News Media Bias in Joe Biden's Favor

News Media Bias in Joe Biden's Favor

Editor's note:
The entire TV news industry is obviously pulling for Joe Biden.  This became severely obvious on or about November 4, 2020, when the news media began to refer to him as "President-Elect Biden," even though no state had certified his win at that point.  After repeating that lie multiple times daily, over the next few weeks, Biden's status as "President Elect" became "common knowledge."  Mr. Biden started making appearances in front of a made-for-TV backdrop that said, "Office of the President Elect."  There is no such office.  It's all a part of the news media fabrication, designed to make us believe that Biden was legitimately elected, which he was not.

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ABC News Outlet Tries to Debunk Biden Problematic 'Minorities Getting Online' Comment, Epic Fail Ensues.  We've seen a lot of media spinning to protect Joe Biden from his many gaffes and bad actions.  But the spin gets a bit much when what he says is on video and the "fact check" seeks to try to spin even that.  One way of doing that is what did in fact-checking a tweet of 'Biden' saying "minorities not being able to use the internet" were "taken out of context."  [Tweet]

Ignored by Fake News Media:  Joe Biden Is Completely Lost in Texas Even with His Handler in Tow.  Joe Biden had another disastrous day Friday in Texas.  Of course, the liberal media once again hid this from their audience.  Biden traveled to Houston, Texas with his handler, Dr. Jill, but she couldn't save Joe from his mid-stage dementia.  Joe was confused and lost and even admitted it during his brief speech.  [Video clip]

Three Times Biden and Trump Did the Same Thing, and the Media Reaction was Totally Different.  It is a widely understood fact that media coverage of the Trump administration was, to say the least, massively critical.  While some of this was justified as a result of objective reporting, a large portion — if not a majority — was the result of hyper-partisanship within the legacy media with the apparent goal of undermining the Republican president in preparation for the 2020 election.  Nothing demonstrates this shameless partisanship more than the legacy media's reaction to events that are almost entirely identical, with the one difference being the political affiliation of the man in the White House.  Here are three examples of Trump and Biden doing — effectively — the same thing but with vastly different media coverage. [...]

White House will start charging members of the press $170 to have a COVID-19 test before they can enter the grounds.  The White House will start charging members of the press $170 to have a COVID-19 test before they can enter the grounds, according to a report, in a move that could financially cripple news organizations and limit coverage of the Biden administration altogether.  The White House press office will from Monday [3/1/2021] bill journalists for their own coronavirus tests, which are mandatory for anyone entering the White House complex.  Under the Trump administration, COVID-19 testing for the media was only available to members of the press pool who were coming into close contact with Donald Trump or to people exposed to a positive case via a White House event.

The Editor says...
Obviously the major networks can absorb such a surcharge without missing a beat.  This $170-per-visit charge is just to filter out internet-only news organizations.

The Media Tries To Show That Biden Is Doing The Interview Alone When He Fumbles They Are Forced To Expand The Frame And Put Jill On Camera.  Joe Biden spent the past two days conducting blunder-filled TV interviews and speeches. [...] Yesterday [2/26/2021] while speaking in Houston at the end of his Texas visit Biden's speech went from bad to worse. [...] So he ended up asking himself "what am I doing here"  [Video clip]  The fake news media tried to protect him and didn't even report about this "incident."  They are doing damage control and during studio interviews, they have his "handler" Jill helping him finish the interviews.

The mainstream media's quandary ... and panic.  [Scroll down]  The media went on to quash news about the Hunter Biden corruption in Ukraine and China as it might damage Joe Biden's election chances.  The current news blackout is preventing Americans from knowing the true level of the irregularities and illegalities in the 2020 election which lead to a senile old man who didn't campaign supposedly getting nearly 13 million more votes than the charismatic Barack Obama did in 2012.  Now the media's focus is on branding anyone who questions the legitimacy of Biden's installment as president as a danger to the republic.  Another lie.

Everything is Fake in Utopia.  When Democrats gain power through fraud, everything that follows becomes fake as well. [...] When deception is normalized, tech giants can routinely conceal Biden's unpopularity.  On Biden's campaign trail, mass manipulators scripted questions for audience members to ask him.  Not even a month into office, the phony administration requested its media allies brief them on questions they intend to ask.  White House press conferences will still be theatre, but Jim Acosta will no longer have a part.  Our fraud-in-chief was filmed repeating "salute the marines" after someone likely relayed the command to him through an earpiece.  If you ask the fraudsters, Biden actually said "good-looking marines," and we all misheard him.  We're supposed to believe that Biden complimenting the looks of male marines is more sensical than a party of manipulators secretly telling a senile puppet what to do.  I'll take door number two.  When everything is fake, Joe Biden is a "devout Christian" who supports abortion, Black Lives Matter, and the most radical factions of the LGBTQ lobby.  It doesn't matter that these movements are antithetical to Christianity because fake is the new normal.

The GOP's 2024 Race Will Be Brutal And It's a Fight We Need to Have.  President * has stumbled out of the gate with zero wins in his first month.  He signed a bunch of executive orders, all of which the next GOP president should undo on Day One.  His $2,000 promise has already been broken.  He is botching COVID, and parents are getting sick of indolent public school teachers demanding to be paid for not doing their jobs, instead of their usual demand to be paid for not doing their jobs well.  His global warming agenda has been frozen by the Texas arctic nightmare.  And also, people are noticing that he's a creepy weirdo.  He's literally done nothing but fail, and this despite the licensed, professional journalists of journalism explaining away his stumbles [...]

Why media coverage of Biden is nothing like Trump's... nor Obama's.  [Scroll down]  No, the real reason is much more troubling.  They aren't covering Biden or his policies because they're being instructed to keep it all off the public's radar by their handlers.  Go ahead and put on your tinfoil hats if you'd like to at this point, but it's as crystal clear to me now as anything I've written about in weeks.  Whoever is pulling the various strings of their mainstream media puppets, they do not want the public to know the direction the Biden administration is taking the nation.  Joe Biden is not a leader.  He's a tool for the powers and principalities to quietly usher in their nefarious plans.  Whether it's the Chinese Communist Party, the United Nations, George Soros, Bill Gates, the New World Order, the Deep State, or a combination of all-of-the-above, they groomed Biden's entire candidacy and force-fed him to the American people through the most massive voter fraud the nation, and possibly the world, has ever seen.

Fact-Checkers Heart Joe Biden.  Appearing at a friendly CNN town hall event this week, President Joe Biden dropped a string of untruths on issues both large and small.  One of the president's most egregious falsehoods was the claim that "we didn't have [the vaccine] when we came into office."  The first shot was administered back on Dec. 14, 2020.  Glenn Kessler, lead fact-checker for The Washington Post, quickly jumped into action on Twitter, explaining that this was merely a "verbal stumble, a typical Biden gaffe, as he had already mentioned 50 million doses being available when he took office.  Former Trump officials should especially cool the outrage meter, as it just looks silly."  Castigating those who pointed out the lie is a weird thing for someone charged with verifying factual information to do.

Melania Haters Now Loving Jill Biden.  The liberal-Democrat media celebrated Valentine's Day a traditional way:  gushy tributes to the new first lady.  On Feb. 12, Jill Biden tweeted on her @FLOTUS Twitter account a photo of herself, with a scrunchie in her hair, at a Washington, D.C., bakery picking up "Valentine's treats for the weekend."  "Don't tell Joe," she joked.  Glamour magazine posted an article titled "First Lady Jill Biden Wore a Scrunchie While Shopping and People Felt So Seen."  New York Times reporter Claire Cain Miller tweeted, "Loving the scrunchie energy."  A Washington Post "PowerPost" headline read, "Scrunchies and dog walking: the country gets a taste of Jill Biden's radical normalcy."  On Twitter, I asked the author of this puffery, Jacqueline Alemany, "What is 'radical normalcy'?"  No reply.  Alemany boosted the PR stunt, writing:  "Biden's scrunchie that really lit up the Internet.  Leave it to a scrunchie to capture the zeitgeist of President Biden's promise to 'return to normalcy,' a stark departure from the 'I don't really care' message sent by Trump."

Jill Biden's Really Amazing First Month As First Lady Vs That Trump Woman.  Now, here we are barely one month into the 48 months of the 46th president and the new first lady.  And already the fawning coverage is oozing out about Joe Biden's wife, Jill.  In a weekend article The Hill already likened Mrs. Biden to a couple of legendary presidential wives, Eleanor Roosevelt and Grace Coolidge.  Here are some excerpts that give a gauzy sense of what to expect in the media about Joe Biden's 69-year-old second wife: [...] According to The Hill's breathless story, "Biden's schedule has shown no signs of slowing down." This coming week she's scheduled to be grilled on TV by the singer Kelly Clarkson.  Do not worry if you missed this Washington article.  There will be many more where it came from.

The legacy media is losing its ability to present plausible distractions from news stories it doesn't want to cover.
An Offering of Squirrels.  [Scroll down]  [I]t won't be long before the Democrats and their compliant minions in the news media and pop culture recognize the urgency of air cover for all kinds of coming disasters.  There's the unscientific failure to reopen schools as parents groan under the strain of trying to survive the COVID economy while becoming amateur homeschoolers.  There's the burgeoning failure to fulfill Dirty Joe Biden's vaccine promises while Biden purports to have conjured the vaccines out of thin air.  There's the fact Biden is calling a lid on conducting foreign policy and delegating it to Kamala Harris.  There is the looming disaster in China and Iran policy, and particularly the coming crippling shortage in rare-earth minerals.  There is the growing recognition that the Brian Sicknick story, on which the Jan. 6 "insurrection" narrative has been built, appears not to have contained a wisp or a smidgeon of truth.  And on and on.  The problem with squirrels is eventually the dogs lose interest.

Biden Silent Over Big Tech Suspensions Because He 'Benefits From the Censorship,' Banned Journalist Says.  After he was suspended from Twitter this week, journalist Paul Sperry said the White House is silent over Big Tech censorship because it benefits certain politicians.  Sperry told The Epoch Times that President Joe Biden has been "silent" about companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google taking action against certain accounts — namely conservatives — because he "benefits from the censorship."  "In fact, he's in the White House now largely because Twitter blocked the New York Post's scoops about the Biden family's shady foreign dealings and influence peddling in Communist China and Ukraine," Sperry said, referring to the Post's reports and other reports that claimed his family members' including son and brother, business dealings in China and Ukraine.  Biden, during the 2020 campaign, denied the allegations that he did anything untoward and said he had no knowledge of his family's business ties.

Australian Media Runs Segment on Joe Biden's Dementia! — Something the Poisonous US Media Still Lies About.  Australian reporter Cory Bernardi is the first mainstream host to report on Joe Biden's obvious dementia that is apparent to anyone paying attention.  No one in the US liberal media is strong enough to point this out — President Biden is out to lunch.  He is in an escalating stage of cognitive decline.  Bernardi shared this on Friday [2/19/2021], "Such was the hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and poisonous mainstream media that they chose not to highlight anything that may have derailed a Biden victory.  Even now after he's been sworn in many are still refusing to speak the truth."

TV Shows Push Gun Control Myths in Sync With Biden.  Last week, the Biden administration promised gun control groups that it will soon roll out a massive push for limits on firearm purchases and other measures.  President Biden reiterated that promise on Sunday.  And the television networks aren't waiting to lay the groundwork for this effort.  CBS is in a full-court press for gun control on its evening entertainment television shows.  The bad guys are always white supremacists who use machine guns — supposedly AR-15s — to commit mass public shootings.  Criminals in Mexico supposedly get machine guns from the United States.  A father's desire to protect his family only leads to tragedy when his daughter gets into the gun safe and uses the weapon in a mass public shooting.  And guns in the home pose a danger for children.  Gun registration is necessary for solving crime.

