Audience Plants, Shills, and Astroturf

The word astroturf, when used as a verb, means the use of paid activists, audience plants, shills, and suspiciously enthusiastic crowds for the purpose of creating the illusion in the news media that the general ("grass roots") public is in favor of some political candidate, proposed law, or new government program.  The TV cameras always seem to be in exactly the right place to capture the enthusiasm, and the crowds go home as soon as the cameras are gone.  Soon after the election of President Trump, violent protests in the streets were fairly common, and it turned out that many of the externally agitated rock-throwers were being paid to riot.  Much more on that topic can be found here.  It is important to note that noisy shills and well-placed "random" audience members are used exclusively by the political left.  Republicans and Tea Party people occasionally have "photo op" events, but I'm unaware of any occasions where the crowds were expanded with hired extras.

Before I get in any trouble, I should point out that AstroTurf, with a capital T, is a registered trademark.  It is an artificial grass product that was popularized in the 1960's at the Houston Astrodome.  At the time, the construction of a domed football stadium was a major engineering feat; but with the football field indoors, it was impossible to grow adequately fluffy grass — even in Houston, where the whole city feels like a greenhouse.  Thus the artificial turf was another modern miracle, years ahead of moon landings and ubiquitous little computers.

Astroturf overviews:

America's Red Guards. Aimless, directionless children can be easily exploited by political elites to advance their agenda.  Goals that cannot be accomplished at the ballot box may be advanced through the moral outrage activism of children.  Politically, it is genius.  A coalition of kindergarteners or an attaché of adolescents can escape accountability behind their left-wing guardians while simultaneously breaking rules for which adults would face communal, professional, and legal reprimands.

Pathetic: White House Dubs "We Love Joe!" Chant in Video of Congressional Ballgame Appearance to Make Biden Seem Popular.  In an apparent effort to counter the nationwide trend of "F*** Joe Biden!" chants at sporting events around the nation, the White House released a video Sunday morning of Joe Biden's visit to the Congressional baseball game in Washington, D.C. last Wednesday night that opens with overdubbed girlish voices chanting "We love Joe!" as Biden entered Nationals Park.  In contrast to the thunderous "We love Trump!" chants by thousands of supporters at President Trump's rallies, the Biden cheers sound like a handful of female White House staffers recorded in a studio.  Hear for yourself.  [Tweet with video clip]

8 Ways Public Schools Could Further Radicalize When They Finally Re-open.  I think we can infer eight negative outcomes down the pike after a long period of politicized school closures that were never justified by medical science.  I imagine our ruling elites will be happy with such outcomes.  We should be prepared for the following. [...] Converting Students Into Activists:  Schools will increasingly use students as agitators for "social change." [...] For example, in recent years public schools have had students participate in gun control marches and climate crisis strikes during school hours.  As students are deprived of content knowledge while exposed to ever shriller talking points of identity politics and political correctness, they naturally become more alienated, more atomized, and therefore more conditioned to a mob mindset.  In a school setting, it's easy to pressure students to follow the lead of their leftist peers and teachers to participate in street theater.  There's loads of historical precedent for using youth to march for social change, including the Komsomol League in the Soviet Union and the Red Guard in Mao's China.

One Flew Over The Democrat Party.  On one hand, they run from discussions of ANYTHING with tangible measurements — i.e. economics and crime — while on the other hand, their emotional message resonates with high school kids like David Hogg — because they are themselves childish.  Their arguments are childish, their solutions are childish, their lies are childish, and their behavior is childish.  And now the children are becoming dangerous.  [Video clip]

Top 10 Astroturfers.  The whole point of astroturf is to try to convince you there's widespread support for or against an agenda when there's not.  The language of astroturfers and propagandists includes trademark inflammatory terms such as:  anti, nutty, quack, crank, pseudo-science, debunking, conspiracy theory, deniers and junk science.  Sometimes astroturfers claim to "debunk myths" that aren't myths at all.  They declare debates over that aren't over.  They claim that "everybody agrees" when everyone doesn't agree.  They aim to make you think you're an outlier when you're not.  Astroturfers and propagandists tend to attack and controversialize the news organizations, personalities and people surrounding an issue rather than sticking to the facts.  They try to censor and silence topics and speakers rather than engage them.

Astroturfing: what is it and why does it matter?  Astroturfing is the attempt to create an impression of widespread grassroots support for a policy, individual, or product, where little such support exists.  Multiple online identities and fake pressure groups are used to mislead the public into believing that the position of the astroturfer is the commonly held view.  Although usually associated with the internet, the practice has been widespread ever since newspaper editors first invented the letters page.  Pick up any local paper around the time of an election and you will find multiple letters from "concerned residents of X" objecting to the disastrous policies of Y.

Astroturf: How Fake Grassroots Movements Manipulate the Media.  Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson recently led a TED Talk at the University of Nevada-Reno about how astroturf, or fake grassroots, movements are actually funded by political and corporate special interest groups and are manipulating and distorting media messages.  "Astroturf seeks to manipulate you into changing your opinion by making it seem as if you're an outlier — when you're not," said Attkisson.  "Hallmarks of astroturf and propaganda include use of inflammatory language such as quack, crank, nutty, pseudo, paranoid and conspiracy."

Astroturf.  refers to apparently grassroots-based citizen groups or coalitions that are primarily conceived, created and/or funded by corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms.  Campaigns & Elections magazine defines astroturf as a "grassroots program that involves the instant manufacturing of public support for a point of view in which either uninformed activists are recruited or means of deception are used to recruit them."  Journalist William Greider has coined his own term to describe corporate grassroots organizing.  He calls it "democracy for hire."

Astroturf examples:

Greta Thunberg Drops Climate for Hamas.  Moonbattery is moonbattery; ostensibly separate items on the liberal agenda are actually fungible.  For those attacking civilization out of depraved malice, it doesn't matter whether they do it in the name of the global warming hoax or Hamas terrorists.  Consider the former teen queen of envirofascism, Greta Thunberg.  Who could be surprised that in the aftermath of the October 7 terror atrocities she has donned the keffiyeh?  ["]Greta Thunberg has joined pro-Palestine protests in Malmo against Israel competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.["]  Malmö is an Islamic colony and "no-go zone" where Swedish police fear to tread.

Confirmed: Nearly Half of Protesters Are Not Students or Faculty.  For some time now we've been hearing rumors that the increasingly violent pro-Hamas protests on American university campuses were not really "homegrown" activities at all, but were being incited by outside groups of paid, professional agitators.  Now, following some investigation into police reports released by officials, we appear to have confirmation.  Quite a few of the protesters arrested at Columbia University were not affiliated with the school.  At City College, that was the case with more than half (60%) of those arrested.  So who are these professional agitators?  The media is describing them as "veteran protesters," but they appear to be getting their funding from people associated with George Soros.

Majority of arrests at UT Austin's Gaza Camp were not UT students.  Of the over 70 people arrested at the University of Texas Austin campus on Monday at the school's Gaza Camp, 46 of them were not students at the school.  UT Spokesperson Mike Rosen told the Austin American-Statesman that based on preliminary numbers, 46 of 77 people arrested Monday were not students, though it is unclear whether this number included faculty or staff members.  [Advertisement]  Overall, 79 people were arrested, with 78 being charged with criminal trespass, and one person receiving an additional charge of obstructing a highway or passageway.  One person was also charged with interfering with public duties, said Kristen Dark, sheriff's office public information officer.  [Advertisement]  The 57 people who were arrested last week at the protests faced criminal trespassing charges, but those charges were dropped.

Paid 'Professional Agitators' Are Fomenting Violence on America's Campuses.  We're witnessing the violent, pro-Hamas, antisemitic protests erupt at colleges and universities across the nation since the Hamas atrocities of Oct. 7, 2023, and we've seen plenty of extremist students like Vanderbilt's Jack Petocz or Columbia's Khymani James spewing hateful rhetoric and advocating for the elimination of the Jewish people.  [Advertisement]  [Links]  But there are professionals involved too, and we know they're being funded and coordinated.  The question is, by whom?  We have some ideas, and the answers aren't shocking:  [Link]  Soros isn't the only extremist fomenting the violent protests — other '60s radicals are jumping aboard the crazy train too.  As I reported, Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers showed up to talk to an anti-Israel mob at the University of Chicago on Monday.  [Link]  Another long-time activist is throwing her "expertise" into the situation as well — professional agitator Lisa Fithian, a bitter harridan whose sole purpose in life seems to be protesting against virtually everything she can and trying to create chaos wherever possible.  Naturally, she was at the Columbia University pro-Hamas protests offering her advice.  [Tweet]

NYPD release video showing professional 'protest consultant' at Columbia University.  The New York City Police Department released a video showing a professional "protest consultant" who was seen on other social media videos instructing a mob of anti-Israel agitators as they took over Hamilton Hall at Columbia University overnight Monday.  New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke about outside agitators during a press conference Tuesday evening.  "What should have been a peaceful protest, it has basically been co-opted by professional outside agitators.  We were extremely cautious about releasing our intel information because our goal was to ensure the safety of the students, the faculty, and without destruction to property," Adams said.  "We have sounded the alarm several times before about external actors who attempted to hijack this private protest."

The Return Of The "Outside Agitator".  Young adults — late teens through the early twenties — are the members of our species most easily whipped into a frenzy.  For one thing, they have very active glands.  For another, they believe themselves to be the saviors of Mankind, despite not knowing [much] about anything.  And a terrifying percentage of college instructors play to their vanities.  Why?  Unclear.  I can't imagine a better place than the university for an outside agitator to ply his Soros-funded trade.  Thousands of ignorant, easily agitated kids with delusions of world-historical stature! [...] For a good thirty years, the evidence of metastasized ideological cancer among the universities has been plainly visible.  If it was ever possible to save them from themselves, that time has passed.

OnlyFans Creator Says Biden Regime Paid Her To Spread Propaganda.  OnlyFans creator Farha Khalidi says she was paid by the Biden Administration to spread "political propaganda" & was told not to disclose her videos were ads.  Khalidi says the Biden admin reached out to her because they wanted someone with darker skin sharing propaganda for Biden.  "I was doing full on political propaganda," she said of her TT videos.

Shadow financiers of 'spontaneous' student campus protests.  Recent revelations about the financial contributions of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to organizations like IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace have sparked debate about the nature of pro-Palestinian protests on U.S. college campuses.  Over the past five years, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has donated significant sums — $100,000 to IfNotNow and nearly $500,000 to Jewish Voice for Peace.  These organizations openly advocate for the cessation of U.S. support for what they describe as Israel's "Apartheid" system.  The funding from such an established philanthropic entity raises questions about the grassroots nature of these student-led movements.

[Astroturf] At Pro-Hamas Rally Has No Idea Why She Is There Or What They Are Protesting About.  A pro-Hamas protester has no clue why she is protesting and then asks a friend why they are protesting who also has no clue.  Reporter: "Why are you protesting?"  Protester: "Demanding that NYU stops!  I honestly don't know what NYU is doing... Do you know what NYU is doing?"  Protester 2: "I wish I was more educated!"  [Video clip]

Look Who Bailed Out 'Death to America' Road- Blockers.  This week millions of Americans were held hostage by pro-terrorist protesters blocking critical infrastructure in major cities across the country.  Americans were prevented from getting to and from airports, crossing bridges, and picking up kids — their very freedom of movement was stolen by anti-Semites participating in the planned protest calling for destroying Israel and "Death to America."  And one political party helped fund the effort.

Joe Biden Struggles with Takeout Box at Carefully Choreographed Visit to Wawa in Philly.  Joe Biden on Thursday continued campaigning in Pennsylvania and made a stop in Philadelphia.  This is Biden's last day in Pennsylvania this week before he returns to the White House.  After a gaffe-filled speech to a paltry crowd in deep blue Philly, Biden made a trip to Wawa.  Every moment of Biden's visit to Wawa was highly choreographed and scripted.

Dark Money Group Funding Hamas Protests.  Of course it is George Soros who is funding the Pro-Hamas protests that shut down major highways yesterday.  It's almost as if the guy enjoys being considered a supervillain even more than he wants to destroy Western culture.  [Advertisement]  [Tweet]  I have never understood Soros' hatred for the West.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was all about "Open Societies," and early on I assumed he would be a good guy despite his rather nasty way of making his money.  Boy, was I wrong.  Admittedly, I caught onto his shtick pretty quickly, but I am still ashamed that I never thought nice things about him.  These days, Soros has his fingers in every poisonous pie, working diligently to destroy all that is good.  He is like Klaus Schwab with a billion or seven dollars.

Left-Wing Dark Money Behemoth Behind Bail Fund for 'Free Palestine' Bridge Blockers.  Scores of "Free Palestine" protesters across the United States took to the streets Monday to block major airports, highways, and bridges.  Those who are arrested will receive bail money and legal support from a left-wing dark money behemoth funded by George Soros, an online fundraising page shows.  The protests, which took place in dozens of U.S. cities including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia, were organized by A15 Action, a newly formed group that worked to "coordinate a multi-city economic blockade on April 15 in solidarity with Palestine."  The group's website directs users to a "bail and legal defense fund" hosted through ActBlue, the Democratic Party's online fundraising juggernaut.

Nikki Haley appears to fabricate her own fan mail.  Yesterday, [Nikki] Haley took to social media to level a passive aggressive attack against President Trump, stating that Americans "want a choice, not a rerun."  Now, all the polls[,] and Haley's back-to-back (double-digit) losses[,] and the MAGA energy of the Republican base suggest otherwise, but that's all beside the point — Haley appears to have shared fake fan mail as evidence of her popularity:  [Tweet]

The Editor says...
If it takes you more than three seconds to recognize Nikki Haley's fake fan mail as fake, you probably should not vote in any election.  You can easily see it's fake, because the "handwriting" is precisely level and evenly spaced, but doesn't line up with the phony "notebook paper" background image.  The "handwriting," which is evenly-spaced printing, not cursive, is remarkably error-free:  There's not an ink blob or a smudge anywhere, and every letter is separated from the adjacent letters by the same tiny gap.  Pick a letter, any letter, and observe that every occurrence of that letter is identical to all the others.  I've seen much better phony handwriting on fundraising junk mail, where at least they have several different variations of the most common letters.  (Usually, when a politician fakes fan mail, it's from an unbelievably young writer who is deeply concerned about some issue that little kids know nothing about; the letter is written with a blunt red crayon, the simplest words are misspelled, the paper is carefully crumpled, and the little writer's mom coincidentally turns out to be a Democrat party activist.)  Again, if you are even remotely inclined to swallow this ruse, you should refrain from voting.  Astroturf supporters and shills (and deception) are only necessary if the candidate lacks genuine popular support.

Israel protest letters have grabbed headlines.  But how real are they?  NBC News broke the news last week that more than 40 White House interns had sent an extraordinary letter to President Biden opposing the administration's support of Israel's military action in Gaza.  So did HuffPost, when it reported Monday that 140 interns on Capitol Hill had sent an open letter protesting the war; it alleges that members of Congress have suppressed a wave of constituent support for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. [...] Except the letters, and the news stories about them, left a few important questions unanswered -- namely, who wrote them and whether the number of people reportedly supporting them actually did so.  In each case, it was impossible to identify or enumerate the letters' purported signatories.  The stories said supporters declined to make their names public.  That left open claims that dozens of people stood behind the underlying sentiments.  The letters are part of a trendlet of anonymous protest letters purportedly written by people connected to the administration and federal government.  All of the letters were sent without the names of signatories.

More Fake Fed Nazis Show Up in Wisconsin.  The platoon of more than a dozen Fed Nazis were on the verge, really, of overtaking the Wisconsin capitol and establishing an Aryan Caliphate right in the heart of the Midwest.  But let's note some inconsistencies.  By the looks of it, at least one-fourth of this fearsome fighting force qualifies as morbidly obese.  But, if we know anything about Nazis, it's that they're obsessed with fitness. [...] What's awesome is that, if you examine the videos, you'll notice the people of Madison simply walking by about their business, casually observing the Nazi parade, as if a handful of feds with Swastika flags doing pageantry through town is so commonplace now as to not even warrant a stop and look-see.  [Video clip]

Some of Those Pro-Palestine Protests Are Co-Organized by a Wealthy American Marxist Living in China.  If you were thinking that those large pro-Palestine protests popping up everywhere seem awfully organized, you're not wrong.  Today the Free Press points out that at least four rallies, including one in New York which was later denounced as too extreme by AOC, were co-organized by a group called The People's Forum.  [Extensive tweets and quotes from other organizations' reporting.]

Who is paying for the flags?  Over the last month, we've seen a lot of anti-Israel marches with lots of flags and placards.  Every time I see the marches on TV I ask two questions.  First, who is making all of these placards?  They don't look like stuff made in college dorms.  Second, do they have flag making factories in our college campuses or is there a warehouse full of them?  In other words, none of these marches look spontaneous to me.  And the marchers all seem to be briefed with the same talking points!

The Greta Pivot.  We've been saying it for years now — Greta Thunberg, serial truant child activist, is getting desperate.  Thunberg, at twenty, is no spring chicken, and she's been slowly waking up to a reality which scores of child stars — from the Little Rascals to the kids on Diff'rent Strokes — were made to realize eventually:  When you stop being cute, it's time to find another walk of life.  Just ask Shirley Temple.  Consequently, Thunberg has been trying to pivot, transforming her image from the poster child for eco-anxiety to a full spectrum Leftist activist.  Speaking in London last year, Thunberg stated that her ultimate goal is overthrowing "the whole capitalist system," which she claimed is responsible for "imperialism, oppression, genocide [and] racist, oppressive extractionism."  Of course, if little Greta had devoted less time to her celebrity these past several years and more to the study of history, she might have noticed that all of these things pre-dated the development of the capitalist system, with the possible exception of "oppressive extractionism," as it is unclear what that actually is.  She might also have learned another fact which makes her claim patently ridiculous.

Greta Thunberg is an antisemitic weasel.  I am second to none in my disrespect for Greta Thunberg.  She's a creepy little mutant, the product of ardent socialist parents, who cured herself of a mental breakdown by terrifying the world's youth with unfounded predictions of a climate apocalypse that can be cured only by giving her and her fellow travelers unfettered power (and cash). Given her background and affiliations, it comes as no surprise to learn that, in addition to her paranoia and megalomania, she's also a genocidal antisemite.

Greta Thunberg takes pause from protesting affordable energy to support anti-Israeli causes, call for 'ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians'.  Climate alarmist Greta Thunberg took a momentary pause from denouncing civilization-sustaining energy on Friday to demand that Israel cease its security action against Hamas terrorists.  The 20-year-old Swede said nothing on social media about the thousands of Israelis and scores of Americans massacred earlier this month or the hundreds of civilians Palestinian militants have taken hostage.  She also didn't bother to mention her two countrymen murdered Tuesday by a jihadist in Brussels.  She did, however, post a picture of herself holding a sign stating, "Stand with Gaza," along with the caption, "Today we strike in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza.  The world needs to speak up and call for an immediate ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians and all civilians affected."

Are We Sure Viral Chargers Fan Isn't a Paid Actor?  Social media users speculated on Tuesday that the viral Chargers fan during last night's Monday Night Football matchup was a paid actor.  NBC Sports blogger Mike Florio suggested the Chargers paid the woman to generate headlines and positive attention.  "So, yeah, I'm inclined to think it was all arranged.  And that she left SoFi Stadium with a paycheck for her efforts to create the impression that the Chargers actually have passionate, obsessive fans.  And that the viral video could help her get another acting gig, even if it's pretending to be a fan of some other sports team," wrote Florio.  The broadcast frequently showed the woman working through all of the emotions as the Chargers lost yet another nail-biter, this time to the Cowboys.  [Tweet with video clip]

The Politics of Third-Party Validation.  [Scroll down]  The examples are too numerous to mention, though it should be noted that — unlike private "take the money and run" groups — government agencies are usually in on the game — or even started it — very early on in the process.  But one of the most devastating examples currently occurring involves the censorship industry.  Groups were created and funded — quite often by government agencies — to silence opponents while giving the government, again, some distance from the stink (although Missouri V. Biden may be cutting in that scheme.)  One of these groups is the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH,) a "non-profit" created out of whole cloth to police the internet for bad thought.  Funded by foundations, the CCDH sprung from the loins of the British Labour Party.  Like the (formerly) U.S. State Department-funded Global Disinformation Network, the foundation-funded CCDH hunts hate and misinformation (read: honest opinions and anything that challenges the elite narrative) and then writes reports about and then tells advertisers they shouldn't do business with people or companies it doesn't like or it finds threatening to its vision of a not at all free future.

'Obnoxious' charity that occupied McCarthy's office [is] heavily bankrolled by taxpayers.  A left-wing nonprofit group whose activists were arrested for occupying House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) office to demand reauthorization of an HIV/AIDS program pockets millions of dollars each year in government grants, documents show.  Activists for the HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations Health GAP and Housing Works faced arrest Monday after storming McCarthy's office on Capitol Hill and pressing Congress to carve out a five-year extension to the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a program that allocates federal funds for research, prevention, and treatment to fight the disease.  Housing Works, a charity based in Brooklyn, New York, has received government cash for decades, including over $100 million in grants between fiscal 2011 and 2022, according to tax forms reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

Fox News and Martha MacCallum Caught Presenting Koch Brothers Activist as Fake GOP Voter in Wisconsin to Support Ron DeSantis.  By now we are all too familiar with the schemes and plots of the corporate media as they participate in the political illusion of choice game.  However, for Rupert Murdoch and Fox News debate moderator Martha MacCallum, this catch shreds the remaining little credibility they carried.  Fox News is hosting the GOP debate in Wisconsin.  During this build up segment, Martha MacCallum introduces the "random Republican voters" in Wisconsin who will watch the debate.  Except, well... there's a little problem.  MacCallum introduces Chris Lawrence as a "Wisconsin GOP voter" who seemingly supports Ron DeSantis.  However, MacCallum fails to mention that Chris Lawrence actually works for the Koch Network, who have recently pledged to spend $70 million to defeat President Trump.  Not only has Chris Lawrence worked for the Koch Network for the past 9 years, he is also the Senior Field Director for the Koch group Americans for Prosperity.  In essence, Lawrence is a political operative planted in the group by Fox News to support Ron DeSantis and make it appear like he is an innocuous voter.

Disney-owned ABC News profiles child identifying as transgender at 3 years old: 'I'm a girl person'.  ABC News, a company owned by Disney, published a sympathetic profile about parents in Texas who claim their child came out as transgendered at age 3.  "When she was 3, one day, she told me, 'I'm a girl person,' a parent told ABC News in a story published Sunday.  It was National Daughters Day "and she said, 'Can I be your daughter?' — which made me cry," the mother, who went by "Susan" for the story, told ABC News.

The Editor says...
The incident described above almost certainly didn't happen the way it is described.  How many people have heard of "Daughters Day?"  How many three-year-olds have a vocabulary that includes "daughter?"  In the absence of social media and the lust for fame, how many parents would change the way they treat a three-year-old son based on one transient exploratory question?

The Astroturfing of Generation Z.  Last year I wrote about the penchant of the American Left to promote sacred-cow minority blocs like puppets on a string, such as ethnic, gender, or age groups.  The objective is to promote causes while deflecting duly earned criticism as a character flaw of the accuser.  The examples then included famed climate activist Greta Thunberg and gun-control activist David Hogg.  The latest example is the Biden White House's campaign to hire an army of social-media influencers and target their operation toward Generation Z to bolster his 2024 re-election bid.  Biden previously employed this strategy by hiring an army of TikTok influencers to push COVID vaccination and saw a measure of success.  This campaign to recruit Gen Z influencers is already being realized on Twitter with a very canned message by DNC influencers Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey.  If you've noticed one of these two young men on TikTok or Twitter promoting the homologous voting bloc of Gen Z, it's not by accident.  From the top to the bottom of the leftist press, we're being told how Gen Z thinks and how Gen Z votes.

Celebrity sleeper cell activated to foment chaos in Kansas City.  [Scroll down]  Around three years ago, India passed three new farm laws there were essential reforms to align the farming sector with the free market and restrict government interference.  For nefarious elements looking to harm the current government and possibly destabilize the nation, this was a sterling opportunity.  The farmers began a protest by blockading a highway that led to India's capital, Delhi.  In parallel, representatives of the protesting farmers were negotiating with the government.  Also supporting the protest were Meena Harris, niece of US vice-president Kamala Harris, Rep Ilhan Omar, Rihanna, Susan Sarandon, Trevor Noah, John Cusack, and others.  Doubtlessly none of these celebrities knew much about the farm laws or the situation in India.  But they supported the protest anyway.  Also joining the protest: Juvenile 'Activist' Greta Thunberg; it is doubtful she would even be able to point to India on a map, but it hardly mattered.  Thunberg was important to these protests because her mistake revealed what we always suspected.  Thunberg and her handlers was so incompetent that they accidentally tweeted a toolkit that revealed a campaign to spread chaos and instability across India using the protests.  The toolkit documents revealed that there was nothing spontaneous about the protests and neither the 'celebrities' join in because their heart was in the right place.  It is not beyond the realm of possibility that all celebrities joined in for a price.  Every aspect of the protest including the content of tweets and the images were provided by an unknown force.

The Real Reason Why Fake Woman Dylan Mulvaney Is Suddenly Everywhere.  At last we know why the corporate world has fallen in love with pretend woman Dylan Mulvaney.  As I noted Thursday, he seems to be everywhere all at once, and it seems unlikely that corporate giants are suddenly so taken with Dylan's charm and wit that they are spontaneously all at once falling over themselves to make him their pitchman.  But now we know why there is this sudden imperative to make this man America's sweetheart:  corporations are being strong-armed into featuring him, or else.  [Tweet]  The New York Post reported Friday [4/7/2023] that "executives at companies like Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Kate Spade, whose brand endorsements have turned controversial trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney into today's woke 'It girl,' aren't just virtue signaling."  Instead, they're paying the modern-day equivalent of Mafia protection money, trying to keep the heat off their business: they're hiring Dylan and making other displays of wokeness "because they have to — or risk failing an all-important social credit score that could make or break their businesses."  If they don't inflict woke advertising campaigns on us, they're liable to do damage to their Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score, which could be disastrous for their business.

Communist Front Group Organized Shout-Down of Conservative Judge at Stanford.  The main organizers of the Stanford shout-down of the conservative judge Stuart Kyle Duncan last week were associated with the National Lawyers Guild, a Communist front group with its roots in the 1930s radical left.  Alan Dershowitz gives a brief history of the NLG and how they have been trying to stifle conservative viewpoints at university law schools.  They have chapters at more than 100 schools, and their plans to disrupt the speech of conservatives have only just started.  According to Dershowitz, the NLG tries to create the impression that the shout-downs are spontaneous expressions of anger.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

John Fetterman's 'Trump-Voting Republican' Parents Are Card-Carrying Democrats.  It appears Democrat Pennsylvania Lt.  Gov. John Fetterman's "Trump-voting Republican" parents are not Trump-voting Republicans, but card-carrying Democrats.  In what seems to be an attempt to paint himself as an everyman candidate who is more Pennsylvanian than partisan, Fetterman apparently talked his parents into claiming they are Trump voters and Republicans in one of his senate campaign ads.  "We want to tell you something about John Fetterman.  He was raised by two Trump-voting Republicans right here in this house in York," Karl and Susan Fetterman claim in the 30-second video.  "Us!"  [Tweets]  The problem is that Fetterman's parents are not Trump supporters or Republicans.  According to voting records obtained by The Federalist, Susan and Karl Fetterman have been voting Democrat for at least six years — beginning when the couple registered as Democrats to vote in the 2016 primaries.

Somewhat related:
Democrats are operating a series of 51 'fake news' websites pushing left-wing stories in toss-up states.  A liberal political media operation being run out of Washington, D.C., and Florida is pushing left-wing stories in 51 different fake news outlets in order to influence the outcome of the November midterm elections, it is claimed.  The allegations came in a shocking new investigation from Axios that was published on Thursday.  The report alleges that in the past 12 months, multiple new 'news' website have appeared across the country, all run by a company named Local Report Inc.  They do report a wide variety of stories — but sprinkled throughout are news items pushing Democrat lawmakers and policies.

Trans student walkout activists brag about fooling media, admits most just wanted to skip school.  A video has surfaced admitting a trans activist group that staged school walkouts in Virginia was led by a former Democrat staffer and a large number of the students who walked simply wanted to ditch school.  Not everything is as it seems concerning the walkouts.  An internal Zoom call acquired by The Daily Wire allegedly paints quite a different picture of the protest.  In the video, the Pride Liberation Project reportedly boasted about how they tricked the media and that, instead of being civil rights heroes, most of the students just wanted to skip school.  The media salivated over the walkouts from nearly 100 Virginia public and independent schools with thousands of students taking to the streets in protest of Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin's proposed transgender policy that would force students to use the restroom according to their biology.

Somewhat related:
Sen. Bennet's midterm ad depicts him as an outdoorsman, but it was filmed on a 24-hour fishing license.  A second campaign ad for Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet features the Colorado senator on a fishing expedition with an unaffiliated voter in an apparent effort to show the wealthy businessman as an outdoorsman.  But he reportedly bought a 24-hour fishing license to shoot the ad.  Bennet, who is seeking to appeal to more outdoorsy, working-class Americans ahead of the November midterms, went fishing in the new ad, "Reel Focused."  Following its release, Axios reported Bennet purchased a 24-hour license just for the day of filming.

The harridans on 'The View' got rebuked by their own legal department.  Turning Point USA had its summit in Florida last week and, predictably, a lot of manifestly fake Nazis showed up, to imply that American conservatives, who are dedicated to individual liberty, are in fact National Socialists, who are, well, socialists.  Only very stupid people would believe that this small group with their fresh-out-of-the-package banners were Nazis — and that brings me to the gals on ABC's The View.  Their credulous opinings were so bad that ABC had to read a statement rejecting their assertions about Turning Point USA.

I smell astroturf.
Seattle students walk out of school, demand mask mandates be reinstated.  More than 100 Seattle Public Schools students walked out of class Monday morning to protest the district's decision to end the requirement that students and staff wear masks.  Many of those students rallied at district headquarters, the John Stanford Center, to ask Superintendent Brent Jones to reinstate the mask mandate districtwide.  Mask requirements for Seattle and most other districts in the state ended a week ago.  "It's absolutely maddening we have to take time away from our education to fight for safety and health," said Marigold Wong, a sophomore at Franklin High School.

How obvious can it get?
Public School Kids Walk Out Nationwide to Protest School Staying Open.  Public school students from New York, New Jersey, Oakland, Chicago, and other cities across the country staged walkouts this past week to protest the COVID-19 policies of districts that kept schools open.  "Many of us are worried about not only our health, but our teacher's health, our janitor's health, even our administration's health," one student said during a classroom walkout in Chicago.

The Editor says...
The little urchins in the big city public schools couldn't care less about the health and well-being of the teachers, and never give the school's janitor one second of consideration.  There is a name for junior activists like this:  Astroturf!

PSL astroturf
Guess Who?  The Albuquerque Trump Protests Were 100% Organized Political Astroturf.  This Reuters Article describes the rioting mob from New Mexico last night: [...] However, what the article doesn't mention is that the protesting groups were 100% organized political astroturf.  Notice the sign above, and see the caption "PSL"?  "PSL" stands for "Party for Socialism and Liberation".  Here's a copy of their organizing flyer prior to last night's protest rally:  [Illustration (left)]

Establishment Media Shut Down Secret Chat Room Coordinating Facebook 'Whistleblower' Document Releases After Breitbart News Inquiries.  Several establishment media outlets coordinated the release of document disclosures in a giant and secret, now-defunct online chat group, hidden from the public, a series of recent reports reveals.  The group shut down abruptly on Tuesday afternoon [10/26/2021] after a series of unanswered inquiries from Breitbart News were sent to known members throughout the establishment media, including at least two New York Times reporters, a senior editor at the Atlantic, an NBC News reporter, and several others.  The online chat, through an application called Slack that facilitates group chats and is used by many different newsrooms and other companies nationwide, helped establishment media outlets coordinate the release of their stories on documents provided to them by so-called Facebook "whistleblower" Frances Haugen.  Slack is generally used internally for easier communication in remote companies, but special features do allow Slack users to set up groups with members from a selection of different companies.  That appears to be what happened here, as representatives from each of the above named companies and others all joined a specially created Slack group to coordinate their stories for maximum impact.

Boston Bombing Scripted Actor turns out to be CNN's favorite so-called Covid "expert" Dr. Leana Wen (opinion).  Acting involves the ability to enter into another character, memorize lines, show confidence while the camera is rolling, and use dramatic "techniques" to engage with an audience.  Recall back in April of 2013, when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred, crisis actor videos went viral, and the acting of many players was so bad that many Americans began questioning if the news media were lying, just as a government-run litmus test for martial law in the suburbs of Boston was being rolled out.  Guess who was there, lying through her teeth, in her debut acting performance?  None other than CNN's favorite actress, talking head and scamdemic promoter, Dr. Leana Wen.  After the Boston Bombing, television news went to town, pushing fear of a domestic terrorist attack that would require military brigades to roll through Boston suburbs, enter people's homes without warrants, and search for two dudes who supposedly made a pressure cooker bomb and set it off near the marathon's finish line.  America's FBI were all over it.  Emotions ran high as fake newscasters hyped up what really happened in order to broadcast mass hysteria.  Watch one of the worst crisis actors ever get her first "15 seconds" in the limelight, preparing her for eight years later when she would push the covid plandemic on the Counterfeit News Network.  Here's the crisis actor on the scene just after the infamous Boston Marathon Bombing:  [Video clip]

The Fakest "Whistleblower" Ever.  In a lesser-noticed but revealing portion of Frances Haugen's stage-managed PR tour last week, the vaunted "Facebook Whistleblower" took a moment to show off her "national security" credentials for Republican Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska.  After the two had finished rehearsing all the reasons why American children are at such grave risk from a dangerously unregulated internet, they pivoted to another topic — that being Haugen's previous experience at Facebook working in what she describes as "counter-espionage" operations.  Yes, you read that right:  Haugen was apparently a "project manager" at something called the "threat intelligence org," located deep in the bowels of Facebook, at which she claims to have presided over a team carrying out "counter-espionage" ops on behalf of Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Whistleblower's Private Twitter Account Reveals Marxist Sympathies.  The corporate media's fêted Facebook "whistleblower" tweeted a number of racially charged comments, as well as claiming to have bought books by Karl Marx for young children, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.  Frances Haugen — who went from nobody to testifying on Capitol Hill within a matter of days — has been demanding mass censorship on social media, particularly aimed at those who don't share her worldview.  But her own behavior on social media may serve to undermine her moral authority on the matter.  A private profile linked to Haugen which appeared in her biography for speaking events such as the 2015 Girl Geek Dinner reveals an even more bizarre side to the former Facebook staffer.  It also contains posts detailing work for her previous employers such as Google and her time attending Harvard Business School.

Beware of Regime-Approved Whistleblowers.  Last week a new kind of social media witness appeared:  a whistleblower.  Frances Haugen emerged with a great deal of fanfare, complete with a public relations firm, a verified account on Twitter, and a fawning entourage, including members of the press and Congress.  But instead of denouncing social media for its excessive power, wealth, and hostility to traditional American values, Haugen pleaded for regulations that happen to align with the peculiar values and interests of Silicon Valley.  She denounced free speech on the platform as a threat to democracy and lamented Facebook's disbanding of its civil Integrity team, which was the key to Facebook's recent meddling in American elections.  While some of her criticisms were designed to appeal to normal people with normal sensibilities — such as exposing Facebook's shockingly frank willingness to create algorithms to track and engage children — the bulk of her agenda was not so different from the preferences of social media leaders.  Namely, she wants social media to act as a gatekeeper and curator of content, much like the legacy media did before the internet was created.

They Are Making Frances Haugen Into A Superstar For A Reason.  All of a sudden, Frances Haugen is one of the most famous people in America.  But does she deserve to be?  Of course not.  As you will see below, Haugen is a far left activist that has donated money to Democrats dozens of times.  She is being advised by Obama's former deputy press secretary, and her political views would place here squarely within the radical fringes of the progressive movement.  But now people all over America are talking about her, and many are regarding her as some sort of a hero. [...] But the mainstream media is turning her into a superstar because she is pushing an agenda that they want to push.  The far left has been begging for more social media censorship for a long time, and Haugen is definitely a member of the far left.  She has donated to Democrats dozens of times, and that includes a donation to AOC's congressional campaign.

Meet the CRT burghers.  The burghers in places as far-flung as Loudoun County, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas and Langley, Washington have turned out in recent days at local school board meetings to protest the CRT-inflected curricula that their districts have been inflicting on students.  The protesters — mostly parents of enrolled students — regard the emphasis on critical race theory as state-sponsored propaganda aimed at indoctrinating children in racial grievance, allegiance to authoritarian leaders and hatred of their own country.  As if to prove these accusations well-founded, supporters of CRT have been rounding up children to stage counter-protests.  At the Washington State protest, for example, the parents, according to the Everett, Washington Herald, were 'met by over 360 counter-protesters, nearly half of whom were South Whidbey School District students, who marched to the protest site from nearby South Whidbey Community Park in support of the school board's progressive actions'.

Biden: In-Person School One Day a Week [is] Not Enough.  There were questions from Democrats, Republicans, and independents for Joe Biden at his first presidential town hall Tuesday night [2/16/2021].  Then there was a little girl in the second grade who, with help from her mother, asked when children might be able to get the vaccine.

The Editor says...
The little girl was obviously an audience plant, who was written in to the Biden Infomercial for emotional appeal.

ABC silent after Biden town hall attendees identified as ex-Obama speechwriter, wife of prominent Democrat.  ABC is keeping silent amid growing criticism of its town hall with Joe Biden after two of the attendees who asked the Democratic nominee questions were identified as an Obama speechwriter and the wife of a prominent Pennsylvania Democrat.  One of the questioners was Nathan Osburn, who worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration.  Osburn's profession was listed as "communications" on a graphic and his home city was listed as Philadelphia.  Another questioner was Mieke Haeck, who ABC identified as a physical therapist from State College, Pa.  Haeck is also the wife of Ezra Nanes, who in 2018 ran for Pennsylvania state Senate Republican Majority Leader Jake Corman.  Nanes is currently an at-large member of the Centre County Democratic Committee.

Biden's ABC town hall questioners include former Obama speechwriter, wife of former Pennsylvania Dem candidate.  Two of the questioners at the ABC town hall featuring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday [10/15/2020] had ties to high-profile Democrats, including one questioner who previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration.  The queries came as President Trump, hundreds of miles away, was engaging in his own parallel town hall being aired on NBC.  The ABC town hall was hosted by George Stephanopoulos, who was a communications director for the Bill Clinton White House and who has been a political journalist since 2002.  One of the questioners at the ABC-hosted event was Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama White House.  Osburn specifically worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration.

Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg endorses Biden.  Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.  "I never engage in party politics.  But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that," Thunberg tweeted.

The Editor says...
Who cares?  [#1] She's not a U.S. citizen.  [#2] She's not old enough to vote.  [#3] She's a has-been, astroturf, troublemaker and grouch from 2019.  We have moved on.

NBC Caught Again Manipulating Joe Biden Town Hall With Planted Audience and Advance Script.  The Washington Free Beacon has done a great job exposing the intentional and manipulative intents of NBC and Lester Holt during a recent town-hall event with presidential candidate Joe Biden.  At this point American media have become Pravda in their efforts to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election.

Why are networks afraid to let voters ask Joe Biden some tough questions?  TV networks are airing free infomercials to help Joe Biden, then pretend, absurdly, that they are being even-handed.  ABC, CNN and NBC call them "town halls."  NBC this week even tried to fraudulently pass off blatant Biden backers as neutral, uncommitted voters.  "We are surrounded by dozens of undecided voters," NBC's Lester Holt claimed.  Yet what followed was a nonstop volley of softballs and loaded, anti-Trump questions:  Was Biden surprised President Trump got COVID?  How will Biden lead the nation when faced with "bullies" like Trump?  Not asked were questions like:  Does Biden embrace Democrats' threat to pack the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed?  And why hasn't he blasted Antifa or Black Lives Matter violence?  Nor did anyone ask about his waffling on fracking or the Green New Deal.  Or grill him on the millions his family earned from foreign sources while he was in office.

Saturday Night Live PAID audience members $150 to attend the premiere.  Saturday Night Live paid audience members $150 to attend the season premiere in order to meet state coronavirus requirements of only allowing hired staff on the premises.  Audience members lucky enough to receive free tickets to the NBC show in New York where 'hired' as cast members on Saturday [10/3/2020].  The show opened its 46th season this weekend, having not aired a new episode since March 7, but concerns were raised about how it would allow for its usual live audience.  New York state health guidelines only allow for 'paid employees, cast, and crew' in a studio audience.

Did the managers at NBC assume nobody would check?
NBC Portrayed Voters At Biden Town Hall As 'Undecided.' A Deeper Look Paints A Different Picture.  NBC News portrayed voters as being "undecided" during a town hall event for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden last night, but some of them had already declared their support for Biden on the network's sister channel, MSNBC.  "Lawyer Peter Gonzalez and marketing executive Ismael Llano posed questions to Biden during a town hall on Monday, when he appeared before what the network described as an 'audience of undecided Florida voters,'" The Washington Free Beacon reported.  "Both Gonzalez and Llano, however, were featured in an MSNBC segment in August to explain why they support Biden."  The Free Beacon's report showcased a third voter who had also indicated on MSNBC after the first presidential debate that he would probably vote for Biden.  The report also highlighted at least two other voters who were showcased that appeared to show either strong anti-Trump or pro-Biden sentiment on their social media accounts.

NBC town hall panned as 'Biden infomercial': 'Undecided voters' didn't seem so 'undecided'.  NBC's town hall featuring Joe Biden did not receive the warmest reception on Monday night [10/5/2020].  The outdoor, televised event, which aired on both NBC and MSNBC, took place in the swing state of Florida and moderator Lester Holt told viewers that all of the Miami attendees were "undecided voters." [...] Then the "undecided voters" were able to speak to the former vice president one-on-one.  Of the roughly eleven voters who were able to ask questions, one was described as "leaning" towards Biden, one was described as a "registered Republican" that was also "leaning" towards Biden, one was described as a former registered Republican who "voted for Hillary Clinton" and other one voted for Clinton in 2016 but he, too, according to Holt, voted for Republicans "in the past."  None of the attendees were described as a Trump voter or "leaning" towards voting for the incumbent president.  All of their questions were primarily focused on Biden's plans as president rather than tough questions that challenged the candidate on his 47-year record.

