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I couldn't very well name this page "Google News", since that's something entirely different.  This page is set aside for news and commentary about Google itself; and in particular, the perception that Google goes to great lengths to avoid offending Muslims.  As I have shown extensively on another page, that's not easy, because Islam is the religion of the easily offended.  There's a whole list of things that Muslims find abhorrent, from Porky Pig to the letter X.  In addition, there may very well be other groups that Google is attempting to protect or promote, as well as groups that are systematically excluded from its searches (or moved way down the list).

Google naturally has amassed a giant database of what's on the internet, in order to operate a fast and comprehensive search engine.  Objections arise (from me) when Google adds handy new features, like guessing what I'm about to type in their search window, and gathering information about me as I use their services.

Call me paranoid if you will, but I think Google suppresses adverse news about Google, which is why you'd have a hard time finding the information below by using Google to search for it.

Google-related news and commentary:

Google Wants To Get Date Timestamps Accurate In Search Results.  Last night, when people were searching about the horrible news in Florida, some noticed that some of the recent articles covering the news were labeled by Google has being written days before the event.  Obviously, something that happened hours ago, written potentially minutes ago, should not be labeled in the Google search results as being written 2 or 3 days ago.  Danny Sullivan at Google was doing some damage control for Google explaining that sometimes getting the date right, can be hard.  One because sometimes the publisher themselves labels their dates incorrectly and sometimes because of timezone issues.  Either way, it really should be something Google does get right.

Google turns on default adblocker within Chrome.  Users of latest Chrome browser on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android will have some of most intrusive types of ads blocked automatically[.]

Scam hijacks Google Chrome browser, tries to get your personal data.  Scams that hijack the world's most popular browser, Google Chrome, are making the rounds again.  It starts with a fake error message.  For computer users, this is a vexing problem because the underlying malicious code locks up the browser.  "The bug that it triggers is more than just an annoyance in the sense that it will render your Chrome browser unresponsive," Jerome Segura, Lead Intelligence Analyst at Malwarebytes, told Fox News.  "In our tests, it also caused the operating system (Windows) to become unstable if we let it run for a certain amount of time," Segura said, adding that Google is looking into the issue.

Tucker Reveals How Google Spies On You Constantly Through Your Phone.  Fox News' Tucker Carlson revealed another exclusive report on Google's surveillance Wednesday [2/7/2018], and the new details are seriously creepy.  In the investigation, Fox News' Brett Larson travels around Washington, D.C., with two cellphones in his pocket, one of them on airplane mode.  Neither of the phones have SIM cards or Wifi connections.  The phones tracked Larson's locations as he traveled, getting such information as when he got out of the car thanks to a time log that records your movements down to the second.

The Urgent Case for Legislation against Facebook and Google.  Having been one of the early targets of social media censorship on Facebook, YouTube et al, I have advocated for anti-trust action against these bullying behemoths.  It is good to see establishment outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and National Review coming to the same conclusion, or at least asking the same questions.  Just this week, Facebook launched its latest of many attacks on my news site, the Geller Report.  It labeled my site as "spam" and removed every Geller Report post — thousands upon thousands of them, going back years — from Facebook.  It also blocked any Facebook member from sharing links to the Geller Report.  The ramping up of the shutting-down of sites like mine is neither random nor personal.  The timing is telling.  The left is gearing up for the 2018 midterm elections, and they mean to shut down whatever outlet or voice that helped elect President Trump, the greatest upset in left-wing history.  In fighting this shutdown, we had to go back to the drawing board in our lawsuit against these social media giants.

Google employees say the company's not doing enough to protect them from harassment, threats.  The firing of Google engineer James Damore for suggesting men are more suited to technical roles than women has triggered a culture war inside the Internet giant, with some Google employees saying the company is not doing enough to protect them from a harassment campaign that has subjected them to hateful comments and violent threats.  These employees, many of whom volunteer as diversity advocates, say they've been targeted by some of their own coworkers for fighting to bring greater diversity to Google's 78,000-plus staff of mostly white and Asian men.

Elitist hypocrite George Soros makes a fool of himself in Davos.  Liberal billionaire George Soros grabbed headlines at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday by attacking internet giants Google and Facebook.  Conveniently ignoring his own investment in these companies, Soros branded them a "menace to society."  "They deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide," Soros said.

Watch: Google Home Devices Are Programmed To Recognize Muhammed and Buddha, But Not Jesus.  Jillian Blackwell videotaped a little experiment with her Google home device and shared the results with her friends on Facebook.  Her video went viral, and here's why...  [Video clip]

Google Home Assistant Refuses to Define Jesus Christ, but No Problem with Muhammad, Buddha.  Google's Home A.I. assistant refused to define Jesus Christ in an experiment recorded by television producer David Sams, but happily defined Muhammad and Buddha.  When asked who Jesus Christ is, the Google Home replied, "Sorry, I'm not sure how to help" or "My apologies I don't understand."  Sams posted a Facebook video of the test on Wednesday [1/24/2018].

Google Must Be Destroyed.  Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are amassing hundreds of billions of dollars in profit by brokering information and distorting reality.  These modern companies are just as threatening to our freedom as Hannibal's elephants were to the Romans'.  Unless we recognize the existential threat we face and act soon our freedom will be lost forever.

Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult.  Congratulations on finding this article if you used Google.  A civil rights lawsuit filed this week revealed its search engine blacklists authors and ideas distasteful to the company.  Google engineer James Damore's class action complaint describes a creepy cult-like orthodoxy at Google, where dissent is smashed, and the color of your skin is far more important than the content of your character.  Reading the complaint is a deep dive into wicked, racial groupthink, and a frightening reminder that it really can happen here.  At Google, it does.  I met James Damore at a conference last November after he received an award for speaking out against Google's race obsession and cultish orthodoxy.  The poor fellow seemed bewildered, still stuck in those good old-fashioned American notions of free speech, tolerance, and color-blindness toward other people.  Damore didn't seem to understand the Left has big plans for America.  His experience at Google should make clear to every American that this gang is playing for keeps.

The Trillion-dollar Chameleon.  Twenty years ago, no one had heard of either Facebook or Google, neither of which existed yet.  For that matter, no one knew much about social media or search engines in general.  Cellphones were still simply mobile, small and expensive telephones.  There was no concept of a phone as a handheld computer.  Today, five companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google's parent company) — have a collective worth of more than $3 trillion.  Yet such transnational companies remain mostly exempt from the sort of regulations and accountability faced by most other industries.

Google's Leftward Lurch:  A Sign of Things to Come?  [Scroll down]  What happened?  I think the answer is that the text in the "knowledge graph," as Google apparently calls it, comes from the Wikipedia page on the subject of the search.  Wikipedia entries can be edited by various people authorized to do so, most of whom are on the left.  I suppose some lefty Wikipedian inserted the "lying, unscrupulous politician" in Perdue's Wikipedia entry and it was picked up, perhaps by a mechanical process without human intervention, on Google's search page.  If that is the case, the Wikipedia entry has now been scrubbed; likewise the Google search page, which now looks like this: [...]

Facebook, Google tell Congress they're fighting extremist content with counterpropaganda.  Facebook, Google and Twitter told Congress Wednesday that they've gone beyond screening and removing extremist content and are creating more anti-terror propaganda to pre-empt violent messages at the source.  Representatives from the three companies told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation that they are, among other things, targeting people likely to be swayed by extremist messages and pushing content aimed at countering that message.  Several senators criticized their past efforts as not going far enough.  "We believe that a key part of combating extremism is preventing recruitment by disrupting the underlying ideologies that drive people to commit acts of violence.  That's why we support a variety of counterspeech efforts," said Monika Bickert, Facebook's head of global policy management, according to an advance copy of her testimony obtained by CNBC.

Google reaches a whole new depth of EVIL by keeping "black lists" of white, conservative employees to deny promotions.  Evidence that the world's largest social media and media conglomerates and platforms are completely biased against conservatives and Trump supporters continues to grow by the day, with Google now being outed as the latest abuser.  As reported by The Daily Caller, former Google engineer James Damore and other right-leaning Google workers have filed a class action lawsuit against their employer alleging a climate of censorship and discrimination against them.  The suit claims that Google managers discuss openly the existence of blacklists "meant to encourage and coordinate the sabotage of promotions, performance reviews, and employment opportunities for those with conservative viewpoints."

'Don't Be Evil'? Google Is Becoming A Police State.  Google's internal culture has been laid bare by James Damore's lawsuit alleging employment discrimination.  The picture we get is a corporate culture of lockstep ideological uniformity, enforced by censorship, badgering, and blacklisting.  Damore furnishes one note from a Google manager in 2015, addressed to "hostile voices." [...] Another manager proposed creating a "public-within-Google" document that "calls out those googlers who have made public statements that are unsupportive of diversity." Other admit to maintaining their own blacklists based on "opinion[s] about religion, about politics, or about 'social justice.'" While conservatives were regarded as "bad apples" to be excluded, other Googlers were recruiting or advocating for violent leftist "antifa" groups, with no apparent consequences.

Silicon Valley Will Pay the Price for Its Lefty Leanings.  James Damore is gone from Google.  But he will not soon be forgotten.  He's joined with a conservative lawyer to bring a class action against the company, accusing it of discriminating against conservatives, Caucasians and men.  The lawsuit, just filed in a California court, certainly offers evidence that things were uncomfortable for conservatives at Google.  And especially, that they were uncomfortable for James Damore after he wrote a memo suggesting that before Google went all-out trying to achieve gender parity in its teams, it needed to be open to the possibility that the reason there were fewer women at the firm is that fewer women were interested in coding.

Internal emails reveal Google's toxic culture.  Employees at Google used internal company message boards to advocate political violence, recruit for a hard-line left-wing activist group and even propose public "trials" for ideological opponents, documents filed in court suggest.  The nearly 100 pages of internal emails and message board postings are contained in a class-action lawsuit filed by former employee James Damore in California on Monday [1/8/2018], accusing Google of discriminating against white people, men and conservatives.  Mr Damore was the author of a controversial internal memo criticising the tech giant's "politically correct" diversity policies.  He was sacked last year for "perpetuating gender stereotypes" after the memo was leaked to the media and went viral.  Screenshots of messages attached to the complaint show Google employees attacking conservatives and white people, advocating political violence and even sharing "how-to" guides to join Antifa, a violent left-wing anarchist group reportedly classified as "domestic terrorists" by US Homeland Security.

How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It.  So, why would Facebook want to kill extremely successful Facebook pages that its users enjoyed?  One of the reasons goes back to something I told multiple reporters during the 2016 election.  I believe that all of the thriving right wing Facebook pages activated large numbers of what I like to think of as "instinctive conservatives."  You know, the sort of people who love God, guns and America, but who don't follow politics day to day, read National Review or consume any of Milton Friedman's books.  From what I could see on Facebook, that group of people [loved] Donald Trump and I believe they were responsible for getting him the GOP nomination and probably even got him over the hump in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  I think the liberals that run Facebook came to that same conclusion.

Google "Fact Checks" the Right.  [Scroll down]  There is no doubt that Google is a liberal organization that ruthlessly enforces leftism, where it can.  Liberal companies that largely control the internet, like Google and Facebook, are obviously gearing up to meddle in the 2018 and 2020 election cycles on behalf of the Democratic Party.  They are doing this by using "fake news" hysteria — even though that term has been almost entirely co-opted by President Trump — as an excuse to steer people away from conservative web sites, and toward liberal ones.  I suspect we will revisit this topic more than once between now and November.

Google's New 'Fact-Checker' Is Partisan Garbage.  In the midst of the "fake news" hysteria last year, Google launched a project to help curate reliable information for its readers by identifying articles and sites that need fact-checking.  And this may come as a surprise to some of you, but it looks like the tech giant's truth project is imbued with a tiny bit of ideological and political bias.  Eric Lieberman at The Daily Caller recently found that the fact checks displayed in Google's search engine results are targeted almost exclusively at conservative publications.  You can test it out yourself.

Google Search Results Now Feature Propaganda Undermining Conservative News Sources.  Instead of a "Reviewed Claims" section, liberal establishment sites well known for imparting a heavy spin on the news like the New York Times and the Washington Post get a special column showcasing awards they have been bestowed, presumably by their fellow progressives.  The supposed fact checking is a form of propaganda, sometimes disputing claims that had not even been made.  It is carried out by partisan entities like WaPo, PolitiFact, Snopes, and Climate Feedback.

Google Fired Conservative For Questioning Muslim's Anti-Trump Rant.  The James Damore lawsuit describes the horrifying and insane conditions at Google in great detail.  To no one's great surprise, Google is run by lefties like a radical campus.  The lawsuit comprises over 160 pages.  But the other individual suing Google, David Gudeman also has an interesting story. [...] Notably, the lawsuit contains multiple examples of employees making racist comments, regarding white people, and even issuing death threats, with Google HR giving them a pass.

Google caught in the censorship cookie jar again?  The Daily Caller reports that Google has taken to throwing shade almost exclusively on conservative websites through its search engine mechanism, using a sort of "fact-checking" system to discredit certain news-providers so no one will want to click on them.  Kind of an odd thing for a search engine company to do, given that its business is built around gaining clicks.  But it's not the first time the Silicon Valley giant has been accused of disguised censorship against conservative news outlets under the guise of the war on fake news.

Google's New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites.  Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results.  No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment.  And not only is Google's fact-checking highly partisan — perhaps reflecting the sentiments of its leaders — it is also blatantly wrong, asserting sites made "claims" they demonstrably never made.  When searching for a media outlet that leans right, like The Daily Caller (TheDC), Google gives users details on the sidebar, including what topics the site typically writes about, as well as a section titled "Reviewed Claims."  Vox, and other left-wing outlets and blogs like Gizmodo, are not given the same fact-check treatment.

James Damore sues Google, claims tech giant discriminates against white conservative men.  James Damore, the onetime Google employee who was fired after he wrote a memo criticizing the firm for pushing diversity, has filed a class action lawsuit against the tech giant.  The suit was filed Monday [1/8/2017] in Santa Clara Superior Court.  Damore is joined in the lawsuit by another former Google engineer, David Gudeman.  "Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males," the lawsuit alleged.

Google Home Is Leaving Elderly and Disabled Users Behind.  You cannot install or routinely maintain Google Home units without a smartphone and the Google Home smartphone app.  There are no practical desktop based and/or remotely accessible means for someone to even do this for you.  A smartphone on the same local Wi-Fi network as the device is always required for these purposes.  This means that many elderly persons and individuals with physical or visual disabilities — exactly the people whose lives could be greatly enhanced by Home's advanced voice query, response, and control capabilities — are up the creek unless they have someone available in their physical presence to set up the device and make any ongoing configuration changes.

Google bigwig Eric Schmidt shocks with surprise resignation amid reports his personal life is being eyed.  In a surprise move, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down as executive chairman of the search giant's parent company Alphabet amid reports his personal life is being scrutinized.  One of the highest profile figures in Silicon Valley, Schmidt attracts plenty of media attention.  Citing unnamed current and former employees, The Wall Street Journal reports that the executive's personal life has been the subject of interest within Alphabet.

Google Is Using Its Immense Power To Censor Content That Doesn't Fit Its Political Goals.  The Daily Caller released a funny video Tuesday of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai defending the commission's upcoming net neutrality rollback.  Through Wednesday and Thursday, liberals and others who dislike Pai's political position lost their minds.  And by Friday morning [12/15/2017], Google, one of the most powerful companies on the planet, had censored the video based on a bogus claim from a politically motivated man.  It took seven crucial hours and the full force of our news site to push Google and YouTube to reverse this political censorship.  We were able to prevail because of the sizable contacts and resources of TheDC.  An average citizen showcasing a political viewpoint Google and the left disagreed with would almost certainly have had a far more difficult — and fruitless — time fighting back.

YouTube assigns 10,000 employees to censor videos.  Google will assign 10,000 staff members to eliminate what the company regards as extremist content on YouTube next year.  YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote at Britain's Daily Telegraph that some YouTube users were exploiting YouTube to "mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm."  Google owns YouTube.  She wrote that YouTube is using "computer-learning" technology to find extremist videos.  Since June, more than 150,000 of these videos have been removed, she said.

More Proof: How Google Skews Autocomplete to Protect Democrats.  Google's "Autocomplete" function has operated since 2008 to assist users in searching for the right phrases.  How does it work? [...] Well, it's based on actual searches, so long as they don't negatively impact Democrats.

