Elizabeth Warren plays the Affirmative Action system

There are many lessons to be learned from the saga of Elizabeth Warren's candidacy for U.S. Senate.  One of those lessons is that the voting public should never take a candidate at his or her word when the candidate makes claims about some sort of exotic ancestry in an attempt to gain political advantage.  Contemporaneously, Barack Obama's self-reported (and incomplete) history is finally getting some of the long-overdue scrutiny it deserves.

Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate, who, by her own admission, is at least 31/32nds lily white.  Yet she apparently has gained some considerable advantage by claiming, on the basis of dubious evidence, to be 1/32nd  Indian  Native American, thus qualifying for Affirmative Action, which will help to compensate her for all the injustices she suffered in the 19th century.  Even if the lady can prove that she is 1/32nd Native American, this is still such an unforgivable scam that it may help bring an end to the decades-long practice of hiring people based on their self-reported ethnicity rather than their professional qualifications.  The way I see it, anyone who was born in this country is a native American.  My great-great-grandparents probably had a tough life, too.  So what?

Senator Warren's forte seems to be connected to Operation Choke Point and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Overview / recap articles:

Where Do We Get Such Losers?  Up the freeway in Massachusetts, the now infamous Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren found herself with a tenured position at Harvard Law school after spending the better part of an adult lifetime telling people she was a native-born Native American.  And if you don't believe her, just check her cheekbones.  But she took it to another level, submitting recipes for an American Indian cookbook — which she plagiarized — and she stood by while Harvard bragged about her Native American birthright.  The first on the faculty of Harvard Law.  None of that is true.  In fact, some say that if Warren's ancestors were on the Trail of Tears, it was as a guard or a captor.  Not an Indian.  At this point, what difference does it make?

Is Sen. Warren an 'Honest Injun'?  [Scroll down]  Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one of those who jumped onboard the Native American bandwagon, claiming a 1/32nd Cherokee heritage — a claim strongly disputed by a Cherokee genealogist.  Refusing a DNA test to remove any doubt, Warren relies on two dubious sources — family lore and her "high cheekbones."  She has asserted she "never asked for and never got any benefit" from her claim.  The following suggests otherwise.  Proclaiming her ancestry in 1984, Warren later used it professionally to claim minority status when her name was entered into the University of Texas Law School faculty directory.  That may very well have influenced Harvard Law School to offer her a job to join their faculty, where she was described as its "first woman of color."  Harvard became her launching pad for a political career.  While Warren had no qualms about claiming Indian heritage, she certainly stood out as such.  Unlike so many impoverished Native Americans, she is worth millions of dollars.

Fake Indians and the Absurd Demand for faculty "Diversity".  Much tongue clucking was heard over the President's reference to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas," an allusion to her phony claim to Indian heritage.  But to my mind, it was apt and called for.  She's a liar, like many on the left, and a hypocrite as well, supporting "diversity" and affirmative action programs while lying to take advantage of them at cost to those who might qualify.  In May of 2012 — forgotten by most of the media or brushed under the rug — Warren admitted that she had told the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law school about her purported Indian heritage before she was hired.  Harvard promoted her as the first "woman of color" on their faculty, she listed herself as Native American in the Association of American Law Schools deskbook, and the Cherokee tribe from whom she claims descent called her claim "harmful and offensive". The notion that her lie did not boost her chances for hiring at Harvard, is demonstrably risible.

Calling Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' is the best way to fight racism.  The Senator from the High Cheekbones Tribe of Harvard isn't just a fake Indian.  She's a fake class warfare activist.  And a fake everything.  Warren was a Republican before she turned Socialist.  Before she was fighting corporations, she was helping corporations deny compensation to asbestos victims.  And before she was protesting the high cost of education, Harvard Law was paying her $350,000 to teach a single course.  A multinational corporation owned by billionaires then gave her a $525,000 advance to tell her tale of rising from "poverty" to fight for ordinary people who don't get their own chair funded by Wall Street lawyers.  It would take a heart of stone not to make Pocahontas jokes about a blue-eyed scam artist so shameless she passed herself off as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color."  A grifter whose campaign tried to prove she was really Indian by citing the work of her cousin who wrote the 'Pow Wow Chow' cookbook containing such authentic Indian recipes as Cold Omelets with Crab Meat and Mexican Oatmeal Soup.

What Trump knows about 'Pocahontas' and the CFPB.  It was during Warren's 2012 senate race that the issue of her Native American claims first surfaced.  During the course of that campaign, her opponent Scott Brown revealed that in both her applications to Harvard and Penn, "she checked the box claiming she was a Native American" and criticized her for pretending to be a "person of color."  A reporter asked Warren about a 1998 story in the Harvard Crimson quoting a university spokesman who defended Harvard's lack of diversity by claiming that Warren was Native American.  Overnight the senator was accused of having won her post by pretending to be something she was not.  She pushed back, saying that her mother's family, coming from what Warren calls "Indian Territory" and the rest of us call Oklahoma, had long told stories about their Cherokee ancestry.  She never could document that heritage, nor could reporters who dug deep into her background.

Timely news and commentary:

Biggest Loser:  Elizabeth Warren.  For a decade Ms. Warren, 69, has been busy trying to remake Washington in her progressive image.  Her role in creating a new financial regulatory apparatus gave her outsize influence over the bureaucracy.  Her successful 2012 Senate bid gave her a megaphone to rail against "billionaires, bigots and Wall Street bankers" — and Donald Trump.  The left begged her to challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016 and rebrand the Democratic Party as a populist, progressive force.  Ms. Warren demurred, leaving the field to Bernie Sanders.  She instead carefully designed this year's midterms as her launchpad to the presidency.

Elizabeth Warren's political path faces roadblocks.  U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears headed for a costly re-election victory, one in which even her own supporters are rejecting her national ambitions and still expressing doubts about her claims of Cherokee ancestry.  Warren holds a comfortable 20-point lead over GOP opponent Geoff Diehl heading into Tuesday's election, but landing just a few points above 50 percent is not especially impressive in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 3-1 margin.

The White-Privilege Tedium.  The recent farce involving Elizabeth Warren's "ancestry" has not only probably aborted her presidential aspirations, but — along with the Asian-American lawsuit against Harvard's admission practices — also reminded us of the growing corruption of race-based set-asides.  Warren's desperate gambit was simply a response to the new reality that minority status often has little relation with appearance.

Elizabeth Warren Has Lost Her Way And So Has The Identity Politics-Obsessed Left.  The Atlantic published a story this morning [10/22/2018] titled "Elizabeth Warren Has Lost Her Way" which looks back on her decision to take a DNA test to settle the question of her heritage and blames the whole affair on President Trump. [...] In my view, Flanagan is quite a bit too eager to blame Warren's decision to take the test on Trump.  Yes, he did mock her alleged heritage quite a few times in the past two years but he isn't the one who told Harvard to list Warren as Native American in government-mandated EEOC reports.  She did that.  He isn't the one who contributed recipes to a Native cookbook.  Warren did that.  He isn't the one who bragged about having a Native American professor on staff.  Harvard did that.  Warren has said she never benefitted from her self-identification, but there's no doubt Harvard tried to do so.  And Trump isn't the one who stuck to very specific heritage claims after genealogical investigations found no evidence of any Native American ancestor.  Warren did that too.

Warren took DNA test to rebuild 'trust in government'.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Sunday said that she took the DNA test that showed a relative six to 10 generations ago was Native American in an effort to rebuild "trust in the government" through transparency.  Warren said the comment during a tense debate with her Republican challenger for Senate in Massachusetts, state Rep. Geoff Diehl.  Warren, 69, is running for her second six-year term in the Senate and is a potential 2020 candidate for president.  She said that trust in the government is at an all-time low and changed her mind about the test after saying no to being tested in March.

Warren Finally Admits: 'I Am Not A Citizen Of Any Tribal Nation'.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who for decades claimed she was a Native American, has finally come out and said what we've all known for ages:  She's no Indian. [...] Warren listed herself as Native American in the Association of American Law School Directory, and according to The Boston Globe, she "had her ethnicity changed from white to Native American at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she taught from 1987 to 1995, and at Harvard University Law School, where she was a tenured faculty member starting in 1995."  Some critics say she got the Harvard slot by claiming to be American Indian.  "Harvard Law School in the 1990s touted Warren, then a professor in Cambridge, as being Native American,'" CNN reported last November.  "They singled her out, Warren later acknowledged, because she had listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory."

Elizabeth Warren's ex-husband founded DNA testing company.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren's ex-husband co-founded a DNA testing company and wrote one of the first computer codes for making genetic comparisons.  Jim Warren's career involved him in the kinds of genetic testing that Elizabeth Warren controversially invoked this month to prove that she had Native American ancestry.  One of the two other co-founders of his testing company, FamilyTreeDNA, has worked with Carlos Bustamante, the Stanford University geneticist who administered a DNA test at Elizabeth Warren's request.

Burning with ambition and lunacy.  [Scroll down]  Then there's Pocahontas, aka Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, who is allegedly 1/64th to 1/1024th Cherokee.  Egged on by President Trump, she took a DNA test.  All it did was to prove without a doubt that her listing as a minority at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard was not remotely honest.  For good measure, the Cherokee Nation angrily disputed her status as a tribal member.  Here's the self-immolation:  She publicized the test results, claiming victory.  Some media broadcast it that way, most notably CNN, which now reports almost exclusively from Alice's Wonderland.

Native Americans, Liberal Writers Excoriate Warren's 'Indefensible' Native American Posturing.  Like many conservatives, I've been a critic of Sen. Elizabeth Warren for years.  She's a hardcore statist and collectivist whose views on nearly every major issues are, in my view, deeply wrong-headed.  I've also been writing about her dubious-to-fraudulent "Native American" gambit for quite some time, having featured the matter during an examination of the Left's obsession with "privilege" in my 2015 book, End of Discussion.  Warren is not a Native American, yet there's strong circumstantial evidence that she identified as one for a very discrete period of time in order to advance her career.  It is therefore unsurprising that I greeted her latest, ludicrous endeavor to justify her so-called 'heritage' with scorn.  So did many others who generally share my worldview.  What may be slightly more surprising is that a fair number of leftists are also heaping criticism upon her.  Some are bemoaning her tactics and timing (why now, a question I took a stab at in my previous post), but others are flaying her on substance, too.

Elizabeth Warren: 'I am not a citizen of any tribal nation'.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., made it clear Friday night [10/19/2018] that she does not belong to any Native American tribe, after she took a DNA test that she said demonstrates that she likely has a distant Native American ancestor.  "I am not a citizen of any tribal nation," she said in a debate with her Republican Senate rival, Geoff Diehl.  "Only tribes determine tribal citizenship, it's not done by DNA."

Geoff Diehl hits Elizabeth Warren over DNA results.  U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's controversial DNA test claiming she has Native American roots was front and center at last night's first senatorial debate.  So, too, was her 2020 Oval Office ambition and distrust of President Trump.  "I am an open book," Warren said as GOP rival state Rep. Geoff Diehl questioned whether she used her family lore of having Cherokee heritage to land a better job.

The Blackface Party.  I must have missed something:  Was there some kind of all-hands white-people meeting at which we voted to kick the Democrats out?  Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, Beto O'Rourke — what's up with all the ethnic play-acting?  Isn't cultural appropriation supposed to be a bad thing among progressives?  Isn't blackface (and brownface) supposed to be an unforgivable sin?

Elizabeth Warren's 'part' Cherokee claim is a joke, and a racist insult to Natives like me.  The day after a CNN public opinion poll ranked Elizabeth Warren fourth among possible Democratic 2020 hopefuls, the Massachusetts senator released the results of a DNA test along with a campaign-style ad defending her family's story of Cherokee heritage.  Warren's decision to cave to President Donald Trump's demands was an affront to many Native Americans, who have long stated that DNA tests cannot be used to claim Native heritage or relationship to a tribe.  Cherokee Nation, the largest tribe in the United States, agrees.  In a public statement, the tribe called Warren's use of a DNA test "inappropriate and wrong," and said the senator "is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage."  Neither Warren nor the Democratic Party has responded to the statement.

Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren's DNA test and says senator's stunt 'probably disqualified' her from running for president.  President Donald Trump has resumed mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren over the results of her private DNA analysis, joking that the test showed so little native ancestry that he can no longer call her 'Pocahontas'.  'You know the one good thing about her test is that there was so little — there was less than the average American,' Trump said on Thursday [10/18/2018] at a midterm campaign rally in Missoula, Montana.  Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, released the test results on Monday, showing that she had as little as 1/1,024th Native American ancestry.  'I used to say, 'I have more Indian blood in me than she does and I have none,' and I was right,' Trump continued.

Fabricating Hate Crimes Is a Byproduct of Victimhood Ideology on College Campuses.  [Scroll down]  The overwhelmingly dominant ideology on college campuses celebrates victimhood, even above achievement, and achievement itself is worthless without victimhood.  If one doesn't maintain some kind of victimhood status, your opinion is worth less, your accomplishments are dismissed, and your success is written off as the product of privilege.  It's no wonder Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., continues to maintain that she has Native American heritage — which Harvard Law School once openly celebrated — despite the thinnest of evidence that she has any connection to the Cherokee tribe.

Why Many Native Americans Are Angry With Elizabeth Warren.  If Senator Elizabeth Warren thought that releasing her DNA test results showing Native American ancestry would neutralize a Republican line of attack, she was wrong.  The test — part of her strategic preparations for a likely presidential campaign — did not placate President Trump, who has mocked Ms. Warren as "Pocahontas" and once promised $1 million to a charity of her choice if a DNA test substantiated her claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage.  And her announcement of the results angered many Native Americans, including the Cherokee Nation, the largest of the country's three federally recognized Cherokee tribes.  DNA testing cannot show that Ms. Warren is Cherokee or any other tribe, the secretary of state of the Cherokee Nation, Chuck Hoskin Jr., said in a statement.  Tribes set their own citizenship requirements, not to mention that DNA tests don't distinguish among the numerous indigenous groups of North and South America.  The test Ms. Warren took did not identify Cherokee ancestry specifically; it found that she most likely had at least one Native American ancestor six to 10 generations ago.

The Editor says...
The expression, "six to ten generations ago" indicates the ambiguity and inaccuracy of DNA tests for ancestry.

Democrats Know They Can Always Count on the Media.  This week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., in preparation for a 2020 presidential run, decided to fight back against President Trump's brutal nickname for her:  Pocahontas.  Trump, you'll recall, labeled her Pocahontas because for years, she has claimed Native American ancestry.  Not only that, she claimed repeatedly that her mother's Native American ancestry drove her parents to elope after her father's family refused to welcome her mother with open arms thanks to their bigotry.  As it turns out, Warren could never provide any evidence of Native American ancestry — even though she spent years labeling herself Native American while at the University of Pennsylvania Law School as well as Harvard Law School.

Establishment Media Reverse Course to Blast Elizabeth Warren over DNA Fiasco.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) roll-out of her DNA test has been such a train wreck that even the establishment media have been forced to reverse course and admit to it.  As hard as the media worked to cover and lie for her for over those first 24 hours, the unassailable facts have forced them to throw in the towel.  The science is settled:  Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian.

Did Elizabeth 'She Who Lies Through Teeth' Warren just lose 2020?  Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a liar.  She's long been a liar, but on Monday she decided to release proof that she's a liar, in the form of DNA test results.  The Massachusetts Democrat has claimed for decades that she is part American Indian, that her mother has Indian ancestry.  The way she tells the tale, the lineage was so recent that her father's parents told him "you can't marry [Warren's mother] because she's part Cherokee and she's part Delaware."  They had to flee to be free from the racism they would suffer.  President Trump enjoys taunting Ms. Warren with the nickname "Pocahontas," and it's clearly gotten under her skin.  So with her 2020 ambitions coming into view, Ms. Warren decided to get a DNA test to prove her longtime claim.

Nine Lies the Media Are Telling You About Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test.  Spreading lies to benefit the Democrat Party is what the establishment media do.  For example, over the weekend, NBC News fabricated the lie that President Trump gushed over Confederate General Robert E. Lee.  This was a deliberate lie to smear Trump as racist, and it was only corrected by NBC after the lie had run its course.  Over the same weekend, CNN crafted its own lie to make Donald Trump Jr. look racist.  The media lie.  And then the media lie some more.  And now the media are lying about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and her debacle of a DNA test.  These are lies of omission and commission, but they are still lies because the media are desperate to mislead and deceive.

Pocahontas descendant rips Warren, calls on senator to apologize.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a new critic of her widely-panned DNA test:  an actual descendant of Pocahontas.  Debbie White Dove Porreco appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss findings that the Massachusetts lawmaker may have between 0.09 percent to [and] 1.5 percent American Indian ancestry.  The study, which counted Mexican, Colombian, and Peruvian DNA in Ms. Warren's favor, prompted Ms. Porreco to demand an apology.  "It did prove that she wasn't the Cherokee Indian that she was claiming to be for so long," she told Mr. Carlson, Townhall reported.  "I think she's guilty of claiming she's an American Indian but has no proof — and then [is] using it for applications for college, for political reasons."

Elizabeth Warren Melts Down in Wake of DNA Disaster.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) launched a bizarre Twitter rant late Monday afternoon following the disastrous rollout of DNA results that further debunked her decades-long claim to American Indian ancestry.  Warren's thread of 20-plus (and counting) tweets began at about 5:30 p.m. ET, where she attempted to both insult President Trump and defend herself.

Cherokee Genealogist Says Elizabeth Warren's Not a Cherokee.  A Cherokee genealogist traced Elizabeth Warren's ancestry to the Trail of Tears.  What he found shouldn't startle anyone.  Warren has no Cherokee blood.  A mixed Native-American woman explained to Fox host Jesse Waters that a Cherokee genealogist traced Elizabeth Warren's heritage and she "Doesn't have a single Cherokee ancestor'".  Warren was listed as a "woman of color" in the 1993 Harvard student journal.

Scientist: Warren Could Have 1/64th to 1/1,024th Native American Heritage.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) released DNA test results showing she could be anywhere between 1/64th to 1/1,024th Native American in an attempt to diffuse a controversy that has dogged her political career for years.  The aggressive move by the first-term lawmaker is yet another sign she will run in 2020 against President Donald Trump, who has derided her as "Pocahontas" for years, even at an event honoring Native American Code Talkers from World War II.  Warren listed herself as Native American while teaching at the University of Pennsylvania Law School from 1987 to 1995 and then at Harvard Law School beginning in 1995, the Boston Globe reports.  Fact-checkers had not been able to verify her claims because they were based on "family lore."

Elizabeth Warren takes political hit with much-mocked DNA rollout.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the punchline for more "Pocahontas" jokes Tuesday after her high-profile DNA rollout backfired, angering Native Americans and rekindling questions about her claims to Cherokee ancestry.  President Trump called on her to apologize for "perpetrating this fraud against the American Public" after her DNA test showed she has between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native blood, or 0.09 to 1.5 percent, about the same as the average U.S. white person.

The Editor says...
The figures given — 0.09 to 1.5 percent — imply a range of possibilities.  But what they're trying to say, in the simplest terms, is that Ms. Warren is either one-512th OR one-1,024th Indian.  Those are the only two possibilities in this case.  And if there's any doubt about that one ancestor 10 generations ago, then Ms. Warren has no Indian ancestry at all.

Elizabeth Warren and her little DNA story.  President Trump has been on another winning streak, and the Democrats are desperate for attention.  Their problem?  All the attention they get is also a win for the president, as it reminds us why he won in 2016 and why winning again in the midterm is so important.  Let's start with something the media takes little heed of:  The record job openings for the summer.  CNBC's headline says it all:  "Another great sign for the economy:  Job openings hit an all-time high in August."  CNBC also noted, the "survey also found a near-record amount of quits for the month, indicating workers' confidence in finding new positions."  That's right.  Not only do Americans have a job, but Mr. Trump has created an environment where we have more control over what we're doing, and know we can find something better for ourselves and our families.  Americans are in charge of their lives again.

Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Proves She Was Lying.  Why did Sen. Elizabeth Warren spend all these years claiming to be a Native American?  One plausible answer might be that her family had lied to her, or were also misled about their heritage, and that Warren truly believed she was Cherokee.  This happens relatively often, I suppose.  Then again, few people exhibit as much certitude, and gain as many benefits, over a claim that's so obscure and unverifiable.  The second is that Warren herself lied or exaggerated her heritage, knowing full well that her contention to Cherokee ancestry was likely nothing more than lore.

Elizabeth Warren may be less Native American than average U.S. white person.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren's newly released DNA results show that the Democrat's Native American ancestry is roughly the same as that of the average white American, and may be less.  A 2014 study by Harvard University and 23andMe found that European Americans tested overall for 0.18 percent Native American ancestry, while Ms. Warren's results show she has anywhere from 0.09 percent to 1.5 percent.  "This means that the DNA test shows that Warren is actually LESS NATIVE AMERICAN than the average American of European ancestry," said Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson on his right-tilting Legal Insurrection blog.

Elizabeth Warren's Latest 'Native American' Defense is a Cringe-worthy Embarrassment.  [Scroll down]  This very much leaves open the wildly entertaining possibility that Donald Trump is, in fact, more "Native American" than Elizabeth Warren.  But anyway, yes, she's obviously running for president, and she knows that this issue will cause headaches among not only right-leaning voters who already oppose her, but also among progressive voters who might hold certain Identity Politics infractions against her.

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Kill Identity Politics?  "Elizabeth Warren's Native American Heritage" is the title of a new campaign video promoting the senior senator from Massachusetts.  Ms. Warren, a former Harvard law professor, is claiming vindication after presenting the results of a genetic test which appears to show she likely has more of a claim to Native American heritage — but perhaps less of a claim — than the average white person in the United States.  The likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has been trying to find some way to respond to questions about her longtime claim of Native American heritage given that her family doesn't belong to a tribe.

Elizabeth Warren Reffered [sic] To As "Woman Of Color" In 1995 Fordham Law Review.  She knew it was a lie yet was willing to use that lie to further her academic career.  Senator Elizabeth Warren, aka "Pocahauntus" is not even close to being Native American.  In fact, she's less Native American than the vast majority of Americans who consider themselves white.  The question now is if the media and the Democrat Party will be willing to admit the same.

Cherokee nation rains on Elizabeth Warren's parade.  Elizabeth Warren was doing a victory dance about her DNA test showing "strong evidence" she may have 1/1,024 or 0.09 percent Native American lineage.  In hot pursuit, she called on President Trump to "pay up" with his $1 million offer to the charity of her choice for taking the DNA test he said he would toss to her at a future presidential debate, earlier.  As the network press admiringly gushed about the whole "gotcha," she was convinced she had him cornered.  Well, sorry — that debate hasn't happened yet, and now it's doubtful that it ever will, because Warren is hearing from the leaders of the Cherokee nation.

Spreading Bull.  Just what did Elizabeth Warren, the persistently unhinged Democrat senator from Massachusetts, expect to gain from releasing a DNA test proving she isn't a Native American while insisting the test indicates that she is?  Perhaps it was the glowing-but-hilarious Boston Globe headline which read "Warren reveals test confirming ancestry."  That in and of itself may have been enough — though the Globe story going with that front-page headline Monday advertised Warren's heritage as 1/512th Native American.  And then the Globe retracted that claim due to what it called a "math error," and admitted it was going with a different number — 1/1024th.