WaPo Columnist Begs Media to Not Hold Biden Accountable for Broken Promises.  In the wake of President Joe Biden's CNN town hall on Tuesday, those in the establishment media have been accused of saying the quiet part loud too often.  When Biden said stupid things, media fact-checkers refused to hold the president to account, sometimes saying Biden's verbal flubs — such as a gaffe where he stated there wasn't a vaccine for COVID-19 when he came into office — were so obviously gaffes they weren't worth fact-checking.  Try that if you were the last president — or any other Republican, for that matter — and see if you'd get that response.  In this case, I heard people imply "saying the quiet part out loud" by making it clear they'll run interference for Biden if necessary. [...] As evidence, I offer Paul Waldman, an opinion writer at The Washington Post.  His take:  Sure, Biden's going to make promises, but we don't, you know, have to take them at face value.

PBS journalist dutifully parrots White House's vaccine liePBS NewsHour's Yamiche Alcindor is working hard to promote the Biden administration's lie that there was no COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan in place when the president took office.  The White House "says they inherited no vaccine distribution plan," Alcindor said Tuesday, uncritically repeating an obvious falsehood.  "Now, [White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki] says Biden admin has increased amount of weekly vaccine doses going to states to 13.5M a week — a 57% increase since Jan 20.  Biden admin is also doubling supply to pharmacies: 2M doses going to them this week."  Earlier, during an appearance on MSNBC, the PBS journalist said, "The No. 1 thing that I hear from my sources when I say, 'how bad is it, is it worse than you thought it was when it comes to former President Trump's response to the virus?'  Literally 9 out of 10 times, they say it's worse than we could've ever imagined."  Her White House sources tell her the same thing that the White House is saying out loud?  Amazing.

CNN's Jim Acosta Clearly Can't Let Go of Trump, and People Have Thoughts.  The mainstream media spent four years undermining Donald Trump's presidency with one fake news "bombshell" report after another that went nowhere, and actively helped suppress news stories about then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that had the potential to negatively impact his presidential campaign.  They cheered like fangirl groupies once they projected Joe Biden the winner, and spent the two months afterward completely reversing course on the bad news stories they ran with prior to the election, all because they wanted everyone to believe that it would be a new and better day in America with the guy who spent the last several months of his campaign sequestered in his basement alongside his handlers, the latter of which did much of the heavy lifting.

Media Fails to Report on the Booing of Biden Heard at Super Bowl.  Joe Biden has already had a lot of firsts.  Almost immediately, his first broken promise, failing to deliver the $2000 virus relief, and people are not letting him forget it.  Then he had his first court loss, trying to suspend virtually all deportations for the first 100 days and getting slapped down by the judge.  Now according to a lot of people who watched the Super Bowl, he had his first boos at a major event.  He and his wife Jill appeared virtually over a huge screen at the game.  Jill, as usual, did the most talking. [...] While people heard boos and the British media, The Daily Mail and Independent U.K. reported it, not so much American media, although it was acknowledged by this home page editor of Fox News although it didn't seem to have made it onto their front page.

That's It?  O'Donnell Doesn't Challenge Biden At All In Friendly Super Bowl Interview.  A few hours before the big game began, CBS aired the traditional pre-game presidential interview.  This time, it was anchor Norah O'Donnell's turn to interview the president, and because he's a Democrat, the journalist didn't criticize or grill him at all, even though that's what her CBS colleague Margaret Brennan did to President Trump in 2019.  In fact, at one point she even flattered the the 78-year-old by comparing him to NFL athletes!  As we previewed this weekend, these near-annual interviews have a predictable pattern:  Democrats typically get off easy, while Republicans get skewered.  This year was no different.

ABC Praises Biden's 'More Aggressive Use of Executive Action'.  For four years, the liberal media were acting like President Trump was a dictator for relying on executive orders to push his policy agenda.  But during Sunday's [1/7/2021] This Week, George Stephanopoulos and ABC chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl gushed and praised President Biden for his "speed" and "more aggressive use of executive action" than former-President Trump, whose executive actions they decried.  "The emphasis in these first weeks of the Biden presidency, speed," Stephanopoulos touted to Karl near the top of the program.  In response, Karl marveled at the "remarkable speed" Biden was using "to take down some of the central pillars of the Trump presidency in just two weeks!"  He then lauded Biden for completely reversing Trump's immigration policy by halting border wall construction and "reinstated DACA."  DACA was an example of the media's hypocrisy with executive orders.  They all attacked Trump for getting rid of it with his executive action because former-President Obama, with Biden as his vice president, created it out of thin air with his own executive action.

British GQ pub mocked over Joe Biden 'Swagger-in-Chief' makeover.  A British edition of the U.S.-based GQ magazine drew widespread criticism and mocking online over its "Big Fit Makeover" featuring President Joe Biden in varying styles.  "Joe Biden — Swagger-in-Chief," read the cover of GQ Hype showing a smiling Biden dressed in Western clothing appearing to strum a guitar while sitting on the tailgate of a vintage pickup truck next to three bottles of Budweiser beer. [...] Writing at PJ Media, Stacey Lennox noted that barely two weeks into the new presidency, Joe and Jill Biden have already been feted and celebrated by the pop culture a number of times but that the GQ Hype piece "may be the most absurd."  "Does Biden even play guitar?  This magazine is trying to turn a septuagenarian from Delaware with cognitive issues into a heartthrob.

CNN's Jake Tapper Says Trump Supporters Who Question 2020 Election Results Need to be 'Held Accountable'.  CNN's "State of the Union" anchor Jake Tapper labeled Trump supporters 'terrorists' and said people who question the 2020 election results must be held accountable.  After pushing the 'Trump-Russia collusion' lie for years, CNN is now telling Trump supporters to sit down and shut up about the Democrat voter fraud in the 2020 election.  "If there is no accountability and no attempt by the Republican Party to stop these insane lies that have taken root in their party...  This is not going to be the end of MAGA terrorism, this will only be the beginning," Jake Tapper said.  [Video clip]  Not a word from Jake Tapper about BLM-Antifa terrorists marching through DC last night chanting, "Burn it down!"

Was it an interview or an infomercial?
Biden gushes about son Hunter's new memoir in CBS interview.  An emotional President Biden fought back tears as he discussed his son Hunter's new memoir — saying "My boy's back."  "The honesty with which he stepped forward and talked about the problem.  And the hope that — it gave me hope reading it," Biden said in an interview with CBS News that will air before Sunday's Super Bowl game.

This article is presented with a grain of salt:
Video PROOF That Joe Biden Is NOT At The White House But Rather Castle Rock Studios.  There has been a lot of photographic proof that Joe Biden is not at the actual White House when signing executive order after executive order but rather on a sound stage at Castle Rock.  Castle Rock is also known as Amazon Studios, the location where many famous oval office scenes have been shot for movies such as Nixon and Independence Day.  Fact-checkers have been busy trying to call these 'false claims' by focusing on the minutia details some are making online such as the curtains or carpet being different but none of the fact-checkers can debunk the SUV's parked right outside the window to the right of Biden, nor will they be able to debunk this video which shows several screens at once, one of which has an aerial view of Castle Rock.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
I don't endorse or necessarily agree with any statements made in the video clip linked above.  Even if the claims in the video clip are true, I'm not sure it matters that much.  Media dishonesty is already well known and documented.  Joe Biden's dishonesty... ditto.  Maybe this is Biden's way of laying low and playing it safe, since he knows he is the beneficiary of a stolen election.

Biden's Rapidly Deflating Honeymoon Balloon.  After just two weeks, a few political realities are starting to encroach upon the Biden fairyland, whose nativity was heralded in Fox News' Trump-hater Chris Wallace's assertion that Biden's inaugural address was the best in over 60 years.

People magazine Biden cover
Pretty In Pink.  This isn't a record — that honor is still held by Barry and Big MO — but 13 days in and we already have literally dozens of POTUS/FLOTUS cover-fluff stories. [...] A pity our previous and last legitimate FLOTUS wasn't considered either photogenic or articulate enough to warrant any press coverage during her 4 year tenure, unlike Dr. Jilly who hit it right out of the box.

Hiding Biden.  As many as 45 percent of Biden voters said they were unaware of Hunter's financial scandals before the election. [...] Last September, when a Senate intelligence panel report revealed that a firm co-founded by Hunter Biden received a $3.5-million wire transfer from the wife of a Russian politician, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC did not cover the story.  When Trump raised the issue at the first presidential debate, Biden claimed it had been "totally discredited" even though its existence was confirmed by Treasury Department documents.  This news blackout may have helped propel Biden to victory, but questions regarding the Bidens have not gone away.  There is the laptop, which, far from Russian disinformation, did indeed belong to Hunter Biden, who in December admitted he has been the subject of a federal corruption probe since 2018.

All It Took Was One Election for 'Kids in Cages' to Become Acceptable Once Again.  In an amazing announcement this week the Biden administration has declared they will be reopening a facility in Texas this week in order to temporarily house hundreds of migrant youths who have recently entered the country.  If your head just tilted like a dog hearing a harmonica, you are not alone.  All of a sudden, it appears, the concept of housing young children from other countries in a government setting is acceptable.  Yes, this sounds like a contradiction from a narrative we have been served for the past four years, but just you wait.  I recommend wearing eye protection, as the flying shrapnel from euphemisms will be likely.  The location, in Carrizo Springs Texas, will be run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement is tabbed for "overflow" purposes, and will be able to house 700 migrant children.  This is being dubbed a temporary influx care facility.  That's a handy shift in nomenclature.

Biden brings back kids in cages.  How's this for buried news?  The Biden administration, through executive order, is scrapping President Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy for illegal border crossers claiming asylum.  Which means, catch-and-release, but detention centers, for presumably vulnerable "unaccompanied minors."  That would likely include 14-year-old gang bangers, even as the media would present only toddlers.

'The View' hosts shamelessly defend screening questions ahead of WH briefings: 'It's not a gotcha session'.  On Wednesday [2/3/2021], "The View" cohost Joy Behar aggressively defended the White House's stance over screening reporters' questions in advance.  She contended that press conferences should not be inundated with "gotcha questions" that target press secretary Jen Psaki.  Behar hotly defended the White House telling reporters what they can and can't ask:  "First of all let's talk about whether they're actual specific questions or areas of discussion, and, you know, this type of press conference is not supposed to be gotcha questions, they're supposed to be informative information questions and answers, and so it behooves the administration to be prepared to give the correct information."

'The View' — surprise, surprise — vigorously defends Biden White House's desire to get reporters' questions in advance.  It will come as no surprise that nearly all the co-hosts of "The View" vigorously defended the jaw-dropping recent request from President Joe Biden's communication team to get reporters' questions in advance of daily press briefings.  It seemed like a big joke to co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who chuckled several times as she opened the discussion on Wednesday's [2/3/2021] show and bristled that journalists were "raising red flags about the [chuckle] Biden administration's promise of total transparency."  She then asked, "Does it occur to anybody they've been in probably for three weeks, and they might not [laughs] ... have all the answers yet?  Call me crazy."

Joe Biden Does the Most Joe Biden Thing Possible to Try to Appear to Have a Plan for Wuhan Virus.  The Joe Biden we see in the Oval Office is remarkably similar to the Joe Biden we've observed over his political life.  He says random [stuff], he's pretty much clueless about every issue but can mouth platitudes with the best of them, and a partisanly passive Washington press corps politely applauds him and tells the yokels in the hinterlands what kind of a genius he is.

