Electronic Voting, Voter Fraud, and Other Election Day Issues

People who can't figure out how to mark a paper ballot (or use a punch card ballot) really shouldn't be voting.  How hard could it be?  Even if English isn't your native language, it shouldn't be a great challenge to recognize your favorite candidate's name (or the party name) on a ballot.
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As we've seen in places like Louisiana and Chicago and Florida, when there's a close contest and the Democrat is losing, it is likely someone will "find" a bunch of "lost" ballots in a warehouse somewhere that are just what the losing candidate needs to pull into the lead.  If you think such shenanigans are a problem now, just wait until the ballots don't even exist, and all it takes is the manipulation of a few bytes in a computer to change the outcome of an election.  Who will be able to say with any certainty that a fair election took place?  Unfortunately, when that day comes, I predict that it will result in widespread voter apathy rather than a revolt.  And if there is a massive public outcry, it could be that the "solution" will be a National ID Card.
...or a barcode on your forehead.

Please note that some of the material on this page relates to voting problems in general, not just to electronic voting, but these are problems which will not be solved (as some claim) by switching over to electronic ballots.

Rebecca Mercuri wrote her PhD thesis on the subject of electronic voting, and it is well worth reading."  She says,

"I am adamantly opposed to the use of fully electronic or Internet-based systems for use in anonymous balloting and vote tabulation applications.  The reasons for my opposition are manyfold, and are expressed in my writings as well as those of other well-respected computer security experts.  At the present time, it is my strong recommendation that all election officials REFRAIN from procuring ANY system that does not provide an indisputable paper ballot."

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The Editor says...
Voting by mail, voter impersonation, dead voters, illegal alien voters, ballot harvesting, voter ID, and duplicate voting, are all separate issues.  In counties that use electronic voting booths at numerous polling places, the biggest problem is that the vote tally at the end of the day is stored on a removable (USB) memory card, which can then be taken someplace by a corrupt official to be altered.  Obviously voting machines need to have tamper-proof voting machine memory cards.  Voting machines in Dallas County and many other places currently use a USB thumb drive to store the results of a day's voting.  This device can be taken by a corrupt election judge to a secret location to be edited (on anybody's computer!) and altered before turning it in to the central counting room.  Allow me to propose a solution:  [#1] The memory device should not use a standard connector that everybody's computer has.  Certainly not USB, RS-232, Firewire, or Thunderbolt.  [#2] When Election Day's voting is finished, and the voting machine is told to finalize the results, the machine should blow a fuse — inside the removable memory device — which will turn it into a read-only memory -- except for a memory partition big enough to hold the data for point #3, which is next.  At the same time, it should make a copy of the day's results in a separate memory  unit  partition within the same memory card, accessible only through some elaborate means known only to a few.  In addition, the voting machine itself should make a copy of the final results, without telling anyone.  [#3]  Thereafter, the removable memory device should record the MAC address of every computer that reads the memory card or attempts to write to it, along with a hash code (written obscurely somewhere) to make alterations impossible.  [#4] Attempts to write to the device after the fuse is blown (in step 2) should be fruitless, but recorded anyway.  [#4A] Alternatively, let the hacker read an write at will, generating evidence against himself, while leaving the secret copies unchanged.  [#5] It is not necessary to tell the poll workers how the system works — only that there are security features included to prevent tampering with the data.  The number of people who know how it all works should be tightly limited; however, sooner or later some of the details will leak out.  By that time, an even better system can be implemented.  If the technical details can be kept secret for two or three election cycles, that would probably be enough to catch several corrupt officials and make their lives difficult from that day forward.

How the Democrats can steal 2024.  The majority of informed Americans believe that the election of 2020 was at the very least tampered with, and at most, stolen from Donald Trump.  I agree with them.  After "mules" delivering contrived and phony ballots to drop boxes throughout the country, Joe Biden somehow became president.  After machine "malfunctions" and outright collapses, an unknown number of ballots, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, were either uncounted, or flipped from Republican to Democrat.  After votes cast by dead people appeared, somehow the election was lost for Trump and every American who voted for him.  After election site intimidation tactics, votes were prevented from being cast at all.  After officials declared an "emergency" at some polling places they were closed down, and voting stopped.  After cases of pre-filled ballots came out after closing time — perhaps millions? — and were run through counting machines more than once, Biden "won."  After counters stopped the vote mid-count for several hours, Democrats "found" enough votes for Biden; the vote count took a sudden and statistically impossible jump in his favor.

American Democracy Is in Extremis.  The 900-pound gorilla lurking in every voting place in America as we enter the last month before the midterm elections is the fact that the national political media are continuing to repeat, almost in unison, that any possible dispute over the legitimacy and authenticity of the 2020 presidential election result has been resolved.  The evidence for this claim has been the failure of the many actions undertaken by Rudolph Giuliani on behalf of then President Donald Trump, and Sidney Powell acting independently but in the same interest, which made exaggerated claims and sought unrealistic remedies from the courts.  The national political media were approximately 95 percent hostile to Trump according to independent media surveys by Pew Research and the Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy.  They reckoned that by debunking the Giuliani-Powell efforts, they would discredit all concerns about the authenticity of the election result.  There were 19 actions challenging the constitutionality of the voting and vote counting changes, supposedly to facilitate voting in the pandemic, particularly in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Most important was the action of the attorney general of Texas against those states, and he was joined in his complaint by 18 other state attorneys general, directly to the U.S. Supreme Court as the forum for inter-state lawsuits.  This action alleged violation of the constitutional obligation of all states to ensure through their state legislatures, and not the executive or judiciary in those states, that presidential elections are fairly conducted within their jurisdictions.  None of these cases was heard on its merits, a fact which received almost no publicity.  Process objections were raised:  lateness, wrong courts — everything was shuffled off until the clock ran out.

How Much Longer for COVID Scare Tactics?  [Scroll down]  For the Democrats, COVID has always been about political control, a means to an electoral end, a method to remove President Trump by any way possible.  Transmissibility and the requirement for social distancing gave rise to the oh-so-essential need for mail-in balloting for the 2020 presidential election.  That led to astonishing — and quite intentional — voter fraud, including:
  •   Numerous counties where the voter participation rate somehow exceeded 100% of registered voters
  •   Late-night ballot discoveries where thousands of Biden votes (and virtually no Trump votes) were miraculously added to the totals
  •   Documented — but unacted upon — instances of duplicate ballots and mail-in ballots without verified signatures
  •   Unconstitutional voting rule changes in many states, including allowing mail-in and absentee ballots to come in and be counted several days after Election Day
None of this has been disputed or disproved by the Democrats or the liberal media. It's either simply been ignored, dishonestly dismissed, or they cite the blatherings of a random never-Trump Republican as "proof" that the election was on the up-and-up.  Unfortunately and undeniably, the Democrats got away with it.  They desperately want to keep this system in place and they see COVID as their ticket to do so.

Gen. Flynn Exclusive: 10 Indisputable Facts on the 2020 Election That Argue for Audits.  The one seminal event that continues to fester like a boil on the American psyche is this past Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election.  Why does it continue to fester?  It festers because people of all stripes and backgrounds believe there were elements of election fraud, misrepresentations of the truth, dishonesty due to lawfare and, in certain cases, severe obstruction by politicians at all levels of government.  In the days following the presidential election, there were vast claims of a "conspiracy theory" that the election was somehow stolen in the middle of the night.  In fact, many people believe the "theft" actually occurred during the days prior and subsequent to Election Day.  According to some accounts, the theft occurred as a result of machine configurations and settings, misappropriated and fraudulent mail-in ballots, false or fake paper used for ballots, multiple scans of the same ballot, ballots in excess of the number of registered voters and much more.  The claims of fraud in this election seemed never-ending.  These "conspiracy theory" claims continue to be challenged and debated across the United States without any serious examination of the facts surrounding the election itself. [...] What I want to offer for both believers and non-believers are some facts.  These facts and the data behind them come from research and analysis of information gathered directly from federal, state and county websites.  These facts compare past elections to November 2020, and all that is required to understand them is simple common sense.  I will offer some analysis and thoughts at the end, but as we continue to move forward in our country, we the people need to be fact-driven and knowledgeable about what occurred.

What if We Find The Fire From the Smoke of Election Fraud?  As much damage as Covid did — and far worse, the "lockdowns" it was used to inflict — that's nothing compared to the damage another "conspiracy" has done and will do.  That, of course, is the "thoroughly debunked" notion that the election of 2020 was stolen, and that Joe Biden is in the Oval Office today because of election fraud.  But of course that's just some tin hat conspiracy theory.  We've been told that "There's no evidence of election fraud" and Trump "Lost Nearly 60 Election Fights In Court."  The latter of course is fiction.  Given that we heard similar things for the last year about the origins of Covid, the question is, what happens when proof unequivocally demonstrates that the election was indeed stolen?  The smoke for that conclusion has been around since the wee hours of November 4th.  The stopped counting in key states on election night.  Mark Zuckerberg's wholesale purchase of the voting apparatus in key states and counties.  The unconstitutional changes to voting laws that crisscrossed the country — many empowered by the politicization of Covid.  And then of course there is TIME magazine piece that laid out in black and white the "inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election", chronicling widespread coordination of everyone from the Democrat party, Silicon Valley, BLM, unions, the Chamber of Commerce and various other players to get rid of Donald Trump.

The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election.  The anomalies:  In 132 years, no president has received more votes in his run for reelection and lost.  Yet Donald Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 — and lost.  Trump won 18 of the 19 counties both Democrats and Republicans regard as the "bellwether" counties that virtually always go with the outcome of presidential elections.  Yet he lost.  He won four bellwether states — Florida, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina.  Yet he lost.  Republicans held onto all the House seats they were defending and gained another 13 seats.  Yet, Trump lost.  Add the following to the anomalies:  Unprecedented efforts were made in some states to change election laws.  Mostly Democratic states sent out tens of millions of ballots or applications for absentee ballots to people who never requested them.  Voting began in some states six weeks before Election Day.  People have submitted sworn affidavits at great personal cost and with possible perjury charges that they witnessed ballot tampering on election night.  But all these things would matter little if Democrats involved in ballot-counting felt morally compelled to count votes honestly.

Next Step in Democracy's Destruction?  Enduring Election Fraud.  Well in advance of the election, the Democratic Party hierarchy and their allies calculated that even with the support of media outlets that function as the propaganda arm of the left, even with Trump's unpopularity amongst segments of the population and even with the deliberate destruction of the economy on the pretext that it was necessary to fight COVID-19, they could not defeat Donald Trump.  His supporters were highly enthusiastic.  Joe Biden's were lukewarm at best.  It was necessary then to do two things.  First, it needed to made possible for even those tepid Biden supporters, those who would never get off the couch to go to their polling place, to vote from the comfort of their living rooms by doing nothing more than licking a stamp.  That meant the massive implementation of no-excuse mail-in voting.  Second, since even then it was likely Biden would fall far short, the door needed to be opened to electoral fraud on a massive scale.  They needed to gut the system of all checks that were in place to determine the validity of ballots received in the mail.  So, while Trump's supporters and the GOP apparatus slumbered, the Democratic Party and its allies went out and made this happen.

Some Hard Truths We Face as Patriotic Americans as We Near January 6th:  Americans have absorbed the truth that the institutions long depended upon for redress are compromised.  For years we had always suspected this, but in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election this has been confirmed with much dismay and sadness. [...] Here are 25 hard truths Americans can no longer rationalize away:
  [#1]    A presidential election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump in the most brazen and in your face way possible.
  [#2]    The government elites in all three branches, and in both parties, appear to be in on or complicit in the steal either by omission or commission.
  [#3]    The strings of our government are being pulled by China and other global interests that have no qualms about tearing down our time-honored values of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion.
  [#4]    The Supreme Court, except for Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito has allowed partisanship, virtue signaling and cowardice to influence the merits of the cases they have deigned to accept or reject.
  [#5]    There is no Democrat and Republican Party, only a UniParty.  Both parties are merely two sides of the same coin, dedicated to selling out the country to China for power and enrichment.
  [#6]    News is not what the corporate media delivers, only leftist/globalist propaganda that rarely speaks ill of China or George Soros. [...]
  [#8]    If Joe Biden is sworn in as president, he will make a mockery of American ideals of honesty, integrity, and fair play. [...]

Farewell to a Dreadful Year.  Against this backdrop we held an unprecedented presidential election.  COVID provided the pretext for the country to adopt a new system of voting.  While it was deemed entirely safe for people to cram into a Wal-Mart, voting in person was deemed to be so unsafe that a new regime of mail-in voting was adopted, at the urging of the Democrats.  Hans von Spakovsky, an election law expert at the Heritage Foundation, previewed all of the potential problems with mail-in voting back in August: mail-in ballots are more vulnerable to being altered, stolen, or forged; they run the risk of being miscarried or not delivered by the postal service; and they run the risk of not being not being postmarked, making it impossible to determine if they were mailed on time.  For the Democrats, of course, these irregularities were a feature, not a bug. [...] It was little wonder that millions of Americans concluded that the election was a farce.

The Ridiculous and Outmoded Way America Holds Elections.  This year, I took up the challenge to "put your money where your mouth is" by becoming a Republican election poll worker in my precinct in Ohio.  Having now worked 17 straight hours on the inside of the election process, checking in and processing voters, as well as being one of the two persons responsible for delivering my precincts votes to the local Board of Elections, one irrefutable fact emerges from that experience:  the way in which we hold our national elections is ridiculous and inexcusable.  This is the untold story of the 2020 elections and a question everyone needs to ask. [...]

Is Voter Fraud Real?  What is the greatest threat to free and fair elections in America?  Here's a hint:  it's not Russia, or any other foreign power.  It's not a person, either.  It's something much more subtle, and much more dangerous.  [Video clip]

Voting against mob rule.  Most of the Founders were scholarly, erudite men.  Our founders were not only writers but readers of the great teachers of bygone eras.  Not only did they search the Bible, but the classic works of teachers and students of Grecian and Roman governmental innovation.
  •   Nowhere in the Bible is authorization for man to enjoy the right to govern himself through majority rule.
  •   The most infamous vote for justice (or injustice) was in the ballot to save Barabbas over saving God himself.
  •   The execution of Christ is one of history's most significant examples of "mob rule."
  •   When humanity received the Ten Commandments, there was no vote on its legitimacy
As they were writing the Constitution and its Amendments, the writings of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were fresh in the founder's minds.  In reading their work, no Constitutional amendments uses the phrase "right to vote."  Not in the original text nor the Bill of Rights.

The Plan to "Make America, American Again".  California Dems made sure the people of Mexico and other foreign countries understood the borders were open, no one would ever be sent back, and Democrats would give them every form of welfare for free.  Then they gave illegals drivers licenses.  They registered illegals automatically at DMV.  They made sure there was no Voter ID at the polls.  Recognize the plan?  Gavin Newsom gave it away.  This is now the national plan for Democrats.  Make the whole country into California.

Cloward-Piven Strategy.  [Scroll down]  All three of these organizations — ACORN, Project Vote and Human SERVE — set to work lobbying energetically for the so-called Motor-Voter law, which President Bill Clinton ultimately signed in 1993. At the White House signing ceremony for this bill, both Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were in attendance.  The new law eliminated many controls on voter fraud, making it easy for voters to register but difficult to determine the validity of new registrations.  Under the new law, states were required to provide opportunities for voter registration to any person who showed up at a government office to renew a driver's license or to apply for welfare or unemployment benefits.  "Examiners were under orders not to ask anyone for identification or proof of citizenship," notes Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund in his book, Stealing Elections.  "States had to permit mailing voter registrations, which allowed anyone to register without any personal contact with a registrar or election officials.  Finally, states were limited in pruning 'deadwood' — people who had died, moved, or been convicted of crimes — from their rolls.

Five Truths About Elections.  [#2] Elections are the fulcrum on which our unique system of government balances, therefore our elections are crucial.  They are also under attack.  Whereas the Russians don't seem to have been very effective, if, in fact, they were tinkering with our presidential choices, forces inside America are working hard to make elections pointless.  The integrity of the voting process itself must be protected.  We learned that in the hanging-chad election.  Without assurance that our votes are not being canceled out by infected voting machines, or dead, illegal, or felonious voters, we lose our ability to choose our future.  Without the enforcement of election laws, we make a mockery of the whole system.

Voter fraud exists — Even though many in the media claim it doesn't.  For example, to improve the accuracy of Georgia's records, state legislators last year required that information on a voter registration application match a "driver's license, state ID card or Social Security record." Inconsistencies can cause a voter's registration to be flagged as "pending" while the discrepancy is investigated.  Brian Kemp, the GOP candidate for governor and current secretary of state in Georgia, is being accused of "voter suppression" because of this law.  But a "pending" status does not prevent anyone from voting as long as he or she has a government ID that substantially matches the registration application.  In any event, every voter can cast a provisional ballot that will be counted once the registration information is verified.  As the secretary of state told radio host Erick Erickson, there are 75,000 pending voters among a record total of 7 million registered in the state.  Of these, 9,224 are minors under 18; 2,935 used a fake address; 3,393 are not citizens, and 5,842 were already registered.  Of the remaining applications, 75 percent submitted erroneous Social Security information.  Almost a quarter of those "sloppy forms" came from a registration effort by the New Georgia Project, a group founded in 2014 by Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor.

Voter Fraud Is Not a Myth.  Democrats keep claiming that voter fraud is a myth.  But voter fraud has mattered in plenty of American elections.  Take Lyndon Johnson's election to the U.S. Senate in 1948, when LBJ won by manufacturing enough fake votes to turn a 20,000-vote deficit into an 87-vote win.  Others point to voter fraud in Illinois and Texas during the 1960 presidential election; indeed, we may never know whether Kennedy actually "won."  Chicago was infamous for counting the votes of dead people.  In 1982, U.S. Attorney Daniel Webb found that at least 100,000 fraudulent votes were cast.  In 1994, Democrats obtained control of the Pennsylvania state Senate through large-scale voter fraud using absentee ballots.  In 2008, illegal voting made a decisive difference in a U.S. Senate race, giving Al Franken a seat from Minnesota — one could argue that Franken's vote allowed Obamacare to get through the Senate.  Make no mistake:  Voter fraud is still a problem — even in the 2016 election cycle.  Take these cases discovered during just the last month and a half: [...]

What Leftists Stand For
  [#16]   They believe that illegals should be counted along with Americans when apportioning House seats.
  [#17]   They can't win elections, so they import immigrants and illegal aliens who will vote for them.
  [#18]   They want to give convicted child-molesters, murderers, rapists, and major drug-dealers the right to vote.
  [#19]   They work hard to keep the folks in the military from voting.
  [#20]   They support policies that increase people's dependence on government in order to get more votes, even though that subjects people to miserable lives.

The Clinton Record.  [Scroll down]  Look at the evidence and decide for yourself:
  •   A 2012 report by the Pew Center on the States found that 24 million voter registrations — one-eighth of all registrations nationwide — were either invalid or inaccurate, including more than 1.8 million dead people who were still registered.
  •   A 2014 study found that two years earlier, some 155,692 registered voters in North Carolina alone had first and last names, birth dates, and final-four Social Security Number digits that matched those of voters who were registered in other states.
  •   The same study also found that 35,570 people who had actually voted in North Carolina, had first names, last names, and birth dates that matched those of voters who had cast ballots in other states.
  •   In 2008, Democrat Al Franken won a highly controversial U.S. Senate race in Minnesota by just 312 votes.  It was later discovered that 1,099 felons — all legally ineligible to vote — had cast ballots in the election, almost exclusively for Franken.
  •   A 2006 study found that 77,000 dead people were listed on New York's statewide database of registered voters, and that as many as 2,600 of them had somehow managed to cast ballots from the grave.
  •   In Milwaukee in 2004, approximately 5,300 more ballots were cast, than voters who were recorded as having shown up at the polls.
  •   In 2008, election officials nationwide had to discard at least 400,000 bogus voter registrations submitted by ACORN, the now-defunct criminal operation masquerading as a "community organization."
  •   In 2011, a Colorado study found that of the nearly 12,000 non-citizens who were illegally registered to vote in that state, about 5,000 had taken part in the 2010 general election.
  •   In ten Colorado counties in 2012, voter registrations outnumbered the total voting-age population by between 4% and 40%.
The foregoing examples represent only the barest tip of a colossal election-fraud iceberg.

Timely news and commentary:

Michigan Dems Change Election Laws to Prevent Fraud Detection, Challenges.  GOP lawmakers and election-integrity watchdogs were sounding the alarm after Michigan Democrats passed a series of laws that will prevent vote fraud from being easily detected or challenged in future elections, the Michigan Advance reported.  Republicans in the state outlined some of the Left's more egregious moves from the past two years at an event in Lansing on Wednesday.  For instance, SBs 603 and 604, which currently await the signature of far-left Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, would make it more difficult and expensive to request recounts and would restrict county election canvassers from initiating investigations into vote fraud.  Furthermore, Democrats passed the Michigan Voting Rights Act in 2023, a law which forces all local governments to help minority groups vote — including those who do not speak English and potentially even illegal immigrants.  In light of these radical changes, GOP state Sen. Jonathan Lindsey said Democrats were steadily codifying "the ability to manipulate elections in the law."

In England:
Mass postal voting is endangering our democracy.  Have you voted yet?  That might seem an odd question to ask when this interminable general election campaign has more than two long weeks to run, but some people may already have cast their ballot by post.  June 19 is the deadline for applying for a postal vote, but if you were quick out of the blocks when Rishi Sunak made his rain-soaked announcement on May 22, you could well have had your application approved by now.  Once all candidates are in place, the ballot papers are sent out.  There was a time, not that long ago, when to qualify for a postal vote required absence from the constituency on election day or infirmity making it impossible to vote in person.  Then the Blair government — responsible for so many constitutional excrescences — decided in its wisdom to let anyone who wished to vote by post do so.  The Representation of the People Act 2000 introduced absent voting on demand, repealing the 1872 Ballot Act, which was passed to end the fraud and bribery that used to accompany elections when voting was open.  It's simple, really.  If people vote in the privacy of the polling booth, they cannot be intimidated and can always claim to have supported a particular party even if they haven't.  This is a vital safeguard of our democracy yet it is undermined by postal voting on demand.

How many of the 500,000 newly 'legalized' US 'citizens' will vote this November?  The recent executive order by President Biden is an alarming move that essentially grants mass amnesty to around 500,000 illegal aliens.  This isn't just about immigration policy; it's a blatant election-year maneuver to secure votes.  By shielding these individuals from deportation and providing them with a pathway to permanent residency, Biden is ensuring a significant boost in voter support, particularly from Hispanic and Latino communities.  This is not just an opinion; it's backed by the numbers and the timing.  House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green rightly called this move an "eleventh-hour ploy for mass amnesty." The timing couldn't be more suspicious.  Just months before the crucial 2024 elections, Biden's administration decides to grant legal status to half a million individuals who were previously ineligible to vote.  This isn't about humanitarian efforts; it's about securing votes.

Swing state election boards engaged in legal battles over election certification ahead of November.  County election boards in swing states across the country are engaged in legal battles over election certification ahead of the November elections, while others were threatened with legal action if they didn't certify election results.  With the presidential election less than five months away, county election board members are either initiating or find themselves the subject of legal actions over the certification of elections.  That process occurs before the state can certify election results.  The central issue is whether election boards must certify election results or if they have discretion over certification, with Democrats largely favoring the former option and Republicans believing the latter.  Last month, Julie Adams, a Republican member of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections (BRE), filed a lawsuit against the county, board, and election director, in which she claimed Fulton County Elections Director Nadine Williams prevented her from accessing information and performing her duties.  The lawsuit was filed before Adams abstained from certifying the May 21 primary election in Fulton County on May 28.

320,000 Ghost Voters [have been] Identified in Must-Win State of Michigan.  With the Soros-backed Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson at the helm, who is arguably the dirtiest Secretary of State in the nation, Michigan could easily become the blueprint for other states on how to steal elections effectively.  While Democrats used every dirty trick in the book to prevent their opponents from watching them steal the election in 2020, the GOP and Independent poll challengers were able to identify the biggest fraud taking place in plain sight — dirty voter rolls, courtesy of MI SOS Jocelyn Benson.  Votes were being processed at the TCF Center by election workers, even though the voter's names didn't appear in the electronic poll books or supplemental poll books.  Poll challengers had no way of knowing if they were watching votes being cast by dead or imaginary voters, as the voter rolls were so over-bloated that it was impossible for them to check for the legitimacy of the so-called 150,000 "voters" who pushed Biden to an alleged victory in the must-win state of Michigan.

Elon Musk Calls For Ban on Fraud Enabling Voting Machines.  Elon Musk has called for the scrapping of electronic voting machines, warning they are at high risk of being hacked and manipulated by bad actors.  Posting on the X platform, Musk responded to a post from independent presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who himself was weighing on the recent irregularities that took place during Puerto Rico's primary elections. [...] As long reported by The Gateway Pundit, electronic voting machines are one of the many methods that Democrats and their electoral allies have used to steal elections.  The most notable example of this was in 2020, when machines played an important part in swinging the election to Joe Biden.  This is not the first time that Musk, who has a following of nearly 188 million people, has warned about the risks to America's electoral system.  Last month, he reposted a video urging whistleblowers to come forward to report irregularities ahead of the 2024 presidential election.  [Tweet]

Michigan voter fraud exposed: 'If you want to live forever, register to vote'.  While many Americans are aware that elections haven't exactly been fair, Sara Gonzales has put in the time to figure out exactly why that is.  Gonzales took a trip down to Michigan to find out for her latest Blaze Originals documentary, "Voter Fraud:  Exposed," in which she looked into voter fraud in the state alongside Charlie LeDuff.  LeDuff, who is the host of "No BS News Hour" and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, notes that an impossible 105% of adults in Michigan are registered to vote.  "You have 8.3 million registered voters, and you have slightly under 7.9 million adults," he explains.  "Not all adults in Michigan are citizens, so right there you have a problem."

The Guy Who Organizes Ballot Counting, Says Election Results Will Not Match Polling.  Hopefully readers here know exactly who James Clyburn is and what his function consists of within the Democrat party election process.  Remember, elections are no longer about "votes," modern elections are about "ballots".  The election winner is not the person who gets the most votes.  The election winner is the person who collects, submits and counts the most ballots.  The contest for electoral victory is who gains the most ballots, not votes.  That said, at the end of the ballot harvesting operation in the key state counties for Democrats, there are precinct workers who are then tasked with counting those ballots.  The number of ballots needed to change the outcome of the election, is essentially the determining factor in how many ballots the precinct workers in the key districts count.  Most of the regional precinct workers in the key counties that change the elections, are affiliated with and originate from the AME church network.

How non-citizens are getting voter registration forms across the US.  Welfare offices and other agencies in 49 US states are providing voter registration forms to migrants without requiring proof of citizenship, leading Republicans and conservatives to call for swift federal action to stop the handouts.  Every state but Arizona — which recently passed a law barring the practice on state but not federal forms — gives applicants for either welfare benefits, driver's licenses, or in some cases, mail-in ballots voter registration forms without demanding proof of citizenship.  There is currently no requirement on federal voting forms to provide proof of US citizenship, though it is illegal to falsely claim one is a citizen or for a non-citizen to cast a ballot in a federal election.  But millions of migrants with humanitarian parole, refugee or asylum status are eligible for benefits that would bring them to the offices where voter registration takes place.

RNC Declares 'Victory' in Judge Ruling on Michigan Secretary of State's Signature Verification Rule.  A Michigan judge partially ruled against Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's lenient guidance on signature verification, following a lawsuit brought by the Republican National Committee.  On Wednesday, Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Yates ruled "that the 'initial presumption' of validity in signature verification of absentee-ballot applications and envelopes mandated by the December 2023 guidance manual" issued by Benson "is incompatible with the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan."  The RNC, Michigan Republican Party, and the National Republican Congressional Committee filed the lawsuit.

Leftist-Led Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Ban On 'Voting Booth On Wheels,' For Now.  In a victory for election integrity, the left-led Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ban on mobile voting units — at least for now.  But the same 4-3 ruling hands Democrats a win in staying the circuit court's ruling barring alternate absentee ballot collection sites "in locations that confer a 'partisan advantage'" to one party, as state law dictates.  Wisconsin's high court is expected to rule on the merits of the case sometime in the fall.  In its ruling staying the order on alternate sites, the liberal majority employed the oft-turned argument that changing "the status quo that has governed every election since 2016" would confuse the process and the voter.

One giant problem using geotracking to prove Trump directed 'insurrection'.  True the Vote paid $2 million through commercial brokers for the cell phone "geotracking" or "geolocator" data from swing states leading up to the presidential election.  Using the pinpoint precision of the forensic technique of geotracking, ballot "mules" — like "drug mules" who carry illegal drugs across the border for criminal cartels — took sacks of ballots provided by leftwing political activist organizations and repeatedly dumped those ballots in collection boxes.  Over 2,000 of the tracked phones were geolocated in the immediate vicinity of 10 or more ballot drop boxes.  True the Vote then analyzed the GPS data to show the mules visited left-wing nonprofit organizations, then drove to many different ballot drop boxes on the same day, repeatedly — day after day, for weeks.  Under the guise of dropping off grandma's ballot, mules visited 10 to 100 different drop boxes and did it over again the next day and the next and the next.  One ballot mule visited drop boxes in six different counties.  Geotracking also indicated that at least 10% of the ballot mules were participants in the violent Antifa riots that wracked America throughout the summer of 2020.  Usually between the hours of 1 a.m. and 4 a.m., mules are seen in "2000 Mules" wearing surgical gloves as they stuff ballots into the drop boxes.  Then they remove the surgical gloves and toss them into nearby trash cans.

'Wanda the Stuffer' finally arrested on election fraud charges.  Well, we've always been told that the US boasts the safest and fairest elections in the world and that absolutely no one cheats — so it's downright shocking to hear another story about Democratic operatives being arrested for election fraud, isn't it? [...] At last, one notorious "ballot stuffer" named Wanda Geter-Pataky, who was caught on film allegedly jamming ballot boxes to the brim, has finally been nabbed in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  She's facing charges of election fraud and witness tampering related to a 2019 mayoral campaign.  But really, this bust just scratches the surface, doesn't it?

Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., of course.
After US Now Dominion Voting Systems Sparks Election Scandal In Puerto Rico.  According to the commission's interim president Jessika Padilla Rivera, Puerto Rico's elections commission began evaluating its Dominion Voting Systems contract after software glitches miscalculated vote totals in the June 2 primaries.  Following the contentious primaries on the island, hundreds of anomalies were found, prompting Puerto Rico's elections commission to announce on Tuesday that it is evaluating its contract with a US electronic voting company.  The Dominion Voting Systems-supplied machines were miscalculating vote totals due to a software glitch, according to the commission's interim president, Jessika Padilla Rivera.  While the June 2 primary results that accurately identify the winners are uncontested, in several situations, the machine-reported vote totals were less than the paper ones, and in other cases, the machine-reported totals reversed or indicated zero votes for certain candidates.

My Testimony at the Eastman Disbarment Trial.  About a year ago, I received a phone call from John Eastman, the prominent constitutional scholar.  He was facing disbarment proceedings for the advice he had given President Trump, had read my book (Debunked), and wanted me to testify on his behalf at the forthcoming California disbarment trial.  Of course, I was eager to testify because I believed (and still believe) that the six key swing state elections in 2020 were not certifiable.  The specific reasons are laid out in the book.  Originally, I was one of seven "experts" selected by Eastman and his attorney, Randy Miller.  As experts, we would be able to give our opinions regarding the integrity of the election.  However, well financed attorneys for the California State Bar Association (SBA) immediately objected — to every witness.  Most of the time, Judge Yvette Roland was eager to oblige the SBA.  In my case, Judge Roland ignored the fact that I was a veteran auditor and CPA, had written a comprehensive numbers-based book on the 2020 election, had written a book describing 23 ways we can improve our elections, and had published at least 25 articles on the subject.

Dominion Machines Under Scrutiny After 'Hundreds' of Discrepancies Detected in Primary..  Dominion Voting Systems' electronic voting machines contract with the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is under threat after contentious primaries produced upset results.  According to election officials, some machines reported zero votes for certain candidates or reversed count totals.  Counts reported by machines were also sometimes lower than paper counts.  "The concern is that we obviously have elections in November, and we must provide the [island] not only with the assurance that the machine produces a correct result but also that the result it produces is the same one that is reported," said Jessika Padilla, interim president of Puerto Rico's elections commission.  She attributed the issues to problems in the machines' software.

Four campaign workers in Connecticut [have been] charged with mishandling absentee ballots.  Four campaign workers in Connecticut on Tuesday were charged with mishandling absentee ballots in a 2019 Democratic mayoral primary, including one of the city's council members, and a Democratic Party official.  The four campaign workers, who took part in handling absentee ballots during the election in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were each charged with unlawful possession of absentee ballots, along with various other election law violations.  The 2019 primary saw incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, beat state Sen. Marilyn Moore by just 270 votes, according to the Associated Press.  Among those charged are Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee Vice Chairperson Wanda Geter-Pataky, City Council Member Alfredo Castillo, and campaign workers Nilsa Heredia and Josephine Edmonds.

Massive Government Spending Equals Broken Elections.  Our voting system itself has been corrupted.  We are constantly told that our elections are "fair and honest," and "there is no proof that there was anything wrong in 2020 or 2022."  A December survey by veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen destroyed that narrative once and for all.  When asked, more than 20% of voters who used mail-in ballots in 2020 admitted that they had participated in at least one form of election fraud. [...] And the safeguard for mail-in voting — signature matching — has now been minimized or ignored in many states.  This means that our entire election system has fallen apart.  Anyone can fill in an absentee ballot for someone else, with no repercussions.  Unless we demand a return to elections that follow all mandated procedures to the letter, our votes won't be counted accurately, and the will of the voters will be ignored in favor of those who are willing to cheat.  But the American people aren't the only ones who are cheating.  Independent nonpartisan research groups such as United Sovereign Americans have sprung up across the country and are finding millions of illegal entries in state voter databases that facilitate voting manipulation.

Combatting the 'Long Count'.  The Trump era has seen a new election phenomenon:  Modern-day American Bolsheviks in blue cities have been distorting local elections by counting votes well past election day.  Fortunately, there are ways to combat this election distortion plague. [...] With modern computer technology and high-speed scanners, we're told we must count votes well past election day, even with early voting available long before election day.  This is true in many jurisdictions, particularly and notably in big, "blue" Democrat cities. [...] Once the polls close and Democrats determine the bogey, they continue counting, either by repeatedly scanning the same [Democrat] ballots or by bringing in additional pre-printed ballots from outside until enough ballots are "counted" (really created, retrieved, or recounted), until they've assured a Democrat victory.  We all remember in 2020 in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Phoenix that the 'Long Count' resulted in a Democrat win — every single time. The same technique and outcome played out in Phoenix in 2022.

How Do You Legally Administer and Certify Elections Using Uncertifiable Electronic Voting Machines?  Last year I exposed massive election fraud in the altering of "Official Election Records" by Julie Marcus the current Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections.  I was forced to sue Julie Marcus and her Deputy Dustin Chase over their illegal altering and withholding of "Official Public Records".  I also exposed how the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office also altered "Official Elections Records".  I detailed how someone within the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office went to far to cover up "Election Fraud" within their office that they backdate the computer used to generate the reports and forgot that they had altered the computer system date to 09/01/1984. This shocking revelation was first reported by the Miami Independent.  Then we caught Craig Latimer, the current Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, who then tried to cover up the illicit activities in his office, claiming that their office was hacked and the identities of tens of thousands of South Tampa voters were compromised.  This too was also covered by the Miami Independent.

Arizona GOP lawsuit:  At least half a million unaccounted-for enrolled voters.  Research into Arizona's voter rolls discovered between 500,000 and 1.27 million invalid registrations, including deceased people and those who have left the state, according to a lawsuit filed this week by the Arizona Republican Party and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club against Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes.  Several counties were found to have "outrageous voter registration rates," with some having a total list of voter names that exceeded "100% of eligible voters."  "Accurate voter rolls are the bedrock of our constitutional republic," said Gina Swoboda, chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party. "The rampant presence of ineligible voters on our rolls is unacceptable and undermines the trust Arizonans place in our electoral process."  The lawsuit seeks judicial action in ordering the state to clean up its voter rolls and implement an effective system that prevents such discrepancies from occurring again.

1,900 New Jersey ballots whose envelopes were opened early must be counted, judge rules.  A state judge on Friday ruled that some 1,900 mail ballots in a New Jersey county whose envelopes were prematurely opened should be accepted and counted.  Superior Court Judge Michael J. Blee ruled from the bench in the case involving 1,909 mail ballots in southern New Jersey's Atlantic County.  The order could decide the outcome of the Democratic primary in the race for the state's 2nd Congressional District, where businessman Joe Salerno holds a 400-vote lead over attorney Tim Alexander in unofficial results.

The Editor says...
The simplest and most likely explanation is that the ballots were "prematurely opened" so the Socialists could see how far behind they were and "find" that many more ballots somewhere.  "Accidents" of this sort always benefit the lying, cheating, baby-killing socialist Democrats.

There is one thing America's Democrat party loyalists will never do.  By now, every one of us should be able to recite by heart many of the progressive Democrats' officious, fascist acts, including:
  •   Convicting the Democrats' #1 political opponent on aptly named trumped-up charges
  •   Incarcerating those exercising their First Amendment free-speech rights to "Stop the Steal"
  •   Sanctioning mob violence across the country that advances causes the Democrat party holds dear
  •   Labeling as "domestic terrorists" pro-lifers, as well as parents concerned about the grooming of their children
  •   Categorizing legitimate news stories as "conspiracy theories"
  •   Opening the southern border to overwhelm the country's system of legal entry and path to citizenship to spread division and hatred and, through the census, reconfigure Democrat House representation and control
And on and on and on[.]  After all this outrageous nonsense from the Democratic Left, there will still be people within our circle of family and friends who insist that the 2020 election was on the up and up.  That's the one thing the omerta code demands:  Do not acknowledge irregularities in that election.

Cancelling the election:  The facts.  The Manhattan (or the Atlanta, or the Florida, or the D.C.) show trial was supposed to be the ultimate anti-Trump weapon, the death-blow that would halve his electoral support and leave his MAGA followers reeling.  But this, needless to say, failed to happen. [...] So now they're desperate.  They need to come up with something, and what will it be?  We'll get to that.  But one thing we can leave out is that perennial favorite, calling off the election.  We hear this every election year, from one side or the other.  It has been said about Reagan, about Clinton, about George W., about Obama, about Trump, and now about Biden.  But it never happens.  It never happens because (apart from it being political suicide) there is no provision in U.S. law for calling off a presidential election. [...] What's that you say?  Martial law?  The federal response to an emergency of nationwide scope is embodied in the National Emergencies Act of 1976.  There's nothing about elections in there either.

Minnesota allows for permanent absentee voting.  Any Minnesota voter can now sign up for a permanent absentee ballot.  As of June 1, Minnesota joined eight other states and Washington, D.C. to allow all voters, irrespective of disability status or age, to register online to permanently vote absentee.  This will allow voting as early as 46 days before an election.  To leave the permanent absentee list, the voter must send a written request to their county elections office.  Absentee ballots will no longer be sent to the voter's address if it's returned as undeliverable, the voter is pronounced dead by the county or if their status becomes "challenged" or "inactive."  Residents can apply at mnvotes.gov/register.  Those who wish to apply for absentee for only one election at a time can visit the same website.  Ballots will still not count if received after election day, whether by mail, at a dropoff location or at the elections office.  In addition to the new absentee rules, Minnesota residents can also now provide a description of their residence if they don't have a specific address.  This can include cardinal directions or distance from the closest crossroads.  Twenty other states feature this on their voter registration forms, as does the National Mail Voter Registration Form.

The State of the Coup.  In late 2020, everyone in the country knew the election had been stolen.  We went to bed knowing the election was Trump's and awoke the next day to the incomprehensible.  We learned that the vote counting in the critical precincts in the battleground states had stopped, early in the morning, in perfect synch, with the Republican observers sent home.  The Democrat faithful then continued the count into the dark hours, and before sunrise, Biden was given a miraculous, unprecedented, and statistically impossible surge, wherever it was needed.  Thousands of affidavits attested to criminal behaviors in the vote count, but anti-Trump treachery prevailed at the Justice Department, from William Barr at the head and down the line.  The Supreme Court pathetically declined any involvement, claiming that 22 states had "no standing" to challenge the corrupted results in the battleground states that had put Biden over the top.

Dinesh D'Souza's Film '2000 Mules' Removed from All Platforms.  Salem Media Group removed Dinesh D'Sounza's 2020 election film, '2000 Mules,' from all streaming services and platforms.  They even apologized and promised never to air it again.  It's the result of a Georgia man, Mark Andrews, suing Salem Media for defamation.  He faced threats to his life and his reputation had been damaged.  Mark Andrews filed his lawsuit in 2022.  In the filing, he claimed, "2000 Mules made false claims leading to threats of violence against him and his family.  It was widely circulated and promoted by Donald Trump. [...] This was part of an undisclosed larger settlement.  Mr. Andrews, with his face blurred, was pictured depositing his ballot and his family's files into a drop box.

Your vote is now diluted even further:
Even Dems alarmed as illegal aliens, 11-year-olds allowed to vote on some Boston expenditures.  A new program in Boston will allow illegal aliens and kids as young as 11 to have a say on the way that the city spends millions of dollars.  In 2021, Bostonians voted to approve the establishment of the Office of Participatory Budgeting, and participatory budgeting means exactly what it says:  giving voters the opportunity to participate in the way a portion of the city's budget is spent.  This year, as part of far-left Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu's fiscal year 2025 budget proposal, that office's purpose will finally be put into practice.  By September, Wu and her team will compile a list of 15 community projects.  Then in January, voters will select — either online or in person — five of them to receive a portion of the $2 million allotted for OPB spending.  Though $2 million sounds like a lot of money, it's actually just a tiny fraction of the city's overall budget, which in 2024 was more than $4.2 billion.

The Editor says...
I presume that "None of the above — just refund the money to the taxpayers" is not one of the options.

Desperate, Lying Biden May Abuse AI To Pull The Ultimate Race Hoax.  Consider, if you will (even those who have been so conditioned by threat of defamation suit never to speak of it), the possibility that the Biden presidency was built upon a major deception: an intentionally stolen election that relied upon illegal ballot-harvesting, manipulation of voting machines and a hodgepodge of factors involving a vast network of intricate moving pieces, each knowing just a small part in the larger script so as to ensure plausible deniability.  Open your mind, furthermore, to the theoretical premise that Jan. 6 was a false-flag operation intended to derail and deflate the resistance — millions of liberty-loving Americans who witnessed the crime playing out in plain sight while being told their senses were deceiving them and that their own biases and bigotry were the real problem with democracy.  Imagine that the entire lawfare campaign of more than 90 felony charges against former President Donald Trump was little more than a political construct with no legal basis whatsoever, and that those waging this stunning affront on American jurisprudence did so with full awareness of their offense and the implications it may have, but were willing to stake it for their own potential benefit.  And lastly, recognize that everything sandwiched in between these massive conspiracies was a series of smaller lies designed to blunt American voters' sense of moral outrage and indignation as would China's notorious "death by a thousand cuts."

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis's Colorado law license revoked for three years.  Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis on Tuesday agreed to have her law license in Colorado suspended for three years for her role in the alleged effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.  Ellis agreed to plead guilty to one count of one aiding and abetting false statements and writings in October.  The plea deal was agreed to and arranged by prosecutors in Georgia as part of the Georgia 2020 election interference case.  A presiding disciplinary judge approved the settlement agreement between Ellis and Colorado's Attorney Counsel, and said that if Ellis wanted to return to law in the state before the three year punishment was up, she would need to file a petition to reinstate the license.

The Hunting of Sidney Powell, Part 5.  As previous installments in this series reported, Sidney Powell (among others) is the target of defamation suits filed by Eric Coomer, a former director of product strategy and security for Dominion Voting Systems, by Dominion Voting Systems itself, by Smartmatic (another voting software company), by Venezuelan businessman Majed Khalil, and by an individual named Staci Burk in Arizona (who brought bizarre claims for damages arising out of challenges to the 2020 election and related activities). [...] Coomer sued multiple parties over statements and accusations, which were based on sworn witness affidavits, that he participated in an Antifa-organized conference call wherein he supposedly ensured listeners that President Donald Trump would not win the 2020 election.  Though as Powell noted to The Stream, "Even though I recited only what sworn evidence in my hand showed," her efforts to get Coomer's defamation case against her dismissed were only partially successful, as the Colorado Court of Appeals dismissed the conspiracy claims, but none of the others.  The case is expected to go to the Colorado Supreme Court.  Coomer and Dominion also sued the nonprofit Powell founded, Defending the Republic, even though it did not exist at the time the statements were made.

Attorney Dr. John Eastman Speaks Out About Far-Left Lawfare, Election Fraud and How to Win in 2024.  Dr. John Eastman appeared in Michigan on Thursday evening [5/16/2024] to a packed room of election integrity activists and continue to correct the false media-driven narrative regarding voter fraud.  Michigan Fair Elections (MFE) hosted the event in Lansing, Mich. where roughly 150 patriots attended a gathering where Eastman addressed the lawfare he is enduring, the nature of the fight for our country, and the prospects for Republican victory in 2024.  In addition to being charged alongside President Trump for criminal election racketeering in Georgia, Dr. John Eastman was recommended for disbarment by a California Bar Judge in March for fighting back against voter fraud in the aftermath of 2020 presidential election.  Eastman is among the most prominent attorneys whose reputation and livelihood are getting destroyed for representing Trump and challenging the corrupt status quo.  Eastman explained during his speech that rogue county clerks and local officials blatantly violated election law to allow a tidal wave of election fraud, with bureaucrats and courts content to look the other way.

The "Widespread" Misinformation Campaign on Voting Fraud.  For years now, whenever someone on the right raises the issue of voting fraud, the "fraud deniers" respond by using one word to disingenuously negate the claims[:]  "Widespread."  They can't say there isn't ANY voting fraud because there have been too many proven cases of it.  So they try to mislead the public by constantly inserting the word "widespread."  Here's a recent example from just this past Thursday[:]  A coalition of 126 left-leaning groups penned a letter to Congress in opposition to the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act which has been proposed to require proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.  In it they wrote that "there is simply no evidence of widespread noncitizen voting in elections."  Of course, there IS evidence that noncitizens ARE voting in our elections.  So they have to insert the word "widespread" to [...] mislead the public.

VA Records Show 'Non-Citizens' Voting.  Progressive-aligned media outlets often claim (without citation) that non-citizens who vote illegally "almost never happens."  Virginia's own Dept. of Elections records say otherwise.  As of May, 2023, the department removed 1,481 registrations for "non-citizen status" from the Commonwealth's official voter rolls, according to its maintenance records.  Of those removals, Electoral Process Education Corporation (EPEC) has identified voting records of over 800 ballots cast by voters the Commonwealth has designated as "non-citizen" for the reason they were removed from official rolls.  Their voting histories go back to at least 2019.  If non-citizens are voting repeatedly, which the department's public records reflect, that would mean non-legal votes are canceling out legal ballots for more than 800 votes that we know about.

It's High Time We Kicked All the Tyrants and Traitors to the Curb.  Since Joe Biden's administration has assumed the highest seat of power, the tyrannical witch hunt against January 6 demonstrators, who were truly mostly peaceful, continues.  When some of the Capitol doors were opened or gates removed by the police, even those people who did not go inside "The People's House" but remained outside on the lawn are still being rounded up and put in jail.  All they desired to do that day was state the obvious in signs that read, "Stop the Steal."  What are they getting for exercising their First Amendment right?  Incarceration.  It is as if the Biden administration is telling citizens, "Hey, not only did we not steal the 2020 election, but we will also put you in jail just for saying that we did."  Or, put another more brazen way:  "Yes, we did steal the 2020 election, and we are going to arrest you for noticing.  And there is nothing you can do about it."  This is all part of the fabulous "fundamental transformation" of America that Barack Obama promised on the campaign trail in 2008.  Yes, President Trump spoiled his plans for four years, starting with the 2016 election, but the manipulation of the 2020 presidential election results solidly got the plan back on track.

Lawyer and Witness in FOIA Denial Case Indicted by Michigan's Attorney General.  The legal battle over an election-related Freedom of Information Act request has ignited a political firestorm in Michigan.  Macomb County resident Michael Butz filed a brief in the circuit court on May 6 containing evidence of alleged inaccuracies on the state's voter roll.  Two days later, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, indicted Mr. Butz's lawyer and a whistleblower supporting his case, alleging election misconduct dating back two to three years.  Six days later, on May 14, 2024, in Hillsdale County District Court, Mr. Butz's attorney Stefanie Lambert, 42, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to three counts of alleged election-related felonies.  At the same hearing, whistleblower Stephanie Scott, 52, pleaded not guilty to five felony counts and a misdemeanor.  Ms. Scott is a former clerk of Hillsdale County's Adams Township.  The alleged crimes are related to Ms. Scott's refusal to delete election records, her procuring an independent forensics expert to analyze them, and her reluctance to turn over certain voting equipment under her care to county and state authorities.

Illegal Aliens Admit Flooding Border before Election: 'We Don't Want Trump'.  Illegal aliens are admitting that they are rushing to cross the border into the United States before the critical November presidential election.  Many say they are hoping to take advantage of Democrat President Joe Biden's open border policies as they fear he will lose re-election.  Illegal border crossers told New York Post reporter Jennie Taer that they fear President Donald Trump will secure the Southern Border if elected in November.  After illegally crossing the Arizona border last week, two migrants from Colombia told Taer that they were concerned about the outcome of the upcoming general election.

Plausible Deniability Run Amok.  What are the wages of rigged elections?  Invasion, inflation, taxation, and war.  But for a 2020 jiggering of state election procedures that allowed Democrats to flood battleground states with fraudulent mail-in ballots and other illegally cast votes, Americans would not today be suffering from unprecedented foreign invasion, out-of-control inflation, higher taxes, crippling regulations, or the specter of global war.  The Deep State that permanently controls the day-to-day maneuverings of the U.S. government wanted open borders, unconstrained money-printing, income confiscation at home, and empire-building abroad.  All it had to do was steal the 2020 election.

Complaint: Illegal Memo Lets People Who Fail ID Checks Onto Pennsylvania's Voter Rolls Anyway.  Pennsylvania's State Department issued a directive in 2018 that may allow noncitizens and other ineligible applicants to register to vote in violation of the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA), according to a complaint brought by America First Legal (AFL) and obtained first by The Federalist.  HAVA requires a voter to provide a valid driver's license number — or, if and only if he has no driver's license, the last four digits of his Social Security number — on his voter registration form.  Election officials are then required to confirm whether the numbers provided are valid by checking them against state and federal databases.  The system is meant to ensure that prospective voters are eligible.  (Notably, foreign nationals can still obtain a Social Security number or driver's license.)

