News Media Bias
in President Obama's Favor

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The subsections on this page were originally located on three other pages, but I thought it would be useful to put the subject of pro-Obama media bias on a page of its own.  The American news media seemed to have picked a winner in the 2008 election about two years before the hoi polloi went through the motions of voting for him.  Every imaginable positive pronouncement was made loud and clear, and every negative warning sign was ignored, suppressed, or sent to the most obscure sections of the newspapers where nobody would likely see them.

The warning signs popped up on the internet soon enough, bypassing the mainstream media, and some of them were collected and posted here, here, here, and here.  Yes, I know Mr. Obama's principal opponent was no great prize himself, but at least that former opponent appears to be a sane and rational man, and in my opinion, the country would have been a better place (already!) if the other guy had won.  At least America's downward spiral wouldn't be so frighteningly steep!

Examples of media bias in Obama's favor are almost too numerous to list, but I'll try.

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Media favoritism in Obama's favor

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Media bias (in general)

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Media bias in Joe Biden's favor

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Media bias (in general)

Specific examples of media bias

Similarly, the media has covered up Joe Biden's gaffes and baggage, before and after the election.

There are many other examples of news items unfavorable to Obama that have been actively suppressed by the "mainstream" news media.

The clamor for Obama's impeachment, although muffled by the news media, is beginning to brew.

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Media favoritism in Obama's favor

Media bias is probably the second biggest reason Mr. Obama was elected.  Numerous examples of bias in Obama's favor during the 2008 campaign can be found here.  (Conversely, Obama's team has been shown to exert its leverage on the media.)  Now that he is in office, the bias hasn't subsided a bit.

Of Course Obama's Race Protected Him from Negative Media Coverage.  When asked during an interview on "CBS This Morning" about the differences in how Obama and Trump are treated by the media, Clinton conceded that the media's standard for Obama was different than for other presidents.  "They did treat him [Obama] differently than other Democrats and Republicans," Clinton said, in a rare moment of honesty.  "It was the political press."  You think?  Let's look at the evidence.  According to Pew Research Center, Obama received an absurdly larger share of positive media coverage compared to his two predecessors and his successor during his first 60 days.  Trump's media coverage was only 5 percent positive, while Obama's was 42 percent positive.  Obama's positive coverage was also significantly greater than George W. Bush's 22 percent and Bill Clinton's 27 percent.

Worst Of The Decade:  News media adulation of Obama.  Today, we're reviewing the most over-the-top adulation of Barack Obama from the last decade.  [Video clip]

How the Liberal Media Ruined Obama.  The fact is that this Obama we saw Wednesday night and have endured for the last four years is a product of our liberal leftist media.  Obama was not ready Wednesday [10/3/2012], he has never been ready, and he will never be ready to be the leader this country needs, for he is the first president to have never been vetted. [...] It is the fault of America's leftist liberal media who have continually misled Obama into thinking he would never have to answer to his record.

AP: Romney Hates Poor and Disabled, Loves Guns.  The Associated Press is on the Obama bandwagon.

Media Fawns Over Obama Inauguration.  President Barack Obama's inauguration received 35 times the coverage in the world media than George Bush did in 2005.

The smoker-in-chief.  It's been a long time since we've had a smoker in the White House.  The media, of course, never really got around to telling the American public that the Democratic candidate for president was a nicotine addict.  Even now, they prefer to write stories about his 45 minute daily work outs, and how awesomely lean and fit he is.  But the plain fact is that the President first smokerhas a nicotine jones, and can't get the monkey off his back.

Is President Barack Obama still smoking?  [Anderson] Cooper's question:  "Have you had a cigarette since you've been to the White House?"  The president's answer:  "No, I haven't had one on these grounds."

What's that?  You didn't know he was a smoker?

Obama Thinks Original Declaration of Independence is Not Good Enough?  In his Saturday remarks during his campaign train ride, President-elect Barack Obama issued some soaring rhetoric about the state of the country today.  At least the Old Media thought it was soaring rhetoric, anyway.  Typically, the media was overawed by his mellifluous tones, of course.  But during these remarks in Baltimore Obama made a startling suggestion.  He said we need a "new Declaration of Independence." ... Can you imagine the media giving a pass to a Republican that proposed making a new Declaration of Independence?

Obama as God's Instrument:  There was the populist effect of the "Joe the Plumber" narrative, the eleventh hour unearthing of a video exposing Obama's undiluted wealth redistribution philosophy in his own words, and Obama's past liaisons with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Reverent (sic) Jeremiah Wright, to name a few.  It is left to the discretion of future historians to decide how to exculpate the media for the many other, even more disturbing nuggets that it actively suppressed or simply chose not to report.

Fifteen Reasons I'm Already Tired of the Obama Era:  [#9] It's grotesque to see the worshipful treatment Obama is getting. It seems like his face is on the cover of half the magazines in the country, the press treats him with kid gloves, and they're naming schools after him. Meanwhile, he's just another sleazy politician who has yet to show an aptitude for much of anything other than reading off of a teleprompter.

Seven reasons for healthy skepticism:  The big media companies that once invested in serious accountability journalism are shells of their former selves. ... The end result:  There are few reporters in this country doing the kind of investigative reporting that hold government officials' feet to the fire.

Sorry media, Obama's just not that into you.  The vaunted fourth estate of American democracy has transformed itself into a bunch of breathless and biologically-pressured thirtyish career women hoping to be noticed by the hot guy who just walked into the room and winked in their direction. ... It would appear Obama phones ahead to the ones he plans to call upon at news conferences, and the leftover ladies and gentlemen of the press don't like it.

Clear and Present Danger.  Now that the festivities are over, it is time for the masters of the media to stop asking inane questions of the new folks in town — such as, "How do you like your new office?" — and for the Obama administration to get down to work on a clear and present danger.

The Phenomenon as President:  Obama is the object of unprecedented media adoration.  Part of it, of course, is because he is the first black man to be elected president, which is an extraordinary and authentically moving achievement in American history.  But ideology is also at work.  If, say, Clarence Thomas had been elected president, the media attention would not be anything like what we have witnessed.  I find Obama to be an interesting and in many ways an attractive figure, but watching the media coverage of him over the last several days has been embarrassing.

Inauguration extravaganza sees journalists caught up in the moment.  When George Bush's people put on a $42-million inaugural program four years ago, many editorial writers and columnists around America came unglued.  A St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times commentator said the president needed to prove that his call for sacrifice "is more than just empty words." ... A columnist at the New York Observer evoked images of Louis XIV.  It would have been nice, for the sake of consistency and fairness, if the commentariat had leveled a measure of that same attitude at last week's Obamapalooza, which cost roughly the same but drew a fraction of the blow-back.

The Immaculate Perception.  He hasn't taken the oath of office yet, but Barack Obama is expected to Do Great Things.  What this expectation is based on is anybody's guess, unless you count promising all things to all people on the campaign trail.  He is, for many, a new Messiah who can do no wrong.  To see the media coverage, one would think his election is the greatest thing this nation has seen since its very inception.

Media averts eyes from subpoenas to Obama top staff.  If this had happened to Bush 43, do you suppose the media would have ignored it?  The meme of Karl Rove being frog marched out of the White House would have been born immediately.

Ushering in the error of Obama.  The inauguration-ordination-coronation of Barack Obama on Tuesday was heralded by his fawning media as nothing less than a "messianic" revival, with endless inaugural balls and star-studded celebrations on either end.  Strange, but I seem to recall that the Leftmedia skewered George W. Bush for spending almost $40 million on his first inauguration, proclaiming the events to be "grotesque" and all about "excess."  But with deficit spending estimated to fly past the trillion-dollar mark in Obama's first year in office, not one of his media sycophants has questioned the cost of this week's events.

Obama: The Endless Honeymoon?  "When," someone recently asked me, "does President Obama's media 'honeymoon' period end?"  Answer:  It won't.  Oh, sure, every relationship experiences peaks and valleys.  But the "mainstream media" wanted Obama to win, and helped him do so.  If Obama were a stock, the media would be "fully invested." ... The major news media saw former President George W. Bush as a villain and themselves as sheriff.  Obama, on the other hand, enjoys their support.

Time Mag Photographer Works as Both a 'Journalist' AND Team Obama Employee?  Time Magazine has employed a photographer named Callie Shell that has apparently been doing double duty as both a "journalist" AND a member of team Obama, taking pictures subsequently sent out as official White House photos.  How is it that we can have someone thinking that bias cannot be presumed when that same person is working for both a news agency and at the same time for the subject of that news?

Pliability Journalism.  More than 144 hours into Barack Obama's presidency, the economy is still in recession, the country is still at war, and in many parts of the country it's still cold outside.  Citizens are growing impatient:  Wasn't President Obama supposed to bring change?  Yet one institution has changed dramatically, and in a very short time:  the press.  After spending the Bush years as a voice of opposition, American journalists have by and large turned on a dime and become cheerleaders for the man in power.

CBS's Andy Rooney Can't Find Anyone Who Dislikes Obama.  At the end of Sunday's 60 Minutes on CBS, commentator Andy Rooney did some of his usual thinking out loud, praising Barack Obama:  "I've lived through the election of a lot of American presidents — more than ten, I think — and about half the people I knew at the time hated one or the other of the two candidates ... Maybe I'm reading the wrong newspapers and listening to the wrong people, but I'm not hearing anyone who hates Barack Obama."  Perhaps Rooney should stop listening to his own network's fawning Obama coverage and consult the 46% of the country that did not vote for the Democratic president.

Stop Shoving Obama Down Our Throats.  No space needs to be taken up here to provide examples of the mainstream media's unyielding affection for the new leader.  There are too many to list.  In ordinary times, it might not matter that so-called journalists choose to become toadies and roadies for the president's band.  But we are in a place and time where we need the President of the United States to have a successful administration, as defined by economic growth, not the growth of a personality cult.  We want an ailing economy to get healthier.  But some of us don't see how the personality cult being watered and fed daily by the mainstream media is going to produce that result.

CNN is Still Pushing Lie of Wright/Hagee Comparison.  Not only did CNN fall back on the lie that Hagee is somehow just as bad as Wright — and thereby smearing John McCain with Wright's racist hatespeak — but CNN got a twofer with this piece by again portraying America as the land of permanent, unrelenting racism by hinting that Obama will never get a chance because he's black.

It's hard to believe I'm no longer American.  On the front of USA Today was the screaming headline, "Americans go gaga over first lady's inaugural gown."  I didn't even know she had an inaugural gown.  Then, and this is the tricky part, it turns out, according to rumor, that she hadn't actually picked out the gown she would wear; it was still before noon on the day of the inaugural.  Evidently, I would be gaga later, but the USA Today was so sure that I, as an American, would be gaga that the headline could be written in advance.

The Impending Obama Meltdown.  Some of us have been warning that it was not healthy for the U.S. media to have deified rather than questioned Obama, especially given that they tore apart Bush, ridiculed Palin, and caricatured Hillary.  And now we can see the results of their two years of advocacy rather than scrutiny.  We are quite literally after two weeks teetering on an Obama implosion — and with no Dick Morris to bail him out — brought on by messianic delusions of grandeur, hubris, and a strange naivete that soaring rhetoric and a multiracial profile can add requisite cover to good old-fashioned Chicago politicking.

Exclusive:  Interview with Bernie Goldberg.  This is not a book about the same old media bias.  They crossed a very bright line this time, the main-stream media, a very bright line.  And they moved from media bias to media activism.  We know about judicial activism where judges know what's best for everybody, and to [heck] with the legislature, we know what's best.  And in a similar way a lot of reporters thought that they knew what was best, and what was best was not only to be partisan witnesses to history, but to help shape history.

Obama's Press List:  Presidents are free to conduct press conferences however they like, but the decision to preselect questioners is an odd one, especially for a White House famously pledged to openness.  We doubt that President Bush, who was notorious for being parsimonious with follow-ups, would have gotten away with prescreening his interlocutors.  Mr. Obama can more than handle his own, so our guess is that this is an attempt to discipline reporters who aren't White House favorites.  Few accounts of Monday night's event even mentioned the curious fact that the White House had picked its speakers in advance.

Blue Skies For Obama.  Katrina crashes into New Orleans, FEMA responds feebly and President Bush is blamed for the loss of life and limb.  Winter smacks middle America, killing 55, FEMA's late again, but President Obama gets a pass.

The Slobbering Love Affair Between Obama and the Press.  [Bernard] Goldberg often inserts corny jokes into the text for levity, but underneath it all is a sadness, a sense that a profession he once was proud to call his own is less than a shell of its old self.  And he's not just bemoaning an industry's self-induced collapse.  He's afraid of what an ineffective press means for the country.

ABC:  Part of the Obama Media Machine.  Is it unethical for former Clinton flack George Stephanopoulos — an independent journalist — to participate in daily conversations with three of the Democratic Party's top strategists while employed as ABC News' chief Washington correspondent and anchor of "This Week"?  "If Karl Rove took a job as an anchor on FOX News you would have to pass smelling salts around Washington DC," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told Human Events.

Obama Ignores Intelligence Findings.  When Barack Obama hit his head while entering Marine One, this is how one objective journalist covered it:  "It looks like those finely honed reflexes sharpened on the basketball court served him well as he appeared to bend in order to soften the blow almost as soon as he sensed it coming."  When Gerald Ford did it, we got Chevy Chase mocking him every Saturday night.  When Barack Obama does it, it just shows how honed his reflexes are, and the need for an upgraded helicopter.

Obama and "Me".  It's one thing for a supposedly combative press to fawn over a presidential candidate — and now a president.  Who wants to devote precious column inches to Barack Obama's ties to radical bomber Bill Ayers when Sarah Palin's wardrobe demands investigation?  Why shoot ordinary photographs of the president when you can portray him as a haloed Byzantine saint? But now the New York Times has gone too far:  it is attempting to rewrite the history of English grammar in order to flatter the president.

Media idiot of the day.  Combine Obama idolatry with malignant fanning of racism, and you get today's winner.  The title goes to Jon-Christopher Bua, political analyst for Sky News, whose embarrassing near-orgasmic tribute to Obama betrays a singular lack of knowledge, combined with a malignant fanning of racism.

How media sucks up to the White House:  In the early days of any administration, reporters reach out to the men and women who might become their sources over the next four years — then slather them with glowing profiles suitable for framing in their mothers' bedrooms. ... But this proliferation of profiles isn't about the reader's need to know, or at least not entirely.

Obama and the Stock Market.  [Almost nobody in the media is] saying anything critical of Obama's policies which, obviously, the stock market — conventionally the predictor of our economy — thinks are dead wrong.  Cognitive dissonance?  Mental imbalance?  Slavish idolatry?  Or just plain inability to admit you made a mistake?  You tell me.  Meanwhile, the market goes lower and lower while the media continues its hosannas to BHO.

Obama Can't Double-Talk Us Out Of This.  Obama is a great pretender.  He repeatedly says he's doing things that he isn't, trusting his powerful rhetoric to obscure the difference. ... He's helped by much of the media, who seem so enthralled with him that they don't see glaring contradictions.  During the campaign, Obama said he would change Washington's petty partisanship; he also advocated a highly partisan agenda.  Both claims could not be true.  The media barely noticed; the same obliviousness persists.

Nickelodeon Broadcasts Cartoon Homage to 'Dear Leader' Obama.  Does anyone here recall Nickelodeon presenting a cartoon homage to President George W. Bush?  No?  Of course not.  "Wrong" politics.  However, if you think your very young children are safe from being exposed to subtle political brainwashing while watching Nick Jr., which presents Nickelodeon cartoons for children 5 and under, you would be wrong.

There'll Be No Debate.  While the erudite, urbane left demonstrates its sophistication and collegiality by personally attacking Rush Limbaugh, the nation is going down in financial flames, largely because of the unchecked policy insanity being unleashed by our new president.  Yet his flacks in the media continue to shield him from even rudimentary questions that any other president would receive.

The Plight of the Right Could Have an End in Sight.  Politics these last few weeks have been a game of distraction.  Pres. Barack Obama gives a State of the Union?like speech, and we subsequently fixate on the first lady's daring to bare her well-toned arms in February.  A young, rising-star Republican gives a response to Obama's address, and we focus on the way his suit billows off his shoulders.

Late-Night Comics Still in Thrall to Obama.  As a fan of comedy in general and satire in particular, I've always enjoyed the late night television circuit. ... One of the chief complaints I've been hearing from conservative friends over the last several years, though, is that these shows are nothing more than thinly disguised bastions of left-wing brainwashing where pseudo-intellectual elites bash the Grand Old Party and indoctrinate the nation's socialist youth against sound conservative thinking.

If Bush Had Done What Obama Is Doing...  Herewith some questions about contrasts and double standards — and how the leftists comprising the nameless "they" who rule the world would react to what Barack Obama is doing if Obama were George Bush.  For instance ... If Obama were Bush, what would their reaction be to the president's failure — even now — to submit a plan to salvage the nation's banks?  What would they think of their president if he and his acolytes took out after the other party's leading entertainer — Oprah Winfrey — declaring her not only de facto head of the Democratic Party but the foremost embodiment of that party's ideological excesses?

Media Bias Against Traditional Values:  Not only does Google enjoy a 70-percent share of the ads accompanying search results and articles and 90 percent of U.S. advertising profits, but it also accounts for almost 70 percent of U.S. searches.  This means if Google buries a site, an archeological dig may be necessary to find it.  That is, for most Americans, anyway.  We should also note that Google has forged quite an alliance with Barack Obama. Not only did CEO Eric Schmidt campaign for the president, he also was on Obama's economic advisory committee.  This isn't surprising, given that they're ideological soulmates.  But this similarity does bring to mind my observation that people not only get the government they deserve, they also get the media they deserve.  Let's just hope they don't end up being one and the same.

Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility.  Wikipedia, the online "free encyclopedia" mega-site written and edited entirely by its users, has been deleting within minutes any mention of eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama's presidency, with administrators kicking off anyone who writes about the subject, WND has learned. ... The Wikipedia entry about former President George W. Bush, by contrast, is highly critical.

A Front-Page Story:  President McCain's First 50 Days.  Suppose Sen. John McCain, rather than Sen. Barack Obama, won the presidency but made the same decisions and pursued the same goals to turn around the economy.

Conservatives and the death of newspapers.  It didn't require the Obama candidacy to tell us that newspapers are virtually the house organs of the Democratic Party (which is why an industry bailout may soon be in the offing).  Yet MSM journalists continue to see no bias, hear no bias and speak no bias.  Despite the extensive damage this problem has done to the industry and the profession, journalists refuse even to address the issue, let alone talk about remedies.

Imagine if 'President McCain' Joked About the Special Olympics.  President Barack Obama ... quickly apologized.  Crisis averted.  Fair enough.  But the real story is the media double standard:  Imagine the uproar if a President John McCain made the Special Olympics comment.  For that matter, imagine if a President McCain mistook a White House window for a door; his secretary of Treasury had not paid taxes; he granted two dozen waivers to his no-lobbyists-in-government rule; and he had promised bipartisanship but got only three across-the-aisle votes for his "stimulus" package.

Freeman Affair Reveals Problems For Obama and the Media.  The recent appointment and ultimate withdrawal of Chas Freeman to head the National Intelligence Council has exposed much that is wrong with President Barack Obama's first months in office, both in terms of policy and vetting, as well as the media coverage surrounding both.  Many of Obama's supporters said it was unfair to criticize Obama's associations with people like the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and the anti-Semitic preacher of hate, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and called it guilt by association.  It is now becoming clearer why those sorts of associations matter.

TV Journalists Enchanted by Obamas:  'America's Unofficial Royalty'.  NBC's Chuck Todd then admired how "the President was able to do a diplomatic decathlon, packing in a week's worth of international diplomacy into 12 hours," before he hailed how "America's unofficial royalty, the President and First Lady, reconnected tonight for more ceremonial duties, including a private audience with actual royalty, the Queen herself."

Gag me — Press goes ga-ga over Michelle.  Is Michelle Obama the second coming of Jackie Kennedy?  That seems to be a common theme among a press that has gone over the top with their coverage of the First Lady.

Laura Ingraham Tweaks 'Today' On Obama Obsession.  The "Today" show devoted much of last week's coverage of Obama's European trip to obsessing over such frivolous matters as what Michelle Obama was wearing and what kind of gift the Obamas gave the Queen, so when Laura Ingraham was invited on Wednesday's "Today" show, the conservative radio talk show host couldn't resist knocking the silly coverage...

A Fawning Frenzy For Michelle.  Imagine being Laura Bush and turning on the television and watching the absolute deluge of sticky-sweet syrup being poured all over Michelle Obama during her European debut as first lady.  It is as if every TV reporter was handed a pamphlet of talking points and ordered to compare Mrs. Obama to Jackie Kennedy.  NBC's Dawna Friesen gushed:  "Though Harvardeducated Michelle Obama has substance, not just style, and that's what sets her apart."  Apart from ... whom?

Media Insiders Say Internet Hurts Journalism.  In a poll of prominent members of the national news media, nearly two-thirds say the Internet is hurting journalism more than it is helping. ... The media insiders were also asked about coverage of President Obama.  Of 45 respondents, 71 percent say it has been "about right," 22 percent say it's been "too easy" and 7 percent say it has been "too tough."

Obama, aided by media, falling short on pledge for change.  The purpose of the press is supposed to be to report the news in an objective manner to the public.  Once reporters start adding their own personal perspectives to the story it is hard for the public to trust the accuracy and objectivity of the reporting and it starts to become similar to entertainment reporting.  It is worse when the press underreports or down plays newsworthy items.  An example would be the increase troops in Afghanistan.  If I had not been watching the news on that particular day, I would not have even known about it.

It's all Obama, all the time.  If it's Thursday, it must be Obama.  Or Friday.  Or Saturday.  Or just about any day.  Barack Obama has gone from being historic to being ubiquitous.  He doesn't just control the news cycle, he is the news cycle.

Boss Obama.  The mainstream media has been called the fourth branch of government because it has a duty to monitor the actions of our politicians.  However, journalists have already abdicated this role — as was clear during the campaign.  We are seeing the rise on an imperial presidency, and the media, or what is left of it, snoozes.

O's Foreign Follies.  The world has rabies and our swooning media deliver headlines about the new Obama family dog.  Yeah, the puppy's cute.  But must journalists be lapdogs?

Media Cover Obama Like He's Ultimate A-List Celebrity.  For the national media, Barack Obama isn't merely the president of the United States.  He's so much more than that.  Obama is a celebrity, and he and his family are covered that way.  That means there is a heavy focus on the personal, making Obama the first "Entertainment Tonight president."  First, it was Michelle's wardrobe.  Then, it was the kids' school.  Then it was Michelle's White House vegetable garden.  And most recently, it is the new dog, Bo.

Consequences Of An "American Idol" Presidency.  According to the press, collegiality and even love now abounds among nations that excoriated the United States and its former President, George W. Bush, only months ago.  In wonderful contrast, they extol America for its openness and professed willingness to sit down and talk with adversaries.  At least that is the picture that Obama's leftist cohorts want the general public to receive.  Unfortunately, the truth is far less rosy.  And the likelihood of a day of reckoning for all of this foolishness is far greater.

Media Cover Up Obama's Spelling Error in Letter to Fan.  If former President George W. Bush made a spelling error in a written reply to a piece of fan mail, would press outlets have covered for him or pointed it out?

Shirtless Obama magazine cover generates heat.  A photograph of a bare-chested Barack Obama on the cover of a popular Washington magazine had some fans swooning while others cried foul, saying the image had been doctored.  The Washingtonian has been swamped by readers who had seen the May edition showing the US President wearing nothing but swimming trunks and sunglasses, next to the line:  "Our new neighbor is hot."

Passing Judgment.  We are now on the 95th day of Barack Obama's presidency, and that revving sound you hear is the machinery of the media-industrial complex, gearing up for the Big Day.  There will be special sections, news analyses, cable logos and round-the-clock chatter as journalists race into their 100-day evaluations.  This arbitrary benchmark has become nothing less than another opportunity for media marketing. ... So why do we do it?  The media love anniversary-type stories.  They want to feed off the high public interest in Obama, his family and his dog.  They are desperate to keep the excitement of the campaign alive.

"Never Again," Obama Style.  No president in modern times has managed to conceal so much of his biography as this one.  The journalists assigned to the Obama beat seem to have lost their traditional avidity for digging out the missing details.  We do not have a medical report, or a college transcript from Columbia, or a notion of how well he did in Harvard Law School.  These things are not automatically significant, but they can be.

100 Days of Love.  There's something very curious — even laughable — about watching the media assemble to offer President Obama a grade after the first 100 days.  They weren't exactly a team of dispassionate scientists in a lab.  They continue to be what they've been all along — a rolling gaggle of Obama cheerleaders — only before it was a campaign and now it's an administration.  So now they're assessing whether their awe-inspiring historic candidate still glows with the luster of victory.

Obama Staffers Attend Secret Dinners With Lefty Media.  The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz has let the cat out of the bag in the Post's April 27 issue about a regularly scheduled secret media dinner attended by some of the top left-wing journalists in the country. ... The secret dinners for Obama staffers and his boosters in the Old Media have been going on for "more than a year" and are sponsored by David Bradley, the owner of the Atlantic.  In attendance have been some of the most well known lefty journalists in Washington.

What Would the Media Say if Obama's Frequent Hollywood Guests Were Oil Execs?  The Hollywood contingent is downright chummy with this president.  That's not a surprise — Hollywood gave tens of millions to Obama, and Obama returned the favor by attempting to shoehorn a $246 million tax break for Hollywood into the stimulus package.  What's shocking is the media's soft treatment of this phenomenon.  Suppose that every single day, oil magnates stopped by the White House to chat with Obama.  Or — Heaven forefend — executives from WalMart.  Do you think the press would stand for that sort of favoritism?  Or would they scream bloody murder from the rooftops?

Barack Obama aglow after 100-day honeymoon — just like Carter.  [Scroll down]  The day has been seized as another opportunity to hone the Obama image, which was carefully crafted and protected during a campaign in which his persona and life story, rather than his policies, led to triumph.  Advisers who publicly mock the theme of 100 days have been discreetly parcelling out made-to-order anecdotes to the press, each one designed to show how decisive, far-thinking or cool under pressure he is.

The things you don't read about Barack Obama:  The Chronicle Herald recently made space for an urgent Associated Press dispatch from Washington informing readers the Obamas had chosen a Portuguese water dog.  Not original reporting, of course, but an AP rephrasing of a White House-arranged scoop in the Washington Post online. ... So here is a small selection of news on the most powerful man on Earth which has been deemed unfit to print.

Gingrich:  'Press Corps Has Taken Such a Pathetic Dive' with Obama.  Reacting to the questions posed during Wednesday's presidential news conference, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich expressed disappointment with the White House press corps, telling FNC's Greta Van Susteren the journalists have "taken such a pathetic dive with this President that they ought to be part of his PR firm.  I mean it's embarrassing to watch."

Watchdogs are heeling for Obama.  With few exceptions, the mainstream news media have been dutifully pushing the Obama message, burnishing his carefully crafted image and offering few challenges when he makes questionable or misleading pronouncements, gestures or policy statements.  In short, they seem mesmerized by the glamour of this new and different president. ... Whatever Obama says, or doesn't say, is usually good enough for them.

Lies And Liars.  Last week saw an unusual number of outright lies from our media and political class.  Lies that went virtually unchallenged. ... Lie #1:  ABC, celebrating Obama's 100 day mark, announced he is enjoying the best presidential job approval rating of any president at this point in 20 years.  Not so.  A simple google search shows that George W. Bush, at the 100 day mark in his presidency, enjoyed a 62% approval rating.  Obama, alas, enjoys only a 52% approval rating.  ABC lied.

Broadcast Networks Devote Half Their Nightly Newscasts to Obama.  Earlier on Monday [4/27/2009], my colleague Tim Graham previewed a study from the Center for Media and Public Affairs finding that Barack Obama received more television coverage in his first 50 days in office than George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did through similar points in their presidencies combined.  The final report has now been published, and the results are even more absurd.

When Reporters Rise For The President.  Some people noticed that many reporters rose from their seats last Friday [5/1/2009] when President Obama unexpectedly entered the White House briefing room, but the same courtesy was not always extended in the past when President Bush would make an appearance.  Comparison videos were even posted on YouTube.

Puffball Nation.  As the lamestream media continues to swoon Scarlett O'Hara-like over this president, we now know two things for sure:  they're really cheap dates.  Easy too.

Pardon Me, But Did He Just Ask for Grey Poupon?  [Scroll down]  And that burger "joint" — well, it's not exactly a glorified White Castle or Steak and Shake — or even a Five Guys, it's a spot where you can drop up to $17.50 on a burger.  You can get yours with foie gras, bordalaise sauce, and even white truffle oil.  Just like Mickey D's, right?  It turns out that maybe the cool "let's-show-them-we-are-just-like-them" adventure was at least a little flawed, but you'd never know it by the news coverage.

Obama gives the far Left 99 dreamy days.  President Obama reaches his 100th day in the White House Wednesday, so the liberal press is about to burst with flowery tributes to multiple milestones — some real, most imagined — of this most radical American chief executive ever.  Contrary to the plaudits flowing from America's left-leaning journalists this week, The Examiner must dissent by noting three of Obama "achievements" that likely mark his administration as a disaster in the making.

Pro-Obama bias is so routine that the few exceptions are newsworthy:
Too Silly, Even for the MSM.  For once the mainstream media was not entirely snowed by the Obama administration's dog-and-pony show.  The subject was healthcare "savings" and everyone from the AMA to major insurers to drug companies pledged to do their part.  The only thing missing was any reasonable explanation for how they'd do so.  And the MSM figured it out.

Just suppose for a moment ...
President Palin's First 100 Days: A near disaster.  The first 100 days of the Palin presidency, according to a consensus of media commentators, have proven a near disaster.  Perhaps it was Palin's scant two years' experience in a major government position that has eroded her gravitas, or maybe it was her flirty reliance on looks and informal chit-chat.

Thoughtful voice all but lost in Obama-Notre Dame drama.  Given how this has been spun, by an adoring pro-Obama (and pro-abortion rights) media, the weekend's news coverage is tiresomely predictable:  Christian protesters whose faith teaches them to oppose abortion will be depicted as intolerant extremist fanatics, perhaps just one step removed from the Appalachian snake dancers.

News Media:  Stop Digging.  The first rule of getting out of a hole you have dug yourself into is to stop digging.  But at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday, they handed out shovels at the door. ... Now, if I remember correctly, about 53% of voters voted for the President.  Well, there's no disputing that American journalism serves that chunk of the audience.  Their fawning subservience to those in presently in power is even starting to creep out President Obama.  "Most of you covered me; all of you voted for me," he told his audience of tingle-legged supplicants.

CNN Invents the News, Again.  Yesterday's top news story was the very public debate between President Barack Obama and former Vice-President Dick Cheney regarding the interrogation of captured terrorists. ... [But] CNN chose as its top news item something that happened over five years ago, not even providing its readers with a single sentence explaining how this particular story was remotely newsworthy.

Narcissus And Echo: Obama And The Mainstream Media.  It is troubling that our president is a pathological narcissist caught up in the thought patterns of Darwin, Marx, and Alinsky.  Even more troubling is the fact that the Mainstream Media, suffering from an Obama-inspired narcosis, shirks its duty, refusing to publish or even explore any aspect of Obama's dark side.

The Cynical Idealism of Obama.  Barack Obama is able to wrap his Chicago cynicism in the language of idealism, making him appear to be what he is not.  But much of the press, which has an unprecedented emotional investment in Obama and his success, has decided to look the other way, time and again.  Countless reporters and commentators thirst for his approval; they clearly count it a privilege to be part of his team.  At least a few of them have done us the courtesy of doing so explicitly and officially rather than maintaining the fiction of disinterestedness.

The Obama Infatuation.  The Obama infatuation is a great unreported story of our time.  Has any recent president basked in so much favorable media coverage?  Well, maybe John Kennedy for a moment; but no president since.  On the whole, this is not healthy for America.  Our political system works best when a president faces checks on his power.  But the main checks on Obama are modest.  They come from congressional Democrats, who largely share his goals if not always his means.  The leaderless and confused Republicans don't provide effective opposition.  And the press — on domestic, if not foreign, policy — has so far largely abdicated its role as skeptical observer.

Another Men's Mag Votes for The One.  It's time for me to end another men's magazine subscription.  Sad.  I thought this one might last an entire 12 issues.  "Details" just declared its unconditional love for President Obama with a "think" piece teased on the front cover — "Can Obama make you better in bed?"

Journalists who don't kiss Obama's feet.  The White House press corps is now completely supine, utterly shameless in its groveling cowardice.  Stalin himself couldn't have wished for a more slobbering press corps.  Rather than mailing them nice little Lipton tea bags, millions of sane Americans might consider sending air sickness bags to our Reigning Media.  But not, thank haven, across the broad Atlantic.

For journalists, how close is too close?  Author and former Newsweek journalist Richard Wolffe is refuting charges that he acted more like Barack Obama's campaign spokesman than as a journalist covering Obama's presidential campaign.  It was Obama, himself, who suggested that Wolffe write his book Renegade: The Making of a President.  Wolffe, however, denied that writing the book meant trading objectivity for access.

Obama, a "Sort of God"?  On Friday evening Newsweek editor Evan Thomas had an extraordinary exchange with MSNBC's Chris Matthews.  Thomas, commenting on Obama's Cairo speech, said, "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above — above the world, he's sort of God." ... It is now impossible to mock the media's adoration for Obama.  In the past, if conservatives had said that MSM commentators viewed Obama as God, people would have assumed they were exaggerating in order to make a point.  But in this instance, there is no exaggeration; Thomas stated that Obama is "sort of God."

Missing in Action: American Mainstream Media.  The government now puts itself in charge of everything from running large companies, such as General Motors, to determining compensation for businesses under government control. ... Objections or concerns about an unconstitutional seizure of power, anyone? Where are the stories reminding us of the smashing job government does in running Amtrak or the post office? Where are the stories contrasting Canada's move toward greater privatization of its health care system to the President's desire to move toward a Canadian model?

Unquestioned Authority.  This religious-like faith in Obama has led the media not to question much of what he does.  He claims his stimulus plan has "saved or created" 150,000 jobs and that "stimulus II" will "save or create" 600,000 jobs this summer.  How does government "save" a job and how does one measure such a claim?  In January, before taking office, the president said 90 percent of the new jobs he would create would be in the private sector.  The media have yet to ask him why that promise has not yet been fulfilled.

Why the suddenly shy press corps?  The May employment figures are out.  The new jobs data blatantly, unambiguously contradict the claims made by the President earlier in the year when he was justifying the stimulus bill.  But the silence from the mainstream media over the difference between President's promises and his results has been nothing short of deafening.

The Man Who Would Be God.  One of the things that annoy me the most about Obama is how easily he lies.  One of the things that annoy me about the media is the way they enable him to get away with it.  For instance, when he jammed through the trillion-dollar pork pie, he claimed it was so urgently needed he couldn't spare the legislators even 48 hours to plow through the 1,100 pages.  However, once they passed the bill, Obama waited four days before flying off to Denver to sign it.

Obama's Other Controversial Church.  While John McCain was being tortured as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, First Unitarian Church of Honolulu — at which the elementary-age Obama would later attend Sunday school after returning from Indonesia in 1970 or 71 — was sheltering deserters and AWOLs recruited by 'flirty fishing' coeds from a Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) group known as "The Resistance". ... The story of his ties to the church began to emerge only after he attended [his grandmother's] memorial service. ... The connection to Vietnam deserters has not been included in any of the Obama-related coverage.

Wolffe: President Missed Rev. Wright's Racist Rants Because 'He Wasn't Much of a Churchgoer'.  If you've ever wondered why the mainstream media didn't show much curiosity about how 20 years of attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church shaped President Barack Obama, there is a perfectly logical explanation.  Obama wasn't really there.

Obama cruises past media.  President Bush and his team were regularly savaged by the media elite if they so much as sniffed a hint of evasion over the rule of law and the bounds of constitutional authority in fighting terrorism.  So why is President Obama's unprecedented intervention in the auto industry, including a TARP-fund bailout expressly ruled out by Congress, all but ignored?

1984 all over again.  On the night of June 24, ABC News will turn their broadcast over to the White House so that Obama can sell his national health insurance program. ... It is true that the networks routinely hand over time to the party in power so that the president can address the nation.  But this is much different.  In essence, I agree with Drudge; this makes ABC a part of the executive branch — a cog in the Obama PR machine.  It makes a cruel joke of the idea of an independent press.

The Obamedia.  [Scroll down]  This exchange is revealing on several fronts. First, it demonstrates that Obama — who is (literally) compared to God by some journalists, who sends a thrill up the leg of others, and who causes reporters and editors to weep and choke up with emotion in simply thinking about The One — apparently believes he deserves worshipful coverage across the board; when he doesn't receive it, he views it as a grave injustice.  It warrants a stronger response from him than, say, the repression of freedom in Iran.

From Newsroom to Bedroom.  Today ... the press has become a subsidiary of the advertising department, catering to target groups that are most likely to buy advertisers' products.  The ABC News division has taken this one step further.  On June 24, it will essentially become a mouthpiece for the Obama administration and its position on reforming health care.

The Editor says...
The article below is an example of glowing Obama worship in the press. Father's Day, San Francisco Chronicle.

Obama's example: Putting family first.  On this Father's Day, the American public should proudly note that our president takes his personal role as father (and spouse) as seriously as he does his job as father of the country. ... We can only hope that fathers and spouses everywhere will be thinking "What Would Obama Do?" as they navigate through the murky waters of parenthood and family life.

The Editor continues...
Besides the author's blindness toward's Obama's massive character flaws, her ignorance of history is showing as well:  George Washington, not Barack Obama, is generally thought of as the "father of our country."

Media's Mask Is Slipping As Deficits Surge.  A calm Sunday breakfast might have been ruined after a glance at the Washington Post's front page on June 14.  A chart below the fold explained that under Obama's federal spending proposals, the U.S. would be required to borrow $9 trillion during the next decade.  That's $9,000,000,000,000.  The Post compared that, in today's dollars, to the financial burden of World War II:  $3.6 trillion.  That's not all of Obama's spending plan.  That's only the part that's in the red. ... Sadly, this Washington Post article notwithstanding, the news media aren't questioning the new health "reform" drive.  They are enabling it.

An end to the Obama love affair.  "Obama Kills A Fly."  "FLOTUS In The Garden."  "The Obama Diet."  These aren't tabloid tales.  These are a few of the headlines — just from one day — by journalists who regularly cover the Obama administration.  Is this really what Americans want to know about our commander-in-chief?

Media Cheer Obama's Golf Outings; Criticized Republicans' Trips to Course.  President Barack Obama has gone to the golf course at least 11 times since he took the oath of office a little more than six months ago — three rounds were played during the late January, 12-day holiday Obama took with his family in Hawaii; one at Andrews Air Force Base; and seven at Ft. Belvoir Golf Course, including a round on Sunday, Father's Day, with Vice President Joe Biden.  These 11 rounds played by the president are documented through media reports of his golf trips.

Politics of personal perfection.  Let's be honest:  Barack Obama is better than you are.  He's a better father — taking breaks from running the world to cheer on his daughters at soccer and basketball games.  He's a better husband — zipping his wife off for dinner in New York and Paris.  He's got a better diet — nibbling on vegetables from his homegrown garden to keep his love handles in check.  And he's got a terrific jump shot. ... "This is a guy who was elected as a celebrity and is governing as a celebrity," said Republican consultant Rick Wilson.  "If George Bush had been photographed taking his daughters out for ice cream [as Obama was on Saturday], it would have been:  'Nero fiddles while Rome burns.'"

Cap and Trade: Political Alchemy, Economy Buster and Disaster for Poor.  [Scroll down]  Many believe there is a more sinister aspect behind Obama's Cap & Trade legislation.  Faltering companies, like General Electric, have been awarded or promised huge government contracts regarding the research and development of alternative energy sources.  NOTE:  General Electric is expected to receive billions of dollars in government contracts.  General Electric owns NBC and MSNBC and they have been some of Obama's biggest supporters in the mainstream media, both prior to and after his election.

The Editor says...
GE has been called "Obama's Halliburton" because the company has received a lot of "stimulus" money, and it is heavily involved in missile defense systems, broadcast news, and wind-driven generators.

Obama Administration Gave GE 24.9 Million in 'Stimulus' Grants.  The Obama administration gave corporate giant General Electric — the parent company of NBC — $24.9 million in grants from the $787-billion economic "stimulus" law President Barack Obama signed in February 2009, according to records posted by the administration at  Despite getting $24.9 million from U.S. taxpayers, GE decreased its U.S.-based employees by 18,000 in 2009, according to the company's 2009 annual report.  According to Standard & Poor's, GE took in $156 billion in revenue in 2009.

Endless Love.  Thanks to a few pointed questions from the press corps at a White House news conference, the long Obama captivity of the media is at an end.  The Hotline, an inside-the-Beltway tip sheet, proclaimed June 23 "The Day the Love Ended." ... But what truly confuses is how a few tough questions make up for months of forehead-scraping obeisance to The One. ... Indeed, shouldn't this be a moment for reflection on how bad the press has been until now?

When did the lowbrows take over the culture?  [Scroll down]  In his press conferences he hypnotizes all the ink-stained wretches of the media.  It's a sight to behold.  The man swats a fly and the suck-ups of the media go ga-ga with applause, and go back and write articles about it.  That's not just a reflection on their (lack of) character and judgment.  It's not just their childish immaturity.  It's a reflection on their brains, or rather, on all that empty space between their ears.  Our media stars are just not very bright.

Silent Scandals:  In just the last month, an unusual number of what were formerly regarded as scandals went unnoticed and largely unreported by the old media, to wit:  Obama recently fired an Inspector General of Americorps, giving him one hour to resign or be fired.  This, in direct contradiction to legislation Obama co-sponsored as Senator, requiring 30-day notice and an explanation.

Did someone mention Inspector General Gerald Walpin?

Media pussy cats.  What were the people at NBC News thinking?  Long-time NBC anchor Tom Brokaw was being considered for a White House appointment when he interviewed President Obama on Jan. 5 and covered him on the news.  The position in question was to become a commissioner on the White House Fellows Commission.  Neither NBC nor Mr. Brokaw ever made any disclosure that Mr. Brokaw had been offered or was considering the position.  It was not until June 17 that NBC made public that Mr. Brokaw was joining the commission.

I'd like to ask Mr. President a few hardball questions.  I don't go to those fancy presidential press conferences and ask the softball questions the reporters there like to ask. ... The questions I have in mind are more of the hardball variety, to wit: ... Mr. President, when are you going to develop an exit strategy for getting out of owning General Motors?  Why didn't you have such a strategy before you obligated all of us to buying such a turkey?

Hey media, Obama isn't 'God'.  So, as it turns out, U.S. President Barack Obama is not "God" when it comes to dealing with the Islamic world, after all.  This, contrary to that gushingly inane description of him by Newsweek editor-at-large Evan Thomas, following Obama's June 4 speech in Cairo, seeking reconciliation with Muslims.

Washington Post Hired Left-Wing Obama Enabler as Its 'Chief Digital Officer'.  The Washington Posts's first ever "chief digital officer" came aboard the newspaper, where he also oversees Newsweek's online efforts, after three years of working diligently to help elect liberals and Democrats to office — including Barack Obama.

Administration, Lobbyist, Journalist:  Who Can Tell the Difference?  The [Washington] Post, embarrassed by disclosure of its cozy, profitable relationships with lobbyists and the Obama administration, has repudiated the "salon" program.  Given that their publisher was the program's host and the paper's "news executives" were set to participate, the paper's suddenly discovering its ethical standards rings rather hollow.  It's worth mentioning that the story came to light because a lobbyist who received the Post's flyer was offended by the ethics of the event and blew the whistle.

Welcome to Obamacare Theater.  The White House sure likes to put on a show.  Fresh off its joint stage production with ABC News, the Obama administration broadcast another health care propaganda play this week under the guise of a citizen "town hall."  Chicago consigliere and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett managed the floor and human props for Obama.  In a telling moment as the event kicked off, she protested a wee bit much:  "I want to emphasize that the President has not seen the questions ahead of time."  The audience responded with polite laughter.  But the denials of pre-planning and stacked decks deserve nothing but derisive mockery.

Obama reads Pushkin.  Two weeks ago it was the Urdu poets.  This week it's Obama's love for Pushkin's poetry.  The week before it was probably the Bhadavad-Gita in Sanskrit.  If it's Tuesday this must be Zorba the Greek — in Greek.  It's all in a day's light reading for our Obama.

News Executives In The Tank.  It seems like a never-ending spin cycle:  laudatory coverage leads to popularity, which leads to higher TV ratings, which leads to more laudatory coverage.  But it's not working any more.  Behind the glittery curtains, Obama's polls are falling.  Worse, some ink-stained wretches are getting a little sick of the propaganda merry-go-round.

Fox News Notes Communist Past of the 'Green Jobs' Czar.  The administration's "Green Jobs" czar, Van Jones, has a "very checkered past" deep-rooted in radical politics, including black nationalism, anarchism, and communism.  The broadcast network newscasts have mostly failed to report on Mr. Jones's past political affiliations which are lock-step with the network's downplay of coverage regarding President Obama's associations with the former radical and terrorist William Ayers during the election.

Obama's Weakened Condition:  What did President Obama achieve for himself and for America during last week's G-8 summit?  Not much.  Despite what presumably was his best effort at using the charm, personality and teleprompter that catapulted him into office, he was unsuccessful in persuading either wealthy or developing nations to sign off on a plan to combat "global warming."  It's not that he lacks support from the European media.  CNN International and the BBC, among others, continue to blanket their networks with "green" propaganda in a disinformation blitz that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud.

Two Scientists, Two Standards.  The New York Times recently warned its readers about a wacky scientist in the Obama administration.  But the fish wrap of record let the real nut job off the hook. ... The rationality police in the newsroom have not ... seen fit to print the rantings of a radical secular evangelist now serving as the White House "science czar."  John Holdren, Obama's director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and co-chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, co-authored the innocuously titled "Ecoscience" in the 1970s with population control extremists Paul and Anne Ehrlich.

Barack Obama is dumb.  Admittedly, George Bush was not the most eloquent President we've ever had, but of course, neither is Barack Obama once he gets off his teleprompter.  The biggest difference between the two men is not their speaking ability; it's that the mainstream media decided from day one that George Bush was dumb just because he was a Republican from Texas. ... Was it George Bush who claimed that there were more than 57 states?  Did Bush say he saw our "fallen heroes" in the audience during a speech?  Was it George Bush who made a racist comment about "typical white people?"  Did W. spend 20 years without complaint at a church where the pastor spouted off ignorant, anti-Semitic ideas and conspiracy theories?  Was George Bush so much of an airhead that he actually ended up "thanking himself in a speech" because that's what his teleprompter said to do?

We Must Destroy The Economy To Save The Economy.  In a recent New York Times post, [Paul] Krugman proclaims that "Deficits saved the world."  The unspoken logic is pretty clear, and inside Krugman states, "government deficits... are the only thing that has saved us from a second Great Depression."  The unspoken logic is pretty clear.  Since Obama must be given credit for saving the world, and saving America from a second depression... and the only thing Obama has done is run up a huge deficit... the new line of argument has to be that "Deficits saved America and the World from a second Great Depression."

Rare, Truthful Treat:
AP's 'Fact Check' On Obama Presser Hits Surprisingly Hard.  [Calvin] Woodward [of the Associated Press] and ABC's Jake Tapper remain virtually alone in the White House press corps in their willingness to report negative news about Obama when it occurs (unless it's impossible to avoid, as in the Obama-Gates matter), or to criticize him in identified analysis items.  Will that ever change?

Just how smart is Obama?  Just how smart is the President? Famous presidential historian Michael Beschloss, a regular on PBS's Newshour show, says his IQ is "off the charts" and that he is "probably the smartest guy ever to become president," while admitting he doesn't know what his IQ is.  I say:  let's look at the evidence.

Where's Obama's Birth Certificate?  The mainstream media have been extraordinarily disinterested in any credible documentation of Obama's life story. Something is very wrong about that. Something is bizarre that Time Magazine is putting Obama's picture on the cover for a twelfth time in twelve months! Obama's rise to power has been meteoric.  His path there remains shrouded in deliberate obscurity.

Obama's birth certificate and the real issues:  The major media have done their best to obscure the existence of oddities in Obama's life story that never made it to the two autobiographical works purportedly authored by him. It has been left to the blogosphere to point out his many lies about his past.  Yet the general public remains blissfully unaware of these lies, though it does know everything about Sarah Palin's family thanks to inquiring minds of the media.  Even worse, the mainstream media twice dug up intimate details of the lives of two men who stood in his way in acquiring his seat in the United States Senate. ... If the media had not abandoned its watchdog role for Obama, while aggressively pushing it on two strategically situated opponents, he would never have become president.

Camera Hog In Chief.  President Barack Obama appears to be breaking every record kept on U.S. presidential press coverage.  Over the first six months of this year, he was cited in a staggering 1.1 million stories across mainstream, Internet and social media — an average of 6,100 references a day.  That's more than triple what Obama's last two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, got in the mainstream press during their first six months.

Revolving Door from Journalism to Team Obama Now Up to a Dozen.  With the revelation that Newsweek Washington bureau reporter Daren Briscoe will start a new job on Monday as Deputy Associate Director of Public Affairs for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, my list of journalists who have jumped to the Obama administration — plus one who traveled through the revolving door from helping the Obama campaign into a news media slot — is up to a dozen.

Newsweek's Embedded Obama Campaign Reporter Joins Obama Administration.  The revolving door between the media and Team Obama continues to rotate.  Some journalists on the campaign trail were infatuated with Obama, and that's certainly true of the Newsweek reporter who covered Obama in-depth (with the promise that nothing he learned would be revealed until after the election).

The President's Biggest Whopper and MSM's Complicity In Serving It Up:  President Obama did it again yesterday, "guaranteeing" Americans that if they liked their health insurance, they could keep it.  (Exact quote:  "Here's a guarantee that I've made:  If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance.  If you've got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor.")  This is obviously, almost absurdly not true, but still the president repeats it again and again, probably because he knows that if Americans genuinely understood the threat to their existing insurance posed by his plan, they would pursue their representatives and senators with a fury that would kill the plan off immediately.

All-Access Obama.  A new study by the Business and Media Institute shows that if liberal health plans are losing popularity, it can't be blamed on TV news.  From Jan. 20 to June 24 on ABC, CBS and NBC, fully 70 percent of the soundbites supported Obama's leftist health-care ideas.  Network reporters exaggerated the number of uninsured Americans up to "50 million."  The networks ignored how big-government health schemes like the one in Massachusetts were more costly than planned.

Health Care Facts Not In Evidence.  It's pretty daring to question the very premise required to stampede-sell the destruction of the private insurance industry and takeover of health care. ... For the most part, though, it seems that urgent need for "health care reform" — whatever that actually means — is a fact unquestioned by the media, like the article of faith anointing the president as "The Greatest Communicator Ever" (despite the evidence to the contrary:  his total dependence on scripted words on teleprompters; his ever increasing disasters when off-prompter).

Obama on Time magazine cover

Seven Time Mag Covers Since Election for Obama.  Time magazine's August 10 edition with President Barack Obama on the cover ("Paging Dr. Obama") trying to heal the nation in a photo illustration as a physician, wearing a white smock with a stethoscope around his neck, brings to seven the number of issues the magazine's cover has featured Obama just since November's election — make that eight for the First Family if you add in June 1's genuflecting "The Meaning of Michelle."

Unread Lips.  It should not take alternative news sources to bring the president's multiple "read my lips" reversals to public awareness.  Isn't it obvious that if such inconsistencies — suggesting calculated untruthfulness — had come from a Republican president, the establishment media would have unearthed them long, long ago?

CNN Runs Glowing Segment About Pro-ObamaCare Rally.  CNN's Newsroom on Thursday [8/6/2009] ran a glowing documentary-style report about a pro-ObamaCare rally on Capitol Hill that was organized by a coalition of left-wing organizations.  Anchor Heidi Collins introduced the report without referencing any of the organizers, which included ACORN, and SEIU.  The report also featured a former Obama campaign operative who pushed for the president's plan.

The empty words of a journalist turned flack.  Linda Douglass, the former CBS and ABC News correspondent who joined the Obama presidential campaign and later the administration, has emerged as the point person in the White House push back against "disinformation" regarding national health care.  She's one of several former journalists who are part of Team Obama, and her story, in particular, illustrates the difficulties that politically connected Democratic journalists can face both inside and outside the government.

The Obama family sure does spend a lot of time on vacation.
First Family Heading to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon.  The First Family is taking a vacation before their vacation.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday [8/7/2009] the president, First Lady Michelle and the kids are heading west on Aug. 14 for a long weekend to visit Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National parks.  Just days later, the First Family travels to Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts.

The Editor says...
Where are the reporters who complained so loudly about George W. Bush taking so much vacation time?  You may recall that when President Bush was in office, "mainstream" reporters counted weekends as vacation time, and complained that Mr. Bush was away from the White House one third of his term.  The big difference is that President Bush spent his time at Crawford, or Camp David, or Kennebunkport.  Obama travels to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central America — wherever totalitarian dictators can be found — and the press is perfectly content.

MSNBC Anchor:  "'Socialist' Is Becoming the New N-word".  Did you know that when you refer to someone as a socialist, you're really calling them the N-word?  Such an astonishing hypothesis was offered by MSNBC's Carlos Watson Monday [8/10/2009]...

Protesting the Protesters.  How odd that in a different context, with different protesters, these disruptions would be seen as brave.  But it's not brave at all, according to the media.  That's because, for once, the media is not on the protesting side.  Instead, the media is the "power" that's being spoken to — and that confuses them.  And so they mock.

CNN Lets White House 'Fact Check' Anti-Obama Claims.  CNN's 3pm ET Newsroom anchor Rick Sanchez on Tuesday pleaded with White House spokesperson (and former ABC and CBS reporter) Linda Douglass to reject as a "falsity" that the health care "public option" desired by congressional liberals would include government payments for abortions.  "There's no evidence, as we've found out, that there's any plans to make the government or make all Americans pay for abortions in the plan," Sanchez insisted before lobbing this softball to Douglass:  "What's your strategy for dealing with those falsities?"

Obama Merchandise a Big Seller at NBC Store.  If you're a fan of all things Obama, NBC Universal's online store has no fewer than 29 options for your buying pleasure — from a shirt with the president's picture proclaiming "YES WE DID" to both of his books to a special inauguration DVD to a refrigerator magnet of the first couple.

New York Times' Disgrace Deepens.  It is not just the rapid growth of online news alternatives that is destroying newspapers.  The New York Times was once the most respected paper in America.  Now it has become a paper in service to an agenda and a political party.  Is it any wonder why people look elsewhere for news?

What Went Wrong:  [Scroll down]  There is a growing fear that Obamism is becoming cult-like and Orwellian.  Almost on script, Hollywood ceased all its Rendition/ Redacted-style films.  Iraq — once the new Vietnam — is out of the news.  Afghanistan is "problematic," not a "blunder."  Tribunals, renditions, the Patriot Act, and Predators are no longer proof of a Seven Days in May coup, but legitimate tools to keep us safe.  Words change meanings as acts of terror become "man-caused disasters."  Hunting down jihadists is really an "overseas contingency operation."  Media sycophants do not merely parrot Obama, but now proclaim him a "god."

Obama unaccustomed to having his lies challenged.  President Barack Obama is one of the most spoiled politicians ever to capture the imagination of a nation.  He has enjoyed what author and newsman Bernard Goldberg has described as "a slobbering love affair" with the American media.  So many members of the Fourth Estate in this country have so thoroughly compromised themselves to sell his radical agenda that the American people no longer trust them even to report the news.

Michelle Obama and the double-edged sword of fashion.  I suppose there must be some people who genuinely regard Michelle Robinson Obama as beautiful, elegant, and tasteful.  But I am not among them.  I have yet to meet a heterosexual male who finds Michelle a hottie.  The media hype portraying her as the heir to Jackie Kennedy may persuade a few, but in most instances I believe that it only reinforces the reputation of such media outlets as purely propagandistic organs, the same folks selling the equally implausible narrative of the town halls as full of Nazis and astroturfers.

The thrill is gone for Obama and the media.  There's nothing like a summer vacation to rekindle a romance.  So maybe a week on Martha's Vineyard can bring back some of the magic between the Obama administration and the media.

Obama and faith:  Reaching out to progressive faith leaders in two massive conference calls, Obama insisted that God was on his side. ... When President George W. Bush invoked God as his inspiration, many liberals lamented the shattering of the wall between church and state by our theocrat in chief.  When Obama does likewise, it's inspiring, spiritual leadership.

Palin Flummoxes the Elites with Common Sense.  As you may have noticed, the "traditional" media recently morphed from administration critics into a pro bono public relations firm for the White House.  It happened on or about January 20, 2009.  Now, they're flummoxed by their failure to refute a woman they believe has the communications savvy of a pimento.

The Editor says...
In my opinion, "it happened" no later than November 4, 2008.

Obama and the Media:  Trouble in Paradise.  Many have remarked upon the growing rift between the former sweethearts. ... It's the president and the mainstream media.  Those soul mates are at odds — squabbling in public and tossing about recriminations.  What had been a match made in heaven has turned sour, and it's not clear they can ever go back to the way things were during their long and intense courtship.

False reports about guns.  Countless newspapers and television networks — from CBS to MSNBC — have misreported that conservative protesters are threatening President Obama with guns at public events.  It hasn't happened.

The Internet power grab by the Obama White House.  "Once Americans realize what's happening it may be too late thanks to Obama's supporters in the news media.  Do a search and you won't see stories about this power grab in the major media," warns [political strategist Mike] Baker.

MSNBC Guest Comments on Obama in Classroom.  Once again, one of the masters of the universe trotted out on MSNBC has discovered the cure to one of society's ills — more Obama.

Van Jones story finally goes mainstream.  I say finally because as Byron York pointed out yesterday in the Examiner, not one major media organ had a word about the Truther.  Today [9/5/2009], however, that has changed as WaPo, CBS, and CNN have discussed the controversy.

Networks censor health care debate.  Both [ABC and NBC] have refused to run an ad proposed for national telecast by the League of American Voters, a nonprofit group with 15,000 members.  The supposedly offensive ad makes the simple claim that the proposed government-run health care program would ration medical care.

Couric should look in mirror.  Now that White House "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones has resigned, what's next?  Inevitably, the American mainstream media — ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, et al — must be held to account for sitting on the sidelines as this major story kept building without them, went viral on YouTube, and then became so large that a key appointee of President Obama was forced to step down.

Obama Set to Force ObamaCare while His Eligibility Trial Date Set?  If Obama's motion to dismiss is not granted, [Orly] Taitz' discovery hearing will take place that same day and the case challenging Obama's eligibility will proceed.  ... As of this writing not one of the major news outlets (aka Obama's State-run media) have reported anything at all on Judge Carter's ruling.

Imagine Van Jones in a GOP White House.  Perhaps you are tired of pundits writing "If a Republican president had done what Obama just did..." or "If a Republican had said something like that..."  It does get rather boring to point out double standards that the press uses to report on Democrats and Republicans — and especially Barack Obama and any GOP president, past or future.  But the record must be made...

Obama's Lies Matter, Too.  It is telling that so many people who claim to be speaking on the side of Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Journalism have consistently focused their outrage-o-meters at individual townhall attendees, political broadcast entertainers, and the lesser lights of a lame (if resurgent-by-default) opposition party, while letting walk nearly fact-check-free the non-irrelevant occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Flashback:  CBS Had No Difficulty Finding Van Jones in 2003.  If you rely only on the three major broadcast networks or one of the top major national papers as your news sources, the name "Van Jones" might prompt you to say,"Who?"  But, while the media had difficulty reporting on Van Jones the embattled member of the Obama Administration, it had no such trouble covering Van Jones the anti-Iraq War protestor.

Flick Off Obama.  The omnipresence of Barack Hussein Obama is guaranteed by the television, more aptly identified by the little people as, "the boob tube".  Obama's speech to Congress last night was forced upon the unwashed masses.  Or was it? ... The television networks and lying politicians do not deserve your patronage.

First reports from AP and NY Times indicate 'thousands' at DC protest?  Pictures supplied by Fox and CNN appeared to me to show a crowd stretching all the way from the Capitol steps, back many, many blocks, stretching off into the distance.  By any stretch of the imagination, such a crowd should have been indentified in "the hundreds of thousands."

Analysis of the House ACORN vote:  The House's 345-75 vote to defund ACORN is indeed, as my Examiner colleague Byron York put it, extraordinary.  Democrats voted 172-75 to defund ACORN; Republicans voted 173-0 to do so.  This would not have occurred but for the [] videos of ACORN employees encouraging tax evasion and prostitution.  "Mainstream media" studiously ignored this big, big story, because it put Obama's political allies in ACORN in a bad light ... As indicated by members' votes, mainstream America was clearly repulsed by the facts that "mainstream media" tried to conceal.

Did someone mention ACORN?

'Killing Granny'.  Newsweek seeks to make us more comfortable with the idea of killing our parents and grandparents.  The ObamaCare deal they want us buy is that only if more old people die, will there be better medical treatment for everyone else.  That is, you and me.  It's a sucker's deal.  Because not only will more "old" people die with ObamaCare, but more of everyone else will die too.

YouTube Caught Red-handed Cooking Stats for Obama. is currently linking to a YouTube video of a government schoolteacher instructing young students to praise Obama in song.  While this is shocking, there is an even bigger story here.  Consider this:  the video's "views" counter listed only 363 views as of 1:04 p.m. EST on Sept. 24.  But at the same time it had 2,279 comments.  What's wrong with this picture? ... YouTube likely doesn't want you to know about the Obama worship video.  So, perhaps, like a sleazy car dealer dialing down an odometer, they dial down the hit counter to a point where the video languishes in the recesses of the site.

Obama and ACORN:  Barack Obama gave five interviews last Sunday, and only one interviewer bothered to ask him about the ACORN scandal.

More about Obama and ACORN.

Pollsters push people to accept Obamacare.  Gallup has unintentionally revealed how they, and other polling organizations, have been pushing the public to accept Obamacare.  The revelation came in a report late last month which revealed that a significant majority of Americans believes that individuals themselves, and not the government, should be responsible for ensuring they have health insurance. ... Even though the survey was released on September 30, not too many folks have seen these numbers.  As they do with most anti-Obamacare news, the Democrats' Big Media acolytes have avoided the report...

How The VRWC Really Works:  The more accurate the reporting on a story that unnerves the Democrats, the more likely the major media are to block it.  There is no more stunning example of this than the reporting on Christopher Andersen's new best-seller, Barack and Michelle:  The Portrait of an American Marriage.

MSNBC Goes Into Astroturf Mode.  Remember back just a few short months ago — when thousands, if not millions, of Americans were protesting out-of-control government spending and other policies favored by President Barack Obama's administration?  Surprised by the resounding turnout, the usual lefty talking heads on MSNBC ... explained the protests away as being fake grassroots aka AstroTurf.

CBS Awed By Obama — for Blocking a Basketball Shot.  Hours before the Nobel committee awarded its "Peace Prize" to President Barack Obama, the CBS Evening News found another "achievement" to tout:  A White House-released photo of Obama blocking a basketball shot.

Consumer Reports Chucks Reputation to Hawk ObamaCare.  Consumer Reports has tossed away political neutrality to side with Democrats in support of a government run health care system that will be costly to consumers.  "[W]e are doing something that we've never done before.  For the first time ever, Consumers Union is weighing in with a TV ad that calls on lawmakers to find a solution for health reform," said Jim Guest, publisher of Consumer Reports.

20 More Questions for Barack Obama.  Because our servile journalists spend their days awash in ecstasy, thinking endlessly of the tingle that runs up their leg when they see Barack Obama, they don't seem to be able to find the time to ask him any tough questions.  That leaves the rest of us out in the cold, dreaming of queries we'd like to see asked of the President of the United States — if our press would turn in its Obama Fan Club memberships and start acting like members of the media again.  With that in mind ... I've come up with 20 questions I'd like to see asked to Barack Obama.

Despite Evidence to Contrary, Boston Globe Says MA Economy is 'Generally Improving'.  In an October 16, 2009, article in the Boston Globe, staffer Andrea Estes makes the eye-opening assertion that the economy in Massachusetts is "generally improving."  Facts and reality suggest otherwise.

CBS's Couric Finally Notices Obama's $1.4 Trillion Deficit.  Back on October 7, when the Congressional Budget Office reported that the federal deficit had ballooned to a massive $1.4 trillion during President Obama's first year on the job, Katie Couric's CBS Evening News did not tell viewers.  But Couric finally caught up to the bad news after the Obama White House put out its final numbers on Friday afternoon [10/16/2009].

Magazine Editors' Group Creates Award Category for Obama Covers.  The Magazine Publishers of America's American Society of Magazine Editors has added a category to its annual magazine cover awards:  Obama.  This new category is the only ASME category focused on a single person, and highlights the reverential attitude for the President widely held in the magazine publishing community.

Obama's Pedophilia Czar.  This is the only time in our recent history that the White House has directly complained about news coverage by naming an entire news organization. Of course Fox is the only network that did not participate in the last election as if it was one of Obama's campaign outlets.  [Anita] Dunn went on to complain that Fox could not be a real news organization because of the fact that it did not blindly support Obama.

His propaganda has seeped into everything.  With the full blessing of the media, Obama is still in election mode, and I say:  If elections persist more than 24 months, it's a problem.  Especially when the networks are giving him free time to air what amount to campaign commercials.

Firing at Fox, Shooting Themselves.  The White House's effort to target a news organization like Fox is vaguely Nixonian.  The case put forward by the pro-Mao political theorist Anita Dunn is filled with errors and erroneous statements. ... This whole anti-Fox gambit will come across to a lot of people as misguided and petty, the product of a White House that is unusually thin-skinned and somewhat paranoid — and, perhaps, as one that can't be trusted with power.

Does Anyone Know Barack Obama?  If, as the saying goes, the perfect is the enemy of the good, then Barack Obama is his own worst enemy.  That becomes clear in the upcoming HBO documentary "By the People:  The Election of Barack Obama," which is the product of many months of behind-the-scenes access to Obama during the presidential campaign.  It reveals — you will be surprised to learn — that Barack Obama is pretty close to the most perfect person you will never get to know.

Silence of the Lambs.  Words have the power to wake people up.  Silence can lull them to sleep.  Silence legitimizes abnormal behavior, makes it appear normal and acceptable.  People become desensitized, numb.  First there's one advisor to Obama linked to Communism.  The MSM doesn't say a word.  Then there are three or five or ten or [who] knows how many.  If The New Black Panthers bring billy clubs to polling sites and get away with it, that's the new normal.  The next thing we know, a union thug bites off a finger at a Town Hall.  If Hillary and Sarah are vilified and enough people don't speak out, then everyone, from Rush to us, becomes fair game.

Evita Obama.  A New York Times op-ed today verges on self-parody, as the biggest cheerleader for Michelle Obama, graphics editor Charles Blow, expresses his adoration for the First lady.  He has enough sense to begin with the words, "Forgive me in advance for fawning..." and lives up to the billing.

Media Discovering that Obama Balloon a Hoax.  [Scroll down]  If not for the Obama mania, the soaring rhetoric, the messianic frenzy, the tingling legs, the false hope, the thronging, the fainting, the gushing, the emotionalism, the fawning, the hype, the rapture, the delusion, etc., the news reporters would have noticed. ... They should have noticed that the man didn't come out of Middle America, but out of the crooked streets of Chicago machine politics.  They should have noticed his associates were not exactly normal Americans.  They should have noticed it wasn't guilt by association, but guilt by associating.  They should have noticed that remaining in Jeremiah Wright's racist, divisive, anti-American church for 20 years was simply not reasonable.

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright again?

This material came from
What if George W. Bush had done that?  A four-hour stop in New Orleans, on his way to a $3 million fundraiser.  Snubbing the Dalai Lama.  Signing off on a secret deal with drug makers.  Freezing out a TV network.  Doing more fundraisers than the last president.  More golf, too.  President Barack Obama has done all of those things — and more. ... Conservatives look on with a mix of indignation and amazement and ask:  Imagine the fuss if George W. Bush had done these things?

Congress Uses Sham Poll to Force Total Control ObamaCare.  Liberal and leftist Congressional leaders have recently used what strongly appears to be an exaggerated and embellished-in-ObamaCare's-favor poll in order to bolster the case for their government-run healthcare mandate — no it is neither a public "option" nor Nancy Pelosi's consumer "option" but, it is no option at all.

Obama 'Most Powerful Writer Since Julius Caesar,' Says NEA Chief.  Rocco Landesman, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, declared in a speech to art philanthropists in Brooklyn last week that President Obama is the world's most powerful writer since the days of Caesar.

Obama's bootlicking NEA chairman.  I suspect that Obama would prefer [Rocco] Landesmann keep his mouth shut when it comes to claims that Obama actually wrote his own books.  Given the accumulating weight of evidence that Obama's first book was actually ghost-written by his neighbor Bill Ayers, the less attention devoted to the subject, the better.

Did someone mention plagiarism?

He Came, He Saw, He Kowtowed.  It seems Rocco Landesman, the head of the National Endowment for the Arts, didn't get the memo, literally. ... By demonstrating with brazenly self-abasing ignorance that he is wholly Obama's man, Landesman is making it clear that the NEA is completely committed to Obamaism.  There's no need for any more of Mr. Sergant's tacky, Chicago-style pay-to-play.  Self-humiliation sends a far more powerful signal.  No doubt the provincial official has pleased his Caesar.

Crushing the media.  The American media elected Obama.  No presidential candidate's past ever went so deliberately underexposed.  So the attack on Fox may simply have been payback to the networks that are hemorrhaging viewers, the equivalent for the media of a night in the Lincoln bedroom.  Whatever the rationale, Team Obama's apparatchiks were fully in step with the global left's war on freedom of speech.

We know more about the Obama's marriage than we do about healthcare.
False transparency:  I've given up hope of ever finding out what young Barack actually did at Occidental and Columbia or even reading a snippet of what he wrote, if anything, for the Harvard Law Review. ... I'm not really interested in Obama as a man (or as a husband).  I'm interested in what he does.  And most of that, of late, he has done in secret.  We know more about his marriage than about how the healthcare legislation was drafted or how its contents are being negotiated.

Sick-bags at the ready:  The New York Times gushes over the Obamas' state dinner.  If you're feeling queasy, look away now.  The New York Times scales new heights of sycophancy in its report of the White House state dinner last night, which by their account was the most charming, imaginative, glittering — yet tasteful! — social event since Jackie Kennedy was Queen of Camelot.  Indeed, it may even have surpassed Jackie's standards, since Barack and Michelle added a deeply appropriate and thoughtful element of multiculturalism to the glamorous proceedings.

Media follow W.H. script.  [Scroll down]  But a detailed examination of news coverage of the reassessment issue in the major national newspapers, primarily The Washington Post and The New York Times, suggests that many angles and details of the stories were being carefully fed by White House aides to all-too-willing reporters who dressed it up as the inside dope.  In reality, many reporters were steered into spinning the story exactly the way the White House wanted it told, with relatively little skepticism or criticism.

ADL Report Smears Tea Party Conservatives.  The report has been all the "rage" in the Obama PR machine — a.k.a. the mainstream media — which has exhausted any remaining trace of objectivity by spending a summer and fall crudely mocking average Americans who've shown up at town halls and tea parties in a true exercise of "community organizing" that the Beltway-Greenwich cocktail axis just can't stomach.

Did White House "Gatecrashers" Have Ties to Obama?  While the major media have bought the official storyline about the so called White House gatecrashers, could there be more to this scandal?  The mainstream media have ignored obvious holes in the story and important facts about the alleged gatecrashers.

N.Y. Times Downplays 'Non-Religious Christmas' Plans at White House.  Maybe they didn't know it, but The New York Times left a Christmas bomb in paragraph 12 of its syrupy Sunday story on Desiree Rogers, the bumbling Obama social secretary. ... In a description of how Rogers would make sure the White House was "Obama-tized," Stolberg noted Rogers would bend tradition to make Christmas much more secular in the new era.

Entertainment Media Finds Any Excuse to Blast Sarah Palin.  The entertainment media's treatment of Sarah Palin and her family has been abhorrent.  Like their biased and unjust hard news media brethren, entertainment outlets have gone out of their way to tarnish Palin's image.  While tabloids, semi-legitimate entertainment programs and celebrities issue incessant praise for President Obama and his leftist policies, Palin is showered with insults and inappropriate slurs.

Mr. Obama:  Tear Down Your Wall of Secrecy.  At a press conference earlier this year, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about Obama's detailed birth certificate.  His response?  He laughed.  And he laughed some more.  The room filled with journalists laughed heartily with Gibbs.  The question continues to "astound" him.  After all, it's posted right there online.  As long as it's a laughing matter, why not humor us, Mr. President?  Humor us with your complete birth records, naming the hospital and physician.

A Year of Obama Love.  The year 2009 might be classified as the year Barack Obama came down to Earth.  The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll found that 47 percent approve of the job Obama is doing, and 46 percent disapprove.  Those are not exactly Messiah numbers.  And that's the big difference between the public and the press.  The media do believe he's God.

Percy Sutton dies; His Obama revelation omitted from obituaries.  However, one of [Percy] Sutton's most notable moments is absent from the media hagiographies I have seen:  he stated on television that he knew that an Islamic supremacist, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and advisor to a wealthy Saudi, had paid for Barack Obama's education at Harvard Law School.  Exactly how young Barack Obama, a man of slender means, managed to pay for a Harvard Law degree has long been a mystery, and the President has not been forthcoming about any details of his elite education.

Boo hoo.
CBS Frets Obama Must Work.  The failures that allowed the unsuccessful Christmas Day terrorist attack have marred President Barack Obama's relaxation schedule in Hawaii, CBS's Jeff Glor and Chip Reid regretted Thursday night as Reid fretted Obama had "hoped to spend this vacation recharging his batteries, but now he appears to be spending most of it working"...

Translation:  Newsweek is letting White House speech writers produce their magazine.
Obama to Pen Cover Story on Haiti and the Earthquake for Newsweek.  Like at a lot of publications, Newsweek was forced to start its week over when the earthquake hit Haiti.  Give the magazine credit for an artful recovery.  The Washington Post Co.-owned publication has tapped President Barack Obama to pen a cover story on Haiti for the Jan. 25 issue hitting newsstands on Monday [1/18/2010].

The Editor says...
The article probably will not be written by Barack H. Obama, because apparently he has never written anything before.

'American Idol' Goes Out of the Way to Pay Tribute to Current President.  Now even pop culture platforms like "American Idol" are in the tank for President Barack Obama?  It appears so.

How To Kill Political Correctness Before It Kills Us.  I've been doing consumer reports for over 34 years and, from my perspective, the No. 1 consumer issue is the sad state of the mainstream media.  It has become something other than a segment of the media, and now can be correctly described as a propaganda organ of a Democratic Party controlled executive branch of the U.S. Government.  What's worse, it is totally biased, dishonest, and fraudulent and can no longer be trusted to deliver the information needed by the American people.  It pulled off the biggest fraud in electoral history by pushing the election of President Barack Obama, and is continuing to work hand-in-hand with the Obama administration in destroying America as we know it.

Obama's Bipartisanship Scam:  [Scroll down]  Flipping between CNN and Fox, I couldn't hear much of what Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said.  Pence's microphone wasn't working.  And when members asked the president questions — tough ones from Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) — the cameras never panned to show the congressmen.  They showed the president and only the president.

The Most Important Story You Didn't See Last Week:  A Senate hearing last week confirmed the public's worst concern about Barack Obama:  that when it comes to national security, Obama hasn't just been asleep at the switch — he hasn't even bothered to find the switch. ... The Obamedia all but ignored the hearing, of course.  It was more important for them to protect their anointed One... even if folks' lives are at stake.

Obama vs. Einstein:  According to the Washington Post, David Axelrod, Barack Obama's senior advisor, said that the president worked with "[Harvard professor] Laurence Tribe on a paper on the legal implications of Einstein's theory of relativity."  I've read that paper, "The Curvature of Constitutional Space."  It's complete nonsense.  It shows no understanding of Einstein's theory of relativity, or of the relationship between relativity theory and Newton's theory.

By Dawn's Early Light:  How the MSM Fawns over Johnsen.  Despite repeated, uxorious, absurdly one-sided endorsements from the liberal media, the February 4 vote on President Obama's year-old nomination of "darling of the left" Dawn Johnsen to head the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) has mercifully been postponed.

More about Dawn Johnsen.

Limbaugh Bashes Blitzer For Ignoring Obama's Sinking Poll Numbers.  Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh absolutely trashed Wolf Blitzer Tuesday [2/9/2010] for ignoring Barack Obama's declining poll numbers. ... "He's down to 44% in a couple of polls, 46% in another, and where is the State-Controlled Media reporting this?"  To drive home the point, Limbaugh shared a montage of how Blitzer one day in March 2006 reported George W. Bush's sagging poll numbers almost every hour on the hour.

Obama's Balloon Hits the Dirt.  The hot-air balloon has crashed to Earth, and you can tell conservatism is back with a swagger.  You can tell because the media's daily output has gone from breathless valentines for Obama to angry denunciations of Tea Party protesters.

Ignorance is Strength.  When it comes to Obama, the "New York Times" always looks on the bright side of life.

From the administration's lips to the pages of the Washington Post.  [Scroll down]  I also find it interesting that [Walter] Pincus is reporting the administration's line so uncritically.  If the Bush administration had presented, a month and a half after the fact, a set of alleged facts designed to counter public perception that it had botched a matter like this, would the Washington Post's crack investigative reporters fail to entertain the possibility that they were being fed self-serving spin?  I don't thnk so.

Wire Watch:  AP's Ben Feller Shamelessly Spins Obama Talking Points.  It's not exactly surprising to see a writer for the Apparatchik Press — er, the Associated Press — compose an in-the-tank item sympathetic with the Obama administration.  But Ben Feller's unlabeled analysis Monday morning [2/15/2010] is so over the top and totally backwards that it may merit its own place in the journalistic Hall of Shame.

Blaming 'Gridlock' For U.S. Budget Woes.  Less than a month after Scott Brown whittled Democrats' Senate majority to a mere 59-41, the Old Gray Lady is already blaming "gridlock" for America's budget woes.

