Specific examples of biased news coverage

As if the obvious needs to be laid out even more clearly, this page presents several more examples of what I've been discussing on the other Media Bias pages.

The news media sometimes show bias when they don't report current events.  Another nearby page on this site has a long list of suppressed news items.

Most recently, the press showed undeniable favoritism toward Barack Obama in the 2008 election cycle, and now, even after President Obama has been elected and sworn in, the favoritism continues.

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Four dozen examples of media bias:
Scandal Rap Sheet: 48 Excellent Reasons to Distrust & Despise the Media.  Forget bias for a moment.  Forget mistakes and misstatements and stupid or nasty things said during live telecasts.  There isn't enough Internet to begin to list the countless instances of left-wing bias and politicking and idiocy the media engage in. [...] All of these scandals involve an attempt by a media that advertises itself as non-partisan (MSNBC excepted) to aid and abet the Democrat Party, or undermine Republicans, or advance the media's primary cause, which is to increase the size and scope of America's central federal government.  As you read the list below, ask yourselves which American company or institution could survive a rap sheet even half as long as this one — decades of lies, cover ups, dictator-coddling, outright fraud, theft, and the fabrication of evidence.

The New York Times Is The Democrat Party's Mouthpiece and Guardian.  A good example of the relentless advocacy press in the New York Times appears when its advocates (once called "journalists") work to advance[.]  This is especially true when it comes to the all-important and fiendish belief in DEI.  For example, in [a recent] article, ostensibly about micro-schools, the Times subtly decries parental choice in managing a child's education.  You can smell the fear and self-righteous indignation oozing from the article.  Written by Dana Goldstein, the vibe is that parents who abandon public schools are boobs who are ill-equipped to make choices for their children, while the government and teachers' unions are tried and tested.

AP Style Guide Aims to Silence Dissent From Climate Alarmist Narrative.  Most news outlets rely on The Associated Press style guide — officially known as the AP Stylebook — as the arbiter for grammar, spelling, and terminology in news coverage.  While AP puts forth its style guide as an impartial rubric for fair coverage, its rules often exclude conservative views from the outset.  Take AP's latest round of updates, released Friday.  The updates include guidance on how to avoid "stigmatizing" obese people, admonitions to avoid calling people "homeless" as it might be "dehumanizing," and warnings to avoid the term "female" since "some people object to its use as a descriptor for women because it can be seen as emphasizing biology and reproductive capacity over gender identity."  AP's style guide prefers "anti-abortion" and "abortion-rights" as adjectives, urging journalists to avoid "pro-life," "pro-choice," and "pro-abortion."  Yet one of the largest sections of the updated style guide involves "climate change," a term that AP says "can be used interchangeably" with the term "climate crisis."

The next two articles offer opposing viewpoints:
Gen Z wants no part of Biden's unceasing support of Israel as civilian deaths in Gaza mount.  Cameron Jones is a sophomore at Columbia University.  He has family in Israel and has visited more than once, but he's also a member of the college's chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and a vocal opponent of Israel's attacks on Gaza.  His family abroad doesn't know about the organizing he's done, nor do they know that he is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Columbia after the JVP chapter was suspended in November.  Since Hamas strikes prompted Israel to begin attacking Gaza on Oct. 7, Jones and other students — mostly queer people, people of color and women — have been organizing to demand Columbia divest from companies and institutions that support Israel.

The Biden administration's war against the government of Israel.  The war rages in the Gaza Strip, northern Israel, Lebanon, Eilat and on the streets of Israel's cities as Iran's Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni proxies maintain and escalate their operations against the Jewish state.  Unmoved by this state of affairs, Israel's far left is reinstating the anti-government riots that occurred regularly through the first three-quarters of 2023.  The newest round of leftist political violence began officially on Saturday night in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the first of what has been billed as four days of protests.  As was the case in the anti-government protests before Hamas's invasion of and one-day holocaust in southern Israel on Oct. 7, in the current round, demonstrations are followed by riots in which a few dozen participate.

Welker Lets Adam Schiff Answer at Length, But Lindsey Graham Gets the But!  But!  But!.  It's clear that NBC Meet the Press host Kristen Welker has two modes of operation:  Democrats get polite questioning, often about internal party matters, while Republicans get hammered with rough questions and predictably interrupted with bickering.  There was a dramatic contrast on Sunday between Welker's polite approach to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and her incessant bickering with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).  I'll throw some math in.  Schiff received six questions in his interview, and he spoke for 827 words.  That's about 138 words per answer.  He had no reason to fear Welker jumping in.  Here's the agenda of questions, which is like two Democrats chatting: [...]

MSNBC's Horrific Super Tuesday Panel Mocked Rural Voters Over This Issue.  As expected, some of the media reactions on Super Tuesday were unhinged.  Others were fraught with outright fiction, like how CNN's Alyssa Farah Griffin tried to spin how Trump Republicans aren't most of the GOP.  Has she seen how this primary is going?  On MSNBC, it was a different story.  If Republicans want an ad that they can run throughout this cycle, please clip this panel discussion between Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid, where they mock immigration as a rising issue among voters. [...] An illegal alien raped a Virginia teenager last week.  And did these women forget how Laken Riley was killed in Georgia?  She was murdered on her morning run last month by an illegal from Venezuela.

MSNBC anchors mock Virginia voters for calling immigration their top issue.  MSNBC anchors Jen Psaki, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow joked about Virginia voters' concerns over immigration during the Super Tuesday election coverage at the left-leaning network.  In Virginia, which in recent elections has become a swing state, early exit polls indicated immigration was the top issue for Republican primary voters, reported MSNBC.  While discussing those exit poll results on air, anchors from the liberal network mocked voters from the Old Dominion state for their concerns.

Activist Media Outlets Run Cover for Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Claim Scrutiny Is Motivated by Racism.  It was only a matter of time before folks on the left began throwing race into the saga surrounding embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.  Activist media outlets have begun spinning the narrative that the criticism and scrutiny of the prosecutor isn't about her inappropriate romantic relationship with one of the prosecutors she hired to handle the election interference case against former President Donald Trump but about the color of her skin and her sex.  The New York Times and Associated Press have published pieces intimating that the furor over Willis' alleged corruption was due to racism and sexism and not the fact that she clearly engaged in a torrid affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade.  The only thing surprising about this is that it took them so long to begin weaving this narrative.

Los Angeles Times Tells Angelenos They're Wrong About Crime, Everything Is Fine.  Reading the morning paper was a ritual I continued until just a few years ago when I finally joined the 21st century and switched to the digital version.  But last week I cancelled even that upon reading its recent endorsement of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón for reelection.  For the first time in 40 years, I am no longer a subscriber.  Just as Los Angeles has changed dramatically in recent years, the L.A. Times has also changed.  Of course, it always had a left-wing bent.  But it used to keep that reasonably in check.  It was aware it was the primary source of news for Angelenos as there was no significant competing newspaper. [...] But with the change in the media climate, the L.A. Times has changed.  The newspaper is no longer the primary source of news for Angelenos, now competing with every other news source available online.  Thus, it is no longer compelled to keep its leftist tendencies in check.  This was on full display in its decision to endorse Mr. Gascón.

Connecticut Woman's Assisted Suicide In Vermont Was Facilitated By News Crew.  A woman who traveled to Vermont to use their newly-expanded assisted suicide law was aided by a news crew who vouched for her being of "sound mind". Setting aside the compromise in journalistic integrity, this is an example of how supposed safeguards against abuse of assisted suicide are easily circumvented by persons who want it to happen.  Sadly, if you read the Boston Globe's article carefully, the poor woman seemed to want more time.  More time to write letters, to see friends and do the things people want to do when they are dying.  Instead she set an artificial date for her death which seemed to induce regular stress for her and family.  The fake solution proffered by the article's end seemed to be for her to have committed suicide in CT.  But how about no suicide at all, and a chance for a peaceful and natural end to one's life with the help of hospice instead of the state?

NBC Skips March For Life To Hype Pro-Abort High Schoolers, ABC And CBS Also Ignore [It].  The Friday evening and Saturday morning shows for ABC, NBC, and CBS all ignored Friday's 51st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. where thousands turned out in the cold and the snow to protest the killing of the unborn.  Friday's NBC Nightly News was the worst offender because not only did they ignore pro-lifers, they actively promoted pro-abortion high schoolers.

Reuters and AP 'Journalists' Live-Streamed Themselves Encouraging Gazans to Invade Israel.  In an escalation of earlier reporting that showed multiple "journalists" working for the Associated Press and The New York Times participating in the October 7th attack on Israel, live-stream footage has now been uncovered that illustrates even more direct coordination with Hamas terrorists.  As RedState originally reported, Hassan Eslaiah, who was freelancing for CNN, Reuters, and the AP, filmed himself riding into Israel on October 7th carrying a grenade.  Another "journalist" was also implicated, though the Times defended his work despite evidence he had advance knowledge of the attack.  The claim from the Times was that these "journalists" had simply been caught up in quickly unfolding events and were merely trying to do their jobs.  That claim has now been proven false.

NBC News is Worried Democrats Could Lose in 2024.  This NBC News article is not an opinion piece so far as I can tell.  Titled "5 twists that could upend Democrats' best-laid plans for the 2024 election," it's intended to be a combination of prognostication and analysis, but the framing of the piece is clearly one-sided.  It might as well be headlined 'How Democrats Could Lose' which sort of implies that Democrats aren't supposed to lose.  The natural order is for them to win.  As a matter of setting up this concept, the article opens with what Democrats expect to happen:  ["]Recognizing the stakes, and appreciative of strong economic growth on Biden's watch, Americans dutifully put aside any misgivings about the president's age and give him another four years in office.["]  But the remainder of the article explores how this could all go wrong because clearly if Democrats lose it's because something has gone wrong.

From the Netherlands, Geert Wilders' win draws a sour grapes response from the eurotrash.  After decades of wokedom, self-satisfied establishmentarians in European capitals found themselves 'shocked' that populist/conservative Geert Wilders ran away with a big victory in the Netherlands.  Sour grapes is more like it.  But to get even more specific, it was a wake-up call.  According to the Associated Press:  ["]Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders said Thursday that he is ready to join the next Dutch coalition government after he surged to a huge election victory that marked a stunning lurch to the far right for a nation once famed as a beacon of tolerance.["] [...] "Stunning lurch to the far right"?  Let's just say we know how Mike and Raf voted if they are Dutch.  What crazed, insulting language that bears no resemblance to the subject of their article.

Anchor Diplomacy:  ABC's Muir Asks Bibi Six Times For A 'Humanitarian Pause' In Gaza.  One is left wondering what, exactly, ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir tried to accomplish during his interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which very quickly veered into a negotiation over the long sought-after "humanitarian pause" in Gaza.  Watch this condensed excerpt of the interview, wherein Muir presses Netanyahu, on SIX different occasions, for said humanitarian pause:  [Video clip]

After Media Bouquets for Pelosi, Predictable Brickbats for Johnson.  The good news for Republicans is they finally elected a new speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson.  The bad news for Republicans is the "objective" media exist to create bad news for Republicans.  The "Politico Playbook" announced the breaking spin over the breaking news: "Johnson is about to become for Democrats what Nancy Pelosi was for Republicans: a base-motivating, money-raising boogeyman who embodies everything they dislike most about the other party.  At least that's what Democrats are hoping."  Politico added Democrats will paint Johnson, R-La., as "an election denier, an anti-abortion extremist and a slasher of Social Security and Medicare."  Surprise, surprise:  That's the tone the networks struck in their first evening news reports.

Study: ABC, CBS, and NBC Are Shielding Pro-Hamas Democrats from the Public.  Since the October 7 Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians, House Democratic members of the "Squad" have drawn harsh criticism from even members of their own party for their rabidly anti-Israel posturing.  But rather than shining a spotlight on the controversy, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) instead dutifully sheltered them from public scrutiny; in fact, since the attack, they have not received even a second of airtime on the evening newscasts.  MRC analysts combed through all of ABC, CBS, and NBC's evening newscasts from October 7 through October 22 for any mention of the House Democrats colloquially known as "the Squad."  Despite dedicating a whopping 525 minutes (nearly 9 hours) of airtime to the ongoing tumult in Gaza, none of these three networks gave even a second to any member of the progressive cadre.  That's not for a lack of action on the part of the Congresswomen (and one man).  We compiled a list of eight anti-Israel actions and remarks by Squad members which one might reasonably expect serious journalistic outlets to mention in their Gaza coverage.

Synopsis:  You're only "presumed innocent" by the news media if you're black.
The Possible Reason CBS Blurred out Face of Ryan Carson's Murderer but Didn't Do That for Daniel Penny.  The saga of Ryan Carson, murdered radical leftist activist in New York, now includes an alleged suspect in custody, but the legacy media is attempting to hide his identity despite it being readily available.  According to the New York Post, the suspect is 18-year-old Brian Dowling, a black male who lived on Lafayette Avenue.  Police found evidence of the murder in Dowling's home, including the dark shirt he wore Monday and the suspected murder weapon.  He's currently being charged with second-degree murder and criminal weapons possession according to the NYPD.  The Post was good enough to provide photographs of Dowling which are now being circulated around the internet.

Weather Channel map
The Weather Channel's Absurd 'Hot' Propaganda.  The Weather Channel is absolutely ridiculous.  The channel's "Weather Across the Country" map on their homepage for September 19 had red colors EVERYWHERE!  Because it's HOT HOT HOT!  No area of the country is experiencing normal weather for mid September, apparently.  Chicago, for instance, was displayed as red to deep orange.  Warm, right?  I can tell you from personal experience:  It was "freezing" on Tuesday, September 19 in Northern Illinois for a day that is still technically summer.  It rained all day and barely got over 60 all afternoon.  I regretted not wearing a jacket to the office.  On this map, Seattle is in "yellow/green" denoting cooler weather, but I can assure you that today in Chicago felt like Seattle ... and it probably felt a lot warmer in Seattle where The Weather Channel said, and showed with color, that it was significantly "cooler." [...] Minot, North Dakota was allegedly 86 degrees today and is in "cool" yellow.  Jacksonville, Florida is one degree higher at 87 and is in "deep red hot."

Think Impeachment Will Help Biden?  Then Why Is He Behaving Like A Cornered Rat?  Over the weekend, we came across a story warning Republicans about their decision to start an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. [...] In just the past few days we've seen a multitude of such warnings.  Here's a small sampling:
  •   "Impeaching Biden Is a Desperate Gamble That Will Backfire"
  •   "Republicans would love to impeach Biden.  It would backfire on them."
  •   "How Republicans' Push to Impeach Joe Biden Could Backfire"
  •   "Could the Biden impeachment inquiry backfire on Republicans?"
  •   "Will the House GOP's Biden impeachment probe backfire?"
  •   "This is the White House's Dream!"
Here's the strange thing.  Every one of these headlines appeared in leftist newspapers, were penned by leftist authors, or were uttered on leftist cable news programs.  It's almost as though these outlets all got their marching orders from a single source.  Which, it turns, out, they did — the Biden White House.

All the news that wasn't fit to print.  What if the media had actually treated then-senator Obama like a presidential candidate rather than a political version of Harry Belafonte doing the latest calypso to fawning reporters?  Seriously, did Senator Obama get a serious question in 2008? Or was he too smart to question?  What if the media had been outraged when President Obama used the IRS to eliminate his critics or use executive orders to issue diktats around the Congress?  What if the media had called for someone to fire Director Comey for allowing Mrs. Clinton to get away with violating all the rules on the books over files?  Private server?  What if the media had been outraged that so many Democrats were questioning the 2016 results — and let's not forget 2000 or 2004.  Remember when it was fashionable to call the president illegitimate?  What if all of those "sources" familiar with the Russia investigation would have been ridiculed publicly for lying?  And what about the 51 "intelligence officials" who signed the infamous Hunter-Biden-laptop-is-Russian-disinformation letter?  Any reporters showing up at their homes asking for an explanation?  It's a little too late now to turn into investigative journalists; the target is, and always has been, President Trump.

MSNBC's Joy Reid savors the 'demographic reality' that Trump's J6 judges are women of color.  Joy Reid just can't help herself when it comes to inserting race into absolutely everything and the upcoming trial of former President Donald J. Trump in a Wahington, D.C. courtroom presided over by a hostile Obama-appointed judge is no exception.  During MSNBC's coverage of Trump's traveling to the nation's capital for his arraignment on Thursday, the "race lady" took great pleasure in pointing out that both of the judges who the former president faced would be women of color, seeming to suggest that their ethnicity could have an effect on how the trial will play out.  Reid was clearly savoring the "demographic reality" of the D.C. courts and suggested that the Trump team's desire for a change of venues was rooted in racism rather than the reality that there is no way that he will get a fair trial in an area where the overwhelming majority of the jury pool hates his guts.

CNBC releases list of 'best and worst states to live in'.  CNBC recently released a remarkable ranking of "America's 10 worst states to live and work in for 2023."  Unsurprisingly, considering the source, the list consists exclusively of red states.  The rankings were purportedly based on crime rates, environmental quality, health care, quality and availability of childcare, and inclusiveness in state laws such as reproductive rights, protections against discrimination, and voting rights.  Oh, got it.  Guess we know how they weighted these factors.  Access to unfettered abortion ("reproductive rights"), worship of the LGBTQ community ("Protection against discrimination"), and the "right" to vote sans identification, via mail, and early and often, obviously superseded "crime rates."  [Lists omitted for brevity.]  Notice something oddly amusing, gentle readers?  Most of the states CNBC ranked as the worst in which to live and work are the states everyone is moving to, and several of the states it ranked as the best in which to live and work are the ones everyone is moving from.

DeSantis' Problem Isn't Trump, [but rather] That Dems Rigged The Last Election.  You might have noticed a media narrative taking shape the last few days about how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign has "stalled."  A Politico Playbook item over the weekend described it as a "failure to launch," noting that polling for DeSantis peaked in January at 40.5  percent and has since settled in the low 20s amid a barrage of attacks from former President Donald Trump.  Playbook also cited other news outlets recently casting doubt on the DeSantis operation, from fundraising struggles to lack of endorsements to difficulties distinguishing himself from Trump on policy.  DeSantis super PAC official Steve Cortes added fuel to the narrative fire in an interview Sunday night, bemoaning the polls and admitting, "clearly Donald Trump is the runaway frontrunner."

The Liberal Media Need Shock Treatment.
  •   The IRS whistleblowers in the Hunter Biden matter are ignored by the liberal media.
  •   Biden steals thousands of classified documents — without the authority to declassify them — when he was a senator and vice-president and the story disappears.
  •   FBI insiders bravely reveal the blatant pro-Democratic bias of the organization and their testimony is sloughed off.
  •   Joe Biden commits one embarrassing verbal gaffe after another, demonstrating an unarguable diminution of mental acuity, and the video clips are nowhere to be seen on the mainstream stations.
  •   James Comer finds one ironclad, tangible example after another of inappropriate, even illegal, financial dealings by the entire Biden family and Comer's investigation is dismissed by the liberal media as unfounded hearsay.
  •   Talk of the 2016 presidential election being stolen by President Trump from Hillary is hailed as heroic, patriotic protest, but presenting the mountains of indisputable evidence of 2020 election fraud committed by the Democrats against President Trump gets you branded as a traitor by the mainstream media.
This list of examples could go on and on, but for the sake of brevity and current relevance, we'll leave it there.

Nancy Pelosi's Sudden Conversion Experience.  What I value most about MSNBC's new lineup is the ability of its hosts to do hard-hitting interviews with adverse guests.  No Fox News — like softballs here; instead we get former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki interviewing former Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the results are every bit as explosively contentious as you would expect from two people who have been blowing kisses to one another over an explicitly shared political agenda for the last several years. (I assume it was not Psaki's bona fides as a commentator wot got her the job as the Biden administration's mouthpiece.)  Among the hard questions Psaki put to Pelosi:  Just how disappointed is she in this conservative Supreme Court? ("Are you concerned the Supreme Court has lost its legitimacy?" she boldly challenged her.)  But I'm not really here for media critique today and besides, the shameless by definition cannot be shamed.  Instead I'm here because Nancy Pelosi's lengthy response to that creampuff was a farrago of lies, cynical politicking, and howling personal hypocrisy notable even for her.

Amanpour Teams Up With Obama To Warn That The GOP Threatens Democracy.  CNN's Christiane Amanpour recently interviewed former President Barack Obama for an hour-long special that aired Thursday night that carried the pretentious subtitle Will Democracy Win?  CNN was not subtle in trying to portray Republicans as a threat to democracy, beyond the subtitle, the opening narrator hyped the location of the interview, "An in depth conversation on the state of American democracy from the birthplace of democracy, Athens, Greece."  Early on in the interview, Obama described U.S. institutions as "creaky" from the strain of allegedly anti-democratic sentiment.  Amanpour took that idea and ran with it, "So, let's ask about the creaky or not institutions in the United States.  The spectacle of a former president being federally indicted, [...]"

CNN Rules Republicans Are the Enemy of Kids and Climate.  During Friday's CNN This Morning, the network covered 16 young people suing the state of Montana over climate change.  Chief climate correspondent Bill Weir portrayed the young people as the heroes of a movie where they attempt to fend off the Republican-controlled government, despite admitting that the lawsuit would not change anything even if the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.  The lawsuit merely singled out Montana Republicans and blamed them for the existence of fossil fuel.  CNN called it "fascinating" and "such a great story."  The case hinged on the following clause in the Montana state constitution:  "The state shall maintain and improve a clean and healthful environment for present and future generations."  Nate Bellinger, senior staff attorney for Our Children's Trust claimed that fossil fuel-induced climate change forfeited the young people's right to a healthful environment.

The Leftist Green Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News.  One recent analysis found AP stories mentioned the phrases "climate change," "global warming," and "Climate disaster" hundreds of times since receiving grants totaling $8 million in early 2022.  The stated purpose of the money is to fund the AP's "Climate Journalism Initiative," which would employ 20 new reporters to "transform how the AP covers the climate story."  Perhaps it also funded the story that gave us Biden's hard-hat environmentalism?  In another example from the story, former top Clinton adviser John Podesta is heavily quoted in his role as overseer of the $369 billion for green energy from Biden's so-called Inflation Reduction Act.  The story fails to mention Podesta's political operative past, including his unofficial title of "White House clean-up chief" during the Clinton years.  Also quoted are the extreme eco-groups the Natural Resources Defense Council and Center for Biological Diversity.  They are all given a lot of space in a story with a lot of reach.  As a wire service, the hard-hat rebranding from the AP will appear in thousands of newspapers across the world as news.  We don't know if the millions the AP received for climate coverage played a role in helping Biden rebrand his energy policy, and that's precisely the point.

Scientific American Compares DeSantis to Mussolini.  It is hardly breaking news that many once-trustworthy science and medical publications have been infected by leftist ideology.  One of the worst cases involved the Lancet, which published an editorial in May of 2020 that openly urged American voters to replace then-President Trump.  Sadly, this disease has continued to metastasize.  The latest outbreak just appeared in Scientific American, which published an opinion piece on Friday claiming that the education policies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis "mirror past fascist strategies in ways that are disquieting for American democracy."

Slobbering CBS News Interview With John Fetterman Ends With a Head-Scratching Suggestion.  John Fetterman finally left the hospital on Friday after a lengthy stay at Walter Reed for severe depression.  That was just the latest in a string of worsening health issues for the newly-elected Pennsylvania senator, who suffered a massive, debilitating stroke during his 2022 campaign.  Since then, Fetterman's condition has only worsened, with him now requiring a closed captioning monitor to even attempt a basic conversation.  Even then, his problems are not just auditory, as the stroke has clearly affected his ability to not only understand what he's hearing but also what he's saying.  None of that matters to the mainstream press, though.  Instead of being transparent with the American people, they have run a relentless cover-up operation, shaming anyone who would dare ask serious questions about Fetterman's fitness for office.  CBS News offered the latest example with a slobbering interview following his release from Walter Reed. [...] [Jane] Pauley made a head-scratching suggestion.  Namely, she insinuated that Fetterman could run for president one day.  [Tweet]

More Climate Fiction From the BBC.  Countless mainstream media programmes now incorporate extremist green climate propaganda into their output, seemingly without any desire to question the most outlandish and improbable statements.  Last Monday's Start the Week on BBC Radio 4 provides a case study in how fiction is mixed with cherry-picked fact, doused in error-ridden political Net Zero propaganda and presented as a learned contribution to our understanding of how the climate is breaking down.  Not to put too fine a point on it, the whole affair was a one-sided, misinformed muddle.

Nets Spend 273 Minutes on Trump, 0 Seconds on Biden Family Corruption.  The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks continue to bury the Hunter Biden probe and the growing scandals surrounding the Biden family's corruption, including the House Oversight Committee's revelations that Hunter, the President's brother Jim and Hallie Biden (widow of son Beau) received payments from a Chinese energy firm — something President Joe Biden firmly denied.  However, their voracious appetite for covering the various investigations (Stormy Daniels, Mara Lago documents, January 6th) surrounding former President Donald Trump remains unsatiated.  Beginning with the House Oversight Committee's breaking of the Hallie Biden news through the evening of Trump's indictment, MRC analysts tracked the glaring double-standard.

For Five Straight Years, The Pulitzer Prizes Have Rewarded Misinformation.  While the Pulitzer Prizes have always been little more than self-dealing masquerading as journalistic beauty pageant, it was a lot easier to believe in this manufactured prestige back when journalism was at least slightly more competent and concerned with the appearance of objectivity.  In fact, a spin through the last five years of Pulitzer recipients reveals some interesting choices that add up to a clear pattern.  In 2018, a Pulitzer for national reporting was given to The New York Times and Washington Post for reporting on the Donald Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russia.  A 2019 Pulitzer for "Explanatory Reporting" was given to The New York Times for reporting on Trump's taxes.  The 2020 Pulitzer for commentary was given to Nikole Hannah-Jones of The New York Times for the 1619 Project.  In 2021, a public service Pulitzer was given to The New York Times for its coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic "that exposed racial and economic inequities, government failures in the U.S. and beyond."  In 2022, the Washington Post won a public service Pulitzer for its coverage of January 6.

ABC Joins CBS, NBC in Coordinated Liberal PR Push to Smear Pro-Life Texas Law.  Following Monday's NBC Nightly News, Tuesday's CBS Evening News, and Wednesday's CBS Mornings, ABC used Wednesday's Good Morning America to join what's the latest example of a manufactured, public relations-driven campaign by liberal activists to promote the plantiffs of a new lawsuit seeking to chip away at Texas's pro-life law that limits abortion to six weeks.  Of course, ABC gave no real attention to the pro-life cause, aside from a single sentence that ended the two-minute-and-46-second segment that summarized a statement from the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R).

The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar.  After the House voted to deny Rep. Ilhan Omar a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee — using a precedent Democrats recently created but suddenly find deeply offensive — AP tweeted: "BREAKING: House Republicans have voted to oust Democratic Rep Ihan [sic] Omar from the House Foreign Affairs committee.  The vote to remove the Somali-born Muslim lawmaker came after her past comments critical of Israel."  Almost two years ago to the day, the Associated Press reported on the House removing another congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, from her committee assignments like so:  "BREAKING: The U.S. House votes to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees for spreading violent, racist rhetoric."  You'll notice that when Democrats denied Taylor Greene a committee seat it was "the House," but it is "House Republicans" when Omar is booted (and this was the case on NPR, PBS, Yahoo!, etc.).  House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has the power to unilaterally eject Reps.  Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the intelligence committee, but the entire House was needed to remove Omar.  Obviously both votes were largely along partisan lines, as almost all votes are these days.  It's a newsworthy fact, no doubt.  Yet AP editors left the partisan aspect of the story out of the headline for only one of the incidents, even though Democrats were the ones creating the precedent.

'News management' is a fact of media life.  [Scroll down] Sponsors pulling their ads in the wake of some disaster is not new.  Back in the day, I was instructed to skip all airline commercials if a plane crash was in the news.  Today, it's the news that's skipped in deference to the sponsor.  For years, the news reported most mass murderers were on some form of behavior-altering psychotropic drugs.  But the drugs were never named despite the fact so many of the killers were taking the same drugs.  "Why not" should be clear now.  "Managing the news" to remove stories embarrassing to sponsors, politicians and other 'celebrities' was denied by broadcast and print media outlets for decades.  Recent events involving the President and Hunter Biden, the Paul Pelosi incident, and now, the Pfizer Drugs executive 'admission' offer proof news management is a fact of media life.  The danger to individual freedom and welfare comes when facts that present a danger to health and possibly national security 'manage' to find a way out of the headlines and into the ignorance of those who need to know.

ABC Appalled Armed Robber Got Stopped By Armed Good Samaritan.  Seemingly on the side of criminals, ABC's Good Morning America was appalled on Monday [1/9/2023] after they learned that an armed good Samaritan in Houston, Texas shot and killed an armed robber who was holding up an entire restaurant.  They portrayed the hero as ducking police and the source of the fear in the restaurant that night.  All of this was part of their anti-gun narrative that bars even defensive uses of firearms.

Most reporters are shills for Democrats and the latest string of news proves it.  It is impossible to fathom how anyone could possibly think that Kamala Harris had a fabulous year.  It appears that a WaPo writer believes she did because she went to some international meetings and talked about how important abortion is.  It began like this:
  ["]Kamala Harris had a most excellent year
  The vice president is finishing a banner year filled with domestic barnstorming and high-wire diplomacy.
  By Jonathan Capehart["]
One of her main jobs was border czar and she clearly did nothing in two years.  The border has gotten worse, and not just worse, the worst it's ever been. [...] Anyone who is bragging about Kamala, with no achievements and whose word salads are incomprehensible should not be a reporter.

ABC News producer moonlights as corporate hitman.  Well this is not exactly surprising.  NPR and Floodnight News have a report on an ABC News producer who used her credentials and perhaps corporate resources to do side work as a corporate propagandist.  And as if that is not bad enough, she was, shall we say, a bit free with the truth.  As in completely making up stories to embarrass or ruin her targets.  These reporters called her a "corporate operative."  I would call her a corporate hitman, given that she was trying to destroy people.

GMA producer was paid thousands of dollars by Florida-based lobbying firm to perform 'hit job' interviews on political opponents.  A Good Morning America producer, who was previously most known for her affair with To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen, used her title to gain access to politicians who were opposed to the interests of a major political consulting firm she was also employed by.  A bombshell report from NPR and Floodlight says that Kristen Hentschel, who formerly went by the name Kristyn Caddell, had on least three occasions attempted to 'trip up Florida politicians whose stances on environmental regulations cut against the interests' of clients of Matrix LLC.  More recently, Matrix has been accused of running surveillance operations against journalists and environmental activists.

Pointing out lies from public health experts makes Ron DeSantis a bad guy.  The Washington Post had a very odd piece published on Saturday.  I couldn't decide if it was only biased or totally ridiculous.  It was actually a bit of both.  The biased part was the substance of the piece; the totally ridiculous part was the headline, which gave away the media's game.  [Tweet]

We don't have a free press.  If we had a free press, 30 reporters would never pose with Nancy Pelosi as if they were her ladies-in-waiting.  If we did, Hillary's 30,000 emails sent to a trucking company in Red China would have stopped her presidential bid.  If we had a free press, Seth Rich's murder would have been bigger than George Floyd's overdose death.  If we had a free press, journalists would not seek the approval of John Podesta (Hillary's henchman) as we learned in the DNC emails leaked by Seth Rich.  If we had a free press, Hillary's fake charity which laundered bribes from foreigners would have landed her in prison.  If we had a free press, the FBI spying on Donald Trump would have landed Barack Obama in prison as well.  If we had a free press, Jim Comey would have been Obama's cellmate.

Renegade Republicans are 'mavericks' to [the] media, while Kyrsten Sinema is a traitor.  If it's "honorable" and "brave" when a Republican man bucks his own party, what's it called when a Democratic woman does the same thing?  In the case of Kyrsten Sinema, I'm almost afraid to find out.  The Arizona senator announced Friday [12/9/2022] that after nearly two decades as a Democrat, she was switching her party affiliation to independent, stupefying liberals and Democrats in her own party, now unsure as to what it means for the Democratic majority in the Senate.  There's nothing off brand about it.  She literally tweeted after her first Senate victory in 2018, "I'll be an independent voice for all Arizonans."  And Sinema routinely agitates her caucus by either demonstrating a willingness to side with Republicans or by withholding support for Democratic legislation that isn't closer to her own political preferences.  In recent months, Sinema has opposed eliminating the legislative filibuster and a major social welfare package pushed by the Biden administration, both of which were priorities for her former party.

The Media Makes Musk a Villain but Lets SBF Off Easy.  When Sam Bankman-Fried sat down with George Stephanopoulos for a Good Morning America interview this week in his signature T-shirt, it wasn't the first national news appearance the disgraced former crypto wunderkind had given.  Since losing tens of billions of dollars in his over-leveraged and shadily funded businesses, FTX and Alameda, Bankman-Fried has been on a media tour, showing up in reporters' DMs, on Vox, Axios, at The New York Times' DealBook Summit, and he is still scheduled for a Twitter Space and a YouTube interview to round out his week.  Somewhere, an expensive lawyer is pulling his well-coiffed hair out — a contrast with Bankman-Fried, who seems relatively calm, his unkempt hair and Bahamas abode unchanged in the wake of this stunning fall from financial grace.  You know who else seems calm?  The media figures covering Bankman-Fried.

Apple is now an active collaborator with China's murderous police state.  Unless you read The Daily Mail, which is an English paper published online, you probably didn't know that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into a major city last night in order to put down protests against his rule.  Virtually no American media outlets even acknowledge that that happened, and that's pretty weird if you think about it.  Imagine, for example, that Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán put tanks into Budapest to crush his political opponents.  Would our media notice?  Oh, yeah, they would.  It'd be on the front page of The New York Times.  "Morning Joe" would lead with it, and keep in mind that Hungary is a very small country.  It's got a GDP smaller than South Dakota's.  China, by profound contrast, has the biggest economy in the world.  China is our main global rival.  It's a highly significant place and yet somehow no one in any newsroom in America noticed when Xi Jinping decided to replay Tiananmen Square.  They didn't see it, even though the pictures were on the internet.  How is that possible?  Could it be that the American news media is covering for the government of China?

Evening News Spends Only 11 Seconds on Warnock Child Support Scandal.  The double-standard is atrocious.  The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) evening newscasts have almost completely buried Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock's child support scandal, spending only 11 seconds on it since September 1.  In stark contrast, the network evening newscasts (September 1 [to] November 16) flooded their airwaves (36 minutes, 21 seconds) with stories of women accusing his GOP opponent Herschel Walker of paying for abortions.  That's almost 200 times more coverage to the Walker story than the Warnock scandal.  On Tuesday, Warnock's ex-wife Oulèye Ndoye requested that a court compel the Georgia Senator to face questioning over child custody.  Ndoye has also accused Warnock of failing to properly pay child care expenses.  Despite the issue being brought up in the October 14 Walker-Warnock debate the evening newscasts mostly looked the other way.

Gretchen Whitmer seems to hint at future presidential run, delighting CNN hosts: Focused on Michigan 'for now'.  On the heels of her midterm victory, CNN was already pushing for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to run for president in 2024.  The Democrat, who won re-election by a double-digit margin in the blue state, stopped by CNN Thursday morning to talk about her priorities in her next term.  Michigan was one of four states where Democrats gained control of both legislative chambers and the governorship.  Whitmer expressed hope for more gun control and pro-choice legislation coming through Congress.  Afterwards, CNN host Kaitlan Collins urged the Democrat to run in 2024.

The Editor says...
Fake news alert!  [#1] Nobody just "stops by" CNN, or any other network, to talk about themselves on the air.  Guests are booked hours or days in advance, even if they're Democrats.  [#2] She wasn't even in the studio!  She didn't "stop by" at all!  The interview was done remotely, since the guest was only in a big monitor.  She might not have had to leave her house!

Here's Why NBC News Deleted a Report on the Paul Pelosi Attack.  [Scroll down] After trying to memory-hole the report, NBC applied a strange note to the now-unplayable video's page:  "The piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards."  As some on Twitter pointed out, mainstream outlets reporting new information, then quickly and quietly trying to pretend they didn't report it, does not do much to help assuage those who think there's more to the story than is being explained.  [Tweet]  Authorities still say they will not release body-worn camera footage from the responding officers — which would quickly clear up the disparity between what Almaguer reported and what the FBI affidavit stated — nor the 911 call Pelosi placed.  The U.S. Capitol Police have also said they are not planning to release footage their cameras recorded the night of the break-in.

The media's coverage of Kari Lake takes bias to new extremes.  When it comes to Kari Lake, the mainstream, drive-by, leftist media is in pants-wetting mode. [...] Until 2021, Lake was best known in the Phoenix area, where she worked for 22 years as a television news anchor at KSAZ-TV.  Her political identity was kind of all over the place.  She was originally a Republican, a registration she kept until 2006.  That was when, because she was dismayed by George Dubya's wars (which saw her voting for John Kerry in 2004), she switched to Independent.  Then, in 2008, clearly dazzled by Obama, she registered as a Democrat and donated to several Democrat campaigns.  However, in 2021, she launched her gubernatorial campaign as a Republican.  Despite being substantially outspent during the Republican primary, Lake won handily.  Perhaps it was because she didn't let Democrats bully her into hiding her suspicions that something was deeply wrong with the 2020 election results. [...] The media, of course, know an enemy when they see one.  That's why their coverage of Lake is venomous in the extreme.  While their coverage of most Republicans averages 87% negative, their coverage of Lake is 100% negative[.]

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell lays it on THICK for Fetterman, compares him to Winston Churchill.  It's all hands on deck to save Democrat Pennsylvania Senate hopeful John Fetterman from himself after his historic implosion during Tuesday's debate with his GOP rival Dr. Mehmet Oz and the party's propagandists are frantically trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again to mitigate the damage.  Fetterman's performance was a nightmare scenario for the party and the corrupt, partisan media is pulling out all stops to spin the debacle with the narrative now being pushed that the hulking lieutenant governor's inability to form coherent thoughts and sentences despite having a closed captioning system provided to him was a heroic effort due to his being a stroke survivor, a triumph over his disability comparable to some of western civilization's most towering historic figures.  MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell likened Fetterman to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, laying it on thick with the sort of WWII rhetoric that makes gullible leftists with little real knowledge of history swoon.  [Video clip]

Left-Wing Media Insists the Parrot Isn't Dead.  It's Just Resting.  In a couple of weeks, John Fetterman will be back home in Braddock, Penn., in his loft apartment, playing with his kids and continuing to recover from what we now know was a devastating stroke.  It's what he should have been doing since he suffered the stroke in May.  But because he and his campaign hid the severity of his condition from the media, his party, and especially his opponent, Mehmet Oz, it came as a shock to see the 49-year-old giant of a man in such a confused state.  Whether it was due to hubris or simple denial of reality, Fetterman's vulnerabilities were exposed for all to see.  That is, everyone but a certain segment of the left-wing media that is working very hard to tell us that we didn't see what we actually saw, that Fetterman didn't do that badly.

Corporate Media Laugh At FBI Meddling With Republican Control Of Senate In Attempted Entrapment Of Ron Johnson.  Corporate media outlets are scoffing at Sen. Ron Johnson, who stated during the Wisconsin senate race debate last night that he had been "set up" by the FBI — after his opponent, Wisconsin Lt.  Gov. Mandela Barnes, accused Johnson of being a Russian asset.  Johnson, however, was indeed set up by the FBI, and in the greatest twist of irony, it appears Barnes was the one used as a pawn for Russian disinformation.  Johnson and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, led an investigation into Hunter Biden's financial entanglements with overseas oligarchs and the correlated effort by the FBI to cover it up before the 2020 election.  In August 2020, the FBI proceeded to then brief the two senators that their investigation "advanced Russian disinformation."  After the briefing, parts of the senators' supposedly "secure" conversation with the FBI were leaked to the public in what Johnson says was an effort to "smear" him and his Hunter Biden investigation.

The Dancing Vax media mocks the truth.  Saul Alinsky's fifth Rule for Radicals is "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.  There is no defense.  It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.  Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage."  Which explains why corporate media has turned late-night TV shows into Marxist Theater.  Mockery serves the powerful.  Last year, Stephen Colbert performed a Dancing Vaccines skit using the song Tequila but changing the words to Vaccine because all the cool kids are getting the shots.  It was a bit he stole from Jay Leno's Dancing Judge Itos.  This year, healthy athletes are dropping like flies following their covid shots.  The media won't report it because the media went all in on the covid shots, with their late-night hosts mocking skeptics who refused to take an experimental drug.

The mainstream media openly advocate for John Fetterman.  It began with NBC News Reporter Dasha Burns doing an in-person interview with Pennsylvania Senate Democrat candidate John Fetterman.  Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, causing his health to become a major issue in the Senate race.  Burns revealed that Fetterman has "lingering auditory processing issues" due to his stroke."  Hence a monitor was set up before him so he could read a transcript of her questions.  She also revealed he has problems with his speech.  Burns also said that once the closed captioning was on, Fetterman was able to answer all questions during her 25-minute interview.  This wasn't a political hitjob but factual reporting.  But since these inconvenient facts could harm the electoral prospects of a Democrat, Burns received considerable backlash from various Democrat proxies in the mainstream media.  They branded Burns' reporting ableist.

MSNBC Host Wants Barack Obama To Lead A Hotline To Save America From Republicans.  MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested Monday that the United States might need a "Democracy commission" or some other organization that could save America from the Republicans — and she thought that former President Barack Obama could potentially spearhead such an effort.  Wallace, who hosts "Deadline: White House" on the left-leaning network posed the question to former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) — and even McCaskill quickly dismissed the idea that a "commission" of any sort was necessary.

Democrats are operating a series of 51 'fake news' websites pushing left-wing stories in toss-up states.  A liberal political media operation being run out of Washington, D.C., and Florida is pushing left-wing stories in 51 different fake news outlets in order to influence the outcome of the November midterm elections, it is claimed.  The allegations came in a shocking new investigation from Axios that was published on Thursday.  The report alleges that in the past 12 months, multiple new 'news' website have appeared across the country, all run by a company named Local Report Inc.  They do report a wide variety of stories — but sprinkled throughout are news items pushing Democrat lawmakers and policies.

Biased media hit Florida before Ian.  Were Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) not a national political juggernaut, biased journalists would not be trying to blame him for a natural disaster and its largely inevitable ill effects.  And if you don't think that's what the journalists have been doing in the wake of Hurricane Ian, you need to look back to before the storm struck Florida's west coast last week.  Already at that point, they were attempting to lay the groundwork for a storyline about a supposedly "lax response to the storm so far," as one reporter put it in a press conference.  DeSantis was not going to hear one word of it.

CBS Economic Gaslighting Example, Face the Nation Pretends Not to Know Joe Biden Energy Policy Driving Higher Prices.  "Gaslighting" is essentially a term used to describe an abuser continually lying to victim in order to make the victim misbelieve reality.  Economic "gaslighting" is a process of lying about the nature of true cause in order to continue advancing the abusive policy.  Combine the economic gaslighting with the historic leftist approach of pretending not to know things, and you get this dynamic on CBS Face the Nation today.  In this brief segment describing inflation, we see all the classic strategies deployed by ideological media.  First, notice they blame:  (1) the pandemic recovery, (2) consumer demand, (3) Ukraine, and (4) a supply chain 'muddle'.  Not only are these issues ridiculous, but none of them are the cause of supply side inflation.  Blaming "consumer demand," which has transparently collapsed for the last year, is beyond nonsense.  Watch, and also pay attention to the graphics they use to manipulate the audience:  [Video clip]

Do the Democrats Have a Murder Problem?  [Scroll down] Already, some conservatives on social media are playing "name that party," noting the odd and consistent pattern where if an obscure local Republican official is caught in an embarrassing scandal, the headline and first paragraph will often mention the party affiliation.  But if an obscure local Democratic official is caught in an embarrassing scandal, the headline and first paragraph will only mention the person's title and location; the party affiliation will be mentioned deep in the story — if it is mentioned at all.  Like just about every official in Clark County, Telles is a Democrat.  We might cut local media some slack on this; they may well believe their audiences already know that any official from this area is all but certain to be a Democrat.

A journalist is murdered, a Democrat pol is charged, and a local reporter finds a way to blame Trump.  Murder is staring journalists in the face, now that a veteran investigative journalist, Jeff German of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, has been stabbed and killed in cold blood, allegedly by a Democrat politician.  But does that make an impression on the local talent in the press pool?  Not to at least one of them. [...] It's an amazingly offensive take, given that a serious crime has happened, not just the killing an innocent man, but the taking a capable, competent, journalist out of circulation in a mafia-like hit, and sending a chill to all other reporters that the same fate could happen to them should they perform their jobs as fearlessly as German performed his.  That's what happens in places like Mexico, where the cartels have taken power based on their capacity to corrupt local politicians, and now that vile and lethal political tactic has arrived here in the states.  That's what the reporter in the press pool should have been concerned about.  But she wasn't.  In her still-unserious mind, the emerging problem wasn't an emerging problem and the real problem was President Trump.

Dems want the midterms to be a referendum on Trump, not bungling Biden — and the media are compliant.  Teddy Roosevelt's daughter Alice once said that he was "the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral."  No matter what was going on, he always wound up the center of attention.  The same could be said for former President Donald Trump.  No matter what's going on, he somehow seems to wind up driving the conversation.  And today's news almost seems calculated to bring Trump to the forefront.  You have the FBI's questionable raid on Mar-a-Lago, where the same agency that covered up Hunter Biden's laptop sent G-men to run their fingers through Melania's underwear.  You have President Joe Biden's positively Mephistophelean red-lit speech in Philadelphia following his declaration that his opponents are "semi-fascists."  You have Democratic officeholders in New York and Georgia trying to prosecute Trump.  All generating steady Trump-related headlines.  Well, if it seems calculated to bring Trump to the forefront, it's because it is calculated to bring Trump to the forefront.  The truth is, the Biden people would rather this election be a referendum on Trump than a referendum on Biden.  That's because if it's a referendum on Biden, the Democrats will lose, hands-down.  And the press knows this, which is why it's cooperating.

Dishonest 'journalism' rules the airwaves.  When Trump was president, the media, entertainers, and other Democrats frequently went to the border to protest the supposedly inhumane policies.  Their protests and reporting virtually stopped when Biden took over, despite the fact the situation worsened.  That shows that they really don't care about the deaths, rapes, drug-running, and human-smuggling.  When Biden's spokespuppet said illegal aliens who aren't vaccinated aren't walking in, the mainstream leftist media didn't report her blatant lie.  When the DHS secretary lies and says the border is secure, the media don't report the truth.

Media leftists got the memo on FBI raid; Here's the supercut of talking heads parroting talking points.  One of the main reasons why the left's propaganda is so effective with so many is the ability to stick to a script in order to present a uniform narrative across media outlets with talking heads all regurgitating the same talking points, and a perfect example is the aftermath of the FBI's storming of former President Donald J. Trump's Mar-a-Lago home.  Following initial confusion and outrage over the extreme escalation in the regime's political war against the leading candidate of the opposition party, those whose livelihoods depend on their being able to sell falsehoods and distortions to the public clearly got the memo and Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott put together a supercut collection of video clips showing the left-wing punditry defending the outrageous actions of Biden's FBI and suggesting that any criticism of its actions could lead to violence.

Weather map colors
Weather forecasts now use a deep, dark red to represent glorious sunshine.  Why?  People are starting to notice some, uh, less-than-subtle psychological conditioning rearing its head in modern weather forecasting.  What was once the smiley, happy face of the sun letting us know we could strip off and run through the neighborhood sprinklers [...] has been replaced with the deepest, darkest red that corporate media graphics departments can create, designed to summon forth notions of hell on Earth.  Observe, back in 1995 — when "John Kettley was the weatherman, [...] — a temperature of 30 degrees celsius was reflected with a gentle orange.  That's 86 degrees to you Americans.  Or "sweater weather" if you're in Arizona.  It wasn't a deep orange.  It wasn't an offensive orange.  It wasn't even as orange as a former President freshly emerging from his tanning bed.  No, by July 2022, the same temperatures (30 degrees), at the same time of year, are reflected with the most sinister red you could imagine.

Don Lemon Throws a Hissy Fit, Demands Republicans Be Treated as 'Danger to Society'.  The new leadership at CNN came in declaring that they wanted to get away from the biased journalism that has been the hallmark of CNN for the past few years.  But it sounds like Don Lemon is throwing a bit of a fit over the concept of being an objective unbiased journalist — something he doesn't exactly know how to be.  He doesn't think it's right to be "fair" to Republicans, because he believes that Republicans are such a danger to society.  [Video clip]

USA Today demoted me for a tweet — because its woke newsrooms are out of touch with readers.  Gannett, the nation's largest newspaper chain, with more than 200 daily newspapers, announced this month that it's walking away from opinion sections like the one you're reading.  USA Today's liberal editorial page editor said they failed to "evolve."  I know something about Gannett's evolution since I was USA Today's deputy editorial page editor until August, when I was demoted after I tweeted, "People who are pregnant are also women."  That idea was forbidden because a "news reporter" covering diversity, equity and inclusion wrote a story detailing how transgender men can get pregnant.  I compounded my sin against this new orthodoxy by calling the idea that men can get pregnant an "opinion."

Progressive Writer Doggedly Tracks Down [the] Creator of Biden 'I Did That' Gas Pump Stickers.  The media complex in this country loves to drape itself with a veil of objectivity and unbiased delivery of the facts.  They claim to be adherents to only the facts, while holding those in power accountable.  Yet we see frequently that there are times when simple Americans break through the press narratives with inconvenient messaging.  When that occurs we see that the press reacts by holding those common citizens accountable.  [For example, Joe The Plumbe and Nick Sandmann.]  The latest example of the media looking to blunt an effective political message is seen at gas stations.  Throughout the country, it has become commonplace for people to feel the sting of spiking gas prices, but that pain is assuaged slightly by the appearance of a small sticker affixed to the front of the gas pump.  Variations exist, but mostly the meme is an image of President Biden pointing, with the words 'I DID THAT' in bold type, his finger gesturing at the swollen price-per-gallon visible in the window.  These stickers have proliferated across the country and across sales platforms.

New York magazine's pointedly grotesque picture of Dianne Feinstein.  Democrats desperately want to see the last of Dianne Feinstein, who's becoming a risk and an embarrassment, and nothing makes that clearer than the photography New York magazine used for an essay about her. [...] It's bad enough to have Joe Biden's dementia and Nancy Pelosi's bizarre affect, complete with escalating eyebrows and manic hand gestures.  DiFi is one decrepit Democrat too many.  And if you doubt me on that point, just get a load of the picture New York magazine used to illustrate its article.  With that headshot, DiFi could get the part of the Wicked Witch of the West in a remake of The Wizard of Oz.  [Tweet]

Brian Stelter's gushing Psaki farewell sets off social media.  In a highly opinionated and, at times, almost wistful homage to outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki's tenure, CNN's Brian Stelter bid a fond farewell to the future MSNBC contributor in a manner "that would make the editors of Pravda blush."  As Psaki made way Friday for her successor, Karine Jean-Pierre, Stelter released an "analysis" of her 224 press briefings and myriad news appearances loaded with gushing quotes from his favored and "reliable" sources.  In so doing, the CNN host couldn't help but take potshots at the previous administration, Fox News, and pretty much anyone who failed to subscribe to his worldview.

The Media Let January 6 Committee Skate.  [Scroll down]  Notice anything curious here?  Or should I say curiously missing?  That would be serious media coverage of the January 6 Committee members themselves, what they did or did not do on January 6 and in the run-up to that day, not to mention their role afterwards in the establishment of the Stalin-esque show trial Committee itself.  Note well that the Committee has already issued subpoenas to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and any other company that might have the texts, e-mails and phone records of Trump family and staff members, conservative members of the media (think:  Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.) In fact, predictably, the Committee has leaked the private correspondence of various of these people to, but of course, the media.  But what about the media investigating the Committee itself?  Where are they?  Where are the media demands to make public the texts, e-mails and phone records of the nine Committee members — 7 Democrats plus Republican Never Trumpers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger?  Where are the demands for all of the same communications from the Committee staff members?

Media standards for covering Biden and Trump?  Make that a double.  It's truly amazing how differently news stories are handled, depending on whether or not Donald Trump can be painted as the villain. [...] This week's example was yet another previously unthinkable event happening in Dementia Joe Biden's dysfunctional, dystopian America: a nationwide shortage of baby formula.  Ask yourself, how loud would the media be screaming if Donald Trump had done absolutely nothing as this shortage of baby formula developed.  And the suddenly the shelves were empty and young families were panicking over whether they'd have enough food to feed their infants.  And simultaneously, the criminal illegal aliens swarming across the Southern border were being delivered endless pallets of free formula that law-abiding American taxpayers can't even buy — let alone get for free, forever, on every welfare program known to man.

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers:  Debunking AP's '2000 Mules' Hit Piece.  Many of us were alarmed on Election Night 2020 when, while the results were looking good for Donald Trump, multiple states suddenly stopped counting votes.  As the night wore on and went into the next day, it seemed that every update was favorable for Biden until he was ultimately named President-Elect.  While Trump's campaign repeatedly promised to "release the Kraken" and bring forward evidence of election fraud that would prove that the election was stolen, focusing on electronic voting machines, that evidence didn't materialize.  RedState's Scott Hounsell pointed out various states and cities — even down to the precincts — that should be investigated, and that information was given to the Trump campaign to no avail.

'60 Minutes' Enables FBI Dysfunction.  Scott Pelley of "60 Minutes" didn't tell his viewers whether FBI Director Christopher Wray imposed conditions before agreeing to be interviewed on camera by CBS.  But his slobbering pro-FBI questions, which aired Sunday, had the feel of something Wray's communication director may have fed the "news" program. [...] Under Wray, the FBI has disgraced itself with misconduct and abuse of power.  In the days leading up to the interview, victims of serial child molestor and Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar sued the FBI for $130 million after agents charged with investigating the abuse instead covered it up by fabricating victim statements.  Pelly [sic] failed to ask Wray a single question about the scandal.  Pelley also failed to ask Wray about the humiliating acquittal of two men the FBI attempted to entrap into the Governor Gretchen Whitmer plot engineered by the FBI to interfere in the 2020 election.  Among the FBI agents involved, one was accused of perjury, another of wife beating (now convicted), and a third of using the investigation to help promote a side-business.  Nor did Pelley ask about the FBI child rapist who rampaged across multiple states for years under the noses of his colleagues responsible for protecting such victims, some younger than 13.  Nor did Pelley ask about the FBI's failure to stop the Jeffery Epstein child-rape-for-profit business.  An FBI lawyer pleaded guilty to falsifying evidence to help spy on a Trump campaign figure.  Pelley didn't ask about that, either.

Washington Post column calls for gender to be removed from U.S. passports.  A Washington Post column called for gender, including male and female labels, to be removed from U.S. passports in an effort to advance inclusion for transgender travelers.  In the Sunday column, transgender artist and writer Abeni Jones said that transitioning from male to female has made travel "more difficult" and claimed that transgender individuals are frequently subjected to additional airport screenings.  The U.S. State Department, in conjunction with the Biden administration, announced in June 2021 that passport applicants would soon have the option of marking X as their gender, a third gender marker as an alternative to male (M) or female (F).  The change went into effect on April 11 and the department announcement claimed the change was enacted in an effort to "advance inclusion."

Rochester Post Bulletin retracts hit piece portrayals of conservative policy fellow.  A major local newspaper has issued a front-page retraction after inaccurately and negatively portraying a conservative policy fellow in two articles.  The Rochester Post Bulletin had published two stories on Mar. 14 and 15 about the Center of the American Experiment's scheduled event on crime levels and Minnesota's criminal justice system.  The first was written by a new reporter named Molly Castle Work and titled "Are 'crime wave' claims out of place in Rochester?"  The second was written by reporter Emily Cutts and titled "Lawsuit filed after Center of the American Experiment event canceled."  The stories erroneously claimed that Jeff Van Nest, American Experiment's public safety policy fellow, was "attached" and "tied to" the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.  Popularized during the 2016 presidential election, this theory alleged that a child sex ring was operated by Democratic Party officials out of Washington D.C.'s Comet Ping Pong pizzeria.

Black News Channel Shuts Down After Failing to Pay Their Employees.  The Black News Channel shut down on Friday after its lead investor bailed and they failed to pay their employees.  Princell Hair, the company's president and CEO, let the employees of the failed venture know on Friday that they were canceling live production and going into bankruptcy.  The chief investor, Shahid Khan, bailed when nobody wanted to watch the network's awful, leftist content.

Police Officer In Hot Water After Tasing A Black Man For Recording His Traffic Stop.  A Tennessee police officer fired his stun gun at a food delivery man who had begun recording his traffic stop for speeding and asked to see the officer's supervisor, video footage shows.  The man wound up facing additional charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, his attorney said.  Attorney Ryan Wheeler released the video at a news conference Friday, saying Delane Gordon began recording when the March 10 stop started to make him feel unsafe.  Police in Collegedale, a city of some 11,000 people about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Chattanooga, have thus far declined to identify the officer.  Gordon is Black and the officer is white, Gordon's legal team said.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
This same text is available here and in it you may notice that one guy is described as Black, with a capital B, and the other guy is lower-case white.

Anderson Cooper's '60 Minutes' Softball Infomercial for Pete Buttigieg.  The long-running CBS News program "60 Minutes" has a manically split personality:  Vicious attack dogs when Republicans are in power, but supportive infomercial producers under Democrats.  Take March 13 for example, when Anderson Cooper hosted a promotional segment for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the "bipartisan infrastructure bill."  Buttigieg was touted as "40 years old, a Harvard graduate, Rhodes Scholar, and former Navy Reserve officer who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.  Now he's dealing with a pandemic-related supply chain crisis and trying to ensure that hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars are well-spent on aging transportation systems in desperate need of repair."  CBS began with a Pittsburgh bridge collapse from January, as Cooper asked Buttigieg a series of bland softballs, such as:  "When somebody's driving over a bridge, should they feel confident?"  Then Cooper followed up:  "When grading the overall state of this country's infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the U.S. a C-minus.  How is it possible that a country like the United States gets a C-minus on infrastructure?"  These are easy pitches.  They sound like questions Buttigieg's publicist emailed to CBS.

AZ's Keri Lake destroys agenda-driven 60 Minutes reporter, ends interview and shares unedited video.  Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake walked out on a "60 Minutes Australia" interview, calling the host "insane" and accusing him of "pushing propaganda."  Lake, a former anchor for Fox News' Phoenix affiliate KSAZ, sat down with Liam Bartlett in February to discuss her campaign for governor.  However, the interview ended up being entirely focused on former President Donald Trump along with perceptions of the 2020 election and January 6, 2021.  In the selected clip that recently went viral in the lead-up to the airing of the interview, Bartlett repeatedly calls Trump, "your man Donald" because of the official endorsement of Lake's campaign. [...] Before answering on that topic, Lake called Bartlett out for his disrespectful and flippant attitude, referring to his use of the expression, "your man Donald," before pointing out, "It's obvious that you come into this interview and you don't like President Donald Trump."

Cops, convoys, conservatives, and tyranny.  The Mainstream Media inform us that Canadian authorities have "cleared out" the truckers who had the temerity to think they could peacefully protest their government's COVID vaccination-and-quarantine mandates.  Note the choice of terminology:  "Cleared out," as one would clear out an infestation of vermin.  In the propaganda game, words must be chosen carefully and deliberately, and the propaganda-meisters of today (who not only "manage" the news, but frequently just invent it) make the infamous Dr. Goebbels look like a mere tyro. [...] Anyone who's spent time on America's highways and observed big trucks knows that the Confederate battle flag (the "Stars'n'Bars") is an emblem frequently displayed on such trucks, and not just in the South, in numbers far in excess of those few that were seen on Canadian trucks.  But the handful of such flags seen on the Canadian trucks were enough for "journalists" to declare that such flags were proof that the Freedom Convoy was in reality a rally of "white supremacists."

War over Trump spying.  Anyone who has followed political journalism for more than a minute or two could predict how some big outlets would cover the revelation that operatives connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign spied on the Trump campaign.  Once legacy media journalists saw the story reported on Fox News, and especially when they saw former President Donald Trump promoting it, they immediately thought:  How can we knock this down?  Normally, when news breaks — and the spying information was contained in a court filing by Justice Department special counsel John Durham — a news organization first reports the news.  Then it might publish one or more analysis pieces, reaction pieces, and follow-up stories.  But first, they report the news.  That didn't happen this time.

Doxing Day in Canada.  This week, one of the most popular small-donor fundraising sites for the Canadian truckers protesting the COVID vaccine mandates, GiveSendGo, was hacked.  The names of donors were shared with the public.  We know about this mostly because erstwhile news organizations, such as Reuters, have showered attention on the breach as if they were providing a public service.  Indeed, many of the same outlets that refused to report specifics about the Hunter Biden email scoop in 2020 (though the story was obtained in a completely ethical journalistic manner) or share specifics from the Democratic National Committee email hacks in 2016 (illegally obtained, but with high news value) have no compunction highlighting a site that takes aim at ordinary people who have done nothing but engage in political dissent.  In Canada, the doxing has already begun.

Pelosi's Watergate.  There has been much written lately about the similarity of Watergate and Special Counsel John Durham's revelations about the Clinton campaign and others spying on Donald Trump, both as a candidate and a sitting president.  There is also the entry into the offices of Rep. Troy Nehls by the Capitol Police.  They are under the control of Nancy Pelosi, of whom Rep. Nehls has been critical regarding her so-called J-6 investigation. [...] Were it not for a dishonest and totally biased MSM, the call for investigations, incarcerations, and resignations would be plastered all over the news.  We don't have to imagine what the press would have done had it been President Trump doing the spying, because the press swallowed the lies about Trump and Russia and ran it for over a year.  Even though that link has been debunked, few MSM agencies have had the journalistic integrity to correct their previous claims.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the silence is deafening.  This story makes Watergate look like child's play.  Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of today?

Los Angeles Times Slams 'Vitriol in Politics' — After Hiring Vitriolic Columnists.  A recent editorial in the Los Angeles Times [...] laments the decision by a two-term Los Angeles City Council member, who, after taking several constituent-displeasing positions, decided not to run for reelection.  Those positions include voting against an ordinance to declare certain public streets and public areas off-limits to the homeless and voting to cut the city police budget and redirect the money for "youth programs."  What's not to like in a city plagued by rising homelessness and homicides (up 50% since 2019)?  But the point here is not to attack or defend the councilman's policy positions.  The point is the hypocrisy of the Times in denouncing the "vitriol in politics" that supposedly drove him to decide against running for reelection.

CNN Asks if Government Should Take Over Food and Gas Prices.  History may not always repeat, but it rhymes.  As seen in just about every situation where socialism and government intervention in the market economy of any nation is triggered, eventually you get to the point where government solutions to their created crisis take center stage.  We have seen this exact scenario repeated in the former Soviet Union, Poland, Europe, Cuba and more recently Venezuela.  The triggers are the same, and the outcomes are identical.  Now, as unbelievable as it may seem, Joe Biden's socialist policies have triggered the discussion in the United States.  CTH warned this was going to become a narrative; and we saw the first signs of it at the White House podium on January 12th.

Washington Post rewards editor who led its unfair assault on Trump.  The Washington Post has announced that it will promote Steven Ginsberg, its national editor, to the position of managing editor.  Ginsberg will now oversee the Post's main news sections, including the national, metro, and sports sections. [...] It's understandable that the Post is rewarding Ginsberg, though.  His is a case of mission accomplished.  The mission was to undermine Trump's presidency.  The secondary goals were to gain readers and esteem among other Trump haters in media land.  Ginsberg delivered on all counts.  Ordinarily, I would be unhappy that the sports section will fall under the jurisdiction of this guy.  However, it's hard to see how that section could get much worse.  It seems like nearly half of the front page articles in the Post's sports section are woke in one way or another.

Media Begins Their Week Long J6 Attack on Democracy Narrative Engineering Effort.  Despite the predictability and transparency of the propaganda effort, the media and democrats are going all-in.  All the broadcast Sunday Talk shows were filled with the "democracy in danger" talking points using the January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill protests to drive the agenda. [...] You might have heard that congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG) was permanently removed from Twitter today under the auspices of breaking the approved speech rules for the Rona.  However, it seems more likely — or at least more convenient — that her voice was removed due to the forward operational needs of the J6 engineering team.  It's not going out on a limb to say the New York Times, Washington Post and Politico most likely have their J6 supportive articles written and in the queue for sequentially planned distribution all week.  Certainly, they will launch the first round of articles, based on J6 committee leaks, starting tomorrow.

Democrats Get Networks' Softball Questions for Holidays.  As Christmas approaches, the network "news" divisions have showered the Bidens with gifts.  NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon gave President Joe Biden a free platform for 16 minutes on Dec. 10, and hailed him as a "classy guy" who brought "class back" to the White House.  Two days later, CBS reporter Rita Braver gushed for 10 minutes over Biden and his wife, Jill — or "Dr. B," as Braver called her — on "Sunday Morning."  You didn't even have to win the presidency to be handed a shiny platter of publicity.  On "Sunday Today," NBC's Willie Geist offered 12 minutes of softballs to Hillary Clinton, still complaining about losing to Donald Trump in 2016.  The publicity hook was her business deal with Masterclass.com (no financial disclosures included) to talk about "resilience," and part of this seminar includes Clinton mawkishly reading her 2016 "victory" speech.  Geist, who usually throws softballs at singers and actresses, asked a series of feel-your-pain questions.

Time Magazine Actually Rewards Its "Person of the Year" Award to Someone Who Deserves It.  [Scroll down]  This is the magazine that declared Adolf Hitler was the winner in 1938, then named Joseph Stalin the winner the very next year.  In 2011, they named "the protester" the person of the year, and then Greta Thunberg in 2019.  To be sure, they've put their fair share of Republicans on the cover for the award, but they do it with pretty much all presidents, and being on the cover doesn't necessarily mean they'll be kind.

Contrasting Coverage of Waukesha and Kenosha Shows Media Never Learns Its Lesson.  That news media is so monotonously, predictably biased that it has become absurd to hope for honest journalism.  Every time something newsworthy occurs involving politically charged circumstances, it becomes painfully obvious that the media cannot help but choose sides.  A perfect example is the disparate treatment of the vehicular attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last month and the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings and subsequent trial in Kenosha, also in Wisconsin, last year.  In Waukesha, 39-year-old Darrell Brooks now faces six counts of intentional homicide after he drove his SUV through a crowded Christmas parade route on Nov. 21.  Law enforcement officials say he drove in a weaving pattern, leading them to conclude that he was intentionally striking the parade participants.  Brooks has a long arrest record.  In fact, he was accused of punching a woman and running her over with his car just weeks earlier.  The woman was reportedly the mother of his child, and the car he used was the same SUV he drove through the parade on Nov. 21.

The Politics of Weaponized Car Attacks.  As we learn more about the senseless SUV attack on the crowd attending a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, some liberal media outlets are energetically attempting to spin away from the suspect Darrell Brooks and his left-wing politics on social media.  That's funny.  With Kyle Rittenhouse, they quickly dug into his social media activity.

Lies, Lies, Lies:  A case study in journalistic malpractice.  When I open my homepage, the first trending story on the top right is:  "Judge allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to draw jurors from a raffle box to determine the 12 who will decide the verdict of his homicide trial." [...] At this point, if I've been scanning Twitter casually for the news, I become alarmed.  The defendant selected his jurors?  The judge allowed him to do this?  It takes me a lot of scrolling to get to that phrase "at random," and then it seems only to apply to the six jurors who will serve as alternates. [...] There is no story here.  It's nothing, a total irrelevancy, a meaningless controversy confected out of thin air.  Confected by whom?  By our press, in collusion with the unaccountable tech corporations that now run our public square.  It's not like they met in some back room to plot it all out.  They don't have to:  they are in total agreement about how this case needs to go.

MSNBC skips Kyle Rittenhouse defense's closing argument after airing prosecutor's case to jury.  MSNBC snubbed the defense team of Kyle Rittenhouse during closing arguments on Monday after airing the prosecutor's case to the jury that the 18-year-old was guilty of murder.  Rittenhouse's trial is coming to a close after weeks of intensity in the courtroom with prosecutors arguing to the jury that he intended to kill Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber as well as Gaige Grosskreutz, who survived following the altercation.  The defense argued Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense.  However, after hours of coverage dedicated to the prosecutors, both MSNBC as well as CNN opted out of covering the kickoff of the defense team's closing argument, airing the White House ceremony of President Biden signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law.

Proving They Are Puppets of the Administration, the Press Defends Fake Vaccine Information.  This all began when a bid to convince children to get the newly approved vaccine was encouraged by the famed Sesame Street character.  A tweet was sent out where Big Bird stated he had actually received the shot.  This in itself is hardly a big deal, as he has in the past touted vaccines on the children's show.  [Tweet]  Things take a turn, however, when this gets shot through the prism of our political climate.  Ted Cruz weighed in on the tweet, making mention of the government looking to coerce.  In his response, he said, with a noted amount of brevity, "Government propaganda... for your 5 year old."  Well, that was all it took for a media firestorm to erupt, as our unbiased gatekeepers of the truth rose up en masse to defend the high honor of... a make-believe character.

The Editor says...
If a video surfaces with Barney the Dinosaur effusively recommending the Covid shots, what would the Left do?  They hate Barney!

At 28 percent approval, say goodbye to Kamala Harris being Plan B to an aging Biden.  Harris's struggles are primarily twofold:  [#1] She's practically invisible.  It's been 153 days since her last sit-down interview with a major broadcast news entity, in the form of NBC's Lester Holt.  You may recall that was the beginning of the end of the administration's confidence in her abilities to handle even the most basic of questions. [...] Since then, the only interview Harris has granted was to "The View" on ABC.  Her own staff couldn't have provided a gentler platform.  The vice president has yet to do a solo press conference.

Our mostly complicit, compliant, sycophant press has no concern about facts, only Democrat power.  The corruption and dishonesty of the media have been clear for decades.  Here are some things they haven't cared about or have lied about as they campaigned for Democrats and set out to destroy their political opponents.  Didn't care about how many women the Clintons physically and mentally abused.  People who we are told respect women called them bimbos and trailer trash.  The women were disposable as the media, entertainers, and other Democrats campaigned for Bill.  Didn't care about Bill committing perjury and causing a young subordinate to commit perjury and obstruct justice.  Monica was disposable.  Didn't care how many trips Bill took with known pedophile Epstein.  The young girls were disposable if the Clintons wanted power.  How many women and young girls were sexually abused by powerful men because so many were campaigning for the Clintons?  Didn't vet Obama, or care that he associated with radical leftists such as Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.  They also didn't care about Obama's record as they sought to destroy McCain and Palin.  All that mattered was electing Obama.  Didn't care about all the lies used to pass Obamacare, nor did they care that Pelosi wouldn't let members of Congress, the media, or the public see it before it was voted on.  All the media cared about was the agenda.  Didn't care about the separation of powers when Obama illegally bypassed Congress to pay for shortfalls in Obamacare.  Didn't care when Obama and Holder obstructed justice for years on Fast and Furious.  Didn't care when Holder or others in the Obama administration committed perjury before Congress.  They were above the law.

MSNBC Demonizes Concerned Parents As 'Radicalized' 'Far Right Threat'.  Sunday night [10/24/2021] MSNBC went all out smearing parents in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Loudoun County as domestic terrorists.  On Alicia Menendez's American Voices, the MSNBC host and her far-left guest cruelly painted parents standing up to school boards, including a father whose daughter was allegedly raped by a transgender student on campus because of the schools' liberal policies, as radical rioters who were like the January 6 "insurrectionists."  Menendez set up the smear campaign against concerned parents with a graphic that read, "The Radicalized Right" in big bold letters at the bottom of the screen and "Threats of Violence" in the top corner.  Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running in the state's gubernatorial race is facing backlash for saying parents don't have a say in their child's education.  There has been uprisings from parents across the country, including in Virginia, over Critical Race Theory and transgender bathroom policies.

CNN Touts Abortion as Vital for Underage Girls, No Reason to Regret.  On Saturday night [10/16/2021], CNN Newsroom weekend host Pamela Brown devoted a segment to promoting abortion as an important option for underage girls as she spoke with a young woman who had an abortion at age 17, and does not regret doing it.  The pro-abortion activist even claimed that it "saved my life" by making it easier to go to college.  The segment also suggested that it was unreasonable to require underage girls to get either the consent of their parents or of a judge before getting an abortion.

Mainstream Media Silent After Florida Reports 3rd Lowest Rate Of Covid Infection.  The media took great joy in seeing the Florida Covid spike over the summer, but now they are being eerily quiet.  It felt like Florida was the top news story every evening on the left-wing networks as they slammed Ron DeSantis for doing a "poor job".  Funny enough, whenever covid spikes hit blue states, the media kept their mouths shut.  Now, however, they're being silent about Florida because they have just reached the 3rd lowest rate of infection in the United States.

CBS, NBC Are Terrified By Start of SCOTUS Session.  Monday [10/4/2021] was day one of the new session of the Supreme Court and the liberal media were absolutely terrified by what ruling could come from the conservative majority when it came to the right to life and Second Amendment rights.  CBS and NBC both attempted to stir their viewers into sharing their freight as they warned that abortions could be outlawed and people could carry a firearm for self-defense outside the home.  "Tonight, the Supreme Court began its new term, one that could be the most consequential in a generation, with abortion rights topping the agenda," announced CBS Evening News anchor Norah O'Donnell at the top of the segment as legal correspondent Jan Crawford delivered the story.  Both networks invoked the same fearmongering tactic of declaring "what's at stake" this session with the conservative majority:

MSNBC Warns SCOTUS Not To Overturn Roe, Claims '80%' Support Abortion.  On his Monday [10/4/2021] show on MSNBC, Jose Diaz-Balart welcomed on network contributor and University of Texas Prof. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto to discuss the Supreme Court's upcoming term.  DeFrancesco warned the Court that "80%" of Americans support abortion, so if they want to avoid a public trust crisis, they better not overturn Roe v. Wade.  Not only is playing to public opinion not the Court's job, the 80% figure is wildly misleading.  Diaz-Balart asked about "the significance of this moment.  We're talking about the two states now that have just instituted these much more restrictive abortion guidelines.  What is the impact of this?"

Black Lives Matter Is Threatening An 'Uprising' Against 'Racist' Vaccine Mandates.  It's a rule in the national media that vaccine hesitancy is worthy of shame and scorn, right up until it collides with their most precious cause, the Black Lives Matter movement.  Hesitant (white) nurses?  Outcast.  Hesitant (white) Facebook moms?  Shun.  Hesitant (white) Trump supporters?  Guillotine.  But there's oddly been no prescription for the Black Lives Matter crew in New York who are accusing the city of racial discrimination by mandating vaccines for public, indoor activity.  Hawk Newsome, the co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, was quoted Saturday in the New York Times saying that restaurants "are using vaccine mandates to enforce their racist beliefs and excluding black patrons."

CNN exhibit
Few topics create as much hypocrisy as executive use of power.  [Compare] how the press has covered Biden's vaccine mandate announcement vs.  Trump's threat to override governors on houses of worship.  Spot the difference?  Back in May 2020, President Trump said he would override governors who wouldn't allow houses of worship to open.  Yesterday, President Biden said he would do the same about governors who wouldn't enforce a vaccine mandate.  Can you spot the difference in how @CNN covered it?

The media refuse to call Biden a liar on Afghanistan despite the evidence — unlike what they did with Trump.  You won't find a more powerful example of the media's pro-Democratic tilt — and outright hostility toward former President Donald Trump — than their refusal this week to call out President Joe Biden as a downright liar, as they did with his predecessor, when it comes to his comments about his Afghanistan pullout.  Back in July, the prez flatly rejected suggestions that the intelligence community feared an increasingly rapid collapse of the Afghan government as US troops withdrew.  "Your own intelligence community has assessed that the Afghan government will likely collapse," a reporter noted at the July 8 presser.  Biden denied it.  "Can you please clarify what [intelligence officials] have told you?" he was asked.  Biden fumed again:  "They did not — they didn't — did not reach that conclusion."  Indeed, the president insisted that the idea there's "going to be one unified government in Afghanistan controlling the whole country is highly unlikely."

NBC News complains the GOP has 'seized' on 'optical comparison' of the fall of Kabul and Saigon.  NBC News White House correspondent Monica Alba noted on Sunday that Republicans "have seized on" the "optical comparison" of the hasty U.S. withdrawals from both Kabul, Afghanistan, and then-Saigon, South Vietnam, after photos of similar helicopters lifting off from the respective U.S. embassies in both countries 45 years apart went viral Sunday [8/15/2021].  CH-47 Chinook helicopters were seen ferrying American diplomatic personnel and Afghan allies from the rooftop of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul for much of the day Saturday and into Sunday, images that were broadcast by news agencies sent out over wire service reports.  During her report, Alba noted that last month President Joe Biden assured Americans that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would not at all resemble the chaotic scenes in what was at the time the capital of South Vietnam ahead of rapidly advancing North Vietnamese troops.

The LA Times begs Californians not to boot Newsom.  We're one month out from the California recall election and the polls have continued to tighten, though most of them predict Newsom surviving by a slim margin.  Perhaps it's the unexpected closeness of the vote that moved the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times to publish a beseeching letter to Californians, urging them to not be tempted into opting for some new blood in the Governor's mansion.  Their concern for the welfare of the state (or should we simply say "the welfare state?") seems touching, but the editors also don't do a very good job of hiding their real reason for wanting to keep him.  Also, when they get around to attempting to defend Newsom's performance as governor during his first term, it comes off as more of an apology for him than a defense.

Ghoulish WH Reporters Demand Biden, Psaki Claim Abbott, DeSantis Are Spreading COVID.  The White House press corps continued into Tuesday [8/3/2021] its strategy to turn their guns toward Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as, over the course of a press briefing and presidential press conference, numerous reporters urged President Biden and Press Secretary Jen Psaki to declare that DeSantis and fellow Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) were sickening their own citizens with the coronavirus due to their refusal to reimplement restrictions.  CBS's Nancy Cordes broke the ice by telling Psaki that DeSantis "is taking a very different approach than New York" in not requiring vaccination to enter indoor places as the Sunshine State "hit another record today of Covid cases, and yet he's pushing back on local municipalities that are trying to impose new mask mandates and other means of keeping people protected."

The Vaccine Aristocrats.  On This Week With George Stephanopoulos this past Sunday [7/25/2021], a gathering of Washington poo-bahs including Chris Christie, Rahm Emmanuel, Margaret Hoover, and Donna Brazile — Stephanopoulos calls the segment his "Powerhouse Roundtable," which to my ear sounds like a Denny's breakfast sampler, but I guess he couldn't name it Four Hated Windbags — discussed vaccine holdouts.  The former George W. Bush and Giuliani aide Hoover said it was time to stop playing nice:  ["]If you're going to get government-provided health care, if you're getting VA treatment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, anything — and Social Security obviously isn't health care — you should be getting the vaccine.  Okay?  Because we are going to have to take care of you on the back end.["]  Brazile nodded sagely, but Emmanuel all but gushed cartoon hearts.  "You know, I'm having an out of body experience, because I agree with you," said Obama's former hatchet man, before adding, over the chyron, FRUSTRATION MOUNTS WITH UNVACCINATED AMERICANS:  ["]I would close the space in.  Meaning if you want to participate in X or Y activity, you gotta show you're vaccinated.  So it becomes a reward-punishment type system, and you make your own calculation.["]

AP 'Reporter' Lemire Blasts 'Deeply Cynical' Republicans, Praises 'Good-Faith' Dems.  On Thursday's [7/22/2021] Morning Joe, AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire addressed Nancy Pelosi's rejection of two Republican appointees to the January 6th committee, and Kevin McCarthy's announcement that unless Pelosi reversed course he would pull all Republican appointees.  Predictably, Lemire put all the blame on Republicans while plumping for Pelosi and Democrats at large.  How does this analysis sound any different than a Democratic member of Congress?  [Video clip]

Dems have mental breakdown over photo of DeSantis throwing out pitch at little league game.  Left-wing opponents of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could not contain themselves on social media in response to a photo of the popular Republican throwing out a pitch at a little league baseball game on Friday [7/16/2021]. [...] DeSantis has grown increasingly popular with 'America First' conservatives who also support former President Donald Trump.  In recent polling, he consistently ranks at the top of 2024 GOP presidential nominee polls under Trump, though in one outlier survey conducted among a few hundred participants at the Western Conservative Summit last month in Denver, the Florida governor actually out-polled the former president.  But the Sunshine State governor is currently committed to being reelected next year and has not at all given any indication he wants to seek the 2024 GOP nom[ination].  For that matter, neither has Trump; he has consistently teased the notion but has yet to say unequivocally he's in.

Only 2 Networks (Barely) Mention New Record in Border Crisis, All Skip Hunter Biden Scoop.  On Friday [7/16/2021], U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported another record number of apprehensions at the Mexican border in June:  almost 190,000.  This number does not include those who have been able to get away from Border Patrol.  But somehow, this is not an ongoing Biden border crisis.  On Friday night's newscasts, only ABC and NBC mentioned it.  CBS and PBS did not.  NBC tossed just 19 seconds on the border.