Megyn Kelly: Elizabeth Warren 'Scored A Goal Against Herself' With DNA Test.  NBC News' Megyn Kelly ridiculed Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday [10/16/2018] for her DNA test showing that she is less than two percent Native American.  [Video clip]

Citizen of Cherokee Nation slams Warren's political ambition.  A citizen of the Cherokee Nation on Monday said Sen. Elizabeth Warren is "more concerned" about her political future than the interests of tribal sovereignty and Native rights.  Warren's long-standing assertion of Native American heritage was called into question Monday after the results of her DNA test were made public.  Warren published the DNA results as a rebuttal to President Donald Trump, who has long mocked her ancestral claims by referring to her as "Pocahontas."  While the results indicated the Massachusetts Senator may indeed have some Native American heritage — anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1,024 — the matter was not settled for everyone.  Rebecca Nagle, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, told Fox News' 'The Ingraham Angle' that Native American identity "is not up to Elizabeth Warren."

Gutfeld on Elizabeth Warren's latest claim.  Senator Elizabeth Warren just released a campaign ad, disguised as a DNA test.  Or maybe it was a DNA test disguised as a campaign ad.  In it she ladles her DNA results with somber relatives and music — and includes me.  I'm touched.  But that happens every time I take the subway.  So her Native American ancestry may date back 6 to 10 generations.  She's potentially one-one thousand and twenty fourth Indian — which is 0.09 percent.

Warren's DNA test renews scrutiny of long history claiming Native-American heritage.  The high-profile rollout of Elizabeth Warren's DNA test is causing more headaches for the Democratic senator, as the results fuel Republican critics' claims that she used a trace amount of Native American heritage to advance her academic career.  Warren, D-Mass., released her DNA test results to The Boston Globe, and then to the public, on Monday.  The results revealed "strong evidence" Warren had a Native-American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations.  But that means she only would be between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American — possibly less than the average European American, according to one 2014 study.

Boston Globe Botches Math Correction on Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Story.  The Boston Globe botched its math correction in its defense of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) debunked claim of American Indian ancestry.  On Monday [10/15/2018], the far-left outlet published the results of Warren's DNA test, something she has been under pressure to take after her repeated claims to be part Cherokee were debunked.  President Trump regularly uses Warren's false claim of Indian ancestry to ridicule the Senator, and now that she is eyeing a 2020 presidential run, she is hoping to clear this up.  Unfortunately for Warren, the DNA test only proved she shares no more American Indian heritage than the average white American.

Elizabeth Warren has appointed herself head of the #MeSioux movement.  Elizabeth Warren, has claimed to be an American Indian.  Now, she did this to advance her career and it worked.  Harvard Law School once boasted that Warren was the first woman of color to ever serve on their faculty.  Woman of color.  But Warren also used her fake Indian heritage to frame herself as somebody affected by America's sad history of racial discrimination.  Warren posed as a victim because on the left, victimhood is power. [...] Well as it turned out old Liawatha couldn't come up with a single, not one American Indian in her family tree.  The rest of the country laughed at her, and rightly so.

Elizabeth Warren builds expansive Democratic campaign effort ahead of likely 2020 bid.  During the past six months, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has quietly built a shadow war room designed to elect Democrats across the country in the midterm elections, overtaking some of the traditional duties of Democratic Party campaign committees and further positioning herself for an all-but-certain 2020 presidential bid.  Her effort, which goes far beyond the fundraising and endorsement speeches in which prospective presidential candidates typically engage, has encompassed work in all 50 states and close coordination with more than 150 campaigns.  The result is a wide-ranging network that includes those running for state treasurer in Nevada, state legislature in Iowa and congressional offices around the country.

Warren releases results of DNA test.  The analysis of Warren's DNA was done by Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor and expert in the field who won a 2010 MacArthur fellowship, also known as a genius grant, for his work on tracking population migration via DNA analysis.  He concluded that "the vast majority" of Warren's ancestry is European, but he added that "the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor."

The Editor says...
The "existence of [one] Native American ancestor" is very weak justification for calling yourself a Native American.  Whoever the ancestor was, it must have been centuries ago; otherwise, Ms. Warren would have produced a family tree or some other documentation to support her claims.

General Kelly reveals the truth about Elizabeth Warren:  She's uncouth in private.  Democratic presidential frontrunner hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren always prides herself on being the candidate of the little guy.  In her old-fashioned granny suits with her old-fashioned glasses, she speaks in a soft, syrupy voice and calls herself a consumer advocate.  Naturally, there's not a left-wing cause on Earth the Massachusetts Democrat won't support, and of course, as a professional fake Indian with affirmative action professorships under her belt, an incongruous house-flipping history, an Imelda-sized wardrobe, and a big bankbook, she knows how to play the games, academic or otherwise.  But she always portrays herself as nice.  She doesn't have that hectoring, cackling, manic, revolting voice you hear from Hillary Clinton.  Nope, Warren's always soft, soothing, and smooth.  But then we hear how she acts in private.

Police Union Refuses to Endorse Warren Over Her Attacks on Law Enforcement.  One of Boston's largest police unions has refused to endorse Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) in her bid for re-election this year, citing the senator's "derogatory" attacks on law enforcement.  Last week, the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association announced it could not support Warren because her tenure in the Senate and comments rebuking the criminal justice system as "racist" prove she doesn't "stand" with law enforcement, according to the Boston Herald.  The union, which represents over 1,500 law enforcement officers, has opted to endorse Warren's Republican challenger, Geoff Diehl, instead.

We need full-time senator.  Massachusetts deserves to have full representation in the U.S. Senate by elected officials who are dedicated to advocating on behalf of their constituents and not potential voters in a presidential election.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren has long been rumored to be seeking the nation's highest office, but at a town hall in western Massachusetts Saturday, she all but confirmed it. [...] Sen. Warren is brazenly telling us that she intends to drop all commitments to the voters in Massachusetts, soon after her re-election to the U.S. Senate.

Elizabeth Warren's castoffs?  Priceless!  More than three years ago, Sen. Elizabeth Warren told the Internal Revenue Service that she had donated $50,000 in used clothing and "household items" to local thrift stores in 2014.  Fifty grand worth of clothes!  Donated!  In one year.  That was the fake Indian's story and she was sticking to it — until late yesterday afternoon, after we inquired about her rather, uh, profligate spending habits.  Suddenly, the fake Indian's story changed.

Cherokee Woman Blasts Warren For 'Lies' About Native American Ancestry.  A Cherokee woman and Democratic activist denounced Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) for her "lies" about being Native American and accused the likely presidential candidate of cultural appropriation and "racial identity theft."  Warren, who listed herself as a minority in law school based on her papaw's "high cheekbones" and was recognized as Harvard Law's "first woman of color" will not receive the support of Rebecca Nagle.  Writing in the Huffington Post, Nagle, a citizen of Cherokee Nation who identifies as a "two-spirit," says Warren should not become president because of her "false claims" of Native American ancestry.  "As a registered Democrat, I agree with a wide range of Warren's policies," Nagle writes.  "But as a Cherokee woman, I cannot support her until she rescinds her false claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage."  "Racial identity theft is normally not socially acceptable," Nagle said.

Elizabeth Warren will dump Massachusetts to serve her ambition.  At a town hall event on Saturday [9/29/2018], Warren told the crowd, "Time's up.  It's time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government, and that includes a woman at the top.  So here's what I promise:  After Nov. 6, I will take a hard look at running for president."

Elizabeth Warren says she will take a "hard look" at running for president after midterms.  Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that she would consider running for president at a town hall in Holyoke, Massachusetts, on Saturday [9/29/2018].  "After November 6, I will take a hard look at running for president," Warren said, to an extended standing ovation from her audience.  This is the first time that Warren has publicly said that she is considering a presidential bid.

Elizabeth Warren has a luxury wardrobe to put Imelda Marcos to shame.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who's getting ready to run for president, is cleaning out her closets. [...] Not since Bill Clinton tried to tell the IRS his used underwear was worth $5 a pop have we heard an excuse like this one from a Democrat.  First, note that Team Warren claims that the $9,376 amount is approximately the same as the $8,000 she claimed on her 2014 taxes.  So it wasn't exactly a decades' worth of closet-clearing, some Swedish death-cleaning mother of all cleanouts to pare down.  Nope, it's an annual event, amounting almost ten thousand bucks a year off her taxes.

Elizabeth Warren ignites Democratic border war with Rhode Island over tribal casino.  The Massachusetts Democrat has unleashed an intraparty border war with Rhode Island lawmakers over the legislation as she fights her "Pocahontas" problem by embracing American Indian causes.  Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, a Democrat, is leading the charge against the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act, sponsored by Ms. Warren and the Bay State delegation, that would allow the tribe to build a $1 billion casino in Taunton, Massachusetts.  The problem?  If approved, the proposed First Light Resort and Casino is expected to divert millions of dollars from Rhode Island's two casinos, the Twin Rivers in Lincoln and Twin Rivers in Tiverton, both near the Massachusetts border.

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Navy Admiral over Party He Attended 14 Years Ago.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender, attacked Navy Vice Adm. Craig Faller Tuesday [9/25/2018] during his confirmation hearing to become commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) over a decision 14 years ago to attend a party during a port visit to Hong Kong.  Faller's attendance at the 2004 party was reported in a Washington Post article the day before the confirmation hearing.  The article described a lavish party for more than 50 Navy officers from the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group during a port visit to Hong Kong at a luxury hotel "where they savored cocktails, cigars and courses of Oscietra caviar, black truffles and lobster thermidor."

The 2020 Dem Spectacle:  Spartacus and the Native American.  [Scroll down]  Then there's the blond and blue-eyed Dem senator from Massachusetts who boasted she is part Cherokee to maneuver her way up the ladder of quota-conscious academia.  Skeptics have suggested she take a DNA test to prove her bona fides.  She apparently has taken that test privately and didn't like the results, because she refuses to take one publicly.  Instead, she tells us to trust those high cheekbones of hers (which sounds vaguely racist to me).  Real native Americans remain unconvinced.  And they're unhappy because her bogus claim stole a seat in the affirmative action derby.  But native Americans don't matter to the Dems because there aren't many of them and they don't vote much.

Poll: Majority of MA Voters Don't Want Warren to Run for President.  A new poll shows a majority of Massachusetts voters don't want Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) to run for president in 2020 according to a Suffolk University Political Research Center/Boston Globe poll.  Fifty-eight percent of likely Massachusetts voters don't want Warren to run while only 32 percent said she should run.

The Circus of Resistance.  Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), former Harvard Law Professor who still insists she is of Native American heritage, called for the president to be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment.  Apparently fabricating an ethnic identity is sane, and getting out of the Iran deal or the Paris Climate Accord is insanity and grounds for removal.

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Trump Coup.  Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, seizing on an explosive op-ed from an anonymous administration official, said Thursday [9/6/2018] that it's time to use constitutional powers to remove President Donald Trump office if top officials don't think he can do the job. [...] That's actually the opposite of how the Constitution works.  It does not provide a mechanism for removing a president if some officials don't like him.  That's not what the 25th Amendment is for.  It provides a clear process for when a president is incapacitated, say after a shooting, and was an artifact of the JFK assassination.

Elizabeth Warren's op-ed rant far oversteps bounds.  Elizabeth Warren continues to showcase her activist skill set, but she was elected to be a senator — not a protester.  Her latest ploy is to demand the ouster of President Trump in the wake of an op-ed published in The New York Times earlier this week purportedly from a high-level White House insider.  The author suggested that there was a "resistance" in the administration working to prevent Trump from following through on dangerous decisions.  In an email blast, Warren wrote, "If senior officials believe the president is unfit, they should stop hiding behind anonymous op-eds and leaking information to Bob Woodward boasting that they're trying to save our country, and instead do what the Constitution demands they do:  invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this president from office."

The Editor says...
"Senior officials" don't invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this president from office" in any case.  That's a process that would take place in the two houses of Congress.  One would think that a U.S. Senator would know that.

Elizabeth Warren calls for Trump's removal from office under 25th Amendment.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on White House officials Thursday to remove President Trump from office as unfit to handle the job.  The Massachusetts Democrat and progressive hero, often touted as a 2020 presidential hopeful, said Wednesday's op-ed in The New York Times by an anonymous White House official justifies forcing out Mr. Trump under the constitutional provisions for an incapacitated president.  "If senior administration officials think the President of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment," she told CNN in an interview.

Report: Harvard did not consider Warren as Native American.  Harvard University's decision to hire Elizabeth Warren as a law professor in the 1990s was not based on any assertion that she has Native American heritage, according to a report by the Boston Globe.

Elizabeth Warren promises legal weed if Dems take Senate.  A vote for Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats in the upper chamber is basically a vote to decriminalize marijuana on a federal level, it's just a matter of getting Senate Leader Mitch McConnell out of the way.  That's message Warren sent to stoners during a recent sit-down with Rolling Stone, when she touted legislation called the STATES Act that she co-sponsored with Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner to shift control over marijuana laws to individual states, rather than the federal government.

Who do you trust more on government, Reagan or 'Pocahontas' Warren?  The fact [Senator Elizabeth] Warren's considered a leader in the Democrat party speaks volumes as to the deteriorated condition of political discourse in today's America and exposes, yet again, the reasons why Donald Trump so successfully captured the imaginations of "Reagan Democrats" two years ago.  It's true the sight of a government boat might be welcome if you're stranded on the rooftop of a house engulfed by floodwaters, but Warren's rant completely misses the point Reagan was trying to make in all other respects.  In more instances than not government is the problem, not the solution.

Immigration — The left's recruiting tool and deceptive marketing ploy.  Leftist Elizabeth Warren described her border visit where she experienced mothers whose children were separated from them after crossing the border.  Of course her statement resonated with disgust by those with more compassionate hearts as she started off talking about the Molly Tibbetts murder and segued into her immigration mantra.  Maybe if Molly had been of Native American Indian descent instead of white, Warren might have cared more?

Is Careless Talk About Socialism How We Get President Elizabeth Warren?  How we "got Trump" is still a popular subject almost two years after the 2016 election, not least because the left continues to behave in ways that contributed to his upset win.  There's a lesson in their behavior for conservatives interested in avoiding a future discussion about how we "got Elizabeth Warren" (or someone similar).  Oddly, the lesson begins with a tweet from Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel, who pointed out conservatives may have inadvertently watered down the term socialism, by using it too broadly, and may now suffer the consequences as some Democrats start pushing full-blown socialist policies.

What part of 'illegal' does Liz Warren not grasp?  While the ruthless slaying of 20-year-old Iowa coed Mollie Tibbetts by an allegedly illegal immigrant was forcing horrified Americans to again contemplate the importance of vetting who we allow into this country, as Kate Steinle's killing did three summers ago, our ambitious senator rode the coattails of the tragedy to resume her badmouthing of the White House.  "I'm sorry for the family," she condescendingly allowed before immediately transitioning to a mawkish account of pathos at our border.  "I went down and saw where children had been taken away from their mothers," she said.  "We need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat; I don't think mamas and babies are the place that we should be spending our resources.  Separating a mama from her baby does not make this country safer."  That begs a question:  Senator, what part of "illegal" don't you understand?

Elizabeth Warren takes wrong side.  It is no secret that there is no ideology more dangerous for women and children than progressivism and this week Sen. Liz Warren confirmed it.  Warren — viewed as a likely 2020 Democratic presidential contender — was asked on CNN's "New Day" about toughening immigration laws after 20-year-old Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts' brutal murder.  An alleged illegal immigrant has been arrested.  "I'm so sorry for the family and I know this is hard, not only for the family but for the people in her community, the people throughout Iowa," Warren said about Tibbetts.  "But, one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are."  Warren then took a left turn off the subject and complained about border security.

Elizabeth Warren calls for family separation fix in response to murder of Mollie Tibbetts.  Senator Elizabeth Warren called for a solution to family separation on Wednesday in response to the news Mollie Tibbett's suspected murderer is an illegal immigrant from Mexico.  During an interview on CNN's "New Day," Ms. Warren offered her condolences to the Tibbetts family, and then quickly pivoted to the practice of separating minors from their parents when they are caught entering the U.S. illegally.  "I'm so sorry for the family here," she said.  "But one of the things we need to remember here is that we need an immigration system that is effective.  That focuses on where real problems are."

The Editor says...
I would say the murder scenes are where the real problems are.  And there are more than a few.

Elizabeth Warren is asked about Mollie Tibbetts — so she starts moaning about harsh treatment of illegals.  No one is going to argue that our immigration system is perfect.  Literally everyone agrees that it needs some kind of an overhaul.  This disagreement comes when you ask what we should do.  For some of us, the fix is a merit-based system, and end to lotteries and chain migration, and massively improved border security.  For others, it means open borders, catch-and-release, and 'the honor system.'  That said, most of us can put aside our talking points when we hear about the brutal murder of Mollie Tibbetts at the hands of an illegal immigrant.  Most of us would not go on TV, pay a split second of lip service to her family's grief, and then launch into a diatribe about how poorly our country treats people who shouldn't have crossed the border.  Then again, most of us have a shred of compassion and we're capable of genuine empathy.  Elizabeth Warren is not most of us.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Made A Lot Of Money Last Year.  Senator Elizabeth Warren has routinely campaigned on redistributing wealth and counts herself as a champion of the "99%" of Americans who aren't millionaires.  But according to financial records obtained by MassLive, Warren is solidly within the 1%.  In 2017, Warren and her husband, a Harvard University professor, hauled in nearly $1 million in adjusted gross income.  Warren was the moneymaker, though her husband claims to have earned around $430,379.  The numbers aren't much of a surprise.  Warren is believed to have a net worth somewhere in the ballpark of $7 million to $10 million [...]

Elizabeth Warren dismisses illegal's murder of Mollie Tibbetts, says 'real problems' are family separations.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, brimming with big ambitions about being the "first female president" and currently the Democratic frontrunner for 2020, has really stepped in it for the coming kickoff in Iowa.  Commenting on the totally preventable murder of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal alien who should have been thrown out years ago, the Massachusetts Democrat decided we were all making a big deal out of a nothingburger, so she would put it all in perspective for us: [...] It not only shows how unsavvy she is about her own political interests, but also shows how callous the left is with regard to the concerns of ordinary Americans and their need for answers on why illegals are here.

Elizabeth Warren To Mollie Tibbetts' Family:  You Need To Focus On 'Real Problems' Like Immigrant Family Separations.  Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Wednesday she's "sorry" Mollie Tibbetts is dead, but urged her family and friends to remember to focus on the "real problems" at the border, where parents are being temporarily separated from their children.  An illegal immigrant has been charged with murdering Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student recently found dead in a cornfield.  Republicans have called for a stronger immigration system that might have prevented this crime.

Economist: Liz Warren's Corporate Charter Bill Would Bring Venezuela's Socialism to the U.S..  Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), one of the leading contenders for the 2020 Democratic nomination to face Donald Trump, sponsored a new bill that would shake up the economy on socialist lines.  A Fox News economist responded to this horrible idea by essentially asking, "Have you even heard of Venezuela?"  "Venezuela is a good example of what we should not be doing," Stuart Varney, a British-American economic consultant who graduated from the London School of Economics and hosts the Fox News show "Varney & Co.," said on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning [8/20/2018].  He then tied Venezuela's crisis to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new bill.

Sen. Warren's Plan To 'Fix' Capitalism Would Destroy Trillions In Market Value.  If Elizabeth Warren had her way, hundreds of the largest U.S. companies would have to get permission from the federal government to operate.  Warren calls it the "Accountable Capitalism Act."  A better label would be the "Capitalism Destruction Act," which is why even some liberals are balking at her radical plan.

Elizabeth Warren's Batty Plan to Nationalize Everything.  Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has one-upped socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:  She proposes to nationalize every major business in the United States of America.  If successful, it would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history.  Warren's proposal is dishonestly called the "Accountable Capitalism Act."  Accountable to whom? you might ask.  That's a reasonable question.  The answer is — as it always is — accountable to politicians, who desire to put the assets and productivity of private businesses under political discipline for their own selfish ends.  It is remarkable that people who are most keenly attuned to the self-interest of CEOs and shareholders and the ways in which that self-interest influences their decisions apparently believe that members of the House, senators, presidents, regulators, Cabinet secretaries, and agency chiefs somehow are liberated from self-interest when they take office through some kind of miracle of transcendence.

Elizabeth Warren wants to weaponize and federalize corporations for social justice activism.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren hates capitalism and has never made an effort to hide it.  Now she's taken that hatred a step further and introduced a bill (pdf.) that would literally nationalize all the things.  The government must step in and tell CEOs how to run their companies.  Warren penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal about her "Accountable Capitalism Act" to sell it to the public.  She gushes over how the bill would help workers and give more power to them.

Police 'Slapped In The Face' By Elizabeth Warren's Racism Claim, Yarmouth Chief Says.  Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson said statements made by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren calling the American criminal justice system racist are "disrespectful and divisive."  Warren made the remarks while speaking at Dillard University in New Orleans last week.  "The hard truth about our criminal justice system:  It's racist ... I mean front to back," Warren said.

Elizabeth Warren snubbed in 'first Native American congresswoman' media coverage.  Two Democratic candidates are each poised to become the first Native American woman elected to Congress, according to the media consensus, which has prompted the question:  What about Sen. Elizabeth Warren?  Democrat Sharice Davids, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, won her House primary race Tuesday in Kansas, prompting the Kansas City Star and others to report that she would be "the first Native American woman elected to Congress" if she prevails in November.  The same has been said of Deb Haaland, a member of the Pueblo of Laguna, who captured in June the Democratic nomination for the New Mexico congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who's running for governor.

Elizabeth Warren Really Sounds Like She's Running in 2020.  Netroots Nation is underway this weekend.  It's the annual gathering of liberals, leftists, and activist Democrats started by DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas, and it's pretty wacky.  I've been to a few, and they're incredibly revealing.  Like how desperately they wish and hope for Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president, for example.  Speculation on a 2020 run for Elizabeth Warren is not new.  It's come up many times already in press reports and on MSNBC talk shows and in every fiber of Rachel Maddow's being before now.  The Netroots don't have a monopoly on it.  But they want it bad.

Elizabeth Warren Hints at Possible 2020 Run.  During her Friday afternoon keynote address at Netroots Nation, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) seemingly hinted at the possibility that she could run for president in 2020.  "We believe that in America every family deserves a fighting chance, and we're ready to fight as hard as it takes, as long as it takes, to deliver on that promise," Warren said to the crowd at the annual liberal confab.

Elizabeth Warren says the criminal justice system is 'racist' from 'front to back'.  Potential Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a message about the U.S. criminal justice system.

The Editor says...
The article goes on to say Senator Warren was "[s]peaking to a historically black college," which means, in all likelihood, that it's an all-black college.  Apparently the purpose of her speech was to inflame the listeners' fears and then take advantage of those fears to advance her own position.  And that's not racist?

