, Dr. Harald Schmidt, a supposed expert on ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, told the New York Times that essential workers, not the elderly, should be the first to receive COVID-19 vaccines.  His reason?  "Older populations are whiter," he told the publication.  "Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer.  Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit."  To be clear, the term "level the playing field" here means allowing people to die because of the color of their skin.  What's amazing about this is that just months ago to even question the efficacy of lockdowns meant to stop the spread of COVID-19 was met with accusations that one was killing grandma.  Now, it doesn't matter because grandma is probably white.

Here's What Warnock Said When He Praised Farrakhan Back in 2013.  Back in 2013, Georgia senatorial candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock praised Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam.  His response came after a member of the church asked about the role the Nation of Islam has on the Black community and whether the "Black church" was having the same attendance issues that "mainstream white church and synagogues" were having.  Although the Nation of Islam has a large Black population, Warnock said their attendance is far smaller than churches and synagogues.  "Its voice has been important even for the development of Black theology because it was the Black Muslims who challenged Black preachers and said, 'You're promulgating ... the White man's religion.  That's a slave religion.  You're telling people to focus on Heaven; meanwhile, they're catching hell,'" Warnock explained.  "We've needed the witness of the Nation of Islam, in a real sense, to put a fire under us and keep us honest about the meaning of the proclamation coming from our pulpits."

Warnock: U.S. Senators 'Gangsters and Thugs' Who Aimed to 'Kill Children'.  Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock described members of the U.S. Senate as "gangsters and thugs" whose votes for a 2017 tax cut exposed their willingness to "kill children."  The remarks, which have not previously been reported, may provide another opening for Warnock's Republican opponent, Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who has worked to portray him as a "radical liberal."  Warnock, a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, has come under fire for other controversial statements, including his praise for Rev. Jeremiah Wright's [...] speech, his condemnation of Israel, which he likened to apartheid South Africa, and his claim that "America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness."

Sharpton: Texas Election Lawsuit 'Clear Racist Attempt to Disenfranchise Black Voters'.  MSNBC host Al Sharpton said on MSNBC's "The ReidOut" that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the 17 state attorneys general and Republican lawmakers who support his lawsuit to contest the presidential election results of four battleground states were involved in "a clear racist attempt to disenfranchise black voters."  Anchor Joy Reid said, "This is nothing short to me of white nationalism in action in our political system.  It's anti-democracy."  She added, "They are only going after cities where the prominent black voters and saying that is where the fraud is.  It's a direct war against Black voters."

The Editor says...
[#1] Only at that point did the writer get around to mentioning what Al Sharpton said, which was the main point of the article, according to the headline.  [#2] If there ever was "a direct war against Black voters," you'd know it.

Democrats fight over who should serve as Biden's Agriculture Secretary as influential party members push for black Congresswoman to be picked.  A fight is breaking out among Democrats over who Joe Biden should pick to be his Secretary of Agriculture.  The president-elect has yet to appoint the person who will head up the Agriculture Department, which oversees various agencies including the United States Forest Service, the United States Food Safety and Inspection Service, and the Food Stamp Program.  South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn — who is widely seen as playing a crucial role in Biden's Democratic primary victory — told The New York Times on Thursday that Biden should name Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge to the powerful position.

The Editor says...
Pre-selecting the race and gender of an employee before reviewing the candidates' qualifications is racism and sexism.  Some people call it "affirmative action," if it precludes white males, but it's still racism and sexism.

Fighting Words.  Since race is the principal weapon wielded by Democrats, this is most evident in their claim that there is "systemic racism" in America, which needs to be rooted out even if it means destroying the very foundations of law and order.  When two Republican canvassers refused to certify the election result in Detroit — a city once the richest in America but now mainly black and poor thanks to fifty-nine years of misrule by Democrats — they were accused of "systemic racism."  This charge and the accompanying threats by the Democrat mob were so intimidating the two withdrew their objections.  But if there was in fact election fraud in Detroit, to object to it is not by any stretch of the imagination "systemic racism."  To believe otherwise is to believe that black people, due to their skin color, are incapable of committing election fraud.  How racist is that?  "Systemic racism" is an assertion made reflexively by Democrats that is never accompanied by evidence.  For good reason.  Systemic racism has been outlawed in America since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  If there were actual instances of systemic racism in 2020, there would be lawsuits — plenty of them. [...] You never hear of massive lawsuits over systemic racism, because "systemic racism" is a myth.  The myth lives because it is an indispensable weapon wielded by Democrats to advance their anti-democratic agendas and quests for power.

Demand on Biden:  Hispanic group insists on Latino quota in his Cabinet.  A leading Hispanic group said Tuesday that Joseph R. Biden, the presumptive president-elect, must name at least five Hispanics to his Cabinet in a nod to the diversity of the coalition that powered him in last week's election.  The demand by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials is a dramatic early marker in what is shaping up to be a nasty fight among branches of the Democratic coalition over who will occupy positions of power with a new administration.  NALEO President Ricardo Lara said that in addition to the Cabinet posts, the group wants a Hispanic quota for the more than 4,000 political appointees in a Biden administration.  Given the economic situation, the coronavirus crisis and other pressing needs, the community needs to have a significant voice, he said.

The Left's Civility Claptrap.  Joe Biden's campaigns have rested on the most rancid racial politics.  In 2020, he routinely accused his opponent of racism and support for white supremacism, drawing on nothing but his own libelous twisting of Trump's words after the rioting in Charlottesville.  In 2012, Biden had accused Republicans of planning to put blacks "back in chains."  His venom came out also on non-racial matters.  He once called opponents of gay marriage the "dregs of society."  In the Senate, he habitually hurled dirty charges, becoming the father of Borking.  But now Biden's thoughts turn to civility.  He promises to lead us out of a "grim era of demonization."  Biden is not the first Democrat to peddle this claptrap.  Indeed, it is a standard hypocrisy of Democrats:  out of power, they extol incivility; once they regain power, they denounce it. [...] "Civility" to the Left is simply a tool of propaganda with which to secure docility from the people.  But liberals have never felt the slightest need to practice it themselves, much less adhere to any moral system that would require it.

As Democrats Divide, Stacey Abrams Declares 'Identity Politics' Future Of Party.  Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Wednesday declared "identity politics" the future of the Democratic Party.  The racial, gender, and sexuality politics of the hard Left, according to Abrams, are "exactly" who the Democrat Party is and how they "won" in 2020, despite a lackluster performance in the House of Representatives.  "The notion of identity politics has been peddled for the past 10 years and it's been used as a dog whistle to say we shouldn't pay too much attention to the voices coming into progress," Abrams said at the Center for American Progress' Ideas Conference, adding, "I would argue that identity politics is exactly who we are and it's exactly how we won."  Abrams argued identity politics have "brought new folks to the process" for the Democrats, despite President Donald Trump making major gains with minority communities this election cycle.  A "failure to focus on racial differences would give minority voters the impression 'they have no reason to engage and no reason to show up,'" she asserted, according to The Hill.

The Editor says...
Apparently Ms. Abrams believes that minorities think about race all the time, to the exclusion of all other issues, and racial strife is their only reason to vote.  What a dismal view of the world!

Joe Biden, Candidate of Lies.  [Scroll down]  Unfortunately, Biden's willingness to use race as a cudgel to achieve political power has a long history.  For years, Biden huddled with segregationist Democrats when he thought it suited his Senate career.  Then, as Barack Obama's vice president, he switched sides to become a full-on racially obsessed agitator, constantly assailing our country as systemically racist.  In fact, Biden's tenure as vice president oversaw a marked deterioration in race relations in America, in no small part because he and his boss regularly inflamed racial division.  Polling tells the tale.  When Biden took office as vice president in 2008, fully 66 percent of Americans regarded race relations as good, according to New York Times/CBS News polling.  But by the time Biden left the White House eight years later, the popular assessment had flipped, with 69 percent of Americans reporting race relations as poor.  So much for Biden as a "healer."

Black Lives Matter Pens Letter To Joe Biden And Kamala Harris: 'We Want Something For Our Vote'.  The leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation recently wrote a letter addressed to "President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris" requesting a meeting to discuss the organization's expectations and priorities.  BLM co-founder and executive director Patrisse Cullors said members are "relieved that the Trump era in government is coming to a close," adding, "As we celebrate his electoral demise, we also know that his political exit does not ensure an end to the intolerable conditions faced by Black people in America."

The Editor says...
My next-door neighbors are black.  If they face "intolerable conditions" I can't tell it from here.  The blacks who do live in bad neighborhoods are stuck there, either because of a lifetime of bad decisions, or because they consistently vote for lying, baby-killing Democrats, who promise to clean up their cities but never do.

Democrat Raphael Warnock Repeatedly Praised Jeremiah Wright, Marxism.  Georgia Senate Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock has praised the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright on many occasions and praised Marxism as a way to "teach the black church."  During the 2008 presidential election, Warnock appeared on Fox News to defend Wright after it was discovered that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama had close ties to the reverend.  Warnock hopes to unseat Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) during the January Senate runoff election.  During his March 2008 appearance on Fox News, he told host Greta Van Susteren that Wright's legacy as a pastor was "social transformation that's been the hallmark of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's ministry."

Countering 'You Ain't Black' with the Facts.  When comedienne Chelsea Handler noticed a pro-Trump tweet posted by her ex-flame 50 Cent, she became apoplectic and launched a bizarre social media crusade to change his mind.  Dripping condescension, she asked if he knew what his race was and insulted his intelligence, saying if he's black he can't vote Trump. [...] Her inability to accept that a black might support Trump is of a piece with presidential candidate Joe Biden's comment to radio host Charlamagne tha God:  "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."  Like many liberals in the public sphere, Handler insists that American blacks should assert race über alles, and their candidate choice should be monolithic and unidimensional — Democratic, that is — based solely on loyalty to the color of their skin.  The false equation "black = Democratic" has long been taken for granted by the Democrats, who conflate blacks' allegiance to their party with being true to their race.

Looking for Racism.  Liberals are expanding the definition of racism to silence their political opponents and justify their expansive claims on power. [...] Liberals have thus found a powerful weapon in critical race theory, whereby they view society's problems through the lens of race and presume structural racism.  Starting with the disparate impact theory — which can identify racism even in the absence of intent — liberals have now expanded racism to include microaggressions individuals are not even aware they are committing because of implicit bias.  Rather than first eliminating the far more real and harmful effects of explicit bias, proponents claim a majority of Americans evidence inherent bias.  Shifting the focus from the evil acts of individual racists, liberals now assign culpability to society at large and millions of unwitting Americans.  They've even changed the definition of racism to include recently lauded behaviors (e.g., rewarding effort in a meritocracy), allowing liberals to keep their political opponents in a constant defensive crouch and demand increasingly intrusive remedies such as reparations, mandatory corporate training sessions, and repressive speech codes.

The Police Defunding Foundation Behind Kamala Harris.  [Scroll down]  When Maya Harris, Kamala's sister and a close advisor, was chosen to head the ACLU of Northern California, [Quinn] Delaney made the announcement as the chair of its board of directors.  The head of the Akonadi Foundation, Lateefah Simon, is a close friend of Kamala's.  The two women have campaigned for each other and Kamala has been described as Lateefah's mentor.  Delaney and Jordan don't just donate to candidates:  they finance radical leftist causes.  Proposition 16, the push to legalize racial discrimination using affirmative action in California, was financed by millions of dollars from them.  But their biggest vehicle was the Akonadi Foundation named after an African goddess.  Fueled by critical race theory, the Akonadi Foundation declared that it was out to stop "structural racism" which it defined as the "privileges associated with whiteness".  Quinn Delaney is white.  Her son, TMG Fresh, enjoys a privilege that not only includes two mansions, but also blonde cornrows, and rapping, "let me give you some advice, it might just save your life" and "that's called cappin where I'm from".  Where he's from is a suburban mansion in the Bay Area where they call that appropriation.  But the Akonadi Foundation has poured millions into pro-crime projects, critical race theory agitprop, and radical Marxist groups interlinked with the racist Black Lives Matter movement.  Akonadi boss Lateefah Simon is not only closely connected to Kamala, but she also serves as an advisor to Governor Newsom.  And Newsom appointed her to a task force on "police reform".  Simon, who also serves as BART's board president, pushed a move to defund the police by shifting money from officers on the transit system to "unarmed ambassadors".  When her attacks on police officers were criticised, she falsely accused a board director of racism.

Pandering: Biden Campaign Launches a 'Rap Ad' Aimed at Blacks.  The Biden-Harris campaign on Tuesday dropped a new ad called "Ultimate Rap League Biden GOTV" featuring rappers DNA and Charlie Clips.  It's clear the intention of the ad is to pander to Black Americans in hopes of getting them to vote for the Democratic ticket.  "You know why I don't vote?  Because, as a black man, I just feel like there's no hope.  Our president telling us for people to go back to 'China,' taking the coronavirus as a joke, and that's the part that frightens me," Clips explained.  "When you choose the president it's supposed to be a knock out, then why doesn't this situation enticen me?  If you got the answers to get me out this dark path, my brotha, enlighten me."  DNA explained that under a Biden-Harris administration homeownership would be obtainable for Blacks.  He also said that Blacks can't favor Obamacare but then vote for Trump.

Biden's Self-serving Lies.  Yesterday (October 13), The New York Post outed yet another self-serving Joe Biden lie.  Biden recently claimed that when he was a teenager, he regularly attended church services at the (black) Union Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware.  Biden has claimed he did this because he identified with blacks' struggle for Civil Rights, so he became a Civil Rights organizer at this church.  But people from the church deny that it ever happened.  Biden stated this lie to a crowd of parishioners at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in South Carolina on Jan. 20, telling them that on Sunday mornings, he'd first go to the 8 A.M. Catholic Mass and then went to Reverend Herring's church to help them organize their Civil Rights plans.  He said, "I got my education, for real, in the black church, and that's not hyperbole.  It's a fact." [...] But it simply isn't true.  Congregants and a longtime assistant to Herring at the prominent black church said they never remembered Biden attending as he claimed and said he met Herring as an adult.

Biden Caught in Another Lie in Desperate Bid for Black Votes.  Politicians love to show how much they identify with the average voter.  It's part of their schtick to drop names and act the role of a glad-handing drinking buddy.  For Democrats, especially, the working-class persona is much coveted on the campaign trail.  But Biden has continuously lied about his past.  He claims to have been the first in his family to go to college.  He claims his father worked in a coal mine.  And on and on. [...] Lying politicians are a given.  But fabricating an entire past is virtually unheard of.  Joe Biden apparently lies as easily about his past as he does about his agenda.  And that spells trouble for America if he's elected.

How California Is Turning Into a State Governed by Identity Politics.  If you thought racial identity politics were just a fleeting flirtation of the radical left, California's new laws suggest otherwise.  On Sept. 30, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into state law a bill setting up a nine-member board to study the amount of reparations that should be owed to black people for slavery and Jim Crow. [...] But that's hardly the only racially divisive law California has passed this year, since the Legislature convened in a coronavirus-racked session in June.  The same day, Newsom signed a bill to establish diversity quotas on corporate boards for racial minorities.  Corporations with between four and nine board members will now be required to have at least two racial minorities, while corporations with more than nine board members will be required to have at least three represented.

NYT's Astor:  Literally Any Criticism of Kamala Is Racist and Sexist.  After Wednesday's [10/7/2020] vice-presidential debate, the press was full of defensive accusations against Vice President Mike Pence for his alleged "mansplaining" behavior against Joe Biden's running mate Kamala Harris.  The New York Times in particular has made that particular Harris-as-victim trope a central theme of its campaign coverage, desperately turning every conservative argument against Harris into proof of her opponents' underlying racism and sexism.

Donald Trump to Rush Limbaugh:  When We Are Beating the Left They Call Us Racist.  President Donald Trump on Friday [10/9/2020] defended himself and his supporters against allegations that they were "racist."  Trump spoke about the left during a virtual radio rally with talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh on Friday, in response to a question from a listener.  "When we are beating them they have nothing else to fall back on but the word racist," he said.  "It means that when you're winning [...], they have nothing else to say, they call you a racist and this has been going on for decades."

Are Americans Tired of Being Called 'Racist' Yet?  What is "racism," and why do Democrats so relentlessly accuse Americans of it?  It is necessary to put scare-quotes around "racism" nowadays, because the word has been quite nearly stripped of meaning by its constant overuse as a political epithet.  Depending on the context, sometimes "racist" is merely a synonym for white person (which seems to be the message of Robin DiAngelo and other proponents of Critical Race Theory), but during election season in the United States, it seems that "racist" is synonymous with Republican.  It is this purely partisan definition of "racist" that former First Lady Michelle Obama demonstrated this week in a remarkable 26-minute video campaign ad for Joe Biden.  Mrs. Obama heaped praise on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as "an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity."  In fact, BLM is an avowedly Marxist revolutionary organization that has inspired the murder of police officers and incited violent riots nationwide.  Of course, anyone who points out this fact is immediately subject to denunciation as a "racist," and the purpose of Mrs. Obama's video was to point the finger at President Trump.

Michelle Obama:  Trump and Allies Are 'Stoking Fears about Black and Brown Americans'.  Former first lady Michelle Obama offered a closing argument on behalf of Joe Biden (D) on Tuesday, telling viewers in a 24-minute speech that "our country is in chaos because of a president who isn't up to the job" and whose administration and allies are "stoking fears about Black and Brown Americans."  Obama delivered an impassioned 24-minute speech to the American people, pleading with them to support the former vice president, who she described as an experienced leader who "understands the struggles of everyday folks" and has the ability to end the "chaos" across the country.

Michelle Obama calls Donald Trump 'racist' as she pleads with undecided voters.  Joe Biden's campaign released a slashing video endorsement by Michelle Obama Tuesday where the former first lady denounces President Trump as 'racist' and says he 'isn't up to the job.'  'Racism, fear, division — these are powerful weapons and they can destroy this nation if we don't deal with them head on,' she says in the 24-minute video, called a 'closing argument,' where she speaks directly to the camera.  'Let's be honest, right now our country is in chaos because of a president who isn't up to the job,' says the popular former first lady, who also delivered an emotional pitch for Biden by video at the Democratic National Convention.

The Editor says...
[#1] She "speaks directly to the camera" because that's where the teleprompter is.  [#2] Here's an example of "a president who isn't up to the job."

Why Do Republicans Fall for the White Supremacy Trap?  As his opening gambit, Wallace asked Trump a question fully irrelevant to the state of the nation:  "Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?"  "Sure," replied Trump.  The questioning should have ended there, but when Wallace persisted, Trump made the appropriate rejoinder, "Sure, I'm prepared to do it, but I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right wing.  I'm willing to do anything, I want to see peace."  Instead of exploring the incessant left-wing violence that has crippled any number of cities, Wallace and Biden tag-teamed Trump into an ambiguous declaration about the Proud Boys, a curiously interracial, right-wing group 90 percent of the audience had previously not heard of, including possibly the president.

Exactly what one would expect from the KKK:
Left Targets Barrett For Adopting Black Children.  [Scroll down]  The fact that Amy Barrett has adopted two black kids makes her a "white colonizer," according to Mr. Kendi of BU.  But if adopting a black child (two, in Barrett's case) makes Barrett a "white colonizer", whose goal was to have "'civilized' these 'savage' children in the 'superior' ways of White people" — then, quite effectively if unknowingly, Kendi has just accused Madonna, Jane Fonda, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Mariska Hargitay, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, Sandra Bullock and all the rest on The Root's list of the same.  To state the obvious — except to Mr. Kendi — not one of the celebs deserves to be attacked like this any more than does Amy Coney Barrett.  Suffice to say, unless Kendi or anyone else comes forward with news to the contrary, one can easily believe that all the white celebrities on this list adopted their black kids for the same reason Amy Barrett did — to love them.  The real lesson here?  In the now budding drive to bork Amy Coney Barrett, nothing is off the table.

Race Hustler Al Sharpton Singles Out Barrett Children This Way.  If you thought liberal journalists and hosts were ugly to Brett Kavanaugh, you haven't seen anything yet.  Minutes after Donald Trump finished nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Saturday, MSNBC speculated on secret coded messages the President was sending to racists.  If that wasn't enough, race hustler Al Sharpton even disgustingly singled out Barrett's children.  Using the nominee's two adopted Black children as some sort of prop, Sharpton sneered, "Not to mention, that was the least diverse audience I've ever seen in around announcement like this.  I looked around — I was glad her two kids did come out, I couldn't find too many other people of color in that audience."

The Editor says...
Race means everything to a race hustler.  Taking an inventory of black faces in a crowd, and then griping about the results on TV, is pathetic and insipid.

Andrew Cuomo is playing with racial fire.  With children being shot down in the streets all across New York — a by-product of statewide double-digit increases in gun homicides — you'd think Gov. Cuomo would be too humbled to lecture Kentucky about murder.  Not so.  Humble ain't his thing, don't you know?  Arrogance is another matter.  The governor has raised that to an art form — most recently taking time out from his coronavirus-death nursing-home deflections to hector Louisville on its handling of the Breonna Taylor shooting case.  And, in the process, offering an imprimatur-in-advance to those who believe that rioting, robbery — and even shooting cops — is a justifiable response to controversial policing.  "Breonna Taylor's death was murder," Cuomo declaimed Thursday [9/24/2020], with his customary degree of subtlety and reflection — which is to say, none.

Revolution 2020.  [Scroll down]  The oligarchy is no more concerned about race than it is about education, or environmentalism, or sex, or anything else.  It is about yet more discretionary power in the hands of its members, for whom not all blacks (or women, or whatevers) are to be advantaged — only the ones who serve ruling class purposes.  In education, employment, and personnel management, co-opting compatible, non-threatening colleagues is the objective.  As Joseph Biden put it succinctly:  if you don't vote for him, "you ain't black."  A ruling class of ever-decreasing quality is a result.

Where was he in July?
Al Sharpton encourages demonstrators to keep protesting, but 'keep it nonviolent'.  Left-wing activist Al Sharpton had a "message" for social justice demonstrators who have been protesting after a Kentucky grand jury's decision on the case of Breonna Taylor.  The MSNBC host urged activists to "continue protesting" during an interview Thursday [9/24/2020] with anchor Hallie Jackson, but as downtown Louisville descended into a second night of protests, sometimes turning violent, Sharpton suggested that people keep the demonstrations "nonviolent."

Joe Biden:  Voters Don't Deserve to Know Whom I'd Appoint to Supreme Court.  Joe Biden told a Milwaukee television station on Monday that voters do not deserve to know whom he would appoint to the Supreme Court.  After acknowledging he has a list of potential nominees, Joe Biden told TMJ 4 he simply is not going to share it. [...] He admitted the first selection was based on race and gender:  a black woman.  But beyond that, he would not provide additional details.

Joe Biden's Supreme Court shortlist:  White people need not apply.  The United States is a diverse nation, and there's nothing wrong with wanting our government to include people from all walks of life and perspectives.  But in fashion sadly typical for today's Democratic Party, Joe Biden just responded to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with an extreme invocation of identity politics.  His regressive approach to filling her seat sabotages true diversity and progress.  Biden has explicitly made it clear that white women and men of all races need not apply for his Supreme Court shortlist.  "I'm looking forward to making sure there's a black woman on the Supreme Court," he said on the Democratic debate stage in February.  "I'd push very hard for that."

The Background of the "Harris-Biden" Ticket.  The Black Grievance Industry (BGI) is an assembly of two larger groups.  Group-one is the Black Lives Matter group, modern and extremist.  Group-two is the AME church network, more traditional and with a larger network.  The BLM group originated during the terms of the Obama administration.  The AME network has existed for many decades before. [...] Immediately before the South Carolina primary, Barack Obama (BLM network) and the traditional racial apparatus (AME network) realized they were about to lose control to Bernie Sanders.  Their response was to quickly coordinate a club move to swing the election away from the Sanders camp.  An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called.  The power brokers within the DNC Club designed a plan around using James Clyburn (AME network) as the official spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.  Former President Obama contacted all candidates and informed them when and how they would quit the race and fall-in-line behind Joe Biden.  James Clyburn was then triggered to initiate his endorsement and begin the rapid-fire process.  Within 48 hours all members of the club and candidates had their instructions and proceeded to follow-through on the plan.  They had no choice.  If they did not comply they would suffer the consequences of a fully aligned club hierarchy who would target them personally and financially.  The plan worked flawlessly.

The left isn't fighting against fascism, they are fighting FOR authoritarianism.  They claim that their political message transcends the law; that it allows them to control cities; that it allows them to destroy property; that it justifies their designs on canceling heretics; that it permits them to block roads, create no-go zones for non-rioters, prosecute those who stand against them while themselves avoiding persecution. [...] They decide what hate is; what racism is; who is unclean; who is deserving of both punishment and reverence.  They presume to control and police every narrative, and in that way, control and police every person.  They reduce you to your skin color, your "gender" — but mostly, to your politics:  individualism, respect for rule of law, constitutional order and the color-blind equanimity that comes with it — all of these things are reduced to the cancer of "whiteness."  "Systemic racism" is their empty catechism; it creates a Kafka trap in which you are defined by your original sin of birth, but you can neither receive absolution or forgiveness.

Every Card is the Race Card, But They're Not Playing with a Full Deck.  In 2020, there is no such apprehension, or even hesitation, from Democrats when it comes to infusing race into any argument.  There is no topic, no person, and no group that is off-limits.  There also seems to be a direct correlation between the weakness of their argument on a particular issue and the vociferousness with which the race card is played in defending it.  Voter ID laws, for instance, vary by state and apply equally along all racial lines; there is no evidence that such laws are racist.  But that did not stop Joe Biden from stating, "It's what these guys are all about, man.  Republicans don't want working-class people voting.  They don't want black folks voting."  No evidence, just the race card, and our leftwing/mainstream media did not even challenge him on his assertion.

Kamala Harris's embrace of Jacob Blake is the latest blow to #MeToo.  It's been quite a week for Kamala Harris.  In addition to promulgating anti-vaccination conspiracy theories about any coronavirus vaccine released during the Trump presidency, she met with the family of Jacob Blake, a man famous for fleeing from the police with his children in tow when he violated an existing restraining order after being charged with sexual assault.  Blake has been famously lionized by the Left after being shot by the police when officers tried to arrest him as he reached in his car (telling them after the shooting that he had a knife, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).  Unlike the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, both of whom did not pose a semblance of deadly threats to officers and were preventable, it's unclear if any feasible policy change would have prevented Blake's shooting.  After all, Blake subverted multiple nonlethal attempts to subdue him, and by all available evidence, the police in question only resorted to shooting him when the officers had reasonable suspicion that he was reaching for a knife.

The Riot Party.  [Scroll down]  During the Rodney King riots even George H. W. Bush stated that "the rioters' grievances were justified and would be rectified by federal prosecutors."  During these years and throughout the years of the Great Society, Democratic members of Congress frequently warned that a failure to fund inner-city youth programs would result in "long, hot summers" — meaning summers of sustained riots, all caused by a refusal to extend the largesse of the welfare state to specially protected clients of the administrative state.  This rhetoric (or rather, this thinly disguised blackmail) was common among the Great Society supporters who sought to enlarge their reach and power by any means.  Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from Los Angeles and now a prominent supporter of BLM and Antifa, referred to the Rodney King riots at the time as a "rebellion," implying that they were a justified reaction of the black community against the endemic injustice of white supremacy that dominates American society.

The Democrats Pick the Criminal.  On Aug. 23, 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a black man, was shot seven times in the back by a white police officer.  The original video, which only included the last moments of the incident, gave no context for the incident.  But further video and police reports made clear what happened. [...] There was an open warrant on Blake for third-degree felony sexual assault; the alleged victim is the woman who dialed 911, and she apparently had a restraining order against Blake. [...] Upon arriving at the scene, the police attempted to effectuate an arrest.  Blake resisted.  He apparently got one of the officers in a headlock and resisted two separate uses of a stun gun.  He then disobeyed officer commands, walked around to the driver's side of an SUV and reached inside.  A knife was found on the driver's side floorboards.  This is the definition of a justified shoot, by all available evidence.  Yet Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris have chosen to side with an alleged rapist and against police officers attempting to do their job.

The left's awkward lionization of Jacob Blake.  When we first learned that Kenosha resident Jacob Blake was offering his first interviews and sending out video messages from the hospital after being shot by the police in Kenosha, I noted a somewhat fawning tone to the media coverage he was getting.  This left me wondering about the other people involved in his story, particularly the alleged victims of his past criminal behavior. [...] Judging by the thousands of combined retweets and likes that message received, I didn't seem to be the only one raising these nagging questions.  None of these issues slowed down the rest of our major media outlets, however.

By Hailing Jacob Blake As A Hero, Democrats Have Marginalized His Alleged Rape And Abuse Victim.  Kamala Harris is the latest high-profile Democrat to meet with and pay homage to Jacob Blake and his family.  After speaking with them for an hour, Harris gushed to reporters that Blake Sr., known for ranting about "Jews" and "crackers" on social media, and Blake Jr., accused of drunkenly abusing a woman over the course of several years before finally breaking into her house and raping her, are "incredible."  Blake family attorney Benjamin Crump, a man for whom the term "ambulance chaser" was invented, issued a press release after the visit, providing more details about the kumbaya session. [...] Now would be a good time to remind ourselves why Blake Jr. finds himself in a position where he must "work through his pain."

Joe Biden Tries to Cancel Thomas Edison.  A Joe Biden terrified that the African-American vote is slipping away from the party of pandering made an absurd claim during a rare day trip from his basement bunker to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  At least his handlers were able to find and lead him to Wisconsin, which Hillary Clinton failed to do in 2016.  Biden had just finished a meeting with the family of Jacob Blake, the young African-American wanted on a felony warrant for sexual abuse shot after struggling with police.  As part of his portrayal of the Trump administration as oppressors of blacks and white people as guardians of systemic racism, even if it is Democrats who run the system where urban unrest is occurring, Biden decided to add another wrinkle — whites are stealing credit for African-American inventions.

Prof. Biden Claims 'a Black Man Invented the Light Bulb, Not a White Guy Named Edison.'.  Joe Biden, who claims he wants to fact-check Donald Trump in real time during the presidential debates, told a real whopper on Thursday during his visit to Kenosha.  "People fear that's, which, that which is different.  We gotta, for example, why [...] don't we teach history in history classes?  A black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison." Fact check:  False.  Make no mistake about it, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

Biden Meets With Antisemitic, Farrakhan-Loving Father Of Jacob Blake.  Jacob Blake Sr. — the father of a Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot four times by police in Kenosha, WI while violating a restraining order for felony sexual assault — is a giant antisemite, anti-Christian, and loves Islamic hate-preacher Louis Farrakhan.  And if you're Joe Biden looking to pander to 'woke' Democrats, you meet with said antisemite on Thursday in a bid to score political points over the now-paralyzed Blake Jr., whose shooting sparked violent riots in Kenosha and added gasoline to anti-police protests sweeping the country.  Blake Sr., a frequent CNN guest and presence at Black Lives Matter protests since the shooting, has a history of making bigoted comments over social media — which Biden apparently doesn't mind.

Biden to meet with Blake Sr who appears anti-Semitic, racist, anti-Christian.  Joe Biden is set to meet with Jacob Blake's father today.  Blake Sr. is a Farrakhan devotée.  He is also an anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, white hater.  Breitbart linked to tweets and copied memes posted by Blake Sr. over the course of years.  What does it say about Biden that he is meeting with him?  Blake is the father of the man shot and wounded in Kenosha by a police officer.  Blake Sr.'s social media posts, particularly on Facebook, reveal radical political views and extreme racist rhetoric.  On Instagram, where Blake Sr. appears to have had a much more limited presence, he posted a video about the Sep. 11, 2001 terror attacks:  "Man, I give a fuck about 9/11."  He went on to cite the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by police in Cleveland in 2014.

Biden's Intended Race on Race.  [Scroll down]  Fast-forward nine months later.  Biden and Harris are again sharing a stage.  This time, it is at the Democratic National Convention's closing; Harris is now Biden's running mate and Biden has just given his nomination acceptance speech.  Biden's speech told America all we needed to know about why Biden chose Harris — despite their acrimonious past — and where Biden intends to take his campaign over the next two months.  If Joe has his way, this will be a race on race.  His acceptance speech's first words, after "good evening," were "Ella Baker, a giant of the civil rights movement, left us with this wisdom:  Give people light and they will find a way.  Give people light, those are words for our time."  Having connected his campaign message with "light," he would use "light" repeatedly throughout his 25-minute address.  Although lacking specifics, his subliminal racial message was clear:  I am the anti-racist; if you are not with me, you are a racist or condone racism.

The Biden 2020 Message:  Republicans Are All Racists, Now Let's Unite!  The Joe Biden being presented to the public for election to the highest office in the land does not exist in reality.  The empathetic, benevolent grandpa story is cut from whole cloth and easily disputable by anyone with access to Google and a compulsion for honesty.  The latter rules out the mainstream media, obviously. [...] Many like to attribute his current unpredictability on camera to his obvious cognitive decline but the truth is that he has been like this forever.  I distinctly remember many of my conservative friends thinking that Biden's erratic behavior was amusing when he was vice president.  I always thought it rather disturbing that someone that unstable was one heartbeat away from the presidency.  If you've been feeling a smidge nauseated in recent months, it may be due to the Democrats' insistence that Joe Biden is a man of great character who would restore dignity to the presidency.

The Mind-Bendingly Insane, Completely Craven, Utterly Unconscionable Redemption of Al Sharpton.  This past weekend, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, an umbrella group uniting 125 local Jewish communities and 17 national Jewish organizations, sent an email to its followers proudly announcing that it has signed on as a partner in the Virtual March on Washington this week, an event organized by Al Sharpton.  Because last week also marked the 29th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots, it's worth it to stop and recall that among his many distinctions — MSNBC pundit, and an adviser who reportedly regularly speaks to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, collector of innumerable sateen suits — Al Sharpton is also currently America's only living pogrom leader.  After a car driven by a Hasidic Jew accidentally swerved and struck a young African American boy, killing him, hundreds of the neighborhood's Black residents rioted in the streets, chanting "death to the Jews!" as well as looting stores, attacking anyone who was visibly Jewish, and ripping mezuzot off of door posts.  Sharpton was quick to arrive on the scene, leading a march in which participants burned an Israeli flag and called to kill all Jews.  At the young boy's funeral a few days later, Sharpton delivered a eulogy that borrowed heavily from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, saying that the Jewish residents of the neighborhood practiced "apartheid" and were there only to further the Jewish global grip on money and power.  He ended by ominously shouting: "pay for your deeds."

The Truth of Kamala Harris.  Living in California, I have seen first hand what damage has been done to our State and the dishonesty of [Kamala] Harris in the ability that she possesses in the advancement of her goals.  Two points that are being pushed on the American people by both the Progressive socialists and the media is that 1. Harris was disadvantaged in her childhood and 2. That she is a black woman.  I have known for a long time that Harris will say whatever she needs to to get head and has lied consistently in her approach.  She is using talking points in an attempt to play the victim for the American people.  In an attempt to gather the black vote so badly needed by the progressive socialist Democrats who they can no longer depend on, she claims to be African American when she has absolutely no connection to African Americans.  She is Jamaican and Indian.  She never mention that her father is descended from a sugar planter in Jamaica named Hamilton Brown who was a slave owner.  Black voters in this election cycle are disgusted at the race baiting of Harris and the cynicism of the leftists that take the black vote for granted.

MSNBC Blames Racism for Voters Preferring Trump on Economy.  Once again proving that the liberal media can interpret an ulterior motive of racism by conservatives into any issue, MSNBC host Katy Tur and MSNBC Republican contributor Michael Steele hinted on Tuesday afternoon [8/18/2020] that racism has the reason why so many voters have told pollsters they prefer President Donald Trump to better handle the economy than Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.  As the two discussed why Trump still has high ratings on the economy despite the decline it has taken since the pandemic, the two talked in circles a bit before Steele finally suggested that it was the "ugliness" of suburban whites not wanting minorities moving into their neighborhoods that was driving pro-Trump sentiment expressed to pollsters.

Biracial Kamala's appeal to the Dems' African American base?  Does anyone believe that if she were white, Kamala Harris would have been chosen as Joe Biden's veep?  Toward the end of the deadline for naming the running mate, it became clear that darker-than-Caucasian skin tone was a prerequisite in the eyes of a substantial faction of the party when a Gretchen Whitmer trial balloon was floated and quickly fell to earth.  In the end Kamala Harris, daughter of Tamil and Jamaican immigrants, was deemed by Biden's handlers to be acceptably melanin-rich.

Biden Repeats Charlottesville Lie in Dishonest and Divisive DNC Acceptance Speech.  Before Barack Obama became president, most Americans weren't aware that racism from our nation's past was still a major stain on our national character.  Most Americans thought we had gotten past all that and were happy to live in the colorblind society Martin Luther King envisioned.  However, since 2012, Democrats have sought to stir racial tensions and remind White America every day of our racist past, our current "systemic racism" and a whole host of racial sins, including white privilege, white oppression and white fragility.  It's very unlikely that Democrats will be willing to give up this politically expedient narrative anytime soon.

NOW Board Member Accused of Posing as Woman of Color to Boost Re-Election Chances.  This year's board elections at the National Organization for Women were already poised to be tense:  Allegations of racism at the highest levels of the feminist group have infuriated its membership and pitted current board members against one another.  Now, the election is threatening to be completely upended by allegations that a candidate is claiming to be a woman of color in order to boost her election prospects.  NOW members told The Daily Beast they were shocked when BJ Star, a current board member, identified herself as Asian-American in campaign materials.  Star, born Barbara Bencsik, had never identified herself as such in previous campaigns, and lists herself as white in voter registrations dating back to 1984.

'He better pick a Black woman': Biden faces Whitmer backlash.  Anticipation has been growing for weeks that Joe Biden will make history by choosing the first Black woman as a running mate on a major party's presidential ticket.  But after news broke over the weekend that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a white woman, had flown to meet with Biden to discuss the vice presidency, frustration and disappointment boiled over among Black female Democrats — including some in her own state.  "He better pick a black woman.  If he picks Gretchen, he'll lose Michigan," said Virgie Rollins, chair of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus, who hosted Biden at her home before his Michigan primary win this spring.

The Truth About Slavery.  We are continually misled by progressive propaganda on the issue of race.  Misinformation bleeds over to the conservative realm as well.  The media, Hollywood, and academia are consumed with race, tribalism, and hatred for our Founding.  The real agenda here is power, divide and conquer to pursue some ill-conceived Utopia.  The truth is that violence is part of the Left's playbook.  They are opportunists and provocateurs ready for any excuse to attack our freedom.  Much of the violence we see is a planned political strategy taking advantage of the crisis du jour.  Racism is not our Achilles Heel.  It is the ubiquitous manipulation and exploitation of race and racism that threatens our way of life.  Political operatives masquerading as journalists feed the hate 24/7.

De Blasio:  Painting BLM Murals My Decision That 'Transcends All Normal Realities' — Anyone Else Who Wants Mural Has to Apply.  During a press conference on Monday [8/3/2020], New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) stated that painting Black Lives Matter street murals was a "decision I made" and that the decision on the murals "transcends all normal realities."  But that others who want to paint murals must apply, and "the normal process continues for anyone who wants to apply."

Insane: Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force.  Well, it may be time to deploy the military to Seattle after all because what local lawmakers are doing is nothing short of allowing the city to be engulfed in violence and anarchy.  They're moving to abolish the police.  It's not defunding.  It's a total dissolution.  Non-profit programs and "community-led activities" will replace policing.  Why?  Well, according to the resolution, the Seattle Police Department perpetuates racism and violence.  Oh, yes, and it's a vehicle of white supremacy.  It's typical 'woke' nonsense, and it's a cancer that's killing America.

Listening to Ward Connerly on Racism.  Ward Connerly, a civil rights leader who is older and wiser than I, writing in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, asserts that there is no such thing as institutional racism in America.  Frankly, I am relieved, because I have lived in this country for decades, and it has been some 40 years since I encountered a racist, a white supremacist, or even a Euro-maniac.  I have encountered some left-wingers — once politely called liberals — who are obsessed with race, but even these troubled souls I do not consider racists, though some might be.  They are more properly referred to as bigots, and intolerant bigots at that.  They, of course, call anyone who might disagree with them "racists," but I have tried to verify their charges from time to time, and I have been unsuccessful.  They, as a rule, present no evidence that race is even at issue.  In point of fact, I have found that in debate the first person who brings up the matter of race is usually the real racist.  For instance, if I were debating Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, either one might bring up the question of race before I would utter the word, and Al might talk about nothing else.

'Uncle Tom': A Quiet Earthquake.  Albert Einstein once said that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem, and five thinking about the solution.  The "race problem" in America is pretzeled into such a Gordian knot because we've spent decades thinking up solutions to a problem that no longer exists.  And it's not working.  Black oppression is dead in America.  The good guys won. [...] For decades we've spent trillions to implement anti-discrimination policies and poverty programs.  America is home to the wealthiest group of blacks, likely, in all of history.  Black mayors, black police chiefs, black law enforcers, black attorneys, black school officials and black politicians are stuffed into every crevice of city and state governments across the nation.  A black man was elected to Earth's most powerful office — twice!  Yet somehow, the screech for "racial justice" is louder now than it was when black oppression was real.  Race will always be a ticking time bomb as long as America buys into the Al Sharpton version of the black experience — that blacks are still hobbled by race-based inequities rooted in slavery.

Beam Me Up, Please.  Every few years it seems that the Democrats gin up riots in response to the death of a black criminal at the hands of the police.  And each time the media play along.  I don't need to remind you of the Holder DoJ stirring up the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases, which fell apart before juries when the facts were finally presented in open court.  Not before the false tales precipitated substantial destruction to lives and property — largely of those minorities living in the areas of these incidents.  This time, the race baiting has gone beyond targeting the individual citizens and cops involved to argue that there is systemic racism in law enforcement.  And the claim has been the rallying cry of the Black Lives Matter gangs.

Rioters Are Using Racial Discontent to Promote a Marxist Agenda.  [Scroll down]  It has become clear that it matters little to the Marxists and anarchists what a statue or monument represents.  All that matters to them is that it represents America's past, and therefore, it must come down.  It's also clear that they're not interested in resolving race issues.  Destroying monuments, burning churches, and looting businesses do nothing to bring attention to racism or to advance police reforms.  They're simply using racial discontent to forward their Marxist agenda.  Meanwhile, spineless politicians who agree with the rioters' agenda, if not their tactics, have told police to stand down.  After rioters in Baltimore recently tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus and tossed it into the harbor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Baltimore native, blithely excused the behavior, telling reporters, "People will do what they do."  Many of these mal-educated rioters and politicians believe everything about America's past is based in racism.  They are fed this lie in schools and by institutions like The New York Times, which claims with great historical illiteracy in its 1619 Project that this country wasn't founded based on humanity's highest ideals in 1776, but rather in 1619, when the first slaves were brought to the New World.  The Times even absurdly asserts that the Revolutionary War wasn't fought to gain our independence but to keep slavery alive in the colonies.

Democratic National Committee platform mentions 'whites' 15 times, all [condemnatory].  The draft 2020 Democratic National Committee platform being circulated in Washington aims to reinforce the view that liberals are best situated to battle for minorities seeking higher wages, better housing and jobs, and more money for schools.  With the August convention coming on the heels of the Black Lives Matter protests, it features support for the movement and an expanded pledge to root out racism.  The preamble says, "We will give hate no safe harbor.  We will never amplify or legitimize the voices of bigotry, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or white supremacy."  In promising change, it sets up one group that has it too good and is holding minorities back:  whites.  In more than 80 pages in the draft platform published by Politico, whites are mentioned 15 times, all critical, including three references to white supremacy or supremacists and one to white nationalists.  The document doesn't capitalize white as it does Black, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.

Draft DNC Platform Declares White Americans Too Rich, Too Privileged, and Too Evil.  The Democrat National Committee draft platform for its 2020 convention mentions "whites" a total of 15 times, each of them within a "damning" context — a detail first noticed by the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard.  "In more than 80 pages in the draft platform published by Politico, whites are mentioned 15 times, all critical, including three references to white supremacy or supremacists and one to white nationalists," Bedard writes.  He adds, "In most mentions, the reference is to how whites are better off at the expense of others.  And the promise often is to 'close the gap' between minorities and whites, though no solutions are offered."  If this is a legitimate draft, the fact that it's a merely a draft means nothing.  It still reveals how ugly the Democrat Party has become and how ugly and divisive the future will be, should this approach to national politics ever prevail.

Biden's Buffoonery Upends the Left's Foundational Argument on 'Systemic Racism'.  In his zeal to throw every hyperbolic superlative at the wall to criticize Donald Trump, Joe Biden has unwittingly undermined one of the foundational principles guiding the Democrats' attack on the American system.  The setting was yet another of Biden's basement video conferences watched by hardly anyone, except perhaps the Trump campaign's war room which seems poised to point out every nonsensical utterance of the Democrats' presumptive nominee for president.  Biden, wishing to pile-on the already over-the-top "Trump is literally Hitler!" attacks on his opponent, proclaimed that Trump is "the first racist president in history."  It's a lie on multiple levels, which makes it so perfectly Bidenesque.  But, Biden making this claim has inspired a hilarious response from the radical left in the Democratic Party, you know, Biden's base.  You see, if Trump is our first racist president, then how can we possibly have a "systemically racist" country and system of government?

The deep state smear machine's racist meme.  On Wednesday [7/22/2020], former Vice President Joe Biden called President Donald Trump the first racist president in U.S. history.  Biden claimed, "The way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they're from, is absolutely sickening.  No sitting president has ever done this, never, never, never."  He further stated, "the way he pits people against one another is all designed to divide the country, divide people, not pull them together."  Charges of racism will dramatically increase as we near the 2020 elections.  The Democratic Party appears to be losing its grip on the Black vote and they must double down on the racist theme.  The Deep State Smear Machine has been very successful.  It has convinced millions of Americans that Trump is a racist.

Senate passes veto-proof bill that will strip Confederate names from military bases.  The Senate on Thursday [7/23/2020] passed a $740 billion defense spending bill that includes a provision to remove the name of Confederate leaders from military bases — setting up a showdown with President Trump who is opposed to the move.  The GOP-controlled chamber overwhelming passed the legislation with a vote of 81 to 14 — well over the number required to override the presidential veto which Trump threatened to wield last month in a bid to stop the bill.  The National Defense Authorization Act includes a plan to change the names of army bases named after Confederate soldiers, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Benning in Georgia, which are named after Confederate Gens.  Braxton Bragg and Henry Lewis Benning.

I Looked Up Every Case of an Unarmed Black Man Shot by Cops in 2019. Here's the Truth the Media and BLM are Hiding.  I have already made the case that systemic racism in law enforcement is a myth.  The claim that racist police are prowling the street searching for black men to murder is absurd on its face, and even absurder when you look at the facts.  It is by now well publicized — at least in some corners — that, despite all of the panicking and rioting over race-based police brutality, only a very small number of unarmed black men are killed by police each year.  But an even closer look at the data, and a study of each "unarmed" killing, reveals that the real number of unjustified police shootings of actual unarmed people — black, white, or any other race — is much smaller still.  First, to put the statistics into perspective, it's helpful to begin with the overall number of arrests.  According to the DOJ, police make about 10 million arrests each year.  As a rough average, 7 million of the arrested suspects are white and 3 million are black.  Out of that number, last year, 25 unarmed white people were killed by police, compared to 14 unarmed black people, according to the Washington Post database of police shootings.  That means about .0004 percent of all blacks arrested were killed while unarmed.  The percentage for whites is comparable.  In total, 1,000 people were shot and killed by police in 2019, the vast majority of whom were armed.  Still, that's a mere .01 percent of all arrests.

Trump is the first racist president, Biden says.  Never mind the slaveholders:  Joe Biden asserted that President Trump is the first racist to be elected president.  At a virtual event for the Service Employees International Union on Wednesday, Biden received a question from a California-based SEIU member, a South Korean immigrant, who said that she no longer says hello to strangers due to the coronavirus, citing racist reactions that she believed Trump's "China virus" comments and attitudes contributed to.  "What President Trump has done in going his — his spreading of racism, the way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they're from, is absolutely sickening," Biden said.

Dem Rep. Bobby Rush claims Trump 'wants to instigate a race war'.  Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush on Wednesday accused President Trump of wanting to "instigate a race war" so he could say he was the "grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan."  "That's Trump's game plan.  Trump wants to instigate a race war," the Illinois Democrat claimed during an appearance on "The Joe Madison Show" on SiriusXM Wednesday morning [7/22/2020].  "So he can rise up and say, 'I'm the real grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and I'm the President.  Reelect me.'  That's what he's trying to do.  "He's trying to play to the fears, to the racial animus that exists among certain White people, and he will do everything and anything to do that, because he wants to be reelected at all costs," Rush continued.

From Asheville to Trashville.  Tucked away in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, NC would be a little slice of paradise if it weren't infested with Marxist bluehairs transplanted from the Northeast who see it as their solemn moral obligation to carpetbag the local blacks into endless frothing fury about the supposed indignities of being black in America, as if it's not measurably better than being black anywhere else on the planet.  Asheville's mayor, Esther Manheimer, wasn't even born in America.  Despite the fact that the town is nearly 80% white, there is only one white male on its seven-member City Council.  There are two blacks, and as is the wont of black politicians, their entire political world consists of endlessly announcing their blackness to startled passersby.

Bill de Blasio uses police to guard 'Black Lives Matter' mural as NYC violence continues.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to ignore the violence sweeping his city, and is instead obsessed with a mural he helped paint on 5th Avenue.  Reading "Black Lives Matter" in big yellow letters, the mural is a personal vanity project for the mayor, as well as a testament to de Blasio's desire to stick it to US President Donald Trump.  To this end, he has apparently stationed the 1st and 8th NYPD divisions to guard the thing as though it were a priceless work of art at the MoMA.

Minneapolis City Council declares racism a public health emergency.  The Minneapolis City Council declared racism a public health emergency in the city Friday, vowing to allocate funding and other resources to "name, reverse, and repair the harm done" to people of color in the city.  The resolution was unanimously approved nearly two months after George Floyd, a Black man, was killed by Minneapolis police while in custody in south Minneapolis.  Days after his death, Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins called on the council to define racism as a public health crisis.  During a committee meeting last week, Jenkins said Floyd's killing, Black people's vulnerability to the corona-virus and racial gaps in homeownership are issues that have "been deeply agreed upon that at the core is racism."

De Blasio's Hissy Fit Continues:  Personally Participates in Painting 'Black Lives Matter' in Front of Trump Tower.  Bill de Blasio being Bill de Blasio.  Donald Trump being Donald Trump.  Grab the popcorn, folks — things are about to get interesting.  The New York City mayor not only moved ahead Thursday [7/9/2020] with his earlier-announced plan to have a mural with the words "Black Lives Matter" painted on Fifth Avenue, right in front of Trump Tower; the embattled mayor is doing some of the painting, his own petty self.

Seattle held 'segregated' training session on 'undoing whiteness,' encouraged staffers to forfeit 'guaranteed physical safety'.  The City of Seattle held a racially segregated employee training session aimed at White staffers and instructing them on "undoing your own whiteness" in order to be held accountable by people of color, according to documents obtained by a public records request.  The session took place on June 12, as protesters took part in the so-called "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" in the Capitol Hill district.  One handout distributed in the session declared how "racism is not our fault but we are responsible."  Another said White staffers must give up "the land" and their "guaranteed physical safety" in order to be an "accomplice" for racial justice.

Nancy Pelosi: 'Our Caucus... is More Than 60 Percent Women, People of Color and LGBTQ'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) on Monday [7/6/2020] joined with Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D.-N.Y.) and Caucus Procedures Chair Grace Meng (D.-N.Y.) in issuing a statement about the Democratic Caucus' new "Diversity Rule."  "House Democrats take great pride in the beautiful diversity of our Caucus, which is more than 60 percent women, people of color and LGBTQ," said Pelosi, Jeffries and Meng said in the statement.  "One of our Caucus's top priorities has long been to promote diversity at every level of Congress, so that these halls better reflect the dynamism and vibrancy of the American people whom we are privileged to represent," they said.

The Editor says...
Apparently Ms. Pelosi thinks white men are not dynamic or vibrant enough to serve as elected representatives.  What's the difference between that and bigotry?/p>

Hennepin County commissioners pass resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.  Tuesday [6/30/2020], the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.  "Due to racism, Black, Indigenous and people of color in Hennepin County statistically have poorer educational outcomes, earn less, and are less likely to own homes or have access to quality health care and jobs than White people," the county said in a statement.  "These disparities have lifelong impacts, including higher disease rates, and, as we're seeing now, higher rates of COVID-19."  The resolution calls for the county to advocate for policies that, "improves outcomes for Black, Indigenous and communities of color."

The Editor says...
This is race-based political pandering at its worst.  If some people in Minnesota "have poorer educational outcomes, earn less, and are less likely to own homes or have access to quality health care and jobs than White people," it's probably because of a lifetime series of bad decisions.  "[P]oorer educational outcomes" in particular are most likely their own fault.  If they don't own homes, it's probably because public housing is much cheaper.  Or maybe it's because they spent all their money on lottery tickets, marijuana, tattoos, and beer.  Nobody in America is denied "access" to a job.

The Most Noble Experiment in Human History is on a Ventilator.  [Scroll down]  There was an implicit understanding that while the United States provided no guaranteed outcomes, it did offer unprecedented opportunities for success.  Were there equal opportunities for the slaves (and their immediate descendants) brought to the United States against their will?  No.  Did traders from Britain, Portugal, and France roam the African Continent capturing slaves for export to buyers around the world?  No, they didn't have to.  Dominant African tribes were more than happy to do the dirty work and sell lesser advantaged peoples into slavery.  It was ever thus.  Perhaps the greatest folly of the past month (and that's not an easy one to pick, given the daily deluge of chicaneries being foisted on the American populace) is the notion that slavery was a uniquely American peculiarity, and blacks in America are owed reparations because of the way they have been treated from the 1600s until today.  Perhaps Al Sharpton sums up the thought process from his speech at a George Floyd memorial service.  The premise here is that no African Americans in the United States have been successful because the white man has held them back.

Are We a Unified Culture or a Collection of Grievances?  From aspiring to become less tribal and more unified as citizens of a common political culture, we have now devolved into a greater and even more palpable tribalism.  Thus the horrific image of a cop killing George Floyd becomes a conflict not between a bad cop and a social order based on common decency, but rather a conflict between races.  This searing political symbol has served a variety of agendas, each trying to hijack it for its own political purposes.  Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues take a knee and drape themselves in kente cloth — a symbol of rich African slave traders — to fashion their own agenda onto the killing of George Floyd.  If pandering required a definition, this is it.  The white anarchists whose Paris Commune fantasy is being played out in the streets of Seattle are doing so in the name of George Floyd, but what anarchism has to do with racial justice is questionable.  Antifa has its own agenda.  George Floyd is a useful symbol.

Leftist Minstrel Show:  Self-abasing protestors mostly white, and blacks are starting to laugh.  Anti-racism protests, which form the backdrop of the violence, desecration and looting going on around the U.S., are starting to look just a little bit strange to some black people.  Made up almost solely of whites, they feature kneeling, self-abasement, calls for absolution, and vows of reparation.  There have been celebrities declaring they 'take responsibility,' Congress members bowing in Kente cloth stoles, ritual kneelings in the street, uplifted fists of ecstasy, and in one particularly ridiculous instance, thick, pasty white protestors dancing around a fallen Columbus statue as Indian drums beat, oblivous to the logic of their declaration, in that they best go back to Europe to atone.  They've actually become religious rituals for white people with no religion and in need of one, what with global warming not coming through on its promises of Armaggedon.

Oregon County Reluctantly Rescinds Race-Baiting Mask Rule.  The Public Health Office of Lincoln County, Oregon, fearing an uptick in COVID-19 cases as lockdowns eased, decided to introduce a mandatory mask rule for all indoor public settings.  One small detail stood out:  citing potential "heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public," the directive declared that the mandatory rule would in fact be completely optional for "people of color."  National attention and national mockery ensued. [...] Just to be clear, there was no way to justify this selective exemption on scientific grounds.  Social distancing and masks barely work as halfway measures; only a small proportion of a population needs to "cheat" for effectiveness to plummet.  The exemption was therefore nothing more and nothing less than putting politics of the worst kind ahead of common sense and basic scientific coherence.

Two black candidates are running against each other.  How is "black voter suppression" an issue?
New York Democrat refuses to concede House primary election, alleges 'black voter suppression'.  A New York state lawmaker who sought to replace a retiring member of Congress refused to concede defeat Thursday [6/25/2020] following Tuesday's Democratic primary, claiming the election was plagued by "intentional black voter suppression."  State Assemblyman Michael Blake, an African-American candidate, finished in second place in the 15th Congressional District contest's in-person ballot count, the New York Daily News reported.  The top finisher was New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres, who is also African-American.

The Left's Idea of Bringing Us Together.  Earlier this month, former Defense Secretary James Mattis whined:  "Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people.  Instead, he tries to divide us."  Apparently, Mattis wasn't alive when Barack Obama was president.  His quest for unity started as a candidate, when he described Middle Americans as bitterly clinging to religion, guns and anti-immigrant sentiments — in other words, as fanatics, gun nuts and xenophobes.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the left's unity candidate — heaping calumny on the heads of "deplorables" (bitter-clingers 2.0).  Now comes Joe Biden, who said at an April fundraiser that Trump voters, "really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad."  So, if you're tired of illegals streaming across the border, Dems say you believe Mexicans are all rapists and if you're critical of the way Muslim countries treat Christians, to Dems, it's the same as saying, "all Muslims are bad."  Naturally, no one in the establishment media denounced this slander.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Who Once Claimed Jewish Ancestry, Now Says She's 'Black'.  "What do you think the Latinx community should do to stop racism among them and among other races?" AOC was asked.  Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, who once claimed to be descended from Sephardic Jews, replied:  "A lot of times I'll hear people say, 'OK, this is about Black Lives Matter, what about Latinos?' and I always say, Latinos are black!"

De Blasio plans to install Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower.  Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to install a massive Black Lives Matter mural right outside Trump Tower in Manhattan, The [New York] Post has learned.  Plans for the mural — which will be painted in yellow block letters along Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets — come as the city grapples with troubling surges in gun violence and illegal firework activity.  "Obviously he is doing it to antagonize the president," a source said.  "This is what he is concerned about while the city burns.  What an amateur politician."  The source said the mayor's office reached out to the Department of Transportation about the feasibility of the mural — but it was mentioned that de Blasio wanted it done.

London to Erect Statues Celebrating Mass Migration.  Two large sculptures celebrating mass migration will be unveiled in London next year, the Guardian has revealed.  It was announced Monday [6/22/2020], on the UK's second ever 'Windrush Day', that works by artists Thomas J Price and Veronica Ryan will be erected in London's Hackney borough in 2021.  Windrush Day commemorates the beginning of the modern mass migration era in Britain in 1948, and was instituted in 2018 after some members of that original generation of post-war migrant arrivals were detained and deported because of government error, causing a significant scandal.

"Tear Them Down": Race Activist Shaun King Calls for Removal of All Statues, Murals and Stained Glass Windows of "White Jesus and his European Mother".  Race activist Shaun King on Monday [6/22/2020] called for the taking down of all statues, murals and stained glass windows of "white Jesus and his European mother". King issued his statement on Twitter to his 1.1 million followers.

Shaun King says Jesus images 'a form of white supremacy' that must go: 'They should all come down'.  Shaun King said Monday [6/22/2020] it's time for anything resembling "white Jesus" to be expunged from the public square.  The staunch Black Lives Matter activist made the comments as online activists continued to debate which statues and monuments were culturally unacceptable in 2020.  The May 25 death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, under the weight of Minneapolis police served as the impetus for activists to tear down statues of historical figures like Christopher Columbus and George Washington.

Shaun King says Jesus images 'a form of white supremacy' that must go: 'They should all come down'.  Shaun King said Monday [6/22/2020] it's time for anything resembling "white Jesus" to be expunged from the public square.  The staunch Black Lives Matter activist made the comments as online activists continued to debate which statues and monuments were culturally unacceptable in 2020.  The May 25 death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, under the weight of Minneapolis police served as the impetus for activists to tear down statues of historical figures like Christopher Columbus and George Washington.

Pelosi Secretes Her Party's Pro-Slavery Past.  Late Thursday [6/18/2020], Nancy Pelosi had four of her predecessors removed from a Portrait Collection that adorns the Speaker's Lobby in Congress.  These Democratic Speakers were ostensibly banished from the halls of Congress pursuant to their Confederate ties.  Madam Speaker insisted in a news conference that she was unaware of the portraits or their unsavory provenance until recently, despite their conspicuous location just outside the House chamber where she has worked for the last 33 years.  Having finally learned of the offensive paintings, Pelosi ordered them taken down.

There's a reason racial tension is rising in America - it's by design.  If you've been paying attention recently, and you probably have, you've likely sensed that something profound is happening to this country right now, something that could transform what America is.  You can feel it happening. [...] Forty years ago, this was a middle-class country and as a result, America had strongly egalitarian values.  Pretty much everyone used commercial airports and ate at McDonald's.  Do you remember that?  People talked without irony about their rights as citizens and taxpayers.  You couldn't pay extra to jump to the head of the line at Disney World.  The idea that someone like Jeffrey Epstein could beat a sex charge because he was rich would have shocked us then.  We would have demanded an investigation into just how Jeffrey Epstein died.  Why?  Because Americans hated corruption.  They saw corruption as an offense against equality.  That was 40 years ago.  Things were moving in the opposite direction ever since.  We now accept, uncritically, the claim that some people deserve better treatment based on how they were born, and some deserve worse.

Dick Durbin Has a White Fragility Problem.  Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) had some choice words to describe Sen. Tim Scott's (R., S.C.) police reform bill.  "What we say on the Democratic side is we can not waste this historic moment, this singular opportunity," Durbin said on the Senate floor while discussing the legislation proposed by Scott, who is black.  "Let's not do something that is a token, half-hearted approach."  As Durbin is almost certainly aware, "token" is a problematic, racially charged term used to denigrate the accomplishments of people of color.  Scott responded by asking whether Democratic leaders were still wearing the kente cloths they donned for an embarrassing photo op earlier this month.

Lying Democrat in Congress says U.S. created slavery.  Senator Tim Kaine is in desperate need of a history lesson, falsely saying that the United States "created" slavery.  [Video clip]

The Left's Premature Revolution.  In their mad dash to exploit the tragic death of George Floyd, the left and their militant cohorts ignored the advice of their forefathers, Marx and Lenin, who admonished that revolutions take time and patience.  Perhaps if they had waited until Donald Trump was no longer in office, there was no recent pandemic lockdown and the occupant of the White House was virtually any Democrat or the typical Republican composite of John McCain, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, the radical left would have been far more successful in wringing out dramatic concessions that would move the country markedly left.  But, thanks to their lack of patience, the American people now know who these people are and what they stand for which is prompting a brewing albeit silent backlash.

The left is in control of every major institution
If 'The Left Controls Every Major Institution,' Then....  Whose fault?  Obama's "bitter clingers?" Hillary Clinton's "deplorables?"  A cabal of NRA members holed up in a secret gun range? [...] Maybe, just maybe, the answer is right in front of our faces:  That the "major institutions" in America, the "system" if you like, have not in fact been helping to end racism in America.  Instead they have been systematically making it worse.  Mainstream media have been giving airtime for decades to straight-up racists like Revs.  Jackson and Sharpton.  Academia has been counting the number of racists on the head of a pin with its intellectual fog of grievance studies and postmodern rubbish.  Administrative government has been administering the straight-up racism of quotas, Affirmative Action, goals and timetables, diversity and inclusion.  Hollywood insists on casting blacks as scientists and women as superheroes.  Big Tech has been hiring South Asians by the upper-caste Brahmin load, when it could have been hiring blacks from the 'hood.