Biden doesn't trust his own lapdog press.  After promising a new era of 'trust and transparency,' it's now come out that the Biden administration is stage-managing even its spin. [...] Number one, Biden already has a lapdog press eager to flatter and fawn.  He's locked reporters in closets in the past and still manages to draw only the most flattering of questions and coverage.  Apparently, he can't trust even the people asking those.  Number two:  This isn't doddering Biden living in fear of being caught in a senior moment.  This is Biden's tried and polished professional press team, the people who should be up to the task of taking all comers.  Somehow, they're not.  They're afraid.  They've already made quite a few embarrassing mistakes.  Now they imagine they can fix this by literally picking and choosing which questions to answer and which questions to ignore.  Seems that merely pre-selecting reporters to call on in press scrums, which they did before, is just too dangerous.

Biden Approval Index:  This Sure Doesn't Look Like the Mandate Democrats Think They Have.  President Joe Biden got 80 million votes in the 2020 election.  Both candidates exceeded the maximum number ever achieved by an elected president, but Biden got the most.  There should be unbridled enthusiasm for his agenda with that popular vote haul.  His team believes it's so and has decided to bypass Congress and govern with a pen. [...] Biden has not been above water a single time in the Approval Index rating.  This index is the difference between how many likely voters strongly approve and how many strongly disapprove. [...] This result is astonishing when you think about it.  President Biden has the full weight of nearly every corporate media outlet, tech company, and cultural institution behind him.  They have been drooling all over themselves to convince us this is a return to unifying normalcy.  After all, his favorite ice cream is chocolate chip, and his two German Shepherds just love their new digs.  So normal.  So unifying.

"Putting Words In My Mouth"; Psaki Snaps At Reporter For Asking Simple Question.  After two weeks on the job, I think it's safe to say that Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is terrible at this.  All of it.  Every single aspect of the job.  Not only is she consistently unprepared for the questions fielded her way, but now she is openly snapping at reporters for asking simple questions.  Keep in mind, this is despite having the entire media complex on her side (unlike Kayleigh McCenany, who the press targeted like a pack of rabid wolves)[.]  During Tuesday's [2/2/2021] press briefing, Psaki clapped back at a reporter for no reason at all.

Spanish Nets Silent on Biden Deportations.  For the hundreds of undocumented immigrants deported this past week, it must have been quite the shock to not see activists, television camera crews and (crying) politicians bidding them farewell.  But that is exactly how immigrants from Jamaica, Honduras and Guatemala were sent back to their homelands by the Biden-Harris administration this past week: very quietly.  Most importantly, not a word was said about the inconvenient news at the nation's Spanish-speaking networks, keenly focused on selling their audiences the push for filibuster-proof immigration reform.  In fact, over a 24-hour time span, Telemundo and Univision combined, spent close to 15 minutes on the subjects of Biden, executive orders and immigration reform with the help of immigration "experts," lawyers, activists, and of course, politicians betting on an immigration wave.

Comedians for the State: 'Nothing to Criticize' Biden About.  Now that Joe Biden is president, what will the late night comedy shows mock?  Not the Democrat in the White House.  Turns out, it's now their job to simply defend Biden.  After all, there is "nothing to criticize" the new president for.  Jimmy Kimmel on Monday didn't offer jokes so much as loud defenses of Biden and fact checking of random people on Twitter.

The 'Big Lie' And Big Liars.  There's a media-perpetrated myth that Joe Biden is a moderate; that he's an honest man.  He is not, and never has been.  He's a politician, a Democrat, who now has the authority of the United States government behind him.  The Big Lies are spread daily from the podium of the White House press briefing room.  Jen Psaki and her red hair have returned from a CNN contributor gig, and after disseminating lies for the Obama State Department, this "Ginger Goebbels" freely spouts whatever words fit their needs at the moment.  Unbound by reality or any challenge of the one they paint daily, even when it contradicts the one they painted the day before, the lies just keep getting bigger.  They inherited "no plan" for vaccine distribution?  Schools can't reopen unless billions are spent hiring more teachers when all data shows schools are safe?  But they're the "party of science"?  No lie is too small to tell, none too big to swallow, and none are or will be challenged.

The Media Fawns Over an 'Ascendant Liberal Christianity'.  The same media that never tired of questioning Christian support for Trump now rejoices in the corruption of Christianity under Biden.  Christians who supported Trump had sold their souls for political gain, the media told us.  Reporters churned out endless stories browbeating Christians for giving hypocritical support to that "coarse" libertine.  But "progressive Christians" receive no such lectures, even as they discard their faith for the sake of advancing Biden's libertine politics. [...] Trump was the most reliable defender of religious freedom since Ronald Reagan.  But what is the religious motive for supporting Biden?  There isn't one.  Much of his agenda is baldly un-Christian, and he has no intention of protecting religious freedom.  The Christians who support him do so for purely political reasons.  They prioritize left-wing politics over Christianity.

Biden is planning more ice-cream stories.  Slightly inquisitive reporters with no President Trump to kick around, have gotten Joe Biden on the spot.  What better, then, than more ice-cream stories?  What's Joe Biden's choice of ice cream flavors at this visit to this local shop? [...] [I]n general, news of car crashes through walls, pet rescues, and high school valedictorian service projects tend to form the backbone of much local news, speaking anecdotally.  Don't forget the happy talk, or the weather girls in tight dresses.  Blue city machine corruption, which ought to be their forte, is not usually spotted, not when the local garden club's doings is likely to draw more viewers.  Neither will hard questions of Biden, which is the actual job of any self-respecting news.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Praised Biden's Executive Orders:  Leaked Video.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg praised executive orders issued by President Joe Biden during his first day in office, newly leaked video from a company meeting shows.  "I thought President Biden's inaugural address was very good," Zuckerberg said during the Jan. 21 meeting.  "In his first day, President Biden already issued a number of executive orders on areas that we as a company care quite deeply about and have for some time," he said.  "Areas like immigration, preserving DACA, ending restrictions on travel from Muslim-majority countries, as well as other Executive Orders on climate and advancing racial justice and equity.  I think these were all important and positive steps."  The video was leaked to Project Veritas, a nonprofit watchdog, by someone the group described as a Facebook insider.

The Circle Woman:  Report Shows Biden Staff Prescreening Psaki Press Briefing Questions.  Biden staffers have prescreened reporters ahead of Jen Psaki's briefings to see what they plan to ask the White House press secretary, according to a report from the left-wing Daily Beast.  The outlet cited "three sources with knowledge of the matter" and "written communications" that revealed that the Biden administration has "already on occasion probed reporters to see what questions they plan on asking new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when called upon during briefings" less than two weeks into the new administration.  The report suggests that Psaki would have some idea of what reporters plan to ask prior to formally presenting their questions.  Despite that, her "circle back" answers on tough questions have become a staple of her press briefings.  It remains unclear which, if any, reporters cooperated with the administration's inquiries.  Leaders of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) have reportedly urged reporters not to accommodate the administration in that capacity:  [Video clip]

Youtube rushes to hide the mass unpopularity of Biden Whitehouse.  It's all one giant Psy-Op.  The Whitehouse Youtube Channel for the most popular President ever elected is being unliked en mass.  Youtube kicked Donald Trump off the "platform", so hordes of fans are tuning into Joe Biden's channel instead, and they're not happy.  Joe Biden's inauguration video tally currently stands at 4,300 "likes" and 48,000 "dislikes".  Realizing the PR flop that this is, Youtube quietly unlisted the video to hide it from searches, but it's at this link.  In newer Whitehouse videos, the downvotes continue.  Clearly the Social Media controllers have a problem.  One week later, and Youtube don't just unlist the video's — the Swat team has started deleting the deporable votes instead.

SNL is slammed for completely avoiding Joe and Kamala jokes, after four years of making Trump the butt of their jokes.  Saturday Night Live completely avoided parodying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in its first episode since the pair were sworn into office.  Hosted by John Krasinki, the first SNL of 2021 managed to not feature either the president or vice president in its skits. [...] The move was blasted online by some viewers who described the show as a 'snoozefest' which is 'too scared of getting canceled'.  Others noted how Donald Trump had been the butt of their jokes for the past four years.

When beauty norms meet sucking up to power.  There's nothing illegal or unethical about what IMG Models did.  However, the New York-based modeling agency that has some of the biggest names on its roster suddenly discovered a hidden Cinderella in our midst:  Ella Emhoff, who is Kamala Harris's 22-year-old stepdaughter.  The problem with this amazing discovery is that Emhoff is entirely ordinary and seems somewhat scary.  It's patently clear that IMG is capitalizing on her stepmother's position, and that's just sleazy.  Over the years, IMG has represented people such as Lauren Hutton, Christie Brinkley, the Hadid sisters, and Karlie Kloss — names so big and women so beautiful by any standard that even I recognize them (and to say that I have no interest in the subject is an understatement).  And now it turns out that 22-year-old Ella Emhoff is ready to enter that rarefied category of the world's most beautiful and/or striking people.

Ella Emhoff
It's All Rigged.  I shall continue my Catty Cathy special inaugural fashion coverage today with a special report on Ella Emhoff's unlikely new career as a model for IMG, one of the most prestigious agencies in the nation.  Why do you say "unlikely" MOTUS?  After all Ella is the daughter of someone rich and famous ( in case you're a cave dweller, Ella is the stepdaughter of VP Kammie) and that is how careers are made in postmodern America.  And let's just stipulate to the fact that, unlike Melania, she isn't normally what you'd consider conventional model material.  But then, we no longer live in conventional world, do we? [...] Vogue, which could not find time or space for even one article on Melania Trump during her 4 years as FLOTUS has already done two, count them, two, articles on Ms. Emhoff, daughter of the Second Gentleman and stepdaughter to the Veep.  But then Melania only spoke English as a second, third or fourth language so she couldn't possibly be as articulate as this young and upcoming 'designer.'

Funny how the party that claims to be for the little guy always supports the billionaires.  [Scroll down]  I have never seen anyone as dangerous in the White House as Joe Biden in his first nine days as he signs executive order after executive order, some 40 now at last count.  He has stacked his cabinet with radical leftists pushing the green agenda to destroy America.  He sends out John Kerry, with multiple mansions, a yacht and a private jet, to tell the public that is good for them that he is destroying their jobs.  After all, he drove a Tesla from Massachusetts to D.C.  On Fox News, I heard left-wing Juan Williams say he didn't really care about Kerry's or anyone else's lifestyle, even as they are dictating how all of us should live our lives.  [...] And no matter how often all these supposedly smart cabinet members, as well as Biden himself, his vice president, Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others repeat that we have to get rid of oil and coal to control temperatures and the climate, not one sock puppet at the Washington Post or any other journalist, including at Fox, ask for scientific evidence to support their theory and destructive policies.  There is no scientific evidence, so they never ask.  They just go along.

This Is Not Normal.  [Scroll down]  Yascha Mounk of The Atlantic tweets, "It is so nice to have a boring President."  Alleged media watchdog Brian Stelter asked this week whether Biden is "making the news boring again," adding, "The Biden White House is clearly a break from the chaos and incompetence of Trump world."  For his part, Biden obviously revels in this sort of coverage.  This week, his favorite ice cream flavor (chocolate chip) was tweeted out as well as a retweet of first lady Jill Biden's announcement that Champ and Major, the new first pets, had entered the White House.  On a personal level, Biden is clearly more "normal" than Trump — although treating Biden, a career politician worth nearly $10 million, as the height of normality is rather stunning.  The goal for the establishment media isn't to point out merely that Biden is a sort of American Everyman.  It's to use that supposed normalcy to disguise the fact that his agenda is absolutely abnormal.