CNN Celebrates Obama Stimulus With a Birthday Cake.  Over at the most trusted name in news, they sure know how to party when it's called for.  That was evident this afternoon on CNN Newsroom when anchor Ali Velshi gushed:  "Happy birthday, dear stimulus.  Our producer Ben Tinker (ph) baked this cake.  It is a stimulus happy birthday — first birthday cake, which is also a pie chart.  It is the birthday of the stimulus."

How the Left Reveals Itself:  I have recently come to the conclusion that leftists reveal their innermost thoughts when attacking those with whom they disagree.  This was perhaps illustrated most clearly when, after President Obama's recent State of the Union address:  MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews revealed that for an hour he forgot the president was black.

What a Difference a Year Makes.  A year ago the media resonated with the celebration of democracy, grassroots pushback against the existing order, the renewal of Congress, and the novel harmony between government and the people.  Now?  Suddenly all this seems to be inoperative: ... The people themselves have almost magically gone from enlightened to dense, gullible, and undeserving of their one chance at progressive salvation.

Breitbart to NY Times Reporter: 'You're a Despicable Human Being'.  After Barack Obama's election as the first black president of the United States, we were supposed to have entered a new, post-racial era.  However, as many feel it has turned out, any dissent or criticism of the most powerful man in the free world or his agenda draws allegations of "racial tones," as happened on the New York Times Web site on Feb. 18.

Everybody but NBC played along with the White House on this one:
NBC:  Obama Made Dalai Lama Sneak Out of White House Past Trash Bags.  Uniquely among Friday's broadcast network evening newscasts, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams gave his viewers a glimpse into the undignified exit endured by the Dalai Lama, who was made to walk past a number of trash bags as President Obama sought to keep the Chinese government from noticing the meeting.  A photograph of the Tibetan spiritual leader walking past the bags was shown as Williams read the piece.

What's the Plan?  [Scroll down]  The President's tactic, it seems, is to demand that the Republicans put forth a plan, regardless of how often Republicans say, "Here it is!" Obama will just keep demanding that the Republicans put forth a plan.  He is confident — obviously with very good reason — that the MSM, in full lapdog mode, will help all it can in convincing the public that the Republicans have no plan.  The cynicism is just stunning.

Cuba's Free and Fabulous Healthcare.  Back in August 2009 ... CNN was frantically producing infomercials for Obama's healthcare plan.  Lucky for them Michael Moore had a handy supply of valuable footage from his infomercials for Castro's healthcare plan.  So on the August 6 edition of CNN's "Newsroom," while Morgan Neil "reported" on location from a Potemkin Havana hospital, gushing about Cuban healthcare's "impressive statistics!" the broadcast included clips from Michael Moore's Sicko, adding much oomph to the propaganda montage.

Is Disillusionment with Media-Created Obama Causing People to Snap?  [Scroll down slowly]  Many, evidently, believed the whole rotten fairytale spun around this mere mortal.  And let's face it.  Barack Obama had absolutely no accomplishments to his name other than a couple of Ivy League degrees (degrees, but not a transcript or a paper or a shred of research), a bunch of radical political connections from the most corrupt city machine in American history and a childhood narrative of pure political gold in a country still guilt-ridden over the racist actions of their ancestors.  Yet, the establishment media drooled...

At Health Care Summit, Republicans Calm, Collected, and Camera-ready.  Speculation was rampant that today's health care summit could be a trap for Republicans. ... The concern for the GOP going in was that President Obama, with his supreme oratory skills, would back the GOP into a corner and get them to agree to legislation out of sheer political necessity.  The national news media would, of course, be lying in wait, cameras rolling, anticipating a slip up to fill the evening broadcasts.

Matthews:  GOP Worried About Obama Standing Over Them 'Like God'.  Even when Chris Matthews attempts to side with the conservative/Republican position on an issue, he ends up either bashing them or praising Democrats, something he did three times on Wednesday's Hardball.  First up Matthews raised a GOP concern that Barack Obama should not speak in an "elevated" position, by using a podium, at the health care summit because it would present Obama as "standing up there like God" over them.

Where's the accountability?  Two years ago, the Democrats and their friends in the liberal media were patting themselves on the back because of a National Intelligence Estimate that baldly stated, "Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in the fall of 2003."  This was thought to make President George Bush look bad because he was insisting that Iran was a rogue nation that presented a growing threat in the Mideast and throughout the world.  Since it made George Bush look bad, it was therefore considered of major significance.

Why Are the Media Still Falling for Obama's Health Care Deadlines?  President Obama's so-called reform is getting readies for yet another "final push," so why do journalists still believe Obama's deadlines?

Michelle Obama named fitness role model.  Fitness magazine named Michelle Obama one of 10 role models committed to bringing healthy living, exercise and better nutrition to U.S. communities.

Stop 'Healthzilla' Monster Now, Or Live With MSM-Created Horror Forever.  [Scroll down]  And don't underestimate the power of the MSM.  When the January jobs report showed a fractional decrease in the number of unemployed, the MSM jubilantly proclaimed that the economy had turned the corner and hailed Obama as an economic savior.  And all for a microscopic, temporary improvement in the jobless rate, due largely to the sad fact that more people simply stopped looking for work.

Talking Points vs. Reality:  [Scroll down]  I can say that I can afford to buy a Rolls Royce, without going into debt, by using my inheritance from a rich uncle.  But, in the real world, the question would arise immediately whether I in fact have a rich uncle, not to mention whether this hypothetical rich uncle would be likely to leave me enough money to buy a Rolls Royce.  In politics, however, you can say all sorts of things that have no relationship with reality.  If you have a mainstream media that sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil — when it comes to Barack Obama — you can say that you will pay for a vast expansion of government-provided insurance by taking money from the Medicare budget and using other gimmicks.

Obama to America:  Bend Over and Cough.  [Scroll down]  Democrats bask in an Obama-loving liberal traditional media.  The media cheerlead for health care "reform" and desperately want to give the President a "victory" — while accepting preposterous claims at face value.

Bachmann Rips Media for Not Covering Deem and Pass; Suggests Pelosi Impeachment Warranted.  [Scroll down]  "Well yeah and the other thing is treason media," Bachmann said.  "Where is the mainstream media in all of this not telling this story?  This is a compelling story — that the Speaker of the House would even consider having us pass a bill that no one votes on?"  According to Bachmann, this is such an egregious maneuver by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, to force through health care reform using the Slaughter Rule, as known as deem and pass, that it warrants her impeachment from the post.

Cheerleaders for ObamaCare:  A Year of Slanted Media Coverage.  As the Media Research Center's latest Media Reality Check details, over the past year, the media have served as cheerleaders for ObamaCare, praising the proposed legislation, while continually slamming its critics.

The Media Have Voted:  Health Care Reform Passes.  Forget democracy, journalists have thrown their weight behind the president on nationalized health care since the beginning.

You Lie!  MSNBC Lets Dem's False 45,000 'Uninsurance Deaths' Go Unchallenged.  Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, for one, does not want blood on his hands from 45,000 Americans who allegedly die every year due to lack of health insurance.  And MSNBC's Alex Witt, for one, doesn't think it worth questioning the veracity of that number.

AP:  Goverment Secrecy Increasing Under Obama, But It's Not His Fault.  In a week that has been chock full of lame claims, it would not be correct to say that the howler propagated by Sharon Thiemer of the Associated Press on Tuesday [3/16/2010] is the worst.  But it's definitely in the upper echelons.

MSNBC Contributor Equates State Lawsuits Against ObamaCare to Causes of the Civil War.  Why miss an opportunity to inject racism accusations into a highly charged debate like health care reform that was recently signed into law by President Barack Obama given the opportunity?  Melissa Harris-Lacewell, also of The Nation Magazine, in appearance on MSNBC's March 24 "Countdown" found a way, without exactly calling detractors "racists."

Obama's Pseudo-Achievement:  The story here is not that he succeeded against all odds and with the winds against him to push through historic legislation, even though that is what the media would have you believe.  The story is that a party holding a 75-seat margin in the House of Representatives was barely able to squeak by with its greatest legislative priority and most devoutly desired policy.

Where Were You When the Republic Died?  [Scroll down slowly]  The worst part of watching the proceedings unfold on Sunday was the endless stream of commentators and pundits calmly discussing this bill as if it were just one more piece of bad legislation that we will have to live under.  In fact, what has transpired is nothing less than an overthrow of the old Constitutional order.

Tens of Thousands Protest ObamaCare in D.C., Legacy Media Unimpressed.  Fox News made it "thousands," and the Washington Post first estimated hundreds and then stopped mentioning crowd size at all.  Yes, it's time for another game of "Legacy media, let's estimate that crowd."

Dissent's Noble — Until Aimed At Democrats.  During the Bush years, the news media were the promoters of protest, the champions of dissent.  Denouncing the president as a brain-damaged warmonger was the most patriotic thing you could do (just ask the Dixie Chicks), and it was guaranteed to please the press.

Message to Dems:  People still don't like Obamacare.  Did the world really change overnight?  If you listen to some Democratic spinners, you might think that the same American people who opposed Obamacare for many, many months now support it.  This week the president's supporters embraced a quickie poll by Gallup/USA Today showing that more Americans say it was a "good thing" than a "bad thing" that the health care plan has now been passed.

Will MSM Let Obama Get Away With 'We Don't Quit' War Whopper?  There are lies, damned lies, and then the kind of brazen rewriting of what a man stands for that Barack Obama engaged in yesterday [3/28/2010].  The swaggering Barack Obama, in his faux-military leather jacket, who boasted to American troops that "the United States of America does not quit once it starts on something," is the same man who in 2007 told the troops and the entire world that America and its military couldn't win in Iraq, never could, and should immediately quit.

Apple Boycotts Glenn Beck — Promotes Che Guevara.  "More than 200 companies have joined a boycott of (Glenn) Beck's program," reports the Washington Post.  "A handful of advertisers, such as (IPhone owner) Apple, have abandoned Fox altogether."  We can only assume this Apple "boycott" was prompted by what CBS's Katie Couric (quoting the Fox commentator's critics) describes as Beck's "inflammatory, unfair, despicable, hateful rhetoric."

Alexander:  Obama's 'Soviet-Style' Takeover of Student Loans.  Sen. Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.), the U.S. secretary of education from 1991 to 1993, tells National Review Online that President Obama's revamping of the federal student-loan program is "truly brazen" and the "most underreported big-Washington takeover in history."  "As Americans find out what it really does, they'll be really unhappy," Alexander predicts.

In Cantor Case, Media Fanned Flames of Violence:  'There Will Be Blood'.  [Scroll down]  But if you are waiting for the mainstream media to cover this, put down the bong.  Leftist media propagandists and their despotic leaders continue to smear and slander good, decent Americans who are trying to save the country from subversives, traitors, overthrowers and savages.  While the left and their media handmaidens rammed a bone-crushing, freedom-killing Obamacare bill though Congress, Americans had to listen to the wailing and caterwauling of the media over fake threats to Democrat criminals.

Michelle Obama Garden Photo-Op.  ABC and NBC on Wednesday night [3/31/2010] managed to contain to a brief item their enthusiasm for First Lady Michelle Obama planting her garden for the season, but not CBS which dedicated a full story to how the hula-hooping First Lady "is enjoying the kind of popularity her husband would jump through hoops for."

When Media Become Obama PR Agents.  In December 2004, my wife and I were invited to and attended the White House Hannukah Party.  Try as you might, you will not easily find anything in the mainstream media to reveal that President Bush was the first president to hold such an event.  His guest list included both Democrats and Republicans.  Now we have the spectacle of the White House seder, glowingly detailed on the front page of the New York Times.

Wonder where the next 'crisis' will be manufactured.  Now the MSM plays a vital role covering up initial results that fall well short of "expectations" and the financial justification erodes before our eyes.  Never once does the MSM compare real versus actual results, or re-examine the business case, or question the ability to achieve the desired outcomes.  The stimulus inability to create jobs and the inconsequential climate improvement promised by the "cap and trade" bill are conveniently ignored by the MSM.  The Mainstream Media is an active co-conspirator to government greed and manipulation, hiding in plain sight, and has forfeited any credibility as a fair and balanced check and balance of power.

ObamaCare and the Constitution :  The constitutional challenges to ObamaCare have come quickly, and the media are portraying them mostly as hopeless gestures — the political equivalent of Civil War re-enactors.  Discussion over:  You lost, deal with it.  The press corps never dismissed the legal challenges to the war on terror so easily...

HuffPo Columnist:  Media Didn't Do Enough to Shill for Health Care.  A lefty columnist for the Huffington Post believes that the media's coverage of the health care debate was sorely lacking. ... [Allison] Kilkenny's complaint seems to be that all media did not skew their coverage to the left, and those that did simply didn't skew it enough.

Seriously, why does Newsweek heart Joe Biden?  Please do read Newsweek's mash note to the vice-president "Why Liberals Have Grown to Love Joe Biden" — provided you're able to properly keep your gag reflex in check.  There are so many embarrassing things about it, it's hard to know where to begin.

Time Mag Chief Stengel:  Obama a Mandela for the 21st Century.  Time magazine Managing Editor Richard Stengel, who will be part of the roundtable on today's [4/4/2010] Meet the Press, wrote in a new book released on Tuesday:  "It is impossible to write about Nelson Mandela these days and not compare him to another potentially transformational black leader, Barack Obama.  The parallels are many."

Obama is no Mandela.  At a time when the press corps is competing to find the most creative ways to fawn over President Obama, I really have to hand it to Richard Stengel.  The managing editor of Time has a new book out on Nelson Mandela, released last week, and he goes to great lengths to compare the two leaders.

Obama Spares Us From Energy Independence; Ignorant MSM Cheers.  [Scroll down]  The drilling would not be permitted any closer than 125 miles from any shoreline, which is well into international waters.  In fact, nobody would ever see the drilling platforms.  A person of average height can only see about three miles into the horizon and even folks in the tallest luxury hotels have a vista that extends maybe 25 or 30 miles tops.  No, wrecking the view isn't something that folks are being spared from.

Because Frank Rich Says So.  It's an amazingly consistent process:  Frank Rich conjures up his thesis, scouts around for confirming evidence, and finds it every time!

O'Reilly Blasts Media for Demeaning and Neutralizing All Who Oppose Obama.  "If you oppose the Obama administration, you must be demeaned and neutralized."  So said Fox News's Bill O'Reilly Monday [4/5/2010] about the state of today's media.  "Ever since the Tea Party protest began last summer, the left-wing media in America has been attacking the movement," he began his Talking Points Memo.

Does Anybody Really Understand ObamaCare?  Since the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill, the Democrat leadership has embarked on a strategy of demonizing its opponents as angry, potentially violent racists.  Charles M. Blow developed a new line of attack in his New York Times column last weekend, with an argument based on a recent Pew Research Council poll: Republicans don't understand ObamaCare, so they have no right to criticize it.

Should Obama Step Down?  On page 31 in the transcribed text of the March 25, 2010 session of the Kenyan Parliament, there is a brief statement by the Kenyan Minister for Lands (Mr. Orengo).  What Mr. Orengo says is nothing short of a bombshell, and yet not a mention has been made anywhere in the mainstream media.  I think, for obvious reasons.

Say Barnicle:  Ever Heard Of Bork?  Mike Barnicle just wrapped up the Obama Parrot of the Week.  That's the award I hand out on my local TV show to the MSMer doing his sycophantic best to parrot the Obama party line.  Barnicle gave his award-winning performance on today's Morning Joe, in the course of tossing two super-softballs to David Axelrod.

GE's Big Brother.  [Scroll down slowly]  First and foremost, GE has been the recipient of bailout funds and stands to benefit from current and future contracts with the U.S. government.  This may partly explain MSNBC's highly favorable treatment of the Obama administration.  With GE's CEO sitting on Obama's economic panel, it is no surprise that MSNBC rarely provides critical coverage of the administration.  Furthermore, GE's environmental business interests may explain why NBC recently joined Hollywood in inserting environmentally-friendly messaging into network programming.

White House press corps turns on Barack Obama.  It's well established that Barack Obama, both as a candidate and a President, has received very favourable coverage from the American press.  But what's less known is that many of the White House reporters who cover Obama greatly resent the way they are treated by the Obama administration.

Why Is the L.A. Times Burying the Obama/Khalidi Tape?  Given the extraordinary sudden turnabout in US policy toward Israel under the Obama Administration, I have become obsessed by the repressed 2003 videotape of Rashid Khalidi and Barack Obama.  That tape — or so we are told — is ensconced in a safe at the Los Angeles Times building.  In the current situation, its release by the paper is more important and newsworthy than ever.  The Khalidi tape could be of tremendous significance in revealing the provenance of Obama's views on the Middle East and the degree to which the public was misled on those views during the presidential campaign.

More about the Khalidi tape.

Barack Obama plays eight times more golf than George W Bush.  President Barack Obama has played golf 32 times since he took office, eight times more than his predecessor George W. Bush — who was mocked by the Left for his fondness for the game — did in his entire presidency.

How's His Handicap?  Remember when Democrats used to criticize George W. Bush for golfing at the wrong time?  Maybe there was a crisis somewhere; maybe someone had died in combat; maybe legislation was being debated on the Hill.  It didn't matter.  Every time Bush golfed, the Democrats woofed.  So it is interesting to see that Barack Obama went golfing today rather than attending the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Maria.  This is the 32nd time Obama has golfed since taking office less than a year and a half ago.

After Obsessing Over Enron, Media Mostly Ignore Obama-Goldman Sachs Connections.  President Obama has extensive ties to Goldman Sachs.  Yet even given record-breaking financial contributions and sketchy relationships between Goldman executives and Obama officials at the highest level, the mainstream media will not afford Obama the same scrutiny it gave to George W. Bush during the collapse of Enron.

The Provocateur-in-Chief.  [Scroll down]  Following the President's lead, the liberal media will reinforce and defend any and all of his provocative statements.  Once the opposition is identified, they will be branded as dangerous right-wing radicals and railed against, on a daily basis, by the liberal media until they are marginalized.  This scenario has been playing out since before President Obama was elected, and will continue throughout his tenure in office.

Time mag lauds Obama as "on the path to huge success," ignores facts.  President Obama's success is underestimated by his critics and he's on path to become one of the most successful presidents ever, writes Mark Halperin of Time magazine. ... As for scandals, let's see:  There's the questionable dismissal of Gerald Walpin, the gangster-like shunting aside of creditors to General Motors and Chrysler, and the Justice Department's refusal to pursue charges against the Black Panthers who threatened Philadelphia on voting day.  There are the phantom districts getting stimulus money.  There's the administration's revolving door relationship with Goldman Sachs and other special interests.

Obama's Weekly Address Ignores Oil Spill.  Talk about your Katrina moments:  as the Gulf Coast deals with one of the biggest oil disasters in history, President Barack Obama used his weekly address to push for campaign finance reform. ... [C]onsider how media members would have responded if he was a Republican.

The Origins of the Lapdog Media.  Noam Chomsky, a self-declared socialist, once said, "Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US [mainstream] media."  Never would he have imagined that his critique would apply more than ever to the present-day relationship between the mainstream media and President Obama.  This march to the media's present role of being in league with the Obama administration is the culmination of the good-versus-evil narrative of modern journalism.

'Daily Show' Writers Helped Obama With Correspondents' Dinner Jokes.  It now makes total sense why so many liberal media members thought President Obama killed at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner.  Writers from the "Daily Show" helped craft the jokes.  Such was reported Sunday by the Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove.

Obama/Media vs. Arizona/America.  Obama and the liberal mainstream media apparently couldn't care less about the national racial tension and violence fueled by their irresponsible distortion of the Arizona law.  This is the Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley Hoax all over again.  Only this time, it is the President of the United States spreading lies and fueling the flames of racial hatred.

More about Race-based Political Opportunism.

Time Editor Thrills Over Obama Performance, Compares it to the Beatles.  The hosts and guests of a special Sunday edition of Morning Joe fawned over Barack Obama's May 1 performance at the White House Correspondence [sic] Dinner.  Time managing editor Richard Stengel appeared and knocked host Jay Leno by comparison:  "I think that's one of the things that undermined Jay's routine is that it's like coming after the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show."

The Media's Obamacare Whitewash.  Now they tell us.  The same press that swallowed President Barack Obama's every talking point about healthcare reform over the last year is now starting to shed some unflattering light on the numbers behind the recently passed legislation.

Obama's Burden of Brightness.  President Obama is frequently described as highly intelligent.  His advisor Valerie Jarrett has described this as a "burden." ... The "progressive" media can be counted on to regurgitate this mantra.  They have, in fact, surpassed it, and they have often entered the realm of idolatry or even adolescent infatuation.  Chris Matthews is perhaps the leading example of this.

The Editor says...
If President Obama is so terribly bright, why does he need a Teleprompter for every speech?  Without a Teleprompter, he is a stammering dolt.  He only knows what he is told by his speech writers.  When he speaks extemporaneously, it is obvious that he is still just a "community organizer" (troublemaker) from Chicago.  Before pronouncing him a genius, let's see some test scores and college transcripts.  Show me his law license.  (He voluntarily surrendered it.)  Show me his diploma from Occidental College.  (Nobody remembers him being there.)  The "burden" of his intellect isn't that great.

When White House Correspondents Go Green, Follow the Money.  In the Politico today [4/30/2010], there's a story about how the Natural Resources Defense Council is advising the White House Correspondents' Association on how to "go green" with their annual dinner.  They seem to be taking this very seriously.

Obama's Supermarket-Scanner Moment: I Don't Know How To Work an iPod.  Remember when the MSM went crazy over [and likely exaggerated] George H.W.'s supposed unfamiliarity with a supermarket scanner?  Pres. Obama has now had his supermarket-scanner moment, claiming he doesn't know how to operate an iPod, among other popular electronic devices.  Do you think the MSM will pick on this in the same way to paint a portrait of an out-of-touch president?

Strange new respect.  Just turn on your TV, open a paper, or walk around your local downtown, and you'll notice love for the troops we've not seen since at least 1991, if not 1945.  Suddenly, aside from the clinically insane, most everyone seems to admire the soldiers who provide us our cherished freedoms; but why, especially when from 2001-2008, that admiration was pitifully lacking?  Oh yes, we have a different president.  That's the unspoken reason.

Media Double Standards:  Some Fair and Others... Not So Much.  Less than five years after George W. Bush wrecked his presidency through his limp response to a natural disaster in Louisiana, Barack Obama has escaped largely unscathed from his similarly feckless response to a man-made disaster in precisely the same part of the country.

Time Magazine Introduces Radical Obama Nominee, Says He's Not Radical.  "Any health care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate.  Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.  Britain, you chose well."  Was that a British socialist speaking in Parliament?  Nope.  It was Dr. Donald Berwick, a Harvard professor about to face Senate confirmation as President Obama's nominee to head Medicare and Medicaid.

We Have to Talk About Elena Kagan.  While the mainstream — or irrelevant — media waxes on about how she is a surprisingly moderate nominee for the president to have chosen, the extent of their critical examination of Ms. Kagan, former and first female Dean of Harvard Law School, consists of yarns about basketball and softball pickup games.

Google clamps down on Obama's Social Security story.  Internet behemoth Google apparently is clamping down further on consumers' access to a report about President Obama's Social Security number, which points out the number was designated for a Connecticut applicant, by warning that some sites carrying information on the situation "may harm your computer."

The Editor says...
For those of you who get all your information from television, and have just recently discovered the news media bypass known as the internet, here's the story:  Barack H. Obama is a man with a remarkably murky past.  His own grandmother says she witnessed his birth -- in Kenya!  He's the only American president who has had his name legally changed.  His name used to be Barry Soetoro -- that's why columnists sometimes refer to him mockingly as "Barry."  When he was a kid, he was registered in school as a Muslim.  He says he attended Occidental College, but nobody remembers him being there.  The people who call themselves "journalists" haven't really cared about any of this, but a handful of investigators and attorneys have been digging, and one of the most remarkable discoveries is that Mr. Obama has apparently used multiple social security numbers in the past, including one that was issued to somebody else in Connecticut, where Mr. Obama has never lived.  If Obama were a Republican, would this not be a front-page scandal?

More about Obama's Social Security Number(s).

Holder's 'Haven't Read It' Arizona Immigration Law Admission Gets Little Coverage.  It will surprise almost no one who visits this site that Holder's admitted ignorance about a routinely misrepresented law — misrepresentations that have led to calls for boycotts of Arizona, a PC-obsessed cancellation of a girls high school basketball team's hoop dreams, and hysterical hyperventilation at Holder's Justice Department as well as by the President of the United States himself — has received very little establishment media attention.

Eric Holder Can't Read?  Liberal reporters always think that the liberal politicians they're covering are the smartest people in the room.  In fact, when they're opposing something, they're so smart that they don't have to read the policy they're discussing.  They have a clairvoyant sense of how wrong it is. ... If it weren't for Fox News and The Washington Times and talk radio and blogs, this embarrassing episode might have vanished into thin air.  Once again, the so-called "prestige" media simply blacked out the news that they would dismiss as tiresome Republican talking points.

Kagan Has Donated Exclusively To Democrats; MSM Pretends Not To Notice.  In the aftermath of President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, ABC and Politico, among others, have reported on Kagan's history of political contributions.  Not surprisingly, she has donated exclusively to Democrats, with Obama receiving more than half ($6300) of the $12,300 in total she contributed to national level campaigns in the preceding 10 years.

More about Elena Kagan.

Did Sestak Get WH Job Offer?  Media Seem Not to Care.  In February, Congressman Joe Sestak, D-Pa., alleged that the White House had offered him a "high-ranking" job in exchange for him refraining from challenging Sen. Arlen Specter in that state's primaries.  Since Sestak defeated Specter on Tuesday [5/18/2010], a number of media outlets have profiled him.  The White House denies that it ever made such an offer, which means either the Obama administration or Sestak is lying.

More about this topic is posted under Obama's Culture of Corruption.

Establishment Press Largely Covers Obama's Tracks on Disgraceful Daniel Pearl Remark.  President Barack Obama's statement just before he signed the Freedom of the Press Act on Monday painfully avoided reality to the point of giving offense.  If it became widely known, it would likely become very problematic.

What Did President Obama Know And When Did He Know It?  Unfortunately, there are no alleged reporters in all of the Washington press corps who are either smart or curious enough to ask the President what the American people are to believe about the appearance of the Administration coordinating with unions to intimidate private citizens in their homes, terrorize their children, and break federal laws by organizing mobs to occupy and shut down bank buildings.  If the Executive branch of the government were conspiring with any group to break the laws of this nation, would that be grounds for impeachment, if not a few questions on the subject?

Obama:  He's Better than Teflon — He's a Democrat.  The difference in coverage between Katrina and the twin disasters of the Gulf oil spill and the Nashville flood?  The "D."

What Our Media Taught Me:  Somewhere around the millennium, a new style of aggressive, public-interested, and astute reporter began sermonizing in print, advising on the Internet, and lecturing us on television.  At the time I mistakenly assumed that reporters were too often partisans who were creating new, almost impossible standards of probity in order to embarrass conservative opponents:  they wanted Republican scandal first, news second.  But now, I see that they were simply laying nonpartisan new ground rules for the Bush administration so that they could later prove their integrity and professionalism when a member of their own faith would come into the new crucible of public examination.  There was never, you see, a hate-Bush media.  So we will shortly see that now as they unrelentingly turn their scrutiny on Barack Obama and his legion of ethical and competency lapses.

Sestak:  Once again, it's the "coverup" — or is it?  [Scroll down]  But the real issue now is not the "Deep Dish Sleazemeisters" from Chicago.  They are who they are.  Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are all cut from the same cloth.  The real issue is our media — the Fourth Estate that we all are supposed to depend on to vet these people.  When Nixon was president, they did so with an alacrity hitherto unseen.  With Obama, as we all know, it has been completely the reverse.  The press' record on investigating the president — as a candidate and in office — has been nothing short of embarrassing.

Barack Obama didn't part the waters — he just made them dirtier.  On the day of the memorial service for the 11 dead on the oil rig last week, Barack flew to San Francisco for a fund-raiser on behalf of the hideous Sen. Barbara "Botox" Boxer.  It was held in a mansion owned by a member of the Getty family, of Big Oil infamy.  And yet nary a word among the usual Ivy League pukes on MSNBC and in The New York Times.

Michelle Obama's top chef friends.  When Michelle Obama kicks off her "Chefs Move to Schools" program on Friday afternoon [6/4/2010] at the White House, she'll be accompanied by a stellar roster of chefs.  Home cook extraordinaire and talk show host Rachael Ray — a last minute addition to the lineup — will be at Obama's side, along with the Food Network's Cat Cora, Anne Burrell, Aaron Sanchez, Ellie Krieger and Alex Guarnaschelli, sources tell POLITICO.

ABC Bashes Bush on Memorial Day.  The ABC News report on the rainout of President Obama's planned Memorial Day speech in Illinois noted that Obama had been criticized for not staying in Washington to go to Arlington National Cemetery.  But ABC provided a ready excuse, subtitling its report "Obama Not First to Skip Arlington on Memorial Day" and asserting that George W. Bush "did not attend in 2001 or 2002."  ABC was flat-out wrong about 2001, and highly misleading about 2002.

Seizing The News Business.  If journalists ever venerated anything, it was the First Amendment shield that blunted efforts to limit their freedom.  So why, as the administration contemplates a federal takeover of their business, such thundering silence?

The Man Who Would Be King.  Over the heads of some of the sycophants in the mainstream media there appears to be the proverbial light bulb turning on.  After sixteen months of the Obama presidency, questions are being asked about not only his competency, but what motivates this putative savior.  The current President of the United States, acting in a way that would make Nero proud, continues to fiddle while not only the United States burns, but the rest of the world begins to spin out of control.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Continues Defense of Obama.  Joe Scarborough continued his open defense of the Obama administration's response to the BP oil spill, on Wednesday's [6/9/2010] "Morning Joe."  Facing off against Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), Scarborough called comparisons of the president's handling of the current crisis with Bush's handling of Katrina "obscene."

CNN's Sanchez Highlights 'Big Oil' Cash to Republicans, Omits Obama.  On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez twice highlighted how "several Republicans want to keep the cap on what oil companies pay for spills at $75 million" and how apparently that's about "how much they [oil companies] spend on campaign contributions to politicians each year," but omitted that President Obama was the top recipient of money from BP during the 2008 election cycle.

Obama's radical associations matter, but go ignored by press.  From Obama's participation in the socialist New Party in the mid-1990s, to his connections to communist-terrorist Bill Ayers, it's all relevant today.  How?  For example, some of the same anti-American, anti-capitalist revolutionaries from those bad old days now help craft republic-changing legislation.

The Media's Obama Malfeasance.  You don't need a time machine to recall how the media portrayed then Sen. Barack Obama in the run-up to the 2008 presidential election.  Scribes dutifully reported on Obama's bipartisan nature, his intellectual fitness for the task at hand and his promise of a truly transparent administration.  Business as usual would no longer hold the political process in its meaty grip.  That was the narrative not just from Team Obama but from the starry eyed reporters covering the well-spoken candidate.

Obama Speaks At Lower Grade Level Than Bush.  You know why President Obama's Gulf Coast oil spill address from the Oval Office failed so miserably on Tuesday?  It went over too many heads.  At least that's what the folks at believe.

CNN:  Americans are Too Stupid to Understand Obama's Brilliant Speech.  President Obama's speech on the gulf oil disaster may have gone over the heads of many in his audience, according to an analysis of the 18-minute talk released Wednesday.

Olbermann Quits Daily Kos After Being Bashed For Criticizing Obama's Oil Speech.  When the vitriol is too much for Keith Olbermann, something is seriously wrong.  The MSNBC prime time anchor parted ways with the far-left Web site Daily Kos on Wednesday [6/16/2010], citing the site's apparent unflinching, see-no-evil attitude towards President Obama, and the omnipresence of wild leftist conspiracy theories there.

Media ignore Obama's radical past.  All of this isn't "guilt by association."  It's association, a key to understanding how the radicalism of Obama's past today shapes the policy dictating our future.  And it cries out for further journalistic digging.  Consumers of New Media blogs, talk radio — already know some of the story, while The Manchurian President's brisk sales guarantee a wide audience.  But the MSM?  Clueless.  Which wouldn't much matter if it still weren't the case that only the MSM cover the president.  Or do they cover-up the president?

Obama's oil disaster.  You can bet that if George W. Bush were in the Oval Office, the media would be blaming the president for the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.  But they're largely giving Obama a pass, implying that small-government conservatives have no room to complain when government fails to live up to its responsibilities.

Obama is in over his head.  [Scroll down]  President Obama and his congressional allies expect to be assisted in their casual shuffling off of the most basic of Article I duties by a Manhattan-Beltway media elite, quick to assure their dwindling audiences that the abandonment of budgeting isn't completely without precedent.  Lefty pundits can and will point to a year or two where the pressures of business ended the hope of a formal budget.  The president's pals in the press will be hard-pressed, though, to find any years in which the effort wasn't even begun, and there is no example of a year wherein a deficit like the one the country faces today went unaddressed by a national budget plan.

President Obama media doubles down on doublespeak.  The fawning media rumpswabs are finally turning on Barack Obama — to a point.  So let's review the state-run media's role in creating this calamity, by substituting hagiography for journalism in coverage of this clueless boob. ... Criticizing Bush — the highest form of patriotism.  Criticizing Obama — hate speech.  Who caused Bush's problems? — Bush.  Who causes Obama's problems? — Bush.

MSNBC, Joke Network.  This really has to be seen to be believed.  We all know that MSNBC — Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc. — is in the tank for the Obama administration, but I think this is the first time an on-air MSNBC personality has confessed to "working with the White House" on talking points; here, regarding the Gulf oil spill.

Obama White House loved the magazine cover of him walking on water.  Ever since the Obama White House got rid of that colonial era bust of on-loan from Great Britain, they've been on the lookout for new less offensive art.  Now we learn, thanks to Howard Kurtz on CNN, that Obama adviser David Axelrod made a call to the editor of the New Yorker magazine requesting a copy of the Feb. 1 cover of the magazine showing No. 44 walking on water.  (No, not the newly-resurfaced Gulf of Mexico.)  The only stipulation:  the cover art had to be autographed by artist Barry Blitt.

Media Praise Obama's 'Brilliant' Handling of McChrystal Controversy.  President Obama's decision to relieve General Stanley McChrystal of command in Afghanistan and replace him with General David Petraeus was met with a chorus of praise in the media, as anchors and pundits on CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC all sang in unison that it was a "brilliant" move.

Will Media Report Professional Misconduct?  Did you know that President Obama has nominated for a federal judgeship someone who believes a serial killer and rapist's "sexual sadism" should be a cause to give him a less serious punishment?  Probably not, since the media have given it almost no coverage.

Vice president's wife set to guest on 'Army Wives'.  Lifetime network's "Army Wives" is set to welcome the wife of Vice President Joe Biden in a future episode.

When Folks Stop Liking Barry.  [Scroll down]  What, then, is preventing a total collapse of Obama?  In a word, it is Obama's likability.  Before my conservative friends commit me to an asylum, we must be objective:  Many millions more Americans like Obama than see him as an effective leader.  He is (or is seen as) a loving father, a good husband, a sincere man who rose out of difficult circumstances into high office.  Obama speaks well, he talks about sports, he is seen in every flattering photo-op which the servile leftist press can engineer.

What You're Not Hearing from the Liberal Media About Immigration Reform:  A popular narrative about immigration reform has emerged in the media:  that Congress would be discussing comprehensive immigration reform right now if only President Obama could get support from Republicans.  This narrative lets Obama off the hook for a string of broken promises to Latino voters that he would tackle immigration reform — in his first 100 days, or in his first year in office, or before the midterm elections, or after the midterm elections but still in his first term, or in his second term.

MSNBC's Witt:  I Got 'Chills' Listening To Obama Immigration Speech.  When it comes to Barack Obama, MSNBC is the network of thrills and chills ... Chris Matthews famously felt a thrill going up his leg listening to an Obama speech.  Now, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt has been similarly moved by Obamian oratory, declaring this morning "I got a few chills" listening to PBO's "very powerful" speech on immigration.

AP Quietly Lowers the 'Normal' Unemployment Bar to 6%.  Those looking for evidence that there is a move afoot in the establishment press to lower the bar for whatever economic accomplishments might be accomplished during the Obama administration will be interested in how the Associated Press's report on the government's June jobs report defined "normal" unemployment.

Media blackout for Black Panthers.  Where is the New York Times?  Where is The Washington Post?  Where are CBS and NBC?  A whistleblower makes explosive allegations about the Department of Justice; his story is backed by at least two other witnesses; and the allegations involve the two hot-button issues of race and of blatant politicization of the justice system.  A potential constitutional confrontation stemming from the scandal brews between the Justice Department and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  A congressman highly respected for thoughtfulness and bipartisanship has all but accused the department of serious impropriety.  By every standard of objective journalism, this adds up to real news.  Or it would be real news if a Republican Justice Department stood accused.  It would be real news if the liberal media weren't mostly in the tank for our celebrated but failing first black president.

Boring Barry.  Camera angles, editing, selection of questions asked, choice of news covered, and a dozen other tricks can make a candidate more likable.  Magazine covers treat Obama like a rock star and show adoring photos of his wife and children.  Marvel Comics, Tiger Beat, Vanity Fair, GQ, Rolling Stone, and Vogue are magazines supposedly not connected with partisan politics, but Barack and his family find their photographs in good poses, smiling amiably at readers of those magazines. ... The propagation of leftism in America means that Obama is never shown in unattractive poses or losing his temper at underlings.

Zuckerman, Beckel Reveal Previously Undisclosed Ties to Obama WH.  The confluence between the Obama administration and the journalists who cover it can leave news consumers wondering if they're getting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Two prominent media personalities — liberal Fox News Channel commentator Bob Beckel and media mogul Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News — have recently let slip that they have worked closely with the Obama administration.

On the other hand...
Only Mort Zuckerman Seems To Recall Writing A Speech For Obama.  Apropos of very little, Zuckerman told Fox's Neil Cavuto that "I voted for Obama, I in fact helped write one of his speeches, we endorsed Obama" but declined to say which speech.  Turns out what sounded like misplaced overzealous cocktail chatter might have been just that.  Politico's Ben Smith says no one in the Obama camp can recall even meeting Zuckerman let alone getting speech assistance from him.

Bowdlerizing Berwick.  [Donald Berwick] has written and spoken extensively, and his views concerning wealth redistribution, rationing, and the free market are very much at odds with those of mainstream health policy experts as well as the electorate.  Moreover, he has not been reticent about revealing his positions in writing and public statements.  This is one of the reasons Obama chose to bypass the Senate confirmation process and it is why Democrat-friendly journalists and bloggers have worked diligently, since his nomination last April, to bowdlerize Berwick's record.

Obama Team Blocks Media from Oil Spill.  [Scroll down]  To this day, the media continue to have unnecessarily limited and prohibitive access to the disaster area, including reporters being hassled on public streets.  NPR reported yesterday [7/11/2010] on a reporter who was asked to reveal the images on his camera, and his social security number by members of the local police, FBI and BP.  But there is a second story.  The second story is that while national reporters are fighting the Obama administration's lack of transparency, they're not reporting the Obama administration's lack of competence.

You're a Liberal/Progressive if You Believe...  the mainstream media is completely unbiased — except for Fox News.  Fox is singled out because they dare to question the radical agenda of the Obama administration and our Democratically-controlled Congress, or because they broadcast news stories that other organizations consider "unimportant" — like the video of the New Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia in 2008.

Today Show Job Search Segment Turns Into Ad for Obama Agenda.  A segment that was billed as a guide to help some of Today's unemployed viewers find work, on Wednesday's show [7/14/2010], turned into a platform for the president of the liberal National Urban League to attack those who opposed the President's plans, as he railed against those in Congress who have been filibustering extension of the unemployment benefits.

Real Simpletons.  In the latest issue [of Real Simple, I saw a short feature titled "How Health-Care Reform Affects You."  The article reads like an advertisement for Obamacare.  One would be forgiven for thinking it a part of the administration's campaign to improve the legislation's popularity.

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  It was the moment of greatest peril for then-Sen. Barack Obama's political career.  In the heat of the presidential campaign, videos surfaced of Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, angrily denouncing whites, the U.S. government and America itself.  Obama had once bragged of his closeness to Wright.  Now the black nationalist preacher's rhetoric was threatening to torpedo Obama's campaign.

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright?

We know more about the Tiger Woods sex scandal than about our own president.  [Scroll down]  Obama has been in office for over a year now, and this same press:
Still cannot find any of his childhood friends or neighbors,
Or locate any of Obama's college papers or grades,
Or how he paid for a Harvard education,
Or which country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980's,
Or Barry Soretoro or even Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis on racism.
... Yet the public still trusts that same press to give them the whole truth!

Alex Jones' Documentary 'The Obama Deception' Censored On YouTube.  A viral YouTube video of documentary movie "The Obama Deception", which was buzzing on Internet in recent days, has been censored.  The movie by Alex Jones is seen to be questioning US President Barack Obama.  "The Obama Deception" YouTube link has been viewed about 6.5 million times, but now all the links throughout the web will reach to a dead page.  How the video disappeared is still not known.

Is MSM Admitting Collaboration With Obama?  Only someone who has been on a spaceship on a mission to a far away planet for the past decade would be unaware of the nauseous and fawning relationship the mainstream media (MSM) has had with Barack H. Obama since his entry into the political world and the years to date.  It is so disgustingly apparent that even people who rarely ever consider involving themselves with political circle happenings have become aware of this heavily one-sided favoritism that causes a blank in what should be reported news.

Obama's Poll Numbers Down, Imaginary Racism Up.  The Democrats are depressed about their collapsing poll numbers, so it's time to start calling conservatives "racist."  As we now know from the Journolist list-serv, where hundreds of liberal journalists chat with one another, and which was leaked to Daily Caller this week, journalists cry "racism" whenever they need to distract from bad news for Obama.

Obama wins! And Journolisters rejoice.  Ostensibly unbiased reporters weep for joy as Obama wins the 2008 election.

More about the JournoList.

Too Many Voters Unaware Of How The Mainstream Media Corrupts The News.  My sister is an intelligent senior citizen but she doesn't watch Fox News very much though does watch CNN and upon further discussion told me she'd never heard of Anthony ("Van") Jones, the green-jobs czar ousted from the White House after Mr. Beck exposed his communist background.  Her television news sources are CBS, NBC, and ABC, and, as a Democrat, she had no problem voting for the relatively unknown Illinois Senator Barack Obama.  She also refuses to get involved with the World Wide Web.  I've done a similar personal survey of persons I know to be Obama supporters and, similarly, their news sources are the same.

With Fox News seated up front, how about some real questions?  [For example,] Mr. President, why do you persist in ignoring the documented security risk of jihadist infiltration through the Mexican border and instead turn the Arizona law into a rather transparent bid for future votes from illegal immigrants?

Trash Drudge, Bash Rush and Get a Career Boost?  Although it has long been well-known that journalists overwhelmingly have liberal leanings, they have typically claimed that it doesn't affect their reporting.  But the boost given Weigel's career by the revelations that he advocated shaping news coverage to help President Obama pass his legislative agenda was extremely surprising.

Will MSM Immortalize Obama's Laughable Proclamations?  For the media, "Mission Accomplished" represents everything that was wrong with the George W. Bush administration and its war policy. ... Will Barack Obama have a "Mission Accomplished" moment?  That is, will the media seize on something he or his administration has said as evidence of the large gap between his rhetoric and the effects of his policies and tout it for years to come as indicative of his flawed style of governing?  The gap already exists.

Reporter Suspended for Accurate Report on BP's Donations to Obama.  WJLA-TV, a Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate, suspended reporter Doug McKelway following his alleged "partisan" comments at a liberal rally on Capitol Hill marking the three-month anniversary of the Gulf oil spill.  Video of the broadcast tells a different story.

Charlie Gasparino:  GE Execs Encouraged CNBC Staff to Go Easy on Obama.  On last night's 'O'Reilly Factor,' Fox Business Network reporter Charlie Gasparino claimed that during his time at CNBC, General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt suggested to senior CNBC staff that they were being too hard on President Obama.  Gasparino did not say that it became official CNBC policy to tone down criticism of the president.  But he claimed that "the question of whether they were being fair to the president was brought up" and that he had "never heard that before."

Newsweek Defends Obama's Leisure But Mocked Bush's Working Vacations at Texas Ranch.  While Newsweek's David Graham is hard at work defending President Obama's summertime leisure — "A Short History of Presidential Vacation Outrage"  — by insisting that the press corps always complains about any president's vacation habits, it's instructive that he failed to indict his own magazine.  "War on terrorism stalled, economy on precipice, time for a month on the Crawford ranch."

WaPo JournoLista Sargent Gets Sandbagged by Obama and Harry Reid.  Greg Sargent is a Washington Post blogger and compromised JournoList hack whose "Plum Line" entries are decidedly left of center.  Greg was overwhelmed with enthusiasm last Friday [8/13/2010] when, for a brief but shining moment, it appeared President Obama was supporting the construction of the ground zero mosque.  He gushed that it would "go down as one of the finest moments of his presidency."

The Media and the Mega-Mosque.  It was deceptive.  At a White House dinner with Muslims celebrating Ramadan, Barack Obama finally weighed in on the Ground Zero mosque controversy.  Incredibly, he lectured Americans about the religious freedom of Muslims "that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan."  Those were prepared remarks, a clear and very deliberate effort to skirt the issue.  But this time, it was blatantly sophomoric, too.

The Separation of Islamophilia from State.  By modern secularist standards, Barack Obama's boosterism for Islam violates the "separation between Church and state."  Had George W. Bush held a rosary and modest fish dinner at the White House to mark the beginning of Lent, the ACLU left would have freaked out.  But these same secularists didn't mind Barack's "Iftar dinner" last Friday night.

Let Me Translate:  We Don't Believe Him — or You.  Memo to the ruling class media:  We are not ignorant or stupid.  We've not forgotten Jeremiah Wright.  It's not that we don't "know" what faith Obama subscribes to — it's more that we don't believe him.  Or you.

Media Nearly Silent as ObamaCare Proponents Drop Deficit, Cost Savings Claims.  It has now been five days since Politico's Ben Smith published a powerpoint presentation created by an amalgamation of powerful left wing interest groups, conceding that two of the central arguments for passing ObamaCare — that it will lower the deficit and will reduce health care costs — have failed.

Obama has Played More Golf in Two Years Than Bush Did Both Terms.  Between 2000 and 2008 one of the left's most cherished ways to ridicule President Bush was to point out how often he went golfing.  Bush's golfing was a clear sign that he was ignoring the work he had to do in Washington and that he just didn't care, they claimed.  He was a playboy, a goof off, a time waster.  But now that Barack Obama has come to office all of a sudden the left has found that golf isn't worth noting...

Where Are the New Jobs?  "Corporate profits are soaring.  Companies are sitting on billions of dollars of cash.  And still, they've yet to amp up hiring or make major investments."  So writes The Washington Post about the recession's stubborn refusal to go away.  The statisticians at the National Bureau of Economic Research declared the Great Recession over — but tell that to people who can't find jobs.

How 'Brilliant' Can President Obama Be?  Every person, newscaster and commentator always prefaces any, even the mildest criticism, of President Obama's policies with some statement about how dazzlingly brilliant the man is.  Liberals, conservatives, independents — it never changes.  Why is this?  And most important of all, is it true?

The making of a dictatorial presidency.  The making of a presidency or the undoing of one is not the job of a free press.  Their function is to search and report the truth to the citizenry as the watchdogs of the government.  The light of truth is an antidote to the establishment of a tyrannical government.  Reporters should present the facts so that citizens can make an intelligent evaluation of the administration in power.  It is the will of the people, not the media's censorship or distortion of the facts that should determine the direction of our government.  The truth has been perverted by the insidious practices of the media ruling class to promote their political agenda.

The Obamorons Strike Back.  During the 2008 election campaign I coined the phrase "Obamorons" to describe the uncritical cheerleaders of Obama — the people who would leap to his defense even if he drove a truck over his aged grandmother.  Love-stricken TV host Chris Matthews comes to mind, complete with thrills running up his leg, as does English major Maureen Dowd, lifestyle columnist for the New York Times.  The Times itself is a leading Obamoron outlet.

Bozell Launches 'Tell the Truth' Campaign.  Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell III is calling on members of the liberal media to "Tell the Truth" about the administration's efforts to push the U.S. toward socialism.

So, MSM... What Did You Do in High School?  The activist old media is hitting an all time low.  Quite a challenge for them.  The same media that didn't [care] what Barack Obama did during the first 46 years of his life when he was running for president (except that he was organizing communities) is now in a full scale sprint to find out what Republican candidates did as kids.

Truth, Justice, or the Obama Way.  It is about to get harder for both the Obama administration and the mainstream media to downplay the New Black Panther party scandal.  The mainstream media did their best to ignore this blatant case of voter intimidation by two New Black Panther party members at a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day 2008.

The Wrongdoing, the Cover-Up, and Executive Privilege.  [Scroll down]  All that information remains hidden from view because the Justice Department is concealing it.  The mainstream media have just woken up to the extent and importance of the scandal, so perhaps they will get around to this aspect of the case.  Yet I get the feeling that if it had been the Bush administration telling whistleblowers not to testify and withholding, absent any legal basis, key documents that could implicate high-ranking officials, the media would have already been all over this.

More about the Black Panthers scandal.

No Follow-Up on Obama's Education Hypocrisy.  The "Today Show" is belatedly celebrating our children's return to school this month with a series on the state of the nation's education system.  So what better way to kick off a superficial look at the subject than with a superficial and fawning interview of President Barack Obama to solicit platitudes and plugs for his pet projects?

To Be Well-Informed You Must Go Online.  [Scroll down]  But it's the 2008 presidential campaign that will go down in history as the most blatant corruption of the Fourth Estate, with most of the mainstream media losing all perspective and going gaga over candidate Barack Obama.  While some of their fervor has dimmed because of the catastrophic state of the economy, there are still loyalist press hounds defending this administration. ... The reason the Democrats are in trouble is that many voters are ignoring the status quo sources with the liberal stamp of approval and getting their news straight from the World Wide Web.

How Obama and NBC Favor the Rich Over the Poor.  While NBC has once again put itself in the service of the Obama administration, this time on education, they are both unwittingly making the case for more choices for parents desperate to get their children out of dead-end public schools.  But is there a reason other than liberal bias that explains NBC's willingness to serve as an outlet for Obama Administration propaganda?

Viacom shills for Obama.  If anyone doubted that Hollywood is in the pockets of Barack Obama and the Democrats, doubt no more.  Politico reports: ... Viacom will announce today that its cable networks BET, CMT and MTV will air a one-hour, commercial-free youth town hall with President Obama at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 14.

Hillary Clinton One of the Best Secretaries of State Ever?  How much in the tank for Democrats would you have to be as a mainstream media member to say on national television that Hillary Clinton is one of the best Secretaries of State this nation has ever had?  Or that Joe Biden is one of the best Vice Presidents?  Well that's what liberal radio host Bill Press told Ed Schultz Wednesday [10/6/2010] on MSNBC's "The Ed Show."

Time for the IRS to investigate Media Matters.  Mark Levin is calling for an IRS investigation of Media Matters for using the tax exempt funds to promote Obama and the Democrats, rather than promoting principles, which would be consistent with its status as a 501(c)(3).

Paul Krugman: Obama Really Hasn't Increased Federal Spending.  There are times when you have to wonder whether liberal shills in the media are are just ignorant or dishonest.

Forbes's list of 100 powerful women seems to confuse marriage with achievement.  [Scroll down]  But Michelle Obama as number one — sorry?  Apparently, she beats every chairwoman of the board, political leader and high-rolling one-woman entertainment conglomerate on the planet for her role of being "within pillow-talk range of her husband the president".

MTV Denies That Obama Telecast Is Political.  Viacom networks MTV, BET and CMT are giving an hour of free air time to President Obama less than three weeks before the midterm elections.  The so-called "A Conversation with President Obama" will be live and commercial-free on six Viacom networks at 4 p.m. on Thursday [10/14/2010].  The networks will not give equal time to a Republican before the election, according to a spokeswoman.

Team Obama's Media Helpers Hide Bad News for Democrats.  While network correspondents complain about the unfairness of independent advertising, they might ponder the unfairness of their habitual tendency to omit or downplay bad news for Team Obama, especially in the crucial last weeks of a campaign.  Consider some of the latest stories that would have drawn much more attention and media hostility if the shoe was on the Republican foot.

How the Old Media Deliberately Censored New Media Scoops in 2009.  The Old Media are in danger of losing even more audience members as long as they refuse to acknowledge news until after Democrats in Congress or the White House decide it's news worth a public reaction.  During the last administration, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas insisted:  "Our job is to bash the president, that's what we do."  But in 2009, he proclaimed that President Obama was poised above the country, even above the world:  "He's sort of God."  The news media should not see its job as "bashing" the president, but in 2009, it should not have been their job to inflate him into a celestial being, either.

Obama's Biggest Lies.  President Obama loves to make up things that are patently untrue, like every economist agrees his $800 billion economic stimulus "has done its job," the economy "is moving in the right direction," and the Bush tax cuts caused the trillion dollar deficits.  The facts say otherwise, but he is never challenged by the news media for his repeatedly dishonest myth-making.  Here are some of his worst offenses.

How CBS's 60 Minutes Works Overtime for the Obama Left.  For more than 40 years, CBS has boasted of 60 Minutes as a hard-hitting news show, a weekly story of investigative gumshoes digging up dirt and accusing major business and government leaders of committing dastardly deeds against the public interest.  But the history of 60 Minutes isn't filled to the brim with brutal investigations.  It has a much softer, syrupy side, and it isn't just reserved for movie stars or rock musicians.  When it comes to champions of liberalism and even the radical left, the CBS News program has rolled out a red carpet, asking softball questions and lionizing their policy stands and programs — whether they were actually "achievements" or disasters.

Rolling Stone Love Letter To Obama: He's The Best President Since LBJ.  With less than three weeks to go before the crucial midterm elections, the folks at Rolling Stone magazine have decided to pen a love letter to Barack Obama clearly in the hopes of motivating readers to get out and vote for Democrats.

Scandalously indecorous:
Should Jon Stewart Have Called the President 'Dude?'  Barack Obama's appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" last night marked the first time a sitting president has been a guest on the Comedy Central program.  It likely marked another first:  the first time a president was called "dude" in a TV interview.

The Inexplicables.  Barack Obama entered office; nationalized health care; ran up record $1 trillion deficits; promised to hike taxes on the rich; pushed cap and trade through the House; took over large chunks of banks, insurance companies, and auto corporations; made hard-left appointments from Van Jones to Sonia Sotomayor ... Yet if one were to read mainstream Democratic analysis, there is almost no acknowledgment that the party has become far too liberal.

I guess Jimmy Carter hasn't seen this web page.
Carter Blames 'Irresponsible News Media' for Obama's Low Approval Ratings.  [Scroll down]  According to [Former President] Carter, despite "an extraordinary job" by Obama, it is the media's fault his numbers have suffered — not a poor economy or any other lackluster outcomes from the president's policies.  "I think under the circumstances that I just described, he's done an extraordinary job," Carter said.  "He's got some good things done.  They've been totally twisted around by some of the irresponsible news media to project him as a person that he's not and as we all know."

Obama the Tax Cutter:  A Network Fairy Tale: Executive Summary.  In a typical network example, NBC's John Yang credited the president with significant tax cuts when he lauded Obama's successful passage of the enormous stimulus bill that was more than 70 percent spending and less than 30 percent tax relief, saying:  "Obama hasn't been in office even four weeks yet and he's already won passage of the biggest spending increase and tax cut bill in history."  NBC "Nightly News" went on to depict Obama as a tax cutter 14 times as often as they discussed his tax increases.

MSNBC Says 'Fantastic' Report Shows 151,000 Jobs Added, But Rate 'Holds Steady'.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the unemployment numbers for October showing "fantastic" gains of 151,000 jobs, according to MSNBC, and an unchanged 9.6 unemployment rate. ... Neither [CNBC or MSNBC] reminded viewers of the president's promise to create 4 million jobs by the end of 2010.

Man up, Media and Open Your Eyes!  How could the most brilliant leader in the history of the world not know exactly what he is doing?  Change?  He has never explained what he means by the word change.  The media has never asked him, the media has never pinned him down on this, so, I will take it that they do not want to pin him down on this.  They worship his Vagueness. ... Man up, media!  Pin this guy down on what change really means to this guy.  Get specific with him, demand he answer, follow up with him for as long as it takes.

Governor Jindal Slams Obama for His Slow Response to Oil Spill.  Bobby Jindal, on Monday's [11/15/2010] Today show, slammed the Obama administration for its slow response to the BP oil spill off the coast of Lousiana, charging that:  "It seemed like the federal government was disconnected from the facts on the ground."  However Today co-anchor offered excuses for the President as he queried the Louisiana Republican Governor.

All The News That Is Unfit to Print.  [Scroll down]  For over a year of hope and change, we were told by Obama that renditions, preventative detentions, and tribunals were anti-constitutional, that Guantanamo was synonymous with a gulag, that Iraq was lost, that Predators were a sort of airborne terror, that KSM and other terrorist killers should be tried in civilian courts — and what happened?  Suddenly the world was turned upside down and what was once bad was now tolerable.  And not a whimper about why, just the quiet assumption of "that was then, this is now."

Obama records lost down the 'memory hole'.  There remains a startling dearth of documentation pertaining to Obama's progress through his 49 years of life that only begins with his birth certificate.  A gaping hole — dare I say "memory hole"? — seems to have consumed all possible Obama records from his education, health, family records, even his pre-presidential political career.  But this subject is never taken seriously by the media or the political establishment, including, most glaringly, erstwhile GOP opponent John McCain, who, on being challenged on the eligibility question himself, should have called on Candidate Obama to join him in releasing their bona fides together.  But even to suggest such a thing is to indulge in "conspiracy theories."

God Bless Barack Obama.  [Scroll down]  Newsweek, which just was auctioned over for $1, continues its Obama adulation and apologia with a cover equating him to the Hindu god Shiva and a suggestion that he is the god of everything and the job is too big for one man.

New York Times with Obama to the Bitter End.  The Obama administration is coming apart at the seams, with only the most recklessly dishonest of its partisans, among them New York Times reporters, left to defend it.

War, Hell, and a Democratic President.  The last time I checked, war was still hell, and American soldiers were still risking their lives at the orders of our commander-in-chief.  But the day a Democrat became president, daily body counts suddenly went MIA, Code Pink protesters went AWOL, and D.C.'s playground politics took over the MSM's daily propaganda bubble.  As if on cue from some hunch-backed news controller for the party, gruesome stories from the front lines disappeared.

Downplaying The WikiLeaks Disaster.  The Obama administration is minimizing the impact that publication of 251,000 stolen U.S. embassy cables will have on America's foreign relations.  Funny, that's not how our overseas partners see it.  President Obama has yet to make a statement on the broadest U.S. security breach in history.

The mask has slipped.  We've seen our national treasury looted, with the unaccounted for cash handed out to already fabulously wealthy financial houses.  We've seen core industries taken over and control given to thug unions who caused most of the financial woes the industries suffered from in the first place.  We've seen regulations heaped ever deeper on independent agriculture, making us further dependent on the Third World and large multinational corporations for our food.  Despite the wailing about dependency on foreign oil, Obama and his unindicted Democrat/RINO co-conspirators have — quite illegally — thrown up roadblock after roadblock to domestic oil production.  Bad as all this has been, with the stentorian efforts of the "mainstream" media, the fascists have managed to keep up the pretense that this is all for our own good.

Is President Obama getting a free pass over WikiLeaks?  The United States' position as a superpower and the trust of important allies has been undermined by unscrupulous, America-hating figures with the aid and comfort of several major newspapers including The New York Times, Le Monde and The Guardian.  However the WikiLeaks scandal to date has not resulted in demonstrable consequences for the Obama presidency or for the president himself.

Thankless in Obamaland.  [Scroll down]  Too much of the backlash has focused on what people don't want, rather than what they do want.  That has allowed the Obama Administration to frame it as a choice between security and privacy.  When it's actually a choice between good security and bad security.  That isn't entirely accidental.  Too much of the coverage was led by sources who don't think that there even is such a thing as terrorism.

The media's silence on the Pigford Black Reparations story.  The media is protecting the White House again... by ignoring the Pigford Black Reparations Scam expose that Andrew Breitbart is running at Big Government.  As you read the news online, watch TV, and peruse the papers, please keep track of what news outlets are reporting on Breitbart's Pigford expose... and which ones are deliberately silent on this.

Fantasy Figures, Real Pain.  Early Friday morning [12/3/2010], before the Department of Labor released its monthly jobs report, the mainstream media was reporting job gains of as much as 200,000 as more or less the consensus figure.  Never mind that 200,000 was not the consensus among reputable economists.  The mainstreamers wanted the jobs report to turn up as an assist to the Obama administration, and so they fudged their predictions.

WaPo Fails to Publish Own Poll on ObamaCare's Lowest Popularity Ever.  A new ABC-Washington Post poll found ObamaCare sunk to its lowest popularity yet:  52 percent opposed, and only 43 percent in favor.  ABC mentioned the poll without fanfare at the end of a Jake Tapper report on Monday's World News [12/13/2010], and Tapper added this was the health law's "lowest level of popularity ever."  But Tuesday's Washington Post reported not one sentence on the poll in the paper — even as they reported in the paper that the same survey found Obama's tax-and-unemployment-compensation deal has "broad bipartisan support."

Court decision striking down individual mandate is very big deal.  Ezra Klein, the Washington Post's blogging wunderkind, is a smart guy.  He made his name becoming the go-to pundit for health care policy.  He understands health care policy as few do in D.C.  But if you're looking for an unvarnished opinion about the political realities of Obamacare, he's the last guy I would read.

Crucible of a Hero.  This case is of shatteringly great significance, and if you don't know about it, well, you can thank the cowards, commies, and crooks at your favorite mainstream media Bureau of Disinformation, National Desk.  Lt. Col. Lakin has been abandoned by the establishment press, dastards and lackeys almost to a one.

More about Lt. Col. Lakin.

Barbara Walters vs. Sarah Palin:  When ABC's Barbara Walters deems Sarah Palin one of the year's "Most Fascinating People," it's a backhanded compliment.  Walters knows Palin has an adoring fan base, and she's definitely not part of it.  When the Dec. 2 special began, Walters greeted Palin with "Many people find the thought of you as president a little scary."  This is not what Walters asked President Obama in yet another gooey Barack-and-Michelle hour-long ABC interview on Thanksgiving night. ... Liberals like Walters always assume that if you're liberal, you're smart; if you're conservative, you're either evil or stupid.  Or both.

America's media elites are still batting for Barack Obama.  Media watchdog NewsBusters published an important story on Tuesday [12/14/2010] describing how The Washington Post had failed to highlight in its news coverage a key finding of the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll which showed unprecedented levels of public opposition to the White House's controversial health care reform proposals.

Politico Goes to Work on the Obama Rehab Project.  Politico seems to think that all this amounts to a victory for Obama.  True, it does leave him alive to fight another day, but what is he fighting for now?

GOP Calling ObamaCare 'Government Takeover' of Health Care Is Biggest Lie of Year, Touts ABC's 'Nightline'.  ABC's "Nightline" touted a PolitiFact story Thursday that rated the five biggest lies of 2010 in politics.  The number one lie?  Republicans calling the health care bill a "government takeover of health care."  When asked why the claim received the status of biggest lie of the year, editor Bill Adair answered that it was "so pervasive" and "just not true."

The Meme That Would Not Die.  They've said this about Obama for years, that he's some sort of Great Compromiser, who would bridge the gaps between Left and Right, between Black and White, and all the other chasms of American political and social life — like... I dunno, like some miraculous kind of spackling paste. ... The same Obama who, when faced for the first time by real opposition, put on the most petty and petulant press conference performance in presidential history.  The same Obama who, just days later, walked out on another briefing, blaming his wife.  I could go on, but why? ... The question is, where did this meme come from and why does the press keep insisting that it's true?

The Second Swoon: President Obama's Kept Press.  Wednesday's [12/22/2010] press conference may have starred President Obama fresh off his alleged big win on START and DADT, his losses on the Dream Act and the Omnibus spending bill, and the tie on the tax deal, but the big story was the eagerness of the White House Press Corp to revert to fawning treatment of their once-and-future leader.

Obama Doesn't Know the Price of an Apple.  President Obama today tried to pay for four apples with one dollar.  Now, if Bush did this, can you imagine the uproar?? ... Recognizing the error, Obama personal aide Reggie Love quickly stepped in with some more money for the fruit seller, who had just been ripped off by the leader of the free world.

The Nine Snootiest Practices of Barack Obama.  President Obama puts in 18 holes nearly every weekend.  Once over a recent two or three day spread he got in 36.  I don't know about you, but if I was spending so much time on the fairways my wife would have my clubs on ebay before you could say "tee time."  Of course, the White House doesn't really like to emphasize Obama's love of the links.  And that's simply because golf is for the rich people, and Obama is for the poor people.

Janet Napolitano, performance artist.  [Scroll down]  The media told us that Barack Obama was the hippest president Americans would ever have, a new kind leader.  His appointment of Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Secretary is part of a sustained postmodernist agenda, featuring other meaning-destroying moves, such as Michelle Obama as fashion plate, 9.8% unemployment as recovery, and Islam as a part of our republic since its founding.  If you don't get it, you are just not cool.

How Did All That Happen?  How did villains become heroes, global warming become "climate change," and the most liberal senator become a "bipartisan" president? ... Lurking somewhere behind all these improbables is a rather small Western elite that is enormously influential in the media, government, the arts, universities, and Hollywood.

The Return of Obama Gravitas.  Stay tuned for 2011, when the political and media establishment will declare that indeed, Barack Obama has found his misplaced gravitas.  Insiders will celebrate an awesomely deep president who will have sharpened his pants crease and will again bask in the unrestrained praise of the media gods.

Gas Prices Back Above $3, Networks Don't Question Obama Policies.  Gas prices are "soaring" again, crossing the $3-a-gallon threshold on Dec. 23 for the first time since Oct. 17, 2008.  Back then the benchmark was a relief as prices plunged from the highest price ever of $4.11.  Pump prices have been climbing all month, yet network reports downplayed the pain and suffering of consumers.

Top Ten Examples of Media Bias in 2010.  [#1] Refusing to describe the U.S. homebuilding industry and new home market as the worst since World War II.  The current meme is that it's the "worst in 47 years of record-keeping," except that in most instances the "record-keeping" phrase is omitted, giving readers the clear impression that at least 2010 wasn't as bad as 1963.  That's not so.  2010 was 43% worse than 1963, and worse than every full year after Japan blessedly surrendered to us — even before adjusting for population.

ABC News Continues Lobby Effort for ObamaCare.  ABC News continues to behave like they are working hand-in-hand with the Obama Administrations' health care take-over message machine.  The latest effort came from ABC News Political Director Amy Walter as she offered a harsh warning to Republicans:  Don't mess with ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, President Obama is in Hawaii.  Many [TV news] producers take great delight in being able to tie stories together that have no natural tie.  Yes, we have all seen new anchors strain at trying to tie stories together.  Now the strain is to totally ignore the perfect segue.  I've been waiting patiently to see one of the net's do this Blizzard Of 2010 story and follow it with ..." Meanwhile, President Obama is in Hawaii playing his 4th or 5th round of golf during his vacation."  Hummmmm.  Haven't seen that yet.

Post says Russian Regime Untrustworthy, After Endorsing Russian Arms Treaty.  A Washington Post editorial on November 19 endorsed Senate passage of the New START treaty with Russia.  On December 27, after the treaty was passed, the Post published an editorial saying that Russia was firmly under the control of former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, the former president who is now Prime Minister, and that the Russian regime could not be counted on to live up to international standards.  Wouldn't it have been nice for the Post to have told its readers this fact before the treaty was passed?

AP Lingo: Republicans 'Hack Away Derisively' at Obama's 'Landmark' Health Care 'Accomplishment'.  The media's coverage of the incoming GOP-controlled House of Representatives could be called the March of the Mean Words.  When Democrats ascend to power, they pass "historic" and "landmark reforms."  When Republicans do the same, the media argot is colorful and violent, sending unsubtle meat-axe messages of conservative "assaults" and "attacks."

Media Excuse Obama's Power Grab.  Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post reported on Friday [12/31/2010] that "the Obama administration is prepared to push its environmental agenda through regulation where it has failed on Capitol Hill..."  There was no hint that this approach is illegal or unconstitutional.  The account simply assumes that the Obama Administration can do what it wants, no matter what Congress or the law says.  This kind of matter-of-fact reporting about lawlessness by the federal government is typical of the decline, if not death, of adversary journalism in the nation's capital.

The Worst Secretary of State.  Simply by virtue of being married to Bill, being a woman, and being as left-wing and progressive as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton gets a pass on pretty much everything.  The media swoon over what a trailblazer she's been, how brilliant she is, and what a spectacular job she's doing as Secretary of State.  None of those things are true, particularly that last one.

Chris Matthews Slams 'Older White People' for Still Having a 'Problem' With Obama.  Appearing on MSNBC, Monday, to promote his new special on Barack Obama, Chris Matthews attacked "older white people" for still holding bigoted feelings against the first African American President.

The Editor says...
I really don't care if Obama is black.  But I do care if he's red.

AP Erroneously Reports that 'Opposition' to Obamacare is Easing.  A widely reprinted AP story, based on a recent AP/GfK poll, is entitled, "Opposition to health care law eases."  Don't believe it.  What has eased isn't the level of opposition to Obamacare, but rather the level of effort that AP/GfK has made to ensure that its polling sample is representative of American voters.

All Three Networks Agree:  Obama Sounded 'Reaganesque' in State of the Union.  During coverage of President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, all three broadcast networks, CBS, NBC and ABC, managed to compare the tone of the speech to that of Ronald Reagan.  Reporters and pundits uniformly praised the supposed optimism of Obama.

Constitutional contempt.  There are precious few in the media who lack culpability in this matter.  Many pundits who command audiences of millions, whether on the radio or television, have made it a blood sport to mock reasonable people who deserve answers to legitimate questions.  Some make it about race while others make it about conspiracy.  Some intentionally obfuscate the issue, while others make false claims of having seen or holding a paper of historical importance.  Meanwhile, the instruments of this administration have created, willfully and deliberately, a fictitious Internet clearing house to reportedly separate rumor from fact.  There is ample evidence of intent to deceive the American people, and strong suggestions of criminal intent.

MRC's Bozell Blasts Media Coverage of Obama SOTU.  When Republican presidents in years past delivered their State of the Union addresses, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted this morning, "no sooner had the words, 'God bless America,' left their lips than the analysts were there... just pouncing on them, pointing out any discrepancy, pointing out any controversy, ridiculing any mistake."  Now "along comes Barack Obama..."

Obama channeling Reagan? Hardly.  One of the least credible tales to come out of President Obama's recent ideological makeover is the story that he is modeling his presidency on Ronald Reagan's.  Time Magazine asserted this week that "there is no mistaking Obama's increasing reliance on [Mr. Reagan's] career as a helpful template for his own."  Just to keep this preposterous public relations ploy in perspective, we have compiled a handy list to remind people how little these two men have in common.

The Media, Reagan, and Obama.  Some presidents have been used to degrade the image of others.  Herbert Hoover was a convenient whipping boy to tar various Republicans through the years.  Nixon was the epitome of evil in the White House.  The fate of Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, has been a curious one.  The punditry that savaged him before, during, and after his years in office are now trying to burnish Barack Obama's image by comparing the two presidents.  This is just the latest gambit to try to boost the appeal of Barack Obama.

What's wrong with Peggy Noonan?  Whether naiveté or denial, Noonan's refusal to recognize Barack Obama's ideological intransigence is unbelievable.  By all means, hope is a virtue, but it must be tempered with wisdom.  Noonan is unwise and begging to be lied to, as long as those lies are less obvious and better spun than those told by the President last Tuesday evening.

Portrait of an Etch-A-Sketch President.  [Scroll down]  And so last week, we witnessed a feeding frenzy from the media and the blogosphere, discussing the change in Mr. Obama's attitude and rhetoric.  Some made for juicy, thought provoking, reading.  Others were spin.  The Big Three Alphabet Media agreed, Obama was "Reaganesque".  The problem for Mr. Obama is that we are now on to his character, if not yet his legal identity.  Chameleonesque is a better description for this president.

Tale of Two SOTU's.  Even though it was Obama's first State of the Union since his party lost control of the House and saw its Senate majority shredded, the [New York] Times didn't dwell on the decline in his party's fortune.  By contrast, Kate Zernike's 2007 lead story on Bush's first State of the Union after the Republicans lost Congress emphasized the power shift away from the president, while lauding new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Why the Black Panther Case Matters.  Attorney General Eric Holder and his minions, along with some of their slavish apologists in the media, are deliberately trafficking in lies of great note.  They prevaricate with great enthusiasm, and they excuse lawlessness with fierce disdain.  They — both the Department of Justice (DOJ) officials and their leftist amanuenses pretending to be journalists — brazenly ignore the public's right to information, and intentionally distract attention from relevant facts and from their own deep beliefs.  These conclusions arise from the accumulated weight of evidence in what should be a broadening scandal emanating from the infamous New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case.

The Left-Wing Mainstream Media has over-reached itself this time.  With the advent of the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birthday on Sunday, it was perhaps predictable that Time Magazine would photoshop a picture of Obama and Reagan as if they were standing together.  "Why Obama Reagan" was the cover line.  Obama would have been twenty years old when Reagan took office and, of course, he not only never met Reagan, but he was no fan of his conservative policies.

Obama's Prayer Breakfast Knuckleball.  [Scroll down]  For a man capable of fabricating a relationship with his father — to the point of writing a book about it — fabricating a relationship with Jesus is no big deal, at least not to [Time Magazine's Michal] Scherer and the mainstream media.  They are prepared to believe whatever Obama says and belittle those who don't.

The Manic-Depressive MSM.  In the fall of 2008 and early 2009, the left dared to dream big.  Back then, we saw the Daily News' hagiographic endorsement of Obama (their publisher and erstwhile Obama speechwriter has since seen the light).  This was quickly followed by Rahm Emanuel's ham-handed "Never let a serious crisis go to waste" quote.  In early January of 2009, even before Obama took office, John Judis of the New Republic wrote, "A decade ago, I might have been embarrassed to admit that I was raised on Marx and Marxism, but I am convinced that the left is coming back."  James Carville promised their reign would last for 40 years. ... Two years later, and all is lost.

How President Obama plays media like a fiddle.  Time's Mark Halperin has hailed Obama as "magnetic," "distinguished" and "inspiring" — in one story.  ABC's Christiane Amanpour saw "Reaganesque" optimism and "Kennedyesque" encouragement — all in one speech.  Howard Fineman, the former Newsweek columnist who now writes for The Huffington Post, said conductor Obama was now leading a "love train" through D.C.

The Era of the Obama 'Blank Screen' is Over.  [Scroll down]  Mr. Obama's "treatment of the issues" (and his opponents) is no longer a mystery.  The days of Obama as a "blank screen" are over.  The "leave-them-guessing strategy" may have worked while campaigning, but not as many are still guessing about the identity of the real Obama.  Yet, it's curious that Obama and his fans in the media still believe that the vehicle of the blank screen is operable.  Time Magazine's recent photoshopped cover showing Ronald Reagan approvingly embracing Obama is such an example.

Imagine the reaction in the press if President Bush had said this.
Obama assertion: FBI can get phone records without oversight.  The Obama administration's Justice Department has asserted that the FBI can obtain telephone records of international calls made from the U.S. without any formal legal process or court oversight, according to a document obtained by McClatchy.  That assertion was revealed — perhaps inadvertently — by the department in its response to a McClatchy request for a copy of a secret Justice Department memo.

Obama Has Already Thrown in Towel on 'Winning the Future'.  Reuters reports that Obama's proposed budget would cut the deficit by $1.1 trillion over 10 years.  Are you kidding me?  We wouldn't even come close to balancing the budget if we applied all those cuts in one year, but spread out over 10 years, they are insulting.  Plus, many of these "cuts" would be solely the result of bringing troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Lying Left.  It should be painfully clear to conservatives by now that Obama cannot open his mouth without a torrent of lies pouring forth.  His most recent, and some of his most egregious, were in his remarks about the administration's proposed economy-wrecking budget.  And surely by now, they know that TV "journalism" and our major newspapers are nothing but Democrat Party propaganda outlets.  Combine the two, and you have a dangerous mix...

Media Hides Real Reason for Rise in Gas Prices.  Fill 'er up folks.  Gas prices in Southern California have hit $4.59 a gallon.  Oh, the media has finally started covering "Pain at the Pump" but they are not giving us the real reasons for the jump. ... The activist old media intentionally ignores Obama's role in rising gas prices.  His name is intentionally kept miles away from any story dealing with higher gas prices.  When Bush was in the White House the media had no problem reporting the fact that the rise in oil prices were due to the depreciation of the dollar, but they seem to have forgotten that little fact today.

Networks Link Bush to 'Skyrocketing' Gas Prices 15 Times More Than Obama.  As gas prices rose in 2008, network reporters mentioned President Bush in 15 times as many stories than they brought up President Obama in a similar period in 2011.  Bush drew gallons of coverage in 2008.  Comparing a 20-day span of rising gas prices in 2008 to 24 days of rising prices in February 2011, the Business & Media Institute found the networks did more than 2½ times as many stories during the Bush years versus Obama.

A secret Obama doesn't want you to know.  No doubt by now you've heard the story on the nightly news that the Obama economy grew at a weaker pace in the fourth quarter of last year than was expected.  What's that you say?  You didn't hear that on the evening news?  I wonder why.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is a big Obama fan.  The thrills up his leg embarrassingly came at the beginning and the end of "Hardball" in what at times seemed like an hour-long commercial for the President's reelection.

Chris Matthews Swoons Again.  Professional Obama fan Chris Matthews appeared on Friday's [3/4/2011] edition of the Martin Bashir show to slam the President's critics and to swoon, "Everything he's done has been good for this country."  Matthews went on an extended rant against those who oppose Obama...