ABC Town Hall Masquerades Anti-Trump Activists as 'Uncommitted' Voters.  Multiple voters characterized by ABC News as undecided — and selected to pepper President Donald Trump with questions during a network town hall — are longtime Trump critics.  While the network claimed its Tuesday [9/15/2020] town hall "provided uncommitted voters the opportunity to ask the president questions about issues affecting Americans," a Washington Free Beacon review of social media posts found that two of the questioners have long denounced Trump.  Kutztown University professor Ellesia Blaque — whom ABC repeatedly identified as "uncommitted" in its coverage of the town hall — praised vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris during the Democratic primary, saying she would "be there, volunteering" for the California senator in Pennsylvania.  The English professor was not shy about her partisanship, calling Trump a [series of derogatory names] in a slew of 2019 tweets.  She is a self-described "liberal Democrat," according to her Facebook profile, [...]

Biden Kenosha Meeting Derails As Woman Admits She Was Given Scripted Question.  The Biden campaign has apparently been caught red-handed giving out scripted questions at a community meeting in Kenosha.  Former Vice President Biden traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin this week to see how the city was dealing with the riots and severe civil unrest that followed the shooting of Jacob Blake last month.  His campaign team had set up a meeting for community members to ask him questions, but it was derailed after one attendee admitted to being handed a script.  "I'm going to be honest Mr Biden, I was told to go off this paper but I can't," the woman said.  "We need the truth, and I am part of the truth.  I was born here, raised here... I have to give you the truth of the people, and the truth of the matter is, we are heavily angry, not angry as to where people say 'oh they're protesting', there's a difference between a protestor and a rioter."

Participant at Biden Event in Kenosha Admits She Was Given a "Paper" Telling Her What to Say.  We know that the Biden events are all staged and we now have more evidence.  Today in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a Biden event a woman admitted on camera that she was given a piece of paper telling her what to say: [...] The Biden team has managed their events by ensuring all comments and questions the former Obama VP is asked are pre-approved, and set up so that Biden can read the respective answers on the teleprompter.  Yesterday we saw this as well and every day for that matter.  The media and the Biden team work together as they manufacture events and try to make them look unscripted.

Twitter Suspends 70 Pro-Mike Bloomberg Accounts for 'Platform Manipulation'.  Twitter is suspending dozens of pro-Mike Bloomberg accounts that posted identical content the social media company calls "platform manipulation."  Friday [2/21/2020], a Twitter spokesperson said, "We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam," according to NBC News.

Bloomberg campaign paying workers $2,500 per month to promote Bloomberg through texts, social media.  Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is ramping up his spending in California, paying staffers to promote him through social media posts and text messages to friends and family.  Bloomberg's campaign is hiring more than 500 "deputy digital organizers" in California for this purpose.  The Wall Street Journal first reported that these "deputy digital organizers" will work between 20 and 30 hours a week, making $2,500 a month.

Pete Buttigieg questioned by 7-year-old on abortion: 'No one should mess with... my body'.  A 7-year-old girl asked Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg to weigh in on the abortion debate during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday [12/5/2019].  The girl stood on a chair in front of an audience in Henniker and proceeded to tell the South Bend mayor that she agrees with him on abortion rights, according to a video posted by Mediaite.  "Mayor Buttigieg, I have listened to you in the debates and learned some stuff about you and that you believe in a woman's right to choose about her own body," the girl said.

Democrats beclown themselves with cows after Nunes gets done with them.  House ranking Intelligence committee member Devin Nunes blew Democrats' impeachment case out of the water yesterday [11/13/2019].  Democrats had nothing in response to the substance of his takedown.  Nothing.  The less-stupid ones made the phony claim that Nunes was repeating Fox News conspiracy theories, a bizarre claim, given that Fox News, with Paul Ryan on its board, has generally slipped into the NeverTrump camp.  The more average of Democrats dealt with it in their own particular way — by attacking Nunes personally, through his background as a dairy farmer, a perfect emblem for their rabid hatred for rural America.  The far-left Soros-linked Democratic astroturf moneybags site, ActBlue, decided to raise money to pay for cowbells with which to mock Nunes.

CNN didn't disclose that [a] maxed-out Warren donor asked [the] question that spurred [a] viral answer.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren's answer to a question at last week's LGBTQ Town Hall meeting went viral, when she suggested that opposition to gay marriage was the result of incel frustration.  But the questioner appears to be a maxed-out donor to Ms. Warren's campaign — a fact CNN did not disclose.  According to a report Monday in the Washington Free Beacon, questioner Morgan Cox was identified as "Chair, Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors" on the CNN chyron.  "It could have just as easily identified Cox as 'Donor, Elizabeth Warren,'" the Free Beacon wrote.

CNN Failed to Disclose Warren Town Hall Questioner Was Maxed-Out Donor.  Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's zinger at an LGBT town hall may have gone viral, but CNN failed to disclose that the questioner donated the federal maximum to her 2018 Massachusetts Senate campaign.  CNN's Chris Cuomo introduced Morgan Cox at the Thursday town hall as "the chair of the Human Rights Campaign board of directors" who was part of "a real estate investment firm in Dallas, Texas." [...] The CNN chyron described Cox as "Chair, Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors."  It could have just as easily identified Cox as "Donor, Elizabeth Warren."  Cox's Twitter profile indicates that his full name is "Morgan W. Cox III" and he is a partner at the investment firm Marquis Group.  The Marquis Group is located in Plano, Tex., part of the larger Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Will the Media Ever Pay a Price For Its Irresponsibility?  [Samantha] Smith was the 10-year-old Maine schoolgirl who in 1983 wrote a letter to Soviet "leader" (as the media called him) Yuri Andropov expressing her worry about "Russia and the United States getting into a nuclear war."  The Soviet propaganda machine made the most of it, releasing a supposed personal reply from Andropov that included contrivances such as "It seems to me, and I take it from your letter, that you are a courageous and honest girl, resembling in some way Becky, Tom Sawyer's friend from the well-known book by your compatriot Mark Twain.  All kids in our country, boys and girls alike, know and love this book."  Andropov concluded the letter with an invitation for Smith to make an all-expense paid two-week trip to the Soviet Union so she could see firsthand how peaceful they were.

The Caravan:  Rules During an Invasion.  The world has rules.  America, the freest nation on Earth, has rules because without them, people die.  The "caravan" is an assault on the rules of this country.  Those composing it carry the flag of the nation they are fleeing while boldly telling us it is their right to come into America and benefit from all America has to offer. [...] Let's unmask the "caravan" for what it is.  Look at the timing.  The mass of migrants seems to be scheduled to arrive at an hour of convenience for the Democratic Party.  The timeframe is malleable.  At first, there were trucks picking them up at night (when no one was looking) to get them to the border faster, just in time for the election.  Suddenly, as the Democratic Party's needs have changed, those trucks have disappeared.  Yet we know, should things change again, and the Democrats want them to arrive before election day, there will be new trucks to bring them here.  Should they want the huddled masses to breach our border after election day, they will let them continue their walk on foot.

Utility Fined for Allegedly Paying Actors to Feign Support For a New Power Plant.  A Louisiana-based energy company has been slapped with a $5 million fine over a scheme that involved allegedly paying actors to show up to a hearing and pretend to support the construction of a power plant.  The New Orleans City Council held a hearing in October 2017 to gauge support for a 128 megawatt, $210 million gas plant to be built by Entergy, an electric utility company.  A crowd of about 50 people, many of them wearing bright orange shirts, reportedly filled City Hall and voiced vehement support for the proposed project.

CNN Interview Appears to Choose 'Random' Rally Goer - Turns Out to be Andrew Gillum's Mom.  CNN reporter Randi Kaye was conducting interviews at a rally for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum on Friday when she "randomly" interviewed Gillum's mother.  Former President Barack Obama spoke in support of Gillum, who currently serves as the mayor of Tallahassee, at a Miami, Florida rally on Friday.  Gillum is squaring off against Republican Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Bad Hombres Found In Migrant Caravan Approaching America.  The narrative being pushed by the gullible media is that these Central Americans are poor and hungry, looking for jobs and a better life.  However, that's a pretty big fantasy in the minds of regular Americans who watch news coverage of a stream of people walking towards America demanding to be let in.  When interviewed, the same talking points are offered and the whole thing seems to be staged.

California-based Company Offers Paid Protesting Services.  A California-based public relations firm is offering paid protesting services to its clients.  Crowds on Demand, out of Beverly Hills, offers "protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts," according to their website.  "We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas."  According to the Los Angeles Times, the company hired protestors to lobby the New Orleans City Council on behalf of a power plant operator, however the operator claims it only hired Crowds on Demand to bring supporters to the meetings, but did not know paid actors were involved.  Each actor was reportedly paid $60 to attend the meetings, and $200 to speak on behalf of the power plant.  Actors were also hired to protest a Masons convention in San Francisco, and to act as paparazzi and fans for an L.A. life coaches conference.

California company that hires protesters is accused of extortion.  Paid protesters are real.  Crowds on Demand, a Beverly Hills company that's an outspoken player in the business of hiring protesters, boasts on its website that it provides its clients with "protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. ... We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas."  But according to a lawsuit filed by a Czech investor, Crowds on Demand also takes on more sordid assignments.  Zdenek Bakala claims the company has been used to run an extortion campaign against him.  Bakala has accused Prague investment manager Pavol Krupa of hiring Crowds on Demand to pay protesters to march near his home in Hilton Head, S.C., and to call and send emails to the Aspen Institute and Dartmouth College, where Bakala is on advisory boards, urging them to cut ties to him.  Bakala alleges that Krupa has threatened to continue and expand the campaign unless Bakala pays him $23 million.

David Hogg Calls the U.S. 'Stolen Land' in Speech at U-Mass Dartmouth.  His 15 minutes of fame may be over, but that hasn't stopped David Hogg from continuing his progressive crusade.

Human Caravan Caught Being Paid To March From Honduras To U.S./Mexican Border.  And just in time for the Midterm Elections.  You can almost hear the drool dripping from the panting mouths of the Establishment Media as they prepare their soon-to-be 24/7 coverage of the "human tragedy" that they will allege is the result of Republican immigration policies.  Never mind that if President Trump would be granted the immigration policies he's advocated for no such caravans would ever occur and in fact, women and children would be far safer for it if some semblance of sanity was restored on America's southern border.  What is taking place in the video below is borderline evil and should not be supported by any Democrat or Republican — ever.

Paid protesters?  Soros-funded network drives anti-Kavanaugh activism.  George Soros may not be passing out twenties to activists on the street, but that doesn't mean President Trump was wrong when he accused the Democratic megadonor of having a hand in the anti-Kavanaugh protests.  Mr. Soros has been a key funder through his Open Society Foundations of a left-wing network of protest groups, including the Center for Popular Democracy, which has received millions of dollars from the Soros philanthropy and helped spearhead demonstrations against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Some anti-Kavanaugh protesters were paid to help make 'viral moments,' Vice News editor says.  Advocacy groups paid protesters opposing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to help create "viral moments," including the now-famous elevator confrontation of Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a top editor for Vice News claimed Sunday [10/7/2018].  Shawna Thomas, appearing on ABC News' "This Week," said a lot of protesters were "normal people who were mad" about Kavanaugh's nomination.  However, she also added that "we also saw people who were organized."  She singled out one of the women who confronted Flake on Sept. 28, saying that one of them worked for the advocacy group UltraViolet and "was paid" to "steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators."

How we knew they were Fake Republican women.  Megan Fox at PJ Media noticed something at one of the continuing protests in DC over something or other.  Fox wrote, "Right on cue, the Democrats and their accomplices in the media are trotting out their latest narrative, using women claiming to be Republicans who say that after this Kavanaugh fiasco, they will never vote Republican again!  This would be more believable if they found some women who don't look like caricatures of Democrat women."

Soros-Backed Progressive Activist Group Takes Credit for Flake Confrontation.  The Center for Popular Democracy, a New York-based liberal activist group that receives the bulk of its funding from liberal billionaire George Soros and leads a massive $80 million anti-Trump network, is taking credit for the elevator confrontation last Friday [9/28/2018] that pushed Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.) to call for an FBI investigation into the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Ana Maria Archila, the co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, was one of the two women who confronted Flake and later boasted about it in a post titled, "Ana Maria Archila Confronts Senator Jeff Flake Ahead of Supreme Court Vote."  "Just a few hours ago, a courageous young woman and I confronted Senator Jeff Flake on an elevator about his statement that he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the post reads.

Capitol Police Arrest Screaming Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters on Capitol Steps.  Judge Kavanaugh is expected to be confirmed by a very slim margin in a Saturday evening [10/6/2018] vote.  Far-left screaming anti-Kavanaugh protesters flooded the Capitol steps Saturday, so the Capitol Police moved in to make arrests.  As usual, the Soros-funded rent-a-mob held professionally made signs and were given t-shirts to wear.

No child should be used as a protest prop.  It's become downright trendy to take kids to protests.  The Women's March was kid-heavy, the March For Our Lives rally had an entire component aimed at children.  Even elementary schools that didn't participate in the March For Our Lives walkout specifically had some sort of related activity for the kids, a peace assembly or a class project.  We're forcing our kids into politics, whether they like it or not. [...] Kids desperately want to please their parents, so if your child is opining on gun control or immigration, it's because they want your approval, not because they've thought through the issues and miraculously reached your same conclusion.

Woman Who Confronted Flake In Elevator Runs Soros-Funded Organization.  Ana Maria Archila, one of the women who confronted Jeff Flake on the elevator at the Capitol after he said he was voting for Brett Kavanaugh, is the co-executive director for the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund.  The Center For Popular Democracy is heavily funded by George Soros.

Women Screaming At Flake In Elevator Were Soros-Funded Astroturfed Activist Leaders! — Not Victims.  Earlier in the day on Friday Senator Jeff Flake announced he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh out of the Judiciary Committee.  Then he got cornered in an elevator by a screaming leftist for 4 minutes.  About an hour later and after several private talks with Democrats Jeff Flake came out and announced he would only vote for Brett Kavanaugh if an investigation continued on the man for another week.  This was exactly what Democrats were hoping for!

Government astroturf:

Looks Like The Feds And Their Fake Nazi Group Needs The Media To Focus On Florida.  'Blood Tribe' leader Christopher Pohlhaus, a former Marine who also goes by 'Hammer', spoke on an overpass alongside members of both 'Blood Tribe' and 'Goyim Defense League' today in Florida.  Many well-known voices on social media accuse Blood Tribe as well as Patriot Front as FBI agents in disguise, gaslighting Americans.  [Video clip]

Neo-Nazis Blow up That False Dem Narrative When They Announce They Support Biden.  We often hear Democrats try to smear Republicans as "Nazis," even though the core principle of Republicanism — at least as I see it — is individual rights, the value of the individual.  That's not exactly a Nazi value.  Indeed, in addition to being horrible human beings, Nazis were socialists, it's in the name ("National Socialism"), something the left likes to conveniently forget and argue away.  However, on Saturday, there was a march of Neo-Nazi groups in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  They called it a "Red Shirts" rally.  Rep. Anna Eskamani (D-FL) posted a video of the march where participants chanted, "We are everywhere!"  She, of course, called them "far-right."  [Tweet] [...] It's pretty ironic that Democrats try to tag the right with these characters, but then their leader says he supports Biden.  Do these Neo-Nazis truly support the president?  Who knows?  This guy says it, but then he grins.  They tend to troll a lot, but they certainly seem to be on the same page as Biden when it comes to support for Ukraine.

White supremacists march on Orlando, waving swastika flags and raising Heil Hitler salutes.  Multiple groups of professed neo-Nazis were spotted marching through parks in the Orlando area Saturday, with one group even ending up at the gates of Walt Disney World.  Social media videos showed the groups - known as 'Blood Tribe' and 'The Goyim Defense League' - taking to the streets in Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Spring.  The marchers, caught on video by State Representative Anna V. Eskamani, were raising the Nazi salute and chanting 'we are everywhere.'

The Editor says...
As usual, they were all wearing identical pants and shirts, although the pants were black this time.  Did they all arrive in a rental truck?

Nazis in Florida support the leftist in the White House.  Business Insider, which makes no pretense of being anything but a Democrat-supporting media outlet, reported on the story of Nazis on parade in Orlando:  ["]Neo-Nazis were marching in Florida on the Labor Day weekend chanting, 'We are everywhere,' The Mail Online reported.  The extremist hate groups Blood Tribe and The Goyim Defense League paraded in the Orlando area on Saturday.["]  The same article explains that, according to the ADL, the main group, the Blood Tribe, worships Hitler, which means it embraces his toxic racial beliefs.  Business Insider also wants you to know that its contemptible the founder, Christopher Polhaus, was "linked to the January 6 insurrection" — never mind that it wasn't an insurrection as that term was meant in the 1860s or as it is defined at law today.  Also, the article doesn't explain "linked to," a remarkably vague term, especially given that he wasn't sucked into the DOJ's dragnet and sent to prison along with grandmothers and elderly cancer victims.

The Editor says...
The so-called Nazis in Orlando are pretty obviously astroturf actors; most likely federal law enforcement agents.  Their faces are covered, they all wear surprisingly new and fresh uniforms, and they all appear to be in excellent physical shape.  I know a narc when I see one.

Leading U.S. Nazi Questioned By Police:  Computer Tells Officers Not To Arrest, But Instead "Contact the FBI".  Whether warranted or not, commenters are speculating that Antifa, BLM, and the Nazis are all arms of the Democrat Party.  Including Ukrainian Nazis.  Which means taxpayers may be funding all of this destructive behavior.  And none of it makes sense, because there is no visible "Nazi threat" (other than what appear to be masked, uniformed groups of DVEs like "Patriot Front").  Somehow media and government agencies have no interest in these seemingly well-organized domestic threats.  Sixty Minutes is AWOL.  There are no public bulletins or BOLOs for these vicious white nationalists.  In the early 20th Century, the Democrats funded a terror wing called the Ku Klux Klan.  Now the Democrats appear to have weaponized the government to create "sanctioned" terror wings at taxpayer expense.  If true, it makes you wonder:  are Antifa and BLM simply a few of the Democrat "Brown Shirts"?  [Tweet with video clip]

Laura Loomer Exposes FBI Knew Azov Ukrainian Spies Involved in J6 and Did Nothing.  In potentially her biggest story yet, Loomer exposed that Ukrainian spies with connection to the infamous Azov Balaton were involved in J6.  Loomer uncovered this shocking information after she pieced together the identities of the DeSantis-Biden supporting Nazis running around Florida.  Florida has the highest rate of J6 arrests of state in America.  DeSantis has even allowed the Capitol Police to set up an office in Florida.  Yet, federal and Sunshine State authorities seem to have no interest in arresting actual nazis in connection with January 6th.  Loomer posted a photo of Sergei Dybynyn and the J6 Shaman, Jake Angeli-Chansley, taken at the capitol on January 6th, 2021.  Loomer captioned the photo, writing, "During their private interview with @AmericaShaman the@FBI asked him how he knew a Ukrainian operative who took a photo with him the day of J6 2021.  Chansley didn't know the guy, and FBI confirmed that the Ukrainian Sergai Dybynyn was a Ukrainian spy who is affiliated with the Nazi Azov Battalion."

Gen-Z for Change:  Biden's Astroturf Youth Group.  Last Thursday, at a White House event for progressive groups hosted by Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre, whose presentations fail to invigorate either viewers or journalists, a young attendee broke into the scheduled speeches with a protest.  When a staffer approached to escort her out, he was uncharacteristically waved off by Jean-Pierre, who told him to "let her speak."  Elise Joshi, the young woman, described herself as speaking for "a million young people" by "channeling the strength of my ancestors and generation" then went on to condemn the Biden Administration's permits for oil and gas pipelines, in a segment which quickly made news on Instagram and Twitter.  But Joshi isn't exactly a pleading voice in the wilderness; she's the executive director of the progressive advocacy organization Gen-Z for Change, which is the most influential young activist organization in Washington.  As this tableau demonstrated, Gen-Z for Change is also the newest arrow in a gerontocratic administration's re-election quiver:  a youth astroturf group purporting to represent the rising grassroots and "speak truth to power" but really part of the power configuration it says it's fighting against.

Footage Shows Patriots Beat The Snot Out Of FBI Dressed As White Nationalists At Oregon Protest.  Oregon City Pride Night kicked off this Saturday featuring vendors, music, and drag story time.  As usual, the drag story time brought the usual contingent of Proud Boys to protest the event, but it was the Proud Boys who ended up fighting the FBI dressed up as neo-Nazis who showed up as well.  According to reports, the local Proud Boys who held a protest blocks from the event "clashed with counter-protesters."  But as it turns out, the "counter protesters" were actually members of the Rose City Nationalists, a small group of white supremacists who are spread throughout the Portland Metro area.  Video posted to Reddit shows a group of Proud Boys confronting RCN, telling them to leave the area.  [Video clip]

Patriot Front-Like Characters Get Swarmed and Unmasked, Brawl Ensues.  We're now in a time where we see all kinds of hoaxes, false flags, and now, AI fake images — all trying to manipulate people. [...] Despite Republicans being the party of law and order and the decades of leftist riots — including the BLM/Antifa rampages of 2020 — the media and Democrats like to try to use Jan. 6 as a way to smear Republicans as violent and somehow "extremist MAGA."  One of the things that has been floating out there for a few years that has caused a lot of speculation is the Patriot Front group.  Many speculate on them being "feds" because of their manner, the way they dress, and the way they operate.  They show up in a town, pile out of U-hauls, march around, then pile back into the vehicles, as we've reported in the past.  Some of them were arrested in Cour d'Alene, Idaho, last year and identified at that time, as we reported.  People on the right mock them because whatever they are, they aren't conservative, and everyone wants them unmasked.  Every time Joe Biden talks about the threat from "white supremacy," it seems like the Patriot Front makes an appearance, as we noted when they showed up in May in D.C.  But it looks like even the Patriot Front may have its imitators/folks who look similar, as a video that went viral on Sunday showed.

Nobody's buying the latest "U-Haul/Nazi" stunt at the White House: "This has FBI written all over it".  We deserve better false flags.  It's as if the FBI isn't even trying anymore.  That's the consensus from most conservatives, who are calling "BS" on the latest "Nazi" stunt that unfolded in D.C., and are calling it just another poorly-orchestrated FBI psyop. [...] There are countless legit reasons why conservatives don't buy this incident, starting with the disgraced FBI's involvement in orchestrating the Russia Hoax, suspicions surrounding FBI's involvement in January 6th, and the FBI's proven involvement in the sketchy "Whitmer kidnapping" plot, just to name a few.  In addition Joe Biden, who was best buddies with a KKK Grand Dragon named Robert Byrd, just delivered yet another divisive speech, where he declared "white supremacy" was the most dangerous threat facing the United States.

The Most Obvious Psyop the Government Has Ever Tried, and No One Is Buying It!  [Video clip only.]

DOJ Mysteriously and Dramatically Downgrades Charges Against 'White Supremacist' Who Rammed White House Barricade.  On Tuesday, a U-Haul crashed into a barricade outside the White House grounds.  Immediately, speculation that the driver was a "white supremacist" after a Nazi flag was allegedly pulled from the wreck.  In fact, the flag was spread out and displayed for reporters by the FBI agents on the scene.  Why did they do that?  Someone will have to ask them, but the narrative became a lot more complicated after the driver was identified as Sai Varshith Kandula.  Needless to say, he didn't exactly fit the "white supremacist" profile.  Now, in a move that is sure to spark much speculation, the DOJ has suddenly downgraded the charges involved.

The Editor says...
The photo accompanying the article above appears to show that the bollard that the rental truck "crashed" into wasn't even dented.  That's not a crash, that's a nudge.  That's not a terrorist attack, that's an astroturf photo op.

Looks Like The Brown Face Of White Supremacy Strikes Again.  The alleged neo-Nazi accused of intentionally ramming a U-Haul truck into a White House security barrier has been identified as 19-year-old Sai Varsith Kandula, The Post has learned.  Kandula, of Chesterfield, Missouri, was identified as the man who smashed the box truck — adorned with a Nazi flag — into barriers along Lafayette Square, just steps from the White House, on Monday night, US Park Police officials said.  He has been charged with threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict harm on a president, vice president or family member, as well as assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, trespassing and destruction of federal property, US Park Police said.  [Video clip]

Suspicion Surrounds White House U-Haul Attack.  On Monday night, a U-Haul truck crashed near the White House, hitting the security barriers on the north side of Lafayette Square.  According to a report from the Washington Post, the driver, whose identity the police did not initially disclose, faces charges of making threats to kill, kidnap, or harm the president, vice president, or a family member.  Additionally, he is charged with assault using a dangerous weapon and trespassing. [...] After a thorough examination by bomb technicians, no explosive devices were discovered inside the truck.  However, video footage reveals law enforcement officers handling various items of evidence, such as a Nazi flag, a black backpack, and duct tape.  Interestingly, the flag was subsequently placed on the ground — a curious detail that has sparked a lot of questions on social media, including accusations that the incident was staged.  [Tweet]  "I can't help but notice how meticulously the first responders laid out that strangely crisp, new Nazi flag for the press cameras," Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire observed.  The incident comes in the wake of backlash against Joe Biden for falsely claiming during his Howard University commencement address that "white supremacy" is "the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland."

Just As Biden Tells Howard University White Supremacy Is The Biggest Threat To America, The Feds Play Dressup As Patriot Front And Storm DC.  Just hours after one of the biggest racists in Senate history, Joe Biden told graduates at the historically black Howard University that "The most dangerous terrorist threat to our country is white supremacy," the feds went into action and created great visuals for the mainstream media to run with.  Hundreds of white men with masks over their faces carrying upside flags marched in DC.  Many on social media pointed out that no group who claim to be 'Patriots' would fly the flag upside down.

Joe Biden Claims a Child Wrote to Him About the 'Gender Wage Gap'.  On Monday [3/13/2023], the official POTUS account on Twitter posted a photo of a note allegedly written by a child — rife with grammatical and spelling errors for full effect — who was concerned about the alleged gender pay gap.  "Dear Presitent Biden," the letter begins.  "I just wanted to tell something not fair to ladies.  Men are getting more money then girls.  I think you should fix this since you're the presitent.  Even I'm a child and I think we should do something."  And it was signed, "From: Charlotte."  Whichever Biden staffer posted the picture of the letter tweeted along with it, "Charlotte, I couldn't agree more.  Women lose thousands of dollars each year, and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, because of gender and racial wage gaps."  [Tweet]  Is the letter real?  Probably not.  I'd put good money on it being fake.  But, hey, let's just forget the questions about the letter's authenticity and address the real issue here:  the gender wage gap is a myth.

Obviously feds:
100 Patriot Front white supremacist group members march along Boston's Freedom Trail on July Fourth Weekend to 'reclaim America'.  A large group of white supremacists marched along Boston's Freedom Trail ahead of the Fourth of July in protest that allegedly turned violent.  Patriot Front led nearly 100 members carrying white nationalist flags and shields through the Massachusetts capital on Saturday as part of their efforts to 'reclaim America.'  Video shows the group walking step with a snare drum, with flags and banners in hand, as they made their way to the Old State House and City Hall Plaza.

The Account That Posted The Viral Patriot Front Video Yesterday Was Fake Created Days Ago.  This viral video of the Patriot Front marchers from the now-suspended "@SherylLewellen" account, which was created just days ago, had over 1 million views!  [Video clip]  Now, if you saw this video earlier on Twitter, the account might have looked a little different.  And that's because the profile photo used to be of an attractive blonde woman whose bio claimed she was a digital/print journo with a love of avocados:  [Tweets]

"Patriot Front" FEDS Dressed As A "Radical White Supremacy" Group March On Washington DC — Police Helps Them To Get Into Their U-Hauls And Illegally Drive Away.  Raws Alerts, "a fast and accurate nonprofit news outlet" with 31,000 followers, is reporting that a group of 150 to 200 people calling themselves the Patriot Front are currently marching on the National Mall on their way to the US Capitol.  [Tweet with video clip]  A group of alleged white supremacists stormed through downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening, bearing American flags and mildly menacing plastic shields while marching to the beat of a snare drum down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  But after chanting aggressively about their plans to "reclaim America," their intended show of force stalled spectacularly when they lost their ride.  While the group had marched through the city with threatening chants about their plan to "reclaim America," by the end of the night it was not even clear how they intended to reclaim their U-Haul. [...] However more videos surfaced and people accused the alleged hate group of being full of undercover federal agents:  [More tweets]  Watch DC Police direct traffic around a Uhaul so that definitely not Feds the "Patriot Front" can load 30 deep and then totally-not-illegally drive away.  Apparently, this happened with multiple U-Hauls.

A 'Right-Wing' Group Marches on the Capitol — and Leaves a Lot of Questions.  Last night, videos began to circulate of a largely unheard of "right-wing" group called the "Patriot Front" marching in costume toward the US Capitol Building.  Reports put their numbers at around 100-200 people. [...] The entire thing was just weird.  Typically, when these white supremacist groups demonstrate, they make a big deal about it, advertise it, etc. because the entire point is to put eyes on their grotesque ideology.  They also don't typically hide their identities.  In this case, a group of masked individuals show up to march with fake shields and then quickly retreat to box trucks?  It's actually illegal to ride in the back of a truck like that in DC.  Why didn't the USCP give out tickets?  Or arrest anyone?

Joe Biden's "Student" Audience at Dakota County Technical College Were All Bussed in Posers and Plants.  President Joe Biden spoke to a small audience at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota on Tuesday [11/30/2021]. It was a surprise visit.  The regime knew they could not announce his arrival or there would be massive protests so they hid his trip from the community.  Despite this, there were hordes of Trump supporters and patriots who gathered on the highway to greet the illigitimate president, screaming, "[...] Joe Biden!" as he drove by.  Outside Biden's rally Dakota Tech students told independent journalists that the students inside the venue were ALL BUSSED IN from the Twin Cities.

Reuters Take on Tiki Torch Smear Explains Why Americans No Longer Trust Media.  Reuters once upon a time was considered just straight news.  But they've just given a brilliant example of why that's no longer true and why Americans no longer trust media.  We reported on the despicable "white supremacist" tiki torch smear that McAuliffe supporters perpetrated against Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.  After people started identifying alleged Democrats involved in the dirty trick, the Lincoln Project then took the blame for the stunt. [...] How did Reuters cover it?  They claimed that "Republicans" were behind the tiki torch effort — identifying the Lincoln Project as "anti-Trump Republicans."  At no point do they explain that they are McAuliffe supporters nor do they say that the group has spent nearly $300,000 backing him.

Something Big is Coming.  Terry McAuliffe, who was supposed to be a shoo-in for a second term as governor of Virginia, seems to be in a lot of trouble. [...] The odious and discredited Lincoln Project tried to help McAuliffe by staging a pretend white nationalist display for Youngkin.  I suppose, because they were torn between trying to pay honor to diversity while smearing Youngkin, they included a young black man in the mix of demonstrators, immediately undercutting the message of the scam that this was a white nationalist demonstration.  In fact, one of the "white nationalists" was the financial director for Young VA Dems. [...] The tweets of condemnation from McAuliffe's people, falsely accusing Youngkin, still haven't been deleted.  If this stunt manages to convince just a small percentage of ignorant voters that Youngkin is a white supremacist, it could be the difference between victory and defeat.  But there are other questions to ponder.  What if this hoax was "properly executed the way the perpetrators had expected to execute it?  What if the truth had never come out?

Lincoln Project co-founder refuses to apologize for trying to smear VA GOP gubernatorial candidate as a racist by planting fake supporters.  The Lincoln Project co-founder Stuart Stevens has refused to apologize after the 'Never Trump' group admitted to planting five people carrying tiki torches in front of the Republican candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin's bus.  Stevens' statement came as liberals and Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe's staff joined conservatives in bashing the stunt.  McAuliffe's campaign manager called it 'disgusting.'  CNN's Chris Cuomo asked Stevens, appearing with longtime Democratic strategist James Carville, if he wanted to apologize for the smear.

Vice: We forced the Lincoln Project to admit they were behind the hate hoax.  As Allahpundit pointed out earlier, the Lincoln Project released a statement not long ago admitting that they were the ones behind the tiki hate hoax this morning in Charlottesville, Virginia.  But sharp-eyed observers noticed that earlier when images of the hoax first circulated on Twitter, the Lincoln Project was helping to retweet them to their 2.6 million followers:  [Tweet]  Clearly the Lincoln Project was happy to see their own Jussie Smollett hate hoax spread and I suspect they would have let it roll all weekend if they'd be able to. [...] You know, I honestly believe McAuliffe's people are sorry.  Not because they don't agree with Lauren Windsor and the Lincoln Project but because this hoax was exposed so quickly.  Had this continued to spread over the weekend and worked as planned I'm sure they would have been thrilled with it.

The Lincoln Project and Democrats crudely conspire against Glenn Youngkin.  In one of the dirtiest tricks ever, The Lincoln Project (a collection of hard-left people masquerading as "Republicans") and Democrat activists conspired to paint Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate now leading in the Virginia gubernatorial race, as a magnet for White Supremacists.  Thankfully, the hoax was quickly exposed, meaning that it should reflect worse on Democrats than Republicans.  Were it not for the internet, though, this vicious dirty trick could have caused lasting harm to Youngkin's candidacy and opened the way for the execrable, racist, parent-hating Terry McAuliffe to get a second term as Virginia governor.  The day-long saga started when journalist Elizabeth Holmes tweeted a photo showing "men" who pulled up in front of Glenn Younkin's campaign bus, saying "We're all in for Glenn." Wearing white shirts and khaki pants, with Tiki torches in their hands, they were obviously intended to look like the White Supremacists at Charlottesville in 2017:  [Tweet]

Rep. Eric Swalwell Falls for Failed Virginia Tiki Torch Hoax.  Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, fell for and promoted the tiki torch hoax during the Virginia governor's race on Friday [10/29/2021].  "Birds of a feather," tweeted Swalwell in response to a now-deleted post that called a photo of five tiki torch-wielding democrats "disgusting." [...] It was revealed later on Friday that a prominent pro-Democrat group, The Lincoln Project, was behind the hoax, working in tandem with Democrat operative Lauren Windsor.  Friday's failed tiki torch hoax attempted to link Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin's campaign to white supremacists.

Bid to smear Virginia Rep gubernatorial challenger as a racist is foiled.  The anti-Donald Trump group The Lincoln Project admitted to planting five people carrying tiki torches at a Charlottesville campaign stop by Virginia's Republican candidate for governor on Friday — a political stunt that tried to smear the surging GOP candidate ahead of Tuesday's tight election race.  The Lincoln Project only confessed to the attempt to derail GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin when eagle-eyed reporters identified those participating as operatives within the Virginia Democratic party.  Cameron Joseph, senior political correspondent with Vice, tweeted: 'They only took credit/blame after I told them I IDed someone in the photo.'

Tom Cotton Goes Total Beast Mode on Terry McAuliffe After 'Tiki Torchers' Reportedly Exposed.  We reported earlier on the despicable smear attempt made during an event for Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin during a rally in Charlottesville that took place this morning.  To recap, a number of individuals were seen in a photo standing in front of the Youngkin campaign's tour bus while carrying tiki torches, with some of the individuals wearing hats that indicated supposed "support" for former President Donald Trump.  To many, it was an obvious effort at invoking images of the tiki torches being carried by white nationalists the night before the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, which turned violent when James Alex Fields Jr drove a car into counter-protesters, in the process killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer.  Everything about the photo appeared staged and phony, and RedState cartoonist Jim Thompson's take on it reflects that.  But an oddly incurious local NBC News "reporter" nevertheless tweeted it out unquestioningly.

False Flag:  Did Dems Pose As White Nationalists 'Supporting' Glenn Youngkin?  Do we know for an ironclad fact that these people are Democratic activists and supporters pulling a ham-fisted, glaringly obvious dirty trick attempt to smear Glenn Youngkin?  Not yet.  But I'd bet a hefty sum of money that's what's happening here.  They're dressed identically.  They're carrying tiki torches — a la Charlottesville — in the rain.  The torches look like they were just purchased at the dollar store.  And one of the "white nationalists" crashing a Youngkin event to "support him" is, um, a black guy.  [Tweet]  Right on cue, a top McAuliffe aide blasted out the tweet, treating the stunt as if it were genuine, and as if there isn't a 99 percent likelihood that this crew isn't comprised of McAuliffe supporters.

Busted: Multiple Participants in White Supremacist Smear Against Glenn Youngkin Allegedly Identified.  Earlier today, RedState reported on a disgusting, false smear that took place against Republican Glenn Youngkin as he rallied in Charlottesville, VA.  A group of people stood in front of his bus, some with Trump hats on, posing with tiki-torches and pretending to be racist supporters of Youngkin.  The scene was meant to be a call-back to the "Unite the Right" rally some years ago which caused such a political firestorm.  In what appeared to be a coordinated hit, media figures and members of the Terry McAuliffe campaign immediately spread the picture as proof that white supremacists support the Youngkin campaign.  Yet, it was obvious the picture presented the opposite.  As I noted, you could zoom in and see that one of the men was black, which would be odd if these were actually white supremacists.  Another appeared to be a woman.  The entire ordeal was too perfect, as well.  The "reporter" who spread the picture claims to have heard them say:  "We are all in for Glenn."  Within minutes, McAuliffe's spokeswoman was on social media saying the picture disqualified Youngkin from the race.

Kamala Harris used child actors in her space video.  Vice President Kamala Harris's YouTube space series featured child actors in its first installment.  The YouTube Original Series, entitled "Get Curious with Vice President Harris," is aimed at getting children interested in space and included an appearance by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough from the International Space Station.  But the children featured in the first installment of the series were child actors, including 13-year-old Trevor Bernardino. [...] The kid actors appear to be genuinely excited, and Harris seems to be revealing something to them that they don't already know.  The kids are relentlessly ebullient throughout the video.

Kamala Harris Uses Child Actors in Video to Promote NASA.  Vice President Kamala Harris is starting a new series of videos on YouTube aimed at promoting NASA to children, but was found to have used child actors in its very first video instead of regular children, Fox News reports. [...] Despite being actors, the children pretended to be as amazed by the presentation as regular children would have been.  The video features a virtual meeting between the children and NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, who is currently stationed in the International Space Station.  Through the Zoom call, Kimbrough led the child actors on a "scavenger hunt" for components to build a telescope, before the actors then got to meet Harris at the Naval Observatory.

Kamala Harris's NASA video featured child actors.  The first installment of Vice President Kamala Harris's YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who auditioned for their roles in the project.  Trevor Bernardino, a 13-year-old actor from Carmel, California, and one of five teenagers featured in the video, was asked to submit a monologue discussing something he is passionate about and three questions for a world leader, according to an interview with KSBW TV.  Trevor then interviewed with the production director. [...] Filmed in August and released during World Space Week, the video shows a group of children meeting with Harris at her residence, the Naval Observatory, where she introduces herself as the chairwoman of the National Space Council.

Kamala Harris Hired Child Actors For Rebranding Effort That Failed.  The Washington Examiner dug a little deeper into the background of the Kamala Harris cringe video.  Apparently, team Harris hired child actors to help create the illusion for her rebranding effort.  There are many details in the report that represent just how artificial and fake the Biden administration is. [...] A fake stage set for Joe Biden to pretend he's giving discussions from the White House.  A group of kids hired by the White House to play the role of kids for a Kamala Harris propaganda effort.  Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see just how fake this entire effort is as constructed.

As Afghanistan was going down in flames, Kamala Harris was making her space videos ... with child actors.  Is there any level of phoniness Kamala Harris can't demonstrate?  Back when Joe Biden had disappeared during Afghanistan's collapse and was refusing to take phone calls from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Harris had a golden opportunity to step in and show leadership.  But she had better things to do.  What was she doing as Joe Biden went AWOL?  Cocooning into her comfort zone, which was engaging in selfies and public relations.  While Afghanistan was collapsing into terror and Americans were trapped behind enemy lines in chaos, she was busy making at least three space videos with five seemingly eager children, all produced by a Canadian video company called "Sinking Ship Entertainment."

Biden campaign pulls ad featuring 'struggling' bar owner outed as wealthy investor.  Joe Biden's campaign has scrapped a political ad featuring a Michigan music venue owner who depicted himself as a cash-strapped business owner — yet was revealed as a wealthy tech investor.  The ad was removed from Biden's campaign YouTube channel after reports outing the financial status of Joe Malcoun, owner of an Ann Arbor bar and music venue, the Blind Pig.  In the ad, Malcoun complained about his venue's pandemic struggles, laying the blame on President Trump's coronavirus response.  "We don't know how much longer we can survive not having any revenue," he lamented in the ad.  "This is the reality of Trump's COVID response ... This is Donald Trump's economy," he said.  "My only hope for my family and this business and my community is that Joe Biden wins this election," he claimed, saying it "makes me so angry."

Biden Ad Misleads, But Snopes Attacks Conservative Media for Exposing It!  The Biden campaign took an ad down from its YouTube page after it was exposed as deceptive.  Michigan bar owner Joe Malcoun said "For 50 years, The Blind Pig has been open and crowded — but right now it's an empty room.  This is the reality of Trump's COVID response."  He added "we don't know how much longer we can survive not having any revenue."  But reporters discovered Malcoun inherited money from his wife's grandfather, which he likened to "winning the lottery."  Did the "fact checkers" come after the Biden campaign?  No, they attacked conservative outlets!  On Thursday, Dan MacGuill at strangely called out Fox News, the Washington Free Beacon, the Daily Caller, and others for "Mostly False" analysis.