Dem Candidate Upstages Liz Warren: 'If Elected, I'll Be the First Native American Woman in Congress'.  Debra Haaland, a Democrat activist and tribal administrator running in New Mexico's first district, told Netroots Nation on Friday [8/3/2018] that if elected, she would be the "first Native American," elected to Congress.  Haaland made the comment before Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has been accused of fabricating her Native American heritage[,] took the stage at the progressive political conference.

Elizabeth Warren stands by call to overturn income tax cuts.  Despite the recent boost in the economy, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren isn't budging on her position to increase taxes.  "Let's be clear, the Republicans just gave away a trillion and a half dollars in tax cuts to billionaires and giant corporations," Warren told the Herald yesterday [7/28/2018].  "Those tax decisions, they're not about numbers, they're about values.  They're about who you believe the government should work for."

Also posted under Lies about taxes and spending.

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Suggests 50% Democrat Tax Rates.  Thanks to President Trump's tax cuts and reforms 90% of American wage earners have a higher take-home pay this year.  Over 3 million working Americans have received Trump tax cut bonuses as a result of the Trump tax reform law.  But fake Elizabeth Warren wants to take that all away.

Liz Warren to join tribe of losers.  One thing that the Democrats can do to assure Donald Trump's re-election in 2020: Nominate somebody from Massachusetts.  Virginia used to be called the Mother of Presidents.  Massachusetts is the Mother of Presidential Losers. [...] What is it with the national Democrats' fascination with Massachusetts?  Look at the record:  Ted Kennedy, Mike Dukakis, Paul Tsongas, John Kerry.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me four times, five times ... what's up with that?

Geoff Diehl demands Liz Warren's stance on noncitizen voting rights.  Elizabeth Warren's opponents [sic] is calling on the state's senior senator to take a position on whether she wants illegal immigrants to be able to vote.  "We now need to know whether ... she will push for the extreme radical idea of allowing illegal immigrants to vote in our elections," state Rep. Geoff Diehl said yesterday.

Indian Opponent of Senator Elizabeth Warren Punched in Face By Violent, Racist Leftist.  An opponent of Sen. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren (D-MA) was punched in the face by one of her supporters at a rally this afternoon.  Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a PhD from MIT and the inventor of email, was counter-protesting a Warren rally when one of he supporters crossed the street, and pushed Ayyadurai's bullhorn into his face, knocking him back.  The violent leftist was quickly apprehended by police.

Lib media try to make Liz Warren the fresh young face for 2020.  [New York Magazine] just published a 7,200-word opus that reads like a deranged love letter to the American Native senator from Massachusetts, seeking to turn an old, wrinkled leftist with even older, more wrinkled leftist ideas into the fresh young face for America in 2020.  So you don't have to read the article for yourself, I have summarized the lowlights:  [#1] The article opens with a giant photo of Elizabeth Warren's geriatric fist raised proudly into the air.  Every tendon and ligament is tautly on display.  [#2] As if realizing that age (currently 69) could be a vulnerability to Warren, the article shows her running, partially in midair, as if this were a photo shoot for the pilot of The Bionic Woman: 40 Years Later.

Elizabeth Warren's claim on number of medical bankruptcies [was] greatly overstated, study shows.  Matthew Notowidigdo, an associate professor of economics at Northwestern University, and fellow researchers looked at the rate of first-time health emergencies and resulting debt levels for patients.  The result:  About 4 percent of insured patients and 6 percent of uninsured patients ended up filing for bankruptcy.  That was a far cry from the claim advanced in a 2009 study by Ms. Warren and internal physician Dr. David Himmelstein that over 60 percent of bankruptcies in the U.S. were caused by extreme medical debt.  Ms. Warren at the time was one of the country's best-known bankruptcy law specialists.

'Fake Pocahontas' Warren Sends Up Smoke Signals on Any New EPA Chief.  This past week, President Trump held a campaign rally in Montana for the Republican running against Jon Tester who spread vicious stories about Trump's doctor who was nominated to lead the VA.  He had to resign over the false rumors.  During the rally, the President jokingly offered a million dollars to Elizabeth Warren if she would take a DNA test to prove her so-called Native-American heritage.  It is a claim she has used so well to get ahead.  After the rally, NBC embarrassingly tried to defend her with an obviously deceptive report.  NBC 'News' no longer even tries to pretend they're reporting honestly.  They said DNA tests can't qualify for tribal citizenship.  No one asked for Warren's proof of tribal membership.  One must wonder who came up with that argument.

Leftist Gloria Allred Threatens the President, Warns "Hands Off" Elizabeth Warren.  The Democrat activist attorney made the comments after the President referenced Elizabeth Warren's ridiculous claims about being a Native-American as one can see from her "high cheekbones".

A religious litmus test:
Elizabeth Warren:  EPA Administrator Must Believe in Climate Change.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said on Thursday [7/5/2018] following President Donald Trump's tweet announcing that Scott Pruitt was stepping down as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that anyone who doesn't believe in climate change should not head the agency.

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Responds to Trump's DNA Test Challenge.  President Donald Trump joked about fake Indian Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren Thursday night in Montana.  President Trump apologized to the real Pocahontas but not to the fake one.

Fauxahontas Warren gets another dunk in the barrel from Trump.  In fine form and having lots of fun, President Trump has offered Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) a million dollars to take a DNA test and prove to everyone that she is as Indian as she says she is. [...] Warren, who doesn't look as though she has a drop of American Indian blood, and is often accused of making the fake Indian claim to game the system for university professorship promotions over better qualified candidates, ought to jump at such a chance.  After all, what better way to make Trump look like [a fool], which is the Main Democratic Objective these days, than to come back with a DNA test showing unmistakable Native American genetics to prove heritage?

Warren joins calls to get rid of ICE.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Saturday [6/30/3018] joined calls from the left to get rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), saying it should be replaced with something new.  "The president's deeply immoral actions have made it obvious we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and that works," Warren said during a rally in Boston.

Barking mad and proud of it.  The world, which in truth did not have far to go, has finally gone bananas.  Elizabeth Warren, the erratic Democratic senator from Massachusetts who thinks she will be elected chief of the tribe in the year 2020, says it's the president of the United States who "is taking America to a dark and ugly place."  But Pocahontas is too late.  America and the world are already there.

Elizabeth Warren lives 'every day filled with terror' at midterms going Trump's ways.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren says her life has become a round-the-clock nightmare due to the prospect of Democrats botching the midterm elections.  A conversation with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow revealed the perpetual "terror" the Massachusetts lawmaker experiences as voters prepare to go to the polls in November.  Mrs. Warren admitted her fears Thursday evening when confronted with a scenario in which Democrats fail to capture control of either chamber of Congress.

Elizabeth Warren Boldly Pledges to Never Take Money from a Group that Has Never Donated to Her.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Native American* Democrat from Massachusetts, has boldly pledged to refuse to accept donations from the National Rifle Association.  Which really does not change anything because, according to OpenSecrets.org, the NRA has never donated to Sen. Warren in the first place.  Still, Sen. Warren is being praised for this decision announced via NowthisNews.com in which she proudly proclaims, "It's time we strip the NRA of its stranglehold over our children's lives."  She is technically the first Senator to refuse to accept NRA money.

Liz Warren takes up case of Indian casino...and its Malaysian sponsors with a history of big donations.  Fake Indian and harrumphing gambling opponent Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has taken up a rather odd cause:  advocating for a brand-new Indian casino in her home state of Massachusetts. [...] Supposedly, Granny Warren cast aside her intense Women's Christian Temperance Union-style moral scruples against the evils of Demon Gambling, because, well, Indians.  Liz says she's an Indian, and, well, Indians.  She'd do anything to help her fellow Indians.

'Real Indian' running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren sues after city tells him to stop calling her 'Fake Indian'.  A self-described "real Indian" who is running against Mass.  Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is suing after city officials demanded he take down his signs calling her a "fake Indian."  The upstart independent Senate challenger, Shiva Ayyadurai, on Sunday filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the demand from the city of Cambridge violates his constitutional free speech rights, according to The Washington Times.

Did Elizabeth Warren Finally Eliminate Herself From POTUS Contention?  This particular parlor game was already getting old more than a year ago but apparently, we may be stuck playing it for at least another year.  Roughly one month ago we saw Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren slyly dodging questions about a 2020 presidential run.  At the time I noted how her answers weren't really answers at all and committed her to nothing.  They were all carefully crafted in the present tense with no assurances that current conditions couldn't change at any time without notice.  That's why I was rather surprised to see a headline from Matt Stout in the Boston Globe yesterday which seemed to assert that Warren had made up her mind.  She was going to serve out her full term in the Senate if she wins reelection this year.  So, that's all we need to know, right?  Well... let's take a look at what she really said. [...]

Mick Mulvaney says it's Elizabeth Warren's own fault he doesn't have to answer her questions.  Acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney has told Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., that he doesn't plan on responding to her questions about the agency, and said it's her fault that he is not required to answer.  Mulvaney, a conservative who was an outspoken critic of the bureau during his time as a congressman, told Warren in a letter sent Wednesday that the structure of the agency, which she helped design, shields him from accountability.  "I encourage you to consider the possibility that the frustration you are experiencing now, and that which I had a few years back, are both inevitable consequences of the fact that the Dodd-Frank... Act insulates the Bureau from virtually any accountability to the American people through their elected representatives," Mulvaney wrote.

Elizabeth Warren is a Fraud.  No, I'm not talking about her Indian thing, although there is that.  I'm talking about her study more than a decade ago on the causes of bankruptcy.  It purported to show that medical bills cause about half of bankruptcies.  The purpose of the study was, at least in part, to fuel the drive for single-payer health insurance.  Indeed, two of the co-authors belonged to the group Physicians for a National Health Program that advocates for single-payer.  Our friend Gail Heriot pointed to major flaws in the study.  She noted that the study actually analyzed medically-caused bankruptcies, not bankruptcies caused by medical bills.

Elizabeth Warren, Sally Hemings and DNA tests.  Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren recently faced awkward interviews asking why she won't take a DNA test to determine whether her claim to have native American ancestry is legitimate. [...] Warren, in interviews on FOX News Sunday and with CNN's Chuck Todd, dodged the DNA test question by talking at length about her parents in an emotional pitch, claiming her mother had Indian blood, and said "I know who I am and no one is ever gonna take that away."  Senator Warren also asserts that her claim to native American blood had nothing to do with her career success, despite Harvard Law School listing Warren as a member of its minority group after the American Association of Law Schools directory described her as a "minority" from 1984 to 1995.

The Decline and Fall of Elizabeth Warren.  The Trump era has been tough on Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and no one has been tougher on her than President Trump himself, with his references to her as "Pocahontas."  With the nickname, the president is playing brass-knuckles politics to remind voters of her undocumented claim to Cherokee Indian heritage.  To be politically correct, Warren says she is "part Native American" through her mother's side of the family.  Warren says she'll fight back against Trump.

The Confederate Mind.  Senator Elizabeth Warren has doubled down on her insistence that she is Native American.  In her past incarnations, she probably used that yarn in hopes of helping her win a law professorship at Harvard, which touted her as the law school's first indigenous-American professor (and others apparently referenced her as Harvard Law's "first woman of color").  She has refused to back down (and also refused to take a DNA test), even after Native American genealogists disputed her claim.  But what if indeed the pink and blond Warren were found to have 1/32nd or even 1/16th Native American "blood"?  Why would that artifact magically make her "Indian," much less a victim of something or someone, or at least outfitted with a minority cachet?

It's been 4 years, Liz Warren.  Take a DNA test.  So the fake Indian has been stonewalling for years.  I'm through waiting for the fake Indian, although I think we all believe, as the Berkshire Eagle suggested, that she probably already has taken the test, and, uh, not gotten the results she was hoping for.

Cherokee genealogist slams Elizabeth Warren's ancestry claims as 'ludicrous'.  A Cherokee genealogist on Wednesday [3/14/2018] dismissed Sen. Elizabeth Warren's claims of Indian ancestry as "ludicrous," arguing that the Massachusetts Democrat "has no respect for true Native Americans."  Twila Barnes, who has done extensive research into Ms. Warren's family tree, added that the high-profile progressive leader has angered some Native Americans by appearing to leverage her dubious heritage to advance her career.

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American?  Depends what the meaning of 'is' is.  Let's say you're running for office and in one campaign speech, you claim to be a certified lawn sprinkler technician.  So, your opponent challenges you to take the Comprehensive Lawn Sprinkler Technician Certification (CLSTC) test, just, you know, to prove it.  And you say, "Nah.  I know who I am."  Well, chances are you'd be labeled a liar, lose the election — and maybe even be run out of town on a rail.  But that's pretty much what Sen. Elizabeth Warren is doing.

Elizabeth Warren's story of racist grandparents disputed by Cherokee genealogist.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren sought Sunday to bolster her shaky claims of Cherokee ancestry with the story of how her racist grandparents drove her parents to elope.  But Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes says that account has its own credibility issues.  Ms. Barnes, who said her research into Ms. Warren's family found "no evidence" of Native American ancestry, has challenged key elements of the senator's tale of how her parents, Pauline Reed and Donald Herring, defied his parents by running off to marry.

Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test to prove Native American heritage.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren batted down calls for her to take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage in an interview that aired Sunday [3/11/2018].  "I know who I am.  And never used it for anything.  Never got any benefit from it anywhere," Warren said of her ancestry on NBC's "Meet the Press."  The Massachusetts Democrat has been under increased pressure to provide evidence of her Native American roots, with President Trump repeatedly mocking her as "Pocahontas" as recently as Saturday.

Sen. Warren says she isn't running for president in 2020.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she isn't running for president in 2020.  "I am not running for president in 2020," Warren told CNN's Jim Acosta on Saturday [3/10/2018].  Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat and staunch critic of President Donald Trump, made the statement in an interview for CNN's "State of the Union."

Warren must resolve debate on heritage.  Elizabeth Warren, the senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts, has attained membership in that small club of congressional figures who have garnered national recognition.  To her admirers, she is a tireless champion for consumer rights, banking reform and socially liberal issues who has a plausible shot at winning the presidency.  To her detractors, she is a convenient lightning rod who rivals House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as the liberal that conservatives most love to vilify in their fundraising mailouts.

GOP, Dem Senators Look To Rewrite Liz Warren's History.  Dodd-Frank was originally intended to increase transparency by implementing a consistent set of regulations aimed at closing loopholes and making firms accountable for their own mistakes.  The bill attempted to shift the burden of major financial mistakes from taxpayers to market participants, ensuring those who partake in risky investment practices would bear the financial burden of their mistakes.  Dodd-Frank promised to "end too big to fail" and "promote financial stability."  Despite the act's intentions, large banking institutions have grown dramatically since the passage of Dodd-Frank, and small community banks have incurred serious losses trying to keep up.  Crippling regulations saddled smaller banks, forcing American consumers to market with fewer investment vehicles and greater costs.

Guess Who Wrote An Exuberant Op-Ed For the NY Times Celebrating Hillary's Election That Never Ran?  On November 9, 2016, the day after the presidential election, an op-ed celebrating Hillary Clinton's election was supposed to run in The New York Times.  It never made it.  Who was so eager to jump on the Hillary bandwagon to make sure she kept her name in the papers?  Elizabeth Warren.

Science can resolve Liz Warren's Indian mystery.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren is doubling down on her claims to Native American ancestry — and on her outrage.  She recently pointed to the Oval Office portrait of President Andrew Jackson as "offensive" because it honors "a man who did his best to wipe out Native people."  Funny:  Just three years ago, Warren was the keynote speaker at a 2015 Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner, such events being commonplace for the party that Jackson founded.  The blond-haired, blue-eyed Massachusetts Democrat seems to think that going on the offensive is her best strategy for answering President Trump's "Pocahontas" taunts, which refer to the "Fauxcahontas" charges she's faced since her first run for the Senate.

Warren Neglected Harvard Native American Group As Faculty Member.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) was invited at least three times to speak with Native American students at Harvard Law School while she was a faculty member, but she never accepted, according to a former president of a Native American student group.  Dr. Gavin Clarkson, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation who received both a doctorate and a law degree from Harvard while Warren was a professor, says he "personally invited" her three times to visit with Harvard's Native American Law Student Association (NALSA), which he headed while attaining his dual degree.  Warren, who had identified as a minority in law professor directories and was touted by Harvard as a Native American hire, never accepted his invites.

Elizabeth Warren trots out claim on familiar trail.  With an eye toward 2020, Sen. Elizabeth Warren yesterday tried to head off the ongoing controversy surrounding her claim of Native American ancestry instead of running from it — the way she did when the Herald first pressed her on the issue in 2012.  But let's be clear — the presidential campaign trail-ready speech she delivered before the National Congress of American Indians contained nothing new.  In fact, much of it is straight from her 2012 playbook.

Elizabeth Warren disingenuously doubles down defending her fake Indian heritage claims.  President Trump's needling of Senator Elizabeth Warren's unsupported claim to Native American ancestry has hit its mark.  Yesterday, the Massachusetts senator made an unannounced appearance before the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest national organization that claims to represent the interests of Native Americans, and repeated her previously debunked claims in a particularly offensive manner.

Cherokee Woman Slams Elizabeth Warren:  Stop Claiming Our Heritage.  People are finally paying attention to Elizabeth Warren's often repeated lie about being a Native American.  In fact, a real Cherokee woman appeared on Watters' World this weekend and spoke very frankly on the topic.  She is not happy about it.

'Pocahontas' Problem:  Boston Globe Exposes Festering Fallout From Warren's Heritage Hoax.  We've never missed a chance to cover Sen. Elizabeth Warren's struggles over her shameless cultural appropriation scandal, wherein she baselessly claimed Native American ancestry for professional gain — the polar opposite of "checking" her "white privilege," as the Social Justice Warrior ethos requires.  Initially, nearly all of the blowback from her cynical, self-serving hoax was generated on the political Right, with most leftists giving her a pass for her identity politics sins, or simply ignoring them.

The Democratic Party of Today.  As the Democrats grow increasingly ravenous to have a shot at the presidency of President Donald Trump they are beginning to train their guns on the frontrunners for the nomination.  That means they are contemplating finishing off Senator Elizabeth Warren long before 2020.  They are taking aim at her claim to being an Indian maiden, though Donald Trump has the best line on her.  He calls Senator Warren Pocahontas.  If she ever gets to debate him, that ought to be the end of our modern-day Sitting Bull.  Poof — by then the President ought to be able to calculate how much money she, in her false claim, has bilked various universities and government organizations.  He ought to be able to nail the universities — most recently Harvard State University — for their cheap claim to having filled an affirmative action slot with Pocahontas.  And he ought to be able to accuse Senator Warren of professional fraud.  I think it will be that easy to blow her away.

Elizabeth Warren's Native American problem goes beyond politics.  There's a ghost haunting Elizabeth Warren as she ramps up for a possible 2020 presidential bid and a reelection campaign in Massachusetts this year:  her enduring and undocumented claims of Native American ancestry.  Warren says now, as she has from the first days of her public life, that she based her assertions on family lore, on her reasonable trust in what she was told about her ancestry as a child.  "I know who I am," she said in a recent interview with the Globe.

Elizabeth Warren Trumps King day with prez-bashing.  On a day meant to honor Martin Luther King Jr., U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren stole the spotlight instead, tearing into President Trump in a fiery speech that should generate more fuel for her national ambitions.  Warren's charge that Trump is a "racist bully" came as her campaign released new eye-popping numbers showing she's coming into her 2018 re-election campaign with more than $14 million in the bank.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Faces Criticism over 'Slut-Shaming' Tweet.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) faced criticism for saying that President Donald Trump "slut-shamed" Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) with a non-sexual insult, Tuesday [12/12/2017].  After President Donald Trump made a post on Twitter claiming that Sen. Gillibrand "would do anything" for campaign contributions, Sen. Warren made her own post accusing Trump of "slut-shaming."

Cherokee Woman Slams Warren For Using 'Racist Stereotypes' To Claim She's Native American.  A Cherokee woman criticized Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for delving into "racist stereotypes" to defend her claims that she has Native American heritage.  Rebecca Nagle, a mixed woman of Cherokee heritage, slammed Warren for doubling down on her alleged Cherokee background after President Donald Trump referred to her as "Pocahontas" at a ceremony earlier this week in a Wednesday op-ed for Think Progress.

Washington Redskin.  The Massachusetts Democrat is Indian in the sense of checking the "Are you Native American?" box on the Association of American Law Schools form, which Elizabeth Warren did for much of her adult life.  According to her, she's part Cherokee and part Delaware. [...] How does she know she's a Cherokee maiden?  Well, she cites her grandfather's "high cheekbones," and says the Indian stuff is part of her family "lore."  Which was evidently good enough for Harvard Lore School when they were looking to rack up a few affirmative-action credits.

We Got a Vast, Unaccountable, Unconstitutional Agency Because Elizabeth Warren Compared Mortgages to Toasters.  Sixteen hundred bureaucrats with the power to charge billions in fines, with a $600 million budget outside of the congressional appropriations process, and all because Elizabeth Warren compared mortgages to toasters.  "Of all the ideas that get published in ... journals like that, not so many make it into law," Warren boasted in 2011, at the launch of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  She was referring to her essay "Unsafe At Any Rate," published by the "lefty" Democracy Journal in 2007, which was used as the impetus for the Obama administration to establish the CFPB.  Warren's reasoning:  If people are too stupid that they would buy a toaster that could blow up their house, then they certainly aren't smart enough to read the fine print on a mortgage.  Using a toaster as an analogy wasn't just a cute way for the then-Harvard law professor to begin her 5,000-word "manifesto" proposing her "new regulatory regime."  No, the toaster was the thesis.

Media Tolerate Lies ... When They Come From Elizabeth Warren.  The network news divisions boast about how much they care about the truth and then rage against President Trump when he calls them makers of "fake news."  But when it comes to the politicians they adore, especially those they wish would run for president, the truth takes a back seat.

Elizabeth Warren's Pocahontas Pickle.  The president first deemed Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts "Pocahontas" in May of 2016.  After Trump had become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Warren began coming at him hard on Twitter, vowing to battle his "toxic stew of hatred & insecurity."  Never allowing an attack to go unanswered, Trump responded in kind on his favorite social media platform, blasting her "phony Native American heritage."  When The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd phoned Trump to ask him if Republicans were chafing at his Twitter-feud with Warren at a time he should be presenting a unifying posture, he replied, "You mean Pocahontas?," thus producing another memorable caricature.

Trump's Pocahontas trap.  I think President Trump is trying to get Elizabeth Warren nominated, or at least keep her in the spotlight.  It is a trap for the Democrats and progressivism.  And it is working.  The conventional wisdom of D.C. politics has Elizabeth Warren as the big winner following the president's use of his nickname for her, Pocahontas, during a ceremony honoring the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II.  But the conventional wisdom has consistently been wrong about Donald Trump's effectiveness in reaching the voters he needs to win his victories.