The Media and the Republicans.  [Scroll down]  The media has begun its efforts to re-elect Obama and protect their interests.  Already stories are circulating making him out to be invincible and the potential Republican field full of inept, right-wing loons.  Every effort to rein in spending in Congress is met with the obligatory story of child and senior citizen deprivation and joblessness.  The reporting of a possible shutdown has been slanted as a warning to the Republicans that they will suffer as they supposedly did in 1995.  It matters little whether the country is marching off a financial cliff.

Tina Brown: Obama Might Have 'Worst Inbox Of Any President In History'.  Barack Obama's complaints about the burdens of his office have found a sympathetic ear in the person of Tina Brown. ... I generally think of Brown as one of the more astute members of the liberal media.  Which makes one wonder: how could she possibly imagine that the burdens facing Obama are tougher than those confronting any of his predecessors?

Brazil's Anti-Obama Riots Ignored by Media.  A U.S. President beset by angry mobs screaming "Yankee Imperialist Go Home", exploding Molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, tear gas, riot police.  In 2007 the MSNBC headline screamed "Protests greet Bush upon arrival in Brazil" and The Guardian one-upped it with "Angry crowds hunt Bush as protests mark start of Latin America tour".  Fast forward to 2011 as another U.S. President faces identical protests and riots.  Funny thing, though, this time there is absolute stone cold silence on these protests and riots...

Will The Media Call Obama a Hypocrite?  Mr. Nobel Peace Prize has launched hundreds of Cruise Missiles into Libya inflicting major damage and killing civilians.  He has also kept two wars going while ramping up the battle in Afghanistan.  Sounds like a warmonger.

The Big Obama Defeat the Media Ignored.  Lost amid all the excitement over the Rio trip, the anti-obesity campaign, and the March Madness picks was the revelation that Senate Democrats had given up any attempt to confirm Donald Berwick as chief of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  It seems that 42 Republicans had informed the Democratic majority by letter that they would vote for Berwick's confirmation when Hell froze over.

Media Ignore Anti-Obama Protests In Brazil.  Union protests against a Republican governor as well as mass demonstrations aimed at an Egyptian President have been the central focus of our news media the past two months.  But as Big Government's Susan Swift reported Sunday [3/20/2011], Brazilians protesting the imminent arrival of Barack Obama hours after he launched missiles at a country that didn't attack America is not considered newsworthy to his many fans in the press here.

Only ABC Mentions Obama Flip-Flop on Presidential War Powers, CBS and NBC Ignore.  While a report on ABC's Good Morning America on Tuesday referenced 2007 comments from then-Senator Barack Obama against a president taking military action without congressional approval, CBS and NBC both failed to point out President Obama contradicting those earlier statements by failing to seek congressional approval before committing U.S. forces in Libya.

If Republicans Acted Exactly Like Democrats.  Imagine George W. Bush, after vacillating for month, deciding to put American troops in harm's way, even as he remained on vacation while the conflict began.  Imagine he did it without the Constitutional necessity of consulting Congress, and subordinated American interests to the whims of the United Nations. ... Imagine if George W. Bush had committed the American military to a conflict where we're on nobody's side.  Now imagine everything above either being virtually ignored by the mainstream media, or deliberately mischaracterized by it.

Will Ignorance Lead to a Second Obama Term?  In the face of a dishonest and complicit mainstream media, it is up to all thinking Americans to make efforts to educate themselves, their neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family as to the dangers of four more years of Obama as President.

Major Garrett Sounds Like an Obama Flack.  On Morning Joe, Major Garrett, formerly of Fox News, now with the National Journal, claimed to be "militantly non-partisan" ... then proceeded to offer a passionate defense of President Obama's Libya policy.  As an hors d'oeuvre during the discussion of the need for the media to acknowledge their leanings, Katrina vanden Heuvel risibly refused to admit that her Nation magazine is left-wing.

No Lock-Out Coverage for Obama in NY Times.  President Obama arrived home to the White House on Wednesday [3/23/2011] from his five-day trip to Latin America and found himself locked out of the French doors to the Oval Office, as captured by several news organizations.  My Media Research Center colleague Tim Graham reminded me that back on Nov. 21, 2005, the New York Times published on its front page a photo of President George W. Bush making a face after trying to leave a press conference in Beijing through a locked door, accompanied by an article that mentioned the gaffe.

Obama Re-Election and the Cult of Personality:  The American people can expect to see President Obama on as many sympathetic television talk shows as possible and he will grant innumerable interviews to sycophantic news anchors and talk radio personalities as he can get into his schedule when not interfering with golf or White House parties.  The Obama family will be prominently featured in all the celebrity worshiping magazines and news shows, which will also highlight the various White House functions with whoever is the entertainment or sports superstar of the day.

Let Them Buy New Cars.  This week President Obama replied to a man who told the president that he is hard-pressed to buy gasoline for his van that he ought to trade it in for a new car with better mileage.  Obama assured him he'd probably get a great deal these days — from GM, Ford, or Chrysler, he added.  The Associated Press first reported this incident and then scrubbed it from its story; most of the media did not care about it at all, because Obama is awesome.

Why are Obama and the Press so Silent on Afghanistan?  The mainstream media basically downplayed or ignored a March 15 Washington Post/ABC News poll which showed American support for the Afghanistan war seriously eroding.  For the first time since the war there began almost a decade ago, nearly two of three surveyed said the battle is not worth fighting.  Normally, such a dramatic turn in public sentiment against a war would rate screaming headlines and endless speculation on how that might affect President Obama's political standing and re-election chances in 2012.

Obama Gets Predictable AP Kid-Glove Treatment.  This evening, [AP's Jim] Kuhnhenn and his wire service are expecting the AP's readers — and ultimately its subscribing media outlets' readers, listeners, and viewers — to believe that President Obama, who, with plenty of help from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, will have run up over $4 trillion of steadily rising federal government deficits by the time we get to September 30, the end of the current fiscal year (after making appropriate adjustments to reverse obfuscatory accounting entries designed to mask the truth), has now seen the light, and is on board with the idea of serious long-term deficit reduction.

A War Gone Missing.  I'm hoping someone can help me.  I left on vacation last week, and when I got back, an entire war was missing.  I've looked for it on all the major networks and cable outlets (excepting Fox News), as well as all the major newspapers.  Although I've found hints that it still exists somewhere, President Obama's Libyan War is officially missing in action.

Common Sense and the usurper Obama:  There continues to be a conspiracy of silence about Obama's ineligibility among the political elite and the main stream media (MSM).  They know the Constitution has been violated.  Either they lack the courage or the integrity to speak the truth.

More questions about Obama's eligibility .

The Donald: Doing the Job the Media Won't Do.  [Scroll down]  Trump, while he's at it, might want to turn his investigators onto Obama's academic records — high school through Harvard Law — which remain top-secret. ... Trump might want to question members of Obama's former church to find out how, during his 20 years as a member, Obama managed to miss every single sermon in which his "spiritual adviser," the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, shouted the anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist statements widely seen on YouTube.  We know Bush's grades.  We know his brand of whiskey before he kicked it.  We know he eats pork rinds.  Dan Rather nuked his own career trying to prove Bush got high-hat treatment in the Texas Air National Guard — a contention Rather still holds.  But Obama?  Nothing to see here.  No, the real story about Trump isn't Trump.  It's the pass given Obama by the media.

Obama's ineligibility: The American press has dishonored itself.  We now have the media of an one-party state.  I was watching ABC's George Stephanopoulos interviewing Donald Trump about the birth certificate issue.  It struck me how much more Stephanopoulos sounded like an Obama staff member than an independent and objective journalist.

Obama's Apologists.  Barack Obama often suffers paralysis when it comes to making a decision.  But such freezing in the face of pressure is not what is being portrayed by Obama's cheering section in the media.  Instead, we are fed a different vision that idolizes Barack Obama as a wise leader. ... He is praised as an exceptionally deep and nuanced thinker whose skills are beyond our ken.

The President's Maturity Problem.  Far from being a post-partisan healer, President Obama has proven himself to be petty, juvenile, and someone totally lacking the temperament and class we should expect from an Oval Office executive.  Apparently coming to grips with this uncomfortable reality as they watch him forgo press conferences for Daily Show and Tonight Show appearances, some on the left have taken a different approach in defending him.  Writing a piece entitled (no joke), "The Trouble with Presidential Dignity," the New Republic author Jonathan Chait concluded, "our problem is not too little presidential dignity but too much."

Tea Party David Vs. Two-Headed Goliath.  On the O'Reilly Factor TV show, Dennis Miller was asked his thoughts regarding the media's response to Obama's numerous flip flops.  Miller said the media will report whatever Obama does in a positive light.  We patriots are well aware of the liberal media's love affair with Obama.  And yet, for some reason, the reality of Miller's comment hit me hard right between the eyes.

It's ReVolting.  In our fast paced, ever-changing lives, we can take occasional comfort in the fact that some things never change.  We can rely on death, taxes, McDonald's, the fecklessness and narcissism of Barack Obama, and above all the obsequious New York Times.  Yes, the NYT has, once again, lived down to expectations.  Thus comes Lawrence Ulrich, on the Times website, with a review of the much-ballyhooed Chevy Volt, a review that could not be more fawning if it was named "Bambi."  In fact, "Volt" could easily be replaced with "Obama" in much of the review and it would yield yet another Obama puff piece for which the NYT has become justly infamous.

Obama's Church Choice For Easter Based On Race?  It may sound a little callous and abrasive to even be suspicious of Obama's choice of churches for Easter Sunday 2011, but given the climate of the media bias so overwhelmingly in favor of casting Obama in the best light possible, the regular media professionals can't be trusted to actually do some basic reporting. ... While this pastor is a little less flamboyant than Jeremiah Wright in both tone and wardrobe, the evidence is in:  Obama prefers and actively seeks out these churches, race is our President's primary motivation on a variety of decisions, and the media will actively provide cover for minority racists as long as it fits their narrative.

Did someone mention Jeremiah Wright?

Frustrated in Defeat, 'View' Crew Trashes Trump as 'Racist'.  I'm no Birther, I simply believe that the White House and MSM teamed up to keep the birth certificate issue alive as a weapon to use against the Right.  As an example, nothing made NBC's David Gregory happier than to ask a conservative about the issue and subsequently nothing made the rest of the corrupt media happier than to amplify that moment and use it to drown out the conservative political message.  So instead of the MSM doing their job and educating the public — as they did when McCain's place of birth was questioned — they chose to palace-guard Obama and join in on the racial smearing.  This was all about fundraising, distracting, and dividing.  Or, what we call standard operating procedure when it comes to our friends on the Left.

Obama's birth certificate proves Americans are powerless.  Mr. Obama did not release the birth certificate because the media pressured him or because the courts actually listened to one of the many cases that were filed.  He released it because an obsessed billionaire threatened his electability in 2012, which forces us to ask the question:  What good are our democratic institutions if they don't stand up for the people?  Journalists did not address the fact that the president was refusing to resolve an issue about his constitutional eligibility.  Instead, they covered the "birther" movement in an effort to discredit any American who had a legitimate question.

Obama has declared war on the Constitution.  First, there is no more important issue for the country than the integrity of the Constitution.  Without it, the federal government is null and void and the rule of law is undermined.  Second, the political elites want to move on because they have been complicit in a flagrant contravention of the Constitution, the Founders intent and judicial precedence by substituting political fiat for the legal processes involved in amending the Constitution.  The political elites and the MSM have always known that they were promoting an infringement of the Constitution by protecting Obama.

The Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement.  [Scroll down]  The media proved especially ignorant in their discussion of Obama's birth certificate.  Last week, ABC's George Stephanopoulos set a new media low in his ambush of Rep. Michele Bachmann.  In full partisan fury, he waved a copy of Obama's certification of live birth in her face as excitedly as if he had just discovered Al Capone's vault.  "Well I have the president's [birth] certificate right here," crowed the clueless Stephanopoulos, utterly unaware he had no such thing.  Worse, what he did have had been floating around the Internet since 2008.  "It's certified, it's got a certification number."  Neither he nor his media colleagues seemed to know how foolish this spectacle appeared to the millions of Americans who knew better.

Did someone mention Obama's birth certificate?

America needs Fox News.  You can bet that if George Bush were president, the media would be out for blood.  You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not notice that gas is four smackers a gallon, real unemployment is still above 10 percent, America is trillions in debt with no end to annual trillion-dollar deficits in sight, we are still in two wars and itching for another one in Libya, China is poised to eclipse our economy in just a couple of years, and 25 percent of our kids do not graduate from high school.

Atlanta TV Reporter Writes of Thrills at Interviewing 'Gifted and Complex' Obama.  Justin Farmer is a reporter for Atlanta's WSB-TV, and he's exactly the kind of local-news reporter Barack Obama's been looking for — the kind that's too star-struck to be objective.

Trump Booed By Media At White House Correspondents' Dinner.  If we had a truly impartial media, would they boo a political figure regardless of his or her opinions?

David Gregory's Long Tall Smooch To Obama.  President George W. Bush's nickname for David Gregory was "Stretch."  True to his moniker, the elongated Meet The Press host gave a long, tall, three-part smooch to President Obama during his appearance on this morning's [5/1/2011] Today Show.

Mainstream Media's Paradise Lost.  Over the past ten years it has become painfully obvious that the mainstream media's level of vituperation directed at conservatives has gone up exponentially while their willingness to accommodate and turn a blind eye towards the devastating policies of the Left (in particular President Obama) has never been higher.

Professors Gone Wild.  [Scroll down]  The Washington Post put its reasoning ability on display last week with the pronouncement that Barack Obama is too smart for the office he holds.  Government-run institutions are collapsing because the nation is "too stupid" to fall "adoringly at Obama's feet" and simply do what he says.  The writer — the Yale-trained Beltway insider Dana Milbank — cites two professors who blame our national woes on an electorate unable to function at the same level of a president who is "the very model of a complex thinker."

Chris Matthews throws his panties and room key at President Obama.  Chris Matthews gave up all pretense of objectivity Friday [4/29/2011] and moved directly into oohing and ahhing over President Obama.  "If you think about him as a guy out in the sun, with the sun in his face, looking like a cowboy with his sleeves rolled up ... here he is out in the sun, short sleeves, he's always been fit, looking like a million bucks, looking like a guy."

Fineman: Obama Killing Bin Laden Proves He's Effective Commander-in-Chief.  As we watched President Obama tell us Sunday evening [5/1/2011] of Osama bin Laden's death, we knew the media would be starting the Mother of all victory laps.  Not surprisingly out ahead of the cheering throngs was Huffington Post's senior politics editor Howard Fineman with his Monday love letter...

Obama Girl Behar: "Skip the Next Election".  As a discussion of the death of Osama Bin Laden with ABC News' Brian Ross on The View turned political, Joy Behar suggested that we "skip the next election" since this event apparently guarantees that Obama will win re-election next year.  If I were Behar I wouldn't count my chickens just yet.

Obama, We Hardly Knew Ye.  Most of agree that President Obama did the right thing in ordering the attack which resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden; but his sycophants and cult worshippers, led by the New York Times, are making an all-out effort to make this single deed into a redemption of all his many policy failures and his persistent lack of decisiveness and leadership.

Time For Conservatives to Focus on Obama's Performance in Office.  Emotion should have no place in the upcoming campaign.  In order to make these tactics moot it is time to put the issue of Obama's birth certificate, college grades, and all manner of personal questions on the sidelines and concentrate on making certain he is defeated based on his record.  That is not to say that there may indeed be some validity to these issues; but they cannot be proven with absolute certitude between now and the fall of 2012.  Placing any attention on these matters will not succeed in helping defeat Obama as long as the mainstream media is a wholly owned subsidiary of liberal deep-pocket benefactors and the Democratic Party with their access to taxpayer money.

You Must Be A Racist If You Don't Love Obama, Right?  CBS anchorman Bob Schieffer says that Donald Trump is a racist.  Whoopie Goldberg and her colleague on the View, Joy Behar, concur.  MSNBC host Ed Schultz interpreted Mr. Trump's questioning as to how Obama was able to get into Harvard with his alleged poor grades, as a racist remark doubting Obama's intelligence.  The host on Fox's Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld, usually ends his Gregalogue rant with, "and if you don't agree with me you must be a racist."  Gutfeld, however is a satirist but these mainstream media pundits are serious.

Obama: Just Trust Me.  Inquiring minds apparently don't want to know.  Most in the activist old media seem very willing to accept and even perpetuate the president's argument for not releasing the death photos of Osama bin Laden.  The same media that has fought disclosure issues all the way to the Highest Court in the land, released Abu Ghraib photos, and battled George W. Bush on numerous disclosure issues now seems more than willing to just trust Dear Leader.

Obama: Deniability Man.  Fictional "news stories" take a lot of coordination, which is why normal American administrations give just one answer for Special Ops:  "No comment."  But normal administrations don't run PR stunts with national security.  This is not a normal administration.  This is the first ACORN administration, and the end justifies the means, just like it says in Alinsky.  Obama desperately wants to look tough.  We can tell, because all the mediots came out with John Wayne headlines.  Suddenly the left is giving Obama the Nobel Prize again for doing nothing — and looking as phony as Pelosi's facelift.

NPR Brushes Aside Transparency Concerns at DOJ Civil Rights Unit.  On Tuesday's Morning Edition, NPR's Carrie Johnson highlighted critiques of the Obama White House from the left on their promise to be "the most transparent administration in history," but downplayed questions over the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Unit's use of non-disclosure agreements with companies under investigation.

More Questions.  Why does the media suddenly have no interest in asking hard questions?  Why are they "factophobic"?  What is difficult about "trust but verify"?  And, why malign those who want truthful answers?  Would it be that they are Democrat operatives cloaked as journalists; or proverbial wolves in sheep's clothing?  These and many other questions animate those who no longer trust the media and who seek answers to legitimate questions in their quest of the truth.  Obama repeatedly promised "the most transparent administration in history," his continuing resistance to American citizens who seek the facts about him is a non sequitur and establishes him as Deceiver-in-Chief.

Obama the Warrior showed "as much courage as our Navy SEALs".  The media has moved into full Obama hype and hyperbole.  America's most effeminate Commander In Chief is now being touted as a cross between General Patton and Chuck Norris.

Sex, Lies & the TSA.  Most Americans still "don't get it."  Our rights as American citizens are under attack by the most socialist administration ever to assume power, installed by an elite oligarchy of globalists through a continuity of agenda that began decades ago.  Americans continue to be sold some of the biggest lies in history by the establishment media, which has been progressively infiltrated by some of the most powerful socialists, communist sympathizers and sellouts in the history of the Fourth Estate.

Associated Press poll claims 60% Obama Approval.  Obama sycophants in the media, which means most of the media, have been trumpeting an Associated Press poll that purports a 60% approval rating for Barack Obama.  And if you believe that number, I have a compound in Abbottabad I'd like to sell you.  The AP reached the 60% figure by lumping the majority of 'Undecideds' into the Obama approval column.  Typically approval polls categorize respondents into three categories:  Approve; Disapprove; and Undecided.  Not the AP poll.

Obama's Scandalous War Against Domestic Oil.  Do you remember the terrible things the left was saying about President George W. Bush when gas prices soared under his watch?  Yet President Obama, whose policies and actions are actually contributing to rocketing gas prices today, gets the usual mainstream media pass.  Is it that the liberal media exempt Obama from accountability because they're on his team in general?  Is it because they think he's blameless in the equation even though they sprang to the unfounded conclusion that Bush was culpable?  Or could it be that they aren't critical because they share his bias against conventional energy and believe the pain caused by his policies is necessary to move us toward alternative energy sources?

Bounce, My Backside.  It's amazing how often the truly obvious eludes a mainstream media so tainted by left-wing ideology they are incapable of seeing that which is right under their collective noses.  Last week Osama bin Laden was killed, and as far as the leftist presstitutes are concerned, it's virtually pointless for anyone in the GOP to run for president.  Obama's re-election is a "done deal."  Really?

Veteran Journalists: Today's White House Reporters Are Too Timid.  "If you watch an Obama news conference, and watched a Bush news conference previous to that, where correspondents sit in their seats with their hands folded on their laps, [it's] as if they are in the room with a monarch and they have to wait to be recognized by the president," says Sid Davis, the former NBC Washington bureau chief who covered nine presidents.  "It looks like they are watching a funeral service ... and it shouldn't be that way."

Liberal Cartoonist Can't Get Anyone To Publish His Anti-Obama Pieces.  Ted Rall's cartoons and opinion pieces were all the rage when he was attacking George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and American soldiers. ... In the past, editorial rejections had numerous causes:  low budgets, lack of space, an editor who simply preferred another creator's work over yours.  Now there' s a new cause for refusal:  Too tough on the president.

Corsi Book An Important One.  As I have come to learn firsthand, the anti-journalist does not seek to report the news.  The anti-journalist attacks the people who do report the news or, just as likely, ignores them completely.  When in attack mode, the anti-journalist disregards the facts and dismisses the fact finder as partisan, whacko, reckless, and inevitably, in regard to Obama, racist.  No reporter in America knows this form of abuse better than Harvard Ph.D. Jerome Corsi.

Liberal Media Skip Study That Found Stimulus 'Forestalled or Destroyed' Jobs.  On the front page of Wednesday's Investor's Business Daily, reporter David Hogberg reported that a new study found President Obama's "stimulus" plan "may have destroyed or forestalled employment, including more than 1 million private-sector jobs."  Destroyed or forestalled?  Our media only cites studies which estimate the number of jobs Team Obama "saved or created."

A Libyan Quagmire?  The botched and confused handling of the conflict in Libya has been a stunning example of President Obama's leadership style, and of the media's continued determination to ignore or gloss over anything that makes him look weak, incompetent or indecisive.


Obama's ineligibility: We know.  [Scroll down]  We know that the MSM is hopelessly biased.  They will always give liberals flattering coverage and attack conservatives even with misinformation or outright lies.  They will actively conspire to support Democrats and attempt to influence Republicans to choose the weakest candidates.  We know that the Republican leadership will work with the MSM to discredit any Republican candidate, who might offer real change.  The Republican elite would rather lose an election than risk losing the benefits of political cronyism.

LA Times Columnist: Obama Pauses While Speaking Due To 'Intellectual Stammer'.  The Los Angeles Times, in an opinion column, has decided to defend Barack Obama's tendency to pause or sometimes tumble over his words by chalking it all up to a phenomenon the paper has decided to call "The Intellectual Stammer."

British Newspaper Blasted Bush's Etiquette Flub, but Glosses Over Obama's.  Imagine the newspaper headlines if President George W. Bush had written the wrong date in the Westminster Abbey guest book; or if he had continued toasting the Queen of England after the British national anthem started playing.  Obama did both of those things on Tuesday, and while media outlets reported the incidents, there was no suggestion that he is a blundering fool.

MSN Money Finds 10 Reasons 'You Should Love $5 Gas'.  Many have noted that homelessness seems to always become a concern for the legacy media when a Republican is president.  Similarly, during Democratic administrations, media outlets always seem to find good things about bad economic news (remember "funemployment"?).  The latest such attempt comes from MSN Money, which on Wednesday tallied ten reasons that "you should love $5 gas."

British press seduced by Obama.  US President Barack Obama's speech to Britain's parliament was "Churchillian" in its delivery and a fitting end to a visit which has boosted his re-election chances, Britain's press said on Thursday [5/26/2011].

Michelle Obama's high staff turnover.  Here's a shocker:  Michelle Obama has trouble keeping staff.  Despite the effort by Julie Mason and Amie Parnes to soft-peddle their Politico report regarding the high turnover rate on the FLOTUS's staff, the message comes through loud and clear. ... The lickspittle media is consistently exposed as being the Obamas' handmaidens, but the length to which this article goes is remarkable.

Covering for Obama's high unemployment results.  Can President Obama be re-elected in 2012 with unemployment figures at record highs?  If the media and Democrat operatives have their way, it just may be possible.  Witness [a recent] article by Jeremy Greenfield headlined "Unemployment: The New Norm".

Stop It Already — He's Not So Smart.  [Scroll down]  Think back to his press conference when, recklessly venturing beyond range of a teleprompter, he described his campaign efforts through the 57 states.  If Dan Quayle had said that, people would have thrown potatoes at him.  With Obama, though, we are told it was a slip of the tongue.  When he could not properly pronounce the military term "corpsman," pronouncing it instead as one would describe a cadaver, the late-night comics did not perceive humor.

Barack Obama and the Betrayal of Black America.  One of the talking points formulated by Obama's apologists in the media is the notion that Obama is not the president of black America.  They argue he is the president of the United States of America.  This pathetically feeble argument exists for the sole purpose of deflecting legitimate criticism of Obama's failure to meet the needs of the black community.

Obama, Lincoln 'Peas in the Same Pod' Declares Technology Writer.  Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln "are peas in the same pod," at least in the eyes of technology reporter Andrew Leonard.  And just how exactly?  Because "both [were] irredeemably stained by the hard fiscal decisions they had to make to save their nation," Leonard argued in a June 2 "How the World Works" blog post.

Useful Idiots.  The spending has not stopped, it has not even slowed down, and the Republican-controlled House appears to have no intention to make real cuts in spending or to pass a budget.  Neither are they addressing the Democrat-controlled Congress failure to pass a budget last year.  The compliant media is ignoring the issue entirely as if it does not exist while portraying the economy as booming.

Obama Brags 'I Have Better Plane' And 'Bigger Entourage' Than Three Years Ago.  Imagine a Republican president giving a speech on tough economic times in which he claimed that the plight of Americans who are hurting is what is on his mind every day as he walks to the Oval Office.  Imagine that same Republican president, in that same speech, bragging that he has "a better plane" and "a bigger entourage" than when he was a candidate.  Now imagine the howls from the MSM about such president's vainglory and insensitivity.

Obama Backs EPA War on Coal, While Networks Ignore Harm to Industry.  It is no longer a secret that President Obama's administration is willing to allow electricity prices to "necessarily skyrocket," in order to accomplish his green energy agenda.  Although he has so far been unsuccessful at instituting cap-and-trade, Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is hard at work running coal companies and consumers into the ground.  Not that you'd know it from ABC, NBC and CBS news coverage.

Maybe this has something to do with it...
Many in Congress invested in news media.  Many members of Congress have financial interests in the media that cover them, financial disclosure documents show.  The Center for Responsive Politics reported Wednesday [6/15/2011] some 60 senators and representatives, or their spouses, have investments in at least 19 media corporations.

Obama will Resign and for Good Reason.  It is now widely acknowledged that the mainstream media ran interference for him, ignoring or disparaging those who questioned his eligibility.  After two and a half years in office, however, his arrogance and incompetence is so manifest that even they can no longer cover for him.  Obama has single handedly generated a mass political movement called the Tea Party and election results for governors and members of Congress have put opposition candidates into office.

Congressman blasts reporters at Obamacare waivers presser.  Freshman Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh ripped mainstream media reporters at a press conference Wednesday morning [6/22/2011] for their failure to adequately cover the Obamacare waivers imbroglio.  "This is an outrage," Walsh said of the Obamacare waivers program.  "I don't know why your profession isn't outraged.  If this were any other president or any other administration, you would be investigating this tooth and nail every single day."

NBC Picks on Supposed Republican Stumbles Before Showing Obama Soothing a Baby.  On Tuesday night [6/21/2011], NBC decided to highlight a series of stumbles by Republican presidential candidates, none of them all that significant (Romney having $100 bills in his wallet and Perry referring to Twitter as "tweeter"), before later in the newscast showing White House-produced video of a baby which stopped crying when handed to President Obama.

ABC, CBS Heap Praise on 'Baby Whisperer' Barack Obama and His 'Magic' Touch.  The ABC and CBS morning shows on Wednesday [6/22/2011] gushed over "baby whisperer" Barack Obama.  Both Good Morning America and the Early Show played White House-produced video of the President comforting a baby while working a rope line.  GMA's Lara Spencer lauded, "You know, the President is plenty busy trying to turn the economy around.  But he still has time to stop some babies from crying, of course."

Most Ludicrous Analysis of Obama's Afghanistan Speech?  The elusive distinction of most ludicrous analysis of Obama's Afghanistan speech should be awarded to NPR for its story, "Obama's Afghan Speech Echoed Lincoln's Talk."  The segment was less than a minute-and-a-half, but it was a doozy.

Michelle Obama: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media".  In an interview with CNN, First Lady Michelle Obama thanks the media for their "support" and "kindness."
CNN reporter:  "How's the family ready for this [the election]?  It's going to be quite vicious, isn't it?  How do you prepare for that?"
First Lady Michelle Obama:  "You know, it's ... we're ready, you know.  Our children, you know, could care less about what we're doing.  We work hard to do that.  Fortunately, we have help from the media."

Big Three Networks Ignore Obama's Medal of Honor Screw-Up.  On Thursday [6/23/2011], at Fort Drum, New York, as reported by the Military Times, Obama told the 10th Mountain Division he had the privilege of meeting "a comrade of yours, Jared Monti" adding it was "the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn't receiving it posthumously."  Turns out Monti did receive it posthumously, as Obama presented the award to his parents at a White House ceremony in 2009. ... This insensitive blunder by the President was not covered the Big Three Network evening news shows on Wednesday and received zero stories on Thursday's morning shows.

AP Goes All Orwell in Covering Obama Apology for MOH Gaffe.  A search on the last name of deceased soldier and Medal of Honor winner Jared Monti at the AP's main site only returns one relevant story:  its Friday night/Saturday morning coverage of Obama's apology.  Wait until you see how dishonestly the wire service tried to cover its tracks...

Mainstream media covers up horrifying Obama mistake.  No one in mainstream media seems inclined to mention Barack Obama's horrifying mistake last Thursday when, speaking at Fort Drum, he said that SFC Jared Monti was "the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn't receiving it posthumously."  Alas, he was mistaken.  He awarded the Medal of Honor to Jared Monti posthumously in 2009 and awarded the Medal of Honor in person to SSG Sal Giunta in person in 2011.

Calling all Journalists -- Obama's multiple social security numbers.  Last year, two investigators searched numerous data bases and found that the social security number Obama is currently using is a Connecticut issued number and it was issued between 1977-79.  Further, the social security number assigned to Barack Obama may have been previously assigned to someone born in 1890.  It's important to note that Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, was a volunteer at the Oahu Circuit Court probate department and had access to Social Security numbers of dead people.  With this issue alone, you'd think this would be enough to warrant some type of investigation from the so-called free press.

More about Barack Obama's highly questionable Social Security number.

President Quixote's Legacy: Confused, Ill-Educated and Not Too Bright.  The claim that Obama is the smartest man to ever hold presidential office is absurd and a reflection on the state of our media who insist on propping up this man-child.  Obama's obsession with keeping his college records and personal past secret is prima facie evidence that the claim is untrue.  His knowledge base and dismal performance on the world stage is even more damning.  Instead of having a superior intellect, we likely have the most ignorant, ideological, brainwashed dupe this country has ever elected to high office.

Obama's Suspicious Connections to Clean Tech Companies Receiving Federal Money.  Having friends in Washington is one of the quickest and dirtiest paths to success, but when President Barack Obama is the one helping you out by discriminately favoring your company's products over others, very few in the media seem to care.

Our Prickly President.  [Scroll down]  Regardless of which Republican he faces next year, the liberal media will resume its role as Obama's cheerleader, including Mark Halperin who will undoubtedly be eager to seek the forgiveness of The Anointed One.  I fully expect that he and his cohorts will revert to a Nina Burleigh-like state in which they fall to their knees before Obama with their mouths agape.  Yet it might not be enough.  Even the liberal media cannot stop Obama from self-destruction.

Media Attempt To Determine Who's Electable.  As a conservative with some experience in presidential politics, it's more than amusing for me to watch left-of-center mainstream reporters and pundits — and even a few establishment-type Republicans — work overtime to lock the 2012 GOP contenders and potential contenders into the box of conventional wisdom. ... For many in the mainstream media who unethically worked to create the false narrative used to help elect Sen. Obama in 2008, there is a genuine fear of a general election match-up between their beloved Obama and either Gov. Perry or Rep. Bachmann.

It's like TMZ for politicians!
Dems send out crazed stalkers to shadow GOP candidates.  They record every word, every gesture, every aside, every remark made by GOP candidates.  They stalk their quarry, going from town to town, speaking engagement to speaking engagement, hoping against hope that a Republican candidate will make a mistake like saying there are 57 states in the US, or averring that there is an Austrian language.  There goal is to make a video that goes viral on YouTube and sinks the Republican's chances to get elected.

MSNBC's Religious Expert Excoriates 'Radical,' 'Theocratic' Christians.  In a segment on the religiosity of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, MSNBC's Richard Lui on Wednesday [7/6/2011] looked to an author who has smeared conservative Christians as "radical," weird individuals who "hate" America.  The guest host for Martin Bashir interviewed Frank Schaeffer, a blogger on the liberal Huffington Post website and also a constant critic of the religious right. ... Lui never pointed out Schaeffer's liberal leanings or his endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008.

NPR Listeners Hear EPA Touted as 'Environmental Investment Agency'.  In the Obama era, the Environmental Protection Agency and its chief Lisa Jackson have been absolutely non-controversial in the national media.  Few reporters have considered its aggressive "green" tactics a job-crusher.

Romney's Right: It Is Worse Now.  The Obama administration recently created a new White House post charged with rapidly responding to unfavorable stories.  They could have spared the taxpayers $72,500, since the mainstream press is already doing that job free of charge.

Media Tosses Softballs to Obama.  Six out of seven reporters, called on by Barack Obama at today's press conference, asked a question of the President that came from the left and/or blamed Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans for standing in the way of a deal on the debt ceiling.

Michelle Obama on 'Better Homes' cover.  Better Homes and Gardens will feature First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of its August issue — the first public figure to grace the magazine's cover in 48 years.

He rescued us?  On Sunday [7/10/2011], on Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Geithner said "The Amercian economy was falling off the cliff in the Fall of 08 and the first months of [President Obama's] Administration and he put in place the most creative, the most forceful set of economic measures we have ever done as country, and because of that we prevented a second Great Depression ...." If you haven't seen this performance, you should — the forcefulness and conviction with which the Secretary delivered these lines is impressive.  There's something I don't understand.  Why didn't David Gregory, the host of MTP, laugh in Geithner's face?

Top 10 Obama Gaffes.  The Left had a grand old time with President George W. Bush's mangling of the English language, and let Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann make a slip of the tongue and the mainstream media will turn it into a major news story.  Not so with President Obama's verbal missteps.

The Media Are In The Bag For Obama.  Of course, the idea that Obama is a moderate is ludicrous to anyone who's even casually followed this presidency.  The biggest expansion in federal spending since World War II, ObamaCare, regulators run amok and now the push for massive tax hikes.  No wonder more than half the public — including one in five Democrats — think Obama's more liberal than they are.  But to the mainstream press, Obama merely has to call himself a centrist for reporters to believe it...

Where's Dan Rather Now?  Remember his nightly fake sadness for soldiers that "Bush was killing?"  He had his nightly Bush Death Count.  So, where have all the America-hating journalists gone now that the DeadStream Media's candidate is Commander in Chief?

Krauthammer Accuses Press of 'Accepting Every Leak Out of the White House'.  Charles Krauthammer on Friday [7/15/2011] marvelously demonstrated just how in the pockets of Barack Obama America's news media are.  After claiming on PBS's "Inside Washington" that we now have a "completely compliant, pliant, supine press accepting every leak out of the White House," he silenced the entire panel by asking them to name one specific cut to entitlements the President has proposed.

Is The First Dude Still Toking?  Obama famously admitted using marijuana and cocaine and the media gave him a pass unlike their skewering of his predecessor for similar youthful indiscretions.  The question in my mind today is this, "Is this guy still toking?"

NBC's Investigative Unit Ignores Obama's ATF Debacle.  The NBC News Investigative Unit has devoted considerable resources to uncovering "scandals" ranging from Marcus Bachmann's health clinic to Newt Gingrich's credit line at Tiffany to the Sarah Palin document dump, but continues to ignore a botched Justice Department operation that contributed to the death of a U.S. border agent.

Did someone mention Fast and Furious?

Conventional Wisdom Frames a Faulty Storyline to Suit Obama.  [CBS's Bob] Schieffer represents the Conventional Wisdom about as well as anyone — and in this case, the CW seems to be that the GOP plan is a "total waste of time," unreasonable, unserious, and inflexible, while anything President Obama demands is fair, balanced, thoughtful, and Solomon-like.

Obama Lies About Mom, Networks Yawn.  Barack Obama in 2008, [claimed] his mother, Ann Dunham, died of cancer while battling with insurance companies all the way through.  Dramatic?  Yes.  But an utter lie.

Under the Hammer.  No doubt some reporters were shocked, shocked to find that President Barack Hussein Obama had misled the public about his own mother's death to gain a political advantage.  There was never any doubt that Obama's mother had full medical coverage to treat her terminal cancer.  It was disability coverage, not health care coverage, that she was fighting with the insurance company over.  Obama should have known this because he is the attorney she hired to represent her against the insurance company. ... But the mainstream media will continue to let Obama say whatever he wants whether there is any truth to it or not.

Sharpton's pledge to not criticize Obama worth noting.  Was MSNBC's decision not to make former 6 p.m. host Cenk Uygur's role at the network permanent a product of the cable outlet's desire to protect President Barack Obama at all costs? ... Uygur admitted he didn't, but pointed to a May 2011 interview in which the Reverend Al Sharpton, Uygur's likely replacement at MSNBC, encouraged people not to criticize Obama.

The Unbelievable Brilliance Of Barack Obama.  There are hundreds more examples of Obama gaffes but one has to Google them on the Internet because the mainstream media never reported them.  Yet every slip of the tongue by Bush was deemed evidence of his stupidity.  In fact, Obama has made many more slips when speaking without his teleprompter but these are excused as merely a result of exhaustion or some other lame explanation.

Al Sharpton, MSNBC and journalistic standards.  How can a media outlet such as MSNBC that purports to be presenting political journalism possibly employ someone as a journalist — even an opinion journalist — who publicly and categorically pledges never to criticize the President of the United States under any circumstances?  That would be like hiring a physician who vows never to treat any diseases, or employing an auto mechanic who pledges never to fix any cars, or retaining a pollster who swears never to make any findings about public opinion.

Associated Press Uses Polling Firm That Favors Obama.  In the weeks following the news of Osama bin Laden's death at the hands of U.S. Navy Seals, the mainstream media was running all manner of stories praising President Obama's leadership.  That frenzy was partially about America triumphing over an evil mass murderer, but also overwhelmingly about how it would help Obama get reelected.

Editor's Note:
The tax-and-spend socialist baby-killing Democrats apparently have a fax network or some means of disseminating their bumper-sticker sound bites to all the right people.  One recent example is the catch phrase, "tea party downgrade" -- an attempt to blame the reduction in America's credit rating on the tea party people rather than Barack H. Obama's uncontrolled spending.  Some examples of the resulting press coverage (that is, their voluntary promulgation of this canard) are shown below:

Axelrod: This was a 'tea party downgrade'.
Tea Party Downgrade? Who Thought That One Up?
"Tea Party Downgrade"? They Can't Possibly Sell It.
Democrats seek to pin credit downgrade on tea party. drives new liberal catch phrase: 'Tea party downgrade'.
Dean: What's the tea party smoking?.
Kerry blames tea party for downgrade.

Matthews: Obama Needs To Offer Alternative To Capitalism.  Chris Matthews claims that for purposes of the 2012 campaign, Barack Obama needs to offer an alternative to capitalism.  Along the way, Matthews, on his MSNBC show this evening, offered a completely crazed notion of what capitalism is about.

Mark Levin: Michelle and Barack Obama "power hungry," "arrogant".  During the 2008 election cycle, political talking heads kept a sharp eye on the alleged extravagance of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.  And decades ago they had a lot to say about First Lady Nancy Reagan and her lifestyle in the White House.  Why are there no stories about First Lady Michelle Obama?  London's Daily Mail newspaper claims Michelle Obama has spent $10 million in taxpayer money on vacations.

Comcast is the nation's largest cable operator and the new owner of NBC.*
Comcast Employees Top Donors to Obama and 'Victory Fund'.  While Comcast employees gave $5,000 each to Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, "Comcast employees contributed nearly $80,000 directly to Obama for America and roughly $200,000 to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account benefitting both the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee, through the first half of 2011 records show."  The Center for Responsive Politics analysis found 40 percent of Obama Victory Fund contributions are coming from two very blue states:  California (25 percent) and New York (15 percent), also two states where most of our news and entertainment media are located.

The Comcast-Obama Alliance.  The media is still showing the love for Obama.  Not only does the fawning coverage continue but media executives are putting their money where their collective mouths are, by showering the Obama campaign with money.

Obama's Enablers.  As a rule, the press is the scourge of presidents.  They're expected to endure unending scrutiny, mistrust, and badgering — plus hostility if they're Republicans — by a hectoring herd of reporters and commentators in the mainstream media.  But there's an exception to the rule:  President Obama.

The big stall.  Members of the political-media complex have no intention of addressing Barack Hussein Obama's ineligibility for the Presidency or his criminal activity both before and after occupying the White House because it would expose their own culpability in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.  Their plan is to stall, wait for the Obama "problem" to be overtaken by events, like the 2012 election, and then sweep his crimes and theirs under the rug.

The Motley Fool.  [Vice President Biden] is a walking pratfall, a clown of the tongue-tied, stumbling kind, and only the media's determined effort to shield the Obama administration from laughter has kept Joe Biden's miscues, misunderstandings, and mispronouncements from becoming our long-running national joke.

Press Forgets Obama's Anti-Intellectual 2008 Campaign.  Some of the reaction to Politico's tireless quest to find out if Democrats think Rick Perry is "dumb" centered on the fact reporters conveniently have yet to produce President Obama's school records.  That's true — and a point worth making. ... The president ran the most vacuous, messianic campaign imaginable — and yet Perry is tagged as a dense would-be theocrat.

Dreams From His Uncle, cont'd.  Apart from a brief online update, the New York Times has yet to report on the saga of Obama's Uncle Onyango.

Did someone mention Uncle Omar?

Why Johnny Can't Figure Out Which End of the Hammer to Hold.  I see that the president, in a spirit of bipartisan compromise, is proposing this time round to toss a mere third of a trillion dollars into the Potomac and watch it float out to sea, all in the interests of what the Associated Press calls "jump-starting" jobs.  David Espo and Jim Kuhnhenn are using "jump-start" metaphorically.  In fact, I would be interested to know whether Barack Obama has ever in his life jump-started anything in a non-metaphorical sense.  Or whether Messrs Espo and Kuhnhenn have.

Harold Ford, Jr.: Obama 'Greatest Orator The Office Has Ever Known'.  On today's [9/8/2011] Morning Joe, the unctuous Harold Ford, Jr. went into sycophantic overdrive, telling White House press secretary Jay Carney that President Obama is "the greatest orator that the office has ever known."

How the media are dividing Republicans.  The liberal media are President Obama's last hope.  His popularity is plummeting.  The economy is in crisis.  Global recovery has stalled.  The Middle East is drifting toward chaos.  Even many Democrats concede that Mr. Obama's re-election is in serious jeopardy.  Hence, he has only one chance left:  Provoke the GOP presidential candidates to tear each other apart.

What Did the MSM Know and When Did They Know It?  When it comes to protecting democracy, an over-zealous media is always preferable to a lapdog media so enamored with those in power that they lose their curiosity, skepticism and willingness to dig or ask questions for fear of what they might find.

PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe.  At one point Mr. Obama made a major gaffe; he identified Abraham Lincoln as the founder of the Republican Party.  Lincoln did not join the Republicans until 1856, over two years after the party was founded.  The first Republican convention was held in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854.  Such a gaffe would have brought huge amounts of ridicule and derision on George W. Bush, but in the case of Obama the media yawned.  Actually, they did more than yawn; government-funded PBS has altered the transcript of the President's speech, removing the offending comment.

'Glee' Readies for Season of Tea Party Trashing?  Hollywood knows Obama can't win on his failed record and therefore you can expect Hollywood (and the MSM) to pull out all the vicious stops to make our side unelectable.  The worse Obama's poll numbers get, the uglier all of this will get.  Count on it.

Techniques for Untruth.  As the 2012 election season lurches into full activity and the presidential darling of 2008 looks increasingly beatable, members of the Obama campaign team, also known as the mainstream press, realize there's much work to do keeping their man in the White House.  Two recent NPR stories display some techniques available to journalist-activists, allowing them to misrepresent truth while at the same time maintaining an appearance of objectivity.

Media Blasted for Obama Coverage.  Obama still gets far better coverage than a Republican politician would.  But the rise of right-leaning media outlets and the competition for web traffic has made it much harder for mainstream outlets to ignore legitimate stories that reflect poorly on Democrats.

Media Myth Debunked:
Millionaires Don't Pay Less Tax as Percent of Income Than Lower Earners.  As President Obama trots out his new "Buffett Rule" to raise taxes on millionaires, the media are predictably assisting his efforts by spreading misinformation about the wealthy paying less taxes than lower wage earners as a percent of income.  2009 tax figures recently released by the Internal Revenue Service thoroughly refute this assertion.

New York Magazine Calls Obama 'The First Jewish President'.  In New York magazine this week, John Heilemann contends that President Obama is the "best thing Israel has going for it right now" and despite some setbacks he remains a president "every bit as pro-Israel as the country's own prime minister...

Is Obama Pro-Israel?  [Scroll down]  On the other side of the debate, New York magazine has a pathetic cover story by John Heilemann, titled "'The First Jewish President:'  The truth?  Barack Obama is the best friend Israel has right now."  How credulous an Obama apologist do you have to be to believe that?

If Obama Is the 'First Jewish President,' I Am the Last Barbie Doll.  I am finding it hard to laugh about John Heilemann's cover story in New York magazine.  Heilemann is a regular contributor to New York's pages and has also penned a book about Barack Obama's "hope" campaign on which he worked.  In a scandalous town and in a scandalous time, the cover of the 9/26 issue of New York magazine may be in a class all its own.  It depicts President Obama, seen from behind, wearing a kippah.

Liberal mainstream media should try actual reporting for a change.  I know it may sound crazy, but I have a suggestion for The New York Times.  Instead of taking the word of the Obama White House, its energy department, or even the word of Republicans for that matter, why don't you simply gather a team of your investigative journalists, remind them of their professional responsibility to be ethical, honest, and non-biased, and then unleash them to do some actual reporting for a change instead of insultingly regurgitating White House spin?

Obama figures he can just lie.  A polite word for what President Obama is being with his claims about millionaires and taxes is "disingenuous."  A more straightforward term would be lying.  Neither the Associated Press nor the Wall Street Journal called him that yesterday, but both reported the facts that the President is grossly and willfully distorting.

Obama's Predictable Scandals.  The media finally conceded the Obama administration to be inexperienced and inept, reminiscent of the Carter administration — but, they maintained, not possibly involved in any corruption.  Then suddenly scandals erupted on nearly every conceivable front.

Biased Media Set Pretty Table For Democrats.  To listen to the networks talk, it's the Republican field that is a mess in desperate need of new talent, and its debate audiences are a bloodthirsty horror movie.  One place that Democratic contenders go for positive publicity is the network morning shows.  Their audiences are diminished, but they remain a powerful national platform, especially for female voters.

An Ugly Sunrise for Republicans.  No one thinks Barack Obama is sitting pretty in this race for the White House.  The Real Clear Politics average of the mid-September approval-rating polls measures him at 43 percent approval, 51 percent disapproval.  With these numbers, they should be measuring his political coffin.  But to listen to the networks talk, it's the Republican field that is a mess in desperate need of new talent, and its debate audiences are a bloodthirsty horror movie.

NBC's 'Today' Swoons Over Michelle Obama Shopping at Target.  Friday's [9/30/2011] NBC "Today" devoted an entire segment to photos of First Lady Michelle Obama stopping by a Target store in Alexandria, Virginia, as Capitol Hill correspondent Kelly O'Donnell — on location at the shopping center — gushed:  "Check this out.  Behind those dark glasses, tucked under that Nike cap, one of the world's most famous women.  Yes, that is the First Lady of the United States at Target."

AP's First Lady Campaign Photos under Scrutiny.  The Associated Press is facing some scrutiny for taking pictures of First Lady Michelle Obama at a Target Store nearby the White House.  Some critics are expressing concerns that AP is trying to deflect the public's attention away from Mrs. Obama's extravagant spending habits to help get Barack Obama re-elected to the White House.

Spiking Solyndra: Big Three Networks Barely Mention Burgeoning Scandal.  Energy Secretary Steven Chu's admission, on Thursday, that he approved more taxpayer money to the financially strapped solar panel company Solyndra, after it defaulted on a $535 million loan from that agency.  Big Three network coverage?  Zero.  This is just a continuing pattern of ABC, CBS and NBC barely touching the bourgeoning scandal for the Obama administration.

More about Solyndra.

Pay No Attention to Obama Marching With the New Black Panthers.  President Obama has been exposed, again, for his radical roots, but by all means, let's continue to accuse the tea party of racism with no evidence.

More about the Black Panthers scandal.

'Must Pass' Bill Must Be Nuked.  For a full month now, President Obama has insisted that Congress "pass this bill."  And for a full month, his own party has steadfastly refused to bring it up for a vote. ... All the while, Obama has been running around the country blaming Republicans for blocking his bill, with pliant media regurgitating the charge.

Hypocrisy and hope, credit and blame in the Gunwalker Scandal.  [Scroll down]  As evidence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury of history, I present the undisputed fact that on the evening news shows of NBC, ABC and CBS this week not one — NOT ONE — mentioned the unprecedented subpoena by a Congressional committee of information regarding the entire top echelon of the Justice Department in the Gunwalker Scandal.  Had this scandal involved John Ashcroft and the Bush Administration, does anyone doubt that the story would have led the nightly half-hour "puppet theater"?

Issa's Gunwalker Subpoena a Virtual Non-Story.  On October 9, an unbylined Associated Press story reported that Congressmen Darrell Issa "could send subpoenas to the Obama administration as soon as this week over weapons lost amid the Mexican drug war."  On Wednesday, October 12, Issa did just that. ... It appears that only Fox News did cover the subpoena's issuance the day it occurred.

Can Obama hold on to African American voters in 2012?  For several months, radio host Tom Joyner has pleaded with his 8 million listeners to get in line behind the first black president.  "Stick together, black people," says Joyner, whose R&B morning show reaches one in four African American adults. ... Even as Obama and his campaign play down the suggestion that support among African Americans is flagging, a cadre of powerful allies is snapping back at critics in the black community and making explicit appeals for racial loyalty.

The Editor says...
Racial loyalty?  "Stick together, black people"?  Is that is not blatant racism, what is it?

2012 Is Coming, the MSM Is Corrupt, and Big Journalism Needs Your Help.  As individuals I have no doubt the MSM is populated with genuinely decent people who love their kids and make great neighbors.  But as a whole, they are partisans, charlatans, and liars.  Thanks to the wonder of the Web, you need not accept the daily injustice of a partisan media using objectivity as a weapon to destroy what we know is right.

Study: Michelle dominates Laura in press attention.  A media research firm says Michelle Obama has gotten nearly 30,000 mentions in the press since her husband was elected president, more than tripling the attention paid her predecessor, Laura Bush, during the equivalent time.

Holder's toast, is the media far behind?  I'm still amazed at the war of containment being fought by the mainstream media in a rearguard action for the current Administration.  Only Sharyl Attkission of CBS News, William LaJeunesse of Fox News, and Richard Serrano of the Los Angeles Times have been covering this story diligently, while the Washington Post's plagiarist Sari Horwitz and NY Times' disgraceful Eric Lichtblau carry out unsourced and inaccurate character assassinations on behalf of the Administration that even the left wing bloggers wouldn't run.  The various plots that make up Gunwalker (Fast and Furious, Wide Receiver, other unnamed operations mentioned in newly released documents) are evidence of the most explosive and deadly scandal in U.S. political history.

Did someone mention Fast and Furious again?

Jay Leno Embarrasses Himself Sucking up to Obama.  When President FailureTeleprompter arrived on the 'Tonight Show' set, you would think the herd of elephants that follow Obama everywhere had never existed at all. ... [Leno asked] Nothing about the failed stimulus.  Nothing about Solyndra, Fast and Furious, unemployment or record deficits.

Obama's dirty laundry.  Obama can continue to give hollow speeches trying to ease the concerns of his Jewish constituency, but alas the dirty laundry is out in the open for everyone to see and finally understand.  Amazingly, or perhaps not, the mainstream media barely reported the story, and yet if it were a Republican president causing such a gaffe it would have been front-page headlines for quite some time.  What does it mean when our president joined in the denigration of one of our most trusted traditional allies?  What does it tell us when the mainstream media glosses over the story?

Media Diverts Attention from Obama Economic Cataclysm.  The media has taken a great field of GOP candidates and made them look like a sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster Dumb and Dumber.  Each success frontrunner has been mowed down to size by outlandish and journalistically unethical reporting, combined with a nonstop series of debates that produce highlight reels of gotcha questions these so-called reporters never ask Obama.  Obama in contrast simply travels the world at government expense, teleprompter in hand giving well-crafted speeches written by others.  The softball questions lofted his way are intended more to boost him than share with Americans the true story of how tough it really is living in the Obama socialist economy.

Bloomberg Ignores Multiple Scandals of the Obama Administration.  Bloomberg recently published a horribly inaccurate post by Jonathan Alter titled, "The Obama Miracle, a White House Free of Scandal."  It's time for Mr. Alter to wake up, remove the rose colored glasses, and come back to reality.  President Obama's administration has a huge scandal on their watch and it's called Operation Fast & Furious.

Obama's Energy Plan: Chevy Volt.  Three years ago, the national average for a gallon of regular grade gasoline was around $1.70.  The price climbed to $2.60 in 2009 and $2.80 a year later.  As of November 11, 2011, gas rose to an average of $3.45 per gallon, roughly twice as much as what we were paying in 2008.  When gasoline prices hit their peak at around $4.00, Democrats were demanding Bush's head on a platter, but under Obama the higher prices are simply the new normal.

So-Called Electability and MSM Bias.  It is open season for the liberal media on any GOP presidential candidate who displays the audacity to surge in the polls, the latest targets being Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.  A reasonable case can be made for some of these criticisms, and conservatives often concede the weaknesses, but there is no justification for this same media's ongoing cover-up for the current White House occupant.

NYTimes Avoids Word 'Obama,' Buries Story on Plea to Delay Solyndra Layoff News.  Revelations that the administration asked Solyndra to delay a layoff announcement until after the 2010 midterm elections made the front page of the Washington Post on Wednesday [11/16/2011]. ... Meanwhile, the New York Times buried the revelation in a page 24 story Wednesday by Matthew Wald, "Solyndra Was Asked to Delay Layoff News Till After Midterms, Memo Says."  And while the Post forthrightly identified 'The Obama administration" as the culprit, Wald's opening paragraph only blamed "The Energy Department."  Bizarrely, the word "Obama" doesn't appear in the story at all.

Hey Obama: Gas Up and Go.  You can tell people are filling up their cars with gasoline by the scowls on their faces.  Nearly three years into Obama-Nation and the term "gas pain" is something that Tums just can't erase.  It's the culmination of the most anti-oil, anti-energy administration this country has seen since the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter.  But the American media are doing their best to hide that fact.

ABC Parrots White House Spin for Booing of Michelle Obama.  Good Morning America's Josh Elliott on Monday [11/21/2011] repeated White House talking points in regard to the booing of Michelle Obama at a NASCAR event on Sunday. ... The Today show didn't cover the event at all.

Econo-Misery and Three Econo-Myths.  [Scroll down]  Any number of possible earthquakes from, say, Europe, bankrupt U.S. cities, or elsewhere could bring the whole [US economy] crashing down at any time.  Sadly, none of this matters to President Obama, his apparatchiks, or his establishment press propagandists nearly as much as their virtually all-consuming goal of achieving his reelection.  That is why you can expect any number of expectations-diminishing characterizations of the economy — de facto ditch painting and ditch decorating — to emanate from the White House and to be dutifully repeated in the media between now and November 6, 2012.

Holder calls for media silence, watchdogs scratch fleas.  Established media freedom groups are ignoring Attorney General Eric Holder's demand that The Daily Caller stop writing about congressional calls for his resignation.  The groups' silence contrasts with their vigorous defense against Republican critics of the news media, and contrasts with the praise given to the media's aggressive coverage of decisions by officials in George W. Bush's presidency.

NBC's Brian Williams Gushes Over 1950s 'Wholesomeness' of Obama Family.  In an interview with President Obama's outgoing assistant Reggie Love on NBC's Rock Center Monday night, host Brian Williams fawned over the First Family:  " a retro almost 1950s American family, that there's a — kind of a wholesomeness about them.  They play board games, they play on the floor of the living room with the dog, they're not — the girls aren't allowed a lot of TV and social media."

The Chicago Tribune Stands by Barack Obama.  According to Bruce Dold, editorial page editor of the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper stands by its October 17, 2008 endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for the presidency.  In response to an e-mail asking, "Mr. Dold, if you had it to do again, would you endorse Barack Obama for President?," Dold answered on November 28, "I stand by that endorsement."

Operation Fast and Furious is infuriating.  [Scroll down]  One year later the Obama administration has the case records sealed and now neither the public nor the press has any access to the information.  This action from the most "transparent administration ever" headed by the most transparent president ever.  Where is the main stream media and all their hot shot reporters bringing this story of government "corruption" and wrongdoing to the public?  The one reporter for a TV network that dared to bring the story forward was muzzled within a few days.  If this were a Republican administration, this story would be front page every day and looped "ad nausea" 24 hours a day on TV. But not so for the most transparent administration ever!

Peter Schweizer's Book and Why Media Have Mostly Ignored It:  Last month, NewsBusters reported 60 Minutes cherry-picking Peter Schweizer's book about Congressional insider trading to make it appear the problem was largely a Republican one.  Schweizer did a phone interview with NewsBusters last week to discuss this matter in greater detail including how with the exception of Fox News, despite this being a bipartisan issue, the media have largely ignored it to protect liberal politicians they revere.

We Pay for 'Free' Health Care, Obama Gets the Thanks.  As the 2012 election approaches, the mainstream media is crawling back into the tank for their guy.  How do I know this?  Because of a new round of articles touting the "unappreciated benefits" of President Obama's health-care law.  It is an obvious attempt to build support for the unpopular legislation and rehabilitate Obama with the independent voters who have abandoned him.

LA Times: 'Obama Has Been a Regular Church-goer For Decades'.  Over at PJ Media's Tatler section, Roger Simon caught Alana Semuels at the Los Angeles Times in what has to be a lead candidate for the Non-Eric Holder howler of the day. ... Simon goes on to cite a Time Magazine item from December 2009, i.e., eleven months into Obama's presidency, called "No Church-Going Christmas for the First Family," in which Amy Sullivan wrote that "The Obamas have attended Sunday services in Washington three times this year."  To understate, most pastors wouldn't call a congregation member who has shown up three times in eleven months a "regular."

Obama Tells 60 Minutes 'Damaging Behavior on Wall Street' Was Legal.  There was an astonishingly revealing moment on Sunday's 60 Minutes when President Obama said, "Some of the most damaging behavior on Wall Street, in some cases, some of the least ethical behavior on Wall Street, wasn't illegal."  For what should be obvious reasons, CBS's Steve Kroft didn't bother asking his guest who created, voted for or signed the pieces of legislation that allowed this "damaging behavior on Wall Street" to be legal.

Obama's imperiled America.  The administration will get a free pass in making political hay out of the bin Laden takedown.  The same critics who grumbled that the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks should be off limits for President George W. Bush in the 2004 election will be more than willing to put bin Laden's death at the center of Mr. Obama's case for reelection.

How 60 Minutes Wasted Its Interview with Obama.  The hour-long conversation was a typical example of a broadcast journalist failing to hold a powerful politician accountable. ... Were I an adviser to President Obama, I'd urge him to give his next exclusive to Kroft too, for there is a superficial toughness to his interviews.

The many gaffes of Barack Hussein Obama.  For much of his eight years in office, George W. Bush was portrayed as a dope by the very media that ignored Obama's mention of "57 states."  Of course, if your name is Barack Hussein Obama (and you have a 'D' behind your name) the rules are much different.  You have been annointed "god of all things," and you have adoring fans in the media who would gladly shine your shoes with their tongues (on camera) with a snap of the finger.  Gaffes?  Who cares?

Watch Left-Wing Pseudo-Journalists Roll Over and Purr:
Work for Obama, Get a Federal Contract.  Solyndra, Lightsquared, and now Solayzme are all companies that are closely connected to the Obama campaign and all got government money.  While the Obama Administration has been attacking Republicans as "crony capitalists" and using an army of left-wing pseudo-journalists to make the attacks, the Obama Administration has been rewarding campaign friends with government contracts.  In Barack Obama's America, he, not the marketplace, picks the winners and losers.  But just how far into the government and into the Obama campaign does this crony capitalism go?

60 Minutes Broadcast Edits Out Laughable Obama Claim as 4th Best President.  George Washington was the father of our country.  Eh!  No big deal.  Barack Obama is better... at least in his own mind.  Such was the laughably absurd claim of President Obama on 60 Minutes last Sunday.  What?  You didn't see it?  That was because 60 Minutes conveniently left it out of its broadcast.

Chicago Sun Times Does Hit-and-Run on Obama-Rezko Payoff Lead.  Last July, two Chicago Sun-Times reporters noted an allegation of "payments made by Rezko to Obama" that surfaced in a deposition involving former Rezko business partner Daniel T. Frawley.  Since then, the only follow-up coverage from the Sun-Times has been the sound of crickets.  An article dated July 11, 2011, entitled "Ex-Rezko partner's sentencing delayed," announced that Daniel Frawley's sentencing for bank fraud had been postponed, yet again.  He came up for sentencing again this week, and — surprise! — there's been another postponement.

Barbara Walters' Slobbering Interview With Obama:  Barbara Walters, who famously asked Katherine Hepburn what type of tree she was, may have outdone herself in a slobbering interview with Michelle and Barack Obama.  In previews of Friday's "20/20" segment, Walters asked the President, "If you were a superhero and you could have one super power, what would it be?"

2012: A Year of Media Savagery.  For those Republican presidential candidates who eventually conclude there is no path to the nomination, there is consolation in the notion that they won't be the ones to face the brutal onslaught being prepared for the GOP king-of-the-mountain by team Obama and its army of "objective" media allies.  This time around, the Obama machine cannot run on the fairy dust of hope and change. ... So it can be guaranteed that whoever wins the Republican contest will face one of the most scorching personal assaults the country has ever witnessed.

Media Abet Obama's Aloofness on Tough Issues.  Over the past five months, the Republican presidential candidates participated in 13 debates where they fielded dozens of penetrating questions on every major issue facing the nation, and some not so major. ... Yet, during all that time, the man they hope to defeat next November has rarely been asked by news reporters about many of these issues.  Since August, President Obama has held only one formal White House news conference.

Media Matters Attacked Palin For Clothing Costs, Defend Michelle Obama.  The Soros and SEIU-funded Media Matters is smarting over three losses these past two weeks.  First there was the Simon Wiesenthal Center slamming Media Matters for America for its anti-Israel screeds, the second was Politico calling the propaganda site a "core institution" of the Democrat party, and the third was the Girls Scouts backing away from linking to the site in its brochures.  Because of this stellar track record Media Matters decides to throw another noodle at the wall and reverse its position on "class warfare" by defending the $2k dresses (to say nothing of the shoes and handbags) worn by the First Lady.

Same Politico Obsessed with Palin's Wardrobe Ignores First Lady's Pricey Duds.  Personally, I don't care what Michelle Antoinette wears on her taxpayer-funded lavish Hawaiian vacations with her husband President FailureTeleprompterDuffer.  Thanks to an autobiography that was probably ghost-written by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama's a millionaire and more power to him.  If the First Lady wants to lord over the peasantry her fashionable dresses and skirts and purses that cost enough to feed about 500 hungry families, that's Our Champions Of The Poor's business.

Media Ignore Obama Hawaii Golfing Buddy Who Was Arrested in Prostitution Sting.  Mediaite's Nando Di Fino reports President Obama has played at least two rounds of golf in Hawaii with a high school buddy, Robert "Bobby" Titcomb, was arrested as part of a prostitution sting, after he allegedly approached an undercover police officer for sex in downtown Hawaii.

The No News Stories of 2011:  Barack Obama simply does not expect to follow normal political customs and traditions because he knows the media do not expect him to:  he will not release the transcripts because he does not have to and it is his pleasure not to, in the way he did not worry about explaining his near worship of his racist pastor of twenty years, or being the first to renounce public financing of presidential campaigns in the general election, or the first nominee in recent memory not to have released his medical records, or the first to have raised $1 billion dollars in private cash, or the first to have played 90 rounds of golf in his first three years in office.  All of these may or may not be real issues, but they have always been real issues to the press and suddenly are no longer such — and Obama not only knows it, but enjoys knowing how the media exempts rather than audits him.

Obama Campaign Rips Romney For Failure to Release Records.  Seven years after Barack Obama burst onto the national political scene, we still await the disclosure of his background records.
1. Occidental College records and transcripts — Not released
2. Columbia University records and transcripts — Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper — 'not available'
4. Harvard University records and transcripts — Not released
5. Medical records — Not released
6. Illinois State Senate schedule — 'not available'
7. Illinois State Senate records — 'not available'
8. Law practice client list — Not released
9. Certified Copy of Original Birth certificate — Not released
10. Harvard Law Review articles published — None
11. University of Chicago scholarly articles — None
12. Record of Baptism — Not released or 'not available'
Of course, there are different standards for legacy media's preferred candidates.  Remember how the media unearthed Rick Perry's college transcripts within 48 hours of the announcement of his candidacy?

Will Obama Go to War?  [Scroll down]  Three separate news reports from media outlets that are the first to cheer Obama and genuflect before his ideas.  Three media outlets that are supported by a viewership made up largely of Liberal-Progressive-Democrats.  Three media outlets with staffs and on-air talent that also overwhelmingly support the president and the L-P-D agenda.  All three statements from official Obama administration spokespersons reported by the so-called mainstream media without comment.  One needs only a minimal amount of imagination to visualize the reactions of these same media outlets if a spokesperson representing the Bush administration had spoken exactly the same words in exactly the same context.

Brian Williams Gushes Over Shirtless Obama Vacation Photos.  The sycophantic fluff was reminiscent of media adulation over similar Hawaii vacation photos of then-President-elect Obama in December of 2008.

The Media Blasts Republicans While Obama Destroys Nation.  What has happened with the recent recess appointments to reward Obama's union thugs is worthy of a lead story for nights on end, but it barely gets a peep from the Activist Old Media.  Jonah Goldberg rightly calls it "An Imperial Sham."

Gayle King Sucks Up to Friend Michelle Obama.  New anchor Gayle King tossed softballs at admitted friend Michelle Obama on Wednesday's CBS This Morning.  King sympathized with the First Lady over how many supposedly see her. ... During the twelve-plus minute interview, which aired in two segments, the close associate of Oprah Winfrey also especially sympathized with Mrs. Obama over charges against her in a recent book.

School Kids Boo Michelle Obama During Healthy Lunches Speech.  School kids in Virginia booed Michelle Obama on Friday [1/13/2012].  The local ABC 7 Channel skipped the booing part in their report.

How Progressives Work:  This week, the day after asking for another trillion dollars in spending, President Obama gave a speech about how he wants to shrink government.  His plan to combine several departments within the Commerce Department, shrink the federal work force by about 1,000 and save an estimated $3 billion over 10 years, was hailed as "bold" by progressives and an example of how seriously he takes our current fiscal mess.  They were counting on, and got, compliance by the media in not reporting that this "bold initiative" save approximately 3/4 of one day's worth of the deficit Obama has racked up ($4 billion).

We Must Be Really, Really Stupid!  As you may have heard by now, Newsweek's forthcoming issue headlines, "Why are Obama's critics so dumb?"  Well, sure.  We who who are unhappy that unemployment has increased on Obama's watch, that over-regulation has stymied economic growth, that our children now owe a $15 trillion debt that we can't pay — hey, we're just dumb!  We obviously aren't smart enough to understand how devastating our economy, unemploying millions of Americans and burdening our children with trillions of dollars in debt is really a great idea.  If that's what you think, you are a liberal and you may take Newsweek seriously.

Newsweek cover
Newsweek Cover Story: 'Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?'
Is there anything the mainstream media won't do to get Obama reelected?

Why are Barack Obama's critics so smart?  Prominent Obama-backer Andrew Sullivan has a rather pompous piece in this week's edition of Newsweek, which the magazine has subtly headlined on its cover page:  "Why are Obama's critics so dumb?"  You can read the whole article ... at The Daily Beast, but his conclusion pretty well sums up the entire piece, which reads a lot like a desperate White House press release.

Why Is Andrew Sullivan So Dumb?  "Why Are Obama' Critics So Dumb?"  That's the question posed by Andrew Sullivan in the cover story of this week's Newsweek.  But you'd have to be stupid, fanatical, and dishonest to argue — as Trig Truther Sullivan does — that Barack Obama's failures are part of an ingenious "long game" that is destined to succeed.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being the MSM.  [Scroll down]  As dumb as we are, however, most of us grasp something that has obviously eluded the brainiacs at Newsweek — insulting the customer is not a good strategy for selling one's product.  But the editors of that increasingly ridiculous publication, like most of their colleagues in the establishment media, are intellectual lightweights.

Matthews Preposterously Claims Obama Added 'Only 13 People' to Federal Workforce.  On Thursday's [1/12/2012] Hardball, Chris Matthews preposterously insisted that Barack Obama added "only 13 people" to the federal workforce in 2009 and that the total number of individuals working for the U.S. government (as of 2010) was 4,443.  Two hours later, in the otherwise identical 7 PM EST re-play, MSNBC inserted a new graphic and a new audio overlay in which Matthews corrected his incompetence without noting any change from his first broadcast.

Why Are President Obama's Defenders So Dumb?  A presidential infomercial posing as a news magazine distorts the record to shamelessly shill for a failed administration.

Obama's dumb critics.  Struggling left-leaning magazine Newsweek grabbed some rare attention this week with its cover story asking why President Obama's critics are "so dumb."  In a lengthy essay, avowed Obama junkie Andrew Sullivan posits that Mr. Obama is not the pathetic loser many of his critics say he is. ... Liberal propaganda aside, three years into the Obama term, the "blame Bush" mantra no longer works.

Obama's Button Men (And Women).  Journalists like to claim they speak truth to power.  But when Barack Obama wields that power, they're all too willing to do his bidding, even if it means attacking one of their own.

Obama's Favorite SuperPAC, The Activist Old Media.  Let's call it what it is now, folks.  The biggest SuperPAC out there right now is the one working overtime to destroy any Republican who might be so bold as want to take on the media's Dear Leader in the White House. ... The Activist Old Media has two very specific goals in mind here, 1) keep the "horse-race" going as long as possible because it will help ratings and revenue, 2) work to damage whomever becomes the GOP winner.

The Self-Destruction of the Mainstream Media.  For the past forty years the mainstream media has become increasingly liberal and more overt in promoting the policies of the Democratic Party.  This evolutionary process reached its zenith in 2008 when the media were instrumental in Barack Obama being elected President.  Many journalists dropped any pretense of objectivity and became not only cheerleaders but active de facto members of the campaign. [...] Thus they appear willing to sacrifice their own future and standard of living by actively campaigning for Obama's re-election rather than honestly report on the lies and machinations of this regime and their devastating impact on future generations.

'Obama is the best US prez in my lifetime'.  Barack Obama is the best President in my lifetime of 53 years — George Bush was the worst," remarked the editor of the New Yorker, David Remnick.

15 Questions The Mainstream Media Would Ask Barack Obama If He Were A Republican:  [#1]  Numerous Mexican citizens and an American citizen have been killed with weapons knowingly provided to criminals by our own government during Operation Fast and Furious.  If Eric Holder was aware that was going on, do you think he should step down as Attorney General?  Were you aware that was going on and if so, shouldn't you resign?

No Matter the State of the Union, Reporters Love Obama's Speeches.  There's no need to spend a lot of time wondering about what the media will say after The Great One speaks, since — like a gaggle of corporate yes-men — journalists have gushed over every one of these major addresses. ... If the media were to focus on the dismal state of America under Barack Obama, their reviews might not be so adoring.

Time, Newsweek Bury Keystone.  When it comes to both the cited issues of Time and Newsweek the reader will struggle to read any news or analysis of consequence at a time when the GOP presidential race is producing hot news on a daily basis.  We have yet to see whether the rest of the mainstream media takes its lead from Time and Newsweek in the coming weeks.  But the editorial focus of these two journals look to have been triggered by the growing liberal left opinion that a second-term Obama presidency has recently become a real prospect...

Are Big Media Covering Up Fast and Furious?  Not since Lenin gathered his fellow Bolsheviks together in 1912 at the Prague conference to plan the publication of Pravda has there been such an all-out effort to quash facts that out in the open might bring down Attorney General Eric Holder and the whole Obama administration.  An amoral herd of left-wing journalists acting like "bootlicking propagandists," as Orwell once called members of his own British press in 1944, might find it difficult in the long run to get away with suppressing a scandal involving mass murder.

Obama Got Served.  The mainstream media, in lockstep with Obama, reported nothing of the events, in a stunning blackout on a truly historic hearing — one that discussed the eligibility of a sitting president to run for a second term.  And more troubling was the fact that the media failed to acknowledge the even more sensational news — that the president and his defense attorney snubbed an official subpoena.  Today [2/2/2012], Attorney Van Irion, on behalf of his client, Georgia resident David Welden, filed a "Motion for Finding of Contempt" with Judge Malihi.

More about the day Obama ignored a subpoena.

Chronicling MSM's Coverage Of Holder's Fast and Furious Testimony.  Right off the bat C-SPAN should have aired this hearing.  There is absolutely no excuse not to air it on TV.  Since I had to stream it online I kept my TV on DirecTV News Mix to keep an eye on the news.  The only network that had consistent coverage of the testimony was FOX News.  I'm not shocked at all.  I didn't see anything about the testimony on the other channels.  Jeff Poor from The Daily Caller helped me keep an eye on MSNBC and he didn't see anything.

Media Swoon Over 'Techie' Obama.  President Obama's pals in the media are at it again, this time cheering Team Obama's command of the latest technology.

Fast and Furious: Three Questions Not Asked.  To date, the media has largely buried the story of the Department of Justice scheme that contributed to the deaths of a federal agent and more than 300 Mexican citizens.  Such a story would have held front-page, top-of-the-hour focus until answers were provided and officials had been hounded out of office or imprisoned had it occurred under a Republican administration.  But Barack Obama is a Democrat, and black.  Also, Eric Holder is a Democrat, and black.  It is inconceivable for the mainstream media to grill the decisions, motives, or goals of black Democrats for fear of being "racist" according to their own definition of the term...

Media Defends Planned Parenthood, Not Catholic Church.  When the Obama administration announced on Jan. 20 that it was giving religious institutions one year to comply with a mandate for coverage of sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and contraception in their health plans without a co-pay, it took CBS 10 days to air one news brief on the controversy while NBC and ABC said nothing for two weeks.

ABC and NBC Anything But Fast and Furious On Gunwalking Scandal.  Deaths, guns, whistle-blowers and the highest law officer in the land stonewalling a congressional investigation are the juicy ingredients of a story network news reporters would love to cover — if a Republican were in office.  However, when Attorney General Eric Holder testified on Thursday (February 2) before a House oversight committee investigating Operation Fast and Furious, the news was completely ignored by NBC and ABC (there was one full story on Friday's CBS This Morning).  The virtual blackout of Holder's testimony continues an overall trend of ABC and NBC burying one of the Obama administration's biggest scandals, despite continual coverage by their competitors at CBS, CNN and Fox News.

Loose lips.  NBC News is reporting that Israeli spies have been involved in the assassinations of five Iranian nuclear scientists.  So far, not so bad.  We'd say the engineers basically needed killing.  But here's the astonishing part:  The source for the story apparently is the Obama administration — albeit through anonymous leaks.

[Italics in original.]

Want to Help Blow the Dog Whistle On the Media?  Our battle may be perceived as being with President Obama but in reality, he's already defeated.  The media has him on life support, and its their false narrative that we must overcome.

Obama Media begin the Faking of Obama Poll Numbers.  In order to sway the vast majority and growing number of Americans who have finally faced up to the fact that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy the United States of America, the Obama Media have begun their side of the Obama syndicate's overall strategy of lying to us.  Polls now show 50% of voters would vote for Obama.  Intelligent people — even those few on the Left — know this is a lie.

How Obama learned to manufacture the 'truth':  The Obama administration's blueprint for control of the United States of America comes directly from the world's richest and best marketed environmental organization: Greenpeace. ... There is no stopping Greenpeace, which is kept afloat by millions of dollars in public contributions from gullible people who bought the version of Greenpeace as Peter Pans of the ocean out there saving the whales.  There is no stopping Obama, whose lies are carried as truth by a massive mainstream media.

Santorum accuses media of double standard on Obama and Jeremiah Wright.  Rick Santorum accused the media of a "double standard" Friday [2/17/2012] for defending President Obama for the comments of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his former pastor.  Santorum was reacting to criticism of comments Thursday by Forster Friess, who made ill-advised remarks about birth control.  He said he shouldn't be held accountable for every comment by one of his supporters, and said the media were playing "gotcha politics."

Michelle Obama jets off to Aspen for ski weekend.  Taking a break from her strenuous official duties, Michelle Obama jetted to Aspen, Colorado for a President's Day Skiiing weekend with her daughters. ... Nancy Reagan was pilloried in the press for buying new White House china during a recession — even though all the money for the dishware was donated.  Mrs. Obama can jet out to Aspen with the only word in the press coming from a bare bones report in the local paper.

The Obama Obfuscation Alliance.  When faced with an issue they do not care to discuss the Obama administration is doing what any adolescent would do — change the subject.  With the usual co-operation of the mindless mainstream media, the Obama administration is doing all it can to shift attention and obfuscate its economic track record.

Media Hail GM 'Record' Profits, Forget to Mention GM Doesn't Pay Any Taxes.  One thing I've learned in the year I have spent tracking General Motors cum Government Motors (GM) — and all its Crony Socialist, green non-energy "energy", flammable absurdities — is the fact that the car media are every bit the Leftist open-channel steno pool as are the political media.  And with President Barack Obama running for reelection in large part on the utterly failed "success" of the $85 billion auto bailout, the car and political media have by now achieved fully melded fusion.

