Sanctuary cities

"Sanctuary city" is a euphemism for the local and state nullification of federal law.*  A sanctuary city is a place where illegal aliens can acquire political asylum, regardless of any laws they have broken to get there.  The 21st century implementation of this idea seems to have originated in California.

How's that working out?  Not too well, considering the recent surge in violent crimes committed by illegal aliens, and the use of "anchor babies" to enable everyone in an extended family to gain admission to this country.

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Liberal Lingo: 'Sanctuary Cities'.  The only people who get sanctuary in "Sanctuary Cities" are criminals.  Cities and states can't stop ICE from enforcing the law; laws supported by generations of Democrat politicians, by the way.  They can't provide safe haven for "honest" illegals; not that they need to since "honest" illegals are not that frequently targeted even by the "racist" Trump administration.  But what local governments can do is shield illegals who commit additional crimes in the US from being deported.  "Sanctuary Cities" do so by preventing the police from notifying ICE when an illegal has been arrested for a crime.  Historically the police would notify ICE, ICE would go to the police station and conduct a safe — for the illegal and the community — transfer to ICE so that the criminal could be deported.  In "Sanctuary Cities" illegals who drive drunk, for example, are simply allowed back into society without ICE having a chance to deport them.  That's right; "Sanctuary Cities" exist to ensure that illegals who drive drunk or commit a wide range of other crimes don't risk deportation.

Gimme Shelter.  [Scroll down]  And here's nub of it:  the Steinle case is important, not simply as a matter of (at the very least) criminally negligent homicide, but as a fatality caused by a man who should not have been in San Francisco, or anywhere else in the U.S., at all.  It's good that the feds are now going to charge him, but the damage has been done.  Deported multiple times, the perp kept coming back, knowing he would find "sanctuary," not only in San Francisco but everywhere else in the state of California.  "Sanctuary" from what?  Sanctuary from the laws of the United States.  Every state, municipality and local jurisdiction that declares itself a place of "sanctuary" should henceforth be treated as being in open rebellion against the federal government, in exactly the same way that South Carolina and the secessionist Confederacy was — and was treated as such by Abraham Lincoln — in 1861.

Why Sanctuary Cities Encourage Illegal Immigration.  Numerous cities have declared themselves to be "sanctuary cities," where local police are forbidden to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in enforcing our national immigration laws.  Legislation is now moving through the California legislature to implement such a policy throughout that entire state.  Why this energy to protect violators of our laws?  Oddly, the answer goes back to the founding.  Due to a residue of the notorious three-fifth compromise, sanctuary cities encourage illegal immigration because undocumented residents (to use the politically correct term) are counted in determining representation in the House of Representatives and state legislatures.  The more undocumented a city has, the more seats it gets.

Timely news and commentary:

Tucker Carlson Rips Apart Sanctuary City Supporter.  Fox News' Tucker Carlson took on Democratic Chicago alderman George Cardenas Wednesday over sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.  The Daily Caller co-founder asked Cardenas, "Do you think, here's the question, now let's see if you can answer it, do you think that you have an obligation to represent American citizens first, above people who are here illegally?"  [Video clip]

California officials concerned about possible ICE sweeps.  California's attorney general said Wednesday [1/17/2018] he is concerned about open-ended immigration sweeps at a time he and other state officials say the Trump administration should be concentrating on deporting dangerous felons.

Prison Time for Sanctuary Legislators Coming Soon.  America's cities are overrun at times with illegals knocking at the door, metaphorically.  Certainly most are just hungry and cold or wet.  However, many others carry much more baggage, as they are hardened criminals, even murderers and rapists.  Statistics bear this out.  Leftists know far too often illegal immigrants commit serious crimes such as robbery, rape and murder.  Yet, some states and other municipalities aid and abet these criminals, even offering everything from housing, medical care, and cell phones.  Some states passed out voter registration cards, the real reason they want them here.  Our government creates rules they refuse to follow.  San Francisco even paid their criminals outrageous sums of money because of loopholes in their laws after officials turned one criminal alien over to ICE.  Apparently following federal law violated their local moronic ordinances.  At what point to we stop the madness?

DHS preparing to arrest leaders of sanctuary cities.  Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.  "The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available," Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Her confirmation came after California's new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

Illegal Alien Killed Grandmother in Alcohol-Fueled Crash in 'Sanctuary City'.  It was in January of 2016 that Sarah Root of Omaha was hit and killed by an illegal immigrant in Omaha.  He posted a $5,000 bond and skipped town.  Officials never want a situation like that to happen again.  A $1 million dollar bond was set today for an illegal immigrant accused of motor vehicle homicide.  Police say 19-year-old Vismar Carmona-Martinez slammed into the back of 67 year old Ann Smock's vehicle in south Omaha on New Year's Day.  His blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit.  Jim Masteller is a prosecutor with the Douglas County Attorney's Office and the defendant is a flight risk and they had to make sure that sufficient bond was set.

Sacramento Democrats Fire on Fort Sumter.  [Scroll down]  What provoked this extraordinary statement is California's open defiance of federal immigration law, embodied in the state's becoming a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens as of January 1.  Under the new state law, nowhere in California may police ask about an individual's immigration status, nor may local authorities cooperate with federal officials on immigration enforcement.  Let's be as clear about this as we possibly can:  not since South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter, thus precipitating Southern secession and the Civil War, has any state of the Union so brazenly thumbed its nose at the federal government.  (And not just on immigration; California also just became the largest state to legalize marijuana, setting up a separate but no less serious conflict with federal drug laws.)  And, once again, it's Democrats who are doing the thumbing.

Illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle sentenced to time served.  The illegal immigrant and seven-time felon who was acquitted of murder and assault in the 2015 San Francisco fatal shooting of 32-year old Kate Steinle was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who has been in custody since shortly after the shooting, was credited for time served.  He will be on parole for 48 months and will remain in custody to face federal charges.

California sanctuary
Sanctuary State Signs Pop Up on California Highways for the New Year.  Anonymous Street artists moved out to highways once again to ring in the new year by posting messages to the "Welcome to California" highway signs.

Six Insane California Laws That Will Be Implemented On Monday.  [#1] The entire state will now ignore U.S. immigration law:  Because it's worked so well in San Francisco, California Democrats decided that the entire state should ignore federal immigration law.  SB 54 forbids law enforcement officials from asking someone's immigration or holding them for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents — unless they've been convicted of a crime.  AB 291 prohibits landlords (you know, like, private citizens who own private property) from reporting renters who are in the US illegally.

Gov. Jerry Brown Pardons Immigrant Felons Facing Deportation.  In California governor Jerry Brown's endless attempts to drag California to third world nation status, he is now pardoning immigrants convicted of felonies in order to save them from being deported.

California becomes 'sanctuary state' as Gov. Brown defies Trump administration.  California became a "sanctuary state" on Thursday [12/21/2017] as Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation protecting illegal immigrants in defiance of the Trump administration.  The bill, approved by the state's legislature last month, bars police from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities in most cases starting Jan. 1.

Illegal immigrant facing deportation offered sanctuary by Colorado church.  An illegal immigrant who came to the United States at 17, then was ticketed for deportation after being convicted of having a stolen or falsified ID, is hiding from the feds in a Colorado church — the second house of worship to offer her 'sanctuary' from the law.  Ingrid Latorre addressed the media and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder congregation at a news conference Saturday.  "Thank you so much for being here today for me," Latorre said through an interpreter, reports the Daily Camera.  "Thank you for opening the door for me and my family."  Latorre, 33, had been taking sanctuary at a church in Fort Collins, but she told the assembled congregation and press that it was hard because her family lives in west Denver.

California Court Rejects Attempt to Throw Out Judicial Watch Taxpayer Lawsuit Against San Francisco's Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary Policies.  Judicial Watch today [12/4/2017] announced that the Superior Court of California, San Francisco County overruled San Francisco Sheriff Vicky Hennessy's move to end a Judicial Watch taxpayer lawsuit challenging the Sheriff's sanctuary policy.  The lawsuit challenges restrictions on the ability of sheriff's deputies to communicate freely with Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) about inmates' citizenship, immigration status, and release dates.

Feds Indict Kate Steinle's Killer.  This is not double jeopardy, principally because the federal government is a separate sovereign, and double jeopardy applies only to charges from the same sovereign.

Six Crucial Points The Mainstream Media Has Overlooked In The Kate Steinle Case.  [Kate] Steinle's killer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, has just been found Not Guilty in San Francisco.  There could be no more dramatic proof that the entire political class — politicians, law enforcement bureaucrats, Main Stream Media propagandists, even the resultant racially-divided juries — simply cannot be trusted to do anything about America's gathering immigration disaster.

New immigration, gun charges filed against illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle trial.  Federal officials filed a new set of immigration and gun charges Friday against Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant found not guilty last week in the murder of Kate Steinle.  "A federal grand jury indicted Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate today for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and for being an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition," according to a statement released by the Department of Justice.  If convicted of either charge, he could face a maximum of ten years in jail.

After Steinle verdict, rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants.  A Republican congressman plans to introduce a bill Monday [12/4/2017] that would threaten huge fines and prison time for elected officials accused of sheltering illegal immigrant criminals from deportation, in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.  Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita's bill is one of the most aggressive pieces of legislation to date aimed at sanctuary city policies, going beyond the Justice Department's threat to cut off grants to those jurisdictions.

San Francisco Isn't A Sanctuary City It's An Accomplice City.  There could be no more dramatic proof that the entire political class — politicians, law enforcement bureaucrats, Main Stream Media propagandists, even the resultant racially-divided juries — simply cannot be trusted to do anything about America's gathering immigration disaster. [...] As I write, the MSM has been slow to respond to the scandalous Steinle verdict, as is always the case with anything that contradicts their Politically Correct Narrative.  (The New York Times headline even described Zarate as an "immigrant" instead of an illegal alien).  What coverage there is, also as always clearly coordinated, tries to divert attention to nit-picking President Trump's tweets, in which he quite rightly said the verdict was "disgraceful."

The Steinle verdict is only the latest miscarriage of justice in San Francisco.  If you are inclined to commit a heinous crime, San Francisco is the place for you.  You can sneak into City Hall armed with a .38-caliber revolver, murder the mayor and a supervisor in cold blood, and get away with it.  All you need to do is conjure some preposterous defense.  Blame it on an excessive consumption of junk food like Twinkies and you can beat the rap.  You know... eat a Twinkie and commit murder.  A San Francisco jury will lap it up.  So, it should come as no surprise that the killer of Kate Steinle was acquitted Thursday of murder and involuntarily manslaughter.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate and his lawyers invented a ludicrous defense by claiming "the gun just went off" by itself, ending the life of a 32-year-old woman who was walking along a pier with her father.  It was a perfect defense for a notoriously liberal city — guns kill, not people.  Sure enough, the San Francisco jury swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

San Francisco's Shame.  If ever there were a clarifying moment regarding what is at stake in the battle for the immigration rule of law, this is it.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was a poster boy not just for the folly of sanctuary policies but also for the mass low-skilled Hispanic immigration that has transformed California.  A barely literate drug dealer from Mexico with a second-grade education, no English, and a penchant for criminal aliases, Garcia Zarate had been deported five times by federal immigration authorities following convictions for various crimes.  Despite his record, Garcia Zarate was the sort of immigrant that the San Francisco authorities apparently believed that this country needs.

Justice Denied Is No Justice.  A San Francisco jury engaged in a gross, outrageous miscarriage and travesty of justice and denied Kate Steinle and her family justice, on November 30th, when they delivered a "not guilty" verdict to her murderer, Garcia Zarate, an illegal alien from Mexico.  The integrity of the law was destroyed by this jury nullification, which abandoned facts, reason and the truth, and these jurors sent a clear message to America that a criminal illegal alien's life was more important than Kate Steinle's life and those of America's own sons and daughters.  Partly to blame, the Court itself exhibited just how broken our system really is.  The five previous deportations of Zarate and his seven previous felonies were left out of the case, even though Ms. Steinle's murder and Zarate's illegal alien status had sparked a national debate on the country's illegal alien problem.

BoycottSanFrancisco Goes Viral as SF Defends Sanctuary Policies.  BoycottSanFrancisco is going viral as San Francisco defends its sanctuary policies in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial. [...] Mayor Ed Lee's (D) spokeswoman said, "San Francisco is and always will be a sanctuary city."

Kate Steinle Deserves Better Than Democrats Opposing Deportation of Illegal Aliens.  San Francisco, being the proud "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens that it is, will no doubt roll out the welcome wagon for Jose Inez Garcia Zarate the next time he sneaks back into the country.  And it's a near-certainty that he will, after he's deported to Mexico for a sixth time following his acquittal Thursday by a San Francisco jury in the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle on July 1, 2015, on a pier on the city's waterfront.  The needless death of the 32-year-old Steinle has rightly become, in criminal justice parlance, "Exhibit A" for the need for President Donald Trump's proposed measures to strengthen border security.

BoycottSanFrancisco takes off after Steinle case acquittal.  Critics of a jury's verdict Thursday in the trial of Kate Steinle's killer have taken to Twitter to #BoycottSanFrancisco.  The hashtag was trending in the wake of a controversial trial in which defendant Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was found not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco in July 2015.  Steinle was walking with her father and a family friend when she was fatally shot, collapsing into her father's arms.  Zarate, an undocumented immigrant, claimed the shooting was an accident.

Did San Francisco Jury Find Kate Steinle's Killer NOT GUILTY Just To Make A Political Statement Against Donald Trump?  That's the growing speculation by many following the bizarre "not guilty" jury decision involving the 2015 shooting death of 29-year-old Kate Steinle.  Her killer, an illegal immigrant named Garcia Zarate was a seven-time felon who had already been deported five times prior to shooting Stienle. [...] Jurors had the choice to find Zarate guilty of manslaughter, a far lesser charge than the murder charge the prosecution was seeking.  Instead, Zarate was found not guilty of everything but being in possession of an illegal firearm.  He was given no penalty for killing Kate Steinle.

Ted Cruz Slams The Steinle Verdict And Pushes For Passage Of Kate's Law.  Yesterday [11/30/2017], a San Francisco jury defied common sense and acquitted Jose Zarate of any role in the shooting death of Kate Steinle.  My front page colleagues have done a superb job of spelling out how it could happen.  To me the missing part of the equation is why the jury, which considered lesser included charges down to involuntary manslaughter, failed to find any fault in Zarate's actions?  I guarantee you the same fact pattern in any other jurisdiction in the country would result in a prison sentence, and rightfully so.

Have We Been Lied To About The Kate Steinle Case?  Before the killing, Garcia Zarate had been released from a San Francisco jail despite a standing federal deportation order.  He had been deported five times before.  This made him a very effective villain for Trump's border security campaign messages — proof that sanctuary city policies kill! — and it's natural to be sympathetic about Steinle, who died in her father's arms at the far too young age of 32.  The trouble with a politically-charged case like this is that there are many who seek to benefit from twisting, if not outright lying, about what really happened.  And the facts here are far more complicated than any campaign slogans would lead you to believe.

Sessions: Trump, DOJ Doing Everything Possible to Reverse Sanctuary City Policies.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions said it's time for the United States to "get its head on straight" and crack down on so-called "sanctuary cities," which refuse to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing U.S. immigration law.  The sanctuary city issue has been thrust back into the spotlight after an illegal immigrant was found not guilty of murder in the July 2015 death of Kate Steinle.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had been deported multiple times, shot and killed Steinle just months after he was released from a San Francisco jail, despite a federal request that he be held for deportation.

Father of Boy Killed By Illegal Immigrant:  Steinle Jury Full of 'Left-Wing Nutjobs'.  The father of a young man killed by an illegal immigrant said the jury that acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was full of "left-wing nutjobs."  Jamiel Shaw Sr, whose son Jamiel was shot while walking down the street in 2008, said the "activist" jury exonerated Zarate as a swipe at President Donald Trump.

The Legal System Is Failing America When It Comes To Immigration.  The illegal immigrant who fired the gun shot that killed Kate Steinle was able to beat a murder charge this week.  Jose Garcia Zarate, a five-time deportee from Mexico and convicted felon, walked away with only a gun conviction after his legal team convinced the jury their client accidentally fired a gun three times and had no intent of killing anyone.

Kate Steinle's accused killer found not guilty of murder.  Jurors have found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty of killing Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco in July 2015 in the trial that sparked a national debate over illegal immigration.  Jurors reached the decision Thursday [11/30/2017] in the sixth day of deliberations after first receiving the case last week.  Steinle was walking with her father and a family friend in July 2015 when she was shot, collapsing into her father's arms.  Zarate had been released from a San Francisco jail about three months before the shooting, despite a request by federal immigration authorities to detain him for deportation.

Trump nails it — Kate Steinle ends in 'disgraceful verdict'.  President Donald Trump tweeted that the trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in the killing of Kate Steinle ended with a "disgraceful verdict."  And he's absolutely right.  No matter the finding of the jury, it doesn't change the fact Garcia Zarate never should have been in America in the first place — never should have been on the streets of San Francisco.

Kate Steinle and the Globalists.  While most decent Americans are lamenting the fact that our court system failed Kate Steinle and her family, I can't help but think of people like George Soros and organizations like the Center for American Progress.  How large is our fight, and how determined are our foes!  It may seem like a far-fetched connection, but it's not.  Kate Steinle's death and the ensuing nauseating injustice of her trial verdict are part of a much larger picture: the globalist push for open borders and mass immigration bent on destabilizing the West.  Soros is using his money and influence to make sure that destabilization happens, which will only ensure more Kate Steinles.

The Unintended Consequences of the Steinle Decision.  When Defense Attorney Matt Gonzalez and Public Defender Jeff Adachi chose to make the exoneration of their client Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in the death of Kate Steinle an opportunity to attack the president, vice president and attorney general, my immediate thought was these two young lawyers are fools.  They should learn when to keep their mouths shut.  But no matter — because the real villains in the Kate Steinle story are the San Francisco politicians who made the rules that prevented ICE from removing the already five-time deported criminal Zarate from the country.

DOJ files arrest warrant for illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle case.  The Department of Justice unsealed an arrest warrant Friday for Jose Inez Garcia Zarate on Friday [12/1/2017], the illegal immigrant acquitted this week in Kate Steinle's murder trial.  Zarate was found not guilty of murdering Steinle on a pier in San Francisco in July 2015.  Steinle was walking with her father and a family friend when she was shot, collapsing into her father's arms.  Zarate had been released from a San Francisco jail about three months before the shooting, despite a request by federal immigration authorities to detain him for deportation.  The case sparked a national debate over illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

Police in Trump-supporting towns aid immigration officials in crackdown.  Dozens of police departments in the United States have been granted new powers, or are seeking them, to check the immigration status of people they arrest, aiding President Donald Trump's broad crackdown on people living in the country illegally.

Arresting Illegal Aliens At Courthouses Undermines Democracy Or Something.  The New York Times gives César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, a tenured associate professor of law at the University of Denver, who is big into protecting people who are unlawfully present in the United States, a platform to fear-monger. [...] Personally, I'm more concerned with safeguarding our law enforcement folks over the feelings of illegal aliens.  There is a much lower chance that an illegal will be armed at a courthouse, versus getting them out in the streets, their homes, where they work, etc.

Obama Bundler Judge Wrong on Sanctuary City Funding.  The fine points of federal Judge William Orrick's ruling blocking the withholding of federal funds from sanctuary cities must have been lost on the families of Jamiel Shaw, Jr. and Kate Steinle, American citizens murdered by illegal aliens harbored and coddled by the sanctuary cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively.  No doubt they failed to grasp the legal logic which says cities are free to violate federal law while wrapping themselves in the U.S. Constitution.  The notion advanced by Judge Orrick that the Trump administration's attempt to defund sanctuary cities is unconstitutional because it amounts to changing the rules at halftime is nonsense, both historically and legally.  The federal government has long threatened to withhold federal funds to enforce federal policy over states rights from the federal speed limit to transgendered bathrooms.

Preschool in Boulder church shuts down after congregation votes to become sanctuary for immigrants.  A preschool that leases space from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder is shutting down at the end of the month after the church congregation voted to become a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants facing deportation.  "It put us out of business," said Active Boulder Kids owner Kristen Argow Heaton.  About 90 percent of the congregation that attended a church meeting on the matter last month voted to move forward with plans to outfit a portion of the building to provide living quarters for an immigrant taking sanctuary.

Judge slaps Chicago with a giant wake-up call over its 'sanctuary cities' policy.  Chicago filed a motion to suspend the policy, but Chicago District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber was having none of it, at least for now, writing in a decision handed down on Thursday that granting an injunction would be premature since the Department of Justice hasn't technically denied the city a grant.

Philadelphia wins sanctuary city ruling in federal court.  In a 128-page ruling, a federal judge said on Wednesday that the Justice Department can't withhold grant funding from Philadelphia for not complying with federal "sanctuary city" polices.  Senior Judge Michael Baylson from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania even disputed the use of the term "sanctuary city" in his ruling, calling it a "misnomer."  "Philadelphia is not a sanctuary for anyone involved in criminal conduct, nor is it a sanctuary as to any law enforcement investigation, prosecution, or imprisonment after having been found guilty of a crime.  The Court does not need a label for Philadelphia's policies," Baylson said.

Legislature should ban sanctuary cities in Florida.  In 2015, Kate Steinle was gunned downed [sic] on Pier 14 in San Francisco by an illegal alien with five felony convictions, and last week he went on trial for his heinous act.  He was in our country because the city of San Francisco, among a growing number of others, is a sanctuary city.  Elected officials instruct police and law enforcement to ignore federal immigration law.  This anti-American phenomenon must be stopped, and here in Florida we're doing something about it.  The truth is, something should have already been done.  Unfortunately, California responded to that tragedy recently by declaring itself a sanctuary state — a disgusting affront to the rule of law and to the murder of that young woman.  However, if you're wondering whether that could happen here in Florida, my response is simple:  Not on my watch.  Last week the Florida House introduced HB 9, a bill that prevents sanctuary cities from ever plaguing our state.

ICE Busts 24 Illegal Immigrants with DUI Convictions in Sanctuary New York.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested 25 illegal immigrants in Long Island, New York — 24 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  One of those is an MS-13 member.  ERO officers arrested one other person for an immigration violation.  The illegal aliens arrested during the six-day "Operation Secure Streets" sweep are being detained pending the finalization of immigration removal proceedings.  The criminal illegal aliens who are already subject to outstanding deportation orders, or who re-entered after being deported, can be removed from the country immediately.

Good News:  Many Liberal Cities Are Providing Free Legal Help To Illegal Aliens.  So, they're getting some sweet, sweet taxpayer cash to protect people who shouldn't be in the country to start with, which means less cash to deal with things like cleaning streets.  Or dealing with all the violence, especially in places like Atlanta, Baltimore, and Chicago.  According to Neigborhood Scout, Baltimore ranks a 2, with 100 being the safest.  Surprisingly, Chicago is an 11 (it's very big, and the reported crime is confined within small areas).  Atlanta is a 2.  The other cities aren't exactly great, either, excepting Santa Ana, which is a 24.  That means that 76% of cities are safer.  Some are more about property crime, some are more about violent crime, some are both.  Anyhow, this adds to the money already being appropriated by many cities to provide legal council to illegal aliens, meaning less money for law abiding/legal citizens.

Oakland's top cop probed for assisting in illegal immigrant arrest in sanctuary city.  Oakland's police chief is facing an internal affairs investigation, a formal complaint by a city commissioner and questioning by furious City Council members[,] all because she — perhaps unwittingly — helped federal authorities arrest an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.  Anne Kirkpatrick, who was widely heralded as a seasoned progressive reformer when she became Oakland's top cop early this year, has acknowledged that she sent police officers to assist federal agents for a human trafficking investigation at an Oakland home Aug. 16.  Two adults were detained during that investigation, and federal authorities have commenced civil deportation proceedings against one of them, according to SFGate.

DOJ threatens California:  Drop 'sanctuary state' law or lose millions of federal dollars.  Municipalities that are openly defying the nation's immigration laws could be headed for stormy seas.  According to Fox News, the DOJ is threatening to yank federal funds destined for the sanctuary state of California — and it could cost the left coast millions.

California, the sanctuary state, will reap the whirlwind.  Earlier this month, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 54, a historic state law that thumbs his state's nose at federal authority.  Beginning in January, the law states, California officially becomes a so-called sanctuary state.  The term "sanctuary" is, of course, not univocal.  It was once used to describe a sensible law enforcement strategy, by which otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants who report crimes or cooperate with the police are not asked about their immigration status, lest they hesitate to help authorities in the future.  Unfortunately, that is not what "sanctuary" means in this case.

Travis Allen:  I Will 'Absolutely' Defund Sanctuary Cities as CA Governor.  California State Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach), who is one of two Republicans running in the Democrat-heavy field of 2018 gubernatorial candidates, says "defunding every sanctuary jurisdiction in the State of California" will be one of his priorities if he becomes the Golden State's 40th governor.  Allen, who has served in the State Assembly for five years, told Breitbart News that defunding California's sanctuary cities would "absolutely and without a doubt" be one of his top priorities in the first 100 days of taking office.

Sanctuary Cities Allowed Criminal Alien to Remain in U.S., Murder Kansas Deputy.  An illegal alien who was drunk driving has pleaded guilty to killing a Kansas deputy sheriff after causing a deadly car crash last year.  Sanctuary city policies in two jurisdictions allowed the previously convicted drunk driver to remain in the U.S. leading to the murder of the deputy.  Adrian Espinosa-Flores, a 39-year-old illegal alien, pleaded guilty to reckless second-degree murder charges in Johnson County, Kansas after crashing his vehicle into Master Deputy Brandon Collins, killing him, as Kansas City Star reported.

California Sheriffs Call on Congress to Stop Their 'Sanctuary' State.  California's sheriffs are calling on the GOP-controlled Congress to intervene and pass a federal law to change the state's sanctuary state status, warning the law that ties their hands too tightly will only increase the chances of another high-profile tragedy.  The sanctuary state law, which Gov. Jerry Brown (D.) signed Thursday [10/12/2017] but doesn't go into effect until January, is the most far-reaching of its kind in the country and places sharp limits on how local law enforcement agencies can communicate with federal immigration authorities.  It would also make it a crime to enforce federal immigration laws on the premises of all schools, hospitals, libraries, and courthouses in state, which is home to an estimated two million immigrants.

ICE Responds To California "Sanctuary State" Law — CA Businesses Now Face Enhanced Immigration Raids.  The day after California Governor Jerry Brown signs a bill that prevents local police notifying ICE of illegal alien arrests ICE notifies California their new law forces workplace raids as enforcement actions: [...]

ICE to California: 'No choice' but to arrest illegal immigrants despite sanctuary state legislation.  The head of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Friday that his agency had "no choice" but to arrest illegal immigrants in California's neighborhoods and worksites despite newly signed sanctuary city legislation in the state.  Those arrested would also likely be placed in out-of-state detention centers, ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said in a statement.  Homan's comments came a day after California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed state Senate bill SB54, or sanctuary state legislation.

77% Of Voters Want No Sanctuary Cities.  Once again, Democrats are on the wrong side of a crucial issue.  Seems to be a regular problem for these out-of-touch elites.  American voters in key battle ground states were polled, and 77% said they want NO MORE sanctuary cities.

California goes sanctuary — let's push it in the ocean.  Perhaps a wall's in order.  Perhaps we're building in the wrong spot.  If California's going to open doors to illegals, then the rest of America shouldn't have to pay.  The rest of America shouldn't have to deal with the types of threats these illegals soaking up the California sun could bring to the law-abiding citizenry in other states.