Biden White House Warns It Won't Allow Questions From Conservative Media.  One of the big sea changes in the Trump administration for conservative media came at White House press conferences.  President Trump and his people opened up the press conferences from the narrow confines of the White House Correspondents Association and the mainstream media to a range of conservative media.  That infuriated the media and the Biden White House is predictably signaling that will come to an end.

Biden Changed His Tune Already.  It didn't take long for the lies to start.  CNN personality MJ Lee reported last week that an anonymous source told her the Trump administration left the Biden team with no plan for vaccine distribution, they had to start "from scratch."  Considering the Trump team was vaccinating a million people per day, and Joe promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans in the first 100 days, Trump's "non-existent plan," at which he was succeeding, sure sounds an awful lot like Joe's.  Of course, Joe Biden wouldn't lie, right?  Not according to the Washington Post "fact-checker," a guy named Glenn Kessler.  He told CNN, "I assume the Biden — you know, I did five years of Obama, and I assume the Biden presidency will be a lot like the Obama presidency, and that they will be responsive, and will be able to quickly back up what they're saying."

'Circle Back': WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki's Go-To Answer for Avoiding Transparency.  It's not really clear what people were expecting in terms of transparency within the new Biden administration.  But if we go by the "expertise" of current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, people will have more questions than answers for the next four years.  In what has already become a noticeable trend, Psaki seems to use the same phrase — "circle back" — over and over when being asked questions about what President Joe Biden and his administration are doing, among other questions.  Psaki has basically become a walking meme at this point, and we're only one week into the new presidency.

The Editor says...
Lots of TV news anchors, meteorologists, and field reporters have their own set of "crutch words," verbal tics, and signature catchphrases.  Most of them don't even know it, because their co-workers are too polite to tell them about it.  But by the time one arrives at the national news media level, those amateurish flaws should have been ironed out.

Buyer's Remorse?  Let's Blame the Press.  [Scroll down]  Evidence of legacy news media propaganda during the four years of the Trump administration are legion.  Reporting about the Biden family influence-for-graft business was nonexistent.  In fact, Joe's brother and his son received millions of dollars from China, the Ukraine, and Russia. [...] The legacy media didn't bother to mention that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation, and that Joe may be implicated.  Hunter Biden's laptop had been abandoned and its contents were legally disclosed.  The contents revealed that Joe Biden was actively involved in Hunter's business dealings — even to the point of sharing an office with a Chinese businessman.  The laptop even disclosed that a percentage of the business proceeds were to go to Joe.  Yet Joe has always claimed he had no involvement in Hunter's business.  The legacy media spiked stories on the subject and social media censored anyone attempting to report it.

Biden's White House Considering Banning Conservative Media from Press Briefings.  President Joe Biden's press team may move to restrict the briefings held at the White House to liberal mainstream media outlets, if language from the new President's deputy press secretary if more than just talk.  "Organizations or individuals who traffic in conspiracy theories, propaganda and lies to spread disinformation will not be tolerated," TJ Ducklo, Biden's deputy press secretary, said in a statement to Politico, "and we'll work with the WHCA to decide how to handle those instances moving forward."  Given liberal media figures' extremely wide-ranging definition of "disinformation," it appears possible to likely that any journalist or reporter who is critical of Biden policies "will not be tolerated" at the White House.

Poll: Seven out of 10 voters think U.S. news media will be friendlier to Biden than it was to Trump.  A strong majority of American voters think the U.S. media will be friendlier to President Biden than it was to President Trump, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.  Seventy-one percent of respondents said "the national news media will be friendlier to President Biden than it was to President Trump."

CNN's Brian Stelter Loves the Jen Psaki Briefings, Bigly: '(How Refreshing)'.  On CNN's Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter touted White House briefings in the age of Biden, who pledged fealty to the truth.  "Of course, all of this, a contrast to the Trump years.  Also a contrast in the press briefing room, where the new press secretary Jen Psaki, previously a CNN contributor, is promising to restore transparency and truth to the podium."  The chyron said "(HOW REFRESHING)."  It's "refreshing" that a pile of CNN and MSNBC analysts now make their way into the new Democrat administration, where they are automatically assumed to be bringing the "truth."

Biden's Network Lapdogs Go Gaga for His German Shepherds at White House.  They were his attack dogs during the campaign, but now that he's President of the United States, the liberal media were Joe Biden's lapdogs.  And instead of being on guard like they were during the Trump administration, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) came when called and rolled over Monday evening as they gushed about Biden's two German Shepherds finally moving into the White House.  "In the dog house.  The President's beloved German shepherds arrive at the White House," an overly excited Norah O'Donnell announced during the opening tease as she anchored the CBS Evening News.  New chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes gave the story a brief shake as she squeezed it in at the end of a report touting Biden's executive orders.

Ice cream flavors, again! ... and cats:  Biden spox Psaki gives 'riveting' Q&A that 'can't be real'.  Amidst President Joe Biden's numerous executive orders that he has signed over the last week nixing thousands of jobs and the fracturing of America, his press secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday [1/24/2021] decided to address what is really important:  Biden's favorite ice cream flavor and, of course, his cat.  Remember how the media scorched President Trump over ice cream?  Well, much like Obama, they fawn over Biden's sweet tooth.  Psaki took to Twitter to answer a list of questions that were posted online.  There were the standard policy issue questions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  But more newsworthy was the pressing matter of whether it was true the president kept a giant freezer full of ice cream.  They also wanted to know his favorite flavor.  Other questions centered on the new cat in the White House.

C'mon, Joe.  Just a few days into the Biden presidency and the media are already chipping away at the granite on Mt. Rushmore.  They may have to stretch the yardstick for statuary fitness if they expect strokes of presidential greatness from number 46. [...] The Biden team has cobbled together a gallery of Obama retreads and a handful of other prominent figures not especially well-suited to their cabinet-level destinations.  In Biden's own words, some nominations and appointments are highlighted by focus upon sexual orientation or race.  We should be getting used to these offbeat qualifications and standards by now.

CNN chyron propaganda
CNN's Latest Chyron May Be Their Worst Yet, but It Gets Even Worse.  Brian Stelter's show is hardly known for hard hitting, unbiased journalism given who the host and its frequent guests are.  It's one of the most laughable pieces of television on the weekends, reaching levels partisanship that border on parody.  Yet, this latest chyron seems a bit excessive.  I mean, at least try to keep the mask on, right?

New York Times Slammed for Labeling Joe Biden as 'Most Religious' President.  Conservatives slammed the New York Times for labeling President Joe Biden "perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief" in 50 years in a story published Saturday.  Pundits pointed out that former presidents Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush were also known for their outspoken faith.  [Tweet]  "George W Bush said Jesus Christ was his favorite philosopher and credited Billy Graham with changing his life.  Jimmy Carter taught Sunday School.  Cmon," pastor and author Daniel Darling wrote on Twitter.

The Editor says...
What about George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, or Alexander Hamilton?

Today in Hard-Hitting 'Journalism' — CNN Edition.  We reported last week on the hard-hitting questions and reports we've been getting from so-called journalists since Joe Biden's Inauguration Day festivities began.  Among them were super-important fashion updates on Biden, Kamala Harris, and their respective spouses and speculation as to What It All Meant For the Future.  We also heard serious questions from supposedly objective White House press corps reporters at the first official press briefing like "Do you see yourself as promoting the interests of the President or are you there to provide us the unvarnished truth so we can share that with the American people?" and "Will [Biden] keep Donald Trump's Air Force One color scheme change?"  Since that time, we've gotten more hard-hitting reporting from the media on the critical things we need to know about the Biden-Harris administration, like when the Biden family's dogs are moving into the White House.

National Review and All its Many Ways of Insulting Conservatives.  The writers and columnists at National Review just had a great week.  Joe Biden was inaugurated, President Trump is gone, and their writers can scratch off their calendars the upcoming rush week at the Lincoln Project frat house and get back to pretending they are conservatives.  It's been four years since they last parroted the Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell if-only-we-were-in-power shtick, and they made up much lost ground with a slew of articles critical of Biden's first days in office.  But prior to that, they collectively unloaded on the Trump presidency in a manner that dropped all pretense of detached objectivism (implausible as it was) and chortled with unrestrained glee.  Here is a recap of some of last week's articles: [...]

Get Ready for 4 Years of Media Sycophancy.  On Sunday, Jan. 17, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris sat down with Jane Pauley of CBS News "Sunday Morning."  Pauley treated Harris to a full-on journalistic massage.  At no point was Harris asked a tough question; at no point was Harris treated as anything other than an idol worthy of worship.  Perhaps the most awkward manifestation of this sycophancy came when Harris — an extraordinarily and transparently manipulative and mechanical politician — spouted a canned speech about relentlessness.  "I was raised to not hear no — let me be clear about it," said Harris.  "I eat no for breakfast!"  This prompted a spasm of ecstasy from Pauley, who immediately reflected Harris' bizarrely inappropriate laughter with an enormous grin of her own.

Tucker Carlson Triggers CNN by Pointing Out Their COVID Death Tracker Now Frequently Goes Missing.  A lot of people have noticed over the last few days that the Wuhan virus case/death tracker CNN kept on display 24/7 under the Trump administration at the very least frequently goes missing or, at the most, has disappeared entirely.  It depends on who you talk to and how often the people making the accusations watch the network.  Admittedly, I don't have the stomach to watch most of CNN's  programmed anchors  programming, but when I have this week I, too, have noticed it's not there.

Cozy! WashPost 'Fact Checker' Admits They Won't Count Biden's False Claims.  Glenn Kessler and his Washington Post "Fact Checker" squad celebrated their end-of-term count of President Trump's "false and misleading statements" — 30,573.  Their level of aggression clearly increased as the term went on, since they announced on January 21, 2019 they had arrived at 8,158 of those — or 26.7 percent of the four-year total.  Shelby Talcott of the Daily Caller put the Post on the record explaining what we all could expect:  there will be no False & Misleading Claims count for President Biden. [...] But party affiliation matters:  there was no False & Misleading Statements count for Barack Obama, and there wouldn't have been one if Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

Now That Biden's President, CNN's COVID-19 Death Counter Appears to Be Gone.  If you happened to flip on CNN prior to Inauguration Day, chances are you noticed a COVID-19 tracker chyron that tallied the total cases and death count both globally and in the United States.  Now that Joe Biden is president, that chyron seems to have disappeared from broadcasts. [...] Fortunately The Washington Free Beacon anticipated CNN would do this so the outlet decided to pick up where they left off.  "4,409 Americans have died from COVID-19 since President Joe Biden took office," the latest update from 9 a.m. on Thursday [1/21/2021] read.

How About a Little Sobriety, Please?  Washington's public works department should have built an emergency system of drainage ditches, culverts and tunnels to divert into the Potomac River the torrents of praise, approval and adoration the press poured down on President Joe Biden on Inauguration Day.  At one point in the early evening, citizens living in low-lying portions of the city were at risk of drowning in the flash flood of commendations that flowed during the day-long pageant.  CNN glowed almost as brightly about the event as a state media would have.  It accentuated all of Biden's leading attributes — his modesty; the length of his Capitol experience, where he outlasted some of the building's marble columns; his Catholic faith; his bounce-back from personal tragedies; his love of country; and so on.  Biden's perfectly fine if pedestrian speech earned instant accolades from Wolf Blitzer, who jibbered that Biden had put "his soul into his first address."