Houston-Area Judge Orders Election Redo in 2022 Race Due to 1,430 Illegal Votes.  A Houston-area judge ordered an election redo after 1,430 illegal votes were cast in a 2022 judicial race in the 180th District Court, the Texas Tribune reported.  Judge David Peeples ordered Harris County to hold a new election after Republican candidate Tami Pierce lost by a narrow margin, 449 votes, to Democrat Judge DaSean Jones.  [Tweet]  According to Peeples, because of the narrow margin and the 1,430 illegal votes, the true victor could not be determined.

Election Interference VS Election Manipulation.  A very quiet movement is underway, spearheaded by the Democrats and especially by Joe Biden.  As a preface, American citizens' right to vote is restricted per our Constitution.  It is a privilege that many of us believe should be protected, and why we are offended by some cities, like New York, allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections.  Though not directly related to elections, the Right and Left also debate counting non-citizens in the census.  The Left wants them counted to ensure population consistency and avoid redistributing.  That is just their first step in an evil process to ensure we will never see a Republican in the Oval Office again.

America's Voting Machines Are Made & Tested In China.  Citizen investigator Peter Bernegger broke an exclusive on my TV show "The Absolute Truth" that his team has traced the shipping of Chinese-manufactured motherboard chips for electronic voting machines to Taiwan, where they are being repackaged & shipped to the U.S.  Bernegger also alleged that one particular American computer company plays an important role in this operation.  [Post]  As Patrick Byrne has been insisting since 2020:  the motherboard of a computer is like the frontal lobe of your brain.  "If the motherboard is made in China, the entire system is compromised," according to him.  [Post]  Sheriff Dar Leaf has discovered that Dominion Voting has failed to disclose to Congress that parts of their machines are sourced from China, and tested in China.  In addition, it's alleged that one of Dominion's employees, Andy Huang, was able to access the servers remotely from Canada.  Huang once worked for a Chinese telecom known to be a CCP affiliate as well.

A Voter Integrity Group Hovers over the Target.  United Sovereign Americans (USA), a 100% volunteer, nonpartisan organization, has been working for the last two years to expose errors and demand honest and accurate elections.  They now share their technical and legal expertise with teams in 24 states.  Their peer-reviewed audits of state voter rolls have found millions of errors that violate multiple federal election laws.  Recently they joined an election lawsuit in federal court in Maryland, alleging that diluting real votes with fake and illegal votes violates our civil rights to honest elections.  More lawsuits are on the way.  Looks like their efforts have struck a nerve.  It's obvious that anyone elected in this new climate of "anything goes" voting rules probably wouldn't want those rules to change.  Instead, laws have consistently been weakened to the point where absentee ballots are mailed like sportswear circulars.

House Democrats Pushing to Permit Migrants to Vote.  A few votes could change the course of history.  The Equal Representation Act questions whether illegal migrants should appear on the next US census in 2030, effectively granting them representation.  The 206 to 202 vote was passed on party lines, with ALL Democrats voting in favor of permitting illegal migrants to be counted as American citizens for redistricting purposes.  The repopulation theory is not a conspiracy.  The Democrats are losing the favor of the people rapidly, and the new world order is on the line because citizens simply will not vote for these extreme measures that ultimately weaken America. [...] Taxpaying citizens will be denied the right to have their vote counted if foreign aliens are counted no different from citizens.  They are aiming to distort our electoral maps, and it is no coincidence that illegals have been placed in every major US city.  The borders were deliberately left open for this ultimate goal.

Ohio Removes Illegal Aliens from State Voter Rolls.  The crucial swing state of Ohio recently announced that illegal aliens and other non-citizens have been removed from the state's voter rolls ahead of the 2024 election.  [Advertisement]  As Fox News reports, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R-Ohio) made the announcement on Tuesday, revealing that a review had discovered over 100 illegals being registered to vote, even though they were not American citizens.  The investigation by Ohio's Public Integrity Division, using data from the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles, determined that at least 137 people were registered to vote despite confirming twice that they were not citizens.  [Advertisement]  "These individuals will receive at least two written notices from the Secretary of State's office asking them to confirm their citizenship status or cancel their registration," LaRose's office said in a statement.  "Failure to respond to these notices will result in removal of the registration from the voter rolls by the county boards of elections."  [Advertisement]  LaRose also suggested that there may be even more illegals who are registered to vote than previously thought.

Here's Fresh Evidence Biden's Using Your Tax Dollars To Turn Out Democrat Votes In 2024.  Months from the 2024 presidential election, Americans remain mostly in the dark about a sweeping executive order Joe Biden signed early in his presidency that could swing the entire contest in his favor.  New bombshell documents obtained by the Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project reinforce that is precisely the point of the directive — and the administration is working in cahoots with left-wing activist groups to achieve it.  In March 2021, President Biden signed an "Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting."  The administration inked the directive, apparently the brainchild of leftist think-tank Demos, to cheers from dozens of like-minded but officially nonpartisan nongovernmental organizations.

Stop Mail-In Ballots to Ineligible Addresses.  The only strategy that can impact 2024 is to stop mail-in ballots from going to ineligible addresses[.]  [Video clip]

Dr. Walter Daugherity Reveals How 35,000 Illegal Votes Were Added to Democrat Totals in AZ Election.  During this full interview, Dr. Walter Daugherity, a Harvard Ph.D expert in Computer Science, and Professor Emeritus at Texas A & M University, breaks down how no state to date has independently examined the source code for the machines used in our elections, and how the Libertarian party of North Carolina was thwarted in their attempts to analyze the code that no one seems to be able to get their hands on.  Daugherity details his analysis of cast vote records, which is the only record that shows the sequence of votes to see if impossible patterns exist, and reveals how the underlying software design for Dominion, ES&S, and many other election vendors is the same.  What is evidenced in Daugherity's analysis is a PID (proportional integral derivative) controlled algorithm that selects candidates in a predictive fashion.  One of the more shocking revelations in the interview was Daugherity's finding of 35,000 votes being added to vote totals of democrat candidates up and down the ballot in Arizona and digitally spread out in a controlled fashion to avoid detection.

Forensic Expert Claims Massive Fraud in Pennsylvania in 2020 Election.  A warehouse supervisor is alleged to have entered a Pennsylvania voting precinct shortly after the 2020 election and used a portable vDrive to flip more than 50,000 votes.  Patrick Webb discussed the allegations in detail on Twitter today.  The allegations come from a computer forensic expert called Greg Stenstrom, who testified under oath about what he saw.  [Tweet]  At least two other people provided corroborating testimony about the man in question, Jim Savage.  One person claims that during a training session, Savage "held up a vDrive and stated that it controls all of the votes, and that you could change an election with this."

Georgia Election Board Left Speechless After 100% Proof Given The 2020 Elections Were Stolen, Still Refuse To Investigate.  Georgia Election Board dumbfounded after finding out that 3,000 ballots were scanned twice in the 2020 election recount in Fulton County.  The board also revealed that 380,761 ballot images from machine count were "not available."  [Video clip]

Democrat Voter Triage.  Four years ago, when Biden "won" the shadiest election in modern history, I expected four or eight years of nonsense and a lot of bad laws that would have to be repealed.  Sort of a repeat of the Carter years. [...] What's puzzling is that there is an election thundering down upon us, and the Democrats don't seem to notice.  Joe's not hitting the campaign trail in anything but a half-hearted, phone-it-in way.  But that's because he can't physically get through a speech in front of a scantily-attended, picked audience.  You would expect the Democrats to try to look like they are listening to the majority of voters who are deafening pollsters with negative feedback about how bad things are in flyover country.  A conspiracy theorist might conclude that the Democrats are counting on cheat-by-mail and the millions of welfare migrants to save them in November.  And maybe they are.  Maybe those scams will "win" them another shady election.  But I am starting to get the distinct feeling that America has simply had enough of old Joe and his pack of grifters.

Voting Shenanigans in Michigan.  [Scroll down]  In November of 2022, Michigan voters also passed Proposal 2, a proposal to amend the voting procedures previously authorized in the State of Michigan's Constitution.  While the proposal passed with (ostensibly) 60% of the vote, the recent batch of bills purportedly written to implement the changes of Proposal 2 goes significantly beyond what was authorized by the voters.  The new legislation hands over verification of absentee ballots from an elected bipartisan board of inspectors to city or township clerks.  They also significantly expand the powers of election clerks and the Secretary of State.  For example, the Secretary of State can now dictate election procedures without going through the formal rule-making process.  This greatly increases the potential for fraud and significantly reduces the safeguards against it.  Senate Bill 367 allows clerks in municipalities with at least 5,000 people to process and count absentee ballots eight days before Election Day.  The eight-day, pre-election day window will make it very difficult for poll watchers to observe the handling and counting of mail-in votes.  (What could possibly go wrong there?)

Board Refuses To Have Fulton County Investigated For Double-Scanning 3,000 Ballots In 2020 Recount.  Two Republican members of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections voted not to certify the 2020 presidential election citing a litany of concerns with the county's election administration.  Now — four years later — the State Election Board (SEB) chided the county for violating the law during the 2020 election but stopped short of referring the case for further investigation by the attorney general.  The SEB ruled 2-1 Tuesday that Fulton County must have an independent election monitor to oversee its elections after it found more than 3,000 ballots were scanned twice during the 2020 presidential recount.  The Georgia secretary of state's office could not confirm how many of the ballots that were scanned twice were also counted, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (AJC).

Illinois Democrats defend hastily enacted election year changes.  The chair of the Illinois House Ethics and Elections Committee is defending a hastily approved election year change to election law preventing candidates from being slated for the November election.  Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed Senate Bill 2412 Friday, less than two days after it was approved by the House and concurred by the Senate.  "It really does make sure that we don't have backroom deals to put people on the ballot and run as a result of some small group of people in a smoke filled room making the choice," Pritzker said before the Senate passed the measure.  "So I think, to me, more transparency is better."

Shady Milwaukee Elections Chief Ousted Six Months Before Election, But Will Her Successor Be Worse?  Now that Milwaukee's controversial election chief has been sent packing, Republicans in critical swing-state Wisconsin are wondering whether the fix will be worse than what previously ailed Milwaukee's election integrity.  On Monday, Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced Milwaukee Election Commission Executive Director Claire Woodall is out — just six months before November's presidential election.  Woodall, roundly criticized by conservatives for her handling (or mishandling) of the closely contested 2020 presidential election in battleground Wisconsin, will be replaced by her lieutenant, Paulina Gutierrez, according to the far-left Democrat mayor.  Why?  Johnson spokesman Jeff Fleming told the Associated Press that Woodall's ouster had nothing to do with her handling of elections but "other issues internal to the election commission office and to city government that raised concern."  What those "issues" are, Fleming didn't say.

Will the Supreme Court Let This Crisis Go to Waste?  When state election officials used the 2020 pandemic as justification to change election rules, several organizations filed lawsuits claiming that only the state legislatures are constitutionally authorized to make such changes.  But the Supreme Court declined to hear the cases.  Since the election hadn't happened yet, nobody had been harmed; hence, there were no damages to be adjudicated.  After the election, in which an unprecedented number of irregularities occurred, Texas (and several other states) petitioned the Supreme Court to adjudicate the issues.  But the court ruled that since the irregularities hadn't occurred in Texas, citizens of Texas were not harmed, and the state therefore lacked standing to file suit.  When audits of the election began to reveal problems, organizations again asked the Court to engage.  But the Supreme Court declined again, simply saying that the election had been certified, and the arguments were therefore moot.  I'm sure the justices thought they were being prudent and were protecting the reputation of the Court by staying as far away from a controversial election as possible.  If so, they placed protection of the Court over protection of the Court's source of authority — the Constitution.

Data: More Than 200,000 People On North Carolina Voter Rolls 'Missing' ID Numbers.  North Carolina voter data lists more than 224,000 people with registration dates after January 2004 whose records are "missing" both the last four digits of their Social Security number (SSN) and a driver's license identification number, according to public records obtained by The Federalist.  The 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA) required states to verify certain "information of newly registered voters for Federal elections," according to the Social Security Administration.  "Each State must establish a computerized State-wide voter registration list and verify new voter information with the State's Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)."  These requirements went into effect on Jan. 1, 2004.  States must verify the would-be voter's driver's license number against the MVA database, but if an individual lacks a driver's license then states must use the last four digits of his SSN, name, and date of birth.  Notably, verifying a registrant's SSN or driver's license does not necessarily confirm his citizenship, since foreign nationals can obtain either.

America:  Goodbye my Country.  Today in the Disunited States we have a government in power that was not elected; instead it used control over the blue cities in swing states and the whore American media to steal the election.  Massive amounts of evidence was provided by experts that the election was stolen, but this was strongly denied by the whore media, and experts were prosecuted for making the facts known.  Today America is governed by an illegitimate tyrannical regime, and nothing has been done about it.  The Republican Party is useless.  Only Trump soldiers on with four orchestrated criminal indictments and a number of civil cases arrayed against him.  The media, Democrats, and Rino Republicans are all against him.  Only the people are for him, and the people are powerless.  They don't even have the vote as the Democrats made clear by stealing the last two elections.

Democrats' Election Games Have One Thing In Common:  Shifting Power From Voters To Party Bosses.  Just about every election cycle, Democrats spring a new voting scheme on unsuspecting voters, each one more complicated than the last, with the predictable result of confusing voters and reducing confidence in the eventual results.  This is all by design.  Instead of earning voters' loyalty, leftists would rather gain or maintain power by manipulating the election process however possible.  An egregious example of this took place earlier this year in New Hampshire, where the office of the state attorney general ended up issuing a cease-and-desist order to Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials for purportedly violating state voter suppression laws.  Party bosses, who wanted South Carolina to be the first Democrat primary in the nation, bumped the presidential primaries in New Hampshire and Iowa down on the calendar after claiming the latter's caucuses were "too white and too undemocratic."  When New Hampshire went forward with a January primary anyway, in accordance with state law, the DNC instructed the state party to tell voters their votes would be "meaningless" if they voted on Jan. 23, rather than on the DNC's preferred primary date later in the year.

Elections Should Not Be Conducted in Darkness.  This week, the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed two federal lawsuits in Minnesota and Wisconsin to end these states' special exemptions from a federal election transparency law.  Congress decided three decades ago that transparency is an essential component of any election infrastructure.  That's why the National Voter Registration Act, usually called "Motor Voter," deemed all records related to who is eligible and not eligible to vote to be public records — except in six states.  These records include voter rolls, removal records of individuals who were found to not be citizens of the United States and many more key records that often reveal mistakes by election officials.  Transparency in election administration allows the public to understand the activities of officials who grant and remove voting rights.  Making the list-maintenance process public increases trust and confidence in our electoral process.  Transparency enables the public to see when election officials are making mistakes.  It also allows voters who are improperly removed from the rolls to find out why.

10 Lies Democrats Tell About Our Elections (And How To Refute Them).  [#2] The 2020 Election Was the 'Most Secure in American History.'  This claim from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — the "nerve center" of the federal government's censorship operations — is just as inaccurate today as the day it was issued nearly four years ago.  From illegal election rule changes in Michigan and Pennsylvania to the unauthorized use of ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin, the 2020 election was fraught with mischief and irregularities.  In unprecedented fashion, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg poured hundreds of millions of dollars into left-wing nonprofits, which funneled most of these "Zuckbucks" into election offices in Democrat-majority localities to push Democrat-backed voting policies and get-out-the-vote efforts. [...] [#3] Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist.  When it comes to defending the chaotic and irregular 2020 election, legacy media have adopted the strategy of pretending that voter fraud never happens.  But recent cases of such illegalities show that isn't true.

RNC, Trump Suing Nevada To Stop Ballot Counting After Election.  Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are suing the Nevada Secretary of State to prevent counting mail-in ballots received after election day.  Nevada election law allows ballots received up to four days after an election to be counted.  "Nevada's ballot receipt deadline clearly violates federal law and undermines election integrity in the state," RNC co-chairman Michael Whatley said in a statement.  He added: "[T]he RNC and our partners are suing to secure an honest election, support Nevada voters, and oppose unlawful schemes."  "Congress has established a uniform, national day to elect members of Congress and to appoint presidential electors," attorneys for the RNC and Trump campaign contend in their lawsuit filed with the U.S. District Court of Nevada.  "Nevada effectively extends Nevada's federal election past the Election Day established by Congress," the lawsuit argues.

The Left's Election Industrial Complex.  There is a battle taking place in America today.  It's the Left's Election Industrial Complex versus fair and transparent US elections.  While conservatives argue over whether we should vote early or on Election Day, the Election Industrial Complex is adding, deleting, and managing entities that are clandestinely operating behind US elections.  A document produced by Higher Ground Labs entitled the — 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report — outlines what we have labeled the Election Industrial Complex.

Investigation: Biden Executive Order Focuses on Registering Convicts to Vote.  An executive order signed by President Joe Biden has focused on registering convicts to vote and exclusively involved left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGOs), an investigation from the Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project revealed.  In March 2021, Biden signed an executive order titled "Promoting Access to Voting," which he billed as a "nonpartisan" government-wide effort to "expand citizens' opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process."

Poll Shows Nearly Three in 10 Voters Would Vote Illegally in 2024 Presidential Election.  Unfortunately, widespread illegal voting in presidential elections seems to be the new normal in the United States.  Based on our latest poll, 28% of all voters say they would engage in at least one kind of illegal voting practice in order to help their preferred candidate — either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump — win the 2024 election.  Examples of illegal voting scenarios that voters say they would engage in include voting in multiple states; destroying mail-in ballots of friends or family members; paying or offering rewards to fellow voters; deliberately providing incorrect information about the place, time, or date associated with casting a ballot; and/or altering candidate selections on mail-in ballots.  Although self-identified Democrat voters are slightly more likely to engage in illegal voting to ensure that Biden would win, the number of self-identified Republican voters who would also engage in illegal voting to guarantee a Trump victory is also quite concerning.

Court Stands By Decision Rejecting Undated Pennsylvania Mail Ballots, In Blow To Left-Wing Activists.  The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an attempt from left-wing organizations to have the court reconsider a ruling that found unelected bureaucrats were wrong to accept thousands of undated or incorrectly dated ballots during the 2020 election.  A three-judge panel for the 3rd Circuit ruled in a 2-1 decision in March that any mail-in ballots that arrive in envelopes missing a date or with an incorrect date are invalid, upholding a state law and overturning a lower court's decision.  Several left-wing organizations appealed the ruling by petitioning the court to review the decision en banc, a petition which was denied on Tuesday.  It's a big blow for Democrat operative and Russia hoaxer Marc Elias, whose group supported the lawsuit against the state law and which called it a "crucial" and "critical" case ahead of 2024.  [Tweet]

Poll: Election-Shifting Percentage Of Voters Admit To Illegal Voting In 2020.  For the past three years, the corporate press and numerous officials in the Biden White House have asserted there is no evidence widespread voter fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election.  Some have even gone so far as to call it the "most secure" election in U.S. history.  However, a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports — a survey I wrote with a team of experts at the Heartland Institute and discussed last week on Tucker Carlson's show — not only calls into question that often-repeated claim, it shows the opposite could have been true. [...] The Heartland Institute/Rasmussen survey, which was conducted from Nov. 30 to Dec. 6, asked likely voters who cast ballots in 2020 questions about fraudulent activities, without telling them such actions were a form of voter fraud.  The results were stunning.  One in five people who voted by mail admitted to engaging in at least one kind of potential voter fraud, seriously calling into question the security of widespread mail-in balloting.

They Can't Steal It For Joe A Second Time — And They Know It.  I got a lot of feedback to [a] recent column about whether 'Basement Joe' has a real shot at 'beating' Trump in a rematch, what with the Deep State having to come out from behind the curtain to transparently steal the 2020 election with 3 am ballot dumps in front of the entire country when Trump was beating their cheat on election night.  Some people think the Deep State has enough mojo left to 'arrange' a shocking COMEBACK 'WIN' for Basement Joe Biden in this upcoming 2024 Presidential election.  They don't seem to be able to recognize the shifting of the political realities over the past 3½ years that would make such a theft almost, if not completely, impossible.  As I've been emphasizing, the mere act of stealing an election with massive amounts of vote fraud is becoming increasingly challenging.  However, it's also just the first step.  Even if they were to succeed in pulling off another election theft in 2024, they would still have to get enough of the public to 'buy in' to the idea that Biden supposedly pulled off an astounding comeback.

Ensuring a Republican Victory.  Trump probably won in 2020, so he should have little difficulty winning in 2024.  However, will he be certified, or will the honor go to Joe, Michelle, or Pretty Boy?  The problem here is the massive ballot harvesting schemes used by Democrats. [...] In no fewer than 206 Madison City [Wisconsin] parks, Democrats held "Democracy in the Park" events, advertised by Joe himself.  Hundreds of special ballot drop boxes were strategically placed, and a couple hundred election "inspectors" helped thousands of fellow Democrats decipher the complexities of voting.  Make a mistake?  No worry, the inspector will fix it.  Need a witness for your signature?  The inspector can do that too.  No ID?  Just say you are afraid of COVID.  In a hurry?  Hand your ballot to the inspector.  She will make sure the ballot is cast — and for the right candidate!  Basically, Wisconsin election officials operated a massive ballot harvesting operation in plain sight, and strictly in Democrat areas.  The Trump team went to court, but in a partisan, 4 to 3 ruling, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed the case on the basis of "laches" (filed too late).

Trump Won ALL 6 Swing States, The Wrong Guy Is In The White House.  [Video clip only.]

The Democrats' Plan To Steal The Presidency For Good.  While Americans brace for another contentious presidential election, the Democrats have a better idea:  Subvert the Constitution in the name of "democracy."  Once again, the party of the left shows why it's losing Americans' trust.  Quietly but steadily, the Democratic Party has been advancing its latest bold idea to create a uni-party state:  A "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact."  In case you missed it, the Associated Press reported last week that "Maine will become the latest to join a multistate effort to elect the president by popular vote," the 17th state to do so.  As the AP noted, "Under the proposed compact, each state would allocate all its electoral votes to whoever wins the national popular vote for president, regardless of how individual states voted in an election."

Are Our Elections Legally Valid?  Many US citizens have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election.  Given the disturbing details that have emerged such as bloated voter rolls, algorithms creating fake voters (New York Citizens Audit), canvassing efforts showing 20% of mailed ballots were not validly cast (Defend Florida 2021 canvassing efforts), US election systems software being written in Serbia, and more recently in Georgia, a Fulton County Election Board member testifying that no signature verification was performed on their 147,000 mail-in ballots, it is no wonder why.  A group of concerned citizens, led by New York Citizens Audit founder, Marly Hornik, and elections & cyber security expert, Harry Haury, has emerged to confront the issue of illegal and therefore invalid elections.  This non-partisan group, United Sovereign Americans (USA for short), has teams in over 20 states that are doing deep dives into the election issues in their state and are developing an elections scorecards summarizing those issues which likely violate existing election law.

American Communists Have Their Election Year Chaos Scheme In Full Effect.  Mass chaos breaks out at college campuses across the United States as pro-Hamas protests intensify.  Columbia, Harvard, USC, University of Texas at Austin and others are getting swarmed by protesters.  Police at USC are taking out their batons as the protesters are turning violent.  Texas state troopers have been deployed and reportedly made dozens of arrests at the University of Texas at Austin.  [Video clip]

Why 2020 'Election Denialism' Is Not Denialism at All.  [Scroll down]  Plainly, the special counsel, Jack Smith, is on perilous logical ground in his election case indictments.  The premise that it's unreasonable to believe that the 2020 election was stolen takes for granted that the election presumptively was not stolen, instead of proving it by properly fulfilling the burden of proof. [...] The matter has been decided; to talk of a stolen 2020 election is election denialism.  Or so we are supposed to believe, and without any further discussion.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Kari Lake Voting Machine Lawsuit.  The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a voting machine lawsuit filed by her and former Arizona secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem.  The pair claimed in their suit "that they had sufficiently argued that all Arizona-certified optical scanners and ballot marking devices 'have been wrongly certified for use,'" the Washington Examiner reported.  A federal judge rejected the lawsuit in 2022, and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that decision in October 2023, before the Supreme Court declining to take the case.

Unrigging Elections.  The most consequential elections of our lifetime are quickly approaching.  Many sensible Americans believe November 2024 will determine whether the United States will be the land of the free, or a country of subjects.  Dr. David Clements has dedicated the last few years of his life to teaching Americans how U.S. elections are manipulated, why they're being rigged, and what can be done to regain one of the most critical components of self-government.  Clements is a former New Mexico prosecutor and a former professor at New Mexico State University.  His resistance to Covid-related mandates and subsequent crusade to restore U.S. elections have turned his life upside down.  He has lost his job, he has been blackballed, he has incurred lawfare on multiple fronts, and he and his family have received death threats.  [Paywall]

Election Investigator Reveals How Democrats Hijacked Wisconsin Elections.  Many Americans remember what it was like watching the returns during election night on November 3, 2020.  They remember the terror on the faces of media propagandists as they realized Donald Trump would win again.  For the first few hours, things were looking good for the America First crowd.  But that didn't last.  Just as things were getting good, election workers in many populated areas, including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee, stopped counting votes — in the middle of an election.  Trump supporters remember this as the moment they realized that something wrong was happening.  By the next morning, the picture had flipped.  Joe Biden was now ahead in just the right number of states.  [Paywall]

'The Most Secure Election in American History'.  [Scroll down]  Two days later, I filed the motion to intervene in the Supreme Court in that action.  The Supreme Court rules require the lawyer on the brief to have their name, address, email address and phone number.  Nobody in the country at that point really knew who Trump's legal team was, but all of a sudden people had a lawyer and an email address.  I became the recipient of every claim, every allegation, crazy or not, that existed anywhere in the world about what had happened in the election.  It was like drinking from a fire hose.  I received communications from some of the best statisticians in the world who were working with election data and who told me there was something very wrong with the reported election results, according to multiple statistical analyses.  One group decided to do a counter-statistical analysis.  They said the statisticians had misapplied Stan Young's path-breaking work.  Unbeknownst to them, one of the statisticians I was relying on was Stan Young himself.

A Coup Without Firing a Shot.  [Scroll down]  All the while, once-trusted sources of information — media, academia, think tanks — have steadfastly refused to report and respond in truthful ways, leading to a further loss of public trust not just in government and politics but also in everything else, including corporate tech and all the higher order sectors of the culture.  Also part of this has been a political crisis in many nations, including the use of sketchy election strategies justified by epidemiologic emergency:  the only safe way to vote (said the CDC) is absentee via the mails.  Here we find one of many overlapping parallels to a scenario hardly ever imagined:  infectious disease deployed as a cover for political manipulation.  Crucially and ominously, all of these mind-blowing developments took place in roughly similar ways the world over, and with the same language and model.  Everywhere people were told "We are all in this together," and that social distancing, masking, and vaxxing was the correct way out.  Media was also censored everywhere, while anti-lockdown protestors (or even those who simply wanted to worship together in peace) were treated not as dissidents to be tolerated but irresponsible spreaders of disease.

A crush of lawsuits over voting in multiple states is creating a shadow war for the 2024 election.  As President Joe Biden and Donald Trump step up their campaigning in swing states, a quieter battle is taking place in the shadows of their White House rematch.  The Republican National Committee, newly reconstituted under Trump, has filed election-related lawsuits in nearly half the states.  Recent lawsuits over voter roll maintenance in Michigan and Nevada are part of a larger strategy targeting various aspects of voting and election administration.

Trump Campaign, RNC Unveil Massive Election Integrity Program.  The Republican National Committee together with the Trump campaign announced Friday the launch of what they claim is the "most extensive and monumental election integrity program in the nation's history."  More than 100,000 volunteers and attorneys will work in each battleground state to ensure the 2024 elections are transparent and fair.  "Having the right people to count the ballots is just as important as turning out voters on Election Day," former President Trump said in a statement.  "Republicans are now working together to protect the vote and ensure a big win on November 5th!"

Maine joins 'popular vote' interstate compact, bringing the total to 209 — they only need to reach 270.  Pay attention people, because the canary in the coal mine isn't breathing. [...] Now, if you're unaware as to what this compact is, allow me to explain: it's a nationwide movement to undermine the integrity of, and sidestep the political protections implemented by... the Electoral College.  While these anti-EC activists have loudly called for the abolition of the institution at the federal level, they've been quietly and methodically laying the framework at the state level — the National Popular Vote interstate compact.  These anti-American operatives are playing the long-game, and we're barreling toward a shocking and devastating checkmate.  (The first state to sign on to the scheme was Maryland in 2007.)

Sec. Mayorkas Admits They Don't Oversee and Stop Illegals Voting.  Alejandro Mayorkas admitted there are no mechanisms in place to prevent illegal immigrants from potentially registering and voting in U.S. elections.  It's not his job.  His job is to protect the border.  In other words, he does nothing.  Mayorkas was a Board member on the board of an NGO who works with an NGO accused of telling illegal aliens to vote for Joe Biden when they come in.  [Tweet with video clip]  The impeachment articles of Secretary Mayorkas were walked over to the Senate today.  We'll see what Schumer will do with them, likely nothing.  During the hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene blasted DHS Secretary Mayorkas over the bombshell finding of flyers allegedly put up by NGOs and paid for by US taxpayers.  The flyers tell illegal aliens to vote for Biden in our election.  Mayorkas is remarkably arrogant and isn't a bit concerned about Republicans.

The Left's latest scheme to permanently change elections in America.  Imagine a Super Bowl referee bending the rules to give his favorite team the win.  Few would call that fair.  Yet that is precisely what the Left wants to do to America's elections.  From noncitizen voting to lawsuits inviting activist judges to rewrite our election laws, left-wing activists are taking every opportunity to change elections permanently for partisan gain.  Their latest tactic is to undermine the basic principle of "one person, one vote" with a new scheme called ranked choice voting.  As we speak, liberal special interests are leading a sophisticated national campaign to push ranked choice voting in nearly every state.  They have hired lobbyists, formed astroturf activist groups, and are financing state ballot measures across the country.

AP Tries to Explain Why Noncitizen Voting is No Big Deal.  With more than ten million "new arrivals" in the country under Joe Biden's watch, increasing numbers of people have been expressing concerns over how many of them might wind up trying to vote in the upcoming elections.  Even worse, how many of them might get away with it?  This is a threat that has been brought up by Donald Trump recently, to the great alarm of his detractors in the legacy media.  But he was hardly the first to raise this specter.  Rushing to the rescue this weekend is the Associated Press.  They want to assure everyone that Donald Trump is just engaging in conspiracy theories again.  Noncitizen voting simply doesn't happen, or at least not enough that it should bother you.  Our voting system is safe and secure.  You know... just like our border.

It's Game Over for Election Fraud Deniers!  Election fraud investigator Joe Rossi was just sent another explosive letter from Georgia's state election board.  The investigation report which began in March 2022 (which is called SEB2023-25) has finally found "errors" in both the hand count and the machine count from the 2020 election in Fulton County.  What does that mean?  It means that none of the three vote counts from Georgia's 2020 election matched each other.  That's because illegal ballot images and fake ballots were included in these counts.  So these "violations" of election law (which are really crimes of course) are now officially on the agenda for the May 7th meeting of Georgia's state election board!

Georgia State Election Board Now Admits to Violations of Election Law in 2020 Election.  The Georgia State Election Board admitted to violation of election law in the 2020 election.  The State Election Board admitted to this in a recent letter to investigator Joseph Rossi.  The Georgia Election Board says in their letter to Rossi, "The matter is in the violation found category."

Congress Is Lying to You About FISA.  For the third time in three consecutive cycles, secretive federal agencies are trying to rig our presidential election.  This is what the Democrats refer to as democracy, and they're trying to defend it.  But of course, it's the opposite of democracy.  It's, in fact, the end of democracy in any semblance of a constitutional republic we ever had.  If you have a secret police force threatening people, spying on them, and working secretly the levers of political power, then you don't have a democracy.  You have no control over really anything as a voter.  So if there's one thing the Republican Party, the opposition party, should be doing in response to this, right now, it's fighting back against this descent into totalitarianism.  They should be working to return freedom and democracy to the country.  They should defend the Constitution.  They should rein in these agencies, Washington secret police.  But you will not be surprised to learn they've been busy doing just the opposite.

Election integrity returns to the national conversation.  It is no secret that many of our election laws and practices were manipulated by the Democrat party under the guise of mandated "social distancing" during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Well, the pandemic is by all accounts over, and life appears to have returned to "normal," yet the loosened requirements for voter registration and voting remain in many jurisdictions.  Why have we not returned to the pre-pandemic laws and regulations?  The answer is obvious:  the laws benefit the voting habits and practices of one political party over the other.  During the pandemic, many Western democracies did not alter voter registration or voting requirements, as did the United States.  In France, for example, voters use the same system that's been used for generations: paper ballots, cast in person and counted by hand.  Despite periodic calls for more flexibility or modernization, France does not allow mail-in voting, early voting, or voting machines as the United States does.

Texas County Successfully Completes Hand Count of Paper Ballots.  Election-integrity activists sat up and took notice when a Texas county successfully completed a paper-ballot hand count during the March GOP primary.  Advocates of a return to hand counts and paper ballots now have more solid evidence that dependence on electronic systems isn't the only way to go.  According to a March 6 article at Texas Scorecard on March 6, Republican precinct chairs in Gillespie County in central Texas (county seat, Fredericksburg) had decided a year earlier to pursue a hand count, wanting more transparent and secure elections.  Six months of hard advance work prepared teams to count more than 8,000 ballots, using a plan designed to reduce error and speed up the process.  Gillespie County Party Chairman Bruce Campbell didn't think enough people could be found to complete the project, but about 300 volunteers came out of the woodwork to help, indicating strong support for hand counts and a well-earned distrust of electronic systems.

The Socialists are conditioning you to expect days of "lost" or "delayed" mail-in ballots arriving after Election Day.
Major Delays in Mail Delivery Have People Worried It Could Impact 2024 Election.  Here in the Susitna Valley, when it's time to vote, we proceed on Election Day to our local community center, where we present our IDs, get checked off the voting roll, sign in, and then fill out a paper ballot.  Those paper ballots are placed in a box and counted by humans.  Now, granted, that system works well here, where our little rural community can expect fewer than 2,000 voters most years.  Many states and municipalities across the land have, however, resorted to mail-in ballots.  It's easy to imagine many ways in which this system is fraught, but now a major overhaul of the U.S. Postal Service — the timing of which is surely coincidental — is threatening to delay the delivery of mail-in ballots in the November election.

Trump Lawyer John Eastman Officially Disbarred For Challenging 2020 Election.  President Trump's lawyer John Eastman was officially disbarred this week after a judge ruled he should have his law license stripped for challenging the 2020 election.  Eastman on Thursday asked a California judge to pause the disbarment ruling, citing massive legal fees.  Trump 2020 election lawyer John Eastman faced disbarment in California for 'undermining democracy' by trying to 'overturn the presidential election.'  The January 6 Committee sent the feds after John Eastman because he dared to take action against the Democrats and their massive election fraud operation in 2020.

Aliens Voting.  The southern border crisis has reached new heights under President Biden.  Now, viral footage shows migrants rushing the National Guard and cutting down border fencing.  The data backs up the images Americans are seeing on TV. Arrests for illegal border crossings from Mexico have reached an all-time high.  I could just as easily be describing our border in 2015 or even a decade before.  Some of these foreigners will get drivers licenses and, therefore mistakenly get added to American voter rolls.  We have researched this issue for years, and there is hard data to back it up.  We already have government records from states across the country that reveal aliens have been registering and voting in American elections.  Yes, you read that right:  foreigners are casting ballots in American elections.  It is not a myth or Bigfoot.  It is happening.  The number one source for alien registration is the DMV registration system.  The overwhelming majority of foreigners who end up registered to vote come through the DMV.  The second most prevalent is student visas.  Illegal border crossers comprise a smaller percentage of aliens to get registered.  Data support these conclusions.

Citizen Groups Stepping Up to Demand Honest Elections.  In any contest between two or more parties, an impartial referee is often necessary to ensure that the rules are followed fairly. [...] When the irregularities of the 2020 election were ignored by the justice system and the media, average citizens came forward to figure out what might have happened.  In upstate New York, Marly Hornik, a goat-herder and homeschool mom, teamed up with election and cybersecurity expert Harry Haury, and formed New York Citizens Audit to investigate their state voter roll database.  The group released peer-reviewed statistical reports that exposed alarming errors in the data for 2020 and 2022.  Among their findings for 2022:  1,467,399 illegal duplicate registrations with 449,856 votes cast.  16,623 votes cast by voters with a blank address. "35,312 more votes counted than voters who voted" — an impossibility in a properly-conducted election.

Investigative Reporter/Researcher Peter Bernegger [was] Arrested on [the] Day of [the] Wisconsin Primary.  Wisconsin investigative reporter and researcher Peter Bernegger of Election Watch Incorporated was arrested and booked by the Dane County Sheriff this morning for "Simulating Legal Process," according to the Dane County Sheriff's website.  Bernegger was intricately involved in exposing election campaign "smurfs," or donors who are believed to be unknowingly used to launder numerous small-dollar donations to political candidates.  Bernegger previously told The Gateway Pundit that the "smurfing" scheme "looks like the largest money laundering scheme in the history of the country."  In March 2023, O'Keefe Media Group's James O'Keefe interviewed several of these unsuspecting "smurfs" to see if they had donated large quantities of money to candidates and political action committees such as ACTBlue through numerous small-dollar donations.  Of course, they hadn't.  These donations often amounted to thousands of dollars from "unemployed" (retired) seniors in numerous small donations.  Democrats such as Senators Raphael Warnock and John Fetterman, Governors Katie Hobbs and Gretchen Whitmer, Congressman Troy Carter, and Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz were reported beneficiaries of this operation.

'The Most Terrifying Poll Result I've Ever Seen'.  Earlier this year, pollster Scott Rasmussen asked voters a simple question: "Would you rather have your candidate win by cheating or lose by playing fair?"  The answers he got back were, as he put it in a Daily Signal podcast last week, "the most terrifying poll result I've ever seen."  Among all Americans, just 7% said they would want their candidate to win by cheating.  As Rasmussen put it, he'd rather see that number lower, but that's not bad.  But more than a third of the elite 1% he surveyed would condone cheating.  And among those who are "politically obsessed" — meaning that they talk about politics every day — that number shot up to 69%.

Wisconsin Voters Ban Private Funding of Elections.  Wisconsin voters approved an amendment on Tuesday night, banning the private funding of elections in the swing state.  The amendment directs that "donations and grants may not be applied for, accepted, expended, or used in... connection with the conduct of any primary, election, or referendum," according to the question phrasing that the Wisconsin State Legislature listed.  Associated Press election results showed the ballot question passed by a 54.4 percent to 45.6 percent vote.

Nebraska Governor Backs Conservative-Led Effort to Award All of State's Electoral Votes to Statewide Presidential Winner.  Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen (R) has backed a conservative-led effort to award all of the state's electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins statewide.  Though Nebraska has been a Republican stronghold for years, the state's system, as well as Maine's, for awarding electoral votes has been at odds with the rest of the country by instead awarding those votes based on the congressional district as opposed to the winner-takes-all statewide popular vote.  Theoretically, a presidential candidate could win the state but still lose one electoral vote if their opponent won in a congressional district like Omaha.  For example, Barack Obama won a single electoral vote in 2008 and Joe Biden won the same in 2020.

No signature verification was done in 2020 in Fulton County, election board member testifies.  Mark Wingate, who served on the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, testified on Monday that there was no signature verification done on Fulton County absentee ballots in the 2020 election.  Wingate is testifying in the D.C. disbarment trial of Trump Administration Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark.  The Fulton County 2020 election should never have been certified because there was no signature verification done at all on absentee ballots, he said.  Joe Biden reportedly won Georgia by about 12,000 votes.

'Bidenbucks' Tentacles Expand As Judge Shuts Down Lawsuit.  With a little over seven months until Election Day, "Bidenbucks" are ramping up where Team Biden's sweeping taxpayer-funded get-out-the-vote order is most needed.  Meanwhile, a federal judge has stopped a Bidenbucks complaint described as "the MOST important election integrity lawsuit in the country."  The Michigan Department of State recently announced a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Small Business Administration "to promote civic engagement and voter registration in Michigan."  The agreement, according to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and SBA Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman is a "first-of-its-kind collaboration" for the federal agency.  It is expected to run through Jan. 1, 2036.  That is, if legal challenges can't stop the apparently unconstitutional "understanding."

Surveillance Footage Exposes Polling Place Manager Bringing Blank Ballots into Lorain County Bar on Eve of Election.  The integrity of the election process in Lorain County, Ohio has come into question after a polling place manager was captured on surveillance footage transporting blank provisional ballots into a local bar.  The Lorain County Board of Elections, the Lorain County Sheriff's Office (LCSO), and the Ohio Secretary of State have launched a full investigation into the incident, Cleveland19 reported.  The video from the MAHD House Bar & Grille, which has since gone viral, clearly shows the poll manager entering with bags and placing them inside a booth, only to leave them unattended while he enjoyed a meal.  The owner of MAHD House, James Tucker, expressed his concern upon realizing what the bags contained.

Democracy By Deception.  As we know, communists always accuse their enemies of what they're doing.  As the lawfare against Donald Trump falls apart, they've begun ardently accusing Trump of being a dangerous dictator, of being a threat to "democracy," because of his refusal to accept the 2020 election as legitimate.  They care so much about "democracy" that they have to fall in line with a globalist elite instead of voters, persecute Trump to sway the 2024 election, encourage all manner of cheating and interference in the 2024 election to save "democracy."  That's literally their reasoning for these lawfare attacks, buying votes with taxpayer money, opening the border to bring in the 10-12 million voters Biden thinks he's going to need to win the election, even with all of their attempts to imprison the opposition candidate.  The communists really like mail-in ballots, because they can use the U.S. Postal Service to hold mail-in ballots from conservative areas, "losing" as many as they have to, to win.  Because, that's what you do when you care so much about "democracy" that you rig the outcome of elections.

Republicans Score Win in Court Battle Over Pennsylvania Ballot Requirements.  Pennsylvania rules that require mail-in ballots to be dated are legal, a federal appeals court has ruled.  A state law that says voters must fill out, date, and sign envelopes containing the ballots is not prevented by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a majority said in the March 27 ruling.  The act bans denying "the right of any individual to vote in any election because of an error or omission on any record or paper relating to any application, registration or other act requisite to voting."  But that provision "only applies when the state is determining who may vote," U.S. Circuit Court Judge Thomas Ambro, appointed by former President Bill Clinton, wrote for the majority of a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit panel.  "In other words, its role stops at the door of the voting place.  The provision does not apply to rules, like the date requirement, that govern how a qualified voter must cast his ballot for it to be counted."

Some Men Just Want...  [Scroll down]  And why would our leaders make it ridiculously easy to cheat in our elections?  When elections used to be decided on Election Night, why must we now wait days or weeks for early, late, remote, harvested, no-ID, or cured votes to be counted?  And why does our entire court system studiously look the other way if so much alleged cheating is occurring?

Trump Lawyer, Conservative Legal Icon John Eastman Disbarred.  The attorney and former law school dean facing imminent disbarment from the California Bar, based on a recommendation by California Bar Court Judge Yvette D. Roland for his legal work in support of President Donald J. Trump's attempts to resolve irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, promised to fight for his reputation and livelihood in a statement released [by] his legal team.  "Any reasonable person can see the inherent unfairness of prohibiting a presumed-innocent defendant from being able to earn the funds needed to pay for the enormous expenses required to defend himself in the profession in which he has long been licensed," said the statement released by Randy Miller, the California attorney for John C. Eastman, the director of the Claremont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence.  "That is not justice and serves no legitimate purpose to protect the public," Miller said.  Roland's recommendation was based on a case brought by the Office of Trial Counsel for the State Bar of California.

Judge recommends disbarment of attorney John Eastman over efforts to challenge 2020 election.  A California judge has recommended disbarring attorney John Eastman, determining that he violated ethics rules by pushing former President Donald Trump's election fraud claims.  Eastman had supported Trump's claims that mass voter fraud affected the outcome of the presidential election.  He further was the architect of the alternate elector scheme in which then-Vice President Mike Pence was to reject the electors from pivotal swing states in favor of pro-Trump slates.  Judge Yvette Roland determined that he violated ethics rules in pushing the effort, Politico reported.  He may still appeal the decision to the California Supreme Court, though his law license will be inactive during the appeals process.  Eastman was also indicted in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's election probe, alongside former President Donald Trump and 17 other alleged co-conspirators.

Pennsylvania: Court Rules in Favor of Signature Verification for Mail-In Voting.  The U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of signature verification for mail-in voting in the state of Pennsylvania.  In a 2-1 ruling by three Democrat-appointed judges, the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a previous ruling from a federal district court that struck down the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's 2022 ruling that required a "dated signature requirement" for mail-in voting.

NYC Begs Supreme Court to Allow Over 800,000 Illegal Immigrants to Vote.  The New York City council is asking the state's Supreme Court to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the city's municipal elections.  In 2021, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law that would have allowed 800,000 non-citizens with green cards, visas, and work permits to vote as long as they have resided in the city for at least 30 consecutive days.  However, the controversial law was struck down last month by an appellate court.

The Editor says...
Citizens have no need for "green cards, visas, and work permits," because those things are for temporary authorization of visitors, tourists, and migrant workers.  The New York City council is providing many illegal immigrants with housing and other freebies, which establishes a relationship that could easily be construed as buying votes, if the illegal immigrants were to be allowed to participate in elections.

Here's The Truth About Georgia's Election Integrity Bill You Won't Hear From The ACLU.  World War II pilots coined various versions of the expression, "If you're not taking flak, you're not over the target."  Warriors for election integrity in swing-state Georgia have encountered heavy fire in recent weeks as the Republican-controlled state Senate prepares to debate Georgia House Bill 976 on Thursday — the last day of the session.  Listening to Democrats and their lawfare allies, you would think the package of provisions aimed at greater transparency and accountability in elections will turn the clock back to the Jim Crow era (which Democrats created, by the way). For the race-baiting left, any mention of integrity in elections from the right equals "voter suppression."  "House Bill 976 threatens democracy," the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) direly insists in a mass mailing urging Georgians to email their lawmakers to vote against the bill.  Curiously, the ACLU, a crusader against voter ID, clean voter rolls, and other basic election integrity safeguards, claims HB 976, "Threatens Election Integrity" by allowing "third party databases to be used as evidence" to prove voter ineligibility.  Integrity appears to be a problem for the ACLU in general.

Fresh Evidence of Ballot Stuffing, Voter Fraud May Lead to THIRD Attempt to Elect Mayor.  Connecticut Secretary of State Stephanie Thomas (D) is asking the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) to investigate allegations of ballot stuffing and voter fraud in the city of Bridgeport's mayoral election.  If the commission concludes that fraud did sway the results, this will be the second time such a determination has been made in less than a year.  The September Democrat primary results were tossed out by a state judge after a preponderance of evidence indicated allies of incumbent Democrat Mayor Joe Ganim engaged in vote-box stuffing and illegal ballot-harvesting practices.  The initial results on election night showed Ganim's primary challenger, John Gomes, ahead by several hundred votes.  However, the next day, the results reversed, with Ganim taking the lead.

Court dismisses Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus lawsuit challenging automatic voter registration.  A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two dozen conservative state lawmakers that claimed ballot access initiatives by President Joe Biden and Gov. Josh Shapiro usurped the state Legislature's authority to direct federal elections in the commonwealth.  U.S. District Judge Jennifer P. Wilson's one-page order on Tuesday grants motions by state and federal officials to dismiss the case.  The order also denies a request by two dozen conservative lawmakers for a preliminary injunction to block the ballot access initiatives, including Shapiro's executive order implementing automatic voter registration for driver's license applicants.  In a statement, Shapiro said automatic voter registration is safe, secure, efficient, and entirely within his administration's authority.  Shapiro said that in 2020, when he was attorney general, he defeated Donald Trump and "his conspiracy theorist allies" in court to defend Pennsylvania residents' votes and access to the ballot box.

Chicago Election Shenanigans.  What a Surprise!  I sometimes think that leftists intentionally do sketchy things in elections just to enrage Republicans.  How else can you explain the transparently ridiculous excuses for Democrat-leaning ballots suddenly appearing days after an election, only to massively swing election results?  [Tweet]  It's like they want us to see it and complain so that their allies in the media can gaslight the public and smear us as conspiracy theorists and election deniers.  It drives us crazy, and the public seems to tolerate it because confronting the fact that our elections are rigged is dispiriting.  Yet another example of this phenomenon took place in Chicago again, when over 9000 ballots were "discovered" during the excessively-long counting process, threatening to swing the election for prosecutor away from a moderate Democrat to a loony leftist.

In Cook County, the Chicago Way recrudesces for the prosecutor's race.  Another mail-ballot election, another trove of "found" ballots, which is what we see in a local race for Chicago's state's attorney (or prosecutor) between two Democrats. [...] American elections are getting quite a reputation for this.  Every third world country on the planet can count its ballots in one night, but somehow, the U.S. always takes at least a week, and always has "errors" like troves of "found" ballots.  The other thing is that these "errors" happen only when the race is really close: [...] Let me guess:  The tougher-on-crime one is ahead in the polls, and when the final tally is taken from those 10,000 "found" ballots, the candidate who takes the winner's crown will be the other one.  A Google search shows that that is exactly the set-up we are starting to see.

Read the rules before playing the game.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s 15,000 Signatures for Ballot Access in Nevada Are Void Due to VP Requirement.  While Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is scheduled to announce his running mate on Tuesday, it appears not to have come soon enough for his bid for ballot access in Nevada.  Despite reaching the goal of collecting 15,000 signatures from Nevada voters earlier this month, which is beyond the requirement needed to appear on November's ballot, the petition may have to start the signature-gathering effort from scratch.  This is because Kennedy's petition in Nevada only listed himself, failing to include a running mate as required by Nevada's presidential candidate guidelines. [...] On March 7, just two days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that his campaign had successfully gathered the required signatures, the Nevada Secretary of State's office issued a memo to all independent presidential candidates.  The memo outlined the mandatory components of their filings with the office, stating candidates must submit "a declaration of candidacy and a petition of candidacy, in which the person must also designate a nominee for Vice President."

The writer of this article appears to suggest that Republicans should start counterfeiting ballots to keep up with the Democrats.
Ballot Manufacturing, Not Ballot Harvesting, Will Determine 2024.  The RNC and state parties are following a "chase the ballot strategy" — which Leftists used for decades — but they left out the most important part!  What the RNC misses is the Ballot Manufacturing Strategy the Leftists also use to juice up ballot harvesting.  If one implements a ballot harvesting strategy, it will alway lose to a ballot harvesting PLUS ballot manufacturing strategy.  100% of the time.  Ballot manufacturing is the long term aggregation on voter rolls of fake people, real people at fake addresses, real people at real addresses which are ineligible, like a Walmart, illegal aliens who will never show up — but will get a mail-in ballot.  Ballot manufacturing has a single objective — creating lists to which physical ballots can be tied when needed.  Those lists exist to be used, if necessary, to make up any margin the Republicans pick up by ballot harvesting at Kiwanis Clubs and evangelical churches.

