Lies about Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Illegal immigration is either a huge problem or an electoral gold mine, depending on which political party you're in.  If your goal is to expand the pool of permanently dependent (welfare-addicted) voters, the quick and easy way to accomplish this goal is to import masses of unskilled, uneducated, un-vaccinated peasants from Mexico and Central America.  This action expands the bureaucracy and the Democrat voter base at the same rate.

Mythologies of Illegal Immigration.  The illegal immigration debate has come to a head once again.  Congress remains at an impasse over a temporary spending bill that Senate Democrats refuse to support unless it includes a provision that would allow several hundred thousand illegal aliens to remain in the United States without fear of deportation.  It's a tiresome ploy by the Democrats, abetted by their allies in the media, using deceptive language to paint a false picture that blurs the distinction between legal and illegal, citizen and foreigner, justice and injustice.

George W. Bush Praises Cheap Labor Immigration: 'We Ought to Say Thank You and Welcome Them'.  Former President George W. Bush praised the inflow of illegal and legal immigrants to the United States, saying Americans should "say 'Thank you'" to migrants and "welcome them."  Addressing a summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Bush criticized President Trump's decision to end the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which gave temporary amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens.  "America's their home," Bush said, according to the Associated Press.  "They've got to get it fixed."

The Editor says...
Astonishing.  Bush 43 says America is the illegal aliens' home — presumably even if they just got here.  We should thank them for voting Democrat, driving drunk and signing up for food stamps.

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr.  Crushes 'The View' Hosts With Immigration Facts.  On Thursday [2/8/2018], actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr. crushed the women of "The View" with facts about immigration and the proposed Southern border wall.  Sabato is a legal immigrant to the U.S. and is currently seeking political office in California.  He "came out" as conservative at the Republican National Convention in 2016, an appearance for which Sabato claims he was blacklisted by Hollywood.  "The View" co-hosts assumed they had a "gotcha" moment on their hands, since Sabato is both an immigrant and pro-border security; these two things can't exists [sic] in harmony, according to the Left.

Public Backs Trump, Not Democrats, On Immigration:  IBD/TIPP Poll.  In his State of the Union speech, President Trump said he was willing to make a deal with Democrats.  He'd create a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens who came to the country as children, in exchange for funding for a border wall and a shift toward a skills-based immigration policy.  Democrats flat-out rejected Trump's overture, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calling it "an act of staggering cowardice which attempts to hold the Dreamers hostage to a hateful anti-immigrant scheme."

Yale Law School Grad Cory Booker is an Ignoramus on Citizenship Rights.  New Jersey Senator Cory Booker seems to spend every waking moment either admiring his Presidential look in a mirror, or trying to move left of any of his opponents for the 2020 nomination.  After the State of the Union Address Tuesday, he demonstrated a profound ignorance of the Constitution. [...] What rights to citizenship do ten million illegal immigrants possess — whether in the dreamer category, or any other — their parents, those who overstayed visas, whatever the explanation.  The answer is they have no rights to citizenship, now or in the future, unless the Congress passes a law and the President signs it to extend an amnesty to allow these people to establish a legal status in the country, and at some point, a path to citizenship.

Nancy Pelosi's SOTU Response:  DACA Illegal Aliens 'Are Americans Too'.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump's "State of the Union" (SOTU) address by claiming that the roughly 3.5 million illegal aliens who are enrolled and eligible for the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program "are Americans too."  During his SOTU address, Trump assailed open borders and the violent, El Salvadorian MS-13 gang, which has ravaged American communities and prospered due to rapid illegal immigration, calling on the federal government to protect the interests and safety of American citizens.

Judge rules illegals have constitutional right to 'say goodbye' to family.  Illegal immigrants snared by deportation officers have "the freedom to say goodbye" to their families, a federal judge in New York ruled Monday [1/29/2018], ordering the government to release a prominent activist to his family.  Judge Katherine B. Forrest, whom President Barack Obama appointed to the bench, said the government was following the law when it picked up Ravidath Lawrence Ragbir, the illegal immigrant.  But she said "larger, more fundamental" rights were at stake.

The Editor says...
What part of the Constitution gives Constitutional rights to illegal aliens, based only on their (illegal) presence in the U.S.?

The Lucrative Business of Fending Off Migrants.  Pitou remembers someone yelling, "Go, go!" Three hundred young men, including him, began sprinting toward the fence.  The first barrier was short.  The second was three times taller.  Pitou was exhausted by the time he got to the top.  The barbed wire tore through his clothes, and his skin.  Next thing he remembers, he was lying on the ground, police surrounding him.  And the Red Cross.  They pulled him into an ambulance.  Outside, he could hear his friends screaming in celebration:  They had reached Europe.  Last August, Pitou successfully crossed the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.  The 6-meter barrier, covered in barbed wire and video cameras, is the last obstacle for thousands of African migrants like him trying to reach Europe each year.  But where some see a challenge, others see a business opportunity.

The Editor says...
The article above serves as an example of a "news" story that reeks with bias:  Muslim invaders portrayed as migrants; Opportunists portrayed as peaceful victims; The wall as a weapon; Trespassing as a virtue; Capitalists as greedy villains.  And that's just in the small excerpt above!

Using Nullification To Destroy Federalism.  [Scroll down]  In other words, the so-called "Dreamers," who are here illegally are being defended along with other illegals who, in addition to being illegals, are also criminals.  And this is all under the name of diversity.  Trump is being characterized as a pathological xenophobe.  This enforcement is presumably motivated by his hate and the hate of his supporters for non-white peoples, especially Hispanics.  And this pervasive and obsessive anti-Latino tendency is reinforced by an additional dimension of his mindset, and that of his Christian, conservative, dumb, working-class mindsets, by Islamophobia. [...] This rejection is always appended with the suffix "phobia."  Phobias are fears, but not merely fears.  They are irrational fears.

Eschewing Euphemisms Frames Immigration Issue Trump's Way.  Issue framing is especially important on immigration.  It's an issue on which small percentages of voters on different sides have very strong views and on which the large majority of voters with less interest have conflicting views.  Euphemism has been the weapon of the liberals on this.  You can't say illegal immigrants; you have to say undocumented immigrants.  You can't say amnesty; you have to say a path to citizenship.  You have to say that for immigration legislation to be considered comprehensive, it must provide a path to citizenship for the bulk of the estimated 11 million immigrants who are here illegally.  You have to say that more restrictive plans are hard-line, presumably implying they are undesirable.

Trump forces Democratic hand on immigration.  Ah, the Art of The Donald.  Kick back and enjoy the ride.  "Trump plan to offer citizenship to 1.8 million undocumented immigrants," the BBC reported.  How did the illegal aliens react?  "Let's call this proposal for what it is:  a white supremacist ransom note.  Our fear, our pain, and our lives must not be used to shackle our parents and ban those seeking refuge; we must not be used to tear apart the moral fabric of this country," the group United We Dream said in a statement.

Media lying about McConnell to help save face for Chuck Schumer.  Chuck Schumer has a huge problem, and his friends in the mainstream media are pitching in to help — with lies.  Now that he has caved in on the Schumer Shutdown, the radicals who dominate his party are angry and demanding protection for the DACA illegal aliens, and Schumer has promised to oppose funding the border wall that he had earlier discussed supporting in return for action in DACA.  But instead of reporting on the disarray among the Democrats, the narrative just has to be that the evil Republicans engaged in perfidy.

Dick Durbin Claims Amnesty Is 'Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'.  Democratic Senators believe amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants is the "civil rights issue of our time," declared Sen. Dick Durbin, just before he voted January 22 to end the 2018 budget filibuster.  Durbin's promotion of illegal immigrants above African-Americans and other Americans spotlights the party's decision that Americans' deficits in wealth, job opportunities, and education are subordinate to the party's strategy of allying with business to import foreign voters via the nation's mass-immigration laws.

The 7 Factors Turning America From a Great Nation Into an Also-Ran.  [#3] Immigration:  Because of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, there is no comparison between how much immigration may have helped America in the past versus how much it helps us now.  Furthermore, our unwillingness to secure our borders has created a lot of problems with illegal immigrants.  Currently 57% of families headed by a legal or illegal immigrant are receiving some form of welfare.  It doesn't help America at all to bring people here who are uneducated, work menial jobs and don't pay income taxes, who don't assimilate or who end up on some form of welfare. [...] Contrary to what you often hear, our current immigration system is making America WEAKER, not STRONGER.

Luis Gutierrez:  Shutdown Really About 'First Racist President' Wanting to End Legal Immigration.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) claimed on Friday evening that the government shutdown is about the "first racist president of the United States of America" wanting to end legal immigration.  In a fiery speech at a MoveOn rally outside the Capitol on Friday evening, Gutierrez accused President Donald Trump of exposing himself as a racist with his "shithole" countries remarks.  And though Trump reportedly made those remarks in regards to the visa lottery system and said he would welcome more immigrants from Asian countries, Gutierrez said the government shutdown was not about Trump's border wall but about "ending legal immigration in America."

Grade School's Anti-Border Wall Posters Describe Police as Predators.  [W]hy would teachers at an elementary school expose children to a self-proclaimed "international network of aspiring revolutionaries?"  A spokesperson for the local school district told the Todd Starnes Radio Show they were not aware the posters originated from an organization with anarchist leanings.  The spokesperson also refuted the National Public Radio station's report that the posters included the organization's website.  "There was no website link on the posters at the school," the spokesperson said.  "It appears that a related or original poster design included a link to a website at the bottom of the poster, but that was not included on the posters at the school."  Over winter break, construction workers noticed the propaganda posters and tore them off the walls — prompting outrage from the school district as well as local residents.

Obama Lied and Argued Against Executive Amnesty, Then Lied and Said DACA Only Temporary, Now Lies and Calls Trump Racist for Scrapping DACA!  You just couldn't trust a word Obama said!  Lying was his way of life. [...] Obama never intended that his illegal amnesty for 'dreamers' referred to as DACA to be short term.  Then after the Democrats lost the election, President Trump announced an end the Obama-era program that grants work permits to illegal immigrants who arrived in this country illegally with their lawbreaking parents or guardians.

Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act.  If someone sells you on something with false advertising and it does the exact opposite of what was promised, are you not entitled to return the product and get a refund?  In fact, if the product caused you harm, should you not in addition be compensated for damages?  Consider that when Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) was pushing the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 (S.500) on the Senate floor, he said, "First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually."  Actually, he was right.  We now absorb more than a million immigrants annually.  Kennedy next stated, "Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same."  The average yearly number of immigrants prior to '65 was 250,000.  Even with Common Core math, that's still less than one million-plus.

Dick Durbin Advocated for Ending 'Chain Migration' in 2010, a Term He Now Says is Racist.  In 2010, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) advocated on the Senate floor for ending the process known as "chain migration," whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S., a term that he now claims insinuates racism.  While asking Congress to pass the expansive and failed "DREAM Act" amnesty, which would start by legalizing millions of illegal aliens, Durbin touted the fact that the legislation at the time would have ended chain migration, preventing newly amnestied illegal aliens from bringing their extended family members to the U.S.

Leaked Memo:  DACA Recipients Are 'Critical' to Democrats' 'Future Electoral Success'.  Not only do these illegal aliens cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars, they are incredibly dangerous as well.  Just like the Syrian 'refugees', we don't know who they really are.  The median age of a DACA recipient is 23 years old.  They are not hopeless babies and toddlers like the media would like you to believe.  Many DREAMers are of voting age and will vote Democrat.

Nine Reasons Why Democrats' DACA Amnesty 'Deadline' Does Not Exist.  Establishment advocates are insisting that January 19 is the drop-dead deadline for a DACA or Dreamer amnesty, just two weeks after the advocates insisted that December 22 was the drop-dead deadline.  The January deadline claim is based on the advocates' claim that agency officials need a few weeks planning time to prepare and launch the amnesty by March 5 when the two-year work-permits invented by President Barack Obama will start expiring at a more rapid pace.  GOP leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, have described March as a deadline, even though hundreds of thousand of work-permits will remain valid after that date.

Debunking 'Dreamers'.  The most successful propaganda campaign ever waged by progressives can be reduced to a single word: dreamers.  It is a propaganda campaign so successful that even conservative news entities use the word to describe a subset of illegal aliens brought here by their law-breaking parents.  Illegal aliens whose expectations of amnesty have become demands, abetted by immigration activists and their Democrat allies, and enabled by an unconstitutional executive order by Barack Obama.  It is a term designed to elicit equal measures of compassion — and far more critically, guilt — from otherwise sensible Americans appalled by the wholesale lawbreaking represented by millions of illegals residing in America for decades.

The Politics of Meaningless Words.  In the United States, we don't declare the existence of any human being illegal.  However, we do declare many things human beings do illegal.  And among the many things human beings do, entering the United States of America without permission from our government to do so is illegal.  This makes you in legal terms an Illegal Alien (i.e. foreigner) and makes your immigration illegal, causing you to be an illegal immigrant.  No one ever — that I know of — says you're an illegal human.  They say you are an illegal immigrant.

America's Farmers Don't Depend on Illegal Immigration.  Liberals frame the debate over illegal immigration as a dilemma: either America grants amnesty to aliens or the economy will collapse.  Some even imply that Americans will starve to death because of higher food prices — who will pick America's fruits and veggies if not illegals?  Bruce Goldstein, president of a nonprofit called Farmworker Justice, boldly claims that if we were to deport all illegal aliens, "our agricultural system would collapse."  Collapse.  This is nonsense.  American agriculture will not collapse without illegal labor.  Why?  Because there are plenty of technological solutions and American workers available to pick up the slack.  It is time to put this myth to bed.

DACA Is Not What the Democrats Say It Is.  Democrats portray the DACA program as only benefitting those who were a few years old when they came to the U.S. illegally, leaving them unable to speak their native language and ignorant of their countries' cultural norms.  Therefore, the reasoning goes, it would be a hardship to return them to the countries where they were born.  Obama himself gave this rationale when he said DACA beneficiaries were "brought to this country by their parents" as infants and face "deportation to a country that [they] know nothing about, with a language" they don't even speak.  While this may be true of a small portion of the DACA population, it certainly is not true of all of the aliens who received administrative amnesty.  In fact, illegal aliens were eligible as long as they came to the U.S. before their 16th birthday and were under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012.

Don't Call It "Chain Migration"!  As part of the ongoing negotiations on what to do with 700,000 illegal immigrants who've been protected by Obama's executive amnesty ("DACA"), the Trump White House is pushing to end so-called "chain migration."  That's the ability of legalized immigrants to bring in, not just their immediate families but their brothers and the families of their married children — who then get to bring in their extended families, who then get to start the process all over again, until entire villages have moved here.

Arresting Illegal Aliens At Courthouses Undermines Democracy Or Something.  The New York Times gives César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, a tenured associate professor of law at the University of Denver, who is big into protecting people who are unlawfully present in the United States, a platform to fear-monger. [...] Personally, I'm more concerned with safeguarding our law enforcement folks over the feelings of illegal aliens.  There is a much lower chance that an illegal will be armed at a courthouse, versus getting them out in the streets, their homes, where they work, etc.

Five things to know about 'Dreamers'.  New data released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services challenges much of the narrative offered by advocates of open borders and immigration.  In the debate over the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), there is a particular set of narratives that advocates for the policy have used to advance their agenda.  DACA beneficiaries currently number about 800,000.  At least a quarter of them, 222,000, live in California.  Of the DACA beneficiaries, a.k.a.  Dreamers, about 79 percent came from Mexico, according to figures published in September by the New York Times, citing pro-immigration think-tanks.  A September 15 article that appeared in The New York Times, asserted that the median age for Dreamers' illegal entry into the United States was six years.  The article also asserted that Dreamers also have skills needed in the modern work force.  Data recently released by the federal government appears to differ.

5 shocking immigration trends ignored by the political class.  If you walk the halls of D.C. think tanks and Swamp organizations, you might think we have a crisis of not enough immigrants.  They always extol the virtues of more immigration without any consideration of the costs or whether these immigrants are assimilating into our culture or trying to take it over.  The Center for Immigration Studies released a new report this week on immigration trends that blows sky-high all the myths perpetuated by the open-borders political establishment.  It demonstrates that we are in uncharted waters and that the current trajectory will immutably transform America into something unrecognizable.

Google ignorantly exploits Selena as an emblem for illegals.  Selena was far more American than she is given credit for by Google.  Her first language was English, and she didn't even learn Spanish (probably incompletely at that) until she began singing and generating hits in Spanish, her music first catching on to fans in Mexico.  So it was Selena transcending boundaries, all right — by bringing her American Tex-Mex or Tejano sound south of the border.

Nancy Pelosi Thanks Illegal Immigrants for Breaking the Law.  Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi thanked 'Dreamer' parents for breaking US law and bringing their children into the nation illegally on Wednesday, saying the nation "owes a debt" to the undocumented families.  The California Congresswoman expressed her gratitude during a televised town hall event on CNN, where she was asked whether President Trump or Congress was ready to move ahead on permanent DACA legislation.  "Our Dreamers, they make America dream again.  They're so lovely.  And frankly, we owe a debt to your parents for bringing you here," said Pelosi.  "You're such a brilliant part of our future, a constant reinvigoration of America, that's what newcomers are."  [Video clip]

Pelosi: Dreamers' parents 'did a great thing' in sneaking them into U.S..  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that illegal immigrant parents who brought their children to the U.S. in defiance of the law "did a great thing," giving the country an infusion of successful young people.  Mrs. Pelosi's comments strike a dissonant note from many analysts, who while saying the Dreamers are sympathetic since they had no say in the decision, say the parents do deserve blame for creating the problem.

Don't buy into all of that rosy PR about DACA.  Who wants to deport "Dreamers"?  Not many people, it turns out.  Even veteran immigration restrictionists seem willing to legalize this subset of immigrants in the country illegally if it is part of a package deal.  That's true even though a lot of what's said about the DACA recipients is PR-style hooey.  For example, it's often said — indeed, former President Barack Obama just recently said — that the approximately 800,000 of them were "brought to this country by their parents."  Well, many were.  But that's not required to qualify as a protected Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipient under the various plans, including Obama's.  You just have to have entered the country illegally before age 16.  You could have decided to sneak in against your parents' wishes.  You're still a "Dreamer!"

Lawlessness Is Not Compassion.  There is probably not an adult in America who hasn't experienced having someone cut in line.  It's exasperating not only because it's fundamentally unfair, but because it's highly disrespectful of those already waiting.  More confrontational personalities will tell the person to go to the end of the line.  Others will say nothing.  Nobody likes it.  Would it make you feel any better if the line breaker walked his cute teen-aged daughter to the front of the line and inserted her after you've been waiting an hour?  It would be a deft move, intended to disarm you, but it would still be wrong.  You might be less inclined to get aggressive with the young girl, but you still would not like it.  That, in a nutshell, is DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  It is adult illegal immigrants using their children to cut in line.  T

WashPo: DACA Illegals Needed Because Blacks, Latinos Can't Do the Jobs.  Reporter Tracy Jan headlined her article "The Truth" as she argued that lower-skilled Americans cannot do the jobs filled by DACA illegals. [...] To decorate her claim, she quoted Douglas Holtz-Eakin. [...] A few details about Holtz-Eakin.  His American Action Forum was created by GOP donor Fred Malek.  In turn, Malek gets his wealth from extensive investments in hotels, which gain greatly from a large scale supply of immigrant workers and immigrant customers.

