The Ultimate Goal of Environmentalism

This is where environmentalism is headed:
Environmentalists ultimately want to wipe out the human race.

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Climate Alarmism is the existential threat to humanity.  [C]limate alarmists constantly call for degrowth, both in terms of the economy and in terms of population.  Somehow, the climate alarmists have convinced themselves that the solution to the nonexistent problem of a slightly warming planet is for humanity to cull its population growth.  This is extremely short-sighted and fails to consider that many developed countries are currently experiencing a stark population decline.  If this is not reversed, and soon, many of these once-thriving nations will experience severe demographic problems.  Likewise, calls for economic degrowth, which has been a cause célèbre among climate alarmists for many years now, would wreak havoc and would instantly result in decreased living standards for billions of people.  This is especially true for several developing countries, which are banking on economic growth and increased prosperity to lift billions from poverty.

The Global War on Food.  Agriculture, in which humans have been engaged for thousands of years, is now being deemed dangerous and wrong in the eyes of well-fed bureaucratic idiots who are determined to make food unaffordable and/or unavailable for the huge majority of the global population who aren't wealthy.  Oh, and if the U.N. has its way, anyone who criticizes the anti-human agenda will be silenced.  But that's OK.  The vast majority of the global population is, in the eyes of the elites, useless eaters anyway.  The sooner they are removed from the picture — by whatever means possible — the better they'll like it.  If this isn't the epitome of evil, I don't know what is.

World Bank Launches Plan to Decimate Global Farming Under Excuse of Cutting Carbon Emissions.  The globalist-led World Bank issued a report recently that proposes the idea of making drastic cuts to global agriculture production in order to achieve "net zero emissions."  The plot involves centralizing the world's farms in the hands of just a few wealthy individuals who plan to cut almost one-third of the world's greenhouse gas emissions by radically altering the way food is grown.  The report touts the proposed changes in nice-sounding terminology that claims food production will continue in such a way as "to feed a growing population."  The reality, though, is that the proposal threatens to eliminate large swaths of agricultural production that in turn could lead to famine and starvation.

The World's — and the Pacific Rim's — Disastrous Population Implosion.  Will the world be better off with fewer people?  For years that has been a hypothetical question posed to suggest an affirmative answer.  Fewer people, it was claimed, would mean less depredation of natural resources, less urban overcrowding, more room for other species to stretch their (actual or metaphorical) legs.  Mankind was a parasite, a blight, and overpopulation a disease.  Fewer people would mean a better Earth.  Not everyone has agreed.  More people, argued the late economist Julian Simon, means more inventors, more innovators, more creators.  Benjamin Franklin was the 15th of his father's 17 children.  Would America, and the world, have been better off if his father had stopped at 14?  More people also means more consumers and taxpayers.  More consumers to pay for the goods and services of private-sector workers.  More taxpayers to pay for, among other things, benefits for the elderly and infirm.  Whatever you think, whether the world be better off with fewer people is no longer a hypothetical or rhetorical question.

The Onrushing Death Wave.  Governments, public health ministries and Big Pharma are not talking about what is coming[,] because they are deeply complicit in despicable, genocidal crimes[,] but there are a number of prominent, world class, medical scientists explaining what is in the cards over the next few years: a tsunami of death, due to the billions of so-called Covid-19 vaccines that were injected into hordes of victims in countries all over the world.  In that regard, read the following article which presents the remarks of two, bona fide, internationally recognized medical experts that go straight to the point.  It's very short.  According to Dr. Dolores Cahill, formerly at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany, and more recently Professor of Translational Science at Conway Institute at the University College Dublin's (UCD) School of Medicine, everyone who has received the mRNA "vaccines" that Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, et al, have injected into billions of people around the world in recent years, will be dying in the next couple of years[,] even if they received only one jab.  Now this is coming from a woman who is a very high level medical scientist, with advanced degrees, who has spent her career working/researching/teaching in major hospitals and scientific research institutes.  Why will the injected die?  Because the substances in the "vaccines" are absolutely not compatible with good human health and longevity.  It's as simple as that.

Renowned Scientist:  All Covid-Vaxxed 'Will Die in 3 to 5 Years'.  A world-renowned scientist and leading immunology expert has raised the alarm with an explosive warning to the public that everyone who has been vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots "will die within 3 to 5 years, even if they have had only one injection."  The alert was issued by Professor Dr. Dolores Cahill.  Prof. Cahill has over 25 years of expertise in high-throughput protein array, antibody array, proteomics technology development, and automation.  The experience includes work on how proteins and antibodies can be used in biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.  She is the Professor of Translational Science at Conway Institute at the University College Dublin's (UCD) School of Medicine.

Climate Scientist Calls for Mass Depopulation to Fight 'Global Warming'.  A top government climate scientist has called for a major "culling of the human population" in order to fight "global warming."  Professor Bill McGuire argues that a "pandemic with a very high fatality rate" is required to wipe out a large portion of the human race.  According to McGuire, a mass depopulation event is "the only realistic way" to "avoid a catastrophic climate breakdown."  McGuire, a Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London (UCL), said the quiet part out loud in a post on X on Sunday.

The Editor says...
There is no climate crisis, or climate emergency, or "climate breakdown."  There's nothing substantially different about today's climate compared to the climate 500 years ago.  The climate has been changing gradually for the last 8,000 years.  And when the climate changes, your only option is to adapt to it.  No amount of spending or legislation will improve the weather.

Climate Professor Thinks We Should 'Cull' the Human Population to Reach Emissions Targets.  Professor Bill McGuire is a well-known vulcanologist and climate scientist who doesn't care much for humanity.  He tweeted out a scathingly brilliant idea if you're in the mortuary business or work as a grave digger.  "If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate."  Ooopsie.  McGuire deleted the tweet a few hours later but had no regrets.  The trouble is, we just don't understand how brilliant he is.  [Tweet]

Survey indicates sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender dysphoria are all primarily caused by vaccination.  Thanks to your help in responding to my last survey, it took less than 3 hours to answer the question as to whether sexual orientation, gender identity and gender dysphoria are influenced by vaccines.  The answer to all three is yes: the greater someone is vaccinated, the more likely they are to exhibit each of these traits.  For all three measures, the odds ratios were 4.8 or higher which means that the attributable fraction is 79.2%.  In other words, vaccines are responsible for nearly 80% of the effect size. [...] So the vaccines themselves are the elephant in the room here and the driver of the response, not environment, upbringing, social pressure, etc.  I have not seen any data that disputes this.

The Editor says...
Well then... If the government wants everyone to be vaccinated, and vaccinations lead to gender confusion, and homosexuals don't reproduce, where does that lead?  Extinction within a few generations.  But at least it's much gentler than wiping out billions of people by other methods.

How Many Billions of People Would Die Under Net Zero?  BBC oddball Chris Packham has hit back at claims reported on Neil Oliver's GB News show that half the world's population could die if Net Zero was implemented in full. [...] This would appear to be the same Chris Packham who told the Telegraph in October 2010 that there were too many humans on the planet, and "we need to do something about it".  In 2020, he informed the Daily Mail that "quite frankly" smallpox, measles, mumps and malaria were there "to regulate our population".  Over his broadcast career, untroubled by Ofcom interest, Packham has claimed mass extinctions of all life on Earth unless humans stop burning hydrocarbons.  Of course there are those who point out that these popular mass extinctions only seem to exist in computer models.  Hydrocarbons, meanwhile, have led to unprecedented prosperity and health, unimaginable to previous generations, across many parts of a planet that now supports a sustainable population of humans numbering eight billion.

Renowned Scientist:  All Covid-Vaxxed 'Will Die in 3 to 5 Years'.  A world-renowned scientist and leading immunology expert has raised the alarm with an explosive warning to the public that everyone who has been vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots "will die within 3 to 5 years, even if they have had only one injection."  The alert was issued by Professor Dr. Dolores Cahill.  Prof. Cahill has over 25 years of expertise in high-throughput protein array, antibody array, proteomics technology development, and automation.  The experience includes work on how proteins and antibodies can be used in biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

The Editor says...
I don't believe everyone will die from vaccinations any more than I believe doomsday predictions about global warming.  Statements like this make good clickbait, that's all.

Earth Day: A Phony Holiday.  Protecting the environment sounds good, if you don't know what the anti-humans behind Earth Day mean by it.  What they have in mind combines a pagan religion, communism — it's no coincidence April 22 is Lenin's birthday — and the "climate change" hoax, which aims to wipe out humanity.  Let's look at these points in more detail.  Pagans want to replace Christianity, which teaches that man has dominion over the earth with a religion of earth-worship.  Marcus Walker Van Every gives a good account of this:  "Tucked nicely into the overarching theme of Earth Day, are core pagan beliefs such as the veneration of Mother Earth, the reduction of human population, the introduction of animistic and pantheistic beliefs, and even the criminalization for man's contribution to climate change.["]

"They Think There Are Too Many Of Us On The Planet" : Tyrannical UN Plans For Our Future.  [Alex Newman says,]  "They are telling us they are going to bring out radical, drastic reforms in the structure of the UN... and the power of the UN.  Think of it as the biggest power grab ever at the global level.  The Secretary General of the UN (António Guterres) has put out briefs where he is calling for the UN to be the one world global dictatorship with him at the helm.  In emergencies, the UN would have all power in emergencies and have all power to oversee emergency response...  They say the crisis could be a climate crisis, an economic crisis, an environmental crisis, a pandemic crisis, black swan crisis, or maybe something from outer space.  So, basically, anything could be a crisis, and when the Secretary General declares a crisis, all power and authority would go to the UN.  This is like a blank check on the wealth and liberty on every person on the planet, and this is coming soon.

Molecular Geneticist:  Covid mRNA Shots Were 'Designed' To 'Destroy Humanity'.  Would you believe, Michael Nehls, MD, PhD, molecular geneticist, immunologist, author, and educator, reveals as an insider that the mRNA shots, falsely called vaccines, were from the beginning designed to "destroy humanity".  He claims the injections were part of a plan by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), and Big Pharma to massively reduce world population.  One of the few insiders who blows the whistle on the truth.  One may add that among the hidden criminals were and are to this day active, also Big Finance, the Military Industrial Complex, Big IT, and the corrupted mainstream media, that dominate over 90% of western news outlets.

More CO2 is good for the planet.  William Happer, Professor Emeritus of Physics at Princeton University: "More CO2 is good for the world... It's absurd to be trying to reduce CO2".  "We're in a CO2 famine now... It's unbelievable that they've managed to turn this beneficial gas, a part of life, into a threat."  "They talk about carbon pollution.  I can't imagine what they're talking about.  We're made of carbon, and we breathe out two pounds of CO2 a day, each of us — that's 8 billion people."  "Many of them say, well, people are the real problem, it's not the CO2, we've got too many people, and really we can't have more than a billion people in the world."  [Tweet with video clip]

The Population Explosion Disaster That Never Happened.  The book The Population Bomb was published in 1968 by Stanford University's Paul and Anne Ehrlich.  They wrote that hundreds of millions of people would soon die because of hunger in the next decade and there was nothing we could do about it.  There were just too many people.  The first Earth Day was held in April 1970 in honor of the earth.  We were told we were ruining the earth.  We were overpopulated.  And we were going to die.  Back then they told us that we were causing a new ice age.  Of course, all of the inflammatory predictions of the Ehrlichs' bestselling book did not come to pass.  Just like "peak oil" never came to pass.  Just like all the current predictions are not panning out and must regularly be changed to keep people fixated on the issue.  The problem with the people who make such predictions is that they worship the earth and want to keep it for themselves and don't want to share it with others.  They really want to reduce or eliminate people.  They do not care about people or science.  Most concerned people have been fooled into these peoples' agenda.  The current crop of depopulationists hide under the cloak of "climate change."  Such people as Bill Gates, Senator John Kerry, Greta Thunberg, and Klaus Schwab tell us to be terrified of "climate change."

American Rancher Blowing The Whistle On mRNA Vaccine Tests In Livestock With Horrific Results.  "They took 525 hogs, injected them with a live mRNA vaccine and in 21 days, these were the statistics:
  - 25 of them suffered from death
  - 55 of them became so anorexic that they were near death
  - 20 of them suffered from lameness
  - 12 of them suffered from loss of condition
  - and 25 more of them had near death symptoms"
"Let's dig into the statistics sheet about mRNA vaccines in live animals and why this is a concern not only as a consumer, but as a producer as well[.]  So we have 70% of these animals that are gonna be okay to an extent, and then we have 30% of them that either have died or have near death symptoms. [...]"  [Video clip]

War on food is spreading in U.S. through land-use restrictions, geoengineering and waves of propaganda.  Remember, it really is all about depopulation[.]  The World Economic Forum warned us several years ago that its ultimate goal was to destroy the middle class. [...] Small farmers are under attack in the Beaver State, which has begun shutting down family farms throughout the state under the guise of water conservation and groundwater protection.  The owner of Yanasa Ama Ranch shared a 20-minute video explaining what is going on in Oregon as bureaucrats erroneously classify small family farms and homesteads as "concentrated animal feeding operations," or CAFOs, in order to shut them down.  Any feeding area that has a concrete, rock or gravel floor falls into this category, which would include most small dairy or egg farms.

The climate cult is slowly revealing its intent to depopulate the world.  Have you heard the latest nonsense from the climate cultists?  No, I'm not talking about recycling human hair to change the weather.  And I'm not talking about the hot new fad of defacing works of art (and the U.S. Constitution) to end climate change.  No, I'm talking about the incredible, newly discovered (and peer-reviewed!) scientific fact that the act of breathing in and out is itself an offense against the weather gods. [...] But wait.  There is something very important happening here.  With every story like this, the would-be controllers of humanity are telling you something about who they are and what they have planned for you.  As is so often the case with this type of propaganda-masquerading-as-science, it turns out that the real trick to this scientific deception lies not in what is said, but in what is not said.  Specifically, in their conclusion, after acknowledging that they could find no correlation between diet and emissions, the study's authors conclude with a warning against downplaying the importance of this minuscule (and statistically meaningless) human-breathed greenhouse gas contribution and... that's it.  The question of what is to be done with this information is left completely unaddressed.

The Left Demands Millions of Human Sacrifices to Appease the Gods of Climate Change.  "The ruling classes of the fading West are determined to save the planet by immiserating their fellow citizens," writes Joel Kotkin. [...] This apparent religiosity highlights an interesting sort of logical somersault for modern progressives.  On the one hand, they believe it to be primitive "Christian Nationalism" to assert, as all documents associated with America's Founding do, that our natural rights were endowed to us by God, rather than some government edict written by a government official somewhere.  On the other hand, high priestesses like Nancy Pelosi assure the faithful that hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and wildfires on the West Coast are signs that "Mother Earth is angry," and is visiting her vengeance upon us.  Quite literally, today's party of The Science is an apocalyptic doomsday cult which fears the wrath of deities that are personified by nature, complete with the sacrifice of countless children.

You Need to Die.  John Kerry: "Agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world.  And we can't get to Net Zero — we don't get the job done — unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.  You just can't continue to both warm the planet while also expecting to feed it.  It doesn't work.  So, we have to reduce emissions from the food system."  What a dilemma.  If we feed people, we will continue to warm the planet.  If we continue to warm the planet, billions will die in 100 years from global warming because of the food we are eating now.  So, we must reduce "emissions" which will reduce global warming — excuse me, climate change — and since food production accounts for about 33% of "emissions," agriculture, i.e., feeding people, is obviously the biggest culprit.  Therefore, to prevent global warming, er, climate change which will kill billions of people, we must stop agriculture and quit feeding people.  Which will kill billions of people.  I told you it was a dilemma.  Which solution do you think John Kerry favors?

The real purpose of Net Zero: impoverishment, enslavement and depopulation.  Niall McCrae, of this parish, has written a unique, timely and important book on the so-called climate crisis.  Green in Tooth and Claw: the Misanthropic Mission Climate Alarm is not another treatise filled with graphs and tables of scientific data to refute the notion of anthropogenic global warming.  Instead, the author analyses the dogma through a cultural lens, with some harrowing conclusions for humanity if it does not wake up in time to resist. [...] However, the majority of citizens remain asleep to the dystopian design, believing the relentless propaganda of runaway climate change, the deadliness of carbon dioxide (a gas essential to life) and the need to curtail every aspect of their quality of life.  More promisingly, a slow but steady awakening is evident.  Trust in governments and bought media is plummeting.  For this reason, draconian interventions to curb freedom of speech and independent media channels are a priority for the powers-that-be.

CBS reporter ponders whether humans should 'cease to exist'.  CBS political reporter Kathryn Watson (@kathrynw5) took to 'X' to wonder whether it would be a "bad" thing if humans became extinct.

Key Club Member Wants 87.5% Population Reduction Done "Peacefully".  The Key Club of Rome member Dennis Meadows hopes the "necessary" depopulation of the planet, down to one billion — an 87.5% reduction from today's population — can "occur in a civil way."  He and his fellow radicals have decided it's necessary.  The Key Club now works with the World Economic Forum (WEF).  "I hope that it [depopulation] can occur in a civil way.  I mean civil in a special way — a peaceful way, doesn't mean that everybody's happy.  But it means that conflict isn't solved through violence, through force, but rather in other ways.  "And so that's what I hope for ...the planet can support something like a billion people, maybe two billion [we currently have 7.8 billion people in the world], depending on how much liberty and how much material consumption you want to have.["]

The WEF and WHO — Are They Running a Death Cult?  From the looks and evidence — ever more visible to even the ignorant — we are living in a Death Cult — a cabal-driven death cult, with a key objective to do away with:  eliminate a large segment, if not the majority of the world population.  Who is executing this Death Cult?  And on behalf of whom?  Three entities come to mind.
1. The World Economic Forum (WEF)
2. The World Health Organization (WHO)
3. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Will the Rich Be the Only Ones Able to Reproduce in the Future?  While the propaganda machine insists the world will face dire consequences due to overpopulation, the data actually point us in the opposite direction, as infertility among both sexes is skyrocketing.  There are many potential reasons for that, from vaccines that impair fertility and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.  The the promotion of transgender ideology doesn't help either, as children and young adults are literally having their reproductive organs surgically removed and/or made permanently dysfunctional with hormone therapies.  Soon enough population growth will plateau and begin to slide backward.  Already, global birth rates are at a record low.  According to World Bank data, the number of children born dropped 50% between 1960 and 2018.  Many countries also saw shocking birth rate decreases following the rollout of the COVID shots.

Between 1930 and 1970, around one third of all women in Puerto Rico were sterilized to address concerns of 'surplus population'.  In 1898, the United States government acquired Puerto Rico through the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish-American War.  This was only one year after Spain had granted the island the power to self-govern.  But after Spain lost the war, they ceded control of Puerto Rico.  At the time, Puerto Rico's population was just under 1 million.  Most were living in poverty.  It wasn't uncommon for families to spend the majority of their income on food.  Many people worked for only cents per day harvesting sugarcane.  Others owned farms or worked inland on coffee and tobacco fields.  "Imagine that about 90% of your income is spent on food, and you're still malnourished.  There's no money for clothes.  Shoes were basically non-existent among the peasantry.  And that was before the Great Depression," Dr. Harry Franqui-Rivera, a Latin American History Professor with a focus on Puerto Rico at Bloomfield College told Business Insider.

Telegraph Column:  Without Fossil Fuels 'Six Billion People Would Die Within a Year'.  A British businessman recently pointed out an obvious truth that climate change activists do not want to hear:  There are no readily available replacements for the replacements for the resources that feed the earth.  Former Visiting Fellow at Oxford's Nuffield College Neil Record took the leftist environmentalist group Just Stop Oil up on their signature proposition and examined how the world would fare without fossil fuels in a Dec. 19 column for The Telegraph.  The "nightmarish scenario" Record envisions demonstrates just how much humanity depends on coal, oil and gas for a wide variety of basic needs.  Record made his disturbing conclusion early on:  "But what would happen if we literally just stopped oil tomorrow and did without the natural resources on which the world, its economies and populations depend?  The answer:  most likely six billion people would die within a year."