The Tall Tale Of Sen. Warren's Native American Ancestry Explained
  [#1]   Elizabeth Warren lied about her ancestry for years.
  [#2]   She has never told the whole story as to why she listed herself as a Native American for nine years (perhaps because she used it to get ahead at law schools that were desperate for minority professor representation at the time.)
  [#3]   In 2012, she was forced to backtrack on multiple explanations for why she did it, and to this day still hasn't provided a clear answer as to what exactly happened.
  [#4]   She has never provided any documentation proving she is a Native American (and most independent analysis also says there is no proof).

Calling Pence A Liar While Protecting Warren Is Why People Hate Media.  Earlier this week, Donald Trump made a joke at an event honoring the great World War II Navajo Code Talkers.  He poked fun at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who used to claim to be Cherokee despite not having any evidence to substantiate the claim.  Democrats and their media footsoldiers decided it's racist to mock someone for falsely claiming to be Native American.  For example, Jim Acosta of CNN wrote:  "WH press sec says 'Pocahontas' is not a racial slur.  (Fact check:  it is.)"  Uh, fact check:  no.  For one thing, as Gabriel Malor said, "No, derogatorily referring to a person who falsely claimed to be a Native American as Pocahontas is not a racial slur.  It demeans no racial or ethnic group."  It definitely demeans women who claim that they're Cherokee sans evidence.

OK, Fake Indian, time to either give up the claim or prove it.  Isn't the left supposed to despise "cultural appropriation?" What greater cultural appropriation could there be than for Elizabeth Warren to have falsely claimed an ethnic heritage in order to win not one, but two tenured Ivy League law professorships she had absolutely no shot of ever getting until she checked the box?  All of the alt-left pajama boys and trust-funders who were hyperventilating about this yesterday, let me ask you a question:  How come Pocahontas won't take a DNA test so that we can find out, once and for all, how much Indian blood she really has, if any?  Why has she refused my multiple generous offers to pay for her DNA test?

Networks Downplay Senator Warren's Lies About Her Heritage.  On Monday [11/27/2017], President Trump caused a stir in the liberal media when he mocked Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" during an Oval Office event to honor the work of Navajo code talkers during World War II.  The Big Three Networks rushed to claim Trump was whipping around a racial slur, but meanwhile, they brushed over where the moniker came from:  Warren's dubious claims she was of Native-American heritage, which she used to gain an advantage in forwarding her career.

Elizabeth Warren [is] tarnishing [her] image with money deal.  U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is boosting her bulging campaign war chest through a joint fundraising deal with her political action committee and the state party that's funneled nearly $2 million to her re-election bid in just nine months.  It's an arrangement similar to the one Hillary Clinton had with the Democratic National Committee that drew fire from Warren, who said it showed the party's national primary was stacked against Bernie Sanders.  Donors have been cutting five-figure checks to the Elizabeth Warren Action Fund since it launched in January as a joint fundraising committee with her own PAC for a Level Playing Field and the Mass.  Democratic State Committee.  It's transferred more than $1.86 million to her own re-election campaign — or 15 percent of her $11.9 million total haul in 2017 — through an agreement that guarantees her the first $5,400 of any donation, her PAC the next $5,000 and the state party the proceeds thereafter up to $10,000.

Democrats using Texas tragedy to advance agenda.  What kind of demonic soul walks into a church a murders 26 innocent people, including several children, at point-blank range?  What kind of heartless monster instantly seizes on such senseless tragedy to advance a personal political agenda?  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, for one.  Authorities identified the killer as a severely deranged and violent reject illegally in possession of guns, but Ms. Warren somehow accused the Republican Party of perpetrating the atrocity.

Elizabeth Warren lied about being sexually harassed Liberal senator shared a fake experience on Meet the Press.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren has just jumped the shark.  The Massachusetts Democrat has been caught lying about being a victim of sexual harassment.  The question is:  Will the GOP hold her accountable?  If they do, this scandal may be too much even for the progressive icon to withstand.  Recently, Warren went on "Meet the Press," claiming she had a "Me Too" story as well — in reference to the #MeToo campaign, which began after the Harvey Weinstein allegations by countless women as a way to give voice to their experiences of sexual assault and harassment.

Elizabeth Warren's 'Me Too' story 'inconsistent' with previous telling: report.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren shared her "Me Too" story on national television this past Sunday, describing a harrowing account of sexual harassment she experienced as a young law professor.  But her recollection of the incident is "inconsistent" with the way she previously told the story, reported the Boston Globe.  Ms. Warren told the same story two decades ago at the memorial service of the senior University of Houston faculty member that she accused of chasing her around a desk.

Watch Elizabeth Warren Get Frazzled Trying To Prove She's Not Part Of The One Percent.  Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was accused of hypocrisy Wednesday by WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner for reliably railing against the one percent despite being worth millions of dollars.  Warren, who was at the WRKO studio in Boston for an interview, met Kuhner in the hallway and the situation escalated as Kuhner asked why Warren has built her career haranguing the one percent when she herself is a member of that class.  Warren defended herself, citing humble beginnings as the daughter of a janitor who was able to advance to her current position due purely to the "equality of opportunity" provided by government programs.  [Video clip]

Democrat Warren confronted over her 'One Percent' status.  A Boston radio host called out U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren this week for criticizing America's "One Percent," noting that her net worth ranks her among the class she consistently attacks.  "How can you rail against the One Percent, when in a sense you are and live like the One Percent?," Jeff Kuhner asked Warren on Monday [9/25/2017] in the hallway of the WRKO's studio, referring to the class of America's wealthiest people.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Warns That Trump's Ban on Transgenders in Military 'Makes America Less Safe'.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) says that President Donald Trump's decision to ban transgenders from the U.S. military will "make America less safe."  "President Trump just issued an official memo that insults the courage and sacrifices being made by thousands of transgender troops, and he once again proved that he cares more about extreme ideology than military readiness," Warren said in a statement released on Friday [8/25/2017] after the president sent an official memorandum to the Defense Department to implement the ban.  "The President can pretend this decision is about military effectiveness, but it isn't," said Warren.  "Banning individuals from serving based on gender identity is shameful and wrong -- and it makes America less safe."

The Editor says...
Lying politicians make America less safe.
Gun control makes America less safe.
Rabid environmentalists make America less safe.
Abortionists make America less safe.
Violent criminals make America less safe.
50 mpg clown cars make America less safe.
Political violence in the streets makes America less safe.
Pandering to Iran makes America less safe.
Voter fraud makes America less safe.
Banning DDT makes America less safe.
Nearly everything liberals stand for makes America less safe.

Elizabeth Warren says she WON'T challenge Trump in 2020.  Senator Elizabeth Warren said Tuesday morning [4/18/2017] that she isn't planning to challenge President Donald Trump for the White House in 2020.  'No,' Warren said flatly on NBC's 'Today' show.  'I am running,' she added — 'in 2018, for senator from Massachusetts.' Warren faces a re-election fight next year.

Elizabeth Warren Uses Legal Loophole to Raise Big Cash.  As she was gearing up for her re-election campaign — and a potential presidential bid — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in January quietly set up a joint fundraising committee that allows wealthy donors to write five- and six-figure checks.  As a candidate, Warren can raise a maximum of $5,400 from any individual contributor — $2.700 [sic] in the primary and $2,700 for the general election.  By combining her campaign fund with the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee and her political action committee, PAC for a Level Playing Field, the Elizabeth Warren Action Fund can raise cash in much larger increments.

Wampum Woman Warren strikes it rich, goes for the mother lode.  Elizabeth Warren, the fake pink-and-gold Indian (cripes, just look at her photo!) darling of progressives, has struck it rich again, this time not from house-flipping, affirmative action-whoring, a no-show job at Harvard, or portfolio-sharking, but this time with a Beltway-insider staple, a big-bucks book deal about why she didn't run for president.  With her, it's all about making money doing little or nothing.  That's how she rolls.

Elizabeth Warren answers a question no one has really asked.  An extremely large percentage of America's 326.5 million citizens did not run for president last year.  Only one of us non-candidates, however, decided to write a new book to explain why.  If you're one of the many Americans who hadn't thought to wonder why Elizabeth Warren did not run for president — or don't really care — join the crowd.  Warren's new book about her non-candidacy comes out next week and would-be buyers are not yet lining up.  The book is heavily biographical, which means Warren is definitely running for the presidential nomination of what's left of the Democrat Party in 2020.  First, of course, she needs to win reelection next year in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren Goes Silent on Equal Pay Day After Free Beacon Report.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) failed to acknowledge Equal Pay Day for the first time in her Senate career after it was reported on Tuesday that women working in her Senate office earned just 71 percent of what was earned by men.  Warren has used Equal Pay Day, which fell on April 4 this year, in years past as an opportunity to speak out on the gender pay gap.  Last year she took to the Senate floor to call Equal Pay Day a "national day of embarrassment" and pledged to continue her "fight" until the pay gap was erased.  She gave similar statements on Equal Pay Day in 2015, 2014, and 2013, her first year in the Senate.  This year, Warren was the only female Democratic senator who ignored Equal Pay Day entirely, and it was not due to a lack of opportunity.

Friendly Reminder:  Elizabeth Warren is a Clownish Hypocrite.  Quite a headline, I realize, and I won't even mention the screaming conflict between her status as a celebrated Social Justice Warrior and her decision to perpetrate a racial hoax — whether through reckless sloppiness or willful intent — in order to advance her own career.  She was never a Native American, but nevertheless, she persisted in claiming that false origin story.  Until she became a tenured professor at Harvard, that is.  As I've discussed at greater length elsewhere, it turns out that celebrity leftists who violate certain lefty pieties are eligible for waivers to wash away their cultural appropriation and privilege-stealing sins.  But we won't get into all of that right now.  In this post, I'll focus on Sen. Warren's words versus deeds on two other fronts:  Equal pay for women, and judicial filibusters.

Warren Angered that Cabinet Nominee Considers President His Boss.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren attacked President Trump's labor secretary nominee Alexander Acosta after he declined to say whether he would overturn several Obama administration regulations during his first confirmation hearing Wednesday [3/22/2017].  Warren (D., Mass.), a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions, asked Acosta whether he would direct the Labor Department to defend new overtime regulations in federal court after an Obama-appointed judge blocked them from going into effect, as well as whether he supported Trump's executive orders affecting safety and financial regulations.

Elizabeth Warren's Female Staffers Made 71% of Male Staffers' Salaries in 2016.  The gender pay gap in Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) office is nearly 10 percent wider than the national average, meaning women in the Massachusetts Democrat's office will have to wait longer than most women across the country to recognize Equal Pay Day.  Equal Pay Day, created two decades ago by the National Committee on Pay Equity, is scheduled by using the Census Bureau annual unadjusted gender pay gap to determine how far into the next year women would have to work to match annual earnings of men.  Last year's figures, showing that women earned 79.6 percent of what men earned, put Equal Pay Day on Tuesday April 4, more than three months into the calendar year.

No lamenting liberal Liz's fall from grace.  Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is useless, teetering close to the ragged edge of pointless.  Apart from starring roles in childish protests and tough-guy Twitter rants, Warren is making no difference in Washington, D.C., and is no friend to her constituents in Massachusetts.

Warren Changes Media Strategy Amid Low Home-State Poll Numbers.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has changed her media strategy amid low poll numbers in her home state by making herself more available to the press in Massachusetts.  Warren's "creative media-dodging habits are a running joke among her home-state press corps," Politico reported over the weekend.  "Whenever the senator makes a public appearance, Massachusetts reporters know to keep one eye fixed on the exit doors."

Veterans group blasts Elizabeth Warren.  A local veterans' advocacy group is blasting Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other state Democrats for their support of illegal immigrants, calling it "selfish political theater" and demanding they put veterans' services at the top of their list — or feel the heat.  "We'd like to see our leaders re-examine their priorities, put this at the forefront — if we have to, we'll knock on some doors in D.C.," said John MacDonald of Veterans Assisting Veterans.  "We need to take care of veterans first before we decide to take care of people who are illegally here."

Elizabeth Warren takes a dive.  Massachusetts' very own profile in courage — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — Thursday voted against the only African-American nominee to Donald Trump's Cabinet, Ben Carson, who was confirmed as secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  The funny thing is that Warren was pretty much OK with voting in favor of the former neurosurgeon back when his nomination was being considered by the Senate Banking Committee — a mere five weeks ago.

Elizabeth Warren's Secrets and Lies.  [T]he CFPB has spent the last five years stonewalling congressional oversight and document requests.  Bipartisan commissions are internally transparent, meaning a restructuring would give even minority Republican commissioners access to confidential CFPB inspector-general reports, employee files, and internal e-mails and documents. Senator Warren's reputation rests largely on the CFPB, and she knows what the bureau is hiding.  She'd like to keep those secrets hidden until her reelection to the Senate in 2018 — and perhaps a bigger race in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren is a grandstanding phony.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was right to invoke Rule 19 against Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for her personal harangue against her "friend and colleague" Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). Dignity is flowing out of Washington and Warren is doing more than her part as she desperately tries to prove she isn't just another tiresome Hillary Clinton.  What a pretentious, grandstanding phony.  Warren is likely running for president in 2020, and she is trying to rally the embittered left and Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) crowd to her side.

Elizabeth Warren Condemns Sessions for Suggesting Wealthy Corporations Should Hire Americans.  During her now-infamous Senate tirade against the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) criticized the former Alabama senator because his office suggested in a press release that a wealthy American corporation should hire Americans.  One would think Warren, who has been mocked as "Pocahontas" or "Fauxcahontas" for misrepresenting herself as a Native American to obtain preferential treatment, would be less cavalier toward Americans with serious questions about their own career prospects.

Ted Cruz Is Right about the Democrats and Racism.  Psychiatrists call the phenomena Warren exhibited as transference, the ascribing to others the faults you yourself possess.  Warren attempted to call former Sen. Jeff Sessions a "racist" and, by implication, his party and President Trump as well, on the Senate floor, a severe breech of protocol.  As Sen. Cruz pointed out in his reaction, Sen. Warren and her party had better look in the mirror of history: [...]

Susan Collins defends her vote to silence colleague Elizabeth Warren.  U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, on Wednesday [2/8/2017] defended her vote to uphold a measure to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., during a debate about attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions Tuesday night.  Warren was reading aloud from a letter written by Martin Luther King Jr.'s late widow that was critical of Sessions' behavior toward African-Americans when he was a U.S. attorney in Alabama.  Sessions, who was confirmed to be attorney general Wednesday night, is a Republican U.S. senator from Alabama, and a seldom-used Senate rule that prohibits members from impugning "the motives or integrity of any senator" was invoked to silence Warren.

The Queen Is Dead.  After Mrs. Clinton's humiliating defeat at the hands of Donald Trump, there have been whispers, if not shouts:  "The queen is dead."  Elizabeth Warren is doing her best to take over the position from Mrs. Clinton, and hence her dopey defamation of Jeff Sessions, alongside whom she was perfectly content to serve in the Senate until his nomination as attorney general gave her what every aspiring progressive leader wants most of all:  a white, southern, Christian, male antagonist. [...] but I do not think Warren has quite sealed the deal.  It is important to her that she do so and do so soon, because as anybody who has ever watched her up close doing the actual business of campaigning (as I have) knows, she is a terrible politician: awkward, stiff, humorless, afraid.

Please, Elizabeth Warren, keep talking.  Tuesday night [2/7/2017], Sen. Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the Senate floor by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Mr. McConnell ordered Ms. Warren to stop talking, saying she impugned the character of a fellow senator, Jeff Sessions — a violation of chamber rules — by reading a letter from Coretta Scott King, the late wife of Martin Luther King Jr., that accused Mr. Sessions of working to intimidate elderly black voters.  It was an unsavory move — to condemn a sitting senator, of whom Ms. Warren has had no qualms with until he was appointed as attorney general.  After her microphone was cut off, Ms. Warren took to Facebook and continued reading the letter.  She then started [a hashtag] on Twitter, got it trending, and then appeared on as many cable talk shows as she could on Wednesday morning to speak about the injustice.

Democrats' empty anti-Trump stunts have made the Senate a circus.  Senate Democrats' exhausting show of all-out war on President Trump's Cabinet picks continues, delaying the confirmation vote for Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general until dinnertime Wednesday, and for Rep. Tom Price as health secretary until after midnight.  This gave every senator (who cared to) the chance to read that Corettta Scott King letter — an anti-Sessions slam from 1986 that will change no minds in 2017.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was trying to uphold the last vestiges of senatorial courtesy when he stopped Sen. Liz Warren from reading the note into the record.  Sessions, after all, was a sitting senator until his confirmation, and senators traditionally don't trash-talk each other on the floor.  Well, those days are gone.

Warren Breaks Senate Rule, Prohibited From Debating Sessions Nomination.  For the remainder of Tuesday night [2/7/2017] and for most of Wednesday, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is prohibited from debating on the floor of the Senate.  That's because her Senate colleagues found her guilty of impugning another senator, Jeff Sessions, whose nomination for attorney general is being considered.  With a 52 seat Senate majority and control of the White House, Republicans are now able to confirm Trump cabinet nominees with a 50 vote majority and Democrats are furious.  And while Democrats can't stop nominees unless Republicans defect, they're resorting to the time-honored Senate tactic of parliamentary delay.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Silencing Sen. Elizabeth Warren 'was long overdue'.  Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor Tuesday [2/7/2017] was "long overdue."  The South Carolina senator appeared on the Mike Gallagher Show Wednesday, where he said Warren reading the letter from C oretta Scott King — in which she expressed opposition to Jeff Sessions' nomination to the federal bench in 1986 — was defamatory to Sessions, now an Alabama senator.  The Massachusetts Democrat was ruled to be in violation of Senate rules for impugning another senator.  "The bottom line is, it was long overdue with her," he said.  "I mean, she is clearly running for the nomination in 2020."

Gravy Train Flows Wide And Deep At Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Agency.  Pay is flowing so generously at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that hundreds of bureaucrats there receive more than most members of Congress. [...] Speaker of the House Paul Ryan of Wisconsin receives $223,000 per year, but that's less than what 54 CFPB employees are paid.  Another 170 CFPB employees earn more than the secretaries of defense and state, the attorney general and the director of national intelligence.  All cabinet salaries are capped at $199,700, but not at the bureau.

McConnell Reprimands Warren Over Speech Slamming Sessions, Calling It Violation of Senate Rule.  Senator Elizabeth Warren was reprimanded on the Senate floor tonight for a speech she delivered railing against Senate colleague and AG nominee Jeff Sessions.  At issue here was her quoting of incredibly critical words that Ted Kennedy and Coretta Scott King used in the past to oppose Sessions when he was up for a judgeship in the 80s.

Things Keep Getting Worse For Elizabeth Warren.  I wrote here about Elizabeth Warren's unimpressive poll numbers in Massachusetts.  In light of recent developments, those numbers may not have bottomed out.  This week, Sen. Warren, who recently pressed Department of Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price about what she considers possible financial improprieties, is under fire regarding a $1.3 million line of credit from the Bank of America on her Cambridge home.  For two years in a row, the sanctimonious Warren failed to list it on the financial disclosure form all senators complete each year.

Republicans vote to rebuke Elizabeth Warren, saying she impugned Sessions's character.  Senate Republicans passed a party-line rebuke Tuesday night of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for a speech opposing attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, striking down her words for impugning the Alabama senator's character.  In an extraordinarily rare move, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) interrupted Warren's speech in a near-empty chamber, as debate on Sessions's nomination heads toward a Wednesday evening [2/8/2017] vote, and said that she had breached Senate rules by reading past statements against Sessions from figures such as the late senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and the late Coretta Scott King.

Sen. Liz Warren Refuses to Disavow Madonna's Wish to 'Blow Up the White House'.  Two days after Madonna shared her wish to blow up the White House, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) has not come out with a statement condemning the outrageous desire that the pop singer expressed in her address to Saturday's Women's March on Washington's National Mall.

Elizabeth Warren Used Loophole to Avoid Disclosing $1.3M Line of Credit.  A U.S. senator who took advantage of a loophole in ethics laws to avoid disclosing a $1.3 million credit line against her home is now warning that incomplete financial disclosures from cabinet nominees put the country at risk.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) warning came in the Washington Post, where she wrote that "it is critical that each nominee follows basic ethics rules to ensure that they will act for the benefit of all the American people."

Mika Brzezinski Turns on Elizabeth Warren: 'I'm Getting Tired of This Act'.  There was a time when Brzezinski might have been a steadfast supporter of Warren's principled opposition to Trump.  But apparently that time has passed.

Poll shows Warren is no sure bet for re-election next year.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren may not have an easy path to reelection in 2018.  A poll released Monday [1/23/2017] shows that 46 percent of Massachusetts voters think it's time for someone else to have a shot at the Senate.

Just 44 Percent of Massachusetts Voters Say Warren Deserves Reelection.  Massachusetts Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren is a shoo-in for reelection in 2018, right?  Eh, that doesn't look quite like the ironclad lock that some might expect.

Democrats hate entrepreneurism at least as much as they hate capitalism.
Why Are 'Progressives' Fighting Against Uber and Airbnb?  Recently, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the most liberal Democrats around, declared war on start-up companies that are helping middle-class families make ends meet and are providing a great new service to millions of customers.  Why?  Because they challenge the liberal status quo.  In her keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Warren talked about how Democrats are always fighting for the middle class.  "Try to do something, anything, for working people, and you'll have a fight on your hands," she said.  What Warren didn't say is that it's liberals like herself who are often picking the fight.

What A Horrible Country.  Name an ethnic group, and the Democrats have pandered to its grievance.  "The system is rigged" shouted U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., after recounting her rise from nothing to being a millionaire.  Not too rigged obviously.  Warren also railed against Donald Trump for seeking profit from foreclosed properties, which just so happens to be how she made a nice chunk of her fortune.  The only difference is Trump never pretended to be a minority to get a job.

Endorsing Hillary is the just latest sign that Warren is a fraud.  American politics may have no bigger fraud than Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren.  So I got a good chuckle from Politico's Thursday [6/9/2016] story saying the Massachusetts Democratic senator had called Donald Trump, among other grade-school taunts, a fraud.  I don't know whether Warren fancies herself the pot or the kettle in this one, but she's definitely a hypocrite.  In fact, while she was preparing to call Trump a fraud, her advisers were leaking to every major press outlet they could find that she was finally going to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, now that she has secured the necessary delegates.  What a profile in courage.  Endorsing Hillary could be the most fraudulent act of Warren's brief political career, since Warren is a less compelling version of Bernie Sanders on economics and even once boasted she essentially "created" Occupy Wall Street.

Woman Who Got Paid $350K to Teach One Class Calls Trump "Greedy".  That's right.  It's Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law's first blonde "woman of color", auditioning on the campaign trial to be Hillary's V.P. hurling devastating zingers like calling Trump an "insecure money grabber" who is driven by greed.  So does that make Elizabeth Warren a secure money grabber driven by pure altruism?  ["]Harvard Law paid Warren $350,000 to teach a single course.  When Scott Brown brought it up during a debate about student loans, she protested.  'I want to talk about the issues.  Senator Brown wants to launch attacks.'["]  Now Warren wants to launch attacks instead of talking about the issues.