The High Price of Forgetting.  America should never forget their names:  Garnette Ramantar, Kareem Brunner, Olga Garcia, Angeline Marrero, Cynthia Martinez, Luz Ramos, and Mayra Rentas.  These seven innocent people were murdered on Dec. 8, 1995, when a deranged supporter of Al Sharpton burst into Freddie's Fashion Mart, shot four people and set fire to the Jewish-owned business on Harlem's 125th Street.  Everyone who knows the story of how Sharpton's shakedown protests against "white interlopers" incited the Freddie's Fashion Mart massacre must consider Sharpton permanently tainted as a murderous hatemonger.  Sharpton has never repented for inciting murder and, because he has dishonestly denied responsibility, he ought to be regarded as entirely untrustworthy — falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.  No honest person would publicly associate with this race-baiting demagogue, much less provide Sharpton a platform to promote his wicked worldview, and yet there he was on every TV network this week, preaching the eulogy for George Floyd.

Race Isn't Going Away.  Whatever people may claim, race isn't going away.  It's too big a cash cow, too big a platform, too big a power source to be ignored, too large a cudgel to be put down.  And that puts it right in line with most of activism.  The cause, whatever it is, has no end game beyond its own self-perpetuation.  If the problem was solved, the gravy train would stop.

Al Sharpton Demands NFL 'Give Colin Kaepernick a Job Back'.  MSNBC host Al Sharpton rejected the NFL's apology for "not listening to its players" and demanded that the league "give Colin Kaepernick a job back."  Speaking at the funeral of George Floyd in Houston, Texas, Sharpton brought the NFL into his remarks saying NFL chief Roger Goodell's recent address to the players' concerns about racial injustice was an "empty apology."

The Floyd Finale — The Biden/Clyburn Push To Capitalize on Last Floyd Funeral.  If you've been following the week-long, highly political, three state grievance tour consisting of five funerals and viewings timed and located to maximize a 2020 political narrative; today [6/9/2020] is the culmination of the effort. [...] The media previously claimed funeral number four for George Floyd in Houston, Texas, would be a small private gathering of family and close friends and that's why Joe Biden would not be present to give his remarks in person.  As the Biden/Clyburn campaign explained to Reuters:  "He is not expected to attend the service to avoid any disruption to mourners that could be caused by his Secret Service protective detail."  That Biden/Clyburn claim was always transparently silly.  As you can see today from the funeral dozens of congresspersons, senators, state and national officials were included in a large made-for-television, live-broadcast, event that was not the least bit "private", "small" or reserved for close family and friends.  Instead it was what we expected it would be; a Joe Biden political rally exploiting the death of George Floyd.

Sharpton attacks Roger Goodell, Trump while spewing angry, divisive eulogy.  If you've been hiding under a rock these past two weeks and haven't discerned for yourself that George Floyd's death has been politicized by the left, to no less degree than the Russian collusion hoax, the partisan impeachment ruse and the COVID-19 pandemic, allow Al Sharpton to enter the picture.  The race-baiting MSNBC host, who still claims the title of a Reverend, delivered the eulogy Tuesday at Floyd's funeral, using the platform to drive racial discord, attack President Donald Trump and advocate on behalf of radical left ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick while calling out league commissioner Roger Goodell.

Systemic Racism and Bigotry Are the Lifeblood of the Left.  [Scroll down]  The only racism in America that is systemic — deeply ingrained into the system — is on the left. It is so disgusting that it is hard even to speak about it.  It is shameful, and it exists for one reason only: for White leftists to grab votes, [...] How low will they grovel to get power?  They will kneel on the floor.  They actually will kneel on the floor, groveling for power.  Of course, as Nancy Pelosi just found, she kneeled so long that she could not even get back up.  You think she was kneeling to Jesus?  Nancy Pelosi is America's leading Catholic proponent of abortion — though Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, and a boatload of other Democrat Catholics would take great offense at Nancy Pelosi getting all the credit for funding the killing of fetuses, especially in the Black community. That Pelosi is kneeling to Jesus?  And who, pray tell, was Schumer kneeling to?  He claims to be Jewish, so he is not kneeling to Jesus. But wait!  It is a core tenet of Judaism that kneeling is forbidden except on Yom Kippur during the recitation of the Kohen service that occurred at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during Talmudic times.  Otherwise, it is so fundamentally against Judaism to kneel that every Jewish child learns the story associated with Talmud Tractate Gittin 57b of "The Woman and Her Seven Sons."

The Window Closed.  When you know the playbook of Benjamin Crump; and you understand the playbook of how the AME grievance network intersects with the playbook of Crump; it is easy to predict activity.  George Floyd's life wasn't what mattered, the political opportunity was.  This election year opportunity brought together Ben Crump, James Clyburn, Joe Biden and the DNC.  The death of George Floyd was the vehicle, the opportunity, that created the background for the network to align for mutual interests; money, power and politics. [...] Keeping in mind that everything in Crump world is always sketchy and manufactured, it is not surprising to see articles describing Joe Biden meeting with the Floyd family by using Roger Floyd.

Infamous hate crime hoaxer to host race rally in DC.  Given the current unrest surrounding the death of George Floyd, it's not surprising to learn that yet another rally is being planned in D.C. But this one is being announced well in advance, scheduled to take place on August 28th, the anniversary of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech given 57 years ago.  Unfortunately for those interested in participating, the host of this rally is perpetual opportunist Al Sharpton.  Any time there is any sort of unrest involving issues of race, you can always expect Al Sharpton to show up and find a way to continue promoting himself, and the current waves of demonstrations are clearly no exception.

The Delusional Premises of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Welcome to yet another example of the nexus between climate change alarmism and a socialist redistribution agenda fueled by racial resentment.  That may be old news to those of us paying attention, but thanks to birdbrained stooges like U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) the blatant race-baiting rhetoric is being turned up a notch.  And why not?  If you're a socialist, or a globalist, there is only upside to tagging nations of European heritage with guilt for the problems facing their "communities of color," or the problems in the rest of the non-European world.  It would be far too painful to consider the alternative explanation, which is that socialism, in all of its antecedents and derivatives, is the primary cause of the societal afflictions that plague "people of color" both in America and abroad.

Will Joe Biden Let Al Sharpton Pick His Running Mate?  [Al] Sharpton is as toxic a figure as exists in American public life.  Space does not permit here a full summary of Sharpton's sins, which include inciting murder, riot, and arson, leading a hoax rape accusation against innocent men, anti-Semitism, and tax evasion; [...] (Maybe the most bizarre of all was Sharpton nodding along with a caller to his radio show who accused Sarah Palin of killing Michael Jackson).  There are plenty of terrible people in American politics, but Sharpton has a body count to go with an unusually broad range of misconduct.  There's a long, shabby list of Democrats who have enabled and embraced Sharpton, including Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and Biden's old boss, Barack Obama.  Donald Trump, too, has helped legitimize Sharpton.  All of them should be ashamed of themselves, and there is no excuse for Biden letting Sharpton wield this kind of influence over the most important decision of his presidential campaign.

How The Southern Poverty Law Center Started Inventing 'Hate Groups'.  On March 14, 2019 the Southern Poverty Law Center publicly fired its founder and long-time leader Morris Dees on accusations of racial and sexual discrimination, and announced it would bring in outside assistance to investigate the climate of the organization Dees had built and ruled over for almost half a century.  Since its founding, the SPLC had been treated — at least in the mainstream media — as an unquestioned arbiter of what qualifies as racism and hatred.  Being added to the SPLC's "Hate List" was the death-knell for any number of organizations that ran afoul of Dees.

More than 200 black women urge Biden to pick black woman as running mate.  More than 200 black women on Friday [4/24/2020] signed an open letter to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden urging him to pick a black woman as his running mate.  Biden has said he will choose a woman to be his vice presidential nominee, and has named several black women in conversations about who he may pick to be on the ticket.

Van Jones says states reopening businesses amid coronavirus is 'a death sentence for communities of color'.  CNN political commentator Van Jones said Tuesday [4/21/2020] that the decision by some states to ease stay-at-home restrictions and open businesses is effectively "a death sentence for communities of color," which have been disproportionately affected by the novel coronavirus.  His comments follow Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's announcement that some businesses in the state would be able to reopen as early as Friday, as other state leaders signaled similar plans.

POLL: White Liberals Most Bothered by Joe Biden's Whiteness.  The only Democratic voters significantly bothered by Joe Biden's race and gender are white liberals with graduate degrees, according to a Pew survey published this week.  According to the poll, a majority of Democratic voters are not concerned that their party's presumptive nominee for president is an elderly white man.  Nearly 60 percent of respondents said Biden's age and race do not bother them.  Among black voters, 72 percent said they weren't bothered by Biden's race and gender, while 70 percent of Hispanic voters said the same.  Concern over Biden's whiteness was considerably higher among white Democrats, nearly half of whom said they were bothered that their party's nominee was not a minority.

Because everything is about race...
Michigan Governor Whitmer sets up coronavirus racial disparity task force.  Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered on Monday the creation of a task force to investigate why the novel coronavirus has disproportionately affected the state's African-American community.  "The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted communities of color throughout our state," Whitmer, a Democrat, said in her executive order.  "For example, while African Americans represent 13.6 percent of our state's population, they represent a staggering 40 percent of the deaths from COVID-19."  Whitmer's task force will investigate and study strategies to address the disparity as well as the historical and systematic inequalities pertaining to race that have amplified the death rate in the state's black community.

Bet Your Life — Vote for Democrats.  New York City and California's loony politicos are hooked on identity politics and see racism everywhere, ignoring objective science.  The consequences of ignoring reality: overwhelmed medical facilities, lack of proper medical equipment, and soaring death rates. [...] In brief, Mayor de Blasio's City Health Commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, is a radical who previously served as Health Commissioner of Baltimore where she "had given the city's race rioters 'space to destroy.'"  Space which continues after her move to New York to result in a soaring murder rate.  She boasted of seeing health policy through a "racial equity lens," a lens so fogged that she concentrated on discouraging those arriving from Wuhan from going into self-quarantine and encouraging New Yorkers to attend the Lunar New Year celebrations in the city.

Elizabeth Warren Demands 'Critical' Racial Data of those with Coronavirus.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is demanding the racial data of those contracting the novel coronavirus, contending that it is "critical to ensuring an equitable and just response to this crisis across the board."  While the virus appears to be no respecter of persons, infecting more than one million people globally, Warren believes it is "critical" to have racial data to properly respond to the pandemic.

AOC wants coronavirus reparations for minorities: 'Inequality is a comorbidity'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared Friday [4/3/2020] that inequality is a preexisting health condition and that minority and low-income communities should receive coronavirus relief in the form of reparations.  "COVID deaths are disproportionately spiking in Black + Brown communities," the New York democratic socialist tweeted to her 6.6 million followers.  "Why?  Because the chronic toll of redlining, environmental racism, wealth gap, etc.  ARE underlying health conditions.  "Inequality is a comorbidity," she wrote.  "COVID relief should be drafted with a lens of reparations."

10 Ways the Left Has Politicized the Coronavirus Pandemic.  For weeks, members of the media were referring to the virus as the Wuhan or Chinese coronavirus, without any such outrage from the Democrats.  Similarly, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself eating crow after she called on the public to eat at home for public safety mere days after accusing the public of being racist for not eating at Chinese restaurants.  But it doesn't stop with allegations of racism.  The left has made diversity (or lack thereof) a theme of their coronavirus attacks, taking their Trump Derangement Syndrome to a new level of absurdity.  CNN beclowned itself by complaining that Trump's coronavirus taskforce lacked diversity compared to Obama's 2014 Ebola virus task force, lamenting the team was made up of a bunch of old white men.  Famed horror author Stephen King similarly made a fool of himself after complaining about the lack of diversity on the coronavirus task force, though he was promptly called out on Twitter, with people showing photos of the team, which included both minorities and women.

Race-hustler Joe Biden.  It is a testament to how fringe and unacceptable racism has become in America today — the worst thing you can accuse a politician of is racism.  Lying is perfectly acceptable.  Flip-flopping is the norm.  Failure to keep promises is a given.  You will even be forgiven for molesting the intern in the Oval Office.  But racism?  It is the Scarlet Letter.

For Buttigieg, a Search for Black Support That Never Arrived.  In October, Pete Buttigieg said he would do better with South Carolina's black voters once they got to know him better.  When he came back in December, he was still working on introducing himself to the black electorate.  And in late January he admitted he was scared that at his rallies in South Carolina, where 60 percent of the Democratic electorate is black, most attendees were white.  Those fears were borne out on Saturday, when Mr. Buttigieg was trounced in South Carolina's primary and earned just two percent of the vote from African-Americans, according to early exit polling.

Billionaire Steyer shakes up primary with slavery reparations plan.  For centuries, South Carolina's Charleston was the largest port of entry for the transatlantic slave trade.  Now, a billionaire activist named Tom Steyer is shaking up the state's Democratic primary by advocating slavery reparations for African Americans.  A California financier turned philanthropist and environmental campaigner, Steyer has poured tens of millions of dollars into the state ahead of Saturday's vote — with a single-minded focus on the black voters who make up 60 percent of its Democratic electorate.

The Editor says...
This was an act of political desperation, apparently, because he dropped out of the race the next day.

The Democrat debate looked like a mixed martial arts cage fight.  Most Americans don't care one bit about skin color; they care about character.  It is the leftists who endlessly strive to make race, class and gender the only things that matter about every individual and that is the purest definition of racism and bigotry there is.  There are no individuals, only members of a victim group.  The Left does not care about black people or poor people, they use them to gain power.  In the meantime, the rest of us live our lives day to day.  We interact with our friends and families who are of numerous and varying skin colors, gay, straight, liberal or conservative, for the most part without rancor.  It is the left that promotes division among us for all the usual reasons — it serves their quest for power.

Joe Biden is saying he was arrested trying to reach Nelson Mandela.  He's never said that before.  In at least three campaign appearances over the past two weeks, Joe Biden has told a similar story as he tries to revive his campaign in states with more diverse voters.  On a trip to South Africa years ago, he has said, he was arrested as he sought to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

Joe Biden claims he was arrested in South Africa in 1989 - but nobody else can seem to remember.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is facing scrutiny over a dubious tale from the campaign trail, claiming that he was arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.  Biden, 77, first told the story at a campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina on February 11, as he tried to shake off defeat in New Hampshire, and has repeated it twice more during outreach to black voters.

The Editor says...
There is nothing to be gained by making such a claim, anyway.  Approximately nobody will vote for Biden just because he went to South Africa in 1989; whereas, a great number of voters will be less inclined to vote for Biden if the story is a lie.

Oh Xusana!  Racist property redistribution hits Vermont.  Last year, Xusana Davis was appointed by Vermont governor Phil Scott as the state's "first Racial Equity Executive Director."  Davis, formerly of New York City's Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, applied for the job "on a whim," and was installed to "identify and address systemic racism in Vermont."  But the law labeling Vermont as systemically racist was also a whim, backed by no evidence aside from bald assertions that racial disparities in prison, land ownership, or school disciplinary actions reflect a disparity in treatment of people of color.  The dangers of this false assumption are demonstrated in Xusana's latest gambit:  to "codify community engagement" by "considering racial and environmental justice in land use."  Davis has been commissioned by recent Vermont law to "develop a strategy to address racial disparities within the State systems of education, labor and employment, access to housing and health care, and economic development."

Pete Buttigieg touts African American endorsements that do not exist.  Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has an endorsement problem.  More specifically, the 2020 Democratic primary candidate keeps padding the list of black people who supposedly support his candidacy to include anyone who so much as comes within striking distance of his campaign.  On Saturday, a South Carolina newspaper published an opinion article by Buttigieg wherein he claimed his "campaign has proudly partnered with" black-owned businesses in the Palmetto State, including Diane's Kitchen in the town of Chester and Atlantis Restaurant in Moncks Corner.  As it turns out, though, the proprietors of those establishments have no idea what the former mayor is talking about.

Democrat Pete Buttigieg overstated pledges of support from black leaders, public figures.  When Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg touted support from African American comedian and actor Keegan-Michael Key last week, his campaign was forced just hours later to clarify that the actor had not officially endorsed the former South Bend mayor, telling reporters he only sought to "encourage early voting and voter registration."  Key appeared with Buttigieg on Saturday to drum up voter support at his Henderson, Nevada field office.  The gaffe did not attract much attention.  However, it was not the first time the Buttigieg campaign overstated having a tie with a prominent African American figure, or black business.

Buttigieg reportedly touted 'partnerships' with black-owned South Carolina businesses they denied having.  A new report alleges that former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg touted "partnerships" with black-owned businesses in South Carolina that the business owners denied making.  Last week, Buttigieg penned an op-ed in a South Carolina newspaper "The State" promoting his "Frederick Douglass Plan," which he describes is "a comprehensive investment in the empowerment of Black America" that was developed with the help of black activists and business leaders.

Racial preferences in Virginia energy law are unconstitutional.  Virginia's new Democratic legislature is passing an energy law that contains racial preferences.  But to try to get around constitutional restrictions on racial discrimination, it is primarily targeting such preferences to "predominantly-minority areas," rather than to minority individuals.  This doesn't immunize this legislation against a constitutional challenge, but it does complicate things for challengers.  Both houses of the Virginia legislature have passed passed [sic] the "Virginia Clean Economy Act" (VCEA).  It will increase residents' utility bills a lot in the years to come.  It also provides jobs and job training reserved for areas that are predominantly minority or predominantly lower income (HB 1526 and SB 851).  The VCEA requires a utility, in constructing an offshore wind generation facility, to "give priority to the hiring of local workers, including workers" from "a community in which a majority of the population are people of color."  Such facilities are likely to cost billions to construct, paid for by higher utility bills.

Al Sharpton's 2004 presidential campaign still owes more than $900K.  Fifteen year's later, the check is still in the mail.  The Rev. Al Sharpton's failed 2004 presidential campaign still owes more than $900,000. The unpaid debt of his committee, "Sharpton 2004," has remained unchanged for a decade, according to its most recent FEC filing in March 2019.  The campaign has not filed any of its required disclosure forms since then, earning multiple letters of rebuke from the feds.  "If committees are unable to pay debts, they can file a debt-settlement plan with the FEC ... committees could not just decide not to pay," a spokesman from the Federal Election Commission told The [New York] Post.  The holy man's campaign is in the hole, despite him personally earning more money than ever.

'Do I look white to you?' Tlaib accuses census director of 'erasing' people of Middle Eastern descent.  Rep. Rashida Tlaib accused Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham of "erasing" people of Middle Eastern descent during a House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee meeting.  The congresswoman from Michigan was upset that the 2020 census does not include "Middle Eastern/North African" as an option in the ethnicity category despite an Obama-era study that recommended otherwise.  "Do I look white to you?" Tlaib asked Dillingham.  Dillingham began to explain that there is a write-in option on the census to compensate for people who don't feel a category accurately depicts their background.  Tlaib cut him off and said that "circling white" on the census changed her "lived experience as a person of color" in the United States.

House Dems push legislation requiring banks to receive critical 'diversity and inclusion' rating.  House Democrats are proposing that all banks and credit unions receive a new "diversity and inclusion" rating in an unprecedented step that would fundamentally alter federal regulators' critical "CAMELS" rating system that currently employs a series of metrics that solely assess the financial health of banking institutions.  The "Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Banking Act of 2019" is draft legislation supported by Democrats on the House Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion, which was created by House Financial Services Committee chairwoman Maxine Waters Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.  Waters has long pushed for government-led diversity efforts, even as Republicans have challenged her knowledge of fundamental economic issues.

Watch: Sheila Jackson Lee Rails Against Trump Budget as Racist, Claims It Invokes Slavery.  Democrats seem to term everything racist, especially when it has anything to do with Republicans or President Donald Trump, whether it makes sense or not.  Some of the things they've termed racist over the years are just downright silly.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) demonstrated exactly that during a Congressional hearing on the proposed Trump budget for next year.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Labels Trump's Budget Plan as Racist.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) accused President Trump's proposed budget of being racist while invoking the treatment and stereotyping of slaves on Wednesday [2/12/2020]. Russ Vought, the acting director for the White House's Office of Management and Budget, was testifying to the House Budget Committee on Trump's proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 when Jackson Lee used her time to rip into the proposals because of work requirements.  Jackson Lee compared stereotypes of slaves being lazy and how "laws were put in place that if you were picking cotton, you couldn't get assistance."

Heightening the Contradictions.  The American racial problem was essentially solved in the mid-60s.  But the Left, sensing a dramatic opportunity, leapt in, raising marginal racial crackpots such as Huey Newton, Stokely Carmichael, and H. Rap Brown to the status of racial spokesmen, deliberately antagonizing working-class whites through bussing and legal block-busting, and constructing elaborate theoretical (Black Liberation Theory), and legal (affirmative action) systems designed to institutionalize racial hostility.

Sanders: The United States Is a 'Racist Society'.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) on Friday said the United States has a "racist society from top to bottom" on everything from health care to criminal justice to education.  "We have a racist society from top to bottom impacting health care, housing, criminal justice, education, you name it.  And clearly this is an issue that must be dealt with," Sanders said during the debate hosted by ABC News.  "But in terms of criminal justice, what we have got to do is understand the system is broken — is racist.  We invest in our young people in jobs and education, not more jails and more incarceration."  Sanders continued by calling for an end to the war on drugs, saying it has unfairly impacted African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans.

Creepy Pete.  [Scroll down]  The stagecraft was weird.  If the demographic polling we've all read is correct, then the line of seven or eight African-American supporters behind him during his Iowa victory speech represents, by my math, 180 percent of his African-American support nationwide.  In fact, those in that line seemed to constitute most of the African Americans in the room, which made you wonder how it was they were placed so directly in the sight lines of the television cameras.  I bet that was a very delicate mission for the person tasked with it.  The surreal and eerie quality of the speech was enhanced by the fact that he declared himself the winner in prose that was so fundamentally empty.

The Editor says...
Yes, minorities are often rounded up and placed directly behind a candidate when he or she is making a televised speech, to give the not-so-subtle impression that it's safe for minorities to vote for the candidate.  This practice has been going on for many years.

Sanders Interrupts Candidates Fighting Over Who Has More Of The Black Vote.  2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said Friday [2/7/2020] that "we have a racist society from top to bottom."  The Vermont senator spoke Friday evening at ABC's Democratic debate in New Hampshire, where he discussed racism in the United States as former Vice President Joe Biden and billionaire Tom Steyer argued over who has more support from black voters.  "We have a racist society from top to bottom," Sanders said, adding that this "racist society" is "impacting health care, housing, criminal justice, education — you name it."

Trashing America as racist won't help Democrats beat Trump.  Tom Steyer, the billionaire who's trying to buy a win Bloomberg-style in the South Carolina Democratic primary, issued a stark warning at the beginning of the Democratic debate Friday night in New Hampshire:  Trump has the economic numbers that can help him get reelected, and Democrats are going to need to have a strong message to overwhelm it.  About an hour into the debate, they found their message:  America, Bernie Sanders said, is "a racist society from top to bottom."  One by one, the candidates echoed the message that "systemic racism" characterizes America.  "We can't legislate away racism," said Andrew Yang, because racism runs so deep in the American soul.  Joe Biden, verbatim (poor Joe): "The fact is that we in fact there is systemic racism."  Elizabeth Warren even declared that "we need race-conscious laws in education, in employment, in entrepreneurship to make this country a country for everyone."

Warren blames 'legacy' of U.S. racism for conditions that caused campaign staff to quit.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren says it's time for America to consider its "long legacy" of racism in response to six minority staffers who quit the Nevada arm of her campaign.  The Massachusetts Democrat discussed the issue with MSNBC's Chris Hayes this week as she vies for further traction in the party's presidential primaries.

Buttigieg blames Trayvon death on 'white supremacy'.  Hoping to fan racial flames in his direction before the South Carolina primary, Pete Buttigieg tweeted out his support for Trayvon Martin on the occasion of what would have been Martin's 25th birthday, February 5.  "Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today," Mayor Pete tweeted.  "How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear?"  Buttigieg threw in a Black Lives Matter hashtag just to make sure black voters knew he was down for the struggle.  This tweet would have been unfortunate six months ago.  Today, it is unforgivable.

Fact-checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Claim:  "Rush Limbaugh is a virulent racist..."  Fact-checker rating: Pants-on-fire.  One has to look no farther than the control booth of the extraordinarily successful Rush Limbaugh radio show to learn that the infamous producer and call screener "Bo Snerdley" is in reality a black man named James Golden. [...] Rush Limbaugh is neither a racist nor misogynist.  He is hated and reviled by liberals such as Ocasio-Cortez because he is an unapologetic conservative voice so desperately needed at this moment in American history.  Any listener of his show can attest to the fact that Rush has frequently praised Justice Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, and if memory serves correctly, Justice Thomas is black.  While Limbaugh is unafraid to criticize, mock, and parody race-baiting hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Louis Farrakhan, or Al Sharpton, he often speaks of economist Thomas Sowell in almost reverential tones, and professor Walter Williams has also served on multiple occasions as a guest host on Limbaugh's radio show.  I wouldn't even know the name of Dr. Williams if it hadn't been for Rush Limbaugh.

Saying No to Black History Month.  Here we are again folks.  February, another Black History Month.  Progressives expect my fellow blacks and me to happily celebrate our month.  I will not.  BHM is nothing more than a political weapon for Democrats/progressives to spread racial hate and further their lie that America is the greatest source of evil on the planet.  Most American blacks do not realize that many original civil rights black freedom fighters who stood beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr sold their souls to the dark side after Dr. King died.  They joined the white Democrat/progressive movement, metaphorically receiving 30 pieces of silver.  The agenda of the dark side is anti-Christian and anti-American.  Black civil rights activists like Jesse Jackson abandoned Dr. King's divinely inspired mission for blacks to be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.  Instead, the post-MLK black civil rights movement became all about skin-color, exploiting it in every way.

Why the Left Really Wants to Kill America.  Over the last half-century, the Democratic Party has taken the concept of Marxist/Leninist dialectical struggle to new heights through its use of identity politics.  The term refers to politically subdividing the electorate into multiple factions (voting blocks), whose members are told they are singled out for persecution by a bigoted and unjust society.  To wit:  People of color are persecuted by racists & white supremacists, women by sexists & misogynists, refugees & illegal immigrants by nativists & xenophobes, Muslims by Islamophobes, gays & lesbians by homophobes & religious bigots, the 99% by the 1%, and so on.  The goal of identity politics is to turn a majority of the American electorate against their country.

Huh? Joe Biden Says He was 'Raised in The Black Church'.  Joe Biden has told a lot of stories about his connection to black voters.  Back in 2017, he told a story about his younger days at a community pool with minority kids rubbing his hairy legs and jumping on his lap, which was all sorts of weird and creepy.  He told another good one on Sunday [1/26/2020] at an NAACP event where he claimed his "political identity" was molded by minorities back in his home state.  "I have a lot of black support because that's where I come from.  I was raised in the black church, politically, not a joke," Joe Biden said at the event in Des Moines, Iowa.

Biden claims he marched to protest segregation.  Where's the proof?  Biden, who prides himself on his relationship with black voters, clearly benefits from his eight years of service to the popular Barack Obama.  But do most blacks know that for decades Biden has bragged about "marching" and "protesting" to fight to "desegregate movie theaters and things like that" — and that there is zero evidence of any of this?

The Anti-White Party.  An outtake in an article in the November 14 New York Times about the Iowa caucuses caused me to do a double take:  "Democrats question the status of a state that's 90% white."  Imagine that the Times had instead said, "Republicans question the status of a state that's heavily black," or "GOP questions the status of a state that's largely Hispanic."  The crises of outrage would reach to the heavens.  Every Establishment organ would demand the Republicans [...] grovel in the dust, and kiss the feet of so-called black and Hispanic "leaders", most of whom are con artists.  But when the Democrats dismiss a state because it's largely white?  Not a murmur of protest arose from any quarter.

Rashida Tlaib Persists as the Biggest Embarrassment in Congress.  Take, as the latest example, Tlaib's ill-advised hot take on the New Jersey shooting that left six people (1 good guy, 3 innocent people, and the 2 murderers) dead.  Having caught wind of a senseless act of violence that had occurred in Jersey City, Tlaib took to her personal Twitter account to play politics.  She tweeted, "This is heartbreaking.  White supremacy kills."  The killers were both black.  Not only that, but they had both demonstrated an interest in the black supremacy movement modeled by the Black Hebrew Israelites.  Talk about swinging, missing, and slipping into the bushes.  Within about 20 minutes, the ratio on her tweet had gotten so bad that she deleted it, and then proceeded to continue on as though nothing had happened.

Several Democratic candidates call on the DNC to make the debates more diverse.  Nine Democratic presidential candidates have called on the Democratic National Committee to relax its debate standards next year, allowing some lower-polling rivals onto the stage.  "While we know this was an unintended consequence of the DNC's actions, many of the candidates excluded due to these thresholds are the ones who have helped make this year's primary field historically diverse," the candidates wrote.  "Frankly, that unintended result does not live up to the values of our Democratic Party and it does not serve the best interest of Democratic voters."

Impeach Trump Because of Slavery?  Congressman Al Green has become one of the Democratic Party's top spokesmen.  Which is a good thing, because Green is generally unfiltered, and therefore gives us a glimpse into his party's id. [...] I don't have a high opinion of Al Green's intelligence, but even he cannot be dumb enough to believe his smears against President Trump.  More to the point, however, is that none of this constitutes proper grounds for impeachment.  It is ridiculous to assert that political differences over, for example, "LGBTQ" issues, constitute high crimes and misdemeanors under the Constitution.  Green's rant is valuable, not because it makes any sense, but because it gives us a window into the Democrats' real motive for wanting to impeach the president — sheer hatred over political differences.

What's the difference between this and bigotry?
Rep. Al Green howls about no black faces among the screaming leftist professors.  Poor Al Green.  All that lefty scream-mongering at the congressional impeachment hearings and no minorities to show for it. [...] At first glance, it shows just how obsessed with racial bean-counting your average extremist Democrat in the House is.  Maybe there weren't any minorities who wanted to beclown themselves this stupidly, did you consider that, Al?  More likely, Green is pulling the old Kamala Harris trick, of howling about the importance of minority faces when in fact the idea was to promote herself.  She'd be the solution to fill that affirmative action slot.  There's plenty of evidence to suggest that Green is exactly the same.

Al Sharpton's charity skirts scrutiny thanks to clout with Dems: critics.  The Rev. Al Sharpton's troubled charity, the National Action Network, has dodged scrutiny paid other nonprofits — despite paying him $1 million last year — thanks to his political clout, insiders and experts say.  "There are certain things that are universally true in New York:  the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, the subway is late and no one wants to pick a fight with Al Sharpton," said one top Democratic insider.  "Where's the political benefit to doing it?"  Sharpton's teflon provides a sharp contrast to the vigorous investigations state Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance mounted against President Trump, including his troubled charity.

The Democrats:  Identity Politics above All.  The Democrats are totally and absolutely a party focused solely on identity politics and a party not at all concerned with the greater, general good of the country.  Their electoral strategy is based on identifying specific groups of voters to whom they can assign victimhood status and then promise a taxpayer-funded government program to alleviate their suffering and correct the wrongs perpetrated against them.  Implicit in the Democrats' argument is the common theme that these so-called transgressions are the result of biased, intentional wrongdoing by white conservative Republicans, whose prejudices, shortsightedness, and mean-spirited nature are aimed at those groups, with the intention of maintaining (or regaining, in some instances) political control of the country by a white heterosexual male cohort of European decent.

Al Sharpton's 'nonprofit' deserves the same scrutiny as Trump's.  State Attorney General Letitia James was quite proud of herself for winning a $2 million judgment against President Trump for misusing his Trump Foundation charity.  But surely the Rev. Al Sharpton's nonprofit merits similar scrutiny.  As The [New York] Post's Melissa Klein and Georgett Roberts reported last weekend, Sharpton sucked in more than $1 million last year from his National Action Network charity:  salary of $324,000, a $160,000 bonus and $563,000 in "other compensation" — which NAN says it owed him for a stretch from 2004 to 2017 when it supposedly underpaid him.  NAN claims it hired an executive-compensation firm that found it shorted him $1.25 million over those years. [...] [W]hat a convenient finding for the Rev, who runs the group that hired the firm.

Al Sharpton was paid $1 million by his own charity last year.  Controversial civil rights activist and MSNBC host the Rev. Al Sharpton was paid $1,046,948 by his own charity in 2018, tax filings for the National Action Network show, according to the New York Post.  "Sharpton got a $324,000 salary — 32% higher than his 2017 pay — in addition to a $159,596 bonus and $563,352 in 'other compensation,'" the report stated.

Al Sharpton gets $1M in pay from his own charity, tax filings show.  He's the million-dollar minister.  The Rev. Al Sharpton raked in $1,046,948 from his own charity last year, according to National Action Network's latest tax filings obtained by The [New York] Post.  Sharpton got a $324,000 salary — 32% higher than his 2017 pay — in addition to a $159,596 bonus and $563,352 in "other compensation."

Why Trump is the Black Voters' Clear Choice in 2020.  Tragically, blacks have voted monolithically for Democrats for 60 years with nothing to show for it.  Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, and every other city controlled by Democrats are hellholes of black misery; black-on-black homicides, out-of-wedlock births (fatherless households), high incarceration, genocidal numbers of abortions, and school dropouts.  And yet, Democrats are still deceiving blacks with their tired old lie that every issue plaguing black Americans is the result of white racism.

Julián Castro Team Bashes 'The Four White Frontrunners'.  The campaign for Democrat presidential hopeful and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro took aim at "the four white frontrunners" in the race for president.  The comments, which were made by campaign spokesperson Sawyer Hackett, were shared in an official Castro campaign email sent to reporters on Tuesday [11/5/2019].

Kansas City votes to remove Martin Luther King's name from historic street.  Kansas City voters on Tuesday [11/5/2019] overwhelmingly approved removing Dr. Martin Luther King's name from one of the city's most historic boulevards, less than a year after the city council decided to rename The Paseo for the civil rights icon.

Orwellian Fear Reigns in Vermont.  Vermont is one of the most amenable states in the nation to blacks, yet racism and Nazi-fear have been employed by the Vermont attorney general to undermine police efforts to arrest fentanyl-traffickers and to create a panel that labels Vermont a "white supremacist culture" and redrafts Vermont textbooks to inculcate "white guilt" in schoolchildren.  Vermont voters embraced Barack Obama more than almost all states, Vermont has the narrowest income disparity between blacks and whites, and Vermont never permitted slavery — but the Legislature has rewritten the state constitution.

Lowlife Jew-Hater Sharpton Says Trump Needs To Fight Antisemitism.  If there is a Nobel Prize for mendacity or an Oscar for hypocrisy, this statement by Al Sharpton would get the award.  This scumbag who calls himself a Reverand and a Human Rights leader has spent a lifetime spreading Antisemitism but never acknowledged or apologized has the nerve to talk about the need for Trump to fight Jew-hatred.  Just the fact that he mentioned Antisemitism gave me the creeps.

Beto's Gospel of Despair.  [Scroll down]  Behold the words of flaky far-left presidential wannabe Robert Francis O'Rourke.  He goes by "Beto," a culturally appropriated nickname that his politically savvy father gave him so he eventually could bamboozle El Paso's overwhelmingly Hispanic voters into believing that the tube-sock-white Robert is actually Roberto and, thus, Hispanic.  This poser told the New Hampshire Democratic party convention last Saturday that America in 2019 is defined by its original sin:  slavery.  "This is a country that has been defined by foundational, systemic, endemic racism since the very founding of this country," O'Rourke shouted, his arms typically flapping about, like the late Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic.

Dan Crenshaw Hits Back After Democrat Lawmaker Labels Him A 'Racist'.  Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) fired back on Tuesday after his Democratic colleague, Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL) attacked the Texas congressman as a "racist" when he was asked by a constituent to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) anti-Semitic remarks.  "We've seen this desperate and immature strategy time after time from the Democrat Party," Crenshaw said.  "The strategy is simple: when you disagree with someone during a policy debate, resort to calling your opponent a racist."

Soledad O'Brien mocks black Trump supporters, gets brutally mocked.  The idea that more and more black Americans are joining with conservative leaders in support of President Donald Trump leaves the left in a conundrum.  Do they subject these African-Americans to the prescribed Alinsky tactic of ridicule, running the risk of being held to the same impossible standard they hold the right to in being tagged racist for their criticism?  Which is where liberal minorities like Soledad O'Brien come into play, although she saw the tables quickly turned on her over the weekend in the unpredictable world of social media.

Ocasio-Cortez on Trump: 'His Bigotry is Reflective of the White Supremacist Base He Relies On'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez (D.-N.Y.) sent out at tweet on Saturday [10/5/2019] accusing President Donald Trump of "bigotry" and stating her belief that this "bigotry" was "reflective" of what she described as the president's "white supremacist base."  That tweet by Ocasio-Cortez was following up on another she had sent out on Saturday in which she said Trump had "targeted antisemitism towards Chairman [Adam] Schiff."

The Party of 'Impeach!'  In July, Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, wanted Trump impeached for his "racist tweets" that attacked several Democratic freshman House members known as "the squad." Green tweeted: "(Trump's) racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia can no longer be tolerated or ignored.  We must impeach."  One can only marvel at how, with a straight face, Democrats call Trump "racist" while embracing as "kingmaker" the race card-hustling Rev. Al Sharpton and refusing to denounce anti-Semitic Minister Louis Farrakhan.

A Platform of Urban Decline.  Democratic accusations that America is endemically racist are becoming ever more frequent and strident.  At the last presidential debate, Pete Buttigieg announced that "systemic racism" will "be with us" regardless of who wins the presidency; Beto O'Rourke claimed that racism in America is "foundational" and that people of color were under "mortal threat" from the "white supremacist in the White House"; Julián Castro denounced the growing threat of "white supremacy"; and Cory Booker called for "attacking systemic racism," especially in the "racially biased" criminal-justice system.  At the same time, the allowable explanations for racial disparities have shrunk to one: that self-same racism.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Publicly Exposes Al Sharpton's Lifetime of Racism, Bigotry and Prejudice.  Representative Matt Gaetz delivered a thorough evisceration of Al Sharpton today [9/19/2019] that will long be remembered.  Keep in mind that every Democrat candidate for President has kissed the ring of Sharpton in recent months.  Oh, the backfire in this hearing was over-the-top.  Chairman Nadler was so stressed out he couldn't function.  The democrats on the House Judiciary Committee went absolutely bonkers and lost their minds as Gaetz continued to expose Sharpton's history of bigotry and antisemitism.  A whole new generation of younger viewers were treated to the history of Sharpton.

House Hearing Erupts After Republican Confronts Al Sharpton Over Anti-Semitic, Anti-White Remarks.  A House Judiciary Committee hearing on policing erupted Thursday after GOP Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz confronted Al Sharpton over anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks he has allegedly made throughout his career.  During the hearing, Gaetz used his allotted time to read quotes attributed to Sharpton about Jewish people, whites and some blacks.  "Have you ever referred to members of the Jewish faith as 'white interlopers' or 'diamond merchants?'" Gaetz asked at one point during a tense back-and-forth.

Dems Cite Discredited SPLC to Sic the IRS on Conservative 'Hate Groups'.  In a House of Representatives committee hearing on Thursday, Democrats cited the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in calling on the IRS to remove tax-exempt status from "hate groups."  Only one Democrat referenced the SPLC by name, but many cited the SPLC secondhand in warning that more than 60 tax-exempt non-profit groups registered with the IRS are "hate groups."  Earlier this year, the SPLC cleaned out its leadership amid scandal and its politically biased "hate group" list was outed as a fundraising tool.

Biden Talks Racism On Anniversary Of Klu Klux Klan Bombing: 'Hate Is On The Rise Again'.  2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden warned against racism and white supremacy Sunday [9/15/2019], saying that "hate is on the rise again."  The former vice president spoke Sunday to a largely black congregation in memory of the 56th anniversary of the bombing at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, according to CNN.

The Editor says...
Every day of the year is the aniversary of some long-forgotten event in the distant past that can be dug up and used as political leverage.

Beto's Racist City Upon a Hill.  "We can mark the creation of this country not at the Fourth of July, 1776, but August 20, 1619, when the first kidnapped African was brought to this country against his will and in bondage and as a slave built the greatness, and the success, and the wealth that neither he nor his descendants would ever be able to participate in or enjoy."  So says Beto O'Rourke, Boy Beto, here in the form of Professor Beto, lecturing the Democrat faithful at the party debate in Houston last week, the day after America mourned the anniversary of 9/11.  But it wasn't the evil of 9/11 that was in Beto's crosshairs; it was America, at its very core.  Beto explained that racism was not merely "endemic" to America but "foundational."  It's a line that works fabulously for Beto among fellow progressives, who stomp and applaud enthusiastically.

Rep. Ilhan Omar: 'God Expects Us To Do The Righteous Work' In Politics.  At a "Plight of Black Immigrants" forum, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a Muslim, suggested her god expects people to vote in a certain way.  "God expects us to do the righteous work," Omar said.  "And, so, god does not expect you to vote for people who will ultimately hurt you and other humans around you." [...] How likely is it that journalists will follow up on these comments by asking Omar in future interviews how, exactly, she thinks her god Allah influences her votes?

Why Beto O' Rourke's Embrace Of The 1619 Project Is Dangerous.  In Thursday night's Democratic primary debate, candidate Beto O' Rourke claimed that Americans should "mark the creation of this country not at the Fourth of July, 1776, but August 20, 1619, when the first kidnapped African was brought to this country against his will."  O'Rourke's comments were inspired by The New York Times' 1619 Project, which "aims to reframe the country's history" by placing 1619 as our true founding.  The project is a collection of essays, literary works, and curriculum all aimed at this new understanding of American history.  This project is dangerous enough as a misguided intellectual exercise, but its danger to our republic increases exponentially once put in the hands of a radical politician who could one day be president.

Sure Democrats Will Lose in 2020, But They Are Dangerous Now, And Must Be Stopped!  When one of the candidates looks into a camera and proclaims the United States to be plagued with "systemic racism" you know they are lying.  But when the entire group does it — hundreds of times in three hours — it takes on a perverse sense of strategy. [...] In America you have individuals who have made it to the top of every industry of every race and background.  We are the least racist nation on the planet.  Yet the Democratic candidates are willing to slander their fellow countrymen, if it will help them turn out 15 percent more votes in heavily Democratic districts where these lies are continually repeated.

Contractors may have to reveal past ties to slavery to get business with New York City.  City contractors would have to reveal past ties to slavery under a Council bill that will be introduced on Thursday [9/12/2019].  The legislation would require companies to search their history and records to determine if they or any affiliated entities engaged in or profited from the slave trade when they enter in or renew city contracts of $100,000 or more.

The White Nationalism Fraud Part 1.  It is time to take a look at "white nationalism" from an honest perspective.  Over the past several weeks, there have been mass shootings on an unprecedented level that is being explained by the "white nationalism" that we are told is throughout our culture.  Progressive socialists speak of it as a fast-moving epidemic that is infecting every straight white male in the country.  The media and progressive socialists have invented the "racism" trope against President Trump because of the collapse of the Russian collusion hoax.  The Senior Editor of the New York Times instructed his so-called journalists that this would be the main focus until the 2020 election.

A Fellowship of LosersThe Communist Manifesto is the greatest monument to erroneous thinking but profound persuasion in the history of thought.  Marx was an extremely talented propagandist.  He was a grossly incompetent economist.  A theme of the Manifesto is that oppression permeates all societies.  Initially it was about the oppression of workers (the proletariat) by owners (the bourgeoisie).  Now leftists view all societal relationships through the prism of oppression — only the placeholders change:  one race against another, Palestinians versus Israelis, male versus female.  The world is divided between the oppressors and the oppressed.  This view provides the foundation for identity politics and also makes it easy to accuse people of racism.

Joe Biden Says Racism a 'White Man's Problem,' Will Not Promise Black Running Mate.  Joe Biden claimed racism is institutional in America on Tuesday [8/27/2019], but would not commit wholeheartedly to picking a person of color as his running mate if he were to win the Democrat presidential nomination. [...] Biden, who leads his fellow 2020 Democrats substantially among black voters, claimed that President Donald Trump had only furthered those divisions by using rhetoric that appeals "to the worst d*** instincts of human nature."  Along similar lines, the former vice president has accused Trump of fanning the "flames of white supremacy" in recent weeks, as he attempts to portray the next election as a referendum on the nation's soul.

The Editor says...
The nation does not have a soul, nor is the next presidential election a referendum on anything so abstract.

Biden: Racism in US is institutional, 'white man's problem'.  Racism in America is an institutional "white man's problem visited on people of color," Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday, arguing that the way to attack the issue is to defeat President Donald Trump and hold him responsible for deepening the nation's racial divide.

Seattle Councilman Argues Power Washers are Racist, Since Hoses [were] Used Against Blacks in [the] Past.  Seattle has a human feces problem on their streets and sidewalks.  But the city council cannot agree on how to remove the crap.  Councilmember Larry Gossett says power-washing the sidewalks bring up images of using hoses against civil rights activists.

The Editor says...
Maybe so, but piles of feces in the street "bring up images" of the baboon cage at the zoo.

Presidential candidates support rescinding medals for Wounded Knee Massacre.  Some of the Democratic presidential candidates said they support rescinding the 20 Medals of Honor awarded to U.S. soldiers for the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre.  Marcella LeBeau, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, asked candidates for their thoughts on rescinding the Medals of Honor during the second day of the Frank LeMere Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City on Tuesday [8/20/2019].  "Back home on the Cheyenne River Reservation, I believe there is a pervasive sadness that exists there because of unresolved grief," LeBeau told the candidates.

Robert Mueller crushed their dreams, so Democrats pivot to race.  What was the embittered left — Democratic presidential candidates and their media allies — supposed to do when their hopes of Russia-Trump collusion crashed on the boulevard of broken dreams?  Pivot.  They had invested so much in their fantasy that President Donald Trump was a treasonous agent of Russian boss Vladimir Putin.  But when special counsel Robert Mueller's report came out, and there was no collusion, no crime charged, their fantasy collapsed.  And so, after a brief spasm of despair, the left pivoted to their default position:  race.

Reparations for slavery emerge as issue among Democrats running for president.  When University of Connecticut professor Thomas Craemer first began researching reparations for slavery, most mainstream white politicians weren't talking about the issue.  Now, more than a dozen years later, the idea that African Americans should receive restitution for the grievous legacy of enslavement and racial discrimination is sparking a political debate that is helping to shape the 2020 presidential race.

Sanders, Warren Ask Black Christians to Put Their Faith in Government.  In front of a crowd of black Christian millennials on Saturday, a pair of leading 2020 Democratic candidates asked the faithful to put their trust in the government.  Left-wing darlings Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) appeared back-to-back at a presidential forum put on by Black Church PAC, a day after three other Democratic hopefuls attended the same Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta.

Beto: Trump Leading a 'Concerted, Organized Attack Against' People of Color.  Sunday [8/18/2019] on NBC's "Meet the Press," 2020 presidential hopeful former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) said President Donald Trump was engaged in a "concerted, organized attack against immigrants, against people of color."

How Al Sharpton Abandoned Africa's Slaves.  The eminent African-American economist Glenn Loury recently wondered in the New York Times why leading Democrats would defend Al Sharpton, a man who is a blatant anti-Semite, an anti-white racist, and to many, a simple con man.  Joe Biden calls him "a champion in the fight for civil rights."  Elizabeth Warren says "he has dedicated his life to the fight for justice for all," and Kamala Harris lauds him as a man who "has spent his life fighting for what's right."  Records show that President Obama had Sharpton visit his White House 118 times.  This, after Sharpton's many outrages: the Tawana Brawley rape hoax of 1987, the anti-Jewish Crown Heights riots of 1991, and the firebombing of a Jewish-owned Harlem fashion boutique in 1995.  Loury suggests that any one of these things should have disqualified Sharpton from national platforms, along with any praise by Democratic Party leaders.

No, Really: Al Sharpton Considering 2020 Presidential Bid.  I, for one, would welcome Al Sharpton's entrance to the 2020 Democratic primary.  Sharpton's has made a career out of race-baiting, which has now become mainstream in the Democratic Party.  If Joe Biden can be the frontrunner, despite his inappropriate behavior with women and young girls, Sharpton's controversial past is certainly not going to be a roadblock for him.  It would certainly be humorous to see Sharpton explain how Trump is a racist despite their past friendship, and it would be equally amusing to see Trump rehash Sharpton's role in the Tawana Brawley hoax.

Stacey Abrams:  RNC Going to Send Off-Duty Officers to Scare 'Voters of Color'.  Tuesday [8/13/2019] on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show," former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams accused the Republican National Committee of planning to send off-duty law enforcement officers into minority neighborhoods to "scare voters, particularly voters of color."

Jackson Lee: 'Racism is a national security threat'.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) on Tuesday said the Trump administration should declare racist beliefs a threat to U.S. national security.  During a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee, Jackson Lee said that the attack in her home state of Texas last week displayed the danger of ignoring U.S. residents who foster white supremacist views.  "I believe that racism ... should be declared a national security threat," Jackson Lee said.

Harris, Warren ignore DOJ report to claim Michael Brown was 'murdered'.  In November 2014, a grand jury decided not to indict [Darren] Wilson after finding that witness reports did not match with evidence.  On March 4, 2015, the Obama administration's Justice Department issued an 86-page investigative report, based on testimony from 40 witnesses and a review of forensic evidence, on the shooting that concluded "there is no credible evidence that Wilson willfully shot [Michael] Brown as he was attempting to surrender or was otherwise not posing a threat."  The same day, the Justice Department also published the results of its investigation into the Ferguson Police Department, which highlighted systemic exploitation and racial profiling of black residents in Ferguson, such as racial disparities in traffic stops even though black drivers were less likely to be found with contraband.  [Kamala] Harris and [Elizabeth] Warren appear to accept the results of one report and not the other.

More about Ferguson.

This isn't normal politics.  This is an inquisition.  We aren't having a discussion on race in this nation; we are having an inquisition.  Every day, the Left spews hate-filled attacks on the president of the United States, his family, and his supporters, and there is no reasoning with them.  Their blood is boiling, their veins are popping, their grimy hands are pointing long, spindly fingers at all of us.  You cannot criticize certain people of a certain party.  It doesn't work to criticize policy any more, because policy is lumped together with race and social justice.  Therefore, any criticism of policy is actually construed as wanting to put black people back into slavery.

The Left Is on a Mission to Annihilate Conservatism.  Sen. Cory Booker is also casting Trump and his supporters as white supremacists.  Here's the logic:  Trump is a white supremacist because he wants to protect the border.  A white supremacist, who may not even be a Trump supporter, slaughtered people.  Therefore, Trump incited the massacre.  And those callous enough to support Trump must be white supremacists as well.  Though Booker called on Trump to denounce white supremacy after the shooting, when Trump did just that, Booker would not accept it.  Moreover, Booker's campaign team called for cancellation of all Trump rallies because they are a "breeding ground for racism and bigotry."

The Left Is on a Mission to Annihilate Conservatism.  While President Donald Trump is an ideal scapegoat for leftist hatred and demagoguery, the left's ultimate goal is to permanently reduce conservatism and the Republican Party to minority status by indelibly associating them with racism.  Listen to what the Democratic presidential candidates and other Democrats are saying.  If you support border enforcement, you are a racist.  If you support Trump, who pushes border enforcement, you are a racist.  If you don't condemn Trump for being a white supremacist, which he is not, you are a white supremacist.

Debut of the Democrat-Media 'White Terrorist' Smear.  Get ready for the new 'Progressive' norm.  If you voted for Donald Trump, wear a MAGA cap in public, question in any way the radical Democrat narrative, you are no longer a 'patriot'.  You are a 'nationalist', a 'white supremacist', but now even an out-and-out 'white terrorist'.  That's the narrative the Democrats are shoehorning you into:  'Donald Trump's a "racist", 'an unapologetic nationalist', 'a White supremacist' and since the El Paso massacre by a crazed shooter, 'A White Terrorist'.  If you voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, plan to vote for him again in 2020, or support him in any way, you are a 'White Terrorist' too.

Why Are Democrats Defending Al Sharpton?  When I first heard that President Trump had gone after the Rev. Al Sharpton — and that Mr. Sharpton had responded in kind — I must admit that I laughed.  Are there two New York City hustlers who deserve one another more?  But 48 hours later, I feel differently.  That's thanks to the leading Democratic candidates for president, who have rushed to Mr. Sharpton's defense, extolling his supposed virtues as a civil-rights paragon while denouncing Mr. Trump's attack as racist.  In doing so, they have, yet again, taken Mr. Trump's bait, handing him another easy victory while yoking themselves to a genuine bigot.

Al Sharpton is not a lifelong fighter for justice.  Al Sharpton — who should still be seen as a notorious hate figure but has somehow escaped that fate — practically tripped over himself trying to get Trump's attention.  It worked.  "Al is a con man, a troublemaker, always looking for a score," Trump tweeted.  "Just doing his thing.  Must have intimidated Comcast/NBC.  Hates Whites & Cops!"  Then ensued one of the more depressing news cycles of the year, as major Democratic presidential candidates praised Sharpton to the heavens. [...] Calling Sharpton a lifelong fighter for "justice" ignores his history of race-baiting and deadly anti-Semitic incitement.

President Trump Shatters Left-Wing Myths.  President Trump is boldly providing much-needed relief to the American people.  He is untying us from the bonds of political correctness that have, in un-American fashion, forced Americans to accept liberal myths and farces. [...] It's about time someone, as the President did, stopped all this baloney and labeled Al Sharpton the con-man he has been for decades.  In the name of being a "civil rights leader", Sharpton has gotten away with not paying millions of dollars in owed taxes; fomented rioting against Brooklyn's religious Jews; led — with self-proclaimed racist Sonny Carson — a boycott of a Korean grocery store, where protesters called the owners "yellow monkeys"; held anti-Semitic, racially-charged rallies that led to the Freddy's Department Store massacre; and knowingly and purposely destroyed the lives of two white police officers in the Tawana Brawley hoax.

NY Times Op-Ed:  Democrats Will Lose Cheering On 'Ambulance-Chasing, Anti-Semitic' Al Sharpton.  Brown University professor Glenn C. Loury said that Democrats are doomed to lose when they cheer-on "ambulance-chasing, anti-Semitic, anti-white race hustler" Rev. Al Sharpton.  Although Loury at first appeared to find it amusing that "two New York City hustlers" like Sharpton and President Donald Trump would be sparring over whether it's racist to call Baltimore a "disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess," he began to think twice when so many Democratic presidential candidates began lauding Sharpton as a symbol of civil rights progress.

Al Charlatan.  Al Sharpton was there in 1987 when Tawana Brawley was raped — not.  When she was smeared with feces by an attacker — not.  He was her voice piece, her advocate, the Reverend Al.  He had been James Brown's tour manager for seven years, so the Rev. Al knew media.  He knew how to grab their attention.  Three years earlier, he had emerged as a great racial leader when he cried "racist" at Bernhard Goetz, who had shot four youths on a New York City subway train.  Goetz went to trial and was found not guilty on all charges, except for possession of an unlicensed firearm.  Sharpton demanded a further federal inquiry into Goetz's racism.  He got his inquiry, and they found that Goetz had feared for his safety, unrelated to race.  Al Sharpton was off to the races — or, more accurately, to baiting the races.  By 1991, Sharpton was helping incite Jew hatred and a pogrom in the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  A frenzied incited mob murdered a Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum.  Four years later, Sharpton helped incite further race riots against Jews in Harlem, resulting in the burning of a clothing store and in street deaths during the Freddy's Fashion Mart Massacre.

Democrats' Embrace Of Al Sharpton Exposes Their Hypocrisy.  If Donald Trump attacked Somalian warlords on Twitter, The Atlantic would run a 10,000-word piece explaining why decentralized Somali rule is actually good for minorities.  Because it's no longer sufficient to be a Trump antagonist, no longer enough to stick the word "racist" in every news piece and broadcast; a real patriot embraces all the president's enemies, no matter how morally loathsome. [...] Now, one might legitimately be slighted by the president's attacks on [Elijah] Cummings, but his words about [Al] Sharpton are hardly debatable.  Trump could have added that Sharpton was an unrepentant anti-Semite who had incited riots that led to a pogrom in Brooklyn and a massacre in Harlem, not to mention the defamation of police officers surrounding Tawana Brawley, whose life, like so many others, he had ruined with his hucksterism.  Instead, we had an arms race in crazy.

Baltimore and Cummings:  Democrat grifters peddle racism and broken cities.  After holding his congressional seat for three decades Elijah Cummings and his wife live atop a congressional empire worth millions while a vast swath of his constituents lives in squalor.  Nothing President Trump has tweeted about Cummings district or the horrific state of the city of Baltimore is inaccurate.  When Bernie Sanders called Baltimore a third world country it was a considered a reasoned critique.  When Donald Trump does it it's called racism.

How to Tell if a Trump Supporter Is Racist.  Every non-liberal leftist — that is, nearly every Democrat running for president, New York Times and Washington Post columnist, CNN and MSNBC host, and your left-wing brother-in-law — labels every Trump supporter and, of course, President Donald Trump, a "racist."  And they don't stop there.  Leftists don't only label the half of the country that supports the president "racist," they label all whites and America itself "racist."  If your son or daughter attends or recently attended an American university, it is close to certain he or she was repeatedly told that America and all whites are racist.  According to the left, whites are divided between those who admit they are racist and those who don't admit it.

Yelling 'racist' won't clean up our cities.  [Scroll down]  So it seems we can't talk about our southern border because to do so is racist.  We can't have a dialogue about problematic inner-city schools because any such discussion is racist.  America can't debate violent crime because the judicial system is racist.  America cannot move forward in any way because liberals don't want to.  They like things the way they are — the crime, the rats, the drugs, the decay, and the rot.

Democrats Flock to Defend Racist, Anti-Semitic Sharpton.  [Scroll down]  What we have here are three Democratic presidential candidates — Warren, Harris, and de Blasio — defending Sharpton, a guy with a career-long record of documented racism and anti-Semitism flavored with outright homophobia.  And not unnoticed here?  Racism and anti-Semitism as blatantly exhibited by Sharpton are exactly the same beliefs and behaviors on vivid display from "The Squad" of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib.

Trump is absolutely right about 'con man' Al Sharpton.  Al Sharpton has been making a good living for 35 years now, pushing New York and the nation as far as his bullhorn audacity will carry him — which is pretty [...] far for a one-time FBI informer who started with nothing and brought even less to the table.  He rode an eagerness to exploit racial discord, a couple of incendiary slogans and the cowardice of state, local and national leadership to fame and fortune.

Rob Reiner Says All Trump Supporters are Racist.  Filmmaker and left-wing activist Rob Reiner has declared that all supporters of President Donald Trump are racist, claiming that Trump has made it "abundantly clear" his re-election [campaign] is based on white nationalism.  Posting on his Twitter feed, which is almost entirely dedicated to attacking Trump and the current administration, Reiner explained that voting for Trump means there is no distinction between "being a racist and a racist enabler."

Al Sharpton responds to Trump:  I'm happy to make trouble for racists and people like you.  The Rev. Al Sharpton confirmed President Trump's assertion that he's a troublemaker.  Sharpton says he's happy to keep making trouble for racists and "people like" Trump.  Trump accused Sharpton of being racist against white people and a political swindler in an early-morning tweet Monday [7/29/2019].

Sen. Ron Wyden Escorts 8 1/2 Months Pregnant Mexican Woman and Her Family Across Border Into US.  Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) posted a video Saturday bragging about how he had escorted an eight-and-a-half months pregnant migrant from Mexico into the U.S. because the woman allegedly was having a difficult pregnancy.  Wyden does not tell viewers that the woman is a Mexican citizen and that she brought her husband and 3-year-old son with her across the border.  Apparently there are no competent maternity hospitals in Mexico.

The Editor says...
There may be hospitals in Mexico, but they don't offer free U.S. citizenship with every birth.

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists.  It doesn't take Nostradamus, or even a Coney Island fortune teller, to predict the coming Democratic presidential debates will be filled to overflowing with accusations of racism toward Donald Trump.  Not only that, the candidates will certainly be doing their bests, directly or by innuendo, to tarnish each other with the same ugly brush in an almost always fallacious manner.

Reparations and Racial Politicking.  [A]ll the Democratic candidates have to do something about the continuing lead of Joe Biden in the polls.  Racial politicking is one method they have chosen.  Thus, in the first presidential debates, Kamala Harris' accused Joe Biden of almost being a racist for not supporting school busing 40 years ago — while introducing her attack by stating that she was not accusing him of being a racist.  Likewise, Cory Booker, already a critic of Biden about race and specifically about Biden's statements in the first presidential debate, has stated that he may step up that criticism at the next debates.

Democrats Use the Specter of Racism to Sow Racial Discord.  [Scroll down]  Even so-called "centrists," such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, have built their presidential campaigns on foundations of radical identity politics just as intently as the party's far left wing.  Today, one is just as likely to hear talk of "structural racism" and "white privilege" from the lips of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, or Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke as from Senator Elizabeth Warren or Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Biden, who is trying to run as a consummate centrist, even made the discredited Charlottesville hoax the center of his campaign launch.  Their goal is to galvanize minority voters by stoking the unfounded fears of white revanchism and by portraying Republicans as an imminent danger.

Today's identity politics erases the goal of a color-blind society.  There was a time not long ago when men and women of goodwill, liberal and conservative, sought to create a genuinely color-blind society. [...] On the left, four freshman U.S. representatives of growing prominence embrace a contrary philosophy.  One of them, Rep.Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., declared:  "We don't need any more brown faces that don't want to be brown voices.  We don't need black faces that don't want to be black voices."

The Squad Becomes the Untouchables.  Watch and see:  In short order, if not already, criticism of these three will be reflexively denounced by the mass of liberaldom as racist and sexist.  The beatification process is already underway.  The members of the Squad are appearing together in TV interviews stoically framing themselves as (in AOC's words) "fighters" for "justice" against the evil Trump's "weaponized" "bottom-to-the-barrel vitriol." Last week, with President Trump rolling his Twitter grenade, was portrayed as a political martyrdom for these poor, unfortunate, mild, meek, silent lambs.  The Squad will become the Untouchables.

Media cried wolf:  Calling every Republican a racist lost its bite.  Once upon a time in the world of cable news, a guest or host or anchor calling anyone a racist would have considerable impact.  From what we've seen this week, when it comes to that word, those days are long gone.  A person simply can't turn on the news or scroll Twitterfor even more than a minute before hearing the word "racist" or "racism."  For example, CNN and MSNBC said the word "racist" more than 1,100 times from Sunday to Tuesday, according to a tally conducted by Grabien Media, an online media production and news prep service.  The count, which doesn't include on-screen graphics commonly known as chyrons, [...]

How Beto Made Himself into White-Privilege Guy.  Robert Francis O'Rourke is white.  If it's any consolation, he's very sorry about that.  "Beto" has been running from his Irish ancestry for some time now.  Long before the Left fell headlong into the logical termini of its triune fascination with race, power, and privilege, O'Rourke sensed that there was a currency to be had in becoming "Beto" rather than "Robert Francis."

"Racism": It's Not What It Used To Be.  It sometimes seems that conservatives are accused of being "racist" any time they disagree with a black Democrat.  The converse, of course, isn't true.  No one has ever called a Democrat a racist for disagreeing with, say, Thomas Sowell.  It turns out that, crazy as it may seem, there are a great many Americans who think it is racist to disagree with a black politician (assuming that he or she is a Democrat).  This is Rasmussen's stunning finding:  ["]Thirty-two percent (32%) of Democrats, however, say it's racist for any white politician to criticize the political views of a politician of color.["]  So being a "politician of color" means that your views are immune to disagreement.  Unless — once again — you are a Republican.