Destroying Farmland to Reduce Population.  Everywhere you look, there is this scheme to reduce farming, which will reduce population.  That was the whole theory of Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) that the population would surpass the ability to grow food.  That is the agenda.  Wind generators or solar panels consume one-third of the farmland worldwide.  This is what has inspired this thinking that we MUST reduce the population.  War is a great tool for that, which is one reason they are pushing World War.  They insist that industrial agriculture, which is employed by the majority of the developed world, is creating climate change.

The Globalist 'Final Solution'.  As horrific as the Nazis were, today there is another group who seek a "final solution" even more terrifying:  they want to eliminate over 7 billion people from the face of the Earth.  In a 2017 interview, Dennis Meadows, co-author of the Club of Rome's Limits to Growth, said the Earth's population needs to be "brought back down to one billion."  The current global population is over 8 billion.  Their idea isn't new; it reaches back over 200 years, to Thomas Malthus's 1798 "Essay on the Principle of Population as It Affects the Future Improvement of Society."  Malthus concluded that un-managed population growth would inevitably lead to a catastrophic societal collapse and advocated for limiting reproduction of "undesirables." [...] But birth control and abortion are a long, slow process for eliminating what is now a 7-billion-people "excess" in the eyes of the de-population globalists.  Mass starvation is faster and more effective, and Agenda 2030 will achieve that.

Breathing contributes to global warming — study.  Human breathing contributes to global warming, according to a study published Wednesday in PLoS One.  The authors argued that human respiration's contribution to climate change has been underestimated and merits further study.  After measuring the gas composition in the exhaled breaths of 328 study participants, the researchers concluded human breath comprises 0.05% of the UK's methane emissions and 0.1% of its nitrous oxide.  Both of those gasses "have a much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide," the study notes.  "Exhaled human breath can contain small, elevated concentrations of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), both of which contribute to global warming," the researchers, led by atmospheric physicist Nicholas Cowan of the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, wrote.  "We would urge caution in the assumption that emissions from humans are negligible."

The Editor says...
[#1] Of course the air you exhale goes into the atmosphere.  No "study" is required to prove that fact.  Whether your exhaled breath is good or bad for the earth is immaterial, because the earth was created for man, not man for the earth.  [#2] The mass of the atmosphere is about 5.15×1018 kilograms, which is on the order of about an octillion times as much as the mass of your last breath.  The word "inconsequential" fails to adequately describe your contribution to this suddenly-discovered "problem."  [#3] If this sudden revelation "merits further study," that means the powers that be want to find a way to reduce the number of people who breathe.  That could only mean one thing, and I'll leave it up to the reader to figure it out.

Chitin:  The Inflammatory Bug Compound the Peasants May Soon Be Forced to Eat.  Purveyors of ze bugs and the technocrats who support replacing red meat with insects are very enthusiastic about the dehumanizing prospect of forcing the peasants to consume crickets for sustenance.  They openly brag about a particular substance called chitin, a long-chain sugar found in the exoskeletons (shells) of insects. [...] Unfortunately, the "great source of fiber" is also a known driver of inflammation in the gut with potentially serious adverse consequences if consumed on a regular basis as a replacement staple for grain. [...] As it is, sans mass consumption of chitin, chronic inflammation is literally the largest driver of chronic illness in humans — more so than obesity, more so than metabolic dysfunction, and more so than any other factor.  If one were so inclined to silently kill people slowly over time, inducing long-term, often subclinical inflammation would be the best way to do it.  Some term this type of murder "soft-kill," because it occurs over time, and attributing the ultimate cause is difficult.

The actual 'climate change' agenda.  The latest edition of the State of the Climate Report, published this week in the journal BioScience, begins rather ominously:  "Life on planet Earth is under siege.  We are now in an uncharted territory."  These sentences are meant to instill abject fear and evoke a sense of doom in the general public.  However, they are patently absurd and ought to be disregarded outright.  Like almost every climate change report I've come across, the 2023 State of the Climate Report is full of red herrings and bombastic assertions that are intended to alarm the public into believing that climate change is an existential threat that must be stopped at all costs, regardless of the collateral damage and unintended consequences that their so-called solutions would inevitably bring to bear.  But what I find most alarming about this particular report, which 15,000 scientists signed, is the anti-human and anti-progress message that lies at the heart of it.

Why are globalist elites trying to eliminate their fellow man?  Who is the biggest funder of anti-people population control programs in the world?  If you answered, "The U.S. government," you would be wrong.  A small group of the world's wealthiest individuals and their foundations collectively fronts more money for the abortion, sterilization, and contraception of the human race than Washington.  These men all have billions on their minds, and not just in their bank accounts.  They believe that overpopulation is the greatest threat to the planet, the single most important issue facing mankind today.  And they put their money where their mouth is where the abortion, sterilization, and contraception of the human race is concerned.  At the top of the list is Warren Buffett, who may be the single largest funder of abortion in human history.  Just this year Buffett gave away a total of some $4.6 billion, a substantial chunk of which will wind up in the coffers of the abortion industry.

Your luxury beliefs are a threat to our living standards.  Every time I see cranky greens marching in the streets, with their sad eyes and 'End is Nigh' placards, I marvel at the chutzpah of this movement.  Here they are bewailing the approaching apocalypse, but if anyone is helping to bring about the apocalypse, it's them.  'Millions will perish!', they howl.  Yes, they will, if you misanthropes ever get your way.  If your fever dream of slashed emissions, no more fossil fuels, an end to economic growth and everyone living in a yurt with nothing to eat but organic kale were ever to come to fruition.  We only want to save mankind, they say, when in truth they'd doom us.  Consider the United Nations' proposal that humanity halt all new fossil-fuel exploration by 2030.  This, to be blunt, is batshit insane.  Ahead of COP28, the next United Nations Climate Change Conference, the UN has published a report with suggestions for how we might save ourselves from eco-catastrophe.  One is that we have a 'phaseout of all fossil fuels'.  We should cease 'all new oil, gas and coal exploration' and 'fossil-fuel production' by 2030, it proposes.  So they warn of catastrophe in one breath, then campaign for it in the next.  Make no mistake: if we were to stop all new fossil-fuel production, the suffering caused to humanity would be incalculable.  It would be the worst act of conscious impoverishment in history.

Our institutions are encouraging Americans not to have children.  A recent Pew Research Center survey found only a third of their wide-ranging sample would categorize marriage and children as at least somewhat important to their feelings of personal fulfillment.  Of course, any Pew survey is a product of its times.  The underlying meaning of the questions was, "Who in their right mind would want children?"  The questionnaire phrased their questions so grossly that they gave away the game.

Megadeath: the global conspiracy to kill every living thing until we submit.  Officially, geo-engineering isn't happening.  Yet here is an interactive map that tracks weather modification projects recorded by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization for the past fifty years.  As described, the map "includes data on the apparatus involved, agents applied and the techniques used in each event.  It also includes both positive and negative results of some of the completed projects, funding sources such as government agencies and private companies."  You can even read the lawsuits some of the projects triggered.  Here is a document from the U.S. government, entitled, "Owning the Weather by 2025".  Here is a Congressional Hearing on the necessity of geoengineering.  Here is a piece from the Guardian, describing Harvard's geoengineering project in 2017.  Here are three documentaries, done over ten years, that trace the history of, rational for, and results of world-wide geoengineering.

Depopulation Fanatics Should Never Be Trusted with Government Power.  Defending abortion up to the moment of a baby's birth (and sometimes after) isn't about women's rights — it's about reducing the number of babies.  Rationing fuels necessary for heating homes and generating electricity isn't about "saving the planet" — it's about making it harder to survive on this planet.  Forbidding the use of fertilizers that help farmers feed a hungry world isn't about fighting "climate change" — it's about inducing famine.  Encouraging children to volunteer for castration isn't about respecting their "authentic gender" — it's about poisoning their family trees before those youngsters even reach puberty.  Forcing people to take experimental "vaccines" with dangerous side effects isn't about "saving lives" — it's about reducing lifespans.  These are the cold, hard facts.  And once a person accepts them for what they are, a natural question arises: why should the people of planet Earth sit back and do nothing while their "leaders" quietly orchestrate their slaughter?  Our entire situation is so absurd.  The feudal lords are running around killing babies, castrating children, starving serfs, and depriving the peasants of electricity.

The Depopulation Death Cult.  Is depopulation a deliberate agenda that's being implemented by a "cult of death" even as we speak?  In today's episode, we discuss the U.S. government's "Kissinger Report" on depopulation; the steep decline in fertility rates; the roles of Covid-19, Covid "vaccines," and trans and homosexual lifestyles in depopulation; and why the world could use more, not fewer, people.  The New American's publisher, Dennis Behreandt, and executive senior editor, Steve Bonta, make a strong case for human innovation over population reduction.  [Video clip]

Will New EPA Regulations Starve Millions Of People?  Two distinguished climate scientists have filed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a 45-page comment on the proposed regulation the EPA announced on May 11, 2023, setting emission standards that would require nearly all of coal- and gas-powered plants in the capture almost all — 90 percent — of their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2038 or shut down.  In their comment, William Happer, professor of physics, emeritus, Princeton University, and Richard Lindzen, professor of Earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences, emeritus, make both a legal and a scientific case that the EPA's proposed new rule is based on ideologically driven polices with no basis in legitimate climate science.  In a document that appears to be the prelude to filing a lawsuit to block the EPA from implementing the proposed regulation, Happer and Lindzen lay out a science-based case arguing that the new EPA rules designed to limit the use of hydrocarbon fuels in the nation's power plants could end up reducing the world's food supply so dramatically that billions of people worldwide would be at risk of death by starvation.

Huge increase on death rate among younger Americans:  A crisis that the goes officially unnoticed and unexamined.  Insurance actuaries were the first to notice an unprecedented rise in life insurance claims among the healthiest sector of society:  working-age people with group life insurance policies.  Dr. Pierre Kory writes about the obscene (my word, not his) suppression of discussion and research on this epidemic of death "on the scale of a war or terrorist event" in an article in USA Today and a "longer, less-politically edited version" on Substack.  Both essays were co-written Mary Beth Pfeiffer, who first had the idea and did the original research.

Dr Malone Says There Are Documents That Show The US Government's Official Policy Is Population Control.  Dr. Malone Drops a Bomb: "Population Control Is Official Policy Of US Government"  "Documents reveal that capping population growth at 8 billion is official US policy," reported Dr Malone.  "So we now have a series of documents and receipts that lay out the real political logic that the US should act through a variety of different means, including birth control, advancing abortion, and advancing technologies for the reduction in population."  [Video clip]

Population Control and Official USG Policy.  Personally, I have been reluctant to wander down the rabbit hole relating to various "depopulation agenda" theories involving the COVIDcrisis.  However, the odd concordance between a possible population reduction objective and the dysfunctional "public health" policies is obvious to all open minded thinkers.  These policies include that the biologically engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus, the many "public health" policies, as well as the rushed gene therapy-based COVID "vaccines" and their wide range of associated- but rigorously denied — "serious adverse events" (not the least of which are sudden unexpected death and fertility issues) are more consistent with a population control/depopulation agenda as opposed to being effective "public health" interventions.  Buckle up, because this is going to be a deep dive down that very same rabbit hole.

Leftists know why most people must die prematurely.  The latest batch of upcoming restrictions includes losing our gasoline-powered cars and natural gas appliances like stoves, water heaters, and home heating units.  What sort of idealism permits sexualizing children, demeaning the family, and destroying our educational systems?  What ideas permit our lords to justify abortion, euthanasia, and sterilizing gender-confused minors?  Not to belabor the point, it appears that all these policies are designed to reduce the world's population.  Not a single policy in the panoply of progressive programs seems to fall outside the goal of population implosion.

56 Years of Climate Codswallop That Never Happened.  The earliest example of climate Nihilism I could find was written by none than the granddad of nature-death, Paul R. Ehrlich.  Ehrlich — the Detroit Lions of doomsday predictors — wrote in 1967 that, even though it was "already too late," the world needed to embrace "involuntary birth control" and even spike "staple foods and drinking water" with sterilizing agents lest the population grow to the point that we suffer from worldwide famine, the worst of which would clobber the human race by 1975.  [checks calendar]  Nope, we are still here, and, despite speculation that we would be eating Soylent Green by now, Americans are fatter than ever!

Kamala Harris's Population Bomb.  Kamala Harris recently came out with another shocking statement, and one that made it clear just where progressives stand on euthanasia, the right to life, and related issues.  On July 14, speaking at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Harris said that "when we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water."  The White House labeled Harris' statement a slip of the tongue, hours after Harris showed no indication of its being so.  Based on her own lack of awareness, we can infer that she meant what she said.  The obvious question is how to achieve a lower population, if that is one's goal.  The left has long supported universal availability of contraception and abortion, including late-term abortion, funded at government or employer expense.  Along with that, tax codes penalize married couples.  And there is no place for nuclear families in liberal media, even as liberals do everything possible to champion transgenders and gays.  Beyond what might be called elective procedures, there are other possibilities.  In the past, progressives supported forced sterilization, which was once legal in 32 states.  And euthanasia, even of those who may not be capable of making a rational decision, is another procedure promoted by the left.

Why Won't the Media Admit When Mass Murderers Are Environmentalists?  On Friday, a federal judge sentenced the El Paso Walmart mass murderer, who killed 23 people and wounded another 22, to 90 consecutive life sentences.  He still faces additional charges from Texas, where he could receive the death penalty. [...] Since the murderer's vicious attack on August 3, 2019, the news media has constantly described the El Paso murderer as "far-right" in Newsweek and raised this case as an example of "right-wing extremism in the U.S." at NBC.  Indeed, attacks such as the El Paso mass murder are counted by the Anti-Defamation League as right-wing extremists.  But the El Paso murderer was not a right-winger by any normal definition.  His views clearly match up much closer with the views of Democrats.  The news media views anyone who is racist as a right-winger.  But the El Paso murderer was a racist because of his environmentalist views.  In his manifesto, he wrote: "The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations ... The next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources.  If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable."

Kamala's Population Bomb.  Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris received a round of applause when she said "when we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water."  And with that, she pulled back the curtain to expose one of the many horrors that is usually endorsed not quite so openly by the political left.  We acknowledge that Harris might have lost another one of the many battles she and her White House boss have with teleprompters and public speaking in general.  The official transcript scrubs "population" and replaces it with "pollution," as if that was the term the speech called for.  Maybe it is the word she was supposed to use.  But we can't rule out the likelihood she made a Kinsley gaffe, revealing a truth she didn't intend to, because her side of the aisle has long been aligned with population-reduction cranks.

Population Control and the American Way of Life.  Worldwide birthrate per 1000 people follows a very predictable trend.  In "developed" and/or wealthy nations, the birthrate is low and in nations at the lower end of the economic development scale, the birthrate is high.  Nothing new there.  Many countries, including the USA, have birthrates that either are too low to sustain current population levels or are stable.  Since 1970, the population of people born in the USA has been stable at below 300 million.  In fact, some estimates show a decline in population.  All of the population growth in the USA during this time period has been due to immigration. [...] [G]rowing up in a blue state, we were indoctrinated at an early age by the public school system that having two children was the responsible thing to do to save the planet from overpopulation.  That careers were more important that having a large family.  That women would find more fulfillment in a education and career, as opposed to staying at home.  That women should defer motherhood until college and a career were firmed established.  That this was the responsible path to take.  Today, young women receive the same messaging from our government, our schools systems, and main stream corporate media.

Kamala Harris Calls to 'Reduce Population' to Save Climate.  Look, you can call it a mistake if you want — I have no doubt the fact-checkers are working overtime to make it clear it was a "gaffe" — but Kamala Harris did say it.  I'm honestly not sure if it was a Freudian slip or just a case of saying the quiet part out loud.  But during a speech on climate change on Friday, the nation's historically unpopular vice president said we need to "reduce population."  "When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breath clean air and drink clean water," Harris said during her speech in Maryland.

When politicians tell you what their goals are, believe them.
Kamala Harris claims Biden administration wants to reduce population.  Vice President Kamala Harris made a verbal slip on Friday that fed a frenzy of conspiracy theories, after she spoke of the need to 'reduce population' instead of pollution.  'When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,' Harris said during a speech in Baltimore on combatting climate change.  The White House official transcript of the remarks corrected the obvious error, crossing out the word 'population' and adding 'pollution' in brackets to indicate what Harris intended to say.

Kamala Harris Apparently Wants to Kill Us Now to Save the Climate.  At some point, the Democrats are going to figure out that they shouldn't let Joe Biden or Kamala Harris speak in public anymore.  Seriously, if they're sticking with these two through next year, they'll need two tightly managed basement campaigns.  If the fate of the free world weren't at stake, the gaffe-tastic two people at the top here might even be entertaining.  Gather with some friends, mock the uncomfortable relationship that Biden and Harris have with coherence, make an evening of it.  Madame Veep's latest thought derailment involved some pontificating about green stuff, a subject which lends itself to lunacy. [...] I'm still unclear as to how electric vehicles make the water cleaner, but then the greenies don't place much of a premium on making sense.  If we all eat bugs and live like we're camping in 1897, then the world will magically be a better place.

Climate Alarmist War On Nitrous Oxide Threatens The Global Food Supply.  In November 2022, four eminent scientists issued a theoretical physics paper, "Nitrous Oxide and Climate."  It proves that the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s "war on nitrous oxide" to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2050 threatens to cause a significant collapse in the world's food supply.  The article's four authors are eminent men in their field, so their analysis and opinion deserve to be taken very seriously: [...] All four are staunch critics of the IPCC war to expand the hysterical climate attack on carbon dioxide (CO2) to include demonizing nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4), which are classed as "minor greenhouse gases."  The report concludes with a compelling truth:  "It is not possible to maintain highly productive agriculture without nitrogen fertilizer."  It's a genuinely frightening thought that the neo-Marxists at the heart of today's climate hysteria have chosen to attack N2O because millions will die if governments ban nitrogen fertilizers.  The neo-Marxist ideologues are willing to manipulate existential climate fear in their insane willingness to kill millions if that's what is required to negate capitalism.

Irish Farmers Outraged as Government Moves to Cull 200,000 Healthy Cows to Meet Climate Goals.  Farmers in Ireland are expressing outrage over the globalist Irish government's decision to cull 200,000 of the nation's healthy cows to meet the green agenda's climate goals.  The government is moving to reduce national cattle numbers over claims they contribute to "climate change" due to "carbon emissions."  A report by the Irish Department of Agriculture outlined how 200,000 cows could be killed over the next three years to meet carbon targets.

The Editor says...
[#1] Please stop saying "carbon emissions" when you're talking about carbon dioxide.  [#2] I thought the leftists were concerned about methane from cows, not CO2.  [#3] The weather cannot be controlled by legislation.  [#4] The only reason to intentionally kill cows is to make steaks and hamburgers.  [#5] Global warming is a problem that exists only in computer models and projections.  There is no climate emergency.  [#6] Starvation is a bigger problem than warm weather.

Where's the Beef?  A part of its continuing effort to make our lives less convenient and pleasant President Biden represented by "climate czar" John Kerry has signed a global agreement with 12 other countries to place farmers under new restrictions to reduce emissions of methane gas, all in the name of fighting "climate change."  This would effectively reduce cattle and other agricultural production, raise the cost of food, and deprive farmers (already beset with supply chain disruptions, drought and increased loan interest rates) and the communities which service them of a substantial portion of their living and lead to starvation for many.  Perhaps this is the unspoken solution of Kerry's belief that the world has too many people in it.

Big Pharma And The Gov Knew, They've Lied To Sterilize The Five Eyes Nations At A High Percentage.  I am coming at this reply from a place of sincerity.  If you look at birthrates in all industrialized countries you will see that the actual problem isn't overpopulation it is under population. since the baby boom — not a single first world country has made enough babies to replace their retiring workers.  [W]hat we are facing is catastrophic demographic decline that will wipe almost every first world nation out.  All of Europe and China and Japan have it the worst.  [I]t is exactly why every country but China has been importing millions from the third world.  You can bet [...] that nobody in Europe would be importing millions of Africans if the situation wasn't dire.  Our leaders failed us by not recognizing this problem earlier.  [T]his fact alone refutes ur idea that the vaccine was about sterilizing people.  [B]ecause absolutely nobody is having kids already.  [Video clip]

BBC declares the world can be saved 'with the right policies'You are the carbon footprint they want to reduce.  Last week, Jocelyn Timperley penned an article for the BBC, and began by posing this question:  ["]But what do truly low-carbon lifestyles look like — and can they really be achieved by personal choice alone?["]  Timperley's piece paid special attention to two climate cultists, Carys Mainprize and Rosalind Readhead, and their ambitious experiments to go "ultra-low carbon". The verdict?  Impossible; something's gotta give.  Care to take a wager what that could possibly be?  If you guessed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and property, you'd be correct.