11 'heavily armed' members of an extremist militia group arrested; media buries mention that they are Black.  Imagine if these people were White!  It would be the top story all weekend, and you know it.  But they are Black, so only in the 22nd paragraph of this New York Times article does the word "Black" appear.

In Cable News, It's Better To Be A Pervert Than A Conservative.  One day, we may look back and dub this month in cable news history "the return of the pervert," as CNN and MSNBC welcomed back commentators and contributors accused of sexual harassment or other carnal improprieties to their airwaves.  Abusing their position to obtain sexual favors, exposing themselves, or racking up a years-long history of inappropriate comments to female guests and co-workers could not stand in the way of Leftists' return to the class of punditry.  Everyone from former Rep. Katie Hill (D, naturally, CA), to Jeffrey Toobin, to Chris Matthews have shaken off the muck of scandal and plunged into the ranks of cable news talking heads.  Katie Hill's "throuple" with a young staffer exploded into public view after the Daily Mail published photos of Hill and her then-husband pawing a woman roughly half her age.  The power differential between Hill and the employee raised questions of sexual harassment in the age of #MeToo.  Still, CNN not only invited Hill, who spent less than a year in Congress, to offer commentary on a subject about which she clearly had no expertise, but CNN host Brianna Keilar practically begged her to return to politics.

Jim Acosta's Obsession With Marjorie Taylor Greene Takes a Really Weird Turn.  CNN's Jim Acosta is not a journalist.  That's been thoroughly established over the last several years, from his wild, partisan rantings as a White House correspondent during the Trump era to his profanity-filled tirades on the low-rated weekend show he now anchors.  This is a man with serious issues, and those issues have been exacerbated by his obsession with January 6th, and by proxy, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Apparently, the stalwart newsman decided he'd go to Capitol Hill to "get answers" about the now almost seven-month-old incident.  You know, because no one has talked about January 6th to this point.  We obviously need more "answers."  Things just get weird from there. [...]

Lone GOPer on Meet The Press Panel Calls Out Lies Against GOP Election Laws.  In the closing minutes of Sunday's [6/27/2021] Meet the Press, NBC political director Chuck Todd led a panel of mostly liberal media types in a discussion accusing the Republican Party of a nationwide effort to strip Biden voters, more specifically minorities, of their right to vote.  Luckily, Danielle Pletka, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute stood in the breach and called out the lies, gave examples of liberal states enacting the same election policies, and made heads rhetorically explode while doing it.  After Todd played a clip of Attorney General Merrick Garland announcing that the Department of Justice was looking to take states to court over their election integrity laws, PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor led the way in praising the politically motivated move and peddled smears against Republicans.

Chris Hayes calls for the jailing of those who continue to question the 2020 election results.  A few weeks ago, I wrote an article here about MSNBC's Joe Scarborough going on a rant about the ongoing Maricopa County, Arizona, audit of the 2020 presidential election.  Scarborough stated that anyone who questioned the election results should leave the country.  I described this as an all-time low for MSNBC, but a few weeks later, they topped it:  MSNBC's Chris Hayes described the Maricopa County election audit as "ridiculous and dangerous."  On June 3rd, Hayes ridiculed Pennsylvania GOP State Senator Douglas Mastriano for visiting the Arizona audit.  The audit, Hayes said, was an "assault on democracy."  "They are trying to destroy" democracy's legitimacy, Hayes said of those who question the election results.  The audit is a "mass delusion," he claimed, that will cause damage and destruction to democracy.

Washington Post is condemned for video urging Americans to set up 'white accountability groups'.  The Washington Post has been branded 'neoracist' and accused of promoting a 'pseudoreligious movement' after the airing of a controversial video declaring people should feel 'shame for being white' and urging readers to form 'white accountability groups'.  The latest episode of the series, hosted by Nicole Ellis and called the New Normal, was released on Friday and discussed how white people can combat white supremacy.  'An antiracist culture does not exist among white people,' trauma specialist and author Resmaa Menakem says when introducing the concept.  'White people need to start getting together specifically around race.'

National Geographic:  There's No Such Thing As Race But White People Should Be Ashamed Of Their Race.  National Geographic editor in chief Susan Goldberg published a dramatic front-page article in 2018 stating that the concept of race is "a made-up label" with "no scientific basis."  "There's no scientific basis for race — it's a made-up label," the article title read.  "It's been used to define and separate people for millennia," said the subheadline.  "But the concept of race is not grounded in genetics."  Last week, Goldberg published an article bashing white people as a group that prominently featured a white woman declaring, "I'm ashamed for my ancestors' race."

Univision Fangirling of VP Harris at Mexico Presser, or MAJOR Security Breach?  When "María Fernanda from Univision" took the mic on Tuesday night [6/8/2021] and asked Vice President Kamala Harris a flattering question to cap off her trip to Mexico, it seemed like Univision's sycophantic day had taken a turn for the worse.  But the truth might be far worse than what it seems.  Watch as "Maria Fernanda from Univision" asked what seemed like a question totally in line with Univision's editorial line, "I voted for you" aside:  [Video clip, transcript, tweets]  Further complicating the issue is the fact that Univision Mexico City correspondent Jésica Zermeño was on site at the Harris press conference (who retweeted Coronell's statement).  Given all these elements, we are faced with one of only two possible scenarios which are, by degrees of exponential magnitude, far worse than the original "Univision reporter fangirls over Kamala, says 'I voted for you'" story:
  •   Coronell's statement is true, in which case we are talking about a MAJOR security breach and vetting failure from the Secret Service, Mexican state security, and the White House press team (led by former CNN political commentator Symone Sanders)
  •   Coronell is lying, in which case (as my colleague Curtis Houck pointed out) Univision has a major journalistic scandal on their hands.
This is a developing story with multiple angles, and we will keep you posted as they unfold.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Fawns Over Fauci In First Interview After Email Dump.  MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace tossed a series of sugar-coated softballs at Dr. Anthony Fauci during the first interview since his personal emails were made public.  Instead of focusing on the fact that a number of the emails flew in the face of prevailing narratives — about face masks (both the efficacy of and necessity for) and the possibility that the novel coronavirus originated in and then leaked from a Wuhan lab — Wallace praised Fauci for refraining from attacking former President Donald Trump, even in his private emails.

Coming Up Next.  On Sunday [5/30/2021], two people were killed and 21 others injured at a mass shooting in Miami.  News reports rather cryptically said that this occurred at a "banquet hall" and, for reasons we can only guess at, did not mention that it was a rap concert.  The shootings were by three thugs who jumped from a white van and opened fire, then drove away.  And despite the van being described as "white," no color was ascribed to the shooters.  Including in the security video that showed three black guys with guns.  But a mysterious shooting at a banquet hall just doesn't fit the desired news narrative as well as "black guys shoot up rap concert crowd because they can."

Reporters Say Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Was Disregarded Because It Came From GOP.  A number of reporters from mainstream media outlets have recently admitted that the Wuhan "lab leak" theory was originally dismissed because it came from Republicans.  Jonathan Karl, ABC News Washington correspondent admitted to ABC's "This Week" host on Sunday [5/30/2021] that the lab leak theory was not taken seriously because it came from the Trump administration but, "now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry."  "Yes, I think a lot of people have egg on their face," Karl said.  "This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, Donald Trump, and look, some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them.  Because Trump was saying so much else that was just out of control ... he said flatly this came from that lab, and it was widely dismissed ... but now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry."  Besides Trump and Pompeo, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) argued that the origin of the virus should be investigated because it does not appear to have come from the animal market, as claimed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Ron DeSantis Mic Drops Florida Reporter in 15 Seconds After She Tried Tying Big Tech Bill to Trump.  Though relationships between the press and politicians are supposed to be adversarial by nature, it's no big secret that Ron DeSantis and the mainstream media's exchanges are more combative than most.  There are two big reasons for that.  He's the popular Republican governor of a red state and one who chose a vastly different (and what appears to be a far more successful) approach to handling the coronavirus outbreak than the more draconian ones preferred by the MSM in blue states with Democratic governors like New York and Michigan. [...] In yet another example of how hatred of the former president drives their reporting on DeSantis, the Miami Herald thought they had a big gotcha moment earlier today during the signing ceremony for a bill DeSantis says will crack down on Big Tech censorship of conservatives.

Poynter Institute Rebukes CNN's Chris Cuomo for Advising Brother Governor on Damage Control.  The Poynter Institute for Media Studies has published a harsh reprimand of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Thursday for his taking part in strategy sessions advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amid the fallout from the governor's sexual misconduct allegations.  Poyter's Tom Jones argued that Chris Cuomo was "deservedly under scrutiny for crossing a journalistic line" following revelations that he took part in advisory calls with Andrew Cuomo and some of his staff members, with Jones calling the situation "a conflict of interest that has been more than a year in the making."  "Stop and think about what happened here," Jones wrote.  "The host of a primetime show on one of the country's biggest and most influential cable news networks is advising one of the most powerful and influential politicians in this country on how to handle serious sexual misconduct allegations."

Joe Scarborough Completely Loses His Mind in Screaming Rant Against Trump Supporters.  The MSNBC and CNN guys who built their whole gigs around attacking President Donald Trump are losing their minds.  Trump really isn't there to attack anymore.  But they are still going after him as if he were and going after anyone who supports him.  Listen to this crazy rant as MSNBC's Joe Scarborough just absolutely loses it talking about the Arizona audit.  [Video clip]

NBC's Chuck Todd Was Amy Klobuchar's Landlord, Didn't Disclose During Interviews and Coverage.  In 2008, shortly after becoming a U.S. senator, Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and her husband, John Bessler, began renting a house in Arlington, Virginia, from Chuck Todd, then NBC News' political director. [...] According to Page Six, which first reported the relationship, Klobuchar and her husband paid the Todds $3,200 a month.  This relationship went undisclosed for years, even though Todd went on to question Klobuchar at least eight times on-air during her 2020 campaign, including as the moderator of two of the primary debates.

Liberal Media Tries To Derail DeSantis With Laughable Hit Piece.  Democrats are terrified of Ron DeSantis, whose national profile has been elevated by his performance as the nation's best governor.  The Florida Republican has become the national model for the successful management of the COVID crisis without destroying his state's economy and respecting civil liberties at the same time.  This of course has earned him the contempt of his unscrupulous opponents and their allies in the media whose specialty is the smear campaign.  Now, the activist left is buzzing over a newly launched hit piece published by Politico.

Two Florida Newspapers Embarrass Themselves and Display How Scared They Are of Ron DeSantis.  It is no shocker that in South Florida, a distinctly Indigo-hued segment of a red state, the local press leans left.  As an example, after winning a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the graft and incompetence in the Broward Sheriff's office following the Parkland shooting, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel backed the embattled Scott Israel in his bid to retain his office, because the last thing they would do is support a Republican candidate running for the position.  Well, that same paper just turned hysterical regarding Governor Ron DeSantis.

Our Garbage Media At Work.  The Washington Free Beacon has compiled a supercuts video displaying the judgments of prominent media gasbags on the speeches of President Joe Biden and Senator Tim Scott this past Wednesday evening.  [Video clip]

The True Face Of Racism.  Did you know that "news" has a race?  I bet you didn't.  It didn't always, it used to just be news — which is simply the recounting of what happened.  But now it has a skin color.  A few years ago, NBC News created "NBC Black," which bills itself as "Elevating America's conversation about black identity, politics, & culture.  Telling stories by, for, and about the black community."  They also have "NBC Latino," which they surprisingly haven't yet renamed LatinX (likely because they want people to know what [...] they're talking about, since only mostly white, ultra-leftists use that made up term), which purports to exist to "Elevating the conversation around Latinos in the United States."  And, of course, there is NBC LGBTQ, "NBC Out is the LGBTQ section of @NBCNews.  We write and produce content about and of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community," and NBC Asian American — "News, features, videos about #AAPI communities." [...] Maybe it's good business, but it's not good for the country.

Media Outlet Identified! — CNN Is Caught Outside AZ Audit Center Parking Lot Harassing State Audit Workers.  On Friday night [4/30/2021] The Gateway Pundit Jordan Conradson interviewed Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett on the latest developments in the historic Maricopa County forensic audit.  Ken gave The Gateway Pundit an exclusive on the historic audit that continued Friday at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.  Ken Bennett also dropped this bomb during the interview.  The liberal media is attempting to dox the audit workers!  [Video clip]

A Great New Idea for Reducing Police Shootings.  Our country's social stasis is disrupted terribly by police shootings.  Now that police wear body cams and members of the public scour the streets for interesting events to film on smartphones and then to post to social media, more police shootings get disseminated than ever before.  When the target of the shooting is Black, we become infused with the news.  When the target is White, we instantly move on because a White target generates few clicks and followers and fails to accord with the left-media narrative.  In the same way, on the rare occasion that an Arab Muslim is attacked, the media run wild, but when a Haredi Jew is attacked in broad daylight on the streets of Brooklyn it barely merits a mention in the Food & Wildlife section.

Propagandists: Latino TV Networks Cheer Dems' Court-Packing Bill.  Gone are the days when the nation's leading Spanish-language networks would cover the U.S. presidency with adversarial scrutiny.  Their coverage of the Democrats' efforts to pack the Supreme Court proves their pivot to advocacy propaganda.  Watch as anchors from Telemundo and Univision, respectively, hail Democrat efforts to pack the Court:  [Video clip]

This newspaper article reeks with bias:
Texas Senate passes transgender sports bill that critics decry as another 'bathroom bill'.  The Texas Senate approved a controversial transgender sports bill Thursday [4/15/2021] that would force young athletes in Texas to compete in sports that align with the sex designated on their original birth certificate rather than with their gender identity.  The 18-12 vote followed a marathon March 26 hearing that featured emotional testimony on the bill, which foes decry as discriminatory and anti-LGBTQ.

USA Today Beats Up On 'Hateful,' Ignorant Red States For Opposing Trans AthletesUSA Today ultra-leftist Nancy Armour swung a big bat Tuesday [4/13/2021], verbally bludgeoning hateful, ignorant conservative state lawmakers working to protect women's sports.  She accused them of trying to "otherize" trans athletes and open a new front in the culture war, repeated LGBT talking points and urged the NCAA to hurt conservative states in the pocketbook.  Nearly half the state legislatures are trying to protect women's sports from the intrusion of confused males competing with females.  Armour accused them of passing bills that aren't based on scientific facts.  It's bigotry that comes with a price, and she exhorted the NCAA to inflict financial pain on conservative states.

MSNBC host calls on liberal Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire after his warning against 'court-packing'.  MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan has called on liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from the bench after he spoke out forcefully against court-packing earlier this week.  In the piece, published Thursday [4/8/2021] and starkly headlined "Justice Stephen Breyer Should Retire from the Supreme Court," Hasan accused Breyer of intentionally overlooking the "partisanship" of his conservative colleagues, and dismissed his position as "naive, misguided and self-serving."  "It feels odd for me to have to remind a sitting justice that nowhere in the Constitution does it say there should be nine justices on the court," Hasan wrote at one point.  In a lecture at Harvard Law School on Tuesday, Breyer argued that politically-driven changes to the Supreme Court risked damaging the rule of law in the United States.

When Joey Met Franky.  In his first White House press conference last month, Joe Biden needed a cheat sheet and marked photos of approved reporters.  The Delaware Democrat thus invites a comparison to Franklin Delano Roosevelt who, many Americans still believe, was fully able-bodied and a tower of strength during World War II.  Hugh Gregory Gallagher challenged that perception in FDR's Splendid Deception, which carried the subtitle, "The moving story of Roosevelt's massive disability — and the intense efforts to conceal it from the public."  In 1920, FDR was the Democratic candidate for vice president under James Cox.  The next year, he suffered an attack of polio, and as Gallagher notes, FDR was "anxious that the press should not know how severely paralyzed he had become."  FDR associate Louis Howe "constantly misled reporters" and worked out "a scheme to transfer Roosevelt without reporters discovering just how ill he really was."  As Gallagher recalled, "FDR had made it a rule, during his first campaign for governor, that photographers were not to take pictures of him looking crippled or helpless."  During his entire career, reporters obeyed with startling fidelity.

CBS News blasted for 'Dem activism' with report on '3 ways companies can help fight' Georgia election law.  CBS News drew some sharp reactions Friday [4/2/2021] over a so-called "report" that critics declared seemed more like full-throated Democratic activism.  In a piece titled, "3 ways companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law," CBS Money Watch reporter Khristopher J. Brooks appeared to offer advice on how corporations can put political pressure on Georgia Republicans, who just passed and signed election reform into law.  "1. Do not donate," Brooks wrote.  "Activists said companies should immediately stop making donations to Barry Fleming and Michael Dugan, the Georgia Republicans who co-sponsored the voting changes."  The CBS reporter then shamed companies like Coca-Cola, Delta, Home Depot, and UPS for their various donations to Fleming and Dugan since 2018.

CBS Repeatedly Lobbies:  Why Not Just Boycott Georgia Over GOP Voting Law?  It's not enough to trash Georgia's new voting law as racist, now the hosts of CBS This Morning are prompting business leaders to encourage a boycott.  After prominent African American CEOs placed an ad in The New York Times calling for corporate America to speak out, Gayle King demanded they do more.  Talking to a former CEO of Xerox, King pressed, "Ursula Burns, there was no call for a boycott even though other people are calling for boycotts.  Why was the decision not to go that far?"  After reading a quote from a full page ad appearing in The New York Times, King underlined, "But they do not call for an outright boycott of the state."

The AP steps up to help flailing Biden admin, tells staffers not to use the word "crisis" when writing about the border crisis.  As the Biden administration lies about the border crisis and tries to bully Republican lawmakers into deleting their photos of Biden's over-crowded illegal immigrant cages, the media works overtime to try to obfuscate the crisis.  It's not working, though, according to a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll that shows the majority of Americans see the border crisis as a crisis and disapproves of Biden's handling of it.  Biden has banned news media from the cramped "pods" (new word for "cages") where the Wuhan coronavirus runs rampant amid inhumane conditions, and the media is happy to accept that.  We hear no cries of suppression of the press or fascism now that their guy is in the White House, and we will not.  [Tweets] [...] So serious are media outlets about propping up Sleepy Joe "Kids in Cages" Biden that the AP has instructed staffers not to use the term "crisis" in discussing the border crisis.  I kid you not.

Comparison of Biden vs.  Trump Media Coverage of the Border Crisis.  The mainstream media is made up of biased hacks.  I know, hardly groundbreaking, but this montage put out by our friends over at the Media Research Center is worth the watch for its sheer entertainment value alone.  I mean, it takes real skill to lack this much shame, as you'll see in a second.  The setup is that the border has deteriorated to unseen levels, with over ten thousand illegal alien children now in custody.  Meanwhile, the general surge at the border is also at historic levels.  The Biden administration is not prepared, and their policies and rhetoric caused a dangerous humanitarian crisis that didn't need to happen.  In other words, things are objectively worse, and there are more "kids in cages" today than at any time during the Trump administration.  Yet, this is the comparison in coverage.

DC Statehood Is The Next Unicorn The Democrats Are Chasing.  The Washington Post is doing an admirable job of cheerleading for the next unicorn that congressional Democrats are set to pursue, that being DC statehood.  The obvious nature of the power grab that the Democrats are trying to pull off doesn't seem to sway their media enablers in the slightest.  Nor do the historical reasons as to why the District of Columbia wasn't created as a state to begin with.  All that really matters is the opportunity to summon up two more senators from a reliably blue neighborhood, that is smaller in both physical size and population than your average county.  The job for the GOP at this moment, as Yahoo News reports, is to educate the public about what the Democrats are trying to do and why this scheme shouldn't be allowed to come to pass.

Propaganda, Chris Wallace and Anthony Fauci Edition.  Once you realize that COVID-19 is being pushed as a purposeful political control tool, it becomes easy to spot the propaganda as it is delivered.  The statistics just do not match the expressed narrative.  Small jumps are labeled "massive spikes."  For an audio visual demonstration, watch this prompted segment from Fox News Sunday and the DC Swamp Gatekeeper Chris Wallace as he discusses narrated statistics of the virus.  Compare what he is saying to the graph he displays to support what he is saying.  They do not align.  [Video clip]

NBC's Chuck Todd:  A Lot People Believe More Pandemics 'Inevitable' Because of Climate Change.  NBC anchor Chuck Todd said Sunday [3/14/2021] on NBC's "Meet the Press" that a lot of people believe it is "inevitable" we'll have more pandemics in the future because of "climate change."

The Editor says...
Chuck Todd made this statement as part of a "question" for Dr. Anthony Fauci, who then failed to take the bait, and didn't mention climate change in his answer.  Chuck Todd attempted to inject global warming into a discussion where it has no place.  That's fake news.

CNN Doesn't Get Why Americans Are Concerned About Biden's Address.  How dare we have such concerns and don't just thank our government for their concern for us and dictating the right think for us!  Thank you, Dear Leader!  But it's CNN, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.  They're the closest thing to "state media" now or political operative arm of the Democrats.  This is CNN.

This article is replete with left-wing bias:
Biden honors Covid victims, accelerates vaccine timeline.  In his first prime-time presidential address, President Joe Biden said on Thursday night [3/11/2021] that he would order states to make coronavirus vaccines available to all American adults by May 1, in an effort to accelerate the mass vaccination effort critical to ending the pandemic. [...] Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Monday specifically allowed for fully vaccinated people to visit indoors with unvaccinated healthy people from a single household without wearing masks or physical distancing.

The Editor says...
The First Amendment, in the Bill of Rights, allows ALL people to visit indoors OR OUT with ALL people from ANY household without wearing masks or physical distancing.

So Much For Bringing Dogs Back To The White House.  When I covered the White House for The Washington Times during the George W. Bush administration, I used to play a game with then-Press Secretary Dana Perino, now a Fox News host.  The game was simple:  One of us would send the other an email that said, "Can you imagine if W. had ___."  You could fill in the blank with anything that the Democrats were currently getting away with in the milquetoast U.S. media.  The game, of course, can still be played today, just with different players.  Take former President Donald Trump.  He said in March 2020 that masks weren't needed to combat COVID-19.  That's exactly what the nation's top immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci was saying at the time.  "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.  When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is," the doctor said on CBS News.

Things that don't make sense, except to Democrats.  [Scroll down]  Now that cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are declining rapidly we see fewer stories.  They have to get the $1.9 Trillion leftist slush fund passed before the public is allowed to learn the truth.  I also am seeing frequent reporting complaining that not as many people are getting tested.  The media, bureaucrats and other Democrats should be cheering that fewer people are scared and fewer people feel the need to get tested but they are complaining.  The cheers should be very loud because even with fewer people testing, the positivity rate has dropped rapidly.  It's as if the media and other Democrats would rather keep destroying the economy and children instead of getting schools and businesses open.  The cheerleading and campaigning for Democrats is what reporters do.  How is that valuable to the American people?

Minneapolis Paying 'Influencers' $1.2M to Shape Public Opinion During Derek Chauvin Trial.  Well, it looks like the Sixth Amendment may be as unwelcome and out-of-date in whatever it is America appears to be degenerating into as the First Amendment clearly is.  The local CBS affiliate is reporting the almost unbelievable news that Minneapolis officials plan on shelling out around $1.2 million in taxpayer money to "six social media influencers, with a large local following, to help push their message" during Derek Chauvin's second-degree murder trial for the death of George Floyd.

4 Dead, 15% of Oregon Lost Power:  Why Don't We Hear About It?  The answer is obvious.  When a disaster hits a Democrat state, it's the fault of global warming and vague conditions.  But when a disaster hits a Republican state, it's the fault of the Republicans.  Even if, in reality, they have as little to do with it as Senator Ted Cruz does.  The media is in the propaganda business.  Not the business of facts.  While the situation in Texas is worse than in Oregon, for obvious reasons of scale and weather, 600,000 people lost power in Oregon, the National Guard has been deployed, and, currently, some 50,000 people still don't have power.  And yet coverage of the situation is minimal to non-existent.  While the media loudly blares coverage of "survivors" of the storm in Texas, there's not much coming out of Oregon.

MSNBC, CNN Give Rush the Soviet Treatment, Black Out Morning News of His Death.  Love Rush Limbaugh or hate him, it is undeniable that he was a huge, transformative media figure.  If there was ever a more impactful conservative media voice in the last 30 years, who would it be?  As just two examples of how Rush's importance spanned decades, consider that over a quarter-century ago, Republicans saluted Rush as the "majority maker" and made him an honorary member of the House.  Republicans credited Rush for helping them win back the majority after decades in the wilderness.  And it can rightly be said that Rush was instrumental in the success of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential run.  So Rush's death is, indisputably, a tremendously newsworthy event — his life and legacy eminently deserving of discussion.  And yet, incredibly, despicably, during their combined six hours of airtime this morning, neither MSNBC's Morning Joe nor CNN's New Day devoted a single moment to a discussion of Rush's passing.  On New Day, the blackout was absolute.  The word "Rush" never crossed the lips of any of the hosts, reporters, or guests.

Katy Tur Tries to Gaslight Over 'Insurrection'.  Katy Tur has never been known as a straight shooter.  One of the more partisan voices on MSNBC (and that's saying something), she presents herself as a hard news anchor while finding it absolutely impossible to not let her left-wing bias show through.  At one point, she compared journalists to fire fighters, rushing into burning buildings because there's no more a delusional group of people on the planet than those who work in the legacy news industry. [...] Perhaps Tur was comatose over last summer's festivities.  The rest of us recall the court houses on fire, the police precincts burned down, the stores looted, the violent political demands of groups like Black Lives Matter, and the dozens of people killed and murdered.  In fact, if we want to get technical, the only recent example of a real insurrection happened in Seattle, where a group of lefty nut jobs setup an "autonomous" zone that ended up in multiple people dead.

As [the] 'walls close in' on Gov. Cuomo, rank media favoritism [is] exposed in [a] devastating thread.  If there was going to be a case study on the corrupt bias of the media establishment, it would have to center on the coverage of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.  You may recall that back in the early days of the Democratic primary, when Biden was coming in fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire, before his revival in South Carolina, there appeared to be an effort afoot in the media to sell Cuomo as a possible alternative.

Media "news" is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  [Scroll down]  First, why get snarky with Senator Cruz to begin with?  Why not just report that his reference was incorrect if she thought it was, as a news reporter should?  The answer, of course, is that news reporters do that — get snarky — these days when their target is a Republican.  Second, why not double-check that you're right before correcting someone in front of millions of people?  The answer is that journalists are too lazy to double check things, especially when they think it reflects badly on Republicans.  Third, why not double-check that you're right when the person you're correcting is a genuine intellectual?  Ted Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, then went on to clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist at the U.S. Supreme Court.  In practicing law, Cruz argued nine cases before the Supreme Court.  The answer is that Mitchell is pathologically arrogant.

Schadenfreude overload as Andrea Mitchell attempts to correct Ted Cruz and reveals her ignorance.  It is a foundational tenet of Trump-hatred that the 45th president and all who support him are stupid.  With the Senate impeachment trial underway, anyone criticizing it must be an idiot, because everyone knows that Trump is evil incarnate, possibly even worse than Hitler.  That may explain why Andrea Mitchell of NBC News thought she could shame Ted Cruz as an ignoramus for criticizing the Senate impeachment trial yesterday.

CNN's Jake Tapper Says Trump Supporters Who Question 2020 Election Results Need to be 'Held Accountable'.  CNN's "State of the Union" anchor Jake Tapper labeled Trump supporters 'terrorists' and said people who question the 2020 election results must be held accountable.  After pushing the 'Trump-Russia collusion' lie for years, CNN is now telling Trump supporters to sit down and shut up about the Democrat voter fraud in the 2020 election.  "If there is no accountability and no attempt by the Republican Party to stop these insane lies that have taken root in their party...  This is not going to be the end of MAGA terrorism, this will only be the beginning," Jake Tapper said.  [Video clip]  Not a word from Jake Tapper about BLM-Antifa terrorists marching through DC last night chanting, "Burn it down!"

"Wildly irresponsible": CNN slams Cuomo for dismissing expert opinion on vaccinations.  I'm trying not to be conspiratorial about the beating Cuomo's taken in the media lately, coincidentally at the very moment Joe Biden has supplanted him as the Democratic leader of America's pandemic response.  For almost a year that role was filled by Cuomo, starting with New York's hellacious outbreak last March — made more hellacious through his mismanagement — and continuing with months of press conferences that contrasted favorably with Trump's meandering rants.  Sleepy Joe has finally arrived to relieve him of duty.  Now the press can finally tell the truth about how terribly he's done and how Trumpy he's been at times in his performance. [...] I'm guessing Team Cuomo's going to pivot hard soon to a message of "Why is everyone focused on what happened months ago with COVID when they should be focused on what's happening now?"  That's some new water that the press can carry for him, if it's so inclined.  And they probably are inclined.

Watch: Furious Woman Whose Mother Died In NY Nursing Home Says NBC News Blocked Her Mentioning Cuomo's Name.  On Monday [2/1/2021], in an explosive condemnation of both the mainstream media and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a woman who lost her mother to COVID-19 in a New York nursing home told Fox News that NBC News barred her from using Cuomo's name when she spoke of her mother's death.  Dawn Best, whose mother died in April 2020, told Brian Kilmeade of "Fox & Friends" that she was told by NBC News, "Can you say that a different way without Governor Cuomo's name, and just say New York failed you?"  Best continued, "So I had no choice.  So I had to say, 'New York failed me.'"

MSNBC's Clint Watts:  If International Terrorists Used Trump's Rhetoric 'We Would Be Talking About a Drone Strike'.  MSNBC national security analyst, former FBI special agent Clint Watts said Thursday [1/28/2021] on MSNBC's "Deadline" that if international terrorists had the similar rhetoric to former President Donald Trump, "we would be talking about a drone strike overseas."

Nicolle Wallace Again Floats 'Drone Strikes' as Solution to 'Domestic Terrorism'.  Nicolle Wallace has Republicans and drone strikes on the noggin.  Yesterday [1/28/2021], we caught MSNBC analyst and former FBI agent Clint Watts saying on Wallace's show that if Anwar Awlaki had said what Trump said, the result would be a "drone strike."  Wallace took it an insane step further on her show this evening, saying:  ["]We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni-American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism. ... The way you root out terrorism, is to take on, in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill those who incite it.["]

Rand Paul pushes back against Stephanopoulos narrative.  Although technically a "journalist," [George] Stephanopoulos is famously partisan, routinely serving as an attack dog for the Democrat party.  He certainly showed that side of himself in the interview with Sen. Paul.  What Stephanopoulos hadn't counted on is that Paul has an advantage compared to many of the elected officials, bureaucrats, and assorted famous people that Stephanopoulos bullies... er, interviews on his show.  Paul is a principled man.  His values do not change depending on where he sees an advantage to himself.  That gives him a moral clarity that makes it impossible to bully him, as Stephanopoulos discovered to his cost.

Rand Paul Serves As An Example Of How Not To Be Bullied As George Stephanopoulos Badgers Him On Election Fraud.  Some GOP legislators are finally beginning to understand the only way to survive a decidedly progressive Democrat majority and possibly keep Biden to one term is a refusal to be cowed and bullied by members of a partisan press functioning as ad hoc propagandists for progressive policies.  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is one such legislator.  In a duel of words that spanned topics from potential election irregularities, to the role of journalists, to whether or not some of the state election fraud cases may eventually make it to the Supreme Court, Paul stood his ground as he was berated and triple-dog-dared into declaring definitively that the 2020 election was clean by a dismissive and agenda-drive George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week.

Everything You Need to Know About Kamala's Niece, Resistance Grifter Meena Harris.  "Ambition runs in the Harris family," said Jenna Bush Hager during a recent Today Show interview with Meena Harris, the 36-year-old niece of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  No argument there.  It's why Joe Biden's team was skeptical about choosing Kamala as a running mate, and it's why Meena's "woke" apparel company, Phenomenal, will print the word "ambitious" on a sweatshirt for $59.  Ambition isn't the only thing Kamala and Meena have in common.  Both are also adored by professional journalists to an unhealthy degree.  Meena, for example, was recently the subject of a New York Times profile that is indistinguishable from a professional public relations campaign.

Photojournalist for CNN-NPR Jade Sacker embedded with BLM/Antifa leader John Sullivan during siege on US Capitol while cheering "We Did It!" after inciting riot.  As soon as the siege on the Capitol took place every left winger I know was screaming about how bad boy Trump and all his riff raff followers had ruined yet another glorious day.  There was violence, there was chaos, people died, and according to them, it was all Trump's fault for "calling for violence."  Except he didn't.  Politicians and special interests groups have been marching on the Capitol for as long as I can remember and that's exactly what Trump asked everyone to do.  I listened to that speech at least a half dozen times and not once did I hear Trump even insinuate that the crowd should perpetrator what later ensued.  I didn't hear anything from him that I haven't heard dozens of times from a magnitude of speakers over various causes from that very spot.

Liberal Journalist Calls For Pelosi To Be Expelled From House.  Whatever you think of Twitter, it does have one virtue: it has exposed the carelessness and low intelligence of American journalists.  Gohmert couldn't have been clearer, and yet these dim bulbs didn't get the point.  More importantly, though:  these journalists thought the quote was shocking when they attributed it to Gohmert.  One wanted to expel Gohmert from the House.  So, does that mean that she now wants Nancy Pelosi expelled?  And do the other journalists quoted above now think that Pelosi's quote was reprehensible?  Will they jump to condemn Pelosi, as they did Gohmert?  Or are statements tolerant of rioting, or even encouraging rioting, perfectly fine when they are made by Democrats?

Media Have Hypocritical Double Standard on Trump vs BLM Protests.  Wednesday was proof that how corporate media and Democrat politicians report and comment on acts of civil unrest depends upon who is engaged in the rioting.  Six months ago The New York Times, which has been described as the national "newspaper of record," made excuses for rioters who attempted to take over the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon.  It reported that "the nightly assault on the federal courthouse has been part of a much wider peaceful resistance ... that began assembling nearly two months ago in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of the Minneapolis police."  The Times continued, "the aim, as it has been in other cities, was to assemble for sweeping police reform and racial justice."  Reporting on Wednesday's protest in Washington, D.C., The Times' "peaceful resistance" suddenly became a "mob."  Instead of "assembling," the protesters engaged in "rampage" and "chaos," incited by President Trump, which became a "part of his legacy."

28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists.  [Numerous video clips]

Media Word of the Week: 'Insurrection'.  he most recent Gallup survey on media credibility found that the percentage of Americans who trust the Fourth Estate "a great deal" is 9 percent.  Assuming that this abysmal showing doesn't constitute some perverse source of pride in America's newsrooms, an honest self-examination of their coverage concerning Wednesday's mayhem on Capitol Hill would be a good way to begin rehabilitating their reputation.  Their response to that utterly predictable event was both monolithic and moronic.  That they are guilty of both charges can be validated by typing "insurrection" into Google and searching News.  This word is used — fallaciously — in countless headlines about an event that didn't remotely justify such a description.  Newsday keeps it simple:  "Trump's Insurrection." The Atlantic insists, "Republicans Own This Insurrection."  The Washington Post asks, "Why weren't officials at the Capitol more prepared for this insurrection?"  AP hits the racism angle:  "Race double standard clear in rioters' Capitol insurrection."  ABC offered, "Insurrection marks moment of reckoning for Republicans."  CNN declared, "Insurrection fueled by conspiracy groups, extremists and fringe movements."  The Wall Street Journal intones:  "Insurrection Demands Forceful Response."  One could easily churn out 850 words by simply cutting and pasting more of this balderdash, but it wouldn't explain why these "journalists" don't know the definition of "insurrection."

ABC demands 'cleansing' Trump movement from America.  Beware, 75 million Trump voters.  The media is calling for your ideological "cleansing" of Trump thought.  In a column and tweet, ABC's well-respected political director Rick Klein made the call after yesterday's [1/7/2021] pro-Trump riots inside the halls of Congress.  It is a sentiment throughout much of the political media and among Democrats who are also pointing an accusing finger at aides to President Trump who are resigning before their jobs end on Joe Biden's Inauguration Day in 13 days.

ABC News: 'Getting Rid of Trump Easy Part'; 'Cleansing' America of 'Movement He Commands' Something Else.  In the aftermath of the pro-Trump siege of the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday, ABC News Political Director Rick Klein is calling for a "cleansing" of the Trump "movement," across America.  Getting rid of Trump "is the easy part," Klien tweeted; getting rid of the movement Trump "commands" is another. [...] "Cleansing the movement"? Just me, or does that sound a tad too close to "cleansing" Adolf Hitler and the Nazis from post-WWII Germany?

The Editor says...
Here's a better idea:  Let's cleanse America of ABC News.  There is no law requiring you to own a television.  If you insist on keeping a TV in your house, nobody is forcing you to watch the ABC network, or any ABC affiliate.  If you keep watching the ABC station, you're putting money in the pockets of people who hate conservatives.

'The View' Explodes After McCain Presses Warnock to Reject His Party's Extremism.  Wednesday marks the third day in a row of shocking blowups on The View.  Georgia's Senator-Elect Raphael Warnock was being blessed with heavy praise and softball questions from the liberal hosts when conservative co-host Meghan McCain changed things by asking him a real critical question.  But when she kept pressing Warnock for a direct answer, she faced the wrath of co-host Whoopi Goldberg and the show's producers.  Before this crazy part, each host shamelessly fawned over their Democrat guest.  A beaming Whoopi Goldberg couldn't contain her excitement.

Just What Were You Expecting?  [Scroll down]  Whether walking on the street or gathered on the Capitol steps, people were waving flags and as far as I could see, nobody was throwing punches.  Nobody was throwing bricks or Molotov cocktails.  In fact, one video clip I found very interesting, was one group of protestors who managed to gain entry to the Capitol Building, was walking/strolling through Statuary Hall, and they were all staying inside the velvet guide ropes running down the center!!  Nobody toppled any statues over or anything like that.  Surely not some "maddened mob" as the media kept hyping all afternoon long.  Here are some things that bother me.  First of all, the media.  The way they were hyping this, you would think there was an all out assault by heavily armed rioters, hell bent on killing everyone inside the building.  The media kept using the words, "shots fired," implying that the "mob" had shot somebody, maybe even a policeman.  Turns out, it was a Capitol policeman who shot an unarmed female protestor.

Punch-a-MAGA banner
News media: 'Extremist' Trump 'Militias' Head to D.C. for 'Violence'.  The widely-circulated tabloid newspaper USA Today warns the "Nation's capital braces for violence as extremist groups converge to protest Donald Trump's election loss."  Braces!  Violence!  Extremist!  Eeek!  Did we ever see such warnings before the numerous summer social justice riots infected cities around the country with ritualized looting, arson and assaults?  Readers are warned, without evidence, that the rallies will "attract large numbers of President Donald Trump's supporters, including conspiracy theorists, militia groups and members of the extremist group the Proud Boys, raising concerns of violent confrontations."

Politico reporter urges journalists to drop 'conservative,' switch to 'extremist'.  Journalists have one job:  to fairly and accurately report the news.  But, in today's climate, many do quite the opposite.  The left-wing media conglomerate works tirelessly to put Democrats on a pedestal, all while making republicans look like eternal villains.  Now, a top Politico reporter is calling on his fellow journalists to stop referring to republicans as conservatives.  Instead, refer to them as "extremists."

CNN's Cuomo mocks Rubio's faith, calling senator 'Bible Boy' during anti-Trump rant.  Chris Cuomo says President Trump's departure from the White House will not offer political relief for the country as long as "Bible boy" Sen. Marco Rubio is around.  The "CNN Tonight" host mocked the Florida Republican's outspoken faith Monday evening while opining on post-Trump America with colleague Don Lemon. [...] "You know Mr. Bible Boy," Mr. Cuomo said.  "He's got a Bible quote for every moment.  He just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it in the interest of his own state or of this country.  They remain, and they all know what they're doing is bogus.  They know what they're doing on the 6th is bogus."  Mr. Lemon blasted senators who want an emergency audit of the 2020 election and said they engineered their own support with lies.

Hundreds of Trump supporters flock to DC ahead of vote.  Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump descended on the nation's capital Tuesday to cheer his baseless claims of election fraud a day before a congressional vote to affirm Joe Biden's victory.  Just blocks from the White House, protesters — many without masks — gathered in Freedom Plaza to decry the vote in the Electoral College.

The Editor says...
[#1] President Trumps claims of election fraud are not baseless.  [#2] The Associated Press writer apparently thinks that individuals congregating in public without face masks is newsworthy.  It's a detail important enough to put in the second sentence of the article above.  Either the AP writer finds such behavior offensive, or he or she is making note of it in case there's a surge of Covid cases next week.

Washington Post Defends Leftist Mob that Terrorized Sen. Josh Hawley's Wife and Newborn at Their Home.  The Washington Post defended a mob of leftist protesters, who under the cover of night yelled through a megaphone and trespassed at the home of Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., while Hawley was away and his wife and children, including a newborn, were inside.  "Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can't travel," Hawley wrote on Twitter.  "They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door."

WaPo and NYT ring in the new year with attacks on capitalism.  In the year of Joe Biden, set to steal a fraudulently won presidency, the mainstream media are pushing another fraudulent "narrative," this one of America rejecting capitalism.  Both the New York Times and the Washington Post opened the new year with an appalling attack on free markets. [...] These attacks are propaganda, same as the Soviets used to do, designed to make Americans blame capitalism rather than big government, using the pandemic to extend its reach and power.  A few crony capitalists gain in the process, creating a propagandistic narrative with the explicit aim of making Americans hate and blame capitalism, matching their other self-created narrative of encouraging Americans to hate their country.  The aim of course is socialism.  Which is rather redolent of the last time they tried this, in the famous 2009 Newsweek headline in the wake of President Obama's election claiming:  "We're All Socialists Now."  We all know how well that worked out.

'Perfect Case Of Media Bias': Major Atlanta Paper Slammed Over Coverage Of Loeffler/Warnock Race.  On Wednesday [11/23/2020], the day after a video emerged of the former wife of Georgia Democratic senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock saying in March 2020 that she had kept his allegedly problematic private behavior "under wraps for a long time," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, covering the Senate run-off race between Warnock and incumbent Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler, titled their side-by-side articles of the the two candidates like this:
    "Untouched in first round, Warnock endures attacks."
    "Losing moderate image, Loeffler turns hard right."
The overt bias in the newspaper's coverage elicited a strong response among conservatives, as they noted the implicit attack on Loeffler while the paper made Warnock look like a victim.

Washington Post Cartoon Borrows Page From Nazi Playbook.  In Sunday's Washington Post, a dehumanizing cartoon of Republican lawmakers and government officials graced both sides of the fold in the opinion section.  The giant, tasteless cartoon by Ann Telnaes shows dozens of rats representing various Republicans who the cartoonist identifies as President Trump's collaborators.  "All the Republican rats" reads the headline, followed by the lead, "All of the state attorney generals and U.S. Congress members who collaborated with President Trump in his attempt to subvert the Constitution and stay in office."  Telnaes then labels each rat in the cartoon with a Republican's name so that Washington Post readers know who to hate.  The Nazi's used the same propaganda to dehumanize the Jews.

China, Spies, And Sexual Harassment: 3 Bombshell Stories The Legacy Media Are Hiding From You.  Early last week, Axios reported that an alleged Chinese spy, a woman named Fang Fang or Christine Fang, had "forged ties with Swalwell while he was a city council member in Dublin, California."  Fang had helped fundraise for Swalwell's 2014 reelection campaign, and even placed an intern in his office.  White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany excoriated the legacy media for their complete disinterest in the possibility that Swalwell — who still sits on the House Intelligence Committee and was a vocal instigator in the Russia collusion hoax — could have been compromised by a Chinese spy.  On December 17th, The Hill reported that the "CBS, NBC and ABC evening newscasts haven't dedicated one second to the story," that Rep. Swalwell was "barely pressed" during an interview with CNN, and that The New York Times had failed to report on the story in any fashion.  One would imagine that had it been a Republican Congressman who was accused of sleeping with a spy, the legacy media may have expressed more interest.

News Anchors Say The Quiet Part Loud.  WQAD anchors, Katherine Bauer and Morgan Strackbein didn't know they were live when this candid conversation took place last weekend.  [Video clip]

Narcissistic NBC News shows that the media's bias has no bounds.  [Scroll down]  This type of narcissism echoes Soviet level reporting.  The tragedy of those lies in the Soviet media was that reporters were forced to lie to save their lives.  Stop toeing the party line and you might find yourself doing hard labor in a Siberian gulag.  The tragedy of these lies in the United States is that the narcissistic reporters are doing this voluntarily.  The notion of honest reporting is utterly alien to them.  For them, truth is always defined by their ideological needs.  Even worse, if they stop toeing the party line, they might find themselves disinvited from the cool kids' parties and forced to hold a real job (or maybe learn to code) somewhere in flyover country.

Flashback: Four Years Ago, ABC Was Excited Hillary Wasn't 'Going Away'.  If the liberal media didn't have double standards, they would have no standards at all.  Although journalists now are angry that anyone would question President-Elect Joe Biden, ABC four years ago was speculating on Donald Trump being "delegitimized."  The network was also excited that Hillary Clinton wasn't "going away."  Think they'll feel the same way about Trump?  On the December 9, 2016 Good Morning America, reporter Jon Karl hailed Clinton's return "to the spotlight," calling her "the most prominent voice in the Democratic Party."  Former Bill Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos cheered, "She's not going away."  Karl gushed:  ["]Absolutely not.  You know, after that contentious 2000 campaign which Al Gore won the popular vote and basically disappeared after the election.  That is not going to be the case, I believe, with Hillary Clinton.["]  [Video clip]

CNN daily nightmare is unfolding courtesy of James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.  Appearing last night on Hannity, James O'Keefe joked about an advent calendar — like daily set of presents for CNN and its CEO, Jeff Zucker.  If you haven't heard already, Project Veritas has been recording telephone conference calls at CNN, courtesy of an inside whistleblower, according to what O'Keefe told Hannity.  While CNN is fulminating about a lawsuit, O'Keefe is confident in his legal advisers' position that recording and releasing the calls is legal.  CNN's new corporate parent, AT&T, is rumored to be trying to sell the network in order to reduce its corporate debt.  There are already worries that if Trump does not prevail in his lawsuits and Biden takes office, CNN will not be able use TDS as a lure for viewers.  Further damage to its credibility via release of phone calls will not help in gathering viewers.

CNN's Zucker Busted By Project Veritas Saying President Trump Not Conceding is Like 9/11.  Project Veritas released tapes on Tuesday [12/1/2020] of CNN's 9 a.m. rundown calls that they have secretly been recording for months.  These tapes expose CNN president Jeff Zucker and several other CNN executives expressing their extreme political biases against the president.  "This is yet another investigation Project Veritas has conducted into CNN, and once again they've demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnect with journalistic ethics," said Project Veritas founder and CEO James O'Keefe.

The press conference the media mocked, derided, and refused to cover.  I watched the news conference Thursday conducted by President Trump's campaign attorneys, and later visited the websites of the major networks to see what their interpretation of the bombshell would be.  CNN said they wouldn't even air the news conference because it was 'so bananas' and 'full of BS.'  Yes, really.  MSNBC linked to a Chuck Todd commentary saying:  "This has been a bonkers press conference."  ABC linked to this headline:  "Promising more lawsuits, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani recycles debunked claims."  CBS News, at 9:32 p.m., had no mention of the news conference at all.  NBC News put out:  "Rudy Giuliani baselessly alleges 'centralized' voter fraud at free-wheeling news conference."  Fox News's Kristin Fisher blatantly called Giuliani a liar.

Fox News continues to alienate its viewers.  Fox News continues to insult its audience.  This time, the insults came from Kristin Fisher, who was speaking from either ignorance or malice when she attacked Rudy Giuliani after Trump's legal team gave a press conference.  The press conference was the equivalent of an opening argument in a trial.  Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis each stated one aspect of the upcoming case:  Giuliani described on-the-ground voter fraud, Powell described a sophisticated computer system created in Venezuela to steal votes, and Ellis reminded people that this was an opening argument rather than an evidentiary hearing.  The evidence, she said, will come.  The conference was essentially a preview of coming attractions.  In a trial, first you tell your story, then you prove your story, and then you summarize your story.  The legal team is at Phase One.  That didn't stop Kristin Fisher from proving that she's a lousy listener and is staggeringly ignorant about how the American legal system works.

Embarrassing: Lapdog Biden Journalists Debase Their Profession in Latest Presser.  If anyone was hoping the third time would be the charm for consistently constructive or tough questions at a post-election Joe Biden press conference, Thursday illustrated that such a hope was a fool's errand.  Over the course of the 15-minute availability, the Biden team had the former vice president receive questions from only four reporters with three of them offering softballs.  ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce continued her accumulation of quite a highlight reel if she ever wanted to join the Biden administration, wondering to Biden in the first of two questions:  "How many lives do you think are at risk here if this transition remains stalled?"  Her second and third questions weren't any better [...]

DAY 5 of Obama TV on CBS: Vacation Pal Gayle King Cheers Michelle.  Tuesday [11/17/2020] was day five of Obama TV.  Also known as CBS This Morning.  Co-host Gayle King, an Obama donor who has vacationed with the family, yet again highlighted the latest on the Democrats.  King cheered the "powerful message" of Mrs. Obama going after Donald Trump again.

Mr. Obama, The 'Strangulation' Victim Is Not George Floyd.  On Sunday, 60 Minutes' resident sycophant, Scott Pelley, walked former president Barack Obama through a racial landscape unrecognizable to those who know the lay of the land, especially readers of The American Spectator.  Pelley kicked off the misdirection with the question, "Did you watch the video of George Floyd's strangulation?"  Yes, strangulation.  Knowing Obama's weakness for racial scare-mongering, I was not at all surprised by his refusal to correct Pelley.  He probably did not know enough to do so in any case.  "Of course," said Obama.  "It was heartbreaking."  He then blathered on about an African-American "reality" that exists only in America's newsrooms.  As to the aftermath of the Floyd death, Obama claimed to have been "heartened and inspired" by the "marches."  He offered not a single word about the stores looted, the buildings burned, the people killed.  Nor did Pelley venture a single question.

Did Fox News's premature Arizona call for Biden trigger the massive cheating operation?  [Scroll down]  But at 11:20 P.M., Fox News made a shocking announcement by calling Arizona for Joe Biden.  Never mind that about 900,000 votes were yet uncounted, including absentee ballots.  Other news outlets, including The New York Times and CNN, did not make a call until two days later. [...] There are two problems with this call.  First, you don't call it when it is still in statistical probability.  The word "most likely" means that the chance is less than 100%.  You call a state for one candidate when it is mathematically impossible for the other candidate to catch up.  Secondly, when [Arnon] Mishkin and his team were deliberating whether to make the call for Biden or not, the percentage of the votes counted was most likely still about 60% or so.  Arizona is not a solid blue state.  Trump carried the state in 2016 by a healthy 3.5% margin. [...] The question is, why did Fox News call it so early?  Or, rather, who is Arnon Mishkin?  Mishkin is a registered Democrat.

The Death of Fox News.  On Election Night, I tuned into Fox News, just like millions of other Americans. [...] Fox called Arizona, where nearly a million votes remained to be counted, for Biden.  Given what we now know about how close the result in Arizona will be, this was grossly inappropriate and unprofessional.  As it turns out though, it was much more than that: it was also potentially the deciding factor in the election.  Imagine if Fox had not made its despicable, unforgivable call.  All signs on election night would have pointed to a Trump victory.  Trump unambiguously would have declared victory.  Americans would have gone to bed believing, despite media hand wringing and equivocating, that Trump was the victor.  The same momentum and sense of inevitability that now attaches itself to Vice President Biden, rightly or wrongly, would have attached itself to President Trump.

Don't Give an Inch.  For five years, the Democratic party and their allies in the corporate media, the coddled government bureaucracies, and the Big Tech platforms have fought Trump with every weapon at their disposal.  They uncritically and feverishly repeated every deranged theory that Trump was really a Russian asset operating as Putin's Manchurian candidate, and then cheered on his impeachment for it.  An FBI lawyer altered evidence to spy on a U.S. citizen while texting "viva la resistance" to his colleagues.  When, less than a month before the election, Facebook and Twitter outright banned the circulation of a New York Post story involving corruption in the Biden family, media outlets happily did the same.  The New York Times accused Trump of faking his post-COVID White House appearance with a green screen and using secret Twitter code to activate right-wing extremists.  CNN is now settling libel suits for its role in instigating a vicious social media campaign and physical threats against a Catholic high school kid — all for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat.  Media outlets that breathlessly ran with a fake story about Trump killing an entire pond of koi fish refused to cover the violent riots that broke out across the country this summer.  They stood in front of buildings that were literally on fire, claiming the protests were "fiery, but mostly peaceful."  They told us that border walls don't stop illegal immigration, riots don't spread COVID-19 (but schools and church services do), and Joe Biden would win in a landslide.

Ronna McDaniel Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI: Media Still Demands 'Evidence'.  During a press conference Monday, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel presented evidence of alleged voter fraud in Michigan that Republicans think could have tipped the scales for Joe Biden.  "In Wayne County, Republican poll watchers were denied their legal right to monitor the election and purposefully kept in the dark... there are thousands of reports of poll watchers being intimidated and unable to do their job and as of 4 p.m. this afternoon, 131 affidavits have been completed just in Michigan with over 2,800 incident reports that have been submitted to us since election day.  Two new lawsuits were filed today by people who were working in Detroit and a whistleblower [came forward]." [...] Watching the news these days is a lot like watching a Monty Python skit because immediately after McDaniel gave her evidence and told the press where to find the affidavits, they demanded that she show "evidence" of the alleged fraud.

Fox News pays the price for betraying its viewership.  Under Roger Ailes, Fox News was reliably conservative.  When he left, and when Rupert Murdoch handed the reins over to his sons James and Lachlan, things started getting shaky.  James, the fiery leftist, only left Fox this July.  Now Lachlan, who is married to a fiery leftist, is at the helm, helped by Paul Ryan, the RINO rodent, among others on the Board.  With this leadership, while voters have rightly suspected creeping NeverTrumperism in the newsroom for some time now, it all came to a head with this election.  Things went pretty sour for viewers when Chris Wallace turned the first presidential debate into a three-way affair, with Wallace siding with Biden.  Nevertheless, viewers were willing to give Fox another chance on election night.  Fox failed that test.  The kill switch for many viewers was that Fox News hired a hard leftist to run its election desk on Election Night.  Predictably, Arnon Mishkin called the race in ways only a leftist could love.  With hundreds of thousands of votes outstanding, he called Arizona for Biden.  Meanwhile, he refused to call obviously pro-Trump states such as Texas and Alaska.  Things have gotten worse since then.

Liberal media applauded Stacey Abrams for challenging election results, condemns Trump for same thing.  President Trump seems to be taking a page from the Democrat's playbook, but he doesn't have the mainstream media on his side.  Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was praised by the mainstream media for refusing to concede after her 2018 loss to Republican Brian Kemp, while accusing the GOP of stealing the election.  "While it was the Georgia governorship and not the presidency, it was still a gross denigration of our Democratic norms to even still maintain that she should be the Peach State's rightful governor," NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck told Fox News.

The biggest loser in this election?  Confidence in the voting process.  I was looking at one breathless report from the Associated Press while having coffee this morning and was struck by how desperately many MSM outlets seem to be to bat down any questions about how fairly, accurately and legally the counting is being handled.  At this point, they're attacking Republican objections to perceived irregularities more stridently than they are the President himself.  Words such as "baseless" and "unproven" are dominating the headlines this weekend.  And reporters are more interested in which Republicans are going along with Trump or gainsaying him than the underlying questions being raised. [...]

The Mainstream Media's COVID Cover-up Continues.  On October 5th, The Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) was released to the public, almost three full weeks before Biden's interview.  For those who've never heard of the GBD, you shouldn't feel left out.  Our mainstream media has barely covered its existence, and are in fact doing everything they can to ignore it.  Written by three renowned infectious disease epidemiologists — one each from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford — the GBD makes several recommendations that sound suspiciously similar to what Dr. Atlas has advocated for, and what President Trump has pitched to the American public.  Among other things, the document advises:
  •   "Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal."
  •   "Restaurants and other businesses should open."
  •   "Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching."
The GBD advises that communities and countries strive for herd immunity.  The very mention of herd immunity has become verboten in many circles, with opponents such as Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC suggesting such an approach will kill people.  But the credibility of the GBD is not simply limited to the credentials of its three authors, though their résumés are thoroughly impressive.  To date, there have been over 11,000 medical and public health scientists from around the world that have also signed the declaration, along with another 32,000 medical practitioners.  But Joe Biden told 17 million Americans that "no serious doctor around the world" agrees with Dr. Atlas?  And Norah O'Donnell just went right along with the lie?  As Joe might say, "C'mon man."

Boston Globe Columnist Compares Trump Caravans to ISIS Terrorists.  Renee Graham, a columnist for the Boston Globe, compared the caravans springing up around the country in support of President Donald Trump with Islamic State terrorist invasions.  "See the difference?  Me neither."  Graham tweeted on Saturday under two photos, one of a pro-Trump caravan and the other of footage of armed ISIS terrorists.

Former journalist receives AP survey, laughs out loud at huge bias in questions.  [Scroll down]  The poll goes on to ask many questions that are intentionally, manipulatively inaccurate, and others that are structured to allow the AP to interpret to suit its predetermined goal.  For example, in attempting to gauge the respondent's primary issues of importance, one question asked if the "economic downturn" would factor into his selection process.  The possible answers to that question range from "very likely" to "not at all."  The obvious question is what economic downturn, but the poll does not allow one to ask.  Essentially, the poll attempts to subconsciously plant the idea that some undisputed "economic downturn" is taking place.  Was the question referencing the economic downturn in Democrat-run, riot- and looting-ridden cities that have shut down and forbidden life outside liberal rabble-rousing?  If so, it should clearly state such.  That is not what the poll's intention is, though.  It is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to imply that the economy is not improving under President Donald Trump — something categorically false, deceptive, and intentional on the part of the AP.

Mainstream Media Runs Damage Control On O'Keefe Texas Hit.  Leave it to mainstream media to run a puff piece on the woman caught on hidden video encouraging and engaging in various voter fraud activities.  The video, launched by Project Veritas and James O'Keefe, showed Raquel Rodriguez offering to buy people off to vote the way she wanted them to, admitting that Trump was right and that voter fraud was rampant, admitted to bringing in 7000 votes, possibly all fraudulently, and openly admitted that what she's doing is illegal and she could go to jail for doing it.  Now News 4 San Antonio is running tear jerker stories on Rodriguez in an attempt to gain public sympathy for her.

Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering.  After big tech companies suppressed a New York Post article exposing written evidence that Joe Biden "spent some time together" with a top executive of a corrupt Ukrainian energy firm that was enriching his son, media titans are misleading the public about the central facts of this explosive affair.  Twitter, for a prime example, pinned a post to the top of its home page claiming that Biden "played no role in pressuring Ukraine officials into firing the prosecutor" at the core of this case.  That is flatly disproven by the words of Biden himself, who stated on video that he told Ukraine's president and its prime minister that he would withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid from their nation unless they removed the prosecutor.  "If the prosecutor is not fired," warned Biden, "you're not getting the money."

The MSM Reports About NYPD Smashing the Windows of a Vehicle With a Driver Inside — Fails to Mention that The Driver Was Strategizing With the Rioters Throughout the Night.  Dozens of marching protesters were arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday night after clashing with NYPD cops and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake in response to the Philadelphia police shooting death of an armed black man.  About 200 protesters met in Fort Greene Park before snaking their way through the streets, vandalizing police vehicles, torching an American flag and igniting at least one rubbish fire during their travels.  Near Willoughby and Jay streets, several protesters chucked rocks and bottles at police officers, sources said.  Others in the group wielded pieces of wood.  Nearby, a man in the crowd stole a pumpkin off the steps of a brownstone and hurled it at a car windshield.  Other protesters were spotted tagging random buildings in the group's path.

How Decades of Media and Faculty Bias Have Pushed America to the Left.  [Scroll down]  We've seen a few examples of this over the past week.  The first example is Twitter's concerted and admitted effort to hide the NY Post's exposé on potentially damaging emails from Joe Biden's son.  Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, first claimed that the company's efforts to prevent Twitter users from sharing the story were a "mistake" and offered some rather implausible explanations.  After the Post and a variety of right-leaning groups expressed outrage over the affair, the company backed down.  This is just the latest of many cases of media companies making efforts to edit, curate, and control the information being communicated on their websites.  Another example comes from Wikipedia, where — in spite of the apparent veracity of the Post's story on Hunter Biden — the claims against Hunter Biden are casually dismissed as "debunked."  No evidence has been presented to support this claim, and the Biden campaign has not denied the claims made in the Post's story.

China's Communist Party is backing the left's revolution, seeking our downfall and subjugation.  It is remarkable that the New York Times is embracing left revolution by ignoring and covering up the very obvious fact that Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese communists.  In the 1930's the Times was an apologist for Soviet Russia and Stalin.  In 1932 the Times' Moscow Bureau Chief, Walter Duranty, won a Pulitzer prize, apparently for his glorification of the Soviet Union, while famine raged in Ukraine, a famine deliberately imposed by Stalin.  Now a Pulitzer has been won for the vicious rewriting of American history featured by the New York Times, the 1619 Project.  The first slave ships arrived in 1619.  The left is busy turning the 1619 Project into a school curriculum.  The object of the 1619 Project is to claim that America is all about racism and to destroy young people's attachment to their country.  Promoting Biden as president serves the objective of the left.  Since he is grossly corrupt, when the time comes to get rid of him, it will not be necessary to fabricate false charges.  That he suffers from age related mental decline is all the better, making it easy to manipulate him.

Washington Post piece calls on media to report Hunter Biden leaks as foreign disinformation, even if it 'probably' isn't.  An analysis piece in the Washington Post stated journalists should treat the leaked emails allegedly recovered from Hunter Biden's laptop as a foreign disinformation campaign, even if the claim lacks evidence.  "Take a step back, and the Russian interference of 2016 holds valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in 2020," wrote Thomas Rid in the Washington Post under the paper's "Perspective" section.  "We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren't."  "What an incredible admission in the Washington Post, wow.  The hubris it must take to issue journalistic marching orders this contrived in full view of the public," Daily Caller editor Geoffrey Ingersoll said of the Washington Post's article on Twitter.

Chris Wallace Chimes in on Hunter Biden Scandal, And It's as Silly as You'd Expect.  The TDS crowd is still trying to spin the Hunter Biden influence peddling scandal into a nothingburger despite all of the revelations showing that the business dealings of the Biden family are ultra shady at best.  Fox News host Chris Wallace on Thursday [10/22/2020] intimated that the allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden are untrue.  His reasoning is about as goofy as a soup sandwich.  While discussing the upcoming presidential debate, Wallace claimed that if the accusations against Joe Biden were true, the FBI would have confirmed it by now.

The Editor says...
Either Chris Wallace just fell off the turnip truck, or he is deliberately covering for Joe Biden.  The FBI doesn't reveal everything it knows about anything, and certainly can't be expected to spill the beans about Biden, if those beans have a lot of potential benefit to the FBI itself.

Jake Tapper declares Hunter Biden claims 'too disgusting' to repeat on CNN.  CNN anchor Jake Tapper declared that the growing allegations made against Hunter Biden ahead of the final presidential debate are "too disgusting" to repeat on-air.  Ever since The New York Post released its initial batch of emails that allegedly came from Hunter Biden's laptop, a trove of other emails and text messages emerged suggesting impropriety between his foreign business deals and his father Joe Biden while he was vice president.  During a panel discussion on what advice President Trump and Joe Biden should take ahead of the final debate, Tapper alluded to the line of attacks the president is likely to make against his Democratic opponent and his son, though he avoided sharing details of the explosive claims to his viewers.

CNN's Tapper:  Trump Was 'Off in Breitbart Land Talking About Laptops'.  CNN anchor Jake Tapper said President Donald Trump's attacks at Thursday night's [10/22/2020] presidential debate about former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings were "off in Breitbart land."

Tapper: Hunter Biden Story 'Too Disgusting' to Cover on CNN.  CNN's Jake Tapper is the epidemy of modern journalism; partisan, incurious, grossly opinionated, and dedicated to his cause.  Tapper was involved in a panel discussion with political commentator Bakari Sellers and made some startling statements about the Hunter Biden story that show what's terribly wrong with journalists and CNN. [...] As an aside, Tapper and CNN didn't consider it "too disgusting" to report on every salacious rumor about Donald Trump before and after the 2016 campaign.

Frank Luntz's Interesting Response to Revelation of Email Exchange He Allegedly Had With Hunter Biden.  We've been reporting on how many in the liberal media are either running as far as they can from covering the Biden scandal or doing their best to spin it with false cover, such as calling it "Russian disinformation" or claiming that it "can't be verified," as Lesley Stahl did during her interview with President Donald Trump.  The reason is simple.  Many are just pro-Democrats and have too much time invested over the years getting close to Democrats.  They're supposed to be objective but they're just not.  So that brings us to the Frank Luntz email.  There's more than enough evidence that the email from the Hunter Biden laptop are real.  But here's just a little more with all it also about that "objectivity."  The email exchange from October 31, 2012 starts with Hunter Biden complaining to pollster Frank Luntz that he didn't bring up "the Jeep ad" which he, Hunter, thought was a "fabrication" against Obama/Biden during the campaign.  Hunter tells Luntz he and his brother Beau love him.

A calm, masterful Donald Trump made mincemeat of Joe Biden.  As expected, [Kristen] Welker was a biased moderator.  To her credit, she asked Biden about China and Ukraine, although she left the topic as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, as with Chris Wallace and, during the town hall, Savannah Guthrie, every question that Welker posed to Trump came from a Democrat, not a neutral, position.  Even more irritating than the premise of her questions, though, was Welker's determination to cut Trump's rebuttals off immediately while letting Biden answer at length.  Indeed, when Trump reminded Biden that Hunter walked out of China with $1.5 billion and started discussing the newly released emails, Welker frantically interrupted Trump to ensure that Biden wouldn't have to try to answer the question.  Welker also argued constantly with Trump, something she never did with Biden.  Candy Crowley apparently set a new standard for moderators getting into it with Republican candidates and we may as well get used to it.

'Biden can fix this mess': Dozens of major news outlets have endorsed Joe Biden for president.  Media endorsements are pouring in for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with the election less than two weeks away.  Some major publications, including USA Today and Scientific American, broke with decades-long traditions to give their nods to the former vice president.  The outlets join at least 40 newspapers across the nation that have backed Biden as of October 22.  The University of California Santa Barbara tracks major newspaper endorsements, which it defines as the largest 100 newspapers by circulation.  Biden is also receiving a growing number of magazine endorsements.

NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny appears to use paid, dark-data search engines to dox the personal information of anonymous Trump supporters online.  [Thread reader]  Earlier today [10/21/2020], NBC's @BrandyZadrozny messaged me for an upcoming slime piece, which will try to make me radioactive for popularizing awareness of Color Revolution against Trump : mass civil unrest + mass claims of voter suppression[.] [...] Zadrozny is part of a press corps deployed to cover "misinformation, disinformation, and extremism" after the Internet fueled @realDonaldTrump's win in 2016.  This new journo beat was created to surveil, slander, and censor online voices that counter ruling class narratives[.]  The Foreign Policy Blob could not have sent a worse representative to take me out than Brandy Zadrozny. [...] The time has come to start taking legal action against second-rate Stasi agents like Brandy Zabrozny when their incitements drive a brainless mob to attack you.  We are all Nick Sandmann:  if they try to ruin your life, a "confidential settlement" is the expected price.

Wikipedia bans editors from expressing support for traditional marriage.  Wikipedia has decided to restrict its editors from expressing opposition to same-sex marriage on its platform — a decision that comes months after co-founder Larry Sanger said the site's neutrality policy was "dead."  Volunteers who write and edit Wikipedia's articles can no longer include on their profile page any "userbox" — a badge expressing their beliefs — that is against gay marriage.  For example, one such userbox states, "This user believes marriage is between one man and one woman." The decision was made after a recent discussion where "predominantly left-wing editors" argued such a stance was "discriminatory" and against site policy, according to Breitbart.

Brian Stelter Hilariously Proves Trump's Point in Segment Explaining Why CNN Covers Him More Than Biden.  [Scroll down]  [T]he media's coverage of Trump isn't so lopsided in comparison to Biden because Trump is allegedly "shocking."  And Biden isn't "protecting his lead in the polls with a less-is-more approach."  Biden's lead is not being "protected" by Biden but instead by "news" networks like CNN who ignore shocking stories that are damaging to Biden's faux "decent guy" image by keeping the focus on Trump and off of Biden's flubs, gaffes, stumbles and negative news stories that have the potential to swing voters in Trump's direction.  Think about how CNN, for example, "covered" Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations against Biden.  It took them several WEEKS before they first reported on them, and even when they did they admitted that their reporting relied mostly on what the New York Times and the Washington Post had dug up about Reade.  Even now, several months later, CNN is still not covering Biden like they should be.  Instead, they cover for Biden, as has been evidenced by how they've treated the NY Post's explosive story on Hunter Biden's emails as fake news.

The media 'cover' Joe Biden the way a protection racket does.  Joe Biden is the most cosseted presidential candidate in memory.  He has run a minimalist campaign that has avoided the press as much as possible, while the press hasn't been braying for more access and answers, but eager to avoid anything that could be discomfiting to the campaign.  Never before have the media been so openly fearful of asking or reporting something that might hurt a presidential candidate.  What are supposed to be the animating values of our adversarial press — informing the public, getting answers, holding the powerful to account — have all been subordinated to the protection racket that is coverage of Joe Biden.

5 Other Things We'll Learn About Biden After The Election.  [#3] The economy has been doing much better than the public had been led to believe.  Back in 1996, when George H.W. Bush was running for reelection, the press treated the economy as though it were in another depression, which just so happened to coincide with Bill Clinton's campaign messaging.  As soon as the election was over, coverage of the economy suddenly became more upbeat, and the public learned that the very mild recession had ended way back in March 1991.

Media Tries to Use Hunter Biden's Drug Problem to Protect Daddy Joe.  As everyone knows, Joe Biden has had his cravenness and corruption publicly exposed via a series of emails residing on at least one laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.  The emails show that Joe Biden was not merely a doting father who corruptly peddled his influence to create business opportunities for a ne'er-do-well son; he was a direct beneficiary of those business opportunities.  The emails are being attacked on two fronts.  Both attacks are ridiculous.  Both are pathetic in their transparency.  On the one hand, we have the same people who fluffed the Steele Dossier for four years as gospel now claiming, with zero evidence, that the whole thing is a Kremlin plot.  The other attack is "leave Hunter out of it because he's an addict."  In essence, this attack says that if you use the emails, you are hurting Hunter's recovery, and that makes you a very, very bad man.

How The Mainstream Media Covered For Joe Biden.  At a Democratic primary debate last year, Biden emphatically denied any wrongdoing.  "My son did nothing wrong.  I did nothing wrong," Biden said.  Following the debate, CNN wrote this headline, "Joe Biden offers forceful defense of his son's Ukraine work at Democratic debate."  Evidently Biden's "forceful" defense was sincere enough for CNN to absolve him of any wrongdoing.  Of course, when Trump accurately denied that he colluded with the Russian government to interfere in our election, CNN decided not to believe his "forceful" defense and instead chose to mislead the American people for three years.  The New York Times, apparently satisfied that there was nothing to see, wrote, "...no evidence has surfaced that the former vice president intentionally tried to help his son by pressing for the prosecutor's dismissal."  Around the same time as the Times article came out, Buzzfeed published an article titled, "Trump's Attacks On Hunter Biden Have Gone Nowhere, But He Can't Let Them Go."

Joe Biden town hall likened to an episode of Mister Rogers.  It was a beautiful night in the neighborhood for Joe Biden, according to critics who compared the Democratic presidential candidate's town hall on ABC News to a Mister Rogers episode.  The former veep was mostly lobbed softballs by George Stephanopoulos in Philadelphia on Thursday [10/15/2020] while President Trump was grilled by NBC News' Savannah Guthrie in Miami, where the former litigator peppered him with questions and fact checks.  "This is a townhall? where is the town? its just Savannah badgering. what a joke," Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said in a tweet.

Social Media Acts Like a Cartel.  It Should Be Treated as One.  Social media had spent four years training for this moment.  Democrats had spent four years arguing that the media paying attention to Hillary's emails and social media allowing them traction on their services elected Trump.  And Big Tech had defined its election role as preventing history from repeating itself.  Everything else is a haze of excuses and meaningless buzzwords like "disinformation", not to mention newfound standards that just arrived last week.  The bottom line is that there's a coordinated campaign to suppress material damaging to Biden before the election.  And, unlike the media, social media is a Big Tech cartel.  Facebook, whose Democrat spokesman made a point of expressing his disgust with the story and announcing that it was being throttled, controls 80% of social media.  Google, which controls 80% of search, buries the original Post story under media "explainers" dismissing it.  There's a coordinated political program here [...]

Conservatives erupt in anger after Savannah Guthrie grills Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' — while ABC host 'forgets to ask Biden about his son Hunter's emails.  Conservatives have erupted in anger after NBC's Savannah Guthrie grilled Donald Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' while ABC's George Stephanopoulos was accused of forgetting to ask Joe Biden about his son Hunter's emails.  Trump and Biden both held their town halls Thursday evening, with viewers forced to choose between the clashing timetables after the president scheduled his to go head to head with his competitor.  On NBC, Trump was asked about coronavirus, QAnon, his own diagnosis and his taxes by Guthrie while, on ABC, Biden spoke LGBTQ rights, court packing and the 1994 crime bill with Stephanopoulos.  But Republicans voiced outrage about the president's campaign event, accusing Guthrie of turning the town hall into a 'debate' and arguing that he faced a much tougher round of questioning than his rival.

Dueling town halls:  Experts grade President Trump and Joe Biden.  President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden's dueling town halls on Thursday night [10/15/2020] offered each of the candidates a chance to showcase their strengths and sway undecided voters.  But despite airing in the same time slot, the competing events weren't evenly matched.  The Post's panel of election experts — two for each town hall — generally found that the questions posed to Trump were tougher, with NBC host Savannah Guthrie acting as an adversary and fact-checker to the president.  Biden, meanwhile, was mostly lobbed softballs as ABC host George Stephanopoulos stayed largely hands-off.

Biden Muddles Through Gentle, Hunter-Free Town Hall.  Joe Biden came into Thursday night's town hall, which was originally supposed to be a debate, stung by new allegations of influence-peddling involving his son Hunter.  The question on everyone's mind going in was whether he would be allowed to answer any question harder than chocolate or tapioca? [...] What didn't come up was Hunter Biden.  What didn't come up was credible claims from the New York Post, the oldest daily newspaper in America, showing that the former vice president met with a Ukrainian businessman connected to his son.  The biggest story in America right now was just ignored.  That tells us pretty much everything.

Behind the social-media blackout of Biden family corruption.  Hunter Biden is now the subject of multiple stories involving serious corruption.  Whether he committed any crimes is a question for prosecutors and the courts.  Whether he was paid handsomely for his family's political clout is a question for voters.  You wouldn't know that from ABC's pathetic town hall with his father Joe Biden on Thursday night [10/25/2020].  They spoke with him for 90 minutes and didn't ask a single question about the shocking emails published by the New York Post.  That's either journalistic malpractice or public-relations work.  After all, the emails raise profound questions that the candidate needs to answer.  They appear to show his son, Hunter, repeatedly using his last name to fill his pockets.  Hunter's family is his only asset.  How else did someone with no special skills manage to collect such huge payments from foreign companies with deep interests in US policy?  He has no knowledge of Ukraine or China, no experience in energy or banking, and a crack pipe full of personal problems.  So, how exactly did he get rich?

The New Yorker's Hunter Biden Whitewash Looks Awful In Retrospect.  [Scroll down]  For the next 15 months, Joe Biden would repeatedly deny that he spoke about business with his son as more revelations surrounding the questionable arrangement would surface over the course of the campaign.  "I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses.  Period," Biden said in August last year.  On Wednesday [10/14/2020] however, the bombshell story from the New York Post would show that was not true.  According to emails obtained by the paper, Hunter Biden had in fact introduced a top advisor for Burisma to Joe Biden.  While the Biden campaign initially denied any such meeting took place, Politico later reported Wednesday night that the campaign "would not rule out the possibility that the former VP had some kind of interaction," with his son's Ukrainian business associate.

Why the media are suddenly chattering about Joe Biden's cabinet.  The media are obsessed with polls, and WashPost/Fox/NBC and other surveys are giving Biden a lead of 10 to 16 points.  A bunch of other surveys show the former vice president ahead, by much closer margins, in the crucial battleground states, sometimes just outside the margin of error.  But I've always regarded the Cabinet speculation game as a tell for who most media people believe will be sworn in the following January.  Most journalists have clearly convinced themselves, based on polls and a gut feeling that the country must be as sick of President Trump as they are, that Biden will be the one staffing the government.  Sure, it's a parlor game, and ultimately harmless.  But like stock futures, it reflects a mindset as to where the political market is heading.

'Republicans Pounce' On Democrats' 'Hypothetical' Plan To Destroy Judicial Branch.  "Republicans pounce" is a favorite framing used by corporate media to spin newsworthy topics they are forced to cover at Democrats' expense.  Instead of reporting the news, the news becomes the fact that Republicans or "conservative media" are reacting to said news.  Such is the case with the consequential news that Joe Biden said he would not share his stance on court packing until after he was elected, an announcement that sounds more like a hostage situation than a campaign promise.  The Washington Post reported the former vice president's shocking and unprecedented statement with a masterfully spun tweet Thursday, writing, "Republicans continue attacking Biden, Harris over hypothetical 'court-packing' question."

7 Quick Takeaways On The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate.  [#5] Biased Questions:  One of the problems with the media being so uniformly in support of the Democratic Party and its goals is that nearly all the questions posed in debates are loaded with false assumptions.  The first question to Pence, for instance, was that the U.S. death toll was worse than "almost" any other "wealthy" country on earth.  The U.S. case fatality rate of 2.8 percent is below Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany, something that the media rarely mention.  When Page asked Harris about whether she'd take a vaccine, she neglected to mention that Harris had made anti-vaccination remarks weeks ago. [...] "Do you believe that climate change poses an existential threat?" was the general tenor of the questions.  She highlighted that "President Trump" blames China for the coronavirus, as if it's in dispute that the coronavirus came from and was mishandled by China.  Instead of asking Harris for her support of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, and for suing nuns to force them to pay for abortions, Page went with a far friendlier "Would you want your home state to enact no restrictions on access to abortion?"  Page didn't ask Harris about supporting a bail-out fund for rioters.  Most egregiously, a question about the peaceful transfer of power was posed as if this was a concern for Trump, even though it is the Resistance who, by definition, have fought the 2016 election's legitimacy for nearly four years now.

Why are networks afraid to let voters ask Joe Biden some tough questions?  TV networks are airing free infomercials to help Joe Biden, then pretend, absurdly, that they are being even-handed.  ABC, CNN and NBC call them "town halls."  NBC this week even tried to fraudulently pass off blatant Biden backers as neutral, uncommitted voters.  "We are surrounded by dozens of undecided voters," NBC's Lester Holt claimed.  Yet what followed was a nonstop volley of softballs and loaded, anti-Trump questions:  Was Biden surprised President Trump got COVID?  How will Biden lead the nation when faced with "bullies" like Trump?  Not asked were questions like:  Does Biden embrace Democrats' threat to pack the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed?  And why hasn't he blasted Antifa or Black Lives Matter violence?  Nor did anyone ask about his waffling on fracking or the Green New Deal.  Or grill him on the millions his family earned from foreign sources while he was in office.

Slow Joe's So-So Show.  Trump knew going in that moderator Chris Wallace would step on pretty much all of his answers and bail Joe Biden out whenever he could.  And because of that obvious expectation, Trump would harass Biden and flummox Wallace for the full 90 minutes.  It didn't matter whether Trump looked obnoxious in doing it — he was one against two, and he'd have to hold his own the best he could.  Those expectations were met, and Wallace held his thumb on the scale every bit as much as Trump's supporters figured he would.  That was one factor that allowed Biden to survive the first debate.  But he couldn't win it.  Joe Biden can't win a debate.  Not anymore.

Chris Wallace is a miserable debate moderator.  Chris Wallace was always going to be a terrible choice as a moderator for any of the three presidential debates, let alone the first one, but good God, did he fulfill that destiny with flying colors.  We knew it back in July when Wallace attempted to fact-check President Trump on the accurate claim that former Vice President Joe Biden was on the record committing to defunding police departments.  Biden is, in fact, on record committing to that, and yet, Wallace pretended we hadn't heard it with our own ears.  The Fox News anchor was supposed to show up and moderate a debate, with it having expressly been stated that he wouldn't operate as a fact-checker, and yet, that's all he did for at least the first hour of the debate.

