Hillary Clinton's Disqualifications for Public Office

Even a careful examination of Hillary Clinton's past accomplishments will reveal little or nothing other than ambition that makes her presidential material.  At the same time, even a casual search for evidence of her unfitness for office will reveal a mountain of evidence.

Subsections on this page:
Old age and poor health
Body Double:  Is Hillary Clinton using an actor to portray "Healthy Hillary?"
Hillary's greatly exaggerated intellect
Evidence of poor judgment or other disqualifications from several years ago
Other signals and noise


Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race.  Although it's far from a lead-pipe cinch, a plausible case is to be made that the former first lady Michelle Obama may enter the Democratic primary race. [...] [T]he only Democrat of national stature is former president Barack Obama.  Bill Clinton has been so discredited that he's radioactive to his party.  His wife, Crooked Hillary, is not far behind hubby in that regard.  So, Obama's the man.  And what has Obama said about the current field of contenders?  He said he couldn't support Crazy Bernie, openly opined that Biden can't connect with voters, and has shown no enthusiasm for any of the other candidates.  This leaves the Democrats essentially leaderless.

Our Russia Collusion Nightmare:  All Hillary's Fault?  Aside from her questionable health and a lifetime of scandal, Hillary had two sizable liabilities (of her own creation) that threatened her ability to win the general election: (1) her use of the Clinton Foundation as a vehicle for laundering bribes from foreign governments and moneyed interests and (2) her decision to conduct the business of the State Department (as well as to discuss our nation's most guarded secrets) on an unsecured private email server that had been hacked by known and unknown foreign governments and adverse entities.  Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash did a remarkable job exposing the Clinton Foundation as a spectacular pay-to-play operation that had allowed Hillary to trade the powers of her office for personal aggrandizement (including the sale of 20% of America's uranium to Russia for, among other things, $145 million transferred to her foundation). [...] For a normal person with a modicum of ethical concern, sense of shame, or patriotic duty, these crimes would have been more than sufficient to prompt withdrawal from an election for the country's highest office.

Mrs. Clinton Is Not the Future.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has had an odd career for a feminist icon.  Her main occupation has consisted of being the long-suffering wife of a powerful man, infamous for treating subordinate women as disposable conveniences, who abused her ruthlessly and humiliated her publicly.  In exchange for standing by her man, she was given an orphaned Senate seat in New York, where she did not live, and two shots at the presidency, which she lost to an unknown back-bencher from Chicago in 2008 and to a reality-television host in 2016.  Margaret Thatcher she isn't.  She is back to her habitual form of paid work:  making speeches that are so vague as to be nearly content-free, her famous face and bland, almost affectless mode of speech serving as a kind of blank screen onto which those gathered can project their fantasies about having been present for Something Very Important.  Whatever that might be.

Hillary's Two-Year Tantrum.  The American people defeated Hillary in the Democrat Primary season of 2008. The popular version of that loss is that Obama overwhelmed the party with his charm.  The reality is that Democratic Party voters chose his inexperience, melanin level, and vacuous campaign of "Hope and Change" over the known petulance and criminality that they had witnessed during the 1990s by the Clinton administration and didn't want to give the keys of the republic to the Clintons again.  Hillary and Patti Solis-Doyle ran a disastrous campaign in 2008 that was only superseded in its ineptitude by Hillary's and John Podesta's campaign of 2016.  Barack Obama became the candidate and then president for two terms because of the second worst presidential campaign in American history.  Hillary's overarching personal ambition was that she was destined to be President of the United States.  It wasn't that she was a popular candidate.  It was merely her turn.

Why I Oppose Women in Leadership Roles.  Those who have known me personally for many years are well aware of my opposition to women being in positions of leadership (president — congress — in the pulpit).  I am not against them being in influential roles but I find no place in Scripture where they are placed in leadership positions.  Scripture mentions Deborah, Huldah, Esther but they did not sit in positions of leadership. [...] If you want to be ruled by a liar — a proven liar — one who has lied throughout her entire life — who has seen to it that her goals were to be accomplished no matter how may laws, lives, fortunes, would be destroyed in her quest for power.  She has no desire to be President — she wants to be a god (little g) — worshiped by all.  The list of those destroyed, whose lives have been lost, fortunes forfeited is long and she just smiles and says, "I don't recall", or, "At this point, What does it matter?"

Clinton's Corruption.  The Clinton Foundation "received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments" from corporations, foreign sources and other groups in 2014, The Washington Post reported 10 days ago.  That's in addition to "millions" in foreign donations for the years 2010 to 2013 that were not reported until Reuters asked about them in April.  Which were in addition to millions in foreign donations the Clinton Foundation acknowledged after The Washington Post asked about them in February. [...] In more than two decades in national politics, Hillary Clinton has succeeded only at peddling influence and orchestrating smear campaigns against women her husband molested.  Ms. Clinton is greedy and corrupt.  She has a reckless disregard for the truth and national security.  She has a record barren of achievement.  Ms. Clinton is popular with her party despite all this.

Dear liberals:  Stop romanticizing Hillary Clinton (she lost for good reasons).  [Hillary Clinton] benefited from marrying one of the most well-liked presidents since the end of World War II.  That said president happened to be a horrific misogynist who allegedly raped, beat, and molested women for the better half of 40 years.  She used the sympathy vote to gain a Senate seat in one of the safest Democratic states in America and during her eight years in the upper legislature to pass just a few bills most related to building and street renamings and a couple dozen amended bills, none of which related to major legislation.  Throughout her tenure, Clinton supported war, torture, and the loss of freedom at the time when America needed a civil liberties hero.  Hillary provided nothing; she was a back peddler who fought against gay marriage when it was convenient and embraced it when the polls changed.  After losing an election where she was considered an early frontrunner, she became the Secretary of State and destroyed countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won.  Did you read Wikileaks?  Well, you should have.  The "conspiracies" were true, and the mainstream media lied to you to about everything.  Wikileaks was not Russian propaganda, it was the news.  Wikileaks has a 10-year record of never releasing a single falsified document, and is not connected to Russia.  Everything they released were the actual e-mails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff.  You had the opportunity to look through a window into the Hillary Clinton campaign, but you didn't.  By ignoring the leaks, you ignored reality.  By not listening to your fellow Americans, and accusing them of being "conspiracy theorists" and trusting the corporate media, you ignored reality.  By only following other liberals on social media, and only reading liberal or corporate news, once again ignoring reality.  When Hillary Clinton was caught rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders, and Democrats nominated her anyway they ignored reality.

Trump's Dirty Talk versus Hillary's Corruption.  [Scroll down]  Hillary should be declared unfit because she lies continuously, committed perjury, has taken kickbacks throughout her public life, tried to destroy women and any other people who got in her way, violated multiple security laws and other laws, and left Americans to die.  Other people have been dispensable throughout Hillary's and Bill's lives.  Basically, everything the Clintons have done is to increase the power and wealth for themselves.

Reminder: Hillary Clinton Lost Because She's Hillary Clinton.  [Scroll down]  There are many reasons for Hillary Clinton's loss:  Obvious corruption, lockstep leftism, disastrous health-care prescriptions, abortion fanaticism, and basic incompetence are just a few.  But her loss might best be summed up in a September 22 video address she gave to the Laborers' International Union of North America.  After bashing right-to-work measures allowing freedom from unions, Clinton stared at the camera, suddenly irate.  "Now, having said all this," she bellowed, head bobbing, appearing as though she wanted to throttle the entire world, and maybe a few stuffed animals, too, "why aren't I 50 points ahead, you might ask?"  Oh dear.  Why indeed?  It was a question that answered itself, and a moment that, for obvious reasons, went viral.

Hillary's Climate of Hate.  Who are the haters?  Who are the autocrats?  Who are the serial abusers of power?  Only one presidential candidate has wielded the sledgehammer of government against personal enemies.  Only one presidential candidate has exploited a spouse's public office to exact revenge on political dissenters.  Only one presidential candidate has a quarter-century track record of taxpayer-subsidized demagoguery and class warfare.  And as the most recent undercover investigation by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas revealed this past week, only one presidential candidate has been directly linked to a scheme to foment chaos and violence at her opponent's rallies.

Hillary Can No Longer Sue You if You Call Her a Witch.  Hillary Clinton appeared as a guest speaker at a witch's coven in New York City on April 3, 2018[,] and was awarded a lifetime membership in the coven, known as "The Wing."  While this might sound like "fake news" details on Hillary's night out with a room full of occult-practicing feminist witches appeared in several news publications and we checked it out.  This is not information coming from a Russian bot on Twitter or a questionable piece of journalism on an amateur site.  Hillary Clinton attended a coven of witches right out in the open and it was covered by a "mainstream media" magazine in New York.  Rumors about Hillary Clinton's occult practices have swirled around her for years, but the media has always stepped in to denounce those stories as half-baked conspiracy theories. [...] The Clintons and the media have vehemently denied that Hillary is an occult practitioner for years, in spite of evidence to the contrary.  Former Clinton insider and "fixer" Larry Nichols admitted last year that when Hillary Clinton was First Lady, she used to fly out to California once a month to take part in a ritual at a witch's coven.

Can't be trusted.
Judicial Watch Releases New Hillary Clinton Email Admitting Blackberry Use 'Against the Advice of the Security Hawks'.  Judicial Watch today [6/8/2017] submitted new evidence to U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan showing that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly used an unsecure BlackBerry device despite being warned by "security hawks" against doing so.  The email record was obtained in response to a court order from a May 5, 2015, lawsuit filed against the State Department after it failed to respond to a March 18, 2015, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking:  "All emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009 through February 1, 2013 using a non-'state.gov' email address."

Hillary Clinton is Delusional, Hateful And Insane.  [This is] what she represents.
    [#1] A political dynasty
    [#2] A wealthy privileged politician who thinks she's above the law
    [#3] Unfettered abuse of authority by the left

Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe.  Hillary Clinton's "treatment of DS [Department of State] agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere," according to a just-released summary of an FBI interview with a former State Department official.  "Prior to CLINTON's tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State's protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents.  However, by the end of CLINTON's tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her."  Clinton's State Department agents are hardly the first to complain about her bullying.  "She derives pleasure from lording over other people who cannot do anything about it and who are less powerful than she is," author Ronald Kessler told Newsmax TV's J. D. Hayworth.

The myth of Hillary Clinton's competence.  One of Hillary Clinton's campaign themes was her alleged competence, based on years of public service, which she tried to contrast with Donald Trump's amateurism.  Yet, Clinton, through her campaign once again demonstrated that she is not competent.  That she was outperformed by an "amateur" undermines her "competence" theme all the more.  Hillary lost to Barack Obama in 2008, it has been credibly argued, because Obama focused on state caucuses in out-of-the way places that Team Clinton largely ignored.  The delegates Obama obtained from these caucuses gave him an edge that Hillary, even though she closed well in big state primaries, couldn't overcome.  Obama made the rules work for him; Clinton was flummoxed by them.

Jeremy Paxman launches astonishing tirade against Clinton.  Paxman tore into the former Secretary of State and First Lady on Sky News' All Out Politics.  He said:  "You would have to accept Hillary was the most awful candidate.  "She was absolutely useless.  She may have been qualified but she failed to give any sense of what the country will be like if she elected.

Thanks to Trump, America Dodged the Bullet.  A complete recitation from Rose Law Firm to Whitewater to Benghazi would require the wordage of many articles of this length.  We need but mention the two that happen to bookend her career:  that she helped free the rapist of a child and then laughed about it, and that she stole relief funds from the very wretched of the earth — the poor of Haiti.  It is not going too far to state that there is scarcely a single genuine act of magnanimity, of kindness, or of simple decency in Hillary Clinton's record.  It is exclusively a parade of crimes and cover-ups, any one of which would have totaled the career of another politician. [...] Clinton's career might well repay close study.  We need methods of identifying these types and curtailing them.  We also need to closely examine ourselves, our society, and our way of life to identify the weaknesses that allowed this creature to shamble across the political landscape unchallenged for so long.

Post-election thoughts from a 'deplorable'.  Hillary was a very flawed candidate with her gender being her sole qualification.  The Wikileaks proved again and again that her so-called experience in the State Department benefited her and the Clinton Foundation not the country.  It's really pathetic to hear her apologists blame sexism for the reason she lost to Trump.  Most of those on the right would have voted in a heartbeat for a woman like Condoleezza Rice, one of the most highly qualified individuals in public service.  It wasn't Hillary the woman who lost.  It was Hillary the undeserving and corrupt who did.

Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky.  During her college years at Wellesley, Hillary Clinton formed her political ideology as a close friend and confidant of Saul Alinsky, the Marxist firebrand who resurrected the "Communist Manifesto" and urged young liberals to agitate and create unrest to establish communist ends.  Hillary Clinton's senior thesis at Wellesley College was locked at her husband's request during his time as president.  The 92-page thesis was about Alinsky, with whom Clinton shared a mentor/apprentice relationship.  According to NBCNews, David Brock called Hillary "Alinsky's daughter" in his 1996 biography, "The Seduction of Hillary Rodham."  Hillary Clinton wrote in her thesis, "Much of what Alinsky professes does not sound 'radical.'"  This, coming from the man who dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer, "the first radical."

Stop Hillary.  I was not happy to vote for Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton must be stopped.  She and her coterie of soft-handed, Chardonnay-sipping fascists are, in equal parts, malignant and stupid, and many of us believe her hate-fueled pogrom against normal Americans will stand a significant chance of leading to real civil conflict. [...] This dumb woman's personal psychodramas are poised to fuel a rocket sled ride downward to disaster.

At Risk Is Nothing Less Than the Right Ever to Resist Again.  We have witnessed a series of cultural storms over the last several decades, many of which have altered our landscape. [...] However, they have been mere precursors to the tsunami that Mrs. Clinton represents.  She is the culmination of socialist, fascist Progressivism.  She has come to complete the transformation, unless we stop her.  We will probably not get another chance.  Subtly but unmistakably, the left have been eroding our ability and our right to object to their ideology, to resist their forced implementation through politics, the courts, entertainment, and the media, all of which is presently under their sway.

Has Clinton Topped Nixon?  The WikiLeaks/Podesta e-mail trove reveals that Hillary's consultants have no moral compass.  They lampoon Latinos as "needy."  Catholics are written off as being stuck in medieval times.  Aides bartered with plutocrats for Secretary of State Clinton's face time on the basis of cash donations.  A primary debate question was tipped off by CNN contributor and Democratic operative Donna Brazile.  The nickname "Tricky Dick" referred to Nixon's perceived anything-goes campaign style and his "flexibility" on issues.  CREEP's "plumbers" staged break-ins to look for leaked information.  Petty activists supposedly tried to disrupt rallies for Nixon's 1972 opponent, George McGovern.  Clinton is using similar tactics.  In the ambush tapes of Project Veritas, Clinton's for-hire thugs bragged on film of provoking violence at Trump rallies and bringing in voters by bus to cast illegal ballots.

The Clinton presidency is going to be a miserable slog.  The Democrats aren't just electing a woman.  They're stuck electing this woman, Hillary Clinton.  It's been a slog.  Clinton could not easily put away her socialist challenger Bernie Sanders.  She would not release the transcripts of the paid speeches she gave to Wall Street banks.  She could not name her accomplishments as secretary of state.  She could not quite escape her own role in managing the political fallout from her husband's affairs, or the appearance of corruption in the Clinton Foundation's pioneering work in the field of do-gooder graft.  When FBI Director James Comey gave us a healthy reminder of Clinton's email scandal last week, liberals must have realized:  It's not just the campaign.  The Clinton presidency is going to be a slog, too.

Why This Woman?  There are six women currently sitting as state governors; three of them are Republicans, and any one of those would be more acceptable than the current candidate.  There are many women senators; and there are probably dozens of businesswomen who serve successfully.  They are all accomplished in their fields while HRC has nothing she can point to as a success.  In fact, she has quite a record of performances that could be considered ineffective if not disastrous.

A Presidency From Hell?  Should Donald Trump surge from behind to win, he would likely bring in with him both houses of Congress. [...] But consider what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like.  She would enter office as the least-admired president in history, without a vision or a mandate.  She would take office with two-thirds of the nation believing she is untruthful and untrustworthy.  Reports of poor health and lack of stamina may be exaggerated.  Yet she moves like a woman her age.  Unlike Ronald Reagan, her husband, Bill, and President Obama, she is not a natural political athlete and lacks the personal and rhetorical skills to move people to action.

Gary Aldrich was right.  Anyone who has read Gary Aldrich's 1996 book, Unlimited Access:  An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, is not at all surprised at the Wikileaks or Project Veritas exposes of the Clinton campaign.  Mr. Aldrich was a reputable FBI agent until he wrote this book about his experiences in the Clinton White House in which he charged that the first lady was the real power in the White House. [...] Aldrich describes how a comprehensive security system was systematically dismantled by the Clintons so they could bring their friends into the White House — friends that previous administrations would have barred because of serious ethical or legal problems, some prosecutable.  These friends had as little respect for the White House as the Clinton staff.

You're Never Gonna Get the Smell Out.  If your intent is to break a succession of white men spanning 220 years, you need to find your best and brightest.  Democrats didn't do that with Obama.  And if your intent is to break a 228-year string of males, wouldn't you want your first female president to be someone of finer material than Hillary Clinton, a woman without all the baggage, a gal you might even be proud of?  But American women are intent on having a female president, no matter her character, fitness, and honesty. [...] If Hillary becomes president, she might just be our last female president.  Already, too many Americans don't trust and cannot abide the woman.

Still Think Hillary Clinton Is a Role Model for Your Daughter?  In light of how much more we now know about Clinton's activities while secretary of state, and given the FBI's renewal of its investigation of her private e-mail server as well as the revelation, denied months ago by Clinton, that the FBI is also investigating her family-run charities, the notion of Clinton as a role model is a topic worth revisiting.  Good and decent men and women who are Democrats ought to stop thinking this way, for America's sake and for their daughters' sake.  Only those in willful denial can continue to reject the overwhelming evidence that Mrs. Clinton is essentially a crook, a person prone to chronic lying, and, worst of all, one who betrayed America's best interests for petty personal gain.

Hillary Clinton is a Disaster Without Accomplishment.  In an interview for The Spectator.com with Emily Smith, Camille Paglia blows up any idea that Hillary Clinton is good for feminism, women in general or America.  It is so refreshing to read the truth about Hillary spoken by a woman who is her peer.  Both women were born in 1947.  Paglia does not recite the feminist company line.

If Hillary wins, we'll have a potential blackmail target in the White House.  Last September, an FBI report noted the bureau couldn't find proof her private email server was hacked into by adversaries.  But it noted that the private server had to be shut down repeatedly because of hacker attacks and a successful attack wasn't likely to have left fingerprints.  Also, some "hostile foreign actors" were able to break into the personal email accounts of Clinton's close aides, obtaining a treasure trove of emails exchanged with her personal account.  Note that so far none of the WikiLeaks revelations have come from Hillary's personal account.  That could mean it wasn't hacked, or it could mean that "hostile" actors are waiting to make use of them.

The 5 Biggest Revelations About Hillary Clinton From WikiLeaks.  Whether you're a fan of Julian Assange or not (I most certainly am not), it's impossible to deny that the WikiLeaks hack has provided Americans with a secret keyhole view into the dingy and sordid backrooms where Hillary Clinton does her business.  WikiLeaks has released an enormous amount of information and some of it definitively shows that Hillary Clinton isn't fit to be President.

Obama twists the knife in Hillary Clinton's disastrous campaign.  Hillary Clinton's allegedly tense and stormy relationship with President Obama is likely to become a lot more complicated now that the commander in chief is out publicly criticizing her disastrous 2016 campaign.  The failed presidential candidate's greatest mistake was that she ceded white rural voters to her opponent, Donald Trump, Obama told reporters this week.

I Don't Recall, I Am Not Responsible, But Vote for Me for President.  Leadership means something.  We all know that there are times when our leaders have fall guys; i.e., people who fall on their swords to protect the top leader or, in this case, our president.  Going into a voting booth, you want to have an idea that the person in charge will not cower in the face of responsibility.  Leadership means taking responsibility.  There are three incidents of major proportion that show Hillary Clinton shirks responsibility or states she flat out does not remember anything about the actions of her underlings.

Hillary, the violent humanitarian.  Though he may do more harm before he leaves office, President Obama will soon be irrelevant.  It's time to look to the future.  As ghastly as that prospect is, unless the most reliable pollsters are badly wrong, that president will be Hillary Clinton.  Her record provides all the evidence we need to derive the bases on which she would decide matters of defense and foreign policy as well as the most likely result.  Those factors compel the conclusion that the events of the next four years will prove far worse than we expect.

Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe.  Hillary Clinton's "treatment of DS [Department of State] agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere," according to a just-released summary of an FBI interview with a former State Department official.  "Prior to CLINTON's tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State's protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents.  However, by the end of CLINTON's tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her."  Clinton's State Department agents are hardly the first to complain about her bullying.

Hillary Clinton:  Architect of failure.  My experience in decision-making has shown that patterns are tough to break.  In the military we study an opponent looking for gaps, flaws, or weaknesses that can be exploited.  Successful leaders at all levels in all disciplines conduct this kind of analysis.  It is quite clear, using that kind of analysis, that Hillary Clinton can best be described as an architect of failure when it comes to national security and international relations.  The potential consequences of her flawed decision-making would be destructive to the nation if she were commander in chief.

Hillary Clinton blurts out a military secret:
Defense Secretary Won't Say If Nuclear Launch Timeframe Is Classified Info.  Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday [10/20/2016] refused to answer a reporter's question about a possible intelligence disclosure by Democrat Hillary Clinton.  At Wednesday's final presidential debate, Democrat Hillary Clinton accused Republican Donald Trump of being "very cavalier, even casual about the use of nuclear weapons."  According to Clinton, "The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.  There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so."

Pentagon: Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Nuclear Intelligence on National TV.  Hillary Clinton divulged Top Secret nuclear security intelligence to tens of millions of worldwide television audience viewers Wednesday night during the third presidential debate, according to high-ranking Department of Defense personnel.  Clinton, responding to opponent Donald Trump and a question posed by debate moderator Chris Wallace, boasted specific and "damaging" details about the United States' nuclear response time to retaliate during a nuclear attack. [...] "Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander-in-chief," a top-ranking DOD intelligence source said.  "What she did compromises our national security.  She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned so we can unravel why she did what she did."

Corruption and collusion.  A Chapman University survey has found the top fear of American voters is corruption in government.  If true, why do so many intend to vote for Hillary, perhaps the most corrupt politician ever to seek the presidency?  The WikiLeaks documents also expose Hillary's private versus public contradictory statements on several subjects.  The Washington Examiner reports these include transcripts of paid speeches she has tried to keep secret.

Caution:  This article is replete with profanity — attributed to Hillary Clinton.
The filthy mouth of Hillary Clinton.  It is said that a measure of our character is how well we treat status inferiors — those whom we don't have to treat well.  By that measure, the character of the woman who has ambitions to be America's next president is sorely lacking.

The Clinton Record.  Never in American history has anyone as unfit and undeserving as Hillary Clinton run for U.S. President.  While she stands on the threshold of being elected to the White House, she quite literally belongs in a prison cell.  This article lays out the case against her, chapter and verse. [...] In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton is a woman with a mindset that is totalitarian in every respect.  To make matters worse, she is a lying, deceiving, manipulative, self-absorbed criminal without a shred of personal virtue.

Hannity: WikiLeaks Proves That "Everything The Conspiracy Theorists Said" Was True.  Radio host Sean Hannity said on his show Wednesday [10/12/2016] that the latest revelations about Hillary Clinton's campaign from WikiLeaks prove that "everything that conspiracy theorists have said over the years" is true.  His examples:
  •   "Hillary knew that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS."
  •   "Hillary Clinton's dream of a hemispheric common market; open trade and open borders."
  •   "Left wing activists plot[ting] a Catholic Spring and [infiltrating] the Catholic Church."
  •   The media "conspiring to release [debate] quesitons to Hillary Clinton ahead of time."
  •   Clinton aides "advancing progressive ideology to foment revolution."

Jack Abramoff Goes Off On Hillary: 'Most Corrupt Person In History Of United States To Get This Close To The Presidency'.  Jack Abramoff thinks Hillary Clinton should be in prison.  The former super lobbyist, who spent nearly four years in prison himself for fraud and corruption, explained why on the latest episode of "The Jamie Weinstein Show" podcast, where he also discussed the 2016 presidential race, how to fix Washington corruption and the lessons he learned over his infamous career.  [Podcast.]

25 Statements Leaked From Hillary Clinton's Private Speeches That Should Derail Her 2016 Campaign.  [For example,]  "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere."  [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau. doc, p. 28]

Five Things You Didn't Know About Hillary.  [#4]  Senator Clinton's List Of Accomplishments:  Hillary Clinton acts as though she has had a long and distinguished career as a politician, yet her time as senator resulted in very few accomplishments.  According to a National Review Online piece from July 28, 2016 written by Nicole Goeser and John R. Lott, Jr.:  In her eight years in the Senate, just one of Hillary's bills got enacted into law.  This bill designated the U.S. courthouse at 40 Centre Street in New York City as the "Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse."

My single biggest takeaway from last night's debate.  Tim Kaine has to be one of the most delusional people I've ever seen.  To say Hillary Clinton stopped or eliminated the Iranian nuclear program is nuts — there is no agreement with the Iranians.  They've violated every bit of that worthless piece of paper.  And Osama bin Laden's death has meant nothing as we've seen a proliferation of the global Islamic jihad.  For Kaine to say Hillary Clinton knows Vladimir Putin... then why did she give him a stupid yellow toy with a red button?  The reset has failed.  This was all about Kaine attempting to attack Pence for being Trump's running mate — he failed miserably.

Linda Tripp Exposes Hillary's Temperament:  Threw Hard Objects, Endless Screaming, Profanity, Paranoia.  In an exclusive interview, Linda Tripp, a former White House staffer whose workspace was located directly adjacent to Hillary Clinton's second floor West Wing office, confirmed long-reported accounts of the former First Lady throwing hard objects at Bill Clinton.  Tripp further described what she characterized as Hillary Clinton's significant temperament issues, including "endless screaming" and the constant use of profanity, as well as a general disdain for the U.S. electorate, the Armed Services and the honor and dignity of the institution of the American presidency, calling her public persona a "smoke and mirrors act."

Let's play 'who lost more money': Trump or Hillary?  Hillary says she can't understand how anyone in business could ever lose $1 billion in a single year, yet somehow, according to an inspector general's report, the State Department misplaced $6 billion of taxpayer money because of inadequate internal controls.  Most of the sum was lost during Hillary's four years.  Hillary's losses cost the taxpayers much more than Trump's.

Why No Self-Respecting Woman Can Vote for Hillary.  Hillary Clinton is the very opposite of the smart, independent female role model once hoped-for as the first woman president.  For nearly five decades she has defended her serial predator and accused rapist husband whose despicable behavior she denied while behind the scenes she viciously trashed his victims and often ruined their lives.  Hillary conducted her own personal war on women against the very same women her own husband had already savaged.  And now she wants us to believe her whole life has been about helping women and children.

Catholic Organization Warns Members About Tim Kaine's Radical Roots.  Hillary Clinton's running mate Virginia Sen.  Tim Kaine believes the Catholic Church will one day accept same sex marriage and women should have unlimited access to abortion, but some Catholic leaders are telling him his views have no place in the church.  Brian Burch of Catholic Vote sent a memo out to its 500,000 person organization and about 1,000 Catholic leaders nationwide describing Kaine's embrace of liberation theology during his 1980 trip to Honduras on a supposedly "faith-inspired mission to assist Jesuit missionaries serving peasant farmers."

The Case Against Hillary.  Today, Betsy McCaughey lays out the case against Hillary in a newspaper column.  For all her bravado and posturing on the international stage, Hillary has nothing to show but worldwide calamity.  Is the world better off now than it was when Hillary assumed power in the state department.  As for her ability to manage the department, all reports suggest that she was incompetent.  And let's note that Hillary was not the only woman in charge.  She tends to surround herself with women.  Some will say that this does not matter.  Others will note that it probably does.

FBI Docs:  Hillary Clinton Left A Classified Document Behind In A Russian Hotel Room.  Hillary Clinton left a classified document behind in a Russian hotel room in which she had been staying.  No problem there, I'm sure.

Dear Hillary:  Here's Why You Aren't 50 Points Ahead.  Clinton and her supporters are legitimately bewildered as to why this race is so close.  But it's not really a mystery.  The reasons are plentiful and have been on display throughout the course of the campaign. [...] Hillary Clinton is getting crushed among working-class whites (men in particular) without college degrees.  Why?  Because most of them haven't had a raise in the generation since she and Bill arrived in Washington while the Clintons themselves have amassed a personal fortune in public service estimated at $200 million.  She's also losing Independents, most of whom view her ongoing email scandal as reinforcing the view, now held by large majorities of voters, that she's not honest or trustworthy.

Bias Alert:  Amazon 'fixed' reviews for Hillary Clinton's book.  Hillary Clinton's newest book, "Stronger Together," has been met with critical reviews and slow sales since its release earlier this month.  But Amazon.com appears to be helping the Democratic presidential nominee by removing negative reviews from its website, WND.com reported.  The book, co-authored by Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, sold just 2,912 copies in its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan.  And the online ratings have been abysmal, with 81 percent one-star ratings and an average of only 1.7 on Amazon.com after it hit book shelves on Sept 6.  Amazon, however, has tried to fix that.  According to WND.com — which has been tracking the number of reviews — Amazon deleted hundreds of comments last week that were critical of the book, which lays out a policy blueprint of how the country would look under a Clinton-Kaine administration.

Hillary's book
Amazon reviewers trash Hillary's new book.  [For example:]  I was going to read this book... I really was.  But just as I got started, I found myself under sniper fire, passed out, and fell and hit my head.  After that I got double vision and had to wear glasses that were so [...] thick I couldn't even see to read.  Then I had an allergic reaction to something and started coughing so hard I spit out what looked like a couple of lizard's eyeballs, my limbs locked up, and I passed out and fell down again, waking up only to find out I had been diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days earlier.  Somehow I managed to power through it all, but it's a good thing I was able to make a small fortune on this random small trade in the commodities market (cattle futures or some such thing) and then, miracle of all miracles, a few banks offered me a few million to just talk to their employees for a few minutes — and all that really helped out because I swear I was dead broke and couldn't figure out how I was gonna come up with the 6 bucks to pay for this book, let alone pay the $1,500 for my health insurance this month.  I still want to read it, but, honestly, what difference at this point does it make?

"By the time I finished this book, I resented its existence".  Over the weekend, I had a little fun with Amazon reviews of Hillary's new book. [...] "Stronger Together," ostensibly written by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine — they are listed as authors and each provides a brief, first-person introduction explaining how hard their parents worked, and a brief, first-person conclusion explaining how hard they themselves work — is a self-confessed cut-and-paste job of campaign fact sheets, speeches and op-eds.  That sets rather modest expectations.  Yet, even by that standard, and the low bar for candidates' campaign books overall, "Stronger Together" is an embarrassment, sloppy, repetitive, dutiful and boring.  This is a book that, 237 pages in, actually thanks readers for making it that far.

Can we talk about Hillary Clinton's embarrassing response to the Chelsea bombing?  [Scroll down]  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, watch that video again.  I ask this question completely non-rhetorically:  Is she on something?  I mean, seriously, if we are supposed to be judging what our potential next president is saying in the aftermath of this bombing incident, can't we also judge how they're saying it?  Is this Clinton's interpretation of being somber and serious?  Because she appears to have just been woken up from a deep sleep.  The first thought I had when I saw this had more to do with the obvious benefits of Ambien, not a strong and decisive Commander-in-Chief.  [Video clip]

What You May Not Know about Hillary's 'Experience'.  [Scroll down]  The Palestinian Authority allocates roughly 6% of its budget to reward murderers.  Since the Palestinian government is providing compensation, it can easily be defined as state-sponsored terrorism.  Yet where are the demands to halt this despicable policy?  While world leaders turn a blind eye to this 'official' sanctioning of murder, the same world leaders are often heard roundly criticizing Israel for construction in areas that have long been understood as being part of Israel.  Such voices have included Hillary Clinton.

Judge Nap:  FBI Report Could Be 'Catastrophic Politically' for Hillary.  On "Fox and Friends" this morning [9/6/2016], Judge Napolitano explained that Clinton told FBI investigators — who were looking into her mishandling of state secrets — that she was unaware what it meant if documents were marked "classified," "secret" or "top secret."  "That sort of obliviousness lessens the criminality in the mind of the FBI, but that sort of obliviousness, is that what you want in the mind of a secretary of state or of a president of the United States?" Judge Napolitano said.

Hillary Coordinated With Democrats To Set Up Benghazi Hearing.  Amidst all the controversy over Hillary Clinton's private email server, one question seems to be ignored more than any other:  why?  Why would the Secretary of State set up a private server, in advance, if she knew she wasn't going to do anything wrong?  Why would she run all of her email through it, rather than running her corruption-related emails through a private server, keeping it walled off from her normal work?  The answer:  Hillary's paranoid.

Time to take the car keys away from Granny Clinton.  Leave it to the FBI to wait until the Friday before Labor Day to release a report that makes it look so bad.  What other impression can one take away from the bureau's new report on its investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, which will fuel doubts about FBI director James Comey's recommendation that she not be prosecuted for mishandling classified information?  Perhaps the most important detail it spells out is the timeline of Clinton's email deletions.  The information strongly suggests that team Clinton deliberately destroyed evidence and committed obstruction of justice.

Clinton's Christian faith, once a political weapon, all but absent from campaign.  Hillary Clinton's Christianity, which she wielded as a political weapon in her 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, largely has been missing in this year's election. [...] Church attendance also has been all but absent from Mrs. Clinton's schedule, except when she's turned up behind a pulpit to stump for votes, particularly in predominantly black churches, where her appearances focus largely on how she intends to work with religious leaders to accomplish shared political objectives.  Since 2008 she's also abandoned traditional Christian positions on issues such as same-sex marriage, coming in favor of the practice in 2013 after years of opposing it.

The Editor says...
Hillary Clinton has a long-established reputation as one of the most dishonest political candidates in U.S. history.  She opposes any restrictions on abortion at any stage of pregnancy.  She endorses and applauds same-sex marriage.  She is consumed by greed and a lust for ever-increasing wealth.  Numerous accounts report that she swears and curses like an angry sailor. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]   She does not attend church services except when she is to be the featured speaker, and even then, it's almost always an all-black church that is being used as a political campaign stop.  There is no facet of Hillary Clinton's lifestyle that even remotely implies that she is a Christian.

FBI holiday weekend document drop is devastating to Hillary.  The decision to wait for late Friday on Labor Day weekend to release the FBI's investigation notes of Hillary Clinton's email practices offers further evidence of the politicization of the agency.  As the United States slides into a banana republic, we now know that a political thumb is on the scale at the two most feared federal agencies:  the IRS and the FBI.  Still, one can understand why the Hillary faction wanted to obscure the documents, for they contain toxic revelations that disqualify Hillary Clinton from the presidency.

FBI Report Reveals Clinton Didn't Know What 'C' in Emails Meant.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday [9/2/2016] released notes from its 3½ hour interview with Hillary Clinton about her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.  The agency released 58 pages of emails from Clinton, of which 14 were redacted due to their sensitive nature.  Judicial Watch director of investigations Chris Farrell called the timing of the FBI release "classic Washington D.C. style" and is disappointed at the agency's approach.

FBI files show Clinton claimed ignorance on classification.  The document dump also revealed the gaps that remain in the record.  Not only were numerous sections — and entire pages — redacted, but the files showed the FBI could not obtain 13 Clinton mobile devices that may have been used to send emails from her personal email address, in addition to two iPads.  And they showed Clinton claiming she could not recall numerous details.  But perhaps most striking were Clinton's repeated statements regarding her grasp of the classification process.  In response to the release, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus said Clinton's claims suggest she either is "incompetent" or "lied."

Judicial Watch:  Congress could start impeaching Clinton NOW even though she's out of office.  Tom Fitton, president of the conservative open government group Judicial Watch, made the startling disclosure even as a leading House committee chairman have written the FBI seeking an investigation into whether Clinton committed perjury during testimony about her emails before a House Benghazi committee.  'One of the dirty little secrets in Washington is that Mrs. Clinton can be impeached now,' said Fitton in an interview.  'A federal official leaving office does not end congressional jurisdiction over impeachment for misconduct in that office.  'And if she was convicted by the Senate the sanction could be ineligibility for future office.'

Clinton told FBI she was 'not concerned' about sending classified emails.  Hillary Clinton didn't know how secret information got to be classified, she told the FBI in her interview earlier this summer, according to documents released Friday — showing a striking lack of awareness for someone at the highest reaches of government.  Asked specifically about several emails that were marked classified at the time she handled them, Mrs. Clinton said told investigators she was "not concerned," saying she doubted the information really needed to be kept secret.  As State Department secretary, Mrs. Clinton was one of the small number of officials who hold original classification authority, meaning they can unilaterally deem information secret.  But Mrs. Clinton told FBI investigators she couldn't recall how often she used it, nor whether she was even trained.

Hillary's Long, Cozy Love Affairs with Racists.  During her first presidential campaign eight years ago, Mrs. Clinton spoke at an event held by Al Sharpton's National Action Network, where she crowed about the "long and positive relationship" she had enjoyed with Sharpton and his organization.  Noting that "I don't ever remember saying 'no' to them," Clinton vowed "to remain their partner in civil rights" for as long as there was breath in her body.  Sharpton, you may recall, is the vile, foul-mouthed black socialist who has done more to poison race relations in America than virtually anyone other than Barack Obama.  And nothing whatsoever has changed in Mrs. Clinton's estimation of Sharpton in the years since then.

Alinsky's daughter:  Here's the truth about Hillary the media won't tell you.  Hillary's whole life has been dedicated to socialist/communist ends.  The fact that the arguments and the anger fomented by Alinsky in the 40s, 50s and 60s are the same arguments and anger of today's Obama/Clinton model is telling.  For 75 years, inner city blacks have been poor, labor unions have worked to put their members out of a job, and everyday there is some new group claiming it doesn't have equality.  All of these groups have been targeted by these so-called organizational geniuses.  No matter what happens, either by the power/conflict ideals of Alinsky and Obama or by power grabs/money laundering of the Clintons, the lives of the people get worse.

Donald Trump is Right:  Hillary Clinton Is a Bigot.  Here Are 10 Examples.  Hillary Clinton spent her early political years pandering clumsily to conservative white voters.  In 2008, after attempting, belatedly and badly, to pander to black voters in the Democratic presidential primary, Clinton tried appealing to white voters once again.  Clinton's new attacks are just the latest iteration of her obsession with whiteness, which she courts when she thinks she is impressing conservatives, and trashes when she panders to liberals.  Here are ten examples.

Democrats' Platform for Revolution.  [Scroll down]  Obama never met Alinsky personally; the latter died when Obama was a young boy. [...] Hillary, for her part, actually got to know Alinsky personally.  She was so impressed with Alinsky's theories and tactics vis a vis social change, that during her senior year at Wellesley College she interviewed him and subsequently penned a 92-page thesis on his ideas. [...] During her senior year, Hillary was offered a job by Alinsky but chose instead to enroll at Yale Law School.  Alinsky's teachings, however, would remain close to her heart throughout her adult life.

Ku Klux Klan endorses Hillary.  Hillary finally got the endorsement she has waited for all her life.  "We want Hillary Clinton to win," Grand Dragon Will Quigg of the Ku Klux Klan's California chapter told the Telegraph.  The KKK endorsement comes on the day Hillary tried to tie Trump to the Klan.

Apparent Army Opsec Brief Lists Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus As Examples Of Insider Security Threats.  A leaked Army operational security brief appears to show Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus listed as two key examples of potential insider threats.

Clinton supporters:  Can you name a single thing Hillary has ever accomplished?  Clinton's call for a no-fly zone over Syria would not only risk World War III with Russia; it would also be a great aid to ISIS, which has no air force and would be able to take even more territory in the absence of Russian and Syrian fighter attacks.

Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don't want.  [Scroll down]  She's a 68-year-old FBI-branded liar who for years has been at the levers of a breathtakingly sordid fee-seeking apparatus in which praising Goldman Sachs in return for $675,000 constitutes among the least alarming maneuvers.  "First woman president" implies novelty, and Hillary Clinton is the opposite of that.  It implies outsider status, and she gets a nope there too.  It implies you blazed your own trail away from the patriarchy, but Hillary would be an obscure lawyer somewhere if it weren't for her husband.

Judge Jeanine's epic rant on Hillary.  When I heard Judge Jeanine Pirro's first segment live on her Saturday night Fox News show, which she calls her "Opening Statement," I got my wife to start listening, for it was truly memorable.  Part of it is her words — blunt, colorful, and honest — but part of it is her delivery, laced with sarcasm and very, very New York in tone.  It looks like Judge Pirro really believes what she is saying, and her emphatic voice conveys the outrage that so many of us feel at what passes for unremarkable when the media contemplate the Clinton crime family.

The Clintons are Grifters, and America is Their Mark.  They've used their positions at the highest levels of the government to make themselves multi-millionaires, as the latest batch of emails show.  Republicans take a lot of heat for Trump, but the Democrats have chosen nominate and defend a self-evidently corrupt individual, Hillary Clinton, to be their standard bearer.  And right beside her in the White House will be her equal in the wages of sin, Bill Clinton.  Once they have control of the government, the opportunities for financial enrichment of themselves and their friends will literally be unlimited.  It's like electing Richard Nixon president when you know he is going to do Watergate.  Was the hush money and the coverup worse than what we already know about the Clintons?

It Happened Again:  Democratic Congresswoman Can't Name One Clinton Accomplishment.  Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) had some trouble naming a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton's during her tenure as Secretary of State on Tuesday.  CNN's Chris Cuomo was the one who asked her about it, where she said that she got on that plane and brought people together.  [Video clip]

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Be An American Tragedy.  The American people are generally goodhearted.  Historically, most presidents have a honeymoon period when they are newly elected.  The majority of our citizens want them to do well, at least for a while.  This cannot happen for Hillary Clinton.  Over half the country, even many who will have voted for her, do not believe she is remotely honest.  Almost as many believe criminal charges should have been brought against her for her email scandal.  They are convinced, quite arguably, that were her name not Clinton, she would be in jail.  And this before what we have just now learned — how serious, even fatal to our (and humanity's) best friends, her use of an easily hacked home-brew email server could be.

Woman With Virtually No Accomplishments Makes History Or Something.  There's quite a bit of sqeeeing going on the news media over the nomination of Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party presidential nominee.  It's History! [...] Well, now, that's interesting, because she has virtually no positive accomplishments over her time as a public figure.  Quick, name one.  Getting a bill renaming a federal center in NYC really doesn't count much, does it?  Let's be honest:  Hillary has ridden Bill's coattails since he became governor of Arkansas.  Call that sexist, call it misogynistic, the truth hurts.  She was pathetic as a reverse carpet bagger senator, and was worse as Secretary of State.

It's time to disbar Hillary.  FBI Director James Comey's statements before Congress proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Hillary not only lied, but jeopardized national security, and mishandled classified material.  At a minimum, that means Hillary has committed acts of professional misconduct that should be taken up by the state of Arkansas.  According to the code of ethics for the American Bar Association, which happens to coincide with the dictates of Arkansas' rules for professional conduct, Hillary is guilty of failing to 'maintain the integrity of her profession' as outlined in rule 8.4.

Hillary Is Like Eva Peron.  Hours before Hillary Clinton is set to accept the Democratic nomination for president, Dinesh D'Souza has released a scene from his documentary film Hillary's America that compares the former secretary of state to Eva Peron, the Argentine politician famously accused of money laundering in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita.  The release of the scene coincides with D'Souza launching a website that he says debunks criticisms of Hillary's America by offering evidence that what he says about her and her party in his movie is historically accurate.

Ask not who's the most qualified to be president.  Obama really said this Wednesday night:  "I can say with confidence there has never been a man or woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America."  You don't say, Mr. President?  So why don't we size up her, uh, qualifications, eminent as they might be, compared to some of the prior, lesser 44 occupants of the office.  Dwight Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander.  Hillary ran the Bimbo Eruptions Unit.  Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Hillary wrote "It Takes a Village."