Sex, Lies and Rick Santorum.  When Barack Obama was campaigning for president in 2008, he declared that marriage is between a man and a woman.  For the most part, his position was treated as a nonissue.  Now Rick Santorum is campaigning for president.  He too says that marriage is between a man and a woman.  What a different reaction he gets.

Obama's Law of Contraception.  A thinking person would ask where the President has the legal authority to order the insurance companies to give away anything for free. But there are no such thinking persons in the Democrat Party-controlled press, which is ready to applaud a third-world style Obama benevolent dictatorship — benevolent, that is, if you are part of the party political machine.

Welcome to the Brave New Obama World.  The master propagandists of the left have taken on a breathtaking task:  selling the public on Obama's economic disaster as a good thing.  The witting left understands that the "fundamental transformation" Obama promised means permanently high unemployment and workforce shrinkage, as the private sector is squeezed out of sector after sector of the economy.  Thus, it becomes important to propagandize the public that there are benefits to unemployment.

Media Skewers Santorum, Romney On Faith, What About Obama?  The religion and religious views of Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are all widely known.  They are reported on, discussed, and insulted regularly in the press.  On the other hand, discussing President Obama's religious views is apparently not in the realm of permitted discussion.  That's because Obama's religious philosophy seems to have a lot more to do with politics than spirituality — and the press doesn't want you to know anything about it.

Report: Mainstream media ignores stories about Hollywood ties to Obama administration.  President Obama hit the hills of Hollywood for two $36,000-a-plate fundraisers that featured Grammy-winning rock band The Foo Fighters and A-list celebrities like George Clooney and Will Ferrell a few days ago.  The events reportedly bought in over $3 million for Obama's 2012 campaign, yet coverage of the events were ignored by some networks, or referred to merely as an "eight-stop West Coast fundraising tour" by others, according to a new report.

Media Still Praising Rev. Wright and Making Excuses.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright it still out giving fiery sermons, but some journalists are either lazy publicists or Obama-loving whitewashers.  On Wednesday [2/29/2012] at noon, Rev. Wright will speak in Cleveland at the "Amistad Chapel" of Cleveland's United Church of Christ for Black History Month.  It's open to the public, but you must register and bring photo ID.  (Isn't asking for photo ID a scheme for racists?)

Some 'Splainin' to do in Chicago.  Why did it take an obscure website to break this story when the Sun-Times has those three-musketeer journalists they call the WATCHDOGS?  And when the Trib has equally dogged sleuths like John Kass and John Chase?  Did either paper have knowledge concerning what Illinois Pay To Play reported and decide to sit on the information?  Thanks to the legendary Bob Cooley, yet again, some current and former Chicagoans got some 'splainin' to do.  But, what we'll most likely hear instead is the sound of crickets.

Like the Price of Gas? Just Wait!  The worthy journalists of the mainstream media have not seen fit to raise urgent questions about the soaring price of gas, and the current the current administration's role in causing it.  Contrast that with the intensely critical commentary directed at George W. Bush when gas spiked during the latter part of his tenure, and you can almost taste the difference.  Of course, the MSM silence is not amazing at all.  President Obama is the darling of the media, and they want desperately to see him re-elected.

Economic News From Big Brother, 'The Recession Is Over!'  Big Brother sends us today's urgent Newspeak via the Associated Press...

Tale of Two Enemies Lists.  Fully tax-exempt, like ACORN, Media Matters (MM) put together a list of President Obama's presumed enemies and furthermore, suggested ways to smear or harass them.  The organization was in regular communication with the Obama White House, suggesting it was acting as a proxy for the Obama machine. ... What has been the response of mainstream news media to MM's skulduggery?  Only silence.  Only the targeted Fox News rips MM's wretched excesses; it is joined by no one else.  The silence of the mainstream media is, once again, deafening.  Is it conspiratorial, too?

Why No Coverage of This Odd Obama Remark about Religion?  Did you miss the widespread news coverage these past days in which that really odd comment that Obama made about religion came back to embarrass him and embroil him in great controversy?  Yes, you missed it — such coverage never occurred.  It should have — and the fact that it didn't tells yet another distressing story about the double-standard of media bias.

The media bias for Obama.  The media may turn against President Obama eventually, but for the moment we have to endure a lot of fawning, uncritical press.  The contrast with the abuse President Bush got from the media is incredible.

Obama's alleged birth certificate is a forgery.
Obama and the Matter of Trust.  At the March 1 press conference, Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio concluded that there is "probable cause" to believe that the document is a "computer-generated forgery." ... Most of the reporters' questions at the end of the press conference were statements in defense of Obama, and the subsequent coverage by major news outlets asserted that rumors about the president's birth certificate were "debunked" and "discredited," but gave no details of the debunking or discrediting.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio exposes forgery of Obama's Selective Service registration, the Browns report.  Having just attended Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" news conference in Phoenix, Arizona, we candidly admit we have never seen a greater example of raw media bias in our 30 years of watching the fourth estate. ... Obama's team responded with ridicule, not answers.  His campaign tweeted links to an old episode of the X-Files TV show.  But ridicule in the face of legitimate questions only works so long.  Citizens are still daring to ask questions about Obama.  And by doing it you face certain ridicule, name calling and being treated as children.

Why Are Cable News Networks Giving Free Airtime To Pro-Obama Propaganda Film?  As a liberal, this shouldn't bother me.  Yesterday [3/8/2012], cable networks devoted whole segments to a film that presents President Barack Obama in a glowing, almost saintly light, even though it has little to no news value.  The film focuses on the past, rather than on current events, and doesn't present any new information (that's why we call it "news," knuckleheads), so even for a liberal like me, it's hard to understand how these cable networks are doing anything other than trying to ensure the President's reelection.

What if George W. Bush had done that?  A series of recent moves — from aggressively filling his reelection war chest to green-lighting shoot-to-kill orders against an American terror suspect overseas — would have triggered a massive backlash if George W. Bush had tried them, say former Bush administration officials and a few on the political left.  Even Obama's love for the links draws only gentle ribbing rather than the denunciations that helped drive Bush to give up the game for the balance of his presidency.

AP: None Of Obama's Problems Are His Fault.  You see, no other American President has ever been beset with so many problems not of his making.  For instance, President Bush did not have any problems during this administration.

Why the Bell-Obama Connection Matters:  The verdict is in:  The mainstream media believes that Derrick Bell is not a story.  They believe it so deeply that they've had members of the team on national television repeatedly; they've spent thousands of words covering it; and they've mentioned it on radio and the Internet incessantly.  All to say that there's nothing to see here.  Unfortunately, for President Obama, there's something to see here.

Left-Wing Media Dishonesty:  Before he died, Andrew Breitbart spoke to "The Hollywood Reporter."  That was the last interview he ever did.  Mr. Breitbart was upset because he believed the left-wing media was trying to destroy him.  He pointed to Media Matters as the primary offender.  Breitbart went on to accuse the far-left website of receiving orders from the Democratic National Committee and directly passing those orders on to MSNBC.

More about the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart.

Carlson: Smith, Buzzfeed 'Water Carriers' for DNC.  Ben Smith's Buzzfeed seems to have become the Democrats' outlet of choice for attacking conservative media.  The latest incident began with the Daily Caller's Matthew Boyle questioning Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the Fast and Furious scandal.

NYT Buries Obama's Tanking Poll Numbers.  Did you know that this debate we've been having around abortion, contraception and other health care issues is hurting the GOP?  You may not know it, unless you read the New York Times. ... They buried Obama's falling poll numbers, while insisting the debate must be hurting the GOP, because that's what they wanted and thought it would do.

Arpaio sees conspiracy from media vs. 'birthers'.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio believes that a media conspiracy "bigger than Watergate" is purposefully downplaying his volunteer posse's investigation of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.  Arpaio and the posse held an hourlong news conference earlier this month describing their belief that the online version of Obama's long-form certificate is a fake.

Did someone mention Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Obama's Triumphal Statist Presidency.  In the March/April issue of the Washington Monthly, Paul Glastris offers a long essay in defense of Barack Obama. ... Glastris has unwittingly created a glossary of radical statism as a defense of Obama.  His own words:  "legislative tonnage," "reform," "takeover," "biggest stimulus in history," "sweeping regulations," "protection," "vast expansion," "Net neutrality," "greatest increase" in still more "protection," and "revolutionary reform."  To liberals, this is the poetry of paternalism but to the rest of America it's a nightmare lexicon.

They Call These Accomplishments?  Obama wasn't kidding when he promised to fundamentally transform America, and he has succeeded in doing so, to the everlasting detriment of the country.  Four more years of this and it's hard to imagine what kind of shape we'll be in.  Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper and Siyu Hu co-wrote the piece for the Washington Monthly.  If you want to see just how far apart red America and blue America are, you must examine their list, recognizing that they are actually bragging about these "accomplishments."

The Master of Words.  Control of the conversation is the top priority of the establishment and the mainstream media.  As Michelle Malkin wisely noted, "When you vet the president, you vet the media.  And they don't like the narrative table-turning one bit."  Especially when the narrative's tables are turned over to reveal the inconvenient truths lurking beneath them.

Poking around the propaganda factory.  Consider the following frequently heard justifications for a second term for President Obama (and the unspoken truths behind them):
  •   Unemployment is down (as long you don't count the people who are most discouraged about the chance of finding a job and have therefore stopped looking for work).
  •   Inflation is low (if you don't count the commodities that are increasing in price most dramatically like food and gasoline).
  •   The right to use contraception is under attack (except it really isn't unless you think you have a right to free contraception, paid for by people who oppose it for moral or religious reasons).
  •   The right to religious freedom is being protected (by forcing people to pay for things they oppose for religious reasons).
  •   Your freedom to vote will be defended zealously (even if you are an illegal alien).
  •   The war in Afghanistan is being won (unless you mean by us).

YouTube Censors Comments Critical of Obama, Allows Republican Trashing.  Apparently it's all sweetness and light, unicorns and fuzzy bunnies in the YouTube comments section of Obama's new hagiographic, hack-u-mentary short film directed by Academy Award-winning director David "star-struck" Guggenheim.  Barely a cross word is seen there about the Obammessiah since most negative comments seem likely to have been deleted from the YouTube page leaving only the most sugary, sycophantic sap behind.

Obama versus the Democrats.  Obama is reneging on his declaration that if he didn't have things on track in three years, he should be a one-term president.  No sane people expected an incompetent megalomaniac to really live up to that declaration, now did we?  Two things have saved Obama to date:  the media and Obama's "blackness."  Had it not been for either, Obama's choices would have been impeachment or resignation.

Obama Misleads on Oil Reserves, Networks Defend Him, Fail to Fact Check.  On March 7, 2012, Obama declared:  "We've got 2 percent of the world oil reserves; we use 20 percent.  What that means is, as much as we're doing to increase oil production, we're not going to be able to just drill our way out of the problem of high gas prices."  While technically true, Obama's "oil reserves" numbers are very misleading due to the narrow definition of "proven reserves."  The three broadcast networks failed to clear up that misconception for viewers and passed blame for high prices on to others.

Birthermania!  Now that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has released his ten-page report on President Obama's purported birth certificate, we are witnessing the predicted response of the establishment national news media:  yawns, sighs, and laughter — but little reporting. ... The blackout by the establishment conservative press is likely also fear-based.  The cowards of the conservative media fear the Saul Alinsky tactic of isolation and humiliation.

Sheriff Joe: 'Tons' More Shocking Obama Info.  "America's toughest sheriff" says there is "tons" more potentially shocking information on Barack Obama in connection with his probe into the president's eligibility, and he calls the media's suppression of his findings of a likely forged presidential birth certificate and Selective Service Card "probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States."

Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported.  Individuals and member organizations of the American media were threatened with FTC and FCC investigation if information gathered by Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse concerning the forgery of Barack Obama's long form birth certificate were passed on to the American public.  It was Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo who made this stunning revelation, stating "During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations.  Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs."

A radical Obama mobilizes the troops.  Last week I detailed my experiences of March 9, whereupon I commented on a videotape released by the late Andrew Breitbart's organization featuring Obama and professor Derrick Bell, yet another radical Obama mentor, and the significance of Obama having endorsed Bell, a proponent of Critical Race Theory.  A day prior, CNN's Soledad O'Brien had torpedoed her credibility when she chastised's Joel Pollak for not understanding this august and revered paradigm (CRT).  Pollack subsequently shredded O'Brien after it became apparent that she'd probably not even heard of Critical Race Theory until that day.

The Pants-on-Fire President.  [Scroll down]  The performance by Barack Obama last August as referenced by the Washington Post was such an obvious and egregious falsehood that it could no longer be ignored.  Yet there has been five years of outright lies and narcissism that have been largely ignored by the media, including some in the conservative press and political class who are loath to call Mr. Obama what he is, in the bluntest of terms, a liar and a fraud.

Silence of the Lapdogs.  Warning:  This column contains news of evidence of possible forgery and fraud in the long-form birth certificate of the president of the United States and — bonus — his Selective Service registration card.  I figure the warning is necessary to prevent Americans, particularly Americans who work in news media and politics, from hurting themselves on any hard, sharp facts that might poke through my discussion of what is surely the biggest scandal to emerge around the seemingly dodgy docs Barack Obama is using to verify his identity.

Obama Loves the Hoodie.  I knew it wouldn't take Obama long to see how to make the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida a political talking point. ... As it turns out, the "white" man who shot the kid was actually a half-white and half-Hispanic man.  Funny how the media considers a half-white half-Hispanic man white, but a half-white half-black president black.

Atlantic Shills for Obamacare, Calls Single-Payer Conservative.  Clive Crook has an interesting post at the Atlantic today [3/30/2012] arguing that Obamacare is a "milder dispensation" of government power than single-payer.  And if single-payer is Constitutional, then stopping the Obamacare mandate is really no victory worth having.  In other words, the government can already tax you and send you a box of broccoli, so why get worked up about defeating the broccoli mandate?  It's an interesting question with an equally interesting answer.  Let's start by noting that Clive Crook's view of the Constitution is a bit different than that of most conservatives.

Jumping Through Hoops.  [D]id anyone catch the loving treatment Mr. Obama received from CBS during halftime of last night's NCAA basketball finals?  To be sure, he did look a bit lost without his teleprompter while trying to respond to CBS's analyst Clark Kellogg's tough questioning.  And he did look rather runty in the presence of Kellogg, a towering former NBA and Big Ten star forward.  Yet it also amounted to four minutes of adoring advertising, it would seem.

Newshounds in heat over Obama.  Any hope that the full-blown love affair the old-guard media has with President Obama might cool off for their coverage of the 2012 presidential election vanished long about lunchtime Tuesday [4/3/2012].  That was when Mr. Obama appeared once again in their midst at the annual Associated Press luncheon.  He sauntered out onto the stage all smiles and full of jokes as if it were one of those celebrity roasts where everybody is witty and they are all friends and just joshing around.  But for the assembled "news" hounds — the most vaunted gathering of news executives from across the country — it was all very serious swooning.  They were like a bunch of dogs in heat.

President Scofflaw.  I've seen many debates about the war powers of the U.S. Congress, but I've never seen an American president openly laugh at the idea of seeking congressional approval for a major U.S. military assault on another country.  Obama did it with Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Kenya and tried it in Syria.  But not in Iran.  Gaddafi is dead, Libya is a disaster, and no one has gotten any answers.  Other than that contemptuous laugh.  The media don't even dare to ask questions.  They are afraid of retaliation.

Obama's Legal Humiliation.  Today there is no American news outlet factually covering the illegal actions of the sitting President of the United States in context.  Nor is there one consistently exposing the laws his administration has flagrantly broken, though this corruption now demonstrably permeates every level of the federal system.

President Looter.  Obama has been on a depraved personal spending spree throughout the presidency, but never a critical word is uttered by his big media propaganda arm.  The worse the economy has gotten, the more obscene Obama and Michelle's spending has gotten.  Where is the outcry?  I, for one, as an overtaxed American, am sick of it.  It kicked off as early as his inauguration.  Obama spent an obscene 150 million dollars on his inauguration.  The media rejoiced in his decadence.  Bush, OTOH, was raked over the coals for spending a fraction of what Obama spent on his inauguration.

ABC's Pity Party For Obama: Poor Guy Has "Money Woes".  You suppose if Mitt Romney had problems raising money they'd be whining about it at ABC?

Time's Joe Klein Says the Election Isn't About Obama's Record.  Yesterday [4/13/2012], Time's Joe Klein may have produced the single dumbest analysis post ever.  Absurd as it is, it's still important, because it probably betrays Barack Obama's election strategy, with which the press will gleefully cooperate.

How The MSM Covered Up Fast and Furious.  In Katie Pavlich's devastating new expose of the Eric Holder Justice Department-approved Fast and Furious operation, Pavlich doesn't just expose the Obama administration.  She exposes the mainstream media for what they are:  tools of the Democratic Party, and of the White House.

Did someone mention suppressed news and the Fast and Furious scandal?

Spinning the polls for Obama.  Certainly no Pulitzer judge would honor a manufactured story, especially one that misled news consumers about the real facts of any situation.  Almost all "national" polls about the presidential race are at best entertainment, however, and some are downright disingenuous and a few intentionally misleading.

So Far, Media Mum on Obama's Defense Secretary: A Million Dollars for Commuting Costs?  The big three networks have, thus far, shown little interest in investigating the nearly one million dollars in commuting costs spent by Barack Obama's Defense Secretary.  According to the Washington Times, Leon Panetta's weekend flights home cost $32,000 and have totaled $860,000 as of early April.

White House denies 'deal' on Panetta's commute.  Contradicting an account by a Pentagon official, the White House is denying that President Obama struck a "deal" with Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta to allow him to commute home to California most weekends on a military aircraft at a cost of $32,000 per round-trip flight and a total of $860,000 as of early April.

The Obamunist-Controlled Press Has a Job to Do on Jobs.  This week's jobless claims came in higher than expected tending to confirm that the recovery is:  1) still very slow; and 2) jobless, despite attempts by the Obamunist-controlled press to paint a different picture. [...] Depending on to whom you listened, the stock market was up early in trading on the unemployment report or was down midday on the unemployment report.

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy: DOJ Refers Reporter to Media Matters, Source Claims.  Katie Dixon, a 'confidential assistant' in the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, reportedly sent an email to Washington Free Beacon writer C.J. Ciaramella saying that she had been directed to send him a link to Media Matters for America, which holds weekly "strategy calls" with the White House, in response to an inquiry regarding the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Politifact Won't Apply 'Truth-O-Meter' in Article About Obama Eating Dog Meat as Boy.  Karl at Hot Air[,] and others recording their objections at Twitter[,] caught Politifact being two-faced in deciding who gets the "Truth-O-Meter" text.

Mitt Needs to Weaponize Transparency.  If there's one area where President Obama is wholly vulnerable, it's his utter lack of transparency — yet the presumptive Republican nominee is somehow losing this issue to the president.  This is patently insane.  Barack Obama is the president the mainstream media have refused to vet.  In fact, the networks and newspapers have a vested interest in the American people knowing as little as possible about The One.

The biggest threat to genuinely fair and honest elections is the naked prejudice of the establishment media.
Order More Band-Aids!  Almost four years into the Obama presidency, huge blank spots remain in the incumbent's personal history (we knew more negative information — much of it invented — about Sarah Palin in four days than we've learned about the president in four years).  Now, as the administration blunders from one mess to another, the establishment media hastily plasters its "Band-Aids of silence" over the worst goofs and gaffes.

Why the 'Obama eats dogs' meme has (four) legs.  Most of what's written on Twitter you will never see, and much of what you do see will be forgotten in a few hours.  So it's no wonder that liberals like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are at a loss to explain the staying power enjoyed by tags like #ObamaEatsDogs, #ObamaDogRecipes and #PrayForBo.

Will the Media Carry Obama to Victory in November?  In a recent interview with Accuracy in Media, Richard Benedetto, a retired White House correspondent and columnist for USA Today, said that "the media have been a huge factor in President Obama maintaining the job approval rating that is not at 50%, but just a little bit below.  I think he works very hard at courting that," said Benedetto.  "He knows how the media cover him.  He takes full advantage of it.  He makes sure that he's out there all the time — and that's part of the game."

The Obama re-election myth.  The Obama campaign machine is firing up, and its most important fuel is the media.  For the millions of Americans who get their news from the networks, most cable programs or the average kneejerk liberal newspaper, it's a foregone conclusion that President Obama will get a second term.  This is supposedly because the economy is rebounding and Mitt Romney is a flawed candidate.  None of these pro-Barack assumptions are true.

A more aggressive press corps might have motivated him to preserve his dignity.
Obama the Unseemly.  There's been a lot of talk of late about how "cool" Barack Obama supposedly is.  But people are starting to notice the man has no class.  "Blue collar Democratic voters, stuck taking depressing 'staycations' because they can't afford gas and hotels, are resentful of the first family's 17 lavish vacations around the world and don't want their tax dollars paying for the Obamas' holidays, according to a new analysis of swing voters," reports the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard.

It's Cool To Be In The Tank For Obama.  Reporters normally cast a jaundiced eye at a political campaign's PR strategy.  Yet they are eagerly parroting the Obama campaign's talking point about how "cool" the president is.

Obama DOJ Wants Greater Power to Access Cellphone Records.  Barack Obama's Justice Department is requesting that access to cellphone records be made more available to the government. [...] This move by the Obama administration may go unremarked upon in the media; they routinely cover for Obama's antics.  But when the Bush Administration headed down the same path, there were howls of indignation from the Left.

Flashback: Network TV Uproar In 2004 At 'Poor Taste' of Brief 9-11 Images in Bush Re-Elect Ads.  As the networks come to the defense of the idea that the Obama re-election campaign would devote a 30-second chunk of its new "Forward" video spiking the football that Osama bin Laden was killed at Obama's orders, it's worth remembering these same networks were all busy on March 4, 2004 lamenting that the Bush campaign aired two ads that had a few seconds of 9/11 images.

Meet the First Obama Girlfriend.  It only took nearly six years for the media to begin vetting President Obama's past.  Today [5/2/2012], Vanity Fair released an excerpt from a new biography of Barack Obama by David Maraniss.  The excerpt discusses Barack Obama's first love affair, with a white Australian woman named Genevieve Cook.  It's a telling examination of who Obama was as a young man — and it shows a self-absorbed "internationalist" with delusions of grandeur.

America's Historic Cokehead President.  Does it bother you that the most powerful man on the planet was a longtime drug user?  Does it bother you that he has attempted to use his drug abuse to gain credibility with young Americans?  Does it bother you that his acknowledgment of having been a serious drug user has been given a pass in the news media?  If any of these facts do bother you, then you obviously fail to recognize their significance.

Bill Maher: Obama's reelection is black America's last hope.  On Friday's [5/4/2012] "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO, Maher said a Romney win in November would reflect poorly on "black America" and help conservatives undermine America's faith in black politicians.  "I think the second term for Obama is more important even than the first," Maher said.

Hey, Big Spender.  Even as Ann Romney's wardrobe becomes an issue in the 2012 presidential election, critics of her sartorial choices have turned a blind eye on first lady Michelle Obama's frequent appearances in pricey designer outfits.  When the wife of the presumptive Republican nominee appeared on television last week wearing a nearly $1,000 blouse, pundits were quick to point out the price tag.  MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell called the blouse "a really ugly T-shirt" that is "yet another example of how out of touch the Romney family can be with how 99 percent of Americans live."  The first lady's expensive designer clothes, however, rarely warrant mention.

NY Times Goes Hunting for Racist 'Ultraconservatives' in Ohio Who Won't Support Obama.  The New York Times sent reporter Sabrina Tavernise to the battleground state of Ohio, to the blue-collar town of Steubenville in pursuit of a pet theory:  Barack Obama may struggle to win because some whites are racist.  Tavernise starts by suggesting this could be a problem with Democrats, but "ultraconservatives" quickly surface.

Spin of the Times: Bias cloaked as front-page news.  It's no surprise to anyone who pays attention that mainstream media tilt their coverage in favor of Democrats and leftish ideas.  But it's not confined to endless puff pieces about the president, or the ignoring of unpleasant facts.  Often, it's more subtle — as when the general thrust of a news story advances a particular narrative even when the facts within the story don't really support it.  For that sort of thing, you have to go to the acknowledged experts, the reporters and editors of The New York Times.  And as Obama fights for re-election, you can expect to see a lot more of it.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.  Almost a month after the election, a CNN journalist wrote, "The Americans who are comparing him to those remarkable predecessors are putting a lot of faith in a man they barely know." [...] Which seems fair, when Tom Brokaw, Charlie Rose and a CNN staffer each admitted they didn't know anything about the guy they had just voted for and for whom they and their networks had spent the entire year leading his cheerleading squad.

Flashback: Obama's Sordid High School Past.  Obama, by all accounts, was a habitual drug user in high school.  He tried cocaine, he admits in Dreams From My Father; he "tried drugs enthusiastically."  The Chicago Tribune reported back in 2007 that Obama thanked the "Choom Gang" in his high school yearbook; "chooming" was Hawaiian slang for smoking pot.  The Honolulu Advertiser reported that Obama's senior portrait "prominently displayed ... A package of 'Zig-Zag' rolling papers and a matchbook."

Media Downplays Obama's Past, Tries to Define Romney with Teen Prank.  Media bias isn't just about what is and isn't covered.  It's also about how something is covered and rolled out.  For instance, the failing and corrupt Washington Post has twice now attempted to use decades-old incidents to create ongoing media narratives meant to negatively define serious challengers to their precious Obama.  The way in which this is done is to use huge splashes that are rolled out in a way that ensures plenty of attention and coverage (probably through coordination) from their fellow members of the corrupt media.

Cracks in the Washington Post story on Romney's 'pranks' emerge.  A question emerges in reading the Washington Post piece on Mitt Romney today:  How can Romney's old pal Stu White tell the Washington Post that he has "long been bothered by the Lauber incident" — and then later admit to ABC News that he was "not present for the prank" and "was not aware of it until this year when he was contacted by the Washington Post"?  This is curious.

There's Something Fishy About the Mitt Haircut Incident.  [Scroll down]  ABC News followed up with Mr. White, and found this:  "White was not present for the prank, in which Romney is said to have forcefully cut a student's long hair and was not aware of it until this year when he was contacted by the Washington Post."  How could White have "long been bothered" by a prank for which he was not present, and of which he was not even aware until the Post told him about it?  Is this sloppy writing, or fabrication? [...] Horowitz has some explaining to do, and so do his editors.  Did he fabricate any part of the story and implant it with Mitt's school friends?  Did he work on the timing of the story's release with anyone in the Obama campaign?

So When Will We See Obama's College Transcripts? Or The Rashid Khalidi Tape?  I just got through reading Washington Post reporter Jason Horowitz's "expose" of Mitt Romney's prep school days the centerpiece of which focuses on an alleged bullying incident of a gay student in 1965.  If the Washington Post and other liberal media outlets insist on getting the skinny on Romney's day to day life from the age of 12 to 18 then the very least they can do is to at long last release President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental, Columbia University and Harvard Law School.  Does it really have to take a $10,000 bounty to find about Obama's academic records?

The Washington Post's Romney hit piece comes apart.  The Washington Post was already skating on thin ice with its fantastically convenient hit piece on Mitt Romney, published in perfect synchronization with President Obama's embrace of gay marriage. [...] The Post based this hit on testimony from five men who "mostly lean Democratic," including one who was a volunteer for the 2008 Obama campaign.  No one else seems able remember the incident taking place.

Hair-Cutting Desperation.  Let's get this straight:  Joe Biden's latest gaffe forces Barack Obama to "come out" in favor of gay marriage, something he might have done anyway, but not as soon.  The media jumps into the frenzy, hoping to make people believe that the 2012 elections are about families with "two mommies" rather than families with zero jobs. [...] I wonder when anyone in the "mainstream" media will mention that we now know more about Mitt Romney's record in high school than we know about Barack Obama's record in college or graduate school.

50 Year-Old Bully Barack Obama Targets Private Citizen.  Obama is abusing his power in a way only Nixon could appreciate, and yet the very same news out let that took Nixon down, the Washington Post, is now coordinating their messaging with the White House in order to help Obama defines his candidate as some kind of homophobe.  Hard to pick which is worse:  our bullying President or the corrupt media crawling into bed with him.

Chris Matthews Excoriates: Rick Santorum Is a 'Theocrat' and Franklin Graham Is a 'Disgrace'.  Only two days after admitting that Barack Obama has a problem with his "frightening" birth control decision, Chris Matthews on Thursday [5/11/2012] was back on offense.  He berated Rick Santorum as a "theocrat" and knocked Reverend Franklin Graham as a "disgrace."

Washington Post Ombudsman Gives Up Any Pretense of Credibility.  [Washington Post ombudsman Patrick] Pexton says the story holds up to scrutiny, despite the fact that the story directly quoted a dead man; it claimed things about him that, being dead, he is in no position to affirm or refute; it mischaracterized the opinion of one of its core witnesses; and the family of the dead man says the story is factually inaccurate.  Other than that, it holds right up.  Pexton also admits that the Post timed the story to help the president.

Media Rekindle Their Obama Love Affair.  Three years ago, former CBS News correspondent Bernie Goldberg wrote the aptly titled book "A Slobbering Love Affair," in which he detailed how the mainstream press had gone above and beyond its own well-established liberal bias to take on the corrupting role of Obama's cheerleader, collaborator and protector.  Now having helped land Obama in office, the so-called independent press is determined to keep him there.

Maddow Accuses Fox News Of Ginning Up Anti-Obama Scandal With Disregard To Facts.  The story originated with a blog post on the Obama campaign's Keeping GOP Honest website.  The post, entitled "Behind the curtain: A brief history of Romney's donors," listed seven donors, including Frank Vandersloot, who was noted as being "a bitter foe of the gay rights movement."  [Rachel] Maddow noted that Vandersloot has said his business has suffered following this attack on him — and that Fox News is simply trying to gin up a scandal that portrays the president in a bad light.

Sealed records
Who Is Barack Obama? The Question that Won't Go Away.  Alternative sources of information are much more potent now than they were in 2008.  It matters not if The New York Times closes ranks and buries a story.  There are too many other instruments of disinterment.  The news will out.  And the more people know about Barack Obama, the more, I predict, they will wonder how this man became president of the United States.

Nina Totenberg: Reverend Wright Is Irrelevant Because Obama Killed Bin Laden.  The Obama-loving media had quite a hissy fit this week when the President's America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright suddenly became a campaign issue despite all their efforts.

The Media Mess of Pottage?  The 2012 election season has begun in earnest, and the mainstream media find themselves in the position of having to defend and reinforce a failed president, Barack Obama — the man they chose to sleep with in 2008.  The media are systematically pulling out all the stops to destroy Mitt Romney, the Tea Party movement, and major Republican financial contributors in an undeclared but understood alliance with the Obama re-election machine.

Their Rules, Not Ours: Time to Vet Private Lives of Journalists?  We now have three instances of three individual Politico writers digging up and publishing political oppo-research about the private lives of private citizens who don't support Obama, and the motive behind these attacks can only be for two reasons:  1. To change the narrative of effective criticism of Obama to the less flattering moments of the private lives of these individuals.  2. To intimidate and frighten others who might consider supporting a candidate not named Obama.

"The so-called 'news' media have sunk to a new low."
Biggest Religious Lawsuit in U.S. History Launched, Liberal Evening News Shows Ignore It.  This is the worst bias by omission I have seen in the quarter century history of the Media Research Center.  Every American knows about the Chinese communists withholding for 20 years the news that the US had landed on the moon, because it reflected poorly on the government.  Our US media today are no different.  They are now withholding news from the American people if it is harmful to the re-election of Barack Obama.  This is not a mistake, nor is it an editorial oversight by the broadcast networks.  This is a deliberate and insidious withholding of national news to protect the 'Chosen One' who ABC, CBS and NBC have worked so hard to elect and are now abusing their journalistic influence to reelect Obama.

Obama's Bio Grows Even Sketchier.  The other night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews argued on his "Hardball" show that Americans would be wise to re-elect Obama because he's "the candidate we know."  He claimed he's a trusted brand who "is who he seems to be." [...] Of course, Obama isn't at all who he seems to be.  And judging from Obama's sinking poll numbers, this is becoming more apparent to the electorate — thanks in part to the new media's revetting of Obama after the old media's half-hearted attempt in 2008.  Voters who don't watch MSNBC are starting to see that the president's public persona is merely a hologram created by media shills like Matthews, who define his identity and ideology and redefine it when facts disrupt the carefully constructed narrative.

Are Democrats Ready to Dump Obama?  So far, Obama has had weak showings in Louisiana (76-24) and North Carolina (79-21), and squeakers in Oklahoma (57-43), West Virginia (59-41), Arkansas (59-41) and Kentucky (58-42).  And Barack Obama had no credible opposition in any of these races.  In some instances, his only opponent was an incarcerated felon!  It appears obvious that many Democrats are trying to convey a message that the liberal media is unwilling to hear.

Was Rev. Wright Offered Hush Money? Nobody In The Media Cares.  In Ed Klein's new book "The Amateur," he interviewed Rev. Wright on tape for three hours.  The most shocking revelation:  suggestions that Friends of Barack were trying to suggest Wright take some "hush money" to shut up for the rest of the 2008 campaign.  Media interest?  Pretty much zero.  Let's imagine for two seconds what would happen if a friend of George W. Bush — even a disgruntled ex-friend of Bush — gave an interview to an author charging that Team Bush offered him money to shut up and go away during the 2000 campaign.  Who would not expect that would have been screaming-siren top news?

Obama Is a Spendthrift — And Here's the Proof.  You wouldn't think that, after adding $5 trillion to the U.S.' debt, President Obama would seriously claim he's a fiscal hawk.  But thanks to a misleading article on CBS' MarketWatch site, that's just what he's doing.

Nuts to Nutting: Under Obama, Real Spending Has Exploded.  On Tuesday, Rex Nutting of MarketWatch, who per his Linkedin profile is the site's Washington bureau chief, published a column titled "Obama spending binge never happened."  This column will show that it did, but that clever accounting has largely concealed its existence.

Is President Obama trying to fill in some missing pieces of his biography?  What kind of brain freeze or derangement leads someone to refer to my sons, when two daughters are the only fruit of conception one has created?  If George W. Bush has spoken of his sons in public twice, can you even begin to imagine the ridicule the likes of David Letterman, Bill Maher, and Jon Steward would heap on him?  But with BHO, all one hears is the sound of crickets chirping.

Obama Is Not That Bright.  Barack Obama is the smartest man with the highest IQ ever to be elected to the presidency, historian Michael Beschloss told radio talk show host Don Imus in November of 2008.  "So what is his IQ?" Mr. Imus asked.  Mr. Beschloss didn't know.  He was just assuming.  Many shared that assumption.  Adjectives frequently applied to Mr. Obama are "smart" (278 million hits on Google), "intelligent" (62 million) and "brilliant" (24 million).  There is little evidence to support it.

Networks Censor News of Massive Democratic Protest Vote Against Obama.  During the month of May, Obama suffered through a series of humiliating protest votes in Democratic primaries.  On May 8th, the incumbent President nearly lost the West Virginia primary to a convicted felon.  Yet, except for a single mention at 4 am on May 9th, the networks have buried Obama's bad news.

Obama's Very Tough Road to Reelection.  Incumbent Presidents enter a reelection campaign with a number of distinct advantages.  The command a bully pulpit, able to make news and usually dictate the issues the public is discussing.  They can use the levers of power to direct federal spending and initiatives to certain parts of the country.  They can generally attract far more campaign donors, giving them the ability to out-spend their opponent. [...] If they are Democrats, they have the added bonus of a compliant media who will deflect criticism and cast negative attention on their opponent.  And yet, Obama is very likely to lose in November.

The Obama experience.  Obama does have one thing right.  If you're a Democrat who wants to make a ridiculous claim, put it out there and watch the mainstream media carry your water like Gunga Din.  While they're at it, they'll suggest that your long-time relationships with extremists such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers are irrelevant while your opponent's one-time appearance at an event with one of the most famous men in America, Donald Trump, is a sign of moral turpitude.  It would be a farce if it weren't so tragic.

Politico's Top Story Memory-Holes Vetting of Obama's Adult Years.  Politico's Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen published a feature today (currently their top story) that pretends to be an examination of the double standard we're seeing from the media with respect to the vetting of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  But through the use of that infamous Politico sleight-of-contextual hand, Allen and VendeHei are actually protecting Obama while pretending to be critical of the media.

Soledad O'Brien Defends Obama's Jobs Record.  With the release of another horrid jobs report Friday [6/1/2012], the Obama-loving media are already out in force trying to spin the numbers so they don't hurt the reelection prospects of the current White House resident.

Barack Pinocchio Obama.  Are the media beginning to catch on to President Obama?  The answer is a tentative yes.  This doesn't mean the press is softening its hostility to Mitt Romney.  Heaven forbid!  But at least for now Obama is getting razzed by the very people who used to uphold and defend him.  It's about time.  Obama and his team have been playing the media for fools.

20 rules for covering the campaign.  The left denies that there is a double standard in media coverage of President Obama and Mitt Romney; the right finds it patently obvious and deniers of such bias disingenuous.  The bias in story selection, word choice and tone is so obvious to many of us, one can easily come up with the rules, the unspoken assumptions that result in biased coverage (in some cases, unconsciously so).

AP: Obama Not a Socialist.  Yesterday [6/4/2012], the Associated Press published an article that tried to debunk the notion that President Barack Obama has socialist leanings and paint Republicans who have called him a "socialist" as foolish.  The article also insinuated that when Republicans call Obama a "socialist," they are slurring him with racial overtones.

US Media: If you're Totalitarian you can Kill Anyone you Like!  For years, it has been hard enough to find anything good to say about the leftist media; those media who comprise at least 98% of all "press" within the USA.  Now, however, said media have outdone themselves in their attempts to fully support all actions of the despotic and — I assert — criminal Obama syndicate in order to assist bringing down America and its people.

MSNBC declares Obama winner of the Wisconsin recall.  "Tonight, the really big winner in the Wisconsin recall election is President Obama," MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell said at the top of his Tuesday [6/5/2012] program after parent network NBC called the race for Gov. Scott Walker over Democrat Tom Barrett.  Over the past several months, the left-leaning hosts at MSNBC have put a lot of emphasis on the Wisconsin recall, saying it was important for current Walker to be defeated in order to maintain the American middle class.

Unmasking the media's birth certificate hypocrisy.  [Scroll down]  The answer is that the liberal media have become thoroughly corrupt.  They no longer care to hold leaders of both parties accountable; rather, they act — and view themselves — as the communications arm of the Democratic Party.  In short, their mission is not journalism, but propaganda.  This is now blatantly obvious to the point of becoming a professional embarrassment.

Spineless officials choose to ignore Obama fraud.  [Scroll down]  As I've previously noted, some media outlets that subscribe to this column have informed me they won't run anything I write on the eligibility subject.  No doubt other writers are similarly censored — sometimes even after publication.  For example, on March 5, 2012, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown's syndicated column, "Sheriff Joe Exposes Forgery of Obama's Selective Service Registration," appeared at  Then it was taken down.  On March 24, 2012, John Mariotti published a piece at called "Is There an Impostor in the White House?"  That was taken down, too.  As World Net Daily noted, Geraldo Rivera's May 24, 2012, WABC radio interview with "birther Lord Christopher Monckton" is still listed in the WABC archive, but the audio file of the show is no longer there.  Why isn't it?

So just who was 'smearing' whom?  What if Barack Obama gave a "party," and nobody came?  No, I am not talking about the noticeably small crowds when President Obama officially kicked off his re-election bid a few weeks ago, though that was certainly interesting.  I am actually talking about the fact that President Obama was a member of the socialist "New Party" in 1996, lied about it in 2008, and got caught in the lie about it just last week.  It seems like news.  But for some reason the mainstream media, then and now, doesn't care.

The Media's Lockstep Elation About a Chevy Volt Non-Improvement.  Obama is trying to run for reelection on his record of bailing out failed vehicles like the Chevy Volt.

Another Feckless Attempt to Change the Conversation.  So, what to do when your Keynesian-cuckoo economic policies are running the country into the ground?  Change the subject, certain in the knowledge that our lapdog media will more than accommodate you.

ABC and NBC Ignore Holder Hearings, CBS's Fast and Furious Coverage Slows to a Crawl.  The news that the House Oversight Committee will vote next week on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, for refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents in the Fast and Furious investigation, was met with silence from the Big Three (ABC, NBC, CBS) network news shows.  There was no mention of the Holder hearings on Monday's evening news shows or Tuesday's morning shows.

The bias is in the drumbeat.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a series of news cycles over the course of the last four years dominated by a single story about actions under Obama's management unfavorable to him as a candidate or as president.

TV blackballs anti-Obama book.  It's heading for a fourth consecutive No. 1 spot on the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list, but the mainstream media — including the NYT — is ignoring the anti-Obama book "The Amateur," by former New York Times Magazine editor Ed Klein.  The publicist for Regnery Publishing charged to Secrets that the media is blackballing the author and book to protect the president.  "Klein's got the hottest book in America and is getting blackballed by the networks and other national news outlets," said Keith Appell.  "This is beyond bias.  This is an in-kind contribution to the Obama campaign."

NBC Nightly News Devotes Mere Seconds to First-Ever Mention of Fast and Furious.  In the eighteen months since the Operation Fast & Furious investigation began, Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News have never mentioned the Department of Justice's gunwalking controversy.  Every single time Mr. Holder has testified or a major development happened, NBC Nightly News ignored it.  Tonight [6/12/2012], in their first mention of the scandal — ever — NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams distorted Attorney General Eric Holder's testimony.

The S.S. Obama is Leaking.  The holes in the Obama Administration continue to show the greatest inherent problem to the President's re-election:  These people are incompetent.  At almost every level, in almost every issue the Obama Administration is barely keeping afloat. [...] Imagine the apoplexy among the studio hosts on MSNBC if George W. Bush had been found riffling "baseball cards" deciding who should live, who should die and in which order.

Lord of the Skeptics.  Lord Christopher Monckton was the guest speaker at a recent meeting of California's Ventura County Tea Party.  He addressed, in great detail, his opinion on the validity of Obama's long-form birth certificate presented by the White House.  Monckton conducted a similar discussion a few days earlier at an Arizona Tea Party rally.  Except for a few Tea Party and conservative websites, and the tenacious WND, there was no mainstream coverage of either event.

AP Hammers Romney for Lack Of Military Service.  At the end of May, Gallup released a poll that found Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by 24 points, 58% to 34% among veterans, who make up 13% of the population. [...] A week later, on June 5, the Associated Press conveniently and coincidentally published a story that hammered Romney — and three generations of his family — for not having served in the military while giving Obama a pass for not having served.

You don't interrupt the president.  Take a look again at the strange silence from his colleagues surrounding Neil Munro as he asks his question.  Take in all the media outrage you are hearing over Munro.  What are you really seeing and hearing?  You are seeing a group of supposed professionals caught in the act of playing the carrot-and-stick game.  The silence is in reality a most vocal plea for access.  "Not me!" it telegraphs to the President and his staff.  "I didn't do it... it was Munro over there."  These are not journalists... they are White House poodles.

Why Does Media Tolerate Obama's Lies?  The media loves to come up with catchphrases that boil down who they are and how things operate in the world of politics.  Phrases such as, "It's the cover up, not the crime," or, "It's the lie that gets you."  Both of these statements have always proven true, at least for every Republican under the sun, but most certainly not for Barack Obama.

Biographer David Maraniss Downplays Obama Lies as 'Literature'.  As I wrote yesterday, the media loves being lied to by Barack Obama.  As we all know, the furor over a sitting President caught telling 38 falsehoods in his self-penned biography would be unquenchable were we talking about a president with an R after his name.  Not to mention the lies Obama told the media about his relationship with Bill Ayers and his membership in the socialist New Party.  But as you'll see in the [video clip in this article], Obama biographer David Maraniss, who found no less than 38 falsehoods in Obama's bio, is determined to downplay Obama's lying.

Touting That Killer Barack Obama.  Team Barack Obama knows they are in a heap of re-election trouble when pundits look at his shambles of an economic record.  So what to do?  Easy.  The most shameless of our Obama-loving journalists are painting Obama as an action-movie superhero in the war on terror.  Just open up Newsweek Magazine to an advertisement for a book by its own Daniel Klaidman called "Kill Or Capture."  It begins by asking about Obama:  "High-minded idealist or calculating killer?"  They mean that in a positive way.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen: Fast and Furious outcome depends on the media coverage.  Pollster Scott Rasmussen told The Daily Caller he thinks coverage in the mainstream media will ultimately be one of, if not the, single biggest factors in how the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious moves forward, and whether Attorney General Holder keeps his job.  A new poll Rasmussen's polling firm released last week shows 40 percent — a plurality — of likely-to-vote Americans want Holder to resign.

ABC Reporter Engaged to Obama Press Sec. Sets Romney Up.  Last Friday, Barack Obama violated his oath of office by proudly announcing he would no longer enforce the law and deport somewhere around a million Mexican illegals.  This act was nothing more than a power grab/political stunt and the result was cheers from the President's Media Palace Guards.  Boxed in, or so the corrupt media thought, all eyes turned to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who wisely chose not to play.

Unlike the 2,000-Death Count in Iraq, ABC, NBC, PBS, MSNBC Skip 2,000 Marker in Afghanistan.  On June 13, the CBS Evening News devoted a story by David Martin to the Afghanistan death count reaching 2,000, as Martin interviewed a mother of a fallen Marine.  CBS was alone.  There was no story last week on the Afghanistan death "milestone" on ABC, NBC, the PBS NewsHour [...] But the networks were all more aggressive when the 2,000 mark arrived in Iraq on October 25, 2005.  The Big Three networks devoted 14 morning and evening news stories to the death toll from October 24 through the end of October, and another 24 anchor briefs or mentions.  They used the number to spell "disaster for this White House."

Breitbart News Report Results in Suspension of Politico Reporter.  You had better read this quick, because unless it's a Daily Caller reporter standing on the shoulders of "giants" to interrupt the President of the United States with a question or a Daily News photographer being shoved around by the star of a low-rated sitcom, the corrupt media protects its own.  So you can bet that the story of Joseph Williams, Politico's White House Correspondent, being suspended for outrageous race and class-baiting is about to go right down the ole' memory hole.

AEI's Pethokoukis Slices, Dices, and Destroys WaPo's Romney-Outsourcing Story.  In a post at the American Enterprise Institute's blog this afternoon [6/22/2012], James Pethokoukis, who previously toiled at U.S. News and Reuters, made mincemeat out of Washington Post reporter Tom Hamburger's Thursday Mitt Romney-Bain Capital hit piece ("Romney's Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas").

Time For Super PACs to Tell the Truth About Fast & Furious.  Forget about the media.  No amount of shaming will ever convince those moral illiterates to tell the full and complete story of Fast and Furious.  If you think Brian Williams and those who staff every other newsroom in this country went to journalism school to hold power accountable and inform the public, think again.  They entered media for one purpose and one purpose only:  to defeat the right and to further the leftist cause.

Voters Disapprove of Obama Blocking Release of Fast & Furious Docs.  After the President invoked executive privilege, the media was forced to cover a story it had strenuously covered up for a year.  In response, the media attempted to paint the President's move as a fight against a renegade Republican Congress playing political games during an election year.  Not only does this poll prove that tactic failed, my guess is that these numbers will get worse as people start to ask, "What the heck is Fast and Furious?"

WashPost's Milbank Claims: 'Media Would Love to Have an Obama Scandal to Cover'.  Unintentionally defining irony, in the midst of trying to rationalize news media disinterest in the "Fast & Furious" scandal by maintaining "it's not a political scandal" but "a scandal of government," Washington Post columnist and former reporter Dana Milbank claimed on CNN's Reliable Sources:  "It's not an ideological thing.  I think the media would love to have an Obama scandal to cover."  Cue the laugh track as you watch the video.

Fortune Magazine Tries to Tell The "Truth" About Fast and Furious, Fails Miserably.  [Scroll down]  The guns sold during Fast and Furious didn't "eventually fall into criminal hands," they were put there intentionally as soon as ATF approved the sale of those guns to guys they knew were straw purchasers before they even walked through the door of the gun dealerships.  Not to mention, weapons were never seized until they were found at violent crime scenes; 1400 remain missing.

The Dictator in the Black Iron Man Suit.  [Scroll down]  Sam Donaldson and a majority of his comrades in the mainstream media have launched their own re-elect Obama campaign.  Their modus operandi is to declare all opposition to Obama racist — "people on the right against a black president."  Such is the narrative they plan to brand on the forehead of every patriot until the election.

What's next for Attorney General Eric Holder?  Congress held Attorney General Eric Holder in both civil and criminal contempt yesterday, in historic bipartisan votes, for his refusal to provide subpoenaed documents in the Fast and Furious investigation.  This has never happened before.  So what happens next?  The first consequence will be that the last media outlets trying to protect the Obama Administration by refusing to report on the worst scandal in Justice Department history will be obliged to mention it, in considerably more detail than they would like.

ABC Skips Its Own Footage of the Supreme Court Contradicting Obama on Tax Increase.  In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that ObamCare is constitutional as a tax, a number of media outlets played the now-embarrassing clip of Barack Obama insisting the law isn't a tax.  Despite the footage coming from a 2009 nterview on This Week, ABC's journalists studiously avoided highlighting their own footage.  CBS, however, played it.

In Obama's America, A Somewhat Less-Free Press.  Campaign operatives masquerading as media "fact checkers."  A President who uses the power of the Executive Branch to shutdown blogs.  Do American journalists care? [...] Had media professionals been more interested in facts back in 2008, rather than merely advancing the narrowly defined agenda of "diversity" and ushering in America's first Black President, there may have been concern about Barack Obama and the company he keeps.  Now after nearly three and a half years of "change," it remains to be seen if the journalists among us remain committed to the agenda.

Eric Holder Cries To The Washington Post.  Attorney General Eric Holder is in big trouble!  So once again the Old Media must swoop in to the rescue.

Media to Obama: Feel Free to Keep Lying About Romney's Outsourcing.  Romney did not outsource jobs.  Obama is lying and saying he did.

DC Area Out of Power, Obama on Vacation.  Damage that has been described as "worse than some hurricanes" has not moved Obama to interrupt his air-conditioned holiday.  This dereliction of duty is not happening in distant New Orleans, but right in the heart of the nation's media and political center.  Yet the mainstream media has not bothered to comment on Obama's absence.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien: Don't Blame Obama For Job Numbers.  Throughout the day [7/6/2012], I watch both CNN and MSNBC and a couple of hours ago as the jobs numbers were released I listened to both networks.  The best way to describe what unfolded was watching a bunch of kids being told their bikes had just been stolen.  Yes, the media was crushed.  Not for the American people, though, but for Their Precious One.

Media Refuses to Make Obama Pay Price For Lies.  Other than his rather bizarre wistful recalling of how great things were in Nixon's America, yesterday in an off-teleprompter stump speech, President Barack Obama told two humongous whoppers. First, he distorted the Clinton years, as though those years in any way resembled, well, what the Obama years look like this very day.  Secondly, he twisted his very first campaign, the most Chicago-style of Chicago-style campaigns, into some sort of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington struggle — when he ran unopposed.  And what have we heard from a media currently obsessed with fact-checking?  Not a peep, not a sound, not a word.

David Maraniss and Obama's Communist Mentor.  It's interesting that not only does Barack Obama need continued vetting, but so do his biographers.  The culprit is the same:  the liberal bias that dutifully protects Obama like white knights guarding the king's castle, shamelessly tossing journalistic objectivity right out the window.  As Sean Hannity likes to say, when it comes to Obama's background, it has fallen to us conservatives to do the job that the mainstream "Obama-mania media" plainly refuses to do.  The most recent Obama biography getting a vetting by conservatives is David Maraniss' Barack Obama, the Story.  [At] American Thinker, Jack Cashill has intrepidly taken up the charge, thereby provoking the wrath of the nation's "journalists" for daring to flag the contradictions in their reporting.

Bernie Goldberg: Media Will Ignore Obama's Five Major Broken Promises.  The liberal media will make sure to go through the motions and occasionally hit President Obama with some critical points, but they will hold their fire when it comes to addressing five major unfulfilled campaign promises, former CBS reporter and media critic Bernie Goldberg told Fox News's Bill O'Reilly last night [7/9/2012].

Obama's Class-Warfare Rhetoric Demonizes Success.  Anyone who wants to study the tricks of propaganda rhetoric has a rich source of examples in the statements of President Barack Obama.  On Monday [7/9/2012], for example, he said that Republicans "believe that prosperity comes from the top down, so that if we spend trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, that that will somehow unleash jobs and economic growth."  Let us begin with the word "spend."  Is the government "spending" money on people whenever it does not tax them as much as it can?  Such convoluted reasoning would never pass muster if the mainstream media were not so determined to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil when it comes to Barack Obama.

Let's Apply Harry Reid's 'Dog Catcher' Standard to Barack Obama.  The mainstream media has been repeating — without any criticism, context, or opposing view — Sen. Harry Reid's claim that Mitt Romney could not be confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve in the Cabinet — or even to serve as "dog catcher" — because he has only released his most recent tax returns, not his entire tax history.  The story currently leads major news websites, including National Public Radio's hourly news update.  So it seems appropriate to do what the media will not:  apply Reid's "dog catcher" standard to Barack Obama.

A Leftist Media for Obama.  The national media likes to present the left, even the radical left, as more or less mainstream, even as it depicts the Tea Party as a fringe movement.  Politicians who espouse Marxist ideas, like Barack Obama, are treated as if they are centrists, well-suited to solve the crises that their own policies have created.  As the liberal media see it, the debate is over.  America has become a European-style social welfare state, and there is no going back.  There is only going forward, or what Obama calls "forward," toward the hardcore communism of the past.

After all the trillions Obama has spent...
CBS's Pelley Upset House's ObamaCare Repeal Votes Have 'Cost Taxpayers' $50 Million.  Showing a renewed concern for the interests of taxpayers, CBS put "Cost to Taxpayers" on screen Wednesday night as CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley worried not about the cost of ObamaCare, but "how much it cost taxpayers for the House to repeal the law again and again?"  Pelley relayed how "the Congressional Research Service tells us that the House of Representatives costs us $24 million a week.  So with two weeks spent repealing the law, that comes to a little under $50 million."

Still Slobbering Over Barack Obama.  Any other President with Barack Obama's record — high unemployment, record deficits, and scandals such as Fast and Furious and the leaking of our nation's intelligence secrets — would face withering scrutiny from the press.  But since Obama was elected, journalists have continued the adoring coverage that marked the 2008 campaign.

Ron Reagan Jr's Howler of the Week: 'Media Is Not Giving Obama Enough Credit'.  We media analysts see, hear, and read a lot of stupid comments from press members everyday.  For me, the howler of the week has to be MSNBC political analyst Ron Reagan Jr. saying about President Obama on Friday's [7/13/2012] Hardball, "The media is not giving him enough credit".

Howard Kurtz Warns CNN: Liberal Media Double Standard Apparent 'to Many'.  Media critic Howard Kurtz warned CNN on Friday that "to many people" it looks like the media has a massive double standard in its campaign coverage of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  "[W]hen you combine all the stories, all the airtime, all the column inches, it looks to many people, I'll just say this bluntly, like the press is giving much more aggressive scrutiny to Romney and his background than it ever gave to Barack Obama," Kurtz told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Our Disgraceful President.  The administration of Barack Obama embodies the worst characteristics of the worst Presidents in our history — the abuse of power, the incompetence, the laziness, the bigotry, the disinterest, the dishonesty, the arrogance.  The reason he's still personally popular is the same reason we know the names Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Perez Hilton or that TMZ exists — A large portion of our culture now celebrates what it used to shun, cheers that which used to drive people into hiding and rewards existence over accomplishment.  That's why the media parrots and trumpets attacks on Mitt Romney's incredibly successful private-sector record but ignores President Obama's public-sector failures.

How the Democratic Media Spin the News.  The Romney campaign puts on a devastating show, and the only thing the Democratic Party reporters are interested in is how they can spin it back to Obama's talking points.

Media Shields Obama from... Small Business Owners.  Yesterday, I showed you how Slate's Dave Weigel and NBC's Peter Alexander worked together to journOlist away the Romney campaign's compelling and troubling evidence that the Obama White House has used billions in taxpayer dollars to pay off campaign supporters.  Today, I'm going to show you how the media is protecting Barack Obama from paying a political price, not only for these alleged payoffs, but also for Obama's off-teleprompter statement in which he said, "If you got a business, you didn't build that — somebody else made that happen."

CNN Four Days Late to Obama's Infamous 'You Didn't Build That' Remark.  Four days after President Obama insulted job creators by asserting "If you've got a business, you didn't build that; somebody else made that happen," CNN finally reported the controversial remarks, and only once the Romney campaign featured them in a campaign attack.  In contrast, when Romney surrogate John Sununu said on Tuesday morning [7/17/2012] that he wished "this President would learn how to be an American," it only took CNN a few hours to jump on the remarks.

CBS: Still Lazy With Obama After All These Years.  Back in 2007 and 2008, it was remarkable watching Barack Obama treated to one puffball interview after another, courtesy of Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes."  Kroft compared him to Abe Lincoln and oozed about his "political poetry."  But it's simply irresponsible, after three and a half years of President Obama wrecking the economy, that CBS — now with anchor Charlie Rose — is still in puffery mode.

Ten Pieces of Bad Economic News the Media's Covering Up.  Except for number ten, all the bad economic news below came out this week — much of it today [7/19/2012].  And this explains why the corrupt media is making all of our eyes glaze over as they enter day 11,485 of demanding Romney release his tax returns and Bain-Bain-Bain.  By focusing on nonsense and on Romney, the media can protect Obama from what you see below — which is an economy and Americans in very real trouble.

All Three Networks Fawn Over Obama Kiss: 'Woohoo! Hot in Here!'  All three networks on Tuesday [7/17/2012] absolutely gushed over Barack Obama kissing his wife at a men's Olympic basketball game on Monday night [7/16/2012].  CBS This Morning guest anchor Norah O'Donnell thrilled, "Whoo-hoo-hoo! Hot in here!"  Good Morning America news reader Josh Elliott cheered on the President's ability to kiss his wife in public.

Dana Milbank Hurls McCarthyism To Shield Obama From Criticism.  We saw this in 2008, when the desperate and desperately corrupt media attempted to silence legitimate criticism of Obama by equating and tying that criticism to racism, crazies, and extremists.  And what this is is nothing more than a form of New McCarthyism, by means of which you smear, terrorize, and marginalize those you disagree with by drawing a very long and dark line from what they've said or what they believe in to portray them as scary, freaky, wacko lunatics who might be dangerous.

Media Declares Use of 'You Didn't Build That' Racist.  Obama's Media Palace Guards know that when the full context is played of Obama's revealing "you didn't build that" quote, it's absolutely devastating for Obama because the full context of those comments show the President openly ridiculing America's small business owners.  So what's a panicked media to do?  Well, at first the corrupt media lied about Obama being taken out of context.  But that's a desperate lie and everyone knows it, which means the Romney campaign was comfortable to keep on keeping on with its use of the President's comments.

NBC Uses D+11 Poll to Find Obama Up by 6.  Serious question:  Does NBC just think we are all idiots?  Have they been under a rock for the last decade and not realize that they no longer can control the information we hear?  Do they think they can breathlessly report that their latest poll has Barack Obama leading Romney by 6-points and not mention that they are using a D+11 sample?  Its only July.  What games will they play in October?

Media Doesn't Want You To Know News For Obama Is All Bad.  It seems that the only time the media mentions our battered economy is when they say, "Despite a struggling economic recovery Obama remains ahead in our latest XYZ poll."  Note how the media likes to use the word "recovery" — because saying "the recovery is struggling" sounds better than "the economy is struggling."  And the recovery isn't struggling.  The recovery is out of breath, dazed, and has taken a knee.

Cojones Required to Defeat Racist Democrats and Media.  When Obama entered the national arena, the bias of the mainstream media intensified times ten.  Obama was their dream come true.  Not only was Obama a left-wing hater of traditional America like them, but he was black.  Perfect!  What white person would have the cojones to criticize the first black presidential candidate?  John McCain did not.  Remarkably, Sarah Palin did.  Upon winning the White House, what white person would have the cojones to oppose the first black president implementing his vowed "hope and change" agenda?  Rush Limbaugh did.  Obama minions, a group that includes the mainstream media, sought to destroy Limbaugh while sycophant Republicans held their coats.

Bob Schieffer Cues Up DNC Chairwoman: 'Is Mitt Romney a Wimp?'.  A left-wing writer for a liberal magazine wrote an article trying to undermine the Republican presidential candidate, a cover story which featured an insulting characterization.  But instead of treating the attack as irrelevant, CBS's Face the Nation decided to showcase it.

Top 10 most dangerous liberals.  [#3]  Mainstream media:  Led by the New York Times and the Washington Post, the mainstream media — which forgot to vet the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008 — are making sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to Mitt Romney.  From Romney's high school antics to his wife's equestrian hobby, the supposedly objective media are trying to make scandals out of triviality while shedding no lights on a failed administration.

Sanitizing of quotes is disgraceful journalism.  There's something journalists you trust haven't told you:  Those quotations you're reading from top officials may not have been said by those officials during their interviews.  In a shameful journalistic acquiescence that we who covered presidents and politicians once considered unthinkable, reporters and editors are now letting officials who were interviewed review, approve and even alter quotations before publication.  We know about this only because of a fine article by The New York Times' Jeremy W. Peters.  On July 15, Peters did what every self-respecting Washington journalist should have done.

Obama's Ultimate Cover-up.  [Scroll down]  The nation recoils in horror at the child predator Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State football coach protected and even facilitated by the university where he worked.  Yet, the fact that Obama was under the tutelage of a pedophile for eight years continues to be a non-story.

WaPo's Richard Cohen Calls Romney 'The Village Idiot'.  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has successfully founded a private equity company, rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics, and governed the state of Massachusetts.  Despite such accomplishments, the Washington Post's Richard Cohen on Monday [7/30/2012] called Romney "the village idiot". [...] By comparison, Barack Obama who never actually produced anything is the smartest man on the planet.

Shameless Liberal Media Promote Unproven Claim: 'Obama Related to America's First Slave'.  The website is trying to build an appealing Obama tale... and promote business to its website, and The Washington Post and other pro-Obama media are biting like hungry fish.  Washington Post reporter Krissah Thompson was thrilled:  "President Obama's extraordinary family story gained a new layer this week as a team of genealogists found evidence that he is most likely a descendant of one of the first documented African slaves in this country."  Underline "most likely."

Obama's Slave Roots?.  Obama's handlers are trying hard to make the President 'more' black.  With less than 100 days to go until the election, we discover Obama might be descended from "authentic American slaves" through his mother.

Politico Declares Tax Study Co-Authored By Former Obama WH Employee 'Nonpartisan'.  NOWHERE, in this act of propaganda meant to tee-up Obama's latest round of anti-Romney lies, does [Jennifer] Epstein mention the fact that this so-called "nonpartisan" study so devastating to Romney is co-authored by someone who, until last year, worked in the Obama White House.

Five Reasons There Are Bad Polls.  This morning, CBS and the New York Times announced excitedly that their new swing-state poll (conducted by Quinnipiac University) in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey showed a substantial margin for Barack Obama in all three.  The problem:  The poll's results are preposterous.  We know this not because it shows Obama leading but because its "internals" are hilariously out of whack in relation to vote totals in 2008 and 2010.

Propaganda poll shows Obama ahead.  These results are as valuable as the media that sponsored them.  It is a shame that Quinnipiac, which was once respected, has thrown in with the propagandists.

The Mainstream Media's Treatment of Obama's and Romney's Grades, Compared.  Yes, while the mainstream media continues to insist that Romney's youth as a prep school boy in Michigan is all-important to his character and so on, it continues to conceal Barack Obama's grades, asking us to take it on faith that Obama is a genius, even though the evidence of his presidency suggests anything but.  Perhaps that is because the mainstream media knows that there are many more questions than answers surrounding Obama's grades, and the classes he took, than they have let on.

Obama's College Classmate: 'The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia'.  [Scroll down]  The Wall Street Journal reported in 2008 that Fox News randomly called 400 of our Columbia classmates and never found one who had ever met Obama.  Now all of this mystery could be easily and instantly dismissed if Obama released his Columbia transcripts to the media.  But even after serving as President for 3½ years he refuses to unseal his college records.  Shouldn't the media be as relentless in pursuit of Obama's records as Romney's?  Shouldn't they be digging into Obama's past — beyond what he has written about himself — with the same boundless enthusiasm as Mitt's?

Why Obama Thought Going Toxic Was a No-Lose Strategy.  Obama may be enamored of false flag operations.  In Fast and Furious, the Obama administration allowed Mexican cartel members to buy automatic weapons.  The objective was to make it appear, as Hillary Clinton had previously said, that the violence in Mexico was the result of liberal gun policies in America, thereby providing a rationale for restricting the rights of American gun owners.  In the latest case, a PAC supporting Obama has run a horrendously evil ad.  Obama had every reason to believe that his connection to the ad would be hidden by the media because the media has refused to report on what really happened in Fast and Furious.

More about the Fast and Furious scandal.

Getting Obama Out of the Bubble.  There is much to mock in the New York Times report on how President Obama's obsession with his own press coverage has convinced him the media is not biased quite enough in his favor.  But I come not to mock, but to offer some unsolicited advice to the president.

Most Transparent Administration Hasn't Fielded Question from WH Press in Seven Weeks.  Despite giving numerous interviews while overseas, the press complained about limited access to Mitt Romney while he traveled to England, Poland, and Israel.  That same media hasn't so much as whispered after President Obama hasn't answered a single question from the White House pool for seven weeks.

Look Who the Press Is Blaming for the Ugly Campaign.  What a surprise.  Mitt Romney finally throws a counterpunch to a series of outrageous Obama campaign lies, and the press accuses Romney of going negative.  The media's pro-Obama bias is a wonder to behold.

Poll: Media in Obama's pocket.  Likely voters, by a five-to-one margin, believe that America's media is in President Obama's pocket and will treat his candidacy better than challenger Mitt Romney's as the election nears, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll.  The startling numbers point to an even more disturbing trend for the media:  Reporters just aren't trusted to deliver the news in an unbiased fashion.  The proof:  Rasmussen found that when it comes to information about the presidential campaign, 48 percent of likely voters trust friends and family while just 26 percent trust reporters.

What if the mainstream media told the truth?  Is it possible the mainstream media is finally starting to grasp what I predicted three months ago — that Obama will lose in a landslide?  The first domino has fallen.  Ultra-left Newsweek's cover story on Monday [8/20/2012] features a photo of Obama and the headline:  "Hit the Road Barack, Why We Need a New President."  My, how the mighty have fallen.  As the mainstream media realizes that Obama will not only lose, but lose big, I predict this will be the first of many negative headlines for Obama.  No one likes to bet on a lame horse.

Obama's MSM shield starts to crumble.  A shocking development is rocking the Obama campaign, as a reliably supportive media outlet has published a cover story with the shocking caption, "Hit the Road, Barack: Why We Need a New President." [...] Even more important than the devastating content of the cover story is where it was published.  Newsweek is published by Tina Brown, long a fixture of the media social scene, a trendsetter.  The cover story represents a serious breach in the cofferdam erected around Obama and the progressive cause.  It constitutes recognition that this particular emperor actually has no clothes.

Obama meets the press and makes stuff up.  Over the past several months, President Obama has become accustomed to questions like these:
  ·   "It must not be too bad to be friends with George Clooney?  Is he a nice guy?"
  ·   "Is the campaign bus comfortable?"
  ·   "If you had a super power, what would it be?"

Tapper: The Media is Failing the Country.  In an interview [8/21/2012] with Laura Ingraham, White House reporter Jake Tapper said that the media is failing the country.  "A lot of people are hurting out there.  Unemployment is 8.3 percent.  That doesn't even take into account the underemployed," he said, arguing that too much time has been spent not talking about the economy.

Obama Programming Media to His Favor.  Obama threw the White House press corps a bone on Monday by appearing for 20 some minutes and taking a grand total of four questions from those members of the Old Media whose official job is to report from the White House.  The President has taken about six serious questions from the press since June.  But this doesn't mean he's taken no other questions from the press.  Unfortunately, the questions he has taken have not been from a free and open press but have been pre-programmed.

The Press is soft on Obama.  In its otherwise glorious history, the Oval Office has suffered its share of scoundrels. [...] Yet Barack Obama's conduct puts him in a class of one.  Day in, day out, he diminishes the traditions of an office that, starting with George Washington, were created to keep the presidency above the soiling scrum of partisan politics.  No. 44 specializes in a small-mindedness fueled by arrogance and contempt.

Washington Post mistakenly debunks embarrassing Obama Ohio photo.  An embarrassing photo of President Obama trying to spell Ohio with a group of students was snagged by Buzzfeed this afternoon, as Zeke Miller posted two different photos of the incident on their website.  Many Romney supporters quickly tweeted the photo, joking that the President didn't know how to spell Ohio.  The Washington Post quickly posted a defense of the president claiming that the erroneous photo had been photoshopped.

Polls Show Americans Are Wise to Media's Cheerleading of Barack Obama.  A new poll by Rasmussen shows that 51 percent of voters think the media will, for the most part, attempt to help reelect President Obama rather than work to accurately and fairly report on the campaign.  Only 9 percent of respondents believe the media are in the tank for Romney.  That same poll found 59 percent of likely voters "believe Obama has received the best treatment from the media so far."

The Biggest Myth of 2012.  I don't know whether President Obama or Mitt Romney will win on November 6, but I do know what the MSNBC talking heads will say in the event that Obama loses.  They will say that Republican billionaires bought the election; that Republican legislators suppressed the minority vote through onerous photo identification requirements; and that Romney frightened white working class voters into thinking Obama favored minorities over other groups.  They will say the 2010 Citizens United decision allowed Republican billionaires to inject undisclosed "dark money" into American politics, and Democrats could not compete because they had no financial interest at stake, no Charles Koch or Sheldon Adelson of their own.

America's Historic Cokehead President.  Does it bother you that the most powerful man on the planet was a longtime drug user?  Does it bother you that he has attempted to use his drug abuse to gain credibility with young Americans?  Does it bother you that his acknowledgment of having been a serious drug user has been given a pass in the news media? [...] Barack Obama is the first U.S. president to admit to cocaine abuse, to describe it in a manner designed to impress the young, and to get away with it.  It's historic.

Obama Pouts: 'America Doesn't Need a Birther-In-Chief'.  Every day and in every way, the Obama campaign and his media minions ask themselves one simple question:  How can we run out the clock and avoid talking about the issues and the failing economy in order to drag this failure over the finish line?  And don't you dare blame Mitt Romney for creating a distraction.

MSM: Focusing on the Minor While Ignoring the Major to Help Obama.  Remarkably, the mainstream media functions as if getting Obama re-elected trumps everything, including world affairs, national security, the U.S. economy, and national race relations.  While our media imitates sharks responding to blood in the water by ripping apart Akin, Iran unveiled a new upgraded missile.  In response, Israel is talking about possibly attacking Iran.  Food and gas prices continue to skyrocket. [...] One in seven Americans is on food stamps.  Have you heard the mainstream media talk about any of these crucial issues?  The answer is no, because these extremely important news stories do not further the mainstream media's mission to re-elect Obama.

Has the old media worm turned against Obama?  If Obama loses, the old liberal media will catalogue the reasons for his fall.  But we shouldn't expect any confession that they intentionally misrepresented him for six years, from 2006 to 2012.  There will be no admission of their failure to do journalistic due diligence concerning his background and qualifications to become president.  Nor a collective stomach-pumping to purge their Kool-Aid-invoked reporting on him as president.

The 'Housewife' Media Are Desperate To Muzzle.  Four years ago, the major media gleefully showed off Michelle Obama as her husband's "secret weapon."  Now they refuse to broadcast Ann Romney because it would soften their version of who Mitt Romney is.

Will Powerful Media Re-Elect Obama, Subverting Will Of The People?  The major media in past elections have veiled their pro-Democrat bias.  But in this race they've become so militant there's a real risk the election may be rigged for President Obama.

PolitiFiction.  The website PolitiFact is going to be truth-squadding the Republican convention speakers this week, delivering verdicts on which claims are "mostly true" and which deserve a "pants on fire" rating.  Our advice:  Pay no attention to those ratings.  PolitiFact can't be trusted to get the story right.

Obama Lies While Accusing the Romney Campaign of Lying.  If you want a near perfect encapsulation of how the Obama campaign is leaning on incompetent partisans masquerading as "independent" media fact checking organizations to do their dirty work, I strongly encourage you to read today's article in the New York Times, "Obama Team Sharpens Attacks on Rivals' Character."

Media Madness, and the Reckoning.  Last week a line was crossed, and full blown insanity manifested itself in the formerly-mainstream media. [...] Even if Artur Davis weren't black, how is it a non-story, when the guy who seconded Obama's nomination ends up with a prime time spot on the GOP Convention stage?

NBC's Chuck Todd Follows Obama's 'Bank of America' Talking Points.  One of the funniest and most revealing things coming out of the upcoming Democratic convention is how Democrats will NewSpeak the name of the very place the convention is being held. [...] Democrats changing the language, facts, and calling something it's not is a time-honored tradition.

Obama's sleight-of-hand goes to convention.  Obama's pattern is this:  Make a promise; break the promise; insist that you've kept the promise, and hope the press gives you a free pass.  When called out, resort to absurd word parsing.  This is how Obama campaigns, and it is how he governs.

The First Refuge of Scoundrels.  Why have so many in the so-called mainstream media become unhinged in their attacks on not only Mitt Romney, but anyone who does not openly support Barack Obama?

The media's help is paying off.
Barack's free pass.  A new poll by the Hill found that 52 percent of respondents think President Obama does not deserve a second term, while 40 percent think he does.  With economic growth stalled, unemployment climbing and record numbers of Americans on food stamps, the question is not why the re-elect number is so low but why Mr. Obama's support is so high.  Millions of Americans seem content to give Mr. Obama a pass on his wretched economic record.

Were journalists using fake names to make Obama donations at the convention?  [Scroll down]  So the next time you hear a "journalist" pitching in with the sort of in-kind campaign contribution that Democrats love, even though they are very upset by the idea of other types of corporation participating in political speech, remember that he or she might be driving home in a car with a "Democrats Are Hot" bumper sticker, purchased under a fake name at the Democratic National Convention.

Report: Journalists Using Fake Names to Buy Obama Merchandise.  Several journalists have reportedly used fake names to buy Obama campaign merchandise inside media-only areas of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Are the Media Going Soft on the Democrats?  The question must be asked:  Are the media getting swept away in Charlotte in a way they most certainly weren't in Tampa?

The Audacity of Cronyism.  It's hard to know which is worse:  the arrogance of the Obama administration in assuming that its White House staffers can get away with anything, or the apathy of the media in not holding those staffers accountable.  Actually, let's scratch the word "apathy" and call it what it really is:  abjectness.  The media have been abject in their willingness, even eagerness, to serve the political interests of this administration and its re-election effort.

Why Obama Is Still Ahead.  If a Republican president had a record like Obama's, his approval rating would be lower than Carter's.  Press bias in Obama's favor is a given.  It was activated again by the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East.  The media scorned Romney's criticism of the Obama administration's response as a gaffe that may have doomed his campaign.  Obama got a pass, though the anti-American assaults were stark evidence of the failure of his policy toward Islamic countries.  This was press favoritism at its most typical:  Obama's okay, his critics aren't.

Which Is Melting Faster: America's Position in Middle East or MSM's Position in America?  If an American consulate had been attacked and four Americans including the ambassador slaughtered on George W. Bush's watch — on 9/11, no less — the outrage broadcast over the nation's elite media would have been intense and round-the-clock.  Had George W. Bush then responded to those events by jetting to Vegas for a fundraiser and campaign rally marked by a rote and emotion-less nod towards the victims and a callous transition to the difficulty of campaign life for political volunteers, well, the hysteria that would have followed would have melted wires.

Obama Lists His Five Criteria for Death by Drone.  From his interview with Ben Swann, host of Fox 19's Reality Check, to his sit-down with CNN's chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin, the kill-list compiler-in-chief is gradually exposing details of the principles he purportedly follows before targeting someone for assassination.  The president may assume that there is little reason to try hiding something that is being publicized daily — except in the mainstream media.

New Yorker Writer: Obama Ditched Outdoor Stadium Speech Because of Humility!.  We have to give [John] Cassidy credit for originality.  Absolutely nobody else came up with that hilarious excuse.  Cassidy also provides more laughs in the form of head scratching over why Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was a convention no-show. [...] Do you really have to ask why Geithner didn't make an appearance at the convention, John?  I'll give you a clue:  it might have to do with the fact that he would have been an unwelcome reminder about the miserable state of the American economy.

Media Smothers News of Romney's Commanding Lead With Independents.  Even as the most recent polls show Obama's convention bounce fading (as expected), that doesn't mean our dishonest and corrupt media is going to crawl off the bandwagon they crafted over the weekend proclaiming Obama's win as inevitable.

How They Get Polls to Show Obama Ahead:  Given that no credible person could say with a straight face that Obama is doing even a mediocre job as president, how to make sense of polls showing him ahead?  Simple — the polls are conducted by his fellow oligarchical collectivists, who cheat. [...] What is the point of even taking a poll if you are going to play tricks to get unrepresentative numbers?

Conservatives Rally On Embassy Attacks.  Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tells [The Washington Post]:  "The perception of American weakness that provided the foundation for these attacks is largely because of Obama administration mistakes and lack of resolve.  A repetition of 1979 in Tehran is nor fetched, especially given the weakness of Obama's statement this morning."  He dismisses the media storyline as pure boosterism:  "The press criticism of Romney's statement is so clearly at the administration's behest that they are giving lapdogs a bad name."

How Republics Fall.  The closeness of mainstream journalists to President Obama has debauched their integrity.  Some of them give the White House veto authority over their stories.  Others look to be rewarded with plum jobs or stimulus-funded ads.  This abasement before power presages a return to a time when political writers, among them Swift and Defoe, were the professed protégés of statesmen and relied on Whig or Tory patronage for their bread; it also leaves the country vulnerable to the distortions of ostensibly neutral journalists who are too fervently committed to the leader to tell the truth about him.