Trump vs Biden and Wallace
Chris Wallace gives disgraceful one-sided debate performance; viewers increasingly blame Fox News.  For someone who said beforehand that he was not going to make the debate about himself, Fox News moderator Chris Wallace found himself right in the middle of the fray throughout the night, often siding against President Donald Trump.  To be fair, the first presidential debate was a train wreck, with the president proving yet again that, first and foremost, he is a brawler, an outsider taking on the political establishment so firmly entrenched in Washington, D.C.  From the perspective of the Trump campaign, their candidate "turned in the greatest debate performance in presidential history" against "weak" Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but Trump was quick to go after Wallace after the debate.  Taking to Twitter, Trump shared a meme suggesting it was a two-on-one contest.

The debate:  Trump was great, Chris Wallace was a dreadful disgrace.  Chris Wallace's overt defense of Joe Biden throughout the debate on Tuesday night was so obvious, so blatant, he should be proscribed from ever "moderating" a debate again.  Wallace's performance was as Biden's protector, his advocate, and that is undeniable.  He stepped in at every moment Biden seemed lost: court-packing, lack of support of law enforcement, and Hunter's criminality.  The debate was so poorly managed.  The questions were designed to aid Biden, to coddle him.  No wonder Trump felt duty-bound to interrupt.  Trump was debating both Wallace and Biden and only one of them is sentient.  Wallace's intent was clear — sabotage Trump.  Wallace succeeded only in looking like the stooge he is. [...] Wallace even brought up the Charlottesville charge but did not admit it was a manufactured lie without giving Trump the time to deny the lie.  Wallace completely ignored and tried to derail Trump's bringing up Hunter Biden's criminal corruption.  Why was that not a viable subject for discussion?

Media Gunning For Scott Atlas Because He Keeps Exposing Coronavirus Lies.  "Dr. Scott Atlas is arming Trump with misleading data" about COVID-19, Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Robert Redfield told a colleague Friday [9/25/2020], according to a Monday report by NBC News political reporter Monica Alba.  Within hours, numerous outlets ideologically allied with NBC amplified the coverage.  Here are some screenshots of the Google News results for the story just a short while later, but is Redfield's assertion correct?  The Federalist spoke to numerous epidemiologists to find out.

CNN now has Amy Coney Barrett to resent and condescend to.  CNN headline writers can sneer like nobody's business.  Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court gave that network and its progressive allies another opportunity kindle the fires of resentment and condescension while pretending to neutrality.  Somebody asked for an opinion roundup, so the "Baracksters" put the ball in play by damning with faint praise:  "Amy Coney Barrett a perfect choice for half of America" set the tone they were striving for. [...] Insinuation has a more exalted place in the CNN style guide than logic does, because (as the New York Times has been demonstrating even longer than CNN) insinuation can advance preferred narratives.  CNN would rather you didn't ask if the late Justice Ginsburg was perfect for (only) half of America, why her go-to move on the Court was writing dissenting opinions, or why Supreme Court nominations became so contentious in the first place (best to call Roe v. Wade [and] its companion case, Doe v. Bolton, "settled law" and not look too closely at them).

This is activism, not journalism:
Update on Cleveland Media attempt to gain access to Gibson's Bakery store clerk Facebook records.  Oberlin College and its allies continue to fight to overturn the Gibson's Bakery verdict, and to wage war on the Gibson family by unsealing confidential Facebook records of non-party Allyn D. Gibson.  The Facebook records technically are not being litigated by the College anymore — the College lost that issue in the trial court and did not appeal.  Rather[,] it's certain Cleveland Media entities, includinge a news station where the College's lead trial attorney was a consultant, who are fighting to unseal the records.

NBC Warns 'Committed Conservative' Barrett 'Instantly Controversial'.  On Saturday evening [9/26/2020], shortly after President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, NBC Nightly News let the ideological labels fly as the nominee was repeatedly identified as a "conservative" who was popular with the "religious right" and "instantly controversial."  By contrast, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was never given any left-wing political label in the report. [...] In the report that followed, correspondent Hallie Jackson emphasized:  "From President Trump, a move to cement a more conservative Supreme Court for a generation."

The Editor says...
Where is the verb in that last sentence?  That's not English, it's Headline-ese.

Jill campaigns for husband Joe before an itty bitty crowd.  Sleepy Joe has taken a lot of days off this month.  The AP disingenuously calls it a "low-key campaign style" but admits it concerns some Democrats.  Biden made 12 visits outside of Delaware since August 12 and President Trump made 24 visits to 17 states.  The NY Times dishonestly claims that Slow Joe's inability to put sentences together is a "stutter."  Neither Joe nor Kamala Harris are answering many reporters' questions and when they do, the questions are softball.

Seems Like Old Times:  Getty Images Publishes Photo of Joe Biden... With a Halo.  Deb Heine tells me she was looking for a single Getty image — just one — which showed Biden looking sleepy or out of it, but strangely enough — despite him looking like that all the time — she couldn't find such an image in Getty.  But she did find this Obama-esqe halo picture.  And then she found that a lot of DC photographers decided to try for the Halo effect:  [Numerous examples.]

Keywords: astroturf, audience plant, bias, softball.
Democratic voters toss Joe Biden softballs during CNN town hall.  Joe Biden was tossed softball questions from mostly all Democratic voters at a 75-minute CNN town hall on Thursday night [9/17/2020] in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, two nights after President Trump was hammered by uncommitted voters in Philadelphia.  The septuagenarian candidate was asked such questions as how he would keep American workplaces safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether he'd benefited from white privilege, and how he would bring the nation together, with little follow up from moderator Anderson Cooper.  With only 12 days until the first presidential debate, Biden attempted to dodge any questions that were remotely difficult and was confronted with only three people who voted for Trump in 2016 — appearing to mock one of them for that vote.

Biden, 'The Great and Powerful'.  Media bias is not new.  In addition to the Russian collusion hoax and the phone-call impeachment farce, who can forget the marquee media toadies of JournoList and the release of John Podesta's email trove?  Or the moderator Donna Brazile's primary debate questions, leaked through CNN, or Candy Crowley's hijacking of a debate as moderator-turned-real-time-hack "fact-checker"?  Nothing then is new to the media's fusion and collusion with the "progressive party."  Yet never in American history have mainstream journalists not merely promoted a candidate but actively fused with his political candidacy to the point of warping, fabricating, and Trotskyizing the news and indeed history itself.

The 'Prissy Prostitutes Of The Press' Are Promoting Racism, Rebellion And Revolution.  Recently, I saw a network reporter interview the attorney for Jacob Blake and neither one mentioned anything negative about Blake who is recuperating in the hospital after being shot seven times.  The video shows him resisting arrest; there was a knife in his vehicle; he had been charged with entering the home of a teenager and sexually molesting her but none of that was mentioned.  Don't you think a real reporter would have thought the public should hear that part of the story?  But no, the motive was to accuse police with shooting a young black man who, according to friends and family, was destined to receive the Nobel Prize.  Such reporting does not reveal the truth; it simply tells the story that leftists want the public to hear — then have them retaliate and join the mob for "justice."

Video montage shows how media take it easy on Biden.  A new video montage from The Washington Free Beacon shows how easy the questions Joe Biden receives from the media truly are.  Free Beacon senior writer and "video guy" David Rutz put together a sampling of the rather simplistic line of questioning the Democratic candidate has received in recent weeks.  "Really, your strength is in traveling around the country and connecting with people... you can't do any of that right now.  Mr. Vice President, does that worry you?" CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin is seen asking Biden at the beginning of the interview.  The video featured multiple journalists who asked softball questions at last week's rare Biden press conference.

'You're Not Allowed To Film': The Fight To Control Who Reports From Portland.  You can assert that, yes, you can film; you can point out that they themselves are filming incessantly; you can push their hands away from covering your phone; you can have your phone record them stealing your phone — all of these things have happened to me — and none will have any impact [...] I wondered, the first time I attended the protests at the federal building back in July, who all these young people with PRESS emblazoned on their jackets or helmets were.  I asked one such guy who he worked for.  "Independent Press Corps," he told me.  As it turned out, dozens of other young PRESS people happened to work for the same outfit, which I at first assumed was a fancy way of saying "I want to report stuff and stream it on my Instagram."  This turned out to be naive.  The IPC is an organized group in league with the activists, and it is usually their footage you see streamed online and recycled on the news: mostly innocent protestors being harassed and beaten by police.

The left's awkward lionization of Jacob Blake.  When we first learned that Kenosha resident Jacob Blake was offering his first interviews and sending out video messages from the hospital after being shot by the police in Kenosha, I noted a somewhat fawning tone to the media coverage he was getting.  This left me wondering about the other people involved in his story, particularly the alleged victims of his past criminal behavior. [...] Judging by the thousands of combined retweets and likes that message received, I didn't seem to be the only one raising these nagging questions.  None of these issues slowed down the rest of our major media outlets, however.

By Hailing Jacob Blake As A Hero, Democrats Have Marginalized His Alleged Rape And Abuse Victim.  Kamala Harris is the latest high-profile Democrat to meet with and pay homage to Jacob Blake and his family.  After speaking with them for an hour, Harris gushed to reporters that Blake Sr., known for ranting about "Jews" and "crackers" on social media, and Blake Jr., accused of drunkenly abusing a woman over the course of several years before finally breaking into her house and raping her, are "incredible."  Blake family attorney Benjamin Crump, a man for whom the term "ambulance chaser" was invented, issued a press release after the visit, providing more details about the kumbaya session. [...] Now would be a good time to remind ourselves why Blake Jr. finds himself in a position where he must "work through his pain."

MSNBC host didn't bother to ask Nancy Pelosi about salon controversy during one-on-one interview.  An MSNBC host didn't bother to ask about the controversy surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to a San Franciso hair salon — in violation of state and local ordinances amid the coronavirus pandemic — when the Democratic leader joined the liberal network on Sunday [9/6/2020].  Maria Teresa Kumar filled in for Joy Reid on MSNBC's "AM Joy" when she gave Pelosi a pass "with a softball interview exclusively focused on attacking President Trump," according to Media Research Center analyst Kristine Marsh.  "Amazingly, Kumar gave the Democrat leader a 14-minute interview and not ONE question about Pelosi hypocritically violating her own city's coronavirus guidelines to visit a salon and get her hair done indoors at the end of August, maskless," Marsh wrote.

The Editor says...
The interview was probably pre-arranged on the condition that any mention of the salon scandal was off-limits.

Pre-Election Dirty Tricks:  Ignore, Refute, or Pivot?  It sounds unlikely but the most appalling instance of journalistic malpractice last week was not when The Atlantic published anonymous allegations that President Trump disparaged American troops behind closed doors — it was Joe Biden's so-called press conference following another shaky, rambling, and dishonest speech disguised as a "campaign event."  Rather than jump at the chance to grill the Democratic nominee for president after weeks of his refusing to take questions with no objection from the press, reporters delicately pitched one softball after another to the frail candidate.  Biden opened the event with a direct reference to The Atlantic article.  "If what is written in The Atlantic is true, it's disgusting," Biden fumed.  "It affirms what most of us believe to be true, that Donald Trump is not fit to do the job of president, to be the commander in chief."  The gaggle in attendance eagerly took his cue.  The first "question" [...] went to a scribe from none other than The Atlantic, who prompted Biden to opine about the "president's soul and the life he leads."  Follow-up teasers opened the door for Biden to rant about QAnon, face coverings, Attorney General William Barr, and mail-in voting.

GOP's House Campaign Arm:  CNN's Jake Tapper 'Meddling' in 'Swing House Races'.  The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Sunday night raised concerns that CNN anchor Jake Tapper may be "meddling" in House races beyond the 17th congressional district in Pennsylvania.  Responding to a report from Breitbart News on how Jake Tapper attempted to convince rising GOP star candidate Sean Parnell to run in a district other than the 17th, the NRCC raised questions about Tapper's actions in this case and wondered if he has engaged in activity like this in other districts with other candidates as well.

Reporters Don't Give Biden Questions in Advance?  You Be the Judge.  [Joe] Biden spoke in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday [9/4/2020] to rebut the very good news contained in the August jobs report.  He also used the opportunity to express his outrage and disappointment over 2018 remarks attributed to President Trump by highly dubious reporting in The Atlantic.  When Trump answers reporters' questions, he calls on individual reporters himself.  But not so for Biden or his campaign.  Here you can see the candidate turning to his handler to start calling from a predetermined list of reporters, saying, "I guess ... are you calling on people?  I don't have a list."  Joe!  You're not supposed to admit to following a list!  This led to Biden's first question, in which an Atlantic reporter read a pathetically soft question from his cell phone:  "When you hear these remarks" attributed to Trump by The Atlantic's editor, Jeffrey Goldberg, "what does it tell you about President Trump's soul?"  Biden then cast his eyes to the lectern, briefly studying.  After using the word, "deplorable" twice in his answer, Biden looked down at the lectern a second time.  At 22:37, one can clearly see him turn up the corner of a page of notes as he studies them before continuing his answer.

President Trump Shreds Reporters For Asking Biden Softball Questions During Delaware Event, "Those Questions Were Meant For a Child".  President Trump on Friday lambasted liberal reporters for treating Joe Biden with kid gloves on Friday [9/4/2020].  77-year-old Joe Biden emerged from his basement Friday and shuffled over to a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware.  The so-called 'reporters' or as we here at TGP like to call them 'stenographers' asked Joe Biden a series of softball questions.  The first question to Joe Biden came from Atlantic writer Isaac Dovere who asked Biden to respond to the junk hit piece on Trump (from 2018) written by The Atlantic.

Reporters blasted for 'shamefully embarrassing' softball questions at rare Biden press conference.  Reporters who were able to ask questions at Joe Biden's press conference Friday [9/4/2020] were torn apart by critics for failing to properly grill the Democratic presidential candidate. [...] The less-than-rigorous lines of questioning left critics enraged.  "The media are simply the PR wing for the Biden campaign at this point," Ben Shapiro reacted.  Conservative commentator Stephen Miller singled out Lee for criticism, tweeting "Watch this question and how it's framed.  She essentially gives Biden the answer in her question.  She's making a statement and asking Biden to basically just reply to her."  RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway wrote, "A text from a friend watching the press conference: 'Who are asking Biden these questions??  It's like watching someone make sure a 3 year old wins CandyLand.'"

Double Standard:  Nets Tout Biden's Kenosha Visit After Slamming Trump's Tour.  After President Trump visited the riot-torn city of Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday [9/1/2020], the liberal media were outraged because state and local leaders (who they failed to label as Democrats) had asked him not to come.  And before Trump's arrival, the networks treated him like a hurricane, saying the residents were "bracing" for landfall.  That was in stark contrast to how they praised the Thursday visit from their presidential nominee, Joe Biden, despite the fact the Democratic governor asked him not to come also.  The opposition to Trump's visit was almost consistently the first thing the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC brought up in their Tuesday reports.  "Despite local officials telling him to postpone his trip, President Trump in Kenosha, Wisconsin, today, touring a building destroyed in protests after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.  Met by supporters and protesters, he pushed his law and order message," whined correspondent Alex Perez on ABC's World News Tonight.

Presidential Debates Commission Picks a Former BIDEN Intern to Moderate Trump-Biden Presidential Debate!.  The Commission on Presidential Debates announced its three moderators for this year's planned debates. [...] Chris Wallace from FOX News — a major Trump hater, Kristen Welker from NBC, another far left Trump-hater and Steve Scully from C-SPAN will moderate this year's debates.  Wallace is a complete anti-Trumper.  The far left FOX News host ruined FOX News Sunday and made it unwatchable.  Wallace attacked President Trump in December saying, "I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history."  Kristen Welker from NBC is a member of the White House Press Corps, a horribly hostile Trump-hating group that thought it was funny to ridicule the president's White House Spokeswoman on her looks at their annual dinner while she sat on the stage.  And Steve Scully has an interesting resume.  He was a former intern for Joe Biden!

Campaign Surrogate:  Todd Echoes Biden Claim Trump 'Rooting for Violence'.  In an appearance on NBC's Sunday Today, political director Chuck Todd made the allegation that President Trump seemed as though he was "rooting" for the violence tearing apart the country.  But what went unmentioned was the fact he was making the very same argument that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had made just three days earlier.  Unbeknownst to Todd, he essentially echoed Biden's deputy campaign manager, who appeared on Fox News Sunday claiming Trump was "incit[ing] violence."

A Tyranny Perpetual and Universal?  [Scroll down]  The [Washington] Post has always been a liberal rag.  But it was never so brazenly anti-American, so shamelessly dishonest, so unreservedly dedicated to racial grievance-mongering.  It used to be able to call a riot a riot and not resort to ridiculous euphemisms like "mostly peaceful" to describe rampant street violence.  Above all, the Post used to care about its home town.  It doesn't anymore.  The District of Columbia, into which I must occasionally (and reluctantly) venture, is a shell of what it was just months ago.  For the span of several weeks, there was a riot roughly every night.  Businesses everywhere are now closed — and not just from COVID-19.  Windows everywhere are boarded up.  Graffiti, much of if revolutionary, covers seemingly every square inch of vertical space.  The streets are deserted.  To the extent that you see anyone, chances are above 50 percent it's a vagrant.  At the few restaurants that remain open, thanks to outdoor seating, diners are as likely as not to be accosted by bullhorn-wielding anarchists.  The town has a post-apocalyptic feel.  The newspaper founded in Washington in 1877 speaks of all this out of three sides of its mouth: none of it is happening; all the protests are peaceful and justified; it's good that America is finally getting the thrashing she deserves.

For the Establishment Media, NASCAR Garage Rope Was a Crisis but Repeatedly 'Executing' Trump Is Just Fine.  If someone had hung a noose in the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, that would have been a racist outrage.  Granted, there wasn't a hate crime involved, and it didn't take long for everyone to suss out that the "noose" (actually just a knot on a garage pull-rope) had been there since the previous autumn, meaning it wasn't put there to target Wallace, who is black.  However, the stench of the scandal-that-wasn't still remains — and any time the societal aspect of stock car racing is brought up, talk of the Bubba Wallace "noose" isn't far behind.

Wikipedia Is Badly Biased.  Examples have become embarrassingly easy to find.  The Barack Obama article completely fails to mention many well-known scandals:  Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the AP phone records scandal, and Fast and Furious, to say nothing of Solyndra or the Hillary Clinton email server scandal — or, of course, the developing "Obamagate" story in which Obama was personally involved in surveilling Donald Trump.  A fair article about a major political figure certainly must include the bad with the good.  The only scandals that I could find that were mentioned were a few that the left finds at least a little scandalous, such as Snowden's revelations about NSA activities under Obama.  In short, the article is almost a total whitewash.

CNN Reveals Their Excuse to Censor the RNC as Their Self-Awareness Hits Zero.  If you thought the media might relax a bit during the Republican National Convention and not show themselves to be total hacks, you thought wrong.  But let's be serious, no one actually expected anything less.  CNN laid out the groundwork this morning for how they will censor the RNC and keep their chosen narratives on track.  The plan was unsurprisingly stated by Brian Stelter on his low-rated Sunday show.  In his comments, he promised that CNN would cut in with "fact-checks" to counter things being said by Republicans. [...] The lack of self-awareness here is fairly breathtaking.  CNN spews misinformation all the time, but past their own behavior, is the assertion here that the DNC contained no misinformation that needed to be countered?  I ask because CNN did not cut into the Democrat event with "fact-checks" no matter how egregious the lies told go. [...] Yet, now that the American people might actually get a real counter narrative from the RNC, CNN wants change the rules.

CNN panels' thrilled so few "white men" were at the DNC Wednesday.  A CNN panel last night was thrilled that so few "white men" appeared during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Wednesday night [8/19/2020].  The following is an example of vicious racism and sexism now promoted by the left.  Talking head Ana Navarro was pleased to see so few white speakers during Wednesday's broadcast of the DNC.  "Actually, today with David [Axelrod] and John [Berman] is the first time I see a white man like in eight hours.  You know?  Other than Joe Biden last night and that's okay.  They have had 240 years of representation.  They're going to be okay.  Last night was about telling people who have felt unseen, we see you.  You are here.  You are part of this table.  And I thought it was inclusive," she said.

PROPAGANDA MSNBC Airs 119 out of 120 Minutes of Pure DNC Feed.  MSNBC and CNN turned their broadcasts into DNC TV again on Tuesday, airing, with no commentary, the Democratic National Convention feed.  One wondered why the journalists and hosts were even there as they had nothing to do.  From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Eastern, MSNBC aired 119 minutes and 39 seconds of the Democratic speeches, videos and even the roll call.  (Out of a possible total of 120 minutes.)  The scant 21 seconds not controlled by the DNC came when the song "Celebration" played as Joe and Jill Biden awkwardly stood in front of the camera.  Rachel Maddow briefly broke in and then apologized for doing so:  "We're actually not interrupting.  We're going right back to it.  We were just having a moment.  Sorry!  Right back.  Sorry!" On Monday night, MSNBC aired 118 minutes and 24 [seconds] out of 120 total.

CNN Host John Berman 'Clamoring' for Michelle Obama 'VOTE' Necklace.  There wasn't much good to say about the opening night of the Democrat convention.  It was panned even by liberal voices and a Never Trumper as, respectively, "a long YouTube ad you'd skip," "cheesy videos," and a "sad telethon."  So, like much of the liberal media's DNC coverage, CNN's New Day was reduced to focusing on what they saw as a lonely point of light [sorry, H.W.]: Michelle Obama's speech.

Study: 150 TIMES More Negative News on Trump than Biden.  As the pandemic grinds on, the Big Three broadcast evening newscasts are among the highest rated programs on television today — and that means millions of viewers are witnessing the most biased presidential campaign coverage in modern media history.  I've been studying the news media and elections for more than 35 years.  Trust me — there's never been anything like it.  A new MRC analysis of all evening news coverage of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in June and July found these networks chose to aim most of their attention and nearly all of their negative coverage on Trump, so Biden escaped any scrutiny of his left-wing policy positions, past job performance or character.  From June 1 through July 31, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts focused 512 minutes of airtime on the President, or nine times more than the 58 minutes allotted to Biden.

Donald Trump Mocks 'Zero Drive' Reporters Covering Joe Biden.  President Donald Trump ridiculed corporate media reporters on Saturday for allowing former Vice President Joe Biden to hold events without taking any questions.  "Very strange.  Sleepy Joe never takes questions," Trump wrote on Twitter.  The president shared a video of reporters politely exiting a Biden event with his running mate, Kamala Harris, after a press handler tells them to leave:  [Video clip]

31 Minutes of Softballs for Kamala:  No COVID, No Tara Reade in First Interview.  To call the first interview with Kamala Harris as a vice presidential candidate a softball would be an insult to softball interviews.  MSNBC on Friday aired, uninterrupted, new contributor Errin Haines talking to Harris for 31 minutes solid.  This is the same networks that aired just three percent of Donald Trump's campaign kickoff speech.  Haines ignored dealing with COVID as an issue.  She censored any mention of the Democrat previously saying she thought Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, should be heard.  Instead, Haines gushed, "I'm just wondering about your thoughts about how this moment intersects with your own historic candidacy."  In another question, the journalist lauded, "If you become the first female vice president in the history of this country, what specifically can we expect you to fight for the women of this country?"

MSNBC Interviews Kamala Harris for 31 Minutes.  Never Asks About Andrew Cuomo, Tara Reade.  To call the first interview with Kamala Harris as a vice presidential candidate a softball would be an insult to softball interviews.  MSNBC on Friday aired, uninterrupted, new contributor Errin Haines talking to Harris for 31 minutes solid.  This is the same [network] that aired just three percent of Donald Trump's campaign kickoff speech.  Haines ignored dealing with COVID as an issue.  She censored any mention of the Democrat previously saying she thought Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, should be heard.  Instead, Haines gushed, "I'm just wondering about your thoughts about how this moment intersects with your own historic candidacy."

Antifa Propagandists:  WashPost Praises Violent Portland Rioters' 'Stamina' [and] 'Creativity'.  Antifa sympathizers in the media whitewashed the left-wing group's violence yet again this past weekend, gifting them with a glossy photo essay in The Washington Post.  Reporter Marissa J. Lang tried to soften the radical activists' image by featuring a family of four, a veteran and "moms" flaunting their ridiculous riot gear along with self-righteous quotes they gave to the paper.  It's hard not to gag when Lang lovingly described how Portland's left-wing "protests" are what "Portland does best" and are "as natural as the salmon swimming in the Willamette River."  Sounding like Antifa's publicist, she touted the demonstrations have "yielded real results" (such as defunding the police and forcing out federal agents.)  The Post reporter of course downplayed the violent methods as just "vandalism" of course, before cheering on their "stamina and creativity:" [...]

CBS Dreams About 'Unconventional' First Lady Jill Biden, the Teacher and Prankster.  Letting her brush aside the allegations of unwanted touching against her husband and questions of "where is Hunter," CBS correspondent Rita Braver conducted a gooey puff piece for CBS Sunday Morning featuring Dr. Jill Biden (Ph.D.). Between excited fawning over the idea of continuing to teach and playing pranks around the White House, it was obvious that Braver desperately wanted Biden to be her "unconventional" first lady.  Braver, whose husband (Robert Barnett) would probably be working with Joe Biden on his debate prep, began her doting feature with a clip of Biden blocking a heckler from getting to her husband and proclaiming "Jill Biden has always stood up for her family."  In that vein, Braver helped Jill protect the media's presidential candidate by weakly bring up the allegations of inappropriate and unwanted touching against Joe.

The Media's Coverage of Sturgis Rally Seems Different Than Recent Large Gatherings.  About a quarter-million motorcycle riders are expected to descend upon the town of Sturgis, South Dakota, taking part in the 10-day annual rally that kicked off on Friday.  The rally is not a left-wing protest, so the media is criticizing attendees for not wearing facemasks and participating in a large gathering amid the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.  The mainstream media and even medical officials have decided that the best way to avoid contracting the Wuhan coronavirus is to participate in left-wing protests.  Crossing back and forth over the border between Mexico and the United States is seemingly another harmless exercise.  But when a large gathering doesn't fit into the media's list of liberal-approved activities, the press castigates participants for venturing outside during the pandemic.

PBS Adores Democratic Wives and Hates GOP Wives.  Fifty years after the Public Broadcasting Service launched, we're still seeing our taxpayer subsidies transform into Democratic donations during election years.  On Aug. 4, "PBS NewsHour" hatched a love-in with Dr. Jill Biden.  Anchor Judy Woodruff hit every Joe Biden campaign talking point with partisan perfection.  She began by reminding viewers of the Biden family losses, saying:  "He had lost his first wife and another child.  You were coming out of your own marriage.  You describe how daunting it was.  How did you do it?"  Then she recalled how Joe Biden's son Beau Biden died of brain cancer five years ago.  The interview ended on a light note about how, in March, Jill protected her candidate from two hecklers who jumped onstage at a Los Angeles event.  Woodruff joked, "So, my question is, has the Secret Service deputized you?"  The closest thing to a difficult question was still a softball. [...]

MSNBC Fight:  Melvin Asks Democrat Trump Supporter 'Are You a Paid Campaign Surrogate?'.  For the past several years, MSNBC has hailed any anti-Trump Republican as the voice of reason and as a champion of decency.  However, fireworks ensued on MSNBC Live on Wednesday [7/29/2020] when host Craig Melvin interviewed pro-Trump Democrat state Rep Vernon Jones of Georgia, wondering if Jones was being paid for his efforts.  Asking black Trump backers if they're paid is becoming an MSNBC habit.  The interview got off to a contentious start with Melvin clearly perplexed how anyone who considers himself a Democrat could support Trump.  He and Jones battled over Trump's record on Russia and the pre-pandemic economy.  Throughout Melvin repeated claims indistinguishable from those of the DNC press office.

Chris Wallace's idea of an unbiased question:  Won't millions pay the price because White House, GOP can't get act together?  During an interview Sunday with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Fox News host Chris Wallace sought to blame solely the Trump administration and congressional Republicans for the lack of an additional coronavirus relief belief.  "House Democrats passed their relief bill back in May, fully two months ago, but here we are the last week in July and the White House and Senate Republicans still can't agree on just a GOP package," he said to Mnuchin on Fox News' "Fox News Sunday."  [7/26/2020]  "Meanwhile, a federal ban on evictions ran out yesterday, federal unemployment benefits run out on Friday and the last checks have already gone out, and the Payroll Protection Program program for businesses is running out early next month."

CNN Fanboys Fawn Over Obama Propping Up Biden Campaign.  On Wednesday's [7/22/2020] CNN Newsroom, host John King brought on former Obama administration senior advisor-turned-CNN host David Axelrod to celebrate President Obama's attempt to boost Joe Biden's campaign.  The Democratic hacks praised Obama's involvement and Axelrod blasted President Trump in comparison to his former boss.  King began the segment by praising a staged Biden campaign stunt of Biden and Obama sitting down to talk about how much they detest President Trump, calling it "an important video."  He then brought on Axelrod to hype up his former bosses:  [Video clip]

Why Is Radio Free Europe Campaigning For Joe Biden?  The U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFERL) was formed to fight communism and to spread the message of liberty and freedom into totalitarian-controlled populations behind the Iron Curtain and beyond.  Even with the installation of a new head of government broadcasting, conservative Michael Pack, it seems the agency is still just a campaign arm of the DNC and the Soros machine.  Just another example of the infiltration of American government by 'progressive' activists.

Four More Examples of Media Bias.  When [President] Trump claimed in an interview on Fox News on Sunday [7/19/2020] that "Biden wants to defund the police," host Chris Wallace admonished, "Sir, he does not."  Trump cited the charter that Joe Biden had signed with Bernie Sanders, but he should have mentioned Biden's response in a July 8th interview when journalist Ady Barkan wanted to know:  "The leaders of Black Lives Matter ... believe that the solution is to reduce the number of interactions that civilians have with the police.  We can reduce the responsibilities assigned to the police and redirect some of the funding for police into social services, mental health counseling, and affordable housing. ... Are you open to that kind of reform?" Biden responded:  "Yes, I proposed that kind of reform."  Again, Ady Barkan asked, "Do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?" Biden emphatically answered, "Yes, absolutely."

How to Spank the Establishment Media.  It's astounding how the establishment media allows known Democrat liars to continue spewing out their vicious falsehoods without challenge.  Our legacy media has concluded, perhaps correctly, that Americans just aren't concerned about serial lying, even by contenders for high office.  July 5 on NBC's "Meet the Press," former Obama official Susan Rice said this:  "The president went to Mount Rushmore and then stood at the White House yesterday on our independence weekend and decided that he was going to stake his legacy and his campaign on preserving Confederate monuments and the relics of slavery."  One wonders how Rice would know that the president had "decided" such a thing, for nowhere in his July 3 address at Mt. Rushmore nor in his July 4 address, did President Trump use the word "Confederate," and when he spoke of "slavery," it was in the context of its evil.  But did moderator Andrea Mitchell ask Rice why she was making such an accusation?  Of course not; what do you think "Meet the Press" is, a news program?

Lower than dirt?  Jon Turley clears up who is worse, NBC News' Chuck Todd or CNN's Jim Acosta.  Legal scholar Jonathan Turley slammed NBC News' Chuck Todd for airing a "false narrative" in the misleading quote of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.  The George Washington University law professor called out the "Meet the Press" host who "knowingly played a false gotcha clip" in a move that he deemed worse than the one by CNN's Jim Acosta, who came under heavy fire for tweeting an out-of-context quote from McEnany.

No One Batted an Eyelash at These CNN Banners.  [Numerous examples.]

The Editor says...
Whoever composes the lower-third banners on the Chyron (or Vidifont, if they still have one) writes a show within a show.  Many viewers have the sound turned down (or they're across the restaurant or airport terminal) and depend on the character generator to tell the story in lieu of the reporter.  Once in a while, the text says one thing, but the pictures tell a completely different story.  Incidentally, in my TV experience, news people hated it when engineers pointed out misspelled words, because engineers aren't supposed to notice.

The L.A. Times Proclaims the Anthem Is Racist, Their Suggested Replacement Will Have you Laughing Out Loud.  Here's a quick hitter for you before bed, but be warned.  It may cost you some sleep because you'll be too busy laughing out loud after reading this.  Enter The Los Angeles Times.  You see, they've decided that the Star Spangled Banner is racist (insert squeaky Tucker Carlson inflection here) and that it's time to seek a replacement.  While this isn't a new suggestion, as crazed destruction of American history has become a left-wing sport at this point, the Times takes it a bit further with perhaps the dumbest replacement suggestion yet.

Andrew Cuomo Is Not a COVID Hero.  The media have decided to play along with New York governor Andrew Cuomo's bizarre effort to reinvent himself as the hero of the fight against COVID-19. Cuomo's motivation is transparent enough, and we are duly impressed at the chutzpah required to even attempt such a thing.  But there is no excuse for anyone else enabling him.

Nets Cover-Up Biden Quoting Mao, CBS Campaigns for Him Instead.  If President Trump were to quote one of the world's deadliest dictators in a positive way, the liberal media would have a Chernobyl-level meltdown.  In fact, they tried to claim his campaign's use of a bald eagle was a nod to Nazi Germany.  But when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden quoted Mao Tse-tung during a Monday evening campaign event, his allies at ABC, CBS, and NBC covered it up.  Instead of reporting on Biden's controversial comment, Tuesday's [7/14/2020] CBS Evening News took to campaigning for him.

It's just nuts to praise New York's 'success' against coronavirus.  If only the rest of the country could handle COVID as well as New York:  That's the lament of progressive commentators as COVID cases spike in the Sun Belt and the South.  Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin hailed New York City the other day after it reported no deaths for the first time during the pandemic.  This is what competent government can accomplish, she gushed.  Former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett tweeted, "Short term sacrifice saves lives!!!" [...] This is all perverse given that New York is only now emerging from one of the worst COVID debacles on the planet.

Media Bias:  CNN national political reporter's 'analysis' piece contains opinion.  CNN National Political Reporter Maeve Reston in an analysis piece published last Saturday claimed that President Trump during his July 3rd speech at Mount Rushmore attempted "to play on the fears" of individuals "who view the rise of Black Lives Matter as a threat to the historical dominance of White people."  Reston's piece neglected to mention that President Trump in his speech extolled the ideal of racial equality, an ideal which is, by definition, itself a threat to the "dominance of White people."  "We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed," Trump declared during the address.  "Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God."  Reston's claim that the president sought to exploit the fears of a minority "who view the rise of Black Lives Matter as a threat to the historical dominance of White people" thus breaks the boundaries of straight news reporting and constitutes an unacknowledged interpretation lacking plausible substantiation in the referenced text.

How Selective Reporting Hides The Truth About Race And Crime.  On Saturday [7/4/2020], a man drove his car onto a Seattle freeway that had been closed by a Black Lives Matter crowd.  The driver killed one person and seriously injured another after going the wrong way up a ramp and then around a barricade.  Reports noted that police "don't believe impairment was a factor."  Over the weekend, news outlets replayed the brutal hit, but there's one thing you won't learn from their coverage:  The driver was black and his victims were white.  NPR linked this attack to other car-ramming incidents by "right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters."  They quote a researcher about how these right-wingers were "trying to intimidate the most recent wave of BLM protesters, to stop their movement."  The driver was a Seattle local named Dawit Kelete.  But you'll find scant mention of the driver's ethnicity in mainstream media coverage.  You might have more easily learned that Kelete was black by going to the Australia Broadcasting Corporation.  The American national media also doesn't note that Kelete's two victims were white.  You can find that out over at the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Biden refuses to take questions during lackluster hometown stop, 'objective' journos happy to comply.  Former Vice President Joe Biden emerged from his basement to make a public stop in Pennsylvania but still managed to avoid answering questions from reporters.  The presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee has continued to get a pass from the liberal media while he avoided holding a news conference for nearly three months, selectively speaking from his basement.  But, following last week's encounter with the media, Biden brushed off questions again on Thursday as he made a visit to his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Twitter Covering Up For Antifa — Suspends Account Exposing Terror Training Tactics Videos.  Antifa is posting videos online on how you can smash windshields, cut seatbelts and drag people from their vehicles.  This antifa member says its necessary when Americans don't stop and wait during their street protests.  There is NOTHING about this group that is civil or lawful.  [Video clip]

What you wouldn't know from reading the news:  There's a soaring economic recovery roaring in.  [Scroll down]  Look at that amazing doom and gloom — lots of "yes but," lots of bad news for suburban women — from slow wage growth to not being able to get a babysitter.  Big doom-and-gloom forecasts from a government agency that's gotten it wrong every time.  Lots of loaded language — "deep hole," "struggles," "stalls," "falling apart," "won't recover."  Oh, and a snipe at the stock market and a little plug for green energy, which is supposed to make us slaver for a Joe Biden presidency.  The actual news is buried in that bland, contextless, vanilla fifth headline in the New York Times, "U.S. Added Nearly 5 Million Jobs in June," signaling a powerful economic recovery underway.  Seriously, five million jobs?  When was the last time you saw figures like that?  Typical jobs additions in a good month have figures around 100,000 or 300,000.

Biden Faces No Questions About Michael Flynn Probe During His First Press Conference In Three Months.  Former Vice President Joe Biden held his first press conference with reporters in nearly three months, but faced no questions about recent revelations about his interest in Michael Flynn during the presidential transition period in early 2017.  Last week, attorneys for Flynn disclosed notes taken in early January 2017 that suggested that Biden brought up an obscure law called the Logan Act that the FBI cited to continue an investigation against Flynn. [...] In an interview last month, Biden downplayed his role in any investigation of Flynn.  "I was aware that they asked for an investigation, but that's all I know about it," Biden told ABC's George Stephanopoulos in a May 12 interview.  He has not been directly asked about the Strzok notes.

NBC & ABC Hawk Biden Campaign Propaganda Disguised as Children's Book.  Apparently Joe Biden called up NBC's 3rd Hour Today show and ABC's Good Morning America to tell the broadcasts to let his wife, Jill Biden, appear for softball interviews and sell campaign propaganda disguised as a children's book.  On Tuesday [6/30/2020], the two morning shows obviously agreed, conducting embarrassing segments with the former Second Lady designed to manipulate viewers — and their children — into supporting her husband in the 2020 election.  On NBC, co-host Craig Melvin was delighted to be able to do his part in supporting the Biden campaign:  "And welcome back, it has been a busy few months for former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden. [...]"

ABC Clinton Lackey Refuses to Call-Out Pelosi's Crazy Conspiracy Theories.  If President Trump had said the things Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been saying over the past week without evidence, the liberal media would be questioning his sanity and fitness for office.  But since she currently leads their party, she's above reproach.  Sunday's [6/28/2020] This Week was no exception as ABC chief anchor and resident Clinton lackey, George Stephanopoulos refused two critically press the Speaker on her claim that the Republican Party had killed George Floyd, and that the President was a Russian agent.

CNN's Brianna Keilar opines on Trump's focus amid coronavirus pandemic.  CNN host Brianna Keilar during a recent television segment sharply criticized President Trump over the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.  "More than 122,000 Americans have died in the last few months.  This is more than every war since the start of the Korean War combined.  And the president barely mentions them or their families, he doesn't even acknowledge the collective loss of the nation.  Instead he turns the pandemic into a racist punchline for his rally goers to cheer," Keilar said. [...] Keilar's opinionated assertion about the president's focus falls outside of the realm of neutral reporting.

MSNBC Wants Dems to Steal Control of Senate With D.C. Statehood.  On her 12:00 p.m. ET hour show on Thursday [6/25/2020], MSNBC Andrea Mitchell desperately attempted to make the case for Washington D.C. statehood in order to help her friends in the Democratic Party gain two additional U.S. senators and possibly a permanent advantage in the congressional chamber.  Lefty historian Jon Meacham then joined her in advocating the radical agenda and tossing aside the Constitution.  "The House is going to vote tomorrow on whether Washington, D.C. should become the 51st state....This, as murals supporting statehood are popping up all over the city," Mitchell gushed as she introduced her propaganda piece.

The Editor says...
Murals don't just "pop up" out of nowhere.  If murals are "popping up all over the city," it's because of a coordinated government propaganda campaign, of which this "news" report is a part.

'Of Course I'm Not Objective': Chris Cuomo Lauds Big Brother Andrew.  It is rare when a cable news host comes right out and says "I'm not objective."  And on CNN on Wednesday night [6/24/2020], host Chris Cuomo seemed to acknowledge the many ethical dilemmas arising from his repeated interviews with his big brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as he appeared to offer a final, praiseworthy send-off to his elder sibling.  After yet another intra-family interview, in which the younger Cuomo offered some blunt questions about the state's nursing home deaths scandal — but offered little aggressive follow-up to the older Cuomo's dismissals — the CNN host nodded at the "unusual" circumstances of journalist questioning his own politician brother.

Where Are We Heading?  [Scroll down]  We all remember that Rolling Stone cover of the Boston Bomber in 2013 that portrayed terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev much in the same way as previous magazine covers of rocks stars like Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison.  Then there was the 2018 TV series called Waco, which retold the story of cult leader David Koresh, the Branch Davidians and their standoff with law enforcement, which was a psychological power struggle asserted ultimately through physical force.  The show pretends to be nuanced, offering alternative points of view that give insight into the extremist cult.  However, it leans heavily in favor of highlighting the Branch Davidians as rebels looking to find belonging outside an empire, while portraying law enforcement as brutes save one exception.

Look No Further Than Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer to Understand Why Conservatives Hate the Media.  I was interviewing my comedian friend Kevin Downey Jr. for my latest Kruiser Kabana podcast and — as conservatives are wont to do — we got around to discussing the thorough awfulness of the mainstream media.  We are all aware that examples of said awfulness abound but the two that were freshest in my mind were the MSM treatment of the two worst governors in America:  Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer.  Throughout almost all of March, April, and May we bombarded with stories about Cuomo's brilliant handling of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in New York.  All featured a "this is how real leadership looks" theme and added the perfunctory Orange Man Bad whining.  The only truth in the early days of the pandemic was that no one really new what the truth was.  That didn't keep the media from lauding every move Cuomo made even though he was winging it just like everyone else was at the time.

White House says CNN refuses to give them airtime to refute scandalous claims detailed on Bolton's book.  More and more, CNN seems to be doing away with any pretense that it's an actual news outlet when it comes to covering President Donald Trump.  Casual viewers may be excused if they believe the network dedicates 24/7 coverage to destroying the Trump presidency, as it is all bad news all the time when it comes to the nations' 45th president.  After giving disgruntled former national security adviser John Bolton's new book red carpet treatment, a book that features enough scandalous allegations against Trump to ensure brisk sales — one such claim being that he asked China to help him with the 2020 election — CNN apparently had little interest in offering the administration an opportunity to refute the claims.  That's according to a spokesman who spoke the Washington Free

Chuck Todd Wonders If Media, Corporations Can Keep the Racial Activism Going.  On Friday's [6/12/2020] MSNBC Live, host Chuck Todd worried out loud with Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times Magazine and the 1619 Project fame, about what needs to be done to make sure the wave of Black Lives Matter activism does not simply fade away.  They discussed whether corporations were truly sincere in their social-justice messaging, and whether the media would continue their "bottom up" activism that could be seen at places like the Times.  [Video clip]  Later in the segment after Jones expressed concern that organizations like the NFL donating $250 million to various causes is not enough to address structural problems and that people's attention will eventually wane, Todd eagerly concurred: [...]

Biden Adviser Gets ZERO Questions About His Controversies On 'View'.  Joe Biden's senior adviser Symone Sanders appeared on The View Wednesday [6/10/2020] and didn't have to answer any questions that would put the Democrat presidential nominee in a negative light.  The hosts didn't ask her about Biden's latest racist gaffe or his sexual assault allegation.  Instead, The View hosts invited her to attack President Trump for using the Democrats' "defund the police" against them, and answer non-specific questions on how Biden will enact "change" and reach the progressive wing of his party.  Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, sounding like she herself worked for the Biden campaign, announced Sanders like this:  "Americans are out in the streets in force demanding change, and right now we are joined by a woman who plans to make sure that change happens."

Study: 99.3 percent of Broadcast Networks' Protest Coverage Ignores Mob's Murder Victims.  Broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC have been consistent cheerleaders for the nationwide protests against police brutality, offering nearly 12 hours of coverage (710 minutes) over the past seven days on just their flagship morning and evening news shows.  But despite dedicating all of those hours of airtime to the protests and riots, these networks have barely breathed a word about those who have died in the resulting violence.  MRC analysts examined all three broadcast networks' major morning and evening newscasts between May 28 and June 3, and found that the total airtime spent on those who died during the past week of riots accounted to just four and a half minutes, or less than one percent of the total protest-related coverage.

Kayleigh McEnany shreds Jim Acosta after he criticizes police.  White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany suggested CNN's Jim Acosta should respect police officers rather than concoct stories about them since they are "protecting you as you come into this building each and every day."  The tense exchange began with Acosta falsely accusing the President of having "gassed and pummeled protesters" as he engaged in a walk Monday to St.  John's Episcopal Church. [...] Acosta has been brutally beaten by McEnany on multiple occasions as he does his best to preen for his left-leaning audience at CNN.  Things never work out in his favor.

McEnany pounds Acosta with facts on what really went down at Lafayette Square, he still can't comprehend.  White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany fact-checked CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta this Wednesday after he spewed a blatant lie at her.  The lie was the fallacious and already debunked claim that the Trump administration had "gassed and pummeled protesters" prior to President Donald Trump's "powerful" walk to St.  John's Church earlier this week.  To make matters worse, he spewed the lie while referencing deceased civil rights hero and legend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Trump is right about the huge potential for ballot fraud in Michigan's election.  To hear the mainstream media tell it, President Trump is somehow paranoid at Michigan's latest gambit to mail absentee voting applications to all registered voters in the state.  Here's the selectively distorted reporting from the Detroit News: [...] They ran it with a photograph of Trump with a photoshopped color manipulation that exaggerated the color of his skin as well as his blue tie to colors not consistent with the lighting in the room. [...]

The Doctrine of Media Untruth.  [Scroll down]  Do we remember that for a while "Bob" Mueller was Washington's hallowed prosecutor, investigator, or inquisitor par excellence?  No wonder he had assembled a "dream team" of "all stars" who, as "hunter-killer" squads of legal eagles, would tear apart Trump's supposedly doddering third-stringers and send Trump either to jail or into ignominious exile.  So, the more that legal eagle narrative saturated the liberal media landscape, the more we knew the opposite was true.  Mueller himself had a spotty history.  He was both physically and cognitively unable to run an effective two-year high-intensity investigation.  He was the un-Durham — as leaky and hodge-podge as the latter's probe is quiet and professional.  Mueller likely outsourced his tasks to an incestuous group of partisan and progressive lawyers, many of them incompetent, with conflicts of interest and blinded by partisanship.

'View' Gives Schumer Nearly Half the Show to Attack Trump, GOP on Coronavirus, Election.  The hosts of ABC's The View gave Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer free rein on their Thursday [5/21/2020] show to spin for Democrats on coronavirus relief, Obamagate and the 2020 presidential election.  Schumer was on for nearly half the show, excluding commercials and was only given two semi-challenging questions, both from co-host Meghan McCain.  You could tell this was going to be a cakewalk for Schumer just by how Whoopi introduced him:  "Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is fighting battles on a lot of different fronts right now in this crazy crisis, and he's giving us an update on what the Senate and the White House need to do next.  Please welcome our friend, Senator Chuck Schumer," she stated.

A tidy takedown of Media Matters and its propaganda about hydroxycholoroquine.  For most thinking Americans, it is unnecessary to bother to fact check the propaganda group Media Matters.  If they have heard of Media Matters at all, they typically understand it's a smear group funded by donors with political and corporate interests whose names are kept secret.  (The last big Media Matters donor whose name was publicly revealed years ago was that of liberal billionaire activist George Soros.)  The problem is, too many news organizations and even journalism groups such as Poynter use Media Matters and their affiliates as if they are legitimate news sources.  They are either unforgviably ignorant of Media Matters' slants, or choose to keep readers in the dark because they agree with the slant.  One major interest Media Matters and its affiliates have served over the years is that of the pharmaceutical industry.

WaPo's new mantra is Just Don't Report.  As the walls close in on Obama's use of the FBI to spy on political opponents, the Washington Post has a simple solution for a press that aided and abetted him:  If something looks bad "just don't report that it does."  The full quote by columnist Greg Sargent is, "There is a legitimately difficult editorial challenge in figuring out how to scrutinize a mostly conventional politician who is running against a bottomlessly corrupt and dishonest opponent like Trump, as Brian Beutler has noted, without placing a similarly sized question mark over both of them.  "There's just no doubt that this happened in 2016, as has been widely documented.  "This is plainly on its way to happening again.  But it doesn't have to.  One way to avoid this:  If something doesn't actually 'boost' or 'lend fodder' to a big claim that Trump is making, just don't report that it does.  "It's simple, but it's a start."  Just don't report.

Our Nevermind Media.  Media observers are today noticing how strange it is for reporters to juxtapose panic about Florida, where the virus has done relatively little damage, with robust defense of New York, the coronavirus death capital of the Western world.  This week, after Politico Florida correspondent Marc Caputo noted that the long-predicted mass outbreak of coronavirus in his state still hasn't happened, with three full months having passed since the first dire warnings about spring breakers partying on the beaches, Daily Beast Washington correspondent and CNN analyst Jackie Kucinich threw the yellow flag. [...] The media loves to run with "blood on his hands" stories about nefarious Republicans, but you'll have a hard time finding even a quiet, pro-forma apology (much less an admission of bloody hands) from the media for their massive bungling of the early stages of the coronavirus story.

Lockdown Logic.  When politicians begin slinging around words like "expert" and "science," any sensible citizen becomes a skeptic.  Being elected to public office does not qualify anyone to lecture the public on scientific matters, but this is never pointed out to cable TV viewers tuning in for the daily lectures from Governor Science (D-N.Y.).  Andrew Cuomo has a bachelor's degree from Fordham and a law degree from the University of Albany, and if he has any specialized knowledge about infectious diseases, it's only because he has presided over the worst COVID-19 pandemic in the world.  On a per-capita basis, nowhere has this virus been more deadly than in New York, yet no one in the media blames this public-health catastrophe on the governor — quite the contrary.

'Obamagate' Isn't A Conspiracy Theory, It's The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time.  A string of recently released documents have confirmed that the entire Russia-Trump investigation, which eventually entrapped Flynn and forced then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, was an unprecedented abuse of power that amounted to organized effort by the Obama administration to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election.  It was in effect an attempted coup.  If you haven't picked that up from the news media, it's not your fault.  Instead of grappling with the implications of newly released details about what Obama officials were doing to undermine the incoming Trump administration during the transition, the mainstream media have fixated on Trump's use of the term "Obamagate," dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.

Joe Biden Reads Prepared Answers to Questions in MSNBC Interview.  Joe Biden appeared to be reading prepared answers during his 'interview' on MSNBC.  Al Sharpton tossed Biden a softball Saturday evening when discussing the economic impact the Coronavirus shutdown has had on minority communities.  Biden immediately responded with prepared answers, reading from a Teleprompter during a supposed live "interview."  Nothing to see here... it's just a coincidence that the answers on Biden's Teleprompter match up perfectly with Al Sharpton's questions!

A Tale of Two Governors and Two State Re-openings.  One state is Georgia, the other is Colorado.  Georgia has 10.6 million people, Colorado a little more than half that number. [...] Both states slowly reopened their shuttered economies last week. [...] Both approaches are comparable and reasonable.  No businesses are being forced to reopen and customers can choose to stay home and not patronize any of the reopened establishments.  Which many people will likely do.  Media reaction was anything but comparable or reasonable.

Mockingbird Propagandist Chris Wallace Lies During Birx Interview.  [Scroll down]  Chris Wallace is a political operative.  A placed ideologue within media advancing an agenda in an effort to do as much harm as possible.  This is not an accident; and yes this harm is specific, purposeful and with intent.  The evolved Fabian-Socialists, the professional left which includes most mainstream media now, are dangerous in disposition due to the rabidity of their partisanship.  If they were not, they wouldn't be consistently lying.  It really is that simple.

'Undercover Huber' Educates Chris Wallace (D) After His Reductionist Version of Gen. Flynn's Case.  After the DOJ unsealed documents on Wednesday night which proved that Gen. Michael Flynn had been set up by top FBI officials in January 2017, Fox News' Wallace, who long ago abandoned any pretense of objectivity as far as President Trump is concerned, offered his take on the story.

Saint Andrew of Albany.  Every day, cable-news channels provide live coverage of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's briefings about his state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.  What has happened in New York is not merely the worst COVID-19 outbreak in America, but possibly the worst in the entire world.  Such are the biases of our news media, however, that no one ever suggests Cuomo is responsible for the deadly toll of this disease in his state.  Instead, the Democratic governor is treated with deference by the press corps, which instead — and rather illogically — focuses the blame on President Trump.  Watching Cuomo's press briefings is to behold the work of a master in the rhetorical arts of pretended expertise and straw-man arguments against imaginary antagonists who, in opposing the governor's orders, are irresponsible and unscientific.

Remember the government shutdowns?  Funny how we don't see those same sob stories about lost paychecks now.  Whenever the threat of a government shutdown looms, Democrats and their media allies give us daily doses of how devastating such a thing will be on 'non-essential' government workers.  Then they go into overdrive when a shutdown actually occurs:  Wall-to-wall sob stories giving examples of government workers supposedly harmed even though, everyone knows, those employees will soon be paid.  They essentially have a paid vacation.  Now, after weeks of the intentional destruction of the private sector with tens of millions of jobs lost, with businesses and families being devasted and having no idea how they will feed their families and themselves, there are few of those same sob stories, despite real hardship, and here is what we get instead:  If a Republican governor wants to open a state's businesses, we get attack pieces saying he wants people to die.

CBS Anchor Tells Stacey Abrams She's 'Extremely Qualified' to Be Vice PresidentCBS This Morning anchor and Barack Obama donor Gayle King gushed over Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams on Tuesday morning, saying the former state legislator and failed gubernatorial candidate is "extremely qualified" to be vice president of the United States.  Abrams is openly lobbying to serve as Joe Biden's running mate come November, despite never being elected to any office beyond the state legislature.  As she touted her voting rights work and "competence and skills and willingness to serve," King cut in to praise her as ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.  "That's a great nuts and bolts answer because everybody knows you're extremely qualified," King said.

On 4 Fronts, How China Quietly Infiltrates American Life.  While many mainstream American media outlets allow themselves to be platforms for Chinese government propaganda, some work directly for the People's Republic of China.  Many of these publications have been working overtime as the Chinese government attempts to distract attention from its early handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and continues to mislead the world about what's happening in China.  Peter Hasson, a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation, laid out what exactly Phoenix TV is and how it's connected to the communist government of China.  Hasson found that, according to the outlet's 2018 interim report, China Wise International Limited, a subsidiary of a bank run by the Chinese government, owns a minority stake in Phoenix TV.  Although Phoenix TV is not directly run by the Chinese government, it effectively is controlled by the government.

Suppose Trump Had Acted Earlier Against the Wuhan Virus.  Petulant propagandists, disguised as journalists, have a new talking point. [...] Their new narrative is that Trump could have and should have acted sooner and if he had, all would be normal in the world.  This is the latest chapter in the book of Orange Man Bad, previous chapters including the Ukraine phone call, Russian collusion, Mueller, Stormy, Avenatti, Omarosa, and Manafort, just to name a few.  Say what you want about the Fake News media, but they are persistent and determined, even if they remain "an enemy of the people" as characterized by Trump.  Too bad their energies are always directed against Trump, rather than subjects given only a brief glance, such as Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's emails, the Steele/Brennan dossier, and real election interference.  The New York Times, briefly distracted by rewriting their tweets describing Joe Biden being credibly accused of sexual assault, took up the role of drum major in the media's Get Trump jihad.

It's Good to Be a Democrat.  Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, has been credibility accused of sexual assault by a former staffer named Tara Reade.  Don't search her name on CNN's website.  As of this writing they have not done a single report about her and her story.  They don't care.  Moreover, they don't want their audience to know.  But audiences do know.  Thanks to the Internet, the old liberal tactic of ignoring stories they don't like can't work anymore.

Don't forget Joe Biden.  [Scroll down]  But news media should not lose sight of the fact that, with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders out of the race, Biden is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.  And as a major party nominee who has a good shot of becoming the next occupier of the White House, he deserves the sort of scrutiny that comes with it.  Unfortunately, Biden has too often been treated with kid gloves, being granted softball interviews that don't challenge his statements and mainly seemed designed to goad him into attacking Trump's performance.  NBC's Chuck Todd asked Biden whether Trump has "blood on his hands," which to Biden's credit, he said was "too harsh" an assessment.  CNN's Brooke Baldwin has asked Biden if Trump has been "intentionally" misleading.  She then fawned, "Your strength, really, your strength is in traveling around the country and connecting with people, right? [...]"

Steady, devout Mike Pence leads coronavirus fight past the haters.  We've always known that the vice president is a religious man.  I mean, how could we forget?  Since the day he was picked as VP in 2016, the media has never missed an opportunity to mock him for being an evangelical, born-again Christian.  You might be thinking, but wait — isn't making fun of people for their religious beliefs politically incorrect?  For the most part, yes.  But there is one major exception.  Religious intolerance is a big no-no in 2020, unless said religion has anything to do with Christianity.  In which case, mocking isn't just acceptable — it is encouraged.  For instance, a few months before the #MeToo movement took center stage, the mainstream media got a real kick out of Mike Pence's rule that he never dines with a woman alone without his wife present.  The headlines from the mainstream media displayed complete revulsion for Pence, the archaic sexist weirdo.  "Mike Pence doesn't eat alone with women.  That speaks volumes" (The Guardian)  "Vice President Pence's 'never dine alone with a woman' rule isn't honorable.  It's probably illegal."  (Vox)

The mainstream media's silly pillow fight with Mike Lindell and God.  Michael Lindell has lefties in the fake-news media screaming into their pillows.  It happened after the My Pillow founder appeared at President Donald Trump's daily Wuhan flu press conference last Monday.  Lindell was there to deliver some very good news announcing that his factories would be shifting to make Personal Protection Equipment to help America's first responders fighting the COVID-19[.]  Lindell, and the President, getting into trouble when the openly Christen Lindell called on God to protect America and give the President strength.

Nominate Biden, blame Bernie.  Over at Jeff Bezos's Tax Write Off, Washington Post reporters Sean Sullivan, Michael Scherer, and David Weigel filed, "Bernie Sanders now adamant he's staying in the presidential race.  Many Dems fear a reprise of their 2016 defeat."  The gist is Biden will lose and it is all Bernie's fault.  The argument is Bernie cost Hillary the 2016 election and by staying in the race, he will cost Biden in 2020.  Philippe Reines, a lackey of Hillary, said in Paragraph 4, "It's the equivalent of a World War II kamikaze pilot.  They have no better option than to plow into USS Biden."  Paragraph 17 said, "Although Sanders personally is not waging a scorched-earth campaign against Biden, some of his most visible supporters continue to rail against the former vice president's policy ideas and question his cognitive abilities — a trend that worries party leaders."  Way down in Paragraphs 27, 28, and 29, readers discover what the real problem is.  Ideas.  It is not that Bernie is a kamikaze pilot.  It is that Bernie is a communist taking over the party.

Trump Official Says US was Dealt a Bad Hand by China, CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment.  On Thursday [3/26/2020], White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro appeared on CNN.  Hosting the show was Brianna Keilar. [...] Keilar did not even try to be subtle.  This exchange belongs in a textbook about media bias.  When a "journalist" refuses to even listen to an opinion they disagree with, it can no longer be called journalism.  She declared her guest's comment to be "just a waste of time" and "just ridiculous."  Keilar deserves to be fired.  Instead, CNN will probably give her a raise and a bonus.

Oh, So this is why Joe Biden has been hiding.  [Scroll down]  Joe Biden is not a good public speaker.  He does much better one-on-one, especially with the softball questions that the media provides for him.  He only goes on friendly shows anyway, so there is no expectation of holding him accountable for any ideas or plans.  Biden was a guest on The View Tuesday morning [3/24/2020].  He appears to be at home as he does the interview.  Don't expect any pushback from any of the co-hosts of The View — they will all be voting for him in November, rest assured of that.  I am sure Biden will regularly appear on the show and it will always be a lovefest.  He's their guy.

Paid CNN Employee Endorses Joe Biden On-Air.  Former 2020 Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang had been a paid CNN commentator for only a few weeks before deciding that their Democratic primary coverage of the first Mini-Super Tuesday was the right time for him to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden live on-air.  Yang was teed up by host Anderson Cooper, who noted that Yang had spent a lot of time writing stuff down.  "I believe that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee.  And I've always said I'm going to support whoever the nominee is.  So, I hereby am endorsing Joe Biden to be not just the nominee for the Democratic Party, but the next president of the United States," Yang immediately responded.

The doctor is in.  Jill Biden has a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Delaware, and she never lets the American people forget it.  Mrs. Biden, wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, insists on being referred to as "Dr." Biden.  Her Twitter handle is @DrBiden.  The press has largely acquiesced:  Even though it has persistent trouble referring to actual pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson as "Dr." Ben Carson, it is rare indeed to ever see a reference to Jill Biden without "Dr." preceding her name.

ABC reporter to be 'reassigned' after undercover sting catches him revealing how ABC spikes stories, covers Trump unfairly.  A veteran correspondent was suspended by ABC News after a Project Veritas video caught him on camera criticizing the media and calling himself a "socialist."  The network's senior correspondent David Wright was suspended late Tuesday following the release of the latest footage from Project Veritas which showed him accusing ABC News of not reporting some newsworthy stories and for ignoring some of President Trump's accomplishments.

Project Veritas:  ABC Reporter Says Networks' Interest In Trump Is Outrage, Investigation And Backstabbing.  Project Veritas released another undercover video this morning, this one featuring ABC reporter David Wright.  Wright is seen discussing the state of the news business at an informal gathering for media professionals held in a bar.  During the discussion, Wright admits to being a socialist and not just a Democratic Socialist like Bernie Sanders.  According to a recent study of journalists based on their Twitter interactions, that makes him just like most journalists.  In keeping with his socialist views, Wright criticized ABC News as having become a just another profit center for its owner.  "Like now, you can't watch Good Morning America without there being a Disney princess or a Marvel Avenger appearing.  It's all self-promotional," he said.

ABC News reporter suspended and barred from political coverage after Project Veritas sting.  ABC News suspended one of its veteran correspondents after he was secretly recorded discussing the downsides of the network.  David Wright, 56, who has reported for ABC's signature news programs, including World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and Nightline, was suspended late Tuesday night [2/25/2020], the Washington Post reported.  The suspension came the day before Project Veritas, a conservative muckraking organization known for secretly recording targets in the media, released a video of Wright identifying as a "socialist" and trashing network executives.

ABC News Suspends Reporter On Eve Of Project Veritas Exposure.  ABC News has suspended a reporter involved in an upcoming Project Veritas video the evening before the project is set to be released.  Project Veritas, a conservative watchdog group, plans to release a video Wednesday exposing bias at ABC News, founder James O'Keefe tweeted.  Veteran reporter David Wright was suspended Tuesday evening [2/25/2020] ahead of the project's release, according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation.  ABC News did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller.

The Editor says...
There are many others.  He's just the one who got caught.

O'Keefe Strikes Again! 'Socialist' ABC Reporter Admits Bosses Spike News Important to Voters, 'Don't Give Trump Credit'.  Project Veritas released a new undercover video on Wednesday of 'Socialist' ABC reporter David Wright admitting his bosses spike stories important to voters.  David Wright is on camera admitting he is an overt Socialist who thinks there's "too many billionaires."  Wright was suspended on Tuesday night before Project Veritas dropped the video of him admitting his network doesn't cover President Trump fairly.

Chris Matthews facing calls to resign for comparing Sanders Nevada victory to Nazi invasion of France.  MSNBC host Chris Matthews is facing backlash online for equating Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders's win in the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses to the Nazi regime's takeover of France.  During a conversation with MSNBC anchor Brian Williams Saturday night, the Hardball host likened the democratic socialist's decisive victory in Nevada to the Nazi's victory over France in World War II.

MSNBC Matthews to Establishment Democrats:  Vote for Trump.  Well, he did well here in 2016 — and now he won it outright.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton took the Nevada Caucus relatively early.  In 2020, Sanders did the same, but it was a landslide win. [...] Over at MSNBC, a network that has received the ire of the Sanders campaign due to their overt bias against Bernie, one host appears to be making the case for Donald Trump.  Granted, this was more directed toward the Democratic Party establishment and the rest of the anti-Sanders wing.  But Chris Matthews, who has railed against Bernie's candidacy, even suggesting an electoral slaughter, all but told this group of voters to vote for Trump.  He virtually said it on live television.  To be blunt, Matthews said that the Democratic Party establishment would be better off with four more years of Trump than a Sanders administration and the revolutionary baggage that comes with it.

Fox Has Been "More Fair": Why Bernie's Team Has Had It With MSNBC.  Faiz Shakir had seen enough.  As summer turned to fall, and the 2020 Democratic presidential race entered the stretch run before the first caucuses and primaries, Shakir, who manages Bernie Sanders's campaign, approached MSNBC president Phil Griffin to discuss his concerns with the network's treatment of the Vermont senator's second White House bid.  "We watched a ton of terrible coverage occurring and we thought we'd at least try to address it," he recalled.  For months, the campaign bristled at slights from MSNBC's stable of hosts and commentators.  Jason Johnson, an MSNBC contributor, predicted in January 2019 that Sanders would drop out by August, and network analyst Mimi Rocah said in July that Sanders made her "skin crawl."  On-screen graphics have omitted Sanders and misrepresented his poll numbers, a trend that inspired a sendup from the Onion.

Humiliating Video Montage of Slobbering Media Love Affair with Michael Avenatti.  Why was Avenatti so popular?  Avenatti was representing porn star Stormy Daniels as she famously pursued legal action against Donald Trump over an affair and subsequent hush-money and cover-up scandals.  But in truth, his clients were really #TheResistance at large, and there are no bigger fans of that movement to be found on cable and network news.  And the montage, of course, proves that.  [Video clip]

Sen. Graham Slams CBS Host: 'Media's So In The Tank' on Biden Scandal in Ukraine.  On Sunday's Face the Nation, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told CBS host Margaret Brennan the media's "so in the tank" on the Biden scandal in Ukraine.  It came right on the edge of a commercial break, when Brennan felt compelled to add the usual in-the-tank disclaimer that "nothing" has been "substantiated" on Biden corruption.  Graham made the obvious point:  the media make zero or near-zero effort to substantate the Biden scandal, and then say tsk-tsk that it's unproven.

The Editor says...
This is an example of a common but subtle technique in media bias:  Whenever a conservative guest starts making valid and embarrassing points, and builds up some momentum in the conversation, suddenly it's time for a commercial break.  And in almost every case, at the conclusion of the commercial break, the subject has changed, the previous points are forgotten, and the Democrat-friendly host moves on to another topic, or a different guest.  Yes, commercial breaks pay for the production of the show, but on a live interview program, there is only one reason a commercial break can't be postponed for 15 seconds to let someone finish his or her explanation, and that reason is that the guest is making Democrats look bad.

Things I have learned from genuine, honest journalists and other Democrats.  As I have gotten older, I have been enlightened about so many things from honest, genuine, conscience-driven journalists and other Democrats.  Of course, to accept what I have learned, I had to check my common sense at the door.  I learned in 2008 that McCain was a despicable racist who would be a terrible President.  Later, I learned how beloved, smart and honest he was as long as he was trashing Trump.  He was deeply respected when he died and had been in high demand by genuine journalists who only care about the truth.

How the House lost the witness battle along with impeachment.  NBC host Chuck Todd recently asked guests on his show if supporters of President Trump just want to be lied to.  It is a question that many in the media would never ask about Democrats, even in the face of overtly false claims.

Apparently, members of the media actually believe it is their job to make the impeachment case for the Democrats.  [Video clip]

MSNBC Hosts Furious That Senators Not as Committed to Impeachment as They Are.  If you've watched any of the impeachment trial on TV this week, you know that it's been an incredibly boring affair.  In spite of this, the hosts at MSNBC, who are deeply emotionally and professionally invested in the outcome, are annoyed that members of the Senate aren't sitting on the edge of their seats. [...] What does it say about this impeachment effort, that members of the media are angry with senators for not being as invested in it as they are?

'Objective' Liberal Media Fall All Over Themselves to Praise Schiff.  Liberal media folks are fond of claiming they're not biased.  CNN's Chris Cillizza said, "Let me say for the billionth time: reporters don't root for a side.  Period."  Yet we see their bias daily, despite their protestations. [...] Grabien put together a great supercuts video, with some of Cillizza's colleagues at CNN, as well as folks from MSNBC and elsewhere.  Let's watch them fall in love, with House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), who as one of the House impeachment managers, was pushing the case for the Democrats.  [Video clip]

George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Telling ABC Studio to Cut-Off Trump Defense Attorney.  A good reminder of what we can expect when President Trump's defense team has their first opportunity in five months to defend him.  During a broadcast segment on ABC news reporters in the Capitol were interviewing President Trump defense attorney Jay Sekulow.  Back in the ABC studio, Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos did not want to see ABC broadcasting statements from the defense and he is caught on camera using hand signals to tell the producers to cut-off the broadcast.  Stephanopoulos realized he was caught:  [Video clip]

Republican Sen. Martha McSally Calls CNN Reporter Manu Raju 'A Liberal Hack'.  Republican Arizona Sen. Martha McSally ripped into CNN Capitol Hill reporter Manu Raju on Thursday [1/16/2020], calling him a "liberal hack" after he asked a question about President Donald Trump's upcoming impeachment trial.  "Sen. Martha McSally, a Republican facing a difficult election race, lashed out when I asked if she would consider new evidence as part of the Senate trial," Raju, a University of Wisconsin graduate tweeted Thursday.

ABC Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Seems Sad That Iranians Protest Against Regime.  On Monday, ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz issued a report on the current protests against the Iranian despotic regime on Monday, and while doing so, colored her language to indicate that after the U.S. killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, the country was united, but now that protesters against the government have expressed their outrage, the country's "unity" has been "shattered."

The Obama Administration's Guerrilla War.  In the modern era, it is difficult to come up with an administration that has spent as much energy trying to sabotage its successor in office.  Obama administration officials have worked tirelessly to embed themselves into media outlets as supposedly objective voices.  After President Donald Trump oversaw the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and as missiles fell from the night sky into Iraq from Iran, those voices took to the airwaves to push the Obama line against Trump.  In the American media, with help from former Obama staffers, Trump was the bad guy and Iran was the good guy.  Iran deescalated tensions.  Trump made things worse.  On CNN, Jim Sciutto of the Obama administration sat as an objective news anchor.  CNN also now has Valerie Jarrett's daughter, Laura, in an anchor chair, too.  They tossed a co-anchor for their early morning news show to make room for the daughter of one of Barack Obama's most ardent defenders.  But we are supposed to pretend there is no bias.

Photographer Mark Peterson Shows Patriots Can't Trust The Lying Press.  I must admit I was surprised that the Main Stream Media responded to the emergent internet's ability to debunk its propaganda (Duke Lacrosse, UVA Rape Hoax, Covington Catholic) by becoming even more flagrantly partisan (besides, of course, calling for internet censorship). Aren't markets supposed to clear?  But the result is that the myth of journalism as an impartial profession, which was receiving pious lip-service as recently as fifteen years ago, is now believed by no-one under 35.  A practical consequence for me:  I've stopped accepting interviews with the MSM except by email — which is why I have on record Andrew Lawler's malice and mendacity in The Secret Token, his book on Virginia Dare.  But Jared Taylor's experience, cross-posted here, suggests you can't even let the swine take photographs.

Top 10 Most Bizarre Viral Hoaxes of 2019.  The year 2019 saw its fair share of viral hoaxes and the spread of false information — just as the previous year had seen.  Take a look at some of the most bizarre hoaxes to have surfaced in 2019, capturing the attention of millions and further sowing division among Americans.

Todd Bashes Christians in MTP Rant Against Misinformation, Trump.  On Sunday [12/29/2019], NBC News political director Chuck Todd dedicated the final Meet the Press of 2019 to insisting President Trump had brought about a "post-truth society."  The same network that pushed the totally-bunk Steele dossier for years and tried to sink Justice Brett Kavanagh's nomination with the ridiculous allegations from Julie Swetnick, wanted to lecture the public about falling for and spreading lies and misinformation.  In the process, Todd lashed out at Christians for believing in "fairy tales."

The Left's "ABC" ("Anything But Christianity") Syndrome.  Ever since the genesis of the so-called Left — a broad coalition of social, political, and cultural movements and organizations whose aim has been to establish socialism across the Western world — the most obvious trait of leftists in general has been their distaste for Judeo-Christian mores and culture.  Leftists may disagree on a range of issues, but they are generally united in their hostility to Christianity, as well as their accommodation of nearly every other type of religion, from the philosophy religions of the East to the various shamanic and animistic traditions of the world's aboriginal peoples.

NBC News Smears Trump's Conservative Judges as 'Anti-LGBTQ'.  "A third of Trump's court nominees have anti-LGBTQ history, report finds."  That was the headline at NBC News on Monday evening [12/23/2019], though the "report" in question was produced by a liberal LGBTQ advocacy group, Lambda Legal.

Seattle Times updates style guide to capitalize 'Black'; keeps 'white' lowercase.  The Seattle Times has issued a new style guideline instructing staff to capitalize the word "Black" when referring to a culture, ethnicity or group of people, the newspaper announced Thursday evening [12/19/2019].  The word "white," however, will remain lowercase when referring to people with "light-colored skin, especially those of European descent," the newspaper said.

Lara Logan: Some journalists sound more like 'political operatives' in their impeachment coverage.  Former "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan said Friday [12/20/2019] that she was not surprised by the media's reaction to the impeachment vote against President Trump.  Appearing on "Fox & Friends" with hosts Steve Doocy, Pete Hegseth, and Katie Pavlich, Logan said what she was surprised about is that "as a profession, journalists are not more concerned about appearing to be political activists and political operatives."

This CNN Reporter Can't Stop Fawning Over the Dems She Covers.  Maeve Reston, CNN's national political reporter on the 2020 beat, has performed journalism on many of the leading candidates seeking the Democratic nomination.  An analysis of her campaign coverage suggests Reston's approach to reporting on Democrats closely resembles the coverage President Donald Trump believes he ought to be receiving in light of his historically successful presidency.  Reston, who previously covered "the role of fashion in politics" for the Los Angeles Times, was writing glowing profiles of Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) long before the senator announced her (now defunct) primary campaign.

Obama signals a possible run for Michelle.  Under the headline, "Time for Women to Run the World," the New York Daily News reported on a speech delivered by Barack Obama at a "private event in Singapore."  Who doesn't think his selected quotes weren't meant to go public?  Never mind the collectivism, the lack of actual policy proposals and the authoritarian feel to the idea that a certain group ought to "run the world," listen to the arrogant globalism that is illustrative of the radical Leftist mindset of today.  The whole notion of individualism, free will, and even the tolerance for other lifestyles and points of view that liberals used to extol is void in this "dog whistle" of a statement.

The Editor says...
This is one of the first published articles that will eventually — if Michelle is elected to any office at all — be collected under the heading of "Media Bias in Michelle Obama's Favor."

Rep. Ilhan Omar defended Nation of Islam-influenced group behind kosher market attack in Jersey City.  The New York Times called them "sidewalk ministers" who practice "tough love."  The paper quoted Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center who described them as victims of racism and claimed that they were non-violent.  The Washington Post, in its own puff piece on the Black Hebrew Israelites, also falsely described them as non-violent, and concluded that, "Israelite street preaching in parts of D.C., Philadelphia and New York is commonplace, a familiar if odd accent to city life."  The odd accent to city life in Jersey City came amid a hail of bullets as two members of the racist black nationalist hate group opened fire in the JC Supermarket.

After impeachment announcement, another round of Nancy Pelosi hero-worship from the press.  We are seeing another round of Pelosi hero-worship this week from our firefighting news media following her announcement that she had asked the "chairman to proceed with the articles of impeachment" against President Trump.  "The president has engaged in abuse of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections," the speaker maintained during a news conference.  Members of the press wasted no time printing up stories marveling at her iron will and determination.

Washington Post blasted over column urging journalists to 'reach the undecided' on impeachment.  The Washington Post is taking heat over a column urging journalists to "reach the undecided" in the country who have yet to be swayed on the topic of impeachment.  In a piece titled, "Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not changing any minds.  Here's how journalists can reach the undecided," Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan argued Thursday [12/5/2019] that "not much has changed" during the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump in recent weeks despite all the media attention it has received.  "So, is the media coverage pointless?  Are journalists merely shouting into the void?" Sullivan asked.  She later cited Columbia University journalism professor Bill Grueskin, who suggested that journalists have a "movie-trailer approach" to impeachment coverage.

The most nauseating MSM Deep-State puff-piece interview you'll ever read.  In an interview with Daily Beast contributor Molly Jong-Fast, the "lovely" Lisa Page insists she's not even close to being a criminal.  Jong-Fast agrees.  How dare the poor, abused woman be put through this "MAGA meat grinder" for merely exercising her First Amendment right to hate the president?  Page couldn't have chosen a better shoulder to cry on than Jong-Fast's.  The daughter of sex-obsessed author Erica Jong and granddaughter of communist writer Howard Fast, she offers Page a safe space to break her silence — away from "orange man bad," away from invisible MAGA hat-wearing D.C. residents, and away from the DOJ officials who betrayed her.  Page is no criminal, writes Jong-Fast; her private texts were "hijacked by Trump to fuel his deep state conspiracy."  Jong-Fast feels Page's pain.  She should.  The pair share the same entitlement elitist sentiments.

'The Hill' calls Adam Schiff a 'rock star' and astonished readers help with creative edits.  The Hill published a veritable puff piece on House Intelligence Committer Chairman Adam Schiff on Saturday in which it described him as a "progressive rock star."  "But it is precisely Shiff's sober demeanor and steady hand guiding the two-month impeachment investigation — including two weeks of televised public hearings — that have made him a national political figure, a household name and unlikely progressive rock star," the piece reads.  It drew immediate criticism, not to mention a notable Twitter ratio, because the notion of Schiff being any sort of star — save for perhaps a "death star" designed to destroy things — just didn't sit well with some in the public.

CNN's pre-Thanksgiving civility lesson:  Trump defenders 'Should Be Laughed at, Ridiculed, and Scorned'.  When you consider the vast number of people forced to watch CNN as they waited at their gates for delayed airline flights on the busiest travel day of the year, one marked by weather delays in most of the country, this call for harsh derision could affect a lot of Thanksgiving dinners today.  Ridicule and scorn do not fit well with the theme of giving thanks for the blessings we receive as Americans, but then again, CNN, in the ratings tank and discredited for its repeated fake news incidents, has less to be thankful for than most Americans, enjoying higher incomes and lower taxes.

As Drudge Report falters amid anti-Trump shift, rivals on right gain ground.  The Drudge Report has stoked alarm on the right for appearing to pivot on its support for President Trump, increasingly linking to stories that are critical of the administration and to media websites that are accused of having an anti-Trump bias such as CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post.  The same cannot be said of Whatfinger, the largest of the Drudge rivals, which favors links to conservative news and opinion websites such as Fox News, Breitbart, Daily Signal, Daily Wire, Western Journal and WorldNet Daily.

Michael Bloomberg's media company announces it will no longer investigate him, or any other Democratic candidates.  With Michael Bloomberg now running for president, the news service that bears his name has said it will not 'investigate' him or any of his Democratic rivals but will continue investigative coverage of President Donald Trump's administration.  Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait announced the new guidelines for presidential campaign coverage in a note to the $22.5 billion news organization's 2,700 journalists and analysts on Sunday [11/24/2019], shortly after the former New York City mayor announced his candidacy.

MSNBC and Washington Post dutifully ignore black protesters who confronted Elizabeth Warren.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was confronted Thursday [11/21/2019] in Atlanta by a mostly black crowd of pro-school choice demonstrators who oppose her anti-charter and anti-voucher platform on schools.  The tenor, volume, and unrelenting nature of the demonstration got to the point where Warren stepped back from her podium and called on Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts to deal with the protesters.  "What do we do with this?" the senator asked the black congresswoman of the activists, who were being shouted down at the time by Warren's mostly white supporters. [...] Unsurprisingly, neither the Washington Post nor MSNBC, both of which have dedicated an enormous amount of time and energy to promoting Warren's 2020 Democratic primary campaign, have made any effort to cover the incident, despite its inherent newsworthiness.

CNN's Smerconish Wants Hearsay Evidence Diplomats as Time Person of the Year.  On CNN Saturday [11/23/2019], host Michael Smerconish recommended that a bunch of gossipers be named as Time magazine's "Person of the Year."  The gossipers he had in mind were the diplomats who appeared at the House Impeachment Inquiry and testified based on second and third hand hearsay.  Hearsay, of course, is what gossip is, namely relaying information that they heard from somebody else and, often, the person they heard it from also heard it from someone else as well.  So for the momentous act of removing a legally elected president of the United States from office based on hearsay, or gossip, Smerconish actually wants to honor such an act with being named Time Person of the Year.  Historically, it's not meant as an honor, but as a marker of the most historic, newsworthy person or people.  They gave it to Ayatollah Khomeini, and to Hitler.  These hearsay diplomats did not "captivate" the nation, they were barely noticed.