As senator, Clinton promised 200,000 jobs in Upstate New York.  Her efforts fell flat.  In her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton has made job creation a centerpiece of her platform, casting herself as a pragmatist who would inspire "the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II."  Her argument that she would put more Americans to work has focused on her time in the Senate, when she took on the mission of creating jobs in chronically depressed Upstate New York.  As her husband, former president Bill Clinton, put it recently, she became the region's "de facto economic development officer."  But nearly eight years after Clinton's Senate exit, there is little evidence that her economic development programs had a substantial impact on upstate employment.

Obama: Hillary More Qualified than Anyone, Ever to be President.  Hillary Clinton was first lady, then a senator, then secretary of state.  She did nothing impressive in any of those positions.  But she showed up for work — as in, "she traveled more miles than any other secretary of state."  And so now she must be ready for the White House!  But she's not ready at all.  Although Obama is right, she is better qualified than he was, though that's saying not-too-much because he wasn't the least bit qualified at all.  Obama also bumped into another truth:  "She never, ever quits," he said of Clinton.  That's correct, and that's been a big problem for the country.

Analysis: Charmless Vessel Shouts Acceptance Speech at America.  As expected, Hillary Clinton's anticlimactic acceptance speech capped off a Democratic convention at which two of the weakest primetime speeches were delivered by the the two members of the nominated ticket.  There were powerful moments earlier in the evening — including an impactful address by the father of a Muslim US soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country in Iraq, and an address from a valorous Medal of Honor recipient, who was shamefully heckled by some DNC delegates.  But when the lights shone brightest, we got a perfectly nice little talk by Chelsea Clinton, an over-the-top 'Heroine Hillary' introductory video, and a over-long, mediocre, robotically-delivered address by the woman of the hour.

What's the case for Hillary Clinton?  Why is she running in the first place?  Like most dynastic candidates (most famously Ted Kennedy in 1979), she really doesn't know.  She seeks the office because, well, it's the next — the final — step on the ladder.  Her campaign's premise is that we're doing okay but we can do better.  There are holes to patch in the nanny-state safety net.  She's the one to do it.  It amounts to Sanders lite.  Or the short-lived Bush slogan:  "Jeb can fix it."  We know where that went.

Something very weird about Hillary's face at the convention.  [Scroll down]  From Hillary's perspective, her adult life has been one long lesson in being the unlikable one in a very prominent couple.  There has to be a lot of resentment.  The stories of screaming matches, thrown lamps, and the rest are credible to me because Hillary has endured a level of private humiliation at her husband's hands, in ways overt as in all the extracurricular sex, but also in ways completely unintended, the product of her negative charisma.  The result of all this is a burning desire to surpass Bill, to occupy the Oval Office, and get revenge for his casual ease at being liked.

Really? You want to listen to Clinton for four years?  Hillary Clinton's dull, lifeless speech on Thursday night marked a historic moment.  Democrats did something unprecedented this week.  Despite what you've heard, it's not that they nominated a woman.  It's that they nominated the person next in line, the one whose "turn" it was to run for president.  That's what Republicans used to do.  But Democrats had to change their habits because their party bench was devastated in two consecutive midterm elections, so there were few alternatives.  There was no JFK, no Jimmy Carter, no Bill Clinton, no Barack Obama to come out of nowhere and inject new life into their party.

Here Are 5 Women That Are Better Role Models To Young Girls Than Hillary.  The word "historic" was on everyone's lips as Democrats claimed moral superiority for their support of a woman for president.  Never mind the fact that she is a serial liar embroiled in multiple scandals, or that behind closed doors she is insolent and disrespectful, or that she and her husband have gotten rich by blatant corruption and theft. [...] Here are five women who are braver, stronger and more inspiring than the Democratic nominee.  They come with a bonus:  you don't have to shove their moral shortcomings under your mental rug when you tell your daughters about them.

Nobody Is Buying Clinton's 'Most Qualified' Narrative.  If there's one theme being pushed repeatedly at the Democratic National Convention, it's the idea that Hillary Clinton is the "most qualified" candidate ever to run for president. [...] This constant repetition proves one thing:  This is what Democrats want people to think about Clinton.  The fact that they have to keep repeating it shows it's not what people immediately think when they hear the candidate's name.  And is she the most qualified?  She certainly has a lengthy resume filled with wonderful titles, but what she's done with those titles has garnered many noteworthy accomplishments.  They've actually seemed to bring more failures.

If Hillary Clinton Were a Man.  [Scroll down]  And yet, on the podium, these qualities are rarely in sight.  Her voice escalates, the pitch rising, the emphasis misplaced.  She is often rhetorically wrong-footed.  Her smile seems fake, the wave is to no one, the laugh sounds manufactured.  She is defensive.  She fights for privacy, yet she has chosen politics played on the most expansive of all scales.  If she wins, she will be a renter in a house owned by all of us.  She will remain under continuous observation.

Hillary's Management Style:  Insufferable Female Boss.  One of the many reasons that the MSM is hysterical about Trump is that he is unapologetically male.  This means that he is direct and to the point, yet he has a sense of humor to smooth out the edges.  Hillary cannot smooth out her rough edges as a boss. [...] Trump has no problem calling attention to the special brand of crazy associated with Hillary.  He even called her out on her annoying voice, though the media has inculcated us with this belief that "shrill" is a seriously offensive word.  Not all females have this type of neurotic behavior.  But it needs to be said, and even some women will admit: there is a certain type of compulsive, overbearing boss that is unique to the female gender.  Hillary certain has these qualities, and therefore it is fair to say that if she were elected, the entire country would become a hostile work environment.

Dinesh D'Souza: 'Hillary has no vision for America'.  "Hillary has no vision for America," he said.  "Her only vision for America is that she wants to be the mob boss of America.  She wants to be the female Godfather, the greatest thing since Al Capone.  And she wants all the benefits that Al Capone got in Chicago; he liked to run the city; he liked to knock off his opponents.

A sample of Hillary's soothing voice.  Download and save for future applications.

DNC disarray is the foreshadowing of a Clinton administration.  You won't need an astrologer to see the future if Hillary Clinton becomes president.  You can just take the anger, backstabbing and blame-gaming at the Democratic Convention and repeat — for four years. [...] Ah, it's the Clintons, and only the details are new, everything else is the same old, same old.  She still sees a vast right wing conspiracy, and now there's also a conspiracy on the left that's out to get her, too.  It could be that the black cloud of trouble follows the Clintons, or that they are the cloud.  Either way, it's already clear in Philadelphia that they haven't lost their gift for turning the routine into the riotous.

Ben Carson claims Hillary is unfit to be president because her 'hero' radical writer 'acknowledges Lucifer'.  Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson veered off his prepared remarks on tonight's Republican National Convention stage to link Democrat Hillary Clinton to liberal radical Saul Alinsky and link Alinsky to the devil.  First, Carson noted that Alinsky was one of Clinton's heroes.  'This is someone that she greatly admired,' he said.  Carson then pointed out that in Alinsky's 1971 book 'Rules for Radicals,' the writer acknowledged Lucifer on the tome's dedication page, calling the devil the original radical.  Clinton, Carson reckoned, was guilty by association.

The Editor says...
Yes, anyone who is a rabid admirer of Saul Alinsky, who in turn was an admirer of Satan himself, is guilty by association.  It's second-hand Satanism.  Hillary Clinton has far more baggage that just an affinity for Alinsky, but this is a disqualification in itself.

Ben Carson Ties Hillary Clinton to Lucifer as GOP Swaps Campaign for Witch Trial.  "I'm not politically correct," Carson announced.  "And I hate political correctness."  From there, he abandoned his prepared remarks to talk about Saul Alinsky, the Democratic socialist writer who met with Hillary Clinton while she was in college and who's become a bugaboo of the right.  Alinsky, said Carson — who's been talking about this for years now — dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer.  Connect the dots.  "I'm bringing it to people's attention," Carson explained to The Daily Beast last month, in the context of defending Hillary Clinton's Methodist faith from Trump's attacks on it.  Anyone who is associated with Alinsky is "someone that they need to know about."

More about Saul Alinsky.

The Hillary Letters:  Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed.  Previously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky reveals new details about her relationship with the controversial Chicago activist and shed light on her early ideological development.  Clinton met with Alinsky several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing.  Clinton's relationship with Alinsky, and her support for his philosophy, continued for several years after she entered Yale law school in 1969, two letters obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.  The letters obtained by the [Washington] Free Beacon are part of the archives for the Industrial Areas Foundation, a training center for community organizers founded by Alinsky, which are housed at the University of Texas at Austin.  The letters also suggest that Alinsky, who died in 1972, had a deeper influence on Clinton's early political views than previously known.

Hillary Clinton Trustworthiness At Husband's Lewinsky-era Levels.  Two of out three Americans say Hillary Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, according to a recent poll by CBS News/The New York Times.  Taken in the wake of FBI director James Comey's criticism of her conduct over the handling of her emails, the poll numbers represent a new high (or low) for the former Secretary of State.  The survey reveals that a strong majority of Americans say she did something wrong as it relates to the emails and her private server.  Fully 69 percent of the American people think that her use of a private email server was either illegal (46 percent) or improper (23 percent).  Only 24 percent of those surveyed said she did nothing wrong.

Hillary's Cop-Bashing, Past and Present.  As a student radical during the Black Panthers era, Hillary Clinton gravitated to the company of anti-cop activists.  At Yale, she helped edit a law journal that depicted police officers as racist pigs and ran numerous articles in defense of cop-killers.  During her law school stint, she spent free moments offering assistance to the lawyers for Black Panthers who had killed a federal agent.  She "monitored" the Bobby Seale trial in New Haven, hoping to catch the prosecutors out in mistakes that could later trigger an appeal.  She also hobnobbed with the "Radical Chic" social set, going to cocktail parties with the lawyers for the Black Panthers.  Through one of those events, she met Robert Treuhaft and Jessica Mitford, two Stalinists from California whom historians have established collaborated with the Soviet Union as members of the American Communist Party.  Robert Treuhaft ran a law firm in California, and Hillary spent one of her summers doing a legal internship at his firm in Oakland.  Treuhaft thought that she might object to his Red ties.  But at the time she didn't care.

Hillary Clinton is unfit to handle classified information.  On Monday, in response to a request I made last week, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that he would not refrain from providing classified information to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the duration of the presidential campaign.  That's a dangerous call.  Here's why he should reconsider:  One thing is clear from the FBI's investigation of Clinton:  She recklessly mishandled classified information.  Clinton set up not one but multiple unauthorized servers from which she sent and received tens of thousands of sensitive government emails, including more than 100 that contained classified information at the time they were sent.  These emails went completely unprotected.

Hillary Clinton Should Be Legally Disqualified From Holding Any Public Office.  Here is the legal background on the much discussed Sec. 793, 18 U.S. Code, entitled:  CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, PART I — CRIMES, CHAPTER 37 — ESPIONAGE AND CENSORSHIP, Sec. 793 on "Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information."  Sec. (a) defines the subject matter in terms of "intent or reason to believe."  Indeed, as Dir.  Comey stated, the Intent from Sub.(a) is followed through (d), where it is restated as (whoever) "willfully communicates."  For sections (a) through (d), one must indeed intend to communicate classified information along non-classified channels, in order to be held liable.  Legally, however, intent has both an objective interpretation and a subjective one.  "Intent or reason to believe" in Sub.(a) means objective intent and reason to believe (such as when such information is communicated along the secure channels within the Department of State and what the level of security is:  we speak of documents "being born classified" — classified into a particular "secure class/channel").  The "or" in the clause above is used conjunctively, not disjunctively, i.e. both "intent and reason..." not one to the exclusion of the other.

Just 22 percent of voters agree with Obama that Hillary is the 'most qualified' White House hopeful ever.  Fewer than one-in-four Americans bought into President Obama's claim that 'there has never ever been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton,' a new poll shows.  Rasmussen Reports polled likely voters and found that just 22 percent agree with the president, who made the boast at a campaign rally alongside Clinton last week in Charlotte, North Carolina.  What's more, is that voters now rate Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump equally when it comes to preparedness for the presidency.

Speaker Ryan:  I Demand Feds Block Hillary's Access to Intel Briefs During Campaign — Or I Will.  An angry House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis.) lashed out at Hillary Clinton Wednesday [7/6/2016] for her reckless handling of classified electronic correspondence as Secretary of State and demanded that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper block Clinton from receiving intelligence briefings after she becomes the Democratic nominee for president.  Ryan quoted FBI Director James B. Comey, who said Tuesday that although he was recommending that the Department of Justice forgo prosecution of Clinton for her various email schemes, it was typical for there to be professional or administrative sanctions.

Could Hillary serve as president if her security clearance is revoked?  The president of the United States is the quintessential keeper of the nation's top secrets.  He or she must have constant access to the most sensitive and classified information gathered by the country's intelligence resources in order to carry out the primary duty of any president:  To protect the nation.  But what if the government determines that the new president is untrustworthy and, therefore, unsuitable to safeguard the nation's most closely guarded secrets?  What if the commander-in-chief has a proven record of being "extremely careless" in mishandling classified information?  And lied about it repeatedly?  Would the government be justified in revoking or denying the president's access to any and all classified data?  If this were to happen, the president would be unable to function.  Critical decisions on national security could not be made without access to vital information.  In short, American lives would be placed in jeopardy.

David Axelrod clues in Hillary to stop that annoying 'bobblehead' nodding of her head.  Herself is getting good advice from one of her partisans unafraid to give honest feedback to Hillary.  That's a bad sign for Republicans, because the extraordinary fear of annoying Hillary among her sycophants has prevented her from getting honest feedback.  David Axelrod owes nothing to Hillary and her machine.  As the man who guided Barack Obama's career to the presidency, he has an independent base of power.  In order to preserve his old boss's legacy, he wants Hillary to win, but obviously he has no compunction about being honest when it comes to her annoying habits.

WH rejects call to block Clinton from receiving classified briefings.  The White House on Wednesday [7/6/2016] brushed aside House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) call to block Hillary Clinton from receiving classified intelligence briefings as punishment for the FBI's probe into her use of a private email server while secretary of State.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest said it's a "longstanding tradition" for major party presidential nominees to receive such briefings — and indicated that practice is almost certain to continue.  "What the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [DNI] has indicated is that they expect those briefings to move forward after the party conventions," Earnest said.

Clinton — a loyal oligarch and a handpicked president.  Hillary has learned that voters don't care about the Middle East or government spending.  The millions that voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race is proof positive that more Americans don't mind big government.  Whether it is her money, Bill's money or the nation's money, Hillary will spend like a bored housewife inside Saks Fifth Avenue with a new American Express platinum card.  But Hillary has more than just a spending problem.  According to WND.com, Clinton has been associated with 22 scandals over 25 years; from Whitewater at the beginning of Bill's presidency to deleted emails while she was secretary of state.

The Trouble with Hillary's Faith.  In 2009, Grover Norquist described various groups of conservative and Libertarian-leaning Americans — gun owners, home schoolers, small-business owners — as the "leave me alone" coalition:  people who simply didn't want the government to do anything for them but let them live their lives.  Hillary's "politics of meaning" is the antithesis of the "leave me alone" ethos.  Kelly quotes Hillary's youth pastor, Rev. Donald G. Jones:  "My sense of Hillary is that she realizes absolutely the truth of the human condition, which is that you cannot depend on the basic nature of man to be good and you cannot depend entirely on moral suasion to make it good.  You have to use power."  The notion of power, married to the belief that authority can make humanity new and better, ought to send a chill down every American spine.

Paranoid Hillary drove demoralized Secret Service to drink, drugs and hookers, says officer who protected 'Bridezilla' Clinton in the White House.  A blockbuster book set for release on Monday [6/27/2016] paints Hillary Clinton as a shrewish and paranoid monster during her time as America's first lady — so mercurial and antagonistic that some U.S. Secret Service personnel protecting her 'literally went mad'. [...] 'Mrs. Clinton was a joke,' writes Byrne, a former uniformed Secret Service officer who was stationed in the West Wing of the White House for several years during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.  'She was a faux leader, all bark, no bite, but in a very real power position as First Lady.'

Hillary Clinton has apparently made herself susceptible to blackmail:
Wikileaks will publish 'enough evidence' to indict Hillary Clinton, warns Assange.  Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange warns more information will be published about Hillary Clinton, enough to indict her if the US government is courageous enough to do so, in what he predicts will be "a very big year" for the whistleblowing website.

Hillary lives up to lying crooked website.  Clinton and corruption are two words irrevocably associated with each other since the days of the Whitewater land deal and Mrs. Clinton's 100-for-1 winnings as a first-time cattle futures trader in the late 1970's.  Those early deals revealed the Clinton business model that flourishes today.  Unlike Donald Trump, it has nothing to do with creating real wealth.  Instead, it is all based on selling access and influence.  It remains a mystery why an FBI public corruption investigation into Mrs. Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State has not been front-page news since it was first revealed in January.

Secret Service Book:  Raging Hillary Clinton threw Bible at officer's colleague.  Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne's forthcoming tell-all 'Crisis of Character' casts Hillary Clinton as a nightmare to protect when she was living in the White House as first lady.  Clinton swore and raged at her Secret Service detail and even threw the occasional tantrum, according to excerpts obtained by Breitbart News.  'She once threw a Bible at an agent on her detail, hitting him in the back of the head,' Byrne wrote in the book.  'He bluntly let her know it wasn't acceptable.  He told me the story himself.'

Latest hacked Hillary document reveals the Democratic Party researched Clinton Foundation's 'vulnerabilities' — 42 PAGES of them.  The Democratic National Committee was so worried about the damage Hillary Clinton's family foundation could cause to her presidential ambitions that its researchers compiled their own collection of 'vulnerabilities' that party officials would need to address.  A 42-page collection of problematic news stories, neatly categorized by crisis, is among the 261 documents released Tuesday by the hacker who claims to have broken into the DNC's computer network.  The file, as it existed on the DNC's server, is helpfully named 'Clinton Foundation Vulnerabilities Master Doc FINAL.'

Another claim of a Hillary Clinton "accomplishment" goes up in flames.  While Hillary Clinton seems to spend the vast majority of her time attacking Donald Trump, her campaign is still busy releasing ads to promote her, ahem... extensive record of accomplishments and qualifications to be the next president.  While most of her surrogates begin stammering and attempting to change the subject when questions of specifically what those accomplishments might be comes up, Clinton herself has no trouble listing them as part of her campaign portfolio.  This past week they put out yet another campaign ad touting one of her many victories on behalf of America's children.  Did you know that she was instrumental in creating the Children's Health Insurance Program in 1998?  What's that you say?  She wasn't even in any elected office in 1998 and couldn't possibly have enacted any legislation or signed a bill into law?  She's not going to let a little thing like that bother her.

The Lawyers Who Could Take Down Hillary Clinton's Campaign.  The saga of Clinton's email has become the candidate's biggest single point of vulnerability, and the question of whether she might be indicted in the affair is her own sword of Damocles.  While criminal charges seem less likely by the day, Judicial Watch, which has pursued Clinton and her husband in court for years, has guaranteed that the political threat of the email issue won't subside.  The many lawsuits the group has filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) seeking information about Clinton's time at the State Department are guided by a single-minded thesis:  That the former secretary and potential commander-in-chief is one of the most corrupt and untrustworthy politicians in America today.

Hillary Clinton's potty mouth.  Bill and Hillary Clinton profess to have always been supporters of racial equality, but anecdotes published in a new book by his ex-lover claim otherwise.  Hillary was heard calling mentally challenged children 'f*****g ree-tards' and caught on record blurting out the terms 'stupid k**e and 'f***ing Jew b*****d', while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a 'G**damned n****r'.  Bill was also sued several times by blacks and Hispanics for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Sociopath or Pathological Liar:  What Difference at this point does it make?  A Sociopath is an individual who has been medically diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.  This mental illness is a chronic condition in which the feelings and rights of other human beings are totally marginalized by the Sociopath.  In some instances, this type of mental disease can be so acute that the affected person believes they are above the law, and they often show no shame for callously breaking societal rules and norms on a routine basis.  The most obvious Sociopath symptom is total disregard for the principles of right and wrong.  The Sociopath possesses a warped sense of superiority, and a lack of empathy for other people.  This means they are out of touch, and unable to comprehend or recognize what others are dealing with.  Quite frequently, Sociopaths feel no remorse about hurting others, and often may try to manipulate people for fun or personal gain.  Sociopaths regularly use lies, deception and charm when attempting to manipulate people, and this behavior makes it quite difficult to accurately identify them.  But in some cases, the Sociopath may be outwardly hostile and aggressive, especially when challenged or caught in their web of deceit.

Hillary Clinton and her qualifications.  The president said, "I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office."  Really?  She would be equal to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and himself?  Notice President Obama didn't say she is "more qualified," because that would diminish him, and when it comes to narcissism, Mr. Obama and the Clintons make Donald Trump look like a shrinking violet.  In his effusive praise of Mrs. Clinton, the president did not mention any specific accomplishments that might qualify her for the office.  That is because there are none.

Hillary Clinton's Temperament Disqualifies Her For The Presidency.  Hillary Clinton wants to make history as the first female president.  She says a woman should be treated the same as a man — equality for all!  But does she really mean it?  If she does, she certainly has some explaining to do regarding allegations by an ex-Secret Service officer who has written a tell-all book where he describes Hillary physically attacking Bill. [...] [Gary] Byrne, who was posted outside the Oval Office when Bill was president, claims Hillary had a habit of screaming obscenities at her husband, Secret Service personnel, and White House staffers.  The Secret Service even had discussions about the possibility that they would have to protect the president from his wife's physical attacks, Byrne writes.

6 in 10 Americans Believe Hillary Clinton is Lying About Emails.  A majority of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is lying about the handling of her emails on a private server during her tenure as secretary of state, a new poll shows.  A survey released by Fox News on Thursday [6/9/2016] found that 60 percent of registered voters believe that Clinton "is lying about how her emails were handled while she was secretary of state," while 27 percent think she is addressing the situation truthfully.  Thirteen percent of those polled said they remain uncertain.  The poll result is essentially consistent with an identical survey released last September, which found that 58 percent of Americans believed Clinton to be lying about her emails.

Hillary, the blushing bride, stalks history on her husband's coattails.  All across America, there are millions and millions of strong and successful women in every occupation imaginable.  Many have overcome insurmountable odds to become the best at what they do.  And not one of these strong, successful women got to where she is by riding her husband's coattails.  There is nothing feminist whatsoever about Hillary Clinton's ascent in politics.  Rather, Hillary Clinton is the most anti-feminist candidate in decades.  Which is fine, really, if that's what you want to run on.  But just don't claim to be carrying the torch for successful women when you cannot hold a candle to the millions and millions of strong and successful women in this country who made it the hard way:  by earning it.

Most Qualified for President?  President Obama did Hillary Clinton no favor when he announced that he doesn't think "there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office."  Not to take anything away from Mrs. Clinton, who is, we can see, a formidable figure, but what was Mr. Obama thinking?  Is Hillary Clinton more qualified than George Washington?  He was the general who won the Revolutionary War, he was a delegate in both the First and Second Continental Congress, and chaired the constitutional convention.  By some measures, Mrs. Clinton isn't as qualified as Washington's horse, Nelson.

The Extortion Election of 2016.  [Scroll down]  On the other hand, the Hillary forces, also faced with promoting an extremely unpopular candidate, cannot shake the specter of her unsavory background, serial dishonesty and near universal distrust.  Her policy positions are as variable as the points on a compass, depending upon which group she is dealing with at that moment.  Nonetheless, she and her campaign have begun to construct the apparition of a venal and treacherous Donald Trump looming in the background, prepared to tyrannize women, children and minorities.  Only Hillary can save the nation and these eternally oppressed groups from such a fate. [...] In her wooden mannerism she simply mouths the extreme socialist economic talking points of Bernie Sanders and tosses around platitudes regarding the chaotic state of world affairs, while refusing to address head on her email and national security debacle.  She, too, is inherently incapable of admitting a mistake or apologizing to anyone over anything.

Hillary is running, but she is also hiding.  [Scroll down]  Presisent [sic] Obama's officials originally promised to produce these documents by April this year.  But not very surprisingly, it has suddenly decided to keep them under wraps until late November, 489 days after the newspaper's request and a couple of weeks after the general election. [...] The electoral coincidence of a November release date is manifestly unacceptable.  It is calculatedly convenient for Clinton, a candidate whose public life is a 30-year litany of deceit and subterfuge.  Even as she fibs about her email scandal, she continues to enjoy the benefit of illegally withholding work correspondence from her employers, America's voters.  Some of those emails, which belong to the public, have been held under the cover of darkness for five years.  There is doubtless something, or many things, that are really putrid under the rock.  And, unpleasant viewing though they would be, voters have a right to see them before they choose which candidate to elect president.

Hillary's Psycho World.  In an editorial yesterday [6/3/2016] the New York Post made the obvious point about Hillary Clinton's fatuous foreign policy address — you know, the one that everyone is praising to the skies:  ["]But what she delivered was a 45-minute rant against Donald Trump — with nary a clue about her plans for leading America on the international stage. [...] Clinton's aides say her speech is just the start of a push to paint Trump as "dangerous" and unpredictable.  But maybe America would be safer if world leaders — from Russia to North Korea to Iran — actually worried about how our president might respond to aggression.  As opposed to a president like, say, Clinton — who can't be trusted by Americans.["]  In the psycho world this is called projective identification.

Watch: Hillary Refuses Say Right to Bear Arms Is a 'Constitutional Right'.  Sunday [6/5/2016] on ABC's "This Week," Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton refused to say conclusively the Second Amendment is a constitutional right and that it "is subject to reasonable regulations."

Former defense official:  Clinton is the real 'danger'.  Former Defense Intelligence Agency Director retired Lt.  Gen Michael Flynn faulted Hillary Clinton's foreign policy experiences, classifying all of them as failures during a Thursday night [6/2/2016] interview on Fox News.  Flynn told host Greta Van Susteren he would describe presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump as a "more secure" commander in chief because Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, has a record of lying to the public.  "She talked about people who are dangerous.  I mean, a secretary of state who lies to the American public, a secretary of state who uses an unsecure email server to send and receive highly classified national security information, knowing that she is not doing the right thing," Flynn said.

Find Out Why Judge Napolitano Thinks Hillary Is 'Absolutely' Incompetent.  Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Hillary Clinton was "incompetent" as secretary of state because the BlackBerry she used to send and receive emails didn't work in her office.  Clinton's chief of staff while secretary of state, Cheryl Mills, revealed in a deposition that Clinton "exclusively" used a BlackBerry, not a laptop, desktop or a tablet to communicate electronically.

Nixonian palace guard now protects Hillary.  It has taken almost 50 years, but the Democrats have finally found their inner Nixon.  Make no mistake about it:  Hillary Clinton is the most Nixonian figure in the post-Watergate period.  Indeed, Democrats appear to have reached the type of moral compromise that Nixon waited, unsuccessfully, for Republicans to accept:  Some 71% of Democrats want Clinton to run even if indicted. [...] Clinton, like Nixon, is known to be both secretive and evasive.  She seems to have a compulsive resistance to simply acknowledging conflicting facts or changes in position.  She only makes admissions against interest when there is no alternative to acknowledging the truth in a controversy.  Clinton's history of changing positions and spinning facts is now legendary.  Indeed, a video entitled "Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight" has become an Internet sensation with millions of viewers.  Polls show Clinton with record lows for her perceived honesty and trustworthiness.

Secret Service Says Hillary Clinton Is A Nightmare To Work With.  [Ronald] Kessler writes flatteringly and critically about people in both parties.  Regarding the Clintons, Kessler presents Chelsea as a model protectee who respected and appreciated her agents.  He describes Bill as a difficult chief executive but an easygoing ex-president.  And Kessler exposes Hillary as an epically abusive Arctic monster.  "When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously," Kessler explains.  "As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident."

5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Isn't Fit To Be President.  [#2] She hasn't accomplished anything.  Sean Hannity has a bit on his radio show where he challenges liberal callers to name Hillary's three greatest accomplishments.  Listening to them hem and haw while they try to come up with anything is hilarious.  What her fans don't want to admit is that despite her mediocre tenure in the Senate and as secretary of state, her real "accomplishments" are being married to Bill Clinton and being female.  Take those two "non-accomplishments" away from her and she wouldn't be in the top 1,000 people considered to be president.

Mark Steyn:  Hillary Presidency Would Be 'Death of the Republic,' 'Descent Into Banana Republic'.  Filling in for Rush Limbaugh Monday morning [5/16/2016], conservative author and pundit Mark Steyn tore into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, promising her presidency would destroy American democracy as we know it.  Steyn began by bringing up the Clinton Foundation, which he called a barely-concealed platform for the rich and powerful to buy access under the facade of charity.  "It's corrupt.  It's stingily corrupt, it's obviously corrupt," he said.  He bashed conservatives like Max Boot and P.J. O'Rourke who say they would likely vote for Clinton because of concerns over Trump's foreign policy.  "Hillary is the embodiment of corruption and therefore the death of the republic," he argued.

Former SEAL Carl Higbie: 'If Hillary Clinton Is the Commander-in-chief, Half the Military Is Gonna Get Out'.  Friday morning's [5/13/2016] guests on Breitbart News Daily included former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, author of [two new books].  SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon asked Higbie if the major problem faced by the American military through the Obama years was a shortage of logistics, weapons, and equipment, or "a problem of will, of taking the fight to the enemy, of having the back of those people, like yourself, who are on the tip of the spear."  "I think the problem is not the men.  The problem is not the budgeting.  The problem is the direction and allocation of assets," Higbie replied.

Hillary's Fingerprints Are All Over Common Core.  So where does Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton stand on Common Core?  The answer is she's squarely on the side of national standards and assessments, because she played a key role, along with other insiders, in getting this statist scheme rolling a quarter-century ago.  That is not to say she can't take a few shots at pro-Common-Core educrats to please parents thoroughly fed up with the math and English prescriptions being imposed on their schools.

This is one weak nominee:  Hillary Clinton's problem isn't Bernie Sanders.  It's Hillary Clinton.  No matter what you think about Hillary Clinton as the presidential primaries wind down, there is one undeniable fact that lingers in the background.  Despite having had enormous advantages from the start of the campaign — no serious competition from within the party, solid support from national party leaders, a massive war chest and a nationwide grassroots network built over the course of decades in national politics — Clinton has struggled to put away a 74-year-old Jewish socialist who has had almost no establishment support.  Say whatever you want about Clinton's lengthy résumé — and her credentials are indeed impressive — her performance this primary season is hardly indicative of a strong candidate.

On this much, Bernie and I agree:
Sanders: Nominating Clinton would be 'disaster' for party, nation.  Fresh off a big win in the West Virginia primary, Sen. Bernard Sanders' campaign said Wednesday [5/11/2016] the Democratic Party would be courting "disaster" if it nominates Hillary Clinton as its presidential nominee.

12 Funniest (and Most Diabolical) Hillary Clinton Quotes.  "We just can't trust the American people to make those types of choices ... Government has to make those choices for people." [to Dennis Hastert regarding Americans selecting their own health insurance policies when she was pushing for HillaryCare]

Clinton's favorability rating trend points to a Trump landslide in November.  While Hillary Clinton supporters try to hype the unfavorability ratings of her general election opponent, getting ignored in the liberal maelstrom of deceit is the skyrocketing unfavorability rating of their own presumptive nominee.  The more the general public sees of Clinton, the more they despise her.

Hillary Clinton Is A Danger To The United States.  Hillary is dangerous.  Not merely her judgment — her personality.  That's why her newest pitch, that Donald Trump is a "loose cannon," will not play.  She's a loose cannon, too — but she's a calculated loose cannon.  Trump is a faulty firearm, detonating haphazardly; she's a properly working firearm aimed in the wrong direction at all times.

America's Last Election.  Remember that for Hillary, as for Alinsky, politics is not a contest between friends who disagree about the direction of the country; it is a form of warfare and the other side made up of conservatives, republicans, constitutionalists, veterans, and Christians, are an enemy to be vanquished and destroyed.  Too many have seen to have forgotten that Hillary's own senior thesis written in college was titled "There is Only the Fight — An Analysis of the Alinsky Model."  This title was a trademark Alinsky phrase that appealed to Hillary because it suggested a move from the politics of idealism to the politics of pure power.  There is Only the Fight sums up that the only way to get somewhere in politics is through power, working from within the system by any means necessary to achieve it.  This was a break from Alinsky who believed the best way to achieve power was outside the system.  For Clinton, it has always been her stance that once in power, the system can be used as a means to achieve her ends.

Hillary's Legal Troubles Mount As Her Nomination Nears.  Despite being dogged by Bernie Sanders late into the primary season, Hillary Clinton is by all accounts virtually guaranteed her party's nomination.  But even as she gets closer to that goal, she still can't shake the email scandal that has dogged her since March 2015.  If anything, her legal situation is more perilous than ever.

Trump vs. Clinton Is Terrible News for Fans of Free Speech and the First Amendment.  As my colleague Matt Welch has documented, Clinton's "long war on free speech" includes censorship crusades against rap music, video games, movies, and television.  And we're not just talking about ratings systems and warning labels here.  She's also supported federal laws that would penalize the makers and distributors of so-called offensive entertainment.  Clinton is also in favor of empowering the federal government to spy on private communications through such tools as anti-encryption back doors on iPhones and other devices.  And then of course there is Hillary Clinton's well-known view that federal authorities should be able to prevent her political opponents from distributing a documentary film that's critical of her in the days before a federal election.  That particular issue was litigated before the U.S. Supreme Court in a little case called Citizens United v. FEC.

Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest?  After the New York primary, the betting websites are giving Hillary Clinton about a 94 percent chance of being the Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump a 66 percent chance of ending up as the Republican nominee.  But Clinton's big challenge is the trust issue:  The share of voters who have negative feelings toward her has soared from 25 percent in early 2013 to 56 percent today, and a reason for that is that they distrust her.  Only a bit more than one-third of American voters regard Clinton as "honest and trustworthy."

There is just so much wrong with Hillary.  [Scroll down]  Hillary is a feminist who has used her popular husband as a wedge into politics.  All that Hillary has done has a dark underside to it, whether it is the barnacles clinging to failed Hillarycare or the revolution in Libya.  Hillary failed to fortify Benghazi and lied to the families about the cause of their loved ones' deaths.  She blamed a video rather than al-Qaeda, even though she knew the truth.  When Hillary said, "What difference at this point does it make?," she was telling us that the administration's lie to the public about the influence of the video was irrelevant because the American people are irrelevant.  Hillary is a crook with a degenerate legacy that she shares with her pedophilic husband.  Everyone she has touched falls through her fingers like sand.

Nurse Ratched returns to the asylum.  That's my take on Hillary Clinton's conference call with the editors of Philadelphia newspapers earlier this week.  Pressed in the interest of transparency by one of the editors to disclose the transcripts of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street audiences, Madam Hillary quickly drops her public mask.  At a time when she holds no office and is still wooing the electorate, this is what she really sounds like.  [Audio clip.]

Slouching Toward Washington.  Variables buzz around this election like mosquitoes in a swamp.  [#1] Health issues — Bernie Sanders is 73, the Donald 70, and Hillary 67, all hovering around that precarious post-baby-boomer life expectancy precipice.  Hillary appears to be tottering on the edge of actual ill health, going into occasional coughing fits and bouts of confusion.  [#2] Legal issues — we don't know what will happen with the FBI probe of Hillary and her infamous emails.  If 147 agents are really on the case and since, on the face of it, she shouldn't have had that email setup in the first place, she's on some shaky ground.  And Benghazi is always lurking in the background.

Quick, read about Hillary's subway struggle before the media buries it.  Barack Obama used photo ops endlessly when he was president, often flying four hours round-trip at $210K an hour for a 20-minute photo-op to inform workers that hundreds of thousands of jobs were due any minute due to his trillion-dollar stimulus program.  If not run right, however, photo ops can suddenly turn on a politician and bite their South Side — in front of the same leering cameras.  Ask Hillary Clinton after her awkward Thursday experience attempting to enter the New York City subway.  Clinton's had Secret Service chauffeurs for 23 years now.  She hasn't driven a car this century.  She prohibits traveling press from photographing her boarding chartered private jets. [...]

Here's Your List Of Hillary Clinton's 'Accomplishments'.  In April of last year, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman lobbed a big fat softball to Clinton.  "When you look at your time as secretary of state, what are you most proud of?" he asked.  Clinton fumbled around for an answer, talking about relay races.  Even the New York Times noted that her answer "suggests a problem" that she'd face in a presidential run.  A few months later, Diane Sawyer asked Clinton if she had a "marquee achievement."  The answer:  "We've had presidents who have made some tough calls, some of which have worked and some of which have not."  You'd think by now she'd have a solid response, particularly after Fiorina's barb.  Think again.

Keyword:  carpetbagger.
Comey, Clintons and Clemency.  Hillary's friends Robert Treuhaft and wife Jessica Mitford were "avowed Stalinists" who opposed the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and remained committed to the Communist cause.  American Evita charts Hillary's admiration for Marxist theoretician Carl Oglesby and Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky, from whom Hillary learned that "the only way to make a real difference is to acquire power."  After Bill Clinton left the White House, one staffer told Andersen, the entire focus was on "getting Hillary back in."  The road led through New York, where Hillary took aim at the Senate seat vacated by Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  Hillary was not from New York and had never spent more than a few days there, so she needed creative ways to attract votes.

Hillary's Running On 'Experience' — Including Starting Pointless War In Libya.  Hillary is running for President on her "experience," which, indeed, she has a lot of.  But does she have much success?  In other competitive endeavors, like sports, unsuccessful individuals don't usually get much experience because they quickly get fired or replaced.  But Hillary has gotten a lot of experience by being married to a talented politician, who found it a good idea to claim that she really ought to be the president, and then when he got term-limited out, did the usual banana republic thing of running the wife in his place.  But her actual track record ...

It's Not Sexist To Notice Hillary Clinton's Weaknesses.  Now, I'm grateful whenever any cable outlet takes even a momentary break from their strict 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump.  But this speech was difficult to listen to on account of how Hillary's voice in rally settings sounds something a bit like "pterodactyl clawing its way down a chalkboard."  OK, not quite that bad, but it was really off-putting.  I couldn't even pay attention to the words she was saying because my instinct was to cover my ears, weep quietly, and leave the room.

Hillary Clinton: Another Enemy of Israel.  My sense is that many American Jews believe that Mrs. Clinton would be more friendly to Israel than President Obama has been.  But I am not aware of any evidence that supports that belief.  An implacable antagonism toward Israel is nearly universal on the American left.

Clinton, Libya and Israel.  Whether or not Obama's anti-Israel policies will survive his tenure in office depends on who succeeds him.  If Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is elected to serve as the next president, there is no question that they will survive him.  During her four years as Obama's secretary of state, Clinton was a full partner in Obama's hostile policies toward Israel.  Moreover, as her internal emails have shown, all of Clinton's close advisers are hostile to Israel.

'FBI Primary' Hillary's 'Biggest Impediment,' She's One of the Most 'Untrustworthy, Disliked' CandidatesNational Journal Senior Political Columnist Ron Fournier argued that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "biggest impediment really is the FBI primary" and characterized the "very likely" Trump-Hillary general election as one between "two of the most untrustworthy, disliked, most polarizing candidates in our lifetime" during the Fox News Channel's coverage of the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday [2/27/2016].

The H-Factor in voter turnout.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have flouted the law since their earliest political days in Arkansas, after which their contempt for morality and the law continued to grow throughout their years of ascension to and through the White House.  To make it worse, their "no corner left uncut" policy toward the intersection of presidential politics and profit has made these two moral jaywalkers immensely wealthy.  Millions of Americans would quickly cite the Clintons as living proof that if not crime, then most certainly unethical behavior does indeed pay and pay handsomely.  Rubbing salt into our wounds, the Clintons deflect all charges of their corruption with countercharges of national conspiracies by their enemies to discredit them.

The psychodynamics of Hillary's arf-arf.  Hillary Clinton has spent her adult life at war, rumbling over political terrain in a heavily armed battle tank, seeing life through the periscope.  People don't mature from their successes; they learn from being honest with themselves about their failures and correcting the errors which caused the mistakes to happen.  This is why Hillary has learned so little from life.  The Clintons protect themselves, trust no one, always persevere, and prevail over enemies.  There have been many political war machines, but the greatest of these is the Clintons.  The Clintons never fail. [...] The Clintons are the world's preeminent political juggernaut, waging a permanent campaign that protects them from honestly facing themselves or each other.

Republicans Aren't Fighting Hillary, They're Fighting the Hillary-Loving Media.  Hillary Clinton is a red-hot garbage dumpster fire of a candidate.  On Monday [2/15/2016], she barked like a dog to indict Republicans as liars.  That was after labeling Republicans her "enemies," stating that she will not release transcripts of her $700,000 speeches at Goldman Sachs, pretending she doesn't know what it means to wipe a server, standing on her vagina to push her candidacy, and trotting out her lecherous old husband to recite talking points about her genius.  Clinton's speeches sound like a mashup of John Edwards, HAL 9000, and the Wicked Witch of The West atop her broomstick.

Dumb, Dumber and Democrat.  [Hillary] Clinton is a known, corrupt, long-time commodity, untrustworthy and dishonest. Repeatedly, Clinton has been caught lying, particularly when she claimed there were no classified emails on her powder room home server.  There were over one thousand.  "What difference does it make"?  Clinton has imperiled our national security and Americans died.  She was an integral part of a foreign policy so warped and misplaced that we have entered an age where terrorism is thanked and shining democracies slapped down.  For decades, Hillary Clinton has represented the greed and poor judgment that helped create a party of losers — and has she gotten rich from it.  One prays FBI Director James Comey is today's Elliot Ness and Attorney Generals reflecting the leftist ideology of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch will soon become another footnote in history or Hillary may be unstoppable.

Imperfect past tense.  Poor Hillary.  2008 was her year and she blew it, and 2016 isn't the same.  She's 68, close to the end of the timeline for running for president, and she took the wrong job, which looked at the time like a brilliant decision but turned out to be a mistake.  She's tied to a failed foreign policy, tied to Benghazi and Libya, and her new job opened the door to large scale corruption at the Clinton Foundation and to the chance that she took with the personal server, which has led to a brush with the law.

Hillary's Voice Dooms Her Campaign.  So many issues, so little time, which is why I am studiously avoiding any issues about Hillary other than that voice! [...] I'm going to produce more jobs, Hillary says, get incomes rising again, make Obamacare work, improve early-childhood education, pay down student debt, fight for more abortions (oops, "defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions"), on and on, and yet every word comes out sounding like the patronizing, finger-wagging lecture of a screech-owl harpy.  Hillary fan Geraldo Rivera speculates that this unfortunate trait might result from a hearing loss, the kind that makes people who don't hear very well think that other people need to be shrieked at to hear their message.

Hillary Clinton says right-wing conspiracy still exists.  Hillary Clinton agrees there is still a "vast right-wing conspiracy" — and if anything it has only become more richly financed.  During the New Hampshire town hall debate on Wednesday night [2/3/2016], CNN host Anderson Cooper asked the presidential hopeful if she still believes there is a "vast right-wing conspiracy," as she said there was during the late 90s to initially explain the Monica Lewinksy scandal involing her husband.  "Don't you?" Clinton replied, as the audience laughed.  "Yeah.  It's gotten even better funded."  "They brought in some new multibillionaires to pump the money in.  Look, these guys play for keeps.  "They want to control our country."

Hillary Clinton: The vast, right-wing conspiracy is "even better funded" now.  The "vast, right-wing conspiracy" that Hillary Clinton warned about in the 1990's still exists, she confirmed on Wednesday evening — but now it's out in the open and it's "even better funded," she said.  Clinton was asked about that infamous quote during a televised town hall hosted by CNN in Derry, New Hampshire.  "At this point it's probably not correct to say it's a conspiracy because it's out in the open," Clinton said.  "There is no doubt about who the players are, what they're trying to achieve... It's real, and we're going to beat it."