Vlaardingerbroek: Nothing More 'Narcissistic and Evil' Than Pushing Abortion over Climate Change.  There is nothing more "narcissistic, degenerate and evil" than those who push abortion or argue against having children because of the supposed climate crisis, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek said.  A report from the Rotterdam-based paper Algemeen Dagblad claimed that the majority of young adults in The Netherlands are concerned about having children in response to the persistent Armageddon-like warnings around the climate, with some speaking to the paper saying that they had aborted their children over fears of the so-called crisis.

WEF Lizard Calls For Massive Depopulation Of The Earth, Says Over 80% Needs to Go.  A celebrated member of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the population of humans, arguing that the goal can be achieved "peacefully."  Dennis Meadows, one of the main authors of the Club of Rome's 1972 pro-depopulation book "The Limits to Growth."  Meadows argues that most of the world's population must be wiped out so that the survivors can "have freedom" and a "high standard of living."  [Video clip]

Getting Off the Roller Coaster to Bondage.  The Gateway Pundit recently ran an article reminding readers of an ominous analysis from a private intelligence outfit predicting a seventy-percent decline in America's population by 2025.  That Deagel Corporation forecast released less than a decade ago shocked a lot of people at the time, but in an age when Farmer Gates and Doom Fauci continue to promise incoming pandemics worse than COVID, the World Economic Forum's human sacrifice cult insists on widespread energy poverty and famine, and U.S.-NATO plays Russian roulette for fun and profit, apocalyptic population drops no longer seem so unimaginable from the top of this globalist roller coaster.  (Morbid side question:  If Deagel's devastating prophecy proves right, will climate cultists still insist that only global government and micromanaged markets can save the world from destruction?  Arg, of course they will; even after killing off 95% of the planet, A.I. clones of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Barack Obama will still be blaming the remaining 5% for "hate" crimes, global warming, and "white supremacy."  Hustlers can't ever give up the con.)

Climate Crackpots Blame Global Warming on Rice.  They hate humanity.  Gas stoves, no lightbulbs, no gas cars, no air-conditioning and now food that most of humanity survives on.

Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently.  Now it is firmly ensconced among the climate change cult that eating meat is killing the planet and you must 'eat ze bugs', the same people have a new target, rice.  [Tweet]  "Rice cannot be ignored."  The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that "Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world.  Over 50 percent of the world population depends on rice for about 80 percent of its food requirements.  About 95 percent of the global output of rice is produced and consumed in developing countries."  What is this really about?  [Numerous tweets]

The Next Item on the Climate Cult's 'Naughty List' Gives Away the Game.  We've seen a lot of craziness over the years from the climate change cult.  First, it was global cooling, then global warming.  Now, because they don't know what they are talking about and none of their predictions come to pass, it's the more amorphous "climate change" (although the "climate" is always changing).  They are never held accountable for being wrong, and they just move on to the next thing to push us to panic over.  It's always about how things are about to implode — if we don't commit more of our money to deal with it/give up our freedoms/turn over more control to the government. [...] The world's been supposedly about to implode for the past forty years.  Yet, somehow we're still here.  And no, Joe, "everyone" is not recognizing/accepting the mania.  We've seen them demonize fossil fuels.  We've seen them go after meat — even cow farts with their methane emissions.  But an AFP News Agency tweet about what the climate cult might be targeting next had people sit up and take notice on Sunday.  Because if anything underscored how anti-human the cult seems, this would be it.  Guess what else is bad?  Rice — that thing that most of the world survives on.

COVID shutdowns were just the beginning.  Climate lockdowns are next.  [Scroll down]  Now, for clarification "net zero" means total greenhouse gas emissions (including methane) must be less than their removals (such as from planting trees).  The FIRES report instead focused on an absolute zero target because they recognize the absence of novel revolutionary scalable technologies for 1) capture and removal of these gases; and 2) non-fossil fuel mass transportation and energy production.  In other words, if you realistically want to achieve the net zero target by 2050 you essentially have to go for absolute zero.  My twitter thread highlighted the eye-watering points that the strategy required:
  •   All airports in the U.K. except Heathrow, Belfast, and Glasgow to close by 2030.
  •   No flying at all by 2050.
  •   No new petrol/diesel cars by 2030.
  •   By 2050 road use restricted to 60 percent of today's level.
  •   Food, heating, and energy restricted to 60 percent of today's level by 2050.
  •   Beef and lamb to be phased out by 2050.
I said that, apart from the extreme limitations on personal freedom and travel, this means either a colder, hungrier population or massive depopulation.

Population Matters.  Somebody is working on a global two-child limit, among other things.

The Population Crash.  In 1968, Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich published The Population Bomb, a book extrapolating global population growth data to predict a catastrophe as humanity's demand for resources outstripped supply.  The book became a bestseller and catapulted Ehrlich to worldwide fame.  But today, just over a half-century later, humanity faces a different challenge.  We are in the early stages of a population crash.  Ehrlich's basic math wasn't necessarily flawed.  In 1968, the world population was 3.5 billion, and today the total number of humans has more than doubled to just over 8 billion. [...] But where extrapolation yielded panic, reality has delivered something completely different.  Today population growth is leveling off almost everywhere on earth, and the cause of that decline started, ironically, back in the 1960s when Ehrlich wrote his book.

How many people before we have enough?  I don't think we're on the verge of starving ourselves.  That Malthusian apocalypse gets proven wrong over and over.  That's because Malthusians fail to foresee the agricultural productivity ensuing from technology.  For that matter, they fail to foresee the general increase in well-being and comfort that technology brings about.  I'm guessing Earth could easily support double, triple or maybe even ten times the current human population. [...] But how many people do we want Earth to support?  That question has unfortunately become politicized and a casualty of culture wars.  On the left, the prevailing sentiment is that Earth is grossly overpopulated with humans, and humans are bad animals, and so we need to cull the herd.  Leftists are good at culling herds of humans, as they showed in culling 100,000,000 of them through Communism in the 20th century.  The right thinks culling the human herd is a bad thing.  I think they're right about that.

Remember that nice British chimpanzee lady?  I think she wants us dead.  All these seemingly cultured, educated, often fabulously wealthy, often culturally or scientifically iconic luminaries with excruciatingly erudite-sounding foreign accents mouthing what are truly horrific concepts in the most banal tones.  Could it be any creepier?  They are living caricatures of every Bond villain ever.  Everyday wistful wishing you could poof away 7.5 [billion] people to take us back to the good old days of the 1500s is one.  "Indoctrinating children" is another. [...] These people are even loonier than anyone I can name right now, other than Weird Al in his tin foil hat.  The downside of their lunacy is the level of malevolence wrapped in a holier-than-thou face of benevolence.

There is no overpopulation crisis.  Earth is headed for a sixth extinction, warned biologist Paul Ehrlich on "60 Minutes" this Sunday.  And since Ehrlich has predicted about 20 extinctions over the past 60 years, he's a leading expert on the issue.  Couldn't "60 Minutes" find a fresh-faced, yet-to-be-discredited neo-Malthusian to hyperventilate about the end of the world?  Why didn't producers invite a single guest to push back against theories that have been reliably debunked by reality?  Because the media is staffed by environmental pessimists and doomsayers who need to believe the world is in constant peril due to the excesses of capitalism.  And Ehrlich is perhaps our greatest alarmist.  His 1968 book, "The Population Bomb," is among the most destructive of the 20th century.  The long screed not only made Ehrlich a celebrity, but gave end-of-day alarmists a patina of scientific legitimacy, popularized alarmism as a political tool, and normalized authoritarian and anti-humanist policies as a cure.  Ehrlich's progeny are other media-favored hysterics by other antihumanists, such as Al Gore or Eric Holthaus or Greta Thunberg, who skipped learning history and science because she also believes we are on the precipice of "mass extinction."  And none of this is to mention the thousands of other Little Ehrlichs nudging you to eat insects, gluing themselves to roads, and demanding you surrender the most basic conveniences and necessities of modernity.

The sudden decline in birth rates post-vaccination, and the shocking silence.  In 2010, Bill Gates famously articulated a four-part equation to reducing the world's carbon output.  Seemingly bizarrely, his first component was reducing the population — through vaccination.  "The world today has 6.8 billion people.  That's headed up to about nine billion," bemoaned Gates in his now infamous TED Talk.  "Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10% or 15%."  Until recently, I thought this must have been a gaffe.  After all, how could vaccines reduce the world's population?  Well, enter the COVID jabs — if you even want to call them vaccines — and we might have our answer.  Questions about fertility issues, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths began to be raised last winter when Scotland experienced a month of higher infant mortality than at any time over the past three decades.  Then in the spring of 2022, roughly nine months after most young adults were jabbed with the COVID shots, COVID data analysists began noticing unusual drops in birth rates.

Flashback: When Jane Goodall Called for Global Depopulation at the WEF.  The corporate media still pushes the narrative that global depopulation agenda is a "conspiracy theory."  If, by "conspiracy theory," it's meant that the global depopulation agenda is a theory describing a conspiracy of elites to depopulate the world, that's a technically accurate label.  But, if they mean by the term "conspiracy theory" that global depopulation is not true and anyone who subscribes to it is crazy (which is what they really mean), it's just gaslighting.  The truth's right there in the public record for anyone to see.  For instance, the chimpanzee lady Jane Goodall appeared at the World Economic Forum in 2020 to lobby for a global reduction in population to levels 500 years ago.  [Tweet]

Is a manmade global famine in the works from the UN and WEF?  So did World Economic Forum arch-villain Klaus Schwab mean "peace of the grave" in his masterplan for a global "reset" when he declared: "You will own nothing and be happy"?  Sure looks like it, given the facts painstakingly assembled by the Issues & Insights editorial team, hypothesizing that the great resetters like Schwab and all his greenie allies might just have creating a global famine in mind as their actual goal.  In a lead editorial titled "The Elites' War on Food," which asks in its subhed: "Are we in the early stages of a man-made global famine? — the gist of the argument is that the various measures being taken around the world to assuage global warming all have the funny effect of lowering food production, intended or not, and with so much evidence piling up that these are known effects, the 'intentional' aspect of this cannot be dismissed.

The Elites' War On Food.  Afew months back, stories of "suspicious" fires at food-production plants raged across the media.  The narrative said the sites were being sabotaged to disrupt the food supply.  And it was most likely wrong.  But that doesn't mean there is no effort on the part of Western elites to put the peasants on a strict diet.  Most by now have seen reports that Dutch officials are closing as many as 3,000 farms in the Netherlands, the world's second-largest exporter of agricultural products by value even though it's only slightly larger than Maryland, to comply with crackpot European Union carbon dioxide emissions rules.  It's possible that eventually more than 11,000 farms will be shut down, and 17,600 forced to sharply cut their livestock numbers.  On our side of the Atlantic, the malefactors are also busy.  Just the News is reporting that the Environmental Protection Agency is quietly quadrupling the regulatory cost of carbon emissions in a new war on fossil fuels, which is, of course, also a war on the food supply.

Extinction Activist Wants People to Stop Having Kids — to 'Save the Biosphere'Twilight Zone stuff, right?  Of course, it is — and it gets worse.  We're talking about the "existential threat to mankind" (climate change) crowd.  Except, in this case, an extinction activist wants humans to voluntarily stop having children — so humanity will eventually die out, thus giving the biosphere a "chance to recover."  Sounds legit.  Show of hands — who's in?  Tuesday's episode of "Dr. Phil" focused on the "ethics of procreation" and the debate about overpopulation, with Voluntary Human Extinction Movement founder Les Knight predictably spewing a variety of ridiculous statements.  For the sake of the planet, Knight says, "May we live long and die out."

Netherlands to forcefully shut down 3,000 farms.  The Great Reset is in full gear in the Netherlands as the country's government moves to shut down thousands of farms.  To comply with the European Union's radical climate laws, the Dutch government of World Economic Forum acolyte Mark Rutte will force up to 3,000 farms to shut down for good.  Farmers will be made an offer on their farms, which the government claims is "well over" market value.  According to nitrogen minister Christianne van der Wal, the government purchase will be compulsory.  "There is no better offer coming," claimed van der Wal.  Recent EU nature preservation rules require member states to reduce emissions across sectors of the economy.  As one of Europe's most prominent farming nations, half of the Netherlands' emissions come from agricultural activity.  Rutte has warned that those who refuse to comply could face government force.

Netherlands to close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU rules.  The Dutch government is planning to buy out and close as many as 3,000 farms in the country, exacerbating an already-bitter dispute with growers as leaders attempt to halve the country's nitrogen emissions by 2030.  Leaders said last week they plan to allocate some $25 billion to the buyout plan, which they will use to purchase between 2,000 and 3,000 Dutch farms and other large nitrogen emitters "well over" their property values.  If farmers do not agree to the plan, the buyouts could become compulsory.  "There is no better offer coming," Dutch Nitrogen Minister Christianne van der Wal told members of parliament last week.  The plan comes as the Dutch government moves to halve its nitrogen emissions by 2030 in accordance with European Union conservation rules.  But to meet that target, the government estimates that 11,200 farms will have to close, and 17,600 others will have to reduce their livestock numbers significantly.

The Editor says...
Nitrogen emissions are not a plausible excuse for this action.  The atmosphere is already 78 percent nitrogen.  Nitrogen is not a pollutant, and the various nitrogen compounds resulting from (or essential to) farm work are not a real threat, either.  Certainly not a threat that justifies shutting off the food supply for millions of people.

Italian Parliament Calls Out Bill Gates For His Crimes Against Humanity, Call Him A Global Criminal.  As Italy prepares to elect a right-wing prime minister next week to punch back at the globalists destroying their country and culture, the Parliament took aim at what many consider the main architect of COVID vaccine tyranny.  Bill Gates was openly condemned as a global criminal on the floor of the Italian parliament and called out for his crimes against humanity as he pushed mass vaccination for every man, woman and child.  [Video clip]

The mass culling of the Human Herd is now under way.  Globalists see humanity as cattle (or sheeple) to be exploited for as long as needed, then culled like cattle herds when they are no longer useful.  As globalist advisor Yuval Harari is now saying (paraphrased), the age of humans is coming to an end on planet Earth, and globalists have activated a multi-faceted plan to "cleanse" the planet of all human beings.  If someone were to have some sick, twisted desire to kill off a herd of cattle, they could simply shut off the water and the food.  Death would come in a matter of days or weeks at most.  The same is happening right now to humans.  The water supply is being cut off via geoengineering, causing global droughts and widespread crop failures.  Entire cities like Los Angeles and Los Vegas are being threatened with a terminated water supply in the years ahead.

The Unexpected Future.  We are entering an unanticipated reality — an era of slow population growth and, increasingly, demographic decline that will shape our future in profound and unpredictable ways.  Globally, last year's total population growth was the smallest in a half-century, and by 2050, some 61 countries are expected to see population declines while the world's population is due to peak sometime later this century.  This kind of long-term global demographic stagnation has not been seen since the Middle Ages.  World population has been growing for centuries, but the last century has dwarfed previous rises.  About 75 percent of the world's population growth has occurred in the last hundred years, more than 50 percent since 1970.  But now, population growth rates are dropping, especially in more developed nations, according to the United Nations.

U.N. War On Fertilizer Began in Sri Lanka.  The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) describes itself as "the global authority that sets the environmental agenda... and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment."  Through its "Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food" program launched in 2014, the UNEP advocates that nations "steer away from the prevailing focus on per hectare productivity."  But today the world is in its worst food crisis since 2008.  The number of people suffering acute food insecurity increased by 25% since January 2022 to 345 million, according to the United Nations World Food Programme.  Why, then, is the UNEP trying to steer nations away from fertilizers that increase food production?

Do The Political Elites Intend To Starve People To Death?  What happened in Sri Lanka — "the systematic destruction of Sri Lankan agriculture by a regime so focused on appearing environmentally conscious that it blinded itself to the humanitarian disaster it was creating" — is also taking place in the Netherlands, one of the world's top producers of farm products.  There, policymakers have placed limits on agricultural waste emissions, which the eco-zealots are now at war with.  The "tractor-riding rebels" understandably rose "up against their government."  What else should be expected when the rules could force as many as 30% of producers out of business?  Farmers in Spain, Ireland, and New Zealand are also rising up.  It's more than enough for any open-minded lawmaker anywhere on Earth to look at these events and rethink the policies that have caused such turmoil.  But not Justin Trudeau, Canada's Boy Prime Minister, who like the rest of the immature left is fixated on making points with the "right" people, as if he never left high school.

Time to Give the Conspiracy Theorists a Break?  The purpose of accusing people of being conspiracy theorists is to discredit those who notice patterns, connect dots, and ask questions.  And the goal is to shut down not just their speech, but also their thinking.  If all the naturally analytical people stop themselves from theorizing about what they're seeing in the cultural and political landscape with a dismissive conspiracy theory wave, well then, the enemy can get away with a lot more.  And if you think that is a conspiracy theory, there is a bridge I want to sell you.  Conspiracies have happened in the past, and to think they can't happen again is naïve at best and suicide at worst.  The possibility of bio-warfare has been talked about for years.  Genocide has happened before, and it can happen again, and it doesn't take a gas chamber to do it.  Evil people have existed before, and they exist now.  Conspiracies are a possibility, and we ignore that fact at our own peril.

The global depopulation agenda is an absolute reality, not a conspiracy theory.  In the interview below, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Mary Holland, president and general counsel for Children's Health Defense, discuss their new documentary film, "Infertility:  A Diabolical Agenda," which we published yesterday.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.  [Video clip]  "Infertility:  A Diabolical Agenda" is Wakefield's fourth film.  The first was "Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?" followed by "Vaxxed" and "1986: The Act."  This latest film details the World Health Organization's intentions to produce an anti-fertility vaccine in response to perceived overpopulation, and how such vaccines have been used without people's knowledge or consent since the mid-'90s.  "It's a very important story, and it's a story that I'd been aware of for some years," Wakefield says.  "I think a lot of people heard about this intentional infertility vaccine program being conducted, primarily in women in developing countries such as Africa.  But it had gone into abeyance so I hadn't paid due attention."

Globalists move into the kill phase of human extermination.  Globalists are now shifting into their "kill phase" of human extermination, abandoning all their previous strategies of trying to hide their true intentions.  Now they openly talk of cutting off energy to humanity, starving people to death with food supply disruptions, resetting the global currencies to plunge humanity into poverty and achieving depopulation through the use of vaccines and deadly medications.

The Shocking Truth About the Global Depopulation Agenda.  As explained by [Dr. Andrew] Wakefield, it was no secret that the WHO had been working on an anti-fertility vaccine since the 1970s.  Papers were published, and the WHO itself even admitted it.  The real issue here is that of informed consent.  The WHO has been caught more than once deliberately deceiving women into thinking they were vaccinated against tetanus, when in fact they were being sterilized.  This is an ethical and moral low that is hard to beat.

Netherlands farmers, fisherman revolt against government greenie impositions.  Greenie policies have destroyed Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and they destroy pretty much any economy wherever they go.  The revolt has now hit the Netherlands. [...] The government passed a greenie law to cut nitrogen and carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and then blandly declared that, yah, yah, "the honest message ... is that not all farmers can continue their business."  So for the Dutch farmers, who are among the world's most productive, who feed a continent and beyond from their tiny artificially created landscape, with, yes, cows, which are all about creating this newly created problem of nitrogen as well as cow-[emission] carbon, are suddenly the target.  They've got to quit producing and die.  Pay no attention to the fact that not every nation can sustain cows but would like to buy beef and leather and gelatin and milk and all the other things cows produce.  They all will now see shortages at the supermarkets and, worse still, shortages of cow "byproducts," which are sold as crop-saving fertilizer around the world.  Pay no attention to the unintended consequences the Dutch farmers are warning about.  The tsentral planners have spoken, and now the cows must die.  Too bad about the farms and farmers and consumers.