Poll: Obama, Romney Tied in CO; Obama Underperforming.  [Scroll down]  Another poll released on Thursday [9/13/2012] had Obama leading by five points, but mainstream outlets, unlike local news organizations in Denver, failed to mention that the poll was conducted by a public affairs firm run by Democratic operatives who ran the campaigns of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mark Udall, both of whom are Democrats.

Pelley Trumpets Obama's 'Remarkable Moment of Candor' in What Makes the 'Sacrifices Worth It'.  [Scroll down]  Viewers soon heard from Obama how all the sacrifice he must suffer through as President, such as "the inability to just take a walk," is all "worth it" when he hears about how an ObamaCare provision has saved someone from dying of cancer.  Yes, it takes "remarkable candor" to tout yourself as magnanimous, but you'd think a journalist of Pelley's stature wouldn't be so excitedly gullible.

Trashing the Constitution.  First, let's dispense with a persistent media trope, which is that President Obama was a constitutional law professor in Chicago.  Former University of Chicago Law School Dean Richard Epstein blew a hole through that recently with his recollection that New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor's claim that Mr. Obama was offered tenure is false.  Mr. Obama was never even a law professor, just a part-time lecturer.  "[U]nder no circumstances would an offer to Obama be tenured," Mr. Epstein told the Daily Caller.  "The thought that the law school could have made a tenure offer to a person with no academic writing was out of the question."

Obama and his news media enablers.  If we had an honest media/Democratic Party, this week would embarrass them.  But we don't.  And since we don't, rather than honest reporting about President Obama's failure to comprehend and react strongly to an ever growing string of attack in the Middle East, we get stories about how Mitt Romney didn't wait for what pundits deem to be his turn when denouncing it.  An honest media would wonder why the ambassador in Libya wasn't sufficiently guarded by United States Marines.

Obama, Egypt, and Israel: None Dare Call It Treason, Fifty Years Later.  [Scroll down]  Romney's basic point was that Islamists are attacking us because we are weak; as a campaign document puts it, "We have seen a foreign policy of weakness and decline in American influence and respect.  Yesterday, we saw the consequences of this perceived weakness."  And that's what has sent the MSM into overdrive in defense of Obama.  Romney is now being picked apart on minor timeline issues (issues on which he was correct), while the major thrust of what he said — his critique of Obama policy weakness — is ignored.

The Media and Obama are Taking Us Down the Rabbit Hole.  To re-elect Barack Obama, the media has a long list of what they expect us to believe. [...] The media expect us to believe that Barack Obama is a foreign policy expert, and Mitt Romney knows nothing about foreign policy.  How's the Middle East looking?  The media expect us to believe the Arab Spring was a good thing and the Muslim Brotherhood are our friends.  The media expect us to believe Obama cares about national security, even though he golfs more often than he goes to intel briefings.

The Polls: Solid As A Rock.  There was a time when images of American embassies under siege and a United States ambassador being dragged through the streets by a baying mob would have represented serious trouble for the administration in power, especially when coupled with obvious dishonesty about the circumstances that led to the debacle and an apparent lack of foresight and prudence on the part of the State Department.

Obama's foreign policy of reconciliation lies in tatters.  What exactly is the nature and intention of Barack Obama's foreign policy?  What has the net effect been of his emphasis on apology and reconciliation with the Muslim world?  How does he now see America's global role?  Bizarrely enough, none of these questions was being discussed in the immediate aftermath of last week's attack on the United States consulate in Libya, which resulted in the first killing of an American ambassador since 1979.

Press Endangers Private Citizen to Hide Obama's Middle East Failures.  Instead of questioning President Barack Obama about the intelligence and security failures that led to the deaths of four diplomatic personnel in Libya Tuesday, the media has focused its ire on a California private citizen.

The November Referendum on the Liberal Media.  The old media is dialing-up its defense of a failed Presidency.  It will cost them. [...] The Obama regime's slogans and memes, propagated by the legacy media today, include, but are not limited to, the Republican's "War on Women," "fair-share," "Forward," and the general characterization of "rich" Republicans as uncaring about the poor, minorities, LGBT persons, and so on.  The legacy media parrots these memes and repeats the Obama Re-Election Campaign's talking-points — daily.

The sun never sets on Obama's failures.  Our adversaries are stronger.  America and her allies are weaker.  And yet, after spending practically a decade blaming every last thing, including the bad weather, on President Bush, the media seem determinedly uninterested in ascribing even the slightest amount of responsibility to President Obama.

Can You Top This? CBS/NYT Poll Weights Registered Voters Dems 35%, Republicans 22%.  In a campaign season which is on track to go down as the worst ever for cooked polling, one from CBS News and the New York Times has outdone everyone to this point.  Clearly, they didn't like what a properly weighted result would have told them, which is that Mitt Romney is in a deadlock with Barack Obama if one uses Gallup's party affiliation numbers from before Democratic National Convention, or that he's up by five points if one opts for Rasmussen's affiliation numbers.

Mastermind of World Trade Center bombing to be "transferred" to Egypt?  I thought a line had been crossed when sheriffs showed up at midnight to bundle away a man who had made an anti-Islamic movie that embarrassed the President. [...] Will there ever be a last straw for the MSM that is acting as Obama's press corps?  Is there anything Obama could do that would make them say "Enough!" and stand up for America?  What would it take?

Andrea Mitchell: NBC Hasn't "Authenticated" Obama Redistribution Clip, Won't Air.  On her MSNBC program this afternoon [9/19/2012], NBC News' Andrea Mitchell said the network would not air the clip of then-State Senator Barack Obama endorsing redistribution in 1988 because the network could not "authenticate" the clip.

Another absurd manufactured controversy.  As a huge portion of the world riots against the United States, the President will sit down with David Letterman and party with Jay-Z, Beyonce and other millionaire donors tonight at major fundraisers.  And the media will focus on something Mitt Romney said at a fundraiser back in May.  Why?  Because the alternative would be to report on the aforementioned stories that make the President look bad.  And no one in the "objective" media wants that.

Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.?  [Scroll down]  The truth will eventually come out, perhaps in 2013, but maybe not for many more years.  When it does, historians will ask why the media was complicit in deceiving the American public about the career of the man who was called Barack Hussein Obama II.

Media lap dogs in hot pursuit of the wrong story.  What we are in the midst of witnessing right now is a complete, Fukushima-style meltdown of the mainstream media.  Without these slobbering lap dogs, President Obama never would have been elected in the first place.  And now they are his only hope for staying in office amid all the global violence, a morbidly paralyzed economy and a national crisis of confidence so profound that the American Dream has become nothing more than quaint fiction for millions.

Media Bias Designed to Save Obama's Presidency.  Our media understand that, in the same way that Jimmy Carter lost Iran and America was humiliated during the Iranian hostage crisis, there is a danger that Obama will be perceived to have lost Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, as violent demonstrations continue in the Middle East and other Arab/Muslim areas of the world.  Hence, attention is being directed to a film that has been on the Internet since July.  It is a diversion intended to save Obama's presidency.

Fox News: Justice Dept. thinks its collaboration with Media Matters 'not a big deal'.  The Department of Justice continues to ignore requests for comment in response to the revelation its Office of Public Affairs director Tracy Schmaler has coordinated with left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America, and is sending signals to at least one media organization that the cabinet agency doesn't believe the collaboration has great significance.

Emails reveal Justice Dept. regularly enlists Media Matters to spin press.  Internal Department of Justice emails obtained by The Daily Caller show Attorney General Eric Holder's communications staff has collaborated with the left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America in an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America's top law enforcement agency.

Resignation calls fly at Justice Dept. spokeswoman over Media Matters collaboration.  Several targets of a collaborative relationship between Justice Department Office of Public Affairs director Tracy Schmaler and the liberal message group Media Matters for America told The Daily Caller that Schmaler's conduct is grounds for her resignation, or for the termination of her employment.  And members of Congress have told TheDC that Media Matters' enviable tax-exempt status may be in jeopardy as a result of that collusion.

Issa: Obama 'Enemies List' Nixonian.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chair of the House Oversight Committee, has come out firing today [9/20/2012] after reports about collusion between the Department of Justice and far-left propaganda machine Media Matters for America.  The reports showed that DOJ officials and Media Matters were trading information about particular conservatives, including Breitbart News editor Joel Pollak.

Is the Liberal Press Shooting Itself In the Foot?  Reporters have been trying to help Barack Obama limp across the finish line by creating a daily distraction to divert attention from the Obama administration's awful record.  Whenever possible, they have trumpeted the claim that Mitt Romney has committed one gaffe or another, that he is falling behind in the (bogus) polls, that his campaign is in disarray, and he is basically doomed.  No doubt this gives reporters and editors momentary satisfaction, and they have indeed convinced most people that Obama will likely win, but does that really advance the objective of re-electing Obama?

President Obama, First Lady to Appear Together on 'The View'.  The first couple will together take questions on their relationship, family life inside the White House and the 2012 presidential race from the program's five female hosts, the network said in a statement.

The Editor says...
I suspect the softball question have probably been written and pre-approved already, and the correct answers loaded into the ABC teleprompters.  But Mr. and Mrs. Obama probably won't be asked about Frank Marshall Davis, Mr. Obama's phony Social Security number, his fraudulent birth certificate, his Indonesian citizenship, the Keystone XL pipeline, four-dollar gasoline, double-digit unemployment, campaign contributions from Doodad Pro, Obama's connections to the Weather Underground, Rashid Khalidi, ACORN, Jeremiah Wright, Black Liberation Theology, vacations in Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard, bowing down to King Abdullah, or the name of the person who wrote his two best-selling books.

Question: Are We That Stupid?  [I]n spite of the fact that this administration failed miserably in not securing our embassies and State personnel on 9/11 before Ambassador Stevens and others were brutally assassinated, poll numbers show Obama leading Romney in swing states.  The media and his sycophants are still covering for this foreign policy disaster.  When it was pointed out that Obama hadn't bothered to attend intelligence briefings, National Security Council spokesman, Tommy Vietor told Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post that Obama didn't need to because he was "among the most sophisticated consumers of intelligence on the planet."  Oh really?

Though Illegal, Obama Appears to Solicit Super PAC Money at Jay-Z Fundraiser.  If our corrupt media believe a Republican said something inappropriate at a fundraiser about the 47% of the American people the rest of us carry, the corrupt media attempt to destroy his campaign over it.  However, if a sitting president appears to openly and brazenly break the laws surrounding the solicitation of super PAC money, this very same media dutifully report but refuse to talk about it.

New York Times announces that only Obama will be allowed to approve stories in advance.  It was revealed last week that the Times gave the White House the right to approve details in a lengthy story in advance.  Now that the Obama story has run, the Times has realized that that policy may just be a violation of journalistic integrity and quickly announced a new policy that prohibits quote approval.  In other words, what's good for Obama just ain't gonna fly for Romney.

Who needs elections when we have the mainstream media?
Obama's Army.  The election is over, and Mitt Romney lost.  He's toast; his goose is cooked; put a fork in him he's done; he's yesterday's news.  Disagree?  That's too bad.  The American media have made up their minds.

Reward: $100,000 for Khalidi Tape.  Breitbart News is doubling its reward — to $100,000 — for one of the missing pieces of Barack Obama's past, which may be the key to understanding his collapsing Middle East policy:  the "Khalidi tape," a video kept under wraps by the Los Angeles Times since April 2008.  The Khalidi tape shows Obama at a 2003 farewell party for radical Palestinian academic and activist Rashid Khalidi, and reportedly features vitriolic anti-Israel rhetoric.

Khalidi Tape Cover Up: Media 'Selectively Edits' Its Ethical Standards.  [W]hen it comes to protecting Barack Obama, the corrupt media doesn't get all that wrapped up in the details of what is and isn't legal or ethical.  The Romney video is news; it's a revealing moment from The Man Who Might Be President, and as a result we're entering day four of the super-loop the media's put the video on across every news outlet in America.

The truth behind the 'Khalidi video' and why it's not for sale.  [Scroll down]  In the case of the Khalidi video, the unnamed source agreed to share the illuminating bit of video evidence with [Peter] Wallsten, but only with the understanding that the reporter could not reproduce or rebroadcast the images.  The journalist had to make a decision:  Do I agree to that condition and get to see evidence that no other reporter has seen of Obama meeting with Palestinian Americans?

Bias alert:
After smearing all MSM-bypassing conservatives as "the political fringe", the LA Times offers the anemic rationalization that it will not release this damaging video, not because it would end Barack H. Obama's political career, but because the LA Times would lose at least one source of timely tips for one of its reporters.  Obviously, the needs of the newspaper come first.

LA Times: Why We Won't Release The Khalidi Video.  This week, Breitbart News offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who produced the infamous 2003 tapes of Barack Obama at an event honoring Palestinian anti-Israel radical Rashid Khalidi.  And today, James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times took to his keyboard today to write a diatribe defending the Times' refusal to make public those tapes.  While Rainey gives several justifications for not releasing the tape itself — guarding the source of the tape being the most prevalent — he offers no justification for why the Times refuses to offer even a complete transcript of that evening's events.

Obama to Condemn Christian Filmmaker Before United Nations.  For weeks this administration, aided and abetted by The State Media, has shamelessly lied to us about what happened in Libya.  Moreover, in order to cover up and distract for unforgivable security lapses, this hapless filmmaker has been targeted for all of the blame — certainly more blame than the Administration's failure to secure a consulate on 9/11 (of all days), but even more blame than the actual murderers.  And now, even though we know the truth about what really happened in Libya, it won't stop.  It will never stop.  Because Obama knows his media will never make him pay a political price for lying and scapegoating.  At all costs, the media quietly whispers amongst themselves, Obama must be reelected.

Can Obama Cruise to Victory?  Just before the Republican National Convention, a mainstream media (MSM) narrative began to take shape.  The false meme stated that Obama had the momentum and the necessary support to easily win re-election.  Soon another feature was added to the construct — i.e., that Obama's re-election is inevitable.  Too often this narrative was supported by selective polling data that underpinned the stories and purported to make them true.

Media Estimate 18,000 in Not-Quite-Full 5,000-Seat Arena for Obama in Wisconsin.  President Barack Obama is having trouble drawing large crowds on the campaign trail.  At the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, his campaign was forced to move his acceptance speech from the 74,000-seat Bank of America Stadium to the 20,000 Time Warner Cable Arena, citing weather as the excuse.  But the media are always eager to help — for example, putting 18,000 people inside a 5,000-seat arena at an Obama event in Milwaukee on Saturday [9/22/2012].

Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett was source for inflated Obama crowd numbers in Wisconsin.  As Breitbart's Joel Pollack investigates, both The Wall Street Journal and Politico reported that President Obama's Saturday [9/22/2012] rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin drew a crowd of 18,000 supporters.  That's at least a bit odd, since the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reported that the President was speaking at a 5,000-seat arena.  The report added that "thousands more who sat in bleachers and stood on the pavement," but made no mention of the abnormally large 18,000 estimate.

Trifecta: Politico, WSJ and AP Report Obama Crowd in Wis. of About 5,000 as 18,000.  Saturday [9/22/2012], Joel Pollak at Breitbart's Big Journalism observed that President Obama is having some trouble drawing big crowds these days, and that the national press is exaggerating the turnout at his events.  He specifically cited the situation this weekend where Politico and the Wall Street Journal claimed there were "18,000 people inside a 5,000-seat arena at an Obama event in Milwaukee on Saturday."  I looked at the Associated Press's national site, and the AP did the same thing, while adding that the crowd with the made-up size was "the largest yet of Obama's reelection campaign."  Really.

More about sparse crowds at Obama appearances.

Fact Check: Obama Lies About Responsibility for Deficit.  Yesterday [9/23/2012], President Barack Obama told CBS News' 60 Minutes that "ninety percent" of the reason the federal budget deficit has risen dramatically under his administration is because of his predecessor, George W. Bush.  Not only is that a baldfaced lie — Obama borrowed more money in less than four years than Bush did in eight — but it is a lie that many in the media want to believe, as Andrew Sullivan of Newsweek demonstrates.

Media Keep Doing Free PR Work for Obama.  Want additional proof the mainstream media act more like PR agents for the Obama campaign than watchdogs who "speak truth to power"?  Here are three fresh examples from the weekend.

Kirsten Powers: More Americans will be put in danger if the media doesn't start challenging the White House on Libya.  A few reporters have stepped up, of course.  Eli Lake at Newsweek has done a bang-up job, CNN has stuck with the story all week, Tapper had a solid report last night about who knew what and when.  But perhaps we're asking too much from the media generally; there are, after all, Romney gaffes to be covered.  And if there's one thing that America wants and needs from its media right now, it's more navel-gazing horse-race election dreck.

Barack Obama Strolls Down EZ Street.  Perpetual campaigner Barack Obama is everywhere.  He's in Las Vegas, the internet, over at Jay and Bey's place, and even showed up on EZ Street's show on Washington DC's interactive urban contemporary radio station WKYS.  WKYS features "what's hot in the hip-hop community" and judging from the homepage, it's clear Barack Obama remains "hot" in the hip-hop community.  Recovering from an unsettling Univision interview, Barack spent a good portion of his marshmallow interview reciting a laundry list of predictable talking points.

Obama Campaign: Birth Control Costs $18,000.  If anything as embarrassing as [this] occurred at a Republican presidential contender's website, including the follow-up ridicule by the opposition, the press would never be able to resist covering it.

A Guide to the Obama Administration's Five Major Scandals for Mainstream Media Dummies.  Five big scandals to chew on, any one of which have the potential to bring down a president.  A couple of them are easily bigger and juicier than Watergate.  A couple even have body counts.  A couple could be linked together to show a pattern of lawless behavior.  Get to work, intrepid reporter.  You don't need Deep Throat, and you don't need to be Woodward or Bernstein.  You just need to follow up on any one of these five massive scandals and report them fully in the mainstream media.  I should advise you, you won't win any Pulitzers and you'll probably get fired.  But you just might save your country.

Is Barack Obama a Compulsive Liar?  [T]here has been five years of outright lies and narcissism that have been largely ignored by the media, including some in the conservative press and political class who are loath to call Mr. Obama what he is in the bluntest of terms:  a liar and a fraud.  That he relies on his skin color to intimidate, either outright or by insinuation, those who oppose his agenda only adds to his audacity.  It is apparent that he has gotten away with his character flaws his entire life, aided and abetted by the sycophants around him; thus he is who he is and cannot change.

There would be no media pass on the Mideast if Bush were president.  [Scroll down]  In a campaign interview, he says Egypt is not a U.S. ally, prompting a public correction by no less than Carter.  Even worse, his administration (including his secretary of State) seems unwilling to call the attacks premeditated or even terrorism and wants to blame an obscure anti-Muhammad video.  On the Sunday talk shows, his U.N. ambassador claims the Libya attack was "not ... premeditated."  She is immediately repudiated by the Libyan president, who states there's "no doubt that this was pre-planned, determined."  And media report that U.S. diplomats in Libya had been warned three days before that attack.  Then we hear that a terrorist released from Gitmo was involved.  The president, bear in mind, did not attend a single daily intelligence briefing during that period.  And still keeps campaigning and talking to celebrities.

Yes, the media are massively biased towards Obama.  The Republicans aren't worried about Romney performing well in Wednesday's debate.  They're worried about how the mainstream media will choose to report it.

Democrat Pollster To Megyn Kelly: Media Guilty Of Corruption Of The First Order' For Protecting Obama.  Former Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell appeared on Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly on Monday to elaborate on a talk he gave recently in which he claimed that the media has today become "the enemy of the American people."  Caddell called the media's deliberate downplaying of certain stories that could damage Barack Obama's electoral prospects as "corruption of the first order."

WaPo: 'Will Romney Reach out to Racists?'.  According to Wikipedia and another source, The Root is an online magazine devoted to black culture.  It's also owned by The Washington Post.  Saturday, The Root published an entire article devoted to this headline:  Will Romney Reach out to Racists in Debates?  The subtext of the article is even more noxious; that if Romney does win it will be due to racism.

Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012.  Once the Daily Caller story did hit, and it became clear that Tucker Carlson had found never-before-seen video of Obama in a way voters have never seen him, none of that mattered.  The desperate narrative to protect Obama had already been set and, as though the rest of us were insane, the corrupt media doubled down in its efforts to tell those of us who had never seen this video that we had.

Time's Mark Halperin Melts Down over Drudge's Obama-Video Tease.  There's nothing more entertaining than watching in real-time as an elite member of the corrupt media completely loses his cool over something he has no control over.  And more importantly, something that might derail all the wicked work he's done to drag a failed president over the reelection finish line.

More about Senator Obama's 2007 speech.

D'Souza Can't Quite Accept the Real Obama.  [Scroll down]  The major media have used their power to suppress the truth about Obama.  A researcher like [Dinesh] D'Souza has to work around them. [...] More troubling is the willingness of D'Souza and his colleagues in the established conservative media to join in the suppression.  For the most part, they will not touch issues like Obama's Social Security number, the birth certificate, his passport and travel inconsistencies, his dubious parentage, his radical affiliations, his school records, or the authorship question.  More often than not, they ridicule those who raise these issues, often without knowing what the issues are.

Explaining the Media Devotion to Obama.  Barack Obama boasted that he was not a lightweight like President Bill Clinton, who claimed that he "never inhaled."  He was a sage — an accomplished drug user who bragged about consuming cocaine and marijuana.  At once I knew that the drug culture (media included) would worship Barack Obama with the same reverence that they paid Tommy Chong.  That they would elevate Barack Obama to celebrity rock star status.

NBC Dismisses Obama Video as Old News, Edits Out Jeremiah Wright Comments.  In a stunning omission on Wednesday's NBC Today, brief coverage of a 2007 video of Barack Obama completely ignored the then-Senator praising his controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright as a "great leader, not just in Chicago, but all across the country."

JournoList plotted to kill Jeremiah Wright story in 2008.  Now that The Daily Caller has uncovered and published video of President Barack Obama's "other race speech," liberal media figures are once again trying to quell coverage of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story — just like in 2008.  Records obtained by TheDC in mid-2010 showed that "at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate," after ABC News' Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos asked then-Sen. Obama about his controversial reverend during an April 2008 debate.

Matthews Meltdown Mirrors Mainstream Media Panic.  There were no tingles running up Matthews' leg as Romney pulled back the curtain to reveal Obama was no wizard, but a charlatan.  His ballistic response to Romney's verbal waterboarding of the empty suit to his left confirmed the observation of ABC's Jake Tapper that the media were in the tank for Obama in 2008 and are again.  The fourth estate has been Obama's fifth column.

Obama's Boys on the Bus.  It comes quite naturally to these pillars of the mainstream media to elevate issues with a pro-Obama tilt.  And they're not even the biggest contributors to the liberal bias that has dominated media coverage of the presidential race.  The bias has been so massive, palpable, and unprecedented that the scales have begun to fall from the eyes of a few stalwarts of the media establishment.

Mitt Romney: The Whitest Man in the Room?  Some time back, I suggested that Romney is so squeaky-clean that, in their campaign, the Obamanistas would be reduced to snark-attacks focusing on the three things upon which they feel they can hurt him — viz., that he is a rich, white Mormon.  That is precisely how the campaign has played out.  The Obama allies in the mainstream media (MSM) — which is to say, the entire MSM — have written dozens of hit pieces on Mormonism — pieces that never appeared, needless to say, during the time that rich, white Mormon Harry Reid (D-NV) has ruled the U.S. Senate.

The Media Has Stopped Filling In The Blanks For The Obama Campaign.  President Barack Obama's campaign has responded to the newfound adversity he faced after his debate loss with a stunning lack of competency.  What is even more revealing about the political earthquake that has occurred since the debates, the media has stopped filling in the blanks for team Obama.

The liberal media loved Obama to death.  Obama had seen that his friends would protect him, and so he believed he could mail it in Wednesday [10/3/2012], but this was the venue that could not be spun.  No filter.  No edits.  No choosing what to put in or leave out.  No shaping of the story.  Just the story itself, rolled out in real time, sans narration, before 70 million American voters, undoing six years of hype and hysterics.  It revealed one small, not all that keen academic, having been inflated by the narrators beyond all recognition, dissolving before everyone's eyes.

ABC's McFadden Gushes to Michelle Obama: Do You Face 'Extra Pressures and Responsibilities?'Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden continued her fawning, multi-part profile of Michelle Obama on Monday night [10/8/2012], worrying about the "extra responsibilities" that Mrs. Obama faces as an African American First Lady.

It's scary, how much the New York Times is in the tank for Obama over Libya.  Radio talk show host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham was right when she confronted New York Times political reporter Jeff Zeleny on the set of "Fox News Sunday" this weekend:  "I would hope that the New York Times, as they camped outside of Scooter Libby's house during the whole Valerie Plame thing — are you guys camped out of the Susan Rice residence?"  She said, "This is ridiculous and I think the press is partly culpable here."  And she wasn't alone in voicing that sentiment.

Chris Matthews: Is challenging Obama unconstitutional?  [Scroll down]  After the clip ended, Matthews seemed appalled.  "I don't think [Romney] understands the Constitution of the United States," Matthews said.  "He's the president of the United States.  You don't say, 'You'll get your chance.'"

Joe Klein: Benghazi Consulate Controversy 'The October Mirage - It Really Isn't An Issue'.  The Obama-loving media were out in force Sunday [10/21/2012] downplaying the significance of the White House's ever-changing position on the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi last month.

Libya E-mails Break; Morning Shows Minimize Pressure on Team Obama.  On Tuesday evening, CBS broke wide open a story on State Department e-mails showing the White House knew on September 11 that the consulate in Benghazi was subjected to a terrorist attack, and that terrorists took credit on Facebook and Twitter.  But by Wednesday [10/24/2012], the three network morning shows weren't leaping to follow up.

Brian Williams Treats Obama as a Victim of Bad Intelligence on Benghazi.  Even after all the e-mails and information has come out over the past few weeks proving dissembling by President Obama himself and other administration officials on what they knew about the Benghazi attack and how their public pronouncements did not match reality, NBC's Brian Williams, on Thursday's [10/25/2012] Rock Center, treated President Obama as a victim of bad intelligence who is struggling to find the truth.

Krauthammer: Lack of Benghazi media coverage 'a journalistic scandal'.  During the online portion of Fox News Channel's "Special Report" on Wednesday [10/24/2012], Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer used some particularly harsh words to describe the media's coverage of the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attack on the Benghazi embassy.  "This is really a journalistic scandal," Krauthammer said.  "I mean, the fact there was not a word about any of this in the Times or the Post today."

Benghazi and Obama: the media is trying to shore up this desperate administration.  Here's one thing we can be sure of about the Benghazi affair:  almost everything we've been told since by the mainstream media is a lie, invariably one designed to shore up the creaky and desperate Obama administration.

MSNBC Now Actively Telling Viewers How to Vote on Gay Marriage.  It should come as no surprise that MSNBC's socially liberal anchors are biased in favor of gay marriage — saying it's an issue of "marriage equality."  But on Friday's [10/26/2012] MSNBC Live, anchor Thomas Roberts dropped all pretext of being a neutral journalist by explicitly telling viewers how they should vote on the controversial issue.  Speaking on Friday with Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council, openly gay host Thomas Roberts actually told his audience how to vote on ballot questions in the states of Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington.

Obama's Homeless.  There are more homeless right now, at this point in Barack Obama's presidency, than there were at this point in Reagan's presidency.  That's significant because the homeless, at this point under Reagan, were used by liberals to torpedo Reagan's reelection bid.  And yet, today, liberals are completely silent about the homeless under Obama.  Liberals have not turned the homeless into a propaganda issue today, as they did in the 1980s.

Are the TV anchors rooting for President Obama?  It is widely perceived that the national television news industry skews left and in some cases actively supports liberal political candidates.  While that is debatable on a case-by-case basis, the evidence is overwhelming that the folks who deliver the news to the nation are sympathetic to liberal causes, and that obviously favors President Obama during this election cycle.

American Drones Armed And Ready To Attack Benghazi Terrorists — But Obama Refused To Give Order?  Perhaps no more glaring example of today's media blackout is when NBC's David Gregory cut off a guest who attempted to raise the Benghazi issue by promising to "get to that later" and then ignoring the issue for the rest of his Sunday morning [10/28/2012] news show.

Accomplice Media, Three Years Later.  Fast and Furious should have been enough.  The Accomplice Media managed to keep details of this deadly political plan under the radar for a very long time, and when they were forced to discuss the matter, they managed to change the conversation from, "this was a cynical political ploy to bolster anti-Second Amendment support" to, "this was a covert operation that didn't work as intended". [...] The Accomplice Media was successful in their insertion of the word, "botched".  The general American public ate it from their spoon without comprehending that the only thing that was botched was the fact that the Obama administration got caught red-handed.

Cindy Sheehan Was Cheered, Charles Woods Is Ignored.  During the 2004 presidential campaign, a media eager to deny George W. Bush a second term made Cindy Sheehan, who lost a son in Iraq, a national heroine and reported virtually her every word and move. [...] But nobody in a mainstream media eager to see President Obama get a second term is bringing the Benghazi debate to the White House doorstep.  On all the Sunday [10/28/2012] talk shows, when Benghazi was brought up, the moderator quickly changed subjects.

Comedians Joke about Romney ... Again and Again and Again.  Late-night TV comedians want you to laugh at Republicans, and especially at Mitt Romney.  A study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University found that late-night comedians overwhelmingly target Republicans in their comedy routines.

Study: TV Comics Hit Mitt Most.  Late night TV talk-show comedians have told more jokes about Mitt Romney than about all Democrats combined since the party nominating conventions, according to a new study of political humor by the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA).  Overall, the study found that Republicans were the targets of jokes more than twice as often as Democrats, with the greatest disparity occurring in David Letterman's monologues.

Category 5 Media Bias On Display In Wake Of Sandy.  At an event for Hurricane Sandy victims, reporters pummel Mitt Romney to answer questions about FEMA.  This is the same press corps that refuses to ask President Obama a single tough question about Benghazi.

Media Favoritism May Be Hurting Obama.  This election's X-factor may be a gift to Romney from the mainstream media.  It is the suppression of public expression of support for him.  However, while pre-election polls may not have been fully recording it, Election Day may finally capture Romney's true support level for the first time — to Obama's ultimate detriment.

Media Celebrate Increased Unemployment, Lower Wages.  In January of 2009, when President Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 7.8%.  Four years and around $5 trillion dollars in debt later, it's 7.9%.  When Obama took office the long-term unemployment (U-6) rate was 14.2%.  Today, it's 14.6%.  Obama promised us 5.2%.  And, still, the media celebrates the jobs numbers.

Wave goodbye to the Obama media.  By tomorrow night we'll likely know the name of the next president.  But we already know the loser in this election cycle:  political reporters.  They've disgraced themselves.  Conservatives have long complained about liberal bias in the media, and with some justification.  But it has finally reached the tipping point.  Not in our lifetimes have so many in the press dropped the pretense of objectivity in order to help a political candidate.  The media are rooting for Barack Obama.  They're not hiding it.

Journalists Found Donating Heavily to Obama Campaign.  Here in the waning days of this campaign for the White House, Politico reports that many journalists, editors, and news personnel have donated thousands to Barack Obama's reelection campaign.

Chicago Sun Times: 'Diversity' for Obama, Racists for Romney.  Lynn Sweet, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, is once again banging that liberal drumbeat that Romney's voters are all racist white folks because crowds at Obama's rallies are more "diverse."

How We Got to 'Death to America' in Dearborn.  "G*d [...] America!" was the first and only serious crisis of Barack Obama's ascension to the Democrats' presidential nomination in 2008.  [No it wasn't; see note below.]  Obama's longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, said those words repeatedly in an infamous videotaped sermon.  In an earlier age, a presidential contender sitting still and keeping his mouth shut during years of sermons like Wright's would have torpedoed Obama's presidential ambitions.

The Editor says...
Jeremiah Wright was one problem, but there was also legitimate concern about Obama's college transcripts, his questionable citizenship status, his forged birth certificate, his phony Social Security number, and other matters that the news media refused to discuss.

This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2024 by Andrew K. Dart

Why We Lost the Republic.  With a record that should have made a second term nearly impossible, conservatives should be asking ourselves how the Obama camp got close enough to a majority vote to win the election — if they indeed won it — or even to steal it, if that is what really happened.  One conventional answer is that most of the news media were in the tank for Obama, that they kept the lid on scandals like the deadly Benghazi fiasco and the subsequent White House cover-up, and that they got their talking points from the White House.

N.Y. Times: MSNBC Voice Of Obama's America.  The New York Times, in a puff piece about its spiritual cousin MSNBC, said that the leftist network is the megaphone for Barack Obama.

Veracity No Longer Required To Be President.  Today, Barack Obama showed why trips to the dentist are more frequent than formal press conferences.  Fortunately for him, though, he doesn't have to demonstrate leadership, honesty, transparency, or a full command of the issues in them to be deemed successful by a fawning White House Press Corps.

Sure, our ambassador was murdered and the Obama administration is lying about it, but the real story is that McCain is a grouch.  CNN wants you to look over there! [...] Here's the rule:  When a Republican screws up, that's the story.  When a Democrat screws up, the Republican response is the story.

There We Went Again.  Most observers of the 2008 presidential campaign — even including some liberals after the fact — were shocked and appalled by the media's pro-Barack Obama sycophancy.  Unfortunately, the intentional and unintentional advocacy of the media on behalf of Obama was even worse in 2012.

CBS boosts Obama adulation, likens President to Lincoln.  On Thursday's [11/15/2012] CBS This Morning, open Obama supporter Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell repeatedly prompted liberal historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to equate the newly-reelected President Obama to Abraham Lincoln.

CBS and Another 'Obama is Lincoln' Story.  On the network morning show recently breaking in as the top rated morning program, CBS This Morning hosts Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell kicked off their Lincoln segment attempting to link Abe Lincoln and Obama by gravely wondering if there was a "lesson for Obama, now in his second term, with Lincoln?"

MSNBC's Bias Against Mitt Romney Was Astonishing.  No one really expects MSNBC's coverage to put a positive spin on Republicans — but in the final week of the 2012 presidential campaign, the network's coverage toward presidential nominee Mitt Romney skewed entirely negative.

Is the Petraeus Scandal an Obama Scandal?  The news media are continuing to try to protect the Obama administration from a rapidly growing scandal.  A November 13th article in The Washington Post by Scott Wilson argued that Obama "has been untouched by the unfolding investigation involving former CIA director David Petraeus," a view that belongs on the opinion page under the heading, "wishful thinking," not on the news pages.

Benghazi gate.  After almost 3/4 of a year the president finally holds a press conference but the press fails to show up.  I mean they physically showed up but not journalistically.  In the world of politics and press when the press fawns over someone they find a way to either not ask a probing question or they simply ask a non-consequential one.  That is what happened on Wednesday when the president was served up a bunch of softball questions that made for one of the dullest press conferences in recent memory.

How The Press Helped Obama Over The Finish Line.  It's hard to see how press coverage of President Obama's re-election bid could have gotten any more biased, but a new report shows the media managed to outdo themselves the week before voters went to the polls.

Pew: Positive media coverage of Obama surged in campaign's final week.  President Obama had his best run of media coverage during the final week of the campaign, while positive coverage of Mitt Romney dwindled, according to a study released Monday from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Media Hype Comparisons of Obama to Lincoln.  One was a self-educated rail-splitter and circuit lawyer in humble frontier towns.  The other is an Ivy League-educated radical who only ventured out from his comfortable Hyde Park digs for some day work stirring up trouble as a "community organizer."  But to watch MSNBC is to learn that Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama have so much in common.

Now They Tell Us The Economy Stinks.  Little noticed in President Obama's "fiscal cliff" plan is a demand for a huge new stimulus package.  Wait!  Wasn't he and everyone in the press telling us just before the election how the economy was gathering steam? [...] In the crucial last few weeks before the election, the mainstream media were falling over themselves painting a rosy economic picture.  Every upbeat bit of data made it to the front page; any bad news got buried.

NBC's Williams Fantasizes Over Change in Constitution Allowing Obama to Control Business by Fiat.  In an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook for Thursday's NBC Rock Center, host Brian Williams wondered why the tech giant couldn't be a "made-in-America company" and outlined a political scenario in which President Obama was all-powerful:  "Let's say our Constitution was a little different and Barack Obama called you in tomorrow and said, 'Get everybody out of China and do whatever you have to do, make these, make everything you make in the United States.'"

MSNBC Is President Obama's Pravda.  The president has rewarded his campaign loyalists from MSNBC with an off-schedule West Wing meeting, where he's given them new talking points to win the next battle over taxes.  Yes, this state-press collusion is happening in your capital, not just Caracas or Havana.  The lovefest between Obama and MSNBC toadies Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton actually took place on Dec. 4.

NBC News to Obama: How to Beat 2nd Amendment Advocates.  As we learned during the election, Barack Obama can always count on NBC News to help him navigate his way to whatever victory he seeks.  This morning [12/17/2012], NBC's First Read — written by Chuck Todd and others — is all within the context of winning the argument over the passage of laws that would restrict the law-abiding from purchasing the ability to defend themselves — in other words, having access to guns.

Hillary Clinton Must Answer for Benghazi.  It's almost as if many in the mainstream press wish we could switch temporarily to a monarchy.  That way we could coronate Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and assure her role as our next leader and be done with it. [...] Four Americans lay dead because of these failures, and most of the media seems entirely comfortable with this being swept under the rug.

The Fiscal Cliff Diversion.  After the election the economy has continued to implode, yet its downward plunge has been largely ignored by the mainstream media (MSM).  Apparently the MSM's economic orthodoxy is now only centered on fiscal cliff narratives.  The MSM's focus on the cliff gives Obama, their hero, economic cover since the cliff story is the economic story and not the terrible economic results occurring weekly and monthly.

The gospel according to David.  [David] Gregory appears to be a disciple of his Lord the President.  Gregory seeks to disseminate the Obama gospel.  "Is this your Lincoln moment?" Gregory actually asked him.  And that may not have been the worst of it.

Networks Ignore Obama's Lie About Mom's Cancer.  This level of dishonesty from the national networks is not merely disgraceful, it's dangerous.  Without a free and HONEST press, the Republic can't survive.

The Four-Year Honeymoon.  President Obama never disappoints.  When the monthly unemployment rate fails to drop, forget it.  What's important is the number of jobs created.  But when the rate actually does drop, forget the growth (or lack of it) in jobs.  It's the rate that matters.  And don't blame Obama for the persistence of slow economic growth and high joblessness.  That's the "new normal."  As for the millions of dropouts from the job market, that's no big deal, hardly worth more than a passing mention.

Democrat Hurricanes Versus Republican Hurricanes.  Mature adults understand that earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are an unfortunate fact of life.  They further know that government agencies are, by their very nature, slow and lumbering animals.  [Paul] Krugman was right about one thing, though.  Sandy would not be Obama's Katrina because the press is on his side.

The Obama-Media Love Affair.  Media bias is not just a "problem" or an "annoyance."  It is a fundamental challenge to the political health and future of America.

MSNBC Hosts In 'Really Deep' Segment On Need To Call Him 'President Barack Obama' In Every Single Reference.  On Friday, MSNBC's The Cycle investigated the outrage directed at cohost Steve Kornacki, as well as other journalists, for referring to President Barack Obama simply as "Obama" after the first reference.  Seriously and without irony, this happened. [...] Kornacki says he was inundated by angry emails and tweets from the president's supporters after he referred to Obama on the second reference as simply "Obama."

Candy Crowley On Lack Of Diversity In Obama White House: 'Does It Matter?'.  It really has been amazing to watch Obama's media cover for the lack of diversity in his cabinet picks. [...] Throughout 2012, Americans were bludgeoned on a daily basis by people such as Crowley about the so-called Republican war on women and how the GOP was the party of white men. [...] Now that Obama is appointing almost exclusively white men to serve him in his second term, skin color and gender no longer matter.

There's No Sin at This Inauguration.  Sheryl Gay Stolberg's New York Times piece on Rev. Louie Giglio has since been scrubbed, but here's the original language:  "An official with Mr. Obama's Presidential Inaugural Committee said the committee, which operates separately from the White House, vetted Mr. Giglio.  People familiar with internal discussions between administration and committee officials said the White House viewed the selection as a problem for Mr. Obama, and told the panel on Wednesday night to quickly fix it.  By Thursday morning, Mr. Giglio said he had withdrawn." [...] But now, the story eliminates any indication of White House pressure on Giglio — it's just gone, as if it never happened.

Liberal media glazes over Obama press conference attacks, contradictions.  President Barack Obama's Jan. 14 press conference included many attacks and much self-praise and numerous contradictory charges — few of which were recognized or highlighted by the reporters that presented the event in terms vary favorable to the president.

Mark Levin Trashes CBS's Bob Schieffer: 'Phony Journalist,' 'Propagandist' And Obama 'Cheerleader'.  After CBS reporter Bob Schieffer compared taking on the gun lobby to ending segregation or America defeating the Nazis in World War II, conservative radio host Mark Levin bashed the journalist as a "phony" who is a "propagandist" acting as a "cheerleader" for the Obama administration.  "You should hear the media today.  It's pathetic.  If we were talking about the First Amendment as I've said repeatedly, they'd be going nuts about a dictator," Levin began.  "But because we're talking about the Second Amendment, they cheer him on.[..."]

Reporter: Campaign journalists 'swooned' over Obama during off-the-record bar visit.  "The behavior of the assembled press corps was telling.  Everyone, myself included, swooned.  Swooned!  Head over heels.  One or two might have even lost their minds," [Michael] Hastings writes, as each reporter had a chance to speak personally with the president.  "We were all, on some level, deeply obsessed with Obama, crushing hard, still a little love there.  This was nerd heaven, a politico's paradise, the subject himself moving among us — shaking our hands, slapping our shoulders!"

CBS News' Political Director: Obama Must 'Destroy' Republican Party.  The author of this outrageous left-wing fever dream is John Dickerson, whom Slate describes as "Slate's chief political correspondent".  What Slate leaves out of its little bio, though, is that Dickerson is also the political director at CBS News.  Dickerson is merely being Dickerson, and there's no doubt he speaks for legions upon legions of those in the media today.

Do You Know What is Happening in Mali?  During the third debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney talked about Mali and the danger al-Qaeda represented there.  The Obamamedia laughed and derided Romney, carrying Barack Obama's water and continued advancing the fraud that Obama had decimated al-Qaeda, even though al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists had taken over an American consulate and killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya just weeks prior.  Surprise!

Dear Leader: CNN Correspondent Wrote Obama Letter Every Day for Four Years.  Most people would cut a 13-year-old girl some slack if she became obsessed enough with Justin Bieber to write the teen singer emails and letters all the time, but what if an ostensibly professional journalist were to do the same to a politician?  This odd scenario actually is not a hypothetical, however.  A CNN correspondent named Tom Foreman has been doing just that, writing a letter every single day to President Obama for the past four years.

CNN's Slobbering Love Affair with Obama's Inaugural Speech.  Anderson Cooper, Gloria Borger, Dana Bash, David Gergen, etc. not only couldn't bring themselves to criticize anything in Barack Obama's Inaugural speech (really, he's going to make hard choices to reduce the deficit and health care costs?), but after a good half-hour of post-speech analysis, the gushing became nauseating.  And what won CNN's hearts?  Well, what always and so easily wins over this simplistic crowd:  identity politics.

Chris Matthews: Obama 2nd Inaugural Akin to Gettysburg Address.  Barack Obama is perhaps the only modern president who has had the burden of swatting away comparisons between his own soaring rhetoric and that of our 16th president.  You may recall that, in the wake of the Newtown massacre, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Maraniss gushed over the president's remarks, writing, "People will long remember what Barack Obama said in Newtown," and calling the speech "[Obama's] Gettysburg address."

Obama's Secret Beer Summit With Reporters Turns Into Swoonfest.  In his illuminating new e-book on covering the Obama re-election campaign, Buzzfeed reporter Michael Hastings reveals that President Obama secretly joined reporters for drinks once while the campaign was in Orlando, Fla.  The "beer summit" with supporters is described by Hastings as little like teenage fans meeting Justin Bieber during his North American tour.

Obama Speech Ignores Failed Economy; Media Gushes Anyway.  Imagine an alternate universe where it was George W. Bush, or any Republican, sworn in for a second term yesterday — but with Obama's economic record.  Imagine if after spending nearly a trillion dollars on tax cuts (instead of stimulus), Bush stood before the nation and gave an ideological address that focused almost solely on divisive social issues and never once mentioned his struggling economy.

Obama's Bogus Journey.  The world will little note nor long remember anything President Barack Obama said in his second inaugural address; still less will it remember any of the gushing encomiums his admirers in the press reliably produce, comparing him variously to Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.  Obama said that developing "sustainable-energy sources" is "what will lend meaning to the creed our fathers once declared."  Does anyone believe that in a week anyone will find that an arresting and compelling thought?  Or credit it for being a thought at all?

At Church, Obama's Pastor Calls Republicans "The Enemies" — Starts Chanting "Forward".  Obama went to church today in Washington DC. His pastor used the story of Moses to call Republicans "the enemies."  And, started chanting "Forward!" [...] For some strange reason the Obama-media didn't think this outrageous service was newsworthy.

CNN reporter writes letter to Santa Claus every single day for four years.  Wait, no, not Santa Claus.  What's the name of the other jolly fellow who hands out free toys and candy to everyone as if by magic, and only the emotionally stunted believe in him?  Oh yeah, that's right:  President Barack Obama.  I had never heard of Tom Foreman before today, but that's only because he's on CNN.

Giddy CNN Correspondent: 'I Feel Like I Should Pinch Myself Right Now'.  CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was positively giddy while covering President Obama's inauguration parade on Monday afternoon, and didn't hold back his feelings on-air.  "You know, I feel like I should pinch myself right now, Wolf.  I can't believe I have this vantage point of history in the making," Acosta gushed.

Reporter On Obama's 'Amateurish' Press Corps: 'When They're Near Him, They Lose Their Minds'Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, author of the BuzzFeed special book on the 2012 campaign Panic 2012, joined Martin Bashir on Thursday where he revealed that journalists who covered President Barack Obama during the campaign were sometimes so overcome by his presence that they would "lose their minds" and behave in "juvenile" and "amateurish" ways. Among other anecdotes, Hastings admitted that he once had the opportunity to ask the president hard questions, but was so similarly moved by his presence that he only asked "soft" questions.

Andrea Mitchell Claims Obama Said Only Guests Shot Skeet — But Even New Republic Editor Contradicts Her.  How big of an Obama lapdog is Andrea Mitchell?  Even bigger than ardent Obama fan Chris Hughes.  The Facebook co-founder, who bought the New Republic last year, recently scored an interview with President Obama that has been criticized for its generally soft questioning.  But during an appearance on Mitchell's MSNBC show today, even Hughes was more candid about the prez than Mitchell.

Steve Kroft's Softball Obama Interviews Diminish '60 Minutes'.  On 60 Minutes, the news-magazine show that prides itself on "hard-hitting" investigations and interviews, correspondent Steve Kroft, who has won most of the highest awards in his industry, has just broadcast another softball interview with the most powerful man in the world, a performance that ought to earn him a rebuke from his peers in the news business but almost certainly won't.

Media Bias in the Age of Obama.  [Steve] Kroft, as embarrassing as his interview was, is merely symptomatic of a larger phenomenon:  the unprecedented swooning and cheerleading by the press for Barack Obama.  To say that the elite media has a liberal bias is similar to declaring that the sun rises in the east.  But it's never been this transparent, the infatuation never this deep, the advocacy this passionate.

The 'Obamedia' Ignore Major Events, Fabricate Others.  Would Communist Russia's TASS news agency or Pravda newspaper have been any more subservient to the party in power, the chief executive who leads it, or the ideology at their foundation than America's major media outlets are being to Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and their socialist-style liberalism?

Kroft Admits: Obama Likes Me Because I Throw Softballs.  CBS News reporter Steve Kroft has been deemed President Obama's "Go-to Interviewer."  Appearing on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight [1/28/2013] he divulged why the President likes him so much.

What does the president mean by giving everyone a 'fair shot?'.  [Scroll down]  All this points to the abject failure of the MSM to perform its role of investigative critical analysis.  Our once vaunted free press held politicians accountable and asked hard questions of politicians and did not brook evasive answers.

A Shameless Media.  Bob Schieffer of CBS News described President Obama's recent opening remarks at the gun control press conference as, "one of the best speeches I've ever heard him deliver".  Schieffer went on to praise the president's cause as similar to the ten-year hunt for Osama bin Laden and Lyndon Johnson's successful attempt to pass civil rights legislation.  Although Schieffer indicated that more than an Obama speech would be required, this wasn't objective journalism but slobbering praise for a man with a checkered record of accomplishment.

MSNBC 'essentially' ran 'a voter suppression campaign'.  [Scroll down]  I'm always saving and categorizing noteworthy stories I read — essentially taking notes — just in case they prove useful later.  In this case, the moment I figured I'd have to write something about media bias came on September 12 or 13.  I was sitting next to Washington Examiner writer Phil Klein, who remarked in disbelief that the story about Benghazi — a huge story about Obama over-promising and under-delivering on Middle East policy — was being turned into a story about a Romney gaffe.

Media Spins Unemployment Increase as Good News.  Apparently, the increase in the unemployment rate means the economy is so good, more people are joining the labor force ... except 169,000 people dropped out of the labor force, and the economy isn't good; it collapsed over three points in the last quarter and shrunk 0.1 [percent(?)].  The AP called today's news "upbeat," you know, even though consumer confidence hit a two-year low.

On Bias, Yet Again.  Any statement which helps Obama is deemed presumptively true by liberals.  No fact-checking needed, no skepticism applied; if it helps Obama, then it must be true, right?

Obama Operatives Training Media How to Sell Obamacare.  The Old Media is getting a little help from team Obama on how to report about Obamacare the "correct" way.  To achieve that goal, Obama operatives are setting up propaganda symposiums for journalists and giving large cash donations to journalism associations to help spread Obama's word.  This Obamacare propaganda campaign seriously blurs the line between government and "journalism" and seems to be a blatant attempt by team Obama to write the media's Obamacare stories for them.

What Difference Does It Make?  Every day brings news that would be utterly different had Mitt Romney won the 2012 election.  To answer the question Hillary Clinton recently posed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in another context:  The facts on the ground make all the difference indeed.  Even the dimmest New York magazine blogger ought to be prepared to admit that a hypothetical Romney administration would be subjected to far stricter scrutiny by the U.S. media than President Barack Obama has experienced.

Study: ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama's Gun Control Crusade.  CBS was the most stridently anti-gun rights network.  By a whopping 22 to 1 ratio, CBS aired more stories that favored gun control (44) to those that supported gun rights (2), with 37 neutral pieces.  ABC aired almost six times as many stories that favored gun control (29) to those that favored gun rights, with 25 neutral stories.

NYT and WaPo Got Pulitzers Disclosing Secrets Under Bush — Those Secrets Are Safe Under Obama.  The media complicity in President Obama's drone strategy gets more and more astonishing with each passing day.  On Wednesday [2/6/2013], Britain's Guardian published a piece with the incredible sub-headline "New York Times and Washington Post knew about secret drone base in Saudi Arabia but agreed not to disclose it to the public."

Why Does the Media Go Easy on Barack Obama?  Allegations of liberal media bias are almost constant in the conservative press, but their intensity has increased since President Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared together on 60 Minutes, where interviewer Steve Kroft posed "softball" questions that were almost comically obsequious.  "Mr. Kroft, as embarrassing as his interview was, is merely symptomatic of a larger phenomenon:  the unprecedented swooning and cheerleading by the press for Barack Obama," Peter Wehner wrote in Commentary, echoing an argument voiced by many on the right.

Matthews Supplies Secret To Restoring Washington's Good Name: More Government Programs.  Nowadays, our nation's capital is in such ill-repute that if George Washington were around, he might sue to have his name taken off it.  But never fear:  restoring Washington's good name is just a few trillion dollars away!  So Chris Matthews assures us in an MSNBC "Lean Forward" promo that is currently airing.  After ticking off a number of big-government programs initated under past presidents, Matthews continues:  "we got to get back to that, and then Washington will have a good name again."

NY Times Notices Obama Tax Hikes Are Crushing Americans, Fails to Mention Obama.  This should be the first in a series.  Wait until these poor [people] start have to paying $20,000 a family to start for their free ObamaCare.  Still, curiously missing from this story is the name of the man responsible for this massive tax hike.

Media Cover Up True State of Our Union.  Even though Obama has failed miserably when it comes to managing the economy, and things have only gotten worse during his watch, the American media has spent the last two years intentionally covering this fact up.  Instead of reporting on and pressuring the White House to solve a problem afflicting tens of millions, the media prefers to work in tandem with the White House to manufacture divisive distractions that boost his standing.

Without Serious Spending Cuts, the Conservative Base Will Walk Away.  What the Fiscal Cliff deal also illustrates is the utter mendacity of Democrats who for years droned on and on about the Bush tax rates as "tax cuts for the wealthy."  The vast majority of Democrats (49 in the Senate and 172 in the House) voted to make the evil Bush tax rates permanent.  The lapdog media, however, contends that the president won big in the Fiscal Cliff deal.

'WaPo': Rise in Gas Prices Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Obama.  Hot Air's Ed Morrissey helps to clear up the Washington Post's confusion over the startling 45 cent rise in gas prices in a single month.  What's also of interest, though, is a word found nowhere in the Post's 750-worder; and that word is "Obama."  Not once does the Post question, examine, or consider how White House policies or lack thereof might be exploding the price of a gallon of gas.

Times Square Billboards: 'It's Time the Liberal Media Stop Censoring the News!'  The Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative watchdog group that tracks liberal bias in the news, rented five large billboards in Times Square over the weekend as part of its "Stop Censoring the News" campaign to educate the public about how certain media outlets apparently are spinning their coverage or simply censoring news critical of the Obama administration to protect and promote a liberal agenda.

Media Protect Obama By Ignoring Gasoline Price Rise.  As of Tuesday [2/19/2013], U.S. gasoline prices had increased for 32 straight days.  The media, however, aren't interested.  They would be, though, if a Republican — particularly a Bush — were in the White House.

CNN and NBC News: Is journalistic integrity dead?  The truth seekers have gone, the truth tellers are rapidly dying off.  The "news" is little more than political campaign for a particular party.  Every subject is skewed and skewered to the point that everything you see hear and read should be taken with the proverbial "grain of salt."  A recent article on the popular progressive website Politico refers to Obama as a "puppet master", calling him "a master at limiting, shaping and manipulating media coverage of himself and his White House."  While this states the obvious, they go wrong in their claim that the media is powerless to do anything except parrot White House press releases and accept them as cold hard facts.  Whatever happened to questioning the "facts"?

Obama's obedient lap dog.  For more than four years, the fawning mainstream coverage of the president has been a national disgrace.  The only standard was a double standard, and Obama accepted the adoration and demanded more.  Never lacking in self-reverence, he came to believe that he can arbitrarily set the terms of news coverage, and cleverly uses carrots and sticks to get his way.  He doles out interviews and chances to ask questions at news conferences to organizations whose coverage flatters him and promotes his agenda.

Liberal Bias Central to Obama Media Edge.  No matter how smart the strategies employed by the White House, the president's ability to skate through four years without getting seriously challenged by the mainstream media would not have been possible if most of those being played were not willing accomplices.  Due credit must be given to the administration's ability to take advantage of technology as well as their brilliant if unscrupulous game playing with journalists.  But without the liberal bias of most of the mainstream outlets that let the president play them like a piano, he would come across as a bully and a demagogue rather than the reasonable nice guy seen in those "60 Minutes" interviews he loves to give.

Enforcing the Liberal Media Omerta.  A basic rule of life:  If you volunteer to be somebody's doormat, you forfeit the right to complain about the footprints on your back.  The White House has merely exploited the unabashed fandom of the journalistic elite, which is so overwhelmingly liberal that they were only too happy for the opportunity to publish daily valentines to their presidential heartthrob.

President Obama holds off-record meeting with top White House reporters.  President Barack Obama held an off-the-record meeting with top White House reporters on Thursday afternoon [2/21/2013], POLITICO has learned.  The meeting, with reporters from major print and television outlets, comes days after the White House Correspondents Association complained publicly about their lack of access to the president during a golf outing in Palm Beach, Fla., and one day after Obama met with local television reporters.

Why was Michelle Obama at the Oscars?  It is not enough that President Obama pops up at every sporting event in the nation.  Now the first lady feels entitled, with military personnel as props, to intrude on other forms of entertaining (this time for the benefit of the Hollywood glitterati who so lavishly paid for her husband's election). [...] It makes both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping.  In this case, it was just downright weird.

The Editor says...
The Obamas simply can't stand to let a day go by without one or both of them being on television.  Mrs. Obama is obviously being groomed to run for President in 2016, much like George Wallace's wife, Lurleen, the proxy governor of Alabama in the 1960s.  Mrs. Obama is no less qualified than her husband to be the president, but that's not saying much.

The Oscars, the Obamas and Camelot.  The Obamas are the beneficiaries of a media whose liberal bias is beyond doubt.  They also have a skillful staff that is ruthlessly manipulative and takes full advantage of social media and creative tactics.  But mere bias and smart tactics don't fully explain it.  No president or presidential family has been treated by the mainstream media with the sort of deference if not reverential awe the Obamas get since John F. Kennedy and his beautiful wife were in the White House.

The Media Threat to Democracy.  I have absolutely no doubt that Barrack Hussein Obama won election and re-election on the strength of mainstream media support for him and his leftist ideology.  It certainly wasn't that Obama had distinguished himself in his career.  He had accomplished nothing other than getting himself elected to office, and he did that by dazzling the mainstream media.  He had few, if any, qualifications for the presidency.  And he has yet to satisfactorily prove to many that he is even eligible for the position.  How then does someone like Obama get elected and then re-elected after a disastrous first term?

Puppet Press Finally Realizing It's Being Abused By Obama.  As early as last spring, the airwaves were being saturated with slick, systematic accusations that Mitt Romney was everything from a Mormon Ebenezer Scrooge, to finance felon, to murderer of the cancer-stricken wife of a laid-off union employee, to torturer of his family dog.  It was so effective that Romney's grand slam in the first debate couldn't undo the damage.  Where were the media during all of this? Comfortably in the Obama team's camp, compliantly allowing their strings to be pulled.

Sequester fabrication revealed.  Never underestimate the White House's ability to mislead voters or the willingness of lefty pundits and mainstream media journalists (some overlap there) to be misled.

Woodward: Obama Sequester Cuts 'Madness'.  Obama proposed sequester, got it passed into law, blamed it on the other party, and the media is letting him get away with it.

Cult of Obama: List of Journalists Throwing Woodward Under Bus.  The media stands by its own, at least until one of its own upsets The Narrative.  Not even a living legend is immune from this rule.  In the case of Bob Woodward, his detailed and lengthy reporting on sequester has resulted in the possible derailing of the most crucial Narrative the White House and media are likely to launch this year.  The fate of Obama's second term and even his legacy rest on it.

WaPo Fact-Checker Blasts White House Sequester Scare Tactics.  The President of the United States is lying.  He's not lying about his personal life sex a la Bill Clinton; he's lying about policy.  And he's not just lying; he's brazenly lying, audaciously lying.  Obama and the media know the stakes in this battle are enormous.  If the GOP and sequester can't be blamed for our failed economy, Obama and his big government philosophy will be.  That simply can't be allowed to happen.

ICE: Report About Director's Resignation 'Inaccurate And Misleading'.  Is it a coincidence that Gary Mead, the director of Enforcement and Removal Operations for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is suddenly retiring after DHS came under fire for releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants?  The Associated Press doesn't appear to think so.

All the President's unaccountable men.  When Bob Woodward, one of Washington's most distinguished journalists, accuses the White House of rewriting history, even liberals should take note.  And when the White House responds by threatening him, you'd think the story would become a national scandal.

Obama Talks Sequester Doom Then Gives $250 Million to Egypt.  John Kerry said the U.S. is releasing $250 million of our money to the Egyptians two days after Barack Obama predicted doom over Sequester.  The media hasn't put this oddity together.  I guess it's over their heads.

Our Father, Who art in the White House.  Do you accept Barack Obama as your Lord and Savior?  Chris Rock does — calling him our father, who art in the White House.  The media does as well. [...] To the media, the man can do no wrong.  He is universally portrayed as successful, moderate and bipartisan, when he has not one single measureable success, is probably the most left-wing president the nation has ever elected, and has 'reached across the aisle' only to publically slap those who have dared to disagree, or beneficently allow them to do as they are told.

Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports.  The media's adoration of Barack Obama knows no bounds.

Media Protects Obama From Post-Sequester Poll Collapse.  The media knows that any Narrative about Obama's fall from grace with the public will only undermine his political capital all the more.  So rather than act like journalists and report on a real story, the media instead conspires together in silence, hoping they can ignore reality long enough to ride it out.

As U.S. Debt Exceeds $16 Trillion, NYT Reporter Asks 'What Is So Special About a Balanced Budget?'  New York Times economics reporter Annie Lowrey's "news analysis" on Wednesday downplayed the gargantuan national debt. [...] Obama himself made the same observation in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, saying, "My goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance."  The national debt figure is now running over $16 trillion, more than the Gross Domestic Product, [b]ut those frighening [sic] figures failed to make it into Lowrey's story.

America's Sharp Left Turn Began With Education Takeover.  Realizing that they could actually influence the national polity, including elections, the media abandoned any semblance of journalistic balance and became shameless mouthpieces for liberalism, the Democrat National Committee, and any political cause or candidate of the political spectrum's left side.  National reporters and news anchors have descended to the level of overt cheerleaders for the left.  They blatantly run interference for Barack Obama, even to the point of abetting the cover up of major scandals such as Benghazi.

Media refuse to interrogate Obama on his chicanery.  [Scroll down]  Why, after knowing the al-Qaida leader's whereabouts for eight or nine months, did Obama suddenly order a strike on May 2, 2011? [...] [T]he death of bin Laden erased the birth certificate issue from the news, where, thanks to Donald Trump and author Jerome Corsi, it actually was commanding new levels of scrutiny that had prompted the White House to release its online document at a press conference on April 27, 2011.  A few days later, boom — bin Laden was dead.  Wasn't that a little bit interesting?

Obamacare: The World's Ugliest Toddler.  On Saturday [3/23/2013], President Obama marked the birthday of his "most important domestic achievement" with a statement in which he catalogued the miracles this prodigy has already performed in its first three years.  Among these, you may be surprised to learn, is that it is saving us money:  "Most importantly," he said, "the growth of health care costs is beginning to slow."  He made the same claim in his SOTU address, and his toadies in the establishment media dutifully repeated it, but the facts reveal this to be just another example of Presidential prevarication.

Obama Compared the Palestinians to Canada? Networks Ignore The Gaffe.  Radio hosts like Mark Levin and Web sites like Canada Free Press are mocking President Obama's statement in a press conference yesterday [3/21/2013] with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, where he compared the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to U.S.-Canada relations.  What?  Levin called him a "moron" for the comparison.  But ABC, CBS, and NBC failed to notice.  They acted like a press release service for Obama on their newscasts Thursday night and Friday morning [...]

Salon's Joan Walsh Shrieks Media Must Respect POTUS's Daughters, Yet Attacked Jenna Bush In 2001.  The very same Joan Walsh, who today rails about the need to show POTUS's daughters "respect" and "decency", in 2001 penned an article for Salon implying that Jenna Bush, a teenager at the time, may have a drinking problem.

White House Scrubs First Daughters Ski Trip Report.  A local news affiliate in Idaho reported that the First Daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, are on a Spring Break ski trip in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The story quickly spread across the Internet when picked up by the highly trafficked Drudge Report website.  But hours later, the story disappeared from the KMVT website without an update or correction.  Breitbart News confirmed that the White House requested that the post be removed.

Media compliant with White House censorship.  While spring break students visiting Washington DC are locked out of the sequestered White House, the resident students of the White House, Malia and Sasha Obama, are enjoying their spring break.  First they jetted off to the Bahamas for sun and fun and then, for a change in weather, jetted off to Sun Valley, Idaho for some skiing. [...] But, unless you got an early glimpse of the Drudge Report or a local Idaho television news report, the Obama sisters' double spring break vacation disappeared from the news.

Media Ignores Lavish Obama Vacations, Slammed Bush for Mountain Biking.  Eight months into President George W. Bush's second term, the Washington Post wrote that Bush's frequent trips to his Texas ranch symbolized "a lackadaisical approach to the world's most important day job" and gleefully noted that Bush was intent on setting the record for being on "vacation" — or away from Washington, D.C. — for the most number of days of any president.

Our Own Little Pravda.  The Washington Post is our own little Pravda, kissing up to Obama on every day.  Each day there's a story about the pain caused by the sequester, the idea being that any attempt to introduce a bit of fiscal sanity puts all Heaven in a rage.  Coupla days ago the Post had a story on page one above the fold on how Obamacare is empowering nurses.  There will be fewer doctors and the nurses will take up the slack.  A story about how doctors will retire rather than deal with Obamacare gets a feminist spin.

A Criminologist Questions the Bin Laden Episode.  Soon after the raid, successive Obama administration renditions of the event were sufficiently contradictory that even the leftist London Guardian was motivated to acknowledge the inconsistencies.  Was Bin Laden armed, or wasn't he?  Did he resist, or didn't he?  Did he use women as shields, or didn't he?  Was the compound luxurious, or not?  The Obama administration said different things at different times in regard to these issues, which the London Guardian (and almost every other MSM outlet) attributed to the "fog of war."

CBS's Pelley Hails Trilogy of Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy and Now Barack Obama.  Does journalistic insistence on catapulting President Barack Obama into historic greatness and relevance know no bounds?

How The Media Continues To Serve As Obama's Bodyguard.  [Cindy] Sheehan was given any and every platform, with the media tripping over itself, for years, to report her words.  The espoused rationale for the intense coverage was, purportedly, that this grieving mother deserved an 'explanation' for her son's death. [...] That same media, however, who believed Sheehan was owed an explanation, is curiously dismissive of Pat Smith.  Pat Smith lost her son, Information Officer Sean Smith, in the Benghazi attack last autumn.

America's Economic Disconnect.  The state of our economy has become a constructed fantasy created largely by mainstream media (MSM) narratives.  Media accounts of economic performance over the past four years have ranged from confusing to inaccurate to flagrant happy talk and spin.  Rationalization and selective reporting have created economic 'good' news and false 'hopes' where none existed or should exist. The techniques employed have included consistently biased memes, factual omission, factual commission, and even misdirection.

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples.  [#20]  Obama as Messiah:  Everyone knows the left-wing media did an excellent job selling Barack Obama as the ideal candidate for president in the 2008 elections.  His background was ignored, his votes unreported, his schooling and records never looked into, the media fell thoroughly in love with their "O."  It got so absurd that newspaper, after, TV newser, after news outlet began to employ visuals presenting Obama in near religious imagery.  Obama was constantly shown as if he had a halo around his head.  As his first 100 days commenced, the media went into overdrive as cheerleaders for him.

Obama Fizzles Out.  In 2009 Newsweek editor Evan Thomas summed up the MSM adoration of Obama when he said, "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above — above the world, he's sort of God."  The god-factor resulted in a de facto "don't ask don't tell" pact between Obama and the media.  The media didn't ask Obama to detail his hope and change and he didn't tell.  Gods don't have to explain themselves.

Why Don't They Do Something?  There appears to be a disconnect between widespread public discontent — e.g., distrust of the federal government, hostility toward Congress, belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction — and paucity of overt attempts to rectify the status quo.  Many focus on the mainstream media (MSM) — still the largest source of news for most citizens — noting that the MSM's love affair with Barack Obama insures that negative stories — e.g., Benghazi — never get much, if any, coverage.  The MSM's misreporting of the news probably anesthetizes some who might otherwise be motivated to "throw the bums out."  Unquestionably, partisanship plays a role.

Obama Golfs Ahead of WH Correspondents' Dinner.  President Obama spent Saturday afternoon at the golf course, just a few hours before he is set to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner later this evening [4/27/2013].

The Editor says...
A day on the golf course, followed by a night of partying with the press, should count as a do-nothing vacation day.  And it would, if the news media were honest, or if the president were a Republican.

AP Edits 'Muslim' Out of Obama's 'Muslim Socialist' WHCD Joke.  In some of its reports on Saturday night's White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD), the Associated Press chose to edit one of President Obama's own gags.  The AP strangely edited out the word "Muslim" in one of Obama's self-referential jokes.

Obama: 'I'm Not the Strapping Young Muslim Socialist That I Used to Be'.  President Obama quipped at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday night that he's "not the strapping young Muslim socialist" he once was as gray has salted his hair.

AP Omits 'Muslim' from Obama WHCD Joke.  In some of its reports on Saturday night's White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD), the Associated Press failed to include one of President Obama's own gags.  AP strangely left out the word "Muslim" in one of Obama's self-referential jokes.

CNN's Candy Crowley: System 'Worked' In Boston.  The Free Beacon catches this jaw-dropper from CNN's Candy Crowley on her Sunday show, "State of the Union":  ["]Here's what I'm gathering from the show today talking to folks in office and out of office observing from an expert point of view, it doesn't look as though there were really dots that were not connected.  It looks as though it worked even though it ended up horribly. [... "]

Fluff Stories Conveniently Distract from the Government Failures Around Us.  This president can't get squat done about North Korea or Syria, and so he doesn't want us to focus on those far-off lands.  His policies have done diddlysquat for most of the long-term unemployed.  He's not interested in throwing people off public assistance, even when they don't deserve it, and he wants to insist that every terror attack is a one-time occurrence, instead of connected bits of an international ideological movement dedicated to killing Americans.  Obamacare's a mess, and he's hoping you don't notice.  The debt continues to increase, even with the alleged horrors of sequestration.

Sins Of The Fourth Estate (Part II).  We know the media is spineless.  However its neglect to report on the Gosnell abortion trial shows that they have lost any moral compass they ever had just to cover up Obama's strong support of the abortion industry. [...] What a bunch of hypocrites there are in the mainstream media.  I've been reading their excuses and apologies for shirking their responsibility in ignoring the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  Either details from the Grand Jury trial are "too grisly" or they don't cover "local news" and other such nonsense spew from their barf-inducing tripe masquerading as opinion columns.  One pundit had the nerve to suggest that conservatives hadn't covered the story either.

Dancing with Obama.  Political satirist Greg Gutfeld said:  ["]The media would not know a good story if they woke up next to it after they were drunk last night.  For them Benghazi is like an ugly wallflower at the prom.  They just want to dance with Obama all night.["]  It's a way of life that's not without consequences to them or us.

MSNBC's Tamron Hall Is Moonlighting as an Obama Education Department Publicist.  In 2005, USA Today uncovered the scandal that black columnist Armstrong Williams was paid to promote Bush's Education Department initiatives.  In 2013, it's never a scandal when MSNBC anchors promote Obama's Education Department initiatives.  It's another Great Leap Forward for government-media synchronicity.

Media are Curled Up at Obama's Feet with Their Eyes Covered When They Should be Demanding Answers.  The destruction of an American Consulate and the murder of four American citizens and the rape of an American Ambassador is an open sore on the Obama administration, and the more they stonewall it, the more they send out political allies to explain it, who were thousands of miles away when it happened, the more they claim that in the seven or eight hours it took to unfold that there was no way any help could have been sent, the more they intimidate the people who can and are willing to blow the whistle on this sordid mess, the more anybody who is willing to accept the truth realizes there is some underlying factor that the Obama administration doesn't want the American public to know.

Media Will Either Ignore or Destroy Benghazi Whistleblowers.  On September 11, 2012, an al-Qaeda affiliated terror group operating in Libya launched a massive, hours-long attack on our consulate in Libya.  When it was all over, four Americans were dead, including an American ambassador.  For the two weeks that followed, and for purposes of winning re-election, President Obama and his Administration brazenly lied about the attack — and the media just as brazenly let him.

Turning on Obama.  From reporters to opinion writers, from newspapers to television, after a mere four and a half years of economic fecklessness, foreign policy failure, unseemly narcissism, and a Nobel Prize for deeds to be named later, prominent liberal-leaning pundits and organizations may have finally realized that reality, if not journalistic ethics, demands a more clear-eyed look at the president they have been so deeply invested in.

Real Purpose Behind Obama Jaunt to Mexico: Recruitment!  Americans like to think of their press as freer, but it's only free in the sense that it voluntarily puts on its own muzzle.  European tabloids get into bloody brawls with regulators.  American newspapers have nothing to brawl about.  They will gleefully report anything that undermines national security at the drop of a hat, knowing that they won't be touched, but there is a long list of subjects that they won't touch with a million-mile pole.

Nobody Drowned at Watergate.  The emergence of the whistle blowers has made the story too big to ignore, as much as the media would prefer it would go away.  You will note that when it wasn't until after their beloved Obama was safely ensconced in the White House for another four years did the media show any interest in the biggest story of the administration.

Liberal media spin Benghazi scandal to protect Team Obama.  The Obama administration has lied, stonewalled, bullied, and intimidated — the true marks of an open and transparent administration.  And, with a few notable exceptions, the American media haven't just let them get away it. [...] they've helped.  Hill testimony of State Department whistleblowers might change that, but it's doubtful given the one-sided reporting so far.

Benghazi hearings in the Mirror Universe.  It's amazing to watch the media bury yesterday's explosive testimony on Benghazi.  Just imagine for a moment that today is the day after a veteran career diplomat — the top man on the ground in Libya after the murder of the ambassador — testified that a Republican administration told him not to cooperate with Democrat congressional investigators, shook him up with a menacing phone call from the top political "fixer" for a Secretary of State widely viewed as a leading 2016 presidential candidate, demoted him under cloudy circumstances so they could portray him as "disgruntled"... and then spent eight months loudly boasting of their enthusiastic, transparent cooperation with Congress.

Earthquake: Did Carney Presser End MSM Monolith?  Do not underestimate the significance: the Obama administration has not faced such an onslaught of truth-seeking since he took office in 2008, and further, no Democratic administration has been charged from all sides like this in recent memory.  That press conference was unthinkable just days ago.

Carney Has to Be Careful.  You got the sense today that the White House's propaganda arm is starting to play Benghazi very, very carefully.  Up until now they've been able to get by fairly easily on the fact that most of the relevant evidence is on the other side of executive privilege, or in the hands of politically appointed loyalists, and on the White House Press Corps' indifference.  But Greg Hicks might have been the first leak in the dam.

Benghazi Whistleblower's Attorney Claims NBC Spiked Him Being a Democrat Who Voted for Obama.  If you were a journalist reporting on Benghazi whistleblower Gregory Hicks, wouldn't you find it interesting that he was a Democrat who voted for Barack Obama twice?

Benghazi Coverup Uncovered.  BBC has apologized for its coverage of the Benghazi murders; ABC has unraveled the mendacious tale of the talking points' genesis and the Congressional hearings this week have dramatically established the administration's elaborate lies about how our ambassador and his brave defenders were murdered and its failure to protect them.  Maybe now the press will feel it's okay to get off their duffs and report how a thoroughly incompetent administration, motivated solely by self-interest, left our ambassador and others to be murdered and then lied about it with consequences to us all.

Obama likely to wriggle out of Benghazigate; Clinton less so.  Team Obama has come up with its excuse for converting the Benghazi talking points into a false narrative.  It was a purely bureaucratic matter, you see.  The CIA and the State Department disagreed about what happened, and the White House simply wanted to make sure the talking points represented all viewpoints.  The White House has been suggesting this excuse for a few days.  Today, the Washington Post's "fact-checker," Glenn Kessler, tries to inject it into the mainstream.

Obama Is Every Bit as Bad as We Warned You.  The common thread in each of these scandals is corruption and a willingness to abuse the expanded powers of big government — while failing to carry out the most basic responsibilities of any government. [...] In Benghazi, Obama a) failed to take action to save American diplomats in danger, then b) lied about it, with the enthusiastic help of mainstream media journalists (some of whom now want to blame Mitt Romney).

Media AWOL: IRS, Libya [Were] Legitimate Stories Before Obama's Reelection.  Lie after lie after coverup after coverup, and all the media did during that time was savage Mitt Romney whenever he opened his mouth about Libya and declare all other criticism as nothing more than politically-motivated.  Flash-forward eight [...] months.  Obama is safely re-elected, and only now is the media starting to tell the truth about White House lies told eight months ago.

The Still-Forgotten Obama Lie.  "Benghazi-gate," "IRS-gate," "AP-gate" — it would seem the intrepid investigators in the dinosaur media, in an effort to repair their shredded reputations, are finally catching up to the truths known months or years ago to those of us who get our news from the internet. [...] Hey, dinosaurs, now that we have your attention, we have a hot tip for you:  there's one big Obama lie that's two years old that you completely missed.  In fact, you suppressed the truth.

Finally, the rest of the world catches up.  Dear MSM, You'll have to excuse me if I don't fall all over myself congratulating you for finally doing your jobs.

Media who spin for Obama are getting lonely as scandals pile up.  Hard as it is to believe, there are still Obama administration loyalists out there in the media insisting scandals are not scandals.  These are just bad facts (e.g. auditing tea partyers, spying on reporters, creating a false narrative on Benghazi) on which Republicans "seize" to attack the president — for doing things like politicizing the IRS, the Justice Department and national security.  [I]t doesn't quite make sense, but their job, you see, is to keep spirits high on the left and defend and deflect criticism of the White House.

Obama Is Counting on a Double Standard.  While not licking their chops at the thought of tearing into the president's aides about the IRS scandal, the Justice Department's fishing expedition into the AP's phone records, or Benghazi, they're asking a salient question of journalists:  What would you do with this material if it was George W. Bush or Dick Cheney who were accused of lying about a terror attack, infringing on the rights of the press, or selectively enforcing the laws to punish political opponents?

Eight Months Too Late, The Media See The Real Obama.  Suddenly, President Obama is mired in multiple scandals.  If his friends in the media had been doing their jobs, they would have realized who he was well before last year's election.

Nothing To See Here! O'Donnell Says IRS And Benghazi Are NOT Scandals.  So much for conventional wisdom.  Lawrence O'Donnell bucked the bipartisan condemnation of the IRS's actions on his show tonight, affirming that he believes the tax-collecting agency did nothing wrong in singling out Tea Party groups.  O'Donnell diagnosed the media with "scandal fever," saying that in spite of such media focus on such big scandals, the truth, as O'Donnell put it, is that "there are no real scandals" involving the White House going on right now, no matter how bad Benghazi or the IRS targeting might make them look.