'Racism': A Cliché Fastened to a Dying Animal.  [Scroll down]  This brings us to the question that very few have bothered to ask about Trump's Sunday morning tweet storm:  Was it actually racist?  I didn't bother to read the tweets when they first appeared.  Nor was I moved to do so in response to the subsequent uproar.  Everything the president says or does is instantly denounced by the Democrats and their media allies as racist, cruel, crazy, or crass.  So it just sounded like another day at the office for Trump.  I finally got around to reading them today and fail to see the catalogue of crimes his critics claim to see.

Omar - her racism means she would not like me very much.  Ilhan Omar does not like white people.  Her dislike, like any other brand of racism, is visceral.  She seems not to understand that white is a color, too.  Based on the photos I have seen of her, she cares as little for generic white women as she does for white people in general.  Do a Google Image search.  In hundreds of photos, she appears with few white women.  Nancy Pelosi.  A few trans women/people in drag.  But not many pictures with women like me.  Middle class, Midwestern-born women.

Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN, MSNBC for 1,100 Uses of 'Racist' in Two Days on Trump.  On Tuesday night's episode of The Five, Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld mocking the collective mass hysteria of CNN and MSNBC over President Trump's latest tweets against radical first-term Congresswomen.  Gutfeld summarized the hysterics to a T with a simple word count:  "We are reaching peak racism right now.  CNN and MSNBC, according to The Hill this morning, had said the word racist 1,100 times.  That was this morning [7/16/2019] since Sunday [7/14/2019].  Ok, so today's Tuesday... I think when it's 1,100 times by Tuesday afternoon, I'd call that maybe an overreaction.  It's hysterical and it's hysteria."

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List of Racist Statements by Members of the 'Squad' (So Far).  It is worth noting that all four — Reps.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) are members of a group called the "Justice Democrats."  The group is specifically devoted to backing primary candidates against Democratic incumbents seen as being too moderate and too white.  Last November, the Justice Democrats launched a campaign called "#OurTime," aimed at recruiting candidates to challenge "Democratic incumbents who are demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with their districts."

Democrats Are One Hundred Percent Wrong about Racism.  To say that the Democrats are obsessed with race these days is the equivalent of saying the sky is blue. [...] It's all about racism — yours.  The Dems' presidential campaigns are based around proving the other man or woman is more of a racist and vice versa, or about showing you're not so racist as people say you are, even if you are or even if you pretended to be a race you weren't.  And don't you dare criticize Ilhan Omar or you're a triple-racist even if her ideas are more racist than anyone else's.

Pressley proves it's all about race: 'We don't need any more brown faces that don't want to be a brown voice'.  The "squad" of four radical freshman Democrats have a dangerous habit of wanting to dictate what is or isn't acceptable in American politics, mandates made by those who look at life through the lens of color — as in the color of your skin.  Reps.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., have become the face of the Democratic Party and the progressive ideologues cast themselves in the role of victims Monday during a news conference to respond to President Trump calling them out for their abject contempt for America.

Biden: No POTUS Has Been as 'Openly Racist and Divisive' as Trump.  While speaking to reporters, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden reacted to President Trump's tweets about Democratic congresswomen by stating that "there has never been a president in American history who has been so openly racist and divisive" as Trump.

The Editor says...
Really?  What about Barack H. Obama?

Joe Biden once warned that without 'orderly integration,' his children would 'grow up in a racial jungle'.  [Scroll down]  Biden has tied his long civil rights record into his presidential campaign, and some black leaders in Wilmington, Delaware praised Biden for it.  Yet he also "promoted nearly a dozen pieces of legislation" aimed at limiting federal busing programs, and despite his claims otherwise, outright said "I oppose busing" in 1975, the [New York] Times reports.  And in 1977, Biden made a particularly questionable argument against using busing to achieve integration.

Trump is not a racist; he's pushing the Overton window to normal.  When Occasional Cortex accused Nancy Pelosi of racism, Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo), a member of both the Black and Progressive Congressional caucuses opined, "What a weak argument.  Because you can't get your way and because you're getting pushback you resort to using the race card?  Unbelievable.  Unbelievable to me."  Likewise, Maureen Dowd also piped up with "A.O.C. should consider the possibility that people who disagree with her do not disagree with her color."  Coming from people who've spent the last 11 years insisting that racism is the only reason anyone can disagree with their agenda, that's pretty rich.

Democrats Hold a Terrible Hand of Race Cards.  The race card is being thrown back in the faces of those who have played it for decades.  The term "racist" has become such a cliché that it no longer carries any weight or meaning. [...] How many Democrat Senators proudly worked with former KKK Grand Cyclops Senator Robert Byrd for decades, some even calling him their "mentor" as Hillary Clinton did?

'View' Hosts Obsess over Race, Trump with 2020 Dem Kamala Harris.  Friday [7/12/2019] on The View, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was on the show to discuss her 2020 presidential run.  Meghan McCain was the only host to ask Harris about her stance on decriminalizing illegal immigration, while the other hosts focused heavily on race-related questions.  It began when co-host Whoopi Goldberg wondered how Harris was going to help black people get "back in balance" after President Trump had supposedly dismantled everything presidents before him had done for minorities:

Spot the racists in the Democrats' president field.  Is Democratic presidential candidate, Kamala Harris a racist because she has proposed a $100-billion housing subsidy only for people of color?  Even if they earn as much as $125K a year or more than twice the U.S. household median income of $60,336 in 2017.  Not since the passage of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1868 has the federal government passed a race-based financial subsidy.  Since at least the 1860s, federal funds have been colorblind and have given to all based on need as defined by income, not race.  Providing funds based on race is, of course, unconstitutional, but lawyer and former state attorney general Harris does not care.  She is trying to prove she can compete in the socialist giveaway of your and our children's money.  She is trying to prove she is the blackest black in the room.

Buttigieg's pander: a Marshall Plan for black America.  Even at its peak, the Buttigieg campaign faced a huge problem — lack of support from African-Americans.  One poll I saw had him at zero percent among this cohort.  You can't make a credible run at the Democratic nomination for president with zero percent black support.  Things got even worse when an African-American in South Bend, Indiana, of which Buttigieg is mayor, was shot and killed by a white police officer.  As far as I can tell, the officer acted prudently and lawfully.  Reportedly, the deceased was armed and engaging in criminal behavior.  But such details seldom matter either to the black community or to Democratic politicians.

A desperate Beto O'Rourke goes for broke, claims America was founded on white supremacy.  A failing campaign makes a man desperate, and Beto O'Rourke surely is a desperate man.  The former Texas congressman was asked this week at roundtable event featuring immigrant and refugee participants to explain how President O'Rourke would fight white supremacy in the United States.  "I know this from my home state, Texas, places that formed the Confederacy, that this country was founded on white supremacy," the poorly polling 2020 Democratic primary candidate responded.  He added, "And every single institution and structure that we have in this country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression, even in our democracy."  Remember:  O'Rourke was addressing immigrants and refugees.  Welcome to America, you idiots.

Vermont's governor calls his own state's people irredeemably racist.  Vermont's culture is one of dairy farming, verdant mountain scenery, maple syrup, and small-town hospitality.  Both the governor and the gubernatorial hopeful who may oppose him next year openly characterize Vermonters' culture as innately racist.  Scott praised Donovan's Report declaring Vermont a "White Supremacy Culture" and proudly signed a law March 29 that will create a school curriculum designed to "change the underlying culture of our state."  Like all states, Vermont has racists.  But slavery was never legal in Vermont, being banned in the first state constitution in America.

'This country was founded on white supremacy': Beto O'Rourke speaks with Tennessee immigrants.  On his second day of events in Nashville, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke met with immigrants and refugees living in Tennessee on Monday [7/8/2019] for a roundtable discussion.  O'Rourke, a former Texas congressman, first held a rally at Marathon Music Works on Sunday, drawing hundreds of supporters to the campaign event where he largely focused on immigration and decried President Donald Trump's policies on detaining migrants at the southern border.

The Democrats' Situational Racism.  When all else fails for the left, they drag out the race card.  Why not?  It's worked in the past, ushering in our first black president in 2008. At least that's how Barack Obama is described.  In reality he is only half black, with a black father (officially the Kenyan Barack Senior, or possibly Frank Marshall Davis, according to some). His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was as white as Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.  The media of the time called for the half-white portion of Obama's heritage to be ignored rather than muddy the waters of his being America's first black president.  Yet during the Obama presidency, for different political reasoning the media went out of its way to make a point of the mixed heritage of another individual, specifically George Zimmerman.

Pete Buttigieg Warns Black Americans of Another Civil War.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday [7/2/2019] warned Black Americans of a new civil war if the federal government failed to end racist institutions and pay reparations for slavery.  "If we do not tackle the problem of racial inequality in my lifetime, I am convinced that it will upend the American project in my lifetime," he warned.  "It brought our country to its knees once and if we do not act, it could again."

The Editor says...
Was that a warning of an impending civil war, or an incitement of civil war?

Jesse Jackson opens up on 2020 and the changing Democratic Party.  The 77-year-old two-time presidential candidate's roaring sermons have become more muted and mumbled.  His walk has become slow, unsteady.  Parkinson's disease has taken its toll.  At a news conference here over the weekend with Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, she held up the microphone for him when he spoke.  Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition event on Saturday at the 4,000-capacity Apostolic Faith Church drew only a few hundred people.

School busing and race tore L.A. apart in the 1970s.  Now, Kamala Harris is reviving debate.  Few issues divided Los Angeles more in the 1970s than school desegregation and busing.  It sparked protests and political movements — and led to white families fleeing from the Los Angeles Unified School District.  These issues came back to life at the Democratic presidential debate.  In a heated exchange, Kamala Harris accused Joe Biden of not taking a morally correct position in favor of an assertive federal role in the busing of students to achieve integration.

California liberals hate capitalism, until it becomes useful.
Kamala Harris takes criticism for offering 'That little girl was me' T-shirt online for $30.  Kamala Harris' campaign capitalized on her viral debate moment with Joe Biden on Thursday night [6/27/2019], making a "That little girl was me" T-shirt available via her campaign website.  At the Democratic debate in Miami, Harris attacked Biden's decades-ago work with segregationist senators, making the point personal by explaining she was a member of only the second class of black children in California to be bused to school in an effort to force desegregation.

California poised to ban hairstyle discrimination.  This is California, remember.  The Golden state is perched to become the first in the nation to ban discrimination based on unique hairstyles, mainly targeting blacks.  The measure, which has passed both chambers of the state legislature, could be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom as soon as next week.

Multiculturalism Is a Nation Killer.  The civil rights movement started out with demands for basic human dignity.  Once those were met, it legitimately demanded equality of opportunity, and once that was achieved, it demanded preferential treatment where equality of opportunity was redefined, in Orwellian fashion, as equality of result.  Flush with success, it now demands reparations where those who never were enslaved will receive compensation from those who never owned slaves, all in the name of virtue and justice.  By nature, humans are tribal.  Tribalism is the easiest way to organize people and mobilize them politically.  Until very recently, America was a multi-ethnic society with a dominant culture.  That culture is breaking apart as we become more tribal, and we begin to think of ourselves in terms of tribal loyalties, as reinforced by political elites.

Beto O'Rourke says white Americans don't know the full story of slavery, continues to support reparations.  Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke took an unconventional approach to reaching out to African-American voters Friday, meeting with a small group representing a community of slave descendants in South Carolina and saying white Americans do not know the full story of slavery.  O'Rourke spent Friday [6/14/20919] at a Baptist church in Beaufort, S.C., where the former Texas congressman met with leaders of the Gullah/Geechee Nation, a culture of coastal slave descendants whose separation from the mainland allowed them to retain much of their African heritage, including a unique dialect and skills such as cast-net fishing and basket weaving.

Minneapolis' Sacred Stupidity.  [Scroll down]  Which brings us to Minneapolis, the hometown of the illustrious illegal immigrant and tax-evading congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  And one Jacob Frey, the Democrat mayor of the City of Lakes, who thought it a wonderful idea to commemorate the 400th anniversary of black slaves arriving at the English colony at Jamestown, Virginia by holding something the city's "Racial Equity Coordinators" call "400 Years of Resistance and Liberation.  Remembering, Recovering, Reimagining — Sacred Conversations with City Staff."  There were never black slaves in Minneapolis, unless perhaps some were brought by recent Somali immigrants to that city given that black slavery is alive and well in Somalia (perhaps Rep. Omar might speak on the subject with more expertise than your author).  It would appear more appropriate that Minneapolis celebrate its historical status as a refuge for escaped and freed slaves in the 19th century, but that isn't the kind of thing that would hook in the rubes, is it?  So instead we must have Sacred Conversations.

Segregation Comes to Minnesota.  It has often been observed that progressives are re-segregating some areas of the country, especially college campuses.  But Minnesota has never been segregated, so our progressives are boldly venturing to segregate our citizens by race for the first time. [...] But the project is risible in other ways.  [#1] Why is the City of Minneapolis (incorporated 1867) commemorating the 400th anniversary of "African people being brought to Jamestown, VA"?  Is there some relevance here that escapes me? [...] [#2] The City's assertion that Africans were "forced into slavery" upon their arrival in Virginia is false.  They were enslaved in Africa; sub-Saharan Africa had a slave economy at that time and for centuries after.  As of 1619, slaves had been an important commercial commodity in much of Europe, Africa and the Middle East for 2,000 years.  But slaves have never been bought or sold in the State of Minnesota.  [#3] Meanwhile, most Africans have come to the United States voluntarily as immigrants, not as slaves.

Stacey Abrams: the Female Al Sharpton.  You cannot run for President without first getting the blessing of the Female Al Sharpton, Stacey "Rerun" Abrams.  And they're all playing along — just like they do with the real Al Sharpton.  Is there a single Democrat candidate who hasn't taken the pilgrimage to Georgia to prostrate him or herself before the Female Al Sharpton?

If Democrat Voters Demand Delusion, Only Delusional Candidates Can Win.  On Sunday [6/2/2019], CNN held town hall specials with a trio of presidential candidates — Seth Moulton, Eric Swalwell and Tim Ryan.  We watched it so you wouldn't have to.  All three of them are Democratic members of Congress.  None is in danger of becoming president anytime soon.  So why do we pay attention to what they say?  Well, because as they stammer and sweat and pander profusely, they give us a good idea of what the Democratic primary voters believe and what they care about.  And of course, the thing they care about most — a thing they can't stop talking about ever — is race.  They are obsessed in a deeply unhealthy way.  Racial obsessions are always deeply unhealthy.

A tantrum over Tubman:  Shaheen steamed over Jacksons.  New Hampshire's Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is among those incensed that Donald Trump has spiked plans to put Harriet Tubman's likeness on the U.S. $20 bill.  It would be in place of President Andrew Jackson who, like Shaheen, was a Democrat.  Trump has said that the Tubman effort is just "pure political correctness."  Sort of like the political correctness Shaheen's party has been engaged in recently to rename events (such as Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraisers) because those Democrats were slave owners.

The Editor says...
President Trump is systematically undoing the legacy of Barack H. Obama.  Putting Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill, in place of a U.S. President, was part of Obama's destruction of American traditions.  Objections to Mr. Trumps' move are likely motivated by race-based political opportunism.

Democrats 2020: The Grievance Party.  Describing the Democratic Party as one built on "identity politics" used to be a pejorative.  But Georgia's failed 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, recently defended this description of her party.  "I would argue that identity politics is exactly who we are," said Abrams, "and it's exactly how we won. ... When we refuse to engage in the conversation of identity politics, when we refuse to acknowledge that we see you and we understand you and we understand the barriers that you face, then what we are met with is a lack of trust."  Fellow Democrat and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg apparently failed to get the memo.  A week before Abrams embraced and even expressed pride in Democrats' identity politics, Buttigieg was blasting President Donald Trump for his "racist" use of it.

Why is Al Sharpton, inciter of Crown Heights, speaking at a Jewish conference in Washington?  The disgraceful decision by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism to have Al Sharpton speak this morning at a plenary session of its conference in Washington, D.C., (titled "Consultation on Conscience") sends a very dangerous and intolerable message to the anti-Semites among us.  Anti-Semitism is on the rise, not just in the form of shouts or graffiti but also the murder of Jews.  It is thus incomprehensible how the Religious Action Center could have ever made this decision.

Anti-Semites R'us.  Rashida and her homies are complaining about people taking her words out of context and using them to stoke racial hatred for political reasons.  To be clear, that technique is only acceptable when applied to a President you don't like.

The Left's Obsession with Race.  There was a time when people aspired to a world where race was an afterthought.  It was always a tough slog, but we'd moved closer and closer over time.  Then something funny happened — a political party realized they could benefit from division and that unity was bad for business.  Unity would require a debate on issues and their merits, which was one they had been losing, so they opted for backsliding; divide to conquer.  If you divide people into groups it is much easier to win.  Groups of people are easier to manipulate than millions of individuals.  It is easier to win especially when you've been inundating them with the idea that there are "others" actively working against them as well as a system completely rigged to crush them.  These ideas coupled with the elevation and fetishization of victimhood in the culture and you've created the perfect petri dish for the progressive agenda.

Joe Biden: 'Jim Crow Is Sneaking Back' Under 'Clown' Donald Trump.  Former Vice President Joe Biden took shots at President Donald Trump on Saturday, calling him a "clown" who was allowing "Jim Crow" racism to return to the United States.  Biden kicked off his rally in Columbia, South Carolina with a string of warnings about racism and hatred rising under Trump's presidency, in an effort to win support from African-Americans Democrats in the state.

Biden blasts Donald Trump for allowing 'Jim Crow to sneak back in' by attempting to introduce tougher voting laws.  Former Vice President Joe Biden charged Saturday that Jim Crow is 'sneaking back in' as he emphasized the need to ensure voting rights are protected, which he said is lacking under the Trump administration.  Biden drew several hundred people to a community center in Columbia as he opened his presidential campaign in South Carolina, home of the first-in-the-South primary and where black voters play a major role in the Democratic nominating process.

On Reparations:  Part I.  Do you think there should be white privilege tax?  If there was one, who should get the money?  When Fox News asked these questions in man-on-the-street interviews awhile back most of us thought it was a joke.  Including Fox.  Times have changed.  These days it looks like you can't be a serious contender for the Democratic nomination for president without endorsing reparations for slavery.

Two days after synagogue shooting, Buttigieg kisses anti-Semite Al Sharpton's ring.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., boasted this month that there is "no taint" of anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party.  She may want to tell that to her colleagues, especially the 2020 presidential candidates, many of whom continue to kiss the ring worn by noted race hustler and anti-Semite, Al Sharpton.  On Monday [4/29/2019], just two days after a gunman opened fire at a San Diego synagogue, killing one and injuring three others, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg dined with Sharpton in New York.  The two spoke at length about the upcoming presidential election and homophobia in churches and faith-based communities.

'Racism and sexism': Women of color slam white male tilt of Dem primary.  The women of color who packed into a university auditorium here Wednesday for a first-of-its-kind presidential forum delighted in the rhetoric of candidates who vowed to make Donald Trump a one-term president.  But their frustration was just as palpable — over the heavy media attention being paid to white male candidates in the early days of the Democratic primary, and over polling they contended is feeding a misleading narrative that only a white man can defeat Trump.

Sanders Faces Skeptical Audience at Forum for Minority Women.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders faced a skeptical audience of minority women in Texas Wednesday, a group that will be critical in deciding the Democratic presidential nominee from a racially diverse field of candidates and a record number of women.  Pressed by multiple questioners to address why women of color should support him, Sanders leaned heavily on his economic message, drawing audible expressions of frustration from some of the more than 1,500 people attending the She the People forum in Houston.

Women of color frustrated with white males in Democratic primary.  Women of color at the She the People presidential forum say they're frustrated with the attention given to Democratic primary front-runners, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and other white males.  She the People co-founder Aimee Allison said Wednesday [4/24/2019] she's also frustrated with polling numbers that indicate Biden and Sanders are in the lead in the Democratic primary, and said it's up in the air whether Biden will attract support from women of color.  "He's going to enter a really different world," Allison told Politico.  "It's a world in which we've woken up as women of color and we're not just going along to get along for a Democratic Party insider."

Bernie Sanders discovered yesterday that a white male nominee is a problem for a huge chunk of the Democrats' base.  Assembling a collection of grievance-based identity groups works well for the Democrats, until it doesn't.  And with President Trump driving a substantial number of Democrats into clinical derangement, the angry, angry ethno-sexual-economic group partisans are fed up with waiting for their turn.  Bernie's own partisans feel, with considerable justification, that they were robbed of the nomination in 2016, and with Bernie turning 79 years old by Election Day, they can't wait for another election cycle to receive their vision of "justice."  But the problem is that other angry Democrat constituent groups have had their fill of white males stepping into positions of power.  Do you think black voters will turn out at a higher rate than whites and vote above 90% for the Democrat if an elderly Jewish-heritage guy is on the ticket instead of an African-American?

Fury at Crown Heights school's plan to bestow Rev. Al Sharpton with honorary doctorate.  Rev. Al Sharpton, a master of agitation, could soon be a doctor of humane letters.  Taxpayer-funded Medgar Evers College, a CUNY school in the middle of Crown Heights, is planning to bestow the honorary doctorate on the man many say inflamed tensions during the bloody 1991 race riots in the Brooklyn neighborhood.  The college, in a resolution to go before a committee Monday, says it wants to recognize Sharpton's "unwavering commitment to racial, educational and socioeconomic equity" at its June 5 commencement.

Southern "Poverty" in the Cayman Islands.  Yesterday [4/2/2019], Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) issued a letter to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Charles Rettig, urging an investigation into whether the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) should retain its classification as a 501(c)(3).  Senator Cotton is requesting an investigation into the tax-exempt status of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) based on numerous examples of the SPLC engaging in systematic defamation of their political opponents.

Twitter Backs Off Partnership With SPLC Amid Bombshell Reports.  Amazon Stays Silent.  Twitter appears to be one of the only big tech companies to back out of an alliance with the Southern Poverty Law Center after the group's long-time president was fired for unspecified conduct reasons, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.  "The SPLC is not a member of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council or a partner the company has worked with recently," a source within the company told TheDCNF. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity and did not disclose when Twitter distanced itself from the SPLC, which was dealt a significant blow in March following reports suggesting the group scams people out of money.

Rev. Al Sharpton is a former paid FBI informant: report.  An explosive new report by The Smoking Gun claims that the Rev. Al Sharpton is a former paid FBI informant.  The report published Monday claims that Mr. Sharpton regularly interacted with members of four of New York City's five organized crime families, specifically leaders of the Genovese family, and he secretly recorded their conversations.  After the news came to light, Mr. Sharpton admitted helping law enforcement officials by keeping tabs on Mafia contacts in the 1980s.

Estupida-Cortez Panders to Blacks with Phony Accent.  Why do Democrats insult Black Americans by attempting to pander to them with phony accents?  When speaking to Black audiences, they use an obviously fake and contrived accent to mimic the way they believe Black Americans talk.  I find it offensive and disgusting, and I'm not even Black!  Hillary Clinton did it.  Barack Obama did it.  Now, Alexandria Estupida-Cortez wants in on the action.  [Video clip]

Citizens for Corporate Accountability Demands Amazon Cuts Ties with SPLC.  In a recent letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the company's Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, Jay Carney, Citizens for Corporate Accountability (CCA) requested that the e-commerce giant cease its work with the SPLC.  The CCA specifically took issue with how the SPLC designates certain organizations as "hate groups" and how this has affected the Amazon Smile program which allows Amazon shoppers to donate money to particular charities.

Democrats are afraid to [anger] Al Sharpton.  How is Al Sharpton — the Jussie Smollett of civil rights — still a kingmaker?  This week, nearly every single Democratic candidate for president — save the otherwise-distracted Joe Biden — has or will appear at Sharpton's annual convention for his National Action Network, which he calls a charity.  A more rational observer might call it a personal piggybank funded by shakedowns.  This is a man who, as The [New York] Post exclusively reported in December, sold the rights to his life story to his own "nonprofit," paying himself $531,000 — on top of his $244,661 salary to run NAN in 2017.  When asked by The Post when he would see that half-million, Sharpton — who was covering the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth in South Africa for MSNBC, itself a sacrilege — took offense.  "What does that have to do with anything?" he asked.

Why Should the Partisan SPLC be Tax-Exempt?  That is the question that Senator Tom Cotton asked today in a letter to the IRS.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is an arm of the Democratic Party whose stock in trade is defamation.  What tax-exempt purposes do baseless, politically-motivated smears serve?

Sen. Cotton Seeks IRS Investigation Into SPLC's Tax-Exempt Status.  Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) is seeking an investigation into the tax-exempt status of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), according to a letter provided to the Washington Free Beacon.  Cotton sent the letter to the IRS April 2 and urges an investigation into whether the SPLC "should retain its classification as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization" amid news reports that have verified the "long-established fact that the SPLC regularly engages in defamation of its political opponents."

Jesse Jackson: 'Outrage' over Jussie Smollett 'Is Fake News'.  Rev. Jesse Jackson on Friday [3/29/2019] released a statement branding the "outrage" surrounding Jussie Smollett as "fake news" and called on people still angered by allegations that the Empire actor staged a hate crime against himself to move on from the scandal.  "The outrage over the Jussie Smollett case is misplaced and out of proportion," said Jackson.  "It is being used from City Hall to the White House to deflect and distract from City Hall to the White House.  It is fake news."

Jesse Jackson, others plan rally for Kim Foxx after criticism in handling of Jussie Smollett case.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson and other clergy are planning a rally in support of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who's faced criticism since her office dropped charges against actor Jussie Smollett.

Jesse Jackson weighs in on Jussie Smollett.  Jesse Jackson is crying "fake news" over the outrage prompted by the Jussie Smollett case which he believes is "misplaced and out of proportion."  The reverend made his appeal for people to move on from the scandal involving the "Empire" actor accused of staging a hate crime against himself, addressing the issue in a statement released on Friday [3/29/2019] demanding an end to the "politically motivated" attacks on Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is Everything That's Wrong With Liberalism.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, the wealthiest civil rights organization in the country, has ousted its founder, Morris Dees, and president, Richard Cohen, amid unspecified allegations of workplace misconduct by Dees.  Dees had been with the organization since creating it in 1971, while Cohen had joined in the mid-'80s, and the SPLC's shake-up can be seen as part of the MeToo reckoning in which conduct that was accepted for years is finally being dealt with appropriately.  But the organization has long been dysfunctional in even deeper ways, and the story of Dees and the SPLC is useful for illustrating some of the worst and most hypocritical tendencies in American liberalism.  If we understand the full extent of what went wrong in this organization, we'll better understand the ways in which a shallow "politics of spectacle" can take hold, and see the kinds of practices that need to be categorically rejected in the pursuit of progressive change.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Is in a State of Moral Collapse.  For those who cared about truth, the SPLC's transformation from a valuable anti-Klan watchdog into a glorified version of Media Matters for America was plain and obvious.  It steadily expanded its definition of "hate groups" to include mainstream Christian organizations such as my former employer, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and it labeled as "extremists" men such as American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray.  These decisions had serious real-world consequences.  Corporations and employers cut off relationships with groups and individuals targeted by the SPLC, and violent people used SPLC designations to justify attempted murder and assault.  Remember the man who tried to commit mass murder at the Family Research Council?  He found his target through the SPLC's list of alleged "anti-gay groups."  Remember when an angry mob attacked Murray at Middlebury College and injured a professor?  Because of the SPLC, those protesters thought they were attacking a "white nationalist."

Trouble At The Poverty Palace.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is misnamed for the following reasons:  [#1] Southern:  Despite the fact that its headquarters are located in Alabama, it is aggressively anti-Southern by dint of the fact that it views Southern history as one giant stain against all things good;  [#2] Poverty:  Its endowment is close to a half-billion dollars, dwarfing that of the NRA and even the ACLU;  [#3] Law:  It is very selective in what laws it deems worthy of defending:  For example, it equates the enforcement of current immigration laws with "hate."  Despite its relentless posturing as an anti-"hate" organization, it seems propelled by a cancerous hatred toward all things white and male.

For Such a Time as This.  Marianne Williamson was in the pulpit at Bethel A.M.E. Church Sunday morning [3/24/2019], [...] However, the woman in the pulpit, who has been called Oprah Winfrey's "spiritual guru," had not come to the South Carolina lowlands as an author promoting her books, but rather as a candidate for the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination.

Also posted under The one-sided separation of church and state.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a 'scam'.  The Southern Poverty Law Center's problems go well beyond the fact it's a vicious, left-wing attack dog with no care whatsoever for the reputational and personal harm it causes by lumping Christians and anti-extremist activists with actual neo-Nazis.  As it turns out, the SPLC is a cynical money-making scheme, according to a former staffer's blistering tell-all, published this week in the New Yorker.  The center's chief goal is to bilk naive and wealthy donors who believe it's an earnest effort to combat bigotry.  The only thing worse than a snarling partisan activist is a slimy conman who merely pretends to be one.

SPLC looks like a sinking ship with two more high-level departures.  The news that Morris Dees was kicked out of the organization he founded, the Southern Poverty Law Center, sent shockwaves out among leftists, including the many news outlets that accept without question its verdicts that conservatives are "hate groups."  Major donors, like Google, were put on notice that they may have been misguided.  It turns out that those shockwaves have toppled more careers of big shots at the SPLC.

The Reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  [Scroll down]  In the decade or so before I'd arrived, the [SPLC]'s reputation as a beacon of justice had taken some hits from reporters who'd peered behind the façade.  In 1995, the Montgomery Advertiser had been a Pulitzer finalist for a series that documented, among other things, staffers' allegations of racial discrimination within the organization.  In Harper's, Ken Silverstein had revealed that the center had accumulated an endowment topping a hundred and twenty million dollars while paying lavish salaries to its highest-ranking staffers and spending far less than most nonprofit groups on the work that it claimed to do.  The great Southern journalist John Egerton, writing for The Progressive, had painted a damning portrait of Dees, the center's longtime mastermind, as a "super-salesman and master fundraiser" who viewed civil-rights work mainly as a marketing tool for bilking gullible Northern liberals.

Whatta Bunch of Phony Baloneys.  Not long ago, these pages carried my more extended column devoted to the Democrats' falsehoods in identifying their ultimate Sugar Daddy, Tom $teyer, as a Jew.  Every time a Republican attacks $teyer for trying to buy elections with multi-million-dollar contributions, the Democrats and Left Media come back and yell "Anti-Semitism!"  Even $teyer makes the claim.  But he is no Jew.  Tom $teyer is an Episcopalian.  Interestingly, when the real anti-Semites like Jew-haters Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar attack Jews the Left Media are silent.

If there is any justice, the firing of its founder should to launch the collapse and liquidation of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Few private organizations can match the Southern Poverty Law Center when it comes to hypocrisy and malign influence, though Media Matters for America might be close.  In a development shocking only to its leftist true believers, the founder and most prominent public face of the group, Morris Dees, was fired for unspecified reasons.

Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder Morris Dees.  Southern Poverty Law Center President co-founder Morris Dees was fired Wednesday, according to SPLC President Richard Cohen.  Cohen said in a statement Dees' dismissal over his misconduct was effective on Wednesday, March 13. When pressed for details on what led to the termination, the organization declined to elaborate.  Dees, along with Joseph Levin Jr., founded the nonprofit legal advocacy group in 1971 "to ensure that the promise of the civil rights movement became a reality for all."

Hillary Clinton's Fake Southern Accent Returns, 'When That Spirit is Breathed Into Them!'  Hillary Clinton's fake southern accent is back and it's worse than ever.  On Sunday [3/3/2019] twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke at a historic black church in Selma, Alabama for an anniversary event of the 1965 "Bloody Sunday" march from Selma to Montgomery.  Hillary invoked her fake accent as she told the crowd at Brown Chapel, "Oh, this is the day the Lord has made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Oh!"

Hillary Clinton says country is in 'full-fledged crisis' during speech in Selma to mark 'Bloody Sunday'.  Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered a stark view of the country on Sunday, comparing the current "crisis in our democracy" to the turbulence that occurred amid the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.  Speaking during a reception in Selma, Ala. to mark the 54th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" and to receive the International Unity Award at the Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King Unity Breakfast, Clinton said that the United States is facing a "full-fledged crisis in our democracy."

Pigs on Two Legs Turn on Each Other.  Among leftists, Kamala Harris, as black and female, trumps Cory Booker who is just black, who trumps Elizabeth Warren who is exposed as just female, who trumps Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders who are reverse threefers as white, male, and heterosexual.  None of the progressive revolutionaries ever stopped to ponder whether much of the country targeted by the new racialism might not like it and mirror image this sad descent into tribalism.  In such a revolutionary scramble to be the most diverse and hard left, the logical trajectory ends up with a race to transcend the physical limits of victimhood.

Mark Meadows Hurls Racism Charge Back at Radical Rep. Rashida Tlaib for Accusing Female Black Trump Employee of Being a Prop.  Radical Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) accused Lynne Patton of being a racist prop for Republican Mark Meadows during the Michael Cohen hearings.  Earlier in the day Rep. Meadows introduced Trump employee Lynne Patton during his time questioning the witness.  Ms. Patton years ago by the Trump family.  Patton is a black woman and staunch supporter of President Trump.

Al Sharpton says Jussie Smollett should 'face accountability to the maximum' if attack was orchestrated.  When "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett said he was attacked by two masked men yelling racist and homophobic epithets, as well as "This is MAGA country," MSNBC host Al Sharpton came out in support of the star.  "We can't make people love each other, but we can sure hold them accountable if they harm each other," Sharpton said at the end of his "Final Thoughts" segment headlined, "We're with you Jussie."  But amid multiple reports this weekend that Smollett may have been involved in orchestrating the attack, Sharpton, who made his name in the 1980s as the spokesperson for Tawana Brawley in what turned out to be false claims she was raped by four white men, changed his tune on-air on Sunday.

Jussie Smollett:  A Case Study in Modern Liberalism.  The noose thing was a clever touch.  As my observant young colleague, Matt Miano, pointed out to me, Smollett was photographed approximately a year prior to his "noose attack" alongside Sen. Kamala Harris at a protest in Los Angeles.  Kamala Harris sponsored an "anti-lynching bill" in the Senate in late 2018 to make lynching a new federal crime.  The bill had always previously stalled in the Senate, because it was seen as an unnecessary political gimmick, meant to remind people of historical black oppression in the South.  Murdering people with a rope has always been a crime under state law.  In the wake of Smollett's faked "noose assault" in Chicago on Jan. 29, Harris's anti-lynching bill unanimously passed the Senate on Feb. 14.  Imagine that!  And who was one of the first Democratic luminaries to jump in with outrage and sympathy for poor Jussie Smollett following the alleged assault by the evil MAGA headdress-sporting bleach purveyors?  You guessed it.  Senator Kamala Harris.

New Attorney General Needs To Clean House.  The liberal direction of the DOJ is nothing new.  In the Obama administration, then Attorney General Eric Holder was a liberal activist instead of the nation's top law enforcement officer.  Holder infamously labeled America "a nation of cowards" for not having the courage to discuss race relations.  Thereafter, he spent his entire tenure obsessively focused on race.  It was certainly a questionable decision when his department decided not to prosecute members of the Black Panthers who were threatening voters and armed with a weapon at a precinct in Philadelphia.  He made sure that no investigations ever touched President Obama, since he promised to be his "wing man."

Why The Left Can't Tell Honest Working Class Dirt From Blackface.  Once upon a time, the Left romanticized coal dust and the coal miner as symbols of the oppressed working class.  Then it degenerated into a movement of university bred urbanites with contempt for hard work and a calculated ignorance of the "brown energy" that makes their lives possible.  The disdain and ignorance reached a fever pitch with two media articles conflating coal dust with blackface.  The Arizona Republic ran an editorial by Rashaad Thomas, a self-described poet, essayist and Buddhist thinker, who was offended by a photo of Welsh coal miners hanging in a restaurant.  "Phoenix restaurant says this is a photo of coal miners.  But I see offensive blackface," Thomas complained.  "My concern that the photograph of men in blackface was a threat to me and my face and voice were ignored.  A business' photograph of men with blackened faces culturally says to me, 'Whites Only.'  It says people like me are not welcome."

Without Elitist Racialism, There Is Little Racism.  Because race relations have changed so quickly in America over the last few decades, racism is far less a problem in this country than racialism.  A racialist is a person who looks at all society through the prism of race, the way Marx attributed all social phenomena as somehow determined by economic class relationships.  The racialist sees "dog whistles" everywhere, ever so subtle evidences that racism continues to exist in the subterranean recesses of people's psyche that even the accused "racists" are not aware of.  Down here the ordinary people on the streets are neither racists nor racialists.  Racialism is essentially a political phenomenon and so is largely confined to the political/media elites and to those who have been indoctrinated with this idea at our universities.

4 Ways Democrats Want to Ruin Your Life.  The Democrats (the governor and attorney general in Va.) are guilty of racist acts in the past.  Another Democrat senator attempted to align herself with American Indians for her own benefit.  This from the party that accuses Republicans daily of racism.  Furthermore, the Democrats, who give lip service to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who once said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character," boast about their candidates' race, sex, and sexual orientation with little said about character.

Virginia: When Identity Groups Collide.  For decades, lacking a coherent and acceptable broad-based platform, the Democrats have cobbled together their victories by playing the identity politics game.  Reaching out to different groups, playing on their sense of victimization and oppression, dissolving the very bonds of civic cohesion, and pretending to a savior role for each group.  Of course, if people thought about it, no one is less oppressed than a modern-day American, and the special interests and pleadings of these disparate groups often collide and conflict, but that seemingly passes beyond their ken or notice.  This week, in contrast to the unifying State of the Union address by the President which was coherent, consistent, and uplifting, the three top officials in Virginia — all Democrats — are engaged in a bloody battle which looks to disunite the Democratic women from the black voters of the state.

Southern Poverty Law Center sued by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes.  Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes rejects the notion he's a hate-monger, and he's going after an organization that believes he fits the description.  McInnes has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has designated the Proud Boys as a hate group.  The suit claims the label has cost McInnes business opportunities and access to media platforms.  In October, Facebook and Instagram banned the Proud Boys and McInnes, citing their policies against hate groups.

Breaking News: 72-Year-Old Man Edited Racist Yearbook 50 Years Ago.  If you said racist things in 2012 and you're applying for a job now, maybe that should be held against you.  But if you're a 72-year-old man and you edited a racist yearbook in 1968, maybe everyone should move on.  But here's the latest breaking news from Virginia.  ["]A Virginia Military Institute yearbook overseen by future state Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment in 1968 features a host of racist photos and slurs, including blackface.["] In 1968.  50 years ago.  The media is denouncing a 72-year-old man for something he may have participated in when he was 22 years old.  I'm not playing favorites here.  This story was stupid when it involved Governor Northam.  Somehow Northam's public support for infanticide is not disqualifying, but his wearing of blackface 34 years ago is.

Woke Evangelicals:  Cultivating Victimhood, Vanquishing Conscience.  With astonishing speed, the evangelical world has been invaded by social justice ideology.  In a recent podcast, the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention (until now a theologically conservative body), J.D. Greear, highlighted "white privilege" as a serious moral issue for Christians.  Likewise, David Platt, former president of the SBC's International Mission Board, browbeat evangelicals for having too much of the same skin color:  "Why are so many of our churches so white?"  At another historically conservative denomination, the Presbyterian Church of America, things are not any better.  Its institution and my own alma mater, Covenant Seminary, hosted a conference on race whose onetime director was a Black Lives Matter activist.  Furthermore, the seminary and the PCA denomination as a whole have been embroiled in controversy over the Revoice Conference, which promotes the idea of LGBT victimhood.

Beclowning themselves to "get" Trump.  [Michael] Harriot works for a publication that specializes in black supremacist articles.  Oh, nobody says that because in our double standard world it is OK for minorities to have their little clans with their clan leaders.  The Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are two examples.  After all, what good are black leaders if no one obsesses with being black.  Civil rights activists do not seek civil rights because when they achieve that there is no need for them.

New Congresswoman Omar sides with black hate group that sparked the Covington controversy.  A fringe religious zealot who calls himself "Chief Ephraim Israel" of the House of Israel, is claiming he was the person most responsible for the controversial incident between a group of Catholic high school boys and a Native American activist.  "The word of G od — it sparked it all," the man told the New York Post.  With the media whipping the nation into a frenzy over the alleged disrespectful and racist actions of the students, never mind that most got the story completely wrong, a se parate incident involving a group of black men, who identify as Hebrew Israelites, got little attention.  Video would slowly surface of the religious fanatics taunting both the students from Covington Catholic High School and the participants of a nearby Indigenous Peoples Rally with disparaging and vulgar language.

Kamala Harris's Identity Ticket.  Now that first-term Senator Kamala Harris has formally announced for the presidency in 2020, she has to be considered the odds-on favorite to win the Democrat nomination.  This stems not from anything in Harris's relatively slight résumé, other than her "identity" and a hard-left stand on most issues.  Harris checks almost all the critical boxes.  Barring a particularly toxic skeleton in the closet or a major campaign error, she will likely end up President Trump's opponent in 2020.  Harris identifies as both an African-American (her father is Jamaican) and Indian-American (her mother hails from the subcontinent.)  Being half Native American and gay would be a bit better, but among the current crop of possible Democrat candidates, none identify better as far as Democrats are concerned.

Fuller picture emerges of viral video encounter between Native American and Catholic students.  Marcus Frejo, an indigenous hip-hop artist who is also known as Quese Imc, said he was standing with a friend near the black men when tensions flickered.  He said he was worried "something ugly" was going to happen.  Around that time, he said, Phillips approached, asking to borrow a drum.  Together, they headed into the center of the students, creating a sort of prayer circle.  They sang what he said was a well-known spiritual song associated with the American Indian Movement of the 1960s and used for prayer and resistance.  In separate interviews, Frejo and Phillips said they heard the students making noises that seemed to mock Native American chanting.  But Frejo also said he heard some of the students sing along.

More about News Media vs Covington Catholic High School.

Bernie Sanders calls President Trump a racist on Martin Luther King Day.  Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had a dream of stopping "racist" President Trump's vision to "Make America Great Again."  "Today we say to Donald Trump — We are not going back to more bigotry, discrimination and division," Sanders told a South Carolina audience at an event marking Martin Luther King Day.  "Instead of bringing us together as Americans, he has purposely and aggressively attempted to divide us up by the color of our skin, by our gender, by our nationality, by our religion and by our sexual orientation."

The Editor says...
Nobody works harder to categorize and segregate Americans into easily-manageable groups and factions than the Democrats.

Biden says Trump has 'awakened hate' and legitimized a resurgence of racism in America.  In what could be a preview of campaign themes, former Vice President Joe Biden ripped the current occupant of the White House Monday for legitimizing a resurgence of racism in America.  Without mentioning President Donald Trump by name, Biden told a crowd of civil rights activists and civic leaders at Al Sharpton's breakfast honoring Martin Luther King Jr., that it was all too easy for some of America's ugliest sentiments on race to reemerge.

Hawaii Democrat Ed Case claims he's 'an Asian trapped in a white body'.  Rep. Ed Case apologized Wednesday [1/16/2019] after he claimed at an event for Asian American and Pacific Islander voters that he's an "Asian trapped in a white body."  Mr. Case, a Hawaii Democrat, sparked a social media backlash over the reported comment he made Tuesday at a Washington event billed as a "celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander members of the 116th Congress."

Let the bidding begin!
Sharpton Heavily Courted by 2020 Democrats, Will Hold Off Endorsement for a Year.  Al Sharpton is being heavily courted by Democrats seeking his endorsement as they pursue the 2020 presidential nomination, but he said he won't make a decision on who he'll support for at least a year.  The liberal civil rights activist and MSNBC host has met with a flurry of possible 2020 contenders in recent weeks, including Sens. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), Cory Booker (D., N.J.), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.), and he's planning to speak soon with former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D., Texas), the Atlantic reported.  Sharpton has become a mainstream figure in the Democratic Party, in sharp contrast to his early days as a fiery, jumpsuit-wearing racial antagonist, known for his invective against Jews and the police.

To some people, facts matter less than the color of the person reporting them.
AOC Says Lack of Media Diversity 'Unacceptable in 2019'.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was embroiled in a Twitter spat this weekend after criticizing CBS News for an apparent lack of black journalists covering the 2020 election.  The democrat, who represents New York's 14th congressional district, spoke out yesterday in response to a tweet from CBS producer Ben Mitchell which announced the team covering the upcoming election.  In the Friday [1/11/2019] post, Mitchell published the headshots of the staffers.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Visit Ocasio-Cortez to Combat Trump's 'Anti-Civil Rights Agenda'.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton visited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) this week, with Sharpton saying that he and Ocasio-Cortez discussed how to "fight back against the disastrous anti-civil rights agenda enacted by the Trump administration."  Sharpton went to Ocasio-Cortez's office on Thursday [1/10/2019] and effusively tweeted about his visit, even sharing a video of the two of them dancing. [...] Jackson met with Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday, and the freshman New York Democrat said "it was an honor of a lifetime" to meet with Jackson and discuss how they could "advance the movement for economic and racial justice in the United States."

Black Lawmakers' Charity Didn't Give Out A Single Scholarship, Top Pols Hide Financials.  The caucus of black New York state lawmakers runs a charity whose stated mission is to empower "African American and Latino youth through education and leadership initiatives" by "providing opportunity to higher education" — but it hasn't given a single scholarship to needy youth in two years, according to a New York Post investigation.  The group collects money from companies like AT&T, the Real Estate Board of New York, Time Warner Cable and CableVision, telling them in promotional materials that they are "changing lives, one scholarship at a time."  The group — called the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. — instead spent $500,000 in the 2015 — 2016 fiscal year on items like food, limousines and rap music, the Post found.

The Editor says...
Imagine the reaction in the news media if someone set up a scholarship fund strictly for lily-white students.  But a scholarship fund for everybody-but-whites is okay.

Congresswoman Hopes Reparations Bill is Path to 'Repair Some of the Damage' Caused by Slavery.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) told PJM that the federal government should conduct a study of reparations for descendants of slaves to be able to determine the best way to "repair some of the damage" that slavery has caused to the African-American community.  Jackson Lee became the lead sponsor of H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, after Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) resigned from Congress.

Why won't the AG even look into Al Sharpton's latest dubious deal?  Why isn't state Attorney General Barbara Underwood looking into that bizarre $531,000 payment to the Rev. Al Sharpton by his own nonprofit for his "life story"?  Tax and film-industry experts contacted by The [New York] Post all raised their eyebrows after learning the details.  And Sharpton's long history of dubious fiscal management and hefty tax liens — not to mention two mysterious fires that conveniently consumed his financial records — doesn't exactly inspire confidence that all this is on the up and up.

Al Sharpton's daughter gets $95K settlement for sprained ankle.  Dominique Sharpton, daughter of shakedown artist Al Sharpton, scored a $95,000 settlement from the city over a sprained ankle — even though she had posted snaps of herself on social media climbing a mountain in Bali and strutting around in high heels just seven months after the fall.  It took nearly four years, but de Blasio administration lawyers finally threw in the towel in the case.

MSNBC: White People Can't Save America.  [Scroll down]  No politician panders to whites as a whole to win elections.  Such a politician would quickly be deemed a racist.  Political pandering has rules.  Pander only to blacks, and you must be a Democrat to do so.  When politicians occasionally pander to whites, they do so to small groups of whites.  Like working-class white males, and so on.  The rule is clear:  pander only to small groups of whites.  Again, only Democrats can get permits to do so.  Note that you will never see politicians going to white churches to pander for the white vote, as politicians do with blacks.  Hillary Clinton famously quoted Reverend James Cleveland's "No ways tired" speech when pandering to blacks.  Politicians go to black churches to secure the black vote, then break all the promises.  They visit white churches for the "evangelical" vote, not the white vote, per se.

Al Sharpton sells his life story rights for $531,000 — to his own charity.  The Rev. Al Sharpton has found an eager buyer for the rights to his life story — his own charity.  The National Action Network agreed to pay the activist preacher $531,000 for his "life story rights for a 10-year period," according to the non-profit's latest tax filing, which was obtained by The [New York] Post.  NAN can apparently turn around and sell those rights to Hollywood or other takers at a profit, but neither the reverend nor the charity would identify what producers are waiting for such Sharpton content.

Surprise! Ilhan Omar lied to Jewish voters in her district.  Newly elected Representative Ilhan Omar, the Somali-heritage Muslim from Minneapolis who replaces Keith Ellison, has already reversed her position on the BDS (Boyott, Divest, Sanction) Movement that seeks to delegitimize Israel now that she is safely elected.  Since she has cited no reasons for changing her mind, she must have been lying.

Progressive Politics Are Not Really Progressive.  Robert O'Rourke appropriates a Latino nickname and with it by implication a false Latino identity — and all for the better, progressives say.  A buffoonish Elizabeth Warren called upon DNA tests to prove her less than 1 percent Native American ancestry apparently to show us that she did not culturally appropriate Indian ancestry for careerist purposes.  So cultural appropriation is little more than a one-way neurosis of the upper-middle class and mostly university crowd.

The State of Hate.  The SPLC was founded in 1971 to take on legal cases related to racial injustice, poverty and the death penalty. [...] Today the SPLC's list of 953 "Active Hate Groups" is an elaborate taxonomy of ill will. [...] For decades, the hate list was a golden seal of disapproval, considered nonpartisan enough to be heeded by government agencies, police departments, corporations and journalists.  But in recent years, as the list has swept up an increasing number of conservative activists — mostly in the anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim categories — those conservatives have been fighting back.

Democrats: 'If We Lost, the Voters Must Be Racist'.  At issue is the defeat of Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor's race and of Stacey Abrams in the Georgia governor's race.  Democrats are busily trying to undo those defeats as of this writing (Florida Democrats have a real knack for suddenly discovering caches of ballots from sympathetic voters at the opportune moment) while simultaneously arguing that the reason these two candidates failed is that they are black, and that Donald Trump's America is just one tweet away from repealing the 13th Amendment.  Senator Bernie Sanders — who abandoned his native Brooklyn for Vermont, the whitest state in the union — insists that white voters are "uncomfortable" voting for a black candidate.  Maybe some are.  But Barack Obama won more than 100 more electoral votes running against Mitt Romney than Hillary Clinton won running against a man who'd never run for office before.  The signals are at least mixed.

Gillum confident 'souls to the polls' will give Democrats the early-vote advantage.  Andrew Gillum couldn't move.  The Democratic mayor of Tallahassee hoping to be Florida's next governor stepped off his bus in Miami into a throng of 300 sweaty revelers ready for a "souls to the polls" march on the final day of early voting in South Florida. [...] Registered Democrats entered the day trailing registered Republicans in early-vote totals by a slim 28,000 vote margin, and the last-minute push by Gillum and Democrats across the state focused on black churches could give Democrats a tiny advantage in registration totals heading into Election Day.

Donald Trump:  The Word 'Racist' is Used to Describe 'Every Republican That's Winning'.  President Donald Trump defied charges Thursday [11/1/2018] from Democrats and the establishment media that he was a racist for supporting tough measures on immigration enforcement.  "Well you know the word 'racist' is used about every Republican that's winning," Trump said in an interview with Christian Broadcast Network.  "Any time a Republican is leading they take out the 'R' word, the 'racist' word."  Trump denied that he was anti-immigrant, asserting that the country needed them but that all immigrants had to come into the country legally.

Missouri Dem lashes out at McCaskill for 'crazy Democrats' comment, in profanity-laced tirade.  Sen. Claire McCaskill's, D-Mo., efforts to distance herself from "crazy Democrats" sparked a fiery backlash from a Missouri Democratic state senator, who responded by calling her a [name] and nicknaming her "Dixie Claire."  "Claire McCaskill is desperate," state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal tweeted.  "[...] Instead of knowing why people of color are angered by this administration, she chooses to put us and our families in harm's way.  If my family is harmed, blame it on Claire McCaskill.  She deserves to lose.  She is not a Democrat."  Chappelle-Nadal's comments were first reported by The Daily Caller.

Al Sharpton's reaction to Trump hosting young black leaders in MAGA 'caps' is worth the price of admission.  Notorious race-baiter Rev. Al Sharpton believes that President Donald Trump's decision to allow Turning Points USA to host its Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House this year is somehow, someway wrong and perhaps even blatantly racist.  "It's one of the lowest things he could ever do," Sharpton complained Friday evening on MSNBC. "To go in the East Room, which is sacred, have a staged rally.  Notice that all of those youngsters had caps on.  It was almost like we're going to dress you for the photo.  And to call it a young black leader summit...."

The Editor says...
Mr. Sharpton's horrified reaction at the sight of young blacks happy to visit a Republican president in the White House is disturbing.  It is as if Mr. Sharpton believes that all blacks are somehow under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Democratic Party.

This is a good example of "reading too much into it."
Cow's milk is a symbol of white supremacists, PETA claims.  Cow's milk is allegedly a symbol used by white supremacists, according to PETA.  In a recent statement, the animal advocate organization explains that dairy milk has been the drink of choice for supremacists because "the dairy industry inflicts extreme violence on other living beings."

The Editor says...
The most bigoted people I've ever known were not milk drinkers.  I think they all had a preference for cheap beer.

Hillary Clinton Nods in Agreement When She's Introduced as "The Real President".  Hillary Clinton joined Eric Garner's mother Gwen Carr for a book signing in Manhattan, New York Friday [10/19/2018].  Gwen Carr penned a book titled, "This Stops Now" in her ongoing effort to pursue justice for her son, Eric Garner who died after a Staten Island police officer held him in a choke hold.  Back in 2014, Staten Island police officers attempted to arrest Eric Garner because he was selling unlicensed cigarettes.  Video shows Eric Garner resisting arrest; however, racism was blamed for his death.

Native Americans, Liberal Writers Excoriate Warren's 'Indefensible' Native American Posturing.  Like many conservatives, I've been a critic of Sen. Elizabeth Warren for years.  She's a hardcore statist and collectivist whose views on nearly every major issues are, in my view, deeply wrong-headed.  I've also been writing about her dubious-to-fraudulent "Native American" gambit for quite some time, having featured the matter during an examination of the Left's obsession with "privilege" in my 2015 book, End of Discussion.  Warren is not a Native American, yet there's strong circumstantial evidence that she identified as one for a very discrete period of time in order to advance her career.  It is therefore unsurprising that I greeted her latest, ludicrous endeavor to justify her so-called 'heritage' with scorn.  So did many others who generally share my worldview.  What may be slightly more surprising is that a fair number of leftists are also heaping criticism upon her.  Some are bemoaning her tactics and timing (why now, a question I took a stab at in my previous post), but others are flaying her on substance, too.

Did someone mention Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren and Beto O'Rourke, Cultural Appropriators.  Elizabeth Warren wants to be Native American.  Robert Francis O'Rourke wants to be Latino.  But they aren't.  And they're being hoist on the left's own petard.  I'm a fan of cultural appropriation.  I think it's actually healthy for the dominant society to incorporate some aspects of other cultures.  This makes us more diverse, more interesting, and more tolerant.  But many on the left strongly disagree with me on this.  They hate themselves for loving yoga, and don't think two white women should be able to own a burrito cart in Portland.  They are adamant about it.  This leads to what some might call cognitive dissonance, or even hypocrisy.  After all, the people most inclined to frequent yoga studios and burrito carts in the Pacific Northwest are rich white liberals.

How the Leftist Smear Machine Operates.  In the course of a speech in Ohio, President Trump wandered into the Civil War and made some remarks about the two principal generals, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.  Five minutes ago, culturally speaking, these would have been unexceptionable and unremarkable — hardly newsworthy.  But in the new media-driven Narrative context, they suddenly became a stick with which to beat Trump and (oddly enough) the Republicans.  This is how the Narrative — thanks, Saul Alinsky! — works.  First, personalize the target:  the soldiers of the Confederacy and in particular Lee.  Second, polarize any discussion of the war by dramatically simplifying its origins, causes, aims, and outcomes under the all-purpose rubric of "racism."  Finally, eliminate all references to the saddest chapter in American history by tearing down their statues and sending Lee and his army down the memory hole and into purdah, and tarring anyone who objects as a "racist."

What's in a nickname?  For some Latinos, Beto 'makes us feel like family'.  Some have criticized U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke — whose legal name is Robert Francis O'Rourke — for his Latino nickname.  But at his rally on [Fort Worth]'s north side Friday evening [10/12/2018], voters were far from turned off.

Don Lemon mocks 'minstrel' Kanye West.  Not satisfied with presiding over a panel that called Kanye West an illiterate "token Negro," CNN host Don Lemon went on a rant Thursday [10/11/2018] in which he said the rap star was a mentally unbalanced "minstrel" being exploited by whites.  In a segment Thursday on his network's "The Situation Room" show, Mr. Lemon also said that every black person watching Mr. West's White House appearance earlier in the day was "cringing."

The Editor says...
It's nice of Don Lemon to speak on behalf of "every black person," but isn't he supposed to check with Jesse Jackson first?

Eric Holder as President?  Eric Holder has decided to run for president to complete the work of converting America to an openly recognized communist country.  But, he has a few things to answer for before he takes control of the entire law enforcement apparatus of the United States and begins his war on whites.  If you recall, he refused to arrest the Black Panthers standing outside of a voting center when Barack Obama was elected.  It was obvious voter intimidation, but by claiming that worse had been done to "his" people, he would not prosecute.

Sharpton: Trump Base Are Like People Who Attended Lynchings After Church.  Friday on MSNBC's "Deadline," Al Sharpton said President Donald Trump's supporters are like people who "would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality."  When host Nicolle Wallace asked why the president is graded on a curve, Sharpton said, "Because I think that we're dealing with a bully and he's been able to make people defensive that ought not be defensive.  They ought to be on the offense.  And we need to stop apologizing for calling out what it is.  What he is doing is outrageous.  When he mentions Adam's article about the lynchings, let's not forget these people would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality.  And that's what we're seeing today."

Man claims to be a minority business owner after DNA test shows he's 4% African.  An insurance agent claims he should qualify as a minority business owner, because a DNA test shows he's 4 percent African — enough, he believes, to make him "a certified black man."  Ralph Taylor knows on the outside he looks like an average white guy, but he is trying using the results from his AncestryByDNA test to bolster his business in Lynnwood, Washington.  "I've always known that I'm multiracial," the 55-year-old declared to the Washington Post.  The 2010 test showed that he's 90 percent European, 6 percent indigenous American and 4 percent sub-Saharan African.

Ted Cruz Opponent Beto O'Rourke Says Police Are 'The New Jim Crow'.  At an event at Prairie View A&M University in Texas on Wednesday, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Beto O'Rourke agreed with the assertion that the police are "the new Jim Crow."  The Texas Democrat began his remarks by talking about the historic injustices against African-Americans in the criminal justice system, saying it began when prisons began colluding with local business and employers to arrest African-Americans for petty crime so they could force them to work on a chain gang.  "That injustice, to many more people here than I know firsthand, continues to persist today," Beto O'Rourke said.

The Descent into Progressive Madness.  The progressive street is leading fossilized Democrats into a sort of collective madness.  The dinosaurs of the party desperately seek relevance by sounding crazier than the new unhinged base that disrupts Senate hearings, loudly pronounces a new socialist future, and envisions octogenarian Maxine Waters as more the future of the party than is septuagenarian Nancy Pelosi.  The spectacle is right out of Euripides's Bacchae, as the creaky old guard of the polis, Tiresias and Cadmus, dress up in trendy, ridiculous ritual costumes to stumble along after the racing and frenzied young maenads in their lethal courtship of suicidal Dionysian madness.  Six-term senator Dianne Feinstein is running against a far more radical Democrat, Kevin de León, in California's general election.  (He added the accent and the "de" to his name in midlife, thereby enhancing his ethnic authenticity.)

The legacy of Barack Obama (and it's not a good one).  The legacy of Obama represented one of the most racially divided times in our nation's history.  In a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted in July of Obama's final year in office, 69 percent of Americans said that race relations were bad and that "six in 10 Americans say that race relations were growing worse, up from 38 percent a year ago."  The legacy of Obama represented a time when race-related riots were on the rise.  We can't forget the scenes on television in Baltimore and Ferguson, or the violence that erupted after the deaths of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Manuel Diaz, and Kimini Gray.  Images taken from each of these events resembled combat zones, with police in riot gear while angry citizens burned cars, smashed windows, and vandalized storefronts.

A New Color of Censorship from the SPLC.  Color of Change, a radical leftist group campaigning to censor conservatives and right-leaning groups, exploited the 2015 Charleston church shooting to go after the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  The Freedom Center's investigations had exposed Color of Change, but the leftist group's campaign to silence the Center briefly succeeded last month.  "Bloodmoney," Color of Change's smear campaign, seeks to shut down the fundraising abilities of conservative organizations by pressuring credit card companies and payment processors to deny access to conservative groups blacklisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Color of Change falsely accuses all of these groups of promoting violence and white supremacy.

The Real Cory Booker Likes to Quote a Violent, Anti-Semitic Racist.  Little attention has been paid to Cory Booker's opening statements at the Kavanaugh hearing and no mainstream media outlets are reporting who he is quoting over and over again.  There was a time when it would have been splashed on the front pages on newspapers, but we are all socialists now as Newsweek said.

Cory Booker Is Sharpton, Not Spartacus.  [Cory] Booker, the new poster child for demagoguery, called it his Spartacus moment, pretending to risk his political career by releasing, in violation of Senate rules, an email by Judge Brett Kavanaugh on racial profiling that had already been cleared for release, a post 9/11 email that expressed the hope that a race-neutral set of rules for vetting terrorists could be found.  Racist it was not, except in the mind of Booker, [...]

Trump Bashing at McCain [and] Franklin Funerals [was] Truly Juvenile.  As childish as Donald can be, his detractors in politics and the media are far worse.  They are more out of control than he is — truly infantile.  Many of us suspected this would happen and decided to tune out.  I know I did, even though I revered Aretha for many years (McCain not so much).  But when I read Louis Farrakhan would be front and center at her funeral I knew something was wrong.

Franklin's family says eulogy was offensive.  The eulogist, the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., was criticized for a political address that described children being in a home without a father as "abortion after birth" and said black lives do not matter unless blacks stop killing each other.

The Editor says...
The family found that offensive, but they were proud to have Louis Farrakhan sitting front and center behind the podium.

Aretha's Funeral:  Anti-Trump Bigots Hear Truth About the No. 1 Problem in the Black Community.  President Donald Trump took a pounding at the services for Aretha Franklin.  The Rev. Al Sharpton took Trump to task for supposedly demonstrating a lack of respect by saying, "She worked for me on numerous occasions."  Other speakers took shots at the President either by name or by implication for his supposed racism and bigotry.  Onstage, in the front row, sat Sharpton, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and former President Bill Clinton, all of whom know a thing or two about racism and bigotry.  Their careers depend on exaggerating the extent and the impact of anti-black white racism.  At a rally in Harlem in 1991, Sharpton said, "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house."

Burying the Dead With Bile-Filled Histrionics.  The big news last week revolved around the funerals of a 1960s pop singer and an unreliable Republican senator with a cult following among masochistic conservatives and cynical leftists eager to capitalize on his capacity to spread dissension among his nominal allies.  I suppose the exploitation of funerals for grubby political ends is nothing new.  Mark Antony did it with notable success when he eulogized Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.  But there was something especially stomach-churning about the injection of partisan animus into the obsequies of Aretha Franklin and John McCain.

McCain resurrects the Wellstone memorial disaster.  Two well known and important people passed away this past week:  singer Aretha Franklin and senator John McCain.  Both had memorial services attended by the political high and mighty, and both services received extensive coverage on cable news.  Both, rather than serving as a last chance to honor and bury the dead, instead served as a political forum to focus on President Trump.  It's what one would expect at a campaign rally, not at a memorial service.  Let's start with Aretha Franklin. [...] Jesse Jackson, a two-time presidential candidate, made a pitch for voter registration.  "We have long lines to celebrate death, and short lines for voting.  Something is missing.  If you leave here today and don't register to vote, you're dishonoring Aretha."

