Just another big city being mismanaged by Democrats, with largely the same results seen in Ferguson, Chicago, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and elsewhere.

News and commentary about Atlanta:

Atlanta activist spent $200G in Black Lives Matter donations on house, personal expenses:  FBI.  The FBI has arrested the founder of a Black Lives Matter group in Atlanta on fraud and money laundering charges.  Sir Maejor Page, 32, was accused Friday of misappropriating $200,000 in donations he solicited through Facebook on behalf of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, Fox 5 Atlanta reported Friday [9/25/2020].  Page was arrested in Toledo and released on bond after appearing before a judge via video.  He did not immediately return messages Saturday from Fox News.

The Left's New Martyrology.  Fulton County, Georgia district attorney Paul Howard charged police officer Garrett Rolfe with "murdering" Rayshard Brooks after Brooks discharged a taser at Rolfe and apparently Rolfe's partner.  This is despite the fact that Howard himself depicted a taser as a deadly weapon as defined by Georgia law.  The prosecutors argued that the taser was no longer dangerous as Brooks had discharged it twice.  It is doubtful that Rolfe kept count in all that confusion.  The extreme left used the opportunity to take up where General Sherman left off in 1864 by burning part of Atlanta and killing an 8-year-old girl whose black life was clearly as meaningless to them as police captain David Dorn's was to thugs in St.  Louis.  Killing people is such a wonderful way to tell us how much lives of any color really matter to one's cause, isn't it?

Georgia: Marjorie Greene's Democrat Opponent Drops Out of House Race, Will Move Out of State.  It's all but certain that Marjorie Greene will be the next representative of Georgia's 14th District in Congress.  Greene's long-shot Democrat opponent, Kevin Van Ausdal, announced Friday on Twitter that he was ending his campaign and moving out of the state.

Why Marjorie Taylor Greene's opponent quit the House race.  Kevin Van Ausdal's uphill campaign for a U.S. House seat ended with a knock on his door late Wednesday [9/9/2020] while he was cooking dinner.  It was a deputy sheriff, there to serve him divorce papers from his wife.  As part of the proceedings, he would have to vacate the home they shared.  After flirting with renting a nearby place, the Democrat decided to move in with family in Indiana — and abruptly abandon his congressional bid for an open seat against Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Atlanta DA Who Charged Officer With Murder In Wendy's Parking Lot Shooting Gets Crushed In Re-Election Bid.  Hopefully, everyone remembers Paul Howard, the District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, who charged Atlanta Police Officer Garret Rolfe with felony murder — a potential death penalty offense — after Rolfe shot and killed fleeing felon Rayshard Brooks.  As Rolfe and another officer had moved to handcuff Brooks after placing him under arrest for drunk driving, Brooks began to fight both officers.  In the course of the struggle Brooks managed to wrestle away the taser device belonging to one of them and began to flee.  Rolfe chased Brooks across the parking lot and shot Brooks after Brooks had turned and fired the taser at Wolfe.  Extensive video and audio of the entire incident, including from body cams worn by the officers has been widely seen.

Ex-Atlanta officer charged in Rayshard Brooks' death sues to get job back.  The former Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks during an arrest attempt has filed a lawsuit against the mayor and interim police chief seeking to get his job back.  Garrett Rolfe contends his firing June 13, the day after Brooks died, violated the city's policy in the lawsuit filed in Fulton County Superior Court.  Rolfe says in court documents that Brooks violently resisted arrest and the shooting was justified.  The 27-year-old charged with felony murder and other charges is free on bond.  But on Wednesday [8/5/2020], prosecutors said they will ask a judge to revoke bond for Rolfe, who traveled to Florida.

DC Mayor Exempts John Lewis Funeral Attendees From City's Quarantine Restrictions.  Lawmakers who attended the funeral of late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) in Atlanta earlier this week are exempt from Washington, D.C.'s, self-quarantine restrictions, according to District Mayor Muriel Bowser's office.  According to the mayor's July 24 order, titled "Requirement to Self-Quarantine After Non-Essential Travel During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency," any residents who travel to "high-risk" areas for "non-essential" reasons must self-quarantine for 14 days and monitor themselves for symptoms of the virus. [...] The order, which remains in effect at least until Oct. 9, goes on to define "high-risk areas" as "locations where the seven (7)-day moving average daily new COVID-19 case rate is ten (10) or more per one hundred thousand (100,000) persons."  By such a metric, the entire state of Georgia is considered "high-risk," and a recent federal report listed it in the "red zone" because of its skyrocketing cases of the virus.  Atlanta's Fulton County averaged 228 cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days, according to most recent statistics from The New York Times.

Indicted Atlanta councilman says he will not step down.  Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown, who was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday [7/29/2020] on multiple counts of fraud, says he was not stepping down from his council seat. [...] The U.S. Attorney's Office said Brown allegedly lied about his income on applications to obtain loans and credit cards which he used for personal purchases — including a Range Rover and Mercedes Benz C300.  Federal authorities also accused Brown of lying about being a victim of identity theft to defraud the financial institutions that gave him the money.

Atlanta ICE field office vandalized; street closed off for investigation.  A group vandalized the Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office in downtown Atlanta overnight Sunday [7/26/2020].  Channel 2's Audrey Washington was at the scene off Ted Turner Drive, where federal agents and Homeland Security police were standing outside.  The Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and immigration court offices are also located inside.  Investigators are collecting evidence and working to determine the cost of the damage.

Rep. John Lewis Raised Millions While His District Starved.  A lot of people have died in Georgia's 5th congressional district over the summer.  Murders are up 240% in Atlanta in July.  The victims include an 80-year-old retired mechanic and an 8-year-old girl.  But only one man's death, that of Rep. John Lewis, who has been in Congress since 1986, has the media's attention.  Unlike his fellow 80-year-old, Lewis never retired and had spent his entire life in politics.  He went from working for the Voter Education Project, funded by the New World Foundation, to running for public office.  In 1981, he won a spot on the Atlanta City Council, a post he continued drawing a pension from even as he was in Congress, and then it was on to the House of Representatives.  Lewis has always claimed that his goal was to represent the "beloved community".  As President Trump noted, the beloved community had seen better days, "Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested)."

Cops: 2 teens threatened people with guns for not buying water in Buckhead.  Two teenagers face charges after authorities said they threatened people with guns for not buying water from them in Buckhead.  The separate incidents took place along a half-mile stretch of Peachtree Road on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, Atlanta police Sgt. John Chafee said Friday in a statement.  About 3:30 p.m.  Wednesday, officers were flagged down by a man near Peachtree and Piedmont roads, according to the statement.  The man said a group of juveniles who had been selling water at the intersection assaulted him.

Georgia governor sues Atlanta mayor for defying order ending mask mandates.  Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is suing Atlanta's mayor after she defied his order that revoked mask mandates.  Kemp filed a lawsuit against the state's capital city Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Thursday for defying his earlier order eliminating mask mandates and pulling the city back to "phase one" of coronavirus restrictions.  "This lawsuit is on behalf of the Atlanta business owners and their hardworking employees who are struggling to survive during these difficult times.  These men and women are doing their very best to put food on the table for their families while local elected officials shutter businesses and undermine economic growth," Kemp said in a social media post on the lawsuit.

Suspect wanted for shooting death of 8-year-old Atlanta girl turns [him]self in.  A suspect wanted for fatally shooting an 8-year-old girl in Atlanta over the Fourth of July weekend has turned himself into authorities.  Julian Conley is facing a felony murder charge and another for aggravated assault in connection with the death of Soercia Turner.  His attorney, Jackie Patterson, confirmed the 19-year-old suspect turned himself into authorities on Wednesday [7/15/2020], one day after warrants were issued for his arrest.

An outrageous prosecution in Atlanta turns scandalous.  The charge of murder brought against Garrett Rolfe, the Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, seemed dubious the moment it was filed.  On examination, it became clear that the prosecution is outrageous.  The D.A., Paul Howard, Jr., brought charges before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation completed its investigation.  And, as Andy McCarthy has shown, Howard's felony murder theory is ludicrous on the facts of this case.  The prosecution also appears to be politically motivated, and not just as an attempt to appease a mob.  Howard is running for reelection.  Reportedly, he was trailing in the polls, weighed down by allegations of sexual harassment and corruption.  The state ethics board is investigating the corruption charges.  Throwing the book at Officer Rolfe was likely a desperation move to secure Howard's reelection.

Georgia expands criminal probe into DA in Rayshard Brooks case — who's now on his third explanation on subpoenas.  Did Paul Howard fraudulently issue grand jury subpoenas against the two officers in the Rayshard Brooks case — and touch off weeks of violence and "blue flu"?  The local Fox News affiliate reported a few days ago that Georgia attorney general has asked the state's Bureau of Investigation to find out how Howard managed to issue the subpoenas when the grand jury was not in session.  The GBI had already opened a probe into Howard for an alleged kickback scheme with former mayor Kasim Reed, and it also adds to the tension between the Fulton County DA and the GBI.

Criminal Investigation Expanded Into District Attorney Who Charged Officers In Rayshard Brooks Shooting.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has reportedly expanded its criminal investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard as new questions emerge about the grand jury subpoenas Howard's office issued in the case involving the death of Rayshard Brooks.  Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has asked the GBI to expand the scope of its current investigation regarding Howard after Carr learned about subpoenas Howard's office issued regarding Officer Garrett Rolfe and the use of force against Brooks, whom Rolfe shot after he resisted arrest and fired a taser at him during a DUI arrest.

Atlanta cops release photos of [a] man with [a] rifle [...] wanted in connection to the July 4th shooting of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner.  Atlanta cops have released images of a second armed person of interest who is wanted for questioning in connection to the fatal shooting of an eight-year-old girl.  Police shared the photos that show the man near the scene where Secoriea Turner was shot dead on July 4 during protests outside the Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed.  Authorities said Secoriea was killed when gunmen opened fire on her mother's SUV while she was trying to drive through an illegal roadblock set up by protesters.