Democrats expect Warren to play peacemaker once primary ends.  Democratic senators expect Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will soon make moves to mollify restive liberals and unify the Democratic Party behind Hillary Clinton.  Several Democratic senators say they have approached Warren about the role she can play, insisting she is best positioned to mend the schism between the Clinton and Bernie Sanders wings of the party.  Warren has a loyal following among the more liberal Democrats who favor Sanders.  She has told colleagues she will play the role of peacemaker, but not until after the last major round of primaries on June 7.

Phony Elizabeth Warren Listed As Harvard's First "Woman of Color" In 1997 Article.  The Mainstream Media has tried to ignore far-left Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren's attempt to make herself a minority to allegedly further her then academic career which included a high-paying Harvard teaching gig.  Donald Trump has since made ignoring that story much more difficult as he blasts the lily-white "Pocahontas" Warren for her longtime deception.

Elizabeth Warren Goes To War Against Donald Trump.  When Senator Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, took up the fight against Donald Trump in the last few weeks, it felt a little like that moment in an action movie when the disaffected friend who'd walked out turns up late in the third act, mid-fray, with fresh ammunition and a wink and a grin for her old gang.  With Hillary still pinned down in the primaries, unable to shake off the dogged Bernie Sanders campaign, Warren started a Twitter war with Donald Trump.

The return of Pocahontas.  [Scroll down]  Ms. Warren claims to be a Native American as well (born in Oklahoma), descended, at least in part, from the Delaware and Cherokee tribes.  Her claim is in dispute, however, and the only proof she has produced to back the claim she made in a campaign biography in 2012 is her contribution of two "family recipes" to the Pow Wow Chow Cookbook, published by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee, Okla., in 1984.

Liberals are really good at solving problems we don't have.
Another 'Free' Government Service.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren says taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for tax software.  She has the support of other liberal Democrats.  She has introduced a bill that would require the IRS to make available a "free" online filing option to some taxpayers.  She doesn't mention that taxpayers will have to pay for the development and continuing maintenance of this system through higher taxes.  So it won't be free.  Rather it will be a system the cost of which is hidden in the fine print of the federal budget.  Never mind that TurboTax and other software companies now offers a no-cost option for a majority of taxpayers.  Sen. Warren says TurboTax keeps it secret:  a secret known only to the 3 million people who use it and to millions of others who know about it but choose not to use it.  The IRS website has a direct link to the free software.

Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears.  For over a quarter of a century, Elizabeth Warren has described herself as a Native American.  When recently asked to provide evidence of her ancestry, she pointed to an unsubstantiated claim on an 1894 Oklahoma Territory marriage license application by her great-great grand uncle William J. Crawford that his mother, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, Ms. Warren's great-great-great grandmother, was a Cherokee.  After researching her story, it is obvious that her "family lore" is just fiction.

Liz "Hiawatha" Warren Tells Republicans Not to Obstruct Obama.  There's a chance that the GOP-controlled Senate might not put a rubber stamp an eventual Obama nominee to replace Antonin Scalia.  Because of that, Sen. Elizabeth Warren reminded Republicans about an important addendum to the Constitution that was apparently put into place when only Democrats were watching: [...]

Elizabeth Warren Wants The SEC To Help Her Ban Free Speech.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to prohibit organizations from "saying whatever they want about Washington policy debates," according to a letter she sent to the agency on Thursday [3/31/2016].  Warren sent a letter to SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White calling for an investigation into alleged discrepancies between statements insurance executives made to their investors and complaints these same individuals made about the impact new government regulations would have on their businesses, The Wall Street Journal reports.  The new regulations stem from a Department of Labor rule change that will make it tougher for investment firms that handle retirement funds to operate.

Elizabeth Warren Named One of The Biggest Liars OF 2015.  Left wing hero Elizabeth Warren made the Washington Post's list of liars this year.  The reason had nothing to do with her false claims of Native American heritage but an incorrect suggestion that car dealers intentionally try to mislead and defraud consumers.

Bernie Hints at Warren for VP.  In what would be a dream ticket for some and a nightmare to others, Bernie Sanders has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he would select Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.  This would be a smart move on Bernie's part.  He has been functioning as a stand-in for Warren and derives support from her wing of the Democratic Party.  The left would be electrified.  The rest of the country would be horrified as these two Neo-Marxists traveled the land promising to take wealth from some and give to others.

Elizabeth Warren Only Female Democratic Senator Missing From Hillary Clinton Endorsement Event.  One by one tonight [11/30/2015], 13 female Democratic senators took the stage inside the packed ballroom at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, DC to raise money and announce their support for Hillary Clinton.  But it was the person missing from the group who stood out most.

Washington Post names Elizabeth Warren one of its 'biggest Pinocchios of 2015'.  The Massachusetts Democrat was given "Four Pinocchios" for a speech in April in which she cited a flawed study that estimated auto-dealer markups cost consumers $26 billion a year.  The 2011 study, conducted by the Center for Responsible Lending, only collected data on subprime auto loans, which accounted for only one-fifth of the overall market at the time.  Pressed by Kessler, even the CRL's senior vice president admitted the data was incomplete.  But the Pinocchio didn't end there.

Elizabeth Warren: 'Government Permits Us To Do Things Together That None of Us Could Do Alone'.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said at a discussion on infrastructure investment and job creation on Thursday [10/8/2015] that government can accomplish more than individuals.  "Government permits us to do things together that none of us could do alone," Warren said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace event in Washington, D.C.

The Editor says...
First of all, the idea that the government "permits us" to do things is a poor choice of words.  We have the right to work together on our own projects.  One does not need a permit to exercise a right.  Second, while it is true that groups of people can do things together that individuals cannot do alone, those groups could be churches, extended families, non-profit organizations, or capitalist companies.  And it's a lot easier to accomplish great things without the government's "help."  Highways, water pipes and sewer lines are examples of beneficial public works projects at the state and local level, but what is the federal government doing on our collective behalf, other than gathering tax revenue, printing money like there's no tomorrow, and throwing money away (again, like there's no tomorrow) on a trillion-dollar welfare state and an assortment of pointless pork-barrel projects such as the exploration of other planets?

Elizabeth Warren's Tax Warning.  Ms. Warren showed up at the National Press Club to pronounce that the idea that American companies are overtaxed is "not true."  In her prepared remarks she said the strategy of "giant corporations" is to "tell a story about high U.S. taxes, demand tax cuts from the U.S. Congress, and threaten to leave the U.S. for good if they don't get what they want.  I say it's time to call their bluff."  Call their bluff?  Their bluff has been called.  They've shown their cards.  And they've moved overseas.  So many U.S. companies have been moving out so quickly that last year Treasury Secretary Jack Lew didn't think he had time even to conduct a formal rule-making to stop them.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Praises Black Lives Matter Movement.  The BLM movement has been well documented to include some of the most anti-social, hate-filled elements of the Occupy crowd; only BLM one comes with specific violence toward police and law enforcement.

Warren Backs Black Lives Matter.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called on Americans to focus on racial justice and expressed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement in a Sunday [9/27/2015] speech at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston.  Warren referenced the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's (D-MA) focus on civil rights issues and said, "If his life and death had a meaning, it was that we should not hate but love one another; we should use our powers not to create conditions of oppression that lead to violence, but conditions of freedom that lead to peace."  She said that since the Civil Rights Act, the United States has not come close enough to equality.

Elizabeth Warren: Republicans Want to Shut Down Women's Access to Cancer Screenings.  She says the 2016 Republicans want to shut down women's access to cancer screening at the end of this video.  She never once answers the question of the Planned Parenthood videos.  [Video clip]

Biden partnership would be nightmare for Warren.  Unless Elizabeth Warren wants to brand herself a Class A phony on consumer protection and gender equality, she shouldn't hitch her wagon to Joe Biden's runaway train.  Or, should I say his runaway hands and mouth.  Joining him on a ticket as his vice presidential nominee, as some are now speculating, would send women all over Washington running for cover.  The guy has a serious case of happy hands.

Elizabeth Warren Goes Crazy for Black Lives Matter.  The tipping point for my concern about the precarious state of Senator Warren's mental health came Sunday in the Washington Post.  The loony senator was talking about Black Lives Matter, and how important they are because, as everyone knows, black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism.  All the time.  Everywhere.  And that explains everything.  When, of course, the opposite is true.

Liberals Are Playing a Racial Shell Game.  Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is something of a dashboard saint to American liberals, principally for her retrograde leftism on economics.  It was alleged a few years ago that she spent much of her professional career lying about her fictitious Native American roots.  Warren listed herself as a minority in a professional directory and identified herself as a Native American.  There was no evidence to support her claim, other than her own family lore and her personal conviction that she feels part Indian.  And yet, when Republicans criticized her for it, they were denounced as racist by many defenders.

'Fauxcahontas' Elizabeth Warren Says All Republicans Are Racists.  For someone that isn't running for president Senator Elizabeth Warren sure makes a lot of campaign stops.  And for someone that used to pretend to be a different race, she sure slings the accusation of racism liberally.  At an appearance in Phoenix that had nothing to do with the people in Massachusetts she supposedly represents, Warren called all Congressional Republicans racists.  Warren started things off in her speech before Netroots Nation on Friday [7/17/2015] by saying how racist America is: [...]

Democrats don't really care about the little guys and gals.  It's funny how preachy politicians and activist groups can be when it comes to pet issues like "economic justice."  Yet when it involves their private interests it turns into a case of "do as we say, not as we do."  Case in point crusading Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who said in her 2006 book All Your Worth that the idea that "you can make big money buying houses and flipping them quickly" is a myth.  If so, then in the 1990s Warren and her husband were myth-busters.  According to a new report in National Review making hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a handful of houses at deflated prices and reselling them months or years later at a substantial markup.

The draft Elizabeth Warren movement winds down.  The effort to draft Elizabeth Warren is finally coming to a close.  Weeks after MoveOn.org and Democracy for America shuttered their own campaign to entice the liberal senator into the 2016 presidential race, the super PAC that started the draft Warren effort almost a year ago is getting behind Sen. Bernie Sanders.

$1.3M loophole for Elizabeth Warren.  Federal law requires members of Congress and other federal officials to annually disclose their financial assets and liabilities, including mortgages.  In a form filed last week, Warren stated she and her husband, Bruce Mann, had no debt liabilities in 2014.  But according to a Middlesex South Registry of Deeds record, Bank of America holds a $1.3 million mortgage on the Cambridge home owned by Warren and Mann.  An aide for Warren said the amount represents a home equity line of credit, not a mortgage.

Liz Warren Hid $1.3 Million Credit Line From Bank Of America.  Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the populist Democrat and foe of big banks, has not listed a $1.3 million credit line against her home with Bank of America on annual financial disclosure documents because of a loophole in federal law, according to a new report.  The Boston Herald reported Wednesday [5/20/2015] that Warren, who is required to disclose financial assets and liabilities, avoided listing it in 2014 because it's a line of credit — not a mortgage — and the Democrat doesn't actually owe enough money yet.

Aggressive Effort Underway by Democratic Leaders to Recruit Elizabeth Warren.  The Observer has obtained private email correspondence among a small group of Democratic insiders that reveals a plan to recruit Sen. Elizabeth Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president.

Exposing Warren and Biden.  [Elizabeth Warren] claims to be of and for the middle and working class Americans, but she's clearly one of the 1%.  Her net worth in 2012 was somewhere between $3.7 million and $10 million. [...] About green Energy, Warren called for an end to tax loopholes and subsidies that she says benefits "Big Oil," saying that those billions of dollars "should be used for investment in infrastructure, education, and 'scientific research that could lead to energy breakthroughs'."  She said that 'Big Oil' "sucked down $5 billion in subsidies from the American people."  By saying that, she opened the "subsidies" door.  Democrats love to misrepresent tax breaks, which are available to all, as "subsidies."

Yes, let's reserve the death penalty for somebody who has done something really bad.
Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks out against the death penalty for convicted Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren says she's relieved Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty of carrying out the Boston bombing — the greatest tragedy in her state's recent history — but doesn't believe he should be executed.

These Blue States Have Tried the Elizabeth Warren Model. Their Residents Are Fleeing.  The blue states that try to lift up the poor with high taxes, high welfare benefits, high minimum wages and other Robin Hood policies tend to be the places where the rich end up the richest and the poor the poorest.

Clinton's scandals and Warren's opening.  Clinton can't blame her current troubles on the so-called "vast right-wing conspiracy."  It was the New York Times that broke the story that Clinton used a private server in her Chappaqua, N.Y., home to conduct official State Department business.  And it was The [Washington] Post that revealed the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments during her tenure as secretary of state.  The two scandals could soon intersect.  Clinton admits that she destroyed 31,000 e-mails from her server that she deemed to be "personal."  If she destroyed records relating to the foundation and its foreign donations, the two scandals could merge and metastasize.

Elizabeth Warren Hero Of Left-Wing Is A Fraud Worth Millions.  Fake "Native American" and communist whack-job Elizabeth Warren is always spouting-off about "income inequality", but she fails to come clean to the poor and working class people she claims to serve.  Warren, the Harvard bankruptcy law professor elected to the Senate in 2012, is worth between $3.7 million and $10 million. [...] That's not including the three-story Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass., that she owns with her husband and fellow Harvard law professor, Bruce Mann.  It's now assessed at $1.9 million, according to city property records.

Elizabeth Warren will not attend Netanyahu speech.  Senator Elizabeth Warren and two other members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation plan to skip Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress Tuesday, saying they are protesting the invitation made by House Speaker John Boehner.  Representatives Katherine Clark, a Melrose Democrat, and Jim McGovern, a Democrat of Worcester, also are planning to miss the event.

Liz Warren: The next Obama.  Warren, a fraudulent "Native American" affirmative-action professor at Harvard Law, represents the same radical left strain that Obama does.  Obama lives for power, and being as self-centered as a spinning top, he lives for his own personal power.  Yes, Hillary is running, but Liz Warren looks younger and more militant to the radical left.

Boston Globe urges Warren to run in 2016The Boston Globe on Sunday [3/22/2015] pushed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president.  "Democrats would be making a big mistake if they let Hillary Clinton coast to the presidential nomination without opposition, and, as a national leader, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren can make sure that doesn't happen," the newspaper's editorial board wrote.

5 reasons the left doesn't believe Warren.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has said time and time that against she's not running for president in 2016.  But don't tell that to her fans in the Democratic Party.

Nobody is Really Ready for Warren.  The 200 or so events that the "Ready for Warren" movement has held, in cooperation with MoveOn.org (which has been eerily silent since Democrats assumed administration over Middle Eastern conflicts), have attracted, at best estimate, exactly that number of supporters.  In total, Ready for Warren has probably spent more on Pringles than it has on anything else, including publicity.

'Porker Of The Year'.  CAGW, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating government waste, gives the award annually to the lawmaker, government official, or political candidate who has shown the most "blatant disregard" for taxpayers that year.  [Senator Elizabeth] Warren won over six other candidates with 34 percent of the vote in a public online poll.  She won the award because in 2014 she suggested the USPS fix its financial troubles by rebranding itself as a bank.  If USPS offered basic bill paying, check cashing and small loans, it could make enough money to provide those services and shape up its finances.

Why Growth Is Bad for Elizabeth Warren.  The left wing of the Democratic Party has been arguing that inequality is the central challenge of our time and that we need a populist politics to combat it.  It has found champions such as Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York to make that case.  Some of these populists even want Warren to run for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton, with the former taking on the plutocrats the latter is cozy with.  If most people start seeing their wages rise, though, public anger will probably dissipate.

Welcome to the NFL, Elizabeth Warren.  Elizabeth Warren's meteoric rise among Democrats has demonstrated one thing time and again: her real talent is in getting the mainstream media to act as her personal publicity agents.

Meet the Radical Marxist that Union Fat Cats Want to See Occupy the Oval Office in 2016.  While many on the Left (and the Right) believe that the Presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton is a foregone conclusion, there is another woman that many on the Left — and of greater importance, within labor's ranks — would rather see become President and they are beginning to voice their preference ever more loudly.  Enter Democrats' more liberal senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

Warren's Wealth Hypocrisy on Display.  The hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren is becoming more and more a matter of record.  The same woman who said of the hate-the-rich Occupy Wall Street movement, "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do.  I support what they do," is not only wealthy beyond the dreams of most Americans but is part of the very 1% that the Occupy Movement venomously vilifies.

Elizabeth Warren Says Economy Is Rigged Against Middle Class.  Is the economy rigged against the middle class?  The Democratic left's dream candidate — Sen. Elizabeth Warren — thinks so.  "I see evidence everywhere of the pounding working people are taking," Warren said on Wednesday at an AFL-CIO summit on raising wages.  "These families are working harder than ever, but they can't get ahead.  Many feel that the game is rigged against them, and they are right.  The game is rigged against them."  Her argument, of course, is that the government must intervene to level the playing field.  But Warren must not be looking very hard if she can't see that the free market is rigged in favor of working families, not against them.

Liz Warren: Class Warrior With Heap Big Wampum.  Liberals hope that the populist-sounding Elizabeth Warren will run to the left of Hillary Clinton, whom they fear is now too rich and out of touch.  But Sen. Warren's financial records may dash their hopes.

Elizabeth Warren blasts GOP on Keystone.  U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren chided Republicans yesterday for planning to push a divisive top priority as soon as they officially take over the Senate, rather than working toward bipartisan agreements.  "There's going to be an energy hearing on Wednesday [1/7/2015], and right now, the Republicans say they're going to move forward on the Keystone pipeline," said Warren (D-Mass.).  "If we're going to move forward on something, how about something that more of us can agree on?"

The Editor says...
We all agree on almost nothing.  If it were not so, we wouldn't need Senators.  Senator Warren's idea of "forward" is not the direction most Americans want to go.

Elizabeth Warren lays out liberal agenda in campaign-style speech to union allies.  Sounding ever the presidential contender, liberal firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren outlined a sweeping Democratic agenda Wednesday that included raising the minimum wage, breaking up Wall Street banks and raising taxes on big business to help shore up entitlement programs and pay for infrastructure projects.

How the Media Is Covering Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Shut Down the Government.  During last year's government shutdown when Republicans and Democrats couldn't come to a compromise on spending provisions to continue to fund the government, the media portrayed it as Ted Cruz's fault — Ted Cruz's shutdown, because he wanted to defund Obamacare.  This year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to reject the bipartisan spending compromise to get rid of business-friendly deregulatory provisions.  But this year, it's not about "Elizabeth Warren's plan to shut down the government."  No, the media can't bring themselves to go there.

What Elizabeth Warren Missed in Her Big Bank Tirade.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivered a stemwinder speech last Friday [12/12/2014] on the need for government to rein in Wall Street influence.  But it's big government that created the monster in the first place.

Elizabeth Warren poses a challenge to Hillary in 2016.  Massachusetts firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren emerges from Washington's budget clash as the undisputed champion of the rising left, and will almost certainly challenge Clinton for the 2016 nomination.  The polls say it's Hillary's turn, but I'm starting to believe 2016 could be 2008 all over again, with Warren taking the nomination from her the way Barack Obama did.

Sen. Durbin: Elizabeth Warren a 'great spokesman' for Democrats.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren long has been a hero on the progressive left, but her popularity among the Democratic Party establishment is growing rapidly.  Ms. Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, now is set to assume a leadership role in her party's Senate caucus, and the leaders of that caucus say she's uniquely qualified for the job.

Liberal 2016 poll: Elizabeth Warren beating Clinton by double digits.  Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — not Hillary Clinton — is the top progressive choice for president in 2016, according to a new poll.  In fact, Clinton doesn't even make second place.  Forty two percent of respondents favor Warren, and Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders also edges out Clinton with 24% compared to her 23%, according to results from the 2016 Presidential Pulse Poll commissioned by progressive grassroots organization Democracy for America.

300 Former Obama Staffers Urge Elizabeth Warren to Run for President.  A group of more than 300 hundred former Obama staffers have written an open letter urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president of the United States.

Fake Holocaust Survivor Eva Steiner Moseley Gets Elizabeth Warren to Endorse Hamas.  It does seem like Warren is semi-randomly tossing out talking points that she had picked up earlier for an issue that she doesn't really understand.

Democrats Still Hate Dirty, Greedy Businesses.  Hillary Clinton sniffs, "Don't let anyone tell you that, um, you know, (smirk) corporations and businesses create jobs."  Barack Obama chastises, "If you have a business, you didn't build that.  Somebody else made that happen."  Analysts around the country have correctly noted that Obama and Hillary were trying to be Elizabeth Warren, Lioness of the Leeches, Princess of Thieves.  Here's the way Warren said it: [...]

Democrats Give Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren a Fake New Leadership Post.  The Democrats just got clobbered in the mid-terms and are now for all intents and purposes a regional party that is confined to the coasts and urban areas.  They need to find a way to improve their policy and messaging so that they might, at some point, become competitive in some states and at least relevant in others.  So what do they do?  They lurch to the left again.

Eleven Commandments and the Color 9.  [S]o much shape-shifting is going on in the public arena that I often catch myself mid-stagger as if I'd just stepped off a roller coaster.  Such was my reaction after reading National Journal's article [7/18/2014] titled "Elizabeth Warren's 11 Commandments of Progressivism." [...] In the first place, the headline was as deceptive as I suspected; her "commandments" weren't really commandments, because none of them forbade progressives from doing anything, rather they demanded the cooperation of everyone else.  After all, the progressive dream cannot be realized unless absolutely everyone toes the line, willingly or otherwise.  Shangri-La cannot be perfect if anyone is allowed to leave.  Each of her statements started with the phrase "we believe" as if it were a statement of faith like you'd find on a church web site, and ended with either some activity she wants other people to stop doing, or with demands for benefits she thinks people either "deserve" or are "entitled to," terms she used almost as often as the word "equal."

Valerie Jarrett in secret meetings with Elizabeth Warren, author Ed Klein says.  New York Times best-selling author and long-time journalist Ed Klein said that Valerie Jarrett has been engaging in secret meetings with Sen. Elizabeth Warren in recent months, giving rise to speculations that the Massachusetts political newcomer is actually the administration's choice to head the White House in 2016.

The media is drafting Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016.  [I]t is fair to say that most in the press believe that only individual who could mount a credible challenge to Clinton from her left is Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).  The "reality-based community," as it were, is however quick to note that even that scenario is highly unlikely.  This sentiment is best expressed by Slate's Dave Weigel who recently performed an interview with the founder of campaign aimed at drafting Warren to run in 2016.

Elizabeth Warren Is Overrated.  The notion that Elizabeth Warren should challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party presidential nomination has been optimistically tossed around in left-wing circles for a while now. [...] Still, it seems to me that a lot of people are overestimating the appeal, uniqueness, and popularity of Warren.  What's most enticing about Warren right now is the perception of her, not the reality. [...] It's when Warren goes full Progressive that she sounds like a irate union boss.  She promises to "fight" for all of you.  Yet, not a single doctrine of the modern Left according to Warren has anything to do with broad economic growth.

Elizabeth Warren: The government shutdown was over birth control.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Tuesday blamed last October's government shutdown on Republicans wanting to deny women access to birth control.  No really.  Warren said this on the Senate floor while defending the Democrats' deceptively titled "Women's Health Protection Act."  "Remember last year's government shutdown that nearly tanked our economy?" Warren asked.  "That fight started with a GOP effort to hold the whole operation of the federal government hostage in order to try to force Democrats and the president to let employers deny workers access to birth control."