Regulators question Google over location data.  Google is facing scrutiny for reportedly collecting data about the location of smartphone users without their knowledge.  Regulators in South Korea summoned Google representatives this week to question them about a report that claimed the company was collecting data from Android devices even when location services were disabled.

Google Can No Longer Be Trusted With Private Data.  The facts are as follows:  In the past week, multiple journalists — ironically, not conservatives — reported that they'd gotten locked out of projects they were working on using Google Drive, Google's cloud storage service.  Mark DiStefano of Buzzfeed UK reported the news, and later reported on Google's "apology" for it, via Twitter.  Google explained, "This morning, we made a code that incorrectly flagged a small percentage of Google Docs as abusive, which caused those documents to be automatically blocked.  A fix is in place and all users should have access to their docs."  Now, there are numerous things wrong with this statement, so let's go through them one by one.  First of all, and this is a general point, which just happens to be illustrated beautifully by this latest debacle:  Google needs to stop treating its users like lab rats for its machine learning.

Islamic terror is not a law enforcement puzzle, it's a war.  Google announced earlier this year that it can track your online browsing and your movements in the real world by combining credit card data with data from your smartphone and services like Google Maps.  But when the authorities ask tech firms to help in the fight against terror, suddenly they're all about privacy.

Google Ditched Autopilot Driving Feature After Test User Napped Behind Wheel.  Alphabet Inc's self-driving car unit stopped developing features that required drivers to take control in dangerous situations, its chief executive said Monday [10/30/2017], as autopilot reliance left users prone to distractions and ill-prepared to maneuver.  The decision followed experiments of the technology in Silicon Valley that showed test users napping, putting on makeup and fiddling with their phones as the vehicles traveled up to 56 mph.

Google Messes Up Yet Another Epidemic.  America's tech companies have a problem:  Their leaders fancy themselves visionary, untouchable geniuses who can remake the world into the stuff of utopian fantasy through the power of algorithms, software, and technology, and are surrounded by sycophants willing to offer them endless theoretical proof of this fatal conceit.  In practice, however, this conceit actually can become fatal.  The truth is, tech's robber barons know precious little about the world beyond their lines of code, and rely on the insular priests of political correctness in media and academia to keep them informed.

Google Preaches 'Net Neutrality,' Then Censors Conservative Videos?  YouTube promises that it is "a community where everyone's voice can be heard."  But that promise doesn't seem to apply if the voice espouses conservative viewpoints.  The latest evidence of this comes from Dennis Prager, a conservative talk-show host whose syndicated column appears regularly in IBD and who also runs Prager University.  PragerU produces hundreds of educational videos from academics and other experts on various topics, ranging from the history of the Korean War to Israel's founding.  There's no profanity, no nudity, no calls to violence.  But the videos do give conservatives a voice.

Got Political Questions?  Google Will Guide You More Left than Right.  Google's search engine is more powerful in shaping politics than the tech company claims.  Researchers found that the algorithm used by the leading search site in the world heavily favors Democratic candidates and the programming of the algorithm is a trade-secret.  Robert Epstein and Robert E. Robertson, a researcher at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and a professor at Northeastern University respectively, conducted an experiment in the months before the 2016 election.  What they found was "stunning," according to The Washington Times:  "Google searches returned twice as many pro-Hillary Clinton news articles as Yahoo searches."

Google built a new Trojan Horse to get inside every aspect of your life.  Google hinted at why it's putting so much effort into hardware at its press event earlier this month when it introduced the new Pixels and showed off its other upcoming products.  The underlying theme of that event was Google Assistant, the company's voice-assistant technology that competes with Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.

Google Secretly Recorded A User And Uploaded Audio Files To Its Servers.  Google, in an attempt to compete with Amazon's Alexa/Dot and Apple's Siri, developed a voice assistant speaker that was scheduled to go on sale yesterday.  They sent test units around to reporters before the speakers hit shelves.  One of those reporters discovered that the $50 mini speaker was surreptitiously turning itself on, recording him, and then uploading audio files to Google servers without his knowledge or consent.

Google ignorantly exploits Selena as an emblem for illegals.  Selena was far more American than she is given credit for by Google.  Her first language was English, and she didn't even learn Spanish (probably incompletely at that) until she began singing and generating hits in Spanish, her music first catching on to fans in Mexico.  So it was Selena transcending boundaries, all right — by bringing her American Tex-Mex or Tejano sound south of the border.

Google uncovers Russian-bought ads on YouTube, Gmail and other platforms.  Google for the first time has uncovered evidence that Russian operatives exploited the company's platforms in an attempt to interfere in the 2016 election, according to people familiar with the company's investigation.  The Silicon Valley giant has found that tens of thousands of dollars were spent on ads by Russian agents who aimed to spread disinformation across Google's many products, which include YouTube, as well as advertising associated with Google search, Gmail, and the company's DoubleClick ad network, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss matters that have not been made public.  Google runs the world's largest online advertising business, and YouTube is the world's largest online video site.

Google Domains Go Live in India — The Best Place to Buy Domain Names.  Google Domains, if you are new, is a domain registration service where you can buy new domain names or transfer your existing domains from another registrar into the Google service.  There's no official announcement yet but Google Domains are now available in India without you having to use any hacks or proxy servers.

6 Dangerous Electronics & Apps Secretly Spying On You In Your Home.  [#3] Google:  When it comes to spying, the least said about Google, the better.  The Internet search engine is secretly recording everything you do; it records your voice, texts and videos you send.  You could literally read all of the texts you sent years ago, and even listen to the conversations you've had.  The company also tracks every move you make on a daily basis.

Revisiting Orwell to Understand Our Times.  Just two or three generations ago, most Americans understood that George Orwell's classics Animal Farm and 1984 were written to explain how freedom is lost to totalitarianism and the intolerance that accompanies it.  "Big Brother," a term still casually used to describe an all-knowing governing authority, comes right out of 1984.  In the society that Orwell describes, everyone was reminded that "Big Brother is watching you," by way of a constant surveillance through the pervasive use of "telescreens" by the ruling class. [...] Orwell's Big Brother has become a reality in the NSA's tracking and recording of all email, text, and telephone communication in the United States.  But Big Brother has a new dimension with social media and consumer giants, Google, Facebook, and Amazon knowing almost everything about people's preferences through their artificial intelligence peering into people's "telescreen" computers and smartphones.

Is Google attempting to cover up an inconvenient hurricane truth?  Is Google, a propaganda apparat of the Democratic Party, not about to buck the party commandment that white males are evil personified?  Perhaps they simply can't allow that to happen, so once again, the truth and reality of America and its good people smack Democrats square in the face, and it looks like they're doing their best to exercise their control over the media to suppress it.

The Ominous, Growing Power of Google.  Google, which was founded in 1996 by Stanford researchers Sergey Brin and Larry Page, was originally based on the novel premise of using "page ranking" technology to order results based on relevance versus mere repetition, allowing the search of the world's Internet data to take place in revolutionary new ways.  Using linked, dedicated multiprocessor computer clusters, such searches could be conducted with lightning speed and versatility.  Very rapidly, the company overtook all of its competitors in the search engine field — AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo, Infoseek and others — and today, most of these other players are corporate corpses, having been bankrupted or bought out in the wake of the Internet boom of the late 1990s.  While some people in the business world might think that having one company that's a monopoly in the search engine field makes it much easier in terms of producing results that can direct customers, the control that monopoly power has given Google is enormous.

Confirmed:  Google Systematically Suppresses Conservative Thought on Internet.  Anyone running a site like this one can give you anecdotal evidence.  Now we have mathematical evidence.  Google — Number One Gateway to the Internet — is using its alarming power to suppress traffic to conservative websites.

Google's search bias against conservative news sites has been quantified.  The percentage of domain traffic, referred by Google Search, net of brand searches (PGSTN), tends to be in or around the range 25%-30% for a broad class of web domains.  This hypothesis is tested by calculating the correlation between the popularity of news/opinions websites and their PGSTN, and finding it to be near zero.  Thus, PGSTN can be used rigorously to detect and even quantify Google Search intentional bias.  Intentional bias is the bias that has been introduced by internal Google decisions, and unrelated to external factors, such as the dominance of particular viewpoints on the web.  Here, the PGSTN method is applied for intentional bias detection about climate debate and in general political discourse.  Google Search is found to be extremely biased in favor of climate alarmism and against climate realism.

Intentional Google Search Bias Paper Published.  My new research paper A Method of Google Search Bias Quantification and Its Applications in Climate Debate and General Political Discourse is published in WUWT. Most people observe that Google search results on political topics are left leaning.  But it was hard to determine whether such leaning was a simple reflection of the left/liberal cultural dominance on the web, or Google search team intentionally (or "artificially") biased rankings.  This paper demonstrates and even quantifies such intentional or artificial bias.

Google Doubles Down on Purging Conservative Speech.  Google announced that their monopolistic search engine that controls 87 percent of page views will use its machine learning tool set to assist liberal groups in doubling down on purging conservative speech they consider hate.  TechCrunch blog reported that Google has partnered with ProPublica coalition and Pitch Interactive to create a data visualization tools that leverage the Google Cloud Natural Language API analytic algorithm to extract geographic and contextual information to provide journalists with a 50-state 'Hate News Index.'

How Google is secretly recording You through your mobile phone.  Did you know that Google has been recording you without your knowledge?  The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users' smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations — even when they aren't in the room.

'Get Tough or Shut Up': The Malicious Spirit Loose in the Land.  Our political culture is losing any sense of proportion.  Political rage is transcending basic human decency, any semblance of tolerance, and even faith itself.  It's a general truth in politics and culture that a nation is defined by those who care the most, and increasingly, those who care the most have lost their moorings.  There is a malicious spirit loose in the land.  We've certainly seen it on the left.  Google's recent decision to fire an employee for wrongthink is all too indicative of a progressive political culture that's not content merely to disagree with dissenters.  People in error have to be called out, investigated, shamed, and punished.  The deeper you move into the ideological cocoon, the less tolerance there is for debate.

Is Google Working with Liberal Groups Snuff Out Conservative Websites?  Google revealed in a blog post that it is now using machine learning to document "hate crimes and events" in America.  They've partnered with liberal groups like ProPublica, BuzzFeed News, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to make information about "hate events" easily accessible to journalists.  And now, there are troubling signs that this tool could be used to ferret out writers and websites that run afoul of the progressive orthodoxy.

The Trump NLRB Will Smash the Google Guy.  Curiously enough, nearly every person's opinion about the correct application of underlying speech principles in this case can be predicted by their substantive political orientation rather than their views on liberalism per se.  The same of course was true in the Kaepernick case before this one, or the Duck Dynasty case before that, or the Dixie Chicks case before that.  If you were inclined towards cynicism, you might even conclude that nobody actually cares at all about abstract procedural liberalism, that society is simply an unending power game, and that nobody is actually motivated by the arguments they write for publication.  Thankfully, we don't even have to consider any of that here because this post is not about that.  It is about the Google Guy's chances at the NLRB, a topic I have been urged to write about by multiple people.

Stardock CEO Alleges Google Employee Tampered With Search Results.  Google has been hard hit with negative publicity following the release of the leaked "Internal Echo Chamber" memo this past week.  Amid conversations about the tech giant's internal practices, a prominent software developer alleges that a Google employee tampered with his search results.

Google Women.  Why aren't there more women criminals?!  Men in jail outnumber women by a ratio of 14-to-1.  We male stutterers outnumber women, too.  This isn't fair!  We need more affirmative action!  These disparities must be caused by sex discrimination because everyone knows there are no real differences between genders.  After all, Google fired engineer James Damore for daring to suggest that there is a biological reason men dominate tech leadership.  Google's CEO said:  "To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive."  Then the media lied about what Damore wrote.

Is There A Way Out Of Google's Diversity-Memo Crisis?  In the course of 30-plus years in crisis management, I have come to define a "crisis" as an organization's perceived failure to live up to its own values — or those generally accepted in its field:  such as a pastor caught in sin, or a financial institution like Wells Fargo — which claims to "value what's right for our customers in everything we do" — setting up fake accounts and unauthorized insurance policies.  Diversity is both the value that Google cited in firing Damore, and one shoal it foundered on.  Whether the company's definition of diversity is right or wrong, it is at wide variance with how the term is viewed by much of America.

The Media Lied About The Leaked Google Memo.  If all you do is get your news from the establishment media, you'd be under the impression that former Google engineer James Damore is a dangerous bigot who hates women and minorities.  As reports of the so-called "anti-diversity" leaked memo from Google surfaced on the Internet, journalists exposed their preconceptions and bias with misleading headlines and equally biased stories.

Conservatives Must Regulate Google And All of Silicon Valley Into Submission.  Google's fascist witch-burning of an honest engineer for refusing to bow down at the altar of politically correct lies was the final straw, an unequivocal warning to conservatives that there's a new set of rules, and that we need to play by them.  First they came for the tech geeks; we're next.

Rebels Of Google: 'Constant Abuse, Sneers, Insults and Smears ... Sometimes You Get Punched'.  As part of our "Rebels of Google" series, Breitbart News is anonymously interviewing current and former Google employees who are speaking out against partisan bias and discrimination at the company.  This is a full transcript of our interview with a former Google engineer (alias "Emmett"). [...]

The reason Google is useless for conservative searches.  Following the firing this week of a valued employee for the thoughtcrime of questioning gender quotas, Breitbart is running a series called "Rebels of Google."  Whistleblower employees are exposing the purposeful censorship by Google — not only of free thought within the company, but on the internet.  Political intimidation within the company is a daily barrage of SJW postings mixed in with company business, so they cannot be deleted or ignored.  Those who answer back are threatened, sent to H.R. for indoctrination and thought-policing, fired, and also blacklisted.  Here is what it is like to work at Google: [...]

Why I Was Fired by Google.  I was fired by Google this past Monday [8/7/2017] for a document that I wrote and circulated internally raising questions about cultural taboos and how they cloud our thinking about gender diversity at the company and in the wider tech sector. [...] My 10-page document set out what I considered a reasoned, well-researched, good-faith argument, but as I wrote, the viewpoint I was putting forward is generally suppressed at Google because of the company's "ideological echo chamber."  My firing neatly confirms that point.  How did Google, the company that hires the smartest people in the world, become so ideologically driven and intolerant of scientific debate and reasoned argument?

Damore: I was fired because of 'ideological echo chamber' at Google.  This is a case that should be studied by social scientists.  The gap in understanding between what Damore wrote and how the left chose to interpret it is astonishing.  I don't think there's any doubt that few on the left bothered to read the entire ten-page Damore memo.  And if they did, they saw what they wanted to see, picking and choosing the parts that transgressed against the overpowering groupthink present in Google corporate culture.  This selective interpretation allows that dominant ideology to flourish and smack down dissenters without having to address the valid points made.

Of Memos and Pitchforks.  James Damore had to be fired.  There was no way around it.  He spoke out, eloquently, against orthodoxy and if history is any guide, he'll be lucky to escape with merely a loss of employment.  I'm less disconsolate about his ouster — as that was a foregone conclusion — as I am troubled by the cultural tempest surrounding it and what it portends for the future of substantive discussion of the important issues that affect all our lives.  From the moment the internal memo leaked it was obvious that the "anonymous Google employee" would be unmasked and fired.  There was no way an internal Google memo could stay anonymous — we all knew that.  The question became:  for how long?

The Snowflakes of Google.  [Scroll down]  Those opinions, of course, are pretty much those that got Larry Summers in trouble at Harvard back in 2005 — that there were biological reasons that women, in general, did not excel at science as often as men.  It's important to underscore that Damore, like Summers, made it very clear these were generalizations with many exceptions.  In fact, in Damore's case he offered several good-hearted suggestions for how to overcome this that were, obviously, ignored by Google and its PC-at-all-costs CEO.

Google Cancels Diversity Town Hall Due to Leak Fears.  Google has canceled their diversity-focused town hall meeting this week due to fear that details of the meeting may be leaked online.  Shortly after the firing of Google engineer James Damore and subsequent Breitbart News exclusive Rebels of Google interview series with a number of Google insiders, Google has canceled their town hall meeting this week.  Business Insider reports that Google CEO Sundar Pichai allegedly called off the town hall meeting just two hours before it was set to go ahead, citing fears that employees could be "outed" online.