Abortion, mRNA: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?  Or at least a similar coin.  There's little doubt that what drives the elite ruling class of the West is eugenics and a push for depopulation — NOW.  The fact that the elites have embraced Fascism in a Globalist mode fits right in with population control proposals that leave the Nazis in the dust.  Watch any of the pro-abortion demonstrations and you're sure to see people screaming about the joys of killing babies.  No, that's not an exaggeration.  Safe, legal, and rare is so 70s — it's now quite explicitly all about killing children. [...] If you doubt any of this consider the vast amount of money that has been spent by the West — by foundations like Rockefeller and others, by NGOs, by various "charities" and UN associated agencies — in the effort to decrease population.  It doesn't matter that fertility is dropping precipitously worldwide.  Nor does this appear to be driven simply by ecological concerns — not when you look at the current rhetoric.  The use of vaccines and stealth sterilization in the Third World for fertility cancellation appears well documented.  Now there are increasing concerns that the mRNA injections touted by the Covid Regime — major funders of which are clearly eugenicists — may be part of this eugenic project of depopulation.  Naturally, any links in declines in fertility to the mRNA injections are being preemptively denied — it's all somehow coincidental.

Your Government is trying to kill you & Depopulate the planet.  We are now living in a world where Governments and Institutions are telling us we are in a race to to prevent a "disastrous" increase in global temperatures due to greenhouse gas emissions.  The vast majority of those greenhouse gas emissions are Carbon dioxide (CO2).  A gas that every single human being on the planet produces every single time they exhale.  In one day, the average person breathes out around 500 litres of the greenhouse gas CO2 — which amounts to around 1kg in mass. [...] But what if we're being lied to about the impending climate change doom that now litters every News channel?  Why would the so-called "elite" be so eager to reduce the world's population then?  Well, we only need to look to the advancement of technology and Artificial Intelligence to realise that humans aren't really needed as much as they used to be in order to keep the rich, rich.  And pretty soon they may no longer be needed at all.  If you can't see that you pretty much living in a slave system designed to keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor, then you've been living your life with your head in the sand.

Leftists Are About to Kill Millions of People Right Before Our Eyes.  Sometimes something is so horrifying that you simply cannot process it — your brain tells you that it's not real,that it can't be real, but the horror now approaching us is all too real.  Millions of people are likely to starve to death in the next year — we know it's coming, we know why, and yet our garbage ruling caste is paralyzed.  Inflation, particularly of fossil fuels, and the crop failures caused by lack of fertilizers (again, exacerbated by lack of fossil fuels), will mean mass starvation.  Oh, when the TV is filled with pictures of skeletal kids, the regime adherents will rage at us for letting this happen, but they are the architects of this massacre.  And they could stop it, if they wanted to, by opening up America's oil tap.  But they are choosing not to act to stop it.

Neil Oliver, W.H.O Assembles Pandemic Treaty to Control Global Human Parasites.  Comrade dissidents, in his weekly monologue Neil Oliver draws attention to the World Health Organization (WHO) effort to assemble the Global Pandemic Response Treaty, a collective pact with the industrious mission to control the threat of human parasites.  As Oliver notes, the objective of the W.H.O. mission is to coordinate a whole-of-planet approach, by giving instructions to all governmental signatories for how to best manage the problematic behavior of free-range citizens.  People are the dangerous carbon they seek to mitigate.  [Video clip]

Demographics: Deglobalization Will Fix Climate Change.  In about half of the world, the growth rate is above 2.1%.  With some exceptions, these countries are largely not significantly industrialized and, unfortunately, many also are far from food sufficient.  Of the countries with more than 100 million inhabitants, India (2.20%), Indonesia (2.29%), and The Philippines (2.53%) are barely above replacement rate.  Pakistan (3.45%), Ethiopia (4.15%), and Nigeria (5.32%) are currently facing severe food insecurity.  Egypt (3.28%) will most likely suffer acutely from the expected decrease in wheat exports from Russia and Ukraine.  The boogeymen of my youth — Erlich's The Population Bomb and Toffler's Future Shock — begat the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.  That document and its spawn (Kyoto, Paris, UN 2020 and MDGs, UN 2030 and SDGs, etc.) are the base upon which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Green New Deal, and all other attempts at a massive North-to-South wealth transfer were built.  As a body of work addressing "the environment," all of this is now irrelevant.

Another "Green" Catastrophe.  Food prices in Sri Lanka have quadrupled.  One of the problems with environmentalists is that their prescriptions are often unmoored from reality.  And yet they continue to get mostly good press around the world.

Radicals Celebrate Earth Day: 'Maybe Humans Are the Disease'.  Leftists celebrated Earth Day on Friday by using it as a political wedge to cudgel those whom they oppose into compliance.  Earth Day, first designated as an annual event in 1970, has origins that go back to ancient forms of paganism.  For instance, nature worship or "earth religion" includes forms of paganism, such as "animism" (a worldview that all animals and plants have a spirit), "Wicca" (worship of earth mother goddess by magic), and "druidism" (the natural world is synonymous with divinity).  According to Refinery 29, Earth Day is a "sacred holiday" and "a chance for Pagans to show gratitude to nature."  In that sense, "every day is Earth Day," Pagan author Deborah Blake claimed.  Left-wing political pundits use the sacred holiday to push environmentalism, which is different than conservationism.  The radical left has adopted environmentalism as a wedge to promote "climate change," a political cudgel to orient the American economy away from capitalism.

"Green" Dreams Kill People.  Currently, the war between Russia and Ukraine dominates the headlines.  We all know that global petroleum supplies have been disrupted by the war, but perhaps more significant is the war's impact on agriculture.  Ukraine and Russia are two of the top grain-exporting countries in the world.  Ukraine has been selling grain to the West since ancient times.  With those supplies disrupted, a global food shortage impends, and many are predicting that populations in some vulnerable areas that can't produce enough food for themselves will starve.  So where are the environmentalists in all this?  They are doing their best to reduce agricultural output.  In Sri Lanka, the government mandated organic farming, with the result that yields declined catastrophically, prices skyrocketed, and, no doubt, many died.

The History of Population Control is Important for Understanding COVID-19.  Reducing global population has been a consistent goal of the ruling class for centuries.  While many support the abstract idea of population control, no one wants to volunteer to be the ones who are culled.  The business of population control has hence been a very messy subject.  When the COVID vaccine program began, I — and likely many others — suspected the COVID vaccines would have an "unexpected" side effect of reducing fertility.  Early in their development, Mike Yeadon (and others) at great personal risk publicly warned regulators of a clear fertility danger inherent to the vaccine (found in section IX of their petition).  Subsequent regulatory document leaks from the European FDA revealed Pfizer exempted themselves from testing the key areas of concern (infertility, autoimmunity and cancer) in animals.  This highly unusual moved further suggested serious problems existed in these three areas (as you can't find something if you don't test for it).

No, AOC, Humans Are Not Killing the Earth.  By 2050, there will be nearly ten billion human beings on the planet. [...] From an environmental perspective, 10 billion humans seems an unacceptable number.  For radicals like AOC, here are two solutions.  One is to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of every human being on the planet.  This could be accomplished by mandating electric vehicles or no car at all, and by using taxation and zoning to force humans into smaller, more efficient apartments.  But housing and transportation would not be enough.  It would be necessary to slash electricity and other utility usages, since power plants are the largest source of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, and to outlaw animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy.  It would also be necessary to limit travel and restrict land use so as to return land to its state of nature.  All of these "solutions" have been proposed, and in some places implemented, but alone, they will not reduce carbon emissions to any perceptible extent, since humans will go on requiring food, shelter, heat, electricity, and other services that produce emissions.  If you believe that carbon poses an existential threat to life on Earth, you must consider option #2.  That option is to reduce the number of human beings on Earth, be it by forced sterilization, birth control, abortion, or voluntary or mandatory euthanasia.

Bill Gates' Obsession With Abortion, Contraception & Population Control Started With His Father.  Bill Gates has an obsession with funding abortion, contraception and population control projects in developing nations.  However, not many are aware that it was his father who inspired him to carry out the depopulation agenda.  In 2003, Bill Moyers, an American journalist, asked Bill Gates a question.  Moyers wanted to know why he was so interested in reproductive issues?  Gates considered.  "But did you come to reproductive issues as an intellectual, philosophical pursuit?" Moyers insisted.  "Or was there something that happened?  Was there a revelation?"  "When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things," Gates responded.  "My dad was head of Planned Parenthood.  And it was very controversial to be involved with that.  And so it's fascinating."  Excellent.  If you've lived under a rock for the past few decades, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion providers in the world.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation preserves the legacy of Bill Gates' father.

Bill Gates Spent $18 Million Pushing Population Control on Africa.  One of the world's richest men spends considerable amounts of money pushing population control on women in Africa.  Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, donated $18 million to family planning programs through the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), All Africa reports.  Their foundation made the announcement during an international family planning conference in Rwanda.  The Gates Foundation has a long history of pushing birth control on some of the world's poorest countries while their people cry for clean water, food and basic health care.  Though the Gates family says the money does not go toward abortions, it gives money to some of the largest abortion companies in the world, including the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International.

The child free movement.  There is a troubling new faction of millennials who seek sterilization in their teens or early twenties.  Sterilization is a process that renders having children totally impossible.  This rapidly growing trend is called the "child free movement" or being "voluntarily childless."  It's the newest and possibly most extreme kind of liberal indoctrination being forced upon young "progressives."  They think this bold decision makes them more free and powerful, but rather, it shows the extent of their hopelessness and powerlessness.  This narrative, which has gained great popularity thanks to the political ruling class and the liberal legacy media, is that remaining childless is hip, chic, and smart.  Candace Owens speaks about this quite extensively.  You may be surprised to learn that nearly every political issue involves pushing the happily childless agenda.  Even climate change is a reason to be barren.  You can't have a baby, the world is going to end in X number of years.  X is used because the left keeps moving the goal post as we continue to live past our initially indicated expiration dates.

Pfizer Produces Creepy Vaccination Propaganda Video Targeting Kids.  Modern Democrats advocate for not having children and enjoying the freedom that comes from a childless life.  Democrats promote abortion even at the last moments before natural birth (ie. #ShoutYourAbortion), and consider children to be "anchors" (Obama's term) that stop people from enjoying a productive life focused on professional advancement.  Everything in the expressed policies of the modern Democrats is about not having children or becoming parents.  Sure they talk about children, but only from the perspective of political benefit.  Children are a point of advocacy for them; yet most influential modern leftists do not have children.  Democrats and leftists also claim not having children is the most environmentally responsible conduct.

How Many People Must Be Thrown into the Volcano Before the Left Is Happy?  The whole "global warming" schtick is predicated on the idea that fractional temperature deviations (what climatologists and geologists understood as a natural condition of the planet before their expertise could be used for political and financial gain) are a threat to human life.  Yet temperature fluctuations are poppycock compared to the loss of human life that will be precipitated by choking off the fuels necessary to generate electrical power.  Where electricity is neither stable nor cheap, surviving the winter with scant heat is never guaranteed.  Where refrigeration, water pumps, and lighting are scarce, so too are medicines, food, and personal security.  Killing electricity means killing people, plain and simple.

Path To A Greener Future:  Tax Kids Or Just Ban Them Outright.  President Biden wants free college education, free preschool for kids, and increased child tax credits.  All of these proposals subsidize the single worst thing we can do for the environment: have kids.  Kids eat, need medical services, eventually become teenagers and drive cars.  And as shocking as this might seem, kids grow up and travel, eventually by airplane.

Pennsylvania House Democrat Introduces Forced Sterilization — Three-Child Limit Legislation.  Pennsylvania Democrat Christopher M. Rabb sent out a memorandum to all House members regarding his legislation that will enforce reproductive responsibility among men.  The bill will force men to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or their 40th birthday, whichever comes first.  This legislation includes a $10,000 reward to whoever snitches to the proper authority on those who have failed to submit to forced sterilization within the allotted time.  This bill will also include legal actions for unwanted pregnancies against inseminators who wrongfully conceive a child with them.

GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed.  Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn.  Waiving fields of maize may one day save the world from overpopulation.  The pregnancy prevention plants are the handiwork of the San Diego biotechnology company Epicyte, where researchers have discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm.  By isolating the genes that regulate the manufacture of these antibodies, and by putting them in corn plants, the company has created tiny horticultural factories that make contraceptives.  'We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies,' said Epicyte president Mitch Hein.

Joe Biden's BLM Nominee Pushed Population Control, Defined American Children as 'Environmental Hazard'.  Tracy Stone-Manning, President Joe Biden's nominee to be director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), described American children as an "environmental hazard" while advocating for slowing U.S. population growth in her 1992 graduate thesis.  The Daily Caller reported on Stone-Manning's thesis, titled "Into the Heart of the Beast:  A case for environmental advertising," after which she was awarded a master of science degree in environmental studies.  Her thesis, however, amounted to public policy recommendations for the University of Montana described as "environmental education."

How to Stop Global Warming:  Misery or Death.  By 2050, there will be nearly ten billion human beings on the planet. [...] If you believe that carbon poses an existential threat to life on Earth, you must consider option #2.  That option is to reduce the number of human beings on Earth, by forced sterilization, birth control, and abortion, or by voluntary or mandatory euthanasia.  While they do not always admit it, radical environmentalists have been pushing this option for decades.  They envision a planet happily free of human industry and development — a lot like the sparse communal settlement depicted at the end of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. [...] In many other countries, sterilization, birth control, and abortion are all universally available and state-funded.  But these "services" alone will not solve the problem of rising population.  The Earth's population is aging, and older people consume a greater than average share of society's medical services and no longer make a large contribution to economic productivity.  From an environmental and economic perspective, euthanasia, whether voluntary or forced, would contribute to global well-being.

The Editor says...
There is another option, which would be to leave things as they are, observe the minuscule and incremental changes in the climate, if any, and adapt to them.

The Population Bomb Doomsday Scam.  It may be the most astonishing story of the year that no one is paying much attention to.  As the Wall Street Journal recently reported on their front page, "Chinese officials are drawing up plans to further loosen birth restrictions and transition toward policies that explicitly encourage childbirth".  According to Chinese insiders, China, the most populous nation on the planet, is replacing its brutish childbirth restrictions with a program allowing, and even rewarding, couples for having kids.  Beijing has announced that its demographic problem today is too few young people, not too many.  The New York Times put the point even more emphatically in its coverage of this amazing twist of fate, by acknowledging in a headline that the dreaded "population bomb" of the 1960s and '70s has turned into a global "population bust."  Let us put it even more concisely:  the greatest environmental/demographic scare of the second half of the 20th century — overpopulation — is now officially conceded to have been a monumental fraud.

The Editor says...
Obviously the next question is:  what else are the environmentalists lying about?

Joe Biden's BLM Nominee Pushed Population Control, Defined American Children as 'Environmental Hazard'.  Tracy Stone-Manning, President Joe Biden's nominee to be director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), described American children as an "environmental hazard" while advocating for slowing U.S. population growth in her 1992 graduate thesis.  The Daily Caller reported on Stone-Manning's thesis, titled "Into the Heart of the Beast| A case for environmental advertising," after which she was awarded a master of science degree in environmental studies.  Her thesis, however, amounted to public policy recommendations for the University of Montana described as "environmental education."

Well Known Professor Of Bioethics Suggested Re-Engineering Humans To Birth Much Smaller Children To Fight Climate Change.  S. Matthew Liao, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University, during a 2016 panel discussion at the World Science Festival, suggested the potential use of genetic engineering and hormone therapy that could result in birthing smaller, less resource-needy children[.]  Liao also suggested re-engineering humans to become intolerant to meat, perhaps introducing a pill that humans could take or even re-engineering the cow to make its meat poisonous for human consumption.  [Video clip]

The Population Dud:  Paul Ehrlich, Call Your Office.  There's an old saying among economists, demographers, actuaries and sociologists:  "Demographics is destiny."  If that's true, and it certainly appears to be, America could be in very big trouble.  Back in 1970, leftist Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich warned in his sensationalist book, "The Population Bomb," that overpopulation would lead to mass starvation and the depletion of our natural resources.  As we all know, it didn't happen.  Indeed, natural resources have never been more abundant, based on prices we pay, as the late economist Julian Simon predicted in making a very public 1980 wager with Ehrlich about the future.  Virtually every measurable form of pollution has fallen sharply in the intervening years.  And billions of people were pulled out of poverty, all during a time of strong population growth.  In short, Ehrlich and his legions of doomsday followers couldn't have been more wrong.

It's 'entirely possible' vaccine campaigns 'will be used for massive-scale depopulation': Former Pfizer VP.  Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, spoke with great urgency to America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) late last week warning that the drive to inject the largest possible portion of the population with experimental COVID-19 vaccines is "madness," involves "evil," includes "crimes against humanity" and may have the intention of "massive-scale depopulation."  Yeadon's comments are also made in the broader context of a sharp debate over theories offered by Geert Vanden Bossche, a vaccine expert associated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who, with the appearance of a "whistleblower" has also warned of a "global catastrophe without equal" due to the way these vaccines have been utilized.

Kids are cute
"Kids are cute but they're not really eco-friendly."  [Finding the original source of this headline is left to the reader as an exercise.  Appears to be British.]

Environmentalist says overpopulation is chief threat to planet.  Leon Kolankiewicz, a long-standing and devout environmentalist, is concerned that the movement has lost track of the biggest problem: people.  Overpopulation was once seen as a prime destroyer of woods and plains, but as modern environmentalists fell in love with immigration, the idea that man is the chief encroacher on nature has lost its luster, Mr. Kolankiewicz said.  "Twenty-five years ago, the concept of 'sprawl' was a big deal.  Al Gore had a big anti-sprawl campaign.  You could see the countryside was disappearing," he said.

Billionaire Population-Control Advocate Funds Premier Environmental Group.  The Southern Environmental Law Center, a public interest law firm and leading opponent of the Trump administration's efforts to revise environmental regulations, is a major beneficiary of one of America's most prolific supporters of abortion, sterilization, and other tools of population control.  The SELC has received more than $200 million over two decades from North Carolina-based billionaire Fred Stanback and has called Stanback and his wife two of the firm's "most loyal friends."  In so doing, it embraced a man who has also given extensively to groups that advocate shrinking the U.S. population, including one whose founder predicted mass starvation in the 1970s without a global campaign to coercively slash birth rates.

Robert F. Kennedy:  Investigate Bill Gates And His Depopulation Agenda.  For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia.  Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died.  Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and — yes — the UN Agency responsible for the Protection of Children, UNICEF.  Most of these vaccination campaigns were implemented without the informed-consent of the children, parents, guardians or teachers, nor with the informed-consent, or with forged consent, of the respective government authorities.  In the aftermath, The Gates Foundation was sued by governments around the world, Kenya, India, the Philippines — and more.

Radical Environmentalists' Giddiness During Pandemic Exposes Their True Aims.  While the country and really the whole world is enmeshed in stopping the COVID-19 pandemic, [Barack H.] Obama and many others on the left are desperately trying to get Americans to embrace their agenda. [...] Some environmental activists are clearly excited at the possibilities of "degrowth," as one environmental economist called the widespread economic contractions that have become possible in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.  Ed Conway, the economics editor of Sky News, had a particularly disturbing take.  "Don't take this the wrong way but if you were a young, hardline environmentalist looking for the ultimate weapon against climate change, you could hardly design anything better than [the] coronavirus," Conway wrote.  "Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let's face it, are more likely to be climate sceptics.  It spares the young.  Most of all, it stymies the forces that have been generating greenhouse gases for decades."

Global Warming Alarmists:  Not Only Wrong But Vicious.  At the extreme of the alarmist movement are cruel misanthropes who prefer a world without humans.  "Population control and reduction is a view shared by other leading AGW (anthropogenic global warming) supporters," write warming skeptics Anthony Cox and Joanne Nova for Australia's ABC News.  "Leading green commentators ... see humanity as a threat to nature, and again their solution is for the population to be severely reduced to a few million living in a non-technological primitive state.  "This message, that humanity is bad and destructive, is one that is increasingly informing AGW philosophy and promotion."  This view has become so acceptable that the Guardian not long ago gave space to the ideas of a man who said 50 years ago he "concluded that the best thing for the planet would be a peaceful phase-out of human existence."