Drop box or mail-in ballots just "found" in Chicago that may effect [sic] razor-thin Cook County state's attorney race.  Oh no, another "found ballots" story.  Primary election Day was Tuesday in Illinois[.]  Eileen O'Neill Burke and Clayton Harris III are the Democratic candidates for Cook County state's attorney.  Cook County is Chicago and the inner suburbs.  I live in Cook and I voted for Burke, as Harris promises to continue the pro-criminal "prosecution" policies of Jussie Smollett's protector, Kim Foxx.  Mail-in ballots are still being counted, currently O'Neill Burke, a retired state appellate judge is leading by about 4,000 votes.  Mail-in ballots are still arriving.  But suddenly thousands of drop box ballots have just been discovered.  Or are they mail-in ballots?  Details are still coming in.  But right now, this story is combining the debacles of the 2000 Florida presidential election recounts and the 2020 Trump-Biden race.

Chicago election officials 'find' 10,000 missing ballots in Democratic primary race for DA.  The Chicago Board of Elections says it made a mistake when tabulating the results for the Democratic primary race for Cook County state's attorney.  The race to lead the nation's second-largest prosecutor's office could not be tighter with just 2,000 votes separating the candidates after a heated primary campaign.  At last count, Eileen O'Neill Burke is leading Clayton Harris III by 2,015 votes.  O'Neill Burke has 259,445 votes while Harris has 257,430 votes.  'I traded speed for accuracy in reporting out numbers this week as quickly as I could,' Chicago Board of Elections Public Information Officer Max Bever said in a statement.  'I truly regret this error on my part and for the confusion that it has caused the voters of Chicago.  I will share updated numbers only when they are accurate and verified.  'There will be additional results coming in, both large and small, through the next week.  'We continue to ask for voters' patience as the process plays out, and by law all the votes are counted.'  The vote-by-mail ballots were delivered on Monday, March 18.  It is not clear why they were not included during the original count.

The Editor says...
Speaking for myself only, as always, I do not find that lame excuse to be credible.  He might as well have said, "Oops, I just found 10,000 votes, days after the election, when we now know exactly how many votes we need to have our preferred candidate win."  Everybody in town can see what's going on; even the socialist baby-killing Democrats, who will continue to vote for Democrats, regardless of the odor of corruption, or the decades of broken promises, or anything else.

Judge Tosses Challenge, Upholds Law Allowing 'Noncitizens' To Vote In DC.  A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit challenging a District of Columbia law allowing "noncitizen residents" to vote in local elections.  Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an appointee of President Barack Obama, found that a group of seven citizen plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the legislation.  Their lawsuit against the D.C. Board of Elections, filed on March 14, aimed to block the 2022 law passed by the Council of the District of Columbia.  They argued that "noncitizens" do not have a fundamental right to vote in the United States and that allowing them to cast ballots and hold office in the District of Columbia dilutes the votes of U.S. citizens.  "It follows from our national independence that United States citizens have a right to govern, and be governed by, themselves.  The constitutional right to citizen self-government, moreover, has been recognized in repeated holdings of the Supreme Court of the United States," their complaint reads.  "Nor does any noncitizen have a constitutional right to govern the United States," the complaint adds.  The group argued that the Supreme Court has recognized and protected these rights against infringement in "multiple precedents."

Ohio Volunteers Uncover Massive Irregularities in Voter Database.  In the spring of 2021, volunteer investigators from Ohio acquired publicly available voter data for all 88 counties and started their analysis.  Over the next year the researchers found hundreds of thousands of records in their state's voter rolls with irregular data for which they couldn't identify consistent explanations, no matter who they asked.  In late summer of 2022, they reached out to Marly Hornik, co-leader of New York Citizens Audit, whose team had identified similar inaccuracies in the New York State data.  In 2023, Hornik and Harry Haury, an expert in cybercrime and election law, founded United Sovereign Americans and developed a legal strategy for securing the validity of the 2024 election based on federal civil rights law and Supreme Court precedent, which established for election officials that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Jury Convicts Former Wisconsin Election Official for Fabricating Military Absentee Ballots.  A former deputy director of the Milwaukee Election Commission is facing fines and jail time after being found guilty of fabricating military absentee ballots in a supposed effort to expose false claims about election fraud.  The case places focus on debates over election integrity and potential vulnerabilities in the system.  But it also highlights a fine line between whistleblowing and criminal misconduct in America's elections.  The former election official was convicted on Wednesday despite claiming that her actions were intended to show that the state's election system is secure.

RNC, NVGOP Sue Nevada Secretary of State Over Bloated Voter Rolls.  In a lawsuit filed on Monday in U.S. District Court, Nevada Republicans accuse state and county officials of poorly maintained voter registration rolls, leading to inconsistencies.  The Republican National Committee (RNC), Nevada Republican Party (NV GOP), and Washoe County voter Scott Johnston allege that the Nevada Secretary of State, Cisco Aguilar, and four local officials, including Clark County Registrar of Voters Lorena Portillo, are in violation of the National Voter Registration Act, a federal law requiring states to maintain accurate voter rolls.  The GOP seeks a permanent injunction forcing the state to follow the law and improve its voter list maintenance.

Trump's Third Act has begun.  The gears of the machine have become visible.  We can all see the FBI is rotten and the DOJ is weaponized.  We know the border is open intentionally.  We know the cartels are working with our government.  We know our elections are DESIGNED to not be auditable and there's only one reason for it.  We can see Biden is not in charge.

Democrats' New Plan To Fix The Election.  The DNC is reportedly assembling a team of attorneys to track the ballot access requests of third-party candidates in an effort to allay party concerns that these individuals may damage President Joe Biden's reelection prospects, according to a Wednesday story in the New York Times.  The New York Times reports that attorneys Robert Lenhard and Dana Remus would head up the new group's efforts to combat what the party sees as an obstacle to former President Trump's prospects of reelection in November.  The party sees monitoring the ballot access victories of independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, the Green Party, and No Labels as of primary importance.  The source states that the DNC's legal division is coordinating field teams, analytics, research, and local lawyers nationwide to track who is able to cast ballots.

Voting and the Meaning of Honor.  There was a time when birthdates were not required to determine voting eligibility, nor were verified mailing addresses.  This was a time of relative honor.  Globalization has so transformed our reality that it is hard to remember what a small town was, with a bakery, a bank, a grocery, and a lumberyard — with a town clerk who knew everyone and his family tree.  Ballots were anonymous, but everything else about life for many Americans was based on direct connection and accountability over generations.  Voter ID was implied, as the person handing you a ballot on Election Day knew that you deserved that privilege and would shoulder the responsibility well.  Times have changed, and the meaning of honor has gone with them.  We are told it is honorable to register to vote through a computer and check a citizenship box.  We are told it makes us bad and mean if we question the integrity of using such a system.  Registrars are told that the DMV has authority to validate voting qualifications, and pollworkers are chided when they don't emphatically refuse to look at an ID.  In short, the very idea of owner-stakeholders, American citizens, stewarding our own destiny has been abandoned in practice, if not in parlance.  Registering to vote, in the words of a commissioner of elections in New York, is "an honor system."  Where is the honor in anonymous civics?

Woman Charged with Voter Fraud in Wisconsin Was Also Involved in Election Night Missing Absentee Ballot Flash Drive Scandal.  On Wednesday, top Wisconsin Democrat Kimberly Zapata was found guilty on ALL counts against her for illegally requesting military ballots.  Kimberly Zapata, the deputy director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, was fired for committing the then alleged election fraud back in 2022.  Zapata was sending out military ballots to homes in Wisconsin.  The investigation all started back In November 2022, when Wisconsin State Rep. Janel Brandtjen, then Chair of the Assembly on Campaigns and Elections, sent out an election fraud alert.

Getting Hot Out There in Election Fraud Land.  Is Arizona going to the Supreme Court?  The Court is rumoured to want an election fraud case.  It can't ignore this very much longer.  No one is letting go.  Everyone observing thinks the judge will quail, because he will be ruined and under threat by the cartel that owns Arizona.  If Lake loses her signature battle — which she shouldn't — this was straight up fraud — it doesn't matter.  We're in an incremental battle.  These people, the forces on the now-bonkers left, devised their successful program in 2002 with four billionaires, and for twenty years they have been accruing power, building their system straight out to fraud and selling out to the cartels and WEFers.  At some point along the way, the power they built went haywire and began to eat the culture.  What that has triggered is a tsunami of citizen activism.  Not the astroturf of the corporate left or international socialist left, but the real thing.  We're tracking everything.  Spy on us, we will gut your data.

Here's How the Democrats Could Steal Nevada in 2024.  Nevada hasn't voted Republican in a presidential election since 2004.  I have to admit that I'd nearly given up on the state, as hopes of being competitive there have been repeatedly shattered.  But Donald Trump appears to be in a solid position to win it in November.  He's led in the RealClear Politics average in Nevada since early November, with an average spread of +4.3 points.  In 2020, Trump never led Biden in the RCP average there.  Something has definitely changed.  Naturally, Democrats have to be worried.  Even though Nevada only has six Electoral College votes, those are six votes that could make Trump's path to 270 much easier.  But we shouldn't take Nevada for granted.  In fact, it's ripe for election shenanigans.  On Friday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit against Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar, claiming the state's voter registration rolls are "impossibly high" because the number of registered voters outnumbers the number of adult citizens in several counties.

Leading Wisconsin Democrat Kimberly Zapata Found Guilty on All Counts Against Her in Voter Fraud Scheme Involving Military Ballots.  In November 2022, Rep. Janel Brandtjen, then Chair of the Assembly on Campaigns and Elections, sent out an election fraud alert.  Rep. Brandtjen received three authentic military ballots to her home addressed to "Holly," a woman who has never lived there.  Brantjen believed this was part of a scheme to steal votes in Wisconsin.  The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on this 2020 voter fraud scheme in several battleground states where military ballots shockingly went almost entirely to Joe Biden.  We posted evidence that this occurred in Michigan, Arizona and Georgia.

The 2024 Election Will Be Neither Free Nor Fair.  The normalization of election tampering has perverted American politics.  Man is a creature that can get accustomed to anything," said Dostoyevsky, and indeed, we've become so accustomed to the manipulation of our elections that it's become almost the norm.  But the Democrats have already far exceeded even their previous serious misdeeds.  Conservative complaints about this tend to be dismissed as conspiracy-mongering or poor sportsmanship.  But to pretend that the Democrats' actions since November 2020 are just part of the rough-and-tumble of politics is to ignore a mountain of evidence staring us in the face.

Michigan Lawyer Stefanie Lambert Arrested by US Marshals in DC Following Court Appearance.  Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert Junttila was arrested in Washington, D.C., on Monday following a court hearing after she gave the "evidence of numerous crimes" to law enforcement containing internal emails from Dominion Voting Systems, AP reported.  Lambert attended a court hearing in Washington, D.C., for a defamation case involving Patrick Byrne, whom she represents.  Byrne, the former CEO of Overstock, is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems over his claims of election fraud.  Lambert's arrest occurred after it was revealed that she had leaked confidential documents from Dominion to Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf, who has been actively investigating claims of voter fraud from the 2020 election, according to CNN.  The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf has made a bold move by sending a letter to U.S. Representative Jim Jordan, urging a congressional investigation into what he claims as evidence of "foreign interference" in the 2020 election.

Pro-Trump Michigan attorney arrested after hearing in DC over leaking Dominion documents.  An attorney facing criminal charges for illegally accessing Michigan voting machines after the 2020 election was arrested Monday after a hearing in a separate case in federal court in Washington, D.C.  Stefanie Lambert was arrested by U.S. Marshals after a hearing over possible sanctions against her for disseminating confidential emails from Dominion Voting Systems, the target of conspiracy theories over former President Donald Trump's 2020 election loss.  Lambert obtained the Dominion emails by representing Patrick Byrne, a prominent funder of election conspiracy theorists who is being sued by Dominion for defamation.  In a statement, the Marshals office said Lambert was arrested on "local charges."  A Michigan judge earlier this month issued a bench warrant for Lambert after she missed a hearing in her case, in which she's charged with four felonies for accessing voting machines in a search for evidence of a conspiracy theory against Trump.  Lambert had earlier, unsuccessfully, sued to overturn Trump's loss in Michigan.

Google has 'interfered' with elections 41 times over the last 16 years, Media Research Center says.  Google has "interfered" with major elections in the United States 41 times over the last 16 years, according to a new study from the Media Research Center.  "MRC researchers have found 41 times where Google interfered in elections over the last 16 years, and its impact has surged dramatically, making it evermore harmful to democracy.  In every case, Google harmed the candidates — regardless of party — who threatened its left-wing candidate of choice," MRC Free Speech America vice president Dan Schneider and editor Gabriela Pariseau wrote in a summary of their findings.  "From the mouths of Google executives, the tech giant let slip what was never meant to be made public:  That Google uses its "great strength and resources and reach to advance its leftist values," they continued.  "Google's outsized influence on information technology, the body politic and American elections became evident in 2008. [...]"

This is How They Did It — Part 1.  The 2022 midterms were meant entirely, ENTIRELY, to weaken MAGA, to weaken populism world-wide, because if there had been a red wave, populists the world over would have taken heart and swept the polls.  The polls are, in every country, cheated.  The WEF, with the most brilliant (and unethical) people at their command have figured out how.  And we're finally figuring it out too.  Brazil is on the streets, demanding the election be redone.  Mexico is on the streets, refusing mail in ballots, because they know it's a cheat.  Berlin has decided to repeat their elections.  Why?  Weaponized incompetence, one of the main methodologies, as I will describe.  November 7 was a WEF take-over, just like the installation of Rishi Sunak in Britain.  Not even the conservative caucus wanted Sunak, much less the voters. [...] They had forty years to develop this process and it is insanely complex.  The complexity is part of the fraud.

The Perfect Storm:  Drivers Licenses for Illegals + Noncitizens Voting + Mail-in Ballots + Private Funding of Elections + Partisan Hack SOSs.  Does undocumented immigrant mean illegal alien?  If you hesitated before answering yes, you are a victim of progressive doublespeak.  Undocumented immigrants are illegal aliens.  Noncitizens, whether here legally or illegally, are not allowed to vote in our nation's elections.  It's a felony for noncitizens to vote, and the U.S. and state constitutions clearly prohibit foreigners from voting.  Even so, "The Department of Justice appears to be using taxpayer dollars to have jails and the U.S. Marshals Service encourage incarcerated felons and noncitizens to register to vote," stated a letter to the DOJ from Mississippi's leading election official, Secretary of State Michael Watson (R). [...] According to an article in the Midwesterner, an illegal group claims credit for flipping the Michigan state House, and as a payoff, the party in power will seek to approve driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

Will the 2024 Election Get Lost in the Mail?  In the absence of an extremely unlikely recovery of public confidence in the President and the Democrats, the voters will attempt to return the White House and the Senate to the Republicans in November. [...] With regard to the Senate, the Democrats face a brutal map this year.  Of the 33 seats up for election, 23 are held by Democrats.  Even worse, several of these are in states that Trump won by double digits in 2016 and 2020.  In pre-COVID America, it was possible to look at such data and predict a good Republican year with a reasonable amount of confidence.  Indeed, a recent CNN report conceded that Trump could win the White House back even if he loses Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, most of the swing states that will decide the presidential and Senate elections are governed by Democrats who have unequivocally embraced mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.  This means millions of votes counted in 2024 will have ostensibly been cast by people who never go anywhere near a traditional polling place.  Moreover, these votes will be transported by entities that have little incentive and less ability to keep them secure.

Biden Now Publicly Engaging in Election Interference, 100 Percent Impossible to Deny.  President Joe Biden can attempt to deny that he has now publicly engaged in election interference, but no thinking American voter is going to buy that argument.  Of course, he was only following in the footsteps of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who in a Senate floor speech on Thursday said that it was time for new elections in Israel.  "As a lifelong supporter of Israel, it has become clear to me:  The Netanyahu coalition no longer fits the needs of Israel after Oct. 7," Schumer said, referring to the attack by Hamas that targeted and killed hundred of Israeli civilians and took hundreds more captive, according to The Hill.  "The world has changed — radically — since then, and the Israeli people are being stifled right now by a governing vision that is stuck in the past," he added.

Kari Lake and Mark Finchem Take Lawsuit to Ban Voting Machines to The US Supreme Court with New Allegations of Illegal Machine Certification.  Kari Lake and Mark Finchem appealed their lawsuit to ban the use of electronic voting machines to the United States Supreme Court on Thursday [3/14/2024].  This comes after the 2022 election, where 60% of the voting machines were reportedly programmed to fail on election day, causing mass voter disenfranchisement and up to four-hour-long lines for Republican in-person voters.  The filing includes "new allegations," some of which were previously mentioned in Kari Lake's lawsuit to overturn the stolen election, [...]

What's Happening in California's Elections Is a Disgrace.  It's been over a week, and California still hasn't counted all the ballots from its March 5 primaries.  As of 12:45 pm today [3/14/2024], it had just reached 90 percent.  That's ridiculous.  It's not just conservatives who are making these observations; progressive commentators have been lobbing criticism while mocking their side's knee-jerk reactions concerning election integrity.  You know the rule:  if you criticize any aspect of American elections, liberals brand you an election denier.  Left-wing reporter Michael Tracey noticed the Golden State's slow roll in counting the ballots last week.  On March 7, California reached the 50 percent mark on their returns.  Glenn Greenwald chimed in today, adding that Brazil counts all their ballots within hours — and they have mandatory voting for all persons over the age of 16:  [Tweet]

Connecticut Governor Wants To Give Noncitizens IDs That Look Exactly Like Those Used To Vote.  Connecticut's Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont is trying to redesign driver's licenses so that those given to illegal aliens will be indistinguishable from those given to legal residents — in the same state where one city just had an election do-over because of an apparent cast of voter fraud.  The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles currently denotes on licenses if they are "Drive Only" IDs, a measure put in place to ensure ineligible individuals cannot vote, according to the CT Examiner.  "Drive Only" licenses have a "DO" stamp on the front and information on the back clearly stating they may not be used for voting.  Gov. Ned Lamont, however, wants to remove the marks because he's mad that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law that does not recognize licenses given to illegal immigrants.  "Connecticut prides itself on being a welcoming state," Lamont's spokeswoman Julia Bergman said in a statement, according to CT Examiner. [...] Florida passed legislation last year specifying that it will not recognize licenses from Connecticut and four other states that permit illegal immigrants to get the government-issued ID.

Not A Single Democrat Witness In Congress Agreed Only Citizens Should Vote In Federal Elections.  None of Democrats' witnesses in a congressional hearing Tuesday could say resolutely that they believe only citizens should be able to vote in a federal election.  During a Senate Judiciary Hearing on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee asked the witnesses to provide a basic "yes" or "no" answer to a series of questions about non-citizens voting.  "Do you believe that only citizens of the United States should be able to vote in federal elections?" Lee asked each of the witnesses.  "We don't have a position about non-citizens voting in federal elections, we believe that's what the current laws are, and so we're certainly fighting for everyone who is eligible under current law to vote," Executive Director of The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Damon T. Hewitt said.

DOJ Is Using Bidenbucks To Encourage Illegals And Felons To Vote, Says Mississippi Secretary Of State.  The Department of Justice appears to be using taxpayer dollars to have jails and the U.S. Marshals Service encourage incarcerated felons and noncitizens to register to vote, according to Mississippi's leading election official.  On March 6, Republican Secretary of State Michael Watson sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the DOJ's compliance with Executive Order 14019, a directive signed by President Biden in March 2021 that ordered hundreds of federal agencies to interfere in state and local election administration by using U.S. taxpayer money to boost voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities.  Each department was directed to draft "a strategic plan" explaining how it intended to fulfill Biden's edict, and to collaborate with so-called "nonpartisan third-party organizations" that have been "approved" by the administration to supply "voter registration services on agency premises."

Mississippi — One of the Reddest States — Has Enough Anomalous Voters and Aberrations in Its Voter Rolls to Impact a Statewide Election.  Mississippi citizens invited the Fractal quantum technology team to audit the Mississippi voter rolls — and the results, as you can see in this video, are surprising.  The reddest state, or one of them, has voter rolls with enough obvious aberrations — found with Fractal quantum compute in less than 45 minutes — to impact a statewide election.  [Video clip] [...] Mississippi has honest, diligent, highly patriotic election management at the state level.  The Mississippi Secretary of State, Michael Watson, is a national leader — almost alone — demanding voter rolls be free of illegal alien voters.  The Mississippi Secretary of State office provided very clean, professional, inexpensive, data exports.  Of the 26 states where the Fractal team received voter rolls, those in Mississippi were by far the most professional.  The office of the Secretary of State offered the team every bit of cooperation — Mississippi citizens ought to be pretty pleased the Secretary of State team there is vitally interested in any data they can get on how to improve voter rolls.

Texas House Republican introduces bill to prevent noncitizens from serving as election administrators.  Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, has introduced a measure to prevent noncitizens from serving as election administrators ahead of the 2024 presidential election.  Named the "No Foreign Persons Administering Our Elections Act," the measure, if successful, would prohibit state and local jurisdictions from hiring individuals who are not U.S. citizens, including illegal immigrants, to administer an election for federal positions.  "Foreign agents have no place overseeing our sacred democratic process," Pfluger, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, told Fox News Digital.  "My legislation aims to ensure that only American citizens have the honor and responsibility of serving as election administrators," he added.  "No foreign influence should taint the integrity of our voting system."

A week after primaries in California and they still haven't counted all the votes.  "Count all the votes!" as the lefties liked to say loudly.  That was their justification for mass mail-in ballots in California, ballot-harvesting by illegals, and extended voting for weeks and weeks.  Election Day?  No, election month.  They said it was to expand the franchise to "marginalized communities" and raise turnout.  Curiously, turnout has now hit a near-record low in a presidential primary year as this Secretary of State supplied data makes clear.  Before these new "innovations" were enacted, mostly in the era of COVID, it was not unusual to have turnout in such years in the 70% range.  Today, they got ... 34%, just slightly above 2022's 33.2%, which wasn't a presidential primary election year.  Now we're onto the extended counting. [...] They said they'd count all the votes — and as of today, they haven't counted all the votes.  Which is funny stuff, because supposedly less-developed nations like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, with much larger populations of voters, can count all its ballots overnight on 100% turnout in some cases, and still come up with a result that's fair and normal.

Poll: Majority of Democrats Oppose Certification of 2024 Election If Donald Trump Wins.  Fifty-seven percent of Democrat voters would oppose Congress certifying the 2024 election if former President Donald Trump wins, a Rasmussen Reports poll sponsored by the National Pulse found Monday [3/11/2024].  The poll asked likely voters:  "Some Democrats in Congress have said that if Trump wins this year's election, they will vote against certifying the election results because of Trump's role in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots.  Do you support or oppose Democrats refusing to certify the election results if Trump wins?"  57 percent of Democrats would oppose certification.  Nearly two-thirds of "liberals" said they would oppose certification.

Poll: Insurrectionist Democrats Oppose Certifying Election if Trump Wins.  Coming to us from the "you can't make this stuff up" files is yet another story of the insanity currently enveloping the political debate surrounding the upcoming elections.  If there's one thing that the Democrats are absolutely sure about and plan to campaign on until November, it's that Donald Trump committed insurrection on January 6, 2021, when he attempted to prevent Congress from certifying the election of Joe Biden.  (He didn't, but we've been over that too many times already.)  But according to a new poll from Rasmussen, they are almost equally sure of something else.  If he wins this November, that election should clearly not be certified.  And a solid majority of them feel that way.  How people manage to make it through the day with this level of cognitive dissonance remains something of a mystery.

Will they get away with it again?  On February 4, 2021, right after Biden was finally ensconced in the Oval Office, Molly Ball of Time magazine told the truth.  2020's presidential election was fixed. [...] Ball wrote: "There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs.  Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.  The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day.  Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain — inspired by the summer's massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests — in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump's assault on democracy."  Of course, the Chamber of Commerce (which is dedicated to dumping most U.S. jobs overseas and filling the remaining ones with illegal aliens) was in on it.  Of course, the social justice warriors of the AFL-CIO (which was led by Rich Trumka whose idiot son wants to ban gas stoves) were in on it.  Ball made it sound like those who rigged the election were the good guys.

The Anti-Democratic Democratic Left.  Democracy is also endangered by radical efforts to alter decades of voting protocols to achieve short-term political advantage.  Never has a political party organized its state attorney generals and kindred courts to ban their likely opposing presidential candidate from state ballots.  Yet Colorado, Illinois, and Maine did just that in an effort to erase Trump's name from their state ballots, on grounds that he was an "insurrectionist," despite never being charged with, much less convicted, of "insurrection." The anti-democratic effort was designed to deprive millions of voters of their right to vote for the candidate of their choice and to diminish the chances of down-ballot state and local Republican candidates.  In 2020, under the guise of the COVID lockdowns, anti-democratic liberal activists sued or sought out sympathetic bureaucrats in numerous states to overturn state voting laws, a right traditionally given to the state legislatures by the Constitution.  They proved so successful that, in a historical first, 68% of Americans in 2020 did not vote on Election Day.  By design, the vast majority of them were Biden voters — even as the rejection rate of less verifiable mail-in and early voting ballots radically declined.

Sheriff Dar Leaf Announces Investigation into Michigan 2020 Election.  Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf announced that he has launched an investigation into the handling of the Michigan 2020 election, implicating Dominion Voting Systems officials, Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Attorney General Dana Nessel, computer scientist J. Alex Halderman, and others in potential misconduct.  The Gateway Pundit previously reported in 2022 that Sheriff Dar Leaf filed a lawsuit against the lawless and obstructive actions of Attorney General Dana Nessel, who regularly mocks and threatens her political opponents, together with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who's blocked the efforts of citizens and law enforcement to investigate voter fraud and voter irregularities related to the 2020 election.  The Barry County Sheriff is also suing MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's henchman, Jonathan Brater.  Jonathan Brater is Michigan's Director of Elections, a member of the executive branch of state government, and an employee of the state.  As director of elections, Mr. Brater is "vested with the powers and shall perform the duties of the secretary of state under his or her supervision, with respect to the supervision and administration of the election laws."

Challenging Election Irregularities in Maryland.  United Sovereign Americans, a nationwide group dedicated to fair and honest elections, has joined with Maryland Election Integrity, LLC, in filing a lawsuit in Maryland Federal Court against the Maryland State Board of Elections with Judge Stephanie A. Gallagher presiding. [...] The lawsuit states:  "Meticulous analysis of the official Maryland State Voter Registration Database reveals a minimum of 79,392 current apparent registration violations... The analysis revealed 1,699 instances of duplicate registrations, 25,084 instances of registrants with questionable inactive status, 3,366 instances of active registrations without a certified US Post Office mailing address, 5,680 instances of active registrants who moved at least 4 years ago, 605 instances of registrations with no residential address, 296 instances of active registrants with a nonstandard address, 1,218 instances of active registrants who are deceased, 883 instances of age discrepant registration (younger than 18 or older than 115), and 40,518 instances of questionable registration date."

House Republicans Hold The Power To Stop Biden's Federal Election Rigging.  President Biden's use of taxpayer dollars to rig the 2024 election in Democrats' favor is a whole new level of sinister — and only House Republicans possess the power to stop him.  Two months after taking office, Biden took the unprecedented step of ordering hundreds of federal agencies to interfere in state and local election administration.  Under Executive Order 14019, all departments were required to use U.S. taxpayer money to boost voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities.  The head of each department was directed to draft "a strategic plan" explaining how his or her agency intended to fulfill Biden's edict.  Federal departments were also told to collaborate with so-called "nonpartisan third-party organizations" that have been "approved" by the administration to supply "voter registration services on agency premises."  Many of these groups are extremely left-wing, such as Demos and the ACLU.  The secrecy surrounding these "Bidenbucks" in the years since its enactment prompted House Republicans to seek further information about the directive and its implementation by federal agencies.

Texas district attorney reveals voting mix-up let partner cast vote in her name in Super Tuesday loss.  Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has raised alarms about voting procedures in Texas after she was turned away from the polls on Super Tuesday because her ballot had already been cast.  In a statement posted on X, Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth said Ms Ogg was unable to vote after her partner — with whom she shares an address — inadvertently cast a ballot in her name during early voting last week.  "Last Friday, DA Ogg's partner, who is registered to vote at the same address as DA Ogg, voted in the primary under DA Ogg's name," the statement read.  "In the process of qualifying a voter, each voter is asked to review and confirm the information that appears on the iPad screen, including the voter's name.  If the information that appears on the screen is not accurate, the voter must notify the election clerk.  "In this instance, the DA's partner must not have noticed that the information was not hers, and proceeded to sign in and vote under DA Ogg's name.  We believe this is the case because DA Ogg's partner signed her own name as confirmation," Ms Hudspeth added.

If Youngkin Doesn't Veto Dems' ERIC Bill, He's Gifting Virginia's Voter Roll Data To Left-Wing Activists.  Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is refusing to say whether he'll veto a Democrat bill granting Virginia's voter roll data to a leftist-linked elections group that is instrumental to Democrats' get-out-the-vote machine.  On Friday, the state's Democrat-controlled Senate sent legislation (SB 606) to Youngkin's desk that would force Virginia to rejoin the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, a widely used voter-roll "management" system founded by far-left activist David Becker that was "sold to states as a quick and easy way to update their voter rolls."  In reality, ERIC's membership agreement places a higher priority on registering new voters than on cleaning up existing voter rolls.  The program inflates voter rolls by requiring member states to contact "eligible but unregistered" (EBU) residents to encourage them to register to vote.  When a state joins ERIC, it is required to submit "all active and inactive voter files," "all licensing or identification records contained in the motor vehicles database," and any state files related to "voter registration functions."  Then, ERIC contrasts this data with that submitted by other member states.

Democrats Promise Fraud and Insurrection.  [Scroll down]  We all know the true fight happens when they try to delay the election, or they wind up losing the election, despite all of their efforts.  If they lose, they have promised to settle it in the House of Representatives, refusing to certify the election.  The very same thing they called an insurrection.  The very mention of it should bring those charges.  In fact, were I to offer counsel to anyone running for office, I would have them say to their opponent that "Your party has promised to engage in insurrection if Trump wins, that, by your own definition, is insurrection.  It is a threat to democracy and so are you."

Obama's Third Term — Going For Four.  The United States of America has become the laughingstock of the world, with Joe Biden playing the role of our "president" in this macabre stage production put on by the Luciferian Globalists. [...] Anyone who truly thinks he won the 2020 election honestly and fairly is under the greatest of delusions.  Prior to that election, Biden himself openly stated, "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."  And he didn't even campaign.  His "rallies" consisted of a dozen people, sitting alone in chairs placed in circles, six feet apart.  Meanwhile, his opponent had tens of thousands of people, all eager to see and hear Trump speak, wherever he went.  No — regardless of what the "fact checkers" will tell you, and regardless of our lawless "justice system," the 2020 election was absolutely and clearly rigged.  A stolen election.  And do you remember the recounts?  Republican election observers were banned from those — sheets of cardboard covering the windows while the so-called "recounts" took place.  It was all a tragic joke, yet allowed to happen... and now we have countless patriots in prison or dead because they simply took part in a "redress of grievances" on January 6... held for months and years without charges; forced into fake plea deals; driven to suicide by the unrelenting persecution of the Feds — just for being patriots who believe in the rule of law.

How the Left Plans to Cover Up Potential Voter Fraud.  It's not an exaggeration to say that this could be the most important election most of us have lived through.  If Joe Biden manages to limp through the next several months and somehow wins (by hook or crook), it would be devastating to the America we know and love.  Illegal immigrants will continue to flow through our open borders, we'll likely get embroiled in more wars, the nation (and the world) will be less safe, and the Left's hegemony will continue, untethered to either reality or the rule of law.  That's why we're willing to put in the long hours, dig deep in our reporting, and work extra hard to fact-check the Left's lies.  It's all worth it because we love our country.  But the Left is working overtime, too, and unlike in past years, we're facing enormous headwinds designed to cripple us financially and smear our reputation.

Court Affirms Arizona's Need To Keep Noncitizens Off Voter Rolls, But Makes It Harder To Do So.  A federal judge on Thursday acknowledged Arizona's interest in keeping its voter rolls free of noncitizens, while simultaneously hampering laws designed to do just that.  "Considering the evidence as a whole, the court concludes that Arizona's interests in preventing non-citizens from voting and promoting public confidence in Arizona's elections outweighs the limited burden voters might encounter when required to provide" documentary proof of citizenship, wrote U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, disagreeing with the attempt by President Joe Biden's Justice Department to paint Arizona election integrity laws as "discriminatory."  But at the same time, Bolton struck down or handicapped a handful of Arizona laws designed to ensure that only Arizona citizens are on the state's voter rolls, including a provision of H.B. 2243 that directed county recorders who have "reason to believe" voters are not citizens to investigate, and potentially remove, those individuals from the voter rolls.

Common sense has become headline news.
Arizona Federal Judge Rules Voters Must Prove Their U.S. Citizenship Status In Order to Vote In Elections.  An Arizona federal judge is upholding a state law that requires voters to provide verification of their U.S. citizenship before their votes can be counted.  Following a lawsuit that led to Arizona legislators facing accusations of discrimination for requiring voters to verify their U.S. citizenship, Judge Susan Bolton ruled on Thursday that such requirements were not discriminatory.  In March 2022, a group of plaintiffs led by the Hispanic voting rights organization "Mi Familia Vota" filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, claiming that the state's law was unconstitutional.  The Biden Administration filed a separate complaint that was consolidated in the case.  The plaintiffs argued that H.B. 2492 was a "baseless assault on Arizona's election system based on a conspiracy theory that non-citizens are voting, despite a persistent lack of credible evidence to support such claim."  They added that it was "cynical" and of "bad faith" to use the "politically motivated and false allegations" to restrict people from voting in U.S. elections.  However, Bolton argued that Arizona has an interest in preventing voter fraud as the 2024 presidential election nears.

Voting Machine Warehouse Official Withdraws Lawsuit Against Trump and Two Local GOP Poll Watchers.  Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, alongside former President Donald Trump, emerged victorious in a high-profile defamation case in Pennsylvania.  The lawsuit, known as Savage vs Trump et al, alleged malicious and defamatory statements against the Plaintiff, James Savage, following the 2020 Presidential election.  The case was one of the only remaining 2020 election cases on the books.

Of Course Joe Biden is the President!  [Scroll down]  Trump's people simply can't handle the truth because Biden's win is so much bigger than most minds can comprehend.  For example:  at least 11,326 people who were not even on the voter rolls in Maricopa County on November 7th just came out of the woodwork to go for Joe on December 4th.  Now I know what you're thinking:  isn't that after Election Day?  Isn't that technically impossible?  That's just how big this landslide really was — all the technicalities like dates simply melted away in the final tally.  And we're just talking about the Biden voters who showed up in person.  There were another 74,240 mail-in ballots that got counted for Joe and nobody even knows who sent in those ballots.  No, I don't want to hear [...] about suspicious ballots coming out of nowhere in the middle of the night to be counted either:  the same thing happened in lots of other counties across America, so you know it's true.

Delaware's early voting and permanent absentee laws are unconstitutional, a judge says.  Laws allowing early voting and permanent absentee status violate Delaware's constitution and are invalid, a judge ruled in a lawsuit brought by a state elections inspector and a Republican lawmaker.  The laws are "inconsistent with our constitution and therefore cannot stand," Superior Court Judge Mark Conner declared in a ruling late Friday.  Elections inspector Michael Mennella and Senate Minority Leader Gerald Hocker showed by "clear and convincing evidence" that the laws were unconstitutional, the judge said.  Friday's ruling follows a 2022 state Supreme Court decision that laws allowing universal voting by mail and Election Day registration were unconstitutional.  The justices said the vote-by-mail statute impermissibly expanded absentee voting eligibility, while same-day registration conflicted with registration periods spelled out in the constitution.

Election Workers Keep Resigning Because "You Have To Be Crazy" To Do Job Former Chief Official Says.  In 2022, after five years of service as chief election official, Deanna Spikula announced her resignation following alleged accusations of treason and death threats.  Her replacement quit after allegedly receiving fentanyl-laced envelopes a few weeks after taking over.  Cari-Ann Burgess is next in line for Georgia's Washoe County Registrar of Voters, where every employee, 18 to be exact, who worked there during the 2020 election has quit.  Additionally, almost every election administrator has left statewide in the past 3½ years.

[The] South Carolina Primary [was] Called For Trump One Minute After Polls Closed.  Once again, there was no question who would win a big primary election, with Donald Trump being declared the winner just seconds after the polls closed in South Carolina.

South Carolina Voters Unable to Vote Due to Internet Outage.  In a recent turn of events, South Carolina voters faced a frustrating situation during the voting process.  Reports emerged that voters were unable to cast their ballots due to internet connectivity issues.  This led to confusion and delays at polling stations across the state.  The issue arose when the internet went down at several polling locations, preventing voters from accessing the necessary information to complete their ballots.  As a result, many voters were turned away or told to come back later once the issue had been resolved.  This caused frustration and confusion among those trying to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Are Democrats Toying With the Idea of Not Certifying a Trump Win?  I don't know why this surprises me at this point but it does.  The Democrats who spent four years complaining about constitutional norms and Jan. 6 now seem to by toying with the idea that if Trump wins the 2024 election, they can refuse to certify the vote.  Attorney Jason Murray, who argued Colorado's case to keep Trump off the ballot thinks there could be a constitutional crisis in our future. [...] In the Colorado case, the court clearly didn't like the idea that a state could throw a candidate off the ballot on its own initiative.  Instead the Justices left this call to Congress.  But that means, in theory, an incoming Democratic Congress could vote to decide Trump is ineligible under the 14th amendment.  They could effectively overrule the decision of the voters which would surely create a whole new level of chaos.

The Atlantic:  Without Guidance From SCOTUS, House Democrats Might Not Certify the Election if Trump Wins.  The liberal journal The Atlantic is reporting that unless they receive "guidance" from the U.S. Supreme Court, House Democrats might not certify the 2024 election if Trump wins.  Isn't this the entire basis for the Democrat/Media freakout over January 6th?  Isn't this why so many Trump supporters are currently suffering in prison?  Aren't these the same Democrats who have been shrieking about the importance of 'our democracy' for years now?  It really looks as though their whole political philosophy boils down to nothing mattering unless they win.  [Tweet]

Majority of US Voters Believe Cheating Will Affect Outcome of 2024 Election.  A majority of US voters believe cheating will affect the outcome of the 2024 election.  That number includes 52% of all voters, 74%, or three-fourths of Republican voters, and only 32% of Democrat voters.  Even one-third of Democrat voters believe the fraud will affect the 2024 election!  A year ago the number who expected chearting to affect the upcoming election was 54% so it has come down only slightly over the past year.

Censorship expert Mike Benz says 2020 election RIG for Biden was planned at least seven months ahead of time.  The Pentagon led a massive censorship campaign to stop Donald Trump from winning the 2020 presidential election, explained censorship expert Mike Benz on a recent episode of "Tucker on X," the social media program of Tucker Carlson.  The election had already been rigged, Benz added, a full seven months prior to election day, meaning the outcome had already been pre-determined for a Joe Biden "win."  "So, what you're saying is ... they knew the outcome of the election seven months before it was held?" Carlson asked Benz.  "It looks very bad," Benz responded.

New York Dems [were] dealt [a] massive blow when [an] appeals court [struck] down [a] law allowing non-citizens to vote.  A law that New York City progressives passed in 2022 that would have allowed roughly 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections was struck down by an appeals court as unconstitutional on Wednesday.  "We determine that this local law was enacted in violation of the New York State Constitution and Municipal Home Rule Law, and thus, must be declared null and void," Appellate Judge Paul Wooten wrote in the 3-1 majority decision, according to the New York Post.  The judge noted that the state constitution applies only to citizens having the right to vote in municipal as well as statewide elections for state legislative offices.

Georgia election officials withheld evidence in voting machine breach, group alleges.  AGeorgia-based nonprofit that is suing the Coffee County, Georgia Board of Elections over an alleged breach of voting software weeks before President Joe Biden was sworn into office is asking a judge to sanction officials involved in the case, saying in new court filings that they repeatedly stonewalled and withheld crucial evidence during discovery.  In a 274-page filing submitted Tuesday, the group claims that Coffee County election officials withheld emails outlining what they knew about the alleged breach, relevant communications between the board and a lawyer associated with "Stop the Steal" legal efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and security camera footage of forensic experts visiting the Coffee County office where voting software was copied.

Report: 186 Now-Removed Arizona Voter Roll Names Were Foreign Nationals.  Arizona removed nearly 200 residents from its voter rolls after discovering they were foreign nationals, and therefore ineligible to vote, a new report revealed.  Published on Tuesday, the analysis by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found that 186 noncitizens residing in Pima County have been "involuntarily purged" from the Grand Canyon State's voter registration lists since 2021.  According to the report, seven of these 186 foreigners appear to have cast ballots "across two federal and local elections."  Records reviewed by PILF included more detailed information, such as the party affiliation of the aforementioned noncitizens.  The analysis indicated 108 did not have a party affiliation, while 46 were registered as Democrats and 28 as Republicans.  Three were registered independents and one was a Libertarian.  "Roughly 65 percent of records came from 'political parties and group drives,'" the report reads.  "Although conclusions in other studies established that organizers of voter registration drives can be left leaning, the party affiliations of the registrants within the Pima disclosure are more varied."

Bill would allow 'unhoused' to register to vote without physical address on application.  The chair of the Minnesota House Elections Committee introduced a bill this week that would give people without an official residence wider latitude to register to vote.  One of several provisions in HF3557, sponsored by Rep. Mike Freiberg, DFL-Golden Valley, would allow people filling out a voter registration application to write down a "physical description of the location of their residence, if the voter resides in an area lacking a specific physical address."  Freiberg told members of the House Elections Finance and Policy Committee on Wednesday that "providing a physical description of where a voter resides is currently permitted on the federal (voting) registration application, and this change makes this clear on Minnesota's form."  It would apply only in instances where a residence lacks a traditional street address.  Freiberg cited some instances where tribal nations have residents who live in homes that have no physical address, along with people who are residents of Minnesota but do not have a specific address where they reside due to being "unhoused."

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Striking Down NYC Voting Rights for Foreigners.  A New York appeals court upheld a prior ruling that struck down a New York City law giving local voting rights to nearly a million foreign nationals.  As Breitbart News chronicled, Democrats on the 51-member New York City Council approved a plan in January 2022 that gave more than 800,000 foreign nationals with green cards, visas, and work permits the opportunity to vote in citywide elections so long as they have resided in the city for at least 30 consecutive days.  Black New Yorkers, along with naturalized American citizens, the New York State Republican Party, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and Democrat officials like Councilman Robert Holden subsequently sued Mayor Eric Adams (D) and the city's Board of Elections.

Court: D.C. Must Fork Over Data About 'Deceased' People On Voter Rolls From Leftist-Linked 'Maintenance' Group.  In the latest win for election integrity advocates, Washington, D.C. agreed to forfeit data related to the leftist-linked voter roll "maintenance" group known as ERIC, according to a stipulated court order released on Tuesday.  Judge Ana Reyes of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia oversaw the settlement that determined that Monica Holman Evans, the executive director of the D.C. Board of Elections (DCBOE), must forfeit data reports that ERIC generates about deceased or potentially deceased individuals on D.C.'s voter registration lists to the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF).  As The Federalist has previously reported, the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, is a widely used voter-roll management organization founded by Democrat activist David Becker that was "sold to states as a quick and easy way to update their voter rolls."  In actuality, the program inflates voter rolls by requiring member states to contact eligible but unregistered residents to register to vote.

The Theory That Mail-in Voting Is Secure Just Died a Horrible Death.  Something screwy happened in the Nevada primary, and it utterly destroys the claim that the 2020 election was the most fair and secure in history.  Because of the COVID pandemic, a whopping 43% of the votes cast in the 2020 election were mail-in ballots.  Many governors unilaterally (and illegally) changed election laws to make this happen, and anyone who challenged the safety and security of mail-in voting was deemed a conspiracy theorist.  We've covered the problems of mail-in voting in the past, and it seems things haven't improved.  Now, Nevada residents are learning that they voted in the state primary  — even though they didn't.  "After numerous Nevada voters saw irregularities in their voter history on Sunday, the secretary of state's office said it has identified the issues and is fixing them, according to a statement Monday evening," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported this week.  "The office learned Sunday there were possible technical issues relating to Nevadans' voting history for people who did not participate in the Feb. 6 presidential primary.  It said elections and IT staff began working immediately with county clerks and registrars Monday morning."

Nevada Launches Investigation After Residents Told Their Ballot Had Been Counted When They Hadn't Voted.  The Nevada Secretary of State's Office launched an investigation after some residents were told that their votes had been counted in the recent primary election despite the fact that they had not voted.  After local outlets reported the news on Sunday, state officials looked into the issue and said that it had been caused by a "technical" problem and that the irregularities had to do with how county data was uploaded to a state database.  "The issue was as follows: on a nightly basis, each county uploads their voter registration data to the Secretary of State's database, which executes code to create the single statewide voter registration file that users see when they log into vote.nv.gov.  The legacy systems used by a number of the counties require additional steps be taken to ensure that voters who did not return their ballot do not have vote history; some of those steps were not taken, which resulted in inaccurate data," a statement from the office of Democrat Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar said on Monday.  Aguilar's office said that all the data in the system should be correct within two days.

Nevada's Democrat Secretary of State Pulls a Fast One.  A so-called glitch on the Nevada Secretary of State's website caused unmailed ballots to show up as counted in the recent Nevada primary.  The Nevada Secretary of State's office (run by Democrat Francisco Aguilar) on Sunday learned of the 'glitch' after numerous Nevada voters realized their votes were counted in the recent primary even though they didn't participate.  The SoS office "determined that the problem resulted in some counties not taking the proper steps to upload their voter registration.  Every night each county uploads their voter registration to the secretary of state's database, which executes code to create the statewide voter registration file that Nevadans see when they log into vote.nv.gov, according to the secretary of state's office." — The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Government-Backed Censors Who Rigged The 2020 Election Are Now Stealing 2024.  If you didn't see Tucker Carlson's interview last week with Mike Benz, you need to take an hour and watch the whole thing.  In a mind-bending narrative about the emergence of what Benz calls "military rule" through an online censorship industry in the U.S., he lays out in startling detail just how corrupt and tyrannical the U.S. defense and foreign policy establishment has become.  Most importantly, Benz, the executive director of the Foundation For Freedom Online, explains how a constellation of federal agencies and publicly funded institutions, under the pretext of countering "misinformation," rigged the 2020 election and are right now smothering the First Amendment and rigging the 2024 election through massive state-sponsored censorship online.  The 2020 election and the Covid-19 pandemic, says Benz, were the "two most censored events in human history."  And 2024 is shaping up to be the same, thanks to the emergence of a federal censorship-industrial complex.

The Military Junta Called "The Democracy".  On Saturday night I watched Tucker Carlson's interview with Michael Benz, the link sent to me by a reader, and found out that I have, like many others, been a warrior against a military junta that has taken over our government. [...] When these compromised politicians speak of "the democracy" they are speaking of this cabal who through manipulation of social media are able to inspire or put down color revolutions in any nation in the world and after 2016, Trump's election, they began to utilize those same means of overthrowing governments here in the United States and have effectively altered the outcome of elections, both here and abroad.  A lot of people had to know of this cabal or be threatened by it in order for NONE of the evidence of election interference to be heard in court, or given any credibility.

Who Really Won the 2020 Election?  Impartial elections are absolutely essential to a cohesive and fruitful society.  Historically, Americans have generally trusted that national elections have been free, fair, and secure, as well as bereft of widespread fraud.  For generations, the majority of Americans have trusted that the electoral results delivered to the public were an accurate reflection of the will of the people.  However, this time-honored tradition changed after the 2020 election.  In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, dozens of states significantly altered their voting processes.  In many cases, these changes occurred imprudently, without serious consideration of their potentially adverse effects and without the consent of the people's elected representatives in state legislatures.  These abrupt and hasty changes to voting procedures in the months before the 2020 election occurred despite the fact that ample evidence showed that mass mail-in voting, unsecure ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and lack of signature verification would result in a flood of fraudulent ballots that would undermine the accuracy of the election results. [...] After analyzing the raw survey data, we were also able to conclude that 28.2 percent of respondents who voted by mail admitted to committing at least one kind of voter fraud.  This means that more than one-in-four ballots cast by mail in 2020 were likely cast fraudulently, and thus should not have been counted.  Because Joe Biden received significantly more mailin votes than Donald Trump, we conclude that the 2020 election outcome would have been different in the key swing states that Donald Trump lost by razor thin margins in 2020 — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — under the 28.2 percent scenario.

Non-Citizens Have Been Voting Since 2008.  Why would a president running for reelection refuse to meet with the Speaker of the House to discuss a national crisis that most voters blame on the president himself?  This would be regarded as bizarre behavior under any circumstances, but it's particularly perverse considering that the crisis in question is illegal immigration — the signature issue of Biden's probable challenger in November.  Moreover, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average, 63 percent of the voters disapprove of the way he has handled immigration.  Yet Biden refuses to discuss the problem.  It's almost as if he thinks it somehow works to his advantage.

San Francisco Admits First Non-citizen to Elections Board.  San Francisco has appointed a non-citizen to its elections commission for the first time, even though she cannot vote. [...] As Breitbart News has noted, non-citizens are allowed to vote in San Francisco in school board elections.  It is not clear how firm the separation is between those registered to vote for school board elections and those registered to vote for all other elections.  Democrat-run jurisdictions have attempted to expand voting rights to non-citizens, hoping to capitalize on the large number of immigrants — legal and illegal — that have entered the country thanks to loose Democratic Party border policies.

6-in-7 Voters Say Only Americans Should Vote in U.S. Elections.  The overwhelming majority of general election voters say only American citizens should be allowed to vote in United States elections, a new poll exclusively shared with Breitbart News finds.  "We are just months away from one of the most important elections in our lifetime, and the security of those elections is under siege from an invasion of foreigners crossing our borders illegally," Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin told Breitbart News.  "Some of them could ultimately vote in our elections with few barriers stopping them."

Investigators Visit Graves of Dead Voters Still on Michigan Rolls.  Investigators with the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) visited the graves of Americans who have long passed away but remain on Michigan's voter rolls heading into the 2024 election.  In November 2021, PILF filed suit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) accusing her of keeping nearly 26,000 dead registrants on Michigan voter rolls and thus violating the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).  The lawsuit claims 25,975 dead registrants remain on Michigan's voter rolls, including 23,663 registrants who have been dead for five years or more, 17,479 registrants who have been dead for at least a decade, and 3,956 registrants who have been dead for at least 20 years.

Atlantic City Ballot-Stuffer Reportedly Worked for the Feds.  Last week, The Gateway Pundit reported on Craig Callaway's recent indictment in Atlantic City, NJ for "procuring, casting, and tabulating fraudulent ballots."  The former Atlantic City council president was caught allegedly paying New Jersey residents $30 to $50 to "act as authorized messengers and request mail-in ballots for voters whom they'd never met."  The alleged crime took place during the 2022 mid-term election when Callaway was paid $65,500 by Rep. Jeff Van Drew's (R-02) campaign for "strategic consulting".  Rep. Van Drew had paid Callaway's firm $110,000 for services in the 2020 campaign as well. [...] Last week, Jesse Watters reported on the story of Callaway and his operation. [...] Then, Watters dropped a bomb.  According to Watters, Callaway has been working for the FBI for 25 years.