As a Woman in Tech, I Realized: These Are Not My People.  [Scroll down]  Thinking back to those women I knew in IT, I can't imagine any of them would have spent a weekend building a fiber-channel network in her basement.  I'm not saying such women don't exist; I know they do.  I'm just saying that if they exist in equal numbers to the men, it's odd that I met so very many men like that, and not even one woman like that, in a job where all the women around me were obviously pretty comfortable with computers.  We can't blame it on residual sexism that prevented women from ever getting into the field; the number of women working with computers has actually gone down over time.  And I find it hard to blame it on current sexism.

The Google Gulag.  James Damore is an FIDE chess master who studied at Princeton, MIT and Harvard.  He had been working as a software engineer at Google for four years. [...] Damore was fired for "advancing harmful gender stereotypes".  What were these stereotypes?  That the gender gap in coding could be explained because women are more interested in people and men are more interested in things.  Women were more cooperative and he suggested and that the gender gap could be reduced by making "software engineering more people-oriented with pair programming."  Google could have disagreed with him.  And left it at that.  Instead it was, "Off with his head."

Google's 'tolerance' requires repression.  In your own life, you may have observed that few occupational categories — certainly not that of Google engineers — have such gender and ethnic percentages.  You probably guessed that this results in part from people with different characteristics tending to have different interests, talents, and goals.  But you're not allowed to say that out loud, as Google engineer James Damore did last month in an internally circulated ten-page memorandum entitled Google's Ideological Echo Chamber.  He cited the conclusions of neuroscientists and psychologists that measurable differences between male and female brain structure result in different behavior and preferences.

Leaked Internal Messages Reveal Co-Worker Support For Fired Google Engineer's Controversial Memo.  James Damore, now a former Google employee, caused outrage when he circulated a manifesto on Friday [8/4/2017], complaining about Google's "ideological echo chamber" alleging women have lower tolerance for stress and that conservatives are more conscientious.  The chess master, who studied at Harvard, Princeton and MIT and worked at Google's Mountain View HQ, was fired on Monday after the search giant's chief executive, Sundar Pichai, said portions of Damore's 10-page memo "violate our code of conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes" despite saying in the same memo that Google employees shouldn't be afraid of speaking their minds.  But, according to screenshots obtained by Wired, internal discussions that followed Damore's memo and its fallout show Google employees both embracing and advancing its views.

#Googlegate: The Latest Social Justice Outrage in Tech.  A new martyr for free speech has been born, and his name is James Damore.  Damore's offense is that recently he authored an internal memo at his workplace — Google — that appears, more or less, to have triggered the entire staff.  His argument, essentially, is there might be more to "gender gaps" than pure sexist oppression, and he thinks it might be worthwhile to treat differences of opinion as a form of diversity worth protecting.  The horror!

Did Google Just Choke On Its Woke?  A 10-page weekend memo by a former Google engineer called for a rethinking of the company's "extreme and authoritarian" culture of "diversity and inclusion."  His reward?  He was fired, of course, proving his point.  If you need any further proof that what software engineer James Damore said was true it was in the immediate reaction on Monday by Google to his screed.  Damore said he had been fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes."  In making a plea for being treated as an individual, Damore wasn't ranting, calling anyone names or making claims that couldn't be sustained by simple recourse to a biology text or, even, to personal experience.  Even so, his anodyne comments were treated as extreme ideological anathema, and he was instantly banished from the company for making them.  Fired.

Fired Google Memo Author To Explore Legal Action Against Company.  Google engineer James Damore, who penned the now-viral memo on Google's intolerance of conservative viewpoints, has been fired from his job and plans to explore legal action against the company.  He was allegedly fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes."  Damore recommended that tech hubs like Google:  1) stop demoralizing diversity, 2) stop alienating conservatives, 3) to confront Google's bias, 4) to "stop restricting programs and classes to certain genders or races," 5) to "have an open and honest discussion about the costs and benefits of our diversity programs," 6) to also focus on "psychological safety, not just race/gender diversity," 7) to de-emphasize empathy, 8) to prioritize intention, 9) to embrace the science of human nature, and 10) "reconsider making Unconscious Bias training mandatory for promo committees."

Google Engineer Who Spoke Out Against P.C. Totalitarianism Fired for Being a Thought Criminal.  Google has predictably fired James Damore, the software engineer who expressed some common sense opinions regarding supposed gender disparities in technical fields and spoke out against totalitarian political correctness. [...] Damore was fired explicitly for not conforming to deranged far-left orthodoxy.  (Specifically, he was found guilty of "advancing harmful gender stereotypes.")  It won't be easy finding another job in the tech industry, which is rigidly intolerant of any deviance from leftist ideology.

As Google Gets Blasted for Intolerance, Media Covers For Them With Lazy Dishonesty.  One of the arguments I've encountered from people who support management's decision to fire James Damore is that he embarrassed the company publicly, so of course they had reason to dismiss him.  But he shared his ten-page analysis within the confines of private, in-house forums encouraged by Google as a means of critiquing policy and challenging leadership without 'going public.'  In other words, in theory, he was taking advantage of a space specifically designed for this sort of thing.  People who took offense leaked what he wrote, likely in an effort to build external pressure to punish the wrong-thinker.

Google Fires Author of Divisive Memo on Gender Differences.  Alphabet Inc.'s Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company's diversity policies, creating a firestorm across Silicon Valley.  James Damore, the Google engineer who wrote the note, confirmed his dismissal in an email, saying that he had been fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes."  He said he's "currently exploring all possible legal remedies."  The imbroglio at Google is the latest in a long string of incidents concerning gender bias and diversity in the tech enclave.

Google Burns A Heretic.  James Damore is fortunate that we don't burn heretics at the stake, because he has blasphemed.  The fired Google engineer might as well have been writing a script designed to prove that one of the world's largest companies embodies every left-wing stereotype imaginable — blinkered, intolerant and authoritarian.

Google Senior Engineer FIRED for diversity memo.  A Senior Software Engineer at Google wrote an internal memo questioning the assumption of discrimination as the explanation for why women are underrepresented in High Tech (which he defined as Software Engineering). [...] This is a pretty chilling development.  It completely proves the Senior Engineers point about the shaming and shut-down culture that surrounds discussions of discrimination and diversity.

Google Fires Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto Author James Damore.  The Google employee behind a ten-page viewpoint diversity manifesto that went viral online has been fired.  James Damore, whose manifesto criticizing the politically correct corporate culture at Google prompted outrage from left-wing employees and social justice warriors online, revealed that he had been fired in an email to Breitbart Tech on Monday evening [8/7/2017].  In his email to Breitbart Tech, Damore claimed, "They just fired me for 'perpetuating gender stereotypes.'"

Google Sacks Diversity Heretic.  When Google sacks an employee for embarrassing the company, I am not too outraged because companies have to discourage employees from hurting their reputations.  But Google claimed that the opinions this employee expressed perpetuated gender stereotypes.  In other words, Google is anti-science and anti-free-speech.  They acknowledge that not many women, compared to men, go into tech field.  But they assert the reason for that inequality is the patriarchy.  It is forbidden to even contemplate that there might be a neurological reason for the difference.

A Reader Explains Why The Google Dude Wasn't Fired Immediately — He Had To Train His H-1B Replacements.  Here's why they didn't fire him immediately: he had to train his H-1B replacements, a Chinese man and an Indian man.

Google's Tracking Of Offline Spending Sparks Call For Federal Investigation.  Google recently announced a suite of new tools for advertisers, allowing them to link a customer's offline credit card purchases with the things they look at online.  Shockingly, some privacy advocates think this sort of tracking goes too far and have called on the federal government to investigate.  The Electronic Privacy Information Center this morning filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, asking the agency to investigate Google's Store Sales Management consumer profiling technology and stop the company from tracking customers' in-store purchases.

Google's 'Left-wing bias has alienated its own workers'.  Internet giant Google has been accused by one of its own employees of 'alienating conservatives' with its politically correct left-wing bias.  A senior software engineer at the company claimed in a document that was distributed to colleagues that right-wing employees were forced to keep their views 'in the closet' to avoid hostility.

This Burger King Ad Forces Your Google Home Device To Tell You About Whoppers.  You might think you're the master of your own home, controlling all the internet-connected devices within it and bending them to your will with the touch of a button or an uttered command.  But Burger King is trying to sneak into your home through the TV with a new ad that tries to trigger the voice-activated Google Home.  This week, the fast food chain launched a new 15-second TV commercial that attempts to wake up any Google Home devices that may be in the room and thus, continue the ad after it's technically over.

Europe battles Google News over 'snippet tax' proposal.  A major battle is brewing in Brussels over an EU reform plan that would force internet aggregators such as Google News to pay newspapers for displaying snippets of their articles online.  Google is furious at the reform idea, but powerful publishers, including Axel Springer in Germany or Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp in the UK, affirm that a tax is the only hope to save a news industry starving for revenue.

Google Hit With Record $2.7 Billion Fine in EU Antitrust Case.  EU antitrust regulators hit Alphabet unit Google with a record 2.42-billion-euro ($2.7 billion) fine on Tuesday [6/27/2017], indicating they will likely take a tough line with the company in two other ongoing cases.  The European Commission said the world's most popular internet search engine has 90 days to stop favoring its own shopping service or face a further penalty of up to 5% of Alphabet's average daily global turnover.

Google Censors Popular Pro-Life Page With Extensive Abortion Information.  The Abortions in America page, which displays graphs and data about a wide variety of abortion facts, had been receiving an average of about 16,000 views per month — all with virtually no promotion.  Since the fact page was created in October 2012, web stats show the page steadily increased in popularity.  The page's views peaked in January 2017, at 37,111 views, and was well on the way to a record-breaking year.  Within the month of May, views mysteriously decreased by more than half over the previous month.  In June, it received only 1,512 views.  During the last seven days of June, it only received 307 views.  It appears that has been singled out by Google for discrimination.

The Almighty Algorithm — "fake news" and other consequences of Google, Amazon and Facebook's relentless focus on quantity over quality.  For example, an independent assessment found that in 25,000 random Google searches, ads for Google products appeared in the top slot 91 percent of the time.  Fascinatingly, all 1,000 searches for laptops started with an ad for Chromebook — a cool 100 percent of the time — lo and behold, after the results became public, and the embarrassment became palpable, the Google ads occupied 19 percent of the top slots.  What does that tell us about the manipulability, the pliability of algorithms?

Google to stop reading private emails.  Is it the end of Google's 'big brother' policy?  The software giant announced that it will stop scanning users' private e-mail addresses, as it has done until now to tailor personalized advertisements to anyone on the Internet.  Google Cloud senior vice president Diane Greene said that Google's free Gmail email service will continue to offer personalized advertisements, but said that it would switch to the less-intrusive method used in its corporate G Suite Gmail, which it sells to businesses.  "Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization after this change," Greene said.

Google Caught Tampering with Algorithm to Help Liberals.  Given the stranglehold that Google has developed over media of all kinds, thanks to their megalithic presence in the digital world, it comes as no surprise that the same molestation that occurred within the mainstream media has also been committed against Google.  Thanks to liberal media's omnipresent lording over our every piece of information, Google has turned left in recent years, actively working against conservative viewpoints and thinkers.  Now, after evidence suggests that the search engine was manipulating its own results to deceive users, Google could be facing a fine of up to $9 billion.

Google uses AI to pick out users' most boring photos.  Google is using artificial intelligence to analyse your photos and identify any boring ones you might not want to see.  The company has just rolled out an update to its Photos app, which now suggests which of your pictures you should keep and which you should dump in the new Archive folder.  It's targeting dull things like screenshots and photos of documents, notes and receipts, and will hide them from your main picture stream.

"Your knowledge gets in the way of their power.  And they won't put up with that."
K-12: Knowledge Containment Protocols.  Schools have always been devoted to passing knowledge forward to the next generation.  Not now.  The Education Establishment treats knowledge as if it were a toxic spill that must be kept away from students. [...] More recently, the Education Establishment has appropriated Google to create another absurd sophistry.  All information is on Google, so you don't need to bother knowing anything.  A hundred years ago, everything was in encyclopedias.  Nobody thought to say students don't need to know anything in them.  Now they say that. [...] They are not going to take a chance that an American kid learns anything.  A new tactic is to talk about memorization as if it were an illness or malfunction.

How Google Gave Hillary Clinton Her Popular Vote Victory.  For all the talk about Macedonian teenagers and #FakeNews (used exclusively to describe anything bad about Hillary Clinton) tilting the scales of the 2016 election, a new study by four academics, Robert Epstein (American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology), Ronald E. Robertson (Northeastern University) and Samantha J. Shepherd and Shu Zhang (American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology), finds something completely different.  Using a sample of "undecideds" selected before the 2016 election, the news that was generated for them by Yahoo and Google was examined.

Google overhauls search algorithm in bid to fight fake news.  Google has promised to alter its search results to punish websites promoting extreme views, conspiracy theories and fake news.  The internet giant said it would demote "low-quality" websites and let users report offensive results after criticism that neo-Nazi groups and hoaxers were "gaming" the company's search engine.

The Cloud Panopticon:  Google, Cloud Computing and the Surveillance-Industrial-Complex.  In June 2007, Privacy International, a U.K.-based privacy rights watchdog, cited Google as the worst privacy offender among 23 online companies, ranking the "Don't Be Evil" people below Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and AOL.  According to the report, no other company was "coming close to achieving [Google's] status as an endemic threat to privacy."  What most disturbed the authors was Google's "increasing ability to deep-drill into the minutiae of a user's life and lifestyle choices."  The result:  "the most onerous privacy environment on the Internet."  Indeed, Google now controls an estimated 70 percent of the online search engine market, but its deep-drilling of user information — where we surf, whom we e-mail, what blogs we post, what pictures we share, what maps we look at, what news we read — extends far beyond the search feature to encompass the kind of "total information awareness" that privacy activists feared at the hands of the Bush Jr. administration's much-maligned Total Information Awareness program.

Google can randomly share your search history with friends through its new messaging app.  Worrying issues have been discovered in Google's messaging app, Allo.  It has been found to be capable of sharing users' past Google searches with contacts, without being prompted to.  The discovery was made by Re/code's Tess Townsend, who was using Allo to chat to a friend.  "In the middle of our conversation, my friend directed Assistant to identify itself," wrote Ms Townsend.  "Instead of offering a name or a pithy retort, it responded with a link from Harry Potter fan website Pottermore." Neither Ms Townsend or her friend had mentioned Harry Potter in their conversation before Allo brought it up.  "But the response was not merely a non sequitur," continues Ms Townsend.  "It was a result related to previous searches my friend said he had done a few days earlier."

Google adds tool to flag 'offensive' search results.  Google is now directing its review teams to flag content that might come across as upsetting or offensive in search results.

Google is a monopoly — and it's crushing the internet.  Five to 10 years ago, independent bloggers used to be able to get by on internet advertising, like the broadsheets of yore.  But that changed quite quickly, and for two big reasons:  Facebook and Google.  They now gobble up the vast majority of internet advertising dollars — about 85 percent, as my colleague Jeff Spross writes — and a great many media outlets have been forced to move to direct subscriptions or other business models.  Google and Facebook manage this because they are platform monopolists.  They can exert tremendous influence through their control of how people use the internet — and crush productive businesses in the process.  Like any monopoly, it is long since time that the government regulated them to serve the public interest.

Google's Home TV ad makes Google Home systems go crazy.  Google Home is the search engine's answer to Amazon's Echo system, in which users get it to respond by asking questions or giving orders starting with the name "Alexa."  Both are home systems that are dormant until a user calls out their name.  Then they perform any number of functions — from playing a musical selection to turning on or off the lights.

Google Redefines The Word 'Fascism' To Smear Conservatives, Protect Liberal Rioters.  Has Google, the world's most popular search engine, changed the definition of the word "fascism" to protect liberal mobs using violence to silence those who disagree with them politically?  The evidence suggest they have.  You see it on signs at every protest or riot — liberals accuse President Donald Trump of being a fascist.  The word's association with Adolf Hitler and its use now is no accident, it's meant to strike fear in people's hearts of tyranny.

Google Organizes Rallies Protesting Trump Temporary Terror Travel Halt.  Google employees and executives held rallies at Google offices across the United States on Monday in protest of President Trump's temporary travel halt from nations associated with terrorism. [...] Google's campus in Mountain View, California, hosted one of the largest protests, which featured multiple speakers including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Google founder Sergey Brin, immigrants associated with the company.