Late Night Comics Struggle to Write Obama Jokes Despite IRS, AP, Benghazi Scandals.  There's nothing funny about President Barack Obama.  That's what we've been hearing for five years now as the excuse for comedians not making jokes about him.  He's not stupid, like Harvard MBA George W. Bush.  He's not a pervert like President Bill Clinton.  And, if you want to go way back, he's not a scandal-ridden control freak like President Richard M. Nixon.  Oh, wait a minute.  On Friday the IRS scandal broke, quickly followed by the AP phone records imbroglio, so you would assume that by Monday the late night comics would be all over them.

AP Phone Records Furor Breaks 335 Days of Silence on Obama Leak Scandal.  The media furor that began Monday night over the Justice Department obtaining two months of phone records from the Associated Press marks the first time in 335 days that any of the Big Three evening newscasts have even mentioned the existence of two criminal investigations into whether White House or other national security officials leaked sensitive secrets, perhaps to politically benefit Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Strange Goings-On at the White House.  The recent spate of Washington scandals has some liberals finally confessing in public what many of them have said privately for a long time.  The Obama administration is arrogant, insular, prone to intimidation of adversaries, and slovenly when it comes to seeing that rules are followed.  Indeed, the Obama White House is a strange place, and it's good that its operational model is now likely to be finally dissected by the media.

Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan: Obama Scandals Prove Gun Advocates Aren't Crazy.  How big of a wake-up call are the Obama scandals, especially the ones surrounding the seizing of phone records from the Associated Press and the IRS's targeting of conservatives?  So big that two of the media's most shameful and shameless gun control advocates — Joe Scarborough and Piers Morgan — have finally conceded that arguments made by pro-Second Amendment activists against the expanding of background checks might not be so ridiculous.

WashPost Reports Obama DOJ Also Spied on James Rosen of Fox News.  The Washington Post on Monday [5/20/2013] reported that Obama's Department of Justice was investigating journalists before they started wiretapping the Associated Press — for one, Fox News correspondent James Rosen in 2010.  Their headline wasn't "Obama Team Also Spied on Fox News."  Fox wasn't in the headline, on A-1 or on A-12, where the story continued.

About "Bush Appointee" Doug Shulman ...  The left loves to remind everyone that the former IRS commissioner was a Bush appointee, because somehow this makes it OK that his IRS office abused power to criminally target conservatives.  For a party that loves to blame Bush, they sure love signing off on everything Bush did and then maximizing it times eleventy.  Shulman may have been a Bush appointee, but he was an Obama donor.

Fox Gives 15 Minutes to Latest IRS Scandals Details; ABC, NBC, and CBS Ignore [it].  There have been a number of new revelations this week in the ever expanding scope of the IRS scandal.  However, even with so many developments in the investigation of this egregious scandal, there was extremely limited coverage of the unfolding of this affair in the morning news of many more liberal stations like ABC, NBC, and CBS.  In contrast, Fox News devoted almost 15 minutes in their programming on Thursday morning's [5/23/2013] Fox & Friends show to enlighten the public of all of the new information in the scandal.

Former Obama Advisor Turned NBC News Analyst Rips CBS's Schieffer for Criticizing Obama.  Former Barack Obama senior advisor David Axelrod on Tuesday [5/28/2013] demonstrated why it's absurd for him to have been hired by NBC News at the beginning of his previous boss's second term.

WashPost's Dionne Claims Obama is 'Middle-of-the-Road' President, Blasts Conservatives as 'Way to the Right'.  Eager to reset the political discussion away from scandal and in a manner that promotes Barack Obama as an almost apolitical statesman, MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning [5/28/2013] turned to a liberal Washington Post columnist who praised the president as a "middle-of-the-road liberal" dominated by Republican[s] who have "gone way to the right" of their own party historically.

How the Latest Obama Scandals Robbed Liberal Media of Their Favorite Defense.  The biggest problem for Liberals in these current growing Obama scandals is they have been robbed of their usual favorite defense/justification of Obama:  "Bush did it too!"  Perhaps you've seen this yourself over the past 4½ years.


MSNBC Contributor Michael Eric Dyson: Eric Holder 'Is The Moses Of Our Time'.  In an elaborate effort to exonerate the members of President Barack Obama's Justice Department of any wrongdoing in relation to the scandal surrounding the sweeping subpoenas of the communications records of journalists, an MSNBC panel implied that the administration was the subject of persecution.  During the discussion, MSNBC contributor and Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson said that Attorney General Eric Holder, himself a victim of an elaborate right-wing effort to smear him, is "the Moses of our time."

Tom Brokaw: Obama's Scandals Aren't As Big As Watergate, Iran-Contra, Or Even Abu Ghraib.  NBC Newsman Tom Brokaw dismissed the significance of the various scandals surrounding President Barack Obama's White House on Thursday [5/30/2013].

To Protect Obama From Scandal, Media Pretend to Care About Economy.  Yes, we might have enjoyed a couple of weeks of the media acting like real journalists as a trifecta of scandals broke over the White House.  But you can already tell that the media are preparing to return to form as Obama's Shamefully Dishonest Palace Guards.

It's the Power, Stupid!  Neither the Benghazi or IRS scandals are getting much traction in the MSM.  What has riled them up is Obama's heavy-handed use of government power to spy on his "buddies" in the MSM.

Find a shiny object, quick!
Obama to Launch Fresh Push on Student Loans.  President Barack Obama on Friday urged Congress to prevent student loan rates from doubling in a month, prompting a fight with House Republicans who accused him of playing politics instead of sitting down to work out small differences and avoid an increase.

The press and President Mitt Romney.  Conservatives have been wondering how the media would be reacting to the recent scandals surrounding President Obama if there was a Republican in the White House.  There's no need to speculate, as I am writing this from an alternate universe where Mitt Romney has been president of the United States since January 2009.

Washington Post Gets Democrat Memo on GOP 'Overreach'.  Except for the not-believing-in-God part, being a Democrat has got to be a beautiful thing.  What a joy it must be to have the entire media-complex standing at the ready to leap on any talking point you want leapt upon.  On Friday, the Democrats put out a memo titled "The Month of Overreach."  Naturally, it was all about slamming Republicans for daring to look into legitimate scandals like the IRS and Benghazi.

Low-Info Voters Keep Obama Ratings Afloat.  The results suggest Obama's ratings could erode dramatically if the scandals stay front and center in the news.  There's no guarantee of that, of course, given media support of this administration.  But even the decidedly pro-Obama mainstream media are stepping up scandal coverage.

Washington Post Plays 'Hide the Benghazi' In Its Front-page Susan Rice Promotion Story.  Apparently, the Post thinks American values include shameless lying on TV news shows.

New York Times quietly changes published editorial to make it less [critical] of Obama.  The New York Times edited its damning editorial condemning the Obama administration for collecting phone call data from Americans to make it less stinging shortly after the editorial was published online Thursday afternoon.  The editorial originally declared that the Obama "administration has lost all credibility" as a result of the recently revealed news that the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been secretly collecting call data from American users of Verizon under the authority of the Patriot Act.

How Progressives in the Media Ignore Uncomfortable Facts and Justify Their Bias.  [Scroll down]  Progressives don't want a level playing field, they want to disqualify their opponents at every opportunity so they can win unchallenged.  Look at Obama.  How did he win his first few elections in Illinois?  Simple — by getting his opponents disqualified or playing dirty pool by unsealing divorce records to force his opponent to drop out so he could run unopposed.  So it's no surprise at all that an Administration under Obama's direction almost immediately turned to trying to disqualify the opposition.

Chris Matthews: Obama Has Literally Never Done Anything Wrong.  Chris Matthews, thy delusion knows no bounds.  In a month where the veritable pileup of scandals resembles an especially bad freeway car accident — indeed, on the heels of the PRISM revelation — Matthews maintains that President Obama is as close to a perfect person as we've seen, potentially since Christ.

Poof! Media drop coverage of IRS scandal.  That was fast — but not unexpected.  The media frenzy over the IRS scandal, which dominated the Big Three networks for two weeks, has practically disappeared from the news, according to a new report.  The dominant story in May when ABC, CBS and NBC crawled over each other for new details and provided 96 stories on morning and evening broadcasts has fallen to just one this week on ABC's Good Morning America, according to the Media Research Center.  In some cases, it was replaced by the National Security Agency snooping scandal.

Pigford: The Unexamined Obama Administration Scandal.  The Obama administration has again been protected from a troubling scandal by the mainstream media (MSM) using the tactic of omission to simply ignore the scandal, its reality, and the negative blowback attendant to a disturbing story.  As sunlight began to illuminate the scandal's inconvenient and troubling facts, charges of racism were used to temporarily silence those sounding the alarm.  Seemingly, the alarm-ringers' only crime was having the temerity to respond with a politically incorrect point of view to abuses.

Chris Matthews: Lack of Teleprompter 'Ruined' Obama's Berlin Speech.  MSNBC's number one Obama fanboy, Chris Matthews, was obviously disappointed with President Obama's letdown of a speech in Germany Tuesday [6/18/2013].  Rather than place the blame where it belonged — on the empty rhetoric, hypocritical platitudes, and a crowd 95% smaller than the one Obama captured in '08 as a presidential candidate — Matthews blamed it on the sun blotting out Obama's teleprompter.  [Video clip]

Matthews: Berlin Sun 'Ruined' Obama's Speech.  MSNBC host and Obama sycophant Chris Matthews blamed the sun for spoiling the president's speech in Berlin today. [...] Speaking behind a glass bulletproof shield, Obama appeared to be using the text of the speech rather than reading off of teleprompters.

NBC's Todd Excuses Obama's Poor Speech Performance: Crowd Too Small, 'It Was Hot'.  Appearing on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports on Wednesday [6/19/2013], NBC's chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd came up with a long list of excuses for President Obama's poor speech performance in Berlin.

In Press Briefing, Reporters Don't Ask Obama a Single Question About Scandals.  During his flight to Africa aboard Air Force One, President Obama headed to the part of the plane where the travelling press corps was seated and held an impromptu news briefing.  Despite the many scandals currently swirling around the administration including NSA spying and lying, Benghazi lying, and the revelation that the IRS's political attacks on conservative groups was even more widespread than originally thought, the left-leaning journalists did not ask Obama a single tough question.

Do media treat Michelle Obama like the new Jackie Kennedy?  Not since Jackie's Camelot days in the Kennedy administration has a first lady so captured public attention and respectful coverage by much of the press.

How the Media Ignored Obama's Lies About His Own Biography and Memoir.  Liberal journalists — especially hacks like Chris Matthews at MSNBC — routinely disparage conservatives for the "birthers" and their conspiracy theories that Obama can't be president because he wasn't born in the United States. [...] But the public should see the entire national media as a pack of "mythers" — people who blithely accepted Obama's concocted life story without challenging the factual reliability of any of it.

President Obama's sad view of America.  President Obama's extensive remarks in the White House Briefing Room this afternoon were as surprising as they were gratuitous. [...] The media seems fixated on "how personal" the speech was.  I am baffled by that response.  He is the president of the United States, the only elected leader there to represent us all and to provide cohesion, but here he was channeling Oprah Winfrey.  He cheered for emotionalism and for the perspective that insists it is always about race.

The Real Reason For Obama's Sudden Press Shyness.  Unlike other recent two-term presidents, Obama has had fewer day-in, day-out interactions with the Beltway press, allowing him to dodge hard questions about issues of the day.  When he gives interviews, it's to select, friendly outlets that lob him one softball after another.

Insulating Obama From His Corrupt IRS.  The media elite are still colluding with Obama to spread the bizarre fiction that there are no "Obama scandals."  Inside the Obama-media bubble, Obama alone defines authenticity, honesty, and problem-solving panache.  Outside that bubble, in the world of reality, the Obama administration is making Richard Nixon's IRS manipulations look like child's play.  Last week, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings uncovered infuriating new scoops on the scandal of Obama's IRS targeting Tea Party conservative groups and denying them tax-exempt status.

Obama: Reporters tell me my ideas are great.  President Obama said reporters praise his economic proposals as "great" and tell him they are "all good ideas."  Obama made the remarks in a speech Wednesday [7/24/2013] in Galesburg, Ill., focused on the economy.  The address didn't include any new proposals on the economy, and Republicans criticized Obama for giving an address that was more of the same.  But Obama said the news media often praises his ideas.

Reporters Tell Obama His Ideas are "Great"?  We have all heard about liberal media bias, but this is just over the top. [...] In his speech that lasted over an hour yesterday [7/24/2013], President Obama said reporters praise his economic proposals as "great and tell him that they are "all good ideas".  The speech which droned on for what seemed like ages, presented no new ideas and was dismissive of serious concerns with his administration.

Omission Watch: Networks Skip Clip of Obama Boasting Reporters Say He Has 'Good Ideas' That 'Sound Great'.  One snippet of Obama's speech in Galesburg, Illinois is getting left out of the TV news packages for perhaps obvious reasons.  Obama announced yesterday that reporters are with him in thinking his socialist plans are "good ideas" and "sound great," but Republicans will never back them.  This might also make it sound like there's zero overlap between "reporters" and "Republicans."

President Obama calls the United States and Europe 'developing countries'.  You can imagine the derision that would have flowed from the liberal "mainstream media" if George W. Bush had referred to the United States as well as its European allies as "developing countries."  This is exactly the term he used in an interview with The New York Times, which has just been published. [...] As we've seen on a number of previous occasions, Barack Obama clearly struggles with his words when he is without his beloved teleprompter.

Obama goes where he knows he will be warmly received.
President Obama to Return to 'Tonight Show' for 6th Time.  [President] Obama will appear on the Aug. 6 broadcast of NBC's late-night talker, which would mark his sixth time and the fourth appearance since becoming president.  According to NBC, Obama plans to discuss jobs initiatives and the economy during his visit.

Four Things the Media Aren't Telling You About Today's GDP Numbers.  [#1] GDP growth of 1.7% stinks.  In order to artificially prop up President Obama, the media have created what I call "The Obama Curve."  In order to make his failed economic recovery look good, the media have — for the first time in my lifetime — dumbed down what was once considered acceptable job and GDP growth to practically zero.

Neglect At The New York Times.  After a long three-year gap since their last exclusive sit-down interview with President Obama, you might think The New York Times would be ready to ask tough questions on the most contentious issues of the day, beginning with the deepening Obama scandals.  Wrong.  Instead, the Times defined the "news" in this interview to be Obama's counter-attacks.

Editor fired for anti-Obama headline says bosses responded to pressure.  A Tennessee newspaper editor who was fired for a headline critical of President Obama says his bosses bowed to pressure from the president's supporters, claiming he wouldn't have been canned if he had said the same of former President George W. Bush.  Drew Johnson's editorial, titled "Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President:  Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough," went viral and drew national attention earlier this week when Obama visited the city.

Another journalist fired for sassing Obama.  As you may recall, KMOV reporter Larry Conners was fired last May after making national headlines for actually asking President Barack Obama some tough questions.  Conners then speculated that his insolence might've had something to do with his subsequent IRS audit, and KMOV canned him.  Now another journo is out of work after crossing Obama.

Newspaper Editor Fired Over 'Shove It' Obama Headline.  Drew Johnson, the editorial page editor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press was fired after 14 months on the job for publishing an editorial with a headline that read:  "Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President."  The editorial ran Tuesday, the same day Obama visited Chattanooga.

Did [the] White House Have Something To Do With Chattanooga Editor's Firing?  A Tennessee newspaper fired an editor over a hard-hitting editorial denouncing President Obama's jobs plan on the very day the president came to town to tout it.  This has the odor of White House revanchism.

Obama's lapdogs.  If you seek a delightfully written article on politics, look at yesterday's Washington Free Beacon, an 18-month-old online newspaper.  Editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti examined a recent New York Times interview of Barack Obama not for its news content — there was none — but for how "it reveals the mentalities of the participants."

Five Things Media Aren't Telling You About Today's Jobs Numbers.  Using anti-science exuberance, for the last few days, the media have pom-pommed someone's ethereal projection that the economy had created 200,000 or so jobs in July. [...] If you are wondering why the media are still artificially propping Obama up at the expense of working people — even after he has been safely re-elected — the answer is simple:  After investing so much in him, the media must now prove they were right to do so.

More Questions ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-PBS-NPR-AP-NYT-LAT Won't Ask.  [Scroll down]  But in a really low blow, Matthew Continetti wrote a column pointing out that America's elite scribblers had an extended audience with the leader of the free world and didn't ask a single question about, oh, say, Edward Snowden, Lois Lerner, James Rosen, Mohamed Morsi, Bashar Assad, Nouri al-Maliki, Vladimir Putin, Hasan Rouhani, and Hamid Karzai.  Not even about Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, or Bob Filner.

The name of Obama's game is blame.  By traditional standards, the 2012 presidential election should have hinged on who offered the best ideas for dealing with the nation's high unemployment and tepid economic growth — with most of the attention on the incumbent's fiscal stewardship.  It didn't work out that way.  Instead, President Obama and his team ran a relentlessly negative campaign, with the news media, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, going along for the ride.

Journalists Worry Covering The Benghazi Attack Threatens White House Access.  Last week, CNN aired two striking reports revealing that the Central Intelligence Agency had a large number of agents on the ground on the night of the attack and that a suspect in the attack has never been interviewed by investigators.  Following these revelatory reports, which some in President Barack Obama's administration believe represent a political threat, some CNN reporters now fear for their access to the White House.  They are not alone.

CBS Touts Study Showing Obama Most-Joked About; Skips Decades of Anti-GOP Barbs.  On Tuesday, CBS This Morning pounced on a new study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) showing that President Obama is now the butt of more jokes on late night TV than any other politician. [...] But the real news is how, in two presidential campaigns and in his first term as President, Obama has largely evaded the harsh barbs of TV's comics.

Obama can't remember Dr. Jill Biden's name or where the Gulf of Mexico is.  Yes, one could assume for the president that he meant "along the Gulf" AND "places like Charleston ... Savannah ... Jacksonville," none of which are on the Gulf of Mexico, just as we all would have assumed that's what George W. Bush meant in a moment of misspeaking, right?  But that's not what he said, and as with 57 states, I'm not as inclined to give the Smartest President of All Time as much slack as, say, the AP gave him by fixing up the quote.

ABC, CBS and NBC Overlook Obama's Gaffe-tastic Performance on Leno.  Barack Obama delivered one gaffe after another in his August 6 interview with Jay Leno, but the networks that usually mock every mistake or slip of the tongue made by Republicans ignored the President's verbal mishaps.

Reporters Afraid To Ask Obama White House About Benghazi.  Obama has apparently taken his cue for this from Hollywood.  It is a well-known fact that movie stars in Hollywood will not grant access to those reporters and media outlets that do not write or report favorably about them. [...] The end result of this is that there is no honest reporting coming out of Hollywood these days.  This has likely been obvious to most everyone for quite some time.  Now that Obama is doing the same thing, how long will it be before there is no longer any honest reporting coming out of the White House Press corps?  Perhaps we are at that point already?

Deferential Press Corps Meets President, Takes Careful Notes.  President Barack Obama held a rare press conference on Friday afternoon [8/9/2013] in the East Room of the White House, and was treated to all-too-common deference by the White House Press Corps.  Only Ed Henry of Fox News asked a question that challenged the president in any way.  The rest asked soft questions that often invited him to take shots at the Republican opposition and revisit talking points he has made repeatedly in recent speeches.

America's Three Worst Pravda Press Organizations.  The competition for the most loathsome news organization in the U.S is fierce.  Based on their offenses against the basic tenets of journalism seen during just the past two weeks, some of which would have made the propagandists at the former Soviet Union's Pravda blush, three lame losers — Politico, the Huffington Post, and the Associated Press — have emerged as leaders of the left agenda-promoting, Barack Obama keister-covering brigade.  Politico is the trailblazer in frequently tailoring and even altering its coverage to minimize Obama administration embarrassment.

Is Obama 'Insuring' Softball Questions?  [Scroll down]  American media executives, and American journalists, might have political positions with which we cannot agree, and they might not even appear sensible, but for the most part, they are still intelligent people.  And they remember a lot of what they hear or read.  They see how this administration has approached dealing with those it might view as "enemies."  They have heard how a president's choice for the FCC views control of the media. [...] So perhaps we should view these media "softball" questions as a pre-emptive defense position.  That would be the most charitable view we could take.  Otherwise, we would have to conclude that the mainstream media are acting in collusion with the administration to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America.

AP Admits Covering Up Obama's 'Gulf' Gaffe.  During his Wednesday [8/7/2013] appearance on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show,' President Obama made three factual gaffes; one of them involved the claim that cities not found along the Gulf of Mexico are.  Were Obama a Republican, these gaffes would have led news coverage for the next forty-eight hours.  Not only did most of the media ignore or downplay these gaffes; the Associated Press went so far as to cover one of them up.

Imagine the reaction from the press if George W. Bush had done this.
Obama finds time for Egyptian condemnation — and then right back to golf.  On Thursday, Mr. Obama delivered a six-minute statement to reporters about the violence that has left hundreds dead in Cairo this week, then immediately headed off for another round of golf in Martha's Vineyard, his usual summer vacation spot where he and his family are spending the week.

Obama plays golf as White House condemns Egypt violence.  While President Obama played golf again on vacation, the White House criticized the latest crackdown in Egypt on Wednesday, saying violence between government forces and protesters will make it more difficult for the interim government to shift to a democracy.

The Editor says...
If the president's name were George W. Bush, the press would be howling in derision.

Just How Corrupt is the Obama Administration?  Scandal after scandal, coupled with an ongoing contempt for the law and the Constitution, demonstrated by high-level officials and the president himself, point to one deeply troubling conclusion:  the Obama administration may be the most corrupt administration ever inflicted on the American public.  And while the mainstream media have done a remarkable job deflecting much of that reality, even they cannot keep up with the avalanche of disturbing revelations that arise, seemingly on a daily basis.

'I'm Not Paranoid': Matthews Says GOP'ers Calling Obama 'Obama' Attempt to 'Delegitimize' Him.  MSNBC host Chris Matthews went off on Tuesday [8/20/2013] about what he characterized as a variety of efforts by Republicans and conservatives to "delegitimize" President Barack Obama.  Among the efforts he cited to prove this case are Republicans calling Obama "a liberal leader," or simply "Obama," instead of "The President of the United States."

The Editor says...
I'll bet Mr. Matthews is really steamed when writers refer to the putative president as Barry Soetoro, which could very well be the man's legal name.  Where is the (genuine, not Photoshopped) paperwork that proves Mr. Soetoro had his name legally changed to Barack H. Obama?

Presidential Pets Get The Air Support Benghazi Didn't.  The breaking news on Monday [8/19/2013] was not a new revelation about the National Security Agency, the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or the pending collapse of ObamaCare.  It was that President Obama and his family have adopted a companion for first dog Bo.  The new presidential pet is called Sunny, a name obviously not picked because it reflects the future of America under this administration.

Birtherism's Sudden Respectability.  The MSM has embraced it's [sic] inner kook and decided that birtherism is actually kind of cool after all.  Amazingly, all it took was for a Republican to emerge who they could pin it on and then suddenly... serious questions need to be asked!  Of course I'm sure it's all a big coincidence that so many MSM outlets are suddenly interested in the question of eligibility to be President.

Networks Seize on White House Scandal... From 40 Years Ago.  Perhaps the most infuriating was NBC, which hasn't touched the IRS story in 56 days, sending correspondent Peter Alexander to the lawn of the Obama White House to report on the decades-old Nixon recordings for Thursday's Today.

Obama's Increasingly Tyrannical Proclivities.  Democrats control the Senate, which the Constitution (Article I, section 3, paragraph 6) makes the trial body in impeachment cases.  As the Clinton episode showed, Democrat senators will not convict one of their own.  Moreover, don't expect the mainstream media, who are among Obama's biggest fans, to support any effort to remove him from office.  The MSM will not publicize his and/or his Administration's campaign to gut the separation of powers.  They will characterize any impeachment campaign as "racism" and "mean-spirited partisanship."

Miley Cyrus and the Pornification of America.  Consider this:  during a week in which news reports on NSA mass surveillance, militarized police forces, and a war brewing with Syria were vying for attention, CNN's number one news story was Miley Cyrus' VMA performance.  Sounds like the death knell of an empire to me.

Quagmire at Home.  Republicans also have reason to suspect that Obama's decision to request congressional approval was an effort to put them on the spot — and his ludicrous denial yesterday that he "set a red line" or that his credibility is at stake reinforces that view.  The fierce watchdogs of the press, confronted with this brazen falsehood, show themselves once again to be Obama's pet hamsters.

Limbaugh Compiles Round-Up of Media Celebrating Obama's 'Genius' Embrace of Kerry's Gaffe.  Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh tore into the media on Tuesday and accused them of malpractice in their reporting of how the so-called Russian proposal to impose a diplomatic solution on Syria.  Limbaugh played a montage of clips of members of the media celebrating the "genius" of President Barack Obama for embracing a misstatement by Sec. John Kerry and making it the centerpiece of American policy towards that country's civil war.  "Turns out, this was the plan all along — at least what the media wants us to believe," Limbaugh said of the Russian solution.  "This is journalistic malpractice."

How the Big Three Networks Have Censored or Spun Obama's Deadly Foreign Policy Failure:
Benghazi Blackout.  Wednesday marks the one year anniversary of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead and sent the Obama administration scrambling for a cover story that the Big Three broadcast networks initially bought and were slow to unravel.  A similar pattern has emerged in 2013.  As new information about the administration's actions before and after the attacks have been revealed through congressional testimony, whistleblowers, and eyewitnesses, the Big Three have responded by censoring, breezing past or spinning politically damaging bombshells.

Obama Giving Interviews To Every Major TV News Network Monday Except MSNBC.  It seems even Barack Obama doesn't want to be seen on MSNBC.  The Washington Post reported moments ago that the President of the United States, ahead of his address to the nation about Syria Tuesday, will give interviews to the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, NBC and PBS Monday.  Deliciously absent was MSNBC, the network so deeply in bed with Obama that there's hardly room for the First Lady.

Things Fall Apart for Obama.  If Obama continues to flounder, as I expect, the media cofferdam around the less savory aspects of his past may be breached, and all sorts of awkward questions relating to his background, including the financing of his higher education by a Saudi, as alleged by the former Borough President of Manhattan (a black Democrat) may come to the fore, considering that he is proposing intervention on behalf of the side supported by the Saudis in Syria.

Obama's Supposed Brilliance Is Very Much In Question.  [George W.] Bush was mocked relentlessly by the media for playing golf and being "disengaged."  Does Mr. Obama playing over four times as much golf as Bush — including during the Syrian crisis — or cards in the final moments of Osama bin Laden mean he is more "disengaged" than Bush or other presidents?

15 Journalists Have Joined Obama Administration.  According to the Atlantic, Time managing editor Rick Stengel's decision to join the Obama administration is just the latest example of a new trend among mainstream media journalists who are making it official by joining the Obama administration.  Stengel, who is joining the State Department, is just one of 15 (or 19) who have given up a career in journalism to join Obama's crusade to fundamentally transform America.

The Editor says...
Even a complete doofus can read a teleprompter on TV and make himself seem larger than life.  It comes as no surprise when TV "news" personalities transition to left-wing politics.  These people have been political activists all along.  They were never journalists in the first place, in most cases, if "journalist" means a person who writes original copy to report a meaningful recent event.  Rephrasing a Democratic Party talking point isn't journalism, it is the plastic-coated dissemination of left-wing tax-and-spend baby-killing Democrat propaganda.

This Depressing Economy.  It is true that 164,000 seasonally adjusted payroll jobs were added during the month, per the Establishment Survey of employers, but June and July were revised down by a combined 75,000.  The Household Survey used to determine the unemployment rate had even grimmer news, as it showed that 115,000 fewer Americans were working in August than in July.  The only reason that the official ("U-3") unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent is because the civilian workforce shrunk by over 300,000, taking the labor force participation down to 63.2 percent, that figure's lowest level in since 1978.

The Editor says...
Job creation figures are often revised downward, weeks after their initial publication.  That's because the revisions go un-reported; or if they are reported, it's in the back of the newspaper somewhere.

A Puzzled Ed Schultz Marvels: 'It Amazes Me That People Don't Love Obama'.  A perplexed Ed Schultz on Friday [9/13/2013] couldn't fathom why Americans have failed to "love Obama."  The MSNBC anchor highlighted a new poll showing that the President only has a 45 percent approval rating.  Schultz marveled, "I just cannot believe this number.  Seriously."

Rick Stengel Is at Least the 21st Journalist to Work for the Obama Administration.  Keeping track of how many reporters went to work under President Obama is tricky.  Do you count those who had some other job in between reporting and the Obama administration?

NBC's Todd: House Republicans 'Have Not Dropped' Benghazi.  Talking to NBC's chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd on Sunday's Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory noted "Benghazi back as a political focus this week" following the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack, prompting Todd to observe:  "It is.  The House Republicans have not dropped this as an issue."

ObamaCare's Desperate Defenders.  Liberal opinion writers who feel duty-bound to defend President Obama's signature health-care reform law have been quite creative in trying to blame the GOP for the flaws in what was a law passed by Democrats against bipartisan and public opposition.  The most recent narrative, that Republicans are "sabotaging" the law, is quite clearly nonsensical.  But they are opinion writers, so we can understand their efforts to spin the policy failure.  Yet there is really no excuse for supposedly impartial reporters to not only infuse their news writing with such silliness but even openly rant about it as a prelude to the facts.

America-hating Obama a Threat to World Freedom.  The US mainstream media, which brought a radical malcontent community organizer into power and keeps him there, is now the welcome mat for the American disseminated propaganda of despots like Putin and Rouhani.  It is largely thanks to the mainstream media that the takeover of MidEast countries by the Muslim Brotherhood was passed off on an unsuspecting citizenry as replacement by a democracy-loving Arab Spring.  Why does our tolerance allow the media to define, shape, propagandize and flat out lie about the current shift of power that is leading the Free World into a helpless Socialist State?

NBC Launches Week of Programming to 'Help' Obamacare Succeed.  NBC announced today that it would be launching a week of programming to help Obamacare get off its feet, according to a press release sent out by the network. [...] The NBC release says it will help explain how to enroll in Obamacare, a service no doubt to President Obama who has himself been barnstorming the country to try to boost enrollment in the program.

NBC News to air special series on Obamacare.  NBC News announced Friday that it will present a special series of programs and reports next week intended to "help Americans get the most out of the Affordable Care Act," according to a press release.  Timed to coincide with the rollout of new insurance exchanges, "Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law" begins airing Monday, Sept. 30.  The series will appear on such network mainstays as "NBC Nightly News" and "Today," as well as on social media and other digital outlets.

NBC to Air Obamacare Advertising Series as 'News'.  NBC News has announced that it will air a special series that will "help Americans get the most out of the Affordable Care Act."  A press release reports that NBC News will "help" Americans get all they can out of Obamacare.

Seymour Hersh Rips US Media: 'Carrying Water for Obama'.  Left-wing journalist Seymour Hersh, a living legend with the American mainstream media, states the obvious in a new interview with The Guardian: When it comes to Obama, the American media's unrequited crush on the president has turned them into useless fanboys and water carriers.

Media Shamefully Silent After White House Links GOP to Terrorists.  [Scroll down]  The American public, too, has become accustomed to the Obama administration vilifying its political opponents in ways that would have horrified many just three short years ago.  "What we're not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest," said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House advisor for strategic communications — let that sink in, strategic communications — on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper on Thursday [9/26/2013].  "It's a negotiation if I'm trying to sell you my house and we are debating the price of it," he added.  "It is not a negotiation if I show up at your house and say, 'Give me everything inside or I'm going to burn it down.'"

Politico to Media: Ignore ObamaCare Launch Problems.  Essentially what you have here is an outlet that likes to present itself as objective, begging its media colleagues not to report on any problems the American people might have with Tuesday's ObamaCare launch.  This, despite the fact that the White House has already admitted there will be "glitches."  Again, because Politico is always trying to fool people into believing it is an objective news outlet, the piece also warns the media not to declare ObamaCare a "success" based on the first few days.

Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger.  Obama thrives on crises, not solutions.  That's the key to this whole administration. [...] He believes that politically he can't lose with a completely obedient media spinning everything his way.  As long as Americans are suckered by our monopoly media, we will never solve any real problems.  Instead, we will be drawn into phony crises instigated by Obama and the Democrats.  Any real dangers, like nuclear proliferation and the Jihad War, will be ignored as long as Democrats are in power.  The only permanent solution is to fire the mendacious media, and that is completely up to you.

Establishment Conservative Journalists Meet Off-the-Record with Obama at White House.  This is hardly the first time Obama has held select, politically-motivated off-the-record sessions. [...] Obama's cozy relationship with select members of the press has created abiding unhappiness among many members of the press corps, who feel that the president has created a stratified system with favored and unfavored journalists.

Unbelievable: Obama gets no questions at presser on ObamaCare rollout or shutdown theater.  It ran for one hour and six minutes, with 12 different reporters being called on — although, notably, not Ed Henry of Fox News — and between them they couldn't muster one question about the catastrophe that is or the spectacle of National Park Rangers locking senior-citizen tourists out of war memorials and/or inside their hotels.

Fascism: Reporters Living in Fear of Obama Administration.  We still have no answers why the Obama "Justice" Department targeted James Rosen of Fox News or tapped the phone lines of the Associated Press.  And clearly the media is too afraid to speak up. [...] If the media had any dignity they'd boycott this administration and skip the daily Jay Carney briefings.

Subservient reporters will roll over and bark, if that's what Obama wants.
Barack Obama Compliments Softball Questions He Gets: 'That's a Great Example'.  One way to know if a journalist is asking a softball question is if the President of the United States compliments the reporter after he or she asks it.

Media's Off-the-Record Meetings with the President Really Need to Stop.  Earlier this year, President Obama privately sat down with the primetime lineup of MSNBC to talk about selling his tax plan to the American people.  Those journalists, or pundits, or hosts, or personalities, or however [...] we define those who host cable news shows these days, weren't there for an interview, they were there for instructions.

How the Media are Shaping Obama's Government Shutdown.  President Barack Obama remains in an intense public relations war with the Republican-led House of Representatives.  He believes that the compliant media will back up his most outrageous actions, even as he tries to magnify the crisis for the average American. [...] The reason President Obama believes he is winning, and can continue to win the current showdown with Republicans over the partial government shutdown and the debt-ceiling hike, is his confidence that the media will continue to support him — no matter how irresponsibly he acts.

Wussies! Every Last One of You.  The liberal media can't help themselves.  They have a huge crush on the President.  He can do no wrong. [...] There's something very dangerous about the liberal love affair with the President.  Fear of asking the tough questions crushes accountability.  And without accountability, tyranny follows.

ObamaCare a Planned Disaster for Political Reasons.  Obama has not ever been pressured to compromise or change course, no matter how disastrous his policies.  He has a unique partisan pass, thanks to his idol status as our first black president among the compliant liberal media.  Obama will go down in history as America's most unaccountable president.  He has skated over one calamity after another, with none of the blame attached to his party — our economic stagnation, the suffering of our neediest citizens, the destabilization of the Middle East, a looming nuclear Iran, Benghazi, the IRS, the spying on ordinary citizens and the press.  None of these significant failures have mattered one whit to loyal Democrat voters.  Why would ObamaCare be different?

Poynter Offers Media Guide to Gloss Over Millions of ObamaCare's Victims.  Because the media are as desperate as Obama to see ObamaCare succeed, the faulty federal website is getting all kinds of attention.  One thing that isn't, though, is that millions among the working and middle class are losing insurance they are happy with and seeing their monthly premiums spike, sometimes by as much as 150%.

The Press Endures Obama's Unrequited Love.  Journalists pride themselves for being on the cutting edge of events and trends, but they have been slow to realize or to admit that they have been instrumental in electing a pathological liar to the highest office in the land.

Questions Rarely Asked — and Never Answered.  Is there still a notion of scandal? If EPA director Lisa Jackson's fake email con and the Pigford payouts were small beer, what were the scandals about Benghazi, the IRS, the AP, and the NSA?  Does anyone care that every presidential pronouncement about the Affordable Care Act was false?  We have reached a new point where either the media is an appendage of government, or the public is too weary to care about the conduct of its government — to the degree that this administration could do pretty much anything. [...] How did Barack Obama become the most anti-civil liberties president in history — to almost complete silence?

60 Minutes: Benghazi Revelations of Betrayal, No Mention of Hillary, Obama.  In the whole segment, which established damning evidence that the U.S. had evidence that an attack on the annex where Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed was clearly in the works, [Lara] Logan never once mentions the names of Hillary Clinton of Barack Obama.  Unsurprising that a featured player in the MSM should not report on the truly lethal evidence that could have sunk Obama's 2012 campaign until almost one year after his reelection.

NBC News Deletes Huge Obamacare Story, Stealth Edits, Breaks Drudge Link.  On Monday [10/28/2013], NBC News reported that President Obama's administration knew for three years that Americans would lose their current insurance under Obamacare.  The story quickly became the lead at the Drudge Report, making it the hottest political story on the Internet immediately.  For several hours, there was no problem.  Then, late at night, the story was pulled, the link was changed thereby breaking the Drudge link, and stealth edits were made to the piece.  In particular, one key paragraph met the cutting room floor.

Obama just got used to saying things that were never challenged.  He was going to close GITMO was one of the early promises.  He even signed an executive order to close it within a year.  But GITMO is still open and will likely stay open the day that President Obama flies home to Chicago in early 2017.  I'm not good at predictions but I can predict today that [President] #45 will inherit GITMO.  He said that you could keep your own health care plan or doctor. [...] It looks like millions won't keep their insurance.  Where was the media on both of these?  They weren't doing their job.  This is why he got away with making these statements.

NBC hides its bombshell that Obama knew millions would lose health insurance.  An NBC investigative internet story that has upended the administration's oft-repeated promise that Americans will be able to keep their health care plan under Obamacare was largely ignored on the network's premier TV shows, NBC Nightly News and Today, according to a media watchdog group.

White House Caught in Outright Lies, Media Yawns.  CBS News has caught the White House in an outright lie.  It's a lie that administration officials stood by and disseminated through the media.  Stated more clearly, the White House used many credulous members of the media to misinform the public.  Now, after having been made fools of by their Democratic allies in the executive branch, one might be excused for expecting the press to push back against their abusers forcefully.  Instead, the race is on to make excuses for the embattled White House.

The media in panic that Obama is the 'nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land'.  The media is concerned that President Obama looks detached, aloof and any other word synonymous to disconnected.  They don't understand how the smartest man to ever take the oath knows so little of what is going on around him.

The Obama Facade Cracks at Last.  Only now — five years into his presidency — are we seeing some cracks in the protective shield surrounding President Obama, and then only after the abuse of reporters' privacy has been threatened.  Mainstream journalists have not scrutinized his controversial policies, nor have they held him accountable for questionable actions that have caused outrage among fair-minded critics and produced irreparable harm to the nation.  Some facts are irrefutable, but the president has, by and large, deflected all blame and few in the media have dared question his policies and actions.

Mika Suggests Obama 'Too Smart' For The Job.  Too smart to be President.  Is that really Barack Obama's problem? Mika Brzezinski thinks so.  On today's [11/4/2013] Morning Joe, as Mike Barnicle and John Heilemann kicked around the notion, as others have before, that President Obama doesn't much like politics and the people in it, Brzezinski piped up with a different explanation for his aloofness:  he's "too smart for the job," she suggested.

The Editor says...
I can provide copious evidence that Barack H. Obama is not all that bright.

MSNBC's Alex Witt: 'Does It Matter' That Obama Lied About ObamaCare?  Leave it to MSNBC weekend anchor Alex Witt to continue marching forward, carrying the flag of ObamaCare as the rollout phase sputters along at a crawl.

ObamaCare, Other Scandals, Virtually Ignored By Big Media.  Obama only looks "relatively scandal-free" when the media quit doing their job and choose to dwell in a wonderland of denial.

Pro-Obamacare team trains reporters on covering Obamacare website problems.  Reporters with the Society of American Business Editors and Writers received "training" on how to cover Obamacare's rollout from a policy expert who works with President Obama's former health information technology adviser.  The Commonwealth Fund's Sara Collins claimed during the training that's chronic dysfunctionality does not signify "deeper issues" with the law.

The Obama Purchase.  Obama's greatest strength in gaining office was a servile media that suppressed every scandal and ugly truth, every sordid association, every risible mistake and radical position.  It's easy being cool when nine wide phalanxes of fawning human shields stand between you and the flak, but one wonders how cool Obama would have been had he not benefitted from the regular affirmative action that got him established and the cultural affirmative action that got him elected.  Of course, we'd never have known because his coolness would have been confined to passing the bong with the Choom Gang.  We never would have heard of him.

New York Times' Obama cheerleading harms the nation.  The ObamaCare debacle is the exception that proves the rule.  Wall-to-wall complaints are forcing the media to report that the law's Web site is a lemon and that its rules are causing millions of people to lose insurance plans they liked.  The mainstream media is acting only because the story is too big to ignore.  Had it been mildly skeptical sooner, it could have exposed the law's destructive rules and prevented the disaster.  Yet the [New York] Times, especially its editorial page, remains his most devoted cheerleader.  The latest example is embarrassing enough to make a Gray Lady blush.

NY Daily News Editorial Attacks America's 'Immaturity' for Showing Anger Over Obamacare's Lies.  We were just asking for it.  This is, essentially, what Century Foundation fellow Michael Cohen took to the pages of the New York Daily News on Monday [11/11/2013] to say.  In a profound scolding, Cohen diagnoses America's "immaturity" as demonstrated by the backlash against President Barack Obama over to his oft-repeated and false claim that every American who was happy with their health insurance would be able to keep their health insurance.  This was never true.  The president and his staff were aware this was not true as early as February, 2010.

Obama's Hometown Chicago Tribune Wonders If He Lied About Obamacare — So Why'd They Endorse Him Twice?  The Chicago Tribune slammed its hometown hero in a Monday [11/11/2013] editorial:  "The American public is having a credibility-shattering debate about the president:  Did he not bother to learn the details of the law before he told us we could keep our doctors and our insurance, or did he know the truth and flat-out lie?"  Perhaps a better question: Why did this same Chicago Tribune editorial board endorse this accused liar or dilettante — twice?

ABC, CBS Notice Obama's 'Lowest Ever' Approval Rating; NBC Out to Lunch.  On Tuesday, ABC's World News and CBS Evening News both reported the latest poll numbers from the "respected" Quinnipiac University, as CBS's Scott Pelley labeled the institution, regarding President Obama's "lowest ever" approval rating, along with Americans' dim view of the politician's honesty.  ABC's Diane Sawyer noted that "for the first time in his presidency, a majority of American voters — 52 percent...say President Obama is not honest and trustworthy."

Digging for News vs. Digging out Obama.  As the Obamacare fiasco deepens and broadens, and one watches the panic enveloping Team Obama, which strategy looks more desperate:  Defending the indefensible or savaging critics as somehow responsible for this mess?  The spin control is actually amusing when you consider that it isn't Team Obama trying to influence the media.  It's the media doing damage control for Team Obama.

Byron York: Sympathetic Journalists All Knew Cancellations [were] Coming.  In a Friday editorial mainly taking aim at President Obama and Democrat lawmakers, The Washington Examiner's Byron York argues that the wave of millions of insurance cancellations were in fact not a surprise for many who are now claiming it was.  They knew, knowingly lied and they were not the only ones.  York points out that "sympathetic journalists" also knew what was coming and remained silent.

Might the Establishment Turn Against Obama?  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, the bulk of the media, dominated by progressive executives and editors, along with their useful idiots the journalism majors, made protecting progressivism's new poster child and mocking or ignoring anyone who dared to challenge him their primary mission. [...] The leftist media majority, meanwhile, followed the Democratic Party's talking points right down the line, as they were hired to do.  And the doomsday clock for American liberty that is ObamaCare was carefully concealed through the obvious and simplistic tactic of delaying much of the law's implementation until after Obama's re-election.

Obama's "5 Percent" Con Job.  In sum, Obama is well aware that his proposed "fix" is frivolous.  His hope is that the country overwhelmingly consists of dolts who are too uninformed to realize that this is the case, and who, with a little help from his media courtiers, can be convinced to blame the insurance companies, rather than the president, for the fact that millions of Americans are losing their coverage under his "reform."

Juan Williams Describes Journos' Meeting With Obama: White House in 'Full Fight Mode'.  "I met with other senior officials at the White House, I can tell you they are in full fight mode over the Affordable Healthcare Act right now," Williams said.  "What you hear from these senior officials is they're concerned about what happened with insurance companies; they wish the insurance companies hadn't sent out the cancellation notices; and if they had, that they had simply call them renewals.  They feel as if they had a major systems failure, a major management failure, and they're trying to get back on track."

The Editor says...
Juan Williams seems to be very careful not to utter the term Obamacare, probably because the new law and Obama are dragging each other down.  Mr. Williams evidently recognizes the importance of carefully selecting words:  He believes that if the government calls a perfectly good insurance policy "substandard," and the insurance companies call a cancellation a "renewal," the unfortunate person on the receiving end would be happier about it, and would not blame Barack H. Obama.  President Obama himself says he wants to rebrand and remarket Obamacare.  As usual, he is taking the wrong approach.  Solutions to major problems — especially those that have been caused by big government — require more than semantics.

Time Breaks From Media: Reports On Future ObamaCare Debacles.  While the mainstream media have had no choice other than to report on ObamaCare's ongoing smoking guns of failure, something the media have adamantly refused to do is look ahead and report on what horrors ObamaCare will bring next.  Time Magazine broke with that three-year media tradition Wednesday to warn its readers that Obama's promise about keeping your doctor will not live up to reality.

Why Obama can't wave away this scandal.  [Scroll down]  Consider the events that would have been unprecedented scandals in a Republican administration — with teams of reporters digging and scratching daily at every nook and cranny in every bureaucratic corridor — that have instead been covered dutifully but with relatively little passion and almost no follow-up.  Why?  Because it would have hurt Obama, that's why.

Time Editor Blames Romney for Media's Failure to Scrutinize ObamaCareTime Magazine editor-at-large Mark Halperin appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" Thursday [11/21/2013].  Guest host Laura Ingraham pressed Halperin, one of the tippy-top members of the elite media, to explain why he and his colleagues refused to scrutinize ObamaCare for three years or take Republican warnings (all of which are proving true) seriously.  To his credit, Halperin didn't dodge the fact that the media failed to do its job.  He did, though, rather bizarrely blame Mitt Romney and Republicans for it.

Demnesia strikes IRS political appointee.  One of only two political appointees at the IRS, a generous Democrat donor, at the IRS is relying on purported memory failure to evade testifying on embarrassing and potentially incriminating activities related to the targeting of Tea Party groups. [...] The media are cooperating in ignoring the heinous abuse of the IRS by the Obama administration.  One of the articles of impeachment of Richard Nixon that Hillary Clinton helped draft was his purported use of the IRS against his political opponents.

Liberal media's chickens [are] coming home to roost.  [Scroll down]  In other words, the shift of cable news viewers away from liberal CNN and radical left (Forward!) MSNBC is considerable.  Unlike monopoly newspapers, cable news viewers have a choice, and they are finding that those who uncritically supported Obama are less trustworthy and therefore are changing their viewing habits.  Unmistakably, there is a trend here.

Matthews Previews Obama Interview: POTUS 'A Brilliant Writer' Who Turns in Paper with 'Misspellings'.  On Thursday night [12/5/2013], MSNBC host Chris Matthews will sit down with President Barack Obama for an interview which will, in part, focus on the problematic roll-out of the Affordable Care Act.  Matthews said that he intends to grill the president on this failure and contended that this incident was akin to "a brilliant writer" who, despite a "great theme," turns in an essay full of technical flaws.

The Latest in a String of Panicky Decisions:
Obama Breaks Glass on Chris Matthews.  For years, MSNBC host Chris Matthews has been sitting patiently behind the emergency glass waiting for President Barack Obama to come wildly swinging the ax of panic.  As recently as August, Matthews cited Obama's careful avoidance of the network, which just last month was forced to discipline two hosts for conduct so indefensible they could not continue to represent MSNBC, as an indication of his and his colleagues' neutrality.  On Tuesday, the air raid sirens blared and the president came screaming out of the fog begging for aid.  Matthews' interview with the President of the United States will air on Thursday [12/5/2013].

Why Matthews' Obama interview matters.  For almost a decade now, Chris Matthews has served as a barometer for baby-boom progressives' attitude toward Barack Obama — from the "thrill" that went up his leg when he heard the presidential candidate speak in 2008 to the utter disappointment following last October's debate in Denver.  That's why Matthews' interview with Obama, which takes place at 2 p.m. today [12/5/2013] and airs at 7 p.m. on MSNBC, is a crucial one for the president, and for MSNBC.

Geraldo, Fox & Friends Openly Mock 'Adoring' Obama 'Fan' Chris Matthews and MSNBC.  Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera and the hosts of Fox & Friends openly mocked MSNBC and host Chris Matthews on Friday [12/1/2013] for his performance during an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama.  Rivera called Matthews a "fan" of the president and the hosts dismissed the network as a place that does not specialize in "objective" analysis.

Hardball?? How Chris Matthews rolled over for Barack Obama.  Matthews is a likable guy with a passion for politics, but he left his interviewing chops at the door.  The mile-a-minute man who jumps all over his guests let the president ramble on with long, discursive, three-part answers.  At times Matthews acted like a political science professor.  Maybe he was getting a reprise of the famous thrill up the leg.  This was clearly a home game for Obama.

CNN Analyst 'Defends' Obama: 'Every President Is Going To Lie'.  CNN's analyst LZ Granderson has defended President Obama's outright lies about Obamacare with some of the most insidious, cynical logic seen in recent years.  According to Granderson, the American people have rationalized the health insurance lies fed to them by Obama in this way:  "We can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we believe in his heart, he has the best interest for the American people."

WashPost Article (or Press Release?) Promotes Raising Gas Tax by 15 Cents a Gallon.  With anti-tax Republicans in control of the House, it's a little odd that The Washington Post would devote a story on Thursday [12/5/2013] to liberal Democrat Earl Blumenauer's proposal to raise the federal gas tax by 15 cents a gallon.  It was stranger that reporter Ashley Halsey III seemed ordered to produce a Blumenauer press release, quoting absolutely no opposition to such a tax hike, instead quoting tax-hike backers like AAA and unions.  No one seemed to ask whether the nation's infrastructure was supposed to get a boost from Obama's "stimulus."

The dark lining to the silver cloud of Obamanomics.  The government's latest reports that the economy grew at a 3.6 percent annual rate in the third quarter and created 203,000 new jobs last month left out a lot of caveats.  Moreover, the network news media's hyperbolic reports that the economy was surging at full throttle, and that the job market was strengthening, needs to be taken with a large grain of salt, too.  The truth is that the economic-growth rate isn't what it's cracked up to be, and the employment figures contained a large number of "part-time" holes.

MSNBC Anchor: Obamacare = N-Word.  MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry evidently exists to say ridiculous things.  The same radical who declared that all children belong to the state said Sunday [12/8/2013] that "Obamacare" is the new "n-word."

Putin Pulls Press' Strings But Obama Doesn't Have To.  Who needs a palace propaganda organ when "independent" news sources like Politico bury the revelation that insurance companies don't know "who is enrolling in their plans" under ObamaCare, as it did last week.  Instead, it highlighted a scant two-day enrollment period as evidence "the federal exchange is on the mend."  Who needs Putin's court media jesters when a political reporter with decades of experience in Washington like Howard Fineman, a fixture at Newsweek before it was sold off for a dollar, gushes after interviewing Obama about "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see in person a president talking about what it's like to be president, while he's actually president!"

PolitiFact rewrites its own history in Obamacare 'Lie Of The Year' decision.  In an impressive display of chutzpah, the Tampa Bay Times' fact-checking organization PolitiFact has designated President Obama's promise that "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it" as their "Lie of the Year" for 2013 while simultaneously distancing itself from its own years-long record of failing to identify it as a lie.

The Death of Obama's "Noble Lie".  [Scroll down]  New York Times editorialist David Firestone, in a piece with the sneering headline "The Uproar Over Insurance 'Cancellation' Notices," referred to Obama's lie as "President Obama's unfortunate blanket statement."  The paper's editorial board averred that Obama "clearly misspoke," then claimed the canceled policies were "not worth keeping."  House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters: "I don't think the message was wrong.  I think the message was accurate.  It was not precise enough."

Obama portrayed as victim.  Some may think reporters and editors are simply clumsy or indifferent writers, and sometimes they are.  But much of the time they choose their words (and photos) with exquisite and subtle care.  They also realize that most people only look at the headlines and photos of most articles, and that those are therefore the most important elements, and that even people who do read the article often read only the first few paragraphs.

The 'Duck' is all about the left being bored with Obama.  Let's look at this partial list of disappointments:
  1) GITMO is still open and it won't close anytime soon;
  2) The NSA program has really shaken up liberals;
  3) The "still in place Bush anti-terror policies" that they hated so much at "the yes we can" rally;
  4) Income inequality at a high level in the 5th year of "hope and change";
  5) Black unemployment is very bad under our first black president;
  6) The Iran deal under attack by Senate Democrats;
  7) Global warming not so warm; and,
  8) The Obama Care "roll out" has raised serious concerns about competence and the future of liberalism. [...] You can make a good case that the law is falling apart.
My point is that you will see a very aggressive left on same sex marriage, abortion, Voter ID cards, and the issues that create excitement with the base.  They need something to grab and "get pumped up about."  It already started with Charles Blow bringing racism into it.

Advertising in the Age of Obama.  Obama was sold to the American voters twice on the strength of shrewd marketing, but as the truth of his unsuitability for this high office becomes increasingly obvious to all but his most uninformed base, even advertising cannot help him pull out of his nosedive.  People who know a thing or two about medical care, insurance, and simple math warned about the doom embedded in the very heart of ObamaCare, warnings the media ignored or made fun of.

The Fall of NBC News.  It seems that turning itself into an Obama lapdog has not worked out too well for NBC News.  The once-respected and prosperous news organization is facing cutbacks and an alienated staff.

Obama: 'You Can't Say You Take Pride in American Democracy' and Be in Favor of Voter ID Laws.  On Wednesday [12/4/2013], Obama-enthusiast Chris Matthews sat down with President Obama to ask him some softball questions, ironically, on his show entitled, "Hardball." [...] Matthews, a fanatic by even MSNBC's standards, has made no secret of his undying admiration for Barack Obama and speaking with the president, Matthews seemed about as giddy as a teenage girl in the front row of a Justin Bieber concert.  The interview more-closely resembled two comrades griping about politics over drinks than anything that could really be expected for an interview with a sitting president on a political news show.  Matthews swooned as the president spoke and the president focused on those who dare to object to Obama's radical agenda.

When '60 Minutes' Checks Its Journalistic Skepticism at the Door.  [V]iewers expect the show to bring its A game, and deserve it, when it takes on a huge issue like the N.S.A., to serve as a stand-in for the American people and ask the uncomfortable questions.

60 Minutes Report on Susan Rice Misleads on Benghazi.  This evening [12/22/2013] 60 Minutes did yet another puff piece on a member of the Obama Administration.  This time it was National Security Adviser Susan Rice's turn.  Lesley Stahl called Rice "the quarterback of American foreign policy."  If that is the case then Susan Rice is to the American foreign policy what Ryan Leaf was to the San Diego Chargers.  However, the most egregious part of the segment concerned Benghazi.

Obama Hawaii Vacation: Day 3.  White House officials announced that Obama signed up for health coverage through a new insurance exchange for the District of Columbia.

The Editor says...
The Associated Press, in the article immediately above, announces that Mr. Obama signed up for Obamacare.  The Associated Press, in the article immediately below, admits that "he didn't actually sign up for it himself."

Obama Enrolls for Health Coverage, Won't Use It.  He won't use it, and he didn't actually sign up for it himself, but President Barack Obama has enrolled for health coverage through the new insurance exchanges.

2017 and the End of Ethics.  Will there be a scandal if the new political appointees at the IRS sic their auditors on  What will the Washington Post say should the new president keep Guantanamo Bay open for five more years, quadruple the number of drone missions, or decide to double renditions? [...] In other words, because for the past five years the members of the Washington press corps have abdicated their traditional adversarial role as watchdogs of the executive branch, can we still have watchdogs at all in 2017?  If the next president falsely swears that his new health-care program will not affect citizens' current coverage, what consequences could possibly follow?

ObamaCare Misreporting Underscored Mainstream Media's Malfeasance.  No better example of this mainstream-media malfeasance exists than the case of ObamaCare and thousands of liberal "journalists" at the networks, cable networks, newspapers and radio outlets who chose — out of loyalty to the president and his naively utopian nanny-state beliefs — to shill for a program they knew to be built on a foundation of lies from day one.  Worse than knowing it was built on a foundation of deceit, most also knew it would decimate our health-care system, increase costs for tens of millions of Americans and put doctors in an untenable position.  They knew it, and they still hid the truth.

When the press is a poodle.  This nation's Founders had a special role in mind for the media in the constitutional arrangements they carefully constructed.  It was to provide a fourth source of checks and balances on the potential abuse of power by the three branches of government, by virtue of journalists' independence and, if assured freedom of the press, their ability to expose and, thereby, to counter overreaching presidents, legislators or courts.  The Framers of our Constitution didn't reckon on the American media in the age of Obama, however.

10 Forms of 2013 Media Malpractice.  [#10] Sit on important information if doing so helps the administration.  In November, the AP's Julie Pace reveled in the fact that she and her employer knew of secret negotiations between the U.S. and Iran a full eight months before they were publicly disclosed.  The wire service's claim that doing so involved doing the Obama administration no favors blew up in its face when another news organization acknowledged that it and AP "were asked to not publish til end of Iran talks."

Reporters Hit a White House Stone Wall.  With the exception of those who depend on Fox, ABC radio, the Wall Street Journal, and other conservative outlets, too many of the consumers of news are blissfully unaware of the liberal, rubber stamp product they are receiving.  It is the complete betrayal of those whom the press is supposed to serve.  They did not report the truth about Obamacare.  They have not reported the truth about Obama's failed foreign affairs policies, including the attack on Benghazi.  They have largely ignored other scandals.  Obama's new economic "inequality" lies are right out of the Communist Manifesto.  The result, however, was his reelection in 2012 and millions of canceled health plans.

Obama on the Couch.  It takes cash to afford the cable connections, premium channels, and Netflix subscriptions required to watch all of the titles on the president's viewing list.  It is also necessary to have leisure time, which, disturbingly, the president seems to have a lot of.  No wonder he finds out about everything from the newspapers.  Shear clearly had a thesis in mind when he sat down to write.  His article is an argument in search of evidence.  He seems to think Obama's taste in television reveals a tragic sense of life, [...]

For a Pressured President, a Real and Rare Vacation in Hawaii.  Mr. Obama's vacation schedule was nothing if not routine.  He went to the gym at Marine Corps Base Hawaii for a sunrise workout.  He played golf nine out of 15 days.  And he and the first lady, Michelle Obama, stepped out for dinner at a few of their favorite restaurants:  Alan Wong's, Morimoto Waikiki (twice!) and Nobu Waikiki.

Bias alert!
There is nothing rare about Obama's annual Hawaiian vacations, or his annual summer vacation at Martha's Vineyard.  In fact, every cross-country flight on Air Force One and every international junket would be considered a remarkable vacation by most people.  (I like to fly as much as anybody, but I haven't been on an airliner since the early 1990's.)  The writer of the New York Times article above goes to great lengths to portray Mr. Obama as overworked and under-rewarded, when exactly the opposite is true.

How the Obama administration dismantled American government.  Obamacare is a flea bitten dog that never would have been enacted without wholesale and deliberate falsehoods said over and over again by Barack Obama and every Democrat cheerleader.  It never would have been enacted without legislative sleights-of-hand and backroom bribes offered to key Democrats.  It never would have been enacted and Barack Obama would likely not have won a second term without the willing negligence of a toothless "watchdog press" who refused to independently investigate or report obvious lies.

NBC: Bush to Blame for 'Security Vacuum' in Iraq Created by Obama's Troop Withdrawal.  Introducing a report on Monday's [1/6/2014] NBC Nightly News about Al-Qaeda forces seizing control of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, anchor Brian Williams went out of his way to blame the President George W. Bush for the deteriorating security situation:  "U.S. fighting forces are gone from Iraq.  But as so many predicted when President Bush chose to go to war there after 9/11, the fighting has started up again."

LAT's Doyle McManus: 'None' of Obama's 'Controversies ... Quite Reached Scandalhood'.  According to Keith Koffler at White House Dossier, the Obama adminstration was at "Two Dozen Scandals and Counting" in August, including but obviously not limited to the following:
  •   IRS targets Obama's enemies
  •   Benghazi (which Koffler correctly describes as "three scandals in one")
  •   Watching (i.e., spying on) the Associated Press
  •   The Justice Department's suggestion that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal to justify monitoring his every action
  •   The ATF "Fast and Furious" scheme
  •   Solyndra
There isn't any reasonable debate as to whether these items fit the textbook definition of a scandal ("a disgraceful or discreditable action, circumstance, etc.").  They obviously do.

Media Again Humiliated After Hyping Unreliable ADP Jobs Numbers.  The unemployment rate dropped from 7% to 6.7%, but that is due only to the disheartening fact that 525,000 of the unemployed stopped looking for work.  As a result, the labor force participation rate dropped to its lowest point since 1978.  Still, President Obama enjoyed a week of celebratory news about job creation thanks to our objective, unbiased, not-at-all liberal media once again hyping the notoriously unreliable jobs report from ADP.

24 Underreported Democrat Scandals That Make News Media's 'Bridgegate Mania' Look Like a Joke.  Whatever happened in New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie in regards to the already-infamous "bridgegate," the open gloating by the media over the unacceptable behavior of the Republican governor's staffers is extremely revealing.  Regardless of one's views on Governor Chris Christie, this coordinated political feeding frenzy is liberal hypocrisy at its finest.

Bridging the Obamacare, IRS, and Benghazi Scandal Gap.  [Scroll down]  "My own view is that most politicians pose as know-everythings when they run for office and know-nothings after they are elected," I replied, hoping that such a general observation would end this discussion before we started tossing things at one another.  "What do you mean?" he asked looking genuinely surprised.  "Well, Obama claims not to have known about almost anything his administration has done until he's read it in the newspaper.  And once he does know, no one seems to get punished for his or her misdeeds.  He lied repeatedly about ObamaCare and Benghazi which affects many more people more substantially than a traffic jam — and yet, no one has been fired and the press has not spent a lot of time covering the bad deeds or the lies about them."

They fall right into his lap: Journalists jump for jobs on President Obama's team.  Journalism and open government groups have criticized President Obama for falling short of promises to increase transparency, but that hasn't stopped reporters and editors from gobbling up jobs in his administration.  One of the latest to go from covering the administration to promoting it is Dorie Nolt, who left her job as education reporter for The Associated Press to become press secretary at the Education Department.  She joins at least 22 other former journalists who have worked or who continue to work in the administration, according to White House announcements, ethics filings and media reports.

Bombshell Documents: Obama, Hillary lied completely about Benghazi.  Obama knew he couldn't win the election if he told the American people the truth.  I bet Obama didn't think twice about lying.  The media helped him, debate moderators saved him, and now we're stuck with the most incompetent President of all time.

Obama invisible in media coverage of Benghazi report.  The Senate intelligence report that was published earlier this week that concluded the Benghazi attack could have been prevented never mentions the name of the individual most reponsible [sic] for the debacle.

Cloward-Piven Strategy — How Barack Obama is Playing America.  Hitler's Propaganda Minister, Goebbels, affirmed:  "the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. ... It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion."  Does mainstream media's "love affair" with this administration possibly fit this narrative?  Mainstream media goes whichever the wind blows in supporting or protecting the administration.

Washington reporters parrot Obama's 'income inequality' mantra.  Washington's political reporters, in lightning knee-jerk speed, have embraced President Obama's Robin Hood war on "income inequality," the latest example of the president's success in using the bully pulpit to steer attention to his new populist campaign.  The issue took center stage Wednesday during a briefing from the nonpartisan Business Roundtable meant to focus on the group's agenda to push economic growth from 2 percent to 4 percent, but instead saw several reporters pestering the group's president and chairman about the minimum wage and income distribution.

Shriver Report Is the New 'War on Women' Manifesto.  If there was every any question of whether the Left would recycle the "War on Women" campaign effort for 2014, there isn't now.  The release of the Shriver Report — with its the lengthy, anecdote-filled document catchy website and social-media campaign day-long events; and presidential pow-wow — shows that the Left is doubling down on the message that women are under siege in America, and only bigger government can save them.  The publication ably describes some of the hardship and challenges facing American women, though there is the obligatory use of exaggerated statistics.

Limbaugh: Obamanomics Is Killing Jobs; GOP Fiddles.  If it weren't for a shamelessly dishonest, hyper-protective liberal media, the American people would know, unanimously and without doubt, that Obamanomics is killing American jobs.  There is no silver lining in the December jobs numbers.  Experts and analysts were expecting this latest jobs report, released Friday, to show 200,000 new payroll jobs in December, but there were only 74,000, which is 37 percent of the goal.

Five years later, journalists challenge White House 'economic crisis' excuse.  On "This Week," ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl challenged White House press secretary Jay Carney over the knee-jerk excuse that administration officials give when they are asked about the bad economic numbers.  During the interview, Karl showed a clip of Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., reminding his audience that seven million more Americans are living in poverty today who were not in poverty when President George W. Bush was leaving office.

George Will: Obama Knows He Has Media Covering for Him on IRS.  George Will zinged the media's duplicity in how they have approached the IRS scandal versus past major scandals when a Republican was President, a lack of interest President Obama recognizes and, "hence, his sense of weariness and boredom as he discussed this with Bill O'Reilly."  Will, on Bret Baier's FNC panel Monday night, recalled "three big" scandals "regarding the distortion and abuse of institutions:  Watergate, Iran-Contra and the IRS," noting "the first two were ravenously covered by the media; they were Republican Presidents' problems."

George Will: IRS Scandal [is] as Big as Watergate and Iran-Contra; So Where's the Media?  Appearing on Fox News Channel's Special Report on Wednesday [2/5/2014], conservative columnist George Will said the scandal involving the Internal Revenue Services' targeting of conservative groups is as serious as Watergate or Iran-Contra.  The distinction between those scandals and the one involving the IRS, he said, was that the press covered those earlier controversies heavily while they have largely dismissed the latest.

Can a Marxist who wants to take down the Free West really be "not a bad guy"?  Whitewashing the fact that top Fox guy Bill O'Reilly said of Marxist Obama:  "He is not a bad guy.  I think people misread him", Fox News followed O'Reilly February 2nd interview by heaping praise on him for "asking the right questions".  If there was any chance of Obama answering the "right questions", he would never have shown up for the Fox interview.

Three Ways Obama's Executive Orders are the Worst of Any President.  Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post is the latest to defend President Barack Obama's use — past, present, and future — of executive orders to circumvent Congress.  She argues that his "push-the-envelope moves" are "within the bounds of the modern presidency."  Marcus is not alone here:  others have pointed out that Obama has used fewer executive orders than his predecessors, forgetting that constitutionality is what matters, not quantity.

Poof: A Scandal Disappears.  It requires terrific confidence in the passivity of the press to float the discredited "Cincinnati did it all" dodge since we know that IRS employees in that office were taking direction from Washington.  We further know that IRS offices in California, Oklahoma, Washington, D.C. and other places have been identified as singling out groups with "Tea Party" or "Patriot" in their names.  Obama's confidence in the press is not misplaced.  Despite juicy opportunities to delve into the story of government abusing its power, reporters have let the matter drop.

Impeach President Romney?  Thought experiment:  What would the media and the Left (but I repeat...) be saying if President Romney was rewriting Obamacare on his own executive authority, delaying the business mandate, etc.?  My guess is they'd be screaming for Romney's impeachment.

Steve Hayes Pleads: 'Where is the Mainstream Media' on Obama's Lawlessness?  "Where is the mainstream media on this?" Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard pleaded on Tuesday's [2/11/2014] Special Report with Bret Baier in reference to President Obama's latest decision to change the ObamaCare law.  "Can you imagine if this were George W. Bush?  I mean, we would be talking about a constitutional crisis, front page New York Times splashed above the fold, 'George W. Bush: Dictator President.'  You're seeing none of that."

Johnny Carson's Head Writer: Late Night Comics Protect Obama.  The paucity of Obama jokes is the dog that didn't bark.  Like their news anchor counterparts, our hosts go gentle into that late night, despite the target-rich environment of this administration.  With his pen and phone, our selfie-absorbed president is one whacked uncle away from appointing himself Supreme Leader.  It isn't that they've abstained from attacking Democrats.  Bill Clinton got savaged during his eight-year run and we can expect torrential yuks if and when Hillary declares.  But they're tongue-tied when it comes to roughing up the present POTUS.

Washington's Pack of Pretenders.  Last Friday, in what would be a humiliating episode if it were capable of embarrassment, the Associated Press, aka the Administration's Press, acted as if a tweet from "@BarackObama" about the TV program House of Cards represented an "endorsement" of the program by President Barack Obama himself. [...] The folks at AP are so smitten with Dear Leader that they either weren't aware or didn't care that the Twitter account involved is from Organizing for America, a group of Obama lovers who are technically but not substantively separate from the White House, and whose life mission is to promote his missions of the moment.

Historians Begin to Gild Obama's Reputation.  The problem with fixing the historical reputation of presidents — in both meanings of "fix": securing in place and repairing — is that it is done by historians.  That problem is manifest in Politico's recent invitation to "ten leading historians" to write a paragraph on "Obama's rank in the pantheon of American presidents."

Two New MSNBC Hosts Bring News Media-Obama Revolving Door to 30.  With two political activists, who toiled for Barack Obama, starting hosting duties today [2/24/2014] with new shows on MSNBC, the Media Research Center's list of those revolving between working on behalf of Obama and positions in the news media has reached 30.

Barbara Walters Literally Kisses Up to Joe Biden, Calls Him 'Superb' VP.  Is it MSNBC or The View?  Hard to tell today as The View's own Barbara Walters literally and figuratively kissed up to Vice President Joe Biden during his appearance on the show.  Walters welcomed Biden by declaring there's not "much doubt that you're a superb Vice President."

Supermarket alert: Michelle Obama on the nutrition label.  Michelle Obama's feigned concern that nutrition labels on food packages make grocery shopping a difficult and trying experience for the moms of America, is no different than her televised dancing gig with giant anthropomorphic vegetables that kicked off the fourth anniversary of her 'Let's Move' campaign on Jimmy Fallon's all too accommodating The Tonight Show.

FLOTUS to Appear on 'Parks and Recreation,' Show Wants Hillary Clinton, Too.  Not content with their news division selectively editing video after video to favor President Barack Obama, NBC is now shilling for the administration in the dramatic department.  First Lady Michelle Obama will guest-star on NBC's season finale of Parks and Recreation, airing at 8 p.m. April 24.

CNN's Don Lemon: Yesterday, Obama 'Became the Black President'.  CNN anchor Don Lemon became visibly emotional on Thursday after President Barack Obama announced an initiative aimed at helping minority youth to graduate from high school and train for careers.  On Friday [2/28/2014], Lemon expanded on his impressions, telling CNN anchor Carol Costello that Obama "became the black president" in that moment.

The Editor asks...
What was he up to that point?

Establishment Press Ignores Turley's 'Government Unto Himself' Warning on Obama's Executive Overreach.  The volume of significant news going unreported in the establishment press has gone from astonishing to surreal.  The best example of that, as intrepid NewsBusters posters have noted now for nine months, is the virtually complete blackout in the establishment press of developments in the IRS-conservative targeting scandal.

President Not-Present.  We now know — even the Associated Press, better described as the Administration's Press, has now acknowledged it — that President Barack Obama, in AP's words, "did not participate" in a White House meeting of his national security team Saturday morning [3/1/2014] "to get updates on the situation and discuss policy options" in reaction to Russia's invasion and takeover of Crimea and threatened military intervention in the rest of Ukraine.  Those who need help getting past AP's whitewashing need to understand that "did not participate" means "did not attend."  Last time I checked, the president of the United States was the nation's commander in chief, the person who is supposed to be primarily responsible for the nation's security and well-being in its relations with the rest of the world.  He happens to live in the same White House where the national security meeting was held. [...] Congress and the American people should demand to know exactly what could possibly have been more important than Obama's attendance at that meeting.  We all know that if a President Romney or George W. Bush had acted similarly, the press would already be demanding an answer for us, and quite properly so.

The Media's Obama Protection Society.  While [Sharyl] Attkisson is just one reporter and CBS has long since ceased being a dominant force in the national media, this may be a crucial moment in the history of American journalism.  It was assumed that any major news outlet would regard aggressive coverage of all administrations as a given.  But that ceased to be the case when Barack Obama entered the White House.  If Attkisson is being shown the door at CBS it is not because her work is not highly regarded but because she has violated the prime directive of liberal media insiders:  thou shalt not report on Obama in the same way that you reported on George W. Bush or even Bill Clinton.  The liberal bias that conservatives have long complained about is out of the closet.

ObamaCare Meets Kafka.  Daily we learn of cancer patients who are losing their medical coverage, their doctors, their access to oncology centers only to be met with the derision of Harry Reid who calls them "liars."  Gary Weiss writes of his experience as he signed up for his 2014 health insurance on the New York exchange.  He was puzzled by the fact that the Gold plan cost more than the Silver plan although the Silver plan was substantially better and he "thought it odd that this peculiarity was nowhere noted in any of the news media accounts of the New York debut of Obamacare."

How's This for Flexibility, Mr. President?  It was a shocking disclosure just two years ago.  In Seoul, South Korea, President Barack Obama's voice was picked up on a hot mic as he told Russia's Dmitri Medvedev:  "Tell Vladimir [Putin] I can be more flexible after the election."  It was an unprecedented confession by an American head of state.  It was shocking — or should have been — because it showed the president of the United States conspiring, literally whispering assurances to a foreign leader that may not have been consistent with his own public pronouncements to us, the American voters, or to the world. [...] Our liberal media — always in the tank for Mr. Obama — yawned and brushed it all off.

Mainstream Press to Obama: Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?  How much abuse will the mainstream media take before they stand up for themselves?  When the abuse comes from the Obama administration, their tolerance appears to be unlimited.  This week, for example, two things happened that should have sent reporters into a frenzy of outrage.  First, there were reports that the Obama administration has effectively crippled the Freedom of Information Act, despite Obama's promise of unequaled transparency. [...] Next, we learned that Michelle Obama has banned the press from her taxpayer-paid China visit.

The Death of Journalism.  Of course when Republicans are in office, liberal journalists become quite aggressive and love to launch investigations.  When Democrats are in office, these same journalists help the politicians cover up their misdeeds.  The identical press that blasted George W. Bush throughout his administration is totally uninterested in examining President Obama's failed policies, broken promises and weak leadership.  The biggest omission has been a detailed examination of Obamacare and the President's many exemptions, extensions and revisions to the plan.

A few questions for the Cheer Leaders at ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, NYT, et al.  You few, you proud, you journalists who inform Americans about their nation and the world; you inheritors of the glorious tradition of a free and vital press — may I turn the tables and ask you a few questions?  Will any of you Obama cheerleaders ask the "Leader of the Free World" why he was so wrong and Romney was so right about the geopolitical challenge that Putin's Russia poses to America?  Will you all apologize to Sarah Palin for y'all mocking her when she suggested Obama's weakness might encourage Putin to invade Ukraine?  Ya, know, since she was so right and you all were embarrassingly wrong?

MSNBC: Hate Forward.  MSNBC's entire primetime lineup is stacked with liberal journalists and pundits, who in turn have on more liberal journalists, pundits, and Democratic lawmakers as their guests more than 90 percent of the time.  The subject matter, as anyone who watches MSNBC knows, is nearly always to gleefully and freely shred Republicans.  One common point of contention:  Daring to oppose the commander in chief.  Yet, rather than engage Republican and conservative criticisms of Obama, anchors and guests often dismiss nearly all of them as stemming from a "hate" for the president.

ObamaCare Is A Fiasco, So Why Don't Media Report It?  How do we know ObamaCare is failing?  Ironically, because those very same "reporters" are doing the opposite of the Bush years.  They're burying the story.  They aren't in denial.  They know the truth.  They're just choosing to ignore it.  They are pretending there are no broken promises about keeping your insurance plan, or keeping your doctor, or lowering your premium by $2,500 a year.  They are pretending, like Ellen DeGeneres told the president, that "everyone" in America loves ObamaCare.  Just how much coverage have they given to this, the most important domestic issue since Ronald Reagan's economic recovery plan?

WashPost Still Spraying Heavy Perfume, Calling Obamacare A 'Signature Domestic Achievement'.  It's the bland leading the bland as Obamacare enrollment (sort of) ends.  The front page of Monday's Washington Post carries the headline "New fronts in health battle:  Challenges after sign-up milestone."  (Yawn.)  The pull quote inside on A-2 is "The unresolved issues mean it is far too soon to know how President Obama's signature domestic achievement will turn out."  In that case, why use the word "achievement"?  Did they describe the Iraq War as Bush's "signature achievement"?

Why GM's safety calamity, an utter Washington failure, isn't a hot TV topic.  GM, you'll recall, had to be rescued by the taxpayers in 2009, and the federal stake was so large that the company was dubbed Government Motors when it went through bankruptcy.  But bankruptcy rules require a disclosure of all liabilities as well as assets.  By hiding the defect in its cars, GM may have committed bankruptcy fraud.  Beyond that, the utter failure of the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency to crack down on the defective ignition switch is an embarrassing failure.  But regulatory agencies are a journalistic backwater, drawing a fraction of the coverage lavished on the White House, Congress and politics.  Even so, with GM's CEO and the acting NHTSA chief scheduled to be hauled before a Hill committee today, you'd think there would be a drumbeat on the air.

Obama's 'children' on a rampage.  Since Barack Obama was elected president, all criticisms of his policies have been deemed by the MSM as racially motivated.  All the MSNBC anchors regularly do is drop the R bomb against the right wing without any validity but truth no longer matters on this biased network which consequently is seriously tanking in the ratings.