Bloomberg Orders Its Reporters To Be Biased, In Case They Forget To Do It Voluntarily.  Bloomberg — the news service, not the candidate — made headlines this week when its editor in chief told reporters they were not allowed to investigate Michael Bloomberg, or any other Democrat running for president this year.  That ban doesn't, however, extend to President Donald Trump.  Wait.  Isn't that what journalists at Bloomberg (and every other mainstream news outlet) were going to do anyway?  To be sure, when he joined the presidential race, Bloomberg put his massive eponymous news organization in a bind.  How could Bloomberg News credibly cover the candidacy of the guy signing their paychecks?

Bloomberg News Pledges Not To Investigate Democratic Presidential Candidates.  Bloomberg News won't conduct investigative reporting on any of the Democratic presidential candidates, the outlet's editor-in-chief announced Sunday [11/24/2019].  The announcement followed Michael Bloomberg's official campaign launch Sunday.  "We will continue our tradition of not investigating Mike (and his family and his foundation) and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries," editor-in-chief John Micklethwait wrote in a note to staffers.

The press used to mock Ronald Reagan mercilessly for less than this:
What is Wrong with Grandpa Joe?  Biden Jumbles Words, Rambles About Russia, Vladimir Putin During Dem Debate.  The fifth Democrat debate kicked off Wednesday evening in Atlanta and is being co-hosted by MSNBC and the Washington Post. 10 Communist Democrat candidates will face off as they compete for who can offer illegal aliens the most free stuff.  Grandpa Joe Biden was off to a rough start as he stumbled through a few talking points.  Biden jumbled his words and rambled about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kamala Harris' Campaign In Free Fall, ABC Blames 'America'.  As Sen. Kamala Harris' (D-CA) campaign for her party's presidential nomination continues to implode, some in the media are looking for answers.  ABC News shot first, asking if Harris "proof that America isn't ready for a woman of color as president?"  The article began with quotes from Harris making the argument herself.  She had previously spoken about her "electability" several times, and in May she went ahead and wondered whether "America was ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United State of America."  She made the claim on "The View."  This statement set her up with the tired and ready-made excuse in case she lost the primary:  It's because America is racist and misogynist.

Nets Follow Pelosi Marching Orders: 'Bribery' Mentioned 43 Times.  Following Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Thursday morning [11/14/2019] press conference in which she accused President Trump of "bribery," the broadcast networks spent the next 24 hours featuring the term 43 times in evening and morning show coverage.  All of it designed to boost the impeachment crusade against Trump.  After Thursday's evening newscasts dutifully assaulted viewers with the "bribery" buzzword a whopping 19 times [...], Friday's morning shows kept up the onslaught with another 18 mentions [...].

Media criticizes Elise Stefanik during hearing after praising Warren's 'Nevertheless, she persisted' moment.  The fiery exchange between Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., at Friday's impeachment hearing bore some resemblance to the memorable back-and-forth between Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., that birthed Warren's "Nevertheless, she persisted" mantra.  However, the way the media has treated both of those moments appears drastically different.

Washington Post Only Fact Checks Republicans After First Day Of Impeachment Hearings.  The Washington Post fact checked various statements made during the first day of public impeachment hearings Wednesday [11/13/2019], but the roundup failed to look into any comments Democrats made.  The WaPo Fact Checker article was a roundup of only Republican Congress members, and the publication declined to include any statements from Democrats.  The analysis, published Thursday, is titled "Fact-checking the opening day of the Trump impeachment hearings" and did not specify whether it was only intended for Republicans.

Sunday Talks:  NSA Robert O'Brien vs Margaret Brennan.  National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien continues to impress today [11/10/2019] as he appears on Face the Nation for an interview with the ever-emotional and overly-dramatic resistance dingbat Margaret Brennan.  In 2016 and 2017 President Trump said NATO was obsolete and the moonbats went bananas; NATO is the only thing saving the planet Brennan claimed.  Fast forward to 2019.  Trump meets with a NATO nation leader (Erdogan) and the moonbats go bananas; NATO is a horrible construct, Erdogan bad.  Yes, liberal apoplexy is contagious in groups.

Cleveland Media Seek Access To Gibson's Bakery Store Clerk's Sealed Facebook Records in Oberlin College Case, But Why?  The court already ruled against Oberlin College's attempt to unseal the records of a Gibson family member who wasn't a party and didn't testify.  So why are Cleveland media outlets trying to rescue Oberlin College's post-trial public relations effort?

Chuck Todd's Softball:  Are Republicans 'Sabotaging' the Impeachment?  Call NBC's Sunday morning show Meet the Press doesn't really meet what you see any more.  Chuck Todd interviewing Democrats sounds more like an episode of Meet the Helper.  Todd's interview with liberal Rep. Jim Himes was all about helping Himes discuss how the Democrats need to break through and impeach the president.  For example, he discussed how Democrats are dropping the phrase "quid pro quo," and asked "Do you feel as if that word doesn't penetrate the seriousness that happened?"  When Todd asked Himes about the Republicans, he helpfully suggested the Republicans might be "sabotaging the process" by having a different narrative that makes the process "hard to follow for the public."  Todd isn't about to make anything difficult for the Democrats.

'Go Ahead And Interrupt Me Again' — GOP Senator Fires Back At CNN's Jake Tapper.  Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson appeared to lose patience with CNN anchor Jake Tapper during a brief exchange on the House Democrats' continued push for impeachment.  Johnson made an appearance on Sunday morning's episode of "State of the Union," and the conversation quickly turned to the most recent testimony about President Donald Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Who on earth watches The View and why?  Though The View has been on television since 1997 and its numerous hosts have come and gone, it is a mystery as to who watches it.  In its formative years, it may have been watchable, even occasionally newsworthy; Barbra Walters was an actual journalist.  Now, from the clips that are picked up and aired by other news outlets, it has clearly devolved into a slugfest — vicious, leftist women attack their guests if remotely conservative.  There is zero respect for any guest with a politically incorrect opinion.  They slobbered over Chelsea Clinton as if she were the Queen of England and attacked Donald Trump Jr. as if he were a serial killer on the loose. [...] [T]he women on that panel are as uninformed as they are vicious.  There is nothing worse than the pomposity of the unlearned.  They feel entitled to verbally assault any guest, no matter how gracious that guest may be, if they hold even slightly conservative views.

Why Does The Media Prop Up Failed Democratic Candidates Like Stacey Abrams?  Stacey Abrams, the failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Georgia, told a University of Iowa audience she would be happy to run as a vice presidential candidate.  Abrams ended the rumors she was asked to run with Joe Biden if he was the nominee, but, according to the Daily Iowan, Abrams said she would be happy to be the running mate of DNC's nominee, whoever the candidate is.  "When I got the question [from reporters] I was, myself, contemplating my next steps... I'm not in the primary, but you can run as second in the general election, and I am happy to do so with the nominee.  That is my answer," Abrams said

Childish Beto Supporters Think He Got 'Punitive' Media Coverage.  When Beto O'Rourke's presidential bid came to a merciful end last week, it was a surprise to only O'Rourke and his fragile, delusional supporters. [...] Given that his was a nonsensical, emotion-driven campaign from the beginning, it shouldn't shock anyone that Beto's fans are wildly missing the mark now that the finger-pointing has begun: [...] Rarely has an almost substance-free candidate experienced so much media hype upon entering a presidential contest.  The MSM didn't even gush that much when Barack Obama threw his hat into the ring for 2008 because they were all still too busy pretending that Hillary Clinton was going to be the nominee.  Mainstream and social media breathlessly covered every move of Beto's for the first couple of weeks.  His biggest fundraising haul came during this glowing coverage phase — he brought in almost $10 million in less than three weeks.  His next two quarters combined brought in almost a million and a half less than that.

Ben Sasse Responds to Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All Plan.  Elizabeth Warren has released her plan to pay for "Medicare for All" and it's a cluster of terrible assumptions and veiled tax hikes on the working class.  The idea that payroll tax hikes, repealing the Trump tax cuts, unregulated immigration, and slamming businesses with new taxes wouldn't hugely damage the middle class is laughable on its face.  Because Warren is the chosen one though, the media rushed to hang on her every word and proclaim that she had silenced her critics.

Media-Democrat Tantrum [is] a Fear Response.  Media bias comes in many forms, but one of the most effective forms is in their ability to frame stories.  There is an entire cottage industry in "Republicans pounce" stories to frame even terrible Democrat news as somehow harmful to Republicans.  But to frame this story the way the media want to frame it, they needed help.  This is why we now have dueling investigations, one a complete façade and the other deadly serious.  There is no secret in how these will be covered by the media.  The fraud impeachment circus will be treated with full gravity and seriousness, while what might be the most important investigation in U.S. history will be treated as political payback.

So now Peggy Noonan is offering tips to the Democrats?  There's a fine line between analyzing news and nakedly offering advice to one side and now Peggy Noonan has crossed it.  Far from being one of her interesting and sometimes very very good touchy-feely analyses — I've been willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on much despite her record of hating President Trump — her latest on the impeachment sham is all about helping the Democrats get it done.  She's not even pretending to be the objective observer of American politics and its voters.

CNN Fantasizes About Mike Pence Getting Caught up in Impeachment, 'President Pelosi'.  As House Democrats seek to progress their efforts Thursday to impeach President Donald Trump, CNN is speculating whether one unintended consequence could see Vice President Mike Pence also sidelined, leaving the way clear for Nancy Pelosi to take the reins of office.  The fantasy outcome is contained in an opinion piece by Paul Callan, a contributor and CNN legal analyst.  He speculates Trump and Pence could possibly both be drawn into the Ukraine inquiry, leaving the way clear under constitutional law for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to ascend the White House steps as Commander-in-Chief.

Anti-Trump Collusion by Media.  According to a June 11, 2017, FBI write-up:  ["]The purpose of the meeting, as it was explained to SSA [supervisory special agent, redacted] was to obtain documents from the AP reporters that were related to their investigative reports on Paul Manafort.["]  No such documents were included in the documents released to us.  During the meeting, the AP reporters provided the FBI information about a storage locker of Manafort (the Mueller special counsel operation raided the locker on May 26, 2017):  ["]The AP reporters advised that they had located a storage facility in Virginia that belonged to Manafort... The code to the lock on the locker is 40944859.  The reporters were aware of the Unit number and address, but they declined to share that information.["]  The reporters shared the information that "payments for the locker were made from the DM Partners account that received money from the [Ukraine] Party of Regions."  The notes suggest the AP pushed for criminal prosecution of Manafort[.]

Elizabeth Warren is the Hillary Clinton of 2020.  Why is it fine for Warren to menace the rich — but not for Bernie Sanders?  With some polls placing her ahead of the former vice president Joe Biden, the Massachusetts senator is suddenly basking in praise from mainstream newspapers as well as 'progressives' like Emily Tisch Sussman, a 'Democratic strategist' who appears regularly on MSNBC.  Led by its star hosts, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, MSNBC functions as the mouthpiece of an official Democratic party still dominated by the Clintons and Barack Obama.  'If you are still supporting Sanders as opposed to Warren,' said Sussman recently, 'it's kind of showing your sexism.'  Besides being a courageous feminist, Sussman happens to be the daughter of two billionaires.  She seems unafraid of Warren's plan to increase taxes on the super-rich.  Warren ticks all the boxes marked 'progressive' that used to belong mostly to Sanders.

Opposed to Transparency:  Nets Smear 'Rogue Republican' Sit-In as 'Sideshow'.  In an attempt to force House Democrats to hold public hearings for their impeachment investigation, Republican members staged a sit-in in the hearing room and delayed the process for five hours.  But the "journalists" in the liberal media were appalled by the idea of transparency for Democrats.  ABC, CBS, and NBC attacked and smeared the GOP lawmakers during their Wednesday evening newscasts.  CBS Evening News was the most furious.  Critically failing anchor Norah O'Donnell kicked off the opening tease in a panic, declaring "chaos at the Capitol!  Rogue Republicans crash the impeachment inquiry delaying a top defense official's testimony.  Democrats call in the sergeant at arms to break up the protest."  After the teases, O'Donnell began by informing viewers their first segment would be about the "dramatic sideshow" put on Republicans.  "As if on cue, following President Trump's orders yesterday for Republicans to get tougher on impeachment, a group of Republicans barged into a closed-door hearing today," she chided.

Trump's Labeling of 'Fake News' Was an Understatement.  Journalism isn't just dead — it's decomposed.  When Chris Wallace — in all Deep State unctuousness — asked Mick Mulvaney on Fox News Sunday [10/20/2019] to comment on a "well-connected Republican" who allegedly told Wallace there was a 20 percent chance the GOP would vote to remove the president from office, he not only was aiding in that decomposition, he was picking up a shovel and helping dig its grave.  Wallace didn't identify who this "well-connected Republican" is or what he actually said in context, just the tidbit the host wanted to tell us.  What Wallace was doing was engaging in propaganda, creating a smear based on the flimsiest hearsay.  But, as we all know, he's not alone.  This was only one of a myriad of cases and far from the worst.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Regrets Coverage of Clinton Email Scandal: 'I Should Have Been Talking About Other Issues'.  CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin voiced regret on Monday [10/21/2019] for how he covered the Hillary Clinton email scandal during her failed 2016 presidential run, saying in hindsight that he "should have been talking about other issues."  Toobin made the comments while responding to Friday's news on the Justice Department finally concluding their investigation into the Clinton email matter and found no "systemic" effort from the former secretary of state to flout laws protecting classified information.

Project Veritas:  Zucker Coached Tapper to Badger Kellyanne Conway.  A short clip released by Project Veritas Wednesday [10/16/2019] reveals how CNN president Jeff Zucker directed one of its top news personalities to relentlessly grill a Trump official during an interview.  Media Coordinator Christian Sierra divulged on tape that Zucker actually went into the control room while anchor Jake Tapper was interviewing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and told the executive producer to skip commercials and extend the seven minute interview to 25 minutes just to "[...] nail her."

No More Pretense:  Journalists, Dems Use Identical Talking Points on Impeachment.  Television journalists these days sound so similar to Democrats on impeachment that it's nearly impossible to tell them apart.  Weeks before the impeachment inquiry was even announced, talking heads were passing off Democratic talking points as objective information about the President's alleged wrongdoing.  What follows is a compilation video of some of the liberal media's greatest minds spouting DNC talking points.  These journalists have not had their words taken out of context while attempting to summarize the Democrats' position.  Whether or not they they were intentionally regurgitating the words of Democrats, they did so without attributing their words to anyone.  [Video clip]

O'Keefe Strikes Again!
Undercover Video Shows CNN Production Supervisor Wishing For Trump's Death, 'Hopefully He Dies Soon.  O'Keefe also caught CNN Field Production Supervisor Gerald Sisnette wishing for President Trump's death.  "This is a story that's not gonna go away," Mr. Sisnette said.  "Oh the Ukraine thing?  Or just Trump in general?" the CNN whistleblower asked.  "Trump in general.  The only way this will go away is when he [Trump] dies.  Hopefully soon," Gerald Sisnette said.

The Washington Post is becoming Elizabeth Warren's love-struck stalker.  Again, the Washington Post has been anything but subtle in its love for Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.  Last week, the D.C.-based newspaper went into crisis management mode to downplay legitimate questions about the senator's claim that she was fired in the 1970s for being "visibly pregnant."  It has become only more obvious since then.  The Washington Post tweeted this week in promotion of a profile on Warren, "'You knew, just by talking to her, she was going to be successful.'  She faced sexism, shed a husband and found her voice teaching law in Houston.  This is where Liz Warren became Elizabeth Warren."

CNN Cements Its Bias Reputation at Tuesday's Debate.  If there is one thing that Tuesday night's Democratic debate showed us — as if we didn't know it in the first place — it's just to what degree the media is in the tank for the Democrats.  They're not only in the tank — they built it, filled it with water up to the brim, and would turn up the temperature to boil Donald Trump alive if they could.  And maybe they can.  You knew this from the outset when CNN's lead moderator Anderson Cooper, along with his compatriots, one from the New York Times, opened the festivities with a round of leading impeachment questions, giving each candidate in turn a chance to outdo each other in bashing Trump.

China's Ultimate Goal Is To Control American Culture, And Companies Should Resist It.  If ESPN thought shutting down on-air discussion about China and Hong Kong would please its Chinese master and protect the commercial interests of itself and its corporate parent Disney, it's dead wrong.  What China wants is not simply to police a few words on social media or on air.  It wants to control American culture, period. [...] Chinese leaders closely studied America's ascent to a global superpower, and they believe America's cultural influence is a key ingredient to the country's success.  China wants to emulate America's success, albeit with Chinese characteristics.  Former Chinese President Hu Jintao said, "The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will definitely be accompanied by the thriving of Chinese culture."

Mike Pompeo Wonders If PBS Host Is 'Working For The DNC' After She Defends Biden.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday [10/10/2019] that PBS host Judy Woodruff and other media outlets are defending former Vice President Joe Biden "like you're working for the DNC [Democratic National Committee]."  In discussing the ongoing impeachment inquiry that surrounds President Donald Trump on "PBS Newshour," Woodruff and Pompeo touched on the allegations that Joe Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, because the then-vice president did not want his son, Hunter Biden, investigated for corruption.

Chuck Todd Mocks '40 Percent of the Country' That Ignores 'Reality'.  As NewsBusters has previously reported, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd had a combative exchange with Republican Senator Ron Johnson Sunday; where the supposedly "objective" NBC News political director put his liberal bias on full display.  Shortly after wrapping up the interview with Johnson, Todd rapidly transformed into a lapdog when interviewing former CIA Director John Brennan.  Todd encouraged Brennan into advancing the narrative that America has lost its "stability" as a democracy and worried about the 40 percent of Americans who are ignoring "reality."

Chuck Todd and the Demise of True Journalism.  Chuck Todd received plaudits from his media peers for lambasting Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's investigation of the FBI as "Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff" during a hostile 10-minute "Meet the Press" interview on Sunday [10/6/2019]. [...] But far from being a laudable moment of press accountability, the "Meet the Press" interview was a disappointing turn for Todd and the show, once one of the media's flagship brands.  Indeed, the full interview illustrated how the media are increasingly obsessed with performative demonstrations of their political views, and less concerned with simply being informative.

GOP Senator RIPS Into Chuck Todd's 'Very Biased' Open, Fight Ensues.  Why would Republican appear on the "mainstream" Sunday shows?  You could wonder after Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was disgusted by moderator Chuck Todd's "very biased opening" segment on Meet the Press [10/6/2019], and Todd openly fought with him and wouldn't let him finish a point as Johnson tried to tell him what he should ask John Brennan later in the show.  Brennan received gooey sympathy.  Todd moaned and groaned and then said "I have no idea why Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here.  I have no idea why we're going here."  When Johnson said this is why people hate the media, "This is not about the media!  Senator Johnson, please!!"  As in "please stop criticizing the heroic press."

Zero members of Trump administration appear on Sunday talk shows.  The Trump administration was noticeably absent on Sunday's cable news lineup, with not a single member making an appearance on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS or NBC. [...] President Trump is in the midst of an impeachment storm over allegations that he pressured Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.  The Sunday shows are widely viewed as a space for political actors to speak directly to the public and relay their perspectives on pressing political issues.

Bee Gives Softball Interview to Omar, Fantasizes About Joining 'The Squad'.  During Wednesday's [10/2/2019] Full Frontal, TBS host Samantha Bee conducted what was not surprisingly softball interview with Congresswoman and so-called "Squad" member Ilhan Omar (D-MN), which included Bee fantasizing about joining "the Squad."  As she walked with Omar on Capitol Hill prior to conducting the interview, a visibly starstruck Bee was caught by surprise by an unexpected appearance from Omar's fellow "Squad" member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).  Bee repeatedly chanted "OMG" as Ocasio-Cortez's entry was slowed down for dramatic effect.  After hugging Ocasio-Cortez, Bee declared that she was "officially part of the Squad" and switched out a group photo in Omar's office with a photoshopped picture featuring her posing with them.

CNN Counts Down The Number Of House Democrats Who Support Impeaching Trump With 'Impeachment Clock'.  CNN is anticipating impeachment proceedings to begin against President Donald Trump with an "impeachment countdown clock."  The network has a graphic behind the anchors that is adding up the number of House Democrats who support impeachment.

'President Isn't Telling the Truth': Nicolle Wallace Cuts Away from Press Conference.  Wow!  The MSNBC host of Deadline:  White House, Nicolle Wallace, declared President Trump to be a liar on Wednesday (how original) and used that as an excuse to cut away from the televised press conference almost 24 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared the House's formal attempt to impeach the President.  Perhaps Trump's truth telling about Joe and Hunter Biden was too much for her to tolerate.  In any event, it was a stunning act of anti-journalism.

MSNBC cuts from Trump speech: 'We hate to do this, really, but the president isn't telling the truth'.  MSNBC cut from President Trump's press conference on Wednesday, claiming the president was repeating lies about his political rival Joe Biden as a "deflection" from the impeachment inquiry.  "We hate to do this, really, but the president isn't telling the truth," MSNBC host Nicole Wallace said as the network cut from Trump's speech.  "These allegations against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that he's repeating have been investigated by the Ukrainians. ... The Wall Street Journal included in their report on Friday that the Ukrainians view this issue as having been investigated and adjudicated," Wallace said.  Trump's press conference followed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) Tuesday announcement that the House would launch a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump.  "What's amazing is that what Trump appears to be trying to do is to turn his own impeachment into a big deflection," Wallace said.

The Editor says...
When did any television network fact-check Barack H. Obama's speeches in real time?  When did any television network cut off an Obama speech (or press conference) because the Talking Heads decided he was lying?

Why is most of the media circling the wagons to protect Hunter Biden?  A foreign natural gas company brings a top US politician's son onto its board, even though he has no relevant expertise, for $50,000 a month.  The politician travels to that country and demands the removal of a prosecutor who's investigating the company.  That prosecutor then gets axed, and the investigation shut down.  Imagine the son was Eric Trump, and the politician Donald Trump.  Would the media be dismissing it as nothing worth looking at, a "debunked" issue?

Media Corruption On Perfect Display In One Washington Post Paragraph.  Every single assertion of this paragraph isn't just wrong, but the opposite of right.  In each sentence, Trump is being blamed for things his political opponents have done.

Cleveland agrees to pay RNC flag burner $50,000.  An attorney for a protester arrested during the 2016 Republican National Convention says Cleveland will pay his client $50,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit.  Attorney Subodh Chandra says Richard Newburger in July 2016 joined fellow protesters preparing to burn an American flag when Newburger and others were assaulted by police and sprayed with fire retardant.

The Editor says...
The headline above is deliberately misleading, in my opinion.  "RNC flag burner" implies that the person burning the flag was associated with the Republican National Convention, when in reality he was an outside agitator.

NBC: Network's Double Standards Surface Yet Again.  [Scroll down]  If now-Attorney General Bill Barr, who works for the hated-by-the-media President Trump, once endorsed a book that demands due process for those on a college campus accused of sexual assault — that is horrific.  It is a slap in the face to "survivors and the challenges they face.["]  But if seven illegals have shown up in the sanctuary county of Montgomery County, Maryland and sexually assaulted seven different victims, one who was eleven-years old?  No big deal at NBC, it's simply not worth reporting.  There is curiously no concern for the "survivors and the challenges they face."  In fact, there is just no reporting on the acts themselves, much less the survivors of the assaults.

CNN's Chris Cuomo:  Christians 'Surrendered Character for the Courts'.  During a conversation on the Trump administration's impact on the judicial branch Tuesday night, two CNN prime time hosts expressed disappointment about the administration's progress in transforming the judiciary and slammed Christian conservatives for supporting President Trump in spite of his personal moral failings.  At one point, he spewed, "They surrendered character for the courts.  That's what they did." [...] After complaining about the high number of "older white men" nominated by President Trump, Cuomo had to correct himself: "not older men, they're younger men, which means they're going to be there for a long time."

The Editor says...
Mr. Cuomo went on to imply his disappointment that abortion-on-demand will be threatened because the Christians "surrendered character for the courts."  One of us does not understand what "character" means.

Media United in Abortion Support.  The American public is evenly divided on the issue of abortion, but the nation's newsrooms are nearly unanimous in their support for abortion on demand, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.  The spread of pro-life legislation in red states and the proliferation of late-term abortion laws in New York, Vermont, and Illinois in 2018 and 2019 have prompted numerous editorials supporting the agenda of abortionists.  According to a Washington Free Beacon review of dozens of articles written by local and national editorial boards — which represent the official opinion of a newspaper — the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia was the only paper to endorse a bill restricting abortion when a human heartbeat is detectable.

Debate Moderator Jorge Ramos Says in Spanish 'This is Our Country Too'.  In the opening of the third Democratic debate in Houston, Texas, moderator Jorge Ramos spoke part of his opening statement in Spanish before finishing with "This is our country, too."  The extremely racially-charged rhetoric from Ramos preceded several race-based questions regarding the status of illegal aliens in the country, where numerous false assertions were made.  Ramos falsely claimed that President Trump referred to all immigrants as "rapists," and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro (D-Texas) falsely claimed that President Trump inspired the El Paso shooter, even though the shooter admitted in his own manifesto that his views "predate Trump and his campaign for president."

The Divine Right of the Democratic Party.  Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times has a dream, a dream in which about half of the American people are deprived of an effective means of political representation, a dream of one-party government in which the Democrats are the only game in town — "Dare We Dream of the End of the GOP?" her column is headlined — which also is a dream of visiting vengeance upon those who dared to vote for their own interests as they understood them and thereby schemed "to stop the New America from governing."

Washington Post Writer Has No Idea Why, After All Of His Columns And Hard Work, Trump Is Still In Office.  [Washington Post columnist Max] Boot's comments sound like an article out of the Babylon Bee, but sadly, they've come from a regular newspaper.  This deluded man, who once or twice a week writes a column denigrating the President believes that his opinion is so important, it can remove a president from office.

Criticism from the Left:
A Joe Biden presidency would be a climate catastrophe.  Biden is trudging through the campaign, constantly screwing up and lying about his record, winning almost entirely thanks to the Pundit Brain-induced learned helplessness that has been carefully instilled into the Democratic base over the years.  Biden may yet win the primary, of course, and sheer backlash to President Trump could easily boost him into the White House.  But it is simply beyond question that he is one of the worst candidates in the field — unequipped especially to deal with climate change, the biggest threat by far facing the American people.

The Editor says...
The article above is a great example of media bias.  There is no extraordinary climate change underway.  There certainly is no "climate emergency."  There are many actual threats "facing the American people," and the weather is not one of them.  Make another selection:  Sharia Law replacing the Constitution, homeless bums defecating in the streets, North Korean missiles, greater than $22 trillion national debt, wholesale voting fraud, unchecked illegal immigration, dumbed-down schools, black lives matter but all others don't, or drag queens reading children's stories at the public library.  Each of these is a far greater threat to America than the weather.

CNN to Host LGBTQ Democratic Presidential Town Hall.  CNN and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation have partnered to host the next Democratic presidential town hall, focused on LGBTQ issues.  CNN host Don Lemon made the announcement after the seven hour-long Democratic presidential climate town hall on Wednesday [9/4/2019].  "CNN is partnering with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for our next series of presidential town halls on issues that are important to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community," Lemon told viewers.

In praise of Melania Trump, the first lady treated terribly by the media.  There is a good reason Melania, 49, might be "aloof" with the media, and that is because the attacks on her are more vicious, personal and unrelenting than any first lady has endured.  Whatever you think of her husband, you can't say she has behaved with anything but dignity in her role, despite ugly provocations, which include attacks on her young son, Barron.

CNN steers softball interview carefully to give violent Antifa a new voice.  Leave it to CNN to give voice to violent Antifa thugs in the wake of Saturday's clash with right-wing protesters. [...] CNN reporter Sara Sidner interviewed two masked members of the left-wing mob, who identified themselves as members of the Youth Liberation Front.  The riot helmet one of them is wearing features the communist hammer and sickle, which speaks volumes on the ideology they speak of.  The reporter sets the tone by noting that Antifa is "standing up against these far right groups," before tip-toeing around just how violent the group is.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Partnered with Vicious Anti-Semites to Plan Their Trip to Israel.  To the extent that I care at all about Israel blocking entry to two U.S. congresswomen who partner with anti-Semites who seek its destruction, I agree with critics who argue that Bibi Netanyahu should not appear to bow to Donald Trump's tweeted demands and that blocking Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting Israel handed them a short-term propaganda victory.  But that's not the most important part of the story.  The most important element of the story is the fact that two American congresswomen shunned a bipartisan congressional delegation to Israel to go on an independent trip to Israel sponsored by vicious anti-Semites.  Another important element of the story is that, as of today, the mainstream media have whitewashed Omar and Tlaib's vile associations.

Missing! Evening Newscasts Hide the (D) in Epstein-Linked Democrats.  It's a trend that NewsBusters has documented before, as scandal-tarnished Democrats are often detached from their political party, while Republicans in similar circumstances are properly identified.  In this case, both Mitchell and Richardson have unequivocally denied the allegations, which were contained in a previously-sealed civil lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts Guiffre against Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.  But that didn't stop the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from mentioning them both by name in five different broadcasts since the news broke on Friday — they just didn't mention that they were both Democrats.

Jeffrey Epstein Fallout Shows How Little Trust Americans Have in Media and Government.  [Scroll down]  From assuring us the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 election to reporting every unproven allegation of rape against Brett Kavanaugh, Politico and its brethren have fueled this crisis of confidence.  Pro-life high schoolers wearing Make America Great Again hats were "mocking" and "laughing at" a Native American elder, the media told us.  Hillary Clinton will win the presidency.  The stock market will tank after Trump is elected.  Donald Trump won't serve a full term.  White supremacy is on the rise and poses a greater threat to national security that Islamic extremism because Trump and Republicans are using special "code words" to fan the flames of racism.  There is no national emergency at the southern border.  The Trump Administration is the first to lock migrant children "in cages."  That is only a partial list of falsehoods, flat-out lies and legitimate conspiracies that the untrustworthy folks who populate our once respected institutions have told us in the past three years.

CNN Gave Glowing Interview to Illegal Alien Evading ICE, Who Killed Father of 5 Last Week.  Earlier this year, CNN irresponsibly gave positive coverage to an illegal immigrant hiding from ICE in a liberal sanctuary church in Colorado.  One week ago, that same immigrant killed a father of five in a car accident, while driving recklessly without a license.  As usual when these things happen, the only thing you hear from the media is crickets.  According to Denver's local ABC station, on August 2, Miguel Ramirez Valiente, from El Salvador "went off the side of the road on Hwy 83, over-corrected into the opposite lane and hit Sean Buchanan," killing the father of five, who was meeting his wife that morning at their new house they had just bought.

'After a long day and night': Andrea Mitchell defends Biden over 'poor kids' comment.  MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell came to the defense of 2020 Democratic front-runner Joe Biden on Friday morning.  The former vice president was facing backlash for a mistake he made the day before in Iowa.  Mitchell appeared on Today Friday morning [8/9/2019] and chalked up Biden's latest mistake as coming "after a long day and night."

How to Write the Perfect Passive Description of Chappaquiddick.  Are you writing an article about Chappaquiddick, the 1969 "incident" where Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy drove a car into a pond after drinking at a party, swam out while 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne was still stuck inside, gave up trying to rescue her as she eventually died of suffocation, didn't tell the authorities who likely could have saved her life until the next morning, worried first and foremost about the harm to his political career, tried to fake an alibi, never spent a day in jail, and went on to serve 40 more years in the Senate?  Well, yuck.  That sounds a lot like manslaughter that should have sent the scion to prison and put an end to his unearned political career.  We can't have that, so here are some examples of how to passively frame this atrocity in the friendliest possible terms.

AP wants voters to punish Trump.  Shocked to see Mueller reveal himself as a hapless ineffective prosecutor, "reporter" Lisa Mascaro of the Associated Press sat down and wrote an analysis, which is one-sided and aimed at shaping public opinion.

Rachel Maddow Told Viewers Yesterday Was A 'Remarkable Day' For Democrats; Then Reports A New Lie.  There is a reason why MSNBC host Rachel Maddow's ratings have cratered so dramatically recently. [...] Although she did acknowledge that Mueller "definitely seemed older than his 74 years" and appeared to be "less on top of matters," Maddow went on to portray Mueller's nearly universally panned performance as "landmark" and "historic."

Democrats woke and broke.  Fox News reported, "The Republican National Committee raised more than twice as much as the Democratic National Committee in June — $20.7 million compared to the DNC's $8.5 million, according to Federal Election Commission filings, Politico reported."  The story also said, "The RNC currently has $43.5 million, more than double the cash on hand as the DNC's $9.3 million."  More than double?  It is nearly five times as much cash on hand.

The Washington Post keeps shilling for Antifa.  [M]ost people would agree that a group of masked thugs that goes around, en masse, beating people with whom it disagrees about politics is fascist or, at a minimum, has fascist tendencies.  No reasonable person would accept that it is antifascist.  One of Antifa's recent high-profile victims was Andy Ngo.  He's a gay, center-right journalist who has filmed Antifa's behavior.  Does the Washington Post believe that Ngo is a fascist?  If not, it should stop calling Antifa "antifascist."

From 'Squad' to Climate Change, 'CBS Evening News' Doubles Down on Liberal Shilling.  After Monday's [7/15/2019] debut of the CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell established that it would be an unquestionable home for liberal bias, night two cemented that as O'Donnell and her team provided more liberal bias, whether it be the President's "racist tweets," letting a Democratic donor interview "The Squad," or blaming an upcoming heat wave to climate change.  O'Donnell teased their coverage from the Kennedy Space Center on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's launch before stating that "we're going to begin with that breaking news here on Earth" about the House "resolution to condemn" Trump's "racist tweets" even though it wasn't a full-blown censure.

'View' Hosts Obsess over Race, Trump with 2020 Dem Kamala Harris.  Friday [7/12/2019] on The View, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was on the show to discuss her 2020 presidential run.  Meghan McCain was the only host to ask Harris about her stance on decriminalizing illegal immigration, while the other hosts focused heavily on race-related questions.  It began when co-host Whoopi Goldberg wondered how Harris was going to help black people get "back in balance" after President Trump had supposedly dismantled everything presidents before him had done for minorities:

Washington Post celebrates Fourth of July: 'Fireworks are actually kind of terrible'The Washington Post ran a story challenging Americans' use of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day just days before the national holiday.  The Monday [7/1/2019] piece, headlined "Fireworks are America's favorite face exploding, dog torturing, bird murdering way to celebrate its birthday," is part of a series questioning "the supposed joys of summer."  The article begins cheerfully describing the centuries-old American tradition before quickly pivoting to why fireworks are obnoxious, dangerous, and mean: [...]

Elizabeth Warren embraced by debate moderators.  NBC and MSNBC embraced Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in the first debate of Democratic presidential candidates Wednesday night, treating her like the star of the show.  The debate led off with Warren, who had a huge popularity advantage from the start.  Warren — who Trump dubbed "Pocahontas" because of her phony claim of Native American heritage — was the only Democrat on stage who had mustered double digits in recent polling.  Moderators let her dominate the early part of the debate, when most people were likely watching.

Media Buried Biden's Love of Segregationists to Protect Obama.  Joe Biden spent eight years as vice president, and thanks to our useless, partisan, deceitful, fake news media, we are only now learning about Biden's abiding love for Democrat segregationists. [...] Look at everything our fake news media chose not to tell us in 2008 when Biden was running for vice president — and don't forget we are talking about the same fake news media that sent legions of fake journalists to Alaska to find out which library books Biden's rival, then-Gov. Sarah Palin, checked out.  Only now are we learning that in 1975 Biden said his party needed a "liberal George Wallace," that he believed segregation was a good thing as a "matter of black pride," and that he voted to restore the American citizenship of confederate president Jefferson Davis.  Did you know that as recently as 1988, Biden praised a Democrat segregationist as a "man of character and courage?"  All of this is coming to light now for only one reason:  the media were not interested in 2008 because in 2008 the media were only interested in protecting Barack Obama.

Media Scramble to Protect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from Holocaust Lie.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is lying about how she compared our migrant detention camps on the Southern border to the Holocaust, and to the surprise of no one, fake news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post are covering for her with their own lies.  CNN is even trying to explain how Auschwitz wasn't all that bad.  On Monday [6/17/2019], Ocasio-Crazy, probably from that luxury apartment of hers, filmed a video that compared American migrant camps to "concentration camps."

Does anyone doubt that Trump is the Rocky of American politics?  President Trump's rally on Tuesday [6/18/2019] to officially launch his 2020 campaign for re-election was a tour-de-force.  The twenty thousand people in the arena, along with the thousands of people outside watching on jumbo screens were all on the same page:  He has been a great President these past two and a half years and they want more of the same.

The Editor says...
Reuters posted a deliberately misleading series of crowd photos, making it look like there were maybe two or thee hundred people present, and almost that many press photographers.  When Trump speaks about fake news, this is what he's talking about.

NBC Pushes Liberal Dream to Abolish Electoral College.  As NBC Nightly News continued its monotonous drumbeat on Thursday to elevate liberal policy positions ahead of the Democratic debate they were holding, the network gave the megaphone to South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg in order to push for abolishing the Electoral College.  Correspondent Harry Smith let Buttigieg freely suggest the country had to "strengthen American democracy" because we were supposedly in an era of deteriorating voting rights.  In reality, his "Big Idea" would damage the framework our founders put in place to protect the people from tyranny.

The media's shameful PR campaign for Elizabeth Warren.  In recent weeks, Elizabeth Warren has emerged as the mainstream media's favorite candidate — for now, at least.  Warren's polling has largely been stagnant over the course of the race for the Democratic nomination, but you wouldn't know it from the fawning coverage — coverage that just so happens to consistently echo the Warren campaign's exact talking points.  The New York Times asks 'Elizabeth Warren is running an ideas-first campaign.  Will it work?'  The Washington Post writes, 'Warren's nonstop ideas reshape the Democratic presidential race — and give her new momentum.'  Apparently, the 'self-admitted policy wonk who has put her meaty policy prescriptions front and center in the campaign' is also approaching 'a breakout with black voters,' and 'she is very good on the stump.'  Should the mainstream press be quite so adoring of a political candidate?  What's concerning is that these articles — written by supposedly objective journalists — are stuffed to the brim with barely concealed Warren campaign talking points.

CNN 'eviscreate' banner
CNN slammed for hyperbolic chyron, declares Biden to 'eviscerate' Trump in Iowa speech.  CNN is arguably a heavily partisan network whose contributors, anchors and pundits have no qualms about openly displaying their pro-Democrat, anti-Republican bias.  Take for instance the glaringly biased chyron that appeared on CNN early Tuesday morning [6/11/2019] after 2020 contender former Vice President Joe Biden released a transcript of what he intended to say during an event in Iowa later that afternoon: [Screen shot]

Impeachment Fever:  Democrats whip themselves into a frenzy.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, over at the Democrats' top propaganda arm, MSNBC, we have guests complaining that it's impossible to get onto the network unless they promise to talk about impeachment.  No other topic is to be broached.  And for those who do, "no TV for you."  CNN is beating the drum hard for impeachment, too, giving lots of airtime to professors and more professors calling for it.

Left-wing media bias galore on impeachment, abortion and immigration.  Mueller Time came and went.  Now it's Impeachment Time, at least according to the "neutral" media.  Of course, now-former Special Counsel Robert Mueller never said President Trump should be impeached.  But that didn't stop journalists, who used every rhetorical trick in the book to push that narrative against the president.  Both MSNBC host Chris Hayes and CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger dissected Mueller's Wednesday news conference about his report, relying on either "reading between the lines" or "If you read between the lines."

Fox News Stumping for 2020 Hillary Clinton?  It wasn't CNN or MSNBC that resurrected Hillary Clinton in a perky picture over a story indicating that Obama's former Secretary of State may be running for 2020 election, it was — FOX NEWS.  When's the last time anyone saw a front page picture of Clinton being presented as perky?  Today [5/26/2019], on Fox News is when.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace to Beto O'Rourke:  What Can We Do to Better Cover Your Candidacy?  While interviewing Democratic presidential candidate Robert O'Rourke, MSNBC's Nicole Wallace let their mask of impartiality slip as she asked him how the network can better serve him.  "Play media critic, what can we do better, those of us trying to cover your candidacies, from very far away from where the first votes will be cast in Iowa and New Hampshire," Wallace asked, getting a chuckle out of the failed senate candidate.

Douglas Brinkley Fawns Over 'Master' and 'Historic Speaker' Nancy Pelosi.  On Thursday afternoon's [5/23/2019] airing of CNN Newsroom, host Brooke Baldwin had on CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University.  The liberal media have been obsessively covering the recent jabs between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Brinkley, rather than remaining an objective historian, couldn't help but drool over Pelosi as a partisan mouthpiece and naturally Baldwin had no problem with it.

MSNBC Host Pushes Democrats to Begin Impeachment Hearings.  MSNBC's Kasie Hunt gunned for Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings, offering them a playbook on how to do so.  "How badly do you want it?  Impeachment could be Dems' only path to key information," the accompanying MSNBC video's headline coaxed.

The Booming Jobs Market Mystifies the Press, When They Notice It At All.  If there's not dancing in the streets, it's because the mainstream press refuses to cover the economy.  Or if they do, they fixate on the negative.  This bias isn't new, by the way.  In the early 1990s, coverage of the economy suddenly turned overwhelmingly positive in 1993.  That, of course, was the year control of the White House shifted from Republican to Democratic hands.  Throughout President Obama's eight years, reporters tried desperately to put a happy face on a gloomy and historically anemic economic recovery.

The Media at Their Lowest.  On any number of subjects, building a wall between Mexico and the United States being a current topic of the day, there are literally dozens of video recordings of Democrats contradicting themselves from the position they took even a decade ago.  Joe Biden once pounded the pulpit demanding that we build a wall.  With Joe Biden as the Democratic frontrunner for U.S. president, you've seen that contradiction reported all over the national mainstream media, haven't you?  Contrast that with anything and everything Donald Trump says.  The media are quick to pull any quote, any tweet out of context or bend it out of shape to promote the narrative that the president is an unhinged liar.

Who's the Victim When a Somali Muslim Police Officer Shoots an Innocent White Woman?  The NYT Thinks It Knows.  It's the New York Times, of course, so we know this is not really a question at all, and that it can only be hypocrisy that explains why Noor, a black Muslim immigrant from Somalia, is being punished for killing a white woman while white and Hispanic officers have escaped similar consequences for killing black men.  And, lest you still entertain the notion that this could be an unbiased news story, consider that it was written by John Eligon, whose bio informs us he is "a national correspondent covering race," and that he "documents the nuances of America's struggle with race issues, from the protest movement over police violence to the changing face of the nation's cities and suburbs."

Mainstream Media Let Bernie Sanders Distort His Version of Socialism.  Mainstream media have let Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders claim that his version of democratic socialism is modeled after a softer, gentler strain of European socialism (though even that claim is dubious, given that many northern European countries actually have freer or similarly free markets than the United States), newspaper archives dug up by journalist Maxim Lott show that Sanders praised corrupt socialist third-world regimes in Chile, Cuba and Nicaragua.

MSNBC's Brian Williams Pushes Conspiracy Theory.  Wednesday [5/1/2019] during MSNBC's live coverage of Attorney General William Barr testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, anchor Brian Williams broke in to disagree with committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) opening statement.

The Editor says...
I doubt if MSNBC announcers engage in minute-by-minute gainsaying when Democrats speak, but this is speculation on my part, because I never watch MSNBC.

Why Is Fox News Using Left-Wing Talking Points to Take Cheap Shots at Homeschoolers?  This happens every few years — someone trots out a collection of child abuse horror stories and blames the abuse on the fact that parents were permitted to keep their own children in their own homes without government surveillance.  We expect this kind of rhetoric from left-wing/MSM outlets — it's been going on for decades — but I was surprised to see the tired line of attack coming from Fox News.

CNN's 5-Hour Town Hall Event Is Another Ratings Catastrophe.  CNN has been putting on town hall events for a while now.  For example, there was Jake Tapper's disastrous Let's Boo a Rape Victim anti-Second Amendment town hall last year.  This year, though, CNN has put on a series of town halls to benefit Democrat presidential candidates.  These events are basically an hour of softball questions where CNN anchors go so far as to tell the studio audience to applaud for the Democrat.

Joy Behar Gets Emotional Over Biden:  Remember When People Didn't Look at America 'in Horror?'.  Joy Behar might as well have been wearing a Make America Great Again hat on Thursday's [4/25/2019] The View, as she passionately hailed Joe Biden's "patriotic" 2020 presidential video announcement.  Not to support President Trump of course, but because of her wistful longing to get America "back" to when "we were the good guys."  The View co-host couldn't stop gushing at Biden's video announcement, in which he claimed he would be the one to bring America back to its Constitutional ideals, unlike Trump who was taking us away from them.

Why the Media Dumped Beto for Mayor Pete.  The Buttigieg boom has also benefited from the stumbles of our previous political shooting star, Beto O'Rourke.  Was it only weeks ago that the press began swooning for O'Rourke like a drunken conventioneer, writing about him with the same frequency it does for Buttigieg today?  The things that once seemed so appealing about O'Rourke to the press — the generalities, the platitudes, the offhanded charisma, the rolled-up sleeves — seem off-putting now.  The clearest sign of the press corps' O'Rourke infatuation was its routine reference to him by his first name in its stories — something it has moved on to doing with Buttigieg.  Such shameful and transparent familiarity.

Adam Schiff: The Media's Pin-Up Doll.  There are times that even The Onion — the popular satirical newspaper — can't compete with the outlandish coverage produced by allegedly legitimate news publications.  Newsweek magazine's front-cover swoon over Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) this week is one such example.  The interview portrays Schiff as a warrior-martyr, fighting the evil Trump regime for the good of the country.  He blasts Attorney General Bill Barr; regurgitates long-disproven allegations of Trump-Russia collusion; and again insists many of his Republican colleagues have private misgivings about President Trump but refuse to air those grievances in public for fear of retribution.

Fox News' trio of libs, Smith, Wallace and Rivera, rush to bury the mere thought of Trump's sanctuary city plan.  Certain Fox News media personalities seem suddenly scared witless by the prospect of the president sending all the overflow border migrants to sanctuary cities.  On Friday, President Trump confirmed that he is considering a move to have migrants who arrive at the border to be bussed only to sanctuary cities.  It's a beautifully Karmic idea, but of course, his political opponents are stumbling all over themselves proclaiming that it can't happen, that it's presidentially inappropriate, that it's illegal, and on and on.  The news brought out the best in Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace, who couldn't wait to slam the proposal six ways to Sunday.  Smith immediately insisted that he had heard "immigration officials stated that doing so would be illegal."

Trump is Popping in the Polls.  Watch most cable or network news shows and the message is clear — President Donald Trump is unpopular, especially compared to the dozens of fresh faces attempting to challenge him for the White House in 2020. Some of the faces are not so fresh as three of the leading contenders — Biden, Sanders, and Warren are septuagenarians.  Despite the exonerating Mueller report, Trump is still on the ropes, about to be impeached, a Russian agent, and so on.  Trump is also a Nazi, racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, and sexist pig.  Nobody likes him.  At least that's what CNN says.  If this was truly the case, Trump should be polling in the low 30s at best, with most of the country giving him and his administration a thumbs down on performance and results.  Yet reality is far different.

Washington Post springs to the defense of serial groper Joe Biden.  Joe Biden is in a lot of trouble, as editor Lifson points out today.  Biden apparently kissed a woman without her permission, which is a serious offense in #MeToo land.  There are also several photos of Biden with his arms around women, kissing them, kneading their shoulders — shouldn't he be arrested or something?  But never fear, Uncle Joe.  The Washington Post is riding to your rescue.

AP offers correction after reporting Beto O'Rourke spoke 'in his native Spanish'.  The Associated Press faced backlash on social media Monday [4/1/2019] after writing that Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke spoke "in his native Spanish" at a rally in El Paso, Texas.  Although O'Rourke speaks Spanish, he a fourth-generation Irish-American whose full name is Robert Francis O'Rouke.  The AP report originally wrote:  "O'Rourke also spoke at length in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers."

CNN Promotes and Celebrates Man Who Stopped ICE from Arresting Two Illegal Immigrants.  A leftover from the weekend involves New Day Saturday, which somehow manages to have even lower ratings than it's weekday counterpart.  CNN's Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul have a history of ridiculous immigration stories and unfairly attacking ICE.  Just last year the dynamic duo defended a man that was deported back to Mexico.  What they didn't mention was that he was wanted for murder.  That might seem like an important detail to normal people but this is CNN we are talking about.

NBC News' Lester Holt 'went easy' on James Comey during interview on Mueller report, critic says.  NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt "went easy" on former FBI Director James Comey during their Wednesday interview about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report about Russian meddling, according to a media critic. [...] The interview that aired did not include any questions from Holt on the controversial anti-Trump dossier that helped spark the entire Russia investigation as well as the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant that allowed the surveillance of Trump campaign official Carter Page.  Holt also seemingly avoided Comey's admitted orchestrated leaking of memos of his conversations with President Trump to the media.

The Not So Soft Bigotry of Liberal Media's Racism.  The liberal media were quick to pounce on the recent killings in Christchurch, New Zealand — loudly and frequently.  This was to be expected as New Zealand is largely a white western culture, and therefore afforded "most favored status" among mostly white, mostly liberal, western media.  The murders that occurred during the same period in Nigeria, although greater in number, were largely ignored because (1) the victims were black, and (2) worse, Christian blacks, and (3) worse still, African Christian blacks, so who cares?

Should we really have DACA kids ruling over us in Congress?  Want a gander at some one-sided reporting?  Take a look at what the normally centrist Roll Call has cranked out, openly advocating for congressional positions for DACA kids, who, along with other foreign nationals, are prohibited by law from assuming positions of governance in the federal government.  Legal foreigners in Congress are required by law to be taking steps, at least, toward U.S. citizenship.  DACA kids, who are here illegally but have the special privileges of DACA that other illegal aliens don't have, are not.

Matthews Bashes How House GOPers Dress, Longs for When There Were Fewer News Sources.  After being away for two weeks that included a vacation to New Zealand, MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews was in rare form on day two of his return, questioning the dress habits of Republican men on the House Oversight Committee for not being as formally dressed as he'd like and wearing scowls.  Then later in the show, Matthews and liberal celebrity loon Rob Reiner complained about the lack of control news outlets have over the American people compared to the 1970s when there were only three network news outlets.

There Was Never Media Bias Before Fox News?  CNN and MSNBC were all aglow after Jane Mayer wrote a snide article in The New Yorker magazine titled "The Making of the Fox News White House."  The thesis was that Fox News and President Trump are very tightly aligned, starting with the fact that Fox News executive Bill Shine revolved from Fox into running the White House communications operation. [...] Mayer professed alarm on Morning Joe that this is "the closest we've ever had to state news in this country.  We've really never had a whole national network like this... it's incredibly close with this White House."  She said this with a straight face.  Forget the journalists covering up FDR's disability, or JFK's debauchery.  Never mind the "news" people who insisted that Bill Clinton would never sexually harass or rape a woman. [...] Mayer is proclaiming a dangerous level of media collusion on MSNBC, the network of Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews, the man who proclaimed in 2009 that his job was to support Obama:  "I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work."

Jane Mayer and the Liberal State Media Attack Trump, Fox, Hannity.  There is not the slightest sense of irony that in fact Mayer herself, not to mention the New Yorker, the magazine for which she writes, are members in good standing of the Liberal State Media.  Which is to say she belongs to the world of liberal cable and broadcast networks, print outlets, all manner of Internet sites and, of course, Hollywood which individually not to mention collectively function as a self-selected version of Pravda ("Truth"), the once-official newspaper of the Soviet Union's Communist Party.  The members of the Liberal State Media have one self-selected job, and one job only:  they are in the Liberal Narrative business, relentlessly pushing into the media whatever is the liberal agenda of the day.

The Difference Between Newsweek's Reporting Of Smollett Hoax Vs.  Conservative Activist Attacked On Video.  Newsweek's initial coverage of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax and the alleged assault that took place Tuesday on UC Berkeley's campus drew skepticism Friday from many, though Newsweek defends its reporting as appropriately "cautious." [...] The way the article is written appears to confirm that the attack happened.  The detail of the attackers screaming "praise to President Donald Trump," however, was left as uncorroborated.  Now, the Chicago Police Department believes the entire attack was self-orchestrated by Smollett, and he has been charged with submitting a false report.

CNN Actually Tries To Defend El Chapo From Senator Ted Cruz's Plan To Use Drug Lord's Money To Build The Wall.  CNN is a disgusting mess.  Just when you think they can't possibly go any lower they manage to do just that.  This time it was the news network's passive aggressive pushback against Senator Ted Cruz's brilliant idea to utilize the billions convicted drug kingpin El Chapo amassed to help pay for the southern border wall.  El Chapo has contributed to countless murders, drug deaths, human trafficking, and on and on and on yet CNN would take his side over President Trump's desire to better protect U.S. citizens from animals like El Chapo.

Brit Hume Takes On NBC Reporter And Obama Adviser Over Kamala Harris Coverage.  Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume took issue with the way several reporters covered the Kamala Harris campaign — and defended himself when NBC's Kasie Hunt and former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes fired back.  It all began with a Saturday tweet from CBS political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, who posted a video of Harris trying on a rainbow-colored sequined jacket — apparently at the behest of CNN national political reporter Maeve Reston.

Female 'Journalists' Go Clothes Shopping With 2020 Dem Hopeful Kamala Harris.  Female 'journalists' went shopping in South Carolina on Lady Street with 2020 Democrat darling Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) on Saturday and even helped her pick out a sequin jacket to buy.  CNN reporter Maeve Reston posted a video of Kamala Harris trying on the sequin jacket and bragged that fellow NBC reporter Ali Vitali named it the "Mardi Gras Jacket."

Democracy also dies in a boutique with Kamala Harris.  Sen. Kamala Harris, who's running for president, has quite a back-up crew for her photo ops as she campaigns in South Carolina.  The girls on the bus not only covered the news, they joined in the fun.  A video posted by CBS News political correspondent Caitlin Huey-Burns shows her press buddy CNN correspondent Maeve Reston picking out a new jacket for Harris, the star of the show, to try on in front of a mirror in a South Carolina boutique.  Squeals and giggles followed.  As Harris staged a shopping trip with the cameras on, the whole chick moment, politicians and press united, was captured by Reston's buddy on Twitter.  The women's vote is now assured!

CNN: Clothes Shoppers for the Rich and Famous.  In 2016, Hillary was the candidate of the liberal press.  Who will be the anointed candidate next year?  Kamala Harris is a good bet.  She features Hillary's leftist politics along with a "minority" look, probably a requirement in the next Democratic nominee.  She is also considerably better looking than Hillary.  So the press loves Kamala Harris.  Can reporters take the affair too far?  This morning, Harris went clothes shopping in Columbia, South Carolina — an early primary state.  Reporters helped her try on clothes.  Seriously.

CBS Attempts Rehabilitation of Virginia Governor Northam.  Everything you need to know about this propaganda is obvious in the first few seconds of the interview with Gayle King:  "I know this has been a very difficult week for you and the state of Virginia, so where would you like to begin..."  Obviously there has been a great deal of planning and careful construct for this interview.  CBS is openly attempting to rehabilitate Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.  It becomes more obvious as you listen to Northam speak that:  (a) he's an idiot; and, (b) whoever put him into office is not willing to lose their investment.

DC Paper Pairs Photo of Sen. Lindsey Graham With Headline Touting Most Eligible LGBT Singles.  The Washington Blade put a photo of South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on the cover of this week's edition, along with a cover article titled "Meet D.C.'s Most Eligible LGBT Singles."  The article, published online on Wednesday, listed 20 eligible singles of varying genders and orientations who had been nominated by readers.  Graham was not mentioned in the piece at all, although President Donald Trump rated two mentions from the highlighted singles — one of whom told interested readers that Trump-voters need not apply.

CBS's Outrageous Cover Up on Behalf of Socialist Ocasio-Cortez.  CBS News showed part of a cross examination by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on campaign finance laws.  They cut off the rebuttal.  The radical Socialist is trying to make her capitalist colleagues and all lobbyists into criminals with superficial questioning in her usual arrogant manner.  The news outlet cut off the ending of the testimony.  The dishonesty would be unbelievable but this is the U.S media today.

Who Is 'Far-Right'?  Because liberal journalists consider any policy endorsed by Democrats to be mainstream, by definition, then by the same standard, any opposition to the Democrat agenda is inherently wrong and, as a corollary to this principle, any policy advocated by Republicans (e.g., actually enforcing U.S. immigration laws) is not mainstream.  Once you understand how this works, you see why the utmost radicalism on the Left is entirely acceptable to the anti-Trump media.  Consider, for example, the left-wing mobs who call themselves "Antifa."  One of their D.C.-based leaders, Joseph Alcoff (a/k/a "Chepe") was recently arrested on 17 charges "in connection to the Antifa mob attack against two Marines in November."  If any liberal journalist has branded Alcoff a "far-left extremist," I missed it.

Washington Post rushes to rescue Virginia Democrat from her late-term abortion debacle.  If there's a Democrat in trouble, you can be sure there's a newsroom nearby, ready to clean up the mess.  Take, for example, the energy that the Washington Post has dedicated this week to rehabilitating the image of Virginia Del.  Kathy Tran.  Tran became a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons after she unveiled a bill allowing for late-term abortions up to birth, even in cases where the mother is dilating.

Washington Post's National Political Correspondent Calls Trump Supporters 'Rubes'.  A spokesperson at the Washington Post told The Daily Caller News foundation the following when asked about Weigel's remarks:  "We do not think our reporters should be using derogatory terms to characterize anyone," and that the "matter is being handled internally," the spokesman said.  Weigel's comments are just the latest example of the veteran reporter's history of injecting naked left-wing bias into his work.  In 2010, Weigel was forced to resign from his first job at WaPo after The Daily Caller disclosed private emails from him to other reporters on the infamous "Journolist" listserv signaling strong animus towards conservatives.

Networks Give Roughly 15 Times More Coverage to Women's March Than March for Life.  Despite what was a much delayed but important avalanche of headlines about the group's anti-Semitism, the 2019 Women's March took place Saturday and it still received nearly 15 times the broadcast network newscast coverage of the 47th annual March for Life that was held Friday [1/18/2019].  Between Wednesday morning and Saturday evening, the Women's March fetched 14 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage on the ABC, CBS, and NBC morning and evening newscasts.  This stood in stark contrast to just 58 seconds for the March for Life.

All Three Networks Ignore 'March For Life,' Cover Pro-Abortion 'Women's March' Instead.  On its 46th anniversary, all three major networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS) ignored the March for Life in Washington, D.C., the largest pro-life event in the nation, opting instead to cover the feminist Women's March rally.  According to LifeNews, despite an estimated 100,000 people being in attendance at the pro-life march along with President Trump's address to the crowd via video, the left-wing machines could not so much as "give a passing mention to the March for Life" during the Friday morning [1/18/2019] shows.

CNN's John King criticized for question about Karen Pence's Secret Service protection.  CNN anchor John King was criticized after raising a question on Friday about second lady Karen Pence and her Secret Service protection.  King was leading his "Inside Politics" panel discussion about the second lady's teaching gig at a Virginia school that does not permit gay men and lesbians to be teachers, and Vice President Pence's recent comments that criticism of Christianity is offensive, when the host raised eyebrows.

We the Press.  Frank Bruni, formerly the New York Times's White House reporter and now a columnist for the paper, has a long, long op-ed that is unintentionally revealing.  It is headlined, "Will the Media Be Trump's Accomplice Again in 2020?"  As though the press were pro-Trump in 2016!  "We have a second chance.  Let's not blow it."  A second chance to help a Democrat beat Donald Trump.  Bruni's piece displays a remarkable lack of self-knowledge.  Republicans should be happy to note that he still has no idea why Trump won in 2016:  he thinks Hillary was a fine candidate, and it was the press's fault for not being sufficiently anti-Trump.

Stupid New York Times tricks.  An obituary the New York Times recently published illustrates how averse that journal is to giving credit to Donald Trump for anything good, while maintaining a claim on journalistic integrity.

Cream puff journalism:  CBS's 60 Minutes 'interviews' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  In an example of journalism used to conceal, rather than expose, truth, CBS's 60 Minutes can stand up and take a bow for its mother of all puff pieces on New York's newly elected socialist congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Cream puff journalism at its finest.  [Indeed], it was a campaign ad.  Or call it a belated campaign contribution, because it was anything but hard-hitting.

Media get their dream House:  Press celebrates Democrats' 'triumphant' return to power.  The media finally got the fun House they wanted — run entirely by Democrats.  And their arrival made journalists nearly scream in PC glee.  They've been fighting President Donald Trump all alone for two years.  The arrival of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and liberal media darlings like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set off a veritable House party in the press.  They now have powerful allies who will do what they want — attack Trump.  It was "a triumphant return to power" for new House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, "a new era" and "an earthquake in Trump world."  CNN even called it "girl power" and pretended she was reaching out in a "non-partisan" way to "women of all parties."  The network actually took her out to her native Baltimore to get ice cream from her favorite ice cream shop.

Where Was The Media Outrage When 18 Migrants Died In Custody Under The Obama Administration?  Over Christmas, there was another tragedy at the border.  An eight-year-old migrant boy died while in the custody of the Border Patrol.  It's horrible.  It's not something that anyone wants in these situations, but U.S. immigration authorities didn't murder the child, which is heavily insinuated if not suggested by members of the liberal media.  We have some folks going off half-cocked saying we have full-blown concentration camps under the Trump presidency when it comes to border enforcement.  It's straight up insanity. [...] Once again, we have to take liberal media by the hand to show that much of what Trump is doing at the border is what the Obama administration did.  The Obama administration shot tear gas at migrants at the border, they separated children from adults at the border, and guess what; migrants died under the custody of U.S. immigration officials.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin embarrasses herself with Ruth Bader Ginsburg idolatry.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being beatified by the media establishment of the United States, and it is getting nauseating.  With Justice Ginsburg ailing and liberals fearing that the Supreme Court may soon feature a robust conservative majority, the American Left is aghast at the prospect of a return to following the Constitution as written.  Having achieved many of its social change goals through judicial fiat, the loss of a progressive majority able to impose its preferences on the public is downright frightening to leftists.  One response is to enshrine Justice Ginsburg as some kind of holy person, someone whose decisions must be honored as sacred.  The idea of the Senate confirming a justice who might disagree with Ginsburg must become anathema.

The Worst of MSNBC in 2018.  Nicolle Wallace hoped she wouldn't jinx Andrew Gillum in Florida and wondered how an NBC reporter resisted wringing Sarah Huckabee Sanders' neck at the podium.  Steve Schmidt declared Russian election interference and potential collusion with Trump to be perhaps the "greatest crime in American history" and found plenty of things to be vile and disgusting.  Malcolm Nance said the Russians had successfully brainwashed the American public into welcoming an invasion, which Brian Williams said was some "scary stuff."  Donny Deutsch said Brett Kavanaugh would never reach the Supreme Court.  Lawrence O'Donnell called the U.S. Senate an "unfixable crime against democracy" because it confirmed Kavanaugh.

Fox News' Shepard Smith Offers Full-Throated Defense of Hillary Clinton.  Fox News anchor Shepard Smith scoffed at comparisons between the FBI's treatment of Hillary Clinton with their treatment of former Trump National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.  And he did so by disparaging the reporting of one of the network's most respected investigative journalists, Catherine Herridge.

Chuck Todd, Lord of the Flies?  So, according to the not inimitable Chuck Todd, those of us who voted for Trump are "gullible."  That we are stupid goes without saying.  Trump "tricked Hillary into responding to non-issues while stupid voters took care of the rest on election day."  Todd went on to say "I knew the gaslighting was out there.... but I think there was part of me in my head that assumed people were discerning it out, knew the BS from the non-BS."  This from the allegedly "articulate" Chuck Todd.  Clearly he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  He did not major in journalism or even English — that is obvious.  He majored in political science, and never graduated.  How he ended up as a news anchor on NBC is a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."  He is just another leftist ideologue posing as a journalist; like George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews, Tom Brokow, et. al.  Ninety-five percent of those who pretend to deliver news to the American people are left-wing activists who consider it their honor and duty to tell the rest of us how to think.  As Todd so freely opined at the "Recode Decode" podcast this week, they somehow failed to educate us illiterate morons who voted for Trump.

Like Drug Addicts, Reporters Demean Themselves For Just One More Trump Story.  But, it's not enough.  It's not getting them the high they want.  The high they crave.  The traffic, the clicks, the views, the response... none of it is the same.  There's gotta be a stronger dose somewhere.  So, when it comes time to cover the funeral of the former president, they seek out something stronger.  Trump is sitting by the Obamas and the Clintons!  He's not reciting the Creed!  He is doing this or not doing that!  And in the process, the funeral is no longer about George H.W. Bush.  It is about Trump.  It's wrong.  They know it's wrong.  They can't help themselves, though.  They are addicts.

Return to civility means surrender to the Democrats and media.  President Bush was a gentleman, a war hero, and courteous and civil to his political opponents.  But his opponents, Dems and the media, were not civil to him, nor were they civil in their opposition to Bush's policies and nominees.  The media must have forgotten the vicious attacks upon Bush's nominee, Justice Clarence Thomas, led by those paragons of virtue and civility, Senator Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, which attacks were worse, if possible, than the attacks by Kennedy and Biden upon Judge Robert Bork.  The media have forgotten the vicious false attacks upon Justice Kavanaugh two months ago, which surpassed the attacks on Thomas and Bork.  Civility is a one-way street in favor of the Democrats.  In 1992, the Dems nominated a lying, draft-dodging sexual predator, assisted by his corrupt wife, and proceeded to call President Bush a wimp.  The Dems called President Bush's son, George W. Bush, stupid, evil, Hitler, a loser, etc.

An activist pretending to be a journalist:
Jorge Ramos:  US Has Responsibility to 'Absorb' Caravan Migrants.  Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said on Monday [11/26/2018] that America has a responsibility to "easily absorb" the caravan migrants and claimed it can do so "without significant economic consequences."  "It's not an invasion.  The U.S. can easily absorb these refugees without significant economic consequences.  Many countries in the world help the 65 M people who are displaced," Ramos claimed in an Instagram post.  "And the most powerful nation in history also has responsibilities.  We simply have to do our share."

Elites Value Mellifluous Illegality over Crass Lawfulness.  Obama defies the Constitution but sounds 'presidential.'  Trump follows it but sounds like a loudmouth from Queens.

Media Begin Full Propaganda Push to Create Victim Narrative around Migrants.  With the reality of hundreds of central American migrants attempting to overwhelm the U.S. southern border by force; and after weeks of denying the migration horde were a threat to U.S. immigration and national sovereignty; the media narrative engineers need to quickly respond with manufactured victim optics.  With a migration force consisting of 95% military-aged males, the media photo journalists, aka. 'optical narrative engineers', desperately seek out pictures of the few women and children to accompany their print propaganda.

The Escalating Assault on Citizen Journalism.  This past week, the progressive establishment attempted to silence two more independents.  In the first case, Twitter and Facebook conspired to deny the audacious 25-year-old journalist Laura Loomer her rapidly growing audience.  In the second, Special Counsel Robert Mueller lowered the boom on Jerome Corsi, a 72-year-old Harvard Ph.D.  An all too typical headline this week from ABC News — "Conspiracy theorist becomes key figure as Mueller builds case" — delegitimizes Corsi even before the article begins.  Corsi is not a journalist; he is a "conspiracy theorist."  The media are not opposed to conspiracy theorizing in general — Michael Moore did win an Oscar — but rather to theorizing that has the potential to harm the progressive establishment.

Saint Michelle Cashes in, Big Time.  Michelle Obama has a new memoir out called "Becoming."  Add two words:  "Very Wealthy."  The Obamas struck a $65 million book deal for his-and-hers memoirs, and next to it is their $50 million production deal with Netflix.  They are set to cash in to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.  One outlet has called them a "billion-dollar brand."  None of their media sycophants find this the tiniest bit controversial.  They are the royal family.  They cannot possibly be compensated enough.  (President Trump's wealth?  Wealth generated by a lifetime of work in the private sector?  Unacceptable.)  Mrs. Obama's interviews — entirely with women, and mostly black women — are servile in every "objective news" venue and even worse during TV promotional pit stops.  Ellen DeGeneres aired a sappy tribute video stuffed with adoration and proclaimed that Obama is "a human being that we all look up to."  She said, "you inspire all of us.  So, we put together a little something for you to just show you how amazing you are."

Ellen Puts Together Liberal Media Montage to Hail Michelle Obama's 'Amazing Impact'.  During her fawning one-hour show devoted to promoting Michelle Obama's new memoir on Thursday [11/15/2018], daytime host and Democratic activist Ellen DeGeneres put together a montage of liberal journalists showering the former First Lady with adoring coverage throughout Barack Obama's administration.  DeGeneres told Mrs. Obama that the purpose of the sycophantic video was to celebrate her "amazing impact."

Former Senior Ohio Lawmaker Arrested for Murder of His Estranged Wife, Media Plays 'Guess the Political Party'.  A former senior Ohio lawmaker who had served as assistant minority whip in the Ohio legislature was arrested this past weekend for the murder of his estranged wife.  He had previously served nine months in state prison for assaulting her in 2014 while a common pleas judge in Cuyahoga County — a position he had been appointed to by then-Gov. Ted Strickland (D).  But would you ever know that Lance Mason was a Democrat?  Not if you relied on the media reporting.

How the AP covers your dubious election dispute pretty much depends on whether you're a Democrat or a Republican.  The language we use to cover news events says a great deal about our editorial judgment.  And the Associated Press' handling of the long-shot recount efforts in Georgia and New Mexico says its judgment needs serious reconsideration.  In the Peach State, Democratic House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is hoping against hope that her recount efforts will upend the results of the state's gubernatorial election, taking away Republican Georgia Gov.-elect Brian Kemp's victory.  On Friday [11/16/2018], the AP covered Abrams' campaign to overturn the election results with a headline that reads:  "Abrams prepares push for new Georgia Gov. vote."  In New Mexico, Republican state Rep. Yvette Herrell is hoping against hope that her efforts to impound ballots will upend the results of the race in the state's 2nd Congressional District, taking away Democrat Xochitl Torres Small's narrow victory.  Here's how the AP characterized Herrell's attempts to overturn the results of the House race:  "Republican Refusing to Concede US House Race, Questions Vote."

Media continue to play the race card even after the election.  The media and other Democrats seem to think that they are entitled to win every race where they have a minority candidate.  Otherwise, the voters are racists.  The following AP story and Washington Post opinion piece are clear examples of how the media continue to play the race card.  President Trump referred to failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum as a thief because he improperly took gifts, and somehow that is racist?  And Trump calls losing Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams incompetent, and somehow that is racist?  Trump has called white politicians from both parties much worse than thieves and incompetent, so it is truly pathetic that the media and Democrats play the race card.

NBC Already Pushing Dem Losers as 2020 Contenders.  Only hours after the midterm elections, on Wednesday morning [11/7/2018], NBC's Today show was already looking to the 2020 presidential campaign, eager to discuss which Democrats were "getting serious about taking on President Trump." In addition to some of the usual names, the report also touted Democrats who went down to defeat on Tuesday as "future stars" of the party.  Declaring that "the countdown does start today" for the 2020 presidential election, White House Correspondent Kristen Welker wondered:  "The question now, who is getting serious about taking on President Trump?"

Our "Unbiased" Media at Work.  I wish we had had more time to cover the Senate campaign of John James in Michigan, in his uphill battle against incumbent battleaxe Debbie Stabenow.  James, a military veteran, has run a spirited campaign, though I don't think he has received much support from the national GOP.  In any case, below is the voicemail of a newspaper reporter who called James's campaign office to ask for an interview, but who apparently didn't disconnect properly, and went on to show how "objective" and "unbiased" she is.

Michigan Reporter Calls Senate Candidate John James Voicemail, Accidentally Didn't Hang Up.  As much as this is hilarious to hear, there is also a serious aspect.  Republican candidate John James is in a close race in Michigan with incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow.  A reporter named Brenda Battel from the Huron Daily Tribune calls Michigan Senate Candidate John James to schedule an interview.  She leaves a voicemail with the details of her request, then accidentally didn't hang up the phone correctly; so the recording continues to pick up her comments.

Reporter Fired After [Being] Caught on Tape Disparaging GOP Michigan Senate Candidate John James.  Huron Daily Tribune reporter, Brenda Battel was caught on tape disparaging GOP Senate candidate John James when she called his campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone after leaving a voicemail.  Brenda Battel was fired from the Huron Daily Tribune Monday night [11/5/2018] after her Editor heard the voicemail.

Tribune fires staff writer.  The Huron Daily Tribune has issued a statement Monday evening after the newsroom management heard a voicemail left by one of its staff writers to Republican U.S. Sen. Candidate John James.  In the voicemail, Brenda Battel requests an interview with James, who is running against Incumbent Debbie Stabenow.  Battel then unsuccessfully disconnects the phone, and is heard saying inappropriate comments about the candidate and the race.

CNN's Existential War With Trump.  It may be unwise or monotonous for President Trump to harp on CNN as a purveyor of "fake news." And the constant refrain "enemy of the people" should not be used of a media outlet, even one as prejudicial as CNN.  Yet Trump's obsessions with CNN are largely reactive, not preemptive.  After just 100 days in office, before his own agendas could even be enacted, the liberal Shorenstein Center at Harvard reported that 93 percent of CNN's coverage of the Trump Administration was already negative.  Just one in every 13 CNN stories proved positive.  That radically asymmetrical pattern (shared by NBC/MSNBC) had never been seen before in the history of comparable media analytics.  No one at CNN sought to explain the imbalance, leaving the impression that the news organization had more or less joined the progressive opposition.

'Fact Checkers' at Snopes Attempt to Bail Out Stacey Abrams from Armed Black Panthers Story.  The so-called "fact checkers" at Snopes have reached out to Breitbart News in an openly partisan attempt to wash away the story of armed members of the New Black Panther Party campaigning for the Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, Stacey Abrams.  Over the weekend, Breitbart News — among other media outlets — published explosive photographs of armed Black Panthers campaigning for Abrams, holding up her campaign sign while also holding up various guns.  In the story, Breitbart News included a quote from the campaign of her GOP opponent, Brian Kemp, calling on her to denounce the radicals campaigning for her.

ABC Anchor: 'Trump Is So Unpopular,' 'Why Is This Not a Blowout?'  With just two days to go until the polls closed on the midterm elections, Republicans were working hard to get out their base and liberal media were working hard to get out the Democratic Party's base.  During the Sunday [11/4/2018] edition of ABC's Good Morning America, they touted President Trump's job approval rating slipping to 40 percent.  Despite that good news to them, co-anchor Dan Harris was seemingly dismayed as he turned to Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos, asking: "why is this not a blowout?"  Stephanopoulos gave Harris a couple of reasons for why Republicans were still in the game this close to Election Day.  First, was that "the economy is doing very, very well".  Although, Stephanopoulos downplayed the U.S.'s 3.7 percent unemployment rate, suggesting it was the lowest rate in years rather than decades.  He also failed to note the 3.1 percent bump to wages.

Is It 'Hate Speech' to Tell the Truth?  CNN has spent the past few days insinuating that the gunman who murdered 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue was incited to this act by President Trump. Republicans are not allowed to object to CNN's one-sided coverage, however, because Florida madman Cesar Sayoc also hated CNN, and therefore anyone who criticizes the network is deemed a potential threat to public safety.  Between the Pittsburgh shooter and the Florida bomber, basically anything said in favor of Republicans (or against Democrats) is now considered "hate speech" in the eyes of liberals.  This is especially the case when it comes to immigration.

What's the point of citizenship anymore?  Turn on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or any of the other alphabet mainstream networks on any given day, and you'll start to wonder what the point is of being a legal citizen in the U.S. anymore.  Mainstream media have been clamoring for open borders ever since Trump entered the White House.  Now places like San Francisco want to give illegal aliens the right to vote in our elections.  What's the point of citizenship if your vote is canceled out by the vote of an illegal alien?  And that's only part of the bigger immigration picture we're facing in our nation right now.

When Media Foist False Narratives to Sow Social Discord, They Indeed Are the Enemy of the People.  A maniacal dirtbag murdered eleven Jews in Pittsburgh.  In time, perhaps after a decade or two of ACLU appeals, he will be electrocuted, injected, hanged, or hopefully all three.  The dirtbag hated Jews, and he likewise hated President Trump.  President Trump responded to the news immediately with profoundly sensitive and healing words aimed at condemning anti-Semitism and at comforting and consoling the Jewish community. [...] And then came the sowers of social discord to destroy the moment.  The Left Media would not allow the President that moment to heal and unify.  Instantly, they brought in one Left-Democrat anti-Trump "analyst" after another to blame Mr. Trump for the attack.  They never blamed President Jimmy Carter's anti-Jewish rhetoric for the 1977 Brith Sholom Kneseth Israel synagogue shooting in St. Louis.  Nor Bill Clinton for the 1994 Brooklyn Bridge shootings of yeshiva students that included the murder of Ari Halberstam.  Nor Clinton's rhetoric for the 1999 Granada Hills Jewish Community Center shooting in Los Angeles.  Nor Obama for the deadly 2009 Holocaust Museum shooting in Washington, D.C.  Nor Obama for the 2014 Overland Park Jewish Community Center shootings in Kansas City that murdered three.  But this time — with the same social dynamics as the others — they tried blaming the President.  By sowing social discord with outright absolute falsehoods at a time that called for healing, the Left Media indeed were acting as enemy of the people.

A Tale Of Two Acts Of Political Violence — And Proof Of Media Bias.  There have been two major acts of political violence over the past year and half.  One by an ardent supporter of President Trump.  The other by an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders.  How the press covered these two stories tells you all you need to know about media bias.

Steve Scalise Calls Out CNN's Don Lemon for Denying Left-Wing Political Violence.  Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) called out CNN's Don Lemon Tuesday [10/30/2018] as the anchor downplayed left-wing political violence.  Steve Scalise simply posted the "eyes" emoji and linked to a story from National Review about Don Lemon saying he doesn't "see Democrats" killing people over politics.

Media Calls The Shooting Up Of A Republican HQ "Vandalism".  I want to be clear going into this article that any destruction or violence visited upon anyone or any place is wrong.  What's also wrong is dismissing the shooting up of a GOP headquarters, as if someone just spraypainted dirty words in the night and ran.  The Volusia County's Republican Party headquarters in Florida was shot at sometime in the night between Sunday and Monday morning.  Luckily, no one was in the building due to it happening so late at night.  Unlucky is the fact that no one was around to see who pocked the walls and ceilings with bullets.

A Stark Raving Mad Conspiracy So Vast.  In the editorial offices of the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC and CNN, nearly every story must somehow be shoehorned into a political framework; every metaphor and simile must include a slighting reference to the president or "Trump's America."  Thus, on the front page of the digital edition of the Times as I write, the lead story about the bombs includes this teaser:  "Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, Mr. Soros, and CNN are all favorite targets of conservatives, with some of the attacks led by President Trump."

AP Changes Headline After Liberals Complain About Describing Illegal Caravan As 'Army Of Migrants'.  The Associated Press on Sunday changed a headline after a backlash from liberals furious at the AP for describing a caravan of illegal immigrants heading towards the United States as an "army of migrants."  "A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US," read the original headline on the AP story.  The AP later changed the headline to replace the word "army" with "caravan."  Though the AP has used the word "army" to refer to large groups of people besides migrants — including nurses and political activists — many on the political left criticized the wire service for its original headline.

The Editor says...
When conservatives complain about media bias, nothing changes.  When liberals complain, headlines change overnight.

CBS Prime-Time Shows Honor Hillary.  Hillary Clinton isn't president, but Hollywood is offering the biggest consolation prize it has:  working her into TV plots where she can be toasted as wise and wonderful.  Within the first two weeks of the fall season, CBS has done this twice.

Liberalism:  An Intrinsically Uncivil Ideology.  [Scroll down]  Notice that the same media burbling over the Hillary-Holder call for a suspension of civility until liberals claw back to power tut-tutted Kanye West's remarks on Thursday [10/11/2018] in the Oval Office. [...] It was all too much for them.  MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle, whose maturity level is roughly that of an elementary school student, declared Kanye West's presence in the Oval Office a degradation, though surely his high-spirited if rough remarks soiled that august office less than the pastimes of one of her favorite presidents, Bill Clinton.  The media's meltdown over Kanye's trip to the Oval Office reflects nothing more than its horrified realization that Trump is eating the left's lunch, poaching more and more voters from once-monopolized lib constituencies.  Apparently Kanye West is supposed to check with the central office of the Left's Ministry of Truth before opening his mouth.  Anything less is "surreal," according to the media.