ICE threatens 'at-large arrests' after California passes sanctuary city law.  The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency rebuked Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., on Friday [10/6/2017] for enacting a statewide sanctuary law for illegal immigrants, and said the decision will prompt a higher number of raids that target that population.  "Governor Jerry Brown's decision to sign SB54 and make California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens — including those who have committed crimes — will undermine public safety and hinder ICE from performing its federally mandated mission.  The governor is simply wrong when he claims otherwise," acting ICE Director Tom Homan said in a statement.

California to become a 'sanctuary state' in 2018.  Gov. Jerry Brown placed new limitations on state and local law enforcement's ability to help the federal government enforce immigration violations by signing California's controversial "sanctuary state" bill into law on Thursday [10/5/2017].  Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León introduced Senate Bill 54 weeks after the 2016 election to stifle President Donald Trump's campaign pledge to ramp up deportations and prevent the federal government from using California police officers to accomplish his goal.

ICE nabs nearly 500 aliens in sweep of sanctuary cities.  Federal deportation officers swarmed sanctuary cities this week, netting nearly 500 immigrants in a series of targeted operations designed to go after people that counties and cities were shielding through their noncooperation policies.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it netted more than 100 migrants in Los Angeles and Philadelphia each, and dozens more in Baltimore, Chicago, Denver and New York, among other sanctuary jurisdictions.  Of the 498 aliens caught, 310 of them were targets and the other 188 were "collateral" arrests of illegal immigrants whom officers encountered while going after their targets, the agency said.

Operation Safe City:  ICE Sweep Nabs 498 Criminal Illegals In Sanctuary Cities.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to be making good on his promise to crack down on sanctuary cities.  In an a nationwide sweep of criminal aliens most here illegally this week, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 498 illegals across ten sanctuary jurisdictions in what they officially called "Operation Safe City[.]" [...] The operation was specifically carried out in sanctuary cities, "where ICE deportation officers are denied access to jails and prisons to interview suspected immigration violators or jurisdictions where ICE detainers are not honored[.]"

ICE arrests nearly 450 illegal immigrants in sanctuary city raids.  As part of a massive illegal immigration sweep, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced Thursday that officials this week arrested nearly 500 illegal immigrants living in sanctuary cities across the country.  The raid, referred to as "Operation 'Safe City'" in a news release, spanned four days in cities through the U.S., and ended Wednesday.  Illegal immigrants with criminal charges or known gang-affiliations were targeted, the release said, noting that recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were not.  In Philadelphia, 107 illegal immigrants were arrested, while 101 were arrested in Los Angeles and 45 people were arrested in New York.

Sessions blasts California lawmakers for passing sanctuary state bill, says lives at stake.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday [9/19/2017] called it "unconscionable" that California lawmakers passed a sanctuary state bill that stops local police from cooperating with federal authorities to deport illegal immigrants.  "The bill risks the safety of good law enforcement officers and the safety of the neighborhoods that need their protection the most," Sessions said during a speech in Portland, Oregon.  "There are lives and livelihoods at stake."  State legislators in California passed sanctuary state legislation over the weekend that bolsters protections for illegal immigrants in the state.

'Angel Mom' blasts CA sanctuary state 'insanity'.  Lawmakers in California on Saturday passed "sanctuary state" legislation to limit police cooperation with federal immigration authorities and give illegal immigrations additional protections from federal law enforcement.  Sabine Durden, a legal immigrant and "Angel Mom," blasted the approved bill on Fox & Friends Monday morning [9/18/2017].  "It's an insult.  It's insanity on steroids to claim that this is protecting the immigrant community," Durden said.

We already have amnesty for illegal aliens.  You may not like it.  Certainly, I don't.  But I must tell the truth because the truth is all we have.  The courts already decided to void the nation's immigration laws.  We have de facto amnesty for 10 million to 30 million illegal aliens (some estimates are higher).  The Supreme Court ruled the state of Arizona cannot enforce immigration law.  A lower court wanted to imprison a sheriff for enforcing immigration law.  And now another lower court has ruled that the federal government cannot enforce immigration law by forcing cities to cooperate.

Alleged SF killer had been released from jail despite request for immigration hold.  One of three men accused of using a gun stolen from a San Francisco police officer to kill a man in the Mission District last month had been released from County Jail earlier in the year despite a request from federal immigration agents that he be held and turned over for potential deportation, officials said Friday [9/15/2017].  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials lodged what is known as a detainer request for Jesus Perez-Araujo, 24, after he was arrested three months before the Aug. 15 street killing of 23-year-old Abel Enrique Esquivel Jr., said ICE spokesman James Schwab.  The agency asked the city to hold him for up to 48 hours after his release.

California lawmakers approve landmark 'sanctuary state' bill to expand protections for immigrants.  California lawmakers on Saturday [9/16/2017] passed a "sanctuary state" bill to protect immigrants without legal residency in the U.S., part of a broader push by Democrats to counter expanded deportation orders under the Trump administration.  The legislation by Sen. Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), the most far-reaching of its kind in the country, would limit state and local law enforcement communication with federal immigration authorities, and prevent officers from questioning and holding people on immigration violations.

Judge: Sessions can't deny grant money for sanctuary cities.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions can't follow through — at least for now — with his threat to withhold public safety grant money to Chicago and other so-called sanctuary cities for refusing to impose new tough immigration policies, a judge ruled Friday [9/15/2017] in a legal defeat for the Trump administration.

DOJ can't withhold grants from 'sanctuary' cities, judge rules.  A federal judge issued a ruling Friday that blocks the Justice Department from requiring cities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in order to be considered eligible for federal law enforcement grants.  The ruling blocks nationwide enforcement of two of the three new conditions the Justice Department sought to impose on jurisdictions seeking funds through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant, which doles out nearly $400 million to state and local agencies each year.

Why Is Government Giving "Sanctuary Businesses" And Government A Pass?  Have you heard of the term "sanctuary businesses" yet?  Perhaps it's something we should be paying attention to, along with sanctuary jurisdictions[.]

Gov. John Kasich on DACA: 'We Want All the Immigrants to Come to Ohio'.  Former Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich expressed distaste in President Trump's plan to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and invited all immigrants to come live in his state. [...] Kasich prefers a "simple solution" and that is, granting the Dreamers "permanent status."  He argues that it isn't fair to ship these "contributors" out of the U.S. and into countries they know nothing about.

The Editor says...
It is also possible that the anchor babies know little or nothing about this country.  Otherwise, why would they be surprised by the prospect of being deported?  And if they really are net "contributors," they probably have nothing to worry about.

Rahm Emanuel creates 'Trump-free zone' for students at Chicago schools.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday assured incoming high schoolers that they need not to worry about President Trump ending the "Dreamers" program, saying Chicago Public Schools are a "Trump-free" sanctuary for young illegal immigrants.  "To all the Dreamers that are here in this room and in the city of Chicago:  You are welcome in the city of Chicago.  This is your home.  And you have nothing to worry about," Mr. Emanuel told a group of freshman on the first day of classes at Solorio Academy High School, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.  "Chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city, as it relates to what President Trump said, will be a Trump-free zone.  You have nothing to worry about," Mr. Emanuel said.

The Absurd Reasoning a Clinton-Appointed Judge Used to Strike Down Sanctuary City Law.  A federal judge in San Antonio appointed by President Bill Clinton, Orlando Garcia, has issued a temporary restraining order against portions of Texas' new sanctuary city law.  SB 4, which was set to take effect on Sept. 1, outlawed sanctuary policies by Texas counties, cities, and municipalities.  This order is wrong on two levels:  It interferes with the prerogatives of a state government, and it misinterprets federal immigration law.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton as well as Gov. Greg Abbott (the state's former attorney general) have already announced that they intend to appeal to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Texas asks federal appeals court to reinstate anti-sanctuary city law.  Texas asked a federal appeals court Thursday [8/31/2017] to revive the state's new anti-sanctuary city law, moving quickly to try to overturn a district judge's ruling that most of the law is unconstitutional.  The move, which was expected, heightens the legal showdown between Texas and a number of cities in the state, who are desperately fighting to keep their sanctuary policies, saying they fear relations with their immigrant communities would be poisoned if they cooperate with federal deportation officers.  District Judge Orlando L. Garcia had sided with the cities in a ruling late Wednesday, saying that the federal government has the obligation to enforce immigration laws and states cannot try to force cooperation.

Federal judge suspends Texas law to ban sanctuary cities.  A federal judge in San Antonio, Texas, on Wednesday [8/30/2017] blocked Texas from carrying out a law set to go into effect Friday that would essentially ban sanctuary cities.  U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia ordered a temporary hold on the law on the account that its premise may be unconstitutional.  The preliminary injunction will remain as a lawsuit as the policy winds it way through the courts, according to one report.  The law allows law enforcement officers to ask the immigration status when people who have been detained give police reason to believe they may be in the U.S. illegally.  It also requires local officials to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's detainer requests.

Bruce Rauner, betrayer of the Illinois GOP.  There used to be a time when Republicans stood for certain non-negotiables — free markets, lower taxes, limited governments and yes, law and order at the borders.  Then came Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

San Antonio judge blocks Texas' sanctuary cities law.  A federal judge halted most of Texas' ban on sanctuary cities Wednesday — two days before the law was to take effect.  City of San Antonio officials who were challenging the law claimed victory while state leaders vowed to appeal the ruling, but it remained unclear Wednesday night what impact it would have on a San Antonio Police Department policy preventing officers from asking about immigration status.  City staff and lawyers working on the case said they would have more information Thursday [8/31/2017].

ACORN Sues California to Allow More Illegals to Vote.  An ACORN offshoot and other left-wing pressure groups are suing California in federal court because the state hasn't made it easy enough for Democrats to flood voter rolls with illegal aliens and foreign nationals who aren't legally eligible to vote.  Throughout the years Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins, and celebrities living and dead were registered to vote because now-defunct ACORN and its allied groups were allowed to pollute the voter rolls.

Amidst Unity in Texas With Hurricane Harvey, Houston Democrat Mayor Just Had to Make Things Political.  As horrible as Hurricane Harvey has been, there have been countless glimpses of the best of humanity following the disaster. [...] Rescues are still underway, and the flooding hasn't ended.  However, while the spirit of unity stays alive, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) has decided to make things political.  How?  Turner is pledging himself to represent any illegal immigrants in court who might face deportation in Houston.

Rauner signs immigrant protections, automatic voter registration bill.  Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a law Monday designed to protect Illinois' half-million undocumented immigrants from deportation, drawing criticism from the administration of a fellow Republican:  President Donald Trump.  The bill, dubbed the TRUST Act, restricts local law enforcement from collaborating with federal immigration agents to detain anyone unless the feds have a warrant.

Map of Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States.  The sanctuary jurisdictions are listed below.  These cities, counties, and states have laws, ordinances, regulations, resolutions, policies, or other practices that obstruct immigration enforcement and shield criminals from ICE — either by refusing to or prohibiting agencies from complying with ICE detainers, imposing unreasonable conditions on detainer acceptance, denying ICE access to interview incarcerated aliens, or otherwise impeding communication or information exchanges between their personnel and federal immigration officers.  A detainer is the primary tool used by ICE to gain custody of criminal aliens for deportation.  It is a notice to another law enforcement agency that ICE intends to assume custody of an alien and includes information on the alien's previous criminal history, immigration violations, and potential threat to public safety or security.  [Map]

California's Top Judge Tells ICE To Leave Courthouses As State Readies Sanctuary Law.  California's highest ranking judicial officer has waded once again into the politically fraught debate over the Trump administration's immigration enforcement policy.  State Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, who has previously condemned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations at court facilities, said Tuesday [8/22/2017] she has a duty to call out federal agents who arrest illegal immigrants in or near the California's courthouses.

Judge Knocks Sanctuary City Seeking Relief From Trump's Immigration Order.  A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a sanctuary city in California challenging President Donald Trump's executive order withholding grants from jurisdictions that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities[.]  The city of Richmond, Calif., filed suit in March challenging the constitutionality of the order.  U.S. District Judge William Orrick dismissed the case Monday [8/21/2017], finding Richmond did not have standing to challenge the law.  In his ruling dismissing the case, Orrick explained the city had not demonstrated that it had reason to believe Trump's order would be enforced against them, and therefore didn't have standing to bring a case.

AG Jeff Sessions Continues Blasting Chicago Over Sanctuary City Status.  [Scroll down]  It is lawlessness.  It is prioritizing people who are unlawfully present in the country, in contradiction of federal law, over U.S. citizens and those who are lawfully present.  Chicago isn't just protecting those "with no criminal records", but those with criminal records.  Serious criminal records.  Rape, assault, robbery, burglary, theft, arson, attempted murder, and murder, among others.  One of the reasons given for Miami being a sanctuary jurisdiction was that they wanted to be reimbursed by Washington for the costs to hold an illegal on a detainer for that 48 hour hold.  Actually, that is not unreasonable, and should be considered.

Sanctuary cities, Rahm and power politics.  "I heard the impact, saw this man go up into the sky and land on the windshield," witness Alberto Aceves told the Tribune at the time, describing how Dennis McCann fell off the hood to roll under the speeding car.  "I pull up to the passenger side screaming at him. 'Stop!  The guy's under your car.'"  The driver finally stopped the car, got out, tried to run and was arrested by police.  Saul Chavez, then 35, a Mexican immigrant here illegally, had been drinking heavily.  The Cook County sheriff's office said Chavez had a blood alcohol content of 0.29 percent, more than three times the legal limit.  Chavez had just completed probation after a drunken driving conviction two years before. [...] And within days, what happened?  Chavez fled.  He disappeared back into Mexico, where he remains out of reach of the short, stubby arms of Chicago's law.

Flashback: Charlottesville Mayor Declares City 'Capital Of The Resistance'.  Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer declared the city the "capital of the resistance" at a rally held in January following the election of President Donald Trump.  Signer organized the rally to announce his plans to "resist" the Trump administration by providing legal assistance to immigrants and directing the Charlottesville's Human Rights Commission to address reports of xenophobia or racism.  Signer also said he was considering violating federal law by making Charlottesville a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants.

Texas loses bid to head off anti-sanctuary city law challenge.  A federal court on Wednesday [8/9/2017] tossed out Texas's attempt for a preemptive legal defense of the state's new anti-sanctuary city law, shifting the battleground to yet another federal court.  Hours after Gov. Greg Abbott signed the anti-sanctuary law, SB 4, Attorney General Ken Paxton went to a court and asked for a preliminary ruling that it was constitutional.  But U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks in Austin rejected that move, saying courts aren't in the business of giving advisory opinions.  Instead, the battle over the state law will be fought out in another federal court in San Antonio, where a number of cities are battling to preserve their sanctuary policies in the face of the new law, which is slated to go into effect Sept. 1.

The truth about sanctuary cities and the rule of law.  The concept of a sanctuary city does not mean it is a place where federal law is unenforced by the feds.  Rather, it is a place where local authorities have elected not to spend their tax dollars helping the feds to enforce federal law.  The term "sanctuary city" is not a legal term but a political one.  The Trump administration has used the term to characterize the governments of towns and cities that have created safe havens for those who have overstayed their visas by refusing to tell the feds who these folks are and where they can be found.  Can local authorities refuse to help the feds enforce federal law?  In a word, yes.  There is no legal obligation on the part of local authorities to help the feds with manpower or resources or data to enforce federal law within the jurisdiction of those local authorities.

Rahmbo Gives Sanctuary to Illegal Alien Killers.  Title 8 U.S.C. 1324 makes it quite explicit that harboring and concealing from detection illegal aliens is a felony, whether committed by individuals or sanctuary city officials: [...] Sanctuary city mayors are in clear violation of federal statute, so for anyone to argue that withholding federal funds from those violating federal law is unconstitutional is, again, nonsense.  Sanctuary city officials could very well be prosecuted for breaking the law and recklessly endangering their citizens by harboring and shielding from scrutiny illegal aliens among whose number may include assorted Islamic State agents, sympathizers and potential lone wolf recruits, along with assorted criminals, like the one charged with the murder of Kate Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.  They are accomplices in crime.

AG Sessions:  Chicago 'Proudly' Violates 'Rule of Law' and Protects 'Criminal Aliens'.  In response to Chicago's lawsuit against the Justice Department regarding federal funds for sanctuary cities, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Chicago follows a policy that protects "criminal aliens who prey" on residents and that the Trump administration will not "give away grant dollars to city governments that proudly violate the rule of law and protect criminal aliens."  Sessions added that Chicago's policies were "astounding" given the city's "unprecedented violent crime surge."  In 2016, there were 788 homicides in Chicago and 4,368 shooting victims.

Miami-Dade complied with Trump to change its 'sanctuary' status.  It worked.  For the first time since it began extending the detentions of local inmates sought for deportation, Miami-Dade County received word from Washington that it won't be treated as a community giving "sanctuary" to immigration violators.  An Aug. 4 letter to Mayor Carlos Gimenez from the Justice Department said "there was no evidence" Miami-Dade was out of compliance with an immigration provision of a federal police grant worth about $480,000 this year to the county.

Massachusetts High Court Rules State Officers Can't Hold People Solely on Federal Immigration Detainers.  The ruling sets the stage for widespread non-cooperation with federal immigration detainers in Massachusetts.  The court ruled that holding a person on an immigration detainer was tantamount to an arrest, and state law "provides no authority" for court officers to make such an arrest.

Chicago Mayor:  Sanctuary Cities Reflect Our Values.  Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday [8/7/2017] that the dismantling of sanctuary cities will harm public safety and diminish American values.  Chicago is in the process of suing the Trump administration for threatening to withhold funding from cities who do not comply with orders to comply with federal immigration policies.  According to Emanuel, stopping Chicago's sanctuary policies would actually be a threat to public safety.  Sanctuary city policies allow police to release illegal immigrants who have been accused of a crime even if ICE has issued a detainer against the immigrant.

Crime-ridden Chicago sues DOJ over sanctuary cities.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sued the Trump administration Monday [8/7/2017] over its threat to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, prompting one official to charge Emanuel is more concerned about protecting illegal immigrants than legal residents of his beleaguered city.  The showdown over so-called sanctuary cities has been heating up in recent months as some local governments have refused to work with federal immigration authorities.  Monday's 46-page suit, filed inU.SD. District Court for the Northern District of Ilinois, named Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the defendant.

California Risks Billions in Sanctuary City Suit Against Trump Administration.  California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is launching a preemptive legal assault against the Trump Administration's promise to pull tens of billions of dollars of federal funding from "sanctuary cities" that do not cooperate in enforcement against illegal aliens.  Attorney General Becerra is leading a coalition of 300 cities, 18 counties, and the State of California that intend to sue the Trump Administration over U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' plan to begin cutting off funding to jurisdictions tagged by the U.S. Justice Department as "sanctuary cities" that harbor illegal aliens from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, according to the Sacramento Bee.

One Day.  There is a moment when a government becomes so corrupt that it can no longer be tolerated by the people and I suggest that we are there.  It is much more openly corrupt today than it has ever been. [...] Open rebellion among the cities and states that claim "sanctuary" status for criminals are putting the property I own and the people I love in danger.  Allowing jihadists into the nation out of some self-serving idea of compassion (understanding that is all propaganda) places the property I own and the people I love in danger.  Just because it has not yet visited me personally, doesn't mean that it doesn't affect me.

DOJ fires back at Chicago's sanctuary-city lawsuit threat.  The Department of Justice on Sunday [8/6/2017] fired back at Chicago's plans to sue the feds for threatening to withhold crime-fighting money to sanctuary cities.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel formally announced Sunday that his city would file a lawsuit Monday against the Trump administration for vowing to block federal grants to cities that don't comply with federal immigration law.  The Justice Department called out the mayor in its response.  "In 2016, more Chicagoans were murdered than in New York City and Los Angeles combined.  So it's especially tragic that the mayor is less concerned with that staggering figure than he is spending time and taxpayer money protecting criminal aliens and putting Chicago's law enforcement at greater risk," department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Boss tells state workers:  Kick ICE out of California labor offices.  California's top labor law enforcer wants federal immigration agents to stay away from offices where state investigators weigh claims about underpaid employees and workplace retaliation.  Labor Commissioner Julie Su last month directed her staff to turn away Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents unless the federal officers have warrants.  Her directive followed three instances over the past 10 months in which immigration agents sought information about California workers who had filed claims against employers.  In two cases, immigration agents attempted to attend hearings where investigators discuss claims with workers and their employers, Su said.  In all three cases, the agents left when they were asked, she said.

Chicago to Sue DoJ Over Sanctuary City Policies.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city will sue the Department of Justice over their sanctuary city policy that would deny the police department more than $3 million in grants because of their failure to cooperate with federal immigration officials.  Emanuel wants the money and he wants the illegals.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to sue Trump administration over funding threats to sanctuary cities.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday [8/4/2017] he plans to sue the Trump administration for threatening to withhold public safety federal grant money because of the city's immigration policy.  The city will argue in federal court that Attorney General Jeff Sessions cannot withhold funding for Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Programs — a crime-fighting source for local governments — to cities that limit their cooperation with requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

DREAMer accused of brutally raping woman in Seattle suburb.  A 23-year-old DREAMer in Washington state is accused of brutally raping a 19-year-old woman in her apartment complex's gym and leaving her with severe facial injuries — including a broken jaw and dangling ear.  The woman ended up stumbling home with missing teeth, a bloody head and wearing only a black tank top, according to court documents obtained by Fox News.  She was working out in the gym in Burien, a Seattle suburb, before the June 25 assault and did not know her attacker, police said.

Another criminal alien accused of heinous crime in sanctuary city.  A 31-year-old illegal alien accused of violently attacking two women in Portland, Oregon, has a long history of being deported to Mexico and then illegally re-entering the United States, according to reports.  Sergio Jose Martinez appeared in court Wednesday [8/2/2017] following his arrest after a foot chase through the city's Sullivan Gulch neighborhood.  Portland is one of more than 300 sanctuary cities that protect illegal-alien criminals from being turned over to federal immigration officials.

Sessions DOJ Blocks Sanctuary Cities from Police Assistance Program.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions banned sanctuary cities from participating in a federal public safety program.  In a statement through the Department of Justice (DOJ), Sessions said sanctuary cities would not be allowed to participate in the Public Safety Partnership program until they prove that they have properly dropped their status and made efforts to reduce violent crimes by illegal aliens.  "By protecting criminals from immigration enforcement, cities and states with so-called 'sanctuary' policies make all of us less safe," Sessions said in the statement.  "We saw that just last week, when an illegal alien who had been deported twenty times and was wanted by immigration authorities allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly woman in Portland, a city that refuses to cooperate with immigration enforcement."

Horrific Crime by Dreamer in a Sanctuary City Leads To Backlash.  The crime by a so-called DREAMer in a Washington state sanctuary city was horrific.  The teen girl suffered a broken orbital bone, a broken jaw, her ear was dangling off, her lip was damaged, she had head injuries, she lost teeth, her nose was broken, she couldn't talk and she was raped.  Salvador Diaz-Garcia, 23 years of age, is charged with second-degree assault, second-degree rape and third-degree child molestation for perverted acts that occurred on June 25 at a kid's pool.  The woman's mother called police about 10 p.m. that night, reporting that her daughter came home with a bloody head, missing teeth and wearing only a tank top.

Seven Ways Trump Is Taking Back America's Culture.  [#7] Last week, the president delivered tough words to gang members and the promise of support to law enforcement, a sign that Trump intends to uphold both the nation's physical boundaries and its laws — neither of which he wishes to see diminished or undermined through political correctness or social justice activism.  "Together, we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities, and we're going to destroy the vile criminal cartel MS-13 and many other gangs," Trump promised.  "From now on, we're going to enforce our laws, protect our borders, and support our police like our police have never been supported before," he added, criticizing mayors who have dubbed their communities "sanctuary cities."

Man Deported 20 Times Before Sexually Assaulting Elderly Woman, Police Say.  Sergio Jose Martinez has a lot to answer for, say cops in Portland, Oregon.  On Monday, the 31-year-old broke into a 65-year-old woman's home, sexually assaulted her, threatened to kill her before beating her up, stole her car, then attacked another victim, police claim.  And it's not his first time violating the law.  Besides prior criminal convictions, this suspect, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, has been deported 20 times according to court documents obtained by KGW.  Commissioners for Multnomah County, in which Portland lies, unanimously voted to expand their sanctuary policy for immigrants in December.  The Department of Homeland Security said that they issued a detainer for Martinez that same month, but local authorities did not notify them after he was released from custody.  For years, Multnomah had already stopped holding suspects for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE chief wants to slap smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities.  The country's top immigration enforcement officer says he is looking into charging sanctuary city leaders with violating federal anti-smuggling laws because he is fed up with local officials putting their communities and his officers at risk by releasing illegal immigrants from jail.  Thomas Homan, the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also told Americans to expect more work site enforcement targeting unscrupulous employers and more 287(g) agreements with willing police and sheriff's departments that want to help get illegal immigrants off their streets.  Eventually, he said, ICE will break the deportation records of 409,849 migrants set in 2012 under President Obama.

ICE Director Is Looking Into Charging Sanctuary City Leaders With Smuggling Charges.  There's quite a bit of information in the article about other matters illegal immigration related, such as there being more work site compliance enforcement, that officers have been unshackled from the limits imposed by Obama, most illegals are eligible to be picked up, and that the biggest problem now on those lines is the backlog in court.

Head of ICE Looks to Arrest Leaders of Sanctuary Cities.  Thomas Homan, the acting head of ICE, has been deporting large numbers of criminals and others caught up in his sweeps.  He's concentrated on sanctuary cities and named New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Chicago as the worst unAmerican cities.  How would you also like to see the mayors of those cities, these lawbreakers, arrested?  Homan has been discussing arresting the leaders of those cities on charges of violating federal anti-smuggling laws.  He is looking into charging them because he is fed up with local officials putting their communities and his officers at risk by releasing illegal immigrants from jail.

SJC rules against ICE in blockbuster Massachusetts immigration case.  Massachusetts court officers cannot hold a suspected illegal immigrant in custody at the request of federal immigration agents if there is no criminal warrant or criminal detainer, the state's highest court today found today [7/24/2017] in a blockbuster ruling sure to send shockwaves through the Bay State's immigration enforcement system.  "Massachusetts law provides no authority for Massachusetts court officers to arrest and hold an individual solely on the basis of a Federal civil immigration detainer beyond the time that individual would otherwise be entitled to a release from State custody," the unanimous Supreme Judicial Court ruling states.

California judge refuses to bring back Trump's sanctuary cities ban.  In a seeming act of defiance toward the Trump administration, a federal judge in San Francisco has refused to reinstate the president's sanctuary cities order.  The bold move to not reinstate President Donald Trump's executive order — which sought to slash funding to cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities — comes amid a battle between the State Department and local governments across the country over the edict from Washington.

Immigration Chief:  We're Sending Hundreds Of Agents To Sanctuary Cities.  A few weeks ago, the chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) remarked that illegal aliens "should be afraid" of ICE. [...] Since President Trump's inauguration, attempts a crossing the border are down by 70% and arrests inside the United States are up by 40%.  The precipitous drop in attempts at crossing the border is freeing up agents for use duty in apprehending illegals in the United States and taking custody of illegals from state and local authorities.

Phoenix PD Bans Officers from Asking About Immigration Status, Calling Feds in Violation of State Law.  Police officials in Arizona's largest city have quietly implemented a new policy banning officers from contacting the feds after arresting an illegal alien and forbidding them from asking about immigration status, in violation of key provisions of a state law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Judicial Watch obtained a copy of the Phoenix Police Department's new sanctuary Immigration Procedures, which also replace the term "illegal alien" with "a person unlawfully present."  It appears to be part of a broader scheme to dodge federal immigration laws in Arizona's most populous county.