'Struggling' bar owner in Biden ad is wealthy investor who supported lockdowns.  A Michigan music venue owner featured in a Joe Biden ad campaign lamenting his struggles to survive during coronavirus restrictions is actually a wealthy tech investor — who supported local lockdowns, according to reports.  Joe Malcoun was featured in the heart-tugging Biden ad that aired during NFL games Sunday complaining about the chances of his Ann Arbor bar and music venue, the Blind Pig, surviving the pandemic. [...] The ad suggested Malcoun's future and his family were at risk, but made no mention of the bar owner's numerous other businesses as a wealthy "angel investor" in tech companies.  Malcoun admitted in a 2018 interview with Click On Detroit that he made his start thanks to a huge inheritance from his wife's grandfather, a real estate investor, that he admitted was "almost like winning the lottery."  It soon made him "the go-to guy when it came to seeking investments," the local news outlet said, helping companies raise millions.

Wealthy MI Bar Owner Pretends To Be An "Average Joe" In New Biden Ad — Social Media Posts Reveal He's A Pro-Antifa, Trump-Hating, Democrat Fundraiser.  Last night, during the Browns vs. Steelers game, Joe Malcoun, co-owner of the popular "The Blind Pig" bar in Ann Abor, MI, home to Univ. of Michigan, appeared in a new Joe Biden television ad, where he blamed President Trump for Gretchen Whitmer's decision to shut down businesses during the COVID pandemic.  In the "The Blind Pig" ad, Joe Malcoun is simply identified as "Joe."  The Biden campaign ad never mentions that Joe's a wealthy business owner or that he frequently hosts big-ticket fundraisers for high profile Democrats in Michigan.

Environmental astroturf:

Greta Thunberg and the Greatest of all Heresies.  The other day, as environmental hero/prophetess Greta Thunberg donned a keffiyeh and joined the pro-Hamas protests in Malmo, Sweden, social media blew up with its usual mix of angry condemnation and fierce support.  "How could she?" countless posters tetchily demanded, only to be met, in response, with the equally peevish "How could you?"  With a few notable exceptions, most observers missed the obvious point that of course the erstwhile environmental activist was protesting the Jewish "oppressors" and supporting their poor, Palestinian victims; of course she took to the streets with neo-Marxist identitarians to demand "justice" and an end to "colonialism;" of course she has and will continue to embrace every subversive left-wing liberationist cause.  How could do otherwise?  After all, these causes are all interconnected, if not wholly identical.

Queen Greta has exposed the truth about the green movement.  So, Greta Thunberg has a new cause.  She's found a new crusade to throw her weight behind.  Forget saving the planet — now she wants to save Palestine.  Yes, the pint-sized prophetess of doom has swapped raging against industrialism for raging against Israel.  Mother Nature will just have to wait — her erstwhile valiant defender is busy fixing the Middle East now.  Yesterday, Greta was snapped at the protest in Malmo, Sweden against Israel's inclusion in the Eurovision Song Contest.  She looked the part.  She had a keffiyeh draped over her shoulders and a smug look on her face:  the two must-haves of every puffed-up bourgeois activist who gets off on fuming against Israel.  The keffiyeh really has become the uniform of the self-righteous.

Greta Thunberg is in the news again.  What I have always found appalling about the Greta phenomenon is not the young woman Greta Thunberg, as annoying as she is.  After all, Greta burst on the scene as a 15-year-old girl who got her start as essentially a high schooler having a tantrum.  That was her claim to fame:  she refused to go to school because the world was dying.  Within months, she was addressing the United Nations Climate Conference.  Think about that.  A high schooler has a tantrum, and suddenly, she is a world-historical figure to whom we are all supposed to listen about global energy policies.  That is not normal.  Not normal in the least.  To me the Greta phenomenon is all about the people who made this happen.  I can assure you that with the many, many millions of 15-year-old girls unhappy about one thing or another, it turns out to be very unusual to have the gathered world elites sit in rapt attention while she unloads on them.

The sinister transformation of Greta Thunberg.  Greta Thunberg spent her weekend in France supporting two environmental campaigns.  On Sunday she appeared at a rally in Bordeaux against an oil drilling project; 24 hours earlier the 21-year-old Swede was further east, adding her voice to those activists opposed to the construction of a new stretch of motorway between Toulouse and Castres.  'We are here in solidarity with those who are resisting this project and this madness', said Thunberg in English, her now familiar keffiyeh round her neck.  Some French media described Thunberg as an 'anti-global warming icon' and the 'figurehead in the fight to protect the planet'.  She might have been once.  Now, however, in her ubiquitous keffiyeh, appearing to chant 'Crush Zionism' or endorsing slogans such as 'Palestine will be free' she has become — perhaps unwittingly — the figurehead for what conservative commentators in France call 'the green alliance'.  Three years ago Jean Messiha, the spokesman for Eric Zemmour during his 2022 presidential campaign, wrote of this strange coalition between Islamists and ecologists:  'They share one colour: green.  But not only that.  They also share a totalitarian approach to society.'

American Billionaires Bankrolled Activist Crusade Against Natural Gas Hubs Before Biden Signed Off On Approval Pause.  American billionaires bankrolled an activist campaign targeting liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals that influenced the White House's decision to pause new and pending approvals for the projects, according to The Wall Street Journal.  The philanthropic organizations of the Rockefeller family and Democratic megadonor Michael Bloomberg cumulatively provided millions of dollars to activists who pressured Biden administration officials to crack down on LNG export hubs over the past several years, according to the WSJ.  The activists ultimately got their way on Jan. 26, when the White House announced that the administration would pause new project approvals as the Department of Energy (DOE) widens the scope of its reviews to include climate impacts of LNG export terminals alongside considerations like national security and economic benefits.

The tyrannical cult of Greta Thunberg.  This week Greta Thunberg turned 21. Yes, the diminutive doom-monger is a full-on grown-up now.  The pint-sized predictor of End Times has passed the final threshold of adulthood.  Once the world's best-known petulant teen, never knowingly appearing in public without wearing the scowl of the self-righteous youth, Ms Thunberg has reached the full age of majority. [...] Will she now put away childish things?  For years we've been terrorised by her infantile rage.  Everywhere you looked there was her jabbing finger of adolescent fury.  'You have stolen my dreams!', she'd wail, in the melodramatic fashion of a teen who's just experienced a minor inconvenience.  Normally, though, it's only the teen's poor parents who must suffer their tantrums — Greta foisted her moodiness on the entire Earth. [...] What happened is that her perfectly natural teenage tendencies — self-involvement, irritability, an arrogance entirely out of proportion to one's intelligence — merged with the religion of climate-change alarmism to create something of a monster.

Children sue EPA for 'intentionally' allowing greenhouse gas emissions.  A group of young people in California ranging in age from eight to 17 years old is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The group claims the EPA is discriminating against American children by "intentionally" allowing the release of dangerous greenhouse gasses, which experts say is a major contributor to climate change.  The lawsuit states that the EPA is violating the children's constitutional rights, including equal protection, due process, and others, by allowing factories, refineries, and other polluters to release too much carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the air.  The plaintiffs argue the EPA's actions are discriminatory because kids are a particularly at-risk population to climate change's impact on their still-developing lungs and bodies, coupled with their inability to directly participate in the political system.

The Editor says...
[#1] If they file a frivolous politically-charged lawsuit, they are participating in politics.  The EPA isn't supposed to be a political organization, but it is the biggest tool used by socialists to suppress capitalism.  [#2] Where does a bunch of kids get the money to sue the EPA?  Obviously this is an astroturf campaign designed to appeal to the news media.

Greens, stop using kids to fight your battles.  I've met many 11-year-olds in my time.  They tend to be preoccupied with school, friends and football.  Not one was spending their free time preparing to sue their government over climate change.  They worried about when they would be allowed their first mobile phone, not how to file a case at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). But maybe those days are over.  This week, an 11-year-old girl from Portugal will be missing school to appear before ECHR judges in Strasbourg.  Mariana Duarte Agostinho and five other Portuguese young people have filed legal claims against 32 countries, including Britain, France and Germany.  They argue that their rights to life, privacy, a family life and to be free from discrimination have been violated by the climate change that national governments have failed to prevent.  Their childhoods, they claim, have been ruined.  Poor kids.  Although, as four of the six are aged over 18, 'kids' hardly seems appropriate.  All of them claim to suffer from anxiety.

Green Indoctrination:  Greta, UN, NEA, CFR Go After Our Kids.  The kids are back in school — just in time to be rallied in support of the United Nations' latest effort to shackle the planet with freedom-destroying schemes that are aimed, ostensibly, at saving us all from the dread effects of "climate change."  Let the greenwashing/brainwashing begin!  Greta "How dare you!" Thunberg, the screechy, preachy, snotty, sneering, sanctimonious version of Pippi Longstocking, is back once again to lead a global mob of young climate zealots in the push to "#EndFossilFuels."  If that crusade were to succeed, it would amount to nothing less than civilizational suicide — not to mention an energy-starvation genocide that would take the lives of billions of our fellow human beings.  But Greta and her fanatical legions are oblivious to these concerns, as they race to combat a nonexistent "existential crisis."  The Swedish sensation became an immediate darling of the establishment media in 2018, when, as a 15-year-old moppet, she was pictured leading a school strike demanding that Sweden's parliament take action against global warming.  She is now 20 years old and an idol to juvenile activists the world over.

Swedish Court Convicts Greta Thunberg For Truck-Blocking Protest.  Greta Thunberg will have to pay a small fine after being convicted of disobeying a lawful order of the authorities to stop blocking a road earlier this year, an outcome she has decried as "absurd".  Those who burn fossil fuels should be in court, not those who fight against them, climate celebrity Greta Thunberg said today as she was handed a criminal record in a Swedish court for a protest action earlier this year.  Thunberg was ordered to pay 50 kronor, or £3.75/$4.80 a day every day for 30 days.  In all, the fine will add up to just £112, or $144. U2hlIHNwZW5kcyBtb3JlIHRoYW4gdGhhdCBvbiBsdW5jaCE=

The splooting squirrel: a true picture of climate change alarmists.  By the turn of the 21st century, the American people were already afflicted with climate grievance hustlers.  It would be laughable to hear AOC tell us that the world has only twelve years left if she didn't have so much influence in the world of politics.  It would be beyond hysterically funny to see Greta Thunberg hiding from her prediction in 2018 that the world would end in five years if we didn't stop using fossil fuels — except that this disturbed girl is worshiped all over the world in the church of climate change.  It's worth noting that both these women enjoy very posh lives.  AOC wears designer clothes worth more than I make in a month when she goes to functions where tickets cost more than I make in a year.  She doesn't pay for these things.  She just gets them from people who adore her.  Greta Thunberg travels the world in a luxury yacht because she refuses to fly.  She didn't work to earn the yacht.  It's just supplied to her with a crew.  The crew flies to get to the yacht when Greta gets wanderlust, and they fly home when she's done traveling.  That's a lot of carbon emissions to support Greta's carbon-free traveling, but I digress.

56 Years of Climate Codswallop That Never Happened.  Let's start this party by clown-slapping the snarling, climate-sourpuss Greta Thunberg female Al Gore, who flies around the world on jet-engined sky killers to smilingly "get arrested" in front of conveniently located media cameras.  Thunberg, arguably the most famous doomtard representing planet Earth, insanely predicted in 2018 that every human would be snuffed out if we didn't ditch fossil fuels by the spring of 2023.

Just Stop Oil is hardly grassroots.  Groups like Just Stop Oil and the countless other 'activist" groups who make our life difficult present themselves as ordinary people who are so selfless and so concerned about the future that they put their lives and freedom on the line to save Mother Earth.  They are, of course, gaslighting you.  It may be that the idiots who glue themselves to paintings, cement themselves to roads, and slow march during rush hour are not paid — I don't know and don't really care — but the organization itself is bought and paid for by big money billionaires and millionaires.  The same sort of people who are foursquare behind The Great Reset, which itself is nothing but a huge and so-far successful power grab by the Elite.  [Tweet]  There are now huge dark money groups out there funding radical politicians and radical policies, recruiting ground troops who are brainwashed or just stupid enough to believe that without their immediate action life on Earth will evaporate, leaving a hot, dusty wasteland surrounded by seas that have risen to consume the world's cities.

Greta Thunberg's War on Prosperity.  Swedish Doom Pixie Greta Thunberg is at it again, this time leading a protest during which access to several oil tankers in Malmo Harbor was blocked for five days.  Her message remains as it has been: We must surrender our modern technological lifestyle. [...] She's protesting wind turbines?  Seems she is now.  It seems she's against anything that supports our modern lifestyle, by which I mean anything that has any potential to provide energy, whether cheap or otherwise.  Of course, her own lifestyle would seem to be pretty comfortable.  And that is the great irony that is Greta Thunberg — her war on working-class folks.

This is some of the garbage we can expect with indoctrinated kids and greedy lawyers.  These children say that their lives have been destroyed because of coal and oil so they are suing Montana. [...] Lawsuits and policies should be based on the truth and scientific facts, not on easily manipulated computer models and made up predictions which have consistently been wrong, like this lawsuit and the radical green policies which are being forced on the American people.  Maybe the state should take the kids to underdeveloped countries that haven't developed and used their natural resources to see how lucky they are.  Then the state should send them a bill for greatly improving their quality and length of life.  The line of defense against this nuisance lawsuit is long because it is based on factual scientific data.  They can have it presented in the simplest form since they have been taught not to ask questions or do research.  They should be told that the Earth was just as warm 1,000 years ago as it is today.  Then they should have the scientific fact pointed out to them that a Little Ice Age occurred from around 1300 to 1860 where the Earth cooled a little.

20-Year-Old Climate Cultist Greta Thunberg Finally Graduates From High School, Lauds Her 'Accomplishments'.  In the full-metal clown world of "climate change" lunacy, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is arguably the most recognizable climate loon on earth — the very planet on which she predicted in a 2018 tweet that "all of humanity" would be wiped out unless we stopped using fossil fuels by 2023.  Oopsie.  Yeah, she finally deleted that piece of garbage — which comes later in our tale.  Incidentally, one of my favorite "attributes" of Thunberg is the sneering condescension plastered all over her angry little face as she waxes ultracrepidarian (great word; look it up), about all things end-of-the-world (anthropomorphically caused, of course) when she predicts the next apocalypse that never happens.

Dr Greta Thunberg Graduates From High School.  To get an idea of how much of a farce moonbattery is making of "higher" education, consider that Greta Thunberg, child prophet of the climate cult, was awarded a doctoral degree in theology from the University of Helsinki.  She has now topped this with an even more notable academic achievement.  Despite frequently playing hooky in the name of the climate, she has finally graduated from high school.

University of Helsinki gives Greta Thunberg a Doctorate of Theology.  Climate Change is a religion.  We all know that.  The University of Helsinki has decided to make that official by giving Greta Thunberg an honorary Doctorate of Theology at the ripe old age of 20.  Pretty sure she hasn't graduated from High School, but maybe I am wrong.  I thought she dropped out to become a climate change activist.  Now that she is Dr. Thunberg she can glue herself to Volkswagens or something.  Isn't that what activists with Ph. D.s do these days?

Greta Thunberg Deletes Tweet Predicting Irreversible Disaster by 2023.  Greta "Damien" Thunberg was forced to delete a tweet predicting the world could no longer be saved in 2023.  So why did she delete this tweet?  Because we're already a quarter of the way through 2023, and if the world can no longer be saved, if it's too late to reverse climate change (which is a hoax), Greta and her fascist agenda are no longer relevant.  After all, if it's too late to save the world, we might as well party on, right?

Greta Thunberg's 2018 Prediction That World Would End In Five Years Doesn't Turn Out So Well.  Being the international spokesperson for a fake crisis can be tough, as the child actor who acts as the mouthpiece for the climate change industry has just been reminded.  On Saturday, Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec tweeted at pint-sized climate scold Greta Thunberg,  "Hi @GretaThunberg!  Why did you delete this?"  The deleted tweet in question had Greta quoting this:  "A climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years."  The date on Greta's tweet?  June 21, 2018.  Either we have just over three months to live, or Greta's tweet was juuuuust a trifle hysterical.  Her deletion of the tweet suggests that even Greta knows that the sun is likely to rise on June 22, 2023.

The Editor says...
Not only has her five year deadline expired, there has been no perceptible change in the climate, even though the CO2 content of the atmosphere has increased.

Saint Greta battles windmills.  Greta Thunberg is tilting at windmills.  Which, if you think about it, is pretty appropriate.  After all, Greta has delusions of grandeur, and those of us in the less exalted classes are expected to follow her docilely as she battles imaginary demons.  You are to be her Sancho Panza to her Don Quixote.  Saint Greta is no longer just fighting global warming and fossil fuels but has declared war on industrialized society itself.  Capitalism, not trapped atmospheric heat, is her real target.  In line with her values, she is now protesting a wind farm in Norway because it endangers the traditional hunting grounds of the native Sami people.

Rebel News Furnishes Further Proof That Greta Thunberg Is a Child Actor on the World Stage.  Stephen Green previously reported on the abnormalities witnessed in child superstar Greta Thunberg's alleged super-serious arrest as a climate change martyr, which included giggling and posing with police in riot gear holding her hand while a professional camera crew just happened to be on hand to showcase the melodrama.  [Tweet]  Rebel news caught up with Thunberg at Davos to ask questions about the curious incident:  [Tweet]  The interview went shockingly poorly for a professional activist whose ostensible mission is to convince the public to join her cause.  Greta Thunberg might appear to be pre-pubescent but she's, shockingly, actually 20 years old.  The character she's playing for Rebel News is like half that age, giggling, again, throughout like a schoolgirl at serious questions [...]

At Davos, the Rev. John Kerry Signals His Place Among the Elect.  Not content to proclaim their own virtue, the more sanctimonious among the woke feel the need to contest the worthiness of others.  I imagine that young women like teen terror Greta Thunberg were commonplace in seventeenth-century Salem.  "This is all wrong," Thunberg scolded her backsliding elders at a United Nations climate summit.  "I shouldn't be up here.  I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean.  Yet you all come to us young people for hope.  How dare you!"  "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words," Thunberg continued, sounding all the world like a Puritan divine preaching infant damnation.  "And yet I'm one of the lucky ones.  People are suffering.  People are dying.  Entire ecosystems are collapsing.  We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.  How dare you!"  Apparently, Greta did not get the memo about "kindness" being "everything."

Greta Thunberg Accused of Staging Arrest at German Coal Protest.  Was Thunberg's arrest just a photo-op?  According to a report from The Daily Wire, climate cult leader Greta Thunberg's detainment during a protest at a German coal mine this week may have been staged, new video suggests.

Greta Thunberg's Arrest In Germany Was Fake.  Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg is being accused of staging her detention at a German coal mine protest after video surfaced showing the 20-year-old seemingly laughing with officers.  During the purported photo-up, video shows Thunberg smiling and laughing with who appears to be another protester.  One officer, clad in riot gear and a helmet, has Thunberg by the arm, while another stands next to her with his hands clasped in front of him.  A third officer laughs along with them.  Thunberg falls quiet and serious as a photographer snaps pictures of her and the officers standing still.  In the background, a large line of riot officers is seen standing in a line some distance away.  Several photographers swarm around Thunberg as two officers then lead her toward a parking lot.  [Video clip]

New Video Of Greta Thunberg's Detention Sparks Allegations Of A 'Staged' Incident.  New video that showed law enforcement officials detaining far-Left climate activist Greta Thunberg this week at an anti-energy protest in Europe sparked allegations that the entire situation was "staged" for the media.  The 20-year-old and her cohorts were protesting the planned demolition of the coal mining town Lutzerath in western Germany to make way for an expanded coal mining operation.  The demonstration comes as the continent deals with an energy crisis sparked by Russia's war in Ukraine.  Thunberg was initially seen smiling as German police picked her up and carried her away.  However, video later emerged that showed the moments before Thunberg was carried off by police.  The footage showed the police effectively allowing the media to take pictures and film Thunberg before they removed her from the area.  Several major Twitter accounts claimed that the situation looked "staged" for the media.

Thunberg arrest?  It was staged.  Greta Thunberg was famously arrested yesterday in that protest over the expansion of a German coal mine.  John wrote about her first arrest, and there was a second yesterday.  Footage emerged of the "arrest" later in the day, after some still shots made the rounds to dramatic effect.  Thunberg, victim of the hideous German state determined to despoil the environment, yada yada yada.  Her stand was, of course, stunning and brave.  A true climate warrior willing to risk life and limb in order to save Gaia from physical despoliation and of course doing her best to prevent the planet from burning up, drowning, drying up from drought, being ravaged by hurricanes, and all the rest of the parade of horribles that capitalism causes.

Greta Thunberg Gets Wrecked Over 'Staged' Detention in Germany.  On Tuesday, the story shot around the world that climate protester Greta Thunberg was "detained" by the police in Germany at a protest at a coal mine.  The tweets largely left out that she and the others rushed toward the edge of a coal mine which could have endangered them.  So the police removed them from the area.  [Tweets]  But then you had folks on the left outraged that Thunberg a "minor" was "arrested" and carried off by the police.  Some claimed the treatment was "excessive."  If you notice, she didn't look too upset in that video and picture.  She's also now 20 years old, so no longer a "minor."  Thunberg posted this tweet about her harrowing experience and detention, claiming they were "kettled" and "Climate protection is not a crime."

California Will Pay Students $22 an Hour for Climate Activism.  Did you know that California students could get paid for being woke climate crazies?  The recently formed #CaliforniansForAll College Corps will pay $22 an hour, almost $7 above California's minimum wage ($15.50), for 450 hours of community service work.  This "community service," which was previously considered volunteer, includes climate activism. [...] The corps is under the jurisdiction of California Volunteers, a self-described State Commission affiliated with and appointed by the Governor's Office, which would seem to indicate that the $10,000 each student will receive for activism is taxpayer money.

Teen Activist Goes Off the Rails at Book Launch.  Say whatever you will about Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, but at the very least, you couldn't really question her commitment to actually "saving" the planet (whatever that means in 2022).  But that annoying teenager, with her sneering "how dare you," seems to have melted away to reveal her true face, and it's a face that looks astonishingly similar to that of any modern-day dictator like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un.  To recount, right before Halloween this year, Thunberg had the entire London's Royal Festival Hall singing her praises as she unveiled her new book "The Climate Book."  As UnHerd notes, Thunberg was "gently quizzed" while on stage when it became apparent that it was no longer enough for her to save the planet — she needed to take down the very same capitalism that has allowed her home country to flourish.  Thunberg wasn't exactly subtle with this assertion, either.

Covid PsyOps Are Now Being Used for Climate Change.  As the eco-zealot group Just Stop Oil continue to break the law and cause mayhem, perhaps it is time to investigate who is pulling the strings of this and other fake grassroots movements.  Even a cursory glance will make it clear that the people behind it are not everyday members of the public but a group of highly influential American billionaires.

Greta Thunberg throws in her lot with the anti-capitalist Left.  Last night, London's Royal Festival Hall hosted a children's crusade.  The purpose?  To "celebrate" the launch of The Climate Book, Greta Thunberg's coffee-table manifesto which collects essays from climate scholars, interspersed with photography and doom data (the cover itself is a colour chart of global temperature, moving from halcyon blue to DEFCON red).  London answered the call.  Greta was in conversation with a beaming Samira Ahmed ("You're the coolest 19-year-old I've ever met!"), who gently quizzed her about life as the world's most famous climate activist.  The crowd adored her.  They lapped up her awkward ingenuousness.  It was the perfect middle-class day out, like a trip to Glyndebourne or Blenheim.  Some had even brought their young children, clearly hoping to inspire them into the same breed of activism.  And, belying her reputation for aggressive sermonising, Greta was perfectly charming.  The fury of "How dare you!" Greta has given way to a likeable figure of exasperated passion.

Greta Thunberg Gets (Even More) Radical: 'There Is No Going Back to Normal'.  Nineteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg is at it again, scolding world leaders, predicting imminent doom for the planet and mankind, and shaming people who use too much energy.  This time, however, she's taking a more radical tone, calling for fundamental change in the way humans lead our lives. [...] She also says the quiet part out loud about the world's COVID response: it wasn't about safety at all, it was about creating a New World Order: [...] This is terrifying stuff.  She's saying the pandemic relief funds had nothing to do with the virus at all, they were thinly-disguised Green New Deal policies.  Note that if you had said that in 2021, you would have been roundly criticized as a conspiracy theorist and censored on every platform possible.  Although she did not snarl as she famously has in the past, the whole thing sounded more like a religious sermon than a scientific discussion.  The talk was heavily populated by evil corporatists, cynical world leaders, and angelic climate activists who know better.  Economic growth is a bad thing, she asserted.

The Church of Climate Change Is Going to Fall Off Hard If It Keeps Up the 'Chicken Little' Act.  The radical left is full of insufferable groups, but there's something special about the single-issue voter that is the climate alarmist.  I've never been able to look at these folks as anything less than a cult.  Their constant belief that the world is going to end because mother nature abhors a Republican in office would be hilarious if the Church of Climate Change wasn't so influential in American politics, or more egregious, the entirety of western media.  But for all their power and influence, even they have a limit on how ridiculous they can be before people start tuning out.  Funny enough, in the year of our Lord, 2022, they're finding it.  Destroying priceless art and sticking your hands to walls and floors is definitely not going to get people on your side, for one.  But neither is putting an autistic girl with a penchant for dramatics up as the church's mascot.  Yet, this is what they do.  No sensible society would look at Greta Thunberg as someone with any authority in the climate change debate.  She's not even capable of sitting down and having a well-informed argument with actual scientists.  She is, through and through, the emotional argument for obedience to the Church of Climate Change.

'Obsessed with doom': Greta Thunberg has 'gone bust' — Where has she gone?  Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Greta Thunberg cult has "gone bust".  "A mere child, full of rage, obsessed with doom, totally devoid of any practical solutions — but here she was lecturing the world on how to fuel their 21st century economies," Mr Bolt said.  "Thunberg is now a victim of her own success in scaring people into doing very, very stupid things that we're now paying for."  [Video clip]

Eco-minded descendants of billionaire oil barons are PAYING hundreds of activists $25,000-a-year to protest around the world.  Three American oil scions have been bankrolling mobs of eco-zealots who have terrorized the world by slashing tires, blocking traffic and attacking firms.  Aileen Getty, Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert and Peter Gill Case, who are heirs to their families' huge fortunes, are paying the salaries for thugs through their non-profits in an apparent bid to offset their relatives' legacies.  Getty, whose grandfather created Getty Oil, has so far splashed out $1million through her California-based Climate Emergency Fund.

Six Really Dumb, Really Annoying Leftwing Activists.  [#3] At some point in her mid-teens, Greta Thunberg got spooked by climate change.  She became vocal about her opinions on the matter, organized a "strike" at her high school to protest the phenomenon, and for some reason was invited to the United Nations Climate Change Summit in 2018.  She's not a planetary physicist.  She has no scientific training or practical experience to justify her assertions.  Thunberg is just an angry young Swedish woman who left and their media decided to elevate to stardom for no reason, including awarding her "Time Person of the Year" and nominating her for the Nobel Peace Prize multiple times.  Greta Thunberg has no more credibility to pontificate about climate change than your favorite bartender.  She might even have less.

Al Roker Swoons Over Unhinged Climate Radical Greta Thunberg.  On NBC's 3rd Hour Today on Tuesday [10/12/2021], co-host and weatherman Al Roker conducted a gushing interview with radical climate crusader Greta Thunberg, hailing her as "the face of the climate movement."  He even fondly recalled Thunberg's melodramatic meltdown in front of the United Nations in 2019 as "one of the most memorable speeches in U.N. history."  "Climate activist Greta Thunberg is back.  After holding rallies virtually for more than a year, she's taking to the streets once again, challenging world leaders," Roker excitedly announced as the segment began.

Australian TV Show Host Wrecks Greta Thunberg, Other Climate Activists in Classic Must-Watch Segment.  Back in September 2019, there was a day of so-called "climate strikes" all over Australia that caused quite a stir in the Aussie media.  Many of the attendees were young people who were skipping school after Swedish teenager and global climate activist Greta Thunberg put out a call to action and encouraged teenagers, in so many words, to make their voices heard before it was too late.  In response to the protests, one Australian media figure, in particular, was particularly incensed at what he viewed as young folks being spoiled and brainwashed and took to the airwaves to voice his frustrations over the hypocrisy of those young climate activists, many of who are actually pampered snobs being shamelessly used and carefully manipulated by adults who should know better.  Video of that segment in which the man — Alan Jones — reads a piece called "Growing up" that someone sent to him going off on Thunberg and other youth climate change activists recently began circulating again on Twitter, Rumble, and other social media platforms and has since gone viral.

The CCP Fat-Shames Greta Thunberg, as Her Activism Suspiciously Replicates.  At 17 years old, with barely a secondary school education and questionable emotional bandwidth, Thunberg is lecturing on climate change, getting untold attention and media, with information not borne of her own knowledge, study, or experience, but that is spoon-fed to her.  It's about as egregious as AOC lecturing about economics.  What comes out of AOC's mouth is highly suspect and dead wrong, but at least AOC has the bragging rights of a paper from Boston University.  Greta doesn't have anything to show for her supposed climate knowledge, except her passion and anger; yet, she is treated like royalty, and every word that drops from her mouth is likened to the Dalai Lama.

Saint Greta Thunberg returns to Congress.  Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who has enough rage inside her to fuel a dozen BLM/Antifa "peaceful protests," is once again spewing her venom at Congress, this time during an Earth Day hearing on subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.  She spoke remotely Thursday to the House Oversight Committee, according to USA Today.  "How long do you honestly believe that people in power like you will get away with it?" Saint Greta hissed.  "How long do you think that you can continue to ignore the climate crisis, the global aspect of equity [emphasis added] and historic emissions without being held accountable?"

Greta Thunberg Is Nothing But A Pawn For The Left.  I was just two weeks postpartum when the madness of the Biden administration's agenda began to unfold.  I had resolved to take a break from social media, thinking my life — as a first-time mother — had already undergone enough transformation without the added stress of a country on the brink of radicalization.  So, two months later, on the day I finally worked up the nerve to sink myself back into the political wasteland that is Twitter, I was rather shocked to discover that one of the top trending hashtags was pertaining to Greta Thunberg — and it was far from favorable.  Thunberg, the 18-year-old climate activist who'd become a darling of the far-Left for her radical positions on climate change, was now facing an angry backlash, with thousands of users tweeting the "GretaThunbergExposed" hashtag.  Perhaps more surprising than what was being said about Thunberg was who was saying it.  It wasn't right-wing voices perpetuating the digital barrage, but left-leaning publications and activists.

Greta Thunberg faces criminal conspiracy probe in India over farm protest tweets.  Greta Thunberg accidentally shared a message showing she was getting told what to write on Twitter about the ongoing violent farmers' revolt in India — leading Thursday [2/4/2021] to her being probed for criminal conspiracy by police there, according to reports.  The 18-year-old left-wing eco-activist shared — and then quickly deleted — a message that detailed a list of "suggested posts" about the ongoing protests, according to the posts that were saved by Breaking 911.  The list gave a series of tips on what to post, asking her to also repost and tag other celebrities tweeting about it, including pop star Rihanna.  As well as the Twitter storm, the "toolkit" she shared also suggested highlighting planned demonstrations at Indian embassies.

Observers Shocked at Greta Thunberg's Inability to Answer a Simple Question Without a Script.  Observers were shocked at a now viral video that shows environmental activist Greta Thunberg being unable to answer a basic question without a script.  Thunberg has been lauded by the media establishment for her thunderous speeches denouncing world leaders who don't take climate change seriously enough.  However, when the teenage campaigner was asked a question on that very subject, her response, or lack thereof, was remarkable.

Doom Pixie Greta Thunberg Spurned AGAIN by Nobel Peace Prize.  For a second year running Greta Thunberg has failed to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  This year she was beaten by the UN World Food Program.  In 2019 she was beaten by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as his reward for securing peace with neighbouring Eritrea.  Perhaps the Nobel prize committee has noticed something increasingly apparent to the rest of us: that the world has long since reached Peak Greta; the Doom Pixie has delighted us all quite enough.

What does she know?  She's not old enough to enter into a contract.
Greta Thunberg:  World must 'tear up' old contracts, build new systems to save climate.  Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said on Thursday [7/16/2020] the world needed an economic overhaul to have a chance of beating climate change and that countries should be prepared to tear up old deals and contracts to meet green targets.  The 17-year-old spoke to Reuters TV after she and other activists sent an open letter to European leaders urging them to take emergency action and saying people in power had practically "given up" on searching for a real solution.

Greta Thunberg:  Climate change 'as urgent' as coronavirus.  Greta Thunberg says the world needs to learn the lessons of coronavirus and treat climate change with similar urgency.  That means the world acting "with necessary force", the Swedish climate activist says in an exclusive interview with BBC News.

Greta Thunberg is Being Exploited.  [Scroll down]  The thing is, Greta Thunberg has no expertise — and not because of a lack of passion or effort.  She is neither educated, nor experienced in the subject for which she claims expertise.  Yet few young people are more internationally recognized for their work. [...] Children can be smart, can be idealistic, can be motivated and full of leadership skills — all while still being very clearly ignorant.  Now, I am very aware of the enormous advantage each and every adult has over Greta, myself included.  She's a child; I can't possibly debate, let alone ridicule a child.  She has no idea how the world works and cannot possibly grasp the inevitable consequences of her actions or beliefs.  I'm also exhausted by the platform she's given, the gravitas she's awarded, and the kid gloves we are all obligated to wear when discussing her work.  If you criticize her beliefs or find flaws in the policies she promotes, you are the monster.  You're a child abuser.  In a way, she's the perfect spokesperson — she is untouchable.

She's Back:  Greta Thunberg Urges World to Tackle Coronavirus and 'Climate Crisis' as One.  The global Chinese coronavirus pandemic and the "climate crisis" should be tackled together, Swedish climate worrier Greta Thunberg told an Earth Day event on Wednesday [4/22/2020]. [...] Joining a live-streamed event to mark Earth Day, launched 50 years ago to highlight environmental challenges, Thunberg said the outbreak of the coronavirus meant it was time to listen to the experts.  "That goes for all crises, whether its the corona crisis or whether it is the climate crisis which is still ongoing and is not slowing down, even in times like these," she said.

The Editor says...
Dear Greta:  Please return to irrelevant obscurity and go back to school.  But this time, go to a school that teaches you how to think, and how to observe the world around you, and how to grasp fundamental concepts like [#1] the weather changes all the time, and it's up to you to deal with it, and [#2] "experts" aren't always right.

Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Exposé.  [This documentary explores the origins and dark funding of Saint Greta.]  [Video clip]

Tiny, Highly Sensitive Snail Species Named After Greta Thunberg.  A diminutive brown snail species has been named after Greta Thunberg, with researchers saying they named the mollusc for the Swedish climate worrier because her generation "will be responsible for fixing problems they did not create."  The new species — Craspedotropis gretathunberga — is approximately one inch long and half an inch wide with grey tentacles and a concave shell.  It is found in the mountainous foothills of Borneo.

How will we know when the future is saved?  What does that mean?
School strikes to continue until [the] future [is] saved, says Thunberg.  Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg said on Friday (February 14) that school strikes, now in their 78th week, would go on until those in power did what was required to "save our future".  Hundreds of people took part in a school strike march near the Swedish parliament in Stockholm on Friday, the place where Thunberg started her school strike in August 2018 to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis.

School-Skipping Brat To Get BBC TV Series.  There's a great lesson here for the children of the world.  If you cut class to play video games, your parents will be called in.  But if you skip school and then claim that you're saving the planet, you will get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and get your own series. [...] A whole season of the brat meeting scientists and yelling, "How dare you" and "You stole my childhood" at them.  Compelling stuff.

Great Exploitations:  Greta Thunberg to Get Her Own BBC Show.  Well, it's starting to become more clear why Greta Thunberg wanted to trademark her name.  It turns out that BBC Studios is developing a TV show about Greta Thunberg.  As of this writing, there is no release date, no number of episodes set, and no network attached.  If there's no title yet, I think it should be called "Skipping School."

The Editor says...
Who would advertise on a show like that?  Nobody.  But the BBC is producing the show, so it doesn't need advertisers.

Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless.  At a recent United Nations summit, 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg claimed that the Earth is on the brink of destruction and that older generations are betraying younger ones by not doing enough to stop climate change.  The media has amplified these allegations by giving her speech broad, glowing coverage.  However, the fears she expressed are not grounded in reality.  Thunberg says that she is "one of the lucky ones" who are not already "dying" from global warming and claims that with "today's emissions levels our remaining CO2 budget will be gone in less than 8.5 years." [...] Thunberg says her fears are justified by "more than 30 years" of "crystal-clear" science, but as detailed below, just the opposite is true.  Contrary to predictions made three decades ago, a broad range of environmental and human welfare indicators related to the effects of climate change have stayed level or improved.

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.  Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize by two Swedish lawmakers.  Thunberg, 17, captured global attention for leading a student strike in her home country of Sweden to raise awareness about climate change.  Jens Holm and Hakan Svenneling, both members of Sweden's Left Party, argued that Thunberg's international tour to combat climate change is worthy of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.  In nominating Thunberg, Holm and Svenneling said the teenager had "worked hard to make politicians open their eyes to the climate crisis."

"It is better to deserve honors and not have them
  than to have them and not deserve them."
Mark Twain               

Why Isn't Greta Sailing To China To Whine At President Xi?  Children should be seen and not heard.  That used to be common philosophy.  Anti-child?  Full of contempt and bitterness?  No.  Ageist?  Threatened by a younger generation?  No.  Children are ignorant.  Not stupid.  No, children are not intrinsically stupid.  Besides, there are plenty of stupid adults.  Anyone watching the impeachment proceedings?  But children are without knowledge, that is, have not gained knowledge.  Why?  Because they are... children.  Knowledge must be acquired, and that requires time.  So, we can appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of youth, but their political views should be flatly ignored.  And this is especially true when it comes to energy policies and climate change.

Greta Hectors Davos:  Why Are Elitists Thrilled To Be Lectured By A Child Who Knows Nothing?  Swedish teen Greta Thunberg scolded the political and business aristocracy Tuesday at the World Economic Forum, insisting "that we start listening to the science and that we actually start treating this crisis as the crisis it is."  Why is she continually treated as a savant and prophetess when she has nothing to offer but embellishment?  Though only 17, Greta is an accomplished nag, a word we don't use lightly, but it fits because she is perpetually badgering and complaining.  In her speech, which the New York Times posted in transcript form as if it were actually important and must be preserved for future generations, she demanded international leaders "immediately end all fossil fuel subsidies and immediately and completely divest from fossil fuels.["]

Climate Kidz case scuttled by 9th Circuit Court.  The Ninth Circuit on Friday [1/17/2020] threw out a lawsuit filed by a group of children who say the federal government's failure to act to curb climate change is endangering their future, finding the legislative and executive branches of government are the only ones with the power to redress the kids' alleged injuries.  The 2-1 ruling says the children must look to the political branches — Congress and the executive branch — for action, rather than the courts.

9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Deals Brutal Blow To Teens Who Sued Trump Over Climate Change.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled Friday that children do not have standing to sue the Trump administration and the federal government for not adequately addressing climate change.  Climate policy comes under the purview of Congress and the president, not the court system, the U.S. Court of Appeals decided in a split decision.  Attorneys for the teenagers can ask the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the trial to continue in Oregon, where it was initially filed.  "The panel reluctantly concluded that the plaintiffs' case must be made to the political branches or to the electorate at large," the panel of judges noted.

Greta Thunberg Is a Victim.  Let's call Greta Thunberg what she really is:  a victim.  She's an emotionally challenged teen who's being used for political gain.  She's being ferried around the world by unseen forces to denounce her elders for their failure to take climate change as "seriously" as she does.  Think about it:  What kind of teenager would shriek, "I don't want your hope.  I don't want you to be hopeful.  I want you to panic.  I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.  And then I want you to act.  I want you to act as you would in a crisis.  I want you to act as if the house was on fire, because it is."  Those are, sadly, the words of a puppet. [...] In the case of Greta Thunberg and climate change, telling us to act as if our house were on fire is a tantrum that's long since run its course.  It's a call for expanded government control of the worldwide economy and additional wealth transfer from the industrialized West to the Third World.

Oops! Facebook Bug Reveals That Greta Thunberg's Posts May Not Be Her Own.  A bug in the code of a Facebook update rolled out last week accidentally made it possible to see which accounts were responsible for posts to Facebook Pages, including those of celebrities and politicians, for a period of several hours. [...] While the fix was made quickly, screenshots began circulating on social media reveal the accounts behind several official Facebook pages, including that of teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg.  And guess what?  If you're one of Greta's 3 million fans, you might be disappointed to hear that she is likely not the author of all of her posts.  According to screenshots shared online, posts that are supposed to be written by Greta may actually have been written by her father, Svante Thunberg, and/or Adarsh Prathap, a climate activist and delegate at the UN's Climate Change organization — who reportedly founded the page in December 2018.

Greta is in a hole, and she's still digging.
Greta Thunberg to Lecture Leaders About Fossil Fuels at World Economic Forum.  Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg plans to join other youth at the World Economic Forum later this month in Davos, Switzerland, where they will admonish world leaders for providing subsidies to the oil and gas industry, which is responsible, in part, for advancing civilization by providing abundant and affordable energy.  The World Economic Forum website posted a commentary written by Thunberg and other youth activists and published in the Guardian.

Greta Thunberg Is a Joke.  [T]hese days it's becoming common for even left-leaning comics to mock Thunberg.  "Iconic"?  "Courageous"?  Nah.  Just tiresome.  Far from being a visionary difference-maker who put it all on the line for her righteous cause, Thunberg is increasingly being derided as just another hyperemotional, tantrum-prone, attention-seeking teen brat. [...] Thunberg has become shorthand for environmentally based vapidity, which becomes all the funnier the more clueless earnestness with which it is delivered.

The Martyrdom of Saint Greta of Sweden.  She suffers from "selective mutism," which means basically that there are situations in which she's unable to speak.  She's said that this means she only "speaks when she thinks it's necessary."  This includes speaking to the UN General Assembly, but in interviews, her mother often speaks for her.  Her public career started when she took Fridays off from school to hold up a sign outside the Swedish Parliament; this grew into a movement that spread throughout Europe. [...] I don't know what it's like in Sweden, but cutting classes one day a week isn't normally feted as heroic in the United States.  And she hasn't been attending school for months as she's traveling.  In the U.S., that's called "dropping out."  So, this is what we're being asked to believe: that an autistic kid with OCD who often can't speak on her own has:
  •   organized a worldwide movement
  •   given TED talks, spoken to the UN General Assembly, and been named Person of the Year by Time magazine
  •   managed to get a ride on a multimillion-dollar racing yacht so she wouldn't have to fly (and bragged on how she wasn't releasing CO2 on the trip, although it required seven plane tickets for the crew for the boat)
There's a bucolic barnyard term for that — actually, several, depending on your choice of equine, bovine, or galline.