Michael Eric Dyson Goes on Anti-Trump Rant During Aretha Franklins's Funeral.  Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson went on a rant against the president and even suggested that Hillary Clinton won the election during his eulogy at Aretha Franklin's funeral on Friday [8/31/2018].  He began his speech saying listing people who were in attendance including, "President Clinton and her husband Bill."

Vicious Anti-Trump Diatribes Mar Aretha Franklin's Memorial Service.  The late great Aretha Franklin demanded R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but that didn't stop at least a couple of speakers at her funeral service in Detroit on Friday [8/31/2018] from trivializing her memory.  Democrats Michael Eric Dyson and Al Sharpton took the opportunity to blast President Trump during their eulogies, continuing a sickening Democratic tradition of politicizing public memorial services.  Former presidents and preachers and legendary singers took to the stage at Greater Grace Temple to pay their respects to the Queen of Soul during the farewell extravaganza.

Flashback: Here's a Long List of Top Democrats Saying "Monkeying Around".  Yesterday [8/29/2018] a firestorm erupted when Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis said during an interview on Fox News, "The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state."  His Democrat opponent Andrew Gillum and his friends in the leftist media immediately pounced, saying the use of the term was a "racist bullhorn."

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Falsely Blames Antifa Violence on Black Americans.  CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin bizarrely pinned the blame for Antifa violence on black Americans Tuesday night [8/28/2018], saying that the far-left group is "widely perceived as an African-American organization."  In response to President Trump warning of Antifa violence should Democrats win the midterms, Jeffrey Toobin said, "Let's be clear also about what's going on here.  The theme here is, 'I'm Donald Trump and I'll protect you from the scary black people.'"  "Antifa is widely perceived as an African-American organization, and this is just part of the same story of LeBron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the NFL players and the UCLA basketball players," he continued.

Dems Are "Monkeying Around" With an Expression Barack Obama Used.  Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis used a common expression in reference to the socialism his opponent supports and the Internet grew irate over it.  They decided to misinterpret what he said.  "The last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state," Ron DeSantis said on Fox News in reference to his race against Tallahassee Communist Mayor Andrew Gillum.  Gillum is black and the bigots equated the word 'monkey' with him although that is obviously not what innocent DeSantis meant.  He's not a bigot so it never occurred to him.

Bill Clinton, Sharpton, Holder to Speak at Aretha Franklin Funeral.  Former President Bill Clinton, Smokey Robinson, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Cicely Tyson will be among the speakers at Aretha Franklin's funeral next week.

A Perfect Storm Threatens America's Survival.  With identity politics cloaked in the guise of diversity, is there room for competence?  Federal and state grants come laden with various demands for diversity.  Businesses and government institutions find themselves saddled with vice presidents and directors of diversity.  Universities have indoctrinated their students with diversity to the point where white males are now under direct assault throughout our society.  The diversity purge is a threat to fundamental excellence in major businesses and institutions. [...] Whatever happened to the notion of the best and most qualified person for the job?  How is identity politics helpful to our country?  It's not.  It's damaging.  It's a Democrat thing.  Any fool can see this.

The Southern Policy Law Center's Perfect Storm.  The nation's longest running civil rights mail order scam has almost $450 million in assets.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, founded by a lawyer who had formerly defended a violent racist who beat a Freedom Rider on behalf of the KKK, has a swollen bank account but is headed for a reckoning.  Like most big scams, the SPLC is a victim of its own success.  The Klan, which its founder had once helped before launching a lucrative career of fighting it, is irrelevant.  And the SPLC's efforts to expand into fighting the Christian groups it deems "homophobes" and critics of Islamists whom it accuses of "Islamophobia" have begun to backfire on the venerable civil rights mail order scam organization.

Beto O'Rourke says 'nothing more American' than NFL anthem protests.  Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke has jumped into the NFL national-anthem fray by defending players taking a knee during the ceremony, saying he could think of "nothing more American."  In a response going viral on social media, the Democrat seeking to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, compared the NFL kneelers to civil-rights icons like Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders during a campaign appearance last week in Houston.

Nancy Pelosi Says President Trump's "Whole Thing Is Make America White Again".  In an interview with MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart Sunday, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said the President's entire agenda is "make America white again." This woman is evil.  Pelosi has no platform except for the ad hominem attacks.  Her latest is to claim Trump is the master of the "dog whistle". She has to say that since she can't actually come up with a real quote.

The SPLC's terrible year just got worse.  It's been a rough year for the Southern Poverty Law Center — deservedly so.  And it just got more difficult, thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The SPLC, formed in 1971 as an aggressive civil-rights nonprofit law firm, has become the left's go-to arbiter of what constitutes a hate group.  Its pronouncements are quoted without challenge by the news media, and it has an endowment of $300 million, enriched by major corporate donors.  Yet its overly broad definition of "hate" often goes far beyond truly vile outfits to include people and groups that simply don't toe a politically correct line.  That's why the SPLC two months ago had to pay $3.4 million and publicly apologize to Maajid Nawaz, whom it had falsely labeled an "anti-Muslim extremist."  (He's actually a practicing Muslim who opposes extremism.)

Governor won't order another Michael Brown investigation.  The Missouri governor's office said Friday it doesn't have the authority to appoint a special prosecutor to reinvestigate the 2014 fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, despite pressure from Brown's mother to do so.  Lezley McSpadden said earlier in the day that she'd launched an online petition seeking a new investigation into her 18-year-old son's death, a case that sparked months of protests and helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement nationally.  McSpadden also announced that she planned to run for a seat on the Ferguson City Council in April.

Michael Brown's mother announces plan to run for Ferguson city council, four years after her son was killed.  The mother of Michael Brown, the black teen who was murdered by a white police officer in Missouri, has announced she is running for city council.  Lezley McSpadden announced her candidacy Friday on Canfield Drive, near where her son was shot and killed on August 9, 2014. [...] McSpadden has been an activist since her son's death but has never held public office.

Florida sheriff tells Al Sharpton to 'go back to New York.  Mind your own business'.  A Florida sheriff is telling the Rev. Al Sharpton to get lost after the civil rights leader led a rally for a slain black man in Clearwater over the weekend.  "I wasn't there, and I don't really care what Al Sharpton has to say," Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Monday [8/6/2018] at an unrelated news conference in St. Petersburg.  "Go back to New York.  Mind your own business."

Kamala Harris proudly owns her 'identity politics,' but she wants you to call it something less ugly.  Democrats have become so comfortable seeing everything through the lens of color, they now publicly defend their reliance on the divisive issue of identity politics.  Sen. Kamala Harris, speaking at the progressive gathering Netroots Nation, offered logic that's hard to argue, saying identity politics "define our identity as Americans" — at least, from a Democratic social justice viewpoint that looks past the content of one's character.

Senator Kamala Harris:  Vote For Me Or You're Racist.  Obama in a dress is really off to a great start, spending a lot of money on planning her presidential campaign, while strongly hinting that anyone who isn't on board is a racist. [...] I doubt Harris faces the same risks that a black woman in Harlem or a white woman in Appalachia does.  She's a wealthy mixed-race Canadian raised politician who, like Obama, has trouble connecting with actual black people because she's never truly been part of the black community.  But sure.  Let's "respect" her leadership.  And have her opponents get out of the way because her victory would be so "historic".  And if you don't vote for her, you're racist.

Elizabeth Warren says the criminal justice system is 'racist' from 'front to back'.  Potential Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a message about the U.S. criminal justice system.

The Editor says...
The article goes on to say Senator Warren was "[s]peaking to a historically black college," which means, in all likelihood, that it's an all-black college.  Apparently the purpose of her speech was to inflame the listeners' fears and then take advantage of those fears to advance her own position.  And that's not racist?

How Far Will the Left Go?  All the Way.  [Scroll down]  Like an opportunistic cancer, the Left finds the weak spots and pounces, often retroactively.  The Declaration of Independence says "all men are created equal," and yet all men were manifestly not equal, and thus the American Founding is morally indefensible; that what the Founders meant were "equal in the eyes of God" and what the socialist Left means is "economically equal," is passed over.  Similarly, the reductive Left has transformed what we used to call Italians, Germans, French, English, Irish, Russians, Poles, Greeks, and other ethnic/national groups of European origin into "white people," the better to identify them as the "other" — freaks and monsters — and pit them against Latin America, Africa, and Asia in a cultural-Marxist reboot of the class struggle, now crudely and reprehensibly racialized.

This group is pushing for more black political representation through a 'Black Census'.  A group that has been surveying thousands of African Americans is expanding the project, hoping to reach 200,000 people in a push for greater political representation for black communities.  The group responsible for the project, Black Futures Lab, started reaching out to black Americans in February.  So far, they have collected 7,600 responses to the survey, called the Black Census Project.

The Toxic Race-Mongering of the Left.  The current status quo serves the short-sighted power aims of the worst of the Democratic party, that is the far left, too well for them to abandon it.  Scream racism at every disagreement and you might convince meaning-seeking millennials that leftism provides them a cogent moral framework, you might scare blacks out of noticing that they are thriving under Donald Trump's policies, you might convince women that Trump's boorish words are somehow worse than Bill Clinton's actions.  But the long-term costs of these political gains are great.  The constant cries of racism have kept race at the center of the American political discussion long after most Americans would happily let the subject go.

Has Chuck Schumer's Own Racist History Comes Back To Bite Him?  Democrat Minority leader Chuck Schumer has always been one to call Republicans 'racist.' He's done it repeatedly to Donald Trump, tried to paste the label on the late Justice Alito and has promised to attack Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions,the judge who destroyed the Klu Klau Klan in Alabama as a 'racist' as well.  As it turns out, it appears Senator Schumer may be living in a glass house when it comes [to] accusing anyone of racism.

'About 60 Organizations' Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC Following $3M Nawaz Settlement.  No fewer than 60 organizations branded "hate groups" or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory, a Christian legal nonprofit leader confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday [6/19/2018].  He suggested that the $3 million settlement and apology the SPLC gave to Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation on Monday [6/18/2018] would encourage further legal action.

The SPLC Has Its Nose Rubbed in the Dirt.  Few left-wing pressure groups are as vicious and mendacious as the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Founded in 1971, the SPLC today mainly exists to smear opponents of full-spectrum progressivism as "bigots" and "extremists."  Once the Montgomery, Alabama-based outfit mislabels an individual or an institution this way, it becomes nearly impossible to clear the taint, since many reporters mistake the SPLC for a bona fide rights watchdog.  So it's good to see the SPLC held to account for at least one of these smears.  On Monday, the group publicly apologized to Maajid Nawaz and agreed to pay his organization, the Quilliam Foundation, some $3.4 million to settle a defamation suit.  The SPLC in 2016 included Nawaz, who has spent years peacefully combatting both Islamism and anti-Muslim bigotry in Britain, in its Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists, alongside a litany of genuine haters.

Val and Al:  MSNBC's Real Teachable Moment.  MSNBC invited Ms. Jarrett on their network to discuss.  Which seemed fine when one simply heard of the invite.  But as presented?  Wow.  There at Valerie Jarrett's side as she talked about this episode as a "teachable moment" was — one can't make this up — Al Sharpton. [...] Yet there sits Valerie Jarrett on MSNBC talking about a "teachable moment" as next to her is somebody — a notorious racial arsonist — who has an absolutely wretched record on all things racial.  Will MSNBC dump Sharpton in the wake of the Roseanne episode? Of course not.  For that matter will they dump the gay bashing Joy Reid?  Absolutely not.  And Disney?  The company that so ostentatiously fired Roseanne — but hired Keith Olbermann?  Olbermann the guy who tweets four letter words and all manner of contemptuous bile towards the President and his supporters?  Will Olbermann be fired for, to borrow from the Disney Roseanne statement, tweets that are "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values"?  Ha!  Don't hold your breath.

Will Starbucks become America's largest chain of homeless shelters?  At one level incidents like the one at the Philadelphia Starbucks are minor affairs that are ginned up into major crises by the left-wing outrage machine.  On the other hand, Starbucks' decision throw open its doors to non-customers to use as public gathering places shows just how far things can go when a company decides that placating social justice warriors is more important than satisfying customers.

Ex-congressman says he's 'given up on America' after sentenced for 3rd conviction.  A former Democratic congressman from Chicago, heading to prison for the third time, says he has "given up on America" and plans to move to Africa after he serves his latest sentence.  At his sentencing Thursday [5/10/2018], Mel Reynolds, 66, got six months in prison for failing to file tax returns on more than $400,000 he received for consulting work.  He also received a scolding from federal Judge Robert Gettleman, who told the Harvard graduate he could recall thinking to himself in the early 1990s that Reynolds had tremendous promise.

Texas: Pakistani Muslim Immigrant Elected to the Euless City Council.  On Saturday, Salman Bhojani was elected to the Euless City Council, triumphing over a conservative state lawmaker's ugly campaign attacks on his religion and immigrant background.  Bhojani, who will be the city's first minority council member, defeated his opponent Molly Maddux by a margin of 37 votes.  Bhojani, a lawyer who moved to the U.S. from Pakistan 18 years ago, has portrayed his win as a victory for diversity and acceptance.  In a city with 55,000 residents, about 50 percent are people of color, which should be reflected on the council, he says.  But both during and after the campaign, Bhojani has tried to focus on nonpartisan local issues.  Bhojani spent the last four years on the city's parks and recreation board, and ran unsuccessfully for a council seat two years ago.

5 Reasons The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Hate-Mongering Scam.  Amazon has decided to pull the Alliance Defending Freedom from its Amazon Smile program, in which shoppers can send a portion of their Amazon purchases to charities.  Because the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled ADF a hate group, Amazon yanked its opportunity to receive donations on an equal playing field with other Amazon Smile participants, which include highly political leftist organizations Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, Media Matters, and Oxfam-America.  ADF is a nonprofit, First Amendment-focused legal organization that has successfully argued in front of the Supreme Court seven times in the past seven years.  It is not some Klu Klux Klan revival, and to suggest so is both false and deeply offensive.  Yet slandering good-faith people is SPLC's raison d'etre.

Southern Poverty Law Center Quietly Deleted List of 'Anti-Muslim' Extremists After Legal Threat.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed the "Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists" from their website after attorneys for Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim and prominent Islamic reformer, threatened legal action over his inclusion on the list.  The report, which had been active on the SPLC's website since it was published in December 2016, was intended to serve as a resource for journalists to identify promoters of hateful propaganda; but it included a number of liberal reformers such as Nawaz, a former Islamic extremist who has since dedicated his life to combating the hateful ideology.

Baltimore police chief attends hip-hop show, apologizes for '200 years' of abuse by cops.  Music lovers arrived at Baltimore Soundstage on Wednesday night [4/18/2018] to hear the tunes of hip-hop group Eric B. & Rakim, but soon found themselves listening to an apology for corrupt policing.  "I want to take about 20 seconds to apologize for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years," Commissioner De Sousa said in a video posted online by Baltimore Fishbowl.  "Two-hundred years ago, all the way to civil rights.  All the way to the '80s where crack was prevalent in the cities and it affected disproportionately African-American men.  All the way to the '90s.  All the way to the 2000s when we had zero tolerance."

Eric Holder to Help Starbucks Train Employees For 'Racial Bias Education Day'.  On Tuesday [4/17/2018], Starbucks announced it will be closing 8,000 stores on May 29 so 175,000 employees can attend a training program that will address implicit bias, promote inclusion and help prevent discrimination, NBC reports.  Eric Holder was tapped as one of the 'experts' to assist with training the employees.  That's all you need to know.

Sharpton [and a] school survivor, announce anti-gun violence rally.  A survivor of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting joined the Rev. Al Sharpton on Saturday to announce a June rally in front of President Donald Trump's Manhattan apartment to protest gun violence eased by access to assault weapons.

Al Sharpton's Group And Black Lives Matter Team Up For Pro-Farrakhan Protest.  Several black activist groups are holding a protest on Monday in defense of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite and racist revealed to have close ties to prominent Democratic politicians and activists.  Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party and the National Action Network are among the groups spearheading the protest, the organizers said in a press release.  The groups are protesting a House resolution, introduced by Republican Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita, that formally condemns Farrakhan's anti-Semitism.  The activists instead want lawmakers to pass a resolution condemning President Donald Trump.

Farrakhan, The Left, and Anti-Semitism.  As documented here many, many times, "playing the race card," as racism is politely called these days, is part and parcel of the Left in America and always has been.  What once was slavery and segregation are now laughably called "identity politics."  And most assuredly, a thorough going part of that racism is anti-Semitism.  And when the spotlight is turned on, in this case on a leader of the so-called "Women's March" and various members of the Congressional Black Caucus or various other lefty Democrats, there is much hemming and hawing at having been caught in the act.  But the "why" behind all of this latest go-round over left-wing support for Farrakhan — the man who once proclaimed that "Hitler was a great man" — is simple to understand.  This streak of racism is part of the larger racial agenda that the Left has been preaching for decades.  To wit:  divide by race.  Win elections.  And if, in this case, it means hanging with one of the most vicious anti-Semites of the day?  So be it.

How Identity Politics Is Made to Destroy Us.  In January, when negotiations over the fate of 800,000 DACA recipients broke down, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) blamed the impasse on the alleged racism of President Trump and his senior advisers.  "Last night the president put forth a plan," Pelosi told the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  "Let me just say what I said last night, that plan is a campaign to make America white again."  This was not only an obvious lie, but a spectacularly brazen one, since Trump's announced plan would provide a path to citizenship not only for the illegal aliens who had benefited from President Obama's constitutionally suspect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, all of whom are nonwhite, but for a million additional illegals, mainly from Latin America, who are also mainly nonwhite.

Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate commitment to corporate diversity.  Illinois governor Bruce Rauner took a gulp of chocolate milk to display his commitment to diversity Wednesday [2/21/2018].  "It's really, really good — diversity," he said in front of an audience at the Thompson Center in Chicago.  Hyatt Hotels diversity and inclusion executive Tyronne Stoudemire included the governor in the demonstration, which was part of a Black History Month celebration.  He described a glass of plain milk as representative of corporate America today.

Black voter registration effort launched at 'Black Panther' screenings.  An activist group has launched a voter registration effort aimed at black voters at screenings of the "Black Panther" movie nationwide.  Members of the Electoral Justice Project, an offshoot of the Movement for Black Lives, are seeking to motivate black voters and increase political engagement with the #WakandaTheVote campaign, the website Blavity reported.  Wakanda is the fictional African nation featured in the long-anticipated Marvel film "Black Panther."

Michelle Obama faces backlash for racial 'Black Panther' comment that ignores film history.  Moviegoers were quick to correct former first lady Michelle Obama this week after she framed the blockbuster movie "Black Panther" as a racial milestone.  The left-wing magazine Salon was mocked by superhero fans earlier this month for calling "Black Panther" the "first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center."  Mrs. Obama, however, made the same error on Monday [2/19/2018] after the Marvel Studios hit tallied the highest-grossing February debut — $201.8 million for its Friday-Sunday weekend.

Planned Parenthood Attacks Trump's Judicial Nominee For Being White.  On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood, referring to a judicial nominee of President Trump, attacked him for being white.  The tweet referred to nominee Kyle Duncan, whom Trump nominated for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. [...] Notably, Duncan represented Hobby Lobby at the U.S. Supreme Court when the Obama administration targeted the Christian company for being unwilling to cover employees for drugs that could cause abortions.

J.B. Pritzker campaign staffer resigns over candidate's FBI-wiretapped comments.  A campaign worker for J.B. Pritzker resigned on Tuesday [2/6/2018] as fallout continued to hit the front-running Democratic candidate for governor over his comments denigrating several African-American politicians during an FBI-wiretapped 2008 conversation with then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.  "I will not stand by a candidate who feels that way about Black folks," staffer Kina Collins wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday afternoon.  "I withdraw my support and endorsement for him as Governor.  I apologize to my community for being apart [sic] of the campaign, but when you know better you do better," Collins wrote.  "I promise to do better!"

Black Lives Matter Goes to the Olympics.  The left plays the race card as often as it plays the Nazi or gender card, its hackneyed alternative to any substantive discussion about issues and policy.  It's much like those pull-string dolls:  pull the string of a liberal and hear about race, gender, skin color, or immigration status.  And not much else.

Democrats' Hatred Of Trump Is Going To Bring Them Down.  When [President] Trump summarized the successes of his first year in office, he emphasized how the prosperity of his first twelve months impacted the lives and hopes of ordinary Americans, wage laborers and others whom the eight years of the Obama presidency had left behind.  In doing so he exposed the Democrats in the most dramatic way imaginable.  Under his policies, he boasted, black and Hispanic unemployment are record lows.  As he said this and the Republican side of the house rose to its feet in applause the TV camera panned to the morose members of the Democrats' Black Caucus, sitting on their hands and showing America that the last thing they care about is their black constituents.  What they care about is their hatred for Trump, and about not disturbing the biggest lie of the political season:  that the White House is the headquarters of a "white supremacy" movement intent on keeping black Americans down and making them suffer.

Maxine Waters Makes an FCC Suggestion for Trump.  Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was one of five Democrats to offer a response to President Trump's State of the Union address.  She didn't actually attend, so to put it another way she offered a response to a speech she didn't even watch.  Still, she has Trump figured out.  He's a "despicable human," he's a "racist," he's "not a role model," and — her latest description — he's not fit for TV.  "Whenever he appears on TV there should be a disclaimer that says 'This may be may not be acceptable for children,'" Waters said during her pre-taped response for Angela Rye's BET special Wednesday [1/31/2018].

Pelosi's 'White' America.  We make fun of Nancy Pelosi for good reason because of her nonsensical rants. [...] Nancy does not like the ethnic makeup of the electorate that elected President Trump.  Nancy is saying these are "white voters," not necessarily white or Caucasian, but "white" in the sense that they reject the Democratic Party/Leftist agenda of open borders, abortion on demand, sanctuary cities and states, crony capitalism, amnesty for all illegals, high tax rates, increased regulations on business, and a cradle-to-grave nanny welfare state administered by the Annointed Ruling Class of Leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans.  To oppose this means acting "white" to Nancy.

Pelosi plays race card:  Trump immigration plan to 'make America white again'.  A Saltine-white woman from one of the richest congressional districts in the country played the race card against President Trump during a speech to U.S. mayors.  Addressing the United States Conference of Mayors, Nancy Pelosi promoted illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and so-called "Dreamers."  [Video clip]

Pelosi Gone Wild:  Trump's Dreamer Deal A "Campaign To Make America White Again".  I admit to being a bit puzzled by the leftist outrage over President Trump's proposed DACA deal.  I fail to see anything "racist" about providing a pathway to citizenship for over a million illegal aliens (or in any of the other proposed provisions).  House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), however, seems to imagine that it's some kind of white supremacist plot.

Are There Any Sharks Left to Jump?  Low income people suffer disproportionately from every problem.  If every problem is a "civil rights" problem, then nothing is.  Here's an idea:  prosperity and economic growth.  What a concept.  By the way, I wonder if anyone at the NAACP noted on Monday [1/15/2018] that black unemployment is at a historic low.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a money-grabbing slander machine.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up in Somalia, where she suffered female genital mutilation.  So now she speaks out against radical Islam.  For that, SPLC put her on its list of dangerous "extremists."  Maajid Nawaz was once an Islamic extremist.  Then he started criticizing the radicals.  SPLC labels him an "anti-Muslim extremist," too.  While launching hateful smears like these, SPLC invites you to donate to them to "join the fight against hatred and bigotry."  SPLC once fought useful fights.  They took on the Ku Klux Klan.  But now they go after people on the right with whom they disagree.  They call the Family Research Council a hate group because it says gay men are more likely to sexually abuse children.  That's their belief.  There is some evidence that supports it.  Do they belong on a "hate map," like the Ku Klux Klan, because they believe that evidence and worry about it?  I often disagree with the council, but calling them a hate group is unfair.

Under the New Trump Standard, Why Wasn't Obama Impeached?  One of Trump's major campaign promises was to build a "wall" to protect our southern border.  Never mind that, in 2006, 26 Democratic senators — including Hillary Clinton, then-Sen. Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer — voted for hundreds of miles of barriers and fencing.  And every Senate Democrat voted for 2013's Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, which again called for hundreds of miles of barriers.  But Trump is "racist" and "xenophobic."  Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, calls Trump a "bigot in the White House who incites hatred and hostility," which, says Green, is a "high misdemeanor" that constitutes an impeachable offense.

State Department Touts SPLC, Open Society Foundation in Grant.  The SPLC, a legal advocacy and civil rights watchdog, purports to combat racist organizations and individuals, but has been panned for classifying Muslim moderates as "anti-Muslim extremists."  Maajid Nawaz, a prominent UK Muslim reformer who founded an anti-radicalization organization, is suing the SPLC for identifying him as an Islamophobe.  The SPLC has also refused to designate "antifa" a hate group, while applying that epithet to politically conservative and religious groups.

Exactly right, but not in the way they intended:
Citing "Racism," Maxine Waters, John Lewis To Skip Trump's SOTU.  In the wake of Representative John Lewis (D-GA) announcing he would not attend President Trump's inauguration, more than 50 Democrats refused to attend.  Now three Democrats, so far, are refusing to attend the president's State of the Union (SOTU) address on January 30th.  The first to announce his intention of skipping the President's first SOTU was Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).  His announcement was made early this month.

NAACP Says MLK's Vision Can't Be Achieved Without Fighting Global Warming.  This Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day, the NAACP wants man-made global warming to be seen as a civil rights issue, arguing King's vision of a society free of racial injustice can't be achieved without addressing warming.  "We see climate change as a civil rights issue," Jacqueline Patterson, head of the NAACP's environmental and climate justice program, said in an online radio spot for the Yale Center for Environmental Connection.  Environmental activists have been increasingly framing global warming as a matter of "environmental justice," since "minority and low-income populations are disproportionately affected by global warming," Patterson told Yale's online radio Climate Connections.

The Editor says...
I never heard MLK say anything about global warming.

Democrats ramp up efforts to boycott Trump's State of the Union address.  Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson added her name to a growing list of Democratic lawmakers who say they are fed up with President Trump and will boycott his State of the Union address at the end of the month.  Wilson, who was elected in 2010 and made headlines last year for fighting with Trump over his telephone call to the widow of a fallen soldier, cited the president's "recent racist and incendiary remarks about Haiti and African nations" for reasons why she wouldn't be attending the Jan. 30 speech.  "For the first time since I began serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, I will not be attending the president's State of the Union address," Wilson said in a statement late Sunday [1/14/2018].  "I have no doubts that instead of delivering a message of inclusivity and an agenda that benefits all Americans, President Trump's address will be full of innuendo, empty promises and lies."

The Editor says...
Barack H. Obama made "State of the Union" speeches that were "full of innuendo, empty promises and lies," and the Republicans didn't boycott those event for political gain.  As a public service, I have kept excerpts from the reviews of Obama's SOTU speeches (and many others) here and here.

Please stop politicizing Martin Luther King Day.  It seems that no national holiday is exempt from the media's need for political controversy.  This Monday [1/15/2018], on what should be a day for Americans to put aside politics and come together to honor the legacy of an extraordinary American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the media has decided instead to seize upon it as yet another opportunity to further sow the division and partisan polarization already plaguing our country.  The New Yorker magazine decided to use Dr. King to touch on the continuing raw nerve that is NFL's national anthem protests, with its cover depicting Dr. King kneeling alongside Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett, two of the instrumental leaders in the controversy.

The 17 Most Annoying People of 2017.  [#10] Congresswoman Maxine Waters has represented the same South LA district since Reconstruction.  She lives in a white neighborhood and has never gone for more than five consecutive minutes without reminding everyone that she's black.  As unintelligent as she is self-righteous, she claimed in 2017 that Vladimir Putin invaded Korea, referred to Trump and his associates as "scumbags," called the White House "the White Supremacists' House," and has repeatedly demanded for Trump's impeachment based on little more than the fact that he has thin lips and almost invisible eyebrows.  It is my sincere belief that Maxine Waters is a racist, and as everyone knows, I disavow racism not only because it is evil, but because it is unpopular.

The Deep Racism of the Left.  [Scroll down]  But is there really anyone in the Democratic caucus who doesn't know that Maxine Waters is crazy?  Or Sheila Jackson Lee?  Or Hank Johnson, the Georgia Democrat who worried that Guam would tip over if more U.S. armed forces were based there?  Or former Florida Democrat Corrine Brown, recently convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison?  Or that John Conyers, cashiered with great reluctance (because he's a "legend" don't you know), was effectively senile?  The patronization of the Congressional Black Caucus by the Democratic leadership is one of those obvious Washington phenomena that everyone is embarrassed to speak openly about.  Members of the Black Caucus are always prominently included in Democratic press conferences for exactly the reason Ostroy thought Tim Scott was included at the White House tax rally.  It was only natural Ostory thinks that way about Scott, because that's how liberals secretly think about minorities themselves.

MSNBC Guest Calls Former Sheriff David Clarke an 'Uncle Tom'.  In a Saturday [12/9/2017] appearance on MSNBC's "AM Joy," SiriusXM satellite radio's Mark Thompson reacted to former Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke saying "John who?" in response to being asked about Representative John Lewis (D-GA) and calling him "irrelevant."  Thompson dismissed Clarke's comments, calling him "crazy" and "an Uncle Tom."

Trump pays tribute to civil-rights heroes in Mississippi as black leaders boycott his visit.  With some black leaders boycotting the event, President Trump paid tribute Saturday [12/10/2017] to the heroes of the civil rights movement at the dedication of two museums in Mississippi.  Speaking to a small invitation-only group of dignitaries indoors at the new civil-rights museum in Jackson, Mr. Trump called the facility honoring leaders of the movement "a tribute to our nation at the highest level."  "Today we pay solemn tribute to our heroes of the past and dedicate ourselves to building a future of freedom, equality, justice and peace," Mr. Trump said.

Al Sharpton to lead prayer service for Rep. Frederica Wilson.  Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a prayer service to honor Rep. Frederica Wilson on Saturday, after her recent faceoff with President Trump and White House chief of staff John Kelly.  "In an effort towards healing and unifying our community during these times of pain and conflict, faith leaders will join together at a prayer service to cover Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) in prayer as she continues to be a voice for the voiceless," a statement from Wilson's office read.

The Congressional Black Caucus:  Purveyors of Black Urban Decline.  Every week a prominent Democrat is in the news labeling their opposition as racist as if it is some sort of sport.  Do you support school choice that helps struggling black parents end generational poverty?  Racist.  Call out black crime rates that disproportionately claim black victims?  Racist.  Criticize the welfare state that keeps black people hooked on government handouts?  Racist.  Are you a Republican?  Automatic racist.  And if you're a black conservative like I am, it's even worse.  No substantive conversation can take place in this environment.

Rev Jesse Jackson blasts Texans owner Bob McNair as having a 'plantation mentality'.  The leading civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson has demanded Houston Texans owner Bob McNair is sanctioned for his comments on the anthem row. [...] He has also called on football players to intensify their protests amid criticism from US President Donald Trump.

A clown in a sequined cowboy hat distorts greatest sacrifice.  At last America is once again unified.  We are, it turns out, all racists.  Because if retired Marine General and current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a Gold Star dad among so many other distinctions, is a racist, then every last one of us is.  This is according to the great titan of objective intellect, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of South Florida.

American Soldiers Died In Niger Because Of Obama.  Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has come up with a new gimmick for getting invited on CNN.  After exploiting the death of one soldier killed in an attack in Niger, she decided that if exploiting one soldier made her famous, exploiting the deaths of all the soldiers would make her even more famous.  Wilson has taken to calling the attack, "Mr. Trump's Benghazi."  And she's close.  American soldiers died in Niger for the same reasons that Americans died in Benghazi.  Both were fallout from the Arab Spring.  It wasn't President Trump who deployed our soldiers to Niger.  That was Obama's doing.  Congresswoman Wilson complained that they, "didn't have appropriate weapons where they were" and that "they had trucks that were not armored trucks."  She is welcome to take up those objections with Obama.

Gen. John Kelly: 'Stunned' After 'Empty Barrel' Frederica Wilson Politicized President's Phone Call.  White House chief of staff General John Kelly sternly lectured Congressman Frederica Wilson for listening to and politicizing President Donald Trump's phone call to the grieving widow of a slain soldier.  "It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on the conversation — absolutely stuns me," Kelly said, "And I thought at least that was sacred."  Kelly delivered a stirring speech at the White House press briefing about the sacred duty of people serving in the military and the president's role in comforting grieving family members and called Wilson a "selfish member of Congress" for politicizing the phone call.

Congresswoman Plays Race Card in Attack on Trump Chief of Staff.  Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., the congresswoman who attacked President Trump after his phone call to a Gold Star widow, is now playing the race card in her public feud with White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly.  Speaking with CNN on Friday morning, Wilson slammed Kelly for calling her an "empty barrel," saying the characterization is racist.  "That's a racist term, too.  I'm thinking about that one.  We looked it up in the dictionary because I had never heard of an empty barrel.  And I don't like to be dragged into something like that," Wilson said Friday on CNN's "New Day."

The Editor says...
Notice that Frederica Wilson had never heard of the term, "empty barrel," but immediately she was sure it was a racial slur.

Fredericka Wilson Plays the Race Card.  Yesterday, Rep. Fredericka Wilson claimed that John Kelly's comments about President Trump's condolence call to the Gold Star family of Sergeant La David Johnson were an attempt to save his job as White House chief of staff.  Wilson's office then declared that she would have no further comment on this controversy.

The Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast:  The Great Black Deception.  The CBC Prayer Breakfast had nothing to do with Jesus or spreading His Love.  Quite the opposite.  It was about spreading hate for police, strengthening the Trump resistance, and strengthening black's bogus belief that they are victims in America.  The breakfast was also about despicably instilling hate and fear to register new Democrat voters.

Making money on hate.  These are not happy times for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which doesn't have a lot to do with the South, poverty or the law, and it thrives far from the center of the political spectrum.  The center is mostly a cash machine, and it has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly from well-meaning but gullible liberals — "progressives" in the current argot — in the name of fighting injustice and hate.  Lately it has been called out as a hate group itself.

Trump Not Letting Media Turn Puerto Rico Into His 'Katrina'.  Trump, in the case of Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria, refuses to let media and politicians like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., who called the federal response in Puerto Rico "disgraceful," turn this into Trump's Katrina.  After Katrina, President Bush got blamed for the shortcomings and political infighting between local and state authorities.  Recall how rapper Kanye West, during a fundraiser for Katrina victims, claimed, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."  Then-senatorial candidate Claire McCaskill even said, "George Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black."  As for Hurricane Maria and Trump's response, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz said:  "We are dying here. ... And you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy.  We will make it with or without you. ... I am done being polite.  I am done being politically correct.  I am mad [...], because my people's lives are at stake."  Trump, in a series of tweets, fired back: [...]

The crass politics of windy compassion.  Those ill winds blowing out of the Caribbean are blowing somebody good, or at least there's somebody who thinks they're good.  There's always profit in somebody else's misery.  Some Democrats in Washington see opportunities to make hay with Puerto Ricans who would settle for a drink of clean water and something to eat.  Hurricane Maria, now safely out to sea, has so ruined the island that many Puerto Ricans are encouraged to resettle in Florida, a swing state with the partisan numbers so narrow that only a few Puerto Ricans might swing it permanently to the left and to the Democrats. [...] Democrats relish the arrival of younger than usual imports.  These are not immigrants, but settlers as American as Texans, Californians or Pennsylvanians, American citizens by a 1917 act of Congress.  They can't vote for president and they have no representation in Congress, but once ashore all they have to do to vote is to register in their new states.

Hillary Clinton peddles fake news about Trump and Puerto Rico.  Frustrated by the justifiably high marks President Trump received for the federal government's response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, portions of the left are attacking Trump for allegedly not being sufficiently concerned about Hurricane Maria, which pounded Puerto Rico.  Hillary Clinton is doing her part.  She slammed the president for his near silence about the situation in Puerto Rico.  Ever the snob, Clinton stated, with no apparent basis, "I'm not sure he knows that Puerto Ricans are American citizens."  Clinton's vicious former spokesman Brian Fallon made explicit what the left is really alleging.  He tweeted:  "Trump's racist neglect of Puerto Rico is threatening lives.  It's time to start caring about the crisis there."  The rush baselessly to label people "racists" and "deplorables" is one the reasons Hillary Clinton did not become president and, thus, Brian Fallon did not become White House press secretary.  Viewed in this context, I suppose we should be grateful that they are so quick to play the race card.

Maxine Waters Tells Blacks to Play the Race Card.  Apparently, the race card is too heavy for only a few to lift, so the Congressional Black Circus clowns like Waters needs help.  In speaking to a congregation of black nationalists and white Leftist enablers, Waters proved how divisive she and the Left truly are, as she implored attendees to "play the race card".

Rev. Al Sharpton says Trump's Colin Kaepernick comments show the President's 'political cowardice'.  The Rev. Al Sharpton said on Saturday that President Trump's crude call for NFL owners to fire protesting players completely misses the point of why they're taking a knee in the first place.  "Why don't you, as President, address what the protest is about?  Why?" Sharpton asked as he addressed a cheering crowd during his weekly rally at his National Action Network headquarters in Harlem.  "The reason you won't is because they're protesting the criminal justice inequities in this country," a fired up Sharpton said to roaring applause.

As St. Louis Erupts, Democrats Own It.  The acquittal on Friday [9/15/2017] of a white cop on trial for murder for fatally shooting a black man in 2011 after a high-speed chase was immediately met with demonstrations and violence including attacks on police, property, and the media.  That was predictable, but what was equally and sadly on display were incendiary comments by local elected Democrat officials up and down the line that appeared to add more fuel to the already volatile fire in the streets. [...] None of these politicians — in the midst of a volatile situation with various agitators having planned and threatened to take action — encouraged people to respect the integrity of the judicial system that had rendered a verdict in the case.

"Sambogate".  Move over, Muhammad; you're no longer the only sacred icon that can't be drawn as a cartoon.  Black people are now on the small and exclusive list of things that will spark an instantaneous jihad if sketched by an artist.  And the ground zero for black cartoon proscription?  Chicago, a city in which blacks are so sacred, they compete with one another on a daily basis for martyrdom.

The Editor says...
The article above is about the PC over-reaction to this cartoon.

Al Sharpton's daughter Ashley Sharpton arrested after cops say she attacked cab driver.  A birthday celebration for Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter ended in handcuffs early Saturday after she punched a cabbie in Midtown and snatched his keys, police sources said.  Ashley Sharpton was in a yellow taxi just before 1 a.m. with three of her friends near the intersection of W. 48th St. and Ninth Ave.  Each of the passengers gave the driver a different destination.  The cabbie Georges Coly — annoyed and confused — stopped the car and refused to move until Sharpton's group could figure out where they wanted to go.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Parked Overseas.  The Southern Poverty Law Center invests almost 20 percent of its nearly $320 million endowment fund in offshore equities and other investments.  The 2016 annual report of the Alabama-based civil rights organization reports $69,093,576 of "non-U.S. equity funds" among the assets comprising the total endowment fund of $319,283,961, a fund the SPLC describes as a "plan for the day when nonprofits like the SPLC can no longer afford to solicit support through the mail because of rising postage and printing costs."  (Given that 2016 contributions topped $45 million, that day has not yet arrived.)

NH Dem Chair:  Rural, Disaffected Voters Are 'White Supremacists'.  New Hampshire's Democratic Party chair referred to rural, disaffected voters as "white supremacists" and "extremists" on Sunday [9/3/2017].  WMUR9 told its viewers that Look Ahead America, an organization that reaches out to "disaffected, patriotic Americans" may be headed to New Hampshire next.  "New Hampshire's going to be, probably, the state we advance to next," Matt Braynard, the executive director said.  "We've identified maybe 15,000 inactive voters who we would consider disaffected, patriotic Americans.  And potentially 100,000 or more unregistered adults we're going to reach out to."

Fortunately, Jesse Jackson is not the one who decides.
Jesse Jackson:  Trump 'Would Not Qualify to Get Into Jesus' Kingdom'.  President Donald Trump may want to tighten requirements on who can immigrate to the United States, but Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks he should instead worry about his own citizenship in heaven.  "Trump says you must be able to speak the language of English, [be] qualified, and have a job skill," Jackson said Monday [8/28/2017].  "Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump's country — he would not qualify to get into Jesus' kingdom."  Jackson made the comment Monday at the "Ministers March for Justice," which was spearheaded by Rev. Al Sharpton and featured ministers from various traditions united in opposing the Trump administration.

Blacklist: The Left's latest war on free speech.  Blacklists are ugly things.  They're how you terrorize and intimidate people.  They're a weapon of hate.  And Color of Change, an extremist group, is using blacklists to smear all conservatives as racists.  Color of Change, the organization founded by Van Jones, a 9/11 Truther and former Communist, has circulated a blacklist to PayPal, Discover, Visa, Master Card and American Express that falsely and libelously groups together a black Harlem church, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an ex-Muslim organization, Jihad Watch and others as "white supremacists" alongside actual Neo-Nazis.  But Color of Change's definition of "white supremacist" is Republican.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Says 'Maine's Whiteness Is Bad News'.  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Eves believes "Maine's whiteness is bad news" according to remarks he delivered during a Maine People's Alliance event this week.  According to Maine First Media and Big League Politics, the former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives delivered the remarks while addressing a group of nearly one hundred activists and grassroots supporters Wednesday evening [8/30/2017] at the "Resistance Rising" forum event put on by the Maine People's Alliance in Lewiston.

Blacklist America and the White Supremacist Black Church.  The ATLAH World Missionary Church is located in the heart of Harlem right off Malcolm X Boulevard.  Pastor David Manning grew up picking cotton in the segregated South.  The African-American church and its pastor have had plenty of critics over the years, but none have accused them of white supremacy.  Until now.  Color of Change has rolled out its version of the Southern Poverty Law Center blacklist.  The race-baiting group, co-founded by CNN's Van Jones, put up a petition demanding that credit card companies stop taking "blood money" by "processing funds for over 100 white supremacist hate groups."  The Color of Change list of "white supremacist hate groups" includes Pastor Manning's black church.

Trump's Coming Victory over Identity Politics.  Let us first be clear:  No one on the political Left can possibly succeed in easing racial tensions.  Their identity politics approach has played itself out beyond the limits of absurdity.  That is what the reassignment of the Asian-American sports announcer, Robert Lee, really demonstrates.  This farcical episode, made ESPN a mockery, even to some on the Left.

The DNC: America's Most Notorious Hate Group.  In December 2015, President Obama lauded [Black Lives Matter] for shining "sunlight" on the problem of racist policing in America, and on a subsequent occasion he likened BLM to the abolition and suffrage movements, which he said were also "contentious and messy" but ultimately noble.  And on July 13, 2016 — a mere six days after a BLM supporter in Dallas had shot and killed five police officers and wounded seven others — Obama hosted three BLM leaders at a lengthy White House meeting along with the legendary racist anti-Semite, Al Sharpton.  By then, Sharpton was well-established as "Obama's go-to man on race."  Indeed, Obama had addressed Sharpton's National Action Network on multiple occasions, lauding the organization for its "commitment to fight injustice and inequality," and for doing work that was "so important to change America."  He had also characterized Sharpton as "a voice for the voiceless and ... dispossessed," and had praised Sharpton's "dedication to the righteous cause of perfecting our union."  From January 2009 through December 2014, Al Sharpton — the most visible racist anti-Semite of the past generation — visited the Obama White House on 72 separate occasions, including 5 one-on-one meetings with the president and 20 meetings with staff members or senior advisers.  And the DNC had no problem with any of this.

Jesse Jackson:  Electoral college must be abolished.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Sunday [8/20/2017] gave a strong endorsement to the movement for removing monuments to leaders of the Confederacy and called for the electoral college to be abolished.  Speaking at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Jackson blamed the electoral college system, giving disproportionate influence to less populated states, for the 2000 and 2016 loss of Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and Hillary Clinton despite their winning the popular vote.

While we're toppling offensive symbols, what about the Democratic Party?  Al Sharpton just may be right about the need to remove offensive statues from the American public way.  I'd been somewhat torn on the idea of erasing history by tearing down statues, even Civil War Confederate statues, since destroying public imagery and iconography isn't the kind of thing Americans do.  Actually, it's the kind of thing that ISIS does.  But Sharpton, the noted race hustler, helped me see things in a different way.

Dividing the White.  A rally in Virginia on Saturday intended to "Unite the Right" ended in chaos and bloodshed.  The way events unfolded suggests that the main battle plan for the powers that be in America has nothing to do with illusions such as "left" and "right" — nah, instead, their primary goal appears to be Dividing the White. [...] The rally's planners had jumped through every possible legal hoop to ensure that the rally would commence without a hitch.  Once they were issued a permit, it was revoked by the coffee-bean-colored Wes Bellamy, Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville.  Wes never seems to miss an opportunity to remind you of his blackness.  Among the groups he has joined (and even led) include 100 Black Men of Central Virginia, Young Black Professional Network of Charlottesville, and Charlottesville/Albemarle Alliance of Black School Educators.  In case you missed it, Wes Bellamy wants you to know he's black.

No, Civil Rights did not give Republicans the South.  The Civil Rights Act passed because 27 of the 33 Republican senators supported it — a higher percentage than Democrats did.  (The difference is minuscule.)  All 22 Democratic senators from the South (as defined by the 11 Confederate states) opposed it — as did enough bigots like Bobby Byrd to filibuster the bill as they had for decades.  Johnson needed 67 votes to stop the filibuster.  Republicans delivered far more than the 23 votes he needed from then [sic].  Their reward was to be portrayed as racists.  The liberal fantasy is that in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Democrats selflessly sacrificed all those white votes in the Deep South.  The reality is, Democrats kept the South and thanks to the Coting Rights Act of 1965, forced states to create black majority districts.  That racial gerrymandering — upheld by the courts — led to the Congressional Black Caucus.

Al Sharpton Criticizes Ivanka Trump with Worst Grammar You've Ever Seen!  The Reverend Al Sharpton is attacking Ivanka Trump.  Even worse, he's supposed to be a gifted speaker.  I don't see any indication of that, myself, but Democrats are falling over themselves to christen terrible speakers on the left as being shining orators.

Jesse Jackson back at Amazon stockholders' meeting, crusading for workforce diversity.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson was in Seattle this week pressing Amazon.com to make its workforce and leadership look more like the population of the country.  It's 2017, and much has changed since Jackson marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s.  But some old problems remain unresolved, and access to good jobs is among them.  Jackson, who's 75 now, can still get into rooms that others can't and bring attention to issues that need to be addressed.  That allows him to continue to play a prominent role in advancing progressive causes.

The Most Asinine Claim About the AHCA.  If one takes seriously the wild characterizations of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that have appeared in the media since last week, the Republicans have transformed the House of Representatives from a branch of the national legislature into a veritable abattoir.  The GOP is not merely guilty of "consigning thousands of people with serious illnesses to death," as one erstwhile news outlet put it, "the Republicans are taking health services away from disabled children, women who give birth, and survivors of rape and sexual assault."  And what has motivated the GOP to wreak such carnage?  Why, racism, of course.

What Ever Happened to the Civil Rights Movement?  If you're a Democrat, and your program is wealth redistribution — with a big cut for yourself as a ruling middleman — it turns out that racism is a much better rationale than inequality for robbing selected Peter to pay collective Paul.

The Greatest Threat to America Isn't Islam — It's the Left.  The left has found the great weakness of conservatives:  their conscience and decency.  When someone accuses them of being racist or some other form of evil, their reflex is to apologize and appease.  The more conservatives placate and soothe, the louder the left screams racism — because it works.  The cultural decay of our civilization will continue until conservatives choose to stand up and say "enough."

Al Sharpton still too busy to pay his taxes.  MSNBC host and perpetual race agitator Al Sharpton certainly gets around quite a bit.  Any time there's any sort of Black Lives Matter protest or urban unrest with a race relations twist, Sharpton seems to appear within hours as if by magic.  So busy is the man's schedule that he apparently still can't find time to sit down with an accountant and clear up more than a half million dollars in unpaid taxes which the IRS has been pestering him about for some time now.

Axing Wasteful EPA Program that Gave Leftist Groups Millions "Racist".  Over the years, heaps of taxpayer dollars have filled the coffers of leftwing groups — including some dedicated to helping illegal immigrants — that teach black, Latino and indigenous folks how to recycle, reduce carbon emissions through "weatherization" and participate in "green jobs."  The cash flowed freely through the EPA's special environmental justice office, which the Trump administration plans to get rid of as part of a broader budget cut for the famously bloated agency.  This is great news for American taxpayers who were forced to fund this nonsense.

Nonprofits Helping Illegal Immigrants Took $291 Million From Taxpayers.  Taxpayers funded eight nonprofits that serve, protect or advocate for illegal immigrants with more than $291 million between 2012 to 2016, according to an analysis of federal spending data and tax documents by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.  The eight groups — including at least one that endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 — provide a variety of support to illegal aliens, ranging from legal and social services to political advocacy.  Ninety-four percent of the public funds — or, nearly $274 million — came from the federal government, according to data obtained from USAspending.gov and 990 tax forms.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Received Over $500K in Taxpayer-Funded Gov't Grants.  The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation was awarded more than $500,000 in taxpayer-funded government grants since 2010, records show.  Seven of its leaders additionally paid themselves six-figure salaries, according to the group's most recent tax filings.  The CBC Foundation, a nonprofit that is separate from the Congressional Black Caucus, carries a mission of advancing "the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public."

SPLC 2: The Search for More Money.  It was a bad week for the Southern Poverty Law Center, America's self-appointed witch-sniffers-in-chief.  For decades, the SPLC, despite its comic history of money-grubbing and out-of-control vilification, has been treated by the mainstream media as the unquestionable authority about who the Bad Guys are.  Finally, however, doubts have been allowed to surface about an organization that is in reality America's richest hate group (with financial assets of $302,800,000).

The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Joke, And This Proves It.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, as Daily Wire's Aaron Bandler wrote in [a recent] article, is "a leftist hack advocacy group which picks and chooses what standards to apply to its labels, consistently turning a blind eye to leftist and pro-Democrat groups and individuals while targeting, often unfairly, their enemies on the right."  Over the past few days, SPLC continued to protect hard-left and Islamist radicals in the name of the "progressive" cause by joining the chorus of left-wing organizations and leftist commentators in rushing to the support of Linda Sarsour.

Mason Weaver Has a Dream, Representative John Lewis Has a Nightmare.  Mason Weaver, a former Black Panther, takes issue with legendary civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis calling Trump an illegitimate president.  In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Weaver skewers the hypocrisy of Lewis, and calls out Democrats as the party of the Klan.  Mr. Weaver has a dream, and it doesn't look anything like the nightmare created by John Lewis and company.

Lewis skipped Bush inaugural too, said he was not president.  It's a free country, and the nineteen (and counting) members of Congress who are planning to boycott President-elect Trump's inauguration are certainly within their rights.  So even is Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who said over the weekend that Trump's election (or his presidency) is "illegitimate."  That doesn't make his comment true or honorable or helpful to the nation's well-being, but he is free to say it.

Al Sharpton Confronted by Activists in Baltimore.  Rev. Al Sharpton got an earful from activists when he arrived in Baltimore to preach on Sunday [1/15/2017].  A group of men peppered the preacher with questions about his activism in the black community in a Facebook Live video posted by Duane G. Davis.  "They come to exploit tragedies and collect money," Davis said about Sharpton and other high-profile liberal activists.  "How much money is he going to get to speak here?"  One activist repeatedly asked Sharpton what he was doing to help young black men, telling Sharpton that his past activism wasn't good enough.

John Lewis and the Congressional Black Caucus make a mockery of the civil rights movement.  It's not especially necessary for the president to be inaugurated to align ideologically with those attending the ceremony; in fact, it says far more about America as a constitutional republic that those of a different political party would be willing to attend.  They're not supporting the president so much as the system which has served us so well as a country.  So when Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), the former civil-rights icon — he became a hero to that movement after he was badly beaten during the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma in 1965 — declared he would be joining a boycott of Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony, it was a disappointing sign that some of our elected officials don't quite grasp the ideals of the nation's founding.

Sorry, but I do not concede absolute moral authority to John Lewis.  The people who want to destroy the Trump presidency demand that John Lewis, be awarded absolute moral authority (shades of Cindy Sheehan) for his public denial of the legitimacy of the next commander-in-chief. [...] Already a leader of the left wing (SNCC) of the Civil Rights Movement, Lewis had the fortune (bad and good) to be savagely beaten on the head by Alabama State Troopers (under the command of Democrat Governor George Wallace), and today bears the visible scars.  This sacrifice in a great and victorious cause, combined with his position as a man of the left, built the armor of an unassailable hero around Lewis.  The American left created a claque around him, requiring any serious discussion of the man to include a disclaimer as to his heroic status and infallibility.  He became a valuable weapon:  a voice that could present outrageous lies.

The AP Spins Lewis vs.  Trump.  Start with the headline:  "Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights legend."  Most people only read headlines, and this one gives no clue that it was Lewis, not Trump, who started the fight by saying on Meet the Press that Trump will be an illegitimate president.  And Lewis is identified as a "civil rights legend," not as a hyper-partisan Democratic politician, which is what he is.

Cory Booker And The Party Of Robert Byrd.  The Democratic bench is thin these days and perhaps Cory Booker thought the crisis a Democratic Party decimated by the policies of Barack Obama would be a terrible thing to waste.  In, as Democrats might say, an unprecedented move, Cory Booker stepped to the plate as the designated character assassin of fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions.  It was a forum of great attention that perhaps Booker thought might launch a 2020 presidential run like another freshman Senator, Barack Obama, whose 2004 Democratic Convention speech launched his presidential campaign.

Al Sharpton, Betrayed by Protege, Faces Embarrassingly Low Turnout for Inaugural March.  Al Sharpton will be marching on Washington on Martin Luther King Day, just five days before President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.  It may be a lonely walk.  Sharpton's "We Shall Not Be Moved" march has piqued the interest of fewer than 1,000 people on Facebook, as of publication.  A rival event, the Women's March on Washington, had already secured 175,000 RSVPs, with an additional 250,000 people saying they're interested in attending.

Obama says racism in U.S. surfaces in 'violent opposition' to programs to help minorities.  In an exit interview on race relations during his two terms, President Obama said racism is evident to him when Americans suddenly voice opposition to long-standing federal programs "as soon as African-Americans or Latinos are interested in availing themselves" of the benefits.  "I'm careful not to attribute any particular resistance or slight or opposition to race," Mr. Obama said in the interview published Tuesday [12/12/2016] in The Atlantic.

Zumwalt: Obama Used 'Fake News' to Sell the Iran Nuclear Deal.  For those who have forgotten, in 1998, as the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal reared its ugly head, Reverend Jesse Jackson offered President Bill Clinton his services as a spiritual advisor.  It would turn out the offer represented the height of hypocrisy by the right good-and-married reverend.  It was later learned, Jackson provided his services while quietly living under the cloud of having fathered an illegitimate child months earlier.  Apparently the lure of moving forward into the spotlight proved stronger for Jackson than the pull of a guilty conscience restraining him.  Keeping this Jackson "moment" in mind, Obama exhibited his own hypocritical chutzpah.  While his did not involve a sex scandal, U.S. national security would have fared better if it had.

Jesse Jackson:  Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton.  Speaking at President Gerald Ford's alma mater, The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton before he leaves office, just like Ford did for Richard Nixon.  Stopping short of saying Clinton did anything wrong, Jackson told a large crowd of University of Michigan students, faculty and administrators gathered at daylong celebration of his career that Obama should short-circuit President-elect Donald Trump's promised attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton for use of a private e-mail server.  "It would be a monumental moral mistake to pursue the indictment of Hillary Clinton," Jackson said.  He said issuing the pardon could help heal the nation, like Ford's pardon of Nixon did.

Jesse Jackson calls for Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton before leaving office — even though he insists she hasn't done anything wrong.  Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has urged Barack Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton to help heal the country.  Mr Jackson made the plea as he joined thousands of students in an anti-racism rally at the University of Michigan on Wednesday.  He told a crowd:  'In this election, voters voted for fear.  I think hope will defeat hate, but it's a battle.'

Al Sharpton Promises Donald Trump 'a Fight for the Future of This Country'.  Rev. Al Sharpton warned President-Election Donald Trump to "saddle up your horse" because he's planning to spend the eight weeks leading up to Trump's inauguration fighting any changes that could adversely impact communities of color — starting with a rally at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on January 14.  At a special edition of his Saturday gathering and radio address at the Harlem headquarters of his National Action Network [11/12/2016], Sharpton announced his plans to march on the on the monument in Washington, D.C. just two days before the official Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and six days before Trump's inauguration.  He urged people to put pressure on the Senate to maintain the Affordable Care Act and to push back on every proposed member of the Trump cabinet at every confirmation hearing.

Hillary Says All Americans Are Guilty of Implicit Racism.  The debate has been more of what we have heard for months now, however, Hillary did call Americans racists.  Hillary said during the debate tonight that it isn't just the police that are racist... everyone has implicit bias and is racist!  Hillary insists we have "systemic racism" in this country.  That will be a great attitude to have if she wants to start a race war.

Hillary's Talk of 'Implicit Bias' Should Scare Every American.  You're guilty and you don't know it.  Sure, you think you're a decent person who treats people fairly, judging them on the content of their character and not the color of the skin.  But let's face it:  You're deluded.  Especially if you happen to be white, you're biased and you don't even know it.  You're unaware of your own privilege, and of the extent to which your beliefs, speech, and even mannerisms oppress people of color.  It's time to confess.  It's time to be re-educated.  It's time to rid yourself of your false consciousness.  This is the message of the modern campus radical, of the diversity trainer, and, increasingly, of the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary's Debate Lies.  Hillary Clinton repeated her incessant lie last night that the criminal justice system is infected with "systemic racism."  Race "determines" how people are "treated in the criminal justice system," she said.  Blacks are "more likely [than whites] to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated" for "doing the same thing."  Such a dangerous falsehood, should Clinton act on it as president, would result not just in misguided policies but in the continued delegitimation of the criminal justice system.  That delegitimation, with its attendant hostility and aggression toward police officers, has already produced the largest one-year surge in homicides in urban areas in nearly a half-century.

Asked if cops are racist, Hillary says EVERYBODY is racist!  Hillary went all in on the "Black Lives Matter" narrative tonight [9/26/2016] when asked if she thought that police had "implicit bias" against blacks.  Her answer was that pretty much everyone is racist:  [Video clip]

Clinton: "Make America Great Again" Is Racist!  The Big Dog was at his partisan worst this afternoon [9/7/2016]. [...] Clinton claims to be an expert on racism by virtue of having grown up in Arkansas.  I suspect there are a lot of Arkansans who would like to say:  get off our team.

The Ugly Truth Of Leftist "Heroes".  [Scroll down]  MLK wasn't nationally known until Time put him on the cover of their magazine.  (Thanks, mainstream media!)  It's odd that his name is still prefixed with Dr., since he plagiarized much of his doctoral dissertation.  As for the Reverend part, that too seems odd since his personal life made Bill Clinton seem like a monk.  He partied with booze and hookers on the SCLC's dime.  Sometimes he'd beat them — a "moral giant" indeed!

Hillary's Long, Cozy Love Affairs with Racists.  During her first presidential campaign eight years ago, Mrs. Clinton spoke at an event held by Al Sharpton's National Action Network, where she crowed about the "long and positive relationship" she had enjoyed with Sharpton and his organization.  Noting that "I don't ever remember saying 'no' to them," Clinton vowed "to remain their partner in civil rights" for as long as there was breath in her body.  Sharpton, you may recall, is the vile, foul-mouthed black socialist who has done more to poison race relations in America than virtually anyone other than Barack Obama.  And nothing whatsoever has changed in Mrs. Clinton's estimation of Sharpton in the years since then.

Al Sharpton's daughter sues city over ankle injury she hiked with.  The Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter admitted in a damning legal deposition that she danced, pranced and jetted around to romance her beau after supposedly suffering permanent damage to her ankle when she stumbled in a city pothole.  Dominique Sharpton gave the deposition, a transcript of which was obtained by The Post, in her $5 million lawsuit against the city — and it reveals startling new details about her escapades following the injury.  She admitted that she changed into party clothes and attended a two-hour gospel concert in honor of her father's 60th birthday just hours after the incident at Broome Street and Broadway on Oct. 2, 2014.

Al Sharpton's daughter admits she went to concert hours after 'spraining ankle' on Soho sidewalk in $5m lawsuit deposition — and has gone dancing in heels and even hiking since then.  The Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter admitted she went to a concert just hours after she tripped and sprained her ankle on a Soho sidewalk — during a deposition for her $5 million lawsuit against New York City.  Dominique Sharpton, 30, had demanded millions in compensation from the city after claiming she sprained her ankle on uneven sidewalk in 2014, suffering 'permanent pain and mental anguish'.

Al Sharpton Rewrites Crown Heights History, With Jews as Rioters.  Al Sharpton has been a minor player in the Black Lives Matter chaos, but returned to his divisive habits last weekend with an op-ed in the New York Daily News on the 25th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots, casting Jews as the aggressors.  In his re-telling, the young black boy who died tragically in a traffic accident involving the Lubavitcher Rebbe's motorcade, Gavin Cato, was a precursor to Michael Brown, the black teen who attacked a police officer and was killed in Ferguson, Missouri.

This Is What Happens When Sharpton, Holder Get Served Race War Lawsuit.  Black Lives Matter advocates have been served with a lawsuit accusing them of inciting a race war, but defendant Al Sharpton says he has tried to preach a message of peace between blacks, whites and police officers.  "There is substantial public record of me denouncing violence, a race war, and even supporting police," Sharpton told the Daily Caller Wednesday.  "I have even been giving money to police killed by violence."  He was referring to the 2015 shooting death of Harlem police officer Rudolph Holder.  A year earlier, two New York City officers were gunned down as they sat in their patrol car eating lunch by an assailant who said on Instagram he was seeking revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police.

Hillary, The Black Lives Matter Candidate.  Hillary Clinton's appalling address to black activists yesterday [7/18/2016] suggests that she may be an even more fanatical supporter of the dangerous, violent Black Lives Matter movement than Barack Obama.  Clinton is clearly now the Black Lives Matter candidate.  Spewing lies and half-truths, she has become increasingly radical on the issue of race relations in recent months.  The former secretary of state, U.S. senator, first lady, and now presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, speaks warmly of those black criminals who kill police, claiming that there are root causes that somehow at least partly justify those murderers.

Barack Hussein Obama Officially Sued.  A former prosecutor is suing not only Obama but Al Sharpton, Farrakhan and Holder as well.  He says, they are the ones responsible for inciting a race war, and they are the ones that should be held accountable for Dallas.  It gets better. [...]

The War On Cops.  There is a ton of blame, more than enough to go around to the wide range of people and institutions that have contributed to these disasters.  In addition to the murderers who have killed people they don't even know, there are those who created the atmosphere of blind hatred in which such killers flourish.  Chief among those who generate this poisonous atmosphere are career race hustlers like Al Sharpton and racist institutions like the "Black Lives Matter" movement.  All such demagogues need is a situation where there has been a confrontation where someone was white and someone else was black.  The facts don't matter to them.  The same is true of the more upscale, genteel and sophisticated race panderers, including the President of the United States.

NAACP chief: 'Ensure every demonstrator is a vote'.  Black Lives Matter activists need to "need to ensure that every demonstrator is a vote" in the fall elections in order to win policy changes pertaining to police misconduct and officer-involved shootings, according to the head of the NAACP.  "To bring about the kind of change that we need, we need to ensure that every demonstrator is a vote and that we to show up en masse and in the millions at the polls in November," NAACP president Cornell William Brooks said on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday morning [7/10/2016].