California Closer to Creating Sanctuary State.  Over objections from sheriffs' unions and the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Assembly Judiciary Committee took a step forward in making the Golden State a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.  State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, said his measure, Senate Bill 54 or the "California Values Act," is intended to prevent state and local law enforcement from cooperating with what he calls the "Trump Deportation Machine."  Opponents call it a "sanctuary state measure" that goes against federal immigration law and obstructs the ability of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to do their job.

Cities Under Immigration Review Claim They Don't Deserve DOJ's 'Sanctuary' Label.  The 10 jurisdictions whose immigration policies are under review by the Justice Department say they are on the right side of the law, even if they don't go out of their way to assist federal immigration enforcement efforts.  In response to a request from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to provide evidence of compliance with a key immigration statute, the local governments — four cities, four counties and two states — sent DOJ legal analyses defending their level of cooperation with immigration agents.  Copies of the responses, which were due to DOJ by June 30, were shared with the Associated Press Thursday.  While there are obvious differences in the way each jurisdiction approaches immigration enforcement, the responses shared a common theme:  They can't be considered "sanctuary" jurisdictions because they follow the letter of the law.

Sanctuary cities promise to make 1 million new US citizens in year.  Twenty-one mostly "sanctuary cities" are pledging to make 1 million immigrants U.S. citizens this year.  The "Naturalize NOW!" campaign, which includes liberal and progressive groups and elected officials, heralded the mayors of the cities in joining the national effort.

Illegalophilia and Islamophilia.  When Nabra Hassanen was killed by Darwin Martinez Torres, the media rushed to blame Islamophobia and Trump.  The truth was simpler.  It was the left's own Illegalophilia that killed the Muslim teenager. [...] The murder happened in Fairfax County.  Earlier this year, Fairfax County Chief of Police Ed Roessler had assured illegal aliens that they had nothing to worry about.  The police were not going to do anything about them until they killed someone.  "We're not targeting someone on the street that we may or may not know is here unlawfully," Deputy County Executive David Rohrer soothed.

Tucker on SF's $190K Payout to Illegal Immigrant: 'You Shouldn't Pay a Criminal for Breaking the Law'.  An illegal immigrant is set to be awarded $190,000 from San Francisco after police turned him over to immigration authorities, which is a violation of the city's sanctuary policy.  Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, who is from El Salvador and was living in the U.S. illegally, walked into a police station on December 2, 2015, to recover his stolen car.  When he left the station, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immediately took him into custody.  Figueroa-Zarceno recently reached the massive settlement agreement with the city attorney's office.  The agreement must be approved by the city's Board of Supervisors.

Report: After Phoenix Dropped Sanctuary City Status, Crime Rate Fell.  When the City of Phoenix ended its sanctuary city status crime began to fall, the Arizona Police Association reports.  Their statement contrasts sharply with politically motivated chiefs of police from around the country.  "When we eliminated our sanctuary policy back in 2008, we saw crime, violent and stolen vehicles fall by 25 percent," former Phoenix police officer and Executive Director of the Arizona Police Association Levi Bolton told Fox News Channel's William La Jeunesse in an interview.  "We saw a 20-year low crime rate.  When we were allowed and had the discretion to contact our federal immigration partners, crime fell drastically."

No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.  When President Trump announced his bid for the highest office, the media almost universally condemned him as racist for saying Mexican illegal aliens include rapists and killers.  We ignored that and elected him, and today the House will vote on a bill that fights the rapists and murderers that Mexico exports.  (NAFTA by the way was supposed to end illegal immigration.)  The bill also will fight MS 13, the Central American export that Barack Obama called children we should let in.

San Francisco to Pay Illegal $190K Because He Was Reported, Detained.  Sanctuary cities may also be settlement cities for illegals.  To settle a lawsuit, San Franciso is set to pay $190,000 to an illegal immigrant who says his "undocumented" status was reported to ICE officers — contrary to the protection that sanctuary cities offer to illegals.  CBS affiliate KPIX 5 reports that the settlement is pending but is expected to be officially announced in the near future.  The city is just fine with that.  According to John Coté, a spokesman for the Office of San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, "San Francisco has strong policies in place to encourage victims and witnesses to report crimes without fear of being deported, which include our sanctuary ordinance. [...]"

House passes 'Kate's Law' and bill targeting sanctuary cities.  The House passed legislation on Thursday [6/29/2017] to crack down on illegal immigration and enact a key priority of President Trump's known as "Kate's Law."  In largely party line votes, the House approved two bills.  One would cut off some federal grants from so-called sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities; the other would impose tougher sentences on criminals who have entered the U.S. illegally multiple times.  "For years, the lack of immigration enforcement and spread of sanctuary policies have cost too many lives," said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the author of both bills.

ICE Director Supports Allowing Victims of Criminal Aliens to Sue Sanctuary City Officials.  Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan said Wednesday that he would support allowing victims of criminal aliens to sue the city officials of sanctuary cities. asked Homan if he would support allowing victims of criminal aliens in sanctuary cities to sue the city officials.

Leftist Illegalophilia, Not Islamophobia, Killed a Muslim Teen.  The murder happened in Fairfax County.  Earlier this year, Fairfax County Chief of Police Ed Roessler had assured illegal aliens that they had nothing to worry about.  The police were not going to do anything about them until they killed someone. [...] Fairfax County's refusal to investigate illegal aliens made it a magnet for a rising illegal alien population.  Its jails have nearly 2,000 illegal aliens and the area has become a magnet for the El Salvadoran MS-13 gang.  It's unknown whether Torres was an MS-13 member, but his behavior matches the extreme brutality and fearless savagery that the group, which has been lethally active in Fairfax, is known for.

Department of Justice sides with Texas on 'sanctuary cities' lawsuit.  The Department of Justice on Friday sided with Texas in the lawsuit against its recently passed sanctuary cities ban, lending significant if unsurprising support to boosters of the law.  The department's decision to back a state in a high-profile case on a hawkish immigration issue is a reversal from its operation under President Barack Obama's administration, which often sided with civil rights groups that opposed such state laws.  "The Department of Justice fully supports Texas's effort and is participating in this lawsuit because of the strong federal interest in facilitating the state and local cooperation that is critical in enforcing our nation's immigration laws," U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a prepared statement.

The cities don't have to help the feds.  They just need to stay out of the way.
Durbin, top Dem, says sanctuary cities too poor to help feds on immigration.  Sen. Richard J. Durbin said Wednesday [6/21/2017] that Chicago's sanctuary city policy isn't about protecting illegal immigrants, but rather a matter of poverty.  The city doesn't have enough money to turn over illegal immigrants to federal authorities.  "Come on Uncle Sam, where's the money?" Mr. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said in a hearing called to look at gangs' prevalence among illegal immigrants.

The Editor says...
If this is an attempt to make us all feel sorry for sanctuary cities and throw money at them, it isn't working.  Establishing a "sanctuary city" is somebody's conscious decision, not just bad luck.

Forget sanctuary cities — the courts created a sanctuary NATION.  Sanctuary cities are yesterday's news.  There might be 375 jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, but unless the courts are reined in, they will create a de facto sanctuary nation policy by preventing even cooperative states and localities from following the law.  In other words, much like we are told "gay marriage is the law of the land," the lower courts are now making sanctuary cities the law of the land.

Texas Sheriff Actively Promoting Visas for Illegal Immigrants.  Travis County Sheriff "Sanctuary Sally" Hernandez came up with the idea of instructing crime victims who happen to be in the country illegally on how they can apply for a "U visa," Fox 7 in Austin reported.  Merely filing out the application for the visa, intended to help true crime victims, is enough to at least temporarily block immigration officials from deporting an applicant.  Her work continues to propagate the myth that Texas' new sanctuary city law (previously known as Senate Bill 4) is a threat to crime victims.

Why kids can't think.  The kids are taught that sanctuary cities are good and that people who want to enforce the borders are anti-immigrant, racists, xenophobes and want to harm women and children who just want to improve their lives.  They should be taught that the U.S is a nation of laws, that politicians should uphold their oath to enforce the laws and that nations are not nations without borders and laws.

Senators float bipartisan fix to sanctuary cities; liability protection could smooth cooperation.  Senators said Tuesday [6/6/2017] they may have a bipartisan way of allowing local police to cooperate with federal immigration agents, saying Congress could pass a law granting the localities protection from liability lawsuits brought by illegal immigrants who claim they were detained too long.  Sen. Ron Johnson said it could be a "pretty simple fix" to much of the sanctuary city fight that's raging across the country.  "Let's pass a law to give those local law enforcement officials liability protection," the Wisconsin Republican and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said.  "That could clear up this whole difference."

San Antonio Sues Texas In Order To Continue Violating Federal Law On Illegal Aliens.  The headline, and others, are framed as San Antonio suing.  It'd be easier, and less costly, to simply stop being a sanctuary city and comply with the law, but, hey, if San Antonio want to blow their budget on a silly lawsuit protecting criminals, so be it[.]

'Angel Dad' Asks Trump to Hold Funds from Sanctuary Cities in Ad.  Don Rosenberg, known as an 'angel dad,' a term used for the parents of American children murdered by illegal aliens, tells the story of his son, Drew Rosenberg.  "Imagine if Kate had been your daughter, Jamiel or Drew, your son," the ad by Californians for Population Stabilization begins, flashing pictures of illegal immigration victims Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw, and Drew Rosenberg.  "I'm Don Rosenberg and Drew was my son."  "All three were killed by people who came illegally to live in California sanctuary cities" Rosenberg says.  "Millions of Californians oppose sanctuary cities.  That's why I'm asking President Trump to withhold federal funds from California.  Then maybe politicians will put our safety first and leave future tragedies to the imagination."

DC Mayor Tells Citizen to Tear Down Flyer Instructing Residents to Report Illegal Immigrants.  Washington, D.C.'s Mayor Muriel Bowser (D.) told a Twitter user on Thursday [6/1/2017] to tear down a flyer that was encouraging D.C. citizens to report illegal immigrants.  The flyer, which was subsequently determined to be fake, prompted an impassioned defense of D.C.'s sanctuary city status from its mayor. [...] The flyer, billing itself as a "sanctuary city neighborhood public notice" and bearing U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) letterhead, reproduces a section of the federal code outlining "offenses related to the harboring, encouraging/inducing, and conspiracy/aiding or abetting of illegal aliens."  It encouraged passers-by to contact an ICE hotline if they saw suspicious activity.

Trump budget would force sanctuary cities to comply with immigration laws.  A day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued guidance that narrowly defined a "sanctuary city," the Justice Department is attempting to broaden its authority to compel such jurisdictions to cooperate with immigration authorities.  A provision included in the Justice Department's proposed fiscal 2018 budget seeks to update a portion of federal law, U.S.C. 1373, which bans local governments from enacting policies that restrict or prohibit communications with federal immigration authorities "regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual."  The proposed changes would require law enforcement to comply with federal immigration detainers — requests that inmates be held in custody for up to 48 hours beyond their scheduled release from jail in order to give federal immigration authorities time retrieve them.

The Democrats' Second Secession & America's New Civil War.  [Scroll down]  Mexico is composed of two main ethnic groups:  the descendants of the Spanish conquistadors who enslaved and slaughtered the indigenous Indians, and the descendants of the Indians.  In other words, actual oppressors and actual oppressed.  When members of these two groups cross into the United States, however, they both become "people of color," therefore oppressed; therefore, deserving of special sensitivities, special allowances, special privileges — all without regard to their individual histories and merits.  That is why criminal migrants from Mexico, who are here illegally, can commit felonies against Americans, including rape and murder, and become a cause for progressives and Democrats, who create "sanctuary cities" and policies to protect them.  Because they are people of color and allegedly oppressed.

California Considers Sanctuary State Legislation to Protect Pot Industry.  California lawmakers are talking about doing for their state's new marijuana industry what they are also trying to do for illegal immigrants: create a sanctuary state where local police are ordered not to cooperate with federal authorities.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the man who has the power to unleash enforcement of the federal anti-marijuana law that could shut down the multibillion marijuana industry in California and every other state where smoking weed for the fun of it is legal.

Colorado governor pardons felon to stave off deportation.  Colorado's governor on Friday [5/19/2017] pardoned a Cuban immigrant for an armed robbery he committed 19 years ago in an effort stave off the man's deportation after immigration authorities detained him following a judge's ruling that he should no longer be imprisoned.

More states follow Trump's assault on 'sanctuary cities'.  Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi and Texas already passed laws this year that punish local governments and public universities that enact policies to protect undocumented immigrants, and other states are trying to follow suit.  Last year 18 states considered such laws, compared with only four in 2015, according to he National Conference of State Legislatures.  The rush comes after Trump's repeated warnings on the campaign trail about the dangers caused by "sanctuary cities" and his actions since taking office to cut off their federal funding.

Legal Immigrants Violently Oppose Illegal Immigration:  Democrats, Felons Hardest Hit.  J.D. Ma, Stanley Salazar, Biplab Pal, and Hongling Zhou are all American citizens.  None were born here.  At least three of them typically vote for the Democratic candidate.  One lived in the country illegally before eventually getting a green card.  All of them opposed bills to make their Maryland communities sanctuary cities.

Democrats Shocked As 'Legal' Immigrants Fight Back Against "Sanctuary Cities".  Democrats are dragging their jaws on the floor in absolute shock!  Especially the Democrats in Maryland who have recently uncovered a surprising truth, and they are having the darndest time trying to make sense of it in their little minds.  That truth is that legal immigrants are opposing the existence of sanctuary city legislation.

Texas governor signs into law bill to punish 'sanctuary cities'.  Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed into law on Sunday [5/7/2017] a measure to punish "sanctuary cities," despite a plea from police chiefs of the state's biggest cities to halt the bill they said would hinder their ability to fight crime.

Texas Legislature Passes Bill That Could Put 'Sanctuary City' Officials in Jail.  The Texas Senate approved a bill Wednesday [5/3/2017] that outlaws sanctuary cities in the state, threatening jail time for government officials who fail to comply with federal immigration law.  Senate Bill 4 already passed the Texas House of Representatives, and now just needs to be signed by a supportive Republican governor.  Greg Abbott previously promoted the legislation on television and said after the bill's passage on Wednesday [5/3/2017] that he was readying his "signing pen," Fox News reported.

Baltimore Announces Illegal Aliens Can Commit Any Crimes They Want.  Baltimore's murder rate is out of control.  It's so bad that they've asked for Federal help.  Meanwhile their split lefty personality is taking sanctuary city to its logical conclusion.  California and other sanctuary jurisdictions have been complaining of Federal personnel showing up to bust illegal aliens.  But they can't bust them if you never charge them.

Texas House OKs 'sanctuary city' ban with tough jail penalty.  The Republican-controlled Texas House approved early Thursday a strict ban on "sanctuary cities" in the country's second-largest state, seeking to empower law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law against anyone they detain and threatening to jail police chiefs and sheriffs who refuse to do so.

San Francisco Federal Judge, Obama Bundler, Blocks Trump Sanctuary City Defunding Order.  San Francisco based Federal Judge, William Orrick, issued a preliminary injunction today blocking any attempt by the Trump administration to withhold funding from "sanctuary cities" that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials.  Judge Orrick said president Trump has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.

Judge blocks Trump order on sanctuary city money.  A federal judge in San Francisco has blocked a Trump administration order to withhold funding from communities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities.

Judge Who Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order Bundled $200K for Obama.  Federal Judge William Orrick III, who on Tuesday blocked President Trump's order to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities, reportedly bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Barack Obama.  Orrick, of the Northern District of California, issued an injunction against the Trump administration after the city of San Francisco and county of Santa Clara sued over the president's plan to withhold federal funds from municipalities that harbor illegal immigrants.

Judge who blocked Trump's sanctuary city order should have recused himself.  The federal judge who ruled against President Trump's effort to withhold money from so-called sanctuary cities had no business presiding over the case.  The appearance of partiality should have been enough for Judge William Orrick to disqualify himself.  His established record of political and personal bias demanded recusal.  I'm betting he didn't even consider it.  Orrick came into the case with glaring conflicts of interest.  First, he was an accomplished "bundler" for Barack Obama, raising over $200,000 and personally donating more than $30,000.  Later, he was rewarded with a federal judgeship.  So, his political favoritism is more conspicuous than it would be for your average federal judge.  Second, Orrick worked on key immigration cases for Obama's Justice Department, overseeing the Office of Immigration Litigation.

A Ruling about Nothing.  A showboating federal judge in San Francisco has issued an injunction against President Trump's executive order cutting off federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities.  The ruling distorts the E.O. beyond recognition, accusing the president of usurping legislative authority despite the order's express adherence to "existing law."  Moreover, undeterred by the inconvenience that the order has not been enforced, the activist court — better to say, the fantasist court — dreams up harms that might befall San Francisco and Santa Clara, the sanctuary jurisdictions behind the suit, if it were enforced.  The court thus flouts the standing doctrine, which limits judicial authority to actual controversies involving concrete, non-speculative harms.  Although he vents for 49 pages, Judge William H. Orrick III gives away the game early, on page 4.  There, the Obama appointee explains that his ruling is about ... nothing.

Judge Blocking Sanctuary City Order Apparently Still Thinks He's Part of Obama Admin.  A judge just declared taxpayers must give money to a city that refuses to enforce federal immigration law while at the same time refusing to give any redress for the family of dead Kate Steinle due to that same sanctuary city policy.  Judge William Orrick, a legacy of the liberal gentry whose grandfather founded one of the big corporate law firms in San Francisco, whose father also sat on the federal bench (and the left complains of "nepotism"?), and who, according to Public Citizen, bundled nearly a quarter of a million for Obama's campaigns, blocked Trump's executive order defunding sanctuary cities by claiming sanctuary cities' refusal to actually enforce immigration law is an act of "immigration enforcement strategy."  This, in the city that freed the killer of Katie Steinle just before he killed her.  Oh, and by the way, liberal judges in the city also said that Kate's family can't sue the city for the sanctuary city policy that killed her.

Mayors tell Jeff Sessions:  We are not 'sanctuary cities'.  A handful of mayors told Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday what they told Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly last month: that they are not breaking federal law by imposing "sanctuary" policies aimed at protecting illegal immigrants.  Mayor Jorge Elorza of Providence told reporters after an hour-long meeting at the Department of Justice that Sessions told them a sanctuary city would be defined as one that violates federal statute 8 U.S.C. 1373.  He said if that is the definition, "then there are no sanctuary cities" in the United States.

Ganging Up in America.  [Scroll down]  Take, for instance, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland who says his top priority is reducing crime in his city and acknowledges that gang violence is out of control in Memphis.  "We are going to put more focus in the police department on the gangs and the gang units, because they are really driving a lot of the homicides."  While acknowledging the problem with gangs, he plans do the exact opposite of what would help the problem.  Strickland has been an outspoken critic of President's Trump's efforts to curb illegal immigration, saying the Memphis Police Department is "not in the business of enforcing" federal immigration policy and that Memphis is a "welcoming city."  So welcoming it is entrenching gang membership and getting city residents killed.  Oh, by the way, 60.4% of children in Memphis live in households led by single parents.  Whatever anti-gang measures Memphis comes up with, it will still be an uphill climb, as the core issues aren't being addressed.

DOJ puts nine sanctuary cities on notice; New York, Chicago, Philadelphia make name-and-shame list.  The Trump administration put nine of the country's top sanctuary jurisdictions on notice Friday that they could soon lose federal funds unless they can prove they are no longer thwarting Homeland Security's efforts to deport illegal immigrants.  The entire state of California is being targeted.  New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are on President Trump's radar, too.  Cook County in Illinois and Miami-Dade County in Florida round out the list.  In letters to each of the nine jurisdictions the Justice Department said they signed documents last year, when they applied for Byrne Justice Assistance Grant money, saying they complied with a section of federal law that demands cooperation when immigration agents ask for it.

Chicago approves IDs for illegal immigrants.  The Windy City has a whole host of issues to deal with these days, many of them centered around the fact that you're more likely to be murdered there than in Fallujah on any given day.  But rather than worrying about pesky little problems like that, the city council has decided to go after the really big ticket items on the agenda.  One of these is to begin creating and distributing special municipal ID cards for various "underserved" groups including illegal immigrants.  What could possibly go wrong?

Justice Department Fires Opening Salvo At Sanctuary Cities, Demanding Proof They're Complying With Federal Law.  More proof that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not playing around, and that he expects cities, states, and counties to comply with duly passed federal laws.

Sessions DOJ to Sanctuary Cities:  Show Compliance or Lose Funds.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made good on his threat to cut Justice Department grants to so-called "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.  On Friday [4/21/2017] his subordinates sent letters to nine such jurisdictions demanding proof of compliance.  The letters, sent to the relevant authorities in New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, and the "sanctuary state" of California, makes clear that Byrne Grants, a major program by which the federal Department of Justice funds local law enforcement, will be withheld if these jurisdictions do not do their part to enforce federal immigration law.

New York Attorney General Orders Cities to Break Federal Law.  Weeks after the chief law enforcement official in New York State issued "legal guidance" to help municipalities provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, nearly a dozen have followed through with the attorney general's order to skirt federal law.  The goal, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, is to provide local governments with a tool to "protect their immigrant communities, regardless of new federal enforcement practices."  Those that have followed Schneiderman's directive range from sleepy towns like Newburgh to larger cities such as Rochester as well as Albany, the state capital.

Sessions on Sanctuary City Leaders: 'We're Going to Battle Them Every Step of the Way'.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Saturday [4/15/2017] it "makes no sense" that sanctuary cities want to fight the federal government to prevent detention of illegal immigrants.  Sessions said that voters in those areas must hold their local government accountable to keep their cities safe.  [Video clip]

Texas Governor:  Build Border Wall With 'Sanctuary City' Funds.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested President Donald Trump and both houses of Congress use federal money withheld from defunded cities, counties and states with so-called "sanctuary" policies to help fund a border wall, during an interview Tuesday [4/11/2017] on "The Laura Ingraham Show."  Abbott, who has withheld state funds from Travis County in Texas because of its sanctuary policies, urged the president to use federal criminal grants stripped away from localities adopting these policies to aid in securing the border.

American Resurrection.  The statistics on illegal immigration are in.  Apparently, the wave of illegals has been cut by 70% since Trump's inauguration.  And the Wall doesn't even exist yet.  So much for all those who said we couldn't halt this illegal flood.  ICE is deporting criminals (and leftists are squealing), sanctuary cities are going to lose a lot of funds, Lansing, Michigan, just voted to stop being a sanctuary city, overcoming their foolish mayor.

Lansing, Michigan rescinds 'sanctuary' status after criticism from businesses.  The city council in Lansing, Mich. voted Wednesday to rescind its decision to deem itself a "sanctuary" city for illegal immigrants after concerns from the businesses that the status would draw unwelcome attention to the city.  The term "sanctuary city" generally refers to jurisdictions that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials.  Under Lansing city policy, police don't ask for people's immigration status, except as required by U.S. or Michigan law or a court order.

Analysis shows more crime in sanctuary cities.  [Scroll down]  Even though Democrats and many Leftists champion sanctuary cities in the name of tolerance, most Americans are opposed to the costly program. [...] "A survey from Harvard-Harris Poll provided exclusively to The Hill found that 80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with," The Hill's Jonathan Easley announced.  But despite the opposition of four out of five Americans to the program, local officials continue to push sanctuary city programs — at taxpayers' expense.

America's Sanctuary City Nightmare.  Months before the media printed the names Henry Sanchez-Milian and Jose Montano, the federal government already knew their identities.  In August 2016 they were detained while crossing the border and released into the custody of their parents.  Then they joined their families in Maryland where the two youths would go on to allegedly brutally rape a fourteen-year-old girl in Rockville.  During the past few presidents' administrations, enforcing our immigration law was like the movie Groundhog Day.  Federal, state or local law agents would come into contact with an illegal alien committing various crimes, slap them on the wrist, then release them into the general public — only to be horrified when months or years later they go on to kill an innocent American.  Jamiel Shaw Jr., Kate Steinle and Marilyn Pharis all had two things in common:  they were all murdered by an illegal alien and law enforcement agents knew that the suspect was dangerous and in the country without papers.

Judicial Watch Obtains Copies of 204 ICE Illegal Alien 'Detainer Requests' Denied by Travis County, Texas Sheriff.  Judicial Watch today [4/5/2017] announced that it obtained 204 illegal alien Detainer Requests denied to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by the Travis County, Texas, Sheriff's Office.  The illegal aliens protected by the Sheriff's Office were charged or convicted of 31 acts of violence, 14 thefts or burglaries, and three acts or threats of terrorism.  Forty-four of the denied requests were for inmates originally detained by Homeland Security and temporarily transferred to Travis County (home to the state capital in Austin) for disposition of state or local charges.  The sanctuary policy, the "Travis County Sheriff's Office Policy on Cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement," limits the extent to which the Sheriff's Office will cooperate with ICE.

Sheriff: Giving Sex Offenders to ICE Damages 'Community Trust'.  The sheriff of Oregon's most populous sanctuary county said he cannot help federal immigration officials because of state law.  His office released a Mexican criminal alien convicted of sexual assault despite a hold from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.  Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese told Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson that Oregon law prohibits his providing assistance to enforcing federal law during an interview conducted by Lisa Fletcher that will air on Sunday morning.  "The state law is a very clear guideline for local law enforcement and sheriff's statewide," Reese explained.  "We can't expend county resources or personnel towards immigration enforcement."  Fletcher countered that one state legislator is "furious about this."

Sheriffs Blast Sanctuary Cities and the Corrupt Politicians That Support Them.  Sanctuary Cities took center stage during the Obama administration when 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal alien in 2015.  Since then, a number of corrupt politicians, including House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have come out to support their cities as safe havens for illegal aliens.  In other words, they are very vocal about helping those who have broken the law, but they are targeting law-abiding citizens and their right to keep and bear arms.  Now, two sheriffs are speaking out against sanctuary cities and the corrupt politicians that support them.

State Rep Caught Tipping Off Illegal Aliens About ICE Raids.  Massachusetts state Rep. Michelle DuBois posted a warning to illegal immigrants on her Facebook page Tuesday about upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that are rumored to be taking place in the area.

NJ Mayor:  Trump Wants to Make Sanctuary Cities 'Fugitive Slave Catchers'.  Newark Mayor Ras Baraka (D) said that the Trump administration's plan to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities is a way of intimidating them into working as "fugitive slave catchers."  Baraka declared after President Trump was elected that he would continue to protect residents of New Jersey's largest city from federal immigration authorities.

California Senate approves 'sanctuary state' bill.  California took another step Monday toward a showdown with the Trump administration over sanctuary policies when the state Senate approved a bill that would prohibit local police officers and sheriff's deputies throughout the state from enforcing federal immigration laws.  The bill essentially would force all city and county law enforcement departments to follow the type of sanctuary policies that many of the more liberal cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, embrace.  The legislation passed the Senate with a 27-12 vote and now heads to the Assembly.

NYPD defies Mayor deBlasio's NYC 'sanctuary city' status.  Rank-and-file New York City cops are ready to assist with the federal government's expanded efforts to deport undocumented immigrants, something the city's mayor has pledged not to do, the president of the NYPD sergeants union said.