Drake, 50 Cent, other Recording Artists are Registered to Vote with Same Houston-Area Address.  Katy is a city west of Houston, in the Houston metro area.  Katy's population at the time of the 2020 census was 21,894.  The point is that it is a small city, most often thought of as a suburb of Houston.  There is a story out today that recording artists Drake, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and The Game are all registered to vote with the same address in Katy.  The house is described as "a beige, $300,000 house in a modest new development in Katy."  The homeowner had no idea why the men were registered to vote at that address.  Neighbors said they had not seen the performers.  It's a prank that uses a federal loophole in voter ID laws.

Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022.  An expert in election data asserts that almost 35,000 Georgia voters in 2020 cast ballots from the wrong jurisdictions, but Georgia's top election official hasn't responded to his request for an investigation.  Mark Davis, president of Georgia-based Data Productions Inc., has pushed for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office to investigate his data since May 2021. Davis says he inquired again earlier this month after finding evidence of the same problems in Georgia's 2021 and 2022 elections.  "The same thing is going to happen again in 2024," Davis, who earlier this year scored a legal victory over the Stacey Abrams-founded group Fair Fight Action — told The Daily Signal.  "I first brought this up to the State Elections Board in 2002.  You can't fix a problem if you don't admit you have a problem."  "The secretary of state doesn't want to address this because it happened on his watch," he said of Raffensperger.  "I don't know why he's being like that.  It's happened on everyone's watch."

Time for Consequences.  [Scroll down]  As Time magazine reported shortly after the 2020 election, a "cabal" — Time's word — of "left-wing activists and business titans" worked to get rid of Trump.  It pushed mail-in voting.  It moved to block election fraud suits brought by Trump and supporters.  It employed social media censorship to mute pro-Trump arguments and amplify anti-Trump arguments.  It sponsored protests.  Time called this a "conspiracy to save the election," but in truth it was a conspiracy to save the election for the Democrats.  The consequences in terms of lost faith in democracy have been severe, but the worst effect is that the winning ticket was never seriously vetted by the media or the campaign process.  Now we have that president in office, and he's manifestly unfit. [...] Now we're in a pickle.  Whatever happens in this election, I would like to see some consequences for the games played with our democracy in 2020.

Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump 'Almost Certainly' Won in 2020.  A new study examining the likely impact that fraudulent mail-in ballots had in the 2020 election concludes that the outcome would "almost certainly" have been different without the massive expansion of voting by mail.  The Heartland Institute study tried to gauge the probable impact that fraudulent mail-in ballots cast for both then-candidate Joe Biden and his opponent, President Donald Trump, would have had on the overall 2020 election results.  The study was based on data obtained from a Heartland/Rasmussen survey in December that revealed that roughly one in five mail-in voters admitted to potentially fraudulent actions in the presidential election.  After the researchers carried out additional analyses of the data, they concluded that mail-in ballot fraud "significantly" impacted the 2020 presidential election.  They also found that, absent the huge expansion of mail-in ballots during the pandemic, which was often done without legislative approval, President Trump would most likely have won.

The Coming 2024 Leftist Election Grift.  With so many election integrity groups and concerned citizens watching this time around, what will the Democrats do to tilt the results in their favor?  They have quite a few arrows in their quiver, but virtually every trick relies on one thing:  dirty voter rolls.  Voter rolls filled with unqualified voters — for instance, voters without a valid address or with an insufficient or incorrect address — are ready-made for fraud.  A mailed ballot may go out to that person, but if the address is wrong or incorrect, the ballot will not reach the voter.  These "floating ballots" are often gathered and cast as votes illegitimately.  These practices, along with many others, are widely practiced around the country.  Election integrity groups all over America are fighting to clean voter rolls, state-by-state and town-by-town.

Indiana County Probing Democrat Vote Fraud after Finding 100s of Fake Signatures.  Indiana officials are investigating multiple cases of voter fraud after a county clerk's office discovered what appear to be hundreds of fraudulent signatures and addresses on petition papers last month, according to The Federalist.  The Indiana State Police said this week they had launched an investigation after St. Joseph County Clerk Amy Rolfes alerted them to the discrepancies, which she said pointed to a potential petition forgery plot.  The forgeries reportedly came from a volunteer for Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips's campaign.  On Jan. 25, the volunteer attempted to turn in approximately 80 petition documents to help get Phillips on the state's ballot.  But the petitions were rejected because they lacked key information.  The next day, the volunteer returned with 53 completed pages.

Mollie Hemingway Breaks Down Everything Wrong With U.S. Elections From Mail-In Ballots To Zuckbucks To Censorship.  Mail-in ballots, the private takeover of elections with "Zuckerbucks," Big Tech censorship, and Democrat meddling are the biggest ways "the American system of self-governance is under attack," Federalist Editor-In-Chief and bestselling author Mollie Hemingway warned in her testimony to the House Administration Committee.  "We have allowed the private takeover of government election offices by partisan oligarchs and their armies of activists who use those offices and their authorities to tilt the election toward favored candidates," she said.  During her opening statement on Wednesday, Hemingway diagnosed the deterioration of U.S. elections and Americans' trust in the voting process as the result of "lengthy election seasons."  "The situation is so absurd that we have presidential and gubernatorial debates weeks after some people have already voted," Hemingway noted.  Mail-in voting specifically, Hemingway said, forces the crux of voting to begin months before Election Day.

Conservative Writer Mollie Hemingway Tells Congress What's Wrong With Our Elections.  Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist testified before Congress this week, offering what she sees as the biggest problems with elections in America.  She emphasized the system of balloting, the extended time periods for voting, the efforts of Democrats to prosecute the competition, our one-sided media, and more, comparing our current elections to what happened in the former Soviet Union.  At the end of her testimony, she called out Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for their election interference.  [Tweet with video clip]

Conspiracy Theory Proven True:  Illegal Aliens Claim They'll Be Voting For Joe Biden.  [Video clip only.]

Mail-in voter fraud and the 2020 election.  Our story begins in the months leading up to the 2020 election, when several states, including all the critical swing states, changed their voting rules under the pretext that traditional in-person voting was dangerous due to the pandemic.  Rather than having most people vote in-person, which is the most safe and secure method to cast a ballot, dozens of state officials usurped the power of state legislatures and implemented unprecedented (and unconstitutional) measures to encourage mass voting by mail.  These dubious changes to state voting procedures resulted in a record-breaking number of ballots cast by mail in the 2020 election.  At the same time, the percentage of mail-in ballots that were rejected by state officials was far below the historical average.  It just so happens that Joe Biden received a far greater share of the record-high mail-in votes in the 2020 election.  In fact, at the national level, Biden received nearly twice as many mail-in votes compared to Trump.

FOIA'd Emails Reveal MI AG Nessel Personally Visited Detroit USPS Distribution Center Day Before 2020 Election.  According to FOIA'd emails, on Monday, November 2, 2020, only one day before a critically important presidential election, Michigan's Democrat Attorney General was busy investigating a claim by a USPS whistleblower who worked at the Detroit USPS distribution center.  FOIA'd emails obtained by independent investigator Yehuda Miller and shared on Twitter, reveal a postal worker, who asked to remain anonymous, first told MI Rep. Ellissa Slotkin's office that "thousands of ballots are sitting in the main Detroit postal service distribution center (references their warehouse)."  The whistleblower mentioned that "there are boxes and boxes of ballots that have not been counted and the reason being given is because there are not enough sorters."  The whistleblower complaint was forwarded to MI AG Nessel's Chief of Staff, Zaineb Hussein.

Why Are Republicans Advancing A Bill That Lets Outsiders Buy A South Dakota Address And Use It To Vote?  With the help of Republican lawmakers, South Dakota Secretary of State Monae Johnson has brought a handful of election-related bills to the 2024 legislative session, all to the ire of her campaign supporters.  At her request, lawmakers have presented bills to share the statewide voter registration file, establish the crime of threatening a poll worker, and recently SB 17, which modifies the state's recently-enacted law requiring new South Dakota voters to have resided in the state for at least 30 days.  As currently amended, this bill would essentially open the door to anyone living anywhere to vote in South Dakota elections. [...] Now the bill, in its current form as amended by the Republican-controlled Senate, would abandon the 30-day residency protections entirely and do away with current residency law that defines a residence as "an actual fixed permanent dwelling."  Such a change would allow practically anyone to buy a South Dakota mailing address and use it to vote.

Former President of City Council of Atlantic City Charged with Submitting Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots.  An Atlantic County, New Jersey, man was arrested today [2/1/2024] for his role in procuring, casting, and tabulating fraudulent mail-in ballots submitted in the Nov. 8, 2022, general election, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced.  Craig Callaway, 64, a former member and president of the City Council of Atlantic City and a political organizer who assisted campaigns for elected offices in New Jersey, is charged in a criminal complaint unsealed today with one count of depriving, defrauding, and attempting to deprive and defraud the residents of the state of New Jersey of a fair and impartially conducted election process by the fraudulent procurement, casting, and tabulation of ballots.

Trump or Bust.  In nine months, America will be holding an election for the ages.  Yeah, I know everyone says that about every election, but the stakes for November 2024 could not be higher.  This assumes we will have an actual election. [...] Remember how a few districts in key swing states, in an unprecedented manner, shut down vote-counting on election night with Donald Trump holding a comfortable lead over Joe Biden?  They covered windows, removed observers, and shazam, by morning Biden had the lead in each of those swing states.  But that margin was only 44,000 votes, manageable with phony ballots, recounting votes, or just fiddling with the vote counts.  With Trump holding a 2 point lead, and likely growing, over Biden in the RCP average poll, that margin may beyond simple cheating.

Have We had Honest or Dishonest Elections?  There are two radically different viewpoints about what happened in 2020.  Which is the primary explanation?  Let's briefly outline each:  Position #1:  Some intelligent people have told me that they believe that the Dems won in 2020 honestly, because: a) they had better messaging, b) they did a better job at getting out the vote, c) they had a better candidate, etc.  Position #2:  My view (after 3+ years of intensive immersion into the election issue) is that the Dems won dishonestly, e.g. due to: a) voter fraud, b) voting machine manipulation, c) ballot processing incompetence, d) State officials unilaterally changing voting rules (using COVID as an excuse), e) illegal government support of political messaging, f) manipulation of search engine queries (e.g., Google), g) media's intensive misinformation campaign, h) NGO influence (e.g., Zuckerbucks), etc.  Which position is correct is not an academic matter, as it has a HUGE bearing on what should be done in advance, to avoid a 2020/2022 repeat in 2024.  Those who waste time, effort, and money on the wrong answer are inadvertently perpetuating the problem.

The Fingerprints of Fraud.  The General election of 2020 was perhaps the most contentious election in our country's history.  It was certainly the most contested and displayed the most concerning irregularities.  Since the election, many researchers, election experts, and concerned citizens have performed an unprecedented evaluation of the election procedures and data.  Many have found hard evidence of manipulation and fraud at the state, county, and local levels.  To date, the judicial systems of those locales have been unwilling or unable to give a fair hearing to the findings, leaving our country in a divided condition where a majority of the population no longer trusts the election system.

US 2020 Election Fraud at a Glance.  The US 2020 Presidential Election counted a record-breaking 158 million votes, 22 million higher than the previous election, and yet was decided by only 42,918 votes or 0.027% across Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.  In the days and weeks following, many dozens of anomalies, eyewitness accounts and sworn testimonies emerged showing election tampering, yet were overlooked or minimized by mainstream media and news outlets.  In spite of increasing evidence, officials in many key states have obstructed open and transparent audits of the results.  Was the election fair and legitimate?  Decide for yourself.  [Video clip]

Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States.  It has often been repeated there is "no evidence" of fraud in the 2020 Election.  In actuality, there is no evidence Joe Biden won.  Ongoing investigations in the Swing States reveal hundreds of thousands of votes were altered and/or not lawfully cast in the Presidential Election.  Joe Biden needed them.  On Election Night Nov. 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump was sailing to reelection with landslide leads in numerous battlegrounds.  In Georgia, President Trump was up by 12 points, and over 335,000 votes, with 56 percent of the vote in at 10:17 p.m.  In Wisconsin, President Trump was leading by 121,380 votes and 5 points at 12:12 a.m., which Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted was "not a small margin."  In Pennsylvania, President Trump was leading by 659,145 votes at 12:38 a.m., a full 15 points.  In Michigan, President Trump was leading by 293,052 votes and 10 points.  The election was over.  However, precincts in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Milwaukee kept counting until the results reached the desired outcome, which was the opposite of the will of the voters.  Georgia went from having a total of 4.7 million votes, already a record for the state, according to Brad Raffensperger's count on Nov. 4, to certifying almost 5 million.  This was 300,000 more votes than what the top elections official claimed were cast in the Election.

New Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud.  By a margin of 52% to 40%, voters believe that "cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election."  That's per a Rasmussen Reports survey from this month.  This stands in stark contrast to the countless news stories editorializing about "no evidence of voter fraud" and "the myth of voter fraud."  It isn't just Republicans who believe this cheating occurred.  Even 34% of Democrats believe it, as do 38% of those who "somewhat" support President Biden.  A broad range of Americans think this:  men, women, all age groups, whites, those who are neither white nor black, Republicans, those who are neither Republicans nor Democrats, all job categories, all income groups except those making over $200,000 per year, and all education groups except those who attended graduate school.  And with good reason.  New research of mine is forthcoming in the peer-reviewed economics journal Public Choice, and it finds evidence of around 255,000 excess votes (possibly as many as 368,000) for Joe Biden in six swing states where Donald Trump lodged accusations of fraud.  Biden only carried these states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — by a total of 313,253 votes.  Excluding Michigan, the gap was 159,065.

Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan.  On October 8, 2020[,] only one month before the 2020 general election, Muskegon, MI City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed a black female (whose name was redacted from the police report), dropping off between 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk's office.  The Muskegon Police Department was contacted and asked to investigate.  On 10/21/20 First Lieutenant Mike Anderson was contacted by Tom Fabus, Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's Office.  According to the MI State Police report, Mr. Fabus asked for Michigan State Police assistance with a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the AG.  An investigative task force was formed, and an investigation was initiated. [...] The Muskegon city clerk became suspicious when the female, (whose name is redacted in the first part of the police report, but then later, is unredacted), hand-delivered thousands of voter registrations to her office, many of them in the same handwriting.

Arizona Election Law May Enable Non-Citizens To Vote In 2024 Presidential Election, Experts Warn.  One of the most important states in the 2024 presidential election has a loophole in its election procedures that could allow non-citizens to cast federal election ballots, experts told the Daily Caller.  Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes crafted the state's Election Procedures Manual (EPM) to permit individuals whose citizenship cannot be verified to register as a "federal-only" voter and cast ballots in upcoming elections.  "An otherwise eligible registrant who does not submit DPOC (proof of citizenship) and whose U.S. citizenship cannot be verified via AZMVD records or other record in the statewide voter registration database is registered as a 'federal-only' voter.  A 'federal-only' voter is eligible to vote solely in races for federal office in Arizona (including the Presidential Preference Election (PPE))," the EPM says on page three of its first chapter.  Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told the Daily Caller he believes Arizona's two-tiered voter registration system could enable illegal migrants to vote in the upcoming elections.  "I think it's absolutely a possibility because if you aren't requiring proof of citizenship, you're simply going on people's word that oh yeah I'm a U.S. citizen, you're going to get aliens who register and who vote," von Spakovsky told the Caller.

FOIA Documents Reveal Government Officials [were] Notified of Election Fraud in Michigan Following Election Day in 2020.  In July 2023, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D-MI) charged 16 Republican Electors with political crimes in connection with the controversial 2020 Presidential election.  The ALTERNATE electors in Michigan, many of them senior citizens, were charged with eight felonies each, which could mean spending the rest of their lives in prison if AG Nessel has her way. [...] During her staged press release where she announced the bogus charges against the 16 GOP electors, Michigan's politically motivated Attorney General Dana Nessel stated the electors were GUILTY, which is a curious statement to make from Michigan's top law enforcement officer, knowing the electors haven't even had their day in court!  Make no mistake, this is a political persecution, not a prosecution.

Biden Pushes Inmate Voting With Help From Interest Groups.  A federal agency is working with left-of-center nonprofits to increase voting among prisoners and former prison inmates under an executive order from President Joe Biden designed to increase election turnout.  The Federal Bureau of Prisons has partnered with and regularly consults on voting issues with the League of Women Voters, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Campaign Legal Center, and the Washington Lawyers' Committee.  Emery Nelson, spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which is part of the Justice Department, confirmed the arrangement to The Daily Signal.

The Death of Citizenship.  As non-citizens are increasingly being granted the right to vote and after the blatant unconstitutional voting law changes and ballot manipulations which eventuated in the Democrat Party winning the 2020 presidential election, no longer can the citizenry rely on open and honest elections to choose their representatives.  Millions of mail-in ballots with no security controls were indiscriminately distributed and unaccounted for throughout the length and breadth of the country, millions of ballots were illegally "harvested" by paid campaign workers, and hundreds of thousands of ballots were feloniously "stuffed" into innumerable drop-off boxes.  The denials of election fraud and subsequent cover-ups by the media and the ruling class ring hollow and insincere as they, in essence, have told American citizens that the fundamental right to choose their representatives is no more as they have little or no say in who is chosen to run or how their leaders are elected.

Eight Ways Chris Wray and Bill Barr Destroyed Free and Fair Elections in America.  [#1] The massive ballot registration fraud by GBI Strategies — a Democrat-funded operation — in Michigan and every battleground state.  Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, in August 2023, CONFIRMED that 8,000 to 10,000 suspected fraudulent ballot registrations were delivered to the Muskegon, Michigan, City Clerk prior to the 2020 election.  The Gateway Pundit and our contacts in Michigan released the original report earlier in the week.  This report and investigation was buried for three years.  Our reporting was based on a redacted police report describing how Muskegon City Clerk Meisch encountered a woman dropping off 8,000 [to] 10,000 completed voter registration applications.  Meisch found this unusual since the voting population in Muskegon at the time was around 30,000 individuals so she immediately reported this to authorities.  The Gateway Pundit reported that the "registrations included the same handwriting, non-existent addresses, and incorrect phone numbers."

If... Then... 2024.  The 2020 election really was outright stolen.  Mr. Biden really is illegitimate.  In the seven purple states, tactics were used to disenfranchise legal votes.  At about 11:30 P.M., it was the well thought out and orchestrated strategy all along to stop the counting of votes so that criminal voting measures could be used hours later while law-abiding Americans slept.  Major Democrats and Republicans knew of the stolen election and did nothing about it.  The Deep State in D.C. is fine and feels morally superior to the "rubes" outside the Beltway, and thus they feel confident that the election had to be stolen.  The Deep State feels morally justified in helping to steal the 2020 election.

Democracy dies in adulterated voter rolls.  If one person can simply grab 10,000 mail in ballots, fill them out by machine, and drop them in mailboxes, that's not democracy, that's fraud.  If people who are not US citizens are eligible to vote, that too is fraud.  This seems a pretty uncontroversial set of ideas, but the obviousness and ethics of such seem to stand increasingly in opposition to the actual black letter law.  Consider Arizona, whose bizarre two tier voter registration provides a poignant example.  In order to vote in state or local elections, you must submit "valid proof of citizenship" which includes several options like passports and birth certificates or an AZ driver's license (which requires same to get it). However, astonishingly, no such stricture applies to federal elections. you can register to vote for the house, the senate, the president by simply filling out a form (link conveniently provided) that has no verification requirements whatsoever.  It's the electoral equivalent of a liar loan.

Bridgeport Democrat Mayor Wins Race After His Associate Is Caught Stuffing the Local Ballot Drop Boxes with Bags of Ballots.  Mayor Joe Ganim won another victory on Tuesday in the Bridgeport, Connecticut special election for the Democratic primary for mayor.  Ganim quickly claimed victory after winning the in-person tally by 274 votes.  In November a local judge overturned the initial primary election after Wanda Geter-Pataky, the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic Town Clerk and a vocal supporter of incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, was caught on video stuffing the ballot drop boxes with dozens if not hundreds of absentee ballots.  So Mayor Ganim won again on Tuesday against John Gomes in the Democrat primary. [...] Superior Court Judge William Clark ordered a new election to be held, citing bombshell video evidence of election fraud as the basis for his decision.  The ruling has far-reaching implications, not just for Bridgeport but for the entire country, as it sets a precedent for ongoing and future cases involving mail-in ballot fraud.

Tell Us You Stole The Election Without Telling Us You Stole The Election.  Benny Johnson asks:  WHEN in American election history have all 5 swing states simultaneously stopped counting ballots on election night?  Is there any explanation for this other than centrally organized fraud?  [Video clip]

Bowes: Evidence Mounts Georgia Elections Stolen And Officials Corrupt.  [#1] Fulton County admitted that they conducted zero signature verification on 380,000 absentee ballots in 2020.  This affects all State and Federal races.  None of those absentee ballots are legal.  The Presidency and the U.S. Senate were stolen because of this violation of law.  This stunning admission was in the Harrison Floyd defense hearing where Fulton County has been ordered to turn over 470,000 absentee ballot request, every signature file, the 380,000 returned absenette ballots, the 140,000 in person ballots, every memroy card, every chain of custody document, every tabulator, every memory card/USB.  [#2] In the Curling v. Raffensperger civil Federal trial, liberal professor Alex Halderman demonstrated in court how easy it is to hack and change votes in the Dominion and other voting computer tabulators.  Judge Amy Totenberg has already determined that Georgia voters were the victim of vote nullification related to the ballot marking devices / QR codes, but this explosive new demonstration shows that every part of the voting computer system from BMD, to e-poll books, to tabulators, to Election Management System is vulnerable to easy hacking.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Explains How Democrats Stole the 2020 Election.  In September 2023 Tucker Carlson sat down with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  This was after the liberals like Karl Rove attempted to remove Paxton from office and turn the Lone Star State over to the Democrat horde and their election fraud operation.  Thankfully, Ken Paxton had just been acquitted of wrongdoing following a Senate trial on all Articles of Impeachment.  Texas RINOs, including Bush and Rove allies, wanted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gone so they made up some accusations against him without evidence in an attempt to impeach him.  Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas.  Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this.

"The Reason You Don't See This in the Mainstream Media Is Because It Is Extremely Damaging".  On Friday, in a Federal Court In Atlanta, Georgia, University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman testified in front of Judge Amy Totenberg's courtroom in the Culling vs. Raffensperger lawsuit on the insecure Dominion voting machines used in Georgia elections since 2020.  As reported earlier, during his testimony, Halderman was able to hack a Dominion voting machine and change the tabulations in front of U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg and the entire courtroom!  Halderman used only a pen to change vote totals!  His testimony was part of a long-running lawsuit by election integrity activists set as a bench trial.  On Monday Emerald Robinson joined Ivory Hecker on Gateway:  Beyond the Headlines to discuss how you can use a pen change results on a Dominion voting machine as was demonstrated last week in Fulton County court.

Ballots Cast Without Proof Of Citizenship 'Exploded' After Lawfare Crippled Arizona Election Laws.  After Arizona officials signed a consent decree agreeing to let voters who failed to provide proof of U.S. citizenship on their state voter application forms vote in federal elections anyway, Arizona saw an "explosion" of voters casting federal-only ballots.  The soaring numbers coincide with millions of illegal immigrants flooding into the United States.  Twenty years ago, Arizona voters approved Proposition 200, also known as the "Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act."  At its core, the election integrity initiative required proof of U.S. citizenship to vote and photo identification at polling places.  Prop 200 has come under constant assault from leftists fighting against the Arizona Constitution's key qualification to vote in elections:  U.S. citizenship.  The challenge went all the way to U.S. Supreme Court, where in 2013 the justices ruled 7-2 that states could not add documentary proof of citizenship requirements to federal election registration forms.  States must "accept and use" the standardized federal voter registration form for national elections under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).  The NVRA form, developed by the federal Election Assistance Commission, does not require proof of citizenship.  It only asks that an applicant "aver, under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen."

That Other Primary in New England Is a Do-Over After Massive Voter Fraud Scandal.  Another New England primary is happening Tuesday, this one outside New Hampshire and between Democrats — and it's a do-over to one that was stained by voter fraud caught on video.  Bridgeport, the largest city in Connecticut, garnered national attention last year after a judge tossed the results of a September mayoral primary because a Democrat operative was caught on video apparently dumping a load of ballots into a drop box.  "I have no confidence the do-over election in Bridgeport will be more legitimate than last time.  The same people are ultimately in charge," Connecticut state Sen. Robert C. Sampson, a Republican, told The Daily Signal.  There is no interest from the Democrat majority in the Legislature to prevent election fraud, Sampson, the ranking senator on the Legislature's joint Government Administration and Elections Committee, said.  "Democrats resist any election integrity efforts," Sampson said last week in an interview. "They voted down amendments to adopt voter ID, for signature verification, and they want to expand mail-in voting and no-excuse absentee voting."

Reckless Negligence or Deliberate Disregard:  Georgia's Election Integrity.  Last week, critical issues surrounding Georgia's voting system came to the surface in the Curling v.  Raffensperger trial in Atlanta.  Dr. J. Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, revealed how easily Dominion voting systems could be compromised.  As first reported by Law360, Dr. Halderman demonstrated how a USB drive or a pen could be used to install malware, alter ballots, and enable unauthorized access to Dominion's Ballot Marking Device (BMD) systems, which are used for in-person voting across the state of Georgia.  In his presentation, Halderman used a pen to trigger a Dominion machine's reboot into "safe mode," gaining access to its Android desktop.  [Paywall]

Marlow: The Corporate Media and Big Tech Interfered in the 2020 Election.  Before a single vote was cast, the 2020 election was baked into the cake.  America's political and media establishment were not going to let what happened to them in 2016 happen again.  Don't take my word for it.  TIME Magazine published an article in February of 2021 called "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" which describes a vast effort by a network of partisan political operatives, union leaders, and business titans to create a mail ballot "revolution" to oust Trump.  This is, quite literally, a plan hatched by a highly motivated and well-funded few to undermine American democracy as we know it.  Yet, it is not well understood exactly what the American left did and how they pulled it off, and scarier still, how much of it is still legal to this day.  And, oh yes, they are going to use the same playbook again in 2024.

Every Battleground State in 2020 Announced They Were Going to Quit Counting on Election Night, Then Lied and Kept Counting.  On Election night in November 2020 President Trump was soundly defeating Joe Biden.  The election was won by Trump when Americans went to bed.  Then something took place that Americans had never experienced in over 200 years of its existence.  News broke that the battleground states were going to quit counting votes for the night.  This had NEVER taken place in US history.  AMUSE reposted this video compilation on Sunday.  [Video clip]

Arizona Secretary of State Reports "Glitch" That is Currently Flipping Republican Voter Registrations to Independent Ahead of the Republican Primary Election.  That's not a glitch, That's a programing command.  Democrats cheating are so emboldened by all their stolen victories with absolutely noconsequences that they don't even bother to hide it anymore.  "Arizona is a national embarrassment for having the most rigged elections in the country."  [Tweet]

Florida Leads the Way on Fighting Voter Fraud.  The Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security (OECS) was created by Governor Ron DeSantis to receive and investigate election-related complaints.  In most cases, the Office subsequently refers the complaints to appropriate county or state law enforcement entities.  A few days ago (January 15, 2024), the OECS issued its latest annual report.  Left-wing media will tell you that the agency did not find much fraud.  Rather, it spent taxpayer funds to harass and confuse minority voters.  But don't believe it: the findings in the report are serious and disturbing.  In addition to investigations of people who voted when they were not qualified to do so, the Office expanded its quest to third-party voter registration organizations (known as 3PVROs) and to other organizations that have circulated fraudulent petitions, which "have plagued the state for years."  About 1,900 third-party registration organizations operate in the state of Florida.  Those entities operate mostly on the left side of the fence, and often with shady and illegal workers.

Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine Tabulator in Court on Friday in Georgia.  In June 2023, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia unsealed the 96-page Halderman Report — the Security Analysis of Georgia's ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices.  Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had been hiding this report from the public for two years.  University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman and Security Researcher and Assistant Professor at Auburn University Drew Sringall collaborated on the report where they discovered many exploitable vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems' ImageCast X system.  Far-left Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of the investigation of Dominion voting machines in Georgia and sat on the report until this week.

Voter Fraud [is] More Widespread Than Some Think.  The 2020 election involved a criminal voter fraud scheme with mass absentee ballots and phony voter registrations, according to the Justice Department and the New Jersey attorney general.  This verdict and indictment happened in 2023.  Prosecutors in Massachusetts and New York brought election fraud charges in the closing weeks of December.  The Justice Department secured a guilty verdict against a congressional candidate's spouse — Kim Phuong Taylor — from a federal jury in November in Sioux City, Iowa, on 52 counts regarding causing absentee ballots to be fraudulently requested and cast that occurred in two elections.  Kim Taylor's husband, Jeremy Taylor, ran unsuccessfully in the 2020 Republican primary for the U.S. House of Representatives in Iowa's 4th Congressional District, then ran successfully in the general election to be reelected as a Woodbury County supervisor.

Head WEF Nazi Klaus Schwab Says There Will Be No Need For Elections, AI Will Choose For You.  World Economic Forum founder and chairman Klaus Schwab showed his true Nazi colors today at Davos, saying that nations will soon no longer need to bother holding "elections" because voters could easily be replaced by artificial intelligence.  AI is more than capable of choosing a nation's leaders, he said.  Schwab made the bone-chilling comments during a WEF interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, which was posted to X by Ezra Levant of Rebel News.  [Video clip]

This shows how little the Ballot Box is respected by Socialist Democrats:
Volinsky's Anti-Israel Org Wants NH Democrats To Write In 'Ceasefire' On Ballots.  President Joe Biden has competition for his 'meaningless' write-in campaign.  Former Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky is asking his fellow Granite State Democrats to skip writing Biden's name on their ballots and instead take part in his anti-Israel write-in campaign called "Ceasefire."  Announced Wednesday with a Zoom press conference, Ceasefire is Volinsky's campaign pushing New Hampshire voters to write in the word "Ceasefire" on their ballots in Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary.

Lawsuit Uncovers How Raffensperger Tried To Memory-Hole The Election Law Trump's Georgia Call Was About.  Election integrity advocates recently had a very important win when a federal district court ruled that challenging the eligibility of thousands of voters in Georgia did not constitute "voter intimidation."  Back in 2020, True the Vote, Derek Somerville and I, and three other activists were all sued by Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight organization for allegedly violating the Prohibited Acts section of the Voting Rights Act.  We had independently organized two different sets of challenges to voters with residency issues ahead of Georgia's 2021 U.S. Senate runoff.  True the Vote's challenges were broader in scope than the challenges Derek and I had coordinated, which were narrowly focused on voters who appeared to have already cast ballots with residency issues in the 2020 general election.  When the judge ruled in favor of all the defendants in the case and found that there had "not been any violation of Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act by any of the named Defendants," we got to experience "the thrill of victory," and Fair Fight got to experience "the agony of defeat," which was well deserved for dragging our good names through the mud for three solid years.

The One County Out of 99 that Trump Lost in Iowa Ran Out of Party-Switch Forms on Caucus Night.  The One County Out of 99 Counties that President Trump lost in Iowa on Caucus night ran out of party-switch forms on Caucus night.  President Trump won every single county in Iowa on Monday night except Johnson County, where Iowa City and the University of Iowa are located.  Nikki Haley won that county.  On Tuesday, CBS News explained how this happened.

Investigators Uncover Fake Michigan Addresses On Voter Rolls — One Address Has 19 Registered Voters — 8 of Them VOTED In 2020 and 2022 Elections.  If you're someone who'd like to live in a state where lawfare is used against citizens based on political affiliation, statewide voter registration fraud investigations are hidden by elected officials from clerks and citizens, or where the state's top election official repeatedly lies to the public and has been smacked down in the courts multiple times over rulings or decisions she's made that are unlawful[,] then Michigan's the place for you.  In 2016, Donald J. Trump shocked the nation when he won the state of Michigan, but in 2020, the nation watched his significant lead disappear in the wee hours of the morning on the day after the 2020 election[.]  With 90.9% of the vote accounted for in 2020, Joe Biden went from trailing President Donald J. Trump in Michigan the entire day to suddenly taking an incredible 200,000 vote lead.  Election-related lawsuits were dismissed by leftist judges across the state of Michigan, the life of the teenage daughter of Monica Palmer, chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers was threatened after she refused to vote to certify the Detroit election, where the election results were being called into question.  According to official records, key signatures that are reportedly required to certify the 2020 election are STILL missing from the document in Wayne County!

Virginia county revises 2020 election vote totals after discovering 'reporting errors' that miscalculated thousands of votes.  Anorthern Virginia county acknowledged last week that roughly 4,000 votes in the 2020 presidential contest were misallocated.  The Prince William County Office of Elections announced last week that President Joe Biden was shorted 1,648 votes in the 2020 presidential contest, while former President Donald Trump's "incorrectly received an extra 2,327 votes."  The initial vote total said Biden received 142,863 votes while Trump received 81,222.  But a new revision found that Biden actually received 144,511 votes while Trump received only 78,895.  In a statement, the county's director of elections, Eric Olsen, spoke about the "errors" using passive language.

Dishonest Ballot Initiative Wording Is Another Way Democrats Rig Elections.  Would you support a law protecting healthy minors from life-altering injections and amputations, side effects of which may include infertility, cancer, sexual dysfunction, and heart trouble?  Would you support a law that makes it a crime for a doctor to give "gender-affirming care" to minors whose gender dysphoria places them at a heightened risk of suicide?  If the average voter were asked each of these two questions, it's not hard to deduce that the wording of question No. 2 is far more likely to garner "no" answers, regardless of the false assumptions the question relies on.  We see the same reality at work in polling:  The way you ask someone a question greatly influences the answer.  It's why lawyers aren't allowed to "lead the witness" during direct examination.  For example, when PBS commissioned a poll in 2021 asking about restricting transgender surgeries for children, pollsters used this euphemistic language:  "Do you support or oppose legislation that would prohibit gender transition-related medical care for minors?"  Unsurprisingly, they got 66 percent of respondents to say "oppose," with only 28 percent admitting support.  Who doesn't want kids to get "medical care"?  Conversely, when the conservative group Convention of States Action asked respondents the following year, "Do you believe underage minors should be required to wait until they are adults to use puberty blockers and undergo permanent sex change procedures?" an overwhelming 79 percent said yes.

Voter Fraud Convictions Challenge Narrative of Secure Elections.  Connecticut Superior Court Judge William Clark nullified the results of a Democrat mayoral primary in November 2023 and ordered a new election.  The ruling was based on hours of video evidence showing hundreds of illegally harvested absentee ballots being stuffed into drop boxes in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  "The videos are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties," Judge Clark wrote in his ruling.  A California judge overturned the result in a 2021 Compton City Council run-off race that was initially decided by one vote.  The judge tossed four fraudulent ballots cast by people not legally registered in the jurisdiction.  Five people pleaded either guilty or no contest to conspiring to commit election fraud.  After discovering that 66 of the 84 absentee ballots cast in a 2021 Democrat primary for alderman in Aberdeen, Mississippi, were invalid and shouldn't have been counted, a judge ordered a new runoff election.  Police arrested a notary for notarizing ballots without watching voters sign them or checking their identification.

CNN Iowa Entrance Poll: 68% Believe Joe Biden Didn't Legitimately Win Election.  Sixty-eight percent of Iowan caucusgoers do not believe President Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election, while 30 percent think he did, a CNN entrance poll found Monday evening.  The poll also asked respondents if former President Donald Trump is fit for the presidency, even if convicted of a crime.  Sixty-four percent said he was, while 34 percent said "no."  The top issue for Republican caucusgoers was immigration (40 percent), followed by the economy (35 percent), foreign policy (11 percent), and abortion (11 percent).

Illinois citizens group files formal complaint with state Board of Elections.  A couple from Illinois, Jodie and Ken Zitko, have formed a group of concerned citizens who have been analyzing the Illinois state voter database.  They have found serious irregularities, detailed in a formal complaint filed with Bernadette Matthews, director of the Illinois State Board of Elections on December 21.  Here are some of their findings after almost 2,000 hours of analysis.
  •   There were over 300,000 votes from the 2020 election missing or deleted from the Illinois voter data prior to the conclusion of the federal retention period of 22 months.
  •   Over a four-year period, Illinois population decreased by 150,000, while the voter roll increased by 650,000.
  •   Over 2.5 million people had votes cast prior to their registration dates.
  •   More than 230,000 registrations show seemingly illegal or illogical registration dates.
  •   There are more than 4 million apparent registration violations out of 8.9 million registrations.
This couple is not your ordinary pair of election sleuths.

Georgia State Senators Introduce Legislation to remove Dirty Brad Raffensperger from State Election Board.  Georgia State Senators introduced a bill to remove Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger from the State Election Board, and grant the board authority to investigate him and his office for election law violations.  [Tweet]  This situation started when Raffensperger failed to investigate the 2020 election fraud discovered by citizen election integrity advocate Joseph Rossi.  "These initial findings and an inability to obtain explanations from Raffensperger's office led Rossi to provide the evidence to Governor Brian Kemp's office which performed its own independent analysis and then issued a written finding saying that Rossi's results were factual."  Per@GA_Record[.]  In other words, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger worked to cover up 2020 election fraud instead of doing something about it.

The Deepest Part of the Swamp [is] The FBI.  [Scroll down]  Many former FBI agents are asking, "Where was the FBI during the cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 election?" Marxist revolutionaries determined to overthrow the American government have coordinated this into a transnational and international threat, and Christopher Wray, the FBI director, is protecting these treasonous leftist operations.  It has been over three years since evidence was delivered to the FBI concerning massive election fraud in Michigan.  There has been no further investigation, and no charges have been filed.

The Courts Were Never Supposed To Decide Our Elections.  Hamilton called the judiciary the 'least dangerous branch,' but that was oh-so 18th century.  Alexander Hamilton described the judiciary as "the least dangerous branch," because it has the power of neither the sword nor the purse.  It was supposed to play an important but limited role in our governance, as part of the system of checks and balances, but in recent years — especially since Bush v.  Gore in 2000 — the courts have begun to play far too important roles in determining the outcome of elections.  This certainly seems to be the case today, in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.  Some radical Democrats are trying to use the courts to deny President Trump the right to appear on state ballots.  This will probably fail, but not without causing considerable confusion in the early primaries.  If it were to succeed, it might well divide the country beyond repair, as millions of Americans would be denied the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.  The 14th Amendment is being distorted by partisans to achieve partisan results.

We Are in an Abusive Relationship with Our Government.  While foreign nationals are invading the United States in unprecedented numbers, Department of Homeland (in)Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to claim that (1) there is no crisis of any kind, and (2) if there is a crisis, Congress should just allocate more money for DHS to quickly bus the invaders into small towns throughout the country.  Hear that, American citizens?  The problem isn't that tens of millions of foreigners are illegally entering the country; the problem is that people are noticing the problem — which would quickly disappear if DHS had the funds to hide the invaders more effectively and seed them into the counties where illegal votes from illegal aliens will do Democrats the most good.  Canceling American votes one invader at a time — yet none dare call it election-rigging on a massive scale!  Mayorkas's admission that his plan to tackle illegal immigration consists of (1) making it worse but (2) hiding it more effectively is another infuriating example of why governments (of any kind!) can never, ever be trusted.

Small Town, USA learns the hard way that welcoming lawbreakers has negative consequences.  [Scroll down]  And there it is — with a driver's license in Wisconsin, these illegals then have the "right" to vote.  According to the state's government website, all that's required to register to vote is a "Proof of Residence" document[,] which can be a valid state driver's license.  From the website itself:  ["]All voters MUST provide a Proof of Residence Document when registering.  If you register to vote by mail, in-person in your clerk's office, or at your polling place on Election Day, you need to provide a Proof of Residence document.  If you register online ... your valid State of Wisconsin driver license or State of Wisconsin ID card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) qualifies as a valid Proof of Residence document.["]  Then, when it comes times to vote, a person simply needs to show ID.  If this isn't the most absurd slap in the face, then I don't know what is.

In Arizona you don't even have to be a US citizen to vote in the federal election.  Bro, it's not a conspiracy theory.  This information also appears on Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes' website. [...] We got ourselves an invasion of Democrat voters, folks, and why am I not surprised that the Dems found another way to cheat?  Also not surprising, illegals can vote in other U.S. elections too:  [Tweets]

Georgia's State Election Board now admits the 2020 election was a fraud.  What happened to all of those corporate media whores who told us the last three years that "claims of election fraud are unverified" every time they were forced to cover the stolen 2020 election?  I'm asking because we now have video evidence of Georgia's State Election Board members confirming that Georgia's 2020 election was fraudulent — and those corporate media whores are suddenly silent.  Here's Janice Johnston confirming that 4,081 false mail-in votes for Biden were found in Fulton County.  Remember:  Biden supposedly "won" Georgia by less than 12,000 votes.  [Tweet]  Once you subtract the 4,081 false mail-in votes from the total, Biden "won" the state by less than 8,000 votes.  Now you get to the second machine recount:  it's 18,000 votes short.  What does that mean?  It means that there's no ballot images for 18,000 votes.  Those are just ghost votes.

How to Sabotage a Full Forensic Audit.  The 2021 Full Forensic Audit in Arizona was historic in many ways.  It was the first deployment of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in an American Election Audit.  People can fool you.  Systems can fool you!  But when people try to fool the systems[,] they always expose themselves[.]

A Silly People.  Our three government branches, agencies like the CIA, FBI, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, the DOJ, and the Democrat Party, have joined forces.  They have all decided to dictate to the rest of the country who our leaders will be and the direction our country will move towards.  It looks nothing like America, and most of us have no interest in making the change.  But these self-appointed autocrats are undeterred.  In their propaganda about saving democracy, they intend to destroy it.

Judge rules use of vans in absentee voting violates election law.  A state judge has sided with a registered Wisconsin voter, saying use of vans for in-person absentee voting in 2022 was not fair and violated election law.  Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz on Monday ruled for plaintiff in Kenneth Brown v.  Wisconsin Elections Commission and Tara McMenamin.  The decision from the bench said even though state law doesn't explicitly outlaw using a mobile voting van as did Racine in 2022, it doesn't mean it is permitted.  McMenamin is Racine's city clerk and used the mobile van in different neighborhoods across the city.  The lawsuit said that favored Democrats and Gasiorkiewicz agreed.

Arizona Allows Noncitizens to Vote in Federal Elections (With a Wink and a Nod).  Joe Biden has opened the floodgates and is importing somewhere between 8 [and] 12 million new illegal immigrants into the country.  There is going to be massive voter fraud in the next election.  The way that they are accomplishing this is making it nearly impossible to track down who was eligible to vote and who wasn't.  Ballots will be distributed like Monopoly money, collected by "ballot harvesters," and counted by corrupt local officials, and they hope that by doing so, they can eke out a victory or better than that.  Do the illegal immigrants streaming into the country know they are part of this scheme?  Most likely not.  Will most of them participate in it?  Probably not.  It's not like most of them came into the country as willing participants in a scheme to steal federal elections.  But will the flood of illegal aliens, many of whom are getting driver's licenses in states like my own, Minnesota — 19 states and the District of Columbia — be used to rig the vote?  Certainly, throw in motor voter and lots of illegals will be automatically registered to vote, even if they don't intend to.  Ballots will be sent, collected by operatives, and returned.  It may be easier in some places than others.

More on Noncitizens Voting.  I sort of did and sort of didn't goof in the article on noncitizen voting in my article on voting registration in Arizona.  It turns out that the problem doesn't only exist in Arizona but in every single state in the union due to federal law.  The National Voter Registration Act prevents every state from requiring people to prove that they are US citizens to vote.  How about them apples?  In my view, this makes things far worse than I had originally presumed.  Joe Biden really is importing millions of potential voters, and federal law actually prevents states from confirming the citizenship status of people as they register to vote.  Ironically, this standard was established firmly due to a case that came out of Arizona, when in 2004 Arizona Proposition 200 was voted on to establish a requirement that proof of citizenship should be required in order to register to vote.  The state was sued by voting rights activists, claiming that federal law supersedes the state requirement.  The District Court agreed with the state, but the Supreme Court (led by, ironically, Justice Scalia) disagreed.

Pelosi says states, not voters, should be able to decide who is on a ballot.  Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just stunned viewers on national television by admitting that she thinks states should decide who's allowed to run for president of the United States.  This would give states like California the ability to drop former President Trump from the ballot if she got her way.  Many feel her actions aren't about protecting "democracy" but about pure, unadulterated power.  Pelosi told CNN's Dana Bash on Thursday that although "martyr" Donald Trump could be the beneficiary from the "raw politics" of being removed from state presidential ballots, it's the "kitchen table issues" that are important to American voters.

Leftist Judge Strikes Blow To Election Integrity In Wisconsin With Ballot 'Curing' Decision.  A far-left, Madison-based judge has struck another blow against election integrity in battleground Wisconsin, a swing state expected to play a pivotal role in deciding November's presidential election.  Dane County Circuit Court Judge Ryan Nilsestuen, who previously served as Democrat Gov. Tony Evers' top attorney, sided with the leftist League of Women Voters of Wisconsin in a ruling that would allow local elections officials to correct — or "cure" — absentee ballots with missing or incorrect information.  The ruling, issued Tuesday, collides with the conservative Waukesha County Circuit Court opinion in 2022 that found Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) guidance allowing "curing" of absentee ballot envelopes defied state election law.  Judge Michael J. Aprahamian at the time prohibited WEC "from providing any advice or guidance that municipal clerks or other local election officials have the duty or ability to modify or add information to absentee ballot certifications."

Post-Election Audits Should Be The Norm For Every State.  I may be dating myself, but the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  We can get much more than an ounce's worth of prevention by engaging in post-election process audits.  It is much easier to fix process problems early before they blow up and become problems that require litigation and other nasty fixes.  Ahead of the 2024 election, state legislatures should require full process audits to ensure transparency and build trust in our elections.  I was the lead auditor responsible for developing and leading the first round of Texas process audits looking at the 2020 General Election.  The purpose of the audit program was not to unearth fraud, but to provide quality assurance to voters by verifying that election laws and procedures were being followed.

Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States Report Shows Election Irregularities.  On Tuesday, President Trump took to TruthSocial to share the Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States, a report highlighting election fraud in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania during the 2020 election.  The report adds another layer of ridiculousness to Fani Willis's charges against President Trump.  This report should also motivate Trump supporters to ensure their state's GOP has strong and competent leaders, as Democrats are already cheating in the 2024 election.  Joe Biden "won" Georgia by 11,779 votes.  Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States report states, "Ninety percent of these approximately 148,000 absentee ballots cast in Fulton County cannot be authenticated."  The report goes on to read that "None of the 315,000 votes cast during early voting in Fulton County were witnessed to and signed by the poll manager and two poll workers, as required by state election rules."  Even weirder is the fact that "Fulton County certified 59,143 in-person votes on Election Day, despite the fact that only 14,152 people had voted as of 5 p.m."

Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud In 2020 Swing States.  Former President Donald Trump has unveiled a comprehensive report of election fraud in various swing states from the 2020 Presidential election.  The document has been compiled by leading election experts, which Trump asserts is thoroughly verified and based on government sources, tapes, and public records.  Each state discussed in the document has its unique set of allegations, which contribute to an overarching narrative of purported election fraud.  Overall, the document discusses a range of irregularities, including reports of ineligible voters, anomalies in voting machines, and improbably high percentages of ballots cast for Biden.  Trump suggested that investigations have uncovered a wide array of irregularities, unlawful activities, manipulation of election records, destruction of evidence, and outright fraud.

Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote Win Lawsuit in Georgia Against Stacy Abrams, Marc Elias, and Fair Fight Org!.  Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote won their lawsuit in Georgia against Stacy Abrams, Marc Elias, and the far-left Fair Fight organization in a landmark election case.  Catherine announced this incredible news on Tuesday afternoon!  True the Vote (TTV) declares a decisive triumph in their legal battle against Stacy Abrams' Fair Fight, legal teams led by Marc Elias, and the Biden Department of Justice.  A federal court in the Northern District of Georgia today affirmed that citizens have the right to lawfully petition their government in support of election integrity without fear of persecution or prosecution.

True The Vote Wins Northern Georgia District Court Case on Voter Integrity.  Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote (TTV) announces a major court victory in Georgia for their efforts to ensure voting integrity.  [Press release, Tweet with video clip]

Convicted Ballot Harvester Gloria Torres Named San Luis Vice-Mayor.  Convicted ballot harvester, Gloria Torres, has been appointed as the new Vice Mayor of San Luis, Arizona.  Torres, who was appointed during the regular city council meeting on December 13, pleaded guilty to ballot abuse in June 2023.  Torres and Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin a/k/a Nadia Buchanan were indicted in October 2022, on two Class 6 felonies of conspiracy and ballot abuse stemming from a two-year long investigation by the Arizona Attorney General's Office with assistance from the Yuma County Sheriff's Office.

Ex-CIA Analyst Warns About Intel Agencies Being Involved in 2024 Election.  Looks like electoral mischief might be afoot again.  According to ex-CIA analyst, now professor at Georgetown University Dr. John Gentry, he believes the alphabet agencies will try to interfere in the 2024 election. [...] Gentry termed the effort to downplay the Hunter Biden laptop as "clearly political" and that "in no uncertain terms" it was done "explicitly" with the "intent to help the Biden campaign."  He said he was already seeing signs. [...] Gentry also pointed out how the intel agencies had been compromised by politics, that the standard of not being involved in politics was largely "gone" and political activism was "common."  He pointed to two main reasons: former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  Gentry said that they did things pursuant to DEI and "policy actions, in terms of specific recruitment efforts" that helped to precipitate this change.

Cheaters Shouldn't Win and Winners Shouldn't Cheat.  [Scroll down]  The tables were turned in 2020 when Joe Biden, a candidate who couldn't attract more than 30 people to attend a rally, "defeated" President Trump.  The fact that six states simultaneously stopped counting early the next morning and later showed statistically impossible jumps in votes for Biden has led me to an ongoing study of election fraud — vote-count manipulations, dropbox stuffing, and mail-in ballot fraud — almost all perpetrated by Democrat operatives working in concert across the country. [...] So it looks like we have a double dose of organized cheating.  First, corrupt actors altering counts, stuffing ballot boxes, and manufacturing and counting fake absentee ballots, and second, voters signing ballots that weren't theirs and voting in states from which they had moved.  With millions of mandatory vote by mail ballots being sent out to wrong addresses, the temptation is strong to fill them out yourself and mail them back.

About a third of Republicans Believe Votes Won't Be Counted Correctly in 2024.  An Associated Press-NORC survey released this week found that some 32 percent of Republican voters believe votes likely won't be counted correctly in the 2024 primaries and election. About one-third of GOP voters told pollsters that they have a "great deal" or "quite a bit" of confidence that votes in the Republican primary elections and caucuses will be counted correctly.  About 3 in 10 Republicans have a "moderate" level of confidence, while 32 percent said they have either "only a little" confidence in elections or "none at all."  The AP poll found that 72 percent of Democrat voters have high confidence that their party will count votes accurately in its primary contests, while they're more likely than Republicans to have a high level of confidence in the Republican Party's vote count being accurate.