How Hillary's Top Aides Are Rabidly Anti-Israel.  It's no secret that the majority of American Jews identify as Democrat and are heartily embracing Hillary Clinton as their pick for president.  Many members of the Jewish-Democrat community mistakenly believe that, unlike President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is actually a friend to Israel, but newly released emails prove what critics of the former Sec. of State have known for quite some time — that she's anything but.  A new column penned by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach sheds light on the anti-Israel bent of Clinton's top advisers, thus begging the question:  Why would someone supportive of Israel surround herself with such people?  From Sid Blumenthal to former US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering, Clinton's aides have proven, through the written word, how they really feel about the Jewish State.

Vile: Torrent of Appalling, Anti-Israel Screeds Discovered in Hillary Email Dump.  Earlier this week, I wrote about Hillary Clinton's interactions with Sid Blumenthal and her troubling praise of his son, Max Blumenthal's anti-Israel agenda.  Mr. Blumenthal, one of her most trusted advisers, sent her dozens of anti-Israel articles, ideas and advice during her time as Secretary of State.  But the stream of anti-Israel advice received by Ms. Clinton was much more comprehensive.  Now, we see emails between Ms. Clinton and other advisors and the results are equally appalling.  In the entire forced dump of her emails, you will be hard-pressed to find a single note that is sympathetic toward the Jewish state from any of the people she trusted.  The negative, poisonous approach Ms. Clinton established demonstrates that a huge segment of her close advisers and confidants were attacking Israel, condemning Netanyahu, and strategizing how to force Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria at all costs.

You Cannot Support Israel's Existence (and Ours) and Vote Democratic This Election.  In brief, Sanders and Hillary Clinton are really unlikely to depart from the anti-Israel bent of their party as it now exists or substantially to modify the crippling of our intelligence agencies and military vis-à-vis the Middle East.  As evidence I note the following:  Those emails of Hillary's which have been made public reveal a virtual torrent of anti-Israel advice from those so close to her that they communicated on her personal account and often — including Sidney Blumenthal, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, "docs in socks" Sandy Berger.  Then there's her exceedingly close tie to her aide Huma Abedin, another person closely tied to the loathsome and dangerous Moslem Brotherhood.

A Felon By Any Other Name.  Were her last name anything other than Clinton, Hillary would be indicted today.  Actually, she would have been indicted long ago and sitting in prison today.  But her last name is Clinton.  As such, she's on the verge of becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party for president. [...] The Clintons always have been about one thing — the Clintons.  Although there is a certain degree of narcissism necessary to run for public office, and an even healthier dose required the higher up the power ladder one climbs, only the Kennedys rival the Clintons in their naked lust for power and thwarting of the law.

Sister of Benghazi Victim: 'Every American Should Despise Hillary!'  What is absolutely heartbreaking is there is no sign of closure for the families of our Benghazi victims... not with the lies constantly suffocating the truth, and to expect anything other then lies from the Clintons, just seems absolutely impossible.

Is Hillary too Paranoid to Be President?  [Scroll down]  The job of Secretary of State had never meant anything to her except as a stepping stone to the White House.  She took it to fundraise and build up her resume while maintaining total control over her emails, in violation of the law, while displaying no regard for national security by storing highly classified materials on her own server.  But instead of protecting her campaign, the cover-up created its biggest challenge.  The revelation that emails containing beyond top secret intelligence from "special access programs" ended up on her server, which according to a former CIA officer placed the lives of intelligence sources in danger, shows that Hillary's paranoia not only endangered national security, but even risked lives.

Hillary Clinton's Trust Issue.  While both Pew and Gallup Polls indicate that trust in government is at historic lows, the Democrats are saddled with a notorious untrustworthy leading candidate — Hillary Clinton.  This article could have a 3-page bibliography of polls and articles about Hillary's problems with trust; certainly books will be written examining Hillary's (and Obama's) lack of character — in her case going all the way back to rumors about being fired for unethical behavior on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Hearings up to the current informed speculation that the FBI will soon be forwarding a recommendation to the Justice Department that she be indicted for her misconduct as Secretary of State.

Awkward, pandering spectacle of Hillary Clinton trying to 'be real'.  Last Wednesday night [1/13/2016], an hour-long interview with Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, aired on television.  This alone is remarkable.  Few candidates at this level, at this stage of the election cycle, grant any media outlet that much time.  Even more remarkable:  This sit-down wasn't with "60 Minutes," Charlie Rose or "Meet the Press."  Instead, Clinton took questions from little-known former rock 'n' roll groupie and celebrity-hanger-on Amanda de Cadenet, who has a talk show on the Lifetime network.

Land Mines On Hillary's Path To 1600 Pennsylvania Ave..  The latest batch of emails dumped into the public domain by the State Department includes a June 17, 2011, communication between aide Jake Sullivan and the secretary in which "H," as the emails refer to her, four minutes after hearing of technical problems getting talking points sent to her via a secure fax, issues the direction:  "If they can't, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure."  The talking points may have contained classified material from intelligence agencies, and this message not only again contradicts Clinton's claims last year that secrets never passed between "state.gov" and the now infamous "clintonemail.com"; it shows how cavalier she could be in her handling of materials that could land in the laps of America's enemies.

Hillary Clinton is running the most sexist campaign ever.  Hillary Clinton is waging the most sexist campaign in the history of presidential contests by showing up, dumbing down, girling up, and pretending that her husband's sexual indiscretions — past, potentially present and possibly future — just don't matter.  But sex matters.  And sexual harassment — defined as relations between subordinates and the powerful people for whom they slave — matters, too.  Candidate Clinton infuriatingly plays the chick card, rejecting reality as she sprints to the finish line of the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the cherry on top of a long and sordid career that was founded not on her talent as a deep thinker, stellar speaker or gifted public servant, but on her sterling credentials as a Grade-A doormat.

Hillary Clinton is the most miscast figure on the 2016 political stage.  This is shaping up to be a change election, and nothing about a Clinton candidacy offers change. [...] On our anemic economy, Clinton would be an Obama 2.0; she doesn't even pretend to be something different or new.  She is promising more of the usual Democratic freebies to more people.  Nothing about her policies would stimulate robust growth; she barely even uses the word "growth."  Obama's weakening of America's place in the world has caused anxiety about our national security, and Clinton can't disassociate herself from our foreign policy debacles.  And in the specific instance of Libya, where Clinton was in charge, look what that got us.

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton: From One Who Knows.  You are the same Hillary that you were twenty years ago.  You are cold, calculating and self-serving.  You cannot tolerate the thought that you will soon be without the power you have wielded for the last eight years.  Your effort to stay in power will be at the expense of the state of New York.  I only hope the voters of New York will wake up in time and realize that Hillary Clinton is not an honorable or an honest person.

Hillary Hauls Out Our Former Rapist-in-Chief.  [Bill] Clinton's reaction to his adolescent sexualizing was equally amusing to me.  When accusations were being hurled at him — public accusations — Clinton observed that these slings and arrows might damage his reputation, but they would not affect his "character."  And, of course, in a somewhat perverse sense, he's right — you can't affect something that doesn't exist.  And Clinton, while a charming con man, is a man without content, courage, or character.  And the really sad part of this is that the worthless charmer could probably be re-elected tomorrow.  Indeed, if Hillary, an angry, incompetent witch, had 1/10th of his charm, she would almost be a shoe-in for the presidency.

Keywords:  Carpetbagger, placeholder, springboard, payback.
Hillary Clinton's lame Senate career.  Only three pieces of legislation that [Senator Hillary] Clinton sponsored became law.  None were of much consequence.  One renamed a post office in a New York town with fewer than 2,000 people.  Another renamed a portion of highway outside Buffalo after the late Tim Russert.  The third established a brick house in Troy, N.Y., as a national historic site to honor a 19th century female union leader.  During her Senate career, Clinton sponsored 713 pieces of legislation.  Those were the three that became law.  That's a legislative batting average of .004, and none of the bills had much consequence outside New York.  For the most part, Clinton's bills were merely facelifts of public grounds.

Islam and the West: An irreconcilable conflict?  "I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to Muslims here ... and ... around the world, that there is a 'clash of civilizations.'"  So said Hillary Clinton in last weekend's New Hampshire debate.  Yet, that phrase was not popularized by Donald Trump, but by Harvard's famed Samuel Huntington.  His "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" has been described by Zbigniew Brzezinski as providing "quintessential insights necessary for a broad understanding of world affairs in our time."  That Clinton is unaware of the thesis, or dismisses it, does not speak well of the depth of her understanding of our world.

The antique feminism of Hillary Clinton.  If the older generation of women who identify as feminist is respectful of Hillary's changes over the years, younger women often aren't, with their opinions running from tepid to contemptuous.  The radicalized sophomores on campus have no patience with her coy declaration that she would be "the youngest woman president ever elected."  To the activists on the left, her magic carpet ride into politics and wealth was as a passenger on her husband's carpet, with a sense of entitlement well within the elite establishment.  Her ideological inconsistencies, such as her flip-flop on same-sex marriage, speak of the ways she is perceived as a "has-been feminist" — the over-the-hill Hillary.

The Ugly Truths the Democrat and Republican Establishment Seek to Conceal From Us.  [Scroll down]  Hillary Clinton knows [quite] well that during the Benghazi attacks there were military resources available to interdict them.  But she has famously said "what difference does it make" and, in her view, she's right.  She's not evil, she's indifferent — to the lives lost there and to any other collateral damage including the arming of what has turned into Daesh!  Her goal is globalism, socialism and statism, all for her own personal aggrandizement.  That you are harmed or even killed doesn't matter to her.

That Many? Only 27 Percent of Voters Think Hillary Clinton is Honest.  Chuck Todd reported today [11/29/2015] that a mere 27% of voters see Hillary Clinton as honest and straightforward.  That's not a recipe for success in a presidential election.

A Once in a Century Opportunity.  Hillary will be the worst politician nominated by a major party since the 19th century.  She is mistrusted and disliked.  She has no natural political skills, and her age and baggage weigh her down.  Add a sluggish economy, a nation convinced it is on the wrong path, national and homeland security anxieties, uncontrolled illegal immigration, an NRA on the warpath, and the Democrats, the party of government, arguing for more of it at a time when the government is held in almost universal ill repute, and you've got the storm.  It will turn a spring flood into a tide the likes of which we haven't seen in a hundred years.

Hillary insists' Muslims ... have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism'.  An acid-tongued Hillary Clinton ripped into conservatives on Thursday [11/19/2015] for what she said was an 'obsession in some quarters' with the notion that the global spread of terrorism is a byproduct of the Muslim faith, denying that the two are connected in any way.  'Islam itself is not our adversary,' the former secretary of state said during a campaign speech outlining her foreign policy objectives.  'Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.'

Idiot Hillary: 'Muslims Have NOTHING To Do WHATSOEVER With Terrorism'.  Hillary's logic is so far off from reality that everything she says, especially in this video, is literally painful to listen to.  She is one of two things:  an ignorant loon, or a wicked witch.  There is no other option.  If you don't know what I mean now, you certainly will after you watch this video!

The Lady Macbeth of Little Rock.  At the Democratic debate last Saturday night, Hillary Clinton was caught in a political blunder — she brought up her radical days as a '60 student activist.  As it happens, there was a lot more where that came from, as Daniel Wattenberg's seminal piece from the 1992 campaign captured for all time.

Clinton, other Dem candidates in debate won't use term 'radical Islam'.  Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic presidential candidates are being criticized for declining to use the words "radical Islam" during Saturday night's debate, following the deadly terror attacks in Paris.  Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley declined to use the words after being asked during the CBS debate whether they would agree with GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio saying, "We are at war with radical Islam."  The front-running Clinton said using the term "radical Islam" would be "painting with too broad a brush."

Clinton tells GOP how to defeat her.  Under appropriately polite but devastatingly persistent questioning by moderator John Dickerson, Clinton proved astonishingly incoherent.  We must "root out" ISIS, she said, and implicitly criticized Obama when she said it "cannot be contained, it must be defeated."  At the same time, she said, "it cannot be an American fight."  However, "American leadership is essential."  And yet, she said, "I don't think that the United States has the bulk of the responsibility."  Instead, and breathtakingly, she suggests the person who must take the lead is Syria's dictator, himself responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of his own people and the progenitor of the refugee crisis that is turning Europe inside out: [...]

Hillary Supporters at Campaign Event Can't Name Accomplishments.  The Florida Republican party has released video of Hillary Clinton supporters being unable to name an accomplishment of the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state. To make matters worse, the supporters the Florida GOP interviews are at a Clinton campaign event.  [Video clip]

Hillary's Email: Low-Skilled Hackers Could Get In.  Hillary Clinton wants to be president, but the White House would be a risky place to put her.  She should be nowhere near government secrets, given her unserious attitude about keeping them under cover.  When Clinton was secretary of state, she had the option of using a secure government email account.  Instead, she opted for a personal account handled by a private server — one, the AP says, that was vulnerable to "low-skilled intruders."  This much-discussed email setup, the AP reported Tuesday [10/13/2015], "appeared to allow users to connect openly over the Internet to control it remotely."

Will the real Hill please stand up?  Mark Twain once said that if you don't like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes.  Same thing with Hillary's position on the issues — just wait five minutes, or maybe five focus groups.  She — and the viewing public — caught a break this week when CNN cut the length of the debate from three hours to two.  On some issues, Hillary may now have time to espouse only three or four contradictory positions.

Hillary's desperate pitch: Did I mention I'm a woman?  Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on free trade, changed her policy on Iraq, renounced key laws signed by her husband and proved unwilling or unable to handle the 3 a.m. phone calls from Benghazi.  Her two signature achievements — HillaryCare, later reborn as ObamaCare, and her management of the State Department — both look like dismal failures.  There is only one attribute left that she can't bungle, switch sides on or turn into a scandal:  having double-X chromosomes.  So that's now what her campaign is about.

At the same time...
Clinton Says Fiorina Shouldn't Get a Pass Because She's a Woman.  Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton says Republican rival Carly Fiorina should not be judged any differently just because she is the only woman candidate in the Republican presidential race.

Hillary Is About as Qualified To Be President as Paris Hilton.  [Scroll down]  Here's a woman who would probably be a career bureaucrat in Arkansas if she hadn't married the right man.  However, she endured a humiliating, loveless marriage to him long enough to ride his coattails to a political career.  She was elected as senator of New York — because she was his wife.  She was considered a strong candidate for the presidency — because she was his wife.  After she lost, she was given the Secretary of State position, probably as much as anything to keep her husband and his allies from doing anything to undercut Obama.  Then she was a miserable failure as Secretary of State and it shows in the disasters that the Obama Administration has created all over the planet.  In fact, Hillary's most memorable moments as Secretary of State were when she got Americans killed in Benghazi by ignoring their requests for more security, giving the Russians a button that was supposed to say "reset" when it actually read "overcharge," and an email scandal that is so bad that she'd probably be on her way to prison if... you guessed it, she wasn't married to Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Is a Nasty Piece of Work, Part 632.  I've been saying since March that Hillary Clinton is finished as a presidential candidate because the torpedoing of her campaign is so obviously coming from the White House, aided and abetted by the mainstream media.  While the Washington Post and the New York Times have been dropping bombshell after bombshell on Hillary's corrupt email arrangement, the New York Post has taken the lead on publishing major anti-Hillary hit jobs based on claims of Ronald Kessler, Ed Klein and Roger Stone.

Here's Your List Of Hillary Clinton's 'Accomplishments'.  In April of last year, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman lobbed a big fat softball to Clinton.  "When you look at your time as secretary of state, what are you most proud of?" he asked.  Clinton fumbled around for an answer, talking about relay races.  Even the New York Times noted that her answer "suggests a problem" that she'd face in a presidential run.  A few months later, Diane Sawyer asked Clinton if she had a "marquee achievement."  The answer:  "We've had presidents who have made some tough calls, some of which have worked and some of which have not."  You'd think by now she'd have a solid response, particularly after Fiorina's barb.  Think again.

Is It Unfair to Ask About Hillary Clinton's Accomplishments?  Of Carly Fiorina's many zingers Wednesday night, the one that offers the best preview of the general election was this:  "If you want to stump a Democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton."  Politico Magazine put that question to the test, and found a slew of Democrats with ready responses.  But Fiorina's quip is like many great political slams — although not factually airtight, it points to a broader truth.  The Clinton campaign hasn't solved the problem of finding a way to communicate just what it is that Clinton has accomplished — particularly during her most recent role as secretary of state, but also in the earlier stages of her career.  The folks Politico canvassed had no shortage of answers, but some are rather thin.

Incompetence as a defense:
Clinton: 'I Was Not Thinking a Lot' When I Became Secretary of State.  With a long line of debunked lies, shredded excuses, and abandoned spin attempts behind her, Hillary Clinton finally decided it was time to "apologize" for her email scandal.  Of course, her idea of an "apology" basically amounts to:  I'm sorry you Little People are too stupid to understand what I was up against, as a historic female Secretary of State.  For good measure, Clinton threw in a stiff dose of the amazing Incompetence Defense into her MSNBC appearance — that bizarre, and disturbingly effective, tactic pioneered by the Obama Administration where officials claim to be innocent of wrongdoing by insisting they're not very good at their jobs.

Scott Walker Catches Fire In Virginia: Hillary Clinton Should Be 'Disqualified' From Being President.  Speaking [8/29/2015] before a crowd of a couple hundred at a PWC Young Republicans cookout at the county GOP headquarters, Walker lambasted the Washington establishment and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  He said Clinton's email scandal should mean she is "disqualified" from being president.

If Clinton Loses Her Security Clearance, Could She Still Be President?  For the past six months, the issue of Hillary Clinton's secret e-mail server has mainly played out as a campaign news story, and for good reason. [...] After staying silent on it initially, Clinton held a press conference in which she asserted that the e-mail server never transmitted sensitive material, and that more than half of the e-mails on it had been deleted by her team before turning it over to the State Department.  Clinton pledged never to turn over the server itself, claiming that it was personal property.  Two of those emails from spy satellites and the NSA were classified as Top Secret when they were sent and are classified now.  None of these statements has held up to scrutiny.  A small sample of 40 e-mails from the data given to State was audited by Inspectors General from the intelligence community, which found four e-mails that contained classified e-mails.  Two of those included information from spy satellites and the NSA that was classified as Top Secret/Compartmented Information, the highest classification level for the US — data that was "classified when they were sent and are classified now."

Hillary's rookie errors with classified information.  When I write an op-ed — including this one — I am required to submit a draft to the CIA's Pre-publication Review Board and also the security officer at the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  This is to make sure that I don't inadvertently disclose something that I learned when I had access to highly classified information.  Actually, I very much respect this process, because it protects me as well as the government.  Anyone who has ever held a Special Intelligence/Talent Keyhole (SI/TK) clearance — which is granted by the CIA — is required to do this for life, and the obligation comes from the agreement one signs in order to be granted access to that category of information.  I first signed such an agreement almost 35 years ago and a similar one when I was general counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Why America is done with Hillary Clinton.  Whatever the reason, it's obvious we're not a good fit anymore.  The biggest problem for me is that I don't really trust you.  I tried and gave you every benefit of the doubt, but realize now I was only fooling myself.  Or maybe you were fooling me.  All I know is that you always seem to be hiding something.  I never get the feeling you're being 100 percent straight, and that makes me crazy.  All the whispering to Huma and all those phony stories you tell about yourself and your family.  You just make it up as you go along, don't you?

The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party.  Alinksy succeeded in what would be a crowning achievement:  the recruitment of young idealistic radicals — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — who would go on to climb to the top of political power in the Democratic Party.  Hillary wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College in 1969 on Alinsky's methods and remained a friend of Alinsky until his death in 1972.  A decade later, Barack Obama was trained in the methods and Rules for Radicals in the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago.  Camouflage and deception are key to Alinsky-style organizing.  When Barack Obama was organizing black churches in Chicago and was criticized for not attending church himself, he pivoted and became a regular church attendee, ultimately becoming a member at Jeremiah Wright's radical Trinity United Church of Christ.

Hillary's Qualifications.  How did it happen that, in this the land of Washington, Jefferson, Madison et al, someone so fundamentally dishonest and so unbelievably incompetent should not only aspire to be its president, but should actually be taken seriously in this aspiration by one of the country's two major parties?  I cannot recall any presidential contender from either party over the past 60 years as fundamentally undeserving of such a distinction as Hillary Clinton.  So let's just look at the only two things that she is relying on to stake her claim — her gender and her marriage (i.e. her husband).  Aside from the fact that neither should have any bearing on her claim to high office (or, for that matter, any office) in point of fact, neither should have any bearing on her case for both claims are a fraud, i.e. Hillary is neither feminine nor a feminist.

The long goodbye.  Coming on top of the pay-to-play scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the embarrassing, extravagant sums she demands for her speeches, the criminal investigation into the scrubbed secret server maintained and surrendered by the former first lady may make her a burden too great for her party to carry.  In a recent poll of registered voters, 58 percent say Hillary lied about the emails and 54 percent believe that she weakened the country's security. [...] Can one run a campaign while under indictment?  We may be about to get an answer.

Imagine, if you will:  The Second Clinton Impeachment.
Clinton Email Scandal: A Long National Nightmare Looms.  The Hillary Clinton email scandal has become the Watergate of our time.  But there's a significant difference.  This time, America has a chance to stop a suspected crook from taking office.

Hillary's Unspinnable Problem.  The latest Fox News poll reports that "a 58 percent majority thinks Clinton 'knowingly lied' when she announced in a March press conference that no emails on her private server contained classified information.  A third says there is 'another explanation' for internal government investigators determining secret info was in fact on Clinton's server (33 percent).  Moreover, by a 54-37 percent margin, voters feel Clinton put our national security at risk by using a private email server."  That is extraordinary and arguably poses an insuperable barrier to the White House.

Trump vs. Sanders: Too good to be true?  Clinton does better in Iowa, and she maintains a substantial lead in national polls, but the writing is on the wall for a humbling but face-saving departure from the scene sometime in the next several months.  Thanks to her inability to extricate herself from the scandal surrounding her rogue email server, her failure to adequately answer questions about Benghazi, and her genuinely inauthentic political persona, Hillary is already a mortally wounded candidate.  If you needed any evidence of that, just watch the wolves starting to circle around her as she limps toward her withdrawal announcement.

The Teflon Dame.  She has all the excuses of her husband, but none of the charm.  Aside from which restroom she uses, what exactly is her appeal?  Hearing Hillary Clinton give a speech is like sitting in on a college civics class taught by someone who thinks she's speaking to kindergarteners.  Condescension squared is about as close to an accurate description as you can get.  With all the charm of sweat socks and the warmth of the moon, Hillary Clinton is still leading a major American political party's race for their nomination.

Contentions Hillary Clinton's Privilege.  Among the more charming preoccupations of the modern left is its newfound interest in a mock social science that involves divining forms of "privilege" allegedly enjoyed by otherwise undeserving individuals. [...] The very embodiment of unearned privilege is running for the presidency in 2016, but so few on the left seem equipped or willing to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton has been afforded leeway that anyone else in her present position would be denied.

Clinton must be joking.  Those Clinton campaign strategists are so clever:  trying to just lighten up this whole process, appeal to the young, show they get the joke and turn Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign into a late-night comedy punch line.  In just days, Clinton has issued dire warnings about climate change; been caught jumping on and off a private plane; pledged, because of the plane's emissions, to the make her campaign carbon neutral (without revealing how); jetted to New York City for a $600 haircut; and refused to reveal her position on the Keystone XL pipeline, which those same voters interested in climate change are asking her about.

E-mails expose Hillary Clinton as a small-minded pol.  The latest batch of Hillary Clinton e-mails disclosed by the State Department is perhaps the most interesting.  This is not because there is a bombshell; we know she destroyed "personal" e-mails, so we are not likely to find any real nuggets in those she turned over.  (In one humorous e-mail previously released, she asked whether the e-mail can be printed out "without identifiers.")  No, this tranche of e-mails is revealing because it shows Clinton to be lacking real authority, surrounded and protected by political hacks, filthy rich and obsessed with political power.  In short, this is the real Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's substance-free campaign.  Hillary Clinton's announcement for the presidency and follow-on tour was unique.  First, she is the first front-runner and presumptive nominee of a national party who is a woman.  Second, she says that the reason she should be elected is that she is a woman.  She is not running on her record as secretary of State.  Her time in that role was startlingly devoid of success, unless you count miles traveled as an achievement.  In fact, a fairly strong case can be made that her tenure contributed to the disastrous rise of ISIS, and to the collapse of Iraq.

Hillarious: Hillary Names Her Top Two Accomplishments.  Number 1 is hitting a Staples reset button, and No. 2 involves sitting in a room watching a screen.  Great.

Hillary: The Unease Grows.  Since Hillary's latest scandals have been reported her polling figures have dropped precipitously.  According to a recent CNN/ORC poll, 57 percent of those queried do not trust her.  That is an increase from 49 percent just two months ago.  Only 47 percent say she cares about them, down from 53 percent in March.  Fifty percent say she does not inspire confidence, an increase from 42 percent in March.  More voters have an unfavorable view of her now than at any time since 2001.  That was when the Clintons were in the headlines for stealing White House property and granting dubious pardons.

Situation room
Hillary Clinton lists her second greatest accomplishment ever as... watching TV.  She watched the Bin Laden raid on TV.  That's it.  That's all she's got.  And this is the Democrat Party's de facto Presidential candidate?

Clinton Boasts: I 'Stood Up' to Putin and 'Was in the Situation Room' When Bin Laden Was Killed.  Hillary Clinton's supporters have had a notoriously difficult time identifying a single significant achievement during her tenure as secretary of state, but during her 45-minute speech on Saturday, Clinton tried to name a few.  "I've stood up to adversaries like Putin and reinforced allies like Israel," Clinton said.  "I was in the Situation Room on the day we got bin Laden."  The problem with that first sentence is that it's the opposite of being true:  As secretary of state, Clinton stood up to Israel and reinforced Putin.

An empty resumé:
Brutal Carly Fiorina ad: What's Hillary's biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State?  It's three minutes long, which is about six times longer than an effective ad should be, but the length works here to underscore the point.  Those long seconds of silence when someone's asked to name a Clinton accomplishment feel even longer when you watch a string of people struggling with the question.  It's excruciating.

Stop unfairly asking what Hillary Clinton accomplished as Secretary of State.  The unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton, brought about simply because the poor woman wants to be President, simply has to stop.  All of these pestering questions, one after another, are obviously signs of hatred from people who are jealous of her many accomplishments.  Or at least that's the current line of defense being taken by the Ready for Hillary camp these days.  But what were those accomplishments again?

Hillary Clinton, asleep at the switch.  On September 15, 2012 — just four days after the Benghazi attacks — Monica Hanley, a Clinton aide, sent an email to Hillary at 9:17 a.m. telling her that senior White House official Dan Pfeiffer "has some sensitive items that he would like to personally show you when he arrives."  At 10:43 — almost an hour and a half later — Clinton responded that she "just woke up so i missed Dan.  Could he come back after finish my calls?"

Gender is no credential for the White House.  This early in the presidential cycle, I make no predictions about how the race will play out.  But one thing I'm sure of:  America doesn't need to send a woman to the White House.  Needless to say, many Clinton supporters vehemently proclaim the opposite.  "Hillary Clinton Is Running For President, And I'm Voting For Her Because She's A Woman," reads the headline on a long essay by Gabrielle Moss in Bustle magazine.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, asked whether Clinton's vote for the Iraq War should disqualify her from the support of progressive Democrats, responds that "what's important is what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States."  Never mind old controversies, Pelosi suggests; Clinton's sex is what should animate voters now.

Krauthammer's Take: Hillary 'Hiding in the Bunker' as Clinton Foundation Story Creates Problems.  The curious case of the Clinton Foundation's cash continues to unravel, and it's not good for Hillary, says Charles Krauthammer.  "Where is she?" Krauthammer asked on Tuesday's [5/5/2015] Special Report.  "First, they put out their stooges to go out and defend them; then their daughter, then the husband.  She's sort of hiding in the bunker."  But those proxies are not working out.

Can't be trusted:
Do Americans trust Hillary Clinton? Not when she's running for office.  Carly Fiorina is spending a lot of time making a key argument against the likely Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2016.  Hillary Clinton, Fiorina told George Stephanopoulos in making her official announcement Monday [5/4/2015], "clearly is not trustworthy, about a whole set of things."  Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, she said on "Fox and Friends" in April.  "In effect, @HillaryClinton told us to trust her," Fiorina tweeted in March.  "Nothing in her track record suggests we should do so."  Americans seem to agree.

The Hillary Op-Ed Challenge: How many platitudes can you fit in one paragraph?  In the 1950s, college students used to try squeezing as many of their friends as possible into telephone booths.  In the 1960s, the fad shifted to Volkswagens.  Perhaps hearkening back to her youth, Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines Register that attempts to squeeze as many platitudes it can into the Iowa newspaper's column inches.  One paragraph in particular wins the prize.

Cecily Strong was wrong about Hillary Clinton's appearance being off limits.  If looks lead to snap judgments — or at least first impressions — in, literally, every other aspect of life, it seems counterintuitive that the appearance of a candidate wouldn't matter in politics.  That's especially true in the modern era of politics in which two things are true:  (1) Television is king, and (2) voters are less and less engaged in the actual policy platforms of the candidates.

Unknown motives:
Whatever You Think About Hillary, It's Worse!  I asked a liberal the other day what liberalism was, what exactly it was he supported, and he was stunned that I asked, and then he was just stunned.  He didn't know how to answer because he didn't have one.  It was just a habit. [...] And speaking of habits, that's what Hillary Clinton is.  No one, including Hillary, knows why she is running for president.

Unknown motives:
But why does Hillary Clinton want to be president?  Hillary Clinton has made a career out of wanting to be president of the United States.  But in all this elapsed time she's never been able or bothered to explain Why she wants the nation's highest office.  The Clintons clearly feel entitled to many things.  One of them should not be the Oval Office.

Hillary's Biggest Foe in 2016 Will Be The Weak Obama Economy And The Voters' Realization That She Is Utterly Incapable of Fixing It.  Hillary Clinton's slick campaign video announcing her candidacy for the presidency is being shot down as "insultingly vapid," vacuous and utterly "without... substance."  And this is coming from her liberal friends, not from her Republican critics.  Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus compared the former First Lady's campaign announcement to a Verizon commercial — filled with with a soft, pablum message to persuade voters that she's not the wild-eyed, far left wing, lamp-throwing radical described in recent books about her.

Hillary's Seinfeld Moment.  It's a replay of the Obama campaign of 2008 in which he sought to be the blank slate on which voters could cast their dreams.  Now Hillary wants to be that blank slate.  Of course, it's all meant to say, "Don't think of me as another Clinton or the second oldest president ever elected, I represent perpetual rebirth!"  It's also meant to keep you thinking about something other than her record.

What Hillary's Nomination Would Say About Democrats.  Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for president of the United States.  What her likely nomination says about the Democratic Party and tens of millions of Americans is depressing.  Other than Barack Obama — whose resume consisted of being a charismatic black — it is hard to come up with a less accomplished individual who has run for president in our lifetime.  And, unfortunately, that is saying something.  Moreover, at least Obama had the excuse of having been in public life for only a few years, as a state senator and then a two-year U.S. senator.  Clinton, on the other hand, has been in public life most of her adult years, as a very politically active first lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state.  Yet she has accomplished nothing.

What Does Hillary Clinton Stand For? Getting Elected President, Apparently.  A website for a presidential campaign should probably be fairly simple and easy to navigate.  They don't want to scare away potential voters, donors or volunteers with a site that's too complex to figure out.  Hillary Clinton's campaign may have taken the idea a bit too far.  On Hillary Clinton's campaign site, which launched Sunday along with her campaign, there's hardly anything there at all.  More specifically, there's no "issues" section to help potential voters grasp where she stands on the topics of the day.  It's really easy to find out how to volunteer or donate money.  But want to find out what Clinton stands for, well, she stands for you electing her, it seems.

Three Reasons Hillary Won't Win the Democratic Ticket.  Reason 3: [...] In short, Hillary Clinton lacks charisma, and the Democrat powers-that-be may soon come to understand that they can only exploit her appeal as a potential woman president and her name recognition only so far before that reality sets in.

Some Lunatics Offended by Granny Clinton Being Referred to By Her First Name.  So a woman who's been an utter failure at everything she's ever done is seemingly a shoo-in for the White House and she's a victim of inequality.  Got it.

'Feminist' Hillary Clinton is simply a fool.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first dame ever to have clawed her way to the dizzying heights of American politics through a combination of ruthless cunning and the unabashed pity doled out by gullible voters, most of them Democrats.  She's a lady whose star power is not based on her intellect or contributions to the common good, but on her willingness to excuse randy husband Bill Clinton for turning her into a fool.

Why, Exactly, Do We Need A Woman President?  It appears that those who voted for Barack Obama for president simply because he is black are now urging we vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman.  At a recent public event, Clinton asked her Democrat supporters, "I suppose it's fair to say:  don't you someday want to see a woman president?"  My answer to that ridiculous remark is — 'that would depend on the woman.'  That woman should be as qualified as any male candidate but if they believe that Hillary is eligible than that means they plan to vet her as poorly as they did Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton in 2016: The wrong woman at the wrong time.  Hillary Clinton's long-expected presidential campaign launch came over the weekend.  Despite the recent scandals over her Chappaqua-based personal email server, and the renewed hostility of the press toward her tight-lipped and hostile political machine, Clinton has to be considered the most likely successor to President Obama.  It doesn't matter if she's only ever beaten a small-time congressman and a Yonkers mayor in her previous elections.  The lack of a serious challenge from within the Democratic Party means she has a very clear shot at the nomination and the presidency.

Marco Rubio Calls Hillary Clinton the 'Architect of a Failed Foreign Policy'.  [Scroll down]  Clinton is currently the front-runner among the potential Democratic presidential candidates by a wide margin, and polls over the past few months have shown her leading the Republican field.  However, as Breitbart News reported, a poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) conducted at the end of March showed that Clinton's lead had shrunk since February.  And while she enjoys high name recognition, she also has high unfavorability numbers too.

Hillary's Baggage.  Hillary Clinton's latest misadventures are not just so typically Clintonian, but more to the point, they reveal a fatal flaw in the woman's makeup — she has absolutely no judgment! [...] Now this unaccomplished fraud gets $300,000 a speech to inform her audience of absolutely nothing of consequence.  In the end, perhaps this says more about her audience than it does about her; that is, why would any one pay that kind of money to a person who not only accomplished nothing, but is a charmless political hack?

Hillary is too old to run.  As a woman who is the same age as Clinton, I can understand it.  I travel a great deal — about 100,000 miles a year — but nothing like Clinton will when she runs.  Sixteen-hour days are one thing when you're in your 40s and another as you approach 70.  And, let's face it, women may hold a gender advantage with the public on some personal attributes, but age isn't one of them.  Clinton will be 69 in 2016 — the same age as Ronald Reagan was in 1980 when he ran and won in a landslide.

American Tragedy: The Reality of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  Imagine if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016.  What would it actually be like?  Roughly forty percent of the country will consider the incoming first-term president an extreme serial liar with a sense of entitlement the size of Australia.  Another forty percent will think, yes, she may be dishonest, but all politicians are and we support her anyway.  The middle twenty percent will be some muddle of the previous two views.

Clintonworld's Self-Pitying Shadiness Returns.  Democrats who were not adults in the 1990s have spent the past week learning what it's like to have the Clintons at the head of their party.  It means constantly having to defend questionable behavior.  Is that the way they want to spend the next two to 10 years?  Hillary Clinton is in a strong position to win the Democratic nomination, and right now has no serious challenger.  But the e-mail controversy, and Clinton's stonewalling in response to it, has to be causing some qualms.  How badly do Democrats need her?

The Mendacious, Charmless, Painfully Mediocre And Unelectable Hillary Clinton.  What is it Hillary supposedly brings to the table?  What has she ever done successfully that would make her rate as a top-tier presidential candidate?  Does she know people who donate lots of money?  Yeah.  So what?  Lots of politicians know rich donors.  Does she give a great speech?  No.  Not even close.  She's a terrible speaker.  She's got an irritating, cold speaking voice and she rarely says anything people can unite around. [...] Is she honest?  Not only is the answer no, but her lies are so brazen and so provable that they insult the sensibilities of ordinary Americans.  Claiming that the Benghazi massacre happened because of a YouTube nobody had ever seen, for example.

After Obama, 'Dead-Broke' America Cannot Afford Four Clinton Years.  Like a bad moon rising, a Clinton revival takes shape now as Hillary Rodham Clinton, presumed front runner among Democrats, casts her eyes on the prize she has chased with every fiber of her being for so long — a chance to be elected the first female President of the United States.

Clinton '16 Would Give Gender More of a Role Than Clinton '08 Did.  [R]ather than the assertive feminism associated with her years as first lady, Mrs. Clinton's campaign message will be subtler.  It will involve frequent references to being a mother and grandmother and to how her family has inspired her to embrace policies that she believes would help middle-class families.  As one Democrat close to her put it, voters have learned that she is tough; now she can also present herself as a sensitive candidate capable of nurturing the nation at a difficult time.

A line-by-line rebuttal to the article immediately above:
Hillary: I should be president because I have lady parts.  [Scroll down]  Mrs. Clinton is very much against the forced marriage of little girls, and the rapes, beheadings, and executions of women abroad, and if anyone other than radical Muslim groups start to do these things, I expect she will be the first to speak out against it.

Hillary Clinton is no feminist champion.  [W]hile Hillary made her own way in the world during the 70s and 80s at a law firm, those doors opened for her after Bill was elected Arkansas attorney general.  Prior to that, she was teaching criminal law at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.  Now, that could have led to her work at a prestigious law firm and then higher office (worked for President Obama), but her upward trajectory really started because her husband's name was elevated.

Why Should You Vote For Hillary Clinton? Because 'It's Her Turn'.  Competence?  Qualifications?  Basic sentience?  Such considerations are secondary.  Hillary should be our next president because... well, because otherwise, it's simply not fair.

5 Questions for Hillary Clinton.  [#1] Why are you running for president?  Can you answer this question without mentioning your grandchild? [...] [#2] How would you explain to a normal American why you insist on charging a public university $300,000 to hear you speak?  If your first instinct is to point out that $300,000 is a "special university rate," do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

Hillary is in Worse Shape Than in 2008.  Every advantage Hillary has in 2016, she had in 2008... and she lost.  To make things worse, her circumstances for a presidential run have grown worse since 2008.  Rather than incredulously wondering how Hillary could lose in two years, the more credible question is why so many people now believe she can win.

Hillary Clinton Is a Terrible Politician.  Celebrity homeowner Hillary Clinton is a terrible politician, a [Washington] Free Beacon analysis has found.  This is one of many reasons why some observers have concluded she will never be president.  Clinton, who may ultimately decide not to run for president because, among other factors, the job only pays $400,000 a year, is not polling as well as one might expect of an "inevitable" candidate.  A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal found that 50 percent of American adults could see themselves supporting her for president, compared to 48 percent who could not.

The Obama trap: Hillary Clinton's popularity drops, president's record an albatross.  President Obama's high-risk immigration gamble may have severe consequences for Washington, the country and the Democratic Party, most of all Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton's putative bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is already running into trouble.  The national exit poll from the recently completed midterm elections showed her with less than a majority of voters (43%) saying she would make a good president.  When pitted against an unnamed Republican candidate, Mrs. Clinton lost 40% to 34%.

Family Affairs.  The career of our recently retired secretary of state has been an odd one:  a feminist icon whose main role in life has been that of accessory to her husband, whose understanding of sex roles is as thoroughly traditional as Warren G. Harding's.

Hillary Clinton Could Be the Youngest Democrat Running in 2016.  Grandmother Hillary Clinton, 67, is vying to become one of the oldest world leaders in history.  In order to achieve that goal, however, she may have to defeat a slate of Democratic challengers who are even older than she is.

MSNBC Stumped Trying to Figure Out Any Rationale Hillary Has to Run for President.  The hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe stumped themselves Friday morning [11/14/2014] trying to explain why Hillary Clinton should run for president.  Their conclusion?  There is no rational explanation.  "At this moment, beyond 'it's her turn, it's her time,' there's not a clear articulated rationale for the candidacy as of yet," Bloomberg's John Heilemann said.  Heilemann argued that there is a more obvious explanation for Elizabeth Warren to seek the Democratic nomination than Clinton.

Since Hillary couldn't overcome her Obama link this year, what about 2016?  Emerging financial reports from the campaigns of last week's midterms indicate that Democrat candidates spent upwards of three-quarters of a million dollars just to fly in Hillary or Bill Clinton, or both, as celebrity endorsers.  How'd that work out for the candidates?  As usual when Democrats spend a lot of other people's money, not very well.  Most of the candidates the couple was allegedly trying to help went down to substantial defeats.  By one count, barely 40% of the 54 candidates either Clinton "helped" actually won their election.

Meet your next President.  As far as I am concerned, one of America's worse political blunders, ever, in the history of this nation, was, of all things, the election of Barack Hussein Obama to be our president, not once but twice, first in 2008 and then again in 2012. [...] For those of us who think it cannot not get any worse than what it already is, brace yourselves for the election of a Hillary Rodham Clinton to the presidency of the U.S.

This One Little Secret Could Sink the Hillary Campaign.  It is unclear whether or not Hillary herself is putting her health at risk with a meat-free diet.  What is clear is that she's putting her political future at risk with such anti-carnivore flirtations.  Who wants to have a beer with someone that might scoff at them for eating a burger with their suds?

10 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Hillary.  [D]espite the blanket coverage of the former First Lady and her ubiquitous husband, there are still a good number of interesting facts about her that have been buried over the years.

Go Away, Hillary.  Other than earning her law degree, name one thing that Hillary Clinton has accomplished on her own.  Her accomplishments — slim as they are — have been achieved on the coattails of either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  Had she not been the First Lady, would anyone have ever heard of her in the context of high power political posts?  The short answer is no.  She had traded on her celebrity and name recognition to become a Senator from New York and then, after a failed bid to become the Democratic Party's candidate for President, accepted the position of Secretary of State.  Obama wanted to make sure she was "inside the tent" during his first term and, following that, her resignation has permitted her to now begin distancing herself from a man that many regard the worst President the nation has ever had.

No More Affirmative Action Presidents.  We all make mistakes, but the real question is whether we learn from them.  With many people now acting as if it is time for "a woman" to become president, apparently they have learned absolutely nothing from the disastrous results of the irresponsible self-indulgence of choosing a president of the United States on the basis of demographic characteristics, instead of individual qualifications.

Hillary is a hypocrite because she has to be.  The writer, ambassador and congresswoman Clare Booth Luce once told President John F. Kennedy, "A great man is one sentence."  The same would apply to a woman who aspires to be great, and Hillary Clinton knows what she wants her sentence to be:  "She was the first female president."  Unfortunately, her sentence, written truthfully, would end like this:  "... And she was elected with money donated by rich men."

Hillary Clinton has only one goal, one plan and no idea.  A Politico story, headlined "Searching for Hillary Clinton's Big Idea," reports that it can't find one.  It dissects the Democratic Party's debates on topics ranging from income inequality to income inequality and finds her positions are mushy.  It concludes that, during a campaign, "the pressure will be on to make clear what she would actually do in the White House."  That's easy:  She'd live in it.  That's her Big Idea.

The story isn't that Hillary Clinton is rich, it's that she's an overrated politician.  Because the Clintons are often viewed in tandem, a lot of people have mistakenly transposed Bill's political acumen onto Hillary.  But in reality, her political career has involved winning a Senate seat in New York over a weak Republican opponent in a year that Al Gore carried the state by 25 points — and squandering a massive lead against candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic nomination battle.  While Hillary can stay on message and often seems unflappable, she also lacks the natural instincts of Bill.

Is Hillary Clinton the World's Biggest Blunderer?  We're hearing it again now — that Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the presidency in 2016.  She's unbeatable.  No Democrat stands a chance against her if she decides to run.  The Republicans shouldn't even bother to field a candidate.  Of course, they were all saying the same things about Clinton in 2007.  She became quite evitable when Barack Obama came out of nowhere to steal her birthright with grins, celebrity and empty speeches.  Clinton will probably prove to be just as not-invincible in 2016.  For all the hype that the media builds around her, Hillary Clinton is probably the most over-rated politician on the planet.

Watch Hillary Backers Completely Fail 'Name an Accomplishment Challenge'.  Hillary supporters are ready for a "new, fresh face" in office and that entails checking the vital two boxes of "Democrat" and "first female president."  I mean, what else is there?  Qualifications?