NYPD has refused all ICE detainer requests this year.  Federal immigration authorities have made 109 requests to the NYPD to detain people since Jan. 1 — and the city hasn't helped out on any of them.  Larry Byrne, the NYPD's deputy commissioner on legal matters, revealed the figure Monday [4/3/2017].  "We've honored zero of them so far, none," he said.  Byrne added that only three of the requests qualified for assistance under the city law providing sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

Sanctuary Cities Choose Criminals Over Citizens.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned on Monday that sanctuary jurisdictions risked losing federal grants if they persisted in obstructing the enforcement of federal immigration laws.  Billions of dollars in federal law enforcement funding are at stake.  "I urge the nation's states and cities to carefully consider the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws," Attorney General Sessions said.  "Countless Americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended."  Instead of heeding the Attorney General's sound advice and taking care of their own citizens, city officials around the country are planning to sabotage federal law enforcement of the nation's immigration laws.

This Is A War.  I have been called a "statist" for suggesting that the federal troops take into custody those Mayors protecting criminals, harboring felons and abetting further crimes against the people.  Trust me, I am no statist.  I recognize the Constitutional right for the federal government to "faithfully execute the law" nothing more.  I agree with the law that says immigration laws should be enforced.  There was a time when these laws were passed to protect the people from criminal gangs and invading troops.  Yeah, I support that.  I do not support many functions of the federal government as it has been reprogrammed to endorse and support Marxism.  I don't support the Patriot Act.  I don't support Roe v Wade, or any other Marxist law designed to establish the federal leviathan as ruler of all things, but there are a few good ideas in there to be supported.  But, none of this gets to the heart of the issue.  We are at war for the very survival of liberty and we are losing badly.

Crime-Ridden Sanctuary City of Chicago Can't Have It Both Ways:  No Federal Funds for Situation They Created.  When asked whether President Donald Trump would still cut off law enforcement funds to the city of Chicago because it's a sanctuary city even though it could hamper police from fighting violent crime, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said sanctuary cities can't have it both ways — refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials and still expecting to get law enforcement grants to handle a situation they created.

If There Be Lawlessness.  Things are proceeding so fast toward cultural and political meltdown that it is difficult to keep up.  City states such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have declared their independence from the union and are in open rebellion.  Call it what you will, take the MSM meme of protecting illegal aliens if you choose, but it is nothing less than secession by disobedience.  It is a flagrant act of rebellion against federal authority and should be met with armed troops on the steps of these city halls.

Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has moved forward with plans for a Chicago-only identification card specifically designed to ensure illegal aliens in the city can receive welfare benefits with minimal risk of repatriation.  The new program was unveiled at a Chicago City Council meeting on Wednesday, and it protects illegal aliens from federal oversight by not collecting any copies of identification documents presented when illegals apply for the identification card.  "Applicants bring in the documents to prove someone's identity.  They hand them over to specially trained individual who can review the documents and then hand them back ... It's going to capture just the name and the date of birth.  It's not going to capture an address," a source close to those officials told the Chicago Sun-Times.

ICE Report Dumps Cold Water On A Favorite Defense Of Sanctuary Cities.  An Immigration and Customs Enforcement report puts a damper on the argument that sanctuary cities aren't a problem because they only shield non-violent illegal immigrants.  Sanctuary city proponents often say their policies limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities don't endanger public safety.  As ICE's latest weekly declined detainer report shows, however, many county and city law enforcement agencies regularly release criminal aliens who have been convicted of violent crimes, including domestic battery and sexual assault.  The report, which covers February 4-10, tallied 47 declined detainer requests from two dozen jurisdictions across the country.

Dem Rep:  Defunding Sanctuary Cities Is Like 'Putting a Gun to the Head of Americans'.  Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D., N.Y.), the first former illegal immigrant in Congress, argued on CNN's "New Day" Tuesday morning [3/28/2017] that the Trump administration's plan to defund cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws was the equivalent of putting a gun to the head of the American people.  "This is a serious threat to the security of Americans throughout the country and particularly New York City, which is the largest, safest city in America," Espaillat said.

The Editor says...
Does he really think New York City is the safest city in America?  Except for the subways, or what?

Luis Gutierrez goes off reservation to defend sanctuary cities.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Democrat from Illinois, has gone the proverbial off the reservation — out to lunch, into the Twilight Zone, off his rocker, what have you — in a Wednesday morning CNN "New Day" defense of sanctuary cities.  He calls them Fourth Amendment cities.  And he's mad as hell that President Donald Trump's administration is trying to strip them of their money, unless they agree to abide federal immigration policy and lose the sanctuary status.

DHS list of sanctuary cities leaps to 150; Baltimore now appears on the list.  Homeland Security added dozens of jurisdictions to its latest name-and-shame list of sanctuary cities, released Wednesday, including Baltimore, where the police commissioner has said officers would not work with federal agents to enforce immigration laws.

Sanctuary cities won't find refuge in law.  More than 300 cities and counties have sanctuary policies.  For some, it is simply a political statement.  They have taken no real action to give sanctuary to people who are there illegally.  But other cities like San Francisco actively protect illegal immigrants.  They refuse to turn over people who committed low-level crimes to federal agents for deportation.  And when ICE asks for a "hold" on a prisoner, the city ignores it.  Often they walk free.  That is what led to the tragic shooting death of Kate Steinle in July of last year.  Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez of Mexico was in the U.S. illegally.  He had 7 felony convictions and was deported 5 times.  He kept slipping back through our border, seeking refuge in the safe haven of San Francisco.

Sheriff David Clarke:  Sanctuary Cities' Anti-Detainer Policies Killing American Citizens.  After interviewing women whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens, Sean Hannity spoke to Sheriff David Clarke.  The sheriff called these deaths avoidable, and they make him angry.  It's not asking much for local law enforcement to honor federal detainers against illegal aliens and wait for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to step in.  These sanctuary cites won't hold illegal aliens.  The sheriff mentioned the case of two men raping a 14-year-old girl, one of whom was an illegal alien.  ICE has issued a detainer order for him.

California's Chief Justice:  Enforcing Immigration Laws Goes Against The Rule Of Law.  Since when is moving to another country against the law?  And since when do we enforce the laws we have on the books?

Massachusetts Sheriff:  Arrest Leaders Of Sanctuary Cities.  A Massachusetts law enforcement official testifying before Congress on Tuesday [3/28/2017] called for leaders of sanctuary cities to be arrested.  Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told the House Subcommittee on Illegal Immigration that sanctuary cities "have become magnets for illegal aliens, some of which have violent criminal records."

Havens for Alien Criminals Should Lose Federal Funding.  President-elect Donald Trump has promised to do what no prior administration has done: end sanctuary cities.  Thank goodness.  The federal government should crack down on cities that violate federal immigration law.  In the process of flouting the law, these cities wind up creating havens for criminal predators who murder, rape, molest, rob and otherwise victimize law-abiding residents.  Sanctuary policies ban local officials, particularly law enforcement personnel, from contacting the Department of Homeland Security about illegal aliens who have been arrested, detained or otherwise stopped.

Can Trump Legally Stop Sanctuary Cities?  Yes.  Over 100 jurisdictions, from Manhattan to Malibu, refuse to assist federal law enforcement in their immigration law enforcement duties, especially as to criminal aliens arrested for crimes here in the United States but released before federal law enforcement can detain and deport.  These governments labeled themselves "sanctuary" cities, but a better label would be secessionist cities.  Two means of redress and remedy exist: first, the current path, of defunding sanctuary cities, a path much more legally perilous, but well-founded in the same doctrine that integrated American society; and second, an alternative, complimentary path of funding law-abiding cities with aid to enforce immigration law, an indubitably and indisputably legal remedy.

Attorney General Sessions Announces Crackdown on 'Sanctuary Cities'.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday [3/27/2017] that the Justice Department will begin using federal law to prevent any "sanctuary cities" from receiving much coveted federal grants for state and local law enforcement. [...] Sessions's announcement follows President Trump's executive order in January that gave the attorney general the authority to take enforcement action against any city that doesn't readily hand over undocumented immigrants for deportation

AG Sessions says he'll punish sanctuaries, cities could lose billions of dollars.  The Trump administration officially put sanctuary cities on notice Monday that they are violating federal laws and could lose access to billions of dollars in Justice Department grants if they continue to thwart efforts to deport illegal immigrants.  And counties and cities that have taken money in the past, despite refusing to cooperate with federal agents, could have that money clawed back, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.  That would mean Chicago, Philadelphia and other prominent sanctuaries would not only lose money going forward, but might have to pay back tens of millions of dollars from their treasuries.

Poll: Majority Do Not Want To Live In A Sanctuary City.  As Rasmussen points out, this poll is based on the issue in Rockville, Maryland, where two immigrants, for which at least one is known to be an illegal, brutally raped a 14 year old girl in a school bathroom (a story which has been virtually embargoed by the major media).  The city itself is considering whether to declare itself a sanctuary city in the midst of this.

San Francisco deploys an army of "trained witnesses" to hinder ICE operations.  Out in the City by the Bay, activists are very concerned that Donald Trump will be "George W. Bush on steroids" when it comes to ICE officers locating and deporting illegal aliens.  (The fact that Barack Obama left Bush in the dust on that front seems to be lost on them.)  But fear not, campers.  The Social Justice Warriors are prepared to fight back and are training thousands of "expert witnesses" who can be deployed the scene of ICE activities and hopefully hinder them from doing their awful, evil work of, you know... enforcing the law.

Law Takes a Holiday.  Some 500 "sanctuary" cities and counties have decided for political reasons that federal immigration law does not fully apply within their jurisdictions.  They have done so with impunity, believing that illegal immigration is a winning political issue given changing demography.  In a way, they have already legally seceded from the union and provided other cities with a model of how to ignore any federal law they do not like. [...] At this late date, a return to legality and respect for the law might seem extremist or revolutionary.  For the federal government to demand that cities follow federal law or face cutoffs in federal funds might cause rioting.

Pair of Illegal Aliens Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Girl in the Nation's Capital.  A Montgomery County man charged with kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl told his friend that she was "fresh meat" before the friend raped her as well, according to arrest records filed in court this week in a case that includes alleged crimes committed in the District.  After the alleged attack in Montgomery, the 12-year-old spoke to detectives and participated in a texting sting in which one of the suspects made incriminating statements, according to the records.  The two men were being held Friday in the Montgomery jail on $500,000 bonds, according to court records.  Officials identified the suspects as Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, both of the 11500 block of Elkin Street in Wheaton.  Detectives said that at least one of the suspects knows the girl's mother.

Liberals Prefer Illegal Aliens Over Your Kids.  Montgomery County, Md., is one of the richest counties in the country.  It's also an extremely left-wing progressive county that prides itself on being "welcoming," which is liberal code for a sanctuary county.  The sanctuary status is not official, according to county leaders.  They pretend they aren't fully on board with sanctuary policies because they don't want to lose federal money, but they are.  That unofficial status pushed the city of Rockville to out-liberal its county and push to put their sanctuary status on the books, taking steps in that direction just two weeks ago.  A new horrific crime may put that dream on hold.

Sanctuary Travis County Released 142 Criminal Aliens in Week, Says ICE.  The Travis County Sheriff's Office, located in Texas capital county, released 142 criminal aliens for whom immigration officials had issued detainers in a single week.  The numbers come from a report issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials on Monday that details the release of criminal aliens from local jails that refuse to honor immigration detainers issued by the agency.  The report covers the period of January 28 to February 3, 2017.

Trump pressures 'sanctuary cities' that won't hold undocumented immigrants.  In a move to put public pressure on "sanctuary cities," the Department of Homeland Security on Monday published a list of 118 localities that have refused to cooperate with federal requests to detain undocumented immigrants.  President Trump ordered the department to publish a weekly list of all detention requests turned down by local jails, listing the agency, the undocumented immigrants and the charges they face.  In an executive order signed Jan. 25, Trump said the list is necessary to "better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions."

Travis County is Number 1 in Refusing to Hold Illegal Aliens.  [T]hanks to a Democratic Party functionary, Travis County has almost 75% of the entire nation's non-compliance with federal immigration law.  Digging into the actual report, many of the illegal alien felons Travis County refused to hold for deporation have committed sexual assault, aggravated assault with a weapon, burglary and DUI. And these are the people Sally Hernandez prefers to see set free back into the community rather than lawfully deported to their home countries.

Maryland moves to be 'sanctuary state'.  Maryland Democrats this week took a major step to becoming a "sanctuary state," drawing outrage from Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and concerns it would protect an 18-year-old illegal charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom last week.  The Democratically-controlled House of Delegates voted 83-55 to OK the Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act.  Generally, it would bar state and local law enforcement from helping federal immigration officials seeking illegals, including requests to detain inmates for deportation.

De Blasio:  NYC school staffers to block ICE agents from busting into academic buildings without warrant.  The city is ordering schools staffers not to allow immigration agents to enter school buildings, Mayor de Blasio announced Tuesday [3/21/2017].  Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be turned away from city schools unless they have a warrant signed by a judge, which city lawyers deem valid, according to a new policy being issued to principals.  There have not been any incidents where ICE agents have tried to get in to city schools, but de Blasio said the city wanted to have clear rules in place in case it happens.

Trump Publishes 1st List of 'Cities' Protecting Illegal Aliens.  In an attempt to increase pressure on sanctuary cities, the Department of Homeland Security has published its first weekly list of all 118 localities refusing to cooperate with the Trump administration's immigration crackdown.  Each week, the list will publish every detention request rejected by local jails — detailing the relevant agency, the status of the immigrant, and the charges they are facing.  The first report was published this Monday [3/20/2017], listing 206 cases in which illegal aliens were arrested and consequently released from jail without charge, despite recommendations from the Immigration and Crime Enforcement agency (ICE) to detain them for at least 48 hours.

Stop 'Stalking' Local Courthouses, California's Top Judge Tells ICE.  In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, state Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye asked the federal government to immediately stop detaining suspected undocumented immigrants at courthouses in California.  "Enforcement policies that include stalking courthouses and arresting undocumented immigrants, the vast majority of whom pose no risk to public safety, are neither safe nor fair," she wrote.  "They not only compromise our core value of fairness but they undermine the judiciary's ability to provide equal access to justice."

The Editor says...
Someone who enters the country to give birth to an "anchor baby" or to sign up for a lifetime of food stamps and freebies may not be a threat to public safety, but they are still likely to be inadmissible and should be deported without delay.

Illegal Alien Supporters Are Aghast At ICE Arresting Illegals At Courthouses.  There's apparently some sort of impropriety over detaining people who are unlawfully present in the country in courthouses. [...] What's barely mentioned in this article, and barely or not mentioned in so many that mimic the LA Times one above, is that Mr. Chaidez's client was a "previously deported Mexican national with a prior felony conviction for drug trafficking". Coming back into the U.S. after being deported is also a federal felony.  Why are we concerned about a criminal like this being made scared?

ICE targets 'sanctuary city' Philadelphia in arrest of 248 criminal illegals.  Making good on the president's campaign pledge to target illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tuesday announced the arrest of 248 in just three states, including 50 previously deported.  ICE officials said that the arrests by Enforcement and Removal Operations were in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware.  They occurred Monday, Feb. 27, 2017 through Friday, Mar. 10, 2017.  "ICE officers make extraordinary efforts to keep our communities safe, and this operation is just a small example of what they do every day.  ERO officers took oaths to protect the homeland and to arrest individuals in violation of immigration laws," said ERO Philadelphia Acting Field Office Director Jennifer Ritchey in a statement.  "This operation resulted in multiple arrests of individuals with violent criminal arrests or convictions in the three-state region," she added.

Trump's VOICE against Sanctuary Cities.  I respectfully disagree with the National Review editors' comments, following President Trump's address to Congress, that creation of a new unit in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) focused on the victims of illegal-immigrant crime "would serve no good purpose."  Actually, the office would serve several good purposes that are directly related to immigration policy, politics, and civic morality.

Sheriff Scott Jones says 'sanctuary state' bill is invalid: 'Federal law reigns supreme'.  Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said Monday [3/6/2017] that he believes pending legislation preventing state and local police agencies from using their resources to assist federal immigration authorities would be invalid because it conflicts with federal law.  "I have a strong belief that it violates federal law," Jones told reporters at the Capitol, where opponents of Senate Bill 54 by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León gathered to denounce the bill.  "And federal law reigns supreme."

Texas Governor Threatens Jail for 'Sanctuary' Sheriff.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday [2/24/2017] showed no sign of backing down in his high-profile battle with the sheriff of Travis County over her "sanctuary" policy.  He aims to hit recalcitrant officials on multiple fronts.  Abbott said on "The Laura Ingraham Show" that state legislation would hit local law enforcement officials in the pocketbook and even threaten their personal freedom for refusing to comply with federal immigration law.

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Texas' Immigrant 'Harboring' Law.  A federal appeals panel ruled Thursday [2/23/2017] that Texas officials can resume enforcing a state law that makes it a felony to conceal undocumented immigrants from the government.  The controversial 2015 law had been on hold thanks to an injunction issued by a federal judge last year while a lawsuit filed by two San Antonio landlords and immigration advocates worked its way through the court system.  Thursday's ruling lifted the injunction — which state officials had appealed — and dismissed the lawsuit.

LA churches ready underground network of safe houses for illegals.  A network of churches is organizing resistance to the new immigration enforcement policies of the federal government by developing a network of "safe houses" to shelter illegal alien families from deportation. [...] The compassion showed by the churchmen is admirable.  I just wish they had similar compassion for those suffering the consequences of untrammeled illegal immigration.  To make believe we are not paying the price for millions of illegal aliens crossing our borders is ignorant.  And that price is unnecessary when you consider that orderly, legal immigration would weed out most of the criminals and unemployable aliens making our streets less safe and putting an enormous and needless strain on the social service resources in our communities.

Harvard-Harris Survey: 80% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities Protecting Illegal Alien Criminals.  A "non-media" Harvard-Harris poll of 2,148 registered voters, provided exclusively to The Hill (who refuse to publish the raw data — go figure), finds overwhelming support for President Trump's immigration proposals.  There are multiple stunning aspects to the survey, including the D+9 poll sample that is entirely disconnected from the 2016 election results and voter registration records.

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities.  An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to federal authorities.  The poll shows that President Trump has broad public support in his effort to crack down on sanctuary cities.  A survey from Harvard-Harris Poll provided exclusively to The Hill found that 80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with.

Poll: Vast majority of Americans oppose sanctuary cities.  A new Harris poll shows that 80% of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with.  The poll also shows that President Trump enjoys broad public support to crack down on sanctuary cities.

'Sanctuary city' law let gang member walk free from Rikers.  An illegal immigrant gang member from El Salvador was allowed to walk free from Rikers Island under Mayor de Blasio's "Sanctuary City" law — in defiance of a federal petition to hold him for deportation, officials said Tuesday [2/21/2017].  "This man is by his own admission a member of a violent street gang and he was released back into the community," said Thomas Decker, field office director for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit in New York.  "Honoring a detainer request is not about politics, it is about keeping New York citizens safe."  Estivan Rafael Marques Velasquez, an admitted member of the notorious MS-13 gang, was released from Rikers Island on Feb. 16 after serving time for disorderly conduct.

NJ pastor offers church as sanctuary to undocumented immigrants during ICE raids.  A New Jersey pastor is offering his church to undocumented immigrants who face possible deportations during U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids.  The Reformed Church of Highland Park is the ultimate sanctuary church.  Its pastor, Reverend Seth Kaper-Dale, is a well-known immigrant and refugee advocate who is now running for governor of New Jersey on the Green Party line.

Sanctuary Cities Could See Their Transportation Projects Caught In The Crossfire.  There are penalties for violating federal law on a subject that the federal government is tasked with per the Constitution. [...] Leftists claim to love the federal government, yet, when federal law goes against their predilection for illegal aliens, even those who are stone cold felons such as child molestation, they want to defy the federal government.

TX advances bill to fine, defund 'sanctuary' campuses.  A bill working its way through the Texas General Assembly would force campus police departments to comply with federal immigration law or lose state funding.  Refusal to cooperate with immigration enforcement agencies would result in fines of up to $25,500 as well as the automatic loss of state grant funds for the next fiscal year.  The measure comes shortly after Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to cut funding for any state campus that adopted sanctuary status, and is considered likely to reach his desk in the near future.

Hispanic Voters Support Punishing 'Sanctuary Cities,' Deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants.  A poll conducted for the non-profit Secure America Now has found that Hispanic voters support prioritizing the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants and punishing the cities that do not turn in undocumented immigrants, according to the Washington Examiner.  The poll, which was conducted by Republican research firm McLaughlin & Associates, reported that 59 percent of voters approve of cutting off funding to sanctuary cities, while 29 percent disapprove.  When looking at respondents more specifically, the survey found that 46 percent of Hispanic voters support cutting off funding to sanctuary cities, compared to 43 percent who oppose the move.  When it came to deporting criminal illegal immigrants, the survey found larger margins of support.

Sanctuary cities map
Map:  Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States.  Sanctuary Cities Continue to Obstruct Enforcement, Threaten Public Safety.

Miami-Dade commission votes to end county's 'sanctuary' status.  The Miami-Dade County Commission rejected emotional pleas from residents Friday and voted to become the first county in the nation to drop its "sanctuary" status by agreeing to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.  The commission voted 9-3 to adopt the resolution, citing worries about President Trump's threat to withhold federal funding from communities that refuse to cooperate with federal agents seeking to deport undocumented immigrants.  The vote was particularly significant given Miami-Dade's mostly immigrant population, earning it the informal title of the capital of Latin America.

Sheriffs Say Sanctuary City Policies Do Not Increase Cooperation Between Illegal Aliens and Local Police.  Several sheriffs across the country have spoken out against the idea that sanctuary city policies give illegal aliens more confidence to work with local law enforcement.  Sanctuary city advocates claim that many illegal aliens will not report crimes, even if they are the victims, because they are afraid their illegal status will be discovered and they will be deported.  "I've not even seen anecdotal evidence," National Sheriffs' Association executive director, Jonathan Thompson, told the Washington Examiner.  "The sad thing is that [this claim] suggests that people here are aware of criminal activity and are not reporting it.  We have to give them specific dispensation so that they're reporting crimes?"

With Trump's order in limbo, states take action against sanctuary cities.  With the future of President Trump's order withholding federal funds to "sanctuary cities" unclear, states are stepping up to take punitive action against cities that are making themselves havens for illegal immigrants.  Already, some state funds have been withheld for recalcitrant municipalities, and more pressure is coming fast.

Sanctuary cities cave in face of Trump's funding threats.  Several towns, cities and counties around the nation are caving to President Trump's threat to pull funding, and abandoning their "sanctuary" pledges to shield illegal immigrants from federal authorities.  Dayton, Ohio, dropped a policy that restricted the city's cooperation with immigration officials pursuing illegal immigrants arrested for misdemeanors or felony property crimes, according to the Dayton Daily News.  Police Chief Richard Biehl said federal authorities will no longer be impeded by the city when pursuing illegal immigrants being held by his department.  Other communities that have dropped policies of shielding illegal immigrant suspects from Immigration and Customs Enforcement include Miami-Dade and Dayton, are Saratoga, N.Y., Finney County, Kan., and Bedford, Penn., according to The Center for Immigration Studies, which keeps a list of sanctuary communities.

Defunding Sanctuary Cities Will Pay for the Wall.  Democrats — using their traditional, Barney Frank-level of hypocritical lying — have suddenly claimed they're worried about the debt.  That's after eight years of spending that made Caligula look like Scrooge.  Their faux concern: paying a few billion dollars for a security wall.  Never mind that building the wall would save Americans countless hundreds of billions on handouts to illegals.  That's called a "return on investment", a concept as foreign to the Democrat Party as, say, learning from history.

Three States May Become Sanctuary States.  This must be what it felt like in the days leading up to the Civil War.  States are officially refusing to enforce federal law, in ostentatious displays of sedition that stop just short of firing on Fort Sumter:  ["]Democrats who dominate the state Assembly passed a bill Monday [2/6/2017] that would make New York a "sanctuary state," and members are poised to again pass legislation that would open tuition assistance programs to undocumented students.["]  Forcing taxpayers to give money to people who are in the country illegally rubs salt in the wounds of the last sane people who haven't escaped from New York.  Fortunately, this bill is likely to get killed by the State Senate.

GOP states move to block sanctuary cities after Trump order.  Amid protests over President Trump's executive order aiming to block federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities, Republican legislators across the country are moving to deny their own funding to cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities.  The Texas state Senate on Wednesday passed a measure to block state funding to cities in which law enforcement officials disregard federal immigration laws.  The measure would require police agencies to hold anyone in custody until U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement is able to verify their immigration status, or risk losing state funding.

Immigration Rulings Continue Democrats' Strategy to Collect Votes.  The Democratic Party has a 200-year history of activism with regard to defying federal law in order to control the movement of people. [...] The state actions to create and preserve sanctuary cities are then best understood as an exercise of rebellion against federal law.  This trend first began in the 1820s when John C. Calhoun and other politicians in the Southern slave-holding states defied the rising sentiment that slaves who entered free states could no longer be held as slaves.  This fight eventually led to the Civil War.

Prospect Park mayor declares borough immigrant sanctuary.  Syrian-born Mayor Mohamed T Khairullah signed an executive order Friday [2/3/2017] declaring the borough a sanctuary for immigrants.  The order signed Friday allows equal protection treatment for all borough residents, regardless of immigration status.  The move comes one week after President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Syria, from entering into the U.S.

Immigrants rally to support sanctuary cities.  Immigrant youths and business owners are rallying in Somerville following President Donald Trump's moves to crack down on illegal immigration.

Colorado Republican Wants To Let Crime Victims Sue Politicians For Sanctuary City Policies.  A Colorado state representative announced a bill Monday that would allow victims of certain crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue state and local politicians who defy federal immigration authorities seeking to enforce the law, multiple news outlets are reporting.  Republican state Rep. Dave Williams, who is Hispanic, said he wants to strip the "immunity" from Democratic politicians who "place Coloradans in danger because of the sanctuary city policies that they created and continue to implement," the Denver Post reported.

Report: Sanctuary Cities Received $27 Billion From Feds Each Year.  Sanctuary cities receive over $27 billion each year from the federal government, giving President Donald Trump significant leverage over cities such as New York and San Francisco to enforce immigration law, according to a new report. identified 106 sanctuary cities in the United States in their oversight report, released Friday [2/3/2017].  In all, cities that ignore federal law by harboring illegal immigrants are receiving $27.741 billion in grants and direct payments in fiscal year 2016.

The Nihilism of Sanctuary Cities.  There are an estimated 300 or so jurisdictions — entire states, counties, cities, and municipalities — that since the early 1980s have enacted "sanctuary city" laws, forbidding full enforcement of federal immigration law within their jurisdictions.  Most of these entities are controlled by Democrats in general and liberals in particular.  Sanctuary officials feel that federal enforcement of the southern border is either unnecessary or immoral, and thus they have decided that there is no real crime in entering and residing in the United States unlawfully.  While the majority of illegal aliens are no doubt law-abiding and have avoided public dependence, the pool of unlawful immigrants is so large at over 11 million that even small percentages of lawbreakers can translate into hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens.  The liberal Migration Policy Institute conceded that there are over 800,000 illegal aliens with criminal records, nearly 700,000 of them with felony arrest records.  Those numbers, of course, reflect only those who have been arrested and faced trial, not the unknown number who have committed crimes without being apprehended or charged.

Scenes from a Sanctuary City.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently pledged that "Chicago will always be a sanctuary city."  Perhaps the mayor could take time from his busy schedule of photo-ops and speechifying to investigate some of the root causes for rampant (and record-setting) gang violence in his city.  In January alone, 51 people have been murdered and 246 wounded in what are predominantly a running series of gang conflicts.  Last year, nearly 800 people were murdered in the city and roughly 5,000 wounded.  In fact, I'm guessing any real investigation would quickly reveal a significant element of these gangs are dominated by illegal aliens, from MS-13 to the Latin Kings and everything in between.