What 'Systemic Liberalism' Has Wrought.  After another weekend of violence in Atlanta — where nearly three dozen were shot and five were killed, including an eight-year-old girl — Mayor Keisha Bottoms said "enough is enough."  However, because her worldview is corrupted by modern liberalism — which is the case with the leadership in virtually every major U.S. city — she offered no real solutions for the recent epidemic of violence that plagues Atlanta.  Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp stepped in and ordered the activation of 1,000 National Guard troops in order to "protect state property and patrol" the streets of Atlanta. [...] Part of the problem in Atlanta — again, like we now see in so many large, Democrat-led U.S. cities — is plummeting police morale. [...] As a result, police officers have been targeted for violence and mayhem simply for wearing their uniforms and doing their jobs.  In addition, police officers have been targeted — and unjustly fired — by their superiors.  This has been the case in Atlanta.

Atlanta Mayor:  Okay, Now That I Have The Virus, Everyone Has To Wear Masks.  As we learned over the holiday weekend, Atlanta Mayor (and potential Biden running mate) Keisha Lance Bottoms has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Her husband has tested positive as well.  While she reportedly remains asymptomatic, she maintains that she has "no idea" where or when she could have been exposed to the novel coronavirus.  As I asked at the time, is it possible she might not have contracted the disease if she'd worn a mask more often?  Perhaps she's taken that possibility to heart because it was announced this week that she was signing an order to make masks mandatory in her city.  And yesterday [7/8/2020] she did just that.

Insane 4th Of July Street Party In Atlanta Turns Into Madness When Bullets Fly.  Atlanta police said they responded to multiple shootings throughout the city during the fourth of July weekend.  Police reported at least 25 people were shot in six separate incidents.  [Video clip]

Do the lives of innocent city residents not matter?  In Atlanta this weekend, an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed while riding in a vehicle with her mother.  The driver was trying to enter a parking lot where a group of people had illegally placed barricades.  Someone in the group reportedly opened fire.  Elsewhere in Minneapolis, a pregnant woman was shot while in her car.  Doctors were able to deliver and save her child, but the woman died shortly thereafter.  And in Seattle, where a teenage boy died last week, another young woman was killed after a car drove into a group of protesters on a closed highway.  We don't know much about the perpetrators or their politics, but we do know this:  Violence will continue to escalate in cities that refuse to check and put down lawless behavior.

Atlanta mayor calls for citizens to stop 'shooting each other' after murder of 8-year-old near BLM protest site.  In an impassioned press conference Sunday night, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued a full-throated call for citizens to stop "shooting each other up on our streets," after an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed on the Fourth of July near a Wendy's that has become a flashpoint of anti-police Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in the city.  Bottoms, a Democrat who is considered a potential running mate for Joe Biden, made the remarks as she fought through tears — and the nation endured a new bout of urban carnage.  Sixty-three people were injured and 17 killed in Chicago, including two children, over the weekend; and in New York City, 44 were hurt and at least six killed.

The Editor says...
People who shoot at each other don't care what the mayor says.  One could easily suspect that the mayor is pretending to be outraged about the violence only because she is being considered for the office of Vice President — right behind a President who has one foot in the dementia ward already.  Her record as the mayor of a Democratic hell hole isn't much to brag about.

So Incredibly Evil:  Armed Protesters Occupying Area Near Atlanta Wendy's Reportedly Shoot and Kill Little Girl.  This is about as evil as you can get and a horrible story to have to report.  According to police, 8 year old Secoriea Turner was riding in a car with her mom and an adult friend when car turned off the interstate near the Wendy's in Atlanta where Rayshard Brooks was shot by the police.  They were trying to enter a parking lot to turn around but were stopped by people who were illegally blocking the entrance.  Protesters had been illegally occupying the area since the killing of Brooks.  An armed group of black males surrounded the car.  At some point in the interaction, someone in the group shot into the car, killing the little girl.

Atlanta Mayor Drops Reality Bomb:  It's Not Police Shooting up Communities, It's Community Members.  After Atlanta Police abandoned their posts due to Atlanta's leadership turning their back on them, crime skyrocketed and shootings became relatively common.  They became so common that 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot and killed on Saturday when a group of people shot up the car she was riding in as they passed by the same Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed.  Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms gave a press conference on the atrocity committed for no good reason.  During her small speech, she pointed out that all of these riots and crimes were supposed to be in reaction to the way police and society at large treated the black community but in truth, it's not the police that are shooting up the communities, it's members of the community.

After [a] Little Girl [was] Killed at [a] Protester Location Near Wendy's in Atlanta, Now Three More People [have been] Shot.  We brought you the horrible story on Sunday [7/5/2020] that "protesters," who had been occupying a parking lot near the Atlanta Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed by the police, shot and killed a little eight-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner.  She was in a car with her mom and a friend when they pulled off the interstate and turned into the parking lot to try to turn around but they were stopped by "protesters" who were illegally barricading the parking lot.  Armed men surrounded the car.  An altercation ensued and police say two men were involved in shooting into the car, killing the child.

Police: 14 people shot during fireworks at Atlanta intersection.  Over a dozen people have been injured after a shooting during a party at a northeast Atlanta intersection, police say.  Officers were called to the 200 block of Auburn Avenue around 1 a.m.  Sunday [7/5/2020] after reports of multiple people shot.  According to police, the incident happened when a large group of people gathered at an intersection to watch fireworks and celebrate.

Vandals target Georgia State |Patrol headquarters in Atlanta.  The Georgia State Patrol headquarters in southeast Atlanta was vandalized early Sunday [7/5/2020] by a group accused of setting off at least one firework inside the building.  A spokesperson for the Georgia State Patrol told FOX 5 that shortly after 1 a.m. a group of between 60 and 100 masked protesters approached the building on United Avenue.  Video at the scene showed several dozen people outside and the sound of drums being played in the background.  Smoke could be seen through a glass window of the building after the red flash that looked to be coming from inside.

Have we reached the point at which self-defense is a crime?  Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe has been charged with felony murder for killing Rayshard Brooks, who first attacked Rolfe and a fellow officer and then stole a taser that he fired at Rolfe.  Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard is fighting for re-election while under investigation for "funneling" at least 140,000 city dollars to himself.

Are Those High-Profile Prosecutions Set Up to Fail?  [Scroll down]  On the heels of these curious actions comes the June 12th shooting of Rashard Brooks by police officers in the parking lot of a Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.  Again you have multiple videos.  Mr. Brooks clearly starts the physical altercation attacking both officers who are attempting to place him under arrest for DUI. Brooks steals one of the officer's Taser and while fleeing, turns and fires it directly at an officer's face.  Under Georgia law, a Taser is considered a deadly weapon.  Fearing for his life, the officer returns fire, striking and killing Brooks.  To most of us, it seems like an obvious case of self-defense.  On June 17, I watched in utter amazement as the Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard held a press conference to announce the charges against the police officer that shot Rayshard Brooks. [...] As I listened to Howard pile on charge after charge, I began to wonder if he was watching the same set of videos that the rest of us were looking at?  It is evident to me that there is very little likelihood that they are going to get a grand jury indictment.  And if they do, there is even less chance that a jury is going to hand down a conviction.

2 More Arrested In Atlanta Wendy's Arson Following Rayshard Brooks Death.  Atlanta Fire Investigators, with assistance of law enforcement agencies, arrested two additional suspects overnight in connection with the Wendy's fire — which was started after Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by an Atlanta police officer.  Chisom Kingston, 23, and John Wade, 33 are charged with 1st Degree Arson and have been booked into the Fulton County Jail.

A Will to Overthrow the United States.  On June 12, less than a month after the killing of George Floyd, another white police officer, Garrett Rolfe, in Atlanta, Georgia, shot and killed a black man, Rayshard Brooks.  The police officers were arresting Brooks for drunk driving, and after a cordial exchange with the officers, he unexpectedly resisted arrest, and seized a Taser from one of the officers.  He began to run, but when he turned and fired the Taser at Rolfe, Rolfe shot and killed him.  Rolfe was dismissed from the police force without due process, and charged with felony murder, which potentially carries the death penalty.  Although video recordings of the event were widely broadcast, District Attorney Paul Howard tried to claim that Brooks was calm and "cheerful".  He added that a Taser is not a deadly weapon — after having said a few weeks earlier that it was.

Atlanta cop borrows bike, helps catch skatepark murder suspect.  A murder suspect in a shooting near the Old Fourth Ward skatepark was arrested Tuesday after an Atlanta police officer borrowed a man's bicycle and chased him on the Beltline, authorities said.  Nicholas Fonseca, 21, was wanted in connection with the death of 37-year-old Andrew Scott Callahan, who was shot multiple times Sunday evening near the skatepark, previously reported. [...] Body camera footage released Wednesday [7/1/2020] shows two officers running in the direction of the suspect before one of them borrowed the bike from a passing cyclist.  [Video clip]

Atlanta airport sees delays after TSA agent tests positive for coronavirus: reports.  Travelers using one of America's busiest airports faced delays Wednesday after a Transportation Security Administration agent tested positive for the coronavirus.  The diagnosis prompted officials at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia to shut down the airport's main security checkpoint for a thorough biohazard cleaning, FOX 5 of Atlanta reported.  Long lines were seen at the airport's North Checkpoint after travelers were rerouted there, according to the station.

Atlanta Detective Sides With Officer In Defense Filing For Rayshard Brooks Case, Says Brooks Would've Been Charged On 10 Counts.  In a defense filing for former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, who has been charged with felony murder in the Rayshard Brooks case, the Atlanta Police Department homicide detective assigned to the case, Al Hogan, sided with Rolfe, noting that he would have brought 10 charges against Brooks had he survived the incident.  "Atlanta PD detective assigned to the [Rayshard Brooks] investigation says he would have charged Brooks — not Rolfe — with 10 counts, including multiple felonies," posted Philip Holloway, a legal analyst for WSB Radio.  Captioning a screenshot of Hogan's letter, Holloway noted:  "Usually law enforcement are witnesses for the state but this is from a defense filing."