New Evidence Suggests There Was Never Voting Machine Election Audit Performed in Georgia Following 2020 Election.  A recent Gateway Pundit report by investigator Brian Lupo is making the rounds on social media this weekend.  There is currently no evidence that there was ever a voting machine election audit performed in Georgia following the 2020 election.  On November 17, 2020, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made an announcement that an audit "using forensic techniques" was completed with "no sign of foul play" in the 2020 election.  The statement previously appeared on the Secretary of State's webpage and is still available via the Wayback Machine here.  Investigative journalist Kevin Moncla of the Election Oversight Group, and another individual began to send Open Records Requests from the counties that were allegedly "audited" back in 2022.  While Raffensperger's statement says there were six counties "audited," the Pro V&V memo only listed four: [...] Not one county had records affirming, or even suggesting, that Pro V&V did an audit of their equipment.

People Here Illegally Are Getting Photo IDs.  After releasing millions of anonymous, unvetted illegal aliens into the interior, especially into red states, Biden's administration will give them photo ID cards.  They will probably vote illegally.  Buried in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) annual report, officials confirmed that they are planning to begin issuing photo ID cards to border crossers and illegal aliens sometime this fiscal year.

The Corruption of Everything.  [Scroll down]  Elections have been corrupted.  Mail-in ballots, demonstrated to be extremely susceptible to fraudulent inflation of Democrat votes, are ready for the next fraud.  Dead people vote; people vote multiple times; non-residents vote in other states; and phony ballots are printed and signed with the same handwriting, then run through counting machines multiple times.  Computer problems pop up so as to skew the vote.

Now There's Proof!  Brad Raffensperger Lied to President Trump When He Told Him in Jan 2021 Phone Call There Was No Fraud in 2020 Election.  In late December 2020, President Trump made a call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to look at some of the items that were uncovered by his auditor.  There was plenty of evidence for a competent auditor or any man of integrity to know that the election was uncertifiable.  Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger's office secretly recorded the phone call with President Trump, then lied about its contents later when they leaked it to the far-left Washington Post.  Raffensperger's office ran to the Washington Post and leaked a fraudulent transcript of the call.  After they were caught lying to the American public, The Washington Post outed Jordan Fuchs as their anonymous source for the garbage hit piece.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Refuses to Testify Under Oath About Secretary of State's Dominion Voting Machines.  As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this year — the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia unsealed the 96-page Halderman Report in June 2023- the Security Analysis of Georgia's ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices.  Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was hiding this report from the public for two years.  University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Halderman and Security Researcher and Assistant Professor at Auburn University Drew Sringall collaborated on the report where they discovered many exploitable vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems' ImageCast X system.  Far-left Georgia Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of the investigation on Dominion voting machines in Georgia and sat on the report for two years until its release last summer.

Democrats in Four States Decide to Have Only Joe Biden on the Primary Ballot.  Four states — Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts — have decided to force voters with a single option for the Democratic primaries:  Joe Biden.  The decision, which effectively crowns Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee in those states without primary contestation, has incited allegations of disenfranchisement and questions about the democratic process within the party.  The true threat to the demise of our democracy lies with the Democrats, not Donald Trump.  The communist party will now decide the Democratic Party's nominee and who they install into the White House.  The Florida Democratic Executive Committee announced that in the upcoming primary elections, the ballot will only feature the name of Joe Biden, effectively excluding any potential challengers within the party.

Use the Colorado Precedent.  [Scroll down]  The government, according to the people's reactions, can provide safe haven for child sex traffickers, human traffickers, drug smugglers, terrorists and foreign armies and still not call it for what it is:  treason.  They want an orderly and meaningful way to oppose those things while the republic is lost during the discussion.  The important thing is, it doesn't matter what they want, because the communist train continues down the track.  The American wants to vote against these things, but the communists won't let them.  Stealing elections is how they came to power, they certainly aren't going to allow people to vote them out of office or vote for people who would put an end to their crime spree.

2020 Election Fraud and the Courts.  While it's far too late for the judicial worm to turn on illegalities in the 2020 election in a way that would overturn the election of President Biden, maybe there are other consequences to be had for the people who engineered what may be the most consequential criminal collaboration or conspiracy in history.  At that critical time following the election and preceding the events of January 6, 2021, the Trump campaign and others, including voters and state officials, were filing lawsuits in the respective states where voting illegalities, material irregularities, unconstitutional acts involving ballot distribution, and outright voter fraud occurred.  Those emergency lawsuits were hampered by the lack of opportunity to gather evidence through formal discovery. [...] "Who gave the order to stop counting votes" in unprecedented lockstep, sending home election monitors, and increasing the opportunities for voter fraud is a prima facie basis to believe there was a criminal conspiracy in the 2020 election.  But there is much more to create reasonable or probable cause for real investigations.

Poll Casts Doubt on Outcome of 2020 Election.  What if the 2020 election was actually far from the most "safe and secure" in American history, as the mainstream has relentlessly parroted over the past three years?  What if Joe Biden actually lost several of the closely contested battleground states due to widespread mail-in voting fraud?  What if Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election?  These questions have been dogging me ever since the 2020 election was called in favor of Joe Biden.  However, thanks to a new poll conducted by the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports, we may be able to answer these taboo questions with a new sense of confidence.  Here are a few of the key takeaways from the poll:  21 percent of mail-in voters admitted that they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member; 19 percent of mail-in voters admitted that a friend or family member filled out a ballot on their behalf; 17 percent of mail-in voters admitted that they voted in a state where they are no longer a permanent resident; and 17 percent of mail-in voters said they signed a ballot for a friend or family member with or without his or her permission.  Every single one of these instances are illegal and constitute voter fraud.

Do Not Apologize.  Do not apologize for believing that the 2020 election was stolen.  Do not apologize for wondering if FOX News was in on the steal.  Do not apologize for pointing out that FOX News anchor Chris Wallace thought it normal to stop the counting of votes at 11:30 that night (when that had never occurred before).  Do not apologize for pointing out that January 6 was probably a fed-surrection inside job by the FBI/CIA/NSA, with Deep State personnel used to entrap law-abiding American citizens.  Do not apologize for pointing out that the ACLU remains silent and a co-conspirator in the denying of 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Six Days of Georgia Election Fraud!  [#1] Did you know that Fulton County officials sent emails to each other confirming that Hall County (GA) was under cyber attack on October 7th, 2020?  [Illustration not shown here.]  [#2] Did you know that a Fulton County poll worker's computer was hacked on October 23, 2020 — and that Georgia's Secretary of State was informed by email?  [Illustration.]  [#3] Did you know that Georgia election officials were informed by email that the Fulton County poll worker's computer had been hacked — and that the computer then was used remotely "to access ElectioNet and Easy Vote" and then "to process AB applications for voters" on October 29th, 2020?  [Illustration.]  [#4] Did you know that employees of Georgia's Secretary of State Office knew by October 31st, 2020 that Fulton County's election officials used only one password for all of its computers?  That's right: "the password is the same on all the other assets in the organization."  What did they do about it before the election?  Apparently, they did nothing.

Media Lie About This Leftist-Linked Voter Roll 'Maintenance' Group To Protect Democrats' Election Machine.  Over the past two weeks, regime-approved press outlets have run several articles rushing to the defense of leftists' latest scheme to inflate voter rolls with likely-Democrat voters: the Electronic Registration Information Center.  Otherwise known as ERIC, this organization is a widely used voter-roll "management" system founded by Democrat activist David Becker that was "sold to states as a quick and easy way to update their voter rolls."  In reality, ERIC's membership agreement places a higher priority on registering new voters than on cleaning up existing voter rolls[.]  The program inflates voter rolls by requiring member states to contact "eligible but unregistered" residents to encourage them to register to vote.  When a state becomes an ERIC member, it is required to submit "all active and inactive voter files," "all licensing or identification records contained in the motor vehicles database," and any state files related to "voter registration functions" to the organization, which then compares this information with that submitted by other member states.  It's after this process that ERIC compiles updated voter-roll information — including lists of voters who have multiple registrations, moved, or died, and lists of "eligible but unregistered" voters — and sends it to member states.

DC forced to remove 103,000 ineligible voters from rolls.  The watchdog group Judicial Watch has sent notice letters to election officials in the District of Columbia, California, and Illinois, notifying them of evident violations of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, based on their failure to remove inactive voters from their registration rolls.  The letters point out that these jurisdictions publicly reported removing few or no ineligible voter registrations they were required to remove under a key provision of the NVRA.  The letters threaten federal lawsuits unless the violations are corrected in a timely fashion.  In response to Judicial Watch's inquiries, Washington, DC, officials admitted that they had not complied with the NVRA, promptly removing 65,544 outdated names from the voting rolls, promising to remove 37,962 more, and designating another 73,522 registrations as "inactive."

When It Comes to Voter Fraud, It's Who Counts That Counts.  Last week, a survey conducted by the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Research found that one in five voters admit to having committed some sort of vote-by-mail violation in the 2020 presidential election.  Because the issues of voting integrity and vote fraud are so important — central, in fact, to our democratic republic — it's worth dwelling on the findings, always eyeing a possible remedy.  We can begin with a caveat that this is a self-reported poll.  And so the confessed violations would not necessarily feature in the Heritage Foundation's ever-growing database of proven vote fraud.  Secondly, some of the violations seem small potatoes.  For instance, 21 percent of mail-in voters admitted that they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member.  Assuming the absence of fraud (marking a different name than the would-be voter wanted) or duress (forcing a different vote), is such collaborative balloting a big deal?  On the other hand, 17 percent of mail-in voters said that they voted in a state where they are "no longer a permanent resident."  That is a big deal.

Why the January 6th Judge That Presided Over Rudy Giuliani's Trial Must Be Impeached.  Judge Beryl Howell had the time of her life presiding over the trial of Rudy Giuliani.  Sitting perched above Courtroom Number 26 of the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington D.C., the Trump-hating Obama appointee looked on last week as an unhinged, bias and corrupted jury ordered Giuliani pay $148 million dollars to former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shane Moss.  If this ridiculous judgement is not the final proof needed for lawmakers to understand that a D.C. jury is beyond rehabilitation and a D.C. judge is NOT fit to reasonably judge Conservatives or Trump supporters, I do not know what is.

The Editor says...
If the alleged misconduct occurred in Georgia, why was this trial held in the District of Columbia?

Rudy Giuliani ordered to pay $148 m[illion] to Georgia election workers.  Two Georgia election workers who were defamed by Rudy Giuliani were awarded $148 million in emotional and punitive damages by a Washington, D.C., jury on Friday after being vilified and accused of faking election results.  Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea Shaye Moss had asked for $24 million each.  They testified in court how their lives were upended and their reputations destroyed after Giuliani claimed they had engaged in election fraud to give President Joe Biden the edge in Georgia over former President Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

Republicans Introduce Plan to Verify U.S. Citizenship for Mail-In Voters.  Republicans on the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, led by Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL), have introduced legislation that would give states the power to verify the American citizenship of applicants registering to vote via mail.  This week, Britt and fellow Republicans introduced the "Citizen Ballot Protection Act" which would give states the ability to more accurately verify that only American citizens are being approved for voter registrations.  Britt said the legislation is necessary as several blue states, counties, and cities pass ordinances opening voting rights to foreign nationals — at least for municipal elections.

Chicago lawmakers are blocking efforts to put sanctuary city status on ballot.  Chicago's Democrat leaders have been accused of hiding from voters in a city buckling under a migrant crisis after they blocked a vote on ditching its sanctuary city status.  Mayor Brandon Johnson ordered his lieutenants to quash a bid to put the controversial 'Welcoming City Ordinance' to a referendum on Chicago's March primary ballot.  It came after the mayor's floor leader was forced to resign for physically blocking opponents trying to access a previous vote on the issue last month.

A State-by-State Look at Noncitizen Voting.  Very recently, the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports released the shocking results of their survey of 1,085 national likely voters.  Of the ten questions asked, I think the most disturbing responses were related to these:
  ·   "During the 2020 election, did you cast a mail-in ballot in a state where you were no longer a permanent resident?"  (17% said, "Yes.").
  ·   "During the 2020 election, did a friend, family member, or organization, such as a political party, offer to pay or reward you for voting?"  (8% said, "Yes.").
  ·   "Do you know a friend, family member, co-worker, or other acquaintance who has admitted to you that he or she filled out a ballot on behalf of another person?"  (11% said, "Yes.").
Those results are bad enough, but I'd like to expand them to include two groups that probably did not respond to the survey:  noncitizens and dead people.

Was Illinois' 2022 general election valid?  Election integrity advocates have grown tired of the information war that declares our elections as the "safest and most secure in history."  No matter how many outrageous mistakes we uncover, officials defending our current political system as representative of the will of the American people always seem to find an excuse to dismiss our serious concerns. [...] Election validity is not about who won.  It's about accuracy and compliance under the law — otherwise it's not valid, period.  Which means the reported results are not valid, either.  In short, we have no way to determine for sure who won any election in Illinois in 2022.

Survey Reveals a Mountain of Possible 2020 Election Crimes.  According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, over 20% of people who used mail-in ballots admitted breaking at least one law in the 2020 election.  The poll involved 1,085 likely voters.  The margin of error is +/- 3 with a 95% confidence level.  The Rasmussen poll, conducted with The Heartland Institute, found that 21% of likely voters filled out a partial or full ballot for a family member or friend.  Another 19% admitted someone filled out their ballot, again in part or full.  Most astoundingly, a further 17% admitted to voting in a state they no longer lived in.  Pssst, these are all crimes.  Eight percent claim they were offered a reward, financial or otherwise, by a friend, relative, or organization to vote for a particular candidate.

Survey: More than 1-in-5 Mail-In Voters Admit to Cheating in 2020 Election.  In the 2020 election, more than 1-in-5 voters who submitted ballots by mail say they did so fraudulently, a survey from Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute reveals.  The survey asked those who voted by mail in the 2020 election if they filled out a ballot "in part or in full, on behalf of a friend or family member, such as a spouse or child?" to which 21 percent said they had done so.  Though many states allow voters to receive assistance while voting, the Heartland Institute notes, filling out ballots on behalf of another person is illegal across the United States.

The Georgia State Farm Center Election Night Report Is Proof that Chris Wray's FBI Was in on the Election Fraud Cover-Up.  As reported on Monday — Chris Wray's FBI, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office, released a report in June 2023 where they announced that they "did not uncover any violations" during their investigation of the late-night ballot counting at The State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Election Day November 3, 2020.  According to the report, "Teams of investigators from the FBI, GBI, and Georgia SOS conducted independent and simultaneous interviews of Fulton County elections workers who were involved in the processing and scanning of absentee ballots at State Farm Arena on Election Night on November 3, 2020.  Investigators from the three law enforcement agencies also reviewed the entire unedited security video footage of the events in question at State Farm Arena.  SOS investigators independently interviewed party observers who were present at State Farm Arena that evening."  They say they did not uncover any violations or evidence of wrongdoing.  That's because they hid it from their report.

The FBI Report on the Late Night Ballot Fraud Operation in Georgia in 2020 Exonerates Rudy Giuliani and Implicates Chris Wray.  Chris Wray's FBI, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office, released a report in June that concluded that they "did not uncover any violations" during their investigation of the late-night ballot counting at The State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Election Day November 3, 2020.  According to the report, "Teams of investigators from the FBI, GBI, and Georgia SOS conducted independent and simultaneous interviews of Fulton County elections workers who were involved in the processing and scanning of absentee ballots at State Farm Arena on Election Night on November 3, 2020.  Investigators from the three law enforcement agencies also reviewed the entire unedited security video footage of the events in question at State Farm Arena.  SOS investigators independently interviewed party observers who were present at State Farm Arena that evening."  They did not uncover any violations.

West Virginia Secretary of State and Gubernatorial Candidate Says 2020 Election Was 'Stolen by the CIA'.  In a recent gubernatorial debate, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, a Republican, made the bold statement that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played a role in stealing the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump.  As a 23-year veteran of the U.S. Army and the current Secretary of State of West Virginia, Warner positions himself as a "battle-tested leader" on his campaign website.  His military and administrative experiences form a significant part of his gubernatorial campaign.  During a recent debate held by Metro News, Warner doubled down on his past allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  This time, he implicated the CIA directly, stating, "The election was stolen, and it was stolen by the CIA."

Watchdog: Soros-Linked Milwaukee District Attorney Refuses to Review Cases of Potential Illegal Voting.  Milwaukee County District Attorney (DA) John Chisholm (D) is refusing to review hundreds of cases of potential illegal voting via Wisconsin's same-day registration policy, researchers at the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) say.  According to PILF researchers, Chisholm has not bothered to review at least 354 cases of potential illegal voting that were referred to the Milwaukee County DA's Office since 2020.  "Election officials are best situated to notice and investigate potential violations of election law," PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement:  ["]Wisconsin requires election officials to investigate same-day registrations and refer individuals who appear to have used bad addresses to prosecuting authorities.  When a DA refuses to even look at the evidence, that harms Wisconsin elections.["]

Two Weeks That Changed America.  On March 16th, [2020,] Donald Trump declared a National Emergency for COVID-19 and effectively shut down the nation for "15 days to slow the spread".  At a press conference announcing the temporary shutdown he said:  "With several weeks of focused action, we can turn the corner, and turn it quickly."  Regardless of the severity, never throughout the annals of mankind has a nation been shut down to combat a pandemic.  However, the politically compromised and dishonest medical advisors to Trump (including Drs.  Fauci and Birx) advised him to declare a National Emergency and agree to a shutdown and social distancing by pointing to the supposed success of China's choreographed lockdowns.  Soon thereafter, Trump allied with Mitch McConnell and the Democrats to structure an unprecedented economic relief package which was passed by Congress on March 27, 2020.  Trump signed the $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus relief bill or the CARES Act on the same day.  This was the largest single spending bill in human history and equivalent to the annual Gross Domestic Product of Russia.  Within the voluminous CARES Act was $400 million to the states to legitimize, promote, and underwrite mass mail-in voting and by default, ballot harvesting.  By including this spending in the relief package, both political parties and the White House gave their stamp of approval for mass mail-in voting and the inevitable attendant abuse and manipulation.

Investigation Finds 131 Percent of Eligible Voters Registered in Washington, DC.  The watchdog group Judicial Watch has done a deep dive into the voter rolls of Washington, DC and some other places and found an absolute mess.  In Washington, DC, eligible voters are registered at a rate of 131%, violating standards of basic math.  It's probably just an oversight, right?  It couldn't be a problem of fraud or anything nefarious.

Voting experts warn of 'serious threats' for 2024 from election equipment software breaches.  An effort to access voting system software in several states and provide it to allies of former President Donald Trump as they sought to overturn the results of the 2020 election has raised "serious threats" ahead of next year's presidential contest, according to a group of experts who urged federal agencies to investigate.  The letter sent by nearly two dozen computer scientists, election security experts and voter advocacy organizations asks for a federal probe and a risk assessment of voting machines used throughout the country, saying the software breaches have "urgent implications for the 2024 election and beyond."  The breaches affected voting equipment made by two companies that together count over 70% of the votes cast across the country, according to the letter.

Our Institutions Have Betrayed Our Trust.  Unless we are able to replace our greedy and compromised elected officials by fighting back against our corrupt electoral process, we will forever be slaves, subject to the lies and intimidation of those currently in charge and forced to live with the rampant crime and ruined economy of a nation in decline with undefended borders.  It all comes down to restoring honest and fair elections, starting with exposing state voting rolls that are currently flooded with inaccurate data rendering results invalid.  Local and state Board of Election officials who sign off on election certifications are guilty of serious federal and state crimes if they fail to follow laws scrupulously.  Brave citizens in over 25 states have come forward to investigate and expose the blatant disregard for basic election procedures.  We must support their efforts and demand our state legislators take back control of election procedures from governors, judges and bureaucrats.

Why I Still Doubt the 2020 Election.  When I said in a TV interview that I didn't know who won the 2020 presidential election, I was expressing a view similar to that held by a very large cohort of Americans.  That didn't stop two left-leaning news websites from targeting me last year with investigative stories.  Why?  Perhaps they were trying to get me hauled up before the House of Representatives Jan. 6 committee.  In American history there have been several contested presidential elections, including in 1960 and 2000.  Some people doubted the certified results.  But the victors either debated the doubters or ignored them.  I don't know of any election after which the victors excommunicated doubters as secular heretics — "election deniers." [...] I suspect that some of the election affirmers have their own secret doubts.  Secret doubts may explain why the establishment media so loudly denied any serious irregularities only hours after the election, before anyone could have conducted a serious investigation.  Secret doubts may explain the haste to cite the failure of President Donald Trump's courtroom strategy as "evidence" of the absence of problems — although nearly all his lawsuits were dismissed on procedural grounds, not on the merits.

2020 Election Results Explained By Biden "Spikes".  Physicist John Droz joins ITN to discuss his team's incredible analysis of the 2020 presidential election results.  [Video clip]

More than 43,000 people went to the polls for a Louisiana election.  A candidate won by 1 vote.  In the northwest corner of Louisiana, a candidate for parish sheriff demanded a recount Wednesday after losing by a single vote in an election where more than 43,000 people cast ballots.  The tight race shines a spotlight on Louisiana's recount process and its outdated voting machines, which do not produce an auditable paper trail that experts say is critical to ensuring election results are accurate.  States' recount abilities have proven to be exceedingly important, especially following the 2020 presidential election when multiple battleground states conducted recounts and reviews to confirm President Joe Biden's victory.  "This extraordinarily narrow margin ... absolutely requires a hand recount to protect the integrity of our democratic process, and to ensure we respect the will of the people," John Nickelson, the Republican candidate who trailed by one vote in last week's election for Caddo Parish Sheriff, posted on social media Wednesday.

Lancaster County Voters Seek Answers from Postal Service as Mail-In Ballots Missed Election Deadline Resulting in Disqualification.  Voters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania are demanding explanations from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) following the disqualification of over a hundred mail-in ballots.  A substantial delay resulted in ballots, postmarked by the required date, arriving too late to be counted for the past election.  The ballots, all postmarked on October 30th in Harrisburg, sat undelivered for two weeks, missing the 8 p.m. deadline on Election Day, November 7th, LancasterOnline reported.  As a consequence, when they arrived on November 13th, six days too late, election officials had no choice but to reject them.  The exact number of affected ballots remains unconfirmed, though estimates range from 100 to 150.  Angered and frustrated voters reported receiving automated messages on or about November 14th informing them of the rejection due to the ballots not meeting the delivery deadline.

The Editor says...
[#1] Boo hoo.  Maybe you should have reported to the polling place in person on Election Day.  [#2] The postal service is not a ballot box.  The postal service cannot be trusted to deliver important letters in a timely manner, or deliver them at all.  (The popular illustration for this is, "Put $500 in an envelope and mail it to yourself."  Could you be sure you would get the money back?  If you repeat this process once a week, how long would it be until the money was lost, i.e., stolen?)  Postmarks can be forged as easily as ballots can be counterfeited.  Bogus ballots presumably can be inserted into the postal delivery system by those with the audacity to produce phony ballots.  I'm opposed to absentee voting, except for members of the armed services deployed overseas.

Why All the Secrecy and Fallacy?  [Scroll down]  Similarly, there were many videos showing seemingly fraudulent activities while processing and counting the votes during the 2020 presidential election that raised a reasonable doubt in the validity of the election's result.  Also, real-time statistical distributions of numeric data during the vote counting exhibited a considerable number of anomalies that could suggest systemic manipulations of the prescribed counting process.  Yet, rather than thoroughly investigating all the election's "red flags" noticed, recorded, and reported, those advocating the official version claimed, without providing proofs of their claims, that the 2020 presidential election was the safest and most fair and honest in American history and that fraud and cheating — if they did happen — were not "outcome-determinative." [...] If emotionally-loaded fallacious reasoning, threats, and name-calling are the best proofs of the official versions of the events discussed above, then perhaps they are not as correct as the officials and the so-called "mainstream" media insist.

The ridiculousness of signature matching for election integrity.  Signatures have always been used for two purposes: to show our authorization of a transaction, and as a means of identification.  That second function — identification — is fast becoming obsolete, at least with regard to voting.  Prior to the creation of Social Security, there was no national registry of citizens.  Signatures were all that we had and all that we needed for voter identification.  After all, we almost always voted in person, right in our own neighborhoods.  We now have unique ID numbers — courtesy of Social Security and other systems such as driver licensing bureaus and state identification systems.  We no longer need to rely on signatures for identification.  Furthermore, signatures don't work in this era of mail-in ballots.

Judge Makes Massive Absentee Ballot Ruling In Wisconsin.  A Waukesha judge ruled Wednesday that Wisconsin voters cannot cancel an absentee ballot that they have already mailed back just so they can cast a new ballot.  Former Republican Attorney General and Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Brad Schimel granted a permanent injunction "which will contain substantially the same terms" as the injunction he granted in October of 2022.  The suit was launched in September of 2022 by Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections on behalf of voter Nancy Koranic who claimed that the Wisconsin Elections Commission illegally told clerks in August of 2022 that so-called "ballot spoiling" was legal.  Both the Democratic National Committee and Rise, a left-leaning group, intervened on behalf of the state commission.  Schimel ruled that Wisconsin laws contain no language "that would authorize the scheme whereby a clerk spoils the ballot for the elector, at their request and sends out a new blank ballot for a do-over."

Feast Your Eyes On All This Election Fraud!  As I've been saying for some time, the rampant corruption of America's rigged elections is even more comically obvious in 2023 — than it was in 2021 and 2020.  Just look at last week's news from Pennsylvania, where a county official has resigned over the "failures" of the elections he supervised!  It's time to draw the monstrous outline of the rampant corruption of America's elections — and so I've compiled 58 articles on one page for my readers to digest.  The place to begin this story — the tale of how our national security state turned our constitutional republic into a shadow oligarchy — is at the beginning.  That's why I want you to start by reading about a young man who worked at a printing company named Robert J. Urosevich.  The year is 1974.  That's when an otherwise unremarkable salesman had one of history's worst ideas:  could a machine read an election ballot?  Unfortunately, Bob Urosevich would live long enough to find out.

Dem AG Unveils Indictment Against Republican Election Officials Who Pushed For Hand-Counting Ballots.  Arizona's Democratic attorney general announced today that a grand jury has decided to indict two election officials for conspiring to delay the certification of votes in their county over their desire to hand-count all election day and early ballots.  Peggy Judd and Terry Crosby, Republican county supervisors from Cochise County, were indicted by the state of Arizona on Nov. 29 on counts of conspiracy and interference with an election.  Judd and Crosby wanted to hand count ballots in their county, citing their distrust of voting machines, and delayed the certification of their county's election results over those concerns.

Court papers say ex-Virginia election official on trial 'altered election results' in 2020 election.  The former general registrar of Prince William County, Va., allegedly "altered election results" during the 2020 election, according to court documents recently obtained by Just the News.  However, the current general registrar says that his predecessor's alleged conduct didn't impact any election outcomes.  In a county where President Joe Biden received 54% of the vote in the 2020 presidential election to former President Donald Trump's 44%, an election official at the time allegedly "altered election results" in the state's reporting system, leading to three grand jury indictments last year.  In September 2022, former Prince William County general registrar Michele White was indicted by a grand jury on two felony counts alleging corrupt conduct as an election official and making a false statement, and one misdemeanor indictment of willful neglect of duty by an election officer.  White's jury trial is set to begin on Jan. 16, 2024, and go until Jan. 26.  White had abruptly resigned in 2021 without explanation.

Dr. Robert Epstein Launches 'America's Digital Shield' Exposing Big Tech Meddling in 2024 Elections.  Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein is launching America's Digital Shield, a website that exposes Big Tech meddling in the 2024 elections through real-time "ephemeral manipulation" that can shift millions of votes.  Epstein announced the release of a "public data dashboard" that shows how Big Tech giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are manipulating online content to influence votes in the elections, according to a press release sent to Breitbart News.  The new public dashboard, named America's Digital Shield can be viewed here.  The findings presented by Epstein, a Harvard-trained senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), raise concerns about the integrity of the democratic process amid Big Tech corporations' ability to wield unparalleled amounts of power with regards to public consumption of online content.

Poll: 56 Percent Of Voters Believe Cheating Is Likely To Happen In 2024 Election.  More than half of American voters expect the highly consequential 2024 presidential election to be marred with cheating and fraud and believe mail-in voting impedes election integrity, according to a recently conducted survey.  "How likely is it that the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will be affected by cheating?" Rasmussen Reports asked 1,029 voters on Nov. 13 to Nov. 15.  Fifty-six percent of respondents believe cheating is likely to affect the election results while 31 percent anticipate election fraud is "very likely" to skew the outcome.  Additionally, the survey found a majority of voters believe mail-in ballots facilitate voter fraud.

The Left Conspires To Keep Election Fraud Quiet.  A Lawrence, Massachusetts voter who had been turned away from the polls on Election Day and told he had already voted found out he was the victim of fraud.  He checked the footage on the video camera outside his front door and saw that a woman had removed mail-in ballots from his mailbox.  He called the police.  It's happening in many places.  On Tuesday, Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., a nonprofit voter rights group, appeared in Connecticut Superior Court to demand the arrest of a woman alleged to have been caught on video committing mail-in ballot fraud in the 2019 Bridgeport Democratic mayoral primary and again in the 2023 primary.  The group, protesting that city officials pretend there's no problem, also called on the Connecticut legislature to appoint a special prosecutor.  A staggering 60% of likely voters nationwide consider election cheating a problem, according to Rasmussen Reports.  Yet the Left denies it's happening.  The Washington Post calls it a "myth" and a "fantasy offense."  Worst of all, the federal government is suppressing the evidence and censoring anyone who complains about election cheating.

Legalizing Ballot Fraud in Pennsylvania.  On November 22, 2023 it was reported that a federal court in Pennsylvania changed the legal requirements for counting mail-in ballots by county boards of elections.  When no-excuse mail-in balloting was permitted in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, we were told that such voting was secure and that safeguards would prohibit fraud.  Doubters and skeptics are forcefully reminded that the 2020 election was the "most secure in history."  Last week's court decision is one more example of the alleged safeguards being eroded.  One year earlier the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that all mail-in ballots must be dated and must be rejected by county boards of election if the date is invalid.  This week's ruling would change that requirement so that undated and misdated mail-in ballots must be counted.  Groups pushing for that change claim that the date on the ballot envelope is trivial.  Those claims are amplified by a compliant media that obscures the issue.

Pennsylvania Voters Reach 'Peak of Mistrust' After Voting Machines Glitch for Second Time.  Pennsylvania voters are doubting the integrity of local elections in the swing county of Northampton after issues with touchscreen voting devices arose on the most recent Election Day.  The glitches were similar to those seen in the county's 2019 judges race.  Election officials are scrambling to ensure trust in the voting system as voters and local leaders alike are sounding the alarm, a Saturday Politico report revealed.  Northampton used Election Systems & Software touchscreen machines for the first time in 2019 and saw a "programming glitch" that caused a significant "undercount" of votes in the local judge's race, the publication reported.  Then, on November 7, 2023, suspicion grew when voters discovered that their printouts meant to confirm their votes on the devices did not match their choices for two down-ballot judges races.

Oliver Stone shocks Bill Maher by telling him he thinks the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.  As usual, Maher brings up the sheep talking points, "But all the lawsuits were dismissed and laughed out of court."  What Bill and many other people with negative IQ don't realize is that the majority of the cases were not dismissed after discovery & evidentiary hearings they were dismissed on procedural grounds (such as lack of standing, jurisdiction, mootness, ripeness, etc).  In other words, the courts failed the Constitution by refusing to hear the election challenges.  Of the cases that were heard on the merits, Republicans and/or Trump prevailed in two-thirds of them.  Since the 2020 election, it's also important to note that many courts have made critical decisions such as the decision from a Wisconsin judge that ruled ballot drop boxes were illegally implemented and used in 2020, the decision from the Georgia Supreme Court that concluded voters had standing to challenge the results of their own elections (duhh).  The fraud in 2020 was rampant and anyone who denies it lacks intelligence.  [Video clip]

Chester County Wipes the Protected Count From Voting Machines.  The Voter Services department in Chester County, Pennsylvania has wiped the "protected counts" off their voting machines, raising questions about their motives.  This unexpected act was revealed to observers while voting machines were undergoing normal "logic and accuracy" testing in preparation for the upcoming November 7, 2023 Municipal Election.  As explained by Karen Barsoum, Chester County Director of Voter Services, the protected count on a voting machine should be the total number of ballots put into the machine over its lifetime, which accumulates up like a car's odometer.  When thinking of a car, you can reset the trip odometer, but should not be able to roll back the lifetime odometer.  Since the protected counts on voting machines are supposed to be "protected," hence the name, why would the county eliminate this history?  Why would county elections officials not want anyone to be able to see on the machine itself how many ballots went into it previously?

Wrongthink to Avoid.  [Scroll down]  On the topic of useful idiots, our partisan, Big Government bum-kissing media tells us the 2020 election was the most secure and above-board election ever.  Never mind that the Democrats unilaterally engineered a million ways to cheat electorally, and that the courts and the feds brazenly refused to investigate any of it.  Disregard that President Trump and other Republicans were comfortably ahead on Election Night, only to suffer mysterious setbacks in the following days or weeks.  Although it had never been easier to cheat electorally than in 2020, our thoroughly despicable media informs us no one cheated!  It was a miracle, an article of faith that you'd better take to heart if you know what's good for you.

Elections are rigged in Idaho.  Now, we're not talking about hordes of dead people being conscripted to vote in the most recent elections, or vote-by-mail programs wherein certain ballots never arrive, or ballots that favor a particular candidate show up at the last minute.  We're talking about a system that is designed to favor leftist candidates in local odd-year elections.  Conservatives didn't do well in the Nov. 7 general election because the system is rigged against them.  It's a system that was designed by the state Legislature and maintained through the expansion of government.  Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman looked over the latest election results and provides clarity about why Tuesday's elections predictably favored leftist candidates and how the system could be set up to be more fair in the future.  There's also a government spending angle that deserves consideration as well.

The Errors, The Lie, and The Cover-Up in Georgia's 2020 Election — Part I.  After the 2020 Election a Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) was carried out by Georgia's Secretary of State's (SOS's) Office.  The results of this exercise confirmed the 2020 Election results.  However, thanks to the efforts of Georgian Joseph Rossi, 36 errors were found in the Fulton County data in the RLA report posted on the SOS website.  Rossi doggedly went after those in authority in the state to review his data.  He was turned down and ignored numerous times.  But eventually after a series of events, Rossi was able to get these errors in front of members of Governor Kemp's office.  As a result of Rossi's work, the Georgia State Elections Board (SEB) initiated an investigation into the Fulton County data from the RLA report.  This investigation was labeled SEB2021-181.  Eventually the SEB identified violations and errors in the recounts of the 2020 Election in Fulton County.

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules in Favor of Those Challenging Voting Machines.  Not only will a lawsuit against the state of Georgia regarding its election security measures go forward, but a judge said in her ruling that the "evidence does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety."  The only way to make that any better would be if this judge were appointed by, say, former President Barack Obama.  And lo and behold, she was!  In a 135-page ruling issued Nov. 10, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg of the Northern District of Georgia allowed a lawsuit from the Coalition for Good Governance to go forward, noting in her decision that the issue might be better decided outside of courtrooms.

6 Bizarre Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens.  [#5]  In 2021, police reported catching Zul Mirza Mohamed — a candidate for mayor of Carrollton, Texas — in the act of stuffing envelopes with Dallas County absentee ballot applications.  But his activities allegedly ran even deeper.  Investigators determined the candidate forged at least 84 voter registration forms.  The Texas Attorney General's Office charged him with 84 counts of mail ballot fraud.

Argentina managed to count all 30 million of its ballots by midnight.  One thing Argentina did right during its election Sunday which saw the election of Javier Milei to the presidency was to get all its ballots counted by midnight.  That's the sort of thing we don't see in the U.S. anymore, now that election night has become election month, raising very valid suspicions among voters about fraud. [...] Long and extended counting periods are open doors to electoral fraud.  That's true whether there is fraud or not, because the extended time window gives certain observers time to figure out how many more ballots are needed for their party or candidate to win the race, and then produce those ballots to ensure a just-over-the-line victory.  In forensic accounting, as one commentator noted, when fraud is sought, one indicator of it is that the accounting system has been made as messy, complicated, and unintelligible as possible.  That's how investigators know there's likely to be something hidden to enable and conceal fraud.  Sound like any elections you know?

Mail ballot security is under nationwide assault.  The Left loves to tout universal mail voting.  Liberal enclaves like California, Hawaii, and Oregon have implemented it, while activists push aggressively to impose mail-in voting on Americans.  But even as they push it, despite repeated instances of fraud, the Left simultaneously attacks any efforts to make vulnerable mail voting more secure.  Indeed, the Left holds outright disdain for even minimal safeguards for mail ballots.  Right now, the Left's nationwide assault on election security is playing out primarily in the courts.  Any obligation to provide proof that the person returning the ballot is the correct person will be challenged.  They are fighting common sense laws in Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and countless other states.  On Friday, the most recent battle played out in the Kansas Supreme Court.  There, Marc Elias, the Left's primary litigator/tweeter, and his team fought to eliminate two utterly routine mail ballot security measures passed by the Kansas Legislature.

Ranked-Choice Voting Advocates Are Forced To Lie About 'Fairness' To Get Voters On Board.  States and localities are finding out in real-time how terrible ranked-choice voting (RCV) is for their respective elections.  From Alaska to Virginia, the leftist-backed election system gaining traction throughout the country is leading to undesirable election outcomes and confusion among voters.  Under RCV, often dubbed "rigged-choice voting" by its critics, voters rank candidates in order of preference.  If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of first-choice votes in the first round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his votes are reallocated to the voter's second-choice candidate.  Despite the many failures associated with its use, RCV proponents are searching for ways to deceive voters into adopting the system for their local and state elections across the nation.  A polling memo obtained by The Federalist shows exactly how they intend to do it.

Court: Unless Congress Clears Up The Voting Rights Act, Only The AG Can Enforce Section 2.  Afederal appellate court upheld a lower court's decision dismissing an NAACP challenge to Alabama's 2021 redistricting plan on Monday, holding that the advocacy group could not sue under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA).  Rather, according to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, only the U.S. attorney general could maintain a lawsuit under that section of the VRA.  The decision left Democrats and the left-wing press deriding the decision as rolling back "increased minority power and representation in American politics," while Republicans and conservative media outlets praised the decision as protecting election-integrity efforts.  In reality, though, the opinion concerned solely a question of statutory interpretation and the role of the courts in creating claims omitted by Congress.

The Voting Machines Need to Go.  The voting machines America is currently using need to go.  They breed mistrust, and there's a reason for that:  They are not trustworthy.  They are also inherently undemocratic.  No, I'm not talking about 2020 — well, not as such.  I'm talking about all the past elections since we started using these machines, as well as all the future ones until we come to our senses.  Let's do the second problem first.  Here's a question that pretty much answers itself:  Can a system be democratic if the people are not permitted to know how their votes are counted?  It's not a democratic system unless the people have freedom to vote and have some understanding of how their votes are counted.  So why are we using machines that have secret coding to count the votes?  That's one reason why the voting machines need to go:  Their coding is kept secret.  Get rid of those machines, and replace them with paper and pen, or with machines that use open-source software.

Santa Ana, California, May Give Voting Rights to Illegal Aliens.  Voters in Santa Ana, California, a deep-blue city in Orange County, will soon decide whether or not to give local voting rights to potentially tens of thousands of foreign nationals, including illegal aliens.  Next year, during the November 5 election, voters in Santa Ana will be asked whether or not they want to approve giving the right to vote in municipal elections to foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, which would then go into effect by 2028.

Legitimacy.  In the era of great pretending this letter ranks at the top of the 2023 hubris scale.  Having attained her position using ballot manipulation and collection, the fraudulently installed AG in Arizona, Attorney General Kris Mayes, is threatening to arrest anyone who does a hand recount of ballots in Mohave County.

How Joe Biden Gets 81 Million Votes.  In the video below, Dan Bongino talks about one of the ways Democrats win elections illicitly and get 81 million votes for someone who is visibly deranged.  Bongino reviews an article by Jason Cohen at The Daily Caller in August.  It is the reason that people should not support mail-in balloting.  Republicans always lose in the mail-in ballots.  Bongino specifically addressed The Voter Registration Project, a "Democrat get out the vote machine."  In this scheme, they don't really care if after you register you're the one who voted under your registration as long as they can get a ballot out to you and that ballots returned."  This is how the cheating starts.  Then, after they're done with all the cheating they stop people from talking about it.  It's a way to keep [it] going.  That's why they needed COVID.  [Video clip]

Georgia's State Election Board Now Admits To Violations In 2020 Election!  The Georgia State Election Board has scheduled a meeting for December 19th at the Georgia State Capitol.  It now admits that "violations" in the 2020 election have been found — duplicate ballots and missing ballot images — after being "investigated by experienced investigators."  How many people are going to show up for this meeting?  My bet:  plenty more than the corrupt politicians in Georgia would like.

Kari Lake Lawsuit Accuses Maricopa County Of 'Unlawful' Certification of Voting Machines.  Republican Kari Lake's legal team filed a brief at the Arizona Court of Appeals Tuesday arguing Maricopa County broke the law by falsely stating voting machines were certified prior to the November 2022 general election when she was a candidate for governor.  In May, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled against Lake concluding she had not provided sufficient evidence that Arizona election law was not followed during the contest, which Democrat Katie Hobbs won by less than one percent of the vote.  Lake then appealed the ruling in June.

Kari Lake's Attorneys File New Brief & Petition to Transfer Election Case to AZ Supreme Court.  Attorneys for Kari Lake have made two more filings in their ongoing fight to overturn the stolen Arizona gubernatorial election, including a Petition for Transfer to send her appeal directly to the Arizona Supreme Court.  The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the evidence of illegalities presented in Kari Lake's lawsuit.  Newly discovered evidence shows that machine failures affecting tens if not hundreds of thousands of voters on election day were likely caused by intentional misconduct.  Incorrect machine settings, printer settings, and ballot paper sizes utilized by Maricopa County caused machines at 60% of voting locations to fail on the day that Republicans turned out 3:1 to vote for Kari Lake and Republican candidates.

There's more going on with the Georgia ballot case and attorney resignations than you're being told.  As you've probably heard, in a surprising development, two defense attorneys abruptly resigned from the Georgia ballot case.  The case surrounds the accusation that thousands of GA ballots were actually counterfeit.  So, why did the two defense attorneys jump ship like that?  An IT expert named Kevin Kelton suggests that the county might be gearing up to admit they've destroyed the ballots in question.  If true, this puts Fulton County in a heap of legal trouble.  Destroying evidence during a case often signals guilt.  But there's more at stake here — are we witnessing a coverup?

Boston Democrats Look to Extend Voting Rights to Foreign Nationals.  Democrats on the Boston City Council are looking to extend local voting rights to foreign nationals in the United States on visas, green cards, and other forms of legal status.  Councilwoman Kendra Lara (D) introduced the measure, which would allow foreign nationals on green cards, visas, and other forms of legal status to vote in Boston municipal elections.  The measure is likely to gain widespread support from the council, which is made up of 12 Democrats.

And Now, a Few Words from Election '24.  Do you see me?  We haven't met yet, but we will. [...] As I see it, any interruption to Trump's advance toward the presidency is not off-limits for this deep state.  On the other hand, if I'm able to proceed as normal, what about election fraud?  Election '20 underwent the most serious abuse in terms of election integrity.  Am I to believe that we won't see things like the use of the judicial system to subvert the law or the illegal use of drop boxes?  I have already noticed that this past Election Day, voters in 18 states had issues, and there were "gas leaks" for Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Texas.

When Citizens Have Better Computer Technology Than Their Government — Minnesota Investigation finds 172,000+ Voter Issues.  For the first time in history, citizens have better computer technology than their government.  Today's video of Minnesota voter rolls shows, using Fractal technology, that citizens can identify anomalies in government voter rolls that existed for over 100 years — eluding all the obsolete technology Minnesota could bring to bear. [...] Voters living in UPS offices.  Voters living in convenience stores.  Voters living in an 800 square foot house with 15 other adult voters — which the health regulations would never allow — we show these in video after video.  In 2021, voter integrity teams in 12 states started using Fractal — and as you can see in today's video — Minnesota — Fractal makes a mockery of the Minnesota voter rolls.

Congress on a Hamster Wheel.  In nine states, ballots are still sent to everyone, regardless of need, request, or a pulse.  It bodes poorly for America's salvation that two-thirds of Democrats and half of Republicans have indicated a strong likelihood that they will vote by mail rather than drag themselves to a polling station.  The battle cry to count every vote is still a call to arms for digging up tranches of uncounted ballots in the wee hours and days after the polls close, culminating in sudden reversals of political fortune that favor Democrats.  Drop boxes, the dumpster of choice for illegal ballot deposits by political operatives called mules, continue to be utilized in at least 32 states, with little to no federal prosecutions of known offenders.  Although in receipt of credible whistleblower and video evidence, the FBI has downplayed or contested egregious incidents of hundreds of thousands of ballots crossing state lines and unmonitored after hours ballot counting at polling stations.  A three-year investigation undertaken by the Postal Service recently proved the FBI wrong in one case; however, no further action has been taken.

Video Released Showing Georgia's Ruby Freeman Saying She Doesn't Want to Talk with "WHITE GUYS".  Ruby Freeman, who was one of the individuals who stuck around on Election Night 2020 in Fulton County Georgia's State Farm Arena and shoved ballots through machines multiple times was caught on video in a racist rant complaining about "white guys."

A Trump-Tucker ticket?  A Trump Tucker ticket for the presidency in 2024.  Just imagine it. [...] An unashamed and without apology Trump-Tucker ticket might just be the political platform and personalities that save the American empire from the dustpan of history.  Now, if there is election interference and voter fraud like there was in 2020, it will not matter.  If in the toss-up states, they stop counting the votes at 11:30 p.m. and after everyone goes home, start up again at 2:30 in the morning, it won't matter.  If Fulton County, Georgia counts Biden votes multiple times, it won't matter.  If the upper Midwest states use Zuckerbucks again, it won't matter.  If the management and upper echelons at Fox News appear to be willing participants, it won't matter.  If state election officials in Pennsylvania are once again allowed to purposely ignore their very own state legislated election laws, it won't matter.  If 2024 election tabulations are counted just as they were in the Purple States in 2020, it won't matter.

Systemic voting fraud in America?  In recent years, concerns about voter fraud have grown significantly, with many individuals asserting that there are systemic issues within the American electoral system.  One striking example cited by those raising concerns about voter fraud is the Kentucky gubernatorial election, which looked like a close race, with the Democratic nominee, Andy Beshear, defeating Republican incumbent Matt Bevin by just over 5,000 votes, or 0.37%.  This made it the closest gubernatorial election in Kentucky since 1899 by votes and the closest ever by percentage.  The discrepancy in the voting patterns in this election raises eyebrows and sparks suspicions among those alleging voter fraud.  While Kentucky Republicans voted overwhelmingly for their party's candidates for other statewide offices, such as Attorney General and Secretary of State, they simultaneously chose a Democrat for the governor's position.  This divergent behavior among voters, especially within the same party, appears perplexing and contradictory.

Election Fraud Deniers Are The Real Threat To Democracy.  If you are like us, you're sick and tired of being labeled a "denier" any time you challenge the left's agenda.  Don't believe the earth will be destroyed unless we all live like cavemen?  You are a climate denier!  You worry about side effects from an experimental new vaccine.  Vaccine denier!  And if you suspect that election fraud is a real problem, you're an election denier!  The problem is that the "deniers" keep turning out to be right.  The latest example came out of Bridgeport, Connecticut, earlier this month, when a judge overturned the primary election for mayor because of an "unprecedented" volume of evidence showing ballot fraud, including surveillance footage exposing supporters of the incumbent stuffing stacks of absentee ballots into drop boxes.  Even CNN, which can always be relied on to dismiss election fraud as a myth, was forced to admit that "the Connecticut case does highlight the potential vulnerabilities with mail-in voting."  Just as a reminder, this is exactly what "election deniers" have been saying since 2020, when Democrats used COVID as an excuse to implement widespread mail-in voting schemes across the country.

Seattle Doesn't Expect To Have All Votes Counted Until 3 Weeks After Election Day.  The Seattle City Council general election results have not been announced nearly one week after election day as the elections committee continues to count votes.  Election results will not be made official until Nov. 28, although the King County Elections (KCE) will continue to update the unofficial results daily until all votes have been accounted for, according to the KCE website.  Most voters could only submit their ballot through the mail or at a drop-box location, meaning many ballots will not be received until days after the official election day.  [Tweet]  Only three out of the seven original council members up for reelection ran in the 2023 race — Democrats Tammy Morales, Dan Strauss and Andrew Lewis — leaving four seats open to newcomers, KIRO 7, a local news network, reported.  Initial reports showed that the incumbents were all trailing in their races, but Morales and Strauss quickly gained more votes as mail-in ballots trickled in on the days following the race.

Federal Judge Sets Trial over Dominion Voting Systems' Vulnerabilities in Georgia.  The question of whether Georgia's electronic voting system has major cybersecurity flaws that amount to a violation of voters' constitutional rights to cast their votes and have those votes accurately counted is set to be decided at trial early next year.  U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg issued a 135-page ruling late Friday in a long-running lawsuit filed by activists who want the state to ditch its electronic voting machines in favor of hand-marked paper ballots.  The state had asked the judge to rule in its favor based on the arguments and facts in the case without going to trial, but Totenberg found there are "material facts in dispute" that must be decided at trial.  She set a Jan. 9 bench trial, which means there will be no jury.  But she also suggested that the two sides work together to reach a resolution.

Is This The Definitive Proof That The Elections In 2020 Were Stolen?  Italian Intelligence along with U.S. sworn testimony confirms the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election was stolen from President Trump.  Satellites being controlled from Italy added votes to Biden to defeat Trump.  Joe Biden is not the lawful U.S. President.  Leonardo Aerospace, Defense and Security along with a U.S. State Department employee, the CIA, Italian Citizens and a Dominion Employee were all involved in the fraudulent stealing of the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election.  Joe Biden, once installed as the unlawful President of the United States, orders Mateo Renzi the Former Prime Minister of Italy to take down the current Prime Minister of Italy Guiseppe Conte.  This is done by paying off Conte with millions of dollars in cash to keep him quiet.  U.S. Federal Prosecutor John Durham has in his possession documents of evidence that shows Barack Obama illegally moved $400 Million dollars in cash on pallets through the Dubai Embassy with the help of the Italians.  They stole $400 Million dollars from America and put the money into a Merrill Lynch account in Geneva Switzerland.