Tancredo: Over 300 Sanctuary Cities Are Costing State and Local Taxpayers over $7,000,000,000 Annually.  President Trump this week signed an executive order declaring war on so-called sanctuary cities.  Agencies within the United States Government will begin withholding federal grant funds from those cities, and additional actions to enforce federal immigration law will be taken soon.  Unlike Obama, President Trump is not trying to making new laws by executive decree.  In his Executive Order, the president is only reminding mayors and governors of existing federal law dating to 1996.

DeBlasio: Drunk driving by illegal alien could be 'a very minor offense'.  How far will the mayor of a sanctuary city like New York go to shield illegal aliens from deportation who break the law?  If the offense is "minor," the illegal should be protected from the feds, says New York mayor Bill de Blasio.  That includes grand larceny and drunk driving.

DeBlasio to CNN: It's OK to shield undocumented drunk drivers.  New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio told CNN's Jake Tapper that it is OK to shield undocumented immigrants who drive drunk from federal authorities if it does not "lead to any other negative outcome."

More about traffic accidents involving illegal aliens.

Miami first to accept Trump's call to end sanctuary cities.  One of America's biggest metropolitan areas has submitted to President Trump's call for an end "sanctuary cities" — as the Mayor of Miami-Dade County has ordered his jails to comply with requests from federal immigration officials, according to a report.  Mayor Carlos Gimenez said he made the move for fear of Trump's executive order threatening to cut funds to "sanctuary cities," according to the Miami Herald.  "In light of the provisions of the Executive Order, I direct you and your staff to honor all immigration detainer requests received from the Department of Homeland Security," Gimenez wrote to one of his top jail executives, the report said.

Miami-Dade's Jails to Send People to Immigration Officials.  Miami-Dade County's mayor has instructed jail officials to honor all immigration detainer requests a day after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would strip federal funding from sanctuary cities.  Mayor Carlos Gimenez sent a memo to the county's corrections director Thursday [1/26/2017] saying jails should hold undocumented immigrants detained by police and turn them over to the Department of Homeland Security when requested.

Fox's Ed Henry Battles Guest Over Sanctuary Cities.  While filling in as host on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News' Ed Henry tussled with his guest, immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez, over sanctuary cities and Hernandez's contention that they don't exist.  Yesterday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting sanctuary cities.  According to Hernandez, it is "political fiction" because the federal government doesn't need local cooperation to go into a jail and take any illegal immigrant they want.  Henry proceeded to show Hernandez a map of sanctuary cities which Hernandez dismissed, saying that "you can put pins on a map, it doesn't matter."  [Video clip]

Despite Trump order, Emanuel says Chicago will remain sanctuary city.  The increasingly strained relationship between Chicago and the new president took yet another turn today as Mayor Rahm Emanuel signaled what amounts to a policy of passive resistance to some of Donald Trump's actions.  At a news conference, Emanuel said Chicago "is going to stay a sanctuary city" for immigrants who enter the city illegally and argued it would be "antithetical" to send in the National Guard or federal agents to secure the city's streets.

Austin Becomes Ground Zero For Sanctuary City Battle As Texas Governor Vows To Cut State Funding.  Late last week, according to the Austin American-Statesman, the newly elected sheriff of Travis County, Texas, Sally Hernandez, vowed to limit cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials saying that she would only honor immigration holds for suspects booked into the Travis County Jail on charges of capital murder, aggravated sexual assault and "continuous smuggling of persons".

SF Mayor Lee stands up to Trump, says city remains a sanctuary.  Mayor Ed Lee said Wednesday that San Francisco will not allow its immigrant residents "to live in fear" and affirmed the city's 27-year-old sanctuary city policy, one hour after President Trump announced a crackdown on immigrants living in the country without permission and promising to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities.  "I am here today to say we are still a sanctuary city," Lee said Wednesday at a City Hall news conference after Trump signed executive orders at the White House.  "We stand by our sanctuary city because we want everybody to feel safe and utilize the services they deserve, including education and health care. ... It is my obligation to keep our city united, keep it strong ... crime doesn't know documentation.  Disease doesn't know documentation."

Trump eviscerates Obama's immigration policy in two executive orders.  With a couple of strokes of his pen, President Trump wiped out almost all of President Obama's immigration policies on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for his signature wall along the Mexican border, unleashing immigration agents to enforce the law and punishing "sanctuary cities" that try to defy federal law and thwart his deportation surge.  Left untouched, for now, is Mr. Obama's 2012 deportation amnesty that is shielding more than 750,000 Dreamers.  But most of Mr. Obama's other policies, including his "priorities" list that protected almost all illegal immigrants from deportation, are now gone.

New Nullification Crisis Erupts Over Immigration And Sanctuary Cities.  Watch out, New York, where Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been cruising for a bruising.  The day before Trump was sworn in, the left-wing lawman circulated to cities guidance on how to dodge federal immigration enforcement.  "Public safety relies on trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve," Mr. Schneiderman said.  "No local law enforcement agency should have to undercut that trust just to carry out Donald Trump's draconian immigration policies."  Mr. Schneiderman provided a whole rigmarole on how cities in our state don't have to pitch in to help enforce these laws, except in the narrowest circumstances. What a cynical maneuver against our democracy — and in the middle of a war.  Nor is Mr. Schneiderman alone.  It turns out that left-wing politicians across the land are maneuvering for a confrontation with the federal government over the tough new line on illegal immigration the voters asked for in November.

Trump creates name-and-shame list to embarrass sanctuary cities.  President Trump on Wednesday [1/25/2017] ordered the Homeland Security Department to begin releasing a name-and-shame list of sanctuary cities, listing the specific crimes such as murder or robbery committed by those who have been released back into their communities under the sanctuary policies.  That was one of a number of less-noticed but potentially far-reaching moves tucked inside two new executive orders erasing decades of previous immigration enforcement policy and replacing it with the Trump plan, which calls for aggressive enforcement of existing laws.

Texas Gov. Abbott threatens to oust officials who promote sanctuary cities.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is vowing to pursue legislation to "remove from office" any official who promotes sanctuary cities — potentially raising the stakes for local sheriffs and mayors who defy federal law.  The proposal also could set up a legal showdown between local and state officials in the Lone Star State.  Abbott announced the legislation in an interview Wednesday [1/25/2017] with "Fox & Friends," saying he and fellow Republicans in the Texas legislature are working to ban sanctuary cities and impose financial and criminal penalties on officials who fail to comply.

NYC Mayor: 'We will go to court immediately' if funding halted over 'sanctuary city' executive order.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said his city will use the courts to fight President Donald Trump's executive order to block federal funding going to "sanctuary cities," following executive action Trump announced Wednesday.  "We think it's very susceptible to legal challenge," he told CNN's Alisyn Camerota Thursday on "New Day."  "If they make an attempt to pull that money, it will be from NYPD, from security funding to fight terrorism."

Trump signs executive orders authorizing work on Mexico border wall, withholding funds for 'sanctuary cities'.  President Trump signed an executive order to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and will sign another banning some Muslim immigrants from entering the country — setting off a wave of protests in New York and elsewhere.  Trump's order Wednesday paving the way for construction of the wall is the first in a series of steps he says will stem illegal immigration and strengthen national security.

Trump to sign executive orders enabling construction of proposed border wall and targeting sanctuary cities.  President Trump plans to sign executive orders Wednesday [1/25/2017] enabling construction of his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and targeting cities where local leaders refuse to hand over illegal immigrants for deportation, according to White House officials familiar with the decisions.  The actions, part of a multi-day focus on immigration, are among an array of sweeping and immediate changes to the nation's immigration system under consideration by the new president.  The moves represent Trump's first effort to deliver on perhaps the signature issue that drove his presidential campaign: his belief that illegal immigration is out of control and threatening the country's safety and security.

74% of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities.  You'd never know that listening to immigration activists.  You'd think a majority of Californians support sanctuary cities.  You would be wrong.

Boston Suburb Protests Becoming Sanctuary City.  Protests erupted both outside and inside a city council meeting in suburban Boston Wednesday night as local officials heard public comments about how police there has treated undocumented immigrants.  People gathered outside of city hall with picket signs demonstrating against the prospect of the tony Massachusetts town of Newton becoming a so-called sanctuary city, where the local law enforcement does not coordinate with federal authorities to deport illegal immigrants.  The scenes were documented on social media by a local journalist named John Hilliard.  Some of the protesters in and outside of city hall could be seen holding signs that read "NO SANCTUARY CITY" as well as American flags.  The group inside city hall chambers were issued a warning after they booed a representative from the American Civil Liberties Union, which has opposed the federal legislation called the "Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act."

Congress looks to punish 'sanctuary campus' colleges that protect illegal immigrants.  Forget sanctuary cities:  The next heated congressional battle on immigration could be over "sanctuary campuses" — the dozens of colleges and universities that say they will resist any cooperation with federal immigration agents, unless they are forced to by law.  Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, introduced legislation this month to do just that, saying Congress should strip schools of billions of dollars in federal financial aid unless they start cooperating with authorities.

Car-theft victim handed over to immigration agents sues SF.  A car-theft victim who sought help from San Francisco police only to end up in federal immigration custody for two months filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday [1/17/2017] against the city, the Police Department and the Sheriff's Department for violating the sanctuary city ordinance.  Pedro Figueroa Zarceno, a 32-year-old Mission District resident, says officials breached the ordinance and his right to due process by alerting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, when he went to retrieve a police report about his stolen car at Southern Police Station on Dec. 2, 2015.

California's Picky-Choosey Attitude to Complying with Federal Immigration Laws.  California, the would-be renegade state that has declared itself a statewide sanctuary for illegal aliens, has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to "defend" it against expected actions from the incoming Trump administration (such as, presumably, withholding federal funds for its sanctuary status); and has a referendum petition circulating that would direct it to secede from the Union.  Yet the state finally has found an immigration-related law that it can love.

DHS Finally Takes Action Against Calif.  Visa Mill.  It has taken years, but finally the Department of Homeland Security has taken action against Herguan University, the Sunnyvale, Calif., visa mill that extended numerous F-1 visas to "students" who really did not want to study; they wanted admission to the United States and a chance to work here.  It was an institution designed to facilitate breaking immigration law.

Illegal Alien Rapes 5-Year-Old Girl In 'Sanctuary State' California.  The entire basis for the liberal claim that Donald Trump is a racist stems from from his announcement to run for president.  Back in 2015 Trump promised he would put an end to illegal immigration and said that some illegal aliens are rapists.  Hillary Clinton and the willing liberal media twisted this true statement into a false allegation that Trump called all immigrants, especially Latino ones, criminals.  The reality is that Trump only called some illegals rapists and part of that reality is that he was 100% correct.

Janet Napolitano Triples, Quadruples Down On Supporting Illegal Aliens.  University of California President Janet Napolitano has tripled down on her support for illegal aliens in the United States.  She has also openly challenged the incoming Trump Administration on the policy of deporting illegal aliens.  In a recent speech Napolitano stated that the University of California system supports illegal alien students and will provide them with millions of dollars in financial aid.

Texas governor pledges to sign anti-sanctuary bill.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he expects the Legislature to pass an anti-sanctuary city bill this year, opening a new front in the battle over "local control."  Weighing in on the intensifying national immigration debate, the Republican governor pledged to sign Senate Bill 4, which would require municipalities to enforce migrant detainers at local jails and withhold state grants if they don't comply.  "I will work with the Legislature to compel government bodies and employees to live up to their oath of office," Abbott declared.

Kathryn Steinle's parents get OK to sue feds, but SF cleared.  The parents of Kathryn Steinle, who was shot to death on a San Francisco pier in July 2015 by an immigrant with a record of deportations, can sue the federal government for negligence because a ranger allegedly left the gun used in the shooting in his unlocked car, a federal magistrate ruled Friday [1/6/2017].  U.S. Magistrate Joseph Spero dismissed the parents' claims against the city of San Francisco, which had released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez from custody less than three months before the shooting without notifying immigration authorities.  But Spero said the parents may be able to prove that the federal government was at fault for Steinle's death because its employee's apparent carelessness led to the shooting.

Sanctuary Cities Demand 11th Hour Executive Orders Against Trump.  In an open letter to President Barack Obama, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and 30 other "sanctuary city" leaders across the country asked for further protections for illegal immigrants before President-Elect Donald Trump takes office.  Pro-illegal immigration advocates with the Cities for Action organization helped orchestrate the letter demanding more sanctuary city-like policies for migrants, with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney also signing off on the missive, according to the Observer.

Sanctuary City Mayors Urge Obama to Take Last-Minute Steps to Shield the Undocumented.  Mayor Bill de Blasio and 30 other city and county leaders released an open letter to President Barack Obama today, calling on him to extend executive protections for undocumented immigrants in the final weeks before President-elect Donald Trump assumes the Oval Office.  The missive was a collective effort of the Cities for Action coalition, a group of pro-immigration reform municipal leaders that also includes Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.  It expended several paragraphs praising the president for his controversial unilateral actions easing deportation enforcement — particularly the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields individuals entered the country without proper paperwork as minors.

Showdown looms between Trump administration, sanctuary cities.  As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office, a major showdown looms between his administration and cities across the country over one of his hallmark campaign issues: illegal immigration.  At the Southern border, agents are on pace to apprehend almost 600,000 illegal immigrants, the highest number in eight years.  The surge is coming largely from Central American migrants, far outpacing those from Mexico.  "They're mobilizing because they don't know what tomorrow will bring, but know today they can cross," said Chris Cabrera, of the National Border Patrol Council.

Already Broke Cities and States Pour Money into Illegal Immigrant Defense Funds.  The Trump administration had better be prepared for a fight, as cities and states across the country are already preparing what they are calling, "Immigration Defense Funds."  Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as the States of California and New York intend to flood these "funds" with tens of millions of dollars — money which none of them have.

L.A. city and county creating $10-million legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation under Trump.  Los Angeles city and county leaders on Monday [12/19/2016] unveiled a $10-million fund to provide legal assistance for residents facing deportation, the region's boldest move yet as it prepares for an expected crackdown on illegal immigration by Donald Trump.  If approved by lawmakers, Los Angeles' two top government agencies could find themselves in the position of using public funds to challenge policies sought by the White House and Republican Congress.

Map:  Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States.  Sanctuary jurisdictions remain a significant public safety problem throughout the country.  About 300 jurisdictions have been identified by ICE as having a policy that is non-cooperative and obstructs immigration enforcement (as of September 2015).  The number of cities has remained relatively unchanged since our last update in August 2016, as some new sanctuary jurisdictions have been added and few jurisdictions have reversed their sanctuary policies.  Over the 19-month period from January 1, 2014, to September 30, 2015, more than 17,000 detainers were rejected by these jurisdictions.  Of these, about 11,800 detainers, or 68 percent, were issued for individuals with a prior criminal history.

The Original List of Sanctuary Cities, USA.  Generally, sanctuary policies instruct local or state government employees not to notify the federal government of the presence of illegal aliens living in or passing through their communities, counties, or states.  These policies may also blur the legal distinction between legal resident aliens and illegal aliens, so illegal aliens can have access to the same taxpayer funded programs and benefits available to legal permanent resident aliens.  Sanctuary policies exist in two forms, formal and informal (de facto).  A formal sanctuary policy is a written policy enacted a local government body in the form of a resolution, ordinance, or administrative action — general or special orders, or departmental policies.  Formal sanctuary cities are the easiest to identify because these sanctuary policies are in writing and are subject to public records requests by citizens and the press.

New York Is Super Proud To Be A Sanctuary City.  [Scroll down]  Here's a bold solution:  The GOP Congress should remove federal funding for sanctuary cities for law enforcement, and President Trump should invite all illegals to move to the sanctuary cities.  He should say "if you're there, we won't come after you."  Federal law enforcement should refuse to investigate crimes in the sanctuary cities.  And, as crime explodes, as the city budgets explode, as urban blight increases, as urban poverty increases, as the cities become run down and trash ridden, moving towards Mogadishu status, we'll all laugh and laugh and laugh.

Trump Armed with $100 Million in Sanctuary City Leverage.  The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that there are more than 300 sanctuary jurisdictions, defined as cities, counties, and states that impede federal efforts to enforce immigration laws.  Jessica Vaughan said the Trump administration can reverse most of those policies through a "combination of carrots and sticks."  Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Washington-based think tank, said the most obvious step — one promised repeatedly by Trump on the campaign trail — is to cut off funding for renegade jurisdictions.  But she said many jurisdictions have adopted policies based on confusion and fear of litigation by immigration advocacy groups.

Sanctuary cities:  The costs to taxpayers.  The ensuing and seemingly inconceivable basis surrounding the "Sanctuary City" concept is being hotly debated, and one perspective not being discussed has far-reaching economic consequences:  Liability and costs to taxpayers.  Simply, each Sanctuary City opening up its municipal borders, effectively granting amnesty to those who have crossed national borders illegally, is tantamount to willingly inviting culpability and, hence, accepting liability.  Lawsuits alleging government accountability and liability have already surfaced, one having been filed in a 2015 San Francisco incident.

Public University Professors Demand "Sanctuary Campus" to Shield Illegal Aliens.  Comparing immigration enforcement to "fugitive slave laws," professors at a taxpayer-funded university in south Florida are demanding that the school protect illegal aliens by creating a "sanctuary campus."  Students at colleges around the nation have made similar requests to protect undocumented classmates after president-elect Donald Trump vowed to increase deportations and reverse an Obama administration measure that shields those brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

The Coming Sanctuary Cities Crackdown.  Chicago is one of the best places to live in America if you're one of the millions of illegal aliens present in the country — and free-spending, lawbreaking Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying his best to keep it that way. [...] Cheered on by the Left, sanctuary cities hinder immigration enforcement and shield illegal aliens from federal officials as a matter of policy.  They ignore immigration detainer forms which ask them to retain illegals in their custody after they would otherwise release them so Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can take custody of them.  These sanctuary cities really ought to be called traitor cities because they are in open rebellion against the United States.

Napolitano Vows to 'Not Convert Campus Police Into Adjunct Immigration Officers'.  Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who is now president of the University of California system, said she will employ necessary resources to keep students at her universities from being deported due to any repeal of President Obama's executive order legalizing immigrants brought illegally to the country as children.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met with President-elect Trump on Wednesday and delivered a letter signed by 14 mayors asking that he continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program until Congress passes a solution.

Are sanctuary cities legal?  Last week, President-elect Donald Trump re-emphasized the approach he will take in enforcing the nation's immigration laws, which is much different from the manner of enforcement utilized by President Barack Obama.  The latter pointedly declined to deport the 5 million undocumented immigrants in the United States who are the parents of children born here — children who, by virtue of birth, are American citizens.  Trump has made known his intention to deport all undocumented people, irrespective of family relationships, starting with those who have committed crimes.  In response to Trump's stated intentions, many cities — including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco — have offered sanctuary to those whose presence has been jeopardized by the president-elect's plan.  Can they do this?

Santa Ana declares itself a sanctuary city in defiance of Trump.  Santa Ana City Council members voted Tuesday [12/6/2016] to declare Orange County's second-most populous city a sanctuary city — a largely symbolic gesture to protect immigrants who are in the country illegally.  The move is in direct defiance of President-elect Donald Trump, who was critical of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities during his campaign.  Tuesday's vote is historic in that it makes Santa Ana the first city in Orange County to grant itself the designation.

San Francisco city officials to ask Kate Steinle's family to dismiss lawsuit.  The U.S. government and the City of San Francisco are asking Kate Steinle's family to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit in a hearing on Friday [12/2/2016].  Kate Steinle was shot and killed in July of 2015 on Pier 14 along San Francisco's waterfront.  Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant, has been charged in the murder.  Lopez-Sanchez was released from the San Francisco City Jail in Apil.

Universities exploring 'sanctuary' status for immigrants.  Universities and colleges in several states are considering labeling themselves "sanctuary campuses" amid fears from immigrant students and pressure from activists following the election of Donald Trump.

Chicago pledges $1 million fund to protect 'anxious' immigrants from Trump deportations.  Chicago will use $1 million left[ ]over from a tax rebate program to defend immigrants there from any deportation efforts undertaken by President-elect Donald Trump, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office said Friday [12/2/2016].  "Chicago has a proud history of diversity and inclusion, and my administration will do everything in our power to ensure that immigrants remain safe, secure and supported," Mr. Emanuel, a Democrat, said in a statement Friday.

Janet Napolitano vows to protect undocumented California college students.  The University of California system announced Wednesday that campus police will not undertake joint efforts with any law enforcement agencies to investigate students suspected of breaking federal immigration laws.  Police officers at the UC's 10 campuses will not contact, detain, question or arrest any individual solely on the basis of immigration status, except as required by law, the school system said in a statement.  The move comes in response to the election of Donald Trump, who has promised a widespread crackdown on illegal immigration.

Across U.S., schools facing pressure to declare themselves a 'sanctuary campus'.  Across the country, a variety of groups are pressuring universities, colleges and schools across the country to vow to protect one of the newest demographic groups on campus:  undocumented students.

Abbott: I'm banning "sanctuary cities" in Texas.  Donald Trump promised to crack down on "sanctuary cities" as part of his get-tough immigration enforcement policies, in part by using federal funding to force them into compliance.  Texas cities who defy federal immigration law may find themselves locked out of state funding, too, if Governor Greg Abbott gets his way.

Sanctuary Campus Map
Schools cave to 'sanctuary campus' demands.  Donald Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet, but hundreds of universities and colleges are already trying to shield illegal immigrants from his expected deportation policies.  Campus Reform has compiled a map to track the schools where students have petitioned or protested for sanctuary campuses, as well as those whose administrations have given in to the demands.

Cut-off of federal funds to sanctuary cities is possible immediately upon inauguration of President Trump.  Thanks to a little-noticed action of Texas Congressman John Culberson taken last July, President-elect Trump will able to cut-off federal law enforcement funding to 9 sanctuary cities, plus the entire state of California, immediately upon taking the oath of office.

Congressman John Culberson Set Up a Kill Switch on Sanctuary City Funding.  Because of the foresight of a Texas Congressman, President Trump will be able to end certain funding to the largest sanctuary cities plus the entire state of California on his first day as President.  Working quietly, Culberson convinced the existing Justice Department to certify those cities as non-compliant with federal law, thereby making them vulnerable to loss of money from Washington.  And if President Trump should get cold feet about tough immigration law enforcement, he should note that a November Rasmussen poll found that large majority of voters favors deportation of illegal alien criminals.

Enemies of Language.  "Sanctuary city" is a euphemism for the local and state nullification of federal law — a subversive tactic that dates back to the nullification crises during the Andrew Jackson administration and, later, in the years leading up to the Civil War.  This makes a mockery of the simple constitutional principle that cities and states cannot subversively pick and choose which federal laws to obey.  The term "sanctuary" would never apply to conservative jurisdictions that in similar fashion sought to offer "sanctuary" to those dissidents who disobeyed federal gun registration, income tax, or environmental laws.

Soros-Funded Group Pushing 'Sanctuary Campus' Anti-Trump Protests.  An organization that has received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros is pushing anti-Donald Trump student protests that call for sanctuary campuses to protect undocumented students.  Thousands of students at more than 80 college campuses have participated in "sanctuary campus" protests, CBS News reported.  Students have signed petitions and walked out of classes at their universities "in support of undocumented classmates."  The protests are billed as though they are being organized by students at the grassroots level, but in fact a D.C.-based immigration activist group is behind them.

New Mexico professors seeking immigrant student protections.  Professors and instructors at the University of New Mexico are delivering a letter Friday to the school's president, Bob Frank, amid uncertainty from immigrant students who are living in the country illegally but have temporary protective status.

Will Donald Trump channel Ronald Reagan to put an end to sanctuary cities?  More than 300 cities and counties have sanctuary policies.  For some, it is simply a political statement.  They have taken no real action to give sanctuary to people who are there illegally.  But other cities like San Francisco actively protect illegal immigrants.  They refuse to turn over people who committed low-level crimes to federal agents for deportation.  And when ICE asks for a "hold" on a prisoner, the city ignores it.  Often they walk free.  That is what led to the tragic shooting death of Kate Steinle in July of last year.  Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez of Mexico was in the U.S. illegally.  He had 7 felony convictions and was deported 5 times.  He kept slipping back through our border, seeking refuge in the safe haven of San Francisco.

'Sanctuary' Means Career Criminals Can Run and Hide.  Donald Trump understood something that many Washington insiders missed.  Many Americans and some naturalized citizens bristle at elected officials constantly defending the rights of non-Americans to migrate here illegally — and to be rewarded for breaking the law with a path to citizenship.  Toward that end, and in deference to his campaign promises, Trump seems primed to deport undocumented immigrants and withhold some federal funds from sanctuary cities like San Francisco.  Trump has dispensed with some of his magical thinking.  For example, Trump has ditched his one-time (but impossible to fulfill) promise to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants.  Now he says he would focus on 2 million or more undocumented immigrants with criminal histories.  That is, his focus now is on mainstream ideas that the news media can brand as extreme only at the peril of their credibility.

'Sanctuary Campus': Stanford Students Demand Illegal Alien Refugee Camp.  Students at Stanford University, an elite private institution in Silicon Valley that costs $47,940 per year to attend, marched Tuesday [11/15/2016] to demand that the lush Palo Alto grounds be turned into a "sanctuary campus" to shelter illegal aliens facing deportation under President Donald Trump.

Sanctuary Cities Protect Gangs and Rapists, Not Legal Immigrants.  The organized outrage over President-elect Trump's plans to deport up to 2,000,000 criminal aliens has the look and smell of identity politics.  How and why convicted criminals became a privileged political constituency instead of over law abiding legal immigrants remains a mystery.  The identity politics behind "sanctuary cities" failed Hillary Clinton miserably, and it may yet prove to be the Achilles heel of big city Democrat mayors as well.

7 things Sessions can do immediately to restore the rule of law at Justice.  [#3] Allow states to enforce immigration law and punish sanctuary cities:  As AG, Sessions can interpret the immigration statutes as properly written to allow states to help enforce immigration law.  At the same time, they could cut off law enforcement grants (Byrne JAG, COPS, and SCAAP funds) to localities that designate themselves as sanctuary cities and refuse to cooperate with the Secure Communities program, which helps ICE identify illegal aliens housed in local jails and state prisons.

Priebus: Trump considering fund cuts for sanctuary cities.  Donald Trump's team is standing by a proposed crackdown on New York City and other municipalities that help shelter undocumented immigrants from deportation.  Trump's newly named chief of staff, Reince Priebus, said Sunday [11/20/2016] that Trump is "looking into" cutting millions in funding to so-called sanctuary cities on day 1 of his presidency.

Arrest Rahm Emanuel.  Cheered on by the Left, sanctuary cities hinder immigration enforcement and shield illegal aliens from federal officials as a matter of policy.  There are hundreds of sanctuary jurisdictions — including a few states — across the country that hinder the federal government's immigration law enforcement efforts.  Some left-wingers use the dreadful euphemism "civil liberties safe zones" to describe them.  The phrase blurs the distinction between citizens and non-citizens by implying illegal aliens somehow possess a civil right to be present in the U.S.  The nation got to this point after decades of concerted collusion by radical George Soros-funded groups like the ACLU to get localities to pledge to frustrate or violate laws that protect U.S. national security.

DC Council Says Immigration Laws Violate 'Privacy,' Defends Status As Sanctuary City.  Lawmakers defended the status of Washington, D.C., as a sanctuary city at a public hearing Thursday discussing a bill that would ban immigration raids in the city.  Council Member Brianne Nadeau, the representative for the District's Ward 1, introduced legislation in April banning immigration raids and other attempts in the city to enforce federal law.  The bill would further solidify the District's status as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.  Nadeau said federal immigration raids "jeopardize residents' privacy, safety, and security," according to WJLA.  Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a statement Monday [11/14/2016] reaffirming that the District is a sanctuary city, arguing it "makes our neighborhoods safer."