Why no outrage?  Atlanta shootings surge, but it's not the cops.  The exchange was surreal, a sign that the wheels may be falling off public safety in Atlanta.  Fittingly, it happened Monday during the City Council's Public Safety Committee hearing as council members and interim Police Chief Rodney Bryant were grappling with the unrest plaguing the city.  Councilman Antonio Brown, who represents the district just west of downtown, was getting ready to speak in the virtual meeting when he told the chief:  "I was just notified there was a young man who was just shot and killed at 377 Westchester Boulevard.  Can you get a unit out there?  He's been on the ground and there's no police who have come.  He's dead already, he's on the ground and the residents have put a sheet over him and the police still haven't arrived."  It sounds like Afghanistan:  Can you please come and pick up the body?

Atlanta man accused of arson, inciting a riot during 1st night of protests granted bond.  An Atlanta man charged with arson, damaging property and inciting a riot during the city's first night of demonstrations last month was granted bond Friday afternoon [6/26/2020].  Dramerius Jeffries faces several charges in connection with the May 29 protests after he was seen standing on a burning police car and a defaced sign outside the CNN Center, authorities said.  Those charges include arson, inciting a riot, criminal damage to property, reckless conduct and obstruction of law enforcement by using threats or violence, Fulton County Jail records show.

No-cop zones — recipe for destruction based on this vicious lie.  The police-free protest zones popping up across the United States are built upon a vicious lie — namely, the claim that most police departments by their very nature are thoroughly corrupt and racist and beyond the reach of reform and repair.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And in the upcropping of these free-for-all protest zones, we are witnessing an embrace of lawlessness and anarchy that can only produce the bitter fruits of death and destruction.  Atlanta appears to be the most recent city in which protesters are attempting to establish such a lawless zone.  On Tuesday night [6/23/2020], three men with guns told Fox News that police were unwelcome in the Atlanta neighborhood surrounding the Wendy's restaurant where a police officer fatally shot Rayshard Brooks on June 12 after the man resisted arrest and pointed a stun gun at police.

Rayshard Brooks' girlfriend, 29, is arrested for 'setting fire to the Wendy's' where he was shot dead by cops.  Rayshard Brooks girlfriend has been arrested on suspicion of setting fire to the Wendy's where he was shot dead by cops on June 12.  Natalie White, 29, was taken into custody in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday afternoon after handing herself into the authorities.  Police issued an arrest warrant for her on June 20 and shared surveillance footage of her inside a store.

'Blue Flu' as Atlanta Police Walk Out.  Will Other Pushbacks Follow?  Last week reports trickled in on Wednesday of Atlanta police synchronizing a refusal to come into work or calling out sick, dubbing the event a "Blue Flu."  The walkouts are suspected to be a response to the murder charge assigned to a fellow officer following the killing of Rayshard Brooks before an investigation was concluded.  Trying to minimize the PR damage, the Atlanta Police Department formally tweeted that it wasn't a "walkout," but a "call out," adding that they had confidence that operations would be maintained.

Arrest warrant issued for woman who allegedly set Wendy's in Atlanta on fire.  An arrest warrant was issued on Saturday by Atlanta fire officials for a 29-year-old woman accused of setting fire to a Wendy's restaurant hours after Rayshard Brooks was seen on surveillance video fatally shot by a police officer.  Natalie White was charged with first-degree arson by Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Fire Investigators for torching the Wendy's on University Avenue on June 13.

Atlanta investigators identify suspect in Wendy's arson case.  Atlanta arson investigators said Saturday they've identified a female suspect who is being sought in connection with a Wendy's fire that was set after the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks.  The Atlanta Fire Department obtained an arrest warrant for Natalie White, 29, for first-degree arson, which is considered a felony in the state of Georgia, Fox 5 reported.  White's face was captured on video surveillance and shared during a news conference on Tuesday at a fire station on Manford Road.

Atlanta police department morale "is down ten-fold," Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says.  Police brutality protests in the Atlanta area intensified this week after 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by a police officer Friday night.  Since the officers involved in the case have been relieved of their duties and charged for Brooks' death, the police department has seen a surge in fellow officers calling out of work — and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says police morale "is down ten-fold."  In an interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Wednesday [6/17/2020], the mayor said that police morale around the country is down.

Rayshard Brooks was a menace to society.  On June 12, 2020, Rayshard Brooks, 27, fought with two police officers and grabbed one of their taser guns.  As he ran away, he turned to try to shoot Rolfe, and Rolfe shot him in self-defense.  Brooks had, among other things, four previous charges of obstructing a police officer, cruelty to children, and domestic violence.  It made no sense why Brooks would fight the police until you look at his criminal history.  The following are interactions he had with law enforcement.  On 08/22/2016, he was sentenced to twelve months in jail and to three years' probation on each of the five felony counts, which were to be served concurrently.  On 12/20/2018, an arrest warrant was issued for him regarding his last arrest.  The police were called when Brooks was drunk and fell asleep in his car, blocking traffic at a drive-through restaurant.  Being drunk would have been another probation violation.  If he had been arrested, he could have been sent back to jail.

Do Black Feelings Matter Too Much?  Atlanta was burning two weeks ago after a white cop in Minneapolis killed a black criminal who resisted arrest.  Now it's burning again over a white Atlanta cop shooting and killing a black criminal who resisted arrest.  On Friday night [6/12/2020], police responded to a call about a black male who was sleeping in his car while in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy's restaurant just south of downtown.  After police arrived, the suspect, 27-year-old father of four Rayshard Brooks, allegedly failed a sobriety test.  Footage shows him actively fighting the two white cops who tried to arrest him.  He seized a Taser from one of the police and then ran.  While running, he turned back and pointed the Taser at the cop, who responded by shooting him.  It's all on film — and none of it matters.  Of course, there's no "national discussion" about the plague of black males resisting arrest, even though that's been a feature in every last one of these high-profile Race Porn cases.  That's because at this moment in the USA, black feelings matter more than anything else.  An unwarranted concern for black feelings — don't EVER make them angry — may be the wrecking ball that obliterates this country beyond repair.

What Type of Fool Shoots a Cop With a Taser or Wrestles Him for His Gun?  [Scroll down]  Well, I watch the video, and I cannot believe what I am seeing.  I see a very peaceful scene in which a cop seems to be restraining or arresting a fellow, no controversy.  And then the fellow suddenly breaks loose from the cop and starts running away.  Who does that?  Honestly, what sane person breaks away from a cop restraining him and starts running away?  That is crazy. [...] This is real life, not the movies.  Despite the doughnut jokes and the movie scenes, cops are fit enough to be on patrol.  If they fall behind the guy, they have guns.  They can summon more cars, helicopters. What kind of person does this? So then I was really focused on the video, as the possible culprit starts fleeing the cop.  And then I saw something that seemed so crazy that I replayed the video eight times because I kept not believing what I thought I was seeing.  I really did.  Eight times.  So I kept playing it over and over again.  Get this:  the guy, as he is fleeing from the cop, turns around and shoots something at the cop.  It looks like a Star Wars-type saber or something from a kid's video game because it emits this kind of spark of light being fired at the pursuing cop.  Only later did I learn that the guy had grabbed the cop's taser and was firing it at him. [...] What does one expect will be the outcome?

DA says cops made no attempt to save Rayshard Brooks, instead kicked him.  Let's go to the videotape.  After announcing yesterday that Garrett Rolfe, the officer who shot Rayshard Brooks, would be charged with felony murder, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard introduced what he termed "another important consideration" in the case.  He went on to assert that the two officers involved ignored an "Atlanta policy that requires that the officers have to provide timely medical attention" to the victim, emphasizing, "for some period of two minutes and twelve seconds, there was no medical attention applied to Mr. Brooks." [...] It's not clear what video Howard was watching, but it was obviously not the one that follows, recorded on Rolfe's body cam, which had become free during the struggle.  In the clip, provided courtesy of the Daily Mail, the voice of the officer can be plainly heard repeating over and over, "Mr. Brooks keep breathing.  Keep breathing for me."  Stills from the same video show the two officers leaning over the prone body of Brooks, administering CPR.

Fulton DA hopes putting cops in jail will keep him in office.  It's as plain as the spectacles on Paul Howard's face:  The Fulton County district attorney is bastardizing his office to hang on to his job.  Wednesday's news conference where Howard announced charges against two Atlanta cops was a travesty.  It was a wounded candidate using the death of a man killed by police to weave together a series of bald-faced prevarications and obfuscations to get past a challenger who has him on the ropes.  Before the George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and now Rayshard Brooks protests and disturbances, Howard's 24-year career as DA looked like toast.  There were allegations of sexual impropriety with subordinates, and the GBI is criminally investigating him for paying himself $195,000 of city of Atlanta money funneled through a nonprofit he headed, one set up to combat youth violence.  A week before the June 9th primary, Howard moved quickly to criminally charge six Atlanta cops who used Tasers on two college kids.

In Rayshard Brooks' killing, prosecutor's rush to charge cop raises serious questions.  "As many of you know... a Taser is considered as a deadly weapon under Georgia law."  Those are the words of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard two weeks ago — before he announced murder charges Wednesday against the fired Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks on Friday during a confrontation outside a Wendy's restaurant.  Howard's adamant pronouncement that a Taser is a deadly weapon came in an unrelated criminal case and was made in front of television cameras and microphones.  His words will surely come back to haunt him as he attempts to prosecute former Officer Garrett Rolfe on 11 criminal charges including felony murder, which carries the death penalty.  The law of self-defense in Georgia is clear:  deadly force may be met with deadly force.  In fact, deadly force can be used to defend against force that is likely to cause serious bodily injury.