Meat Loaf Says Greta Thunberg Has Been 'Brainwashed' Into Believing Climate Change Is Real.  Remember rock music icon Meat Loaf?  He's 72 now, and he has some thoughts on climate change and teen activist Greta Thunberg.  Specifically, the best-selling musician says the 16-year-old activist has been "brainwashed" into believing climate change is real, something he himself says is not happening.  The "Bat Out Of Hell" singer told The Daily mail that he does not believe the world's climate is changing and that he feels sorry for Thunberg.  "I feel for that Greta.  She has been brainwashed into thinking that there is climate change and there isn't," said Meat Loaf, whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday.  "She hasn't done anything wrong but she's been forced into thinking that what she is saying is true."

The Left Goes Over the Edge.  The climate exploitation movement finally found its world representative in an emotionally unbalanced sixteen-year-old.  This pretty much speaks for itself.  All we need add is that it's a clear sign of desperation from a collapsing movement:  "We've tried the scientists, we've tried the pols, we've tried the UN... let's throw in the twitch and see how she does."

The Most Irritating person of 2019 is....  [Scroll down]  A second candidate, who we all wish would disappear from the scene, is the most irritating thing to come out of Scandinavia since Ragnar Lothbrok:  Greta Thunberg.  This young Swede rose to fame despite her boorish appearances at numerous gatherings of global warming alarmists.  The best word to sum up this child is, well; irritating.  From her high degree of angst, to her snarling delivery, to her hectoring catchphrase: how dare you!! Young globetrotting Greta has achieved a high level of fame that could only be attained (and financed) by strong backing from radical millionaire left-wing climate activists.

Media Makes A Puppet Of Greta Thunberg.  It's a true tragedy, really.  A 16-year-old climate activist on the autism spectrum kicked off a campaign to save the world from climate change, sailing across the Atlantic and lecturing the world at the United Nations of its imminent threat to humanity.  "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words," Thunberg declared to world leaders.  What's sad is the left's puppeteering of Thunberg as their principle activist to prop up their efforts to enact radical climate legislation, using Thunberg as their flag-bearer to avoid criticism of their proposals labeling anyone who might dare question her demands as bigoted and cruel.

St. Greta exploits Australia's bushfire crisis, gets rebuked by Prime Minister Morrison.  The world's most obnoxious teenager is now exploiting the misery Australians are enduring as brush fires rage amidst a heat wave.  One advantage of being 16 years old is that your ignorance is matched by your presumption that everything you believe is true and righteous, even if the reality is that you are ghoulishly capitalizing on the suffering of others an don't know the first thing about this history of bushfires Down Under.

How Dare You!  The Movie:  Greta Thunberg Getting Hulu Documentary In 2020.  Oh, great, another super lefty is getting the fawning documentary treatment from Hulu in the near future.  It was reported on Wednesday [12/18/2019] that everyone's favorite diminutive doomsday cult leader Greta Thunberg will be immortalized via documentary by the streaming platform.  Ugh, no more, please!  Ahem, we mean, Yay!  Greta Thunberg's getting a movie everybody!  She's so awesome (because saying otherwise means we're guilty of child abuse.)  The Hollywood outlet Deadline reported that the sixteen-year-old Swedish climate change activist who has inspired the collective panic attacks of millions worldwide is getting yet another media opportunity to spread her climate change hysteria.

German railway claims Greta Thunberg lied about taking first class.  It's just a bunch of hot air.  A German railway company has taken back an apology they made to Greta Thunberg after they realized the climate activist wasn't schlepping it on the train's floor but instead was treated "friendly" in first class.  The rail company was responding to an image Thunberg tweeted of herself sitting amid bags and suitcases on the floor of what she called "overcrowded trains through Germany." [...] "It would have been even nicer if you had also reported how friendly and competently our team served you at your seat in first class," the company added.  Thunberg then claimed that jam-packed trains were actually great and having to sit on the floor wasn't an issue.

Greta Thunberg Laments 'Overcrowded' Train, German Railway Reveals She Had First Class Seat.  Greta Thunberg or her staff tweeted out an artsy photograph of herself on Saturday showing her sitting on the floor with her luggage in an allegedly "overcrowded" train.  "Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany," Thunberg said.  "And I'm finally on my way home!"  The railway, Deutsche Bahn, responded with a tweet of their own, saying:  "We were pleased that you were on the ICE 74 with us on Saturday, and with 100 percent green electricity."  "It would have been even nicer had you acknowledged how well and competently our team treated you in your First Class seat."

The Editor says...
What was the point of making the train appear to be overcrowded?  This girl is constantly traveling.  Was this train trip really necessary?

Thunberg on train
Greta Thunberg's Photo Op on a 'Crowded' Train Caps a Week of Public Relations Blunders.  This has not been a great few days for the enfant terrible of the Back-to-the-Stone-Age movement, Swedish high-schooler and annoying scold Greta Thunberg.  It started out with her getting advice from President Trump on managing her anger issues.  It moved from there to her statement that the enviro-nazi movement would put national leaders "against the wall" unless they caved — given her fascistic tendencies, more than a few people thought she was threatening to shoot them.  She apologized.  Then, for reasons I can't explain, she decided to declare war on Deutsche Bahn, the German railroad system.  Over the weekend, our rabble-rousing waif sent a plaintive message about how uncomfortable life on the grift was.

TIME's Commie Nag of the Year Can Go Pound Sand.  Clearly Greta Thunberg is being exploited by her cynical puppetmasters, but equally clearly she's a tiresome, bizarre Marxist scold whose exploitation of the hapless dummies who buy into the climate change hoax is part of what is an increasingly violent plot to undermine capitalism and freedom.

Greta Thunberg Says We Will 'Put World Leaders Against the Wall'Time's "Scold of the Year," Greta Thunberg, told a crowd in Italy that "we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall" if they do not do what she tells them to do.  On her way home, the 16-year-old Swedish eco-activist and chronic truant stopped to address a Fridays for Future gathering in Turin, Italy, at which she went the full-Fidel Castro.

Thunberg "needs a rest" after claim she'll put leaders "up against the wall".  Friday, teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg joined in with a Fridays for Future protest in Turin, Italy.  It is week 69 for the Swedish high school student and the international protests she began.  Now, she needs a break.  Nothing points to the truth in that announcement more than the authoritarian rhetoric that has seeped into her speeches.  Her speech to the crowd in Turin is a perfect example.  Speaking about the U.N. climate change summit COP 25 in Madrid, she voiced her frustration that the outcome will not live up to expectations.  World leaders, she said, are running away from their responsibilities.  "We will make sure we put them against the wall and that they will have to do their job."  Yikes!

Greta Thunberg starts to sound bloodthirsty.  This poor wretched person is getting worse and worse the more famous she gets.  For a while there, she was adamantly calling for "action" as if no facts other than her own existed.  Go green, or I will hold my breath and turn blue!  She's since swung to Marxism, as we noted here, coming off as a new re-embodiment of "Children of the Corn."  Now she's calling for the most logical and there-like-clockwork extension of Marxism, which is mass killings of democratically elected leaders.  That's what Marxists do.  That's what all totalitarians do.  This suggests more than ever that she's one manipulated young person in the throes of some kind of totalitarian death cult. [...] Kids make the best fanatics, the best killers, the best hysterics, and in Greta's case, the shadowy green lobby financing her has hit pay dirt.

Greta Thunberg apologizes after calling for world leaders to be put 'against the wall' if they fail to act on climate change.  Climate activist Greta Thunberg apologized after saying that world leaders who don't act on climate change should be put "against the wall."  Thunberg, 16, who has been striking against climate change by skipping school for the past year, claimed on Saturday that the Swedish to English translation incorrectly implied she thought politicians should be killed.  "Yesterday I said we must hold our leaders accountable and unfortunately said 'put them against the wall'.  That's Swenglish:  "att ställa någon mot väggen" (to put someone against the wall) means to hold someone accountable," she said.  "That's what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language."

MSM Protects Red Greta Thunberg.  The little tyrant, St. Greta the untouchable, promises to put world leaders against the wall if they don't do as she says. [...] We are all told we must all admire and agree with St.  Greta Thunberg, the angry 16-year-old truant with a slew of mental issues and a developmental disability.  We are not allowed to criticize her.  Trump the iconoclast went ahead and did it anyway.

Greta Thunberg — an Excellent Choice for Person of the Year.  The issue is not why Thunberg was a bad choice but why she was a good choice.  She is a 16-year-old, self-righteous immature little brat who was brought up to believe there was nothing wrong with speaking in nasty tones not only to adults but world leaders.  She has obviously been trained to repeat what adults with an agenda have taught her to say in order to further their political and climate agenda.  Thunberg has shown she is incapable of answering questions when she has not been coached by her elders.  In previous times children like Greta would have been spanked or at least laughed at but the leftist establishment has made her into a heroine.

The Fate of Secular Saint Greta Thunberg.  One suspects that in a very short time, St. Greta will invite St. Joan's fate.  No, she won't suffer a literal execution, but she will be "executed" nonetheless; and by the same crowd that currently is elevating her to sainthood.  For now, she is proving to be very useful in promoting the religion of climate change.  She would not be the first nor would she be the last of saints who have been exploited and then deserted in favor of another.

Greta, Teenager of the YearTime casting Miss Thunberg as a person of enormous significance represents, in microcosm, the corruption that shifts journalistic purpose from reporting to influencing. [...] Greta's adult well-wishers do not see her as a god or even a human being but instead as an especially useful use object.  Cowardly puppeteers put their words into the mouth of child not to spark a debate but to end one; rebut a pigtailed Swedish saint at the risk of cries of "child abuse!"  Like all use objects, Greta someday outlives her usefulness, and comes the great big discard.  They adore her then ignore her.  Who are the real child abusers?

The Person Of The Year Is Not Greta Thunberg.  Time magazine has named its Person of the Year, a teenager who skipped school to travel around the world telling people that they are horrible and the planet is doomed.  It's a living.  Perhaps her Malthusian visions will be fulfilled by future experience.  But it's not very likely.  In fact, her position is at odds with what we know:  that a more responsible approach to climate requires action from China and India, not the West.  But that makes for less convenient judgmental events, what with having to ride a catamaran across the Pacific instead of the Atlantic.  She sticks to challenges with less risk, like speaking to groups of people who entirely agree with her.

Greta Thunberg scores with 'Time,' as activism replaces achievement.  Greta Thunberg, pronounced "Toon-berg," has just been named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2019 because — well, because, she has a cadre of left-leaners who saw in her the necessary theater skills to publicly shame an entire world of fossil fuel users while keeping a straight face.  That's not how "Time" put it.  But that's the truth.  What's so remarkable about Thunberg is she has absolutely no accomplishments to her name.  She's being recognized for being a tool of the environmentalists.

Greta Thunberg Is the Perfect Hero for an Unserious Time.  Who better than a finger-wagging teen bereft of accomplishment, or any comprehension of basic economics or history, to be Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2019?  Greta Thunberg's canonization is a perfect expression of media activism in a deeply unserious time.  Has there ever been a less consequential person picked to be Person of the Year?  I doubt it. [...] These days we celebrate vacuous fire and brimstone.  "Greta Thunberg" — the idea, not the girl — is concoction of activists who have increasingly taken to using children as a shield from critical analysis or debate.  She's the vessel of the environmentalist's fraudulent apocalypticism-as-argument.  Her style is emotion and indignation, histrionics and fantasy.

Greta Thunberg named TIME's 2019 'Person of the Year'.  Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage environmental activist, is TIME Magazine's 2019 "Person of the Year," the publication announced on Wednesday [12/11/2019].  The 16-year-old Thunberg has gained worldwide exposure for raising awareness of climate change and is now the youngest individual to ever be named TIME's "Person of the Year."  She became a sensation last summer by sailing across the Atlantic from England to New York and speaking at the United Nations.  Since then, Thunberg has traveled around the world advocating for climate change awareness and action.

Greta Thunberg named Time magazine's 2019 Person of the Year.  Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine's 2019 Person of the Year.  She is youngest figure to receive the distinction in its 92-year history.  "She became the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet this year, coming from essentially nowhere to lead a worldwide movement," Time Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal said at the announcement on Wednesday [12/11/2019].

Mask off:  Greta Thunberg comes out full Marxist.  Surely, you didn't think climate change was the only thing Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg had in mind, did you?  Nope, she's now got bigger ideas: [...] It's natural to want to dismiss Thunberg as a spoiled brat, but the fanatical drumbeat emanating from her that "nothing has been done" and "we must act now" is the clarion call of a vintage Marxist looking to take over society.  Someone like this isn't going to be satisfied, no matter what is done.

John Kerry comes up with a politico-celebrity cavalcade to lecture us on global warming.  [Scroll down]  The whole thing is nonsense, They aren't going to convert anyone with their town halls but they will probably position themselves like the Swedish interests backing young Greta Thunberg (whom they feature but don't follow on their social media pages) to make money off political action and grandstanding.  They do say they want to organize lots of Greta-style protests.  Young Greta's backers, as I noted here, are green energy barons intent on getting legislation passed so that people will be forced to buy their products and they can make a killing.

Greta Thunberg announced as Waterstones Author of the Year.  Waterstones has announced teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as its Author of the Year 2019 for her book, No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference.

The Editor says...
[#1] Greta herself is too small to make a difference, without the support of her many puppet masters, publicists, and financial backers.  [#2] Nobody wants environmentalist troublemakers like Greta to "make a difference," unless it's an improvement.  Doing away with internal combustion engines and coal-fired power plants (and replacing them with solar panels, windmills, and good intentions) is not an improvement.

Global warming, mental illness, and Greta Thunberg.  Without a doubt, Thunberg's travels across North America, which included angrily lecturing world leaders at the United Nations, have gained her fame and notoriety.  This is reminiscent of another child, anti-gun activist David Hogg, being elevated to celebrity status overnight.  Both Hogg and Thunberg have been honored not because either has any insights, but because they are fresh faces useful in advancing leftist causes.  Thunberg's case is the stranger of the two. [...] Thunberg is heralded as a visionary.  Her mother, Melania Ernman, a noted opera singer in Sweden, says Greta "is one of the few people who can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye.  She sees how greenhouse gases pour out of our chimneys and rise into the wind, where they turn the atmosphere into a gigantic invisible garbage dump."  I would love to ask my old physics professor about that claim.

Greta mural
An Icon for Saint Greta Thunberg.  One Atmosphere, an area non-profit, dedicated a mammoth mural yesterday [11/13/2019] of the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.  The Putinesque mural, painted on the street-facing side of an urban mid-rise, took an estimated 700 cans of aerosol spray paint to complete. [...] Much has been said on the religious undertones of the cultish affection many adults have shown this Scandinavian teenager, but the mural elevates the metaphor to the level of analogy.  The aims of the mural's financiers mirror those of the Gothic architects:  Make sacred truths available to the feeble masses who, but for the pre-chewed theology rendered in imago by their clerical superiors, would be unable to engage in the prevailing moral discourse.

An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg.  You have declared yourself a leader and said that your generation will start a revolution.  You have comported yourself as a credentialed adult and climate change activist who has fearlessly addressed politicians and world leaders.  You have dropped out of school and declared that there isn't any reason to attend, or any reason for you to study since there will be no future for you to inherit.  You have, rather than attend your classes, been leading Friday Climate Strikes for all students in your generation across the globe.  Your attendance at oil pipelines has been striking.  There, you unequivocally declare that all oil needs to remain in the ground where it belongs.  I shall, therefore, against the backdrop of your activism, address you as an adult rather than as a child. [...] Few can afford to cross the Atlantic in a $6M zero carbon yacht financed by rich people who made their wealth by the very means you condemn as loathsome.

The Search for Human Happiness by Government Program.  Sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg, who has been called "the unofficial spokesperson of her generation," asked if there's any point in attending school.  "Why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us?" [...] As Thunberg puts it, "some people say that we should study to become climate scientists so that we can 'solve the climate crisis.'  But the climate crisis has already been solved.  We already have all the facts and solutions."  Yet here it comes again:  all you have to do is accept the answers.

The Editor says...
Beware of a teenager who claims she has all the answers.

Orwellian Fear Reigns in Vermont.  The latest fear is the end of the world in 12 years.  This is based on a single "study," though it is impossible to predict such a timeline.  Using Greta Thunberg floating over the ocean as a pawn, Vermont's "climate change warriors" launched a fear campaign, enlisting school-skipping students to block traffic and disrupt businesses, with government support.  (The Rule of Law must not be allowed to get in fear's way.)

Any Suggestions?  Greta Thunberg Pleads for Help and a Carbon-Free Lift Across the Atlantic.  Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is looking to the world for suggestions as to how she can re-cross the Atlantic after next month's U.N. climate summit in Chile was unexpectedly scrapped.  The 16-year-old made it from Sweden to California by yacht, train and electric car before Chile's government announced it was canning the summit because of political unrest in the South American nation.

Scared Yet?  Greta Thunberg Poses as Herself to Intimidate 'Angry Climate Crisis Deniers'.  Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg took to Twitter on Halloween to mock her detractors by posing as herself — saying she terrifies her critics.  The teenager, who has left school to travel the world preaching her message of climate salvation, said she scared "a bunch of angry climate crisis deniers" without having to dress up.  Posing in a black-and-white photo with her trademark "school strike for climate" placard, she said she did not celebrate Halloween in Sweden but "thought I might give it a try'" if it meant she could affront her critics.

Greta Thunberg Suddenly Finds Herself in a Bit of a Pickle.  Remember how climate change activist Greta Thunberg sailed to this country because she didn't want to fly and add to the carbon emissions with airplane travel?  Now, of course, what got left out of many stories was that some of the people who sailed her over here then flew back and other people had to fly from Europe to pick up the boat and sail it back to Europe.  How much more carbon emissions was that than just flying here by herself?  But did you wonder how Greta was going to get home?

Greta Thunberg Calls on Facebook to Censor Her Critics.  The celebrated Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has threatened to quit Facebook if the social media platform refuses to silence her critics.  "I am, like many others, questioning whether I should keep using Facebook or not," Thunberg wrote in a Facebook post last week.

The Editor says...
If I could get Twitter and Facebook (and the TV networks) to silence all my critics, I could run for president!

The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg.  Behind Greta is a major machine, one that is controlled by major international actors and backed by major funds.  This PR machine has allowed Greta to make the covers of magazines, become the subject of thousands of news articles while being photographed with world leaders and giving speeches at elite organizations such as the United Nations.  Although Greta might very well be genuinely concerned with the fate of the planet, her message is carefully crafted by those who control her to generate a specific response from the youth.  In short, Greta is the face of a major marketing scheme — a tightly coordinated international effort to sell global warming through a specific lens:  Fear, panic, and urgency.

Newly discovered beetle named after climate activist Greta Thunberg.  Climate activist Greta Thunberg has a tiny new namesake.  London's Natural History Museum said Friday [10/25/2019] that a minute species of beetle is being named "Nelloptodes gretae" in honor of the 16-year-old Swede.  Michael Darby, a scientific associate at the museum who found the insect in its collection of millions of animal specimens, chose the name to acknowledge her "outstanding contribution" to raising awareness of environmental issues.

The Editor says...
Little Greta threw a well-orchestrated tantrum to dramatize problems that don't exist, so she is "raising awareness" that her claims of inevitable worldwide catastrophe in 12 years are part of a massive hoax.

New Report Reveals Climate Change Protesters Are Being Paid, May Be in Trouble Because of It.  We've been bringing you some of the outrageous actions of the climate change gang, particularly Extinction Rebellion, the group that has been incredibly annoying to the general populace in London and who has flexed their ability to annoy in the United States as well.  In San Francisco, they linked hands and blocked traffic on both sides of the intersection at Gates Avenue near the University of San Francisco.  Ironically, their actions were causing more carbon emissions while antagonizing commuters. [...] Activists allegedly from the group got tossed out of a Long Beach, California In-N-Out Burger, screamed with bullhorns in the face of the poor employees and then found themselves in trouble with the police.  But now, the Daily Mail has dropped a big report on the group.  Turns out all that crazy is not free.  And that could spell big trouble for them.

Climate Change Fears Of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless.  At a recent United Nations summit, 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg claimed that the Earth is on the brink of destruction and that older generations are betraying younger ones by not doing enough to stop climate change. [...] Thunberg says that she is "one of the lucky ones" who are not already "dying" from global warming and claims that with "today's emissions levels our remaining CO2 budget will be gone in less than 8.5 years."  She frets that if we exceed this so-called budget, we risk "setting off irreversible chain reactions beyond human control."  Such apocalyptic beliefs are common among young people. [...] Thunberg says her fears are justified by "more than 30 years" of "crystal-clear" science, but as detailed below, just the opposite is true.  Contrary to predictions made three decades ago, a broad range of environmental and human welfare indicators related to the effects of climate change have stayed level or improved.

Dismaying Dumbed-down Discourse.  That poor Swedish puppet, Greta Thunberg, is being hailed as a modern day Joan of Arc for absolutely no reason at all other than she's parroting what climate hoaxers have used to indoctrinate her.  She is to be pitied not lauded, but then there are so, so many willing ignoramuses in the world, she'll be around for a while.

Climate kid Greta protesting oil on yacht made of hydrocarbons.  The "system" Greta's handlers want to overthrow is western democracy and its pesky individual and economic freedom.  The replacement they have in mind is centrally planned Socialism.  Using children to put a happy face on it still leads to Venezuela for all of us — or worse.  Malizia II does not have a diesel auxiliary engine, as other boats in its class do.  It drags turbines through the water and uses solar to recharge batteries.  This does not make it "Green."  Malizia II, like the rest of the yachts in the Imoca 60 class, is constructed from high-tech carbon fiber composites to make it ultra light and fast.  It is the ultimate play thing of the wealthy elite.  These boats are made of hydrocarbons, not to mention all the energy it took to make them.  Carbon fiber composites are primarily made from propane and petroleum.  This boat was pumped out of the ground.

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Throws Greta Thunberg's "How Dare You" Speech Back in Her Face.  Former Top Gear host, Jeremey Clarkson, has had it when it comes to self-righteous youngsters pointing fingers at his generation and proclaiming they've doomed everyone else with "climate change."  Writing a column for The Sun, Clarkson aimed his ire at 16-year-old Greta Thunberg who gave a speech at the United Nations, chastizing previous generations for their carelessness and claiming that they stole her "dreams and her childhood."  While the media made this speech out to be one of the greatest ever heard, many thought it misguided, if not ridiculous.  This includes Clarkson.  "How dare we?  No.  How dare you sail to America on a carbon fibre yacht that you didn't build which cost £15million, that you didn't earn, and which has a back-up diesel engine that you didn't mention," wrote Clarkson.

Swedish Teen Greta Thunberg Lectures Iowans on Climate Change Hoax.  16-year-old Swedish green activist Greta Thunberg lectured Iowans on Friday about the Climate Change hoax and asserted that teenagers and children know better than adults.  Thunberg has a myriad of mental health issues.  She is autistic, has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suffers from Asperger syndrome, but she knows what's best for the world — just ask her.  "We teenagers and children shouldn't have to take the responsibility.  But right now, the world leaders keep acting like children, and somebody needs to be the adult in the room," Thunberg said to a huge crowd in Iowa on Friday [10/4/2019].

The Greta Thunberg phenomenon is nothing but a money-making scheme set up by her handlers to profit from climate hysteria.  Many Americans are scratching their heads trying to figure out what's up with this Greta Thunberg child, including how she was able to quickly rise to prominence as the newest mouthpiece promoting the climate change hoax.  Well, the answer is simple:  Greta is a pawn of the global climate mafia, which we know is all about money and power.  Besides working for George Soros, Greta is also tied to the domestic terrorist group Antifa through her parents, both of whom identify as members of this far-left hate group.  Greta also has a handler who followers her nearly everywhere she goes.  Her name is Luisa-Marie Neubauer, and she's an operative for "ONE Movement," a climate hoax group that's funded and controlled by not only Soros, but also eugenicists Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as washed-up rock singer and political operative Bono.  Right on its website, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation admits that the ONE Movement is a globalist organization that uses celebrities and other assets to push climate change activism and other leftist causes on the masses.

Greta Thunberg:  History's Warning about Secular Child Saints.  [Scroll down]  On the contrary, the fact Thunberg regards her placement on the autistic spectrum as giving her super powers is rather chilling.  Her description of herself as possessing prescience and power the rest of the human race does not indicates she sees herself as a secular prophetess possessing visionary acuity similar to that of St.  Joan of Arc.  Such beliefs, divorced from pragmatism and driven solely by passion, should cause anyone some hesitation in taking her polemics at face value.  People who feel their special vision should be believed merely because of their extreme passion do not always prove to be the best world leaders. [...] The conclusion is that genuine concerns for the environment are not best represented by an environmental cult with apocalyptic views promoted by an emotionally unstable child leader utilizing fear, anxiety and anger rather than science and reason.

A Line-By-Line Response to Greta Thunberg's UN Speech.  "My message is that we'll be watching you.  This is all wrong, I shouldn't be up here, I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean."  So in your first paragraph you confess that what you're doing is wrong, and you shouldn't be doing it.  You note you should be back home and in school.  OK, so far we're 100% in agreement.  Next?  "Yet, you all come to us young people for hope, how dare you?"  Not sure where you're getting your information.  No sentient adult goes to young people "for hope," whether they've been "dared" to or otherwise.  Normally, when adults consider young people like yourself, the operative word is "despair."  And if you're unfamiliar with that word, it means "absence of hope."

Church of Sweden proclaims Greta Thunberg 'successor to Jesus Christ' in resurfaced tweet.  The Church of Sweden declared teen star climate activist Greta Thunberg to be an appointed successor to Jesus Christ in a 2018 tweet that resurfaced in the wake of her speech before the United Nations.  "Announcement!  Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg," the tweet said on Dec. 1, 2018.  The account, operated by the Limhamns Church, had previously tweeted several sentiments of climate activism. [...] The Church of Sweden has a history of promulgating climate alarmism and Greta Thunberg particularly, noting on their official website, "When the Amazon burns, we gather to fight for Mother Earth together."

The Editor says...
If the Church of Sweden (or anyone else) is worshiping "Mother Earth," that's paganism.

The Cynical Plot Behind Global Warming Hysteria.  How do you take over the world?  You find a way to terrify the world's children to believe they will die if they don't listen to you.  In what amounts to nothing less than intentional child abuse, the Left has sought since the 1980s to terrify the world's children about global warming.  This cabal of socialist elites have preyed, like hyenas, upon the fragile emotions of easily-frightened — and easily-indoctrinated — young people, the most famous being Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, who was severely traumatized when she was a little girl by climate hysteria.

The Tragedy of Greta Thunberg.  Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg lives in the healthiest, wealthiest, safest and most peaceful era humans have ever known.  She is one of the luckiest people ever to have lived.  In a just world, Thunberg would be at the United Nations thanking capitalist countries for bequeathing her this remarkable inheritance.  Instead, she, like millions of other indoctrinated kids her age, act as if they live in a uniquely broken world on the precipice of disaster.

Greta wants an oompa loompa now.  Greta is all frowns, all crossed arms, and she's not here to play.  Having sailed by an emissions-free yacht to New York, she delivered her now-infamous sermon for the repentant Luddites at the U.N. Climate Action Summit.  "How dare you?" she thundered repeatedly, while meandering through a sloppy mess of pseudo-statistics meant to convince us that she is as capable of a quick Google search as the rest of us.

Greta Thunberg's speech to UN strangely resembles a 1992 UN speech by 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki.  Well, at least the climate hysterics are practicing recycling.  Or repeating a pattern of child abuse, exploiting young minds and souls for their political benefit, if you will.  Or maybe it is just a matter of running out of ideas and realizing that since they are peddling fear, nobody could better instill alarm than a threatened, vulnerable child.  Whatever the motives, it is clear that Ms. Thunberg's publicity stunt ocean voyage (on a royal yacht) and appearance at the UN was following a script written more than a quarter century ago.  [Video clip]

End the Children's Climate Crusade.  After crossing the Atlantic in what she incorrectly dubbed a zero-carbon yacht to address the recent UN climate summit, her actions mobilized millions of climate change demonstrators, many of them children, in more than 100 countries to join protests.  In an angry speech at the UN, Thunberg told world leaders that they had "stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words... You are not mature enough to tell it like it is.  You are failing us."  But young people like Thunberg lack the maturity and experience to make sense of this immensely complex issue.  They are simply being used as "human shields" for adult climate activists who recognize that the climate scare will soon lose credibility as global warming Armageddon fails to materialize as forecast.  Indeed, prominent scientists maintain that the world may have already begun to cool in response to a weakening Sun, a phenomenon far more dangerous than any possible human-induced warming.

Knowing It All at 16.  How much credibility should we give to a 16-year-old when considering her qualifications to lecture adults about science and an end-of-the-world scenario?  Greta Thunberg has been dubbed by the media as a "climate change activist" and a teen "eco-warrior."  She was at the United Nations in New York on Monday to appear before diplomats and others at a "climate action summit."  Only the UN has less credibility than a teenager.  Thunberg is on a world tour promoting the latest end-of-the-planet scenario.  By the way, shouldn't she be in school?  Reporters won't ask because most appear to buy into her secular doctrine that the apocalypse is just around the corner.  Thunberg claims "people are dying" because the Earth is getting hotter. [...] The expression on Thunberg's face was priceless.  If spitting fire contributed to "global warming," we'd have been in real trouble.

Democrats Manipulate Children and Climate Reality to Grab Power.  We certainly live in an age of politics bereft of facts, where whole political movements can be created by the collusion of the liberal press and special interest groups on the left.  The biggest of those is of course the Climate Change fraud — and naturally, such an enormous worldwide threat means government must have hugely increased powers to control all factors in society.

Greta Thunberg:  Lisa Simpson Crossed with Bane.  Like many a 16-year-old before her, Thunberg merely skimmed her assigned reading and has only a Cliff's Notes understanding of the IPCC report on climate change, which she incorrectly characterized as giving us eleven years before the start of "an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control."  The report just doesn't say that.  The Thunbergians are to science what the Branch Davidians were to religion.  "We are in the beginning of a mass extinction," Thunberg thundered.  "And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth."  Alas, no, dear child, Ayn Rand is not the ruler of Earth, and people actually talk about things other than money and economic growth.

Greta Thunberg is a pawn being used by adults for their own interests.  Greta Thunberg needs to get a grip.  The celebrity teen climate activist addressed the United Nations and excoriated the assembled worthies:  "You all come to us young people for hope.  How dare you!  You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words."  Someone may have stolen her childhood, but the guilty parties can't be found at Turtle Bay.  A 16-year-old from Sweden, Thunberg thundered, "I should be back at school on the other side of the ocean," which would have been easy enough to achieve, beginning with not taking two weeks to sail across the Atlantic last month in a jet-travel-eschewing publicity stunt.  Greta Thunberg is the leading edge of a youth movement against climate change — including a global "climate strike" last week — that is being promoted and celebrated by adults who find it useful for their own purposes.

Greta the Angry.  Yes, Greta's childhood has been stolen from her, but it isn't America that's done that — it's her parents who have allowed her to be prostituted in this manner.  It is the leftist politicians and their ilk who are milking her youth and gullibility and her hunger for acceptance who have stuck her up on a tilting pedestal.  I'm as uncomfortable watching her as I am seeing a parent mistreat a child in public.  Humiliation is coming at her like a locomotive and no one is yanking her off the tracks. [...] Greta is terrified.  She seems to really believe that she will be dead in 11 years.  Her fear is palpable, so much so that she is infecting thousands of other unstable young people, and fear is only useful for fleeing or fighting.  Fear never produces tangible improvements — only ill health and anger.

Angry Teen Environmentalist 'Wins' $100,000 In 'Alternative Nobel Prize' Award.  That didn't take long.  Greta Thunberg, the angry young climatologist making headlines all over the world, has "won" 1 million Swedish kronor ($103,000) for her angry crusade to stop global warming.  The 16-year-old is among four people named as the winners of a Right Livelihood Award, also called the "Alternative Nobel Prize."

Little Girl Crying in Viral Video at Global Warming Rally Is a Child Actress.  Tens of thousands of children were let out of school so they could go protest against capitalism and global warming.  Supposedly, one terrified little girl in Australia couldn't even talk to reporters about climate change without crying.  She broke down in tears while talking to reporters about climate change junk science — but wait — didn't she seem a bit... rehearsed?  There's a good reason for that.  She is an actress for hire, with acting online profiles.  Has anyone asked how much she was paid for this performance?

St Greta Thunberg and the fake Climate Change Children's Crusade.  [Scroll down]  Which leads to the current issue of Greta Thunberg and her inflammatory public remarks.  Her exploiters chose to incorporate her vulnerability as an organic part of their latest PR stunt.  This possesses the hallmarks of a well-funded, worldwide propaganda movement that chose to exploit Greta Thunberg and elevate her to the level of secular saint.  These evil clowns have clearly taken advantage of a vulnerable young woman and have managed to weaponize her condition.  That's considerably worse than what got Michael Knowles exiled to Fox News Purgatory for life.  Even worse, far from any opponent using Greta's Asperger's condition as an opening for ad hominem attacks, at least one hard left publication — The Guardian — chose to shamelessly exploit the situation to add even greater levels of virtual signaling to this already appalling case of child exploitation.

Scoldilocks, Or the Story of Greta Thunberg.  [Scroll down]  Thunberg appears to be a more serious case, suffering from depression so severe she once went two months without eating and had to be pulled out of school.  And yet that's precisely what the global warming cultists did, plucking this highly susceptible child, juicing her up with all of the bleak Malthusian auguries of an apocalypse less than two decades in the offing, and then featuring her at protest events across Europe before taking the Angry Cassandra Revue transatlantic.  Congress was subjected to Thunberg's scowling, then she addressed the idiotic Climate Strike demonstration late last week before Monday's tour de gripe.  And what a show!  "This is all wrong.  I shouldn't be up here.  I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean," she said, in the part of her speech that was actually true.

If You Can't Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids.  The entire American left — the mainstream media, the environmentalist movement and Democratic politicians in particular — are celebrating the involvement of teenagers and even younger children in protesting the world's "inaction" with regard to global warming.  And not just the American left, of course.  The left throughout the world is celebrating.  A 16-year-old Swedish girl whose contempt for adults is breathtaking is an international hero.  Congressional Democrats invited her to testify in Congress, and the United Nations has likewise invited her.  The mayor and city council of New York City further politicized their city's public schools by allowing students to skip school to actively participate in a global warming protest.  The message of young climate change activists is:  "You adults aren't doing your job.  As a result, we have no future."

Greta Thunberg, Indisputable Proof That Our World Has Gone Mad.  Swedish teen Greta Thunberg addressed the United Nations on Monday about global warming.  What she said is unimportant.  The fact that she was handed the pulpit of a supposedly sober and deeply reflective body is all we need to know.  We've been overcome by mass hysteria.  Thunberg is a 16-year-old girl just like many others in the West.  But unlike all others, adults have lifted her upon a green pedestal, treated her as if she knows something others don't.  Listen to her, they demand, because, well, exactly why should we listen to her?  Thunberg is a human shield for global warming alarmists who want to shut down debate.  Because she is a child, she cannot be criticized.  But it's acceptable for her to rant on about a subject few, including thousands of scientists, even know much about.

'How dare you': Greta Thunberg tears into world leaders over inaction at U.N. climate summit.  In an angry and emotional speech at the United Nations climate summit on Monday, Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg tore into world leaders for failing to act.  "This is all wrong," Thunberg said, reading from a piece of paper. [...] "People are suffering," the 16-year-old continued through tears.  "People are dying.  Entire ecosystems are collapsing.  We are at the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.  How dare you."

A Million Baracks and Michelles in the Climate Change Children's March.  Obama's first cookie-cutter graduate of Kiddies on The March to save the world from Global Warming/Climate Change is here.  Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Leader of 'Climate Strike', which lured millions of children away from their schools to take screeching to city streets, is the latest protest rage.  And, unfortunately so are the tons of garbage they leave behind after their massive, media-hyped protests.  In a world that Socialism is making walk backwards, it used to be parents who taught children how to behave.  Now it's kids telling parents, US Congress and the United Nations what to do.

Sorry, Greta:  Trump skips UN climate summit.  Up until now, the public relations build-up for the big United Nations climate summit has been humongous.  After all, who better than the United Nations to get carbon emissions choking the Earth down?  The world's at stake!  Twelve years to oblivion.  Submerged islands!  Funerals for glaciers.  Polar bears!  A very big march of some manipulated kids, led by Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg — and all of this hoopla getting lots of press.

Trump Trolls Greta Thunberg Over 'Mass Extinction' Speech, Internet Explodes.  President Donald Trump hilariously trolled far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg on Monday night after Thunberg gave a widely criticized speech at the United Nations.

Hollywood Pours Praise on Greta Thunberg:  Put Her in Charge of Everything.  Leftist Hollywood figures showered praise on Swedish teen climate change celebrity Greta Thunberg on Monday [9/23/2019] as she addressed the United Nations General Assembly chided world and warning that the planet is in the "beginning of a mass extinction."

Greta Thunberg Is A Child Abuse Victim.  Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old girl selected by the media to be the poster child of climate alarmism, gave another hysterical speech on Monday.  This time, at the U.N., she declared that the Earth is undergoing a "mass extinction" which, she warns, probably cannot be averted.  "How dare you," the distraught teen cried.  "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood."  On one level, I can relate to this sentiment because it's exactly what I said after watching the "Lion King" remake.  On another level, as a parent, I find this girl very hard to watch.  It is obvious that she really believes her delusional doomsday fantasies.  That is because they are not her fantasies — she is merely repeating what she has been told by adults who know better.

Laura Ingraham compares Greta Thunberg to Stephen King's Children of the Corn.  Fox News host Laura Ingraham compared teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg to the characters in Stephen King's Children of the Corn on her show Monday night.  Thunberg, 16, spoke in front of the United Nations about the dangers of climate change earlier that day.  Ingraham played a clip of her speech and commented, "Anyone else find that chilling?"  [Video clip]

CNN executive:  Fox News journalists 'being used to mask bigotry, hate and prejudice'.  [Laura] Ingraham showed parts of the speech [Greta] Thunberg gave at the United Nations on Monday [9/23/2019], where she said the adults had robbed her of her childhood and her future over lack of action on climate change, and then cut to a scene from the movie adaption of Stephen King's book.  "I can't wait for Stephen King's sequel, 'Children of the Climate,'" Ingraham said after the clip.  "Now, the Left, if they ever get in power, will simply use the excuse of climate change to reward their friends and punish their enemies because you will have betrayed the generations before.  Well, liberals want to use this global crisis to perpetuate a massive confiscation of wealth."

The Editor says...
Nobody has robbed little Miss Thunberg of her childhood.  She's still a child.

2020 Democrats Praise Greta Thunberg's U.N. Speech.  In a tweet, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wrote it was a "disgrace" that a teenager had to speak out against purported global warming.  "What a disgrace that it takes a 16-year-old to tell world leaders what they won't acknowledge: [...]"

The Editor says...
If a little kid tells grown-ups "what they won't acknowledge," it could be that the adults know more than the child.

Climate-Industrial Complex:  Financiers Aim to Cash in on Greta Thunberg.  Over the weekend, climate change activists associated with teen Greta Thunberg's Climate Strike movement took to the streets, demanding "action" on climate.  On Monday, climate activists tried to "Shut Down DC," resulting in more carbon emissions as cars stall in worse traffic.  Even climate activists have denounced the Climate Strike manifesto as extreme and useless, but Thunberg herself may be very useful to a certain type of climate financier.  Standpoint magazine's Dominic Green revealed the corporate financiers and the Climate-Industrial Complex that stands to gain from Thunberg's activism.

Critics Lambast Melodramatic Greta Thunberg Speech As 'Child Abuse'.  Critics responded strongly to a speech given by far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg at the United Nations on Monday, saying that the apparent level of emotional distress she appears to be dealing with constitutes "child abuse."  Thunberg made waves after she gave a melodramatic speech warning of "mass extinction" while attacking capitalism as "fairytales of eternal economic growth."  Thunberg, who repeatedly declared "how dare you!" in an arrogant manner, also claimed:  "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood."  Critics weighed in on her speech, calling it "child abuse," "disturbing," "exceptionally creepy," "scary," "insanity," "fanaticism," and "propaganda."

Catholic Missionaries Compare Greta Thunberg to Virgin Mary.  The Maryknoll missionaries have thrown their support behind 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, comparing her to the Virgin Mary.  "Christians getting their knickers all in a twist over the passionate, articulate & knowledgeable witness of Greta Thunberg because of her age seem to overlook the age of the Virgin Mary at the time of the Annunciation," the group wrote on Twitter.  "Young women can & have changed the world," they concluded.

The Far Left Is Making Teens Miserable Over The Imminent Destruction Of The World.  As reported by The Daily Wire, another juvenile trying to make a difference is 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.  The Swedish teen's been praised for her efforts, which have included talk time at the United Nations and on the floor of the U.S. Congress. [...] Greta knows, not only about the times in which we live, but also all things which have ever existed in all places and at all times since the beginning of time:  "This is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced, and we need to treat it accordingly."  Naturally, she's anti-Trump:  "I don't want to meet with people who don't accept the science."

The Left's Cynical and Childish 'Climate Strike'.  What is even more obnoxious than thousands of smug, self-righteous leftists preaching hysterically about the Church of Mother Earth and the imminent destruction of our planet due to "global warming?" Hearing this same song-and-dance from a bunch of literal children.  And that is exactly what the Left and its enthusiastic enablers in the corporate leftist media have unleashed upon us.

The climate 'strike' that wasn't one.  It wasn't just school children that left their responsibilities behind yesterday [9/20/2019] in order to agitate for a radical left-wing political agenda: [...] Joining the innocent minors duped by their indoctrination were employees of nonprofits.  A reader in Chicago sent us a note from the Field Museum's PR staff to employees: [...] The reader asks a fundamental question:  How is it a strike if they are getting paid?  Almost nobody who participated in any of this "strike" suffered any consequences.  The children were mostly excused and the workers were paid.  It was not a strike, it was an institutional propaganda exercise.