Irony:  Jesse Jackson accuses others of race-based political agitation.
Jesse Jackson says Trump helped 'seed' the clouds of recent violence, notes change in rhetoric.  Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson on Sunday said Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump helped "seed these clouds" that led to the violence seen across the country last week.  Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," Mr. Jackson said the "deep divide" between whites and blacks in America is only getting worse because of Mr. Trump's rhetoric, though he applauded the subdued tone the billionaire real estate mogul took in the aftermath of last week's shootings.  "When you do the birther movement with the president, which is a dog whistle for a kind of anti-black [attack], the anti-Mexican, the deportation of 15 million people, of families, disruption, anti-Muslim, that kind of rhetoric has helped to seed these clouds," Mr. Jackson said.  "I hope Mr. Trump will maintain the level of rhetoric" he used in his statement last Friday.

The Road to Dallas.  [Micah] Johnson's horrific attack on police is the most recent evidence of one of the worst divisions in our society, that between law enforcement people and the civilians they are sworn to protect.  That division has been created and is exacerbated daily by President Obama and the rest of the pure-as-ivory-soap ideological liberals he has led for eight years.  Obama has pushed American blacks along the road to Dallas.  The path he charted began in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In 2009, a Cambridge officer saw a black man apparently trying to break into a house.  After an argument with the man, who reportedly refused to step outside to speak to him, the officer arrested Henry Louis Gates.  Gates was a Harvard professor and one of Obama's personal friends.  Before he knew the facts, Obama said the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" and "...that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately."  At each instance since, Obama has continued to widen the racial divide between black Americans and police.

Hillary plays the race card on Dallas police massacre.  Hillary Clinton has crafted her response to the slaughter of Dallas policemen to exploit racial resentment and shore up her support among African-Americans.  She needs Obama-levels of turnout and to grab about 92% of the votes in order to win.  She has had trouble whipping up enthusiasm among all demographic slices of the electorate, and she apparently sees black anger at whites as just the thing to motivate voters to turn out, and to quiz their friends, families, and neighbors as to whether they have voted on Election Day.

Hillary Clinton:  White people have to listen to 'legitimate cries' from blacks.  Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday [7/8/2016] said white people have to start listening to "legitimate cries" coming from the black community, pointing out that she has said repeatedly on the campaign trail there needs to be more "love and kindness."  "I will call for white people like myself to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have the talk about how to really protect themselves when they're the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with the police," Mrs. Clinton said in an interview on CNN.

Obama's false racism claims are putting cops' lives in danger.  Hours before the murders of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, President Obama was again spouting false claims about racism by the police.  He sees racism whenever there is any disparity in outcomes, no matter what the cause.  Obama and others inflame passions, but take no responsibility, and instead use events to push for more gun control.  Yet, shouting racism can endanger the lives of police officers.  The Dallas police chief tells us one of the shooters "wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."  After the Trayvon Martin case, there were numerous cases around the country of blacks attacking whites and invoking Martin's name.  Let's not forget that NYPD cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed by a black man who was angry about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.  Obama and his administration spoke out repeatedly on the Martin and Brown cases.  They repeatedly claimed racism was involved, but in fact there's no evidence of that in either case.  Obama is also wrong, as he was on Thursday [7/7/2016], to infer racism from higher arrest rates or prison-sentence lengths.  "African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites," he said.  What he failed to note is that blacks commit murder at almost six times the rate whites do.

The Worst Smear Site In America.  The far-left Southern Poverty Law Center relentlessly promotes the Big Lie, wildly popular in the media, that conservative Americans are racists and the real threat to the nation rather than Islamic terrorists.  The group claims the principal enemies of the American people are presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, conservatives like David Horowitz, and the Tea Party movement.  The SPLC is a shamelessly hypocritical leftist attack machine funded by radical speculator George Soros and a rogue's gallery of rich people and established philanthropies that want to fundamentally transform America.  The fabulously wealthy 501(c)(3) nonprofit has an astounding one third of a billion dollars ($338 million) in assets, as well as investments in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, two offshore tax havens the Left loves to attack (but only when non-leftists stash cash there).

Hillary's coterie of anti-Semites.  [Scroll down]  Other than Louis Farrakhan at the Nation of Islam, Professor Cornel West of Princeton might be the signal anti-Semitic role model in black America.  West brings academic gravitas to the role.  On the one hand, West plays the home boy race card with effect, at the same time vilifying Jews for "occupation and annihilation."  West's favorite media stooge is Tavis Smiley of PBS.  Professor West and Smiley are often seen as an Islamophilia tag team, apologizing for Muslims on the public dime.  Anti-Semitism is now a prominent feature of black American culture nationwide.  Professor West and Smiley count Louis Farrakhan, NOI high priest, unapologetic misogynist, and Jew hater, as a touchstone in skin game circles.

Why Dems Try to Break Black Hearts and Only Trump Can Fix It.  This election cycle is dominated by Democrat race-baiting as usual.  Trump's massively popular nationalist platform to stop illegal immigration and suspend Muslim immigration is labeled racist.  What is new are perfidious Republican leaders and pundits rushing to join Democrats in their false accusation against Trump.  Democrats have called every Presidential candidate for decades racist.  They have to.  Telling blacks that Republicans wish them ill keeps Democrats in power.  They don't care about the damage they are doing to the country and to black lives.  Blacks are cannon fodder in the Democrat war for power.  There is something profoundly depressing and pathetic that until Trump, our Republican leaders have been willing to write off the black vote and accept the Democrat poison that our party is made up of racist white people.

Michelle Obama Pledges $100M of U.S. Tax Dollars to Educate Girls — in Morocco.  FLOTUS must be unaware of all the black kids in DC and Chicago that could really use $100M for their failing public schools, since her daughters attend the super-fancy Sidwell Friends private school, where tuition is $34,268 a year.  But that includes hot lunch!  Truly, a bargain.

America's Real Racists.  We've all heard the venomous tirades of grievance mongers like Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, Mfume, and Bond.  And we've all heard the stern lectures of buffoonish, self-congratulating white progressives who dutifully remind us of the racism that allegedly sits at the very heart of our national character.  But we've heard precious little about the quiet dignity of Oseola McCarty and others like her.

Black Lives Matter Activist Hijacks Orlando Shooting Vigil, Complains About White Attendees.  A Black Lives Matter activist hijacked the Orlando vigil held on Monday [6/13/2016], using the microphone opportunity to lambast the white attendees who were mourning the terrorist attack that took place last Sunday in Florida. [...] The activist, who would better be described as a protester, then went on to complain about racial tensions in America and belittle the audience that was grieving for the loss of nearly 50 lives.

Rabbi Turns Ali Service Into Political Pep Rally, Denounces 'Racist Police,' Says '1 Percent' Must 'Share Their Wealth'.  Rabbi Michael Lerner turned a mourning service for Muhammad Ali into a pep rally for left-wing causes on Friday [6/10/2016] in Louisville.  "How do we honor Muhammad Ali?" Lerner asked an audience of 15,000.  "The way to honor Muhammad Ali is to be Muhammad Ali today."  He said this calls on of us to "tell the one percent who own 80 percent of the wealth of this country that it's time to share their wealth," "close our military bases around the world," and "imprison those who authorize torture," among other demands.  Lerner said that "it's time to create a guaranteed income," "help create a Palestinian state," and rid society of "racist police" and "racist judges."

Al Sharpton still too busy to pay his taxes.  MSNBC host and perpetual race agitator Al Sharpton certainly gets around quite a bit.  Any time there's any sort of Black Lives Matter protest or urban unrest with a race relations twist, Sharpton seems to appear within hours as if by magic.  So busy is the man's schedule that he apparently still can't find time to sit down with an accountant and clear up more than a half million dollars in unpaid taxes which the IRS has been pestering him about for some time now.

Al Sharpton, Joy-Ann Reid Remain Huge New York Tax Delinquents.  MSNBC national correspondent Joy-Ann Reid has yet to pay off her still open nearly $5,000 tax warrant that attracted a good bit of attention last year.  Ditto for the nearly $600,000 for two tax warrants that New York lists for MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.

Hillary's and Bernie's Friend: Al Sharpton Called for Murder of 'Crackers' and 'Pigs'.  [Scroll down]  To put this in perspective, even the repugnant Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke never has gone so far as to encourage the murder of black people. [...] Sharpton, in contrast to Duke, has been involved in at least two incidents of fatal racist and anti-Semitic violence: the Crown Heights riots and the arson of Freddy's Fashion Mart.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are therefore promoting, legitimizing, and mainstreaming a worse hate-monger than David Duke.

I Want a President to Teach Liberals a Lesson.  The eternal frustration of every conservative is the way the public square is skewed in favor of liberals.  "Right-wing extremism" is said to be a problem, but left-wing street riots are nothing but "peaceful protest."  We are to understand that anything less than a flat-out denunciation of loser David Duke and the pathetic remnants of the Ku Klux Klan is disqualifying while the accomplished racist agitator, Reverend Al Sharpton, gets White House invitations and fawning profiles in Vanity Fair.

Al Sharpton Predicts Unrest In The Streets Once Obama Leaves Office.  An in depth profile on civil rights activist Al Sharpton contained a concerning prediction for America once Obama leaves office — the streets will be filled with even more tension and unrest.  According to Vanity Fair, Sharpton's "great fear" is that "everything it took so much sweat and blood and sacrifice to achieve will be taken away", most notably the loss of the White House.  "I worry that the despair and emotions on the ground escalate.  'Cause not only do we feel we're not getting justice, we're not feeling we're being assuaged by someone that we feel is at least sensitive to those needs.  And I don't know that America is ready or has adequately prepared to deal with that," Sharpton said.

A Movement Led by Sheep.  [L]eaders on the right generally lack courage, and this deficiency undercuts enthusiasm.  Few are inclined to follow a spineless functionary into battle.  Alexander the Great explained it perfectly:  an army of sheep led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a sheep.  I cannot think of a single conservative leader or organization that could be, even slightly, characterized as lion-like "courageous."  Energizing the troops has come to mean enticing big donors to open their wallets. [...] Al Sharpton and company know that the right almost universally has no stomach for being picketed by chanting rent-a-mob demonstrators carrying homemade signs.  Think about it:  prestigious think-tanks with multi-million-dollar budgets, staffed by dozens of Ph.D.s, totally intimidated by a bunch of semi-literates.

Hillary Clinton's War on Whites.  Hillary Clinton is sweeping the Democratic primaries across the South by capturing nearly all the black votes — a staggering 86 percent in South Carolina.  She's doing it with poisonous lies designed to stoke racial resentment.  Clinton routinely tells blacks they are the victims of "systemic racism" and scolds whites for not demonstrating more "humility."  She falsely claims that discrimination is causing higher poverty rates and incarceration rates in the black community.  There isn't a shred of evidence to back up her claims.  Even so, she gets a pass from the media.

Rangel: 'White Folks' At Brink of Destroying U.S..  Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) says, "we got white folks" that are "on the brink of destroying" this country.  Which is amazing at a time when "we have a president that looks like the slaves that they brought over here."  Speaking at the Rainbow Push Wall Street Economic Summit in New York earlier this month, Rangel said, "It's really amazing, that at this point in time when we have a president that looks like the slaves that they brought over here, when we had a black mayor, when we have a black attorney general, where state legislators all over are beginning to become of color, we got white folks now that are prepared on the brink of destroying the whole d*** country, including the Supreme Court."

There's only one good reason to vote for Trump, and this is it.
Sharpton Says He May Flee US If Trump Becomes President.  If Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, Rev. Al Sharpton may be booking a one-way ticket out of the country.  That, at least, is what he told attendees at a Center for American Progress Action event on Thursday [2/25/2016].  "If Donald Trump is the nominee, I'm open to support anyone [else], while I'm also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins, only because he'd probably have me deported anyway," Sharpton said.

Al Sharpton might 'get out of here' if Trump wins.  Rev. Al Sharpton told attendees at a Center for American Progress Action Fund event Thursday [2/25/2016] he would flee the country if Donald Trump won the election, in order to avoid being deported by Trump.  Sharpton, a Democrat, had positive feedback for many of the Republican presidential candidates until he got to Trump.  "If Donald Trump is the nominee, I'm open to support anyone [else], while I'm also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins, only because he'd probably have me deported anyway," Sharpton told attendees, who responded in laughter.

Obama's Real Legacy: Ten Ticking Time Bombs.  [#9] A needless crime wave.  The murder rate is going up again in a number of American cities, in the wake of the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore — racially charged tragedies that Mr. Obama has tried to exploit for partisan gain.  Thousands of criminals are poised to hit the streets again, thanks to his end-of-term efforts to reduce the national prison population.  Criminal aliens continue to enter the country under his porous-borders policies.

The System Worked, So Why The Protests In Chicago?  The truth is the awful death is demeaned by another outbreak of the nation's protest industry, one that unfortunately doesn't move itself overseas.  The telling tip-off is the presence of Jesse Jackson.  Or Al Sharpton.  And protest leaders' choice of target, in this case a nationally familiar tourist area that — Oh, look! — is handy to all the local TV newsrooms.  And it piggybacks on a traditionally slow news day's fascination with holiday shoppers.  A perfect public-relations storm for protesters.

Al Sharpton gives himself a 71% raise thanks to de Blasio, Obama.  It pays to have friends in high places.  Al Sharpton gave himself a 71 percent raise last year after his National Action Network group drew a record $6.9 million in donations — as the controversial cleric's association with Mayor de Blasio and President Obama lent him a newfound air of legitimacy. [...] Also in 2014, Obama addressed NAN's annual convention, bringing along five of his Cabinet members.  The Harlem-based nonprofit collected $2 million more in 2014 than the year before, according to the latest financial records available.

Charlatans and Sheep: Part II.  [Scroll down]  Another of the magic feats of political rhetoric in our time is to blame "a legacy of slavery" for problems in the black community today.  The repulsiveness of slavery immediately seizes our attention, just as effectively as the attractiveness of a magician's scantily clad female assistant or the distraction of a flash of light or a loud noise on stage.  Here again, rhetoric distracts attention from questions about logic or evidence.  The "legacy of slavery" argument is not just a convenient excuse for bad behavior, it allows politicians to escape responsibility for the consequences of the government policies they imposed.

Infiltrating the #BlackLivesMatter Cult.  [Scroll down]  Many of these people are what Karl Marx might have called an American version of the Lumpenproletariat.  They are so hopelessly inept at life that they need to explain away their failures.  Their list of scapegoats is long.  They blame imaginary systemic racial discrimination, markets, white people, police, corporations, Republicans, insufficiently generous welfare programs, and whatever else trickles down day to day from their intellectual betters in the academy.  They need something to believe in.  They need something to explain why their lives [stink].  They hate America, and they want to burn it down.  These are Obama's people.  They're the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's people.  They're Minister Louis Farrakhan's people.

Sanders: America Was Founded on 'Racist Principles'.  Monday [9/14/2015] at at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said America was founded on "racist principles," but as the election of the first African-American President Barack Obama shows we have come a long way.

The White Guilt-White Privilege Shakedown.  Posturing is the foundation of politically correct shakedowns by, for example, Al Sharpton.  "For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton's National Action Network.  What they get in return is the reverend's supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence."  Posturing without substance is similarly the foundation of the white guilt and white privilege shakedown scam.

Race Baiter: 'All Lives Matter' [is] A 'Violent Statement'.  In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Tuesday [8/18/2015], A #BlackLivesMatter activist condemned the phrase "All Lives Matter" as a "violent statement" that undercuts black lives.  Activist Julius Jones, one of the protesters who interrupted the Bernie Sanders rally, first promised that such actions would continue, saying that they'll do "whatever it takes to get black lives matter on the national agenda."

Marco Rubio: The Newest Member of Black Lives Matter.  Every politician has a go-to guy for black issues:  A black person to keep it real with the latest information from the streets about riots, rampage and rap.  Senator Corey Booker's guy is named T-Bone.  Booker met T-Bone — a drug dealer — when Booker moved into The Ghetto of Newark during his second year of Yale Law School.  Booker started telling stories about T-Bone during his unsuccessful race for mayor of Newark in 2002. [...] One problem:  T-Bone was a dream.  A fairy tale.  A lie.

Sharpton calls for black churches to lobby on Iran deal.  Rev. Al Sharpton will push America's black churches to lobby in favor of the Iran nuclear deal, a new report says.  Sharpton is launching his push backing President Obama's pact with Tehran this weekend, according to The Huffington Post.  "I am calling on ministers in black churches nationwide to go to their pulpits Sunday and have their parishioners call their senators and congressmen to vote yes on the Iran nuclear plan," he said Friday.

Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!  Born in 1856, Booker T. Washington was an amazing black educator, orator, author, and adviser to U.S. presidents.  Isn't it interesting that black men and women in America way back then were achieving extraordinary success?  Meanwhile, liberals and Democrats claim America is such a hellhole of racism that blacks need cradle-to-grave welfare, affirmative action, lowered standards and numerous other special concessions to survive.  Why am I seemingly the only black person on the planet highly offended by the Left's bigotry of lowered expectations?  Actually, I know other blacks who share my frustration with blacks who think liberals and Democrats are their friends.  Booker T. Washington so succinctly and perfectly described black race profiteers, I am convinced he personally knew Al Sharpton.

Sharpton: From Watts To Ferguson — 'All Violence' Was 'Sparked By Police Violence'.  Wednesday [8/12/2015] on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show," MSNBC's "Politics Nation" host Al Sharpton said all the riots and violence of the last 50 years, from Watts to Ferguson, have been "sparked by police violence," and then driven by unemployment and poverty.

Hillary Clinton Says All Cops and Judges are Racists Against Black Men.  Hillary Clinton went on the Al Sharpton radio show on Sunday [8/9/2015] and said that all cops are racist toward black men.  During the conversation, she said, "I believe we need to end the era of mass incarceration.  If you compare arrest records in, you know, in charging of crimes, in convicting of crimes, in sentencing for crimes, you compare African-America men to white men, it is as unfortunately clear as it could be that there is a bias in favor of white men" who are arrested and charged.  She goes on to praise Obama's task force on policing "roadmap for reforms."

Evidence Doesn't Seem to Matter to #BlackLivesMatter Conspiracy Theorists.  What happened to Sandra Bland?  That question has animated national news coverage and social-media outrage since July 13, when 28-year-old Illinois native Sandra Bland, arrested outside Prairie View, Texas, was found dead in her cell at the Waller County Jail.  Local authorities reported that Bland committed suicide; her family insists otherwise. [...] Despite the autopsy, [Deray] McKesson, self-appointed head of the Black Lives Matter movement's traveling infantry, along with thousands of his social-media acolytes, maintains that Bland was murdered[.]

Grand jury decides against indictments in Sandra Bland case.  A grand jury has decided not to indict anyone in the case of Sandra Bland, whose death in police custody raised questions of excessive force and the role of race.  The grand jury met for more than eight hours Monday [12/21/2015].  "After reviewing all the evidence in the death of Sandra Bland, a Waller grand jury did not return an indictment in the death of Bland, nor were any indictments returned against any employee of the Waller County Jail," said Darrell Jordan, a special prosecutor handling the case.

Black Lives Matter Founder Rants at Netroots: 'Burn Everything Down!'.  The nascent Black Lives Matter movement cannot claim that these statements were made by a few fringe members:  the entire rant was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisee Cullors, who can be seen in the video enthusiastically pumping her fist and shouting along with every incendiary statement.  Nor is Black Lives Matter a fringe group; they have been embraced and given fealty by the highest levels of the Democratic power structure.

Newly Emerged Video Reveals The Real Agenda Of Radical 'Black Lives Matter'.  [Martin] O'Malley, the former Maryland governor, tried to appease members of the noisy and insistent disruptors.  But when he dared to tell the crowd that "all lives matter," he was caught in such a liberal bind that he quickly backed away from that statement and publicly apologized for his supposed insensitivity to the Blacks Lives Matter message. [...] As Breitbart notes of the profanity-laced disruption of the event:  "The shouted manifesto lays bare the theory behind the burning, looting, and rioting that have transpired in recent months in Baltimore and Ferguson, and it also lays out the group's agenda on current news events like immigration reform, transgender activism, and the fables about the death of convicted criminal Sandra Bland that the group is spreading through the media."

Media Begin Catching On To The Paid Activist DeRay McKesson.  DeRay McKesson is one-half of the most hate-filled, lying and manipulatively destructive force in the U.S.  It was/is DeRay McKesson and Shaun King who promoted all the lies from Ferguson, to Baltimore, to McKinney Texas and Charleston South Carolina.  And more recently the suicide of Sandra Bland.

DeRay McKesson: Leader, Activist, and Unrepentant Conspiracy-Monger.  Few activists in the Black Lives Matter movement have received the sort of glowing accolades from the left as DeRay McKesson.  The Huffington Post has declared him "among the most widely recognized and respected young black civil rights activists."  Fortune declared him among the "World's Greatest Leaders," The Los Angeles Times hailed him as one of the "new civil rights leaders," and New York Magazine gave him a fawning profile.  Even Hillary Clinton invited him to her campaign (re-re-)launch.  At the same time, few activists have provoked the ire of the right wing to the extent DeRay has.  His announcement that he would visit Charleston after the racist murder of nine people spawned thousands of tweets with the hashtag #GoHomeDeray.  National Review's Ian Tuttle nicely summed up the gist of conservative opposition with a piece calling him "The Next Generation of Race-Baiters" modeled after Al Sharpton.

What Obama Has Taught Us.  [Scroll down]  Little need be said about racial relations.  They have changed too.  Here the Obama legacy is twofold:  The president has editorialized on the nation's racial fault-lines, both trivial and fundamental — from the Professor Gates psychodrama to Trayvon Martin and Ferguson — and usually gotten it quite wrong.  No other president would take the case of a Harvard professor being arrested for trying to break into a locked house (in fact, it was his own house, and he was quickly released) and turn it into a national metaphor for racist, stereotyping police.  Nor would any other president use his sense of racial solidarity with the victim of a shooting to editorialize about an ongoing capital trial, or traffic in mythologies like the "hands up, don't shoot" Ferguson fiasco, or claim that one deranged racist killer is proof that white America is still racist in its DNA.  After nearly seven years, we know the Obama racial paradigm:  Quite wealthy and privileged elites will lecture the members of the struggling middle class on their inherent "white privilege," while the crises in the black community — high urban crime, escalating black-on-black murdering, epidemics of illegitimacy, drug use, and family disintegration — remain taboo subjects, given the need for record minority turnout and block voting at the polls.  No president since Woodrow Wilson has so set back racial relations.

America is not racist.  It's interesting how those on the left, in this case [President] Obama and [Professor Susannah] Heschel, make broad, general statements about how far we have to go on race issues but don't give specifics about what's left to fix.  What do white churches have to do with the Charleston killer?  They've offered support and unity.  Is that something they should hang their heads over?  The answer is no.  And despite what Obama says, racism is not passed along in DNA through the generations.  If that were the case, America wouldn't be the tolerant, multi-racial country it is today.

Baltimore Mayor Announces Review of Confederate Statues.  A new commission in Baltimore will soon review Baltimore's Confederate statues as a nationwide debate continues following the recent shooting that killed nine black church members in Charleston, South Carolina.  Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced on Tuesday the special commission will make recommendations for each of the Confederate-era monuments and other historical assets.  Their suggestions might include, preservation, new signage, relocation or removal.

The Shameful Liberal Exploitation of the Charleston Massacre.  An honest appraisal of race relations today would conclude that the Charleston massacre belongs to the outermost, lunatic fringe of American society.  The country's revulsion at the carnage was immediate and universal, resulting in a justified movement to banish the Confederate flag, embraced by Roof as a white-supremacist symbol, from official sites.  Roof was not expressing the will of anyone beyond his own narcissistic, twisted self.  White-supremacist killings are not a common aspect of black life today; their very rarity is what made this atrocity so newsworthy.

Are Jesse Jackson's 15 minutes of fame finally over?  [Scroll down]  Down the aisle into the frame confidently strides a tall, familiar figure, seen only from the rear.  It's the Rev. Jesse Jackson, clearly consigned to a back seat for this service.  Jackson has spent decades in the public eye, not by accident.  For better or worse, he has successfully insinuated himself into more photo-ops than anyone can count.  He even had his own presidential campaign at two points.  Al Sharpton may be the only other contemporary celebrity of that sort capable of inserting himself into photos to close on Jackson's publicity record.  On Friday [6/26/2015] Jackson was clearly seeking face-time with POTUS before Obama and his sizable entourage left.  But just as Jackson nears his target from the rear, Secret Service agents cut him off [...]

Progressive Mass Hysteria.  [Scroll down]  Take the Confederate-flag debate. What started out just days ago as a reasonable move by the state of South Carolina, in the aftermath of the Charleston mass shootings, to remove the Confederate battle flag from public display on state property, within hours had descended into something like the mob's frenzy over Mytilene.  We have now gone well beyond removing state sanction from a flag that represented an apartheid society.  Indeed, Americans of the new electronic mob are witch-hunting the past with a vengeance, as private, profit-driven companies seek to trump one another's piety by banning the merchandising of Confederate insignia.

Politicians' War on Confederate Flag Another Reason to Throw Them All Out.  Nine people [were] savagely killed in church during prayer group.  Citizens of South Carolina weep.  Vengeance is demanded.  An entire nation mourns.  Political antennas, meanwhile, twitch to life with all the bright lights and television cameras so near.  Politicians sense opportunity.  A bipartisan throng of tragedy whores takes the stage to address the wicked travesty.  They are going to DO something about this evil crime!  They are going to demand — that a flag be taken down?  Nine good people dead at the hands of a psychotic imbecile and the bipartisan response of politicians in South Carolina is to remove a flag flying 100 miles away from the scene of the crime.

Obama: Prejudice "Still Infects Our Society".  Delivering the eulogy [6/26/2015] at times in the cadence of a black preacher, Obama went further than I've ever heard him casting problems in this country in racial terms.  His commentary, while no doubt heartfelt, will regrettably focus the country more on its divisions and less on the solutions to the problems facing blacks, which today have little to do with prejudice and much to do with culture.  While Obama may well be correct that what ills the black community stems for the legacy of racism, severe prejudice is no longer widespread, and the problems for minorities and the divisions within society can only be stoked further by providing a false narrative that says others are now holding African Americans back.

The Progressive Timeline.  Race is the most obvious big social issue which has been totally controlled by Progressives.  Since the 1950's, the Left has had a free hand in trying to[ ]make the races get along.  They even control the definition of "getting along."  Despite this, the last few years has been a non-stop campaign to "fix" race, as well as a cynical effort to cause a race war.  After the church shooting, every member of the Cult was out in the streets claiming nothing has changed since the last time a white guy killed a bunch of black people, which was fifty years ago.  Normal people would look at the near total absence of white on black crime in the South, relative to the bad old days, as an amazing development.  To the Left, this has not happened and it is still 1955.

The Last Thing the Left Wants is Racial Healing.  While the media was all abuzz over Obama using the "n" word, I was outraged over him accusing my country of being a nation filled with racists.  Folks, our president actually said racism is in our DNA and is passed on from generation to generation.  Dude, you're a black man whom white folks — because blacks are only 12% of the population — made leader of the free world two times.  Stop it with the "blacks are victims" nonsense.  Millennial blacks have never or rarely experience bona-fide racism.  So why are Obama and his fellow Leftists hell-bent on instilling racial paranoia and resentment against whites in millennial blacks?  The answer is simple:  this is how Democrats keep their monopoly of the black vote.  Instill in blacks that America is eternally racist and voting for Democrats is the only way to keep the haters which are the majority at bay.

Obama eulogizes pastor in Charleston shooting.  President Barack Obama delivered a touching eulogy, a rousing political speech and a thoughtful meditation on race in America when he traveled to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday to speak at the funeral of the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was gunned down last week by a racist terrorist during Bible study.  But the President's speech will be remembered for a moment at the end when the he launched into a solo of "Amazing Grace," that at first stunned the mourners and then brought them to their feet as they joined him in song.

Feeding frenzy of cultural cleansing.  The only good reason I can think of to remove the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds would be to remove it from its role as a convenient scapegoat for those who will accept it only as a symbol for their narrow, sanctimonious and politically correct views.  According to a recent NBC online survey, the nation is split down the middle on the issue.  You would not know that if you'd been watching the relentless vilification and vituperation directed at that historic battle flag of long ago.  But after the act of unspeakable evil in Charleston, decisions on historical issues are suddenly being made in a climate of anger, grief and political opportunism.

Step Aside, Reverend Al: The Next Generation of Race-Baiters Has Arrived.  Hours after last week's shooting in Charleston, S.C., Al Sharpton announced plans to travel to the Charleston peninsula.  "The Rev" never showed.  But DeRay did.  Meet DeRay McKesson:  Bowdoin '07, a former Minneapolis-area school administrator — and now the public face of "Black Lives Matter."  Imagine Al Sharpton, circa the Crown Heights riot, with access to Twitter.  That's DeRay.

Charleston Shooting Brings out the Worst in Liberals.  A large majority of American states have never known slavery or racially discriminatory laws.  The exceptions are the Deep South states, back when they were dominated by the race-obsessed Democratic Party.  Some things never change. [...] A mass shooting occurs every couple of years, representing an infinitesimal percentage of homicides, and each time, like clockwork, Democratic politicians try to make political hay.  Barack Obama has already done this more than once.

Obama to give eulogy at funeral of Charleston pastor murdered during South Carolina church shooting.  President Barack Obama will give the eulogy at the funeral of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor, the late Rev. Clementa Pinckney, on Friday [6/26/2015], the White House has confirmed.  The news was first reported by The Post and Courier this afternoon and was quickly confirmed by the White House.  Vice President Joe Biden will also attend the Charleston, South Carolina, funeral service.

Charleston shooting brings out the worst in race-mongering radical profs.  Anthea Butler, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, takes to the pages of the Washington Post to advance the proposition that "racial hatred and white supremacy... continue to pervade our society."  She relies mainly on media coverage of the Charleston massacre and other instances of racial violence.  In doing so, she commits a series of howlers.  For example, Butler argues that "Michael Brown stole cigars... and many... somehow used [this] to justify [his death[]."  Who argued this?  Brown's death was justified because he rushed at a police officer he previously had attacked.  The Obama-Holder Justice Department so found.  Does Butler deem it "pervaded by racial hatred and white supremacy?"

Media spins horrific murder into a fight over a flag.  It took less than two days for the press to take a story about a white South Carolina man who shot and killed nine black churchgoers, and turn it into a story about the Confederate battle flag flying outside South Carolina's state house.  For media, the flag as a supposedly influential symbol of racial oppression and hate represented an issue that required immediate attention and hours of coverage.  By Friday, the press' focus on the flag was intense.  "S.C. Confederate flag back in the spotlight after massacre," CNN noted, tracking the public furor over the state's choice to display the Civil War leftover.

O'Reilly Hits Back At SC Dem Rep Blaming Fox News For SC Shooting.  On his Thursday [6/18/2015] "The O'Reilly Factor" program, host Bill O'Reilly took on South Carolina state Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Columbia), who also serves as his House's minority leader, for his comments earlier in the day broadcasted on CNN blaming the Fox News Channel for Wednesday's deadly shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

Quotes of the day 6/19/15.  President Obama believes the Confederate flag "belongs in a museum," the White House said Friday [6/19/2015] amid calls for it to be taken down, following a mass shooting in South Carolina.  "The president has said before he believes the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, and that is still his position," spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters aboard Air Force One.

L.A.'s Long Hot Summer of Racial Violence Is Brewing.  [Scroll down]  In an appearance she should regret (but probably does not), Commission Vice President Paula Madison appeared on the local NBC affiliate Sunday morning [6/14/2015] and attempted to explain the commission's ruling to host Conan Nolan.  "First of all," she said, "we have to establish that the law is a living, breathing institution.  If you go back a hundred years, slavery was legal.  If you go back to the beginning of the 20th Century, women were not allowed to vote.  It's a very different world today."  Whenever someone leads off with nonsense about the law being a "living, breathing institution," then follows it up with references slavery and to pre-19th-Amendment America, it's generally safe to discount anything she might say thereafter.  The fact that Madison seems to believe the Civil War ended fifty years later than it did does not inspire confidence.  And while we may allow that Madison was making a rhetorical point and not a historical one, even as rhetoric the point is incoherent.

Some critical that officials caught in sting keep state pensions.  By pleading guilty to violating the state's conflict-of-interest law, the four defendants are now disgraced.  The two state legislators in office at the time of their plea had to resign immediately, as required by the state constitution.  But former Traffic Court President Judge Thomasine Tynes and the former lawmakers — Michelle Brownlee, Harold James, and Ronald Waters — did not get hit with prison time or have to forfeit their annual government pensions, estimated at $54,000 to $85,000.

Teach for America's Professional Agitators.  It's increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Teach for America — whose leaders are at the forefront of inflammatory anti-police protests in Baltimore, Ferguson, and now McKinney, Texas — and left-wing activist groups such as Organizing for Action (President Obama's partisan community organizing army).  Guess what, taxpayers?  You're paying for it!  Wendy Kopp founded Teach for America in 1989 after writing her Princeton University thesis on the need for a "national teaching corps" of elite college grads who would serve students on short-term stints in low-income neighborhoods.  The do-gooder group has exploded into a massive, nonprofit business.

Black Pastor to Sharpton: 'You're Nothing But a Pimp!'  When civil rights activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton called on black preachers from Hartford, Connecticut, to each donate $100 to his scandal-ridden organization Saturday, he didn't get quite the reaction he anticipated. [...] After Sharpton's National Action Network spent several minutes asking for money, Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis of Christ the Cornerstone Praise and Western Tabernacle voiced his disapproval of Sharpton's use of the rally to raise money for himself.

What is wrong with Democrats?  Why do Democrats embrace Al Sharpton, an anti-white anti-Semite, liar, con man hustler who extorts millions from corporations and who is a habitual tax cheat?  He has received a lot of attention lately, not because of his carnivalesque talk show on MSNBC that few watch, but because Barack Obama has appointed and anointed him as his point man on race.  The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and the tragic death of Eric Garner are fuel for Al Sharpton (he may not need much food in the wake of his bariatric surgery but he needs riots and mayhem — and when they aren't there, he creates them).  But he has been welcomed by Democrats for many years.

Inside One More Sketchy Sharpton-Family Nonprofit.  Al Sharpton's daughter Dominique has recently grabbed headlines for her $5 million lawsuit against the City of New York over a sprained ankle — but the shakedown may not stop there.  New records reviewed by National Review show Sharpton's daughter and her boyfriend, Marcus Bright, together run a shadowy nonprofit that shares corporate donors, board members, and office space with Al Sharpton's National Action Network, and they won't answer any questions about it.

Black church leaders lead revolt against de Blasio's re-election.  There's a revolt brewing in Mayor Bill de Blasio's political base.  Black church leaders are so furious at some of de Blasio's policies that they're actively looking for a candidate to run against him in 2017 — and leading their list is popular Brooklyn Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.  Pastors told The [New York] Post on Thursday [5/28/2015] they're steamed over de Blasio's handling of the NYPD, for not providing enough city contracts to minority-run businesses and for tilting affordable-housing policies toward developers.

How Progressives Stifle Dissent.  During the Obama tenure, the charge of "racist" has been unavoidable to any who were critical of the president.  Whether it was criticism of Obamacare, lack of transparency, fiscal profligacy, inscrutable foreign policy, class-envy fomentation, and anti-capitalist policies, it didn't matter.  Regardless of the logic, data, facts, or strength of argument, if you opposed the administration policies and initiatives, you were a racist.  At least according to the sycophants, who were either oblivious to logic, data, or facts, and had an empty logical quiver from which to fire back with anything except blanks.

How leaders encourage riots even as they condemn them.  It's an iron rule of economics:  If you want less of something, tax it.  If you want more of something, subsidize it.  This iron rule captures a deep truth not just about money but about human nature — and we are seeing it play out in horrifying and dispiriting images of Baltimore under siege from within.  Of late, America has been offering a moral subsidy of sorts to rioting and looting.

When elites lie without much consequence, the public follows their examples.  Community agitator and frequent White House visitor Al Sharpton has lied repeatedly about his income taxes and the reasons why he cannot produce accurate tax records, in the manner that he habitually lied about the Tawana Brawley case, the Duke Lacrosse caper, and the Ferguson "hands up, don't shoot" meme.  The public assumes both that Sharpton is an inveterate liar and that to dwell on the fact is either a waste of time or can incur charges of illiberality or worse.  Most are more interested in his more mysterious, almost daily-changing appearance than the untruth that he hourly espouses.

Sharpton's Progressivism is authoritarian nationalism.  In his call for the nationalisation of police forces, Al Sharpton perfectly encapsulates the mainstream left — frequently dead on target in the diagnosis, yet prescribing a remedy that would only exacerbate the infection.  The problems Sharpton identifies, persistent police abuse, unaccountability, and distance between the police and the policed, are the results of a forced monopoly system, one in which arbitrary power is concentrated in the hands of a small group of law enforcement and court officials.

Po-Po and the Missing Papas.  The rage of Baltimore's ghetto boys against cops is not due to an epidemic of police killing black men.  That's a big lie of the left wing.  It is mainly caused by brainwashing black youth to hate the only effective discipline they have had in their lives.  Subjecting ghetto youth to any discipline is a threat to the idea that they cannot be responsible citizens.  Law enforcement in the ghetto is a threat to the creed of victimization, which wealthy, privileged black leaders use to subjugate and control people.

How Civilizations Collapse — Is U.S. Next?  Al Sharpton is again prominently in the news, blaming various groups for the Baltimore unrest.  But Sharpton currently owes the U.S. government more than $3 million in back taxes, according to reports.  His excuses have ranged from insufficient funds to pay them to sloppy record-keeping and mysterious fires.  Sharpton, a frequent White House guest, apparently assumes that his community-organizing provides him political exemption from federal tax law.  He seems to be right, at least as long as the current administration is in power.

Protesters fuming after Sharpton's 'invitation-only' meeting.  Protesters in Baltimore criticized the Rev. Al Sharpton and other national civil rights leaders Thursday [4/30/2015] for turning them away from a meeting about the community.  "I wanted to give my voice," Shamar Gordon, 17, said after being blocked from the summit at the New Shiloh Baptist Church.

The Editor says...
Black churches are often used to spread victim-centric leftist politics, yet they never face complaints about the separation of church and state.

Amid Baltimore Violence, Hillary Clinton Calls for End to 'Era of Mass Incarceration'.  During her first major policy speech as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton called for widespread reform of the criminal justice system in the United States, urging the "end of an era of mass incarceration" and for increasing the use of body cameras by law enforcement agents nationwide.

Three Observations About Hillary's Speech on Criminal Justice Reform.  I have read Hillary Clinton's speech on criminal justice reform and have three observations I would like to make.  First, Hillary gave the speech at Columbia University under the auspices of the David Dinkins Leadership and Policy Forum. Hillary said that Dinkins "leadership helped lay the foundation for the dramatic drop in crime in the years that followed."  Those would be the years that Rudy Giuliani was mayor.  Let me put this way.  Would Hillary have walked through Times Square while Dinkins was mayor?

Citing Baltimore unrest, Hillary Clinton calls for police body cameras and an end to mass incarceration.  Amid continuing unrest in Baltimore over the death of a young black man in police custody, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday [4/29/2015] called for widespread use of police body cameras and an end to mass incarceration during her first major policy speech since launching her presidential campaign.

The Editor says...
There is no mass incarceration.  Every defendant gets his own trial.  Incarceration will stop when crime stops, unless there is some monetary incentive to keep the prisons full.  The judges and court reporters can find jobs elsewhere.

Likely Felon Hillary Clinton: Let's Open Up All the Prisons.  [Scroll down]  WaPo black-and-gay-issues writer Jonathan Capeheart got a round of approbation for admitting that everything he thought he knew about the Brown shooting was a lie, and then, a couple of weeks later, listed Brown anyway in the List of the Fallen Black Innocents.  Hillary Clinton is claiming that our jailed are filled with the indiscriminately-imprisoned — that "masses" of people are just winding up in jail.  It is one thing to call for criminal justice reform.  It is another thing entirely to demagogue the issue from a hard leftwing viewpoint and claim that "masses" of prisoners — most of them — are essentially politically prisoners.

The limits of Obama's Baltimore soul-searching.  Just hours after a powder keg of racial tension in Baltimore exploded into violence, looting and destruction, President Obama once again urged America to do some soul-searching and commit to helping impoverished black communities gripped with unemployment, drug addiction and educational inequality.  It was the similar soul-searching message the president sent nearly three years ago in 2012 amid a national firestorm over the slaying of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Florida.  But if America has done any deep thinking over the issue, there have been few tangible results and president's policing task forces have done little to heal the nation's open racial wounds.

Another Thrilling Episode of Blacks Behaving Badly.  The media is reporting that some black leaders are calling for peace.  Well, I am sorry, but that is too little too late.  How do you expect black youths to react to the Left's orchestrated campaign to convince them that white Republicans and conservatives are racist and out to get them, that white cops murder them at will, that the rich got rich stealing from them, and that business owners are selfish and evil?  These lies have been sold to black youths by the highest black voices in the country — Obama, Oprah, Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and assorted other race exploiting scumbags.

Always Looking Elsewhere.  If Republicans were responsible for the systemic, intergenerational failure of urban America, liberals would have an easy explanation:  racism.  That would be unfair to say of Republicans, and it's unfair to hurl the charge at Democrats, too (Though a certain kind of liberal condescension is a kind of racism, I suppose.).  But since they are incapable or unwilling to discuss the obvious explanations — corruption, cronyism, incompetence etc — liberals must offer an even broader indictment of "the system."  When you start with a premise that excludes the obvious facts, you can end up saying some impressively stupid things.

Baltimore riots: Who will protect rights, lives and property of city's residents?  For generations the residents of inner-city Baltimore have grown dependent on the government.  The government of that once great city and of the State of Maryland have kept large numbers of folks in Baltimore in near poverty by offering dependence in return for votes — not personal or economic freedom, not even safety; just dependence.  That lamentable state of affairs has been looking for a tipping point; and in the unexplained death of Freddie Gray it found one.

Reid on Riots: 'Millions of Americans Feel Powerless' with System 'Rigged Against Them'.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) took to the floor of the upper chamber today to declare that "no American should ever feel powerless," but an unfair system has driven people to riot in Baltimore.  Reid called the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, whose spine was severed while in the custody of Baltimore police, "the latest in a series of disturbing and unnecessary deaths of young men of color at the hands of police and vigilantes."

The Editor says...
Who was killed by a vigilante?  Is he talking about Trayvon Martin, who was killed in a completely avoidable fight?  That was a one-off event that was settled years ago.  How long will we have to hear about it?

Cummings promises justice for Freddie Gray in fiery comments at funeral.  "I've often said that our children are the living messages we send to the future we will never see, but now, our children are sending us to a future they will never see," Cummings said during an emotional and fiery speech at Freddie Gray's funeral.  "There is something wrong with that picture," he said with a slight tremor in his voice.

The Editor says...
The "fiery speech[es]" at the Gray funeral were a large part of the Baltimore problem, in my opinion.  Normal people don't take too kindly to a political rally taking over a funeral.  Normal people expect a certain level of decorum and reverence at such an event.  I've only been to a few funerals, but I've never seen one (except on television) that erupted into widespread screeching and cackling, followed by angry shouting and indignant chants, as the members of the congregation are incited to think more highly of themselves than they ought.

Forget the finger-pointing: Media didn't fan the flames of Baltimore riots.  The mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, insulted our intelligence by blaming the media for reporting her inexplicable remarks on how to deal with the kind of rioters who devastated her city.  The City Council president, Bernard Young, ludicrously complained about being "heartbroken and disturbed by the way the media is focusing on the negativity of this city" — this as Baltimore was burning.

Social media analysis suggests links between Baltimore and Ferguson violence.  An analysis of social media traffic in downtown Baltimore Monday has unearthed striking connections to the protests in Ferguson, Mo. last year, according to a leading data mining firm that shared its findings exclusively with Fox News.  The firm, which asked to remain anonymous because of its government work, found between 20 and 50 social media accounts in Baltimore that were also tied to the peak period of violence in Ferguson.  While further analysis is being conducted on the data, it suggests the presence of "professional protesters" or anarchists taking advantage of Freddie Gray's death to incite more violence.

The Loretta Lynch Race Game.  Saturday's [4/18/2015] Washington Post front page carries on its recent tradition of fanning racialist flames without substantial regard to fact or context.  The header reads:  "Race creeps into debate over stalled nomination for attorney general" and the first graph notes that "African American and other civil rights leaders" are infuriated that Loretta Lynch's confirmation as attorney general has been held up because of — you guessed it — racism.  Responding to the president's dog whistle, National Action network and multimillionaire tax scofflaw Al Sharpton says he's going on a three-day hunger strike to force consideration of her nomination.  Be our guest, Al.

'Make Sharpton Pay His Taxes Fast'.  Now YOU can help force Al Sharpton to pay his back taxes[.]  Attorney General Eric Holder announced last fall that after six years of serving the whims of President Obama rather than as the representative of the American public and rule of law, he would step down.  He promised to stay in office until a successor could be found and was hopeful that by February he would be in the private sector.  Mr. Obama, after reportedly consulting with Al Sharpton, nominated Loretta Lynch for the position in November.

It's Past Time to Acknowledge Black Privilege.  Al Sharpton demanded and obtained the dismissal of radio show personality Don Imus for Imus' reference to black women as "nappy headed hos".  While Imus' remark was inexcusable under today's standards of behavior, no black women were killed or injured as a result of his words.  Seven employees of Freddy's Fashion Mart in Harlem were not so lucky when Al Sharpton and his National Action Network came to town.

Al Sharpton Calls for Federal Police Laws After South Carolina Killing.  Rev. Al Sharpton called for national policing legislation akin to the Civil Rights Act this morning at the kickoff his National Action Network's annual convention, just after the arrest of a white South Carolina police officer for murder in the shooting of an unarmed black man.  "There must be national policy and national law on policing," Mr. Sharpton said.  "We can't go from state to state, we've got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions."

The Editor says...
Sounds to me like the state laws are working well enough.  And even if they aren't, the 10th Amendment covers this issue, so if you don't like the laws in your state, you can move to a different one.  Or leave the country.

Sharpton to lead advocacy campaign in advance of 2016 election.  Civil rights groups led by the Rev. Al Sharpton plan to announce an ambitious advocacy agenda Wednesday aimed at flexing their political muscle in advance of the 2016 presidential campaign.  Their top priority, Sharpton said in an interview, will be pressing the Republican-controlled Senate to confirm attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, whose nomination process progressed and then stalled after President Obama put her name forward more than 140 days ago.

The First-Class, Five-Star Rev.  When he speaks at public colleges and universities, Al Sharpton flies first-class, stays in upscale hotels, travels to events in a chauffeured vehicle, and often brings a bodyguard or aide with him.  He makes these demands on taxpayer-funded institutions, despite owing as much as $4.5 million in unpaid taxes and penalties.  "In terms of travel, Rev. Sharpton travels first class on flights and will require a large black SUV for transportation and, if the trip requires lodging, he will require a suite in a four/five star hotel," wrote Sharpton's assistant, Abyssinia Tirfe, in an August 14, 2014, e-mail to Michigan State University (MSU) obtained by National Review.

Watchdog Calls on NASCAR to End Funding to Al Sharpton.  A government watchdog group is calling on NASCAR to cut ties with the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network in response to the cable news host's comments about police in the wake of the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and the questionable financial activities at his nonprofit groups.

If You're Reading This, You're Racist.  There is nothing too petty for progressives to racialize. [...] Sweden's birdwatchers have already gotten in trouble for racially insensitive names like the Hottentot bird.  Meanwhile diversity promoters in American birdwatching claim that minorities won't join because they're afraid of being attacked by militias and the KKK.  National Park Service Deputy Director Mickey Fearn had claimed that black people don't want to visit national parks because of slavery and lynchings.  He also suggested that national parks should check their white privilege because, "Preserving wild places is a white concept, going back to Rome."

Suspicious Fires Twice Destroyed Key Sharpton Records.  As Al Sharpton ran for mayor of New York City in 1997 and for president in 2003, fires at his offices reportedly destroyed critical financial records, and he subsequently failed to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements.  The first fire began in the early hours of April 10, 1997, in a hair-and-nail salon one floor below Sharpton's campaign headquarters at 70 West 125th Street.  From the start, investigators deemed the fire "suspicious" because of "a heavy volume of fire on arrival" and because many of the doors remained unlocked after hours, according to the New York Fire Department's fire-and-incident report.

How the Obama-Sharpton Alliance Began.  Near the end of 2007, Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett met with Al Sharpton in New York City and began to cement a relationship that would eventually make the inflammatory activist the president's "go-to man" on race, according to multiple sources.  The backdrop to the incipient Obama-Sharpton alliance was the then-senator's 2008 presidential campaign, which still hadn't locked away the black vote, and the political cross-currents created by two other controversial reverends, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.  That tentative relationship has now grown into a full-blown partnership that has vastly increased the once-shunned Sharpton's influence and prestige and elevated him into a key White House ally at a time of heightened tension over policing and race.

Few say Obama has helped race relations, as 2 presidents (not 1) mark Selma.  As two presidents gathered to mark the 50th anniversary of a major civil rights turning point, a new poll reveals that only 15% of Americans say the country's race relations have improved under Barack Obama, who promised just that.  Another 39% of adult Americans say the nation's abiding racial divide has worsened under the first black chief executive, according to the CNN/ORC Poll.  That includes 45% of whites and 26% of blacks.  Even among Democrats, only 20% say race relations have improved under Obama.

Sharpton heads to White House for civil rights leaders powwow.  Another day, another Al Sharpton visit to the White House.  Sharpton met with President Obama, along with a group of some 20 other civil rights and faith leaders, Thursday [2/26/2015] for what was described as an update on administration priorities.  He was joined by the heads of the NAACP, the National Urban League and other groups.

Here Is The Damaging Al Sharpton Footage The Media Is Ignoring.  New video footage released by conservative activists' James O'Keefe's organization Project Veritas shows the daughter of Eric Garner, the man who died after being put in a choke-hold by Staten Island police officers, saying that Rev. Al Sharpton is "about the money."  Erica Garner, who has become a passionate champion for social change following the death of her father, accused Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN) of "attacking" her for not giving them credit; and trying to capitalize on her father's death.

Sharpton Fires Back At NY Post Report Questioning Motives In Eric Garner Case.  The Rev. Al Sharpton is firing back at a report questioning his motives for his involvement in the Eric Garner case.  The New York Post, citing a video released by conservative activist James O'Keefe of the investigative internet site Project Veritas, claims that Eric Garner's daughter was secretly recorded saying Sharpton is only interested in money.

Al Sharpton and Comcast hit with $20 billion lawsuit alleging racial discrimination.  A lawsuit targeting Comcast and Sharpton last week, filed by the National Association of African-American Owned Media, alleges that both parties engaged in systematic discrimination against black-owned media outlets.

Eric Garner's daughter on Al Sharpton: 'He's all about the money'.  Al Sharpton is all about the Benjamins, a daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner claims in a bombshell videotape.  Erica Snipes tees off on the reverend as interested primarily in money during a secretly recorded conversation by controversial conservative activist James O'Keefe's group, Project Veritas.

Comcast, Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit.  Even though the FCC hasn't yet ruled on the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, one group has already filed a lawsuit claiming at least $20 billion in damages from the way the two giants allegedly discriminate against black-owned media.  The complaint, filed in California on Friday, comes from the National Association of African-American Owned Media, which also filed a similar suit against AT&T and DirecTV in December.

What Do The Politicians Who Claimed Bombing Targeted Colorado NAACP Branch Say Now?  None of the politicians who asserted that last month's bombing in Colorado Springs was targeted at the city's NAACP branch are now willing to admit that they were wrong.  The Daily Caller reached out to Maryland U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, Georgia U.S. Rep. John Lewis, and Texas U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee upon Friday's [2/20/2015] news that the man who set off a small bomb at the building which housed Colorado Springs' NAACP branch on Jan. 6 — 44-year-old Thaddeus Murphy — actually targeted his former accountant, not the NAACP.

It's an all-black team, therefore they can do no wrong.
Jesse Jackson threatens lawsuit in Little League World Series scandal.  Rev. Jesse Jackson, the polarizing civil rights activist, is calling for Little League International to return the U.S. championship to the 12-year-olds from Jackie Robinson West, mere hours after Little League stripped the team of its title. [...] Jackson — the latest adult trying to make this story about him — expressed his dismay at the decision, telling the Chicago Sun Times that it drove him to tears.

Chicago Little League whistle-blower getting death threats.  The man who blew the whistle on the Jackie Robinson West Little League team claims he's been receiving death threats for spoiling the youngsters' glory.  The team from Chicago's South Side was stripped of its US Little League Championship on Wednesday [2/11/2015] for using suburban players from outside its geographic boundaries.  Chris Janes — the vice president of the Evergreen Park Athletic Association and coach of a team that lost 43-2 to Jackie Robinson in four innings — had emailed Little League International in October to alert officials that he and others thought the all-star squad had been "manipulating, bending and blatantly breaking the rules for the sole purpose of winning at all costs."

Manufacturing Outrage.  The most disgraceful use of this strategy has been the deliberate stoking of black rage against whites.  Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown became martyrs not perpetrators.  Al Sharpton was anointed healer-in-chief and Obama's point man on race (the arsonist becomes the fire department chief — such are the perversions Barack Obama has inflicted on America).  Barack Obama has fanned the flames by comments such as "racism is deeply rooted in American society" and his Attorney General Eric Holder has race-baited throughout his tenure, routinely claiming civil rights violations at the height of the strife triggered by the deaths of Martin and Brown — and routinely being frustrated by the facts.  Joe Biden told a black audience that "Republicans are "going to put y'all back in chains." [...] And so it has been throughout Obama's presidency.  He has never missed an opportunity to manufacture outrage.

Washington Post's Al Sharpton profile leaves out much of the Rev.'s past.  A lengthy new Washington Post profile on the Rev. Al Sharpton looks at the MSNBC host's standing as a civil rights leader and but treads very lightly around some of the less flattering details of Sharpton's past. [...] The piece only briefly touches on Sharpton's multimillion-dollar tax troubles, his lead role in the Tawana Brawley hoax in the 1980s, and his statements during 1995 demonstrations at Freddie's Fashion Mart in Harlem — omitting entirely that the Freddie's agitation ended when a protestor murdered seven people in the store and burned it down.

Al Sharpton touts message from Obama: 'To Rev. Sharpton. A fellow warrior for justice!'  The Rev. Al Sharpton couldn't attend Nelson Mandela's funeral in 2013, so President Obama instead brought him a piece of memorabilia to hang in his office — a copy of the program with a personally inscribed message."

People [Have Been] Jailed for Owing Less Taxes Than Al Sharpton.  Serial tax avoidance appears to be a hallmark of Al Sharpton's operations.  But there's a warning here:  Others have gone to prison for lesser amounts. [...] According to a New York Times' review of government records last fall, the MSNBC host and civil rights activist personally faces federal tax liens for more than $3 million in back taxes owed, and state tax liens of $777,657.  So in total, Sharpton reportedly owes more than $3.7 million in back taxes.

Busted.  So far, every for-profit enterprise started by Al Sharpton and known to National Review Online has been shut down in at least one jurisdiction for failure to pay taxes, a review of public records in New York and Delaware reveals.  Records show that Sharpton's beleaguered for-profit entities often overlap and intertwine, some sharing ties with the reverend's nonprofit organization, National Action Network.  Their financial records are copious, confusing, and sometimes outright bizarre, and together, they depict persistent financial woes for Sharpton, who also personally owes New York State nearly $596,000, according to active tax warrants.

Al Sharpton's 'Diversity Task Force' is Missing Something... Can You Guess What It Is?  The all black task force that's called the 'Diversity Task Force'... that's hysterical!  Not that we really care about or are concerned with this supposed task force but doesn't it really ruin your credibility as a fighter for diversity if you are NOT diverse within your own task force?

The Right Reverend Racial Extortionists.  That Al Sharpton is a race-baiting fraud is self-evident:  long before championing the myth of Gentle Giant Michael Brown in Ferguson for personal financial and political gain, he championed the myth of racial hate crime False Witness Tawana Brawley.  When it comes to Reverend Al Sharpton, The Truth goes into the same slush fund as his millions of dollars of unpaid taxes.  But Al Sharpton didn't invent Racial Racket Ball:  that honor belongs to Jesse Jackson.

Report: Al Sharpton owes over $900,000 from 2004 presidential campaign.  An explosive new report about "deadbeat politicos" revealed Friday [1/30/2015] that civil rights activist and MSNBC celebrity the Rev. Al Sharpton owes the federal government tens of thousands of dollars in fines and $880,000 in debt from his ill-fated 2004 presidential campaign.  And that's on top of the $4.5 million Sharpton owes in back taxes.  In a report that revealed long-term unpaid debts by notable presidential candidates including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, the Center for Public Integrity also found that most political debtors aren't really on the hook to pay their bills because of the way the campaign finance system works.

Liberals Are Saying These 6 Terms Are The "New N-Words".  Race-hustlers are forever trying to convince Americans that racism is everywhere, despite all evidence to the contrary.  But now it has gone from the divisive to the ridiculous.  In a piece published in the Atlanta Blackstar, the so-called "Black BuzzFeed," the article states that there are six words that no white person should ever use because they are "synonymous" with the "N" word.

You're probably a 'racist' and here are six more reasons why.  It never fails to amuse me when people who make their living peddling racial indignation work hard to associate negative characteristics with black people, blissfully unaware of how racist they are. [...] A favorite tactic is to claim that "code words" or else "dog whistles" are being used when negative words are used — that these bad things are rally all about blacks.  The Blackstar prefers to "code word" method.  Here are six alleged code words that only, in their fevered imagination, apply to black people.

Aborting black America.  "Black lives matter" has become the slogan of anti-police protests across the nation, but the target of the protests is so misplaced that the motives of the so-called civil rights leaders behind the movement must be questioned.  Do they really care about black lives?  Or are they cynically exploiting isolated incidents, such as the death of Michael Brown, to inflame the black population and advance their own political interests?

The Race Grievance Industry's Theory of Exploitivity.  Have you noticed the unchanged pattern of outrage that manifests from the black community whenever a black life is taken by a white person?  Have you also noticed that the usual culture-vultures (mainstream media, reverends, college professors, politicians, et al.) arrive without hesitation to gluttonously feast during these incidents?  Undoubtedly, you've noticed this trend — unless you're a liberal.  One must understand that these "call to action" reactions are not spontaneous; they're calculated maneuvers promoted by an ever-present Race Grievance Industry.  The charter for this race-hustling industry mandates that no white-on-black drama is wasted.

HHS secretary uses MLK Day speech to shill Obamacare at Al Sharpton event.  Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell promoted Obamacare "in the spirit of Dr. King" on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, during a breakfast hosted by Al Sharpton.  "African-Americans have the lowest life expectancy of any other race in this country," Ms. Burwell said in a speech to the National Action Network, The Hill reported.

HHS secretary: Al Sharpton 'has spent his life fighting for what's right'.  Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell on Monday morning praised Al Sharpton in a breakfast speech before his National Action Network. [...] After quoting Martin Luther King Jr., Burwell added, "Reverend Sharpton has spent his life fighting for what's right, no matter how challenging.  I want to thank you for your courage, tenacity and persistence."  What exactly does Burwell have in mind as far as "fighting for what's right"?  Does she think Sharpton was fighting for what's right when he defamed a district attorney by falsely claiming the official had participated in the gang rape of a black teenager? [...] Or maybe Burwell was thinking of the time when Sharpton helped add fuel to an anti-Semitic riot that resulted in the murder of a young Jewish rabbinical scholar?

Al Sharpton Calls Me a Racist!  Maybe it's actually a badge of honor — after all Sharpton himself makes Bull Connor seem like Martin Luther King — but the Rev Al has called me a racist because I am one of those (white!) Academy members who did not vote for Selma as an Oscar nominee.  I cannot tell a lie.  He's right.  Not only that, I did not vote for the movie for screenplay either, the only other category for which I can nominate, since I am in the writers branch.

How the Obama-Sharpton Alliance Began.  Near the end of 2007, Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett met with Al Sharpton in New York City and began to cement a relationship that would eventually make the inflammatory activist the president's "go-to man" on race, according to multiple sources.  The backdrop to the incipient Obama-Sharpton alliance was the then-senator's 2008 presidential campaign, which still hadn't locked away the black vote, and the political cross-currents created by two other controversial reverends, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.  That tentative relationship has now grown into a full-blown partnership that has vastly increased the once-shunned Sharpton's influence and prestige and elevated him into a key White House ally at a time of heightened tension over policing and race.

Al Sharpton's Magical Mystery Tour.  We recently found an amazing video The New York Times made about Al Sharpton, the unrepentant racial hoax-exploiter.  Sharpton has never suffered from ruining reputations and causing strife over teenager Tawana Brawley's made-up stories of rape and racist mistreatment at the hands of white cops in the late 1980s.  [Video clip]  The video ends with left-wing journalist Wayne Barrett exclaiming "One would think if he sold you such a terrible bill of goods, on such a giant story that dominated news cycles for such a long period of time and proved to be a total hoax, that you might not show up at his next press conference with your camera crew.  He has managed to transcend it magically." That "magic" is the liberal media's absolute shamelessness about Sharpton's cynical exploitation of (and lying about) race.  He's not only benefited from gooey liberal media coverage.

Sharpton: The NY Post Shouldn't Attack Me — They Give Me Money!.  Al Sharpton says the New York Post should not have accused him of shaking down businesses because he also shakes down the paper's corporate owner.  "SHAKE DOWN AL" screamed the Post's Sunday front page. "How Rev gets paid not to cry 'racism!'"  The story ripped Sharpton for going easy on companies who donate to his National Action Network.  But in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Sharpton's central defense was that News Corp — the company that owns the New York Post — also fills his coffers.

Racism for fun and profit.  Thanks to the Civil Rights struggle of the last century, Americans now possess a healthy revulsion for racists and racism.  This is the way America ought to be — a place where those who disdain or devalue others based on their ancestry are shamed and shunned.  But an unfortunate by-product of this positive development is been that a few entrepreneurial charlatans have managed to monetize this revulsion and build from it something that resembles an extortion racket.

Al Sharpton is being paid thousands of dollars to not cry 'racism' at large corporations, it is claimed.  Reverend Al Sharpton is being paid thousands of dollars to not cry 'racism' at large corporations that are in the spotlight, it has been claimed.  For more than 10 years, firms have reportedly handed over enormous donations and consulting fees to the activist preacher's National Action Network (NAN)[.]  In return for their cash, they have received Sharpton's supposed influence in the black community — or more often, his silence on the matter, it is reported.

Liberals' use of black people, part II.  Hardly anyone blinks an eye at the Rev. Al Sharpton's racist statements, such as: "White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires. ... We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was. ... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek [homosexuals] ever got around to it."  Sharpton again: "So [if] some cracker come and tell you 'Well, my mother and father blood go back to the Mayflower,' you better hold your pocket.  That ain't nothing to be proud of.  That means their forefathers was crooks."  Sharpton also offered, "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house."

2014 Man of the Year: Al Sharpton.  Al Sharpton is the funniest man on MSNBC, and by default the funniest man in cable news.  On a network populated with no small share of buffoons, Sharpton's ultra-pro-Obama boosterism and alarmingly frequent mispronunciation of names, places, and objects has made PoliticsNation a must-watch for anyone who needs a good, hearty laugh.  Sharpton wears many hats:  He is a civil rights activist by day and newsman who covers his own activism by night.