Google told to hand over foreign emails in FBI search warrant ruling.  A U.S. judge has ordered Google to hand over emails stored outside the country in order to comply with an FBI search warrant.  The warrant in question pertains to a domestic fraud probe.  The ruling is notable because it goes against an appeals court judgement last year — recently upheld — pertaining to Microsoft customer data held in servers outside the US.  In that instance a federal court ruled the company did not have to hand over data stored on its servers in Ireland to the US government, declining to "disregard the presumption against extraterritoriality," as the judge put it.

Google's New Public NTP Servers Provide Smeared Time.  Google says it has built support for the leap second into the time servers that regulate all Google services.  An anonymous reader shares a blogpost by Google:  ["]No commonly used operating system is able to handle a minute with 61 seconds, and trying to special-case the leap second has caused many problems in the past.  Instead of adding a single extra second to the end of the day, we'll run the clocks 0.0014% slower across the ten hours before and ten hours after the leap second, and "smear" the extra second across these twenty hours.  For timekeeping purposes, December 31 will seem like any other day. ... ["]

Is Google News Suppressing Center-Right News Sites?  The big story this evening is the fact that President Trump has fired the acting Attorney General, a far Left Obama holdover.  Her dismissal was well-deserved, given the fact that she ordered the Justice Department to ignore the Commander-In-Chief's entirely legal order, one similar to bans enacted by Presidents Obama and Carter.  But I was fascinated to see the Google News coverage of the event.

Naval Academy Hosting 'Transgender 101' Training for Midshipmen.  The U.S. Naval Academy is bringing in Google employees to provide voluntary "Transgender 101" training to midshipmen this week as part of an ongoing "safe space" training series.  The academy's Center for Teaching and Learning is holding two events on Friday, one for faculty and staff and another for midshipmen.  The hour and a half-long workshops will be hosted by Marnie Florin and Kevin Perry, who are "transgender trainers" for Google.

Google's new tech partner in Cuba blocks email accounts of the Ladies in White.  Google is very proud of its new partnership with Cuba's ETECSA, the apartheid Castro dictatorship's telecom monopoly that has complete control over the internet on the island.  They must therefore be very proud that their new tech partners are using all this new technology to continue censorship and the blocking of the free flow of information to and from the island.

Open Letter To Google.  Now, I've always had a good working relationship with Google, and I truly hope that continues.  I have always gotten good service from you, and I have made good use of your search engine.  But I see that Google has taken steps to censor news and views based on political proclivities.

Google Searches on Jeff Sessions Go Straight to the Leftist Fever Swamp.  The establishment press wants readers, listeners and viewers to believe that the search engines and social media are being overwhelmed by "fake news."  Those making such allegations are, with rare exceptions, thinking of conservative and center-right web sites which have been countering their established wisdom and taking readers and dollars away from them.  Well, if that's so, at least in regards to Google and Donald Trump's nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, I'm having a hard time finding evidence of that.  Instead, auto-suggested search results provided by the world's dominant search engine on Saturday took me straight to the leftist fever swamps and to a New York Times editorial which might as well have originated there.

Leaked Email Reveals Google Chairman Wanted To Be Clinton Campaign's 'Head Outside Advisor'.  Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, wanted to be "head outside advisor" to the Hillary Clinton campaign, according to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in an email released by WikiLeaks.  WikiLeaks has continued to reveal Schmidt's cozy relationship with the Clinton campaign.  In a previously leaked email, a memo showed that Schmidt was working directly with the Clinton campaign on setting up various backend features to their website.

Hillary Clinton photo illustrates Google results for 'pathological lying'.  For several hours starting about 10:30 p.m. Sunday [10/30/2016], a Google search for the terms "pathological lying" was producing a picture of Mrs. Clinton.  The picture appeared as the illustration for what Google calls a special "featured snippet block" at the top of the page.  The snippet quotes from, and includes a link to, the Wikipedia article for "pathological lying."  By early Monday morning, the image had been removed from the Google search.

University of California is Hillary Clinton's top source of campaign cash.  Individuals working for the University of California were the biggest source of cash for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.  Individuals affiliated with the University of California system gave nearly $1.2 million to Clinton's campaign committee, the largest bloc of contributions she received for her presidential run.  The second biggest giver to Clinton was another California entity, Alphabet Inc., the Mountain View-based parent company of Google.  Donors associated with Alphabet gave Clinton $1.1 million

Election Fraud: Nothing to See Here!.  Google "Voter Fraud" and notice how many articles are listed by left-wing "news organizations" citing so-called experts saying that it is "rare", "overblown", or as the Huffington Post declares, "consistent since 2000".  The same is true for other, similar search terms on Google such as "Voter Fraud Cases" and "History of Voter Fraud".  If I lived in a cave, and only had Google to keep me company, I might believe it... but I don't.  I read and I know of the many claims that Google regularly alters its listings to favor left-wing messaging; that it censors opposing views and the individuals that express them; that Eric Schmidt, who was the chief technology officer for Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, and who is now the executive chairman of Google parent-company Alphabet, is hard at work in a new company Groundwork ensuring that Hillary Clinton gets elected.

CEO Of Google's Parent Company Works Directly With Clinton Camp.  Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google's parent company Alphabet, is working directly with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, according to an email published by WikiLeaks.  Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager, forwarded a memo detailing the "technical and digital priorities," for the 2016 presidential race to John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton 2016 campaign, and other top Clinton officials, in an email.  Teddy Goff, former digital director for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and current staff member of the Clinton campaign, originally sent the memo to Secretary Clinton in October, 2014, around six months before Hillary announced her run for the White House.

Was "Google Home" designed to spy inside our homes?  Google Home (GH) is always listening to everything that goes on inside your home.  It's like paying the NSA, sorry I meant Google, $129.00 to bug your home.  Click [elsewhere] to find out about Google's close relationship with the NSA.  GH does more than listen to music, it can control your lights, thermostats, radios, TV's, refrigerators, smart plugs and more.  GH has partnered with Nest, Phillips, IFTTT and Samsung who also make the 'family hub refrigerator'.

Memo: Google's Eric Schmidt Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign.  Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Alphabet, Google's parent company, is working directly with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, according to a memo contained within an email released by WikiLeaks.  "Discreet conversations" of forming "working relationships" with companies such as Facebook and Apple were also facilitated as early as October 2014, the memo stated.  This is at least six months prior to when Clinton announced her candidacy for president.

Now Google boss Eric Schmidt revealed to have designed Clinton's website.  When Hillary Clinton wanted a new campaign website, she went to the top — enlisting former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to head up a technology effort, hacked emails reveal.  Schmidt oversaw an effort that involved developing the early 'back-end' stages of a web site that would be a powerful tool to promote Clinton's message and harness the efforts of volunteers — while storing information on supporters.  The details of the effort are outlined in a strategy memo authored by Clinton digital strategist Teddy Goff and sent to Clinton, according to documents posted on Wikileaks that were hacked from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's emails.

Yes, Google Play is tracking you — and that's just the tip of a very large iceberg.  On Monday, a story broke that Google Play — the near-ubiquitous service that Google uses to distribute software within Android — was using GPS to track your every move, whether you enabled Google Maps to use location tracking or not.  The only way to completely disable this kind of location tracking is to disable Google Play.  This is all true, as far as it goes.  But the conclusions are a bit less cut-and-dried than some publications like The Register have made it sound.

Google/Facebook Subverting Election for Hillary.  Google/Facebook/Twitter and the mainstream media are using social engineering on you to achieve their political goals.  [Video clip]

Google News launches fact check label.  Google has launched a new feature, fact check, which will add a label next to news stories in search results.  Fact check will appear with other news organisations in Google News and will, Google says, "shine a light on its efforts to divide fact from fiction".  Richard Gingras, Google's head of news, added it will "help readers find fact checking in large news stories".

Media spin can't hide Hillary's Health, but Google Can 'Disappear' It.  Hiding the health of a presidential candidate which the media gleefully reports is leading in election polls has got to take the proverbial cake.  But for the NYT and Google there's this one little bugaboo:  the myriad pictures which appear to show bulk other than flesh under Hillary Clinton's outlandish clothes.  With the rise of wearable medical technology, with room for drug packs, injections and even internally inflatable vests on the market, health problems are your secret.

Google is manipulating searches about Hillary Clinton's health.  [Scroll down]  This isn't the first time Google has been accused of bias in favor of Hillary Clinton.  SourceFed originally reported that Google appeared to be burying negative search terms about Clinton, and revealed connections between the tech company and her campaign.

Research Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton.  In this exclusive report, distinguished research psychologist Robert Epstein explains the new study and reviews evidence that Google's search suggestions are biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.  He estimates that biased search suggestions might be able to shift as many as 3 million votes in the upcoming presidential election in the US.

New York Times Tech Columnist Calls on Google to Hide Hillary Health InfoNew York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo is calling on Google to "fix" its search engine results to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton's failing health.  "Go online and put down, 'Hillary Clinton illness,' and take a look at the videos yourself," Rudy Giuliani recently said on Fox News, during an argument about how sick Clinton really is.  Manjoo of the Times called for Google to "fix" the problem of search results possibly hurting the Democratic nominee.

NYT Asks Google to Censor Search Results Related to Hillary's Health Problems and They Do It.  Some radical nutjob and New York Times reporter (but I repeat myself) recently called on Google to censor search results related to Hillary's numerous health issues. [...] Based on my research, it would appear that Google is now obliging that request:  Curiously, Google's super-smart auto-suggest feature appears incredibly ignorant when it comes to matter of Hillary Clinton's well-documented health problems.

Google will tell you how to vote in November.  Google is pulling another lever on its influential search engine in an effort to boost voter turnout in November's U.S. presidential election.  Beginning Tuesday [8/16/2016], Google will provide a summary box detailing state voting laws at the top of the search results whenever a user appears to be looking for that information.  The breakdown will focus on the rules particular to the state where the search request originates unless a user asks for another location.

Oracle Funds Anti-Google Effort that Outs Hillary, Obama.  The Oracle Corporation is using its deep financial resources to fund the "Google Transparency Project," which has set up headquarters in Washington, D.C. with a mission to "out" Google's dicey lobbying practices and expose crony relationships with President Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  With Google demonstrating its political clout by essentially writing the "Net Neutrality" regulatory language, Oracle and others are stepping up funding for a Silicon Valley attack dog to level the playing field.

Google My Activity shows everything that company knows about its users — and there's a lot.  Google has launched a new site that shows absolutely everything it knows about its users.  And there's an awful lot of it.  The new My Activity page collects all of the data that Google has generated by watching its customers as they move around the web.  And depending on your settings that could include a comprehensive list of the websites you've visited and the things you've done with your phone.  Google has long allowed its users to see the kinds of information that is being generated as people use the company's products, including letting people listen in on automated recordings that it has made of its users.  But the new page collects them together in a more accessible — and potentially more terrifying — way than ever before.

Google Just Plugged Into Japan With Its Own Undersea Cable.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, Facebook and Google are also buying up "dark fiber" — unused fiber optic capacity throughout the US — to connect their various data centers on land.  In short, a handful of large tech companies are slowly eclipsing the bandwidth capacity of traditional telcos, underscoring just how big these tech giants have really become.  But Hjembo points out that there's no shortage of capacity.  The real point here is that companies like Google want to own their own cables.  Or, as Facebook's vice president of network engineering Najam Ahmad told us earlier this year, these projects allow the companies to control their own destinies.

Military investigates who ordered soldiers' Google formation.  Israel's military said Wednesday it was looking into why soldiers at an air force base were ordered to line up in a formation spelling out the word Google for a visit by the company's top gun.  Video of the formation that spread online led to criticism in Israel, and parents questioned why soldiers were made to stand in the heat for what they saw as an inappropriate reason.  The order was issued as Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, visited the Hatzerim Air Base near the southern Israeli city of Beersheba.

Users Claim Google Is Putting Trump Emails In Their Spam Box.  Gmail users are claiming that Google is filtering emails from Donald Trump's campaign into their spam boxes.  There have been previous reports, denied by Google, that the search engine was manipulating search autocomplete results in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has previously said, "Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton's campaign."  In 2015, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly funded a startup, "The Groundwork," with the objective of helping Hillary Clinton get elected.

Europe Is About To Create A Link Tax:  Time To Speak Out Against It.  We've written plenty of times about ridiculous European plans to create a so-called "snippet tax" which is more officially referred to as "ancillary rights" (and is really just about creating a tax on Google).  The basic concept is that some old school newspapers are so lazy and have so failed to adapt to the internet — and so want to blame Google for their own failures — that they want to tax any aggregator (e.g., Google) that links to their works with a snippet, that doesn't pay for the privilege of sending those publishers traffic.  As you may remember, Germany has been pushing for such a thing for many, many years, and Austria has been exploring it as well.  But perhaps the most attention grabbing move was the one in Spain, which not only included a snippet tax, but made it mandatory.  That is, even if you wanted Google News to link to you for free, you couldn't get that.  In response, Google took the nuclear option and shut down Google News in Spain.

Here Are 10 More Examples of Google Search Results Favorable to Hillary.  "Crime" and "indictment" are not the only terms Google is keeping hidden from searches of Hillary Clinton, a Washington Free Beacon analysis finds.  Common search terms associated with Clinton appear to have been scrubbed from Google as the tech giant has been accused of manipulating its autocomplete results to favor the Democratic presidential candidate.  Matt Lieberman of SourceFed released a video showing examples of Google skewing its autocomplete results for Clinton, while other search engines simply display the most searched terms.

Google's digital wall will make Hillary Clinton inevitable as next president.  No matter how hard they try to force it into reality, Google will never make 'Crooked Hillary' straight.  As people who have tried to get items removed from the world's largest search engine already know, high-handed Google "is forever".  Unfortunately so too are the lies that social media is helping Hillary Rodham Clinton cover.  Like the president who got there before it was "my turn", there's nothing real about Hillary Clinton, save for her ongoing outrageous lies.  Just like Obama, Hillary Clinton is a completely re-laundered and re-cycled digitally social media-manufactured persona.  You'd think from the whining of the far left, the in-the-tank-with-the-Dems GOP and the embittered #Nevertrump that Election 2016 was in the bag for Donald J. Trump.  But most tragically for America and the West that depends on a stable US, Google's got it in the bag for Hillary Clinton.

'Three black teenagers' Google search sparks outrage.  Google image searches for "three black teenagers" and "three white teenagers" get very different results, raising troubling questions about how racial bias in society and the media is reflected online.  Kabir Alli, an 18-year-old graduating senior from Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, Va., posted a video clip on Twitter this week of a Google image search for "three black teenagers" which turned up an array of police mugshots.  He and friends then searched for "three white teenagers," and found groups of smiling young people.

The Editor says...
Maybe that's because black teenagers don't smile:  If you smile for a photograph you are acting white.  Smiling is what weaklings and losers do, after all.  Google can't find photographs that do not exist.

Video: Is Google Manipulating Searches To Be Pro-Hillary?  A newly-released YouTube video makes a compelling case that, for unclear reasons, Google search results appear manipulated in favor of Hillary Clinton.  The video is the work of SourceFed, a channel with over 1.7 million subscribers that posts a variety of news, pop culture, and explanatory videos.

Google accused of fixing autocomplete results to be favorable to Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump has responded after a video went viral this week claiming to show Google has been fiddling with autocomplete results to suppress terms unfavorable to Hillary Clinton.  The presumptive Republican presidential nominee told Business Insider that if the claim it is true, 'it is a disgrace that Google would do that,' adding 'very, very dishonest.'  'They should let it float and allow people [to] see how crooked she really is,' he told the business site in a statement on Friday [6/9/2016].

Google surprisingly wins $9bn ruling over Oracle, fair use affirmed by court.  It became a bad day for Oracle yesterday [5/25/2016] as they lost a potential $9 billion court decision as a San Francisco jury ruled in favor of Google in the long-running legal saga.  Oracle has maintained that the search giant should compensate them for the license to use Java in the programming of Android.  The decision of the jury has put a dent to that contention.  Google has constantly argued that it used elements of Java under the fair use policy under the copyright law.  Most people had pegged that Google's argument was weak because of the obvious use of Java in Android, which is one of Google's hottest properties as of the moment.  In fact, this year's trial came about because an earlier jury had decided that infringement had indeed happened, just that they were not sure if it could be considered legal under fair-use doctrines.

Here Are 10 More Examples of Google Search Results Favorable to Hillary.  "Crime" and "indictment" are not the only terms Google is keeping hidden from searches of Hillary Clinton, a Washington Free Beacon analysis finds.  Common search terms associated with Clinton appear to have been scrubbed from Google as the tech giant has been accused of manipulating its autocomplete results to favor the Democratic presidential candidate.  Matt Lieberman of SourceFed released a video showing examples of Google skewing its autocomplete results for Clinton, while other search engines simply display the most searched terms.