Alabama Dem Introduces Legislation Mandating Vasectomies for Men at Age 50 or After Third Child.  An Alabama Democrat state lawmaker from Birmingham has introduced legislation that, if passed would mandate, "every Alabama man to undergo a vasectomy within one month of his 50th birthday or the birth of his third biological child, whichever comes first," according to a report from Alabama-based Yellowhammer News.  The bill, filed by State Rep. Rolanda Hollis (D) on Thursday [2/13/2020], is viewed by some a response to the 2019 passage by the state legislature of the Human Life Protection Act, a law that is currently making its way through the federal courts that ban abortion with very few exceptions.

Canadian Climate-Loon Pol Gives Props to Coronavirus for Reducing Wuhan's Carbon Footprint.  In recent years, the "Not The Onion" moments from leftists have been coming at us so fast it seems like they're being fired from a Gatling gun.  Today's example is a politician from Quebec named Luc Ferrandez, who seems to have found the silver lining to the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

Now Alcohol and Sugar Are Even Worse for the Planet Than Eating Meat.  Environmentalists hate humanity and feel guilty for being part of it.  If you derive any pleasure out of life, you must be stopped.

How Many People Must Die to Fix the Planet?  On the 40th anniversary of the first world climate conference in 1979, the journal Bioscience published the ominously titled "World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency." [...] Addressing this emergency, the Warning continued, will require a stunning prescription:  "the world population must be stabilized — and, ideally, gradually reduced."  The Warning itself might have gone the way of most academic editorializing, but the 11,000 "scientists" who added their names and reputations to the effort caught the public imagination.  The press picked it up and everyone was off to the races.  Right until people started looking at the credentials of the more than 11,000 signatories.  The list includes shockingly few climate scientists.  It does include people who describe themselves as "PHD Student," "MD," and "Zoo keeper," though.  And those were drawn just from people with last names beginning with A.

Globalists Openly Admit To Population Control Agenda.  [Scroll down]  In the late 1960's into the 1970's there was a resurgence of population control rhetoric coming out of globalist circles.  Under the supervision of the UN and some related scientific groups, the Club Of Rome was formed.  A prominent part of the Club of Rome's agenda was population reduction.  In 1972 the group of "scientists" under the UN's direction published a paper called 'The Limits Of Growth', which called for greatly reduced human population in the name of "saving the environment".  This effort was directly linked to another agenda — the institution of a global government that could handle and enforce population controls on a wide scale.

Vatican Endorses U.N. Pro-Abortion "Sustainable Development" Agenda.  While the sustainable development goals include "universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes," their focus is providing for abortion.  The SDGs indeed are all about abortion.  They propose that we make the planet a safer place through population control, i.e. abortion, but this is done under the guise of caring for the poor.  The globalist ploy is to say that 'we shouldn't bring people into the world to suffer but should first take care of the poor that are among us.'

To Help Save the Planet, Scientists Encourage Billions to Die.  [Scroll down]  Sure, they may prattle on about climate change or CO2 or global warming, but their main goal always has, and always will be, the bloody and merciless elimination of the world's lumpenproletariat.  A group of 11,000 alleged scientific "experts" — beware of anyone who calls themselves an "expert," because they're usually some snake-peddlin' jerk — have published a warning in the journal BioScience that not only do we need to use environmentally friendly beverage containers, quit driving our cars, and stop eating meat in exchange for eating insects, we need to start killing people.  Mind you, they didn't come out and say "We need to start killing people," because not only would that be extremely rude, it would also be illegal.  But they said we need fewer people on the planet, and it sure sounds like they're in a rush.

The Elite Are Quite Eager to Reduce the Number of People on the Planet.  At one time, the elite at least attempted to conceal their boundless enthusiasm for population control from the general public, but now they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.  On Tuesday, an alarming new study that advocates global population control as one of the solutions to the "climate emergency" that we are facing was published in the journal BioScience.  This document has already been signed by 11,258 scientists from 153 different countries, and it openly calls for a reduction in the human population of our planet.  This has always been the endgame for the climate change cult, but now a big push is being made to make the public believe that there is a "scientific consensus" that this is necessary.

45 Population Control Quotes That Show The Elite Are Quite Eager To Reduce The Number Of People On The Planet.  At one time, the elite at least attempted to conceal their boundless enthusiasm for population control from the general public, but now they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.  On Tuesday [11/5/2019], an alarming new study that advocates global population control as one of the solutions to the "climate emergency" that we are [allegedly] facing was published in the journal BioScience.  This document has already been signed by 11,258 scientists from 153 different countries, and it openly calls for a reduction in the human population of our planet.  This has always been the endgame for the climate change cult, but now a big push is being made to make the public believe that there is a "scientific consensus" that this is necessary.

The Editor says...
There is no climate emergency.  The climate cannot change fast enough to be called an emergency.  No matter how old you are, the climate today is indistinguishable from the climate in the year you were born.

Global Warming Alarmists Out Themselves — Again.  Crackpots have been predicting the end of the world for probably as long as man has existed.  This group, though, also believes that because the global population is "still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year, or more than 200,000 per day," it "must be stabilized — and, ideally, gradually reduced — within a framework that ensures social integrity."  By what authority do these scientists believe they have the right to reduce the number of humans?  And through what mechanism do they propose to use to reach their goal?

Who are these '11,000 Concerned Scientists'?  [Scroll down]  Scientists, with few exceptions, are subject matter experts in specific fields — their expertise isn't inherently relevant and extensible across varying fields of science.  For example, a physicist won't teach a graduate-level course in Biology; a podiatrist won't perform open heart surgery and a botanist has minimal insight on quantum computing.  How many of these 11,000 scientists possess germane degrees in meteorology, climatology or atmospheric science?  Lo and behold, BioScience actually published a list of these scientific signatories in the attached link — so I looked.  In keyword searches across 324 pages of signing signatories, spanning 11,224 scientists, I found 240 (2%) individuals with professions that can be construed as bona fide meteorologists, climatologists, or atmospheric scientists.  As a frame of reference, the Department of Labor reports there are 10,000 atmospheric scientists in the U.S.  Conversely, this list contains plenty of "experts" who have zero credibility on the topic of climate change, coming from fields such as:  infectious diseases, paleontology, ecology, zoology, epidemiology and nutrition, insect ecology, anthropology, computer science, OB-GYN and linguistics.

Green New Deal Dems Toss Their Support Behind Report Pushing To Fast-Track Population Control.  Several high-profile Democrats who back the so-called Green New Deal are now apparently supporting a new report calling for a dramatic reduction in the world's population to stave off a climate crisis.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey retweeted links to a report signed by more than 11,000 scientists who argue that the population "must be stabilized — and, ideally, gradually reduced — within a framework that ensures social integrity."  The report, published Tuesday [11/5/2019] in the journal BioScience, also calls for the wholesale dumping of fossil fuels and the emergence of green energy.

Four Outrageously Insane Climate Proposals.  [#2] Stop Having Children:  Things were pretty bad in the Dark Ages, and the Black Plague was kind of rough, but these ages pale in comparison to the future climate apocalypse.  It's so bad, in fact, that climate activists now suggest we should stop having children to shield their nonexistent lives from the horrors that surely await them.  As usual, Ocasio-Cortez has led the way on this issue.  She said in an Instagram livestream:  "Basically, there's a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.  And it does lead, I think, young people to have a legitimate question:  Is it OK to still have children?"  Some celebrities, like singer Miley Cyrus, have hopped aboard this movement.

The Left to America's Children:  Your Past Is Terrible, and Your Future Is Terrible.  The left is ambivalent and often hostile to people having children.  That's why people on the left have the fewest children of all political and religious groups.  The latest reason not to have children is that much of humanity is doomed if global warming is not immediately reversed.  But since the 1970s, the left has offered other reasons not to have children including that the world would not produce nearly enough food and other basic resources to sustain the growing world population.  Thus began the zero population growth (ZPG) movement.  But the left's ambivalence over having children isn't just hysteria over too many people, lack of food or global warming.  Many people on the left (again, unlike liberals or conservatives) just don't particularly want kids.  Children are a nuisance:  They interfere with one's career; they cost too much; and dogs and cats are perfectly acceptable substitutes.  In sum, the left doesn't particularly like children.

Is ending human life the answer to 'climate change?'.  While the environment is not the kind of issue I usually address, a new trend forces me to confront an agitated and organized movement.  Convinced that people are the problem, in all our forms, abortion is now emerging as a "solution" to climate change, pushed forward in at atmosphere of fear.  The anti-child movement being developed, named things like #NoFutureNoChildren, equates population control with climate control, making the answer to the world's problems a reduction in the number of people.

30 of The Biggest Lies & Hoaxes Perpetrated on The American People.  [#9] The Overpopulation Myth:  This is perhaps one of the most appalling hoaxes they've leveraged.  They've had countless "population control" organization setup for decades, to monitor and control populations.  Thousands of couples heeded their advice and opted not to have children based on their purported concerns.  The reality is, the world has been in a population growth decline for a long time and the US is at an 80-year low.  The lies these people have perpetrated, and the lengths they've gone to control the population through abortions, war, manufactured diseases, GMOs, geoengineering, and quite possibly via vaccines, is reprehensible.

The Club of Rome's Depopulation Agenda.  [Scroll down]  The current fad of referring to looming extinction, as in the corporate-owned protest group Extinction Rebellion, has therefore a double entendre — the intended extinction is, of course, that of most of the human race.  Environmentalism is used to justify moving people from rural areas into the city, and increased control over people's lives and property by local and central government.  Above all environmentalism, and especially the global warming scare, are being used by the Club of Rome and its members to create acceptance for increasing powers for the corporate-owned United Nations bureaucracy and the corporate-owned NGOs affiliated to the United Nations.

NYT Keeps Readers In The Dark On Bernie Sanders' Population Control Comments.  The New York Times is keeping readers in the dark about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' embrace of population control, including abortion, as a means of combating climate change.  Sanders was asked during CNN's climate town hall on Wednesday whether he would support measures to curb population growth in order to protect the climate.  The Vermont senator answered yes, and said using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion abroad, "especially in poor countries around the world," is something he "very, very strongly" supports.

Sanders under fire for remarks on population control.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has came under fire from conservatives on social media Thursday [9/5/2019] after he said he would be open to discussing population control as a means to combat climate change.  The presidential candidate made the comments on Wednesday at a climate town hall on CNN after he was asked by an attendee about rising populations and how the planet "can not sustain this growth."  The questioner, identified by CNN as a teacher named Martha Readyoff, said that she realized linking population control to climate was a topic "poisonous for politicians, but it's crucial to face."

Kira Davis:  Abortion Is Not a "Gift" To The Black Community.  Last night was the CNN "Climate Town Hall" and it was interminable.  I could only bring myself to tolerate a few candidates.  I caught the end of Klobuchar and then watched a bloody-eyed Biden ramble through explaining his connections to Big Oil donors.  The audience was there for Bernie and Warren and they were only there for Bernie and Warren.  It was the usual climate talk, but what struck me the most was when Bernie Sanders responded to a question about population control.  Without hesitation or any sense of self-awareness, Sanders offered up abortion in third world countries as a necessary and legitimate solution to overpopulation.

Bernie Sanders says abortion and birth control should be used to fight climate change.  Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been criticised after arguing population control should be part of tackling climate change.  The Vermont senator told a TV debate that women "in poor countries" should have access to birth control.

Sanders under fire for remarks on population control.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has came under fire from conservatives on social media Thursday after he said he would be open to discussing population control as a means to combat climate change.  The presidential candidate made the comments on Wednesday at a climate town hall on CNN after he was asked by an attendee about rising populations and how the planet "can not sustain this growth."  The questioner, identified by CNN as a teacher named Martha Readyoff, said that she realized linking population control to climate was a topic "poisonous for politicians, but it's crucial to face."

Climate Crazies:  CNN Pushes for Global Eugenics, Trillions in Spending, No Beef.  [Scroll down]  Arguably the most disturbing point during the climate hysteria came roughly halfway through the town hall with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I).  After a commercial break, AC360 host Anderson Cooper went to an audience question from Martha Readyoff, who's "a teacher from New Milford, Connecticut." [...] Sanders got in touch with his inner communist and declared "the answer is yes."  He went on to decry the Mexico City agreement as "totally absurd" because it "denies American aid to those organizations around the world that allow women to have abortions or even get involved in birth control..."  It's worth noting that all the audience questions were pre-screened by CNN, so they knew that radical question was going to be part of their program and the narrative they were crafting.

Bernie Sanders Calls on Accelerating Abortions in Countries Populated by People of Color.  In a bizarre, almost surreal CNN town hall event that repeatedly claimed hurricanes are all man-made, Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a global-scale eugenics program to reduce the human population by accelerating abortions in countries populated by people of color.  Advocacy for all this came from Sanders' response to a pre-screened question from an audience member named Martha Readyoff, "a teacher from New Milford, Connecticut."  Her question is heavily peppered with presuppositions, such as claiming abortion is "empowering women."  The question was obviously intended to push Sanders toward a more radical left-wing position, and he took the bait.

Scientist Says Eating Human Flesh Will Save Planet From Climate Change.  These global warming people are crazy.  First, they want to take away our juicy steaks [...], but now, this crosses the line of decency.  A Swedish scientist suggests that it may be necessary to turn to cannibalism and start eating human flesh to save the planet[.]  And NO this story is not from The Onion.  A conference about the food of the future called Gastro Summit being held in Stockholm Sweden featured a presentation by Magnus Söderlund claiming that we must get used to the idea of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change.

Bernie Sanders Reaches A New Level Of Depravity.  I'm not sure calling those pushing climate hysteria a cult is enough anymore.  We are at the full blown human sacrifice stage.[...] This is a level of depravity that you'd expect to see in 1930s Nazi Germany.  It's sick, sick stuff that should be immediately disqualifying.  The idea that people must be culled in order to "save the environment" is not a new one.  It has its roots in eugenics and the ridiculous musings of Malthusian theory, which has been proven be absolute horse crap over the decades.  The planet is not nearing peak population, nor resource use.  There is simply no science to back up such craziness.  But with climate change, that kind of garbage has seen a new rise because it's no longer about resources for these people.  Now they claim it's about too many people emitting carbon.  Climate change has went from just being overwrought insanity to a death cult.

Bernie Sanders says he supports worldwide funded abortions to combat climate change.  Socialist presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders says if he's elected, he wants American taxpayers to pay for abortions in poor countries around the world to limit population growth.  Why?  Because Sanders claims mass abortions will limit climate change.  Sanders made the assertions at the CNN townhall discussing the "climate crisis."

Sanders supports US taxpayer funding of third-world abortions to combat climate change.  Sen. Bernie Sanders threw his support behind U.S. taxpayer-funded abortions in third-world countries when an audience member stressed the importance of curbing the human population because of climate change.  "Human population growth has more than doubled in the past 50 years.  The planet cannot sustain this growth," an audience member said.  "I realize this is a poisonous topic for politicians, but it's crucial to face.  Empowering women and educating everyone on the need to curb population growth seems a reasonable campaign to enact.  Would you be courageous enough to discuss this issue and make it a key feature of a plan to address climate catastrophe?"

The Editor says...
It seems to me that overpopulation is an indication that the world-wide climate is ideal, and getting better.  If there were a billion fewer in the world, the climate would not be affected.  The climate is the same today as it was when the world population was half of what it is now.

What (and Why) You Should Know About Anti-Natalism.  A 27-year-old Indian man plans to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his consent.  Raphael Samuel, whose claim is based on anti-natalism, told the BBC that it's wrong to bring children into the world, because they then have to put up with lifelong suffering.  "There's no point to humanity.  So many people are suffering," Samuel said.  "If humanity is extinct, Earth and animals would be happier.  They'll certainly be better off.  Also no human will then suffer.  Human existence is totally pointless."  Anti-natalism (sometimes spelled antinatalism) is the view that it is immoral to bring new people into existence because doing so would be a harm to them.

The El Paso and Christchurch Shootings:  The Ecofascist Connection.  While Big Green currently downplays the issue, many enviro-organizations keep overpopulation phobias alive.  Several million Europeans and Anglo-Americans belong to groups that contend Earth and/or their homelands are dangerously overpopulated.

Suicide of the West:  Disney Chief Thinks Eliminating Children Is Good for Business.  When Disney CEO Bob Iger threw in with the Hollywood radicals threatening to boycott Georgia for its new law outlawing aborting babies with a heartbeat, I was reminded of Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto's recurring theme in his original, great emailed daily newsletter, "Best of the Web Today," that he called "The Roe Effect."  Taranto's thesis was that proportionally, Democrats were depriving themselves of future voters by promoting abortion as their sacrament, since the demographics of abortion would suggest that a majority of the aborted children were likely future Democrat voters.  Of course, to make up for that deficit, Democrats today are desperate to import voters, by any means necessary.

With 9th baby, lawmaker, wife 'taking AOC's carbon footprint for ourselves'.  Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy and his wife, Fox contributor Rachel-Campos Duffy, are decidedly not taking liberal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's advice to zip it up and forgo having children because it might promote global warming.  Instead, they have announced that they are having their ninth child.

The Case for Being Born.  The Left's war on children is by no means restricted to the project of maximizing the scope of opportunity to surgically dismember them prior to birth, preferably at public expense.  From radical feminists to radical environmentalists to academics and such mainstream figures such as Bill Nye, the word has come down:  Children are not the future, but the future's enemies.

CNN Interviews Author of Debunked Population Doomsday Book.  CNN interviewed the author of a debunked population doomsday book from 1968 during a segment on climate change Monday morning [5/6/2019].  "For a species that named itself homo sapiens, the wise man, we're being incredibly stupid," Paul Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University, told CNN.  In his book The Population Bomb, Ehrlich projected overpopulation would have dire implications and result in widespread famine, and pushed limiting population growth.

Radical Environmentalism and Transhumanism:  Symptoms of the Same Disease.  Two of contemporary society's most prominent anti-human utopian movements — radical environmentalism and materialistic transhumanism — appear on the verge of a bitter showdown.  When you think about it, that makes sense.  Both movements see themselves as the future's only hope.  But their core purposes are incompatible.  Radical environmentalists — "nature rights" activists, deep ecologists, Gaia theorists, and their fellow travelers that elevate nature above humanity — hijacked and refashioned traditional environmentalism into a mystical neo-earth religion that disdains homo Sapiens as a parasitical species aicting the earth.  These radicals hope to thwart our thriving off the land in order to "save the planet."

Save the world, have more babies.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes her friends' worries seriously that it's immoral to have children because of climate change.  The freshman congresswoman, however, had only insults for a Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, when he suggested that having more babies would be good for the planet.  The gentlelady from New York is doubtlessly serious in her concern about climate change, and so we'd urge her and her party to drop the reflexive animosity and instead consider the argument Lee made, which has its roots in serious economics.  If you believe we face serious threat from climate change and that mankind's current trajectory is a disastrous one, you shouldn't discourage people from having children.  You should encourage them to be fruitful and multiply.

The Post-Child Democrats.  "Is it okay to still have children?" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wondered while making a salad.  "It's basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, I think young people, to have a legitimate question."  It's easy to dismiss her, but the loudest proponent of a Green New Deal doesn't come up with original ideas, she just snatches extreme lefty ideas already being mainstreamed, and dumbs them down into a ridiculous and easily digestible form.  Cortez hadn't come up with the idea of cracking down on air travel or cows.  And she hadn't invented environmentalist proposals for human extinction on her own. [...] In 2015, black women in New York had over 25,000 abortions and only 23,116 births.  New York's progressive values have made it a place where birth rates keep dropping and the death rate keeps rising.

Ocasio-Cortez: People Maybe Shouldn't Reproduce Due To Climate Change.  Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested on Sunday night [2/24/2019] that people should consider not having children due to climate change because there is a "scientific consensus" that life will be hard for kids.  "Our planet is going to hit disaster if we don't turn this ship around and so it's basically like, there's a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult," Ocasio-Cortez said while chopping up food in her kitchen during an Instagram live video.