Leftmedia Celebrating Meaningless, Movable O-Care Goalposts.  It's like deciding half-way through a semester that getting a D+ will be OK then pretending you're Einstein reincarnate when you do.  Through the miracle of almost no memory whatsoever, the lefty cheerleaders are celebrating the "[...]-SEVEN MILLION!" number like the parents of the paste-eating kid who finally wrote his name legibly for the first time in the fourth grade.

Media Joins Obama in Mission Accomplished Obamacare Spin.  The old media really seemed to be reveling in the "miraculous" recovery of Obamacare, uncritically reporting signups have "surged" to that vaunted, administration-set "seven million" enrollees figure that remains under a cloud of suspicion given major gaps in what we know about it.  Tuesday, Obama held a triumphal news conference replete with adoring crowds applauding and some of his most deeply partisan rhetoric of his presidency.  It was a spiking of the football that Obama hasn't indulged in since he "got" bin Laden.

Rise of conservative media is unintentionally protecting Obama.  Liberals dubbed Ronald Reagan the "Teflon president" because they felt nothing ever stuck to him.  President Obama is the Scotchguard president; the would-be scandals that ought to be dogging his administration simply seem to bead up into little droplets before they are briskly wiped away.  Conservatives will tell you, and rightly so, that this is happening because the mainstream media — the prestige press and the network television commentariat — are committing sins both of commission and omission.  At times, they act as the president's blocking tackles in some respects, speaking with contempt and dismissal when the scandals are even mentioned.

New Census Questions Will Change ObamaCare Findings; Networks Ignore.  New Census questions will change the findings on the impact of ObamaCare, reported the New York Times on Tuesday.  The broadcast networks ignored this new report on the Tuesday evening newscasts, however.  In fact, a census official told the Times they "are expecting much lower numbers" of the uninsured "just because of the questions and how they are asked."  As the Times stated, the Census Bureau "is changing its annual survey so thoroughly that it will be difficult to measure the effects of President Obama's health care law in the next report, due this fall, census officials said."

Which Network Will Win the Battle for Sharyl Attkisson?  As you've likely heard by now, she recently quit the network due to a significant drop in air time, which she says was because the network was being submissive to the Obama Administration.  To those who work in news, Ms. Attkisson is seen as the most coveted free agent reporter on the market right now.

ABC Buries Own Results, Allows 18 Seconds for Obama 'Facing Worst Poll' of His Presidency.  The news that Barack Obama is "facing the worst poll numbers of his presidency" warranted a mere 18 seconds of attention from Good Morning America on Tuesday [4/29/2014].  This scant coverage is despite the fact that ABC conducted the poll in question (along with the Washington Post).  Reporter Amy Robach briefly explained, "And President Obama is returning to Washington today, facing the worst poll numbers of his presidency.  His approval rating has dropped to 41 percent, mostly because of the economy."  In contrast, when George W. Bush's approval rating dropped to 42 percent on March 7, 2006, GMA offered two segments.

ABC Ignores [Its] Own Poll Numbers Showing Obama's Lowest Approval Rating.  Tuesday's World News ignored ABC's own poll showing President Obama's lowest approval rating of his presidency.  ABC gave a scant 18 seconds to the numbers on Good Morning America earlier that day. [...] Instead of the poll numbers, however, the World News found two minutes for an update in Italy's trial of Amanda Knox, which NBC and CBS didn't think newsworthy.  ABC also devoted a 50-second news brief to the announcement of the cast members in new Star Wars movie.

The White House Impressed Corps.  On Friday, the speaker of the House ordered a special probe into a White House cover-up of terrorism.  On Saturday, the White House press corps buried the news and yukked it up with the president at the black-tie dinner.  Once viewed as a serious news network, CNN blacked out hard news for five full hours to cover the gala, including "live updates of the red carpet arrivals."  Instead of interviewing White House officials about Benghazi emails, anchors interviewed comedian Joel McHale, who roasted Republicans as racists.

Pretty Much Everyone in America Wants an Investigation into Benghazi Except... the Media.  The journalistic establishment is convinced that the investigation into the attacks on Benghazi is a partisan sideshow that is unlikely to unearth any new information, the fact that new information was unearthed just weeks ago as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request notwithstanding.  Nevertheless, reporters are quite sure that any investigation into the preparation for and response to the Benghazi attack is purely political.  CNN's Erin Burnett summed it up best when she declared on Wednesday night that even the word Benghazi has "become like abortion."  Meaning, the issue has grown so polarizing that there are few people left who can be persuaded to change their already settled opinion on the matter.

Radio Host Sullivan: NYT Fired Abramson for Criticizing Obama.  The firing of Jill Abramson as executive editor of The New York Times happened because she "went over the line" in criticizing the heavy-handed tactics used by the Obama administration in dealing with the media, claims radio talk show host Tom Sullivan.  Sullivan pointed out that "earlier this year" (in fact, just last month, in an interview with The Takeaway) Abramson said, "The Obama years are a benchmark for a new level of secrecy and control."  He said she added that "sources who want to come forward with stories they feel are important are scared to death they're going to be prosecuted."

The IRS's Media Firewall.  After the full House of Representatives cited former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official Lois G. Lerner for contempt of Congress on Wednesday, the Washington Times fittingly made it the lead story.  Over at the Washington Post, however, print readers had to go 19 pages deep to "The Fed Page," a union-style newsletter for federal employees.  If the Post had buried the story any deeper, it would have been wedged into the classifieds or crumpled up in a backyard mulch barrel.

ABC, NBC Ignore Report Showing Obama Administration Knew About Ongoing VA Problems.  Of the big three networks, only the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley covered the new revelations in the VA scandal.  CBS News host Scott Pelley noted that "The Bush White House was so concerned about this back in 2008 that it warned the incoming Obama Administration."  CBS Evening News and Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier were the only evening news programs to cover the report while NBC Nightly News and ABC World News remained silent.

Obama routinely shocked, angered by things happening within his own administration.  The media swears that this is the scandal, finally, that will really hurt the administration.  They're all over it.  But they were "all over" previous scandals, too, before they lost interest and eventually started playing defense for the administration.  Will (at least) dozens of dead veterans hold the press' attention long enough to leave a lasting mark?  We'll see, but in the meantime, please excuse my skepticism.

The Missing Media Label For Obama's Presidency.  When a reporter asked in a two-part question whether Obama had been "caught by surprise" by the mushrooming scandal at the VA, Obama ignored it.  It was a good question. [...] Yet neither the reporter nor anyone else in the room insisted that Obama answer it.  Now try to imagine how the mainstream press would have responded if Obama were a Republican.  They'd almost certainly describe him as disengaged, maybe even incompetent.  Or worse, an inveterate liar.  At the very least they wouldn't let him dodge such a pertinent question.  Especially not after he'd made the same plea of ignorance about the ObamaCare website fiasco, IRS targeting, AP snooping, Fast and Furious and other scandals.

Lord Obama.  Think of the following:  the Fast and Furious scandal, the VA mess, the tapping of the communications of the Associated Press reporters, the NSA monitoring, Benghazi in all of its manifestations, the serial lies about Obamacare, the failed stimuli, the chronic zero interest/print money policies, the serial high unemployment, the borrowing of $7 trillion to no stimulatory effect, the spiraling national debt, the customary violations of the Hatch Act by Obama cabinet officials, the alter ego/fake identity of EPA head Lisa Jackson, the sudden departure of Hilda Solis after receiving union freebies, the mendacity of Kathleen Sebelius, the strange atmospherics surrounding the Petraeus resignation, the customary presidential neglect of enforcing the laws from immigration statutes to his own health care rules, the presidential divisiveness ("punish our enemies," "you didn't build that," Trayvon as the son that Obama never had, etc.), and on and on.  So why is there not much public reaction or media investigatory outrage? [...] [T]he media is invested in seeing Obama as a once-in-a-lifetime emissary of its own politics.

CNN Anchor Gives Michelle Obama Power to Sign Bills into Law.  CNN anchor Carol Costello ascribed new powers to the ceremonial office of first lady of the United States on Tuesday [5/27/2014] in a report about Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch initiative and the opposition it is receiving from Republicans and members of the food industry.  Costello declared that Michelle Obama signed a bill regarding her initiative into law in 2010 after it passed Congress.  The Constitution, however, limits the power to sign legislation into law to Mrs. Obama's husband, the president.

Also posted under news media incompetence.

Charlie Rose's contemptible interview with Susan Rice.  Charlie Rose of PBS (and CBS News) enjoys an elevated reputation among a wide swath of the educated public, and not just limited to the left leaning portion of that demographic slice.  But an hour-long interview he conducted Thursday night with National Security Adviser Susan Rice on PBS should damage that reputation.  Somehow or other, he managed to completely avoid the subject of the attack on the Benghazi diplomatic facility on 9/11/2012, and Ms. Rice's role as a disinformation officer spreading the outright lie that the attack was sparked by an obscure video that no one in Libya had even heard of.  Paul Bremmer of Newsbusters documents what ought to be career-killer for Rose, demonstrating how at multiple moments, the topic was talked around and avoided by Rose.

Charlie Rose's Hourlong PBS Interview of Susan Rice Never Mentions Benghazi.  On Thursday, Charlie Rose spent the entire commercial-free hour of his PBS show interviewing Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, yet never asked her a single question about the 2012 Benghazi attacks or her role in disseminating faulty talking points afterward.  In fact, the B-word never escaped Rose's nor Rice's lips during the entire show.  There were, however, a few moments when a question about Benghazi would have seemed appropriate. Early in the interview, Rose asked where in the world America's core interests were under attack at the moment.  Rice pointed to the ongoing terrorist threat:  [Video clip]

CNN produces the most biased headline of the month:
U.S. economy shrinks, but it's not a big deal.  Revised numbers released Thursday show the economy shrank in the first quarter, marking the first downturn since early 2011.  Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic growth, fell at a 1% annual pace, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Glenn Greenwald Once Called Brian Williams 'NBC's Top Hagiographer'.  Tonight [5/28/2014] at 10 p.m. ET, NBC News will air an hour-long, exclusive interview with Edward Snowden, making Brian Williams the first American journalist to score an in-person sit down with the former NSA contractor.  The interview was a big get for Williams and presumably Snowden and his media liaison Glenn Greenwald had their pick of just about any news anchor when they decided to grant it.  There's nothing too surprising about the choice of Williams on the surface.  After all, he does consistently draw the largest number of total viewers for any network evening newscast.  But a Salon column from just over two years ago shows that Greenwald did not always think so highly of the NBC anchor.

Obama: I just want to take a walk in DC by myself.  Feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, a weary President Obama says his fondest dream is getting a chance to take a stroll by himself away from the White House.  Obama — who rides in motorcades, jets on Air Force One and is under constant guard — says he'd take a solo hike across the National Mall, if only the Secret Service would give him the chance.  "I would go take a walk," the president said Friday on "Live with Kelly and Michael" when asked the one thing he'd like to do if only he could.

When MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Finally 'Gets' the Deception of the Obama Regime — It's Just Priceless.  In a roundtable discussion on Morning Joe on Wednesday, co-host Mika Brzezinski appears to be confounded about the Administration's actions surrounding the Bergdahl prisoner exchange.  She asks journalist John Heilemann to address it, with three "tough" questions about the situation — about Bergdahl's health, why Susan Rice repeatedly said Sgt. Bergdahl served honorably, and why the White House said they consulted Congress when, by all accounts, they didn't.

Icarus Descending, Dishonorably.  [Scroll down]  But even with 20 percent inflation, international humiliation, the Iranian hostage crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and gas lines, in retrospect Jimmy Carter seems like Pericles of Athens compared with Barack Hussein Obama, the least-qualified man ever to actively seek and win the presidency.  When the full extent of the harm the Obama administration has inflicted on the United States is finally realized, not only will Obama come in for blame, but so also will the forces that put him in office, especially the Democrat-Media Complex, led by David Axelrod.

CNN's Begala: 'If Barack Obama Cured Cancer,' GOP 'Would Attack Him'.  On Thursday's New Day on CNN, during a discussion of President Obama's decision to release five high-risk Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for hostage Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, without even notifying Congress first, liberal CNN commentator Paul Begala took a gratuitous swipe at Republicans as he cracked that, "if Barack Obama cured cancer, the Republicans would attack him for putting oncologists out of work."

American Nazi gives Hitler Salute from Rose Garden.  Today the corporate media are still covering up their complicity in Obama's worse-than-Watergate criminality.  Former SecState Hillary is still denying her own betrayals in Benghazi, sacrificing our people to protect the personal careers of big Democrats with a lifelong history of anti-American sabotage.  No wonder our former allies are enraged at us today.  No wonder Putin and the Iranians are drunk with laughter.  No wonder the Taliban are celebrating the coming Muslim Dark Ages, now visibly beginning to descend again over Afghanistan.  We can now see Obama's version of the Knockout Game against our allies, always favoring our deadliest self-proclaimed enemies.

NBC's Williams Skips V.A. Scandal in Obama Interview; Omits Reid's Claim on Bergdahl Swap.  Brian Williams glossed over the V.A. scandal during his interview of President Obama on Friday's [6/6/2014] NBC Nightly News.  Williams did devote time to the ongoing controversy surrounding the release of senior Taliban leaders in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl — specifically the White House failing to inform Congress 30 days before the Islamists were let go from Guantanamo Bay, as required by federal law.  However, the anchor didn't mention that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid revealed that he was informed of the trade for Bergdahl on May 27, 2014 — a day before it actually happened.

Revised 5 Times, NYT's 'Rush to Demonize Bergdahl' Editorial Attacking GOP 'Operatives'.  The seething anger at seeing the Obama administration being raked over the coals by critics of the Bowe Bergdahl exchange of five hardened terrorists for a soldier who left his post, including many Democrats and most prominently his fellow unit members, was apparently too much for the editorial board at the New York Times.  On Thursday [6/5/2014], they let loose with a poorly sourced and hastily drafted editorial originally entitled "The Politics of the Bergdahl Case."

Networks Dance Around Mentioning President Obama When Discussing Increased Iraq Violence.  Al Qaeda-affiliated militants have seized control of two cities in Northern Iraq, including Mosul the nation's second largest and Tikrit, the hometown of Sadaam Hussein.  Despite the increased violence, all three network morning shows did their best to downplay or ignore the Obama Administration's Iraq policy for potentially contributing to the violence.

As Iraq faces collapse, the media blackout of the war abruptly ends.  The media have long since checked out of Iraq.  Even in the final years of U.S. involvement, the images of war all but faded from television and the newspaper stories moved to inside pages.  The American public was sick of the conflict.  Journalists were sick of the conflict, which was bad for ratings and circulation, not to mention expensive and dangerous to cover.  The news seemed relentlessly depressing.

Media is blindly following Obama.  That the leftist media remain a sucker for story lines about Democratic unity, as opposed to those about a Republican "civil war," is a disgrace that helps define the age of Obama.  Uncurious and unserious journalists are not journalists.  They are stenographers at best, shills at worst.  Their abdication is destructive.  The refusal to subject Obama to the same critical standard applied to Republican presidents provides cover for policies that lack public support.  And that blackout of skepticism serves to keep potentially wayward Democrats in line.  Then and only then is it possible to claim they are "starting to unite" behind a policy that doesn't exist.

The Media Smears More Lipstick on Obamacare.  Most voters view Obamacare as a bloated, stinking beast.  Yet, if you browse the web for recent news on the president's "signature domestic achievement" your search engine will return countless articles describing it as a spectacular success story. [...] This is no coincidence.  The figures used in the hundreds of articles about the low cost of Obamacare plans, for example, come directly from the administration.

Media Bias and the Obama Scandals.  We live in a strange time. Historically, reporters and editors have believed that their job is to disseminate news.  That is no longer true.  Now, most reporters and editors believe that their principal function is to prevent people from learning things they are better off not knowing.  Day after day, they run interference for their party, the Democrats.  Blockading inconvenient stories from making the news is job number one.

The news media waves a shiny object to divert us from Obama's many scandals:
NASA Curiosity Rover Celebrates First Martian Year.   Today marks the first Martian year — 687 Earth days — since NASA's Curiosity rover landed safely on Mars.  The robot has had a string of groundbreaking discoveries since it landed on the red planet in August 2012.

Guess how the press reacted to IRS's commissioner's implausible testimony.  Above what is the web equivalent of "the fold," The New York Times printed nothing about the IRS commissioner's testimony.  The story barely registered on the site's U.S. news section.  It was the Times' politics section where it was determined the IRS story should lead.  That is striking because, in one post on the Times site billed as a Q&A style explainer for the IRS scandal, many questions are asked and admittedly not satisfactorily answered.

Scarborough Savages NYT For Burying IRS Email Scandal: 'This Is A Scam!'  Co-host Mika Brzezinski had just wrapped up explaining another possible scandal for New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, involving diverted funds for the Pulaski Skyway, when Scarborough pounced on the newspaper.  "Let's see, so this is the top of The New York Times," he began.  "I'm trying to figure out where the IRS story — is it on the front page?  Because actually, there was an investigation launched yesterday of the IRS — an internal investigation."

Krauthammer: The Only Reason The Regime's Not Getting Pilloried Over IRS Scandal — Is The Press.  Dr. K makes the obvious point that the only reason the Regime's not getting pilloried is because of the media.  If this scandal happened under a Republican president, "there would be screaming headlines," he said.  He went on to make another obvious point by nothing that either we're dealing with rank incompetence by the party of Big Government, or it is corruption.  (I don't know why it can't be both.)  "This really is a serious issue," he continued (making another obvious point.)  "In the absence of a Special Prosecutor, we may never know.  So I return to it again — give Lois Lerner immunity so she has to tell the truth."  [Video clip]

IRS: Shame and Loathing on the Media Trail.  The front page of Tuesday's New York Times made no mention of the congressional hearings on the missing Lois Lerner emails and putative computer crash; the networks were a virtual silence of the not-so-lambs. [...] Political parties and politicians come and go.  The media doesn't.  They may be in the tank for Obama, but much more than that they are in the tank for themselves — a whole lifestyle and world view that has been going on for decades, moral narcissism distilled to its purest essence.

The Palace Guard MSM Drops the Mask.  Since its birth in the 1920s with the first national radio networks, the modern MSM has always had a cozy relationship with power, and until the creation of Fox News, one channel on your TV dial or satellite guide, that power has almost exclusively meant their fellow Democrats.  The media have long voted overwhelmingly Democrat in presidential elections; as Walter Cronkite once said at a Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner in the mid-1990s, in-between feting the Clintons on his yacht in Martha's Vineyard, "Everybody knows that there's a liberal, that there's a heavy liberal persuasion among correspondents."

No way out for Dems and media?  The Democratic Party and mainstream media both bet big on Barack Obama in 2008, and doubled down in 2012.  Both institutions wagered that his policies and his purported skills and abilities would benefit America.  Now, with scandal and disaster breaking on nearly every front, those bets are coming back to haunt them.

Newspaper Reversal: 'We Were Wrong' — Obama Worse than BushThe Billings Gazette, a Montana newspaper that endorsed President Obama over John McCain in 2008 (but went with Romney in 2012) admitted Friday that they were wrong — Obama is in fact worse than his predecessor, George W. Bush.  Apparently, the potential collapse of Iraq (and the disastrous worldwide consequences sure to follow) was the last straw.

89 Percent of Network Stories Omit Obama's Role in Causing Border Crisis.  While all three networks played clips of Barack Obama on Monday blaming the GOP for the border crisis, they have been reluctant to cite the President's own failure to enforce immigration laws as a cause for thousands of immigrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexican border.  From June 8 through the morning of July 1 ABC, CBS and NBC have offered a total of 45 stories on the border crisis, on their evening and morning shows, and in only 5 (11 percent) have they brought up Obama immigration policies as a possible cause for the most recent surge of illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied children, crossing the border.

Obama's Anti-Media Tantrums.  President Barack Obama treats the press like a spoiled child treats his parents. Despite the pampering, he just keeps complaining about them until he gets his way.  As America tires of his inflated sense of self-importance while the economy limps and his foreign policy crumbles, Obama travels around the country complaining that the mean old media aren't complimentary enough.

Obama's not just on the loose.  He's also hungry.  [Instead of reporting on Obama's many scandals, the Associated Press prefers to deflect your attention with heartwarming filler material about the President's diet.]

IRS Lawyers Ready for Busy Week Ahead.  The Obama administration has managed to keep the IRS story just below full-blown-scandal level for months now.  The Washington-based establishment media, long friendly to Barack Obama and his White House, have been willing to accept at face value the increasingly implausible nothing-to-see-here claims of top IRS and Obama administration officials.  Many reporters are eager to believe Democrats' claims that the scandal is yet another example of right wing hysteria.  When Republicans make wild public accusations without evidence to support them, as we've seen in abundance in recent weeks, they make it easier for lazy reporters to move the IRS story from their "potential scandal" box to their "Washington dysfunction" pile.

What's behind Chicago's carnage.  The media ignored the serial $1 trillion deficits, the chronic high unemployment and low growth, the nonexistence of the long-promised "summer of recovery," and the nonappearance of "millions of shovel-ready and green jobs."  The fact that electrical-power rates, gasoline prices, and food costs have soared under Obama as wages have stagnated has never really been noticed.  Nor have the record numbers of Americans on food stamps and disability insurance.

This Washington Post puff piece on President Obama's recent fundraising tour is really something else.  Juliet Eilperin at the Washington Post gained some amount of notoriety earlier this year after she penned an embarrassing and now-debunked attack on Charles and David Koch, the libertarian-leaning bogeymen of the left.  And now she has authored what may be this year's silliest puff piece for the Obama administration.

NBC Ignores VA Whistle-Blower Hearing; ABC Gives News Only 23 Seconds.  On Tuesday morning [7/15/2014], NBC's Today refused to cover the latest news in the Veterans Affairs scandal as the House Veterans Affairs Committee heard testimony Monday night [7/14/2014] from additional whistle-blowers who faced punishment from superiors for identifying allegedly manipulated response times for veterans who filed benefit and disability claims.

How White House Reporters Can Reclaim Their Beat.  Paul Farhi of The Washington Post writes today [7/24/2014] about a trend at the White House — and throughout journalism — that threatens the quality and credibility of news-gathering:  Public-relations "minders" are injecting themselves into our interviews with politicians, CEOs, and other policymakers.  Minder madness joins the surge of "background briefings" and the decline of access to decision-makers as evidence that the White House — and other big instititutions — are manipulating the press.  It's that, but it's also something worse:  It's evidence that journalists are ceding control when they should be seizing it, accepting canned news rather than breaking it.

Obama needs to work on his foreign policy, not his golf game.  Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  On Saturday [7/26/2014], President Obama played golf while his foreign policy, and that of the nation he leads, was going up in smoke.  Literally.  Saturday was the day the State Department ordered the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Libya.[...] The embassy staff had to be evacuated overland as thick black smoke from the fighting hung over the Tripoli skyline.  In any other circumstances — and especially if the chief executive were a Republican — this would have been a scandal blared across the media.  But at a time when we are witnessing the near-total collapse of American foreign policy, it barely registers.

CBS Hypes Democrats Fundraising Off Impeachment, Dismisses Boehner Lawsuit.  In the wake of Speaker of the House John Boehner's impending lawsuit against President Obama, CBS This Morning [7/30/2014] did their best to minimize its merits and instead promote Democratic efforts to raise money off of impeachment. [...] [Nancy] Cordes did her best to oversell the political damage Republicans faced following the impeachment of President Clinton.  After the 1998 election, the "backlash" Cordes referenced was a loss of only five seats in the House and none in the Senate.  Republicans didn't lose their majority until Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords left the GOP in 2001, a far cry from the "backlash" portrayed by CBS.

5 Reasons Not to Trust the 'What Me Worry' Media About Ebola.  [#3] The Media Lets The Obama Administration Lie[.]  There is also no doubt in my mind that the same media that is actively engaged in covering up Benghazi and the IRS scandal would aid and abet the covering up of anything else the Obama Administration wanted covered up — even an outbreak of Ebola.  The media is also committed to seeing 11 million illegals legalized into voting Democrats and has already gone to extreme lengths to cover up the parade horribles happening on the Southern border.  Covering up an Ebola outbreak is just one more moral compromise in an ocean of them.

Obama is Betraying the Republic's Trust.  The current occupant of White House has been in office for 6 years.  He could not have achieved this without the refusal of the media to affirmatively vet his past, and then, the media's abandonment of all objectivity to actively support and protect Obama from all forms of criticism.  In first averting, and then betraying, their indelegable public duty to hold government accountable for its actions, the media has betrayed the free republic that tolerates its existence in the first place.  With their betrayal of first the public trust, and then the Republic's trust, the media has literally, and finally, cut its own throat.  Only 40% of Americans get their information from the "Big 3" networks and newspapers.

ABC and NBC Use False Talking Points to Counter Criticism of Obama's Vacation.  Eager to defend President Obama from criticism of his vacation in Martha's Vineyard amid multiple international crises, both Sunday's [8/10/2014] ABC Good Morning America and Monday's NBC Today used false spin to downplay the bad optics.  On GMA, co-host Dan Harris tried to deflect from Obama's time on the golf course by claiming that "George W. Bush played his fair share of golf during the Iraq war as well," an assertion that NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein promptly disproved.

'Extraordinarily Irresponsible' — Obama Gives Pointless, Yet Damaging, Press Conference.  President Obama gave a press conference this evening [8/6/2014].  He started a little over an hour late without explanation.  Reporters stuck to asking questions that they evidently knew Obama would be comfortable answering.  None of them asked him about any of his administration scandals.  ABC's Jon Karl, usually a tough questioner of Obama and his spokesmen, asked a rambling question that played right into the Democrats' "economic patriotism" canard.

Cincinnati Enquirer Keeps Michelle Obama's Name Out of Story on District Ending Federal School Lunches.  Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Northern Kentucky have decided to get out of the federal school lunch program, specifically because of the requirements imposed in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Simply put, the district is tired of being forced to give kids food they won't eat.  Until it ran into problems, HHFA was seen as Mrs. Obama's signature achievement, and the press fawned over its alleged awesomeness.  Now that the program has encountered fierce real-world resistance, her association with it seems to have vanished from many press reports.

White House loosens restrictions on lobbyists.  President Barack Obama is loosening restrictions on lobbyists who want to serve on federal advisory boards, a White House official said on Tuesday [8/12/2014], a setback to the president's efforts to tamp down special interest influence in Washington.

The Editor says...
Instead of calling it a flip-flop or a betrayal of a campaign promise, the Reuters writer called it "a setback to the president's efforts," as if he had no control over his own actions.

Rift grows between Obama, media as press groups blast administration 'spin'.  While Congress is on recess and President Obama vacations in Martha's Vineyard, a coalition of free press groups is escalating an already-aggressive campaign against the Obama administration for allegedly freezing out the press and cracking down on reporters.  The flood of critical letters and petitions and statements from First Amendment groups marks a new level of tension in a relationship that for years has been deteriorating.  Though Obama, as a candidate in 2008, was widely seen to enjoy favorable media treatment, his administration now is fielding accusations that it's one of the least transparent in history.

Platoon mates critical of Bergdahl can't get a book deal.  Six former platoon mates of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have hit roadblocks in shopping proposals for their book, because some publishers are reportedly afraid it will discredit President Obama. [...] "I'm not sure we can publish this book without the Right using it to their ends," Sarah Durand, a senior editor at Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, wrote in an email to one of the soldiers' agents, Yahoo News reported.

Publisher Rejects Fellow Soldiers' Book on Bowe Bergdahl, Because 'the Right' Might Use It 'Against Obama'.  Remember all those books that the publishing houses rejected during the eight years before Dear Leader took office because they might get used by "the Left" to hurt George W. Bush?  No you don't, because it didn't happen.  But now, things are different.  Fellow soldiers of released 5-year Taliban captive Bowe Bergdahl are trying to publish a book on their side of the "he was a deserter" controversy.  A divison of publishing giant Simon & Schuster has rejected their submission.  That isn't necessarily unusual, but the contents of a rejection letter from one of the publisher's representatives certainly is.

Obama's 'vacation from hell'.  President Barack Obama really wanted to take a vacation.  But then the world intervened. [...] Nobody really can feel sorry for the guy.  He's the leader of the free world.  Stuff happens.  Before he even left for Martha's Vineyard, White House officials had announced that Obama would return to Washington on Sunday for two days of meetings, though they still won't say what's exactly important enough to interrupt his vacation.

Politico Pity Party: Obama Is on a 'Vacation From Hell'.  Does anyone remember a media report expressing sympathy for former President George W. Bush when adverse events happened during his Crawford, Texas "vacations"?  (Given that he and Laura lived there, calling a visit to your place back home hardly seems to qualify as some kind of "vacation")  Well, Thursday evening [8/14/2014], Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown took pity on President Obama for his "vacation from hell."

Viral pic of Obama dancing while Ferguson burned removed by photographer.  A picture of President Obama dancing at a party in Martha's Vineyard at the exact moment that police and protestors were confronting each other in Ferguson, MO has been deleted from the photographer's Instagram account.

Why comedians and 'SNL' are shielding President Obama.  At last, we know the reason why comedy writers don't make fun of President Obama much.  It turns out the man is completely unmockable.  We learn this from Jim Downey, the longtime "Saturday Night Live" specialist in political japery.

NBC and ABC Ignore Obama Admin. Broke Law With Bergdahl Exchange; CBS Gives It 24 Seconds.  After Thursday's [2/21/2014] network evening newscasts ignored a report from the Government Accountability Office that the exchange of five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was illegal, NBC's Today and ABC's Good Morning America remained silent on the Obama administration scandal on Friday [8/22/2014].  Only CBS This Morning made any mention of the violation of federal law, providing a mere 24-second news brief on the topic.

White House: Obama Expresses His Grief By Golfing.  The internal newsletter of the Democrat Party, which makes itself available to outsiders under the name "The New York Times," field-tests the most pitiful spin ever attempted.  We know you're in the bag for this failing Administration, guys, but you can still exercise some discretion over which emailed White House talking points you build into "news" stories.  You'd have been doing your man a favor by scuttling this one: [...]

Researchers: Unemployment Rate Higher than Reported.  While the media celebrates a low unemployment number and job creation that barely keeps up with the increase in population, the labor participation rate remains at decade lows.

Networks Ignore Report That Obama Was Briefed on ISIS Going Back 'at Least a Year'.  On Tuesday night [9/2/2014], the three major broadcast networks omitted from their coverage on the Islamic group ISIS a report that President Barack Obama has received briefings on the terrorist organization "for at least a year before the group seized large swaths of territory over the summer."  ABC, CBS, and NBC all led their evening newscasts with multiple segments on the gruesome murder of American journalist Stephen Sotloff at the hands of ISIS in a propaganda video released on Tuesday afternoon.

Networks: 'Tough' Obama 'Wasted No Time' Issuing 'Fighting Words' Against ISIS.  After President Obama admitted on Thursday [9/4/2014] that he had "no strategy" for dealing with the ISIS terrorist network, on Wednesday, the network morning shows rushed to portray the aimless commander-in-chief as a tough-talking leader ready to "destroy" the radical killers.

Sotloff Family Furious with White House... and The NYT Buried It.  The family of Steven Sotloff, the latest American journalist beheaded by ISIS, is reportedly "outraged" at the Obama administration for "deliberate leaks" they interpret as "an attempt to absolve the administration of inaction."  This reporting comes Wednesday from no less a source than the New York Times, which chose to bury the news under more than two dozen paragraphs: [...]

Obama Argues He Needs A Vacation Without the Press Following Him.  Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press," host Chuck Todd took President Barack Obama to task for the optics of going golfing moments after his statement on ISIS beheading journalist James Foley.  Obama complained during his vacations he would "love" not to be followed by the press.  "You know, it is always a challenge when you're supposed to be on vacation, because you're followed everywhere, part of what I would love is a vacation from the press," Obama said.

The Editor says...
I wish Mr. Obama had enjoyed his fractional-term career in the Senate without any attention from the press.

ABC and NBC Barely Mention Obama Approval Rating 'Near Record Lows'; CBS Ignores.  On Tuesday, ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today, offered mere seconds on President Obama's approval rating hitting "near record lows" amid his reluctance to aggressively combat ISIS terrorists.  CBS This Morning skipped any mention of the dismal poll numbers for the commander-in-chief.

MRC Study: TV Buries the Bad News on Obama's Collapsing Polls.  It's no secret that television news has long been addicted to public opinion polls; decades ago, all three broadcast networks decided to partner with an influential newspaper (ABC News with the Washington Post; CBS News with the New York Times; and NBC News with the Wall Street Journal) to sponsor their own regular surveys for use in their political coverage.  That's why it's so extraordinary that polling news has practically vanished from the Big Three evening newscasts in 2014 as President Obama's approval ratings have tumbled and the public opposes defining administration policies like ObamaCare. Just last Thursday, for example, Gallup found Obama's approval rating at a record low of 38 percent, yet none of the three broadcast networks bothered to mention this on their evening or morning newscasts.

The Democrats' (and Media's) Obama Problem.  The Democratic Party and the mainstream media joined to run interference for Barack Obama when he became a national figure.  Obama was painted as a charismatic, competent, new kind of politician.  The passage of time destroyed this image.  Now, the public increasingly sees Obama as incompetent, untrustworthy and unmotivated.  Supporters are now in an awkward position.  Do they continue to support what is increasingly seen as an inept president or do they turn against him?

Networks Reported Bush 2006 Low Approval Numbers 13 Times More Than Obama's 2014 Numbers.  According to a study released by the Media Research Center last week, the network evening newscasts have been reluctant to report on President Barack Obama's low-approval numbers, particularly compared to the extensive coverage given to then-President George W. Bush eight years ago.

Honesty, Common Sense, and A Sound Mind.  I will admit that I honestly believe that Liberalism is a mental disease, especially those in the media.  How exhausting it must be to be presented with facts on a daily basis and have to think of ways to spin it to favor your political position.  The mainstream media abandoned its job of keeping government honest and instead has been spinning lies for the current administration for over six years.  If I had to engage in the kind of thinking where I had to lie to others, I myself would need therapy.  Now that America is reaching a breaking point, some in the media are slowly jumping off the sinking ship.

Eric Holder's Fast and Furious Fiasco Was Media Scandal, Too.  Thanks to his stonewalling of the House of Representatives investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal, in 2012 Eric Holder became the first Attorney General held in contempt by Congress.  Maybe his resignation on Thursday will revive the story for the three broadcast network evening newscasts, but don't count on it.  With Sharyl Attkisson no longer working at CBS News, there is no broadcast journalist who has shown any interest in pursuing this disgraceful story.

Chuck Todd: Eric Holder is a 'Very Non-Political Person'.  [Meet the Press host Chuck] Todd says this of the man who openly talked about serving "my people" as attorney general.  He made that comment in connection with the New Black Panther case — a racially-tinged case that Holder's DOJ dropped even after the government had won it.  Eric Holder desperately wants to treat al Qaeda terrorists as criminals rather than non-state illegal combatants.  That's a political choice, and one for which he has been roundly criticized.  When Holder attempted to move trials of al Qaeda terrorists from military tribunals to civilian court — in New York — he lost.  Big.  Being obtuse to the viewpoints of others, and being unable to comprehend that the things that you say and do offend and anger others, is not the same thing as being "non-political."

Chuck Todd begins 'rehabilitation' by calling Eric Holder 'non-political'.  [Scroll down]  But should anyone think I'm being too hard on Todd for that exchange (after all, he did seem so earnest and full of good intentions to be an unbiased journalist), he lost no time proving he is just another lefty shill as he covered the story of Holder stepping down.

NBC Uses Bush Photo to Distract From Obama's 'Latte Salute' Gaffe.  [Scroll down]  News anchor Natalie Morales chimed in to defend Obama:  "He's got a lot — he's got ISIS to deal with, a lot on his mind.  So, I — you know, there's a lot more — bigger concerns in the world and we're focusing on a cup of coffee."  Rather then just cover the incident as a gaffe for Obama, the NBC morning show sought to muddy the waters by seizing on a photo of Bush put out by liberal spin doctors and dismiss the whole thing as just another "back and forth" between political partisans.

Steve Kroft's Softball Obama Interviews Diminish '60 Minutes'.  For Sunday's [9/28/2014] interview, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who sat beside him, benefited from 60 Minutes gravitas while answering questions better suited to Ellen.  It hardly matters whether [Steve] Kroft is deliberately pulling his punches to secure ongoing access or is simply disinclined to fulfill the core journalistic duty of holding powerful people accountable for their actions; his Obama interviews ought to diminish his standing and the reputation of his employer.

Tom Friedman says Reagan had it easy compared to Obama.  The rationalizations for Obama's failures are already beginning, and Tom Friedman employs the laziest of all strategies, tearing down a great man to make a small man look bigger.  In his Sunday [9/28/2014] column in the New York Times, Friedman makes a number of highly dubious points.

NBC Hails 'Candid' Obama As He Passes the Buck On ISIS Failure.  Co-host Matt Lauer opened the morning show [9/29/2014] by proclaiming:  "Underestimated.  The President admits his administration and U.S. intelligence officials misjudged the threat of ISIS."  While that headline suggested to viewers that Obama was taking responsibility for the failure, a soundbite ran of the President distancing himself from blame:  "I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria."

Jarrett makes cameo on CBS hit.  Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett hates politics — or at least she does in the fictional universe of the CBS drama "The Good Wife."  In a cameo appearance on Sunday evening's [9/28/2014] episode, Jarrett is seen encouraging the series' protagonist — Alicia Florrick, the wife of an adulterous Illinois governor — to run for public office herself.

Sharyl Attkisson: CBS News Nixed Story that Predicted Obama's Comments on ISIS.  Former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson told Fox's MediaBuzz Sunday morning [10/5/2014] that her former employer nixed a story of hers two years ago that anticipated much of what President Barack Obama is currently saying about ISIS.  Attkisson very publicly split with CBS News in the spring following a string of stories on Fast and Furious and Benghazi; on the way out she accused CBS of being too compliant with the Obama administration.

'Face the Nation' Leaves Out Netanyahu's Criticism of Obama.  Anyone watching Sunday's [10/5/2014] broadcast of Face the Nation on CBS did not hear critical comments about President Obama from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Those were edited out and sequestered to CBS's website, leaving only the positive comments aired.

The Left's fantasy world is no amusement park.  The Obama propaganda machine churns out fantasy to the liberal and Left media outlets, who obligingly publish and defend everything they put out.  And since Fox News is the biggest media source that does not buy into this Fantasy World, they are the ones portrayed as living under false conceptions.

Charlie Rose Scolds Panetta: Shouldn't You Wait Until Obama's Out of Office to Criticize Him?  In an interview aired on Wednesday's [10/8/2014] CBS This Morning, co-host Charlie Rose lectured former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on criticizing President Obama in a new memoir:  "There are those who say, you know, he appointed you to two of the highest positions that this country has to offer, just wait until he's out of office before criticizing."

Obama Blames The Media For His Low Polls.  Americans don't understand that economy is doing great because the press is biased against good news, President Barack Obama told a group of prosperous donors Tuesday [10/7/2014].  "Frankly, the press and Washington, all it does is feed cynicism," he insisted, despite getting six years of favorable coverage from establishment newspapers and TV shows.  "Most of you don't know the statistics I just gave you," Obama said, after listing a series of cherry-picked data that ignored that roughly 10 million Americans who have given up looking for work, and the $7 trillion in added debt.

Obama's Coddling by the Media Coming to an End.  A high-profile consultant who does crisis management for big corporations and celebrities such as the late Michael Jackson said in a speech hosted by Americans for Tax Reform Wednesday [10/8/2014] that President Obama's easy ride from the media will soon be over.

Journalists Appalled, Shocked Obama White House Would Lie to Them.  Late last night the Washington Post broke a story about a connection between White House aides and the 2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal.  When the scandal broke two years ago, the White House denied involvement or knowing about the details of what happened.  The Post story proves otherwise and provides evidence a White House volunteer officially checked a prostitute into his hotel room in Cartagena, Colombia.  The report also details threats made against the Inspector General, who was asked to delay the release of embarrassing and damaging information about the connection between the White House and the scandal until after the 2012 presidential election.  Now, journalists who cover the White House are confused about why the administration would lie and cover-up such a minor issue.  That's the point.

Michelle Obama Stumps For Candidate, Calls Him Wrong Name SEVEN Times.  First Lady Michelle Obama attended a campaign event in Iowa today for Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley.  Only problem was, Michelle accidentally called the man she was stumping for the wrong name... seven times.

Desperate Media Meme: Michelle MEANT To Flub Candidate's Name!.  Yes, seriously. Not one, not two, but three prominent media figures are floating the idea that Michelle Obama (and Bill Clinton, apparently) intentionally butchered Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley's name seven times last Friday [10/10/2014].

Network Priorities: 57X More Coverage of NFL Scandals Than Obama Scandals.  In the crucial weeks leading up to the midterm elections, the broadcast networks were obsessed with scandals, but not any of the Obama administration controversies that might influence how voters behave on Election Day.  No, despite revelations in the Benghazi, IRS, Veterans Administration and Secret Service prostitution scandals it was the NFL domestic abuse scandals that captured the attention of the Big Three (ABC, NBC, CBS) networks.

How the NYT blatantly spins for Obama on Ebola.  Just look at the New York Times, always an industry leader:  It's become the official stenographer of the Obama White House.  On Saturday, The Times ran a story about the president and his response to the Ebola outbreak that read like it was dictated word for word by the president's top men.  If I were a stockholder in the New York Times Co., I would certainly hope the paper was properly compensated for the front-page placement of this naked political advertisement.

MSNBC's Dorian Warren Bets 'History Will Be Very, Very Good' to Obama.  Don't know what Dorian Warren's been smoking, but we can guess what he's been reading:  Rolling Stone, and in particular a recent column in which Paul Krugman claims that Barack Obama is one of the most "successful presidents in American history".  On today's [10/20/2014] Morning Joe, MSNBC contributor Warren said he'd be happy to call his Vegas buddies to bet that "history will be very, very good to Barack Obama."

Obama: Hey, all these red-state Democrats running away from me are strong supporters who vote with me!  As I've mentioned before, there's maybe nothing that cheers me more about Republican prospects that Democrats acting so very, very desperate.  You'll hear not a thing about a tone of "unprecedented negativity" in this year's ads because the worst examples are coming from endangered Democrats.  But just because the press doesn't report the pattern doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

NBC Newscasts Avoid NBC's Latest Bad-News Poll for Dems.  Jeffrey Meyer noted earlier that Meet the Press host Chuck Todd announced on Sunday morning that the latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Annenberg weekly tracking survey found "the biggest lead we've reported yet for generically for the Republicans," 49 to 44 percent among likely voters (and 45-43 among registered voters).  "Here's what I can tell you.  All Democrats agree, it was a bad week for them," Todd said.  But Sunday's NBC Nightly News and Monday's Today couldn't locate that poll, much like they've avoided other NBC News polls that look bad for Democrats.

ABC, NBC Omit Any Mention of Midterm Elections on Day Two Weeks from Election Day.  On Tuesday [10/21/2014], ABC and NBC made no mention of the upcoming midterm elections, which were two weeks away from Tuesday and include numerous Senate races that will decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the U.S. Senate.

What election? Big 3 networks ignore anti-Obama election.  The nation's Big Three TV networks that breathlessly reported the 2006 anti-Bush election which gave Democrats control of Capitol Hill have practically ignored this year's anti-Obama midterms that are expected to return full control of the Hill to the GOP.

What election? Network news gives up on covering midterms.  It is probably safe to assume that you have been following the midterm elections closely.  You decided to click on this link, which would indicate that you have at least a passing interest in the coming national vote in which Americans will determine which party controls the upper chamber of Congress for the remainder of the Obama presidency.  If, however, you have been closely following the coverage of the coming midterms, you might have noticed that network news outlets do not appear to share your enthusiasm.  You're not imagining things.

TV News Blacks Out This Year's Bad Election News for Democrats.  In less than two weeks, voters head to the polls in midterm elections that seem certain to yield strong Republican gains, if not outright control of the U.S. Senate.  Such a political sea change is big news, but a new Media Research Center study finds that, in contrast to their enthusiastic coverage of the 2006 midterms when Democrats made big gains, the Big Three broadcast evening newscasts are all but ignoring this year's political contests.

Obama Administration Released Illegal Aliens Charged With Murder Into the U.S.USA Today softens news of Yet Another Obama Administration Scandal™ as best it can, using the headline "U.S. misinformed Congress, public on immigrant release."  Translated into English, it means "Obama Administration Released Illegal Immigrants Charged with Homicide."

Ex-CBS reporter reveals how the liberal media protects Obama.  In her new memoir/exposé "Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington" (Harper), Attkisson unloads on her colleagues in big-time TV news for their cowardice and cheerleading for the Obama administration while unmasking the corruption, misdirection and outright lying of today's Washington political machine.

Sharryl Attkisson's Stonewalled: How the Media Protects Obama.  Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson has a new book out, Stonewalled, that details the battles that ultimately led to her parting ways with the Tiffany Network.  Attkisson was instrumental in breaking the "Fast and Furious" gun-walking scandal and she also uncovered all sorts of official dissembling about Benghazi.  In an extensive review, The New York Post's Kyle Smith notes that Attkisson considers herself "politically agnostic" and a reporter who follows wherever the story leads.  That inevitably led to trouble when the story cast a bad light on the Obama administration.

'Mainstream media outlets cover up for President Obama and kill unfavorable stories'.  An ex-CBS reporter is releasing a book that blames mainstream media outlets for covering for President Obama.  Sharyl Attkisson left CBS in the spring and opened up about her former employer and colleagues in 'Stonewalled' and claims that the media is liberal and covers up for the current administration.

CBS goes to ground over claims it buried anti-Obama stories.  CBS honchos stuck their heads in the sand Monday rather than address a former veteran reporter's memoir that revealed how the network routinely canned stories it perceived as anti-Obama.  Everyone from network CEO Les Moonves to "Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley to former "Evening News" Executive Producer Patricia Shevlin ignored repeated phone calls and e-mails from The [New York] Post seeking comment on the bombshell claim by ex-CBS investigative ace Sharyl Attkisson.

Scales Finally Falling From America's Obama-Obscured Eyes.  In his first few years and beyond, liberal funnymen sometimes complained that Obama was so flawless that he didn't provide them any material.  Of course, we knew at the time that this otherworldly caricature of Obama was wholly mythical, but it was nonetheless very real in the eyes of its liberal beholders.  They regarded him with a quasi-idolatrous zeal — almost as though it would be sacrilegious to criticize, much less mock, him.  But on "Saturday Night Live," among other shows, the comics have grown increasingly derisive.

Keystone Korps: The farce of the White House press.  Is the White House press corps obsolete?  Today its members are restless, grumbling about an Obama White House that claims to be the most transparent ever.  From big issues such as the tapping of a Fox reporters's phone to the media blackout imposed on the president's golf game with Tiger Woods, the chorus goes up:  When it comes to the press, President Obama may be even worse than ... Nixon.

The Statist Media Spins GOP As 'The Party of No'.  The recent revelations of Sharyl Attkisson, the one-time CBS investigative reporter, are very telling in this respect.  What Attkisson describes is a major television network whose executives are hard-core Statists, Statists who have made it their goal in life to support and protect Statism wherever and however it appears on the American political scene.  If that meant suppressing Attkisson's various investigative projects that might cast a negative light on a Statist project — than so be it.

Virtual Midterm News Blackout Part of Liberal Media's 'Inescapable Pattern' of Covering for Obama.  Well before the 2014 midterm race heated up, there was an "inescapable pattern" in the media's blackout on stories involving Obama administration scandals from Benghazi to Fast & Furious to the IRS's targeting of Tea Party non-profits.  "If the accounts hurt the president and his party, the media deliberately suppress their airing before the public," Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell noted in a piece for National Review Online this morning [11/3/2014].

GMA Promotes Michelle Obama's School Lunch Program.v  On Monday, ABC's Good Morning America provided First Lady Michelle Obama's school lunch program, entitled the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, with some free publicity.  Co-host George Stephanopoulos touted how "new federal guidelines pushed by the First Lady have cafeterias serving up healthier foods.  And a new study finds those lunches may be better than the ones parents pack for their kids."

There Is No Obamacare Briar Patch.  One of the favorite hobbies of liberals is warning Republicans about the supposed political dangers of repealing Obamacare.  The latest iteration of this particular liberal fantasy comes via the communist agitprop rag Salon, which warns ominously that if the Supreme Court eliminates subsidies in the states that do not have their own exchanges, that "SCOTUS could roil the GOP:  How the new threat to Obamacare could backfire on the right."

Why Obamacare Architect's Admission of Dishonesty Should Matter to Every American.  [Scroll down]  And now, with the statement by Jonathan Gruber we may have reached the ne plus ultra of statements confirming this administration's essential dishonesty.  Here you have one of the consummate Obamacare insiders — cited 71 times in DNC emails in 2009 alone — saying on video that the bill was designed to fool stupid voters, in fact to fool them by fooling the non-partisan CBO which is supposed to be an honest broker.  Incredibly, even at this point, there are some, like MSNBC's Ronan Farrow and Washington Post writer Jose DelReal willing to suggest we're just missing the nuance.

Kurtz: 'Inexcusable,' 'Virtual Blackout' on Gruber Comments Shows Bias.  Howard Kurtz, host of the Fox News Channel's "Mediabuzz" slammed the media for failing to report the controversial comments of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, arguing that the "inexcusable," "virtual blackout" was an example of liberal media bias on Wednesday's [11/12/2014] "O'Reilly Factor" on the Fox News Channel.

Media blackout shields ObamaCare architect who bet on public stupidity.  [T]he press usually loves when hidden video surfaces, as it did this week with MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, and we get unvarnished comments showing what someone really and truly believes.  And yet there hasn't been a mention on the network evening newscasts.  CNN's Jake Tapper, to his credit, played the clip twice, asked two senators about it and wrote an online column on the subject, but that was about it for the network.  Nothing in the Washington Post but for a couple of online items.

ABC, NBC Finally Acknowledge Existence of Gruber Videos.  It took nine days, but ABC and NBC finally covered the controversial videos of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber making disparaging remarks about the American voters.  Since the first video surfaced, CBS had been the only "big three" (ABC, CBS, and NBC) network to cover the Gruber video, but on Sunday, November 16 ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos and NBC's Meet the Press briefly mentioned the videos.  However, as of this writing, ABC and NBC's morning and evening newscasts have yet to mention the Gruber controversy once.

Politico Downplays Jonathan Gruber as Obamacare Architect.  Since Politico is now unable to ignore the Jonathan Gruber scandal as they tried to do earlier this week, they have switched gears to craft a story by Politico health reporter Paige Winfield Cunningham to portray him as much less than an architect of Obamacare.  Ironically, this same reporter as recently as July also referred to Gruber as an Obamacare architect.

Fox Anchor says CNBC "silenced" her coverage of Obamacare.  An anchor for Fox Business Network who used to work for CNBC told viewers that her superiors at the network "silenced" her reporting on Obamacare, telling her she was "disrespecting the office of the president" by pointing out that Obamacare's math didn't add up. [...] This isn't surprising, of course, but it raises an interesting question.  How many other reporters over the years had a little chat with their superiors about negative coverage of the Obama administration?  Most journalists would be embarassed to come forward and admit they tanked their stories because of their bosses' support of President Obama.

FBN's Melissa Francis: 'I Was Silenced' When at CNBC for Criticizing ObamaCare.  During her Fox Business Network (FBN) show on Friday afternoon [11/14/2014], Melissa Francis told viewers that she "was silenced" by executives at CNBC when worked there after she criticized ObamaCare on-air and told viewers that the "math of ObamaCare simply didn't work."  Speaking in regards to what ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber said about relying on the "stupidity" of voter and the need for lying to get the law passed, Francis opined that while:  "It is shocking, but it actually doesn't surprise me because when I was at CNBC, I pointed out to my viewers that the math of ObamaCare simply didn't work.  Not the politics by the way, just the basic math and when I did that, I was silenced."

Jonah Goldberg on FNC: 'Transmission Belt of Liberal Journalists' Reaffirmed Gruber's MendacityNational Review's Jonah Goldberg went on a tear on Monday's [11/17/2014] Special Report with Bret Baier, connecting the circles of lies by the White House and Jonathan Gruber that had impact thanks to liberal journalists.  Goldberg charged that, in the lead up to the ObamaCare vote, Gruber was "being touted around through a transmission belt of liberal journalists, who all are all pretending to be objective analysts too, quoting each other, reaffirming each other, all with the help of the White House which went along with this soup to nuts — a process which this guy says was all about lies and misleading the American people."

MSNBC Reporter: Gruber Comments Confirm 'All The Worst Suspicion Republicans Had' About Obamacare.  The panel of MSNBC's "The Cycle" agreed that the recent flurries of insulting and impolitic videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was horrible press for the law, with MSNBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald saying it confirmed "all the worst suspicions that Republicans had" about Obamacare.

The Editor says...
Yes, and many more of the Republicans' "worst suspicions" would be confirmed if the news media would look into them.  There are lists of Obama scandals
available.  Pick one.

MSNBC Host Literally Screams 'No One Cares About Jonathan Gruber!'  MSNBC's "The Cycle" went into overdrive while covering for the Obama administration and the recent videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber insulting American voters and admitting to lying about to law, with co-host Ari Melber literally screaming "Nobody cares about Jonathan Gruber!"

Krauthammer: Obama Counted On 'Minions in the Press' to Help Cover Up Gruber Scandal.  Appearing on Fox News's Special Report Monday [11/17/2014], columnist Charles Krauthammer suggested that the reason President Obama waited a week to comment on the Jonathan Gruber ObamaCare scandal was because the White House knew it could count on the liberal media to ignore the story.

Ex-Obama Aide Destroys Media Narrative, Admits Gruber Was an 'Important Figure'.  A former adviser to Barack Obama on Tuesday [11/18/2014] overturned the media narrative, promoted by the President, that Jonathan Gruber was an unimportant, minor figure.  The New York Times on Tuesday insisted in an editorial, "Republicans are crowing over Mr. Gruber's remarks because he has been portrayed as a major architect of the health reform law.  In truth, his role was limited."  The health care operative has repeatedly bragged about fooling "stupid" Americans.  The paper's editors lectured, "His comments should not be taken as evidence that the reform law was hatched in secrecy and foisted on the public by trickery."  Yet, Steven Rattner, a former Obama administration adviser, countered this narrative on Morning Joe.

He found the Jonathan Gruber videos — and no media outlet would call him back.  The man who changed the ObamaCare debate was at a gas station when I reached him, and he wasn't dying to talk.  "I really want to stay out of the limelight," said Rich Weinstein, a Philadelphia investment adviser.  "This is not about me."  But it is about him in the sense that if not for one slightly obsessed citizen, we wouldn't have the videos of Jonathan Gruber saying the health care law was deceptively designed and its passage depended on the stupidity of the American public.  And it is about his frustrating struggle to get that information out to the media.

Obama Administration Elitists Have Contempt For Voters.  The media have abdicated their watchdog role.  Obama, Gruber, Holder, Lerner and Rice are empowered by understandably assuming they should be exempt from media criticism.  Wealth and status assure elites that their own lives are never affected by the laws they pass or by the concrete ramifications of their own ideology.  In the view of the snobocrats, the harm that follows from ObamaCare, blanket amnesty or out-of-control bureaucracies should always affect someone else — someone thought to be too stupid to figure out what hit them.

Networks Refuse to Cover Obama's Amnesty Announcement and Resulting Constitutional Chaos.  Thursday evening will mark a momentous announcement from President Obama concerning his hugely controversial executive order to "shield" and otherwise legalize millions of 'undocumented' illegal immigrants living in the United States.  But is this tide turning presidential address scheduled to be carried live on TV for all the country to witness?  No.  It seems that the big four networks — ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox — have all opted out of broadcasting the 15 minute speech, instead airing their November sweeps shows as scheduled in hopes of maximizing viewer ratings.

The Editor says...
In my opinion, it is much more likely that the three networks intended to do Mr. Obama a favor by keeping his tyranny quiet.  Many (but not all) Fox stations carried the President's announcement and then delayed their prime-time entertainment programs by 17 minutes.

Obama's immigration edict has no legal justification.  The broadcast networks refused to air the president's immigration speech, with some insiders admitting the networks found it too political.  Besides that, the speech was insulting to anyone remotely familiar with our system of government, and it assumes that his base is so unhinged it will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

The Editor asks...
When have the networks ever considered Obama's speeches to be "too political" to put on the air?

Obama's condescending stereotype of Mexicans.  It is unbelievable that the president of the United States would say something this elitist regarding the nation's largest minority group — and perhaps just as worse that it's gone virtually unreported. [...] Not all Mexicans do the type of work that Obama described, especially the ones who have been in the country for several generations and have gone to college.  This is just more of the same, sadly, to be expected from this arrogant president who jaunts around the world on luxury vacations, and whose favorite past time is golf, not charity and actually helping those less fortunate.

CNN Covers Sex Abuse Case Against Obama 'Friend,' As Big Three Censor Story.  CNN stood out on Sunday and Monday for actually covering the sex abuse charges against Terry Bean, a "major fundraiser for President Obama," as correspondent Erin McPike labeled him.  The cable network devoted three full segments and two news briefs to the criminal charges against Bean, who is also the co-founder of the left-wing homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign.  As of Monday morning [11/24/2014], the Big Three networks have yet to cover the story on their morning and evening newscasts.

Barack Obama: A Companion of Fools.  It seems that Barack Obama has a propensity to surround himself with some questionable friends. [...] Take for example one foolish companion the president walks with:  the prominent gay rights activist Terrence P. Bean, 66, who has been indicted for allegedly sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy.  At a 2009 Human Rights Campaign dinner, Mr. Obama called the alleged child molester a "great friend and supporter."  As a matter of fact, Obama's "great friend" Terrence has frequented the White House at least six times in the past couple of years.  An ardent and influential supporter of many prominent Democrats, in addition to visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bean has also been a guest of the president on Air Force One flying around at $181K an hour.

End the Media Blackout on Gay Rapists.  Liberal politics, not people, matter to our evil media.  That's precisely why they rush to their cameras, microphones and keyboards when news breaks about a pedophile Catholic priest having his way with altar boys.  Not because they care about the altar boys, but because they want to discredit the Catholic Church.  If you doubt that fact, ask yourself why you haven't heard much from the Mainstream Media about the recent arrest of 66 year-old Terrence Bean, charged with raping a 15-year old boy.  The answer is because Terrence isn't a Catholic priest.  Instead, he's the co-founder and on the board of directors of the homosexual organization ironically called the "Human Rights Campaign."

NBC Nightly News Breaks Silence on Jonathan Gruber 32 Days After First Video Surfaced.  After a month in which NBC Nightly News gave more prominence to ugly Christmas sweaters, grape salad, Al Roker's 34-hour weather report, and a live broadcast of Peter Pan starring Brian Williams' daughter, Allison, the broadcast finally discovered Jonathan Gruber.  On Tuesday evening [12/9/2014], NBC's evening newscast acknowledged the name Jonathan Gruber for the first time and his insulting comments regarding ObamaCare a full 32 days after the group American Commitment unearthed the first Gruber video on November 7.

Obama's Endless Lies and His Media Accomplices.  It was appropriate that the Democratic Senate report on "torture" was released on the same day that Jonathan Gruber was testifying about lying to the American people regarding the benefits of Obamacare.  The Senate report was another form of deception, designed to confuse and mislead about what Obama has used in place of interrogation techniques of terrorists.  Obama doesn't interrogate terrorists, he kills them.  Yet, we are led to believe Obama believes in American values and practices them.  The American people would see through the lies if only they could depend on a media that would lead them out of all the deliberate obfuscation.

Epitaph for Hope and Change.  Never has a modern president been so pampered by the press, and never has the press been so disrespected for its obsequiousness.  After Obama, what will the press do? Will it investigate some future Republican abuse of executive orders, deplore serial crippling deficits, complain of a government hostile to the media, expose scandals in the IRS or VA, lament the decline of U.S. prestige abroad, tally up "illegal" Predator assassinations, chronicle bombing without congressional approval, talk of a McCarthy-like administration tapping reporters' communications and computers, whine about an anemic "jobless" recovery, chart how a president deliberately misled the country about health care, amnesty, or dangers in the Middle East?  Will it demand that the next presidential candidate release his college transcripts and medical records or details about his associates?

Barack and Michelle playing the race card in People Magazine.  Having learned nothing from its in-the-tank-for-Democrats Hillary Clinton cover debacle, People Magazine is helping out President and Mrs. Obama in their efforts to play the racial victimization card with an interview bemoaning racial profiling, accompanied by a photo that shows a lot of work on making them look like an appealing couple.

CNN's Gloria Borger: Obama is basically Superman.  You have to hand it to CNN's Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger.  She's not afraid to bear all her biases in a naked display of cheerleading under the guise of dispassionate political scrutiny.

MSNBC Gushes Over Obama's Press Conference 'Swagger'.  An MSNBC panel could barely contain their glee at President Obama's press conference performance on Friday, repeatedly noting the president's "swagger" and gushing over what they termed "Obama 2.0."  "This was relaxed, confident president today, in a way that we have not seen him in a news conference," said former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.  "Incredibly strong," agreed "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd.  "That was a president who feels as if he has earned the right to have some swagger."

CNN's Don Lemon: Obamas Are 'Closest Thing We Have to Royalty'.  CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday [12/18/2014] insisted that Barack and Michelle Obama are the "closest thing we have to royalty."  The anchor was discussing complaints by the First Lady that she had been mistaken for a Target employee during a visit.  Lemon lamented, "But speaking to People magazine, according to the Obamas, they're sometimes treated less than like royals, or the first couple, and more like the help."

The Homelessness Problem Is Still With Us — and Growing.  While the gatekeeping establishment press insists on promoting the alleged wonders of the nation's still-nascent "recovery," two indicators relating to homelessness surfaced this month with relatively little notice.  Five and a half years after the official end of the recession and six years into Barack Obama's presidency, these indicators demonstrate that the problem has not only not lessened, it has arguably gotten worse.

Chuck Todd: Obama 'Earned The Right To Have Some Swagger'.  On Friday afternoon President Obama held [h]is annual end-of-year press conference, and following the event the folks at MSNBC eagerly cheered on the president's performance.  During MSNBC's post-press conference coverage, Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director and moderator of Meet the Press, proclaimed that Obama looked "incredibly strong" and was "a president who feels as if he's earned the right to have some swagger."

Media Celebrate Obama's "Audacity".  The media fervor celebrates President Obama's most radical policies — from a lifeline to the communist dictatorship in Cuba, to a unilateral rewriting of immigration laws, to an absurd deal with China, whereby the U.S. commits to severe and specific cutbacks of energy use by 2025, while the Chinese commit to nothing except to consider starting cutbacks in 2030, all in the name of global warming.

CNN's Chris Moody: Optics of Obama Forcing Army Couple to Move Wedding 'Hilariously Bad'.  On Monday afternoon [12/29/2014], CNN's Wolf covered the controversy surrounding President Obama's playing of golf on a Hawaii golf course that forced an Army couple about to be married there to move their wedding during which CNN's Chris Moody called the optics of the move "hilariously bad."  Following a panel discussion on the 2016 presidential campaign, substitute host Brianna Keilar introduced the topic and after some background on what happened, Keilar and Time's Zeke Miller did their best to defend the President and the White House, pointing out that there was "no way that the President" or the White House knew of this decision beforehand by the golf course. [Video clip]

White House reporter finds deep meaning in rainbow over Obama's vacation home.  As President Obama was wrapping up one of his last days of time off in Hawaii, White House reporter David Nakamura of the Washington Post was moved by a rainbow sighting over the first family's vacation home.  In a Friday [1/2/2015] pool report — the write-ups of public events by individual reporters selected to represent the regular White House press corps — Nakamura detailed the apparently inspiring vision.

WaPo Reporter Sorry He Couldn't Get Photo Of Obama Under A RainbowWashington Post White House reporter David Nakamura is in Hawaii covering President Obama's family vacation.  In one of the more inane — and there are many — White House pool reports about the trip, the reporter talks about how he regrets not snapping a photograph of the commander-in-chief under a rainbow.  Considering that a few years ago that Nakamura was stuck in a sports laundry room at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., where he traveled with Obama, this is a HUGE step up for him.

In Denial About the Attack in France.  Most journalists tried to downplay or ignore Obama's failure to attend the huge Sunday "unity" rally in Paris, where 40 world leaders gathered in a show of support for France.  While the New York tabloids mocked Obama, most national newspapers mentioned "World leaders link arms" and barely noticed the leader of the free world had stayed home to watch football games.  Even after the White House spokesman admitted it was an error for top American officials to skip the event, obviously in reaction to national and international outrage, still some newspapers buried it inside their papers like it was no big deal.

At Obama Press Conference, No Questions on Skipping Anti-Terror Rally.  Barack Obama on Friday [1/16/2015] conducted an almost hour-long news conference with journalists, but faced no questions on his administration's much-maligned decision not to send a representative to last Sunday's massive anti-terror rally in France. [...] After a nearly 20 minute preamble, Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron finally got to reporters.  After offering up a tough question, Karl lobbed this softball:  "If I may, Mr. President, I really like would hear your reaction to the news that Mitt Romney is thinking about running for president again."

Networks Ignore John Kerry's Embarrassing James Taylor Stunt in Paris.  On Friday [1/16/2015], while all three network morning shows covered Secretary of State John Kerry arriving in Paris to offer U.S. condolences following the recent terrorist attacks, none of the broadcasts mentioned one of the most embarrassing moments in American diplomatic history that occurred during the visit — Kerry bringing musician James Taylor to a press conference to sing "You've Got A Friend" to the French people.

Hiding the real economic story.  President Obama has had no better ally on the state of the American economy over the last six years than the nightly network news shows.  When the economic numbers have been terrible or just plain mediocre, the network newscasts have often ignored or underplayed the larger human story of jobless people struggling to survive.  When there was periodically modest improvement, however brief, they made it sound like the economy was roaring back.

CBS's Bob Schieffer Swoons: Obama's Speech Was 'Uplifting' with 'Soaring Rhetoric'.  At the conclusion of President Barack Obama's 2015 State of the Union speech, CBS News chief Washington correspondent and Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer offered plenty of praise for the President's address by proclaiming it as "the best speech he's made in awhile" with "soaring rhetoric" and being "uplifting at the end."

ABC's Stephanopoulos Finds It Credible Barack Obama Can Be Another Ronald Reagan.  Without laughing, ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday's [1/20/2015] World News Tonight advanced the White House hope that Barack Obama will be seen as Ronald Reagan was in 1987, as a President who rescued the economy and was rewarded by voters.  Opining on the President's political mission at tonight's State of the Union speech, Stephanopoulos said the goal was for Obama to convince the public that the economic "recovery is sustainable.... and it's because of the work that he did over the last six years."

CBS Panel Blasts Obama's "Extraordinary Disconnect".  This video is posted by The Washington Free Beacon as an example of punditry discussing the White House ineptitude.  However, this video is actually more reflective of something far more annoying.  Every one of these "pundits" have spent the last six years extoling the virtues of President Obama's brilliant foreign policy.  Every single one of these panelists have written columns, given opinion, and appeared on TV shows telling the consuming sheeple how brilliant President Obama was.  Now they sit around presenting themselves as some form of disconnected gallery observers talking about how the consequences of those same policies they exalted are abject failures.  [Video clip]

Obama: We need more drone regulations.  [Scroll down]  A man operating a drone recreationally early Monday morning [1/26/2015] apparently lost control of the two-foot wide quadcopter before it crashed on the White House grounds.  He called the U.S. Secret Service on Monday to "self-report" his involvement and was questioned by agents.

The Editor says...
The news reports about this incident breathlessly assured us all that the Mr. and Mrs. Obama were in India at the time and were in no danger.  Wowee, what a relief!  Nor would they have been in any danger from this little toy if they had been standing at the windows of the White House.

The Lying Sleeps Tonight.  [Scroll down]  Iran is convincing the administration to retreat everywhere by explaining each time that it is really a victory for Obama.  In consequence, America's enemies are finding it childishly simple to manipulate the experts in Washington.  A few colored policy beads, some lengths of cheap agreements, one or two photo ops seem sufficient to send the natives by the Potomac on a frenzy of celebratory dancing round the talk show campfires of CBS, NBC and ABC.

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment.  Right now, we're hearing much celebrating from the media, the White House and Wall Street about how unemployment is "down" to 5.6%.  The cheerleading for this number is deafening.  The media loves a comeback story, the White House wants to score political points and Wall Street would like you to stay in the market.  None of them will tell you this:  If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job — if you are so hopelessly out of work that you've stopped looking over the past four weeks — the Department of Labor doesn't count you as unemployed.  That's right.  While you are as unemployed as one can possibly be, and tragically may never find work again, you are not counted in the figure we see relentlessly in the news — currently 5.6%.  Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed.

CNN goes to bat for Obama in this heavily biased article:
Obama is not a Christian?  One of the strangest right-wing conspiracies is that Barack Obama is not really a Christian. [...] From the perspective of the religious right, his faith is contradicted by his policies:  How can a Christian support same-sex marriage or say "Thank you, Planned Parenthood.  God bless you" when it is an organization that provides abortion services?

The Reality Beneath "Low Unemployment" Propaganda: Less than half of adult Americans are employed full-time.  Gallup regularly tracks the percentage of U.S. adults that are employed for 30 or more hours per week, and it is currently at 44.2 percent.  It has been hovering between 42 percent and 45 percent since the end of 2009.  This is extremely low.  As I discussed the other day, there are 8.69 million Americans that are considered to be "officially unemployed" at this point.  But there are another 92.90 million Americans that are considered to be "not in the labor force".  Millions upon millions of those Americans would work if they could.  Overall, there are 101 million U.S. adults that do not have a job right now.  But you won't hear that number being discussed by the mainstream media, because it would make Barack Obama look really bad.

NBC's Guthrie Lobs Softball to Axelrod On 'Whether Racism Animated' Obama Critics.  In an interview with former Obama White House aide David Axelrod on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie tossed a softball on "whether racism animated some of the President's critics." [...] Guthrie followed up by questioning Axelrod's account of Mitt Romney suggesting Obama only won reelection in 2012 due to the black vote.

All the President's Explainers.  A sit-down interview with the president of the United States must be the most overrated get in all of journalism.  Obviously, few journalists would spurn a chance to touch the hem of his garment if offered the chance.  But beyond a brief burst of positive buzz for the news outlet, these sessions produce little in the way of news, as Vox's Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias demonstrated anew Monday [2/9/2015] in their lengthy domestic and foreign policy Q&As with President Barack Obama.

Politico Hits Vox for 'Nerf ball' Obama Interview.  [Scroll down]  Vox has also humiliated itself dozens of times in the past year.  In some cases, it corrects the mistakes, and in some cases, it pretends they aren't mistakes.  The final irony is that Vox only got the Obama interview because it is reliably progressive and prone to do exactly what it did, i.e. boost the President rather than challenge his assumptions.  If Vox were really the site Ezra Klein claimed it should be, this interview would never have happened.

Mark Levin Shreds Obama's Vox Interview.  Mark Levin went through Obama's interview with VOX and completely shredded it, clip by clip.  It's honestly the best analysis you are going to hear on the Marxist claptrap being spewed by this president.  [Audio clip]

Flashback: Fawning Brian Williams Bows To POTUS At White House.  Although I rarely watch any MSM news shows, I do remember catching a segment on NBC, in June, '09, that I had found troubling:  Brian Williams, over a period of several days, had aired a two-hour special about the new president and his life in the White House.  At the end of the last segment, I was shocked when Williams, saying goodbye, bowed to Obama.

NBC's Guthrie Helps Axelrod Keep the 'Obama Critics Are Racists' Myth Alive.  A news division that's reeling might want to get out of the low-info leftist opinion pimping business and work a bit on some actual reporting.  This is nothing more than Savannah Guthrie earning her good little lapdog cred by keeping a tired lie alive.

Vox Obama.  The president has had plenty of worshipful media coverage, certainly back in the day when "hope and change" wasn't so risible.  But none has ever been so in keeping with his own self-image and pose as the dispassionate, above-it-all paragon of reasonableness.  Vox Obama is the only rational guy in town.  Vox Obama is a non-ideological devotee of facts.  Vox Obama speaks in dulcet tones.  Vox Obama has data sliding beside his face to prove his points! [...] Vox called the video clips of its interviews "films."  They had dramatic cut-aways and soothing music, as well as cute gizmos and other supporting material flashing on the screen to illustrate the wisdom and correctness of everything Obama said.

Brian and Barack: Lies, damned lies, and journalism.  The most telling point about David Axelrod's revelation that Barack Obama fibbed about his position on marriage to get himself elected is not what it says about politics or even the president.  It's what it says about American journalism.

Scott Walker Gets College Scrutiny That Media Failed to Give Obama.  David Fahrenthold's examination of Walker's college years in the Washington Post spanned more than 2,000 words, and in the end, there is little mystery.  Walker was an active member of the Marquette student body and has openly said that he decided to leave the university after being offered a full-time job during his senior year. [...] Unlike Walker, who was well known at Marquette and had a group of friends, Obama was a ghost at Columbia.  More than 400 classmates of Obama were contacted during the 2008 election, and not one said they remembered him.  The New York Sun described Columbia just before the 2008 election as a place Obama "rarely speaks about and where few people seem to remember him."  The record on Obama's Columbia years was sealed.

The Media: When You Attack Obama, You're Attacking Them.  It was just a few short days ago that President Obama said that Republican attempts to tie ISIS to a radical form of Islam are lying and helping to drive recruitment by not leaving out the religious element to their terror the way he does.  After he said those things, there was no furor in the press.  Journalists were not taking to social media to express their outrage at the President suggesting Republicans were aiding a barbaric Islamic terror group.  They were largely silent.  It was a whole different story however, when news broke broke just the day before about comments former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani made at an event for Governor Scott Walker.

The audacity of the media's Obama worship.  By "audacity," I of course mean "utter shamelessness."  Over the past week, media reporters have tried to hold Republicans accountable for any personal attacks by anyone on Barack Obama, going out of their way to demand that GOP candidates defend Obama's honor — especially Scott Walker, who has emerged as a top-tier candidate in the early campaign.  This trend reached its nadir when two reporters from the Washington Post, Dan Balz and Robert Costa, demanded that Walker answer whether he thought Obama was a Christian — despite the fact that Walker has never brought up that topic.

When a Republican does this, it's called lying.
Headline writers struggle to characterize VA director's special forces fabrication.  A majority of headlines this week have characterized Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald's claim that he served in the Army's Special Forces as a "misstatement" and a "false claim."  Very few have referred to his admitted fabrication as a "lie."  McDonald, who qualified but never served as a Ranger and did not serve in Special Forces, apologized this week for the falsehood.  Headlines from the Huffington Post, the Washington Free Beacon, the Washington Examiner, the Hill and Military Times have used variations of "falsely claimed" in headlines regarding McDonald's fabrication.

Seven Reasons Why We Really Hate the Media.  [#3] They're all in bed with the Obama administration.  From the Rhodes brothers to Jay Carney and Claire Shipman, to Rick Stengel, the super-cozy relationship between reporters and administration officials — born of their shared devotion to the Democrat Party — just comes naturally.

CBS, NBC Hit Netanyahu for 'Controversial Address' While Obama 'Fires Back'.  All three broadcast networks reported on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress with segments in their Tuesday night [3/3/2015] broadcasts, but it was CBS and NBC that led the way in hitting Netanyahu for making a "controversial speech" and touted President Obama for "firing back," "point by point for 11 minutes."  CBS Evening News substitute anchor Charlie Rose began the show's coverage by telling viewers that "Netanyahu did an end run around President Obama today" in his speech with the caption "controversial speech" appearing beside him.

Does Anyone Fact-Check the President?  Barack Obama is not the only Pinocchio in political life, but more than any other public figure I can think of, he seems to think he is entitled to make up his own facts.  That sense of entitlement probably results from the press's unwillingness to point out his many errors.

The Democrats' Thugocracy.  There are a couple things about the Obama years that have registered "does not compute" for me.  The first was the complete powder taken by the media.  Yes, I know that they are all ruling-class liberals that believe in all the received liberal notions and still swoon today at the thought of a First Black President.  But you would have thought that, here and there, a liberal journalist would have popped his head above the parapet to take a potshot at the president. [...] Journalists are understandably timid.  They live by their sources, and if they don't toady to their sources, then good-bye sources, and good-bye career.

Five times Democrats undermined Republican presidents with foreign governments.  On Monday, 47 Republican senators led by Tom Cotton, R-Ark., released an "open letter" to Iran's leaders noting that any deal the regime signs with President Obama without the approval of Congress could be revoked by a future president or changed by Congress.  The White House went into a tizzy trying to portray the move as somehow "unprecedented" — a view that has found a friendly audience with the media.

President Obama Addresses Ferguson, Reads Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.  The late-night host welcomed Obama for his first in-person visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage with a humorous introduction:  "The first Kenyan-born Muslim socialist ever elected to run this country."  In Jimmy Kimmel style, the president partook in a reading of mean tweets.  "I have to say though, those weren't that mean... You should see what the Senate says about me," Obama said after reading numerous negative comments directed at him on Twitter.  He also admitted that he does not "physically tweet in general" because he "generally" has "some other stuff to do."

The Editor says...
I don't think that Obama being a "Kenyan-born Muslim socialist" is a laughing matter.  Mr. Kimmel is attempting to diffuse Obama's scandalous past by mocking those of us who try to sound the alarm about it.  (He left out "liar," "narcissist" and "baby killer.")  If I'm wrong about Mr. Obama, nothing bad will happen to anyone but me; but if Mr. Kimmel is wrong, we're witnessing the end of this country, facilitated by the left-wing liberal news media and late-night propagandists masquerading as comedians, and it was all entirely preventable.

Study of 130,213 stories shows Obama bias in 2012 election.  A sweeping study of some 130,213 news articles on the 2012 presidential match between President Obama and Mitt Romney has proven anew that there was a strong pro-Democratic bias in the U.S. and international press.  The study, published in the authoritative journal Big Data & Society, also tested the campaign themes the media focused on and determined that Obama succeeded in stealing the economic issue from Republican Romney.  "The 2012 elections saw an 'issue trespassing' strategy with President Obama taking the initiative on the economy," found the survey of stories produced by 719 U.S. and international outlets.