Herschel Walker calls for CNN to fire Don Lemon over 'racist' Kanye West criticism.  Football legend-turned-activist Herschel Walker is calling for CNN to fire Don Lemon after the "CNN Tonight" host laughed when rapper Kanye West was referred to as "the token negro of the Trump administration" during a segment that aired Tuesday night [10/9/2018].  The segment — which has been slammed as "racist" — began with Lemon asking if President Donald Trump is simply "using Kanye as a prop to win over black voters before the midterms."  CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers responded with a jab at West.  "Anti-intellectualism simply isn't cool," Sellers said.  "Kanye West is what happens when Negros don't read."

Don Lemon mocks 'minstrel' Kanye West.  Not satisfied with presiding over a panel that called Kanye West an illiterate "token Negro," CNN host Don Lemon went on a rant Thursday [10/11/2018] in which he said the rap star was a mentally unbalanced "minstrel" being exploited by whites.  In a segment Thursday on his network's "The Situation Room" show, Mr. Lemon also said that every black person watching Mr. West's White House appearance earlier in the day was "cringing."

The Editor says...
It's nice of Don Lemon to speak on behalf of "every black person," but isn't he supposed to check with Jesse Jackson first?

Confirmation bias:  Brett Kavanaugh and the major media's worst moment.  We are now at the unsuccessful conclusion of a four-week-long effort by certain media organizations to prove Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a violent sexual predator and a lying alcoholic.  The reckless and grossly irresponsible scramble by the New Yorker, NBC News, the New York Times, and others to make Kavanaugh into a monster produced some of the worst journalism of the Trump era to date — and that's a pretty high bar.  There were plenty of minor fouls, including when the Times assigned a news story on Kavanaugh to a magazine opinion writer who openly opposed his nomination.  Others were much greater, including when NBC published an anonymously written letter alleging (with zero corroboration) that Kavanaugh was observed by an anonymous woman in 1998 to have pushed another anonymous woman.

NBC Excited by Michelle Obama's Get Out the Vote Push for Democrats.  On Thursday [10/11/2018], before conducting an exclusive live interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama, Today show host Savannah Guthrie enthusiastically reported on Mrs. Obama's "work inspiring others" being "far from over" as she launched a get out the vote effort to help Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.  After touting Obama as "a champion for the American people" during her time in the White House, Guthrie gushed that the former First Lady was "still having viral moments outside of it."  As examples, the anchor highlighted Mrs. Obama "officiating a wedding in Chicago" as well as her and the former president "taking on the title of producers, signing a deal with Netflix."

NBC's Ken Dilanian:  North Dakota, New York Having Same Number of Senate Votes 'Has to Change'.  Ken Dilanian, a reporter for NBC News, tweeted on Monday [10/8/2018] that the idea of North Dakota and New York having the same amount of senators "has to change" because of the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  "It may not happen in our lifetimes, but the idea that North Dakota and New York get the same representation in the Senate has to change," Dilanian tweeted, linking to a Washington Post article about the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

Media Mangles Its Duty to Question Ford.  A reasonable, objective, establishment media would have spent far more time than it has in delving into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's background and credibility, and her veracity under oath — especially if they think it relevant to endlessly parse Brett Kavanaugh's high school yearbook, jokey memos about Beach Week, and collegiate throwing of ice from a barroom glass.  Granted, there is an important line, not to be crossed, between rational examination of relevant information and, on the other hand, blaming or bullying the putative victim.  Yet the examination must be done.  The accused cannot be automatically assumed to be guilty.  This isn't just a legal principle, but a moral one.  A false allegation, even if it never reached a court of law, can ruin reputations and even lives.  Yet most of the media has acted as if the only one whose veracity and character are legitimate grounds for investigation is the one accused of heinous acts.

NBC station fires reporter for wearing MAGA hat while covering Trump rally.  A television reporter in southern Minnesota might need a new hat saying "Make Me Employed Again."  James Bunner, a multimedia journalist for NBC affiliate KTTC-TV in Austin, was fired Friday [10/5/2018], reportedly for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat while covering President Trump's rally in Rochester on Thursday.  As the rally got underway, images of Bunner wearing the bright red hat began appearing on Twitter.

Is there even a single decent Democrat in Congress?  Now we know for sure.  There is not a single decent person among the Democrats in Congress.  Because not one Democrat has had the fortitude to stand up and admit that what they are doing to Judge Brett Kavanaugh is obscene and grossly indecent, we must admit that there is not one of them with the moral sense to know that destroying a man for politics is wrong.  It's not only wrong, but depraved.  Not one Democrat member of the Senate, not one in the House.  Those on the Judiciary Committee are particularly venal.  Not one among the 95% of the leftist media has come to Kavanaugh's defense.  Instead, they too are on a mission to ruin his life and keep him off the Supreme Court.  They do not report the many inconsistencies in Christine Blasey Ford's vague account of her alleged encounter that effectively render it a lie.  NBC never even mentioned Rachel Mitchell's report because it so seriously undermines Ford's narrative.  It is doubtful there ever was such an incident.

'Kill Kavanaugh' Tops Twitter Search and Hashtag Suggestions.  Typing "kill" into Twitter's search function currently returns a shocking result at the top of its search suggestions:  "#KillKavanaugh."  It's also currently the third autocompleted suggestion in searches for "ki" and the fourth suggestion in searches for "k" as of this writing.  That's right — by typing a single letter into search, Twitter is suggesting that its users might be interested in a hashtag about the murder of a federal judge and SCOTUS nominee.

Chris Cillizza:  Cory Booker's Groping Incident Is Totally Different, You Guys.  CNN's Chris Cillizza is worth reading because he often presents, albeit sometimes unintentionally, the unspoken assumptions of the mainstream left, including most journalists.  Today's Cillizza column is like a master's class in unacknowledged bias.  Before we get to Chris, you may have heard that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault.  The incident allegedly happened back when Kavanaugh was in high school.  You may not have heard that Senator Cory Booker also groped a woman when he was about the same age.  How do we know?  Because Booker wrote about the incident himself for the Stanford Daily.

Mutliple [sic] Outlets Passed On Second Kavanaugh Accusation, So Why Did The New Yorker Run It?  This, to me, is an amazing revelation. [...] The three major outlets declined to do anything on the story.  In a follow-up tweet, Yashar Ali notes that Deborah Ramirez, Brett Kavanaugh's second accuser, apparently would not talk to the Washington Post or the New York Times.  But, she would talk to... the New Yorker?  That's a pretty weird call.

Pop culture blackout:  Melania Trump missing from magazine covers, TV appearances.  Few first ladies have been more prepared for their close-ups than Melania Trump.  Yet the former model has not graced the cover of Vogue, Glamour or Cosmopolitan during her husband's first 20 months in office.  Neither has she yukked it up with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or other late-night TV hosts.  That's a huge missed opportunity for the Trump White House, says Lauren A. Wright, lecturer in politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University.  Others insist Mrs. Trump's low pop culture profile smacks of media bias that extends to other women in the Republican administration.

CNN Gives Virtually No Air Time to Pro-Kavanaugh Evidence.  Last night [9/18/2018], two of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's high school classmates, each named by accuser Christine Blasey Ford as witnesses to the 1982 assault she alleges Kavanaugh committed, issued public statements flatly denying that they saw anything even resembling Ford's story.  Yet today, CNN viewers have barely heard a peep about these denials, even as the Kavanaugh story dominates their on-air coverage.  From 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Eastern, CNN spent 3 hours and 23 minutes talking about the Kavanaugh controversy, but only about eight minutes of that were devoted to passing along these confirmations of Kavanaugh's denial.  Former classmate Mark Judge, who was named by Ford as being in the room during the alleged assault, communicated his denial to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday:  "I have no memory of this alleged incident....  I do not recall the party described in Dr. Ford's letter.  More to the point, I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes."

Why aren't there ever any dire predictions for Democrats ahead of elections?  We get continuous warnings that Republicans are going to get trounced in the midterms this fall, not because of Republican policies, but because people just don't like President Trump.  We were told that Republicans would get trounced in 2016 because people just didn't like Trump and he would drag the party down.  On Monday [9/17/2018], there was an article by the Associated Press that pushed that Democrat narrative.

Media convict Brett Kavanaugh and GOP on grounds of being white males.  The media want you to believe the deck is stacked against Christine Blasey Ford and that the Senate Judiciary Committee should break its back accommodating her lawyer's every wish to get her to testify next week — but the media have already stacked the deck against the accused, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee who Ford has accused of attempting to drunkenly rape her when they were teenagers, is the one coming into next week with two strikes against him:  He's white and a man.  The national discourse, still largely controlled by the national media, is now entirely dictated and dependent on who has the "privilege" and who can claim victimhood.

Washington Post Chronicles Hardships of Iowa's Immigrants in Wake of Mollie Tibbetts' Murder.  In the wake of 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts' alleged murder by an illegal alien, the Washington Post profiled the small community of Brooklyn, Iowa, which has been shaken by the crime, focusing primarily on the hardships of the town's immigrants.

CNN'S Love Letter for 'RBG'.  If CNN really wanted to brand itself as a "Facts First" news channel, why did it promise to air a gushy documentary about fiercely feminist Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Labor Day weekend?  In case you didn't know, this film is actually a production by "CNN Films," founded in 2012 to offer "distinguished, thought-provoking documentary programming to audiences on CNN's platforms around the world."  CNN's film "RBG" first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, where the media fawned all over it, and her.  Entertainment Weekly oozed:  "Forget movie stars.  The hottest celebrity at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg."  Ginsburg's apparently iconic line is "All I ask of my brethren is that they take their feet off our necks."  That's an interesting line for the abortion-on-demand feminists.

Apparently, Corrupt Democrats Are Not 'News'.  On Aug. 8, Republican congressman Chris Collins of the Buffalo, New York, suburbs was indicted for insider trading and lying to the FBI.  ABC, CBS and NBC played this story to the hilt, with 18 minutes and 24 seconds of coverage in just the first 24 hours, according to the Media Research Center.  [...] On Aug. 21, prosecutors indicted California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter on charges of wire fraud and campaign finance violations.  The morning and evening newscasts on ABC and CBS spent a total of 4 minutes and 44 seconds covering the story in the first 36 hours.

96 Percent of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Liberal Media Outlets.  Is Google manipulating its algorithm to prioritize left-leaning news outlets in their coverage of President Trump?  It sure looks that way based on recent search results for news on the president.  Conservatives and Trump supporters have for the last several years questioned whether Google was deprioritizing conservative news sites, hiding them from users who utilize their search engine.  Google has maintained that all outlets are treated fairly, but nevertheless, conservative sites have reported reduced search traffic and, in the case of Google-owned YouTube, content creators have been banned and demonetized.  Google's high-profile firing of conservative James Damore, purportedly over his conservative political views, only reinforces the idea that Google is picking winners and losers.

Who Watches the Media Watchdogs?  Who was it that told America Al Gore won the 2000 election?  Who told us the Fort Hood shooter wasn't an Islamist terrorist?  Who told us a meek and mild Michael Brown was shot with his hands up, begging to surrender?  Who told us CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood front in the U.S., is a "civil rights organization"?  Who is still telling us that after 9-11, there was a violent "backlash" against Muslims in America?  Who told us climate change is settled science?  Who ducked the story about abortionist Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia slaughterhouse?  Who told us all the troubles in the Middle East are caused by Israel?  Who told us that Robert Mueller's list of indictments proves Trump colluded with Russia?  Who told us it was Trump who initiated the "policy" of family separation at the southern border?  Who ran a fake magazine cover to show Trump looming over a crying Honduran toddler?

Flashback: When the Media Didn't Care About a President's Criminal Friends.  It's always big news when a former associate of a President goes on trial, right?  Well actually no.  When Bill Clinton's Whitewater business partners Jim and Susan McDougal and the former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker were tried (and convicted) for conspiracy and fraud charges the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) evening news programs devoted (on average) just 36 seconds per night (March 3, 1996 - May 29, 1996) to the trial.  This despite the fact that the then-sitting President offered video testimony during the court proceedings.  In contrast, the trial of Donald Trump's one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort — for charges in a tax fraud case that had nothing to do with President Trump or alleged Russian collusion — averaged 2 minutes and 18 seconds per night (July 31 - August 21) on those same evening programs.  This was at a rate almost 4x higher than network coverage of the 1996 trial.

NBC News Spins Fantasy Yarn To Try To Save Bill Nelson From Himself.  Florida Senator Bill Nelson is in a tough fight for reelection against incumbent governor Rick Scott.  A few days ago, for reasons that aren't all that clear, Nelson claimed that the Godless Russkies had penetrated the Florida election system and were plundering about unimpeded.  The implication was clearly that they were going to steal the election in favor of the well known Russian stooge opposing him.

A Compilation of DNC Media Collusion & Complicity.  When articles pushing the Russia-Trump narrative are presented in sequential fashion, the media's complicity practically leaps out.  What you may have suspected suddenly becomes transparent.  With knowledge and hindsight, older articles provide new clarity and unexpected insights.  A compelling story emerges when viewed as a timeline.  A story quite quite different than originally intended.

The left's enforcers:  CNN sues to reveal names and addresses of Manafort jurors.  Less than a week after making a stink about freedom of the press, President Trump, and "enemies of the people," CNN and apparently other news outlets have decided to get into the harassment business, given that reporting news is just not good enough for them. [...] So now they've gotten into the jury-tampering business.  They're more interested in who the jury is than the trial itself.

REPORT: CNN Intentionally Intimidates Paul Manafort Jury.  [Paul] Manafort, who worked for a short time as President Trump's campaign chairman during the 2016 presidential election, has been charged by special counsel Robert Mueller with various financial crimes, none of which have anything to do with Trump or the campaign.  Manafort's fate now sits with the jury, and after two days of deliberations, anti-Trump media outlets like CNN are becoming concerned Manafort could be acquitted, which would be a major blow to Mueller's credibility and his ability to remove Trump from office — an outcome the establishment media are desperate to orchestrate.  And so, on Thursday [8/18/2018], CNN, along with six other far-left media outlets (the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Politico, the New York Times, NBC, and the AP) sued for the release of the names and home addresses of all of the Manafort jurors, a move that is both disturbing and almost unprecedented.

End the Double Standards in Reporting Political Violence.  Let's take a short walk down memory lane.  Not long ago, on January 2, 2016, a small group of armed protesters seized an unoccupied federal building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  The refuge is located in a relatively isolated area in eastern Oregon, and the occupied building itself was far from any populated area. [...] The occupation was the news story for days.  It spawned countless think pieces lamenting the rise of violence on the right — including a debate about whether the protesters were "domestic terrorists."  [...] But how many of you know about a very different Oregon standoff, one that ended just weeks ago?  How many of you are aware that protesters used threats of violence in the heart of a great American city to besiege a federal building for more than a month and that local law enforcement allegedly refused to intervene to protect federal employees from the mob?

CNN: Antifa's Violence Against 'Bigots' Is 'Right'.  Chris Cuomo announced Monday night that CNN will not condemn but instead justify political violence against anyone it defines as "bigots" — which, according to the network's editorial tone over the past two years, signals open season on all Trump supporters for violent activists like Antifa and the Black Bloc.  To legitimize political violence, Cuomo said, "All punches are not equal morally... Drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it, because they both resort to violence emboldens hate, legitimized hateful belief and elevates what should be stamped out."

Newspaper Industry Seeks Character Assassination of President As Antifa Wants to Kill Him.  Without ever blinking a jaundiced eye, 100 newspapers will follow the Boston Globe's directive on Thursday [8/16/2018] with a collective hit job on President Donald Trump.  At press time, not a single newspaper had stepped forward to state that this is proof positive that there is no such thing as an objective free press; that what the Boston Globe is calling for is nothing less than a coordinated hate attack.

Acosta Tries, Fails to Get Immigration Expert to Condemn Trump Policies.  Friday afternoon [8/10/2018] grandstanding reporter Jim Acosta filled in as host of Wolf Blitzer's eponymously named CNN show.  And mid-program, Acosta desperately tried to get one of his guests to bash President Trump as a hypocrite for his stance on chain migration, and the Justice Department for accidentally deporting two asylum seekers.  Instead, his conservative guest schooled the partisan reporter about hyping a "non-story."

Rage When Trump Targets Media, Crickets When De Blasio Targets Media.  If you listen to President Donald Trump's critics, you'd think freedom of the press in this country is under siege.  Trump has labeled "fake news" media as "the enemy of the people," a phrase that seems fitting for a totalitarian, not an American president.  But is it really unique for an American politician to attack and delegitimize the media?  That's the assumption driving the media's largely self-serving narrative about Trump's threat to press freedom.  But New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reminded us this week when he slammed Fox News that Trump isn't the only politician attacking the media, and that liberals have no problem with attacks on the press — so long as the attacks are aimed at the right outlets.

CNN thinks too many Latinos like President Trump.  Ronald Brownstein of CNN is in a panic.  "Democrats have hit an unexpected speed bump in their drive to regain control of Congress: unsettling signs that the party may not generate as much turnout or support among Latino voters this fall as it expected," he wrote.  Despite an endless stream of negative stories on CNN and elsewhere about President Trump, a growing number of Hispanic voters support him.  And the wall.  Democrats are worried that they won't be able to scare people into voting against President Trump's candidates this fall.

Stop saying "protesters" when you're talking about a mob.  Yesterday [8/6/2018] we all saw the news of what happened when Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk attempted to have breakfast at a restaurant in Philadelphia.  At the time I didn't feel particularly inspired to write anything about it because it just all seemed so predictable at this point.  But I noticed one headline from the Independent in Britain this morning which caught my attention because it contained such an obvious, glaring error in the headline.  "Candace Owens chased out of restaurant by left-wing protesters."  Why are we sticking with this idea that any group of people who decide to gang up on someone they disagree with are "protesters?"

How to Read the News Like a Pro.  First the headline, which reads:  "Once oil wealthy, Venezuela's largest state struggles to keep the lights on."  That headline gives the impression that Venezuela has run out of oil, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The country still possesses the world's largest oil reserves, so there's plenty of oil wealth.  It's still right there in the ground.  It hasn't gone anywhere.  The problem is that Bolivarian socialism has ruined the country's extraction industry, but you wouldn't know that from anything in the entire story.

The media whips up hatred among classes, races, religions, and exactly two sexes.
  •   The media constantly publish stories showing that white people are racist.  In the past 48 hours alone, the New York Times has published stories showing that white people are racist in hotels and at public swimming pools. [...] Nearly every day, the media write an article that reads, "White people are racist in [kind of place or circumstance]."  This repeated emphasis whips up racial resentment and encourages violence against white people.
  •   Not a day goes by without some gleeful account of how the non-white population of America is increasing, eagerly looking forward to the day when whites are in the minority.  This "in your face, white people!" mentality stirs up understandable resentment among white Americans.
  •   We are constantly told by the media to hate the rich, that if they have a lot of money, they must not have earned it legitimately, that "their" money should be "our" money.  The resentment built up by this kind of storyline encourages lawmakers to enact theft by higher taxation.
  •   Women are constantly told that most men are rapists or harassers who don't respect them.  Women are encouraged to turn against men and see rape in every dorm room and every janitor closet.
  •   We are repeatedly told that the police are racist.

The American Left's Selective Outrage.  Repeatedly pointing out the American left's obvious dishonesty, hypocrisy and selective outrage seems pointless.  And yet, I feel compelled to do so.  For example:  Fake news media created a 24/7 media firestorm over Trump's alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels before he became president.  Due to recordings by Trump's lawyer, CNN has excitedly gone 24/7 in making the case that Trump is unfit to serve because of his private life before he was elected.  Hypocritically, CNN told us that Bill Clinton's private life was none of our business while he was president.

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades.  [#7] Walter Cronkite:  Cronkite was a much beloved network anchor who began the politicalization of America's news media with his infamous broadcast from Vietnam that described the Tet Offensive as a major victory for the Communists and significantly turned the gullible American public against the Vietnam War.  In fact, the Tet offensive was a military disaster for the NVA and Viet Cong, later admitted by North Vietnamese military leaders.  Decades later Cronkite admitted he got the story wrong.  But it was too late.  The damage was done.

New York Times Targets Kavanaugh's Wife.  I wouldn't have thought my opinion of the New York Times could get any lower, but it just did.  NTK Network reports that the Times, as well as the Associated Press, has requested emails sent or received by Ashley Kavanaugh in her capacity as town manager of Chevy Chase, Maryland: [...] They won't find anything, of course.  But this is what I want to know:  When Stephen Breyer, Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotamayor and Elena Kagan were appointed to the Court, did the Times, or the Associated Press, try to investigate documents sent or received by their family members?

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples.  [#6] Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas Vs.  Elana Kagan:  In 1987 and in 1991 when Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas were respectively nominated to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, both men were utterly destroyed by the press.  In the case of Bork they were successful in preventing his nomination, not so in the case of Thomas.  It was so bad for Robert Bork that a verb was made of his name.  After the press and Democrats succeeded in ruining his career and reputation the term "Borked" gained cache.  On the other hand, when Elana Kagan was nominated by Obama to serve on the highest court in the land, the media went out of its way to ignore key factors in her career in order to facilitate her ascension to the court.  Just for one for instance, when running as McCain's VP, Sarah Palin the media reported that she engaged in "book banning" when she was mayor of Wasilla.  But Elana Kagan actually ruled that book banning was OK and the media ignored the story during her confirmation hearings.  Liberal media bias 101.

Media Bias Part... Well, Who's Even Counting Anymore?  [Scroll down]  Seriously, they have to know this reporting (and other examples like it) is, at best, deliberately misleading and, at worst, unadulterated lying.  What seems more and more evident with each passing day to more and more Americans is that they do know they are being dishonest, but they just don't care.  That's worrying — and, in a sane world, this story would be getting much more attention, and the media would get raked over the coals for it, further undermining whatever scant legitimacy they still possess anywhere other than elite, insular enclaves on the coasts and on university campuses.  Instead, because we have a media that is constantly stepping on rakes, own-goaling itself into risible irrelevancy — on Helsinki, on Judge Kavanaugh, on so many other things — this story will regrettably be lost to the flood of ever more ridiculous fake news.

More Media Propaganda:  AP Waits Until 24th Paragraph to Admit Illegal Alien's Deportation Process Started Under Obama.  Letty Stegall was deported earlier this year.  Her family says they will not support President Donald Trump.  Letty, an illegal alien, had a US Social Security card.  Letty Stegall popped up on the radar after she was arrested on a DUI charge.  That was in 2012 when Obama was president.

Congressman Jason Lewis Tells the Truth about Black Violence.  The journalistic hounds at CNN have a new target, a politician whose sin is so egregious — so unthinkable — that it can hardly be spoken aloud:  the recently elected congressman from Minnesota disagrees with CNN orthodoxy on race.  And now, with enthusiasm we have not seen since hordes of reporters descended on Rick Perry's boyhood hunting grounds where they found a 30-year-old racial expletive written under a rock, CNN has set out to punish Congressman Jason Lewis. [...] Lewis made the fatal error of questioning whether welfare dependence is good for black people.  Per usual CNN standards, none of the genius CNN talking heads are willing to actually talk with Lewis, other than call him names and say he is a bad person and hope no one notices the difference.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Bashes Trump Supporters.  A recent poll shows grassroots Republicans approve of Presient Donald Trump's performance in Helsinki, despite the best efforts of liberal Democrats and media pundits to trash the president for absolutely everything he did/does and said/says.  The Axios/SurveyMonkey poll asked,"Do you approve or disapprove of the way Trump handled his press conference with Putin?" Seventy-nine percent of Republicans approved.  "Who [...] are these people?" an incredulous Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," asked on Friday's show.  He and his ilk are stunned that President Trump would invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the United States, when Trump's recent meeting in Helsinki was "called treasonous" by the elites.

Maxine Waters warns supporters of possible 'armed protests' against her.  Rep. Maxine Waters warned supporters on Wednesday [7/18/2018] of potential "armed protests" against her after an extremist group called for ongoing demonstrations outside her office in Los Angeles.  In a lengthy statement issued late Wednesday, Waters, D-Calif., said she'd been notified about forthcoming protests by the Oath Keepers, which she described as "an anti-government militia" that's staged armed protests in cities across the country.  She warned her supporters against being "baited" into counter-demonstrations or confrontations with the organization, which she said has a track record of "violent and provocative behavior."

The Editor says...
ABC News is happy to pass along demonstrable lies, as long as they come from an elected Democrat. Anyone who spends five minutes examining who the Oath Keepers are and what they stand for will see that the Oath Keepers are not an anti-government organization.  Nor is there any evidence (known to me) that the Oath Keepers have ever engaged in "violent and provocative behavior."  If anyone in this story has a "track record" of encouraging violence, it is Representative Maxine Waters.

Another Day, Another Case Study on Media Bias.  Glancing at the New York Times and CNN websites yesterday, you may have learned that the Internal Revenue Service changed a rule in a way that would benefit big conservative corporations.  "NRA and some other nonprofits will no longer need to identify their donors to the IRS," reported CNN for example.  You only have to get two paragraphs in before scratching your head:  ["][...] But the ruling also applies to groups like the NAACP, labor unions and volunteer fire departments.["]  Huh?  Why the headline focus on the NRA, then?  The headline could have just as easily read "NAACP and some other nonprofits" or "Planned Parenthood and some other nonprofits."  There's no justification given in the article for the focus on the NRA in particular when we're talking about a rule that affects literally every 501(c)(4).

Obama's Meddling in Foreign Elections:  Six Examples.  While the media obsess over an alleged Russian conspiracy to collude with Donald Trump to affect America's 2016 presidential election, what about Obama's interference in the elections of other countries?  Most Americans have no idea that President Obama meddled in elections all over the world.  And apparently, the media decided there's no reason for Americans to know about this illegal activity. [...] The media is hysterical about a flimsy conspiracy theory that Russia colluded with Trump to steal the 2016 election but was mostly silent about Obama's efforts to control the outcome of elections in at least six countries during his tenure.

CNN: Too Many Catholics on the Supreme Court.  [Of the Supreme Court justices,] 6 are Catholic, 3 are Jewish.  That might not be proportional to the population, but likely is a result of both religions having a studious culture that tends to pore over details and the philosophies behind laws.

NY Times Drools Over Possible Democratic Midterm Wins, Targets Individual Republicans Daily.  In case you had any doubts, the New York Times really, really wants Democrats to take control of the House and Senate in November. [...] When the paper isn't hinting that individual Republicans should be run out of Democratic areas, they're celebrating any sign of Democratic strength, no matter how indirect and presumptous.  A story on Sunday ironically rejoiced at the win of a white woman instead of a minority Cuban-American in the Democratic primary for a district that includes the Cuban exile community "Little Havana" interpreting the win broadly to mean conservative anti-Communism is weaking its hold.

The real meaning of Democrats' Supreme Court panic.  Democrats are in a state of sheer panic.  They're panicking because last week, Justice Anthony Kennedy — a reliable vote in favor of certain leftist priorities including abortion and same-sex marriage — announced that he will step down from the Supreme Court, leaving President Trump a second selection.  This apparently will lead to the end of a free America.  According to Jeffrey Toobin of CNN, the remade Supreme Court will spell doom:  "Abortion illegal; doctors prosecuted; gay people barred from restaurants, hotels, stores; African-Americans out of elite schools; gun control banned in 50 states; the end of regulatory state."  None of this is true, of course.  It simply demonstrates the wild overreach to which the left has subjected the judicial branch to date.

Chris Matthews Urges Communist Revolution to Stop Supreme Court.  So the Chris Matthews [plan] is for the Democrats to declare a Communist revolution, call in the Russians for help, start executing their own people for being insufficiently left-wing, go down to defeat, flee the country while kidnapping a bunch of children and stealing all the gold?  Actually I think that is their plan.

The Zombie Media.  In their ongoing comedy of chaotic outrage, the left has even managed to wreck its own storyline by adding a growing litany of distracting or incompatible side plots.  If Trump were mentally unstable to the point of blowing up the world, as CNN and others have claimed, why would the Russians promote him as their stooge?  Stormy Daniels, too, is a far less believable creature than Anita Hill — and returning to the sex scandal ploy at this point is just going from beating one dead horse to beating two.  "Trump demanded an extra scoop of ice cream for himself!"  "Trump is responsible for making an innocent Hispanic child cry!"  The random flailing is more like a grand mal seizure than an exercise in journalism.  It is almost as if some leftist billionaire (God only knows which one) had offered a gigantic prize to any "journalist" who can bring the president and the populist movement down.

Democrats are in a crisis and the media won't talk about it.  The Democratic Party is in an ongoing crisis, but most of the national media aren't interested.  They'd rather talk about the new "rock star," Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Coretz, and ignore that the party is up in flames.  Both Republican and Democratic voters are turning out in record numbers for their primary elections this year, according to analysis published this week by the Hill.  Democrats have a slight advantage by about a million votes, but that's only in primaries.

Hungarian Minister Chides 'Unbalanced, One-sided' BBC Anchor for Pro-EU, Pro-Migration Rant.  Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó had to chide BBC anchor Emily Maitlis for "unbalanced, one-sided" journalism after she lost her temper and launched into a rant about the EU standing for "tolerance, diversity, and human rights".  Speaking to Szijjártó on the publicly-funded broadcaster's flagship BBC Newsnight programme, Maitlis took umbrage with the Hungarian statesman's claim that "the current migration policy of the European Union can be very easily translated as an invitation" to illegal migrants.

The Editor says...
I'm with Mr. Szijjártó on this one.  That BBC woman is obnoxious, presumptuous and eristic.

NBC "Reporter" Admits To Working With Democrat Party To "Inflict" Damage On President Trump.  The media are so excited thinking the manufactured crisis at the border (which is actually nothing more than the Trump administration following laws passed decades earlier) will halt the remarkable pro-Trump momentum heading into the 2018 Midterms, they are openly admitting to the link between themselves and the Democrat Party.  There is no difference.  The two are one and the same and it's all about open borders, hating all things related to pro-American values, decimating the Middle Class, and giving the nation away completely to the far left elites.

The Media Misrepresents Pope Francis On The Border Crisis.  From the way the media has reported it, you might think that Pope Francis has condemned the Trump administration — and only the Trump administration — for the crisis at the border.  "Pope Francis Rebukes Trump Administration Over Family Separations," headlined Politico.  "Pope Francis Condemns Trump's Family Separation Policy," shouted Vox.  The same headlines were virtually parroted one way or another by HuffPo and WaPo.  Of course, none of these outlets uttered so much as a peep when the Roman Pontiff compared eugenics abortion to Nazi crimes or affirmed the Church's doctrine of marriage being between a man and a woman this week.  They trot out the Pope only when it suits their purpose and then discard him the moment he takes them to task for their sins.

Oops! NBC 'journalist' inadvertently exposes he's a partisan hack, quickly tries to walk it back.  "It is our job in the press, and it's also the job of Democrats, to not let the president have it both ways on this issue," [NBC reporter John] Heilemann said while discussing President Trump's enforcement of a policy which separates families who entered the United States illegally.  "You can't inflict this kind of policy on Americans, and not pay a political price," the national-affairs analyst for NBC News and MSNBC said.  "We have a great chance to inflict one on him and his party in November," Heilemann continued, but quickly backtracked.

Judge strikes down Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship to vote.  U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson sided with voters Monday [6/18/2018] that Kansas cannot require people who register to vote to provide documents such as a birth certificate, U.S. passport or naturalization papers.

The Editor says...
Typical Associated Press bias:  The judge "sided with voters."  Really?  The judge ruled in favor of those who wish to cast a ballot with no questions asked, but this is not a ruling in favor of the voters who are legally entitled to a vote in an election that is not diluted by ineligible ballots.

The Spying That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  The media's pooh-poohing coverage of Spygate grows more laughable by the day.  Turn on CNN at almost any hour and you will see its farcical re-education camp in session — this or that host yelling louder and louder that no one "spied" on the Trump campaign.  As stupid as this coverage is, it is still worth dissecting, if only for its propagandistic shadings, telling omissions, and inadvertent revelations.  It is as if the media has an emergency manual at the ready in the event that a story starts hurting the Democrats, a manual which enjoins reporters to run away from it as fast as they can.  But if that's not possible, if they have to shelter in place, they are instructed to minimize the story and urge the public to avert its gaze from it.

Google Labeled GOP Lawmaker a 'Bigot'.  Google labeled Republican North Carolina state Sen. Trudy Wade as a "bigot" in its "knowledge panel" for the pro-Trump lawmaker.  According to Vice News Friday, searching for Wade on Google would show users an image of the state senator with "BIGOT" in bright red letters displayed at the bottom. [...] Wade is currently in a tough reelection battle.  It's likely not helpful for her campaign to have the image as one of the first things voters would see if they Google her.

Leftist Big Media Wear Their Anti-Israel Bias Proudly.  In one story pretending to focus on the relocation, the anti-Trump network [CNN] not only denounced the fact that two Evangelical leaders — Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Robert Jeffress — were on hand, but described both Christian leaders as "controversial" while dredging up years old comments by both men.  Hagee and Jeffress said the remarks were taken out of context, not reflective of their true beliefs, and were not "newsworthy."  Next, because both "controversial" Pastors strongly supported the election of Donald Trump and the relocation of the embassy, CNN worked hard to paint the President guilty by association for knowing these Christian leaders and having prayed with them in the past.  Really?  That was one of CNN's major takeaways from this historic accomplishment?

Press hypocrisy of the day.  Obama wiretapped President Donald Trump.  The press does not care.  Obama planted a spy in President Trump's campaign.  The press does not care.  But President Trump's Twitter account isn't secure.  That's a five alarm fire.

What Changed?  The Same Media Who Excuse Bob Mueller Abused Ken Starr.  Today's journalists routinely assert that it is "extreme," "dangerous," and possibly even criminal for the White House — or anyone else, for that matter — to criticize an investigation into the President.  But twenty years ago, Independent Counsel Ken Starr was savaged by the same liberal media during his investigation of then-President Bill Clinton.  At that time, Starr was harangued as a "partisan" and "inept prosecutor," and a "peeping Tom."  On Monday evening [5/21/2018], MSNBC host Chris Matthews shared his take on the Trump administration's attitude towards Mueller while hosting Hardball:  "President Trump is indicating today that he's willing to go to extreme new lengths to discredit the Russia probe."  "It seems extremely dangerous that you have investigators investigating the investigation," intoned a deeply concerned Don Lemon.  The CNN Tonight host continued, "You have a President who appears to be, by anyone's standards, trying to manipulate the process."

As Evidence Piles Up, The Media Ignore The 'Other' Trump-Russia Scandal.  There have been two major ongoing investigations involving President Trump.  One is looking into whether Trump colluded with Russia.  It's borne no fruit.  The other involves abuse of power at the highest levels of government to hurt Trump and is producing damning evidence by the bushel.  Guess which one the press is ignoring?

What's Wrong With Those Texans?  That's the question the Associated Press asks, following the school shootings in Santa Fe:  "School shooting may not bring change to gun-loving Texas." [...] What's interesting is that the AP never hints at what "gun restrictions" the State of Texas ought to adopt.  Indeed, it becomes obvious that the AP reporter, speaking for liberals and the mainstream of the Democratic Party, doesn't much care:  any restrictions will do.

NBC cancels 'extremely liberal' drama 'Rise' amid backlash for mocking Christianity with far-left talking points.  NBC has canceled "Rise" after critics accused the show of being anti-Christian and going out of its way to squeeze in liberal talking points.  The Media Research Center, which has tracked the "extremely liberal high school drama" for bias against Christians, posted an article celebrating its demise.  "Rise," which starred Rosie Perez and Josh Radnor, was about a drama teacher who polarizes the town with his passion for musicals — specifically the provocative "Spring Awakening."

Israel too Jewish?  Top US mag thinks so.  Day after day I make it a point never to read The New Yorker, a magazine that used to publish writers like J.D. Salinger.  It topped the field in fiction and literary journalism until... until David Remnick took over as editor, turning it into tabloid smut whose main business is to resist Donald Trump.  Reading The New Yorker was like being in a place where good people relaxed and reasoned together.  That was before.  These days only radical leftists need apply for positions as writers or readers and this reader finally had enough.  I said so when the abuse against Trump began to feel like abuse against me.  Smear tactics do that — everybody gets splattered with mud.

NBC Paints America as the Villain Thwarting Caravan Progress.  With the caravan of migrants now sitting at an entry point on the U.S.-Mexico border outside California, the liberal major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were sure to make it a big part of their Monday evening broadcasts.  And while ABC and CBS both bemoaned how the people were stuck as they waited to attempt to get into the country, the report on NBC Nightly News cast America in a negative light as they portrayed us as a moral conundrum.

Comey, Mueller and the poisonous tree.  It is a strange and curious America that fêtes a former FBI director who was fired from his job after exceeding his authority in ways that two presidential campaigns condemned, and who then leaked confidential memos about a president he clearly despises.  But that is the circus our media, politics and legal system has become.  Indeed, on one channel, James Comey is one step from jail and, on another channel, he is the spear that will bring down the presidency.  On one network the Russia collusion theory is done and, on another network, it's just a matter of time before Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, flips on the president.

'Creepy' Chick-fil-A slammed by 'New Yorker' writer from Brooklyn.  Look out, world.  New Yorkers have discovered that their city has four Chick-fil-A restaurants — including the world's largest.  Word got out last week in a New Yorker magazine article titled "Chick-fil-A's creepy infiltration of New York City."  The author is Dan Piepenbring, described as being from Brooklyn.

Chick-fil-A's Creepy Infiltration of New York City.  New York has taken to Chick-fil-A.  One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city.  And yet the brand's arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism.  Its headquarters, in Atlanta, is adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple's feet.  Its stores close on Sundays.  Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company's charitable wing to fund anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage.

The Editor says...
To a New Yorker, I guess that sounds like an indictment.  To anyone else, it sounds like a promotional brochure.

Chickens scare New Yorker.  Chick-fil-A scares Dan Piepenbring, a freelance writer in Brooklyn.  He believes the Atlanta-based chain of chicken sandwich shops is one long nightmare for the City that Never Sleeps.

Who's more bigoted and intolerant:  Chick-fil-A or the New Yorker writer who attacked it?  I was honestly astounded the New Yorker actually printed Dan Piepenbring's bigoted and downright ignorant attack piece Friday titled "Chick-Fil-A's Creepy Infiltration of New York City."  If we want to have a good-natured debate on Chick-fil-A versus Wendy's based solely on personal preference, I'm all for that.  That's capitalism at its finest.  But Piepenbring's piece objected to the supposed "infiltration" of Chick-fil-A on the basis of its owners' religious beliefs.  Consider the overt bigotry of this headline statement: [...]

The Media's War On Freedom Of The Press.  In '08, the New York Times published an op-ed by Obama, but rejected McCain's response.  It just published an editorial titled, "Watch Out, Ted Cruz.  Beto is Coming" which appears to have no purpose other than to help Beto O'Rourke raise money from New York Times readers. [...] "In one instance, The Enquirer bought but did not publish a story about an alleged extramarital relationship years earlier with the presidential candidate," the Times sniffs.  It's not unprecedented for a paper to have damaging material about a politician without publishing it.  Just ask the Los Angeles Times about the vault they're keeping Obama's Khalidi tape in.  Or ask the Washington Post about its embargo of the photo of Obama posing with Nation of Islam hate group leader Louis Farrakhan at a CBC event.

American Journalists Are Hysterical Knuckleheads.  [Scroll down]  Or take the reporting on the EPA's expected rollback of Obama's fuel-economy mandate.  The mandate required automakers to hit targets of 54.5 miles per gallon — an absurd number based on zero science (the decimal point was a snarky joke) which automakers could duck by jumping through a bunch of largely cosmetic "green" hoops that cost them money but made the administration look good.  It was scientific, political and environmental hogwash that hurt American business.  Here's how CBS reported it.  "The Trump administration is set to roll back one of President Barack Obama's signature policies on the environment."  "It's expected to ignite a firestorm of criticism."  And then, despicably, they picked up a series of likely coordinated and unfounded attacks on EPA Chief Scott Pruitt's ethics — travel expenses that are in keeping with those of previous directors, an apartment he rented from an energy guy who had no business in front of the EPA, and so on — clearly designed to take the man down.

A tale of two Michael Browns.  Both were big men.  Both black.  Both teenagers.  Both enjoyed all the opportunities our nation offers.  Michael D. Brown chose the thug life.  It's the easy way out.  Michael Brown of Houston chose hard work, which paid off in an opportunity to work even harder for an even bigger payoff. [...] Which decision did the press and the Marxists turn into a national cause?

Shocker: Networks Covered 'March For Our Lives' 13x More Than 'March For Life'.  No surprise here:  major news networks covered the pro-gun control, left-wing March for Our Lives 13 times more than the pro-life March for Life.  According to LifeNews, "the broadcast networks covered the March for Our Lives 13 times more than the pro-life march, the night of each event."  Perhaps most shocking is the fact that networks dedicated more time to the March for Our Lives than they did to the Women's March — approximately 14 times more.  That being said, the Women's March still received significantly more coverage than the March for Life.

At the Strib, the hatefest continues.  I think of [Samuel] Johnson's gibe whenever the Star Tribune publishes a column by Katherine Kersten.  Kathy makes an argument solidly grounded in fact and analysis.  Within a day or two, the editorial pages are weighed down with the groans and shrieks of outraged Twin Cities leftists.  They invariably make me wonder, with enemies like this, does Kathy need friends?  The Star Tribune, however, is something else.  The Star Tribune hosts the shrieks.

CNN: Changes to Census Are 'Designed to Drive Down Participation and Benefit Republicans Politically'.  Since the announcement from the Commerce Department that the 2020 Census questionnaire will include a question asking participants whether or not they are citizens, the hosts and guests of CNN's New Day have been working overtime to try and convince Americans that this proposal is racist.

America's Lost Antidote to Political Correctness.  One year ago this month on Jimmy Kimmel Live, conservative comedian and Trump-supporter Tim Allen warned:  "You gotta be real careful around here [in Hollywood].  You get beat up if you don't believe what everybody else believes."  Two months later, ABC abruptly pulled the plug on Allen's hit conservative-leaning family comedy Last Man Standing (2011-2017), citing "business and scheduling" conflicts.  Fans didn't buy it and immediately took to social media to boycott the network.  What made this particular cancelation so insulting was the fact that at the time it happened, LMS was the second highest rated show for its time slot, with 8.1 million viewers.

CNN Defames Geller to Embarrass John Bolton.  Is there no limit to how low CNN will sink?  CNN's Don Lemon hosted a panel Thursday night featuring leftist turncoat Peter Beinart and "conservative" commentator Ben Ferguson, to discuss incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton's supposed "anti-Muslim ties."

BET boots journalist from Michelle Obama conference.  The BET Network booted a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from its conference for publishing a Q&A with Michelle Obama, sparking a social media storm.  The network had invited the Washington Post's Robin Givhan to its syntactically questionable "Leading Women Defined" conference in Bal Harbour, Fla., but then demanded she leave after she published her article, claiming that Obama's talk had been conducted in a "sacred space." [...] When BET brass saw the story, they kicked Givhan out and canceled a panel she was due to moderate.  But while claiming Michelle's talk was private, BET didn't play by its own rules:  The network posted sections of the interview on its website, while Valerie Jarrett, who conducted the chat, teased on social media that fans should "tune in to BET" to hear all that Obama really said.

Sooooo Sincere:  Christian-Basher Joy Behar Apologizes for Horrid Anti-Christian Remarks.  Joy Behar, the ladies of The View and Democrat leaders believe faith in Christ is a "mental illness."  On Tuesday [3/13/2018] Joy Behar apologized to Christians for her awful attacks.

Joy Behar apologizes for comment comparing religion to mental illness.  Joy Behar used Tuesday's [3/13/2018] episode of The View to apologize for a month-old comment conflating some Christians' belief that Jesus talks to them with mental illness.  The controversy began in mid-February, when the hosts reacted to a scene on CBS' Big Brother:  Celebrity Editionin which former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman called Vice President Mike Pence "extreme" and said he "thinks Jesus tells him to say things."  At the time, Behar remarked, "It's one thing to talk to Jesus.  It's another thing when Jesus talks to you.  That's called mental illness."

Pressure grows for 'The View' star Joy Behar to apologize over anti-Christian comments, but ABC is silent.  ABC News has maintained a stony silence amid increased pressure for its star Joy Behar to apologize on-air to the "millions of Christians" who watch "The View," leaving Disney boss Bob Iger to fend for himself when an angry shareholder asked him about the brouhaha at a recent shareholder meeting.  On Feb. 13, Behar criticized Vice President Pence's faith by saying that hearing from Jesus is actually called "mental illness."  The resulting public outrage led scores of angry viewers to call or write ABC News demanding an apology.  It wasn't until late last week that Iger, CEO of ABC parent Disney, finally revealed when questioned by a concerned shareholder that Behar had privately called the vice president to apologize.

Judges on "Top Chef" Finale Wear Lapel Pins Supporting Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz.  People often derive their worldview and news information from television celebrities.  That is why celebrities have a unique opportunity to use their platform to impact millions of Americans.  Perhaps "Top Chef" judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot and Jonathan Waxman understood that when they proudly wore Planned Parenthood pins on the cooking show for 3.02 million viewers to see.  Each of the judges is a high profile, celebrity chef with restaurants in major cities, best-selling cookbooks or regular appearances on TV.

ABC News star Joy Behar:  Hanging with Farrakhan [is] 'baggage'; talking to Jesus [is] 'mental illness'.  Apparently, ABC News star Joy Behar thinks it's okay to talk to anti-Semitic figures, but not to Jesus.  Behar and former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett sparked outrage on Friday [3/9/2018] on "The View" when they defended Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory, who has been criticized for her ties to bigoted anti-Jewish Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.  Behar is no stranger to controversy, as she has been under fire for saying that Vice President Mike Pence suffers from "mental illness" because he believes in communicating with Jesus.

Washington Post Writer Advocates for Outright Socialism.  For generations, we've heard that socialist policies have failed only because nations haven't properly implemented them.  Even after a long track record of collectivism falling apart over and over again — with examples happening right before our eyes — the left refuses to see that the system many of them hold so dear is inherently flawed.  It sure doesn't stop them from advocating for it time and again.  Just this week in the Washington Post, writer Elizabeth Bruenig opines that "It's time to give socialism a try."  You may have expected a statement like this from The Onion or UK's Daily Mash, but alas, this is a legitimate, serious consideration of state economic ownership.

Public-Sector Unions Deserve To Be Destroyed.  In many states, public-sector unions don't have collective bargaining rights.  Yet, as I write this, every school in all 55 counties of one of those states, West Virginia, where the average teachers' salary is a bit higher than the average worker's (not counting all the excellent benefits they receive) are now closed due to an illegal teacher's strike.  Most of those average workers in West Virginia have no choice when it comes to their children's educations.  Yet nearly every story about this situation focuses on the plight of poor teachers rather than powerless parents.  On one hand, we hear that teachers unions are vital to the economy because teachers would make far less in the private sector.  In the next breath, we hear them argue that teachers are substantially underpaid compared to what others earn in the private sector.

Is Joy Behar sure that hearing God's voice means you're crazy?  Co-host [of The View and self-described "faithful ... Catholic" Sunny Hostin expressed negative feelings about Pence because, Hostin said, when the vice president was governor of Indiana, he was a "hated figure" who tended to put a "religious veneer" on things.  No one knows whether Mr. Pence ever claimed to speak in tongues, but that didn't stop Hostin from pontificating, "I don't know that I want my vice president, you know, speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him."  Although Hillary Clinton regularly "communed" with Eleanor Roosevelt, the female panel agreed that having a leader who thinks he hears Jesus's voice is a problem.  Apparently, that consensus didn't go far enough; Joy Behar had to take things a step farther when she offered up a psychiatric diagnosis based on Pence hearing Jesus's voice, which Behar said is synonymous with "mental illness."  The View co-host told the other ladies, "It's one thing to talk to Jesus.  It's another thing when Jesus talks to you.  That's called mental illness if I'm correct, hearing voices."

Madness, Christianity, and the Left.  [W]hat was once considered mad is now deemed sane, while people once considered sane are now the ones attacked as being mad as hatters and as vicious haters.  For some time, it has been in vogue among the left to consider Christianity itself an insane belief system.  Certainly, such seems to be the case for some of the talking heads on ABC's The View.  According to Joy Behar, one of the most dangerously insane people in the United States is the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence.  Let's be frank:  a well known spokeswoman has so thoroughly absorbed the left's definition of insanity that she believes she can trash without consequence a good man whose core beliefs are based on beliefs held by Judaism and Christianity for over four thousand years.  Of course, she would never dream of trashing the Muslim mayor of London in a similar manner.

For the Left, It's Always 'Open Season' on Attacking Christians.  It all started when "The View" played a clip from "Celebrity Big Brother," in which former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman said the vice president "thinks Jesus tells him to say things."  Sunny Hostin expressed concern about Pence's religious fervor and said she doesn't want her vice president "speaking in tongues."  "It's one thing to talk to Jesus.  It's another thing when Jesus talks to you," Joy Behar said, adding that hearing voices is a "mental illness."  Jeffress wondered on "America's Newsroom" what would have happened to Behar if she had mocked a devout Muslim.

MRC Supporters Make 25,000 Phone Calls Demanding ABC Apologize for Attacking Pence, Christians.  As of Monday morning [2/19/2018], the Media Research Center and its grassroots members made over 25,000 calls to ABC lambasting the network, demanding a full apology for anti-Christian comments made by The View on February 13 that suggested Vice President Mike Pence's "dangerous" Christian faith was a "mental illness."

The snookered press at Pyeongchang.  When Kim Jong-un dispatched his crack propaganda team to Pyeongchang (and not P.F. Chang, the Chinese restaurant chain, as reported by NBC News) to cover the Winter Olympics, he couldn't have imagined that the American media in town would have been so easy to con.  It was so easy, in fact, that a girl could do it, and she did.  "If 'diplomatic dance' were an event at the Winter Olympics," CNN reported with gasps of breathless wonder, "Kim Jong-un's younger sister would be favored to win the gold."  "Without a word, and only flashing smiles," observed The New York Times, "Kim Jong-un's sister outflanked Vice President Mike Pence in diplomacy."

CNN Analyst, MSNBC Hosts Denounce American Exceptionalism Due to a Lack of Gun Control.  On Wednesday [2/14/2018], it didn't take long for the liberal media to move from learning about what happened at the deadly school shooting in Florida and the victims to lobbying for gun control.

The true threat to our freedom and democracy is a compliant media.  James Comey illegally leaks government documents to a professor who releases it to the media.  Much later, Comey says the professor was his attorney.  Dianne Feinstein leaks testimony about the Russian investigation to the media.  She later blames a cold for her malfeasance.  Adam Schiff repeatedly goes to the media and claims there is evidence of a Russian collusion with Trump even though there is no actual evidence.  The media gladly repeats what Schiff says, acting as if it is factual.  Anonymous sources have repeatedly leaked material from private conversations at the White House and the media gladly takes the leaks and treats them as factual.  Information is repeatedly leaked from the "secret" Mueller investigation and it shows up in newspapers and on cable and network news.  But now, we are told that Democrats and the FBI say how dangerous it would be to the FBI and how it would undermine the justice system if a memo from Republicans were released to the public.

Obamagate Confirmed.  The media's response to the release of the Nunes memo surpasses the level of Pravda covering a Soviet show trial.  No sooner had the memo appeared than journalists immediately began throwing sand into their audience's eyes.  The story, according to the media, is not that Obama's Justice Department/FBI snookered FISA court judges and used Hillary's purchased Steele dossier to spy on Trumpworld.  No, the scandal is that the evil Republicans exposed this outrage, and that Trump, the ultimate target of this espionage, has the gall to defend himself.  How dare a defendant in our kangaroo trial defend himself with the truth — that's the upshot of all the media's bleating.  All you can do is laugh at the intensity of the gibbering propaganda and misdirection, which is nothing more than the rage of a ruling class nabbed in an audacious act of political espionage.

From Publishing the Pentagon Papers to Suppressing the Nunes Memo.  If the release of government secrets hurts Republicans or some cherished conservative cause, journalists support it.  If the release hurts Democrats or some cherished liberal cause, they oppose it.  Daniel Ellsberg, good.  Devin Nunes, bad.  But unlike Ellsberg, Nunes has broken no laws.  No matter; the media will treat him as a traitor while exonerating real ones.

This all but screams conspiracy.  Left wingers in Congress and the media are in full blown panic mode and right this minute are stomping their feet over the removal of Andrew McCabe from his position at the FBI.  Both Carl Bernstein and Chris Matthews are characterizing it as a "Saturday Night Massacre."  That signals their game plan for the coming disaster they are soon to have on their hands.  Nancy Pelosi is close to being aphasic.  Jake Tapper has abandoned all his journalistic cred in favor of editorializing: [...]

Does the Washington Post understand the 'rule of law'?  The Washington Post editorialized that Republicans are trying to undermine the rule of law because they dare question the FBI and Justice Department on their motives and methodology used to justify spying on a political opponent.  Evidence now clearly shows the Justice Department did everything they could to elect Hillary and destroy Trump, abusing the FISA Court to weaponize the nation's intelligence and law enforcement apparatus.

The Lucrative Business of Fending Off Migrants.  Pitou remembers someone yelling, "Go, go!" Three hundred young men, including him, began sprinting toward the fence.  The first barrier was short.  The second was three times taller.  Pitou was exhausted by the time he got to the top.  The barbed wire tore through his clothes, and his skin.  Next thing he remembers, he was lying on the ground, police surrounding him.  And the Red Cross.  They pulled him into an ambulance.  Outside, he could hear his friends screaming in celebration:  They had reached Europe.  Last August, Pitou successfully crossed the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.  The 6-meter barrier, covered in barbed wire and video cameras, is the last obstacle for thousands of African migrants like him trying to reach Europe each year.  But where some see a challenge, others see a business opportunity.

The Editor says...
The article above serves as an example of a "news" story that reeks with bias:  Muslim invaders portrayed as migrants; Opportunists portrayed as peaceful victims; The wall as a weapon; Trespassing as a virtue; Capitalists as greedy villains.  And that's just in the small excerpt above!

NPR host refers to protest as 'the so-called March for Life'.  A National Public Radio host on Friday referred to the largest abortion opposition protest taking place as "the so-called March for Life."  "America's biggest anti-abortion rally, the so-called March for Life, will take place today in Washington, D.C., and Donald Trump is set to become the first sitting president to address the annual event," said Rachel Martin, the host of "Morning Edition" on the nonprofit radio network.  The clip was first flagged by the Washington Free Beacon.  Martin then interviewed Kristin Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, an anti-abortion organization with more than 1,100 members nationwide.

'Lost' Cronkite broadcast reveals 180-degree war flip.  [Scroll down]  American estimates showed that of the 84,000 North Vietnamese soldiers and Viet Cong guerrillas involved in the entire [Tet] offensive, a staggering total of 58,000, or 72.5 percent, had been killed by South Vietnamese, American and other allied forces.  "There is no question that the Communists suffered one of the greatest military defeats in history at Tet," said Gen. Patrick Brady, the most decorated living U.S. military figure, a Vietnam war hero and author of "Dead Men Flying."  "The North was about to quit — Cronkite helped change that."  "In his pseudo-documentary on Vietnam, Ken Burns repeats Cronkite's apocalyptic version of Tet despite the fact that it was surely one of the greatest military victories in the history of warfare," said Brady.

Poor Hillary Clinton.  Until 2016, none had thought to make it an issue of gender, largely because one gender had been shared by all comers.  But in 2016, that was changed by the serious entry of Hillary Clinton, who managed to lose to Donald Trump against all odds.  Afterward, she blamed her female sex for the loss, after first blaming FBI Director James Comey. [...] Recent history is rife with examples of people whose very rough treatment (by Hillary's allies) make her tribulations seem tame.  In 2012, Mitt Romney, a Dudley Do-Right if ever there was one, was slammed by the press and the Democrats as a sadist (for transporting his dog on the roof of his car); as a bully (for cutting the hair of a classmate in prep school); as a murderer (for causing the wife of a worker to expire from cancer); as dismissive of females (for using the phrase "binders of women" to refer to resumes given to him by people as possible candidates for government jobs).

Stephen Miller seeks revenge after 'extraordinarily biased' CNN interview.  White House policy adviser Stephen Miller took his criticism of CNN to a different network Monday night, blasting the outlet for leaking a transcript of his conversation with anchor Jake Tapper after he was booted off the air during a combative interview.  "CNN has been extraordinarily biased, extraordinarily unfair to the president, and is not giving their viewers honest information," Miller, who famously sparred with the network's White House correspondent Jim Acosta over President Trump's immigration agenda, told Fox News' Tucker Carlson.  Miller's appearance on a friendlier network came a day after Tapper kicked him off his program for his "obsequious" behavior, accusing the former GOP staffer of riffing about CNN's coverage just to impress the president.

NBC retracts 'stunningly unprofessional' tweet declaring Oprah Winfrey 'our' next president.  NBC apparently forgot it has a news division on Sunday night when it campaigned for Oprah Winfrey to run for president, but on Monday [1/8/2018], the network blamed a third party for an errant tweet backing the TV talk show queen's supposed 2020 ambitions.  "Nothing but respect for OUR future president," the verified NBC account tweeted on Sunday night during its Golden Globes telecast, complete with an image of Winfrey, after host Seth Meyers joked about his desire for the talk show icon to run for office.  Early Monday, NBC appeared to back off the apparent Oprah endorsement, and blamed it on a "third party."

NBC endorses Oprah for president, Donald Trump Jr. fumes.  Trump Jr. wasn't the only one.

Outrage grows over CNN's pot-infused New Year's segment.  Outrage continues to mount two days after CNN put the "J" in journalism with a marijuana-themed New Year's Eve segment that some are already using as an excuse to smoke the Hippie Lettuce in states where it's not currently legal.  During the liberal cable news network's year-end broadcast from Times Square, reporter Randi Kaye did several, um, "hits" from Denver, where marijuana is legal.  At various points, she held a joint, lit a bong, marveled over a special gas mask used by stoners and wondered where she was.  Kaye didn't partake herself while on the air, but the bit was enough to appall some viewers and confuse people who might be locked up for doing the same thing.

What's next, CNN? Celebrating the ball drop from a brothel?  CNN does not understand why viewers across the fruited plain are disgusted with the cavalcade of depravity displayed during the network's New Year's Eve broadcast.  The "Most Trusted Name in News" hauled out a bunch of middle-aged journalists (who have trouble holding their liquor) to flirt on live television, cavort with drag queens, and deliver sexually-charged banter. [...] "CNN is trying to trademark the debauchery as its brand for New Year's Eve coverage," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told Fox News.  Anderson Cooper, who spent much of the broadcast giggling like a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert, defended the network's programming decision.

Media Sides with Iran!  "Has the Left Ever Been More Morally Bankrupt?".  The mainstream media is siding with Iran in opposition to President Trump, if they say anything at all.  The MSM is protecting the terror nation of Iran as best they can. [...] Iran has blocked Instagram/messaging out of the country, threatened protesters, and murdered ten that we know of, as the protests continue after three days and nights during which throngs have taken to the streets, torn down Khamenei posters and chanted, "Death to the dictator, death to Russia", while promising a fight to the death.

This isn't journalism, it's left-wing activism.
Don Lemon Sweetly Smooches Boyfriend Live on CNN on New Year's.  [Scroll down]  Lemon wasn't the only member of the CNN family making a splash on New Year's.  Reporter Randi Kaye held a lit joint while reporting on marijuana-themed festivities in Colorado (where pot is very much legal).  Although she was never seen taking a puff herself, Kaye held the joint at a "puff, pass and paint" party in Denver.

The Iran Echo Chamber Smears Politico Magazine.  Nothing has been more tedious over the last year than the constant reminders that good journalism is "now more important than ever."  The implication, of course, is that solid, groundbreaking reporting was not as essential so long as a liberal Democrat was in power.  I've long assumed that the factotums mouthing such clichés lack the self-awareness to understand the true import of their words.  But maybe I've been wrong.  Recent days brought evidence that, no, liberals really mean it:  the only meaningful investigative work is that which reflects poorly on Republicans.

Mainstream media heralds book depicting Santa Claus as a gay black man.  Mrs. Claus is now a mister in a new gay-themed Christmas storybook for children that has CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Media all aflutter.  "Santa's Husband" tells the story of a black Kris Kringle and his white husband living in holy matrimony at the North Pole.  I don't mean to curdle your egg nog, but the storybook was written for children as young as four-years-old.

On CNN, GOP Senator Calls Out 'Negative' Media Bias Against Tax Cut Plan.  On Tuesday's [12/19/2017] New Day on CNN, as Senator John Kennedy appeared as a guest to discuss the Republican tax cut plan, the Louisiana Republican implicated the "negative" media coverage of the proposal after host Chris Cuomo brought up a CNN poll finding that most Americans oppose the plan.  At 7:24 a.m.  ET, Cuomo set up the segment:  "Republicans in the House are set to vote on the final version of their tax plan today.  The Senate is expected to get the bill to the President's desk by tomorrow.  Our new CNN poll shows 55 percent of you oppose this bill.  What is that going to mean to Senators?"

Collins: Media coverage of my tax vote 'unbelievably sexist'.  Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) on Tuesday complained that the coverage of her role in the GOP tax plan has been "unbelievably sexist," Politico reported Tuesday [12/19/2017]. Collins, who has been a key vote in the bill's passage, said the coverage has been "extremely discouraging."  "I believe that the coverage has been unbelievably sexist, and I cannot believe that the press would have treated another senator with 20 years of experience as they have treated me," she told reporters.  "They've ignored everything that I've gotten and written story after story about how I'm duped.  How am I duped when all your amendments get accepted?"  Critics of the tax bill had hoped that Collins would vote against it, given that she opposed legislation earlier this year to repeal ObamaCare.

5 times New York Times writer Charles Blow belittled black Trump supporters.  New York Times columnist Charles Blow has a long history of criticizing Republicans, but he has been particularly hostile toward other blacks who have supported President Trump and those who work in his administration.  Here are 5 times Blow belittled and lashed out at Trump supporters who are black: [...]

Who Says The GOP Tax Cuts Are Unpopular?  Poll after poll shows that few support the Republican tax-cut plan.  But when pollsters bother to ask about specifics in the bill, support skyrockets.  Guess which results make the headlines?

Cheers Can Be Heard on CNN as Dem Jones Takes the Lead in Alabama.  In the early part of the 10:00 p.m.  Eastern hour, and before the Alabama Senate race was called for Democrat Doug Jones, cheers could be heard on CNN's live broadcast as Wolf Blitzer announced Jones had taken the lead.  At roughly 10:19 p.m. Eastern, Hale Country [sic] finally turned in their votes.  "Look at this!  Wow, look at this," exclaimed Blitzer.  "All of a sudden, Doug Jones is taking the lead."  "Hale County just came in, which puts him back in the lead," explained Inside Politics host John King as they stood in front of the map.  And as they spoke an audible whoop from off-camera could be heard.

Chuck Todd's Roy Moore Hypocrisy:  NBC's Haven of Homophobes, Accused Sex Abusers, and Enablers.  NBC is currently in full Kill Roy Moore and Donald Trump mode.  It was fascinating watching those moments from Sunday's [12/10/2017] Meet the Press as host Chuck Todd and his one-sided panel piously blasted away at Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and his supporters.  Ann Althouse put it best, describing the whole charade as "cheesy emoting in the Theater of Sanctimony."  What struck me even more was the hypocrisy, because Todd's own employer, NBC, has become a haven for homophobes, accused sex abusers, and their enablers.

Chris Matthews bashes 'crazy' Christians with 'mythical' beliefs about Jerusalem.  MSNBC host Chris Matthews said "crazy" evangelical Christians in the South are uninformed about President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel because they have "mythical beliefs" about the ancient city.  "Don't think this isn't related to Alabama next week," Mr. Matthews said Wednesday on "Morning Joe," referring to the Alabama Senate race.  "It is related, because it's the Christian evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel, which is, I don't know, mythical.  They don't understand the situation over there and how tricky it is ethnically and tribally.  They don't care, because it's a religious belief.  Trump's playing to that this week.  You watch him."

GOP-led House passes bill making it easier for gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines.  Republicans rammed a bill through the House on Wednesday [12/6/2017] that would make it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state lines, the first significant action on guns in Congress since mass shootings in Nevada and Texas killed more than 80 people.  The House approved the bill, 231-198, largely along party lines.  The measure would allow gun owners with a state-issued concealed-carry permit to carry a handgun in any state that allows concealed weapons.  It now goes to the Senate.

The Editor says...
Notice that when Democrats have control of the House, a bill can "sail through" or "pass easily," but when Republicans are in the majority, the bills are "rammed" through.

MSNBC Spins Pro-Abortion Alabama Democrat as 'Conservative'.  MSNBC journalists on Tuesday rushed to the defense of the Democrat in Alabama's Senate race, spinning Doug Jones as "moderate" and "conservative."  This despite his firm support for abortion and some gun control policies.

Incorrigibly biased, but still on the staff:
ABC News President:  Brian Ross Will No Longer Cover Stories Related To Trump.  It's one thing to suspend a reporter for making an incredibly damaging error of basic fact on air.  But to remove him from covering a particular subject altogether?  That's the sort of thing you might do if you'd concluded he's incapable of covering that topic fairly.  If it's an innocent mistake borne of carelessness, there's no need to declare certain topics off-limits.  You do that only when you think the reporter's view of that topic will necessarily compromise his judgment.

The Mainstream Media Doesn't Deserve Our Respect or Our Trust.  You mainstream media hacks want trust and respect?  Maybe you shouldn't Tweet out instructions to contact Senators to defeat the tax bill like the New York Times just did.  Maybe you should stop covering for the off-camera leering and grabbing and pinching of the talking heads who excoriate Trump for misogyny.  Maybe you should stop hiring journalists who are ex-Obama flunkies.  Maybe you shouldn't email offers of assistance to Democrat campaigns.  Maybe you should stop lying to us.

Jimmy Kimmel Sends Redneck 'Republican' Prankster to AL Church to Taunt Moore Voters.  Earlier this week, ABC's late night host turned activist sent one of his pranksters to Alabama to mock churchgoers and voters there who support senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

The New York Times Lobbies for the Democratic Party.  I'm not easily shocked these days, but what the New York Times did today was stunning.  It lobbied against the Republican tax bill via Twitter.

NYT Opinion Page Encourages Readers to Call Senators to Defeat Tax Bill.  On Wednesday [11/29/2017], The New York Times editorial board and Twitter account arguably crossed a line into becoming a grassroots advocacy group, encouraging and providing both readers and Twitter followers with phone numbers to call select Republican Senators in order to defeat the Republican tax plan.  This decision reeks of hypocrisy, considering the newspaper's fervent opposition to the Citizens United case, which my colleague Clay Waters has written about here and here.  Newspaper editorial boards state their support or opposition for legislation or policies on a daily basis, but launching a campaign to call U.S. Senators?  That's a far different matter.

Anti-Trump MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks rural Americans are 'core threat' to democracy.  MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks that rural Americans are "the core threat to our democracy" and pointed to a series of tweets by liberal author Jared Yates Sexton that claimed Trump supporters "do not believe in the Constitution or any founding principles unless they're advantageous" as proof of her far-left theory. [...] Reid, who tweets so often that it's amazing she finds time to do anything else, has a feed that is essentially the anti-Trump talking points of the far left on a daily basis.

Joe Scarborough Gives Impassioned Defense of John Conyers: 'I Would Call That an Icon!'  MSNBC's Joe Scarborough launched into an impassioned defense of Rep. John Conyers, arguing on Morning Joe that despite the sexual harassment allegations, the congressman is still an American icon.  Scarborough was responding to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's train-wreck interview on Sunday's Meet the Press, in which she stumbled over a number of questions on Conyers's fate in Congress, and called the civil rights leader "an icon in our country."  The Morning Joe co-host noted that Conyers might have dementia, stating "he's clearly not capable of being a United States congressman."

WaPo Reporter Goes Rogue, Gives Strategy Briefing to Secret Dem Donor ConferenceWashington Post reporter Janell Ross gave a presentation at a secretive California gathering where Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and their biggest donors plotted the future of the progressive movement without notifying her superiors that she would be attending, according to a Post spokesman.  The Democracy Alliance went to great lengths to keep the identities of its members and guests confidential at its fall investment conference last week at the La Costa Resort, but the Washington Free Beacon obtained a detailed conference agenda that lists both events and featured guests.  Among them was Ross, a national reporter who closely covered the 2016 presidential campaign for the Washington Post and has since continued to cover the Trump administration.

Democrat News Network:  CNN Fails To Report These 24 Democrat Sex Scandals.  As sexual misconduct allegations continue to rock liberal Hollywood, the mainstream media establishment, and politicians of both political parties, at least the Democrats can count on CNN to eschew reporting about dozens of sexual allegations on members of their party.  To be fair, it is worth noting that CNN has reported on a couple of the big Democrat sex scandals currently receiving major media attention on other news networks, specifically the scandals involving Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI).

Media Defended Bill Clinton From Sexual Assault Allegations Just Last Year.  Members of the media are finally acknowledging Bill Clinton's alleged sex crimes, but they can't get too much credit given their 2016 habit of playing defense for the former president.  MSNBC's Chris Hayes tweeted on Friday [11/17/2017] that Democrats and the center-left need to have a "reckoning" with the allegations, and CNN anchor Jake Tapper admitted last Monday that Clinton's accusers were never given the same respect as accusers today.

Roy Moore Gets the Herman Cain Treatment.  It was déjà vu all over again as the Washington Post, who has endorsed his opponent in the Alabama Senate race, brought forth 40-year-old sexual molestation accusations against Judge Roy Moore.  From Clarence Thomas, to the Duke lacrosse team, to the University of Virginia rape case, to Herman Cain, we have heard such charges before and the rush to judgment that follows.  Moore's accusers issue the boilerplate caveat that if the charges are true, he should exit the public stage immediately in shame and certainly that is true.  Then they quickly throw him under the guilty-as-charged bus that just ran over his presumption of innocence.  It matters not that Judge Roy Moore has been in Alabama politics for decades and his accusers were silent — silent until he threatened the establishment by being a credible candidate for the U.S. Senate, having dispatched the establishment candidate, Luther Strange, in the Alabama primary.  Had Moore lost the primary, it is doubtful these accusations would have surfaced.

Tom Brokaw
Brokaw Frets to McCain:  Trump 'Turned the Country Against' Media.  In an interview with Arizona Senator John McCain for Thursday's NBC Today, Senior Correspondent Tom Brokaw invited the Republican lawmaker to attack President Trump and painted the liberal media as the victim:  "In the course of your political career, especially as a presidential candidate — as I learned first hand — you had some mixed relations with the press.  The President has no use for the press, he has turned the country against us, in many ways."  McCain was quick to agree with Brokaw's whining:  "Yeah, I think the role of the press is more important than ever before.  I hate the press, okay?  But the fact is, without a free press in this country, a pillar of democracy is destroyed."

Tom Brokaw
Brokaw Slams Brazile for 'Beyond Counter-Productive' Clinton Exposure.  The portion of former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile's book exposing ethically questionable behavior by the Clinton campaign surprisingly got a lot of play on the network Sunday morning shows.  But during NBC's Meet the Press, former anchor Tom Brokaw was not pleased with Brazile for shedding light on how the Clinton campaign bought the DNC and added it to their campaign arsenal.  And towards the end of the program, he criticized her for doing so.

The Editor says...
Since I never watch NBC and haven't seen a picture of Mr. Brokaw lately, I was surprised to see that he now looks like George Burns minus the cigar.

A curious assault on diversity of opinion.  A cabal of journalists is concerned that not every reporter and opinion writer is consumed by the Russian inquiry.  Politico this week noted that Michael Goodwin, a conservative columnist for this newspaper, called for the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller, while the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal took a similar stance, as did some conservative hosts on Fox News.  In the New York Times, Jim Rutenberg wrote a column that observed this fact as well.  The Washington Post and The Week then picked up the theme.  All implied that something nefarious must be going on, since all these publications were pushing a similar line.

Disgusting Behavior:  ABC Panel Shouts Down Truth of Dossier CollusionFox and Friends' co-host Brian Kilmeade walked into a lion's den during his book tour on Sunday [10/29/2017] when he appeared ABC's This Week as a part of a panel that was stacked against him.  A fairly large segment of their roundtable discussion was about the infamous Trump dossier that was put together by a British spy, Russian agents, and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  Everything got extremely heated when the liberal panel began to shout Kilmeade down and ludicrously claim there was no connection between Clinton/Democrats and the Russians via the dossier.  When Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos first brought up the dossier for this panel to discuss, he called on Clinton campaign staffer Karen Kinney to set up their talking points.

NBC Omits Clinton, Includes Clarence Thomas in Sex Harassment Story.  On Sunday's NBC Nightly News, on display was the latest example of liberal journalists conspicuously ignoring accusations of sexual assault against President Bill Clinton even while going all the way back 26 years to include sexual harassment charges against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  NBC correspondent and MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle filed a three-minute full report about the issue of sexual harassment of women in the workplace in light of recent accusations against film maker Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile perpetrators.

Scandals Expose Empty Barrel NeverTrumpers.  [Scroll down]  I almost hesitate to mock Jennifer Rubin because, let's be honest, being Jennifer Rubin every day must be punishment enough.  She calls herself the "conservative blogger" at the Washington Post, but there is nothing conservative about her.  Rubin's recent posts cheer milquetoast Republicans such as John Kasich and Susan Collins, lament how she didn't appreciate Clinton and Obama when they were in office, blast the "travel ban" and the NRA, compare Trump to Harvey Weinstein, and insist we need to hear more from Sally Yates.  If she's a conservative, I'm Jordan Spieth.

Journalists claim Kimmel is America's 'conscience,' NRA is 'terrorist,' and other awful media mistakes.  CNN's Bill Carter wrote an especially ridiculous piece under the headline:  "How Jimmy Kimmel became America's conscience."  Carter's piece read like a press release from Kimmel's publicist:  "Kimmel simply sounds like a regular guy making reasonable points — because he is a regular guy."  Maybe he seems like a regular guy, but he's not.  Kimmel earns $10 million a year and has a net worth of about $35 million, according to Celebritynetworth.com.  Everybody reading who's a millionaire, raise your hands.  And with all the sudden pretense that Kimmel is such a moral leader, it might be good to recall the Jimmy Kimmel origin story.  Kimmel built his career with jokes about genocide and promoting R. Kelly, who's accused of sex with minors.  And then there's Kimmel's time on "The Man Show," where he urged young women to get on a trampoline and jump around to please the audience.

Terrorist Murderer Loses U.S. Citizenship & Deported-Press Whitewashes Her History.  After years of legal wrangling and a change in U.S. Presidents, 70-year-old Chicago Palestinian murderer Rasmea Odeh officially lost her citizenship and was deported from the United States last week for concealing her murder/conviction of two Israeli college students.  Of course, if you follow the media reports you wouldn't know that Odea murdered two kids, For example, the Chicago Sun-Times buried the lede in their story.

Megyn [Kelly] Responds To Saudi Arabia Letting Women Drive — By Criticizing America.  In response to the news that Saudi Arabia is now allowing women to drive, NBC's Megyn Kelly criticized the United States for having "such a long way to go" on women's rights.  After announcing that the Muslim country is now allowing women to drive, Kelly almost immediately turned to criticizing perceived gender inequality in the United States.  [Video clip]

Goodbye, FS1.
FS1's Sharpe:  Racist U.S. Flag Is Just 'A Piece of Cloth... Nobody Fights For'.  After engaging in character assassination against Green Bay Packers fans who chose not to protest during Thursday's National Anthem, FS1's Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe did the same with the American flag, declaring it to be merely a racist "piece of cloth" that "nobody fights for."  "The flag, you see, to a lot of people, symbols, patriotism but what does that symbol actually mean?  What does — what does — okay — you keep telling me that the flag means so much and it's opportunity and freedom and liberty.  Okay.  Can you honestly say that everybody in America has freedom and liberties and opportunity," Sharpe wondered to co-host Skip Bayless.

Whose side is he on?
NBC's Holt Sympathizes With Rogue Iran Regime Against Trump Rhetoric.  In his first speech to the United Nations on Tuesday [9/19/2017], President Trump put the rogue regimes of Iran and North Korea [on notice] by calling on the world to stand up to their threatening ways.  But NBC Nightly News took acceptation to Trump's targeting of Iran and defended them in an interview Anchor Lester Holt had with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  "And minutes before President Trump ripped Iran in that nuclear deal in his speech today, I sat down with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani who pointed out U.N. watchdog in charge of policing Iran's nuclear activities has thus far found Iran in compliance," Holt touted as he led into the interview.

LGBTQ Activist Commits Suicide by Cop - Who Does the Media Blame?  Even when an incident is recorded, fully displaying the innocence of police officers, the left jumps to claim that police have somehow mishandled a sad situation.  Such is the story that is playing out in Atlanta, as police are once again forced to defend themselves from their leftwing attackers.

Jedediah Bila Leaves "The View" — Over Hillary Interview?  If the "View" crew couldn't handle two challenging questions to their idol without freaking out, it ain't Bila who's living in a world where there's only one worldview.

U2 cancels St. Louis concert after protests lead to dozens of arrests.  After violent protests erupted in St. Louis Friday night, U2 has announced they've canceled a Saturday night performance in the city.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said 32 people were arrested when protesters took to the streets after a white former police officer, Jason Stockley, was acquitted earlier that day in the 2011 fatal shooting of Lamar Smith, a black man.

The Editor says...
The only time the news media refer to someone as "a black man" is when he is a victim, not a suspect.  Showing only one side of a coin, when everybody knows there's a nice side and an ugly side, is overt bias.

Associated Press Says:  Don't Cut Taxes!  The Associated Press is one of many "news" outlets that has gone into overt opposition, now that we have a Republican rather than a Democrat in the White House.  Today's AP "Top News" feature is headlined:  Doubts arise on whether corporate tax cut would boost growth.  The passive voice is generally a giveaway.  Where, exactly, are doubts "arising"?

NBC Reporter Wanted to Throw Up After Trump Won.  "The room goes wavy.  My stomach churns.  I can feel the bile in the back of my throat."  That reaction to Donald Trump winning the 2016 election didn't come from Hillary Clinton's new memoir, it came from the pages of NBC correspondent and MSNBC anchor Katy Tur's book about covering the campaign.

The Editor says...
If you're so personally affected by a story that it makes you physically ill, you shouldn't be reporting it.

CBS's Rose Goes to Battle With Bannon.  On Sunday [9/10/2017], CBS News ran two high-profile interviews with two very influential political movers and shakers, the Jane Pauley interview with Hillary Clinton during Sunday Morning and Charlie Rose's interview with Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes.  And the two interviews couldn't be any[ ]more different.  Pauley's was mournful as she tried to connect with Clinton over her loss to Trump, while in the other, Rose was eager to fight and became combative as he lectured Bannon.  On nearly every topic the two discussed, Rose lectured and berated Bannon about America and his worldview.

Mueller finds alarming signs, and sleazy people, in collusion probe.  Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and agents of the Russian government has been remarkably discreet, as it should be.  But other sources have leaked three names — Michael D. Cohen, Felix Sater and Eric Schneiderman — that indicate that Mueller's team is probing very deeply.  If there's a smoking gun to be found, Mueller is getting closer to it.

Opposing viewpoint:
Anatomy of a sleazy editorial.  Remarkably discreet?  Then how does the newspaper know who is being probed if Mueller is being discreet?  Federal prosecutors do leak damaging information to friendly newspapers and cable outlets.  Jim Comey testified under oath to Congress that he used a third party to leak a memo to the New York Times.  Mark Felt — passed over by Nixon as FBI director — was Deep Throat in Watergate.  It would take a stretch of the imagination to believe that another former FBI official would eschew such tactics in trying to shake information from reluctant witnesses.  How does the editorial board know "other sources" — implied as not connected with Mueller — leaked?

WashPo: DACA Illegals Needed Because Blacks, Latinos Can't Do the Jobs.  Reporter Tracy Jan headlined her article "The Truth" as she argued that lower-skilled Americans cannot do the jobs filled by DACA illegals. [...] To decorate her claim, she quoted Douglas Holtz-Eakin. [...] A few details about Holtz-Eakin.  His American Action Forum was created by GOP donor Fred Malek.  In turn, Malek gets his wealth from extensive investments in hotels, which gain greatly from a large scale supply of immigrant workers and immigrant customers.

Vanity Fair Picks Liberals For 2017 Best-Dressed List; SNUBS Melania TrumpVanity Fair, which previously featured Melania Trump on one of its covers, snubbed the First Lady of the United States in its 2017 best-dressed list — while featuring numerous liberals, including both Obamas.  The list, comprised of over 40 people, is broken into eight-sections: [...]

Networks Hide Senator Bob Menendez's [D-NJ] Corruption Trial.  Federal prosecutors are currently trying to put away Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) on corruption charges, but in the world of the mainstream media, the trial isn't even going on.  If found guilty, Menendez's replacement could increase GOP control in the upper chamber of the legislature.  However, despite the high stakes, broadcast news networks have barely even mentioned the senator's name this year, let alone the trial.