With cops laid to rest, Sharpton plans to restart protests.  Now that two slain cops have been buried, the Rev. Al Sharpton plans to resume kicking dirt on the NYPD.  The head of the Staten Island chapter of Sharpton's National Action Network said anti-cop protesters would return to the borough's state courthouse on Tuesday.  Cynthia Davis said NAN suspended its twice-weekly demonstrations out of respect to slain cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu and their families.

Revisiting Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton.  The police knew from the start that there were holes in Brawley's story.  For example, a rape kit failed to reveal evidence of rape.  She showed no hypothermia or other signs of having been outside and exposed to the elements and freezing temperatures for the amount of time she had claimed.  The racial slurs were written upside-down on her body, suggesting that she may have written them herself.  After Al Sharpton and several lawyers started to take charge of the publicity on the case, that's when her charges got a great deal more specific and became a national scandal: [...]

Sick Political Theater.  The events in Ferguson, Missouri are the latest example of sick political theater, carefully orchestrated to shape public policy. [...] Eric Holder knows every detail of the eyewitness testimony and he knows the physical evidence.  He knows, but he doesn't care.  He has a role to play in this sick, political drama and the facts will not change his role in any way.  He and the ever-present, ever-despicable, race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson throw Molotov cocktails of racial division into the crowds.

For the Media, the Climate of Hate is Always on the Right.  I must say that for some decades now, the media have proven to be terrible weather forecasters, always finding the climate of hate on the right, and never seeing it on the left of the political map. [...] There is no doubt in my mind that the intemperate remarks and conduct of the president, attorney general, pogramist, tax-evader, and White House advisor Al Sharpton, and Mayor de Blasio have created the kind of toxic stew that has now put the lives of police throughout the country at risk.  And if they are at risk, so are we, for they stand between us and barbarism.

Partners in protest: The anti-Israel, cop-bash link.  What, you ask, does anti-Israel activism have to do with the reaction to the Ferguson and New York City decisions?  Well, to understand that, you first need to understand the pathology behind the anti-Israel movement — particularly the Boycott Divest and Sanctions crowd.  This movement has a problem:  Despite decades of anti-Israel propaganda, particularly on campuses, Israel remains more popular than ever in the US as a whole[.]  But there are pockets of American society where anti-Israel rhetoric, which frequently borders on or crosses into anti-Semitism, has a receptive audience.  One such place is among radical racial-grievance activists.

The President, Al Sharpton, and the Corruption of Modern Liberalism.  Al Sharpton is a person who lives for the purpose of stoking racial hatreds.  He was convicted of defaming a New York prosecutor, Steven A. Pagones, in the notorious Tawana Brawley affair, in which Brawley falsely accused Pagones of raping her.  During the 1991 Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, Sharpton fueled black rage after a Hasidic Jewish driver accidentally killed a seven-year-old black child with his car.  (A young talmudic scholar, Yankel Rosenbaum, was stabbed to death by a mob shouting "Kill the Jew.") Sharpton has made numerous anti-Semitic comments.  He's characterized black people who disagreed with him as "yellow niggers" and called white people "crackers."  He constantly casts the police as racists when there's no evidence to support the charge.  And on top of that he's a tax cheat, having been convicted of tax evasion and, according to the New York Times, with more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.

DeBlasio, Black Leaders Fueling Flames of Racism in America.  President Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Bill de Blasio, and the Rev. Al Sharpton are fueling the flames of racism in America just as the Ku Klux Klan did 100 years ago.  Sounds inflammatory?  It is.  What's worse, it's true.  The reason?  They are considered the establishment.  They are out in broad daylight perpetrating a racist agenda and, instead of wearing a white sheet to protect their identity, they are shrouded in the cloak of government.

Sharpton says "no" to holding off protests until after police officers' funerals.  I was somewhat encouraged this week when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a pause in the protests and quiet on the streets until after the funerals of the two slain NYPD officers. [...] It was a responsible decision on the Mayor's part and I commend him for it.  Of course, Al Sharpton was having none of this namby pamby nonsense.

Sheriff Clarke: If You See Al Sharpton Coming, Run.  "Phony" is how Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke described Sharpton's comments tonight [12/22/2014] on "The Kelly File."  "Al Sharpton's a cartoon.  I don't know why the media continues to put a camera and a microphone in front of his face," Clarke said.  "He doesn't believe a word of what he said today — neither does anybody else."

Al Sharpton [is] very worried that execution of police officers will derail his movement.  Sharpton's go-to analogy is to work the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner into a comment about the grieving families of the two slain police officers.  This is not simply offensive, but outrageous.  Those officers were on the job, out on the streets, trying to keep the citizens of that community safe when they were gunned down in a most cowardly ambush.  To attempt to put them on the same level as people who instigated a confrontation with other police officers — no matter the circumstances — is nothing but hate speech.

As Police Die, Racism Narrative Unravels.  After four months of non-stop condemnations of the police and the justice system for both racism and deliberately targeting African Americans for violence, it is time for the race hucksters and their political enablers such as President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to stop the campaign of incitement against the police.

When will Al Sharpton go?  On Saturday afternoon, two New York Police Department officers, Wenjin Liu and Raphael Ramos, made the ultimate sacrifice.  They were assassinated by man who was a member of the Black Guerilla Family gang and who quoted jihadists on his social media accounts.  He said he was going to get revenge for the killing of criminals Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  Meanwhile, on cable there is a network many real Americans refer to as the Karl Marx channel.  They call themselves MSNBC.  Granted there are more members of the flat earth society than there are viewers of the Karl Marx channel.

Little Money or Media Attention for Grieving White Mothers' Sons.  Eric Garner's, Trayvon Martin's, Tamir Rice's, and Michael Brown's mothers appeared on Anderson Cooper last Friday night [12/12/2014] bemoaning the fate of their four sons.  All four said if their kids were white, they would still be alive.  Give me a break.  Whites get killed by cops, too, and there are no trips to Geneva or Great Britain or theatrics on Good Morning America.  Young white male lives extinguished by the police don't seem to matter when it comes to online fundraising, foundations, and race-baiting lawyers with connections to the White House.

Al Sharpton Leads March in DC as NYC Protesters Chant: 'What Do We Want? Dead Cops!'  Joining the families of blacks killed by police, thousands marched toward the capitol and down New York streets on Saturday [12/13/2014] to protest what they called an epidemic of abuse at the hands of police.  But even though it was his event, many attendees didn't want to hear from organizer Al Sharpton.

Obama's racism czar:
Al Sharpton at the White House.  This, the tail end of 2014, is Al Sharpton's moment.  Despite the firebrand minister's shrinking physical stature, his presence on the national stage has never loomed larger.  From Ferguson to Cleveland to Staten Island, black men dying at the hands of police have catapulted America's racial obsession to new heights — carrying Sharpton along with it.

Sharpton Visited the Obama White House 61 Times.  President Obama's embrace of Al Sharpton, as National Review points out, has helped legitimize Sharpton as the preeminent black leader.  Sharpton and his idiotic rantings, his message of victimization instead of self-help, and his fomenting of racial divisions, now takes the place of Martin Luther King Jr., thanks to Obama.

It's time to stop the lying!  Thinking about the ease with which so many supposedly educated Americans were manipulated into blood-curdling fury by the grand-jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases made me realize that most of the problems in our country are caused by people who lie brazenly in order to pit one segment of society against another.

The Left's War Against Justice and Peace.  The mobs who have occupied our streets are not protesting injustice.  They are a lynch mob demanding their due.  They want officers of the law handcuffed and hung, and criminals (aka "political prisoners") set free.  They want honest juries disbanded, and racist judgments the rule.  Understand that our president and his chief civil rights officer, who are encouraging the "protests," are racists, as is the Democratic Party which exerts monopoly control over every major inner city in America.  Why else would Obama and Holder look to Al Sharpton, who is certainly the nation's most prominent racist, as their chief adviser on race relations?  Al Sharpton is author of the fundamental transformation of the civil rights movement into a racial lynch mob, which took place decades ago.

All the Rev's enablers.  Americans will today witness a bizarre spectacle: a march on Washington led by a rabble-rousing, riot-inciting, flame-throwing serial defamer.  And tax cheat.  In the wake of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown deaths, the Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a protest in the capital — à la Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 march — to call attention to what he and his minions claim is a plague of police brutality.  Yet as President Obama himself says, "we can't equate what is happening now to what was happening 50 years ago."  And Rev. Sharpton is no Rev. King.  Yes, some bad cops use excessive force.  But if this is the nationwide scourge it's made out to be, why is the rally against it led by a man with such a sordid record?

Closing Speech At Sharpton Rally Calls For Return Of 'Black Jesus'.  The event was billed as one of solidarity, thousands of people unified in their demand for "justice for all" and an end to alleged police brutality against "unarmed black men."  Led by MSNBC host Al Sharpton, the march was organized and promoted by his National Action Network.  The final speaker, Reverend Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple in Maryland, gave a speech and closing prayer laden with political anger and racial overtones.

Liberal Raceaholics.  Raceaholics like President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, New York mayor Bill de Blasio, overexposed circus barker Al Sharpton, Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson, their allies, and their media enablers cannot stop talking about race.  They refract almost every issue through that prism.  According to them, we shall not overcome our long history of racial injustice — or at least no time soon.  If you believed these people, you would think "whites only" and "colored" water fountains were just one roll-call vote away in the GOP House of Representatives.

Congressman Who Feared Guam Might 'Capsize' Recites Police Brutality Poem on House Floor.  Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia is no stranger to making strange, off-the-wall comments.  He demanded that Rep. Joe Wilson be censured for calling out "You lie" to Obama during his health care speech before Congress in 2009, saying, "We will have people with white hoods running through the countryside again," unless Wilson was severely punished.

From Fat Albert to the Rev. Al: All the enablers.  [Scroll down]  Look at the Rev. Al Sharpton.  Only a few years ago, Sharpton was as discredited as discredited can be.  Unlike [Bill] Cosby, he hasn't been accused of rape.  But in the Tawana Brawley scam, he did the next worst thing:  He falsely accused two innocent men of having raped her — and he's never really apologized.  It's not his only outrage. [...] More recently, we've learned Sharpton is a tax cheat, too, living a first-class lifestyle while he and his organization stiff the IRS for millions in back taxes.  Yet the Rev. Al has his own television show on MSNBC, the mayor of New York treats him as though he's co-commissioner of the police force and, even after he attacked the grand jury in Ferguson, he was invited to the White House and given a place of honor.

These New Statistics On Blacks Shot By Police Are Going To Make Race Hustlers VERY Angry.  Ferguson supporters around the nation continue to rail against police, claiming there's massive injustice going on in the way blacks are treated by law enforcement.  According to some pretty revealing statistics, that's not entirely accurate.

The Search For Racism.  The self-appointed champions of "civil rights" render the term racism increasingly meaningless.  Where juries see self-defense, they see homicidal racial animus.  They turn aggressors into victims and demand that society accord the victims the status of heroes, deserving of memorials in public schools, a suggestion that the White House recently touted for Michael Brown.  A desire for power, not justice, is driving their protests.

The Prez and the Rev.  The Rev. Al has been careful to say he condemns violence.  But he also stokes the flames.  Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder wasn't too far off the mark when he said this weekend that Sharpton "is an inciter of mobs, and he demands mob justice."  And there should be no welcome for such a man at any White House.

Louisiana Democrat: Look, nobody's going to prosecute you for illegally voting, so....  This stuff isn't subtle, and it's almost certainly aimed at boosting turnout among a very specific segment of the electorate.  And sadly, this tripe is not even remotely close to the worst racially-tinged fear-mongering of the cycle.

Congressional Black Caucus Brings 'Hands Up! Don't Shoot' To the House Floor.  Speaking on the House floor, members of the Congressional Black Caucus used the "Hands up! Don't Shoot" gesture popular with Ferguson protesters reacting to the shooting of Michael Brown.  "Hands up, don't shoot," said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.  "It's a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence."

The Editor says...
I'd be fed up with police violence, too, if you could show me an example of it.  But the violence in Ferguson wasn't started by the police.  As far as I know, the police weren't looting and burning businesses and setting cars afire.

Congressional Black Caucus Takes the Floor to Talk About Ferguson and Race in America.  Late Monday night [12/1/2014], after the House took its final votes, members of the Congressional Black Caucus took the floor to speak for about one hour about race in the wake of a grand jury's decision last week not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.  "Hands up, don't shoot," Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York began.

The last stand of the old line civil rights establishment: Ferguson as Selma.  We are still feeling the effects of Selma today.  And now, the old-line civil rights establishment is attempting to channel Selma into Ferguson.  We have the marches, the demonstrations[,] the attempt to cast the police as the villains, oppressing the black citizens.  We're told, against all the facts[,] that the cops shoot innocent, and defenseless young black men.  They're stopped (and frisked) by the police, just as 50 years ago a young black man would get stopped, and beaten, for walking in the wrong part of town, or drinking from the wrong fountain, or sitting in the front of the bus.  The black leadership in this country wants to "go back to the future" and tell us that nothing has changed.  America is still rotten, still evil, still oppressing its poor.  It is the sole rational for their existence, to perpetuate the big lie.

Civil Rights Leader Slams Sharpton Meeting With 'Unserious' Obama: 'He's About Dividing Them With Lies'.  Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson joined Neil Cavuto on Your World to discuss Monday's [12/1/2014] White House meeting regarding the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. [...] "He is a race hustler who does not care about uniting the races," Peterson said of Sharpton, who prominently attended the president's meeting.  "Michael Brown is dead because of Michael Brown.  Michael Brown is dead because he had failed parents who did not raise him in the right way," Peterson added.

Administration exploits Ferguson to undermine race relations and rule of law.  I wish there were a way to address the Ferguson controversy without generating further controversy.  But that's not an easy task.  I have believed for some time that the Obama administration has fanned the flames of racial tension in this country rather than attempt to extinguish them, despite its claims to the contrary.  President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, in my view, have been the main culprits, which is exceedingly unfortunate, considering the opportunity their historic roles present for making great strides toward racial harmony.  The question is:  Do these gentlemen truly want to promote racial harmony?

White House Says: "It's not about race", Then Meets With Nation's Most Notorious Race-Baiting Antagonists.  Where does all of this racial antagonism lead?  A scene at a Florida school between a large, intimidating black student and a seemingly unprovoking white student drew references to Ferguson this week as the student asks "where's Mike Brown" now:  [Video clip]

Holder to Release New Federal Guidelines on Racial Profiling.  [Eric] Holder is in Atlanta today to discuss issues of race and policing raised by recent events in Ferguson.  There are still two federal investigations going on into Ferguson; one into the Michael Brown shooting, and one into the local police force.  Holder said today at Ebenezer Baptist Church that he will be putting out new guidelines meant to "limit racial profiling by federal law enforcement."

The Editor says...
Why go to Atlanta to have a discussion about problems in St. Louis?  How is public policy being formulated in a Baptist Church without any protest from the "separation of church and state" people?

Ferguson Agitators Post Demands Proposed to Obama During White House Meetings.  Ferguson activists meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House today posted a list of demands they proposed to the president, which include: [...]

Sharpton Advising Obama Insults Police — And Blacks.  Obama should have praised the grand jury's conclusion, coming after a thorough examination of all the evidence, and affirmed the integrity of America's criminal justice system.  But like the violent, looting protesters in Ferguson, Mo., our president is uninterested in the truth.  No wonder a demagogue who personifies politicized lies like Al Sharpton is welcomed into the White House — not by any means for the first time — to advise Obama.  Too many have forgotten who Sharpton is.

White House race charade: Irrelevant talk post-Ferguson.  The White House response to Ferguson wouldn't be complete without a meeting with Al Sharpton, the infamous agitator who has become President Barack Obama's "go-to man on race," in the words of a Politico headline from last August.  So Sharpton was inevitably one of the civil-rights leaders at a White House meeting Monday [12/1/2014].

Liberalism in Ruins.  [Scroll down]  The natural outcome of the reactionary approach to race relations — identity politics, the salad bowl in lieu of the melting pot, the effusions of trillions of dollars over the last half-century into Great Society dependencies — is Ferguson.  We are left with the movement's slogan, "Hands up; don't shoot!" which now joins a growing historical corpus of racial mythography — "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit," and "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

VA's 5-day firing notice too long for Congress, too short for lawyers.  The Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress are battling over whether the VA is firing employees fast enough as part of a major management overhaul, but legal analysts say even the five-day notice the administration has settled on is too short and employees who have been fired could sue to get their jobs back — with taxpayers on the hook for back pay.  Veterans Affairs officials said they came up with the five-day notice based on the advice of their attorneys, though members of Congress said even that was too long because it gives targeted employees a chance to retire and collect lifetime benefits.

Please Don't Take Away My Oppression!.  As one egregious incident of racial oppression after another turns out to be imaginary — the Duke lacrosse players didn't rape Crystal Magnum, George Zimmerman didn't murder Trayvon Martin, Darren Wilson didn't murder Michael Brown — the purveyors of the racism narrative are getting desperate. [...] America is the least racist multi-cultural society since the Roman empire.  There's really never been anywhere on earth where so many different peoples live together so well.  The trouble that besets us is not white against black, and it's not black against white either.  It's the left against liberty.

Flames of Ferguson Illuminate Age of Obama.  When history remembers the Obama administration, the flames of Ferguson will light up our memories.  It wasn't just an AutoZone and Jade Nails burning up in the fires of Ferguson, it was also the "Hope" of 2008 going up in smoke.  Instead of hope, the age of Obama has been characterized by racial division and discord.  Obama and Holder commanded the police to behave themselves.  The police behaved, and look what happened. [...] Just like calling for calm while stoking the protests, prolonging the promise of a federal indictment against Officer Wilson keeps the folks energized on the side of the administration.

Yesterday's 60 Minutes Report on America's Infrastructure Was a Complete and Utter Scam.  [Scroll down]  Here is the reality of our infrastructure crisis:
  •   Gas taxes and tolls were supposed to pay for highway maintenance.  Now general tax revenues are also being funneled to union contractors and no bid contracts which make every infrastructure project 30% or more over priced.
  •   At least 25% of federal gas tax funds are diverted to non-highway uses including maintaining sidewalks, funding bike paths, and creating scenic trails.  Congress allocates highway money to truck parking facilities, safety incentives to prevent operation of motor vehicles by intoxicated persons, grants for anti-racial profiling programs, magnetic levitation trains, and dozens of other non-road activities.
  •   There are dozens of PA Dept of Transportation executives sitting in prison today.  It is the most corrupt agency in PA and probably in all the other states.

Explaining Away Obama.  If Barack Obama counted up all the times virulent racists blocked his ambitions, and stymied his efforts due to his race, and then collated them against how many times — at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard; and in Chicago, Springfield and Washington — his performance was not strictly evaluated on its merits or lack of, I think the verdict would not be so favorable.  Obama was nominated, elected, and reelected not despite the work of racists, but in part because he and his associates so brilliantly played the race card.

Juan Williams: 'Insulting to Black People' That White House Elevates Sharpton.  Fox's Eric Bolling went after Al Sharpton today for his tax issues that have somehow not stopped his White House invitations.  Juan Williams agreed and went so far as to say it's "insulting to black people" for the White House to be elevating Sharpton like that.  Williams suspected that the Obama White House just doesn't like Jesse Jackson and since Sharpton is the only big alternative, the White House just "anointed him as their official black leader," which people find insulting.

Silence of the Schumer.  [Scroll down]  Now we have a story in The New York Times about an individual deeply involved in politics who has a 501(c)4 that, as the Times puts it, appears to rank "among the most delinquent nonprofit organizations in the nation."  The individual:  the Rev. Al Sharpton.  His organization:  the National Action Network, which has failed to pay payroll taxes over the years.

NBC has nothing to say about Al Sharpton's $5 million back-tax problems.  How do the executives at NBC feel about willfully paying and providing a TV platform to a man who reportedly owes the government more than $4.5 million in back taxes?  They're not saying.  When the Washington Examiner asked an NBC spokeswoman for comment on a recent report that Rev. Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens against him, the response was "no comment."  The report, published Tuesday [11/18/2014] by the New York Times, stopped just short of calling Sharpton a tax cheat.

Leona Sharpton.  He rose to national prominence in the 1980s when he falsely accused white law enforcement officials of raping a teenage African-American girl.  After that, he moved on to incite anti-Semitic violence in Brooklyn and Harlem.  This was his preparation for a later bid for the Democratic nomination for president.  And now he is, as Politico described him, "Obama's go-to man on race."  That's quite a climb.

Sharpton Disputes NY Times Report About His Taxes, Clashes with Reporter.  Reverend Al Sharpton held a press conference today [11/19/2014] strongly denying a New York Times report that he owes over four million dollars in state and federal taxes.  Sharpton said the report was misleading and untrue, and according to Politico, politically motivated.  Sharpton connected this report to people not liking President Obama and Mayor Bill de Blasio, as well as "they certainly don't like that I'm still here, and I ain't going nowhere."

As If On Cue — Race Agitating "Reverend" Jamal Bryant.  Here's a link to some background info on Pastor Jamal Bryant.  Bryant is a high-profile, politically connected pastor with a congregation that counts more than 10,000 members and a business acumen that has resulted in book deals, inspirational text messages and plans for a clothing line.  Pastor Bryant has sired five children from three different women, one child came to light as the result of a lawsuit for failing to provide child support.  He acknowledged this one, a daughter, for the first time from the pulpit only after the court battle over child support payments surfaced. [...] Pastor Bryant is well known for his flashy lifestyle, which includes a Bentley and a multimillion-dollar Canton waterfront property; [...]

Despite past, Sharpton's pull remains intact.  Nobody's ever called politics a moral business, but a respect for appearances is generally required.  That's why pols run from controversial people and return contributions the minute a donor gets in a jam.  They fear guilt by association.  Yet few, if any, shun Sharpton, whose notoriety hasn't kept him from the power trough.  Presidents, senators, governors, mayors — they all come to kiss the ring.  So I press him on the baggage:  The disgraceful Tawana Brawley episode, that stint as an FBI informer now being so colorfully examined — why isn't he politically toxic?

Al Sharpton's March Madness.  Sharpton, left to his own antics, is a public nuisance.  It is a free country and he is entitled to his prejudices and polarizing activism.  Sometimes he happens to be right and his megaphone occasionally brings attention to deserving cases that otherwise get none.  America is big enough and strong enough to have space for people like him.  On the other hand, his personal conduct is often reprehensible, with his behavior in the Brawley hoax Exhibit A.  And it's not as if he's cleaned up his act.

As Sharpton Rose, So Did His Unpaid Taxes.  Al Sharpton, who came to prominence as an imposing figure in a track suit, shouting indignantly at the powerful, stood quietly on a stage last month at the Four Seasons restaurant, his now slender frame wrapped in a finely tailored suit, as men in power lined up to exclaim their admiration for him.  Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo hailed him as a civil rights icon.  President Obama sent an aide to read a message commending Mr. Sharpton's "dedication to the righteous cause of perfecting our union."  Major corporations sponsored the lavish affair.

Al Sharpton's Finances Under Scrutiny.  Al Sharpton's finances are gaining scrutiny as his influences rises, the New York Times writes in a profile of Sharpton published Tuesday [11/18/2014].  Sharpton's visibility has slowly increased since he first gained prominence as a civil rights leader. His relationships with politicians such as New York Mayor Bill deBlasio, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and President Barack Obama have helped Sharpton gain traction on the national scene.

Al Sharpton's money problems.  Rev. Al Sharpton, the MSNBC host and occasional White House liaison, has "regularly sidestepped" taxes, rent and other bills, according to a new New York Times investigation.  Sharpton has more than $4.5 million in tax liens against him and his businesses, the investigation found.  His non-profit organization National Action Network owes some $1.1 million in overdue payroll taxes.  He has repeatedly not paid hotels, travel agencies and landlords.  He has even relied on friends and his non-profit to pay for his daughter's education, and been sued twice by his landlord for a cumulative $98,000.

And we all know how "non-violent" black mobs can be.
Rep. John Lewis Calls for 'Massive, Non-Violent Protests' Nationwide if Wilson Isn't Indicted.  Civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) believes that Ferguson is a "turning point" for the modern civil rights movement, and that the nation will see massive protests if a grand jury does not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.  While appearing on Roland Martin's radio show, Rep. Lewis was asked whether the numerous stories of African-American men being shot by police — Brown's death chief among them — was "the modern-day Selma", referring to the 1963 march that saw hundreds of protestors beaten and arrested for demanding African-American voting rights.

Is This the End Game for Liberal Racism?  Obviously, the most racist thing in America today is the Racist Reverends, Sharpton, Jackson and Wright and their race hustling, shamefully backed up by Holder and Obama.  This naked appeal to race descended to a new low in the Obama administration with the nationalization of the Trayvon and Ferguson killings.  That's real racism.

Dem Rep. Clyburn Compares GOP Opposition to Amnesty to Pro-Slavery Segregationism.  Facing emboldened Republican opposition to President Obama's unilateral amnesty, a top Democratic leader is invoking race to help explain his colleagues' resistance to executive action.  South Carolina congressman and assistant Democratic leader Jim Clyburn reacted on Friday [11/14/2014] to House speaker John Boehner's promise to fight "tooth and nail" against any White House push for illegal-immigrant amnesty.

Behind the Don't Shoot Coalition in Ferguson.  The publicized list of the 45 DSC group names breaks down into these categorizes:  (1) Labor Unions; (2) African-American Organizations; (3) Other Ethnic Groups; (4) Faith-based Organizations; (5) Anti-War Activists; (6) Defined Causes; (7) All-purpose Progressive Activists; (8) Unidentified; and (9) Outlier. [...] Despite diverse agendas, the list, generally, has one thing in common:  Some grievance against an authority — police, corporations, or otherwise — that they feel has abused their rights, or the rights of others.  The protest movement that emerged after the death of Michael Brown now offers each a platform to air their particular grievance before a wider audience.

Rangel to CNN: Southern GOP Still Believes in Slavery, Wins Through Racism.  Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is doubling down on his belief that southern Republicans still believe in slavery and think the Confederates won the Civil War, implying that the Democrats' major senatorial losses came as a result of racism.  Rangel made the initial comments last week at a rally for incumbent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Democratic Embrace of Al Sharpton.  The Rev. Al Sharpton once epitomized New York's bad old days of the 1980s, when the then-corpulent, gold-medallion-bedecked tub thumper inflamed racial hatred and courted violence.  Today, against all expectations and at least 100 pounds lighter, he has been rehabilitated into the Democratic Party's civil-rights leader of choice.  Has Mr. Sharpton changed or simply outlasted his critics?  President Obama's embrace of Mr. Sharpton has been particularly intense this year.

Demagogue Al Sharpton: The Democratic Party's New 'Civil Rights' Leader.  The real bug in the ointment, however, is our leading rabble rouser, Reverend Al Sharpton.  In this past weekend's Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has a devastating takedown exposing the real facts about the good reverend.  (Subscription required — but I strongly urge readers to pay for the article.  It's that important.)  Titled "The Democratic Embrace of Al Sharpton," the article traces how the man who was kept at arm's length during Obama's 2008 campaign, isolated as unrepresentative of the black community's views, has now become the single would-be "civil-rights leader."  Sharpton is now the person to whom all Democrats, centrist and liberal alike, kowtow and from whom they seek to gain support and endorsement.  Once he "inflamed racial hatred and courted violence," Mac Donald writes.  Now, "he has been rehabilitated into the Democratic Party's civil-rights leader of choice."

Government Gold-Plating.  Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released his annual Wastebook this past week.  It contains a laundry list of doozies. The U.S. government's gold-plating operations included $190,000 to study compost digested by worms, $297 million for the purchase of an unused mega blimp, and $1 million on a Virginia bus stop where only 15 people can huddle under a half-baked roof.  These questionable (read: absurd) expenditures only represent the tip of the iceberg.

Race-baiting down the homestretch.  From the White House to the Georgia Democratic Party, to the gutter from which Al Sharpton spins his hateful rhetoric, the Democrats' race-baiting machine is in full gear in a furious effort to drive blacks to the polls.  Because her husband's unpopularity makes his presence politically toxic for liberal candidates, first lady Michelle Obama is traveling the country stumping for Democrats.  In what is a new low for a first lady, her get-out-the-vote speeches are laced with race-baiting terms.

The truth about young black men and police shootings.  On Friday [10/17/2014], it was reported forensics showed Brown's blood was on both the inside of police officer Darren Wilson's car as well as Wilson's gun.  The gun had also been fired twice within the car.  This evidence hardly squares with early witness accounts that Brown was shot with his hands in the air while he was surrendering.  With forensic evidence finally coming in, Officer Wilson's shooting Brown is looking as if it were justifiable self-defense.  But that hasn't stopped people from making it a racial issue.

And There They Go Again — Liberals Play the Race Card.  From MSNBC to the Georgia Senate election to a memo from an ex-Obama pollster, the age-old race card has reared its ugly head again.  The difference this time?  An increasing number of Americans, some of them prominent, are calling out the perpetrators.

The Democrats Go Back to Their Racist Roots.  The Democratic Party is trying to use the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri to stimulate black turnout.  There is zero reason to believe that the Brown incident had anything to do with race.  Is there any evidence that Wilson, if attacked by a 6' 4", 292 pound white man, would not have shot him?  No.  Wilson may or may not have overreacted; we may never know for sure.  But connecting the incident to race is sheer political opportunism by the Democrats.

Jesse Jackson, Dallas lawmaker blame racism for Ebola patient's death.  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. have made similar arguments this week that Thomas Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died because his race and lack of "privilege" kept him from receiving the care he needed.

U.S. to spend $9 million to find lawyers for unaccompanied minors in nine cities, including Dallas.  The Obama Administration announced Tuesday that it will pick up the bill for immigration attorneys who will be assigned to unaccompanied children from Central America and elsewhere who are stopped at the U.s. [sic] border.  Dallas and Houston are two of a handful of cities where the money will be spent, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a phone call to The [Dallas Morning] News Tuesday [9/30/2014].  The program starts today and will be funded with $9 million over the next two years.  In all, the funds are estimated to be enough to pay for lawyers for more than 2,600 children.

Al Sharpton Empowered.  As Eric Holder prepares to leave as attorney general, there is a fierce debate over his six-year tenure.  Many conservative senators who voted to confirm him in 2009 now regret it.  Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, now zings Holder's "lack of respect for Congress, the American taxpayer, and the laws on the books."  Even some of his supporters agree he's been confrontational and polarizing.

Obama says Michael Brown's death in Ferguson 'stains the heart of black children'.  President Obama said the shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer last month in Ferguson, Missouri, exposed the racial divide in the American justice system that "stains the heart of black children."

MSNBC's Sharpton Keynoting Dinner For Group Linked to Hamas.  MSNBC host Al Sharpton will be the keynote speaker at the Council on American-Islamic Relations's (CAIR) 20th anniversary banquet on Saturday.  Sharpton, who is President Obama's "go-to man on race," and who claims to be helping the White House pick outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder's successor, will be a guest of honor of the group, which was listed as a co-conspirator in a criminal case against an Islamic charity that raised millions for Hamas.  Back in January 2009, shortly after the President's first inauguration, the FBI severed ties with CAIR "in the wake of a 15-year... investigation that culminated with the conviction in December [2008] of Hamas fundraisers at a trial where CAIR itself was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator," according to a report at the time by Fox News's Joseph Abrams.

Let Me Get This Straight.  We learned just yesterday that the Obama Democrats, who were supposed to be about eliminating racial feeling in the USA, were whipping it up as fast as they could to get out the black vote in November.  In some way that only geniuses like Al Sharpton and John Lewis could fathom, the shooting death of a large man who attacked a policeman in his patrol car was caused (you see) by the Republicans.  Yes.  In some secret way, the Republicans killed Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, totally innocent lambs.

MSNBC's Conflict of Interest: Al Sharpton.  [Scroll down]  Sharpton is "rewarded with invitations to White House Super Bowl parties, where he laughs it up with the president," is a "special host to the president" and "provides the president with protection from his critics in the African-American community," reports the Times.  And, according to Politico, he vacationed at Valerie Jarrett's condo in Martha's Vineyard, close to where the President was staying with his family.

There's No Such Thing as 'Black America'.  In light of the tragic shooting of Michael Brown, I've been troubled by the notion that a monolithic entity called "Black America" or "the black community" still exists in the 21st century — if it ever existed at all.  Moreover, I think that it is simply dangerous for the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to be allowed to act as if they speak for all black Americans.  They don't, but the media and our first black president perpetuate this insidious myth.

Rev. Al Sharpton: Obama's New Jeremiah Wright.  Even the New York Times reports the 18-year-old Brown "was no angel," noting the 6-4, 300-pound Brown not only robbed a liquor store but once assaulted a neighbor.  He also was accused of stealing at his high school, and was bounced from one school to the next.  The paper confirms he did drugs and hung out with gang-bangers.  And the college he reportedly was supposed to attend was in fact a trade school that can't confirm he ever enrolled there.  It appears Brown was a victim not of racism but of a pervasive gang culture in the black community.  But pointing that out doesn't advance the grievance agenda of Sharpton and Obama.  So they focus on racism.

Jesse Jackson and the Renewed Fight to Racialize America.  What message are Reverend Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton, filmmaker Spike Lee, and others sending?  They are sending the message that progressives — who have built an entire political movement based on racism and class warfare — are not only ferociously determined to never, ever let go of the racist side of this equation.  They are determined to remake America into a racial state, a modern version of the apartheid-era South Africa.  A place where whatever happens is judged by the race of those involved.

Mark Levin: Why isn't Al Sharpton in federal prison?  Al Sharpton has a ton of debt, but part of that debt is millions of dollars he owes to the IRS.

Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac.  Politico's Glenn Thrush reports in this week's edition of the magazine that Al Sharpton has become President Barack Obama's "go-to man on race" in Ferguson and elsewhere. [...] Yet he leaves out a few crucial details that are important to the Sharpton story.  For one, Thrush makes no mention of Sharpton's role in the Trayvon Martin fiasco. [...] There is a reason Thrush leaves out Martin:  it interferes with his attempt to portray Sharpton as a moderating influence, someone to whom the president and his arch-henchman Valerie Jarrett could turn to "talk down" the violent demonstrators, someone who represented "hardheaded pragmatism" rather than extremism.  In reality, Sharpton's role is to stoke divisions, acting as Obama's agent, as well as his eyes and ears on the ground.

How Al Sharpton is using Obama, Ferguson and MSNBC to boost his influence.  Al Sharpton is again working both sides of the street, and it's paying off for him.  As he's inserted himself into the tense situation in Ferguson, he's had an assist from none other than the president of the United States.  And he continues to bask in the spotlight at MSNBC, where he uses his nightly cable show to advance the causes he fights for as a civil rights activist.  But these two roles are increasingly coming into conflict.  It happened last year with the killing of Trayvon Martin, and it's happening again with the death of Michael Brown.

Ferguson protesters confront Jesse Jackson: 'When you going to stop selling us out?'  A group of protesters in Ferguson, Mo., confronted civil rights activist Jesse Jackson in a McDonald's parking lot, saying they believed he was in the town for his own gain and not to support protesters.  "When you going to stop selling us out Jesse?" a protester shouts at Mr. Jackson in a video captured of the incident and first posted by conservative news site Western Journalism on Friday [8/22/2014].

Jesse Jackson Confronted by Ferguson Protesters: 'We Don't Want You Here'.  A web video surfaced Friday [8/22/2014] of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson being confronted by Ferguson, MO, protesters unhappy with Jackson's presence in the city.  The video was posted by the conservative website Western Journalism.  "Are you marching today with us, or are you just going to sit in the car?" one of the men confronting Jackson says in the video.  Jackson seems to remain silent in the video, which is recorded in a McDonald's parking lot.

The equivalent of a chest-thumping male dominance ritual:
Sharpton on Eclipsing Jesse Jackson in Ferguson: 'Deal With It'.  Rev. Al Sharpton sees himself as having surpassed Jesse Jackson as the face of modern civil rights battles and he's not afraid to say so.  "I think he's (Jackson) now realized that he's older now," Sharpton says in a new Politico profile.  "And he realizes that I've come into my own and he's got to deal with it."

Al Sharpton Suggests He's The Frederick Douglass Of Our Time.  Civil rights activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton compared his relationship with President Barack Obama to the relationship between President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist and famed orator Frederick Douglass.  On NBC's "Meet The Press" on Sunday, Chris Jansing asked Sharpton about a recent article in Politico Magazine labeling him a "surrogate" for Obama's White House regarding race relations.  "First of all, I'm not a surrogate," he contended.  "I have access to the White House in every era going back to Lincoln with Frederick Douglass.  Presidents talk to those that were leading at that time."

A collection of race hustlers.  Circumstances surrounding the events of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9 continue to unfold and dominate national headlines.  A family, community and country have been captivated by the events that evolve daily.  The events in Ferguson are tragic on many levels.  A young man lost his life, a police officer's future hangs in the balance, and the aftermath of the shooting includes nightly protests and the looting of property, on display for the world to see.  Another misfortune was the swiftness of how this unfortunate situation was hijacked and exploited by outsiders seeking to advance their personal agendas.  Black activists were among the first agitators to arrive in Ferguson.

Al Sharpton: Mr. Respectable.  [Scroll down]  No, Sharpton didn't simply show up at "a rally," he was the host of radio show in New York where for weeks he personally stoked racial animosity over what amounted to a dispute regarding rent.  On that show, Sharpton allowed an array of shameless racists and anti-Semites to exacerbate the situation with their own ugly violent language.  The venomous protests, fueled in part by his show and presence, soon began to resemble a mob.  And Roland Smith Jr. — the deranged murderer — didn't simply burn down Freddie's.  He went in with a gun and asked all the black patrons to leave and then killed everyone else.

O'Reilly Blasts Sharpton: a 'Charlatan' Who 'Only Cares About His Own Self-Aggrandizement'.  On Wednesday evening [8/20/2014], Bill O'Reilly returned from vacation to anchor his Fox News Channel (FNC) program live to discuss the situation in Ferguson, Missouri since the death of Michael Brown on August 9.  In just over an eight-minute-long "Talking Points" segment, O'Reilly addressed multiple aspects of the story, but specifically slammed MSNBC host and activist Al Sharpton as "this charlatan" who "has the nerve to insult the American police community" while only caring "about his own self-aggrandizement."

Revved Up.  [Al Sharpton] spent years on the outside dreaming of a place in the pantheon of the civil rights leaders he revered as a teenage street preacher in Brooklyn, and it's an irony lost on no one that his rise to White House adviser has come thanks to Barack Obama, whose restrained personal style couldn't be any more different from Sharpton's.

Rewriting the Rev. Al Sharpton's history.  From the Tawana Brawley case to the Crown Heights riots to Ferguson, Mo., Sharpton's usual role is to pour gasoline on the fire.  Sharpton asserted that he doesn't believe in a "rush to judgment" when cops are accused of police brutality.  Yet his agitation, both here in the city and in Ferguson, even before the facts have become clear in either case, puts that to the lie.

Why Is Holder in Ferguson When 36 Blacks [were] Shot in Chicago Last Weekend?  If Sasha and Malia Obama, the president's young daughters, had another sister, she might look like 16-year-old Shaquise Buckner.  Chicago police say Shaquise, who was the same age as Malia, appeared to have been the unintended target of a gang-related drive-by shooting early Saturday morning [8/16/2014].  Yet Attorney General Eric Holder went to Ferguson, not Chicago.  Thirty-six people are shot in Chicago in a single weekend, seven of them fatally, yet the FBI sends 40 agents to Missouri to investigate the shooting death of one young black male.

Eric Holder shows he isn't interested in real justice.  Eric Holder candidly acknowledged his objective in the Michael Brown case when he stated, "my commitment... is, long after this tragic story no longer receives this level of attention, the Justice Department will continue to stand with Ferguson."  One might have hoped that the Justice Department's commitment in this instance would be to justice, rather than to standing with any particular group or geographic location.

Racism Forever.  On Wednesday [8/20/2014], the nation's top law enforcement officer — who doubles as the leading impediment to law enforcement, whenever he sees a law he doesn't like — flew to St. Louis for another exercise in the selective dispensation of justice. [...] History also simmers beneath the surface of Holder's rhetoric — a history of self-pity and grievance against his own country ("a nation of cowards," as he famously put it in his first speech after taking office).  He is always accusing his critics and political opponents of racism and bigotry.  It's a habit he can't break.

The Media and the Mob.  On the eve of a grand jury being convened to go through the facts and decide whether there should be a prosecution of the policeman in this case, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri has gone on television to say that there should be a "vigorous prosecution."  There was a time when elected officials avoided commenting on pending legal processes, so as not to bias those processes.  But Governor Nixon apparently has no fear of poisoning the jury pool.

Eric Holder: Michael Brown Death Cause for 'Robust Action' to Increase Police Diversity.  Attorney General Eric Holder vowed to use Michael Brown's death and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, to push for more police diversity and even combat unintentional "disparate treatment under the law" of minorities.

Neither Just Nor Peaceful.  "No justice, no peace," scream protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.  Implicit in this menacing chant is that the rioting on display there for over a week has been justified.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, among other hucksters, disclaim the violence, even as they stoke it with reckless rhetoric.  They aren't interested in peace but power.  Were they truly opposed to the violence, they wouldn't coin chants that condone it.  "We're not looters.  We're liberators," says Sharpton.  Liberating society from what?  The rule of law?  His view of justice is that the law be permanently suspended for the racially aggrieved.  A police department can only satisfy his measure of racial progress by going soft on politically favored criminals.  Sharpton is a "liberator" who enables looters.

Al Sharpton to Headline Annual CAIR Banquet.  MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton has been scheduled to keynote the 20th annual Council on American-Islamic Relations fundraising banquet, scheduled for September 27th in the Washington, D.C., area. [...] Sharpton's critics have described him as a "race-hustler," while his supporters have profiled him as a civil rights leader.  Rev. Sharpton is President Barack Obama's "go-to black leader," according to a 60 Minutes report.

Missouri GOP: Michael Brown Voting Registration Booths 'Disgusting'.  Republicans are criticizing efforts by liberal organizers to set up voter registration booths at the site where Missouri teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a local police officer.  Reports of the voter registration tables have been reported via liberal activists on social media.  "In front of the makeshift memorial where Mike Brown was killed, they've set up a voter registration table," tweeted Jessica Lee, a Human rights attorney at the Center For Constitutional Rights wrote on Twitter.

Who Lost the Cities?  The Reverend Jesse Jackson is, to the surprise of all thinking people, right about something:  "A spark has exploded," he said, referring to the protests and violence in Ferguson, Mo.  "When you look at what sparked riots in the Sixties, it has always been some combination of poverty, which was the fuel, and then some oppressive police tactic.  It was the same in Newark, in Chicago, in Detroit, in Los Angeles. It's symptomatic of a national crisis of urban abandonment and repression, seen in Chicago."  A question for the Reverend Jackson:  Who has been running the show in Newark, in Chicago, in Detroit, and in Los Angeles for a great long while now?  The answer is:  People who see the world in much the same way as does the Reverend Jackson, who take the same view of government, who support the same policies, and who suffer from the same biases.

Jesse Jackson Pivots from Ferguson Riots to Bigger Government.  As you might expect, it didn't take long for political opportunists and race-baiters to rally to Ferguson, Missouri looking to leverage unrest over a teen killed by police into a platform for advocating their policy agenda.  Writing at USA Today, Jesse Jackson would have been well-served to stop after calling upon protestors to refrain from further violence.  Alas, he just couldn't help himself: [...]

Fair share: Al Sharpton and his organizations owe $4.7 million in unpaid taxes.  Sharpton [...] insists the actual sum he owes is "significantly less" than public records indicate, and that the debts are "being paid down."  The MSNBC host is, naturally, an ardent advocate for raising taxes on "the rich."

The New Regressives.  When Eric Holder announces an endless affirmative action and leaves it at that, I want a classically liberal defense along the lines of something like the following:  "We believe that preferences must be accorded to those of particular ethnic and racial backgrounds to compensate for past discrimination, whose legacy still makes it difficult even in the present age for particular groups to be treated equitably.  And more importantly, we in the government have the ability to ascertain which groups are deserving of such preferences and which not, and also know how to determine which individuals meet precise criteria that earn them official minority status."  Instead, we get something tantamount to "either support something nebulous called affirmative action or you're a racist."

Obama Administration Seeks Race-Based Government In Hawaii.  President Barack Obama's administration has quietly suggested it is willing to create a two-tier race-based legal system in Hawaii, where one set of taxes, spending and law enforcement will govern one race, and the second set of laws will govern every other race.  The diversity proposal is portrayed as an effort to create a separate in-state government for people who are "native Hawaiians."  If Obama succeeds, "what's to prevent creating similar [self-governing racial] groups out of say, Cajuns, or Orthodox Jews or Amish?" said Gail Heriot, a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  "If you can do that with groups that are already part of the mainstream, you can balkanize the country," said Heriot, who is a law professor at the University of San Diego.

Obama Looks to Bypass Congress and Promote Racial Spoils in Hawaii.  When we pledge allegiance to the flag, we also pledge allegiance to the Republic for which it stands — "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  The modern American left has put each of these qualities up for grabs.  For example, implementing "social justice" would make it logically impossible to provide justice for all of us as individuals.  The left is also unfavorably disposed to the idea of one indivisible nation.  The Akaka Bill was a good example.  As Gail Heriot and Peter Kirsanow explained, this legislation, which the House passed in 2010, would have enabled the nation's approximately 400,000 ethnic Hawaiians to organize themselves into one vast Indian tribe. [...] Existing Indian tribes have a degree of sovereignty.  But this was an attempt to establish and empower a tribe where none existed, and to do so along racial lines.  Naturally, as Heriot and Kirsanow explained, the attempt was really about funneling billions of dollars to ethnic Hawaiians, a Democratic constituency.

White Privilege.  The average parent has no idea of the devious indoctrination going on in classrooms in many public schools. [...] John A. Powell, a University of California, Berkeley law professor, told his audience, "And right now, I'm going to suggest to you that race is driving almost everything that's happening in the country."  He explained the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans by saying, "They took money away from protecting the levees because the levees were protecting black people."

Jim Crow alive and well in Eric Holder's Justice Department.  Jim Crow is now making a huge comeback, thanks to the identity politics so common among liberals, especially on college campuses.  As PJ Media columnist and former U.S. Department of Justice civil rights attorney J. Christian Adams notes, a federal court recently struck down a law in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands that allowed only people of "Northern Mariana descent" to vote on constitutional referendums. In Guam, the new Jim Crow appears in a law that allows voter registration only by those with ancestors living there prior to 1950, thus effectively limiting the ballot to individuals descended from the Chamorro people.

Education Left Squeezes White Suburbia.  Eighty percent of fourth and eighth grade black inner city students are unable to read or add at grade level.  Who's to blame?  According to the education left, white suburbia.  When responsible, taxpaying mothers dared to criticize Common Core State Standards, Education Secretary Arne Duncan derisively commented that "white suburban moms" were upset because they would soon find out their children were not "brilliant."  The ludicrous interjection of race by the top education official turned out to be not so ludicrous after all.  This meme of white privileged students versus black disadvantaged students has become the talking point.

Dem Senator claims Republicans don't like Obamacare because the president is black.  Tempers flared Wednesday during a Senate Commerce Committee hearing as a soon-to-retire Democratic senator said opposition to the Affordable Care Act stems from members of the GOP thinking President Barack Obama is 'the wrong color.'  West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller let that slip near the end of a hearing he was chairing about whether insurance companies should be forced to spend most of Americans' premiums on health care, instead of on overhead and management.

Democratic Senator: Many People Oppose Obamacare Because They're Racist.  If you are part of the large contingent of the American population that opposes Obamacare, one Democratic senator says it's probably because you're a racist.

Dem Senator Says People Who Don't Like ObamaCare Are Racist Or Something.  Really, senator?  Maybe — just maybe — millions of Americans don't like the fact that their healthcare policies have been cancelled after they were promised they could keep them, their premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed or they've been forced to change doctors and/or hospitals.

Michelle Obama tells students 'by some measures our schools are as segregated' as they were back then.  Segregation by force of law is no longer legally acceptable in America, but de facto segregation still plagues our schools and neighborhoods, First Lady Michelle Obama told a group of graduating students Friday night [5/16/2014].  The First Lady was expected to use the speech to celebrate about diversity in America.  Instead, she took racism head on, telling the Topeka, Kansas, seniors, 'by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech.'

Woman Who Sends Her Kids to Elite Private Schools Whines About Segregation in Schools.  Is it just me or is this obnoxious witch just a tad hypocritical?

Michelle Obama warns of resurgent school segregation.  In her prepared remarks, the first lady praised the legacy of that decision, Brown v. Board of Education, noting the diversity of the crowd before her.  But she also warned that the specter of school segregation is returning as people of different races cluster in separate communities, urging the graduates to continue striving for inclusion and mutual understanding.

The Editor says...
People of different races congregate together (for example, on Sunday morning) because they choose to, not because the government tells them to.  Voluntary segregation is also known as "freedom of association," and only leftist troublemakers like Mr. and Mrs. Obama think it is something to be eliminated.

It's Not Racist to Hate Government.  Even after the "success" of Obamacare, the president somehow has managed to chalk up his lowest approval ratings ever, and things don't look so good for the Donkey Party in the fall's midterm elections, either.  Salon's Joan Walsh is quick to cry racism in the face of arguments or developments she doesn't like, as are MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Ed Schultz.  Jimmy Carter, who himself stooped to race-baiting during his 1970 campaign for governor of Georgia, has chalked up "an overwhelming portion" of negativity toward Barack Obama to the fact that "he is a black man."

Obama Tests 2014 Version Of Trayvon Martin.  President Barack Obama is testing a much-needed replacement for Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen whose media-magnified death helped spike African-American turnout in the 2012 election.  The new campaign-trail martyr is Clayton Lockett, an African-American who kidnapped four people, including a 18 year-old woman whom he raped and then killed after she watched her grave being dug for 20 minutes.  Obama has the same motive as he did 2012 — boosting turnout of his most important bloc.  One means is the long-standing and widespread opposition among African-Americans to the death-penalty and to tough policing.

Racism everywhere, Obama and Democrats agree.  Racism is everywhere these days.  Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is a racist.  L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist.  Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a racist.  "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is a racist.  And of course, every member of the tea party is clearly racist.  What [...] is going on?  It's the media.  Taking their marching orders from the White House and top Democrats, the media is playing up racism, looking to have an impact on not only the 2014 mid-term congressional elections, but the legacy of President Obama.

Living in The 'Era of EAR'.  Everybody's a racist and that's the way it will stay as long as President Barack Obama's in office.  So long as everybody's a racist, there will be no need for the administration to ever do the right thing. [...] Qualifying as a racist has never been so easy.  You don't have to sign up for membership as you do down at the local lending library, you just have to be against NSA spying, IRS intimidation; be pro-Constitution, pro-America or stubbornly anti-ObamaCare.  If you stand for liberty and freedom, individual rights or anything else that made America what it was until January, 2009, you are an out and out racist.

Scathing appeals court calls out raging hypocrisy of race-baiting Obama administration bureaucrats.  The April 9 ruling in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Kaplan Higher Education Corp. has received little fanfare.  It should probably receive more, though, if only because the EEOC lost so good and hard.  In the case, the unanimous three-judge panel ruled to exclude the findings of government contractor General Information Services and the testimony of a dubious statistical analyst, thus affirming a lower court's "meticulously reasoned" summary judgment decision and likely ending the EEOC's complaint against Kaplan.

Ala. Dem Offers $100K for Proof of White Families Adopting Black Kids; Families Show Up.  Earlier this month, Alvin Holmes, who has represented the Montgomery-area 78th District for 39 years, bet a substantial purse on his claim that Alabama whites were incapable of tolerating black children. [...] Holmes has a long history of offensive racial comments.  He has accused Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina of voting only as "white folks" tell him to vote and called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom."

This Black Does Not Think Bundy is Racist.  Pick a card, any card.  Racist.  Sexist.  Homophobic.  We all knew it was only a matter of time before Democrats/liberals played one or more of their Big Three Cards to silence, intimidate, and crush opposition to their latest power-grab/tyrannical attack on our freedom.  With a majority of Americans taking rancher Cliven Bundy's side against Obama's BLM thugs, Democrat Harry Reid concluded that it was time to play the old tried-and-true race card.

Is Cliven Bundy a "Racist"?  Where's the PROOF?  When the Left wants to distract America from the central point of a burning issue, they find (or manufacture) a "gotcha" moment and yell "RACISM!"  So it is no surprise that embattled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, whose struggle against the federal government's overreach has won widespread sympathy, has ended up as the latest victim of "race card" politics. [...] Many of these erstwhile supporters have been caught off-guard and frightened into denouncing Bundy as a "racist" and his remarks as "vicious" and "reprehensible."  But it might be helpful to take a calm look at what he actually said and see if it really should be engendering so much angst and furor amongst the political and chattering classes.  In the video [in this article], from which the New York Times selected its excerpts to stir up the racism charge, Cliven Bundy makes some statements that are sympathetic to Blacks and Mexicans.

Racism is the new Black.  U.S. Attorney General Holder was clearly inferring racism especially given the room at the National Action Network which included one of America's top race baiters, Al Sharpton.  Democrats are pushing a racism narrative in a cynical, divisive election year political ploy.  They want to paint Republicans as someone to run away from.  In the last week we see a pattern of top Democrats playing the race card expertly as they always do.

Snitchgate — Sharpton Is Still Lying.  Why would the government-hating "civil rights" leader cooperate with the feds?  Sharpton told Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," that he did so to root out "mob influence" in the record business.  To this, the suppliant Joe Scarborough actually praised Sharpton, calling him "a great example."  Here's the problem.  The "great example" apparently cooperated to avoid going to prison for dealing drugs.

Obama shouldn't embrace race-rousing Sharpton.  It was disappointing the other day to see President Barack Obama embracing the vulgar race hustler Al Sharpton.  President Obama once eloquently confronted race in a memorable speech in Philadelphia in 2008.  That speech was remarkable and honest and, to borrow a favorite word of the political left that still fawns over him, it was nuanced.  But there was nothing particularly remarkable about Obama standing next to the preening Sharpton, speaking in New York to his National Action Network.  Except that Obama expertly used a message of victimization to begin energizing black voters, who provide the electoral foundation for the Democratic Party.

Rev. Al Sharpton's Easter message: Politically 'crucified' Obama has risen again.  With Easter soon approaching, the Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday drew parallels between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of President Obama's political career.

Vote Fraud is a Venerable Tradition.  Barack Obama accuses Republicans of threatening the right to vote.  Standing alongside Al Sharpton — the FBI snitch who aided Tawana Brawley's hoax and probably sparked an anti-Semitic riot, Obama spoke before Sharpton's National Action Network.  Obama allegedly said, "[t]he right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act became law nearly five decades ago."  He also declared that, "[a]cross the country, Republicans have led efforts to pass laws making it harder, not easier, to vote."  What are those rascally Republicans doing?  Efforts to require photo IDs in order to vote are probably uppermost in Obama's mind.  He might also have been thinking about moves to limit the times polls are open, cut back on early voting, especially on weekends, curtail the mailing of absentee ballots, and require proof of citizenship in order to vote.  These and other changes to American voting practices are anathema to Democrats, who claim they are efforts to suppress voting by minorities and the poor.

DCCC chair Steve Israel: 'Significant extent' of Republicans are racist.  Some Republican lawmakers are racist because a "significant extent" of conservative voters are racist, according to the congressman leading the Democratic bid to regain control of the House of Representatives.  "Not all of them, no, of course not," New York Rep. Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told CNN's Candy Crowley when she asked if he believed that Republican congressmen are racist.  "But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism, and that's unfortunate."

DCCC chair: 'Significant extent' of Republicans are racist.  Some Republican lawmakers are racist because a "significant extent" of conservative voters are racist, according to the congressman leading the Democratic bid to regain control of the House of Representatives.  "Not all of them, no, of course not," New York Rep. Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told CNN's Candy Crowley when she asked if he believed that Republican congressmen are racist.  "But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism, and that's unfortunate."

The New Liberal Racism.  Last week we witnessed repeated efforts by Democrats to polarize the country along racial lines.  Eric Holder, speaking at Al Sharpton's conference, implied that he and the President are being treated harshly because they are black.  Then Nancy Pelosi claimed that Republicans are refusing to support an immigration bill because they don't like Hispanics. [...] The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair, Rep. Steve Israel, was asked on CNN whether his Republican colleagues are racist.  He answered, "Not all of them, no... But to a significant extent the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism, and that's unfortunate."  This is more than election year politics.  It is worse than a crass attempt to manipulate black voters with fear of Republicans.

The Beat Goes On: Opposing Obama Is Racist.  It is stunning that reporters cannot see the absurdity and racism against white voters in their assumption that Tea Party membership (pushback against Obama's agenda) equals racism.  For the first time in U.S. history, are Americans required to submit to their president's agenda or suffer the mainstream media and Democratic party branding an R on their forehead for racist?  Does our president's skin color repeal our right to disagree with government?

Democrat Center Folds.  Democrats hope to retain control of the Senate and recapture the House by driving every possible favored bloc to the polls and coffers — union members, single women, blacks, Jews, green energy advocates, and wealthy environmentalists.  What is ignored is that a shred of opposition can take advantage of the far left sweep of the party to exploit serious differences between these voting blocs.  The Black vote is top on their list.  To that end, Attorney General Holder and the president have been playing the race card so much you can tell from the worn back of the card where it is in the deck.

Eric Holder and the Race Card: The issue the media can't resist.  When Eric Holder became attorney general in 2009, he declared that when it comes to discussing race, we have become "a nation of cowards."  Now there's plenty of discussion of race, some of it swirling around Holder himself.  In recent days, conservative critics have accused Holder of playing the race card to deflect criticism — while his liberal allies believe some of that criticism is racially motivated.  It reflects a classic cultural divide in this country and in the media establishment.

The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party.  Attorney General Eric Holder [...] claimed at a forum on civil rights that the past five years in Washington have been marked by "unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity."  "If you don't believe that ... you look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee."  The reality is that Holder was treated appropriately — as he is inept and this administration is constantly lying to the public.  Americans indeed should know no color when inept people govern; they should be challenged and condemned.  It is unfair to assert "racism" when caught lying and cheating as a way to defend yourself.

Former ACORN CEO at Sharpton Convention: Amnesty Opponents, Voter ID Supporters Want USA Apartheid.  Bertha Lewis, the former CEO of ACORN, claimed at Al Sharpton's National Action Network convention on Wednesday that opponents of amnesty and supporters of voter identification laws want to institute in America something similar to South Africa's apartheid.  President Barack Obama will address the convention on Friday and discuss voting rights issues and voter ID laws.  Speaking on a panel about immigration reform, Bertha Lewis, who is now the president and founder of The Black Institute, noted that America will soon "have a new majority, and that majority will be darker — black, and brown, and Asian."

Obama decries 'bogus' voter fraud complaints.  President Obama labeled complaints about voter fraud "bogus" and accused Republicans of cynically trying to prevent Americans from accessing the polls in a fiery speech Friday at a civil rights forum hosted by Al Sharpton.  Obama argued that attempts in some states to impose new voter identification restrictions were actually efforts by Republicans to make "it harder, not easier to vote."  And the president said that while voter fraud should be prevented, it rarely occurred.  "So let's be clear, the real voter fraud is the people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud," Obama said.

Obama at Sharpton Event: Voter ID Supporters Are 'the Real Frauds'.  Obama, who hails from a city known for the Daley Machine and its "vote early and vote often" slogan, ripped Republicans for trying to preserve the integrity of the ballot by reducing voter fraud and requiring voter IDs.  He made the accusation that there is a "well-organized effort" to undo gains the Civil Rights Movement has made in the last 50 years, and he said voting rights are "under particular assault."  "Voters who want to vote should be able to vote," Obama said.  "Period."

President Obama [is] accusing Republicans of trying to restrict the right to vote.  President Obama stood Friday [4/11/2014] with the Rev. Al Sharpton and accused Republicans of trying to keep millions of Americans from voting, in a fiery speech days after new revelations about Sharpton's past as an FBI informant.  "The right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act became law nearly five decades ago," Obama told the annual convention of Sharpton's National Action Network in Manhattan.  Obama's appearance represented a presidential seal of approval of Sharpton's role as a civil rights activist, [...]

Obama Lies about Voter Fraud and DOJ Investigations Before Paranoid Audience.  A tragic phenomenon has affected President Obama since he became President.  The more radical his audience, the more outrageous his lies.  At his appearance before Al Sharpton's National Action Network, Obama called voter fraud claims "bogus" and said his Justice Department has "taken on more than 100 voting rights cases since 2009."  This is a bald faced lie.  One need merely click [a] link at the Justice Department's own website to see it is a lie.  The truth is that 39 cases have been brought, not 100, and only 13 relate to protecting minority voting rights — usually foreign language ballot issues.

Obama to Headline Al Sharpton's NAN Conference.  President Obama is lending his political support to fellow community organizer Al Sharpton by headlining the MSNBC host's National Action Network (NAN) conference this week in New York.  Obama's choice to headline the conference underscores the close ties of the two leaders and provides an increased sense of political legitimacy to the controversial leader and his much-maligned organization.

Jesse Jackson to take on tech's lack of diversity.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson plans to lead a delegation to the Hewlett-Packard annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday [3/19/2014] to bring attention to Silicon Valley's poor record of including blacks and Latinos in hiring, board appointments and startup funding.

Melissa Harris-Perry brags about her sixth sense for knowing when stuff is racist.  At a recent forum at the University of Michigan, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry explained to her audience that white people will never understand why things are racist, because they lack an innate "racial trigger," that instantly tells them when to be outraged.  Harris-Perry, on the other hand, has a very finely-tuned racial trigger.

Sharpton: 'Many Of Us Are Frustrated' Obama Hasn't Brought Up Race Card More Often.  Civil rights leader Al Sharpton responded to President Barack Obama's recent comments on the racial effect to his approval numbers by stating that he believes the president doesn't bring up "the race card" enough.  Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" this week, Sharpton said Obama has encouraged civil rights and other African-American leaders to abstain from using race issues against his opponents.  Sharpton said "in every meeting" with civil rights leaders throughout the five years of his presidency, Obama has asked that his race be left out of criticism against his opposition.

Shameless and partisan hijacking of MLK's Dream.  [Scroll down]  Take the holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr.  It has deteriorated into just another day of partisan jousts, his storied legacy reduced to a stamp of approval to be usurped for any and all causes of the moment.  The pilferers pretend to pay their respects, but in truth aim to puff themselves up by declaring that he would support whatever they do.  Theirs is the audacity of audacity.

Stop Giving Obama Radicals the Benefit of the Doubt.  The radicalism of the administration is on open and continuous display for anyone to see.  Attorney General Holder and President Obama routinely meet with the race hustler Al Shaprton.  Holder has spoken at Sharpton's National Action Network convention.  Sharpton has been invited to the White House for behind-closed-doors policy debates with top Justice Department officials.  Don't forget, Sharpton's past would disqualify him from even obtaining a security clearance. [...] Sharpton is not embraced by the Obama administration in spite of his radical past.  He is being embraced because of it.

MSNBC's Al Sharpton mentions 'race,' 'racist' 215 times on TV in 2013.  Is MSNBC host the Rev. Al Sharpton obsessed with race?

Barneys, Macy's among stored given deadline by Sharpton, others.  The Rev. Al Sharpton has retail bigwigs shaking in their fine leather boots after giving them a drop-dead date of Monday to appoint a special task force on racial profiling.  Or else.  The ultimatum came after an intense, three-hour meeting Friday [11/22/2013] involving Sharpton, other community advocates and top retail executives, including Barneys CEO Mark Lee and Macy's vice president Bill Hawthorne.