Why Joe Biden Will Be the Greatest American President Ever! (If You Believe the Media).  [Scroll down]  He will eventually surpass Castro, Chavez, Lenin, and even Mao in popularity and importance.  He is going to open our borders and use the powerful engine of the US economy to end poverty around the world.  With Biden in office, it is going to be great.  The wind is at his back and the path is being cleared by the media, Wall Street and Big Tech.  The Media are both his fawning lapdogs and his ferocious bulldog protectors.  There shall be no serious dissent.  Peace at last.  Antifa and BLM are going to stop rioting and burning cities (Mission accomplished!).  The Corona virus (or at least the lockdowns) will immediately start to fade.  The Democrats will release the $2,000 checks to everyone that they were withholding so Trump would not get credit.  And then there is another check on the way.  And millions of student loans are going to be paid off.  The vast majority are going to be ecstatic.

Biden signs blank papers
Video And Images Allegedly Show Joe Biden Signing Blank Pages During His First Day In Office.  President Joe Biden signed more than a dozen executives orders on his first day in office, some of which reverse former President Trump's policies.  Biden signed a total of 15 executive orders, which his transition team announced ahead of his inauguration as part of the new administration's plan for the first 100 days in the White House. [...] But what caught the eye of the internet sleuths is the allegations that Joe Biden was signing blank pages.  [Video clip]  The mainstream media protected the newly elected President and didn't write a thing about these allegations.

Washington Post caught scrubbing Kamala Harris 'prisoner' story.  The Washington Post scrubbed an unflattering anecdote of Vice President Kamala Harris crassly laughing at the thought of a prisoner begging for a drink of water — then backtracked Friday after an eagle-eyed reporter took notice.  Harris made the comments in a July 2019 Washington Post profile about her relationship with her sister and trusted aide, Maya Harris, when the former California prosecutor was running for president.  But that story disappeared from the site — with its link redirecting to a newer version published on Jan. 11, sans anecdote.  In the opening of the 2019 piece, Harris described her grueling schedule on the campaign trail — and the respite she got from SoulCycle sessions and walks on the beach with her husband.

WaPo Erases Unflattering Anecdote About Harris From 18-Month-Old Story.  [Scroll down]  One of her big liabilities with the left during the 2020 primary was her record on criminal justice as attorney general of California.  Mocking starving prisoners, however jokingly, is a reminder of that liability.  And now it's gone from the WaPo archives.  Fancy that.  Amazingly, WaPo's spokesman admitted to Boehm that the piece had been "repurposed and updated" but noted that the original piece remained available in print.  Okay, but... why isn't it still available in the Post's archives?  They could have kept the original story under its old URL and then created a separate URL for the updated story.  They're owned by Jeff Bezos.  They're not wanting for server space.  There's no reasonable conclusion to be drawn except that WaPo deliberately whitewashed the earlier Harris profile because liberals are now invested in her success as vice president.  I'd consider it dubious if they merely added material to an old story without deleting anything and didn't note that fact somewhere, but to redact information surreptitiously without admitting it is insanely unethical.

Washington Post scrubbed unflattering Kamala Harris story from site, restored it after backlash.  The Washington Post removed an unflattering tidbit about Vice President Kamala Harris from a 2019 feature and republished a new version of the story that is friendlier to the Democratic media darling — but eventually restored a link to the original after widespread backlash.  Reason reporter Eric Boehm noticed the edit and took the Post to task in a scathing breakdown of the situation.  "When The Washington Post published a 2019 campaign trail feature about then-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris' close relationship with her sister, it opened with a memorable anecdote in which Harris bizarrely compared the rigors of the campaign trail to... life behind bars.  And then proceeded to laugh — at the idea of an inmate begging for a sip of water," Boehm wrote, calling it "an extremely cringeworthy moment" that painted Harris in a negative light.

MSNBC host admits 'Trump would be getting crushed' if he had done what Joe Biden did.  I never expected that an MSNBC host would deliver outright admission that the media have a serious double standard and would attack Donald Trump for actions that Joe Biden just took to no approbation at all.  Has someone spiked the coffee pot at the MSNBC's DC studios with sodium thiopental?  Or is it that with Democrats in charge of all 3 elective organs of the federal government, it is deemed safe to let a little bit of truth out?

CNN ripped as Biden 'PR shop' after 'scoop' that he inherited no vaccine distribution plan from Trump.  CNN is under fire for publishing an anonymously sourced "scoop" that the Biden administration will have to "build everything from scratch" because there was no Trump plan to distribute coronavirus vaccines, when reality tells a far different story.  A CNN producer pushed the story from reporter MJ Lee as a "great SCOOP" on "how bad this situation is with vaccine distribution."  The story quoted anonymous figures with knowledge of the administration's COVID-related work as saying there was "nothing for us to rework" and there was no plan at all:  "just further affirmation of complete incompetence."  Politico editor Sam Stein said the assertions in the story were "not true," as a distribution plan was part of the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed.  "Biden folks are spinning here or trying to lower the bar strategically," he tweeted.  "There was, indeed, a plan from Trump.  I listened in on govs calls on vaccine distribution.  The plan had obvious shortcomings[,] but to say there's nothing to rework is not true."

That CNN story claiming there was no vaccine distribution plan was Biden camp spin.  [Scroll down]  Dan Diamond from the Washington Post revealed that people from the Biden camp had been making this claim to reporters but said it looked to him like an obvious attempt to lower expectations. [...] If the difference between no plan and the Biden plan is 88,000 doses per day, that's not much to brag about is it?  When Biden was asked about this today by an AP reporter he replied, "Come on, give me a break, man."

Who shot Ashli Babbitt?  America knew, within a couple of hours, the names of Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley, Marc Chapman, Shirhan Shirhan, James Earl Ray, and James Hodgkinson.  (Or did you already forget that James Hodgkinson shot House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and three others on a softball field, in an attempted mass assassination of members of the House GOP caucus?)  But after searching the Internet for a few hours, there only remain questions, and no answers about Ashli's shooting.  My only assumption can be that the hard facts concerning the shooting are so egregious, and so threatening to the incoming Democratic Congress and new Biden Administration that the American people are once again being treated as mushrooms; we are kept in dark and fed piles of stinking manure.  Here are few questions a lot of Americans would like answered.
  •   What is the name of the federal employee that pulled the trigger and shot an unarmed American civilian?
  •   What federal agency did the trigger-puller work for?  Many allegations from both the left and right say the trigger-puller was US Secret Service, not Congressional Police.  We just don't know.
  •   Has there been a preliminary investigation by the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia (who serves as DA for the District), the Capitol Police, or the FBI?  What are the results?
  •   Is the trigger-puller back on full time duty?  Did he or she make a taped statement the day of the shooting?  Who was in the room during the statement?  Who has custody of the statement?
  •   Was there an autopsy performed on Ashli Babbitt?  Who performed the autopsy?  When will the finding be released?
  •   Was the crime scene sealed and the physical evidence catalogued?
  •   What agency processed the crime scene?  FBI, Capitol Police, or DC police?
  •   Most witnesses indicated that the bullet was a "through and through" and exited her body.  Has the bullet been recovered?
  •   What was the caliber of bullet?
  •   Has the spent shell casing been recovered?
  •   Has the trigger puller's weapon been tested against the recovered bullet?
Ten of millions of Americans have hundreds of questions about the most watched political shooting of the twenty-first century.  Not surprisingly, the American mainstream media remains irrationally incurious.  After all, what loyal lapdog would bite the hand that feeds it?

Hail To The Thief.  On a cold, windy day with a small group of spectators watching from behind barbed wire, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. swore another in a long series of false oaths before his motorcade passed between a long row of soldiers with their backs to him looking outward for threats. [...] There were no crowds, just soldiers.  After the military and police contingent, the second largest group there for the inauguration weren't Biden's civilian supporters, but his propagandists.  With few people, the media had to work twice as hard to manufacture the illusion that this was a popular leader taking office instead of a usurper imposed by Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the rest of the political, cultural, and economic oligarchy which owns the media on America.  CNN, a subsidiary of AT&T, had already gushed about, "Joe Biden's arms embracing America".  MSNBC, a subsidiary of Comcast, compared Biden to God.  "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."  The only wounds being bound up were those of the ruling class which had temporarily lost electoral power to an army of flyover country workers and peasants, only to reclaim it with sedition, wiretapping, abuse of power, billions of dollars, and soldiers in the street.

MSNBC Gets Weak Knees Over Biden's Inauguration.  It was a day for the ages in the lives of the liberal media.  With Wednesday's inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, one could have been mistaken if liberal journalists deemed January 20, 2021 the greatest day of the lives, topping anything they've ever experienced.  Over on MSNBC, they completed their transformation from a network of hate for the President to one of unflinching admiration and promises of uncritical analysis.  Following President Trump's 2017 inauguration, MSNBC insisted that it reeked of anti-Semitism, "Hitlerian," and it was "hard to hear" "very few olive branches."

4 Years of This:  Here Are Some of the 'Hard-Hitting' Questions Asked at First Biden Press Briefing.  As expected, the first official day of Joe Biden's presidency has been chock full of excessive media drooling, and included Very Important fashion updates about Biden, Kamala Harris and their respective spouses, as well as much swooning and swaying over talk about how Biden will supposedly "heal and unify" the nation.  Sadly, when it was time for mainstream media reporters to get down to the serious business of actually asking the Biden administration the tough questions they've promised they will, what we saw was the exact opposite of the belligerent nastiness that was frequently on display from the "objective" White House press corps during their highly combative exchanges with Trump White House press secretaries like Kayleigh McEnany, Sarah Sanders, and Sean Spicer.  Instead, these are some of the "hard-hitting" questions asked of Obama administration alum and Biden press secretary Jen Psaki at the first Biden White House press briefing: [...]

Journalists Celebrate The End Of Trump's Presidency, Shower Joe Biden With Praise.  Coverage of the presidency changed quickly when Biden was declared winner of the 2020 election in November.  Members of the press touted Biden's "delightfully boring" administration, obsessed over the return of pets to the White House and pondered about his socks, among other fluff pieces.  Inauguration Day proved no different, with the media openly praising the new president and giving Americans a continued taste of what the next four years will likely look like.  At CNN, correspondents had a lot to say about Biden.  CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett made sure to tell viewers that Biden was wearing Ralph Lauren while White House correspondent John Harwood made several comparisons to former President Donald Trump's time in office.  Trump, Harwood wrote, represents "lies," "ignorance," "amorality," "cruelty" and "corruption."  Biden, on the other hand, received glowing reviews, with Harwood writing that he represents "truth," "knowledge," "decency," "empathy" and "public service."

"This is Such a Good Question!" — WH Press Sec When asked if Biden will Change the Paint on Air Force One.  Joe Biden's White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held her first press briefing a few hours after Biden was sworn into office and it's all rainbows and unicorns.  A brave reporter asked Psaki if Joe Biden will keep Trump's Air Force One color scheme.  "This is such a good question!" Psaki said smiling.  "I have not had the opportunity to dig into that today..."  Rather than ask questions about the investigation into Hunter Biden's money laundering scheme and how Joe Biden turned his son into a bagman, the reporters ask about paint.

'Celebrating America' concert was just another Joe Biden ad.  On his Inauguration Day, President Biden was able to wedge in one last campaign ad.  In place of the usual inaugural ball coverage — you know, a nice ballad from Beyoncé while the president and first lady slow dance — we got a celeb-stuffed, sober concert called "Celebrating America" that aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC in primetime.  Hoping that Rachel Maddow would sing "You're A Grand Old Flag" while twirling flaming batons, I was disappointed by the less exciting, but just as transparent 90-minute program.  The evening was little more than a self-righteous PR opportunity for the new administration.