DNC Attendees Can't Name a Single Hillary Accomplishment.  Last week, the Democratic Party had their winter meeting and MRCTV's Dan Joseph decided to ask DNC committee members and guests if they're ready for Hillary — and why.  [Video clip] Some said she had about a hundred moments of greatness when she served under President Obama — but, strangely, couldn't name a single accomplishment of hers, besides marrying Bill Clinton.

Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make?  Watching Hillary get a Liberty Medal on September 10, the day before the anniversary of the attack on the United States soil and the more recent murder of our ambassador and others in Benghazi, I think it's time to review the record of a woman whose life is marked by deceit and professional failure and ask about the sanity and judgment of her ardent supporters.

25 Reasons To Dislike Liberals.  [#17]  Liberals talk up Hillary Clinton as the most prominent and important female politician in America; yet her entire political career is based on the fact that she married Bill Clinton.  That's actually kind of pathetic.

How would he know?
Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton would be 'excellent president'.  "She was a formidable candidate in 2008, she was a great supporter of mine in the general election, she was an outstanding secretary of state, she is my friend.  I think she would be an excellent president," Mr Obama said during a news conference [4/11/2015] at the Americas summit in Panama City.

Bloomberg Politics Poll: Democrats and Independents Don't Want a Hillary Coronation.  If Hillary Clinton is to become her party's 2016 presidential nominee, independents and even Democrats overwhelmingly want to see her earn the title, according to a Bloomberg Politics national poll that also shows increasing headwinds for her candidacy.  As Clinton prepared to formally announce her candidacy on Sunday [4/12/2015], nearly three-quarters of Democrats and independents in the survey said it would be a good thing for the Democratic Party if she were to face a "serious" challenger for the nomination.

Just How Bad a Candidate Would Hillary Be?  The Clintons' foundation received money from foreign governments while Hillary was secretary of state.  Hillary used her own private e-mail system, and not the official and secure government e-mail system, to conduct government business as secretary of state.  She whines about the problems of paying the mortgage(s) on her house(s) as a way to draw sympathy from the middle class.  The stupidity and arrogance of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton must appall Democrats, who find themselves manacled to her.  They have to wonder what else will come out before November 2016.  The simmering scandals are bad enough, but what else may emerge?  Almost everything we eventually learn about the Clintons is smug and ugly.

More disqualifications

Old age and poor health:

No, Joe's Health is NOT Out of Bounds.  Hillary showed signs consistent with Parkinson's disease, a major movement disorder.  That's all that most people think about.  They see the hand tremor but don't realize that P.D. entails huge difficulties with thinking.  It doesn't cause memory loss like Alzheimer's Disease.  Instead, P.D. dementia is a severe reasoning problem.  This is why P.D. was a disqualifying condition for a potential president.  Hillary's "medical records" were a bad joke that did nothing to clear up her status.  There may have been other reasons for Hillary to stay out of public view, but popping up once every third day did nothing to promote her candidacy.  It also fed the idea that she wasn't up to the job of being president.  This was amplified by being certain that she could never be filmed getting in or out of a vehicle or climbing steps.

Hillary's Health Coming Up Again.  [Scroll down]  During the campaign, I did a number of follow-up videos, including "How to Prove Me Wrong."  Of interest, no one made a serious effort to prove me wrong.  No alternate explanation for her obvious oculogyric crisis during the balloon drop at the Democrat National Convention or the Parkinson's disease Levodopa-induced dyskinesia at the "Iced Chai" episode has been brought forward.  Instead, critics simply argued that there was nothing to see there.  A reporter with no medical knowledge decried me on Snopes.com as "unethical" for presenting a serious discussion of an obvious medical disorder.  I won't try to refute his word salad, but he simply does not understand that Parkinson's is a disease with no diagnostic tests and is diagnosed largely from publicly observable characteristic movements.  At the September 11 Ground Zero event, Hillary had an episode that clearly matched a common P.D. phenomenon known as a "freeze."  In essence, a visual stimulus causes the brain to go into a "reset" mode, locking up the body in a rigid posture.  As soon as the reset is complete, everything returns to normal.  This can take a few seconds or several minutes.

Delusional Hillary Clinton:  Her endless Stalinist meddling in US elections.  As a delusional Hillary Clinton forces herself on the public once again, it might be instructional to look back on the endgame of a remarkably similar political figure.  Recall that as his life neared its end in 1953, 74-year-old Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's cerebral arteries hardened to the point of intensifying his own power-mad delusions. [...] Almost daily, Clinton busies herself by filling the empty heads of her sycophantic, fake-news media minions with more stories of Russia collusion.  In her first Russia collusion hoax, delusional Hillary foisted a phony anti-Trump narrative on the country, fueled by Russian disinformation as contained in a dossier.

Have you seen Hillary lately?  [Not looking good.]

Hillary suffers massive coughing fit during first tour stop.  While addressing a half-empty crowd at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday night, the former secretary of state devolved into hacking.  During the first stop of "An Evening With The Clintons," Hillary was asked a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election.  Before she could begin her usual spill about how Russia cost her the election, Clinton was completely overtaken by an uncontrollable cough.

Hillary Clinton Coughs Uncontrollably at Mansfield College; Requests Water.  The twice-failed presidential hopeful sputtered her way through Mansfield College earlier Monday [10/8/2018] coughing up a lung.  Clinton was coughing so uncontrollably, she requested a glass of water.  Hillary Clinton was plagued with this same mysterious cough during the 2016 presidential election.

VIDEO: Two people help Hillary up stairs at Aretha Franklin funeral.  Hillary Clinton still needs help with stairs.  The Clintons were in Detroit today for Aretha Franklin's funeral, and after viewing the open casket, the two made their way to different parts of the stage.  As Hillary approached the stairs, two people grabbed each of her arms to help her ascend the handful of steps.

5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Was the Worst Presidential Nominee in History.  [#2] Sickness:  Most people had no idea what was wrong with Hillary Clinton, but pretty clearly SOMETHING was physically wrong with her.  Of course, since Hillary lies like a lying liar who just invented a lying machine for an Olympic lie-off, no one believed any of her lame excuses.  She had multiple falls, was constantly coughing, and was rather famously dragged into a van like a sack of potatoes after a 9/11 memorial service.  The presidency is a high-energy, difficult, stressful position and, quite frankly, she didn't seem like she was physically up to the job.  [Video clip]

Hillary looks bad
Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest in New York.  Twice-failed presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton spoke at Ozyfest, a two-day festival in Central Park on Saturday and she looked terrible.  Hillary donned a mumu-style top that nearly touched the floor and white pants.  Her hair was disheveled and she had very prominent bags under her eyes.

Mystery: Was Hillary wearing 'Life Alert' emergency device during NYC appearance?  She's fallen before and she's needed help getting up.  Maybe that's why Hillary Clinton appeared to be wearing a Life Alert emergency button necklace during her recent appearance in New York City.

Is that a catheter bag under Hillary Clinton's loose clothing?  Hot summer day, and Hillary Clinton was spotted again at a public speaking event, wearing voluminous clothes — with curious lumps under them.  Jim Hoft's GatewayPundit had the picture sequence, along with a collection of reactions from assorted characters on Twitter, few of them being nice about it.  But some were more thoughtful than others, with speculation on what really might be happening.

Hillary Clinton appears to have ditched [her] back brace.  Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slammed the Trump administration on Monday [6/18/2018] for enforcing an immigration law that doesn't permit the government to hold illegal immigrant children together with adults who bring them across the border. [...] Clinton appeared to have left behind an orthopedic device she began wearing last month — something described by observers as a back brace.  She has been photographed wearing heavy coats and scarves over the device, even in 80-degree heat.

What's Hillary Hiding about Her Health?  The media are willing and eager to look in every nook and cranny for evidence of Trump-Russian collusion, and to date, they have come up with nothing.  But which journalists have investigated Mrs. Clinton's health?  The presidency is a demanding job with a similarly vigorous campaign required to earn the votes to become president.  Mrs. Clinton failed in the campaign.  How would she have done as president?  Let's go back to 2012, when she suffered a traumatic brain injury.  I wrote about this four years ago, describing her "terrible concussion," as her husband described it; prism glasses used to correct double vision; and blood-thinners to prevent clots.  The media were incurious at the time, and anyone who raised the issue was labeled a sexist loon for even thinking something was wrong with Mrs. Clinton.  Fast-forward to 2016, when she was actually running for president.  Remember the 9-11 tribute in New York City that she attended?  Both she and candidate Donald Trump were in Manhattan on a pleasant 80-degree day along with thousands of others.  Mrs. Clinton collapsed getting into her van, needing to be dragged into it, like a side of beef, by her bulky handlers.

Hillary Clinton Bundles Up Like an Eskimo For Memorial Day Parade.  On Friday, Hillary Clinton stepped out into the sweltering Boston, MA heat in a heavy coat and scarf.  On Monday [5/28/2018], Hillary participated in a Memorial Day parade wearing a winter coat and scarf in Chappaqua, New York and the temperature was a very mild 72 degrees.  Notice the Girl Scouts standing next to Hillary wearing shorts and t-shirts.

What's Wrong With Hillary?  I will venture a prediction: by the end of President Trump's first term, it will be obvious that Hillary Clinton's health would not have permitted her to serve effectively as president, had she won the 2016 election.  Hillary falls down and faints.  She needs help going up and down stairs.  There are persistent rumors that she drinks too much.  During the campaign, there were many days when Hillary was AWOL.  Her schedule was weirdly light for someone running for the presidency.  Many have commented on the fact that Hillary never went to Wisconsin, but the more basic fact is that there were lots of days when she didn't go anywhere.  In my opinion, Hillary's health was the subterranean issue of the campaign.  It was rarely mentioned — never, as far as I recall, in the liberal media — but I think a lot of voters, having seen her collapsing into a van, wondered whether Hillary was fit for the job.

Hillary Clinton Dons Heavy Coat and Scarf in Sweltering 90° Boston Heat.  Now that we are heading into the summer months, it is obvious Hillary is hiding something with her bulky clothing.  Hillary Clinton has been spotted many times recently wearing a heavy coat and scarf strategically placed to hide what appears to be a back brace.

Clinton is spotted wearing yet another massive scarf ... might be trying to hide a back brace.  Hillary Clinton has donned yet another massive scarf during an appearance in Australia after earlier photos indicated she might be trying to hide a back brace.  The 70-year-old draped the $1,100 patterned Hermes cashmere blend shawl around her shoulders when she met with Australian former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Melbourne on Thursday [5/10/2018].  Her scarf was tied high around her neck and covered the top of her navy blue jacket.  It comes after social media users pointed out earlier in the week that Clinton was mostly likely opting for the style choice to hide a possible back brace.

Crooked Hillary Wears $1,100 Hermes Scarf to Hide Bulging Back Brace.  Hillary Clinton has been spotted wearing the same peculiar ensemble everywhere she goes — heavy coat with a scarf.  Hillary was in New Zealand Monday night for a speaking engagement and book tour.  She wore what appears to be a back brace while speaking to another less than half full arena.  Her inner and outer demons were on display for the Kiwis.

Hillary's secret health meltdown.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hiding some serious health problems — and they're getting worse.  New photos of the twice-failed presidential candidate show her unable to walk without help from a back brace.  A viral photo of Hillary shows her leaving Chelsea Clinton's luxury New York City apartment last week wearing a heavy winter coat and thick scarf, despite it being 80 degrees outside.

Is Hillary Clinton wearing a back brace?  Hillary Clinton has been spotted on multiple occasions lately wearing long jackets paired with colorful scarves that cover her neck and drape down over her back.  But Clinton's style choice, which she has even worn out in 80 degree temperatures, has prompted speculation that she has something to hide... a back brace.  Eagle-eyed social media users noticed a strange protrusion coming from Clinton's back when she was photographed visiting her daughter Chelsea's apartment in New York last week.

How Much Does Hillary Clinton Drink?  [Scroll down]  Now that her parents' careers are over, it's Chelsea's turn to try to convince the world she isn't habitually misleading.  Good luck with that.

Oh, No! 'What Happened' to Hillary's Wrist?  [Scroll down]  Hillary, who broke her toe in London last year, has proven that elderly pear-shaped women do lose their balance, slip, and fall.  Hillary explained the London incident in the following way:  I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards.  I tried to get up and it really hurt.  I've broken my toe.  I've received excellent care from your excellent health service.  Wait!  Hillary expects people to believe she was "running in heels with a cup of coffee talking over her shoulder"?  Furthermore, she also wants us to accept the excuse that gravity threw her onto the floor and she couldn't get up because "it really hurt"?  Sorry, but a more believable explanation would have nothing to do with "coffee" being in that cup and more likely to do with a cantankerous drunk losing balance while yelling orders at her assistants.  Regardless, and despite the discomfort, the quintessential politician did manage to remember to use a broken toe moment to send a thumbs-up to Britain's socialized health care system.

Now Hillary Clinton fractures her wrist after slipping in a palace bathtub during trip to India.  Hillary Clinton concealed her injured wrist under a navy shawl three days after fracturing it during a fall in India.  The former Secretary of State injured her right hand on Tuesday after slipping in a bathtub at the palace where she was staying in Jodhpur.  Doctors were called to the Umaid Bhawan Palace and diagnosed the 70-year-old with a sprain, advising her to rest which forced her to cancel plans to visit the Mehrangarh Fort that evening.  But the pain only worsened, and by Wednesday morning she decided to get her hand checked out at Goyal Hospital.

Hillary now sprains her hand after falling twice down the stairs.  Hillary Clinton sprained her hand during her visit to India, after taking a nasty spill on the stairs while out touring a palace on Monday [3/12/2018].  It is not yet clear if the hand injury was a direct result of Monday's incident in which she fell not once but twice on the stairs and was pictured using her hand to brace her fall.  As a result of her injury she was forced to cancel a handful of visits.  Doctors attended to the former presidential candidate at Umaid Bhawan Palace where she is staying.

Hillary Nearly Falls Down Stairs Twice In India.  Hillary Clinton reportedly tripped down a flight of stairs twice in India Monday, requiring the help of two aides to make it down , according to a video obtained by the American Mirror.  Clinton is in the country to participate in the India Today Conclave, where she claimed President Donald Trump only won the election because he go the support of people she famously called "deplorables."  Clinton was attempting to walk down a flight of stairs without a railing when she nearly went down, twice.

Hillary slips down stairs in India — despite two men holding her up.  Even though Hillary Clinton had help going down a set of stairs in India today, she still nearly fell down.  While visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar's Mandu, Clinton was attempting to descend about 15 stairs.  She was holding the arm of an aide.  With Huma Abedin following behind, Clinton slipped about halfway down the descent, nearly tumbling down.

Hillary Falls Down Steps During Trump-Bashing Tour of India; TWICE.  Hillary Clinton, just like old times on the campaign trail in 2016. The picture of health, now falling down stairs in India.  Probably just dehydrated.  Again.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton Slips Down Stairs in India Two Times Despite Two Men Holding Her Up.  While visiting the Jahaz Mahal, Hillary slipped TWICE walking down steps despite two men holding her up.  Hillary Clinton is first seen walking down the steps with one man holding her arm.  She slipped and lost her footing so another man flanked her and grabbed her other arm to stabilize her.  Even though two men were holding her arms, she managed to lose her footing a second time!

Hillary and 'What Happened' in India.  Fourteen months into her "What Happened" tour, Hillary, with Huma in tow, decided to fly a private jet to India.  Part tourist/part guest speaker, while visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar's Mandu, Hillary, slipped and fell down a flight of stairs — twice. [...] Hillary's attire for her acrobatic spill was a jaunty straw hat, strappy Birkenstocks, a kurti, and capris that resembled enormous white sails.  Even stranger than her get-up were Hillary's male escorts, especially since a few days prior she had accused white females of leaning on men to tell them how to vote.

Hillary Clinton's Coughing Fit Returns During Feminist Activism Speech.  Hillary Clinton's latest rallying cry for women's activism was disrupted by a coughing fit, recalling her health struggles on the 2016 campaign trail.

So why hasn't anyone ever seen Trump's supposed dementia?  Like anyone else, politicians do get old, and when they do, their age frequently becomes obvious in public.  One example is House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who has repeatedly slurred her speech and spoken gibberish, both of which point to declining mental capabilities. [...] Then there are politicians who try to hide that there are any health problems, such as Hillary Clinton, who has had massive coughing attacks in public, was seen with an odd red spot on her tongue, required a stool to lean on during her presidential campaign debate with Trump, has had apparent seizures during press gaggles that she attempted to laugh off, struggled to climb stairs, and has collapsed repeatedly in public.  She's never been straight with the public about what her health concerns may be, but it's pretty obvious something is not working.  Do we ever see any evidence of failing faculties like that with Donald Trump?

Video: Sick Hillary Clinton Propped Up At Book Signing.  Hillary Clinton, wearing a medical boot, was physically lifted from a car for a book signing in Austin, Texas, underscoring her numerous health issues and why she likely won't run for president in 2020. [...] Footage shot by Infowars reporters Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince reveals that Clinton, 70, is just as fragile as she was during the 2016 presidential campaign, and Clinton being propped up by security brings to mind her famous collapse in 2016 in which Secret Service agents threw her limp body into a waiting van with medical equipment.

Rumors Swirl Hillary Is Concocting New Medical Ailment To Escape Growing Legal Woes.  This is the time of year when Hillary Clinton pretends she is sick.  Or that she can't remember events which could land her in prison because she is, again, so very frail and ill.  As all her scandals heat up — which places Clinton on the legal hot seat once again — don't be surprised if Hillary goes underground yet again, allegedly suffering from another undocumented mystery ailment.  Hillary appeared just weeks ago at Yale using arm braces for an alleged broken toe suffered in Europe.  Another injury timed to another scandal, of course, absent any documentation.  To be fair, sometimes a toe can get jammed when you stick your foot in your mouth as many times as Hillary does.  When Clinton was scheduled to first testify at a Congressional hearing on the Benghazi disaster, the then-secretary of state supposedly passed out in a bathroom and hit her head.  She couldn't remember [any]thing, according to her aides.  Clinton was excused from testifying.

How Brazile's book exposes liberal media's Hillary health coverup.  If [Donna] Brazile were rehashing things we knew, there would be no book and no bombshell headlines now.  Instead, she has thrown open a new and very big window on 2016 — and exposed yet again the consequences of the political biases of the Democratic media.  The missed stories are not merely the result of mistakes or sloppy reporting.  Brazile's book is a revelation in that it shows that many left-leaning journalists didn't so much cover Clinton as cover up for her.  Put it this way:  How is it possible that the leader of the Democratic Party was talking to colleagues about trying to replace its nominee during the general election because of health concerns, and none of the thousands of journalists covering the campaign got wind of it?

Donna Brazile Describes Hillary Clinton's Face Shortly Before She Fainted.  Donna Brazile was horrified by Hillary's physical appearance leading up to her fainting spell on 9/11, especially the way Clinton's face looked.  Apparently not only did Hillary sound like death, she looked like it as well.  Perhaps one of the most damaging and juicy tidbits Brazile has revealed is how severely ill Hillary Clinton was, (and still is) despite the media's efforts to hide the truth. [...] Hillary Clinton may have had pneumonia, however; that isn't the only thing ailing her.  It appears she is hiding many different health problems.  Shortly after Donna Brazile noticed Hillary looking like walking death, she collapsed and was thrown into her campaign ambulance like a side of beef.

Brazile's Bombshell Book Exposes How The Media And Democrat Party Hid Hillary's Serious Illness.  Was the Democrat Party setting up Joe Biden to replace Hillary when she accompanied him to his hometown in Scranton, PA?  The media completely ignored Hillary's inability to walk or stand unassisted in front of, and inside Joe's childhood home, that was all caught on this incredible, but mostly hidden video.  In the video below, Hillary can be seen using the arm of the homeowner for support while reaching for the railing next to the stairs to stabilize herself.  She can be seen repeatedly grasping for the railing outside, and then later on, when Hillary's inside the home, she seems unable to stand on her own, as she grasps for the backs of chairs and the kitchen table.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton Shows Up On Crutches Because She's Completely Healthy And Nothing Is Wrong.  Liberals called us crazy for questioning Hillary Clinton's health, but a photo from a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation shows us the truth:  something is wrong.  During the campaign Clinton passed out multiple times and had to be taken to the hospital.  At times, she appeared dazed or confused during interviews and speeches.  Despite all this, liberals swore she is the picture of perfect health.

New fears for Hillary Clinton's health after 'twisted ankle or 'broken toe' derails book tour.  Hillary Clinton apparently fell and injured her foot on Monday during her overseas book tour, prompting her to cancel or delay interviews with British journalists — before resurfacing on a BBC program.  As with previous Clinton health scares, the details are a bit unclear.  As one host called out Clinton for missing an interview, her spokesman initially said she "twisted her ankle."

Media Silence on Illness: Check out Hillary Clinton on Crutches.  Remember all the rumors that surfaced during the campaign about Hillary Clinton?  On 9-11 in New York, Clinton almost bit it, head-first into her SUV. [...] Hillary Clinton was sick then, and she more sick now.

There's Something Really Wrong With Hillary.  She's literally a sociopath.  She's a sociopathic, pathological liar.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton Still Coughing At Book Event.  Hillary Clinton's infamous cough returned during a Monday CSPAN event for Clinton's newly released book "What Happened."  Clinton's doctor revealed back on the campaign trail that the failed presidential candidate had pneumonia, attempting to explain away the hacking that seemed to follow her to every event.  Perhaps the worst fit was at an Ohio event where she struggled with a nearly 2-minute-long coughing fit that she blamed on being allergic to Trump.

Hillary Clinton Back With Seizure Glasses at Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade.  Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade.  And she was back with the anti-seizure Zeiss Z1 sunglasses too.  It was cloudy and raining in Chappaqua but that didn't stop Hillary from wearing those dark anti-seizure Zeiss Z1 sunglasses.

Hillary Clinton Gets Into Coughing Fit at Wellesley College, Blames Allergies.  Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has got into a coughing fit during her commencement speech at the elite Wellesley College.  Just minutes into the speech, Clinton started choking on her words, prompting a college official to swiftly bring her a bottle of water.  The former candidate, whose coughing fits led to speculation about her health during the presidential campaign last year, blamed the hacking on allergies.

Hillary Clinton Chokes During Wellesley College Commencement Speech.  Hillary Clinton is still choking on her own lies.  Even with the election long over, the old hag still has coughing and choking problems.  She couldn't even give a Wellesley College Commencement Speech without choking her way through it.  Maybe she has COPD?

Newt Gingrich Destroys "crazy" Hillary (she's lost it!)  Hillary Clinton refuses to go away, and she wants America to know that she's still upset — and it has gotten so bad, critics have begun questioning her sanity.  Hillary's latest public appearance on Tuesday was an embarrassing disaster for the twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate.  Her unhinged post-election meltdown continued during her appearance at the Women for Women International Conference.

Man who filmed Hillary Clinton's collapse at the 9/11 Memorial is being called a 'hero' by Trump supporters.  The man who filmed Hillary Clinton collapsing after attending a 9/11 memorial is being lauded as a 'hero' by Trump supporters.  Zdenek Gazda, a firefighter from the Czech Republic who now lives in New Jersey, was a special guest at the Deplora Ball after the inauguration on Friday [1/20/2017].  A host of the event introduced Gazda as a 'hero' and 'the man who turned the election around'.

Health Collapsing? — Hillary Clinton Makes First Public Appearance.  Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her first public appearance since she conceded the 2016 election to Donald Trump last week:  [Photo]  Looking a little sketchy, Secretary Clinton was being honored by by the Children's Defense Fund, and admitted she had a difficult time attending the event tonight due to her deep disappointment in the election results.

Hillary's Not Physically Able to Serve as President.  Hillary was staggering this evening, heading for the car.  Bill had to help her.  [Video clip]  In this next clip, she's confused trying to figure out if she's getting on the plane or into the van.  [Video clip]

Hillary coughing fit returns during short speech to FL campaign workers.  While Hillary Clinton spoke to campaign workers in South Florida on Saturday, her coughing fit returned.  She was giving brief remarks to volunteers prior to her appearance in Pembroke Pines.  [Video clip]

Hillary's eyes went out of sync again yesterday at her Daytona Beach rally.  [Scroll down]  Should Hillary Clinton be elected president, she will become an object of ridicule worldwide for her deranged-looking eye movements.  Foreign media are not subject to the crushing norms that have turned our mainstream media into propaganda organs.  And bashing an American president as crazy is a sport as popular overseas as soccer.

The Nuclear Option — Wikileaks Reveals Even Hillary's Own Staff Knows Truth:  She's Psychotic.  Poring through all these purloined emails, you get the sense that these people spend every breathing second of their day either lying, plotting to tell lies or lying about lies they told in the past.  And each batch of stolen emails is worse than the last.  Hillary Clinton is a liar.  She has terrible instincts.  She doesn't believe in anything.  Her head is broken.  She doesn't know why she should be president.  She is pathological.  And she is psychotic.

Hillary grips aide's hand — to climb one step.  Hillary Clinton needed a helping hand to trek up a single step during a visit in Florida today [10/27/2016].  Clinton was outside to greet supporters in Lake Worth when she attempted to stand on a small riser.  She needed assistance to get onto it as she could be seen reaching her hand out for a boost or some added steadiness.  [Video clip]

Michelle:  Hillary Is On Drugs.  Michelle Obama, widely acknowledged as Hillary Clinton's most effective campaign surrogate, is concerned that the Democrat presidential nominee's health is so fragile that she depends on stimulant drugs to get her through the grueling race for the White House.  Both Michelle and Barack Obama have been concerned with the state of Hillary's health since her presidential campaign began.  The Obamas know that Hillary suffers from a slew of severe and debilitating health issues, all of which I have exposed in my latest New York Times bestseller Guilty as Sin.

Survey: Two-thirds of doctors see Hillary 'abnormal eye movements'.  Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health have been subdued after her three debate performances.  She presented her ability to survive 4-and-a-half hours on a stage with Donald Trump as proof of sufficient stamina to serve as commander-in-chief.  "She evidently intended this as a joke, although I suspect our combat veterans would not be amused," states AAPS executive director Jane Orient, M.D.  Videos are, however, circulating on the internet, from her rather brief and rare appearances in public, which are purported to show pathological eye movements.

'Head Space': How Hillary Clinton's Inner Circle Tiptoes Around Her Health Issues.  Hillary Clinton's top campaign officials regularly discuss and assess the Democratic presidential candidate's mental well-being, according to several conversations seen in Wikileaks' release of campaign chairman John Podesta's purported email accounts.  Monday's [10/14/2016] new batch of emails revealed a new thread, flagged by The American Mirror, showing that Clinton's state of mind worried Podesta enough to reach out to the campaign's Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri — presumably because she was face-to-face with Clinton.

Guarding Hillary's health.  Until the publication of my new book, "Guilty As Sin," the truth about Hillary's health has been her campaign's closest guarded secret.  Her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, has said that Hillary is fit as a fiddle, but according to my sources in the White House, that is not what President Obama and his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, believe.  Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett have been so worried about Hillary's health that they recently offered to arrange a secret medical checkup for her at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  Hillary declined their offer because she feared a leak to the media would prove fatal to her presidential campaign.  Instead, she has been secretly visiting the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she arrives through a private entrance out of public sight and where she can rely on her doctors not to speak to the media.

Hillary Clinton's eye problems return at Cleveland rally.  What is wrong with Hillary Clinton's eyes?  Several instances of her eyes not appearing to be acting in sync happened again during a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday evening [10/21/2016].  Her left eye seemed to turn more than her right while she strained to make a point as she was looking to her right.

Stay tuned after the debate.  While she may not have had a "Parkinson's freeze," as Dr. Noel suggests, the video reveals what we've known for a long time:  going up and down steps is a hazardous task for the candidate.  This may be the last glimpse you'll have of Hillary in public.  She's gone into hiding, though you'd never know this from her media allies.  As I pointed out on Oct. 8, apart from two events the day after the second debate, the candidate would be MIA from the campaign trail between Oct. 4 and the 23rd, which was as far out as her schedule went at that point.  Now the schedule has been extended to Oct. 30, and Hillary is still in seclusion.  There are no events featuring her, apart from tonight's debate, not even a fundraiser. [...] Yet it is absolutely unprecedented for a candidate to disappear in October.

New Emails:  Hillary Needs Podium, 'Cannot Walk Around'.  Emails obtained by Citizens United through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and released on Tuesday [10/18/2016] suggest that walking around a stage may have been a challenging burden for Hillary Clinton as early as 2009.  In a 2009 email exchange between top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Clinton Global Initiative employees Amitabh Desai and Ed Hughes, Abedin revealed that Clinton could not walk around the stage like her husband Bill Clinton and would need a podium for an upcoming address.

Latest Wiki Dump Reveals Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's "Excellent Health" Medical Statement.  Among the latest, ninth round of Podesta email releases by Wikileaks this morning, is a July 31, 2015 email by Hillary Clinton's National Press Secretary Brian Fallon who lays out the agenda for the day's rollout of Clinton's tax record and, more importantly, Hillary's "excellent health" medical statement, where once again the media, listed as "AP, Politico, WSJ, WaPo, etc" is exposed as coordinating and colluding with the campaign to send a message that Hillary is in great health.

This Art History Secret Suggests Hillary Clinton's Health Is Worse Than We Thought.  Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has been plagued by questions about her health.  Those questions intensified after she collapsed in New York City in mid-September and then took several days off from campaigning to recover from pneumonia.  Is Hillary OK? Does she have dysphasia, as Katrina Pierson, M.D., has suggested?  Does she require an old person's walker, an advanced exoskeleton, or an elaborate system of pulleys and wires to move, as other experts have suggested?  Why does she ride in SUVs with "like almost a little step that comes down," AKA retractable running boards?  The answer to all these questions may be contained in clues from an esoteric corner of the art world.

News Anchor:  Secret Service Banned Flash Photography At Debate For Fears It Would Trigger 'Hillary's Seizure Disorder'.  PIX 11 news anchor Kirstin Cole announced Monday [10/10/2016] that the Secret Service banned flash photography from Sunday night's presidential debate hall at Washington University in St. Louis over fears it could "inspire Hillary's seizure disorder."

Bizarre: Hillary Clinton To Disappear for 20 Days Just Prior To November Election.  Perhaps Team Clinton is so confident they have derailed the Trump campaign with the release of the Trump "naughty word" scandal, that Mrs. Clinton does not need to bother with actual campaigning for people's votes?  Or, it could be the risk of something happening akin to her physical collapse last month at a 9-11 memorial event so close to Election Day that has them literally hiding Hillary Clinton away from the public.  Whatever the motivations are, that's exactly what Team Clinton is doing, and it is unprecedented in the history of American politics.

Trump ad goes after Hillary's health — and shows her struggling to get into the Scooby van.  Donald Trump's campaign released an ad on Tuesday [10/11/2016] that reboots his warnings about Hillary Clinton's health, casting her as too week and feeble to occupy the White House. [...] It begins with an ominous montage of threats facing the United States, including North Korean tanks and ISIS terror army soldiers preparing to behead captive infidels.  But while a voiceover issues warnings of a world boiling over, pictures show Clinton in a coughing fit, requiring help to climb a short flight of stairs, and collapsing as Secret Service agents half-carry her into her armored van.

Where's Hillary?  The failure to campaign in October is without precedent in any American presidential election in living memory.  Even in 1944, FDR, in failing health and confined to his wheelchair, campaigned vigorously in October.  The media, of course, is studiously ignoring Hillary's hibernation.  Donald Trump shouldn't.

The Hillary Clinton Protection Racket at the Washington Post is alive and well.  Clinton hacked and hacked so much into the microphone Monday [10/2/2016] as she tried to give a Labor Day speech in Cleveland that her coughing was the news.  But not at the Washington Post, which ran to rescue its candidate.  Its lead political blogger, Chris Cillizza, wrote a scathing piece to debunk the idea that Clinton is hiding a serious health issue.  "This is a totally ridiculous issue — for lots of reasons," Cillizza declared.  "The simple fact is that there is zero evidence that anything is seriously wrong with Clinton."

Obama was so worried about Hillary's health he set up a secret medical check-up for her at Walter Reed .  Hillary declined the offer because she feared the media would find out about her Walter Reed visit and learn the truth about her medical condition — that she is suffering from arrhythmia (an abnormal heart beat), a leaking heart valve, chronic low blood pressure, insufficient blood flow, a tendency to form life-threatening blood clots, and troubling side effects from her medications.

How Journalists Purge Peers Who Don't Lick Hillary Clinton's Boots.  On August 17, famed medic Doctor Drew Pinski made a guest appearance on the KABC talk show "McIntyre In The Morning."  Pinski dared express deep concerns over Hillary's health and the care she was receiving.  Hardly of the conspiratorial vein, Pinski's comments sound rational and thoughtful, derived from a physician's experience and empirical knowledge.  A week later, Pinski's own TV show flatlined.  CNN suddenly cancelled the six-year-old show, with a final broadcast on September 22.  Of course, the official statement from the network called the cancellation a mutual decision and other balloon gas.  But the abrupt mid-season cancellation transpired within a week of Pinski's KABC appearance.  KABC also pulled the interview from their website.

Hillary Is Back On The Trail, By Which We Of Course Mean Coughing [a lot] At Campaign Rallies.  During her Friday [9/30/2016] campaign rally in Fort Pierce, Florida, Hillary Clinton stifled what appeared to be the beginnings of yet another coughing fit.  [Video clip]

Hillary is not well
Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens — Permanent Double Vision.  What outlines below is clear and convincing evidence the 2012 health event of Hillary Clinton resulted in a permanent compromise to Hillary Clinton's vision.  What is outlined below is why some seemingly innocuous notations can reconcile.  We'll also explain why the Clinton team cannot reveal the reality.

Tenuously Feeble Clinton Campaigning in Fort Pierce and Coral Springs Florida.  Fort Pierce is approximately 100 miles North of Coral Springs; both on the East coast of Florida.  Fort Pierce is also the location of the mosque were Omar Mateen (Orlando terrorist) attended.  Seddique Mateen, Omar's father, is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, Fort Pierce is not as favorable toward her.  Additionally, during her campaign stop in Fort Pierce today, Hillary Clinton's ever-present two-year cough was pronounced:  [Video clip]

Watch: Hillary Clinton Steadies Herself Before Going Down Stairs.  After finishing a campaign speech in Fort Pierce, Florida, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton grasped an arm to steady herself before going down the steps off the stage.  After walking to the top of the stairs, she paused and pointed at someone.  A man, perhaps a Secret Service agent, approached her from behind and offered her his arm.

Can't shake the cough!  Clinton chokes up at rally minutes before she's aided down a set of stairs.  Hillary Clinton's cough reappeared Friday morning [9/30/2016].  The Democratic presidential nominee choked up during a Florida speech on national service and had to pop a cough drop as she was approaching her big finish.  'We love you, Hillary!' an audience member shouted, giving her time to recompose herself.  'Thank you!!' Clinton replied.  She coughed once more and cleared her throat three additional times before she fully recovered.

The Editor says...
There was obviously an audience plant on hand to shout, "We love you, Hillary!" as a means of evoking a round of applause to buy time as Mrs. Clinton choked.

Dem senator refuses to confirm comment on Clinton health.  Prominent Democrats on Wednesday declined to comment on whether they had in fact discussed what they perceived to be Hillary Clinton's poor health in conversations exposed by this week's massive document leak from renegade hacker Guccifer 2.0.  Neither Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse nor Jeffrey Leeds, a prominent Democratic financier in New York City, responded to the Washington Examiner's request for comment.

Hillary Clinton's Lyin' Eyes.  Over the past few weeks, videos have surfaced of Mrs. Clinton's bizarre eye movements and their health implications.  Despite all of her previous lies, this time she won't be able to hide her "Lyin' eyes."  Her uncoordinated eye movements are just the latest of a string of medical concerns.  Facial tics and spasms, needing assistance going up a short flight of steps, four-minute coughing fits, and her famous 9/11 collapse.  This collapse was blamed on pneumonia which Mrs. Clinton miraculously recovered from a few hours later.  Her personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, assures an apprehensive electorate, "She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States."  What about Mrs. Clinton's eye gyrations, reminiscent of Regan from The Exorcist?  This started in 2012 when she fell, suffered a concussion and brain hemorrhage, treated with Coumadin, a powerful blood thinner.  Not just a bump on the head, but instead "a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over" according to her husband former president Bill Clinton.

Hillary's 'Lazy Eye' Strikes Again.  Hillary's "lazy eye" (strabismus) has struck again, this time in an interview on her "Stronger Together" airplane on September 27, the day following the debate.  This segment was aired on the NBC Nightly News that night.  I saw I thought I saw her eyes very briefly go bananas while watching the show (we tape it and watch it later so we can zip through the numerous commercials).  But I wasn't sure until I viewed the NBC live-stream on my iPad to capture a freeze-frame image:  [Photo]  Note to Hillary and her Democrat handlers:  This is the Internet Age.  Everybody is now looking for these moments.  The strabismus, "brain freezes" and seizures are unpredictable and can pop up at any time.  Just how much longer do you think you will be able to hide Hillary's neurological disorder from the public?

No wonder she gets "overheated" and "dehydrated."
A balmy New York day in early fall, but Hillary Clinton wrapped up in a long winter coat over her pantsuit.  It was a balmy early fall day in Manhattan — but apparently not warm enough for Hillary Clinton.  Rather than the casual wear you might expect for a Sunday when temperatures hovered in the 60s and were recorded as a maximum of 70F, Clinton wore what appeared to be a winter coat.

Dr. Lisa Bardack's Faustian Bargain.  [Scroll down]  If Hillary's dramatic recovery casts doubt on [Dr.] Bardack's diagnosis, so does the fall itself.  It was not a swoon, as one might expect, where Clinton appeared woozy, lost consciousness, and her knees buckled.  Instead, she becomes stiff and immobile.  She is propped up against a bollard.  It's only when the Secret Service agents attempt to propel her forward that she falls.  It's not clear she's lost conscious[ness]; she is just frozen, unable to move.  Pictures taken of Clinton en route to the van also undermine Bardack's explanation.  In one, Hillary is being given what appears to be a finger squeeze test.  The test is a neurological exam, sometimes used also as a test for arthritis.  There would be no reason to administer it to a patient suffering from pneumonia.  In the second photo, the same woman, Christine Falvo, appears to be monitoring Clinton's pulse as they walk.  Hillary has her other hand pressed against her chest, an unusual position for someone in motion, but a good way to disguise the pill-rolling tremor associated with Parkinson's disease.

Hillary's Two Medical Minefields.  Some of Hillary Clinton's health and medical issues are well known:  a previous fall and concussion, blood clot, chronic anticoagulation, and underactive thyroid.  Then there is speculation about other problems -- neurologic disease including Parkinson's, post-traumatic brain injury, and seizures.  And not idle speculation, either.  There are numerous video clips of Mrs. Clinton's bizarre head movements and facial expressions, lengthy coughing fits, and unusual eye movements, plus her famous 9/11 collapse.  To the casual observer, whether a trained physician or someone without a medical background but with common sense, something is clearly wrong with her. [...] Mrs. Clinton has been photographed recently wearing blue sunglasses -- not because she wants to look like Bono or Ozzy Osborne, but perhaps because she has photosensitive epilepsy, a seizure disorder that can be prevented or mitigated by wearing blue-tinted eyeglasses.

Clinton's eyes — a window into her health issues.  In 2014 Conan O'Brien did a spoof of Hillary Clinton's interview with Diane Sawyer about her lack of lingering health issues following her 2012 concussion.  In an obviously photoshopped version Clinton's eyes are made to oscillate crazily.  It was a very funny piece.  Now, it may not seem so funny.  Hillary Clinton exhibited abnormal eye movements during her recent speech in Philadelphia and they were not photoshopped.  Her eyes did not always move in the same direction at the same time.  It appears that she has a problem with her left sixth cranial nerve.  That nerve serves only one function and that is to make the lateral rectus muscle contract.  That muscle turns the eye in the direction away from the midline.

Hillary's Pneumonia Hokum:  A Timeline.  I remain skeptical that Hillary is really in good health, and I think there are very good odds that the very secretive Hillary is hiding a degenerative neurological condition from the public, and probably from most everybody except those people closest to her, possibly even from her primary care physician (Dr. Bardack).  If so, then visiting the 9/11 ceremonies was certainly a high-risk event for Hillary to attend, since there were lots of people, lots of things going on with multiple distractions occurring at the same time in an uncontrolled environment, lots of reporters, lots of cameras taking pictures, a lot of chances to spot evidence of a neurological disorder, and not a good time for something to go "wrong," which it did.

'I don't need a brain test' - Clinton health fears as her eyes 'move abnormally' in speech.  The Democratic nominee has faced demands from both doctors and reporters to take a neurological test to prove she is fit enough for the presidency.  The disturbing new footage has sparked fresh allegations about Mrs Clinton's health.  During a speech in Philadephia earlier this week, the Democrat nominee's eyes suddenly appeared to be working out of sync.  Critics believe the bizarre cross-eyed moment is strong evidence of a hidden neurological issue.

Hillary refuses to take neurocognitive test.  Hillary Clinton won't be taking a neurocognitive test, and releasing the results to the public — telling a reporter "there's no need for that," even after collapsing as she was leaving a 9/11 memorial event last week in Manhattan.  Clinton made the comment, suggesting she will not be releasing any further medical information this presidential campaign, in an interview Wednesday with Florida's WFTS ABC Action News.  "Some doctors have said, because of your age, as well as your opponent's age, that you could be at higher risk for dementia or even Alzheimer's and have suggested that you take some neurocognitive test," ABC affiliate reporter Sarina Fazina said to Clinton.  "Would you be willing to do that?"  "I'm very sorry I got pneumonia," Clinton replied, letting out a hearty laugh.

The Editor says...
Obviously Mrs. Clinton did not have pneumonia.  She was at a public event on September 11, appeared to be well enough to act like she was healthy, then suddenly left the event, heading for the nearest street, where she collapsed and had to be dragged into a waiting van as if she were unconscious.  Pneumonia doesn't do that.  She did not have pneumonia.  When she apologizes for having pneumonia, she is compounding her lies.

Why Hillary's eyes are out of sync with each other.  Her right eye usually looks in the same direction in which she's facing.  The left eye is the one that goes bananas, because Hillary isn't wearing her special glasses to correct for double vision.  (Wearing them in public would conflict with Dr.  Lisa Bardack's statement that Hillary has completely recovered from her 2012 concussion.)  From the video you can see that this happens only momentarily, then her eyes go back to normal.  [Video clip]

I don't need to take brain function tests, says Clinton — after video shows her eyes moving in different directions.  Hillary Clinton is ruling out taking a neurological test following a Florida TV anchor's question about elevated risk for dementia or Alzheimer's among older people.  'There's no need for that,' Clinton said when she got asked the question by Florida ABC anchor Sarina Fazan in an interview in Orlando.  Clinton at first joked when she got asked if she would take 'some neurocognitive test' given the elevated risks for degenerative disease 'because of your age.'

Hillary suddenly cancels fundraiser, offering no reason.  In the realm of campaign priorities, small, high-dollar fundraisers usually are the last events to be cancelled when a candidate needs to rest up.  This makes the news all the more surprising that Hillary canceled exactly such an event [...]

Why are Hillary's eyes moving out of sync with each other?  There is something really strange — unnerving, actually — with the way Hillary Clinton's eyeballs move out of sync with one another during a speech she gave at Temple University on Monday.  As I noted yesterday, she was spotted being helped up some stairs at the event.  Eagle-eyed John Binder of The American Mirror spotted the anomalous eyeballs and put together a video of the moments when the left eye detached from the right eye and moved independently.

Hillary Clinton Cancels North Carolina Event, Raising More Health Questions.  On the same day that Donald Trump held two huge rallies in my home state of North Carolina, Hillary Clinton canceled her event without giving a reason why. [...] Naturally, this has sparked several theories about her health once again.  On Monday, Hillary Clinton held an event in Pennsylvania and many people pointed out the strange movement of Hillary Clinton's eyes.  [Video clip]

Hillary's Health Again Front and Center in North Carolina.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in North Carolina, and both were scheduled to make campaign appearances in the state today [9/20/2016].  Trump's event was a public meeting that was expected to draw a crowd of 7,000 or 8,000 in a town with 855 residents.  Hillary planned something less strenuous:  a fundraiser at a home in Chapel Hill, where a privileged few would pay $100,000 for the honor of meeting her.  But Hillary wasn't up to even that modest effort, and she canceled her fundraiser.