Sanctuary City Mayors Could Be Sent to Prison for 10 Years.  If Donald Trump is really all about law and order, then any mayor of a sanctuary city needs to be tossed in jail.  U.S. law states that anyone who conceals, harbors or shields an illegal alien from detection (which is exactly what sanctuary city mayors are doing) could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

'Sanctuary' Cities in the Crosshairs.  President-Elect Donald Trump's upset victory last week did nothing to show the light to renegade cities and counties that have refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.  Since the election, officials in Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, and elsewhere have reiterated their opposition to federal law.  That position sets them on a collision course with the incoming Trump administration.  Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, said the federal government doles out hundreds of millions of dollars each year in law enforcement grants.

Adopting 'sanctuary campus' status urged at Oberlin.  Students and faculty today will march in support of making Oberlin College a sanctuary campus in response to the election of Donald Trump as president.  A petition was submitted to college President Marvin Krislov on Monday [11/14/2016] by a group of six faculty members asking him to investigate how the college could become a sanctuary campus as a way of offering protection.  With the petition, Oberlin joins a national movement of colleges and universities asking to be a sanctuary campus in reaction to Trump and his campaign promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

Hundreds walk out of Stanford classes, demand 'sanctuary campus'.  More than 500 Stanford University students, faculty and staff members walked out of classrooms and ducked out of jobs Tuesday [11/15/2016] in a protest of the policies of Donald Trump, the latest in a wave of Bay Area and national demonstrations against the president-elect.  Some of the Stanford dissidents, though, came with a concrete demand for the university's administrators:  investigating the possibility of the South Bay campus serving as a sanctuary against the sort of millions of deportations Trump has said he'll seek as president.

The Editor says...
That's nothing that a search warrant and a big ugly raid couldn't overcome.

America's Sanctuary City Nightmare.  A litigation battle is raging between the states and President Barack Obama over his attempt to impose a nationwide "sanctuary" policy for illegal aliens.  Yet, there is no question that existing sanctuary policies implemented by numerous towns and cities have victimized innocent Americans.  Those sanctuary policies have enabled illegal aliens to commit thousands of crimes — crimes that would not have occurred had their perpetrators been deported in keeping with existing law.  In 2011, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a study on approximately 250,000 illegal aliens locked up in our federal, state, and local prisons.  They represent more than a quarter of all of the prisoners in the federal prison system alone.  The GAO's "study population" had been arrested nearly 1.7 million times and committed three million offenses, averaging about seven arrests and 12 offenses per criminal alien.

LAPD chief refuses to help Donald Trump kick out illegal immigrants.  The chief of police in Los Angeles has said he will not target people who are in the city illegally, despite President-Elect Donald Trump's threat to deport all illegal immigrants.  LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told KNX radio in Los Angeles he had no plans to change the force's stance despite Trump's pledge to toughen federal immigration laws and deport millions of people once he is inaugurated.  'We don't make detentions solely based on status, whether it's immigration or any other type of status...and we are not going to change any of that,' he said.

LAPD will not help with Trump plan to deport immigrants, chief says.  The Los Angeles Police Department will not enforce immigration laws should the Trump administration ask it to do so, the chief of police said Monday [11/14/2016].

Defying Trump, Chicago will continue as immigrant sanctuary.  Joining other cities around the country, Chicago is pledging to remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, an act of defiance in the face of Donald Trump's past promise to cut off those cities from federal funding.  In sanctuary cities, local law enforcement officials aren't required to alert U.S. Immigration and Customs authorities about the immigration status of individuals with whom they come in contact.  On Monday, Chicago's elected officials, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, are expected to hold a news conference to formally discuss how the city will retain its sanctuary status.

Philadelphia may be ground zero in the coming battle over sanctuary cities.  Assuming that the President Elect is good to his word from many appearances on the campaign trail, there are changes coming to our system of enforcement of immigration laws.  That's going to be putting our so called "sanctuary cities" in the spotlight very quickly next year.

Some Cities Want Their Immigrants to Vote.  "Look at illegal immigrants voting all over the country," Donald Trump recently claimed in a Fox News interview, part of his ongoing effort to cast doubt on the integrity of the presidential election.  There's no evidence to support the Republican nominee's claims of election fraud, but some cities are moving to expand voting rights to include noncitizens.  The latest is San Francisco, where the Nov. 8 ballot will include a measure allowing the parents or legal guardians of any student in the city's public schools to vote in school board elections.  The right would be extended to those with green cards, visas, or no documentation at all.  "One out of three kids in the San Francisco unified school system has a parent who is an immigrant, who is disenfranchised and doesn't have a voice," says San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu, the son of Taiwanese immigrants.  "We've had legal immigrants who've had children go through the entire K-12 system without having a say."  Undocumented immigrants should also have the right, Chiu adds, to bypass the "broken immigration system in this country."

Reverend offers sanctuary to undocumented man with domestic battery charge.  Rev. Jose Landaverde and his church, St. Peter the Apostle Mission, have become a safe haven for an undocumented man and his 7-year-old daughter.  Lorenzo Solorzano Morales is facing deportation for a domestic battery charge arrest in 2011.  According to Kane County Court and police records, he pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor offense a few months following the arrest.  He was accused of pulling a woman's hair during an argument.

New Orleans Changes Sanctuary City Policy After Crime Rates Increased.  New Orleans altered its sanctuary city policy last week in response to increasing crime rates and to further comply with federal law.  Under the new policy police can honor ICE detainer requests but are still prohibited from asking or checking a person's immigration status.  The new policy was announced during a congressional hearing by the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.  During the hearing Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry, said sanctuary city policies, "allow illegals to commit crimes, then roam free in our communities."

Louisiana attorney general:  Crime is up in 'sanctuary cities'.  Louisiana's chief legal officer said Tuesday [9/27/2016] that crime has increased in so-called "sanctuary cities" that pledge not to pursue or prosecute illegal immigrants.  In prepared remarks to the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said sanctuary city policies "allow illegals to commit crimes, then roam free in our communities."  The remarks came in a hearing on New Orleans, and how the city has become a "sanctuary city" following new policies that went into effect on Feb. 28 that forbid city police from inquiring into an individual's immigration status.

Louisiana AG: Administration Coerced 'Local Jurisdictions in My State to Institute Sanctuary Policies' for Illegal Aliens.  Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry told the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday [9/27/2016] that he finds it "unconscionable" that illegal immigrants in New Orleans "cannot be held on anything less than a warrant or a court order" because of the Obama administration's consent decree with the city.  "In my beloved New Orleans, the Justice Department entered into a consent decree with the city that mandated police officers not make inquiries into an individual's immigration status or assist ICE unless there is a warrant or court order issued.

Sanctuary Jurisdictions Protect Nearly 12,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants in 19 Months.  The recent murder committed by a twice-deported illegal immigrant gangbanger in a Maryland sanctuary county makes the following information both enraging and unbelievable; nearly 12,000 illegal immigrants with criminal histories were protected from federal authorities by sanctuary jurisdictions in the U.S. during a 19-month period, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) figures obtained by the Washington D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).  A few weeks ago CIS published a map identifying about 300 jurisdictions that have official policies shielding illegal aliens from federal authorities.  During a 19-month stretch from January 1, 2014, to September 30, 2015, more than 17,000 federal detainers were rejected by these sanctuary jurisdictions, CIS found.  Around 11,800 of the detainers, or 68%, were issued for individuals with a prior criminal history.

17,000 criminal illegals shielded from deportation by 'Sanctuary Cities,' 1,591 jails ignore feds.  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday [8/31/2016] said he will end the practice of some 300 cities, towns and states giving "sanctuary" to illegal criminal immigrants instead of handing them over to federal authorities for deportation.  In a statement issued as he readied for a meeting with Mexico's president and later his delivery of a major address on immigration, his campaign issued a statement detailing the outlines of his plan.

Report: Sanctuary Cities Ignored 17,000 ICE Detainer Requests.  Sanctuary jurisdictions across the U.S. ignored 17,000 requests to detain illegal aliens eligible for deportation, the overwhelming majority of whom had prior criminal records, in less than two years according to a new report.  According to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are approximately 300 sanctuary jurisdictions, from cities to counties to states, that hinder immigration law enforcement and protect dangerous illegal aliens from deportation.  Sixty-eight percent of the 17,000 requests were made for illegal aliens with criminal histories.

Obama Administration turning 'Sanctuary Cities' into 'Safe Zones'.  Just about any illegal alien can avoid arrest by following these simple rules, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) advertises in a post on its website's homepage.  Providing a virtual "how-to" guide for illegal aliens in its "Sensitive Locations FAQs," CBP explains that immigration laws are not to be enforced at any of a wide range of designated "sensitive locations" — so that illegal aliens may be "free" to live their lives "without fear or hesitation."

Child Rape Case Inspires Lawmaker to Fight Philadelphia's Sanctuary City Policy.  An illegal immigrant living in Philadelphia has been charged with raping a child, spurring opponents of the city's "sanctuary" policy to use his arrest to bolster their argument that such practices leave dangerous criminals on the streets.  Pennsylvania state Rep.  Martina White, a Republican, says the alleged rapist, Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa, a 45-year-old Honduran national, avoided deportation only because of Philadelphia's policy not to comply with most immigration-related requests from the federal government.

Kristol's Betrayal Gets Serious.  In addition to their decades-long war for amnesties and open boarders, Democrats are responsible for the more than 350 "Sanctuary Cities" that openly defy federal law and provide safe havens for those same illegal immigrants, criminals, and terrorists.

Sanctuary cities [and] states may finally start losing federal funding.  We have more than one hundred different cities, as well as entire states, which have enacted so called "sanctuary" policies which forbid state and local law enforcement from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the detention and deportation of illegal aliens in our country.  And yet these same locations continue to receive vast amounts of federal taxpayer funding while openly defying federal law.  For at least a small portion of that funding, those days may be coming to an end thanks to new instructions from Congress to the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.

DOJ Rewards Law-Breaking Sanctuary Cities, States with $342 Mil in "Grants".  The Obama administration rewards sanctuary states, counties and cities that shield violent illegal immigrants from deportation with hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and one of the biggest recipients recently made headlines for protecting a serial criminal who murdered a young woman.  The money flows through the Department of Justice (DOJ), the agency responsible for enforcing the law and defending the interests of the United States.  The DOJ is also charged with providing federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime, according to its mission statement, and seeking just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior.  Apparently this doesn't apply to local governments that support the president's broad open borders policies, even when they violate federal law.

Sanctuary for Crime Part 1.  There are nearly 300 so called "sanctuary cities" in the U.S. Laws in these cities help shield illegal immigrants from deportation, even after they've committed felonies.  Full Measure found the problem of the U.S. as a Sanctuary for Crime is much larger, and often understated by politicians and advocates with special interests at stake.

California risks $135M in federal grants over 'sanctuary city' policy.  California state and local law enforcement agencies may have to choose between more than $100 million in federal aid and the "sanctuary city" immigration policies that supporters say are humane, but critics say fuel crime.  The policies, whether in writing or just in practice, preclude local law enforcement from working with federal authorities when they catch an illegal immigrant who by law faces deportation.  The laws have sparked a national controversy in the wake of dozens of murders and other violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants who local law enforcement did not report to the Department of Homeland Security.

IG: Obama sends hundreds of millions to 'sanctuary cities'.  President Obama's Justice Department has coughed up hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called "sanctuary cities" that refuse federal demands for criminal illegal immigrants sought for deportation, according to a new inspector general memo.  In just 10 of 155 jurisdictions reviewed, taxpayers handed over $342.1 million in Justice grants to the law-breaking cities and states that have policies barring jails and police from cooperating with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.  The IG said that is 63 percent of the funds available to all American cities.

Alphabet Soup Corruption.  [Scroll down]  Perhaps no agency has been rendered more suspect that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, largely because U.S. immigration enforcement for all practical purposes has been rendered null and void, and no longer can or will stop illegal immigration from crossing the southern border.  The old reputations of the "Border Patrol" as a no-nonsense law enforcement agency that ensured foreign nationals entered the United States legally has been redefined by ICE as a sort of politicized facilitator of executive amnesties.  Over 300 municipalities in multiple states have now declared themselves exempt from enforcement of federal immigration law, and ICE has agreed that it will allow such nullification of federal law and will not deport over one million illegal aliens who have been arrested and charged with or convicted of crimes.

Senate Dems block votes on immigration issues, including sanctuary cities.  The Republican-controlled Senate failed Wednesday to advance efforts to change federal immigration law — including one to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities.  The vote was 53-44, failing to get the minimum 60 votes to begin debate on the issue.  The measure attempted to block congressional funding for sanctuary cities — municipalities that ban police from cooperating with immigration officials to potentially deport illegal immigrants.  Senate Republicans also failed to get enough votes to advance their proposed Kate's Law — named after Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot in July 2015, allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had multiple felony convictions and was deported several times prior to the incident.

Feds moving to strip money from U.S. sanctuary cities.  The Justice Department said Thursday [7/7/2016] it has warned sanctuary cities to quit shielding illegal immigrants from deportation agents or else lose federal grant money, putting some muscle behind Republicans' push to punish cities and counties that have refused to cooperate.  That could prevent future situations like the Kate Steinle case, where an illegal immigrant was released by the sheriff's department in San Francisco despite a request that he be held for deportation.  The man would go on to kill Steinle, according to authorities, as she walked on the city waterfront with her father.

See How Your Senators Voted on Sanctuary Cities.  Sen.  David Vitter, R-La., introduced the legislation, which includes a provision known as Kate's Law, named after 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot in San Francisco on July 1.  The bill would impose a mandatory minimum jail sentence of five years for illegal immigrants who are convicted of re-entering the United States after being convicted of an aggravated felony or have three strikes for trying to enter the country illegally.

How Congress Is Looking to Fix Immigration Enforcement Problem.  The United States Senate is scheduled to hold a procedural vote on Wednesday [7/6/2016] on two bills related to immigration enforcement.  The sanctuary cities and "Kate's Law" bills were combined last year, but failed to overcome the 60-vote threshold needed to proceed to the bill.  Senate Democrats blocked the combined bill in October 2015.  The two bills were separated this time around because of concerns that some have about a mandatory minimum sentences provision of Kate's Law.  The sanctuary cities bill, officially titled Senate Bill 3100 (the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act), allows state and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration and law enforcement officials with regard to actions taken to comply with an immigration detainer.

Democrats vote to defend sanctuary cities, block mandatory jail time for repeat illegals.  Senate Democrats launched filibusters Wednesday [7/6/2016] to protect sanctuary cities and to shield repeat illegal immigrants from a mandatory minimum 5-year prison sentence, calling the bills an attack on immigrants and saying GOP lawmakers were following the lead of Donald Trump.  The votes came slightly more than a year after the July 1, 2015, slaying of Kate Steinle, whose death at the hands of an illegal immigrant shielded by San Francisco's sanctuary policy ignited a fierce debate over localities' laws that limit or ban police from turning immigrants over to federal deportation officers.  Steinle's death drew attention to victims of illegal immigrant crime — a part of the illegal immigration debate that's often overlooked.

Will Senate Finally Deliver Justice to Kate Steinle's Family?  July 1 marked the one year anniversary of Kate Steinle's tragic murder in San Francisco by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien with seven convictions and five deportations under his belt.  (FAIR Legislative Update, July 8, 2015)  Kate's death was a direct consequence of San Francisco's status as a sanctuary city — State and local jurisdictions with polices that obstruct immigration enforcement.  Outrageously, Sanchez was in federal custody months before he killed Kate but San Francisco authorities had requested a custody transfer under the guise of prosecuting a decades old drug charge.  (Id.)  Predictably, those charges were dropped and San Francisco law enforcement released Sanchez back onto the streets despite his extensive criminal history and an ICE detainer request because of the city's sanctuary policy.  (Id.)  Indeed, Sanchez even admitted in a jailhouse interview he knew San Francisco's sanctuary policy would protect him from ICE.  (Id.)

America In Free Fall.  American immigration policy is not so much "broken" as increasingly neo-Confederate and illogical.  Three-hundred state and municipal jurisdictions have declared themselves, in good 1850s fashion, immune from federal law as sanctuary cities, while over 1 million illegal aliens have at some point been arrested, and make up nearly 30 percent of the federal inmate population.  In Orwellian terms, illegal immigration largely from Latin America and Mexico, is called "diversity," nullification of federal laws is known as "sanctuary cities," and foreign nationals residing illegally are referred to as "undocumented migrants."  Ultimately the central paradox of immigration is the strange nexus of anger and grievance against the United States by immigration advocates-and the overriding desire nonetheless to enter and reside in such a purportedly unattractive place.

Paul Ryan:  We Have Not Pushed Kate's Law Because We Do Not Want to Clog Up Jails with Illegal Drunk Drivers.  In a Wednesday Fox News interview, Speaker Paul Ryan seemed to suggest that the reason the House has not pushed Kate's Law is because he is opposed to "clogging up our jails" with illegal alien drunk drivers.  Kate's Law — named in honor of Kate Steinle — would increase the penalty for illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after being deported.  Last year, Steinle was gunned down in broad daylight by a five-time deported criminal alien. [...] On his Wednesday [6/15/2016] program, Bill O'Reilly pressed Ryan — who is the leader of the pro-illegal immigration wing of the Republican Party — on why the House has yet to push Kate's Law nearly a year after her murder.

No time for Blue Angels.  San Francisco, one of America's most beautiful cities where the living is cultured and easy, is also the nation's most prominent "sanctuary city," where felons, scofflaws, assorted desperados and others on the run from border agents can be comfortable waiting for President Obama to complete his repeal of immigration controls.  This makes the city unsafe for everyone else, as Kathryn Steinle, 32 and pregnant, learned to her fatal sorrow when she strolled the waterfront with her father last summer.

How to Make Sure There's Another Kate Steinle.  The whole mess began, I should note, after federal authorities transferred Lopez-Sanchez to San Francisco because of a 20-year-old warrant for his arrest on marijuana charges.  That transfer never should have happened, and Steinle would be alive today if there had been no marijuana warrant lingering.  It is nearly impossible for a prosecutor to win such a moldy drug case.  After the district attorney dropped the case, the Sheriff's Department freed Sanchez in keeping with a 2013 ordinance that prohibits local enforcement from honoring ICE detainer requests unless an undocumented immigrant has been convicted of a violent felony in the past seven years.

Immigration Reform 2016: San Francisco Sanctuary City Laws Reaffirmed By Local Lawmakers, Sheriff.  Ten months after a 32-year-old woman was shot dead on a pier in San Francisco, allegedly by a man living illegally in the U.S., local lawmakers and the sheriff came to an agreement Tuesday to reaffirm the city's standing as a so-called sanctuary city.  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously, with the support of Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, to restrict local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials.  Hennessy had previously threatened to set her own rules without the board's approval, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Family of Kate Steinle files lawsuit over deadly shooting on San Francisco pier.  Relatives of the woman shot to death on a San Francisco pier last year filed a lawsuit Friday saying the illegal immigrant accused in the killing should have been in custody if not for a series of mistakes by city and federal workers.  The killing of Kate Steinle in July 2015 and the arrest of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez put San Francisco's leaders on the defensive as critics and outside politicians called for a change in the city's sanctuary law.  Despite national outrage, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors on Tuesday upheld those protections for people in the country illegally.

Sanctuary City: Criminals Welcome.  Last June, when he said he was running as a Republican for president, billionaire Donald Trump famously called out Mexico for sending "people that have lots of problems" across the border. [...] Many were offended to hear Trump equate undocumented immigrants with dangerous criminals.  Yet the same thing is happening on the Left Coast.  Tuesday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote on a measure to reinforce a sanctuary city policy — named "Due Process for All" and passed in 2013.

America Now Has an Official Language: Newspeak.  [Scroll down]  Let us also consider another term that is nothing short of Orwellian:  "sanctuary city."  Cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws are given the innocuous sounding title "sanctuary city."  The term "sanctuary" implies a place of safety and security.  Yet the underlying purpose for our immigration laws is to prevent aliens from entering the United States if they pose a threat to the safety and well being of America and Americans.  This includes criminals, terrorists and those who are severely mentally ill and prone to violence.  How safe are those who reside in cities that encourage aliens who are criminals, fugitives and terrorists to move in and set up shop?

The Fruits of Multiculturalism, Abroad and at Home.  [Scroll down]  Indeed, Americans have been thanked and continue to be thanked by all sorts of carriers of multiculturalism.  The open southern border, an instrument of forced multiculturalism, has brought us gangs, and criminals, and drugs, and murderers, and cartels, all of which are simply part of the cultures of the countries from which their carriers traveled to enrich us with their superiority.  The left so values these contributions, including the senseless murders of Americans by repeat offenders who prey on American citizens with the tacit permission of our government, that they proudly tout their "sanctuary cities", which aid and abet the predators, while sacrificing the prey in the name of tolerance and smug superiority.

'Sanctuary city' bill faces uphill battle in politically timid Senate.  State Senate passage of a contentious "sanctuary city" bill remains in doubt, although Republican senators are expected to discuss the bill's future on Tuesday [3/8/2016].  The legislation, which passed in the Assembly last month on a party-line vote, has been widely criticized by advocates for illegal immigrants and applauded by those who see local governments nationwide thumbing their noses at the rule of law.

San Francisco puts Sanctuary Before Funding.  Ever since Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez shot and killed Kate Steinle on a warm July evening as she strolled along Pier 14 with her father, San Francisco's Sanctuary City policy has enraged swaths of the rest of America.  Lopez-Sanchez, you see, had been convicted of multiple felonies and deported five times.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement would have deported the Mexican national if he had not been handed over to the San Francisco Sheriffs Office on a decades-old marijuana charge.

The Map: 'Sanctuary Cities' cross the 300 mark with Dallas, Philly.  The number of so-called "Sanctuary Cities" has crossed 300 in a rapid expansion despite public protests and moves in Congress to cut off funding.  The Center for Immigration Studies has updated its list to include Dallas County in Texas, Philadelphia, five Kentucky counties and possibly the whole state of Massachusetts as areas where federal law enforcement demands for information and access to jailed illegals immigrants will be denied.

Key Republican says Congress will punish sanctuary cities this year.  The House Republican in charge of writing the Justice Department's budget vowed Monday [2/1/2016] that this will be the year Congress punishes sanctuary cities, insisting he'll use his powers as chairman to make the Obama administration strip grant money from localities that refuse to cooperate with immigration agents.  Rep. John Abney Culberson, chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the Justice Department, warned Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch that if she doesn't move quickly to shut down sanctuary cities, he will use existing powers to prevent her from shifting money around within the 2016 budget.

5 Facts Illegal-Immigration Zealots Won't Admit.  [#3] Sanctuary cities roll the dice with public safety.  Sanctuary is a noble idea that is robbed of all honorable meaning in the immigration debate.  It becomes an excuse for hiding criminals like Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who killed Kate Steinle in a random shooting.  San Francisco gave shelter to a seven-time felon who had been deported five times, and a young woman lost her life as a result. Hanson called the crime "the dangerous wages of ignoring the law," and unfortunately, sanctuary cities reap them far too often.

Report: Clinton Campaign Moved Fundraiser From Steinle Family Attorney's Home.  Secret Service agents had already vetted the home of a San Francisco attorney who was set to host a fundraiser attended by Bill Clinton on Monday [1/25/2016].  But according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Hillary Clinton campaign intervened at the last minute to order a change of venue after it was discovered that the homeowner, Frank Pitre, is suing the city of San Francisco on behalf of the family of Kate Steinle, the 32-year-old woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in July.

No health insurance? Californians face tax bite of up to $10,000 per family.  Sign up for health care coverage or pay the price.  That's the message from Covered California officials, who urged consumers Wednesday [1/13/2016] to sign up for Obamacare coverage by the Jan. 31 deadline or face stiff tax penalties.  This year, the penalties are hitting harder, ranging from a minimum of $700 for an individual to as much as $10,000 for a family of four, depending on income.  The average penalty in 2016 will be $969.  That's a 47 percent increase from last year, according to a recent analysis by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.

Talking truth to a sanctuary city.  "Crime in Los Angeles rose in all categories in 2015, LAPD says" ominously declares the Los Angeles Times headline.  But this isn't a surprise to those of us who aren't blinded by the false narratives and fantasy world of the American left.  Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, which describes policies including the shielding of criminal illegal immigrants who are wanted by the federal government.

Protecting Illegal Alien Killers.  When the government not only fails to protect its citizens, but enables those who are here illegally to murder them, it can no longer be called a government.  When 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered two weeks ago in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by illegal alien and multi-felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, people immediately began to ask how this could happen.  How could a criminal, whose history includes seven felonies along with five deportations, slip through the grasps of federal immigration officials who had him in custody only fourth months ago?

America's Toxic Brew: "Diversity".  [Scroll down]  Another deadly element of this "diversity" that the PC left champions has been the "sanctuary city" policy enacted by a number of US cities.  We have seen numerous instances of crimes committed by illegal aliens who should never even of been here to commit those crimes in the first place.  Katherine Steinle's murder by a five-times deported illegal alien, became a high profile case when it was revealed that San Francisco refused to hand him over to ICE prior to the shooting.  San Francisco's sanctuary city policy has remained in place since Ms. Steinle's death — this despite the fact that even the vast majority of Californians are opposed to it, including Hispanics.  There are 200 other U.S. cities that have similar unpopular, misguided policies regarding illegal aliens.

What the Steinle and Brown Shootings Reveal About Democratic National Strategy.  President Obama asked his Justice Department to investigate the Ferguson, Missouri police department for evidence of civil rights violations.  In a detailed report the Justice Department found a pattern of conduct that violates some civil rights, there was not enough evidence to prosecute Police Officer Darren Wilson for federal civil rights violations in the Michael Brown incident.  Significantly, President Obama has not asked the Justice Department to investigate if Kate Steinle's civil right to public safety was violated by the sheriff, the mayor, or San Francisco supervisors for failing to take positive actions to defend the rights of citizens against violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

Sources: Vocal supporter of sanctuary cities on short list to be next head of Border Patrol.  A former San Francisco police chief and vocal supporter of a sanctuary cities policy is on a short list of candidates to become the new chief of the Border Patrol, according to sources.  As police chief, Heather Fong shielded illegal immigrants, including aliens who committed crimes, from deportation.  In contrast, it is the job of the U.S. Border Patrol to catch and deport all illegal immigrants, including those with a criminal history.

A Tale of Two Shootings.  A few comparative observations:  Michael Brown's supporters claimed that he was shot in the back, an allegation that sparked days of violent rioting and yet was proven false both by the autopsy and forensic evidence, along with eyewitness accounts.  Kate Steinle was indisputably shot in the back, a fact that was never questioned.  No demonstrations followed her death.  In both cases, the government was alleged to have been culpable for the shootings.  Yet Darren Wilson was cleared of all charges by both state and federal authorities.  In contrast, San Francisco sheriff's officials argued with Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities over which bureaucracy was at fault for releasing a convicted felon and seven-time deported alien felon into the general public.  Neither agency initially argued that the release was legal or wise, but rather blamed the other for letting Sanchez go.

Harry Reid: Kate's Law 'Yet Another Attack on the Immigrant Community'.  Senator Ted Cruz skirmished with Senate minority leader Harry Reid Wednesday [11/4/2015] over a bill that would impose mandatory-minimum sentences on criminal immigrants who return to the United States following deportation.  The Texas Republican took to the Senate floor to celebrate last night's electoral defeat of San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who defended the city's sanctuary policy this summer after Kathryn Steinle was killed there by an immigrant who had been deported five times.  "That is a striking statement of where the American people are on this issue," he said Wednesday [11/4/2015].