Is Sen. Elizabeth Warren a Mere Hack or an Out-and-Out Sociopath?  Sen. Elizabeth Warren now says that last year's government shutdown was about birth control.  Warren did not make the remark in an off-the-cuff setting.  She made it in a prepared speech. [...] Spoiler alert:  That shutdown was not over birth control.  That shutdown was over the budget and the entirety of Obamacare.  The whole law (which hardly any Democrat read before passing it into law).  Not birth control.

Liz Warren Is Confused: Why Do They Think I'm A Socialist?  Her bill, the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act, would lower the amount of money that students are obligated to repay to the federal government.  If enacted, the bill would deprive the federal government of billions of dollars in interest payments owed to its shareholders:  the American taxpayers.  It is Warren's belief that students — who voluntarily signed up for the loans and agreed to pay them back at certain interest rates — should be let off the hook.

Elizabeth Warren student loan bill stalls.  The Senate on Wednesday voted not to move forward on a bill from Sen. Elizabeth Warren that would have allowed an estimated 25 million people with older student loans to refinance that debt at current, lower interest rates.

Hillary's Biggest 2016 Competitor: A Native American Millionaire Who Also Pretends Not to Be Wealthy.  A huge question in Democratic politics — other than "When is Hillary going to announce?" — concerns whether or not Senator Elizabeth Warren (D — Cherokee Nation) will run for president.  If Hillary does not run, it is almost certain that Warren will.  Well-known for her populist and Occupy-esque perspectives on healthcare, taxes, income redistribution and everything in-between, she is one of the rising stars of the Democratic party.  Anticipating that it could happen, we're getting out in front and establish her as a storyteller, to put it nicely, about her wealth.

Why Elizabeth Warren is perfectly positioned for 2016 (if she wanted to run).  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says she's not running for president in 2016, and we believe her — for the most part.  But there is one thing that will keep the pilot light of the Warren for President speculation aflame:  the almost-gaping hole in the Democratic primary that seems tailor-made for her.  Look no further than the new Washington Post-ABC News poll for a little glimpse into that void.  The poll shows that a huge portion of the Democratic base not only dislikes Wall Street and big business; its voters actually think these institutions are inflicting harm on them personally.

Liberals: Exempt from Scrutiny.  The 1 percent fetish is also not really ideological.  Elizabeth Warren, one of its greatest supporters, is not just a 1 percent but a 0.1 percent grandee.  Her house, habits, household income, past corporate consulting, and net worth all reflect a desire for profits and refinement not accorded to most Americans.  Her life is about as much a part of the 99.9 percent as she is Native American.  She is not worried about welders getting some work on the Keystone Pipeline or farmworkers put out of their jobs in Mendota, Calif., over a baitfish.

Elizabeth Warren would crush Hillary, and they both know it.  Forget the current polling as between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren.  It pits Hillary against someone who "isn't running."  For all my criticisms of Warren, and they are extensive, I am convinced that if she ran, she would crush Hillary, just as Obama did.  Warren, as did Obama, has a unique ability to demagogue the core Democratic narrative of victimhood in ways that would make Hillary blush.  She is more cunning than Hillary, more popular with the base, would bring an excitement the contrived Ready-for-Hillary movement could only dream of.  Democrats may be "ready" for Hillary, but they don't really want her.

After two years, no answers from Elizabeth Warren on roots.  It's been two years since I broke the story that Harvard University identified Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a minority — citing her alleged Native American roots — but we're still in the dark.  We've had two years of Warren's simplistic answers that aren't really answers.  Two years of Warren insisting she's proud of her heritage while dismissing questions about it.  And two years of her refusal to open up records that could prove whether she used that heritage claim in Ivy League applications.

One-percenter Liz Warren milks system then slams it in phony soundbites.  While U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren sleeps in her $5 million mansion in Cambridge, and got paid $350,000 to teach just one class at Harvard, she had the audacity to say in an interview with Jon Stewart this week that "the system is rigged to benefit the rich."  Yes, Sen. Warren, that would be you.  Under a free-market, capitalist system, you became a U.S. senator and multimillionaire whose own net worth hovers around $14.5 million, according to personal financial disclosure reports filed in 2011.

Warren Attempts A Rewrite of Her 'Native American' Heritage in New Book.  A new book by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) attempts to rewrite history on her controversial claim of Native American ancestry.  The issue of Warren's ancestry emerged during her 2012 Senate campaign when news broke that Harvard Law School was promoting Warren as a Native American faculty member.

Is she bragging or complaining?
Sen. Elizabeth Warren: America 'Rigged' to Benefit the Rich.  On Wednesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) complained that America had "fundamentally changed" so that the rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle. [...] "That's what's fundamentally changed," Warren insisted.  "Look, it's tough out there.  It really is a rigged game, and it's set up now over and over and over."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: It's 'Dangerous' to Want 'Big Government' to Disappear.  "Politics so often felt dirty to me — all the lobbyists and the cozy dealings and the special favors for those who could buy access.  But as I stood in the lobby outside Ted Kennedy's office, I felt as if I'd been washed clean," media favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said in her book.  That quote sums up the message of Warren's new book "A Fighting Chance."

The Editor says...
Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable to comment about people getting a "fighting chance."

Elizabeth Warren whines about coverage of her fraudulent Indian claim.  Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote in her forthcoming book that she was "hurt" and "angry" by 2012 reporting on her fraudulent claim to Native American heritage.  "What really threw me, though, were the constant attacks from the other side," Warren wrote in her book "A Fighting Chance."

Elizabeth Warren, take my DNA challenge?  There is only one way to settle once and for all the question of whether the fake Indian is or is not a real Indian.  She needs to take a DNA test.  I dare you, Sen. Warren. [...] No more of this fact-free nonsense about your "high cheekbones," or these ridiculous fables about your parents "eloping" to escape the racism of the Indian Territory when they actually returned to their hick hometown that same evening for a traditional wedding party.

Elizabeth Warren Is Rewriting History.  In a new book released today [4/22/2014], Massachusetts Democratic senator and potential presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attempts to rewrite history regarding the controversy surrounding her "Native American" ancestry that emerged in the 2012 Senate campaign.  What's remarkable is that, at least in the initial book reviews, the press largely allows her to get away with it.  In fact, it's virtually ignored that to this day Warren still refuses to release any law school records that may shed light on this controversy.

Elizabeth Warren's claim that the U.S. earns $51 billion in profits on student loans.  Who knew?  The federal government knows how to make a profit!  Or, as Warren twice said in arguing for a cut in interest rates on student loans:  "obscene profits."

Elizabeth Warren Demands Blood Donation Rights For Gay Men.  Senator Elizabeth Warren and the other signatories from congress are correct when they cite the advances the medical community has made in HIV/AIDS research and treatment but it is absurd and dangerous to advance this as a cause with any basis in civil rights.  One would hope that most parents of a child in need of a blood transfusion wouldn't risk their child's life to prove their progressive sincerity.

Elizabeth Warren surges in new Prez poll.  The former secretary of state and first lady dominated last week's new Quinnipiac University survey, which showed her gobbling up 61 percent of support and beating any Republican challenger — be it New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul or Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz — by anywhere from 13 to 23 points.

Elizabeth Warren writes new chapter.  Whatever happened to Granny Warren's Native American heritage?  She's written a new memoir, due out next month, and in the advance press releases, I don't notice the word "Indian" anywhere.

Take it to the bank: Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to raise minimum wage to $22 per hour.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, suggested raising the minimum wage to $22 per hour is only logical if you look at the numbers.  "If we started in 1960, and we said [that] as productivity goes up ... then the minimum wage was going to go up the same ... if that were the case, the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour," the senator said, at a recent Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on "Keeping up with a Changing Economy: Indexing the Minimum Wage."

The Editor says...
Productivity went up in spite of the steadily increasing minimum wage, not because of it.

Elizabeth Warren wants to know why the minimum wage isn't $22 an hour.  Why stop at $22?  Why not $100, $200 or $1,000 an hour?

Elizabeth Warren's Fuzzy Math.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) argument that the minimum wage would be triple what it is today if it were linked with productivity relies on oversimplified and faulty data, a new study says.  Warren's rhetoric "makes zero economic sense, and demonstrates how out of touch Sen. Warren is with business realities faced by employers who hire people and pay them the minimum wage," said the report by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), a free market think tank specializing in wage issues.

Elizabeth Warren winning support for 2016 White House bid.  Just a few months into her first U.S. Senate term, Democrat Elizabeth Warren is generating increasing support among liberals as a White House contender — putting her on a potential collision course with presumed front-runner Hillary Clinton.  Warren's tough stand against the Obama administration's proposal to potentially cut Social Security benefits has become a lightning rod for progressive groups looking for a more liberal standard bearer in 2016.

Elizabeth Warren Wikipedia page ethnically cleansed.  Warren insisted during the campaign that believed that she was Cherokee based on family lore, but that family lore (including the famous elopement story) was substantially debunked.  Warren's family always self-identified as white, and her great grandfather even made the local newspapers for shooting an Indian.  Warren's false claim to be Cherokee, and her comical explanations, such as that her ancestors had "high cheekbones" and a plagiarized entry in the Pow Wow Chow cookbook, have become a large part of Warren's political persona, and is the subject of widespread mockery.

Liz won't beat drum.  Despite repeated claims she is "proud" of her Cherokee heritage, newly minted U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is keeping that pride under wraps and won't be taking advantage of a chance to officially list herself as the Bay State's first Native American U.S. senator.  Aides said Warren, who describes herself as part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian, won't contact historians at the Senate Historical Office to tell them she's Native American.  The office lists minority senators in its official directory.

The Muddle Class.  America's education industry, by accelerating the upward mobility of the most intelligent young people, has served as a relentless engine of social stratification. [...] The stratification of American society by cognitive ability no doubt has its benefits in terms of economic growth and efficiency.  But if one were looking for someone who personifies a Belmont elitist, one could scarcely do better than to point to Elizabeth Warren.  Her egalitarian pose is one of the great hypocrisies of our age.

Awkward first press conference for senator-elect Warren.  A jittery U.S. senator-elect Elizabeth Warren gave one-sentence answers, ducked questions and even passed one on to Gov. Deval Patrick in an awkward first press conference since the election.  Warren spoke for a total of less than four minutes during the 11-minute press conference — the rest was taken up by Patrick and reporters' questions.

Warren Curt, Deflective in First Presser as Senator-Elect.  Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, in her first press conference after defeating Sen. Scott Brown, was noticeably curt with reporters asking about her campaign and the issues voters elected her to solve.  When reporters asked her about the fiscal cliff, Warren could only say, "right now, the parties are in negotiations," and, "well, I think that's where it is."  When asked which Senate committees interested her, Warren refused to answer.

Liz emerges to squash all things GOP.  While I've been extremely grateful — along with the rest of our state's 46 percent of common-sense voters — that Lizzy Warren went underground after that disastrous post-election press conference when she deferred her decisions as our U.S. senator to Majority Leader Harry Reid, she's back now.  Can you imagine the media buzz if Sen. Scott Brown had disappeared after a presser fumble like that?

Elizabeth Warren (D. Elizabeth Warren).  Do you remember the line about how all clever economists were tall, with the exceptions of Milton Friedman and John Kenneth Galbraith?  Clever or not, the 6'8" Galbraith was one of the wittiest of economists, and under a pseudonym once wrote a book mocking academic jargon called The McLandress Dimension.

Professor Warren's Mystery Contract.  Massachusetts Democratic senate candidate Elizabeth Warren garnered a lucrative no-bid contract with the Clinton administration's Department of Justice (DOJ) one year after advising then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.  The Department paid Warren, a Harvard professor, $90,000 for serving as an expert witness over a five month period in 1999 and 2000, documents show.  That is an "oddly" large sum given the short time frame and the hourly pay rate DOJ pays witnesses, according to University of Minnesota law professor Richard Painter.

Anchor homes in on Warren wigwam.  It may have been the question of the Senate campaign, posed by Ch. 7 anchor Kim Khazei as she sat in the palatial $1.7 million Cambridge mansion of Granny Warren, the fake Indian.  Khazei:  "I asked Warren if she had anything in the house that reflects her Native American heritage."  On the videotape, you can see Granny's smile freeze on her face.

Warren: 'Plenty of Pictures' Reflect Cherokee Heritage.  A pre-election interview shows Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren still has a sore spot — and no evidence — for her claims to Cherokee heritage.

Boston Globe Cites 'Character' in Warren Endorsement.  To no one's surprise, the Boston Globe endorsed Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren for Senate in Massachusetts on Saturday.  Many were shocked, however, that a key point raised by the Globe in support of Warren was her superior "character."  Really?

Elizabeth Warren obtained federal fee waivers despite high 6-figure income and 8-figure net worth.  Elizabeth Warren has built her progressive rock star image and her campaign by attacking the wealthy factory owners and others who supposedly do not pay their "fair share" and take advantage of loopholes to live off of infrastructure paid for by others.  Yet Warren appears to be one of those people who takes advantage.

$16 Million of Warren Donations from Sites Lacking Foreign Donor Protections.  The Boston Globe reported Monday [10/15/2012] that Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren raised $12.1 million for her campaign in the 3rd quarter ending September 30, 2012.  That brings the total raised to $36 million.  Yet more than 40% of these funds — an estimated $16 million — have come online via two websites that do not have industry-standard protections and are vulnerable to fraud and illegal foreign national donations.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Catastrophically Antibusiness'.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Thursday [10/18/2012] launched a new get-out-the-vote effort, sending a video to members and dropping its first piece of direct-mail in the general election, attacking Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren law license problem goes to Court.  MA Republican Party asks Court to correct BBO General Counsel's misstatements of law and perceived "partisan agenda".

Fake Indian has a lot more ghosts in the cupboard.  By now, everybody understands that Granny Warren is a fraud.  The best argument the moonbats can come up with is that if she thinks she's an Indian, who are we to say she's not an Indian?  Does this "evolving paradigm" also apply to Irish and Italian guys so fed up with being passed over for promotions that they are now allowed to "check the box" as blacks or Mexicans?

Warren: Blue-Collar Champion or Not?  First, there's the question of whether or not Warren ever should have been able to practice law in Massachusetts.  William Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, went through a lot of paperwork and concluded on Legal Insurrection, a law blog, that Warren never had the legal right to practice in her home state.  She's been licensed to practice only in Texas and New Jersey, but she used her Cambridge office as her law office, potentially violating state law.

Lies come home to roost.  Granny Warren, the fake Indian, is now portraying herself as the tribune of the middle class, the people Middle Class Joe Biden said have been buried for the last four years, and you can believe him, because he always tells the truth. [...] Granny lives in the People's Republic of Cambridge, and bought her Victorian for $447,000 in 1995, the year she drifted into Massachusetts.  It's now assessed at $1,749,000.  The mansion itself is so incredibly posh that last year, when a magazine writer wanted to interview Warren there, the campaign insisted that the house itself was "off the record."  During the past four years, the Warrens have averaged $845,000 a year in income.

Massachusetts Republican Party mailer accuses Elizabeth Warren of '25 years of deception and cover-ups'.  The Massachusetts Republican Party has sent out a scathing mailer accusing Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of "25 years of deception and cover-ups" over the use of her Native American heritage.  While Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has been attacking Warren on the Native American issue recently in two separate ads as well as in recent Senate debates, the Republican Party mailer is the harshest attack yet on the topic.

Elizabeth Warren represented large utility seeking to liquidate rural electric cooperative.  I'm not from Massachusetts, and I'm perfectly willing to let the good people of Massachusetts decide who their Senators should be without my assistance.  But I do think you're entitled to the facts before you vote, and in at least one respect Professor Warren is not being accurate in her description of one of the cases she handled.  Rather than working to save a rural electric cooperative, Warren represented a large utility which sought to liquidate the cooperative and purchase the cooperative's main asset, a large coal burning plant north of Baton Rouge.

Something important is happening in Massachusetts.  As most readers of AT know, Legal Insurrection has been pressing the inquiry into Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American ancestry, which preceded her leap into the major leagues of American legal education.  More recently, [Professor William] Jacobson discovered that when she moved to Massachusetts to join the Harvard faculty, Warren never bothered to acquire a license to practice law.  Many law professors, Warren included, have a lucrative side business as consultants, often writing briefs.  What happened next was a classic left wing move:  generation of a meme that would enable the media establishment to ignore the scandal as discredited.

Elizabeth Warren's Law License Issues Have Gotten Even Worse.  U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is facing new scrutiny over whether she illegally practiced law in Massachusetts without a license.  Massachusetts Lawyer Weekly recently polled attorneys in the state about whether Warren should be investigated for "possibly" practicing law without a license from the state.  Eighty-seven percent of the 1,134 lawyers polled want the Harvard law professor investigated.

Stick to your guns, Scott.  Don't let up on the fake Indian, Scott.  Is she going to stop mentioning that you're a Republican?  Of course not.  So why would you choose to unilaterally disarm?  They want you to be "gentler"?  Ask your friend John McCain how gentle worked out for him.

Elizabeth Warren issues incomplete list of cases.  Minutes before tonight's [10/1/2012] debate, Elizabeth Warren issued a list of all of the cases she has worked on since joining Harvard.  It was an impressive list, proving what I have said all along, she practiced law on a regular basis from her Harvard office.  But she was not licensed in Massachusetts.

Has Elizabeth Warren ever done pro bono litigation?  [A]s of now, we have at least 22 court cases for major corporations, including chemical, coal and insurance companies, but not a single court case in which Warren offered her services pro bono for an indigent client, or even for a middle class client who has been hammered.

Fauxcahontas' Latest Lame Excuse.  Warren, an Oklahoma native, was going nowhere in her career until she began "checking the box," claiming to be an Indian with absolutely no evidence.  Once she began listing herself in a minority law-school directory as a woman of color, she catapulted first to the University of Pennsylvania law school, and then to Harvard.  And as soon as she had tenure, Warren abruptly stopped listing herself as a Native-American.

Handmaid to the Plutocrats.  [Scroll down]  By the way, Harvard requires its professors to report any extracurricular consulting activities, but Ms. Warren is refusing to disclose this list so voters can decide for themselves if she's really a handmaid to the plutocrats disguised as Robin Hood through November 6.  It would be instructive to learn what other corporations, and maybe even a billionaire, have had her on their payrolls.

On the Road to Benghazi.  In retrospect, the Democratic Convention highlighted a liar, Elizabeth Warren.  She was hired by Harvard law school because she lied about her ethnicity to gain affirmative action benefits, exaggerated her scholarship which was shoddy, practiced law for years in Massachusetts out of her law school office without being a member of that state's bar — and possibly at the time a member of no bar at all.  She gummed on before the crowd about working for the middle class hiding from the audience that she had made hundreds of thousands of dollars representing big corporations in disputes against steel workers and asbestos victims among others.

Democrat Senate Hopeful Warren Exposed As Complete Fraud.  On top of fraudulently claiming minority Indian status without any documented ancestry, the Harvard law professor has now been busted practicing law in Massachusetts without a state license.  Worse, her client list includes the type of corporations that Ms. Populist has demonized on the campaign trail as greedy polluters and exploiters of the "little guy."  Turns out working-class champion Warren in 1995 hired herself out as a legal gun for LTV Steel to help the conglomerate fight thousands of retired coal miners who wanted more health and pension benefits, the Boston Herald says.  She pocketed a cool $10,000 in the case.  Records show in 2009 she also defended insurance giant Travelers against asbestos victims.

Scott Brown demands that Elizabeth Warren release list of corporate legal clients.  Senator Scott Brown today [9/26/2012] sent a letter to his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, demanding that she release a list of her corporate legal clients while she has served as a Harvard Law School professor.  He cited media reports this year about her work on cases involving Travelers Insurance and LTV Steel, which he said conflicted with her reputation as a consumer advocate and middle-class guardian.

Elizabeth Warren practiced law in Massachusetts federal court without law license.  A prominent defender of Elizabeth Warren's legal work while on the Harvard faculty has been presented with new facts and conceded that she is in heap big trouble.

Elizabeth Warren not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.  This is some extraordinary detective work performed by Legal Insurrection's William Jacobson.  Digging through voluminous records and following up with calls to pertinent licensing agencies, Jacobson has made the shocking discovery that Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is not licensed to practice law in the state of Massachusetts.  The fact that Warren used her Harvard Law School office to dispense legal advice, write briefs, and represent clients — all activities that meet the legal definition of "practicing law" — is also problematic, as Jacobsen explains.

Elizabeth Warren's law license problem.  Maintained private law practice at Cambridge office for over a decade but not licensed in Massachusetts.

Has Elizabeth Warren Been Practicing Law Without A License?  Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaign is, I think, going rapidly down the drain.  On top of her affirmative action fiasco comes another scandal:  it appears that she has been practicing law in Massachusetts without a license for some years.  Credit William Jacobson, who, like Warren, is a law professor, for the discovery.  Jacobson has been one of the most effective members of the blogosphere over the last couple of years, and this story is a tribute to his dogged investigation.

In crucial first debate, Scott Brown challenges Warren's Native American heritage claim.  Republican US Senator Scott Brown questioned Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren's claim of Native American heritage in the opening moments of a lively high-stakes television debate tonight.  When moderator Jon Keller asked if character was an issue in the race, Brown answered, "I think character is important. ... Professor Warren claimed she was a Native American, a person of color.  And as you can see, she's not."

In debate, Scott Brown hits Elizabeth Warren on Native American heritage.  U.S. Sen. Scott Brown immediately targeted Elizabeth Warren's purported Native American heritage in a heated exchange that kicked off their first debate, saying she "checked the box," as a minority when "clearly she's not."

Elizabeth Warren Admits She Is Not Licensed to Practice Law in Massachusetts.  Ms. Warren's statement comes as a surprise to the many clients she's provided legal services to over the past decade, including the law firm of Simpson, Thacher, and Bartlett, which listed her as "of counsel" in the 2009 brief they submitted to the United States Supreme Court on behalf of their client, Travelers Insurance.

Elizabeth Warren [...] Practicing Law Without a License.  Elizabeth Warren was supposed to be the left's big candidate this election, instead she has become a millstone around their necks.

Warren: Americans Too Stupid for Student Loans.  Elizabeth Warren, who during the course of her Senate campaign has been on some kind of a wildcat strike against producing a single original thought, was given the distinction of introducing former president Bill Clinton at the DNC.  And that seems to me appropriate:  As I have long argued, Warren's particular strain of paternalistic welfare statism is perfectly emblematic of what the Democratic party stands for today.  The problem with the lady from Cambridge is that Professor Warren thinks you're stupid:  too stupid to handle a credit card, too stupid to understand how a mortgage works (hint:  You pay it all back, with interest) and prone to being, in her own words tonight, "fooled by student loans."

Beating drum for Warren a big mistake.  [Scroll down]  Lieawatha was so smug she didn't even rewrite a lot of her now-exposed fictionalized biography.  In Charlotte she continued to claim she was raised "on the ragged edge of the middle class" — with a mere three cars in the Herring family driveway in 1965, including her personal white MG sports car.