Hating America at Google.  Yesterday [5/19/2016], anyone who clicked on the Google home page saw a curious "doodle" honoring someone who most users had probably never heard of.  But rather than the usual anodyne historical figure or celebrity, yesterday's honoree was a woman who Google identified as "one of the most overlooked and dogged civil rights activists of our time." Her name is Yuri Kochiyama and yesterday was her 95th birthday, but anyone who clicked on the image to learn more about her got an interesting introduction to a radical activist.  If you went digging beyond that page, you learned that Google was honoring someone who was not only a champion of a cause that most Americans ultimately supported — reparations for Japanese-Americans interned during World War Two — but was also an associate of terrorist murderers and anti-Semites and a fan of Osama bin Laden.

100 French police raid Google's Paris headquarters as part of £1.2 billion tax and money laundering investigation.  A dawn raid was launched on Google's office in Paris yesterday [5/23/2016] as part of a probe into 'aggravated tax fraud' and money laundering.  Around 100 police officers, five magistrates, 25 computer experts and around 100 tax officials entered the US internet giant's premises in the French capital at 5am.  Google is accused of owing the French government £1.2 billion in unpaid taxes.

To Learn About Hypocrisy, Google 'Oregon Florist'.  Google announced Wednesday [5/11/2016] it no longer would allow online or payday lenders to advertise on its websites.  Online loans join firearms, explosives and illicit drugs as products the search engine giant refuses to tout.  Facebook also bans selling ads to online lenders, but Yahoo and other providers still do.  It's a problem for the industry if it can't advertise on Google.  It is by far the world's largest search engine and the largest such collection of knowledge ever assembled.  In the United States, Google controls between 65 and 70 percent of search traffic, more than 75 percent of paid search advertising and 95 percent of mobile searches.

Google's extraordinary access to Obama revealed.  When top White House officials want to know what Google executives are thinking, they don't need to go near a computer — since company officials have been hovering at the White House about once a week through the course of the Obama administration, White House logs reveal.  The tech giant's top lobbyist, Johanna Shelton, has visited the White House a total of 128 times since President Obama got elected in 2009.

Google patents 'pedestrian glue' for cars.  If you're unlucky enough to be hit by one of Google's self-driving cars, the company wants you to stay glued to the front of it, according to a patent that's dated May 17 — not April 1.  The patent describes an adhesive layer that "may be a very sticky material and operate in a manner similar to flypaper, or double-sided duct tape," designed to prevent pedestrians from further injury, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

How can people safely take control from a self-driving car?  New cars that can steer and brake themselves risk lulling people in the driver's seat into a false sense of security — and even to sleep.  One way to keep people alert may be providing distractions that are now illegal.  That was one surprising finding when researchers put Stanford University students in a simulated self-driving car to study how they reacted when their robo-chauffer needed help.

Google says it bears 'some responsibility' after self-driving car hit bus.  Google said on Monday [2/29/2016] it bears "some responsibility" after one of its self-driving cars struck a municipal bus in a minor crash earlier this month.  The crash may be the first case of one of its autonomous cars hitting another vehicle and the fault of the self-driving car.

Google staffers have had at least 427 meetings at the White House over [the] course of [the] Obama presidency.  Newly compiled data reveals Google and its affiliates have attended meetings at the White House more than once a week, on average, since President Barack Obama took office.  Numbers crunched by the Campaign for Accountability and the Intercept show 169 Google employees have met with 182 government officials in the White House.  The meetings took place at least 427 times.  The data used spans from Obama's first month in office in 2009 until October 2015, and includes government meetings with representatives of Google-affiliated companies Tomorrow Ventures and Civis Analytics.

Unoccupied self-driving Google car pulled over for driving too slowly in California.  The Mountain View Police Department in the San Francisco Bay Area said an officer "noticed traffic backing up behind a slow moving car" on Thursday and pulled over what turned out to be an unoccupied Google Autonomous Vehicle.

Google's self-driving just car got pulled over for driving too slow.  That's right, a Mountain View traffic cop this week spotted the cute little pod puttering along the street at a speed presumably not much faster than a granny walking a dog, and decided to have a word.

How a track stand can confuse Google's self-driving car.  The Washington Post reports how a cyclist doing a track stand on his bike confused an autonomous automobile into a stop-start pattern, and the cyclist himself recounted the experience on an online forum.  For the uninitiated, a "track stand" is where a cyclist balances on his or her pedals at a stop, moving the bike every so slightly to keep balanced.  It's this kind of small but perceptible movement that confused Google's self-driving car, although no one was in any danger.

People's Deepest, Darkest Google Searches Are Being Used Against Them.  Google knows the questions that people wouldn't dare ask aloud, and it silently offers reams of answers.  But it is a mistake to think of a search engine as an oracle for anonymous queries.  It isn't.  Not even close.  In some cases, the most intimate questions a person is asking — about health worries, relationship woes, financial hardship — are the ones that set off a chain reaction that can have troubling consequences both online and offline.

Feds rule in favor of snooping by tech giants.  Google, Facebook and other tech giants should remain free to spy on you, regulators ruled on Friday [11/6/2015].  A petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission by the privacy group Consumer Watchdog asked that such websites be forced to respect consumer requests not to have their online activity tracked.  The FCC dismissed the petition, stating that it has been "unequivocal in declaring that it has no intent to regulate edge providers."

Mr. Google[,] Eric Schmidt [is] dumping Hillary on unsuspecting society.  With just one year to vote time, it's Google, and not Donald Trump, that is running run away with the 2016 presidential race.  While folk hero Trump's goal is 'Make America Great Again', unfortunately for freedom and liberty worldwide, Google's is 'Return Hillary Clinton' to the White House'.  Undercover until Drudge gave oxygen to the story on Friday [10/9/2015] in short:  "An under-the-radar startup funded by billionaire Eric Schmidt has become a major technology vendor for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, underscoring the bonds between Silicon Valley and Democratic politics."

Google, the NSA & DHS are creating a global DNA database.  According to the Verge,, is seeking permission from the FDA to create a national DNA database. claims they'll use your DNA to assess your families disease risk.  Would it shock you to know that Google, the NSA and DHS are using "front companies" to create a GLOBAL DNA database?

Driverless Cars Far More Likely To Get Into Crashes, Study Finds.  There have been reports of some driverless cars getting into crashes, but how do they compare with the real world of human-operated ones?  Researchers at the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute set out to answer that question. [...] They found that per mile driven, driverless cars were actually far more likely to get in a crash than human-operated ones.

Lightning strike causes Google data centre to lose power.  Repeated lightning strikes have caused a Google data centre in Belgium to lose a small amount of data after the company was unable to restore some information.  Four successive strikes on the electricity grid that powers facilities in Saint-Ghislain, near Mons, affected 5 percent of persistent, or non-virtual disks in the zone that powers Google Compute Engine, its cloud computing platform.  The problem was compounded when the data centre's battery backup failed, although Google said the vast majority of the data was recovered between last Thursday [8/13/2015], when the strikes occurred, and Monday.

Apple And Google Pour Billions Down A Green Drain.  Business has been captured by climatism, the belief that humans are causing dangerous global warming.  Leading companies announce plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, purchase renewable energy, use vehicle biofuels, and buy carbon credits.  But there is no evidence that commercial policies to "fight" climate change have any measureable effect on global temperatures.  Apple and Google, the darling companies of the millennial generation, have spent billions trying to halt global warming.

Google becomes part of a new company, Alphabet.  Google, one of the best-known brands on the planet, on Monday [8/10/2015] radically restructured itself under the corporate name Alphabet, an almost unprecedented shift that reflects the company's far-reaching ambitions and the vast Web it helped evolve.  The move represents Google's biggest push yet to transcend its roots in the simple but highly profitable business of Web search and turn the company into a multifaceted General Electric for the digital age.

How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election.  America's next president could be eased into office not just by TV ads or speeches, but by Google's secret decisions, and no one — except for me and perhaps a few other obscure researchers — would know how this was accomplished.  Research I have been directing in recent years suggests that Google, Inc., has amassed far more power to control elections — indeed, to control a wide variety of opinions and beliefs — than any company in history has ever had.  Google's search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more — up to 80 percent in some demographic groups — with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated, according to experiments I conducted recently with Ronald E. Robertson.

Sexist Google Algorithm? Women Shown Fewer Ads For High-Paying Jobs, Study Finds.  It's no secret:  Google has long been tracking our Internet searches to generate customized ads based on our interests.  But new findings from Carnegie Mellon University claim Google's targeted ad algorithm is downright discriminatory, particularly for women.

Here's what to takes to lay Google's 9,000km undersea cable.  It takes a plow the size of a small house, a robot the size of a truck and a purpose-built ship to install Google's latest oceanic infrastructure project — a super-fast submarine Internet cable linking the U.S. and Japan.  The US$300 million FASTER cable system, backed by Google and East Asian telecom firms, will have a peak capacity of 60 Tbps (terabits per second) when it's ready next year.

How Google distorts your view of the world.  MANY charges have been levelled at Google.  It steals your information, violates copyright, allows access to dangerous and illegal material and prioritises its own sites while crushing any competition.  But perhaps the most troubling accusation about the search giant is that it distorts our view of the world, giving us a fatally flawed idea of what is going on around us.  This problem is known as the "filter bubble":  as Google learns from your searches and makes its results increasingly personalised and tailored to you, you stop seeing anything else.

The Google Glass epic fail: What happened?  Here we are in the summer of 2015 and hardly a peep about a device that the media and public obsessed about for two years.  So, what happened to Google Glass and where's it going?

Emails Show Hillary's State Department Communicating With Google About Blocked Benghazi Video.  Emails among State Department officials show the administration was in contact with Google regarding a blocked YouTube video after President Obama conceded that the Benghazi attack was a preplanned act of terror.  On Sept. 27, 2012, Nora Toiv, a special assistant to the counselor of the Department, sent an email to other State Department officials with the subject line "RE: Google and YouTube."  The email referenced a phone conversation with a person named Sue who assured Toiv a block would remain on an unnamed video at least through Oct. 1, 2012.  "Sue just called back and the block will stay through Monday," Toiv said in the email.  "They will not/not be unblocking it before then."

Also posted under Benghazi and Hillary's private email server.

Google, YouTube win First Amendment fight over anti-Muslim video.  Google and other online-content providers have dodged what they considered a First Amendment nightmare.  Weighing in on a global controversy, a federal appeals court on Monday [5/18/2015] found that YouTube can't be forced to take down an anti-Muslim video that sparked worldwide protests, finding that such an order tramples on free speech rights.

Tina Siegert; the Google Goliath's David.  Conservative websites like Canada Free Press (CFP) owe a debt of gratitude to plucky 'Citizen Journalist', news researcher cum laude, Tina Siegert of News the Media Won't Show You.  Though some might not yet realize its full impact, all conservative websites are under Google suppression now that Google has claimed rights as the Grand Central of Internet Truth.  Google will no longer drive traffic to Conservative websites.  Internet traffic is what gets all websites Internet advertising.  Without advertising they will go under.  Google, the world's largest search engine, is gargantuan in size and clout, but still small enough to fit in Barack Obama's back pocket.

Racism map
The most racist places in America, according to Google.  Where do America's most racist people live?  "The rural Northeast and South," suggests a new study just published in PLOS ONE.  The paper introduces a novel but makes-tons-of-sense-when-you-think-about-it method for measuring the incidence of racist attitudes:  Google search data.  The methodology comes from data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz.

French Senate Backs Bid To Force Google To Disclose Search Algorithm Workings.  It's been a bad week for Google in Europe, with the Competition Commission on Wednesday [4/15/2015] adopting a Statement of Objections regard its shopping comparison service — marking an escalation of a five-year long antitrust investigation.  The Competition Commissioner also launched a parallel in-depth probe into Google's mobile OS Android, following antitrust complains [sic].  Those high level processes could last years, and have the potential to result in multi-billion-dollar fines if Google can't satisfy the EC.

Some Pretty Clear Evidence Of American Exceptionalism.  A seemingly whimsical study of Google searches tells a not-so-whimsical story about America. Cost-estimating website used Google's auto-complete feature, which is based on popular searches, to see what showed when they typed in "how much does a * cost in (country name)?"  While those from other nations were frequently searching the price of beer, or passports, or cows, or flying lessons, at the top of the list for the USA was "patent."  If that's not a loud signal of American exceptionalism, what is?  As reported Friday by the Daily Mail, created a map based these auto-complete results.

Epic Google snafu leaks hidden whois data for 280,000 domains.  Google leaked the complete hidden whois data attached to more than 282,000 domains registered through the company's Google Apps for Work service, a breach that could bite good and bad guys alike.  The 282,867 domains counted by Cisco Systems' researchers account for 94 percent of the addresses Google Apps has registered through a partnership with registrar eNom.

Government by Google.  It was a mainstream media asking no questions that inflicted a Marxist president on an unsuspecting West in 2008, but it is Google that is keeping him there, and Google which is making the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 all but inevitable.  As much as half of the U.S. population so fervently wishes otherwise, America-hating Marxists in office are there to stay, courtesy of the airtight power bestowed upon them by the most arrogant, powerful and influential company on earth:  Google.

How Google is endangering police officers.  For the fifth year in a row in 2014, ambush attacks on police officers were the No. 1 cause of felonious deaths of law enforcement officers in the line of duty.  Nevertheless, Google continues to market a smartphone application that lets lawbreakers pinpoint the location of police officers in the field. Google's executives won't even discuss the subject with organizations representing law enforcement.  Google's popular real-time traffic app, Waze, uses GPS navigation and crowdsourcing to alert users to traffic jams, automobile accidents, stalled cars, and through its "traffic cop" feature, the presence of law enforcement.

An antitrust probe went away while Google snuggled with Obama.  During this past week as we've been swamped with bad news pouring out of every corner of the globe, it wouldn't be surprising if you missed one of the more shocking revelations about White House actions that would make even Richard Nixon blush.  The Wall Street Journal revealed that it had obtained a 2012 Federal Trade Commission report detailing the closeness of Google and the Obama administration while the FTC was engaging in an antitrust investigation of the Internet giant.  It's usually the case that you get more interesting information when the details were supposed to remain secret, and that's the case here.

Hillary Clinton hires Google executive to be chief technology officer.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has hired a longtime Google executive to oversee her likely presidential campaign's technology development and build new ways for Clinton to engage with voters, according to Democrats with knowledge of the move.

Google/Dems deadly duo whitewashing Hillary Clinton's Past.  A whopping 60% of Democrats want Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) as their next president.  They have decreed America has to have its first woman president "because it's time".  This time the Democrats, Marxist liars holding public office, have joined ranks with the world's largest search engine, with intentions to foist upon a largely unsuspecting America, the First GOOGLE Woman President.  No other politician ever got off to a presidential run with a scrubbed clean slate, but that's what Google — self-proclaimed owners of the truth — will do for HRC.

Google controls what we buy, the news we read — and Obama's policies.  A former Google officer is the president's chief technology adviser.  Google employees contributed more to President Obama's re-election than did employees of any other company except Microsoft.  Google lobbyists met with Obama White House officials 230 times.  By comparison, lobbyists from rival Comcast have been admitted to the inner sanctum a mere 20 or so times in the same period.  Oh, and on Election Night 2012, guess where Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was?  Working for the president.  In the president's campaign office.  On a voter-turnout system designed to help the president get re-elected.

Welcome to a surrealistic world run by Google.  The mighty corporate techie giant with assets of $131 billion has nestled so long among us it is almost like family.  Website owners tell people who want things removed off the net:  "No can do 'cause Google is forever".  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rocked the online world world when its 313-page 'Net Neutrality' initiative was revealed last month.  But in reality, Net Neutrality was devised not by FCC but by Google.

Mike Lee wants to investigate Google's frequent meetings at the White House.  Has Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) incurred the wrath of Google?  On Monday [3/30/2015], Lee announced that he would like to know more about Google's meetings with the White House while they were under a Federal Trade Commission investigation for anti-trust violations.  Lee, chairman of the Senate's antitrust panel, suspects that Google and the White House may have improperly meddled with the FTC's decision.