The climate strikes back.  [Scroll down]  So, kiddies, I hope you had fun striking the climate.  But the climate, the planet, hopefully even you, will last a lot longer than 12 years, no matter what former waitress/bartender turned politician Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) believes.  So sleep tight; don't worry — the climate will be here tomorrow.  And so will most of you.  And for many, many tomorrows, even after you grow up and laugh at your childish beliefs and a new silliness emerges that your children parrot.

Child Hostages Obey Their Climate Captors.  On Friday, schoolchildren around the world will be prompted to walk out of class as part of the "Global Climate Strike."  These young "climate strikers" will protest alleged inaction on climate change and promote an end to fossil fuel use.  "Our house is on fire — let's act like it.  We demand climate justice for everyone," the event's website warns.  It is the latest stunt orchestrated by the international climate cabal and yet another example of how the Left shamelessly exploits and manipulates children to propagandize any cause.  (Think of the high school students in Parkland, Florida.)  But this time, the climate cabal is using a special-needs teenager from Sweden to indoctrinate more children and adults with climate change dogma.

Climate Strike Kids Would All Fail This Elementary, Global Warming Test.  Across the Western world tens of thousands of brainwashed kids are bunking off school in what has misleadingly been described as a 'Climate Strike.'  No.  A strike involves the withholding of productive labour.  These kids are simply playing truant using the best 'dog ate my homework' excuse evah:  'If I don't do this, the planet will die!!'

NYC says 1.1M students can attend climate strike protest without punishment.  School districts across the country are debating whether to follow New York City's lead after it allowed its students to participate in Friday's global youth climate strikes without punishment.  New York City's Department of Education made the announcement last Thursday [9/12/2019], saying that 1.1 million public school students could skip class to participate in the strike if they had parental consent.  Friday's youth climate strikes will come three days before the United Nations Climate Action in New York City, and the General Assembly meeting that follows it.  Other climate strike protests are expected around the world with millions in attendance, The New York Times reported.

NYC is allowing students to skip class to attend a "global climate strike".  Climate change is one of the major altars that the Left likes to worship at and they want to get children involved in that worship as well. [...] Would the Bill de Blasio and NYC school districts agree to let their students strike in support of gun rights?  I have a very strong reason to believe that they probably wouldn't.  But this allowable strike most likely won't be limited to school districts in New York.  Districts in Los Angeles and Massachusetts are working similar plans.  If I had a child in any school district that willing allows students to skip out of class to attend a climate strike, I would be absolutely livid.  The education has been infected with socialist ideas for a long time but there is still some value in getting an education.  Kids should be in school and not advocating for leftist talking points.

Climate Alarmists Use Children to Sue Florida Governor Over Climate Change.  Having witnessed the use of children to promote gun control after the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting, a group of Florida lawyers has decided to do the same thing with regard to climate change.  On April 16, a squad of politically-minded ambulance chasers used a group of children as human shields by filing suit against Florida Governor Rick Scott because of Scott's "deliberate indifference to their fundamental rights to a stable climate system in violation of Florida common law and the Florida Constitution."  Also named as defendants in the suit are Noah Valenstein, the head of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Adam Putnam, the commissioner of the Florida Department of Agriculture; the Florida Board of Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund, and the Public Service Commission.  The suit claims that Governor Scott's inaction on climate change is "immoral" and that he and the various state agencies named have "endangered" the plaintiffs' future.  Among the plaintiffs are 18-year-old Delany Reynolds and 21-year-old Oscar Psychas.  The rest of the plaintiffs are ages 10-15.

Kids sue Rick Scott for 'immoral' silence on climate change.  A group of kids is suing Florida Gov. Rick Scott, claiming he "endangered" their future and violated their constitutional rights by not doing anything to combat climate change.  The youngsters filed their lawsuit on Monday [4/16/2018] in Leon County Court.  "It is the responsibility of the state to uphold the constitution, and these young people have a fundamental right to a stable climate system," said Guy Burns, lead counsel for the eight plaintiffs, most of whom are teens.

Young people sue Florida governor to force action on climate change.  A group of young people on Monday [4/16/2018] sued Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to force him to take action on climate change.  The group of eight young Florida residents — represented by Oregon-based Our Children's Trust — sued Scott to demand that the state begin working on a court-ordered, science-based "Climate Recovery Plan," the Miami Herald reported.  The group, which is reportedly made up of individuals ranging from 10 to 20 years old, is alleging Scott is not taking steps to combat climate change.

How green megadonors built a bogus campus anti-carbon drive.  Finally, someone is saying what should already be obvious:  The fossil-fuel-divestment "movement" sweeping college campuses is really just Big Green astroturf.  Last week, the New York-based National Association of Scholars released a damning new report on the founding, funding and motivations of the divestment movement. [...] Divestment is the brainchild of radical environmentalist Bill McKibben and hedge-fund billionaire turned climate crusader Tom Steyer.  On its face, the goal is to get college students to pressure their universities to sell off any holdings in the natural gas, oil and coal industries.  In reality, the divestment movement serves the political and financial interests of its founders.

George Soros Handicapping American Energy.  I have written numerous columns regarding the actions George Soros has taken over the years to hurt American oil and gas companies.  He has a vested interest (to the tune of at least a billion dollars) in trying to rig the system to make his "clean energy" investments pay off.  Since these investments need oil and gas to be high-priced, anything he can do to harm the companies that bring this bounty to the surface help those green schemes.  One of his favorites among the Soros-funded 527 Astroturf groups is MoveOn.Org, which recently protested against the development of shale gas, America's greatest hope to wean ourselves off of dependency on foreign sources of energy.

Gun control astroturf:

Report: David Hogg PAC Spends Little on Candidates, Lots on Lawyers, Consultants, Meals, Travel, Hotels — and Salaries.  Yet again, another leftist political outfit appears to be a scam.  Recall Black Lives Matter.  Conceived in 2013 after the justified police shooting of Michael Brown in St. Louis, BLM's Marxist principals purchased real estate with millions raised from the George Floyd Hoax.  Then there was the Lincoln Project, a hate-Trump outfit whose self-dealing principals — one of whom was a homosexual stalker — bilked the organization out of millions.  Now, it's Leaders We Deserve PAC, created by David Hogg, a professional anti-gun activist, and Kevin Lata, a Democratic campaign veteran.  Breitbart has reported that very little of the millions of dollars the PAC has raised has gone to help elect leftist gun grabbers, the group's stated purpose.  Instead, most of the money pays for "consultants" and travel and hotels for Hogg and Lata.  [Tweet]

Some Iowa Students Skip School for Gun Control.  The gun control group March for Our Lives is encouraging students in Iowa to skip class today and head to the state capitol to lobby for more gun control instead.  Akshara Eswar, one of the anti-gun org's state directors, told the Des Moines Register that many students are afraid after last week's shooting at a high school in Perry left a sixth-grader killed and seven others wounded and the group is hoping to "utilize this energy" to demand lawmakers adopt several new restrictions aimed at legal gun owners.

Narcissists should not reproduce.
Liberal Activist Says He'd Rather Own a Porsche Than Have Children Because It's 'Better for the Environment'.  Left-wing activist and Harvard prodigy David Hogg said he would "much rather own a Porsche and have a Portuguese water dog and golden doodle" than have children because it's "better for the environment," comments that reflect a broad consensus among college-educated liberals whose mental health has markedly declined since 2016.  "I'm never planning on having kids," Hogg wrote in a bizarre Twitter thread. "I would much rather own a Porsche and have a Portuguese water dog and golden doodle [sic]. Long term it's cheaper, better for The [sic] environment, and will never tell you that it hates you or ask you to pay for college."  Having children these days is like owning a boat, Hogg suggested before outlining his vision for a terrifying future of childless decadence.

David Hogg Gets Dragged After Bragging How Good of a Shot He Is.  Gun control activist David Hogg likes to trot out every now and again that while he supports chipping away at the Second Amendment, he does like to shoot certain types of firearms because he grew up shooting.

New Video Shows Gun-Grabbing Twink David Hogg Enjoying an Afternoon at the GUN Range Shooting Off GUNS.  Now this adds a new wrinkle to the Hogg story.  New video was published this past weekend of anti-Second Amendment advocate and Democrat mouthpiece David Hogg shooting guns for fun at a gun range.  Hogg has made it his life's mission to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  Democrats believe it will make America safer when only criminals and cartel members have their illegal firearms.  Hogg made it into Harvard, not because of grades but because he as a far left activist.

Who Decided David Hogg Is Newsworthy?  David Hogg was trying to thrust himself into the media spotlight long before the infamous 2018 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  His first brush with fame came in 2017 when he recorded a friend having a minor confrontation with a lifeguard at Redondo Beach in California.  Hogg's video went viral.  As a result, he tasted his first thirty seconds of fame.  In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, Hogg claimed his friend put his wakeboard on top of a trashcan because he didn't want it to get sandy (at a beach!) and the confrontation took place after the friend removed the board... and then mouthed off to the lifeguard.  The lifeguard responded by getting in the teen's face and — it is California — ultimately faced some unknown form of discipline, even though it was painfully obvious the kid had provoked him and only words were exchanged.  Less than twelve months later, Hogg became a media rock star after recording interviews with classmates at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas while the shooting was allegedly still in progress.  That's also when the rumors began that Hogg was some sort of a crisis actor because he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

David Hogg:  Putting More Cops in Schools May Endanger Non-White Students.  While speaking at the June 11 March for Our Lives rally, gun control proponent David Hogg suggested that putting more cops in schools may actually endanger students do not have white skin.  Hogg suggested that a common response to school shootings is to put more police in schools.  He then claimed, "Putting more cops in schools hasn't worked."  He cited two examples to bolster his viewpoint:  First he pointed to the armed officer who stood outside Parkland instead of entering, even as the attack was carried out.  Then he made claims about the police response to Uvalde.  Hogg did not mention the numerous times armed resource officers have saved lives on campus.  For example, on December 13, 2013, an 18-year-old with a shotgun entered Denver-area Arapahoe High School and had to face the fact that an armed resource officer was coming for him.  The Denver Post noted that the resource officer was a deputy sheriff who, hearing a gunshot, ran toward the gunman.  As the resource officer closed in, the attacker took his own life, ending the attack.  The Arapahoe attack lasted 80 seconds.

Rubio cancels meeting with David Hogg after false tweet: 'Don't lie again — we have receipts'.  David Hogg posted a viral tweet Thursday morning [6/9/2022] claiming that Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, was afraid to meet him and would be "triggered" by the college student's presence.  That was untrue.  According to exchanges on social media compiled at the Daily Wire and elsewhere, Mr. Hogg not only had been set to meet with Mr. Rubio on Thursday afternoon, but even had press coverage scheduled.

David Hogg has something to tell you about his father.  On February 14, 2018, thanks to a complete systemic failure at the school and county level, Nikolas Cruz was able to murder 17 of his classmates at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.  David Hogg, a student at the school, was not among the injured nor was he even in the line of fire (which is, of course, a good thing).  Nevertheless, by becoming one of the loudest voices calling for gun control following the shootings, Hogg managed to get a place at Harvard.  He also gained a huge Twitter presence, which is a source of endless amusement for anyone who has a triple-digit IQ.  Those who have followed Hogg's career, from publicity-seeking high school student to Harvard undergraduate, cannot help but be impressed with his manifest mediocrity, which is bathed in hard leftism.  He is the modern Harvard undergraduate writ large and should dissuade any parent who hopes that his child will actually be educated when at college from sending that child to Harvard in the third decade of the 21st century.  Hogg's musings on Twitter (which are so prolific it's hard to know how he finds time for school work) provide an endlessly ludicrous, vapid stream of generic leftism, ignorance, and venom:

"The Dumbest Tweet Of All Time": Twitter Torches Perennial Loser David Hogg Over 2A Comment.  Parkland High alum David Hogg has not done much with his life since experiencing an admittedly horrific and unfathomable terror.  Look, politics aside, what Nikolas Cruz did that day is horrendous.  Full stop.  I am sorry for the victims and the families of victims.  However, it's been really hard to sympathize with some of the survivors since almost the very beginning.  People process traumatic events differently, but when kid victims lecture the entire nation over Constitutional rights with which they disagree and have no historical or contextual understanding of — nor grasp basic human nature and common sense — it comes across not as processing grief and horror and rather just... self-aggrandizement.

Keywords:  Slander, armchair psychiatry, twerp.
David Hogg:  Marjorie Taylor Greene 'clearly unstable,' should not be allowed to have guns.  Gun control activist David Hogg, a survivor of the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is "clearly unstable" and should be prohibited from possessing firearms.  Speaking to "The Young Turks" host Cenk Uygur, Mr. Hogg, 21, cited video that shows Ms. Greene, Georgia Republican, taunting him and others on Capitol Hill prior to her being elected last year.  Recalling a 2019 video that surfaced in January, Mr. Hogg, said the future congresswoman had filmed herself harassing him while he was in Washington to lobby Congress when he was just 18 years old.

David Hogg quits much-hyped MyPillow competitor after two months.  David Hogg has tapped out of the pillow fight.  The gun control activist announced over the weekend that he is quitting the progressive-pillow company that he and William LeGate announced with much fanfare in February.  Two months later, Mr. Hogg is abandoning his plan to show up MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, an outspoken supporter of former President Donald Trump.

David Hogg Leaves Pillow Company He Launched to Compete with Mike Lindell.  Gun control activist David Hogg announced Saturday that he is leaving the pillow company he co-founded in an effort to compete with Mike Lindell's MyPillow.  On February 11, 2021, Breitbart News reported one of Hogg's fellow gun control activists, Cameron Kasky, used the word "embarrassing" to describe Hogg's decision to launch the pillow company.  Other gun controllers criticized Hogg's move as well.

David Hogg's Pillow Company Seems to Have Already Failed.  Remember when anti-gun activist David Hogg woke up one day and decided to start a pillow company to keep up with Mike Lindell's popular MyPillow because Lindell supports Trump?  Or did you forget all about it?  If so, I'm sure you're not alone.  Watching Hogg try to launch his pillow company, called Good Pillow, was like being forced to watch a train wreck, as his public pleas for ideas and suggestions felt more like desperate cries for help than legitimate crowdsourcing.  Yet the patheticness of it all didn't matter to the media.  As PJM's Megan Fox reported last month, Hogg's pillow company, despite being in the embryonic stage of development, (they didn't even have a logo yet) was getting free publicity from the Washington Post.

The Editor says...
Perhaps young Mr. Hogg now realizes that capitalism isn't easy.

Rep. Lauren Boebert to David Hogg: 'Give your keyboard a rest, child'.  Rep. Lauren Boebert, Colorado Republican, mocked school shooting survivor David Hogg on social media Thursday, sparking condemnation and fresh calls from her removal from Congress.  Mr. Hogg, a survivor of the deadly 2017 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, started the Twitter spat in a posting he made on the platform earlier Thursday evening [1/28/2021].  Reacting to reports about new fencing being considered around the U.S. Capitol, Mr. Hogg said the proposed security measure would not stop "the real threats" posed by some Republicans remaining in office.

David Hogg Apologizes For Denouncing Violence, Saying His Message Only Applies To 'Young White People'.  David Hogg, the 20-year-old anti-gun activist who attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the school shooting in 2018, criticized violence as a way to "seize power" in a Monday tweet thread — and was then forced to apologize to a Twitter mob of angry left-wing activists.  Hogg wrote in his original Tweet, "We must not fall for the slander espoused by those in power that says violence will solve our problems, they only say that so they can have an excuse to grow their authoritarianism."

David Hogg deletes Twitter poll after majority respond 'No' to hearing his 2020 election 'thoughts'.  Gun control activist David Hogg deleted a tweet asking his 1 million followers if they would be interested in hearing his thoughts on the election after 84% responded, "No."  "Would you be interested in seeing a video post every day from now until election day with my thoughts on what's going on?" Hogg asked in a Twitter poll.  More than 90,000 Twitter users responded to the poll with nearly 80,000 responding with a "no."

Gun Control Activist David Hogg Targets Semi-Automatic Rifles.  A survivor of the 2018 massacre on Valentine's Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and now enrolled at Harvard, student gun control activist David Hogg has become a sought-after speaker at colleges and universities, and the odds are off the chart that he'll be given a prime-time slot at the Democratic National Convention in August.  While I fully support his right to protest things he thinks are wrong, I respectfully disagree with his belief that school carnage will end if semi-automatic rifles are banned.

David Hogg:  "Black," "LGBTQ" and "Non-binary" Women Founded Gun Control "Centuries Ago".  Did the Russians hack David Hogg's brain?  Some observers may thus wonder after a tweet the anti-Second Amendment activist and now Harvard freshman sent on Sunday [1/26/2020].  "This is a tweet for for [sic] the founders of the gun violence prevention movement started centuries ago by almost entirely black, brown and indigenous lgbtq women and non binary people that never got on the news or in most history books," wrote Hogg, 19, a survivor of the 2018 Parkland mass shooting.  "We may not know all your names but thank you."  It's tempting to say here, "Babylon Bee or Onion, is that you?"  No satirist could have made an anti-gunner look more ridiculous, and we do have to consider the remote possibility that Hogg is trolling (though he has no history whatsoever of exhibiting humor).

Gun-grabber David Hogg puts out a statement so stupid everyone is now dumber.  [Scroll down]  The sad reality, though, is that Hogg tweeted out this illiterate gibberish because it's what's being taught in academia today.  We know of a student at a quality liberal arts school who was asked to write about pre-colonial North America from the perspective of race, sex, or gender identity/sexual orientation.  Hogg isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but he's smart enough to absorb the utterly inane, ahistorical nonsense that's being pumped into the sponge-like brains of the students in America's "top" college and universities.  In his own way, Hogg is a victim, but that didn't prevent the blogosphere from rejoicing in his extraordinary ignorance.

Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Declares Virginia Gun-Rights Rally Is Full of White Supremacists.  David Hogg has been in the public eye since the horrendous shooting at his high school in Parkland, Florida. [...] Ever since then, Hogg and his then newly minted activist classmates have been in support of removing guns from law-abiding people.  Now Hogg is back from his hidey-hole at Harvard to proclaim the Virginia gun rally a "white supremacist" affair.

David Hogg:  Today's Mass Shootings Stem from America's 'Indigenous Mass Shootings' and 'White Supremacy'.  Friday [9/6/2019] on MSNBC's All In, March for Our Lives co-founder David Hogg discussed what he believed was the origin of mass shootings in the United States.

The Editor says...
I wonder if this guy's classmates are as badly misinformed as he is.

David Hogg Makes A Stunningly Ignorant Claim About Buying Guns Vs Voting, And Twitter Eats Him Alive.  We're living in an age of participation trophies and selfie sticks.  And for some reason, people are being encouraged to speak on things about which they're completely unaware. [...] Why know things?  Why make sense?  Just assume you already know all that is in the world, with no reason to think so.  It can get you elected to Congress.  It can also land you a position as noted activist — just witness David Hogg's recent point-making tweet: [...]

Vermont Is Going Insane.  Will the Rest of America Follow?  Last year, our nation's children walked out of high schools to complain about school shootings.  Encouraged by teachers and principals, these students proclaimed that they would finally end school violence by effecting changes to national gun laws. [...] Last year in Parkland, Florida, students were encouraged to protest against guns, and all students were released from school, even if they chose not to participate.  One 11-year-old sixth-grader who elected not to protest was struck and killed by a car at 10:27 A.M., when he should have been in school.  Who is responsible for this death?

Leader of the pack
Leader Of The Pack.

David Hogg:  I've been the target of 'seven assassination attempts'.  Parkland shooting survivor-turned-gun control activist David Hogg said Tuesday [6/25/2019] that he's been the target of seven assassination attempts since the mass shooting at his high school last year thrust him and his classmates to the forefront of the gun debate.  "In the past year, there have been seven assassination attempts," Mr. Hogg, 19, told The Washington Post.  "Honestly, I realize that it's horrible that I have to live through this, and it is traumatizing.

The Editor says...
Apparently nobody is paying attention to Mr. Hogg any more, so it's necessary to go into Victim Mode, which is always good for a little more press coverage.  While I don't condone or encourage any acts of violence against Mr. Hogg, he should understand that his words and actions (and attitude) have made him very unpopular among a substantial number of Americans.  And now, from his choice of the term assassination, one can infer that Mr. Hogg considers himself a VIP.

Hogg gesture
School Principal Put On Paid Leave Because Of Tweet Responding To Anti-Gun David Hogg.  A Twitter response from his personal account to a gun control message from anti-gun activist David Hogg has earned a paid leave for a Missouri school principal.  The Daily Caller and WGHP News identified the school principal as Dr. Chad Searcey.  He responded to Hogg's tweet by sending back images of himself holding a semi-auto modern sporting rifle and his sons shooting handguns, with the word "#Merica" over his image.

David Hogg:  "You're A Terrible Shot" If You Need An AR-15 To Defend Yourself.  First of all, he's a liar and doesn't really believe this because he's not advocating that the police be disarmed of long guns, and has never done so.  He just wants the state to have a monopoly on violence.  It's always enlightening to run things like this through the grits mill in order to see the hypocrisy of their views.  If you advocate disarming people other than cops, then you're just a communist.  Second, as for not needing an AR-15 to defend yourself, I think Mr. Stephen Bayezes would beg to differ when he used an AR-15 to defend against multiple assailants in a home invasion.  So would a number of other folks.

David Hogg Calls U.S. Troops Imperialists, Army Vet Schools Him and Triggers MSNBC Analyst.  What is it with liberals and trashing military members just trying to do their jobs?  Ilhan Omar was exposed over the weekend for calling troops in Somalia "satan" and now here's MSNBC's favorite gun control advocate accusing them of being imperialists in Africa.  I don't know what it looks like but it's certainly not what David Hogg thinks it looks like.  I can assure you that our troops in Burkina Faso or Niger are not there to enjoy the weather and vast spoils.  They are there to help with counter-terrorism training and operations.  I'm sure they'd all rather be home rather than in some of the poorest parts of the world.

David Hogg responds to Trump address: 'No one is illegal on stolen land'.  Incoming Harvard student David Hogg apparently believes the United States is not a legitimate nation with rights to its territory.  The gun-control advocate responded to President Trump's speech on illegal immigration and the crisis at the border by implying that the United States is "stolen land."

Ten Most Tiresome People of 2018.  [#3] David Hogg:  The best part about mocking the Camera Hogg is the "well-I-nevering" it inspires from the "How dare you attack this child he was a victim of gun violence" contingent.  Um.  No he wasn't.  He wasn't even in the same building.  Much like Michael Avenatti, David Hogg used a news story as a springboard to personal enrichment and notoriety.

College Hosts 'Social Justice Month' And Their Star Speaker Is None Other Than... David Hogg.  Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) has dubbed the month of November as "Social Justice Month."  The college campus is hosting a number of events focused on ensuring "that all members of the community are treated with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion and civility."  Event topics range from masculinity, cisgender privilege, LGBTQ+ communities, immigration, and racial justice, Campus Reform reported.  To round out the month, SCSU invited gun control advocate and March For Our Lives Co-Founder David Hogg to speak on campus.

Emma Gonzalez Fears 'Cars With Gun Stickers' Will Run Her Off Road.  It must be exhausting.  The idea that everyone is out to get you is classically thought of as extreme paranoia.  However, some people probably do have some grounds to be concerned about their safety.  After all, there are those in the world who receive death threats by the dozens.  But even one death threat is enough to make anyone concerned.  It doesn't help when you go out of your way to [anger people], either.  Perhaps that's why anti-gun activist and Parkland kid Emma Gonzalez decided to admit that she's terrified someone with a gun sticker on their car will run her off the road.

March For Our Lives founder leaves the group, regrets trying to 'embarrass' Rubio.  Cameron Kasky became one of the most recognizable faces of the March For Our Lives Movement after he helped raise millions of dollars in a matter of days for a gun-control rally and confronted Sen. Marco Rubio on television after the nation's deadliest high school shooting.  The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior spent weeks organizing a massive march in Washington that morphed into a nationwide movement and summer bus tour, with an eye toward the upcoming November election.  Now, Kasky is leaving the group.

David Hogg, the headache that keeps on coming.  David Hogg, the teenage Parkland-shooting-sufferer-turned-political activist, took to Twitter to call out U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley as an audacious failure who ought to resign her post pronto.  "Immediately," is how Hogg put it.  As in do not pass go, do not collect $200.  If only Hogg's reasoning were sound, maybe he wouldn't be such a headache.  No — take that back.  Hogg's a headache, no matter how you slice it.  But if only his call for Haley to resign were based on something other than his emotionally driven hatred for all things conservative, maybe he wouldn't be a migraine of a headache.

David Hogg Calls for Nikki Haley's Resignation then Gets Destroyed!  The New York Times posted a hit piece on US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley claiming the State Department purchased $52,000 worth of curtains for an apartment.  Reports are confirming however that the curtains were purchased during the Obama administration.

Hogg Tells Haley to "Resign Immediately" Over Something Obama Did.  Arrogant and bold, Hogg spoke for America and told Nikki Haley to resign over the $52,000 curtains he claimed she okayed.  As it turns out, the curtain purchase was approved under Barack Obama's watch.  He also lied about children starving in America every day.  Kirsten Powers once told Bill O'Reilly that children were starving every day in America because the government wasn't taking care of them.  He challenged her to find one legitimate case that wasn't the parents' fault.  She never came up with one.

David Hogg:  Too Extreme Even For Michael Moore?  David Hogg is the youngster who came to prominence for his comments following the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School.  Now a left-wing activist, Hogg appeared in Canada recently, joining Michael Moore for the premiere of Moore's anti-Trump film "Fahrenheit 11/9."  Hogg failed to impress.  Even Moore reportedly was embarrassed by Hogg's remarks.

Anti-Gun Rights David Hogg Calls for Canadians to Intervene to Save America.  Appearing on stage at the Toronto (Canada) Film Festival, anti-gun rights activist David Hogg asked Canadians to intervene in American elections with campaign contributions.  Hogg and some other Parkland, Florida, high school students had been invited up to the stage last week by movie producer Michael Moore. [...] Hogg took the microphone away from Moore and shouted, "I have a question for you guys.  Who's ready to save America?"  Hogg specifically expressed concern about what would happen if the Democrats fail to re-take Congress in November. [...] Turning to Moore, Hogg demonstrated his ignorance when he told the Canadian audience, "I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the United States."  Moore, however, shook his head at the suggestion.  Hogg responded, "They can't?  Well, uh, vote here," as though that would make any difference with American gun laws.

The Editor says...
Perhaps Mr. Hogg should think and prepare his remarks before he speaks in public.  But I'm certainly not going to be the one to tell him.

Gun Rights Activists, Journalists School David Hogg On AR15s And 'Assault Weapons'.  David Hogg was thrown into the national spotlight after the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day.  Ever since then, Hogg has become one of the faces of the "March for Our Lives" movement, the gun control group that is predominantly made up of Stoneman Douglas survivors.  Since Hogg has become a household name, he assumes that he knows anything and everything about guns.  Hint:  He doesn't.

David Hogg Makes A Fool Of Himself In Canada, Gets Mic Taken Away.  "I have a question for you guys:  Who's ready to save America?  Who's ready to make America the country we say it is on paper and make it the actual country that it wants to be?," Hogg asked the Canadian crowd.  "I think the most important thing to realize, however, is the problems we face as a country, whether it be water in Flint, Michigan or the amount of mass incarceration of people of color that can't vote."  Hogg continued by suggesting that Canadians can donate money to political campaigns in the United States, which is a felony.  After making the embarrassing remarks, [Michael] Moore took the microphone away from Hogg.

David Hogg, Bill De Blasio Team Up To Form Anti-Gun Group.  I've wondered for a while how much of David Hogg's [nonsense] was a case of being an idealistic youth and how much was nothing more than a desperate grab for fame.  Yes, it's cynical, but it was about the only way I could explain his extortion attempt with Smith & Wesson.  Anyone who truly believed in gun control would have probably learned that his followers weren't the kind who could impact the gun manufacturer's bottom line.

'White Jesse Jackson' attempts another shakedown:  Anyone over 30 has seen this movie before, Hogg.  Political boycotts are hardly new to this First Amendment-loving country called America.  They've been around since before Ben Franklin was tinkering with stove designs.  But the motivations behind David Hogg, his financial supporters, their lapdogs in the media and countless unwitting useful idiots are now clearly exposed to any critical thinker, for what lies just underneath.  From his tone, syntax and delivery, young Mr. Hogg seems quite emboldened by his new-found celebrity status and power.  However while we are living in brazen times where subtlety is rewarded with silence, David Hogg is perpetuating a copy-cat crime of his own — by telling large corporate interests just where to deposit millions if they don't agree with his teenage ideology.

Unintentional humor:
Tough guy David Hogg threatens Smith and Wesson.  Parkland survivor turned gun-control zealot David Hogg never seems to shut up, let alone wise up.  If anything, sometimes it feels like he gets dumber by the day.  Case in point:  Last weekend he posted a ridiculous threat on Twitter to Smith & Wesson, an American firearms manufacturer that earns almost a billion in revenue annually.

Gun-grabber David Hogg reveals some of his latest delusions.  Our favorite smug gun-grabbing high-schooler David Hogg just told the NY Magazine that in seven years he's gonna run for Congress: [...] So he's going to upend 49 years of Republican domination?  Yeah, good luck with that.

David Hogg Brought WHAT to the NRA Protest?  Now, why would gun control activist David Hogg need armed security?  Could it be that guns really do keep people safe?  Hogg is a useable tool for whatever group is currently funding his travels.  I would love to know what Soros group for him.  All he is really doing is making more gun owners join up with the NRA.  But it becomes fun when Hogg shows up to protest gun rights at NRA Headquarters with a team of armed guards.

David Hogg protests outside NRA HQ — protected by armed guards?  Anti-gun protester David Hogg hates guns — but apparently not enough to not be protected by them.  Hogg and a collective of anti-Second Amendment agitators protested outside the NRA headquarters on Saturday [8/4/2018], and as the group points out, he was protected by armed guards.

NRA mocks David Hogg for protesting with 'armed security'.  The National Rifle Association mocked gun control activist David Hogg for apparently showing up to a protest at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Va., this weekend with "armed security."  "Today, @davidhogg111 (with armed security) and a bunch of gun-grabbing activists protested our empty HQ, and there were some interesting people there.  Our social team chatted up the crowd and ended the day with ice cream paid for by @Everytown!  Stay tuned for video interviews!" the NRA's official Twitter account said on Saturday along with some photos.  Everytown for Gun Safety is a nonprofit gun-control group.

Parkland survivor and anti-gun campaigner David Hogg is spotted with 'armed security guards and publicists' as he promotes his book.  Parkland survivor David Hogg has been spotted in New York City with an entourage which is said to include armed bodyguards and publicists.  The teenager was seen in Manhattan on June 20 surrounded by a group of men and women. [...] Hogg did not respond to's questions about his entourage on Saturday [6/23/2018].

Hogg Spotted in NYC with Armed Guards.  Media hog and poster boy for attacking gun rights in America, David Hogg, strolled through New York City this week flanked by armed guards.  He didn't deny it when Twitter users called him out for hypocrisy.  Nothing new for a Democrat to be hypocritical, but Hogg obviously thinks he's one of the elite who is entitled to armed protection.

New Book '#DUPED' Shoots Down All Of Hogg's Rhetoric.  Constitutional lawyer and New York Times best-selling author Mark Smith combats David Hogg's rhetoric in his latest book, "#Duped," which serves as a response to the newly-minted gun-control activist and Parkland graduate's recently released book, "#NeverAgain."  Smith exposes the left's celebration and exploitation of students in order to advance so-called common sense gun control.  "#Duped:  How The Anti-Gun Lobby Exploits The Parkland School Shooting — And How Gun Owners Can Fight Back" deconstructs the progressive narrative and illustrates how advocates use children to promulgate an agenda that is so unpalatable they have failed to otherwise enact.

Gun-control activist David Hogg calls for perpetual trolling of Trump.  Gun control activist David Hogg called Monday [5/28/2018] for perpetual social-media trolling of President Trump and for disruptive demonstrations at his brand-name hotels.  He told his 809,000 followers that they should respond to every tweet posted by the president with demands for gun control.

Shoppers Step Over Bodies at Hogg-Led Publix Protests.  For those who have been busy enjoying life and not reading news about David Hogg, the kid's modus operandi (not dirty, Publix, I swear!) is to use his Prized Progressive Puppet status to bully anyone who disagrees with him into silence.  As the progs and Democrats really have nothing else going for them at the moment, he's getting an extension on his fifteen minutes of fame.  While Hogg's spiteful focus is currently on NRA supporters, the odds are probably pretty good that the kid will be branching out to a variety of other leftist issues before long.  These thoughts and actions aren't his own, remember.  His handlers are grooming him for bigger things.  Look for him to be targeting anyone who opposes taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood any day now.

Backfire: Publix retreat means less cash for anti-NRA Democrats.  Thanks to David Hogg, candidates who support the National Rifle Association won't receive campaign donations from Publix — for now — but neither will NRA critics like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. John Lewis.  While Publix tilts decidedly right in its political giving, the supermarket giant has also donated more than $760,000 since 2008 to Democratic committees, including at least two dozen candidates for federal office at odds with the NRA.  They include multiple members of the Black Congressional Caucus, former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Sens. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Patty Murray of Washington, Bill Nelson of Florida, and Ron Wyden of Oregon.

Oops: David Hogg leads protest of Publix donations to pro-NRA candidate, ends up reducing Planned Parenthood funding.  Anti-NRA protesters, led by Parkland student-turned-anti-NRA-activist David Hogg, headed to a Publix store recently for a "die-in" after it was found out that the company had made a donation to a pro-NRA Florida gubernatorial candidate:  [Video clip]  But because not nearly enough schools teach the Law of Unintended Consequences, the lefty agitators didn't think it all the way through, because the store ended up suspending all political donations — and I mean ALL: [...]

David Hogg, Publix, And The Law Of Unintended Consequences.  Parkland activist David Hogg has carved out a special place in the hearts and minds of the uber-left and is thoroughly enjoying every minute, seeming at times drunk with the power he perceives he possesses.  Hogg has no power on his own, of course, but he does have substantial power bestowed upon him by the targets of his destructive activism, power that Publix, at least, acknowledges as it suspends political donations in light of Hogg's anti-Second Amendment, anti-NRA "die-in" effort.  What Hogg, like so many of his leftist cohorts, forgets is the rule of unintended consequences.  Hogg can claim victory since Publix will no longer be supporting the NRA, but he loses that notch because Publix will also no longer support Planned Parenthood.

Hogg Beclowned Himself With His Publix Stunt.  So Publix folded like a cheap suit.  It seems that David Hogg and his Band of Brats intimidated the grocery chain with threats of a "die-in" at their stores.  Publix, you see, contributed to the candidacy of Republican Adam Putnam.  Now Putnam is running for Florida governor, and he supports the eevvilll NRA.  And that just doesn't wash with Hogg.  As a result, the quaking Publix chain suspended any further political contributions of any sort.

Parkland Students' Anti-NRA Protest Against Publix Backfires.  Publix Super Markets Inc. announced Friday that it's suspending all political donations in the wake of a "die-in" boycott from anti-gun Parkland students and others opposed to its donation to a pro-NRA Florida political candidate.  The move presumably includes liberal politicians and causes, too.  Some on Twitter pointed out that Publix has given plenty of money to left-leaning causes.

Hey, Parkland Posse:  Orange Caps And Your Cussing Are Not Helping.  Another tragic school shooting in Texas this weekend called for an uproar on social media with the anti-gun lot.  We would like to say that we are very saddened by the news and for the families and friends of the young men and women so wrongfully murdered that day.  Cue in the Parkland Brat Pack They have returned: (caution, language NSFW):  [Video clip]

Were The Parkland Kids A Community Organized?  The country's most famous community organizer just gave them his blessing.

This guy is sure to become more and more insufferable over the years.
David Hogg Announces June 5th Release Date for Gun Control Book.  Parkland student activist David Hogg used a tweet Monday [4/23/2018] to announce that his gun control book, Never Again, will be released on June 5.  On April 19 Breitbart News reported Hogg's announcement that he and his sister, Lauren, were writing the book about gun control movement which sprang from the Parkland attack.  Entertainment Weekly reported that David and Lauren "have been leaders in the gun control movement that took shape among students, in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting."

The Editor says...
Something tells me Mr. Hogg will run for office as soon as he's old enough.  And is young Mr. Hogg really a leader of the "gun control movement," or is he just a spokesman / pawn?  Does the Gerber Baby sell baby food, or just sit there and look cute?  Does the anchor team on Channel 37 Action News really know all about today's events, or are they just reading a teleprompter and smiling on cue?

Obama Praises The Parkland Kids — Article Will Make Gun Owners' Heads Shake.  Former President Barack Obama wrote an article TIME Magazine's Most Influential People about the pro-gun control Parkland students.  It will make gun owners' shake their heads.  Obama wrote that students like Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, "have the power so often inherent in youth: to see the world anew; to reject the old constraints, outdated conventions and cowardice too often dressed up as wisdom."  The former president took aim at the NRA and its supporters in the piece as well.

'No Amendment Is Absolute': D.C. Student School Walkout Organizer Says We Must 'Regulate the Second Amendment'.  A small group of mostly high school students gathered in front of the White House on Friday [4/20/2018] as part of the National School Walkout, an anti-gun protest launched by a Connecticut teen following the shooting deaths of 17 people at a Florida high school in February.  Following a moment of silence plus 13 seconds to honor the 13 people shot and killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, the group walked to the Capitol where speakers lashed out at Republicans and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

What Happened by Hogg
A few book ideas for the Camera Hogg.  As I mentioned in the previous post, the Camera Hogg (and his sister) have "nabbed" a book deal.  Well, far be it from me to not offer some suggestions.

Barack Obama Gives Glowing Praise To David Hogg, Kyle Kashuv Destroys Every Word.  Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, who was nowhere near where the actual shooting took place, has become as annoying as a canker sore, especially to Kyle Kashuv.  He is one of the students who has received the least attention because he supports the Constitutional right to bear arms. [...] On Thursday [4/19/2018], it was announced that David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Kyle Kasky and other anti-Second Amendment activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as a group, were named as one of Time Magazine's most influential people of 2018.  In a shocking twist of irony, their write up in the magazine was penned by none other than former President Barack Obama, the same president who helped run guns to Mexican drug cartels with former Attorney General Eric Holder in Operation Fast & Furious.  Kashuv thought it was ridiculous, and he destroyed it on Twitter.

The Editor says...
It would not surprise me to learn that someone other than Barack H. Obama wrote the article for Time Magazine, since Mr. Obama has apparently taken credit for other writer's work in the past.

David Hogg gifts Laura Ingraham with 20% more traffic.  What if they gave a boycott and everyone bought?  Looks like the case with high school gun control activist David Hogg after Fox News host and radio star Laura Ingraham hurt his feelings on Twitter and he responded with a call for a nationwide advertiser boycott of Ingraham's television show.

Not a joke:  Fortune names David Hogg and cohorts the world's greatest leaders of 2018.  It has a whiff of classic fake news:  David Hogg and all his foul-mouthed little high school buddies who made headlines and raked cash from their calls for gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting have been elevated to the number-one spot in Fortune magazine's annual list of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders. [...] Fortune's entire list is composed of leftists, as if lefties are desperate to have people to look up to in these long dark days of Trump.  They can call it what they want, but the rest of us see it as a hagiography of the left's favorite leftists.  How far this once distinguished magazine has fallen if it can substitute the Parkland gun-controllers' activism for actual leadership that matters.

The Hypocrisy Of Limousine Liberals And Hollywood Celebs.  Last month, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg and other movie stars and moguls announced donations of more than $2 million to keeping the tour buses, promotional rallies and the presence of cameras rolling to support "March for Our Lives," the high-school student anti-gun movement.  To be honest, that doesn't bother me at all.  It's their money, and celebrities — like the rest of us — have every right to express themselves through statements or donations.  As an aside, and like it or not, the large influx of cash contributes to skepticism about young David Hogg and his compadres being a genuinely "grassroots" movement or instead well-orchestrated or simply convenient sock puppets.  The truth probably lies somewhere in between.  High school kids are not allowed to rent cars, let alone a string of giant tour buses, and it took several days for the media to catch up to the fact that the walk-outs and rallies had significant political and financial sponsorship.

Rolling Stone Crows about Using Emotion and Children to Push Irrational Agenda.  Rolling Stone magazine crows about what is "different" about this iteration of the anti-Second Amendment movement.  It isn't because students are involved.  That has been tried before.  What is different this time is that anti-Second Amendment billionaires built up a network across the nation.  A network of paid activists that was ready to spring into action when the "right" emotional moment presented itself.

David Hogg, Left-Wing Operatives Organize Gun Control Activism at Lawmakers' Town Halls.  David Hogg and other activists from the #NeverAgain movement are helping to lead the Town Hall for Our Lives project, a series of forums across the country seeking to get lawmakers to push for stronger gun-control measures.  The town halls are being assembled by professional progressive activists, with primary participation from Indivisible, a radical organization that describes itself as a "progressive grassroots network of local groups" seeking to "resist the Trump Agenda."  The town halls are also being organized by a group calling itself the Town Hall Project, which is assisting the organizers of the March for Our Lives movement to stage the town hall forums nationwide.

Tom Steyer-Backed, Anti-Trump, Anti-Gun Leftists Organize Teens for 'Town Hall for Our Lives' Across America.  On the heels of last month's anti-gun, anti-Trump March for Our Lives adult-funded and backed protest by teen survivors of the Florida school shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school, another left-wing event is planned for Saturday [4/7/2018].  The event is organized by the Town Hall Project website, started by former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Jimmy Dahman last year.  That entity is now connected with and promoting a "teen-led" series of meetings with members of Congress or candidates running against them over this week, culminating on Saturday with the Town Hall for Our Lives.