It's not about Israel:  We are the target.  [Scroll down]  But there is an approach that allows you to cut through the hype and see what's really happening.  It's called "Occam's Razor."  The best definition is "The simplest explanation is usually the best one."  Doesn't that make sense?  Truth rarely needs 2,400 words to explain itself.  Take election fraud as an example.  On one side you hear that Republicans have embarked on a vast conspiracy to deprive all minorities of their rights to vote.  For some reason, black people are unable to get proper identification.  Therefore, we must eliminate the need to present proper identification when voting.  Voting is too inconvenient, so we must allow voting to go on for a month prior to each election, and we must mail absentee ballots everywhere, even if they go to the wrong address.  We must allow others to collect ballots and rely on them to be delivered honestly on our behalf.  All changes to election laws favor less security controls.  The other side is simpler:  Almost all voting errors favor the Democrat.  Almost all recounts favor the Democrat.  Democrats are cheating.  One hundred words vs. 16 words.  The most likely conclusion is that Democrats are cheating.  If incompetence is involved, the errors would cancel each other out.

Election Fraud Is Real — And It Needs To Be Fixed Before 2024.  On Nov. 1, Connecticut Judge William Clark overturned the results of the Bridgeport mayoral primary, calling video evidence of potential fraud "shocking."  Wanda Geter-Pataky, the vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee, appears to have been caught on video stuffing handfuls of ballots into a drop box outside City Hall.  On Oct. 25, in Paterson, New Jersey, the sitting president of the City Council, Alex Mendez, was charged with personally collecting large numbers of mail-in ballots in his district, destroying ballots that did not favor him and replacing them with ballots that falsely chose him.  New Jersey's Attorney General Matthew Platkin states that Mendez "personally observed from his wife's vehicle as a large, heavy bag, completely filled with ballots, was emptied into the Haledon postal box prior to the election."  On Nov. 2, in Springfield, Massachusetts, mayoral candidate Justin Hurst was nailed by city election officials for allegedly buying votes during early voting.  Videotape shows individuals being dropped off in black Suburbans and Expeditions, and entering City Hall to vote.

Lawyers for Fulton County Withdraw from Case over Missing Ballots.  Two high-powered criminal-defense attorneys have withdrawn from a 2020 election-fraud case in Fulton County, Georgia, prompting speculation that things look bleak for the fraud deniers, Becker News reported.  Attorneys Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark Palmer, who were defending the county, motioned to withdraw themselves from the Favorito v.  Wan case dealing with the fallout from the increasingly-probable election fraud in Georgia during the 2020 election.  Although Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger adamantly denied any widespread mishandling of ballots and refused to investigate claims to the contrary following the election, considerable evidence has since revealed the extent to which left-wing activist groups appeared to interfere, likely delivering the state to Democrat candidates — including Joe Biden, as well as Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, by razor-thin margins.

Why Are Fulton Attorneys Leaving A Case? — And Where Are the Ballots??  Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark, attorneys for Aaron Johnson and Teresa Crawford, have filed a motion to withdraw themselves from the case of Garland Favorito et al v. Alex Wan, et al.  A key issue in the case are 150,000 Fulton County absentee / mail-in ballots some of which are reportedly without fold creases and which did not appear to be hand marked.  When a voter marks and completes an absentee ballot, it is then folded and placed in a sealed envelope to submission or mailing to the County election department.  Ballots without creases or those appearing to be marked other than by hand would raise questions about the validity of the ballot.  Sources state that Fulton County has responded that the ballots in question are still under seal, however given the County's poor track record on transparency, the question of the condition, availability and number of retained ballots remains unknown.  These ballots are once again in the spotlight since Harrison Floyd's defense council is seeking to have them unsealed in preparing their defense to answer the charges made by Fani Willis.  Floyd is one of 19 defendants including President Trump, indicted by Fani Willis in what many are calling "prosecutorial misconduct."

Washington State Vote Counting Stopped by Antifa Threats.  Yesterday the news came out that a number of vote-counting stations in Washington State were temporarily closed when envelopes containing white powder instead of ballots were opened.  At least some of them contained fentanyl. [...] Obviously, nobody can be certain at this point who sent the flyers and fentanyl, but the claim that there was no obvious political motive seems something of a stretch.  But this is Washington State, where the politicians bend over backward to appease Left-wing radicals and dismiss the violence they inflict.  Had these been Nazi symbols there would be press conferences screaming about Donald Trump and MAGA, but Antifa disrupting elections is no big deal at all.  They like Trans people after all.  They must be good.  Transtifa has a history of violence, and the most common reaction is to blame the victims for inciting it.  Here you can't do that because the victims are government workers, so they do the next best thing:  cover up who did it.  It's appalling, but it works.  Propaganda works.  Memory holing inconvenient facts works.  Especially because the media is in on it.

What other tabulating machines have this problem?  Name one!
Voting Machine 'Error' Flipped Ballots In Pennsylvania Election:  Report.  A "coding error" was to blame for a voting machine flipping votes in a local election in Pennsylvania earlier this week, a mistake that will likely prompt new criticism of such machines and a call to return to paper ballots.  "A coding error in Northampton County, Pennsylvania's voting machines, caused a significant issue during a recent election.  The glitch resulted in votes being incorrectly flipped on a ballot question concerning the retention of two state judges," Resist the Mainstream reported.  The malfunction affected votes for candidates running for the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Judges Jack Panella and Victor Stabile, according to The Associated Press.  Votes marked "yes" to retain one judge and "no" for the other were switched on printouts from touchscreen ballot machines, County Executive Lamont McClure said, per the AP.

The Editor says...
If there really was a "coding error," it would have been found during the testing done by the state after the machines were delivered.  The machines were tested, weren't they?

Threats to the United States now at a Whole New Level.  The deep-state plan may include allowing terrorist attacks in the U.S. homeland to justify the imposition of a lockdown and then a shutdown of the November 2024 election.  That is unequivocally not an option.  America has lived through many wars, including the Civil War, which brought unprecedented destruction to the southern states — and we never considered delaying or cancelling elections.  Instead, we must use the opportunity of troubled times to defend the homeland and ensure we have honest elections no matter what the circumstances.

VP of Customer Operations of Voting Machine Company that 'Flipped' Votes Says "It Was a Human Error Someone From Our Team Programed the Election".  As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, several voting machines in multiple districts across Northampton County had to issue emergency paper ballots due to "votes getting flipped and not recording properly" on their voting machines.  Shortly after the error occurred Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure was clearly frustrated about the problems at the polls and told Lehigh Valley News "I'm livid at the election folks and ES&S."  ES&S (Election Systems & Software) ExpressVoteXL machines were used in Northampton County elections.  Shortly after the machine errors occurred Northhampton County held an emergency press conference and invited Linda Bennett the Senior Vice President of Customer Operations at Election Systems & Software to explain why votes were switched in the retention race between Judge Jack Panella and Judge Victor Stabile for the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Voting Machines Flip Votes Causing Panic On Election Day, No One Trusts Elections.  [Video clip only.]

Stop Drinking the Political Kool-Aid, America:  Voting Will Not Save Us.  We are one year out from the 2024 presidential election and as usual, the American people remain eager to be persuaded that a new president in the White House can solve the problems that plague us.  Yet what is being staged is not an election.  It's a con game, [...] We're being duped into believing that this mockery of a choice between two candidates who are equally unfit for office actually translates to having some say in how the government is run.  To the contrary, this particular con game is part of a long-running, elaborate scam to keep the Deep State in power and leave the populace deluded, distracted and incapable of demanding accountability, transparency and decency from the government and its cohorts.

Voting machines down in Pennsylvania; votes getting flipped.  Multiple polling locations in Pennsylvania experienced voting machine issues Tuesday morning, forcing election officials to offer voters provisional ballots.  According to Lehigh Valley News, a local publication, the county's ES&S ExpressVote XL machines experienced programming errors that caused votes to flip.  The Northampton County Elections Office stated, "It appears that when a voter selects a 'Yes' or a 'No' for one of the candidates for retention to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the selection is recorded on the paper ballot and on the machine for the other candidate."  "The issue is limited to the retention of Superior Court Judges and is only an issue when recording the votes for when a voter selected a 'Yes' for one candidate and a 'No' for another candidate," the statement added.

Voting Machines Down in Several Districts in Pennsylvania Due to "Votes Getting Flipped".  Election Day got off to a rough start in several districts in Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  Lehigh Valley News has reported several voting machines in multiple districts across Northampton County are down due to "votes getting flipped and not recording properly."  Voting machines went down in Palmer Township, Bethany Wesleyan Church in Lehigh Township, College Hill Presbyterian Church in Easton, and at the Allen Township Fire Hall.  The voting machines only flipped votes in the retention race between Judge Jack Panella and Judge Victor Stabile for the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Early Voting Is Against The Law.  Not long ago, Election Day found hundreds of millions of Republicans, Democrats, and independents with heads full of knowledge about candidates and causes.  Beyond the infirm and the absent, Americans walked with dignity into their precincts at schools, firehouses, and libraries.  And on one glorious autumn day, we decided en masse — who would lead us in Congress and the White House.  Today, the same crowd that cannot tell a man from a woman has demolished this beautiful picture, too.  Election Day teeters on extinction.  Americans now vote across Election Quarter.  Elections start about Labor Day and end around Black Friday.  Not good!  But this need not be.  And Americans who want to restore Election Day have a powerful weapon:  The Law.  Federal elections are required to occur on "the Tuesday next, after the first Monday in November."  This date is not based on something that Mark Twain whispered to Ulysses S. Grant.  It is neither optional nor suggested.  According to 2 US Code § 7, that Tuesday "is established as the day for the election... of Representatives and Delegates to the Congress."

Three new cases of election fraud.  Election fraud is making headlines in three Democratic states — Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. [...] Democrat Henrilynn Ibezim, a former candidate for Plainfield mayor in 2021, found himself charged with "election fraud and other crimes."  These charges include:
  •   Election fraud.
  •   Criminal attempt to commit false registration or transfer.
  •   Tampering with public records.
  •   Forgery.
  •   Hindering apprehension or prosecution.
  •   Falsifying or tampering with records.
These charges stem from an Office of Public Integrity and Accountability's (OPIA) Corruption Bureau investigation.  Ibezim allegedly directed associates and campaign volunteers to complete blank voter registration applications based on forms with voter information he provided to the group.  He then allegedly brought a large white garbage bag filled with nearly 1,000 of these fake voter-registration applications to the post office to mail to the Union County Commissioner of Registration.  The investigation into Ibezim fits into the larger context of election fraud in New Jersey in several ways: [...]

Pennsylvania's 2020 Election Was Invalid — Says Who?  Pennsylvania has a unique voter registration system, called SURE.  Like every other voter registration system, the SURE system comprises all legally registered voters in the state.  However, it also includes a subcategory of registered voters:  the ones who actually voted in the last election (in this case, the 2020 election).  Because of that special subcategory (registered voters who actually voted), it is possible to compare the total ballots cast in the 2020 election to the total voters who participated in that election.  The numbers must match because there has to be a one-to-one relationship between voters and ballots.  If parity does not exist, something is wrong.  Verity Vote (V.V.) is a Pennsylvania data analysis firm headed by Heather Honey.  For the 2020 election, V.V. prepared a careful and detailed comparison of voters who participated in the election vs. ballots cast.  Here are the V.V. findings:
  •   When PA certified its election on November 24, 2020, there were about 202,000 more ballots cast than identifiable voters.  In other words, there was a large voter deficit.
  •   In late January 2021, when the 67 PA counties finally posted all voter information into the SURE registration system, there was still a voter deficit — about 121,000.

The Noncitizen Voting Scam.  If you think offering migrants luxury hotel rooms, free meals, laundry service, transportation, health care, and immigration lawyers is excessive, just wait until they can vote.  Democrats are pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in New York City, Boston, and other municipalities, and statewide in Connecticut.  The number of migrants pouring across the southern border has hit a record high, according to data released on Oct. 21.  Illegal immigrant crossings soared 21 percent over the previous month.  On a yearly basis, the figure hit 2.48 million.  Democrats may feign shock and distress.  Don't be fooled.  Democrats see these newcomers as their guarantee of a permanent voting majority in local elections.  Not years from now, after the newcomers become citizens.  Right now.

Why Democrats will not close the border.  In keeping with the Biden administration's apparent indifference to the flood of child-trafficking and opioids plaguing our country, there is no indication that it is wavering on its lackadaisical border policy.  Why is the porous border so important to Democrats?  In some respects, migrants are treated better than citizens in similar economic straits.  More to the point, how many voting migrants will it take to turn the country irrevocably blue?

One judge in Connecticut shows how to do it when faced with election fraud.  If you've watched Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules, he makes one overarching point:  In multiple contested election precincts in America, people were caught stuffing all the ballot boxes made possible through COVID.  They were caught either directly, with video footage showing them stuffing those boxes, or indirectly, with cell phone data showing them making repeated trips between Democrat non-profits and drop boxes.  Trump supporters tried to bring this evidence before the courts, but judge after judge, either because of political ideology or cowardice (I'm talking to you, United States Supreme Court justices), refused to touch those claims.  And after too much time had passed, the egg seemingly couldn't be unscrambled.  One judge in Connecticut, though, reversed a local election, showing that it can be done.  He did so because he was confronted with "shocking" evidence of election fraud through dropbox stuffing.

A Connecticut Democrat Judge Has Overturned the Bridgeport Mayoral Primary Results and Ordered a New Election.  In a significant turn of events, a Democratic judge in Connecticut has made a game-changing decision by overturning the results of the Bridgeport Democratic mayoral primary.  Superior Court Judge William Clark has ordered a new election to take place, citing compelling video evidence of election fraud as the foundation for his ruling.  This decision carries implications that extend far beyond Bridgeport, as it establishes a precedent for addressing mail-in ballot fraud in ongoing and future cases.  Back in September, The Gateway Pundit reported on an explosive video released by mayoral candidate John Gomes' campaign.  This video presented damning evidence of election fraud during the Bridgeport Democratic primary, prompting the Bridgeport Police Department to launch an investigation into potential misconduct.

Connecticut Judge Throws Out Election Results and Orders New Primary After "Shocking" Evidence of Democrat Ballot Fraud.  In Bridgeport, Connecticut, State Judge William Clark has thrown out the results of the September Democrat primary election and ordered a new primary to be scheduled and conducted.  The issue was ballot harvesting and ballot fraud — both violations of state law.  The Judge reviewed CCTV footage showing Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member, working to support the party approved candidate.  Both Ms Geter-Pataky and Ms Martinez participated in absentee ballot fraud, ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing at drop boxes.  Both women invoked the Fifth Amendment when confronted as witnesses by the judge.

Bridgeport Ballot Fraud Update:  Judge Orders New Democratic Primary For Mayor In Gomes Case.  Superior Court Judge William Clark has ordered a new primary in the shocking case of ballot fraud brought forth by Bridgeport Mayoral candidate John Gomes.  Judge Clark said that the totality of evidence presented was "sufficient to demonstrate that a substantial number of ballots were handled improperly in violation of mandatory provisions of Connecticut law."  The municipal election is scheduled for November 7th, but the November 1st ruling requires a new democrat mayoral primary within 10 days, meaning the primary could conceivably happen after the municipal election on November 7th.  How that will impact election day in Bridgeport remains unclear at this time.  In theory, both Ganim and Gomes would appear on the ballot, Ganim as a Democrat and Gomes as an Independent.

Consequences of American Communism.  [Scroll down]  Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General was one of the several Attorneys General who sued to have the election nullified.  He sued the Biden Administration over the border issues and what happened?  A Bush-supported group in Texas convinced enough people in the state House to impeach him largely because Paxton had filed over 900 election fraud cases just within Texas.  That was a sin, because it looked bad for their "no evidence of voter fraud" narrative.  Then, the House passed a bill to keep him from trying election cases.  That's how it's done and to keep him from pursuing it any further, they tried to have him removed.  This was all at the behest of the Bushes in Dallas and they continue to use their globalist backers and whatever other means available to stop Paxton from pursuing the issues the people of Texas, and the country, care about.

Ranked-Choice Voting Is The Monster Under The Bed Of American Elections.  Democrats are using ranked-choice voting (RCV) to benefit their party and disenfranchise voters in elections across the country, a new report provided to The Federalist found.  Published by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), the new analysis unearths how Democrats use the complexities associated with RCV to diminish confidence in elections among U.S. voters.  Under RCV, often dubbed "rigged-choice voting" by its critics, voters rank candidates in order of preference.  If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of first-choice votes in the first round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his votes are reallocated to the voter's second-choice candidate.  This process continues until one candidate receives a majority of votes.  While both major political parties have a history of promoting RCV, it's primarily Democrats who are pushing states and localities to adopt the practice for future elections.

Wisconsin Is Working to Fix the 2020 Election Fraud to Avoid a Repeat in 2024.  Thanks to the courage, conviction and commitment of a handful of legislators (Ramthun and Brandtjen) and election integrity supporters, volumes of evidence have been cataloged that would clearly hold up in a court of law to show how the administration of elections in Wisconsin were severely compromised if not outright illegal in the 2020 Presidential Election based on many settled court cases since then.  Rather than looking backward, pointing fingers, going down rabbit trails, placing blame and the proverbial "...could-a, would-a, should-a", we must learn from 2020 and make sure there isn't a repeat in 2024.  We must have an "all-hands-on-deck" approach to bring all of the political party, patriots and practitioners together while exhibiting forgiveness, humility, trust, approachability and a pathway forward to make sure Wisconsin's 10 Electoral College Votes are legally certified in 2024.

New Jersey Democrats Face New Charges Over Election Fraud Involving Mail-In Ballots and Voter Registrations.  New Jersey's Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin has added new charges to an ongoing election-fraud case involving Democrat Alex Mendez, the Paterson City Council President, and several alleged co-conspirators.  According to the Attorney General, the defendants are accused of attempting to rig the election, tampering with ballots, and obstructing the course of justice through witness tampering.  Mendez was initially indicted on election fraud charges in 2021.  Now, fresh charges have been brought against him, his wife Yohanny Mendez, and two other Paterson residents, Omar Ledesma and Iris Rigo.  The revelations came after an extensive investigation by the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA), which itself was prompted when the U.S. Postal Inspection Service found hundreds of mail-in ballots for the May 2020 Paterson municipal election suspiciously stashed in a mailbox in a neighboring municipality.

It's almost like there's a conspiracy against Trump.  [Scroll down]  Dr. Anthony Fauci's Wuhan virus coincidently escaped the lab.  Aware, and against Trump, the CCP permitted thousands of infected passengers to enter the U.S. where it created a pandemic.  Anticipating it and seemingly prepared for it, the Democrat party exploited it to create a seismic, unprecedented distortion in public policies around economy-killing lockdowns, and in voting rules, increasing unverifiable ballots by previously unheard of multiples.  It coordinated with its champions in social, print and network media to censor and suppress [embarrassing] information about its own candidate and his depraved family.  They were so certain that they could cheat out a victory that they kept their candidate, lifelong liar and incompetent Joe Biden, in his basement as Trump held massive rallies.  Trump went to bed election night well ahead.  By morning he had lost.  See Dinesh D'Souza's documentary, 2,000 Mules.  Myriad legitimate legal appeals were filed.  All were rejected by the courts, either because of cowardice, complicity, or both.

Democrats' Campaign To Disbar John Eastman Is Designed To Criminalize Republican Election Challenges.  After having his phone seized by the FBI, enduring harassment from House Democrats' J6 Committee, and getting indicted by a corrupt Fulton County district attorney, constitutional scholar John Eastman has once again found himself the target of Democrats' crusade to weaponize the legal system against their political opponents.  Over the past several weeks, prosecutors representing the State Bar of California (SBC) have been working in state court to strip Eastman of his ability to practice law and, effectively, destroy his livelihood.  In January, the SBC announced it was charging Eastman for advising former President Donald Trump over the latter's legal challenges to the 2020 election results.  This announcement came nearly a year after the agency revealed it had been investigating Eastman for potential "violation[s] of California law and ethics rules governing attorneys."

N.J. council president 'personally collected ballots' in local voting fraud scheme, AG says.  The sitting president of the Paterson City Council, already under indictment in a 2020 election fraud probe, faces new charges after state authorities say they uncovered evidence that he "personally collected ballots" in violation of New Jersey election law and tampered with witnesses in the case.  The fresh accusations against Alex Mendez provide new details in an long-looming vote-by-mail fraud probe that drew national attention after former President Donald Trump invoked the case in his attacks on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential race.  Mendez, who represents the city's 3rd Ward, now faces nine counts ranging from conspiracy to commit election fraud to forgery and witness tampering, according to the state Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, which brought the charges.  The accusations stem from Paterson's May 2020 municipal race.

The Late Hour of Our Republic.  It is my belief, and solely my own, that we, the United States of America, have been captured by the powerbase of the elite and that our representatives and senators now respond to that powerbase, that the people, that are the powerbase of America, have been conquered.  It was done in secret, behind our backs, not in a war or through attrition, but by trickery and now whatever fighting we do for our nation is done for the powerbase of the elite. [...] I tell you that the disinterestedness of our elected officials in our pleas to rectify the election process is a symptom of this capitulation to the powerbase of the elite.  They don't care, because they don't have to.  Anything that could implicate them in the fraudulent elections is discarded by those same elite.  This is the same with the immigration laws, with the laws against theft, rape and murder.  They don't matter, because we do not live in a constitutional republic.  Our rights have been subsumed by their system of graft and clout, of power and prestige.

The Extreme Danger of Mail-In Voting.  Mail-in voting has made the secret ballot a thing of the past.  That will be the death of democracy, with new threats from the far left.  Loss of secrecy is one of the worst but hardly ever discussed dangers with mail-in voting.  What do you think is going to happen in light of recent reports of leftists openly threatening to "deprogram" and persecute Trump voters?  Do leftists ever feel any shame for what they have done to this country by voting for the current regime and tacitly supporting it with their silence?  Dinesh D'Souza was recently on the Glenn Beck Program discussing his new film, Police State, going through the features of this kind of regime, with many uncannily already in place, as brought on by Biden or his hidden handler therein.

'Stand for America' means to force states into conducting clean, honest, fair, elections.  Two years ago, a group of New Yorkers — busy, like you — felt that something had gone terribly wrong in our state. [...] Finally, we watched as massive, blatant election misconduct went unanswered in 2020 and 2022.  Against this stark landscape, we set forth to determine if our elections were fair and honest.  What we found is stunning:  New York elections appear to massively violate state and federal law.  The problems are dismissed by officials who steadfastly resist the efforts of honest, well-intentioned citizens to get answers regarding their legitimate findings.  Certification of the 2020 and 2022 elections in New York was provable misconduct:  a civil rights violation, acting under color of law, of the entire U.S. citizenry.

What happened to Sidney Powell?  Shortly after January 6, Powell was, apparently, part of a group that sought to test one of the Georgia voting machines.  This is being portrayed as the crime of the century, and it led to Powell's recent plea deal.  By now you have heard that Sidney Powell pleaded guilty in the so-called Georgia election interference case.  However, it seems that she has not recanted her views regarding election fraud.  Her guilty plea concerns only a misguided effort to test an election machine in Coffee County.  It is barely a crime at all, since there was no criminal intent.  The so-called Powell conspirators made pictures of ballots after getting permission from Misty Hampton, the Coffee County elections administrator.  No one was trying to destroy records, change votes, or damage equipment.  Big deal!

DC Board of Elections breach may include entire voter roll.  Abreach of Washington, D.C. voter data may have been broader than initially understood and may have included the entire voter role, the District of Columbia Board of Elections said in a statement Friday.  The board first learned of the breach after voter data was offered for a sale in an online forum earlier this month.  Initially, the board believed the affected data amounted to 600,000 lines, but in a call with its hosting provider on Friday learned that the breached database included a copy of the full voter roll.

Texas Secretary of State Releases Election Audit Findings, And They Are Deeply Troubling.  Recent preliminary findings from a state audit of November 2022 Harris County, Texas, election are highlighting the vital importance of upholding the integrity of our democratic processes.  Texas Secretary of State Jane Nelson released preliminary findings of the audit stating, "Harris County clearly had multiple failures conducting the election and violated election law for estimating needed ballot paper," according to KPRC-TV.  "Mistakes like these led to a poorly executed election which left many Harris County residents frustrated and may have prevented them from voting.  It is important to talk about these issues now in order to address them before the 2024 election cycle," Nelson added.  Nelson's statement highlighted a range of issues uncovered during the audit.  These problems include discrepancies in voter registration data, a failure to deliver essential supplies to polling locations, equipment malfunctions, and incomplete paperwork.

The Curious Case Of Miami-Dade 'Blank Ballots'.  As part of the ongoing efforts to clean up the rampant corruption in Florida elections and hold those responsible for the theft of our elections accountable, we have been doing massive public records requests.  These efforts led to significant impact in Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona election integrity efforts in exposing the depth of the voting machine use in widespread election fraud.  The latest development was recently in Miami-Dade county long known as a haven for rampant election and voter fraud.  We had requested data regarding the conducting of elections, and the required filing of election data with the state of Florida.  Over the past few years, we have been peeling back the layers of election fraud being conducted within the Supervisor of Elections Offices across the State of Florida, supervised by Maria Matthews and Cord Byrd.  We brought massive irrefutable proof to Byrd, DeSantis, Moody and the farcical "Elections Crime Unit" that Ron DeSantis used to round up disenfranchised felons who were misled into thinking that they could vote in elections.

The High-tech Lynching of America.  The COVID-19 lockdowns and the death of George Floyd in May 2020 created an environment of fear.  And fear of going to the polls gave Democrat activists and lawyers the opportunity to change election laws and protocols in key swing states to expand the utilization of mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and lengthening vote counting deadlines.  These initiatives enabled paid activists to manipulate voter registration and the vote count through fraudulent ballots — undertaken to deny Donald Trump a second term.

Fight for Hand Count Ballots.  During the four days of the Douglas County Fair, the Republican Party Booth offered the public a citizens petition to sign in support of hand counting ballots within the county.  The volunteers manning the booth reported that about 90% of the fair goers that stopped at the booth also signed the petition.  There were 372 total signatures, mostly from the fair booth.  An associated list kept of people who would be willing to volunteer on the counting board received 90 signatures.  Thanks to the fairgoers for confirming that the people of Douglas County want their ballots counted by humans, not machines.  The Douglas County Clerk in Oregon, Dan Loomis, has denied 6 "Prospective Initiative Petitions" that would allow petitioners to have the formal petitions needed to gather signatures for getting "hand counting of the ballots" on the Douglas County ballot for the 2024 primary.

North Carolina Republicans override Dem governor's vetoes of two election integrity bills.  North Carolina Republicans in the state legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's vetoes on two election integrity bills, passing the bills into law.  On Tuesday, the Republican-controlled North Carolina state legislature overrode Cooper's vetoes on Senate Bills 747 and 749, The Carolina Journal reported.  The House overrode the vetoes of both bills 72-44 and the Senate followed suit, 30-19.  SB 747 requires absentee ballots to be received by Election Day and bans Zuckbucks — the injection of private money into public election administration.  SB 749 splits the appointments of the state Board of Elections between the state legislature majority and minority party leaders.  Previously, the governor would make the appointments on the recommendations of the two largest state parties and choose his own tie-breaker.

There Is No Election Integrity, It's up to Us.  In a commonsensical way, United Sovereign Americans, the New York Citizens Audit, and the other state audits now underway are doing no more than trying to ensure that the civil rights of all voting Americans are protected and that the pertinent laws were followed to the letter by civil servants and government-appointed officials when they certified the elections.  A copy of the New York Citizens Audit was sent to the New York Commissioner of Election Integrity, but the Audit has yet to receive a reply from that entity.  What it did receive was a cease-and-desist order from New York's Attorney General Letitia James, who — after receiving a copy of the Audit — demanded that the Audit's staff stop portraying themselves as "election officials," something they have never done.

Physicist Testifying at Disbarment Trial of Trump's Former Attorney John Eastman Discusses Report That Found 130,000 Instances of 'Voter Fraud' in Nevada.  Physicist and auditor John Droz testified all day Thursday in the ongoing disbarment trial of Donald Trump's former attorney and constitutional scholar, John Eastman.  California Disciplinary Court Judge Yvette Roland, who contributed to Democrats while on the bench, spent a large portion of the day successfully attempting to keep Droz's investigative reports into the 2020 election and his testimony from being admitted into evidence.  Some of his testimony that was struck from the record afterward discussed a report that attorney Jesse Binnall delivered to Congress, laying out what he found as 130,000 incidents of voter fraud in Nevada's 2020 election. [...] [Eastman's attorney, Randy] Miller next attempted to ask Droz about a report he and his team authored on vote spikes for Biden on election night in 2020.  They found 26 large net vote dumps for Biden of 25,000 or more in 14 states suspected of election fraud.  Some had more than one spike — Pennsylvania had four spikes.  Not a single spike occurred in favor of Trump, the report found.

Retired DoD Analyst Reveals Biden Got Fewer Votes Than Hillary In Philadelphia.  The disbarment trial of Trump's former attorney and constitutional legal scholar John Eastman entered into its seventh week on Tuesday, with two of Eastman's witnesses returning to the witness stand for cross-examination.  Physicist John Droz discussed the reports he oversaw on election anomalies in the 2020 election, and retired Department of Defense analyst Ray Blehar revealed that despite the huge increases in votes for Joe Biden compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Biden got fewer votes than she did in Philadelphia.  The proceedings began with a discussion of whether Eastman's witnesses would be allowed to testify about the vote spikes report, which revealed large net dumps of votes solely for Joe Biden on election night.

Automatic voter registration will lead to foreign nationals getting on voter rolls.  With great fanfare, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro announced that the commonwealth will begin implementing automatic voter registration.  Automatic voter registration means that when Pennsylvanians get driver's licenses or state-issued government IDs they will automatically be registered to vote unless they opt out.  Currently, people opt in to register to vote.  This may on the surface sound like a good thing.  After all, we all want every American who wants to exercise his or her right to vote to be able to have their voice heard at the ballot box.  But a deeper look at automatic voter registration reveals it often exacerbates errors on the voter roll.  Based on real data, Pennsylvania is the last place that should be implementing this risky plan.  Over the last 20 years, no state has performed worse in keeping ineligible, duplicated and even foreigners off state voter rolls.

Registrar Accidentally Sends Around 7,500 Duplicate Ballots for Nov. 7 Special Election.  The San Diego County Registrar of Voters office found that around 1% of voters for the Nov. 7 special election may have received duplicate ballots, it was announced Wednesday.  According to the registrar, the mistake impacts voters in the county Board of Supervisors District 4 special election and less than a dozen voters in the city of Chula Vista special election.  Following discovery of the duplicate ballots, the registrar's office "immediately contacted the print and mailing vendor to determine what happened and how many voters were impacted," according to a statement from the office.  "After researching, they reported that around 7,500 or a little over 1% of voters out of the nearly 600,000 voters who were mailed a ballot, have inadvertently received a duplicate mail ballot packet."  One of the two ballot packets had already been suspended in the computer system and should not have been mailed.

Democrat Election Clerk Admits She Has Not Been Following the Law on Mail-In Ballots.  For the first time on Thursday, a judge began examining evidence in the legal case aimed at reversing the outcome of the Bridgeport Mayoral Primary.  The investigation comes in the wake of a scandal that has rocked the state's largest city, where surveillance footage captured a woman inserting multiple pieces of paper into an absentee ballot drop box just one week before the mayoral primary election.  The Gateway Pundit previously reported that mayoral candidate John Gomes' campaign released a damning video last month showing evidence of election fraud in the recent Bridgeport Democratic primary.  The video has prompted an investigation by the Bridgeport Police Department for "possible misconduct."  The video on the Gomes campaign's Facebook page shows a woman dropping stacks of 'illegal' ballots into an absentee ballot box outside the Bridgeport government center, where the city's Registrar of Voters office is located, CT Mirror reported.

An Old Man Looks at America.  For most of my life, voting required a certain amount of discipline.  Depending on where you lived, you might have been required to pre-register to vote, typically requiring ID; you had to actually show up on Election Day, register or show ID; and then cast a single vote, with the results to be known late that night or early the next morning.  Now voting is a bad joke, with more moving parts than an old merry-go-round.  There's [...] early voting, Election Day voting, late voting, remote voting, automatic vote registration, mail-out ballots, mail-in ballots, harvested ballots, lost ballots, found ballots, and the always popular ballot boxes.  And the results won't be known for days, with strange vote total turnarounds now commonplace.  All I can say to that is, if you think the Dems unilaterally engineered a million ways to cheat electorally and then didn't utilize them, you're truly a fool of the first order.  And you'll soon part with ever more of your money as big government manages more and more of your life.  It's happening now.

A request for help from John Eastman.  The crux of the State Bar's case against me is its claim that there was no evidence of significant fraud in the 2020 presidential elections and my legal filings on behalf of President Trump and my public statements to the contrary show that I am unfit to be a lawyer.  This is the outrageous and false position that State Bar prosecutors have staked out in court for week after week.  But now, finally, I have been able to begin to present my defense.  Through the efforts of my legal team and the blockbuster testimony of my amazing witnesses, the American people are finally seeing all of the election illegality and fraud that we all saw with our own eyes back in 2020 get its day in court.  This attack against me by the California State Bar mirrors the charges of a partisan lawfare group that is determined to put me, President Trump and all of his defenders in prison.  I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending against these outrageously false charges, and I am looking at over $1 million in additional costs.

Drop boxes have become key to election conspiracy theories.  Two Democrats just fueled those claims.  A woman approaches a drop box in the dark with what appears to be handfuls of ballots.  At a different drop box, someone else is seen making multiple trips to insert ballots.  At yet another, the same car stops on at least three separate occasions, with different people stepping out and heading to the box.  It's not a trailer for the latest conspiracy movie about rigged elections.  Instead, the video footage has become central to a real-world controversy over potential fraud involving ballot drop boxes, a favorite target of right-wing conspiracy theorists since former President Donald Trump's loss in the 2020 election.  The accusations of drop box fraud are not coming from those pushing fringe election claims or from skeptical Republicans who have long favored eliminating or severely restricting use of the boxes.

Connecticut manages to get the AP to notice ballot drop box problems.  For the past few weeks we've been covering the disputed mayoral election in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where a woman was caught on video stuffing ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night.  The race came down to a couple hundred votes and the "loser" is currently in court fighting to have the results vacated.  The woman with the envelopes full of ballots is under investigation, just as she was in the previous election.  The dubious results have attracted national attention and once again highlighted the problems with mass mail-in voting and public ballot drop boxes.  The situation has created such a stench that even the Associated Press felt compelled to cover this story this week.  Of course, as we would expect, they're trying to imply that the drop boxes couldn't possibly be the real problem.

'We've Lost Everything': MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Says Election-Fraud Lawsuits Have Ruined Him.  Mike Lindell, CEO and Founder of MyPillow, hasn't a dime left thanks to the lawfare waged against him over claims of a stolen election.  According to NBC News, Lindell's lawyers at Parker Daniels Kibort LLC (PDK) are pushing him out due to millions of unpaid legal fees: [...] Lindell claimed the 2020 election was stolen through voting machines created by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems who claim their reputations were ruined by Lindell's claims.  A third lawsuit was brought against Lindelol by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer.  Lindell told NBC that if he had the money, he would gladly pay his lawyers whom he referred to as "brave and courageous."  "We've lost everything, every dime," he told NBC News.  "All of it is gone."

10 Ways Democrats Are Already Rigging the 2024 Election.  Sometimes the only way to win the game is to change the rules in your favor — and that's exactly what Democrats have been doing to America's election laws.  After expanding insecure voting practices such as mass unsupervised mail-in voting and the use of ballot drop boxes during the 2020 election, Democrat-controlled state legislatures have sought to enshrine these policies into law across the country.  States such as New Mexico, Minnesota, and Michigan have all adopted sloppy election procedures under the guise of "democracy" and so-called "voting rights." [...] Shortly after taking office, Biden took the unprecedented step of ordering hundreds of federal agencies to interfere in state and local election administration.  Executive Order 14019 mandated all departments use U.S. taxpayer money to boost voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities.  Agencies were also instructed to develop "a strategic plan" explaining how they intended to fulfill this directive.  While the Biden administration has routinely stonewalled efforts by good government groups to acquire these plans, available information reveals an apparently partisan venture aimed at registering voters who are likely to support Democrats.

They Are That Evil.  No one with a brain and the ability to do math believes that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.  Everything logical speaks against it.  The rock-star-like reception Trump gets everywhere he goes and the sparse crowds that accompany Joe Biden make that narrative an obvious lie.  No one has been willing to examine the votes taken or the illegality of the law changes at the last moment before the election (most of which required an alteration of the state constitution to change the law).  They just don't want to see it.  But the people know.

AVR: The Newest form of election cheating.  To many state administrators, it is not good enough to permit citizens to register to vote when they get a driver's license.  They must be registered automatically when they interact with any state agency — not just the DMV.  Oregon became the first state to implement AVR (Automatic Voter Registration) in 2016.  Since then, the concept has spread like wildfire, mostly among Democrat-controlled states.  As of February 2023, there were 23 states trolling for extra voters with the AVR system.  However, the systems are not all the same.  There are "front end" AVR states, where the individual can opt out of registration right away.  There are "back end" AVR states, where the person is registered unless he opts out at home — some days later, when he is informed of the registration with a postcard.  Of course, he may not be able to read that postcard if English is not his native tongue.

11 HERO Lawmakers Sue MI SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI Director of Elections In Federal Court.  Eleven Michigan state legislators have filed a lawsuit today in federal court against state election officials.  The lawsuit claims the 2018 and 2022 state constitutional amendments regulating the times, places, and manner of federal elections are legally null and void.  The U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 4 (the Elections Clause), requires the state legislature to regulate the times, places, and manner of federal elections.  However, Michigan's constitutional amendments (Proposal 3 of 2018 and Proposal 2 of 2022) bypassed the state legislature and, in doing so, usurped the legislature's federally mandated constitutional authority.  These state constitutional amendments included provisions that allow voters to sign affidavits instead of presenting valid identification when voting in person or applying for an absentee ballot; nine days of early voting; private funding of election administration; no-excuse absentee voting procedures; same-day voter registrations; state-funded absentee ballot drop boxes, and independent redistricting commissions.  The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan, names as defendants Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Jonathan Brater, Director of the Bureau of Elections.

FBI Hides Evidence of Nationwide Voter Registration Fraud.  You may or may not have heard of the nationwide voter registration fraud scheme.  And you won't hear much about it now in the media.  It involves tens of thousands of fake voters.  The FBI is hiding the information using the usual excuse that it's an ongoing investigation.  Just the News confirmed the FBI will not release the information.  The probe began in Michigan and has the potential to be very widespread.  The FBI took over a 2020 probe into voter registration fraud.  John Solomon's Just the News confirmed, "According to the dozens of pages of police reports from the Muskegon Police Department and Michigan State Police, a firm called GBI Strategies was under scrutiny as an organization central to alleged voter registration fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  The matter was initially investigated by city and state authorities before the FBI took over."

28% Of Americans [are] 'Not Confident' That 2024 Vote Will Be Fair And Accurate:  I&I/TIPP Poll.  Will the 2024 election be fair, or marred by systematic cheating?  Based on how Americans feel about recent elections and the coming presidential contest, most are confident the election will be fair.  But there's a huge political gap on the issue between Democrats on one side, and Republicans and independents on the other, the latest I&I/TIPP Poll shows.  First, the good news:  65% of the 1,223 registered voters queried in the national online I&I/TIPP Poll, which was taken from Aug. 30 [to] Sept. 1, called themselves either "very confident" (42%) or "somewhat confident" (23%) that the 2024 election "will be conducted fairly and accurately."  The bad news: 28% of Americans expressed being either "not very confident" (17%) or "not at all confident" (11%).  So more than a quarter of the electorate harbors doubts about the legitimacy of the coming presidential election.  The poll has a 2.9 percentage-point margin of error.

Smartmatic Voting Company Implicated in Massive Scandal, DOJ Steps In.  Voting tech company 'Smartmatic' has just come under fire, as new details have emerged on a huge controversy.  The company is now facing money laundering charges from the Department of Justice (DOJ) against four executives.  Now, former Filipino election official Andres Bautista has been accused of being involved in a bribery scheme with Smartmatic.  These individuals are accused of transferring $4 million to former Filipino election official Andres Bautista "in violation of US money laundering laws".  It is reported that Bautista was given $199 million in contracts for almost 100,000 voting machines and tabulation services for Philippine Presidential elections back in 2016.  In response to this accusation, Bautista took to social media stating he "did not ask for nor receive any bribe money from Smartmatic or any other entity."  Despite his defense, it remains unclear as to whether there was any wrongdoing on part of Smartmatic or Bautista himself.  A spokeswoman from Smartmatic also attempted to deny these allegations by claiming that they have never won a project through illegal means and that these claims are not related to their security and integrity measures when it comes to elections.

The Democrats Broke The Constitution In 2020, But There's An Upside.  I spent much of the two months following the 2020 election arguing with Democrats who pretended that Joe Biden actually won.  Their line was: "Prove it was fraudulent".  I couldn't.  "There was no fraud," we were told by the media, every branch of government, academics, Democrats, and the TDS-afflicted GOP establishment types.  That fiction continues to this day, and the truth is, they have a point.  As of today, there is not a single court case that has established any significant coordinated effort to steal the election.  Every single case brought by Donald Trump and his compatriots either failed in court or failed to be considered by courts because of "standing" or some other technicality.  Now, however, three years later, with everything from Molly Ball's TIME magazine boast to Mollie Hemingway's brilliant Rigged to the poorly made but tantalizing 2000 Mules to the Twitter files, it's as clear as day to anyone with a functioning brain that the Democrats conspired with the rest of America's elite leftist cabal to steal the election, and succeeded.

Who's Responsible For Georgia's Disastrous 2020 Election?  Governor Kemp and Secretary of State (SOS) Raffensperger want Georgia voters to move on from the 2020 election.  Correspondence and official decisions made over the summer indicate the State Election Board (SEB) wishes the same.  While this may work for politicians and government officials, President Trump and 18 others, including Georgia voters, are under indictment for the 2020 election.  CNN reported that all are being charged with serious crimes that, if not disproven, could alter the course of their lives.  Some believe it is a witchhunt prompted by bitter disdain for the former President.  In any case, the charges make it exceedingly difficult for the indicted to leave 2020 behind unless they can prove the election resulted in anomalies and errors that should have rendered its certification a certifiable sham.  Several of the indicted were longstanding and earnest election officials who witnessed problems with tabulators and other election-related snafus.  When they investigated, they were doing their jobs.  However, it's not the way their actions are being portrayed.

Maricopa County Recorder to Testify in Kari Lake Lawsuit against County.  Next week could get interesting in Arizona.  Kari Lake (R) has a lawsuit to go to trial against Maricopa County relative to issues in the 2022 election, where she supposedly lost to Katie Hobbs (D) for governor.  The trial is set to be held September 25 and 26.  Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer (R) has been subpoenaed to testify to defend Maricopa County's mail-in ballot procedures and refusal to be transparent.  The County Recorder oversees mail-in voting operations, which appear to be manipulated to steal the election from Lake.

The plan to give all illegal aliens the right to vote.  [Scroll down]  The key here is the "state ID."  Biden plans to hand out photo ID's to illegals. [...] Then blue state Governors can decide to accept those holding these photo ID's as valid voters.  Illegal aliens will be able to neutralize the votes of American citizens- in particular, Republicans.  I ask you- in what country in Earth can you enter illegally, get financial support, stay in swanky hotels, get a photo ID and free i-phones and vote as an illegal?  Eventually this will marginalize all American citizens and destroy what it even means to be an American.

Federal Court:  There's Nothing Racist About Election Integrity Laws Like Florida's.  A full federal appeals court declined to take up Democrat groups' challenge of Florida's 2021 election integrity law on Thursday, marking a major win for Gov. Ron DeSantis and the GOP-controlled state legislature.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Thursday's decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals "let stand an April ruling by a three-judge panel of the [court] that sided with the state on major issues in the case."  The 11th Circuit's April decision effectively overturned a prior ruling issued by U.S. District Judge Mark Walker — an Obama appointee — who baselessly claimed the law in question discriminated against black voters.  "What are the supposedly racist provisions that the district judge enjoined officials from enforcing?" Chief Judge William Pryor wrote of the court's Thursday decision.  "They are unremarkable, race-neutral policies designed to bolster election security, maintain order at the polls and ensure that voter-registration forms are delivered on time."

NY Governor Signs Cheat By Mail Bill, Is Immediately Sued As Violating NY Constitution.  [Scroll down]  The lawsuit was filed immediately upon Hochul signing it, and, it does violate the Constitution, as absentee ballots are only for voters with a medical or physical disability or proof they'll be out of their county of residence or New York City on Election Day.  They aren't for everyone.

Is the vote sacred, or just a formality?  One major factor in holding the Republic together is the vote.  If one disagrees with government policies, one can hope to remove that government at the ballot box. [...] But what happens when large portions of the public cease to believe that their votes count?  The 2020 election was fraught with irregularities, to say the least.  Even if one disbelieves that fraud was involved, competence is called into question.  There were photos of counting stations with large obstructions that prevented legally required observation of the process.  There is video of boxes of ballots being counted after — after — observers were expelled.  At least one precinct, in Detroit, counted more votes than were cast, all for Democrats.  One might argue that these and other items of evidence were falsely portrayed, but without an honest investigation, how would we know?  It is certainly reasonable to ask how it came about that the vote count on Election Night, which favored President Trump, was reversed only after midnight, and under dubious circumstances.

Report: Joe Biden's DHS Plans Photo ID Cards for Illegal Aliens Freed into U.S..  President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reportedly planning to give photo identification (ID) cards to border crossers and illegal aliens before they are released into the United States.  Leaked images of the photo ID cards for illegal aliens were first published by Adam Shaw at Fox News, showing space for the carrier's photo, a QR code, and information about the carrier, including name and age — similar to a driver's license or state-issued ID.  The ID cards, part of a DHS pilot program, could be used by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at airports or to access public benefits.

Ken Paxton's Tucker Carlson interview and Texas's Vichy Republicans' war against conservatives.  As you know, Ken Paxton is a conservative attorney general and he's been a thorn in the side of the Biden administration.  He's filed suit after suit against Biden's executive orders and, if he gets to court, he often wins.  In addition, within Texas, he's been fighting a valiant battle against election fraud.  Incidentally, Paxton thinks the big threat to America isn't voting machines.  Instead, it's mail-in ballots.  Mailing them to everyone makes it impossible to know who is returning those ballots or how many are honestly returned.  One would think that, in a red state like Texas, election fraud and other chicanery wouldn't be a problem.  However, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are all hard left, and leftists control the election systems in those cities.  Paxton was trying to sue to correct fraud there and, when he got to court, he won.  So, the Karl Rove/Bush branch of the Republican party, via judicial fiat, stopped that.  In other words, between election fraud, corrupt politics, and open borders, Texas is heading for the blue side of the political spectrum and, once it does, the biggest bulwark against permanent Democrat power in D.C. is gone.

Lawsuit: Democrats' No-Excuse Absentee Voting Law Violates New York Constitution.  New York's new no-excuse absentee voting law violates its state constitution, a new lawsuit filed by a coalition of Republican groups and politicians alleges.  Filed on Wednesday by the Republican National Committee and other Republican-affiliated groups, the suit contends that a law signed by Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul "allow[ing] any registered voter in the state to cast an early ballot by mail" breaches the New York Constitution.  Under New York's top legal document, absentee voting is strictly reserved for qualified voters who may be "absent from the county of their residence" or "unable to appear personally at the polling place because of illness or physical disability."  The RNC alleges that New York's new voting law ignores this provision by permitting "qualified voters to vote by mail rather than in person, even if they do not satisfy either of the two limited exceptions set forth" in the state constitution.  "The Mail-Voting Law was enacted by the Legislature in open and knowing defiance of Article II, § 2, ignoring and subverting the will of the People whom the Legislature is supposed to represent," the lawsuit reads.

Presumed Rigged Until Further Notice.  [Scroll down]  The 2020 presidential election fraud deniers claim, without supporting proof, that there is no proof of "outcome-determinative" fraud.  As a matter of fact, a large number of videos, eye-witness testimonies, and statistical anomalies during the vote-counting process have been recorded, some of them readily available on the web.  Virtually none of the above has been factually disproved, or even investigated.  So, it is not unreasonable to question the "most secure election in history" claim.  But let's pretend that there is no unsightly evidence of "outcome-determinative fraud" hovering in the wings, waiting for a judge to permit it to enter the public legal record.  To my best knowledge, at the time of this writing, there has been no publicly-presented proof that there wasn't any "outcome-determinative" fraud.  Therefore, the bottom line is that, as of now, it is not known what happened.  In other words, President Trump's claims may be considered unproven at this time, but claims of his deniers also remain unproven.  And there is no factual and rational basis to award the deniers any benefit of doubt in this matter.

Democrat Mayoral Candidate John Gomes Files Lawsuit to Block Certification of Stolen Connecticut Primary Race.  On Monday, Democrat Mayoral candidate John Gomes filed a lawsuit challenging the results of his party's primary in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and requesting a new Democratic primary.  This comes after a video surfaced showing a Democrat clerk inserting illegal ballots into a drop box, which prompted an investigation by the Bridgeport Police Department for "possible misconduct."  The Gateway Pundit reported that Gomes' campaign released a [...] video on Saturday showing evidence of election fraud in the recent Bridgeport Democratic primary.  The video posted on Gomes campaign's Facebook page shows a woman dropping stacks of 'illegal' ballots into an absentee ballot box outside the Bridgeport government center, where the city's Registrar of Voters office is located, CT Mirror reported.

Maybe This Latest Blatant Ballot Box Stuffing Scandal Will Be the Last Straw.  Whether it's because they have no fear of consequence or because they really are that stupid, Democrat operatives regularly stuff ballot boxes in full view of cameras.  The pattern is nauseatingly familiar at this point:  First, Big Left's candidate comes from behind to win an election with a handful of mail-in or absentee votes.  Then, video, sworn testimony, and/or official complaints of ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing emerge.  The matter is referred to law enforcement, which opens an investigation.  And then... nothing.  In the film "2000 Mules," rampant ballot harvesting — which is illegal in Georgia, one of the states featured in the film — was documented.  The matter was referred to Ga.  Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, whose office launched an investigation. "If Georgia's investigation into organized ballot harvesting leads to actual arrests and punishment, it will be a great day for America," I wrote at the time.  "We are all weary of lengthy investigations that go nowhere and accomplish nothing, but perhaps this time will be different."  LOL, it was no different.  Raffensberger declined to proceed without one of the film's producers, election integrity non-profit True the Vote, giving up the name of a confidential source, which they refused to do.  One source — out of the mountains of data and evidence the group provided — was the excuse for halting the investigation.

Voter Registration Charities:  A Massive, Overlooked Scandal.  "Nonprofit voter registration" doesn't sound interesting.  Yet nonprofit voter registration, or the use of tax-exempt charitable organizations to conduct and fund voter registration drives, is one of the most important and underreported political scandals of our time.  Nonprofit voter registration, and the get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities that usually accompany it, have become the heart of a billion-dollar industry in America.  According to Candid's Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy database, since 2011 nearly 60,000 grants have been made for "Voter Education, Registration, and Turnout" and "Civic Participation," benefitting 15,000 different organizations to the tune of $5.9 billion dollars.  Most of the largest grantors and grantees in this industry are left-leaning.  Despite IRS rules prohibiting 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit groups from engaging in partisan electioneering, it has long been an open secret that the purpose of their work is to register voters from favorable demographics in order to help get Democrats elected.  The voter registration industry has always retreated behind the fig-leaf of "nonpartisanship" when necessary, which has protected it from serious scrutiny.