The canards about DACA.  To hear the media tell it, all 844,931 people within the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are paragons of virtue we Americans should be throwing ourselves at the knees of in gratitude for them coming to stay.  In reality, DACA is a shabby little temporary amnesty program that rewards underachievers and permits quite a few criminals to avail themselves of its benefits.  The Daily Caller reports that 2,139 DACA recipients have lost their status due to criminal activity.  Those are the ones who've been caught.

There Is No Such Thing As a 'Deserving DREAMer'.  Over and over again, from the mouths of politicians in both parties, identity politics purveyors and cheap labor lobbyists, we hear the same refrains about President Obama's 800,000 amnestied illegal alien youths:  "They don't deserve to be punished."  "They deserve protection."  "They deserve the American dream."  Deserve, deserve, deserve.  Over and over again, in countless cookie-cutter op-ed pieces published over the past month, so-called DREAMers have vociferously lamented President Donald Trump's push to eventually undo their unconstitutional five-year reprieves from deportation plus coveted work permits.

Trump Upholds The Constitution By Dumping DACA, And Critics Freak Out.  Obama enacted DACA in June 2012 after Congress failed to pass immigration reforms he wanted.  Obama said that in the face of congressional inaction, he was going to reshape the country's immigration policy all on his own, or has he put it, take "steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people."  But even Obama described DACA as a "temporary, stopgap measure."  Well, within five years more than 800,000 illegals had been effectively granted amnesty under the program, and the "temporary" part of it had long been forgotten.  Obama also didn't seem to care if his move was constitutional or not.

Obama's Shameless, Hypocritical DACA Lies.  Obama can't stop lying.  It's some sort of disease.  But it helps that the media never calls him out on it.  The President sets deportation priorities.  If Obama hadn't wanted children of illegal aliens deported, all he had to do was say the word.  Instead he created an infrastructure for partially legalizing them.  He did so illegally.  And, just as with ObamaCare, unsustainably.  But he was gambling that Republicans wouldn't have the guts to take away what he had illegally given.  An

Stephen Miller is right:  Lazarus' immigration poem is not US law.  There's been some argument over who came out ahead in the picturesque set-to between White House staffer Stephen Miller and CNN reporter Jim Acosta over the White House support of the immigration bill sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue.  On one point at least it seems to me that Miller had the best of it when he charged that Acosta was being "ahistorical."  Acosta kept reading and reciting the Emma Lazarus poem written before the Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886 but not inscribed at its base until 1903:  "Give us your tired, your poor," etc.  His plain implication was that the United States had an open immigration policy back in the years before World War I.

Feinstein Says We Can't Increase Immigration Enforcement Because No One Will Pick Our Fruit.  California Sen. Dianne Feinstein warned that President Donald Trump's immigration plan would severely cripple the agriculture industry in a Wednesday evening [8/2/2017] interview.  "We're the largest agricultural producer in America[.]  It's a $50 billion industry.  We employ tens of thousands of agricultural workers," The Democratic senator said on CNN.  "They are among a class that this would be prohibited.  It would cripple agriculture if they didn't have the people coming in to do this work[.]"

El Paso Times Blames U.S. Government For Illegal Alien Deaths.  Apparently, because we have an actual border with Mexico, and attempt to protect it, and stop people coming across it illegally, the U.S. is to blame, along with Mexico

Illegalophilia and Islamophilia.  When Nabra Hassanen was killed by Darwin Martinez Torres, the media rushed to blame Islamophobia and Trump.  The truth was simpler.  It was the left's own Illegalophilia that killed the Muslim teenager. [...] The murder happened in Fairfax County.  Earlier this year, Fairfax County Chief of Police Ed Roessler had assured illegal aliens that they had nothing to worry about.  The police were not going to do anything about them until they killed someone.  "We're not targeting someone on the street that we may or may not know is here unlawfully," Deputy County Executive David Rohrer soothed.

If the Media Wants to Win Back Public Trust, It Can Start Reporting Truthfully on Immigration.  [Scroll down]  A large reason there is such a gulf between what happens and what journalists report is that many journalists see themselves as "protectors of the truth," as illustrated by NBC News host Chuck Todd.  The truth is their truth, stemming from an ideology that does not permit any contradictions or contrasting points of view to get a fair hearing.  While some Americans may turn to media figures for affirmation of beliefs already deeply held, I wager most Americans don't turn to Chuck Todd, or any other media figure for "the truth." Instead, they want reporters to accurately report facts, such as what the director of ICE actually said about immigration law enforcement.  Instead, what we see from too many reporters is the insertion of their own deeply held beliefs in place of facts on the ground.  When a reporter refers to an illegal alien as an "undocumented immigrant" this is an attempt to deny the criminal act of illegal immigration.

Is Immigration to the U.S. an Entitlement?  For the past six months, the debate about immigration has centered on the campaign to derail President Trump's temporary travel ban.  But now that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed it to go forward, at least in part, the discussion has started to shift.  Critics are backing away from the contention that it's biased to impose greater scrutiny on immigrants or refugees from countries where terrorism is rampant.  The new arguments, stripped of their anti-Trump resistance rhetoric, are not so much about whether the administration is prejudiced against Muslims but whether people living in foreign countries have a right to come to the United States regardless of any other consideration.  The notion that entry to the United States is not a privilege granted by the government but an entitlement is the underlying premise of two New York Times articles published the day after the Supreme Court ruling.

Obama-Appointed BLM Activist Blames White People For Illegal Alien Murdering Muslim Girl.  Leftists initially blamed Trump supporters and Islamophobes for the murder of 17-year-old Muslim teenager Nabra Hassanen, who was killed early in the morning on Sunday [6/18/2017] in Virginia.  After police said the murder was not a hate crime, but was instead related to road rage and the suspect arrested for the crime was a 22-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador named Darwin Martinez Torres, their "Islamophobic Trump supporter" narrative was shattered.

Virginia: Muslim girl a victim of illegal alien's road rage, not hate crime.  A young illegal alien is accused of brutally murdering a Muslim teenager in Fairfax County, Virginia near a mosque.  Darwin Martinez Torres, a 22 of El Salvador, is responsible for the beating death of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, according to police, NBC Washington reported.

Liberals Blamed White Supremacy For Muslim Teen Murdered By Illegal Immigrant From El Salvador.  Liberals on Twitter are blaming white supremacy and Donald Trump for the murder of a Muslim teen, despite the fact that the suspected murderer is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Stop making everything a moral issue.  Immigration is not a moral issue.  America controls America's borders.  Ellis Island was not an open arms invitation to the world, because it was a way station where we screened the people we did not want.  Anarchists, criminals, and other burdens on society were sent back where they came from.  There is no moral right to come to America as a visitor or as an immigrant.

The Democrats' Second Secession & America's New Civil War.  [Scroll down]  Mexico is composed of two main ethnic groups:  the descendants of the Spanish conquistadors who enslaved and slaughtered the indigenous Indians, and the descendants of the Indians.  In other words, actual oppressors and actual oppressed.  When members of these two groups cross into the United States, however, they both become "people of color," therefore oppressed; therefore, deserving of special sensitivities, special allowances, special privileges — all without regard to their individual histories and merits.  That is why criminal migrants from Mexico, who are here illegally, can commit felonies against Americans, including rape and murder, and become a cause for progressives and Democrats, who create "sanctuary cities" and policies to protect them.  Because they are people of color and allegedly oppressed.

City Hall Spreads ICE Fears First, Gets Facts Later.  When word came to City Hall on Thursday [5/11/2017], it appeared to confirm the administration's worst fears: federal immigration agents had been to an elementary school in Queens to inquire about a fourth-grade student.  New York City officials sought an explanation on Friday from the Department of Homeland Security, and when they did not immediately hear back, they grew wary.  And impatient. [...] But ICE wasn't even there.

Another nail in the coffin for the 'Jobs Americans Won't Do' myth.  [Scroll down]  Of course, the majority of workers in all U.S. industries are born in the United States, so Politico surely exaggerates when it implies that businesses aren't already hiring domestically.  Nevertheless, this is further evidence that the rise of guest workers programs has damaged the domestic recruitment pipeline.

Mayors tell Jeff Sessions:  We are not 'sanctuary cities'.  A handful of mayors told Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday what they told Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly last month: that they are not breaking federal law by imposing "sanctuary" policies aimed at protecting illegal immigrants.  Mayor Jorge Elorza of Providence told reporters after an hour-long meeting at the Department of Justice that Sessions told them a sanctuary city would be defined as one that violates federal statute 8 U.S.C. 1373.  He said if that is the definition, "then there are no sanctuary cities" in the United States.

USA Today Caught Lying About "First Protected Dreamer Deported".  If you read the USA Today report of Juan Manuel Montes being deported you might believe their headline:  "First Protected Dreamer Deported Under Trump": [...] However, the U.S. Border Patrol presents an entire divergent set of facts to the Daily Caller.

DHS says Dreamer deportation valid; caught hopping border fence.  There's been a lot of confusion and argument over the deportation of Juan Manuel Montes, a 23-year-old Mexican-born man who entered the United States illegally as a child but received legal protection under President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

DREAMer lost DACA status when he illegally tried to reenter country, feds say.  According to U.S. officials, Juan Manuel Montes-Bojoquez had twice been approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, which provided the 23 year old a permit to work or attend school here legally.  Montes worked in California as a farmworker but hoped to attend community college to become a welder.  As a condition of that permit, however, Montes was required to stay in the U.S. or seek approval to leave.  Officials say Montes violated those terms when he returned to his native Mexico then tried to sneak back into the U.S. on February 19 by scaling a fence in Calexico, a small town east of San Diego.

De Blasio:  Being A Sanctuary City Means Less Terrorism.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday [3/27/2017] that New Yorkers will be at risk of terror if Attorney General Jeff Sessions follows through on cutting federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities.  Sessions appeared at the White House to say that jurisdictions that ignore immigration detainers will lose Department of Justice grants, which total $4.1 billion for the upcoming fiscal year.

Disagreeing With Democrats Is Now Considered Un-American.  Sen. Charles Schumer can barely get through an interview without calling one Trump policy or another un-American.  When he heard that the administration was considering using 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants, he called it "one of the most un-American things that would happen in the last century."  (It turns out that such a plan was never under consideration.)  When Trump signed an executive order suspending visa applications from terror-prone countries, Schumer called it un-American.  When Trump revised that order, Schumer said "it is still un-American."

How illegal immigrant advocates demonize Trump and terrify people.  The New York Times describes 11 million people — those who are living in the country illegally — as sleepless with anxiety, waiting for the "fists pounding on the door, the agents in black, the van ride, the cell."  Who has thrown such fear into this community?  How about the Left, aided and abetted by the liberal media, which has purposefully distorted President Trump's immigration policies, characterizing them erroneously as a radical departure from past practices?  In a feverish blast to donors sent out yesterday [2/22/2017], the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee claims that "Donald Trump plans to add thousands of immigration agents and begin deporting "almost all" undocumented immigrants."  That is, excuse the expression, fake news.  Trump is doing no such thing.

CBS: Trump Immigration Order Creates 'Climate of Fear' for Illegal 'Citizens'.  The journalists at CBS This Morning on Wednesday [2/22/2017] openly fretted that Donald Trump's new immigration orders "could create a climate of fear" for illegal "citizens."  (Yes, co-host Gayle King used the word "citizen.")  Talking to USA Today bureau chief Susan Page, Anthony Mason worried, "This could create a climate of fear in the immigrant community, if it hasn't already."  Page agreed, "I think it has."  She justified, "Remember that two-thirds of illegal immigrants have been here at least a decade.  So, they're really part of the fabric of our life.  Although, admittedly, they're here illegally."

The Editor says...
It doesn't matter if an illegal alien has been in this country for 30 years or 30 minutes.  In fact, if an alien has been here illegally for more than a year, and hasn't made any attempt to acquire naturalization or get permission to be here or learn English, that indicates that he or she has no intention of assimilating.

Government demographic studies all wrong on Somali numbers in US.  We probably have at least twice as many Somalis of ethnic descent living in the US as the federal government is telling us! [...] Virtually all Somalis are Muslims.  And, of all the ethnic groups entering the US right now, Somalis (I believe) lead the pack in the number of terrorist attacks or attempted terrorist attacks, or who have been arrested and convicted of helping to support jihadists in some form or another.  Frankly, there is absolutely no reason for the US to take in more Somalis!  The UN is pushing them on us!

84 Lumber Says Super Bowl Ad Wasn't Political Or Pro-Immigration.  If this ad wasn't pro-immigration then what was it?  Because it certainly conveys the message that illegal immigration can have positive results.  In fact many, myself included, feel the ad offers up an over-romanticized view of decades of illegal immigration.  Not a political statement?  Identifying a need because the owner of the lumber company likes security?  Really?

President Trump will Undo the Cruelties of Obama's Political Correctness.  One of the cruelest goals of political correctness is to deny regular Americans the right to protect themselves from terrorism, from loss of jobs, and from exposure to disease, and to spit on their innate desire for safety in their communities.  Barack Obama's not so veiled accusations against the American people over the last eight years exemplify this cruelty.  Those of us worried about the all too frequent and continuous terrorism coming from young Muslim men were labeled Islamophobic.  Those opposed to Obama's open-border policy resulting in loss of jobs, disease, crime, and assaults in our towns, as well as the bankrupting of smaller communities due to taxation burdens, were called xenophobic.  Obama too easily hurled the charge of racism against police and millions of Americans.  It was bullying.

The Statue of Liberty Has Nothing to Do with Immigration.  The Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, Roman goddess of Liberty.  She bears a torch liberty.  She bears a torch and a tabula ansata.  It's a tabula that evokes the law on which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence.  That's what words are on the Statue of Liberty, words that commemorate July 4th, 1776.  A broken chain lies at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.  The Statue of Liberty had absolutely nothing to do with immigration.  So why do people think that it does?  Well, there was a socialist poet.  (Are poets anything other than socialists and communists?)  Her name was Emma Lazarus, and her poem was called The New Colossus, and it included the lines, "Give me your tired, give me your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."  That was not part of the creation of the Statue of Liberty.  It was not delivered with the Statue of Liberty.  It came later.  The poem written by Emma Lazarus was written to help raise money for the statue's pedestal.

Hope & Change Comes Eight Years Into the Obama Presidency.  The president finally got tough on immigration in one of his parting shots as president.  "Effective immediately, Cuban nationals who attempt to enter the United States illegally and do not qualify for humanitarian relief will be subject to removal, consistent with U.S. law and enforcement priorities," Obama announced last week.  "By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries."  Like Mexico?  In encouraging illegal immigrants to "come out of the shadows and get right with the law" two years ago, Obama noted that "tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions of people isn't realistic."  He assured illegals, "All we're saying is we're not going to deport you."

Border Patrol Alters Stats to Hide Release of Criminal Aliens, High Recidivism.  The frontline Homeland Security agency charged with preventing terrorists and weapons — including those of mass destruction — from entering the country also skews figures to drastically deflate the high recidivism rate of aliens caught entering the U.S. [...] For the system to work, the Border Patrol must report accurate information involving illegal aliens who are apprehended.  Instead, it appears that federal agents on the ground are being ordered to fudge the numbers as part of a broader Obama administration effort to protect illegal immigrants and falsely portray the Mexican border as safe.

WH: Sanctuary cities a 'symptom' of larger immigration problems.  Support for sanctuary cities is an example of how the Obama administration has tried to balance the country's laws with the fact that the U.S. is a "nation of immigrants," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday [11/30/2016].  "Listen, the president has made clear that when it comes to our immigration policy, it's important for our federal policies to reflect that we're also a nation of laws, but we're also a nation of immigrants," Earnest said.

The Editor says...
Most of the people in this country are citizens who were born here, with American parents.  So the statement that "we are a nation of immigrants" is a canard.  We are not under any obligation to admit any more immigrants, ever.  Moreover, Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act prohibits the admission of those who are "likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence."  From what I've seen, that description is applicable to the overwhelming majority of immigrants today.

Enemies of Language.  There are also lots of Orwellian nouns and adjectives to describe those from other countries who broke federal immigration laws to enter and reside in the United States.  "Illegal alien" used to be a neutral and descriptive legal term — one still preferred by the Supreme Court — but is now seen as counterproductive to the agendas of the open-borders movement.  Thus the more inexact "undocumented alien" followed, although few who entered illegally ever had immigration "documents" of any sort.  Next came the term "undocumented immigrant" — on the theory that the ancient word "alien" (from the Latin word alienus, meaning "belonging to another") is offensive and also unhelpful to the open-borders project.  Finally, the ambiguous word "migrant" is being used to suggest that there is really no difference between entering and exiting a country under any circumstances.

DC Council Says Immigration Laws Violate 'Privacy,' Defends Status As Sanctuary City.  Lawmakers defended the status of Washington, D.C., as a sanctuary city at a public hearing Thursday discussing a bill that would ban immigration raids in the city.  Council Member Brianne Nadeau, the representative for the District's Ward 1, introduced legislation in April banning immigration raids and other attempts in the city to enforce federal law.  The bill would further solidify the District's status as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.  Nadeau said federal immigration raids "jeopardize residents' privacy, safety, and security," according to WJLA.  Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a statement Monday [11/14/2016] reaffirming that the District is a sanctuary city, arguing it "makes our neighborhoods safer."

Trump Horrifies Liberals With Plans To Immediately Deport/Jail Up To 3 Million Illegals.  Leftists are trying to make a case that there aren't that many with criminal backgrounds, even when considering that crossing the border illegally is illegal.  They forget that roughly 40-45% of the illegals in the country overstayed their visas, which is even more criminal than those who jumped the border.  Regardless, this gives a good view into how Liberals will respond to the era of Trump, meaning meltdowns and severe opposition to everything he proposes, regardless of whether it is good policy or not.  Deporting those with criminal backgrounds?  How dare he!

Spike In Immigrants Illegally Crossing Into US Ahead Of Election.  Experts told CBS News the number of immigrants crossing the border won't drop after Election Day.

The Editor says...
In other words, the headline is misleading and deceptive.

Secret Homeland Security Dept. report shows it's catching barely HALF of illegal border-crossers — not the 81 percent it claims publicly.  Barely half of people who entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico last year were caught, according to a report commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security that also shows sharp declines in illegal entries.  The report found 54 percent of people who entered illegally between border crossings got caught in the 2015 fiscal year.  That's much lower than the 81 percent success rate that Homeland Security cites publicly on its website using a different counting method.  The 98-page report was completed in May, and Homeland Security has declined to release it.