Hillary's Fall:  Specs, Lies and Videotape.  The American people aren't buying it.  This is a severely ill woman.  No more "conspiracy theory" dismissals.  Mrs. Clinton's "mild cold," er, "seasonal allergies," I mean "heat exhaustion," that is to say "minor case of pneumonia" is, evidently, of the rare kind that requires a permanent traveling physician and a "mystery man"who rushes to her side whenever she has one of her frequent and uncontrollable "episodes" (or otherwise freezes up with a brain "short-circuit" during a speech).  This guy has been spotted with the Clintons during medical emergencies going back to 2003 when Hillary suffered a brain blood clot (also covered up) and carries in hand what many medical experts say is a Diazepam pen.  Diazepam is an intravenous drug used to treat seizures.  Blue tinted glasses of the sort Mrs. Clinton was wearing on 9/11 when she collapsed are also worn by patients who suffer seizures.  These therapeutic specs are likewise used to relieve symptoms of Parkinson's disease — a neurological disorder from which a number of doctors indicate Mrs. Clinton likely suffers (since when has "pneumonia" required a neurological squeeze test?).

How Ill is Hillary Clinton?  The New York Times frames the question more positively:  "How Healthy Is Hillary Clinton?"  Same difference.

Hillary Clinton Cancels Event in California, Campaign Says Pneumonia is Back.  Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has again cancelled an event in California as a result of her health and the campaign is claiming she is being treated for pneumonia.  The cancelation marks the third day — following Monday and Tuesday of last week — that the candidate's health has pulled her from the campaign trail.

Where is Hillary Clinton?  Campaign 'Postpones' North Carolina Fundraiser.  The Clinton campaign is postponing a fundraiser in North Carolina for unexplained reasons, while Hillary Clinton remains absent from the campaign trail.  Hillary Clinton postponed a lunch fundraiser in Chapel Hill with some of the state's wealthiest and most prominent Democrats.  No reason was given for postponement of the Clinton event, according to CBS North Carolina.  It was expected to take place at the home of Betty Craven and Michael Warner.  The event was billed as "lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton" and costs ranged from $2,700 to $100,000.

Technology Breaches the Media Maginot Line.  [Scroll down]  Another citizen, Zdenek Gazda, showed Hillary exactly what deplorables can do, using a videophone.  While she kept her press entourage totally in the dark about her "medical episode" on 9/11, he filmed her seizing up and being carried into the van which sped away from the commemorative ceremony in New York.  He posted it online and eventually Fox and others published it.  Everyone could see she had some sort of seizure, and was not simply faint.  The only notice the lassoed press corps had that she had left the ceremony was when 90 minutes later they were alerted that she'd left early because she had become "overheated" (or in some conflicting accounts had become "dehydrated" or had "flu"), and was available for a brief photo op hugging a little girl outside her daughter's apartment.

Bystander control for Hillary?  Hillary's fragility and poor health could have been covered up for at least a few more months.  "It's a beautiful day in New York!"  Something may have leaked out (one hopes only figuratively) after Election Day and before Inauguration Day, but President-Elect Hillary would likely be on her way.  The long arc of progressive history would advance inexorably.  But then this random bystander was allowed (legally) to stand randomly by and record the entire knee-buckling, "supported by aides," overheated, lost shoe, "thrown in like a side of beef" incident.

Hot mic catches Hillary Clinton trying to hide a cough by not covering her mouth during a speech in DC.  It has been nearly a week since Hillary Clinton's campaign revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, following a 'medical episode' during the 9/11 memorial ceremony.  And now, as she hits the campaign trail, it seems that she still isn't well.  The Democratic presidential nominee was coming to the end of her 20-minute speech to the Black Women's Agenda Workshop in Washington, DC, on Friday [9/16/2016], when she let a couple of coughs slip, The American Mirror reported.

How Bernie Sanders Die-Hards Echo Clinton Conspiracy Theories.  Video footage of the Democratic nominee stumbling as she abruptly departed a 9/11 memorial on Sunday, combined with news that she had contracted pneumonia, has fueled rumors on the right that Clinton may be concealing a far worse medical condition.  But it's not just conservatives indulging in wild speculation.  At least some die-hard supporters of Bernie Sanders are echoing, and in some cases amplifying, unproven claims that Clinton may be covering up serious health problems.

'This Is Much Deeper Than Pneumonia': Ed Klein on Hillary's Health Issues.  Ed Klein, who has been sounding the alarm on Clinton's health for years, says that her collapse had nothing to do with her pneumonia diagnosis.  "This is much deeper than pneumonia," Klein told Steve Doocy on "Fox and Friends" today [9/14/2016].

Friends of Hillary say she has Parkinson's.  Hillary Clinton has stage-three Parkinson's disease and suffers from seizures, according to three sources who have had a personal relationship with the Democratic Party presidential nominee.  The sources, who spoke to WND on condition of anonymity, explained that her seizures or dizzy spells can be triggered by being out in the sun, such as apparently occurred Sunday when she was videoed collapsing as she was escorted into her limousine in New York City.

Hillary Clinton - Ground Zero Analysis.  [Video clip]

Dr. Ted Noel explains why the pneumonia story is bunk, and Hillary likely has Parkinson's.  Dr. Ted Noel, former director of the NovaMed Surgery Center in Orlando, rocketed to fame with a video in which he explained the close match between the signs of Parkinson's disease and Hillary Clinton's visible symptomatic behavior.  Now he has returned to VidZette with a video explaining why the pneumonia story is unlikely to be the entire story.  Instead, the Parkinson's theory — an ailment that affects the mind — is much more likely to be genuine.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton Suffered A Stroke In 2012 & Has Been Covering It Up Ever Since.  That is the possibility forwarded by Dr. Milton Wolf, a medical diagnostic specialist who also happens to be a cousin to Barack Obama.  Dr. Wolf is incredulous that Hillary Clinton's personal physician used a medical test "that doesn't exist" to then state Mrs. Clinton was in good health.  Let that sink in.  Hillary Clinton was just given a clean bill of health via a test that DOESN'T EXIST.

The Clinton Health Update.  [Scroll down]  In addition to being a board-certified internist I am also board-certified in nephrology, the field of kidney disease.  I am therefore expert on how the body handles fluids and electrolytes.  As such, I find Bill's explanation wholly unpersuasive.  Severe dehydration does not occur easily, especially in people who live Hillary's sedentary type of lifestyle.  Perhaps President Clinton was trying to say that Hillary has a problem with fainting spells.  But a number of possible serious illnesses involving the heart or nervous system that may also present in this manner were not addressed in Dr. Bardack's letter.  Similarly, Dr. Bardack's description of what occurred last Sunday is puzzling.

Hillary Clinton's Nonexistent Diagnosis — No Such Condition As "Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia" in ICD-10.  There's something very odd about the diagnosis that Dr. Lisa Bardack has presented for her patient Secretary Hillary Clinton, it doesn't exist.  As you can see from the two-page letter presented today by Hillary Clinton's doctor, she has been diagnosed with "mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia".  However, there's a problem...

Questions about Hillary's health have nothing to do with sexism.  What gets me is how eager those on the left are to give Hillary a pass for covering up details about her questionable health while slamming her critics as enemies trying to block the door of the White House to a woman.  But it's not any woman — just this deceitful one.

How Much Does Hillary Clinton Weigh?  Now that Republican nominee Donald Trump's weight is a subject of discussion in the 2016 presidential election, no one seems to be asking:  How much does Hillary Clinton weigh?

Clinton Fainting Flap Reveals Media's Liberal Bias.  If anyone doubts that (a) Democratic politicians are just as ridiculous as Republicans or (b) the media is liberally biased toward the Democratic candidate, then they haven't turned on a television or surfed on their smartphone this week.  In the wake of Hillary Clinton's collapse/faint/swoon (what do we call it?) leaving a 9/11 memorial Sunday, I've encountered lots of spin coming from apologists.  Here are a few of the worst examples [...]

Roosting with Hillary's chickens.  When she stumbled into her SUV after fainting, or becoming "overheated" or whatever it was on Sunday morning, the Secret Service agents tried to follow agency protocol and take her to the nearest emergency room.  But she insisted that her aides countermand those instructions, and take her to her daughter's apartment, to avoid examination in an unfamiliar emergency room.

When the other shoe drops for Hillary Clinton.  We've had the better part of a week to digest and mull over the events at the 9/11 memorial service where Hillary Clinton "stumbled on her way to the car" (if you listen to many media outlets) or simply collapsed and had to be shoved into her vehicle like a sack of potatoes (if you watch the video).  I understand that it's been discussed pretty much everywhere since then, but there are two points which I keep coming back to and simply can't shake out of my mind.

I'll release more of my medical records says Clinton after bombshell revelation of her secret surgery.  The letter Hillary Clinton's campaign published Wednesday from Dr. Lisa Bardack revealing that the candidate had surgery this year is the last of the medical records it will share.  An aide to Clinton said the Democratic candidate was referring to the letter when she said 'more information' would be coming out soon in a radio interview that aired Thursday [9/15/2016].  The interview was taped before Clinton's campaign revealed that she had surgery quietly in January to alleviate pain she was having in her left ear.

Hillary Humiliated Her Flacks with Her Health Deception.  As this pneumonia episode demonstrates, Clinton's real problem isn't her health but the entirely valid perception that she's dishonest, secretive, and exploits "the system" — including the support of the mainstream media — for her benefit.

It's not the cough.  It's the cover-up.  The real danger of this fainting spell and the shifting explanations is that it will remind voters of all the serial misrepresentations and flat-out lies told by the Clintons during their quarter century on the national stage.

Hillary collapse coverage reveals absurdity of biased media.  It is said that history turns on small hinges, and now maybe the presidential race does, too.  For hinges don't get much smaller than the 20-second video of Hillary Clinton collapsing and being lifted into her security vehicle.  Without it, Americans would still be clueless about Clinton's serious health issues.  Because of it, she was forced to admit she has pneumonia.  Because they were scooped by the video, an army of journalists is now under pressure to report facts instead of covering them up.  Most important, voters got fresh proof that Clinton's first instinct is to lie, and then lie again.

September disaster for Clinton campaign.  Hillary Clinton's health problems — and, in particular, the shocking video of her being helped into a van on Sunday — are the worst developments yet for a campaign that has hit a serious rough patch.  Before the health drama, polls were already tightening, and the Democratic presidential nominee had delivered a semi-apology for asserting that half of Donald Trump's supporters came from a "basket of deplorables."  Democrats aren't in full-on panic mode just yet, but they are worried that a race that had looked comfortable only a few weeks ago is now seriously competitive.  And they expect to be on edge for much of the next week, until the first polls appear indicating how Clinton's battle with pneumonia is affecting the contest.

Email Bombshell:  Hillary Clinton 'Could Barely Climb The Podium Steps'.  One of the biggest bombshells in the leaked Colin Powell emails is the news that Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse informed a Democratic donor that Hillary's health is so bad that she "could barely climb the podium steps" during an event they both attended.  "Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps," Democratic financier Jeffery Leeds said in an email discussion with George W. Bush's former secretary of state.

Pictures don't lie, and neither do dresses.  The Clinton campaign initially tried to make light of it, claiming that their candidate had simply become dehydrated and overheated on an extremely hot summer day.  But as the videotape was played and relentlessly replayed, especially by the cable networks, the campaign was forced to admit publicly that Clinton had actually been suffering from pneumonia.  In denying that there was anything seriously wrong with her, they had been lying to the public.  Now, of course, Americans are wondering whether even this story is something other, or less, than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Pneumonia is a serious affliction, but might she be suffering from something even worse?

Hillary Clinton's doctor reveals secret surgery, steroid treatments and brain scan as she says candidate has bacterial pneumonia.  Hillary Clinton battled a sinus condition so bad that she had surgery and a follow-up brain scan — but never told voters — her doctor revealed for the first time on Wednesday evening [9/14/2016].  The Democratic candidate's health records were partially released after days of prevarication by her campaign and her collapse at New York's 9/11 memorial on Sunday.  But instead of ending speculation over her physical well-being, they contained a bombshell revelation that she had kept secret a condition so serious it led to surgery.

Doctor tells how Hillary kept blood clot secret from her staff — and had nurse travel with her in plain clothes to administer drugs.  Hillary Clinton allowed her staff to mistakenly think that she had a pulled muscle rather than tell them she had a blood clot in 1998.  The Democratic Presidential candidate, who was First Lady at the time, did not correct White House staffers when they assumed the problem with her right leg was due to over exercising.  According to Clinton's doctor at the time, Connie Mariano, 'very few' people knew the truth and her boss refused to take time of the campaign trail for her husband's re-election.

Looks a lot like Granny Clampett
Hillary's health suddenly legitimized as campaign issue by fainting episode at 9/11 memorial service.  All the sneering of the left and their media enablers over "conspiracy theories" about Hillary's health can no longer contain the explosive issue of her physical fitness for office.  At a moment the nation's eyes were focused on her and her rival at the 9/11 ceremonies in New York City, she demonstrated a fragile constitution (and looked like death warmed over).

Why did Hillary Clinton lie about her health?  The most charitable reading of this timeline is that her campaign — presumably with the blessing and perhaps insistence of the candidate — fully intended to keep her illness a secret from the public.  Let's be clear about what this means:  Her campaign intended to lie.  Even though doing so would require her to keep up a public schedule that might well make her condition worse and require ever-more elaborate forms of concealment.  Because, of course, to curtail her schedule would raise questions that might reveal the truth.  So even after she collapsed, the campaign decided the ruse would continue.  It arranged for the candidate to make her curbside declaration of wellness, even bringing on the girl to give her a "spontaneous" hug.  (Clinton's protection detail would never have permitted a genuinely spontaneous embrace on the street, even by a child.)  It's easy to understand why the Clinton campaign would want to keep this kind of news a secret.  The candidate doesn't trust the media.

Poor communication on pneumonia is symptom of Hillary Clinton's press problems.  After her bout with illness became known, Clinton's health became a case study in how she and her team have struggled to communicate with the public, a struggle that is nothing short of Clintonesque.  The Clintons' reluctance to readily release information was again on display as her campaign complicated what could have been a simple explanation and turned it into an all-day drip of information.  "Is there a story, real or imagined, that the Clinton campaign can't make worse?" asked Nevada-based political analyst Jon Ralston.

The answer is obvious:  She doesn't have pneumonia!
Why did Hillary hug a child while suffering from pneumonia?  Candidate embraced young girl despite having a contagious illness.  Hillary Clinton embraced a young child after leaving her daughter's apartment — despite suffering from pneumonia.  The Democratic presidential candidate was diagnosed with the illness after she collapsed at an 'incredibly stifling' 9/11 ceremony in New York.  Pneumonia is a contagious illness that is spread from person-to-person when small droplets of water that contain the bacteria get into the air and people breathe them in.  Those infected usually spread the disease by sneezing while in close contact with others, who then breathe in the bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

After Health Scare, Hillary Clinton Cancels California Fundraising Tour.  Politico reports that Hillary Clinton has canceled her travel plans to California on Monday and Tuesday. [...] The cancellation comes after hours of uncertainty, where her aides were unclear with press whether she would be able to carry on with a planned West Coast fundraising trip on Monday and Tuesday after a medical emergency she experienced during the September 11 commemoration event in New York on Sunday.

Secret Service might have broken protocol during Hillary Clinton's exit from 9/11 event.  The U.S. Secret Service appears to have broken its own protocol with Hillary Clinton's early departure from Sunday's commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at ground zero.  In a widely circulated video of the Democratic presidential nominee's departure from the ceremony, Clinton can be seen leaning against a security bollard and then buckling and stumbling as her security detail helps her into a black van.

Breaking — Clinton Doctor:  "Hillary Has Pneumonia" — Similar Excuse from October 2012.  According to CNN's reporting, Hillary Clinton has been examined — at home — by her personal physician, Lisa Bardack, and has been diagnosed with "pneumonia"; which is also being used as a current reasoning for her cough.  The diagnosis carries with it instructions for extended rest, medication to include antibiotics, and she will again be removed from ongoing campaigning.

Former DNC chairman calls for Clinton contingency plan.  A former Democratic National Committee chairman says President Barack Obama and the party's congressional leaders should immediately come up with a process to identify a potential successor candidate for Hillary Clinton for the off-chance a health emergency forces her out of the race.

What happens if Hillary drops out?  A successor for Hillary Clinton must be found immediately in case pneumonia forces her out of the race, a former Democratic National Committee chair has said.  'Now is the time for all good political leaders to come to the aid of their party,' Don Fowler, who chaired the DNC from 1995 to 1997, said Monday [9/12/2016].  'I think the plan should be developed by 6 o'clock this afternoon.'  Fowler — who has supported Hillary Clinton since her 2008 presidential bid — said the Democrats risk infighting without a proper contingency plan, Politico reported.

The Democrats have one very sick candidate.  Numerous conservative websites are reporting on the fact that prior to Hillary's possible seizure and collapse at the 9/11 ceremony, she was wearing a pair of cobalt blue sunglasses.  They note that Z1 cobalt blue lenses manufactured by Zeiss are known to have a preventive effect on seizures associated with epilepsy and are widely used for that purpose.  Such lenses block most of the red spectrum of light, that part considered most likely to induce seizures in people who have photo-sensitivities associated with neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson's, which share some common symptoms.

How the media failed America with the #HillarysHealth story.  Let's zoom out to the biggest issue encompassing the way the media has handled the question of Hillary's health over the past several months.  Any report, speculation or question regarding the health of the Democratic Party's candidate for president was met with derision, mockery and shame.  This, despite the fact, that Clinton has clearly been plagued with a lingering cough ever since the early days of her campaign in Iowa.

Hillary Clinton health scare underscores campaign's initial instinct to conceal.  Hillary Clinton's campaign scrambled Monday [9/12/2016] to put to rest questions about her health, promising to release additional medical records and blaming her near-collapse a day earlier on the candidate's "breakneck pace" and refusal to slow down despite a bout of pneumonia.  Even so, the Democratic presidential nominee's team took a lot of flak for its initial instinct to conceal:  keeping reporters in the dark for nearly two hours after the incident, then calling it a mere case of "overheating," and finally admitting to a two-day-old pneumonia diagnosis only after video surfaced of Mrs. Clinton collapsing.

Secret Service Reportedly Broke Protocol to Keep Clinton Out of ER.  Hillary Clinton's handlers reportedly told Secret Service agents not to take the Democratic candidate to a hospital emergency room after she collapsed while leaving a 9/11 commemoration event in New York City.  The New York Post reports sources say Secret Service protocol called for Clinton to be taken a "state-designated Level I Trauma Center" after her medical episode on Sunday.  "But a campaign operative decided to change course to avoid treatment by doctors, nurses or other medical workers who could leak details to reporters," the report states.

What is Metrocare Home Services and why are they located in Chelsea Clinton's Apartment?  After collapsing yesterday at the 9/11 Memorial, Hillary Clinton was taken to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton's apartment at THE WHITMAN BUILDING, 21 EAST 26TH STREET, 4TH FLOOR- FLATIRON DISTRICT, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10010.  In fact, the Secret Service was going to follow protocol and take Mrs. Clinton to Bellevue Hospital, but several Clinton campaign aides demanded that the ailing Democrat nominee be taken to her daughter's place.  Strangely, Chelsea Clinton's 10.5 million dollar apartment shares an address with a company known as METROCARE HOME SERVICES, INC. 21 East 26th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010.  They have the same address on the same floor and there is only one apartment per floor in the building.

Hillary Clinton Flat Out Lied About Health Situation and Here is Proof.  We live in astonishing times when a nominee for President of the United States can flat out lie on a consistent basis and the associated base doesn't appear to care.  But while hardcore Democrats are giving the story a pass, the rest of the world is today in shock.  This because Hillary Clinton is now fully exposed as a candidate who chooses a lie over the truth wherever and whenever possible.  Exposed due to her blatant lie about her health over the weekend.

Video surfaces showing what Hillary got moments before collapsing.  One of the talents Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton frequently exhibits, besides lying, is her ability to find myriad scapegoats and excuses for her behavior.  Recently, she's blamed her troubling coughing fits and "fainting" on allergies... then overheating... and then pneumonia.  Despite the campaign "coming clean" two days after the candidate's pneumonia diagnosis — and swears there are no further "undisclosed" conditions (means so much coming from them, doesn't it?) — there are still many who believe the pneumonia diagnosis just doesn't add up.  Not only did Hillary sway and then stumble in the now-infamous video before she collapsed as she departed the ceremony, she was wearing anti-seizure sunglasses.

15 Episodes of Hillary Clinton Health Problems.  This weekend, Hillary Clinton had a very public stumble, and even The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza admitted her health had become a major campaign issue (one week after dismissing the issue out of hand).  The video of her fainting after the 9/11 memorial ceremony went viral, but even that video is one in a long list of public struggles Clinton has had with her health. [...] That being said, the list of Clinton's health maladies is long and publicly documented.  It involves a number of recurring themes, especially blood clots and coughing fits.  Many of her maladies are likely time-limited, and there is no guarantee that she still suffers from her 2012 concussion, for example.  Here is the list of public health struggles Clinton has had, in chronological order, since 1998.

Is this Hillary's undercover nurse?  Pictures show mystery woman appearing to check Clinton's pulse as she clutches her heart before her collapse at 9/11 memorial.  Hillary Clinton is facing new questions over whether she brought her personal doctor, Lisa Bardack, to the 9/11 memorial where she collapsed.  The Democratic candidate had a woman at her side throughout her time there — and as she was escorted away, the woman appeared to check Clinton's pulse.  She also held Clinton's hand in a way which it has been suggested may have been some sort of neurological test.  The woman was also seen whispering in Clinton's ear in a video taken of VIPs at the commemoration.

Hillary Clinton's 'undercover nurse checks pulse' as Clinton clutches her heart.  Mysterious photos reportedly showing a woman checking Hillary Clinton's pulse have sparked online rumours that the US presidential candidate has a undercover nurse.  Hillary Clinton was filmed collapsing at Sunday's 9/11 memorial service in New York before being hauled into a van by a secret service staff.  Now photos have emerged of a woman, wearing a navy blue dress, as she holds the arm of Mrs Clinton while appearing to check Mrs Clinton's heart beat.

Clinton Press Secretary Nick Merrill Standing Directly Behind Hillary During Collapse.  How committed are the Clinton campaign officials to hiding her medical condition?  It would appear much more so than even the most cynical media are considering.  Remember, the issue with Hillary Clinton's health is not so much that she is sick (voter sympathy), but more an issue of how far her campaign is willing to go to hide the fact that she is sick in order to achieve her/their lust for power (voter fraud).  In the video of Hillary Clinton's collapse on September 11th, understandably everyone focuses attention on Hillary herself.  However, almost no-one is discussing Hillary Clinton's traveling press secretary Nick Merrill. [...] Yes, there is much more to the Clinton Health Story because the contradictions are like blazing and shooting off obvious flares right now.  Mrs. Clinton may indeed have Parkinson's disease, or something similar.

Hillary Clinton told her family and she told her aides that she had pneumonia - then she told them to keep it secret.  Hillary Clinton kept information about her pneumonia diagnosis limited to a tight circle of family and friends — who got the clear indication that it was to be kept under wraps.  Clinton herself as acknowledged she minimized the diagnosis, and her communications aides have acknowledged that the situation wasn't handled well.

Did Clinton just lose the election?  No one wants to see a presidential candidate sick, and no one wants to see a wife, mother and grandmother take ill.  I truly wish Hillary a complete recovery from her pneumonia and God's blessings for good health.  But in the stagger outside the 9/11 memorial I saw the collapse of Hillary's bid for president.  Not that this necessarily means that she will lose the election, but rather that the certainty of her victory is now gone forever.

Complete Timeline of Hillary's Health.  Sick Hillary Clinton's health problems, which hit a new crescendo with her seizure on 9/11, date back to at least 2009. What is being called "Hillary's pneumonia" after she passed out during a September 11th memorial, and which the hoaxing media is treating like an "isolated incident," is part of a lengthy health history that includes:
  •   Multiple falls since 2005 — one leading to a broken elbow and another to a concussion
  •   Emails from Huma indicating sick Hillary is "often confused"
  •   Lengthy naps
  •   Lesion/biopsy of a tongue
  •   Repeated coughing fits
  •   Inability to stand without a stool
  •   Several mini-seizures
  •   Peculiar travel habits, including taking a private jet on 20 mile trips

Hillary Didn't Stumble — She Could Not Stand.  A careful viewing of the 9/11 ceremony video shows that Hillary did not stumble, as media reports claim.  In the first few seconds, Hillary is being propped up in a standing position.  She could not stand on her own.  An aide is standing to the candidate's left supporting her with an arm under Hillary's left armpit.  She clearly is being held erect by an aide.

Hillary Clinton's health is now a real issue.  Clinton's health is no longer a background issue in the presidential race.  The footage of her entry to her ride out is especially troubling:  She's leaning oddly backward as she waits, and plainly almost collapses as she moves toward the vehicle; a mob of aides then conveys her inside.  Also telling is that her staff avoided alerting the press that travels with her — and were left to catch up after noticing her missing.  Clinton's brief walkabout some 90 minutes later, after she'd rested in daughter Chelsea's apartment, settles nothing.  Nor does word late Sunday that she has pneumonia.  We hadn't made much of Clinton's long coughing fit last week, but that now seems more disturbing, too.

Chelsea's "Apartment" Was Really Metrocare Home Services.  Seems Chelsea doesn't live at that "apartment" anymore.  You know the one at where Hillary Clinton went yesterday after her collapse?  It turns out 21 east is/was MetroCare Home Services (on the fourth floor). I'm sure that's purely a coincidence that Hillary Clinton went there and now the .gov site says it's there for "historical purposes" or something.

10 Pictures of Hillary Clinton Wobbling and Then Collapsing Today That Legacy Media Will Never Show You.  They now claim it's "pneumonia", but Hillary has had a longstanding and persistent cough that has defied treatment and couldn't possibly be a months-long case of walking pneumonia.  In short, Hillary is very ill.  She can't stand up without supporting herself using railings, stools, tables, chairs, her mysterious Epipen-equipped handler, and — of course — Huma Abedin.  Her latest health scare involved collapsing into her wheelchair lift-equipped van, nearly knocking herself out.  Of course, the media are doing their level best to cover it up.

Clinton 'overheated' on coolest day, just 75 degrees, breezy.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's buckling to pneumonia Sunday, requiring her to be whisked away from a 9/11 ceremony at New York's Ground Zero, was the temperature of just 75-77 degrees, one of the coolest in the past month.

Hillary Clinton Collapses — Metal Object Falls From Inside Right Pant Leg.  Today in New York Hillary Clinton Collapsed.  There are three videos below showing the episode.  In the last video (#3) it is clear that a metal object falls from the right pant leg of Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary's Health no Longer just a Conspiracy Theory.  Hillary Clinton attended the 9/11 tributes and remembrances Sunday morning in New York City.  Donald Trump was there too along with thousands of 9/11 family members, memorializing the fallen and showing American fortitude 15 years after that tragic day.  For Mrs. Clinton, it was a difficult morning.  She stumbled and nearly fell as she attempted to get into her waiting van.  She was literally held up and dragged into the van.  Her press pool was kept away meaning the only video evidence of her collapse was from a few bystanders.  Media reports described it as a "medical episode."

If Hillary is So Healthy, Why is She Traveling with a Neurologist?  It looks pretty obvious that Hillary Clinton over the last 4 years at least has shown symptoms and signs of suffering from Advanced Parkinson's Disease.  She had a fall in 2012.  She has suffered with problems of balance and walking.  She's showed signs of tremors with her hands and head nodding.  She's even shown recent signs of "freezing" and uncontrollable "coughing spells".  Ask some doctors like Dr. Drew and others and you might be surprised to know all the symptoms are connected to Parkinson's Disease.

Here's what an actual doctor says about that Hillary collapse video and it's not good.  Dr. Milton Wolf is a solid conservative in Kansas who was targeted by the Mitch McConnell and the Republican Establishment back in 2014.  He's also a medical doctor and he says there's more to Hillary's health condition than they are telling us.

Roberts: Democrats Whispering Clinton Might Step Aside From Race.  Cokie Roberts said Monday [9/12/2016] on NPR that there were whispers by Democratic Party establishment members that Hillary Clinton may have to step aside from the race because of her health, Mediaite reports.  Clinton's health has become the central focus of the campaign after she was forced to leave Sunday's Sept. 11 memorial in New York and was taped almost collapsing and getting helped into a van.  Her campaign later revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, leading to criticism for keeping the illness secret for two days.

Clinton recovering after health episode, cancels Calif. trip.  An ill Hillary Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 anniversary ceremony Sunday [9/12/2016] and needed to be held up by three people before she appeared to stumble off a curb and was helped into a van.

The News Media's Miscalculation on Hillary's Health.  I join with many Americans who wish Clinton the best, and a speedy recovery from what her doctors say is a case of pneumonia and dehydration.  But the incident raises questions about the news media's coverage surrounding Clinton's health.  Rather than reporting the facts, many in the media have taken it upon themselves to shout down the questions and to controversialize those asking them.

Here's What Would Happen if Hillary Clinton Dropped Out of Election Due to Illness.  On Sunday morning, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton left a September 11 memorial ceremony in New York City after about 90 minutes, with video showing her stumbling towards a car that took her to her daughter Chelsea's apartment.  The Clinton camp said at the time that she was overheated after standing outside for the memorial, but there was speculation over whether there might be a more serious issue.  As it turns out, there was.

Clinton scare shakes up the race.  Hillary Clinton's health — long the obsession of conspiracy theorists — emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue after Clinton nearly swooned and stumbled at a Sept. 11 commemoration, underscoring the sense that that summer's sure-thing candidate is flagging at a pivotal moment.

The Clinton campaign's bad damage control just made the health story even worse.  The bigger issue is the secretive manner in which Clinton's campaign managed the incident.  It is an approach that is sure to prove counterproductive than if reporters had been allowed to follow Clinton out of the ceremony or if aides had been faster to address her condition.  A lack of information always makes journalists wonder whether something more serious is being kept hidden.  It just does.

Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia before incident at 9/11 event, campaign says.  Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, according to her campaign.  In a statement released Sunday after Mrs. Clinton collapsed at a Sept. 11 memorial event in New York, Dr. Lisa Bardack said she made the diagnosis while examining the candidate's recent coughing incidents.  The former first lady "was diagnosed with pneumonia.  She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule," Dr. Bardack said in a statement released by the campaign Sunday afternoon.

Clinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment.  Hillary Clinton was headed to an emergency room following her sudden collapse during the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony — but ditched her NYPD escort and detoured to daughter Chelsea Clinton's apartment to keep details of her medical treatment under wraps, The [New York] Post has learned.  Secret Service protocol called for the Democratic presidential nominee to be rushed to a state-designated Level I Trauma Center in the wake of her Sunday morning health crisis, sources said.  In Manhattan, that would be Bellevue Hospital.  But a campaign operative decided to change course to avoid having Clinton seen by doctors, nurses and other medical workers who could leak details to reporters, according to a source.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino on Hillary Clinton's Faint: 'I've Never Seen a Protectee Go Down Like That, Ever'.  Former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino spoke to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow Monday morning [9/12/2016] about Hillary Clinton's medical condition.  Asked for his thoughts on a seemingly incapacitated Hillary Clinton being dragged into a van by Secret Service agents Sunday morning, Bongino said, "This is severe.  I was in the Secret Service for twelve years.  I must have done security, or been part of a security plan, at close to five-hundred sites, if not more.  I've never seen a protectee go down like that, ever."

Hillary's dishonesty more damaging than pneumonia.  Here's what happens when you lie all the time: people stop believing anything you say.  That is the problem today for Hillary Clinton.  Her staff says she has pneumonia.  Maybe.  Some are doubtful.  After all, hours before that announcement, her campaign told us that her sudden exit from an important event was because she was "overheated."  That apparently was a lie.  Or was the pneumonia report a lie?  Who knows?

Hillary Clinton may drop out of election:  Democrats 'line up candidates amid health scare'.  TOP democrats are meeting to "consider" a replacement for Hillary Clinton after the presidential candidate fainted due to a bout of pneumonia at a 9/11 memorial service, sources have claimed.  Meanwhile planned campaign stops have been dropped by the presidential candidate as she modifies her schedule following doctor's orders.  The 68-year-old was rushed out of a 9/11 commemoration service today suffering from a "medical episode", according to a law enforcement witness.

Hillary's Health Is a Media Scandal.  As this incident makes painfully clear, to report facts that the media choose to suppress makes one a "conspiracy theorist," at least until the facts become too obvious for the media to ignore.  The irony is that if there were no prior health incidents, Hillary's collapse on Sunday would not have been much of an issue.  Instead, it is a major issue, maybe the dominant campaign issue, only because the conspiracy theorists chronicled Hillary's previous problem moments.

Matt Drudge Vindicated By Hillary Fainting Episode.  Hillary Clinton's fainting episode at a 9/11 memorial Sunday morning was preceded by months of Matt Drudge, the proprietor of the Drudge Report, claiming that Hillary's health is worse than she lets on to the public.  Video of the incident shows Clinton going limp before being carried into a van by Secret Service agents.  The Clinton campaign first downplayed the incident as "overheating," before later blasting out a note from Clinton's doctor saying she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday [9/9/2016].  Drudge again called attention to Clinton's health last week after she had a severe coughing fit last Monday that lasted almost two minutes.

Hillary Clinton:  Release Your Medical Records Or Quit The Race.  The most charitable reading of the events over the weekend is that the campaign purposely misled the American public about Hillary Clinton's current medical condition.  The less charitable — and more likely — reading is that Clinton is still hiding a far more serious health issue.  Either way, the public deserves a full accounting before November.

Hillary's Collapse Puts Her Health Front and Center.  Hillary Clinton's health has been a significant issue in the presidential race for a while, in my opinion.  But after she reportedly fainted or collapsed at a September 11 observance in New York and had to be helped or carried into a van, losing a shoe in the process, no one can deny that her ability to perform the demanding job of President is legitimately in doubt.  One wonders, too, what will happen if she is unable to continue as the Democrats' nominee.  Is there a federal statute governing withdrawal of a presidential candidate?  Is it up to the party to determine how to select a substitute nominee?

Hillary Clinton's health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign.  Hillary Clinton falling ill Sunday morning at a memorial service on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks will catapult questions about her health from the ranks of conservative conspiracy theory to perhaps the central debate in the presidential race over the coming days.  "Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen," spokesman Nick Merrill said.  "During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter's apartment and is feeling much better."  What that statement leaves out is that a) it came 90 minutes after Clinton left the ceremony b) reporters — or even a reporter — were not allowed to follow her and c) the temperature in New York City at the time of Clinton's overheating was in the low 80s.

Hillary Clinton collapses as she is helped into her van after being rushed from 9/11 memorial.  Video has surfaced of Hillary Clinton appearing to collapse as she was led into a van after suffering a 'medical episode' during the 9/11 memorial service.  The Democratic presidential candidate is seen standing on a curb near the World Trade Center when she suddenly appeared unable to stand.  She seems to nearly fall to the ground before she is caught by her aides, who hold her up.  Her security detail then had to help her into the van by grabbing each of her arms.

Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 ceremony suffering from 'medical episode'.  The Democratic nominee appeared to faint as she was helped into a van while her campaign team confirmed she "overheated".  US journalist Rick Leventhal said:  "Source tells me Hillary Clinton 'clearly having some type of medical episode'."  The unnamed security source said the 68-year-old Democratic nominee "had to be helped into her van by her protective detail" at the World Trade Center.

Hillary's Abandons Stage after Another Coughing Attack!  How long are you going to be pulling this cough business without ever discussing whats going on?  Is it disqualifying?  Please, the campaign can't keep feeding her the excuses like all that "pollen" in the air this time around.  You are indoors.  It seems that another one of Hillary Clinton's coughing attacks set off another long string of hacking and death rattle talking while she was address yet another group of Americans... and this time, she just couldn't even power through this one (not that she fared any better from the other attempts) and had to take a leave off the stage she was speaking on.

The Truth About sick Hillary Clinton that the Media Won't Tell You.  Sick Hillary Clinton has health problems, and she also treats the media like trash.  While it's great she treats the media as they deserve to be treated, the media covers up for her.  Trump, the media claims, is mean to the media even though Trump had 17 press conferences where as Hillary didn't have one for 280 days.

Hillary Clinton To Withdraw From Public For Next Five Days.  Late yesterday [9/9/2016], D.C. Whispers indicated Hillary Clinton's intention to withdraw from public view for the next five days — a report that has been subsequently confirmed via other media outlets.  Now this video from Mrs. Clinton's last public appearance yesterday is circulating among alternative media and various readers that shows a very fatigued Hillary Clinton who has to abruptly cut off her statements after standing on stage for about six minutes and then shuffle slowly away, coughing, and appearing to gasp for breath right before getting herself out of sight of the cameras:

Team Hillary Puts Media On Notice To Not Question Her Health.  She's working the refs, and, since most of them are in the bag for her, it'll probably work, especially since the majority are already defending Coughing Hillary against any charges or "just wonderings" regarding her health[.] [...] So, instead of showing documents that she is healthy, and there is a good reason for the constant coughing which would send most of us running to the doctor, they're going to attack and, most likely, attempt to destroy any who bring it up.  She told the FBI 39 times that she couldn't recall because of her concussion.  She has a lot of falls.  These aren't conspiracy theories.  They're facts.  Do they show a picture of a woman in good health?

She's Sick.  [Dr. Ted] Noel isn't the only medical doctor raising questions about Clinton's physical fitness for the presidency; in fact, he isn't by any means the most prominent.  Dr. Drew Pinsky, the host of "Dr. Drew On Call" on HLN, offered serious concerns about her health in a guest spot on a Los Angeles radio show Aug. 17.  Pinsky said he was "gravely concerned about not just her health but her health care," referring to the prism glasses Clinton was seen wearing after the 2012 fall she suffered that led to a serious concussion.  "That is brain damage, and it's affecting her balance," Pinsky said.  "Now clearly, it hasn't affected her cognition, but tell us a little more about that.  That's profound."  The appearance was on "McIntyre in the Morning" on KABC radio, and the segment was pulled from the station's online archive.  The Washington Free Beacon preserved a transcript.  And by August 26, CNN — HLN's parent company — had announced Pinsky's six-year run on their air would be ending on September 22.

Hillary's 'mystery man' spotted during blood-clot hospitalization.  The "mystery man" re-appeared Thursday [9/8/2016] in new video in which he's shown tailing the Democrat nominee, who is shielded from view as she exits her van:  [Video clip]  In fact, the man has been apparently tailing the Clintons since at least January of 2013 — more than two years before Hillary announced her run for president.  He was reportedly spotted in a vehicle with former President Bill Clinton three years ago, according to London's Daily Express.  A photo caption said the two were leaving the New York Presbyterian Hospital after visiting Hillary, who was receiving treatment for a blood clot in her head that was discovered following a concussion.

The Science is Settled:  Most Doctors Says Granny Clinton's Health a Serious Concern.  The overwhelming consensus is something is seriously wrong with Grandma, so the questions aren't going away, despite all the efforts at intimidation.

Hillary's Health Concerns Serious, Say Most Doctors Polled by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health are "serious — could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.," say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). [...] More than 78% said the health concerns had received "not enough emphasis" in the media, and only 2.7% that there had been "too much emphasis."  Nearly two-thirds said that a physician who had a concern about a candidate's fitness to serve for health reasons should "make the concerns known to the public."

If You Question Hillary's Health, Sarah Silverman Thinks You're [Bad].  How DARE you talk about her coughing fits and her memory loss and all the other bizarre things that have come up.

Republican congressman says conservatives should pray for Hillary Clinton instead of mocking her — because she's 'mentally impaired' and has 'special needs'.  A tea party Texas Republican congressman said Friday [9/9/2016] that it's un-Christian to 'make fun of people who are impaired' or 'have special needs' — like Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  Speaking at the Value Voters Summit in Washington, an annual gathering of evangelical political activists, Rep. Louie Gohmert said that 'whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton has made clear she is mentally impaired.'  'This is not somebody you should be making fun of.'  While a hotel ballroom full of conservatives laughed along, Gohmert leveled new questions at Clinton about her health and mental fitness to be president.

Hillary Clinton has 'one year to live' US Presidential candidate in shock new health claim.  Hillary Clinton is suffering from advanced vascular dementia and has just one year to live, according to shock new medical claims.  The 68-year-old, who has repeatedly denied she is battling serious health issues, has "never recovered" from a serious blood clot in 2012 which "triggered" the degenerative disease.  And she is already in the latter stages of the illness as recent "complex partial seizures" show and "extremely unlikely" to live beyond 18 months.

Candidate health [is] important to voters.  Nearly nine out of 10 people believe a candidate's health is an important issue to consider before voting.  But a new Rasmussen report found that just one in six Democrats think Hillary Clinton's medical condition is a legitimate concern.  Three-quarters of left-leaning voters say the media and public are raising questions about the Democratic nominee's health in an attempt to bloody her image.  Across the aisle, it's a different story.  Three-quarters of Republicans are seriously concerned about Clinton's health.

Hillary's Latest 'Brain Freeze' Stumps Doctors.  Two prominent physicians sounded an alarm about Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton's suspect health just as a video of her appeared revealing what the Drudge Report labeled "another brain freeze."  There long have been questions about Clinton's health, from her tripping and falling, to reports of blood clots, to special glasses that she used during the Benghazi congressional hearings.  But those incidents happened before she formally entered the presidential race.

Hillary Is The Worst Dressed Woman In America.  I am sure that we can all agree that when it comes to a wardrobe, Hillary is no slave to fashion.  People talk about Trump not being presidential enough, look at hillary, half the time she looks like a bag lady.  Why does she often look like she hasn't washed her hair in a month?

No, it's not "sexist" to ask about Hillary's health.  It's journalism.  While Donald Trump criss-crosses America with stadium-sized rallies, Hillary Clinton does about one public event a week.  She just had her first public event in days, and it turned into a violent coughing fit.  It went on for a solid two minutes.

"Hillary's Handler" is Secret Service Agent Todd Madison.  A former Secret Service agent has confirmed the identity of Hillary Clinton's mysterious 'medical handler' as US Secret Service Agent Todd Madison.  The retired Secret Service agent, who spent 20 years protecting America's top leaders including the Clinton's, confirmed by telephone Wednesday [9/7/2016] that the stocky African American man highlighted by various media outlets, was a man he worked with previously on assignment.

Are Clinton's memory lapses a health issue, or just dishonest dodging?  The stories about Hillary Clinton's failing health at first glance seemed like more vapors from the gaseous swamp of this year's toxic presidential race.  The coughing fits, a photo showing her being assisted in walking up a set of stairs, taking off weekends from the campaign trail, it all seemed like just another political chew toy for conservative websites to gnaw on, but which had little practical meaning for most voters.

Questions about Hillary's health.  Is there a woman anywhere who wants a reputation for ethics, character and feminine grace like Hillary's?  She, like candidates before her, may not like the questions, but voters have the right to ask candidates, and particularly candidates for president, any question they please. [...] The questions the Hillary campaign are trying to put off limits now are the legitimate questions about Hillary's health.  She has a well-documented record of coughing fits, fainting, stumbling up and down stairs, and uncontrolled giggling and snorting at inappropriate times.  There may be good and sufficient reasons for all that, but it's not against anybody's rules to ask what they are.

6 more doctors raise questions about Hillary's health.  Monday [9/5/2016], after repeatedly interrupting her speech with coughs at a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, Hillary had another coughing fit when she was speaking to the press on board her plane. [...] Dr.  Drew was silenced when CNN cancelled his TV show on HLN (CNN is the parent company of HLN). [...] But other physicians are speaking out.

10 Prominent Doctors Question Hillary's Health.  Despite what one physician described as an "outbreak of vituperation and anger" against those with opinions about Hillary Clinton's health, more doctors are expressing concerns during the 2016 race to the White House.