The mirage that young people are in mass pushing for gun control.  If anything, younger people are least inclined towards it.  For those who were at the "March for Our Lives" event this past Saturday, there were lots of old people with grey hair and lots of middle age people, but relatively few who were high school age.  Of course, we weren't able to see the whole crowd, nor did we really try, but it turns out that only about 10% were under 18 years of age[.] [...] Other survey evidence indicates young people are possibly more pro-self defense as a way of stopping violence than other people.

Scammed by a Black, a Woman, and Now a 17-Year-Old.  Leftists are now using a 17-year-old as their front man.  Hiding behind David Hogg, leftists are using his age and victim status as cover to further their mission to disarm law-abiding Americans.  Hogg is allowed to spout false leftist talking points and make unconstitutional, irrational demands with impunity.  Leftists are gang-attacking, seeking to silence and destroy anyone who dares offer facts, truth, and logic that contradict Hogg's rants.  According to leftists, disagreeing with Hogg makes you a hater of children and a gun nut.  Yes, folks, leftists arrogantly believe they can bully us into surrendering to their irrational emotion-driven mission to disarm decent Americans.

Anti-Gun "National School Walkout" Duped Students, Families.  Before the events, organizers and establishment propaganda outlets often painted the so-called National School Walkout on March 14 as an event to honor the victims of last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  But the real agenda — at least of the establishment billionaires, leftists, and globalists behind the operation — was to promote more infringements on the unalienable right of Americans to keep and bear arms.  In fact, one of the leading student voices endlessly hyped by CNN even called publicly for "Revolution."  And thousands of naive students across America were duped into participating by well-funded political operatives with no compunctions about exploiting children to advance an anti-constitutional agenda.  The truth and the facts, meanwhile — including the counter-protests by pro-gun students — were carefully concealed.

A tale of two Michael Browns.  [Mirabeau B.] Lamar was the second president of the Republic of Texas, who stressed education.  However, at 17, he turned down Princeton.  The natural comparison of course is to loudmouth David Hogg, who has ghoulishly capitalized on the rare tragedy at his high school to become a Marxist celebrity.  The four University of California schools that he wanted to attend not only refused to give him scholarships but declined his application.

The 49-year-old children's crusade against guns.  The media portrayed last weekend's protest demanding the government strip away our God-given right to keep and bear arms as a spontaneous high school demonstration.  Beethoven's Fifth was never as well orchestrated as this event.  But in an attempt to be clever, the Washington Post let the truth slip.  Most of these protesters were old hippies — funded by billionaires.

David Hogg would've made a good brownshirt.  Hogg would've made a pretty decent brownshirt back in the pre-World War II day.  Those are the National Socialist party people who ran around Germany strong-arming and bullying and intimidating the general populace into accepting the goals of the Nazi organization.  Not saying Hogg's one now — goodness, no.  There are advertisers to consider, of course.  Just saying his demeanor, his rhetoric, his whiney demands, his illogical views of the Second Amendment, his refusal to consider facts and historical truths over emotionally charged screams — all that, added up and considered, suggests he may have missed his calling by a few decades, and an Atlantic Ocean.

Up next: Maybe only those aged 13 to 19 should be allowed to vote.  This group of students from the Parkland shooting certainly deserve the chance to speak.  It's good practice for their adult lives which await them after graduation.  But at the same time, there is actually very little to indicate that evolution has suddenly taken a monumental leap forward without anyone noticing and produced a generation of kids who are notably different than any other kids who came before them.  Young Mr. Hogg, who the media dotes upon endlessly, has regularly embarrassed himself and frequently acts more like a spoiled child than a "seasoned politician," as [Tara] Parker-Pope described him.

Media Narrative Falling Apart:  Only 10% of 'March For Our Lives' Protesters Were Teens.  Despite the mainstream media's unending fixation on the "March for our Lives" protests, their narrative is beginning to crumble.  The media is giving the wrong impression about who made up the march last weekend and one researcher has done the survey to prove it.  It's not a big surprise the media spins everything in favor of their agenda.  They have used propaganda to brainwash the masses for years and this is just one more little bit of evidence that should erode their credibility further.  On;y about 10% of those who marched in the "March for our Lives" were actually teenagers.

'March For Our Lives' is a Nothingburger.  Last week's "March For Our Lives," which has now transformed into all-out anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment and anti-Trump movement took place in cities all across the country and funded by anti-gun left wing organizations, it became a debacle that did not need to occur.  Ostensibly created by the Parkland school youth it is now working with adults from groups like March for Women Live Action Fund,, The Giffords group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and of course Everytown, Bloomberg's gun confiscation group who have spewed lies throughout the time since the Parkland shooting.

March For Our Masters.  Of course, these public events are not organic or spontaneous.  Daniel Greenfield has tracked down the money and it is clear this latest spasm of gun grabbing is financed by the same radical ideologues behind the Womyn's March last year. [...] I wonder what people in Iran or maybe Russia think about this stuff.  There are plenty of people in Eastern Europe, who lived through the Soviets, so they probably recognize these organized propaganda riots.

David Hogg Is Quickly Learning How to Be a Bully.  When is it okay to talk back to someone who keeps falsely branding you a murderer?  Well, that depends on whether he's being funded by Republicans or Democrats.  Ever since the shooting last month at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., a student named David Hogg has become the new face of the gun-confiscation movement.  He's everywhere you look, telling you that if you disagree with him, you've got blood on your hands.  If you've managed to miss his schtick, here's a quick recap from David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon:  [Video clip]

The Hogg-tying of Laura Ingraham.  David Hogg joined forces with the financial backers of his movement to call on advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham's Fox News program.  Even after Ingraham apologized for commenting on Hogg's acceptance status to college — which Hogg himself brought up on social media — Hogg doubled down on calling for the boycott, switching his grievance to Fox News as a whole.  Soros-funded groups like Media Matters for America are the muscle behind Hogg's campaign.

The Media Matters thuggery behind the astroturfed boycott of Laura Ingraham.  Media Matters is once again using its tired, sleazebag astroturfing tactics to bully and intimidate those who don't agree with its far-left agenda.  This time, hiding behind a child, the despicable thugs are pushing for advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham's Fox News show after she mocked 17-year-old Parkland shooting survivor and anti-gun activist David Hogg, for which she has since apologized.  On Wednesday [3/28/2018], Ingraham tweeted a Daily Wire story, "Gun rights provocateur David Hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied," adding "and whines about it."

The 15 minutes of fame are about up for Daniels and Hogg.  Soon enough, our twenty-four-hour news cycle moves on to the next cultural or political phenomenon, whether it is legitimate or entirely fake.  We forget these people the minute they disappear from our television or internet screens.  We will quickly forget Stormy Daniels and David Hogg, too, and the sooner, the better.  Let the next firestorm begin!  This one began to stink a few weeks ago.

The Stupidity of the 'March For Our Lives'.  They have sucked up nearly every available second of possible air time on CNN & MSNBC (while obviously avoiding actual journalism.)  They've also had ample amounts of cash and exposure thrown their way.  Saturday's march was to be the pinnacle of this outrage movement that has largely been propped up by false pretense.  These young people — immediately thrown into one of the most manipulated controversies of our time — are angry, opportunistic and — just a month after their classmates were needlessly lost — now instant celebrities.  Even though they have little more than a junior high level of education under their belt.  The political left, driven by a leftist media, and financed by uber-rich and hard-left celebrities are willing to use them, and to continue to use them to advance their socialist utopia ideals.  (One of the primary ideas of which has always included disarming the masses.)

NY Times Unintentionally Exposes The Astroturfing Of The March For Taking People's Guns Away.  It never was really hard to figure out what the March For Life really wanted:  restrictive gun control used against law abiding citizens, versus getting tough on criminals who use guns, the people who shouldn't have guns because of criminal backgrounds and issues that make others a danger to others/themselves, as well as fixing the problems that occurred due to government problems as we saw with the local police, sheriff's department, school, and FBI in the Parkland shooting case[.]

Planned Parenthood helped organize the "March For Our Lives".  On last night's [3/26/2018] episode of Off The Cuff Declassified, Hollywood Conservative Amanda Head joined me to discuss the far-left big money backers of the "March For Our Lives".  Buzzfeed and TruthRevolt have revealed that Everytown USA (an anti-gun advocacy group), MoveOn.Org, and Planned Parenthood all contributed to the organization of the marches.

Teenagers Make Great Progressive Shock Troops.  Last Saturday hundreds of thousands of high schoolers gathered across the country in a "March for Our Lives" rally.  Organized and financed by anti-gun nuts and other left-wing outfits, and ornamented with Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey, the spectacle was filled with the emotional exhibitionism and juvenile policy recommendations one would expect from the most pampered and worst-educated cohort of young people in American history — the perfect shock troops for progressive propaganda.

Communist salute
March Madness.  [From the comments:] 15 yr olds trying to rewrite a document that is 250 years old [...] this from a bunch of school ignorant kids who learn everything from YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and their cellphones.

David Hogg Mocked After Twitter Users See 'Nazi Salute' at End of Speech.  Gun control proponent and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was mocked on Twitter for raising a clenched fist in what some saw as a "Nazi salute" following promises to secure more restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Trying to remember what David Hogg's iconography reminds me of....  Never believe that gun registration (which the left refers to as "the gun show loophole") is a tool to make you safer. [...] The #MarchForOurLives crowd isn't shy about embracing totalitarianism and mass-murder. [...] Citizens unable to protect themselves by force of arms are not free; they are subjects.

Raised fist salute
Parkland Student's 'Salute' After Speech Causes Major Twitter Reaction.  Toward the end of his approximately four-minute speech, Hogg said, "Thank you.  I love you all.  God bless all of you and God bless America.  We can and we will change the world!"  At that moment, Hogg threw up a salute that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

The Essential David Hogg — Or, Why Spoilt Children Need to Be Spanked.  Liberals like to bully their pro-liberty opposition by firing at our freedoms from behind people we are not allowed to attack, like kids who have had something traumatic happen at their school.  This strategy was on display during Saturday's March for Our Lives spectacle, featuring the quintessential teenage totalitarian, David Hogg.

NPR Lets David Hogg Slam Opponents as Old People Dying Off on the 'Wrong Side' of History.  NPR Weekend Edition Saturday [3/24/2018] welcomed Parkland student leftist David Hogg for an interview, and host Scott Simon offered the typical "how are you coping" and "do you have time to be a teenager" softballs.  But when he teed up Hogg to say something political, Hogg was obnoxious.

Who Runs March For Our Lives?  Everytown for Gun Safety was formed out of two other groups:  Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Both are actually front groups for Michael Bloomberg, the lefty billionaire and former boss of the Big Apple, who used New York City resources to host at least one of its websites.  So Everytown is really New York City.  March for Our Lives is on every cable channel, but who runs it?  The photogenic teen fronts are out front.  But it's obvious to everyone that a bunch of teens don't have the resources and skills to coordinate a nationwide movement.  Instead, it's the experienced activists who are actually running things.

The Left and the Gun-control marches.  [Scroll down]  While the National Rifle Association is a transparent organization with open filings and an agenda known to the general public, the groups who have indoctrinated and coached children to act out in anti-gun marches are hidden behind veils, hidden filings, organizations, and names of persons who are either not heard of at the marches, or are unknown to the general public.  What we do know is that a number of Hollywood stars heavily involved in left-wing causes are funding and participating in these marches, along with the aforementioned billionaires.  The appearance of Everytown for Gun Safety, formed out of two earlier gun-control organizations funded by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action, is interesting.  The latter arranged the Million Moms March against guns in 2000whcih also took place on the Mall in D.C. What we have here folks, are the Usual Suspects who lost the election of 2016 and will do anything unethical and immoral to make themselves whole.  And they are wholly backed by the mainstream media.  The far left and Socialist International that has infiltrated these anti-American groups (in the past they were directed right out of Moscow) write the scripts.  The children have been well-prepared and prompted, knowing an entire nation will be listening.

MTV announces plan to send busloads of young people to anti-gun violence march.  MTV said Friday [3/23/2018] that it would band together with several celebrities and the NAACP to send buses of young people to the March for Our Lives anti-gun violence rally in Washington, D.C.  The march, set to take place on Saturday [3/24/2018], is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of students to D.C. and local marches nationwide to call for gun control and school safety measures in response to mass school shootings.

The Patriots Flew Parkland Students to D.C. Ahead of 'March for Our Lives' on Team Plane.  Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left Florida on Thursday, for the "March For Our Lives" against gun violence in Washington, DC, this weekend.  And their transportation came courtesy of the New England Patriots.  According to the Boston Globe, "On Thursday [3/22/2018], team owner Robert Kraft provided the team's official plane to fly the families of the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and some of the students who were injured and survived the harrowing incident to the nation's capital for the event, according to Patriots spokesman Stacey James."

Bank Of America Sponsors Anti-Gun Panel.  Bank of America sponsored a gun-control discussion, hosted by Axios, on Friday.  Axios co-founder Mike Allen facilitated the talk between activist and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg, Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, and Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a group that represents the firearms-industry.  The event, held in Washington, D.C., occurred at 8 a.m. and had no outside sponsors beside BoA.  On Wednesday morning [3/21/2018], it was billed as a conversation "on gun safety in America," featuring gun-control advocated Blumenthal and Hogg.

David Hogg's Next Crusade:  Opposing Voter Identification Laws.  The March for Our Lives may have been the Parkland activist students' magnum opus, but they are by no means done agitating for leftist policies.  The only relevant legislation on the horizon, the STOP School Violence Act, passed without their support, and there are few gun regulations likely to pass.  So, at least one Parkland student is seeking to expand his policy agenda; David Hogg is battling voter ID laws.

David Hogg shoots his mouth off about voter ID, reveals his latent racism (again).  In case there was any remaining doubt that David Hogg is anything but a Democratic mouthpiece now, here you go: [...]

Hogg lets f-bombs fly in disturbing interview.  David Hogg has become the face of the Parkland high school shooting, eclipsing the tragic memories of the 17 victims who were murdered by Nicolas Cruz.  Hogg has been rabidly elevated as a media celebrity by the mainstream press, who found a willing mouthpiece to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda.  In a profanity-laced, rambling interview with The Outline, Hogg slammed the NRA and pro-Second Amendment politicians, [...]

Anti-Gun Parkland Student David Hogg Does Not Want His Backpack Rights Infringed Upon.  Anti-gun Parkland high school student David Hogg is angry that his backpack rights are being infringed upon, reports Axios.  The left-wing Axios sat down for a conversation with David Hogg, the gun control crusader the anti-gun media have made the most visible since a gunman massacred 17 people at his former high school.  According to Axios, Hogg is upset with some of the new security protocols Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is putting into place in the aftermath of last month's mass shooting.  Students will now be required to use clear, see-through backpacks only.

Parkland Kids:  The Return of the Grieving Activist.  According to many gun-control advocates, 18-year-olds are too immature to handle guns — but are mature enough to advise us on gun policy.  Thus we're told we must "listen to the voices" of the young Parkland shooting survivors.  Not only that, we're not to question or oppose them because they're young, they're survivors and, by golly, because it's absolutely devastating to the anti-gun agenda!  There's something truly reprehensible about this situation, and it's not conservatives criticizing the positions of activist Parkland students such as David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.  It's that liberals are using the students as human props and human shields, letting them throw the punches and then condemning the assailed if they dare defend themselves.

On Today's Despicable Misuse of Children.  Today [3/14/2018] students were excused from classrooms all across America to participate in demonstrations in favor of firearms bans of one sort or another.  These were anything but spontaneous actions organized by children.  Rather, the anti-gun demonstrations were condoned, if not sponsored, by school administrations that are almost universally liberal.  And the teachers' unions played a part too.

The Right Needs To Learn From The Left's Astroturfing Of The Parkland Survivors.  In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, something amazing happened.  Unlike other mass shootings, which cause a flurry of calls for gun control that usually fizzle out in a week or so, this one resulted in a sustained conversation and some sort-of tangible damage to the NRA.  The change came because many of the Stoneman Douglas High School students who survived the shooting became organized — attending rallies, tweeting, and appearing on major networks — to call for gun control.  Or so we thought.  About two weeks after what was reported as a movement by the students, forensic science specialist David Hines discovered that the whole "movement" was actually a coordinated plan from the Left.  Within two days of the shooting, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., was helping the kids; teacher's unions, groups associated with Michael Bloomberg, and people connected to the Women's March were all assisting in securing funding and promotion.  Planned Parenthood, George Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey all donated money to the effort.

Here's What Your Children Are Learning Today.  After that terrible massacre in Florida, we were subjected to that awful CNN Townhall meeting castigating Senator Marco Rubio and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.  We learned later, thanks to the great reporting by real journalists who exist only online, that CNN had provided the questions that the students asked of conservatives; The students were bused to the event by teachers' unions that also organized the national school walkout which the mainstream media reported was the work of a surviving student.  The entire so-called student reaction to the massacre was professionalized and sponsored by liberals groups such as and Soros funded foundations.

Farrakhan-Linked Group to Lead National School Walkout March 14 Against Guns.  An anti-Trump organization linked to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is leading the "National School Walkout" on March 14, in which millions of children will be instructed to demonstrate against guns.  The "Women's March" organization, which conducted nationwide "pink [...] hat" protests the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration last year, is leading the National School Walkout in coordination with the national Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

An Open Letter to David Hogg.  Who is David Hogg and why should we care?  He seems to think he is now a policy expert and can arrange for his thoughts and opinions to be taken seriously.  How many times have you heard him on CNN or MSNBC slandering those who disagree with him or heard him say "I am not going to allow".  My first thought is who [...] does he think he is.  The son of a supposed FBI agent father and a VIP mother who works for CNN (his own words) what makes him any more expert just because he was in the building next to where the shooting occurred?  His condescending attitude and his inability to see past the myopic preening group that are his handlers is self serving.  His present course will allow him to move forward in his future plans as either a journalist of politician, another progressive leftists that can lie easily and do nothing more than push the Alinsky principles forward.  He is the perfect "victim" he can say and demean anyone he likes and lie about facts and can do it with impunity because he can always fall back on being a "victim".  Any who call out his lies or his demeaning of others will be set upon by the socialists who are cheering him on.

Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Discover Parkland Students' Astroturfing?  It's been a recurring theme of the coverage of the Parkland school shooting: the remarkable effectiveness of the high school students who created a gun control organization in the wake of the massacre.  In seemingly no time, the magical kids had organized events ranging from a national march to a mass school walkout, and they'd brought in a million dollars in donations from Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.  The Miami Herald credited their success to the school's stellar debate program.  The Wall Street Journal said it was because they were born online, and organizing was instinctive.  On February 28, BuzzFeed came out with the actual story:  Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher's union organizing the buses that got the kids there, Michael Bloomberg's groups and the Women's March working on the upcoming March For Our Lives, doing social media promotion and (potentially) march logistics, and training for student activists provided by federally funded Planned Parenthood.

How did kids from Parkland 'magically' form a gun control movement in just 2 weeks?  They had lots of help.  Democrats famously never let a good crisis go to waste.  The pro-gun control movement seemingly organized by students in the wake of last month's school shooting at a Parkland, Fla. high school has grown at rapid pace with the push from a wide network of activist organizations, millionaire donors, Democratic politicians, and public relations firms.

Hogging the Gun Control Limelight.  I am so sick of David Hogg, the pompadorable Parkland school shooting "survivor" and media-darling gun control activist. [...] Seriously, I haven't seen such a wall of protection around a teenager since that bubble boy from the '70s.  My problem with Hogg isn't even about guns per se.  I'm totally a Second Amendment advocate, but it's never been my go-to issue.  During my days as a GOP organizer, I'd meet guys who were so into their guns, they'd carry photos of their arsenal in their wallet, like pictures of children.  And I gotta confess, those dudes creeped me out.  Mind you, I support their right to be creepy, but it's just not my scene.  My beef with David Hogg, aside from the fact that he's become the American Muhammad in terms of "ridicule is verboten," is that he exemplifies everything I despise about the "postmillennial" generation.  Having grown up in a culture that worships victimhood, Hogg is playing the survivor role with such gusto that, were Elie Wiesel still alive, he'd be green with envy.

As if anyone cares...
David Hogg Vows Not to Return to School Until Lawmakers Pass Gun Control.  Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg says he will not return to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School until more gun control is passed.  Hogg made the comments Sunday during a gun control rally held at Temple B'nai Abraham in Livingston, New Jersey.  The New York Daily News reports that Hogg said, "I'm not going back to school on Wednesday until one bill is passed."  He did not specify which law he wants most, only that he is not going back until at least one law garners the support of lawmakers.

The Editor says...
So what?  If he drops out of school, he'll be perfectly suited for a career in broadcasting, politics, or "community organizing."

Activist David Hogg Praises Fellow Teen's Extreme Gun Control Proposals.  In case you didn't know, the teen members of Future Social Justice Warriors of America want your boomsticks, and they want them now.  At the forefront of their movement is David Hogg, a survivor of the Stoneman school shooting.  Little Dave has been all over the airwaves as of late, bashing NRA "child murderers" and excoriating gun owners for not supporting "common sense" gun control. [...] Bad news, my fellow reloaders.  You can say bye-bye to that $1500 Dillon press you just bought if these kiddos get their way.  Though, I have yet to see a single mass shooter pictured at a reloading bench, trimming and priming 5.56 cases for his upcoming trip to the schoolhouse.  I guess these kids have something against recycling.

Teen Parkland survivor David Hogg calls for Spring Break boycott of Florida until gun laws change.  One of the teen survivors of the Florida school shooting suggested Saturday [2/24/2018] that tourists stay away from the state until gun control measures are enacted.

The Editor says...
Whaaaat?  There are no gun-control laws in Florida?

The Truth About David Hogg & His Family & US Govt Sacrifice Of Its Own In School Shooting For Agenda.  We're supposed to believe Kevin Hogg, a former FBI agent and part-time school teacher, and Rebecca Boldrick a school teacher have the money to have multiple million dollar homes in Florida, the money to organize anti-gun rallies across the country, and jet set David Hogg around the nation to organize anti-gun protests.  Sorry, but it just is not believable, the funds have to be coming from an outside entity.

Wow The David Hogg kid is calling on people to boycott companies because they are Republican.  Activist David Hogg, who blames President Trump for the Florida school shooting is still not blaming the FBI for their failure to stop the massacre.

Stephanopoulos Tees Up Hogg to Smear Dana Loesch and NRA.  In what seemed like an effort for them to have their own NRA smear-fest similar to CNN's, ABC's This Week hosted both NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and anti-gun Parkland student David Hogg.  And as would be expected, Loesch owned host George Stephanopoulos because of his profound ignorance on guns and his leftist politics.  When the schooling was over, he turned to Hogg and let him smear gun rights advocates.  Hogg was brought on after the interview with Loesch and from the get-go, Stephanopoulos was enthralled with his baseless smear campaign.

IDIOCY. Sheer. Unvarnished. Idiocy.  Just when you thought the gun-grabbing Left couldn't debase themselves further, the Democrat-aligned "Moms Demand Action" — an astroturf-laden front group aligned with Michael Bloomberg — fell chin-deep into the swamp today [11/14/2015].  With a couple of ill-timed tweets (e.g., "This is how AK-47s get to Paris"), this mentally disturbed group appears to believe that Islamist terrorists, who destroyed the World Trade Center with airplanes and bombed London and Madrid, would obey gun control laws.  No word on what they want to do with suicide belts.

Know Your Enemy: The Shape of Antigun Astroturf, May 2015.  We continue to add to the map of Freedom's enemies.  There are over 350 nodes on the new map, and every one of them a proven, if not sworn, enemy of firearms freedom.

Hillary Clinton's use of astroturf:

IG report: State Department spent $630,000 to increase Facebook 'likes'.  The State Department spent over $630,000 to increase Facebook "likes" for four of its pages on the social-networking site, according to an inspector general's report.  The efforts, which involved advertising initiatives between 2011 and March 2013, increased the fan numbers for each page from about 100,000 to more than 2 million, the report said.  But employees complained that the agency was "buying fans," according to the inspector general.

The high price of Astroturf:
Hillary Clinton's State Department Spent $630,000 on Facebook.  Only two percent of the people who "liked" the Facebook pages shared or commented on the items.  The program faced problems when Facebook changed its approach to news feeds, making the campaign less viable.  Instead, the bureau now pays for sponsored ads to keep content visible.

State Department bureau spent $630,000 on Facebook 'likes'.  State Department officials spent $630,000 to get more Facebook "likes," prompting employees to complain to a government watchdog that the bureau was "buying fans" in social media, the agency's inspector general says.  The department's Bureau of International Information Programs spent the money to increase its "likes" count between 2011 and March 2013.  "Many in the bureau criticize the advertising campaigns as 'buying fans' who may have once clicked on an ad or 'liked' a photo but have no real interest in the topic and have never engaged further," the inspector general reported.

Hillary caught staging pathetic rally in Ohio.  Hillary's campaign passed out signs and instructed audience members on how to cheer.  [Video clip]

How left-wing groups and the DNC arrange astroturf agitation at Trump events for Hillary's benefit.  One of the open questions here, and key to any legal issue, is whether the campaign itself is coordinating with the Super PACs who are allegedly involved in these activities.  Campaigns are strictly barred by law from contact with PACs; maybe there's more to come about that in the next videos, but for now it's clear at least that there's some chain of command to all of this and that the DNC is involved in some astroturfing.

'Republican' promising to cross party lines in Hillary ad actually long-time Dem donor.  It must have made Hillary feel so warm and fuzzy inside to hear that her compatriots were producing an ad utilizing a Republican who couldn't stand Trump. [...] Of course, just like every other thing she's ever done, she's wrong about this.  Because it turned out her golden boy is actually nothing more than a RINO who has been giving thousands away to Democrats for the last 12 years.

Remember that 'Republican Woman for Clinton'? She's a healthcare lobbyist married to a Clinton operative.  Sometimes our media can be so incurious.  After Jennifer Pierotti Lim spoke at the Democratic convention last month, the New York Times interviewed her, describing her only as "the founder of the volunteer group Republican Women for Hillary."  Cosmo and the Huffington Post, to their credit, mentioned Lim's employer:  the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  None of these publications, in their positive profiles of the Clinton backer, mentioned her occupation:  Lobbyist.  A lobbyist for the largest lobbying entity in the country gets on stage to praise a presidential candidate, and her job is basically omitted from descriptions of her.  That seems odd.

Media Photoshops Crowd Image For Hillary Clinton St.  Petersburg, Florida Speech.  Remember the discussions of "optics" and trying to manufacture the perception of support for Hillary Clinton?  It's all a pretense; a fraud; a corporate media ruse.  Well, a great example comes today from "The Hill", an on-line media outlet promoting the speech of candidate Clinton.

Just like antimatter, there is such a thing as anti-astroturf:
Anti-Trump forces in Maine try to suppress attendance at rally.  Some liberal Maine residents are trying to ensure empty seats at a Donald Trump rally in Portland Thursday [8/4/2016] by registering for tickets online without any intention of attending the event.  Chris Schorr, a Portland resident, is urging Trump opponents to obtain tickets from the campaign's web site "to keep attendance low, and also to show Trump that his disgusting brand of bigoted and ignorant politics has no place in Portland or in Maine."

DNC Advertises For People To Hold Signs And Cheer At Convention.  [Scroll down]  The alleged empty seats are being caused by anti-Hillary factions being forcibly removed from the convention hall.  You know, the very same convention the Mainstream Media keeps repeating is so much more unified than the Republican Convention held last week.

Immigration and Astroturf.  What if all isn't as it seems?  What if the reality you found is completely false and contradictory to the reality you are told exists?  The stories that now predominate the news headlines in America are not actually news at all.  What passes for the news today is nothing more than carefully constructed narratives created by unseen special interests designed to manipulate your opinion while pushing an artificial agenda.  This is the essence of what veteran investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson defines as astroturf.  Attkisson explains that astroturf disguises itself as being legitimate while in actuality it's not as astroturf is a "perversion of grassroots by corporations, special interests and political interests of all stripes exploiting the media and the internet to try and convince you [that] there's widespread support for or against an agenda when there's not."

9-Year Old Asks Hillary About Gender Pay Equity at Town Hall.  It's a pity that no regular American (a descriptor which automatically excludes 95 percent of all "professional journalists") can get close enough to Granny Catlady to ask her a serious question.  Instead, she's fielding carefully lobbed softballs from the likes of 9-year old Red Diaper Baby: [...] Heaven forbid that the Godmother of ISIS field a serious question, say, like why she lobbied for an invasion of Libya, leading to the rise of ISIS and the little matter of 20,000 "lost" missile launchers.

Hillary Clinton Offers Herself As Dinner Date Prize In TOTALLY RIGGED Sweepstakes.  After raising $45 million in the last few months by hobnobbing with hedge fund managers and wealthy elites, Hillary Clinton's newest fundraising gambit is to obtain cash by offering to eat with some specially-plucked member of the hoi polloi.  The carefully-worded language of the sweepstakes ensures that not just any old rabble can win, though.

Campaign staff drove 'ordinary' Iowans to Hillary's first campaign stop — including health care 'lobbyist in training'.  Hillary Clinton's astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa.  Her Tuesday morning [5/19/2015] visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton.  Bird told Daily Mail Online that campaign staffer Troy Price called and asked him and two other young people to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city.  Price then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour.

You won't believe Hillary Clinton's spin on avoiding the press.  With Hillary Clinton rapidly approaching a month since she answered a question from a reporter, her allies are working to push back on the idea that she is ducking the press. [...] The vast majority of the people who have asked Clinton questions in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada were part of a pre-selected group who sat with her around a roundtable.  That's not exactly like hosting a town hall event in which none of the questions are pre-screened.  And if you look at the questions "regular" people are asking Clinton, they are not exactly the most probing of queries.

Mia Love Obliterates Hillary Clinton With the Stroke of a Pen.  In related Hillary news, the would-be empress held a "listening tour" on a college campus in Iowa (which means no one was allowed to ask her questions and students were actually locked in their buildings to prevent Hill from breathing the same air as the riff-raff).  Oh, and Hillary's 'unscripted' coffee shop sit-down with 'ordinary' Americans turned out to be just as phony as a jetsetter worth $200 million engaging in class warfare.

The plastic candidate with the AstroTurf campaign.  First, there was the video. The 2:19 clip hit all the touchstones:  There were blacks and whites and Hispanics and chubbies and skinnies and gays and straights and men and women (and men with men and women with women).  The quick-cut flurry sought to portray the people in the video as simply Clinton fans whom the filmmaker had skillfully tracked down and captured in off-the-cuff adoration.  But they were nothing of the kind. Instead, they were campaign volunteers for Hillary's last run, or Democratic donors.  All were approached by Team Clinton and asked to appear in the video.  And all were given scripts with exactly what to say for the seemingly "candid" video.

Clinton aide admits they screen 'everyday Americans' for Hillary's campaign events.  A Hillary Clinton campaign official explained on Monday why her presidential advisers have brought pre-screened partisans to some events promoted as an opportunity for the former secretary of state to meet with 'everyday Americans.'  Just steps away in a Keene, New Hampshire bakery, a few run-of-the-mill people decided they didn't want to be seen with her.

Campaign staff drove 'ordinary' Iowans to Hillary's first campaign stop.  Hillary Clinton's astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa.  Her Tuesday morning visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton.  Bird told Daily Mail Online that campaign staffer Troy Price called and asked him and two other young people to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city.  Price then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour.

Hillary's 'everyday Americans': Democrat state campaign manager and a Martin O'Malley supporter.  Three more of Hillary Clinton's 'everyday Americans' have been revealed to have strong links to the Democrat party — including one who could be set to support a rival bid for the White House.  Julie Stauch and married couple Sean Bagniewski and Vidhya Reddy all appear in on the video announcing Clinton's 2016 bid.  They are part of a diverse group of people — from young mothers and people preparing for retirement, to Spanish-speaking brothers preparing to start a business and an Asian-American college graduate looking for her first job — chosen to show aspirational citizens as Clinton looks to speak to to wide demographic of voters.

Hillary's scripted campaign events using pre-arranged shills and audience plants:

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Had Gun Control Supporters Planted In Town Hall Audience.  One of the emails contained in the Wikileaks' Podesta email release shows that Hillary Clinton had gun control supporters planted in a town hall audience in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The town hall occurred on October 5, 2015; just four days after a man opened fire on Umpqua Community College campus in Oregon.

Still like protests at a presidential rally, Democrats?  Paid hecklers interrupted Donald Trump rally after rally this spring.  I counted 20 times at a rally in Kansas City in March, which was carried live on C-Span.  Now Club Clinton faces protests about President Clinton's histpory of raping women, and getting away with it just like Hillary got away with violating national security laws with her server and deleted emails.

Did the Media Just Fall Hook, Line, and Sinker for a Clinton Campaign Stunt? At a Clinton rally in Pennsylvania, a 15-year-old girl spoke from the heart about how Donald Trump's bullying made her concerned about her peers.  "At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age," Brennan Leach said.  "I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look."  It was a concern that had been amplified days earlier by Trump's renewed attacks on model Alicia Machado, who Trump allegedly called "Miss Piggy" after she gained weight.  Clinton couldn't have asked for a better question, and she even said as much ("Thank you!" she shouted at Leach).  With such a perfect moment came of course a flood of media coverage.  But was it perhaps a little too perfect?  Buried deep in The New York Times story on the moment are a few tidbits that sound the faintest of alarms.

Hillary Caught Using Child Actor At Pennsylvania Town Hall.  At a Hillary Clinton town hall yesterday [10/4/2016] in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a 15 year old girl was supposedly "chosen at random" to ask a question of the former Secretary of State.  But, the well-scripted performance raised some suspicion with a YouTuber named Spanglevision who decided to dig a little deeper.  And, wouldn't you know it, the "random" participant was none other than child actor, Brennan Leach, whose father just happens to be Pennsylvania democratic State Senator Daylin Leach.  Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, Daylin supports Hillary for president...

Gee, what a coincidence on the trail with Clinton.  At a campaign forum in the [Donnellson, Iowa] fire station, a caucus site come Jan. 3, Clinton happened to be asked about her religious faith.  Practicing Methodist, she responded, adding, "I'm often asked if I'm a praying person, and I am a praying person.  My father prayed at his bedside every night and we prayed at the table over dinner."  Then, someone pointed out that Clinton's childhood Sunday-school teacher, Rosalie Bentzinger, from her Park Ridge, Ill., days, happened to be right there in the very same Iowa fire station at that same moment.  Can you believe it?  The Sunday-school teacher stood up.  Clinton rushed over.  They hugged.

Clinton staff admits planting question on college student.  A Grinnell College student says an aide for Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her a prepared question to ask the presidential candidate during a forum this week in central Iowa.  Clinton staffers acknowledge the incident but claim Clinton did not know the question had been issued when the senator called on the student during a question and answer session with the audience.

The Editor says...
I find it hard to believe that Mrs. Clinton didn't know all about it in advance, especially since it happened more than once.  Keep reading...

New 'Hill Shill' Questions.  Hillary Rodham Clinton faced more embarrassing disclosures yesterday [11/10/2007] about her staff's aggressive efforts to script her campaign appearances, as a second person came forward to claim Clinton's staff tried to use him to plant a question at a campaign event.

Is Clinton campaign too scripted?  At a campaign stop in Newton, Iowa, last week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton peered out at the crowd of 250 people and called on a 19-year-old college student, who posed a friendly question about global warming.  The Clinton campaign insists that the New York senator chose the student at random.  If so, it turned out to be a fortuitous pick.

Hill Shill Spills All.  An Iowa college student pulled back the curtain on Hillary Rodham Clinton's stage-managed campaign stops — claiming the candidate seemed to know to call on her for a canned question at a cooked-up event that was passed off as spontaneous.  Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, 19, said a Clinton staffer waved her off the question she first wanted to ask — then produced a binder with a series of questions she could ask.  The binder, she said, had about eight questions.

Memo to Clinton staffers:  Trust your candidate or find a new one.  Does the Clinton campaign really need to twist a college kid's arm to ask Clinton a question about climate change at a climate change event? … Why would the Clinton campaign do it, especially since getting caught is so embarrassing?  Because the culture of control in presidential campaigning has gotten way out of control.

Student describes how she became a Clinton plant.  The college student who was told what question to ask at one of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign events said "voters have the right to know what happened" and she wasn't the only one who was planted.  In an exclusive on-camera interview with CNN, Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, a 19-year-old sophomore at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, said giving anyone specific questions to ask is "dishonest," and the whole incident has given her a negative outlook on politics.

Hillary Clinton:  I'm So Glad You Asked!  America's trust in the Clintons suffered a horrible blow last week, when it was discovered that Hillary Clinton's campaign staff had planted the "spontaneous" questions being asked by audience members at an Iowa campaign event.  "They were canned," Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff (a Grinnell College student attending the performance) said of the questions that Clinton took.  In a remarkable coincidence, Clinton's answers seemed quite polished — almost prepared, really.

Clinton Aides Prompted Queries at Events.  At two campaign events in Iowa this year, aides to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged audience members to ask her specific questions, a tactic that drew criticism from an opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination and led her yesterday [11/11/2007] to promise that it would not happen again.  Mrs. Clinton, speaking to reporters in Iowa, said she was unaware that her aides had ever planted questions.

The Editor asks...
Did she promise not to do it, or never to get caught again?  And really, how much is a promise worth when it comes from Bill or Hillary Clinton?

Interview with the shill

with the unwilling audience plant.

"Diamond v. Pearl" Student Blasts CNN.  Maria Luisa, the UNLV student who asked Hillary Clinton whether she preferred "diamonds or pearls" at last night's debate wrote on her MySpace page this morning that CNN forced her to ask the frilly question instead of a pre-approved query about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.  "Every single question asked during the debate by the audience had to be approved by CNN," Luisa writes. … "For sure, I thought I would get to ask the Yucca question that was APPROVED by CNN days in advance."

Clinton aides plant student's question.  Under the pressures of major media coverage, with polls narrowing in Iowa, campaigns can potentially control questions and coverage by planning questions ahead of time.  While no campaigns admit to this practice, at a recent Hillary Clinton campaign event in Newton, Iowa, some of the questions posed to the New York Senator were planned in advance, planting some audience members in the crowd.

So Who Was Asking Questions At That Debate?  A couple bloggers have looked into the questioners at last week's Democratic debate, and found more than a few of them have formal, professional ties to the Democratic party.  One, in fact, was political director of the Arkansas Democratic Party. … In the aftermath of the controversy over "planted" questions at Hillary events, one might think CNN would want to keep an eye on this sort of thing.

Clinton, CNN and Fall out from the Debate.  Hillary Clinton's performance at the Las Vegas debate has been overshadowed by charges of planted questions, a planted audience, and curious behavior by CNN that seemed to favor Clinton over other candidates.

Vote for Me.  I'm a Sock Puppet.  You may have seen that some Hillary Clinton "sock puppets" were recently outed on a New Hampshire blog, to the campaign's great embarrassment.  A sock puppet, for those of who you aren't immersed in blog culture, is what they call someone who pretends to be commenting as a regular voter but who is in fact posting propaganda.

Hillary's "Iron My Shirt" Protester Was Yet Another Plant.  Today at a whistle stop in Salem, New Hampshire, an alleged protester raised a sign saying "Iron My Shirt" while hollering the same idiotic slogan.  I do not know anybody in the men's movement who would resort to this level of idiocy.  I do, however, know a few individuals hitting the whistle stops with truly intelligent questions, all of whom have been hustled away literally before they could finish the question.  The way Hillary handled the situation was too smooth and prepared to be a legitimate protest.  Having worked in the entertainment business previously, I know a plant when I see one.

Obamacare astroturf:

Affordable Care Act 'success story' at State of the Union needed extra help to sign up.  A few weeks ago, Rep. Donna F. Edwards (D-Md.) invited a guest to President Obama's State of the Union address:  Lorita Katherine Waltz, a 49-year-old nurse from Prince George's County who the congresswoman considers an Affordable Care Act "success story."  But Waltz's family did not become enrolled in a new insurance plan until Tuesday — the day of the president's address — after weeks of trying and only with help from state leaders.

The Only Man in America Who Successfully Signed Up for Obamacare Just Happens to be an Obama Volunteer.  Meet Chad Henderson.  He's the only man in America to have successfully signed up for Obamacare.  He's an instant media celebrity. [...] Never believe in coincidences.  Not when we have a PR presidency at work.  It turns out Henderson's knowledge of OFA was not the result of his astuteness or political acumen.  According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a current OFA volunteer.  Maybe those many media outlets who spoke with him will make note of this seemingly relevant fact.

Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson and His Dad Haven't Signed Up for Obamacare, Says His Father.  Chad Henderson is the media's poster boy for Obamacare.  Reporters struggled this week to find individuals who said they had been able to enroll in one of the law's 36 federally run health-insurance exchanges.  That changed yesterday, when they found Henderson, a 21-year-old student and part-time child-care worker who lives in Georgia and says that he successfully enrolled himself and his father Bill in insurance plans via the online exchange administered at  But in an exclusive phone interview this morning [10/4/2013] with Reason, Chad's father Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can't get enough of.

Poster boy for Obamacare website launch is a ringer.  What's a leftist to do when a cherished program fails embarrassingly?  Of course, create a phantom success, and publicize it relentlessly.  And that is exactly what has happened with the disastrous launch of and the assorted state websites intended to enroll people in Obamacare.  Obamacare found its poster boy for "success" in one Chad Henderson, who claims to have successfully enrolled where others have encountered nothing but frustration. [...] In fact, as it turns out, Chad has a long history as an Obama activist.

Media's Favorite Obamacare Enrollee Did Not Actually Sign Up for Plan.  Eager to find someone — anyone — who had successfully managed to enroll in a plan through the website, both local and national media outlets flocked to the story of 21-year-old Chad Henderson who claimed to have enrolled in the federal exchange.  He just so happens to be a volunteer for Organizing for Action, the nonprofit outgrowth of the president's campaign apparatus.  And now, his father, Bill Henderson, just so happens to be contradicting his claims.

FEC Records Confirm Obamacare Signup Poster Boy Donated $1,000 to Obama.  21 year old Chad Henderson has rocketed to fame over the past few days as the only known person to have successfully signed up for Obamacare.  The mainstream media has trumpeted his story at every opportunity.  As it turns out, much of his story may not be true.  At the very least, it is incomplete.