San Francisco sheriff loses re-election bid amid 'sanctuary city' controversy.  The San Francisco sheriff who over the summer became embroiled in a national debate over "sanctuary city" policies on Tuesday [11/3/2015] lost his bid for re-election amid a host of local controversies.  Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, 54, was defeated by Vicki Hennessy, a former sheriff's official who had the endorsement of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the sheriff deputies association.

Conflicted San Francisco voters eject sanctuary city sheriff.  There's something strange going on in the City by the Bay after yesterday's municipal elections, but I suspect that it's far too early to get very excited about it.  San Francisco voters went to the polls and rejected their sheriff who had become something of the face of the so called "sanctuary city" and they did so by a wide margin.

Sanctuary for Crime Pt.2.  For tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, the U-S has become a Sanctuary for Crime.  A spokesman from Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Sharyl Attkisson that it is "focused on smart, effective enforcement that prioritizes the removal of criminal aliens."  But, Congress has repeatedly asked ICE to explain why, then, so many dangerous criminals are set free.

Sanctuary Cities Will 'No Longer Be Tolerated' in Texas, Says Governor Abbott.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vowed to put an end to "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens in his state.  Abbott made a statement in response to Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez stating that she would consider honoring immigrant detainers on a "case by case" basis.

Sanctuary City Policies Will 'No Longer be Tolerated in Texas,' says Governor Abbott.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott admonished Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez over her recent decision to consider honoring immigration detainers on a "case-by-case" basis.  The governor said sanctuary city policies like this will "no longer be tolerated in Texas."  Governor Abbott wrote the tersely worded letter to Sheriff Valdez after her decision to scale back on honoring immigration detainers sent to her jail by the federal government's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

These Illegal Alien Crime Stats Should Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You.  Several recent reviews of crime statistics suggest that illegal immigrants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the murders in in a number of states. [...] Despite the veritable crime wave, sanctuary cities continue to allow illegal immigrants to walk the streets with impunity.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not standing for it.

Sanctuary for Crime Pt. 1.  This week, the Senate blocked a bill aimed at cracking down on America's nearly 300 sanctuary cities.  Laws in these cities help shield illegal immigrants from deportation, even after they've committed felonies.  The proposal was motivated by the death of Kate Steinle.  In July, she was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant who'd been deported five times and convicted of seven felonies.  The Full Measure team found the problem of Importing Murder is much larger, and often understated by politicians and advocates with special interests at stake.

Democrats and GOP Senator Mark Kirk team up to block 'sanctuary cities' law.  This is what having a GOP majority and gutless, go-along-to-get-along leadership in the Senate gets you. [...] The idea that cities can create no-go zones for the enforcement of US immigration laws, our own equivalent of Parisian suburbs where the national law does not run, is bizarre.  It is doubly bizarre as the Supreme Court has ruled that states and municipalities have to defer to the federal government on this subject.

The White House's Forked Tongue On Sanctuary Cities For Illegals.  The Stop Sanctuary Policies And Protect Americans Act (S. 2146) is a common-sense immigration bill from the Senate sponsored by David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican.  The measure is a natural outcome of the immigration debate that started in earnest this summer when Donald Trump criticized unchecked illegal immigration and then 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered in broad daylight on a San Francisco tourist pier by Francisco Sanchez, a five-times-deported alien felon who said he was there thanks to the city's sanctuary laws.

Democrats Without Borders.  San Francisco protects repeat offenders unless they have a violent felony conviction within seven years.  Though [Jeh] Johnson may not take a stand on the Vitter bill, President Barack Obama threatened to veto similar legislation from the House.  I've lived in the Bay Area long enough to appreciate why San Francisco passed sanctuary city ordinances early on; the idea was to encourage undocumented immigrants to report violent and serious crimes to the police.  But where is the public interest in shielding repeat offenders from well-deserved deportation?

Sanctuary Cities Ignore ICE Orders and Free 9,295 Criminal Aliens.  As the U.S. Senate considers a bill to slash funding for local governments that protect violent illegal immigrants, a new study reveals that hundreds of sanctuary cities nationwide released thousands of criminal aliens from jail rather than turn them over to federal authorities for deportation.  This proves that legislation to crack down on jurisdictions that obstruct enforcement of federal immigration law is long overdue.  In fact, the measure was inspired by the summer murder of a San Francisco woman by an illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions and five deportation orders.

Sanctuary City Is a Haven for Felons.  As he runs for re-election in November, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon faces no opposition.  The cozy position was unlikely, when you consider that Gascon arrived in the city as a pro-death penalty Republican from Arizona in 2009 after then-Mayor Gavin Newsom picked him to be chief of police.  Today he's the rare prosecutor who has sent a message to career criminals in the country illegally:  San Francisco will make the feds really work to deport them.

Taking On Sanctuary City Lawlessness.  The American left's contemptuous disregard for laws it doesn't like is metastasizing. Despite the public outrage that attended the murder of Kate Steinle by Juan Francsico Lopez-Sanchez, a seven-time convicted felon who had been deported five times, the number of illegal alien protection centers known as sanctuary cities has increased.  The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reports the number of these law-obstructing entities has grown to 340, compared to only 276 identified as recently as last July.  CIS's analysis is based on new information released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that covers the months of January through September of 2014.

Number of sanctuary cities grows to 340; thousands of illegals released to commit new crimes.  The list of sanctuary cities has grown to more than 340, and they shielded an average of 1,000 immigrants a month from deportation last year — and more than 2,000 of those released have been arrested for yet more crimes, according to a report released Thursday [10/8/2015] by the Center for Immigration Studies.  Among those released are illegal immigrants accused of murder and brutal assaults, said Jessica Vaughan, the report's author.

ICE: Sanctuary cities explode to 340, 9,295 illegals released from jail, 6,460 still at-large.  An analysis of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement records finds that many towns are embracing the sanctuary city model where illegal immigrants charged with crimes are being released over the objection of ICE which seeks to deport many.  The Center for Immigration Studies said the number of cities has grown to 340, up from 276 identified in July.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson blasts San Francisco sanctuary policy.  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday criticized policies such as the one in San Francisco against generally cooperating with immigration officials, calling the stances counterproductive and unacceptable.

Sanctuary City enjoys skyrocketing rates of murder, rape.  Judicial Watch has been keeping tabs on the sanctuary city problem for a while now, with particular attention being paid to San Francisco.  This week they released the results of an investigation into the crime rates in the City by the Bay over the period of time since the locals began offering safe harbor to illegal aliens and telling ICE to go pound sand if they want any criminal aliens held over.

America's Sanctuary City Nightmare.  A litigation battle is raging between the states and President Barack Obama over his attempt to impose a nationwide "sanctuary" policy for illegal aliens.  Yet, there is no question that existing sanctuary policies implemented by numerous towns and cities have victimized innocent Americans.  Those sanctuary policies have enabled illegal aliens to commit thousands of crimes — crimes that would not have occurred had their perpetrators been deported in keeping with existing law.  In 2011, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a study on approximately 250,000 illegal aliens locked up in our federal, state, and local prisons.  They represent more than a quarter of all of the prisoners in the federal prison system alone.  The GAO's "study population" had been arrested nearly 1.7 million times and committed three million offenses, averaging about seven arrests and 12 offenses per criminal alien.

Out-Of-Control Big Government Is Destroying Us.  Consider the vast bureaucracy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Is it culpable for knowingly not enforcing immigration law and thus allowing some undocumented immigrants to commit violent crimes?  In cases where innocent Americans are killed by undocumented immigrants with long histories of felonies and deportations — such as the recent killing of Kate Steinle in San Francisco — can the victims' families sue ICE or sanctuary cities for either releasing or hosting criminals who were residing in the U.S. illegally?  In our litigious society in which plaintiffs sue fast-food franchises for serving excessively hot coffee, why do government bureaucrats escape culpability when the innocent die or are injured as a result of bureaucratic negligence?

California: $15 Minimum Wage, $30 Per Pizza, Massive Fail.  Small businesses are already struggling to survive the spate of minimum wage increases to $15 per hour in parts of California. [...] Even though businesses with less than 56 workers are exempt from the $14.44 rate and do not have to raise their wages to $15 until 2018, Vic Gumper, who owns Lanesplitter Pizza, with outlets in Berkeley, Oakland, Albany and Emeryville, decided not only to bite the bullet but swallow it, paying his workers $15 to $25 an hour while eschewing tips or raising prices.

Huge Majorities of Voters Want an End to Sanctuary Cities, Aggressive Deportations.  Not that you heard any of this from vintage media, but it turns out that the electorate actively seeks an end to Barack Obama's illegal amnesty executive order; that it wants illegal aliens aggressively deported; and would love the federal government to go medieval on sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary State Is a Haven for Criminals.  On July 24, two burglars allegedly broke in to [Marilyn] Pharis' home as she slept.  They sexually assaulted and beat her.  Pharis, 64, a U.S. Air Force veteran, died in the hospital Aug. 1.  It turns out that one of the two men charged for the crime, Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, 29, is an undocumented immigrant against whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a detainer in 2014.  Ramirez has pleaded not guilty.

Cruz, Sessions: How Many 'Homegrown' Terrorists Were Immigrants?  [Scroll down]  The letter comes as Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) is investigating how sanctuary city policies are contributing to violent crime.  Grassley wrote Johnson on Tuesday, asking him to provide the immigration history of two men who were arrested on rape and murder charges after benefiting from sanctuary city policies that helped at least one of them avoid deportation.  "Clearly, there has been a total breakdown in cooperation between local and federal law enforcement that allowed this alleged killer to be released and, despite his lengthy and violent criminal record, never deported," Grassley wrote.

Why Liberals are Dangerous.  People in positions of power who place feelings above common sense, responsibility and reasoned thinking are dangerous.  They (liberals) must never be in charge.  Take sanctuary cities.  These are liberal-governed U.S. cities that have officially decided to disobey federal law by sheltering illegal aliens.  Liberalism has been described as a "mental disease."  For whatever reasons, liberals who run sanctuary cities feel it is unfair that we in America have so much.  Consequently, they roll out the red carpet to illegals; gifting them welfare, college tuition, and benefits unavailable to legal American citizens.

Obama's Trail Of Blood.  Another murder of an American by an illegal, another shrug from our nation's leaders.  A local police chief was right to see a "trail of blood" from the latest killing and those who made the killer's spree possible.

Another Brutal Murder By Illegal Alien — Another Sanctuary City Release.  A man who allegedly attacked a 64-year-old California woman and brutally raped her is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been arrested four times in the past two years.  The victim, Marilyn Pharis, died eight days after the attack, which occurred July 24 while she was asleep in her Santa Maria home.  An autopsy is being conducted to help determine if Pharis died as a direct result of the heinous crime.

California police chief says 'blood trail' runs from Washington to bedroom of murdered woman.  A California lawman whose department is investigating the brutal rape and bludgeoning death of a 64-year-old Air Force veteran pointed the finger Friday at state and federal policies he said allowed the illegal immigrant suspect to roam the streets despite a lengthy arrest record. [...] Two suspects have been arrested, including Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, 29, an illegal immigrant from Durango Canatlan, Mexico.  Ramirez has been arrested six times in last 15 months, for crimes including sexual assault, possession of methamphetamine and weapons and driving without a license.

'Sanctuary cities' can't ignore federal law.  "Sanctuary cities" — municipalities that refuse to cooperate with the federal government on immigration policy — have existed in the United States for more than thirty-five years.  Over the last decade, various legislative efforts have been made to crack down on noncompliant jurisdictions.  Still, by one count, at least 276 sanctuary cities exist in 32 states and the District of Columbia.  The debate over sanctuary cities was revived on July 1 when illegal immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was walking along the San Francisco waterfront with her father and a friend.

2016 GOP hopefuls blast sanctuary cities but didn't crack down as governors.  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has said mayors who run sanctuary cities should be held criminally liable — but he did not stop Orleans Parish, in his own state, from becoming a sanctuary itself in 2013.  He is one of at least four Republican governors running for president next year whose states have had cities and counties declare "sanctuary" during their tenure, without suffering the dire consequences the candidates now say the federal government should bring to bear on recalcitrant jurisdictions.

Sanctuary Cities Represent Naked Crimes against the American people.  Sanctuary policies do nothing to build trust between immigrant communities and local law enforcement.  They do not improve access to law enforcement services for immigrants; nor have they been shown to increase the likelihood that more immigrant crime victims will report crimes.  On the contrary, they destroy the trust of the community at large that the laws will be faithfully enforced to preserve the quality of life for all.  Despite widespread public outrage at the San Francisco Sheriff's policies that caused the release of a man with five prior deportations and seven felony convictions, and who was the subject of an ICE detainer, who then went on to kill Kathryn Steinle, it is clear that some jurisdictions will not budge from their criminal alien sanctuary policies.

Bobby Jindal: Arrest Mayors of Sanctuary Cities as Accessories to Illegal Alien Crime.  "Absolutely, I would hold them as an accomplice," Jindal said on Boston Herald Radio on Monday morning [8/3/2015], as reported by BuzzFeed, Jindal said of mayors of sanctuary cities.  "Make them criminally culpable. I'd also make them civilly liable so that families, victims' families could sue.  Especially if the prosecutor isn't taking action or the mayor's not changing their ways, I'd allow the families to go to court as well to recover damages."

Sanctuary Cities Show Why Immigration Won't Help Dems in 2016.  This week the Senate held a hearing that highlighted the crimes committed by illegal immigrants that had avoided deportation because officials in self-declared "sanctuary cities" refused to hand them over or notify federal officials of their presence.  The father of Kathryn Steinle, a young San Francisco woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been freed by city officials complying with its sanctuary rules, asked senators to support a bill defunding those municipalities that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities.  Yet what was interesting about the hearing is not so much the slim chances of the bill becoming law.  Rather, it was the way Democrats and the liberal media did their best to ignore the issue.

Gowdy: If Obama Saw His Son In Trayvon, We See Our Daughters In Kate Steinle.  [Scroll down]  He continued that "the primary focus of government is public safety," which is far more important than "winning elections and appealing to certain constituencies."

For Kate and America's Sake, Don't Let Them Get Away with It.  For my relatives who only get mainstream media spin, here is what's really going on: an illegal alien shot and killed complete stranger, 32-year-old Kate Steinle, while enjoying a stroll with her dad along a San Francisco pier.  Kate's scumbag murderer had been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times.  And yet, this criminal kept returning to the U.S. without consequence.  The reality is many bad people are entering our country illegally unabated.  Heck, Obama even rolls out the welcome mat.  Uneducated and unskilled, Obama is confident he can woo them with taxpayer funded handouts, making them future Democrat voters.  Consequently, the Obama administration has released thousands of criminal illegal aliens.

President Obama's Sanctuary For Killers?  President Obama vowed to veto a House bill to pull cash from cities that flout federal immigration laws.  He's given a lot of odd excuses, but in the end he's siding with criminal illegals who now plague the U.S.

GOP working hard on phony bill to defund sanctuary cities.  House Speaker John Boehner has just come out of the closet.  He's a thespian.  He can't be anything else, because he strives to be one of the greatest actors of all time.  He currently is starring in a play on the House floor where he is appearing to pass a bill that would cut off funding for sanctuary cities.  The only problem with that is that the House is now powerless to do so.  The House can certainly pass such a bill, but the Senate can ignore it, and even if the Senate passed it as well, Obama could veto it without consequence.

White House defends sanctuary cities, threatens to veto crackdown bill.  The White House vowed Thursday to veto a bill to punish sanctuary cities, instead calling on Congress to legalize illegal immigrants as the way to solve the problem of criminals who shouldn't be on the streets.  The threat came just hours before the House was expected to pass a bill that would withhold money from states or localities that don't abide by a federal law that requires them to cooperate when federal immigration authorities request help identifying illegal immigrants.

The risks of sanctuary cities.  [Scroll down]  The law was a reaction to "Secure Communities," the program under which the Obama administration sent so-called "detainer" requests to local officials to hold illegal immigrants 48 hours beyond their otherwise lawful jail time, so the feds could come deport them.  The ordinance states that "a law enforcement official shall not detain an individual on the basis of a civil immigration detainer after that individual becomes eligible for release from custody" unless that person was currently charged with a violent felony and had been convicted of another within the past seven years.

Obama to veto bill stripping 'sanctuary cities' of federal funds.  The Obama administration on Thursday [7/23/2015] threatened to veto a House bill that would strip federal law enforcement grants from "sanctuary cities."  The bill would deny cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws certain Justice Department grants, and is expected to get a House vote on Thursday [7/23/2015].  The bill is a response to the shooting death of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times.

House OKs bill to crack down on 'sanctuary cities,' White House threatens veto.  The House approved legislation Thursday [7/23/2015] to punish so-called "sanctuary cities" for failing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, in the first congressional response to a brazen murder earlier this month in San Francisco allegedly committed by an illegal immigrant.  The bill, sponsored by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., would penalize jurisdictions that bar the collection of immigration information or don't cooperate with federal "detainer" requests, by blocking them from receiving certain federal law enforcement grants and funding.  It passed 241-179.  The Senate is considering similar legislation.

In Wake of Immigrant Murders, Obama Admin Declares New Goal: Improve 'Customer Service' for Illegal Aliens.  In a dramatic but little-noticed bulletin from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Obama Administration has announced a new executive amnesty program that would allow an unknown number of foreign nationals residing in the United States illegally to access provisional waivers that would allow illegals to either remain in the country without consequence or return home and be eligible to instantly apply for a green card.

Justice For Kate Steinle.  Issues don't get more mainstream than illegals who prey on innocent Americans.  The thugs don't belong here.  That was the message of Senate hearings on Tuesday [7/21/2015] that focused on the outrageous case of Kathryn Steinle, the beautiful young woman gunned down in cold blood in broad daylight in the "sanctuary" of San Francisco — allegedly by Franciso Sanchez, a five-time deported illegal with seven felony convictions whom federal authorities sought for his sixth deportation.  Deportations didn't stop him; sanctuary city policies let him thrive.

Pelosi blames feds for sanctuary city killing.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put the blame for the release of an illegal immigrant implicated in the July 1 murder of Kathryn Steinle on federal agencies and bad communication Wednesday, rather than on San Francisco's sanctuary policy.  In a letter, Mrs. Pelosi and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a fellow California Democrat and a leader on immigration, said the federal Bureau of Prisons' release of the illegal immigrant to San Francisco was the foul up — not the city's subsequent release.

All you San Francisco liberals must be really proud of Nancy Pelosi.

The Coming Confrontation, Part 2.  The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996 "proscribes any prohibition or restriction placed on local or state governments to send or receive information regarding immigration issues or any individual to or from federal immigration authorities".  The first test of this was in New York vs. United States (City of New York) in which the Court of Appeals (Second Circuit) ruled that failing to provide this information did not violate the 10th amendment.  This has lead directly to the formation of sanctuary cities.  The federal government will admit that it does not know how many or where they are for certain.  Two jurisdictions, the only ones the Office of Inspector General has complete numbers for still receives at least $1 million from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.  So we have a federal government spending money on illegal alien criminals.

Father of Kate Steinle blasts 'legal loopholes' that helped daughter's alleged killer.  The father of the young woman killed earlier this month along a San Francisco pier on Tuesday [7/21/2015] blasted the "legal loopholes" that allowed the illegal immigrant suspected of pulling the trigger to be released despite a rap sheet that included seven felonies and five past deportations.  In dramatic Capitol Hill testimony, Jim Steinle and other relatives of people killed by illegal immigrants called on Congress to pass new laws aimed at keeping illegal immigrant criminals off the streets.  "It's unbelievable to see so many innocent Americans that have been killed by undocumented immigrant felons in recent years," Steinle said.

This was in Colorado, but the topic is still the same.
Illegal immigrant leaves Denver church sanctuary after nine months.  Here's a heartwarming story for you.  A guy gets stuck in a basement for the better part of a year but finally gets out.  It's a pity we couldn't just stop right there because I could use some good news about now.  Sadly, this isn't the case at all.  Out in Denver, Arturo Hernandez Garcia had been holed up in the basement of the First Unitarian Society for the past nine months because he claimed sanctuary in the church.

Jeh Johnson's Stunning Statements on Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Law.  Jeh Johnson warned Congress not to pass any laws to stop sanctuary cities.  He also made it clear he won't use the tools available to him to return criminals from countries who don't want them back.  It's not just hardworking men and women crossing the southwest border, but drugs, weapons, victims of human trafficking and people with terrorism ties, as well.  The border is not secure and we don't have a southern border, according to testimony in March of this year by border agent Chris Cabrera.  Jeh Johnson was asked about it on Tuesday and evaded the questions, answering with diversionary responses.  Johnson did say he does not want to see nor does he want to enforce any law against sanctuary cities.  Nor will he use the powers he has as DHS Chief against countries who refuse to repatriate illegal aliens from their country.  He will talk with them instead.

Immigration Activist Smears Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Before Their Congressional Hearing.  An advocate of mass immigration defended sanctuary cities and scoffed that an upcoming congressional hearing featuring families whose children were murdered by illegals would be a "circus" during a Monday [7/20/2015] press call.

S.F. deputies union ties pier killing to sheriff's order.  The union representing San Francisco sheriff's deputies filed a formal complaint against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, linking the Pier 14 killing of Kathryn Steinle to a March order that barred them from communicating with federal immigration agents, according to documents obtained by The Chronicle.  The murder arrest of a man whom deputies had freed from jail despite a felony record and a history of deportations showed that Mirkarimi's policy "recklessly compromises the safety of sworn personnel, citizens, and those who merely come to visit the San Francisco area," the deputies wrote in the grievance.

The Immigration Boon to Democrats.  A new "sanctuary cities" map from the Center for Immigration Studies goes a long way toward explaining why open-borders Democrats are so addicted to flouting our immigration laws.  When you consider the political makeup of the cities, counties, and states where illegal aliens are welcomed, you start to suspect that the liberal elite in San Francisco and elsewhere aren't interested only in cheap nannies and gardeners.  For them, pulling in more illegal aliens is, perhaps first and foremost, about pumping up their political power.

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez Calls Murder of Kate Steinle a 'Little Thing' on Telemundo.  Reporting on a recently released survey by Rasmussen Reports that indicates that 62% of Americans oppose sanctuary city policies, Telemundo, the nation's second largest Spanish-language network, slanted its coverage in favor of maintaining the controversial policy.  Reporting from the sanctuary city of Chicago, Telemundo correspondent Janet Rodríguez cited an unauthorized immigrant in favor of the policy, along with two quotes from Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), who had the gall to minimize Kate Steinle's murder, at the hands of a hardened criminal and five-time deportee, in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

Kate Steinle May Not Look Like One of the President's Children, But Doesn't Her Life Matter, Too?  Why hasn't President Obama reached out to the family of Kate Steinle — the American gunned down in San Francisco by an illegal alien?  Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot asked Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson point blank if the administration had reached out to the Steinle family.  Johnson replied, "To who?"  It was nearly two weeks ago that Miss Steinle was murdered.  As of this posting[,] her family has yet to receive a single condolence note from the president.

S.F. 'sanctuary' policy violates common sense.  [Juan Francisco] Lopez-Sanchez was in the San Francisco County jail in April and should have been deported yet again. Federal immigration authorities had lodged a "detainer," seeking to get custody and do just that.  All they needed was a call or other contact from the sheriff's office.  The contact was never made, not because of some ghastly mistake or miscommunication but because of a city ordinance that prohibits police from honoring detainers except in rare cases.  And, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, because of a policy by the local sheriff that bars contact with immigration authorities.  After a local charge against Lopez-Sanchez was dropped, he was held for three weeks, then put on the street.  On July 1, less than three months later, Steinle, 32, was dead, collateral damage in a long-running feud between the local and federal governments over deportation.

There should be no sanctuary from the law.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the last serious attempt to count the number of federal criminal laws appears to have been made in 1982 by a retired Justice Department official named Ronald Gainer.  He failed, but the estimate then was "...50 titles and 23,000 pages of federal law."  Many more laws have been added since then.  One thing is certain:  If you violate federal law you are likely to be punished with a fine, imprisonment or both.  These laws are supposed to apply to everyone, unless, it seems, you are an illegal alien living in San Francisco, or any of the other sanctuary cities around the country.

Kate Steinle's brother speaks out as Obama remains silent.  At this point, the Obama administration silence on the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record who had been deported five times is even more deafening.  They just don't care.  Kate Steinle isn't important to Obama.  Because there's no political gain in Obama's base on this issue, or the issue of sanctuary cities.

Kate Steinle's family calls for change in immigration policy after San Francisco murder.  The family of Kate Steinle called for stricter immigration policy, claiming "the system failed in so many ways" and led to the 32-year-old woman's murder in San Francisco.  The crime forced the Steinle family to see the holes in an immigration policy that would allow alleged murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez on the streets after getting deported five times for multiple felonies, they told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly Monday [7/13/2015].

Perry slams Obama for not cracking down on 'sanctuary cities'.  Republican White House hopeful and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry slammed President Obama and his administration for not cracking down on illegal immigrants in "sanctuary cities."  He accused Obama of doing "absolutely nothing to prevent incidents like the murder of Kate Steinle," a 32-year-old woman who was allegedly shot in San Francisco by a Mexican immigrant laborer who had been deported five times.

Report: Lawmakers Working On Bill In Response To Kate Steinle's Murder By Illegal Alien.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is meeting with leadership in the upper chamber to craft a law in response to last week's murder of a San Francisco woman by a five times-deported illegal alien, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly reported on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Tuesday [7/7/2015].  The action is a response to the murder of Kathryn Steinle.  The 32-year-old was shot in broad daylight on San Francisco's Pier 14 last Wednesday by Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a 45-year-old Mexican national who has seven felonies on his criminal record.

Report: Sanctuary Cities Released Some 8,000 Illegal Aliens With Criminal Records This Year.  While the amnesty chorus scrambles to whip up bogus "studies" that claim illegal aliens aren't prone to committing crimes (other than the plethora of offenses required to be an illegal alien, of course) and "sanctuary cities" aren't really a thing, hard data on the alien crime wave keeps pouring in.  The latest comes from the Center for Immigration Studies, which obtained data from the government with a Freedom of Information Act request that showed some 8,000 aliens with criminal records were released by 276 "sanctuary" jurisdictions over the past eight months.  That's a staggering degree of lawlessness perpetrated against the American people by our elected officials.

Sanctuary Cities Make Nice Cartel Hubs.  The Center for Immigration Studies posted an interactive map of known sanctuary towns and cities on their website and is one of the few organizations keeping track of them.  Although federal regulations plainly require cooperation, the federal government has never sued nor sanctioned a sanctuary jurisdiction, nor denied federal funds.  In fact, the Obama administration has made it difficult for the states and localities which choose to aid in enforcing immigration laws, in some cases going so far as to sue to have such assistance prohibited.  Arizona is a prime example.  These areas have become bastions of some very far-left activism and anti-Americanism.  They are also becoming hubs for Heroin in many cases.

Trump Reduces CNN To Outright Lying: Sanctuary Cities Don't Exist.  Because he's a left-wing propagandist working for a left-wing propaganda outlet, CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo told the world today that sanctuary cities don't exist.  The description is a "misnomer," Cuomo said.  "They are not safe havens," Cuomo added, "It's about how they follow the [immigration law] process."  With a straight face, Cuomo dropped this nuclear lie while doing what he never does to Democrats:  interrogating Michael Cohen, an advisor to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump: [...]