Words of Division.  Joe Biden's inaugural speech as 46th president is predictably being hailed for its "unifying" message.  And just as predictably, his invocations of the divisive bromides of the identitarian Left are being swept under the rug.  According to Biden, we are a "great nation" and a "good people."  But we also oppress minorities with an ever-rising fervor.  "Growing inequity" is among the greatest challenges facing the country, according to Biden, along with the "sting of systemic racism" and encroaching "white supremacy."  Only now are we confronting "a cry for racial justice, some four hundred years in the making."  One might have thought that more than 50 years of civil rights legislation; the banishing of Jim Crow segregation; the ubiquity of racial preferences throughout corporate America, higher education, and government; trillions of dollars of tax dollars attempting to close the academic achievement gap; and the election of black politicians by white voting districts would have reduced inequity, not increased it.  But to Biden's speechwriters, steeped in academic victimology, racial inequity is always with us, requiring constant remediation from government.

Left-Wing Journalists Suddenly Have a Problem With Free Speech.  As President Joe Biden took office Jan. 20 with calls for unity, his allies in the mainstream media are beating the drum for squashing political dissent, large or small, and keeping it from being heard by the American people.  It's amazing how "Resist" — once the proud motto of progressive activists — has instantly been turned on its head with the changing political winds.  It seems that "resistance" is now "insurrection," to be smashed by any means necessary.  And these calls are being led not just by liberal activists, but also by journalists, people who should be expected to be champions of free speech.  MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested, without irony, that perhaps more needs to be done by tech companies to suppress news outlets that peddle content that — and here she was quoting New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman — "divides and enrages" over "more authoritative news sources."

TV Journalists See Sunshine and Rainbows Throughout Biden's Inauguration.  It's not as though anyone actually expected TV newsrooms across America to cover today's inauguration objectively.  But boy, did they lay it on thick.  The praise for Biden's inaugural ceremony began well before the event actually kicked off, with CNN political director David Chalian remarking the night before that the lights lining the National Mall resembled "extensions of Joe Biden's arms embracing America."  That preposterous assessment was matched by numerous equally absurd statements from Chalian's colleagues and counterparts on Wednesday.  To see the most nauseating coverage of President Biden's inauguration, watch the video below:  [Video clip]

Now They Tell Us!  Politico on Biden's Cognitive Decline.  [Scroll down]  Now... "There are many troubling things about this story.  Biden forgetting part of a stump speech is bad enough, but this is an incident that took place last year, but has only come out now.  Biden's handlers kept it under wraps until now."  Now they are free to let it out.  Now they are free for Politico to run with this story.  "How many other examples of Biden's cognitive decline from the 2020 campaign have been covered up?"  We have to think quite a few.  Now, if this example was leaked to the media earlier, they didn't report on it.  Obvious question, why not?  Well, they were covering up for Biden.  We don't need to delve deep into this.  They were not reporting anything negative about Biden.  But now they are.  On the day before his inauguration.  Well, on the day of his inauguration.

Smug NBC, CNN bigshots report 'petty' Trump didn't offer Air Force plane to Biden.  It was fake news..  NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell and CNN's April Ryan both falsely reported that President Trump did not offer an Air Force plane to President-elect Biden to arrive in D.C. for his inauguration.  Biden instead, chose to charter a private plane with a generic paint job.  CNN's Jake Tapper, O'Donnell, and Ryan labeled Trump as childish and petty for not doing so, but it was Biden who made that choice.  O'Donnell tweeted:  "Arriving on a private charter aircraft with a generic paint job instead of the customary use of an Air Force plane for an incoming president is among the many courtesies not extended to the new president by the departing one."  The tweet is still posted and has not been deleted.

Paul Krugman Gets Disturbed that Band Played This Song for Biden During Inauguration.  One thing that never ceases to amaze is how Paul Krugman has a job anywhere when he is so continuously wrong.  No question that on this site we have been fond of pointing out his many faux pas and foibles.  But sometimes they're just so stunningly dumb, it astonishes even us.  Krugman was losing his mind, swooning all over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today.

The Media Finally Notice Joe Biden's Dementia, Sort of Anyway.  Isn't this timing just perfect?  On the day of Joe Biden's inauguration, the media are finally offering reports that offer a glimpse into his dementia ridden world.  This is a man who can't remember where he's at half the time, much less is he capable of actually leading the country.  Here's Politico noting his decline without realizing they are noting it.  That or they are simply unwilling to admit the real reason.  [Tweet]

Nets Salivate Over 'Biden's Big Plans' to 'Shock the Political System'.  On Monday [1/18/2021], the network morning shows were eagerly awaiting President-Elect Joe Biden's inauguration as hosts and correspondents touted his laundry list of leftist agenda items he planned to enact by fiat in his first few days in office.  Of course none of the broadcasts actually labeled the proposed executive actions as liberal, but merely as an effort "aimed at reversing some of President Trump's most controversial policies."  "President-Elect Biden lays out an ambitious agenda.  What Americans can expect in his first 100 days in office," co-host Robin Roberts proclaimed at the top of ABC's Good Morning America.  Minutes later, correspondent Mary Bruce excitedly announced that Biden's series of controversial unilateral orders were "intended to sort of shock the political system[.]"

Chris Wallace on Biden's Speech: 'This Was the Best Inaugural Address I Ever Heard'.  The first impression of President Joe Biden's inauguration speech that Fox News viewers received on Wednesday was from anchor Chris Wallace, who uniformly praised it as "the best inaugural address" he has ever heard.  Following Biden's powerful address in which he declared "democracy has prevailed" and called upon Americans to "end this uncivil war," the 73-year-old Wallace turned to his Fox colleagues and likened it to all the other presidential speeches he's witnessed over the years, including that of President John F. Kennedy in 1961.  "I thought this was the best inaugural address I have ever heard," he flatly stated.

Liberal Media Immediately Backhands Melania; Says Jill Biden Will "Bring Fashion Back" To The White House.  The mainstream media believes that swapping out a 50-year old super model with a 69-year old lady is going to "bring fashion back" to the White House.  Yes, really.  Refinery29 published an article titled "Dr. Biden is bringing American fashion back into the White House starting with this subtle sparkly coat"

CNN's Chalian:  Lights on Reflecting Pool Like 'Extensions of Joe Biden's Arms Embracing America'.  CNN's political director David Chalian said Tuesday during of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden that the lights set up around the Reflecting Pool at the National Mall to remember the 400,000 Americans who have died of COVID-19 are like "extensions of Joe Biden's arms embracing America."  Chalian said, "The contrast on display tonight was so stark.  I mean, those lights that are just shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial along the Reflecting Pool, it is like almost extensions of Joe Biden's arms embracing America."

CBS: 'So Many' Are So Proud of Kamala Harris: 'How Will You Support Her?'  The abrupt switch from media attack dogs to stenographers for power was always going to be jarring.  But get ready for "democracy dying in darkness" giving way to "everything is swell."  CBS This Morning on Monday [1/18/2021] cheered on Kamala Harris by talking to the Vice President-elect's former sorority sisters.  The full-on puff piece featured Gayle King insisting that "so many" are so proud of the Democrat.  Of course, no mention was made of just how liberal Harris is.  Instead, reporter Michelle Miller asked questions like this:  "How are you going to support your line sister as she becomes vice president?"

The Press Suddenly Discovers Positive Pandemic News on the Eve of Inauguration Day.  Joe Biden is poised to have one of the breeziest Presidential terms in history.  The man has not even been sworn in and the press has been flush with beatific coverage of the man, from his socks to his food preferences and we have been given all assurances his administration will be most successful in everything from economics to global harmony.  It has been a running gag that the media is poised for a 4-year vacation, but the humor is muted somewhat by the very reality it appears true.  They seem to be pre-writing stories for the coming years.  One other example is that the tone of coverage on various issues is already shifting not only before our eyes but before Biden has even taken the office.  Case in point — there is suddenly positive news to report surrounding the pandemic!

Biden with a halo
Biden says Capitol was stormed by 'riotous mob,' 'domestic terrorists'.  President-elect Joe Biden said on Thursday that the supporters of President Trump who attacked the Capitol a day earlier were "a riotous mob" and "domestic terrorists."  And Biden charged Trump with "inciting a mob to attack the Capitol," which he said was the culmination of four years of "unrelenting attack" by the president "on the institutions of our democracy."

Mother Jones includes Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade in list of 'top ten lunatics of 2020'.  The progressive magazine Mother Jones included Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her, in an article published on New Years' Eve titled "Top Ten Lunatics of 2020."  "She insisted that Joe Biden had sexually molested her in some way, but now it appears to have been just a fantasy made up by a habitually unreliable person," wrote contributor Kevin Drum.  Reade, a former staffer for Joe Biden's Senate office, accused Biden of sexually assaulting her on Capitol Hill.  Her testimony came under intense scrutiny after she changed details of the alleged assault, and it was later revealed that she had a history of fraud.  Critics of the #MeToo movement have argued that the treatment of Tara Reade amounts to a double standard by the media, whereby Republicans and conservatives accused of sexual assault are assumed to be guilty whereas Democrats facing similar accusations are given the benefit of the doubt.

Maria Bartiromo Targeted for Challenging the Narrative on Election Fraud.  Because access to clear communications and truthful information is essential to the struggle to defend the republic, media organizations complicit in crimes and abuses committed by U.S. spy agencies and Democratic Party operatives are targeting Fox Business/Fox News journalist Maria Bartiromo.  The aim is to damage her reputation and scare off others who might also challenge the consensus shaped to serve the interests of the increasingly powerful U.S. oligarchy.  Articles in the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times published the same day last week joined earlier attacks by CNN and high-profile bloggers at HuffPost, Vox, Business Insider, and elsewhere to signal it was open season on Bartiromo.  On their telling, she has lost journalistic credibility by interviewing President Donald Trump and his allies regarding their allegations of election fraud.  The immediate goal of the anti-Bartiromo campaign then is to derail her reporting on the widespread irregularities and abuses seen during the 2020 election cycle.  In swarming Bartiromo, the media was in effect defending itself, for it is a central component of the manifest fraud that helped Joe Biden to the White House.

The Editor says...
Joe Biden isn't in the White House just yet.

WaPo's reporting on Kamala Harris' marriage is painful prelude to the next four years.  An essay in the Washington Post about the "inspirational" relationship between Kamala Harris and husband Doug Emhoff has prompted justified ridicule on social media.  The obsequious, nearly 1,000-word article, which is almost painful to read or even skim, claims that people who see Harris's alleged "struggles" in themselves also have hope that they too can "find a long, loving partner" in middle age.  Citing Harris's memoir that probably only the journalist read or even was aware of, the Post writer praises the couple's courtship process "that offers hope, inspiration, and a little instruction."  Harris and her husband share a mutual admiration that causes the Democrat vice presidential nominee to "beam" whenever she mentions his name, the article notes.

Why an Editor's Open Letter to Journalists Got Totally Wrecked in a Single Twitter Thread.  [Scroll down]  Journalists were rightfully mocked for the last four years for being outright terrible at their jobs.  The bias was always there.  During the Trump administration, it reached absurd new heights.  There wasn't even a half-[hearted] attempt at hiding it.  Journalists should get a pat on the back for doing their job.  What job?  Burying the shoddy and reportedly corrupt dealings of the Biden family, how Hunter Biden got rich off his daddy's name because he's a perpetual screw-up, how he didn't report $400,000 from an unethical arrangement in Ukraine, and how he's under investigation for tax fraud.  Oh, and Joe is involved too.  Some of these deals, like the one in China, were being hashed out when Joe was still VP under Obama.  It's enough of a story that 17 percent of Biden voters said they wouldn't have voted for Corrupt Joe in the 2020 election if they had known about this pile of dirty laundry.