Confirmation of Paid Democrat Trolls?  On Thursday, Democrat tool Chad Henderson claimed to have enrolled in ObamaCare while most others' attempts failed.  News organizations eagerly lapped up his story.  Apparently, though, the story was "too good to check," because when someone finally did, it fell apart, discrediting Big Media, the Democrats, and ObamaCare.  Conservative and libertarian websites now are reporting the corrected story, and even some Big Media outlets reluctantly are reporting it.  But almost as devastating to the left is Mr. Henderson's confession that he is being paid to post pro-Democrat propaganda on the internet. [...] He claims to be employed as a "Volunteer at Organizing for America."

What a coincidence: Single ObamaCare success story is [an] OFA volunteer.  Allahpundit told the story yesterday about how our intrepid national media searched high and low in this nation of 330 million people to find someone, anyone who could figure out how to actually buy coverage through the ObamaCare exchanges.  After putting out an SOS, the Washington Post finally found Chad Henderson, and so did the Wall Street Journal, Chattanooga Times/Free Press, the Huffington Post, and even "POLITICO!", as Henderson himself announced later yesterday [10/3/2013].

Astroturf: Media's Obamacare Poster Boy is OFA Volunteer.  "Surprise:  Media's Obamacare health insurance exchange poster boy is OFA volunteer" — that's Organizing for Action, spun-off from the Obama presidential campaign, as spotted by Twitchy: [...]

Earlier astroturf:

Immigration and Astroturf.  What if all isn't as it seems?  What if the reality you found is completely false and contradictory to the reality you are told exists?  The stories that now predominate the news headlines in America are not actually news at all.  What passes for the news today is nothing more than carefully constructed narratives created by unseen special interests designed to manipulate your opinion while pushing an artificial agenda.  This is the essence of what veteran investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson defines as astroturf.  Attkisson explains that astroturf disguises itself as being legitimate while in actuality it's not as astroturf is a "perversion of grassroots by corporations, special interests and political interests of all stripes exploiting the media and the internet to try and convince you [that] there's widespread support for or against an agenda when there's not."

The Artificial Outrage of Paid Protestors and Rent-A-Mobs.  Every day on the news there are stories of well-organized protests.  I report from the California State Capitol which almost daily is ground zero for some group protesting a grievance.  As a political journalist, I am skeptical of most protests.  It does not matter if the protestors are wearing hard hats and orange vests and stand all day in front of an office building under construction, or a prominent restaurant feigning outrage showcasing a giant inflatable rat to passersby. [...] While every citizen is entitled to his or her own voice for a cause, the professional paid protesters who appear at protests all across the state and even across national borders are mercenaries.

GOP Debate's Islamic-Advocate Questioner Also Is A Bernie Sanders Supporter.  The Islamic advocate and fashion-blogger invited by Google and Fox to question the GOP's 2016 candidates at the Jan. 28 debate is also a supporter of far-left 2016 candidate, Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  Nabela Noor tweeted a picture of herself wearing a red Sanders sweatshirt on Jan. 16.

Audience Member at Dem Town Hall Appears to Admit CNN Wrote His Question.  One audience member named Brett Rosenberg began to ask a question to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton but initially misspoke.  "Secretary Sanders ... Clinton ... Sorry," Rosenberg began.  "That's okay," Clinton responded.  The audience laughed at the mistake while Rosenberg said with an embarrassed smile, "I can see why they gave you this question.  I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why."  Rosenberg's comment appeared to suggest that his question was prepared by someone else and fed to him to ask rather than his own original question.  CNN and the Democratic Iowa Party were the two organizations directly involved with holding and organizing the event.

Inside the Garden of Political Town Hall Plants.  On Thursday, CNN will host a town hall with President Obama as part of his "final-year push to make gun control part of his legacy."  In addition to sitting down with liberal anchor Anderson Cooper, the network says Obama will "take questions from the audience."  Uh-oh.  Get out your best pruning shears and trowels.  In an age of micromanaged partisan stagecraft and left-wing media enablers, there is no such thing as a spontaneous question.  CNN has a long history of allowing political plants to flourish in its public forums.

DC Media and Black Lives Matter Collaborate to Disrupt Trump Events.  The entire DC Media Complex is sending out a loud and clear message:  If you disrupt these campaign events, we promise to make Trump rallies look like Nazi gatherings.  Think about how perfectly what happened Monday night in Las Vegas fits with the Narrative Trap the media is currently attempting to set for Trump.  Just one day after the New York Times compared Trump supporters to Nazis, at last night's rally, a so-called "Trump supporter" yelled "Sieg Heil!" as a Black Lives Matter protester was hauled away by security.

Breitbart: Nazi-Saluting Trump Rallygoer 'Was Probably A Left-Wing Plant'.  Breitbart editor-at-large John Nolte opined Tuesday [12/15/2015] that the Trump rally attendee who shouted "Sieg Heil" at a #BlackLiveMatter protester was probably not an actual Donald Trump supporter, but a leftist infiltrator.

New Hillary Ad: '44 Boys Is Too Many' in White House.  Hillary Clinton released an ad this morning featuring girls saying there have been too many boys in the White House.  "It has been ridiculous that there has never been a female president before," one of the girls says, reading from a letter that she wrote to Clinton.  "Forty-four boys is too many," writes another.  The Clinton camp used this as the title of the ad.  "It will be hard work to be a grandma and president," another girl says.  "I know you can do it."

The Editor says...
Anyone who thinks these girls wrote letters to Hillary Clinton is obviously unaware of the meaning of astroturf, in a political context.  Are we to believe that every one of these little girls wrote spontaneously to Mrs. Clinton, because they're all so interested in the outcome of the next election, and even though some of the letters are apparently written with crayons, there's not one misspelled word in any of them?  Hillary Clinton thinks you're stupid, and Hillary Clinton hopes the emotional appeal of a group of precocious little girls will pull just one more undecided (and gullible) female voter over to her side.

Top 10 Astroturfers.  The whole point of astroturf is to try to convince you there's widespread support for or against an agenda when there's not.  The language of astroturfers and propagandists includes trademark inflammatory terms such as:  anti, nutty, quack, crank, pseudo-science, debunking, conspiracy theory, deniers and junk science.  Sometimes astroturfers claim to "debunk myths" that aren't myths at all.  They declare debates over that aren't over.  They claim that "everybody agrees" when everyone doesn't agree.  They aim to make you think you're an outlier when you're not.  Astroturfers and propagandists tend to attack and controversialize the news organizations, personalities and people surrounding an issue rather than sticking to the facts.  They try to censor and silence topics and speakers rather than engage them.

The Hit Job on Fox News.  Sixty veterans signing a much publicized "Open Letter to Fox News" — yet the signers were mysteriously never identified beyond the military branch in which they served.  No wonder.  I have been through the list of sixty, and it is filled with Obama campaign workers, one ex-Obama White House aide, liberal activists, Democratic Party congressional candidates, Democratic Party state legislators, and more.

White House Writes NFL Players' Pro-Obamacare Tweets.  Obamacare got a boost from current and former National Football League players on Super Bowl Sunday after the White House sent suggested language for laudatory tweets to a representative of the league's players union. [...] The Ravens received a $130,000 contract from Maryland Health Connection, the state's Obamacare exchange, last year to promote Obamacare.  The NFL decided to forego an agreement with officials in charge of the Obamacare rollout.

Obama Allegedly Wrote 'Tea Baggers' in Handwritten Letter.  According to a report in The New York Post, President Barack Obama allegedly responded to a letter he received from a Texas school teacher who was concerned about the negative impact the Affordable Care Act may have on the president's political position by referring to conservative Americans as "tea baggers."  "This bill has caused such a divisive, derisive and toxic environment," wrote Thomas Ritter, a fifth-grade teacher at Sally B. Elliott Elementary in Irving, Texas.  "The reality is that any citizen that disagrees with your administration is targeted and ridiculed."

The Editor says...
Once again, here is an astonishingly articulate 5th grader with a remarkably good vocabulary writing a "spontaneous" letter of support to the President.  How charming — except the letter is probably a fabrication, and a mechanism to get Obama's handwritten opinion into the newspapers.

EPA 'Public Listening Session' Turns Into Sierra Club Talking Session.  Usually the speakers [at a public hearing] are an eclectic mix of industry representatives, activists, academics, students, and even religious leaders.  Although the EPA hearing yielded the same mix of speakers, this time I noticed they were all wearing green Sierra Club "Climate Action Now" shirts.  The reason for this, I would later learn, was that the Sierra Club had mobilized hundreds of activists, transported them via bus (I presume of the fossil-fuel powered kind), prepped their testimonies the night before, and completely dominated the morning speaker slots.

In political messaging wars, White House deploys a Twitter army.  Besieged by unflattering stories about the launch of President Barack Obama's healthcare program, the White House saw a news report that it wanted to swiftly knock down. [...] White House officials quickly began firing off a barrage of tweets on Twitter, which has become one of the administration's most potent and relied-upon weapons in trying to shape public opinion and media reports.

Obamacare "Success Story" Is Democratic Progressive Politician, Pictured With Obama In 2008.  Michael Cadigan has a lovely story, trumpeted after the initial Obamacare roll out and beamed around the country, including on the site of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi where she is pushing "success stories".  He allegedly signed up himself and his employees in his law firm in 15 minutes on the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange and supposedly saved a [sic] $1000 on their prior plans.

55 percent of Obama's Twitter followers are fake.  An incredibly high percentage of President Obama's Twitter followers are fake, while the opposite is true for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  According to the Twitter analytics application, Status People, 55 percent of President Obama's 36,802,378 Twitter followers — or approximately 20,240,107 followers — are fake.  A 'fake follower,' according to Status People, is a spam account following the user.

IG report: State Department spent $630,000 to increase Facebook 'likes'.  The State Department spent over $630,000 to increase Facebook "likes" for four of its pages on the social-networking site, according to an inspector general's report.  The efforts, which involved advertising initiatives between 2011 and March 2013, increased the fan numbers for each page from about 100,000 to more than 2 million, the report said.  But employees complained that the agency was "buying fans," according to the inspector general.

The high price of Astroturf:
Hillary Clinton's State Department Spent $630,000 on Facebook.  Only two percent of the people who "liked" the Facebook pages shared or commented on the items.  The program faced problems when Facebook changed its approach to news feeds, making the campaign less viable.  Instead, the bureau now pays for sponsored ads to keep content visible.

State Department bureau spent $630,000 on Facebook 'likes'.  State Department officials spent $630,000 to get more Facebook "likes," prompting employees to complain to a government watchdog that the bureau was "buying fans" in social media, the agency's inspector general says.  The department's Bureau of International Information Programs spent the money to increase its "likes" count between 2011 and March 2013.  "Many in the bureau criticize the advertising campaigns as 'buying fans' who may have once clicked on an ad or 'liked' a photo but have no real interest in the topic and have never engaged further," the inspector general reported.

Did Union Democrats Stage a Fake Fight at Ohio Romney Rally?  [Scroll down]  First off, Al Neal claimed he was from Canton, but a search of voter records shows that there is no one by that name in Canton or anywhere else in Stark County.  In fact, he is a union organizer from Arizona. [...] And finally, what about [Richard] Brysacz himself?  He told the reporter that he was from Parma.  He is registered to vote where he claims he is, and he appears to be as very active voter indeed.  As a Democrat.

Allen West Attacked by AstroTurf Leftist Organization.  The continued assault on Congressman Allen West by the progressive/Democrat establishment has taken a new twist as a mysterious group is now soliciting prospective protesters online and paying them for their "protesting" services.

Organizer admits to paying 'Occupy DC' protesters.  A liberal organizer told the Daily Caller on Thursday afternoon that he paid some Hispanics to attend "Occupy DC" protests happening in the nation's capital.  TheDC attended the protest event, an expansion of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement that began in New York City.  Some aspects of the protest, it turned out, are more Astroturf than grassroots.

NYT redefines Astroturf.  Comparing the Tea Party movement with the Occupy Wall Street protests is like comparing patriotism with communism.  Arrests at a Tea Party rally?  Heaven forfend.  On Saturday alone, New York police had to arrest 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters.  One movement came from the people.  The other is a union/socialist worker front that even has a New York City firm working its public relations.  Naturally, the opinion writers at the New York Times got it morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positely, absolutely, undeniably and reliably wrong.

Union Astroturf Pretends Like Tea Partiers to Attack GOP.  These protests have been organized by Obama's supporters in government unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO as well as far left NGOs such as, Campaign for America's Future and others. ... There is no parallel at all between these fake, astroturfed protests funded by Democrat operatives and union thugs and the spontaneous protests peopled by real voters that occurred in 2009, gatherings that eventually became the full-blown Tea Party movement.

2 ex-Dem leaders charged in fake tea party scheme.  Two former high-ranking members of the Oakland County Democratic Party are facing various election corruption charges in a bogus tea party scheme, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and County Sheriff Michael Bouchard announced Wednesday [3/16/2011]. ... They face charges related to Independent Tea Party filings, false affidavits and forged documents that occurred between July 23 and July 26 last year.

Democrats Rally Their Own Activists.  Supporters of President Obama formerly signed up as members of "Obama for America" received an email today [8/9/2009] from Mitch Stewart, the director of the group's current incarnation, Organizing for America, to show up at town halls and congressional offices as a counter to the protestors against the president's health care reform push.

Democrats' Fear Is Showing on Health Care.  The Democratic Party is panicking, lashing out like a cornered animal, all because its effort to take over the health care industry is coming apart like so much wet toilet paper.  Nancy Pelosi, who will get her own bound volume in the annals of asininity, has outdone herself.  When asked by a reporter whether the protests at various town hall meetings represented legitimate grassroots opposition or were manufactured "Astroturf" stunts, she replied, "I think they're Astroturf.  You be the judge.  They're carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care."

Left begins smear campaign against Town Hall protests.  The first thing you have to understand is that it is impossible, according to the left, for conservatives to have a legitimate protest.  Only liberals have "authentic" grass roots so the idea of the right demonstrating against anything — in their lights — is a political trick.  We are a "Brooks Brothers Brigade" or, "radicals" or "mobs."  The demonstrations at Town Hall meetings on health care reform are "astroturfing" — planned and paid for by insurance industry lobbyists.

'Grassroots' vs. 'Astroturf': A Pitched Battle Over Health Care.  Is the Astroturf always greener on the other side?  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has characterized outspoken protests at town hall meetings on health care as "astroturf" — or disingenuous grassroots organization by conservative opponents of the legislation.  But President Obama is now calling on his online network of supporters, Organizing for America (OFA), to get involved in the debate.

Grassroots vs. Astroturf.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the White House have called opposition to Democratic health care plans "Astroturf," while organizing their own "authentic" pro-Obamacare rallies at the same time.  But there's one important question I have, checking out these protest photos from Denver... If opponents of Obamacare are Astroturf, then how come all of their signs are homemade, with all sorts of different shapes and sizes and colors and stuff...

Astroturfers offered $10-15 an hour to demonstrate for Dems.  After I recovered from my outrage over the false accusations of town hall astroturfing by Obama opponents,  I became a bit optimistic.  Now that the Dems have introduced the term themselves, it opens the door to serious examination of their own deep background in astroturfing.

The high price of Astroturf...
Wanted: Obama healthcare reform volunteers willing to be paid $15 an hour.  It seems that, despite all the media attention lavished on e-mail appeals to his political supporters, not everyone pushing for President Obama's embattled healthcare reforms these warm August days is an idealistic volunteer in it for the sake of helping move the country forward and gaining medical attention for millions of uncovered Americans.

Coral Gables healthcare rally turns rowdy.  A rally called to support a public healthcare option outside Sen. Bill Nelson's Coral Gables office quickly turned into a cross-street chanting and shouting match Thursday afternoon [8/13/2009] between about 250 backers and opponents.  The rally, organized by the liberal, generated the latest in a string of heated and emotional public exchanges about healthcare reform, after opponents of the measures working their way through Congress also showed up.
Emphasis added.

CBS Describes Democrats as 'Orchestrating' Pro-Obama Town Hall in Montana.  On Friday's [8/14/2009] broadcast network evening newscasts, the CBS Evening News uniquely noted that Democrats in Montana had "orchestrated" a friendly environment for President Obama at a Montana town hall event as many Democrats arrived early to secure tickets.  After CBS correspondent Chip Reid filed a report in which he relayed that "this crowd was on [Obama's] side," and that "the questions were mostly softballs," Reid brought up "orchestration" as one of the reasons for a friendly crowd:  "So why wasn't there more anger in here?  For one thing, after accusing Republicans of orchestrating their protests, Democrats did some orchestrating of their own, getting in line early in large numbers and snatching up most of the tickets."

Introducing the Tenth Amendment.  In the era of Obama's imperial presidency, with ever accumulating and unaccountable Czars, explosive debt, bank bailouts, corporate takeovers, Congressional redistricting, tax increases, a lack of any perceptible restraint on the judiciary, the sad reality is dawning on many if not finally on most that we live in a post-constitutional nation  The volume and emotion of the protests comes both from a sincere anger and panic but also from the frustration of an inarticulate and uninformed citizenry that feels what it doesn't know.  People may cry "liberty!" and "hands off" but don't have the education and intellectual ammunition to make a solid case.

Obama and the Upchuck Factor.  [Scroll down]  This is the first time that the American middle class has taken to the streets in living memory. ... All of a sudden average middle-class Americans are organizing Tea Parties and street protests.  The old politics of the liberal "teach-in" has been replaced by the new politics of the town-hall "shout-in."  Liberals are beside themselves with rage.  They are recounting how their parents lost their jobs during the McCarthy period, and telling each other that opposition to the president's program is all about racism.

Another Even Vaster Right Wing Conspiracy.  The vast right wing conspiracy of 2009 has exactly the same purpose it had in 1993 and 1994:  to destroy the Democrat's plan to socialize America's health care system.

Slipping into quicksand:  [Scroll down]  But something funny happened on the way to far-left governance:  The American people began to reject what was about to be inflicted on them.  The Democrats did not anticipate that their constituents might like a say in how they were being governed.  (That whole "government for, by, and of the people" is so 18th-century.)  Mr. Obama has been particularly perplexed by the revolt against his ideas, for two main reasons:  First, he (like the rest of his party) misread November's election results as a mandate to impose a far-left agenda without debate.

Marine Corps Vet Blasts Dem Congressman.  On August 5, Congressman Brian Baird (D-Wash.) likened recent town hall meeting protesters to Nazis:  "What we're seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics.  I mean that very seriously."  On Tuesday [8/23/2009], at such a political gathering in Vancouver, a Marine Corps veteran named David William Hedrick blasted the Congressman for this disgraceful depiction.

Astroturf Liberals vs. Grassroots Conservatives.  Watch this video and notice the difference between the professionally printed "official" pro-ObamaCare signs and the homemade unofficial anti-ObamaCare signs.

Vocal minority greet Howard Dean at town hall.  Groups backing President Obama's healthcare overhaul filled the 2,700-seat gymnasium where Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) held his healthcare town hall with more than enough supporters to drown out a small but vocal minority of opponents.  Organizing for America and Change that Works turned out supporters, handed out signs, gathered signatures and turned the town hall meeting into something that resembled a campaign rally.

The Editor says...
Unions are, I suspect, a major source of "astroturf".  All these people have to do is show up — the signs (and sometimes T-shirts) are provided, and no doubt they will be told when to applaud.  It is unfortunate that public opinion — and eventually the fate of this country — might be determined by which side shouts the loudest.

Astroturf Video:  MoveOn Activists At An ObamaCare Rally.

Liberal Group Caught Teaching People to Silence Health Care Protesters.  An organizer from the left-wing group Health Care for America Now was recently caught on tape training town hall attendees on how to silence anybody speaking out against reform.

I Saw Astroturf Grow.  [Scroll down]  True to her word, Representative Sue Myrick stayed for four and a half hours (until 11:00 p.m.) all three nights to hear everyone out.  That was too late for the people with the professionally made signs (the actual "Astroturf").  Most of them went home much earlier, while the conservatives kept the heat on to the very end.  That's the kind of passion you must sustain to prevent the government from killing the golden goose of healthcare.

Skeptics Surprise in Skokie.  If Rep. Jan Schakowsky hoped to use Monday night's [8/31/2009] town hall meeting as a pep rally for the "public option," she failed.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  Her staff arrived more than three hours before the event, with boxes of literature and a marked-up version of H.R. 3200 for their boss to use as a prop during the meeting.  The HCAN crowd arrived soon afterwards with their manufactured signs and rolls of stickers.  As the line grew outside the high school, HCAN organizers began handing out signs to sneak into the auditorium, and instructing supporters to block opposing views from being heard in the meeting or seen by the cameras.

The revolt against the elite.  The revolt keeps growing, from tea parties to angry town hall meetings across the country, an uprising against the attempts of an elite to force on us an all-powerful State, about as welcome as grandma's cod-liver oil.

Obama vs. The People.  While the official Republican leadership sat in the corner, information flew back and forth between bloggers, activists and talk show hosts and the result was an authentic grass roots movement.  "The Mobs" that panicked Democratic politicians and their media press corps decry represent the one thing that a phony grass roots movement like the Obama campaign fear the most... being confronted with an authentic grass roots movement.

Boren says Congress should push for removal of unconfirmed "czars".  U.S. Rep. Dan Boren said Congress should use the power of the purse to push the Obama administration to remove so-called czars that do not go through a confirmation process.  Responding to questions during a telephonic town hall, the Oklahoma Democrat said he was glad Van Jones, who resigned over the weekend as controversy continued to build over past statements, has left his post.

Much more has been said about Van Jones, if you're interested.

Was Democrats' Health Care Strategy Written In Federal Prison?  [Scroll down slowly]  A friend and I took turns filming protesters on both sides of the issue.  We caught an organizer from the group Health Care for America Now (HCAN) instructing followers to block dissenting views:  "So if they stand up and start asking questions, and you're in that area, simply stand up, and start chanting... 'Health care now!  Health care now!'"


This is What Astroturf Looks Like.  Note the identical, professionally printed, color-coordinated yellow and black signs.  This is what Astroturf — fake grass roots — looks like.  The signs use the same colors as the International ANSWER signs that are ubiquitous at far-left rallies here in the U.S., but carry no identifier.

Proof That Some People are Being Paid to Show up at Town Halls.  Caleb Howe, from, has uncovered evidence of people being paid to get involved in the health care debate.  At last, we have evidence that some of the protesters are truly astroturf.  Unfortunately for Obama and the Democrats, the evidence shows that people are being paid to support ObamaCare, not protest against it.

Astroturfing:  Obama plans to flood conservative talk radio with liberal talking points.  Organizing for America, the powerful activist organization with some 13 million email addresses that grew out of the Obama campaign, has launched a new website ... The purpose of the website is supply the President's supporters with liberal talking points on health care reform.

Dem Astroturfing Campaign Targets Conservative Talk Radio.  Organizing for America — the campaign arm of the Obama administration — is rolling out the astroturf in an effort to get liberal voices heard on the nation's most popular (i.e. conservative) talk radio shows.  The campaign is called "On the Air."

Obama Calling In The Stoopids.  Liberals always insist that Republicans just recite conservative talking points.  Organizing For America are actually issuing them, and the stoopids will be reciting (as best they can...).

Meet Another One of Harry Reid's 'Rent-a-Thugs': Edward 'Eddie' Gering.  When thousands of peaceful, Tea Party protestors came to Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, Nev. last Saturday [3/27/2010], you would have thought that the favorite son of this hardscrabble, mining town would garner tons of local support.  Not so.  Members of IBEW Local 357 were called to action to agitate the crowd and, as we've previously shown, to hurl eggs at the busses carrying them.

Video — The Egg Man Of Seachlight, Nevada.  When we first reported that Harry Reid Supporters threw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus, some on the left tried to blame Andrew Breitbart, claiming that it never happened, or that if it did, Breitbart probably threw the eggs himself to make the Reid supporters look bad.  Too bad for them there is video.  In this clip, a Reid supporting union man is busted egg handed!

Tea Party Bus Driver Positively IDs Egg Throwing Culprit.  Yesterday [4/5/2010] on Big Government, Levi Russel, the communications director of the Tea Party Express posted an update about the status of the police investigation into who threw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus in Searchlight, Nevada.

Is President Obama Using Executive Powers To Organize Protests?  Earlier, we posted about the links between Andy Stern's SEIU and a group called National People's Action (NPA).  NPA, together with SEIU and the AFL-CIO, is organizing a series of angry marches against Wall Street and capitalism.  NPA is a very dangerous and radical group that isn't shy about its radical philosophy. ... President Obama is very close with NPA board member, John McKnight.  Mr. McKnight also sits on the board of the Gamaliel foundation where President Obama worked as a community organizer.

The Media's Untold Story of Astroturf:  Corporate Sponsored Environmentalism.  It's the American way, right?  It is patriotic to exercise the 1st Amendment by petitioning the government for a redress of grievances — unless of course your effort has a tie to some corporation or lobbying interest.  Then regardless of its size, it's phony baloney Astroturf activism.

DNC, Obama Now Astroturfing Talk Radio.  The shameless media manipulators at the DNC have a new campaign designed to promote Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.  As with previous campaigns, the "Kagan for Justice Action Center" is run via a special website set up by Organizing for America.  It encourages people to write letters to the editors of newspapers nationwide (And we can presume that, as before, local newspapers will publish DNC talking points without realizing it).

Liberals plan astroturf version of Tea Party town-halls.  Democrats and unions are planning to stock town hall meetings with their people, to attack Republicans who voted for spending cuts.  I believe Democrats are operating under the assumption that American political life is roughly symmetrical — which it isn't.  The basic idea is to replicate the Tea Party summer of 2009, but the article shows that there are a few differences right from the outset.

Democrats Fear Differing Views, Call For Ugly, Un-American Astroturf Campaign.  Fox News reports that "Democratic lawmakers and their liberal supporters are trying to ignite a storm of protest at town hall meetings being held by Republicans during the current congressional recess that they hope will give them momentum going into the 2012 presidential election season."

Alinsky Rules Return For Obama.  The hippie horde attempting to mob and "occupy" Wall Street this week has a method to its madness.  It's all about getting President Obama re-elected by employing classic Alinskyite tactics. ... To some, it may be a stretch to see the hand of the Obama political machine in what is claimed to be a grass-roots effort.  But the facts on the ground point to it.  For one thing, the organizers of these protests are the same ones who got Obama elected in 2008.

Organized labor expected to join Wall Street protest.  Organized labor will serve notice today on the bankers and the politicians that the young protesters of Occupy Wall Street speak for millions.  Tens of thousands of transit and city workers, teachers, and maintenance and hospital workers are expected to march to Zuccotti Park late today [10/5/2011] in a show of solidarity.

Florida Dems Can't Find Voters to Protest Allen West, so They Hire Some.  Repeatedly and across the country we see unions, Democrats, and other far left groups planning rallies and protest marches but finding that they simply can't put bodies in the streets to make all the effort worthwhile.  They just don't really have the support of the common man, the folks in the streets, to carry off these protest marches and rallies.  But these out of the mainstream groups do have a solution to this problem:  the rent-a-protester.

New Obama Jobs Program: Pay Anti-Romney Protesters.  President Obama's latest job-creation gimmick is a self-serving one:  Obama allies are reportedly paying protesters to stake out Mitt Romney's rallies.  Two Michigan protesters said that they were getting paid to do that arduous work.  They're clearly not unionized — one protester claimed she was getting paid $7.25 per hour, while another man said he was being paid $17 per hour.

Dems bring in crowds by the busload to fill stadium for Obama speech.  College students from across North Carolina will arrive in Charlotte by the busload.  Same with members of predominantly black churches in neighboring South Carolina.  Their goal: help fill a 74,000-seat outdoor stadium to capacity when President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination Thursday night.

The Editor says...
Allow me to translate media-speak to English:  "Predominantly black church" means "100% black church."

Be sure to wear your brown shirt.
Obama to Bus In People for NRA Protest in Albany — Is This Even Legal?  The Obama campaign is going to bus people in for a protest in Albany.  The campaign put a post up on its website advertising the event.

Being a pro-choice "grassroots" activist pays a decent wage.  The special session got announced by Gov. Rick Perry on the 26th; this ad went up three days later, and just two days before a swarm of "volunteers" arrived at the capitol building today. [...] The employment comes from the ironically-named Grassroots Campaigns, which stages these demonstrations on behalf of client organizations like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, MoveOn, and the Democratic National Committee, among others.  There's nothing much that's "grassroots" about this; GCI's clients comprise most of the professional progressive non-profit community, as the list at Wikipedia demonstrates.

The Real Story Behind Those Austin Craigslist Ads.  Several people on Twitter have noted Craigslist ads which seem designed to hire people in connection with the protests taking place in Austin, TX[,] this week.  It turns out these ads are part of an ongoing Planned Parenthood campaign, not a response to last week's filibuster.

Trayvon Attorney Crump Denies Connection To Astroturf 'Dream Defenders'.  Trayvon Martin's family's attorneys, Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks appear to have connections to an Astroturf activist group that led protests, marches and other civil disobedience that forced the removal of Sanford, Florida's police chief, the arrest of George Zimmerman and even led chants calling for nationwide protests after the "not guilty" verdict was announced in criminal case.

Video Proof: Media Fall For Hoax Racism At Pro-Zimmerman Rally.  Sunday's "Justice-For-Trayvon" march held by the New Black Panther Party was attended by a woman holding a sign reading:  "Racist and Proud."  Several media outlets incorrectly identified the woman as a "George Zimmerman supporter," and the story took off, providing the left with supposed evidence of racism among those who believe Zimmerman was not guilty.  However, an interview with Breitbart News at the Houston rally itself proved that she was an anti-Zimmerman demonstrator attempting to use sarcasm to prove her point.

Democrats Pay Union Members To Protest World War II Vets.  Yesterday [10/1/2013] the administration looked awful when it "closed" and barricaded the World War II memorial on the Mall.  The memorial is, by its nature, open.  There is nothing to close.  And the administration knows that every day, tour groups consisting of WWII vets, now mostly in their late 80s or early 90s, come to Washington to visit the memorial.  So the administration couldn't resist closing the WWII memorial by putting up barricades, as part of their effort to dramatize how terrible the government "shutdown" is.

McDonald's Employee Admits Being Paid $15 to Protest WW2 Veterans.  [Scroll down]  After about an hour, about 20 protesters arrived on the scene chanting "Boehner, get us back to work" and claiming they were federal employees furloughed because of the shutdown.  In the video below these protesters were marching towards the press gaggle and I was asking them to show their federal IDs to prove they were in fact federal workers.  No one wore their federal ID and none would provide it to prove their claim.

SF Protesters to Obama: Please Be a Dictator!.  When Obama's motorcade rocketed around San Francisco on Monday, very few locals even noticed his presence, and fewer still cared. [...] Yet even with the small turnout, there was a theme amongst Obama's protesters/supporters:  They didn't want him to change his political agenda — instead, they demanded that he assume dictatorial powers so that he could finally implement the radical plans with which they already agree.  The message of the day was:  Stop dilly-dallying around, Mr. President:  Ignore the Constitution and just make The Revolution happen, as you promised!  That message would be disturbing enough all on its own, but it becomes much more disturbing when you suspect (as I do) that many of these pro-totalitarian protesters were astroturfed.

Union Member Admits Being Paid To Protest Against Walmart On Video.  On Black Friday [11/29/2013], leftists organized a nationwide protests at several Walmart locations in order to try to extort union dues from the supermarket chain's vast employee pool.  Ostensibly, they were advocating for higher wages, but among the long list of the demands was their true intent — to unionize the nation's largest employe, second only to the federal government.  Wal-mart haters have a long history of pushing lengthy demands onto the retail chain.

Who was standing behind Obama today? White House won't say.  Nineteen people stood behind President Obama on stage in the Executive Office Building Tuesday as the president kicked off a new campaign to promote Obamacare. [...] But [with one exception] Obama never said who those people were, and, unlike other events, the White House did not release their names or biographies.  A spokesman later said the White House would not provide the information.  A pool report called the group "19 individuals whom the White House said benefited from health care reform."  Beyond that, their connection to Obamacare remains unknown.

More than 60% of comments on Obamacare Facebook page over two years came from fewer than 100 people.  More than 60 percent of comments on Obamacare's Facebook page have come from fewer than 100 people, a report has revealed.  The site has amassed 226,838 posts since September 2012 — a significant number that has boosted the page in search engines.  But an investigation by the Washington Times has found 136,103 of those were left by a small collection of Facebook users — many of whom have at least three profiles.

Now We Know:  Those 'Spontaneous' Anti-Trump Airport Protests Weren't Spontaneous At All.  There was always something fishy about the outbreak of "spontaneous" protests at airports around the country in the immediate wake of President Trump's executive order pausing visas and refugees from terror-prone countries.  Not that you'd suspect anything from the way they were covered.  Nearly every story published over that weekend stated without equivocation that the protests were an unplanned and visceral reaction to Trump's executive order. [...] But these protests weren't spontaneous at all.  They were, in fact, the result of months of careful planning by hard-core left-wing activist groups.

These Are the Groups Behind Those 'Spontaneous' Anti-Trump-Ban Protests.  News reports and TV broadcasts about the week's protests described the events as "spontaneous protests" mounted in response to the Trump administration's travel and immigration executive order.  But to Make the Road New York, and the groups like it across the country, there was nothing "spontaneous" about it.  As some observers and activists were quick to point out, these grassroots and professional organizers had been waiting and planning for this type of mass, direct action — ready-made to go viral on social media — ever since, well, Nov. 9.  From the moment Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election, they've been anticipating and mapping out their battle plans for Trump's orders on deportations, bans, and detention.

Obama PACs Bus Protesters To GOP Town Halls.  Political action committees that fundraised for President Barrack Obama during the 2012 presidential election, bused protesters to Republican town hall events nationwide earlier in February, according to a Sunday [2/12/2017] report from The Washington Post.  Democrats nationwide continue to search for ways to oppose President Donald Trump after the 2016 election, and they are digging deep into funding from years ago.  An unnamed pro-Obama super PAC organized protests at several town halls, going so far as busing protesters outside the member's districts.  Since super PACS were legalized in the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision, this marks the first time that money raised to elect one president was used to undermine another.

Today's Riot-Prone Mobs Are A Product Of America's Cult-Like Education System.  Rather than acting as individuals who exercise rational thought, participants in these mobs act more like atomized parts of manufactured hives.  They have been deployed at the drop of a hat — at airports, town halls, campuses — no doubt to create the illusion of mass resistance to a duly elected president and his administration.  Such mobs are also aggressively pre-packing and swarming town halls of GOP members of Congress in solidly GOP districts.  To what purpose?  The professed hope, as stated by founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA Carl Dix as well as Princeton University professor Cornel West, who are founders of the Soros-funded group, is to mobilize "tens of millions" of resisters into the streets to bring down the Trump administration.

Who is behind the "Coffee Party"?

The transparently biased national news media act as if the "Coffee Party" is the brainchild of an ordinary housewife.  As it turns out, there is a lot of money and political clout behind this astroturf movement.

Don't drink the liberal Coffee Party Kool-aid.  Of course, the Coffee Party itself denies any connection with George Soros or his Open Society Institute.  Yet, many other progressive and liberal footprints can be seen leading to and from the java drinkers.  One has to be suspicious when the liberal main line media suddenly falls in love and promotes a new organization like the Coffee Party.  That was certainly not the case with the Tea Party.

NY Times, Washington Post Hide Phony 'Coffee Party' Astroturf Roots.  What product works best for hiding artificial roots?  Printer's ink, of course!  For more information, check recent copies of The Washington Post and The New York Times, both of which portrayed 41-year-old Annabel Park as a concerned citizen from Virginia who became the accidental founder of a new grass-roots liberal political group, Coffee Party USA.

The Coffee Party Con:  The new and much-publicized Coffee Party movement sports a fairy-tale narrative about a spontaneous uprising of concerned Americans appalled at the Tea Parties and determined to restore civility. ... No thanks to the liberal media, we know that its founder, Annabel Park, is an Obama-supporter, filmmaker (she made one for the Obama campaign), and former New York Times strategy analyst.  In other words, she's a progressive activist.

Coffee Party 'founder' in Astroturf hole, keeps digging.  Annabel Park, the purported creator of the Coffee Party movement does damage control with the help of CNN, claiming that her movement, aided by Soros-funded organizations and planned at RootsCamp, a left wing organizing workshop held at the teachers union NEA Headquarters, is actually a spontaneous, self-organizing movement.

Somewhat related...
Astroturf:  On Heels of Failed 'Coffee Party,' It's 'The Other 95%'.  [Marco] Ceglie's latest project is something called "The Other 95%," which he touts as an activist group to counter the acceleration and rise of the tea party movement. ... It is an interesting angle Ceglie is promoting, to be sure, but no more interesting than the timing of the group's sudden coming out.  The group seems to be a scrambled effort to make up for the failure of the watered-down and bitter "Coffee Party," a previous effort of another group of pro-Obama liberal activists to counter the tea parties.  The Coffee Party received unwarranted accolades and interest from the left-leaning mainstream media as it was founded, but the group quickly fizzled out.

Decaffeinated Coffee Party Convention Fizzles Out to Almost No Media Acclaim.  Remember all the media hoopla earlier this year surrounding the birth of the liberal alternative to the Tea Party called the Coffee Party which was founded by former Obama political operative, Annabel Park?  Well, despite all the promotion of the Coffee Party by the MSM, it has pretty much fizzled out.  The extent of its slide into complete insignificance can be measured by the fact that its national convention in Louisville, KY this past weekend registered almost no media coverage.

Note to national media: 'The Coffee Party' is a non-entity not worth covering.  When you consider that the 'Coffee Party' is a reactionary progressive movement founded by a former New York Times employee and Obama campaigner, it doesn't exactly ooze grassroots credibility does it? ... Despite doing their best to publicize the Coffee Party, even the more liberal organs in the national media couldn't pretend for very long that the Coffee Party was a serious force.

The Coffee Party Con Continues.  Remember the Coffee Party, the purportedly spontaneous groundswell of purportedly sensible Americans sickened by the purported extremism of the purportedly astroturfed tea parties?  That was the narrative created around the movement sparked by former Obama campaign filmmaker Annabel Park.  Liberal media, who had at first ignored the tea party phenomenon, eagerly gave flattering coverage.  Despite their best efforts, the "movement" failed to catch on.

Schism brews in Coffee Party.  The Coffee Party, which launched last year to mild public curiosity in reaction to the Tea Party wave, has receded from public view — in part because of a schism between its centrist leadership and some left-leaning grassroots.  The movement, co-founded by filmmaker named Annabel Park, was initially seen as a progressive alternative to the Tea Party.  As Newsweek reported of an early meeting, members "were angry. They hated the Tea Party, and the Republican Party.  They wanted to get even."

Our president supports this.  President Obama has endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement.  From President Obama:  "I understand the frustrations being expressed in those protests."  Perhaps he sees this as a means of shifting the blame for his own $4 trillion failure on the economic front.  But in endorsing this movement, he aligns himself once again with evil-doers and pretty dangerous people — younger versions of William Ayers.  From the Blaze:  "American Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street's 'Courage,' Tells Members to Support Protests and Fight 'Judeo-Capitalist Banksters'."... From Jim Hoft:  "The Communist Party USA also supports the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street Protests."

Barack H. Obama's media manipulation:

President Obama was in the habit of manipulating the news media, and the newspeople were happy to comply.  That is a related topic, covered elsewhere.

Obama's use of audience plants was well known. [1] [2] [3]

President to spend day touting benefits of Obamacare.  The White House will spend the day highlighting individuals who have benefited from Obamacare in an attempt to build up support for his signature legislative achievement.  President Obama will meet today with 10 Americans who have written letters to him thanking him for the new law and sharing their experiences.

The Editor says...
Apparently there is nobody in America — certainly no so-called journalist — who is as skeptical of the Obama White House as I am.  Given the Obama administration's history of audience plants, I'd like to see the history of political activism associated with each of the ten people who spontaneously wrote to Mr. Obama to tell him how great Obamacare is.  It would also be worthwhile to do a forensic analysis of the letters to see if the same person wrote them all.

Just an average, ordinary retooled homemaker... who happens to be a Democratic campaign staffer.  During President Barack Hussein Obama's (D) State of the Union class warfare clarion call Tuesday night, he justified his proposed redistribution policies by describing an average young couple.  As the cameras panned to a long haired woman seated next to Michelle Obama, Obama's voice over told of two young lovebirds who married, were working — he in construction, she waitressing — and then had a baby.  An American success story.  But the husband lost his construction job, the wife took out loans for... yes, community college to retrain for an unmentioned new career and lo and behold! everything fell into place once again.

Woman Showcased by Obama in SOTU is a Former Democratic Campaign Staffer.  The woman whose story of economic recovery was showcased by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address is a former Democratic campaign staffer and has been used by Obama for political events in the past.  Rebekah Erler has been presented by the White House as a woman who was discovered by the president after she wrote to him last March about her economic hardships.  She was showcased in the speech as proof that middle class Americans are coming forward to say that Obama's policies are working.  Unmentioned in the White House bio of Erler is that she is a former Democratic campaign operative, working as a field organizer for Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.).

Associated Press photograph
Obama Puzzled by Pro-Amnesty Hecklers: 'I Just Took an Action to Change the Law!'.  Obama said he understood why protestors yelled at him in the past, but appeared puzzled that he was still puzzled that he was getting interrupted by protestors.  "Although I disagree with some of your characterizations, it does not make much sense to yell at me right now, when we are making changes," he said as supporters cheered and applauded.

The Editor says...
This appears to be another audience plant.  The young lady doing the yelling is carefully positioned behind the President, carrying a sign that addresses Mr. Obama in the style of a protester.  But this situation is just a little too convenient:  The people seated behind the President are screened and carefully arranged by the President's handlers.  It's hard to imagine that someone could sneak into that area with a protest sign.

NBC Journo: White House May Have Coordinated Ebola Question With Reporter.  NBC's Luke Russert speculated after President Barack Obama's Ebola address that the only question Obama took from reporters was coordinated in advance with the help of White House staff.

Obama choreographed hug with Ebola victim.  President Obama is usually "not interested in photo ops," but apparently he made an exception for Friday's [10/24/2014] good news that Nina Pham, the first Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola, is now virus-free.  But according to still photographers on the scene, his hug with Ms. Pham was staged.