Revealed: 276 'sanctuary cities' let 8,145 illegal offenders free in just 8 months, 17,000 total.  Some 276 "sanctuary cities," nearly 50 percent more than previously revealed, released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges free despite federal requests that they be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation, according to an explosive new report.  The Center for Immigration Studies, revealing new numbers it received under the Freedom of Information Act, said that those releases from cities that ignored federal demands came over just eight months and are just part of an even larger release of 17,000 illegals with criminal records.

Would Hill Republicans dare crack down on sanctuary cities?  Republican Tom Cotton, with a number of allies, has introduced a bill in the Senate that would deny federal immigration and police funding to cities that defy federal law.  "It is unacceptable that cities would issue ordinances that explicitly aim to frustrate federal immigration laws that are supposed to keep illegal immigrant felons off the streets," Cotton said in a statement.  "U.S. taxpayers shouldn't be expected to support such misguided local policies that put their safety in jeopardy."

Sanctuary City Gangbanger Gets 10 Years For Triple Murder.  Wilfredo "Flaco" Reyes is a gang leader who killed three innocent people.  Some would call him a monster for what he did.  The State of California however thinks he's a low-level offender and just sentenced him to 10 years in prison for taking three lives.  Believe it or not, this is related to San Francisco's sanctuary city policy because it helped facilitate the triple homicide.

Sanctuary Cities Represent The Worst Kind Of Liberal Lawlessness.  After sending mixed signals, The Hill reports that Democrats will be making a concerted effort to defend San Francisco's sanctuary laws and killing of Kathryn Steinle along the city's famous waterfront.  Most Republicans will avoid the matter altogether for the sake of political expediency.  Soon enough, I imagine, it'll be xenophobic to bring it up at all.

Megyn Kelly: Why Is Obama Ignoring Murder Of Katie Steinle?  FOX News' Megyn Kelly opened Thursday night's [7/9/2015] broadcast of her show with a monologue asking why President Obama and the White House won't give Katie Steinle, the woman killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, the same attention it gave to cases involving Freddie Brown, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Obama's Silence on Katie Steinle: He can't make it about himself.  [T]he young woman gunned down by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco was just laid to rest, surrounded by friends and family.  It does not appear at this hour that anyone from the Obama administration was in attendance.

The meaning of Obama's silence.  Obama remains silent because he cannot make [Katie Steinle's] murder about himself.  Obama remains silent because her murder illustrates the dilemma with one of his schemes profoundly to transform the United States.  Obama remains silent because her murder illustrates the dilemma so indelibly.  Obama remains silent because Sanchez represents the politically incorrect illegal alien crime wave.  Obama remains silent because he cannot plausibly turn Steinle's death to his narrow political advantage.  If there has ever been a smaller man or bigger jerk than Barack Obama holding the office of president, we need to know now.

Also posted under Barack H. Obama's narcissism.

The Democrats cannot afford to abandon the idea of "sanctuary cities."  It's all about politics.
Kamala Harris speaks out on Steinle, sanctuary, Sheriff — and Trump.  In the wake of the killing of Kate Steinle, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a Democratic candidate for US Senate, is standing staunchly behind sanctuary cities laws — and defends local law enforcement's responsibility to make the call on how to deal with immigration authorities.  Harris spoke out Friday [7/10/2015] in an interview with the Chronicle regarding the case of Steinle, whose alleged killer, Jose Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is an undocumented Mexican immigrant with a string of felonies and five deportations.

Can Kate Steinle's family sue San Francisco over its sanctuary city policy?  Looking for justice?  Move to Mexico.  When it comes to looking to the U.S. courts for protection, you may have a better chance if you're from south of the border.  Kathryn "Kate" Steinle was shot dead on July 1, allegedly by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a Mexican felon who was in the U.S. illegally.  Lopez-Sanchez would have been deported but for the fact that San Francisco is a "sanctuary city," which is why officials there chose to release him and ignore an ICE detainer.  This effectively put him back on the street.  And yet, if Steinle's family tries to sue the city for this travesty, it may be thrown out of court.

Pelosi Uses Murder Committed By Illegal Immigrant To Pitch ... Gun Control.  Last week, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered at Pier 14 in San Francisco, shot to death by Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, a 45-year old multiple deportee, according to his own words.  Sanchez has been charged with murder.  He is pleading not guilty, and has claimed the shooting was the result of an "accidental discharge."  Sanchez is an illegal immigrant.  He is also a convicted felon.  He has been deported five times and was back here again in San Francisco.  Even liberal senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has classified Sanchez as a threat to public safety.  But San Francisco is a "sanctuary city" that does not obey or enforce federal immigration laws.  Because of that, this public safety threat was on the street.  Because of that, a young woman is dead.

Voters Want to Punish Sanctuary Cities.  Following the murder of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant from Mexico, voters want to get tough on so-called "sanctuary cities" that refuse to enforce immigration laws.  Sixty-two percent (62%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the U.S. Justice Department should take legal action against cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants.  The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26% oppose Justice Department action against sanctuary cities.  Twelve percent (12%) are undecided.

San Francisco Sheriff Brought Kate Steinle's Illegal Alien Killer Back to The City.  Since the horrifying murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco last week by illegal alien and multi-felon Francisco Sanchez, many have been asking how Sanchez "slipped through the cracks."  He didn't.  In fact, according to a new report in the San Francisco Gate, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi (who has a criminal history of his own) requested Sanchez be transferred into his jurisdiction.

How San Francisco Aided and Abetted the Murder of Kate Steinle.  "Sanctuary cities" are cities within the United States that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws and authorities — similar to the defiance of Southern states to federal law during the civil rights era.  By some estimates, there are more than 150 U.S. cities that are endangering the safety of their citizens by refusing to turn over dangerous, criminal aliens to the Department of Homeland Security or inquiring about the immigration status of suspects when they are arrested.

Cotton Introduces Legislation to Block Sanctuary Cities from Receiving Federal Law Enforcement Grants.  "The senseless murder of a young woman in San Francisco last week tragically illustrates that the politicization of the immigration debate has now swamped even common-sense efforts to protect public safety.  It is unacceptable that cities would issue ordinances that explicitly aim to frustrate federal immigration laws that are supposed to keep illegal immigrant felons off the streets.  U.S. taxpayers shouldn't be expected to support such misguided local policies that put their safety in jeopardy.  No matter their political affiliation, local officials should support the rule of law and protect the safety of all Americans."

GOP Lawmakers Push Obama Administration to Get Tough on Sanctuary Cities After San Francisco Killing.  Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate are pressing the Obama administration to get tough with San Francisco and other jurisdictions that don't cooperate on immigration enforcement, after the fatal shooting of a woman on a popular stretch of the California city's waterfront.  The man accused of the July 1 killing is an illegal immigrant and convicted felon from Mexico who had been deported five or more times.

Time to Put an End to 'Sanctuary City' Nonsense.  The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that immigration is a federal matter — so why, then, are certain cities allowed to get away with thumbing their noses at the law and declare themselves "sanctuaries"?  I think we all know the answer to that.  Now comes freshman senator Tom Cotton with a modest proposal:  become a "sanctuary city," lose your federal funds: [...]

Rick Perry: Cut Off Federal Crime Grants to Sanctuary Cities.  This afternoon [7/9/2015], Rick Perry issued a statement and offered a proposal on "sanctuary cities" that instruct their police department to not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Why Does It Take A Donald Trump To Rouse Republicans On Sanctuary Cities?  It didn't take long for Democrats to run for political cover after the July 1 shooting of Steinle, allegedly by a five-time deported illegal alien with seven felonies on his record, as she strolled with her father on a tourist pier in San Francisco.  The city's left-wing mayor, Ed Lee, backtracked on its sanctuary policy, saying he was looking for ways to cooperate with federal authorities.  California Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein vowed to investigate the outrage.  Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said apparent shooter, Francisco Sanchez, should have been deported (even as an aide added the ridiculous claim Thursday [7/9/2015] that sanctuary cities make the public safer).

The Immigration Secessionists.  It turns out that everything we've heard about the evils of states and localities defying federal law is wrong.  So long as a jurisdiction is sticking its thumb in the eye of the federal government on behalf of illegal immigrants who have been arrested and jailed, defiance of federal authority is progressive and commendable.  Over the years, the left has created dozens upon dozens of so-called sanctuary cities devoted to frustrating federal immigration enforcement and doing all they can to make a mockery of our laws.  On immigration, they are in effect little islands of secession.

Francisco Sanchez, Kate Steinle's Killer, Used 30 Aliases Over The Course Of A 25-Year Life Of Crime.  Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the 45-year-old illegal alien who confessed to fatally shooting 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco last week, used more than 30 aliases throughout his life of crime, government sources tell The Daily Caller.  Lopez-Sanchez's record, which stretches back nearly 25 years, shows three lengthy federal prison sentences for felony illegal re-entry.  It also shows that on many occasions, Lopez-Sanchez was deported back to Mexico only to illegally re-enter the U.S. within days.

Despite San Francisco criticism, Clinton once backed sanctuary city policies.  High-profile Democrats now speaking out about San Francisco's "sanctuary" treatment of an illegal immigrant charged with the murder of a young woman weren't always so critical of the policies.  Hillary Clinton and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., both criticized San Francisco for ignoring a federal request to hold Francisco Sanchez — who already had been deported five times — when he went into city custody in March.  He was released in April, and is now in jail for the murder last week of Kate Steinle, 32.

Map: Over 200 'sanctuary cities' in 32 states and D.C..  There are over 200 "sanctuary cities" in 32 states that give safe harbor to illegal immigrants, even violent ones with felony records like the man accused of killing a San Francisco woman last week, according to a new analysis.  The Center for Immigration Studies on Wednesday [7/9/2015] posted a map of the cities.

Map of sanctuary cities
U.S. Map Of "Sanctuary Cities": Where Local Governments Violate Federal Laws, Endanger Citizens.  More than 200 cities, counties and states across the United States are considered sanctuary cities.  These state and local jurisdictions have policies, laws, executive orders, or regulations allowing them to avoid cooperating with federal immigration law enforcement authorities.  These "cities" ignore federal law authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to administratively deport illegal aliens without seeking criminal warrants or convictions from federal, state, or local courts.

So Much For Obama's Slogan-Infested Immigration Stand.  Problem one is the White House, which won't enforce immigration laws.  As tens of thousands of Central Americans, including children, cross our border to join illegals that number at least 11 million, the administration refuses to deport them.  Bowing to the open border lobby and vote-hungry Democrats, the White House pretends to focus on "felons, not families."  The Steinle murder by illegal alien Francisco Sanchez puts the lie to that.  Nobody worries about deportation these days.  The Obama administration favors illegals, using executive orders to protect them.  In 2014, Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to release 30,558 illegals with criminal records onto U.S. streets, after releasing 36,007 illegals in 2013.

With Blood On Their Hands, Democrats Suddenly Act Concerned About Illegal Immigration.  Suddenly everyone from Senator Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to Hillary Clinton is mumbling about how "sanctuary cities" that help aliens avoid immigration law might not be such a hot idea, because illegal alien murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is openly stating that he went to San Francisco to take advantage of its sanctuary policies.  While he was illegally strolling through the undefended streets of Frisco, he randomly murdered a legal U.S. citizen named Kathryn Steinle, using a gun that was evidently the personal property of a federal agent, stolen from his car some time previously.

Smug SF Sheriff Blames Everyone Except Himself For Kate Steinle Murder.  If you saw this guy on TV in the last 36 hours you will note his smug liberal condescension oozes from his carefully parsed lips.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement had requested notification if the Illegal Alien Murderer was going to be released.  San Fran Sheriff Mirkarimi did not want to turn over the illegal alien murderer, and he released the predator into the community to continue tracking his prey.  Kate Steinle became his next victim.

Is Your Church Abetting Sanctuary Nation?  The random, heartless murder of a young tourist on San Francisco's Pier 14 by a five-time illegal alien deportee who benefited from the "progressive" city's sanctuary policy has law-abiding Americans, law enforcement officials and political opportunists of all stripes up in arms.  But for decades, feckless government leaders ignored the pleas of families who suffered the bloody consequences of open borders.

Ben Carson: 'No sanctuary cities'.  GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Tuesday that he opposes "sanctuary cities" and the protections they offer illegal immigrants.  Carson criticized cities for not cooperating with federal authorities on deportations, according to The Boston Herald.  "No sanctuary cities," Carson responded when asked about the policy during an event at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, N.H.  "I think that's ridiculous," the retired neurosurgeon added.

Illegal immigrant who shot San Francisco woman with 'rifle stolen from FBI agent' appears in court.  Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez pleaded not guilty to murdering Kathryn Steinle as she walked on Pier 14 with her father.  His public defender Matt Gonzalez said the shooting last week appeared to be an 'accident' and Sanchez claims the rifle 'went off in his hands'.  The San Francisco chronicle claims that the rifle used to kill Miss Steinle had been stolen from an federal agent's car in June.

The Editor says...
The article above says the weapon was a stolen rifle.  The article below says it was a .40 caliber pistol.

Gun used in pier killing had been stolen from federal agent.  The gun used to kill a 32-year-old woman on San Francisco's waterfront was stolen from a federal agent in a car burglary in June, sources close to the investigation said Tuesday [7/7/2015].  The .40-caliber pistol was stolen from the agent not long before Kathryn Steinle was shot to death July 1 at Pier 14 on the Embarcadero, said one source, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about the case publicly.

California lawmaker moves to crack down on sanctuary cities in wake of murder.  A California lawmaker is making the first move to crack down on sanctuary city policies in San Francisco and the rest of the state after a young woman was murdered, allegedly by an illegal immigrant freed by the city just months earlier.  State Sen. Jeff Stone, a Republican, announced Tuesday [7/7/2015] he is drafting a bill that would require all California cities and counties to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Chalk Up Another Needless Death: Thank the Democrats' Treasonous Quest for Open Borders.  According to media outlets, [Juan Francisco] Lopez-Sanchez was arrested by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who discovered that there was an outstanding warrant for a drug violation and did the right thing:  They turned him over to the police for prosecution and filed a detainer requesting that they get him back at the conclusion of the charges.  That's where things went seriously wrong.  What did the district attorney's office do?  They promptly declined to prosecute and the warrant was dismissed.

Hutzpah: White House Attempts To Blame GOP For Murder Of Woman In San Francisco By Illegal Alien.  Last time I checked, ICE is a federal agency run by the Executive Branch, meaning Mr. Obama, a Democrat and Josh Earnest's boss, is the head.  San Francisco is a city wholly run by Democrats.

The Sanctuary Country.  When national politicians fret about states that defy federal laws or even national attitudes, they aren't talking about "sanctuary cities."  No, that kind of defiance meets with their approval.  If those cities flew confederate flags or tardily issued gay marriage licenses, pols could work themselves up into a lather about them.  But ignoring federal immigration law?  That's no big deal, until an illegal immigrant in one of those cities shoots somebody and then the finger-pointing begins.

DHS dodges 'sanctuary city' question after illegal immigrant kills Calif. woman.  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson declined to say Monday whether cities offering "sanctuary" to dangerous illegal immigrants are posing a safety threat in the United States, just days after a criminal alien who was given sanctuary in San Francisco shot and killed a California woman.  Johnson was asked if the death of Kathryn Steinle last Thursday proved that sanctuary cities were part of the problem when it comes to removing dangerous immigrants.  But Johnson didn't answer directly, and instead said generally that the federal government is slowly starting to work more effectively with state and local governments on deportation matters.

Kathryn Steinle killing fuels outrage over Democrats' deportation opposition.  The Democratic campaign to relax national, state and local deportation policies is fueling outrage ignited by the shocking slaying of a woman in San Francisco by an oft-deported illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte slammed the Obama administration for turning federal requests to detain illegal immigrants into "something voluntary" and "releasing criminals back onto the streets."  "This administration is not enforcing our immigration laws," the Virginia Republican said.  "And, quite frankly, I don't think they care."

Dying on the Sidewalk of Nancy Pelosi's Sanctuary City.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once said that regardless of legal status, "north and south in this hemisphere... we are all Americans."  Based on that absurd statement, it stands to reason that Nancy Pelosi would be the Grand Diva of the sanctuary city that gave 45-year-old illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez asylum from deportation.  In the past, Pelosi also warned America that if Republicans stopped ObamaCare funding for abortion 'women would die on the floor.'  Thus far, not one woman has "died on the floor" because of Republican policy.  However, what has happened is that in Pelosi's very own Democrat-controlled sanctuary city, on a warm summer evening, a young woman perished on the sidewalk after being shot by an undocumented alien who found refuge under the wings of Nancy Pelosi-approved lax immigration policy.

San Francisco — Whose Sanctuary?  Did San Francisco's sanctuary city ordinance contribute to the senseless shooting death of Kathryn Steinle, 32, as she was out for an evening stroll on Pier 14 last week?  This is a national story, because the federal government released accused shooter Francisco Sanchez to a San Francisco jail in March and the jail released Sanchez to the streets April 15 after the district attorney dropped a 20-year-old charge for marijuana possession.  Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said he did so in keeping with San Francisco's sanctuary city policy.

S.F. Sheriff Defends Releasing Killer, Calls Trump 'Opportunist'.  Sheriff Mirkarimi appeared agitated as he spoke to San Francisco-based KRON 4 News, casting blame on U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for not filing a formal court application to detain Lopez-Sanchez.  In a separate CNN interview, Mirkarimi defended his refusal of ICE detainers.  He called ICE policy the "imperfect deportation and transferring of people."  It is San Francisco Sheriff's department policy to deny all ICE detainer requests.  He indicated that he only honors court orders.

How Unusual Is Francisco Sanchez Case? The Facts About Illegal Immigrants and Crimes.  According to a recent study released from the Center for Immigration Studies, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 30,558 criminally-convicted illegal immigrants, with a total of 79,059 convictions altogether, in 2014.  Furthermore, the CIS report shows that among the 904,000 illegal immigrants who have ignored orders to leave the U.S., approximately 167,527 of these are convicted criminal immigrants.  Likewise, CIS's April 2015 statistics indicate ICE has only arrested 11,983 at-large convicted criminal immigrants — despite the fact 168,000 criminal immigrants were identified.

White House: We Aren't Going to Comment on Murder of Kate Steinle By 7-Time Felon Illegal Alien.  Speaking to reporters from the White House Monday [7/6/2015], Press Secretary Josh Earnest refused to issued comment on the murder of Kate Steinle, who was killed by a seven-time felon illegal alien last week in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.  Her killer was deported five times before taking her life and admitted he went to San Francisco because he knew he'd be able to escape federal authorities thanks to sanctuary policies.  "I can't speak to this specific case," Earnest said.  "I'd refer you to DHS."

Random killing Trumps San Francisco's sanctuary city policy.  The horrific murder of a pretty young woman by an illegal alien at a prime tourist location in San Francisco is validating the argument of Donald Trump on the influx of violent criminals, and causing at least some local media reflection in arguably the nation's most politically correct city. This morning edition of the San Francisco Chronicle website (which reflects the newspaper's front page to some extent) gives prominent placement to Trump's contention that the murder of Kathryn Steinle shows that he's right.

San Francisco — A "Sanctuary City" For Whom Exactly?  A San Francisco article gives some insight into how the decision to make a "sanctuary city", has now made them a safe harbor for illegal alien criminals, murderers and rapists.  Alternate headline:  "Donald Trump Is Right".

Murderer: I Chose SF Because It Is A 'Sanctuary City'.  Five-time deportee, seven-time convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez said in a new interview Sunday [7/5/2015] with a local ABC News affiliate that he came to San Francisco because he knew the sanctuary city would not hand him over to immigration officials.

All Four Democratic Presidential Candidates Support 'Sanctuary Cities'.  As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, twice made public statements backing sanctuary cities.  In 2008, she and two other Democratic candidates, Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, voted against an amendment that would block federal funds from going to sanctuary cities.  And last year, as governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley announced that the Baltimore city jail would stop honoring requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold illegal aliens until they could be deported.

Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times, officials say.  The man arrested in connection with the seemingly random killing of a woman who was out for a stroll with her father along the San Francisco waterfront is an illegal immigrant who previously had been deported five times, federal immigration officials say.  Further, Immigration and Customs Enforcement says San Francisco had him in their custody earlier this year but failed to notify ICE when he was released.

The Progressive Policies That Murdered Kate Steinle.  [Scroll down]  Although this violent thug pulled the trigger, progressives, through the laws they have enacted, put this man on the streets which allowed him to murder.  Federal authorities had Lopez-Sanchez in custody in March after he was set free from a federal prison.  They transferred him to San Francisco authorities because he was wanted by them on drug-related charges.  The feds filed what's called an "immigration detainer" requesting that the local authorities notify them before releasing the man.  But San Francisco, home of the most militant leftists in America, refused the request because local policy forbids it.  The prisoner in effect got a "get out of jail free card" from the left-wing open-borders movement which argues that keeping illegals in jail violates their constitutional rights.

Kate Steinle was Murdered by a Sanctuary City.  In San Francisco, city employees are barred from aiding ICE in raids, arrests or investigations unless "required by federal or state law, or a warrant."  Among those political figures who could feel the heat is the pro-sanctuary Kamala Harris, California's Democratic attorney general and possible replacement for retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Kate Steinle Died Because of Democrat Policies.  The family of a California woman who was allegedly shot dead by an illegal Mexican immigrant have criticized officials who didn't hand him over after he was jailed just months before the attack.  Grieving relatives of Kathryn Steinle, 32, who was shot dead on San Francisco's Pier 14 Thursday night [7/2/2015], made the comments in light of revelations that alleged killer Francisco Sanchez, 45, had already been sent back over the border five times.

Obama, Brown, Harris Allowed S.F. Murderer To Stalk The Streets.  The senseless, random murder of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle last week, allegedly by illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, has shocked the city of San Francisco and outraged the nation.  The alleged murderer was free because of a local policy and state law that prevent cooperation with federal immigration detainers — and because of a federal government that encourages such disobedience.

Feds: Cops should not have freed suspect now charged in random killing.  U.S. immigration officials said Friday [7/3/2015] that the San Francisco Police Department did not honor a request they made in March to hold onto a Mexican citizen now charged in the random shooting of a tourist on the San Francisco pier.  Francisco Sanchez, 45, has been charged with killing a 31-year-old woman who was strolling with her family along the scenic Embarcadero waterfront on Wednesday evening, police said.

Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times, officials say.  The man arrested in connection with the seemingly random killing of a woman who was out for a stroll with her father along the San Francisco waterfront is an illegal immigrant who previously had been deported five times, federal immigration officials say.  Further, Immigration and Customs Enforcement says San Francisco had him in their custody earlier this year but failed to notify ICE when he was released.

Woman mourned, suspect held in random killing on S.F. pier.  The suspect was identified as Francisco Sanchez, who is approximately 45 and whose last known address was in Texas.  He spoke with homicide inspectors and was later jailed on suspicion of murder, officials said.  Sanchez was on probation, said Sgt. Michael Andraychak, who wouldn't elaborate.

Woman is 'randomly shot to death at popular San Francisco pier in broad daylight.  The man accused of randomly shooting dead a California woman as she walked along a popular San Francisco pier has a serious criminal history and has been deported to Mexico multiple times, according to reports.  What's more, Francisco Sanchez, 45, was already on probation out of Texas and should have been sent to federal authorities as an 'enforcement priority' following a Bay Area arrest four months ago.

California bill could create sanctuary state for non-felon illegal immigrants.  California lawmakers are considering a new bill that could create a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants seeking protection from Arizona's strict immigration law.  The Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools, or TRUST Act, which is currently making its way through the California legislature, would prohibit local law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants for deportation except for those with serious felony convictions.

The Epicenter of Progressive Contempt for the Rule of Law.  Of the many serious flaws that attach themselves to progressive ideology, perhaps the worst is the reality that the rule of law means nothing if it conflicts with the progressive worldview. ... San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey told the San Francisco Examiner he will begin thumbing his nose at federal law enforcement officials on June 1st — to comply with San Francisco's sanctuary city ordinance.

California: The Sanctuary State.  Americans are familiar with sanctuary cities and counties but now California appears to be heading toward becoming the first sanctuary state.  While Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have passed legislation taking a tougher stand on illegal immigration, California is heading in the opposite direction with bills such as AB 540, AB 1081, AB 130, and AB 131.

San Francisco to Stop Detaining Arrested Immigrants for Deportation.  San Francisco, one of the first sanctuary cities in the nation, plans to end its cooperation with federal immigration officials and start releasing illegal immigrants arrested for minor offenses before they can be picked up for deportation.

Stop the Illegal Sanctuaries.  A Government Accountability Office study found that 55,322 criminal aliens were arrested a total of at least 459,614 times, averaging over eight arrests per alien.  The Department of Justice expressed its surprise at the "extremely high" rate of re-arrests for criminal aliens when it found that that 73 criminal aliens in a study group were arrested a total of 429 times.  Localities that adopt "sanctuary" policies, in an effort to be welcoming to both legal and illegal immigrants, need to consider whether such policies have the effect of attracting and incubating crime.

8 crack dealers shielded by S.F. walk away.  An effort by San Francisco to shield eight young Honduran crack dealers from federal immigration officials backfired when the youths escaped from Southern California group homes within days of their arrival, officials said Monday [6/30/2008].  The walkaways are the latest in a string of embarrassments for city officials who are protecting illegal-immigrant drug dealers from federal authorities and possible deportation because of San Francisco's 1989 declaration that the city is a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

Slaying suspect once found sanctuary in San Francisco.  The man charged with killing a father and two sons on a San Francisco street last month was one of the youths who benefited from the city's long-standing practice of shielding illegal immigrant juveniles who committed felonies from possible deportation, The Chronicle has learned.

Bush Should Strip Sanctuary Cities of Federal Funds.  Three good men are dead thanks largely to San Francisco's outrageous sanctuary-city policy, which forbids city authorities from notifying federal immigration authorities when they arrest illegal aliens for crimes they commit, and it's time for President Bush to crack down on all the cities in the United States that follow this absurd policy.

Top 10 Examples of San Francisco Silliness.  San Francisco is a sanctuary city, where illegal immigrants can find safe haven.  Since 1989, city police officers have been forbidden from inquiring into an offender's immigration status.  As a result, the city has been plagued by violence committed by illegal immigrants who should have been deported for earlier, less serious offenses.

Family blames sanctuary policy in 3 slayings.  San Francisco's immigrant sanctuary policies played a "substantial" role in the slayings of a father and two of his sons by allowing city officials to shield the alleged killer from deportation, despite his violent history, according to a legal claim filed Friday [8/22/2008] on behalf of the victims' family.  The claim is likely to be followed by a wrongful death lawsuit in which the family of Tony Bologna and his sons could seek millions of dollars from the city.

The Shoes Liberal Celebrities Won't Wear.  Althea Rae Shaw of Los Angeles wrote an outraged open letter to Colbert after last week's Capitol Hill circus.  She is the aunt of 17-year-old Jamiel Andre Shaw II, a young black high-school student who was gunned down by an illegal-alien gang member in 2008 amid brown-on-black violence in southern California.  The Shaw family has spearheaded efforts to repeal dangerous sanctuary policies in Los Angeles that protect criminal illegal aliens and handcuff local law enforcement.

Chicago Politicians Double Down on Dangerous 'Sanctuary City' Policies.  Chicago politicians and advocates of mass immigration are pushing "sanctuary city" policies that allow criminal aliens to run rampant and resulted in the high-profile death of one city resident in 2011, according to Progress Illinois.  Many want to shield illegal aliens from immigration authorities.  Illegals with pending criminal cases should not have their information given to U.S. Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) if they're stopped again by police, says one advocate.

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