Obama uses last address to the United Nations to hammer Trump for 'crude populism' saying 'a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself'.  President Barack used his last address to the United Nations to bat down the kind of 'crude populism' he's accused Donald Trump of adopting.  'Today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,' Obama said before the UN's General Assembly.  Obama warned that 'alternative visions of the world' will succeed if heads of state don't force a 'course correction' from the current path of globalization.

Obama at U.N.: A walled-off nation 'imprisons itself'.  President Obama on Tuesday delivered a thinly veiled warning to the world's leaders against the aggressive nationalistic and protectionist policies espoused by Donald Trump, and argued that building walls and erecting trade barriers will only hurt U.S. workers and those abroad.  "Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself," Obama said in his last speech as president before the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York.  He warned several times against persecuting people of different faiths and cultures, and said the world is at a crossroads, and must choose to either move ahead with global cooperation, or retreat inward.

Obama blocks release of DHS Report:  DHS captures 50, not 80 percent of illegals.  On September 15, 2016, Malia Zimmerman and William Lajeunesse of Fox News reported that the Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is refusing to release a report on the number of illegal aliens who cross the southern border.  DHS claims that it catches 80% of those who cross illegally, but the report supposedly says DHS captures only 50%.  Moreover, DHS refuses to release this report because Obama has blocked release.

Illegals to Border Agents: 'Obama Said it Was Okay to Come'.  [A] new report out of San Diego reveals that 90% of illegal aliens caught along the southern border are subsequently released back on the streets.  In fact, they are dropped off at a local bus stop to freely roam about.  The most common reason given as to why they are crossing is:  "Obama said it's okay to come."  KUSI 9 News's Dan Plante recently spent the day at the border and learned that nine out of ten illegals are released back on the streets of San Diego and are more often than not provided with extra amenities.

Obama to States:  Accept Refugees, Or Else.  Of the U.S. Presidents since 1900, a few of them were not only ignorant of the U.S. Constitution, but were downright hostile to it.  Few in American History, however, have shown the amount of hostility, and willingness to blatantly stomp all over the law of the land, like President Barack Obama.  In his latest defiance of constitutional principles, Obama has decided to threaten any States who refuse to accept the Muslim refugees his federal government are trying to unconstitutionally force upon the various States.  According to Obama, the States have no constitutional grounds to refuse his dictatorial edicts, especially when it comes to immigration, or "refugees".

In A New Bid To Push H-1B Program, Microsoft Manufactures Claim U.S. Students Can't Hack It In Tech.  Leaching off last week's DNC Convention, tech industry-behemoths Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon hosted a mini-conference amidst the gathering elite aimed at building awareness of the supposed lack of tech-education among America's youth.  The policy-push comes off Microsoft's 'National Talent Strategy' hatched a few years back; an initiative which the company's own general counsel apparently admitted was nothing but a 'manufactured crisis' really geared to serve the industry's H-1B immigration agenda.  Indeed, if America really did have an 'education crisis' in the STEM-fields, why do so many of the hundreds of thousands of H-1B professionals imported here every year come from places that do far worse educationally than we do?

DHS chief says deportation 'not pleasant,' claims 'we do not have open borders'.  The nation's top immigration officer on Wednesday [8/3/2016] pushed back at claims the administration has an open-border policy, adding that it upsets him to deport illegal immigrants.  Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, said that the U.S. is filling over a dozen jets a week with illegals and flying them back to Central America.  "That's what we're doing on a daily, weekly basis.  We have something like 15 to 18 flights of migrants a week, just to Central America that we send back, people who have come here.  And so we don't have open borders," he told reporters.

Congressman: Illegal Border Crosser 'Kind of Person I'd Like to Have' in America.  An individual who crosses the border illegally into the United States is the kind of person Americans should want in the country because of their "strength" and "will," Rep.  Mike Honda (D-Calif.) told PJM.  Honda was asked for his response to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who said illegal immigrants broke federal law after crossing the border and should be sent back to their home countries.

Sen. Kaine:  Immigration Is 'Like Transfusion Of Fresh Blood Into The Bloodstream'.  Sen.  Tim Kaine (D.-Va.) today [7/22/2016] compared immigration to a blood transfusion for the country.  "What immigration has done for Virginia is what it's done for the nation since its very first days," Kaine said.  "It's been like the transfusion of fresh blood into the bloodstream that has continued to revitalize us and make us stronger."

Gov. Kasich:  We Want Immigration - Population is Stagnant in Ohio.  Ohio Gov. and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich (R-Ohio) told an audience in Cleveland that he looks at immigration as an opportunity because Ohio has a "stagnant growth of population — we want people to come to Ohio."  "When I look at immigration I look at a new level of energy," Kasich told an International Republican Institute gathering on Tuesday [7/19/2016].

The Editor says...
This country would benefit greatly if the number of immigrants dropped to zero, because most of the people who are coming to America are only interested in food stamps and "disability" checks.  If that comes across as an unfair generalization, you're not paying attention.

Obama: Mexicans make U.S. stronger.  With Donald Trump's rhetoric about Mexican rapists and border walls obviously on their minds, President Obama and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto made a public show of friendship and respect Wednesday [6/29/2016]. [...] Mr. Obama said the U.S. "is not just a friend and neighbor of Mexico, but the very character of the United States is shaped by Mexican Americans who have shared our culture, our politics, our business."

The Editor says...
That sounds so lofty.  Too bad it's a pack of lies.  The Mexicans streaming over the border are not rocket scientists and cardiac surgeons.  If they get any job at all, it's minimum-wage grunt work (or petty crime), and if they don't get a job, they're on food stamps for the rest of their lives.  They don't share our culture.  They are here to make our culture look like their (Mexican) culture.

Interior Secretary: 'If We Did Not Have Immigration to This Country We Would Not Eat'.  Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told attendees at an event on Hispanic-American entrepreneurship on Tuesday [6/28/2016] that if it were not for legal and illegal immigration into the United States, "we would not eat."  Jewell said that the country is still trying to address the rights of farm workers, including the role immigration plays.  "I'd say the challenges of immigration reform are a good example," she said.  "If we did not have immigration to this country we would not eat.  Whether it's documented or undocumented, we would not eat," Jewell said at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C.

Obama Suggests his Immigration Opponents are Racist.  In his remarks about the Supreme Court decision ending his amnesty power grab, President Obama indicated what he really thinks, which is that the millions who want to stop illegal immigration and stem the flood of immigrants from a single culture not our own are, at bottom, racist.

WH Report on Labor-Force Dropout Oddly Confused About Immigration.  The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) released a new report this week on the long-term decline of work among men ages 25 to 54.  Although it contains some interesting insights, the report's specific treatment of immigration is weak and contradictory. [...] The authors argue that because low-skill wages have declined over time, demand for such labor must have fallen.  Strangely, they do not mention that buttressing the supply of low-skill workers (via immigration) would also have a wage-depressing effect.  In fact, the report absolves immigration of any responsibility for labor-force dropout because immigrants themselves have high rates of work, ignoring the possibility that immigrants are pushing natives out.  Stranger still, the authors never explain how low-skill immigration fits with their thesis.  After all, if employers are much less interested in unskilled labor, why has the U.S. been a consistent magnet for unskilled immigration for the past half century, and why do those immigrants have such high rates of work?  The simplest answer would be that immigrants are willing to work for less money than natives.  Is the Obama administration okay with lowering the prevailing wage through immigration?

Immigration expert explains how Obama is lying about his border record.  The Obama Administration, along with their willing allies in the mainstream media, continue to perpetuate the deception that deportations under President Barack Obama are at their highest levels of all time. [...] It is an effective and disarming argument used by the Left whenever the debate over illegal immigration is engaged.  After all, how could illegal immigration be in such dire straights and in need of radically new policies and serious enforcement of existing policies if President Obama has been such a champion of deportations?  The argument has silenced many an ill-prepared debater in the past.  The only problem is:  It's a complete and total fabrication.

13 Incompetent Failures in the Obama Administration.  [#8] Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano resigned in July 2013 to become president of the University of California system.  As PJ Media's Bryan Preston wrote, her tenure at Homeland Security "has been marred by scandal and dishonesty."  Napolitano infamously declared that the U.S.-Mexico border is "as secure as it has ever been," citing bogus statistics.

Here Comes the Obama/UN Refugee "Surge" — Rebranded as "Safe Alternative Pathways".  Across the United States, designated "Welcoming Communities" have begun receiving — or soon will be recipients of — Syrian "refugees" chosen by the United Nations and supposedly vetted by U.S. agencies.  But only months ago top officials of these same agencies stated it would be impossible to vet the enormous pool of refugee applicants for terrorist and criminal backgrounds, or even to prove that they are from Syria, considering the chaos in the Middle East and lack of documentation among the migrant. [...] Because the governors of 27 states and a large portion of the American public have voiced opposition to Obama refugee resettlement "surge" plan, the UNHCR and various globalist think tanks have been teaming up with the State Department to hatch new ways of sliding more migrants in as students, temporary workers, and through expanding the always-effective "family reunification" program.

President Obama:  Accessory To The Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens?  President Obama stood in the White House Rose Garden [6/15/2012] to proclaim that "since Congress failed to act" he was going to take action.  Of course to Obama, his concept of a "failure of Congress to act" was the refusal of Congress to pass bad legislation.  When Congress votes down bad legislation, they most certainly are acting.  Obama also deceptively said that this was about children, kids and young people, even though illegal aliens as old as 31 years of age could apply for this program, provided that they claimed that they entered the United States prior to their 16th birthdays.  Without any interviews or field investigations being conducted, fraud likely permeates this program that has an approval rate of more than 95%.

DHS Says Mexican Border "More Secure now than it has Been in Many, Many Years".  Islamic terrorists and droves of illegal immigrants — mainly youths — have slipped into the United States through Mexico recently, but the deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) insists the "the border is more secure now than it has been in many, many years.  This delusional assessment brings to mind when President Obama's first DHS secretary, Janet Napolitano, repeatedly proclaimed the border is as secure as it's ever been amid escalating drug-cartel violence that spilled into the U.S. and a crisis of narcotics and human smuggling in the region.  Though the situation has only worsened, the administration continues to repeat the same lies even though a number of reports have confirmed that Islamic terrorists have entered the U.S. through the famously porous southern border and tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) keep crossing in without ever encountering federal agents before touching American soil.  If anything the southern border has become a national security threat of epic proportions, illustrated by Judicial Watch's reporting in the last few years.

Rubio's Lies on Immigration.  At the February 25 debate in Houston, Marco Rubio revisited an issue that had first come up at the previous debate.  On February 13, Ted Cruz said that Marco Rubio told Spanish television he would not rescind President Obama's illegal executive amnesty on his first day in office, and Rubio responded that Cruz was lying.  The transcript is unambiguous:  Cruz had spoken accurately. [...] Rubio had not only said that he would not rescind DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) immediately, he also said he would not do so until it had been replaced by legislation — which means only after a long time, if ever.

Obama's immigration raids: A classic case of 'smoke and mirrors'.  Although U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounded up 121 illegal immigrants on January 2, the raids were largely conducted on illegal immigrants from Central American who already faced deportation orders.  Fueled by rumors confirmed to be false, the administration wants us to believe these actions represent a serious crackdown.  But the detainment of a handful of lawbreakers, who have run out of legal options to remain in the U.S., does virtually nothing to address the fundamental immigration problems we face.

Mr. Obama, here's why closing Guantanamo is a big mistake.  In his final State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Obama promised to "keep working to shut down the prison at Guantanamo" and said "it's expensive, it's unnecessary, and it only serves as a recruitment brochure for our enemies."  But he couldn't be more wrong.  Guantanamo Bay is a first-rate detention facility that's kept terrorists off the battlefield and kept America safe.  It's critical role in our national security cannot be overstated.  Early last year, I visited Guantanamo Bay and witnessed prisoner operations.  I saw firsthand that it is not the barebones prison camp President Obama purports it to be.  In fact, it couldn't be further from the picture he's painted for the public.

More about Obama and the Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Philly mayor claims he was 'misinterpreted' on claims terror attack had 'nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith'.  Philadelphia's Mayor Jim Kenney has earned himself a place in the Doofus Hall of Fame for telling a press conference about an attempted assassination a police officer by a man who told police he acted "in the name of Islam" because "the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran": [...] Now he is trying to backtrack in the face of near universal mockery.  But of course, he will not correct himself, retract his statement, or in any way man up.  No, he blames others:  the idiots who "misinterpreted" him — especially Republicans and Rush Limbaugh.

Hillary Clinton comes out against deportation raids in break with Obama.  Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton joined her rivals Monday [1/11/2016] in opposing the Obama administration's deportation raids targeting Central American immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally and ignored deportation orders.  Speaking at a forum aimed at young and minority voters in Iowa, Clinton said the raids had "sown fear and division in immigrant communities across the country.  People are afraid to go to work.  They are afraid to send their kids to school.  They are afraid to go to the hospital, or even the grocery store."

The Editor says...
How I wish all that were true, but it's not.  Illegal aliens are very comfortable here in the U.S.  They are afraid of no one — especially during rush-hour traffic!  They don't have to know a word of English because there are Spanish-only stations on radio and TV.  (That should be illegal, but it's not.)  Nobody is at the grocery store or the hospital looking for illegal aliens; in fact, the emergency room at the county hospital is their doctor's office.  And if the feds give them any trouble at all, there are hundreds of lawyers ready to help.

You Only Think You Know How Many Illegal Immigrants Live in the US.  [Scroll down]  Three main players were involved in generating that number of 11 million illegal immigrants:  Pew Research Center, the Center for Immigration Studies and the Department of Homeland Security.  But they were only masseurs of the source data, which comes from the Census Bureau by means of two surveys:  the Current Population Survey and the American Community Survey.  We need to identify these players.  Pew claims impartiality, but the methodologists for its numbers come from decidedly liberal roots such as the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute.  The Center for Immigration Studies approaches the question from the side of more controlled and limited immigration flows.  Homeland Security is a bureaucracy with a presidentially appointed secretary who carries out administration policies.  The Census Bureau's surveys are conducted both by mail and in-person visits to selected homes.  Neither asks directly, "Are you in the United States illegally?"

Just Asking about Islam and Terrorism.  Let me ask you a question.  Let's say you are an authentically moderate Muslim.  Perhaps you were born into Islam but have become secularist.  Or perhaps you consider yourself a devout Muslim but interpret Islam in a way that rejects violent jihad, rejects the concept that religious and civic life are indivisible, and rejects the principle that sharia's totalitarian societal framework and legal code must be imposed on the state.  Let's just take that as a given:  You are no more inclined toward terrorism than any truly peaceful, moderate, pro-democratic non-Muslim.  So let me pop the question:  Is there any insulting thing I could say, no matter how provocative, or any demeaning video I could show you, no matter how lurid, that could convince you to join ISIS?

DHS cheers 31 percent drop in border apprehensions.  The Department of Homeland Security said Tuesday [12/22/2015] that apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the border fell 31 percent in fiscal 2015, but said that decline is good news, as it's a sign that fewer illegal immigrants are trying to cross the border into the U.S.  In its year-end report, DHS said 337,117 people were apprehended at the border, down from 486,651 in the prior year.  Secretary Jeh Johnson said that shows fewer people are trying. [...] But Republicans in Congress were already doubting DHS's explanation, and said lower overall enforcement numbers were the real reason for the decline.

20 Ways To Tell If You Might Be A Liberal.  You might be a liberal if... [#19] You say fences don't work and gun-free zones do, but if Republicans wanted the fence around the White House taken down and demanded that the Secret Service be disarmed, you'd accuse them of trying to get Obama killed.

Immigration and Our Founding Fathers' Values.  President Obama claims that restricting immigration in order to protect national security is "offensive and contrary to American values."  No-limits liberals have attacked common-sense proposals for heightened visa scrutiny, profiling or immigration slowdowns as "un-American."  America's Founding Fathers, I submit, would vehemently disagree.  Our founders, as I've reminded readers repeatedly over the years, asserted their concerns publicly and routinely about the effects of indiscriminate mass immigration.  They made it clear that the purpose of allowing foreigners into our fledgling nation was not to recruit millions of new voters or to secure permanent ruling majorities for their political parties.  It was to preserve, protect and enhance the republic they put their lives on the line to establish.

'Fear itself': A tale of two speeches.  You can count on two things happening whenever America faces danger.  First, Republicans will demand action to keep the republic and its citizens safe, and second, Democrats will accuse the Republicans of fear-mongering.  In the current political climate, that fight has taken place over the issue of Syrian refugees, and the Obama administration's plan to resettle thousands of the mostly Muslim refugees in America.  ISIS has promised to infiltrate the refugees with terrorists, leading Republican governors to declare their unwillingness to allow the refugee program in their states.  In response, the mantra heard round the land the past two weeks by Democratic talking heads is "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."  Well, not so quick.

America's Toxic Brew: "Diversity".  "Political correctness" is of course the left's method of shutting down the opposition.  It has led to such ridiculous terms as "undocumented worker".  Undocumented?  It's as if some heartless bureaucrat forgot to process Juan's immigration papers, rather than the fact that Juan criminally crashed our border without authorization and is hence, an illegal alien.  The accurate term "illegal alien" is of course enough to induce hysterics among the politically correct.  It is this same PC left who would much rather engage in name calling than discussing actual facts.  Their shut-down-the-argument technique always includes hurling such meaningless labels as "hater", "homophobe", islamophobe", "denier", "xenophobe" and so on.

Obama Thanksgiving Address: Syrian Refugees Are Just Like Pilgrims.  President Obama delivered his Thanksgiving address this morning, including a political lecture on Syrian refugees.  He told Americans that Syrian refugees were just like the pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower.

Obama says Syrian refugees are America's modern-day pilgrims.  President Obama on Thursday [11/26/2015] compared Syrian refugees to the first Pilgrims who journeyed to America seeking a better life, as he delivered his annual Thanksgiving Day radio message. [...] "One woman from Pennsylvania wrote to me to say, 'Money is tight for us . . . but I have a guest room. I have a pantry full of food. We can do this,'" Obama said.

Astroturf alert!
You would have to be a public school student to believe that some previously unknown middle class woman spontaneously wrote to the President with her upbeat encouragement.  The letter was almost certainly contrived by the Democratic Party.

The Five Biggest Myths Used To Justify Mass Immigration.  [#3]  We were all immigrants.  This is a blatant lie.  Many British and European people can trace back their origins over thousands of years.  With countries like the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, these countries were SETTLED by the British and Europeans.  No nations existed in those regions beforehand.  Even if this claim were true, there would be a serious unjust flaw.  Because the accusation is only aimed at white people as if they were the only people who conquered other lands.  Not so.  Once Christian Turkey was conquered by Muslim invaders.  The Arabian Peninsula was conquered by the sword into Dar al Islam and the same fate befell North African nations — Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.  Perhaps the worst hypocrisy of those who accuse the West of this "crime" applies to former colonial nations in Africa.  Liberals and leftists assert the lands of South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) were "stolen" by whites and had to be returned to the "indigenous black peoples" because it was their land.  This, again, simply isn't true.