Media's Orwellian censorship on Hillary Clinton's health.  [Scroll down]  ["]I don't like it, and privately I've said to some of my friends what's happening with some of the media companies in their coverage of this election, I've never seen anything like it.  It's scary, how they're not even booking guests to do opposing views.  It's just these non-stop propaganda segments against Trump about how he's so racist, these emotional knee-jerk points over and over again — that he's racist, that he's sexist, and he's this and he's that.  But they're ignoring one really big issue that's starting to bubble up on the Internet.["]

'She doesn't have the energy': Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton was too tired to campaign properly.  Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton Monday for allegedly being too tired to campaign properly.  His remarks came during a pair of dueling Labor Day press conferences that he and Clinton held simultaneously on their separate private jets.  'She didn't have energy to go to Louisiana and she didn't have the energy to go to Mexico,' Trump said, when asked about last Wednesday's controversial visit to the Central American country.

The Editor says...
Note to the British press:  Mexico is in North America, not Central America.

Hillary coughing attack at Cleveland union rally.  Hillary Clinton had another coughing attack today, and it was perhaps the most devastating yet as she tries to knock down questions about her health status.  Clinton began coughing repeatedly while addressing unionists in Cleveland, and it appeared she even had trouble breathing.  [Video clip]

Coughing fit causes concern over Clinton's health, sparks sarcastic viral hashtags.  The hashtags for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and VP pick Tim Kaine sound like a pediatrician's superheros:  #HackingHillary and #CoughDropMan.  After Clinton suffered two coughing fits, though, they're being used to question her health.  From concussions to coughing, Clinton has long been dogged by concerns over her health, and whether it will prevent her from being an effective leader in the White House.  On Monday, those questions again came to the forefront of the election cycle after she suffered two coughing fits on the campaign trail.

The Real Reason Hillary's Health Is an Issue.  So why should we concern ourselves with Hillary Clinton's relatively minor (most probably) coughing fits?  For the most obvious reason:  like virtually everything else, she lies about it!  As the age-old legal principle goes, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.  Her health is yet another example of Clinton's pathological tilt toward dishonesty.  Her first response to anything almost always is to prevaricate.

Hillary Clinton coughs and a nation listens.  Though Democrats insist Clinton merely has seasonal allergies, Republicans argue her cough suggests a more problematic health issue.  Meanwhile, everyone is left to sigh and wonder:  When is a cough "just" a cough — and when do you need a doctor?

This Is Why You Don't See Hillary Much.  Hillary's cough reportedly has nothing to do with the respiratory tract.  It's to do with perhaps early onset Parkinson's or something to do with the thyroid.  All I know is that Drew Pinsky had a show on Headline News, and he got fired.  He's a doctor, and he expressed grave concern for her as a doctor.  Now, he admitted he hadn't diagnosed her, but he expressed grave concern, and they got rid of him.  So they're keeping this close to the vest, and the Drive-Bys are trying to cover it up, clearly.  You have to go searching for this.  This is not in anybody in the Drive-By Media's news cycle.  But when you hear this — and believe me, hearing it is just as powerful as seeing it.  I mean, you know what somebody looks like when they cough.  She's turning away from the microphone when she coughs, and she just can't stop.  You couple that with all these other things like we don't see her for days at a time, and they tell us, "Well, she's resting and recuperating."  From what, we don't know.

NBC faces criticism for Clinton cough story.  NBC News is facing harsh criticism from Hillary Clinton's campaign and her supporters for publishing an article on a coughing fit the Democratic presidential nominee experienced on Monday in Cleveland.  The five-paragraph story, "Hillary Clinton Fights Back Coughing Attack," noted that Clinton quickly turned the coughing issue into a dig at her GOP rival, Donald Trump.

Hillary dissolves into coughing fits twice, wrecking her media strategy.  The health issue is starting to gain prominence in voters' minds, as Hillary's low-key schedule, need for pillows to prop her up and help climbing stairs, and occasional coughing fits create the impression of fragility.  Yesterday's debut of Hillary Clinton's new campaign plane, a B-737 capable of holding media in the back, was intended to unveil a new, more accessible, and healthy-looking Hillary.  But unfortunately for the Democrats' nominee, the heavy makeup and arts of coiffure failed in their mission of projecting health and vigor.  Instead, yesterday can only intensify concerns for her health.  First she had a nearly two-minute long hacking and coughing incident in Cleveland.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton is caught up in a marathon coughing fit and struggles to speak in Cleveland.  Hillary Clinton caught a case of dry mouth on Monday afternoon that caused her to choke and cough through the first few minutes of her stump speech at a Labor Day event.  Clinton welled up as the coughing fit continued and told a park full of people in Cleveland, Ohio, that it was an 'allergic reaction' to Donald Trump.  'Every time I think about Trump I get allergic,' she whispered before she whipped out a glass of water from behind the podium and took a big gulp.

CNN 'demanded Dr Drew take back comments on Hillary Clinton's health just days before his show was axed'.  Dr Drew Pinksy was allegedly told by CNN to take back his comments about Hillary Clinton's health.  Days later HLN is alleged to have cut him loose when he refused.  Pinsky's show Dr Drew On Call on HLN, which is the sister network of CNN, will go off air on September 22.  He allegedly told a friend that Clinton supporters are so rampant in their distaste for him he said he 'just want them to go away', a source told Page Six.

FBI holiday weekend document drop is devastating to Hillary.  [Scroll down]  Hillary Clinton has admitted to a disability due to her brain injury.  It is time for a discussion of Woodrow Wilson, the disastrous progressive segregationist who was disabled through much of his second term, and whose wife was de facto president of the United States, because his disability was hidden from the American public.  Bill Clinton's role as first spouse is already problematic, especially considering the manner in which he defiled the Oval Office.  The possibility that he could end up exercising de facto presidential power in an unconstitutional third term is not anything that will comfort the Sanders faction.

A Candidate's Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election.  The presidential election could be delayed or scrapped altogether if conspiracy theories become predictive and a candidate dies or drops out before Nov. 8.  The perhaps equally startling alternative, if there's enough time:  Small groups of people hand-picking a replacement pursuant to obscure party rules.  The scenarios have been seriously considered by few outside of the legal community and likely are too morbid for polite discussion in politically mixed company.  But prominent law professors have pondered the effects and possible ways to address a late-date vacancy.

Hospital gown?
Hillary Emerges From Hiding — And It Doesn't Look Good.  After days of behind-closed-doors rest, a few hours of strategy sessions, and by-phone fundraising, Hillary Clinton emerged this morning from hiding somehow looking a LOT worse for wear.

Here's an event ideally suited for pay-per-view:
Obama's former doctor:  Clinton should have neurological exam.  During an interview on CNN, Dr. David Scheiner argued that Clinton's note from her doctor isn't enough.  The letter details that Clinton had follow-up testing in 2013 that showed a full recovery from a concussion and that she tested negative for clotting disorders.  "I think she should have had a neurological examination, a thorough neurological examination in 2016," Scheiner said Tuesday night [8/30/2016].  "We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability.  I think both of them should release their records."

Confessions of A Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Operative.  Clinton has nearly a thousand paid moving parts in her massive campaign.  Our source was well placed and worked with the candidate on a daily basis, or whenever Clinton would show up for work. [...] We are going bullet format here for simplicity to highlight the dirt dished by Clinton's ex-campaign guru.  Did you know:
  •   Only a small group of people running her campaign know the specifics of Hillary's health issues.  But she is suffering from something.  She sleeps approximately 18 hours a day.  And some days, she sleeps more.  "I'm serious," the former operative said.  "This is why no one sees her."
  •   The campaign will NEVER release her medical files to the public.  In contrast, they feel if the opposition continues to hammer the issue, it will create a backlash of sympathy that will likely help Hillary in Nov. when voters could ultimately feel the GOP is picking on Hillary because she is a woman.

Ex-Clinton Staffer:  Hillary Very Ill; Sleeping Up to 18 Hours a Day.  It would therefore appear that the Democrats have nominated a very sickly woman who won't speak to the press for fear of putting her foot in her mouth.  Not to mention a person who is as crooked as a corkscrew.

Slovenly title=
Either she's really cocky or really sick.  This woman looks as if she tumbled out of bed moments before her speech, hobbled to the bathroom, rifled through the hamper, grabbed the first pantsuit that passed the armpit sniff test, threw it on, and stumbled out to meet her plane.  Did she forget to pack shampoo?!  Is her make-up artist on vacation?!  I mean seriously.  This is the woman we mocked last year for getting a six hundred dollar haircut.

Media Orgs Donate to Clinton Foundation Then Downplay Clinton Foundation Scandal.  Hillary Clinton and her media allies have been working overtime to put out numerous fires that continue to pop up and spread during the final weeks of her campaign for president.  Recently, the flames have gotten more difficult to smother as reports of Clinton's frail health have bled into the mainstream media, despite the unanimous and unilateral decision by the MSM to treat anyone who even raises a question as akin to a Holocaust denier.  (On Sunday night, for example, Huffington Post fired contributor David Seaman and deleted his columns simply for linking to a Hillary health video that's been viewed four million times.)

Huffington Post silences journalist for questioning Hillary's health.  Journalist David Seaman has been terminated from the Huffington Post for the crime of reporting on Hillary Clinton's health.  Two of his articles on the topic were removed from the site last night, and he has yet to be given any explanation for the disappearance.

Google is manipulating searches about Hillary Clinton's health.  [Scroll down]  This isn't the first time Google has been accused of bias in favor of Hillary Clinton.  SourceFed originally reported that Google appeared to be burying negative search terms about Clinton, and revealed connections between the tech company and her campaign.

Clinton's empty schedule causes more speculation over health concerns.  Hillary Clinton won't be making appearances for quite some time.  She doesn't have anything scheduled on her calendar, which you can view for yourself.  She only has events organized by other people.  What does that mean?  Is she not well?  Is she resting?  Is she undergoing treatment for anything?

HuffPo Writer Finds Out What Happens When You Mention "Hillary's Health".  Just like Dr.  Drew Pinsky, Huffington Post writer/author, David Seamon, finds out what happens if you discuss Hillary Clinton's health. You get the Clinton scrub.

Hillary's Coughing and the Debates.  Hillary's uncontrolled coughing will be the story coming out of the debate, no matter what the candidates actually said, and that will make her health an issue that may not go away until Election Day.  If voters go into the ballot booth really wondering if she is healthy enough to be president, that negates all the arguments her campaign is making that Trump is temperamentally unsuited to be president. [...] If Hillary clearly appears to have serious health problems, then that means she and her staffers have been lying through their teeth to the American people.  That is not news, but this would be the sort of lie that everyone can see with his own eyes and can understand with no help.

Hillary's health:  Emails show Clinton obsessed with sleep, "exotic drugs".  So is Hillary Clinton sick?  It's a fair question.  I'm not just talking about those endless coughing fits, and that she always needs to be propped up on pillows when she sits, and requires help standing or climbing stairs.  Four years ago, she had a concussion, and a blood clot in her brain sent her to the hospital.  Later, her head was still so injured that she was seeing double.  That's why she wore those Fresnel prism glasses: to counter double-vision.  Have you seen that video of her apparently having a seizure while being asked a question?  The Clinton spin doctors say that's just a joke.  Really?

Dr.  Drew Show Canceled Just Days After He Questioned Hillary's Health.  Wow, what an interesting coincidence!  Just days after Dr.  Drew Pinsky aired his concerns about Hillary's health his show which was running for over 5 years was suddenly canceled!

Did Hillary Clinton suffer a seizure?  Conspiracy theorists shock claim over her health.  Rumours around Mrs Clinton's health have gathered pace after a video showed what conservative TV anchors purported to be a seizure.  Critics have pointed to videos which show Mrs Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, coughing and jerking her head as well as freezing mid-speech.  Mrs Clinton has yet to make her medical records public.

Media spin can't hide Hillary's Health, but Google Can 'Disappear' It.  Hiding the health of a presidential candidate which the media gleefully reports is leading in election polls has got to take the proverbial cake.  But for the NYT and Google there's this one little bugaboo:  the myriad pictures which appear to show bulk other than flesh under Hillary Clinton's outlandish clothes.  With the rise of wearable medical technology, with room for drug packs, injections and even internally inflatable vests on the market, health problems are your secret.

What Happened This Week in the Clinton Corruption Chronicles.  Clinton also has health concerns, or at least faces allegations she has health problems.  No, being sick itself is not corruption.  But if she's hiding health problems that voters deserve to know about, then that is a form of corruption.  Her camp of course says she's in fine health.  And apart from the possible lingering effects of falls, a blood clot on the brain and a concussion, coughing fits, and speculation that she's having strokes, she's probably as hale and hardy as anyone who can open a pickle jar on television.  But let's not forget that Clinton, in the words of her top aide, is "often confused."

The truth about Clinton's health.  In Hillary Clinton's inner circle, it's common knowledge that there are times she's so low-energy that she blanks out for hours.  When that happens, she is given to strange mental spells during which she has little or no control over what she says and does.  She sometimes mutters things no one can understand.  My colleagues in the mainstream media are covering all this up, but the time has come to speak out.  We simply can't elect a president subject to such mysterious health issues.

Hillary's Health [is] a Real Concern.  Indeed, when a member of Clinton's entourage is seen carrying a Valium pen in case of a seizure, it should be a concern and an issue every bit as much as Reagan's age and McCain's war experiences.

Is Hillary Clinton a Brain-Damaged Invalid?  If you dare to question whether Hillary Clinton is physically ill, her dutiful media maidservants will smear you as mentally ill.  It matters not how many times she falls, how many speeches she interrupts with uncontrolled coughing, how many memory lapses she has in mid-sentence, how many times she cackles loudly and inappropriately, or how many apparent seizures she has while cameras roll and fawning reporters flinch.  She's not sick; you're sick for even noticing.

NYT Asks Google to Censor Search Results Related to Hillary's Health Problems and They Do It.  Some radical nutjob and New York Times reporter (but I repeat myself) recently called on Google to censor search results related to Hillary's numerous health issues. [...] Based on my research, it would appear that Google is now obliging that request:  Curiously, Google's super-smart auto-suggest feature appears incredibly ignorant when it comes to matter of Hillary Clinton's well-documented health problems.

Emails Show Hillary Consistently Tired at State Department.  Why is Hillary wearing an insulated Winter coat during a scorching August in Martha's Vineyard?  It's one thing for her to wear her famous pantsuits when inside of air conditioned stadiums, but there is absolutely no valid explanation here — unless there's an unadvertised weakness to hide.

Emails: Top Hillary Aide Was Researching Drug That Treats Parkinson's, Alzheimer's.  Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton's top foreign policy adviser, extensively researched the drug Provigil while working for her at the State Department in 2011.  Sullivan, then Secretary Clinton's deputy chief of staff, informed Clinton in an email that Provigil, a drug commonly used to treat narcolepsy and other sleep-wake disorders, "was invented by the military."

Why Is Hillary Wearing A Heavy Winter Coat — in August?  New fashion trend?  Indicative of some medical issue?

The Editor says...
It would not be an unreasonable inference that the winter coat is a means of concealing all the hoses, bags, adult diapers, defibrillators and pumps necessary to keep her alive.  Or it might be a means of concealing her rapid weight gain.  In any event, if we see fewer details, it's a valuable public service.

Trump campaign official:  Hillary will be dead within a year and be replaced by VP Tim Kaine.  A an official who is running operations in a key battleground for Donald Trump's presidential campaign is predicting that Hillary Clinton will be dead within a year — and claims Clinton is covering up an undisclosed illness with 'wool coat' she wore on Nantucket Island.

New York Times Tech Columnist Calls on Google to Hide Hillary Health InfoNew York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo is calling on Google to "fix" its search engine results to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton's failing health.  "Go online and put down, 'Hillary Clinton illness,' and take a look at the videos yourself," Rudy Giuliani recently said on Fox News, during an argument about how sick Clinton really is.  Manjoo of the Times called for Google to "fix" the problem of search results possibly hurting the Democratic nominee.

Is Hillary Clinton's health less important than Trump's?  Imagine, if you would, that tomorrow Donald Trump suffers a concussion.  Suppose he trips on a flight of stairs, falling down and hitting his head.  The head injury is so severe that he is unconscious for a time and has to be hospitalized for a week. [...] The media and the Clinton campaign would be all over this, and no one would question the appropriateness of their actions.  To my knowledge, Trump has had no such issues with his health.  However, Clinton has had multiple problems — some she has revealed and some that she has not revealed.  So why has the media not been asking Clinton to release her medical records?

Rudy Giuliani renews attack on Hillary Clinton's health suggesting the media is covering up 'several signs of illness'.  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, an adviser for Donald Trump's campaign, renewed rumors that something is wrong with Hillary Clinton's health.  Talking to Shannon Bream on 'Fox News Sunday,' Giuliani suggested that the media was covering up 'several signs of illness' that he believed the former secretary of state was displaying.

Clinton's health continues to spur controversy and conspiracy.  [Scroll down]  Television personality Dr.  Drew Pinsky told KABC radio this week that he was concerned about the "1950s level of care" that Clinton was receiving and not as much about her actual health.  "It just seems like she's getting care from somebody that she met in Arkansas when she was a kid," he added.

Hillary Clinton Owes Us This.  Hillary Clinton's recent falls and her history of cerebral vascular thrombosis deserve medical attention and public scrutiny.  I got a call this week from a well-known physician who believes Hillary's falls and her history of head trauma could represent a serious medical condition known as normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH).  Of course, no physician can make a diagnosis such as NPH without an exam, an MRI, and a spinal tap but this surgeon feels Hillary's history of head trauma and continued balance problems are worth looking into.

Trump spokeswoman claims Clinton has rare brain disease.  A top spokesperson for Donald Trump claimed Thursday [8/18/2016] that Hillary Clinton has brain damage that impairs her ability to communicate.  Speaking on MSNBC, Katrina Pierson alleged that Clinton has a disorder called "dysphasia," a condition brought on by brain trauma that erodes a person's ability to speak or comprehend language.  "What's new are the other reports or observations of Hillary Clinton's behavior or mannerisms ... as well as her dysphasia, the fact that she's fallen, she has had a concussion, there are really interesting things out there," Pierson said.  Trump has long claimed that Clinton lacks the physical stamina to be president and has stated repeatedly that she takes weekends off to catch up on her sleep.

Trump Spox Pierson Diagnoses Hillary Clinton With Brain Damage in MSNBC Interview.  Speaking to MSNBC's Kristen Welker Thursday afternoon [8/18/2016], Trump's national spokesperson Katrina Pierson parroted the unfounded conspiracy theories and baseless claims about Hillary Clinton's poor health and even went so far as to diagnose her with dysphasia on the air.

Million Dollar Bounty Offered For Hillary's "True" Health Records.  As we noted previously, as the presidential campaign enters its final stages, probing questions have emerged about the health condition of Hillary Clinton.  Hillary'[s] bizarre, erratic behavior on the campaign trail (culminating with last week's perplexing "short-circuit" comment) has left many wondering whether she is seriously ill.  Hillary has at multiple times had convulsions that appear to be seizures on camera, including a series of seemingly inexplicable coughing fits.

Hillary resting up:  No campaign events until Sunday.  Her doctors tell us there are no serious health concerns, but a rising tide of doubt and concern about Hillary Clinton's health is threatening her campaign.  One might think she would be doing something to counter these concerns, but instead, very quietly, she is taking the next three days off to rest up.

Tired Hillary Clinton is no stand up candidate — she always has a stool!.  Hillary Clinton released a letter from her doctor last year that said she was in 'excellent physical condition,' outside of a hypothyroid condition and history of prior blood clots.  But some of her political opponents have questioned her health, and Trump, 70, has been suggesting on the campaign trail recently that she lacks the physical fitness required of a president.  Photos of Hillary propping herself up against stools, pillows and tables during a number of speeches and public appearances in recent weeks tell a different tale and have revived claims from Donald Trump and his supporters that she lacks stamina on the campaign trail and may be suffering from health issues.

Report: Secret Service Insiders Confirm: 'Hillary Suffers From Parkinson's... Experiences Seizures From Camera Flashes'.  Hillary supporters will no doubt deny the claims and attempt to redirect the potential mental and physical issues back at [T]rump, but it doesn't change the fact that Clinton is publicly displaying symptoms of neurological problems stemming from a previous brain injury.

Keywords: seizures, comatose, deteriorating, concussion, epileptic.
Secret Service Leaks Hillary's Health to Press.  Hillary Clinton apparently suffers from Parkinson's or a similar disease and experiences seizures from flashing lights, such as camera flashes at press conferences, the Secret Service told Infowars.  Additionally, the federal government has reportedly spent nearly a quarter-million dollars to add handicap steps on government vehicles because Hillary struggles with balance, a fact already established by a Reuters photo showing two men helping Hillary up stairs.  The revelations explain her odd, epileptic behavior on camera and why she avoids press conferences in general.

No more public events for Hillary until Sunday.  She just held a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, where she struggled to fill a high school gymnasium — if it wasn't for hundreds of students.  But according to the schedule tracking website HillarySpeeches.com, she doesn't have another event announced until Sunday, when she'll make a Massachusetts fundraising appearance with Cher.  She apparently is prone to exhaustion, which may be why she has no events planned.

Does Hillary wear a Foley catheter?  A Foley catheter would explain why Hillary was late getting back to the Democratic presidential debate on December 19, 2015, in Manchester, NH. After the ABC telecast returned from a commercial break, only two of the three participants were onstage — Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley.  Missing was Hillary Clinton, who strolled in moments after the action resumed, repositioned her microphone and said "Sorry," but did not explain her absence.

Unprecedented $1 Million Bounty For Hillary Clinton Medical Records.  TruePundit.com was the first and only news organization to offer a reward for Hillary Clinton's medical records in recent days, first promising $20,000 for the ailing Presidential candidate's records before increasing the windfall to $50,000.  Hillary Clinton's health has deteriorated so much in recent weeks that a physician is at the Democratic presidential nominee's side at all times and ready to administer emergency medication via military-style auto-injector to help prevent severe seizures and brain damage and who knows what else.  As calls for Clinton to release her own records have been ignored and even laughed off by her pompous campaign, True Pundit is now offering an unprecedented reward of $1 Million (One Million Dollars US) for Clinton's true medical records.

Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease, Physician Confirms.  Hillary's health is declining, as anyone who has looked at her can see.  The question is:  What condition does she have?  A board certified Anesthesiologist has written a memo of Hillary's health.  Feel free to pass it along to doctors and to analytics and criticize it.

Hillary Unable to Walk Without Having to Grab Furniture, People and Other Objects.  Kyle Olson at The American Mirror has the video and I've captured some key screen-caps for ease of viewing.  While visiting Joe Biden's childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Hillary was physically unable to walk without supporting herself using any object in close reach.

Neurologist: Hillary's "Long History of Unexplained Falls" Should be Explained.  Dr.  Fiona Gupta told Fox News that Hillary Clinton's "long history of unexplained falls" should be explained by her campaign making a full record of her health issues publicly available.  The segment began with clips emphasizing how the health of 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain was a massive talking point for the left during the election cycle.  However, the same media outlets have responded to questions about Hillary's bizarre behavior and documented health problems by dismissing the whole issue as a "conspiracy theory".  Asked about photos that show Hillary being helped up some steps during a campaign stop in South Carolina, Dr.  Marc Siegel said that a new bar has been set since 2008 that the medical records of candidates should be released.  "Donald Trump is 70 and Hillary Clinton is almost 69 — I wanna see both their records, let's be fair," said Siegel, noting that Hillary had a "huge concussion" and a blood clot on her brain four years ago.  "I've been asking since 2012 to see her neurological records," added Siegel.  Neurologist Dr.  Fiona Gupta concurred with Siegel that the release of the records was in the public interest.

Strange bulges under Hillary's coat suggest a defibrillator vest.  Those strange bulges on her back add to the many indicators of Hillary Clinton's ill health (see links below) which the mainstream media continue to dismiss.  Presidential candidates are required by law to release their medical records.  It is high time for Hillary to do so.

Crooked Hillary or Unhealthy Hillary?  This is not medical grand rounds, where a final diagnosis much be reached.  Instead, it's about whether Hillary Clinton is mentally and physically well enough to serve as president of the United States.  These are legitimate questions, and an honest and diligent media would be investigating her health as they did for similarly older candidates John McCain and Bob Dole when they ran for president.  Instead, and not surprisingly, CNN circles the wagons around its favored candidate, ignoring these health concerns.  Rather than piling on every Donald Trump utterance, the health of Hillary Clinton deserves scrutiny.  Otherwise, a President Clinton might be too sick to function, similar to the fossilized general secretaries of the old Soviet Union, who rarely appeared in public and allowed their underlings to run the country.

Hillary Clinton's Health In Rapid Decline — Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate?  [Scroll down]  Every time Hillary Clinton has another coughing fit, another seizure or another disturbing fall, the alternative media is going to jump on it right away.  If Donald Trump was having these kinds of health issues, you can rest assured that the mainstream media would be all over it.  As it is, they are running anti-Trump headlines 24 hours a day and we are still about three months away from the election.

Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals:  There's Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton's Health.  Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton's disappearance from the debate stage last month left people speculating that the former First Lady took a long bathroom break, but now a law-enforcement source with inside connections is alleging that Clinton was missing from the stage due to health issues stemming from a previous brain injury.  These long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggest Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities.

Hillary Clinton Revealed to Possibly Have Serious Health Issues and Brain Damage.  Increasing evidence has emerged over the past several months that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may be suffering serious physical health problems that would very likely be impacting her judgement and mental faculties.  A photo recently released would appear to confirm rumors that Clinton is suffering some type of physical or mental impairment.

Hillary's health may be the sleeper issue of the election.  [Scroll down]  The following video, via InfoWars, is almost certainly unfair.  Some footage appears slowed down, while other segments are looped for effect, it appears.  Nonetheless, using a kitchen sink approach to highlighting Hillary's history of bizarre facial expressions (leaving out only the bug-eyes that have been part of her visage for decades), the video aggregates some very disturbing spects of Hillary's behavior in public that the media studiously avoid mention of.  [Video clip]

Is Something Wrong With Hillary:  Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health.  As the presidential campaign enters its final stages, probing questions have emerged about the health condition of Hillary Clinton.  Hillary' bizarre, erratic behavior on the campaign trail (culminating with last week's perplexing "short-circuit" comment) has left many wondering whether she is seriously ill.  Hillary has at multiple times had convulsions that appear to be seizures on camera, including a series of seemingly inexplicable coughing fits.

FOX News' Medical Team:  What Do Hillary Clinton's Neurological Records Show?  [Scroll down]  Dr.  Marc Seigel said "the public has a right to know" and speculated on what the issue could be but was more interested in previous spills and a concussion she had in 2012.  "I think the public has a right to know," Seigel said.  "We're talking in 2008, Sean, I looked over a thousand pages of John McCain's records because of a melanoma he had 10 years ago.  What about Hillary?  In 2009, a severe fall.  She breaks her elbow.  In 2011, she boards a plane, falls.  In 2012 she has a severe concussion which Bill Clinton says took her six months to recover from.  "Then she ends up with a blood-clot in the brain and a lifetime of blood thinners," Seigel said.  "Just that point alone — if she's prone to falling, you can see from that picture up there that it looked like she can barely get upstairs without two people carrying her.  Guess what if she falls and hits her head?  She'll get a blood-clot."  "I want to know what her neurological records show," he added.

Report: Clinton's Handler Identified as Neurologist Dr.  Oladotun Okunola?  Recent events and newly uncovered evidence have shown that Hillary most likely has a debilitating stress-disorder — either due to Parkinson's or due to post-concussion syndrome.  She has a mysterious full time medic that followers her around, sometimes carrying what looks like a diazepam (Valium) auto-injecting syringe, sometimes helping her up stairs, and sometimes calming her down when she's distraught.  He has been by Hillary's side, ever since she had the concussion.

Is This Hillary Clinton's "Medical Handler"?  You might remember the evolving media reports at the end of October, beginning of November 2012.  First Secretary Clinton had a cold, that version later became a flu, that version later became a slip and fall, that version became a "concussion", and that version finally evolved into "blood clots", etc.  That series of medical conditions was followed by numerous reports a year later, during her book tour, that people were noting her difficulty with her eyesight, using her right arm, and seeming to tremble or be unstable when standing.  Many people wondered if the 2012 medical incident was actually "a stroke".

Hillary's falls recall the health questions JFK tried to dodge.  The latest contretemps is over the health of Hillary Clinton, and whether there should be any discussion of it, and if so, how, and who should do the discussing.  Her stumbling, fainting, severe coughing and moments of odd behavior on the campaign have been much talked about by the reporters following her, but this knowledge was veiled in a discreet silence, until now.

Hillary's Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam.  Twitter detectives found a new picture of Hillary's handler — a mysterious man with what looks like a medical lapel-pin that follows Clinton everywhere she goes, helps her up stairs, and calms her down when she's seizing up because of stress.

Press Forbidden from Filming Hillary Boarding Private Plane.  The press was forbidden from filming Hillary Clinton boarding her private plane, said an ABC reporter covering the leading Democratic candidate.  "Clinton staff won't allow press to film HRC boarding her charter.  We must get on our plan before she gets out of car," Liz Kreutz wrote on Twitter.

Clinton Kicked $125K to Hospital After Receiving Treatment for Blood Clot.  Hillary Clinton kicked $125,000 in donations from her family foundation to a hospital after receiving treatment for a blood clot in 2013, the Washington Free Beacon has discovered.  Clinton was discharged from New York Presbyterian Hospital in January 2013 after being treated for a blood clot.  Doctors discovered the clot during follow-up treatment for a concussion she sustained weeks earlier after she passed out from dehydration, causing her to fall and hit her head.

Who is Hillary's Handler?  Michael Jackson, Prince, and Elvis would travel with a personal doctor who could administer needed life-saving drugs and attention during a crisis.  Remember when you thought famous people like Michael Jackson and Elvis had good medical care?  What's Clinton on?  We saw this first "doctor" or handler during Hillary's recent freeze-up.  You can see Hillary's handler, who at first glance would not be considered the alpha male of the group, reassure Hillary, speak to her using hypnotic language, and then move the Secret Service Agents out of the way.  This handler is not an ordinary SS agent.

Pharmaceutical Exec:  Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease.  "Involuntary movements" and difficulty walking is a form of dyskinesia.  According to pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, footage of Hillary Clinton exhibiting bizarre behavior is proof that the presidential candidate is suffering from Parkinson's disease.  Citing his "15 year background in drug discovery and pharmaceuticals," Shkreli asserts that the videos of Hillary's strange facial movements and her difficulties with walking are "pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson's disease."  Explaining that a stroke or a concussion wouldn't explain the symptoms, Shkreli says that Hillary's walking difficulties are a "cardinal symptom of Parkinson's disease" and what is known as "freezing gait".

Fragile Hillary Clinton has handlers carrying Diazepam pen now.  Seizures are no laughing matter.  If this individual handler of Hillary Clinton is carrying around a Diazepam pen for Clinton, then the public has the right to know.

Hillary's Mystery Illness Exposed, 5 Episodes Add Up To One DIRE Diagnosis.  [Scroll down]  A concussion, a blood clot, and Hillary's closest aide extremely concerned over her confusion bring us to her coughing fits.  Hillary is known to have dry, hacking cough fits, and this symptom is ongoing so it is not a cold or the flu.  It's most probably from medications, called ACE inhibitors, that she is taking to keep her blood pressure low, which is what neurologist recommend for a blood clot or stroke patients.  This all leads to her strange behavior that was caught on camera during a rally.  There were protesters in the audience that caused some noise, and for a few moments, Hillary froze, but this was not because of the protesters.  A stout African-American man came to her rescue.  He was dressed like the Secret Service, and today, it was reported that he is carrying a "diazepam pen," which can be used to treat seizures or severe panic attacks.

Is Hillary constantly accompanied by a medic with an anti-seizure injection at the ready?  A stunning charge is being leveled that Hillary Clinton's health is so endangered that she is accompanied by a medic carrying an injection pen with an anti-seizure drug at the ready.  And photographs are being presented as evidence of the practice.  Honestly, I had never before heard of the site The Ralph Retort before, so I must proceed with a skeptical eye and allow for the possibility of manipulated evidence.  Nonetheless, unless we are being deceived by PhotoShopping techniques, this looks awfully compelling.

Trump questions Clinton's mental stability.  Donald Trump on Saturday [8/7/2016] sought to attach to Hillary Clinton one of the concerns that some have about him, portraying her as a mentally unstable person who is unfit for the presidency.

Unwell Hillary Clinton Needs Help Up Stairs.  This is how unwell Hillary Clinton is.  She can't even walk up two or three steps on her own anymore.

Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Physical and Mental Breakdown.  Hillary Clinton recently had a breakdown on TV.  The media is of course covering this up rather than having an expert medical panel on to discuss her health.  Yet what happened to Hillary was obviously a sign of a head injury and stroke. [...] Hillary's health problems are well-known among the Secret Service.

Hillary Nods Along As Obama Is Called 'Deporter-In-Chief'.  Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton nodded along as Barack Obama was described as "deporter-in-chief" before promising to "fast-track" citizenship for illegal immigrants.  "President Obama, some call the 'deporter-in-chief,'" a Telemundo reporter said to to a nodding Clinton.  "How do you walk back the deportations?  There are people who are not criminal who are deported daily from this country," the reporter added.  Clinton also nodded along to these comments, and illegal aliens by definition are criminals.

Someone In Media Needs To Ask Hillary Clinton What Was Cut Out of Her Tongue.  The people trying to say 'what's there isn't actually there', are starting to look more than a little silly.  It's beyond obvious something was removed (cut out) from Hillary Clinton's tongue.  It's clear in the before and after pictures.  What was it?

That Strange Hole in Hillary's Tongue Can Only Mean One Thing.  The Interwebs have been blowing up of late with a startling picture of Hillary Rodham Clinton appearing to shriek in laughter while standing next to one Barrack Hussein Obama.  I believe it may have been Glenn Reynolds who first examined the picture closely and wondered "What the heck is that dark thing on Hillary's tongue?"  Suffice it to say that it doesn't look like a throat lozenge that might have been employed to stay her persistent, sickly cough.

What's up with that 'hole' in Hillary's tongue?  You read that right — what looks like a hole has been seen in Hillary Clinton's tongue.

The Disturbed Mind Of Hillary Clinton Part I.  There is something seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton.  But what exactly is it?  We've all read the reports about her blood clots, her concussions, her coughing fits, her fainting, her blood thinner Rx's, and the possibility that Hillary suffered 'brain damage' when she fell and sustained a head injury in December 2012.  All of the above health issues should be of concern to the American electorate.  But maybe there is a simple answer that explains the blatantly lawless, self serving, ambition of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's Cough Is Back.  The consistency of her cough on the campaign trail has raised questions about her fitness for high office.  [Video clip]

Is Hillary Too Unwell to Handle the Presidency?  Can you imagine the press & GOP hysteria if Trump showed up at a public event looking like a zombie?  But when it comes to Hillary, all we hear are crickets. [...] Anyone can become overworked, but she has a staff of hundreds, and if the campaign has done this to her, how could she ever manage being president?  There are constant questions about her health that the legacy media refuses to cover; they don't ask the questions at all as a matter of fact, indicating that her health remains an issue.  Her appearance, combined with the bizarre coughing fits, some serious questions about her health must be immediately addressed.

Keywords:  Doddering, feeble, elderly, totter.
Bobblehead Hillary:  Nods 406 Times During Sanders Endorsement Speech.  On Tuesday [7/12/2016], Hillary Clinton apparently took a break from running for president in order to become a bobblehead doll during Bernie Sanders' endorsement speech.  [Video clip]

Sick Hillary's coughing fit returns.  Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit today — when she wasn't even talking.  Clinton was attending an event on immigration reform in Sylmar, California when it broke out.  A video of the incident shows Clinton began coughing as a guest was speaking, then took a very large drink of water before coughing repeatedly.

Hillary Clinton said to have multiple sclerosis; a stroke risk.  [Scroll down]  On December 10, 2013, then secretary of state Hillary canceled a trip because of an unspecified illness described by the State Department as being merely "under the weather."  Over the course of days, her office doled out more details, drip by drip: [...] We are now informed that she has been living with significant medical issues... that Hillary Clinton is prone to blood clotting and fainting spells.  She is, to put it plainly, a stroke risk.... Mrs. Clinton's medical records also reveal at least two earlier blood clot incidents (in 1998 and 2008).

Keywords: feeble, sickly, Geritol, COPD, oxygen hose, assisted living, stroke.
Hillary Has Coughing Fit During Race Speech.  In the middle of her Tuesday [2/17/2016] speech in Harlem that discussed race relations, Hillary Clinton had multiple coughing fits that prevented her from getting her words out on more than one occasion.  It got so bad that the audience enthusiastically started chanting "Hillary! Hillary!" to provide encouragement as Clinton started taking sips of water while popping in a cough drop. [...] Hillary also had a coughing fit during last year's Benghazi hearings.

Political hack:
Clinton Surrenders to Yet Another Coughing Fit.  Hillary Clinton gave in to her nagging cough during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club Monday [4/18/2016], battling her itchy throat for a full minute.  The fit began with a light cough that Clinton attempted to alleviate with a sip of water.  When host Angela Yee asked Clinton whether her gender would be an issue in dealings with foreign governments, however, the former secretary of state could not contain her urge any longer.

Hillary is Unqualified To be President, But Not Because of What Sanders Says.  [Scroll down]  I think the main reason she is not qualified that nobody is talking about is her poor health.  She has three blood clots, two in her legs and one in her head.  She trips occasionally.  Her closest aide Huma Abedin says she faints and forgets things easily and Bill says she worries about her.  She's been on the blood thinner Coumadin since 1998 and has lately been having public coughing fits when speaking and during the debates.  This is from the Coumadin she's taking which is a side effect.

What About Hillary's Coughing Fits?  Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit on "The Breakfast Club," one of New York's top-rated radio shows among African Americans.  "Allergy season," she gasped.  "My voice is failing here."  Within minutes, my email inbox was filled with questions:  Did Hillary's frequent bouts of coughing prove she was hiding a serious health problem?  And what about her use of special eyeglasses to correct double vision?

Matt Drudge slams 'media cover-up' of Hillary Clinton's declining health.  Drudge Report creator Matt Drudge slammed what he called a "media cover-up" of Hillary Clinton's "flaring hypothyroidism" after the Democratic presidential candidate suffered another coughing fit on the campaign trail.  Mrs. Clinton, 68, struggled to recover from a coughing fit during a speech at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City Tuesday [2/16/2016], perpetuating rumors that the former secretary of state is in poor health.  She suffered similar attacks last month during a speech in West Des Moines, Iowa, and during the Benghazi hearings in October.

CNN Covers for Hillary's Coughing Fit: 'Choked Up'.  In the most blatant case of the MSM covering for a liberal candidate with a potentially serious health issue that this NewsBuster can remember, CNN's Brianna Keilar has described a Hillary Clinton coughing fit as a case of Clinton getting "choked up."  Readers are urged to watch this clip from Hillary's speech in Harlem today [2/16/2016].  This is someone experiencing a serious, extended, coughing fit.  Yet on Don Lemon's CNN show this evening, Keilar described this as Hillary being "choked up so badly that she struggled to speak for a few minutes and they actually cheered to fill the time."  Rightttt.

Hillary wears glasses on campaign trail for first time at late-night event in Las Vegas — after coughing fit and admission she worries about her health.  Hillary Clinton has been pictured in glasses on the campaign trail in Las Vegas in what is believed to be the first time she has ditched contact lenses while running for the White House.  The Democratic favorite, who has seen her poll lead go from commanding to concerning in recent weeks, met hotel workers at Caesars Palace well after midnight after a day spent largely in Chicago.  She had flown from the mid-west to Nevada in the evening, suggesting she had put on the glasses for the flight.  Until now she has been photographed wearing contact lenses, but was frequently seen in glasses as secretary of state.

Hillary Health Horrors.  [Donald] Trump has publicly questioned whether Clinton has the "stamina" be be president.  "She goes out and she sees you guys for about 10 minutes, she sees you for a little while, it's all rehearsed and staged," Trump told Fox News recently.  "They'll pick a couple of people out of the audience that are like, you know, 100 percent.  She'll sit around a little plastic table, they'll talk to the people for a while.  It's ridiculous," Trump said.  "And then she goes away for five or six days and you don't see her.  She goes to sleep."

Hillary Clinton's Health Is An Issue.  Last July, Hillary's longtime personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, released a short, two-page letter that appeared to give Hillary a clean bill of health.  "She does not smoke and drinks alcohol occasionally," Bardack wrote.  "She does not use illicit drugs or tobacco products.  She eats a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits.  She exercises regularly, including yoga, swimming, walking and weight training."  According to Dr. Bardack, Hillary had completely recovered from the fainting spell, concussion and blood clot in her brain that she suffered while she was secretary of state.  But Dr. Bardack's letter was hardly a detailed medical history.  According to sources close to Bill and Hillary Clinton, the letter wasn't the full story then — and it's not the full story now.

The Editor strenuously objects to ad hominem attacks, such as this one:
Book Claims Clinton Battling Multiple Medical Ailments.  Sources close to Hillary Clinton are whispering that she is very ill.  It is being alleged that she has had multiple strokes and has covered it up.  She is suffering from vicious headaches and insomnia, as well as depression.  Her symptoms bear a strong resemblance to those of Multiple Sclerosis.  She is frequently light headed and swooning on the campaign trail.  Frankly, she looks like hell and like she's on her last leg.  I have suspected for a long time that she was not well and that it might eventually knock her out of the race.  All you have to do is look at honest pictures of the woman that have not been retouched.

Hillary's health and our right to know.  We the people feel entitled to a president of the United States who is in good enough health so that he or she can endure the pressures of the job without suffering a heart attack, stroke or sudden death.  Of course, any good physician will tell you that she can't be entirely sure of health risks, and our presidential candidates shouldn't be gauged entirely by physical criteria alone.  Still, full health disclosure must be a prerequisite for running for the highest office in the land.

The Editor says...
Really?  Does a full disclosure include a drug test?  Would Barack H. Obama have passed a surprise drug test six years ago?  Or yesterday?

Slovenly, unprofessional appearance:
Why Hillary Clinton's Looks Matter.  Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has an interesting rebuttal about why a candidate's looks sometimes matter.  He left out one thing, however, something perhaps a female writer such this one might notice:  Quite often, Hillary looks noticeably disheveled while on official business, and during her tenure as secretary of state looked downright dirty and unkempt.  If that's her situation, it's a tangible sign she's unable to manage the job as well as present herself as the face of America to foreign nations.  Combine it with the fact that she's made significant gaffes while abroad, as well as been seen apparently drunk in public and it's an external reflection of her incompetence.

Hillary embarrasses herself in Britain.  If a prominent Republican in contention for the presidency had suffered a brain injury and subsequently started making the sort of gaffes Hillary Clinton has been spouting, we'd be seeing front page stories on the New York Times analyzing brain function and the likelihood of permanent impairment, complete with charts and solemn pronouncements from academic experts.  But this is the Great Female Hope of the Democratic Establishment, so nary a peep from mainstream media.

Body Double:  Is Hillary Clinton using an actor to portray "Healthy Hillary?"

Hillary's Body Double:  Am I Nuts, or What?  I viewed the video at the New York Post thinking I'd get a laugh at the expense of conspiracy nuts, but what I got was a shocking wake-up!  My old eyes and mind are no longer sharp enough to pick up all the nuances of facial and earlobe comparisons, but what really caught my attention was the absence of a Secret Service detail, of police protection, of a motorcade, and of Mrs. Clinton's entourage as well as the presence of numerous bystanders and passing vehicles.

This is the Hillary Clinton body double conspiracy theory.  After nearly collapsing in public, Hillary Clinton stopped off at her daughter Chelsea's apartment to refresh herself.  When she emerged, she reportedly looked like a different person — so much so that some people are speculating that Hillary is using a body double.

USA Today Reports on Hillary 'Body Double' Conspiracy.  Among speculation that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's health is failing, there's another theory gaining traction online:  she might have a body double.  The only "evidence" of this theory is photographs taken Sept. 11, when Clinton ducked out of a 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York because she felt "overheated" and is battling pneumonia.  Some say the differences lie in the details:  cheekbones, smooth versus wrinkled skin and body composition.