FBI digital search-warrant plan a 'monumental' constitutional threat, says Google.  Tech giant Google submitted court documents this week charging that a new FBI plan for obtaining digital search warrants is a "monumental" constitutional threat.  Richard Salgado, Google's director for law enforcement and information security, wrote Tuesday [2/17/2015] that the Justice Department's plans for remotely accessing computer files "raises a number of monumental and highly complex constitutional, legal, and geopolitical concerns that should be left to Congress to decide."

At Odds With Google, US Seeks New Rule on Computer Access.  A Justice Department proposal that could make it easier to locate and hack into computers that are part of criminal investigations is raising constitutional concerns from privacy groups and Google, who fear the plan could have broad implications.

Google Leaks Identities of Over 280,000 Customers Who Were Paying to Stay Hidden.  If you want to figure out who owns a website, it's pretty easy:  You simply punch the URL into a "whois" database, and up pops the info of the person who registered that domain.  Unless, of course, that person has paid their hosting service extra so that you can't find out who they are.  Yesterday [3/12/2015], a group of security researchers from Cisco revealed that Google had been slowly de-anonymizing its customers who were buying domain names through Google.  Due to a problem with the way Google's system interacted with the third party registrar service eNom, customers for whom identity protection is a part of the "Google App" services were not, in fact, given that protection.

Over 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine.  Serious vulnerabilities exist in Google App Engine (GAE), a cloud service for developing and hosting Web applications, a team of security researchers has found.  The vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to escape from the Java Virtual Machine security sandbox and execute code on the underlying system, according to researchers from Security Explorations, a Polish security firm that found many vulnerabilities in Java over the past few years.

Google alerts FBI to Colorado threat against police.  A Colorado man is facing federal charges Wednesday [12/24/2014] after he allegedly posted threats against police in YouTube's comment section under the username, "Vets Hunting Cops." reported the police identified the man as Jeremiah Perez, a 33-year-old Air Force veteran from Colorado Springs.

WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government.  Google took almost three years to disclose to the open information group WikiLeaks that it had handed over emails and other digital data belonging to three of its staffers to the US government, under a secret search warrant issued by a federal judge.  WikiLeaks has written to Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, to protest that the search giant only revealed the warrants last month, having been served them in March 2012.  In the letter, WikiLeaks says it is "astonished and disturbed" that Google waited more than two and a half years to notify its subscribers, potentially depriving them of their ability to protect their rights to "privacy, association and freedom from illegal searches".

Everything Google knows about you (and how it knows it).  According to Google, I am a woman between the ages of 25 and 34 who speaks English as her primary language and has accumulated an unwieldy 74,486 e-mails in her life.  I like cooking, dictionaries and Washington, D.C. I own a Mac computer that I last accessed at 10:04 p.m. last night, at which time I had 46 open Chrome tabs.  And of the thousands and thousands of YouTube videos I have watched in my lifetime, a truly embarrassing number of them concern (a) funny pets or (b) Taylor Swift.  I didn't tell Google any of these things intentionally, of course — I didn't fill out a profile or enter a form.  But even as you search Google, it turns out, Google is also searching you.

Renewable Energy: So Useless That Even Greenie Google Gave up on it.  Some people call it "renewable energy" but I prefer to call it "alternative energy" because that's what it really is:  an alternative to energy that actually works (eg nuclear and anything made from wonderful, energy-rich fossil fuel.)  Now a pair of top boffins from uber-green Google's research department have reached the same conclusion. [...] In a nutshell, renewable energy is rubbish because so much equipment is needed to make it work — steel, concrete, copper, glass, carbon fibre, neodymium, shipping and haulage — that it very likely uses up more energy than it actually produces.  Yet our political class remains committed to the fantasy that the emperor's green clothes are perfectly magnificent.

Google exec to head up Democrat midterm review panel.  How cozy is the Democrats' relationship with the media and technology worlds?  Close enough for Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt to head up a panel convened by the Democratic National Committee to figure out why they got creamed in the midterm elections, as CNN reports: [...]

World's largest solar plant applying for federal grant to pay off federal loan.  After already receiving a controversial $1.6 billion construction loan from U.S. taxpayers, the wealthy investors of a California solar power plant now want a $539 million federal grant to pay off their federal loan. [...] The Ivanpah solar electric generating plant is owned by Google and renewable energy giant NRG, which are responsible for paying off their federal loan.

The Editor says...
It will be interesting to see where the left-wing anti-capitalist troublemakers stand on this issue.  The tree-hugging hippies who tout solar panels as a "clean" energy source are the same people who rail against "Wall Street" — by which they mean successful and profitable businesses with plenty of available cash, of which Google is a prime example.  Where are the "corporate social responsibility" people now?

Google ordered to pay a woman $2,250 for Street View image showing cleavage.  Earlier this month [10/2014], a Quebecois court in Montreal decided that Google owed a woman $2,250 for picturing her with "part of her breast exposed" in a Street View image.  The woman was sitting in front of her house, and although her face was blurred out, she was still identifiable by her coworkers, especially as her car was parked in the driveway without the license plate blurred out.

Veterans Day Celebrated By Leasing Moffett Naval Air Station To Google.  With a new Cold War is ramping up, and as Americans gathered across the country to honor our veterans, the U.S. government's NASA Ames Research Center announced that is is leasing the 1,000 acre Moffett Airfield in Silicon Valley to Google for the next for the next 60 years.  The former naval air station is located near the south end of San Francisco Bay.

Eye-Tracking Study: How Users View Google Search Result Pages Has Changed Significantly.  The report was based on data from an eye-tracking study of 53 participants who were asked to complete 43 common search tasks, such as looking for an apartment to rent in a particular neighborhood.  All searches were conducted on desktop computers in Canada using the Google search engine.

Google Chairman: 'We're Going to End Up Breaking the Internet'.  Google Chairman Eric Schmidt warned Wednesday that the Internet will soon undergo massive upheaval if governments refuse to alter the way they spy on other countries.  Speaking at an event in California hosted by Sen. Ron Wyden, Schmidt said the Internet will splinter into walled-off fragments unless digital surveillance practices of the National Security Agency and foreign intelligence agencies are reformed.

Google's Climate Name-Calling.  Eric Schmidt always seemed a decent guy but we never had reason to ask if he was especially brave.  Then came his long interview on a Washington radio show late last month, the closing minutes of which featured a caller's inquiry whether Google was still "supporting ALEC, which is that fund lobbyist in D.C. that are funding climate change deniers."

'America' Filmmakers Demand to Know Why Google is Getting Their Search Results Wrong.  Lawyers representing Dinesh D'Souza's newest film, America, have fired off a letter to Google demanding that the search engine correct problems that they say are hampering the ability of consumers to figure out where the movie is playing.  The letter claims that Google has been confusing America with 2016: Obama's America, which was D'Souza's first movie and has been out of theaters for two years, while Lionsgate released America on July 2 and it is currently playing in about 1,100 theaters nationwide.

How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business at Will.  [Scroll down]  Only later did [Rene] Bertagna come to suspect that he was the victim of a gaping vulnerability that made his Google listings open to manipulation.  He was alerted to that possibility when one of his regulars phoned the restaurant.  "A customer called me and said, 'Why are you closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday?  What's going on?'" Bertagna says.  It turned out that Google Places, the search giant's vast business directory, was misreporting the Serbian Crown's hours.  Anyone Googling Serbian Crown, or plugging it into Google Maps, was told incorrectly that the restaurant was closed on the weekends, Bertagna says.  For a destination restaurant with no walk-in traffic, that was a fatal problem.

Google wraps its trans-Pacific fiber cables in Kevlar to prevent against shark attacks.  The issue of sharks attacking underwater cables dates back decades.  In 1989 the New York Times reported instances of sharks showing an "inexplicable taste" for the then-new fiber optic cables that lay between the U.S. and Europe.  Last week at a Google Cloud Roadshow event in Boston Dan Belcher, a product manager on the Google cloud team in an opening keynote said that Google goes to great lengths to protect its infrastructure, including wrapping its trans-Pacific underwater cables in Kevlar to prevent against shark attacks, he said.  Google did not respond to a request for additional information.

Google Buying Satellite Maker Skybox For $500M.  Google is buying Skybox Imaging in a deal that could serve as a launching pad for the Internet company to send its own fleet of satellites to take aerial pictures and provide online access to remote areas of the world.

Google Plans Advertising on Appliances, Including Nest Thermostat.  In a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Google announced plans to place targeted ads on Google-controlled appliances.  Google wrote that "a few years from now, we and other companies could be serving ads and other content on refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities."  The proposal raises significant privacy concerns for the "Internet of Things."

Supreme Court rejects appeal by Google over Street View data collection.  In March 2013, Google agreed to pay a $7-million fine for collecting personal data from millions of unsecured wireless networks while operating its Street View fleet.  The fine settled an investigation of the data collection by 38 states and the District of Columbia.  As part of that agreement, Google promised to educate employees about the privacy of consumer data and sponsor a public service campaign to teach people how to secure their wireless networks.  Google also agreed to destroy the data it collected.  Google said its executives were not aware the Street View vehicles were collecting other data, Connecticut Atty. Gen. George Jepsen said in a statement at the time.

Google Introduces Driverless Prototype Cars It Designed.  Google Inc. has designed its own self-driving vehicles that transport passengers at the push of a button as it aims to spread the new automotive technology, co-founder Sergey Brin said. [...] The vehicles will initially have a top speed of 25 miles per hour and won't have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal or brake pedal, the Mountain View, California-based company said in a blog post.

The Editor says...
A car with a top speed of 25 mph would be a public nuisance on almost any street.  If you take such a car out on the freeway, you could easily get somebody killed.  What is to be gained from driverless cars?

Google Honors Rachel Carson, Who Helped Cause the Death of up to 50 Million People.  Yesterday Google barely acknowledged Memorial Day, with a tiny little flag that contrasted sharply against the sea of flags on display on Bing's homepage.  But today is a holiday the Google people can get behind.  It's Rachel Carson's birthday.

Internet Giants Erect Barriers to Spy Agencies.  Just down the road from Google's main campus here, engineers for the company are accelerating what has become the newest arms race in modern technology:  They are making it far more difficult — and far more expensive — for the National Security Agency and the intelligence arms of other governments around the world to pierce their systems.  As fast as it can, Google is sealing up cracks in its systems that Edward J. Snowden revealed the N.S.A. had brilliantly exploited.

Google Tells Conservative News Website to Take a Hike.  The Conservative oriented website dedicated to aggregating news from around the world-wide-interwebs, Weasel Zippers, has just lost its primary funding source because... Well... It's kinda hard to say.  According to the site, Google AdSense (an add [sic] generator produced by the infamously liberal corporation in Silicon Valley) has cancelled its agreement with the website because of apparent violations to their terms of use.  According to Google, the conservative news site has failed to produce an adequate amount of "original content" to continue utilizing the internet advertising tool provided by Google.  Of course, the claim seems mildly curious given the fact that news aggregators around the world use AdSense for their primary, or supplemental, income.

European Court: Google Must Yield on Personal Info.  Europe's highest court Tuesday [5/13/2014] gave people the means to scrub their reputations online, issuing a landmark ruling that experts say could force Google and other search engines to delete references to old debts, long-ago arrests and other unflattering episodes.

Why Does Google Have to be Berated into Recognizing Memorial Day?  After making a concession for a few years by running a small flag and yellow ribbon picture below its search bar, the search engine giant which has a monopoly on conventional search went back to ignoring Memorial Day.  After protests mounted, the flag and ribbon were grudgingly restored.  However unlike their pictures for every other event, there is no link to "Memorial Day" meaning that if you know, you know.  If you don't, Google isn't about to inform you.

Something wrong with that?
European Tycoon Accuses Google of Trying to Create a 'Digital Superstate'.  One of Europe's most powerful media tycoons has accused Google of seeking to create a digital 'superstate' outside the control of national regulators and privacy laws.  Mathias Döpfner, head of the giant German multi-media company Axel Springer, says Wir haben Angst vor Google:  "We are afraid of Google."  "I have to say so clearly and honestly because hardly any of my colleagues dares to do so publicly."

Google: the unelected superpower.  Researchers at Princeton and Northwestern universities have pored over 1,800 US policies and concluded that America is an oligarchy.  Instead of looking out for the majority of the country's citizens, the US government is ruled by the interests of the rich and the powerful, they found.  No great surprises there, then.  But the government is not the only American power whose motivations need to be rigourously examined.  Some 2,400 miles away from Washington, in Silicon Valley, Google is aggressively gaining power with little to keep it in check.  It has cosied up to governments around the world so effectively that its chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a White House advisor.

Google Launches Delivery Service in LA & NYC.  Google is launching a same-day delivery service called Google Shopping Express in both Los Angeles and New York City.  Customers will be able to order items from retailers like Costco, Walgreen and Target and it will arrive in a selected delivery window.

Google Ordered to Remove anti-Islamic Film from YouTube.  A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday [2/26/2014] ordered Google Inc to remove from its YouTube video-sharing website an anti-Islamic film that had sparked protests across the Muslim world.  By a 2-1 vote, a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Google's assertion that the removal of the film "Innocence of Muslims" amounted to a prior restraint of speech that violated the U.S. Constitution.

Google Is Having Trouble Trying to Trademark the Word 'Glass'.  Google is trying to register the word "Glass" as a trademark for its computer-powered glasses.  But so far, the company and the U.S. trademark office aren't seeing eye to eye.  Google, which has successfully trademarked the term "Google Glass," submitted an application last year for a trademark on just the single word "Glass," displayed with the same futuristic font used in its marketing campaign.  But the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is holding up the company's bid.

Google Maps marks Crimea as Russia... but only in Russia.  Crimea is now part of Russia, according to the Russian version of Google's map service.  The change was made to reflect in the latest update and did not affect how the online giant presents the peninsula to the rest of the world.

'NSA uses Google cookies to track targets,' reveals latest Snowden leak.  The National Security Agency has been accused of using Google cookies to pinpoint targets the government wants to hack.  In a NSA presentation slide released by Edward Snowden and seen by the Washington Post, the agency appeared to be using internet tracking techniques usually used by advertisers.

The Tweetable Guide To Media Myths And Left-wing Violence.  To this very day, if you type "John Patrick Bedell" into Google, the very first autofill suggestion is "John Patrick Bedell tea party."  That's not deliberate malice from Google.  The predictive search is based on how often a word or phrase was searched.  In other words, folks were so desperate to find out if Bedell was a tea partier, they taught Google to watch for it.

Google: Surge in pressure from govts to delete chunks of the web.  Today [12/19/2013], the advertising giant said that, in the first six months of 2013, it received 3,846 demands from public officials to remove 24,737 personal blog posts, YouTube videos and other pieces of content it hosts.  That's up 68 percent on the second half of 2012.  And according to the web giant, which has just published its latest transparency report, 93 requests focused on content that was critical of people in public office.

Google Buys Nest and Makes a Giant Leap Into Your Home.  The search juggernaut snapped up the maker of smart-thermostats and smart smoke detectors for $3.2 billion.  That's a lot of insight into your house.

Google's Faux Outrage over NSA Spying.  Google Inc. clearly does not have the coercive sovereign power that the NSA has.  However, the evidence shows that it has a similar spying habits, legal positions, and attitudes; and that it also has had a decade-long record of cooperation with U.S. intelligence services.

IRS using Google Maps to spy on taxpayers.  Agents from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are using Google Maps as part of their tool kit to audit taxpayers and organizations, The Daily Caller has learned.  A redacted IRS letter dated Sept. 8, 2011 reveals that at least in one case the IRS's examiners used photos of a property, obtained through Google Maps, as evidence to revoke the 501(c)(4) status of a homeowner's association.

Google wants to move into your Home: Giant plans to fit microphones in ceilings.  Google is already heavily criticised for trying to know almost everything about us, and now the firm wants to get inside our homes, literally.  Engineering director Scott Huffman told The Independent that in his vision of the future Google users would have microphones fitted inside their homes.

Google: Govt Requests for User Data Up 100+ Percent Since 2010.  Google today [11/14/2013] released its latest transparency report with details about government requests for user data, which the search giant said have increased by more than 100 percent since it started releasing these reports in 2010.  "This comes as usage of our services continues to grow, but also as more governments have made requests than ever before," Google said in a blog post.  "And these numbers only include the requests we're allowed to publish."