Syrian refugees: In desperation, Obama offers statistics and lies.  The Obama administration told reporters this week that roughly half of all Syrian refugees admitted to date have been children.  It claims around 25% are adults over 60 and only 2% have been single males of "combat age."  Not surprisingly, the mainstream media published these statistics without questioning them. [...] So where did the statistics come from?  A U.S. government report?  Congressional testimony?  No, these numbers were given to the press in a private briefing by three unnamed senior officials.  This means there's no way to check the accuracy of this data or to hold these officials accountable for their claims.

Refugee 'Religious Test' Is 'Shameful' and 'Not American' ... Except that Federal Law Requires It.  Under federal law, the executive branch is expressly required to take religion into account in determining who is granted asylum.  Under the provision governing asylum (section 1158 of Title 8, U.S. Code), an alien applying for admission ["]must establish that ... religion [among other things] ... was or will be at least one central reason for persecuting the applicant.["]  Moreover, to qualify for asylum in the United States, the applicant must be a "refugee" as defined by federal law.  That definition (set forth in Section 1101(a)(42)(A) of Title [8], U.S. Code) also requires the executive branch to take account of the alien's religion[.] [...] Asylum is a discretionary national act of compassion that is directed, by law not whim, to address persecution.  There is no right to emigrate to the United States.

Refugee Screening Is a Sham.  At least one of the bombers in the Paris massacre last weekend allegedly sneaked into France posing as a Syrian refugee.  ISIS is infiltrating refugee camps to penetrate Europe and the United States.  But on Monday [11/16/2015], Obama dismissed the danger, doubling down on his plans to settle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees here.  The White House insists Syrian refugees go through "extensive screening."  That's a deadly lie.

Obama Blasts 'Un-American,' 'Anti-Immigrant' Sentiment Rising in American Politics.  President Obama blasted the ongoing debate surrounding illegal immigrants in the United States, criticizing Republicans for being "anti-American" for suggesting that the laws should be enforced. [...] "This whole anti-immigrant sentiment that's out there in our politics right now is contrary to who we are," he said.  "Because unless you're Native American, your family came from someplace else."  Obama ridiculed the notion that immigration to America was ever orderly and rigidly enforced.

Obama: Notion that Illegals 'Less Worthy in the Eyes of God' Is 'Un-American'.  Monday at North High School in Des Moines, IA, President Barack Obama said the notion that people who illegally come to live in the United States, as they have for generations, are suddenly now "less worthy in the eyes of God," is "un-American."  Obama said, "This whole anti-immigrant sentiment that is out there in politics right now is contrary to who we are.  Because unless you are a native American, your family came from someplace else. [...]"

The Editor says...
Where does Obama think "native Americans" came from?  Were they not immigrants, long ago?

How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public.  Over the years immigration activists successfully deconstructed the complex issue of illegal immigration into a race and class morality tale of privileged whites picking on poor brown people.  The operative buzzwords were "racism," "nativism," and "xenophobia."  That theme is now mostly bankrupt given that every great lie eventually falls from its own weight.  It was rarely the host, but more often the activists on behalf of the guests, who framed illegal immigration in racial terms.

World of walls: How 65 countries have erected fences on their borders.  Globalisation was supposed to tear down barriers, but security fears and a widespread refusal to help migrants and refugees have fuelled a new spate of wall-building across the world, with a third of the world's countries constructing them along their borders.  When the Berlin Wall was torn down a quarter-century ago, there were 16 border fences around the world.  Today, there are 65 either completed or under construction, according to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet.

American Kids Pay Heavy Price For Obama's Border Failure.  Considering the threats that America and Americans face by international terrorist organizations and transnational criminal organizations, if ever their was a time that our borders should be secured, this is the time.  Of course the Obama administration has very different plans.  Virtually from its first days, the Obama administration has lied about the failures of the immigration system to secure our borders and carry out its missions that are intrinsic to national security and public safety.

Hume Rips Obama's Speech on Iran Deal: 'Dishonest, Partisan, Insulting'.  On "Special Report" tonight, Brit Hume blasted President Obama's speech on the virtues of the nuclear agreement with Iran.  "Just because Iranian hardliners chant 'death to America' does not mean that's what all Iranians believe," Obama said.  "In fact, it's those hardliners who are most comfortable with the status quo.  It's those hardliners chanting 'death to America' who have been most opposed to the deal.  They are making common cause with the Republican caucus."

Obama's terrible Iran speech: My Republican critics are making "common cause" with Iranian hardliners.  The lowest moment from what was probably the lowest speech of his presidency — so far. [...] The GOP opposes the nuclear deal because they think it's too favorable to Iran and not favorable enough to America.  The hardliners in Iran's parliament oppose the deal for the opposite reason.  Insofar as they both want the deal to fail, I suppose that's "common cause."

Josh Earnest tries his hardest to spin President Obama's 'death to America' comments.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was left with the thankless task Thursday morning of explaining what President Obama meant when he said earlier this week that Iran's "death to America" crowd shares "common cause" with Republicans.  Earnest's go-to defense:  To argue that Obama didn't really say that Republicans who oppose the White House's nuclear deal with Tehran share a "common cause" with Iranian extremists.

Every Pro-Immigration Claim is a Lie.  [Scroll down]  Reason magazine boasts, for example, that El Paso, Texas, has a large Hispanic population and yet El Paso "is among the safest big cities in America."  In fact, however, El Paso's "safe city" ranking is based on an outdated FBI crime index that includes only eight crime categories, excluding such crimes as drunk driving, narcotics offenses and weapons violations.  When the FBI's more complete crime index is used, El Paso has a higher crime rate than the national average.  The reason crime has plummeted around the nation in the last few decades is aggressive policing, increased prison sentences and the expansion of concealed carry permits.  (All policies currently being jettisoned by liberals.)

Sanctuary cities beyond federal control, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson says.  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted Tuesday that the administration goofed in releasing an illegal immigrant to sanctuary city San Francisco ahead of a shocking murder earlier this month, but said there's little the government can do to pressure sanctuary communities to change their minds.  Facing lawmakers for the first time since the slaying of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old killed while out walking with her father, Mr. Johnson said he's made personal appeals to San Francisco to rethink its refusal to let police cooperate with federal immigration agents, and will try again in the wake of the killing.

Mark Levin: Numbers You Hear On Immigration Are A Lie.  [Scroll down]  Levin, who is one of the intellectual leaders of the conservative movement, said conservatives need a nominee who "believes in American sovereignty and talks about the Constitution." He said there are only four or five of those candidates in the field, and "those are the guys I'm going to promote as time goes on."  Such a candidate will of course be hated by the Republican establishment and their preferred establishment pundits.  Levin said, "Virtually every commentator on Fox is going to trash them."  He added that anti-establishment conservative candidates will also be trashed by "a lot of these [center-right] websites where younger guys have now inherited what prior generations have built."

How the Obama Administration Gutted Illegal Immigration Detainers.  In the wake of the murder of Kathryn Steinle — or, rather, the news coverage of her murder — Democrats are back-pedaling from their longstanding and consistent support for "sanctuary" cities.  When asked about the issue, Hillary Clinton followed her usual policy:  she lied.

Clinton Campaign: Sanctuary Cities Can Help Public Safety.  Hillary Clinton's campaign sought to make clear she supports sanctuary cities following criticism on San Francisco's release of an immigrant here illegally who is accused of shooting and killing a woman.  "Hillary Clinton believes that sanctuary cities can help further public safety, and she has defended those policies going back years," said Xochitl Hinojosa, a campaign spokeswoman, in a statement made public Thursday [7/9/2015].

Obama Lies Again: "Deports" 900,000 Illegal Aliens — But They Never Leave the U.S..  "In the latest demonstration that the U.S. legal and police system appears unable to enforce immigration laws, documents show that about 900,000 undocumented immigrants, including 170,000 criminals, have been ordered deported "in absentia," meaning a judge kicked them out without them even knowing it."  The media has known this for years — but acts more like a totalitarian nations State owned media.

Feds 'deported' 900,000 illegals, but they remain in U.S..  Nearly 1 million of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States have been ordered to leave the country but remain, many hiding in plain view as they take advantage of an overwhelmed federal system, according to new documents.  In the latest demonstration that the U.S. legal and police system appears unable to enforce immigration laws, documents show that about 900,000 undocumented immigrants, including 170,000 criminals, have been ordered deported "in absentia," meaning a judge kicked them out without them even knowing it.

Hutzpah: White House Attempts To Blame GOP For Murder Of Woman In San Francisco By Illegal Alien.  Last time I checked, ICE is a federal agency run by the Executive Branch, meaning Mr. Obama, a Democrat and Josh Earnest's boss, is the head.  San Francisco is a city wholly run by Democrats.

Congressman: No Border Wall Because Rio Grande 'Unites' U.S. and Mexico.  Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said people who want a wall constructed between the U.S. and Mexico do not understand the "interconnection" between both countries.  "The Rio Grande doesn't divide but actually unites us.  There's some people that see it a different way.  They want to see the Rio Grande as a division.  They want to see a wall and it's just unfortunate they have that perspective.  They don't understand the interconnection we have with Mexico," said Cuellar at a conference on "Building a Competitive U.S.-Mexico Border."

The Editor says...
That's like saying the Berlin wall held East and West Germany together because they had something in common.

White House blames GOP for Kathryn Steinle's slaying, rise in gun violence.  The White House blamed congressional Republicans Monday [7/6/2015] for the death of a San Francisco woman allegedly shot by a repeat offender illegal immigrant, and for a spate of gun violence last weekend in President Obama's hometown of Chicago.  Referring to the shooting death last week of Kathryn Steinle, allegedly shot by a Mexican man who has been deported five times, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the U.S. would be safer if Republican lawmakers had approved comprehensive immigration reform backed by the president.

White House Blames Republicans For Deported San Francisco Killer.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is blaming Republicans after an illegal immigrant who was reportedly deported five times was charged with murder in California.  When asked by reporters about critics of President Obama's immigration enforcement policies, Earnest insisted that it was actually Republicans who are fault for voting against the Gang Of Eight bill last year, pointing out that it contained funding to increase border security.

Illegal immigration lowest since 1972, DHS chief Jeh Johnson says.  Illegal immigration across the southwestern border is on pace for the lowest year since 1972, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Monday [6/8/2015], claiming success a year after the surge of illegal immigrant children and families exposed major holes in U.S. policy.  Mr. Johnson said there is no guarantee that apprehensions — which he said are a direct indication of the total flow of illegal immigrants — will keep on that four-decade low pace, but said the signs are encouraging.

Obama on His Amnesty: 'The Law Is on Our Side'.  Speaking in his weekly address yesterday [6/6/2015], President Barack Obama defended his unilateral actions that would allow illegal aliens to stay in the United States, work, and receive federal benefits.  The "law is on our side," Obama said.  Administration action on that amnesty is currently forbidden by an injunction issued by a federal court and upheld by a federal appeals court.

MS-13 Gang Epidemic Tests Obama's Amnesty Excuse.  Recent busts of murderous MS-13 gangsters put the lie to President Obama's sympathetic amnesty narrative of illegal immigrants as "workers who mow our lawns, make our beds (and) clean out bedpans."  Authorities Wednesday rounded up 37 MS-13 gang members in Charlotte, N.C., on racketeering conspiracy charges, along with charges of murder, attempted murder and firearms violations.  All of them are illegal aliens from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.  Several are round-trippers — illegals who broke in once, committed crimes, got deported and broke back into the U.S. — proving that our border is porous and unsecured.  Charlotte police discovered the rat's nest of foreign gangsters after some of them started shooting up local nightclubs and bars.

Three Pinocchios:
Clinton's inaccurate claim that immigrant detention facilities have a legal requirement to fill beds.  The United States has broad authority to hold immigrants in civil custody while determining whether they legally entered the country. [...] During her recent immigration discussion, the Democratic presidential candidate called for a "better, fairer and more humane" immigrant detention system.  Detention centers privately contracted with the federal government have a legal requirement to fill beds, she said, which makes no sense and is "not the way we should be running any detention facility."

Four Pinocchios:
Clinton's claim that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than some corporations.  "In New York, which I know a little bit about because I represented it for eight years and I live there now, our undocumented workers in New York pay more in taxes than some of the biggest corporations in New York." — Hillary Clinton, roundtable in North Las Vegas, May 5, 2015.

Obama: Illegals 'Are Americans Just Like Our Kids, Except They Don't Have the Right Documents'.  President Barack Obama said at a fundraiser in Portland, Ore., yesterday [5/7/2015] that young foreign nationals who are in the United States illegally but on whose behalf he has decided not to enforce the immigration law are "Americans just like our kids, except they don't have the right documents."

Hillary Says! 'We are all immigrants!'  Voilà!  In addition to handling a private/official email problem, flying coach, and carrying her own luggage, Hillary Clinton may now be able to add to her list of outstanding accomplishments singlehandedly resolving the contention surrounding immigration reform.  Recently, on a tightly stage-managed listening tour Hillary, granddaughter of alleged immigrants, revealed her acute sensitivity for the plight of — you guessed it — immigrants.

Gutierrez: 'Only Person Who Can Deport' 11 Million Illegal Aliens Is 'Barack Obama'.  Speaking at a press conference held by the National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) on Tuesday on Capitol Hill, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said that President Barack Obama is the "only person" who can deport the estimated 11 million people who are in the United States illegally.  Citing the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas challenging Obama's executive action to protect millions of illegal aliens from deportation, Gutierrez said it's the president who can enforce — or not enforce — immigration laws.

Late Night Comics Mock Ted Cruz as Anti-Immigrant, Stupid.  In a preview of the 2016 campaign, all five late night comics on Monday night [3/23/2015] mocked Ted Cruz, hitting the Republican as anti-immigrant, regressive and stupid.  CBS host David Letterman didn't bother with a joke.  Instead, he lectured, "Here's what I find interesting about Ted Cruz, he was born in Canada.  His father fled to the United States from Cuba.  Yet, Ted Cruz is against immigration.  Isn't that odd?"

The Editor says...
Senator Cruz made it clear in the speech announcing his candidacy that he is not opposed to legal immigration.  I guess Mr. Letterman wasn't paying attention.

Border Patrol Agent: We are Punished for Reporting Illegal Alien Groups of More Than 20.  A U.S. Border Patrol agent from the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas told lawmakers today that his fellow agents are punished for reporting illegal alien groups of more than 20.  "Agents who repeatedly report groups larger than 20 face retribution.  Management will either take them out of the field and assign them to processing detainees at the station or assign them to a fixed position in low volume areas as punishment," Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told a Senate panel.  "Needless to say Agents got the message and now stay below this 20 person threshold no matter the actual size of the group."

Progressives, Including Obama, Misunderstand What Being a Nation of Immigrants Means.  The Founders and their ideological descendants — John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt — rejected the slander that successive waves of immigrants were unassimilable.  They were copiously on record as seeing American values being applicable to all, not just those with English DNA.  They thought such inclusion was indispensable in a country with individual rights and a tradition of voluntary group association that requires a high-trust public square.  They thought division into permanent ethnolinguistic castes was anathema to those values.  The Founders and their descendants proselytized through schools, private companies, clubs, and other voluntary associations that America's civic culture — self-improvement through hard work, the uniquely American volunteer ethos, the idea that government regards all as equal and favors no group — was applicable to all who came to live here.

Jeb Bush: The Leading Anti-Conservative Candidate.  America has had enough insults and apologies under the current White House Resident.  No one I know wants a repeat of that.  But lately "Republican" Jeb Bush has praised illegals as "economic-driven immigrants" and has been pushing for amnesty.  Can someone please explain to me how, if invaders are going to be so good for our economy, why do we need money from the federal and state budgets to facilitate them?  If they are good for the economy, communities that have high invader population should be thriving, shouldn't they?  Shouldn't California's economy be through-the-roof vibrant by now, with all those family-oriented, entrepreneurial invaders in their state?  Shouldn't Arizona's border be lined with Hilton and Holiday Inn properties to facilitate the traffic of these wonderful families, seeking to become American citizens?  Shouldn't Texas border towns have excess education funding, farmers cheering them on as they show up to be the best employees they've ever had?  No, that is not the case.  People along the border are in DANGER.  Sex trafficking, drug trafficking, assaults, robberies, murder and disease are what is thriving.  And yet Jeb Bush apparently wants to invite more of it, just like the current Resident.  Anyone toying with the ideas of amnesty by any name is inviting more crime and destruction including increased death against law-abiding Americans.

Did the administration lie about Obama's immigration action?  When President Obama announced his sweeping unilateral executive action on immigration last November, administration officials stressed that the new edict would not take effect immediately.  One part of the president's action — changes to DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, to extend the period in which illegal immigrants are protected from deportation to three years from its present two years, and also to extend work permits for the same time — was scheduled to go into effect Feb. 18, 2015, three months after the president's announcement.  The other part of the president's action — the newly-created DAPA, or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents — would go into effect six months after Obama's edict.

White House Calls Immigrants 'Americans-In-Waiting'.  The Obama administration has tested out a new term for immigrants living in America without legal working status:  "Americans-in-waiting."  The administration employed the new euphemism in an update on the president's executive amnesty actions posted by the White House Tuesday titled "Taking Action to Unlock the Economic Contributions of Americans-in-Waiting."  In the announcement, the White House defends the president's actions on immigration as being "within his legal authority" and explains that their goal is to "lock in" the economic benefits of those immigrants qualifying for the program.

Sen. Reid: 'The President Has the Right to Determine Who is to be Deported'.  "The President has the right to determine who is to be deported" when it comes to illegal aliens currently living in the United States, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stated during debate on the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) funding bill on Monday. [...] Reid also accused Republicans of "attacking families" that "pose no security risk" to the United States by not funding Obama's amnesty programs, a plan Reid said is "destined to fail."

The Editor says...
Part of the president's job is to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed," which means that he should make it his business to see that everybody who should be deported is deported.  The claptrap about "attacking families" is typical liberal bumper-sticker rhetoric:  The "families" of which he speaks are those from which only a few relatives have made it to this side of the border.

Huffington Post Lies to Americans; Claims Uncomfortable Facts About Illegal Aliens are Now "Myths".  Most economists see immigration policy as a matter of trade-offs.  No matter which policy we choose, there will always be winners and losers, and our political values help us decide how to weigh those competing interests.  For some advocates of mass immigration, however, there seems to be no recognition of trade-offs at all.  They have developed talking points that falsely portray immigration as a win-win for everyone involved.