An outrageous prosecution in Atlanta.  The Fulton County DA's decision to charge officer Garrett Rolfe with murder struck me as highly dubious. [...] As [Andrew] McCarthy points out, the DA, Paul Howard, Jr., recently deemed a taser a deadly weapon under Georgia State law.  Howard made this statement when it was a police officer's use of a taser that was in question.  But, if anything, a taser is more deadly in the hands of a non-policeman.  At least police officers are trained to use tasers safely.  Howard's charging of Rolfe isn't just unfounded, it is transparently political — an attempt to appease a mob.  Why else would he bring the charges so quickly, before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has completed its investigation?

Brooks Shooting:  The Political Prosecutor Caves In to the Mob.  If you broadcast that you are willing to be bullied, then you invite the mob to rule.  When the mob rules, you get brass-knuckles politics, not justice.  You get a hyper-political county prosecutor, under the corruption microscope as he desperately seeks reelection, filing trumped-up, mob-driven charges before the actual investigators have a chance to finish their work.  You get a capital murder charge against a police officer who returned fire after being shot at with a taser by a fleeing suspect.  A taser that the fleeing suspect, a criminal with a violent history, stole from the police while they attempted to arrest him on a well-founded charge.  A taser being the very weapon that the same prosecutor, just days earlier, had deemed a deadly weapon under Georgia State law.  But of course, that was then, when the same prosecutor was addressing the use of tasers by police.  This is now, when a criminal used a stolen taser on police.  In mob-stricken Atlanta, the prosecutor says the latter use of deadly force is no threat at all.

Officer Charged With Felony Murder In Rayshard Brooks Shooting Responds Through Legal Team.  Former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, involved in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy's parking lot last week, was charged with felony murder on Wednesday.  On Thursday [6/18/2020], Rolfe's legal team released a statement defending his "justified" actions.

Stepmother Of Police Officer Charged In Rayshard Brooks Shooting Fired From Her Job.  Company Releases Statement.  Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on Thursday evening [6/18/2020] that the stepmother of Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, the officer who allegedly shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, has been fired from her job at a mortgage company in the area.  "Until today, his stepmother, her name is Melissa Rolfe, was the HR director at a place called Equity Prime Mortgage in Atlanta, Georgia," Carlson said.  "But today, she was let go.  She's no longer in that role, apparently she was fired and her only crime was being officer Rolfe's stepmother."

What Happens When the Cops Have Had Enough?  What would you do if a split-second judgment at your job left you facing the death penalty?  That question was doubtless on the minds of the many Atlanta police officers who called in "sick" Wednesday evening.  Whole zones reportedly went radio silent.  The call-out was a response to charges in the case of officer Garrett Rolfe's killing of Rayshard Brooks, a black man shot while resisting arrest after passing out drunk in a Wendy's drive through.  The shooting resulted in Rolfe's dismissal, the Atlanta police chief's resignation, and an arsonist setting fire to the Wendy's.  But that was not enough for Democratic district attorney Paul Howard, who faces an uphill reelection battle amid two separate investigations for graft, and who on Wednesday charged Rolfe with 11 counts, including felony murder.  For this, Howard emphasized, Rolfe could face the death penalty.

Georgia Bureau Of Investigation says wasn't consulted before charges announced in Brooks killing.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it wasn't notified in advance about the criminal charges announced Wednesday on the two Atlanta police officers charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks and that the bureau's investigation has yet to be concluded.  The charges were announced at a press conference by Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard.  "The GBI was not aware of today's press conference before it was conducted," the bureau tweeted.  "We were not consulted on the charges filed by the District Attorney."

DA Said Taser Was 'Deadly Weapon' Just Days Ago, Now Says Firing Taser At Cops 'Not A Threat'.  The problem with people who vote for Democrats is that they want everything both ways.  They are highly inconsistent.  The worst part is they want you to do as they say, not as they do.  For example, the district attorney of Atlanta said just two weeks ago that a taser was a "deadly weapon."  He said this because an officer fired off the taser.  However, when Rayshard Brooks stole a taser from a cop before he was shot a killed, the DA is singing an entirely different tune.

Reports Pouring in that Atlanta Cops Are Walking Off the Job After Officer Charged With "Felony Murder" of Rayshard Brooks.  It looks like the mayor of Atlanta is starting to get worried about all the cops that are not showing up for work.  It's called the "Blue Flu," and they're protesting because one of their own was just charged with felony murder and is facing the death penalty for doing his job.  Mayor Keisha Bottoms is so desperate to get cops to show up that she's trying to remind them that she got them a raise.

The Atlanta Police Arrest is a Political Stunt.  Paul Howard, the District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, has charged Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe with felony murder in the death of Rayshard Brooks.  Felony murder could get the death penalty.  There are some details you may not be aware of.  First, Paul Howard is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for allegations that Howard has supplemented his income inappropriately through a non-profit.  Second, as a result of the investigation, Howard is fighting for his political life.  He is currently struggling in a runoff election to keep his job.  As a result, Howard is playing up the situation to help him win.  Third, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is required to conduct an investigation of any officer-involved shooting.  That investigation has not yet concluded, the report has not been written, and the District Attorney did not consult with or seek advice from the GBI prior to filing charges.  That is highly, highly unusual.

Atlanta Police Show Why We Need The Second Amendment.  Police in Atlanta demonstrated the need for civilians to be able to protect themselves last night when a large number of officers allegedly failed to report for overnight shifts.  This morning the Atlanta Police Department has disputed the extent of the walkout, telling 11 Alive News that the reports were "inaccurate," but Atlanta's mayor said last night that there were insufficient officers to patrol the city.  "We do have enough officers to cover us through the night," Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) told CNN.  "Our streets won't be any less safe because of the number of officers who called out."  The officers were reportedly upset over the decisions to fire and prosecute the two officers involved in the death of Rayshard Brooks over the weekend.  Brooks's death reignited protests and violence in the city.

Atlanta cops continue to call out sick and every officer is given a $500 bonus for civil unrest shifts.  Atlanta police officers are still reportedly calling in sick to work in protest of charges against the cop who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, as it's announced every officer will receive a $500 bonus for working amid civil unrest.  On Thursday [6/18/2010] the Atlanta Police Department saw cops continue to call out of work, in protest of 11 charges, including felony murder, announced Wednesday against fired officer Garrett Rolfe.  Despite the call outs, the police force shared a statement insisting it's able to handle all emergency calls.

Black ex-cop:  Murder charge in Atlanta case 'miscarriage of justice'.  Felony murder, possibly leading to the death penalty, is among 11 charges filed against one of the Atlanta police officers involved in the June 12 death of Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy's parking lot.  "We've concluded, at the time Mr. Brooks was shot, that he did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or officers," Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. said at a news conference Wednesday [6/17/2020].  Garrett Rolfe was fired while fellow officer Devin Brosnan has been reassigned.  Brosnan faces three charges, including aggravated assault.  Rolfe also was charged with aggravated assault, with some charges connected with a stray bullet that struck a bystander's occupied vehicle.

Angry Atlanta police belie department's claim all is well.  The Atlanta Police Department denied Thursday [6/18/2020] that police were not responding to calls in reaction to the charges Wednesday against two officers in the death of a 27-year-old black man who resisted arrest.  However, a police union director confirmed CNN sources saying some officers were refusing to leave their precincts unless a fellow police officer required backup and others were calling in sick.  On Wednesday, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. announced a charge of felony murder, possibly leading to the death penalty, among 11 filed against Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe in the June 12 death of Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy's parking lot.  Fellow officer Devin Brosnan faces three charges, including aggravated assault.  Defenders of Rolfe argue he fired at Brooks only after Brooks resisted arrest, wrestled with the officers on the ground, fled and fired at them with a deadly weapon, a Taser he had stolen from the officers.

Atlanta Police Officers Not Responding To Calls In Multiple Zones, Comes After D.A. Charged Officer With Murder In Rayshard Brooks Case.  Police officers in the Atlanta Police Department are reportedly not responding to calls in multiple zones which comes after the department acknowledged that they were experiencing a higher than usual number of police officers calling out prior to the start of their shifts.  The news comes after Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced felony murder charges against officer Garrett Rolfe on Wednesday for his involvement in the death of Rayshard Brooks, who was driving drunk, resisted arrest, got into a physical altercation with police, took a taser from a police officer, tried to run, and fired a taser in Rolfe's direction.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that its investigation into the incident was not complete when the charges were announced and that it was not consulted by Howard.

Atlanta PD Stage Walkout While Mayor Asks Them To "Keep Their Commitment".  Atlanta got its first brief look at what abolishing the police looks like after their officers walked off the job overnight in protest of charges in the Rayshard Brooks killing.  Entire shifts reportedly walked out and neighboring jurisdictions reportedly refused to assist Atlanta except to back up officers on the job, although the city tried to downplay the wildcat action.

Atlanta Police Walking Off the Job After Fulton County Prosecutor Charges Officer Garrett Rolfe.  A considerable element of the Atlanta Police Department are leaving their posts in the wake of the controversial criminal charges filed against Officer Garrett Rolfe, who was recently fired from the department after a shooting of a man many are claiming was legally justified.  Rolfe shot and killed Rayshard Brooks when attempting to arrest the 27-year old for suspicion of driving under the influence.  The latter had resisted arrest and taken Officer Rolfe's taser device, deploying it against him as he fled the police before being shot.

Scores of Atlanta cops call out of work after ex-officer charged in Rayshard Brooks death.  The Atlanta Police Department said it saw an uptick in the number of officers calling out of work on Wednesday night [6/17/2020] — hours after local prosecutors announced charges against the ex-cop who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks.  "The department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call-outs with the incoming shift," the Atlanta PD tweeted.  "We have enough resources to maintain operations and remain able to respond to incidents."  Earlier Wednesday, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced felony murder charges against ex-officer Garrett Rolfe — who was fired Saturday after shooting Brooks twice in the back during a scuffle outside a Wendy's restaurant.  Rolfe, 27, will face 11 charges in all, and could be sentenced to death if convicted.