Google private jets blow 100 million lbs CO2 into atmosphere with its government subsidized fuel.  Google may tout itself as being a publicly responsible, green fingered, all-things-good company that touts green technology, but the companies chief executives are not setting a good example from on high.  In fact, it would appear they're flying high whilst American taxpayers foot the bill.  Despite lobbying the federal government on environmental policy, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt have put 3.4 million miles on their private jets in recent years, polluting the atmosphere with 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide according to The Blaze.

The Editor says...
Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and Google is a private company, so I have no problem with the company executives flying wherever they want.  The objectionable angle to this story is that prosperous Google gets a fuel subsidy from the taxpayers.

N.S.A. May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot.  The recent revelation that the National Security Agency was able to eavesdrop on the communications of Google and Yahoo users without breaking into either company's data centers sounded like something pulled from a Robert Ludlum spy thriller.  How on earth, the companies asked, did the N.S.A. get their data without their knowing about it?  The most likely answer is a modern spin on a century-old eavesdropping tradition.

Gmail scanning may violate federal wiretapping laws, judge finds.  A U.S. federal judge allowed a class-action suit against Google to proceed, saying the company's terms of service are unclear when describing how it scans Gmail content in order to deliver advertisements.  Google had filed a motion to dismiss the suit, which alleges that the company intercepted and read email while in transit in order to deliver advertisements and create user profiles and models since 2008.  The plaintiffs alleged the company violated federal and state wiretapping laws.

Google's new plan for endorsement ads is all about your info.  Google plans to launch new product-endorsement ads incorporating photos, comments and names of its users, in a move to match the "social" ads pioneered by rival Facebook Inc that is raising some privacy concerns.  The changes, which Google announced in a revised terms of service policy on Friday [10/11/2013], set the stage for Google to introduce "shared endorsements" ads on its sites as well as millions of other websites that are part of Google's display advertising network.

Google Sets Plan to Sell Users' Endorsements.  Those long-forgotten posts on social networks, from the pasta someone photographed to the rant about her dentist, are forgotten no more.  Social networks want to make them easier to find, and in some cases, to show them in ads.

How Google snoops on your email.  Microsoft has accused rival Google of using 'private information for profit' by snooping on people's emails.  The software giant has launched an advertising campaign warning people that Google reads every email sent by users, scanning for key words to target advertising.  A survey carried out by Microsoft found that 83 percent of people felt that this was an invasion of privacy, while 93 percent thought there should be an 'opt out' option for Gmail users.

US won't let Microsoft, Google reveal more data on FISA orders.  Microsoft and Google have not been able to convince the Department of Justice (DOJ) to let the tech companies reveal how many Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders they must comply with.

Google's Brin, Page lose Pentagon fuel subsidy on private jets.  Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have lost a jet fuel perk, according to a new report.  Google and the Pentagon inked a deal, which started in 2007, that let Google purchase fuel for its entire fleet — seven jets and two helicopters — at a discounted price from the US government, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Google Jet Fleet Loses a Pentagon Fuel Perk.  The agreement between the Google founders and the government, which started in 2007, ended Aug. 31 after officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration — which sponsored the arrangement — opted not to renew it, according to a Pentagon spokeswoman.

Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world.  If an Android device (phone or tablet) has ever logged on to a particular Wi-Fi network, then Google probably knows the Wi-Fi password.  Considering how many Android devices there are, it is likely that Google can access most Wi-Fi passwords worldwide.

NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, say reports.  If a recently leaked document is any indication, the US National Security Agency — or its UK counterpart — appears to have put on a Google suit to gather intelligence.

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords.  The U.S. government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users' stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these orders, which represent an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed.  If the government is able to determine a person's password, which is typically stored in encrypted form, the credential could be used to log in to an account to peruse confidential correspondence or even impersonate the user.

Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks, Get a Visit from the Feds.  Michele Catalano was looking for information online about pressure cookers.  Her husband, in the same time frame, was Googling backpacks.  Wednesday morning [7/31/2013], six men from a joint terrorism task force showed up at their house to see if they were terrorists.  Which prompts the question:  How'd the government know what they were Googling?

Google Outage: Internet Traffic Plunges 40%.  Worldwide internet traffic plunged by around 40% as Google services suffered a complete black-out, according to web analytics experts.  The tech company said all of its services from Google Search to Gmail to YouTube to Google Drive went down for between one and five minutes last night.  The reason for the outage is not yet known, and Google refused to provide any further information when contacted by Sky News Online.

Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail.  Google's attorneys say their long-running practice of electronically scanning the contents of people's Gmail accounts to help sell ads is legal, and have asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to stop the practice.

Yahoo, Google, Facebook and more face fight to salvage reputations over NSA leaks.  Google. Apple. Facebook. Microsoft:  they are the brands that want the world to trust them with personal information, emails, photos, documents — yet they are now facing a battle to maintain that trust after disclosures that the US government was given access to their customers' data online via the Prism programme operated by the NSA.  The companies involved — Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple — vigorously deny giving the Obama administration backdoor access to users' internet information, but the potential damage to their brand reputation has left the companies floundering for a way to respond.

Google wants to tell you more about the info spy agencies are seeking.  Google is asking the Obama administration for permission to disclose more information about requests it gets from national intelligence agencies for its users' emails and other online communications.  The technology giant made the request in a letter to Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III on Tuesday [6/11/2013].  Google is trying to counteract damaging media reports that the company allows the National Security Agency access to users' online communications.

Security-Enhanced Android: NSA Edition.  Tech giants listed as part of the National Security Agency's Prism spying program have gone to some lengths to convince the world they aren't in bed with the U.S. government.  Google has filed a request with the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court asking permission to disclose more information about the government's data requests.  So there's a certain irony that NSA programmers are now refining code that Google has approved for the company's mobile operating system, Android.

Justice Department tries to force Google to hand over user data.  A secret lawsuit in Manhattan filed last month asks judge to force Google to cough up user data without a search warrant.  A different court has already ruled that the process is unconstitutional.

Apple, Google Deny Giving NSA 'Back Door' Access To Systems, Claim 'Never Heard Of PRISM'.  In light of revelations about the top secret PRISM program used by the FBI and NSA to mine data from users of nine of the largest American Internet companies, two of those companies are now denying any cooperation with the government on such a program.  Spokespeople for both Apple and Google have released statements that indicate if the government is obtaining data from their systems it is doing it without the companies' involvement.

How does anyone find time to do any work at Google HQ?  With two swim-in wave pools, arcade games littering public spaces and free gourmet food on offer, it isn't hard to see why a job at Google is so sought after.  The internet giant allegedly receives a resume every 25 seconds from eager job-seekers, and is expected to be deluged with 40,000-plus candidates wanting an internship.

How can Google (or anyone) prove something is not happening in the super-secret NSA, or prove that the NSA can't do something extraordinary?
Exclusive: Google to DOJ: Let us prove to users that NSA isn't snooping on them.  There is a "serious misperception" about the National Security Agency's PRISM program, Google chief legal officer David Drummond said in an exclusive interview with Fox News.  On Tuesday [6/11/2013] the company pushed back against the layers of secrecy surrounding the agency's alleged blanket snooping on American citizens.  "We were as shocked about those revelations as anyone," Drummond told Fox News, in an interview with Fox News' Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge.

Google denies racial profiling via Gmail.  Last year, a tech writer in the US launched an experiment to see if Google was racially profiling users of its popular email service, Gmail.  The experiment involved using totally clean email addresses which had racially charged names, sending particular emails with common titles (e.g. "I Need Cash") and then looking closely at the ads which each of different ethnicities were served.  The experiment unearthed compelling evidence that Google's email service would give radically different advertising to different people, based on them having an ethnic name.

Brazilian newspapers pull out of Google News.  Newspapers accounting for 90% of the circulation in Brazil have abandoned Google News.  Brazil's National Association of Newspapers says all 154 members had followed its recommendation to ban the search engine aggregator from using their content.  The papers say Google News refused to pay for content and was driving traffic away from their websites.

13,753 Gov't Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant.  American government agencies — state, local, and federal — made a record 13,753 requests to read emails or gather other information sent through Google's Gmail and other services in 2012, more than half without warrants, according to statistics released by Google.  The total number of users about whom government agencies wanted information also set a record at 31,072, up from 23,300 in 2011, the first year Google began reporting the data.  The discrepancy comes because government agencies request information on multiple users or accounts at the same time.

Google engineers knew for TWO YEARS that the company's Street View cars were stealing emails and passwords via wi-fi.  The engineer behind Google's plot to steal personal information using the comapny's [sic] wi-fi cars shared his plot with others at the company.  Other engineers and at least one senior manager knew that the camera cars of their Street View project were retrieving and storing data from private wi-fi networks. [...] The Los Angeles Times published the report in full, which was the result of a 17-month long investigation by the FCC.

Google releases FCC report on Street View probe.  Google has released the full report of the Federal Communications Commission's investigation into the data it collected and stored from millions of unknowing households across the nation while operating specially equipped cars for its Street View service.  The search giant released the report, which had had heavily redacted passages, after wrangling with the FCC over which details could be publicly revealed.

FTC ramps up its probe of Google.  Escalating an antitrust investigation of Google Inc.'ssearch business, the Federal Trade Commission has hired an outside lawyer to lead the probe and perhaps take the case to court.

Fortune Teller Used Google to Speak to the Dead.  Two of Romania's top fortune tellers have been exposed as fraudsters who used Google instead of a crystal ball to gather information on their clients and trick them into parting with tens of thousands of pounds.

The Mounting Minuses at Google+.  It turns out Google+ is a virtual ghost town compared with the site of rival Facebook Inc., which is preparing for a massive initial public offering.  New data from research firm comScore Inc. shows that Google+ users are signing up — but then not doing much there.

Turning the tables on Big Brother.  Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, has unveiled a new add-on for the popular web browser that gives web users an instant view of which companies are 'watching' them as they browse.  The move comes the same week that Google pushed ahead with its controversial new privacy policy, built to provide even more data for Google's $28 billion advertising business — despite concerns that the massive harvesting of private data might be illegal in many countries.

Google's Management Doesn't Use Google+.  So how about Google CEO Larry Page?  It's been over 3 months since Google+ launched, and he's only made 7 public posts, including just one since mid-August.  Turns out that's still 7 more posts than Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has ever made.  Since Google+ launched, Mr. Schmidt has found time to retweet Ivanka Trump's promotion of "Snow Flower & The Secret Fan", but apparently couldn't find time to even join Google+.

FCC fines Google $25,000 over Street View probe.  The Federal Communications Commission has fined Google $25,000, saying the online search leader impeded an investigation into how it collected data while taking photos for its "Street View" mapping feature.

Google Guru More Concerned Over Climate Change Than Internet Takedown.  When asked his thoughts about presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's concerns over electromagnetic pulses, Eric Schmidt, RHW executive chairman of Google Inc. and member of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, replied that he is more concerned about climate change.

Google's Big Problem They Don't Want You To Know About:  Last week, [Google CEO Larry Page] crowed triumphantly that Google+ had hit 90 million users with 60% engaging daily.  Again, the problem is that Larry didn't define his terms.  If I'm forced to sign up for + as part of registering for Gmail, YouTube or search, should that count as a registration?  And if I then do a search or check my Gmail, should I be counted as engaging with +?  It's laughable.

David Brock: Self-Styled Martyr of the Radical Totalitarian Left.  It was a big photo in Esquire magazine, accompanying Brock's "coming out" tell-all as a liberal.  But try Googling it.  It's nowhere to be found.  Now, Google is an amazing beast.  There are pages and pages of image results for public figures, delving deep into the embarrassing recesses of the past.  But somehow the self-proclaimed political assassin's most embarrassing and telling photo spread, from his most important article, conspicuously went missing.  You might call it a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

Google gives up on saving the world from cheap coal energy.  Google has announced that it's abandoning its plans to save the planet by making renewable energy cheaper than coal. ... When the project was announced back in 2007, Google was promising to spend tens of millions of dollars on making cleaner energy cheaper than traditional coal.

The truth about the Google-Motorola Deal.  Google deserves credit for a big, bold move.  But let's be real:  This deal could end up being a disaster.

Google Caught with Hand in Cookie Jar.  Google has been fined an incredible $500 million by the Department of Justice for knowingly and illegally assisting Canadian pharmacies illegally importing drugs into the United States.

Google turns right; starts donating to Republicans.  It's long been the left-leaning search engine that believed in supporting the Democrats and ignoring the right-wingers.  But now Google is entering a 'bipartisan phase' as it recruits Republican operatives and donates to GOP groups, reported the Huffington Post.

The Editor says...
This can only mean one thing:  The forecasters at Google believe that the Republican nominee will win the 2012 election, and they're positioning the company to win the favor of the next administration.

Google's Search Engine Has Apparently Decided Mitt Romney Can't Win.  One of the most sought after secrets of the 21st century is the inner-workings of Google's search algorithm.  The company keeps it incredibly private so that no one can discover how to game it and online searching will remain fair for all.  However, sometimes the algorithms mysterious process leads to some interesting quirks, especially when it helpfully tries to fix what it views as users' typos.

Google Said to Be Possible Target of Antitrust Probe by FTC.  The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is considering a broad antitrust investigation into Google Inc.'s dominance of the Internet-search industry, two people familiar with the matter said.  Before proceeding with any probe, the FTC is awaiting a decision by the Justice Department on whether it will challenge Google's planned acquisition of ITA Software Inc. as a threat to competition in the travel-information search business, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is still confidential.

Google Wades Into Global Warming Debate.  Google is diving headfirst into the climate-change debate with a "21 Club" of hand-picked experts that the search engine giant hopes will drive the conversation — and guide investments — in climate change.  But it's a discussion that even the club's members say is meant to be one-sided.  "If Google included people who challenged that debate, they would be wrong to do so," said Matthew Nisbet, an associate professor for the School of Communication at American University and one of the 21 Google Science Communication Fellows.

E-totalitarianism at Google.  Google Inc.'s "Don't Be Evil" slogan is seductive but misleading.  It is the lowest business ethics standard ever devised, excusing everything Google does short of evil.  Google isn't evil — but neither is it ethical.

Street View cars grabbed locations of phones, PCs.  Google's Street View cars collected the locations of millions of laptops, cell phones, and other Wi-Fi devices around the world, a practice that raises novel privacy concerns, CNET has confirmed.  The cars were supposed to collect the locations of Wi-Fi access points.  But Google also recorded the street addresses and unique identifiers of computers and other devices using those wireless networks and then made the data publicly available through until a few weeks ago.

Google and Motorola: Concentrating Attention on Concentrated Power.  A company that becomes a monopolist — even one that becomes a monopolist honestly, by providing consumers with a decidedly superior service — finds itself relatively unconstrained.  Neither effective competition nor electoral realities can punish it, at least in the short term.

Report: Google's Street View cars took emails and passwords from computers.  Google was accused of spying on households yesterday after it admitted secretly copying passwords and private emails from home computers.  The internet search giant was forced to confess it had downloaded personal data during its controversial Street View project, when it photographed virtually every street in Britain.

Glenn Beck Declares He Won't Use Google Unless He Has To.  This past week, as Glenn Beck railed against Google employees Wael Ghonim and Jared Cohen, many wondered if he was setting up to declare a boycott against the company.  Tonight [2/16/2011], he clarified his statements.  He doesn't want to call a boycott.  He just doesn't trust them, has decided he won't use their products unless he has to, and thinks his viewers should look into them (not using Google, of course).

The Dirty Little Secrets of Search.  With more than 1,100 stores and $17.8 billion in total revenue in 2010, J.C. Penney is certainly a major player in American retailing.  But Google's stated goal is to sift through every corner of the Internet and find the most important, relevant Web sites.  Does the collective wisdom of the Web really say that Penney has the most essential site when it comes to dresses?  And bedding?  And area rugs?  And dozens of other words and phrases?

Revealed: Daily Kos' AstroTurf Program to Manipulate Google and Trash GOP Candidates.  There is more than one way to manipulate the public, and the progressive movement has turned it into an art form.  Less than one week after their AstroTurf rally in Washington DC, where unions and socialist organizations foot the bill to bus people to the nation's capital city, the Daily Kos has developed a new AstroTurf program with the objective to use Google to trash Republican Candidates.

Kos Konspirators Try to Rig Google.  In accord with the elevated tone set by the founder, the Daily Kos openly urges readers to rig Google rankings of articles, in order to make the most damaging material about Republican candidates appear prominently when their names are searched.