Trump gives new meaning to the Friday night news dump, enraging his critics.  President Trump, in the space of four hours, made official a ban on transgender people serving in the military, pardoned a controversial sheriff accused of racial profiling and parted ways with polarizing aide and conservative media darling Sebastian Gorka.  The announcements were made in the evening hours as the nation focused on Hurricane Harvey, which threatened catastrophic damage to areas along the Gulf Coast, giving new meaning to the Friday night news dump strategy that has long been a staple for Washington politicians looking to bury controversial decisions.

The Editor says...
The Washington Post, and the news media in general, as I recall, never complained when Barack H. Obama did the same thing.

CNN: Everyone Who Voted For Trump Is A 'White Supremacist By Default'.  CNN used the voices of a few professors and activists to assert anyone who voted for President Donald Trump is a white supremacist in a news report Wednesday, and to blame these "ordinary" people for the violence in Charlottesville.  Trump voters helped advance white supremacy by giving them room to operate, CNN reported based on the assertions of others in a piece headlined, "'White Supremacists by default': How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible."

Provocateur Journalism.  When a news organization reports an impending weather event based on forecasts from the National Weather Service, or warns of potential seismic activity anticipated by the U.S. Geological Survey, or alerts the public concerning an infectious-disease outbreak being tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no one questions the news organization's motives, because the underlying information is factual and derived from a reliable, nonpartisan, and authoritative source.  CNN presents itself as a news organization, yet today [8/17/2017] it posted a dubious story titled "Here are all the active hate groups where you live," based entirely on data from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The SPLC is not the equivalent of the National Weather Service, the USGS, or CDC, to put it mildly.  It is risible for CNN to recite SPLC data uncritically, with no additional validation, as a credible list of "domestic hate groups," let alone to describe SPLC's data as "widely accepted."

Remember When Obama Praised Violent Leftist Rioters?  The MSM had no problem with the Ferguson, Occupy or Baltimore riots nor did they have a problem with former president Obama's support of the violent leftist agitators.  Yet, nothing President Trump says will satisfy the left.  If he doesn't name the white supremacists and dares mention the violent leftists, the left goes wild.  After he then condemns the white supremacists, the left says it's too late.

Who's Side Are They On?  Nets Tout North Korea's Anti-U.S. 'Defiance'.  In a remarkable display of group think on Thursday, all three network morning shows touted North Korea hurling personal insults against President Trump as an act of "defiance" and promoted forced demonstrations in Pyongyang as a "display of unity" from the oppressed people in the authoritarian regime.

This is activism, not journalism.
AP Gives 'Tips' for Deciding If Your Kid Is Transgender.  The Associated Press is giving tips for parents on how to decide whether their child is transgender, including allowing little boys and girls to "call the shots in terms of their gender."  The article, "Wondering if your child is transgender?  Here are some tips," accompanied another AP story Monday that gave a glowing review of a San Francisco summer camp for transgender four-year-olds.  The AP spoke to "gender experts," who tell parents to allow their sons and daughters to "do a weekend as a different gender."

Stephen Miller is right:  Lazarus' immigration poem is not US law.  There's been some argument over who came out ahead in the picturesque set-to between White House staffer Stephen Miller and CNN reporter Jim Acosta over the White House support of the immigration bill sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue.  On one point at least it seems to me that Miller had the best of it when he charged that Acosta was being "ahistorical."  Acosta kept reading and reciting the Emma Lazarus poem written before the Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886 but not inscribed at its base until 1903:  "Give us your tired, your poor," etc.  His plain implication was that the United States had an open immigration policy back in the years before World War I.

The "Poor Illegal" Media Narrative and Why It's Not Working.  It is not compassionate to Americans or immigrants to allow illegal aliens to ignore our laws.  The corruption rampant in Los Angeles County and throughout other major urban areas follows from the arbitrary disregard for our nation's legal sovereignty and cultural integrity.  The liberal, marginalized national media still wants to push an illegal alien sob story narrative at all costs.  Look over the list below of the latest sob stories the national readership endured over the past week (and month): [...]

CBS sob story:
After nearly 20 years in U.S., Ohio mother of 4 deported following traffic violation.  A mother of four living in Ohio was deported to Mexico after a traffic stop revealed she entered the country illegally from Mexico nearly 20 years ago.  Beatriz Morelos Casillas, 37, was arrested for driving without a license near Cleveland, Ohio, on July 24.  Tuesday [8/1/2017], she was deported to Nuevo Laredo, one of the most dangerous places in Mexico and where the State Department issued a travel warning in December 2016 due to violent crime.

The Editor says...
After 20 years or 20 minutes, it's still illegal to sneak into this country.  And no, I don't feel sorry for her situation in Nuevo Laredo:  If it were up to me, she would have been relocated to Campeche.  And no, I don't feel sorry for her anchor baby kids, who will probably end up on welfare, if they aren't already.

NBC sob story:
Grandmother Deported for Voter Fraud Leaves U.S. in Tears.  Her story is one that stretches over three presidential administrations:  those of Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.  It's a story that sheds light on potential gaps in federal law, the limits of the judicial system and the agonizing consequences of what one woman calls a horrible mistake.

The Editor says...
When one commits a crime — in this case, the crime of entering this country unlawfully — the name of the current U.S. President is immaterial.

ABC News Says Hillary Lost So She Shouldn't Be Investigated.  The Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions this past week asking for an investigation of a number of Democrats including Hillary Clinton.  ABC News says Hillary lost the election and, therefore, should not be investigated.  That must be a new legal guideline.  If they lose, they get away with whatever they might have done wrong?  This is like saying a bank robber spent all the loot so there's no point investigating or prosecuting.

First AP Story on Arrested Dem IT Staffer Makes Schultz Look Like the Victim.  Just before noon, the Associated Press ended almost 18 hours of silence on the arrest of IT staffer Imran Awan yesterday [7/25/2017] as he was attempting to leave the country.  The report spun the news in the most favorable way it could for beleaguered Democrats, making Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz look like the victim as it headlined her spokesman's claim that she fired Awan Tuesday after learning of his arrest.  The fact is that Schultz has been involved in obstructing investigations into Awan's activities for months.

USA Today's Impeachment-Push Poll.  Reporters Susan Page and Emma Kinery proclaimed a dark omen in the results, which is why the newspaper asked the poll question.  They said, "Just six months after his inauguration, Americans already are split down the middle, 42%-42%, over whether President Trump should be removed from office, a new USA TODAY/iMediaEthics Poll finds."  What's the impeachable offense?  If a national poll were to emerge with a 42-42 tie over the belief that the moon is made of Swiss cheese, would the subsequent analysis focus on the concentration of moon matter or the irrationality of 42% of the American people?  It doesn't matter that the prospect for impeachment is zero with Republicans in control of Congress.

Newsweek Dabbles in 'President Hillary' Fan Fiction.  It isn't unusual for supporters of a losing presidential candidate to engage in "if only" fantasies about what would happen if their favored candidate got into office, and dream about how all the country's problems would be solved if only the election had gone differently.  It's more unusual for a supposedly respectable news outlet to engage in such fan fiction.  Yet that is precisely what an article in Newsweek did Wednesday, in an article called, "Hillary Clinton Is President in an Alternate Universe, Where America is Great Again."

A tale of two first ladies and troubling media bias.  Last night, Michelle Obama was the honored guest of the annual ESPY awards.  Naturally, the media collective was head over heels with praise and admiration.

Why the American press thought it heard high-pitched animal sounds coming out of Warsaw.  Thanks to Charles Fain Lehman, writing in the Washington Free Beacon, we learn that The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart said President Trump's speech in Poland was full of "white-nationalist dog whistles." [...] Mr. Capehart, Mr. Zeleny and many dozens of other talented writers and talkers for U.S. newspapers, magazines and TV networks have declared war on American exceptionalism in favor of they know not what.  But they are the vanguard of a socialist, collectivist, internationalist movement that will take America to the same grave to which all previous great powers in world history have been dragged.

The Washington Post Offers Up A Textbook Case Of Garbage, Biased Journalism.  One might be shocked back into a coma to learn James Hodgkinson was not an angry conservative, but instead was an angry Bernie Sanders supporting, Occupy Wall Street guy who favored watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, hated Donald Trump and who shot up a Republican congressional baseball practice, shooting Republicans, including Republican Representative Steve Scalise.  If the story were only about Romanik and didn't mention Hodginkson, it would be a run-of-the-mill profile about some local AM shock-jock and a pretty good one at that.  It is interesting to see the kind of influence local talk shows have just like local newspapers and local television news.  But what editor at the Washington Post allowed Holley to link Hodgkinson to a right-wing radio talk show host without even confirming he ever listened to the show?

It's True:  Liberals Hate Western Civilization.  President Trump's superb speech in Poland has been praised by most observers, including Paul [Mirengoff].  On the Left, however, Trump's speech has been criticized for its principal virtue, the president's spirited defense of Western civilization.  Here are some of the many such instances.

U.S. Labor Market Roars Back, Adding 222,000 Jobs in June
  •   222,000 jobs were added last month.  Wall Street economists had expected employment gains of 175,000.
  •   The unemployment rate was 4.4 percent.  May's jobless rate was 4.3 percent.
  •   The average hourly wage grew by 2.5 percent from a year earlier.
  •   The labor-force participation rate inched up to 62.8 percent, from 62.7 percent.

The Editor says...
Under Trump, unexpectedly good news comes out on the first Friday of every month.  Under Obama, the unemployment numbers were always unexpectedly bad.

Joe Scarborough Calls President Trump 'Greatest Liar That's Ever Sat In The White House'.  MSNBC "Morning Joe" co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski bashed President Donald Trump Wednesday, calling him worse than former President Richard Nixon and the "greatest liar that's ever sat in the white house."  Scarborough played a clip of Brian Karem, executive editor of The Sentinel Newspapers, at Tuesday's [6/27/2017] White House briefing challenging Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying her criticism of the media was inflaming the American people.  Sanders responded at the briefing by citing a debunked Washington Post story stating reporters were not being thorough enough in their critiques of the president.

The Editor says...
Mr. Scarborough should spend some time reading my partial catalog of Obama's lies.

MSNBC Anchor:  Planned Parenthood 'A Critical Tool For Helping Saving Lives'.  MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi spent several minutes Tuesday heralding Planned Parenthood as "a critical tool for helping saving lives" and said "I'm not an advocate" before having Planned Parenthood's Director of Constituency Communications come on to defend the organization.

CNN's doing yeoman's work for Planned Parenthood here.  "News" story or ad for Planned Parenthood?

Chuck Todd on MTP does not ask Bernie Sanders about FBI investigation of wife for $10 mill bank fraud.  Chuck Todd occupies a singular position in broadcast journalism:  host of the oldest program in the history of American television.  Yesterday [6/25/2017], he did something that must have Tim Russert, Lawrence Spivak and Martha Rountree spinning in their graves.  He hosted Bernie Sanders, arguably the leader of the American electoral left, and did not ask him about the FBI investigation of his wife for a suspected $10 million bank fraud, nor about reports that he and his wife are lawyering up.

MSNBC Host Fudges Facts On Planned Parenthood.  MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle incorrectly stated Friday that Planned Parenthood has had "huge increases" in the number of essential women's health services they provide.  Florida Rep. Francis Rooney was arguing for defunding Planned Parenthood on "Velshi & Ruhle," and stated that Planned Parenthood has decreased its non-abortion activities, which is consistent with Planned Parenthood's own statistics.  Ruhle challenged his claim, rebutting, "I don't know where you read that but I don't believe that's true based on our reporting and what we cover."

CNN mourners
These Completely Nonpartisan Journalists Do Not Look Happy.  It is kind of fun that wealthy Democrats blew something north of $30 million to lose this election.  Probably closer to or greater than $40 million.  95% of Democrat Job "Pajama Boy" Ossoff's funding came from outta state; mostly New York and California.  I am just pondering the irony now that people in the throes of faux outrage about "Russian meddling" in American elections... spent millions of dollars and sent volunteers down to meddle in an election in a district none of them live in.  Is that irony?  Or is it just hypocrisy?

Democrats are incapable of learning from Georgia Special Election loss.  As I often do on election nights when Democratic disappointment is likely to be highest, I watched MSNBC.  First I watched Rachel Maddow, then Lawrence O'Donnell.  The MSNBC coverage was nothing short of delusional.  The "a loss is really a win" approach was pervasive.  Hope sprang eternal.  Maddow in particular continued to spin Trump Russia conspiracy theories.  O'Donnell went on and on about how the Republican healthcare bill would be the doom of Republicans.  A phrase used frequently on O'Donnell's show was that this was an "ominous win" for Republicans because the margin was lower than when Tom Price won — ignoring that the Republican outperformed Trump's win.

James T. Hodgkinson:  Just Another Well-Intentioned Progressive.  Have you followed the drift of the Mainstream Media (MSM) as to what provoked James T. Hodgkinson to attempt the massacre of the Republican baseball team as it practiced in Alexandria, Virginia last week?  Not the Democratic team, not the Washington Nationals team, but the Republican team.  Well, it was not necessarily Hodgkinson's politics we are told.  After all, his politics were pretty much mainstream progressive.  According to the MSM, it was "a Volatile Home Life in Illinois."  That is the way the New York Times put it on the newspaper's front page Sunday [6/18/2017].  Strong drink was alluded to.  Anger and violence were also mentioned as features in Hodgkinson's rural Illinois home. [...] Yet as I say the MSM is soft-pedaling this lunatic's politics, and I can see why.  There was nothing particularly unusual about them.

Reason #855 Why Secretary Tillerson Rightly Has No Respect for State Dept.  Correspondents.  Today during the State Department briefing a typical media correspondent showcases their condescending arrogance.  Watch this exchange between Spokesperson Heather Nauert and a reporter.  [Video clip]

Self-inflicted stupidity.  CBS News anchor Scott Pelley — make that former CBS News anchor Scott Pelley — is the face of sanctimonious liberalism.  The attempted assassination of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and his GOP colleagues on the baseball field in Alexandria last week somehow prompted Pelley's comment on the day after:  "It's time to ask whether the attack on the United States Congress, yesterday, was foreseeable, predictable and, to some degree, self-inflicted".  Pelley of course answered the question that approximately no one was asking in the affirmative.

Joy Reid and Scott Pelley Blame Steve Scalise For Getting Shot.  Have you no shame, Joy Ann Reid?  In an appalling example of the left's pathological hatred of anything and anyone conservative, the MSNBC host said, not in so many words, that Rep. Steve Scalise kind of had it coming when a Bernie Sanders volunteer tried to assassinate him and his GOP colleagues as they practiced for thee annual baseball game between Democrats and Republicans in Congress.  As Fox News reported her beneath contempt and all human decency remarked:  As Rep. Steve Scalise lay in his hospital bed recovering after he was shot by a maniac gunman who was hunting congressional Republicans, an MSNBC host asked whether the House Majority Whip's life-threatening injuries meant Americans had to "ignore" his political positions.  Joy Ann Reid on Saturday cited Scalise's positions on ObamaCare and gay marriage as among the concerning "moral" issues she felt couldn't be overlooked despite his critical injury at the hands of a left-leaning lunatic who opened fire at a GOP baseball practice on June 14.

Progressive Media Personalities Agree:  Those Republicans Deserved To Get Shot.  A shooter opened fire on Congressional Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game at a baseball park in Alexandria, Virginia, Wednesday morning, injuring lawmakers, staff, and law enforcement.  It is unclear at this time whether the shooter was killed or is currently in police custody.  In the wake of the shooting, lots of people on the Internet lost their minds.  Several progressives even went out of their way to suggest the victims deserved to get shot because they have the wrong views on gun control, or Obamacare, or Donald Trump.  Here are some of the most insane reactions to the Congressional baseball shoooting so far. [...]

Scott Pelley:  D.C. Attack on Congressmen Was 'to Some Degree Self-Inflicted'.  Thursday evening [6/15/2017], CBS's Scott Pelley, who officially ended his tenure as the network's Evening News anchor the following evening, told viewers that "It's time to ask whether the attack on the United States Congress Wednesday was foreseeable, predictable and, to some degree, self-inflicted."  It's clear from Pelley's subsequent commentary that his answers to all three elements are "Yes."  It's equally clear from the examples he supplied as support that he sees (or wants viewers to see) the problem as predominantly about the conduct of those on the right.

CNN Cuts Feed After Senator Objects to Clinton Foundation Atty Joining 'Independent' Counsel.  Democrats have long accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia, though no evidence has emerged.  There is also speculation that Special Counsel Mueller will probe allegations of obstruction of justice against President Donald Trump.  Earlier this week, reports emerged that Mueller had hired attorneys for his investigative team who had donated to Hillary Clinton in the past, and one in particular who had represented the Clinton Foundation in its effort to block Freedom of Information Act requests for e-mails on Clinton's private server.

Trump Is Beating the Media at Its Own Game.  Donald Trump has blown up that absurd arrangement and is beating the media at its own game.  He labels reporters in the same way that they label him.  He upends their dishonest framing of debates by treating them as what they are, liberal partisans.  His exchange last week with April Ryan, a correspondent for the American Urban Radio Network, captured that perfectly.  She asked him a loaded question not as a neutral reporter but as a water-carrier for the Congressional Black Caucus.  So he treated her that way.

Zakaria Halts Law Professor:  My Audience Is Too Dumb To Understand You.  "We're on television and this might be getting too technical," said CNN's Fareed Zakaria while interrupting a law professor's explanation of relevant statutes pertaining to obstruction of justice.  On Sunday's [6/11/2017] GPS, Zakaria invited two law professors — Elizabeth Foley of Florida International University and Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School — to discuss possibilities of pursuing President Donald Trump with charges of obstruction of justice.  Foley was interrupted by Zakaria as she rejected Tribe's assertion of federal statutes pertaining to obstruction of investigations and proceeding (18 U.S. Code § 1503 and 18 U.S. Code § 1510) being applicable to Trump's conduct.

Legacy Media Uses Reality Winner Arrest To Sow Division.  The arrest of NSA contractor Reality Winner caused mass confusion in the wake of The Intercept's publication of a leaked NSA document allegedly submitted by Winner.  The Intercept's report on the document seems to spend entire pages qualifying claims of Russian phishing attempts.  Shortly after Winner's arrest, she was labeled a Bernie Sanders supporter.  This has served as a talking point for the legacy media and establishment interests to sow divisions where new signs of collaboration had grown among anti-establishment elements from opposing sides of the political spectrum.  If such attempts to fracture collaboration are successful, it would no doubt further the interests of legacy media and the establishment it protects.

Broadcasting's brazen Trump-bashers.  The Meet the Press panel of June 4 consisted of conservative Hugh Hewitt confronted by the three anti-Trump zealots:  the #NeverTrump conservative Michael Gerson and leftists Heather McGee and Stephanie Cutter.  Three against one — plus, of course, leftist Chuck Todd.  NBC's idea of "balance."  The tape of the program — supported by the transcript — makes it evident that Hewitt had a difficult time speaking.  Cutter in particular did her utmost to stifle Hewitt — but that's what the left does:  strive to suppress those holding different views.  The transcript indicates that Cutter had no patience with Hewitt's references to the Constitution, preferring to spout ad hominem comment to silence the conservative.

Media Runs Wild With Unsourced Claim About Trump And Weather.  Many reporters are still reeling over Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris accord, which the Obama administration joined in 2016 with the goal of keeping future global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.  When Trump announced his decision Thursday, he said it was about economics, not the environment.  Trump said Paris was poorly negotiated and would hurt American workers.  Reporters began pelting administration officials with questions of whether or not Trump actually believes humans are driving catastrophic warming.  Most officials dodged the questions, except U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Media Bias In Action:  NY Times Makes Obama The Victim Of His Incompetence.  President Obama went on to use executive power in an unprecedented fashion.  He didn't just do it, Obama bragged about it.  "If Congress won't act, I will" and "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone" were familiar refrains the president used to announce he was going to use executive power to get his way.  One of the ways President Obama tried to get around the separation of powers had to do with his signature legislation, The Affordable Care Act.  The law allowed for payments to be made directly to insurers to cover out-of-pocket costs and deductibles for low-income consumers.  Congress did not appropriate the funds.  The Obama administration decided to make the payments anyway.

The Doctor Is In.  Co-Pay? $40,000.  Money has always made a big difference in the medical world: fancier rooms at hospitals, better food and access to the latest treatments and technology.  Concierge practices, where patients pay several thousand dollars a year so they can quickly reach their primary care doctor, with guaranteed same-day appointments, have been around for decades.  But these aren't the concierge doctors you've heard about — and that's intentional.  Dr. Shlain's Private Medical group does not advertise and has virtually no presence on the web, and new patients come strictly by word of mouth.  But with annual fees that range from $40,000 to $80,000 per family (more than 10 times what conventional concierge practices charge), the suite of services goes far beyond 24-hour access or a Nespresso machine in the waiting room.

The Editor says...
The article immediately above is apparently an attempt to get the reader to be alarmed and outraged upon learning that wealthy people get treated better and have more comfortable lives than those with limited resources.  This isn't news.  It's in the newspaper, but it isn't news.

TX Republican Roughed Up By Hispanic Dems — Slate Headline: 'Texas Representative Sparks Capitol Fracas'.  I assume that Texas state representatives Ramon Romero Jr. and Cesar Blanco can't be deported, but perhaps the leadership of the Texas legislature can do something about them [...]

Huffington Post with a particularly gross hit on Mike Pence.  An estimated 90,000 Christians died for their faith last year, and an additional 500 to 600 million were blocked from practicing their religion, according to the Center for Studies on New Religions.  In 2015, the same Italy-based organization put the Christian death toll at 105,000.  Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, and things are particularly brutal in areas where radical terrorist groups, including the Islamic State, have a foothold.  Yet, because hatred for the Trump administration has turned some writers into imbeciles, the Huffington Post decided this week to cast aspersions on Vice President Mike Pence's factually accurate reference to Christianity's tragic honorific.

NBC, CBS Justify Leftist Students Shouting Down 'Controversial' DeVos.  After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was rudely shouted down by left-wing students during a commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University on Wednesday, NBC's Today and CBS This Morning actually attempted to justify the disrespectful behavior.

Historians Still Ruining Obama's Mythical Memoir.  Like Pavlov's dogs, the liberal media salivated over the arrival of former President Barack Obama to receive the Profile in Courage Award from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.  The mythic figure returned to accept the honor in the middle of a two-hour live special on MSNBC, loaded with the usual Chris Matthews slobbering over his "American eloquence."  The words "mythic figure" truly apply, as another liberal historian has now underscored just how much "fake news" Obama manufactured on his way to the highest office in the land and the lucrative beyond.

Lesley Stahl Frets That Courts Aren't Doing Enough to Thwart Republicans.  Practically as soon as "controversial" Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski was introduced on Sunday's 60 Minutes by reporter Lesley Stahl, you could see her pitch coming.

Scarborough Pats Palin on the Back for Speaking in 'Complete Sentences' During Tapper Interview.  During today's [4/21/2017] broadcast of MSNBC's Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough offered up some high praise to former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin over the way she handled her interview with CNN's Jake Tapper yesterday.  What was he commending her for?  Well, he seemed to be extremely impressed that she was able to speak somewhat articulately.  Highlighting right away that he wasn't trying to be "snide," Scarborough expressed amazement that "she spoke in complete sentences."  "Over the past five, six, seven years every time she got on TV," he explained, "she rambled to such a degree — it was word salad."

Republican wins.  NYT declares victory for Democrats.  From the Washington Examiner:  "Republican Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes defeated Democrat James Thompson and Libertarian Chris Rockhold Tuesday night [4/11/2017] to keep the state's 4th congressional district in GOP hands."  Republican Estes 52.5%, Democrat Thompson 45.7%.  A 6.8-point win.  Ho-hum.  But Nate Cohn of the New York Times — who gave Hillary an 85% chance of winning on Election Day — sees this as a victory for the Democratic Party.

CNN's Story Contradicting Devin Nunes on Susan Rice Is Based Entirely on Anonymous Sources.  [Scroll down]  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes [...] has been criticized for the way he handled and presented this information — not without reason — as he rushed to the press with it before handing it over to the rest of the intelligence committee.  As a result, Nunes has recused himself from the intel committee's Trump-Russia probe, but he's still looking into Rice's unmasking and the questionable conduct of the intelligence committee more generally.  However, Democrats on the committee have now seen the information that Nunes has, and no one denies that Rice is behind the unmasking.  CNN responded to the Rice revelation in a way that was frankly discrediting for a respectable news organization.  They refused to cover it, except to have their reporters overtly discredit it and even called it "false" in chryons.

Susan Rice Doesn't Deny Unmasking Trump Associates.  This morning, Susan Rice turned to the friendly confines of MSNBC to respond to explosive allegations about her role in the Obama spy/leak scandal.  Host Andrea Mitchell did all she could to make Rice feel at home.  She asked no tough questions, failed to follow up on evasive answers, and sometimes jumped in to reinforce claims made by Rice. [...] Amazingly, Rice got through a 16-minute interview without ever confirming or denying that she unmasked associates of President Trump.

The 10 Questions Andrea Mitchell Didn't Ask Susan Rice.  Here are a few thoughts about Andrea Mitchell's interview with Susan Rice — and the key questions that were left unasked.  Rice opened the interview by saying, "The allegation is that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes.  That's absolutely false."  On the contrary, the allegation is absolutely true — and demonstrating its truth is as easy as unmasking an American citizen in an NSA intercept.

Obamagate's Truth Is Stranger Than Orwell's Fiction.  Susan Rice's shaky, dry-mouthed performance on MSNBC Tuesday looked like a scene out of Orwell's fiction too.  Ministry of Truth official Andrea Mitchell hesitantly asked her questions about the scandal, making sure not to tax her too much or ask her any awkward follow-up questions.  The interview lasted over ten minutes, but Mitchell couldn't find time to ask her about the bald lie she told on PBS in March (that she knew "nothing" of unmasking the Trump team).  Nor was Big Brother to be brought up under any circumstances.  So even as Rice droned on about the importance of unsparing national security briefings, Mitchell steered clear of any mention of the beneficiary of that briefing — President Obama.

This is activism, not journalism:
CNN Works Hard To Help Illegal Aliens With 5 Phone Apps.  [Scroll down]  CNN went on to provide those 5 apps, which do things like allow illegals to let others know that immigration raids are happening.  Which is fantastic, since the vast majority of people ICE goes after are illegals with criminal convictions on their record.  Rape, robbery, assault, DUI, identity theft, coming back in after being deported (a federal felony), burglary, arson, and child molestation.  Much like Democrats, these are the people illegals are attempting to shelter.

CNN Complains About the Deportation of Drunk Driving DREAMer.  If there was one thing that our politically divided country could agree on, it was the seriousness of drunk driving.  But during Monday's [3/27/2017] edition of The Lead, that common understanding took a back seat for CNN as they bemoaned that a so-called "DREAMer" was deported.  "Last August [Jorge] Matadamas was charged with drunk driving and evading arrest.  While in jail, he lost his DACA status," reported Polo Sandoval, "[A] program which gave him a chance to live and work in the U.S.  After seven months in detention, he was deported."  CNN's report came after Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to pull federal law enforcement funds to cities that hindered Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Media Bias Goes Far Beyond Language.  As the history of visual propaganda reminds us, images can be as powerful as words in promoting ideology.  And since the clichés are true — every picture tells a story and a picture is worth a thousand words — perhaps conservative men and women in the public eye should start demanding final approval of the images the mainstream media use of them.  Or at least insist on using their own photographers.

Politico Absolves Gorelick for Instituting the Wall.  The first twenty paragraphs in the Politico piece deal with the "vitriol" from Democrats who are shocked at Gorelick for consorting with the Trumps.  Only in the twenty-first paragraph does the reader learn that Gorelick has "long been a bête noir of the right."  Writes Karni dismissively, "Rush Limbaugh for years has falsely blamed her for instituting a 'wall' between law enforcement and intelligence agencies when she served in the Justice Department, making it easier for the lead 9/11 hijacker to enter the country."  Falsely?  The "wall" is just one of many grievous offenses against the Republic for which Gorelick stands accused — including, as even Karni admits, a $26 million payday from Fannie Mae — but there is nothing false about her involvement with it.

Why is the Democratic National Committee "Embattled"?  This is a surprising news story, only because it comes from the uber-Democratic Party news operation, NBC: [...] Conservatives are hard on the Republican Party — we often denounce our party's leaders as inept, or worse.  But in fact, the Republican Party is riding a wave of historic success.  It is the Democrats who are sliding downhill toward oblivion, if present trends continue.  Has any major political party in any country ever had such an unsympathetic set of leaders as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton?  Not that I know of.

Flashback: Media Mourned When ObamaCare Was in Trouble.  While the liberal media has portrayed the tabling of the ObamaCare replacement bill as a "hugely embarrassing" political failure for President Donald Trump, there is one thing they aren't doing — calling it a missed opportunity to rescue Americans who have been hurt or burdened by ObamaCare.  However there was a time, back in 2010, when liberal reporters were saying something entirely different.  After Republican Scott Brown took over "Ted Kennedy's seat" and was poised to cast the deciding vote that would kill ObamaCare, the liberal media feared for the fate of President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation.

Look Who Else Called Slaves "Immigrants".  The liberal mainstream media was waiting to pounce on anything that recently-confirmed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said, and that's precisely what they did this week after Carson referred to slaves as "immigrants" in a speech.  Interestingly enough, however, former President Barack Obama said the same thing... but, of course, the outrage didn't follow.

Stopping CNN spies.  CNN just published the results of an outright espionage operation against the Trump White House, by pointing a vibration-sensitive camera at the window of the Oval Office.  This is an espionage technique, and it is obviously a major violation of national security laws.  CNN is gambling that any arrested "journalists" (spies) can be turned into martyrs against the Trump White House.  One obvious move is to have the perps arrested (which has to be done at some point).  But a much better strategy is to turn the CNN stunt against them.

Hypocrisy: 7X More Coverage for Sessions Debacle than Holder Contempt.  If you ever doubted that the media see the news through a partisan prism, consider this: in less than two days, ABC, CBS and NBC devoted nearly 7 times as much coverage to Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian Ambassador in his role as a U.S. Senator than they did when then-Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress in June 2012.

Have You Noticed Media Pushing a National Narrative of Anti-Semitism Today?  Here's Why.  Many people are noticing a rather familiar, albeit oddly timed, leftist "anti-Semitism" narrative being pushed into the media broadcasts over the past 36 hours.  Yes, it seems to have come out of nowhere. [...] However, the actual motive of the professional corporate media to push this meme has nothing to do with President Trump or republicans — it's an internal maneuver and transparently Clintonian.  Team Clinton, meaning the professionally political elements of the Democrat machinery, are pushing the anti-Semitism storylines because the party is in the final stages of framing their argument to ensure their preferred DNC head, Tom Perez, wins as party chair.

Andrea Mitchell Praises Lefty Protests, After Being Frightened by Tea Party.  At the top of her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Tuesday [2/21/2017], anchor Andrea Mitchell enthusiastically touted liberal protesters showing up to congressional town hall meetings:  "Republican Congress members getting an earful back home as they prepare to rollout their plan to repeal ObamaCare."  However, back in 2010, Mitchell was frightened by such "angry" displays by Tea Party demonstrators attending public meetings with Democratic lawmakers.

Oddly enough, media silent about Muslim bakeries that all refused to bake cake for gay couple.  Stephen Crowder (a Conservative humorist and commentator) went to multiple bakeries in Dearborn Michigan and could find a single Muslim bakery that would bake him a wedding cake celebrating gay marriage.  [...] But this post is not about how Muslims are big fat bigots and homophobes for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay couple.  We support the Muslim bakers' rights to refuse service just as much as we support the Christians.  As a matter of fact, I'll take it a step further than Crowder does in his video and say that we believe any private establishment should have the liberty to refuse service to anyone for any reason. [...] No, this is a story about media bias.  You see, when the media baited a Christian pizzeria owner into saying that she probably wouldn't cater a gay wedding, the media went ballistic!

MSNBC Repeatedly Pushes Elizabeth Warren To Call Mitch McConnell 'Sexist'.  MSNBC's Kasie Hunt twice tried to get Sen. Elizabeth Warren to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's behavior "sexist" during a Wednesday interview on Capitol Hill.  The Massachusetts Democrat noted that after McConnell prevented her from reading a letter penned by Coretta Scott King, "[she] went outside the Senate chamber, and [she] read the whole speech.

Opinion Activism On News Page:  GOP Hurries To Slash Oil And Gas Rules.  [Here is another reason] that the Credentialed Media has lost trust, as the NY Times publishes what is essentially an activist opinion piece by Eric Lipton on page A1 of the Sunday NY edition.  This might as well have been written by the office of Nancy Pelosi[.] [...] If that was a press release from the Democratic National Committee, would you know the difference?  Interestingly, Lipton never actually names the group till literally the next to last paragraph.

Useful Idiots No More.  The media is forever demanding that Christians take a "serious look" at their religion's lack of modern enlightenment, then declare any criticism of the Koran "Islamophobia."  "A Sinister Perception of Islam Now Steers the White House," blared a Thursday [2/2/2017] headline on the front page of the New York Times.  Could anyone imagine it running an equivalent headline about Obama's White House and Christianity — "A Sinister Perception of Catholicism Now Steers the White House"? Later, the paper changed "sinister perception" to "dark view of Islam."

The Anti-Trump Media's Attack on Monica Crowley.  My friend Monica Crowley was the subject of a major hit job by CNN a few weeks back.  She is a serious scholar, but she was portrayed as a serial plagiarist who never had an original idea in her head.  The emotional toll of the uproar caused her to withdraw from her appointment by President Trump to be the senior director of communications at the National Security Council.  It is the country's loss.  Over the last two decades, Monica has been one of the most effective commentators on the national scene regarding the geopolitical challenges confronting the United States, and in particular the phenomenon of jihadist terror catalyzed by sharia-supremacist ideology — radical Islam.

NBC's Holt Lectures Viewers on the Meaning of the Statue of Liberty.  With the debate over the legality of President Donald Trump's immigration and travel ban still raging Monday evening [1/30/2017], NBC broadcasted their Nightly News program "from the shadow of the Statue of Liberty" accompanied by a lecture from anchor Lester Holt. [...] But neither ABC nor CBS treated it as a time to seemingly pontificate about the morality of the issue, let alone march out to the Statue of Liberty and use it as a prop.

Nets Cheer Left-Wing Protesters & Politicians 'Defying' Trump on Immigration.  All three network morning shows on Thursday hailed left-wing protesters and Democratic mayors across the country denouncing President Trump's executive orders on immigration and border security.  Co-host Matt Lauer led off NBC's Today by proclaiming:  "Breaking overnight... Protests across the country after President Trump orders a Mexican border wall to be built immediately."  Clips played of demonstrators chanting:  "Donald Trump has got to go!"

ABC's Muir Left Speechless After Trump Brings Up March for Life.  Wednesday night was a major first for Donald Trump as ABC aired his very first interview as the President of the United States.  The interview questions ranged from immigration policy to what carpet he chose for the Oval Office (Ronald Reagan's), but things got awkward for interviewer David Muir when he tried to stick Trump with questions about the Women's March on Saturday, "Let me just ask you while we're standing outside, could you hear the voices from the Women's March here in Washington."

After school Satan clubs coming to public elementary schools.  An organization that calls itself the Satanic Temple has been very active in promoting its overlord.  It conducted a Black Mass and agitated, but failed, to build a 7-ft tall statue of Satan next to a 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma City; actually erected the statue in Detroit; and wants prayer in school to the Devil.  Now, in the name of religious parity, the Satanic Temple is bringing After School Satan Clubs to America's public elementary schools.  Another reason to home school your children.

The White House Press Corps Fawned Over Obama At His Final Press Conference.  The White House press corps showered President Barack Obama with adoring questions during his final press conference Wednesday, following a brief address in which he talked about the importance of a "skeptical" press.  "In LGBT rights, we've seen a lot of achievements over the past eight years," one reporter begins in a montage put together by Grabien to highlight the questions.  After crediting Obama with a list of accomplishments, he asks:  "Where do you think LGBT rights will rank in terms of your accomplishments or your legacy?"

The Washington Post Takes Anti-Trump Bias To A New Level.  [Scroll down]  The story is about a Washington Post/ABC News poll that asks, among other things, whether Trump should sell his business to avoid any possible conflicts of interest while president.  Trump has taken steps to avoid these conflicts, although not to the satisfaction of some in the media — many of whom probably wouldn't be satisfied no matter what Trump did.  What did the poll find?  It found that most (52%) think the steps Trump has taken are enough to "separate Trump's business interests from his obligations as president."  On the other hand, only 42% said that Trump should sell his business.

With CNN Credibility in Tatters Anderson Cooper Attempts To Defend Propaganda.  In addition to the Trump transition team and NBC Reporting, Fox News is now also reporting the original claims by CNN were entirely manufactured, "fake news" by four CNN agenda driven reporters:  Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez and Carl Bernstein[.]  Nothing reported as fact by the CNN constructionists actually took place.  Against, the back drop of CNN's destroyed credibility, pundit Anderson Cooper attempts to obfuscate and push back against the collapse during a contentious interview with Kellyanne Conway: [...]

Amusing, inasmuch as cable channels don't use "airwaves."
MSNBC Host to Planned Parenthood: 'These Airwaves Are Your Airwaves'.  Americans know the liberal media are untrustworthy.  But there's something especially repulsive when they don't even pretend to uphold journalistic integrity.  On Sunday [1/8/2017], MSNBC host Joy Reid invited Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on her show, AM Joy.  But rather than conducting an interview, Reid turned her show into a Planned Parenthood lovefest, from insinuating that defunding Planned Parenthood would make women die to promising Richards that "these airwaves are your airwaves."

Hours Before Trump's Press Conference CNN And BuzzFeed Hit 'Fake News' Bottom.  Just as we saw last Friday, with the completely fact and evidence-free dog and pony show put on by the Intelligence Community and their media allies, late Tuesday afternoon, the Establishment Empire struck again, this time with an unprecedented double down.  No doubt working in tandem (and with Donald Trump's many establishment enemies on both the left and right), CNN and BuzzFeed did something so sleazy and dishonest that, just a few years ago, even to a media cynic like me, it would have seemed impossible.  With a breathless breaking news report, left-wing CNN went first.  To no one's surprise, the once-respected Jake Tapper took the lead.  Undoubtedly CNN's overall goal was to offer up the imprimatur of "journalism" so that a batch of leaked and completely unsubstantiated anti-Trump documents could be dumped on the American public the night before the President-elect's very first press conference.

Vicious Hate Crime In Chicago Whitewashed By Press.  Note that the AP makes no reference to the races of the people involved, and says it is too soon to tell whether the assault was racially motivated.

Chicago torture video highlights media double standard on hate.  The four suspects are facing felony charges including hate crimes and kidnapping.  But Chicago Police initially downplayed reports Wednesday night that the attack was racially motivated.  "At this point we don't have anything concrete to point us in that direction," Police Supt.  Eddie Johnson told reporters.  A video of the suspects attempting to scalp a man while shouting "F*** white people" isn't concrete evidence?  And while the police were trying their best to tone down the racial motivations of the attackers, the Mainstream Media was trying to whitewash their skin color.  It took the Washington Post nine paragraphs to get around to the skin color of the attackers.

CNN's Camerota Frets 'Right-Wing Websites' Making Chicago Beating 'Political'.  As Thursday's CNN New Day covered the horrendous story of a white special needs man being tortured by four black teens in Chicago while they made anti-white and anti-Donald Trump taunts and live streamed the assault on Facebook, CNN co-host Alisyn Camerota fretted that "right-wing websites" like Breitbart, The Blaze, and Townhall are going too far in making the story "political."  At 6:31 a.m. ET, after a full report on the horrific attack, Camerota plugged an upcoming segment on right-wing reaction to the video as she worried:  "I mean, look, not only is this hideous, it's being also now somehow parlayed into a political statement.  There are some right-wing websites that believe that this is political.  So we're going to have a debate about what is behind this coming up."

Zero Self-Awareness:  Chuck Todd Whacks Trump's 'Concierge Media Friends'.  On NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday [1/1/2017], Chuck Todd devoted a whole hour to analyzing Trump vs. the Press, but he worked energetically to avoid the notion the media lost trust because it's seen as part of the Democratic National Machine.  There were no questions about whether they failed in being too soft on Hillary Clinton, because they never think they've been too soft on Democrats.

Midnight meltdown as tipsy Trump-hater Don Lemon has mic cut off by CNN.  CNN anchor Don Lemon has copped the honor of the first on-air Trump-hater meltdown of 2017, year one of the Trump presidency.  Sour Lemon's behavior was so disgraceful and out of place during a celebration of the New Year that the network brass cut his audio feed just after midnight when he began speak of "awful" 2016.

CNN Uses Germany Attack To Bash The Right.  CNN's online coverage of Monday's deadly terror attack on a German Christmas market focused on the attack's potential to stoke far-right anger, rather than the threats of Islamic radicalism.  The attack in Berlin killed at least 12 people and injured dozens more, but on CNN's website, the network's top story warned about "the fallout of fear" and said that "attacks fuel [the] far right's assault on democracy."

ABC Highlights Electoral College Disruptors, Shocked by Clinton Defections.  As the Electoral College wrapped up its proceedings across the country Monday, it was abundantly clear that President-Elect Donald Trump had exceeded the 270 votes needed to win and that the efforts of his liberal opponents were sundered.  On ABC's World News Tonight that evening reporter Cecilia Vega highlighted the efforts of those who set out disrupt the process.  "It did not come without some fiery moments today," hyped Anchor David Muir leading into the report.  "A chaotic scene in Wisconsin today," reported Vega, "Protesters shouting down electors as they cast their votes for Donald Trump."  "Everyone one of you, you're pathetic!  You don't deserve to be in America," a woman shouted as she was being escorted out by police.  "This is my America!  My America," she continued.

CNN's Robert Baer:  We Should Have Another Election.  Well, that didn't take long.  The morning after the Washington Post's Friday evening [12/9/2016] story that a "Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House," a "deeply disturbed" Bob Baer, appearing on CNN Newsroom, when questioned as to whether "we should have another election," said that if it's true, "I don't see any other way than to vote again."

WashPost Religion Columnist Attacks Evangelicals for 'Dangerous' Lack of Trust in the Mainstream Media.  The escalation against conservatives continued on Thursday with an online Washington Post column by Sarah Pulliam Bailey that sought to connect the distrust in the mainstream media on the right to the rise of fake news and "dangerous" consequences like the false story that's become known as Pizzagate.  "Listen, I was raised in an evangelical home.  I know the media is supposed to be the butt of many jokes and the source of many of our problems.  For many conservatives, the phrase "fake news" is now being used to describe "liberal bias," but fake news has real consequences," Bailey emphasized near the beginning of her post.  Perhaps most frustrating but not surprising for this newspaper was that Bailey made no attempt to differentiate between conservatives not willing to trust the liberal media and those who have embraced everything they see and hear from sites that have no semblance of facts or substance (ex.  Stories about Pope Francis endorsing Donald Trump).

CNN Gleefully Mocks Dr. Ben Carson — Exhibit Stunning Level of Ridicule Against Black Cabinet Nominee.  During a presented Don Lemon discussion panel Monday night [12/5/2016], the severity of ridicule against Dr. Ben Carson was jaw-dropping and unprofessional in the extreme.  Removing all pretense of substantive discussion, Don Lemon, Marc Lamont Hill and Peter Beinart began openly mocking the nomination of Dr. Carson for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The scope and severity of the exhibited ridicule was so over the top, fellow CNN panelist Brian Stelter was both visibly trying to hide his glee and simultaneously uncomfortable joining in amid the laughter and mockery.

Nets Give Jill Stein Recount Effort 12 Times Coverage of Her Entire Campaign.  When Jill Stein was the Green Party's candidate for U.S. president, the networks only gave her 36 seconds of coverage.  However, as soon as she launched a campaign to contest the presidential election and demand a recount of ballots in several key states, the evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC managed to find 7 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage for her in just four days.  That's more than 12 times as much coverage as in the entire campaign.

Left Targets Giuliani for Fighting Terrorism too Energetically.  In a move that invites parody if not outright ridicule, the left-oriented Politico blog this week went after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for fighting Iran-sponsored terrorism too aggressively.  Well, duh!  In a week that saw "Fake News" become the number one topic of debate among mainstream journalists, Politico decided to double down on stupidity and serve up a prime example of fake news.  The Washington post dutifully echoed the false accusations to give the lie a cloak of respectability not bestowed by Politico.

Journalists Hail Castro's Achievements, 'George Washington,' 'Folk Hero to Most of Us'.  Fidel Castro, who died late Friday night, was a tyrant who oppressed Cubans and brought misery to many for several decades and while much of the breaking news coverage emphasized that reality, journalists on ABC, CNN and MSNBC — matching how too much of the media approached Castro for decades — couldn't resist crediting him for supposed great advancements in education, literacy and health care.  On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell insisted in a stock bio that Castro "gave his people better health care and education."  Appearing live by phone, she soon trumpted how Castro "will be revered" for "education and social services and medical care to all of his people."

CBS, NBC Spend Three Times More Airtime on Neo-Nazi Conference Than Four Years of March for Life.  A disturbing trend has emerged since the presidential election as the liberal media have been promoting neo-Nazis and white nationalists in hopes to (admirably) discredit them and falsely insinuate that they were far-right conservatives who propelled Donald Trump to the White House.  Well, this trend manifested itself with five minutes and 17 seconds Tuesday morning on CBS and NBC that attempted to label the neo-Nazi conference as one featuring "conservative extremist[s]" and added up to three times more coverage than they've had on the March for the Life in the past four years (at one minute and 40 seconds).

The Exhausted Epithets of the Left.  Barack Obama's signature phrase, "the audacity of hope," came from a black nationalist, Jeremiah Wright.  Obama stocked his administration with black nationalists, delivered speeches to openly separatist black colleges and associations, rolled out the red carpet for Al Sharpton, encouraged the reverse racism of "Black Lives Matter," and rationalized the behavior of athletes who protested the American flag.  None of this qualified as "ethnonationalism" in the eyes of the media.  They reserve that smear for conservatives who oppose hyphenated Americanism.

CNN Disappointed Because The Stock Market is Rising.  Liberal ideologues who hate America continue their frustrated teeth gnashing.

Hypocrisy Watch:  Networks Pound Bannon, But Ignore Democrat Ellison's Radicalism.  Since Sunday evening, ABC, CBS and NBC (along with a host of other establishment media outlets) have been engaged in a feeding frenzy over Donald Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon, with reporters relentlessly employing phrases such as "white nationalist," "white supremacist," "extremist," "racist" and "anti-Semitic" to solidify the image of Bannon as a dangerous pick for a top White House position.  But since Friday, those same networks have been blind to the controversies surrounding the top candidate for Democratic National Committee Chairman, Rep. Keith Ellison.  Ellison has been accused of ties to the radical Nation of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, and once suggested the 9/11 terrorist attacks were akin to the infamous Reichstag fire used to propel Hitler's Nazi party into absolute power in 1933 Germany.

The Washington Post Thinks Reporting On A Study That Shows Illegals Take Jobs Is Racist.  In order to not be considered a racist by The Washington Post you should probably avoid reporting on a study by a federal economist that reveals illegal immigrants take jobs.  This is made clear in the article "'Can you name one white nationalist article at Breitbart?' Challenge accepted!," published Tuesday afternoon [11/15/2016] on the Post's The Fix blog.  The article was a response to a Breitbart editor who defended the publication from attacks that it supports racism Monday night by asking CNN's Don Lemon if he can name one white nationalist article on the site.  Breitbart has been under attack for allegedly being a white nationalist publication ever since the site's former executive chairman Steve Bannon was named President-elect Donald Trump's chief strategist on Sunday.

Democratic Propaganda Disguised as Election Analysis.  Julie Bosman and Monica Davey in a N.Y. Times article, "Republicans Expand Control in a Deeply Divided Nation," use understatement and a rhetoric of "thoughtful analysis" to make their case that Republican victories are negative events even though the people have spoken.  By publishing this article, the N.Y. Times once again becomes an instrument of partisan politics under the guise of high-minded journalism.  The authors have mastered the art of writing to project a sense that the reader is getting an overview of where we've been, where we are, and where we're going.  But in fact, the article is filled with bias against the Republicans.  Distortions abound.

ABC's Stephanopoulos:  Trump Civil Suit Conviction Could Be 'Impeachable'.  ABC's George Stephanopoulos raised the prospect of the impeachment of President-Elect Trump on Thursday's [11/10/2016] Good Morning America, as the morning show spotlighted the multiple civil lawsuits against the billionaire.  The former Clinton administration communications director underlined that "if he takes the risk of going to trial and he's convicted, that could be seen as an impeachable offense."  ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams corrected Stephanopoulos's faulty take:  "You can't impeach someone for stuff that they did before they became president."

Slate screenshot
Slate Goes Ape.  My wife pointed out the front page of today's Slate.  (Slate, if you are not familiar with it, is a left-wing on-line magazine.)  You can enlarge this image and then just ponder it.  There are numerous delights to be discovered, from "Donald Trump's Victory Proves That America Hates Women" to "Trump Won the Election By Promising a Resurgent White Supremacy."  Sure he did!  One question:  doesn't a complete lack of self-knowledge sometimes come back to bite you?

'Meltdown of the night' Bitter news anchor bemoans Trump's election success.  As Donald Trump triumphed in the race to the White House a television news anchor has bemoaned his incredible success.  As various major US news networks prepared to confirm the Republican's victory over Hillary Clinton, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow gave a bitter response while live on air.  The sombre host told MSNBC viewers, as Mr Trump edged towards victory:  "You're awake by the way.  "You're not having a terrible, terrible dream.  Also you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell. [...]"

Trump Wins — Time to End the Republican Civil War.  [Scroll down]  But if you were watching Fox News (not the more Trump-friendly and vastly more interesting Fox Business) as the returns were coming in, the commentators (except for the eminently sensible Tucker Carlson) made you think what we were witnessing was the final ascendance of Eugene V. Debs after six attempts and America was about to turn communist — or something.  I'm not going to name names.  It's pointless and contrary to what I am trying to do.  But I thought half those commentators were about to cry.  Some of them actually were.  And this is a conservative network.

Leftist Protester Going Nuts On CNN Over Hillary Loss Was a CNN Cameraman?  Is CNN using their own crew members as fake protesters?  Earlier today, we posted a video of a Hillary supporter having a total meltdown on CNN last night.  In a slightly longer version of the clip you can watch below, CNN's Don Lemon remarks at the end of the video that he knows the man and that he's a CNN cameraman.

Dain Bramage:  Idiot Hillary Supporter Has A MELTDOWN On CNN.  This meltdown, what is said, and WHO is saying it explains a lot of what's wrong with our country right now.  Respectfully, sir, your school owes the taxpayer a refund and an apology.  They've obviously failed you.  The field reporter went to an anti-Trump rally in Chicago and stopped someone in the crowd for his comments.  And then things got weird. [...] The newscaster back at the newsroom recognized this 'passerby'.  As a cameraman.  One who had traveled to Rwanda with the newscaster.

Newsweek goes all in for Hillary
Dewey defeats Truman!
Newsweek recalls 125,000 copies of its souvenir Madam President issue.  Everyone from pollsters to pundits got the result of the US presidential election wrong.  But few can have made it in such an expensive manner.  Newsweek and a partner that prints up special commemorative issues has been forced into an embarrassing recall, after it sent out 125,000 copies of its Madam President issue designed to celebrate Hillary Clinton's win.

ABC's Martha Raddatz Chokes Up While Discussing Implications of Trump Presidency.  ABC News' Martha Raddatz began to choke up during the network's 2016 Election Night coverage when discussing the ramifications a President Donald Trump might have on the military.  Raddatz, one of the 2016 debate moderators, sounded shaky from the get-go.  "Donald Trump, I questioned what he would do about Syria and his understanding of military policy and civilian/military divide, I don't know that he really has a plan for what he's going to do there," she said.

CNN: A Blue Spot in 'This Sea of Red Makes You Feel a Little Better'.  CNN's John King said that a state leaning blue toward Hillary Clinton in a "sea of red" had to make you feel better while looking at a map of the incoming results of the presidential election Tuesday night [11/8/2016].  After discussing with Wolf Blitzer how Virginia was moving toward Clinton, King zoomed out and took a look at all the states that had either gone or were leaning to Donald Trump, describing the map as a "sea of red."

Stunned Chris Matthews:  Loser Hillary Won the Debates, Had 'Best Ad Campaign'.  A stunned Chris Matthews struggled to comprehend Hillary Clinton's loss and the victory of Donald Trump on election night.  On MSNBC, Matthews sputtered, "[Clinton] won every debate by all standards.  Every debate.... She had the best ad campaign, the best ground game."  He whined, "This is a shot against meritocracy, I think.  Because she merited everything and the normal way you standardize these things, she did what you're supposed to do to win and Trump came in around the corner."

The Editor says...
Oh, yes, "she did what you're supposed to do," except for the secrecy, the cloud of corruption, the imperious condescension, the $200,000 speeches about nothing, lying about her obviously poor health, and 30 years of accumulated scandals, any one of which should have sent her to trial.  What an immense relief it is to know that we won't have to listen to that ghastly voice of hers for the next four years.  Nor does anyone have to listen to people like Chris Matthews, constantly campaigning for the Democrats while pretending to be "journalists."

WikiLeaks: John Harwood Asked Podesta What He Should Ask Jeb During Interview.  John Harwood, a journalist for CNBC and The New York Times, asked Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta what he should ask then-Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in an interview, according to a new email released by WikiLeaks on Sunday [11/6/2016].  The email from September 21, 2015 had the subject line, "what should I ask Jeb..."

The Truth About the Late Tom Hayden — Whitewashed by the MSM.  The worst claim in the [New York] Times' obituary is that Hayden was a "peace activist" who "opposed violent protests but backed militant demonstrations." He could be called a peace activist only if one views someone who supported a Communist victory in Vietnam as a proponent of "peace."

"Amerca's Morning News" All in for Hillary.  I was listening to the radio when America's Morning News came on with some election "news".  It was essentially a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton disguised as "news".  It dwelt on the made up "scandal" of Trump accusers that have been mostly debunked.  Not a single word about the multiple Hillary scandals from exposing U.S. classified information, pay for play as Secretary of State, transferring half a million dollars to the campaign of the wife of the FBI individual who was supposed to be investigating Hillary, and on and on.  I have never seen the full force of the organized media so completely all in for one candidate before.

Dishonest media 101: 'Your bias is showing'.  [Scroll down]  Unfortunately, when I was working on the copy desk putting out the Sunday paper last week, I was so shocked by a story that I changed my plans for this column.  The story, which passed muster at the Associated Press and no doubt made its way into hundreds of newspapers and probably thousands of websites, was a report on a Trump rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Oct. 13.  It was so astoundingly biased that I had to extensively edit the story to remove the reporter's personal opinions before running it on the following day's front page.  The story was headlined, "Trump challenges legitimacy of election."  That was one of the few accurate statements in the report.  It was all downhill from there.  I'll provide a few examples to demonstrate how the reporter inserted personal opinions into a news story, and how easy it was for me as editor to correct them.

This is Abortion Advocacy, Not Journalism.  I was kinda thrown off guard this morning.  I got on the Facebook page of a local newspaper this morning.  It's a great place to find recommendations on gutter clearings, etc. in our area.  And along with the posts on golf carts for sale and BOLOs for pick up trucks speeding on backroads, there was this. [...]

Trump has a point with media criticism.  Add it all up, and one presidential candidate's negative news of the day was somehow covered more than 23 times more than another candidate's negative news of the day.  It's understood what has always sold in this business: sizzle always trumps steak, sex always triumphs over substance.  If you told me the coverage was 2-1 or even a 3-1 ratio of Trump to Clinton, you wouldn't be reading this column right now.  But a story winning the lead over another is one thing.  Devouring it to the point of almost total omission via a more than 23:1 ratio is quite another:  "NBC Nightly News" with Lester Holt devoted zero seconds to the Democrat and Wikileaks on Thursday night [10/13/2016].

How the Washington Post killed Bernie Sanders' candidacy.  The Bernie Sanders candidacy didn't die a natural death — it was murdered.  And the murder weapon has the fingerprints of the Washington Post all over it.  That's the contention of the much-respected progressive writer Thomas Frank (author of the beloved-by-the-left book "What's the Matter With Kansas?") in an evisceration of the media's role in taking down Sanders that will be the cover story of the November issue of Harper's.

Washington Post Reporter Spiked Info About Podesta Conflict Of Interest.  A Washington Post reporter gave former White House Senior Counselor John Podesta advance reassurance she was withholding information about his ethically compromising financial links to a Democratic mega-donor.  "I just wanted to make sure John Podesta had a heads up that his name will be in a story concerning the White House's ethics policy, which could run on Monday," WaPo White House Bureau Chief Juliet Eilperin told then-Obama White House Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati in a March 21, 2015, email.

Nearly 20 Mins on Trump's 'Miss Piggy' Remark, Silence on Clinton Chief of Staff Immunity.  Once again, ABC, CBS and NBC have ignored a major news story that could be embarrassing to Hillary Clinton and have national implications, while promoting a negative (and trivial) Trump story initially pushed by the Clinton campaign.  On September 23, news broke that during the now-infamous investigation into Clinton's emails, the FBI granted Clinton's former chief of staff Cheryl Mills immunity.  House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz called Mills's immunity "beyond explanation," adding that "the FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy."  Yet, neither ABC, CBS nor NBC ever even mentioned this story once.

Trump Now Calls Debate 'Rigged' Due To Antagonistic Moderator.  In the wake of extensive criticism of presidential debate moderator Lester Holt for aggressively confronting Republican candidate Donald Trump and lobbing softballs at Democrat Hillary Clinton, Trump is changing his verdict of how the debate was conducted.  "And then I had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything I said.  What a rigged deal," Trump told a New Hampshire crowd Thursday [9/29/2016].

The Low Point of a Low Night.  Lester Holt, anchor of NBC Nightly News and the moderator in last night's presidential debate, is hearing it from conservative critics about his performance.  He pressed Donald Trump on his tax returns and his long record of birtherism, and he jumped in, Candy Crowley-like, when Trump claimed that he hadn't supported the Iraq War.  He didn't ask Hillary Clinton, correspondingly, questions about her e-mails, the "basket of deplorables," or the rumors about her ill health.  For me, Holt's lowest moment came at the end.  "One of you will not win this election," he said.  "So my final question to you tonight, are you willing to accept the outcome as the will of the voters?"

Trump Is Better Positioned for the Next Two Debates than the Pundits Dare Realize.  [Scroll down]  Lester Holt was profoundly one-sided.  He interrupted Trump constantly (41 times), rarely Hillary (7 times).  He tried a few Candy Crowley moments, as when he interjected his views on the constitutionality of stop-and-frisk.  That is Hillary's job, if she wishes to interject along those lines, not the moderator's.  He asked Trump five hard follow-up questions; he asked Hillary ... not one.  However, whereas moderators like Crowley cowed Romney and McCain into submission, because those genteel nominees were oh-so-polite and well mannered, Trump was not cowed.

Corrupt Lester Holt shows why Americans are sick of media.  If trust and confidence in the media have fallen to the lowest in history, as recently reported, Holt, in his total abandonment of any semblance of objectivity, has lowered both even more.  This bootlicking cog, beholden to his pro-Hillary media masters, didn't bring up Benghazi, the email scandals, the Clinton Foundation slush fund, Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, or Clinton's connections to the biggest female oppressors on the planet.  With no pushback at all, Holt allowed Hillary to reference an irrelevant 1996 beauty pageant winner as an example of Trump's so-called misogyny.

CBS Spotlights Debate Watch Party with No Trump Supporters.  The Tuesday evening [9/27/2016] following the first 2016 presidential debate, CBS Evening News was eager to share the opinions of people at debate watch parties from all across the country, including Los Angles, Philadelphia, and Dallas.  Of the three watch parties they covered, CBS chose to lead with Los Angles where the makeup of the room was highly biased.  "This group of Latino debate watchers gathered early," reported CBS's John Blackstone, "None here support Donald Trump, but Ana Reyes came looking for more reasons why Hillary Clinton deserved her vote."

Hillary Clinton's Lyin' Eyes.  [Scroll down]  Eight years ago, John McCain's health was much discussed by the media with regard to his age and history of melanoma.  Was he too old?  Could his cancer return?  Only four years older when he was seeking the nomination than Mrs. Clinton is now, one thought the grim reaper was sitting atop his shoulder.  Yet those questioning Mrs. Clinton's health are conspiracy kooks, part of the "vast right wing conspiracy", card-carrying members of "The Deplorables", called "healthers" as the new "birthers".  Mrs. Clinton is not running for Chappaqua town council, but for commander in chief of the United States.  Her health is a legitimate concern.

The media loves Hillary — and it could cost her the election.  [Scroll down]  Holt's bias was obvious, but the impact was not inevitable.  It mattered largely because, shockingly, Donald Trump was shocked that Holt was in the tank for Clinton.  How could Trump not see that coming?  And if he did, why wasn't he better prepared?  Holt never pressed Clinton with any substantive follow-ups, while Trump repeatedly was asked to defend or explain what he had just said or said in the past.

MSNBC wins big at Media Research Center's Dishonors Awards night.  [For example,] When her guest, Latino conservative Alfonso Aguilar, praised House Speaker Paul Ryan as a "hard worker" on October 26, the MSNBC schoolmarm took exception.  "I want us to be super careful when we use the language 'hard worker,' because I actually keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like.  So, I feel you that he's a hard worker, I do, but in the context of relative privilege."

Trump won the debate.  Don't believe the "Intellectual Yet Idiot" class.  [Scroll down]  They stacked the deck against Trump with Lester Holt's one-sided questions and interventions.  The Holt-Clinton team was glib, articulate, and self-congratulatory.  However, they lost.  The Intellectual Yet Idiot class that dominates our news media fell all over themselves critiquing Trump and praising Holt and Clinton.  In doing so, they repeated the mistake they have made about every debate since August 2015.

If Lester Holt Really Wanted to Be Fair and Balanced...  NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, at Monday night's [9/26/2016] debate, repeatedly cross-examined and fact-checked GOP nominee Donald Trump.  However, for Hillary Clinton there was not one single challenge to anything she said.  And there wasn't a hard-hitting question to the Democratic nominee on any of her controversies whether it be Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or the e-mails.  If Holt had correctly done his job as moderator he could've asked a tough question of Trump and then pivoted to ask an equally challenging question to Clinton.  The debate might have gone completely different if he had.

Here's A List Of The Top 10 Issues Hillary Was NOT Asked About At Monday's Debate.  Moderator Lester Holt is getting mixed reviews for his performance at Monday's presidential debate.  While some are praising Holt as having been even-handed, critics have noted that the questions he asked — or didn't ask — seemed to favor former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Specifically, Holt pressed Donald Trump on a number of tough issues including his unreleased tax returns.  However, Holt failed to hold Hillary Clinton to account for any of the significant issues surrounding her scandal-plagued campaign, including the Clinton foundation's pay-to-play accusations and her cozy relationship with Wall Street investment banks.

Eric Bolling calls out Lester Holt for blatant Hillary Clinton debate bias.  Fox News' Eric Bolling took to Twitter to react during Monday night's presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Lester Holt spins debate for Hillary 6 huge ways, plays 'Gotcha' with Trump.  Journalists got their wish.  Presidential debate moderator Lester Holt hoisted Hillary Clinton's campaign high in the air like Atlas.  Holt repeatedly called out Trump, as both the Clinton campaign and the liberal media had begged him to do.  Holt reminded viewers he's liberal — from pushing the birther issue to harassing Trump about his tax returns to a wildly biased question about Clinton as "the first woman nominated by a party" not having "the look."  Clinton skated by with a 15-second response on her emails while Trump was asked repeated follow-up questions while Hillary was not.  There was no "deplorables" question and Holt promoted the birther meme without noting its origin in the Clinton camp.

Lester "Candy" Holt Moderates a Completely Useless Debate.  Nobody Won.  America Lost.  If you were tuning in to help you decide which candidate had the best plans for your future, Lester "Candy" Holt was absolutely no help at all.  Who has the better plan for the economy?  For Terrorism?  For National Security?  For anything?  You sure did not learn that last night.  Holt tossed out lofty topics but allowed the discussion, and even led the discussion, to Hillary's talking points.  He tried to fact check Trump — but never Hillary.

Rudy Giuliani: 'Lester Holt Should Be Ashamed Of Himself'.  When asked by The Daily Caller Monday night if Holt treated Donald Trump fairly, the former mayor of New York said he acted "extremely unfairly."  "Particular in his interference with regard to the unconstitutionality of a case called Terry v.  Ohio," Giuliani told this reporter.  "I forgive Hillary Clinton for not understanding that stop-and-frisk was not held unconstitutional — only unconstitutional as applied by Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly."  "I happen to disagree with that," he said.  "I was out of office 12 years when it was held unconstitutional.  It was never held unconstitutional when I was mayor."

'Was Lester Holt auditioning for Hillary's press secretary?' NBC moderator is criticized for Clinton bias.  Lester Holt has been lambasted on social media with accusations he favored Hillary Clinton following Monday night's presidential debates.  Some allegations against the NBC moderator included that he frequently interrupted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and went easy on Clinton.  Even Trump himself implied that he was disappointed the topics of Clinton's foundation, emails and Benghazi scandal were never raised.

Five Times Lester Holt Shilled for Hillary Clinton at First Debate.  Again and again, Holt asked Trump tough questions that were straight from the Clinton campaign's talking points, and which were obvious set-ups for Clinton to attack (and for fact-checkers to pounce on whatever Trump asserted in his own defense).  Here are the five worst examples.

Lester Holt Lost the Debate.  There were concerns that Lester Holt would be this debate's Candy Crowley.  He was a good deal worse.  Every question was shaped to frame a left-wing agenda.  Holt hurled numerous attacks at Trump.  He only passingly offered Hillary a chance to address her emails when Trump had already brought it up.  The debate was structurally biased and Holt biased it.  He repeatedly argued with Trump about the facts.

Provably biased:  Lester Holt tries to throw debate.  Lester Holt was widely praised as a fair journalist to moderate the first presidential debate in the general election, but the debate did not turn out to be fairly moderated.  Holt went after Donald Trump four times on tough "gotcha"-type questions, while only bringing up Hillary Clinton's emails when asking her to respond to Trump.  All four questions led to Clinton smashing Trump on an issue she has been using on the trail against him.

Media Bashing of Lauer Has Desired Effect as Lester Holt Lets His Bias Fly.  The first part of the debate was actually all right for Holt, but the wheels flew off when they got to how each candidate would handle healing the racial divide in the U.S.  Holt went for the birther issue with Trump, which isn't off the table but has very little relevance to what faces our next president.  Had Hillary brought it up it would have been fine.  For Holt to interject it during what was supposed to be a substantive discussion on race relations made it seem as if he were being fed questions directly from Clinton HQ.  Holt then hit Trump with a question about him saying that Hillary didn't have a presidential "look," which obviously just served as a platform for Hillary to call Trump a sexist.

Lester Holt shows he doesn't know the meaning of impartial.  For the first half or so, Holt gave simple, broad, open-ended questions and let the candidates go at it.  He didn't venture into live fact-checking, didn't much quarrel with the nominees, didn't ask persnickety questions. [...] But in the last half of the show, Holt started going after Trump.  He got into an unfortunate bickering match with the Republican nominee over the latter's (apparently offhand) support for the Iraq War in a 2002 Howard Stern interview.  It was perfectly reasonable to bring up the point, but the exchange became tiresome on both sides, with the two men talking past each other.

Giuliani: I wouldn't debate again after Holt's 'interference'.  Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani floated the prospect of Trump not participating in further general election debates, after what he believes was inappropriate meddling Monday by moderator Lester Holt.  "If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn't participate in another debate unless I was promised the journalist would act like a journalist, and not an ignorant fact check," Giuliani said late Monday night in the post-debate spin room, according to video provided by Bloomberg.  "My advice would be the moderator would have to promise they'd be a moderator."

In debate, Clinton gets no follow-up questions, Trump gets 6.  Republican Donald Trump was kept on the defensive at the first presidential debate, in several instances having to debate the highly anticipated event's moderator as well as his Democratic opponent.  Trump was challenged on his answers Monday night at Hofstra University in New York at least six times by NBC's Lester Holt, according to the Washington Examiner's count.  Hillary Clinton, meanwhile was no follow-up questions for the 90-minute debate.

Trump Takes On Holt And Hillary.  Donald Trump's main opponent in the first presidential debate wasn't Hillary Clinton.  It was NBC anchor Lester Holt.  Hillary, with forced smiles as brittle as china and an eerie fake laugh, continued her primary debate strategy of repeating canned talking points while waiting for the moderator to knock off her opponent.  Hillary wasn't there to debate, but to once again seem like the only possible option.  Holt's job was to make her seem like the only possible option by targeting Trump.

Debate: Trump did well, despite a big obstacle.  Trump did well overall despite the clear bias in the questions asked and not asked by Lester Holt, and a missed opportunity to attack Hillary on the email scandal and Benghazi. [...] Holt kept interrupting Trump during his answers, but he did not interrupt Hillary.  Holt should have asked Hillary if her campaign started the birther issue in 2008.  But most importantly, Holt did not ask Hillary about the Bubba Foundation that has received billions of dollars from countries, individuals, and businesses that had business with the Hillary State Department.  Holt did not ask about how she amassed $300 million during the last 15 years, and why anyone would pay up to $500K per speech to her "husband" Bubba while she was secretary of state, not to mention her own speech fees after she left office.  Holt did not ask Hillary about the pay for play, nor did he ask her about Benghazi, specifically why she lied about the attack's cause.

"Mostly true" when Bernie said it, "mostly false" when Trump did.  The Social Justice Warriors at PolitiFact are at it again, lying like sacks of fertilizer inside the barn.

Dallas Paper Offers Discount In Scramble To End Hillary Endorsement Fallout.  The Dallas Morning News is offering massively discounted subscriptions to its readers in an effort to withstand the fallout caused by its editorial board's endorsement of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  The endorsement has generated a lot of reader pushback in the form of angry comments, phone calls and vows to unsubscribe from the paper, which hasn't endorsed a Democrat in 75 years.  Editor Joe Wilson has acknowledged it came with a price of dropped subscriptions, but no one from the paper has revealed how many readers actually unsubscribed.

The Editor says...
It is difficult enough to keep a newspaper afloat in the 21st century, without stuff like this.

After Charlotte shooting, press downplays a key fact:  The officer's race downplays a key fact:  The officer's race.  The riot in Charlotte, and the fatal shooting of Keith Scott that sparked the violence, was the lead story in yesterday's New York Times.  But a crucial fact was buried.  Not until the 30th paragraph were readers told that "Brentley Vinson, the officer who the police say shot Mr. Scott, is black, as is the police chief."  The Washington Post took a similar approach with its lead story, waiting until the 31st paragraph to report that "authorities said the officer who shot Scott is black."

Nets Omit IRS Head Admitting to Targeting Tea Party Groups at Hearing.  At a contentious impeachment hearing conducted by the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday [9/21/2016], IRS Commissioner John Koskinen admitted that his agency targeted Tea Party groups looking to obtain tax-exempt status.  "They were totally improper criteria used to select organizations, applying for c-4 designation for further review," testified Koskinen before the committee, "Those organizations predominantly were conservative organizations."  This stunning abuse of power went unreported by the "Big Three" networks Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  The only reference to Koskinen being in a hearing that day was made by NBC that evening, but the report had nothing to do with a possible impeachment or his testimony.  During her report on NBC Nightly News, reporter Katy Tur used a clip of the commissioner, talking about how tax-exempt organizations can spend their funds, to take a swipe at Donald Trump and his foundation for alleged self-dealing.

CNN Media Panel:  Clinton vs.  Trump Is Apples vs. 'Rancid Meat'.  On his Sunday show Reliable Sources, [9/4/2016] host Brain Stelter brought out a panel made up a proverbial who's who of Donald Trump opponents to whine about how the media was being "unfair" to Hillary Clinton and going easy on Trump.

Dr. Drew loses his CNN show a week after questioning Hillary's health.  Dr. Drew Pinsky raised a lot of eyebrows a week ago when he said he was gravely concerned over Hillary Clinton's health in an interview on KABC-AM radio.  The interview went viral, and was taken down by the station (but a transcript lives on, courtesy of the Free Beacon).  So the message had to be delivered in way tht [sic] would chill everyone who might think about revealing inconvenient truths.

Hillary's Corruption Is Overwhelming.  After over two decades in the heart of America's spotlight, Hillary Clinton is still an unknown quantity for most Americans.  That's thanks to one factor and one factor only:  the love and worship of the mainstream media.  Over the weekend, no less than six terrible stories broke that would have crippled anyone else's campaign.

Media that ripped Bush on Katrina ignores Obama on Louisiana flooding.  President George W. Bush was torn to shreds in 2005 by mainstream media commentators for his initial response to Hurricane Katrina — yet President Obama's detached response to the recent Louisiana floods has been met with resounding silence from those same outlets.  "George Bush doesn't care about black people" was the shocking charge by singer Kanye West about President Bush's response to Katrina.  West's was a particularly blunt assessment, but echoed a growing narrative pushed by mainstream media outlets that Bush's response was out of touch, inept and most of all, he didn't care about people on the ground.

Chris Matthews:  Get 'excited' about Clinton campaign, or 'don't vote'.  MSNBC's Chris Matthews has a striking message for disaffected Democrats:  Get "excited" about Hillary Clinton's campaign and the possibility of the party controlling Washington, or "don't vote."  The "Hardball" host offered the advice on air Tuesday night, while griping about some Democrats' pessimistic attitude toward the election.

Chris Matthews Fails to Identify Disgraced Pennsylvania AG as a Democrat.  Imagine that a Republican state attorney general had been forced to resign after being convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice.  Now imagine how the story would have been played on MSNBC.  Fair to assume that the word "Republican" would have featured in the story's first sentence?  But in a stand-alone segment on today's Hardball on the forced resignation of Kathleen Kane, the Pennsylvania AG who was convicted on nine charges, host Chris Matthews failed to ever mention, and the screen graphics never revealed, that Kane is a Democrat.  Kane had illegally leaked secret grand jury documents to harm a rival prosecutor, then lied about it under oath.

WaPo Writer Discovered on Payroll of Pro-Iran 'Echo Chamber' Architect.  A Washington Post writer who recently claimed that a $400 million cash payment to Iran was "American diplomacy at its finest" failed to disclose that he has been on the payroll of an organization that emerged as a chief architect of the White House's self-described campaign to build a pro-Iran "echo chamber," according to information obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  Allen S. Weiner, a Stanford law professor and contributor to the Post's opinions section, co-authored a piece arguing in favor of the Obama administration's decision to pay Iran $400 million in hard currency in what many described as a "ransom payment" for the release of several U.S. hostages.  Weiner and the Post failed to disclose that the writer has long been on the payroll of the Ploughshares Fund, an organization recently exposed as a key cog in a White House-orchestrated campaign to build what it called a pro-Iran "echo chamber."

Sharyl Attkisson Discusses DC Journalist Bureau Chief Urging Colleagues to Take Down Trump.  Sharyl Attkisson was interviewed on NewsMax TV with Steve Malzberg and discussed an event she attended where a well known DC Journalist Bureau Chief urged all of the reporters in attendance to earnestly work at taking down candidate Donald Trump.  When you consider the event being discussed, and further add the known hatred from a very specific Washington Bureau Chief, it stands to reason Attkisson is discussing Carl Bernstein.  Bernstein previously said that all reporters have a professional journalistic responsibility to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump.  Bernstein, if you didn't know, is a full-throated supporter of Hillary Clinton.

VIDEO: Here's ten minutes of CNN cutting people's mics when they dare criticize Hillary.  Note to pundits, journalists, witnesses, and commentators who would dare speak the truth about Hillary Clinton.  You are not welcome on CNN.  They have no interest in hearing the facts of Mrs. Clinton's life.  They don't fit the obviously-biased narrative they're building, and [they won't] let you sit there and use their airwaves to inform people.  The once and future Queen must be protected at all costs.  Speak ill of her and CNN's gestapo will shout you down and cut you off with extreme prejudice — regardless of the accuracy of your comments.

A Good Joke About Political Murder.  [Scroll down]  Not only did Trump not say what the media has accused him of saying, but the media has no problem when Democrats openly called and call for the assassination of Republican presidents and presidential candidates.  During Trump's candidacy a fine roster of media folks covering the gamut from the New York Times to VICE to the Nightly Show have joked about killing Trump or about his assassination.  Anyone objecting to that sort of good clean progressive fun would have been a humorless spoilsport.  Trump's remark however is being denounced in the press as everything from a threat to sedition.  What did Trump actually say?  When you go to the tape, it turns out that he said nothing.

CBS Admits:  Host Gayle King Attended Gushing Obama Birthday PartyCBS This Morning co-host Gayle King isn't just a Democratic donor, she also attended Barack Obama's 55th birthday party this past weekend.  The woman who regularly covers political stories, including the 2016 presidential election, was outed by her co-host Charlie Rose as a guest.  After reporter Dana Jacobson highlighted a New York Times story on the secrecy of the Obama White House bash, Rose blurted, "Did you tweet anything [at the party]?"  King replied, "Oh, no.  They ask you not to tweet.  I'm not tweeting a thing."  She bragged, "It was a very nice tribute to him [Obama].  The last time in the White House and I can say a good time was had by all."  An excited Rose wondered, "And you danced with the President?"  Remember, these people call themselves neutral, unbiased journalists.

New York Times Blames Donald Trump for Biased Media Coverage.  [Scroll down]  In 2008 — to pick an arbitrary starting point — journalists swooned over the prospect of Barack Obama as the first black president, and coordinated to discuss attacks on Obama's critics.  In one particularly noxious episode, a photographer working for the Atlantic photoshopped a cover image she had shot to cast McCain as a bloodthirsty monster.  In 2012, journalists plotted together to make Mitt Romney the target of Benghazi coverage, rather than Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — and CNN's Candy Crowley infamously threw the second presidential debate to Obama.  They played along with spurious attacks on Romney's record, such as his supposed responsibility for the death of a worker's wife and the alleged mysteries in his tax returns.

GOP Goes Full Democrat.  [Scroll down]  Media support for the Democrat candidate, no matter who that is, should be a foregone conclusion.  The alphabet networks, cable news shows and major newspapers are nothing more than campaign arms of the DNC.  The most recent example is Khizr Khan receiving 50 times more coverage than Benghazi mother Pat Smith on the three major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC.  When George W Bush was running for president, Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan were constantly on the news, protesting the Iraq war and excoriating George W Bush.  Then in 2008 with a new Democrat president, the war protests went into silent mode receiving no media coverage, having already served their purpose.

NBC Urges Hillary's VP to Trash Trump; CBS Urges Trump's VP to Trash Trump.  Two networks.  Two vice presidential candidates.  Same questions.  Today co-host Savannah Guthrie on Friday [8/5/2016] interviewed Mike Pence and urged the Republican to trash Donald Trump.  On CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell talked to Tim Kaine and urged the Democrat to trash... Trump.  She did not demand that Kaine bash Hillary Clinton.  Instead she asked if Trump was "sane" and "competent."  On NBC, Guthrie lectured, "Paul Ryan himself said that Donald Trump has been on a 'strange run' for the last few days.  You're down in every national poll, some by double digits, in every recent battleground poll.

CBS Touts 'Feminist-in-Chief' Obama, Laments Dislike of Hillary Clinton.  The journalists at CBS This Morning on Thursday [8/4/2016] hailed Barack Obama as the "feminist-in-chief" and praised his new essay in Glamour magazine on "women and politics."  Naturally, Democratic donor and co-host Gayle King expanded the discussion to a complaint about people disliking Hillary Clinton.  Talking to editor-in-chief Cindi Leive and insisted, "In Glamour magazine, you've been talking a lot about politics.  I want to switch to Hillary Clinton and about likability.  Because don't you find it interesting that this is still an issue for her today?"  Leive scolded, "They [the public] can accept voting for somebody they think is competent but not necessarily like likable.  They are tougher on women."

MSNBC: Pat Smith's Speech Was 'Offensive' But Khizr Khan's Was 'Memorable'.  Both the Republican and Democratic conventions gave speaking slots to grieving parents of a son killed in combat, but — according to MSNBC's Steve Benen — Khizr Khan's DNC speech was "memorable," while Pat Smith's RNC speech was "offensive."  Smith, whose son, Sean, was killed in Benghazi, slammed Hillary for allegedly lying to her about the cause of her son's death.

On CNN, Pat Smith Blasts 'Dirt' Treatment From Media Over RNC Speech.  On Monday's [8/1/2016] CNN Newsroom, Patricia Smith hammered the media over their clear double standard between the often-negative way they treated her anti-Hillary Clinton speech at the Republican National Convention versus their hyping of Khizr Khan's anti-Donald Trump speech at the Democratic National Convention:  "I was treated like dirt.  I don't think the Khan family was treated that way.  But I was treated like dirt.  I was called a liar."  Anchor Brooke Baldwin pressed Smith to condemn Trump's counter-attack on Khan and his wife.  Baldwin led into her interview of the Benghazi mother by noting that Trump "isn't the only candidate facing backlash here.  Hillary Clinton being criticized again by one of the most vocal parents... of the slain Americans in Benghazi."