Jesse Jackson Calls U.S. 'Land of the Free and Home of the Genocide' in Hateful Tirade.  Jesse Jackson went on an angry tirade at Furman University in South Carolina on Wednesday night [10/30/2013], inveighing against America and conservatives as perpetrators of evil and hate.  Invited to speak at "Keeping Hope Alive: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement," an official university event where he was hailed as a champion for social justice and a "global peacemaker," Jackson spent over an hour riling up the crowd with his remarks.

Rep. John Lewis compares opposition to Obamacare to racism.  Referencing the numerous Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare over the last several years, Lewis said:  "Just reminds me of another period in our history.  Not so long ago during the 50s, many Southern senators signed a Southern Manifesto after the Supreme Court decision of 1954.  And those senators — along with many Southern governors — subscribed to the doctrine of interposition and notification and some even massive resistance." [...] Ironically, while Lewis used the Southern Manifesto — which was in opposition to integration — to attack Republicans, 97 of the 99 politicians who signed it in 1956 were Democrats.

The Bad Fruits of Race Hustling.  Some people try to explain how Asians and Asian Americans are able to succeed so well in education and in the economy by some special characteristics that they have.  But their success may also be due to what they do not have — namely "leaders" who tell them that the deck is so stacked against them that they cannot rise, at least not without depending on these "leaders."  Such leaders are like the people who said that the laws of aerodynamics showed that the bumblebee cannot fly.  Those who have believed these "leaders" have in fact stayed grounded, unlike the bumblebees.

Black Skin Privilege.  [Scroll down]  Nor have bigoted advocacies and anti-Semitic slurs cut short the career of America's other celebrated race hustler.  On the contrary, Jesse Jackson's inflammatory rhetoric and racially motivated campaigns have endeared him to Democratic presidents and made him a millionaire many times over.  Despite his success as a black man in America, he lectures Americans on how white racism is "the rot of our national character."  That defamatory charge is the source of his impressive income.  By threatening major corporations with racial boycotts that he alone can prevent, Jackson has been able to extort lucrative ransoms not only for the organizations he runs but for himself and his immediate family.  In one celebrated case, he called off his threatened boycott of Anheuser-Busch after the company agreed to sell his sons one of its beer distributorships at a specially reduced price, making them millionaires in the bargain.

The NOPD is stuck with its $10-million-a-year babysitter.
It's not so easy to invite the feds out.  [Scroll down]  The feds should have stuck to what was their job — prosecuting past wrongdoing, including allegations of egregious brutality and killings after Katrina — and let the new mayor run a new police department.  Instead, the feds wrote their reports — and New Orleans's already sky-high murder rate kept rising.  In 2010, when Landrieu took office mid-year, the number of murders was 175.  In 2011, it was 199 — and in 2012, 193.

ACORN's former chief calls for more immigration to boost black power.  ACORN's former CEO Bertha Lewis urged Africans-Americans to support increased immigration as a strategy to gain political power.  "We got some Latino cousins, we got some Asian cousins, we got some Native-American cousins, we got all kind of cousins," said Lewis, who spoke Thursday [9/19/2013] at the annual political conference of the Congressional Black Caucus.  "Cousins need to get together because if we're going to be [part of the non-white] majority, it makes sense for black people in this country to get down with immigration reform," said Lewis, whose ACORN group was formally disbanded in 2010 after a series of scandals.

Does Aaron Alexis Represent A New Breed of Killer?  Although many hoped that the election of Barack Obama would ameliorate black discontent, those paying attention were less optimistic.  In his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama reveled in his own grievances, all of them either false or trivial.  Friendly Obama biographer David Remnick conceded that many of those slights were "novelistic contrivances," but if Obama "darkens the canvas" or "heightens whatever opportunity arises" to score a racial point, he did so, according to Remnick, "obviously" because he was going "after an emotional truth."

5 Americans Who Were Murdered For Being White in America.  Liberals work hard to sow discord between black and white Americans, encourage divisiveness and discord at every turn, and regularly attribute run-of-the-mill political disagreements to racism.  People like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Toure, Melissa Harris-Perry, Michael Eric Dyson, Tavis Smiley, and Ben Jealous make a living convincing black Americans that whites hate them and it's time they were called out on all of the lives they destroy in the process.

Black Leadership and Racial Murder.  The recent explosion of black-on-white vicious and hateful killings — the murder of thirteen-month-old Antonio Santiago, the shooting of nurse David Santucci in Memphis, the murder of Australian student Chris Lane, the beating death of elderly veteran Delbert Belton — have served to put an end to one of the great myths of the civil rights movement:  that black leadership would lead the country out of racism into an epoch of national reconciliation.

MSNBC Is Now Rev. Al Sharpton's Personal Fiefdom.  It was just another day at the office when Sharpton held a rabble-rousing rally for Trayvon Martin in the afternoon and then covered it on his show hours later.  But Saturday's rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington was the most dramatic conflict of interest yet.  Sharpton organized the rally (with Martin Luther King III), and MSNBC aired huge chunks of it live, including all 20 minutes of Sharpton's screaming keynote speech.

MD Governor: Lives of 'People of Color' Valued Less Than Whites.  On Wednesday [8/28/2013], Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, a Democrat who will likely run for president in 2016, said the lives of "people of color" are valued less than those of whites in America.

Douthat Can't Say It, But I Can.  You liberals were the guys that said never again would the U.S. countenance racist thugs like Lester Maddox and George Wallace.  Today, in 2013, it is liberals that not merely condone but actually encourage the racist Reverends who go out every morning to remind African Americans that Jim Crow is just around the corner.

Drinking From the Cup of Bitterness and Hatred.  It was only last month that singer Harry Belafonte blamed the Tea Party for increasing racial tensions in the United States without citing any examples to back up his claims.  During an interview with MSNBC this past May, former NAACP Chairman Julian Bond said the IRS was justified in investigating the Tea Party because he believes it to be "overtly racist."  Oprah Winfrey and the Rev. Al Sharpton were not at the March on Washington, but are considered by the liberal media to be at the vanguard of today's civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King's Son: Trayvon [was] Murdered Because He Was Black.  On Saturday, Martin Luther King III, son of the civil rights icon, used a rally that honored the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Doctor's "I Have a Dream" to politicize and inject race into the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, asserting he was killed because of the color of his skin.

Jackson, Sharpton Wave Off Comparisons Between Okla. Shooting and Trayvon.  Prominent civil-rights leaders and reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pushed back against comparisons between Trayvon Martin's death and that of Australian college baseball player Christopher Lane on MSNBC yesterday.  Jackson, for example, agreed that some people are making a "false equivalency" between Lane and Martin.

Hillary Builds 2016 Campaign on Racial Politics.  Hillary Clinton has worked her way back in the news by making racially-charged remarks to the American Bar Association's annual meeting in San Francisco.  There is, she claimed, an ongoing "assault on voting rights."  But the only "assault" going on is a liberal assault on the truth about efforts to protect the integrity of our election process.

Hillary's race card.  Madam Secretary hasn't missed a beat.  She knows that the calling card of Democrats in the Barack Obama era is a polarizing politics that seeks to fire up minority voters by stirring fears of fire hoses and police dogs.  Its basic vocabulary is imputations of racism; its evidentiary standard is low and dishonest; and its ethic is whatever works — so long as its stirs fear, anger, and resentment.  Get ready for Hope and Change 2.0.  The latest target is the state of North Carolina, which is accused of soiling itself with a new voter ID law, among other changes in its election laws.

Harry Reid Plays Race Card To Excuse Obama's Failures.  Patriotism may or may not be the last refuge of a scoundrel, but race is the Democrats' constant refuge from Barack Obama's failures.

Charlie's crackers.  The hoopla began with a Rangel slam against the Tea Party:  "It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police," the Harlem congressman told Politico.  "They didn't care about how they looked."  In other words, the Tea Partiers are the heirs of Bull Connor and the segregationists.

Harry Reid Engages in Racial Demagoguery Against GOP — Again.  Why do Democrats insist on demonstrating they have nothing to contribute to the political discourse in this country?  The latest example comes from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when told an interviewer with NPR that he "hopes" GOP opposition to President Obama is based on substance, not his skin color.  For his part, South Carolina GOP Congressman Tim Scott (who is black) called upon Reid to apologize for his comments.  Reid should be able to do better than that.  But we know full well that he can't.

Black senator blasts Harry Reid for suggesting Republicans are racist.  The only black lawmaker in the U.S. Senate blasted Senate majority leader Harry Reid on Friday for comments suggesting Republican opposition to President Barack Obama is the result of racism.  South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, a Republican, called on the Nevada Democrat to apologize after saying during a radio interview on Friday that he hopes Republican opposition to Obama is "based on substance and not the fact that he's African-American."

The Media's Double Standard.  The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was once a laudable civil rights organization that sued racists and violent extremists.  Now it regularly demonizes anyone who runs afoul of its knee-jerk liberal politics, and despite this it is still regularly cited by the media as a "nonpartisan" watchdog.  Some of the SPLC's newly targeted "hate groups," such as pickup artists, are merely kooky or distasteful.  Others singled out by the SPLC, including Catholics who go to Latin mass or Christian organizations similar to the Family Research Council, are well within the mainstream.

"Brown bag" controversy reveals chink in the armor of language police.  I tend to make light of the language police when it comes to the Saturday Night Card Game, but it's actually a very serious subject.  The incessant attempt to turn race-neutral phrases into racial testing grounds is part of a larger political war in which race agitators seek to turn everything into a discussion of race all the time in every sphere of life.

What should be next to Trayvon Martin's hoodie in the Smithsonian?  I have a suggestion.  How about an exhibit on Tawana Brawley? [...] One exhibit should be a copy of Tawana Brawley's first paycheck with hundreds of dollars garnisheed from it, to pay off a lawsuit for having defamed prosecutor Steven Pagones.  After delivering 10 checks to him for $3,764.61, she still owes him 430 grand, according to Michael Gartland writing in the New York Post.

Pay-up time for Brawley: '87 rape-hoaxer finally shells out for slander.  Twenty-five years after accusing an innocent man of rape, Tawana Brawley is finally paying for her lies.  Last week, 10 checks totaling $3,764.61 were delivered to ex-prosecutor Steven Pagones — the first payments Brawley has made since a court determined in 1998 that she defamed him with her vicious hoax.  A Virginia court this year ordered the money garnisheed from six months of Brawley's wages as a nurse there.  She still owes Pagones $431,000 in damages.  And she remains defiantly unapologetic.

C'mon Black America, We Can Do So Much Better!  Forty-year-old Tawana Brawley was recently celebrated, treated as a rock star at a New Jersey fundraiser. [...] Have the event organizers completely lost their minds?  Are their brains so infected with the putrid pus of racial hatred that they have lost all sense of a moral compass?

Rangel: Tea Party activists are 'white crackers'.  Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Friday likened House Republicans to "terrorists" and Tea Party activists to "white crackers" and segregationists.  In a wide-ranging interview with The Daily Beast, Rangel blamed the GOP for damaging American competitiveness.  "What is happening is sabotage.  Terrorists couldn't do a better job than the Republicans are doing," he said.  Rangel, 83, also compared fighting the Tea Party to fighting Southern segregationists.

Democratic Congressman: Tea Party 'Same Group' Of 'White Crackers' Who Opposed Civil Rights.  Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested on Friday morning [8/2/2013] that the tea party movement is comprised [sic] of the same types of people who fought against the civil rights movement during the 1960s.  Speaking with the Daily Beast, Rangel said of the movement:  "It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police.  They didn't care about how they looked.

It's Always Selma Again.  Florida is the New Selma, and not for the first time.  On a visit to Tallahassee Tuesday [7/30/2013], Jesse Jackson "used the phrase 'Selma of our time' — a reference to civil rights marches in Alabama that helped prompt change in the 1960s," the Miami Herald reports.  By way of explanation, the paper quotes an earlier, ungrammatical comment the septuagenarian would-be provocateur made last month on CNN, where he "talked about an economic boycott to 'isolate Florida as a kind of apartheid state given this whole stand your ground laws.'"

The Three Amigos of Racial Discord.  On Monday [7/29/2013], MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton and other "civil rights" leaders met with President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.  They were purportedly discussing voting rights, but, in reality, they were discussing how to perpetuate voter fraud.

Michelle Malkin eviscerates Al Sharpton.  On Sean Hannity's Wednesday night [7/31/2013] television program, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin took up the Fox News host's side in his weeks-long feud with MSNBC's Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton: 'Some People Exploiting Differences Between Us for Their Own Advantage'.  Reverend Al Sharpton, known for racially divisive rhetoric as an activist, political candidate, and talk show host, accused conservatives Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly — who he termed "the unholy triumvirate of right-wing reaction" — of "exploiting differences between us for their own advantage" following the George Zimmerman verdict.

        "Accuse others of what you do."
- Karl Marx            

This is an original compilation, Copyright 2015 by Andrew K. Dart

And the Oscar Goes to... Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin!  Through their nakedly deceptive public speaking tours, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, parents of Trayvon Martin, are all but ensuring that a high percentage of American black males will continue to end up in the cradle-to-prison pipeline.  By glorifying their son's lifestyle, they push young wayward blacks away from the truth and into further trouble.

In Detroit, racial rhetoric concealed corruption.  Living in the Detroit metro area most of the last decade, I have experienced many of the events leading to its bankruptcy.  Take, for example, the 2008 State of the City address by then-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.  With Detroit facing a perilous fiscal future and him facing ethics complaints, Kirkpatrick highlighted race.  He sparked controversy by using the "n-word" while referencing an insult he received from some random person.  Kirkpatrick vowed to stand strong against this attack, and asked citizens to stand by him against a "lynch mob mentality."  He essentially used that slur to leverage racial tension, inciting and dividing the mostly-black city against mostly-white suburbs.

How Obama Poisoned Race Relations in America.  The Trayvon Martin case is one of the most visible examples of the Obama administration's deliberate poisoning of race relations; all in coordination with the NAACP, the racial grievance industry and the corrupt leftist media.  We now know that the administration had direct involvement in fanning the flames of racial discord that brought the case to the national stage.

Leading From Behind Al Sharpton.  Black leaders demanded Obama come out of hiding and stand in solidarity with the aggrieved and outraged.  Belatedly and meekly, Obama complied.  "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago," said Obama.  But which Trayvon?  The one walking home with Skittles and tea?  Or the one who sucker-punched Zimmerman, decked him, piled on, pummeled him martial arts style, hammered his head on the sidewalk, ignored his screams for help and got shot by the guy he was assaulting?

Rhetoric, race and reality in America.  [Scroll down]  What is so insidious about this message of victimhood and division is its dishonesty.  Despite the tragic death of Martin under circumstances that no one will ever know the true nature of, there is no "big business" of killing blacks in America.  There is no wave of bigotry directed at blacks. [...] These leaders know, even if many of their adherents might not, that the biggest threat to the lives of young blacks is other young blacks, not white bigots.

Black caucus member: Blacks worth less than whites in America.  A member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) said Monday night that the Trayvon Martin trial is the latest evidence that America does not value the lives of blacks and whites equally.

The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment.  Today's black leadership pretty much lives off the fumes of moral authority that linger from its glory days in the 1950s and '60s.  The Zimmerman verdict lets us see this and feel a little embarrassed for them.  Consider the pathos of a leadership that once transformed the nation now lusting for the conviction of the contrite and mortified George Zimmerman, as if a stint in prison for him would somehow assure more peace and security for black teenagers everywhere.  This, despite the fact that nearly one black teenager a day is shot dead on the South Side of Chicago — to name only one city — by another black teenager.

Race-Bait and Switch.  When Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services strode to the podium at last week's NAACP conference, it was expected that she would engage in a certain amount of pandering to the grievance mongers who have long since taken control of that once-great organization.  Such tawdry displays are, after all, a standard feature of the Democrat repertoire.  It isn't clear, however, that anyone anticipated the depth of sheer demagoguery to which she would descend in that speech.

Video Proof: Media Fall For Hoax Racism At Pro-Zimmerman Rally.  Sunday's "Justice-For-Trayvon" march held by the New Black Panther Party was attended by a woman holding a sign reading:  "Racist and Proud."  Several media outlets incorrectly identified the woman as a "George Zimmerman supporter," and the story took off, providing the left with supposed evidence of racism among those who believe Zimmerman was not guilty.  However, an interview with Breitbart News at the Houston rally itself proved that she was an anti-Zimmerman demonstrator attempting to use sarcasm to prove her point.

It's 'Al' to the chief.  Is Al Sharpton president of the United States?  Or just attorney general?  I ask because it's not clear where the rabble-rousing rev's agenda ends and White House policy begins.  These days, they are one and the same. [...] Obama's headline-grabbing statement that "Trayvon Martin could have been me" and his attempt to justify black anger were straight out of Sharpton's playbook.

Trayvon Rallies Feature the Usual Suspects.  My sense is that the "Justice for Trayvon" rallies that were held in various cities today didn't amount to much.  One basic question is, did they even have much to do with Trayvon Martin? [...] This is exactly the same stupidity we have seen over and over from the left.  Boycott oranges!  Why?  They grow in Florida!  Boycott Coca-Cola!  Why?  Because they buy oranges! [...] Looking on the bright side, I doubt that a single orange, can of Coke, pair of shoes or box of Dixie cups will be forgone because of today's agitation.

'Justice for Trayvon' Protests Draw Small Crowds; Nation Moves On.  Nationwide rallies against the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin drew small crowds, a sign that Americans had largely accepted the verdict and that race relations are not nearly as frayed as Al Sharpton's National Action Network had sought to indicate.  The flagship rally in New York only drew a crowd of "hundreds," while a rally in Newport News, Virginia struggled to draw two dozen.

The Obama Administration's Race-Baiting Campaign.  The first thing to remember is that, with the Obama administration, there are no coincidences.  The attorney general of the United States is engaged in a shocking extrajudicial publicity campaign.  Eric Holder is prosecuting George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion because he knows he wouldn't have a prayer of convicting him in a court of law.

Obama goes full race-baiter.  I'd like to hear from some representatives of the Hispanic community.  How do they feel about President Obama driving a wedge deeper and deeper between blacks and Hispanics?  Is he just arrogant enough to think that the Democrats can count on their votes in 2016, no matter what?  Is he right?  Why is it okay to make a Hispanic guy an Enemy of the State for defending his own life against an attacker?

I am not Trayvon Martin.  Not just because if confronted by a local Latino homeowner, I'm not likely to pick up a fight with him and beat him until he shoots me.  I am also not Trayvon Martin because if I were shot and killed by any person, regardless of race, color or creed, you would never hear Obama talking about it because I look nothing like his son.  Lacking the Black Privilege that turns a death into an opportunity for race baiting, I would just be another statistic.

Sharpton praises Obama remarks ahead of Trayvon protests.  The Rev. Al Sharpton Friday called President Obama's surprise remarks on the Trayvon Martin murder and its impact on American blacks "significant and much needed," saying they helped prepare the ground for protests Mr. Sharpton is helping to organize around the country this weekend.  "I think he has set a tone for both direct action and needed dialogue," Mr. Sharpton said in a statement after the president's very personal remarks about how he reacted to the acquittal of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the Florida trial last week.

Al Sharpton, Posh Populist.  Named by Business Insider as one of the "11 exclusive clubs Wall Streeters are dying to get into," the Grand Havana Room is where power brokers and celebrities hobnob with captains of industry in one of the last places where it's still legal to smoke in the Big Apple. [...] The one question I have is:  Who's paying for Al Sharpton's membership?  "The Rev" is an omnipresent member of the club.  After his MSNBC show, he'll swing by for dinner and cigars amid the other Masters of the Universe.

'Stand Your Ground' Against the Left.  This administration has a disturbing propensity for manipulating tragedy and doing all in its power to jab sharp objects into open wounds.  To Holder and the president, the isolated events involving Trayvon Martin, which have not been publicly replicated anywhere else in America on any regular or reported basis, serve as yet another excuse to launch sweeping radical attacks on the rights of all Americans.  They loathe the ability of citizens to protect themselves against the left's predators, whether social or political.

Zimmerman Verdict Not The Big Race Event Media Claim.  Only about a quarter of the public closely followed the Zimmerman trial, yet the media treat it as the event of the century.  They, like their professional agitator cohorts, thrive on racial animosity.

The 4 Most Unhinged Responses to the Zimmerman Verdict.  The recent George Zimmerman acquittal drew predictable responses from the race-obsessed left:  death threats directed at Zimmerman, his family and the jurors; protests with signs provided by and promoting Communist organizations; violence and vandalism; and of course community organizing by race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.  But it also brought forth a few particularly irrational reactions.

Here's another reason to get rid of the UN:
Jesse Jackson Urges U.N. Human Rights Council to Investigate Trayvon Martin Shooting.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow Push Coalition, wants the United Nations' human rights watchdog brought into the debate over the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Various parts of the U.N. human rights system have in the past weighed in on the Feb. 2012 shooting of the 17-year-old, criticizing Florida's "stand your ground" law and, in one case, calling for "reparation for the victims."

America, Forever Racist?  How did this story merit consideration as national news?  Why was the death of Trayvon Martin a thousand times more newsworthy than any other person shot on an American street?  Answer:  because Al Sharpton and other race-hustlers wanted it that way.

Al Sharpton finds new love in a decades-younger Westchester stylist.  Al Sharpton has a new, decades-younger, attractive main squeeze.  The civil rights activist and MSNBC star, 58, is dating 35-year-old Aisha McShaw, a Westchester "personal stylist" who has been seen on Sharpton's arm at several recent black-tie affairs, including the White House Correspondents Dinner in April and President Obama's holiday party in December.

Honor Trayvon by Ending the Black Genocide.  Barack Obama isn't one to hide his disrespect for federalism or conceal his contempt for the legal system or the U.S. Constitution.  The statement Obama made reveals that his motivation was to once again gain personal political expediency from someone else's heartbreak.  Think about it:  the president sheds tears over murdered children, but it's always attached to advancing a specific political agenda.  That's precisely why, in some circles, as America's most radical pro-abortion advocate, Barack Obama has zero credibility when discussing lives lost to gun violence.

PC sentiment is the real injustice.  Do you remember when O.J. Simpson was let go after killing two people?  If you questioned that verdict, or the racial makeup of the jury — you were a racist.  Now a jury lets off a "white Hispanic," and if you're not out on the street complaining about it — you're a racist.

Now Obama and Holder are stuck.  African-American leaders such as Roslyn M. Brock, Chair of the NAACP, have begun to urge the prosecution of Zimmerman under the [federal hate crime] statute.  But Obama and Holder are caught on the horns of a dilemma.  If they prosecute Zimmerman, the trial will make crystal clear that he is a racially tolerant man while Trayvon Martin was a bigot.  This is not a good outcome for their racialist politics.

NBC's Sharpton Plans Protests In 100 Cities.  During MSNBC's 11 am hour, above a chyron that read, "More Marches, Protests Planned in Coming Days, Weeks," MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton said that he and his National Action Network are "mobilizing" protests in 100 cities.  Sharpton made clear that the protests were meant to pressure the Justice Department into taking legal action against George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Attorney Crump Denies Connection To Astroturf 'Dream Defenders'.  Trayvon Martin's family's attorneys, Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks appear to have connections to an Astroturf activist group that led protests, marches and other civil disobedience that forced the removal of Sanford, Florida's police chief, the arrest of George Zimmerman and even led chants calling for nationwide protests after the "not guilty" verdict was announced in criminal case.

Zimmerman's lawyers: He might seek "compensation" from the prosecution.  The feds are pretending that they might prosecute Zimmerman for violating Martin's civil rights, but they won't.  They probably can't win and the combination of racial tensions and perceptions of double jeopardy (which is what a federal prosecution would smell like, even though it's technically not DJ) makes the whole thing too politically risky for O.

Ann Coulter slams media 'Mississippi Burning' narrative after Zimmerman verdict.  "[I] tweeted out 'hallelujah,' because this was a media-led mob, and an innocent man almost went to prison for 30 years because of, well, Al Sharpton stirring up hatred and creating a narrative for which there was never any evidence and after this long trial there is still never any evidence," Coulter said.  "What George Zimmerman said happened — the evidence only supported that.  There is certainly no evidence that he stalked someone, that he tracked them down and picked him out either because he was black or because he was wearing a hoodie."

The Spectacle of Al Sharpton.  MSNBC's reaction to the Zimmerman verdict was an editorial vomit.  The network chose Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry to be among its commentators.  Both predictably injected race into the discussion.  It's the only card in either one's deck.  Al Sharpton's presence as a commentator is particularly galling.  Sharpton operates as part shakedown artist, part con man, and part Hizballah-lite through his National Action Network.  He was no bystander in the Martin case.  He was among the first to turn the tragedy into a phony referendum on race relations.

Why Sharpton is Actually Delighted by Zimmerman's Acquittal.  The reason I believe this to be so is because an acquittal puts Sharpton in his element.  An acquittal gives Sharpton an opportunity to be the center of the media spotlight to tell the world that America is still a racist country.

The Zimmerman Verdict is Still a Win for the Race-Baiting Left.  Yes locking up Zimmerman would have been a nice prize, but Zimmerman, the beleaguered White-Hispanic Obama supporter, was just the means, not the end.  The end was to make the case that the justice system is racist and needs more control and supervision by Fed.gov.  And that mission has been accomplished.  Zimmerman's acquittal, if anything, aids it.

Why is Joshua Chellew less important than Trayvon Martin?  [Scroll down]  Courtesy of Top Conservative News, which notes:  ["]If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the United States.  It would have knocked the Zimmerman trial out of the news.["]  Yep.  Or, if Chellew had been able to defend himself against one or all of them, he'd be the new George Zimmerman.  We'd be seeing baby pictures of his attackers.  Al Sharpton would be marching.

Zimmerman Trial is this Year's Duke Lacrosse Case.  It's becoming painfully obvious why no charges were brought against Zimmerman in this case — until Al Sharpton got involved.

The Role of the Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests.  Judicial Watch announced today [7/10/2013] that it has obtained documents in response to local, state, and federal records requests revealing that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.

Trayvongate: Newest Obama Scandal is 17 Months Old.  Welcome to Trayvongate, where the President of the United States used both the bully pulpit, the Department of Justice and sly media manipulation to gin up charges of racism in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting.

Department of Justice reportedly organized pro-Trayvon Martin protests.  According to documents released earlier today by the anti-corruption, conservative organization Judicial Watch, a little-known division of the Justice Department sent agents to the central Florida port city of Sanford in order to deal with community relations after Trayon Martin's fatal shooting last year.  "Records obtained by Judicial Watch in response to local, state and federal public records requests show that the so-called peacekeepers are part of a large and growing division within DOJ called the Community Relations Service (CRS)," the group reported.

Docs: Justice Department facilitated anti-Zimmerman protests.  A division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was deployed to Sanford, Florida in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-George Zimmerman protests, including a rally headlined by activist Al Sharpton, according to newly released documents.  The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Newly Released Documents Detail the Department of Justice's Role in Organizing Trayvon Martin protests.  Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents proving that the Department of Justice played a major behind-the-scenes role in organizing protests against George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012.  Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the DOJ on April 24, 2012.  According to the documents JW received, a little-known DOJ unit called the Community Relations Service deployed to Sanford, FL, to organize and manage rallies against Zimmerman.

Taxpayers Helped Sharpton Stir Anti-Zimmerman Anger.  The Obama administration spent thousands of federal dollars to help the Rev. Al Sharpton pressure the state of Florida to railroad George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.  The Justice Department not only met with Martin's parents and the notorious racial arsonist Sharpton, as we reported earlier this week.  It even helped them organize rallies against Zimmerman, who trial evidence shows shot Martin in self-defense.

President Obama vs. George Zimmerman: America Loses.  As the Zimmerman prosecution falls apart, the country faces the threat of race riots.  A case that lacked any evidence of malicious murder was wrongfully brought to court under political pressure.  And our president, who instigated this mess, is floating above it all, having moved on to other things.  Will Obama speak out to avert the racial violence he set in motion?  Unless he sees some political advantage, the answer is no.

Zimmerman's Pointless Trial.  George Zimmerman will be found not guilty if his attorney connects the dots in his closing argument and the jury is fair.  Then the professional race-baiters can go to work spreading disharmony.  The trial concerns whether Hispanic (Peruvian) Zimmerman was acting in self-defense when he shot Martin, whom we are constantly reminded happens to be Black.

Lawmaker: Hire more whites to run government.  Robb Pitts, a county commissioner in Atlanta, Ga., says the county needs to hire more whites. [...] Pitts, a black, said, "I would encourage the county manager to find ways to inform all ethnicities when new positions arise and make a concerted effort to diversify our employee base."  That was in a recent email to constituents, and Fulton County Personnel Board Chairman Paul Zucca says still today the workforce "needs more diversity."

The Editor says...
Why not hire the best available workers, instead of the ones that will produce just the right mix of colors?

Obama calls racism on criminal background checks.  Not wanting to employ a criminal makes you a racist.  At least that is what the Obama administration has determined to be law with a regulation made without congressional approval.  Businesses are fighting the charge that not wanting ex-cons on the payroll is illegal discrimination.  On June 11, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed federal lawsuits against BMW and Dollar General store alleging that their use of criminal background checks violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race.

An Uncontrollable Ego.  Perhaps the most damaging Leftist assault ever was reverse discrimination to make up for white racial sins going back to the slave trade that ended in 1865; that racialist revenge narrative still drives reverse discrimination, forty years after the start of "affirmative" action.  It will never end, as long as there is a penny to be made on racial blackmail.

Liberals inject race into everything:
Racist or reality? Seattle congressman wants FBI terrorists ads pulled.  In the global war on terror, information is everything.  A single tip from the public can save countless lives.  A terrorist could be right in front of your own face.  That's why the FBI rolled out a new ad campaign on billboards and buses.  It shows the faces of 16 of the world's most wanted terrorists.  Some, however, say they're being depicted in a less that flattering light.  "You look at the pictures, they're all one color of folks," said Congressman Jim McDermott of Seattle.  McDermott has asked the FBI to pull the ads, calling them "racist" because there are no white people.

Sharpton, Martin Attorney Question Zimmerman Jury Selection: Can Mostly-White Panel Give 'Equal Justice?'  Following jury selection in the George Zimmerman murder trial, which features almost all white jurors for a racially-charged case, MSNBC host Al Sharpton asked Benjamin Crump, the attorney of Trayvon Martin's family, whether the trial would be fair.

The Editor says...
Black "community leaders" have been trying to achieve "equality" for at least 75 years, but now they appear to say that a black man can't be given a fair trial without a black jury.  This appears to be a claim of black supremacy, because a mostly-white jury isn't good enough.

Lewis Points Finger At 'Rich White People' For School Problems.  A day before the first set of school closings was set to begin, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis had some harsh words about how the Chicago Public Schools are funded and managed, blaming much of the district's problems on racism.  WBBM Newsradio's Nancy Harty reports, at a luncheon on education reform, Lewis told members of the City Club that Chicago is the most segregated city in America.

Pigford: The Unexamined Obama Administration Scandal.  The Obama administration has again been protected from a troubling scandal by the mainstream media (MSM) using the tactic of omission to simply ignore the scandal, its reality, and the negative blowback attendant to a disturbing story.  As sunlight began to illuminate the scandal's inconvenient and troubling facts, charges of racism were used to temporarily silence those sounding the alarm.  Seemingly, the alarm-ringers' only crime was having the temerity to respond with a politically incorrect point of view to abuses.

Al Sharpton's Long Bill of Goods, From Tawana Brawley to Primetime.  The Tawana Brawley case that captivated New York in the late eighties is a shocking reminder of the toxic mix racial exploitation and personal ambition can produce.  The New York Times and Retroreport.org have just released a new 15-minute documentary on the despicable hoax, which should be required viewing for the NBC News executives who are heavily invested in rehabilitating a key culprit of this loathsome episode: the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Time for MSNBC to Fire Al Sharpton!  Do you remember Tawana Brawley?  If not, you must go and watch the video co-produced by RetroReport and the New York Times.

Flashback: Brawley Documentary Reminds Us of Sharpton's Past.  It's good to be reminded every now and then how truly awful Al Shaprton is.  As the New York Times has moved into the digital age, it is releasing a good deal of well-produced video content, and its fifteen minute documentary on the Tawana Brawley rape case and Al Sharpton is no exception.  The video report is also notable for not sparing Sharpton as it lays out the facts of the story.

Louisiana legislator claimed Obamacare opposition is motivated by race.  Karen Carter Peterson, who also chairs the Louisiana Democratic Party, claimed Monday that opposition to Obamacare is 'about the race of this African-American president.'  'It's not about how many federal dollars we can receive.  It's not about that,' she told her fellow lawmakers.  'You ready?  It's about race.  No, nobody wants to talk about that.  It's about the race of this African-American president.'

The Editor says...
The Democratic Party platform is discussed on another page.  The primary goal of this particular Democrat, Ms. Peterson, seems to be the acquisition of federal dollars, as if federal dollars can be obtained at no cost.  The veneer of racism and perpetual victimhood doesn't help, either.

Don't be afraid to call evil by its name.  There is always someone, somewhere looking for a reason to be offended.  Jesse Jackson has fashioned a lucrative career out of being perpetually peeved.  It works if you know how to play the game.  And one of the reasons it works is that too many people who ought to know better allow themselves to be characterized as racists, xenophobes, homophobes, anti-Semites; it's a long list.

Now we know what kind of country this guy would like to live in.
Julian Bond backs IRS tea party targeting.  Civil rights icon Julian Bond defended the IRS for targeting tea party groups, on Tuesday, labeling them "the Taliban wing of American politics."  "I think it's entirely legitimate to look at the tea party," Bond said on MSNBC.  "Here are [sic] a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who've tried as best they can to harm President Obama in every way they can."

Race-Hustling Anti-Semite Running Obama DOJ.  [Scroll down]  In fact, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney specifically said during a media briefing early this week that thoughts and prayers go out to the slain teen's family, but "obviously we're not going to wade into a local law enforcement matter."  That was a day before Sharpton directed the feds to take over.

The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine.  How low will supporters of the Gang of Eight immigration bill go to get their way?  This low:  They've shamelessly branded an accomplished Ivy League-trained quantitative analyst a "racist" and will stop at nothing to destroy his career as they pave their legislative path to another massive illegal alien benefits bonanza.

Liberal Group Cited in Terrorism Case.  To read the Sentencing Memorandum is not only to understand just how close the nation's capital came to mass murder in the name of left-wing politics.  It opens the entire can of worms that has become the Southern Poverty Law Center itself.

Jesse Jackson: Neighborhood Watchman, Racial Profiler.  [Scroll down]  In this rare honest moment in a routinely dishonest career, Jackson declared black-on-black crime to be "the premier issue of the civil rights movement today."  It may have been, and may still be, but protesting black crime did not nearly pay nearly as well as shaking down white Wall Street.  In the twenty years that followed, roughly 150,000 American blacks were killed by other blacks, and Jackson elevated none of their deaths to the level of "cause."

Doing the Chicago Shakedown, Starring the Jacksons.  It's the Jacksons and Sharptons (black elites) who've gone into league with white liberals to let inner-city America decay and wallow in crime (violent and non); who ripped apart poor black families for the sake of aggrandizing government, starting back in the 1960s; who, having shredded poor black families, pushed out-of-wedlock births among blacks to appalling heights; who've trashed urban public education (but protect teachers' unions), leaving poor black kids functionally illiterate and skill-less, making drug crime the best route to incomes (short-lived though those incomes may be); who, consequently, have populated U.S. prisons and jails with young black men; who turn blind eyes or excuse black teen flash mobs today, in Chicago and elsewhere; and who blame every ill suffered by the black underclass on white America, writ large (or nonblack America, given the growth in the Hispanic and Asian populations).

Why Do We Still Have "Black History Month"?  Black History Month diametrically opposes the thrust of Dr. King's dream — but it helps to drag us into the sort of internal division that our current rulers love to exploit.

Conyers Reintroduces Reparations Effort.  Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) introduced two reparations resolutions on the first day of the 113th Congress.

Murder by Numbers.  Listening to the latest media chatter, one could get the impression that murder in the US is historically bad and getting worse.  As the Reverend Al Sharpton put it, "The time for their talk is over.  Now's the time for action, and real change on gun control."  Actually, now would seem to be a very bad time for such action.  The reason is simple:  the murder rate is historically low and is already trending downward.

Brilliant: Jesse Jackson Asks Jail Inmates to Help End Gun Violence.  How can it be nobody's ever thought of this before?  Let's have hardcore criminals patrol the streets from inside prison walls.  Sheer genius.  And people call Wayne LaPierre the crazy one.

Harry Belafonte Suggests that Barack Obama Jail Political Detractors.  Leaving aside Belafonte's hatred for Bush and his fondness for dictator-style governing, it's still kind of alarming to hear that ole' Harry suggested President Obama incarcerate American citizens who speak out against him.  The topic came up when Belafonte appeared as a guest on Al Sharpton's Politics Nation.

Addicted to Race.  The country's first black president was elected four years ago by a fairly large margin.  This year, a black woman and a Hispanic were the first choices of many Republican voters for vice president, and children of Hispanic and Indian immigrants are rising Republican stars.  Pockets of bias remain, but this country has reached the stage at which no success is beyond the reach of any American for reasons other than personal failings.  But as racism fades, concern over it seems to grow stronger than ever, at least with a clique on the left that longs to hold on to the issue, and works without stopping to keep race alive.

Tucker Carlson on 2007 Obama race speech: 'This isn't a dog whistle — this is a dog siren'.  [Scroll down]  "This is not the way Obama talks — at least it's not the way he's talked in the dozens, the scores of speeches I've watched him give, or public appearances I've seen him make.  This is a put-on.  This is phony.  That's issue one.  The second issue is he is telling a predominantly black audience something very clear:  The federal government doesn't like you because you are black."  He said that Obama's use of racial overtones to describe the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina had negative implications on several levels.

Video surfaces of Obama in 2007 suggesting racism slowed aid to post-Katrina New Orleans.  It's the Obama speech on race you probably haven't heard.  In June 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama told a mostly black audience of ministers that the country's leaders "don't care about" New Orleans residents, suggesting the city was neglected in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina because of institutional racism, according to an unedited video uncovered by The Daily Caller.

In heated '07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds 'don't care' about New Orleans.  In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.  "The people down in New Orleans they don't care about as much!" Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. [...] The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.

Media Freakout: Left, Right Spar over 2007 Obama Video.  News aggregator Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report set political social media circles on fire with the announcement of a video purporting to show troubling racial statements from President Barack Obama. [...] Since then, the popular news website has leaked further details.  The tape is in the possession of the Daily Caller, features the then-Senator giving a warm adulation to controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright, and features divisive statements about inner cities vs. suburbs and the needs of the poor.

Coulter on Obama's urban accent.  "Obama is such a fraud," Coulter said.  "He grew up in a 'Beverly Hills, 90210' existence, but he's just desperate to have this angry, black persona.  It's rather like reading about you know, Hitler's musings on his Germanic identity.  You know, he graduated from this fancy, fancy school in Hawaii, voted recently the greenest school in America.  And yet, when he wants to, he just turns it on and suddenly we've got Malcolm X speaking to us."

Barack Obama Is An Anti-White Racist.  It actually shouldn't be a secret that Barack Obama is not overly fond of white people.  The first clue was that he spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright's anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church.  You don't go to a church for twenty years unless you're in general accordance with the pastor.  Furthermore, Barack Obama has made a number of racist comments over the years. [...] Barack Obama says racist things about white people, his Department of Justice discriminates against white Americans, and he lies to black audiences to convince them that white people hate them.  A white man voting for a man like that is like a black man voting for David Duke.  Why in the world would you vote for someone who doesn't like you because of your skin color?

Obama's race speech echoed Wright's ravings.  In the months before Barack Obama made his now-famous statement that the U.S. government cares less about majority-black New Orleans than other American cities, his longtime spiritual advisor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made similar claims in public.  The Daily Caller has obtained weekly bulletins from Chicago's Trinity United Church of Church of Christ in which Wright condemns the federal government's Katrina policy as racist.  Until now, those remarks have never been reprinted.

So Obama Is a Lying, Race-Baiting Demagogue: Does Anyone Care?  Over the last four years we have seen a petty, vindictive, frequently dishonest, and often shameless politician in the White House.  The video shows that Obama will lie, race-bait and adopt a fake accent for votes.  Really?  All of that, on top of being a lousy president?  So, no:  in political terms, I think the video is a non-event.  But what, you might ask, about Obama's alleged likability?  Surely people who watch the video will no longer consider him likable.

Obama's Other Race Speech.  In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.

Our Feckless First Leader.  Despite hopes that Barack Obama's election as president of the United States would mark the beginning of a post-racial era in America, no hope was ever so completely doomed from the outset.  Anyone who looks beyond Obama's soothing words about race to his record, from his joining self-segregated black students in college to his appointing Al Sharpton as a White House adviser, can see the contrast between rhetoric and reality.

The Obama Campaign's Racial Slander Strategy.  Barack Hussein Obama has always run his political campaigns to exploit racial, economic, religious, and political divisions.  After nearly four years of Obama, the nation is furiously divided, and the political scene is positively treacherous.  Everyone expects this campaign to be the ugliest and dirtiest in our nation's history.  It is certainly shaping up that way.  The most poisonous aspect of this race is the Democratic Party political tactic of racial slander.

The Phrase "Holding Down the Fort" Is Now Racist.  It's almost as if they are deliberately aiming for self-parody, to rub it in our faces that we are ruled by contemptible clowns.

Chris Matthews: The word 'Chicago' is now racist, too.  In what is seemingly the natural progression of things these days with [Chris] Matthews, the subject of the 'otherization' of the President was being discussed.  Because, if you weren't aware already, Barack Obama is black, and any time a Republican chooses to discuss the failure that is his administration, the media will be there to quickly remind you that they only feel that way because of his skin color.  But tonight's episode of race-baiting with Chris Matthews was a bit odd in that the panelists somehow came to the conclusion that reminding people of the President's roots in Chicago politics is racist.  In fact, simply saying Chicago is racist.

Race, the Race, and Racism.  When asked on the campaign trail what qualified him to be president, Obama himself pointed to two things:  his experience as a community organizer and the fact that he was running a winning campaign.  In other words, he should be president because he's smart enough to win the presidency.  Good old-fashioned circular logic.  One ebullient Democratic spokesman told the press soon after the election that his party had indeed chosen the right candidate (Obama instead of Clinton) because "race trumps sex."

Taxpayers Are Paying For A "Chief Diversity Officer" To Tell Americans How To Not Offend Him.  We have a Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State??!  Seriously?!  What blithering buffoon decided we needed to waste money on this foolishness?  Are their other less-than-chief's running around under his tutelage, finding ways to be offended and tattle back to Robinson?

Who Racializes Welfare Reform?  The Romney campaign criticizes the Obama administration for gutting welfare reform, and the Democratic chorus sings the familiar refrain:  "Racist!"  Leading the choir is tingly countertenor Chris Matthews of MSNBC:  "When you start talking about work requirements," he thundered at Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, "you know what game you're playing, and everybody knows what game you're playing:  It's a race card."  This judgment was immediately confirmed by Thomas Edsall of the New York Times and Timothy Noah of The New Republic, among others.  There is racial politics at work here, and, as usual, it is a Democratic initiative.

Racists of the Mainstream Media.  Racism is stalking the Republican Convention in Tampa.  But it's not from the Republicans.  It's from the mainstream media.  First it was MSNBC treating convention speakers Artur Davis, Mia Love, and Ted Cruz like nonpersons.  And now it's Yahoo! Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian getting caught on an ABC webcast saying Mitt Romney would be "happy to have a party when black people drown."

WaPo Furthers Liberal Media's 'Racist' Narrative at RNC: 'Republican Party is White, Aging, & Dying Off'.  The liberal media can't seem to help themselves.  While counter-arguments are occasionally acknowledged, most journalists of the progressive persuasion are not interested in fair and balanced coverage of politics.  Facts and figures are seemingly subjective in the whole scheme of things.  Severely limited studies and polls seem to provide them with all the information they need.  Oh, and almost everything is racist. [...] It doesn't seem to matter that the speaker lineup in Tampa has included the likes of Artur Davis, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, Luis Fortuno, Ted Cruz and Nimrata "Nikki" Haley (née Randhawa).  Herman Cain's rise during primary season bears no significance either.

New frontiers in hypersensitvity: State Department officer says 'holding down the fort' is racist.  John M. Robinson, the Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State, wants America's diplomats to know that common phrases and idioms like "holding down the fort" are, in fact, deeply racist.  Robinson, who also serves as director of the Department's Office of Civil Rights, used his "Diversity Notes" feature in the July/August issue of the official "State Magazine" to examine the hateful roots of everyday sayings.

Race-baiting to the bottom.  To most normal people, Rick Santorum's "hands" speech at the Republican National Convention was a metaphor gone wild.  To Salon columnist Joan Walsh, however, it was a proclamation of racial hatred.

MSNBC's newest race code-word.  Clearly, the pundits at MSNBC are being driven mad by the success of the GOP convention, particularly Paul Ryan's barn-burner Wednesday night [8/29/2012].  When desperate that the message of limited govenrment and opportunity is connecting with the American public, they resort to the last, worn-out, obsolete weapon in their arsenal:  the race card.  Last night, they really stretched, and offered a novel theory, that the city of Chicago is actually a code word for black.

The race canard.  Silly season is when nothing is going on in the presidential campaign and the debate focuses on trivialities.  Racist season is when the presidential campaign begins in earnest and President Barack Obama looks vulnerable.  Then, liberal commentators pull out all the stops to deem practically any criticism of the president racist.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC led the charge this week with an on-set rant against Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

MSNBC: References To Golf, Chicago Are Racist.  In the old days we used to have a term for people who obsessed over race.  We used to call them 'racists.'

Liberal Crusade To Define Republican Attacks On Obama As Racist Descends Into Parody.  In the recent past, some of President Barack Obama's most ardent supporters have claimed that much opposition to the President's candidacy for reelection is linked in some subtle — even unconscious — way to racial antipathy.  The post-racial nation of 2008 has suddenly become just as, if not more, racial than it was in the mid-1960s.  The crusade to convince the nation that Obama's opponent's motives are either base or disingenuous has had no firmer allies than the panel guests (and occasional host) on MSNBC.

Obama's defenders cry wolf on racism.  New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait wrote in late July that anger over President Obama's disparagement of small-business owners ("You didn't build that") really came from the fact that it was delivered in "black dialect."  Earlier this month, AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka accused the members of his own union who did not back Obama in 2008 of doing so out of "pure racism."  Last week, Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd in Danville, Va., that the Republican ticket wanted to "put y'all back in chains."  The disturbing theme is unmistakable.  It is quickly becoming standard for Obama's defenders to brand all criticism of or opposition to the nation's first black president as somehow motivated by racial animus.

Million Dollar Racial Incitement Against Law Abiding Poll Watchers.  To get a sense of the racial incitement Democrats will be willing to use in November's election, read this article written by a couple of college kids and published in the Tucson Sentinel.  Despite the fact nobody reads the e-only-Tucson Sentinel, this irresponsible report by A.J. Vicens and Natasha Khan demonstrate the depths the left is willing to plumb to stoke up racial resentment during the election.  Vincens and Khan's operation isn't a real journalism program.  They are part of News21 — an operation designed to attack conservatives and Republicans in the upcoming election — to accuse them of ill will and conspiratorial efforts against minorities.

'White' on the Brain.  The election of the biracial Barack Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial harmony.  Instead, that dream is becoming a tribally polarized nightmare — by design, and intended to assist in the reelection of Barack Obama.

America Is A Nation Divided Under Barack Obama.  President Obama says he doesn't think "anybody who's been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country."  Does he really expect anyone to believe that?

The Salami Slice Presidency.  What is most remarkable is Obama's obstinate refusal to acknowledge the tensions he has aggravated.  "I don't think you or anybody who's been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country," he defensively told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday evening [8/15/2012].  "We've always tried to bring the country together."  This was Obama doing his best impression of Captain Renault in Casablanca, a man just shocked, shocked to find division and anger and hatred in the country he has governed for three and a half years.  Not 24 hours before the Entertainment Tonight spot, his vice president had told a largely black Democratic audience in southern Virginia that the Romney-Ryan ticket would "put y'all back in chains."  These are the men who are trying "to bring the country together"?

Reverend Al's Laugh Line: My Work Against Voter ID Laws Is 'Non-Partisan'.  Al Sharpton, uttering one of the more absurd laugh lines of this political season, actually claimed on his MSNBC show this evening that his campaign in Florida against voter ID laws is "non-partisan."  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz apparently hadn't gotten the memo about pretending Sharpton was non-partisan.  The Chair of the DNC, also a Dem Florida congresswoman, after delivering a super-partisan diatribe on the issue, giddily thanked Sharpton for his work — before the Reverend hastened to remind viewers that his campaign was "non-partisan."

10 Concepts Liberals Talk About Incessantly But Don't Understand.  [#2]  Racism:  Liberals start with the presumption that only white people who don't belong to the Democratic Party can be racist.  So, for example, even if Jeremiah Wright can make it clear that he hates white people because of their skin color or if liberals take an explicitly racist political position, like suggesting that black people are too stupid and incompetent to get identification to vote, they can't be racist.  White Republicans, on the other hand, are generally assumed to be racist by default, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary.

8 Ways Blacks Perpetuate Racism and the Only Way to Thwart It.  All things considered, blacks and the civil rights culture surrounding them are the most open and prolific purveyors of racism in America.  This is an ironic travesty which spits upon the graves of history's abolitionists and offends all who are committed to a dream of equality under the law and goodwill among men.  Surely, such a claim is provocative.  Unfortunately, it is also demonstrable.

Sharpton could use a visit to Chicago.  Well, Sharpton isn't as guilty of it as others — and yes, think Michael Eric Dyson and Tavis Smiley here — but there have been times when he has lamented the numbers of black men in prisons and jails.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with black men being in either jail or prison if that happens to be where they belong.  For all we know, the Chicago miscreants who have been running around gunning down 7- and 10-year-old girls should have been in prison already for some crime or crimes committed before those despicable acts.

Al Sharpton Wins 'Humanitarian' Award, Immediately Drags 'Yo Momma' Into the Election.  Sharpton is referring to voter ID laws that several states have passed in recent years.  About 70 percent of Americans across all ethnic backgrounds support such laws, and studies have shown that minority voting rates increase following the passage of voter ID laws.

Racial Politics Thicker Than Justice.  When the House voted last Thursday to find Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress, members of the Congressional Black Caucus walked out.  Why is the Black Caucus trying to make this about race?  It's about Holder's refusal to turn over Justice Department documents requested by the House Oversight and Government Committee in its investigation of the "Fast and Furious" operation.

The Dictator in the Black Iron Man Suit.  Al Sharpton and a majority of the so-called black civil rights coalition define blackness as having an urban experience, solely dependent on government for survival, always voting Democrat, and being incapable of finding one's way to acquire a photo ID.  Sharpton and company consider self sufficient-blacks traitors to their race, trying to act white.  All of my life, I have fought to free myself and fellow blacks from the left's efforts to force blacks to live in their "black box."

A Political Glossary.  [Scroll down]  Former big-time TV journalist Sam Donaldson and current fledgling CNN host Don Lemon have already proclaimed racism to be the reason for criticisms of Obama, and we can expect more and more other talking heads to say the same thing as the election campaign goes on.  The word "racism" is like ketchup.  It can be put on practically anything — and demanding evidence makes you a "racist."

Obama Backers Use Race as Alibi for Ebbing Support.  [Scroll down]  So, you see, if you don't like Obamacare, it's not because it threatens to take away your health insurance, or to deny coverage for some treatments.  It's because you don't like black people.  This sort of thing seems to be getting more frequent, or at least more open.

Time for the Administration To Stop Exploiting Race.  One advantage of defeating Barack Obama in November, apart from saving the country from financial ruin and the rest, is that conservatives will presumably be able to criticize liberal policies again without automatically being accused of racism. [...] Imputing such false charges of racism, either out of profound ignorance or in a cynical effort to chill critically important political debate, is terribly destructive to our social fabric.  But it goes on — unabated.

Shock: Sharpton Blames Holder Contempt Charge On Racism.  How easy it must be to live your life as Al Sharpton does.  Only the race-baiting NBC News star can look at the tragic events of the Fast and Furious scandal that ended with the death of a border patrol agent and see Attorney General Eric Holder as the real victim.

America's Ten Leading Purveyors of Hate.  [Al] Sharpton has been completely redefined from radical race-baiter into mainstream newscaster.  He still hasn't made that transition, as evidenced by his involvement in the Trayvon Martin situation, in which he jet-setted down to Florida to threaten the town of Sanford. [...] When he isn't inciting riots against Jews in New York City or smearing honest men with rape allegations, Sharpton is running his godawful MSNBC show, where he puts out leftist talking points laced with race-baiting.

Mirror, Please! Al Sharpton Accuses GOP of a 'Long History of Fear and Smear'.  On Thursday night's [5/17/2012] "Politics Nation," Rev. Al Sharpton began by accusing someone else of having a "long history of fear and smear."  Put "Sharpton and Tawana Brawley" in Nexis.  Sharpton never brings up her (and his) phony story.

Tawana Brawley served with court order to pay man she accused of rape in 1987.  Infamous hoaxster Tawana Brawley — whose outrageous rape lie 25 years ago inflamed racial tensions nationwide — yesterday was finally slapped with a court order to settle a hefty defamation case against her.  "For at least 25 years, she has been living a major lie," said former Dutchess County prosecutor Steven Pagones, who was falsely accused of raping Brawley in 1987 and finally tracked her down, thanks to The [New York] Post.

Sharpton Insists Black Ministers Amend Their Religion to Vote for Obama After They Prayed Over Bill Clinton.  Via the Radio Equalizer blog:  On his radio show Tuesday [5/15/2012], MSNBC personality Rev. Al Sharpton mocked black ministers who have decided not to vote for Obama because he's ready to legalize gay marriage in a second term.

Ugly Truths About Prejudice.  A number of commentators have pointed out the enormous focus that civil rights leaders have put on the death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of a white man, while essentially ignoring the vastly more common situation of black on black murder.  On an average day in 2010, there were eighteen blacks murdered in the U.S., and sixteen of those black victims were murdered by other blacks — and yet those crimes seem to be of no real interest to the mainstream media or the race hustlers like Al Sharpton.

'Now that's justice for Trayvon'.  "Justice" for Trayvon Martin is meaningless if those who purport to seek it incite injustices against others.  The whole rabble of race baiters, racialists, and race hustlers who are hanging around Sanford, FL looking to grab face time on TV and pump up their street cred with the black community by speaking wildly about "injustice," should think twice about the words they utter that so inflame the situation.

Hate Group Associations Disqualify Obama.  Barack Obama has appeared frequently with Al Sharpton, who is infamous for his roles in the Tawana Brawley scandal, the Crown Heights riots in which a Jew was murdered by an epithet-screaming mob, and the arson of Freddy's Fashion Mart.  In this last case, a deranged individual acted on racist ("cracker" and "white interloper") and anti-Semitic ("bloodsucking Jew" and "don't give the Jew a dime") hate speech from the National Action Network under Sharpton's supervision, and indeed from Sharpton himself; Sharpton was the one who used the phrase "white interloper."  It is particularly telling that Obama appeared at the National Action Network itself to pose arm in arm with Mr. Sharpton.

To Explain Obama's WV Humiliation, Dems Accuse Their Own of Racism.  Everywhere there was a primary last night, Democrats had a very bad night, especially in West Virginia where a prison inmate won over 40% of the vote against Barack Obama.  Naturally, because Democrats simply refuse to face the reality of this failed administration, the cry of racism was heard even before the polls closed.  Only this time the Democrats' charge of racism was directed at fellow Democrats.

Where are the "separation of church and state" people now?
Black power: NAACP seeks 1 million new teen voters.  If the NAACP, black colleges and African-American churches get their way, there will be an additional 1 million black 18-year-olds flooding the nation's voting stations to presumably vote for President Obama in the fall.  The civil rights group on Wednesday [5/9/2012] announced a 50-state initiative with the 7.5 million member National Baptist Convention, historically-black Clark-Atlanta University and radio personality Tom Joyner to register voters who turn 18 by Election Day.

New NLPC Special Report Exposes the Real Al Sharpton.  NLPC today [5/14/2009] released a special report titled Mainstreaming Demagoguery:  Al Sharpton's Rise to Respectability.  It is a thorough examination of the character, career and impact of the controversial Reverend by Dr. Carl Horowitz of the NLPC staff.

Sharpton Annual Conference Again Heavily Corporate-Funded.  The 14th annual conference of his New York-based nonprofit National Action Network (NAN) last month in Washington, D.C. during April 11-14 was no exception.  Once more, corporations and to a lesser extent unions paid most of the tab for a well-choreographed event that featured dozens of speakers and panelists eager to affirm the aggressive black identity politics of their host.  The plenary address by Attorney General Eric Holder, followed by a panel on legal issues, amounted to a group manifesto for the arrest of George Zimmerman for the highly-publicized killing — evidence points toward self-defense — of a black Florida teen, Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman, to the delight of virtually all attendees, was arrested that day on a state second-degree murder charge.

Sharpton Sows Seeds of Next L.A. Riot.  Al Sharpton was in Los Angeles on Thursday [4/26/2012], attending a church rally marking the two-month anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death.  Why Los Angeles should be chosen as the venue for such an event may at first seem a mystery, but whatever one may think of him, Sharpton can be counted among the true masters at manipulating the media.  And here in Los Angeles this week, much of the media has been consumed with observing the 20th anniversary of what is often referred to as the Rodney King riots.  The not-so-subtle message Sharpton was here to convey is this:  Listen to me, do as I say, or face the consequences.

Sharpton Stands by Brawley, Denies Crown Heights Riot Incitement.  The Crown Heights riots occurred after young black New Yorker Gavin Cato was hit by a car driven by an Orthodox Jew.  Sharpton spoke at the funeral.  Here's what he said...

More Money, More Problems.  MSNBC's Al Sharpton is reeling in debt and back taxes.  The liberal provocateur owes nearly $1 million to creditors and the federal government as a result of his failed bid for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.  His campaign's unpaid bills exceed $888,000, according to federal filings.  It is unclear why Sharpton has not paid his creditors.  He does not lack for income.

Five Myths of the 'Racist' Criminal Justice System.  Calling America's criminal justice system "racist" is not confined to "civil rights leaders" like the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Then-Sen. Barack Obama, during the 2008 presidential campaign, said it, too. [...] Let's examine five major assumptions behind this assertion.

Krauthammer: Obama To Run Campaign On Race, Ethnicity, Class And Gender.  [Scroll down]  Krauthammer then accused Obama of running "the most divisive campaign"on race, ethnicity, class and on gender.  "It's going to be the dirtiest campaign you've ever seen," he said tonight [4/17/2012].

Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz: Zimmerman Arrest Affidavit 'Irresponsible And Unethical'.  Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on MSNBC's Hardball where fill-in host Michel Smerconish asked him his opinions of the arrest warrant issued and carried out for alleged Trayvon Martin murderer, George Zimmerman.  Dershowitz called the affidavit justifying Zimmerman's arrest "not only thin, it's irresponsible."  He went on to criticize the decision to charge Zimmerman for second degree murder by special prosecutor Angela Corey as being politically motivated.

The Trayvon Martin Case and the Growing Racial Divide.  The problem with the race establishment is not its acrimony per se, but (a) that the acrimony is frozen in amber around 1960, with no acknowledgment of some 50 years of federal action and three new generations of Americans, and (b) the inordinate time invested in blaming "them" rather than spent on introspection on how to achieve parity with a majority culture in the manner of other minorities' successes.  Or at least that is how I perceive the growing anger at the Sharpton/Jackson/Black Caucus nexus.

Rev. Al Sharpton: The Race Hustler as Kingmaker.  Imagine if David Duke were now a Republican Party kingmaker, and Mitt Romney and other presumptive candidates had to go to his organization's events, seek his endorsement, and stand by his side — just as he was presiding over rallies seeking mainstream support for George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's shooter.  Yes, everyone knew Duke was once a Ku Klux Klan leader and had only slightly cleaned up his racist act, but now he came on as a non-partisan fighter for justice on behalf of aggrieved white males, and when he spoke, wore pinstripe suits, especially when presiding over his own TV talk show.  If that scenario existed, every news anchor and reporter, and every single Democrat and liberal, would blast the Republicans non-stop.

Charge against Zimmerman reeks of unprofessionalism.  Over the last several weeks, the shooting of Trayvon Martin has been front and center in the mainstream media and on talk shows, both conservative and liberal.  The focus of the coverage has been on the supposed racial divide — fueled in part by the involvement of the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panthers and other "experts" like former heavyweight champion and convicted felon Mike Tyson. [...] Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the media frenzy over the incident has been incredibly disingenuous.

If I Were Black.  [Al] Sharpton's record is quite clear.  Sharpton's philosophy rests on the premise that American capitalism, racism, and imperialism are intertwined and "[are] a threat to the vital rights of the Black people."  To this end Sharpton helped incite anti-Jewish riots in Crown Heights, New York in 1991 when a Hasidic Jewish driver accidentally ran over and killed a seven-year-old black boy.  Sharpton delivered the following inflammatory speech. [...] As a consequence, the riled-up crowd went out and murdered innocent rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum.  The blacks of Crown Heights rioted for three days and three nights.  Not once did Sharpton ever call upon the rioters to stop their anti-Semitic-inspired violence.

Media Malpractice.  Any hope that the media might fairly and responsibly cover the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin was effectively doomed the moment Al Sharpton descended on Sanford, Florida, and started holding rallies with the victim's family.

Black Activist to Trayvon's Parents: 'Get Off the Stage' and Let Us Politicize His Death.  A well-known, mainstream media-vetted college professor named Dr. Boyce Watkins states that it's time for Trayvon Martin's parents to "step to the side," out of an apparent fear that "being honest" could negatively affect the race-baiting political agenda that Obama allies like Al Sharpton have carefully crafted.

Most Corrupt Attorney General in US History Tells Al Sharpton Group: "This Is Our Moment".  Wednesday [4/11/2012], U.S. Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder spoke before activists with the National Action Network, an organization founded by Al Sharpton, urging them to help the President promote his agenda.

Holder is a Disgrace.  Amazingly, [Eric] Holder "thanked CNN's Rev. Sharpton 'for your partnership, your friendship, and your tireless efforts to speak out for the voiceless, to stand up for the powerless, and to shine a light on the problems we must solve, and the promises we must fulfill.'"  Presumably he wasn't talking about voiceless people like the late Anthony Graziosi, killed in Crown Heights after Sharpton's rabble rousing.  Presumably he wasn't talking about the voiceless seven people who died at Freddie's Fashion Mart.  Presumably he wasn't talking about Steven Pagones, fraudulently accused by Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton.

Eric Holder Praises Left-Wing Activist Al Sharpton.  Attorney General Eric Holder praised left-wing activist Rev. Al Sharpton at the opening of the National Action Network (NAN) convention on Wednesday [4/11/2012], and also stressed that the Justice Department is conducting a thorough investigation of the fatal Trayvon Martin shooting that "will examine the facts and the law."  Sharpton, president of NAN and host of MSNBC's Politics Nation, has led several rallies demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman, who reportedly shot Martin on Feb. 26.  On Mar. 30 in Sanford, Fla., where the shooting occurred, Sharpton pledged that his group would "move to the next level if Zimmerman isn't arrested."

Labor Secretary Puts Up Posters of Herself Marching with MSNBC's Al Sharpton.  The close relationship between MSNBC host Al Sharpton and the Obama administration knows no bounds of propriety.  The Washington Free Beacon reported "signs posted in at least 20 Department Of Labor elevators depict Secretary Hilda Solis carrying a bullhorn and rallying alongside the Rev. Al Sharpton...  Next to the pictures is a quote from Solis that reads in part:  'We all march in our own way.'"  A few people over in the picture is the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  Now imagine if a Bush cabinet secretary put up posters of himself marching arm in arm with a Fox News personality.  Would that have been skipped over by the rest of the national media?