Ocasio-Cortez: Only the Latest in a Long Line of 'You're Gonna Die' Con Men.  [Paul] Ehrlich's best-selling The Population Bomb (essentially an ecological handbook) sold over two million copies within a few years of publication.  The first sentence of the book is "The battle to feed all of humanity is over." [...] Ehrlich's solution was to hunker down and hope the terror he foretold would shock the world into a thinning of the herd — zero population growth through birth control and sterilization.  Fifty years and a twofold increase in population later, the main problem with insufficient food is distribution.  Speaking of shills, Ehrlich's book was broadly ignored until he appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, after which it became a bestseller.

Dem Candidate Deletes Tweet Touting Endorsement From Abortion Advocacy Group.  Pennsylvania congressional candidate Susan Wild touted her support on Twitter from a group that has previously advocated population control before ultimately deleting her tweet and calling the matter "a distraction."  Wild said she was "honored" to receive the endorsement of the Population Connection Action Fund, formerly Zero Population Growth (ZPG), which in the past condemned "irresponsible breeding" and called for excessively taxing large families.  In the 1960s, the group said its goals were providing government funds for abortion and implementing heavy taxes on families with more than two children.

Who wants to aim for the Paris policy and starve 84 million more people?  Fujimori et al estimate that if we aim for the 2°C Paris commitment as many as 84 million more people will be going hungry by 2050.  Their solution, naturally, is to still aim for futile, global weather management targets, but to add another layer of socialist complexity and welfare.  It's only money.  If we feed corn to cars instead of people, and we limit land-use to carbon storage rather than food crops, how could the outcome be any other way?  A million dead here, a million dead there, and pretty soon someone will be using their deaths to ask for for a grant, a tax, and a supranational committee.

Top Dem candidate gave millions to groups advocating for taxing families 'to the hilt' for 'irresponsible breeding'.  Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania, has given millions of dollars to so-called population control groups.  Such groups have advocated for taxing parents "to the hilt" for having more than two children, calling it "irresponsible breeding," and said abortion is "a highly effective weapon" to combat overpopulation.  Wallace, grandson of a former vice president who's running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania's 1st Congressional District against Republican incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, has used the Wallace Global Fund to give out nearly $7 million to population control groups since 1997.

Berkeley declares 'climate emergency' worse than World War II, demands 'humane' population control.  The Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night [6/12/2018] declared what it called a "climate emergency" with more global significance than World War II, and demanded an immediate effort to "humanely stabilize population" and "reverse ecological overshoot."  The resolution, which invokes the global conflict between the Axis and Allies, charges that Americans bear an "extraordinary responsibility to solve the crises" facing the environment.  "[D]uring World War II, the Bay Area came together across race, age, class, gender and other differences in an extraordinary regional mobilization, building and repairing Liberty ships, converting car assembly plants into tank manufacturing facilities," the resolution reads.  A similar effort is necessary today to confront an even greater threat, according to the document.

Why the Environmental Left Is Secretly Petrified by Truly Renewable Energy.  [Scroll down]  For many on the left, growing human population sizes and their effect on the environmental is also a very serious concern.  For instance, in his population control book Ten Billion, environmentalist Stephen Emmott wrote, "Only an idiot would deny that there is a limit to how many people our Earth can support.  The question is, is it seven billion (our current population), 10 billion or 28 billion?  I think we've already gone past it.  Well past it."  University of Hawaii at Manoa professor Camilo Mora wrote in a 2014 paper in the journal Ecology and Society, "What caught my interest on this whole issue is how humans are causing the destruction of ecosystems.  At the end of the day ... we cannot stop hurting biodiversity if we don't stop reproducing so quickly."  Liberal environmentalists believe that more people means more problems, and history has repeatedly proven that when electric power and technological advancements become readily available, population growth inevitably follows.  During the twentieth century, Earth's population expanded by 400 percent, largely thanks to fossil fuel-powered societal improvements.

Prominent Science Fiction Author Calls for Depopulating Rural Areas.  Science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson is one of the best-known names in a genre known for looking forward.  However, not all writers in the genre look to the future for their ideas — plenty are obsessed with moving backwards, from liberty back to tyranny.  Robinson recently penned an op-ed in The Guardian that favors removing humans from most of the world, forcefully herding us all into cities.

Prominent Science Fiction Author Calls for Depopulating Rural Areas.  Science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson [...] recently penned an op-ed in The Guardian that favors removing humans from most of the world, forcefully herding us all into cities. [...] Robinson doesn't claim credit for this idea.  "Here I'm referring to the plan EO Wilson has named Half Earth.  His book of the same title is provocative in all the best ways, and I think it has been under-discussed because the central idea seems so extreme," he notes.  Well, he's right.  It's extreme.

Empty half the Earth of its humans.  It's the only way to save the planet.  Cities are part of the system we've invented to keep people alive on Earth.  People tend to like cities, and have been congregating in them ever since the invention of agriculture, 10,000 or so years ago.  That's why we call it civilisation.  This origin story underlines how agriculture made cities possible, by providing enough food to feed a settled crowd on a regular basis.  Cities can't work without farms, nor without watersheds that provide their water.  So as central as cities are to modern civilisation, they are only one aspect of a system.

Matt Damon's 'Downsizing' Movie Is More Tired Overpopulation Nonsense From The Usual Suspects.  The movie "Downsizing" opened in December of 2017, eventually grossing about $40 million worldwide.  The movie's main characters are shrunk to five inches tall, part of an effort to reduce the size of people, reduce their environmental footprint and save the planet.  It's a fun fantasy, but "Downsizing" repeats tired fears of overpopulation that have wrongly plagued us for decades.  News outlets gushed over the "Downsizing" concept. [...] The movie builds on fears of overpopulation, a foundation of the ideology of environmental sustainable development, which has been broadly accepted.  Today, colleges and universities teach students that modern society is unsustainable.  They claim we're using too much energy, emitting too much carbon dioxide, and exhausting our resources, in large part because of an uncontrolled rise in world population.

UN is Pushing Abortion on Africa, But This Pro-Life Scientist is Trying to Stop Them.  What do you call it when Western elites attempt to foist abortion on native African cultures?  At the United Nations, two women were squaring off:  one, a Danish abortion advocate, the other, African scientist Uju Ekeocha.  Their opinions expose the deep clash of civilizations across the globe:  the culture of life versus the culture of death.

John Podesta's Cure for Climate Change:  A Government in Charge of Your 'Family Planning'.  John Podesta, former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, and the current chair of the Center for American Progress, recently wrote an article in The Washington Post rallying all good progressives to cure the scourge of climate change by controlling the earth's out-of-control population explosion.  In the beginning of the article he told us that his goal is to "reduce emissions, raise living standards, and build a more sustainable future" ostensibly for the masses in developing nations. [...] He went on to comment on how we cannot overlook the importance of "reproductive health."  He never actually defines "reproductive health" but according to Planned Parenthood and their supporters (such as Robert Reich in the following video) it includes contraceptives and abortion.

Chelsea Clinton Encourages Women To Have More Abortions To Help Global Warming, She Gets Crushed.  Chelsea Clinton is growing up to be just like her mother, and obviously, that is not a compliment.  She recently tweeted a Washington Post article written by John Podesta encouraging women to get abortions in order to get help with 'climate change.' [...] Of course, when she says 'women's reproductive health rights' she means 'abortion'. Although Democrats argue that abortion isn't a big deal, they are still squeamish saying the word directly.

We Need To Shame Couples Who Have Kids Because [of] Global Warming?  Why is it that some of the hottest hot takes come from Canada?  This week, we're delving into the very 'none of our business' category of married coupled having children.  On HGTV, Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that they're going to have a fifth child.  Good for them.  No, seriously — that's great news, but some whack jobs denounced the announcement, citing overpopulation concerns.  Really?  That's the troll bait that attracts these legions of losers.  Folks, this is why Trump won.  This busy-bodying from liberals, and make no mistake the trolls who cite population controls and global warming are most likely left wingers, have made their brand of politics insufferable.  Josh Barro, a former writer for the New York Times, penned a column about what he called the hamburger problem, where progressives denigrate and lecture everyone else who's normal about why they should, for example, eat less meat for the sake of the planet.

Prince William, Whose Wife is Pregnant, is Telling People to Stop Having Children.  Prince William recently was labeled a hypocrite for urging families to stop having children while his own wife is pregnant with their third.  The British prince touted population control measures during a November speech for the conservation charity Tusk Trust.  The Daily Mail reports the British royal family has advocated for population control throughout the past decade, claiming the world will face "monumental" problems if the human population continues to grow.

Having Children Is a Sin Against Liberalism.  Liberalism starts from the assumption that we are bad.  Americans are bad.  White people are bad.  Capitalists are bad.  The First World is bad.  You don't have to extend the mentality far to reach the logical conclusion that human beings are bad.  If the human race is the problem, the solution is simple:  don't have babies.

NBC: Stop Having Babies!  It Causes Global Warming!  NBC News 'Think' calls themselves on Twitter a home of 'fresh opinion, sharp analysis and powerful essays.'  But there latest pro abortion "opinion" is hardly fresh, rather dull and hardly a powerful essay.  You see, according to NBC, you need to stop having kids, because it's bad for global warming.  Not only is it a scientific decision to stop having babies, but also a moral one.

Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world.  Rapidly growing human populations risk having a "terrible impact" on the world, the Duke of Cambridge has warned.  The Duke said that as a result, wildlife was being put under "enormous pressure" and called for the issue to be addressed with renewed vigour.  His concerns echo those of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, who in 2011 advocated "voluntary family limitation" as a means of solving overpopulation, which he described as the biggest challenge in conservation.

New York Times:  Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation.  A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added to the food supply in order to achieve globalist goals of human depopulation.  That article, entitled "A Sterility Drug in Food is Hinted" came with the byline, "Biologist Stresses Need to Curb Population Growth."

College Professor Argues in Favor of Murdering Newborns.  Once you let a handful of black-robed oligarchs decree that it is your "right" to kill your baby, a slide down the slippery slope is inevitable.

University of Chicago Professor — It Should be Legal to Kill Newborns.  Professor Jerry Coyne, a biologist at the University of Chicago, has convinced himself that murdering infants is morally fine because infants are too stupid to know they're being murdered. [...] He says that if a child in the womb looks like they will have a genetic condition, they ought to be murdered.  This is an arbitrary decision, because what we considered to be life ending conditions 100 years ago are now treatable.  This is an arbitrary decision, because sometimes genetic tests and fetal scans give inaccurate results.

Stop Enjoying Summer, Climate Activists Advise.  The Merchants of Misery — a.k.a., climate scientists — are working overtime to shame you about all the pleasures you're enjoying this summer and how your selfish indulgences will cause the planet's demise.  Grilling your favorite cheeseburger?  Glutton!  Packing up your brood for a drive to the lake house?  Monster!  Hoping vacation sex will result in a new baby to add to the family?  Hedonist!  Even mowing your lawn earns a tsk-tsk.  A study from Sweden's Lund University published July 12 lists many of the sacrifices you should make to reduce your carbon footprint.  Most of the media coverage — and criticism — focused on the study's recommendation to have one fewer child.  Not only did the researchers consider more than three dozen scientific papers to compile their list, they also reviewed a handful of school textbooks and government publications to see whether the ruling class in Canada, Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. was appropriately indoctrinating the masses, particularly young people, about which "high-impact actions" will most effectively reverse global warming.

Bill Nye says skeptics will die off.  Instead young gullibles grow up to be old skeptics.  Poor Bill Nye — he's thinks somehow most people are as religious about climate change as he is, and will keep their naively unscientific beliefs about our ability to control the climate with power stations, wind mills and light bulbs, into their old age.  Instead, the reality is Bill's biggest nightmare, skeptics are not dying out at all — there is a never ending source of skeptics, as young gullible believers grow up to be old and wise.

NPR & Bill Nye share 2-step climate change fix:  You stop having kids, then die ASAP.  How to stop climate change?  Here it is in two creepy, Orwellian steps.  Step one, from NPR:  Your kids have become a real problem for eco-progressives, unless they work for NPR: [...] Step two from Bill Nye:  Annoying older people and their skepticism they've developed after decades of exposure to sham artists need to kick the bucket.

Bill Nye:  Climate science needs older generations to 'die' off.  Bill Nye "the Science Guy" said Wednesday that significant action on climate change will be possible once the climate skeptics and deniers of older generations die off.  Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, the 61-year-old TV host was asked to comment on a recent Pew survey that revealed 58 percent of Republicans and right-leaning Independents believe higher education has a negative effect on the country, a number that spiked significantly during President Trump's rise to power.

Alleged 'science guy' Bill Nye:  Older people need to die before climate change science can advance.  In an interview published Wednesday at the Los Angeles Times, Bill Nye, the alleged "science guy," said that older people have to die off before so-called "climate change" science can advance.  The reason, he said, is that older people are more resistant to the environmentalist propaganda.  "It just sounds like people are scared.  It just sounds like people are afraid.  And the people who are afraid in general — with due respect, and I am now one of them — are older," he said.  "Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older.  It's generational.  So we're just going to have to wait for those people to 'age out,' as they say.  'Age out' is a euphemism for 'die.'  But it'll happen, I guarantee you — that'll happen."

Why Is the Left So Anti-Baby?  My own personal experience is that the closer an American identifies with academia the less likely he or she is to have children.  The "educated" have been anti-baby and pushing population control for at least a century.  What is going on here?  In part, of course, the push is to discourage other people from having children:  eugenics and the "unfit."  In part, it is that upper-class women prefer to outsource child-minding.  So Birth Control was invented.  And the educated classes decided to make abortion respectable.  But it looks like the only people interested in birth control are the We, the educated, the evolved.  Ordinary people just go on having babies like they always did, only now a lot more of the babies are surviving.  How unfit of them.

Climate Alarmists:  Abort Your 'Extra' Children.  [A recent] NPR story highlights a 2016 paper by philosophers and bioethicists at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University, titled "Population Engineering and the Fight against Climate Change," which argues in favor of penalizing families for having children via a progressive tax that would increase with each child.  In his new Netflix series, "Bill Nye Saves the World," the show's eponymous host asked a group of panelists, including one of the Georgetown professors, "Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?"  The question from Nye, of course, is a rhetorical one.  (Strikingly, unlike normal humans, none of the panelists found it creepy and disturbing that Nye said "extra kids.")  Not content to let Nye hog all that creepiness for himself, feminist Gloria Steinem charged the "patriarchy" with causing climate change by forcing women not to have all those abortions they secretly want, leading to overpopulation and "climate deprivation."  This unfortunately low number of abortions, according to Steinem, is "the fundamental cause of climate change."

Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy.  It is a short trip from deciding how many children people should be allowed to have to deciding who gets to have children at all.  It bears a striking resemblance to China's one-child policy, which included sterilization and forced abortion.  China's one-child policy, instituted by the Communist government in the late 1970s to stem rising population, compels couples in urban areas to have just one child and limits couples in rural areas to two children if the first child is a girl, as girls are seen as having lesser value than boys in some parts of the Asian nation.

Bill Nye, the Misuse of Science Guy:  Why Science Doesn't Answer Public Policy Questions.  Science was championed as the answer to our problems, with scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and non-scientists like Bill Nye held up as messiahs for the noble cause.  Now Nye's new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, has come along to rescue us and our policies from scientific ignorance.  The underlying message behind the March for Science and Nye's show is that science can "solve" public policy problems if we would just let the scientists and technocrats take over.  In one episode of his show, Nye pondered whether we should have policies that "penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world[,]" in order to combat climate change.  (Will all the "extra kids" please stand up?)  Population control movements have a long and sordid history, and have been endorsed by everyone from environmental catastrophists to anti-immigrationists to eugenicists.

Bill Nye's View of Humanity Is Repulsive.  [Scroll down]  The Nye segment, it turns out, was just a repetition of a 2016 NPR article on overpopulation featuring Travis Rieder.  "Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?" asked Reider and others who were pondering the "ethics of procreation."  The article is titled "Should We Be Having Kids in the Age of Climate Change?"  In it, Rieder, a philosopher with the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, scaremongers a class of college students about The End of Days and the immorality of having children.  NPR describes:  "The room is quiet.  No one fidgets.  Later, a few students say they had no idea the situation was so bad."  (It's not.)  "Here's a provocative thought," Rieder says.  "Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them."

Let's penalize people for having 'extra kids' — Bill Nye's outrageous idea.  Just who gets to decide how many children is too many?  And who determines which child is the extra child?  I also wonder what Mr. Nye would consider to be an appropriate punishment?  Additional taxes?  Post-Birth abortions?

Bill Nye:  Should Parents Be Penalized For Having 'Extra Kids?'.  Comedian Bill Nye suggested that saving the world from climate change might entail punishing people in developed countries for having too many children.  Nye asked one of the panelists on the Tuesday episode of his Netflix show "Bill Nye Saves The Earth" if it would be a good idea to have the government penalize having "extra kids."  "Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?" Nye asked Travis Rieder, an academic for Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University.  "I do think we should at least consider it," said Rieder, who believes that limiting the size of families is paramount to fighting global warming.

Bill Nye The Eugenics Guy:  Maybe We Should Penalize People With "Extra Kids".  Katie wrote yesterday about Bill Nye's rather, um, abrupt departure from his "The Science Guy" persona from the 90s.  Nye, the star of a new Netflix show called "Bill Nye Saves The World," also has some rather interesting thoughts on human population.  Namely, he mused over the idea that people in the developed world should be "penalized" for having "extra kids" who will then potentially contribute to climate change.  Nye dedicated the 13th and final episode of the first season of Bill Nye Saves The World to discussing overpopulation and how the world's population has grown rapidly since he was a child.  After almost gleefully endorsing family planning and contraception services, Nye and a panel of experts sat down to discuss possible solutions to the issue.

Sierra Club Believes Abortion Helps the Environment.  In today's progressivism, a chief material goal is to achieve an environment that is as close as possible to "natural" — which is often code for humanless, or at least devoid of certain of humankind's technological advances, such as cars, plastics, and our ability to harness energy from coal, natural gas, and oil.  For [Michael] Brune and other progressive environmentalists, anything which gets us closer to that state of the environment has the capacity to be "moral."  To the extent abortion reduces human impact on the planet's environment, it apparently is a moral good for the Sierra Club.

Environmentalists Hand Out Condoms to Protest Feared Trump-Era Overpopulation.  An environmental group handed out 10,000 free "endangered species condoms" at New Year's Eve events and on college campuses nationwide to mark 2017 in a show of protest against President-elect Trump.  The Center for Biological Diversity said the condom giveaway was meant to highlight overpopulation amid fears of Trump policies on contraception along with fears of what could happen to protected wildlife species under his administration.

People Who Hate Humanity.  While liberals talk a lot about racism they ignore the far greater threat of their own Anti-Human Movement (AHM).  The AHM is a way to group and describe those people, the vast majority of modern liberals, who object not to this or to that race but to humanity in general.  They're the people who view other people as the problem.  The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement — which believes mankind should go away in order to help the planet — is the extreme wing of the AHM. [...] To the AHM, people in general are a blight on the planet and civilization.  That's why the AHM supports killing the unborn and denying medical treatment to the elderly. [...] Instead of seeing how we can make medical treatment less expensive, AHM members view the people as the problem and hence their go-to solution is paying for suicide cocktails rather than treatment.

Why Environmentalism Became Both a Religion and a Con Game.  This notion that people are parasites really got started in the 1960's.  A couple of highly promoted bad actors started this environmental heresy.  The first was Rachel Carson with her hysterical polemic about DDT and its purported harm to birds and other wild life.  Her ideas proved to be, at best, problematic, but millions of people have died as a consequence of the resulting international banning of DDT.

The Psychopolitics of Climate Change and Population Control.  Despite the fact that man-made climate change continue to be proven false, the left drives on with its fear-driven insistence that human beings must dramatically change their behavior in order to save the planet.  Everything revolves around the idea that man's consumption of natural resources is creating an unsustainable environment, and if we don't somehow curb our use of fossil fuels, we will destroy mother Earth and humanity itself.  The left would have you believe that the only way to save our world is to give up your sovereignty and let a cabal of global elitists tell you how to live.

Climate change activists demand altering tax policy to cut birthrate.  Climate change activists want to save the planet by cutting the birthrate.  According to their logic, more people are bad because it means more CO2 emissions.  The way to achieve this goal is by changing the tax code — a "carbon tax on kids."