Atlanta Police Union Head: 'It's the Worst Day in Law Enforcement in the City of Atlanta That's Ever Been'.  The fallout from the Rayshard Brooks' saga continued in Atlanta on Wednesday night on the heels of Fulton County, GA District Attorney Paul Howard's announcement that former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, the suspect in Brooks' death, was facing 11 charges.  Vince Champion, southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police officers, who functions as the head of the police union for the city of Atlanta, acknowledged during an interview with Atlanta's FOX 5 morale within the Atlanta Police Department had hit a low, which backs up a similar claim made by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on CNN earlier.

Are we about to see the second Burning of Atlanta?  Atlanta citizens had better hope that history does not repeat itself, this time because Atlanta police officers are so horrified by the eleven charges the Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard filed against Garret Rolfe, who shot Rayshard Brooks, they're engaging in a sick out.  Without the police, the whole of Atlanta is a sitting duck for every criminal out there.  So here's what we know:  Despite the media's usual claim that a man who died while fighting the police was a beloved family man, Rayshard Brooks might not have been such a nice person.  When he died, he was on probation for a 2014 four-count conviction, with a seven-year prison sentence:  False Imprisonment, Simple Battery/Family, Battery Simple, and Felony Cruelty/Cruelty to Children.  He'd already violated his probation once, which resulted in his going back to prison for a year in 2016.  Brooks' criminal history does not mean he deserved to die.  It merely explains why he went from compliant to violent in his interactions with police:  Brooks knew that his being arrested for DUI would send him back to prison for violating his parole.  In his drunken state of mind, he thought he could avoid that fate by fighting the police and running away.

Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy asks white Christians to repent of racism.  White Christians should repent for racism and fight for their black brothers and sisters, Chick-fil-A's CEO urged, after weeks of protests over police brutality and the death of Rayshard Brooks.  Cathy spoke about racism in America during a 70-minute roundtable discussion Sunday at Passion City Church in Atlanta.

Cops Overcharged in Rayshard Brooks Shooting.  Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard held a big, fat showboating press conference yesterday, putting on a mini-trial for the media and the voters, announcing charges for the officers involved in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.  Former police officer Garrett Rolfe was charged with 11 counts, including felony murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  Outrageous.  If you watch the video, what you see is a perfectly polite and calm exchange, Brooks resisting arrest, putting up a serious fight, attacking the two police officers in the fight, grabbing an officer's taser, pointing it and trying to use it before he was shot and killed.  Was Rolfe threatened by these actions?  I would say so.  Why did Brooks resist arrest?  That's a provocative move and a physical one.  It's Brooks that escalated the situation, if he had just not resisted arrest he would still be alive.  We need a national conversation on not resisting arrest.

It's Spreading:  Over 40 LAPD Transit Officers Call Out on Wednesday, After 43 Skipped Work on Monday.  Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. announced charges on Wednesday afternoon [6/17/2020] in the death of Rayshard Brooks last weekend at a Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta.  Brooks was killed by police after resisting arrest, wrestling with the police, punching one officer in the face, stealing the officer's taser and then firing on the officers.  Eleven charges were announced including felony murder by the officer involved in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

It's A Political Trap — Outgoing Atlanta DA Sets-Up Successor For Problems.  Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Paul Howard Jr., held a press conference earlier this afternoon to announce eleven charges against police officer Garrett Wolfe for the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks.  The shooting took place at a local Atlanta Wendys.  In what appears to be a decision heavily influenced by local politics, DA Howard is charging officer Garrett Wolfe with felony murder; an unlawful killing with malice, forethought and specific intent.  It looks like Howard is purposefully making a mess. [...] There is something rather unusual about the way DA Paul Howard framed the encounter between the police and Rayshard Brooks, because CCTV video and body-cam footage do not support the district attorney's version of events.  Obviously in a courtroom the defense is going to replay the DA statements while they run simultaneous footage of Mr. Rayshard Brooks resisting arrest, fighting with police and ultimately taking one of the officers' tasers to use as a weapon.

Former Atlanta Officer Gets Felony Charges for Killing Rayshard Brooks.  Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. announced Wednesday that former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe faces felony charges in the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks.  According to WSBTV, Rolfe faces "11 counts including felony murder and aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, and violations to his oath of office."  Howard is recommending no bond for the officer, citing his choice not to provide medical assistance for over two minutes and for kicking Brooks on the ground after the fatal shooting.

'Higher than usual number' of Atlanta officers call out of work.  A "higher than usual" number of Atlanta police officers failed to show up for work Wednesday night [6/17/2020], hours after the Fulton County District Attorney announced criminal charges for two accused in the death of Rayshard Brooks.  "The department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift," Atlanta police posted on social media.  "We have enough resources to maintain operations and remain able to respond to incidents."

Rayshard Brooks was on probation for four crimes — including cruelty to children — and faced going back to prison if charged with a DUI.  Rayshard Brooks was on probation and faced going back to prison if he was charged with a DUI, can reveal.  It was the fear of incarceration that likely caused Brooks to panic in the face of imminent arrest and caused him to make a break for it.  Brooks was shot and killed on Friday, June 12 when cops received a 911 call to the Wendy's at University Avenue in Atlanta.  Brooks was drunk and asleep at the wheel of his car and blocking the fast food restaurant's drive-thru lane.

Atlanta police chief resigns after cops fatally shoot Taser-wielding black man.  The victim of a fatal police shooting in Atlanta had moments earlier fired a Taser at one of the cops chasing him, newly released surveillance footage showed Saturday [6/13/2020] — as the city's chief of police resigned less than a day after the incident.  Early reports of the altercation that killed Rayshard Brooks, 27, Friday night had indicated Brooks, who was black, was unarmed.  But the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is probing the troubling shooting, released surveillance video Saturday that, officials said, prove otherwise.  In fact, the new video shows a fleeing Brooks turning and firing the police Taser he'd just grabbed off one of the two cops he'd been grappling with.

Rioting Protesters Torch Atlanta Wendy's Where Black Man Was Shot and Killed by Police.  Rioting protesters set fire to an Atlanta Wendy's Saturday night.  The fast food restaurant was the scene of the deadly police shooting Friday night of a black man, 27-years-old Rayshard Brooks, as he resisted and fled from arrest with a Taser he stole from an officer.  Brooks, who was being arrested after being found passed out at the wheel of a car in line at the Wendy's drive-thru and allegedly failed a field sobriety test, was shot by police when he turned and aimed the stolen Taser at an officer as he fled.  Atlanta police Chief Erika Shields resigned Saturday afternoon over the shooting.

Stacey Abrams previews new talking points: 'man was murdered because he was asleep in a drive-thru'.  Democrat Stacey Abrams argued that there is "legitimacy" to angry riots in Atlanta and claimed police "murdered" a man this weekend "because he was asleep in a drive-through."  The failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate spoke with ABC's George Stephanopolous about renewed protests amid the death of Rayshard Brooks, the 27-year-old black man who was shot by Atlanta police after resisting arrest and taking an officer's taser gun.

Here's the rest of the story:
Dan Bongino on police shooting in Atlanta: 'Well, what would you do?'.  According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), police responded to a complaint about a male "parked in the drive thru" at a Wendy's "asleep, causing other customers to drive around the vehicle."  The report said police had the man perform a field sobriety test, which he did not pass.  At that point, officers attempted to take the man, later identified as 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, who is black, into custody.  He "resisted and a struggle ensued," which led to an officer attempt to use a taser.  Brooks "grabbed and was in possession of" the taser.  In a subsequent follow-up to its original statement and report, the GBI affirmed: "new videos indicate that during a physical struggle with officers, Brooks obtained one of the officer's Tasers and began to flee from the scene."  "Officers pursued Brooks on food and during the chase, Brooks turned and pointed the taser at the officer.  The officer fired his weapon, striking Brooks," said the GBI report.

Ben Carson dominates Chris Wallace interview with a flawless answer to every question.  While speaking Sunday morning with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was repeatedly peppered with questions that were typical of an anti-Trump administration, anti-conservative anchor.  For instance, Wallace brought up the fatal police shooting of a black suspect in Atlanta.  But why would he bring that up with someone who works for HUD, not the Department of Justice?  Nevertheless, Wallace wondered whether the shooting was justified.  "Was it appropriate to use deadly force against someone whose original offense was that he sleep asleep at the drive-through lane at a Wendy's?" he asked.  Carson replied that he's not sure and made it clear an investigation would be needed.

The Editor says...
Fake news alert:  The dead man's "original offense," as Chris Wallace knows, was not the offense that got him killed.

Far greater detail:
The Atlanta Wendy's Officer Shooting:  Justified Use of Force.  [Scroll down slowly past the details] To reiterate: within a two-second time period, Mr. Brooks transformed his destiny.  Mr. Brooks decided to shoot a taser at Ofc. Rolfe, who was chasing him while also holding out a taser pointed at Mr. Brooks.  Only after Mr. Brooks points and shoots the taser at the officer is when the officer shifts from holding a taser to taking out his firearm.  Mr. Brooks continues to hold out his arm and to point it at the officer, looking back at him, trying to aim his taser.  At this point, the men are pointing arms at each other.  Ofc. Rolfe then shoots, causing Mr. Brooks to drop his arm down.  The second and third shots bring Mr. Brooks to the ground.  Yes, the bullets entered Mr. Brooks' back.  That is how he was positioned while threatening the officer.  But no, the back entry point of the bullets does not in itself transform the incident into a murder.  Ofc. Rolfe acted in self-defense.  Georgia law does not impose on him a duty to retreat.

Black Georgia sheriff says shooting of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police was 'completely justified'.  Burke County, Ga.  Sheriff Alfonzo Williams argued Tuesday that Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe was "completely justified" in using lethal force against 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, whose death has sparked a new round of protests and controversy over policing and racial discrimination in the U.S.  Brooks was shot as he attempted to flee Rolfe and another officer, Devin Brosnan, who had attempted to arrest Brooks after he failed a sobriety test.  Brooks had stolen one of the officers' Taser and attempted to fire it in Rolfe's direction as he ran.  "This is the third law enforcement agency I've been head of," Williams, who is black, told CNN. "Every agency I've gone to, I've required every officer who carries a Taser to be Tased with it, so that you understand the incapacitation."