Where's the Outrage Over Black Family Breakdown?  When something happens to a black person and it garners national news attention, the mainstream media trots out "the voices of black America."  This is offensive not only because the leftist mainstream media has appointed race baiters like NAACP, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Michael Dyson as our spokespeople but also because it assumes blacks are like children who need others think for them.  White people don't have white spokespeople speaking on their behalf and would never allow the mainstream media to dismiss their ability to think as individuals.

Critical Race Theory: Of the Racists, By the Racists, and For the Racists.  The success of radical leftists in taking over administrative control of various institutions — the media, higher education and public worker unions — was partly based upon their tactic of accusing their opponents of being racist.  The truth is, it worked very well for a long time, and often still does.  Human nature is to give in to avoid being called racist; it's just not worth it for ordinary people doing everyday jobs — they didn't sign up for that kind of harassment.  The left knows it, and exploits it.

Sharpton Explains How He Manipulates Media On Race Cases.  Recently uncovered video from over twenty years ago has Al Sharpton, in his own words, bragging about his ability to manipulate the media to draw attention to his race-hustling agenda.  And he's playing out his blueprint to a T in Florida today [3/31/2012].

'New' Black Panthers same as the old — only worse.  With Louis Farakhan threatening "retaliation" for the killing of Trayvon Martin, you might have wondered if African American leaders could make the situation any worse.  They did.

Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of 'exploiting' Trayvon Martin.  Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of "exploiting" the Trayvon Martin tragedy to "racially divide this country."  "His family should be outraged at the fact that they're using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions," Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday [3/26/2012] interview with The Daily Caller.

African-American Lynch Mob.  Is anybody else out there as sick and tired as I am of lynch mob racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (vide: Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse kids) who don the mantel of the "civil rights" movement to indict non-blacks in advance of the facts, and incite racial rage against them?  Yet that is exactly what they — and scores of black leaders — are doing to an Hispanic individual named George Zimmerman.  Along with a cast of thousands, they are holding him guilty of racism before the fact, justifying a hatred, as inflammatory as the hatred once spewed by southern crackers against blacks.

MSNBC'S Al Sharpton Sinkhole.  NBC news used to be the channel for sober, boring Huntley-Brinkley journalism.  It was liberal, to be sure but serious.  NBC's news wasn't always objective, but it had a reputation for professionalism.  Think Tim Russert.  But in today's era, Brian Williams going on saucer-eyed burger runs with President Obama is a refreshing improvement over MSNBC's lineup, chock-full of vicious, uncivil, shamelessly partisan left-wing hacks.

What if Trayvon Had Been White, and the Shooter Black?  The truth of the matter is that "civil rights" cases are often little more than reverse lynch mobs.  In the Old South of the past, white mobs would drag black suspects out of jail and lynch them in the streets if they felt the wheels of justice were turning too slowly.  Today, black mobs, often led by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, lead street protests or riots, and the Federal government comes after white suspects with the "rope" of "civil rights" charges.  And just like the old Southern sheriffs with ties to the Klan who turned a blind eye to the illegal actions of whites, the Department of Justice often refuses to act on "civil rights" violations when the perpetrators are black and the victims are white.

Al Sharpton: Keeping Black Voters Angry.  You can imagine the justifiable extreme anger and outrage of black America in 1987.  Six white men, including police officers and a New York prosecutor, allegedly kidnapped, raped, and smeared feces over the body of a fifteen-year-old black girl.  Tawana Brawley was found unconscious and unresponsive, lying in a garbage bag, her clothes torn and burned.  In the emergency room, racial slurs and epithets were discovered written on Brawley's torso with charcoal.  Al Sharpton, eager to launch his national career, ran to the microphones and cameras as Tawana Brawley's adviser.  The problem was, it was all a hoax.

Al Sharpton Is More Evidence That [MSNBC is] a 'Platform' for 'Hate Mongers'.  Dear Mr. Griffin,  Last week, in my open letter to you I called for Ed Schultz's termination.  I also called for you to resign as President of MSNBC because you hired Ed Schultz.  Today, I have yet another reason you should step down — one which some might argue is even more compelling than Schultz.  His name is Al Sharpton.

Where's Sharpton's Apology for Accusing a White Man of Raping a Black Teen?  "Meet the Press" host David Gregory asked his panel "where civility has gone in our public discourse."  Incredibly, one panelist urged people to be more "mature" and not "poison the atmosphere."  I say "incredibly" because this panelist was none other than the race-hustling, anti-Semitic "civil rights activist" and MSNBC talk show host, Al Sharpton.

Explosive Audio of NBC's Al Sharpton.  If offensive slurs are a problem for the left, why does Al Sharpton have a primetime slot on MSNBC?

Understanding Sheila Jackson Lee's Accusations of "Racism".  During the 2010 election, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was madder than a hornet that True the Vote was poll monitoring in Houston.  True the Vote was inside polling locations documenting election irregularities.  In response, Jackson Lee accused tea party groups like True the Vote of "intimidating and harassing" minorities by monitoring the elections.  As we get closer to November, let's remember the Congresswoman who cried wolf, so the next time we better understand the motivations of those who accuse law abiding citizens of racism.

NBC's Gregory Lectures on Civility: 'Racism' Toward Obama 'Brings Out a Level of Hatred'.  In a panel discussion on Sunday's [3/11/2011] NBC Meet the Press that included left-wing bomb-thrower Al Sharpton, host David Gregory worried: "Where has civility gone in politics?"  He declared the source of incivility:  "I talked to John Lewis, the civil rights leader, recently, who said he does think there's something particular, if it's racism or something else, about Obama that brings out a level of hatred."

NAACP Asking U.N. Human Rights Council to Condemn American Voter ID Laws.  Riled by state-level voting law changes that it alleges are designed to suppress "the political participation of people of color, the poor, the elderly, and the young," the NAACP is turning to the U.N. Human Rights Council for support.

Sharpton reenacts Selma march to protest voter ID.  MSNBC's Al Sharpton is repeating the celebrated civil rights march from Selma, Ala., to Montgomery, Ala., but instead of protesting Jim Crow segregation and police brutality, he's opposing voter ID laws, right-to-work laws, and the Alabama illegal immigration bill.  Sharpton isn't fighting the new civil rights issue of our time, he's just engaging in left-wing activism.

Radical Cronyism? Sit-In Leader Nominated as Judge by Pres. Obama.  The leader of the occupation in the video — Robert L. Wilkins of the Harvard Black Law Students Association — was nominated by President Obama on May 20, 2010 to be considered for judge of the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia.  He is now a sitting judge in that position. ... Not mentioned in the [White House] press release:  that Wilkins once led an illegal occupation of a law school building to demand the school hire based on skin color, a protest primarily focused on supporting the actions of radical bigot Derrick Bell.

'African-Americans for Obama' Revived; Media Double Standard Obvious.  It wouldn't take more than a nanosecond for the establishment press and TV talking heads to rip into any white political candidate — Democrat or Republican — who carved out a web site devoted to "Whites for Candidate X."  About a week ago, President Obama, with his powers of incumbency in tow, has decided to revive something he created back in 2007:  "African-Americans for Obama."  And, as seen in the Obama video which appears at the site and in what appears to be a new twist, the Obama campaign is driving a Mack through the alleged wall of separation between church and state by finding so-called "congregation captains" to maximize African-American support on his behalf.

Liberal Tactics: Just Lie, No One Will Check!  I have to say, at this point I am convinced that no one on the left really hates racism.  In fact, they love it as it is their most important tool with which to control gullible voters.  Cry racism and their mind-numbed acolytes dutifully echo the charge whether it is true or not — and it's usually not.

Showdown over school closings: Jackson says 'apartheid' exists in system.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson and members of the Chicago Teachers Union called on the board to table a vote and put off any closings and turnarounds until it addresses funding inequalities between poor and affluent schools. ... As he waited in line this morning [2/22/2012] to attend the meeting, Jackson said inequities in Chicago's public school system amount to educational "apartheid," echoing sentiments expressed in a Chicago Teachers Union report last week.

Celebrate Black History Month: Slap a Leftist!.  [Scroll down]  This leftist witchcraft transformed the once-great gains of the Civil Rights movement into a virtually inescapable structure of government hand-outs and dependency, establishing the Democratic Party as masters of a new plantation with black front men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton playing the role of go-betweens and overseers.

Americans Want Voter ID 'Because There Is a Brother in the White House'.  Polls show that about 80% of Americans support photo voter identification laws.  A majority of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Democrats, and Republicans support voter ID.  Why do so many people want voter ID laws?  According to Richmond, Virginia, Mayor Dwight Jones, "because there is a brother in the White House."  Here's a secret.  I've been following the voter ID debate for seven years.  In fact, I've even been involved in some legislative plotting in various states to pass voter ID.  And I can say with one hand on a Bible, and one hand in the air, that I've never once heard any voter ID proponent suggest that a "brother in the White House" has anything to do with it.  This is pure, simple, racialist nonsense from the mayor of Richmond.

Black History Month: The Left's Favorite Time of the Year.  Alas, another Black History Month... or as the left likes to view it, their annual "Opportunity To Exploit Race Month."  It is the month in which liberals attempt to convince us that race relations in America have progressed very little since the days of police unleashing dogs on civil rights activists.  Rather than presenting a balanced, honest look at black history, leftist schoolteachers and the media say America is still racist and whites should feel eternally guilty.

The Last Refuge of the Race Hustlers — "Color Blind Racism".  When you see this wholesale redefinition of racism, what you are really seeing are the race hustlers of the left manning the ramparts in a last, desperate defense.  I am sure that a portion of the left is so conditioned at this point to view the world through a racial lens that the die hards will buy it.  But for everyone else, the race card is becoming ever less effective.  The device is obvious, as is the motivation.

Al Sharpton and Sheila Jackson Lee Translate Racial Code.  This whole "Differ with Barack Obama and You're a Racist" thing is getting old.  Take for example Texas Democrat congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.  Sheila has already made it known that disagreeing with the first black president instantly makes you a racist.  Besides being at odds with Barack, more recently Jackson Lee has also declared racist any mention — by a white candidate, that is — of blue-collar work or, for that matter, any-color food stamps.  Thankfully, food stamps no longer come in a multicolored booklet that Sheila can scrutinize for racial undertones.  Even so, according to the congresswoman, Newt Gingrich daring to mention the words "food stamps" was inappropriate code whose intent was merely to "generate and signify race."

On the Intellectual Inferiority of Liberalism:  Today the "liberal" faith requires an extraordinary act of ignorance, purposeful forgetting, and constant spinning.  To be a faithful "liberal" today you have to ... ignore the bloody history of black nationalism in America, where Obama's hero Malcolm X was assassinated by the followers of Elijah Muhammed.  You have to ignore the racial blackmail that has controlled American politics since the rise of the post-MLK "civil rights" movement, when all the heroic actions of a few civil rights campaigners like Martin Luther King, Jr., was taken over by dangerous racial demagogues like Rev. Al, the Rev. Wright and the radical left.

What Is More Racist?  Michelle Obama has received intense criticism for the flagrant way in which she spends taxpayer money and the tone-deafness she demonstrates.  Two-thousand dollar dresses, wearing sneakers that cost the equivalent of three months mortgage payments while at a homeless shelter, insisting on million-dollar Hawaiian vacations while your husband simultaneously lectures Americans about scaling back, yes, the comparison to [Marie] Antoinette is apropos.  Those who call it racist demonstrate the failings of public education.

Eric Holder's cowardice is showing.  In February of 2009, Eric Holder used the occasion of his confirmation as U.S. attorney general to berate the American people for their reticence on matters of race and equality.  "Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards," he famously lectured.  In the years since, he has emerged as the living embodiment of his words.  I don't mean by this that he has initiated a dialog on race.  Rather, he has demonstrated the most abject form of cowardice, hiding behind and exploiting his position as the nation's chief law enforcement officer to pervert the rule of law to benefit "his people."

Will Obama steal the 2012 election?  [Eric] Holder is a shameless demagogue.  He has become the Democratic Party's new Al Sharpton:  Everything is seen through the lens of race.  He has refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party, who in the 2008 election stood at a polling booth wielding clubs in a blatant attempt at voter intimidation.  Career Justice Department lawyers admitted that Mr. Holder's policy is not to go after black perpetrators whose victims are white.  He insists that Republican criticism leveled at him over Operation Fast and Furious is because of his race...

Eric Holder Blocks South Carolina Voter ID For Racial Reasons.  Eric Holder has been on a racialist bender the last few weeks.  Last week, he said his skin color is responsible for the fury of criticism over his Justice Department allowing thousands of guns to flood Mexico.  Friday [12/23/2011], he blocked South Carolina from implementing a voter ID law under the Voting Rights Act saying it was racially discriminatory.

Obama and Holder Should Put the Race Card back in the Deck.  President Obama led us to believe that he would be a post-racial president who would bring the races together, but it's gotten to where you can't criticize this most leftist administration in American history without someone accusing you of racism.  The most recent example involves criticism of Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious...

West: Holder's race card is the 'last card in the deck'.  Florida Republican Rep. Allen West told The Daily Caller on Monday that Attorney General Eric Holder's use of the race card as a way to attack those who are criticizing him is "reprehensible."  "I think this is absolutely the last card in the deck, and that shows how weak their ground is," West said in a phone interview.

Justice Dept. blames critics for noticing Holder's race-card play.  Under fire for leveling a racially charged attack at his critics, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has neither backed down nor revise his remarks, appearing instead to restate them.  In a front page New York Times story on Sunday [12/18/2011], Holder alleged that some of his critics — a group he referred to as the "more extreme segment" — are motivated by racism.

More about Eric Holder.

Nation Reporter: 'Deep Racism' at the Heart of Food Stamp Reform.  With a record 46 million Americans now receiving food stamps and rampant abuse resulting in what the Wall Street Journal calls a "food stamp crime wave," Nation reporter Lizzie Ratner believes that "deep racism" is "at the heart of conservative food stamp critiques".

Playing the race card before Election Day.  Is it racist to require people to show a photo ID when they vote?  You need a photo ID for nearly any meaningful transaction, such as cashing checks, including government checks.  If this simple requirement "suppresses" the vote, maybe we need to ask why it's such a great idea to push for universal suffrage for every adult who is merely breathing.  Of course, even this latter requirement would suppress the vote in Chicago and New Orleans, where dead people get to vote all the time — and do so cheerfully.

More about Voter-ID laws.

What Line Must Newt Gingrich Cross for Conservatives to Disown Him?  [Scroll down]  This individual has led many rallies against police officers, including one at which cries of "kill the police" were heard.  This individual has never apologized or admitted his wrongdoings in even a single one of his countless despicable acts.  Having been proven guilty in court meant the jury was wrong, and he never bothered paying back his buddies who've paid his remuneration to the innocent party.  For those of you who haven't yet figured out who this disgraceful individual must be, I will no longer keep you in suspense.  This is none other than the rabble-rouser Al Sharpton, whose participation and incitatements at instances such as the Tawana Brawley hoax, the Crown Heights riot, the Central Park "wilding" case, and the Freddie's Fashion Mart fire have led to the destruction of many lives and are too numerous to enumerate.

The Careless Use Of The Race Card In The U.S.  While numerous obstacles hamper more widespread black affluence, one pernicious undercurrent appears particularly destructive: manufactured racism.  A lucrative racial extortion racket longs to expose lingering prejudice behind every errant look or parsed word.  "Leaders" like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton exaggerate racism en route to amassing fortunes.  But peddling ideas that America is grossly bigoted or that black failures are primarily other's fault spreads despair and undermines responsibility.  The race mongers sow self-destructive rage only to reap a weakened people.

Sharpton: People Favoring Voter IDs Want to 'Revoke the Voting Rights Act'.  MSNBC's Al Sharpton lead a jobs rally in Washington, D.C., Saturday, and not surprisingly, he used the event to once again divide the nation along racial lines.  As he has disgracefully done on his PoliticsNation program on numerous occasions in recent weeks, Sharpton accused those favoring proper identification at the polls as wanting to "revoke the Voting Rights Act".

Sharpton: 'Occupy' Movement Ideally About 'How We Distribute The Wealth In This Country'.  Thanks, Reverend Al.  Really.  Sure, we know that the left is all about the redistribution of wealth rather than its generation.  Still, it's instructive to hear a leading lefty say it in such stark terms.

Black Poverty.  Since the 1960s the federal government has poured hundreds of billions of dollars into alleviating black poverty.  Yet, black politicians talk as if blacks are tottering on the economic edge and could easily slip into Third World levels of misery:  starvation, deadly illness, families reduced to living in homeless shelters and relying on soup kitchens.  Are black leaders crying wolf?

Sharpton's Atlanta HQ admits handing out possibly bogus stimulus check forms.  So far, no one has proven it's a scam, but they haven't proven it's for real either.  This week more than 700 senior citizens filled out a rather skimpy form promising a $500 check from the American Opportunities Stimulus Program. ... But on Thursday, Fulton County government put out a warning that it might be an identity theft scam.

Beating the Racism Card.  For too long, too many blacks have wallowed in their own private sumps of self-pity, collapsing into whimpers every time somebody mentions blackmail, blackouts, or black markets.  It's a pathetic epilogue to the heroism and grandeur of the civil rights movement.  It's past time this adolescent posturing was put aside. ... The black grievance-hunters are no better than the Dixiecrats of old, using the same methods to keep Americans on edge, in fear, and overcome with anxiety.  Using racism for political gain is a cheap and coarse tactic no matter who is involved.  It needs to be ended.

Al Sharpton Wisconsin Milk Story Sours.  Public employee unions and their apologists will tell any tale to elicit sympathy for their cause.  A good example is the Rev. Al Sharpton, who now remarkably hosts a nightly show on MSNBC.  He recently used a portion of his program to claim that state education cuts forced one Wisconsin school district to eliminate milk from morning snacks for elementary students. ... As it turned out, Sharpton should have checked his sources.

Look it up!  Life Magazine, November 29th, 1969, Page 68
Spitting in Whitey's Food.  Jackson talks about himself at these meetings.  Once he told of his days as a waiter at the Jack Tar Hotel in his home town of Greenville, S.C.  Just before leaving the kitchen he would spit into the food of white patrons he hated and then smilingly serve it to them.  He did this, he said, "because it gave me psychological gratification."  It was something everybody in the audience understood.

Suit: Man fired from Jesse Jackson organization for being gay.  A man filed a lawsuit Friday [9/16/2011] claiming he was fired from the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition because he is gay.  Tommy R. Bennett claims Jackson fired him unjustly and the civil rights leader forced him to perform "uncomfortable" tasks, including escorting various women to hotel rooms to meet Jackson for sex, according to a suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

Black Media Critic Speaks Out Against the Hiring of Sharpton.  On yesterday morning's [8/7/2011] "Reliable Sources" with Howard Kurtz on CNN, media critic Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times spoke out about the grave reservations expressed after the imminent hiring of activist and failed presidential candidate Al Sharpton as a prime time news anchor for NBC News' cable station MSNBC.

Isn't the Southern Poverty Law Center the Real Hate Group?  Who deserves the title of "hate group," Focus on the Family or the Southern Poverty Law Center?  Who has been guilty of demonizing others and spreading hurtful, inaccurate information?  Whose actions and words have been hateful?  The record speaks for itself.

What's after 'Jumping the Shark'?  I almost feel sorry for the humorless, clueless commissars at the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Since warnings about the Klan are no longer bringing in the direct-mail contributions, they teamed up with La Raza et al after the defeat of the 2007 amnesty push to make immigration restrictionists their new cash cow.  When that fizzled, they hitched a ride on the gay-marriage gravy train and labeled as "hate groups" those who support traditional marriage, like the Family Research Council and our own Maggie Gallagher's National Organization for Marriage.

Al Sharpton Earns Riches with Radio Mediocrity.  Al Sharpton makes $700,000 per year to host his daily talk show that has been on for six years and yet still has only cleared 28 markets in the country. ... In short, Al Sharpton makes $700,000 per year to host his daily talk radio show even though it is neither popular, widely distributed, influential or relevant.  Al Sharpton makes $700,000 per year to host his daily talk radio show because Al Sharpton has brought something else to his employer that is far more important than ratings.

It Strikes Me As Odd.  Why do Americans suffer gladly race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?  I understand the overpowering yearning to expiate racial guilt tirelessly fanned by the MSM.  But there should be a limit to even extreme masochism.

Sharpton's Affirmative-Action Win.  Eight months after Al Sharpton signed a pivotal agreement that helped Comcast and NBC secure Federal Communications Commission approval for their $30 billion merger, MSNBC appears poised to reward him with a prime-time news show.

MSNBC's New Low: Hiring Al Sharpton as On-Air Host.  When CNN hired Elliot Spitzer many complained hiring the disgraced former governor was a new low in cable news.  Allow me to submit to you that with the hiring of "Reverend" Al Sharpton to be their 6pm host, MSNBC has smashed through CNN's record and established a record for finding a new host in the sewer of society that may never be topped.  While CNN and others have hired people disgraced by political or sexual scandals, in hiring Sharpton MSNBC has contracted with a "Reverend" who bears false witness and a racial arsonist who is responsible for the deaths of at least eight innocent people.

Sharpton Claims Herman Cain's Too Racially Obsessed.  There are few things in the political world that are stranger than Al Sharpton charging that someone else is too obsessed about race.  But that was Al Sharpton's take on Herman Cain on his radio show on Friday [7/8/2011].

Civil rights for the Age of Obama.  KUSI reporter Tom Jordan met up with civil rights hustler Al Sharpton in San Diego talking about the city's pension reform initiative.  Sharpton had a nine-minute chat with Jordan that, according to KUSI, "became a bit heated."  KUSI has edited the conversation down to five minutes of comedy gold.

Jackson blasts voter ID legislation at conference.  Civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. on Saturday [6/18/2011] called on the Justice Department to reverse recent Republican-led legislative efforts that require voters to present photo identification at polls.  Twenty-seven states now require photo identification from voters and 33 have considered adding or strengthening voter identification requirements this year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

More about Voter ID laws.

Call Democrats Out for Racist and Anti-Semitic Connections.  [Scroll down]  In 1995, the National Action Network, while acting under Sharpton's leadership and supervision, paraded around a Jewish-owned store while shouting racial and anti-Semitic epithets such as "Don't give the Jew a dime," "greedy Jew bastards," "make the cracker suffer," and "white interloper."  The latter was from Sharpton himself, and it obviously set the example for his followers.  A deranged individual then acted on this hate speech by setting Freddy's Fashion Mart on fire to kill seven employees.

Rainbow PUSH Minister Prays for God to "Wither" Union Foes.  I've never found the words "collective bargaining" or "pension" in the Bible.  And no offense, but I think God is a little bigger than worrying about material things given by the state.  But that apparently didn't register with Rev. D. Alexander Bullock, head of the Detroit chapter of the Rainbow PUSH coalition.  In his prayer before the latest union protest on the Capitol steps, he prayed for God to "wither" the hands of anyone that would sign bills reforming pensions or collective bargaining.  I have to admit I don't think I've ever heard a prayer — especially in such a public setting — seeking physical harm to opponents.

Why Isn't Obama 'Racist' for Ignoring Black Africa?  Suppose President John McCain, as with President Barack Obama, justified military force in Libya to avert "a humanitarian crisis."  But then gave no thought of using the military to stop the human slaughter in places like the Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and the Congo.  How long would it take before the Congressional Black Caucus and the Rev. Jesse Jackson call him "racist"?

Barack Obama and Al Sharpton: A depressing duo.  Barack Obama's got a hex on him — he keeps palling around with race men.  His 2008 presidential race almost got derailed because of friendship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and now, as he starts his bid for reelection, he's embracing America's biggest race huckster south of Louis Farrakhan, the Rev. Al Sharpton.

The Story of O.  I think it's fair to say that all those who voted for Obama — despite his association with Reverend Wright — because they believed he offered a post-racial future should be getting the message that he thinks that he can't count on your naiveté much longer and needs Sharpton and Jackson and every other race hustler to round up every vote in the progressive hellholes of America to win another term.

Jesse Jackson: Stop Playin' Us Bro, Insulting Our Intelligence.  Jackson's latest despicable attempt to "play" the American people happened during a Fox News interview in Wisconsin.  His comments regarding Gov. Walker, the Republicans and the protesters were filled with absurd clichés and lies.  Whenever Jackson opens his mouth, regardless of the facts or the situation, Jackson paints images of poor people suffering, children suffering and people being disenfranchised.  It's the 1950s civil rights struggle all over again.  Frustratingly, Jackson's same old song will work.  His liberal media buddies will ignore the facts and distribute Jackson's fraudulent deceptive remarks unchallenged.

Can we trust the Southern Poverty and Law Center?  Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin Jr created the Southern Poverty and Law Center (SPLC) in 1971.  It was intended to be a civil rights law center, and SPLC focused initially on the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups.  As time went on, it began to include other civil rights topics, and has become a go-to group for journalists writing about "hate groups."  And over time, its information and slant on issues has become more and more misleading, and often outright false.

Racially Inflammatory Al Sharpton Gets Yet Another Pass From the New York Times.  The New York Times's weekly "Sunday Routine" feature is billed as "Prominent New Yorkers recount their weekend rituals."  This Sunday it featured Al Sharpton being interviewed by David Halbfinger.  Halbfinger's introduction gave no hint of why Sharpton is considered by non-Times readers as a controversial figure.

Running on the Race Track.  Obama says that the Tea Party movement is inspired by race, by a sense that minorities are getting all these goodies from Washington.  They are motivated, the President thinks, by "a subterranean agenda."  This is such a piece of hackery and flackery, of puffery and guffery, of foolery and fakery.  Politics at its rankest masquerading as analysis at its frankest.  There is so much dirty laundry being aired here that I simply had to make a list.  Every trick in the old, old playbook is on display.

The Left's Assault on Democracy in Wisconsin.  Leftist radicals don't believe in democracy in the way the term is used in America. ... The union goons and paid protesters wreaking havoc in Madison, Wisconsin believe in the radical left-wing un-American conception of democracy.  They're being cheered on by the Rev. Jesse Jackson who dropped by to outrageously compare the ongoing disruptions to the 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.  "This is a Martin Luther King moment, this is a Gandhi moment," he said without chuckling.

Dallas Politician: 'All of you are white. Go to hell!'  Most of you won't know the name John Wiley Price, but he's obviously a man well qualified to hold a position at the Eric Holder Justice Department.  What has Price, a Dallas County Commissioner, done to distinguish himself?  He told a group of five citizens, "All of you are white.  Go to hell!"

John Wiley Price Tells Citizens To "Go To Hell".  [Scroll down]  Turner continued speaking, ignoring Price's ongoing interruptions.  At that point, Jenkins adjourned the meeting.  As Price stood to leave, he looked at Turner and the five other citizens who addressed the court.  Price said to them, "All of you are white.  Go to hell!"  Price repeated "go to hell" three more times.  An unknown member of the audience said, "You should be ashamed!"  "I'm not ashamed!" Price answered.  "I'm not ashamed!  Go to hell!"

New tax tab for Rev. Al.  The Rev. Al Sharpton, who has vowed to clean up his fiscal house, has a new tax lien to pay.  Sharpton owes $359,973 to the IRS for 2009 personal income tax, according to documents on file with the city.

Rev. Al: Tax thee, not me.  The Rev. Al Sharpton delivered one of his patented pulpit stemwinders Sunday, demanding that Gov. Cuomo extend the so-called "millionaire's tax."  What a hoot, the Rev.  That is, for a fellow who's serially allergic to paying his own taxes, Sharpton sure has a lot to say about other people's responsibilities to Caesar.

MSNBC Star Host Al Sharpton Owes IRS $2.6 Million.  MSNBC star Al Sharpton owes the IRS $2.6 million... But he did finally pay the Peabody Hotel in Memphis the $106,981 that he owed for a 2008 conference.

Professional "Anti-hate" Group Goes to Bed with Reds.  John Rossomando of The Daily Caller has broken a story about how the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a source of information for the major media on such matters as the Arizona shooting rampage, is now placing its articles in a communist newspaper through a left-wing "news service."  The paper is the People's World, the official on-line publication of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

At Least One Black American Dreads Black History Month.  Throughout American history, white folks, and mostly Christians (there's that dirty C-word which the left despises) suffered, sacrificed, and died to help set blacks free and move them forward.  And yet, Sharpton and company use Black History Month to promote the image that every black achievement was made "in spite of" white America.

Al Sharpton Continues Politically Motivated Campaign to Censor Rush Limbaugh.  Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" Monday night [1/31/2011] to once again demand that the federal government censor Rush Limbaugh.  As he always does, Sharpton couched his clear political agenda in the language of racial righteousness.  He cited Rush Limbaugh's satirical mocking of Chinese president Hu Jintao as evidence of "why we must have standards" for radio and television broadcasters.

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Unintelligence Report.  According to the SPLC's 990 Form for 2008, the SPLC's Chief Trial Counsel Morris Dees made a generous $348,420 that year.  SPLC President and CEO Richard Cohen was right behind him at $344,490.  General Counsel Joseph Levin made $189,166.  Legal director Rhonda Brownstein brought in $179,806; CFO Teenie Hutchinson, $155,414.  Potok pulled in $143,099.  Former Chief Operating Officer Jeff Blancett made $159,301 — that's right, the former COO.  Who is funding this subversive and dangerous organization?

FEC Rules Against DNC/Jesse Jackson.  The Federal Election Commission announced [May 26, 2005] that the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Democratic National Committee have been found guilty of violating federal election law.

Conservative Organizations Slam Law Center for Labeling Them 'Hate' Groups.  Conservative groups and lawmakers are firing back at the Southern Poverty Law Center for releasing a new report labeling some mainstream conservative organizations as "hate groups" for their opposition to gay marriage.  In its latest report, the center added 18 "anti-gay groups" to its list of active hate organizations, including Concerned Women for America, the Traditional Values Coalition, the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage.

The Wolves Who Cry Boy.  The Reverends Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jim Wallis, Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger insist racism is alive and well in America.  And they are right.  All they need do is look in their respective mirrors to see some of its most active proponents.

Calling Out Race Exploiter Al Sharpton.  [Al] Sharpton appeared on MSNBC with a panel of white liberals discussing gun control.  Speaking about gun violence in the black community, Sharpton said, "There are no gun manufacturing plants in the black community."  Wow, talk about passing the buck.  So according to Sharpton, black youths shooting each other, as always, is whitey's fault.  Evil gun manufacturers infiltrated the black community.  Poor powerless simple minded blacks, seduced by the shiny things, purchase their guns and use them on each other.  Incredibly, sycophant white liberal members of the MSNBC panel nodded in agreement with Sharpton.

Blacks Have Separated Themselves from America.  For some reason, a majority of blacks don't choose to participate in the American dream of unity and the founding principles.  They are on a conflicting mission, one that does not fit into the American dream.  Their mission is the Obama message of social justice, the Sharpton message, the Congressional Black Caucus message, the reparations message, the affirmative action message, or whatever it is they are hearing from the Marxist left.  Race has become a worse divider of America than it was, under the victim mentality indoctrinated into the black population.  That is why disagreement with the Marxist black political agenda earns you a racist tag.  It doesn't have to be this way.

Sharpton Calls For FCC Action Against Rush Limbaugh.  With Democrats holding a majority on the FCC's board, lefties are salivating over a post-election opportunity to quietly impose a crackdown on free speech in talk radio.  There's little risk in approving a rule change during the holidays when few are paying attention and it can no longer be raised as a campaign issue.  Brazenly suggesting that Rush Limbaugh personally be targeted, the Reverend Al Sharpton is most certainly on board with this idea.  Listen as he pretends to support free speech, but quickly imposes his own limits on what Limbaugh should be allowed to say.

Al Sharpton: Racist, Sexist Rush Limbaugh Should Be Canned by FCC.  Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer blog reported that the Rev. Al Sharpton used his radio show to accuse someone else of having a radio show with a racial bias.

Why Do Blacks Still Buy The Government Plantation Lie?  Blacks still by and large see government dependence as the remedy rather than the disease, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  They still choose to listen to left wing black political leadership and media who have careers in keeping it all going.  Consider that it was welfare state government policies that caused this economic collapse to begin with.  And that it was community activist groups claiming to represent the interests of minorities who lobbied for these policies.

Inestimable Harm.  If I have learned one thing from life, it is that race is the engine that drives the political Left.  When all else fails, that segment of America goes to the default position of using race to achieve its objectives.  In the courtrooms, on college campuses, and, most especially, in our politics, race is a central theme.  Where it does not naturally rise to the surface, there are those who will manufacture and amplify it.

Playing the bigotry card:  the aces have become jokers.  Democrats who play the bigotry card do so to appeal to minority voters, especially African Americans and Hispanics, and to preempt debate.  They are assisted by the left-leaning media, which incorporates suggestions of right-wing bigotry into their reporting.

Al Sharpton Hypocrisy.  During his long career the Reverend has incited two anti-Semitic pogroms:  the Crown Heights riot and the firebombing of the Jewish-owned Freddy'a Fashion Mart in Harlem.  Each of the Sharpton-incited pogroms resulted in deaths, but now for some unknown reason Reverend Al believes he is the caretaker of religious tolerance in the country, as well as the protector of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr's legacy of peaceful protest.

Education secretary urged his employees to attend Sharpton's rally.  President Obama's top education official urged government employees to attend a rally that the Rev. Al Sharpton organized to counter a larger conservative event on the Mall.  "ED staff are invited to join Secretary Arne Duncan, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and other leaders on Saturday, Aug. 28, for the 'Reclaim the Dream' rally and march," began an internal e-mail sent to more than 4,000 employees of the Department of Education on Wednesday [8/25/2010].

Voter Anger Is About Racism — 'Fear of a White Minority'.  Are you sick and tired of being called a racist because you don't agree with Barack Obama's policies?  If you are, you shouldn't read any further, for Cynthia Tucker this weekend claimed the voter anger that threatens the Democrat majorities in the House and the Senate is all a function of racism.

Charlie and Maxine:  Race Peddlers.  To listen to Representatives Charlie Rangel of Harlem and Maxine Waters of Watts, one would think that Jim Crow laws had returned and were in force in every state in the Union.  If we oppose them, we are racists.  If we oppose President Obama's Socialist agenda, we're racists.  If we want the Bush tax cuts to remain in place so that our economy doesn't fall into the deep, like California in the midst of a 10.5 earthquake — we're racists.

Rep. Rangel Causes Stir In Courtroom, Gets Reprimanded By Judge.  Congressman Charles Rangel caused a stir in court Friday [3/4/2011] while trying to lend his support for bail of Afrika Owes.  Owes, 17, had been a student at the prestigious Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.  Prosecutors say she was also a member of a drug gang that terrorized 137th Street in Harlem.

Race War A'Comin'?  [Louis] Farrakhan is more hateful than other race agitators, hustlers, and shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.  He is in concert with the Congressional Black Caucus, who slavishly support communist regimes like Cuba and anti-American projects, who are angry at Whitey, but claim to be the conscience of the Congress.  I couldn't help but think, What would be the public outcry if there were all-white cruises with David Duke, or the formation of a Congressional White Caucus?  But blacks can't be racist in the new order of things, can they?

Southern Poverty Law Center is less diverse than the tea parties.  One the most repulsive of the hypocritical organizations on the left is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which constantly gins up findings of what it calls "hate", and which has been critical of the tea party movement, including this report titled "Rage on the Right."  The SPLC is always fundraising to fight "hate," and so must keep on manufacturing "hate" in order to alarm its donors.

A Free Pass for Politically Correct Banks.  As usual, our race-obsessed media has decided that the larger story to be derived from the recent slew of ethics charges against Democrats is that the members of Congress who have featured most prominently in the scandals, Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.) and Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), were unfairly targeted because they are black.  No one has produced any evidence to back up this accusation, nor have those making it stepped up to defend Rangel or Waters.  Instead, they've insinuated that the ethical violations of white members are being ignored.

Obama Plays the Race Card .  The Obama Administration is playing the race card to win the November election and keep control of Congress.  The President who promised to "bring us together" acts now to fan the flames of racial division.  As every poll shows increasing disaffection among Obama 2008 voters, a desperate White House falls back on Alinsky 101 — mobilize your supporters with a campaign of racial and class division and demonize, divide, and demoralize the opposition.

The New Racial Mess.  A number of Americans want to know why — nearly a half-century after the Civil Rights Act, affirmative action, and Great Society programs — some national lobbying organizations still identify themselves by archaic tribal terms such as "colored people" or "La Raza" ("the race") when it would be taboo for other groups to adopt such racial nomenclature.

Newsweek Whitewashes Al Sharpton.  A well-known "civil rights activist" made the cover of Newsweek, the left-wing "news" magazine reportedly sold for its debt and $1.  Based on this cover story, the buyer overpaid.

Jesse:  LeBron James Was Treated Like a 'Runaway Slave' .  Is NBA star LeBron James a victim of racism?  The Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks so.  When James decided to leave his hometown team to play elsewhere, the owner of his former team accused James, among other things, of "cowardly betrayal."  He felt jilted, and his team suddenly lost perhaps half its market value.  Maybe before commenting the owner should have taken a cold shower.  Jackson, however, sees RACISM:  "(The owner's) feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality.  He sees LeBron as a runaway slave."  "Runaway slave"?  The owner, Jackson implies, would have reacted differently — had James been white.

Living in the Past.  [Scroll down]  If the nation's most prestigious civil rights organization and the nation's best-known civil rights advocate have time for such [nonsense], things must be just swell in black America.  In the old days, civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King were busy with stuff like voting rights and integrating America's schools and securing the rights of black Americans to eat at lunch counters and stay at decent hotels, just like white folks.  You know, important stuff!  Now they're busy comparing a guy who makes hundreds of millions of dollars a "slave" and smearing a movement because of a few bigots in the crowd.  By that standard, the NAACP should condemn itself.

Dem Senator turns on the diversity shakedown.  In the Wall Street Journal Democrat Senator James Webb attacks both the basis for "diversity" racial preferences and its negative impact, indicating it's time to end these programs.  He's proven himself a political opportunist.  Talking a conservative game to his constituents but voting lockstep with his party's far left agenda.  So, it is clear that he sees himself in some political trouble and recognizes this issue resonates with many voters in his state.

Backpedaling at full speed:
Revs. Sharpton, Jackson downplay tea party issue.  The Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton sought Wednesday [7/14/2010] to steer attention away from an NAACP resolution condemning racism within the tea party movement, saying focus should remain on jobs and an upcoming march in Washington.

Corrupting Hatred.  To the followers of the Reverend, the Imam, and the Minister: ... [Louis] Farrakhan has long been associated with anti-Semitic canards, and for most Americans, Farrakhan epitomizes racism of the basest type.  Yet in 2007, Barack Obama's former minister, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, bestowed the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said "truly epitomized greatness" — thus, a man who consistently denigrates the Holocaust is seen fit by Obama's mentor to receive an award.  Do you agree with him or not?

NAACP plays latest race card against tea party.  Summertime, and the race cards are easy.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson has accused the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers of racism, for treating multigazillionaire basketball star LeBron James as a "runaway slave."  This is the same James who will become his own billion-dollar marketing franchise in South Beach.  If only slavery were so sweet. ... Jackson spent decades crying racism, even when there wasn't any, and sometimes leveraged the race card for his benefit.  That boycott against a beer company that ended with a beer distributorship for his sons sure was a beauty, wasn't it?  It's taken years, but Americans have finally tuned Jackson out.

Never-Ending Racial Hostility.  This, as compared to the nation I saw in the 1950s, is not a racist country.  The time has come to stop being intimidated by racial rhetoric and guilt for the past.  The generations upon whose shoulders the guilt rests have since passed into the mists of history.  Those alive today, black and white, are the ones who made the enormous advances in civil rights possible.  It is a matter of immense pride and accomplishment.  Do not allow others to take it away from you.

Racial Blackmail:  Maxine Waters Hammers NBC Over Minority Hiring.  There's something absurdly satisfying about watching leftists attack other leftists using leftist tactics.  NBC is just now discovering that their ObamaVision push last year coupled with their obtuse propaganda arm over at NBC News and MSNBC made them the perfect target for a racial demagogue like Rep. Maxine Waters.  NBC bending over when it comes to all things PC and Obama probably had them under the mistaken impression that their appeasement would satisfy Leftist Bullies like Waters, when all it really does is invite more bullying.

Gulf Oil Crisis:  Questions for Spike Lee and Kanye West.  I wonder when Spike Lee is going to make a film about the oil spill like the one he did about Katrina, with the underlying theme being that New Orleans was abandoned by the essentially racist federal government led by President Bush.  I also wonder when we'll hear from Kanye West, who raged on national television that "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

The Real Reason the Left Loves Illegals.  The history of the left in this country is a history of division.  Whatever conflict was current — labor vs. management, class vs. class, race vs. race — there you'd find the left, stirring things up in order to derive as much political benefit as possible.  A workable democratic system demands a willingness to seek consensus and engage in compromise.  The left prefers Balkanization and permanent conflict.

Bill Maher's 'Black' President.  [Scroll down]  It is the liberal media machine which ignores intellectual blacks like Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams and elevates racial hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to the level of "community spokesmen."  It is our leftist-dominated entertainment complex which continues to glorify black low-lifes and gang-bangers in music and on film.  It is the liberal academics who continue to insist that America is a fundamentally racist nation, and that "reparation" must be made to peole who never experienced slavery by people who never engaged in it.

Obama/Media vs. Arizona/America.  Obama and the liberal mainstream media apparently couldn't care less about the national racial tension and violence fueled by their irresponsible distortion of the Arizona law.  This is the Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley Hoax all over again.  Only this time, it is the President of the United States spreading lies and fueling the flames of racial hatred.

Bertha Lewis Arrested at Immigration Protest.  It's only a trespassing charge, but there is something really gratifying about seeing the corrupt, race-baiting Bertha Lewis being led away in handcuffs.

Sharpton's Race Card Mocks Civil Rights.  The joker in the deck came to Arizona last week to play the race card.  The Rev. Al Sharpton, looking sporting in an orange Steve Nash #13 Los Sons jersey, led a small crowd of marchers to the Capitol building in Phoenix, upset that the majority of Arizonans support the state's illegal immigration enforcement law.

New Flavor, Same Race Hustler.  Even as the Rev. Al Sharpton is being touted as the Obama Administration's latest — and increasingly connected — ally on race relations, some are wondering if his presence on the scene of the Arizona immigration debate is hurting more than helping as heated battle lines over the state's tough new law are drawn...

Sharpton leads march vs. SB 1070.  Invoking the image of the civil-rights movement of a half-century ago, the Rev. Al Sharpton promised Wednesday to re-create it in Arizona if a new immigration law takes effect, filling the jails here with protesters engaged in civil disobedience.

Is Obama fomenting a race war?  President Obama is inciting racial division.  He rightly fears that the Democrats will suffer huge losses in November's midterm congressional elections.  Republicans are within reach of retaking control of the House of Representatives.  Even the Senate may be in play.  His party's grip on power is threatened — and with it, Mr. Obama's radical socialist agenda.  Fear breeds desperation.  Hence, Mr. Obama is resorting to the worst kind of demagoguery:  playing the race card.  In a video to Democrats, the president embraced identity politics; black, Hispanic and female voters are to be courted at the expense of white middle-class America.

Obama's race-baiting.  President Obama has been denouncing Republicans who purportedly "exploited for political purposes" the issue of illegal immigration.  He also has denigrated Arizona's new illegal-alien law for threatening "to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans."  All this overheated rhetoric exposes Mr. Obama as the one who is cynically manipulating racial tensions for political purposes.

The Arizona Uproar.  Last Friday [4/23/2010], Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070, making it a crime to be in the state illegally and requiring cops, where "reasonable suspicion" exists, to determine a person's legal status.  Rev. Al Sharpton is promising to come to Arizona to march, the New York Times says that the state has gone "off the deep end," and the Nazi references are flying.

Joe Arpaio and Al Sharpton's immigration road show.  The national debate over immigration is being framed by a deeply personal and long-running argument between two of its most polarizing figures:  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Race and the Tea Parties.  Opponents of the popular expression of conservative opposition to big government — the tea-party movement — regularly note that tea partiers are overwhelmingly white.  This is intended to disqualify the tea parties from serious moral consideration.  But there are two other facts that are far more troubling:  The first is the observation itself.  The fact that the Left believes that the preponderance of whites among tea partiers invalidates the tea-party movement tells us much more about the Left than it does about the tea partiers.

Obama's racial appeal.  President Obama is transforming from being the "post-racial" to the most racial president. ... The historic first black president of the United States should be more cautious than to explicitly call for race-based support.  Such a frank appeal seeking to exploit ethnic and gender divisions reinforces the suspicion that Mr. Obama and his party do not represent the whole country.

The left-wing propaganda machine:  Too many blacks have become pawns of leftist politics; pawns in a game that will only enslave them.  They are a captive audience to the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Franken, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and others who exploit blacks for their own personal and monetary gain.

Congressional Black Caucus to meet, plot its strategy for Supreme Court nod.  The Congressional Black Caucus plans to meet this week to plot its strategy for the upcoming Supreme Court nomination.  Caucus chairwoman Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has urged President Barack Obama to consider a minority or woman candidate to replace the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.  In a statement earlier this month, Lee said it was "essential that President Obama consider gender and ethnic diversity on the high court in an increasingly diverse America."

The Editor says...
If a white male Congressman had made corresponding demands, based on gender and race, he would be called a bigot.  Tell me why that label should not be applied to Rep. Barbara Lee.

Inestimable Harm.  If I have learned one thing from life, it is that race is the engine that drives the political Left.  When all else fails, that segment of America goes to the default position of using race to achieve its objectives.  In the courtrooms, on college campuses, and, most especially, in our politics, race is a central theme.  Where it does not naturally rise to the surface, there are those who will manufacture and amplify it.

Who is Really Motivated by Race?  The election of a black person to the office of the American presidency has all but revoked "the Race Card" as a credible tactical device for leftists to employ in overcoming impediments to their agenda.  And the election of this black person, a Black racialist who has spent nearly his entire life harboring what may aptly be called an animus toward whites, has given "the Tea Partiers" and their supporters a perhaps unprecedented opportunity to respond to the unfair charges of "racism" to which they have been subjected by Obama and his polemicists in the media with an invitation, an invitation to a dialogue that is long overdue:  a genuinely honest, open discussion of race and "racism."

Sharpton, others compare Arizona immigration law to Nazi Germany and Jim Crow.  New York activists, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, compared Arizona's new immigration law to apartheid, Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South — and vowed to shut it down with mass protests.  "We will bring Freedom Walkers to Arizona just like Freedom Riders went to the deep south 50 years ago," Sharpton said yesterday [4/25/2010].

It's time to play the race card.  [Scroll down]  Barack Obama wants to join the sordid ranks of the race hustlers, like the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, if not necessarily the race baiters.  Maybe there's only a small distinction between hustling and baiting, but once the toxic stuff is let loose, it doesn't matter what you call it.

Leftist Race Baiting in Virginia.  The Left's unconscionable and shameful race baiting continues, and for rankly partisan political purposes.  First there was the attempt to depict the Tea Party movement as racist.  The lack of absolutely any evidence whatsoever to support this noxious charge didn't deter the rabid Left, of course.

Michael Steele's House of Race Cards.  If the chairman of the Democratic National Committee had suggested that Republicans were being unfairly critical of their national chairman because he is black, Republican Party officials would swiftly demand an apology.  Some surely would call for his resignation.  But when their own chairman suggests precisely that, he is met with silence.

Congressman Plans to File Complaint Against Anti-Obama Doctor.  An outspoken U.S. congressman is planning to file a complaint against the central Florida urologist who posted a sign on his office door warning supporters of President Obama to find a different doctor.

Anderson Cooper Takes On Alan Grayson Over Doctor's Anti-Obama Sign.  It was by no means surprising to see Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) come down harshly on the Florida doctor who posted a sign in his office telling Obama supporters to seek care elsewhere.  What was somewhat shocking was seeing CNN's Anderson Cooper take on Grayson Friday evening [4/2/2010] when the Congressman accused Dr. Jack Cassell of being racist.

Grayson:  Doctor shooing away Obama backers will deny treatment to blacks.  A doctor who posted a sign at his practice asking Obama supporters to seek care "elsewhere" will end up denying service to many African Americans, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) said Friday [4/2/2010].

Dr. Jack Cassell:  Hero.  Jack Cassell is too much for some people.  He's the Florida doctor who told his patients to go elsewhere for treatment if they voted for Obama.  The message posted on his office door:  "If you voted for Obama, seek urological care elsewhere.  Changes to your health begin right now, not in four years."  It didn't take long for Cassell's Congressman, Rep. Alan Grayson, a Democrat, to say that he smelled racism.

Olbermann's Smear of Tea Partiers Backfires.  To recap, [Keith] Olbermann, a white liberal, claimed that the Tea Party movement was racist against black people.  This racism accounts for Obama's failures and declining popularity, he suggested.  As proof, he cited racism that he said lurked in the souls of every white person, including his own.  Racism is everywhere, Olbermann said, apparently seriously.

Black Dem Race Exploiters Trash Tea Party.  So, I am on the Tea Party Express bus traveling to our next rally in Omaha, NE when the faces of black Democrats Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel appear on TV on the Fox News Channel.  Both were saying racism was at the core of the Tea Party protesters' disagreement with Obama. ... These two race exploiters are calling the Tea Party protesters racist.  Meanwhile, I am a black performer/activist traveling on my third national Tea Party Express tour.

When Will Al Sharpton Collect the $10,000 Breitbart Racial Invective Video Prize?  There is $10,000 just waiting to be picked up by Al Sharpton.  That is the prize money that Andrew Breitbart has offered to anyone who can reveal a video of Tea Party protestors in Washington, D.C. on March 20 who supposedly screamed the N-word at Congressman John Lewis.

Rep. Charles Rangel likens conservative foes of health care reform to racist foes of civil rights.  Scandal-plagued Rep. Charles Rangel, long a target of the right, fired back Wednesday at conservative opponents of health care — likening them to racist foes of civil rights.  Noting that he had been "cursed at and spat at" in the South in the '60s — as some Democratic congressmen say they were last week by anti-health care activists — Rangel said the similarities to Tea Party backers are striking.

It's Time For the Black Caucus Race Hustlers to Apologize.  On Saturday March 20th the leftist media reported what they described as a horrible story from their sources at the conservative-hating Huffington Post. ... At least one report said that it was "a chorus" of racist hatred.  Another report said the Congressional members heard the n-word at least 15 times.  Reporters from ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, (including Bill O'Reilly), MSNBC, and so on, repeated this horrible story.  Unfortunately, it was a fake.  The media had no evidence... Nothing.  As the story was a complete fabrication.  It was totally made up.

Labeling Tea Partiers as racist reflects decades-old liberal strategy.  A prominent black Republican said attempts to label Tea Partiers as racists reflects a decades-long strategy by liberals to play the race card to discredit opponents.  "It is a strategy that has been used for the last 50 years by the left to create an image that they can exploit and that they can use to marginalize a movement they dislike," said Kenneth Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state and candidate for RNC chairman.

What is the Center for Responsible Lending?  [Scroll down]  Redlining is a scarlet letter banks are desperate to avoid having pinned on them so they go out of their way to appease the various anti-capitalist shakedown groups including but not limited to National Council of La Raza, ACORN, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), Greenlining Institute, National Action Network (Al Sharpton), and Rainbow/PUSH Coalition (Jesse Jackson).  At the same time as the Center scolds banks that supposedly don't lend enough money in poor communities, it also excoriates lenders it considers to be involved in so-called predatory lending.

Obama's New Partner:  Al Sharpton.  With his wavy bouffant and medallion necklaces, the Rev. Al Sharpton famously confronted government officials on behalf of black Americans.  Now he has found a new role:  telling black leaders to quiet their criticisms and give the government a chance.

Now he tells us.
'The American Public Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama'.  Some of the American people probably thought they were voting for hope and change when they voted for President Barack Obama on Nov. 4, 2008.  But according to Rev. Al Sharpton, they were voting for socialism.

Here's a real 'Black Agenda'.  [Scroll down]  The question I've been asking since this brouhaha became public is just who gets to determine what the black agenda is anyway?  I'd bet good money that [Tavis] Smiley and [Al] Sharpton think they each are.  But if you ask 10 different black Americans what a so-called "black agenda" should consist of, you might get 10 different answers.

Al Sharpton's ACORN wannabe group in financial trouble.  The Rev. Al Sharpton's community organizing group is in desperate financial straits, new research suggests.  The left-wing National Action Network Inc., headquartered in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, owes at least $1,556,059 in federal taxes and $108,489 in New York taxes, according to the Nexis tax liens database.

It's the Culture, Stupid.  [Scroll down]  With blacks overrepresented among single parent families — by 1993, 57 percent of black children were growing up in a single-parent household, as compared to 21 percent of white children — white homeownership rates inevitably outstripped those for black homeownership.  In the early 1990s, that gap was at least 25 percentage points, typically around 70 percent for whites and in the low 40s for blacks.  The Clintons and their allies, however, refused to acknowledge family breakdown as a problem, let alone as an explanation for the disparity in homeownership rates.  Their preferred explanation for just about everything unpleasant was the inevitable "racism."

Dare to Ignore Race.  Do-gooders have been striving for decades to combat racism through legislation and other policies that outlaw discrimination based upon race.  These policies have spawned an industry within and outside of government that has institutionalized the identification, study, and analysis of race.  This industry feeds upon the existence of racism to justify even more discussion, funding, and study of racism.  It's a self-empowering merry-go-round.

The lucrative business of racism.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who give themselves the ludicrous title of Reverend, have the unmitigated gall to proclaim that [Rush] Limbaugh is a polarizing figure in the country.  This from a couple of race hustlers who have been living large for several decades with no visible means of support except for the "donations" they received from corporations they've threatened with not so subtle methods of extortion.

The Fraud of Progressive Nobility:  Forty years of Great Society-inspired welfarism have brought a 70 percent illegitimate birthrate among Blacks — a 218 percent explosion since the LBJ years.  The non-Hispanic white illegitimacy rate hovers below 12 percent.  Amid a finger-pointing blame fest, "minority advocates" still supply the crutches on which minorities lean.  For instance, affirmative action strengthens the haplessness in "protected classes" that motivated liberals to "protect" those classes in the first place.

Jesse Jackson Sr. Denies His Own Involvement Shaking Down the Banks.  At a speech at Claremont McKenna to honor Martin Luther King Jr. in mid-January, the subject of Jesse Jackson Sr.'s new ire was the "banksters" — Wall Street fat cats, who are causing all of our problems.  Naturally, Jackson ignored his own role in housing crisis.

As Spokesperson for Black America, Al Sharpton...You're fired!  Who died and made Sharpton and Jackson the official spokespersons for black America?  The fact that the media consults these guys to speak for black America is racist.  Are we a tribe?  Are they our chiefs?

Senator Reid's vocabulary, &c..  In the old days, Reid would have run to Jackson for absolution, as white politicians were always doing.  Seeing Jackson, or calling him, was the equivalent of going to black Americans at large.  No longer, which is gratifying.  Did Reid seek out Jackson, for his absolution?  Not that I noticed.  He did, however, seek out Al Sharpton — which must have really stuck in Jackson's craw, and delighted Sharpton.

What Is 'Social Justice' Anyway?  From Sharpton to Wright, social justice has come to mean redressing the wrongs of the past in the form of government benefits or reparations.  The expression has a hint of retribution as in "you owe us."  In actuality, the words haven't any real meaning.  There are always those who grieve, and as long as the government attempts to satisfy those with a gripe, the plaintive cry for social justice will have irresistible appeal.

Jesse Jackson:  'You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man'.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Wednesday night criticized Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) for voting against the Democrats' signature healthcare bill.  "We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill," Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night [11/18/2009].  "You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man."

Obama links civil rights and health care.  President Barack Obama used a dinner-time address to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to make an impassioned plea for health care reform, placing it in the tradition of the civil rights struggle.

Pounding the Table:  Health Care and the Race Card.  Democrats — frustrated by the public's resistance to their grand scheme to federalize health care and desperate to discredit legitimate opposition by changing the terms of the debate — are pounding the table, invoking allegations of racism as the motivation for the opposition.  The notion that a subversive racist element is behind the growing disapproval of President Obama's domestic policy agenda is absurd.

High School student in danger for disagreeing with Obama.  A high percentage of Americans believed race relations would improve with the election of America's first black president.  Today, that percentage has dropped dramatically.  Could it be because the Obama administration, at every turn, has shamelessly exploited race to further its agenda?  The message of the liberal media/Obama administration tag team comes across loud and clear.  If you disagree with Obama, we will brand you a racist and we will hurt you.

Joe Wilson's War.  The reaction to the congressman's outburst shows what happens when you judge this president by the content of his character.  In a post-racial presidency, charges of racism are the new last refuge of scoundrels.

Color Me Racist.  If you oppose government-run healthcare, you are racist.  Welcome to Obama-world.  It's now official.  I'm a racist.  No less than a former president of the United States has declared that if I oppose the takeover of 17% of our economy under the guise of health care reform, I hate black people.

The Obsolescence of a Slur.  Are Obama's critics really racists?  It is a serious charge.  If true, it means the hope of a color-blind society is essentially over after a half-century of civil-rights progress.  If false, it means that we have institutionalized vicious smears as legitimate political tactics — and, in the process, discredited the entire dialogue that surrounds racial prejudice.  How do we determine the accuracy of the "racism" charges?

Criticism Is Racism.  Sadly, it's not enough to expect that people who level the racism charge at least try to back it up.  The claim is no longer about facts, but about silencing or discrediting critics.  The evidence suggests that the right should expect this slanderous strategy to continue as long as Obama is in office.

Democrats see race factor for Barack Obama foes.  Eight months into Barack Obama's presidency, as criticism of his administration seems to reach new levels of volume and intensity each week, the whispers among some of his allies are growing louder:  That those who loathe the nation's first African-American president, and especially those who would deny his citizenship, are driven at least in part by racism.

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Jimmy Carter, the Jew-hater who cried racist.  America's worst ex-president Jimmy Carter made a ridiculous charge on Tuesday that Joe Wilson's outburst was "based on racism" and, more broadly, that "an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man."  It's ironic that a man who has such hate in his heart would call other people racists.

Carter's cries of racism are both wrong and destructive.  Failed President and presumptuous fool that he is, Jimmy Carter has looked into the heart of America and discovered racism among those who most strenuously oppose the nation's first black occupant of the White House.  Carter's diagnosis of prejudice in the anti-Obama fevers was both an insult to the public and a damaging blow to rational debate over the hugely contentious agenda that the President is seeking to advance.

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How To Find Millions of Racists:  How do you create millions of white racists?  I have a theory.  I say you can do it by accusing a few million white folks who are not racists and just continue to accuse them of being racists on a daily basis.  Keep doing it day after day and week after week, and pretty soon you might just have what you want.

Policy, not race, drives Obama foes.  Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said in an interview that rising opposition to President Obama's free-spending policies has nothing to do with race...  "All through my political career, when the Democrats are losing the argument, they try to make the issue race.  The issue's left and right, it's not black and white," the Republican governor said in an interview with editors and reporters Thursday [9/17/2009] at The Washington Times.  "This administration and this Congress have attempted the biggest lurch to the left of any administration in American history."

A Tackle Box Full of Race Bait.  Of all the poisonous, ugly and intellectually vapid controversies ginned up in my lifetime, the current breakout of St. Vitus' Dance over the "racist" opposition to Barack Obama may be the most egregious.  Al Sharpton tells CNN's Larry King that decent and racially sensitive Americans shouldn't let a small minority make health care into a "racial issue."

Liberal Hate Speech.  Have you ever wondered why Barrack Obama never brings up Martin Luther King's speech where Doctor King speaks of racial equality?  The reason is that that speech calls for all races to treat each other with respect.  Doctor King would have refused to pass any program such as Affirmative Action because he would have considered that program racist based on its discrimination for skin color.  Dr. King had no interest in punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty and he would be outraged over the actions of hucksters such as Jesse Jacksone, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and Van Jones.

Obama has some explaining to do...  Obama is not scary, just disappointing. … His candidacy kindled hope that he might bring down the curtain on the long-running and intensely boring melodrama "Forever Selma," starring Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  It was hoped Obama would be impatient with the ritualized choreography of synthetic indignation that degrades racial discourse.

Why Stupid Is as Stupid Does.  Jesse Jackson, Rainbow-Push Coalition, and the rest of the industry of outrage that make a living off of spreading such a victimhood mentality in their communities have been doing it for years.  To be very honest its one of the reasons newly immigrated blacks from Africa or the Caribbean have a very hard time fitting in to such communities.  As immigrants they see the opportunities in front of them as blessings and they cannot comprehend why some domestic, multi-generational black Americans won't seize them.  Victimhood is a state of mind first and foremost.  Overcoming the barriers that keeps one down is exceedingly liberating.  But on Chicago's south side, fellow African Americans make large sums of money convincing some that they must remain angry, suspicious, and sadly — victims.

A Teachable Moment Indeed.  Obama helped teach us some things all right, but he ain't gonna be happy with what we have learned. ... Perhaps most importantly, we have gotten a clearer picture of what the American race industry is all about.  The deconstruction of the reputation of their most visible representative, Henry Louis Gates, nears completion.

Living in Al Sharpton World.  Only Al Sharpton could consider a $285,000 Federal Election Commission fine — one of the heftiest such penalties ever — a "vindication."  That's because the FEC originally sought to hit him for a cool half-million for financial sleight-of-hand arising from his 2004 presidential campaign.

The Picture of Barack Obama:  Anti-Americanism … has been standard fare in American politics since the 1960s, including among several African-American civil-rights leaders, but has been rhetorically bludgeoned to silence by its most artful practitioners, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. … Then along comes the real deal, a raving, dyed-in-the-wool, hate-speech spewing anti-American in the form of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose diatribes no doubt took many Americans by surprise.

Rev. Al Sharpton wants FCC to investigate News Corporation.  Critics are still turning up the heat on the New York Post, directing their venom now at the embattled newspaper's parent company.  The Rev. Al Sharpton and several city councilmembers — riled up over purportedly racist cartoon — are asking the Federal Communications Commission to yank a waiver allowing News Corp. to run two newspapers and two TV stations in the city.

Al Sharpton:  Michael Jackson made Barack Obama president.  Speaking at Michael Jackson's memorial service Tuesday, the Rev. Al Sharpton gave the entertainer credit for creating an environment in which Barack Obama could be elected president.  "It was Michael Jackson that brought blacks and whites and Asians and Latinos together.  It was Michael Jackson that made us sing 'we are the world,'" said Sharpton.

Deification of Jackson as creepy as he was.  Rev. Al Sharpton complained about "a disrespectful double standard" in news coverage of [Michael] Jackson's death and entertainers like Elvis and Frank Sinatra.  "You have had other entertainers that have had issues in their life," Sharpton said the other day, before presiding over Tuesday's memorial variety show.  "You [reporters] did not degrade and denigrate them.  Michael was no freak, he was a genius." ... The thing is, Frank and Elvis and other superstars like James Brown didn't sleep with little boys.

Al Sharpton Show: Did Sarah Palin do something to Michael Jackson?  Yesterday, NewsReal Blog was obliged to revisit Al Sharpton's history of disturbing, not to mention felonious, activities — none of which has prevented him from becoming and remaining one of the most famous men in American public life.  Most recently, of course, he wasted no time insinuating himself into the coverage surrounding Michael Jackson's death; as reported here, Sharpton used his eulogy of Jackson to deliver another of his screeds against "racist" white America which was dutifully broadcast, without criticism, by the major television networks to an audience of millions.

Fifteen Reasons I'm Already Tired of the Obama Era:  [#13]  Despite the fact that America just conclusively proved it's not a racist nation by electing the first black President, race hustling bottom feeders like Al Sharpton and J