Everything is automatic, to make it easier for illegal aliens to vote.
Pennsylvania Rolls out Automatic Voter Registration with Driver's Licenses.  Pennsylvania has become the latest state to roll out automatic voter registration when a citizen receives or renews their driver's license.  The move makes Pennsylvania the 24th state to implement automatic voter registration, NBC News reported. [...] Since 1993, Americans have been able to register to vote at a state motor vehicle agency.  And now in Pennsylvania, the process went from 19 screens of questions to 11 with automatic voter registration.

Evidence Shows Key Signatures Are Missing on Wayne County's 2020 General Election Certification.  The official narrative promoted by Michigan election officials has long been that Joe Biden defeated President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 General election in Michigan by 154,188 votes, thereby awarding Michigan's 16 electoral college votes to Joe Biden.  On the basis of this narrative, on July 18, 2023, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel indicted each of the alternate 16 Republican electors with eight felony counts, including forgery and conspiracy charges.  These charges hinge upon the assertion that the 2020 election was lawfully certified.  Was it?  Wayne County, MI, is the largest county by population in the State of Michigan.  According to the official Wayne County election records for the 2020 General Election, 597,170 votes were cast for Joe Biden and 264,553 for President Trump for a vote margin of 332,617 in favor of Biden.  If these votes were not lawfully certified, the statewide vote margin would flip to reveal a 178,429 margin of victory for President Trump in Michigan.

The 2020 Election Plot Thickens.  I have previously pointed out the craziness of the epistemic standard that is being deployed against Donald Trump in the election-interference cases.  The epistemic standard in question is the belief, or more precisely the assumption, universally shared by Trump's opponents, that it's unreasonable to believe that the 2020 election was stolen.  Here's an innocuous-seeming but flagrantly question-begging recent example from The Bulwark:  "The widespread conspiracy to overthrow the 2020 election, depicted in both the federal Washington, D.C. indictment and the Fulton County, Georgia indictment, was an attack on the foundations of the republic."  This is to assume what must be proved.  What must be proved, in order for the anti-Trump unreasonableness postulate to be justified (i.e., that it's unreasonable to believe the 2020 election was stolen), is the assumption that the election clearly was not stolen.

Democrat Produces Video Alleging Bridgeport Mayor Stole Election By Stuffing Ballot Boxes.  According to the Brookings Institution, "There is no evidence that mail ballots increase electoral fraud." USA Today purports to "fact check" the "False claim that mail-in voting is connected to bad actors, fraudulent ballots."  The Brennan Center for Justice informs us, "Extensive research reveals that fraud is very rare."  While it's important not to make claims about the existence of voter fraud you can't prove, what's also true is that nearly all of the analyses dismissing concerns about voter fraud and mail-in ballots rest on a logical fallacy:  The absence of evidence is evidence of absence.  In other words, the assumption is that voter fraud is not happening because there are very few criminal convictions related to voter fraud.  Republicans, however, have long contended that those governing the areas where voter fraud is most likely to occur — Democrat-run cities with a high density of votes — have no incentive to root out and prosecute voter fraud because they benefit from it politically.

On election fraud and mail-in ballots.  It seems intuitively obvious that mail-in ballots and drop boxes are a recipe for trouble.  Prior to 2020, that used to be a universally accepted concern.  Now the MSM and the Democrats want us to believe that such things are always highly secure — that is, unless the battle is Democrat to Democrat in Bridgeport.  Or unless the Republican wins, as in 2016.

Police Launch Investigation into Fraud After Video Evidence Uncovered of Town Clerk Dumping Multiple Illegal Absentee Ballots Into a Drop Box.  Mayoral candidate John Gomes' campaign released a damning video on Saturday showing evidence of election fraud in the recent Bridgeport Democratic primary.  The video has prompted an investigation by the Bridgeport Police Department for "possible misconduct."  The video on the Gomes campaign's Facebook page shows a woman dropping stacks of 'illegal' ballots into an absentee ballot box outside the Bridgeport government center, where the city's Registrar of Voters office is located, CT Mirror reported.  The Gomes campaign was able to identify the woman in the footage as Wanda Geter-Pataky, the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic Town Clerk and a vocal supporter of incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, who is seeking reelection.  Gomes' campaign claims that the video shows Geter-Pataky dropping off stacks of absentee ballots ahead of the September 12th primary.

Kari Lake Files 74-Page Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs, Election Officials.  After 10 months of court battles over the 2022 election, Arizona Republican Kari Lake still has some fight left.  Lake has claimed that the election for governor, which she narrowly lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs, was tainted by misconduct that included malfunctioning election systems and improper signature verification of early voters' ballots.  She launched multiple efforts in Arizona's state court system to have the results overturned but has not been successful.  She filed her latest appeal of a court ruling that went against her in May, according to the Arizona Republic.  That appeal, which dealt with election issues in Maricopa County, was transferred to an appeals court based in Tucson.  Lake's opening brief in the case says there is new evidence to support her allegations.

The Dems' Big Lie.  'The big lie' is the phrase Democrats ironically have chosen to hang onto Trump's unwillingness to accept his 2020 election 'loss.'  Why is this choice ironic?  Two reasons.  First, Democrats also don't accept election results.  Second, Democrats lie.  First, Democrats, in 2004, challenged George W. Bush's victory by citing false and baseless conspiracy theories about voting machines.  They defend Hillary Clinton's refusal to accept her loss in 2016 based on a conspiracy theory that Russians stole her election.  Stacey Abrams continues to deny election result because of, she claims, a massive behind-the-scenes conspiracy to prevent blacks from voting.  Lying Democrats have attempted to block the election of every Republican presidential victor since 2000.  Second, lies are essential for Democrat success.  They'll therefore continue to push lies, misrepresentations, disinformation, and propaganda.

Nothing Adds Up in Fulton County: 17k Missing Ballot Images, 10 "Phantom" Tabulators That Account for 20k Votes.  [Scroll down]  In claim #2 above, based on evidence provided by officials they showed that the original count on November 3 was missing 20,713 ballot images and count-confirming tabulator tapes.  Furthermore, this count of 20,713 ballots came from ten Advance Voting tabulators that have no record of existing.  Open Records Requests were made for public documents explicitly regarding those ten tabulators, to which Fulton County responded they had "No such records."  This means that there are no poll tapes.  There are no daily status tapes.  There are no poll closing tapes.  They are not in the Logic and Accuracy testing logs.  They do not appear in the equipment distribution logs nor the machine pick-up logs.  They apparently don't exist.

The Paper Ballot is the Vote of Record.  The lifeblood of our American Republic is free and fair elections, and right now we're hemorrhaging profusely due to illegal elections by far-left fascists, but we can stop the bleeding of our rights and freedoms by restoring legal integrity into state and federal elections.  The validity of elections depends on the legal vote counts; sounds simple enough, right?  To get a legal vote count, election officials need to count the legal version of a voter's vote.  The legal version of the vote is what it is... it is the "vote of record."  The vote of record in elections will always be the historical document kept on file of a voter's original intent — the paper ballot.  If you follow simple logic and the codified law enforced in state and federal elections, counting the vote of record seems to make sense.  However, state, and federal elections have become needlessly complex due to the implementation of electronic voting systems into the voting process.

Expert to Arizona Legislature:  Kari Lake Would Have 'Won Easily' If Google Hadn't Interfered in the 2022 Election.  State Representative Alex Kolodin (R-Scottsdale), chair of the Arizona House Ad Hoc Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech, held the first of a series of hearings last week investigating the impact of Big Tech's election interference.  The first half of the four-hour long session featured testimony by Harvard-educated academic Dr. Robert Epstein, who discovered how Google influences election results.  The second half consisted of testimony by First Amendment attorney James Kerwin of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, who discussed where the law is in regard to officials pressuring big tech about posts. [...] Kolodin said some presenters invited to speak at the hearing dropped out due to fear.  Epstein, whose speech was titled "The Impact of Big Tech's Election Interference and How we Can Stop it," admitted he voted for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, said Google is the "biggest mind control engine that's ever been invented."

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Kari Lake Vote Tabulator Case.  A lawsuit brought by former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake prior to the 2022 elections was heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on Tuesday.  Lawyers representing Lake, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D), and Maricopa County were in court at the Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse in Phoenix before a panel of three judges. [...] Andrew Parker, the attorney representing Lake, argued that the right to vote is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, providing Supreme Court cases as precedent and clarifying to the panel his position that vote tabulating machines in Maricopa County and Pima County were vulnerable, leaving votes open to be diluted or deleted from the system.  "The unreliable nature of what can occur when a malevolent actor intrudes into an election system and how the votes are being counted is what our complaint is all about," Parker told the judges.  He later added that Lake's complaint alleges such malevolent actors could gain access "to switch votes, to dilute votes, to add votes, to diminish votes, in an undetected way" and noted experts Lake's team interviewed to make the determination.

Competing Slates of Electors Have Happened Before.  Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her leftist comrades moan about "Donald Trump's fake-electors scheme" as if it were a cutting-edge conspiracy concocted at his Mar-a-Lago compound in the wee small hours of the morning.  In fact, "fake electors" are neither new nor nefarious.  And they are not fake, either.  Believe it or not, a Congressional Research Service paper discusses how to proceed when a state sends to Washington two separate slates of presidential electors — as has happened in the past!

Police Report Verifies Law Enforcement Went Door-to-Door Confirming Fraudulent MI Voter Registration Ring.  A second police report, this time from the Muskegon Police Department, describes the rampant voter fraud in the 2020 election in Muskegon further confirms the accuracy of the Gateway Pundit reporting earlier this month.  On August 8th, the Gateway Pundit exclusively broke the news that a police report from the Michigan State Police showed that a major effort to fraudulently register over 10 [to] 12,000 voters in Muskegon, Michigan prior to the 2020 election was not only caught, but that the investigation into the well-funded and well-networked left-wing organizing group GBI Strategies was stalled by the FBI for three years.  This news answered the question about whether the 2020 election was the "most secure in history" as Americans have been told endlessly.

The Swamp Is Trying to Cancel Nearly 4.3 Million Votes.  During Donald Trump's norm-shattering 2016 campaign, he famously promised to "drain the swamp," referring to the concentration of power and the penchant for corruption among Washington's political elite and bureaucratic class.  The highlight of this effort was probably when Trump sacked FBI Director James Comey a few months after he became president, ostensibly for botching the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server and leaked emails, though it was really an attempt by Trump — as he admitted — to quash the agency's investigation into frivolous claims of Russian election interference.  That decision was the tipping point in the events that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to continue the flawed Russia investigation, which we now know was initiated in response to claims fabricated by Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Although the investigation found no evidence of collusion between Trump's campaign and foreign sources, it crippled his administration for nearly two years, which might partly explain Trump's resistance to firing Anthony Fauci after it became apparent the policies he was pushing in response to COVID-19 were bogus.  Regardless, although the D.C. swamp has been exposed, the monsters living there want to let the American people know they're still in control, and now they're coming after Trump and anyone close to him with a vengeance.

Without a Proof.  A careful examination of articles posted in the so-called "mainstream" media reveals a telling bias.  All claims, including those made by President Donald Trump, that the official 2020 presidential election's results were invalid (that is, that without fraud, cheating, interference, and rigging, President Trump would have declared the winner) have been summarily dismissed — without meaningful in-depth analysis of all the evidence, witness testimonies, and observed statistical anomalies during the counting process — as "unproven."  But how can one prove that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen" (if it was "stolen"), when the courts mostly refused — based on such technicalities as a lack of standing of the plaintiffs or a lack of jurisdiction of the respective courts — to evaluate the presented evidence based on its merit, and FBI and other law-enforcement agencies mostly refused to seriously and thoroughly investigate numerous claims, supported with evidence and eye-witness testimonies, indicating wide-spread election fraud, cheating, and other significant "irregularities"?  It appears that those who had the authority to investigate complaints related to elections, and the so-called "mainstream" media, just did not want to see the voluminous evidence that might likely constitute the proof invalidating the official results of 2020 presidential election.

Kari Lake Releases Statement on Judge's Order Declaring Maricopa County's Election Procedures Unlawful.  Kari Lake released a statement yesterday, highlighting a recent court order related to Maricopa County's fraudulent signature verification and telling Americans she has the "utmost confidence" in her upcoming trial on September 21.  A Yavapai County judge last week rejected Defendants' Motions to Dismiss the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections' recent lawsuit to prohibit the Arizona Secretary of State from enforcing illegal election procedures relating to mail-in ballot signature verification.  This ruling confirmed that Maricopa County has been conducting elections unlawfully.  The Judge ordered that "the language of the statute is clear and unambiguous," and the current procedures for verifying mail-in ballot signatures "do not have the force of law."

Arizona Court Rules Against State's 'Unlawful Signature Matching Process'.  The public interest group Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections declared it had secured a "massive win" for election integrity following a Friday Arizona court ruling in its favor.  In March, RITE sued Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes arguing his office's Elections Procedures Manual violates the law regarding the mail-in ballot signature verification process.  "While state law requires county recorders to match mail-ballot signatures with signatures in the voter's 'registration record,' the Secretary instructed them to use a broader and less reliable universe of comparison signatures," the group said in a Monday news release.  "That means the Secretary was requiring ballots to be counted despite using a signature that did not match anything in the voter's registration record.  This was a clear violation of state law," RITE asserted.

Newly Discovered Michigan Election Corruption Parallels Georgia!  [Scroll down]  Eight known smurfs were used to "Follow The Money".  It was found that all 8 smurfs contributed money to DSCC (Democratic Senate Campaign Committee) and Biden Campaign which in turn paid for the services of GBI Strategies.  It was also found that all 8 smurfs contributed money directly to Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Senator Warnock of Georgia and Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona.  All of the smurfs met the typical smurf definition of large total dollar amount of donations, large number of donations, small average donation and elderly with majority out of state.  The eight smurfs averaged giving $57,046.94 each with 9,325 donations each while only averaging $10.57 per donation.  The average age of the smurfs was 74 years old.  This precisely fits the M.O. of the established smurf impersonations by the persons or entities that have stolen these seniors identities for this illegal, illicit purpose.  The current working theory is that the FEC and/or ActBlue and or a consultant company known as GMMB are complicit in this money laundering that is believed to be over $200,000,000 and possibly into the billions!

Democrat County Supervisor Accuses Democrats of Rigging Primary After Discovering Massive Election Fraud.  Hinds County Supervisor David Archie accused his Democrat opponent of cheating during the recent primary election for County Supervisor.  Archie held a press conference Thursday where he announced he now has videotape of County Democrat Party Chairwoman Jacque Amous bringing thumb drives and ballots into the the counting room and inserting them in the ES&S machines.  David Archie told reporters he has photos of the cheating.  [Tweet with video clip]

Wisconsin Republican Senate Hold Historic Hearing on Appointing a New Administrator of Elections.  In what can only be described as "historic", the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection held an Informational Hearing on the consideration of the Wisconsin Election Commission's unanimous recommendation to nominate the current Administrator of Election to be reappointed for a new 4-year term to end on July 1, 2027, per Wisconsin State Statute 15.61. [...] Realizing that liberal progressive democrats were angling to break the law and to keep the current Administrator of Elections in place indefinitely, the Wisconsin State Senate unanimously passed SR 3 on June 28, 2023, to have the Senate follow the law per State Statute 15.61 and consider the nomination of the current Administrator of Elections for a new 4-year term to end on July 1, 2027.  There is no "vacancy" for the position of Administrator of Elections.  There is a recommendation of the Wisconsin Election Commission to the Wisconsin Senate to reappoint the current Administrator of Elections to a new 4-year term to end on July 1, 2027.

Michigan police memos raised concern about possible nationwide voter registration fraud scheme.  Michigan authorities suspected there was a possible voter registration fraud scheme occurring across multiple states during the 2020 election and were concerned enough to bring in the FBI, according to police memos reviewed by Just the News.  But what happened since remains mostly a mystery.  According to the dozens of pages of police reports from the Muskegon Police Department and Michigan State Police, a firm called GBI Strategies was under scrutiny as an organization central to alleged voter registration fraud in the 2020 presidential election, which was first investigated by city and state authorities before the FBI took over.  Contacts between local law enforcement and the FBI continued into 2022 but there is no evidence of what happened after that in the memos obtained by Just the News through state Freedom of Information FOIA requests.  Police from Michigan interviewed GBI Strategies employees there and cited specific instances of registrations that appeared suspicious or fraudulent, the memos show.  One State Police memo described the possible crime being investigated as "Election Fraud by Forgery."

The True Big Lie.  The entire case against Trump and his fellow defendants in the 2020 election-interference prosecutions can't even get off the ground unless it is more or less evidently true that the election was not stolen.  The fact of the matter is that it's not unreasonable to believe that the election was stolen, and consequently it isn't possible for it to be (more or less) evidently true that the election was not stolen.  That is why the case against Trump and his collaborators necessarily collapses, whether or not a corrupted legal system recognizes this.  There is no case against Trump and his confreres insofar as it's reasonable to believe that the 2020 election was stolen.  Trying to stop an apparently stolen election is what everyone should do.

Trump Co-Defendant Eastman:  If We Don't Fight Back, We Will Never Have a Fair Election Again.  Wednesday on FNC's "The Ingraham Angle," Trump co-defendant John Eastman argued efforts to focus on alleged wrongdoing during the 2020 election were justified.  Eastman told host Laura Ingraham those aligned with former President Donald Trump had to fight back or face the possibility of never having a "fair election" again.  "The answer is not to just, you know, take a powder and concede because then it will get worse on the next go around," he said.  "The answer is to fight it with everything we've got because what's at stake here is too important. [...]"

We Won't Be Fooled Again.  [Scroll down]  [The US government] has been busy surrendering the authority of all its other parts for years now, to the point that the whole enterprise is untrustworthy and in need of a severe housecleaning.  Traditionally, elections are the mechanism for cleaning that house, but our elections have lost their authority, too?  Really?  How so?  Because the untrustworthy officials in charge of them employ dubious systems for gathering the vote:  mail-in balloting that invites fraud and hackable vote-counting machines that are connected to the Internet.  The defects of these things are so obvious they can hardly be ignored.  And the remedy is obvious and simple, too:  paper ballots hand-counted in small precincts of manageable size, all done on one day, which we call Election Day (and which should be a national holiday, so more working people can get to the polls).  Somehow, though, we are unable to avail that remedy, probably because the untrustworthy people in charge would lose their jobs and the power they enjoy in a truly fair election.  So, they conclude, let's not have that.

Left Seizes Election Worker Training Organization.  A nonpartisan organization that trains election workers from across the country is now being run by two liberal voting activists — one who previously worked for the nonprofit that distributed hundreds of millions of dollars of Mark Zuckerberg's election grants during the 2020 elections.  The grants were supposedly to "help" local governments run elections, but most of the money went to election offices in Democrat-run localities.  Meanwhile, most board members of the National Association of Election Officials, commonly known as The Election Center, are current or former elections officials from heavily blue counties.  "Left-wing activists want to insert 'progressive' groups into our election machinery, making partisan actors a permanent part of how we count ballots in all future elections," Hayden Ludwig, director of public policy research at conservative advocacy group Restoration of America, told The Daily Signal.

The Establishment's 'Gallipoli Campaign' against the American People.  [Scroll down]  Then came the COVID-contorted, mail-in ballot — manipulated, fraud-filled 2020 election.  The stolen election was never as important as the all-out effort to humiliate and vilify Trump and dispirit his voters.  So they locked up J6 election protesters as political prisoners.  They labeled all political dissent as "disinformation."  They promoted Capitol Police lieutenant Mike Byrd for gunning down unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.  They prosecuted anyone who questioned how a dementia-addled, child-sniffing, lifetime politician who had never been popular outside Delaware could have won fifteen million more votes than "rock star" Obama and more votes than any politician in U.S. history.  Destroying what is left of the "rule of law," corrupt political partisans posing as prosecutors now seek Donald Trump's lifetime imprisonment for the Establishment-engineered "crime" of refusing to consent to the ruling class's treachery.  How have Americans responded?  President Trump's popular support has only risen.

Georgia: TTV says They "Have the Goods" on State Voter Rolls in 2020.  Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote (TTV) believe they have the goods to prove that "Trump was right" about the 2020 election in Georgia.  Their work concerning the state's voter rolls allegedly proves that at the time of Raffenperger's Nov. 20, 2020 certification, there were, according to Engelbrecht, "364,000 ineligible voter records," of which approximately 67,000 actually voted in the 2020 election.  UncoverDC spent some time this week talking with Engelbrecht about TTV's investigation of Georgia's voter rolls.  Engelbrecht and Phillips both unequivocally believe Trump was justified in questioning Georgia's results during his Jan. 2, 2021, phone call with Raffensperger and others.  Ironically, Engelbrecht and Phillips appeared in court on Thursday in Fulton County to request the dismissal of their 2000 Mules lawsuit with the Georgia State Election Board (SEB) blocks away from where Trump would turn himself in because of his alleged "election interference" case.

Stop pretending this is normal.  The Constitution says we will have a national election in a bit more than a year.  That is one of the more certain things and even that is being questioned.  Pundits are pretending that the coming election will happen and that it will happen with all the normal ups and downs.  Polls are questionable in normal times.  Prognosticating the future can be done with some accuracy in normal times.  This is not a normal time.  This is a roller coaster in a freezing tornado:  Not normal.  It is like the weather, a coupled, nonlinear chaotic not normal system.  No prediction beyond the next sunrise is certain.  We are in a "hold tight and ride" mode and we do not know when this ride will end.  Maybe it will never end.

Was New York's 2022 General Election Valid?  I am a homeschool mother and dairy goat farmer in the state of New York.  After the 2020 election, I founded New York Citizens Audit, a miraculous grassroots team of over 2,000 New Yorkers that has spent tens of thousands of hours analyzing New York's voter rolls and election law.  The most stunning fact we discovered is that New York's 2020 general election was certified as accurate with 338,000 more votes counted than voters who voted.  338,000 votes are simply unaccounted for.  No one knows who cast them.  That number should be zero.

The FBI and Attorney General Nessel Hid These from the People of Michigan — Piles of Fraudulent-Manufactured Ballot Registrations from the 2020 Election.  Two weeks ago, The Gateway Pundit published our exclusive report on MASSIVE 2020 voter registrations fraud that our sources uncovered in Michigan.  The report included information on 8,000-10,000 fraudulent registrations and a police raid on a Democrat election registration group's office in October 2020.  The police found semiautomatic weapons, silencers, burner phones, bags of pre-paid cash cards, and blank registrations in a GBI Strategies' voter registration manufacturing center.  After several days Michigan Attorney General finally responded to our explosive investigation and confirmed our earlier reports.  We continue to hear back from individuals with intimate knowledge of this scandal.

Attorney John Eastman, When Asked if He Still Believes the 2020 Election Was Stolen, "Absolutely, No Question in My Mind" He Replies.  Constitutional lawyer Dr. John Eastman Esq is one of the nineteen co-defendants in the malicious lawsuit brought by Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis.  Eastman appeared in Atlanta, Ga, today to turn himself in and assert his innocence.  Dr. Eastman gave direct, deliberate and non-pretending remarks to the assembled press pool at the courthouse, and when asked if he still believes the 2020 election was stolen, Dr. Eastman replied, "absolutely, no question, no question in my mind."  Dr. Eastman is looking forward to presenting evidence that will exonerate all the defendants in the case.  [Video clip]

The 2020 Election WAS Fraudulent — And GA GOP Leadership (Among Others) Are Complicit..  [B]y eliminating Border enforcement, the Biden Administration has embarked on what must be most sweeping flouting of law by any Administration in U.S. history.  And the most consequential.  I ask myself:  if they can do this to Immigration law, why wouldn't they have done this to election law?  And what about 2024?  For anyone not a rabid Democrat, late on election night November 3rd/4th 2020, the strong stench of fraud swirled across America: [...] I believe I have watched every Presidential election count to the death since 1968.  I cannot recall any with such a hiatus in counting/reporting, nor one with such decisive late reversals.  Very many others held the same opinion.  They would very likely have joined with President Trump in being suspicious.  This crucial subjective aspect has been largely memory-holed by the MSM.  This pattern of the Democrats almost invariably winning close protracted counts has become more glaring in recent years.

Did the CIA work to rig the 2020 election?  Not steal.  But rig as in distorting the political landscape.  A "rigged" election is not the same thing as a stolen election; stealing requires changing votes.  "Rigging" is about changing the rules, the information landscape, or other factors that can influence voters using illegitimate means.  Spreading misinformation can be a form of rigging, as of course censorship or "debunking" of true information.  I couldn't say if the 2020 election was stolen — there certainly were irregularities as there always are in elections — because any vote changes or illegal ballots have to be in the right place in the right numbers, and no evidence has been accepted by courts indicating that enough illegal votes to change the results were cast.  [Tweet]

How Charities Secretly Help Win Elections.  This investigation reveals the shocking true story of the Everybody Votes campaign — the largest and most corrupt "charitable" voter registration effort in American history — that may have decided the 2020 presidential election and could decide 2024.  Commissioned by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, funded by the Democratic Party's biggest donors, and coordinated with cut-throat Democratic consultants, the Everybody Votes campaign used the guise of civic-minded charity to selectively register millions of "non-white" swing-state voters in the hopes of getting out the Democratic vote for a 2020 presidential win.  It worked.  Our exclusive research reveals how a little-known organization called the Voter Registration Project (VRP) leveraged connections with billionaire private foundations, Sam Bankman-Fried's mother, and foreign billionaires with a history of breaking U.S. election law to raise $190 million for the Everybody Votes campaign and register 5.1 million people.

Trump Can Prove It.  Establishment politicians and mainstream media have fought harder than on any other issue to convince the public that voter fraud is a conspiracy theory.  But unconstitutional changes to state election laws, unsupervised ballot drop boxes, voting machine errors, mathematically improbable voter turnout, and other examples of outright voter fraud that were denied a chance to be presented in court between the 2020 election and Biden's inauguration can't simply be chalked up as coincidental.  All those things occurring simultaneously make the fraud seem coordinated.  In response to the most recent indictments, Trump's attorneys indicated they finally have a platform to "fully re-litigate every single issue that occurred during the 2020 election," of which there were many.  The most important issue in America may finally get its due.

Georgia Election Workers Caught Jamming Stacks of Ballots Through Machines Multiple Times After Observers Removed from Building.  A new report released in June by the FBI concluded that the female and male Georgia Poll Workers who jammed stacks of ballots through voting machines numerous times on election night 2020 after observers were sent home — did nothing wrong!  According to the report that was recently released the "bulk of the investigation appears to have been conducted in December 2020 and January 2021, but both the State Election Board and the Georgia Secretary of State's office was backed up reviewing claims."  Here again is video of the election workers pulling hidden suitcases out from under a draped table, jamming the ballots through the machines multiple times.  It should be noted that this was not just happening at one table but according to The Gateway Pundit research the election workers were doing this at multiple tables.

Ukrainian Corruption Disqualifies Biden From Serving Another Term.  [Scroll down]  When Trump produced a vaccine years ahead of what had been thought possible and the country started to reopen, recourse was had to the amendment of voting and vote counting rules in the most closely contested large swing states, on the authority of Democratic governors or Democrat-dominated state courts and not the state legislatures as the Constitution requires.  This produced tens of millions of ballots which could not be verified and which were collected and cast by unidentified people and were not the ostensible voters whose ballots they delivered to improvised polling places.  In an election with 160 million votes where 50,000 flipped ballots in three swing states would have changed the outcome, and the courts declined to judge on their merits the 19 lawsuits brought contesting the legality of the voting and vote counting changes, Trump's enemies appeared finally to have disposed of the Trump phenomenon.  An air-tight media consensus has been imposed dismissing Trump's concerns about the elections, but at least half the country has its doubts.

Report Shows GBI Strategies as Part of Massive Left-Wing Dark Money Voting Operation by Democrats in 2020 Election.  The firm at the center of a three-year long voter fraud investigation is also featured in a report this week from the Capital Research Center, identifying the massive 'dark money' used to prop up Joe Biden's flailing 2020 campaign.  The firm, GBI Strategies, was paid millions in non-profit money to 'organize' voters for purposes that appear to be thinly-veiled campaigning.  Meaning that, left-wing billionaires routed money through non-profits to give to GBI Strategies, money that would be difficult to trace and would be spent affecting elections.

Trump And His Team Are Being Indicted In Georgia For Exposing Massive Election Fraud.  Georgia Fraud was the worst of all:
  2,056 felons illegally voted
  66,248 under 18 voted
  2,423 weren't registered at all
  1,043 used a PO Box
  4,926 voted past the reg. date
  10,315 died before the election
  395 voted in two states
  15,700 moved out of state
  40,279 changed county

Muskegon Cover-Up:  Gateway Pundit Investigators Find FBI Has Stalled Investigation and Silenced Officials, No Prosecutions in 3 Years.  Critical information for investigating the Muskegon Michigan voter fraud in 2020 is being illegally withheld from public review.  Investigating systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election in Muskegon requires examining the 8,000-12,000 likely-fraudulent voter applications submitted by Biden campaign-financed GBI Strategies in October 2020, but those files have been withheld from public review on the argument that they are part of an 'ongoing investigation' by law enforcement.  This tactic for evading FOIA at the state and federal level is well-known, but its use here to deny access to public records by removing them and not including a duplicate, is unique.  According to far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, these admittedly false and fraudulent voter applications were never added to the voter rolls.  But no one can know for sure because the files themselves, in violation of state law, have been sealed and have been 'under investigation' by Nessel's office and the FBI for three years for a criminal case with no prosecutions.  There's no way to know whether a fraudulent application wasn't approved or later resubmitted in a less suspicious way in time to commit voter fraud in 2020.

The Democrats are Certain They Will Never be Held Accountable for the Trump Indictments and Biden Cover-Up.  The success of the Democrat cabal in unconstitutionally changing state voting laws, ballot harvesting and legalizing mass mail-in voting dramatically altered the voting landscape of this nation in 2020.  These steps together with the usual ballot fraud and manipulation by the Democrats in every election cycle resulted in the disputed and questionable win by Joe Biden.  In the wake of the 2020 debacle, many red states shored up their election laws and made changes to mail-in voting.  The blue states have done essentially nothing to ensure voting integrity.  Thus, the solid red states will remain Republican, and the solid blue states will remain Democrat.  Therefore, the 2024 presidential election will hinge on five battleground states:  Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Trump's Georgia Indictment is the Final Proof the 2020 Election Was Stolen.  The 2020 election was stolen.  The debate is over.  How do I know?  Because both the feds and Georgia just indicted our President for talking about, questioning, and trying to investigate a stolen election.  When the communist thugs, bullies and tyrants make it a crime to question a stolen election, in a country built around free speech, it's 100% proof they stole the election.  There is a perfect precedent.  In the NFL.  The game was called "The Miracle in the Meadowlands."  Everything about that fixed game reminds me of the 2020 stolen election.  It's a perfect match.

Michigan State Police Officer Confirms that GBI Strategies Is Operating in Numerous States.  As previously reported at The Gateway Pundit[,] Democrat operatives were caught in October 2020 in Muskegon, Michigan, a city of 38,000, dropping off 8,000 to 10,000 fraudulent voter registrations in a single drop.  Many with the same handwriting and fake addresses.  Police investigated and found guns with silencers, burner phones, rental cars, and temporary businesses where registrations were stored.  All of these efforts were funded by Democrat campaigns to GBI Strategies.  The firm in Muskegon was not only filling in bogus registrations by the thousand but they were also sending packages of registrations to nearby communities.

Ballot Harvesting and Election Integrity in Michigan.  The world of U.S. election fraud tactics changed forever — in the most fundamental of ways — last week with the Gateway Pundit publication of the alleged 2020 Michigan ballot manufacturing factory.  Days later, the Michigan Secretary of State confirmed that indeed this event did take place, adding a little different spin — the system caught this fraud before it impacted an election.  Interesting that now, three years later, an admitted massive election fraud event did occur — yet not one person has been jailed.  Not one prosecuted.  Not one indicted.  Crickets!  One would think Michigan would have announced such a "catch."  But no, only diligent citizens who dug out a State Police report that would otherwise have lain dormant — forever.  Anyone who now believes Republicans will win 2024 ballot harvesting, while leftists can print new ballots in the basement, is delusional. [...] The election integrity world is different today because the Gateway Pundit outed an official 2020 Michigan State Police report with all the pertinent info.  As sleuths dug in, they found this ballot manufacturing scheme tied to an entity, GBI, operating in 20 states.  Fake, pre-printed ballots by the thousands.  Fake addresses, guns, gift cards.

Muskegon: Who says 'heroes are hard to find?  Muskegon, Michigan's city clerk, Ann Meisch, is a hero.  She noticed something odd about a woman dropping over 8,000 completed voter forms at the city clerk's office and did something about it.  She made a phone call to the Muskegon Police Department and asked them to investigate.  The result is an unfolding story that has uncovered an election fraud ring operating across the country. [...] Meisch, who has worked in city clerk offices for 33 years, noticed that "...in her opinion a quantity of the voter registration forms were highly suspicious and possibly fraudulent... numerous forms appeared to have been completed by the same writer and upon initial examination, addresses on multiple forms were invalid or non-existent."

What Did Michigan Just Hand Over to the FBI?  With Donald Trump's fourth indictment looming and more tidbits dropping about the emerging Biden bribery scandal, I can see why this development in Michigan fell through the cracks.  It's a story that the Left doesn't want to talk about in their news coverage: voter integrity.  It would appear as if the FBI will be taking over a Michigan investigation into 2020 voter fraud in which thousands of fraudulent voter registrations were discovered. [...] Not to be a wet blanket, but this won't remove Biden from office, nor will the FBI take this seriously.  They're too busy covering their tracks over their interference in the Hunter Biden investigations.  Yet, the case does speak to the more significant need for laws that enhance the security of our elections.  Voter integrity provisions are popular, including voter ID laws.  Notice how the latter has evaporated from the Left's grievance list.

nationwide cellular network connects election equipment and gives federal government access to election systems at the precinct level.  A growing majority of Americans know the 2020 election was fraudulent.  Many analysts who have been studying election integrity have concluded that there had to be a two-way connection between local election electronics (electronic poll pads, tabulators, election management systems, voter databases, etc.) and a centralized data collection system responsible for monitoring and manipulating the election.  Fingers have rightly been pointed at all-inclusive election management software, the Albert Sensor system, Scytl and Edison, and the Election Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC).  This incestuous collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security, the Election Assistance Commission, leftist/globalist funding, foreign companies, and their private partners, allowed for the real-time monitoring of all election data, and more importantly, the ability to change the results.

6 Reasons Why Computers Should Not Be Used in Elections.  Dr. Walter Daugherity sits down to talk about his 6 reasons why computers should not be used in elections.  He also talks about how local election officials could not detect attacks, even with L&A tests or audits.  Dr. Walter C. Daugherity is a computer consultant and also Senior Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University.  He graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in mathematics, and then earned master's and doctor's degrees from Harvard University, which he attended on a Prize Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.  As a computer expert he has consulted for major national and international firms, and for government agencies.  He helped develop the national computer keyboard standard and invented integrated user training within computer applications as well as various electronic computer interfaces.  [Video clip]

How Can Mail-In Voting Be 'Secure' When Postal Theft Is Rampant?  Democrats' deceptive talking point that universal mail-in voting is completely "safe" and "secure" is collapsing as postal theft becomes rampant throughout the country.  Within the last week alone, CBS News Chicago released several articles detailing a series of incidents involving mail theft and crime throughout the Windy City.  On July 31, for instance, the outlet reported blue drop-off mailboxes in Frankfort and Orland Park "were cut open by thieves," with local law enforcement advising residents to "monitor their financial accounts or credit profiles for fraudulent activity."  On the same day, CBS News Chicago revealed it obtained data from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) purportedly showing that the agency "hadn't been keeping track of arrow key thefts until 2021" and "hadn't made a single arrest for an arrow-key-related theft between 2020 and March 2023."  For context, arrow keys are used to open blue drop-off boxes and larger mailboxes found in apartment complexes or condos.  An official with the U.S. Postal Inspectors, USPS's law enforcement arm, claimed he felt such information "might not be 100 percent correct."  CBS News Chicago also released two additional articles in the following days detailing other mail-related crimes in the city.  But Chicago is hardly the exception.

Four weird U.S. drinking laws.  [#3] Alaska Requires Sobriety on Election Day:  Alaska bans the sale of alcohol on election day until the polls close.  It's one way to encourage as many people as possible to vote.  In addition to prohibiting alcohol sales on election day, it's illegal in the state to be inebriated at any establishment that sells alcohol.  It's also against the law for bars to sell alcohol at a reduced rate unless it is applicable all week.

What Is the Solution to Save US Elections?  Mike Lindell to Reveal His Plan on Thursday.  This week in Springfield, Missouri, entrepreneur and American icon Mike Lindell, known to many as the "My Pillow Guy", will unveil the solution to save America.  Lindell has worked tirelessly for many months since the 2020 Election with many concerned citizens across the country to ensure that US elections going forward are free and fair.  Lindell's "Election Summit" will take place on Wednesday and Thursday in Springfield, the site of last year's event.  Many Americans from across the country will be there to participate and to take in the information shared. [...] The event will also include a number of election experts and local patriots who have worked tirelessly across the country to ensure the next election is not stolen like in 2020.

Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020.  In the early hours of November 4th, 2020, Democratic candidate Joe Biden received several major "vote spikes" that substantially — and decisively — improved his electoral position in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.  Much skepticism and uncertainty surrounds these "vote spikes."  Critics point to suspicious vote counting practices, extreme differences between the two major candidates' vote counts, and the timing of the vote updates, among other factors, to cast doubt on the legitimacy of some of these spikes.  While data analysis cannot on its own demonstrate fraud or systemic issues, it can point us to statistically anomalous cases that invite further scrutiny.  This is one such case:  Our analysis finds that a few key vote updates in competitive states were unusually large in size and had an unusually high Biden-to-Trump ratio.  We demonstrate the results differ enough from expected results to be cause for concern.  With this report, we rely only on publicly available data from the New York Times to identify and analyze statistical anomalies in key states.  Looking at 8,954 individual vote updates (differences in vote totals for each candidate between successive changes to the running vote totals, colloquially also referred to as "dumps" or "batches"), we discover a remarkably consistent mathematical property:  there is a clear inverse relationship between difference in candidates' vote counts and and the ratio of the vote counts.  (In other words, it's not surprising to see vote updates with large margins, and it's not surprising to see vote updates with very large ratios of support between the candidates, but it is surprising to see vote updates which are both).

No US Presidential Election in 2024?  In January 2023, US special counsel Jack Smith applied for and received a subpoena for Twitter, specifically for all of Donald Trump's utterances at the site through the years, including the ones he may have never published.  Note: the subpoena came long after Trump left Twitter. [...] Trump left Twitter (was cancelled) on Jan 8 2021, Elon Musk bought it on October 27 2022, and renamed it "X" in late July 2023.  Just so we get our horses and dogs in line.  Special counsel Jack Smith received his Twitter/Trump subpoena with the added provision that it had to be entirely secret, not even Twitter or Trump could know.  US District Court Judge Beryll Howell gave Smith what he wanted, agreeing that if Trump's years-old Twitter past was known, he would become a flight risk.  But both Smith and Howell knew this was absolute nonsense.  Not only is Twitter the last place you turn to when you have nefarious secrets to hide (it's the opposite!), but the man is running for President[...]!  And because of some 5 year old (or so) tweets he would pack in the family and disappear to an (underground) bungalow on Vanatua, never to be heard from again?  I would put this down as the moment when it became impossible for the US to have a presidential election in 2024.  We've had some 8 years of this anti-Trump circus now, non-stop, Hillary, Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller, yada yada yada, but I don't think we've reached the point before where the elections might as well be cancelled.  We're there now though.  And that is a BIG point.  We've let it come far too far.

Biden Won In 2020 The Same Way Soviet Basketball Won Gold In 1972.  Corporate media are returning to their favorite question to ask of any and all Republicans who care about the integrity of elections:  Did Joe Biden win the 2020 election?  A New York Times employee asked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the question in Iowa last week.  NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns asked a variant of the question, to which DeSantis gave an extended reply about the proper and improper way to run elections.  Completely uninterested in his substantive reply, she followed it up with: "Yes or no, did Trump lose the 2020 election?"  The question is never asked in good faith, and you can know that with certainty because none of these reporters even came close to asking it from 2016-2020 when the entirety of the Democrat Party refused to accept the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election.  In fact, they eagerly and actively participated in the Russia-collusion information operation designed to overturn the results of that election.  Hillary Clinton was claiming the 2016 election was stolen throughout 2019, and the media generally cheered her on.  But if you need help understanding why the question is never asked in good faith, let's step out of the realm of politics for a minute and consider the men's gold medal basketball game of the 1972 Olympics.

MI AG Dana Nessel Confirms 8,000 to 10,000 Suspected Fraudulent Registrations Delivered to Muskegon Clerk October 2020.  Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday confirmed that 8,000 to 10,000 suspected fraudulent registrations were delivered to Muskegon City Clerk prior to the 2020 election.  The far-left Detroit News reported on this latest development on Thursday after reporting by The Gateway Pundit earlier this week.  A redacted police report describes how Muskegon City Clerk Meisch encountered a woman dropping off 8,000 [to] 10,000 completed voter registration applications.  The Gateway Pundit reported that the "registrations included the same handwriting, non-existent addresses, and incorrect phone numbers."  An investigation found that the woman worked for GBI Strategies.  GBI Strategies was funded by dark money super PAC 'BlackPAC,' which paid them $11,254,919 to register voters for Joe Biden.

Why we can say, conclusively, the 2020 vote was rigged.  The Chinese Communist Party, Joe Biden's bankers, have become more than a suspect in the 2020 debacle.  They have been caught red-handed and could do the same in FUTURE elections.  As WND reported exclusively this week, the Chinese-owned company Konnech has signed contracts with 32 major American cities to perform "election services."  By being a part of U.S. election administration, Konnech already has far more details about the people they work with than any American company could acquire legally.  With the assets they have, they could throw any election in the U.S. starting in 2024.  Now, who do you think they are likely to throw the vote to — Joe Biden or Donald Trump?  FBI agents were looking into it through a counter-surveillance sting investigation with True the Vote but were stopped by the brass when the probe landed on their desk.  Thank you once again, Chris Wray.

Will Dems mysteriously turn red Iowa blue?  Bet on it.  The Wall Street Journal this week ran a compelling story entitled, "Why Democrats Lost Iowa," pointing out that Iowa was a "key state that helped elect Barack Obama president."  It observes, "Iowa was once a center of gravity for both political parties during presidential elections and a key swing state.  In recent years it has turned so red that Democrats have little political power in the state and the party's candidates have few reasons to go."  No doubt, Democratic Party leaders read the story and reached the same conclusion about the suddenly red, inconvenient flyover state.

You'll Never Guess Where the Headquarters of the Multimillion Dollar GBI Strategies LLC Is Located.  GBI Strategies LLC, the firm connected to the police report that was covered up in Michigan since before the 2020 Election, has multi-millions flowing through its books and yet it's [sic] reported headquarters is a house. [...] On October 8, 2020 a person dropped off between 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications in Muskegon, Michigan.  City Clerk Ann Meisch obviously noticed.  Per a review of the voter applications, it was uncovered that:
  •   numerous forms appeared to have been completed by the same writer
  •   addresses on multiple forms were invalid or non-existent
  •   phone numbers were erroneous
  •   signatures didn't match

Guns, Burner Phones and Fake Registrations — The Buried Michigan Voter Fraud Scandal.  On October 8, 2020, only one month before the 2020 general election, Muskegon, MI City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed a black female, whose name was later redacted from the police report, dropping off between 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk's office.  Clerk Meisch immediately noticed that the stacks of registrations included the same handwriting, non-existent addresses, and incorrect phone numbers.  The Muskegon Police Department was contacted and asked to investigate.  On 10/21/20 First Lieutenant Mike Anderson was contacted by Tom Fabus, Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's Office.  According to the MI State Police report, Fabus asked for Michigan State Police assistance with a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the AG.  An investigative task force was formed, and an investigation was initiated.  During their investigation, the state police discovered the women worked for GBI Strategies.  This was included in their police report.  The group had temporary offices in numerous Michigan locations.  The police also identified Gary Bell as the head of the organization.

A Modest Proposal to Defeat the Political Class.  Our political process has had the pungent stench of partisanship and self-dealing for too long.  From the Chicago political machine to the White House Plumbers, from election shenanigans to measures undertaken in the name of a Covid-19 "emergency," most Americans realize our political processes have been corrupted.  Marxist policies and progressivism are layered over our old politics, further suppressing two of the most important identities Americans, regardless of political beliefs, have historically had in common — a strong sense of national unity, and a belief in the sacredness of the election process.  (The death of free and fair elections comes with endless long voting).  Can't we all agree that it is in our national interest to count the vote on election day?  Who could be against that?  (Massive voting by mail could be tied to the undoing of our country.)  If they have nothing to hide, then why not fix this unnecessary and divisive fear for millions of us for the sake of national unity?  This is the nexus for many conservatives who rightfully don't trust Democrat marionettes, because we know there's a puppet master behind the curtain.

Fake ballots in Michigan.  Muskegon, MI City Clerk Ann Meisch is a hero.  She noticed something odd about a woman dropping over 8,000 completed voter forms at the city clerk's office and did something about it.  She made a phone call to the Muskegon Police Department and asked them to investigate. [...] Information was sent to the FBI, which did nothing.  "The FBI failed to follow-up on the alleged election crimes according to Michigan election investigator Phil O'Halloran... the Election Integrity Chair of the Michigan Republican Party."  The Michigan State Police continued to investigate and issued a report that detailed a widespread and well-funded effort to create fake registrations and absentee ballot forms.  It "names 'GBI Strategies' as the organization engaged in what O'Halloran claims is widespread, systemic voter fraud.  The Tennessee group is heavily connected to the Biden campaign and various Democrat campaign committees."

Newly-unearthed memo lays out 'controversial' strategy for Trump to overturn 2020 election: report.  A previously unknown internal memo drafted by a lawyer allied with former President Donald Trump outlines a plan to overturn the 2020 election using fake slates of electors, according to a report.  The lawyer, Kenneth Chesebro, admitted that he was proposing "a bold, controversial strategy" that the US Supreme Court would "likely" reject, according to a copy of the Dec. 6, 2020, memo obtained by The New York Times.  Still, he argued, it would focus attention on alleged voter fraud and buy the campaign time "to win litigation that would deprive Biden of electoral votes and/or add to Trump's column," the paper reported.  Prosecutors say the missive — which was discovered during Trump's third indictment last week — is a critical link to show how Trump and his allies' plot morphed into a criminal conspiracy, the Times reported.  It lays out Chesebro's plan to have false Trump electors cast their electoral votes on Dec. 14.

Michigan State Police Discover Widespread 2020 Voter Fraud and Turn Over Evidence to FBI — Who Apparently Did Nothing.  Stunning discovery being shared by Gateway Pundit about a network of massive ballot fraud and voter registration fraud in Michigan as a result of a city clerk notifying local police.  The investigation uncovered a multi-state voter registration operation and the details within the state police report are quite remarkable.

Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan — Including Estimated "800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters".  On October 8, 2020[,] only one month before the 2020 general election, Muskegon, MI City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed a black female (whose name was redacted from the police report), dropping off between 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk's office.  The Muskegon Police Department was contacted and asked to investigate.  On 10/21/20 First Lieutenant Mike Anderson was contacted by Tom Fabus, Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's Office.  According to the MI State Police report, Mr. Fabus asked for Michigan State Police assistance with a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the AG.  An investigative task force was formed, and an investigation was initiated. [...] The Muskegon city clerk became suspicious when the female, (whose name is redacted in the first part of the police report, but then later, is unredacted), hand-delivered thousands of voter registrations to her office, many of them in the same handwriting.

A New Day, a New Type of Election Fraud.  [Scroll down]  Meet the "shape shifters."  The excellent Wisconsin team, with whom we collaborate, found citizens who moved from all over the state to a single state rep district for a primary.  They moved a couple of months before the election.  They all voted.  Now the good part.  They moved back shortly after the election — to their original homes!  Now that's an artifact.  From that artifact, the Fractal team creates a query we can now run in any election in any county in America — testing for people who left one address, moved to a district with a tight election, voted, then moved back to their same address in less than X months.  This is particularly powerful in stopping leftists from jacking with school board elections.  This organized fraud variant — now called shape shifters — likely existed for decades, but one diligent team found it, and now if it ever happens again, Fractal finds it, reports it, makes it public.

America and the Common Characteristics of Authoritarian Regimes.  [#1] Rigged Elections:  Dictatorial regimes are aware that the world looks upon them with consternation due to their repression of the citizenry.  Hence, they stage periodic elections where the result is predecided.  The leader anointed by the establishment always wins with an unprecedented majority.  To achieve this landslide victory, ballot boxes are stuffed, counting is rigged, electronic voting machines are tampered with, opposition candidates are baselessly smeared, voting rules manipulated to facilitate easy rigging, and neutral observers are banned.  In North Korea, voting is mandatory, but you receive a ballot paper with just one name on it.  There's nothing to fill in, no boxes to tick.  You put the paper into the ballot box.

Infographic: Summarizing the Allegations of Vote Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Former President Trump has asserted that the results of the 2020 election were tainted by several factors.  As a result, the Biden administration's special counsel indicted Trump for expressing his concerns.  Aside from large-scale Democrat funding operations (e.g., "Zuckerbucks"); state Supreme Courts unconstitutionally altering the methods, times and places for voting; etc., there are additional and noteworthy allegations.  The following infographic summarizes the election-rigging claims. [...]

Arizona RINOs Vote AGAINST Hand Counting Ballots, Say Election Integrity Too Expensive.  "Republican" officials in Mohave County, Arizona have voted down proposals to strengthen election integrity by hand-counting ballots in 2024.  They claim that secure elections would be an unaffordable indulgence.  The Board of Supervisors for the county — comprised entirely of so-called Republicans — decided not to swap dubious machine counting for a traditional hand count by three to two, with one of those who voted against the proposal, Supervisor Travis Lingenfelter, saying that "the first thing that we have to do in Mohave County in good conscious [sic] is to balance the budget."