White House opens anti-extremist summit amid questions about Islamic group.  The White House opened a summit Tuesday [2/17/2015] aimed at countering generic "violent extremism" amid complaints that the administration is partnering in the effort with a Boston-based mosque with past links to terrorism.  At the start of the three-day conference with American community leaders and foreign ministers from 60 nations, Vice President Joseph R. Biden said the U.S. might be avoiding the kinds of terrorist attacks that have struck Europe recently because America traditionally has been more welcoming to immigrants.  "We are a nation of immigrants and our strength is that we are a melting pot," Mr. Biden said.

The Editor says...
We are not a nation of immigrants.  Most of us were born here.  My family has lived in North America since the 17th century.  As for the melting pot, there is no incentive for immigrants to assimilate, speak our language, and obey our laws, so it's like a melting pot with no heat.  To make it more of a melting pot, [1] seal the international borders (except for departing traffic), [2] outlaw Spanish-language broadcasting, [3] eliminate birthright (anchor baby) citizenship, and [4] put a 50% tax on wire transfers of funds to Mexico and Central America.

DHS creates path to citizenship for Dreamers: report.  The Obama administration quietly told Congress this week that its deportation amnesty programs will, in fact, include a pathway to citizenship, according to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, who said that breaks a promise President Obama made to the country when he announced the program.

Jeb Bush: We will lose our liberties if we control the border.  Jeb Bush made a series of astonishing remarks about immigration Wednesday [2/4/2015]. [...] So if the parents commit a crime, like robbing a bank, and give the money to the kids, we can't take the money away, because it's not fair to the kids.  If illegals bring their kids here so they can benefit from the American taxpayer, there is no reason why we should let those kids benefit.

Obama to GOP: 'Don't jeopardize our national security'.  President Obama used the rollout of his budget Monday [2/2/2015] to pressure Republicans to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security, accusing conservatives of putting the protection of the nation at risk.  "What we can't do is play politics with folks' economic security or with our national security," Obama said from DHS headquarters in Washington.  Speaking directly to Republicans, he added, "Don't jeopardize our national security over this disagreement" on immigration.

Blaming Mickey and Other Measles Scapegoats.  Unwilling to put the blame on the thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied minors that Obama encouraged to migrate north last summer or the possibility that an illegal visiting Disneyland is the source, is the CDC actually suggesting the culprit might be a travelling American, or a visitor from overseas, or perhaps Dumbo or even Mickey Mouse?  The CDC is saying "We assume that someone got infected with measles overseas, visited Disneyland park, and spread the disease to others."  In other words, it could have been absolutely anyone, from anywhere!

Just in Case You Did not Know, You Were Lied to About Executive Amnesty.  In the least surprising development in all of human history, February is now around the corner, and Boehner and McConnell are folding like cheap suits. [...] Make no mistake, however:  this is exactly what Boehner and McConnell wanted all along.  They wanted Obama to take the heat with the conservative base for a policy that they actually support.  So they are mounting at every step of the way what has been obviously fake and token opposition to Obama's plan.

Former Mexico Prez: Illegal Immigrants Stay in U.S. Because Border Too Secure.  Former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, offered his own reason why strengthening the border to stanch the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico is wrong:  illegal immigrants will stay in the U.S. rather than return home to Mexico, because they fear they won't be able to return to the U.S.  He also stated that most illegal immigrants don't want to be American citizens.

Jackson Lee: Obama Already Fixed The Border.  Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said President Obama has already successfully secured the U.S. border, and objected to the tone of a House border security bill she said militarizes the country.  "The president has spent $108 billion on border security, and we have been successful," Jackson Lee said in a Homeland Security committee markup Wednesday [1/21/2015].  "Oh we've had our moments, but we have been successful."  Jackson Lee brushed off the recent flood of unaccompanied children on the southern border.  "I know we had a disagreement," she said, referring to Republican critics who blamed Obama's policies for the flood of immigrants.

Valerie Jarrett: Obama's Executive Actions Will 'Strengthen Our Immigration System'.  White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is not pleased with the Republican effort to defund President Obama's executive action on immigration reform, arguing that his actions have actually improved the immigration system.  "Rather than trying to reverse what the president did, which will strengthen our immigration system, keep America safe, why not pass a bill?" she asked during an interview with CNN this morning.

The Editor says...
VJ wants the Congress to legitimize Obama's unilateral action by passing a bill that does the same thing.  It's not gonna happen.

US Commerce Secretary: Obama's Amnesty Will 'Help' Economy.  Commerce Secretary, Chicago native Penny Pritzker, penned an editorial in support of Obama's amnesty policy, claiming that the president's move would be a "source of economic opportunity" for the nation.  Pritzker, a Chicago socialite and heir to the Pritzker family fortune, began her piece equating the millions of legal immigrants in past decades to today's illegals and said that without past immigrants America would not have experienced the progress and prosperity it has realized.

Henry: If Obama's Exec Amnesty Temporary, Why Hire 1K New DHS Employees?  Thursday [12/4/2014] at the White House press briefing, Fox News Channel's White House correspondent Ed Henry questioned press secretary Josh Earnest over why the Department Homeland Security website posted job openings for a thousand new permanent government workers, some making six figures, to process president Obama's executive order amnesty applications if the order is meant to be temporary. [Video clip]

Johnson: Immigration changes 'simple common sense'.  Conservatives circulated draft legislation Monday aimed at blocking President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration from taking effect, as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson prepared to offer GOP critics a full-throated defense of the new policies.

The Editor says...
If the changes unilaterally enacted by Barack H. Obama were "common sense," they would have been passed by our elected representatives in Congress.  Whether Obama's amnesty is common sense or not -- and it isn't -- he does not have the authority to negate this country's borders and dissolve immigration laws by his imperial decree.

Reflections on Lawlessness in Government.  [Scroll down]  Obama had for several years refused to take such action, declaring it beyond his authority.  Other columnists have counted over twenty such instances.  Now he has reversed course and decided that he has absolute authority to do whatever he wants.  One attempt at excusing this is the declaration that past presidents have done the same.  This is an outright fabrication.  When immigration policy came before Presidents Reagan, Bush and even Eisenhower they only wrote orders to implement laws passed by Congress.  They did not act independently without congressional authority, AND, they met with congressional representatives to be certain that the orders were in concert with the laws as passed and with congressional intent.

Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans.  The only Americans who can legitimately object to immigration are native Indian-Americans, President Barack Obama told his Chicago audience Nov. 24, as he made an impassioned ideological plea for endless immigration, cultural diversity and a big government to manage the resulting multicultural society.  "There have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, 'Well, I don't want those folks,' even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans," Obama said, rhetorically dismissing the right of 300 million actual Americans to decide who can live in their homeland.

The Missing Word in the Immigration Debate.  [Scroll down]  Note the strident insistence with which liberals demand that we say "reproductive rights" instead of "abortion", "gender" instead of "sex", and "undocumented" instead of "illegal". Each of these word choices hides some aspect of an issue that liberals want to keep hidden. [...] With regard to immigration, liberals insist on replacing the word "illegal" with "undocumented", a sly euphemism that suggests that some sort of paperwork error is all that needs to be cleared up.  Moreover, by expunging the word "illegal", liberals have diverted attention away from the key word in the issue so successfully that even conservatives have forgotten it.

Obama: 'I've actually been very restrained'.  President Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he "bent over backwards" to give Congress leeway to pass immigration reform.  On ABC's "This Week," Obama said he has issued fewer executive actions than most former presidents "by a long shot."  "If you ask historians, take a look at the track records of the modern presidency, I've actually been very restrained.  And I've been very restrained with respect to immigration.  I bent over backwards and will continue to do everything I can to get Congress to work," Obama said.

A Magic Pen And An Empty Suit.  The one positive thing I can say about the president's amnesty speech on Thursday is that I didn't lose any respect for him afterwards.  That is because me losing respect for Barack Obama is a mathematical impossibility at this point.  The speech had as much substance as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  An empty man in an empty hall spoke empty words to a nation that no longer believes him.  Only rank partisans, drooling drones, and the progressive media revere Barack Obama anymore.  We are watching the tumbling of an empty suit in a dryer. [...] Loaded with sob stories, the speech and the spin after attempted to make our feelings overwhelm our brains.  Unfortunately for Obama and the Democrats, tales of families being "ripped apart" because their child was born here while they are illegal are meaningless.

Report: 'Returns, removals' of illegal immigrants 'plummet' under Obama.  President Obama has cut in half the number of illegal immigrants "removed or returned" than during the George W. Bush administration, according to a new report that cheers the results.  "Using a broader, more accurate measure of the number of unauthorized immigrants removed from the country since the first year of the Bush presidency, we find that in fact the total number of 'removals' and 'returns' has actually plummeted during the Obama presidency," said the report from the progressive group NDN.  "In 2012, the Obama administration removed and returned almost a million people less than the height of the Bush presidency.  And every year of the Obama presidency has seen a sizable decline in the total number of unauthorized migrants removed or returned to their countries," added the report, which rebuffs concerns among immigrants that the president is surging deportations.

Biden: Immigration crucial to American innovation.  Biden said a "constant, substantial stream of immigrants" is important to the American economy, urging citizenship for immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Fictions as Truth.  On illegal immigration scandals, the president would have us believe:  [#1] Almost all illegal aliens arrive here to work; very few are the old, young, sick, criminal, unskilled, uneducated, or those seeking public assistance.  [#2] The border is a fluid construct originally designed by largely illiberal interests to artificially claim land that was indigenously owned.  [#3] Mexico is an enlightened partner that wishes to help the U.S. with its labor needs.  [#4] At a time of worker scarcity, we desperately need more low-skilled laborers to keep the U.S. economy humming along.

The border crisis isn't Obama's Katrina — it's worse.  Many have parsed what President Barack Obama's critics mean when they charge that the handling of the crisis on America's southern border is "Obama's Katrina." [...] It is impossible to know how many children crossing the American border have died as a result of their trek across forsaken deserts.  At least one 15-year-old Guatemalan boy lost his life as the result of dehydration, but there has not been a death toll comparable to Katrina.  In terms of body count, these two crises are not comparable.  But this is all Obama's supporters have going for them.  The president's approach to this crisis is distinct from George W. Bush's approach to Katrina insofar as the current president is comfortable campaigning on, rather than addressing, an ongoing disaster.

Obama edict raises new questions about benefits for illegal immigrants.  When the Affordable Care Act was being written and debated, President Obama took care to emphasize that no illegal immigrants would be eligible for its benefits.  Obama and the Democrats who passed the bill were sensitive to public concerns that those who entered the United States illegally should not receive assistance intended for those here legally.  Indeed, an Obama promise along those lines played a role in one of the most notorious incidents of the president's time in office.  "There are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants," Obama said in a Sept. 9, 2009 healthcare address to a joint session of Congress.  "This, too, is false.  The reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally."

The Editor says...
As we see with Obamacare, the rules can and will change week by week, to make Obama's pet projects look good on paper.  Newspaper, especially.

Did George H.W. Bush really shield 1.5 million illegal immigrants?  Nope.  Who knew that an article that appeared on Page 3 of the metro section of the New York Times nearly a quarter-century ago could have such resonance in today's policy debates?

Obama's condescending stereotype of Mexicans.  It is unbelievable that the president of the United States would say something this elitist regarding the nation's largest minority group — and perhaps just as worse that it's gone virtually unreported. [...] Not all Mexicans do the type of work that Obama described, especially the ones who have been in the country for several generations and have gone to college.  This is just more of the same, sadly, to be expected from this arrogant president who jaunts around the world on luxury vacations, and whose favorite past time is golf, not charity and actually helping those less fortunate.

The First Rule of Amnesty Fight Club.  President Obama says he's doing this because Republicans in Congress have refused to act on immigration reform.  But of course he's doing it before the new Republican Congress has even been sworn in.  What he really means is that he has refused to negotiate with Republicans on an immigration bill.  He wanted to dictate terms and tell Congress what kind of legislation it had to pass.  Now that this has failed, he wants to turn immigration into an advantageous political issue, rallying Hispanic voters to support the president against the new congressional majority.

Obama Wanted to 'Work Together' With Republicans So Much That He Spent Nine Months Planning to Work Around Them.  After the voters rejected President Obama and his policies and his party on November 4, the president spoke to the nation and declared that he had gotten the election's message.  That message was:  The American people want Democrats and Republicans in Washington to work together.  He didn't mean that.  It was just a line he used to buy time.

Obama: Give $3.7B For Border I Said Was Secure In 2012.  During his re-election campaign, President Obama said emphatically that the southwestern border was secure.  Now he wants billions to cope with the flood of illegals crossing that very border.  According to various news accounts, the number of illegals coming across the border has surged to 35,000 [per] month.  In just the past few months, more than 50,000 unaccompanied children crossed over, creating a huge humanitarian crisis.  How can this possibly be happening?  After all, didn't Obama tell us when he ran for re-election that the border with Mexico was secure?  As a matter of fact, he did.  Many times.  In a 2011 speech in El Paso, Obama ripped Republicans for holding up immigration legislation because of border security concerns.

On immigrant surge, White House story falls apart.  Most of the illegal immigrants are what Border Patrol officials call OTMs.  That is, while they are crossing into the United States from Mexico, they are actually from other countries — in this case, mostly Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — and are classified as Other Than Mexican immigrants.

Obama fundraises off immigration speech, seeks $1,000 contributions.  President Obama is fundraising off his controversial immigration decision Thursday night, dispatching an email that steers readers to a "Donate Today" page that seek contributions up to $1,000.  That page reads, "Thanks — now, we need to fight back.  President Obama is taking action.  The other side wants nothing more than to tear this progress down.  Help fight back — make a donation today."  What's more, in his email from his Organizing for Action, he claims that he is just like every other president in taking action on issues where Congress failed to act.

Boehner: Obama Guilty of 'Flagrant Untruth' Regarding Executive Amnesty.  Even as word is leaking out that President Obama will announce his long-awaited executive action on immigration this week, House Speaker John Boehner has posted a summary of previous presidential statements admitting the limits of executive power.  Boehner's communications advisor Matt Wolking authored [an] article which is entitled "22 Times President Obama Said He Couldn't Ignore or Create His Own Immigration Law."

The Case against Obama's Amnesty.  Just a few years ago, a prominent national Democrat firmly and unequivocally rejected the idea that the president of the United States could singlehandedly enact an amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants.  In 2011, for example, this Democrat reminded us that "there are laws on the books that Congress has passed," and that therefore it would not be permissible for the president to "suspend deportations through executive order."  In 2013, this same Democrat noted that granting a unilateral amnesty for adults residing in our country illegally was "not an option," because it would amount to "ignoring the law."  As you might have guessed, that Democrat was President Obama.

Caught on Camera: Obama Called Exec Immigration Action Illegal... 25 Times!.  Tomorrow night, President Barack Obama will announce what appears to be the most sweeping executive action on immigration in American history.  For years, he has called such action illegal; in fact, "The Kelly File" found 25 instances in which Obama said so on camera.

Jim Clyburn Compares Obama Exec Amnesty to Emancipation Proclamation, Integration of Military.  One of the top Democrats in the House is comparing President Barack Obama's forthcoming executive amnesty that would give illegal immigrants special treatment under law to the Emancipation Proclamation and the integration of the military, which allowed Americans to be treated equally under the law.

Is Immigration Americans' No. 1 Priority?  Overwhelmingly, people are rejecting Obamacare.  They understand that everything promised to them was a lie.  The reality is that when Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina shouted out "You lie!" to Obama, when he promised that Obamacare would not cover illegals, Wilson was speaking the truth.  He has now been vindicated, because a $28.8 million dollar award went to 67 community health-care centers around the country with more than $8.5 million earmarked for migrant and seasonal farm workers — money that should be going to benefit American citizens.  Once again, this issue goes to the heart of illegal immigration and its consequences.

Our Make-It-Up World.  [Scroll down]  Language is useful for inventing new realities.  "Illegal alien" is a time-tested phrase denoting foreign citizens who crossed a national border contrary to law.  "Undocumented immigrant" is now used to diminish the bothersome fact that millions have broken and continue to break the law.

Releasing Criminally Convicted Illegals onto Our Streets.  Despite last year's furor surrounding the release, the administration continued to insist that only "low-risk offenders who do not have serious criminal records," had been set free. [...] USA Today, which obtained the ICE data via a Freedom of Information Act request, reveals the fraudulence of Morton's claims, noting there was "one person in Texas charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexually assaulting a child, as well as others charged with armed assaults or assaulting police officers," the paper states.  "Another immigrant released from Miami had been charged with conspiracy to commit homicide.  Two detainees from Boston had been charged with aggravated assault using a weapon."

Hoyer on Surge of Central Americans into US: 'Not a Border Security Issue'.  House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) made an unscheduled appearance at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's annual public policy conference on Tuesday [9/30/2014] in Washington, D.C., where he said that the recent surge of Central Americans across the U.S. border with Mexico does not represent border insecurity but rather people who want to be in the United States.  "There's not a border security issue," Hoyer said at a panel discussion about the more than 66,000 unaccompanied alien children and 66,000 plus "family units" who have crossed the U.S. border over the past year, according to Customs and Border Protection statistics.  "We're a much more secure border.

Luis Gutierrez: I have a duty to protect America, which is why I can't support a border security bill.  You trust a guy who openly admits his only loyalty is to the immigrant community to do what's best for the country at large, don't you? [...] Meanwhile, Dick Durbin's blaming the Ebola epidemic in Africa in part on House Republicans' failure to pass the Gang of Eight bill.  If Boehner came back to him today with a pure border security bill that contains some provisions for fighting Ebola, think Durbin would suck it up and sacrifice amnesty to pass it?  Me neither.

Obama's Untruth, Inc.  Have any of the statements the administration has presented about our southern border proven true?  Do we know how many people have recently crossed into the United States illegally, what exactly U.S. immigration policy is, or where exactly foreign nationals are and what are their statuses?  The public polls strongly against lax borders and blanket amnesties, so the administration apparently must deceive to permit both — and in a politically disingenuous fashion of postponing the requisite executive orders until after the 2014 midterm elections, while blaming the delay on the crisis on the border that it caused.

Obama: Immigration plan wasn't delayed to save the Senate.  President Obama claimed in an interview Saturday [9/6/2014] that he did not delay long-awaited executive action on immigration reform to protect Senate Democrats, saying that the border crisis made him recalculate when to unveil his blueprint.  "That's not the reason," Obama told NBC's "Meet the Press" when asked if he pushed back his timeline on immigration merely to appease Senate Democrats.  "The truth of the matter is — is that the politics did shift midsummer because of that problem," Obama added in excerpts of the interview released late Saturday.  "I want to spend some time, even as we're getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action, I also want to make sure that the public understands why we're doing this, why it's the right thing for the American people, why it's the right thing for the American economy."

Obama Invents "Immigration Rights" in Milwaukee Labor Speech.  During an address to labor union leaders and supporters at Milwaukee's Laborfest on September 1, President Obama added another category to the long list of special interests that demand their own rights — "immigration rights." [...] In a statement quoted by the Daily Caller, Mark Krikorian, director of the Center of Immigration Studies, said that Obama's "immigration rights" phrase "implies that some people have the right to move here."