Earlier news from Atlanta with no connection to the shooting of Rayshard Brooks:

Drive-by shooting in Atlanta neighborhood leaves 2 dead, 5 injured, police say.  Two people were killed and at least five others were injured in a drive-by shooting in an Atlanta-area neighborhood on Saturday, authorities said.  Officers responded to the Edgewood neighborhood in northeast Atlanta around 5:45 p.m. after shots were fired into a crowd of people, FOX5 Atlanta reported.  Five victims were found at the scene and rushed to the hospital in serious condition, police said, according to the station.  Two other victims were driven to the hospital before police arrived.

Shots were fired in an Atlanta mall following a dispute in the food court.  Holiday shopping took a violent turn Saturday when shots were fired at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta following a dispute in the food court, police said.  Police responded to the incident at 1:18 p.m., according to a statement from the Cobb County Police Department.  Police determined that it was an isolated incident, and those involved knew each other, the statement said.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
When gunshots erupt at a shopping mall, and a stampede ensues, does it matter if it's an "isolated incident?"

Guns, gangs, teens, and pizza deliveries from hell.  The video that was evidence in a Fulton County criminal case is disturbing [...] A slight, shirtless boy waves his seemingly massive handgun and enthusiastically recounts robbing and shooting a pizza delivery man in July 2017.  De'Quandre Weaver, age 14 at the time and seemingly without a shred of remorse or even comprehension of his grave misdeed, gleefully narrates the details of his escapade to gales of off-screen laughter.  Weaver uses sound effects to mimic the crack of the gun and the squeal of the tires, and he employs facial expressions to show his victim's shock and terror as the man realized he'd been shot.  The wounded deliveryman, 19-year-old King Melton, sped away, leaving the robbing crew with two pizzas, cheesy bread and cans of Orange Crush.

Protesters in standoff with police on Atlanta highway.  Protesters in Atlanta, Georgia marching against police brutality have shut down Interstate-75 and the northbound side of Interstate-85, where a large police presence is preventing them from advancing further.  Meanwhile, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, some arrests have been made in protests there.  Thousands of people rallied in Atlanta, Georgia and Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday to protest the recent police-involved deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, both African-American men, in Louisiana and Minnesota respectively.

Atlanta protesters in tense, peaceful standoff with troopers.  A group of protestors engaged in a standoff with Georgia State troopers for hours Friday night.  After an earlier protest in and around Centennial Olympic Park ended, this group marched to Williams Street near the Downtown Connector.  State troopers gathered in force to form a line to keep the protestors from marching onto the highway.

Thousands of protesters block highway in Atlanta in march against police brutality.  Black Lives Matter protesters have been sprayed with tear gas in Phoenix after a march against police brutality spiraled out of control.  Police also fired bean bag rounds and pepper spray at the protesters, who were seen running away and shielding their eyes.

The Breakdown Of Law In American Cities.  On March 20, 2019 the Atlanta Chief-of-Police announce that stores in Buckhead were out of luck if they called to report shoplifting.  Reasons given were that the city is 300 officers short of what they need and that shoplifting calls take up too much officers time.  There is an hour and a half of paperwork and then the time required to transport anyone arrested.  Apparently other crime is high enough that they have to pick and choose.  So what are store owners and employees supposed to do?  Why they should still report it and get it "counted" according to the Chief-of-Police but "they should also consider hiring and off duty cop that can "make sure the culprit is made to pay for his crime".  [...] So they expect store owners to pay for private protection and enforcement from law enforcement offers while they are short staffed?  Even if businesses could hire an off duty cop, there would not be enough to police all the stores that need help.

A Georgia man shot and killed 3 masked teens as they attempted to rob him at his home.  A Georgia homeowner shot and killed three masked teens as they approached his residence with their faces covered, authorities said.  The three victims, one 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds, were all from the area but did not live in the specific neighborhood they were in, the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office said.  The teens approached three residents at the front yard of a home early Monday morning and attempted to rob them, authorities say.

Homeowner shoots and kills 3 masked men in possible 'stand your ground' case.  A homeowner in Georgia shot and killed three young masked men at his home early Monday morning, according to Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett.  Authorities identified the three deceased individuals as juveniles Monday evening — two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old — but have not released their names.  The sheriff's office told ABC News it waited to release information about the teens, all from Conyers, Georgia, until all three families were notified.

Serial rape suspect found after trying to join the police force hunting him.  Cops hunting a serial rapist in Georgia found him right under their noses — when he tried to join their police force.  Kenneth Thomas Bowen III, 24, only came into the spotlight when he joined the Clayton County Police Department's academy in 2018.  He was fired after just a few months for lateness and constant lying.  Officers later realized Bowen had been named a "suspicious" person after at least one of eight sex attacks that terrorized Jonesboro since 2015, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Detectives soon noticed the "striking resemblance" between Bowen's photo and police sketches, police said at a press conference.

Georgia businessman shot and killed in CVS parking lot while waiting for wife to finish errands.  Georgia businessman and philanthropist was shot and killed in a CVS parking lot while he was waiting for his wife to complete her errands inside the pharmacy, police said.  Jack Hough was sitting inside his parked car just outside the Gainesville store around 7:45 p.m. when the shooting occurred, according to the Gainesville Times.  Police believe the suspect approached the 73-year-old Air Force veteran in a bid to rob and carjack him.

Carjack suspect sought in death of Georgia businessman, philanthropist, Air Force vet.  A search was underway in the Atlanta area this weekend for a suspect in the shooting death of a well-known Georgia businessman and philanthropist who was killed Thursday night [2/7/2019] in an apparent carjacking attempt, authorities said.  Jack Hough, 73, was sitting in his car while his wife shopped in a pharmacy when the suspect approached him around 8 p.m., according to reports.  After a brief struggle, Hough was shot in the chest. [...] Gainesville, located about 55 miles northeast of Atlanta, has seen a spike in gun-related crimes in recent weeks.

Torry Bowman
Georgia man convicted of murdering grieving man who bumped into him at bar.  A Georgia man was convicted Thursday of murdering a grieving man who "accidentally bumped into" him at a bar last year.  Torry Bowman, 33, was found guilty in the October 2017 killing of 25-year-old Alec Price, who had been mourning the death of his grandmother, the Fulton County District Attorney's Office announced.

Four women wanted for pummeling Applebee's waitress in Georgia, police say.  Georgia police were on the hunt Friday [7/13/2018] for four women who they say started an all-out brawl at an Applebee's after their waitress bumped up against one of their knees.  The wild fight was captured on surveillance footage late Tuesday night at one of the restaurant's locations in McDonough.  "One suspect grabs a knife and cuts her in the arm and the other suspect punches her," McDonough Police Det. T.F. Spangenberg told FOX5 Atlanta.

This brave sixth grader recorded her teacher's ugly rant about Trump and minorities and told her story.  A Georgia middle school teacher's rant about President Trump forced the school district to respond to an "extremely unfortunate" incident that was brought to light by a student.  The Henry County school district responded to an audio recording of sixth grade teacher Johnetta Benton which was captured by one of her students at Hampton Middle School.  Josie Orihuela began recording the audio once Benton began her lecture as she was introducing a video to celebrate Black History Month.  The teacher reportedly gave students a 15-minute monologue about how "America has never been great for minorities," taking a jab at Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."  [Video clip]

Sixth-grade teacher delivers 15-minute rant claiming Trump's MAGA slogan is a call to bring segregation back.  A sixth-grade teacher has delivered a shocking classroom rant claiming that President Donald Trump wants a return to segregation and accused white students of being the progeny of 'European' mass murderers.  Student Josie Orihuela recorded the incident last month at Hampton Middle School near Atlanta, where social studies teacher Johnetta Benton was delivering a lesson for Black History Month.  Josie began recording just after Benton turned off a film the class was watching and pronounced that that 'Make America Great Again' could be a precursor to 'trying to bring back segregation,' the student told Fox News.

Atlanta man arrested outside Pizza Hut with camouflaged mask and a small arsenal.  An Atlanta man was arrested outside a Pizza Hut in possession of three handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition according to Griffin Police Department.  Jeremy Arnez Eppinger, 26, was noticed by a witness who told police he was acting suspicious, hiding behind a retaining wall and wearing a camouflaged mask[.]  He continued to look up at the Pizza Hut and crouch back down into hiding, the witness told Griffin Police, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  A few moments later, Eppinger jumped over the wall, pulling a handgun from his waist.  As Eppinger walked towards the restaurant with gun in hand, he spotted the witness attempting to flee.

Alleged Gwinnett cop killer [was] found hiding in shed, police say.  The man accused of killing a Gwinnett police officer was found hiding in a wooden shed wielding a lawn mower blade and was shot and killed after he refused to obey police commands, authorities said.  After receiving information from a tipster on Tafahree Maynard's whereabouts, 75-90 police officers descended on a neighborhood in unincorporated Snellville, set up a perimeter and went house to house, Gwinnett Police Chief Butch Ayers said at a press briefing.  After finding Maynard, police initially used a Taser.  They shot after determining he had was armed with a mower blade.  Police said the officers were five to six feet away from Maynard when he was shot.  "The danger to the community is over," Ayers said.

Atlanta-area officer fatally shot; one suspect held, another sought, authorities say.  Authorities outside Atlanta said Saturday [10/20/2018] that they had arrested one man and were looking for another in connection with the shooting death of a Gwinnett County police officer who was fired upon while responding to the scene of "a suspicious vehicle" hours earlier.  A suspect identified as Isaiah Pretlow, 19, was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service and was charged with aggravated assault in the death of Officer Antwan Toney, 30, police said at a news conference.

Daughter struck by subway train while trying to save mother.  Horrified subway riders rushed to save a woman pushed in front of a commuter train in Atlanta, and the woman's daughter was struck by the train while trying to help, witnesses said.