Only CBS Points Out Top Obama Aide Is Working to Defeat Netanyahu.  On Monday night [3/16/2015] and Tuesday morning, all three networks covered the down-to-the-wire election in Israel. But only CBS noticed that Barack Obama's 2012 national field director is hard at work trying to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.  This Morning reporter Barry Petersen explained that the left-leaning Labor Party "hired Jeremy Bird who ran the Obama campaign ground game in 2008 and 2012."  ABC and NBC ignored this key point.  Instead, Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos danced around the issue.

Colonized by the Muslim Brotherhood.  [Scroll down]  So why doesn't the Press report just the facts?  What is the reason for such an incredible failure by the press to inform the American people of the dire state of their government under Barack Obama?  There are several.  Many advisors to Obama are married into the media, or have worked in media themselves prior to joining the administration.  Both Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice have familial connections with powerful executives in (what was once known as) the free press.  Four times more journalists identify as liberal compared to conservative.  Evidently, with the case of Brian Williams coming to light, some in the media don't care about the truth and would rather make up bald-faced lies.  Yet the biases above don't fully explain the conspicuous silence of the mainstream press on the Muslim Brotherhood.  For it is no longer bias or loyalty that sway the press, but fear.  The Obama administration has proved that it will stonewall, punish, illegally wiretap, and in general make life difficult for inquisitive members of the press.  Case in point, Sharyl Attkisson, who refused go along with the official lies regarding Benghazi.

5 Big Whoppers Told About ObamaCare On Its 5th Anniversary.  [#3]  "Sixteen million have gained insurance thanks to ObamaCare."  The administration released a two-page paper last week making this claim, and reporters have swallowed it whole, despite the fact it's hardly credible.  As we pointed out in this space, the 16 million claim rests entirely on a dubious analysis of Gallup's survey of the uninsured.  Census data show the uninsured rate had dropped steadily from 2010 to 2013 — before ObamaCare went into effect.

Fast and Furious Cover-up Rewarded in Appointment of New ATF Director.  On Friday, March 20, 2015, B. Todd Jones, the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF,) announced his resignation. [...] The announced new Acting Director is the current Deputy Director, Thomas Brandon, a man with an apparently secret history at the ATF.  In news dispatches of March 20th, Mr. Brandon is described blandly by the AP, CNN and ABC as a 26-year veteran at the agency who was appointed Deputy Director in 2011.  This gives the impression of an earnest, knowledgeable, hard working civil servant, does it not?  Perhaps all of the professional reporters are too pressed for time these days to perform a basic Google search.  Or, perhaps not a single so-called journalist has the brain capacity to remember a shameful, deadly national disaster called Fast and Furious.

The Washington Post Sugarcoats Obama's Communist Mentor.  [Scroll down]  If Rudy merits "Three Pinocchios," then Barack Obama deserves at least 22 for expunging all 22 references to "Frank" in the audio version of Dreams from My Father that was released in 2005, as he prepared for a run for the presidency and no doubt feared being tied to closely to a man who joined the Communist Party under Stalin and had been so radical that the federal government placed him on the Security Index.  By completely scrubbing all mentions of "Frank" from the audio version of Dreams, which Obama himself personally approved (as the jacket design says) and narrates in his own voice, Obama deliberately concealed Davis.

Google controls what we buy, the news we read — and Obama's policies.  A former Google officer is the president's chief technology adviser.  Google employees contributed more to President Obama's re-election than did employees of any other company except Microsoft.  Google lobbyists met with Obama White House officials 230 times.  By comparison, lobbyists from rival Comcast have been admitted to the inner sanctum a mere 20 or so times in the same period.  Oh, and on Election Night 2012, guess where Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was?  Working for the president.  In the president's campaign office.  On a voter-turnout system designed to help the president get re-elected.

A Complete Timeline of Obama's Anti-Israel Hatred.  For some odd reason, many in the media and Congress reacted with surprise to Obama's supposedly sudden turn on Israel.  The media, in an attempt to defend Obama's radicalism, pretend that Netanyahu's comments in the late stages of his campaign prompted Obama's anti-Israel action.

Obama is going Alinsky Rule 12 on Republicans.  For the Mainstream Media, any notice of Barack Obama's radical roots is out if bounds, so I suppose that we should be grateful that the AP even notices nastiness as a political strategy of the White House.

CNN and The Obama Agenda — A collaborative goal to work policy objectives through the media.  [Scroll down]  These would seem like disconnected coincidences if we didn't know, with direct sourcing, that CNN and the White House work in concert with each other both ideologically and specifically with a collaborative goal to work policy objectives through the media.  Most conservatives immediately respond with thoughts of CNN's Candy Crowley supporting Obama during the CNN hosted 2012 presidential debate.  Or you might reference CNN's Fareed Zakaria who is also a key Obama foreign policy advisor.

More proof that late-night TV "comedians" are actually propagandists:
Letterman Goes Ga-Ga for Obama; 'You Can Feel the Electricity' Whenever He's Here.  During the opening monologue of Tuesday's Late Show on CBS, David Letterman channeled his inner Chris Matthews in professing his admiration for President Barack Obama following his appearance on Monday's program by declaring that "you can feel the electricity in the room" whenever he's on the program.

Obama Golfs V-E Day Celebrations Away, Funerals Too.  Except for his weekly address, Obama ignored the many V-E Day celebrations in the Capitol commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory that led to the end of World War II.  The address was the most minimal thing he could do.  Instead he flew to South Dakota to talk TPP (it must be a terrible treaty if he wants it this much) and he bloviated about redistributive free college that heavily-taxed working Americans can't afford.  The media claimed he "led" the celebrations but that was to give the false impression he actually participated.  They covered for him as usual.

AP perpetuates tale that Benghazi attack caused by anti-Islam film.  In a report about a Supreme Court ruling, the Associated Press on Monday [5/18/2015] continued with the ruse that an anti-Muslim film posted on YouTube caused violence in the Middle East, culminating in the murder of a U.S. ambassador on Sept. 11, 2012.  "In a victory for free speech advocates, a federal appeals court says YouTube should not have been forced to take down an anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in the Middle East and death threats to actors," the AP wrote.

As Ramadi Falls to ISIS, POTUS Goes Golfing, Gets New Twitter Account.  During the Iraq War, the United States paid a terrible price to secure Anbar province from terrorists.  Between April of 2004 and September of 2007, 1,335 Americans and nearly 9,000 Iraqis died in the battle for Fallujah and Ramadi.  But by 2008, the battle had been won — and liberated Iraqi citizens could again walk the streets without fear.  Now Ramadi and Fallujah are back in the hands of terrorists.  But never mind that, the big news today is that POTUS has a new Twitter account, you guys!

WaPo Columnist: Racist Anti-Obama Tweets 'Make You Question' 1st Amendment.  Liberal Washington Post columnist and MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart opined on Twitter that some of the racist and hateful tweets directed toward President Obama were enough to "make you question your support for 1st Amendment."

How Stephanopolous Tried to Save Hillary in 2008.  Always more an activist than a journalist, once Hillary was knocked out of the campaign Stephanopoulos joined his pals in their quest to get Obama elected.  He got a chance to prove his loyalty in September of that year when interviewing the senator on ABC's This Week.  "You are absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith," said Obama carelessly.  Stephanopoulos quickly corrected him with a sotto voce "Christian faith," and Obama affirmed the correction.  The rest is history.  Were it not for "reporters" like Stephanopolous the comically inept and hopelessly corrupt Ms. Clinton would not dare run for mayor of Chappaqua.  As it is, she could well be the next president of the United States.

Obama's Media Supporters Growing Nervous About ISIS.  Charting President Obama's relationship with the media that passively-aggressively adores him is tricky.  More than once, he's seemingly angered or dismayed them enough to trigger a paradigm shift, only to have the paradigm slip right back to the usual worship of a titan striding across history.  The media might admit he's made a mistake now and then — no, wait, make that a "less than optimal decision" — but he still gets endless credit for good intentions and towering intelligence.

David Brooks: 'Obama Has Run An Amazingly Scandal-Free Administration'.  One doesn't know what to do with the rubbish which follows beyond noting it and hoping that the ridicule which results will somehow and in some way have some kind of impact.  Despite 6½ years of horrid governance and dozens of acknowledged scandals, several of which a few of the credible remaining outposts of liberal thought have actually agreed are scandals, David Brooks, the New York Times's resident fake conservative, asserted on Friday's [5/29/2015] PBS NewsHour, as if it's an indisputable fact, that "President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him."

Bob Schieffer: 'Whole Political World Was Struck' by Obama's Candidacy.  Retiring Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer sat down with Fox News' Howard Kurtz on Sunday's [5/31/2015] MediaBuzz and did his best to excuse the media's soft treatment of President Obama since he first ran for president.  Schieffer argued that "the whole political world was struck by this fella who sort of came out of nowhere with this very unusual name and when he won out in Iowa, I think people sat up and took notice."

The Rise and Fall of the Obama-Media Romance.  Departing Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer saved the best for last:  In an interview aired yesterday [5/31/2015] on a competing Sunday show, Howard Kurtz's Media Buzz on Fox News Channel, he conceded that the awe-struck press had given Barack Obama an easy ride in his 2008 presidential campaign and perhaps beyond.  "I think the whole political world was struck by this fella who sort of came out of nowhere with this very unusual name and when he won out in Iowa, I think people sat up and took notice," Schieffer said.  "Maybe we were not skeptical enough."

Media Bias? With Obama It's More Like Battered Spouse Syndrome.  Imagine a Republican president who investigated, harassed and stonewalled the press at every turn.  Reporters would be in a vein-popping rage.  But with President Obama, they keep blowing kisses.

New York Times ignored 15 unpaid tickets of Obama in 2007.  You can't get much more hypocritical than the New York Times, which acted as a megaphone for the oppo research efforts of American Bridge, the pro-Hillary operation founded by David Brock.  The "scandal" amounted to four traffic tickets for Marco Rubio over 18 years, puffed up by including his wife's driving record into a headline of 17 violations for the couple.  The problem is that the Times studiously ignored the scofflaw behavior of Barack Obama, who ignored 15 outstanding parking tickets until his run for the presidency forced him to clean up his record.

Some news outlets bleep Obama's use of N-word.  After President Obama used the n-word in an interview on Monday [6/22/2015] to make a point about enduring racism, decisions about whether to air and write the slur varied among the media.  Fox News and MSNBC debated Obama's use of the word but bleeped it in news reports.

In The End, It's Up To Us.  At Obama's direction, the IRS and the EPA have been used to selectively attack his political opponents.  The Veterans Administration has neglected the health care needs of veterans, and Obama does nothing.  Obama routinely ignores the counsel of his military leaders, and has refused to acknowledge the threat of ISIS.  He has imposed preposterous rules of engagement that make the military's task much more dangerous, and much less effective.  The media acts as a shield for Obama's failures, and has abandoned all pretense of "professional journalism". [...]

Obama: Unpunished in Press for Skipping Away from Tragedy for a Podcast, Fundraisers, and Golf.  In the wake of the Charleston church shooting, Republican candidates canceled events in South Carolina and altered their schedules.  President Obama did no such thing, jetting off to four California fundraisers, golfing in Palm Springs, and doing a leftist podcast with former Air America host Marc Maron in a garage. [...] The [Washington] Post isn't going to point out where Maron lands politically, because he's very liberal, and so are they.  His Air America show was called Morning Sedition, which is a play on the NPR morning news show Morning Edition.  But on Monday [6/22/2015], Post reporter Steven Mufson could only ooze Maron hosted an "extremely popular" podcast series.

NBC Hails Obama's 'Big Victory That Is Key to Health Care 'Legacy'.  After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Barack Obama on Thursday [6/25/2015], the journalists at NBC pounced to hail the "big victory" and assert just how relieved 2016 Republicans must be.  Peter Alexander touted, "So it is a big victory for the Obama administration.  Basically, the Supreme Court has, for the second time, bailed out ObamaCare."  He reiterated, "So, this is a big victory for the administration."  In case anyone was unclear, Alexander repeated, "So, bottom line here, big victory for the administration."

CNN: 'This May Well Be The Best Week' of Obama's Second Term.  Thursday's [6/25/2015] CNN Newsroom hyped the Supreme Court's decision that again upheld ObamaCare as a "huge win for the President of the United States," as Wolf Blitzer put it.  Gloria Borger and John King tied the Court decision to Congress passing the President's fast-track trade legislation earlier in the week.  Borger trumpeted, "You have trade legislation being approved — huge win for the President.  You have this reaffirmation of ObamaCare... huge for his legacy."  King added, "This may well be the best week of his second term."

Networks Yawn at News IRS Destroyed 24,000 Lois Lerner E-Mails.  On Thursday night [6/25/2015], the major broadcast networks ignored a new development in the IRS scandal that the agency erased 422 backup tapes and in turn destroyed 24,000 e-mails of embattled former official Lois Lerner.  With ABC, CBS, and NBC on the sidelines, the Fox News Channel's Special Report offered a full report on Thursday's House Oversight Committee hearing concerning the multi-year scandal.  Host Bret Baier introduced the segment by informing viewers that there was "new information about thousands more e-mails in the IRS targeting scandal destroyed during the investigation."

AP: Mass Unemployment, Lower Wages Is 'New Normal'.  The AP's subtle point here is we are supposed to accept Obama's failed economy as the 'new normal.'  There's nothing that can be done about it.  And certainly none of this is Obama's fault.

Networks Censor Obama's Assault On Suburbs.  ABC, CBS and NBC refused to cover the administration's official unveiling of a policy as ambitious and politically radioactive as its socialized medicine scheme.  Under sweeping new regulations finalized last week, more than 1,250 municipalities across the country now must diversify neighborhoods through rezoning or risk losing billions in federal funding from the Housing and Urban Development Department.  Besides the fact that legal scholars view the federal mandate — whose goal is racially balancing the nation, ZIP code by ZIP code — as patently unconstitutional, it also threatens to import violent crime into the suburbs while lowering property values and negatively impacting local schools.  As kitchen table issues go, this is huge; yet the evening news didn't see it that way.  In fact, newscasts completely blacked out the issue after HUD released the rule last week.

Clueless Reporters Question President Pinocchio: A Pathetic Press Conference.  Today [7/15/2015] President Obama met the White House press corps at length to defend his Iran nuclear deal.  One could deconstruct his evasions line by line, but that would largely duplicate the content of many posts we have done over the past weeks and months.  Instead, I want to focus on a few key issues.  But first, this observation:  if any of the reporters present had read the agreement, which is only 159 pages long, it was not apparent.  Maybe reporters are not accustomed to reading legal documents; maybe they are too lazy to try; maybe they have read and understood the agreement and are just partisan hacks, covering for their president.  But I have a full-time job, and nevertheless have read the agreement several times.  Why can't reporters do the same?  That would seem to be a prerequisite to participating intelligently in a press conference on the subject.

Compared to Bush, Obama Has It Easy From Reporters.  It is not uncommon for the President of the United States to receive difficult and sometimes inflammatory questions — especially if your last name is Bush.  On Wednesday [7/15/2015], CBS reporter Major Garrett asked President Obama a pointed question about the four American hostages left in Iran and why they were left out of the deal with Iran.  President Obama seemed to be angered by Garrett's question and said he 'should know better.'  Since then, many have taken to social media and denounced Garrett's phrasing of the question.

Major Garrett Earns A Field Promotion To Lt. Colonel.  Major Garrett of CBS News did what no one else in the White House press corps managed to do on Wednesday [7/15/2015]:  he asked President Barack Obama a real question.  For his trouble, Garrett was rebuked by the president, criticized by his colleagues, and accused of racism by celebrities.  Yet he succeeded in bringing the plight of four captive Americans to the forefront of national debate, and set a rare example of journalistic integrity in what has otherwise been a dark age.

'Unbiased' Veteran DC Journalist to Obama: 'On Behalf of an Ungrateful Nation, Thank You'.  What's funny here is that [Dick] Meyer works for a project called Decode DC, which Scripps describes as a "podcast and narrative reporting tool aimed at smart, curious people of all ages who want political coverage that is rooted in D.C. but is not of D.C."  Meyer's gush doesn't sound just like D.C. — it sounds like he's tapping it out on a laptop in the White House residence.

Chris Matthews: Obama Has Had 'Immaculate' Presidency With No Corruption Allegations.  [Scroll down]  Matthews continued, "He's been immaculate in the presidency.  Nobody has accused him of any corruption.  His kids are perfect.  His wife is perfect.  He's done everything that these right-wing white conservatives say we're supposed to be in this country.  He's done everything right. [...]"

Obama in full, and full of it.  President Obama appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart the day before yesterday [7/21/2015]. [...] Obama is playing before a friendly audience and Stewart does everything but give him a French kiss.  He wants to, but modesty somehow intrudes. [...] Obama's misrepresentations and prevarications are striking and comprehensive.  He shamelessly exploits the ignorance of his audience and followers.

Stewart Just Another Dishonest Liberal Seeking Obama's Approval.  Jon Stewart isn't a fearless, funny comedian who bravely skewers politicians of all stripes with his wicked humor, sarcasm and invective.  But he plays one on TV.  In reality, he's just another left-wing media toady.  As Stewart prepares for his final "Daily Show" taping on Aug. 6, maybe we shouldn't be surprised that, as Politico reported Tuesday, he has taken secret trips to the White House so President Obama could try to influence his show.  We doubt that he did the same thing for George W. Bush.

Networks Refuse to Report on Latest IRS Scandal Revelations.  None of these three stunning IRS scandal developments, that have unfolded this week, have yet to be reported on by any of the Big Three network evening or morning shows.  The cover-up behind the IRS targeting scandal continues to unravel, despite President Barack Obama's protest to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart last week that "the truth of the matter is there was not some big conspiracy."  This week's revelations provided the perfect opportunity to catch Obama in a "gotcha" moment but so far ABC, CBS and NBC have reacted with total silence.

Will God Still Bless America?  The MSM has made sure the masses know nothing about Obama and Democrats supporting and covering up the PP illegal baby body parts chop shop scandal.  And yet, everyone knows about the death of a lion.  The MSM also makes sure (King) Obama can lie with impunity.  In my youth, I naively thought public officials cannot lie because we have video.  If Obama lies to America and the MSM refuses to call him on it, does it make a sound?

House Intelligence Committee Democrats Play Political Games on Iran DealThe Hill ran a story today [8/14/2015], "Spy panel Dems rally to support Iran deal," which gives the impression that all of the House Intelligence Committee's Democratic members signed a letter supporting the nuclear agreement with Iran.  The article did not mention that a third of the committee's Democratic members did not sign the letter or the absurdity of the letter's claims.  I therefore believe a more accurate title for The Hill article would be "One-third of House Intel Committee Democrats Refuse to Sign Letter Supporting Iran Agreement."

Chuck Todd Admits Iran Deal Vote More 'About Avoiding Defeat' for Obama.  On Wednesday, September 2, all three network newscasts cheered Obama securing a 34th vote for the Iran deal which included Chuck Todd's colleague, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, who proclaimed the vote a "major win for the Obama administration" for a deal that "now appears unstoppable."  In addition, the networks repeatedly dismissed the overwhelming majority of Congress who opposed the Iran deal and refused to provide soundbites of those who planned to vote against the controversial agreement.

The American Refugee Resettlement Scam.  President Obama and his rancid leftist allies have subjected America to a blizzard of lies.  Nothing that leaves his mouth even remotely parrots the truth, but typically stands truth on its head.  The propaganda infrastructure spanning media, Hollywood, non-profit institutions and the halls of academia then erects a virtually impenetrable wall of disinformation to advance the lie.

Why is CNN Hiding Its Poll Showing Deep Distrust on Iran Deal?  CNN did a poll on the Iran deal from September 4 to 8.  On Sunday morning [9/13/2015], CNN pollster Jennifer Agiesta (formerly of The Washington Post) reported the results — another poll showing deep skepticism about Iran, and the prospect that Iran will cheat on any nuclear deal.  Obama has a bad disapproval rating on Iran.  You'd never know this from all the "major victory for Obama" talk on this deal.

Chuck Todd: So What if Obama Is Muslim, America Has Freedom of Religion.  Friday [9/18/2015] on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports," "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd discussed the controversy over a town hall audience member pressing GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on the "Muslim" problem and suggesting President Barack Obama is Muslim.  Todd echoed the words of former Secretary of State Colin Powell by saying, "So what if we have a president or elected leaders that are Muslim?  You know, Muslim Americans are Americans, too."

If Bush were still president, this would be a huge story.  Imagine for a second that cancer-stricken children had been ejected from a park where they had been conducting a candlelight vigil because President Bush had been leaving the White House to attend a gala with Texas Republicans.  I daresay it would be a lead item on the Sunday morning interview shows, with TV news shows all day showing crying children and their outraged parents interviewed at length.  But the standards for Obama are quite different.

Obama's pen strikes again.  The most important story you never heard anything about in the mainstream media is when President Obama picked up his fabled pen and signed an executive order on Tuesday, Sept. 15, entitled "Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People."  Ladies and gentlemen, you have just been "Nudged."

5 Obama Scandals The Mainstream Press Is Ignoring.  A little more than a month ago, the Daily Beast reported that 50 intelligence analysts said their reports on the Islamic State had been watered down to suit the White House's spin, and that pressure to do so had come from senior military and intelligence officials.  If true, it means that the White House actively engaged in an effort to mislead the public about its war on this increasingly dangerous terrorist group.  It's the sort of thing the watchdog press would normally eat up, with dreams of Pulitzer Prizes and movie deals.  The fact that this harkens back to the Benghazi scandal — where Obama officials actively misled the public to maintain Obama's claim that Libya was a big success — makes it meatier.  Instead, after a few obligatory stories in early September, the press lost interest.

5 Obama Scandals The Mainstream Press Is Ignoring.  This list only scratches the surface.  There's Obama's inept handling of the BP oil spill.  His intimidation of reporters who didn't toe the party line.  The failed multi-billion-dollar ObamaCare launch.  The Solyndra collapse.  The Fast and Furious scandal.  Heck, even Obama's scandalous mishandling of the economy should be the talk of the nation.  All of these paint a picture of a president who is out of control, out of his depth, dangerously out of touch with reality, and incapable of effectively running the government or protecting taxpayer money.

Networks Censor Justice Department Ending Probe Into IRS Scandal.  ABC, CBS, and NBC's evening newscasts on Friday [10/23/2015] all failed to cover the Justice Department announcing that it would be ending its investigation into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups.  The Big Three networks' news program did find time to air reporting on the top Google searches for Halloween costumes, the fewer number of turkeys available for upcoming Thanksgiving dinners, and the controversy over the first bear hunt in Florida in 20 years.

NYT Calls Jill Biden a Doctor 3 Times More Often than Ben Carson.  The New York Times referred to Jill Biden as a 'doctor' three times more than Ben Carson, according to the Weekly Standard.  Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, has a doctorate in education.  Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins.

Not News: Obama-Clinton Emails Render His Related Kroft Interview Statements False.  A Friday evening story at the New York Times covered the Obama administration's decision to "try to block the release of a handful of emails between President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton."  In it, reporters Michael D. Shear and Michael S. Schmidt demonstrated that President Obama undoubtedly did not tell the truth in his interview with CBS News's Steve Kroft in a 60 Minutes episode which aired on October 11.

25 Obama Whoppers for the Media to Chew On.  Now that the media have shown their eagerness to expose the "lies" of presidential candidate Ben Carson, they might want to review some of the nuggets they overlooked in the rise of Barack Obama.  To be sure, there is no going back, but future generations of journalists might benefit from seeing how shamelessly the fourth estate transformed itself into the Democrats' fifth column.

Obama Made At Least 9 False Claims About His Bio That The Media Ignored.  The media firestorm that has erupted this past week over alleged inconsistencies in Dr. Ben Carson's life story has been breathtakingly hypocritical.  Not only is there no evidence that Carson embellished any aspect of his personal biography, this kind of scrutiny was never even remotely applied to President Obama when he was a candidate.  Here is a list of just some of the many inaccuracies in Barack Obama's personal bio that the media never bothered to investigate.

Media cheer Obama's Syrian refugee plan.  Many in the mainstream press are calling for the U.S. to admit as many Syrian and Iraqi refugees as possible, despite warnings from top intelligence officials and evidence that refugees have been arrested for terror-related activity, and evidence that one of the Paris attackers last week entered France as a refugee.

Syrian refugees: In desperation, Obama offers statistics and lies.  The Obama administration told reporters this week that roughly half of all Syrian refugees admitted to date have been children.  It claims around 25% are adults over 60 and only 2% have been single males of "combat age."  Not surprisingly, the mainstream media published these statistics without questioning them. [...] So where did the statistics come from?  A U.S. government report?  Congressional testimony?  No, these numbers were given to the press in a private briefing by three unnamed senior officials.  This means there's no way to check the accuracy of this data or to hold these officials accountable for their claims.

Trump Can't Mock Disability, But Obama Did, and Media Yawned.  [Scroll down]  The real point here is obvious.  When it suits, the Left is relentlessly willing to attack any conservative or Republican.  To make fun of their disability if they have one.  Or to attack their race or gender.  There is no blinking.  No outrage.  All of it done to preserve the supposed hold of liberalism over perceived races, genders or other "classes" of Americans in the eternal Leftist quest for power and control.  Which in this latest dust-up means trying to stir outrage over Americans with disabilities.

Scorched Earth: Networks Evening Shows Spend 15 Minutes Hyping Climate Change Agenda, Summit.  Seeking to boost President Barack Obama and backers of the Paris climate change summit, the "big three" networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted on Monday night [11/30/2015] over 15 minutes of airtime across six segments touting the summit, a Discovery Channel documentary on climate change, a hashtag campaign, and climate scientists in the Arctic Circle to name a few examples.  Leading the way toward the 15-minute-and-14-second total (without teases) was the CBS Evening News, which started with the topic on its Monday broadcast and included anchor Scott Pelley cheering "the unprecedented global summit meeting" and a friendly poll of their own to back the climate change advocates.

Money and Power Drive Obama's Climate Agenda.  Obama's green energy plan put the coal industry on life-support, targeted oil and gas as the enemy and sought to impose restrictions on power plants that generate electricity to homes and businesses.  What the president reportedly hides behind the curtain is his alliances with international green elites, a select group of political and Wall Street cronies, and energy regulatory czars who have orchestrated a CO2 carbon-taxing scheme that would put billions of dollars into their own pockets. [...] The media neglect the real reason Barack Obama wants your hard-earned dollars to flow into a global green machine.  Barack Obama continues to push, at the expense of America and beyond all logic and recent scientific data, for a long-term and massive financial commitment to global warming.<>/p>

'Meet the Press': AG Loretta Lynch Not Asked About Pledge to Criminalize Anti-Muslim Speech.  Out here in the hinterlands, when we rubes hear no less than the Attorney General of the United States pledge to a specific group that she "will taken action" against certain kinds of "rhetoric" directed at that group, like all threats of fascism, we consider that kind of a big deal.  On Sunday's [12/6/2015] "Meet the Press," although Lynch had made that exact pledge to a Muslim group just a few days earlier, it was not considered newsworthy, or even raised during her Sunday [12/6/2015] appearance.  Had moderator Chuck Todd's interview been eaten up only by a search for news about the San Bernardino terror attack, one could forgive the oversight.  But it wasn't.

Report: Released Guantanamo Detainee Now al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen; Will Media Cover?  According to a Wednesday night [12/9/2015] post on the website Long War Journal by Thomas Joscelyn, a former detainee held at Guantanamo Bay named Ibrahim Qosi has rejoined the world of Islamic terrorism and ascended to a leadership post in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) following his release in July 2012.  With this shocking story coming as the Obama administration still hopes to close the prison, the question going forward from a media standpoint is this:  Will the media show any interest in this threat to national security and failure on the part of the adminstration?

Federal prison for 'ringmaster' in giant Chicago fraud case involving politically connected black figures in Obama's circle.  So a bunch of Obama's Chicago buddies stole millions from taxpayers intended to go to worthy causes and used it for living large?  There's no particular reason why the national media should be interested, I guess.

We're All Being Pretty Quiet About Obama's Failures, Aren't We?  [A] major theme of Obama's presidency has been that Al Qaeda's on the run, ISIS is the JV team, they're totally contained, and we're going to stay the course while fighting them.  This is quite obviously wrong to everyone outside of most newsrooms.  Also, Obama has claimed that we're out of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Except that we're in no way out of Afghanistan and Iraq.  In October, he announced that the U.S. would keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, contrary to the campaign promise he'd end the war there.

Federalist's Hemingway Examines Media's Silence on Obama's Multiple Failures.  It sure "[m]ust be nice to be a Democratic president" given the media's air cover for your foreign policy/war-on-terrorism failures, The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway sighed at the end of her December 15 piece detailing all the ways in which the media are "Being Pretty Quiet About Obama's Failures."  Hemingway — who, you may recall, won the first annual Noel Sheppard award earlier this year — began by noting how "President Barack Obama's 2012 reelection campaign was built on the claim that he was not just tough on terrorists, but also he was successful in fighting them."

Obama: I Didn't Realize How Nervous People Were About Terrorism Because I Don't Watch Enough Television.  Kind of a weird statement from a guy who seems to learn quite a lot about world events by first hearing about them in the press, no? [...] This is a dangerously out-of-touch, cloistered "leader" — the type of man who'd give a news-free speech on national security without mentioning the major, controversial steps he'd just taken to undermine national security.  Incidentally, the [New York] Times stealth-edited this highly newsy nugget, disappearing it down the memory hole.  I wonder why.  The paper says it was due to length constraints, but that excuse doesn't fly.  They ended up adding more words to the final version than they erased.  It's almost as if they're protecting a political ally.

The New York Times Just Memory-Holed This Devastating Obama Admission.  [Scroll down]  The version of the New York Times story that was published early Thursday evening [12/17/2015] indicated that Obama knew he was out of touch with the country on terrorism, and he thought that was due to not watching enough television.  Obama critics immediately pounced on the stunning admission from the president, expressing shock that he would claim that a lack of TV time was the real reason for him not understanding Americans' anxiety about terrorism.  As of Friday morning, however, the passage containing Obama's admission was gone.

Obama Says He Does Not Watch Enough Cable News to Grasp Terrorism Fears.  President Obama reportedly told a group of news columnists this week that he does not watch enough cable news to grasp terrorism fears in the country following terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.  The characterization of Obama's comments was included in an article from Friday's issue of the New York Times and has since been edited out of the piece without correction, Mediaite first reported.  Several journalists also drew attention to the excerpt on social media before its removal.

The quiet impact of Obama's Christian faith.  [Scroll down]  Obama did not grow up in a religious household and became a practicing Christian as an adult.  He has written more extensively about his spiritual awakening than almost any other modern president, addressing it in two books before he was elected to the White House and in more than a dozen speeches since.

The Editor says...
It would be difficult to find a better example of dishonest media bias in Obama's favor that the article immediately above, which appears in the Washington Post.  Barack H. Obama never "became a practicing Christian as an adult."  He has never been a practicing Christian.  All of his actions — support of abortion, homosexuality and Islam, not to mention his narcissism and a continuous stream of lies about everything — demonstrate that he really should become a Christian, but he never has.  One might also ask to see examples of anything Barack H. Obama has written himself on the subject of Christianity.  The two books mentioned in the Washington Post article are believed to have been written by someone else.

Further rebuttal of the article immediately above:
The invisible impact of Obama's Christian faith.  Jaffe's thesis is laughable. He writes, "[Obama's] faith had been central to his identity as a new kind of Democrat who would bring civility to the country's political debates by appealing to Republicans through the shared language of their Judeo-Christian values."  But for many years, indeed almost until the 2008 election, Obama's faith was manifested by his participation in the church of his "spiritual mentor" — the man who presided over his wedding and the baptism of his children — Jeremiah Wright.  Reverend Wright brought civility to country's discourse through such unifying comments as "America's chickens have come home to roost" (following the 9/11 attacks) and "God d*** America," not to mention all of the vicious anti-Israel comments Wright included in his "pastor's page."  Jaffe never mentions Rev. Wright.  What attempts did Obama make to unify the country?

Press Cheers When Obama Sinks 40-Foot Chip Shot.  President Obama went golfing in Hawaii yesterday [12/21/2015] and called the press over when he reached the 18th hole.  The commander in chief then made what ABC News describes as a 40-foot chip shot: [Video clip]

Biased Media Give Obama An Early Christmas Present.  Our IBD/TIPP polls showed that the public has little faith in Obama either domestically or internationally.  Just 46% now approve of the job he's doing overall, and a mere 28% approve his handling of ISIS.  So what's the press writing about as the year comes to a close?  How he's "broken the second-term curse"!  His incredible faith!  How he "roughed it" in Alaska with Bear Grylls and was in a Web video with Jerry Seinfeld!  The New York Times ran through a "series of accomplishments" and how Obama's "success in the past 12 months, both overseas and at home, defied expectations."  The story couldn't have been more glowing if it were written by the White House press office.

Liberal Media Outdid Itself In 2015.  [Scroll down]  Former CBS News producer Dick Meyer won the "Obamagasm" Award for lecturing an "ungrateful nation" in a July 16 op-ed on the glories of Obama.  "Americans are lucky to have Barack Obama as president, and we should wake up and appreciate it while we can.  President Obama will go down in history as an extraordinary president, probably a great one. ... It would be a morale-booster and a sign of civic maturity if more Americans appreciated what an exceptional president they have right now."

NBC Churns Out Full Story with Soft Piano Music Looking at Obama's Year in Photos.  Closing out 2015 on the Thursday morning [12/31/2015] newscasts, NBC's Today churned one of its most fawning pieces on President Obama as NBC News correspondent Ron Allen reviewed Obama's top photos by White House photographer Pete Souza while hushed, soft piano music played in the background.  Fill-in social media correspondent Sheinelle Jones introduced Allen's piece by gushing that "[i]f a picture is worth a thousand words, White House photographer turns out about two million words a day, capturing pivotal events in history and more personal moments."

Obama's pass from the press.  Sometime in the spring of 2007, something strange happened to the Iraqi coverage in the national media — it disappeared.  Or rather, as soon as the news ceased to be bad, the media lost interest in covering it.  It was not till July, when Michael O'Hanlon reported back from the front that the surge had been working, that the world started to realize what happened.  To them, the fact that George W. Bush had succeeded in something was what the press couldn't bear to believe.  Something of the sort is happening now in reverse regarding the current Middle East crises, which make Iraq in 2006 seem calm in comparison.  This time the press, which can no longer deny that the world has been going to hell since Barack Obama started unleashing his peacemaking powers, is doing its best to insulate him completely from any possible blame for it all.

Obama's NSA Spying on Congress Not a Story at AP — Until GOP Responds.  The Wall Street Journal ran a blockbuster story Tuesday afternoon ("U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress") about how the Obama administration's National Security Agency's "targeting of Israeli leaders swept up the content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers."  In other words, the NSA spied on Congress.  As talk-show host and commentator Erick Erickson drily observed:  "Congress began impeachment proceedings on Richard Nixon for spying on the opposing political party."  Whether or not Congress has the nerve to defend itself and the Constitution's separation of powers, what the Journal reported is objectively a major story.  Yet the Associated Press ignored it on Tuesday [12/29/2015], and most of Wednesday.

Obama and the Insanity of the Liberal Mind.  [W]hile logic would dictate expanding the number of terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, Obama is releasing known terrorists back to the killing fields, common sense — and his oath of office — [notwithstanding].  As Stephen Hayes noted, despite Obama prioritizing "emptying the facility over the security of the country," and then lying about it, the mainstream media has been MIA.  This is no surprise given that the liberal media have, for the most part, given the president a pass on his responsibility for the rise of the ISIS caliphate, expanded Iranian hegemon, Russian and Chinese aggression, and the years-long Syrian civil war.

NBC's Today Set to Air Obama Infomercial Live From White House.  At the top of Wednesday's [1/6/2016] NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer teased an "exciting" announcement about the morning show preparing to broadcast from a new location far from its New York studio.  Fellow co-host Savannah Guthrie added:  "Yeah, the whole show is headed somewhere.  We'll have more on that in a minute."  At 7:30 ET Guthrie proclaimed:  "We promised a big announcement.  Here it is.  You see the White House there.  Next Tuesday, in a morning show first, we are going to broadcast our entire show there.  This is unprecedented."

The Editor says...
Here's a question for Lauer and Guthrie:  Why not originate your big show from the White House every day?  That way, the viewers will understand that it's an infomercial for big government.

Five Observations of The Obama/CNN "Guns in America" Town Hall Meeting.  [#1] At the top of the show, Cooper admitted that CNN approached the Obama White House about doing this town hall after the San Bernardino attacks.  So even though the San Bernardino attacks were a result of Islamic terrorism, CNN nevertheless approached the Obama Administration with the idea of having a town hall meeting about gun control and the Obama White House enthusiatically agreed. [...] [#2] I'm not sure why Obama agreed to this meeting.  He came off worse tonight than he did in his first debate with Mitt Romney.  Without a teleprompter, he is utterly incoherent.

ABC, NBC Punt on Bad Obama Polls Ahead of SOTU; Touts Need to 'Recapture the Hope and Change'.  In the Tuesday evening [1/12/2016] newscasts before President Obama's final State of the Union address, ABC's World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News failed to mention any of the poor polling numbers for President Obama on a variety of issues but instead hailed the President's "big themes" in a speech "trying to recapture the hope and change of when he first took office, despite the setbacks and gridlock that have helped turn his hair gray."

Charlie Rose, Guests Vomit Praise Over Obama's Gifts in the PBS Afterglow.  If you're not a Democrat who thinks Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are titans whose visages should be sculpted into a cliff, you might want to avoid taxpayer-funded PBS and the Charlie Rose show.  Both leaders were adored live in the 11 pm hour on the East Coast in the afterglow of Obama's final State of the Union address.  Early on, Rose said Obama's listing of four arguments the country needed to have were "very worthy," and then it slipped into how Bill Clinton was a great president like Jefferson, or FDR.

CNN: Hey, Folks, Relax! Don't Panic! Everything's Awesome!  Forget for a moment that U.S. stock markets have seen their worst start to a new year since the Great Depression or that some $2.5 trillion in wealth has been evaporated in less than two weeks.  CNN says it's hardly the time to panic. [...] Pay no attention to the fact that last week not a single cargo ship was transporting raw materials in the South China Sea, the first time in history that it has happened.  The economy is is great shape and this is not proof that global commerce has literally stopped.

Whose side is Obama on? The dangerous decisions of a lame duck.  It was hard to avoid all the really important media coverage of the Eastern winter storm that had not hit anywhere by Thursday [1/21/2016].  So, you may have missed the trivial news about Barack Obama releasing yet more terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility, including one particularly dangerous man.

No "Major Scandal" in Obama Administration?  The ongoing incestuous relationship between the Obama administration and the media often tilts in favor of the administration, leaving many scandals uninvestigated, minimized, or outright ignored.  For example, both CBS News president David Rhodes and former ABC News president Ben Sherwood have siblings working for the administration.  CNN's deputy Washington bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Tom Nides, a former Obama staffer under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  And David Plouffe, Obama's former campaign manager, joined Bloomberg News, while MSNBC hired Axelrod.  President Obama even joked in 2013 that "...David Axelrod now works for MSNBC, which is a nice change of pace since MSNBC used to work for David Axelrod."  With so many members of the elite media in bed with the administration, Dartmouth College professor Brendan Nyhan's 2011 observation that "the current administration has not yet suffered a major scandal, which I define as a widespread elite perception of wrongdoing" becomes essentially meaningless.

Washington Post Airbrushes Obama's Mosque Visit.  Greg Jaffe of the Washington Post provides a near-worshipful account of President Obama's Wednesday [2/3/2016] visit to a Baltimore mosque. [...] Jaffe describes the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque as "a simple house of worship."  Post readers are never informed that things at the mosque aren't quite that simple.  As Scott [Johnson] has pointed out, just a few years ago the FBI was monitoring this mosque as a breeding ground for terrorists, after arresting a member for plotting to blow up a federal building.  Agents secretly recorded a number of conversations with a 25-year-old Muslim convert — Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain — and other Muslims who worshiped there.  According to the criminal complaint, Martinez said he knew "brothers" who could supply him weapons and propane tanks.

CBS Interview Devolves Into Asking Obama What's in His Pockets.  After sitting down with the President and the First Lady on Sunday [2/7/2016] for a friendly chat before the Super Bowl, CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King was not finished with her sycophantic fawning as she followed Obama into the Oval Office for a one-on-one exchange highlighted by her asking what "cool things" he was carrying in his pockets that day.

David Brooks Misses A Lot More Than The Crease in Obama's Pants.  As much as I loathe Donald Trump, I loathe Barack Obama even more and would not miss him for a nanosecond.  After all, if it weren't for Obama's deference to our enemies and disdain for America and her Allies, there would be no chance that Trump would be a viable presidential candidate.  Brooks praises Obama's integrity for running an administration which has been "remarkably scandal-free."  Well, how about Fast & Furious, The VA, The IRS & Benghazi?  If the Obama Administration is willfully giving guns to Mexican drug gangs, allows veterans to die waiting for health care, makes a concerted effort to stifle free speech while refusing to help the four Americans under assault from terrorists doesn't merit the word scandal in David Brooks' book, then he demonstrates no capacity for reason.  Then again, the New York Times only prints the news it sees fit printing and Fast & Furious, the VA, the IRS, and Benghazi don't fit into their agenda.

Andrea Mitchell Frets Over 'Painful' and 'Insulting' Attacks on Obama.  While discussing Barack Obama's comments about Donald Trump, Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday [2/17/2016] lamented the "painful" and "insulting" attacks the President has endured.  Regarding Obama's assertion that Trump won't be president, Mitchell worried, "He's speaking from the perspective of someone who was so demeaned by Donald Trump back in 2008."  Showing considerable empathy for the President, Mitchell continued, "Just think of how painful and insulting and diminishing that was for Barack Obama to hear that from Donald Trump at the time."

Nets Thrilled by Obama's 'Historic Trip' to Cuba.  The network morning shows on Thursday [2/18/2016] were beside themselves with glee over the White House announcing President Obama would travel to Cuba in March.  While all three broadcasts hailed the upcoming "historic trip," it was ABC's Good Morning America that went the extra mile by proclaiming the President was more popular than singer Beyonce on the island nation.  At the top of GMA, fill-in co-host Amy Robach announced:  "Breaking overnight, President Obama will travel to Cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years.  And the huge events in the works in Havana, from Major League Baseball to Beyonce."

ESPN Demotes Ditka after Hall of Famer Calls Obama 'Worst President We've Ever Had'.  Less than a week after calling President Barack Obama "the worst president we've ever had," Mike Ditka lost his job on ESPN's marquee Sunday football program.

The Never-Ending Obama Valentine.  President Obama may be a lame duck, but the press never tires of celebrating him as the first black president.  They ran President Bush's poll ratings into the ground as his term ended, but here in Black History Month, they are promoting Obama like it's still 2009. [...] Obama fans from 4 to 106 are presented as the "news."  The White House put out a video of 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin being so delighted to meet the President and First Lady that she broke out into dancing.  After years of requests to visit, McLaurin was invited to a Black History Month event.  The same networks that bury Obama scandals and shrug at his insults — the bad manners of skipping Justice Scalia's funeral is only the most recent — all celebrated this official White House promo on their morning shows and their evening shows.

Press Ignores Obama's False-Equivalent Belief That Some Communist Ideas 'Work'.  As noted in my previous post, the press is determined that the world not learn of profound statements made by world leaders it despises.  The specific reference was to Israeli Prime Mininster Benjamin Netanyahu's five-word admonishment to those who believe that some accommodation can be reached with Islamic terrorists:  "Terrorists Have No Resolvable Grievances."  Meanwhile, the press protects those it likes when they make breathtakingly ignorant remarks.  Such remarks occur with alarming regularity any time U.S. President Barack Obama speaks without the aid of a teleprompter.  In Argentina on Wednesday [3/23/2016], during a question-answer exchange with a youth group, Obama said that debates over the superiority of capitalism compared to communism "are interesting intellectual arguments," but that "for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works."  Press coverage of Obama's remarks has been sparse.

Divisive, Vulgar President Condemns Divisive, Vulgar Rhetoric.  [Scroll down]  Usually it's Obama claims the earth is flat and the media claims that anyone who disagrees is a racist.  ["]Obama said that politics has 'always been rough and tumble' but when politicians become ignorant of reason and facts and analysis, 'when it doesn't matter what's true and what's not, that makes it all but impossible to make good decisions on behalf of future generations.'["]  True.  That's the kind of atmosphere in which you run up a 20 trillion dollar national debt while the media repeats your talking points about cutting the budget.  ["]Obama noted increasing pressure on journalists and declining resources but said the cause of journalism needs to stay on the forefront.  'A well-informed electorate depends on you and our democracy depends on a well-informed electorate,'["]  And then an award named after an Obama fan was given out to a left-wing reporter.

A hypocritical liberal media accuses Obama of hypocrisy.  As President Obama begins his long goodbye from office, the media that made him begins reclaiming its credibility — too late.  Let's mark the beginning of the liberal media's effort to distance itself from the Obama regime with two recent examples.

Top 10 Misreported or Underreported Stories of 2015.  [#10] Securing our Skies:  After September 11, 2001, one might think that keeping our skies safe would be a top priority.  However, the Obama administration is more interested in fostering diversity among air controller candidates than hiring competent personnel, thereby placing all Americans at risk. [...] The media have been studiously ignoring this, and many other scandals, in order to avoid the embarrassment that any one of them would cause President Obama.  As we have previously documented, President Obama and his administration have waged an unprecedented war on journalists and whistleblowers while failing to hold people accountable for scandals that occurred on their watch, such as at the IRS, at the VA (Veterans Affairs) and the FAA.  And 2015 saw a continuation of this culture of corruption and cover-up by both the administration and the news media.

ABC Boosts 'Fast and Furious' Car Chase, Omits Gunrunning Scandal News.  On Friday [4/8/2016], the Big Three networks' evening newscasts gave a collective yawn at the latest development in the Obama administration's Fast and Furious scandal:  the White House "turning over to lawmakers thousands of pages of records" related to the gunrunning debacle to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  ABC's World News Tonight actually used the "Fast and Furious" phrase at the top of the program, but not in reference to the controversy.  Instead, they mentioned it as they teased a one minute and 30-second segment on the latest police chase from Los Angeles.

Sloppy Leftist Thinking Compares Trump With Hitler, But Ignores Obama's Dictatorial Actions.  On February 21st, Danielle Allen wrote an opinion article for the Washington Post titled "The moment of truth: We must stop Trump". [...] In the [second to last] paragraph she states that "Donald Trump has no respect for... constitutional democracy, nor for the requirements of decency necessary to sustain democratic citizenship".  So, with this quick and late entry in her article, Ms. Allen shows how twisted her thinking is in wondering how a Hitler can come along in a modern state:  she has ignored the denial of a "constitutional democracy" under the Barack Obama administration, considering that he illegally and unconstitutionally opened the borders of America to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.  And Obama spit on the idea of a "constitutional democracy" when he denied Americans the right to select and pay for their own healthcare.

Washington Post's virtual Obama museum: 'Cool,' or 'cult worship'?  The Washington Post's virtual museum of President Obama's legacy has drawn both praise and uneasiness from media.  The newspaper unveiled its ambitious new project Friday morning [4/22/2016]. [...] But for some in media, the Post's new project seems less about education, and more about heaping fawning praise on America's 43rd president.

WashPost Coos Over 'Sly' and 'Self-Aware' Obama, 'Our First Comedian-In-Chief'.  One obvious sign liberal journalists are already missing Obama?  Celebrating him as a comedian.  Washington Post gossip Emily Heil is a big fan of his comedic stylings, as the headlines proved: [...] It took Heil 14 paragraphs to acknowledge the obvious:  Obama has joke writers to make him funny.  Is it really that hard to please a roomful of liberal journalists who voted for you?  Or did he have them at "Hello"?  "The president's reputation as a funny guy is, of course, partly courtesy of the professionally crafted material he reads off the Teleprompters," Heil wrote, but turned quickly to former Obama speechwriter David Litt for spin.  You see, Obama "tweaked" the jokes so masterfully.

Poll:  Not a Single White House Reporter Is a Republican.  Not a single member of the White House press corps is a registered Republican, according to survey results recently published by Politico.  Those results are buried in a story this week on President Barack Obama's relationship with the press.  An infographic posted in the story reveals that not a single one of the 72 members of the White House press corps surveyed by the Virginia-based trade publication identifies with the GOP.  Of the journalists surveyed, more than a quarter are registered Democrats and 13 percent are not members of any political party.  Sixty percent are not registered to vote, but 72 percent of those polled said they think reporters should vote in elections they cover.

Local Reporters Treat Obama Interview Like Tourists Rather Than Journalists.  Two local news reporters who interviewed President Obama on Monday about the White House campaign to get Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court seemed to treat the occasion like wide-eyed tourists rather than journalists.  America Rising Squared flagged several clips and tweets of reporters Cammy Dierking of Local 12-Cincinnati and Kari Lake of Fox 10-Phoenix gushing about their excitement over talking to Obama, giving him a card and confessing heart palpitations.

Obama Advisor Openly Brags About Lying to Public, Media Yawns.  Remember that time the White House deceived those gullible Americans about the Iran deal?  Haha, good times!  That was the undeniable tone of a recent New York Times profile of President Barack Obama's national security advisor Ben Rhodes.  In the profile, Rhodes goes on at length about his failed attempt to become a novelist, and how he sees his work at the White House as essentially the same kind of storytelling and narrative-weaving.  And when crafting his non-fictional storylines involved selling the American people fiction, well, Rhodes was more than up to the task.

Reporters Lob Softballs to Obama, He Tells Them How to Cover Campaign.  During a White House press conference in the 12 p.m.  ET hour on Friday [5/6/2016], President Obama was treated to a series of softball questions from reporters, who repeatedly teed him up to bash Republicans and promote his liberal agenda.

Obama Acolytes Gush Over His 'Powerful' Commencement Address.  The networks on Saturday, Sunday and Monday gushed over Barack Obama's "powerful" commencement address to Howard University, highlighting the President's self-serving calls for compromise and touting how successful he's been.  CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King on Monday [5/9/2016] unquestioningly hyped, "I thought one of most important things he said is when he said when you disagree with somebody, you got talk about it.  You can't reach any kind of agreement or compromise without talking."  How often has the President compromised on ObamaCare or gun control?  King didn't discuss Obama's tendency to "listen."  Instead, she praised, "It was such a powerful speech.... I thought that was a powerful statement that many people need to hear."

Why Is Ben Rhodes Apologizing For Insulting The Press?  It's not clear why Rhodes felt the need to apologize, since reporters weren't complaining all that much.  The story began with a massive 9,500-word puff piece in the New York Times magazine about Rhodes, who at 38 has become President Obama's foreign policy guru.  You don't have to read too far into it to get a sense of the gauzy portrayal to come:  "Ben Rhodes' life is still unique, and perhaps not strictly believable, even as fiction," author David Samuels writes in the second paragraph.  But as the Times story unfolds, so does a picture of the press as a willing accomplice in the administration's effort to sell a phony "narrative" about the Iran nuclear arms deal, which arguably provided the support the White House needed to get it accomplished.

Obama's 'compadres' in the press still serving as his King's Guard.  Every once in a while, some liberal will drop the left-wing code of omerta and blurt out exactly what their organized deception syndicate is up to.  In the latest spasm of inadvertent truth-telling, President Obama's deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes gleefully told The New York Times that selling outrageous lies to members of the press was a breeze, because so many of them are gullible and lazy, willing to swallow and parrot whatever they are told.  Spewing contempt for "journalists" whom he considered ridiculously easy marks, Mr. Rhodes was particularly proud of duping the press on Mr. Obama's dangerous Iran nuclear deal.

CNN calls it "guidance."
Feds' transgender guidance provokes fierce backlash.  The Obama administration's directive on the use of school bathrooms by transgender students has provoked a torrent of criticism.  It also marks a new front in America's long-running culture wars.  The latest battle over transgender rights and sexual identity comes in response to a joint letter Friday [5/13/2016] from the Departments of Education and Justice directing public schools to ensure that "transgender students enjoy a supportive and nondiscriminatory school environment."

Relieved ABC: At Least Teens Still Admire Obama.  The journalists at Good Morning America on Thursday [5/12/2016] looked at a Newsweek expose on the differences between teens in 1966 and 2016. Fifty years after the magazine published, "The Teen-Agers," Amy Robach revealed, "There are distinct differences, says Newsweek between today's teens and teens in 1966.  Fifty years ago, teenagers most admired icons were JFK, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Lyndon Johnson and Helen Keller."  She contrasted, "Today, only one of those names remains the same, Abraham Lincoln and only one other President, President Obama made the list."  Apparently, teenagers of today no longer gush over John F. Kennedy.  The baby boomer journalists of ABC have done this plenty, fawning over "American royalty."

Former White House Reporter:  Media 'Happy to Be Managed' by Obama.  Retired USA Today White House reporter Richard Benedetto penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal on Friday [5/20/2016] titled "How Obama Gets Away With It."  He suggested "Usually when an incumbent president is leaving office and a slew of candidates are battling for his job, that departing chief executive's record is a major campaign issue."  But Obama's record in office is not an issue.  Obviously, one reason is the Republican establishment didn't want Obama to be an issue, which is why they moved to take any budget fight with Obama off the table for the rest of his presidency.  Benedetto noted "Donald Trump's bombastic candidacy is a huge distraction and often blocks out or obliterates more-substantive issues."  He also argued the media is putty in Obama's hands.

Retired White House Correspondent Explains "How Obama Gets Away With It".  [Scroll down]  One of the news media's main jobs is to hold public officials accountable, from the president on down.  But Mr. Obama is the beneficiary of news-media managers and reporters who mostly like his style and agree with his policies, from his reluctance to make strong military commitments to his advocacy for LGBT rights, fighting climate change and supporting tougher gun-control laws.  Case in point:  The administration's easy orchestration of the media story line about the Iranian nuclear deal, recently revealed by Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, only scratches the surface of the White House's skill at managing a media happy to be managed.  Given such a congruence of opinion, Mr. Obama's policies don't receive the scrutiny and analysis they should.

Sheriff Clarke:  Media Talk 'Gun Control' To Distract From Fact That 'Obama Cannot Keep Us Safe'.  Commenting on the push by the Obama administration, many Democrats, and the liberal media for more gun control in the wake of the radical Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Fla., Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. warned people to not take the bait because the "gun contol" talk is designed to distract attention away from the fact that President Barack Obama is "an abject failure" against terrorism in the United States, and he "cannot keep us safe."

NBC, CBS Declare: 'Familiar Ritual' for Obama to be 'America's Pastor'.  President Barack Obama was in Orlando, Florida Thursday to pay his respects to victims of Sunday's terrorist attack and push for more gun control in the process.  And the liberal news networks were happy to aide with his agenda on their evening news programs.  "It has become a familiar ritual of a current national tragedy," lamented NBC's Lester Holt starting off Nightly News, "The president of the United States traveling to embrace survivors and grieving family members after an act of mass violence."  "Grief beyond description" — those were the words of President Obama late today after meeting with families of the fallen from the Orlando nightclub massacre," stated CBS's Scott Pelley to begin Evening News.  Pelley echoed Obama asking, "Why does this keep happening?"  The CBS host went so far as to declare that Obama is America's pastor saying, "We were reminded today of how many times in recent years a president has been called on to play the role of America's pastor.  To lead the nation in prayer for victims of a deadly attack."

The Editor says...
Nobody has ever "called on" Barack H. Obama to be America's pastor.  Barack H. Obama inserts himself into every high-profile news story for his own petty self-aggrandizement.  He only enters a church when he is the featured speaker or the center of attention.

In a Mass Shooting, Wait and Die?  Or Fight Back?  Regarding the Orlando shooting, notice how quickly the media pivoted from the culpability of a sexually repressed Muslim Afghan registered Democrat mass murderer to an assault on firearms?  Forget Islam and jihad and the Obama administration's resolute determination to fundamentally change the nature of the United States by importing as many Muslims from alien, anti-Christian and anti-Western cultures as possible.  The real problem, in their view, is gun violence.

Gun debate makes America less safe.  On the morning of Sunday, June 13, 2016, the national press, the president and everyone else in the Democratic Party, and their colleagues in the Republican Party woke up to the sickening news of an Islamic terrorist attack on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, hours earlier.  What sickened the president and these minions was not the death of 50 gay people, including the assailant, but rather the fear that another Islamic attack in America would help elect Donald Trump.  Our Gollums in Washington immediately worked to change the subject from President Obama's failure to protect the nation.  Sadly, the press and the politicians succeeded.  After casting about for what to blame — homophobia — the press and the politicians went to an old reliable: gun control.  We are talking not about how to root out young Muslim men who want to kill us indiscriminately, the media focused on the gun.  There is not one mainstream media outlet that has not followed this insanity down the rabbit hole.

Obama [is] Never Blamed for Bad Security.  It seemed like every piece of bad news during the Bush years was somehow Bush's fault — and proof of his incompetence. [...] But absolutely no one in the media wonders for two seconds if Obama looks incompetent when a terrorist calls the cops to declare himself an ally of ISIS and shoots more than 50 people, killing 49.  Instead, the post-shooting "news" focused on how the Republican love of "assault weapons" and hatred of homosexuals are the obvious targets for blame.  What of Islamic terrorism?  What of Obama's incompetence — his very real refusal to even call the threat by its name?  It doesn't matter if it's San Bernardino, the Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, Benghazi or Fort Hood.  No terrorist attack has ever cast the slightest shadow over this president.

The Democrat Media Complex.  [Scroll down]  The objective of the press today is not merely to inform, but to instruct the millions of impressionable American minds on what to believe, who to believe, and how to believe.  The content is so rigidly controlled today that in a way the fourth estate has now become nothing more than an institution of the government restricted to publishing and advancing White House directives and Democrat policy agendas.  The role that the press plays is to make clear to the American people what the Obama adminstration is doing, why the adminstration is doing it, and why it is forced to act in a certain way.  Of course, as we have become accustom to hearing, the Obama adminstration is always forced to "act in a certain way" because of the "obstructionist" Republicans.  The effect of this is to demonize the Republican party to the point of capitulation.  This formula for "reporting" by the press encompasses every single issue advocated by the Obama adminstration and the Democrat party.

NYT Cuts Obama's Bible Flub, Praises His 'Scripture'-Quoting Speech.  President Obama's speech at a memorial service for the five police officers assassinated in Dallas while patrolling a Black Lives Matter protest led Wednesday's New York Times.  The paper portrayed Obama flatteringly as having "spoke hard truths to both sides" at the service, while downplaying how the President politicized the memorial by thumping for gun-control, ranting about how a Glock pistol was easier to get than a book.  The story was unnecessarily sycophantic, while tamping down criticism of Obama's politicized tone. [...] The Times also failed to catch — then conveniently excised — a flubbed Biblical quotation by Obama.

ESPN to Televise Obama Infomercial on Race, Gives Host Supporting Black Lives Matter On-Air Role.  ESPN provides Barack Obama with an hour-long, commercial-free commercial for free in primetime that advertises the president's views on race.  "The President and The People:  A National Conversation," a townhall-style event with an audience — at least in part — hand picked, simulcasts on ESPN and ABC at 8 p.m.  Eastern this Thursday. [...] The decision to install [Jemele] Hill on the politicized broadcast comes after the Worldwide Leader in Hypocrisy instituted a purge at the network that included firing baseball analyst Curt Schilling for a social-media post in support of keeping males out of the women's room and demoting football talking-head Mike Ditka immediately after he opined on a radio program in March that "Obama is the worst president we've ever had."

Alphabet Soup Corruption.  [Scroll down]  Given a largely obsequious media, it will take years to assess the full legacy of the Obama administration.  But, eventually, historians will find that it marked one of the more politically driven, corrupt, and unconstitutional eras in the history of American governance.

Andrea Mitchell Calls Obama Greatest Speechwriter Since Lincoln.  Following President Obama's speech Wednesday night [7/27/2016] at the Democratic National Convention, several political commentators on MSNBC rushed to praise his address and extol his speechwriting skills.  One of them was MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell.  Mitchell took the political fawning to another level with her commentary on Obama's speechwriting skills.  Obama was "extraordinary in invoking the Framer's thoughts to form a more perfect union, the most optimistic speech, the most generous speech.  Politically, having covered the campaign eight years ago, I could have never imagined this kind of embrace of Hillary Clinton," Mitchell began.

Guthrie Frets to Obama: 'Trump Has Made it Pretty Personal Against You'.  After asking President Obama if the prospect of Donald Trump having control of the nuclear codes was "frightening," in part two of a White House interview aired on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie worried that Trump was the one launching personal attacks:  "Does it feel personal?  I mean, Mr. Trump has made it pretty personal against you.  I could give you a list, which I guess I probably don't need to."  Obama used the opportunity to mount his high horse and lecture the GOP: [...]

Treason! Obama Paid Iran $400 Million Ransom for Release of American Hostages.  Obama gave Iran an extra $400 million (on top of the money he gave them in the Iran nuke deal) to get the four American hostages freed.  Basically, Obama and the Democrats gave the top state sponsor of terrorism $400 million tax payer dollars.  Basically, what Obama did with the secret $400M payment to Iran constitutes treason.  But since Obama is loved so much by the corrupt Democrat media complex, it wouldn't even get a sniff.

Suddenly, The Washington Post is Worried About the Ever-Expanding Power of the Presidency.  We've just spend 7+ years living under a president (perhaps yours, not mine) who has increased the power of the Chief Executive and the agencies which report to him by leaps and bounds.  Obama has used whatever power he could take, legally or not, constitutionally or not, whenever he wants.  The rule making emanating from the White House and federal agencies has been breathtaking.  But, now, this is suddenly a problem.

MSNBC 'community kids' host worshipped with Obama.  MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry worshipped with President Obama at the controversial Trinity United Church in Chicago, WND has learned.  Harris-Perry was also an associate of Obama's when both taught at the University of Chicago in the early 2000s, and she eventually became a regular commentator on Obama to the news media.  The MSNBC personality is currently in hot water after the network released a promo video in which she argued Americans must grow beyond the idea that children belong to their parents.  Instead, Harris-Perry contended, kids belong to the community.

MSNBC Baffled by 'Mystery' of 'Coincidental' Iran Payoff.  On her MSNBC show on Thursday [8/4/2016], host Andrea Mitchell bemoaned the Obama administration's "unforced error" in sending Iran $400 million at the exact same time American hostages were released from Tehran in January.  She was puzzled by the decision:  "...they never explained that this other money was going — the $400 million.  It's unrelated to the nuclear deal.  Why do it on the same day?"  Washington Post political correspondent Anne Gearan was equally baffled:  "It's a mystery why, exactly.  They didn't need to do it that day, there was nothing in particular forcing their hand that we know of to do it that day."  She avoided the possibility of the White House paying the money as ransom for the hostages.

Website Gets Busted Trying to Cover Obama's Lies.  Rumor-disproving website Snopes has proven itself especially unreliable on all matters political, and it did so again this week when it tried to "bust" the myth that President Obama had paid Iran $400 million in exchange for American citizens being held in Iranian jails.  Both Snopes and the Obama administration insist that the payment was part of the Iran nuclear deal and completely unconnected to the release of the men.

CBS Admits:  Host Gayle King Attended Gushing Obama Birthday PartyCBS This Morning co-host Gayle King isn't just a Democratic donor, she also attended Barack Obama's 55th birthday party this past weekend.  The woman who regularly covers political stories, including the 2016 presidential election, was outed by her co-host Charlie Rose as a guest.  After reporter Dana Jacobson highlighted a New York Times story on the secrecy of the Obama White House bash, Rose blurted, "Did you tweet anything [at the party]?"  King replied, "Oh, no.  They ask you not to tweet.  I'm not tweeting a thing."  She bragged, "It was a very nice tribute to him [Obama].  The last time in the White House and I can say a good time was had by all."  An excited Rose wondered, "And you danced with the President?"  Remember, these people call themselves neutral, unbiased journalists.

Media Push Obama's 'Cool Brand,' Present Summer Playlist as 'News'.  Who in the world decided that revealing Obama's summertime playlist actually constituted as newsworthy?  Apparently ABC News did, as well as CNN, Politico, The Washington Post — and even Obama himself when he tweeted:  "Been waiting to drop this: summer playlist, the encore.  What's everybody listening to?"

And None So Deaf as They Who Will Not Hear.  Barack Obama bids fair to be remembered as the Florence Foster Jenkins of politics. Like that socialite he can't perform his job for beans.  Like that socialite his friends are covering up for him.  According to a Twitter whistleblower the social media giant's CEO ordered the employees to protect Obama from hurtful Tweets.  "According to a former senior Twitter employee, Costolo ordered employees to deploy an algorithm (which was built in-house by feeding it thousands of examples of abuse and harassing tweets) that would filter out abusive language directed at Obama.  Another source said the media partnerships team also manually censored tweets, noting that Twitter's public quality-filtering algorithms were inconsistent.  Two sources told BuzzFeed News that this decision was kept from senior company employees for fear they would object to the decision."

WaPo Writer Discovered on Payroll of Pro-Iran 'Echo Chamber' Architect.  A Washington Post writer who recently claimed that a $400 million cash payment to Iran was "American diplomacy at its finest" failed to disclose that he has been on the payroll of an organization that emerged as a chief architect of the White House's self-described campaign to build a pro-Iran "echo chamber," according to information obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.  Allen S. Weiner, a Stanford law professor and contributor to the Post's opinions section, co-authored a piece arguing in favor of the Obama administration's decision to pay Iran $400 million in hard currency in what many described as a "ransom payment" for the release of several U.S. hostages.  Weiner and the Post failed to disclose that the writer has long been on the payroll of the Ploughshares Fund, an organization recently exposed as a key cog in a White House-orchestrated campaign to build what it called a pro-Iran "echo chamber."

Biden Puts Nuclear Codes At Risk, Media Laugh It Off.  For those who don't know, it's rather risky to point out the exact agent holding the nuclear football.  But this isn't the first time Biden has done this sort of thing.  In May 2011, while speaking with reporters, Biden revealed that the Navy SEALs had killed Osama Bin Laden.  The Washington Times immediately reported that Navy SEALs began warning family members to remove personal information from their Facebook accounts to avoid targeting.

Media that ripped Bush on Katrina ignores Obama on Louisiana flooding.  President George W. Bush was torn to shreds in 2005 by mainstream media commentators for his initial response to Hurricane Katrina — yet President Obama's detached response to the recent Louisiana floods has been met with resounding silence from those same outlets.  "George Bush doesn't care about black people" was the shocking charge by singer Kanye West about President Bush's response to Katrina.  West's was a particularly blunt assessment, but echoed a growing narrative pushed by mainstream media outlets that Bush's response was out of touch, inept and most of all, he didn't care about people on the ground.

NY Times:  Iran Ransom Story Is 'Fake,' Because Obama Says SoThe New York Times editorial board declared firmly Tuesday [8/23/2016] that the accusation that the Obama administration paid a ransom to ensure the release of American hostages was "fake," and the Obama administration's diplomatic actions deserve to be lavishly praised.  We know this, they argue, because the Obama administration says so.  That's only a barely an exaggeration.  The easiest way to describe the editorial, "The Fake $400 Million Iran 'Ransom' Story," is lazy; it literally just takes the administration's talking points and repeats them verbatim: [...]

Obama goes techie with Wired magazine.  President Obama will "guest edit" Wired magazine's November issue, the publication and the White House announced Tuesday [8/30/2016].  "We want to wrestle with the idea of how today's technology can influence political leadership," Wired Chief Editor Scott Dadich explained about why he wanted the magazine to collaborate with the president.  "We want to explore how modern thinking and tools can help advance us as a society.  And who better to help us explore these ideas than President Obama?  He's one of the smartest, most thoughtful leaders this country has had in generations.  We are thrilled to be working with him."

The Editor says...
There is no evidence that Obama is "one of the smartest, most thoughtful leaders this country has had in generations."  There is a mountain of evidence to the contrary.  There is also considerable evidence that Mr. Obama's two books were written by someone else.  There is no reason to believe that Mr. Obama has any aptitude as a magazine editor.  He has never managed or owned a profit-making business in his life.

Mainstream media journalists rationalize their war on Trump.  The mainstream media's lopsided coverage of the presidential campaign has gotten so blatantly anti-Trump and pro-Hillary that even some progressives are starting to notice. [...] Was it an "idealistic form of journalism" when the media carried on its "slobbering love affair," as Bernie Goldberg put it, with Barack Obama in 2008?  Where were the intrepid "guardians" of the public weal when the media ignored the gaps in Obama's history, his fabrications in his memoirs, and his associations with the racist pastor Jeremiah Wright and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres?  Or when Journolist, an online discussion group of journalists and activists, colluded to downplay these unpleasant facts and coordinate negative coverage of the Republicans?  Or how about CNN Political Correspondent Candy Crowley in the 2012 presidential debate, violating every canon of professional objectivity when she intruded herself into the debate in Obama's favor by backing up his false claim that he had called the Benghazi attacks an act of terror?  And don't forget Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, [...]

Nets Blackout State Department Admitting Ineffectiveness of Iran Deal.  When the Obama administration finished constructing the Iran nuclear agreement the public was told, and the liberal media supported, claims that the deal would lead to smoother negotiations and interactions with the country.  "Now, under questioning from Fox News, the Obama administration is allowing for the possibility that they were wrong," announced Special Report anchor Bret Baier Tuesday [9/13/2016], "And that the nuclear deal may be making the behavior of the Iranian regime worse."  Even with such a shocking change in position the "Big Three" networks failed to report it.

Williams: Obama Is 'A Communicator Who Can Deliver That Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen'.  In the hours following President Barack Obama's campaign stop for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday afternoon [9/13/2016] in Philadelphia, MSNBC's Chris Matthews was beyond giddy at the "magical" stump speech but he was later joined by Brian Williams, who declared on The 11th Hour that Obama will go down as "a communicator who can deliver" enthusiasm "unlike anything we have ever seen."

Flashback: Networks Worried About Release of Personal Information When It Hurt Obama.  While Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network reporters and anchors were quick to pounce on Donald Trump's private tax returns being released, they didn't seem to express the same concern when candidate Barack Obama was having his personal information looked into.  Back in 2008 when it was revealed that Obama's personal passport information was being examined by Bush administration State Department officials the terms "skullduggery," "political dirty tricks" and "bombshell" were being thrown around.

Washington Post Botches Defense of Obama's Insurer Bailout.  Obamacare's "risk corridor" program was designed to redistribute money in the Obamacare exchanges from health insurers who made money to those who lost money.  Profitable insurers would pay in; unprofitable insurers would get paid out.  With so many insurers losing money under Obamacare, however, the program was positioned to become a bailout, as there was no guarantee in Obamacare's text that the money paid out wouldn't exceed the money paid in.  Marco Rubio sounded the alarm in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in November of 2013.

MSNBC reporter under fire for claiming Obama's Paris climate change agreement is designed to STOP storms like Matthew.  An MSNBC reporter was bashed online on Wednesday, when he claimed on air that the new Paris climate change agreement would stop storms like Hurricane Matthew.  Ron Allen was reporting from the White House, where President Obama spoke to the media about the agreement being ratified by the required number of nations.  When President Obama wrapped up his speech, Allen started speaking and tied the agreement to the current hurricane barreling towards Florida.

Washington Post Reporter Spiked Info About Podesta Conflict Of Interest.  A Washington Post reporter gave former White House Senior Counselor John Podesta advance reassurance she was withholding information about his ethically compromising financial links to a Democratic mega-donor.  "I just wanted to make sure John Podesta had a heads up that his name will be in a story concerning the White House's ethics policy, which could run on Monday," WaPo White House Bureau Chief Juliet Eilperin told then-Obama White House Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati in a March 21, 2015, email.

The Exhausted Epithets of the Left.  Barack Obama's signature phrase, "the audacity of hope," came from a black nationalist, Jeremiah Wright.  Obama stocked his administration with black nationalists, delivered speeches to openly separatist black colleges and associations, rolled out the red carpet for Al Sharpton, encouraged the reverse racism of "Black Lives Matter," and rationalized the behavior of athletes who protested the American flag.  None of this qualified as "ethnonationalism" in the eyes of the media.  They reserve that smear for conservatives who oppose hyphenated Americanism.

Chicago Tribune:  Obama has been Pro Second Amendment!  Steve Chapman is a writer for the Chicago Tribune.  He has often written about gun legislation.  He stands out at the Tribune as a voice that recognizes reality more often then most.  His writing and viewpoints have been a reasonable voice crying in the wilderness of Chicago.  Unfortunately, he lives in the fantasy bubble of current Progressivism.  It is evident in his recent column excoriating the NRA.  He buys into the leftist propaganda without introspection or examination of facts.  It is an opinion column, but opinions should have a basis in reality.

Flashback: Trump-Trashing Journalists Oozed Over Obama's '08 Transition.  During the campaign, the liberal news media did everything they could to prevent Donald Trump's election — including 91% negative coverage from the broadcast networks — but he won anyway.  Now, journalists are trashing the way Trump is handling his transition, as well as his early Cabinet picks.  But eight years ago, viewers heard a very different tone coming from the media, as journalists celebrated the election of Barack Obama, cheered the "brain power" of the "team of geniuses" he was assembling for his Cabinet, and tingled over how "cool" Obama seemed as he assumed the responsibilities of office.  With Trump, the media are touting the "continuing turmoil" in his transition, as ABC's Tom Llamas claimed on the November 16 Good Morning America.

WashPost: Michelle Obama's Departure Ends 'Singular Era for American Fashion'.  What would Thanksgiving Day be without more gushing over the Obamas?  The Washington Post on Thursday declared That Michelle Obama's "departure from the East Wing signaled the end of a singular era for American fashion."  The piece by Robin Givhan contrasts with the writer's bashing of the looks of conservative women such as Carly Fiorina, who she mocked as a "style bully."  Regarding Mrs. Obama, Givhan fawned, "She helped young people see that fashion is more than catwalk extravaganzas and 'Project Runway.'"

Obama wears tan suit!

CBS Announces Primetime 'Farewell to the White House' Oprah Special with Michelle Obama.  Obama-endorsing Oprah Winfrey will interview First Lady Michelle Obama for the last time inside the White House in a new primetime special for CBS, the network announced Monday. [...] The taped special will include the usual smoochy softball topics:  Mrs. Obama's eight years as First Lady, her plans for the future, and her hopes for the Obama legacy.  It probably wouldn't be any stronger an interview if CBS put its in-house Obama fan/Oprah pal Gayle King to play journalist on the special.

An Orgy of Double Standards.  While the mainstream media was willing to excuse Barack Obama for everything he did, it is in full attack mode with Trump.  To be more precise, the press declared everything Obama did to be genius.  It seems to believe that everything Trump does signals incompetence and an absence of qualification.  Have you noticed that no one questioned the absurdly thin resume of Barack Obama?  Some of us have questioned the Trump qualifications, but how many people pointed out that Obama had no qualifications to speak of?  He had a few years as a backbench U.S. senator who accomplished nothing.  Trump has no experience in government but he has worked as an executive and has dealt with foreign countries for decades.  Trump's antics managed to make Obama look presidential, but Obama's resume makes Trump look qualified.

Brian Williams Gushes Over Obama's Press Conference.  MSNBC host Brian Williams gushed over President Obama's last press conference on Friday [12/16/2016], rising to the height of eloquence by quoting Aaron Sorkin in his praise. [...] Aaron Sorkin is the screenwriter and producer of, among other things, the West Wing, a TV show that features a fictional Democratic president and his administration.  Sorkin is also very sad Donald Trump won the election.

Snopes Deliberately Omits Key Details To Protect Kerry's State Dept..  A article attempting to discredit a Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group news story revealing that millions of Department of State tax dollars were sent to a charity created by Secretary of State John Kerry's daughter was loaded with factual errors and omissions.

NBC's Chuck Todd Wonders If GOP Provoked Hacking from Russia by Calling Obama 'Soft'.  On Sunday [12/18/2016], NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd displayed the ability for some on the left to blame Republicans for anything.

Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama's Mid-East History.  There's a visible twisting of history taking place that's increasingly obvious within the last few days.  Against all intellectual honesty, an entirely different version of historical reality is being seeded by the media. [...] The insufferable Western media would have the world believe the "rebels" in Libya, and later Syria, were simple ordinary people.  Moderates.  However, the reality was and is the "rebels" are 100% Islamic Extremists.  Period.

Mitchell to Kerry: 'How Disappointed Are You' Trump Could Undo Your Hard 'Work' on Israel?  MSNBC host and NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell scored an exclusive interview on Wednesday afternoon [12/28/2016] with Secretary of State John Kerry following his speech blasting Israel and, not surprisingly, she served up softballs for Kerry up to attack Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Last Days of Barack Obama.  For the past year, there have been cringe-inducing headlines reminding us that x, y, or z is Barack Obama's last as president.  "This is Obama's last Veterans' Day as president," the cable-news mouth said, as though that were the story.  President Obama is about as beside-the-point as it is possible for a commander-in-chief to be on Veterans' Day:  He isn't a veteran, for one thing.  It isn't his day.

Media Suddenly Find 'Courage' to Stand up for First Amendment.  "Thank you, Mr. President.  During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving this in office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most?"  That was the obsequious question asked by a New York Times reporter during one of President Barack Obama's first press conferences, in April 2009.  The media were unperturbed by the president's rough treatment of the Fourth Estate thus far — how his campaign "hijacked" a press plane, with journalists aboard, flying them to Chicago without the candidate; how the campaign attempted to silence a journalist, Stanley Kurtz, when he revealed the truth of Obama's relationship with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers; and how Obama aides suggested that the "Fairness Doctrine" be revived in an effort to shut down vigorous opposition from talk radio.  No — Obama was their man, and that was all that needed to be said about press freedom and independence.

Plagiarist Fareed Zakaria's Love Letter to Barack Obama Cut Down to 90 Seconds.  Fareed Zakaria is liberal, a plagiarist, and a journalist who proudly endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008.  Naturally, CNN gave him two hours of primetime television last month to showcase his fawning documentary on the outgoing president called "The Legacy of Barack Obama."  We condensed it down to 90 seconds to save you the two hours of propaganda.  Complete with interviews with no Republicans but plenty of former and current White House staffers — including Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Denis McDonough, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod — Zakaria takes viewers on a sweeping and rosy tour of the Obama presidency.  [Video clip]