Everything considered bad by the 'Animal Farm' liberal media before Nov. 3 is now good.  Media cross-examination of the president is now an out-of-date idea.  The time for gotcha questions has come and gone.  Why ask a president whether he is a traitor or a crook when you can focus on his favorite flavor of milkshake or compliment him on his socks?  The old pre-election truth was that new vaccines take years to develop.  The new postelection truth is that it's no big deal to bring out new vaccines in nine months.  Impeaching a first-term president after his first midterm election — on a strictly partisan vote, for political reasons other than the U.S. Constitution's "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" — is now a terrible idea. [...] It would be unprofessional for university psychologists and physicians from a distance to diagnose, in pop fashion, the mental faculties of a President Biden.  Certainly, there would never be talk about Department of Justice officials contemplating wearing a wire as part of an entrapment scheme to remove a President Biden through the 25th Amendment.  That would almost constitute a coup attempt.

Print this article and save it before it goes down the Memory Hole.
Yes, It Was a Stolen Election.  As Americans continue to watch the 2020 election controversy unfold, the very same publications that spent years lying about President Trump's "Russia collusion" are once again telling us what we are dutifully supposed to believe.  The Los Angeles Times, for instance, assures us that Trump's "baseless" and "dangerous" claim "that the election was rigged to benefit Joe Biden" has been thoroughly "debunked."  The New York Times proclaims that "Trump's false election fraud claims" are founded upon nothing more than a "torrent of falsehoods."  Sneering at "how Trump drove the lie that the election was stolen," The Washington Post mocks Republicans who "are still pretending that there was election fraud."  And warns that "Trump's obsession with overturning the election" has now begun to spiral "out of control."  But so much for what the comic books have to say.  What follows is a compilation of vital facts that will demonstrate, to anyone interested in following the truth wherever it may lead, that the 2020 presidential election was indeed rife with fraud, and that Joe Biden, if he should in fact be sworn into office next month, will be an illegitimate president from the very start.

Here Are the Ten Worst Softball Exchanges from the Colbert/Biden Interview.  This, dear NewsBusters readers, is what counts as journalism from our liberal media in 2020.  On Thursday night [12/17/2020], CBS's The Late Show host Stephen Colbert spent an hour fluffing the pillows of President-Elect Joe Biden and incoming First Lady Jill Biden.  Whether it was defending Jill Biden's doctorate in English, lamenting Hunter Biden being under federal investigation, nudging Biden from the left to screw Republicans and be openly partisan, Colbert closed out 2020 with one of the suck-ups of the year.

Stephen Colbert's embarrassing interview misses the mark.  After a blackout on the Hunter Biden scandal before the election, it often seems like the media is struggling to offer the appearance of coverage without actually asking questions that could be damaging for the president-elect.  That view of many was reinforced in the first interview with Biden about his son since the November election.  It was conducted by CBS' Stephen Colbert, host of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."  Biden has refused to answer questions on the expanding scandal surrounding his son's China connections so this was a big deal.  However, the president-elect's team arranged for the all-important question to be asked by a comedian on a late-night show.

Systemic discrimination?  In the U.S.?  Study after study shows that the mainstream media have presented President Trump and stories surrounding his administration in a negative light roughly 90 to 95 percent of the time, while fawning over Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.  Almost every newspaper and magazine features page after page of smears, innuendo and outright lies about Trump and his every action, while proffering glowing coverage on his political opponents.  And then there is Big Tech.  The giant social media companies have made a mockery of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which indemnifies "platforms" from potential legal issues stemming from their content.  They have eagerly utilized the benefits the act grants to those entities supposedly not censoring and discriminating content, while continually censoring and discriminating against content, including that of the President of the United States, in the manner of a partisan "publisher."

CNN's April Ryan To Other Journalists:  Stop Exposing Leaks On Biden.  CNN analyst and American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan wants the name of the person who taped a meeting between Joe Biden and civil rights leaders this week and then leaked the tape to the press.  According to Ms. Ryan, that person has some 'splainin' to do.  Her message is clear — during the Biden administration, there must be no unfavorable reporting provided by the use of leaks to the press.  Ryan was tweeting about the leaked tape that brought to light Biden's frustration about the defund the police message coming from so many Democrats, especially the far-left progressive wing of the party.  He told the civil rights leaders that the defund the police message allowed Republicans to "beat the living hell out of us" in down-ballot races.  He was pointing out that though he won the presidential election, Republicans flipped seats in the House and increased their numbers in state and local offices.  The blue tsunami that we were promised in the November election never happened.

CNN's Resident Potato is Really, Really Upset the Hunter Biden News is Being Covered.  CNN's Brian Stelter does indeed resemble a potato, but it's what comes out of his mouth that will make a grown man go cross-eyed in disbelief.  The supposed media reporter is obsessed with Fox News, and you'll be less than shocked to learn that his take on the Hunter Biden affair isn't that the media failed to cover and eventually covered up what was a huge story.  It's that those dastardly Fox News devils are covering it now.

Here Are All The Times Joe Biden Falsely Claimed Stories About Hunter Were Debunked.  For months, former Vice President Joe Biden has vehemently denied that any evidence exists that his son, Hunter, was involved in criminal activity or wrongdoing.  These denials now look like dishonesty after the Biden-Harris transition team released a statement Wednesday [12/9/2020] acknowledging that Hunter is indeed under investigation by the Department of Justice for potential tax crimes.  "I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs," Hunter wrote in the statement.  This news, as Federalist Editor Mollie Hemingway pointed out, is not actually new and was reported before the election, but was purposefully suppressed by gatekeepers like Facebook, Twitter, and corporate media outlets who ignored the reporting on Hunter Biden's affairs.

Politico Reporter Drops Info on Investigation Involving Biden's Brother Jim, Conservatives Eat Them Alive for Prior Spinning.  One of the things that's been most infuriating about media like CNN suddenly "discovering" the story of allegations and recognizing Hunter Biden was under investigation by federal authorities was that all this information was readily available before the election.  But MSM chose not only to sit on it but actively suppress it from coming out and informing the public.  Now that they believe Joe Biden has won the election, whoops, suddenly, the information comes out.

The Media Are Suddenly Interested in Hunter Biden.  You may have noticed a shift yesterday after news that Hunter Biden was under federal investigation broke.  Suddenly, as if the memo had gone out, the media were interested.  Multiple mainstream media outlets, including CNN and Politico, put out reports actually saying that Hunter Biden's issues were worse than his father's transition team statement let on.  That may be all well and good, but no one should forget how these "journalistic" outfits treated the very same story when it could have cost Joe Biden the election.  We know about the censorship of the New York Post, but it wasn't just that.  News outlets also actively tried to discredit the story despite having no evidence it was false and ample evidence it was true.  In fact, as I reported yesterday, it's been known since late October that Hunter Biden was indeed under investigation.  Not a single member of the mainstream media reported it.  They will now try to act as if the latest admission by the Bidens somehow constitutes this as new.

Joe Biden's dog story turns out to be a fish tale.  In the original retelling of the dog story, Biden was rough-housing with one of his two German Shepherd (a man's dog!) three days after Thanksgiving and slipped.  But those details, it turns out, were embellished, as the president-elect now acknowledges.

Joe Biden:  Unity, Fraud, and Power.  Biden's lickspittles in the legacy corporate media have no power to anoint him president-elect.  For him to accept such a designation, much less draw up a fraudulent "office" bearing that name, promotes disunity, not unity.  If Joe Biden truly wished to unify the country, he would wait until the vetting process played itself out in the six disputed states where widespread, substantiated allegations of vote fraud have been made.  Only then, if Joe Biden were interested in unity rather than his own political power, would he take that step.

Did Biden Just Say the Quiet Part Out Loud? 'I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign'.  Joe Biden did an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, with Kamala Harris in tow.  As expected, there were no particularly tough questions.  Time for the media to go into their slumber and/or coddling of Democrats.  As we reported, Biden declared that he would ask for people to wear masks in his first 100 days.  Stunning and brave.  And how is this different from what we've been doing for the last 262 days?  Biden also detailed how he supposedly broke his foot while playing with his dog.  [Video clip]  But Joe being Joe, Biden still managed to get in some strange comments anyway, despite it being a largely softball interview, with Jake Tapper incorrectly addressing Biden as "Mr. President-elect."

James Woods exposes dozens of local news shows reading from the same (Biden) script.  It's no secret that I admire James Woods for his insight, artistry, and vigor.  His Twitter account (I don't yet see him on Parler) is a continuing source of inspiration for its concise, often humorous, commentary on the political scene.  He's done it again!  This time, with a video that effectively raises the chilling reality that local TV news across the country has been co-opted into dutifully mouthing the same scripts, written to indoctrinate the public with leftist propaganda.  In this case, beware of "disinformation" (from you know who), cloaked in self-righteousness.  By combining the voices of multiple TV broadcasters on their respective stations into a chorus, with a collage of their images, this tweet exposes a genuine scandal in an impactful way.

GOP-bashing, softball questions take center stage at Biden's first presser as president-elect.  Joe Biden took questions from reporters for the first time since being projected as president-elect, but the questions that were asked were primarily focused on knocking President Trump and Republican lawmakers, who have largely not acknowledged the current outcome of the 2020 presidential election.  After his remarks defending Obamacare as the signature Obama-era legislation has made its way back to the Supreme Court, the soon-to-be 46th president didn't exactly face a tough grilling from reporters.

The Corporate Media Ponders a Post-Trump Era and They Are Worried.  Some of the same outlets that got eyeballs and clicks during the 2016 election and continued to accumulate views by being rabidly anti-Trump for four years are worried.  Or at least contemplating what their strategy should be going into what is already a very boring Biden era.  His speech following the Electoral College vote was full of platitudes yet received drooling coverage from the corporate media.

How NBC News Helped the Biden Campaign Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story.  Hunter Biden was the October Surprise that wasn't.  A report so explosive, so potentially damaging, so dangerous for national security that it should have destroyed Joe Biden's bid for the White House.  In any other election, fleets of investigative reporters would have been unleashed to verify the claims in the report.  Instead, in the ultimate expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a major media company set out to personally destroy the man who they thought put the report together and thereby discredit the report to the point that the entire media complex in America took turns ridiculing the story instead of investigating it.  The results could have dire implications for national security.

Hunter Biden cover-up was the lie of the year.  The devil had a good year that could end in the demise of our constitutional republic.  If it does it will be based on many lies, but the biggest lie is what the media failed to report. [...] But the biggest lie was the story not told about Hunter Biden.  A laptop he owned contained details of the bribes he collected while his father was vice president.  Only the New York Post was brave enough to publish it.  Democrats immediately moved to have the story banished.  Twitter blocked the Post's account in an attempt to stop the Post from publicizing its blockbuster story.  Oh, Hunter making money off his father's position was not news.  He had done that all his adult life.  MBNA, a credit card company, paid him off when his dad was in on the committee re-writing bankruptcy laws.

The Stealing of the Presidency, 2020.  The left-wing news media didn't just poison the information environment with their incessantly negative coverage of President Trump going into the 2020 election.  They also refused to give airtime to important arguments of the Republican campaign — both pro-Trump and anti-Biden — which meant millions of voters cast their ballots knowing only what the media permitted them to know about the candidates. [...] This lack of information proved crucial:  One of every six Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have abandoned the Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of these news stories.  A shift of this magnitude would have changed the outcome in all six of the swing states won by Joe Biden, and Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as president.

The Babylon Bee NAILS the Biden-Media Love Affair.  After watching four years of the so-called "mainstream" media's relentless and often brutal onslaught against all things Donald Trump morph into "Mr. Biden, Mr. Biden, what flavor did you get?" as ol' Joe was grabbing a milkshake with his granddaughter. [...] No doubt about it:  The love affair between Joe Biden and the fawning media is game on.