C P Brooklin
Man who pushed mother onto tracks at MARTA station identified.  MARTA police have identified the man who allegedly pushed a woman onto the tracks at the Midtown MARTA Station Sunday, prompting a chaotic scene that ended with the woman's daughter critically wounded.  Police identified the suspect as Christopher Patrick Brooklin, 28.  He is charged with aggravated assault and battery in a public transit station.

Derrick Hall
McDonald's patron barricades himself in bathroom, rips urinal off wall during police standoff.  A man was taken into police custody at a McDonald's near Atlanta, Ga. after barricading himself in the bathroom Tuesday.  Derrick Hall, 36, caused a standoff with police and a SWAT team at a Gwinnett County location of the fast-food chain, after employees reported he had a knife and was possibly doing drugs, according to Fox 5.  Officers tried to get Hall to surrender peacefully but were unsuccessful.  He began threatening the authorities and trashing the bathroom, pulling a urinal off the wall and breaking a water pipe.  Hall is also accused of swinging his knife at the police.

Gavin Henderson
People like this should be locked up for life.
Ex-con killed teen sister for taking too long in the bathroom: detective.  An ex-con stabbed his 15-year-old sister 53 times last month, killing her, because she took too long in the bathroom, a detective testified Monday [7/2/2018].  Gavin Henderson, 27, moved in last year with his mother and siblings at the Lacota Apartments in Dunwoody, Georgia, after being released from a Florida prison following a several-year stint for violent crimes.  Henderson turned to his relatives because he had no other options, a Dunwoody Police Department detective testified, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  But Henderson soon had alarming physical confrontations with his family, including pulling a knife on one of his sisters and a deadly dispute with another, Keaira Henderson, on June 18 — when he needed to use the bathroom and she apparently wasn't finished, Detective Jesus Moldonado testified.

Elementary school teacher charged with 2016 gang-related murders of 2 children.  A Georgia elementary school teacher was charged last week with the murder of two children in a 2016 gang-related attack.  Michael De'Sean White, 26, who works at Toney Elementary School in DeKalb County, was arrested Friday and charged with the killing of 11-year-old Tatiyana Coates and 15-year-old Daveon Coates.  Clayton County police Maj. Tina Daniel told WSB-TV a police sketch of a man seen at the murder scene drawn by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation helped authorities make a case against White.

Customer punches store clerk over price of hair weave.  Police near Atlanta, Georgia are looking for a woman who allegedly attacked a store clerk over the price of a hair weave.  Surveillance video shows the customer throwing merchandise and punches in the Duluth store.  Venus Beauty Supply workers say the Wednesday night confrontation began after customer Melissa Roper and her daughter didn't like the price of a weave, and the lack of customer service they apparently wanted.  Roper's daughter threw the product at the clerk, then the clerk threw it right back.

Several shot at Atlanta train station.  The shooting took place at about 4:30 p.m. [4/13/2017] at West Lake Station, according to WSB-TV.  All of the victims were in their 30s, according to WSB.  A suspect has been detained and there is an ongoing investigation, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) said in a statement, according to Reuters.

Customer unsatisfied with 'under-seasoned fries' throws food at workers.  Clayton County Police Det.  Sefan Schindler told WSB-TV Wednesday [3/15/2017] the woman was upset because she said there wasn't enough seasoning salt on her French fries at a Zaxby's restaurant in suburban Atlanta.

Woman shoots, kills home invasion suspect.  A suspect in an alleged home invasion is dead after being shot by the owner of the home early Friday morning [9/16/2016]. [...] Gwinnett County Police Corporal Deon Washington tells CBS46 News that the suspect, identified as 28 year-old Antonio Leeks, kicked in the door of the home and awoke the homeowner.  After grabbing her handgun, the homeowner went to investigate and saw three males coming through the door.

Woman Shoots Man Trying to Break Into Warner Robins Home.  A woman shot a man trying to break into her home in Warner Robins early Friday morning [9/16/2016]. [...] 27-year-old Martiez Holmes is charged with criminal attempt to commit burglary and giving a false name.  He was released from the hospital Friday.

Police: Georgia man killed in shootout with US marshals.  A man suspected of shooting at Atlanta officers last week was shot and killed Friday [8/5/2016] after getting into a shootout with authorities trying to arrest him, a police spokesman said.

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Hillary rally.  Protesters with the Black Lives Matters movement interrupted a Hillary Clinton rally in Atlanta on Friday [10/30/2015], where she planned to unveil her criminal justice reform plan.  Members of the civil rights group in the crowd chanted "Black Lives Matters" and sang hymns throughout her speech.

Georgia teens storm school bus, attack elementary school kids.  A pack of teens stormed onto a Georgia school bus and attacked several elementary students on board — including one who needed to be hospitalized, according to a new report.  The four assailants — an 18-year-old non-student, a high school student and two middle school students — boarded the bus Monday morning when it made a stop only about a mile from Snapfinger Elementary School in Decatur, WSB-TV 2 reported.  Several students were attacked, and one was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospital, school officials told the station.

Young Thug accused of having 4 types of drugs, tons of cash in DeKalb.  Atlanta rapper Young Thug was arrested over the weekend in DeKalb County after police said they found him and two other men in a car with drugs and nearly $50,000 in cash.  The artist, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of Xanax, codeine and ecstasy, along with co-defendant Cedric Jones.  They were also charged with possession of guns while breaking drug laws.  The arrests were Sunday [9/24/2017] in Brookhaven.

3 arrested in Atlanta fire underneath interstate bridge.  Three people have been arrested in connection with the raging fire that collapsed a portion of Interstate 85 a few miles north of downtown Atlanta, crippling a major traffic artery in a city already known for dreadful rush-hour congestion.

Suspects connected to I-85 fire, collapse identified.  Three people have been arrested after a massive fire under I-85 caused a huge chunk of the roadway to collapse Thursday, multiple officials confirm.  The fire began in the middle of rush hour and brought Atlanta traffic on both sides of the busy Interstate to a complete standstill, as giant flames and plumes of black smoke billowed.  It left motorists stranded on the the Interstate for hours as Georgia State Patrol Troopers worked to divert traffic and clear the roadway.

Atlanta bridge fire suspect was smoking crack before blaze began, warrant says.  The homeless man accused of starting a fire that caused a section of a major Atlanta interstate to collapse was smoking crack before the blaze erupted, his arrest warrant shows.  Basil Eleby, 39, was charged with first degree arson and criminal damage to property in connection to the fire, and is being held in Fulton County jail on a $200,000 bond.  Eleby has been arrested 20 times since 2000, mostly on drug possession and drug trafficking charges, according to Fulton County jail records.

Gladys Knight's son accused of tax evasion as restaurants raided.  Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles, an Atlanta dining institution that features Southern favorites and is named after the famed singer, was raided on Tuesday after Georgia's Department of Revenue accused the owner — Knight's son — of theft and tax evasion.  Shanga Hankerson, Knight's son and the owner of the three Atlanta-area restaurants, "is accused of stealing over $650,000" in sales taxes and withholding taxes owed to the state, the agency said in a news release.  "After penalties and interest the total exceeds $1 million," the department said.

See if you can guess what they all have in common.
83 Atlanta Public School Cheating Teachers "Unindicted Co-Conspirators" Will Not Be Punished.  Those who opted for trial are a small fraction of the original 178 educators and administrators named in the governor's investigative report of teachers changing answers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.

Two murder suspects, including a 14-year-old boy, shared photos brandishing a gun hours 'before the robbery and shooting death of a pizza delivery man'.  Disturbing Facebook photos showing two murder suspects, including a 14-year-old boy, holding a gun that is believed to have been used in a pizza delivery driver's murder in Georgia were presented during a court hearing in the case on Friday [2/25/2016].  Reginald Lofton, 14, and Jermaine Young, 21, are accused of robbing and murdering Papa John's pizza delivery man Shane Varnadore on March 1 at an apartment complex in Gwinnett County, WSB-TV reported.  Young and Lofton, who is being charged as an adult, face charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and armed robbery in Varnadore's shooting death.  Varnadore, 28, was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound just before midnight, WSB-TV reported.

Nine arrested in giant street brawl that killed teen.  Nine people are behind bars in Georgia charged with murder after a massive street fight caught on video.  Police are investigating what sparked the brawl in a small town near Augusta that left a teenager dead.  David Begnaud reports from outside Glenn Hills High School in Augusta, where some of the suspects are enrolled.

9 face murder charges in recorded after-school brawl in Georgia.  It started out as a fistfight.  Two girls — emboldened by bystanders alternately yelling out support or derision — went toe-to-toe in the residential street before they tumbled to the ground.  It only got uglier from there.  A two-minute cell phone video shot by a witness last week in Hephzibah, Georgia, captures the chaos as others join the fray, some wielding bats or pipes, others their fists.  The driver of a black car targets two young men, narrowly misses them, and backs up on the subdivision lawn, striking another vehicle.  In the end, an 18-year-old boy was mortally wounded.

The Editor says...
Notice that the bystanders all have cell phones with internal video cameras, and every gang fight is televised on the internet.  Not to identify the suspects, of course, but to generate internet fame for the photographers.  The lower class is preoccupied and driven by celebrity and fame.

A Deadly Fight Involving Up To 50 Teens Started With One 15 Year Old Girl.  Authorities say nine people have been charged with murder and another is being sought after a teenager was stabbed to death in a massive, chaotic brawl that involved baseball bats, pipes, knives and other weapons near Augusta.

Rapper Bankroll Fresh killed at recording Atlanta studio.  Fulton County Medical Examiner senior investigator Tami Sedivy-Schorder says 28-year-old Trentavious White, also known as rapper Bankroll Fresh, was found shot outside Street Execs Studio around 11 p.m. Friday [3/4/2016].