Trump and Clinton:  The most bizarre conspiracy theories including Hillary's body double.  After Mrs Clinton's recent collapse, social media users claimed that she had used a body double.  The 68-year-old was taken ill at a memorial event in New York on September 11 and went to her daughter Chelsea's home to recuperate.  She later emerged from the apartment to tell reporters that she felt "great".  But some suggested that the woman who walked out may have been a look-a-like employed to take the heat off the former First Lady.  Conspiracy theorists pointed to several supposed differences in Mrs. Clinton's appearance saying that her nose, fingers and ear lobes had drastically changed.

Assuming there is no body double...
What Is Hillary's 'Pep Pill'?  Hillary Clinton looked and (if you ignored the content) sounded great in the first debate.  She was relaxed, alert, confident, and was still perky at the end.  She seemed like the smiling, waving woman who strode out of her daughter's apartment 90 minutes after her collapse on September 11.  You don't recover from pneumonia in 90 minutes, but that's more than enough time for most medications to take effect.  Was Hillary given some drug or drugs after her collapse, and did she take the same medications before the debate?

Hillary's greatly exaggerated intellect:

She's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Apparently she still thinks she won in 2016, and is therefore susceptible to impeachment.
Hillary Clinton claims 'Fox News is always trying to impeach me'.  Democratic 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton claimed Tuesday that Fox News is "trying to impeach me," the latest gripe the former secretary of state has expressed about Fox's coverage.  Clinton, who holds no political office, made the remarks in a speech to The Wing — a women-only co-working space in New York City — where, despite saying she was optimistic and had faith in diversity and young people, she painted a grim picture of the future of the U.S.

Hillary Praises Bill For Staying Off Twitter As President — Before It Was Created.  Hillary spoke about how difficult the process was to obtain peace in Northern Ireland during Bill's first term and she bragged about Bill's ability to stay off Twitter and get the work done.  "There was nothing fast and easy about it," Hillary said.  "He didn't Tweet about it, he got to work about it and he actually got it done."  Bill Clinton served as president of the United States from 1993 to 2001.  Twitter was not created until 2006.  Many in the first wave of Twitter users didn't sign onto the platform until early 2007, nearly a decade after Clinton left office.

Hillary:  The lesson of "1984" is trust your leaders.  I may need to buy this book.  It's proving to be an even richer vein of blog content than I imagined.  There are establishmentarians, there are big-government establishmentarians, and then there are people who read Orwell and see a parable about insufficient trust in authority.

Hillary Clinton Thinks Moral Of '1984' Is That We Should Trust The Government And Media.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign memoir includes a questionable interpretation of the central lesson of George Orwell's novel "1984," namely that individuals should trust those in positions of authority.  Clinton's memoir "What Happened," released Tuesday, suggests the goal of the government-sanctioned torture featured prominently in Orwell's novel is to erode trust in the authoritarian overlords who control all aspects of society.  This perspective is diametrically opposed to the central lesson most readers have drawn from the book since it was published in 1949.

Steve Bannon Finally Says out Loud What We All Knew:  Hillary Clinton's 'Not Very Bright'.  During his Sunday night [9/10/2017] interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon finally said out loud what many of us already knew:  that Hillary Clinton is "not very bright."  This was actually my favorite part of the interview because nothing is healthier for our culture than the truth, most especially a truth no one dares to speak out loud.  For 25 years, Madam Clinton has been in the public eye, and for 25 years we have been told time and again and again and again two whoppers:  1) Hillary is brilliant.  2) When you get to know her, Hillary is a warm, funny, vibrant real person.

Too Stupid To Rule.  We have enough of the details at this stage to have a rough idea how we got to this point.  They wanted to have a secret communication method that would be not be subject to government security and Freedom of Information Act requests.  They also figured that this secret system would be free from Congressional oversight.  After all, if no one knew it existed, then no one could ask any questions about what was on it. [...] Hilariously, it appears they came to the conclusion that having their own e-mail server meant that all the e-mail was magically hidden in the box in Hillary's bathroom.  Their subsequent attempts to erase the hard drives suggests they did not know that e-mail travels across networks and is also stored on the receiver's servers.  Those servers are usually on a network not controlled by the recipient.  They started to realize this at some point, which is why they smashed their phones and laptops. [...] There are a lot of angles to these Clinton scandals, but the thing that transcends all of it is the rank stupidity of the people involved.

WikiLeaks: Hillary Campaign Speech Debate Preps Told Her When to Wave.  No word, yet, on whether the scripts told her when to cackle.

WikiLeaks: Clinton Debate Prep Included Visual Instructions, Explained When to Wave.  A recently disclosed debate prep document shows just how tightly scripted Hillary Clinton is.  The campaign set up specific jokes and visual cues for Clinton's use during a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders in Flint, Michigan.  In preparations for a healthcare debate with Sanders, the campaign offered a line about "toast" to rhetorically swat the senator's "half a loaf" talking point.

Goldman Sachs, the Democrats' Friend.  Two things struck me about the Goldman speeches.  The first is how utterly pedestrian they are.  By 2013, Mrs. Clinton had served eight years in the Senate and four as Secretary of State, yet she never has an original observation or an insight worth paying for.  Everything in them, you have heard 50 times before.  They could have been delivered by anyone who has never held public office, but who spends Sunday mornings studying the New York Times.  Maybe Hillary saves the good stuff for customers who pay her the full $300,000, but I doubt it.  I think her speeches reflect her limited ability.

Hillary Received Thousands of Cables Marked with the Third Letter of the Alphabet.  From the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the State Department, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains were determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received.  Eight of those chains contained information that was Top Secret at the time they were sent; 36 chains contained Secret information at the time; and eight contained Confidential information, which is the lowest level of classification. [...] Three of Hillary Clinton emails contained the letter "c" for "confidential" and when she was asked about it by the FBI, according to the FBI's Friday Labor Day dump-notes, she said she thought it stood for the third letter of the alphabet.

23 Shocking Revelations From The FBI's Clinton Email Report.  "When asked what the parenthetical 'C' meant before a paragraph within the captioned email, CLINTON stated she did not know and could only speculate it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.  CLINTON could not say for sure if the parenthetical 'C' is used for portion marking classified documents," the FBI's notes say.  The existence of the email undermines Clinton's past claims that none of the emails she sent or received had classification markings in them.

Keywords:  imbecile, klutz, incompetent, doofus, ignorant
CNN's Toobin: 'Hillary Clinton Seems Like a Clueless Baby Boomer Who Is At Sea With Technology'.  On Friday's [9/2/2016] broadcast of CNN's "OutFront," CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin argued that while Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email conduct wasn't prosecutable, Clinton "seems like a clueless Baby Boomer who is at sea with technology, and who was very careless, as Jim Comey, said about how she handled classified information."  Toobin said, "If you look at the questions to which she said, I don't know it's actually pretty understandable.  They are very detailed questions about classified information.  She did not pay a lot of attention to these issues, much to her misfortune, and I — her denials of knowing, actually, I think, seem somewhat believable."

The Editor says...
No, her denials are not "somewhat believable."  Nor are they remotely believable.

Hillary Clinton's Mind-Boggling FBI Interview — What Was Cheryl Mills Doing There?  Among the most eye-popping claims Clinton made to the FBI was that she was unfamiliar with the markings on classified documents.  Yes, you read that correctly:  one of the highest ranking national security officials in the United States government — an official whose day-to-day responsibilities extensively involved classified information; who had secure facilities installed in her two homes (in addition to her office) so she could review classified information in them; and who acknowledged to the FBI that, as secretary of state, she was designated by the president as "an Original Classification Authority," meaning she had the power to determine what information should be classified and at what level — had the audacity to tell the interviewing agents that she did not know what the different classification symbols in classified documents signified.

The Editor says...
Mrs. Clinton claims she didn't know anything about the markings of classified documents.  If she was telling the truth, it is an admission of unmitigated incompetence.  Otherwise, it's just another lie.  Or she might be both dishonest and incompetent.  Either way, she is unfit for public office.

Emails Show Huma Used To Put Hillary Down For Nap Time.  An email in WikiLeaks' Hillary Clinton archive shows Huma Abedin served as the Director of Nap Time while working at the State Department.

'Hillary Show' episodes entertaining.  Julian Assange of WikiLeaks promised on Fox this week that the next releases of embarrassing emails that Hillary Clinton futilely tried to deep six will be "quite interesting, some even entertaining." Entertaining?  For my money, the ones already released have been more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  The Hillary Show comes across as a sort of cross between Leona Helmsley and "I Love Lucy."  I mean, this is a woman who calls Harriet Tubman a "homegirl."  She has a pseudonym for her own daughter.  (Diane Reynolds.)  She orders aides to find out the times of TV shows, as well as the frequency of radio stations.

FBI's Comey:  Hillary Clinton not 'sophisticated enough' to understand classified markings.  FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may not have been "sophisticated enough" to understand the classified markings on emails she sent and received, which explains why she didn't know she was breaking the letter of the law.  Under intense questioning from Republicans, Mr. Comey said Mrs. Clinton's public explanations of her behavior were not true.  But he said his investigators couldn't find evidence that Mrs. Clinton intended to break the law, which he said is the key to making a criminal case.

5 Most Important Moments From James Comey's Testimony on Clinton Investigation.  [#2]  Hillary Clinton was not "sophisticated enough" to understand the classification system:  Congressman Ron DeSantis asked Director Comey to address the emails found on Clinton's server that contained classified markings.  "That information you found, would somebody sophisticated in those matters, should this have been obvious, that was very sensitive information?" Congressman DeSantis asked.  "I just want to take one of your assumptions about 'sophistication,'" Comey said.  "I don't think our investigation established she was particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information and the levels and treatment."  "Isn't she an original classification authority though?" DeSantis asked.  "Yes, sir, yes, sir," Comey responded

I can believe it.
The Director Of The FBI Wants Us To Believe Hillary Is A Moron.  We surrender.  Hillary Clinton is innocent.  For this to work, though, we now have to accept that the woman Barack Obama christened the most qualified presidential nominee in history can't understand the most basic workings of an email account.  Although she served as both a U.S. senator and as secretary of State of the most powerful nation ever, she's incapable of following basic directions.  And, despite extensive training in the proper handling of classified information, she probably couldn't get clearance as a White House intern.  "One of the things I've learned in this case," an unconvincing Comey ruminated during the hearing, "is that the secretary might not have been as sophisticated as people assume."  Then he took to the awkward task of convincing America that Clinton was Mrs. Magoo rather than a rock-ribbed veteran of decades of federal investigations.

Hillary Reads 'Sigh' Off Her Teleprompter.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took things a bit literal during a campaign stop in North Carolina last week, reading "sigh" off the teleprompter rather than actually sighing.

Shocking Deposition:  Hillary Clueless On Using Computer Emails.  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton never used a password to protect her computer emails, and she was clueless about how regular emails work on a conventional computer, according to a deposition of a foreign service officer at the State Department.  She also continued to push for the use of her personal Blackberry phone in the Secretary's highly-secured government suite even though National Security Agency (NSA) regulations barred its use in that office.

Hillary tries to show 'real New Yorker' Sanders how to ride the subway, but takes five swipes to get through the turnstile.  Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton rode the New York City subway today, in a swipe at Bernie Sanders who said in a recent interview that 'tokens' were still used to pay for the system.  But it was the swiping of a Metrocard that tripped Clinton up, with the former senator from New York swiping her card nearly five times before entering a Bronx station.  America Rising PAC — which produces opposition research against Democrats — already called out Clinton for her multiple swipes, calling it 'shocking' video of an 'out-of-touch' candidate struggling to use her Metrocard.

The Editor says...
I'm not sure it's entirely fair to pin this on Hillary.  The fault probably lies with the transit system machines.  I've never been on the New York subway system, but I have spoken with a co-worker who has been there recently, and he says he had the same trouble.

Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?  [Scroll down]  There is another aspect to her lying.  Hillary has a very ordinary brain, artificially inflated by the left because leftists always consider those who agree with them "smart."  In college she followed the familiar path of lackey to leftism.  Hillary failed the District of Columbia Bar Examination; nearly everyone who takes it passes.  Her legal career was constructed around her husband's political success.  Hillary has for decades been surrounded by flacks and toadies whose work is making Hillary seem and feel intelligent.  Some of the emails released from her server note that these minions, among themselves, note that she is often confused.  The numerous unforced errors in her campaign also suggest a rather mean old lady used to bullying rather than reasoning.  This, too, becomes over time a mental limp, a cognitive sloth, an atrophied intellect.

Clinton confuses Constitution with Declaration of Independence in gun pitch.  Constitution, Declaration of Independence ... whatever.  That seemed to be Hillary Clinton's take on the nation's two most important documents during an interview Wednesday [2/24/2016], as she confused the texts in making the case for more gun laws.  The Democratic presidential front-runner mistakenly cited a "constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" during the interview with host Steve Harvey.

Hillary Doesn't Know Difference Between Constitution And Declaration.  In the grand tradition of liberal lawyers-turned politicians, Hillary Clinton can't seem to tell the difference between the United States Constitution and the Declaration of independence.  Clinton's flub came during an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show when discussing the issue of gun control.  "We've got to say to the gun lobby, you know what, there is a constitutional right for people to own guns," Clinton told host Steve Harvey.  "But there's also a constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Emails show Hillary Clinton had no idea how to check it on a computer.  We've learned a lot about Hillary Clinton's ability to use technology as more and more of her emails from her time at the State Department have been released, and now we know that in 2009 checking email on her computer was particularly perplexing.  In an email released on Monday [2/1/2016] by Judicial Watch, it was revealed that Clinton only knew how to use email via her Blackberry.

Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Empty Pantsuit?  I have spent some time looking through the latest State Department dump of Hillary Clinton's home server emails.  I don't do this in hopes of finding anything explosive; these are, after all, the emails that Hillary didn't delete. [...] The funny thing is how little one learns about any of these things from Mrs. Clinton's email traffic.  Hardly any of the communications are substantive — Sid Blumenthal's are, in fact, almost the only ones.  Hillary's aides mainly send her news clippings and information about scheduling.  And Hillary herself rarely writes anything other than "please print."  In short, the woman appears to be a cipher.

Emails show aides wanted 'super encrypted' Blackberry for Clinton.  An internal email chain from Hillary Clinton's early days at the State Department suggests Clinton's staff initially sought a "super encrypted" Blackberry for the secretary of state before apparently abandoning those plans in favor of a personal device.  The records indicate Cheryl Mills, then Clinton's chief of staff, had pushed for a secure cellphone because Clinton did "not know how to use a computer to do email," according to an exchange obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

New E-mails Released Highlight Clinton's Post-Concussion Confusion.  New Hillary Clinton e-mails released by the State Department on Monday show that the secretary of state was often confused about and unfamiliar with State Department activity in the wake of a serious concussion, relying on her staff to explain department policy and even help her remember her own actions.

Abedin Warned That Hillary "Is Often Confused".  Judicial Watch, that heroic organization, has released a new batch of emails written by Huma Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide at the State Department.  In one of them, from January 2013, Abedin advised another Clinton aide, that it was "very important" to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was "often confused."

Judicial Watch: Huma Abedin And State Department Staffer In Emails — Hillary 'Often Confused,' 'In Bed For A Nap'.  After reviewing more than 35 pages of email from top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Judicial Watch observes that Abedin advised a State Department staffer that it was "very important" to review phone calls with Clinton because she was "often confused."

Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Warned Colleagues That Granny Catlady is "Often Confused".  Rumors of Hillary Clinton's poor physical and mental condition have persisted for years.  Recently biographer Edward Klein revealed that Clinton "is exhausted and depressed a lot of the time" and is battling a host of 'mounting health issues' including 'blinding headaches" that have 'frequently plagued her.'  In newly released State Department emails obtained by Judicial Watch, Clinton's close personal aide Huma Abedin (who has well-documented ties to the terror group the Muslim Brotherhood) warned colleagues that Clinton's mental stability appeared to be deteriorating[.]

New E-mail: Hillary Clinton [was] 'Often Confused' as Secretary of State.  A newly revealed e-mail sent by top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin in January 2013 shows that the then-outgoing secretary of state was "often confused" and had to have her schedule explained to her by staff.  Released to conservative watchdog Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act request, the January 26, 2013 e-mail shows Abedin instructing Monica Hanley, another State Department aide, to remind Clinton of important calls scheduled with world leaders.

Email Reveals Top Aide Huma Abedin Warning State Department Staffer That Hillary Clinton Is "Often Confused".  Judicial Watch today [11/16/2015] released more than 35 pages of emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin revealing that Abedin advised Clinton aide and frequent companion Monica Hanley that it was "very important" to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was "often confused."  The emails, from Abedin's "Huma[at]clintonemail.com" address, also reveal repeated security breaches, with the Secretary's schedule and movements being sent and received through Abedin's non-governmental and unsecured Clinton server account.  The emails document requests for special State Department treatment for a Clinton Foundation associate and Abedin's mother, a controversial Islamist leader.

Tech firm gives 'cloud' backup of Hillary's (aka Val the bartender) email to FBI.  This might be of concern to Hillary just as soon as somebody tells her what the "cloud" is and how her email got up there.

Hillary's E-mails Reveal a Startling Amount of Dependency.  Amidst the e-mail revelations, an alarming pattern is developing about Clinton's personal dependency on those inside her inner bubble.  She isn't just delegating important tasks to underlings, as any executive might; these aren't urgent matters of national security, such as aides' fetching satellite intelligence or the latest reports relevant to a managing executive.  Rather, it appears that Hillary is either helpless or unwilling to perform even the most menial and trivial of daily tasks.

Team Hillary has no one but itself to blame.  This has been the riddle of her career:  To get past her and focus on her qualifications.  So it's not like they didn't see this coming.  And whatever Clinton's weaknesses, she comes with the complete control of the party apparatus, a war chest that could top $2 billion and universal name recognition.  If you can't find a cruising altitude with those advantages and no serious competition, you've got to blame operator error.

Hillary May Just Be Dumb.  We presume otherwise because she went to Ivy League schools and because she belonged to a prominent Little Rock law firm and because she has held a couple of important offices since her husband left the White House.  But we all know the real source of her success:  she has been Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton for forty years.  Hillary's undergraduate degree was in political science, a major that requires nothing more of a student than slavish aping of the radical leftist positions of one's professors.  Her admission to Yale Law School was during the heyday of affirmative action, when schools were desperate to find young women to balance the gender quotas.  The jobs Hillary had out of law school were purely ideological positions, first as a staff attorney for the so-called "Children's Defense Fund" and as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Committee at the time of Watergate.  Hillary then tried to become a lawyer in the District of Columbia and took the bar exam for that jurisdiction.  She failed, despite the fact that two thirds of those who took the exam passed.

These Hillary Clinton Emails Raise Troubling Questions.  Emails released by the State Department on Monday [8/31/2015] raise troubling questions about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her ability to lead the country and make it great again.  Clinton, who will celebrate her 68th birthday next month, has been known to make embarrassing memory-related gaffes, and had trouble remembering the things she said and did as secretary of state, the emails show.  In an email dated November 13, 2010, Hillary asked a State Department aide whether she gave an interview to a certain Lebanese newspaper, apparently after reading about it in her daily press briefing.  In fact, the interview occurred just three days earlier, on November 10.

Email bombshells from Hillary's secret account show she didn't know when cabinet meetings were held, was dumbfounded by a fax machine.  Hillary Clinton's emails have been a subject of partisan finger-pointing and hand-wringing since the revelation in April that she had used a private home-brew server to store her messages during the four years she was secretary of state. [...] They describe the ordinary and the shocking — everything from meeting recaps to the involvement in the agency of Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton's 2008 election hatchet-man who had officially been exiled from the administration.

America's "Elites" Are No Longer Elite And Our "Intellectuals" Aren't Intellectual.  [Scroll down]  Even worse are the legions of "elites" and "intellectuals" who haven't accomplished anything of note, truly proven their intellect or shown that they're particularly good at anything.  For example, what accomplishments led anyone to believe that Barack Obama was ready to be President or that the Democrat Party's assumed candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton, is up to the job?  Neither of them are stunning intellects.  Neither have led particularly accomplished lives given the gravitas of the presidency.  Neither of them seem to be extraordinarily gifted at anything.  If either of them were unknown, it seems unlikely that they could successfully run their own small businesses or work their way up through the ranks of a corporation.  In other words, they're both Paris Hiltons of politics who are famous for being famous.

Evidence of poor judgment or other disqualifications from several years ago:

Bill Clinton admits that Hillary is a necromancer and talks to dead Eleanor Roosevelt, Oct 23, 2012.    [Video clip]

Hillary's Boomerang.  At a fundraiser on September 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton made a soul-baring gaffe.  With uncharacteristic candor, she stated that half of all Trump supporters are a "basket of deplorables," that they're "irredeemable," as well as "racist, sexist homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it." [...] Clinton's dirty bomb that day wedded her forever to the sneering elite tribalism so memorably fire-started by Barack Obama a few years earlier, when he casually derided the desperation of the flyover states with his comments about bitter people clinging to guns and religion.  When these two blue-chip democrats revealed their true selves, the curated façade of caring cultivated by the left for years finally yielded to the dark bigotry beneath.

Torrent of Anti-Israel Advice Found in Hillary's Emails.  It's already been established that one of Hillary Clinton's most trusted advisers, Sid Blumenthal, sent her anti-Israel articles, ideas and advice during her time as secretary of state.  But the stream of anti-Israel advice received by Clinton was much more comprehensive.  In the entire forced dump of Clinton's emails, you will be hard pressed to find a single one sympathetic toward the Jewish state from any of the people she relied on.  The negative, poisonous approach to Israel throughout this email expose shows the atmosphere that she had established around herself.  These emails seem to demonstrate that a huge segment of her close advisers and confidantes were attacking Israel, condemning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and strategizing how to force Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria at all costs.

Clinton Was So Confident of Victory She Bought Second Home in Chappaqua to Accommodate White House Staff.  The New York Post reported last year on the Clintons paying $1.16 million for the three-bedroom, ranch-style home next to their house in Chappaqua.  The newspaper's source said at the time it was thought to be a weekend retreat for their daughter Chelsea's family.  In an interview from her home on the CBS program "Sunday Morning" delving into her 2016 election defeat, Clinton was asked about the property after she discussed attending President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Recalling Hillary's Seance.  This Washington Post story about a journalism dispute between Bob Woodward and ghost writer Barbara Feinman Todd is of little interest qua dispute.  However, it pertains to a remarkable story about which I had forgotten — Hillary Clinton's imaginary conversations, during her time as First Lady, with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi.  As far as I can tell, the matter was not raised or noted by the mainstream media during the 2016 presidential campaign. [...] If there were evidence of Donald Trump communing with the dead, even if twenty years ago or more, the mainstream media very likely would have been aired the story.  It would have been touted as evidence of Trump's weirdness.

The Editor says...
Mrs. Clinton claims to be a Christian, yet she apparently does not know (or care) that the Bible is very clear about communication with the dead, as you can read for yourself in Leviticus 20:27, Leviticus 19:31, and Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

Secret Service Officer Says Clintons Thought They Had 'Magic Royal Pot Of Money'.  In a new book, a former Secret Service uniformed officer accuses Bill and Hillary Clinton of acting as if they had a "magic royal pot" of taxpayer money at their disposal while living in the White House.  That's according to an excerpt obtained by The Daily Caller of Gary Byrne's soon-to-be released Crisis of Character:  A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate.  "The Clintons believed that a magic royal pot of money somehow existed for their every whim," Byrne writes, claiming he overheard shouted conversations about the costs of official events while stationed at the White House.

Hillary: Jesus' loaves and fishes thing was his way of teaching us liberal policies.  A good rule of thumb with Hillary Clinton is this: If it comes out of her mouth, it's insincere.  You will never lose money taking that bet 100 times out of 100.  And a good corollary to that rule is this:  When she tells you what something is supposed to mean, that's not what it means at all.  Especially when she's talking about the Bible.

The Editor says...
Politically-motivated blasphemy of this sort is especially reprehensible because it takes advantage of the profound ignorance of the Bible that has resulted from the removal of Christianity from the public schools.

Clinton:  Drilling not the answer.  Exploring new sources of oil in the United States is not the solution to the nation's growing energy crunch, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton said last week.  There are places where exploration and drilling can take place, such as the Gulf of Mexico, but it doesn't make sense to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, Clinton said during an interview with the Argus Leader on Friday.

The Editor says...
In other words, Hillary Clinton wants to leave the oil in the ground and depend entirely on conservation to achieve "energy independence."  Anyone with an ounce of critical thinking will see immediately that her plans cannot succeed, and that she will blame someone else when the ideas flop.

Clinton's Shocking Florida Gambit:  Hillary Clinton's rhetoric today about counting the results in Florida and Michigan is simply incredible.  Her speech compares discounting the Florida and Michigan primaries to vote suppression and slavery. ... This gambit by Clinton is simply an attempt to steal the nomination.

Clinton evokes ghosts of Bush v. Gore.  Hillary Clinton is evoking one of the darkest episodes in modern Democratic party history in her effort to salvage her bid for the party's presidential nomination. ... Clinton on Wednesday [5/21/2008] made stops in the other two counties as well:  Miami-Dade and Palm Beach.  In each, she fanned the flames of outrage, still burning bright after eight years.  And she tried to harness them to pressure the Democratic National Committee to recognize the results of the Florida and Michigan primaries.

Cutting Hillary Down to Size:  [Scroll down] From there she proceeded onward and upward to working as an attorney for the Congressional committee preparing to impeach President Nixon.  The committee's achievements were rendered moot by the Prez's preemptive surrender, but young Ms. Clinton managed in her brief tenure to leave a legacy of vicious absurdity.  She wrote one legal brief arguing that an impeached President had no right to an attorney, and another maintaining that he enjoyed no presumption of innocence.

Hillary Strangelove.  There are some red lines that should never be crossed.  Clinton did so Tuesday morning [4/28/2008], the day of the Pennsylvania primary, when she told ABC's "Good Morning America" that, if she were president, she would "totally obliterate" Iran if Iran attacked Israel.  This foolish and dangerous threat was muted in domestic media coverage.  But it reverberated in headlines around the world.

Clinton Says Economy Needs Experience.  The economy needs help and fast, Hillary Rodham Clinton declared Monday [11/19/2007], claiming the experience for the job and saying the nation can't afford to break in a newcomer.

The Editor says...
What experience?  Is she now admitting her role as co-president?  What's wrong with the economy now?  Unemployment is low and the stock market is high.  What is there to fix?

Does Marrying Bill Clinton Qualify Someone To Be President?  If a CEO of a fortune 500 company were to retire, would anyone seriously consider his wife to be an adequate replacement simply because she was married to him when he ran the company?  What about a Super Bowl winning football team?  What do you think the reaction of their fans would be if their coach's wife was being seriously discussed as his replacement?

Who Needs Experience?  Hillary Clinton declared the other day — apropos of whom, she didn't say, or need to — "We can't afford on-the-job training for our next president."  Barack Obama immediately retorted, "My understanding is that she wasn't Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration.  I don't know exactly what experience she's claiming."

What Kind of "Experience"?  Whether in Arkansas or in Washington, Hillary Clinton has spent decades parlaying her husband's political clout into both money and power.  How did that benefit anybody but the Clintons?  For those people whose memories are short, go on the Internet and look up Whitewater, the confidential raw FBI files on hundreds of Republican politicians that somehow — nobody apparently knows how — ended up in the Clinton White House illegally. … It would be hard to find two people less trustworthy than the Clintons or with a longer trail of sleaze and slime.

President Clinton and Mr. Hyde:  [Scroll down] Does any of this matter?  Yes.  It brings the tawdriness of the Clinton years rushing back.  And it's not as if Hillary can distance herself from Bill — or from those years.  What is, after all, Hillary Clinton's claim to the presidency?  Her seven years in the Senate?  Her years of law practice?  No.  Her claim is the "experience" she acquired as first lady.  Her claim is that she was and is Mrs. Bill Clinton.

I Hold Hillary Responsible.  Can someone quote me an original idea by Hillary Clinton upon any subject of diplomatic or military interest?  The fact that she went along with some of our tough stands in Afghanistan and Iraq just shows she can listen to reason now and then; it does not crown her as a genius.  What else is there to cite in support of this putative wisdom?  When has she stood out from the pack and made a unique mark for herself with any inspired initiative, save the health-care catastrophe in 1993?

Clinton leadership a study in missteps.  Clinton has overseen two major staff shake-ups in two months.  She has left a trail of unpaid bills and unhappy vendors and had to loan her own campaign $5 million to keep it afloat in January.  Her campaign badly underestimated her main adversary, Barack Obama, miscalculated the importance of organizing caucus states and was caught flat-footed after failing to lock up the nomination on Super Tuesday.  It would be easy to dismiss all of this as fairly conventional political stumbling — if she hadn't made her supreme readiness and managerial competence the central issue of her presidential campaign.

Hillary's Pastor, in Interview, Sympathizes With Jeremiah Wright.  One of the Democratic presidential candidates has a pastor who opposed both Iraq wars, supports same-sex marriage, opposes the death penalty, and has been a passionate critic of American foreign policy.  The clergyman isn't the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Senator Obama's spiritual leader who has become a household name and a campaign issue for his fiery rhetoric, but the Reverend Edward Matthews, a little-known Arkansas preacher who is the closest Senator Clinton has to a pastor of her own.

Did someone mention Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

The Qualifications of Hillary W. Clinton.  What exactly is the rationale that supports Hillary Clinton's candidacy?  Her claims to "experience" crumble at anything more than a cursory inquiry.  The myth that she served as co-president is transparently bogus.  Her time in the Senate has been either undistinguished or ignominious, depending on your viewpoint.  And yet some Democrats consider her the safe, predictable choice.  Why?

Hillary is the candidate of retribution, not of hope.  Her problem is that a lot of people do not buy into her, while a significant minority actively hate her.  She is one of the most divisive figures in American life, however hard she tries not to be.  If elected, she would reignite the culture wars in spite of herself.  All this makes even her admirers fear that she is neither a winner nor what the country really needs.

Clinton in Blackface:  A Political Tragedy.  I could not disagree more with Barack Obama's pork spending, tax raising, and defeat-embracing liberal agenda, but a recent attack by the Clinton campaign on Mr. Obama was the worst sort of the politics of personal destruction.  It was one based on racial stereotypes.  Such an attack is racism in all of its ugliness.

A lady and her voice:  After Hillary won the New Hampshire primary — that is, after her tears and sniffles — she said, "I found my own voice."  That made me wonder:  What voice, or voices, had she been using, in her long, long — and very successful — political career?  I myself would have been a little bit hesitant to say, at this late date, "I found my own voice."

Remarkably unqualified to be president.  While Clinton has been an outspoken liberal activist since the 1960s, she never has run a business, a city, a state or a Cabinet department.  She was a partner at Little Rock's Rose Law Firm, but did not administer it.  Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families aside, she headed none of the nonprofits whose boards her Web site says she joined.  While she conducted President Clinton's health-reform task force in 1993, the plan it concocted in secret collapsed in public.

Hillary's Record:  Lamenting the healthy U.S. economy, a certain senator from New York says "it takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush."  But the Clintons' brand of soap always seems to be a mix of sleaze and socialism.

Ouch!  Hillary Clinton's softer image is clawed over dumped cat.  As the "first pet" of the Clinton era, Socks, the White House cat, allowed "chilly" Hillary Clinton to show a caring, maternal side as well as bringing joy to her daughter Chelsea.  So where is Socks today?  Once the presidency was over, there was no room for Socks any more.  After years of loyal service at the White House, the black and white cat was dumped on Betty Currie, Bill Clinton's personal secretary, who also had an embarrassing clean-up role in the saga of his relationship with the intern Monica Lewinsky.

Hillary's Gender War.  The greatest controversy during the upcoming political campaign will not be Republican vs. Democrat or conservative against liberal.  Rather, the most riveting debate is likely to revolve around the question of whether a female president can better lead the nation than a man.  It will be the ultimate Battle of the Sexes, played out in endless bedroom discussions, backyard debates, and newspaper headlines.

A Hillary apology?  Sorry, no can do.  Clinton is strongly focused on the swing voters, maybe 10 or 12 percent of the electorate, who will ultimately determine the outcome of the '08 November election.  More specifically, the swing voters in winnable red states, the states John Kerry failed to carry in 2004.  If Clinton was to issue an apology, she would immediately expose herself to the flip-flop charge — the same charge that doomed Kerry among swing voters.

Hillary Clinton Finds the South Too Southern.  Instead of celebrating diversity and singing the praises of the gray stripe in the American rainbow, Clinton and comrades have declared that the Confederate flag has no place being displayed anywhere near the South Carolina state house.  I mean think about it — a Confederate flag in South Carolina!  What's next, Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland?

Hillary Wants Ex-felons to Vote.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a possible White House candidate in 2008, joined 2004 nominee John Kerry and other Democrats Thursday in urging that Election Day be made a federal holiday to encourage voting.  She also pushed for legislation that would allow all ex-felons to vote.

Elect me and oil prices instantly drop, says Hillary Clinton in Iowa.  Hillary Clinton predicted Saturday [12/22/2007] that just electing her President will cut the price of oil.  When the world hears her commitment at her inauguration about ending American dependence on foreign fuel, Clinton says, oil-pumping countries will lower prices to stifle America's incentive to develop alternative energy.

Living History:  Hillary gone wild.  The Clinton team was supposed to be known for sticking to the year-long make-over script, especially after the disastrous sound bite ("suspension of disbelief"), but lately the senator has gone wild.  She egotistically claimed that ipso facto her election would bring down world oil prices.  Then she claimed ownership of the surge she tried to stop, by boasting that those parochial Iraqis apparently listen to her every word, as Iraqis, the U.S. military, and the enemy all must adjust their strategy to her most current position on the war.

Glowing Over Radioactive Hillary:  Not only does "Living History" fail to add to history, it tries to subtract from it.  In the spring of 1992, the news emerged that Bill Clinton received a draft notice, and plotted with college buddies to get around it.  But on page 240, our ever-spinning author renews the lie:  "I knew that Bill respected military service, that he would have served if he had been called."  In fact, they did call, and Bill failed to answer.

Flighty Hill Changes Planes — Constantly.  Jet-setting Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton is a fussy frequent flier who used three different planes in a single day during a recent campaign swing through South Carolina.  The former first lady even grounded one aircraft — a chartered Gulfstream II — in Columbia, S.C., last Friday [4/27/2007], demanding a swankier Gulfstream III replacement for a flight out west.

Hillary Clinton Reigns as Queen of Federal Pork.  Democrats have been so busy preparing the coronation of Hillary Clinton that they have failed to train a critical eye on her record.  When it comes to earmarks, an issue that voters responded to more than any other in the last election except for Iraq, her record is about as bad as it gets.  If Dennis Hastert was the king of earmarks, Hillary Clinton was his queen.  Republicans had their "bridge to nowhere."  Hillary has her knitting mill.

Clinton linked to $340 million in earmarks.  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton helped secure more than $340 million worth of special projects for her home state of New York in last year's spending bills, according to a new study by a government watchdog group.  The figure places her among the top 10 Senate recipients of what are commonly known as earmarks, said the group, Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Top Earmark-er Clinton Grants $303,000 to Gay Lobby Group.  A group that lobbies for needle exchanges, for allowing more immigrants with HIV/AIDS to legally enter the country, and for condom distribution in prisons received a $303,000 federal earmark pushed by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).  That was one of 261 earmarks Clinton personally helped usher through Congress.  That's more earmarks than any other member of Congress seeking the presidency, according to an analysis by the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW).

Seven Things To Know About the Clintons:  Editorially in February 2001, The New York Times … lamented that it might "never understand the process by which a departing president and his wife come to put sofas and flatware ahead of the acute sense of propriety that ought to go with high office."  The New York Observer assessed Hillary's election to the Senate "a terrible mistake," adding that "Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfit for elective office."  Those are some of the unlovely things said about the Clintons by their friends.

Crooked Hillary:  "Unfit for elective office."  Those are the words of the (very) liberal New York Observer in a 2001 editorial.  Ultra-liberal New York Times columnist Bob Herbert added that Hillary's husband Bill Clinton "is so thoroughly corrupt it is frightening."  It is, of course, almost impossible to separate Bill from Hillary in this regard, because their careers are so intertwined and because so many of the corruptions in Clinton's past specifically involved projects on which Hillary was actively involved.

Commander in Chief Hillary?  Those who worry that a Hillary Clinton presidency would just be the Return of Bill may yet be proved optimists.  Judging by her article in Foreign Affairs on October 16 Hillary is determined to bring back the human rights-based failures of Jimmy Carter.

Clintons Go From Rags To Riches.  The former president made more than $10 million last year delivering speeches worldwide at corporate retreats, trade group gatherings and motivational seminars.  In 2006, Bill received an average of about $180,000 a speech and he collected nearly half a million dollars for a single talk to a London financial forum in the latter part of the year.

How Hillary Became New York Senator.  Rabbi Twersky has never publicly commented about the sins of his community members and repeatedly turned down interviews to explain the scandal.  That visit launched a series of events that culminated in a controversial last-minute clemency action on behalf of New Square by outgoing President Clinton.  The decision by President Clinton to commute the sentences of four prominent New Square men who stole tens of millions from the federal government in a phony yeshiva scheme enraged law enforcement officials.

America hates Hillary Clinton and Co.  [Scroll down] We never brought up Bill Clinton's sexual dalliances, but many ordinary Americans did.  "She couldn't keep her own home together, so how can we trust her to manage America?"  asked Micki Martinson, a housewife in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

The Editor says...
The same question was asked about Bill Clinton, but nobody would listen.

The Psychobiography of Hillary Rodham Clinton:  Hillary was Daddy Hugh's girl but what does this mean?  She was Hugh Rodham's victim who wanted his love and approval even as she tried to escape his stinginess, irascibility and perfectionism.  The victim survived and was marked by an identification with the aggressor.  Like Hugh the adult Hillary became irritable, demanding and the family breadwinner but that's getting ahead of her story.

Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?  Includes a very long list of Hillary Clinton quotations, most of which involve the F-word.

Episode #9 — Sister Frigidaire.  The survival of our Republic is threatened by two things — fundamentalist Islamic terrorists and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  President Bush is leading the fight against the terrorists.  It is up to those of us who know the real Hillary Clinton to lead the fight against her.  We must shine the light of truth on this dangerous woman so that all Americans may know the real Hillary.

Conventional Wisdom:  Increasingly the Clinton campaign puts me in mind of presidential campaigns waged by the late segregationist George Wallace.  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton even has Wallace's surly style.  Yet Wallace was rarely accused of lying.  Hillary is caught lying every few days, and the lies are not even as clever as those of her mendacious husband, the sex maniac.  Of course, when the fur ceases to fly over these racial charges, I think it will be clear that Hillary is not nearly the bigot Wallace was, but neither is she as nice a person.  I cannot think of one of Governor Wallace's household pets disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

An Empty Pantsuit.  If Hillary Clinton is proud of her experience and record of change, why are 2 million pages of her White House files locked up? … Hillary did urge her husband to appoint Janet Reno as the first female attorney general, a move he'd later describe as "my worst mistake."  While the Clinton Justice Department treated the first attack on the World Trade Center as a law enforcement matter, Reno kept busy incinerating religious zealots in Waco.  Hillary has been in the Senate for seven years, during which time she has accomplished nothing of note except for voting for the Iraq War before she was against it.  No major piece of legislation bears her name. … Her possible GOP opponents have experienced and accomplished much more than the author of "It Takes a Village."

Clinton is big winner in unlikability contest.  What's wrong with just saying "congratulations" and going on your way?  That's being the bigger person.  But apparently Clinton is not big on being big.  Recently, she raised eyebrows when — in a breach of presidential campaign protocol — she neglected to congratulate Obama for his victories in Washington, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Nor did she congratulate him on the day after he swept the Potomac primaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Clinton campaign spending worries supporters.  Nearly $100,000 went for party platters and groceries before the Iowa caucuses, even though the partying mood evaporated quickly.  Rooms at the Bellagio luxury hotel in Las Vegas consumed more than $25,000; the Four Seasons, another $5,000.  And top consultants collected about $5 million in January, a month of crucial expenses and tough fund-raising.  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's latest campaign finance report, published Wednesday night [2/20/2008], appeared even to her most stalwart supporters and donors to be a road map of her political and management failings.

Deli Pigout a Clinton Gut Bu$ter.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's free-spending campaign blew a whopping $95,000 at a low-end supermarket-deli chain last month in Iowa — a telling sign of why she can no longer cut the mustard financially against Barack Obama in critical states.  Clinton's latest campaign filings reveal how a sprawling, top-heavy campaign organization splurged on posh hotels and pricey consultants but still struggles to define its message against Obama, a charismatic opponent whom Clinton's camp now calls the front-runner.

The Clintons Just Won't Learn.  Whether one likes, dislikes, loves, hates, admires, fears, despises, or envies them, every Clinton watcher has this in common:  They are dumbfounded both by the incompetence with which Hillary has run for president and her intransigence at sticking to a failed message.

Hillary Unmasked:  The real Hillary Clinton stood up at the Democratic presidential debate this week:  angry, sarcastic, stubborn, secretive, arrogant, mired in the past, victim of the media, and still firmly convinced that she is uniquely entitled to the Democratic Party nomination and the presidency.  That Hillary hasn't really been on display much since the debacle of her disastrous health care plan and the end of Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, when she haughtily flaunted her combative personality.

Read this book:
Hillary Rodham Clinton:  What Every American Should Know.  Hillary Clinton has a history of Leftwing radicalism that the mainstream media have successfully concealed for more than a decade now.  She has run with a pack of political predators fiercely committed to replacing our market economy and the traditional family with a socialist regime that commands Americans to accept economic servitude.  It didn't work in the Soviet Union.  It won't work here.  Hillary Clinton believes otherwise, as this book will prove.

The Editor says...
This little book also includes sections about various scandals — Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, etc.  An excerpt from the book can be seen here.

Clinton's experience under scrutiny.  While Hillary Clinton represented the U.S. on the world stage at important moments while she was first lady, there is scant evidence that she played a pivotal role in major foreign policy decisions or in managing global crises.

First Lady's Foreign Trips All Pomp.  Hillary Rodham Clinton boasts on the campaign trail of having had a key foreign-policy role when she was first lady — but newly released records of her travel abroad paint a picture that looks more like an extended vacation of get-togethers and tea parties.

Hillary Clinton papers sink experience claims.  Hillary Clinton's boasts that she gained major foreign policy experience as First Lady have been undermined after 11,046 pages of her White House schedules provided scant evidence to back up her claims.  The documents were made public by the US national archives after pressure from her rival Barack Obama and freedom-of-information groups.  Many details were redacted at the request of lawyers acting for former president Bill Clinton, citing privacy and national security concerns.

Release of Clinton Schedules Offers Chance to Test Campaign Assertions.  Gregory B. Craig, who was a senior State Department official in the Clinton administration and is now a policy adviser to Mr. Obama, said Friday [3/21/2008] that the White House records showed that Mrs. Clinton was absent when critical foreign policy decisions were made and that her trips abroad were largely ceremonial.  "The fact is, and this was established by the White House schedules, that she did not attend N.S.C. meetings or routinely meet with the secretary of state or the national security adviser," said Mr. Craig, a lawyer who represented Mr. Clinton in his 1998-99 impeachment and trial.

Voter Doubts About Her Honesty Costing Clinton.  [A] survey for the Charlotte Observer/WCNC-TV reported that only 25 percent of voters gave high marks to Clinton for trustworthiness compared to 48 percent for Obama and 54 percent for Arizona Sen. John McCain.  Nearly 9 in 10 voters said trust would be a major factor in deciding how they would vote.

Other signals and noise:

Bitter Hillary Clinton Doesn't Like Tulsi Gabbard, Donald Trump — Or Anyone Else.  In case you were wondering, Hillary Clinton is still bitter about the 2016 election.  And she's out for revenge.  Clinton's latest target was Tulsi Gabbard, whom she described as a "Russian asset" and the Kremlin's preferred third-party candidate.  Clinton also hyperventilated about "a bunch of sites and bots" helping Gabbard's campaign, as if the American people aren't intelligent enough to choose whom to support or oppose.  In 2016, millions of Americans were smart enough to choose Clinton's opponent, and they'll choose wisely again — Russia fear-mongering aside.