Video: TV Journalists Flat-Out Lying About Hunter Biden's Laptop.  For almost a week, liberal cable and broadcast networks have ignored the FBI saying it has "nothing to add" to DNI Ratcliffe's assessment that the alleged Hunter Biden laptop is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.  Despite these statements from both Ratcliffe and the FBI, TV journalists continued to warn viewers that the entire story looks like a Russian intelligence op.  The media have been defending Biden and his son from the President's attacks for as long as Trump has been making them.  Just over a year ago, when allegations surfaced that Biden had interfered in Ukrainian politics for personal gain, journalists and reporters insisted tirelessly that there was "no evidence" that the former Vice President "had done anything wrong."  [Video clip]

Actionable News.  [A] study that shows even with Democrat cheating, Trump would have trounced Joe Biden at the polls if the "news" media had just been reporting actual news to their audiences.  In a survey of Biden voters in seven swing states, one in six declared they wouldn't have voted for Biden (and in some cases would've voted for Trump) if they had been aware of major news stories which somehow (ahem) had been omitted from mainstream newscasts and censored by social media sources.  Here are some of the main things that Biden voters didn't know (and which they now say would have influenced their votes).  In each case, had the voters known even one of these stories, Biden would have lost.

Time picks Biden and Harris for Person of the Year.  President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have been selected to be Time magazine's "Person of the Year," continuing a 93-year tradition.  The news organization announced its pick on Thursday evening after teasing four finalists earlier that day.  The other finalists included President Trump, the movement for racial justice, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and front-line healthcare workers.  Biden being picked as "Person of the Year" continues a two-decade tradition of highlighting victors of presidential elections.  All winners since former President Bill Clinton have been featured on the year that they won the presidential election.

Politico Reporter Drops Info on Investigation Involving Biden's Brother Jim, Conservatives Eat Them Alive for Prior Spinning.  One of the things that's been most infuriating about media like CNN suddenly "discovering" the story of allegations and recognizing Hunter Biden was under investigation by federal authorities was that all this information was readily available before the election.  But MSM chose not only to sit on it but actively suppress it from coming out and informing the public.  Now that they believe Joe Biden has won the election, whoops, suddenly, the information comes out.

The Media Are Suddenly Interested in Hunter Biden.  You may have noticed a shift yesterday after news that Hunter Biden was under federal investigation broke.  Suddenly, as if the memo had gone out, the media were interested.  Multiple mainstream media outlets, including CNN and Politico, put out reports actually saying that Hunter Biden's issues were worse than his father's transition team statement let on.  That may be all well and good, but no one should forget how these "journalistic" outfits treated the very same story when it could have cost Joe Biden the election.  We know about the censorship of the New York Post, but it wasn't just that.  News outlets also actively tried to discredit the story despite having no evidence it was false and ample evidence it was true.  In fact, as I reported yesterday, it's been known since late October that Hunter Biden was indeed under investigation.  Not a single member of the mainstream media reported it.  They will now try to act as if the latest admission by the Bidens somehow constitutes this as new.

Hunter Biden news embarrasses media defenders.  Late Wednesday afternoon [12/9/2020], Hunter Biden announced that he is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware.  "They are investigating my tax affairs," Biden wrote, adding that he is confident a "professional and objective" investigation will clear him.  For his part, Biden's father, President-elect Joe Biden, released a statement through his transition office decrying the "vicious personal attacks" on his son in recent years.  Several hours later, Politico reported that the investigation "has been more extensive than a statement from Hunter Biden indicates," to include "potential money laundering and Hunter Biden's foreign ties."  The New York Times reported that the money laundering part "failed to gain traction after FBI agents were unable to gather enough evidence for a prosecution."  The investigation apparently began in 2018 and remained a secret until this week.

Joe Biden's dog story turns out to be a fish tale.  In the original retelling of the dog story, Biden was rough-housing with one of his two German Shepherd (a man's dog!) three days after Thanksgiving and slipped.  But those details, it turns out, were embellished, as the president-elect now acknowledges.

Did Biden Just Say the Quiet Part Out Loud? 'I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign'.  Joe Biden did an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, with Kamala Harris in tow.  As expected, there were no particularly tough questions.  Time for the media to go into their slumber and/or coddling of Democrats.  As we reported, Biden declared that he would ask for people to wear masks in his first 100 days.  Stunning and brave.  And how is this different from what we've been doing for the last 262 days?  Biden also detailed how he supposedly broke his foot while playing with his dog.  [Video clip]  But Joe being Joe, Biden still managed to get in some strange comments anyway, despite it being a largely softball interview, with Jake Tapper incorrectly addressing Biden as "Mr. President-elect."

The Media Stole the 2020 Election Before a Single Vote Was Cast.  The media stole the 2020 presidential election, plain and simple.  They did it over the course of four years by creating a caricature of Donald Trump and convincing voters that to save the country and the planet, his defeat was imperative.  They persuaded millions of voters that the president who had turned the economy into a job-creating engine, made us energy independent, secured the borders, transformed an activist judiciary, and returned sanity to American foreign policy, was a monster — a racist megalomaniac, an enemy of the environment, a bungling foreign-policy loner, and an anti-science know-nothing.  I've been following media coverage of campaigns since Goldwater.  I worked in a newsroom for 19 years.  In terms of bias, I thought I'd seen it all.  I was wrong.  Media assaults on Trump were wall-to-wall bias, 24/7, bias on steroids.  A survey by the Media Research Center found that between June 1 and July 31, coverage of Trump by the networks was 95% negative, while coverage of Biden was 67% positive.

What's Biden hidin'? Biden team won't let fawning media off bus to cover his dog-broke-my-foot story.  It might be called a metaphor — Joe Biden getting off to his purported presidency — on the wrong, or broken, foot.  Which might explain why Biden didn't want to let the news get out.  Biden blocked reporters from taking pictures of him and his broken foot, something he claims to have sprained with hairline fractures while playing with his dog named 'Major.'  According to RedState, which has an excellent curation of various reporter tweets, Biden attempted to hide from press scrutiny of his condition, this time by refusing to allow reporters to get off the bus.

Reality and the Narrative.  [Scroll down]  We're all assumed to know how it ended.  Joe Biden won.  Any demurral on that score is put down to feigned ignorance, attempted cleverness, or petulant perversity.  After all, the Associated Press called the election for Joe Biden a couple of weeks ago.  Other news agencies, from the Wall Street Journal and Fox News to CNN, the New Woke Times, and the Washington Post were right there on cue, hailing him the winner.  Time, the former news weekly, devoted its cover to Joe Biden, "46th President of the United States."  Twitter was on the case, adding little warning messages to tweets about the election it didn't like, suspending the accounts of people whose opinions it disagreed with, throttling the ability of those who dissented to broadcast their dissent.  Who knows what Google and Facebook are doing with their search results.  Some secrets are too deep for the light of day.  And that is my point.  The strongest argument for Biden's victory is not the vote tally.  It is the monolithic narrative, pumped up like one of those inflatable play castles at a child's birthday party.  With every passing day, that narrative becomes more boisterous, more assertive, more uncompromising.

The Media's Nauseating Love Fest Is Back.  There are two months to go until Inauguration Day, and members of the Electoral College still have to cast their votes, but the leftist driven media is wasting no time adorning former Vice President Joe Biden with praise.  Earlier this week, Biden rolled out his first round of Cabinet picks and other high profile administration positions.  The choices were met with praise and absurd fawning from the very people who will be covering their actions while in office.  "They are now being told that it [Biden's Cabinet] is not going to be political," NBC's Andrea Mitchell said.  This coordinated talking point was also repeated by ABC's Martha Raddatz.  "This is about the least flashy team you could possibly get.  They are deeply experienced.  They are humble, and they are lifelong political servants," she said.  "They are not political.  They are just career people."

The Left's Adoption of Schrödinger's Cat.  In the modern-day Wild West that is the internet, actual fact-checkers would be not only beneficial, but welcomed.  Instead, what we've witnessed in recent years is that supposed fact-checkers actually check news stories for the sole purpose of ensuring they concur with their own individual worldview.  If not, they automatically label them as false or just suppress their distribution.  The most disturbing example has to be the decision made last month by Facebook's third-party fact-checkers to shut down the New York Post story detailing the damning content of Hunter Biden's emails.  Was the story false?  No, but the "fact-checkers" argued that it couldn't be verified.  In a subsequent hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, both Facebook and Twitter — who conducted similar censorship — admitted that they had zero evidence indicating that the story was false.  The fact that over a month later the Biden Campaign has still not contested the authenticity of the emails is a clear indicator that they are genuine, and the self-proclaimed fact-checkers are more accurately described as fact-suppressors.

Media's suppression of key stories likely gave Biden election win, study finds.  Democratic candidate Joe Biden likely won the presidency not based on any particular policies but because the media refused to cover several key stories and issues, according to a new analysis.  A survey of 1,750 Biden voters in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania — all but one, North Carolina, called for the former vice president — conducted on behalf of the Media Research Center asked respondents what they knew about eight issues or stories MRC believes were not sufficiently covered by the press.  Of those surveyed, 17 percent said they would not have cast their ballot for Biden if they had known about at least one of the underrepresented stories.

CNN Says Americans 'Unlikely' to See Higher Taxes Under Biden.  CNN is trying to hoodwink Americans into believing that their taxes won't increase under a Biden administration.  The network's latest article read like a press release by former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign staff:  "The vast majority of Americans are unlikely to see their taxes go up under President-elect Joe Biden, despite false claims by President Donald Trump to the contrary."  The article used the left-wing Tax Policy Center (TPC) as its source.  CNN Politics writer Katie Lobosco, in her piece headlined "Will your taxes go up under Biden?  It's unlikely," reiterated the false Biden campaign position that the tax plan "wouldn't raise individual taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 a year, which is more than 90% of taxpayers."  That flies directly in the face of a rare fact check that ABC's Jonathan Karl did on that same Biden claim.

Biden Mocks a Reporter for Asking a Question as Biden's Staff Tries to Get the Press Out of There.  One of the things that never got the attention it really should have from the mainstream media during the campaign is how short-tempered and nasty Joe Biden can be with anyone who asks him a question that he doesn't like.  We saw that several times, when Biden lost it on voters or media who dared question him.  You may recall him infamously calling someone a "lying dog-faced pony soldier," threatening an autoworker to take him "outside" and even screaming in CBS's Ed O'Keefe's face, grabbing his lapels and tapping him in the chest with his fist.  But he's often been very churlish with the media, despite them bending over backwards to toss him softballs or cut him a break.

Reap What You Sow:  Media Who Coddled Biden for Months Now Complain About Mistreatment.  For the second time in a month, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has snapped at CBS News reporter Bo Erickson.  The first time it happened was in mid-October after Biden had done some campaign stops in Michigan.  As Biden prepared to board his private jet, Erickson stepped up to the plate and asked him about what no other reporter would:  The New York Post's explosive story on Hunter Biden's laptop and the emails that were discovered on it. [...] It happened again on Friday.  Biden and his vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris held a meeting in Delaware with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to formulate a game plan for their legislative priorities in the event Biden and Harris are certified next month as the winners of the presidential election.  As is often the case with Biden, press availability was severely limited — 50 seconds, to be exact.

Joe Biden:  Why Are Reporters Asking Me Questions?  Former Vice President Joe Biden isn't used to getting real questions.  On Friday, Biden appeared dumbfounded as to why a reporter was asking the projected Democratic presidential-elect a question as the press pool was being scurried away by staff.  "Mr. Biden, the COVID task force said it's safe for students to be in class.  Are you going to encourage unions to cooperate more to bring kids back to classrooms, sir?" asked CBS reporter Bo Erickson.  "Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?" Biden said.

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