The Editor states the obvious:
Immigration is not a right.

Obama Invents 'Immigration Rights' For Foreigners.  President Barack Obama believes that many foreigners have a right to immigrate into the United States, regardless of what Americans prefer, say immigration experts.  The evidence emerged from the president's mouth on Labor Day, as Obama was urging his supporters to vote in November, despite the struggling economy.  "Cynicism is a bad choice... Hope is what gives young people the strength to march for women's rights, and worker's rights, and civil rights, and voting rights, and gay rights and immigration rights," Obama told union supporters gathered Sept. 1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

White House Fuzzy on Timing of Obama's Executive Amnesty.  President Obama insists that he still plans to make an executive decision on immigration reform, but his timeline for action grows increasingly convoluted.  Obama and his team spent most of the summer previewing his executive action on immigration reform, vowing to fix what they describe as a "broken immigration system" without Congress as soon as possible.

Where Are The Missing Unaccompanied Alien Children? They Never Existed — That's "Where".  We began documenting two months ago the "border crisis" of unaccompanied alien children, UAC's, was a pure ruse, a figment.  Constructed simply to create the optics of crisis and support the demand for comprehensive immigration reform prior to the congressional recess.  Evidence continued to mount week after week as we followed the money flowing out of the DHS and HHS agencies to various left-wing social constructs who were profiting from the scheme.  Panic and alarm sounded as $3.7 billion was demanded by Obama to cope with the non existent "border crisis" — couched more favorably as a "humanitarian crisis".

Obama has got to be kidding.  He actually said this: the system "is so broken" that "folks don't know what the rules are."  He was referring to the children's crusade on our borders that has caused chaos as tens of thousands of people try to illegally enter America — a crisis he has created by lax, or no-enforcement, of our immigration laws and by issuing executive orders that basically re-created the Dream Act — a law that could not pass Congress.  But the statement was just stunning in its disingenuousness and yet another example of the most hypocritical president in American history.

Obama Hides Steady Inflow Of Central American Migrants.  The unprecedented multi-year inflow of 150,000 poor Central American migrants into the United States has dropped by only one-quarter during the hottest and most dangerous month of this year.  That's contrary to the spin from the officials who have tried to claim the August drop was much larger and that the post-2009 inflow is perhaps coming to an end.  "The number of apprehensions in August are down from July, and they're actually lower than they were August of last year," President Barack Obama claimed during an August 28 press conference.

"Immigration Rights": What Are They?  Actually, our immigration system is "broken" only in that the Obama administration refuses to enforce the laws.  If the administration similarly refused to enforce federal laws against forgery, you could equally say that our currency system is "broken."  And the legislation that the Republican House refuses to pass is opposed by a large majority of Americans, notwithstanding its support from CEOs and union bosses.

The mainstreaming of liberalism.  Fifty years ago, hardly anyone in America argued that the country should embrace a policy of open borders, which is essentially what the American policy has been the past three decades.  It was widely understood throughout the American polity back then that serious nations must protect their borders and manage immigration through the rule of law.  Today, on the other hand, it is an entirely mainstream idea that our borders don't really matter, that the illegals already here must be made legal even absent any serious effort to stem the tide of illegal immigration (which has been down in recent years but will pick up again when the U.S. economy revives).

Sharyl Attkisson wants to know where the illegal immigrant children have gone.  Since the border crisis began, three military facilities housing more than 7,700 unaccompanied, illegal immigrant children have been close[d].  Where were they sent?  The government isn't providing answers to citizens, to reporters, or even to Congress.  Of the ones that we can track down, the largest numbers seem to be going to Texas, New York, Maryland and Virginia.

In the last 6 months, 37,477 illegal immigrant kids released, only 280 deported.  I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that during the last 6 months, 99% of illegal alien minors who snuck across the border have been released.  How can this be?  Our president, who never tells a lie, said many times that the illegal kids couldn't stay, that they would be sent home.  Instead, it appears that the president misspoke.  Or was misunderstood.  Or Republicans have twisted his words.

No, our immigration system is not broken.  The part of the system that lets people into the United States is working — not without flaws, of course, but successfully managing the country's immigration needs every day.  And while the part that keeps people out of the country, or expels them if they overstay their permission to be here, is not working very well, it's not because the system is broken, but because Congress and the president do not want it to work.  First, the part that lets people in.  The United States grants legal permanent resident status — better known as a green card — to about one million people each year.

Mayor: Adult Illegal Aliens With 'Graying' Hair Enrolled in Public Schools.  The mayor of Lynn, Mass. says that some of the illegal aliens from Guatemala who are enrolled in her city's public schools are adults with graying hair and "more wrinkles than I have."  "They are not all children," Judith Flanagan Kennedy told reporters at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday [8/27/2014].  "One of the things that we did notice when we were processing some of these students coming in was that they were adults," she said.

Fraud Confirmed — The Ficticious Unaccompanied Alien Children No Longer Need Housing.  Three weeks ago we shared the fact that well over 40,000 reported UAC's were missing from this year[']s record keeping.  The facts [are] catching up with the ruse.  Well, the truth was/is they're not technically missing because they never existed in the first place.  DHS, which compiles the reports coming from the Border Patrol, and then gives the statistical summaries of the reports, had artifically inflated the apprehension numbers to support the White House narrative.  However, DHS, or more accurately Jeh Johnson, could not divert the end user of the apprehension reports, The Executive Office of Immigration Reform, the entity who controls the court dockets, from recording the missing reports.

An Obama amnesty isn't fair and won't solve the immigration crisis.  President Obama has his staff looking for loopholes in the law that would let him give "administrative" amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.  If Congress won't do it, he argues, then he must.  That makes no sense.  If Americans really supported amnesty, lawmakers would have given them what they wanted rather than spend the past seven years arguing about "comprehensive" immigration reform.  Even if only liberal lawmakers thought amnesty was a good idea, it would have been a done deal five years ago when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.  Obama has already been down the "unilateral amnesty" road before, with his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.  That administrative decree is widely credited with fueling the flood of adolescent immigrants now washing illegally over our southern border.

Immigrant Children to Be Classified as 'Homeless' to Avoid School Enrollment Documentation Requirements.  In response to an inquiry about unaccompanied minors from one of its school divisions, Virginia's Department of Education issued a memo this month reminding its 132 divisions about their obligation to educate all children.  "In light of the heightened media coverage of the issue of undocumented immigrant children, VDOE provides the following updated information for your use in responding to community questions or issues," says the memo distributed to the commonwealth's 132 school divisions and obtained by Breitbart News.  The memo to Virginia's school divisions stressed the need to provide all children "equal access to an education" and highlighted the updated guidance from the Obama administration providing more flexibility on the documentation students need to enroll in public schools.

Government Has No Receipts for Thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children.  The Department of Justice does not have receipts for more than half of the unaccompanied alien children apprehended at the southwest border by Border Patrol since the start of fiscal year 2013, government records show.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection data show more than 85,000 total apprehensions of unaccompanied alien children during fiscal year 2013 and fiscal year 2014 through June.

40,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children Mysteriously Vanish — Border Patrol and Executive Office Of Immigration Review's Numbers Don't Match.  Readers will note that since the word of the border crisis hit the media our research has indicated the entire construct of a humanitarian crisis for children is a ruse.  There simply are not mass influxes of Unaccompanied Alien Children.  For almost two months we have been repeating that it's all a fraud — the influx is families, or more specifically women with children.  There is no border crisis about unaccompanied alien children — period.  Sure there are "some" unaccompanied minors, but no-where near the figures that are bantered about in the media.

Department of Education: Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrant Minors 'Entitled to' Public Education.  The Department of Education released a fact sheet Monday about the availability of public school education for undocumented immigrant children — specifically the tens of thousands unaccompanied minors who have recently entered the U.S. illegally. [...] The fact sheet lays out the basics about the undocumented immigrant children's rights and what communities can do to help with enrollment.

The Editor says...
Obviously illegal immigrants are not entitled to anything but a fair trial and a swift deportation.  The government's eagerness to get foreign kids into public schools is certainly suspicious.  Why would the federal government want to heap an additional burden on the local schools?  (1) The school systems are partly reimbursed by the federal government on a per capita basis.  This keeps the school systems dependent on government handouts.  (2) Kids in public schools are subject to socialist indoctrination.  More malleable young minds in the classroom means more subservient burger-flipping drones in the near future.

Biden on Minors at Border: 'These Are Our Kids'.  Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday [8/6/2014] that the United States will be judged by how it treats the thousands of young immigrants showing up on its border, but warned that the U.S. will be forced to send some minors back to dangerous, unfortunate environments nonetheless.

DHS Highlights Decrease in Unaccompanied Minor Apprehensions.  The month of July saw a decrease in the number of apprehensions of unaccompanied minors and family units illegally crossing the southern border into the United States, according to new data released by the Department of Homeland Security.  In July, 5,508 unaccompanied minors and 7,410 adults with children were apprehended in what DHS is describing as a "significant decrease."  By comparison, in June the government apprehended 10,628 unaccompanied minors and 16,330 adults with children illegally entering the U.S. through the southwest border.

The Editor says...
Just because they aren't being apprehended, don't assume they aren't still crossing the border.

Border Surge Is About Magnets, Not Gangs.  Justifying the Central American surge on our unguarded border as a flight from intolerable homeland violence, the political left has attempted to paint this year's 240,000-person influx of illegal aliens into the U.S. as a matter of refugees — and anyone who opposes the human flood tide as heartless.  Their pictures of women and toddlers tug on the heartstrings.  It's rubbish.  The border surge is mainly a rational response to a U.S. government that refuses to enforce its own border, offering a variety of incentives to lawbreakers — and a huge business opportunity for Central American smuggling gangs, which are drumming up new markets well beyond the traditional Mexican one.

Pelosi Calls Down the Wrath of Heaven on Conservatives.  Friday, from the floor of the House of Representatives, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attacked her Republican colleagues for their push of passage of two bills to deal with the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border.  Pelosi invoked a letter from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbying against the GOP efforts and urged her Republicans to read the the Parable of the Good Samaritan from the New Testament of the Bible.

Obama: 'I'm Going To Have To Act Alone' On Border Crisis.  President Barack Obama says House Republicans are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable version of an immigration bill even though they know the bill isn't going anywhere.

Angry Dems Say Republicans Want to 'Return Children to Their Deaths'.  "Republicans want to indiscriminately return children to their deaths!" Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.) said in remarks on the House floor on Friday [8/1/2014], as members of the House of Representatives were forced to delay their August recess to deal with a border appropriations bill.  Cardenas was one of many Democrats who blasted Republicans for wanting to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

Dems Wrong: 2008 Law Does Not Allow Alien Child Invasion.  A new report shows the vast majority of unaccompanied minors aren't unaccompanied at all, have family members inside the U.S., are not victims of human trafficking and thus can be deported immediately.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and other Democrats have repeatedly made the argument that Republicans shouldn't complain about the current border invasion since it was a 2008 law that automatically entitles minors from noncontiguous countries to asylum hearings before they face deportation.  Gutierrez and his liberal colleagues in Congress and the media should read the law to find out what's in it.

Pelosi: We Must Exploit Border Crisis To "Quickly" Pass Amnesty.  Dems helped foster this mess so they could try and ram amnesty legislation through Congress.

Are We Being Lied To? — Detainment Center At Artesia New Mexico Claims Lockdown Due To Chicken Pox.  A few days ago we shared the Washington Times story about a facility in New Mexico being closed due to a Chicken Pox outbreak. [...] Is the Chicken Pox story a cover for the more troublesome Tuberculosis outbreak?  Is the New Mexico quarantine really because of Chicken Pox?  If so, why didn't they quarantine the facility as they began x-ray screening for the 89 active skin-test TB cases ?

The Loophole is Obama.  It's been reported everywhere — the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News — that the William Wilberforce Sex Trafficking Act requires that any non-Mexican children who show up on our border be admitted and given a hearing.  (New York Times, July 7, 2014:  "Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking.")  The problem, we've been told, is that a loophole in the sex trafficking law mandates these hearings — or "removal proceedings."  But there is no such loophole.  The fact that people on both sides of the aisle are telling the same lie about this law is worrisome.

Indiana's Illegal Alien Surprise.  Barack Obama's manufactured border crisis is one of the clearest expressions of contempt for the will of the people by an American ruler since the days when we promised ourselves we'd never have rulers.  The whole immigration "debate" has always been conducted in such an air of contempt.  It's hard to find anyone on the amnesty side who is willing to speak honestly to the American people.  They lie to us and patronize us by reflex.  Even conservative pundits have been known to misrepresent the proportion of teddy-bear-clutching eight-year olds in the current migratory wave.  And this isn't new, because today's amnesty push follows waves of illegal immigration that rolled in over the years since the last amnesty deal... which was supposed to be the last time such a measure would ever be necessary, because it included strong border security commitments.

Border Patrol: Illegal Surge Is Mostly Families, Not Unaccompanied Kids.  Border Patrol statistics found buried on a government website confirm that most of the Central American illegal aliens apprehended in the recent surge are family units.  Less than one-fourth (22 percent) of all those apprehended are unaccompanied alien children (UACs) from Central America.  The number of illegally arriving families shot up five times faster than UAC arrivals over last year.

For The Left, 'Children' Are The Battering Ram To Force Amnesty.  The White House and open-borders lobby have stepped up pressure for amnesty by painting the migrant tsunami as a flood of toddlers.  But a Pew study, citing Border Patrol data, shows that more than half the entrants are teenage males.

They're Not Refugees.  The unaccompanied children flooding our southern border are not refugees and do not qualify for asylum under U.S. law or international law.  It is worth noting that border patrol agents are telling reporters that these "children" often look 24 years old and that some have gray hair.  With no documentation, they have been coached to say they are 17.  We don't have any documentation as to what countries they are actually from.  Many of these "unaccompanied minors" are accompanied by one or two parents.

Nancy Pelosi: Moses Was a Refugee Too, Just Like Baby Jesus.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her comments that Americans should view the flood of children crossing the border while claiming refugee status just like baby Jesus.  Pelosi reminded reporters that it was the National Conference of Catholic Bishops that used the baby Jesus analogy.  She then suggested that if Moses hadn't have been accepted by the Egyptians, then there wouldn't be the Ten Commandments.

The Editor says...
Nothing is more useless than a sermon about the meaning of the Bible delivered by one of the leaders of the Abortion Party.

Moses: The Unaccompanied Minor And the Ten Plagues.  [House Minority] Leader Pelosi probably views Moses in the Nile as similar to Central Americans being ferried across the Rio Grande by human smugglers.  That's why, to support the refugee argument, the minority leader said, "What would we do if Moses had not been accepted by the pharaoh's family?  We wouldn't have the Ten Commandments, for starters."  So, according to Nancy, if the Egyptians hadn't fished baby Moses out of the Nile the world would never have had the Ten Commandments, one of which is "Thou Shalt Not Kill," a decree neither Mrs. Pelosi nor any of her cohorts consider when butchering unborn babies.

The Editor says...
Ms. Pelosi's understanding of the Bible is so poor that she appears to give credit to Moses as the author of the Ten Commandments.

No Longer the World's Policeman, We're Now the World's Social Worker.  This entire farce just emphasizes the only people who are ignored and actually living in the shadows here are the citizens of the United States.  Two particular items stand out in this latest crisis.  The Mainstream Media is focusing on the children and the human tragedy, but no one asks what kind of parents use their children for pawns, other than the Kardashians?  The second is the claim that the children are fleeing dangerous neighborhoods.  Well okay, but when you are frightened do you normally flee 1,200 miles?  Most of us stop running when the get out of the bad guy's range.  And isn't it convenient they only feel safe in the new Obama welfare state?

Rep. Van Hollen: Legalizing Illegals Will 'Reduce the Deficit'.  When asked whether legalizing illegal immigrants would help unemployed Americans, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D.-Md.) responded by pointing to testimony from the director of the Congressional Budget Office that Van Hollen said indicated enactment of the Senate immigration bill (which gave illegal aliens a "path to citizenship') would "reduce the deficit and increase long-term economic growth."

Delusional Democrats Who Lied About Border Security Called Out in a Video So Absurd It's Hilarious.  The Washington Free Beacon has put together a greatest hits compilation of the Democrats' border security quotes.  Why would the Democrats continuously insist that the border is secure?  Perhaps because Republicans insist on having a secure border before discussing any type of immigration reform legislation.  [Video clip]

Liberals and 'the least of these'.  Nancy Pelosi went so far as to lecture us that "every person has a spark of divinity in them, and is therefore worthy of respect — what we saw in those rooms was [a] dazzling, sparkling, array of God's children, worthy of respect."  It is no surprise that the left in America would stoop to using children as pawns in their never-ending quest for political supremacy.  When you are willing to take positions that call for the killing of the most vulnerable among us — those in the womb — are there any depths to which one wouldn't sink?

White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border.  New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in "family units" who are illegally crossing the Texas border.  The data, which was dumped by the U.S. border patrol late Friday afternoon [7/18/2014], shows that inflow of youths and children traveling without parents has doubled since 2013, to 57,525 in the nine months up to July 2014.

20 Examples of What Liberalism REALLY Is.  [#2] Liberalism is claiming that the "border is secure" while saying we shouldn't deport anyone who illegally crosses the border.

Most border invaders are not children; they're working age.  Most of those invading America's southern border are not what we normally call "children."  They evidently are 16 years old and older — working age.  They are labeled children to promote political agendas, even though most are teens and adults, according to those willing to break down a White House-imposed wall of secrecy.  If we had such a formidable wall at the border, we wouldn't have this mess.  These are not toddlers or grade-schoolers who miraculously traveled more than 1,600 miles.  These are persons of working age who are ready to displace Americans who want jobs.  Being in their late teens and early 20s, they're a direct challenge to Americans of those ages, a group whose unemployment rates are two to three times higher than the official national average.  But the Obama administration won't reveal the truth about the ages of the illegal immigrants.

Reid: 'Dreamers' here legitimately.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says immigrants who came to the country illegally at a young age are now legitimate residents and should not be deported.  Reid made the remarks in response to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is demanding that an emergency spending bill for the border reverse President Obama's 2012 order halting deportations of so-called Dreamers.

Robert Reich: Border Children Should Be Declared 'Drug War Refugees'.  Wednesday [7/16/2014] on MSNBC's "All In," Robert Reich, President Bill Clinton's former Secretary of Labor, said American drug users are responsible for the "drug war" policy which is causing the violent chaos in the illegal immigrant children's home countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras therefore the unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border should all be declared "drug war refugees."

Progressives Need to Acknowledge the Potential Scale of the Border Crisis.  Last night [7/14/2014] on Fox News' Special Report, Kirsten Powers [... asked] a rhetorical question, "This is a country that cannot handle 60,000 refugees?"  If we were talking about 60,000 refugees, then the answer would probably be yes, we can handle that.  But in reality, the problem already far exceeds this figure.  For starters, we had 40,000 child immigrants arrive last year and 20,000 the year before that.  Very few of those ever went home.  So we've already absorbed more than 60,000.  Add to that the 90,000 that are expected by the end of this fiscal year and you've now got 150,000.  The real question is how many come next year once they hear through the grapevine that the U.S. is accepting "refugees?"