Double Standard:  Khizr Khan Receives 5 More Coverage Than Pat Smith on ABC, CBS, NBC.  Two weeks ago at the Republican National Convention (RNC) a grieving mother blasted Hillary Clinton for the debacle of the 2012 Benghazi attack.  Last Thursday [7/28/2016], at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), grieving parents gave a speech criticizing Donald Trump for his statements against Muslims.  While all the grieving parents deserve sympathy, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network evening and morning shows seemed to only care about the parents that showed up at the Democratic Convention.  Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazla's DNC appearance earned 55 minutes, 13 seconds of Big Three network coverage, nearly 50 times more than Pat Smith, whose RNC speech honoring her son earned just 70 seconds of airtime.

Glenn Greenwald:  The Media's Coverage of Donald Trump Is 'Kind of Hysterical'.  In a recent conversation with Slate, The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald agrees that a possible Donald Trump presidency "poses ... extreme dangers" to the U.S., but the journalist also argues that the mass media is not only creating a dangerous, unblinking consensus against Trump but also failing to reach his voters.

Charlie Rose Asks Eric Holder About 'Danger' of 'Not Smart' Trump.  Acting more like a doorman than a journalist during PBS coverage of the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose invited former Attorney General Eric Holder to blast Donald Trump:  "You also said that Donald Trump, you questioned his gray matter.  You mean he's not smart enough to be president?"  Holder replied:  "Yeah, I wonder.  You know, I sometimes think that he hides behind a certain bravado to hide a lack of substance that he has.... he seems to me to be a very shallow man."  Rather challenge the nasty personal attack or lecture Holder to tone down the rhetoric, Rose urged him to continue:  "And because you don't see any intellectual interest, you don't see anything other than a businessman?"

CNN's David Gregory: 'I've Run Out of Words to Express My Shock' Over Trump.  Following a long, rambling presser in which GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump encouraged a foreign nation to interfere in the election, CNN's David Gregory admitted that he had "run out of words to express my shock" about Trump.  He observed "how completely beyond the pale Donald Trump is as a potential leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of our country.  This is beyond the pale."

NBC Spin:  Resignation of DNC Chair 'Best Thing for Democratic Unity'.  In a desperate attempt to downplay chaos in the Democratic Party following leaked Democratic National Committee e-mails and the resignation of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz, on Monday's [7/25/2016] NBC Today, Meet the Press moderator Chuck actually tried to spin the controversy as a positive:  "Look, the only piece of good news out of this for Democrats, Jeff Weaver, Bernie Sanders's campaign manager, told me yesterday the best thing for Democratic unity is her resignation and that actually could calm the waters today."

Of Course:  MSNBC Connects Munich Terror Attack Talk to GOP Convention.  MSNBC on Friday [7/22/2016] used the unfolding shooting spree in Munich to bash the Republican Party and connect the GOP convention to it.  Regarding terror, Daily Beast editor Christopher Dickey talked to Brian Williams and lectured, "What we're looking at now in Europe and, to some extent, at the Republican convention and in the discourse in the United States, is a lot of talk about war as if we're talking about a massive operation."  Dickey insisted that the terror threat not be overstated:  "Yet we're often talking as if we're going to go to war with a billion Muslims.  And I think we need to be very, very careful about that.  You are very careful.  NBC is very careful."

75 Percent Positive Response to Donald Trump Speech — So CNN Trashes Its Own Poll.  Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president in Cleveland during a momentous week in political history.  On Thursday night [7/21/2016], Trump gave a one-hour-and-fifteen-minute speech accepting the Republican nomination.  The speech was so overwhelmingly well-received among the crowd that the media did not know what to do to tear it apart.

Trump's Biggest Enemy is the Media.  Although it's a given that the mainstream media is biased against conservative Republicans, the recent Wikileaks 20,000 DNC email dump disclosed that the MSM has colluded with Hillary Clinton in her attacks on her opponent Bernie Sanders.  Poor Bernie didn't have a chance against the combined Clinton/MSM machine.  The emails contained off the record correspondence with reporters at the Washington Post, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal, among others.  They also show how the DNC conspired with media anchors and newspapers to torpedo Bernie Sanders.  One devastating email discussed using Sanders religion or atheism as a potential talking point for the campaign.  Hey Bernie, the Green Party wants you to run on their ticket.  It would be nice to go out fighting.  We certainly didn't need any proof that the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Democrat Party since we know that over 80 % of journalists are self-admitted liberals.

Another Clinton Email Scandal Erupts As Dem Convention Opens.  Talk about a bad a start to a political convention.  The release of almost 20,000 emails hacked out of Democratic National Committee servers has forced the head of the DNC to resign, sparked protests from Bernie Sanders supporters, and showed the media in cahoots with Democrats.

Leaked Emails:  Politico's Ken Vogel Filed Story with DNC Before His Own Editors.  A release of Democratic National Committee emails from WikiLeaks shows Politico reporter Ken Vogel sent a pre-publication negative copy of a story April 30 to the DNC's deputy communications director, so he and other staffers at the DNC along with Hillary Clinton campaign could coordinate a response.  "Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn't share it.  Let me know if you see anything that's missing and I'll push back," wrote Mark Paustenbach in an email to his boss, Luis Miranda, who before taking over communications for the DNC worked for President Barak Obama's White House outreach to Latinos, as well as other campaigns, including the Democratic 2000 recount operation in Florida.

The GOP convention exposes the reality of media bias.  CNN alone spent nearly 45 minutes talking about Mrs. Trump's alleged plagiarism Tuesday morning [7/19/2016], as if this was a matter of major national importance.  Why?  The most obvious explanation is that the TV networks are run by Democrats who consider it their professional duty to provide negative coverage of Republicans.  After a protester from the far-left group Code Pink attempted to stage a disruption Monday inside the Quicken Loans Arena, ABC News reporter Terry Moran claimed this incident was symbolic of what "a dark night" the convention had been.  "Donald Trump has been a candidate whose approach has divided many people, drawn protesters," Moran said, terming the lone protester's act an illustration of "the kind of unsettled emotions that Donald Trump has sparked in many people around the country."  Of course, kooks from Code Pink — founded in 2002 by radical leftists Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin — have staged disruptive protests in all kinds of settings, but Terry Moran blamed their bizarre antics on Trump.  Meanwhile, on NBC, Tom Brokaw was accusing Republicans of communicating "a pretty divisive message."  According to Brokaw, the GOP convention made "no attempt to really pull the country together."

L.A. Times Suggests Military Coup Against President Trump.  Jamie Kirchick, writing in the Los Angeles Times, asks readers to imagine a military coup against a future President Donald Trump — and argues why one would be necessary.  Kirchick cites the example of the recent failed coup in Turkey as a source of inspiration.

Los Angeles Times runs op-ed promoting military coup against Donald Trump.  Normally military coups are instigated by the right, but a senior fellow with the left-wing Foreign Policy Institute is arguing that an overthrow of the U.S. government might be necessary if Republican nominee Donald Trump is elected president.  What's more, the op-ed by James Kirchick ran Tuesday [7/19/2016] in a major U.S. newspaper, the Los Angeles Times.  "Trump is not only patently unfit to be president, but a danger to America and the world," Mr. Kirchick wrote in the op-ed.  "If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the U.S."  "Voters must stop him before the military has to," he concluded.

The Editor says...
If I had written an op-ed article to incite a military coup against the president and posted it on this web site, something bad would have happened to me by now.  But the L.A. Times — with at least ten times the number of daily readers as akdart.com — acts as if there's nothing wrong with this sort of inflammatory rhetoric.

Uproar! Melania Trump Caught Borrowing Cliches From Michelle Obama Speech.  In other words, the mainstream press has thankfully found a meaty topic in which to bite, since the other speeches on Monday [7/18/2016] were all about boring stuff like how Hillary Clinton lied to the mother of one of the men killed in Benghazi, or the stories of parents who lost their children to illegal immigrants, or Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke's stirring — and hugely crowd-pleasing — defense of the nation's police after eight were gunned down in targeted attacks within two weeks.

Who Gets Absolute Moral Authority?  Among the sainted moms of the Black Lives Matter movement who will speak on Hillary Clinton's behalf are Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; and Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland.  Each of these cases lumped under supposedly unjustified gun violence and systemic racism is complicated and distinct.  For starters, Bland hanged herself when her friends and family wouldn't bail her out of jail after she had kicked a police officer.  Two of the "children" involved in police shootings (Brown and Hamilton) had assaulted cops during their fatal encounters. [...] Because these women endorse race-baiting, gun-grabbing narratives and left-wing candidates, no one working in the mainstream media will ever challenge their parental prerogative to participate in politics on behalf of their loved ones.

Sad! How The Media Empowered Trump Haters To Be Meaner Than Hillary Haters!  The media creation of Trump as essentially a bigoted, unhinged, uneducated, unfit-for-office monster is beginning to stick and this is the week Trump can (and must) attempt to change that narrative.  Yet I've begun to notice that the Trump haters ranging from liberal Hillary Lovers to #NeverTrump constitutional conservatives, and even many casual political observers in between, despise Trump so much that I fear they are beyond persuasion.

Smug Chuck Todd:  Benghazi Is 'Cheap Unity' for Lowest Common Denominator' Crowd.  A smug Chuck Todd on Monday dismissed Benghazi at the Republican Convention as nothing more than "cheap unity" for the "lowest common denominator" crowd.  Chris Matthews railed that the GOP speakers were presenting "third world rhetoric." Todd insulted, "Benghazi... does serve Trump in another way positively, politically, which is a way to unify this crowd quickly.  It's a way to get cheap unity."

Indiana Thug Wearing "Black Lives Matter" T-Shirt Opens Fire on Police Officers House.  He was wearing an "FTP" (F*** The Police), Black Lives Matter T-Shirt, he opens fire on a police officers house and squad car, yet the politically correct Indianapolis media are struggling with a motive.

Sonia Sotomayor Cites Ta-Nehisi Coates in a Supreme Court Dissent.  Race is everything for the "wise Latina."  The media have widely praised Sonia Sotomayor's dissent in Utah v. Strieff.  Even though she is derided as one of the worst writers on the bench, even by her ideological comrades, headlines describe the dissent as "stinging" (New York Daily News), "ringing" (Atlantic), "fierce" (Washington Post), "fiery" (CNN), "epic" (Nation), "blistering" (NPR), "biting" (Christian Science Monitor), and "scathing" (NBC).  In particular, they praise the dissent for bravely taking on racial injustice in America.  Slate called it an "atomic bomb of a dissent slamming racial profiling and mass imprisonment."  Mother Jones lauded the "court's only Latina justice" for putting "her life experience to practice" and "excoriating her colleagues for misunderstanding the police harassment to which people of color are regularly subjected."  The Atlantic wrote that "few institutions in American life have grappled with race and racism like the U.S. Supreme Court, for better or worse, but rarely does it speak about it with this level of detail."  It went on to suggest that the dissent may be a "veiled nod to the Black Lives Matter movement."  The nod is barely veiled.

Why Isn't The Media Condemning All the People Supporting the Dallas Shooter?  [Scroll down]  I saw many postings (several with hundreds of "likes" and "retweets") from black people who have been infuriatingly supportive of the man who wanted to kill "white people" and end up assassinating several completely innocent police officers.  I'm not talking about the usual conspiracy nuts who insist that Johnson wasn't really the shooter.  That isn't that unusual in cases like this.  What I saw was flat out praise for Johnson's actions.  Perhaps even worse than that, there were numerous blacks who were being viciously attacked for having the gall the criticize those who would publicly support/justify such a heinous crime against humanity.  To my knowledge (and I have searched hard to find it), not one major "black leader" has had the guts to call out this outrageous reaction. [...] This is a whole new level of insanity and delusion.  This shows that there is a culture, at least within the massive online black community, where, even if it is not nearly the majority view, it is more than acceptable to think is it somehow justifiable to kill whites/police out of revenge for events which we still don't yet even fully understand.

MSNBC Spins:  Black Lives Matter Has Never Been 'Anti-Police'.  MSNBC anchor Brian Williams has been hosting the live reaction to the horrible shooting in Dallas.  On Friday [7/8/2016], the journalist brought on a guest to claim that Black Lives Matter protesters have never been "anti-police."  Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP and Williams also hinted that more gun control was needed in the wake of the killing.  Speaking of bringing people together, Ifill claimed, "That's what the Black Lives Matter protests have been about.  That's what the policing protests have been about, they have never been anti-police."

CBS Dismisses 'Innocent' Meeting Between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton.  While credit goes to Thursday's CBS This Morning for leading the broadcast with the controversy swirling around Bill Clinton having a 30-minute private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch amid the FBI investigation to Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal, the hosts of the morning show proceeded to dismiss the suspicious incident as an "innocent" encounter.  Turning to Bloomberg Politics editor John Heilemann, co-host Charlie Rose downplayed: "...the former President and a meeting with Loretta Lynch which seems on the face of it, simply to be an innocent meeting of two politician saying hello.  But — "Heilemann replied:  "Yes.  Just not just smart, right?  Not a smart thing to do.  You know?  The case she is still being investigated by the FBI.  The Justice Department has jurisdiction over that case."

ABC Swoons Over Abortion Activists After SCOTUS Ruling; 'It's a Party Right Here!'  ABC was the last of the "big three" networks to break in Monday morning [6/27/2016] with the Supreme Court's ruling striking down a pro-life Texas law, but they didn't hold back their approval as the assembled cast of smiling correspondents hailed the "fairly sweeping decision" and expressed glee at the "party right here" by abortion activists "lining up since 4:00 am. to witness this moment."

MSNBC lets Wendy Davis take abortion victory lap.  MSNBC's coverage of the Supreme Court striking down Texas' recent abortion law Monday included a triumphant victory lap by failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, whose 11-hour filibuster against the regulations in 2013 earned her high praise from the cable news network.  The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 this week that Texas' recently enacted abortion law, HB2, unconstitutionally limited a woman's access to abortion under Roe v. Wade.

BET Awards:  Clinton Rally, Then a Sermon Against Abusive 'Invention Called Whiteness'.  Just as you would expect, the 2016 BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards were full of Black Lives Matter references and reminders to register to vote and then get out the vote for Hillary Clinton.  After the opening of the award ceremony featured Beyoncé and her back-up dancers marching into the auditorium to a Martin Luther King, Jr. speech, actor and producer Terence J went on to say, "Your vote is your voice," and reminded everyone to register and "vote smart" as he introduced the show hosts, ABC's Blackish stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross.

The one question reporters failed to ask any of the Democrats about their sit-in protest.  The media orgy over the Democrats' temper tantrum in the House of Representatives has been well documented over the past 24 hours.  But with all the fawning tributes and comparisons to civil rights era protests on the 1960s, one fundamental, logical question seems to have escaped the minds of the hive-mentality media gaggle covering the Pelosi-run publicity stunt.  Let's first point out the so-called "common sense gun safety legislation" these Democrats claim was the impetus behind their fund-raising escapade disguised as a protest.  The crux of their agenda had to do with legislation designed to prevent individuals on the terrorist watch list from buying weapons.  This would deny the right to bear arms to up to a million people because someone in a government office in Washington put their name on a list.  A fundamental, constitutionally protected right would be denied without due process.  It's pretty serious stuff, right?  So, how did the media address the protesters?

CBS Hypes 'Risk' For Homosexual College Student To Come Out In Alabama.  On Friday's [6/24/2016] CBS Evening News, Steve Hartman hinted that the Bible Belt — and specifically, Alabama — was a dangerous place for homosexuals.  Hartman pointed out that "a lot of people came out after [the] Orlando" terrorist attack, but touted how "few took as big a risk as Jesse Johnson.  Jesse's family lives in Jemison, Alabama, in the heart of the Bible Belt.  Fly a flag here, and it better have just red, white, and blue."  The correspondent included a soundbite from Johnson's mother, who expressed her deep concern:  "I worry for his safety because of that.  I mean, this is Alabama."

NBC producer calls would-be Trump assassin 'good guy with a gun'.  In an effort to make a smug attack on the conservative position that the best way to fight a bad guy with a gun is a good guy, an NBC producer tweeted that the failed assassin who tried to murder Donald Trump could be considered a "good guy with a gun."  Matt Mowrer, an associate producer for NBC Universal since 2014, tweeted late Tuesday night [6/21/2016] that anyone who kills the Republican nominee is considered deserves the same praise as someone who tries to stop a mass killing.

A Year After Honoring a Man in a Dress for Courage, ESPN Honors a Man in a Boy's Body.  ESPN just announced its decision to give this year's Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Zaevion Dobson.  This is another way of saying that ESPN honors a hero instead of itself in issuing the honor next month.  The network too often depicted heroism through the award as the act of embracing the ideological precepts popular with Disney executives. [...] The people honoring other people often seek to honor themselves by attaching themselves to the popularity of others.  But in celebrating a man in a boy's body the Worldwide Leader in Sports spotlights their recent buffoonery of celebrating a man in a woman's dress.  There's nothing praiseworthy in praising someone for the purpose of winning praise.

CNN, DHS & SPLC's Blame Righty hit job.  The Department of Homeland Security refuses to release a report on "right-wing" terrorism that somehow found its way into CNN's hands last week during the farcical White House summit on Don't Say Islamic Extremism.

What America's Freedom-Hating, Hoplophobic, Lying Financial Columnists Will Try and Tell You.  You always know what to expect when someone claiming to be an authority on one topic decides to delve into another topic that has zero to do with his alleged expertise, and then begins his screed with an insult to a large portion of the American population.  This is what popped up on my news feed this morning when I pulled up my Facebook account — shared by a friend from high school, who made it a habit of late to share idiotic anti-gun opinions and warn those reading her timeline that dissent will not be tolerated and opposing opinions deleted.

This Week Proves, Again, that Progressivism is a Cult.  The most absurd thing about the progressive's 'Stop the Hate' pleas are that nobody, and I mean nobody, does hate better than progressives.  We are talking Sith-level hate.  When they say 'love is love,' they mean 'get to the back of the bus, you bigot.'  When they say 'tolerance' they mean 'safe space for me, but not for thee.'  CNN's Anderson Cooper, an open homosexual, thinks your tears for 49 dead people aren't real if you've never tweeted about gay pride, and he will tell you so on the air.

In a Mass Shooting, Wait and Die?  Or Fight Back?  Regarding the Orlando shooting, notice how quickly the media pivoted from the culpability of a sexually repressed Muslim Afghan registered Democrat mass murderer to an assault on firearms?  Forget Islam and jihad and the Obama administration's resolute determination to fundamentally change the nature of the United States by importing as many Muslims from alien, anti-Christian and anti-Western cultures as possible.  The real problem, in their view, is gun violence.

This is Why Trump's Journo-Bashing Scores Points.  Watch here as the three CBS This Morning anchors nod together in self-satisfied disgust at the failure to advance gun control.  As if there wasn't a conservative in their audience or another opinion in the land.  [Video clip]  How smug, and ultimately, how dumb.  To be so sure of one's opinions that nobody could possibly disagree, and to be so blithely unaware that, as "mainstream" journalists, they have a responsibility to be nonpartisan.  And then in another segment, surely, they'll profess to be astounded and outraged that Donald Trump is drawing excitement and applause by bashing the press.

After correcting for bias, Clinton's national lead in CBS News poll evaporates.  CBS News is now pushing the pro-Hillary Clinton polls in rapid fashion.  Late on Wednesday, this media outlet released the results of a national poll claiming to show that Clinton holds a 6% advantage over Donald Trump in the direct head-to-head matchup. [... But] this CBS News poll appears to be biased in favor of the Democrats by the same margin that Clinton purportedly holds over Trump, meaning that if the bias is removed, so is Clinton's lead, and we have a statistical tie.

Anderson Cooper's Orlando Ranting Is Bad For America.  Based on information we have as of now, [Omar] Mateen was a longtime supporter of terrorism, having cheered 9/11 — on 9/11! — according to his high school classmates who witnessed his response. [...] He was a registered Democrat and son of an anti-American politician.  Despite all that, the media and others on the Left decided to cover this terrorist attack by going after people who support self-government and its Second Amendment; people who pray to God in times of tragedy; people who believe the definition of marriage is the union of one man and one woman; people who accept the biological reality and implications of distinct sexes; people who are Republican; people who are traditional Christians; and so on and so forth.  The media followed up by cheerleading this incivility.

The entire front page of the Boston Globe pushes a gun ban.  Please note that the Orlando shooter did not — repeat, did not — use an AR-15 in his Islam-inspired terrorist attack.  The weapon he used was a Sig Sauer MCX, not even close to being an AR-15.  The fact that the media has chosen the AR-15 as the poster gun for banning "assault" weapons is typical of our dumb as a stone media when it comes to firearms.  But you might note the manipulative, emotional appeal from gun control hysterics.  Since they are unable to use factual arguments, they appeal to the heart and hope people don't catch on that what they are proposing won't stop a single terrorist or nutcase from commiting mass murder.

The Media Meme:  Blame GOP for Orlando While Turning Sole Focus to Gun Control.  The media and political exploitation we've witnessed as a country over the past five is one word:  Disgusting.  It's a shake-your-head moment in looking at the definitive narrative to emerge out of Orlando this week.  We're a blame-ourselves culture regardless of who or what is actually responsible for horrific things, with Republicans usually the first to get a finger (index and/or middle) directed its way after every mass shooting that occurs all too often in this country.  Members of a Charleston black church are massacred by a lunatic?  It's a Republican problem because a Confederate flag was on his property.  A Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado is attacked and three people — including a police officer — are killed?  It's Carly Fiorina's fault.  49 innocents are slaughtered at an Orlando nightclub?  The New York Times blames... the GOP.

The Editor says...
"49 innocents?"  The clients in a meat market gay bar at 2:00 a.m. are not innocent.

CBS Insinuates Christians 'Promote the Kind of Violence' in Orlando.  During their Tuesday night broadcast of Evening News CBS directed the blame for the Orlando terrorist attack towards American Christians, even though it was carried out by a pledged member of the Islamic State.  To ease into the Christian bashing host Scott Pelley stated, "There has been so much progress for the LGBT Community, but we are now reminded that fear is still a constant reality."  As the center piece of her report CBS's Mireya Villarreal brought on Lorri Jean the CEO of the LGBT Center in Los Angeles.  In the report Villarreal showed Jean letting loose on her political opponents: [...]

Regressive media applaud the San Jose violence.  The far-left media are excusing the behavior of San Jose rioters, instead blaming the violence on Trump and rally attendees.  Some journalists have gone so far as to encourage the attacks.  In the wake of the outrage over the violent protesters' behavior, online leftist publications churned out a flurry of articles that stank of damage control.  But unlike of the apologia they exhibited during the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, the authors of these pieces went a step farther than merely excusing the mob attacks in San Jose.  They endorsed them.

The Mexican Flag:  An All-American Symbol?  Violent mobs who have attacked Donald Trump supporters at one rally after another wave Mexican flags while burning American flags.  The vast majority of Americans will disapprove, to say the least, so the Associated Press felt called upon to assure us that Mexican flags are really OK:  "Mexican flag, seen at Trump protests, has long history in US."  [...] The AP wants us to think that Mexico has legitimate grievances against the U.S., although how that is relevant remains unspoken.

After [One] Complaint, Pennsylvania High School Ends Tradition of Graduation Prayer.  There will be no invocation or benediction at this year's Pottsgrove High School graduation, a change after years of tradition.  As reported in the Pottsgrove Mercury, the decision to stop the prayers was made last year.  According to reporter Evan Brandt, the change apparently is the result of one student's decision to invoke Jesus Christ in his comments at last year's graduation.  The school received an anonymous complaint.

The Editor says...
The school board apparently has no backbone if it surrenders after one anonymous complaint.

News anchor booed at graduation ceremony for anti-Trump remarks, speaking Spanish.  A commencement ceremony turned unruly over the weekend when the keynote speaker, Mar'a Elena Salinas, one of the most prominent journalists in Spanish-language news in the U.S., underscored the achievement of the Latinos among the graduates and made some remarks in Spanish.  Non-Latino graduates and their guests at California State University, Fullerton's College of Communications booed the Univision anchor and yelled at her to leave the stage, according to a student who was at the ceremony.

Charlotte Observer:  Girls must overcome 'discomfort' at seeing male genitals in locker room.  A shocking editorial in the Charlotte Observer counseled young girls to get over the "discomfort" they feel at the sight of male genitalia when transgender facilities are allowed in North Carolina.  The newspaper assumes the law will eventually be repealed or declared illegal.  While that may or may not happen any time soon, it is the justification for this position used by the Observer that reveals the true nature of this battle of the bathroom.

Fox News is now completely devoted to Donald Trump.  The political and media world seemed shocked this week when Megyn Kelly sat down for a warm interview with Donald Trump.  She tossed him velvety soft questions like, "When did you realize you could be president?", sought to discover whether anyone had ever "hurt [him] emotionally," and peppered him with hard-hitting queries on his favorite book and movie.  Kelly can of course do any kind of interview she likes, but it's as good a marker as any that Fox News is now thoroughly behind Donald Trump's candidacy for the White House.

Activism masquerading as journalism:
Here's Who's Controlling the Bathroom Debate.  The bathroom wars raging in North Carolina, set off by House Bill 2 passed by the N.C. General Assembly, have attained international attention, partly from a febrile cadre of gay activists, but largely due to the Charlotte Observer that covers the city where the donnybrook began — and N.C.'s capital city daily, the Raleigh News & Observer.  Without these papers, both owned by the McClatchy chain, the bathroom gender issue would have come and gone in a few days. [...] For two straight weeks, the Raleigh paper published from four to seven pieces a day on the subject — news articles, editorials, guest opinion, editorial cartoons, letters to the editor, and blurbs in their political happenings column.  The theme that emerges is to exhort readers to approve of transgender lifestyles and special rights.

When Hillary Needs It Most, 'The Daily Show' Vets Bernie's Policies.  With Hillary Clinton still unable to finish off Bernie Sanders, many in the liberal media are trying to drag her over the finish line.  The night of the Indiana primary, which was a Sanders victory, CNN wanted to know when he would get out of the way and stop hurting Clinton.  In a similar way, The Daily Show decided that Thursday night [5/5/2016] was the right time to actually analyze Sander's proposals and tell the truth about them.

Andrea Mitchell Stumps for Trump: 'Facts No Longer Matter, Tweets Matter'.  Now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both dropped out of the Republican presidential race and Bernie Sanders is playing out the string, the mainstream media narrative around the Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton general election matchup is beginning to gel.  On MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports Wednesday afternoon [5/4/2016], host Andrea Mitchell made it clear that not only will she promote Trump's candidacy against Hillary Clinton, she will do so in defiance of the facts.

These are the same people who denounce bullying — when other people do it.
CBS's Rose Holds Up Daily News GOP Obituary During Interview With RNC Chair.  During an interview with Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on Wednesday's [5/4/2016] CBS This Morning, co-host Charlie Rose gleefully held up a copy of the [New York] Daily News and read the mock obituary on the cover of the left-wing tabloid:  "...it says, 'Republican Party 1854-2016; Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to mourn the GOP.  A once great political party killed by epidemic of Trump.'"  Just in case Priebus couldn't see the nasty front-page illustration, fellow co-host Gayle King described it in detail:  "No, and there's an elephant, Reince, in a coffin, just to make the picture really clear for you."  The hosts laughed as Priebus dismissed the publication:  "Well, it's only fitting of the Daily News."

Dear Mainstream Media, Don't You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence.  Just imagine for a moment the shrieking outrage if Trump supporters had tried to flip a car outside a Hillary Clinton rally.  Imagine the fury at the sight of a bloody man wearing a Hillary shirt.

NBC Reporter Giddy With Excitement Aboard Cruise to Cuba: 'A Pinch-Me Moment'.  In an exclusive for NBC's Today on Monday [5/2/2016], correspondent Kerry Sanders could not contain his pure joy at being aboard the first cruise ship bound for Cuba since the Obama administration resumed diplomatic relations with the communist nation.  In his report, Sanders proclaimed:  "This morning, history is being made as this cruise ship becomes the first in more than a half century to sail from Miami to Havana....  American passengers about to step on to Cuban soil, a country that most U.S. citizens have been forbidden to visit since 1963."

ESPN Fires Curt Schilling — What About Liberal Offenders?  About Schilling's firing, the Disney-owned sports cable network said:  "ESPN is an inclusive company.  Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated."  Last summer ESPN suspended Schilling for retweeting a meme likening Muslim extremists to Nazis.  Last month, he no doubt angered management for saying that Hillary Clinton should be "buried under a jail somewhere" for her email scandal.  So Schilling, to ESPN, is a serial offender.  And as a private company, it can terminate an employee for perceived offenses.  OK, so Schilling has to go.  But what are the rules?

Trump supporters, police attacked by illegal immigrants and their advocates.  Thugs advocating the mass lawless invasion of the United States attempted to shut down a rally of those who demand the law be enforced.  That is the true nature of what happened last night in Costa Mesa, California, in Orange County.  But a quick scan of media headlines about the event makes it clear that the media is doing its best to obscure the nature of the aggression, and portray the incident as the inevitable outcome of Trump's vicious message of intolerance.

I'm done with Fox News.  When Fox News debuted in 1996, it was a breath of fresh air, seemingly unadulterated by the leftist bias that had long characterized the three mainstream networks and CNN.  But that initial commitment to balance has gone by the wayside, sacrificed on the altar of Donald Trump.  Fox News, as Mark Levin has observed, has become a Trump super-PAC instead of a news organization.

CNN previews the unbelievable pro-Hillary bias it will be pushing.  The presidential race that is shaping up will be a landmark for American media, exceeding even the pro-Obama bias of 2008 and 2012 — something that would have seemed impossible at the time of those races.  But that was before Donald Trump and Ted Cruz became the likely alternatives for the GOP nomination.  Each man, in his own way, is anathema to the progressives in the media, while Hillary Clinton evokes nothing but warm protectiveness, especially from female neoprogs.  In a remarkable display of a complete lack of self-awareness, Carol Costello of CNN shamelessly prodded a pro-Sanders guest three times to say that Sanders should now "cool it" and stop attacking Hillary Clinton.

ABC Grilled Cruz in Town Hall, Skips Benghazi and E-Mails for Clinton.  While ABC journalists grilled Ted Cruz on Monday with a Good Morning America town hall, they offered softballs to Hillary Clinton on Thursday [4/21/2016].  George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts showcased questions from the left and included queries about hot sauce and Saturday Night Live. At no time was there a question on Benghazi or the Democrat's secret e-mail server and the scandal around it.  The tone started early as Robin Roberts teased the special program:  "Clinton flying high, fresh off that huge victory in New York.  In another tease, Roberts promised that the candidate would "answer her toughest critics.  She didn't.  Instead, ABC allowed a Clinton super delegate/Democratic congressman to ask a question.

Cross-Dressing WashPost Reporter Attacks 'Conservative Loudmouth' Schilling on 'Transphobia'.  Justin Moyer contended that ESPN's firing of former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling "seemed destined" in a Thursday article for the Washington Post, which detailed the supposed "radicalization" of the former Phillies player turned "conservative loudmouth.  Moyer spotlighted how "Schilling went fangs out" after Tweeting out a controversial image that "many deemed transphobic.  However, the reporter didn't disclose his possible stake in this issue, as he moonlights as a cross-dressing musician in a rock band.

'Fox & Friends' orchestrates a round of applause for Donald Trump.  In the contest among media types for the most obsequious treatment of Donald Trump, the idiotic Fox News morning program "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday [4/19/2016] put forth a very competitive entry.  As it often does, the "Fox & Friends" hosting trio did a long interview with Trump via telephone.  A key talking point was a Politico scoop by Ken Vogel and Ben Schreckinger about the campaign's reorganization, which is based on a reconstruction of a Trump campaign meeting on Saturday.

Chuck Todd Tells Ted Cruz Planned Parenthood Scandal 'Made Up'.  During an MSNBC town hall event with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Thursday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd dismissed the Texas Senator's condemnation of Planned Parenthood by insisting that scandal surrounding the abortion provider was "made up."  Cruz observed:  "You know, a few months ago, we had this series of videos that were horrifying.  I will say virtually none of the network news would show the videos on air.  These videos showed Planned Parenthood officials essentially admitting to what appeared to be a pattern of federal felonies."

Donald Trump's Rigged Media.  The media — not just the liberal media, but some "conservative" media, too — have been the gale-force wind beneath Trump's wings.  On the nightly news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC, Trump has far outpaced anyone other GOP candidate for attention.  From last July through April 6, he's drawn 1,228 minutes of airtime, or 56 percent of the total coverage of the Republican primary race.  The other 16 candidates have split the remaining 44 percent.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and headlines the Boston Globe will never show you.  The cat is out of the bag.  The mainstream media in America no longer even pretends to hide their bias and disdain against Republicans.  Exhibit A was Sunday's [4/10/2016] edition of the Boston Globe dedicated to headlines about what America might look like under a President Donald Trump. [...] How could a major newspaper so ferociously engage in slashing and burning a Republican candidate?  Are we living in the land of the free, or a Banana Republic?

Newspaper Owned by Donald Trump's Son-in-Law Endorses Donald Trump.  Two of Donald Trump's adult children may not be able to vote for him in the upcoming New York primary, but his son-in-law's newspaper is doing its best to help the cause, publishing an endorsement of the Republican candidate.  "Donald Trump is the father-in-law of the Observer's publisher," began an editorial by the New York Observer published Tuesday [4/12/2016].

Legacy Media Urge Illegal Aliens to Sign Their Kids Up for Medi-Cal Welfare Program.  Because California is running a massive surplus and the federal government is a financial powerhouse.

Joe and Mika All But Openly Campaign for Trump.  It's official, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski finally stopped pretending they don't support their buddy Donald Trump and are now opening campaigning for him.  Following Trump stunning two digit trouncing in Wisconsin co-host Brzezinski whined Wednesday [4/6/2016], "I think the establishment and the Stop Trump forces are shooting themselves in the foot because they're so blindly focused their hatred on Trump to the point where they can't see that what they're going to get is Cruz."

The Unfair Media Bias.  The willful blindness of the Western media and intellectual elites to Palestinian incitement and their hyper-focus on any incident they can use to portray Israel in a negative light were on abundant display last week when footage emerged of an Israel Defense Forces soldier shooting a wounded and disarmed Palestinian terrorist.  Since then, The New York Times and The Washington Post have run no fewer than 16 stories about the incident. [...] Meanwhile, these same news outlets consistently fail to speak out against the massive and ongoing denial of human rights, suppression of basic freedoms and daily torture meted out to any Palestinian dissident by both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The Associated Press is Now Openly Pushing Democratic Talking Points.  [Scroll down]  This is an excellent example of Betteridge's Law by the way, which states that whenever a headline has a yes-or-no question, the answer is always "no."  The only reason for these sorts of headlines is because the editor wants to imply something that cannot be backed up by a straight reading of the facts.

Cokie Roberts: Doesn't FBI Have Better Things To Do Than Investigate Hillary?  MSNBC might have to build a deeper tank ... so Cokie Roberts can dive into it for Hillary.  On today's Morning Joe, Roberts of NPR complained about the resources the FBI is devoting to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's misuse of email.  Carped Cokie:  "Don't they have other problems?  There's no crime in the country they should be worrying about?"  Roberts' timing could hardly have been worse.  Just moments before, Joe Scarborough pointed out that last week it was revealed that 22 of the emails on Hillary's server "were so sensitive that the State Department said releasing them would cause grave danger to the United States national security."  Not worth investiging, Cokie?  Really?  [Video clip]

Hillary's Really Bad Week No One Heard About because Guess Who.  Hillary Clinton had a gaffe-filled, staggeringly bad week last week.  It started with her politicizing Nancy Reagan's funeral and ending with more explosive allegations that her informal adviser Sidney Blumenthal had directly cut and pasted classified intelligence into an unsecured personal e-mail account.  But you wouldn't know it from media campaign coverage, which has been far more occupied with the GOP primary and the escalation of violent incidents at rallies.

Drudge Report: Only Good Trump News Is Fit To Print.  Drudge's ongoing pro-Trump bias has been noted in some quarters.  Back in December, for example, the Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky wrote, "What (Drudge readers) have been getting for the last six months is a steady stream of pro-Trump agitprop."  As much as Drudge has blown kisses at Trump, the candidate has been singing Drudge's praises.  "What's better than Drudge?  He's a fantastic guy.  What he's built is unbelievably respected," Trump said after a Drudge reader poll showed him winning a GOP debate — which every Drudge poll has shown.  But now as Trump gets closer to sealing the Republican nomination, some conservatives are starting to publicly attack Drudge's biased approach to the GOP nomination, not just because he backs Trump but also because he often promotes vicious attacks against Trump's more reliably conservative rivals.

The Editor says...
The article above is about Drudge, not Trump, but it brings up a related topic:  For someone who has apparently enjoyed a lifetime of exposure to a number of influential people, Mr. Trump's vocabulary is remarkably narrow.  He is apparently unable to endorse an idea or an individual in any of his speeches without resorting to pedestrian adjectives such as incredible, unbelievable, and fantastic.  Mr. Trump, in my opinion literally is incredible, meaning that his claims are not credible — impossible to believe, in other words — beginning with his claim that he is a Republican.  He is also literally unbelievable, for example, when he lays out his outlandish plans to build an insurmountable wall along the Mexican border.

By 15-to-1 Margin, Networks Blame Trump, Not Lefties, for Campaign Violence.  MRC analysts Mike Ciandella, Scott Whitlock and Kyle Drennen examined ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening show coverage from Saturday morning [3/12/2016] through Monday morning — a whopping 45 segments totalling nearly 85 minutes of airtime.  They found that reporters specifically criticized the Trump campaign for its handling of the issue 46 times, vs. just three times when blame was placed on the left-wing protesters.

From Confirmation to Cancellation, CNN Irresponsible With Botched Rubio 'Exclusive'.  CNN is at war with another Republican candidate.  First it was Ted Cruz immediately following the Iowa Caucus after some incomplete on-air reporting regarding the state of Ben Carson's campaign.  And on the eve of voting in four states, it's the Rubio campaign that is up in arms over another CNN report that can be deemed not only incomplete, but grossly irresponsible.

Rubio vs. CNN: The Little Marco Who Cried Liar.  Generally, when a Republican calls a CNN reporter a liar, you gotta take the side of the Republican.  CNN doesn't just lie, CNN is a network chock-full of left-wing propagandists deeply devoted to electing Democrats, expanding the scope of the federal government, and forcing Christians to participate in same sex marriages.  CNN is much worse than MSNBC.  The problem here is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)'s track record.

The Week In Stupid.  [Scroll down]  Ultimately the media is to blame for the wide acceptance of these stupidities.  People only know what they are told.  In 2012 they turned a good and decent man into someone who burned money while his employees' wives died; tortured his dog and had elevators in his home for his cars.  Think what you will of his politics and polices, and they had their shortcomings, but they made Mitt Romney into a caricature of a human being.  It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.  But this time, the media lost our confidence.

Washington Post Stealth-Edits Reagan Obituary, Covertly Removes Tasteless Lead Without Note.  According to Gallup, trust in media by the general public was at 74 percent following Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post blowing the lid off Watergate and bringing a sitting president down in the process.  It's now at 40 percent and dropping.  We see the examples why every day.  Forget the partisan blogs and social media... they are what they are.  But the Washington Post must and always be held to the highest standard.  They say the cover-up is worse than the crime.  Nobody is saying Lois Romano or the Washington Post committed a crime here.  It was just an obituary even Romano or the paper or both acknowledge was in poor taste if the changes after the fact are any indication.  And to just modify, eliminate without notification to readers in any capacity is not only sneaky, but stupid given the original copy is already very much out there.  Don't trust the media?  You're not alone.

How the Columbia Journalism School smeared Exxon.  When the Columbia Journalism School set up a project in 2014 to generate articles on energy and the environment, was its real agenda to exploit ExxonMobil's reputation as a climate-change villain?  The fellowship project culminated last fall in an LA Times series that accused the world's largest oil company of downplaying the risks of climate change.  InsideClimateNews, an aggressive online site known for its doomsday environmentalism, posted a nearly identical article, tapping Columbia's research.  The stories paint a dark picture of the oil-industry icon, charging it with a cover-up that echoes the tobacco industry's denial of health problems from cigarettes.

Leaked Voicemails Show MSNBC Hosts Cozying Up To Donald Trump.  Leaked Donald Trump voicemails reveal MSNBC hosts Tamron Hall, Mika Brzezinski, and Joe Scarborough cozying up to the New York real estate developer.  The voicemails, which were released Friday [3/4/2016], were sent to Gawker by someone saying they hacked Trump.  A source in the TV industry told The Daily Caller the voices seemed authentic, adding, "I'd bet money."

Report: Fox News 'finished with Rubio'.  Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio's rough week got worse on Wednesday [3/2/2016] with a New York Magazine report that the head of Fox News has decided to stop giving the Florida senator prominent, favorable coverage.  "We're finished with Rubio," Roger Ailes told one of the network's hosts recently, according to three unnamed sources.  "We can't do the Rubio thing anymore."

The Editor says...
Why were you doing "the Rubio thing" in the first place?  What happened to the Fox slogan, "We report, you decide"?

WB-Affiliated Magazine Produces Hit Job on Dr. Ben Carson.  [Scroll down]  So even though the case was thin, Crime Watch Daily ran with the story.  It aired earlier this month, but it remained under the radar — until now.  The show that featured this disgusting hit piece against a successful figure in medicine premiered just this year and is produced by Warner Bros. Television.  Now, if Crime Watch Daily — as the show is named — did something similar to this about Barack Obama, which, of course, they would never do, cries of racism would fill the air.  If they had done a similar, unsubstantiated story about Hillary Clinton, talking about her emails or her many other questionable activities, they'd be accused of engaging in a "witch hunt."  I don't really care what they do at this point, but never again will I give them another dime for a movie ticket or a DVD/Blu-ray/Digital release of any of their movies or TV shows as a result of this.

The mass murders that dare not speak their name.  Pity the late Cedric Ford.  If he had understood the way the media worked, he might not have gone on the horrific shooting spree in central Kansas on Thursday [2/25/2016] that cost three people their lives and fourteen people their health.  But alas, once the major media understood the demographics of the case, they lost interest in Ford quicker than you could say "Muhammad and Malvo."  Ford simply did not fit the narrative.  "Who commits mass shootings?" read the headline of an all too typical piece on CNN.com some months ago.  CNN's answer:  the "young, white and male."  At 38, Ford was relatively young, and he was certainly male, but he was not white.  Ford, in fact, represents the most recent manifestation of a widely underreported phenomenon — the black mass murderer.  As in virtually every other case, Ford's blackness was not an incidental detail.  It was at the heart of why he did what he did.

'Not a Man on That Stage I Wouldn't Gladly Knee in the Groin,' Tweets Liberal Columnist.  During the Feb. 25 [Republican] debate, lefty Daily Beast and New York Times Magazine contributor, Ana Marie Cox, unleashed a livestream firestorm against the GOP candidates, which culminated in her labeling the entire GOP a "terrorist group."

Republicans Aren't Fighting Hillary, They're Fighting the Hillary-Loving Media.  [Scroll down]  Hillary has nothing going for her other than her last name.  Well, that and the media.  Because even though an occasional joke about Hillary will slip through the media machine, the vast majority of the time, the media prop Hillary up.  That same Saturday Night Live routine mocking Hillary had characters talk about how she was the most qualified presidential candidate in history and how much they loved her foreign policy.  Triumph spent more time insulting Bernie Sanders than Hillary.  The media have spilled gallons of ink over the question of whether insulting Hillary's shrill screeching is sexist or not; they've played defense for Hillary on matters of race; they've covered for her completely on her email scandal.

Giddy Andrea Mitchell Wonders If Scalia Debate Could Help Democrats Regain Senate in November.  As the debate over who should replace late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia continued into Monday [2/15/2016], NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell took to NBC Nightly News to tout claims that the discussion could hurt Republicans and lead to Democratic Senatorial candidates winning elections in November to help their party retake control.

The Editor says...
Of course, the exact opposite is true:  If the Republicans don't fight Obama's nominees wholeheartedly, at least until after the election, they're in political trouble.

Wash Post Scalia Headline: 'Supreme Court Conservative Dismayed Liberals'.  What was the most important thing for readers of Washington Post to see on the front-page of the paper Sunday morning?  A headline focusing directly on the death of Antonin Scalia?  No.  In bold, large font, the Post declared, "Supreme Court Conservative Dismayed Liberals."  Apparently, someone at the paper thought better of this for the online version.  It declared, "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at 79."  The actual article itself included some nice tributes to Scalia.  In contrast, even the liberal New York Times managed a respectful headline:  "Justice Scalia, Who Led Court's Conservative Renaissance, Dies At 79."

Ten Thousand Demand Chris Matthews' Suspension, MSNBC Silent.  A MoveOn.org petition demanding that MSNBC suspend "Hardball" host Chris Matthews has garnered just under 10,000 signatures, even as the network has refused to address what Huffington Post called a "clear conflict of interest."  The petition began in response to outrage over Matthews' "constant shilling for Hillary Clinton."  The number of petition signees has almost tripled in size since The Daily Caller reported that Hillary Clinton's biggest donors are bankrolling the congressional campaign of Matthews' wife, Kathleen.

'One Long Cheap Shot' — WashPost Lines Up Canadians to Bash Ted Cruz as Extreme.  While The Washington Post would only go to Kenya looking for gushing over Barack Obama, they turn to Canada to make fun of Ted Cruz.

To maintain credibility, CNN must apologize publicly to Ted Cruz.  In case you have not yet figured it out yet, CNN gave the distinct impression that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his campaign on the night of the Iowa caucus.  The report was used by the Ted Cruz campaign, who disseminated the information to precinct captains.  This information was also used by anyone who happened to check the news with their mobile phone during the Iowa Caucus.  It is absurd to consider that media types like Michael Smerconish, Business Insider, Buzzfeed and others were fooled by overly ambitious Ted Cruz precinct captains who were cherry picking information from a CNN report, as alleged by CNN correspondent Chris Moody.

'Today Show' Sandbags Palin, Doesn't Ask Hillary About Email Scandal.  Although the classified information scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton's home-brewed email server blew sky-high Friday afternoon, NBC News, the left-wing outlet that attempted to rescue Clinton from this inexcusable behavior last year, jumped back into the tank Monday morning.  During a 4-minute appearance on "The Today Show," the former Secretary of State was not asked a single question about the disturbing new revelations.  Naturally, although she is running for nothing, this very same "Today Show" sandbagged Sarah Palin with a personal question about her children.

NPR Erases Israel From Map Of Middle East.  Blatant anti-Israel bias like this is why NPR is referred to as 'National Palestine Radio' in my 'hood.

CNN's Begala, Bash Downplay Clinton Sex Scandals; 'Nobody Wants to Talk About' That.  After NBC's Democratic co-moderator Andrea Mitchell wanted to know from Bernie Sanders in Sunday's debate about whether or not he regretted bringing up Bill Clinton's sex scandals, the post-debate analysis on CNN saw panelists Dana Bash and Paul Begala (a former Clinton aide) less than pleased with the issue and did their best to downplay its significance in the 2016 race.

Couric Presses Ryan on Gun Control: 'What Did You Think When the President Cried?'.  In an interview with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday, Yahoo! News anchor Katie Couric grilled the Republican leader on gun control:  "Let's talk about President Obama's executive action on guns.  What did you think when the President cried? ... Were you affected by it?"  Ryan pushed back:  "I didn't really think about his crying. ... I was affected by it, but I thought we should have had the same kind of reaction when James Foley was beheaded, when San Bernardino and Paris occurred."

Narcissistic Newsweek Senior Writer Compares Cruz Supporters to Nazis; No Suspension Coming.  Is it ego or just plain stupidity? [...] Today's [1/6/2016] latest example comes courtesy of Newsweek senior writer Alexander Nazaryan.  His crime?  Tweeting out an old image of people marching with Nazi flags and sporting swastikas to illustrate what he calls "Ted Cruz's ground game."  In other words, if you support Cruz, you advocate the genocide of Jews with fascism being your particular political flavor.

Angry ABC Railed at Obama Birther 'Nonsense,' Blase on Cruz Birtherism.  In 2011 and 2012, the journalists at Good Morning America railed against birther claims relating to Barack Obama, assailing the conspiracy theory as "bizarre" and "nonsense."  Yet, the same program lacked outrage on Thursday as Donald Trump promotes a form of birtherism against Ted Cruz.  An ABC graphic mildly explained, "Trump Goes After Ted Cruz: Questions GOP Rival's Citizenship." Reporter Tom Llamas simply claimed that Trump is "raising questions about Cruz's birthplace, Canada."  He added that the businessman is "suggesting Cruz go to court to prove he can run for president."

ABC's Llamas to Cruz: 'How Can You Be a President' If You 'Hate' Democrats, 'Culture of Washington'.  While interviewing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for the Wednesday edition of ABC's World News Tonight, Republican campaign correspondent Tom Llamas demanded Cruz explain how he could "be a president and hate the Democrats and hate the culture of Washington so much and be effective."  Before Llamas's question to Cruz, he remarked in his report that "some Republicans worry Cruz is too polarizing, too unwilling to compromise with Congress to win in a general election."  Cruz responded to the liberal-learning question by flatly denying that he's ever said he hates Democrats and instead:  "It's Hillary Clinton who describes her, quote, enemies, as Republicans, as half of the country she considers her enemies.  I don't hate the Democrats."

Despicable New York Daily News Headline Screams: GOP Is the 'Party of Pro-Death'.  In November and December, the New York Daily News characterized the NRA and its CEO Wayne LaPierre as a jihadists and terrorists.  Now it has set its sights on Republican Party presidential candidates and leaders who are defending the plain, Supreme Court-upheld wording of the Constitution's Second Amendment and Congress's power to make laws over lawless presidential actions.

The Editor says...
It is remarkable that the Abortion Party has the audacity to refer pejoratively to others as pro-death.

Obama's pass from the press.  Sometime in the spring of 2007, something strange happened to the Iraqi coverage in the national media — it disappeared.  Or rather, as soon as the news ceased to be bad, the media lost interest in covering it.  It was not till July, when Michael O'Hanlon reported back from the front that the surge had been working, that the world started to realize what happened.  To them, the fact that George W. Bush had succeeded in something was what the press couldn't bear to believe.  Something of the sort is happening now in reverse regarding the current Middle East crises, which make Iraq in 2006 seem calm in comparison.  This time the press, which can no longer deny that the world has been going to hell since Barack Obama started unleashing his peacemaking powers, is doing its best to insulate him completely from any possible blame for it all.

WCBS News: Now Nakedly Purveying Radical Leftist Propaganda.  WCBS News in New York offers us a classic example of a manipulative and dishonest media.  Our "free press" is biased and is nudging us in one direction — leftward.  Here are two disturbing examples though there are many in any given day.

NBC's Today Skips Planned Parenthood Videos, Clinton E-Mail/Foundation Scandals in Year in Review.  With New Year's Eve upon us, NBC's Today dedicated a segment in its 9:00 a.m. hour on Thursday to looking back at the year in news, politics, and entertainment.  Not surprisingly, the liberal network made no mention of the Planned Parenthood baby parts video scandal, Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server, the Clinton Foundation scandal, and Benghazi to name just a few.  Speaking with Rolling Stone's Joe Levy, co-hosts Natalie Morales and Dylan Dreyer started with the year in news by not mentioning the scandal concerning Levy's publication and the University of Virginia but instead first talked about Bill Cosby and what's transpired concerning the sexual misconduct allegations made against him in the past year.

Biased Media Give Obama An Early Christmas Present.  Our IBD/TIPP polls showed that the public has little faith in Obama either domestically or internationally.  Just 46% now approve of the job he's doing overall, and a mere 28% approve his handling of ISIS.  So what's the press writing about as the year comes to a close?  How he's "broken the second-term curse"!  His incredible faith!  How he "roughed it" in Alaska with Bear Grylls and was in a Web video with Jerry Seinfeld!  The New York Times ran through a "series of accomplishments" and how Obama's "success in the past 12 months, both overseas and at home, defied expectations."  The story couldn't have been more glowing if it were written by the White House press office.

A new low: Cartoon mocks Cruz's kids, media call it a 'gift'.  In daily journalism, there are inevitably mistakes, misjudgments and missteps.  And then there is portraying a politician's children as animals.  Why the Washington Post thought such a cartoon about Ted Cruz was fit to print is beyond me.  I'm equally puzzled by the media's muted reaction.

'We're done': CNN cuts off conservative guest's microphone.  CNN's Don Lemon abruptly ended an interview Tuesday afternoon [12/22/2015] after one of his conservative guests refused to stop talking about former President Bill Clinton's many sex scandals.  The moment occurred after the CNN host failed repeatedly to get conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter to comment on GOP front-runner Donald Trump cracking bathroom jokes about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  "Why did he have to go there?" Lemon asked Schlichter and Trump supporter Tara Grant.  "Don, it's going to take a lot more for me to get upset at a woman who enabled a guy who turned the Oval Office into a frat house and his intern into a humidor," Schlichter responded, "I just don't care.  I so don't care."

Pathetic Don Lemon Cuts Off Interview With Kurt Schlichter Cuz He Can't Handle The Truth.  Not only is this clip hilarious, but it's also rather outrageous because all that military veteran and outspoken conservative Kurt Schlichter did is call Hillary an enabler of a sexual harassment, and Don Lemon couldn't deal with it.  [Video clip]

6 Times the Mainstream DC Media Ridiculed Children of Republicans.  One of the biggest lies told by our corrupt and rotting DC Media is the one that states that the children of politicians are off-limits.  Unwritten or unspoken, there is no such rule.  There is, of course, a strictly-enforced DC media rule about the children of Democrat politicians being off-limits.  The children of Republican politicians, however, have always been fair game — and I'm not talking about in the left-wing fever swamps, but in mainstream outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and Salon.

Washington Post depicts Ted Cruz's children as monkeys. And won't apologize for it.  That Tweet has since been deleted, of course: and now the Washington Post has yanked the editorial cartoon in question.  Sans apology:  because while Fred Hiatt is willing to admit that he didn't do his job, he's apparently not willing to admit that a Republican deserves an apology.  And then there's how CNN put all of this: [...]

Ted Cruz Strikes Back at Washington Post Cartoonist for Mocking his Daughters.  The Washington Post has officially yanked the cartoon down, un-publishing it late Tuesday evening [12/22/2015] after this Breitbart News story.

WaPo removes cartoon showing Cruz daughters as monkeys.  The Washington Post removed the cartoon late Tuesday evening, and issued an apology explaining that they did not review Telnaes' work prior to publishing.  "It's generally been the policy of our editorial section to leave children out of it," Post editor Fred Hiatt said in a statement.

Washington Post pulls cartoon depicting Cruz's daughters as monkeys.  The Washington Post pulled a political cartoon Tuesday night that portrayed the daughters of Ted Cruz — ages 7 and 4 — as monkeys.  The cartoon by Ann Telnaes showed the two girls as dancing like small simians before Mr. Cruz, who is Hispanic, dressed as an organ-grinder.

Washington Post stoops to a new low going after Ted Cruz.  Imagine for a moment that the Washington Post had published a cartoon depicting Sasha and Malia Obama as monkeys, arguing that because the Obama daughters had campaigned for their father, they were fair game.  I realize that such a scenario is unthinkable, that such a project would never pass review. [...] The plain fact is that whoever was on duty and reviewed the cartoon was part of the WaPo's newsroom culture, which hates Ted Cruz and conservatives in general.  We have seen in the past a similar instance of egregious prejudice at the WaPo's newsroom, when in 1993 a front page story casually characterized evangelicals as "largely poor, uneducated and easily led."  (Note: evangelicals have above average levels of education.)

Planned Parenthood Admits Sending Aborted Babies to Landfills; AP Plays Defense.  The callousness towards human life at Planned Parenthood is such that it believes that the remains of preborn babies killed during abortions are just like any other "medical waste," and that sending them to landfills — or, perhaps even incinerators — is therefore "humane."  That's what one must conclude from reading an Associated Press report Friday evening which strived mightily to play defense for the beleaguered group.  The wire service's headline only described State Attorney General Mike DeWine as an "official."

See How NPR Hacks Up Testy Interview with Ted Cruz.  NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep is a big fan of President Obama, and when he interviews him, he helpfully sets him up.  In a recent interview on race relations, Inskeep added little prompts instead of questions.  That's not what Ted Cruz received on Wednesday's [12/10/2015] show.  Inskeep was blunt when discussing the new Trump idea of banning Muslims from entering America:  [Transcript omitted for brevity]  NPR posted the full transcript online.  What that demonstrated was that NPR and Inskeep routinely sliced out (for time and surely, for political convenience) Cruz whacking away at Democrats.

Planned Parenthood was 'right wing terror,' but with Islam suddenly 'motives don't matter'.  Last month, when a Colorado Christian entered a Planned Parenthood clinic and fatally shot three people, the mainstream media rushed to make the connection to "right-wing domestic terrorism," even though police hadn't made any connection and the evidence was thin.  When two California Muslims shot up a government office several days later, massacring 14, national journalists refused to call it Islamic terrorism even though evidence of the shooters' motive was overwhelming.  Two mass shootings, two completely different standards of coverage.

The sky turned blue, the grass turned green, and ...
The media turn partisan after San Bernardino massacre.  New York's Daily News used to play it pretty straight — a flashy tabloid, to be sure, but one that kept its opinions on the editorial page.  Yesterday's taunting cover, aimed at blaming the Republicans in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, shows how far it's moved left.  And it kickstarted yet another round of media finger-pointing in the wake of tragedy, just as we saw last week after the killings at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

Media Rushes to Call Colorado Shooter 'Right-Wing Activist.'.  The gulf between facts and conjecture over Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear is growing increasingly large by the second.  Words like "pro-life activist," "terrorist," and "right-winger" are being used, and all of them are based on supposition and conjecture.

'60 Minutes' pushing Ethel Rosenberg pardon — don't buy it.  Obama's presidency isn't over until the end of next year, yet rumors already are swirling about who he might pardon.  One name in particular keeps surfacing: Ethel Rosenberg, a dedicated communist and convicted espionage conspirator.  Willing to die for the Soviet cause along with her husband, Julius, in 1953, she is now receiving belated honors by misguided individuals and organizations that are more comfortable with claims based on emotional propaganda than actual historical evidence.

Media That Claimed Bush Chilled Speech Strangely Quiet Now.  Last week CNN suspended a reporter name Elise Labott for editorializing on a vote by the US House of Representatives. [...] That a CNN reporter would be a lackwit incapable of understanding an issue is not news.  That, seemingly, is part of the screening criteria used by their CNN's human resources department in hiring.  That a CNN reporter would be a left wing hack devoted to using their position to advance a personal agenda is, likewise, not newsworthy.  Who can forget when the ironically named Candy Crowley threw her more than ample weight into the 2012 presidential debate she was moderating on behalf of Barack Obama.  What makes Labott unusual is that now we have a smoking gun that proves she slanted her news coverage of Hillary Clinton during her January 2013 Benghazi testimony.  Well, slanted is not the right word.  She sent her work to Hillary's press guru, Philippe Reines, for approval before releasing it.

Paul campaign slams CNN, says emails show reporter 'colluding' with Clinton aide.  Rand Paul's presidential campaign slammed CNN on Wednesday [11/25/2015] after emails were released that the campaign claimed showed a reporter "colluding" with a Hillary Clinton aide to "attack" the Kentucky senator.  The CNN global affairs correspondent, Elise Labott, already has been suspended over a separate incident — a tweet last week criticizing a House bill limiting Syrian refugees.  But her communications with then-Clinton State Department official Philippe Reines turned up Tuesday [11/24/2015] in a batch of emails obtained and published by Gawker.

Chicago: Media Fans the Flames.  Evidently, the [excrement] isn't hitting the fan hard enough, so certain media outlets have started to — get this — lie to advance their agenda.  Here's CNN:  [Video clip]  Yes, that was CNN saying that Chicago Police shot this guy for "jaywalking."  No mention of the burglary to auto calls, nothing about the PCP influenced behavior, not even a mention of the knife.  Just shot for jaywalking.

CNN "Journalist" Caught Red-Handed Doing Media Favors for Hillary.  Hillary wanted some self-serving quotes publicized, and CNN's "journalist" — the same one who just got suspended for her liberal angst about concerns about Syrian refugees — duly complied.  She also hit Rand Paul for not attending all the hearings — just as she was seemingly asked.

Emails: CNN Reporter Coordinated With Hillary Aide To Smear Rand Paul During 2013 Benghazi Hearing.  A CNN reporter who was recently suspended for two weeks for violating the network's editorial guidelines showed up in a new trove of State Department emails released on Tuesday [11/24/2015] in which she appears to have coordinated social media posts with a top Hillary Clinton State Department aide during the former secretary of state's Jan. 23, 2013 Senate testimony about the Benghazi attacks.

Colbert's 'Late Show' has become propaganda for Democrats.  A survey by the Hollywood Reporter found that conservative viewers are turning off Colbert in droves.  Nearly twice as many Republicans are watching Kimmel as Colbert, who has turned "Late Show" into a sort of wannabe MSNBC program.  The pattern is familiar:  When a Democrat is the guest, Colbert is Barbara Walters.  When a Republican is on, he turns into Tim Russert.

The AP Lies About Trump and Muslims, and the Media Mob Follows.  [Scroll down]  Now consider.  This is the Associated Press we're talking about here, and the AP can blatantly misreport what Trump actually said, and it goes everywhere.  Note that at the very beginning of the AP report, the misrepresentation of what Trump said is fed to Jeb Bush — who promptly does as expected and condemns Trump for saying something Trump never said.  Even Ted Cruz swallowed the bait, as Rush noted.  The AP's false story is fed out to all the television networks, cable and broadcast, to radio, to newspapers, blogs and the world of Twitter.  Thus the lie becomes the Big Lie.

ABC's Gibson Defends Clinton, Declares There's Nothing to Benghazi or Her E-Mails.  Demonstrating there's no space between liberal politicians and major media figures — once they feel free in retirement to express their true views which guided their news judgments during their careers — long-time ABC News correspondent and anchor Charlie Gibson on Wednesday afternoon [11/18/2015] dismissed the relevance of Hillary Clinton's e-mails or Benghazi:  "I don't think there's anything to Benghazi and I don't think there's anything to the e-mails."

Carson Says Press Deliberately Trying to Damage Candidacy.  During a pre-recorded interview with Fox News' Howard Kurtz that aired on Sunday's MediaBuzz, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson sharply criticized the press for trying to damage his candidacy with erroneous stories about his personal biography.  When pressed by Kurtz to explain why the media would want to damage his campaign, Carson explained "when you deliberately lie and you put that out as a story, or you do shabby investigations, and you say we've investigated and we can't find anything, I mean, is that an acceptable standard?"

Dickerson Meets Privately with Democratic Candidates Before Debate.  According to Politico's Hadas Gold and Annie Karni, Saturday night's Democratic presidential moderator John Dickerson of CBS News met privately with each of the three campaigns for separate, private meetings to preview the debate and tried to innocently be billed as "informational in nature."  The pair spun the revelation as merely CBS "tak[ing] advantage of the smaller pool by doing some intense research" with Dickerson sitting down with representatives from the Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, and Bernie Sanders campaigns "to discuss the major issues at play in the race."

Sorry, Media, You Won't Destroy Ben Carson.  Let's begin with two propositions:  There is a difference between an admirable man and a perfect man, and there is a difference between "vetting" and viciousness.  The collective goal of the liberal media is now clear — to take one of America's most admired and brilliant men and somehow transform him into a dishonest, stupid extremist.  The vetting of Ben Carson has become vicious, and to what end?  An admirable man has been exposed as imperfect.

No, Ben Carson Didn't Lie About West Point. It's Another Media Hit Job.  Now, some on the right are saying that Carson should be held to a higher standard here than other candidates because he's running as an "outsider."  But this is a basic case of misinterpreting facts, not an outright lie.  Carson served in ROTC.  Prominent people wanted him to go to West Point.  He wouldn't have had to pay.  He didn't apply because he didn't want to go.  Those facts are not in dispute.  It's the specific wording over which media have decided to crucify him.

The Ben Carson Flaps.  For example, in a video that someone dug up, Dr. Carson said to an audience that his "theory" about the Pyramids is that they were used as storage facilities.  He was smiling as he said this, so it is not clear whether he was using this theory just to illustrate some point.  But, in any case, he was not claiming this as a fact.  More important, the Pyramids are not an issue in today's American political campaign, except as a "gotcha" gimmick.  Yet the media have paid far more attention to Ben Carson's speculation about what the Pyramids were built for, thousands of years ago, than to outright lies that Hillary Clinton told about tragic American deaths in Benghazi, within days after she knew the truth, as her own e-mails now reveal.

Video Proof: CNN's Attack On Ben Carson's Biography Is Racially-Motivated.  CNN's recent and troubling history of anti-black bias is well documented.  The left-wing network has been sued for racial bias, is infamous for ginning up violence in predominantly black neighborhoods, and has faced scrutiny by the National Association of Black Journalists for its treatment of black staffers.  It is no surprise, then, to discover that CNN is currently on a racially-motivated rampage to undermine Ben Carson's biography, and by extension, his presidential ambitions.

GOP Senator Calls Out Andrea Mitchell's 'Liberal Media Bias'; She Proves Him Right.  In an interview with Republican Montana Senator Steve Daines on Wednesday [11/4/2015] about his endorsement of Marco Rubio for president, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell continued pushing attacks on Rubio's Senate attendance:  "One argument, though, is that he has not been in the Senate very much....  That since announcing his candidacy has missed 42% of his votes."  Daines hit back:  "Yeah, well, I think that's an example of a liberal media bias.  Let's take a look at President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, they were all senators who also ran for president.  They missed hundreds of votes.  So I think there's a double standard here."

The Three (Clinton) Stooges and CNBC.  Reading over the transcript, I was again impressed by Ted Cruz's intelligence.  Not only did he brilliantly turn the tables on the stooges, but he understands what is lost on the obtuse Jeb and on John Kasich:  if you want to win over someone else's supporters (Paul's and Huckabee's, in Cruz's case), you don't attack their candidate, you praise him.  Reading the transcript also makes clear exactly how nasty and combative Quintanilla and Harwood were.  If Hillary's staff were writing the questions, they could hardly have done a better job.

Thank You, CNBC.  Here's the Republican dilemma:  The RNC may succeed in quieting down its candidates and extracting some concessions from the networks, which do not wish to lose out on the premium advertising and large viewing audience a GOP presidential debate brings.  But whatever happens, Democratic presidential contenders are unlikely ever to have to stand on a stage even half as tough as what their Republican counterparts endure.  The great irony here is that it was precisely CNBC's bias that made for such a good evening for Republicans.

Charlie Rose Sticks Up for Hillary in Interview With Rubio.  "You called Hillary Clinton a liar, senator," said Rose.  "You called Hillary Clinton a liar."  "Well," Rubio responded, "I said Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi.  There's no doubt about that, Charlie. [...]"

A debate that will live in infamy.  [Scroll down slowly]  The sneak attack had been effectively countered, and from that point forward, most of the candidates joined forces against the slippery sloppy questions.  The entire nation rose up to ask, "Could those moderators possibly have not known how foolish they were?  And what does that say about the mainstream media?"  Watch the tape, or read the transcript of the debate online.  You owe it to yourself to see the blatant attempt to manipulate public opinion by insulting the standard-bearers of the Republican Party.  There is no reasonable, responsible Democrat anywhere who could defend the behavior of the three intemperate moderators.

The Gang That Couldn't Bias Straight.  Usually liberal journalists are far better at hiding their biases than CNBC's inept and sneering moderators at last night's debate.  Questions asked in an insulting tone, interruptions of candidates in mid-sentence, injections of personal opinion, and shouting down candidates attempting to defend themselves.  CNBC began the evening full of bravado, showcasing its "star" panelists and then allowing them to deliver vapid commentary on the debate for 15 minutes before the debate started.  It ended almost trying to pretend the debate never happened.

In (Partial) Defense of CNBC.  Sweeping his arm across the stage, at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, he said, "This is not a cage match.  And, you look at the questions:  'Donald Trump, are you a comic-book villain?'  'Ben Carson, can you do math?'  'John Kasich, will you insult two people over here?'  'Marco Rubio, why don't you resign?'  'Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen?'  How about talking about the substantive issues the people care about?"  He got a big round of applause, which Carlos Quintanilla, one of the moderators for CNBC, tried to interrupt, asking, "Do we get credit...," before Cruz interrupted him again.  "The contrast with the Democratic debate, where every fawning question from the media was 'Which of you is more handsome and why?'" Cruz said.

The Editor says...
The writer in The New Yorker, after quoting Ted Cruz, went on to defend the left-wing propagandists masquerading as "moderators."  The Ted Cruz quote was the best part of the article.  Expect more article like the one above in the next week or so, because the biased left-wing news media can't afford to let these latest challenges go unanswered.

NYT Calls Jill Biden a Doctor 3 Times More Often than Ben Carson.  The New York Times referred to Jill Biden as a 'doctor' three times more than Ben Carson, according to the Weekly Standard.  Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, has a doctorate in education.  Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins.

What Ted Cruz Did in Wednesday's Debate Was So Much More Than an Applause Line.  In one moment, Senator Ted Cruz managed to do what no other candidate for the Republican nomination for president has done to this point:  unite Republicans.  He did so by pushing back against the ridiculously biased questions presented by CNBC moderators.

RNC Chair Bashes CNBC: 'It Was One Gotcha Question, One Personal Low Blow After The Other'.  "I think it was one gotcha question, one personal low blow after the other," Reince Priebus told the press gathered in the spin room.  "It's almost like they tried to design a Rubik's cube for every question."

CNBC Anchor Booed for Question Aimed at Carson.  Wednesday at the CNBC Republican presidential debate, when moderator Carl Quintanilla questioned Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson over a company for which he gave paid speeches, the audience disapproved by loudly booing the anchor.

Cruz Rips Press At CNBC Debate: "This Debate Illustrates Why We Can Not Trust The Media".  At the Republican debate hosted by CNBC in Boulder, Colorado Wednesday night [10/28/2015], presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted the moderators, particularly John Harwood of The New York Times, and the media for their treatment and characterization of himself and his competitors.  "The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don't trust the media," Cruz at Wednesday's [10/28/2015] Republican debate.  "Everyone home tonight knows that the moderators have no intention of voting in a Republican primary."

Cruz Burns CNBC Moderators: This is Why Americans Don't Trust the Media.  Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R., TX) took the media to task on Wednesday [10/28/2015] for asking Republicans tougher questions than they ask Democrats.  Cruz said that the questions asked by CNBC's moderators on Wednesday demonstrated why Americans do not trust the media.  He ticked through a list of questions asked by the moderators of the CNBC debate.

Republican debate veers out of control as Ted Cruz blasts moderators for bias.  The CNBC moderators temporarily lost control of Wednesday's testy Republican primary debate after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted them for what he described as loaded questions designed to provoke infighting among Republicans.  "The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don't trust the media," Mr. Cruz said instead of answering a question about the debt limit.  "This is not a cage match."

Rubio: Mainstream media is the Democrats' 'ultimate super PAC'.  Sen. Marco Rubio ripped into the mainstream media during the third GOP debate, calling them the "ultimate super PAC."  "The Democrats have the ultimate super PAC.  [T]hey're called the mainstream media," Rubio said before ripping them for praising Clinton's performance in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last Thursday.

RNC chairman blasts CNBC for 'deeply unfortunate' debate questioning.  [Scroll down]  Numerous analysts spoke similarly in the hour after the debate, with Charles Krauthammer of Fox News saying "the panel was a bunch of flaming liberals" and Ron Fournier of National Journal tweeting that "Biggest loser of this debate isn't JEB.  It's MSM.  We've earned this bashing."  During the debate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and businessman Donald Trump all said, in one or other fashion, that the questions were loaded with liberal assumptions and/or outright contempt for Republican voters.

Ed Meese: RNC Leaders Who Allowed CNBC to Moderate Debate Should Be Condemned.  With conservative leaders sharply criticizing CNBC's manner of moderating Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate — which featured multiple questions framed as personal attacks on the candidates — former Attorney General Ed Meese said the leaders of the Republican National Committee who allowed CNBC to moderate the debate should be condemned.  "After 15 minutes it was clear that this was not a debate, but a verbal shooting gallery set up by CNBC, with the targets the Republican candidates and the shooters their biased antagonists from the press," said Meese.

Outrageous media bias yields good night for most GOP candidates.  The winners tonight were the candidates who most effectively trounced the blatantly biased CNBC moderators.  Heading that list are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. [...] I knew the MSM had overreached very early on when my wife, a non-Republican who can't stand Donald Trump, said of John Harwood's suggestion that Trump is running a "comic book" campaign:  "What kind of a question is that?"

Watch Out for Shenanigans! CNBC Debate Moderator's Most Biased Moments.  The RNC may regret its approval of John Harwood as lead moderator for Wednesday night's GOP presidential debate on CNBC if past history is any guide.  The CNBC anchor and New York Times columnist admitted he and a producer helped make Rick Perry's infamous "oops" moment even worse.

Charlie Rose to Socialist Bernie Sanders: Your Ideas Are 'Not Radical'.  PBS host Charlie Rose on Monday night embraced many of Bernie Sanders's positions and announced that the socialist's positions are "not radical."  At first, the journalist suggested the Democratic candidate not use the label when campaigning:  "I'm the first person trying to argue you away from the idea that you're a socialist."

MSM Deploys Mediscare Against Carson.  Mediscare is, of course, deployed by the Democrat-MSM complex in every election cycle to terrify seniors with the claim that Republicans want to deprive them of health care.  It was famously used against Paul Ryan, who proposed a premium support plan to help control Medicare spending.  This heresy resulted in a TV ad showing a Ryan-lookalike throwing an old lady off a cliff.  It is now being deployed against Carson pursuant to his proposal to gradually transition U.S. health care away from government-run programs to a system in which every American would have a Health Savings Account (HSA) supplemented by catastrophic coverage.

MSNBC And Al Sharpton Cut Off Guest Who Says Hillary Proven A Liar At Benghazi Hearing.  Completely Orwellian disregard of the truth.  [Video clip]

Frontiers of political correctness: banning the word 'too'.  Move over, Melissa Harris-Perry — it is getting crowded on the lunatic PC bench.  Joining "hard worker" (racist!) on the PC banned word list is "too" (sexist!).  That's right: an adjective and adverb positing that something is more excessive in some quality than desirable is now verboten, as far as the Huffington Post is concerned.  The editors there gave considerable space to Cameron Schaeffer, who identifies herself as a freshman at the University of Vermont, where her head has obviously been filled with victimology nonsense.

Political Correctness Taken to the Extreme: "Hard Worker" Now Offensive.  With presidential candidates including Donald Trump leading a pushback against overreaching political correctness, here's a video that will surely add some fuel to the fire.  As you will see, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was apparently triggered by the phrase "hard worker" and went into a diatribe explaining why that term is offensive.  It sounds as if she's somehow trying to connect the term "hard worker" to slavery.  [Video clip]

Melissa Harris-Perry Scolds Guest to Be 'Super Careful' About Saying 'Hard Worker' Because Of Slavery.  MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry derailed a conversation about potential Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) Saturday [10/24/2015] to admonish a guest for calling him a "hard worker," arguing it demeaned slaves and working mothers "in the context of relative privilege."

Melissa Harris-Perry Needs a Trip to Hard Work U.  MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry is the cable TV pioneer who broke the tastelessness barrier for feminists by wearing tampons as earrings on air in 2013.  This week, she made ignominious history again — as the race-baiting fool in an ivory tower bubble who believes the words "hard worker" are a slur against black slaves and moms who don't have health care.

MSNBC Admits Anti-Israel Graphics Were 'Wrong'.  MSNBC has admitted that highly controversial graphics aired on the network that depicted Israel as stealing land from the Palestinians were "factually wrong" and that the broadcast would be corrected on Monday [10/19/2015], according to a network spokesperson.  The cable news network has been fighting off criticism after it aired the graphics and analysis, including a map linked to conspiracy groups branded as anti-Semitic, that portrayed Israel as existing on territory expropriated from Palestine.  The graphics garnered criticism from pro-Israel advocates and has now prompted the network to acknowledge that the graphics were highly misleading.

The Media's Shameful, Shameless Bias against Israel.  On Sunday, October 11, the Los Angeles Times ran the headline "6 Palestinian Teens Die Amid Mideast Unrest."  It was, technically, true.  But it left out a few key details.

Reporting from Jerusalem: The astonishing bias of NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin.  NBC News foreign correspondent and Palestinian-American Ayman Mohyeldin reported from Jerusalem this week as a Palestinian man dressed in camouflage raced past his camera wielding a knife. [...] The incident ended with the man being shot dead by Israeli police at the Damascus Gate.  Mohyeldin went live to report on the incident minutes after it happened and stayed live for roughly an hour on MSNBC.  But Mohyeldin, failed to give viewers the full picture of what he had just witnessed.  He failed to tell viewers for over an hour that the suspect was a Palestinian and that he was dressed in a camouflage uniform similar to the ones Israeli soldiers wear.  Mohyeldin never referred to the attempted terrorist attack as anything other than a man being shot by Israeli officials.

Biased coverage of Israeli-Palestinian 'violence': When terror becomes 'tensions'.  If you are seeking an example of bias in the media's coverage of what journalists are calling the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian "violence," consider the case of Ahmad Manasra.  In an angry speech on Wednesday night [10/14/2015], Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, appealed for calm but accused Israeli security forces of killing Palestinian boys "in cold blood," singling out the 13-year-old Manasra as one of the Palestinian youths Israel had "executed." [...] There are at least two major problems with Abbas' charge:  First, Ahmad Manasra was not "executed" or even shot by Israelis.

Can the New York Times Discuss Whether Mohammed's Flying Horse Really Visited the Temple Mount?  So the New York Times lapsed into what has been called Temple Trutherism by trying to deny the existence of the Jewish temples on the Temple Mount. [...] But let's have some equal time here.  The Temple Mount is holy to Jews because of the Temples.  So the New York Times chose to discuss whether the Temples really existed.  It's holy to Muslims because Mohammed supposedly flew there on a flying horse (with a woman's head).  Can we get a discussion of whether that really happened?  Or does the New York Times only find it acceptable to mock Judaism, not Islam?

USA Today Offers Advice On How To Make Bernie Sanders And Socialism Less Scary.  Did you know that the "S" word, Socialism, is scary to Americans?  Which makes Democratic Party presidential candidate scary!  Somehow, this whole article is in the news section of USA Today, rather than the opinion section.

CNN Ignores Planned Parenthood at Dem Debate Even When Hillary Brings It Up.  CNN spent more than 10 minutes pressing GOP candidates about Planned Parenthood during the previous debate — but moderators couldn't bear to mention the abortion giant once during Tuesday's Democratic primary debate.  Not even after Hillary Clinton brought up the topic.

CNN's very odd near-exclusion of its black and Latino debate moderators.  For all the talk about inequality and inclusion from the Democratic presidential candidates, for all the major national news this year about the ways that American life remains shaped by race, for all the reporting that's been done on the rapidly changing demographics of the United States, the network airing the first Democratic presidential primary debate Tuesday [10/13/2015] thought it wise to allow an experienced Latino reporter to ask a small series of questions about immigration, and a black reporter to introduce a single inquiry from Facebook about Black Lives Matter.  And that's all we heard from them until nearly two hours into the debate.

ABC's Quantico Uses Timothy McVeigh to Smear American Veterans.  As I've said before, the second most far-left outfit in the history of broadcasting right now behind NBC is the American Broadcasting Company — ABC.  Their new espionage drama Quantico has been shown to support far-left causes from the very first episode, from taking cheap-shots at Mormons, to making Planned Parenthood an innocent victim of conservative terrorists.

When is a Hillary scandal not a Hillary scandal?  CNN's Ashleigh Banfield spoke to Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman about the upcoming Democratic primary debate yesterday [10/9/2015].  They considered the unthinkable possibility that Bernie Sanders will bring up Hillary's email scandal, which Banfield quickly suggested isn't really a scandal.

Texas executes inmate for killing man in $8 robbery.  No late appeals were filed for Juan Martin Garcia, who was lethally injected [10/6/2015] for the September 1998 killing and robbery of Hugo Solano in Houston.

The Editor says...
The Associated Press once again shows its bias, starting with the headline in this story.  The execution was about the murder of an innocent man.  It was not about the eight dollars that changed hands.

LA Times Labels Black Oregon Shooter As White Supremacist!  The Los Angeles Times has labeled the Oregon shooter as having "white supremacist leanings" even though the shooter was black.  The shooter identified as "mixed race" and reportedly had a black mother.

Once Again, DeRay McKesson Falsely Assumes Shooter Is White.  Less than a month after Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson got egg on his face for falsely implying the Roanake shooter was a white man, he apparently is at it again.  In a series of tweets and retweets, McKesson laid out the case that there was a racial element to the policing and media coverage of the Oregon shooter.