Time to tell Hillary goodbye.  Just when you thought the failed Democratic Russian-colluding and dossier-paying Democratic nominee for president of the United States had waddled away into the sunset, Hillary Rodham Clinton re-appears in India.  Yes, India.  Talking about women's rights.  Yes, India.  And she opened her mouth yet again to insult the "deplorables" and American women she has fought so hard to stand up for and support for 40 years.  Well, those women smart enough to not vote for her. [...] This was in India, which has a horrible record on its overall treatment of women.  In India, where women are treated not even as second-class citizens, chastised for being from the wrong class and where they have their husbands chosen for them -- that's India's tradition.

Granny's back and as nasty as ever.  Just when we thought we were rid of her, Granny Clinton tumbles back into the news cycle just as nasty as ever.  Hillary decided to take her "Deplorable Road Show" to India where she happily attacked all the Americans who didn't bow to her will and vote for her in 2016.  There's a reason during the final debate that President Trump said of Hillary, "Such a nasty woman."  Because at the end of the day, Hillary really is a nasty woman.

Hillary Clinton was not a role model.  The New York Times dragged out a sanitized version of Hillary Clinton once again, in a lament that she had to expire politically to create an uprising.  But people who want to see women advancing in politics should be glad that she lost.  Clinton was not a role model, as her model wasn't available to anyone who hadn't married a president.  A bad politician, she was dependent upon him, and when he turned out to be a chronic seducer and even abuser of women, she was willing to threaten and even destroy his victims to assure his success.  Hillary Clinton's biggest moments were television appearances to save his career when it hung in the balance.  They came in 1992, on "60 Minutes," when she denied that he had an affair with Gennifer Flowers; and in 1998 when she went on the "Today" show, to say that reports he had erred with an intern were part of a vast Right-wing plot.  For the first, she was given control of healthcare reform, which she mishandled so badly that Democrats lost both houses of Congress; for the second, she was given a seat in the Senate from the state of New York, from which she would launch her runs for the White House.  And it wasn't just the seat, but also her husband's vast network of friends and supporters, and access to mountains of cash that came with it.

Hillary's Former Secret Service Agent Calls Her An 'Obnoxious, Rude, Fraud'.  Dan Bongino, a former secret service agent who worked to protect former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and worked in some capacity with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has something to get off his chest.  In a now viral tweet, Bongino lambasted Hillary, managing to squeeze five specific insults into a 140-character message.

After Her 2008 Primary Loss to Obama, Hillary Clinton Spied On Her Own Staff to Find the Traitors and Leakers.  No wonder she's paranoid about email security.  She's pawed through other people's emails to find dirt.  This was reported in Shattered:  Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, which I guess I have to read.

Dancing in the dark with Hillary.  We know, from his past comments, that [Donald] Trump would respond favorably to the Jewish State.  For Hillary, Israel would present a problem.  Her advisers, as we learn here, would prefer that she drop the subject in public.  They don't want her to mention Israel because (Gevalt!) it might upset her touchy Democratic/Liberal/Progressive followers, if, that is, she were to name Israel as a valued ally.  Obviously she took their advice.  I haven't heard her speak openly about Israel for quite some time.  Have you?

Witness: DNC tour bus dumps human waste into storm drain.  Lawrenceville police are investigating a claim that involves a Democratic National Committee tour bus illegally dumping human waste into a storm drain between campaign stops.  The incident happened on Grayson Highway Tuesday morning [10/18/2016] after the bus left a campaign stop near the Gwinnett County Board of Elections Office where hundreds of voters were lined up to take part in Early Voting.

Hillary Sees Herself as a Messianic Joan of Arc to Deliver the Left's Revelation to the Earth.  Lots of people think Hillary's a soulless, transactional, pragmatic, cynical pol.  I wish she were — that would limit the damage she can do.  I fear she's something far worse.  She's not soulless.  She's not cynical.  She's messianic.  She got into politics through religion.  Youth activism in her church was her gateway to wanting political power — to save others, not to aggrandize herself, you understand.

Hillary's Greatest Nightmare is Coming True.  Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to lure young voters into her artisanal fair trade GMO-free gingerbread house.  And they just aren't interested.  In a desperate effort to get out the youth vote, Hillary Clinton dragged her former nemesis, 75-year-old Bernie Sanders, to New Hampshire to campaign for her.  When your best bet for winning over the kids was born during WW2, you have a major problem.  But whatever millennial pixie dust the senile Socialist had been wearing before had worn off.  "Is anyone here ready to transform America?" he croaked.  Not with Hillary.  Not even the most naive college freshman believes in Hillary as an agent of change.

An Alt-Right Response To Pickles Clinton and Her Russian Planetary Conspiracy Theorem.  We anticipated 2016 was going to be a really unusual campaign season, but no-one could have predicted how loony it would actually become.  Secretary Hillary Clinton, campaigning to become President of the United States, actually gave a public speech claiming that Vladimir Putin was using mind-control to manipulate nationalist inhabitants of planet earth in a grand conspiracy against her campaign.  And if you don't believe her, YOU are the conspiracy theorist.

Hillary's Psycho moment.  One of the sillier narratives to come out of the second presidential debate was the various takes on Hillary Clinton's insect incident.  The picture of Hillary with a fly on her face went viral faster than you can say "zombie food."  But seriously, the filthy little pest landed right on her face, just inside her eyebrow.  There were lots of different takes on the fly's motives.  The incident really bothered me.  Why didn't she shake her head or swat at it?  These are reflexive actions, right?  Oh, some attributed her inaction to her "professional" training, her leadership quality of powering through.  But we all know that's [nonsense].  If you have a filthy fly on your face, get it off.

Giuliani: Clinton refusal to seek police endorsement shows Dems as 'anti-law enforcement party'.  Hillary Clinton's decision not to seek the endorsement of The Fraternal Order of Police is a sign that the Democrat presidential nominee leads "an anti-law enforcement party," former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said on Sunday.  Giuliani, who supports Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, said on "Fox and Friends" that he sees an anti-police atmosphere developing in America, and he blames Clinton and the Democrat Party for fomenting those feelings.

Sheriff David Clarke:  Hillary Clinton 'a straight-up cop hater'.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Monday that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is "a straight-up cop hater" who sympathizes with the "criminal element" of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Sheriff Clarke, an outspoken black conservative, appeared on "Fox & Friends" to address Mrs. Clinton's decision not to seek the endorsement of the biggest police union in the country, The Fraternal Order of Police.  "It's a huge miscalculation, a huge political miscalculation on the part of Mrs. Bill Clinton," the sheriff said.

Police union:  Clinton snubbed us.  Top officials at the biggest police union in the country are upset with Hillary Clinton, saying she snubbed them.  The leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police told The Hill that the Democrat sent a signal through her staff that she wouldn't be seeking the union's endorsement.  "It sends a powerful message.  To be honest with you, I was disappointed and shocked," said Chuck Canterbury, the president of the National Fraternal Order of Police.  "You would think with law enforcement issues so much in the news that even if she had disagreements with our positions, that she would've been willing to say that."

New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric.  A newly-released email and lobbying documents filed with Congress reveals new ties between Clintonworld and members of a network operated by a mysterious Islamic cleric from Turkey.  Connections between Clinton and acolytes of the imam, Fethullah Gulen, could muddle the complex relationship between the U.S. and Turkey, a key NATO ally, if the former secretary of state wins the White House.  Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has mounted an aggressive crackdown against Gulen and his followers, known as Gulenists.  Erdoğan, who was once allied with Gulen, has even personally asked President Obama to extradite the 74-year-old guru, who has lived in self-exile in Pennsylvania's Pocono mountains since 1999.

New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric.  A newly-released email and lobbying documents filed with Congress reveals new ties between Clintonworld and members of a network operated by a mysterious Islamic cleric from Turkey.  Connections between Clinton and acolytes of the imam, Fethullah Gulen, could muddle the complex relationship between the U.S. and Turkey, a key NATO ally, if the former secretary of state wins the White House.

Britain's decision to leave the EU is Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare.  The global implications of the Brexit vote are just beginning to be felt.  And nowhere will the outcome of Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union be more closely scrutinised than in New York City.  As the Stock Exchange opens on Wall Street, a few miles away in Brooklyn dozens of the most brilliant minds in the Democratic Party will gather at the Hillary Clinton for President HQ to work out where the vote leaves their candidate.  The immediate answer is:  in grave danger.  With the referendum proving, once again, the utter contempt for mainstream politicians felt by the white, working classes of virtually all Western countries, the prospect of a President Trump has never seemed more likely.

Exclusive — Secret Service Agent Book:  Raging Hillary Clinton Threw Bible at Agent's Colleague.  Hillary Clinton once threw a Bible at the back of a Secret Service agent's head, part of a pattern of unhinged rage that the now-presumptive Democratic nominee exhibited, as exposed for the first time in former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne's grueling insider account of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Byrne's forthcoming book Crisis of Character — in which he details how the Clintons operated during his time in the U.S. Secret Service, where he protected the first couple for eight years in the White House in the 1990s.  During three of those years, he was posted right outside the Oval Office.  The book comes out next week.

Bombshell book reveals how Hillary terrified White House staff.  Hillary Clinton has a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality that left White House staffers scared stiff of her explosive — and even physical — outbursts, an ex-Secret Service officer claims in a scathing new tell-all.  Gary Byrne, who was posted outside the Oval Office when Bill Clinton was president, portrays Hillary as too "erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent" to become leader of the free world, according to advance promotional materials exclusively obtained by Page Six.

Bill Clinton had a 'put-a-steak-on-it black eye' after loud fight with Hillary in the White House.  In the book, 'Crisis of Character,' former agency officer Gary Bryne, details arriving at work after a 1995 shouting-match that left a light blue vase 'smashed to bits' and Bill sporting a 'real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye.'  Things got so bad that Secret Service agents had discussions about the possibility they might have to protect the president from his wife's physical attacks, the New York Post reported in advance excerpts of the book.

Secret Service Agent Book Rocks Clinton Campaign.  Posted directly outside President Clinton's Oval Office, Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton's character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the First Family.

Secret Service agent's book claims Clinton has 'volcanic' leadership style.  An ex-Secret Service officer's forthcoming book on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton reportedly claims she has a "volcanic" leadership style and lacks the "temperament" to hold office — the same charge the candidate leveled last week at Donald Trump.  The book, "Crisis of Character," is due to be released June 28 — a month before Clinton is likely to take the stage to accept the Democratic presidential nomination in Philadelphia.  Written by ex-Secret Service Officer Gary J. Byrne, who was "posted directly outside President Clinton's Oval Office," the 285-page book paints Clinton as disdainful of rules and erratic in her personality.

Former Secret Service Officer Spills the Beans on Hillary in the White House.  What promises to be a blockbuster book, detailing the disgraceful behavior of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House, will be published June 28.

Libertarians Could Cost Hillary Clinton the White House.  The potential significance of the Libertarian Party has to factor in to the calculations of both of the major parties, despite the advantages the major parties enjoy in America's predominantly two-party system.  First, a Libertarian candidate will be on the ballot in 32 states, and well-organized efforts are underway to include the party on the ballot in all 50 states.  Second, in this year of the disaffected voter, it might be possible for Libertarians to muscle their way into the presidential debates.

Secret Service agent to release tell-all book about the Clinton White House and the culture that 'sickened' him.  A Secret Service agent who protected Hillary Clinton is set to publish a tell-all book.  Gary Byrne says he was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in the 1990s and that what he saw 'sickened him'.  His expose is causing deep concern in the White House, according to Drudge Report, and its release comes as Hillary comes within touching distance of securing the Democratic nomination.

Hillary Campaign Rocked By Secret Service Agent Book Exposing Clintons' Dirty Laundry.  Hillary Clinton's campaign is scrambling as details emerge of a shocking "tell-all" book written by an ex-Secret Service agent, Gary Byrne, who protected the Clintons during the 1990s.  Former secret service agent Gary Byrne was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in the 1990s, and has decided that since "the Clintons must never again be allowed to put your children at risk", to write a tell all book titled "Crisis of Character", exposing the Clintons' dirty laundry.

Clinton's warnings about Trump actually describe ... herThat was a "major national-security address"?  Hillary Clinton's folks billed her San Diego speech Thursday [6/2/2016] as a big deal.  And it certainly was a prime opportunity to lay out her views on foreign policy and America's role in the world.  But what she delivered was a 45-minute rant against Donald Trump — with nary a clue about her plans for leading America on the international stage.  Worse, her string of dump-on-Trump quips might've worked better if she had substituted her name for his, starting with her attack on Trump's "series of rants" — a perfect description of her own speech.

Dinesh D'Souza Film "Hillary's America" Opens in July.  Andrew Breitbart once famously said that all politics is downstream from culture.  In his new and successful career as a filmmaker, D'Souza has embraced that concept.

Hillary just can't stop yelling.  Hillary Clinton, addressing an enthusiastic crowd in Los Angeles Thursday [5/5/2016], did what she does when excited and enthusiastic: she yelled.  But in this instance, her message was the bromide Democrats use whenever Republicans are winning an argument.  "We'd be a lot better off if we actually talked to each other instead of yelling at each other."  [Video clip]

Hillary stumps area churches.  Hillary Clinton asked Philadelphia congregants to "honor me with your vote" as she visited two African American churches in the city Sunday morning [4/24/2016], campaigning just ahead of a Pennsylvania primary that could all but seal her grip on the Democratic nomination for president.

The Editor says...
As usual, when a Democrat candidate is the featured speaker at an all-black church, my comments are:  [#1] Why is it okay for a Democrat to campaign in a church, but if a Republican does the same, it's "establishing a religion," and [#2] Why is it okay for a Democrat to attend and support an all-black church, but if a Republican appeared in an all-white church it would be "racist?"

The Biggest "Powerful Interest".  Over at Weasel Zippers, Zip posted a video of Hillary Clinton bemoaning that "we have just too many guns — on the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods.  I don't know why Hillary thinks she's the grand arbiter of how many guns is too many guns, but Liberals always like to be the Nosy Parker Hall Monitors making sure we don't have too much Liberty.  After all, remember Obama saying "At some point, you've made enough money.  But the thing that struck me about this stupid clip was what Hillary said after that: [Video clip]

D'Souza: Hillary Film Could Earn Me 'Life in Prison'.  Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza said his upcoming film about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is going to result in a lifelong prison sentence.  D'Souza said he was locked up for 8 months in a "federal confinement center" for a "relatively minor campaign finance infraction" following the release of his film, 2016, about President Obama.  "If that film got me eight months in the slammer, this new movie is going to earn me life in prison," he said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  "It's time to take the gloves off."  D'Souza described the film, Hillary's America, as a sordid history of the Democratic Party from the very beginning all the way through Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Campaign Still Hasn't Paid Iowa Police Departments For Extra Security.  The Hillary Clinton campaign has stiffed two Iowa police departments which provided its police officers as extra security at campaign events.  According to Des Moines news station WHO, the Marshalltown police department has yet to be paid the $2,700 it billed the Clinton campaign for overtime it paid officers who worked events on Jan. 15 and Jan. 26.  "We have requested reimbursement from the Clinton campaign.  We haven't received that payment yet," Marshalltown police chief Michael Tupper told WHO.

Boeing! Boeing!  Hillary Clinton is many things, many of them about greed and some of them corrupt, but one thing she is not is a socialist.  She's a crony capitalist, as she demonstrated once more in her Sunday night debate with Bernie Sanders, and proud of it.  She has used her various government positions to build the Clinton family business, which is peddling influence, and her customers know they can count on her to deliver.  The Export-Import Bank, one of Hillary's favorites, is one of Boeing's favorites, too, and while the Ex-Im was designed to help American companies compete across the globe, it's actually an institution to help a few major American corporations pad the bottom line.  The largest domestic beneficiary of the Ex-Im's largesse is Boeing, the aircraft colossus in Seattle which persuaded its friends of both parties in Congress to reauthorize the bank after Congress allowed its charter to lapse last year.  Indeed, the Ex-Im is known on the Hill as "The Bank of Boeing."

Clinton must make Elizabeth Warren her vice president.  Hillary Clinton has a knack for turning triumph into tedium.  On Tuesday night [3/1/2016], after her Super Tuesday wins all but guaranteed her the Democratic presidential nomination, she served up a victory speech that was a bowl of mush.

The Editor says...
Obviously, the Vice President serving under Hillary Clinton will have an excellent chance of being promoted to President when Hillary is impeached.  And her chances of being impeached are far greater than Obama's, partly because Hillary is lily white, but mostly because Hillary has been surrounded by a cloud of corruption for the last 30 years.  Just ask Vince Foster.

Hillary Caught Raising Money From Ex-NRA Lobbyist.  What do hedge fund managers, companies engaging in corporate inversions, and the NRA all have in common?  Hillary Clinton publicly bashes them on the campaign trail while taking money from them or their associates in private.  It's all another reminder that double standards are the standard for Hillary Clinton's campaign and that she will do or say anything to get elected.

Chelsea campaigns to empty seats in Cleveland.  While there may be sagging excitement around Hillary Clinton's campaign, there seems to be even less to see Chelsea.  The younger Clinton was campaigning in Cleveland Monday [2/15/2016] and video shows numerous empty seats in an already small room.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton Top Six Campaign Staffers Are All White Men.  As Hillary Clinton's campaign looks to the black vote in South Carolina to fend off Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)' momentum, a look at her staff list reveals an exclusively white leadership team mostly comprised of white males.  In fact, her top six campaign officials are all white guys.

Caution:  Clinton anecdote.  May not have happened.
Chelsea Clinton says she left the pro-life Baptist church at age six because they talked about abortion in Sunday school.  Chelsea Clinton claims she left a Baptist church as a child because they started talking about abortion in Sunday when she was just six years old.  Chelsea made the comment at a recent fundraiser for her mother Hillary Clinton in an attempt to address evangelicals who question her mother's faith in God and secular voters who say she's too religious, according to The New York Post.  A Democrat shared Chelsea's speech with a Post reporter who did not specify where the campaign fundraiser took place.

Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit During Speech in Iowa.  Hillary Clinton was wracked by a coughing fit during her speech Monday [1/25/2016] to the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines. [...] She continued on after a minute, and after a few more minutes her voice had gotten back to its normal pitch.  Clinton had a similar moment during her lengthy Benghazi Select Committee testimony in October, briefly halting the proceeding when she began coughing almost uncontrollably and needed a cough drop.

Hillary Gets Conspiratorial: Accuses Republicans of Hiring Actors to Appear at Rallies.  Perhaps Clinton is merely insulting Iowa voters by suggesting they are either dumb or crazy, something Trump and others have been taken to task for.  But it would appear in fact that she is seriously suggesting that GOP candidates are paying actors to attend their rallies.

The Daily Caller Presents: The 23 Least Intriguing People Of 2015.  [#1] Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, scandal-ridden former first lady who — let's be honest — has risen far beyond her abilities because she married a very talented politician who continually cheats on her.  Her speeches are monotonous.  No one can remember much she has ever done — beyond the egregious errors — but, of course, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Campaign Funding the Democratic National Committee.  The Hillary Clinton campaign is quietly making cash transfers to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to fund state party efforts in the South.  Breitbart News has obtained an email sent by Hillary Clinton deputy national political director Brynne Craig, 30, to a state party chairman.  Craig assures the chairman that the Clinton campaign will be making another "transfer" to the DNC.  Then Craig said she would "follow up to let you know the amount that is transferred."

Hillary Clinton's Enabler-in-Chief.  "He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster," Friedrich Nietzsche advised.  That's probably the best spin one can put on Sidney Blumenthal, the longtime Hillary Rodham Clinton aide and confidant.  But it would be just that — spin — given that Blumenthal was never an idealist, never mind an innocent.

Hillary Clinton's Laugh Is, Objectively Speaking, Grating and Awful.  Look, obviously I'm not going to be a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, given my standing as the executive editor of this here decadent and unethical anti-Clinton weblog.  But I don't think it's my inherent bias against Democrats generally or Democratic women specifically that leads me to refer to Hillary Clinton's laugh as a "cackle."  It's that her laugh sounds like a cackle.

Clinton's camp says she 'could have a serious meltdown'.  Hillary is furious — and while Clinton advisers think that may save her, it's making the lives of those who work for her hell.  "Hillary's been having screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work," says a campaign aide.  "She thought the nomination was hers for the asking, but her mounting problems have been getting to her and she's become shrill and, at times, even violent."

Bubba plays the victim card in Hillary email scandal.  This is classic Clinton spin, going back to the earliest days of his run for the presidency.  For some odd reason, people keep paying attention to actions of the Clintons that have no significance at all.  Stay tuned for the blame to be placed.  Well, it may work on some of the diehard fans to say this, people who can't imagine anything untoward and who pay not attention to critics.

Sorry For What, Hillary?  "I'm sorry about that," Hillary Rodham Clinton said six years after seizing control of government email and after six months of denying wrongdoing.  Just this week, it took three different interviews in four days for her to beg the puniest of pardons:  "I do think I could have and should have done a better job answering questions earlier."  You think?  By any objective measure, the Democratic presidential front-runner has responded to her email scandal with deflection and deception, shredding her credibility while giving a skeptical public another reason not to trust the institutions of politics and government.

Everyone Hates Hillary Clinton.  Lately, everyone has been focused on the emailgate scandal and the political implications for the Clinton campaign. [...] What's been especially damaging to Clinton about this scandal has been the way it has reminded America about all the things they hated about the Clintons — the overbearing sense of entitlement and privilege, the secrecy, the endless parsing of words, the flagrantly stated belief that the law doesn't apply to anyone with the last name Clinton.

Women's Chorus Replaces 'Jesus' With Candidate's Name In African-American Spiritual.  Hillary Clinton's campaign needs a resurrection in New Hampshire, but this is a strange way to go about it.

Disgusting: Women's Choir Replaces Jesus' Name With 'Hillary' in Performance of Hymn.  In a display of sycophancy so corrupt as to boggle the mind, a far left women's choir based in New Hampshire decided it would be cool to take Jesus' name out of a traditional hymn and replace it with "Hillary." [...] Over this past weekend the left-wing group re-tooled the Negro Spiritual song titled "Woke Up This Morning With Jesus On My Mind" and dumped Jesus for Hillary.

Inside Hillary Clinton's tinfoil-hat brigade.  Set aside the questions about Clinton's use of a private email server and her mishandling of classified information:  The content of her mail exposes the fact that the advice Hillary seeks out from her most trusted confidants is often just plain weird.  One email released this week involves two top figures in Clintonworld:  David Brock and Sidney Blumenthal.  Brock founded Media Matters, a group that acts as both a rapid-response team and a digital spin room for Democrats.  Blumenthal is a longtime Clinton hatchet man. [...] A wise public official would keep Blumenthal at a distance and view everything he said with skepticism.  Hillary did the opposite.

Would Hillary's Election Cause an American Civil War?  Hillary Clinton is a liar not just about the absurd (that her husband's serial infidelities were caused by the rightwing conspiracy) but about our national security.  Richard Nixon never came close to that.  I can explain in two words what allows Clinton to lie about our security to the extent she has.  It's not stupidity.  She is not a stupid woman, although she may be far less bright than she is given credit for.  It is moral narcissism.  She and her supporters think they are so correct in their views that anything they do in behalf of those views is fine, legal or not.

New Hillary Clinton Supporter Refused to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance.  The latest endorsement for Hillary Clinton comes from a New York City politician who has refused to stand during or recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States.  New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and endorsed Clinton on Wednesday, is known for her decision not to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance as a protest of her home territory's current status.  Though Mark-Viverito has refused to explicitly state her opposition to pledging allegiance to the United States, her colleagues say it is a symbolic "protest" of the United States.  City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, also a Democrat, has said that Mark-Viverito told her that she does not stand because she wants Puerto Rico to be granted independence.

Lanny's Letter to Hillary Is D.C.'s Most Cringe-Inducing Document Ever.  The latest stash of emails from Hillary Clinton's private server released by the State Department has (once again!) revealed Washington to be a particularly unbearable place, employing particularly insufferable people.  From Clinton's email correspondence with her senior staff we can observe how those with proximity to power engage in rare forms of backstabbing, obsequiousness, pettiness, bad humor, and self-obsession.

Cornered and Scared, Hillary Clinton Grows Increasingly Shrill.  [Scroll down]  Outside of the Cleveland venue where Clinton made these remarks, they triggered only the rolling of eyes.  It was tragic, desperate, and almost pitiful.  A cursory familiarity with the state of affairs in the Middle East — where the Islamic State has revived the practice of sexual slavery and the Islamic Republic executes rape victims — reveals the craven and feverish character of Clinton's comments.  They barely merit further examination, save for the anxiety within the Clinton campaign that they expose.

The Return of Hillary's Thing.  Whenever Hillary Clinton is in trouble James Carville isn't far behind, snarling and sneering at her critics, labeling their claims as ridiculous and unfounded.  Parts one and two of this horror series came out in March of this year, as soon as Hillary's email problems began.  Now, he's back for the third but certainly not final chapter.

Hillary Clinton Says You Are A Terrorist if You Want to Defund Planned Parenthood.  So, have the video exposes of Planned Parenthood stirred your disgust and caused you to want to work to have our various governments defund Planned Parenthood?  Well, Hillary says YOU are a terrorist.

Clinton compares GOP candidates' views to those of terrorists, RNC wants apology.  The Republican Party called on Hillary Clinton to apologize Thursday [8/27/2015] after she compared GOP candidates to terrorists during an Ohio campaign stop.  Speaking in Cleveland, the Democratic presidential front-runner hammered Republican presidential candidates for their views on abortion and other women's issues.

Clinton Compares GOP Candidates' Stance on Women to Terrorists.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compared her Republican rivals' stance on women to that of a terrorist group during a Thursday [8/27/2015] campaign rally.  "Now extreme views about women? We expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world," Clinton said at a rally in Cleveland.

Hillary Clinton: Republicans Want to Put Immigrants in 'Boxcars'.  Very few people called Hillary Clinton out on her "Republicans are terrorists" comment from yesterday [8/27/2015], so she appears to be doubling down on the inappropriate historical allusions.  Today, though, instead of saying that Republicans were just like those guys in the Middle East who sell women into sex slavery, mutilate their genitals, gang rape them repeatedly and then sell their organs on the black market for cash, she noted that Republicans who oppose immigration reform are just like those Nazis who rounded up Europe's Jewish population in railroad cars bound for concentration camps.

The Last Days of Hillary.  Hillary Clinton has spent a third of her adult life trying to become president.  All for nothing. [...] Hillary Clinton doesn't have a message, she has ambition.  Her obsession with becoming president has overshadowed any reason that anyone might have to vote for her.  She offers no hope and less change.  Her candidacy is historic... but only for her.  There is no promise she can make that anyone will believe.  After having spent much of her life trying to become president, she will leave once again a failure.

The New Party Line: Hillary As Victim?  Of course, you can't put anything past the Rodham/Clintons.  They are utterly shameless in their rabid hunger for Power.  They wouldn't recognize Virtue if it slapped them upside the head with a 2&215;4.  So don't be surprised if it turns out this is exactly what they're doing.  And the Left has a long and sordid history of portraying themselves as victims.

Hillary and Alger.  It is obvious that Hillary Clinton believes her ends justify any means.  She has earned Bob Woodward's observation that she is Nixonian.  But before there was Nixon there was Alger Hiss, and Clinton's tactics strongly resemble those of Hiss some sixty-five years ago.  Hiss as a common denominator for both Clinton and Nixon is not surprising, particularly given that Nixon was on the committee that exposed Hiss' deceptions — Tricky Dick may have picked up a few moves, moves that are now Clinton's.

A presidential pardon is the only way to save Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Clinton faces mounting political and legal challenges that threaten her bid for the White House and the Democratic hold on the presidency.  Her favorable ratings have tanked.  Voters find her untrustworthy.  She can't fill overflow seats, but her socialist opponent enjoys huge crowds.  Vice President Biden is thinking of challenging her.  She's the most inaccessible and aloof candidate running today.  And those aren't her biggest problems.  More worrisome for Clinton is the federal investigation into whether her private email server compromised national security.

Klintondämmerung.  It's finally happened.  Someone has started a new Downfall meme from a different scene, and just in time.  [Video clip]

Hillary Clinton's personality deficit disorder.  he same woman who deleted thousands of "personal" emails is now going out of her way to share details about her life, for the simple reason that everything else she has attempted — listening tours, policy speeches, other kinds of speeches, hiding from the press, going to Chipotle, being a woman — has failed to galvanize prospective voters.  As in 2008, Clinton entered the 2016 presidential race hoping to win on account of her name or, failing that, her gender.  Having failed to excite voters by simply existing, she now hopes to woo them with her personality, by telling them stuff they neither want nor need to hear.

The Donald is Still Hillary's Best Friend.  Hillary Clinton has long had good reason to like Donald Trump.  The real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star-turned-Republican presidential candidate was a major donor to her campaigns for the Senate.  He also gave $100,000 to the thinly-disguised political slush fund that is the Clinton Family Foundation, giving him the unique status as both a potential Hillary opponent and an enabler of the Clinton Cash scandals.

Hillary Clinton's Worst Fears Are Coming True.  The national political press is fixated on the chaotic and contentious Republican presidential primary, and not without good reason.  But in devoting so much focus to the race for the GOP nomination, the Democratic side of the aisle has been getting short shrift.  Over the course of the summer, a left-wing revolt against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has evolved into an insurgency, and her campaign is gradually imploding, albeit at a cosmically languid pace.  But that tempo is set to accelerate.

'Abysmal' New Poll: 'Clinton Cash' Has Destroyed Hillary Clinton's Credibility.  A new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday [7/22/2015] confirms that the bombshell revelations from the New York Times bestselling book Clinton Cash have blown a gaping hole in Hillary Clinton's credibility and trustworthiness — even before a single dollar in negative campaign ads has been spent.  Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director Tim Malloy said Hillary Clinton's numbers on honesty and trustworthiness "border on abysmal."

Hillary Clinton tries to go home again.  Hillary Clinton returned to the scene of the original crime Saturday night [7/18/2015], telling the surviving Democrats in Arkansas why they should love her like she and Bill love themselves.  Bubba returns to the old home place occasionally, even if Arkansas is not really home, and Hillary's visits are rare.  Old times there are not exactly forgotten, but seeing old friends is difficult because many old friends are gone with the wind.

The Unending Conversation.  Those who recall the chaotic early years of the Clinton administration will doubt that the president or his colleagues had anything like a plan of "what to do if one is elected."  As we have come to see over the years, public discussions initiated by the Clintons and their friends are notably abstract and not terribly practical.

Clinton aide helped outside employer get high-profile Clinton speech, emails show.  Hillary Clinton's top aide at the State Department who simultaneously worked for New York University helped arrange Clinton's high-profile speech at the school in 2009, according to internal State Department emails released last week.  Clinton aide Cheryl Mills was working as both State Department chief of staff and as NYU general counsel from January to May 2009, the Washington Free Beacon first reported last month.  Mills helped the school bring Clinton as its May 13, 2009, commencement speaker and was involved in her speech-drafting process, emails indicate.

Why Hillary Clinton Is Revising Expectations Downward.  For a campaign that is itself haunted by the ghosts of failure, it would have been in the best interests of the inevitable Democratic nominee to make the case for candidacy beyond her own prohibitive stature within her Party.  If that pillar were to collapse, Clinton's viability as Barack Obama's successor would soon follow.  Today, as the specter of a modestly competitive Democratic primary looms, Clinton's campaign is at work setting back expectations for how well she will perform in the early primary states and, in doing so, is chipping away at the central pillar holding her candidacy aloft.

Socialist Sanders vs. Zombie Hillary!  Bernie Sanders isn't Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare.  He probably doesn't even crack the top five on Hillary's watch list.  (I'm pretty sure it's Elizabeth Warren who keeps people awake at night Clintonland.  Though, just for kicks, imagine what would happen if Michelle Obama decided to run.  Do you think there's any chance Hillary could beat Michelle?  Me neither.)

It's starting: Chelsea Clinton for president.  Since she has already expressed an openness to running for Senate in New York, it only makes sense that buzz would begin over Chelsea Clinton one day becoming president.  Democrats promoting a Clinton dynasty have whispered about it, but now a prominent Republican pundit is openly detailing a possible path to the presidency for Chelsea Clinton.

Clinton Support Has Nowhere to Go But Down.  I've long been bearish on Hillary Clinton.  It isn't that I particularly dislike her; I don't, and there are certainly a number of presidential aspirants that I like less.  I'm simply puzzled at what seems to be the conventional wisdom among Democrats I meet:  that Clinton basically has a lock on the presidency, and the next 18 months are a tiresome formality we have to go through in order to set the right tone for her swearing in.

Flashback: The Time Hillary Clinton Implied Barack Obama May Have Ties to Hamas.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have a long list of shady associates:  Frank Giustra, Denis O'Brien, Sidney Blumenthal, Norman Hsu, Hassan Nemazee, Jon Corzine, Jeffrey Epstein, Ron Burkle, Marc Rich, Webb Hubbell, Sant Chatwal, Sheldon Silver, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, David Brock, and the Qatari government, to name a few.  These days, the Clintons don't think shady associations should have any bearing on a candidates qualifications for office. [...] It wasn't long ago that Hillary Clinton was attacking Barack Obama for associating with certain unsavory individuals, such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who, as Hillary alleged during a 2008 debate, had ties to Louis Farrakhan and the terrorist group Hamas.

Clinton campaign already lowering expectations for early-state performances.  Managing expectations can be a great trait.  It's one President Obama should have learned at any point before or after he promised to change the actual sea level.  I'm not sure managing expectations works as planned when there's, again, almost literally no one running against you.  Why all the fear?  Maybe because in ramping up to Clinton's showings in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, she'll actually be answering questions.  And, we've seen how well that goes.

Hillary's old friend, Sid Vicious.  Hillary Clinton doesn't talk much to reporters and when she does, she reveals as little as possible.  But she revealed plenty when she described Sidney Blumenthal as "an old friend."  It's hardly surprising Blumenthal is a friend of Hillary's.  For her, his combination of viciousness and weakness for conspiracy theories must be irresistible.  What's interesting is that Clinton admits to the friendship.

Stunning Lack of Diversity at Hillary Clinton Campaign Events.  There is a stunning lack of racial diversity among the pre-screened "everyday Americans" at Hillary Clinton's campaign events, a [Washington] Free Beacon analysis found.  Clinton plans to meet with minority women small business owners in South Carolina on Wednesday [5/27/2015], but the roundtable events she has hosted since announcing for president on April 12 have been, for the most part, excruciatingly white.

The Editor says...
Since when is it a bad (or excruciating) thing to be white?  When President Obama visits all-black churches, or when he meets with "black leaders" in the White House, no alarms are sounded.

Beware of the candidate without accomplishments.  Last week on MSNBC, Mark Halperin asked ten Iowa Democrats who are Hillary Clinton supporters to name one of her accomplishments while serving in the Obama administration.  They couldn't name any.  Seven years earlier on the same network, Chris Matthews asked a Texas state senator a similar question about Barack Obama — he was stumped too.

Halperin Finds Iowa Democrats Can't Name Hillary Accomplishments as Secretary of State.  For his With All Due Respect show on Bloomberg TV, Mark Halperin sat down with a focus group of Iowa Democratic voters to discuss Hillary Clinton's prospects for the 2016 presidential election.  While the group fawned over the former First Lady's personality and politics (one called her a "bad mama jama"), they were stumped when Halperin asked them to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton's during her tenure as Secretary of State.  The responses ranged from "I really can't name anything off the top of my head" to "Give me two minutes" to "I honestly can't say I followed along everything that was going on" to outright "No."

Anti-Hillary PAC must change name or face FEC sanction.  A political action committee created to block Hillary Rodham Clinton's path to the White House has been ordered by the Federal Election Commission to stop using the Democrat's name — or else.  Stop Hillary PAC has until June 1 to decide if it will fight the FEC, a battle others in similar situations have tried and failed at.  "Your committee's name includes the name of a candidate; however, your committee does not appear to be an authorized committee of that candidate," said the FEC letter sent to Dan Backer, treasurer of Stop Hillary PAC.

The Incarceration Speech: Typical Hillary.  In a speech to the David N. Dinkins Leadership & Public Policy Forum at Columbia University on April 29, Hillary said, "It's time to end the era of mass incarceration."  The problem is that in her speech she offered platitudes rather than specific, concrete solutions as methods to achieve for what she called.  She spoke many words, yet they were entirely void of meaning or substance.

Sabotage! Will Bill Save Us from Hill?  The more we read of the escapades or listen to the remarks of William Jefferson Clinton, the less it seems he wants his wife to be president.  Even the court eunuchs at the Washington Post are starting to worry.  Now naturally, Bill cannot come out and say as much, not even to himself in the small hours of the morning.  But the way he's behaving under fire — "I gotta pay our bills!" — does the talking for him.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Liar, Globalist Traitor.  [Scroll down]  I believe Hillary has serious health problems she's trying to hide from the world.  I don't know if she will be chosen by the masters of the game to run in 2016, but I do know, we must never let that happen.  The only way to stop her and those working to destroy our beloved republic is to expose their real agenda — and Hillary's past.

Barf alert: 19 months of Chelsea in your face on the way.  Chelsea Clinton is no longer the innocent teen she was when she lived in the White House and reportedly called the Secret Service agents guarding her family with their lives "pigs."  She has signed on as a key part of her mother's campaign for the presidency, and now she is fair game.  Although her God-given looks are not generally worthy of mention, the excesses of PhotoShopping are also fair game.

When 'inevitable' candidates disappoint.  The "common wisdom" among politicos these days is that when the smoke clears, next year's presidential election will pit former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush against former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.  They're both far better known, better financed with a wider network of activist supporters and more national experience than the rest of the wannabes.  This is all true and makes some of their supporters wonder why the rest are even bothering.  Where do people like Rand Paul, Martin O'Malley and Joe Biden get off challenging the inevitable?

Here Comes Hollywood: Robert De Niro Endorses Hillary Clinton.  "Hopefully it will be her, yes," said De Niro of the former Secretary of State's chances next fall.  "I think that she's paid her dues.  There are going to be no surprises, and she has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point.  It's that simple.  And she's a woman, which is very important because her take on things may be what we need right now."

The Editor says...
[#1] The opinion of an actor is no more valuable than the opinion of a guy who pushes a lawnmower for a living.  [#2] Mr. De Niro says Hillary "has earned the right to be president."  That is a lie:  One does not earn a right.  Rights are given to us by God himself, not by political parties or governments.  Presidents are selected by a vote, not by a pre-ordained schedule of whose turn is next.  [#3] De Niro's statement is also a lie because Hillary has done nothing in her life that should be rewarded with the presidency.  "Carpetbagger" is not a resumé enhancement.  [#4]  The fact that Hillary is a woman is immaterial and will be of no benefit to anyone but her, just as Barack H. Obama's skin color hasn't benefited anyone but Mr. Obama, despite the widespread assumption (and mostly-unspoken promise) that the election of a black president would solve a lot of problems.  In reality the First Black President knows he is a sacred cow and can't be impeached, no matter what he does.  Thus he has become a loose cannon.  Similarly, Hillary Clinton would be sure to deflect all criticism during her reign by claiming it is based on sexism.

Taxpayer tab for Clinton Inc.: $16 million.  By Election Day 2016, taxpayers will have paid out more than $16 million to fund Bill Clinton's pension, travel, office expenses and even the salaries and benefits of staff at his family's foundation, federal records show.  Since he left the White House in 2001, Clinton and his office have received more money through the Former Presidents Act than any other ex-president, according to a POLITICO analysis of budget documents.

Carefully scripted Hillary knocked out of comfort zone.  On Monday [3/9/2015], Hillary had a "No Ceilings" event at the Clinton Foundation.  After her opening remarks, the Associated Press reported, she declined to take any questions.  "When she sat down to lead more informal conversations with invited speakers, participants appeared to be reading from teleprompters."  I'll give the AP reporters a pass on this odd locution since they at least conveyed the truth to the reader.  But for the record, a dialogue between people on a stage in which they read from teleprompters is not an "informal conversation" — it's a play.

Nostalgia for a Pre-Obama America.  The Bush and Clinton political express is moving forward not because these families have become dynasties, but because the majority of Americans want to go back to a time before Obama.  Hillary and Jeb are not popular on their own merits.  To Democrats, Hillary seems to offer a return to the Bill Clinton days when the economy was up and the country didn't hate them.

Why the media turned on Hillary: a theory.  One theory, that I have advocated, is Democrat desperation over her poor campaign abilities, Wall Street ties, Clinton Foundation enrichment, and other scandal vulnerabilities.  Better to force her to withdraw and seize the chance to nominate a more attractive and farther left alternative like Elizabeth Warren.  But another very attractive hypothesis is being advanced by Lee Smith, writing in Tablet Magazine.  She is being taken out by the Obama administration, that fears her opposition to its all-important Iran policy goals.

The Clintons Are a 21st-Century Machine.  What is a political machine, boiled down to its essence?  In a nutshell, it is a tightly-run, extra-governmental organization that conducts business on behalf of governmental agents.  At first glance, political parties may be thought of as machines, but parties are basically open to any and all participants who more or less agree with the platform.  Machines are closed off, premised on loyalty, and usually operated on behalf of a close-knit group of leaders, who control entry to and exit from the operation.

Hillary Clinton's War on Women.  Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a champion of women in the workforce, but women working for her in the U.S. Senate were paid 72 cents for each dollar paid to men, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis of her Senate years' salary data.  During those years, the median annual salary for a woman working in Clinton's office was $15,708.38 less than the median salary for a man, according to the analysis of data compiled from official Senate expenditure reports.

Where is Hillary on Paris attacks?  For someone supposedly running for president, Hillary Clinton is awfully scarce lately, completely silent on the jihad attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket.  Wasn't she secretary of state?  Isn't foreign policy supposed to be one of her strengths?  Isn't she trying to put some daylight between herself and her former boss, President Obama?  She could have flown to Paris and marched, and it would have gotten her lots of attention as the president-in-waiting.  Yet she didn't.  Did Huma Abedin, who remains at her side, tell her that those who slander the prophet of Islam have no future?

Hillary Clinton: I May Not Run For POTUS Because Job Too Difficult.  Hillary Clinton said she may not run for president because the modern American presidency may just be too tough of a job.  Acknowledging to PBS's Charlie Rose that America's president must be both the head of state and government, Clinton said the job of being president "has only gotten harder" and it is now an "all-consuming commitment."

The Editor says...
The job doesn't seem to be all that tough on Barack H. Obama!

Hillary Clinton Praises GOP Establishment, Big Business For Taking On TEA Party.  Hillary Clinton thanked the Republican establishment and its big business allies for taking on the Tea Party and defeating conservative candidates like Chris McDaniel in Mississippi's June runoff.  In a Thursday interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Clinton said tea partiers and conservatives needed to be reined in.

The Editor says...
Reined in?  By the IRS, perhaps?

Hillary Clinton is Obama's George H.W. Bush: The designated successor.  Hillary Clinton is Obama's George H.W. Bush — the candidate the current president bested eight years ago but who dutifully and quietly swallowed the anger and served that president, and in doing so set herself up to succeed the man she tried eight years ago to crush.

Jeb Bush to award Hillary Clinton with 2013 Liberty Medal.  Jeb Bush will present Hillary Clinton with the 2013 Liberty Medal this September in Philadelphia.  Mr. Bush is chairman of the National Constitution Center, which is honoring the former first lady for her career in public service and her advocacy efforts on behalf of women, The Hill reported.

Hillary's Perfect Campaign Slogan.  It's the perfect expression of the utter contempt and disdain that Hillary, Obama and their ilk have for our "old-fashioned" American notions of honor, accountability and personal responsibility.  At the rate we're going — at the rate the "fundamental transformation of America" is being implemented — by the time Hillary does run for president, the country will be so demoralized, so depressed, so bereft of hope that our slide into Third-Worldism can ever be reversed, that it will be the perfect campaign slogan!

First-ever national campaign to elect a woman president launched.  For the first time since women became the largest voting block, Democratic women are organizing to elect one of their own to the White House in 2016.  The unstated goal: Putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.  The influential women's political group Emily's List next week plans to announce their new national campaign.

The Big Switch.  It's been said over and over again, [at] American Thinker and in many other places, that this nation will simply not survive four more years of Barack Obama.  If that is true (and it certainly is), what, then, will America be like after four — or even eight — additional years of Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton's quiet campaign for President.  Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016.  Her silence gives it away.

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