Beware the Google Bomb.  Old-fashioned get-out-the-vote efforts are fine, says Daily Kos, but tech-savvy smear campaigns are a lot more fun.  The liberal blog is inviting its readers to "make a big difference in 2010" by taking part in a "very different, but still very important, form of election activism."  It's called grassroots-based search-engine optimization, or Grassroots SEO.  It's also known as Googlebombing, and the goal is to try to influence undecided voters by overloading search-engine results with negative news articles about Republican candidates in competitive districts.

Google's dangerous mission.  By purposely storing all of the world's information in one place, putting everyone's eggs in one basket, Google exposes Internet users, content producers and even governments to huge and unnecessary risks.  The utopian vision behind Google's mission — that all information (including private property) should be centralized in the hands of one unaccountable entity — can only lead to a series of disasters and ultimately tyranny.

Google Raises Eyebrows With New Gay-Only Employee Benefit.  A new Google policy is raising some eyebrows after the company revealed it will be compensating employees for taxes paid on domestic partners' health benefits — but only if they're gay.

The Google Algorithm.  When Google was a pure search engine, it was easy to appear agnostic about search results, with no reason to play favorites with one Web site or another.  But as Google has branched out into online services from maps and videos to comparison shopping, it has acquired pecuniary incentives to favor its own over rivals.

The Tyranny of Google.  In an astonishing interview with The Wall Street Journal, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, has outlined what he believes will be the future of web searches.  His vision is nothing less than the etiolation of free will by, and the surrender of individual autonomy to, the all-knowing, all-seeing priestly class at Google.

Hard-Coding Bias in Google "Algorithmic" Search Results.  I present categories of searches for which available evidence indicates Google has "hard-coded" its own links to appear at the top of algorithmic search results, and I offer a methodology for detecting certain kinds of tampering by comparing Google results for similar searches.

The Editor says...
The author of the article immediately above freely admits that he serves "as a consultant to various companies that compete with Google."

The Tax Haven That's Saving Google Billions.  The heart of Google's international operations is a silvery glass office building in central Dublin, a block from the city's Grand Canal.  In 2009 the office, which houses roughly 2,000 Google employees, was credited with 88 percent of the search juggernaut's $12.5 billion in sales outside the U.S.  Most of the profits, however, went to the tax haven of Bermuda.

Google's Grand Data Heist?  Google has built an empire by collecting, storing and using the personal data of their users.  Every email sent through Gmail; every document created with GoogleDocs; every purchase made with Google Wallet; every thing users do is stored on Google's servers and used for whatever marketing purpose the company sees fit.

Google money engine for Democrats only.  With the Internet's No. 1 search engine under fire for playing political favorites with content, a search of Google's political contributions as recorded by the Federal Elections Commission shows a staggering $463,500 went to Democrats in the last three election cycles with a paltry $5,000 going to Republicans.

Google Battles Charges Of Search Bias.  [Scroll down]  Some regulators already believe that Google has behaved in an anticompetitive fashion:  European regulators are in the midst of an antitrust inquiry into Google's search business.  The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is doing likewise.  The Texas Attorney General is also looking into Google's search business practices, and other state-level investigations may be in the works.  At the hearing, skepticism about Google was well represented.

Google gins search formula to favor its own services.  A noted Google-watcher has assembled a convincing argument that the site's search results highly favor Google-owned services, despite repeated company claims that they are algorithmically generated and never manipulated.  Harvard professor Ben Edelman and colleague Benjamin Lockwood found that Google's algorithm links to Gmail, YouTube, and other house brands three times more often than other search engines.  Search terms such as "mail", "email", "maps", or "video" all yield top results featuring Google's services, they found.

Google Bias: Time For A Conservative Search Engine?  [Scroll down]  There is another bias out there that gets much less attention, and that is the apparent bias toward liberal subject matter built in to the Google search engine.  I encountered it while I was gathering information for the previous post.  This isn't the first time I had noticed it.

Is Google Purging Conservative News Sites?  Something frighteningly ominous has been happening on the Internet lately:  Google, without any prior explanation or notice, has been terminating its News relationship with conservative e-zines and web journals.  At first blush, one can easily ignore such business decisions by the most powerful company on the Internet as being routine.  However, on closer examination, such behavior could give one relatively small technological corporation (when measured by the size of its workforce) a degree of political might that frankly dwarfs its current financial prowess.

YouTube, Google, and the Liberal Bias Virus.  Five months ago, the Internet's top search engine Google was accused of banning conservative websites from its news crawl.  Last week, the e-behemoth offered to purchase YouTube, the preeminent provider of videos over the Web that has recently been implicated in censorship of its own.  With their pending merger, serious questions arise about the future of the most powerful telecommunications medium on the landscape, and who if anyone is trying to control its content.

New evidence of Google search bias.  Does Google anti-competitively leverage its dominance in search to disadvantage its competitors, including Google's media competitors?  New evidence suggests yes.

Google Launches Campaign to Force Global Tolerance of Homosexuality.  One of the most powerful and ubiquitous online entities in the world is using its influence to try to force tolerance of homosexuality on the entire world.  Google, which in June banned guns and ammunition from its online shopping site as unsafe for families, announced the launch of its "Legalize Love" campaign July 7 to pressure countries that either do not recognize "gay rights" or outlaw homosexual behavior altogether to change their laws.  In its rollout of the project, the Fortune 500 company attempted to frame its crusade as an attempt to promote safer conditions for homosexuals in countries where Google has offices.

Google Shopping Site Bans Guns, Ammo as Unsafe for Families.  Google has announced a ban on firearms, ammunition, and other items its censors deem to be unsafe from its new Google Shopping site, initiated in early June.  While most major U.S. news organs appeared to have missed or ignored the announcement, which Google made in late May, foreign newspapers were all over it.

Is Google Showing Political Bias with Search Results?  There are people who think Google is incorporating political bias into search results.  As examples they use misspellings of George Bush and Barack Obama.  Are the results of misspelled queries really something Google would take the time to specifically alter to inject their political beliefs though?

Google has a whopping 7,100 people working on Maps aloneBusiness Insider reports that Google has roughly 7,100 people who are working on its maps application, including 1,100 full-time employees and 6,000 contractors who combine to work as "street view drivers, people flying planes, people drawing maps, people correcting listings, and people building new products."

Someone In Detroit Pointed A Gun At A Google Street View Car.  Google captures its Street View images by literally driving a camera-equipped car down the road while snapping photos.  As such, the company tends to capture some weird images.  [One image], captured by a Google car in Detroit, clearly shows a group of people hanging out on a porch brandishing a gun.  Another image clearly shows one of them taking aim at the Google car.

The Editor says...
Yes, and if you drive through that neighborhood, they'll point a gun at you, too.

Can Google be trusted?  Google got slapped with a record $22.5 million fine Thursday [8/9/2012] for breaking a promise to stop snooping on its users — shocking news to the average Internet user.  But regulators across the globe weren't surprised because this isn't the first time the search giant has been dinged for failing to keep up its end of the bargain with government enforcers.

US fines Google $22.5 million for privacy violations.  The US Federal Trade Commission fined Google $22.5 million for violating the privacy of people who used rival Apple's Safari web browser even after pledging not to do so.

Gmail suffers international failure.  The problems struck just before 5pm GMT and appeared to affect Gmail users everywhere.  Google's apps status dashboard, which tracks the availability of its web services, did not register the outage for half an hour.

Google Revenues Sheltered in No-Tax Bermuda Soar to $10 Billion.  Google Inc. avoided about $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, almost double the total from three years before, filings show.  By legally funneling profits from overseas subsidiaries into Bermuda, which doesn't have a corporate income tax, Google cut its overall tax rate almost in half.

Will Google's Eric Schmidt join the Obama administration?  Schmidt's big role in the Obama re-election campaign, Google's $1.9 million donation to Democrats during the race, and Washington's efforts to quiet a looming Federal Trade Commission investigation into Google are key signs that the president wants Schmidt in his cabinet, insiders believe.

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Eric Schmidt declines Obama cabinet post.  Google chairman Eric Schmidt has publicly declined to join the Obama administration in the new year after a rumoured offer for the post of Treasury Secretary.

Fox News Reporter James Rosen's Private Emails Given To Justice Dept. By Google.  As a result of Fox News Channel's State Department reporter James Rosen's 2009 investigation into the government's response to North Korea's repeated provocations, it was reported on Monday [5/20/2013] that the Department of Justice tracked Rosen's movements as well as subpoenaed telephone and email records.  According to the DoJ's subpoena, Google surrendered Rosen's emails, who is described as "an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator," to the government.

Google honors Cesar Chavez on Easter.  On Easter Sunday, Google is honoring the birthday of the late labor organizer Cesar Chavez by placing a Chavez portrait within the middle "o" of the Google logo that appears on the homepage of the popular search engine.  While Google frequently decorates its logo to celebrate various holidays and special events, it is unclear why the company chose specifically to honor Chavez's birthday, instead of Easter Sunday.

Ponder Christian Soldiers Google's Smirking War on You.  Hundreds of millions of Christians received the clearly intended message that Google doesn't deign to wish them well on their sacred day.  It would rather honor a liberal labor icon.

"People Are So Afraid Of Google Now": Here's Why.  Google, pardon Alphabet's efforts to influence the American political discourse (not to mention presidential election outcome) stretch far beyond the company's penchant for subtly disadvantaging independent and conservative thinkers on platforms like YouTube.  By financially supporting left-leaning policy shops, Google's parent company has helped raise a liberal army intent on hashing out policy minutiae to help bend US policy to their benefactors' advantage.  But what happens when these supposedly "independent" think tanks publish something that displeases their corporate master?  As one researcher at the left-leaning New America think tank learned, the punishment is swift and severe.

Google Goes From Left-Wing Hero To Goat Overnight.  Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the left was cheering Google for firing an employee who dared to question the company's liberal orthodoxy?  Now the company is getting battered by the same crowd for allegedly causing a critic to be fired from a think tank.

Google Issues Ultimatum to Conservative Website:  Remove 'Hateful' Article or Lose Ad Revenue.  On Tuesday evening [8/29/2017], Google sent a conservative website an ultimatum:  remove one of your articles, or lose the ability to make ad revenue on your website.  The website was strong-armed into removing the content, and then warned that the page was "just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website."  "Yesterday morning, we received a very bizarre letter from Google issuing us an ultimatum," Shane Trejo, media relations director of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan, wrote on The Liberty Conservative.  "Either we were to remove a particular article or see all of our ad revenues choked off in an instant.  This is the newest method that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control."

Google bends over backwards to avoid offending Muslims

Google News severs ties with sites that criticize radical Islam.  Newsbusters says it has observed a pattern of intolerance toward conservative sites that deal with radical Islam and terrorism.

Google dumps news sites that criticize radical Islam.  Search engine giant Google has cut off its news relationship with a number of online news publications that include frank discussions of radical Islam -- the New Media Journal becoming the latest termination, as its owner just discovered.

Google News Re-Defines "Hate-Speech".  When conservative news sites recently ran well researched and fundamentally factual news stories about Jihadists seeking to further harm innocent Americans, Google deemed those articles and the sites that ran them "hate speech" and is working to remove them from the search results.

The Anti-Google Search Engine Index.  Google News and Google Search Engine are on a campaign of political correctness that sees them denying access to their service to any website — be it news, opinion or a hybrid of both — that dares to address the subject of radical Islam.  This sets a dangerous precedent.  What will the next subject be that serves as a catalyst for Google to promote their unique brand of corporate censorship?

The Editor says...
I invite the people at Google to remove any and all references to this web page from their search engines, if they so desire.  In operating and maintaining this web site, my goal is not to have it become the most popular web site ever, but to be the most beneficial to those in search of the truth.  This page is here for the purpose of shining light on the evils of Islamic terrorism and the transparent lie that "Islam is a religion of peace."  The use of the term "hate speech" to describe such criticism is a pernicious attempt to stifle the exchange of conflicting ideas.

When you use a search engine, you should expect it to produce links to a variety of web pages, including some that contain statements with which you disagree.  The decision to agree or disagree — to visit or not to visit those sites — should be yours, not Google's.  The term "hate speech", as I understand it, is the use of dishonest verbal or written statements intended to be deliberately offensive or to incite violence against a group of people merely because of race or religion.  That is not the purpose of this page.

One has to wonder if Google is equally vigorous in censoring "hate speech" critical of Christians and Jews.

Google News Re-Defines "Hate-Speech".  The "new media" namely talk radio, TV punditry and the Internet, provide a vital opportunity for the people to bypass the establishment press, search for and research their own facts and develop their own individual opinions on the basis of truly independent information sharing.

The Anti-Google Search Engine Index.  A lengthy list of search engines that have one thing in common:  They aren't Google.  There are almost 200 search engines -- some better than others, of course.

The Race for the American Mind:  It doesn't take the prescience of Nostradamus to project into the future.  If political correctness continues to capture minds and hearts, the pressure — both governmental and social — to call truth "hate speech" and censor it will continue to grow.  What happens when search engines not only purge traditionalist dissent from their news services, but also their search results?

Somewhat related ...
Journalist Who Exposes U.N. Corruption Disappears From Google.  How big do you have to be to earn the wrath of the United Nations and Internet giant Google?  If you're journalist Matthew Lee, all it takes are some critical articles and a scrappy little Web site.  Lee is the editor-in-chief, Webmaster and pretty much the only reporter for Inner City Press, a pint-sized Internet news operation that's taken on Goliath-sized entities like Citigroup since 1987.

I see a pattern developing here.
Angry Christians sue Google over internet ad.  Websites selling knuckle-dusters and ouija boards, as well as dating sites designed for married people who want to have affairs, are advertised on Google.  But the company turned down the non-denominational Christian charity that wanted to pay Google so that whenever the word "abortion" was typed in, its link would appear on the right hand side of the screen.

Editor's note:
Apparently "knuckle-duster" is Australian slang for what we call "brass knuckles."

Google Earth:  A New Platform for Anti-Israel Propaganda.  Those wishing to explore Israel in Google Earth are immediately taken to a politically motivated narrative unrelated to their quest.  Google should remove the narrative and treat Israel as it treats every other country on the globe.  The core layer of Google Earth should be ideology free and not serve as a platform for indoctrination or a campaign to wipe Israel off the virtual map.

Somewhat related:
Google Shuts Down Anti-Obama Sites on its Blogger Platform.  It looks like Google has officially joined the Barack Obama campaign and decided that its contribution would be to shut down any blog on the Google owned blogging system that has an anti-Obama message.

Anti-Obama Bloggers Question Why Google Froze Their Accounts.  Some bloggers opposed to Barack Obama say they suspect Obama's supporters — with the assistance of Google — may have tried to censor them when the Internet giant froze their Web sites for five days last month.

What's Islam?  Don't Ask Google.  Google's search engine returns common results to most queries as you type.  But the "don't be evil" company appears to be censoring its results when it comes to Islam.

Google jihad.  Google isn't carrying water for jihad.  That's what the company says, and they're sticking to it.  Still, many Internet surfers wonder:  Is there something bad about Islam the Google search engine doesn't want you to know?  Google has been accused of pandering to Muslims by censoring negative search suggestions in its main search box.  Type "Christianity is" in the search bar, and Google suggests helpful endings to your query, such as "not a religion," "a lie," "a cult," and so on.

Google Goes Jihad.  Google, the Internet's ubiquitous search engine, is under fire this week for censoring negative search results about Islam. ... Google, however, says it was all a mistake, and denies have done anything to favor Islam.  "This is a bug," insisted a Google spokesman, "and we're working to fix it as quickly as we can."  Oddly enough, however, even with all of Google's technical savvy, this "bug" persisted for days and continues as of this writing...

Google blocks YouTube clip in Egypt and Libya; keeps it online.  YouTube, the video website owned by Google Inc, said on Wednesday [9/12/2012] it would not remove a film clip mocking the Islamic Prophet Muhammad that has been blamed for anti-U.S. protests in Egypt and Libya, but it has blocked access to it in those countries.  The clip, based on a longer film, depicts the prophet as a fraud and philanderer and has been blamed for sparking violence at U.S. embassies in Cairo and Benghazi.

Obama's Disdain for Democracy and Free Expression.  Last week, we learned that the White House has been pressuring Google to censor a video about Muhammad because it has allegedly incited violence in Libya.  Google refused, but the very request is a useful reminder of the President's disdain for the democratic process and the principles of free expression upon which it stands.

Google Denies White House Request to Censor Anti-Muhammed Film.  Google stood up for artistic expression and to White House pressure today [9/14/2012] when it rejected a request from the Obama administration to remove an online video that mocked Muhammed.

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