Green Europe is Killing 40,000± People a Year.  Europe's suicidal green energy policies are killing at least 4o,000 people a year.  That's just the number estimated to have died in the winter of 2014 because they were unable to afford fuel bills driven artificially high by renewable energy tariffs.  But the real death toll will certainly be much higher when you take into account the air pollution caused when Germany decided to abandon nuclear power after Fukushima and ramp up its coal-burning instead; and also when you consider the massive increase in diesel pollution — the result of EU-driven anti-CO2 policies — which may be responsible for as many as 500,000 deaths a year.

Top 10 Methods Used To Reduce The Human Population.  "The Elite" with their infinite generational wealth feel obligated to proclaim themselves as protectors of the earth and "guardians" of human society.  They take their access to resources to mean infinite knowledge and wisdom so of course they know best what is good for the rest of us.  Some of these Elites consider everyone else mindless eaters flocking about aimlessly like [a] herd requiring thinning.  After dividing the earth's resources given to us all free of cost among themselves they now proclaim that there is not enough to share with all of us and so they must reduce the population and control population growth for the good of us all.

Greenpeace Co-Founder: Climate Alarmists Would Kill Civilization.  If left unchecked, climate alarmists at the United Nations and within the broader man-made global-warming movement would smash industrial civilization, killing untold millions in the process, Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore explained in Paris as the UN COP21 climate summit was taking place nearby. Fortunately for humanity, though, the radical agenda is predicated on discredited pseudo-science. [...] In an interview with The New American after his presentation debunking "ocean acidification" hysteria, Moore said the real agenda behind the UN climate summit was bringing down industrial civilization under the guise of "saving" the planet from humanity.  If successful, he said, the lives of countless human beings would be lost as a result of energy famines.  "They are saying that by destroying civilization, we will save the world," Dr. Moore explained, referring to climate alarmists gathered in Paris for the massive UN global-warming summit last month.  "I don't buy it."

What is "Unsustainable"?  The Global Biodiversity Assessment directed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) calls for urgent action to reverse the effects of unsustainable human activities on global biodiversity, including but not limited to the following...
  •   Grazing of Livestock: cows, sheep, goats, horses
  •   Disturbance of the Soil Surface (livestock)
  •   Fencing of Pastures or Paddocks
  •   Agriculture
  •   Chemical Fertilizers
  •   Herbicides
  •   Building Materials
  •   Industrial Activities
  •   Paved and Tarred roads, highways, rails (page 351)
  •   Railroads
  •   Floor and Wall Tiles
  •   Technology Improvements
  •   Farmlands, Rangelands
  •   Pastures, Rangelands
  •   Pastures
  •   Fish Ponds
  •   Modern Hunting
  •   Harvesting of Timber
  •   Logging Activities
  •   Dams, Reservoirs, Straightening Rivers
  •   Power Line Construction
  •   Private Property
  •   Population Growth — Human Population Density

China abandons one-child policy after 35 years.  For months there has been speculation that Beijing was preparing to abandon the divisive family planning rule, which was introduced by Communist leaders in 1980 amid fears of a population boom.  The government credits it with preventing 400 million births, but the human cost has been immense, with forced sterilisations and abortions, infanticide, and a dramatic gender imbalance that means millions of men will never find female partners.

Environmental activists turn up the rhetorical heat.  What is the endgame of the contemporary green movement?  It's a critical question since environmentalism arguably has become the leading ideological influence in both California government and within the Obama administration.  In their public pronouncements, environmental activists have been adept at portraying the green movement as reasonable, science-based and even welcoming of economic growth, often citing the much-exaggerated promise of green jobs.  The green movement's real agenda, however, is far more radical than generally presumed, and one that former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach said is defined by a form of "misanthropic nostalgia."  This notion extends to an essential dislike for mankind and its creations.

Pope's climate push is 'raving nonsense' without population control, says top US scientist.  One of America's leading scientists has dismissed as "raving nonsense" the pope's call for action on climate change — so long as the leader of the world's 1 billion Catholics rejects the need for population control.  In a commentary in the journal Nature Climate Change, Paul Ehrlich, a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, argues that Pope Francis is simply wrong in trying to fight climate change without also addressing the additional strain on global resources from population rise.  "That's raving nonsense," Ehrlich told the Guardian.  "He is right on some things but he is just dead wrong on that."

Vatican Speaker on Climate Thinks There are 6 Billion Too Many of Us.  One of the speakers slated for the Vatican rollout of the long-awaited Papal document on climate change once said the earth is overpopulated by at least 6 billion people.  The teaching document, called an encyclical, is scheduled for release on June 18 at Vatican City.  Perhaps with the exception of the 1968 encyclical on contraception, no Vatican document has been greeted with such anticipation.

Earth Day and the celebration of suffering.  Earth Day brings each year a worldwide religious celebration at which large masses of people both right-thinking and affluent proclaim their devotion to Gaia and their love of humanity, while displaying their contempt for the lives and wellbeing of actual people, the poorest among them in particular.  Should you find that judgment overly harsh, merely consider two musings from prominent organizers of the original Earth Day.

United Nations Climate Commissar: "We Should Do Everything Possible" to Reduce Human Population.  Students of history will recall what happened when German social engineers decided that certain sectors of the population needed to be reduced in the name of their oligarchical collectivist ideology.  But the oligarchical collectivists running the United Nations are different from Nazis.  They don't want to reduce certain sectors of the human population.  They want to reduce all of it. [...] To envirofascists of the type driving the global warming hoax, all humans are the enemy.  From their point of view, the problem isn't fixed so long as there are any of us left.

The Climate-Change Solution No One Will Talk About.  The equation seems fairly simple:  The more the world's population rises, the greater the strain on dwindling resources and the greater the impact on the environment.  The solution?  Well, that's a little trickier to talk about.  Public-health discussions will regularly include mentions of voluntary family planning as a way to reduce unwanted pregnancies and births.  But, said Jason Bremner of the Population Reference Bureau, those policies can also pay dividends for the environment.  "And yet the climate-change benefits of family planning have been largely absent from any climate-change or family-planning policy discussions," he said.

NAS study looked at global one child policy to save the environment.  Global climate change.  Sustainability.  Erosion of the natural ecosystem.  A strain on global natural resources.  These are all vital concerns to those who would work as shepherds of the biosphere.  And what is the biggest threat to all of these things?  You can try to blame it on certain niche factors such as the use of fossil fuels, industrialization, deforestation and the like, but in the end it all comes down to one overarching problem.  There are just too many [...] people.  So what to do?  Well, the National Academy of Sciences recently concluded a study which, in part, examined precisely this problem.

Professor Proclaims We Must "Terminate Industrial Civilization" Because of Global Warming.  When it comes to the global warming hoax, neo-Marxists like Obama who want to use it as a pretext to jack taxes through the stratosphere and incrementally impose a Soviet-style command and control economy are the moderates.  Extremes exist even further to the left.  The place to find them is academia, where developing young minds are guided: [...]

Population Controllers Call Babies "Carbon Legacies," a Threat to the Environment.  I guess it takes global warming hysteria to get the bioethics movement to criticize what is known in the trade as "artificial reproductive technologies" or ART.  But now, in the ever more radical Journal of Medical Ethics, Cristina Richie, of Boston College's Department of Theology, argues that these technologies should be regulated to limit the number of children — called "carbon legacies," as a means of fighting climate change.

Exposing Climate Science Corruption.  [Tim] Ball logically begins at the modern beginning of stifling environmental activism:  Paul Erhlich's egregious and fallacious 1967 book, The Population Bomb.  Ball documents how the 1972 Club of Rome report ridiculously preached population growth must be immediately stopped for our planet to avoid imminent and utter catastrophe.  Ball then walks us through the 1992 United Nations Rio Conference led by Canadian tycoon Maurice Strong.  This conference gave birth to Agenda 21, a bureaucratic justification that — among other things — tied population growth to other perceived evils such as global warming.  Strong ultimately conceived of and implemented the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose purpose is to advance the notion that human activities are bringing about climate catastrophe.

How to challenge overpopulation propaganda.  Overpopulation gurus tend to forget a crucial truth:  One mouth brings with it two hands.

Greens Are Reds.  The environmental movement has been hijacked by those who worship the created and not the creator.  They regard industrialization as retrograde, resource extraction as evil, and human beings as net destroyers of the planet.  I remember several years ago reading an article by a prominent environmentalist who said Earth's greatest problem is that mankind has no natural predator.  In other words, it is a global curse that human beings sit atop the food chain.

The dubious apocalypse of global warming.  [R]esearchers at the University of Maryland insist that global warming will destroy civilization. [...] There's a solution, of course. Higher taxes, increased regulation and more government supervision of everyone's lives, and other liberal nostrums.  In an earlier presentation on "Population and Climate Change," the Maryland researchers find hope.  "In order to avoid collapse, government policies are needed to stabilize population and stabilize industrial production per person."  A powerful centralized government must take over the means of production and even reproduction.  "Family planning is cost-effective," they write, "and should be a primary method to reduce [carbon-dioxide] emissions."

Federal Dietary Guideline Committee Focused on "Population Behavior Change'.  The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on Friday emphasized the need for the group to institute "population behavior change" in order to engineer healthier Americans.  DGAC Chair Barbara Millen said the upcoming report would serve as the "foundation for public policy and food nutrition, physical activity, and health-related areas."  The group will release new recommendations for federal food policy in the 2015 report.  Millen said the "potential is vast" for their recommendations, which deal with everything from "sustainability" in the food supply to "carbon footprints," food deserts, alcohol consumption, and obesity "interventions."

Gore: Reduce African Women's Fertility to Limit Global Warming.  Global warming activist Al Gore told the World Economic Forum "making fertility management ubiquitously available" is key to the future of civilization and efforts to limit global warming.  Gore said such efforts to manage African women's fertility were important in his desire to reduce the growth of human population.

Al Gore once again suggests 'fertility management' to fight global warming.  Former Vice President Al Gore raised eyebrows last week when he suggested that "fertility management" was the key to fighting global warming and promoting economic development in poor countries.  Gore's comments drew criticism from free-marketeers who said his remarks amount to "eco-imperialism."  "Gore's agenda for saving the world from global warming has always included population control," Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Liberal Professor Tells White Male Students To Commit Suicide To Benefit Society.  Noel Ignatiev, a professor at Massachusetts College of Art, has for years advocated the total elimination of Caucasians.  During his final lecture before retirement last Monday, he told his white male students "you don't deserve to live.  You are a cancer, you're a disease."

Orwellian high school preaches population control to students.  "It's up to you — no more than two."  This dystopian command was posted by staff inside an Indiana high school as a warning to students that if they grow up to have large families, they are contributing to overpopulation — a pseudoscientific hoax pushed by some liberals.  The message was posted on a banner above lockers at Northview High School in Brazil, Indiana.

Should We Live Shorter to Save the Planet?  Humans are the enemy!  A new study published in Ecology and Society claims that longer life expectancy for us is bad news for the planet.

'No children, happy to go extinct', tweets weatherman after grim climate-change report.  A meteorologist who has covered weather for the Wall Street Journal tweeted that he has decided not to have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint, and is considering having a vasectomy.  He also vowed to stop flying after the world's recent climate-change report made him cry.

David Attenborough: Don't Have Large Families.  Human beings have stopped evolving and should be persuaded not to have large families, Sir David Attenborough has said.  The TV naturalist, 87, said he was not optimistic about the future and "things are going to get worse".

Obama 'science diplomat' advocated for population control.  [John] Holdren has previously stated that the United States and the rest of the world have too many people, a population bomb that technology can't defuse.  "Dr. Holdren has a record only surpassed by his longtime collaborator Paul Ehrlich for spreading misinformation and making failed predictions," Myron Ebell, director of international energy and global warming policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Are Liberals Misanthropes?  In the view of liberals, humans are the one species that is destroying the planet.  Humans deplete "non-renewable" resources and do things that emit carbon dioxide.  In their view, carbon dioxide (an absolutely essential building block of all life) is a pollutant that is destroying the planet.  Environmentalists have often likened humanity to a virus or plague.  "Population control" targets only humans.  Why are liberals so uncaring for the unborn?  Why are they such passionate defenders of "abortion rights"?  Why do they care more about baby seals than they do about human fetuses?

Does Big Green care about people or nature?  Back in 1974, the elite Club of Rome published "Mankind at the Turning Point" with its infamous motto, "The Earth has a cancer and the cancer is man."  Today it has become routine for some well-funded Big Green group to block life-saving projects supposedly to save some allegedly threatened creature.

The Pressure is Building!  Population control through abortion, euthanasia, Obama Care and homosexual marriage has ties to the elimination of personal and national sovereignty within Agenda 21.

The Darkness of Earth Hour.  No amount of turning off the lights is enough.  Eventually you come around to having to turn off the people.  The Nazis were among the most enthusiastic environmentalists of their day, even the term 'Ecology' was coined by Ernst Haeckel, whose racial views served as precursors to Nazi eugenics.  But while Nazi environmentalist believed that we were all animals, they insisted that some animals were better than others.  Modern environmentalists believe that we are all worse than animals.

The Myth of Overpopulation.  One of the frequent cries of many on the left is that the world is overpopulated.  The latest hysterical outburst on this matter came from Sir David Attenborough, a recent patron of "The Optimum Population Trust."  The 86-year-old Attenborough, who has a degree in natural sciences and is a former senior manager of the BBC, is a high priest among earth-worshiping liberals.  Attenborough, famous mostly for his Life documentaries, declared, "We are a plague on the Earth.  It's coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so.  It's not just climate change; it's sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde.  Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us[.]"

Environmentalism and Human Sacrifice.  "Golden rice" contains vitamin A, making it by far the most effective and cheapest way to get vitamin A into Third World children.  So who would oppose something that could save millions of children's lives and millions of other children from blindness?  The answer is people who are more devoted to nature than to human life.  And who might such people be?  They are called environmentalists.

Environmentalist says humans are plague on Earth.  David Attenborough, British broadcaster and environmentalist, is at it again, claiming that humans are a plague. [...] Of course, this is nothing new.  Environmentalists have been saying similar things for decades.  Prince Phillip, former president of the World Wildlife Fund, said "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."

David Attenborough: Humans are plague on Earth.  Humans are a plague on the Earth that need to be controlled by limiting population growth, according to Sir David Attenborough.  The television presenter said that humans are threatening their own existence and that of other species by using up the world's resources.  He said the only way to save the planet from famine and species extinction is to limit human population growth.

Ehrlich: 'Nobody has the Right to Have 12 Children — or Even Three'.  Paul Ehrlich, the doomsday biologist who coined the term "The Population Bomb" more than 40 years ago with a book of the same name, says the world now faces "dangerous trends" of global climate change and overpopulation, which threaten our extinction.  Reducing the number of people is still the answer to civilization's woes, Ehrlich and his wife Anne wrote in an article published Jan. 9 by London's Royal Society.

Bill Maher: 'The Planet Is Too Crowded and We Need to Promote Death'.  [Scroll down]  "I am for the death penalty, although I do believe in more DNA testing," Maher continued.  "My motto is, 'Let's kill the right people.'  I'm pro-choice.  I'm for assisted suicide.  I'm for regular suicide.  I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.  That's what I'm for."  "It's too crowded," Maher continued.  "So, the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death."

Eco-Luddites New Target: Air Conditioning.  The leftist critique of capitalism and all the improvements in the quality of life that it has brought remains what it has always been:  the desire of intellectuals to dictate to the rest of humanity how they may live.  Or even more to the point, how many of them may live at all.

Prominent Alarmist: Humans Do Not Deserve to Exist.  Global warming alarmist David Appell posted an item on his blog yesterday showing just how anti-human and out-of-touch global warming alarmsts are.  According to Appell, if people do not side with global warming alarmists in the global warming debate and take drastic action according to alarmist prescriptions, humans are too stupid to deserve to exist.

A critique of antihumanism:
People Matter.  A ruling idea of the last two centuries has been materialism:  the notion, as arch-materialist Daniel Dennett asserts, that "there is only one sort of stuff, namely matter — the physical stuff of physics, chemistry, and physiology — and the mind is somehow nothing but a physical phenomenon."  One consequence of this belief has been the rise of antihumanism — the stripping from people of their transcendent value and a reduction of them to mere things in the world to be studied, understood, reshaped — and ultimately controlled.  As Robert Zubrin shows in his valuable survey Merchants of Despair, antihumanism's reductive view of human nature has underpinned movements like eugenics, population control, and radical environmentalism, all of which have been eager to sacrifice human life and well-being to achieve their dubious utopias.

Overpopulation is a matter of perception.
Green and pleasant land.  The UK has a population density of 255 per square kilometre, placing it at number 13 out of 89 territories with a population of more than 9 million (figures from the UN).  Bangladesh is top of the list at 964 per km², while both the Netherlands and Rwanda come in at just over 400, India has 368 and Vietnam 255.  Clearly, the stage of development is no guide to how crowded a country is.  But there are other surprises.  China, with the world's largest population, has only 140/km², considerably lower than Italy (200/km²).

The World Wildlife Fund Targets Humanity.  The World Wildlife Fund, the posh flagship of the global environmentalist movement, has just released its biennial publication assessing "the state of the planet."  Entitled "Living Planet Report 2012," the publication bemoans alleged catastrophic effects that humanity is inflicting upon the Earth, and calls for drastic curbs on civilization as a necessary corrective measure.  According to the WWF, the human race is currently consuming at a rate that would be sustainable only if we had 1.5 Earths.  Since we do not, overall human activity needs to be reduced by 33 percent to put mankind "in balance with the Earth's biocapacity."

Earth Day's dark side.  The seminal scriptures of modern-day environmentalism were Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring," Paul R. Ehrlich's "Population Bomb" and the publications of the Club of Rome.  While stylistically quite different, these books all served to rally the public around a core anti-human philosophy.  As the Club of Rome put it, "The Earth has cancer, and the cancer is man."  Such misanthropic views could only have the most horrific consequences. [...] Mr. Ehrlich also called for the United States to create a Bureau of Population and Environment, which would have the power to issue or deny permits to Americans to have children.

The Sebelius savings plan.  There's something perverse about a government $15.5 trillion in the red espousing a strategy to "save money" by discouraging the birth of human beings.  That's what Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is advocating through the implementation of President Obama's contraception mandate.

Global warmists: Let's get small.  Our moral and intellectual superiors who bitterly cling to their religion of global warming caused only by man have come up with a new plan to make the world a better place with fewer people.  Make the people smaller.

The Liberal Quest for Population Control.  In addition to promoting contraception, the United States Preventative Services Task Force has also indicated that annual preventive breast cancer screening should be considered a luxury.  Thus, without yearly mammograms, if breast cancer isn't detected until it's too late, women on birth control pills may also contribute to the left's initiative to foster fewer human beings.  From the looks of things, it certainly appears as if the Obamacare concept of prevention seems obsessed with curtailing the population.  And while birth control is not exactly a 'death-panel' per se, it could be described as a life-preventative.

Activists: Birth control can fight global warming.  During a discussion series on Monday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., speaker and activist Kavita Ramdas argued that contraceptives should be part of a strategy to save the planet, calling lower birth rates a "common sense" part of a climate-change reduction strategy.

Dying to be Green.  When Obama's energy secretary communicates that he has no interest in lowering the price of gasoline, instead focusing on energy efficiency and clean energy, he's following the same inhumane line which has made it so expensive to drive a car or heat a home in Europe. ... Stalin killed millions to industrialize the Soviet Union.  The New Left will kill millions to deindustrialize the West.

Effect of Environmentalists Crying Wolf Over Ozone Thinning Appear.  Adoption of environmentalism for political and religious agenda falsely identifies good and evil.  Worst is the claim that humans are evil and don't belong on the planet.  Anti-humanity is a fundamental theme typified by the Club of Rome's 1974 comment that "The Earth has cancer and the cancer is man."

Drinking Global Warming Propaganda.  The Club of Rome, an environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations, shocked me with their blatantly false and outrageous statement that validated how the hard left thinks and acts, "The common enemy of humanity is man.  In search of a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill.  All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.  The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

Denver Post: Aborting Our Children Will Save the Planet.  Written by Dottie Lamm, former first lady of Colorado and a member of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994, the op-ed sounds as though it was torn directly from eugenicist Margaret Sanger's playbook, bemoaning the fact that some women continue to have more than two children apiece.