CNN Photoshops Oregon Jihadist Shooter to "Fundamentally Transform" Him into a Caucasian Male.  Remember the Trayvon Martin case?  You know, the dude involved in burglary, PCP-like drug cocktails, and/or drug dealing who assaulted George Zimmerman and got capped for his trouble?  Remember how the media claimed there was a new race called "White Hispanics", a term invented "by The New York Times to describe Zimmerman, apparently in some kind of push for a white vs. Black narrative"?  Good times.  Well, the media is at it again, this time photoshopping the Black Jihadist Oregon shooter [...] to make him appear white.

White-black Oregon shooter
The Curious Case of Oregon Shooter Chris Harper-Mercer — A Social Media Profile Shaped, Modified and Deleted.  On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media.  On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him.  Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast?  Why is no one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper[?]

The Baby Butchers and Their Media Butchers.  The propagandists of Planned Parenthood don't want you to remember that earlier this summer the group apologized for the "tone" of one of its top officials, Deborah Nucatola, who casually hawked unborn baby parts to undercover journalists from the Center for Medical Progress as she swilled wine and chomped on a salad.  Not long after confessing that the "tone" of their butchers might cause offense, another top Planned Parenthood trafficker, Mary Gatter, joked about scoring a luxury car after haggling over $75 baby-organ price tags. [...] Ten lengthy, damning videos later, the billion-dollar abortion giant is in full-blown whitewash mode — and its bloodstained accomplices in the liberal media are out in force with their paint rollers.

Embattled Washington Post Fact Checker Admits Pinocchio Ratings 'Are Subjective'.  In a stunning confession Tuesday [9/29/2015], Glenn Kessler, editor of the embattled Washington Post's fact check column, admitted that the Post's fact-check findings "are subjective."  Kessler was responding to the litany of complaints surrounding his partisan attack againt Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.  Although the Post's fact check column verified Fiorina's claim that she had once been a secretary, Kessler (who openly taunts Republicans) still awarded her three Pinocchios.  Kessler's lengthy rationalization is essentially a confession that finally proves what many of us have been saying for years:  that Kessler and the Post have been abusing the imprimatur of fact-checking as a partisan weapon to push a left-leaning agenda.

Editing flap: TV 'edits' 5-hour Planned Parenthood hearing to 1 minute.  Network and cable TV news are coming under fire for repeatedly smearing as "heavily edited" the controversial secretly taped Planned Parenthood videos of officers discussing the sale of aborted fetus parts.  After Tuesday's [9/29/2015] five-hour House hearing on the issue with witness Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, the media is being slammed for doing exactly what the producer of the videos did — and worse — editing hours of tape for a watchable news segment.

MSNBC Got a Big Surprise While Pushing the Abortion Agenda.  MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts got a big surprise on Tuesday [9/29/2015] when he tried to use the mother of a stillborn child to attack a pro-life organization's effort to defund Planned Parenthood.  Roberts talked to Lexi Oliver Fretz about her deceased son Walter.  An image of the stillborn Walter was used in a video by the Center for Medical Progress in one of its videos.  Roberts attacked, "How do you feel about Walter's picture used to discredit Planned Parenthood?"  Fretz explained that she was surprised to see her son used to illustrate a grisly description in the video, but added, "My husband and I are actually extremely pro-life."

Washington Post Fact Checker Still Targeting Republicans By Nearly 2-to-1.  The Washington Post's fact-checking rampage against Republicans and right-of-center claims marches on.  In late March, after Breitbart News reported that, for the first three months of 2015, the WaPo fact-check column targeted Republicans twice as often as Democrats, the column's editor, Glenn Kessler, assured Breitbart News readers that, "You need to look at the whole year to be fair."  Well, with just 13 weeks left in the year, the likelihood that anything approaching an equal scrutiny of claims by Democrats and Republicans appears impossible.

Ben Carson Zooms to Top of Media's Kill List.  The enemedia is patting itself on the back, congratulating itself with headlines that declare, "Ben Carson Walks Back Anti-Muslim Comments With More Anti-Muslim Comments," when in fact the subheadline is, "I stand by the comments."  This is the sharia-compliant media at its deadliest.  Islamic supremacists and their running dogs in the media have unilaterally adhered to the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law).  Anyone who violates these laws (which mandate that one must not criticize Islam or Muhammad) will be destroyed.  In Muslim countries, you are executed for blasphemy.  In the West, for the same "blasphemy" your character and good name are assassinated.

Ted Cruz: The Biggest Elephant in the Room.  To the Republicans in Washington who have habitually let down the American people, who is public enemy number one — the Ayatollah Khomeini, Vladimir Putin, President Obama?  No, Ted Cruz.  To the liberal media that apparently believes in a socialist utopia, who threatens to spoil their self-destructive fantasy?  ISIS, Russia, Iran?  No, Ted Cruz.  In the wake of the CNN debate, is there any wonder now why moderator Jake Tapper avoided and interrupted Ted Cruz all night?

Media Smears Trump, Ignores Fact That Hillary Clinton Started Birther Movement.  When asked by a reporter if Obama was a Muslim in 2008, she replied, "There's nothing to base that on ... as far as I know."  The media is nothing but a bunch of left-wing liars.  And what's wrong with being misidentified as a Muslim?  It's [much] better than being identified accurately as someone who spent 20 years in a racist church, which is Obama's true (and very troubling) religious history.

'Fact-Checker' Challenge.  Because Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina dared Wednesday night [9/16/2015] to be a woman who attacked the mainstream media's holy temple of abortion, the lying fact-checkers came out in force before the CNN debate was even over to punish her for sharing with the world the horrors of the infamous Planned Parenthood videos released over the summer.  As an example, the prominent fact checkers at the left-wing Washington Post, Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee, attacked Fiorina with this word salad of misinformation: [...]

Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote.  The hard-fought nuclear accord with Iran survived the U.S. Senate on Thursday [9/10/2015], as Democrats overcame ferocious Republican opposition and delivered President Barack Obama a major victory on his top foreign policy priority.

The Editor says...
Sounds like we're getting mixed signals from the Associated Press:  Did the Democrats block the vote, or did they overcome ferocious Republican opposition?

Shep Smith Rails Against Anti-Gay 'Haters' During Kim Davis Presser.  During Fox News' live coverage of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis' release from prison, anchor Shepard Smith suddenly spoke over the press conference to chastise Davis and those who supported her decision to refuse to issue gay marriage licenses.

Chuck Todd Admits Iran Deal Vote More 'About Avoiding Defeat' for Obama.  On Wednesday, September 2, all three network newscasts cheered Obama securing a 34th vote for the Iran deal which included Chuck Todd's colleague, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, who proclaimed the vote a "major win for the Obama administration" for a deal that "now appears unstoppable."  In addition, the networks repeatedly dismissed the overwhelming majority of Congress who opposed the Iran deal and refused to provide soundbites of those who planned to vote against the controversial agreement.

Media shifts on violent rhetoric for Black Lives Matter.  Some newsrooms are pushing back hard on the notion that the recent spike in police officer deaths is tied somehow to the anti-cop rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement.  That's a sharp contrast from the press' more recent habit of tying Tea Party rhetoric to similarly deadly acts.  The Black Lives Matters movement, which was born out of concerns over police brutality in African-American communities, has come under fire recently for some of its members' charged rhetoric.

Ignoring Science, 97% of Stories Hype BPA as Health Threat.  Fear of chemicals and "toxins" is rampant among the so-called "environmental" left.  Unfortunately, that phobia infects national media coverage as well.  For more than a decade, the left has been on the attack against BPA, a chemical that is commonly found in plastics and other products.  Anti-chemical groups such as the Breast Cancer Fund and some scientists have crusaded against BPA (known formally as bisphenol A), connecting it to cancer and reproductive problems and claiming that it is "a threat to human health," despite government agencies that have declared it "harmless" even in baby bottles.  Much of the national media have bought in spreading fear of the chemical in ordinary canned goods, on cash register receipts, in dental sealants and more.  In just the past two years, the three broadcast networks and top five national newspapers have continued to report on the "hidden danger" of BPA, labeling it "carcinogenic" and "toxic" often with small or flawed reports from activists.

Suddenly Media Worried Over Reporting Race-Based Motive of Killer of White Reporters.  During the reporting of the murders in a black church in Charleston, the assumed racist motive of the shooter, white man Dylann Roof, was immediately the talk of the media.  But now, after an African American murdered two white former co-workers and then released a 23-page, race-tinged manifesto, some in the media are suddenly squeamish about reporting the race-based motives of the killer.

Megyn Kelly defends Mexican supremacist Jorge Ramos.  Megyn Kelly once again bashed Donald Trump while defending Mexican supremacist Jorge Ramos, despite not waiting until being called on.  Last night Megyn Kelly had leftist and CNN reject Howie Kurtz to react to Trump basically deporting Jorge Ramos from his press conference in Iowa.  So as is typical of Megyn Kelly, she took Ramos' side, saying:  [Video clip]

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples.  Let's face it, liberal media bias has been around since there have been liberals to do the "reporting" of the news.  But this fact should surprise no one.  After all, the news media has always been filled with bias of one type or another.  In fact, there was a time when American customers of the news knew exactly which newspapers sported which point of view.  It was taken for granted that one newspaper supported one side and another newspaper a different side.

An activist masquerading as a journalist:
Activist anchor Jorge Ramos uses influence to push immigration agenda.  Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, who has long been as much an activist as a newsman, managed to find himself at the center of an immigration story yet again this week as he went head-to-head with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, getting tossed from a press conference after repeatedly and insistently trying to ask questions.

Jorge Ramos Is an Immigration Activist Posing as a Reporter.  Jorge Ramos may be the award-winning celebrity anchor of Univision's premier news broadcast, but "the Walter Cronkite of Hispanic News" long ago revealed himself to be less a journalist than another perpetually indignant immigration activist.  His devolution into outright heckler was only a matter of time.  It would be difficult to overstate Ramos's immigration radicalism. When Central American children were pouring over the border last summer, Ramos announced as a solution, "First, we treat children like children, as if they were our own."  When, in their 2012 interview, Newt Gingrich told Ramos, "I'm not going to let you define what 'immigration reform' is," Ramos replied, "It's very simple:  to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants."  And when, last November, President Obama lawlessly granted amnesty to some 5 million of those immigrants, Ramos touted the measure as "a triumph for the Latino community."

Jorge Ramos Has a Long History of Activist 'Reporting'.  Ramos has been called the "Walter Cronkite of Latino America," but he has a history of behaving more like an activist with a cable-news platform than a reporter.  Ramos constantly identifies with his Latino and immigrant audience, using words like "us" and "our" when reporting on any immigration-related issue.  He seems to see himself as the gatekeeper of Latino American opinion — and to think that qualifies him to be a political kingmaker.

Indy Star Orchestrates Secret Campaign To Promote LGBT Special Protections.  Breitbart News has exclusively obtained an email sent by the President and Publisher of the Indianapolis Star.  It invites "community leaders" to help plan and coordinate an aggressive, highly orchestrated campaign to "persuade" the Indiana state legislature to adopt sweeping special protections for Indiana's gay, lesbian and transgender communities.  The email, sent personally by Karen Ferguson Fuson, President and Publisher of the Star, was sent early this morning to an undisclosed list of business and media elites, together with gay rights activists.  It pulls no punches in its scope or its goals.

Biased Media vs. Behavioral Standards.  We all know that the mainstream media are biased.  But they appear to have totally come out of the closet lately, exposing their true identity as leftist operatives.  It was infuriating watching a CNN interviewer hammering Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson.  This despicable jerk kept trying to twist Dr. Carson's words to mean that Dr. Carson wants to bomb refugees with drones. [...] Also infuriating and evil is the MSM hiding the sick scandal happening at Planned Parenthood.  In the latest video released exposing Planned Parenthood's black-market baby body parts business, one of PP's clients joked about shipping whole heads of aborted babies to research labs.  I was stunned by the lack of media coverage and national outrage.  Have we grown numb?

Cruz Accuses Megyn Kelly of Asking 'Mainstream Media Liberal' Question.  Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly of asking "the question every mainstream media liberal journalist wants to ask" and "the question Barack Obama wants to focus on" on Tuesday's [8/25/2015] "Kelly File" on the Fox News Channel.

Mainstream Scream: Carter revisionism begins, called 'too nice' to beat Reagan.  The mainstream media's revisionism of former President Jimmy Carter's doomed presidency has begun amid reports he is battling brain cancer.  Leading the charge last week was MSNBC's Joy Reid, a national correspondent who was host of the "Reid Report" from February 2014 to February 2015.

House Intelligence Committee Democrats Play Political Games on Iran DealThe Hill ran a story today [8/14/2015], "Spy panel Dems rally to support Iran deal," which gives the impression that all of the House Intelligence Committee's Democratic members signed a letter supporting the nuclear agreement with Iran.  The article did not mention that a third of the committee's Democratic members did not sign the letter or the absurdity of the letter's claims.  I therefore believe a more accurate title for The Hill article would be "One-third of House Intel Committee Democrats Refuse to Sign Letter Supporting Iran Agreement."

Cover-Up: Major Newspapers Keep Hillary's E-Mails Off the Front Page.  Four of the country's largest newspapers on Wednesday [8/12/2015] kept the latest developments in Hillary Clinton's growing E-mail scandal off the front page (one kept it out of the paper completely).  The revelation that the Democratic candidate had top secret information on her server was relegated to the bottom of page A13 in the New York Times.  The Washington Post managed to place the news that Clinton will finally turn over her server on A2.  The Los Angeles Times hid the story on A9.  All of these newspapers, however, did better than USA Today, which completely skipped Clinton's scandal in the print edition.

Press Downplays, Hides EPA's Responsibility for Western River Contamination.  On Wednesday [8/5/2015], the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency committed an act which would have likely become instant national news if a private entity had done the same thing.  On Friday, John Merline at Investors' Business Daily succinctly noted that the EPA "dumped a million gallons of mine waste into Animas River in Colorado, turning it into what looked like Tang, forcing the sheriff's office to close the river to recreational users."  Oh, and it "also failed to warn officials in downstream New Mexico about the spill."  Yet here we are four days later, and the story has gotten very little visibility outside of center-right blogs and outlets.  That's largely explained by how the wire services have handled the story.

US carbon pollution from power plants hits 27-year low.  Carbon dioxide — from the burning of coal, oil and gas — is the chief greenhouse gas responsible for man-made global warming.

Bias alert:
The Associated Press is wrong about one aspect of this story, in the first sentence:  The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor, which no law or politician can counteract.

Red Flags Of Corruption Over Huntington Park.  In a page-one headline, the Los Angeles Times hailed the appointment of illegal immigrants to two Huntington Park, Calif., civic commissions as a milestone that "charts a bold path for immigrants."  It was booster journalism at its worst, gushing about illegals gaining participatory "rights" in U.S. public life that had supposedly been unjustly denied them.  It also stood in stark contrast with the multiple local press reports — KPCC, KTLA, CBS-LA and more — which reported the event as primarily cause for angry protests.

GMA: No Time for Planned Parenthood Vote; 18 Minutes to Boy Band.  ABC's Good Morning America, a two hour-long program, on Tuesday [8/4/2015] completely ignored the Senate's vote on Planned Parenthood, yet devoted 18 minutes of air time to boy band One Direction.  Only CBS This Morning bothered with the Republican effort to defund the abortion group, allowing a meager 25 seconds.  Even in that scant amount of time, co-host Norah O'Donnell managed to spin the undercover footage of the organization in a friendly way.

CNN Asks Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Videos if He's a 'Violent Extremist'.  In an interview with the Center for Medicial Progress' David Daleiden, CNN's New Day host Alisyn Camerota asked the activist behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos to respond to criticism he was a "violent extremist."  "Your critics — critics of your organization I should say — say that you're not journalists as you purport to be on your website, but rather you're violent extremists," Camerota said to Daleiden.

The Editor says...
The abortion "doctors" are tearing babies apart and selling the pieces, and the guy who goes undercover to document this practice is accused of being a "violent extremist."  That's a textbook case of liberal media bias.

New Hillary Emails: Media, Congress Fed Her Questions.  A great deal of the communication contained in the latest batch of Clinton emails released to the public consists of sycophantic throne-sniffers at the State Department and White House competing with each other to see who can compliment Her Regal Majesty the most.  But now we've got examples of people actively helping her stage public appearances — including, to no one's surprise, the media.  Mediaite reports that one of the new emails shows a source within NBC News leaking Hillary questions in advance of a Meet the Press appearance: [...]

Only CBS Highlights 'Tough, New Questions' for Planned Parenthood.  On Friday, CBS This Morning actually highlighted the "tough, new questions" Planned Parenthood is facing, showcasing the "latest and most graphic video."  ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today, despite a combined running time of six hours, ignored the story.  This Morning Co-anchor Norah O'Donnell, in addition to showing footage, alerted, "Planned Parenthood is facing tough new questions this morning.  A fourth undercover video is out, showing a doctor at the women's health provider talking about selling fetal body parts."

NBC Hosts Thrilled Network Hired Obama's Chef as Analyst.  On Wednesday [7/29/2015], the hosts of NBC's Today cheered the network's decision to hire former White House chef — and husband of left-wing MSNBC host AlexWagner — Sam Kass.  Co-host Savannah Guthrie gushed:  "...we've got an exciting announcement.  You guys remember Sam Kass, of course he's the former assistant White House chef, executive director of the First Lady's Let's Move campaign, and nutrition advisor to the President....  He is becoming an NBC News senior food analyst."

'Respectable' Journalism is Slipping: Atlantic Writer Thinks Religious Believers Belong in Straitjackets.  Jeffrey Tayler is a respected journalist — an author of multiple books, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, and a frequent commentator on NPR's venerable All Things Considered.  Review his Atlantic author page, and you'll see a collection of sober-minded, interesting articles — written from a leftist perspective, to be sure, but many of them are certainly worth reading.  I haven't caught his NPR commentary, but I expect they would be worth hearing.  I enjoy thoughtful liberal commentary, and The Atlantic is still often a destination site for the best the Left has to offer.  But that's Mr. Tayler as Dr. Jekyll.  Mr. Hyde emerges over at Salon, [...]

Email Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Fed Questions Before Meet the Press Appearance.  One of the private Hillary Clinton emails released Friday [7/31/2015] reveals that an NBC source was leaking possible questions to the then-Secretary of State's staff ahead of an appearance on Meet the Press.  In an July 2009 email with the subject line "heads up," Clinton staffer Lissa Muscatine wrote, "You probably already know this, but I just heard from a friend who is wired at Meet the Press that David Gregory will ask you about David Maziar, the Newsweek journalist arrested in Iran."

Nets Spend 30 Minutes on Lion; Censor Abortion Videos.  The broadcast news shows covered Cecil the lion more in one day than they spent on the Planned Parenthood videos in two weeks — and that discrepancy only continues to grow.  In two days, ABC, NBC and CBS have spent 30 minutes, 1 second on Cecil, a famed African lion shot by an American dentist.  But anchors couldn't spare nearly as much time for the videos exposing Planned Parenthood's harvesting of aborted baby parts.  Since the release of the Center for Medical Progress' first video two weeks ago, the networks have spent only 11 minutes, 13 seconds on the story.

World Explodes over Dead Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood.  On Tuesday [7/28/2015], the world lost its collective mind — whatever is left of it, anyway — when media discovered the identity of the killer of a Zimbabwean named Cecil.  Cecil is a lion.  Cecil, a lion, was by most accounts "one of Africa's most famous lions."  Cecil, incredibly, was famous for being a lion, not for curing cancer, although you wouldn't know that by the media coverage.  The man who shot Cecil, a lion, to death is Dr. Walter Palmer, a big game hunter who allegedly paid $55,000 for a big game permit.  He hired a guide, who lured Cecil, a lion, out from a protected area, where Cecil, a lion, then met his end.

CNN's Camerota Downplays Baby Organ Harvesting Outrage; Suggests Price Fixing.  On Tuesday's [7/28/2015] New Day, CNN's Alisyn Camerota made no mention of the outrage over Planned Parenthood varying its abortion techniques in order to preserve unborn babies' organs for medical research, as was revealed in two undercover videos. Instead, Camerota zeroed in on "these representatives from Planned Parenthood negotiating" over prices for these organs.  She even touted how the "exchange of fetal tissue... obviously, does a lot of good.  There's a lot of research — cures for diseases that come from it." [Video clip]

Panic in Pittsburgh: Media Struggling to Ignore Black Mob Violence.  [Scroll down]  The local TV news crews pieced together some of the action from April:  Hundreds of "college kids" arriving on "school buses" to a "huge party" featuring large fights and gunfire at police.  And of course lots of mayhem and property destruction.  Twenty neighboring police departments were called in to help quell this non-event.  And oh yeah, that has been happening for a long time at this mall.  But the fact that this was a black party for black students organized by black people and students came from black fraternities and sororities — not a word.

Chris Matthews: Obama Has Had 'Immaculate' Presidency With No Corruption Allegations.  [Scroll down]  Matthews continued, "He's been immaculate in the presidency.  Nobody has accused him of any corruption.  His kids are perfect.  His wife is perfect.  He's done everything that these right-wing white conservatives say we're supposed to be in this country.  He's done everything right. [...]"

The Media Love Affair with McCain.  [S]ince when did the media get concerned about the noble cause of fighting communism in Vietnam?  Our media, led by CBS Evening News anchorman Walter Cronkite, who was then an influential media figure, protested the Vietnam War and prompted the U.S. withdrawal and communist takeover.  His FBI file demonstrated Cronkite's contacts with Soviet officials and how he was used as a dupe by the communists.  More than 58,000 Americans sacrificed and died to save that country from communism.  The liberal media never supported the war against communism in Vietnam.  Yet they are now browbeating Trump over avoiding the war through deferments.  Our media are full of hypocrites.  They don't admire McCain for fighting in Vietnam.  They admire him because he is a "maverick" who frequently takes the liberal line, such as on "comprehensive immigration reform."

Leftist propaganda is everywhere:
Every Day, A New Way to Hate.  In channel surfing my way to the British Open, I lit for a moment on the usually sane ESPN show, "Mike and Mike."  Co-host Mike Greenberg was off that morning so 28 year-old sub Ryan Ruocco sat in with regular Mike Golic, a former NFL defensive tackle.  Flaunting his liberal chops for the suits upstairs, Ruocco gushed about the Arthur Ashe Award.  Of course, he did not call the winner "Bruce Jenner."  He refused to even say "Jenner."  It was always "Caitlyn Jenner," over and over.  Those who dared say "Bruce" Ruocco surely would have lumped — in his words — with "the critics who hate."  Bingo!  There it was.  Our progressive friends had discovered the glory of transgenderism about fifteen minutes ago, and they were already prepared to brand critics of any sort as "haters," the collective term for the non-elect in their perverse neo-puritan presbytery.

Andrea Mitchell Tries to Portray Abdulazeez as a Gun Nut.  Desperately looking for a way to avoid pegging the Chattanooga murderer Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez as anything but a terrorist, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asked a childhood friend of the killer what he liked to do in "small town Tennessee": [...] Abdulzaeez apparently owned some guns, but it is unknown whether he bought them after his return from the Middle East last year.  For a terrorist, guns are a tool of the trade and not a means of self defense or anything to take pleasure from on a hunt.  For Mitchell to try and equate terrorism with the gun culture instead of trying to get to the bottom of the shooter's radicalization is horrible journalism.

Walloping Walker: The Media's Worst Attacks on the Wisconsin Governor.  Scott Walker's official entry into the 2016 presidential race has already been met with questions about his sophistication and readiness to be president by the liberal media.  The day of Walker's announcement The New York Times' Patrick Healy portrayed the GOP governor as someone who isn't ready for the world stage:  "Two words these [Walker] voters do not use about him?  'Smart' and 'sophisticated.'"

AP: It's Not Selling Aborted Unborn Baby Parts, It's the 'Disposition of Fetal Remains'.  We've long known that the Associated Press is loathe to refer to unborn children as unborn children, preferring the clinical term "fetus."  But in covering a shocking new story about how Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue from aborted babies for profit, the AP bent over backwards to use clinical euphemisms to soften the blow of the ghoulish practice.

More about Planned Parenthood.

Dogfight: WashPost Google-Mocks All the GOP Candidates, No Democrats.  Jeff Guo of The Washington Post began his article correctly:  "Stop.  This will be the most horrifying and pointless thing you read today."  One new technique on Google now is called "DeepDream," to enhance and visualize all the strange associations that artificial-intelligence programs are making.  MRC's Dan Gainor pointed out that the Post proved it's a Democratic rag by taking this strange "stoner" imaging tool and applied it to all the Republican presidential candidates and posted it — and not a single Democrat was included for balance in silliness.  So Bobby Jindal looks like a dog — and so does Chris Christie's 18-year-old daughter Sarah.

Shameless NBC Uses Murder by Illegal Immigrant to Bash GOP.  Monday's [7/6/2015] network evening newscasts offered continuing coverage on the July 1 murder of a San Francisco woman allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, but it was NBC Nightly News that shamelessly used the occasion to blast "the new Todd Akin" in Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for having "seized upon" the story to promote his stance on illegal immigration as the GOP is "desperate to win Latino voters."

AP: Mass Unemployment, Lower Wages Is 'New Normal'.  The AP's subtle point here is we are supposed to accept Obama's failed economy as the 'new normal.'  There's nothing that can be done about it.  And certainly none of this is Obama's fault.

MSNBC's O'Donnell: 'Essential Truth That We're All Socialists Now'.  Last night [7/6/2015], Lawrence O'Donnell gushed over Bernie Sanders' authenticity and the consistently large crowds he has acquired in his speeches across the country.  The July 6 edition of The Last Word featured a panel discussion which emphasized that the Vermont senator's socialism isn't that far outside the mainstream.  O'Donnell asked former Vermont governor Howard Dean if Sanders has "managed to educate Vermonters to the essential truth that we're all socialists now?" He prefaced that question by noting the tendency of Democrats to "run away" from calling themselves liberal.  The MSNBC personality then cheered the fact that Sanders openly embraces socialism and "the fact that he is a socialist."

Shock: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence as Too High for Mexicans to Safely Jump.  A mainstream Arizona newspaper is decrying the small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot-high primary fence because it is too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross.  The article, "Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones," includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot-high fence are "as tall as a two or three-story house" and tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and surgeries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.  The writer never mentions any lives directly lost as a result of there not being a border fence in most sections, such as when Mexican nationals crossed into the U.S. and murdered father and husband Robert Rosas, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Collusion Between Hillary and Media.  The elite media types have been in bed with the elite national Democratic party types for so long that one hardly bothers to note it any longer.  Still, it is a little jarring when the Hillary Clinton e-mails reveal this kind of panting sycophancy

News media bias on display
We Must Stop the Media From Silencing Your Voice on Marriage.  If there's one thing the Supreme Court accomplished last Friday (besides unleashing cultural chaos on America), it was ending the liberal media's charade.  Whatever scrap of journalistic impartiality existed flew out the courtroom window Friday when the press decided five justices not only invented a right to same-sex marriage but to censorship, too. [...] After years of trying to drive out debate, the liberal media are using the cloak of the court to do it.  Desperate to take away the voice of Christians at the public table, the left is already on the march to undermine the very freedom that gives breath to the speech it now enjoys.

AP Photo Lines Pistol Up with Senator, 2016 Candidate Ted Cruz's Brain.  Of course, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a Republican.  That puts him in proximity with guns and gun posters, as seen in [a] picture from Associated Press photog Charlie Neibergall, more often than Democrats.  Still, imagine a similar situation — a U.S. Senator campaigning for President — and instead of a pro-2nd Amendment event, it's a pro-gun control event.  Imagine this Senator is standing in front of a giant poster of a pistol — one meant to demonize the weapon rather than promote it.

Published Wire Photo Has Gun Graphic Pointing at Ted Cruz's Head.  The Associated Press currently has a photo for sale at its APimages.com site showing a graphic of a gun pointing at Ted Cruz's head.  It has been there since early Saturday evening [6/20/2015].  It would appear that Charlie Neibergall, the person who snapped this photograph, had to patiently wait for the "right" moment to take the photo in question.

Photos of gun pointed at Cruz disappear from AP photo bank.  Controversial photographs from the Associated Press showing the image of a large gun pointing at the head of 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz have disappeared from AP's photo bank.  APImages.com "no longer yields a handful of photos from photojournalist Charlie Neibergall wherein the barrel of a gun on a poster points to the U.S. senator and presidential candidate's head," Breitbart reported Monday [6/22/2015].  The images had drawn outrage from conservatives who said the photo was an example of media bias.

Rush Limbaugh Blasts Media for Trying to Destroy Ben Carson While Fawning over Clintons.  On Wednesday [6/17/2015], conservative icon and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted the mainstream press for trying to destroy and dismiss Dr. Ben Carson even though nobody in the mainstream can claim to come close to having any of the Carson's accomplishments.  "Dr. Benjamin Carson is one of the finest, most accomplished human beings on this planet who has done more for people than most people in politics will ever do," Limbaugh declared on his radio show.  "And he's done it personally, not with other people's money."

MSNBC's Dyson Implies Rachel Dolezal Is More Black Than Clarence Thomas.  On Monday's [6/15/2015] The Ed Show, Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC Political Analyst and frequent guest host on the "Lean Forward" network, used the ongoing controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal claiming to be African American to smear Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

More about Rachel Dolezal.

Marco Rubio, average American.  Marco Rubio bought a bunch of stuff he probably couldn't afford.  Welcome to America.  So The New York Times has pulled together another hit piece — this one insinuating that Rubio, who the newspaper evidently believes is the GOP front-runner, is both a reckless spendthrift and a financial failure.  The story confuses offshore fishing boats with "luxury speedboats" and pickup trucks with SUVs to render a distasteful account of Rubio's financial life.  But what we really learned is that though Rubio is not great with money, the senator from Florida has relatively modest desires, considering his fame.

Media Bias Jumps the Shark With Marco Rubio 'Luxury Speedboat' Story.  Just how desperate is the mainstream press to cast Sen. Marco Rubio as someone who can't handle his money?  Desperate enough, apparently, to describe a family fishing boat as a "luxury speedboat," which the New York Times did this week in its front page hit piece about Rubio's alleged "history of financial struggles."  That same Times story also portrayed a home Rubio bought — after getting an $800,000 advance on a book — as some sort of mansion in Florida, when it is, in fact, just one home crammed into a cul-de-sac next to many other similarly sized, middle-class dwellings.

Associated Press Pens The Most Dishonest Anti-Cop Conspiracy Theory You Are Likely To Ever Read.  I'll be quite frank:  I have very little respect for the Associated Press and the quality of their reporting, which tends to range from mediocre to abysmal in terms of factual accuracy, and which seems to be far more interested in publishing propaganda in recent years than reflecting reality.  Their latest attempt to generate controversy, "Witnesses: Semi-automatic gunfire dominated biker shootout," is perhaps the most dishonest and incompetent bit of reporting I've ever had the misfortune to read.  The premise for the article is to promote the recent biker-generated conspiracy theory that Waco law enforcement officers did almost all the shooting at the May 18 shootout at a Waco restaurant called Twin Peaks.

An NBC Affiliate Manufactures a Story to Attack Conservatives.  "Months before the conference, my family booked a hotel room at the same resort as ALEC," reported Brendan Keefe of WXIA TV, also known as 11 Alive.  It's the NBC affiliate in Atlanta.  "We found the fabled back room where the laws are made," he told their audience.  It was sweeps week and NBC had a scoop.  What he failed to mention is that the event held by the right-leaning American Legislative Exchange Council was open to the press, he did not register for the event, he registered at the hotel under an assumed name, and the hotel was not a resort, just a hotel in Savannah.  More particularly, it was the Hyatt in Savannah.

Times Hit Piece Ignores Scott Walker's Success.  The article is more sophisticated than the awkward and error-filled attempted hit on Walker by Gail Collins from the Times editorial page, who blamed Walker for layoffs that took place before he had been elected.  And it avoids the kind of over-the-top claims that require corrections.  But the piece nonetheless makes clear that its authors believe Walker's views are far out of the mainstream and that he owes his success to wealthy conservatives eager to exploit a simpleton as the vessel for their ideological goals.

Media warn Marco Rubio is dangerously middle-class and not wealthy.  The [New York] Times revealed recently that Rubio incurred four traffic tickets over 17 years, not exactly disqualifying events.  Other reports had Rubio and his wife Jeannette spending money to upgrade their Miami home's air conditioning and buy a new refrigerator.  You may remember back in 2007 another freshman senator named Barack Obama suddenly paid off nearly four dozen overdue tickets just before launching his bid to move his family and mother-in-law into the rent-free White House.  No, of course you don't remember that because the media skipped over such inconvenient legal blemishes in its enthusiastic coverage of the "reform" Chicagoan.

Rubio's boat
Even lefty MSM laughing at NY Times story on Rubio 'luxury speedboat'.  Not exactly a cigarette boat.  In fact, exactly the kind of boat you see fishermen using all over Florida, more or less the Ford Focus or Toyota Camry of fishing craft.  The obvious comparison is to John Kerry's yacht, the one he docked in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts taxes.

Media: Never Mind Hillary's Scandals, Let's Talk About Marco Rubio's Wife's Driving Habits.  Remember how the media left Barack Obama completely unvetted, ignoring even the most damaging stories from his past, while a squirming mass of reporters fought over every scrap of trash in the dumpster behind Sarah Palin's house?  It's happening again.  For some reason, the New York Times decided to devote two reporters to the urgent task of reviewing Senator and presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio's driving record over the past 18 years.  And they still couldn't make much of a story about it, so they decided to add his wife's record to the story.

Surprise! NYT's Embarrassing Rubio Hit Piece Came From Democratic Super PAC.  A reporter at the Washington Free Beacon discovered that The New York Times' embarrassing story attacking Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio for traffic violations was almost certainly planted by a Democratic super PAC. [...] Missing from the headline is the important context that the candidate himself only had four violations to his name, over the span of two decades.

New York Times ignored 15 unpaid tickets of Obama in 2007.  You can't get much more hypocritical than the New York Times, which acted as a megaphone for the oppo research efforts of American Bridge, the pro-Hillary operation founded by David Brock.  The "scandal" amounted to four traffic tickets for Marco Rubio over 18 years, puffed up by including his wife's driving record into a headline of 17 violations for the couple.  The problem is that the Times studiously ignored the scofflaw behavior of Barack Obama, who ignored 15 outstanding parking tickets until his run for the presidency forced him to clean up his record.

Pummeling Perry: The Media's Worst Attacks on the Former Texas Governor.  If his 2012 presidential run is any indicator, Rick Perry's jump into the 2016 presidential race will bring a flurry of the liberal media's favorite pejoratives for Republicans.  Racist? Anti-science?  Religious bigot?  Gun nut?  Heartless cutter of programs for the poor?  You name it, the former Texas governor was called it by his haters in the leftist press.

MSM Journalist Wants Republican Presidential Candidates to 'Unleash Their Lizard Brains' in Upcoming Debates.  Three mainstream media journalists are showing their bias against the large field of Republican Presidential candidates.  In a recent podcast, they discussed the 2016 campaign.  When asked by MSNBC's Alex Wagner what she thought of the Republican candidates who will be invited to participate in the upcoming Fox News debates, Annie Lowrey, who writes for New York Magazine, let loose:  "Even in terms of getting a better bread and circus type ludicrous production, which as a journalist is all that I care about, I just want chaos, anarchy, racist comments, sexist comments, I want, I want the worst of these people, I want them to, like, unleash their lizard brains."

No Time for Hillary Scandals — Because Every Reporter Everywhere Is Covering the Dennis Hastert Indictment.  [Scroll down]  Yet one cannot help but observe:  Three authors are given a byline for this scoop, and six others are credited with "contributing" to the report.  That's nine Washington Post authors hard at work getting the (legally non-actionable) background to the indictment of a retired congressman.  And it's not just the Post.  ABC News needed six authors to report the same story.  The New York Times needed five.  Politico needed four.  Would that so much media manpower were devoted to covering current scandal-laden politicians — like, oh, for instance, Hillary Clinton.

CNBC's Harwood Hits Rubio for Looking 'Like a Schoolboy' Compared to Hillary.  CNBC Washington correspondent Richard Harwood and the co-hosts of CNBC's Squawk Box briefly discussed during Friday's [5/29/2015] show the age difference between Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio that included Harwood knocking Rubio for "look[ing] like a schoolboy" compared to Clinton.

NY Post: Stephanopoulos gets $105M from ABC.  When it emerged that George Stephanopoulos had failed to disclose $75,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation to either the network or viewers while repeatedly covering the organization, ABC News declared that it would stand by its "chief news anchor."  The New York Post's Emily Smith explains that they have one hundred and five million reasons to ignore their own declared standards and practices.  ABC renewed Stephanopoulos' contract last year for more than double what NBC paid Brian Williams ... and it's working out just as well.

The Real Stephanopoulos Scandal.  No, it's not his blatant partisanship, his ties to the increasingly thuggish Clinton Machine, or even his complete lack of journalistic ethics.  It's that ABC should never have hired him in the first place.  Back in the Stone Age, before reporters became "journalists" and before "journalists" became politically motivated Fifth Columnists masquerading as members of the Fourth Estate, there was a cardinal rule: a reporter could leave a newspaper and accept a job as a public-relations flack, but under no circumstances could he or she then return to reporting.  Ever.  In other words, once having forfeited any pretense of objectivity, and having accepted payment for advocating a particular point of view, that guy's career in real journalism was finished.

Why is everybody so surprised about George?  Back in 1996, ABC president Roone Arledge hired deeply partisan Democrat hack, George Stephanopoulos, to be the network's political analyst and contributor.  ABC promised that he would not cover news but would only provide commentary as a seasoned and professional pundit.  After I laughed uproariously at the news, I knew that all major network news programs would be biased against Republicans.  I knew this way before Bernard Goldberg wrote his book Bias in 2001 because of what happened in 1992 on the Larry King show.

Stephanopoulos's Long History of Mixing Journalism and Politics.  Was Stephanopoulos's conflict simply a minor oversight?  A matter of, "I should have gone the extra mile to avoid even the appearance of a conflict"?  Or was this a long-standing pattern of a political operative pretending to be a journalist finally reaching the light of day?

Stephanopoulos's Long, Long Record of Loyal Service to the Clintons.  If George Stephanopoulos had simply donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation while also serving as one of its favorite media panelists, the controversy over his conflicts of interest would be much less.  Stephanopoulos would be guilty of a clear error, but he also would have had a lot of media company.  What makes his scandal different is that he himself chose to interrogate Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, the new exposé on the Clinton Foundation.  If you watch the interview, it's pretty obvious that Stephanopoulos is playing prosecuting attorney against Schweizer while also declining to ask key questions, for instance, about Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton's brother and his highly questionable dealings involving the foundation.

What Amtrak Spends Its Money On.  Before the bodies had been pulled out of the wreckage, Democrats were preaching the poor-mouth about Amtrak funding, often dishonestly.  (Seriously, how is it that a Washington Post writer and his Washington Post editors don't understand how federal spending works?)  Smoking ruins of train cars in Philadelphia, and the usual ghouls start up with the usual thing:  "Oh, if those mean Republicans had only let us spend money on the trains, this wouldn't have happened!"

Stephanopoulos' $75,000 Gift To Clintons Underlines Media Corruption.  In another sign the left's grip on the news is bigger than anyone knew, ABC News' George Stephanopoulos hid a $75,000 gift to the Clinton Foundation even as he reported news about corruption allegations.  While skeptically interrogating author Peter Schweizer about "Clinton Cash," his book exposing the Clinton Foundation last April 26, the anchor for ABC News conveniently left out the highly relevant fact that he himself had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Also posted under Media bias in Hillary Clinton's favor.

Clinton — 30 Days, 8 Press Questions; Fiorina — 8 Days, 322 Press Questions.  Tuesday [5/12/2015] will mark exactly 30 days since Hillary Rodham Clinton launched her official presidential bid for the White House, yet she still hasn't done a formal sit down interview with national media, setting a record for the longest running presidential candidate without doing so following a campaign launch, as first reported by Breitbart News.  Unlike Clinton, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has been on what CNN coined a "media blitz" introducing herself to voters.

The Halperin-Cruz teaching moment.  There is more to this story than a simple case of media gotcha.  It's one thing to ask a candidate what newspapers she reads, or whether he can identify the president of Mexico.  It's quite another to set out to show that the candidate isn't who he says he is because he doesn't meet your subjective standard for determining who's who and what's what.  Actually, as should be obvious to anyone who has watched the clip, this was no interview.  It was an interrogation.  Journalists conduct interviews to obtain information.  That's not what Halperin did here.  He was on the attack, quizzing Cruz about his Cuban-ness to make the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful look like a phony.

Mark Halperin's Real Bias Is Partisan, Not Racist.  Imagine it's 2007 and a prominent journalist is interviewing then-Senator Barack Obama.  "Senator, people are really interested in you and your identity.  I just wanted to ask you as a historical matter, when you filled out your application to Columbia, to Harvard Law School, did you list yourself as an African American?"  Imagine he pressed further.  Do you have a favorite traditional black food?  Who's your favorite African-American performer?  It's a safe bet that journalist would be lucky to have a job today as a greeter at Wal-Mart.

Ted Cruz's finest moment.  The United States owes Bloomberg columnist Mark Halperin a debt of gratitude.  For a rare and fleeting moment, Americans of all political persuasions, religious affiliations, and ethnic backgrounds were united in revulsion over the spectacle of his attempt to interview Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). [...] Halperin's apology for his contemptible actions was even worse.  After more than 24 hours of controversy and condemnation, Halperin issued a mealy-mouthed mea culpa in PDF format.  In the "apology" in which he asked forgiveness only from those who might have been offended, a rudimentary blame-shifting tactic, Halperin insisted that a number of factors were responsible for this kerfuffle.  Everything, in fact, but his intent.

The Real Takeaways From the Cruz-Halperin Interview.  Liberal media honcho Mark Halperin really showed his "colors" as he tried to de-Hispanify Sen. Ted Cruz in an interview for Bloomberg Politics over the weekend.  If you like arrogant, condescending, rude, insolent and patronizing Beltway journalism, you may appreciate Halperin's performance.  If you are a person of ordinary sensibilities, however, and not so intoxicated with the leftist worldview that you are incapable of dispassionately assessing the segment, you will have a different reaction.

Authenticity challenge: Ted Cruz asked to prove he's 'Cuban' — controversy ensues, apology issued.  Analysts and journalists are still puzzling over the recent interview between Bloomberg News managing editor Mark Halperin and Sen. Ted Cruz.  The Texas Republican and Cuban-American was subjected to a string of inquiries about his taste in Cuban food and music, his ability to speak Spanish and other matters that had no real place in the political discourse.  There was a price to pay however.

Sing Us a Song Boy: Mark Halperin's Racist Interview with Ted Cruz.  As most of you know Cruz is Hispanic, specifically Cuban; the media believe the Hispanic vote is crucial to winning the White House; the media loathe Sen. Ted Cruz, and Halperin is a member-in-good-standing among the elite media.  What better way, then, for Halperin to shine among his colleagues than to racially disqualify Cruz; to make him toxic to Hispanic voters.

White man asks the son of Cuban immigrants if he is Cuban enough.  Mary Katharine Ham, in one of the very best single questions ever asked, proved herself to be very forward-thinking when she asked "What is the point of you, Mark Halperin?"  To this day, no one can answer this question, but we all find ourselves asking it once again.

Mark Halperin's Terrible Ted Cruz Interview Unites Left and Right in Mockery.  Mark Halperin's truly cringe-worthy interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) may have aired April 30 on Bloomberg TV, but somehow we the media missed it until a San Jose Mercury-News columnist tore it apart over the weekend.  Since then, much of the media — left and right — has united in deriding Halperin.  First, the interview itself:  The seven-minute interview largely focused on Cruz's appeal to Latino voters, with some truly strange questions like "Your last name is Cruz and you're from Texas.  Just based on that, should you have appeal to Hispanic voters?" and "I wanted to give you the opportunity to welcome your colleague Senator Sanders to the race and I'd like you to do it, if you would, en Español."

Conservatives go to Twitter to Shame Mark Halperin's Cuban Inquisition.  Yesterday [5/9/2015] many conservatives were incensed at the idiotic race inquisition that news media hack Mark Halperin put Ted Cruz through in order to prove his Cuban bona fides.  Today they took it nationwide by trending "Halperin Quotes" to mock and shame Halperin by composing other racist questions he might ask of other candidates.

Mark Halperin interviews Ted Cruz, expects Ricky Ricardo.  I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and, if I had $5 for every liberal idiot who looks at me and says "You don't look Puerto Rican", etc., because I don't fit the Liberal template of what a Lateeeno/Lateeena should be like, this blog wouldn't need to carry ads.  Frankly, by now I expect to consistently encounter discrimination and bigotry from Liberals.  It's in their mindset — identity politics is their lifeblood.

Latino Columnist 'Nauseated' by Racist' Halperin Queries Testing Cuban Heritage of Ted Cruz.  Bloomberg TV host Mark Halperin drew a serious rhetorical beating from Washington Post-syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette over his prove-you're-a-Cuban line of questioning to Ted Cruz on his program With All Due Respect.  (The "respect" seemed to be missing, or as phony-sounding as it can be during an argument.)  The interview came on April 30, but the columnist just picked up the argument.  Would a liberal Latino get this line of questioning?

Clinton Political Director Tasks Univision with Hounding Bush, Rubio.  Brazen cheerleading was the order of the day on Univision this week, as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton travelled to Las Vegas to announce her support of U.S. citizenship for millions of unauthorized immigrants in the country, in addition to the expansion of the Obama administration's current policies of amnesty and non-enforcement of federal immigration law.

MSNBC Pundit Suggests Ben Carson an Affirmative-Action Case Who Drank the GOP's 'Kool-Aid'.  According to MSNBC pundit Michelle Bernard — best known at NewsBusters perhaps because of her insistence that there is a "war on black boys" in America — savaged newly-announced GOP presidential aspirant Dr. Ben Carson tonight by alleging his success is all owed to "affirmative action."  She also suggested that he's a disgrace to his enslaved ancestors and to the black community in Baltimore, where he's lived throughout his career as an acclaimed neurosurgeon.

Carly Fiorina Nails Katie Couric on Double Standards, Hillary Defense.  Newly minted Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina went toe-to-toe with liberal journalist Katie Couric on Monday [5/4/2015], sparring for 45 minutes on abortion, Hillary Clinton and qualifications for President.

I support free speech, but...  After Pamela Geller's free speech event in Texas and the terror attack that followed, it has been stunning to hear one journalist after another ask Ms. Geller why she held the event, question the wisdom or need for such an event, and go so far as to insinuate that she was somehow to blame for the violence.

How long will her media allow Hillary Clinton to avoid questions?  Clinton's skating smoothly so far because despite little gripes here and there, media members have largely gone along with the Clinton campaign's determination to protect the party's most likely presidential nominee from awkward questions, gaffes and hypocrisy charges.  Planners do this by plopping her in front of hand-picked sympathizers to ask them questions that allow her to utter the day's themed policy platitudes, as cameras snap and roll.

Are Unions Getting MSNBC Airtime by Donating to Sharpton's Nonprofit?  Since Politics Nation debuted on MSNBC on August 29, 2011, Al Sharpton's nonprofit National Action Network has collected more than $2.38 million in contributions from unions, according to Department of Labor records.  Meanwhile, Sharpton has often used his show to promote pro-labor viewpoints, also inviting union leadership on as guests.

Anti-Christian bias at CBS? Conservatives blast 'Face the Nation'.  Last week, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins was invited to be on CBS News' "Face the Nation."  What was supposed to be a cordial conversation about the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage turned out to be a professional ambush.

NY Times Blamed Reagan/Bush for LA Riots, But No Blame in Baltimore.  Is President Obama responsible for the Baltimore riots?  If you take a look at how The New York Times portrayed the reaction to the Los Angeles riots of 1992, apparently so. [...] Today, as the events in Baltimore unfold — now with formal charges including murder brought against six Baltimore cops — there is one striking aspect that is not present as it was in Los Angeles.  That would be blaming the President of the United States.  Yes, that's right.  As Los Angeles burned, the media was quick to finger the real culprit as then-incumbent Republican President George H.W. Bush.  Not to mention his predecessor, Ronald Reagan — then four years gone from the White House.

Feminist Media Hail Satanists for Deeming Abortion a 'Religious Belief'.  The pro-abortion media crowd is embracing new ally in their fight:  Satanists.  "Mary" from Missouri is hoping to bypass her state's 72-hour abortion waiting period by citing "sincerely held religious beliefs" — as a Satanist.  The Friendly Atheist blog broke the story of how the Satanic Temple plans to aid a woman it calls Mary who believes in its "tenets."  The media followed suit, from a Think Progress editor expressing "love," to a Salon editor concluding, "[R]eligious exemption laws are maybe cool when Satanists use them to get abortions."

Our fawning press and Hillary Clinton's Iowa magical mystery tour.  Republicans critiquing this comedy should not get too cocky.  A recent Rasmussen poll, taken in the wake of the email scandal, showed that 57% of Americans likely to vote think Hillary will be our next president.  That kind of certainty can become self-fulfilling, causing people to withhold donations and stay home on voting day.  Republicans have to work much harder than they may think to turn this around.

Clinton "Déjà vu" Scandals.  During the Democrat presidential primary debates of 1992, then California Attorney General Jerry Brown accused then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton of being involved in a shady real estate business known as the Whitewater Development Corporation.  While Clinton was able to sidestep the issue that evening, the tip was given to the press and they began to take a look into the situation.  As evidence of crooked deals and illegal land-flipping grew more and more obvious, the liberal-leaning press got less and less curious, especially after Bill Clinton won the 1992 election and began to settle into office.

Face the Nation' Should Face-Up to Its Apalling and Unfair Question.  Over the weekend, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins appeared on CBS's Face the Nation. [...] Thankfully, CBS News didn't actually bow to pressure and cancel Perkins's appearence on Face the Nation — but to have him show up then ask him to defend the very legtimacy of his right to speak is appalling.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin Blames Military Veterans For Baltimore Riots.  While conducting an interview with Democratic Maryland Representative Elijiah Cummings, CNN host Brooke Baldwin questioned whether the violence in Baltimore had something to do with the amount of military veterans in the police department.

The Movement To Keep Dubya Silent Continues.  Bloomberg News is ideologically an extension of CNN propaganda and their latest exploit is a case study in remarkable bias.

Professor And CNN Commentator: 'We Should BE STRATEGIC In How We Riot'.  Marc Lamont Hill, a Morehouse College professor and regular CNN commentator, embraced radical violence in the streets during an interview Monday [4/27/2015] on CNN.  "There shouldn't be calm tonight," Hill told CNN host Don Lemon as riots raged in the streets of Baltimore.  "Black people are dying in the streets.  We've been dying in the streets for months, years, decades, centuries.  I think there can be resistance to oppression."

Joe Scarborough Rips Liberal Media 'Bowing Down' on Clinton Cash.  A fiery Joe Scarborough on Tuesday [4/28/2015] denounced the media's double standard when it comes to investigating the scandal engulfing the Clinton Foundation's financial dealings.  An angry Scarborough erupted "The Clintons have made $150 million over the past decade because of contacts they made during public service!"  He described the typical journalist reaction as "Let's bow down before Bill and Hillary, because if we ask the same questions of them that we ask of every other politician, then [...] We have crossed a line!"

George Stephanopoulos makes the case why he should be fired from his ABC News job.  George Stephanopoulos got aggressive yesterday [4/26/2015] in challenging author Peter Schweizer on his book Clinton Cash.  But in relying on the principal talking point proffered by the Clinton campaign, he indicted himself on charges of bias.  Ramesh Ponnuru and Scott Johnson both picked up on the irony.

Stephanopoulos Aggressively Questions Peter Schweizer Over 'Clinton Cash'.  On Sunday's [4/26/2015] This Week, ABC's George Stephanopoulos interviewed Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, and repeatedly badgered his guest about the accuracy of his book and chose to focus on Democratic attacks against the author. [...] Stephanopoulos never appeared interested in the actual substance of Schweizer's book, which alleges the Clinton Foundation took in millions of dollars in donations in exchange for potential influence with the U.S. government and instead acted as a Clinton defender.

NBC Champions Children's Gender Confusion.  On April 21 and 22, NBC ran a two-part series revolving around "transgender" children that featured its correspondent Kate Snow interviewing Pediatrician Michelle Forcier, associate professor of pediatrics at Brown University Alpert.  Forcier was honored by "The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health" as its "Hump Day Hero," and who advocates early puberty interventions of kids who think they should be the opposite sex.

Media jump on reporter's ties to Sarah Palin, ignore a convicted felon's ties to Hillary Clinton.  Establishment media are intensely interested in Peter Schweizer's brief stint as an advisor to Sarah Palin after an advance tease from his forthcoming book suggested a fresh scandal in the long career of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  But they are showing a nearly total disinterest in an even more prominent newsmaker's connection to Clinton herself.  After Rajat K. Gupta, a former Goldman Sachs executive currently serving a two-year prison sentence for insider trading, lost his appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court Monday [4/20/2015], the press didn't find it worth mentioning that the convicted felon is a longtime Clinton associate and donor.

CNN and The Obama Agenda — A collaborative goal to work policy objectives through the media.  [Scroll down]  These would seem like disconnected coincidences if we didn't know, with direct sourcing, that CNN and the White House work in concert with each other both ideologically and specifically with a collaborative goal to work policy objectives through the media.  Most conservatives immediately respond with thoughts of CNN's Candy Crowley supporting Obama during the CNN hosted 2012 presidential debate.  Or you might reference CNN's Fareed Zakaria who is also a key Obama foreign policy advisor.

Our fawning press and Hillary Clinton's Iowa magical mystery tour.  [E]verywhere Hillary Clinton goes, now that her campaign is launched, an entire gaggle of reporters tags along.  These folks are there for a story.  Hillary is giving them nothing — no policy pronouncements, no big speeches, no off-the-cuff responses to shouted inquiries about pesky emails or foreign donations.  As a result, the press corps is sending along whatever news scraps they can pluck from the road trip, including: [...]

Clinton Embroiled in Scandal Again, Newsweek Frets Over 'Enemies' Discrediting Her.  [Scroll down]  The worst reading of this is that the media is hopelessly biased in favor of Democrats, and to some latent degree actually buys into Hillary Clinton's famous assertion that there's a "vast right-wing conspiracy" out to get her.  The most favorable interpretation of this is that the media is incapable of covering substantive facts in a straightforward manner, and always defaults to petty horse race coverage of the presidential race.  And there's always a possibility that it's a little bit of both.

WashPost Reporter Claims: 'The Media Isn't Biased in Favor of Hillary'Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza recently lectured Rand Paul not to play media critic.  Now he's decided conservative media critics as a whole have no argument in an article provocatively headlined "No, the media isn't biased in favor of Hillary Clinton."  There is no evidence for that charge, he wrote, even as he acknowledged the embarrassing video of journalists chasing after the Scooby van.

NBC Reporter to Rick Perry: Are you smart enough for the White House?  It's becoming apparent that the public would be better served if presidential candidates were interviewed not by reporters but by an algorithm that randomly generates pearls of inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom. [...] The latest example of the phenomenon in which liberal clichés serve as a guiding philosophy comes to us courtesy of NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt.

The Sham Candidacy of Hillary Clinton — and What It Means for the Republic.  [T]he only reason an HRC candidacy is even plausible is the influence of the legacy media, which has simply declared, by fiat, her suitability and her inevitability.  You may recall that the MSM did the same thing in the run-up to 2008, until their dreamboat, Obama, came along and gave the aging Baby Boomers, who had dreamed of exactly this moment since 1968, a reason to push the female candidate to the back of the bus in order to celebrate the only kind of "diversity" they advocate, which is racial.

Compare and contrast: Same TV reporter approaches Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.  The following contrasting videos should be enough to chill the bones of every Democrat sensibly worried about how good a candidate Hillary Clinton will be.  Dan Calabrese, of Herman Cain's CainTV.com website brings us the two videos of the same TMZ reporter walking up to both candidates at an airport as they arrive.

Media Now Itself Leading Outrage Mobs Against Individual Citizens.  A random woman in Dallas expressed xer opinion that women did not have the hormonal stability to be president.  Which prompted a local Dallas news outfit to go after her, similar to how we saw news stations go after Memories Pizza.  We live in a period of fear, darkness, cruelty, and stupidity.  Andrew Stiles of the Free Beacon calls this a new low for journalism.  This latest stupidity from angry, truculent left-wing morons with cameras has pretty much broken his spirit.

Video: The dumbest news segment ever.  [Scroll down]  There are two explanations for this segment being broadcast, which aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.  One:  There was absolutely nothing of interest happening in Dallas-Fort Worth yesterday.  (Possible, but unlikely.)  Two:  Someone in CBS Dallas wants to paint all opposition to Hillary Clinton as kooky, bigoted, and possibly evidence that religion makes people both of those.  My hunch is that Option Two looks pretty likely here.  And my further hunch is that we'll see more of this ludicrous media focus on even the smallest nuggets of anti-Hillary kookiness to exploit as a way to marginalize her opposition over the next several months.

Questions No Mainstream Media Hack Will Ever Ask Hillary.  There are plenty of questions that real journalists would ask Hillary, except she will never — ever — expose herself to a real journalist.  She will stay hidden and talk only to the select coterie of Democrat transcriptionists who have distinguished themselves via sycophancy above and beyond the call of duty.  So we need to detonate the narrative by asking the tough questions ourselves.  It's sad that it has come to this, but the Clintons destroy everything they put their grubby hands on, and the old idea of journalism is just one more casualty in their quest for power.  Half the mainstream media has worked for the Clintons, or is married to someone who did, and the other half would happily do so.

WaPo: It's Difficult to Sell Hillary as a Normal Person Because She's Just SO Awesome.  At first, [Chris] Cillizza gives the impression that he might be lampooning Team Clinton's approach.  The average American knows that it is difficult to sell Her Madameship as normal because she's a wealthy snob who looks down on everyone and has a sense of entitlement that would make a British royal from the 17th Ccntury [sic] blush.  This, however, is what is going on in the largely vacant space that is the mind of the mainstream media.

Behold the World's Lowest Bar!  I've spent much of my life observing and writing about media bias, so you'd think nothing could surprise me at this point.  But the fawning, deferential coverage of Hillary Clinton really is amazing.

Mediasplaining.  Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president this week and ran smack dab into the wall separating both Americas, via satellite on the "Today Show."  While being interrogated by TV host Savannah Guthrie, whose second husband is Democratic political operative Michael Feldman, Paul objected to a leading question that could have been written by the Democratic National Committee. [...] The journalism awards undoubtedly will flow to Guthrie for that interview, but a candidate gets only one shot to launch a campaign.  To his great credit, Paul did not play the media's game.

Media Fabricated Evidence to Smear GOP Three Times In One Day.  As right-of-center New Media grows stronger (and it is much stronger today than it was even in 2012), because the mainstream media is in reality a propaganda outlet to empower central government and boost those who share that goal, everyday this same mainstream media becomes more desperate and ugly.  That's why the media told serial-lies around Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and religious freedom laws.  And that's why on Friday [4/10/2015], the media was caught on three occasions fabricating evidence to smear the GOP.

'Hitler Made a Difference': The Liberal Gang Rape of JournalismRolling Stone magazine perpetrated a hoax against the University of Virginia, doing "journalism" about an alleged gang rape that evidently never happened.  The source of the dramatic tale Rolling Stone published last November, "A Rape on Campus," was a UVA student named Jackie who has been proven to be a liar. [...] What better way to exploit the political "gender gap" than to claim that college girls are being raped en masse, and then to suggest that the solution to this problem could be summarized in two words:  "VOTE DEMOCRAT!"

More about the Rolling Stone.

Meet The Press Panel Eagerly Hits GOP Over Religious Freedom Laws.  On Sunday's [4/5/2015] Meet the Press, an all liberal panel repeatedly took shots at the Republican Party over its support for religious freedom laws with Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report going so far as to suggest that on the issue on the issue of gay marriage "if we took everybody over the age of 50, and just moved them out of this country, this wouldn't be an issue at all."

The Editor says...
Ms. Walter speaks like a true revolutionary:  Get rid of everybody over 50, and then we can make progress!  Where do you suppose she would like to move 100 million people?  See, the thing about people over age 50 is that eventually everybody passes 50, so there's a steady supply.  If Ms. Walter is looking for practical solutions, it would be far easier to deport the 71,165 couples in same-sex marriages.  But of course she isn't speaking about concrete plans, she's engaging in an emotional outburst with no basis in reality, like so many liberals do.

NYTimes Hypocrisy: It Denounces Corporate Speech in Citizens United, Cheers When Against Indiana.  When the issue was the Citizens United ruling and the resulting ability of corporations to directly spend money on political advertising, well the Times worried about the supposed corrupting influence of the practice and the drowning out of the common man's voice, which is not amplified by hordes of corporate cash. But fast-forward to this week and it's a far different story.

Mika: Governor Mike Pence Must Be A Bigot, Because He 'Sounds Like' And 'Looks Like' One.  Host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Mika Brzezinski said it was fair to call Indiana Gov. Mike Pence a bigot, because he "looks like" and "sounds like" one after his support for the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  "These are firmly held beliefs that people have had for thousands years," argued her co-host Joe Scarborough.  "And you can call it bigotry if you want to. ..."

Nets Devote 3x More Time to Indiana Law Than Hillary E-Mail Server Wipe.  The stunning revelation that Hillary Clinton wiped her personal e-mail server clean is the kind of political cover-up that should have sent the networks into overdrive, except they had an even more important agenda to advance:  smearing an entire state and its Republican governor as anti-gay bigots.  From the morning of March 27 through March 30 evening the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks spent only 10 minutes and 15 seconds to the admission by Clinton's own attorney that her State Department e-mails were wiped from the server that had been subpoenaed by Congress, but they devoted a whopping 35 minutes and 1 seconds [sic] to coverage of the Indiana religious freedom law.

NBC's Ann Curry Compares Conservatives in U.S. to Skeptical Iranian Leaders Ahead of Deadline.  While reporting on Monday's [3/30/2015] NBC Nightly News with the latest from the Iranian side of the international talks in Switzerland over their nuclear program, Ann Curry smeared U.S. conservatives by likening them to radical hardliners in Iran's Islamic regime.

For Hillary Clinton, Excellence In Servility From The Lapdog Media.  At an "Excellence In Journalism" gala, Hillary Clinton drew a standing ovation from the media's supposedly tough watchdogs.  Before that, they failed to ask tough questions at a presser.  Just when does the lapdogging stop?

Harry Reid, partisan brawler, gets pattycake treatment from the press.  Harry Reid has just pulled off a triple coup.  He got to make his own retirement announcement without having it leak in advance.  He essentially got to anoint his successor.  And despite years as a bare-knuckled partisan warrior who makes incendiary comments about the other side, he's gotten a pretty nice media sendoff.  Usually when a 75-year-old lawmaker gets knocked out of the majority and then suffers a terrible accident, there's all kinds of media speculation about whether he'll hang it up.  But who ever thought the Nevada Democrat would relinquish power voluntarily?

Americans Support Nuclear Deal With Iran?  Presumably, hardly any of those telephoned by the pollsters realized that the objective of the agreement, assuming that Iran abides by it — a laughable assumption — is to extend the time it will take Iran to build a bomb to one year.  Even assuming that objective could be achieved, which most experts do not believe, it would be a small payoff for ending sanctions, which will entrench the mullahs' regime and increase the resources they can devote to nuclear enrichment and ICBM development, which will not be addressed in the prospective deal.

Indianapolis Star Front Page Scolds Religious Freedom Law.  The Tuesday [3/31/2015] print edition of the Indianapolis Star will devote its entire front page to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) — not a news article but an editorial attacking the measure.

Editing Teddyworld: Some facts didn't make 'Institute' cut.  When Ted Kennedy wrote his initial account of Chappaquiddick for the Edgartown police in 1969, after he scrawled the words "Mary Jo" in the first sentence he left a blank space — because he had no idea what his victim's last name was.  That's one of the many facts about Ted Kennedy that you won't learn by visiting the new Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.  In case you haven't been eagerly anticipating this magic moment, the "Institute" opens tomorrow amid yet another orgy of shameless bum-kissing of what was once called "America's First Family" by the mainstream media.

Networks Pile on to Attack 'Controversial' Indiana Religious Freedom Law.  On Saturday [3/28/2015] and Sunday, the "big three" (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks vigorously condemned a new Indiana law that would protect private businesses from government infringement on their religious freedom. Rather than provide balanced coverage of the Indiana bill, the networks eagerly trashed the legislation as opening "the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians."

Republicans Twice as Likely To Be Targeted By Washington Post Fact Checker.  Breitbart News analyzed the Washington Post fact check column for all of 2015 and found that so far this year Republicans and their claims have been targeted twice as often as Democrats and their claims.  A good faith search revealed that over almost four full months, Republicans (this includes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) were fact-checked a total of 32 times.  Democrats were fact-checked only 16 times.

After Breitbart Report WaPo Fact Checker Promises Changes.  Glenn Kessler, editor of the Washington Post's fact-check column, promised to make some changes in the wake of a Breitbart News report that showed Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to be targeted by his fact checks.

How much are Kennedy's like Jesus? Let Parade magazine count the ways.  The Sunday-newspaper supplement Parade magazine lards on the Kennedy love today.  The cover shows two of Teddy's sons, Teddy Jr. and Patrick with the words "The Kennedy Legacy: The next generation carries on the family's exuberant mission of public service."  Parade even touted their deep religious faith, with the headline inside:  "Guided by the Beatitudes and the notion that helping others is both a duty and a pleasure, the next generation of Kennedys carries on the family's public service legacy."

The Editor says...
Marilyn Monroe and Mary Jo Kopechne probably had their doubts about any "deep religious faith" in the Kennedy family.

Late Night Comics Mock Ted Cruz as Anti-Immigrant, Stupid.  In a preview of the 2016 campaign, all five late night comics on Monday night [3/23/2015] mocked Ted Cruz, hitting the Republican as anti-immigrant, regressive and stupid.  CBS host David Letterman didn't bother with a joke.  Instead, he lectured, "Here's what I find interesting about Ted Cruz, he was born in Canada.  His father fled to the United States from Cuba.  Yet, Ted Cruz is against immigration.  Isn't that odd?"

MSNBC Guest: GOP Supports Israel Because They're 'Xenophobic, Nativist,' And 'Racist'.  Executive director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation Youssef Munayyer said on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" that the Republican Party supports Israel because its base is "xenophobic, nativist, and at many times racist."

Crushing Cruz: The Media's Worst Attacks on the GOP Presidential Candidate.  Ted Cruz's announcement that he is running for president was immediately greeted with hostility from the liberal media.  On Monday, MSNBC's Jonathan Alter questioned, "Is this 1964 when the Republican Party decided it would go with its most extreme candidate?"  Donny Deutsch, also on MSNBC, called Cruz "unelectable" and added "I think he's the worst.  I think he's scary, I think he's dangerous, I think he's slimy and I think he brings no fresh ideas."

Of Course Obama Wants to Take Hillary Down.  We can believe Ed Klein's sources claiming Valerie Jarrett is the White House point woman for the destruction of Hillary Clinton.  Evidence:  It was the New York Times which broke the story.  The Democratic press does not eat its own, ever.  Yet here was the Gray Lady, setting the headlines for Drudge.  People asked how Hillary could have been so stupid.  The answer is that in the normal course of mainstream reporting, there is no Democrat crime too large for the press to cover up.  She knew she was perfectly safe. [...] To make it even clearer that something was going on behind the scenes:  the fact that Secretary of State Clinton was using private email had come out in the news two years ago.  Raking up an old story detrimental to their team is not normally what the New York Times does.  The Times followed the emerging scandal with article after article.  They didn't just want to embarrass Hillary, they were out to destroy her.

Flashback: 'Big Three' Ignored Ted Kennedy's Letter to Soviet Union.  On Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10, the "big three" (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks pounced on a letter signed by 47 Republican senators to the leaders of Iran regarding its negotiations with the Obama administration over its nuclear program.  Despite the networks' eagerness to tout Democratic opposition to the GOP letter, on two separate occasions the "big three" completely ignored a letter penned by former Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) written to the Soviet Union in 1983 aimed at undermining President Ronald Reagan's nuclear negotiations with the Communist regime.

NBC News Whitewashes history on Iran Diplomacy.  In a tweet this morning, NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray writes:  "With GOP Senators' Iran Move, Politics Goes Beyond the Water's Edge."  47 Republican Senators sent to the Supreme Leader of Iran reminding him that Congress is not bound by deals that Congress does not approve.  The article Murray links to describes this as "stunning" and "unprecedented" and implies that the letter constitutes a breach of protocol so significant that it ends the long tradition of bipartisan foreign policy.  This is utterly preposterous.  The only way to reach such a conclusion is to ignore efforts by Democrats to undermine George W. Bush.

White House, NYT leave Bushes out of lead photos from Selma march.  The decision by The New York Times to run a front-page image on Sunday of President Obama — and family — leading a march to mark the 50th anniversary of the Selma civil rights clashes, while leaving out of the image former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura, apparently was mirrored in the "official White House photo" of the event.  The official White House blog's Sunday entry on the Alabama march led with a similar image, focusing on Obama and his family, as well as civil rights figures, but leaving out the Bushes.

Few say Obama has helped race relations, as 2 presidents (not 1) mark Selma.  The peaceful scene Saturday [2/7/2015] was designed to display unity in the face of ongoing racial difficulties, often involving police force.  The photo [in this article] shows the actual scene as modern-day marchers joined hands and arms in unity and hope.  Both in shirt-sleeves, the last two presidents — Obama and George W. Bush with wife Laura — set out at the head of some 10,000 supporters.  But consumers of the weekend news could be excused if they did not realize the two-term 43rd president was present at the historic memorial.

New York Times Crops Selma Picture To Remove President George W Bush.  Yesterday Debbie Wasserman Schultz cropped a picture of President Obama on stage to remove the image of President George W Bush also being present.  The first reason was obvious, bias.  However, the second reason was more subtle — the absence of President Clinton and Hillary.  Today [3/8/2015] the New York Times cropped out President Bush for the same reason.

Just to be fair, here is the NYT's rebuttal:
'There Was No Crop' of Selma Photograph.  Many readers wrote to me over the weekend, upset that a front-page photo of President Obama and his family leading a commemorative march in Selma, Ala., did not include former president George W. Bush and his wife, Laura.  The Bushes were also in the front line of marchers.  Twitter was ablaze with criticism of The Times, many conservative news organizations wrote critical articles — and my email inbox overflowed.  Some readers said they were canceling their Times subscriptions.  Others were simply disappointed.

MSNBC's Harris-Perry: Today's Selma March Is For 'Reproductive Rights'.  Selma's "Bloody Sunday" is now about "reproductive rights" according to MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry.  Her view directly contradicted Martin Luther King, Jr.'s niece, who has made her pro-life views public.  While covering the 50th anniversary of the "Bloody Sunday" march in Selma, Ala. live for MSNBC on March 8, Harris-Perry proclaimed that this year's march stood for issues "on the table right now."  Issues like abortion.

CBS, NBC Hit Netanyahu for 'Controversial Address' While Obama 'Fires Back'.  All three broadcast networks reported on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress with segments in their Tuesday night [3/3/2015] broadcasts, but it was CBS and NBC that led the way in hitting Netanyahu for making a "controversial speech" and touted President Obama for "firing back," "point by point for 11 minutes."  CBS Evening News substitute anchor Charlie Rose began the show's coverage by telling viewers that "Netanyahu did an end run around President Obama today" in his speech with the caption "controversial speech" appearing beside him.

Walker-Bashing Media Ignores Bill Maher Questioning Bushes' Religious Choice.  While the liberal media insisted it was politically poisonous for Scott Walker to answer "I don't know" if President Obama is a Christian, it's never unacceptable to suggest Jeb and George W. Bush chose their brand of Christianity for political reasons.  That's exactly what HBO star Bill Maher did in a blog post titled "Jeb Bush: Convenient Catholic?"  Recall that Maher donated $1 million to Barack Obama's re-election and no one in the press has located a reason why Obama should be asked to distance himself from anything Maher has said, so why start now?  That would only make them look even-handed and principled.

CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job.  The Department of Homeland Security refuses to release a report on "right-wing" terrorism that somehow found its way into CNN's hands last week during the farcical White House summit on Don't Say Islamic Extremism. [...] CNN splashed the big scoop on its website:  "DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat."  The fear-mongering piece featured a huge map of 24 alleged acts of "violence by sovereign citizen extremists since 2010." [...] But a closer look at the rigging of that phony factoid simply confirms the malevolent intention of so-called objective journalists and "hate watch" groups to marginalize conservative political speech and dissent.  The CNN/MSNBC/SPLC smear job involved both the dishonest deflating of left-wing and jihadist incidents, and the dishonest inflating of "right-wing" incidents.

All the news fit to... miss.  It's hard to imagine MSNBC could manage to limbo below its own low credibility bar, but America's most shamelessly partisan cable "news" channel has really pulled it off.  There's always stiff competition for bias in America's slavishly left-loving media.  Think of Dan Rather's "fake but accurate" Bush-bashing National Guard story, Newsweek's flushed Korans fable and Candi Crowley's assist for President Obama in the 2012 debates.  Yes, the "Morning Joe" wet kiss of an "interview" with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren yesterday [2/24/2015] belongs in that company.

Why Is The Press So Down On North Dakota's Success?  The unemployment in North Dakota is a mere 2.8%.  The average hourly wage there has climbed 18% since 2009 — more than double the national average.  And despite its oft-perceived inhospitable climate, the state's population jumped 11% over those years (vs. 4% nationwide).  And pretty much all of this growth has been driven by the oil production boom, which resulted from the ability of oil producers to recover vast amounts of previously inaccessible oil through fracking.  So what does the Los Angeles Times decide to write about?  Increased drug use on an Indian reservation.

Media Coverage of Rudy Giuliani Comments Dwarfs Coverage of Clinton Foundation Foreign Donors.  Despite the new revelations this week about the massive amounts of money the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation has raised from questionable foreign governments and shady billionaires — something even Clinton's defenders admit is a problem — the media hasn't shown much interest in the story.

The Media's Difficulty in Perceiving Christians as Victims.  [Scroll down]  Finally, some newsroom denizens practice an open contempt for Christians and/or religion in general:  The Washington Post's Sally Quinn had no problem openly declaring, "When It Comes to Hateful Internet Speech, Christians Are the Worst."  Separately, the President of the United States just did an interview with Vox's Matt Yglesias who once declared, "I take an old-school Jacobin-style line that religion should be stamped out."  The coverage of Christians abroad is pretty skimpy — other than when Pope Francis says something that progressives like.

Scott Walker Didn't Finish College. And?  The Washington Post has a long article up about Scott Walker's formative years.  It has some fine reporting, but the overall tone and headline are curious:  "As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit."  Questions linger?  Over what, exactly?  It's not a secret and it never has been that Walker didn't finish college.

The Walker-Stupid, Obama-Genius Myth.  Through their control of the media, [the Democrats] have been rigging political IQ tests for the last half-century, if not longer.  Those Republicans who were not evil geniuses — Nixon, Gingrich, Cheney, Rove — the media have painted as blithering idiots.  Dwight Eisenhower was doddering and incoherent.  Gerald Ford, perhaps the best athlete to occupy the White House, was a bumbling fool.  "I wanted [Jimmy] Carter in and I wanted [Ford] out," comedian Chevy Chase would later admit of his mocking Ford impersonation on "Saturday Night Live", "and I figured look, we're reaching millions of people every weekend, why not do it."

Media's Lack of Curiosity About Killer of Muslims in North Carolina.  [Scroll down]  The SPLC runs a hate crimes racket, and the media — desperate to promote headlines that fit their pre-existing left-wing narratives about race, inequality and religion — are quick to swallow their propaganda.  "I think it's perfectly natural to guess that this is anti-Islamic," [Mark] Potok told the [Washington] Post in the interview regarding the triple murder.  "Not just because the three victims are Muslim, but because there has been so much terrible news in recent days about extremist Muslims."  Potok also appeared on MSNBC on the morning of February 13 with the news anchor Tamron Hall, and there was no mention of Hicks' political leanings, which appear to be consistent with their own.

NBC's Guthrie Helps Axelrod Keep the 'Obama Critics Are Racists' Myth Alive.  A news division that's reeling might want to get out of the low-info leftist opinion pimping business and work a bit on some actual reporting.  This is nothing more than Savannah Guthrie earning her good little lapdog cred by keeping a tired lie alive.

A Police Shooting in Denver: How the Media Frames the 'Narrative'.  It starts with the headline, which may at first seem innocuous until you think about it for a moment:  "Outrage follows Denver police shooting of Latina in stolen car."  We'll get to the story, which was published in the Los Angeles Times on Feb. 4, in a moment, but let's unpack that hed, which is just loaded with loaded words.  The word, "Outrage," suggests a widespread, mass reaction to some sort of enormity.  "Police shooting" immediately evokes Ferguson, Staten Island and any other place in which there has been a recent confrontation between a "minority" and the cops.  And how do we know that the victim was a minority?  The very next word:  "Latina," a politically correct identification of a designated victim group who's just come out on the wrong end of a police shooting.  Finally, this bit of additional information:  "stolen car." [...] In short, we haven't even started reading the story, and already we know the dramatis personae (good girl Latina, bad guy killer cops).  Now it's just a matter of letting the players do their thing, complete with weeping chorus of relatives, onlookers and ministers in the background: [...]

Ted Kennedy Institute Gushed Over By NYT, But [the] Bush Library [is] a 'Disturbing' Threat to 'Academic Freedom'.  Ted Kennedy, the late liberal "Lion of the Senate" (as he's invariably called) had his hugely exaggerated bipartisan reputation polished to a gleam in a story in the New York Times Arts section by Robin Pogrebin, "In the Mold of a Senator Who Bartered — Edward M. Kennedy Institute Aims to Teach Collaboration."  Next month the institute will open in Boston as a legacy of the Massachusetts senator who died in 2009.  Yet the George W. Bush Presidential Library was considered by the Times "disturbing" and a possible threat to academic freedom when it opened.

More about the New York Times.

Washington Post's Al Sharpton profile leaves out much of the Rev.'s past.  A lengthy new Washington Post profile on the Rev. Al Sharpton looks at the MSNBC host's standing as a civil rights leader and but treads very lightly around some of the less flattering details of Sharpton's past. [...] The piece only briefly touches on Sharpton's multimillion-dollar tax troubles, his lead role in the Tawana Brawley hoax in the 1980s, and his statements during 1995 demonstrations at Freddie's Fashion Mart in Harlem — omitting entirely that the Freddie's agitation ended when a protestor murdered seven people in the store and burned it down.

The New York Times Commits One of Its Funniest Blunders Ever.  [Scroll down]  The paper eventually realized its mistake and corrected it, although without acknowledging the correction.  I suppose it was just too embarrassing.  You can see how this kind of thing might happen; people occasionally have such synapse failures.  But some people expect more from the Times editorial board.  (I don't, but some others do.)  In fact, the Times editorial board is no better than, or different from, a minor-league left wing blogger.  Actually, that's where they get a lot of their material.

Army of 'fact checkers' and 'proof readers' at NY Times fails again.  How out of touch with the rest of the country are employees of the New York Times?  An editorial skewering Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was a typical Times hit piece on a potentially dangerous opponent in 2016 — typical except earlier versions of the editorial referred to Mr. Walker as "Mr. Scott." [...] The governor of Wisconsin is just not imporant enough to register on the Times' radar.  Besides, he's a Republican.  Those two factors make errors like "Mr. Scott" possible.

Beat the Media, Win the White House.  One of the reasons that Romney lost is that he failed to take on the media.  The ultimate lost opportunity came when CNN's debate moderator Candy Crowley directly inserted herself into the argument between Obama and Romney to declare her favorite right and Romney wrong.  Romney had won the Republican primaries, but had failed to absorb the lesson of his most tenacious opponent.  Newt Gingrich did not treat the media as a neutral moderator, but as a debate opponent, challenging its premises and agendas.  And so Romney was left unprepared for Crowley's attack.

MSNBC's O'Donnell: Catholicism Was Once 'The Most Murderous Force on the Face of the Earth'.  MSNBC's resident socialist Lawrence O'Donnell made a whopper of a historical claim on the Thursday [2/5/2015] edition of his program.  In the midst of ripping President Obama's controversial National Prayer Breakfast speech from earlier in the day, O'Donnell asserted that "Catholicism was the most murderous force on the face of the Earth for hundreds of years," as he ripped President Obama's controversial National Prayer Breakfast speech from earlier in the day.  The left-wing host led the segment by mocking the breakfast as "the place where presidents go to pander to leaders of organized religions once a year."

CNN Host Kisses De Blasio Before Interview.  On CNN this morning, the host kissed Mayor Bill de Blasio before she interviewed him, and handed him a cup of hot chocolate:  [Video clip]  The other host, Chris Cuomo, complained that he'd been waiting for an hour and a half for his hot cocoa to arrive.