Patrick Leahy Cites Holocaust Victims in Plea to Embrace Unaccompanied Minors.  In a speech urging his Senate colleagues to accept the thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the border, Sen. Patrick Leahy reminded his colleagues of a time when the United States turned back Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

Border is 'Under Control,' Says Sheila Jackson Lee.  Despite the border crisis that involves more than 1,000 illegal immigrants entering the country each day, Texas Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee apparently believes the U.S.-Mexico border is "under control."  On MSNBC she recently said, "I disagree it is in devastating condition.  I think with now 21,000 border patrol agents it is under control."

Reid: Southern border is secure.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday [7/15/2014] asserted the southern border is secure despite the massive surge of illegal minors from Central America that has overwhelmed federal agencies.  "The border is secure," he told reporters after the Senate Democrats' weekly policy lunch.  "[Sen.] Martin Heinrich [(D-N.M.)] talked to the caucus today.  He's a border state senator.  He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure."

Lie at Heart of "Immigration Reform" Exposed.  The reaction to the border chaos in Texas has accomplished one thing:  It has exploded the lie at the heart of current "comprehensive" immigration reform plans.  The basic structure of those plans is a swap of a) near-immediate legalization for b) increased border security in the future.  The appealing idea is to let current illegals stay while taking the steps necessary to prevent further waves.  The lie is the assumption that, once current illegals get their legalization, pro-immigrant activists in both parties will continue to support the second half of the bargain, the increased security.

Compassion and the Rule of Law.  Nobody is saying that the kids shouldn't be cared for.  But the notion, pushed by the United Nations and a growing volume of liberal commentators, is that we must treat these illegals as refugees and let them stay in America rather than being sent back home.  The argument for this proposition rests principally on the idea that the kids are in genuine danger from violence in their own countries.  Looked at from that point of view, sending them back would be a death sentence.  Thus, granting them asylum is being represented as not merely ethical but our obligation as civilized people.  But the problem with this reasoning is that if this position is allowed to stand, Central America and indeed, much of the rest of the world, might well empty out as immigrants seeking a better life pour into the United States.

Obama Had A DREAM.  The White House's explanation of why so many "children" are crossing our southern border recently is that the violence in Central America drove them here.  Also, as usual, Bush is to blame:  in 2008 President Bush signed a law "to prevent immigration officials from inadvertently sending [children] back to pimps and drug violence".

Leaked Intel Report: Violence in Central America Not Primary factor in Border Crisis.  An elite, law-enforcement sensitive El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) intel report from July 7, 2014 was leaked to Breitbart Texas and reveals that homicide rates in Central America suggest violence is likely not the primary cause of the surge of thousands of unaccompanied minors and incomplete family units illegally entering the United States.

New York Times: Border Crisis 'a Myth'.  The New York Times editorial board believes the border crisis is merely "a myth."  In a weekend editorial, the Times said the "White House is getting it mostly right" on immigration and blasted Republicans, who are "throwing up roadblocks" with "dangerous overreaction."  The Times praised the Obama administration's request for $3.7 billion in aid to deal with a crisis they think is a "myth."  "The besieged border is a myth, and the arrival of a few thousand weary refugee children on buses does not make the myth true," the Times wrote.

Immigration Activists to Congress: Don't Immediately Deport Illegals from Mexico.  Lawyers advocating for illegal immigrant children flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border want Congress to make it more difficult to deport illegal immigrants, even from Mexico.  Under current law, the federal government can immediately deport illegal immigrants from Mexico and Canada.  Those from countries like Central America, though, cannot be immediately deported under a 2008 law.  The American Immigration Lawyers Association told Congress this week that "there is no valid reason for treating vulnerable unaccompanied children differently based on their country of origin."

A nation of immigrants.  We are told by Liberals that we should not be concerned about the current immigrant invasion of the U.S. because, after all, we are a "nation of immigrants."  Not in the way that Libs mean it.  Past immigrants to America have left failed cultures that immigrants knew were failures.  That is why they left them to come to America.  They came here to join the American culture of achievement and private property which lets them benefit from their achievements.  They left cultures of tyranny to join America's culture of liberty.  Immigrants on the southern border currently are not in this tradition.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley: 'Refugees' Shouldn't Be Sent 'Back to Death'.  At the National Governors Association meeting on Friday in Tennessee, Maryland Democrat Governor Martin O'Malley said the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border are "refugees" who should not be sent back to be killed in their home countries.  "It is contrary to everything we stand for to try to summarily send children back to death," he said, according to TIME.

Report: Feinstein Compares Immigrant Children To Jews Fleeing Nazi Germany.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., reportedly made a comparison between "boatloads of Jewish immigrants" turned away from the U.S. as they attempted escape from Nazi Germany during World War II and the current influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border today.  As President Barack Obama met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other Republican and Democratic officials to discuss the ongoing border crisis, Feinstein joined several Democrats in criticizing moves to deport thousands of Central American unaccompanied illegal children back to their respective countries, reports. "I think we'd better think twice," Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., said.

Sally Kohn: 'This is not a border crisis'.  [Scroll down]  Seconds later, Kohn insisted that the border crisis was not a border crisis at all.  In fact, she seemed believed that it could be more accurately labeled a bureaucratic crisis.  "This is not a border crisis," Kohn said.  "These kids are coming to the border, they're getting stopped, the border's working."  "Republicans are trying to turn this into a narrative of 'Oh, the border isn't working," she continued.  "They're not slipping through holes on the border," Kohn concluded.  "It's just not happening."

Obama's pathetic border crisis blame shifting.  President Barack Obama really wants you to know that Republicans share the blame for the ongoing crisis at the border. [...] "Yesterday, I asked Congress..."  "Congress has the capacity right now..."  "The challenge is, is Congress prepared to act?"  No, the challenge is not Congress.  The challenge is on the border, where the president has steadfastly refused to go so as not to be too intimately associated with this crisis.

Democrat Angrily Claims That Deporting Illegals... is Illegal!  Here's an irony alert for you.  U.S. Representative Gutierrez went on the Reid Report this afternoon to angrily denounce fellow Congressman Raul Labrador's suggestion that illegals be deported by emphatically claiming that it's illegal to do so.  Now, technically he's correct — under the law, illegal alien children who are not from Mexico cannot be immediately deported without additional steps taken to make sure they're not victims of human trafficking.  But it's terribly ironic for this House Representative to be emphatically yelling about the inviolability of law passed by congress, when he's calling on Obama to ignore the U.S. House and institute the Senate version of immigration reform unilaterally by executive order.

The immigration no-brainer.  As is his wont, President Obama is treating the border crisis — more than 50,000 unaccompanied children crossing illegally — as a public relations problem.  Where to photo op and where not.  He still hasn't enunciated a policy.  He may not even have one.  Will these immigrants be allowed to stay?  Seven times was Obama's homeland security secretary asked this on "Meet the Press."  Seven times he danced around the question.

Enforcement Actions — Does President Obama Actually Deport Illegal Aliens?  By obfuscating terminology liberals sometimes can be heard to claim that President Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any previous president.  NOT TRUE.  There are two types of border enforcement actions:  "Returns" and "Removals".  "Returns" are those stopped at the border and sent immediately back; the ones caught.  "Removals" are those who get through the border and are caught later on.  No previous administration has counted "returns" as deported, until Obama.

White House stands by claim that border security is stronger than ever.  The White House is standing by a statement on its website claiming that border security is at its strongest in history even in the face of a spiraling border crisis in Texas.  Under the heading "border security" on the White House website's section on President Obama's immigration proposal, the website gives the president credit for having "doubled the number of Border Patrol agents," saying "today border security is stronger than it ever has been."  The White House says the statement is true despite the estimated 52,000 unattended children who have crossed the southwest border so far this year and the roughly 90,000 expected by fall.

Obama's Katrina? It's Actually Worse.  [C]ontrary to the White House interpretation of events, the injustice here is not to Obama but to Bush.  After all, despite some of the more extreme criticisms aimed at the 43rd president, nobody really believed Bush was capable of causing bad weather or had any impact on whether the levees were strong enough to prevent floods.  Katrina was a natural disaster and though the response to it was clearly inadequate, the failures were mostly the fault of the collapse of local and state authorities rather than federal bungling.  The push to blame Bush for it was largely the result of media distortions in which the perception of racism overwhelmed the facts.

The most dishonest Obama presser of all time?  At a press conference last night [7/9/2014], President Obama placed the blame for the border crisis on Republicans, saying that because they are trying to block his $3.8 billion supplemental appropriation, they are responsible for the mess.  He further stated that passage of his immigration reform bill would solve the border crisis for 20 years.

Obama: Give $3.7B For Border I Said Was Secure In 2012.  During his re-election campaign, President Obama said emphatically that the southwestern border was secure.  Now he wants billions to cope with the flood of illegals crossing that very border.  According to various news accounts, the number of illegals coming across the border has surged to 35,000 [per] month.  In just the past few months, more than 50,000 unaccompanied children crossed over, creating a huge humanitarian crisis.  How can this possibly be happening?  After all, didn't Obama tell us when he ran for re-election that the border with Mexico was secure?  As a matter of fact, he did.  Many times.  In a 2011 speech in El Paso, Obama ripped Republicans for holding up immigration legislation because of border security concerns.

Administration Official on Illegal Aliens: 'Jesus Was a Refugee'.  The man who heads the federal agency responsible for many of the 50,000 unaccompanied alien children from Central America who have entered the U.S. illegally in recent months told a conference on Tuesday [7/8/2014] that those working with refugees should look to Jesus Christ as a role model.  "Jesus was a refugee, and that's a very good reminder to all of us," Eskinder Negash, director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), said at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) 2014 Migration Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Editor says...
A refugee is one who flees to a foreign country to escape danger or persecution.  Jesus never did that, and the Bishops should be fully aware of the facts, unless they are more interested in politics and the expansion of their churches.

Obama Admin: Illegals From Central America 'Not Dangerous'.  The Obama administration claimed Sunday that illegal immigrants flooding across the border from Central America are not dangerous, despite numerous reports of gangsters and criminals being apprehended at the border.  On ABC's This Week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske said of the nearly 50,000 illegal immigrants who have crossed the border since October of last year, "these are family members."  "These are not gang members," he said.  "These are not dangerous individuals."

AFL-CIO urges Obama to circumvent Congress on immigration.  Calling them "aspiring American workers," AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka launched a petition Wednesday [7/9/2014] calling on President Obama to bypass Congress on the current immigration surge and to instead use his executive authority to aid the people flooding the southwestern U.S. border.  "Families are being separated because Congress has failed to act on a commonsense immigration process.  The crisis on our worksites and in our communities can't wait.  That's why I'm calling on President Obama to extend administrative relief to Americans in waiting," Trumka said.

The Editor says...
Americans in waiting?  That's a new one.  Such terminology suggests that everybody in the world is welcome to get in line for American citizenship.  The unions are in favor of unrestricted immigration because an influx of uneducated and unhealthy residents will increase the number of people dependent on the government for every meal.  There's only one political party that benefits from the expansion of the welfare state, and it is the same party that enjoys the support of the labor unions.  Whether or not the immigrants join the labor unions is immaterial:  the unions benefit from the increased strength of their political allies.

The UN wants control of everything, including our vocabulary.
UN Pushes For Migrants to be Called Refugees.  United Nations officials are pushing for many of the Central Americans fleeing to the U.S. to be treated as refugees displaced by armed conflict, a designation meant to increase pressure on the United States and Mexico to accept tens of thousands of people currently ineligible for asylum.

What a Woman Found Outside a Texas Walmart Should Alarm You.  This brings up a lot of alarming questions that compound the situation on the border even more.  For one, why are there no reports on foreign nationals other than Mexicans and South Americans being reported in the flow of illegal immigration?  Walmart provided thousands of pairs of underwear, men's sizes 3x,4x, and XXL, in a donation to DHS.  They want us to believe that children and women comprise the bulk of illegal immigrants, but that is what was requested by DHS.  This inconsistency by the government has even sparked the ongoing underwear protest.  Why is the media only reporting children and women?  There is ample evidence to the contrary.

GOP Rep: Border Crisis Not About Amnesty Legislation.  Even though numerous illegal immigrants flooding across the border have said they made the journey because they believed President Barack Obama would not deport them, the Chairwoman of the House GOP working group on the border crisis said the crisis has nothing to do with immigration reform.  Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), whom House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) appointed to the group, said, "please don't call this an immigration reform issue, this is a humanitarian crisis, and we need help now."

Lib Language Police: 'Illegal' Is The New 'N-Word'.  CNN's Sally Kohn says using the term "illegal" to describe anyone who enters or stays in America illegally is tantamount to employing a racial slur such as the "n-word" or the "f-word" as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.  You could see this one coming a mile away.  As the border crisis grows and politicians, pundits, and media personalities debate and discuss the problem of the 50,000+ unaccompanied alien children who've illegally entered our country over the past several months, leave it to liberal commentators to focus their arguments on the appropriate politically correct euphemisms used to identify the children.

Immigration Crisis: Tuberculosis Spreading at Camps.  Are the thousands of illegal immigrant kids housed in detention facilities happy and well fed — or are they living in disease-infested compounds shrouded in secrecy?  Well, it depends on who you ask  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) seems to think the children coming across the southern border are remarkably healthy.  It's a sentiment shared by BCFS — the Texas-based agency formerly known as Baptist Child & Family Services contracted to run camps at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

The Editor says...
If the grubby little urchins from Central America are "remarkably healthy," then we in the United States are wasting a lot of money every year on vaccinations.

ICE Demands "Unaccompanied Alien Children" (UAC) Identifier Drop Use of Word "Alien".  Controlling the verbiage and words is a key element in deceiving the public, and keeping the electorate unaware of what is actually going on.  In the foreground we will continue to see President Obama and fellow travelers say they are opposed to the influx and committed to stopping it.  However, in the background they are giving specific instructions to the federal agencies to continue promoting the process and affirming the intent.  In essence they are doing the exact opposite of what they are saying.

Sheila Jackson Lee: The Border Children Need Lollipops, Not Deportation.  Referring to the illegal immigrant minors as "homeless children," Jackson Lee said, "I took lollipops along with my colleagues into the detention center where children were.  I wasn't armed.  I wasn't fearful for my life.  This is not a national security crisis this is a humanitarian crisis."

If you think this happened spontaneously, without any direction from the White House, you haven't been paying attention.
ICE Removes 'Alien' from Term for Illegal Immigrant Children.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel have been directed to no longer refer to illegal immigrant children crossing the border alone as "UACs" (unaccompanied alien children).  Instead these individuals are to be referred to as "unaccompanied children" in official correspondence, according to an internal ICE email obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies and shared with Breitbart News.

Pelosi Visits the Border: 'Dazzling, Sparkling Array of God's Children'.  Despite appalling conditions in the holding pens and warehouses that are now full of Central American children, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said she was "dazzled" by what she saw at the U.S.-Mexico border on Saturday [6/28/2014]:  "What we just saw was so stunning, if you believe as we do, that every child, every person, has the park [sic] of divinity in them, and is therefore worthy of respect, what we saw in those rooms was (a) dazzling, sparkling array of God's children, worthy of respect."

The Editor says...
Ms. Pelosi does not hold the same view of children who have yet to see the light of day.

Nancy Pelosi's Daughter: 'There's No Way You Can Secure The Border'.  Nancy Pelosi's daughter believes the border cannot be secured.  In an interview with MSNBC's Richard Lui, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi talked about the American dream, and how it is very much still alive.  She spoke about her recent visit to see families on the Mexican side of the border, claiming that "they have nothing" and because of that, will do whatever it takes to get to the United States.

White House now faults Republicans for weak border security.  After previously saying America's borders are more secure than ever, the White House on Tuesday seemingly blamed Republicans for apparent holes along the southern boundary, evidenced by the flood of unaccompanied children streaming into the U.S. from Mexico, Central America and elsewhere.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest challenged Republicans, if they are truly concerned about border security, to back the comprehensive immigration reform package that passed the Senate last year and is strongly supported by President Obama.

Joe Biden: U.S. needs 'constant, unrelenting stream' of immigrants.  Vice President Joseph R. Biden told a National Association of Manufacturers' crowd this week that what the United States needed was more, not fewer, immigrants.  Specifically, he called for a "constant, unrelenting stream" of new immigrants — "not dribbling [but] significant flows," to bolster the national economy, The Hill reported.  "We need it badly from a purely — purely economic point of view," Mr. Biden said, The Hill reported.

This claim might be valid if the number of children involved was relatively small, but not in the case of a massive invasion of freeloaders.
Salvadoran Ambassador: US Must Respect 'Universal Rights'of Illegal Minors.  The United States must respect the "universal rights" of the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors illegally entering the country, according to the Salvadoran ambassador to the United States. [...] "Children are entitled to receive special protection from our consulates, where we contact their family members, collaborate on reunification either in the United States and El Salvador and avoid re-victimization," he continued.

Pelosi: Boehner Using Word 'Alien'.  to Describe Illegals is 'Reprehensible'

'Unlawful Migration'.  The White House is now using the phrase "unlawful migration" instead of the more commonly heard phrase "illegal immigration."  The new term is used in a readout of a phone call President Obama had yesterday with President Peña Nieto of Mexico. [...] It appears the White House has only used the phrase one other time, in a joint statement between the United States and China.

On immigrant surge, White House story falls apart.  Most of the illegal immigrants are what Border Patrol officials call OTMs.  That is, while they are crossing into the United States from Mexico, they are actually from other countries — in this case, mostly Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — and are classified as Other Than Mexican immigrants.

Congresswoman urges Obama to send National Guard to border.  A top member of Congress called on President Obama on Monday to deploy the National Guard to the southwest border to help the Border Patrol handle the surge of illegal immigrant children.  Rep. Candice Miller, Michigan Republican and chairwoman of a key border security subcommittee, sent a letter saying that Border Patrol agents need to be put back on patrol duty rather than processing or babysitting for the children who have been caught trying to enter.

The Editor says...
Nobody is "caught trying to enter" the United States.  Illegal aliens are caught after they have entered the U.S.

DHS on Border Crisis: We Will 'Act in Best Interest of the Child'.  Thousands of minors who entered the country illegally are flooding the U.S.-Mexico border and overwhelming federal resources.  During a press conference on Thursday [6/12/2014], Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson implied that many of the foreign children will remain in the U.S. The secretary said that President Obama's Health and Human Services (HHS) will first and foremost use resources to act in the best interest of each child.  Johnson said that 24,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border last year — by May, 2014, that number had already doubled to 47,000.