Atlanta girl shot during robbery for her hoverboard.  WSB-TV reported Sunday [1/3/2016] the bullet came out the girl's side after it struck her in the back.  Her brother Doryan Sanford said his sister was riding the hoverboard she got for Christmas and didn't realize she had been targeted by robbers.  "He just said, 'Give it up,' and I said, 'What?'  He pulled out a gun and put it to my face," Sanford told the station.  "I pushed him back.  That's when I tried to close the door and that's when the bullet came through and hit my sister." [...] There was no word on a description of the robbery suspects.

MLK's sister-in-law punched in face during attempted carjacking.  "[The assailant] demanded her car and told her he was going to bust her in her mouth," said friend Lena Reid Morrow.  Morrow said King refused to hand over her car.  "Before she could say anything, he had hit her in the mouth and was looking to see where her purse was in the car.  But he could not see that, so he turned and hit her again and by this time she was screaming," Morrow said.  Police say the young male came from a wooded area nearby.  They say he disappeared back through the trail that leads to three different communities.

Father shot three times in front of his wife and children by teen robbers who knocked on their door claiming to have a flat tire.  An Atlanta couple have told of the terrifying moment four men pretending to have had car troubles burst into their home and robbed them at gunpoint, shooting the father-of-two in front of his children.  Mike and Whitney Lash had just returned to their house with their two young children on August 16 when the men knocked on their door.  Mr Lash answered the door, and the men said they had just moved down the street but had a flat tire and wanted to borrow a jack, but Mrs Lash felt something was amiss from the start.

Woman killed in Atlanta police shootout had long arrest record.  Despite being handcuffed and in the back of a patrol car, a 26-year-old woman managed to get one hand free and use a stolen gun to fire three shots at two officers, Atlanta police Chief George Turner said Friday [5/1/2015].

Rapper Slim Dunkin gunned down outside Atlanta recording studio.  Police say the Detroit native, whose real name is Mario Hamilton, was shot in the chest in after getting into an argument before the shoot.  Investigators said there were at least 20 people at the scene, each one with a different story.

17-Year-Old Anthony Stokes Home Invasion, Shooting, Carjacking — Dies During Police Chase.  The story of Anthony Stokes didn't start the day he died after crashing a stolen car into a pedestrian and sign post.  Nor did his story start moments earlier when he kicked down the door of an elderly Roswell Georgia woman and shot at her as she sat on the couch during his home invasion.  The public story of Anthony Stokes actually began a few years prior, in 2013, when he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, a terminal condition if he did not receive a heart transplant.

Police use pepper spray to break up fight among Nike shoppers.  The release of Nike's retro Air Jordans caused a frenzy at stores across the nation early Friday [12/23/2011], with hundreds of people lining up for a chance to buy the classic basketball shoes and rowdy crowds breaking down doors and starting fights in at least two cities.

Race for New Air Jordan Sneakers Turns Ugly.  The quest for some limited edition sneakers took an ugly turn early Friday morning outside the Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia.  DeKalb police say several people were arrested , including one woman who left two young children in her car, after the new Nike Air Jordan 11 Concords went on sale.

Area mall shoppers squabble over Air Jordan shoes.  Michael Jordan reigned supreme once more Friday in the world of sneaker craziness, as scuffles broke out and police were called to three malls in the Charlotte area when hundreds of sometimes-unruly shoppers showed up for a wildly popular Air Jordan shoe.  Similar scenes were reported across the country as shoppers were arrested near Atlanta, a shot was fired in a mall near San Francisco, a man was stabbed in New Jersey, and police in the Seattle area used pepper spray on a crowd outside a shoe store.

The blacks blame everybody but themselves for their lawless behavior.
Local Activists Call for Air Jordan Changes.  Local activists and ministers are taking on one of the world's top sports brands.  They're calling on Nike and Michael Jordan to change the way they sell the highly sought after Air Jordan sneakers.  This comes after the frenzy over the limited release last week turned violent in some cities.  Now, community leaders say the people at the top should take some responsibility.

Atlanta police have warrant for suspect in June attack on bicyclist.  Atlanta police issued a warrant Wednesday [7/16/2014] for an Atlanta man on attempted murder and other charges for the vehicular assault on a local bicyclist June 9.  Police are seeking Joseph Alan Lewis, 19, as a suspect in the attack on Gregory T. Germani, 50, in the Morningside neighborhood.  Lewis' girlfriend Shanelle Woodard, 22, also of Atlanta, was arrested Wednesday and charged with tampering with evidence.

17-year-old boy arrested after 5 shot near Atlanta high school, report says.  Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy and charged him with five counts of aggravated assault after he allegedly shot and injured five people near a southwest Atlanta high school on Tuesday, according to a published report. [...] Parent Shavien Dennis told reporters outside the hospital that her 17-year-old daughter, Tekevious Redding, a Therrell senior, was shot and was still being treated for a bullet lodged in her leg.

Woman pleads guilty; gets life in killing of KSU student.  When road rage between two carloads of people spilled into a Cobb County apartment complex, another woman was called to help and grabbed a gun.  She was already a convicted felon on probation.  Sparkles Lashayla Lindsey didn't know the woman she shot, according to police.  But hours later, a 21-year-old Kennesaw State University student was dead.  On Tuesday [2/10/2015], Lindsey pleaded guilty in the October 2013 shooting death of Kimberly Faith Kilgore and was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole.

Police: 3 shot Clark Atlanta student, then took his Nikes.  A Clark Atlanta University student is the latest victim of deadly scams involving the same website:  Craigslist.  And the death is one more reminder of the potential dangers with the online site, according to police.  James Jones Jr., 21, was attempting to buy an iPhone 6 off the site late Monday when he agreed to meet the alleged seller in a Marietta neighborhood.  Instead, he was confronted by three men who shot him twice, robbed him of his Nike tennis shoes, and left him to die in the front seat of his car, police said.

Hundreds attend service for Clark Atlanta student killed buying iPhone.  James Earl Jones Jr. was a scholar. [...] On Feb. 2, Jones posted on Facebook that he wanted an iPhone 6.  One week later, he was attempting to buy the phone he saw advertised on Craigslist when he was shot and killed in Cobb County, according to police.  Jones agreed to meet the alleged seller Monday night in a Marietta neighborhood.  Instead, he was confronted by three men who shot him twice, robbed him of his Nike tennis shoes, and left him to die in the front seat of his car, police said.  Jones, 21, was dead when officers arrived.

Officials ID construction worker killed confronting man in Kroger lot.  A construction worker was shot and killed outside a Kroger store in Atlanta on Tuesday [3/10/2015] by an assailant apparently trying to steal his work truck, police told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The victim was identified as Joshua R. Richey, 38, of Hayden, Ala., the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office said Tuesday night.  Richey was shot in the chest outside the store at 725 Ponce de Leon.  The market has been called the "Murder Kroger" because of crime in the area.

Search for missing Atlanta Muslim child leads to discovery of a makeshift armed Muslim compound in New Mexico.  The detective forwarded the message to Taos County, New Mexico Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe, who executed a search warrant Friday [8/3/2018] on a makeshift compound that authorities believed was operated by armed Muslim extremists.  After a standoff with two metro Atlanta men inside the heavily armed encampment, officers arrested and Siraj Ibn Wahhaj — the fugitive wanted in the child abduction case as well as Lucas Allen Morten.  But they weren't the only ones at the property that had no running water, plumbing or electricity.

Moms arrested after 11 children found in 'filthy' New Mexico compound with armed Muslim 'extremists,' cops say.  The three mothers of the 11 malnourished children found living in a filthy New Mexico compound were arrested and charged Sunday along with two men described as armed Muslim "extremists" after authorities raided the property in search of a 4-year-old boy.  Jany Leveille, 35; Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35, were arrested and charged with neglect and child abuse of the children.  The three women, who were found at the compound in Amalia, initially refused to answer any questions.

More about this case has been posted here.

Dancing surgeon accused of leaving patient brain-damaged.  A plastic surgeon who filmed herself singing and dancing around the operating table as she performed procedures was accused of leaving a patient with "catastrophic" brain damage.  Dr. Windell Davis Boutte uploaded over 20 clips of herself prancing around next to patients while singing along to hip-hop tunes.  She even sliced someone open for the camera as "Cut It" by O.T. Genasis blared out in the background.  Icilma Cornelius suffered heart failure after being pushed into having a pre-wedding tummy tuck at Boutte's clinic in Lilburn, Georgia, in February 2016, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Craigslist seller missing after meeting would-be buyer, foul play suspected.  Atlanta police suspect foul play in the case of a missing man who posted a Craigslist ad for a vintage truck and disappeared after meeting a would-be buyer.  Police found the truck belonging to 44-year-old Vicente Cruz in a motel parking lot with blood inside, WGCL-TV reported Saturday [5/6/2017].

The Editor says...
Craigslist would function as intended only among moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the transactions of any other.

UPS fires 250 drivers in New York over walk out, report says.  The shipping giant Monday [3/31/2014] fired these employees because they walked off the job in February in protest over the dismissal of a fellow Queens employee who worked for the company for 24 years, The [New York] Daily News reported.  The report said 20 workers were fired after their shifts and 230 were told they will be fired once replacements are in place.

UPS dismisses 250 Queens drivers after they protested against long-time employee's dismissal.  UPS has delivered a special message to 250 of its Queens drivers:  You're fired!  The Atlanta-based company is booting 250 of its unionized drivers from its Maspeth facility because they walked off the job for 90 minutes Feb. 26 to protest the dismissal of a long-time employee, UPS told the [New York] Daily News.  Twenty employees were terminated Monday after their shifts — and the remaining 230 notified that they'll be canned as soon as replacements are trained, a company spokesman said.

Democratic Debate Winners and Losers.  MSNBC went full "woke" with their production of Wednesday night's [11/20/2019] primary debate.  They held the event at Tyler Perry's historic Atlanta film studios — a seeming nod to the Black community although they perplexingly left out nearly any mention of Black voter issues — and they had an all women panel of moderators, led by Rachael Maddow.  Again, there was a perplexing lack of questions surrounding the issues you'd think most Democrat-voting women would be curious about... outside of the sacred abortion questions.

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