Obama heckled during immigration speech.  President Obama was interrupted Thursday evening [10/2/2014] during a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala by a protester heckling him to move sooner on immigration.

The Editor says...
Carefully planted hecklers make Obama appear to be the victim of a personal attack.  Those in whom sympathy is thereby triggered may not even be aware they've been had.

Girl surprises Michelle Obama with unemployed dad's resume.  When 10-year-old Charlotte Bell was invited to the White House's annual "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day," she made sure not to let an opportunity to help her dad pass her by.  During a question-and-answer session with Michelle Obama, Charlotte wasn't interested in asking about the first lady's favorite book or favorite sport — she was there to get her daddy a job.  "My dad's been out of a job for three years and I wanted to give you his resume," said Charlotte, handing Mrs. Obama a copy.

The Editor says...
Awww... what a charming story!  But as it turns out, the kid was an audience plant.  Keep reading.

Obama Economy: Lobbyists Hardest Hit.  The adorable little girl who presented First Lady Michelle Obama with her long-term-jobless father's résumé Thursday [4/24/2014] may have been carrying on a family tradition of turning political access into opportunity, according to public records.  The girl's dad appears to be a down-on-his-luck lobbyist and Democratic Party factotum.

White House touts 'Fox News addict' who loves ObamaCare.  The White House on Friday [3/28/2014] touted the story of a "staunch Republican" who says he's getting the best coverage he's ever had under ObamaCare.  "I am a staunch Republican, a self-proclaimed Fox News addict, and I didn't vote for the President," Mark Beard, a retired psychologist from North Carolina, wrote in a letter posted on the White House website.  "And I'm here to tell you that ObamaCare works.  I'm living proof."

The Editor says...
This story smells a little fishy.  First of all, anybody who publicly praises the Democrat president's signature achievement isn't "a staunch Republican."  If a "staunch Republican" happened to stumble across a good deal in the Obamacare system, he would probably keep quiet about it rather than playing the role of an Obama stooge.  Someone who is an active Republican voter would have said he voted for Romney, rather that saying passively that he didn't vote for Obama.  Second, I doubt if this person wrote the letter himself:  It sounds like it was written by a White House speech writer.  From the beginning, the promotion and sale of Obamacare has been based on deceptive and misleading propaganda, of which I suspect this is merely the latest example.

Who was standing behind Obama today? White House won't say.  Nineteen people stood behind President Obama on stage in the Executive Office Building Tuesday as the president kicked off a new campaign to promote Obamacare. [...] But [with one exception] Obama never said who those people were, and, unlike other events, the White House did not release their names or biographies.  A spokesman later said the White House would not provide the information.  A pool report called the group "19 individuals whom the White House said benefited from health care reform."  Beyond that, their connection to Obamacare remains unknown.

Townhall Tactic 2013: Why do you want to deport my daddy?  [Scroll down]  The light bulb went on.  It couldn't be coincidence that in two townhalls, almost a thousand miles apart, similar questions were asked within days of each other meant to make the Republican look heartless to some young child for the possible break up of a family due to deportation of an illegal immigrant parent.  Some quick research revealed similar questions were asked at a town hall held by Paul Ryan [...] The Democrats want those 11 million new voters.  And if it means sending young children to townhalls to ask "Why do you want to deport my daddy?," then that's what will be done.  And there will be trackers at every event waiting for a Republican to flub the answer.

IRS official calls decision to use planted question on scandal 'incredibly bad idea'.  The outgoing IRS commissioner expressed regret Tuesday [5/21/2013] for a decision to use a planted question to go public with the agency's practice of targeting conservative groups, calling the move "an incredibly bad idea."

IRS Scandal: Outgoing Chief Says Planted Question His Idea.  In Tuesday's Senate hearings into the ever-widening IRS scandal, outgoing IRS chief, Steve Miller, acknowledged that the planted question that broke the story last week was his idea.  The "planted question" refers to the way in which the IRS chose to release the findings of the Inspector General's report a week ago Friday.

Big Government Loses Control.  Consider how the news broke that the Internal Revenue Service has been targeting conservative groups.  The admission by IRS official Lois Lerner came in response to a question from the audience at a low-profile meeting of the tax section of the American Bar Association.  For a week, perplexed reporters quoted her supporters saying she was apolitical and must not have meant to make news this way.  Then reports online cited lawyers who had been at the ABA event saying they saw her consult prepared remarks as she answered the supposedly impromptu question.  On Friday, the acting IRS commissioner confessed to Congress that the question was planted.

Planted question gambit backfires on IRS officials.  It was an unusual way to deliver bad news, even in a town known for its selective leaks, Friday-night news dumps and wag-the-dog distractions.  The Internal Revenue Service, apparently determined to get out ahead of an inspector general report critical of its handling of tax exemptions for Tea Party groups, came up with a plan: Lois Lerner, the official responsible for the tax-exempt division, would publicly apologize in response to a question at the American Bar Association conference in Washington.  Details of the now-infamous planted question emerged Friday [...]

Evidence of Obama Campaign Planting Questions at Cincinnati Speech.  [Scroll down]  This is all explainable if you assume a simple proposition that many have suspected — that the campaign plants audience members in order to ask pre-planned questions.  In this case, someone screwed up, and wrote the speech as if the plant was to be a girl, so after Obama corrects himself awkwardly, he is unable to fix the line at the end of the speech.

Who Are Those People Standing Behind the President?  Obama, like most presidents in the age of television, often gives speeches against a human backdrop.  The people who join him onstage aren't just a collection of regular folks, even when they're billed as such:  They're carefully sourced, selected, and positioned by the White House for maximum messaging impact.

Did Union Democrats Stage a Fake Fight at Ohio Romney Rally?  [Scroll down]  First off, Al Neal claimed he was from Canton, but a search of voter records shows that there is no one by that name in Canton or anywhere else in Stark County.  In fact, he is a union organizer from Arizona. [...] And finally, what about [Richard] Brysacz himself?  He told the reporter that he was from Parma.  He is registered to vote where he claims he is, and he appears to be as very active voter indeed.  As a Democrat.

Welcome to Obamacare Theater.  The White House sure likes to put on a show.  Fresh off its joint stage production with ABC News, the Obama administration broadcast another health care propaganda play this week under the guise of a citizen "town hall."  Chicago consigliere and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett managed the floor and human props for Obama.  In a telling moment as the event kicked off, she protested a wee bit much:  "I want to emphasize that the President has not seen the questions ahead of time."  The audience responded with polite laughter.  But the denials of pre-planning and stacked decks deserve nothing but derisive mockery.

Housing For The Needy Not The Greedy.  In view of latest developments in the Homeless Henrietta Hughes matter, Canada Free Press (CFP) is suggesting "Housing For The Needy Not The Greedy" as a more realistic slogan than "Hope & Change" for President Barack Obama.  Obama's Homeless Woman of Ft. Myers, Florida Stimulus Package Promotion fame is in reality a Real Estate Investor.

White House Says Girl With Campaign Ties Chosen at 'Random' to Speak at Obama Town Hall.  Facing a barrage of questions Wednesday [8/12/2009] over the friendliness of the audience at President Obama's New Hampshire town hall meeting, the White House insisted that all questions were selected at random — including one from an 11-year-old girl whose mother worked as an Obama organizer.

The little girl who talked about mean signs at the Obama town hall.  Like many others I watched the "town hall" meeting in Portsmouth NH with the supposedly randomly selected audience.  The second person "randomly" selected to ask a question was a young girl called Julia Hall from Malden MA (asks question at 29 mins 25 secs into the video).

Obamacare Pep Rally Fact Check.  Any doubts that President Barack Obama's "townhall" in Portsmouth, New Hampshire yesterday [8/11/2009] was a complete farce were dispelled early on when the hand picked crowd broke out in a chant of:  "Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!" at the close of his opening remarks.

Potemkin town halls.  President Obama should be charged with false advertising for calling yesterday's Portsmouth, N.H., event a "town-hall meeting."  It was a staged, partisan campaign rally.  The Portsmouth rally was the first of three such events planned for this week.  If nothing else, it was well-choreographed, if not completely scripted.  The questions posed to the president were all softballs; his answers were mostly platitudes.

The Obama team has been known to use doctors as props on the White House lawn.

Another "audience plant":
Liberal group takes credit for audience member asking Obama to raise taxes.  Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, a campaign by the progressive group The Agenda Project, on Tuesday [9/27/2011] took credit for a member of the audience at a town hall meeting in Silicon Valley on Monday asking President Obama to raise his taxes.  "Will you please raise my taxes?" the man said.  "It kills me to see Congress not supporting the expiration of the tax cuts that have been benefiting so many of us for so long."

Cautionary tale of Google guy who wants Obama tax hike.  Most news reporters reported that [Doug] Edwards is bald, 53, wears glasses and became wealthy by working at Google.  They neglected to disclose another fact, that he is a Democratic campaign donor, an omission that fanned conspiracy theories that reporters are in the tank for Obama.

Was the White House Press Question About Augusta a Plant?  The Augusta National Golf Club is hosting the Masters golf tournament this week, as it has done for decades.  Augusta is a male-only club.  During Thursday's press briefing, a reporter asked Carney whether the president believes Augusta should admit women as members.  The reporter who asked the question is Matt Spetalnick, of Reuters.  His question about Augusta came very early in the briefing, and out of the blue, with no set up.  Spetalnick was the second reporter allowed to ask questions of Carney on Thursday [4/5/2012], the first being the Associate Press' White House correspondent.

CNN Allows Immigration Activist to Pose As 'Undocumented College Student'.  Meet Mayra Hidalgo.  She was introduced yesterday [6/21/2012] to the CNN viewing audience as a "student" who happened to question Gov. Mitt Romney after his speech to Latinos in Florida.  She made for great television for CNN because Ms. Hidalgo asked Romney to explain his position on illegal immigration and the DREAM Act.  When the governor would not pander to her, she bolted to the nearest camera crew she could find to explain how terrified she was for her future if Romney were elected.  CNN more than obliged.

Busted: Team O Plants 3 "Surprised" Veterans at Out-of-the-Way Diner to Speak With Obama.  What a coincidence! Obama just happened to find three friendly veterans in a booth at a Portland diner this week.  It was a "surprise stop."  At least, that's what local King5 told us. [...] But then the truth eked its way out — The three veterans were not regulars. [...] In fact, the Obama Campaign even had a copy of their bios on hand.  And, one of the veterans just happens to be an Obama for America volunteer!

Three Portland area veterans, all Obama supporters, describe their lunch with the president.  The three veterans who had lunch with President Barack Obama Tuesday in outer Northeast Portland didn't just happen to wander into the Gateway Breakfast House.  All have connections to the Obama reelection campaign and were presumably chosen for good political reasons.

An accidentally on purpose, unscheduled but pre-planned encounter with the president.  Media reports about President Obama's stop at a restaurant after a speech to the VFW generally contain some variation of "unscheduled" to describe the stop, and "surprised" to characterize the patrons he sat with...

Obama's 'Republican' Woman a Registered Democrat.  One of Barack Obama's recent ads for his re-election campaign purports to feature Republican women who have turned away from the GOP to support Obama/Biden.  But, as it turns out, one of the women in the ad is not so "Republican."

Republican Women For Obama?  It happens all the time in talk radio:  a caller will say that he is a lifelong Republican, and will recall fondly how he voted for Ronald Reagan.  Then he says that today's Republicans have gone too far, and for the first time ever he is voting for a Democrat!  These callers are nearly always lying.  If you look them up, you likely will find that they are Democratic Party precinct chairmen.  The Obama campaign is trying to perpetrate the same deception.

Democrat Women for Romney.  The Democrats have just released an ad called "Republican Women for Obama", in which a handful of women explain that they've voted Republican their entire lives until this Mitt Romney fellow came along and they decided he was just way too extreme.  Also, they're shocked to discover, after voting Republican non-stop for the last 40 years, that apparently the GOP is opposed to abortion.  Who knew?

Two in 'Republican women for Obama' ad exposed as Democrats.  Although the ad got a lot of playtime on MSNBC Friday [8/24/2012], a recent so-called "Republican women for Obama" video advertisement has turned out to be a disingenuous campaign ploy.  That ad, posted on the official Barack Obama campaign YouTube page on Friday [8/24/2012], claimed to show a group of women that had previously voted Republican but later abandoned the party because they felt it went too far to the right, leaving them no alternative but to vote for President Barack Obama this November.

Randy Johnson Lives High on DNC, Union Dime, After Bain 'Devastated His Family'.  [Scroll down]  It appears that the staffers within the DNC know that his credibility is shoddy.  [Adam] Kredo concluded his column stating "when approached by a Free Beacon reporter about his partisan affiliations, DNC staff quickly swooped in to escort Johnson away, claiming that he was incapable of answering further questions."  Randy Johnson is a de facto Democratic operative who claims to have been "destroyed" by Bain Capital, but who now travels on the DNC dime and makes a six-figure salary with the United Steelworkers union.

Pizza Owner Who Bear-Hugged Obama Reportedly Visited the White House in July.  Scott Van Duzer is a great guy.  He runs the Van Duzer Foundation and spends time and money helping people in his community.  What the media forgot to mention is that Scott Van Duzer reportedly visited the White House in June.  So the visit today to Scott's business was not so random.

What a deplorable lapse of decorum!
Pictures of President Obama Being Bear-Hugged.  If President Barack Obama was looking for a lift in Florida, he got one from Scott Van Duzer.

Assault Weapons Question Came From Registered Dem.  The woman who asked President Barack Obama about gun control during the second presidential debate Tuesday night is a registered Democrat, records show.

Obama campaign positions minorities, women behind president at most rallies.  If you'd like to sit directly behind President Barack Obama during one of his big, nationally televised campaign speeches — right where people at home can see you on television — it helps if you aren't a white man.  An analysis by The Daily Caller of videos from more than a dozen recent Obama campaign rallies reveals that the president and his surrogates have an affinity for speaking exclusively where cameras can see women and minorities gathered behind them.

The Editor says...
That has been the case for the last four years.  I know a guy who was invited — simply because he is Hispanic — to sit directly behind Senator Obama during a televised speech Mr. Obama made during the 2008 campaign.  I had to break the news to the Hispanic guy:  "You were being used."

Not just a Fluke:  Left-wing activist posing as victim.

Two Interviews Highlight Current Democrat Media Objective.  Remember the January 2012 ABC Presidential primary debate when out of nowhere George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney if access to contraception was protected under the constitution? [...] Less than a week later the Democrats began introducing Sandra Fluke, and the rest is history.  ABC was working hand-in-hand with the DNC to CREATE a narrative out of thin air.  Well, as you watch this interview today, notice the EXACT SAME framework being applied to the Stormy Daniels story.

Don't Attack Lefty Human Shields.  Remember Sandra Fluke?  The Democrats brought her in to undermine religious freedom with a ridiculous story about being unable to afford birth control.  They brought her in because she was an earnest, young woman.  And a human shield.  Republicans should have ignored her.  Instead they attacked her.  And that made her a celebrity and a victim.  Soon she was the young woman who had been called a "slut".  Fluke rode that to a speaking gig at the DNC, where she claimed to represent all women, and several attempts to run for Congress.  Most importantly, the left got to shift the conversation from the religious freedom of nuns to whether the right hates female sexuality.  That's exactly the conversation it wanted to have.  It happened because Republicans took the bait.  Never take the bait unless you have a plan.

Alicia Machado Is 2016's Sandra Fluke, A Democratic Public Relations Scam.  Sandra Fluke became the centerpiece of the Democrats' "War on Women" messaging that they pounded throughout the year.  The media completely ate it up, hook, line, and sinker.  Within minutes, she was put on every major network and cable outlet.  The media ran with stories about how women weren't allowed to testify at the hearing, even though two female college administrators — Dr. Allison Dabbs Garrett, the senior vice-president for academic affairs at Oklahoma Christian University, and Dr. Laura Champion, medical director of Calvin College Health Services — testified.  The facts were no barrier to the headlines, which included CBS' "Dems decry all-male House panel on WH contraception rule" and CNN's "Angry lawmakers challenge lineup at hearing:  'Where are the women?'"

Democrats Must Accept That This Year's 'War On Women' Was A Disaster.  Sandra Fluke, the birth control activist, tried to turn her stint as the War on Women's poster child into an actual political career.  She campaigned for President Obama in 2012 as part of his centerpiece War on Women messaging, though never to large crowds.  And she moved to California to run for the state legislature.  Her opponent was another Democrat and he handily beat her by more than 20 points, even though she'd raised more than $1 million.

No Fluke: Sandra Loses State Senate Race in California.  Sandra Fluke, the feminist icon who rose to national prominence after [...] urging that Obamacare require religious institutions to cover abortion and birth control, has failed in her effort to win a seat in the California State Senate.

This story is worth mentioning only because the it is so typical of the arguments put forth by Democrats:  [1] The original controversy was based on false pretenses, if not outright lies:  The young woman at the center of it is a 30-year-old Democrat activist pretending to be struggling college student, [2] the people who criticized her apparent promiscuity were pounced upon by the Democrat-controlled news media, and [3] the whole episode was just a red herring to draw attention away from other news:  high gas prices, high unemployment, and the legal challenges to the Obamacare law and its components, including, but not limited to, taxpayer-funded abortions.

Sandra Fluke will have no cakewalk in her run for political office.  After rocketing to fame in the wake of her demand for free contraception before a fake congressional hearing (with an assist from Rush Limbaugh), Sandra set her heart on political office, and initially announced her intent to run for the seat in Congress from which Henry Waxman will be retiring at the end of the current term.  Evidently, this was not received with enthusiasm, so a day later she set her sights a bit lower: [...]

Sandra Fluke's biggest donor is ... Sandra Fluke.  Liberal darling and free-birth-control advocate Sandra Fluke is her own biggest donor in her state Senate race, according to official California campaign finance reports.  Fluke donated $12,000 to her campaign and $4,826.27 in non-monetary contributions.  While $16,826.27 may not sound like a lot, Fluke also loaned her campaign $100,000.  Where does a 2012 law school grad working as a social justice attorney get a loan that size?

'Run, Sandra, run!' Democratic lawmaker welcomes Sandra Fluke congressional campaign.  New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney wholeheartedly endorsed a rumored congressional campaign by birth control advocate Sandra Fluke, saying she'd make a "terrific" candidate and urging her to "run, Sandra, run!"  Maloney made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC Friday, after the anchor asked her thoughts on the announced retirement of twenty-term New York Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman.

Sandra Fluke files in California for congressional bid.  Women's rights activist Sandra Fluke appears to be moving forward with a run for Congress.  Fluke has filed with the California state Democratic Party to seek its endorsement in the race for retiring Rep. Henry Waxman's (D-Calif.) seat, according to the state party Web site.

Sandra Fluke Passes on U.S. House Bid, Aims for California State Senate.  Just hours after filing paperwork with the intention of seeking the California Democratic Party's endorsement to replace retiring 20-term Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), Democratic activist Sandra Fluke announced on Tuesday [2/4/2014] that she was passing on that opportunity and aiming instead to be elected to the state Senate.

The Editor says...
Why would someone file papers to run for Congress and then, hours later, aim lower?  It sounds like someone in the California Democratic machine has plans for that seat in the U.S. House.

The Feminist Mystique.  Miss Fluke's accomplishments are thin:  She served as president of the Georgetown chapter of a feminist law-students' organization and produced a video on how to obtain a restraining order.  The video was financed by the Women Lawyers of Los Angeles Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant; whatever Sandra Fluke is up to, you can be sure she's looking for somebody else to pay for it.

Sex-Crazed Co-Eds Going Broke Buying Birth Control, Student Tells Pelosi Hearing.  A Georgetown co-ed told Rep. Nancy Pelosi's hearing that the women in her law school program are having so much sex that they're going broke, so you and I should pay for their birth control. ... Apparently, four out of every ten co-eds are having so much sex that it's hard to make ends meet if they have to pay for their own contraception, Fluke's research shows.

The Editor says...
It's one thing to be promiscuous, but it's quite another to testify about it before Congress.

I did not have this much sex in law school.  That said, the idea that they are paying $1000 per year for birth control is a little crazy.  Condoms at CVS cost $1, so that means, if you take this cheaper option, you are actually having sex three times a day, which is kind of insane and you're going to have a lot more medical expenses than just birth control.

Pelosi, Dems Condemn 'Vicious And Inappropriate Attacks' Against Co-Ed Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats have issued a statement condemning "vicious and inappropriate" attacks against the Georgetown law student who told a Pelosi hearing that birth control is costing college women so much that they should be getting it for free.

The Bell Tolls for Breitbart.  The president of NOW, an organization that should have lost all credibility when it continued to support Bill Clinton, announced that the bishops really want the police power of the state to prevent women from taking birth control.  Still, even they must have known that this wasn't winning over a lot of the skeptics, and so Nancy Pelosi offered up space to a Georgetown University Law school student named Sandra Fluke, who whined that because that Catholic university doesn't provide contraceptive coverage in its health care insurance she had to pay $3,000 over a three year period for it.  Representative Pelosi trembled with joy to have a dog and pony show artiste like this to make her point to the low information voters.

The Fluke Gambit Pays Off For Dems.  Sandra Fluke is now the official, media-designated victim of woman-hating Republicans, with an assist from Rush Limbaugh.  Where have we seen this soap opera before?  That's an important question, because this is the Big Play of the scapegoating left.  It's pure, standard Alinsky, and they do it over and over again.  That's why it is important for normal, decent Americans to learn how it works.

Sorry, Fluke.  Ms Fluke, Americans do not care how many out-of-wedlock sexual encounters you may have.  But, when you go before Congress in an attempt to demonize us for not subsidizing your activities, you are infringing on our freedom; forcing your values down our throats. ... Am I weird or old-fashioned for thinking it a bit shameful for a woman to go before congressional committee to basically say, I sleep around a lot and demand that taxpayers pay for my birth-control?

Obama's Manufactured Media Tactic.  [Scroll down]  The real tale is that this is as manufactured a story as you can find, one created for the purpose of assisting Obama and his Democrat cohorts win the upcoming election.  It's all a scam.  The "coed" in question is one Sandra Fluke, a young woman that has been presented as some sort of expert in "reproductive rights" (another one of those faux rights we that have been foisted onto the public debate of late), but is she?  Where did Mz Fluke really come from and what is her background?

Meet law student and feminist hero Sandra Fluke.  The country knows Sandra Fluke as the beleaguered third-year Georgetown University Law Center student who has been criticized by conservatives — notably radio giant Rush Limbaugh — for her recent testimony about co-eds' contraceptive needs before Congressional Democrats.  But the 30-year-old student who stirred the debate is no novice in the political arena.  Fluke has a long history of feminist advocacy.

Sandra Fluke Is Not A "Coed": She Is A Professional Activist And Democrat Plant.  As reported at Jammie Wearing Fools (H/T Pat Dollard), Sandra Fluke is not a 23 year-old "coed" being victimized by Rush Limbaugh as the media would have you believe.  She is actually 30 years old, picked Georgetown specifically to agitate for "women's reproductive justice," and has a long history of feminist activism.

'Fluke'-ing it for Obama.  In the name calling simmering side-war of the raging, Obama-manufactured Contraception Battle dominating the presidential race, Sandra Kay Fluke got away with never being called out for what she really is:  a "prop".  Make that a bona fide Obama prop.  And that Fluke got through all the hoops without being outed as a prop is proof positive that the Obama regime continues uninterrupted to blissfully write the Big Narrative on life under coming Marxist rule.

Hypocritical Criticism Of Rush Limbaugh Is No Fluke.  When the left savages the right, it's OK.  When America's top conservative questions why taxpayers must subsidize the sex life of a coed, the sky falls in.

Furious liberals demand FCC silence Limbaugh.  Furious Democrat activists are working to silence Rush Limbaugh for good, calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to pull his radio show off the air.  An activist on is collecting signatures in support of a petition to FCC to, "remove Mr. Limbaugh from the radio as he has violated FCC rules and regulations countless times.  The most recent incident being his assault on women and his degradation of Sandra Fluke."

The Editor says...
Search the FCC rules and find the one that Limbaugh violated.  Then write to the FCC.  Then hold your breath as you wait for a response.  You see, Rush Limbaugh doesn't own radio stations, as far as I know.  He produces a syndicated program, and the radio stations that air the program are contractually obligated to do so.  The FCC has no leverage against Limbaugh.

Is Sandra Fluke Coordinating with the White House?  Liberal activist Sandra Fluke made her case to the mostly female audience of the ABC show "The View," where she claimed — apparently without irony — that she is being silenced by Rush Limbaugh.  She also gave a significant clue that her "stunned" sense of outrage seems to be a scripted part of a larger narrative trifecta:  supporting Obamacare, destroying religious liberty and silencing the right.

$9: Price for a Month's Supply of Birth Control Pills at Target 3 Miles from Georgetown Law.  Although Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke testified to the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee last month that contraception can cost a law student $3,000 over three years and that some of her fellow students could not afford it, a Target store only 3 miles from the law school currently sells a month's supply of birth control pills for only $9 to people who do not have insurance plans covering contraceptives.  That would make the total cost for birth control pills for a student who decided to use them for all three years of law school just $324.

Rush vs. Sandra Fluke: The fight Obama wants.  This doesn't seem to be a one-week story.  It's just too sticky, culturally.  And Democrats are doing everything in their power to keep it alive this week and beyond...

Fluke is just a diversion from the legal challenges to Obamacare.
ObamaCare's Illegality Lost In Fluke, Limbaugh Flap.  President Obama is in deep trouble.  To enforce ObamaCare, he's gotten into a war on freedom of conscience and a confrontation with the Catholic Church.  So now he's trying to make it all about something a radio host said.

Carbonite CEO David Friend donated to Obama.  Carbonite CEO David Friend, currently under fire from conservatives for pulling advertising from Rush Limbaugh, is an Obama donor according to records obtained by the Federal Elections Commission.

Wag the Coed.  Sandra Fluke, a third-year law student at Georgetown law school, in testimony before a congressional committee argued that she and forty percent of her fellow students are "struggling financially" because they have to pay for their own contraceptives.  The Democrat-media complex, rather than laughing in her face, is making Ms. Fluke a hero.  She even got a phone call from President Obama urging her on.  How did we get to this point?  Birth control is not a significant budget item.  Recreational sex is not a necessity.

Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate.  Last week Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown University Law Center, went to Congress looking for a handout.  She wants free birth-control pills, and she wants the federal government to make her Catholic school give them to her.  I'm a graduate of Georgetown Law and former chief counsel of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution.  Based on her testimony, I wonder how much Ms. Fluke really knows about the university or the Constitution.

The Editor says...
...or the Catholic church.

"Outrage" Over Limbaugh — What About Left-Wing Misogyny?  The "firestorm" over Limbaugh's "sexism" would be convincing — were it not for its selective nature.  Where's the outrage when the misogyny comes from the left?  Ed Schultz, for example, the blowtorch left-wing MSNBC host, called conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham a [bunch of names that won't be repeated on].

Ms. Fluke's fluke .  How could she be a full-time law student and still be appearing before Congress explicating the plight of coeds with $3,000 contraceptive bills or others suffering the heartbreak of being rejected publicly at the pharmacy for insurance coverage of a birth control pill?

O'Reilly: Former Obama Advisor Anita Dunn's PR firm representing Sandra Fluke.  Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke is being represented by a former Obama adviser's PR firm, Bill O'Reilly explained on his Thursday night program "The O'Reilly Factor," suggesting that the young woman was indirectly planted at the center of the contraception controversy by the Obama administration.  It has been somewhat of a mystery as to how Sandra Fluke came to fame prior to Rush Limbaugh's ill-advised remarks and why she was chosen by congressional Democrats to give expert testimony on the issue of contraception.

Bill O'Reilly Asks 'Who Is Running Sandra Fluke?'... It All Goes Back To White House'.  "Who," Fox News host Bill O'Reilly asked on his program Thursday night [3/8/2012], "is running Sandra Fluke?"  He explained to viewers that The Factor believes that the controversy surrounding the activist and Georgetown law student has been manufactured in a calculated move to help the Obama administration.

Miss Fluke goes to Washington.  [Scroll down]  Oh, and the "young coed" turns out to be 30, which is what less-evolved cultures refer to as early middle age.  She's a couple of years younger than Mozart was at the time he croaked but, if the Dems are to be believed, the plucky little Grade 24 schoolgirl has already made an even greater contribution to humanity.

The Dems May Have Miscalculated on Ms. Fluke.  The Democrats thought they had a great distraction from the economic issues that bedevil most Americans in the form of 30-year-old activist Sandra Fluke.  Rush Limbaugh foolishly (as he later acknowledged) called her a "slut" and a "prostitute" in the course of ridiculing, entirely properly, her very silly claim that the federal government should force all employers to pay for their female employees' contraception ... Ms. Fluke's theory, really, was so stupid as to be a ripe target for ridicule.  The Democrats went crazy in the aftermath of Rush's error, posturing themselves as the upholders of civility.

In Defense of Slut-Shaming: One in five women have herpes.  Sandra Fluke, an abortion activist masquerading as a law student, spoke before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on a very important issue:  the right for college students to have endless amounts of sex while someone else pays for their birth control.  According to Fluke, female students shell out $3,000 for three years of contraceptives.  Of course, do the math and find that this means Fluke and her fellow law students have sex two or three times daily (since condoms only cost about a dollar).  Rush Limbaugh noticed this, and made the apparently grave error of pointing out the obvious, calling Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute on air.

Bill O'Reilly finds connections between Fluke and the Democratic Party.  On Thursday [3/8/2012], O'Reilly reported that Fluke was being represented by Anita Dunn's public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker.  Dunn, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, served as White House Communications Director in 2009.  O'Reilly found on Friday that Fluke is also dating the son of "Democratic stalwart" William Mutterperl, who has made numerous donations to the Democratic Party and liberal candidates in recent years.

Who is Behind Sandra Fluke?  Turns out she's now being represented by Anita Dunn's agency.

So When Are We Allowed to Be Intolerant?  [Scroll down]  Have you heard of Sandra Fluke?  She is the Georgetown "co-ed" who is actually a women's rights activist.  Further, she is 30 years old, not 23 as was initially reported.  She testified before Representative Nancy Pelosi's House Democrat Steering and Policy committee meeting held to promote President Barack Obama's mandate that virtually every health insurance plan should cover the full cost of contraception and abortion-inducing products.

Fluke the Welfare Queen.  Remember, back in the 1980s, the image of the welfare queen?  It was a caricature of a woman on welfare who had borne many children for men who she knew little or not at all.  The welfare queen made an industry of producing children because she knew the state would pay her to do so, and pay for her children's needs from food to clothes to medical care.  Sandra Fluke is the model Welfare Queen for the 21st Century.

Allred proves Sandra is no fluke.  [Scroll down]  And then, on Friday [3/9/2012], Ms. Allred stoked the fire by demanding that Florida prosecute Mr. Limbaugh.  "On behalf of the Women's Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund, we request that you open an investigation into whether or not Mr. Limbaugh is in violation of Section 836.04 of Florida Statutes," which, she wrote, "provides:  'Defamation — Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.'"  Just so the irony isn't lost, let's point out that the law under which Ms. Allred wants to prosecute Mr. Limbaugh was written in 1883.  1883.  And back to Merriam-Webster for a definition of chastity:  "Abstention from all sexual intercourse."  Perhaps the 30-year-old Ms. Fluke falls under that definition and is just trying to be prepared with her $1,000 worth of birth control.  Who knows?

Elderly feminists try to turn back the clock.  When this column observed last month that contemporary feminism is a totalitarian ideology, we drew a bit of mockery from certain quarters on the left.  Yet as if to illustrate our point, three prominent septuagenarian feminists — Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem, co-founders of the Women's Media Center — joined forces over the weekend to demand the suppression of speech they dislike.  Specifically, they called on the the Federal Communications Commission to silence Rush Limbaugh using its regulatory power.

Guaranteed tyranny.  [Scroll down]  The other hot new buzz phrase for tyranny is "access."  Pushing this term into the Orwellian lexicon of collectivist philosophy appears to be one of Sandra Fluke's missions in life.  Celebrating her own heroism in a CNN op-ed, Fluke used the word eight times.

Feminazis versus Rush.  "For 20 years, Limbaugh has hidden behind the First Amendment, or else claimed he's really 'doing humor' or 'entertainment,'" Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, and Robin Morgan gripe at  "He is indeed constitutionally entitled to his opinions, but he is not constitutionally entitled to the people's airways."  In other words, he can speak — just somewhere his sixteen million weekly listeners can't hear him.  Limbaugh's ungentlemanly on-air treatment of a law student's unladylike quest for free birth control prompted the un-American response.

Who is Sandra Fluke?  From Murphy Brown to the Jersey Girls, Cindy Sheehan, Joe Wilson and the New School's Jean Rohe, these fantasists inject themselves into a boiling-hot public debate and then claim victim status when anyone criticizes them.

Once in a while, mocking derision is justified.
Fluke Wants You To Pay For Her Birth Control As She Frolics in Spain & Pompeii.  What a brave woman.  How does she manage it all?

Sandra Fluke Says She Didn't Know Target Sells Birth Control Pills for $9.  Thirty-year-old Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, who told a House Steering and Policy Committee hearing convened by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last month that contraception can cost a student $3,000 during law school, told on Tuesday [3/20/2012] that she did not know that the Target store 3 miles from the Georgetown Law campus sells a month's supply of birth control pills for just $9.

Fluke-associated 'reproductive justice' group hosts 'Slut-Pride' event at Harvard.  Radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh has been condemned by nearly every sector of the feminist and left-wing movements for using the term "slut" to refer to 30-year-old contraception activist and Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke — but at Harvard's "Sex Week" Monday the Harvard affiliate of Law Students for Reproductive Justice championed the term with its own "Slut-Pride" seminar.  Law Students for Reproductive Justice, the national body of the Georgetown affiliate for which Sandra Fluke was once president, condemned Limbaugh for such language in early March.

Sandra Fluke Exposed As Fraud, Activist, Possible White House Operative.  [She] went to the school strictly to challenge its insurance's contraceptive policy, not even as a real student ... and all magically timed to coincide with Obama's big contraceptive push.

Sandra Fluke's Appearance Is No Fluke.  For me the interesting part of the story is the ever-evolving "coed".  I put that in quotes because in the beginning she was described as a Georgetown law student.  It was then revealed that prior to attending Georgetown she was an active women's right advocate.  In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown's insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn't cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy.

The Worst Story Ever Told.  [Scroll down]  In a scripted and choreographed "hearing," an affluent Georgetown law student played the dubious role of an impoverished welfare waif.  The Democrat actress demanded that taxpayers give her and people like her $3,000 for birth control.  But critics pointed out that a month's supply of BC pills now costs less than a large cup of coffee at a Georgetown Starbucks.  Others mentioned that she's likely to get a lucrative salary of $160,000 in her first year after graduation.  As a result, Mr. Obama lost a war that was concocted by his own staff.

Sandra Fluke to campaign with Obama in Denver.  Noted contraception activist Sandra Fluke will be introducing President Barack Obama at a campaign stop in Denver, Colo. Wednesday [8/8/2012] according to the Denver Post.  Fluke is expected to introduce Obama in downtown Denver at the Auraria Campus, during a campaign stop centered on his economic plans, the outlet noted.

Romney ad: Obama has declared 'war on religion'.  The day after the Obama campaign used noted contraception activist Sandra Fluke to reignite conversation about the alleged Republican "war on women," Mitt Romney is accusing the Obama administration of declaring "war on religion."

Sandra Fluke Outed As Complete Tool of Corrupt Democrat Party Infanticide Industry.  It turns out that Sandra Fluke was in Tampa, making the political rounds, accompanied by party big-wigs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Rockin' conservative Dana Loesch tried to track her down and get a commitment for a woman-to-woman debate on women's issues.  So far Dana hasn't heard back.

Sandra Fluke: Women in America Are Silenced.  Sandra Fluke, the woman who asked taxpayers to foot the bill for her birth control in February, just wrapped up her speech at the 2012 DNC [9/5/2012].  Her remarks were brief but typical, arguing a Romney presidency would set women back and leave women to die "preventable deaths in emergency rooms."

Less Than Dozen Show For Sandra Fluke's Obama 'Rally' In Reno.  The speech was part of a daylong effort by Democrats to get Northern Nevadans to the polls on the first day of early voting.

Reno Paper: 'Fluke Takes Center Stage' to Speak to 'About 10 People'.  Saturday evening, via Emerson Marcus and with the Associated Press contributing, the Reno Gazette-Journal, which I hope doesn't try to describe itself as a family newspaper, published an irony-free a 500-word story (HT to a NewBusters tipster) on an appearance by Sandra Fluke earlier in the day "in front of about 10 people at the Sak 'N Save in north Reno."

Democrat Momentum Unstoppable!  How small a crowd do you have to draw not to get covered by The Reno Gazette-Journal? Let There Be Justice for the Wicked.  "About 10 people?"  Evidently, the reporter was missing some fingers and toes if he couldn't give us an exact count. [...] In fact, one wonders why on earth a "rally" attended by 10 people became a news story at all?  Slow news day, no doubt.  Regardless, there is something immensely satisfying when evidence of people ignoring such a whining, bratty lefty troll like Fluke emerges.

Sandra Fluke: Opposing Contraception Coverage Akin to Opposing 'Leukemia Coverage'.  On MSNBC's NewsNation with Tamron Hall this afternoon [2/1/2013], Georgetown law graduate Sandra Fluke discussed the Obama administration's proposed new rule change for the contraception mandate and religious exemptions.

Sandra Fluke joins Planned Parenthood to push Obamacare birth control.  Sandra Fluke, President Obama's Democratic National Convention spokeswoman for Obamacare-supplied birth control, has joined with Planned Parenthood to urge Americans to speak out in support of no co-pay birth control.

Sandra Fluke: Military should accept transexual recruits.  Referring to what she called "the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning" community, Fluke said lawmakers didn't go far enough in ending the military's official but often unenforced ban on homosexuals.  "We still don't let trans-folk join the military," Fluke said February 13.  "That needs to change."

Childless Sandra Fluke tells mothers what they really need.  Birth-control advocate Sandra Fluke knows what mothers in America actually need — government-run childcare, the ability to frivolously sue their employer and, of course, branding more young men as rapists.  In an op-ed for MSNBC (an opportunity I'm sure all her California state senate opponents will be given), Fluke told readers not to send cards and flowers, but to fight for wide-ranging policies reacting to anecdotal evidence.

Miscellaneous examples:

Identical letters appear in 21 newspapers across 12 states slamming Trump's Supreme Court pick — and they're all signed by different people.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh is going into the Supreme Court confirmation process with a hail of rhetorical arrows zinging by him, including a phony letter-writing campaign aimed at unsuspecting American newspaper editors[.]  At least 21 papers were duped last week, including big-market brands like the Dallas Morning News and The Washington Times.  They ran identical letters over a four-day period, each signed by a different person.  The effort is an example of public-relations 'astroturfing,' a technique meant to simulate genuine grassroots support for an idea or cause.

Is this Kristallnacht or the Reichstag Fire?  The hysteria over the "violent" right wing is just that — hysteria.  The true danger here comes not from the grassroots right, but from the Astroturfed left, which is being orchestrated and trained by the Obama administration and its media minions to attack Americans who still believe in America's founding principles.

Mainstream Media's Trump Derangement Syndrome Epidemic.  The Left prides itself on so-called unprompted demonstrations and public disruptions while asserting that these protests are a mirror reflecting what they erroneously claim a clear majority of Americans think about an issue.  The reality is that virtually all these demonstrations are nothing more than organized spontaneity to engender sympathetic media coverage such as the near instantaneous demonstrations at airports when Trump announced his temporary suspension of refugee immigration from seven Islamic nations.

Undercover video shows Democrats admitting they hire agitators for Trump events.  Those supposedly spontaneous protesters disrupting events for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump actually may be professionals trained by operatives working with the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.  A yearlong undercover investigation by the conservative group Project Veritas Action shows Democratic strategists discussing how they hire agitators — including union members, homeless people and the mentally ill — to incite violence by provoking Trump supporters on camera at campaign stops.

Vandals throw bricks through windows at Delaware County Republican Party office.  The Delaware County Republican Party said vandals struck at their office last week.  Someone threw two landscaping bricks through a window on Oct. 8.  Signs for Donald Trump and Todd Young were hanging on the window at the time, according to the group's Facebook page.  Officials said it would cost about $1,200 to replace the broken window and said anyone interested in helping cover the cost could donate online.

How left-wing groups and the DNC arrange astroturf agitation at Trump events for Hillary's benefit.  One of the open questions here, and key to any legal issue, is whether the campaign itself is coordinating with the Super PACs who are allegedly involved in these activities.  Campaigns are strictly barred by law from contact with PACs; maybe there's more to come about that in the next videos, but for now it's clear at least that there's some chain of command to all of this and that the DNC is involved in some astroturfing.

Woman Filmed Taking Credit for Chicago Riot Was On Hillary's Payroll.  Activist Zulema Rodriguez, who was featured in James O'Keefe's latest video taking credit for the riot in Chicago and the road blocking protest near Phoenix, was paid directly by Hillary Clinton's campaign less than two weeks before Donald Trump's Chicago rally.

Activist Who Took Credit For Violent Chicago Protests Was On Hillary's Payroll.  An activist who bragged about disrupting multiple Donald Trump campaign events in a recent Project Veritas video was on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign payroll, a search of Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveals.  In a Veritas video released Monday [10/17/2016], filmmaker and provocateur James O'Keefe recounts meeting activist Zulema Rodriguez at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  In the video, Rodriguez takes credit for violent protests in Chicago that forced Trump to cancel a March rally.

Axelrod Astroturfs an Attack Against Palin.  The media love covering grassroots attacks on major political candidates.  The attacks signal a large base of Americans disturbed by a particular candidate or issue.  When those grassroots attacks are manufactured by public relations firms, they aren't real:  they're astroturfed — fake attacks designed to look like a grassroots movement.

Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns and the People that Run Them.  Within an hour of this post going up, YouTube videos implicating Ethan Winner were yanked, sockpuppet accounts deleted, and more importantly, the Wikipedia entry on David Axelrod began to edit out mentions of his well know astroturfing campaigns.  Hmmm, it sounds to me like we're on to something.  We have backups of all the deleted websites, and have now included them in the post.

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