Daily Kos Hates Humans: 'We Could Really Use a Global Superplague'.  Jon Stafford bluntly wrote on Wednesday night [8/10/2011] that "I often describe myself as 'Not Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion. ...'  This will undoubtedly be met with accusations of callousness, but we could really use is a global superplague.  The Black Death may have been horrible, but without it there would never have been a Renaissance."

Gore promoting fewer children to curb pollution.  In an appearance Monday [6/20/2011] in New York City, former Vice President Al Gore, prominently known for his climate change activism, took on the subject of population size and the role of society in controlling it to reduce pollution.  He offered some ideas about what might be done for females in the name of stabilizing population growth.

Al Gore, father of 4, wants to fight global warming with population control.  Anyone want to guess what Al Gore is talking about here?  Here, let me help.  The subject is population control.  The buzzwords are choice and women's empowerment.  Seems obvious.

Al Gore: Sterilize Women Under 25.  Al Gore wants to combat global warming by controlling the population — sterilizing women.  Former Vice President Al Gore is venturing into a touchy topic, presenting his new solution to combat the buildup of greenhouse gases warming the planet.

Sterilizing Those Pesky Humans: Earth Day with Paul Ehrlich.  Every April 22 is Earth Day.  As one who studies Soviet Russia, I can't help but notice that the day coincides with the birthday of Vladimir Lenin.  The inaugural Earth Day occurred April 22, 1970, no less than Lenin's birth centennial.  This is most ironic.  Lenin is a decaying symbol of central planning, which, regrettably, is the ideological preference of many of those filling the streets on Earth Day. ... Lenin had no respect for life.  He declared certain people "harmful insects."  In Lenin's deadly worldview, pesky humans were not precious, special, unrepeatable; they were disposable.

People Are a Big Problem to Environmentalists.  The Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology believes it has discovered in the annals of history a champion — though inadvertent — of environmentalism. ... Julia Pongratz, who was in charge of the institute's research project, claims that [Genghis] Khan — by his mass murder of up to 40 million people, inadvertently caused a beneficial effect on other life on the planet.

Outwitting Lethal Government Policies.  [Scroll down]  Environmentalists are constantly coming up with new efforts to assist, amuse, and entertain the snail darters, minnow smelts, and polar bears, usually at the expense of humanity as a whole.  The Greens contend that the major driver of environmental degradation is simply too many humans.  They view all means of lowering these numbers with strong approval.  Keep an eye out and never forget:  however innocent a Green policy may look, it's always aimed at you.

Go Green, Kill People!  It may sound like a radical statement (and not the Jeff Spiccoli kind of "radical"), but the more you examine modern environmentalism and the dorks spearheading the "green" movement, it becomes increasingly impossible to deny its diametric opposition to a pro-human worldview.

Fight Global Warming! Get an abortion!  Using abortion for population control is inhuman.  But the bottom line is that Great Britain is moving toward a China-type policy where the government intrudes into the most personal decisions made by families; how many children is right for them.  Our green friend also wants to shift health monies from curing illnesses to aborting babies.

Why do Green zealots think they can dictate how many children we are allowed to have?  So the deepest green of them all turns out to be not so much a friend of the earth as an enemy of the human race.  Jonathon Porritt, the Government's 'green' adviser, has said that couples who have more than two children are being 'irresponsible' by creating an unbearable burden on the environment.  Curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must therefore be at the heart of policies to fight man-made global warming.

Who is speaking for the plants?  David Graber, a research biologist with the National park Service said, "Human happiness, and certainly human fecundity, are not as important as a wild and healthy planet."  "Until such time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along."  Getting rid of everyone permanently solves the problem — David Foreman former chief lobbyist for the Wilderness Society says the optimum number is zero.  Ingrid Newkirk of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said, "Mankind is a cancer; we're the biggest blight on the face of the earth."

Now we can see where the environmental movement is headed.  Encouraging families to have fewer children seems innocuous, perhaps thoughtful.  It's easy to dismiss those who support such measures as harmless busybodies, not ill-willed environmentalists.  Beware, however, of apparent banality.  Groups such as England's Optimum Population Trust have to be subtle.  While a planet with few people — or perhaps no people — is their ideal, they know they can't say that.
This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2024 by Andrew K. Dart

Enviro Mentalists Call For Culling Of Human Population.  A disturbing move is afoot by several "green" groups to associate climate change with over population and suggest that the solution is to implement depopulation policies and punishments for those who flout them.  The London Times reports today that a report to be published by green think tank the Optimum Population Trust says that children are 'bad for planet and 'having large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanour in the same way as frequent long-haul flights, driving a big car and failing to reuse plastic bags.

The Warm Turns.  In a speech at Harvard last November, Harvard physicist John Holden, President-elect Obama's choice to be his science adviser as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, presented a "top 10" list of warming solutions.  Topping the list was "limiting population," as if man was a plague upon the earth.  This is a major tenet of green dogma that bemoans the fact that the pestilence called mankind comes with cars, factories and overconsumption of fossil fuels and other resources.

Doctors:  Third babies are the same as patio heaters.  A pair of doctors have said that British parents should have fewer children, because kids cause carbon emissions and climate change.  The two medics suggest that choosing to have a third child is the same as buying a patio heater or driving a gas-guzzling car, and that GPs should advise their patients against it.

Global Warming Game Tells Children They Should Die.  Are global warming alarmists encouraging children to commit suicide because their carbon footprints supposedly are harming the planet?  It certainly appears so in a children's game concocted by the state-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Science Department, available online.  The game is called Planet Slayer.  Using it, children can calculate their carbon footprint — how much impact their carbon emissions allegedly have on global warming.

The Anti-Human Agenda:  Some environmentalists think if we could just get rid of all the people on the planet it would be a great place to live.  Generally over-population is a major part of the environmentalists' argument that humans are causing all the problems, including climate change.

Global Warming:  The Left's Latest War on the Family.  Procreation is killing the planet, and traditional religion is to blame, Global-Warming cultists insist.  First the industrial revolution had to go.  Then it was to the wall with oil company executives, those malignant Carbon Interests.  Next, SUVs were declared enemies of the planet.  Now, the left's attention has shifted back to its perennial targets — large families and "patriarchal" religion.

'Saving' the planet may deny heat, cooling for the frail.  Fact: Cold, not heat, is what really kills people, as we see now in Britain.  Fact: A warming world would save countless lives, not cost them.  And fact: Those who died last week were in less danger from global warming than from the deadly incompetence of green governments trying to "stop" it.

Psychology Today Blog:  Ban Having Children for 5 Years.  A bestselling author has called octuplets-mother Nadya Sulamen a 'murderer' and warns of overpopulation saying, "we need to lose 4.4 billion people." ... Steven Kotler has declared that responsible adults should stop having children in order to save the planet.  Those who are having kids, are being selfish and stealing from the future, the rest of humanity, and "every living thing on the earth," he wrote.  Have too many kids and you should go to jail.

Global Warming Alarmists Propose Limiting Population ... to the Point of Extinction.  In a statistical study entitled "Reproduction and the Carbon Legacies of Individuals," published in Global Environmental Change by Murtaugh and Shlax of Oregon State University, ... the authors propose that the potential savings from reduced reproduction rates among humans are some 20 times more effective than the savings wrought by life style changes.  It is clear that the authors follow the Liberal mantra of the ends justify the means.  If we can reduce carbon emissions by reducing the number of children, then we should do it, they gloat.  It appears that carbon reductions trump even "life" itself.

UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt.  Jonathon Porritt, one of Gordon Brown's leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society.  Porritt's call will come at this week's annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), of which he is patron.  The trust will release research suggesting UK population must be cut to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.

Earth population 'exceeds limits'.  There are already too many people living on Planet Earth, according to one of most influential science advisors in the US government.  Nina Fedoroff told the BBC One Planet programme that humans had exceeded the Earth's "limits of sustainability".  Dr Fedoroff has been the science and technology advisor to the US secretary of state since 2007, initially working with Condoleezza Rice.

Ban Humans to Lower Carbon Emissions?  According to California Congressman Tom McClintock, the world's six billion humans breathe out 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year.  His state has a goal of reducing emissions by 170 million tons of carbon dioxide to meet legislative requirements.  Simple mathematics shows if we can just "do away" with 425 million of Earth's inhabitants, we can help Governor Schwarzenegger meet his bogie.

David Attenborough argues the planet cannot handle more people.  Sir David Attenborough has become a patron of an organisation that campaigns to limit the number of people in the world, arguing that the growth in global population is frightening.  The television presenter and naturalist said the increase in population was having devastating effects on ecology, pollution and food production.

Depopulate and die of boredom.  It must take a rather active imagination to look at a map of Australia and think that it is too full.  Last week Sandra Kanck, the national president of the environmental group Sustainable Population Australia, urged the country to cut down its population from 21 million souls to just 7 million.  To do so, she recommended we adopt a one-child policy, completely eliminating middle-child syndrome and saving the planet in the process.

The Population Bum.  A member of Britain's government says couples should be limited to two children to save the Earth from global warming.  It's discouraging that such muddle-headed people are in positions of power.

Save the Planet:  Have Fewer Kids.  A study by statisticians at Oregon State University concluded that in the United States, the carbon legacy and greenhouse gas impact of an extra child is almost 20 times more important than some of the other environment-friendly practices people might employ during their entire lives — things like driving a high mileage car, recycling, or using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.

Obama's Science Czar:  Traditional family is obsolete, punish large families.  President Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, took a controversial and amoral approach to the science of population by recommending mass compulsory sterilization and even forced abortion (and/or forced marriages) under certain circumstances.  His 1977 tome, Ecoscience, which he co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, also displays a revealing disregard for the institution of the traditional human family.

'Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change'.  Contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change than conventional green technologies, according to research by the London School of Economics.

Saving the Earth by Hating Humanity.  One singular fact stands out in all Green propaganda and permeates all the legislation and other programs they sponsor.  It is a contempt and disdain for the Earth's human population.  The leaders of the movement hate humanity.  Obsessed with population growth, anything that can reduce it — disease, poverty, famine, or lack of energy is pursued as part of the Green agenda.

Environmentalism vs. Human Life:  Although most environmentalists are emphatic in their professions of how deeply they care about every little earthworm and gnat on the planet, environmentalism is, at its core, the hatred of human life.

Birth Control Seen As Way to Combat Climate Change.  Giving contraceptives to people in developing countries could help fight climate change by slowing population growth, experts said Friday [9/18/2009].

An idea like this must be implemented gradually.  Step one:
Cap-And-Trade For Babies?  An environmental writer mainstreams an idea floating around the green fringe — save the earth by population control and give carbon credits to one-child families.  Are we threatened by the patter of little carbon footprints?

Carbon Credits for One-Child Couples?  Andrew Revkin, who reports on environmental issues for The New York Times, floated an idea last week for combating global warming:  Give carbon credits to couples that limit themselves to having one child.  Revkin later told that he was not endorsing the idea, just trying to provoke some thinking on the topic.

The Editor says...
This is a very common Democrat tactic:  They will say or do something outrageous, and if there are any objections, follow up a few days later with, "Can't you take a joke?"  Examples abound:

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The Totalities of Copenhagen.  In his 2007 best seller "The World Without Us," environmentalist Alan Weisman considers what the planet would be like without mankind, and finds it's no bad thing.  The U.N. Population Fund complains in a recent report that "no human is genuinely 'carbon neutral'" — its latest argument against children.  John Holdren, President Obama's science adviser, cut his teeth in the policy world as an overpopulation obsessive worried about global cooling.  But whether warming or cooling, the problem for the climate alarmists, as for other totalitarians, always seems to boil down to the human race itself.

We will fix the climate all right... let's kill a ton of people.  The bottom line behind the climate change leftists trying to save the world:  people are in the way.  People cause carbon emissions so people must die.  Let us start with hundreds of millions of abortions worldwide.

The People Problem.  Calls for forced population control as a means to conquer global warming are in the news this week.  We knew the Copenhagen climate conference would keep drawing out the cranks.  'Humans are overpopulating the world," Diane Francis, a staff writer for Canada's National Post, said in Tuesday's [12/8/2009] edition.

Enviro-Marxists discover the real scourge of the planet:  human beings.  Diane Francis writes in the Financial Post:  "The 'inconvenient truth' overhanging the UN's Copenhagen conference is not that the climate is warming or cooling, but that humans are overpopulating the world.  A planetary law, such as China's one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days."  What a great idea!  Of course, there are a few details to work out, which Ms. Francis doesn't address, most specifically, how it would be implemented and enforced.  I don't think she wants to mention those icky forced abortions that occur in China, as late as the 9th month of pregnancy.

UN:  Human Life Threatens Climate!.  "Too Many Births Said to Threaten the Climate" read the headline in the November 19 edition of the French daily Le Monde.  The headline refers to the new "State of World Population 2009" report published by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).  The document is called a "report," but in light of the unabashed and unrelenting advocacy of which it consists, it might be better described as a "pamphlet."

In Pursuit of Death.  The warped premise of radical environmentalism is clear:  The earth is pure, and we are the pollutant.  Devising plans to dramatically reduce earth's population is just another day's work for these modern Cassandras.  There is a nihilist subcurrent bubbling to the surface of mainstream environmentalism, and it is being given a global imprimatur in Copenhagen.

Environmentalism and Animal Rights:  "[O]bserve that in all the propaganda of the ecologists — amidst all their appeals to nature and pleas for "harmony with nature" — there is no discussion of man's needs and the requirements of his survival.  Man is treated as if he were an unnatural phenomenon.

Environmentalists: Give Trees the Right to Sue.  What if a trimmed tree could sue as an amputee or a shucked clam could claim wrongful eviction?  In an effort to ban everything from drilling oil to incinerating garbage, about a dozen communities across the country have adopted ordinances that give nature legal standing and water down the rights of businesses.

Climate Change Debate Over?  It's Just Begun!  Along with stiff carbon taxes and straight-jacket regulations comes, inevitably, population control.  At Copenhagen, China's Peggy Liu — chair of the Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy — bragged about Beijing's brutal one-child policy.  That policy, said this winner of Time Magazine's "Hero of the Environment" award, "reduces energy demand and is arguably the most effective way the country can mitigate climate change."

Animal Wrongs.  [Scroll down]  The West is founded on a Judeo-Christian moral ethic, which holds that human welfare is central and that humans and animals are not of equal worth.  The animal rights movement tears at the heart of that.  It's a movement that is not based on rationality; there is a very strong anti-human element.  For animal rightists, being human is not special.  They don't believe in human exceptionalism.  They see us as an evil species, as killers and the causers of suffering.  The misanthrope is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The True Meaning of 'Go Green':  To "go green" is a metaphor for a cause, but the cause is not the one you might think it is.  Green is not about saving energy.  It is not about conservation or living more efficiently by recycling.  It's not about electric cars or hydrogen power or solar panels.  Green is not about you.  Green is about saving nature.  From you.

Progressives Against Progress.  [Scroll down]  Back in the early 1970s, it was overpopulation that was about to destroy the Earth.  In his 1968 book The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich, who has been involved in all three waves, warned that "the battle to feed all of humanity is over" on our crowded planet.  He predicted mass starvation and called for compulsory sterilization to curb population growth, even comparing unplanned births with cancer:  "A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people."  An advocate of abortion on demand, Ehrlich wanted to ban photos of large, happy families from newspapers and magazines, and he called for new, heavy taxes on baby carriages and the like.

Discovery Gunman:  The Green Frankenstein.  The radical green movement is rapidly trying to distance itself from Discovery Channel gunman James J. Lee. ... Wednesday afternoon [9/1/2010], an armed Lee walked into the offices of the Discovery Channel, took hostages and demanded that the TV network alter its programming to suit his demands as laid out in an 11-point manifesto.  The incident ended when police shot him dead.  Lee called for saving the Earth by getting rid of people, whom he referred to as "filth," and stopping global warming.  He called for TV programs encouraging human sterilization and infertility, and exposing civilization's "disgusting religious-cultural roots and greed."  "All human procreation and farming must cease," he raved, because "the planet does not need humans."

James Lee is Al Gore is Prince Charles is the Unabomber.  Al Gore's Church of Climatism has claimed a new glorious martyr.  His name is James Lee — the Discovery channel attempted eco-suicide-bomber — and if he'd had his way he wouldn't have been the only one who ended up in the great recycling bin in the sky.  That's because, as far as the late James Lee was concerned, humans like the innocent Discovery channel employees he held hostage are the scum of the earth.  Just read some of the manifesto he posted on the internet and see for yourself.

Who is responsible for Warmabomber's violent agenda?  Filthy.  Parasites.  Disgusting, overbreeding candidates for sterilization and extermination.  Possessed of false morals and a "breeding culture."  Hitler talking about the Jews?  Nope.  This is Discovery Channel hostage-taker James Lee talking about ... human beings.  Compared to Lee, Hitler was a piker, philosophically:  Der Fuehrer only wanted to kill those he considered "subhuman."  Lee considered all humans to be subhuman.

Eco-Terror's Inspiration.  Eco-terrorist James Jay Lee last week executed a dangerous hostage plot inside the headquarters of the Discovery Channel.  Armed with what appeared to be pipe bombs and a cheap pistol, Lee claimed to have been "awakened" by Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth".  Lee regarded humans as the "most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around."  His desire was to force the Discovery Channel to fill its programming schedule with "solutions to save the planet."

Taking it one step further...
Nutty Professor Pleads for Extinction of All Carnivorous Animals.  If a certain nutty professor has his way, all lions, dolphins, as well as all other carnivorous animals on this planet would be selected for controlled extinction for the "high crime" of eating meat and causing suffering in other animals.

Ted Turner urges global one-child policy to save planet.  Climate change and population control can make for a politically explosive mix, as media mogul Ted Turner demonstrated Sunday [12/5/2010] when he urged world leaders to institute a global one-child policy to save the Earth's environment.

Ted Turner's Craziest Scheme Yet: Cap and Trade... With Children.  Media mogul Ted Turner, who founded cable networks CNN and TBS, wants a global child-bearing "cap and trade" system to combat climate change.  He has thought up a bizarre take on China's one-child policy:  set a strict one-child limit, and let poor people sell credits for children they don't have!

Go Green, Kill People!  It may sound like a radical statement (and not the Jeff Spiccoli kind of "radical"), but the more you examine modern environmentalism and the dorks spearheading the "green" movement, it becomes increasingly impossible to deny its diametric opposition to a pro-human worldview.

It's a Wonderful Life, So Far.  The single-family home with the white picket fence, two cars in the garage, and a couple kids in the backyard has everything wrong with it, according to some environmentalists.  The home is made completely or in part of wood … but logging is a bad thing.  That little yard in a small suburban or rural community contributes to "urban sprawl."  When those two cars leave the garage for work or the grocery store or to take the kids to school, they burn unacceptable quantities of fossil fuels traveling paved roads which, in all too many cases, prevent animals from migrating (apparently only chickens are able to cross the road).  Oh, those two kids?  They are a problem, too.  Overpopulation, you know.  Enjoy America while you can.

Environmentalists Excluding People from Parks:  Human enjoyment of the parks — sightseeing, golfing, hiking, skiing, biking, canoeing, camping — is being systematically sacrificed to environmentalist ideology.  As long people believe that environmentalism is compatible with human enjoyment of nature (or anything), environmentalists will continue to prevent people from enjoying the parks.  What makes these environmentalists tick?

Africans Starve Rather than Accept Bounty of GM Corn:  I grow poison on my farm, feed it to my family, and sell it to unsuspecting consumers in the U.S. and around the world.  That's what the president of Zambia seems to think.  As 3 million people in his country face starvation, Levy Mwanawasa has let some 15 million metric tons of donated corn sit untouched in storage because some of it is genetically modified.

Environmentalist Mythology Killing Us Softly:  One would have to conclude, given the facts, that environmentalists are either insane or intent upon eradicating every human being from the face of the planet.

"Human beings, as a species,
 have no more value than slugs."

John Davis,    
editor of Earth First! Journal    

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Updated July 4, 2024.

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