Academic qualifications questioned in 1990.
Harvard law dean cited 'affirmative action' in 1993 Elizabeth Warren hiring .  In a 1994 interview, then-Harvard Law School dean Richard Clark said his institution was actively applying an affirmative action policy to hiring female faculty, The Daily Caller has learned.  The famed law school first offered Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren a professorship in 1992 and granted her tenure in 1995.  And charges leveled in a 1990 academic law journal raised serious questions about her qualifications to teach at Harvard at all.

Elizabeth Warren Touts Her Ties to Ted Kennedy.  In a speech to the Massachusetts delegation here on Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren memorialized the man whose long-held U.S. Senate seat she hopes to win back for Democrats in November.  "Ted Kennedy changed my life," Warren said, noting that the 2012 Democratic convention marked the first such gathering in decades that Bay State delegates are without the late lawmaker.

The Editor says...
I'm sure Ted Kennedy changed the lives of many women.  He made a profound impact on the life of Mary Jo Kopechne.

'Dances with Lies' Takes Center Stage.  Elizabeth Warren's introductory speech at the Democratic National Convention came with a predictable broadside aimed at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as a tool of big corporations who wants to "pulverize financial reform, voucher-ize Medicare, and vaporize Obamacare."  In contrast to the wicked Romney agenda, Warren regaled the assembled Democratic delegates with the comforting notion that President Obama would defend their interests against those evil forces, since Obama "believes in a country where everyone is held accountable."  Yet, while Warren was extolling the virtues of accountability, her own lack of accountability was glaringly on display in the days leading up to her speech — namely with her refusal to meet with Native Americans over her fraudulent claims of American Indian heritage.

Elizabeth Warren attacks GOP, Mitt Romney in N.C..  Warren got a loud standing ovation from Democratic delegates [9/5/2012], but her nervous delivery left some in the arena underwhelmed, including U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, who was caught yawning on national TV.

Indian delegates seek sit-down with Elizabeth Warren.  Elizabeth Warren can't escape her Cherokee heritage controversy even at this gathering of loyal Democrats, as a contingent of skeptical American Indian delegates — including the great-grandson of Geronimo — are inviting Warren to a meeting tomorrow to explain her ancestry claims.

Mayor Menino ducks chance to endorse Elizabeth Warren.  Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was looking for a little political love at yesterday's Labor Day breakfast, but Mayor Thomas M. Menino wasn't ready to give her everything she wanted ... passing up on an ideal opportunity to bestow his much sought-after endorsement, and turning away from a kiss.

Elizabeth Warren DNC speech: Charlotte star, Massachusetts underdog.  Elizabeth Warren will take the stage in Charlotte on Wednesday night feted as one of the Democratic Party's brightest stars, a heroine of the progressive left and potential presidential material.  Back in Massachusetts, Warren might not even make it past her first run for office.

Elizabeth Warren and the Cab Driver.  Consider the subtext behind "He is a cab driver."  The impression given is that the cab driver, as would be expected of a little person who was not a Harvard professor, was unknown to Ms. Warren.  Poor Ms. Warren, hoisted on the petard of verifiability again.

Welfare voter push has GOP crying foul.  The state has mailed out voter registration letters to nearly 500,000 welfare recipients, in a push sparked by a group led by former ACORN bigwigs that critics say is a naked bid to boost Democrats at the polls in November.

Only Massachusetts sent out voter registrations after lawsuit.  Massachusetts is the only state that has agreed to send mass mailings to register welfare recipients to vote, following a series of state lawsuits brought by the liberal group Demos, which is chaired by the daughter of Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.  Republicans say the mass mailings indicate that Massachusetts went above and beyond what was necessary to turn out likely Democratic voters for the November election.

"Buying the votes of welfare recipients in most blatant way."
Elizabeth Warren Dips into FDR's Bag of Dirty Tricks.  In an effort to stuff welfare recipients into voting booths in November, Warren's daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi is spearheading an effort to force the state of Massachusetts to send out voter registration forms to state residents who are on welfare.  The mailing will cost Massachusetts about $275,000. [...] But back in 1939, even leading Democrats saw the potential destruction of our political system if politicians could so blatantly buy votes.  In that year, Senator Carl Hatch (D-N. Mex.) sponsored a successful bill to bar relief officials from blatantly campaigning for candidates.

Elizabeth Warren elopement story falls apart.  Elizabeth Warren is riding high, raising tens of millions of dollars and serving as the designated warm-up speaker for Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in early September.  But she's still an ethnic fraud who misappropriated Native American heritage as her own for professional purposes.  The only question approaching the convention is whether Warren's wealth and power can drown out the truth.

The Warren Report.  On the same day a poll was released showing Sen. Scott Brown (R., Mass.) holding a 26-point edge among independent voters in Massachusetts, his Democratic opponent, Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren, appeared at a press conference for a far-left organization racked by scandal.

Taxi Driver 2: Fauxcahontas Boogaloo.  Don't worry, national news.  You don't have to cover this one.  The guy who got assaulted is just a Republican.

Elizabeth Warren's thug staffer  [states] "You're messing with the wrong people" and Elizabeth Warren, rather than firing him, lies and tries to cover it up.

Trashing Achievements.  Following in the footsteps of Barack Obama, Professor Elizabeth Warren of Harvard has made the downgrading of high achievers the centerpiece of her election campaign against Senator Scott Brown.  To cheering audiences, Professor Warren says, "there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.  Nobody.  You build a factory out there, good for you, but I want to be clear.  You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.  You hired workers that the rest of us paid to educate."  Do the people who cheer this kind of talk bother to stop and think through what she is saying?  Or is heady rhetoric enough for them?

Thank you Elizabeth Warren (for possibly costing Obama the election).  Obama has stepped in it big time, and we have Elizabeth Warren to thank.

Brown: Elizabeth Warren "a self-proclaimed rock thrower who wants to leave blood and teeth on the floor".  I think this is a winning theme, that Warren will be the Dennis Kucinich / Maurice Hinchey of the Senate, someone who can spout far-left rhetoric and play the anti-factory owner card, but will be marginalized as a Senator.  If the people of Massachusetts want someone who will accomplish nothing but headlines, Warren is their person.

Critics don't buy Elizabeth Warren's biz-friendly spiel.  Elizabeth Warren's new claim that Wall Street execs are behind her because they believe she'll "save capitalism" had conservatives rolling in the aisles yesterday, saying the outlandish line is as bad as President Obama's "you didn't build that" gaffe.

Cherokee conspiracy.  Warren's campaign biography, so craftily constructed over so many years, lies in ruins.  Not only did she drive an MG in high school, she only traded in her BMW 528i for a Ford hybrid last year, just before the campaign began.  Her academic bona fides have been savaged in the blogs, and opposition researchers have shown that she was a prodigious house-flipper and home-foreclosure speculator in her old hometown of Oklahoma City.

More Pow Wow Chow Plagiarism From Elizabeth Warren's Husband?  As Breitbart News reported earlier, Ms. Warren contributed at least two recipes to the cookbook that were word for word copies of previously published recipes.  Now, it appears her husband may have done the same thing.  His Pow Wow Chow recipe for banana nut bread merely raises concerns about the use of bananas as a "traditional" Cherokee ingredient.  His recipe for oriental beef stir-fry, which includes that well known "traditional" Cherokee ingredient of soy sauce cooked in a "traditional" Cherokee wok, suggests the possibility of potential plagiarism.

Elizabeth Warren: My Mother's Native American Heritage Was An Issue Raised At Her Funeral In 1995.  It's not much of an evidentiary standard offered by this Harvard Law School professor.  Her recollection of a verbal statement made to her by one of her parents about a statement made by her grandparents decades ago would fail to meet the courtroom requirements for offers of proof.  It certainly fails to meet the evidentiary standards applied by amateur and professional genealogists.

Elizabeth Warren for President? Democrats' Barren 2016 Bench.  It tells you something about Warren's status as a rock star of the left that before the Massachusetts Senate candidate has even won her first election she's being pumped as a future presidential candidate.  But it tells you even more about the status of the Democratic farm team.

Cherokees leave Boston after Liz Warren snub.  Four Cherokee activists, who hoped to confront Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren over her Native American claims, are heading home today [6/22/2012] disappointed.  "It's like we didn't exist," said Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes of the response they got this week from the Warren camp.  She said the campaign never returned their calls despite a promise that staffers would meet with them.

Warren's Troubles Extend Beyond Cherokee Problem.  Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have been locked in a dead-heat for months, despite the national attention on Warren's Cherokee heritage controversy.  But that doesn't mean Warren is in the clear.  Even if the Cherokee issue fades, Public Policy Polling found deeper problems for her in its latest poll today [6/26/2012].

Elizabeth Warren: My Aunt Bea Was White Before She Was Indian.  Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes has caught Elizabeth Warren in yet another lie about her false claims of Native American heritage.

Warren Accused of 'Repeated Instances of Scientific Misconduct' Before Harvard Hire.  Harvard Law School hired Elizabeth Warren as a Visiting Professor in the fall of 1992, then offered her a full-time tenured faculty position in February 1993, despite a withering 1990 critique of the academic standards used in the 1989 book she co-authored.  The critique was made by one of the nation's leading legal scholars in personal bankruptcy at the time.

Uh Oh: Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Meet with 4 Cherokee Activists.  Remember when the Boston Globe prematurely declared this political scandal over last May?

Cherokee, Warren showdown.  Four outraged Cherokee activists who say Elizabeth Warren's campaign has ignored their emails and phone calls will trek to Boston this week in hopes they can force a meeting with the Democratic Senate candidate over her "offensive" Native American heritage claims.

Cherokee women to Elizabeth Warren: Stop ducking us!  On their first day in the Hub, a group of Cherokees hoping to confront Elizabeth Warren over her Native American heritage claims blasted the Democrat for trying to dismiss the ancestry controversy as a non-issue in the Bay State U.S. Senate race.

Warren: The Next Frontier.  Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's speech at a symposium on critical race theory — where other speakers were advocating for corporate reparations, criticizing the concept of U.S. citizenship, accusing America of operating under a system of "apartheid," and pointing out the misogynistic undertones of wearing makeup — may not help her connect with independent Massachusetts voters, experts say.  "Independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats in Massachusetts.  If Elizabeth Warren alienates too many independents, then Scott Brown will win this election," said political commentator Jay Cost.

Chris Matthews offers to help Elizabeth Warren.  Chris Matthews isn't even trying anymore.  The liberal anchor on Wednesday [6/13/2012] went into full Democratic adviser mode.  Talking to Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, he turned an interview into a strategy session, saying of the campaign against Republican Scott Brown:  "Let me help you on this, to the extent that I, as a journalist, can help you."  Providing an additional contribution, Matthews somehow managed to skip the controversy that's been plaguing Warren's campaign for a month and a half:  The fact that she has repeatedly tried to pass herself off as a Native American.

The Academic Scandal Elizabeth Warren and Harvard Don't Want You to Know About.  This secret report was accepted by University of Texas President William Cunningham.  For two decades, Warren and her co-authors have claimed in academic circles that this report — never before made public — exonerated them.  But the central charge made by Professor Shuchman was neither investigated nor refuted in this secret report.  Shuchman cited four specific criticisms of the 1989 book.  It is the fourth and last complaint upon which charges of scientific misconduct hang.

If she was a Republican, the media would call her a racist.  Imagine if a Republican candidate claimed, confidently, that she was part Native American.  Imagine if she had actually used that identity to have herself listed as a minority at Harvard, qualifying her for special treatment and celebration as proof of how diverse and progressive her department is.  Imagine if, many years later, it turned out that her claims to Native heritage were dubious and, when pressed for proof, she offered her "high cheekbones."  Oh, and she once contributed a recipe to a Native American cookbook called "Pow Wow Chow" (that may even have been plagiarised).

The Immorality of Liberals.  [Scroll down]  This explains something that has befuddled some people:  the fact that while Senate hopeful Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren should be hopeless after revelations surfaced that she advantaged herself by lying about her heritage, she's actually neck-and-neck in the polls with her opponent, Scott Brown.  It's no surprise, though.  Her state, Massachusetts, elected and re-elected reprobate Ted Kennedy — despite his decadent, drunken romps, one of which resulted in the death of a young woman — until his death.

Warren needs to apologize to Native Americans.  With the last-minute backing of Deval Patrick, the state's popular Democratic governor, Warren got the backing of 97.5% of the 3,500 delegates and thus prevented Marisa DeFranco, her only opponent, from having enough support to force a runoff election.  But while her victory cleared the last hurdle she faced before competing for the Senate seat once held by liberal icon Edward Kennedy, it left a nagging issue unresolved.

We Should Denounce the Conduct of Harvard and Elizabeth Warren.  As an enrolled member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma, 1981 alumna of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, veteran scholastic administrator, and lifelong Democrat, I am profoundly disturbed by the emergence of recent details concerning Harvard and one of its law school's senior faculty members, Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.  Over the course of the past month, facts have come to attention that leave little doubt that the HLS bureaucracy and Professor Warren perpetrated nothing less than ethnic fraud.

Grifters on Parade.  [Elizabeth] Warren asserted herself to be an American Indian, a Cherokee (as is usually the case with such assertions; few whites claim to be Sioux or Ute, and never Crow or Modoc), on grounds that have proven to be flimsy to illusory.  Her case rests on a document that research by the Breibart sites has demonstrated to be nonexistent.  At best, Warren can claim to be a laughably small proportion Indian (1/32 or even 1/64); at worst, she is exactly what she appears to be — a member of the WASP tribe putting on the war paint to fool her fellow palefaces.

Elizabeth Warren's Teepee Of Lies.  The truth is catching up with Elizabeth "Speaks With Forked Tongue" Warren, the lily-white Harvard leftist who falsely ID'd herself as a Cherokee "woman of color."

The legend of Fauxcahontas' little big lie.  It started when Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was said to have used tenuous claims of Native American heritage to further her career.  The defense for listing herself as a minority in a directory of law professors for almost a decade rested on the roots of Warren's great-great-great-grandmother.  If true, that would make Warren 1/32 Cherokee.  It was not.  Now, Warren relies on tales of "high cheekbones" and media outlets like the Boston Globe, which buried the news that she was 0.00 percent Cherokee.

The vetting of Elizabeth Warren's academic background begins.  [Scroll down]  In those 60 pages, Professor Shuchman demonstrates time and again how [Elizabeth] Warren and her co-authors jumped to conclusions, proclaimed new findings which were not new, and most importantly, ignored or did not accurately reflect data.  This point, on page 240 of the Rutgers article, reflects a tendency which Warren has had throughout her career to reach conclusions which were politically charged and headline grabbing, but not supported by the data.

Elizabeth Warren's anti-gaffes matter.  Don't believe the spin that Elizabeth Warren's claims about being Native American don't matter.  Or that she simply made a mistake in how she handled it. [...] There was no gaffe as in mistake; there was a deliberate campaign of deception and evasion.  There also was not gaffe even in the Washington sense, which is when a politician tells the truth.  Warren's statements have been anti-gaffes, not gaffes.

The Editor says...
The selection of Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. Senate shows very clearly that the Democrats don't care about telling the truth as much as they care about winning.  The Democrats who vote for Elizabeth Warren will be endorsing this behavior and will have to answer for it someday.

Warren Caught Telling Another Tall Tale About Composite Grandmother.  On Friday, Breitbart News caught Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in one of her many tall tales of family lore, forcing her to walk back her September 2011 story about her maternal grandmother, Bethanie (Hannie) Crawford Reed, through whose ancestral line she falsely claims Native American heritage.  Today [6/3/2012], we're reporting yet another tall tale Ms. Warren told about her maternal grandmother.

Democrats, Warren Try to Push Scandal Behind Them.  Despite a recent poll showing independents souring on Warren over her claims of Native American ancestry, Massachusetts Democrats yesterday rallied around their beleaguered candidate, turning back a potential primary opponent, and setting up a November match-up with Sen. Scott Brown.  Warren received the backing of 96% of delegates at the party's state convention, despite two separate protests and a spirited challenge from progressive activist, Marisa DeFranco.

Black Ministers Blast Elizabeth Warren's Apparent Abuse of Affirmative Action.  Just days after the Democratic Party committed to Elizabeth Warren's floundering campaign for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, black ministers are attacking Warren's perceived abuse of affirmative action policies to promote herself on the basis of dubious membership in a minority group, the Boston Globe reports.  Warren's claims of Native American ancestry remain unproven — and many other claims about her family have been proven false.

State Dems. pick Warren, DeFranco off ballot.  After facing growing questions about the durability of her Senate candidacy, Elizabeth Warren displayed brute strength Saturday by winning the endorsement of 96 percent of delegates to the state Democratic convention and blocking potential opponent Marisa DeFranco from the party's primary ballot.  The win allows Warren to instead focus on Republican Senator Scott Brown in the general election.

Video Shows Elizabeth Warren Telling Tall Tale of 'Composite' Grandmother.  A recently discovered video shows Elizabeth Warren telling another tall tale about her family.  The day after she announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Democrat Elizabeth Warren told the convocation at the University of Massachusetts-Boston:  "My grandmother drove a wagon in the land rush to settle territory out west.  It was 1889, she was 15 years old... She lived to be 94, to see her youngest grandchild — that's me — graduate from college...".  The only problem with this story is that it's not true.

Ministers skeptical on Elizabeth Warren.  "It will take more than an impromptu endorsement by Governor Patrick to make an intellectually compelling case why Elizabeth Warren deserves to be the next senator," said the Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III, referring to the state's governor, Deval Patrick, who is black. [...] "It is within bounds to raise the question of whether or not a white woman used the minority card for her professional advantage," said Rivers.

For Elizabeth Warren, a bump becomes a hurdle.  The episode could have been a minor nuisance for the campaign.  In a race in which the economy, jobs and debt are the overriding issues, it's unlikely that whether Warren is Native American would matter all that much to voters.  But Warren has turned what could have been a small problem into a major story line by not coming out with everything she knew about the episode from the start.

Did Elizabeth Warren and Harvard Make False Federal Filings in Violation of Federal Law?  Elizabeth Warren's confession to the Boston Globe late last night [5/29/2012] that she self-identified as a "woman of color" to Harvard Law School twenty years ago, in 1992, raises some serious questions for both Ms. Warren and her employer, the most prestigious law school in the country.

Poll: Independents Turning on Warren over Cherokee ClaimThe Boston Globe released a new poll of the Senate race in Massachusetts.  While the headline numbers continue to show Brown and Warren in a virtual tie, there are ominous signs that Warren's handling of her ancestry claim is taking a toll with voters.

Cherokees to protest Warren at convention.  Cherokees angered by Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American heritage said today they'll stand in silent protest against the embattled Senate candidate during Saturday's Democratic Convention in Springfield.  "I believe we need a presence there.  Warren hasn't recanted her claims or apologized to the Cherokee people," said David Cornsilk, a 53-year-old citizen of Cherokee Nation who co-created a group called "Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren."

Warren: My Mother Was So Cherokee She Had to Elope.  Last night, in a bizarre interview with the Boston Globe, Elizabeth Warren tripled down on her Native American heritage claims, despite extensive debunking of her previous doubling down on those claims and thoroughly documented debunking of her original claims in excruciating detail [...] at Breitbart News.

Eloped? Elizabeth Warren's Parents Married in Religious Ceremony.  Breitbart News has obtained a copy of what it believes to be Warrens' parents' marriage certificate from Hughes County, Oklahoma, dated January 4, 1932. [...] According to the document, the marriage was performed by Sidney H. Babcock, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church South of Holdensville, Oklahoma.  Typically, couples that elope do not marry in a church, or in their place of residence.

The Editor asks, rhetorically...
Does Elizabeth Warren not know that the internet exists?  Does she not understand that facts (or dubious claims) can be checked by anyone?

Liz Warren just won't commit.  She's promised to get tough with Wall Street, but Elizabeth Warren yesterday [5/29/2012] refused to commit to one-on-one debates with hard-charging opponent Marisa DeFranco — a dodge one leading Democratic analyst said could raise questions about whether the party elite's favorite has what it takes.

What Elizabeth Warren did wrong:  Elizabeth Warren's acknowledgment Wednesday night [5/30/2012] that she had formally informed both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania that she was a Native American seemingly contradicts a month of the Massachusetts Democrat's assertions on the matter and represents a major misstep for the nationally touted candidate.

Warren May Face Primary Challenge.  Massachusetts Democratic Party leaders had hoped Elizabeth Warren could train her focus on Sen. Scott Brown after the state Democratic convention, but now it looks like anxious delegates may force Warren to face a primary challenger this summer.

MoveOn.org: We May Have to Pull the Plug on Elizabeth Warren.  The news just keeps getting worse for Elizabeth Warren.  The Washington Examiner reports today [5/30/2012] that even the left wing group Moveon.org is admitting they may have to pull the plug on the Elizabeth Warren campaign.

Elizabeth Warren stays mum on heritage, affirmative action.  A day after closing doors on a Herald reporter's questions, Elizabeth Warren and her campaign yesterday [5/27/2012] declined to answer questions about her purported Native American heritage and whether she supports affirmative action, instead issuing the same statement they have released whenever questioned about her minority claims.

Cherokees to Elizabeth Warren: 'We don't claim you!'  More than 150 Cherokee Indians have joined a group online demanding more information from Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren about her claims of Native American heritage.  "You claim to be Cherokee. ... We don't claim you!" the group "Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren" declares on its website.

Are Dems Preparing to Dump Warren?  Indeed, not only have few rallied to her defense, there are signs that the Democrat establishment may be moving to withdraw their support from her wounded campaign.

Warren on the Ropes: Pressure Mounts as Democrats Start to Bolt.  Under fire from one wing of the Massachusetts Democrat Party and a new group of over 150 Cherokee Indians for her apparently false claim to Indian heritage, Elizabeth Warren's incompetently executed rope-a-dope is now making her look like a political neophyte not yet ready for prime-time.

Independent voters call Elizabeth Warren's Native American controversy a "non-issue".  Reporters from The Republican and MassLive.com interviewed 24 voters from around the state about the controversy over Warren's Native American ancestry.  Responses broke down largely along party lines:  Republicans said Warren, a Harvard Law School professor, was wrong to list her alleged Native American ancestry in law directories and elsewhere during her time at Harvard.  Democrats said the issue is an irrelevant diversion from Warren's views.

The Editor says...
In light of everything else on this page, this last item reinforces my ongoing assertion that Democrats care more about winning than about telling the truth.  The results would also be split "largely along party lines" if there were a poll asking, "Is it okay to lie to advance your political career?"

Warren, Obama, and Harvard's Culture of Corruption.  As Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her Harvard partners in crime are learning, academic fraud is not as easy to get away with as it used to be in the good old days before the emergence of a vigilant alternative media.  Writing for Breitbart, Michael Patrick Leahy revealed on Friday a spring 1993 article that listed Warren as one of approximately 250 "women of color" in legal academia.  The article was published in what was then called the Harvard Women's Law Journal and would have been released roughly when Warren was being considered for tenure.