Gutierrez on Flood of Illegal Minors: 'Shame on Anybody That Wants to Demonize Children'.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), a vocal advocate of immigration reform, told Breitbart News on Wednesday [6/11/2014], "Shame on anybody that wants to demonize children" who are entering the country without guardians or documentation.  Gutierrez defended the surge of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors flooding border states from Central America, saying the individuals would not qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a directive signed by President Obama in June of 2012 calling for deferred action for particular illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have pursued education or military service in the country.  However, Gutierrez still says that those unaccompanied minors coming into the U.S. should still be given a safe place to stay.

Trick or truth! Can you even tell the difference?  Here are some commonly asserted falsehoods that you are expected to believe just because they are repeated often enough. [...] Falsehood No. 2)  The Obama administration is deporting illegal immigrants at a record pace.  Well, yeah, according to the Obama administration, but they just changed the way the numbers are added up in order to reach their record level.  Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, told the House Appropriations Committee in March that 368,000 people were deported last year, but he admitted under questioning that more than half of those were simply people turned around at the border, not real deportations of people who had been living illegally within our borders.  Those have never been counted as deportations in the past, but the administration decided to use them because it made them look tough.  But fake numbers are just par for the course.

Crowding Out U.S. Workers.  Several prominent amnesty advocates, including Mark Zuckerberg and top Obama administration officials, have argued that amnesty is a civil right.  The claim is, of course, preposterous on its face.  Under this reasoning, every immigrant currently living in the U.S. on a temporary visa has the right to refuse to leave when that visa expires.  And every household in a foreign country has the right to enter the U.S. illegally tomorrow and demand the Obama administration's amnesty for "DREAMers" and their relatives.  To say that amnesty is a civil right is to effectively declare to the world the right to enter the United States without permission, to bring one's family, and to receive all of the financial benefits our nation provides.

Still more lies about immigration reform.  In the last week, the sponsors of the "gang of eight" immigration reform bill have had a bit of an epiphany.  Senator Marco Rubio has admitted that there needs to be a rewrite of the bill on border security.  President Obama, in a speech to La Raza, stated that the pro-amnesty group was not going to get everything it demanded.  Nonetheless, too many Americans are in the dark as to how utterly bad this bill is.

'Dreamer' Website Teaches Illegal Immigrants 'How To Lie Successfully'.  If you're an illegal immigrant worried about being caught, help is only a mouse click away.  An article from the radical website will give you a quick lesson on how to lie about your status.  It's all part of the aggressive pro-illegal immigration 'Dreamer movement' that is leading the fight for "comprehensive" immigration reform, with a boost from President Barack Obama and many in Congress.

Obamacare train wreck undermines amnesty push.  Just like the employer mandate was essential to getting a CBO score that said Obamacare would not add to the debt, E-Verify is now essential for convincing Americans that the Schumer-Rubio bill will, in Sen. Chuck Schumer's words, make illegal immigration "a thing of the past."  But, like Obamacare and the employer mandate, once the 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the country get amnesty, E-Verify will have outlived its usefulness.  Businesses already complain at the existing voluntary E-Verify system, and those complaints will only get louder as a new E-Verify system becomes mandatory.  Does anyone, anywhere, believe Obama would not delay implementation of E-Verify too?

Amnesty by any Other Name.  Much of what occurred during this past week was simply a ploy designed to make the American public think that a tough new immigration bill was passed, when in reality, amnesty was given to upwards of thirty million illegal aliens, rule of law and enforcement was circumvented and our Republic was degraded and endangered.

Republicans: What Are You Smoking? Proponents tell us we have an immigration crisis.  Exactly how does one define crisis?  They told us we had a health care and health insurance crisis, too, and they gave us Obamacare, making matters worse on both counts.  We do have a national debt crisis and the most anemic economic recovery since World War II, yet proponents ignore these genuine crises while demanding we act immediately on immigration reform.  They say that this bill would not constitute amnesty, that we already have de facto amnesty today.  But they also tell us that some 11 million illegals are living in the shadows.  Which is it?  They can't have it both ways.  If they have amnesty, they're not living in the shadows.

Obama Terrorizes Public with Illegal Alien Releases.  In one of the most politically despicable moves ever perpetrated by a sitting administration, federal immigration officials have released hundreds of illegal aliens from prison in anticipation of budget cuts produced by the sequester. [...] Yet it gets even more cynical.  The "most transparent administration in history" is not only releasing inmates, it is refusing to say how many have been released, and where those releases are taking place.  Federal officials claim that the detainees are still being monitored, even as they continue to face charges.  They also insisted that only nonviolent offenders will be let go.  That first claim is utterly disingenuous, if not an outright lie.

Did Rubio lie to Mark Levin?  On April 17, Sen. Marco Rubio went on Mark Levin's radio show to sell the immigration amnesty bill from the "Gang of 8," of which Rubio is a prized member.  He brought up the legislation's goal of apprehending 90% of illegal border crossers (in "high-risk" sectors) — alluding no less than four times in 17 minutes to its creation of a "border commission."  He used virtually identical language all four times.

If Rubio's Amnesty is So Great, Why is He Lying?  When Republicans start lying like Democrats, you can guess they are pushing an idea that's bad for America.  During his William Ginsburg-like tour of the Sunday talk shows last weekend, Sen. Marco Rubio was the Mount Vesuvius of lies about his immigration bill.

Sen. Lee: 'From Day One, The Country Was Misled About What Was in The Bill'.  Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) took to the Senate floor on Thursday to speak against the immigration reform bill, which later passed 68-32, stressing that many falsehoods were told about the legislation through misleading talking points, and that the American people, "from Day One," were "misled about what was in the bill."

They Lied to us Then About Immigration; They are Lying Now.  It is impossible to quantify how much the last two decades of illegal immigration — a direct result of the '86 amnesty — has cost us in education, healthcare, welfare, refundable tax credits, and criminal justice.  It is impossible to quantify how much the 1965 Kennedy bill has upset the balance of the country, ballooned the welfare state, and created a permanent Democrat majority in many parts of the country.  Now, instead of being ashamed of his past failures and lies, Chuck Schumer is back pushing amnesty for the people who were never supposed to come here as a result of his original amnesty.

Does Marco Rubio really support deporting 4 million illegal immigrants?  You've heard the false choice thousands of times from pro-amnesty Republicans:  We must either give the 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the country today citizenship, or we must round them up for mass deportations.  This is, of course, ridiculous.  There are plenty of other ways to deal with the 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the country.

Issa To Napolitano: Insiders Charge DHS Releasing 'False and Misleading' Numbers of Border Crossers.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano seeking a wide range of documents as part of an investigation into charges by "agency insiders" that DHS has not accurately counted the number of border crossers who are not arrested or turned back when they enter the U.S. illegally.

Townhall Tactic 2013: Why do you want to deport my daddy?  [Scroll down]  The light bulb went on.  It couldn't be coincidence that in two townhalls, almost a thousand miles apart, similar questions were asked within days of each other meant to make the Republican look heartless to some young child for the possible break up of a family due to deportation of an illegal immigrant parent.  Some quick research revealed similar questions were asked at a town hall held by Paul Ryan [...] The Democrats want those 11 million new voters.  And if it means sending young children to townhalls to ask "Why do you want to deport my daddy?," then that's what will be done.  And there will be trackers at every event waiting for a Republican to flub the answer.

Sen. Harkin on Illegals: 'I Just Don't Classify Them as Criminals'.  Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), a federal lawmaker, said he separates illegal aliens from criminals even though "it's obvious that they broke the laws and did things that were criminal and they shouldn't."  At an Aug. 2 immigration forum in Ames, Iowa, Harkin explained his reasoning.  "I separate out people who came here illegally from people who are criminals," he said.

Dem Senator: I Don't Classify Illegal Immigrants as Criminals.  The definition of a criminal hasn't changed — but Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) refuses to classify people who come to this country illegally as criminals.  "I separate out people who came here illegally from people who are criminals," he said.

Refugee Program Halted As DNA Tests Show Fraud.  The State Department has suspended a humanitarian program to reunite thousands of African refugees with relatives in the U.S. after unprecedented DNA testing by the government revealed widespread fraud. … Tests found some applicants lied about belonging to the same family to gain a better chance at legal entry.

Selling out black Americans.  It's both libel and lie, but it's repeated again and again by immigration lobbyists.  Be they liberals, libertarians or plain la Raza racists, they all say the same:  illegal aliens only take the jobs Americans refuse to do.  The nation's elites are forever singing hymns to illegal aliens for allegedly rescuing Americans from sloth.  Terry Anderson does not.  His testimony in 1999 to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims ought to have made Congress sing a different tune.  Sadly, it didn't.

Napolitano on Young Illegal Aliens: 'American in Every Way But a Piece of Paper'.  In a blog posted on the Department of Homeland Security website, Secretary Janet Napolitano said the illegal aliens who were brought to the United States as children are "American in every way but a piece of paper."  Napolitano wrote the blog to mark the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama's executive order that put hundreds of thousands of young illegal aliens in a "deferred action" category that allows them to stay in the United States.

The Editor says...
Nonsense!  Even with U.S. citizenship, most immigrants from Mexico remain Mexicans at heart.  They don't bother to learn English, they fly the Mexican flag at their businesses, and they send billions of dollars back to Mexico.

Guest workers aren't cheap; they're expensive.  This Kennedy-McCain (aka Hagel-Martinez) bill might be the worst and the most expensive bill ever passed by the Senate, and it should be an embarrassment to any Republican who voted for it.  The media have reported on the sections that grant illegal residents amnesty (aka path to legalization or earned citizenship).  But the media have censored out of their news reports the sections that are 10 to 20 times more costly and far more dishonest than playing games with the word amnesty.

Obama: Immigration overhaul can boost recovery.  President Barack Obama says overhauling the nation's immigration system can provide a big boost to the economic recovery.

Big Brother is a Slaver.  Most certainly, it is a time to force some straight talk about citizenship for illegal immigrants.  First of all, American generosity to other people is well established; that should not be a part of the issue.  Here, liberals lie on two points.  One, they make their effort appear to be for purely humanitarian aims.  Two, they consistently misrepresent their opponents as being against the poor.  Yet, in the face of such blatant duplicity, only a few conservatives are willing to openly accuse the leftists of trying to build a one party system by increasing the size of their voter base.  Buying votes with tax money?  Why the timidity on such an extremely important point?

34,448 Illegal Immigrants Spared Deportation.  In a perplexing development ignored by the mainstream media, the Obama Administration suspended tens of thousands of deportations last year and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lied to a Senate committee to cover up the astounding figure.

Janet Napolitano Lied, Rob Krentz Died.  Rancher Rob Krentz spent his life working on his 35,000-acre cattle ranch by the border with Mexico in Cochise County, Ariz.  His family had owned the ranch since 1907.  He died there last weekend, he and his dog shot by an illegal alien that he was trying to help.  The Arizona Cattle Growers' Association immediately posted a $15,000 reward.  The Monday before Rob Krentz was killed, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, made a speech claiming "significant progress" in controlling violence along the border.  It was a lie.

Should 'illegal' immigrants be rebranded as 'irregular' immigrants? The UN thinks so.  "Illegal immigration" apparently carries connotations of criminality, of someone doing something wrong.  Like, for example, paying a people smuggler €700 to transport them a rickety boat that might sink with the loss of all on board.  Whereas "irregular" is a more "neutral" term.  Probably all the same to you and me.

Numbers don't add up on Obama's pledge to deport more illegal immigrants.  The Obama administration is deporting fewer people than it did in 2011 or 2012, but has ousted more than 110,000 illegal immigrants this year who didn't have criminal records, according to statistics that call into question the Obama administration's public statements about its deportation policies.  Continued deportation of rank-and-file illegal immigrants is fueling outrage by advocacy groups that want the Obama administration to halt most deportations while Congress hashes out an immigration bill.

Schumer: Illegal Immigration is a 'Civil Right'.  Calling something a "civil right" is a way of giving additional moral weight to a cause, and disarming political opposition.  But there is no "right" to immigrate into the United States, much less to break its laws in doing so.  When illegality becomes a "right," the only result can be more lawlessness — and though Schumer promised an end to illegal immigration, his bill will do nothing of the sort.  If everything is a civil right, then nothing is.

The Immigration "Crisis" Is No Crisis.  With the immigration scam well underway in Washington, the only real takeaway for the outside observer is that the Beltway Establishment truly thinks we are idiots.  There is no other way to explain the Establishment's tsunami of faulty premises, bogus clichés, moronic advertisements and bald-faced lies.  There is no immigration "crisis."  It's not a "crisis" when people who shouldn't be here anyway don't have all the privileges of people who do have a right to be here.  That's how it should be.  There are a lot of people who shouldn't be here who are here, but this is a "problem," not a "crisis."

Obama: 'We Owe' Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship.  President Barack Obama said Tuesday [6/11/2013] that America "owes" it to certain illegal aliens to pass legislation providing a "pathway to citizenship."

The Editor says...
We owe illegal immigrants nothing.  Citizenship is not a debt that any country owes to foeigners.

Heller, Reid Push to Define Nevada as a 'Border State'.  Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) offered an amendment to the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill that would define Nevada as a "border state" despite the fact that no part of Nevada's state borders touch Mexico.

Schumer: 'Illegal Immigration Will Be a Thing of the Past'.  After the U.S. Senate voted to pass the motion to proceed to floor debate on the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claimed that this bill would solve illegal immigration and secure the border.  "Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past," Schumer said on the Senate floor, celebrating the passage of the motion to proceed.

The Editor says...
I suppose the Congress can make any illegal act a thing of the past, just by legalizing it.  So the immigration will continue; it just won't be illegal.  Apparently that's what he means.

What is the real number of illegal border crossings?  Those who believe the border is still far from secure are more likely to oppose the Gang of Eight's approach, insisting that heightened security measures be in place before the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants are legalized.  Now, a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations could have a significant effect on the conversation — and cast real doubt on whether the government's border security statistics are reliable.  If the report is correct, more illegal immigrants are making it past U.S. authorities than officials say.

Eric Holder: Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants Is A 'Matter Of Civil And Human Rights'.  During an April 24 address to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Attorney General Eric Holder told the crowd that "creating a pathway to earned citizenship" is a critical element of any comprehensive immigration reform plan.  He said that establishing legal status for the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants is a "matter of civil and human rights."

The Editor says...
Does it work the other way?  Can I get Mexican citizenship just by being in Mexico?  Is citizenship (in the foreign country of your choice) a right?

Near-Suicidal Immigration Policies.  Despite the Obama administration's politically driven and cyclical claims of deporting either a lot more or a lot fewer non-citizens, no one knows how many are really being sent home — for a variety of reasons.  There are not any accurate statistics on how many people are living in the United States illegally.  And how does one define deportation?  If someone from Latin America is detained by authorities an hour after illegally crossing the border and sent back, does he count as "apprehended" or "deported"?

Janet Napolitano: Decision to spring detainees made 'in the field'.  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is distancing herself from the release of some detained illegal immigrants ahead of the sequester, saying such decisions are made "in the field" by career bureaucrats.  "Detainee populations and how that is managed back and forth is really handled by career officials in the field," she told ABC News.

The Editor says...
Hard to believe.  Even if that were true, those "officials in the field" would have been instantly fired — unless Secretary Napolitano was in complete agreement with their actions.

Democratic congressman says 'no additional enforcement' needed on Southwest border.  Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke told The Daily Caller that "no additional enforcement" is needed on the Southwest border, despite the U.S.-Mexico border remaining the "primary gateway" for moving illegal drugs into the U.S.

Rand Paul and the bogus 'immigrant roundup' story.  Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said this, on the subject of comprehensive immigration reform:  "I think people want a party that's a little bit less aggressive on foreign policy, still believes in a strong national defense but less aggressive. [...] They don't want somebody who wants to round people up, put them in camps, and send them back to Mexico."  It's a bit disappointing to hear Senator Paul characterize people who insist on obedience to America's immigration laws in such terms.  He's not the only one, of course.  It's become commonplace to present the immigration debate as between amnesty on the one hand, and concentration camps on the other.

Napolitano at immigration hearing: US borders have 'never been stronger'.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano insisted Wednesday [2/13/2013] that U.S. borders have "never been stronger" during a Senate hearing on immigration reform.  Facing calls from the GOP to crack down on the flow of illegal border crossers, Napolitano said Congress should pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul that strengthens security while also addressing the factors that entice people into the country.

Obama attempting to redefine the word "citizen".  Throw out your Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, folks.  President Barack Obama is now redefining words.  During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, the POTUS expressed his belief that U.S. citizenship is only partly about one's legal status.  "We are citizens," the President said.  "It's a word that doesn't just describe our nationality or legal status.  It describes the way we're made."

Confidential, expensive USDA sensitivity training: 'The Pilgrims were illegal aliens'.  Footage of the United States Department of Agriculture's compulsory "Cultural Sensitivity Training" program reveals USDA employees being instructed to refer to the Pilgrims as "illegal aliens" and minorities as "emerging majorities" — at "a huge expense" to taxpayers.  The video clips were made public Thursday evening by the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch, which obtained them through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made on May 18, 2012.

Deportation statistics said to be inflated.  Rep. Lamar Smith, the Texan who runs the committee, said the Obama administration has for the past several years been mixing some Border Patrol apprehensions with the deportation statistics from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency chiefly responsible for interior enforcement and for deporting aliens.  His investigation found that when the Border Patrol numbers are subtracted, deportations actually have gone down every year since Mr. Obama first took office in 2009, dropping from about 395,000 that year to about 330,000 in 2011.  And 2012 is shaping up to have even fewer deportations once the Border Patrol figures are subtracted, the committee said.

If at first you don't succeed, fudge the results.  During a recent hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano unveiled plans to develop a "border security index" to measure enforcement progress along the southwestern border.  According to Miss Napolitano, the border security index will include crime, immigration and economic data.  She thinks this new test will produce a passing grade for the administration and back their claims that the border is more secure than ever.

Carney: "Our Borders Now Are More Secure Than They Have Ever Been In History".  ["]When it comes to border security, I think anyone who looks at this honestly will note the tremendous strides we have made in the past four years in protecting our borders.  In fact, they have never been better enforced than they are now.["]

Napolitano at immigration hearing: US borders have 'never been stronger'.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano insisted Wednesday [2/13/2013] that U.S. borders have "never been stronger" during a Senate hearing on immigration reform.  Facing calls from the GOP to crack down on the flow of illegal border crossers, Napolitano said Congress should pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul that strengthens security while also addressing the factors that entice people into the country.

Top Democrat warns against using term 'illegal immigrants'.  Opening the first immigration hearing of the new Congress, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee warned his colleagues not to use the term "illegal immigrant" as the debate goes on.  "I hope no one uses the term illegal immigrants here today.  Our citizens are not — the people in this country are not illegal.  They are are out of status.  They are new Americans that are immigrants," said Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat.

Conyers: Illegal immigrants are already 'our citizens'.  Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, called for lawmakers and panelists to avoid using the term "illegal immigrant" during a committee hearing on immigration reform today [2/5/2013].

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