Former Harvard Admin Throws Warren Under the Bus.  In the reaction to the Boston Globe's controversial article on Harvard's EEOC reports which listed Elizabeth Warren as a Native American, one particular revelation has gone largely unnoticed.  Alan Ray, the former administrator who filed diversity reports during Warren's tenure, distances the university from any responsibility for erroneously listing her as a Native American.

Dem mutiny could sink Elizabeth Warren's run.  Next weekend, commonwealth Democrats are holding their annual state convention.  It will be a gathering of moonbats wearing Birkenstocks and socks, union payroll patriots and limousine liberals.  Although Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren is their anointed candidate to take on U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, state Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh is predicting that Marisa DeFranco, a Boston immigration lawyer with a mere 1200 Facebook friends, is going to get 15 percent of the delegates, allowing her to be on the September ballot.  That means Sitting Duck Warren will have to face a primary.

Mrs. Warren's Profession, Cont'd.  Jesse Washington, the AP's man on the diversity beat, seizes the day to explore the metaphysical question at the heart of the Warren Saga:  "What's an American Indian? Warren case stirs inquiry."  Washington gives us the Cartesian approach to the story.  She thinks she is, therefore she is.  QED.

[Elizabeth] Warren [is] on [the] Run from [the] Press.  Under siege over dubious claims of Indian ancestry, Elizabeth Warren slammed a car door in the face of reporters trying to ask her questions regarding what may now eventually become a campaign-ending controversy.

The Editor says...
Please forgive me for doctoring up the headline above.  I did it as a favor to the English language.  Headlines are no longer manually type-set and confined to a limited area on a sheet of paper.  On the internet, there is no reason to translate and condense headlines into a sui generis language.  How are little kids and immigrants supposed to learn English when headlines are written in code?  America has largely abandoned newspapers, and it is now time to abandon the cryptic language of headline-ese.

Elizabeth Warren Is Losing the Media.  [W]ithout the corrupt media on their side, Democrats lose elections at something close to a 100% rate.  The media knows this, Democrats know this, and this is why New Media has to work so [very] hard to push legitimate stories into the MSM's narrative.

Filings raise more questions on Warren's ethnic claims.  US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has said she was unaware that Harvard Law School had been promoting her purported Native American heritage until she read about it in a newspaper several weeks ago.  But for at least six straight years during Warren's tenure, Harvard University reported in federally mandated diversity statistics that it had a Native American woman in its senior ranks at the law school.

Elizabeth Warren Listed as 'Woman of Color' by Harvard Journal in 1993.  Breitbart News has uncovered exclusive new evidence that in the spring of 1993, three years before Harvard Law School first publicly stated she was "a woman of color," Elizabeth Warren likely made that claim while teaching at Harvard, and at approximately the same time the faculty was considering her for a tenured position.  Warren, now running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, told Politico as recently as May 15 that she had "no idea" why a Harvard Law School spokesman called her a "woman of color" in a 1996 Harvard Crimson article and a 1997 Fordham Law Review article.

She just won't give it up.
Elizabeth Warren: Mom says I'm Native American.  An exasperated Elizabeth Warren told reporters Thursday [5/24/2012] that she's certain about her Native American roots "because my mother told me so."  Surrounded by a group of reporters, the Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate was repeatedly questioned about why she hasn't produced documentation to prove that she is part Native American.  After several minutes of grilling, Warren said, "I am proud of my family and I am proud of my heritage."

Another taxing problem for Elizabeth Warren.  If there's any politician that infuriates me more than a carpetbaggin', recipe-stealing fake Indian, it's one that unloads her imported BMW 528i just before announcing her candidacy, and then doesn't even bother to pay the automobile excise tax on her campaign's new Ford Escape.  Yes, Comrade Warren, I'm talking about you.

Elizabeth Warren stonewalling.  Elizabeth Warren is stonewalling questions about whether or not she is a member of a minority group.  Warren says she learned she is part Cherokee from 'family lore.'  She has also come under fire for a minority listing in a law school directory, and for two schools, Harvard Law and the University of Pennsylvania touting her as a minority hire.

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American or What?  Elizabeth Warren is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.  Elizabeth Warren is not enrolled in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  And Elizabeth Warren is not one of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee.  Nor could she become one, even if she wanted to.

Elizabeth Warren's identity politics.  [Scroll down]  She who wants Wall Street "held accountable" is accountable for two elite law schools advertising her minority status.  She who accuses Wall Street of gaming the financial system at least collaborated with, and perhaps benefited from, the often absurd obsession with "diversity."  How absurd?  Warren says that for almost a decade she listed herself in the AALS directory as a Native American because she hoped to "meet others like me."  This well-educated, highly paid, much-honored (she was a consumer protection adviser to President Obama) member of America's upper 1 percent went looking for people "who are like I am" among Native Americans?

Cheap ploys demean true sacrifices.  She might have gotten away with not having any documentation to back up the identity she claimed, if only she'd exhibited some contrition, but what's making Elizabeth Warren a pariah, even among liberal sympathizers, is that she still doesn't have a clue of how egregiously exploitative she appears to be.  That brazen sense of entitlement, so unattractive, apparently makes humility impossible, even if it's feigned for the purpose of public relations.

Like Warren, Obama Claims Cherokee Ancestry — But Offers No Proof.  President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren have more in common than just their liberal political ideology, Harvard Law pedigree, and Democratic Party affiliation.  Both claim Cherokee ancestry, and neither can prove it.

Immigration Lawyer Challenging Fauxcohontas in Primary.  Elizabeth Warren's campaign for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts hasn't exactly gone according to plan.  She has gone from one of the Democrat's top recruits of 2012 to something of a national punch line.  A Harvard Law Professor, who had once been tapped to police bank's disclosure and transparency practices, Warren has had problems disclosing fully her past.

Another swiped recipe, and liberals are in a stew.  They ought to change the name of the next edition of "Pow Wow Chow" to Pow Wow Ciao, and Granny Warren can write a farewell address to any moonbats left who believe anything she says.

Elizabeth Warren Violated Harvard's Rules on Plagiarism.  In copying a recipe from a cookbook word for word, Elizabeth Warren appears to have violated both Harvard College and Harvard Law School's strict codes on plagiarism.

Jig's Up, Cherokee Liz.  There's no truth whatever to Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's claim to Indian ancestry.  She's been proved a fraud.  Time for her to fess up and end this charade.

How to Write Democrat Autobiographies:  For "Pow Wow Chow," which billed itself as an American Indian cookbook, heavy on recipes using Wonder Bread, baloney, Velveeta cheese spread, and mayonnaise, Warren offered up her Cherokee family's traditional crab omelet.  All right, so those recipes were Pierre Franey's... but heck, maybe he was from some French Cherokee tribe.

Faux-cahontas meets affirmative action.  Republicans pointed out the absurdity of Warren using her great-great-great-grandmother to advance her career at Harvard under affirmative action.  Michael Graham of the Boston Herald may have coined the phrase Faux-cahontas.  After dismissing this as a "fake controversy" raised by Republicans, Maillard then proceeded to show that far from fake, this is a very real problem.

Too good to check: Did Elizabeth Warren plagiarize her recipes in "Pow Wow Chow"?  I don't know, guys.  I'm grudgingly coming around to the idea that maybe it'd be better if she won in November.  We can't afford to lose her; she's a daily one-woman content goldmine for the blogosphere, every bit the equal of Martha Coakley.

The Editor says...
I disagree.  There are several members of the Congress and the Senate and the Executive Branch who are laughingstocks, but we're stuck with them.  The time to ostracize people like this is before they get elected.

Cherokee genealogist says it's time for Elizabeth Warren to come clean.  Her name is Twila Barnes, she's 7/32 Cherokee, and she just dropped a truth bomb on the Democrats' favorite non-minority "minority".

Society: 'We have no proof' of Liz Warren's claim.  Elizabeth Warren's embattled campaign faced another setback yesterday after the New England Historic Genealogical Society said there is no proof of her Native American heritage, forcing the novice candidate back to square one in the ongoing scandal, according to pundits.  "It's glued to her now.  This is going to be with her throughout the campaign," said Larry Sabato, who heads the University of Virginia's Center for Politics.  "I don't know how it goes away when you have so many unanswered questions."

The lessons native to the Warren story.  We've had a lot of laughs at the expense of Elizabeth Warren, which come easy when a person refuses to admit the obvious even after it has been made public, and especially when that refusal keeps the story alive long enough to discover something worse.

Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 1001.
Black's Law Dictionary, 1991, page 1001.

Elizabeth Warren's recipes sound familiar.  Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian, has another problem with the Pow Wow Chow cookbook.  It seems that at least two of her "special recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families" are identical to ones from The New York Times [NYT] that were printed in 1979.

Did Elizabeth Warren Plagiarize Her 'Pow Wow Chow' Recipes?  The credibility of Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren took another hit today as Boston radio talk show host Howie Carr released evidence that appears to confirm Ms. Warren may have plagiarized at least three of the five recipes she submitted to the 1984 Pow Wow Chow cookbook edited by her cousin Candy Rowsey.

Low-Rated Jon Stewart Refuses to Mock Elizabeth 'Cherokee' Warren.  What could be more ripe for political satire on a low-rated show that claims to be all about political satire than a U.S. Senate candidate's cynical and bizarre use of non-existent Cherokee blood to receive cherished minority status at Harvard and everywhere else in life?  This is the lowest hanging comedy fruit since a married Congressman named Weiner accidentally tweeted his last name out to the world.

Eternally shifting sands of Obama's biography.  [Scroll down]  There is no evidence that Mrs. Warren, now the Democrats' Senate candidate, is anything other than 100 percent white.  She walks like a white, quacks like a white, looks whiter than white.  She's the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of Wite-Out.  But she "self-identified" as Cherokee, so that makes her a "woman of color."

If the moccasin were on the other foot...  You can almost feel sorry for the moonbat community of Massachusetts as they contemplate the rubble of the Elizabeth Warren campaign.  They thought they were putting up a modern-day Joan of Arc.  Instead, it turns out they've found the Rosie Ruiz of politics.

Why is the New England Historic Genealogical Society Lying Abut Warren's American Indian Claims?  As each day rolls on in this investigation of the claims made by Massachusetts Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren that she has Native American heritage in her background we are finding fewer and fewer reasons to believe her.  Sadly, she is dragging down once well-respected groups with her unprovable claims and Boston-based New England Historic Genealogical Society is one of them.

The Warren Tribe.  Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's political career has been boosted by her daughter's connections to left-wing groups, which could damage her standing with independent voters, observers in Massachusetts and outside experts say.  Warren's daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, chairs the George Soros-funded progressive think tank Demos as well as the board of directors of the liberal magazine the American Prospect, which is a "partner publication" to Demos.  Both organizations have been extremely supportive of Warren's political rise and have helped cultivate her image as a champion of the left.

Elizabeth Warren Is Getting Destroyed More For Calling Herself A Native American.  The controversy over Elizabeth Warren's claim to Native American ancestry shows no signs of dying down, and is now threatening to derail her campaign for Republican Scott Brown's Massachusetts Senate seat.  Politico reporter Maggie Haberman has now uncovered Pa 1997 piece from the Fordham Law Review that refers to Warren as "the first woman of color" hired by Harvard Law School.  The piece cites as its source Harvard Law spokesman Michael Chmura, the same spokesman who bragged about Warren's Native American heritage to the Harvard Crimson in 1996.

Amateur Genealogist Who Backed '1/32 Cherokee' Warren Now Admits Mistake.  Lynda Smith, the amateur genealogist who unknowingly found herself at the root of the false "Elizabeth Warren is 1/32 Cherokee" meme introduced to the media by "noted" genealogist Chris Child of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, acknowledged in an email to [Michael Patrick Leahy] this past Saturday, May 12, that her statement in a March 2006 family newsletter upon which Mr. Child based his claim of Ms. Warren's Cherokee ancestry was made with no supporting documentation.  It was, in fact, an honest mistake that Ms. Smith now acknowledges is entirely without foundation.

Fauxcahontas' 1/32 Cherokee claim debunked.  At this point, any media organization that uncritically repeats Warren's claim to even the tiniest bit of American Indian heritage is committing journalistic fraud.  It must, at a minimum, be noted that no verifiable evidence for this claim exists.

Politico Busts Elizabeth Warren — Almost.  [Maggie] Haberman's discovery is another piece in the puzzle of how, whether, and why Warren may have listed herself as Native American — and whether Harvard Law School sought to promote her heritage for its own purposes.  It is also a sign that the mainstream media may be realizing it can no longer ignore this controversy, or allow Warren to evade it.

Warren's Cherokee Claim Based on Family Newsletter.  The slender thread upon which Elizabeth Warren's claim that she is 1/32 Cherokee rests — a purported 1894 marriage license application — has been exposed as non-existent.  Based on a review of the original marriage records found in the files of the Logan County, Oklahoma Court Clerk's office in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and the statements of ReJeania Zmek, the Court Clerk of Logan County, Oklahoma, it is likely that the ephemeral 1894 marriage license application never existed.

Elizabeth Warren: Senate Candidate, Marxist Author & Shameless Race Grifter.  Her Harvard law professorship affords status to continue the progressive dream of demanding crippled Marxist ideals for public policy.  Warren bellows for doomed-to-fail socialist policies which have only ever created human disaster.  And, as always, this is done in the deified name of the People, despite Marxist ideology always uniformly harming the most destitute.  As the inexplicably blonde-haired, blue-eyed "Native American" Warren cannot produce any hard evidence of her racial status, we must ask:  Is she a pathological grifter?

Tom Lipscomb: Mrs. Warren's profession, cont'd.  First an indifferent law school student who has never contributed an article to it is elected President of the Harvard Law Review.  And now, barring a recantation, it appears the venerable New England Historic Genealogical Society and Christopher Child have colluded in an election fraud upon the people of Massachusetts to publicly and repeatedly advantage a candidate from the Harvard Law School for political office at the expense of their own professional standards and the evidence now staring them in the face.  It is time for the press to call them to account.

Warren found listed as a minority professor at second law school.  Elizabeth Warren was listed as a minority professor by a second law school in a report detailing the school's progress in creating a diverse faculty.  In addition to Harvard University, where Warren is on faculty, the University of Pennsylvania Law School also touted Warren as a minority, according to an April 2005 document obtained by The Hill.

Trail of Tears.  Revelations of Elizabeth Warren's 1/32nd Cherokee heritage raise new questions about her academic career.

Harvard EEOC Report Listed Warren as Native American in 1999.  A newly revealed document taken from a 1999 Affirmative Action Plan Book published by Harvard University indicates that Elizabeth Warren was officially listed as a Native American by Harvard Law School.  Though Warren is not mentioned by name, the report shows just one Native American member of the law school.

Elizabeth Warren dances with lies.  Elizabeth Warren, who also goes by her Indian name, "Lies on Race Box," is in big heap-um trouble.  The earnest, reform-minded liberal running for Senate against Scott Brown, R-Mass., lied about being part-Cherokee to get a job at Harvard.  Harvard took full advantage of Warren's lie, bragging to The Harvard Crimson about her minority status during one of the near-constant student protests over insufficient "diversity" in the faculty.  Warren also listed herself as an Indian in law school faculty directories and, just last month, said, "I am very proud of my Native American heritage."

Cherokee Liz's Shoddy Scholarship.  Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren insists she's a pre-eminent scholar who didn't need minority status to join Harvard's faculty.  But critics have long questioned her research.  The blond, blue-eyed Bostonian has been caught up in a bizarre racial-quotas scandal as she battles to take back Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat. [...] She claims to be 1/32nd Cherokee Indian, even though the Cherokee Nation has never counted her as a member.

UPenn also called Elizabeth Warren a minority in diversity report.  Harvard University may not be the only school that thought Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was a Native American.  In 1994, one year before she joined the faculty at Harvard, Warren won the prestigious Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was teaching at the time.  Eleven years later, the Minority Equity Committee of the University of Pennsylvania published a report that listed every winner of the award since 1991 and highlighted the names of minority recipients — including Elizabeth Warren's.

Elizabeth Warren's Whiter Shade of Pale.  The seediness of Elizabeth Warren's claim to be Native American naturally follows from the lockstep leftist demand for "social justice."  The term, in fact, means the opposite of what it purports to:  social justice means simply injustice, just like politically correct science is really anti-science.

Elizabeth Warren claims Native American roots, skips Harvard Powwow.  Senatorial wannabe Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahontas, said she listed herself as a minority in law school directories because she was hoping to meet others with Native American roots.  So isn't it a shame that Liz took a pass on last weekend's 17th annual Harvard Powwow?

Harvard Native American Program: Warren Never Participated in Events.  Last week, Warren explained that she had listed herself as Native American "in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group something that might happen with people who are like I am."  However, she had not been involved in HUNAP, the most obvious avenue for meeting fellow Native American faculty and students.

Another terrible day for Elizabeth Warren.  Poor Elizabeth Warren has become a laughingstock, a status that is exceedingly difficult to exit.  She stands before the nation peddling implausible stories to explain away the obvious fact that she gamed the affirmative action racket.

Hokumhontas Warren's Stupid Horse Moment.  There's no reason to believe that Hokumhontas Warren was actually qualified for her Harvard position in the first place.  Having listed herself as a "native American" in a directory of law professors for the decade prior to her affirmative-action hiring, it's all but certain that she was playing upon the female-minority quota daily double — and benefited from it.

Affirmative Action's Stigma.  The head of the Massachusetts Republican Party wants Harvard to investigate whether Elizabeth Warren, a faculty member and U.S. Senate candidate, misled the university by claiming Native American ancestry, which might have allowed her to take advantage of hiring policies that favor racial and ethnic minorities.  "The problem is that Ms. Warren is not a Native American," wrote Robert Maginn in a letter Sunday [5/6/2012] to Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust, according to the Boston Herald.

Confirmed — Elizabeth Warren knowingly self-identified as Native American on law association forms.  Democratic Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren has been all over the newspapers the past several days after a revelation that Harvard Law School identified her as a Native American faculty member in the mid-1990s.  The claim to Native American status came as a shock to the media and the Scott Brown campaign.  Warren contends that she was unaware of the designation by HLS, and that it played no role in her hiring.  Warren asserts that her Native American heritage is family lore, and based on what she has been told not any specific documentation she is aware of.  Subsequently, David Bernstein discovered that in annual reports by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) from 1986-1994, Warren was listed as a minority faculty member.  Since AALS bases such information solely on what faculty self-reports, the information must have come from Warren herself.  The AALS directories, however, only identify whether the faculty member is "minority," not what minority status is claimed.

Going Native.  In my weekend column, I write about Harvard Law prof and Democrat Teepee Party candidate Elizabeth Warren, who can't understand why anyone could possibly get the idea she's been passing herself off as a Cherokee for most of her adult life.  Well, maybe they got if from Harvard's daily newspaper.

Dances with Hogwash.  The Democrats' Senate candidate in Massachusetts turns out to be Harvard's cigar-store Indian:  ["]Elizabeth Warren said yesterday she is "proud" of her Native American heritage and indicated she had no problem with Harvard Law School using her roots to claim her as a diversity hire, but her campaign still could not produce documents proving her lineage.["]

Media Circling Wagons to Protect Warren Over Bizarre 'Native American' Flap.  It must be nice to be a liberal Democrat.  Unless you've fathered a child with a campaign staffer while cheating on your cancer-stricken wife, or repeatedly lied about accidentally tweeting photos of your genitals to coeds, the media generally has your back.

Elizabeth Warren's punchline problem.  The awful truth is dawning on many Democrats, possibly including Elizabeth Warren herself:  her candidacy for "Teddy Kennedy's seat" has turned into a nightmare, raising all sorts of uncomfortable issues for public scrutiny.  Even worse, Alinsky's favorite tool, ridicule, is being deployed to make points that inflict lasting damage on sacred cows of the left like affirmative action and the transcendent wisdom of Harvard Law School progressives.

The Democratic Party has lost its mind and its way.  Its political philosophy of inclusion and progress has been consumed by virulent strains of anger, dishonesty and intolerance.  Its leaders don't just want to win an election; they want to silence any American who disagrees with them.

I Thought Voter Fraud Didn't Exist.  Some on the political left have been rambling about how voter fraud isn't an issue for months.  They say it's a new poll tax.  It'll disenfranchise voting, especially amongst those in the minority community who cannot obtain a government issued ID.

Liz digs in deeper hole.  Two weeks ago, she was wringing her hands about higher college tuitions.  Last night she repeated (or Scott Brown did it for her) that she's for in-state tuition for illegal aliens — which amounts to free tuition for people in the country illegally.  But not for kids from New Hampshire whose parents pay income tax in Massachusetts.  She also supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

Senator Pocahontas Claims The Far Left Will Lead Dems To Victory.  Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, infamously known as Pocahontas due to her false claims of being a Native American, is out shaking her bucket rocks again.  This time she is claiming that liberals will lead the Democratic Party back from the wilderness.  Does this means she admits that they are an extremely lost party?  She declared that "progressive liberals" can bring the party back up to par, and also claims that they control its direction.  She says this as a possible 2020 presidential candidate.  All I have to say is that she should definitely run.  It will be almost as satisfying to watch her lose as it was to watch Hillary!

Sen. Liz Warren replays same sad song.  Sen. Granny Warren, the fake Indian, has said many things that we all remember, most of them involving her, ahem, Native-American heritage.  That gag about her high cheekbones is one of my personal favorites.  But Chief Spreading Bull recently delivered another memorable line at the Martin Luther King breakfast:  "We cannot be a country that says, 'I've got mine, the rest of you are on your own.'"

Elizabeth Warren and the death of ethnic truth.  One of the great successes of Elizabeth Warren's campaign has been to destroy the concept of truth and falsity when it comes to ancestry.  What you believe, or what you were told, becomes the operative standard.  The effect has been to excuse Warren's ethnic fraud in the minds of liberals who never "checked the box" based on their own questionable family lore.  The honest questioning of one's own ancestry becomes the excuse for exonerating Warren from a decades-long attempt to take advantage for employment purposes of a status she knew she did not meet.

Somehow the writer of this article omitted the word czar.
Bankrupt Studies Should Disqualify Warren As Consumer Cop.  White House senior adviser David Axelrod told reporters Friday [7/16/2010] that Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren is a candidate to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created in the recently passed financial reform legislation.  Warren, who currently heads the TARP congressional oversight panel, was one of the first to propose such a bureau.  But making Warren the consumer finance protection cop is a bad idea.  She has been more than willing to produce research on consumer finances that is shoddy at best and dishonest at worst.

Along the flaming paper trail of crusader Elizabeth Warren.  The Consumer Financial Protection Agency is the new kid on the block, a stranger among many agencies regulating financial institutions.  The new kid has an agreeable name, but may turn out to be a bothersome nanny or the school bully.

AFL-CIO urges recess appointment for Warren.  The AFL-CIO is calling for a recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren as the head of the fledgling Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  In an email sent to the labor federation's activists Thursday [6/9/2011], AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka asks them to urge President Obama to appoint Warren to the head of the agency.

Worse than any czar, Warren building independent fiefdom at CFPB.  She hasn't been confirmed as chairman of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, but that hasn't stopped Elizabeth Warren from creating her own bureaucratic kingdom to rule.

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