Desperation Creeps In.  So, the best they could do was to charge Mr. Trump with objecting vocally to an election that looked as rotten as Hunter's uncapped teeth?  We all saw what happened overnight November 3 and 4, 2020:  what the numbers looked like in the swing precincts at midnight and the magic mathematics that swapped tens of thousands of votes over from the Trump column to the Biden column (say, whu?) ... the shutdown of the Fulton County State Farm Arena due to a supposedly leaking toilet and the ensuing monkey business with rolly-bags full of ballots under the tables captured by the closed-circuit cameras... the miraculous wee-hour harvest of ballots in Milwaukee... US Postal Service truck full of completed ballots out of Bethpage, Long Island, that turned up in Philadelphia... Mark Zuckerberg's $419-million-dollar operation using two front orgs, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) to staff precinct election boards with party shills and buy votes... the thumb drives and modems in the vote-counting machines....  Special Counsel Jack Smith may find it difficult to prove that expressing an opinion about all that is some kind of crime.  Meanwhile, he's turned Mr. Trump into the poster boy for the many other aggrieved victims of a government weaponized against its own people.

Mississippi's ban on felons voting is struck down... for now.  Last year, activists in Mississippi began an effort to prevent the state's Secretary of State from enforcing a provision in the state constitution that permanently prohibits people convicted of certain felonies from voting.  Republican Attorney General Lynn Fitch rejected the request and the matter was sent to the courts.  Yesterday, a three-judge panel from the Fith Circuit Court ruled in favor of the activists and ordered Fitch to stop enforcing the rule because they declared that it violates the cruel and unusual punishment clause in the federal Constitution.  It was a narrow, 2-1 decision and Fitch is planning to ask the full circuit court to reconsider the ruling as soon as possible.  But if this decision stands, it could have an impact on the upcoming elections.

The Left's Election Litigation Racket Abuses Democracy To Line Their Own Pockets.  In April, the Democratic Party announced it would no longer use its longtime lawyer Marc Elias, and now we know why.  The Democrats got tired of losing, or as Axios put it, Elias' approach often "backfired."  Elias himself does not tire of losing, and here's why.  His lawsuits — parading as a fight for "democracy" by tearing down voter ID, secure drop boxes, and signature matching — have nothing to do with our nation's interests.  Instead, as Elias' allies admitted to Axios, his work is nothing more than "a political strategy that is actually a business strategy," one that lined his pockets with roughly $20 million in revenue from just two clients during the 2020 election, all while generating crazed headlines about Republicans.

Still Doubting the 2020 Election.  NBC is reporting — with a supposed sense of shock — the results of a Monmouth poll that nearly one-third of Americans think the 2020 presidential election was rigged.  And they further reiterate that there is no evidence for fraud.  ["]There's no evidence widespread fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election, but Trump and allies have spent years undercutting the election's legitimacy.["]  Wow!  It must be so.  The main stream media assure us that the election was honest.  Yet one third of Americans still believe the election was a fraud.  I am shocked, shocked.  Anyone who questions the election result is called a fascist or subjected to a lawsuit or prosecution.  So for the moment, we will not question the integrity of write-in ballots, nor the security of voting machines — to avoid pernicious litigation.  Let us just look at the official results[,] from the official federal government figures.
  In 2016, Donald Trump got 62,984,828 votes, while in 2020, he got 74,223,975 votes — an increase of 11,239,147.
  In 2016, the Democrats got 65,853,514 votes, while in 2020, the Democrats got 81,283,501 votes — an increase of 15,429,987.

Ron DeSantis Effectively Ends His Race for President — Says "Theories" by Donald Trump about 2020 Election Being Stolen Were "Unsubstantiated".  According to a FOX News poll in December 2021, 78% of Republicans believed the 2020 election was stolen.  At least 70% of Republican voters still believe Joe Biden's win was illegitimate, according to a recent poll this week by far-left CNN.  In January 2022, only 17% of Republicans and right-leaning independent voters said they would vote for a candidate that believes Joe Biden won the 2020 election.  On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis said that the theories by President Trump about the 2020 election being stolen were "unsubstantiated."

The State Farm Late Night Ballot Stuffing Video Was NOT Debunked.  We all know the story, election officials announced they would shut down counting early on election night.  The counting room was then cleared of all election observers and local media reporters.  Then several minutes later, after the room was emptied, at least five election workers entered the counting room, dragged a seemingly hidden suitcase of ballots out from under a table, and began counting ballots again and apparently shoving stacks of ballots through the machines numerous times.

Truth, Accuracy, and Election Fraud.  Examples in the DOJ document abound regarding conduct that constitutes federal election fraud.  A pivotal "Achilles heel" moment occurs at the moment of certification, when the election official attests to the accuracy and legal compliance of the election.  If results are later proven to be inaccurate, the following claim is valid, regardless of "intent":  ["]Malfeasance by election officials acting "under color of law" by performing such acts as diluting valid ballots with invalid ones (ballot-box stuffing), rendering false tabulations of votes, or preventing valid voter registrations or votes from being given effect in any election, federal or non-federal (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242), as well as in elections in which federal candidates are on the ballot (52 U.S.C. §§ 10307(c), 10307(e), 20511(2)).["]  The appalling inaccuracy of the nation's voter rolls is not a clerical error, as election officials would have us believe.  It is an offense.

How Did the Dems Win in 2020?  The problem here is that there is no way to definitively know the answer without meaningful (forensic) post-election audits in key states.  This is one of the main reasons why the Left has resisted such audits.  The disturbing reality is that zero states have meaningful (forensic) post-election audits!  None.

Errors found in Fulton County 2020 election audit:  Georgia investigation.  Multiple errors occurred during the audit of Fulton County's 2020 presidential election, according to a consent order approved by the Georgia State Election Board.  "Human error" was the cause for mistakes in the audit, according to state investigators, as the process required paper ballots being sorted by candidate, hand-counted totals being written on paper and then transcribed into computers.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained the consent order and investigative files through a public records request.  The outcome of the audit wasn't changed by the finding, which still showed Joe Biden receiving more votes than then-President Donald Trump.  The State Election Board approved the consent order June 21, when it also decided to not replace the county elections board, after considering taking it over.

Beware the 'Long Count'.  We need little data to analyze the results of the 2020 Presidential election and the 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial election.  We have been so propagandized that it is as easily recalled by Americans as Mao's little red book is for the Chinese.  Though barely campaigning, unable to speak, and drawing massive crowds, measured in dozens, waving to nobody, on the rare occasions when he was able to muster the energy to leave his basement, Joe Biden remarkably received the most votes of any candidate in US history.  However, his historic popularity notwithstanding, his debatable victory nevertheless still required eking out miraculously close races in the hyper-partisan Democrat strongholds of Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, each of which employed the Long Count.  The Long Count is defined as counting votes well past election day.  Long Counts took place in these cities (and others) because, said the Democrats, "every vote must be counted," even though, in many jurisdictions, early voting was available for months prior to election day on November 3, 2020.  Even with modern technology, for some reason, 21st-century Americans are unable to count votes, even over a period of two months, so we now also count votes well past election day.

Forensic Study Into 2020 Detroit, Michigan Election Finds Up to 34,000 Illegal Ballots.  A national expert in criminal forensics completed a report into the 2020 election in Michigan and has found further evidence of chronic, systemic, voter fraud especially among absentee ballots in that challenged election.  The firm is Speckin Forensics and they have wide national experience testifying in criminal trials.  Through their investigation where they were allowed limited access to the 2020 ballots in Wayne County which covers Detroit, they found:
  •   A significant number of absentees in different precincts illegally had no signed ballot application.  Many absentee ballots had no request whatsoever, in the two primary precincts examined the rates of illegal ballots were 12% and 20%.
  •   Absentee ballots often had a lighter tone and shade to the printing.  The Detroit clerks even commented to the Speckin team that the type of paper felt different.
If the numbers of absentees missing a ballot request are extrapolated out to the rest of Wayne County, Speckin reports, "with approximately 170,000 AV ballots, the range at 8%-20% would be 13,600 to 34,000 ballots with no application requesting the ballot."

US election officials are quitting at an alarming rate.  The first job many people take out of college usually doesn't come with a lot of responsibility.  Adam Byrnes's first job is to make sure democracy works in a critical US swing state.  Before graduating with a political science degree from Emory University, Byrnes, 21, applied to be the director of elections for Swain county, a mountainous region of about 14,000 people in western North Carolina.  He was offered the job before he had a diploma in hand and started at the end of May.  He's currently preparing for municipal elections in the county seat of Bryson City, which take place in November, while also laying the foundations for the 2024 presidential contest. [...] The decentralized system of elections in the United States places a lot of responsibility on county-level officials like Byrnes.  And while he may be North Carolina's youngest election director, he's far from the only one learning the ropes during a crucial period for American democracy.

If this is true, the minimum voting age should be 25 or higher.
Dem rep advocates for lesser penalties for teen criminals, saying 'the brain doesn't fully mature until at least 25 years old'.  Rep. Mike Johnson pointed out a rather shocking change in perspective from Democrat California Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee as he headed up the House Judiciary Subcommittee's hearing on "The Dangers and Due Process Violations of 'Gender-Affirming Care' for Children" on Thursday.  Lee had previously stated that teens are not fully capable of making permanent, life-altering decisions until their brains fully mature at 25-years-old, but when it comes to sex changes, she apparently is entirely on board with kids making these kinds of decisions at incredibly young ages.

Why Are Those Who Lawfully Challenged The 2020 Election Being Charged With Crimes?  On July 18th, The Gateway Pundit reported that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel had criminally charged 16 people who in 2020 were selected to represent the concerns of Michigan voters and serve as an alternate slate of electors, following the 2020 election.  The charges included a list of violations totaling a possible 66 years in prison for the defendants.  Nessel's statement on the case appears below.  [Tweet with video clip]

They are rubbing our noses in their filth.  The deep state stole the 2020 election right from under us.  Biden was chosen because everyone in DC knew he was dumb and corrupt, which made him the perfect figurehead for a government out of control.  Our DC overlords made no attempt to mask their election theft because they wanted to extinguish dissent.  Like the Borg in some Star Trek series, their message is resistance is futile.  Biden stayed in the basement cutting deals while the vote rigging took place elsewhere.  A press that set up cameras in the lobby to document every visitor to Trump Tower after the 2016 election has never bothered to check the records at Wilmington Airport to see whose private jets landed in Delaware to pay tribute to the next president.

True the Vote's Catherine Engelbrecht Responds to GA Charges and Media Smears — With Hard Evidence!  The Georgia State Election Board sued True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips earlier this month to disclose evidence behind the claims made in their popular documentary on organized election fraud and ballot harvesting in the state. [...] True the Vote shared its information with Georgia's Governor Kemp and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) back in April 2021.  Months later in September 2021, True the vote received a response from Governor Kemp's appointee at the GBI, minimizing the evidence provided and providing their decision not to perform any investigation into the ballot trafficking operation.

The GOP Death Wish.  The 2020 election was rigged, much like past elections, with the federal government acting as candidate Biden's campaign arm, colluding with big tech and social media to promote anti-Trump propaganda and suppress anything potentially detrimental to the Biden campaign.  One in six Biden voters would have changed their 2020 vote if they had known the full Hunter laptop story.  But 51 former intel officials, lied through their teeth, burying the story, and interfering in the election.  Talk about sedition.  The corporate media barked and clapped along like trained seals, abandoning any pretense of journalism in favor of serving as state-run propaganda outlets.  When rigging alone didn't work, Democrats stole the election by shutting down election night vote counting, without precedent or scrutiny, only to "find" enough ballots overnight to flip a few counties in a few swing states, enough to turn the election from Trump to Biden.  Where were Republicans?  Such vote shenanigans likely cost Republicans the Senate and almost the House.  Yet any discussion of dodgy elections is labeled as hate speech or insurrection, with elected Republicans staying silent.

Florida Democrats Scurry to Rebuild Mail-in Voter Rolls After New Law Wipes Them Clean.  Florida's wide-ranging new voting law, SB 90, is chock-full of rules that button up election integrity.  Among its many actions is this one:  "limiting the duration of requests for vote-by-mail ballots to all elections through the end of the calendar year of the next regularly scheduled general election."  It's part of Florida's move of mail-in voting from a four-year to a two-year registration window.  This is a smart way to keep the rolls of voters registered to have mail-in ballots automatically sent to them from going stale and accumulating invalid names and addresses.  For engaged voters, this simply means logging onto the state website every two years instead of four to renew their requests for mail-in ballots.  It's as easy and convenient as clicking here and answering the questions.  And of course, being eligible to vote in Florida.  But as any Democrat official will tell you (in so many words), Democrat voters are too stupid to participate in their own society by doing things like having a valid ID or using a computer.  So naturally, party officials are simmering with outrage at the harsh new law.

The Achilles Heel of Mail-In Ballot Fraud.  The difference between the Republican ballot operation and that of the leftists that is the leftists manufacture ballots, whereas Republicans only collect them.  Elections are for big stakes.  Pretty much everything is political, and thus, who controls the Legislature gets the goodies.  If you are a government pro, you live or die according to whether your team is in power.  You do what the pros do — you make sure you control your food source.  The laughable RNC "out-ballot-harvest the left" plan is one any sentient adult knows cannot work.  That of course leaves out Republican state operatives, for whom hope exceeds common sense.

Michigan Election Interference: The Real Story.  [Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn] Benson truly did break the law in a very major way, and her illegal actions changed the election.  Let's make a point by point comparison between Benson's illegal actions and those of the 16 "fakers."  First, however, we need to review the four aspects of the Jocelyn Benson fake election plan:
  [#1]   First, she prevented the adoption of voter ID requirements (e.g., drivers license number or 4 digits of SS number) by claiming that "a voter's signature is the primary and most reliable way of protecting against the possibility of fraud."  Benson made that very false statement at various times and venues.
  [#2]   After touting signature matching as the "primary" method of protecting against fraud, Benson got rid of it.  The secretary did that by telling county election clerks to just "presume" the signatures sent in with the ballots matched the registration signatures.  Why did she do that?  Who knows?
  [#3]   Four months after the election, a judge ruled that Benson broke the law, but by then, the damage was done.  Benson did not appeal.  Why would she?  Her guy won!
  [#4]   Before the 2020 election, the Secretary of State mailed out 7.7 million ballot applications, even though only 3.3 million would be used.  This was not the normal practice in Michigan, but the extra 4.4 million applications came in handy.  Up to 225,000 would be used by ballot harvesters, in the estimate of True the Vote.

Biden Campaign had Plan to Send Alternate Electors if Needed in 2020 — Now They Are Suing Republicans for Doing the Same.  Trump prosecutor Jack Smith has been investigating the process of sending alternate electors for possible prosecution.  This week, far-left Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel charged 16 of the 2020 Trump electors with eight felonies each.  Many of the Michigan Trump electors are retirees in the 70s and 80s.

What is Election Certification?  We are at a crossroads many did not see coming.  George Orwell's prescient novel, 1984, predicted the dystopian realities that face us today.  One of the famous quotes from 1984 refers to human society in general:  "The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better."  Today the question is, will we choose the dwindling illusion of happiness or secure our grandchildren's freedom?  The key that turns every lock bolted against freedom is elections.  We cannot simultaneously have representative government and compromised elections.  The king of America, the law, is tethered to the sovereign, the people, through the elective process.  The loyalty of those we temporarily assign the privilege of writing and enforcing law is checked only by the honesty of our elections.

Getting Biden Wrong.  What should be a priority for those who are working to defeat the present administration is a well-considered ground game.  Telling us more about Democratic outrages will not likely help the GOP. What may is avoiding a repeat of 2020.  Getting the election to take place entirely on election day under bipartisan supervision would be ideal.  If that's no longer doable, then Republicans should make sure that all mail-in ballots are filled out and submitted according to strictly enforced rules.  Drop boxes, where permitted, should only be used during a restricted time period.  Ballots that have been dumped late at night should not be counted; and any mass dumping of ballots of the kind that took place in Philadelphia and Atlanta in 2020 should bring immediate investigation.  Republican officials, if forced to play by the other party's rules, must make sure they collect mail-in ballots as energetically as their adversaries.  Needless to say, Republicans should fight to make sure that voter identification is in force everywhere.  Republicans must work to avoid a repetition [of] the election "rigging" that Molly Hemingway and Miranda Devine found in the last presidential race:  e.g., meetings between electronic media heads and other corporate interests together with BLM representatives to discuss how they could use their combined influence to ensure a Democratic victory.

Arizona's 'Fake' Electors Are The Next Target..  An investigation launched by Arizona's Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes is seeking another round of indictments against so-called "fake electors" in Arizona, or rather, people who believed former president Donald Trump won the state in 2020.  Mayes — who campaigned during the 2022 midterms on a pledge to investigate the Republican electors — assigned a team of investigators in May to consider charges against a group who lawfully contested the 2020 election results in Arizona.  The investigators are said to have already made "direct" contact with the electors involved.  These so-called "fake electors" include current state representative Jake Hoffman, former state representative Anthony Kern, US Senate candidate Jim Lamon, the chairman of the Arizona GOP Dr. Kelli Ward, and Tyler Bowyer, CEO at the Arizona-based Turning Point USA.

In Michigan, prepping the groundwork for stealing the 2024 election.  In some banana-republic-like maneuvers against dissidents ahead of election time, the State of Michigan has charged 16 Republican state electors with multiple felonies for allegedly attempting to "overturn" the results of the 2020 election.  Their crime?  Reacting to the obvious fraud that happened right before their eyes in that hotly disputed election.  But that's not how the Michigan attorney general playing her own version of Vyshinsky put it. [...] Anyone questioning that and the extraordinary circumstances seen in this Michigan election, and having the temerity to complain about it now faces 29 years in prison.  That's serious third-world, or even Soviet-style repression of free speech.  What exactly are electors expected to do when they see widespread fraud?  Based on Michigan Vyshynsky, they're supposed to bow down and assert what they know to be untrue, the way Stalin did to keep his sycophants in line.  And what's remarkable is that it's being done three years after their side "won" the 2020 election.  You'd think they'd have more serious priorities, given that whatever the Republican electors did, it didn't matter as far as the results went.

Two MI GOP Electors Explain Why They Cast A "Back Up Slate" of Electoral Votes in 2020 Election — Blows Up Fake Case by Activist Dem AG.  The 2020 election results in Michigan were some of the most hotly contested in the United States.  The Gateway Pundit shared multiple videos showing surveillance footage that shocked Michigan residents and people across the United States, who believed they were likely watching mass-organized voter fraud take place on camera.  Curiously, MI AG Dana Nessel and Michigan's Soros-funded SOS Jocelyn Benson didn't feel compelled to investigate any of the videos that went viral after the Gateway Pundit made them public.

Michigan Charges 16 People — Average Age 69 — for Believing Trump Won.  Sixteen Republicans in Michigan — including former state co-chairwoman Meshawn Maddock — are being prosecuted by Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel for putting themselves forward as alternative electors after the 2020 election results were contested.  AG Nessel accuses the would-be electors — who average out at 69 years old between them — of having "undermined the public's faith in the integrity of our elections," and has hit each of them with eight felonies, among them forgery, conspiracy to commit forgery, and election law forgery.  Several of the charges carry prison terms of up to 14 years.  "Undoubtedly, there will be those who claim these charges are political in nature, but where there is overwhelming evidence of guilt in respect to multiple crimes, the most political act I could engage in as a prosecutor would be to take no action at all," the Democrat claimed.

The Left's 2020 'Fake Electors' Narrative Is Fake News.  Headlines recently proclaimed that eight of Trump's "fake" electors accepted immunity deals.  Of course, in reporting the news, the corporate outlets all missed the real story — that the electors' testimony failed to incriminate anyone, including Trump, and that the county prosecutors engaged in massive misconduct.  Equally appalling, however, was the corrupt media's continued peddling of the "fake electors" narrative.  There were no "fake" electors.  There were contingent Republican electors named consistent with legal precedent to preserve the still ongoing legal challenges to the validity of Georgia's certified vote.  Nor was appointing an alternative slate of electors some cockamamie plan devised by Trump lawyers.  On the contrary, Trump's election lawyers and the contingent electors followed the precise approach Democrats successfully used when the date Congress established for certifying an election came before the legal challenges John F. Kennedy had brought in Hawaii were decided.  And that approach allowed Kennedy to be certified the winner of Hawaii's three electoral votes on Jan. 6, 1961, even though the Aloha State had originally certified Richard Nixon the victor.

New Database Shows a Single Vote Has Altered Outcomes in Hundreds of Elections.  Most people in the media don't want you to believe that election crimes are committed.  They say it is easier to find Bigfoot.  But election crimes are not a myth, and The Heritage Foundation has been systematically documenting them for years.  When those who deny the crimes occur are forced to confront the data, the response sometimes shifts to "It doesn't matter anyway."  After all, does it really matter if a single vote is improperly or criminally cast?  A new database created by the Public Interest Legal Foundation shows that one single vote has altered the outcome of hundreds of elections.

The Editor says...
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Democrats often win by one vote, but I don't think Republicans are so fortunate.

Can elections have integrity?  To be accurate, elections must meet extremely stringent standards established under federal law by the "election deniers" of 2000: Democrats.  The allowable error rate in a federal election, in order for that election to be valid and therefore certifiable, is 1/10,000,000 ballot positions or 1/125,000 ballots (see 3.2.1).  According to the federal election assistance commission that set this legal standard, "this rate is set at a sufficiently stringent level such that the likelihood of voting system errors affecting the outcome of an election is exceptionally remote even in the closest of elections."  When it comes to federal elections, there are no honest mistakes.  New York's 2020 general election provides countless fine examples of how this standard is being ignored.  With a claim of 8.6 million votes cast, the board of elections is allowed grace regarding exactly 69 ballots.  Yet the NYSVoter database, the official registration record according to the law (Title III, Sec. 303 [a][1][A]), shows 740,000+ votes cast by registration records that are illegal or invalid.

10 Paradigm Shifts that Shatter Establishment Illusions.  [#5] Every presidential election this century has been tainted by allegations of fraud.  Instead of remedying this public perception, election officials and courts have made things worse.  Voting has turned into a months-long affair that begins before candidates have even debated and often extends many weeks past Election "Day."  Electronic voting machines remain vulnerable to hacks.  Mail-in balloting devoid of fundamental security, identity checks, or signature verification has transformed contests into ballot-stuffing fraud-fests orchestrated by paid political operatives.  Secretaries of state refrain from enforcing election law; attorneys general refrain from prosecuting crimes; courts rewrite statutory law to tilt elections.  Battleground states routinely suffer from inexplicable counting problems that delay the timely reporting of results.  Vote-counting lacks transparency and reproducibility.  When lawyers attempt to challenge results, their professional licenses are often threatened.  Americans overwhelmingly believe that election cheating is pervasive.

Police forcibly remove woman from Georgia county Board of Elections meeting for questioning the 2020 elections.  A woman was forcibly removed by police from a Chatham County Board of Elections meeting after officials said she refused to yield her time during public comment.  Beth Majeroni of Savannah identified herself to WTGS as the woman in the video.  During the regularly scheduled Board of Elections meeting on Monday, Majeroni was removed from the building by law enforcement before they say she eventually tried to reenter the building three more times.  Majeroni said this was because she needed her keys, phone and other belongings in the building.  [Video clip]

Gen. Flynn and Steve Bannon Must Go Under Oath In Smartmatic Case.  Gen. Michael Flynn and Host of War Room Steve Bannon must go under oath and answer questions regarding to Smartmatic's lawsuit against Newsmax.  New Court filings from a Delaware court reveal Smartmatic served subpoenas to both Flynn and Bannon to go under oath and answer questions.  Currently, Smartmatic has accused Newsmax of "knowingly spreading false claims that the voting software maker was part of a scheme to rig the election."  Smartmatic has also sued Fox News and several Trump lawyers for a sum of over 2.7 billion dollars.

Will Someone Please Wake Me From This Nightmare?  There is considerable evidence that the past two elections were rigged against Republicans, yet no measures are taken to insure this does not happen again.  If this is not corrected it could spell the end of our constitutional republic.

Ohio Launches Election Integrity Office To Ensure Transparency In Future Elections.  Ohio is launching a new office dedicated to ensuring transparency in its elections, Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced last week.  According to a LaRose press release, the Office of Data Analytics and Archives, which will be housed within the secretary of state's office, signifies "the first-ever substantive effort by any state to adopt a clear and consistent method for retaining election data."  The office received funding via the DATA Act, which was included in the biennial operating budget recently passed by Ohio legislators.

The Editor says...
That's great, but what about investigating previous elections?

Democrats in Massachusetts Look to Give Voting Rights to Foreign Nationals.  Democrat legislators in Massachusetts are looking to give foreign nationals on green cards the right to vote in municipal elections.  A series of bills filed by Democrat legislators in the Massachusetts House and Senate would open municipal voting rights to foreign nationals living in the state on green cards.  In practice, the policy would mean foreign nationals could cast deciding votes in Massachusetts towns and cities for mayor, school committee, city council, town council, board of selectmen, select board elections, school committee referendums, local ballot referendums, or other municipal races.

The Editor says...
In a few years, when everybody has accepted this terrible idea, there will be a tiny little incremental change to allow illegal aliens to vote in every election.  By the time the Supreme Court hears about it, the damage will have been done already.

Is the 2024 Election the Last Gasp for America?  If sanity doesn't return to American culture and governance, where are we headed?  Can the elections even be trusted?  I discussed this issue last week concluding that they cannot be trusted.  Are electoral outcomes predetermined?  Are voting machines still connected to the internet?  Will thousands of undeliverable ballots be harvested by postal workers, delivered to unknown locations, to be filled out by Democrat operatives and delivered to selected precincts, run through vote tabulators multiple times until the preordained candidate takes the lead?  Democrats aren't even concerned about the 2024 election.  Biden has few campaign workers and no headquarters.  Why should he?  He already has the necessary votes, as he did in 2020, confident that his vote tally will exceed that of any opponent.  For Democrats, the fix is in, the campaign is theater.  Has Trump or the GOP fixed anything since 2020 effecting a different outcome?  Or will elections even happen?  Will there be a false flag event leading to delayed or cancelled elections for "public safety"?

Why Has Election Day Turned Into Election Month?  Remember when Election Day used to be an actual day?  You'd gather with your family and friends to find out who the next president was going to be.  It was a time to celebrate our republic as Americans went to have their voices heard at the ballot box.  The Public Interest Legal Foundation, of which I am president, is fighting in federal court to restore the "day" in Election Day.  We filed a federal lawsuit in North Dakota to enforce federal law and stop the state from accepting ballots up to 13 days after Election Day.  We allege that North Dakota's law allowing the election to drag on for almost two extra weeks conflicts with federal law.  This case doesn't claim that anyone stole the North Dakota election.  Indeed, North Dakota is only involved in the case because it is one of the most extreme states in accepting ballots weeks after the election.

There are ways to stop voter fraud that uses undelivered ballots.  Jay Valentine makes a strong case that ballots should not be mailed out to addresses for which mail cannot be delivered (vacant lots), at which voters cannot reside (commercial or industrial addresses), or where mail cannot be accurately delivered (apartment or dorm buildings with no apartment number or dorm room number.) He recommends purifying voter rolls so that ballots will not be mailed out to addresses where mail cannot be delivered or voters cannot live.  This can be done by compiling the Undeliverable Ballot Database (UBD).  To support his argument, Valentine quotes a message from a retired mailman who said that he saw hundreds, or even thousands, of returned ballots put in a basket at the post office for "returned/undeliverable mail" until someone came by and picked them up.  It is important to note that these mailed-out ballots are "live ammunition" that can be voted by anyone who picks them up and votes the way they want to.  Some states (such as Texas) require that the voter include parts of a social security number or driver's license number in the returned ballot.  However, this is certainly not a foolproof method, as the requested data is accessible via commercial databases, and fraudsters can find and supply it.

Judge Delivers Major Ruling on Kari Lake's Lawsuit — It's On!.  A judge in Maricopa County, Arizona, has decided not to halt former Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake's attempts to access vote affidavit envelopes from last year's election.  Lake continues to combat what she perceives to be fraudulent acts that she claims contributed to her loss.  Maricopa County had maintained that the signatures on the ballot affidavit are confidential because they are an integral part of the voter registration record, which is protected by state law, with the exception of a few instances in which county attorneys believed Lake fell short.  According to the AZ Capitol Times, late last month, Judge John Hannah rejected the argument based on the fact that county recorders routinely include ballot affidavit envelopes in voter registration records, though not always due to legal requirements or explicit instructions.

Enough!  Do you realize that once you accept the fact that every vote you make now will be swarmed by several fake and fraudulent votes that the gig is up and there's nothing between that knowledge and confronting the criminals in the street?  That anything less is merely a delaying tactic while they better supply and prepare their troops? [...] We cannot let them have this nation without a fight.  We cannot allow our land and sovereignty to be used as collateral for their grift.  I'm looking for a leader, a general to marshal the troops.  This is so far past anything reasonably akin to our founding that thousands of such people must know it as well as I do.

Mike Lawler Introduces Bill To Ban Ranked-Choice Voting In DC.  Republican Rep. Mike Lawler of New York has introduced a bill to ban the practice of "ranked-choice voting" in Washington, D.C., which left-wing activists have sought to propose as a ballot initiative in 2024.  A left-wing group, Make All Votes Count D.C., filed a ballot proposal to impose a system of ranked-choice voting in the district, whereby voters would rank all candidates on the ballot for an office according to their preferences, instead of voting for only one candidate under the current system.  Lawler's bill, known as the "District of Columbia One Vote One Choice Act," would bar the district from this practice and empower the Attorney General to sue D.C. for compliance, according to a copy of the bill that was obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Watchdog Sues North Dakota for Counting Ballots After Election Day.  The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an election integrity group, has filed a federal lawsuit against North Dakota election officials for the state's law allowing mail-in ballots to be accepted and counted after election day.  On Thursday, PILF filed the lawsuit in the district court, claiming that North Dakota's law that allows state election officials to accept and count mail-in ballots up to 13 days after election day violates federal law.  "Election day has ceased to be a day," PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement.  "Instead, we have election month because states accept ballots that arrive days and even weeks after election day."

Do Americans Still Trust Our Elections?  Were the votes counted honestly or accurately?  Remember how Fox News called Arizona for Biden with only a few percent of the votes tabulated.  And how several swing states immediately thereafter stopped counting votes on election evening with Trump leading, only to resume the next day, Biden now ahead.  All delayed counting gave votes to Biden, not to Trump.  What are the odds of that?  This Twitter thread by Tom Elliott chronicles multiple episodes of election corruption and interference at the hands of the federal government in collusion with big tech and social media giants.  Aside from ballot-counting irregularities and voting machines connected to the internet, federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies influenced past elections by spying on one candidate and ignoring potential crimes of another candidate, both in 2016 and 2020.  They had the willing and eager cooperation of corporate media, big tech, and social media to push or suppress news beneficial or detrimental to their favored candidate.  Can we trust our election results?

Attorney who challenged Trump 2020 election results relinquishes law license.  Attorney Lin Wood, known for filing challenges seeking to overturn former President Donald Trump's 2020 election loss, is giving up his law license instead of facing possible disbarment.  On Tuesday, Wood asked officials in Georgia, his home state, to "retire" his law license in light of "disciplinary proceedings pending against me."  In the request, Wood acknowledged that after relinquishing his license, he is "prohibited from practicing law in this State and in any other state or jurisdiction and that I may not reapply for admission."  Several states have considered disciplining Wood for pushing the former president's debunked claims that widespread election fraud led to President Joe Biden's victory.

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Florida's Election Law Banning Non-Citizens From Collecting Voter Registration Forms.  An Obama-appointed federal judge on Monday issued a preliminary injunction against Florida's election law that imposed limitations on third-party voter registration organizations.  In May Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed SB 7020, a law that barred non-citizens from handling or collecting voter registration forms.  One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit is an immigrant from El Salvador who works for "Mi Vecino," a third party voter registration organization.  US District Judge Mark Walker said the election law banning non-citizens from handling voter registration forms is unconstitutional.

A Line of Defense Against Mail-in Ballot Fraud.  The only way to stop the government, in particular the United States Post Office, from gathering hundreds of thousands of loose ballots, all of which go somewhere other than to Republican candidates — is to stop those ballots in the first place.  We know, from numerous sources, that the Post Office is one of several ballot-gathering apparatuses of the Left.  How much ballot harvesting at evangelical churches is needed to make up for government-sponsored ballot harvesting — industrial scale?  A key to winning in 2024 is to identify every, or as close to every as technology and diligent work can enable — every ballot being sent out that will land in that "basket" that "somebody" later picked up.  What are the addresses on those ballots?
  •   Ballots mailed to vacant lots — or in Arizona, street corners.
  •   Ballots sent to apartment buildings without the unit or APT number.
  •   Ballots sent to college dorms for students registered there for decades.
  •   Ballots sent to fraternities with a 105-year-old student.
  •   Ballots sent to churches — which have no bedrooms, thus cannot be someone's domicile.
  •   Ballots for the person who moved — over a year ago.
  •   Ballots mailed to hotels and casinos.
  •   Ballots where the address was modified — by the voter commission (as in Arizona) — the week those ballots went out, thus missing the recipient.
  •   Ballots sent to Manchurian restaurants, laundromats, banks, and 7-Elevens — all of which are not valid addresses for voters.
  •   Ballots sent to UPS and FedEx boxes — sometimes to a dozen people living in that little box.

In Defense of Donald Trump.  [Scroll down]  The number of written affidavits submitted by witnesses to 2020 election malfeasance in Georgia is uncertain here.  However, between January 9 and January 14, 2020, over forty of these witnesses gave videoed testimony at Cobb County Republican Party Headquarters.  Half of those testimonies are featured on this NTD web site.  At least six of these witnesses, each in separate instances, in three separate counties — Cobb County, Fulton County and Clayton County — report to encountering, between them, thousands of mail-in ballots, in pristine condition — without creases in the paper; showing that these ballots were never folded and mailed.  All these ballots were identically marked for Joe Biden.  Add to those six witnesses a poll manager in Fulton County who testifies, under oath, that she and a co-worker, also came across a "batch" of uncreased mail-in ballots.  "Every single ballot was absolutely identical.  They appeared to be printed..." she reports.  "98% of these ballots were for Joseph R. Biden."  Two ballots were for Donald Trump and one for Joe Jorgensen.  So now we have at least seven individuals who witnessed significant quantities of mail-in ballots that were clearly counterfeit.

Harris County Elections Administrator Fails to Appear for Court Deposition.  Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum did not show up for a scheduled deposition last Friday over pending legal challenges to the county's 2022 general elections.  Attorney Elizabeth Alvarez, who represents 17 of the 21 Republican candidates contesting elections, was scheduled to depose Tatum via Zoom last Friday at 10:30 a.m., but according to a certificate of non-appearance filed by the court reporter, Tatum failed to attend.  Judge David Peeples, assigned to hear all the Harris County election contests, did not take up discussion of Tatum's failure to appear during a conference hearing Thursday, since attorneys representing Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo are on vacation this week.  Tatum participated in a deposition last month for the case filed by Republican Erin Lunceford against Democrat Tamika Craft regarding the contest for the 189th District Court, but no explanation for his non-appearance regarding the other contests last week has been filed.

The Democrats' Definition Of Democracy Is Like The Marxist Definition Of Peace.  The criminalization of politics is only one iteration of the left's doctrine that politics are war by other means, though.  The Democrats, with in-kind aid from the media, are also trying to bully the Supreme Court into submission to their will.  Their message to the Court's conservative justices:  Rule our way or we will harass you until you resign.  In this war with multiple fronts, the Democrats are attempting to establish a permanent majority through a direct assault on elections.  We're talking about far more than the "cabal" that was mobilized in 2020 to guarantee the presidency for Joe Biden.  The party is determined to federalize elections with rules that would put our voting system in the hands of Deep State bureaucrats and political insiders rather than the locals we live among, and codify practices that are illegal in most of the country.  This would end our political system as we've known it, with its crucial checks and balances, and eventually replace it with a Democratic Party dictatorship.

Records: 1,400 Voters Flagged as Foreign Nationals in North Carolina.  The North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) flagged more than 1,400 registered voters as foreign nationals prior to the 2014 midterm elections, records obtained by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) reveal.  In a detailed report, PILF researchers unveil the extent to which the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, known as "Motor Voter," has made it easier for states to wrongfully register foreign nationals to vote.

Georgia Won't Fix Its Dominion Machines.  PhD Scientists Are Mortified..  Technology experts are warning that the state of Georgia's election results will continue to be viewed with suspicion if Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger refuses to address the grave concerns published in the recently released Halderman report.  "Raffensperger has lumped us with the election deniers," David Jefferson, a computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and an expert on election technology told POLITICO.  "But we cannot, out of fear of that confusion, stop talking about these vulnerabilities.  They are real, they are there, and they must be addressed."  The Halderman report uncovered nine "critical vulnerabilities" in Dominion Voting Systems' machines and found that a "dishonest election worker... with just brief access to the scanner's memory card could violate ballot secrecy and determine how individual voters voted."  But Raffensperger, who is ultimately in charge of election oversight, doesn't seem concerned, [...]

Unspooling the Coffee County, Georgia Voting System Breach and Continuing Cover-Up.  At first glance, a closed-door executive session of the Board of Elections at the Coffee County Courthouse in the battleground state of Georgia appeared to involve nothing more than discussion of that day's resignation letters from then-Election Supervisor Misty Hampton and her assistant over their purported cheating on timesheets.  But the previously undisclosed, simultaneous presence of an unacknowledged quorum of County Commissioners at that executive session — a secret meeting during a secret meeting, a game-changer confirmed by The BRAD BLOG — combined with curious doth protest too much efforts the County is still using to defend its secrets about the supposedly humdrum assembly, indicate the February 25, 2021 meetings (now known as meetings plural) and surrounding events were the nexus of a much broader statewide, perhaps even nationwide, cover-up.

2024: How to Out-Compute the Left.  The left owns the election apparatus — voting equipment, ballot-manufacturing, vagrant habitats, election commissions, media intimidation of judges not to look at election fraud and driving out any lawyer who raises a valid case.  Electioneering, by both sides, currently runs 1970s technology. [...] Ninety percent of current election fraud comes in two buckets: election commissions jacking with voter rolls like Arizona and Wisconsin and mail-in ballots collected and illegally voted like everywhere.  Neither fraud bucket is thwarted by organizational solutions — both can be stopped with real-time compute power.  Let's define the terrain.  Twenty twenty-four will be won or lost in six swing states.  In each swing state, 2024 will be won or lost based on fraud turnout in two or three counties.  The leader of the free world, the end of the Deep State, for many the future of America as they have known it depends on about 17 counties.

A Look at Society Shows an Orchestrated Decline.  Something fundamental has been lost for us all, and that is too many people have lost faith in our system.  Many election officials are openly partisan with little to no interest in open, free, and fair elections.  According to the Census Bureau regarding the 2020 presidential election, "Many voters used alternative voting methods, and there was a large shift to early voting and voting by mail."  Voting by mail is an invitation to fraud and disproportionately benefits Democrats.  It undercuts the importance of taking the time and effort to show up at the polls on a particular day and participate in a sacred manner enshrined within the American experience.

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud.  Whenever I hear someone say that the battle for America's future is already lost because of institutionalized election-rigging, I always think, "The more that people understand the voting process as rigged, the less important fraudulent elections become."  The recognition of injustice is far more potent than its imposition. [...] So, if Americans today no longer trust elections that have turned into months-long affairs inundated with mail-in ballots devoid of voter identification or secure chains of custody, that's a good start.  If voters are fed up with elections that lack transparency, statutory fidelity, timeliness, and prompt reproducibility, then we're moving in the right direction.  When elections are correctly understood as tainted by fraud, then we can finally have a "national conversation" about election illegitimacy.  We can talk about the unbelievability of Joe Biden winning more votes than anyone in history.

Election Machine Report Hidden By Government Showing How Votes Can Be Flipped.  [Video clip]

The GOP is Losing the Vote Fraud War.  A Rasmussen poll taken in October of 2021 found that 56% of all likely voters believed that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.  Another Rasmussen poll dated April of 2023 revealed that 60% of all likely voters believed that cheating affected the outcomes of many 2022 midterm elections.  Unsurprisingly in a Rasmussen poll published on June 14, 2023, 54% of all likely voters believe that cheating will determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.  For a majority of the American electorate, and for a much higher percentage of Republicans, the issue of whether there was rampant cheating in the past two election cycles is no longer in question and their concern about the outcome of the 2024 election is fully justified.  The Republican National Committee (RNC), beyond issuing the usual fatuous press releases and reports about what they are going to do, has done nothing of substance on the ground to offset unabashed Democrat cheating.

Dominion Voting Machine Farce — Going Bankrupt After Getting $787M?  As reported, the Halderman report is out, which details all the ways the Dominion machines could be hacked.  The information was hidden until now by Judge Totenberg, a far-left judge whose sister Nina Totenberg writes for the far-left at NPR.  Halderman's report was hidden because it shows the election could be hacked, but he also claims there is no evidence the machines were breached.  Some of the flaws he cites would make it very difficult to detect, and we don't know how hard he tried to detect hacking.  Halderman concluded there were "multiple severe security flaws."

How This Legal Group Plans To Halt Democrats' Jihad Against Election Integrity Laws Ahead Of 2024.  It's no secret by now the 2020 election was fraught with complete chaos and confusion.  In addition to leftist billionaires pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into local election offices to alter election operations, the contest was marred by Democrat-backed groups' orchestrated legal campaign to change state election laws in their favor.  Regime-approved media were even running stories months before the election forecasting such a strategy.  In February 2020, for instance, Politico ran an article detailing how "a constellation of left-leaning groups" were "spending millions of dollars" to launch "an avalanche of voting-rights lawsuits against state laws they say suppress participation in elections." The lawsuits were widespread in nature, targeting provisions related to voter ID requirements, voter-roll maintenance, ballot signature verification, and more.  Whether it was Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, or Michigan, states all over the country were barraged with Democrats' legal blitz.  In order to prevent similar chicanery from continuing in future electoral contests, an election integrity group known as Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) is launching its counterstrategy ahead of the 2024 election.

Halderman Report Released in Georgia.  Obama Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of an investigation of voting machines in Georgia.  This report has still not been released.  This week CISA released a report showing material discrepancies in these systems while attempting to downplay these material issues. [...] Obama Judge Amy Totenberg is the sister of NPR's far-left correspondent Nina Totenberg. [...] In 2021, Judge Totenberg committed her gravest offense as a judge.  She sealed and covered up the results of the Halderman report in Georgia.  Up until this week, we did not know what is in this report.  Halderman's investigation into the voting machines in Georgia started before the 2020 Election and was completed in July 2021.  Steve Bannon interviewed Kurt Olsen about cybersecurity analyst J. Alex Halderman, who found flaws in Dominion voting machines, and warned about the potential for future attacks.  Judge Totenberg sealed the report.  According to court documents, Halderman wrote his report after he was given 12 weeks of access to an unused Dominion ICX voting machine.

The 2024 Reality TV Show to Blow Up Leftist Election Fraud.  We have written about how the data for the six swing states show enough sovereign voter fraud (the election commission is in on it) and phantoms to overcome any likely Trump vote majority.  Accumulating events indicate that leftists may be helping Trump blow through their fraud firewall.  In each swing state, there are from 200,000 to 400,000 phantom voters or addresses or both locked into the voter rolls.  Three years of volunteer election integrity work has done little to reduce these numbers.  While phantoms were found by the tens of thousands, few were removed.  Little has been done to thwart county or state officials augmenting voter roll data to help leftist candidates.  Trump is currently unlikely to win any swing state by enough votes to overcome the fake ballot stash each state's leftists and RINOs prepared against him.

Box of 289 Absentee Ballots from 2020 Election Discovered in Michigan Storage Unit.  A Michigan official says approximately 300 absentee ballots from the 2020 election were discovered in a storage unit in Genesee County.  Thetford Township Supervisor Rachel Stanke found the ballots thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Just the News reported Friday.  Stanke then brought the issue to the attention of the township board and its residents.

OKI Ballot Printer Company Sends "Response to Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report".  Maricopa County's ballot printer source, OKI Data Americas, recently responded to the County's sham ballot printer investigation, debunking false claims and demanding a corrected report from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.  According to OKI's statement, Maricopa County did not even contact the company, and they were "completely unaware that an investigation was underway."  The Gateway Pundit reported on Maricopa County's Ballot-on-Demand Printer Investigation led by former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor.

If the Electoral System Were Actually Free and Fair.  If elections were free and fair, then we would see the best Americans elected to federal, state, and local governments, usually though we don't.  If elections were free and fair, then the least fit to govern candidates would not keep "winning" seats, but they often do.  If the elections were free and fair, then our government would not need to weaponize its agencies against its critics, but it does.  If the elections were free and fair, then our elected officials would not act in a blatant disregard of their voters' will... but many of them do.  Take, for example, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who continues to release violent criminals to the streets despite the (often deadly) consequences for countless victims, widespread criticism by law enforcement, and the public outrage his pro-crime approach elicits.

RNC Canvassing Lists: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.  There is nothing more fundamental to electioneering than taking a list of registered voters, knocking on their doors, pitching your candidate, handing each a flyer, and getting them all out to vote.  This is the building block of election management.  It is stunning how absolutely incompetent the Republican Party is performing this fundamental task.  Last week, NBC News did a story about how the canvassing for Republican candidates was so bad that it likely lost the Senate elections in Nevada and Georgia, and probably others as well.  Our Republican Party pals could not deliver a list of voters that was close to accurate!

Postal Service Releases Final Report — Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated.  As The Gateway Pundit reported in 2020, election fraud whistleblowers came forward in December following the controversial election, including one who witnessed the shipping of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines on October 21.  The new information was made public at a press conference by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization.  The Amistad Project said that they have sworn declarations that state over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania.

The Razor-thin Margin.  [Scroll down]  Consider the 1960 results in the states of Texas and Illinois.  In Texas, Kennedy received 1,167,567 (50.52%) against 1,121,310 (48.52%) for Nixon, for 24 electoral votes.  In Illinois, Kennedy received 2,377,846 votes (49.98% of votes cast) versus Nixon's 2,368,988 (49.80%) and therefore gained the state's 27 votes. [...] The Washington Post noted one instance in Texas:  "In Fannin County, which had 4,895 registered voters, 6,138 votes were cast, three-quarters of them for Kennedy."  More votes cast than registered voters — where have we heard that recently?

Are National Events Today Being Staged?  [For example,] The 2020 Presidential campaign whereby Joe Biden sat secluded in his basement without campaigning at all while Trump crisscrossed the nation, holding rallies with tens of thousands of people showing up to listen to him all over the nation.  [And] The 2020 General Election whereby vote counting tabulation stopped for the first time in the history of America with Trump ahead, only to have his lead vanish when vote counting resumed.  People in New Zealand actually reported they saw the vote count flip on live television, with the numbers of votes for Donald Trump going to Joe Biden in an instant.  The multiple predictors of election outcomes that had been right in the past suddenly wrong in predicting Trump over Biden.

Jesse Morgan and the 200k Missing Ballots — an Update.  Jesse Morgan drove a tractor trailer for a contractor working for the U.S. Postal Service.  Shortly after the 2020 election, Morgan made these claims at a press conference held by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society:
  •   On October 21, 2020, Jesse drove his truck and trailer from Bethpage, New York, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, loaded with as many as 288,000 completed ballots.  In addition, there were two large trays of mixed mail, bound for Lancaster.  Those were in the front of the trailer.
  •   Jesse drove the trailer to Harrisburg, but was not allowed to unload.  After a six-hour wait, he was told to drive to Lancaster, without unloading at Harrisburg.  In addition, the supervisor in Harrisburg refused to give him any paperwork to document his arrival in Harrisburg or his six-hour wait, which normally would justify extra compensation.
  •   Jesse Morgan was perplexed by these instructions because "95 percent" of the load was for Harrisburg, and that mail would have to be unloaded before anyone could get access to the Lancaster mail bins.  After that, the Harrisburg mail would have to be returned to the trailer and driven back to Harrisburg.  Even for the government, that is slightly inefficient.
  •   As instructed, Morgan drove the tractor trailer to Lancaster, and parked it in his usual spot.  The next morning, the trailer had disappeared, without explanation.  The trailer and the ballots were gone, and no one would explain to Morgan, or anyone else in this world, what had happened.

How did hundreds of noncitizens end up on Chicago's voter rolls?  Hundreds of noncitizens have been kicked off Chicago's voter rolls after admitting they were never supposed to have been registered in the first place, according to a new study that blames the Motor Voter Act for how the names got added in the first place.  Since 2007, the city has removed 394 people from its voting lists after deciding they were actually foreign nationals who, under the law, are ineligible to vote.  City records show that 20 of the noncitizens did actually vote, casting a total of 85 ballots, according to data compiled by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Maricopa County Elections Officials Illegally Break into Sealed Election Machines after they were Certified and Before the Election — Inserting Reprogrammed Memory Cards.  A new video exposes Maricopa County's secret machine tampering, where they reprogrammed the voting machines on October 14th, 17th, and 18th so that 59% of them would fail when Republican voters came in to vote on Election Day in 2022.  As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, newly available records show that Maricopa County began "secret" Logic and Accuracy testing on October 14th, after the statutorily required October 11th test, and the legally required public notice was not given.  This is a smoking gun in Kari Lake's stolen election contest.  Lake attorney Kurt Olsen concluded that "this evidence would support our allegation that this election was rigged."

NEW Video Seems To Show Maricopa Officials Breaking Into Sealed Voting Machines.  New *video evidence* of Maricopa election officials illegally breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested, reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them.  59% of these machines would shut down on election day in GOP areas.  [Video clip]

It Was Always Only About Power With the Left.  Prominent leftists from Jimmy Carter to Hillary Clinton also had been on record following the 2016 election claiming that Trump was an illegitimate president and the 2016 election had been rigged in Trump's favor due to the hoax of Russian collusion.  Hillary Clinton — who paid Christopher Steele to use Clinton-related fake sources to compile fabrications and destroy her 2016 rival — later even bragged she was joining "La Résistance."  The chairman of the January 6 committee that damned Trump's supposed election denialism, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), himself was an election denialist par excellence, who absurdly voted in the Congress to reject George Bush's popular vote victory in Ohio that decided the 2004 election.  By any fair measure the violence of 2020 was a far greater and more deadly threat to the republic than anything occurring on January 6, 2021.  But most of the 14,000 arrested perpetrators who were responsible for that incredible summer of violence were exempted because their mayhem was deemed politically useful — in the same fashion it was advantageous to turn the buffoonish Capitol protesters into seasoned revolutionaries.  The common denominator was only the Left's efforts to warp events to achieve power.

Five Questions for Prospective Republican Candidates.  We may well be living in a "fake election" era, when legalized ballot fraud, months-long voting, and nonexistent voter identification requirements give the Uniparty insurmountable advantages in "selecting" compliant "representatives" for the people.  But voting in the largest numbers possible will continue to highlight the obvious election rigging.  If for no other reason than that it makes the fraudsters' jobs that much harder, voting still matters.  Force them to explain how precincts can turn out more votes than residents!  There's a reason the State-controlled media never point out that Joe Biden supposedly won fifteen million more votes than Barack Obama did in 2012 and more votes than any presidential candidate in history:  nobody would believe that reality if forced to confront it.  That's why, even as the Pravda press covers up the Biden family's quid-pro-quo crimes and pretends Dementia Joe's gibberish proves anything other than idiotic incompetence, the Baghdad Bobs on TV never trumpet Biden's 80 million votes. [...] What I want is for Republican candidates to verbally acknowledge that numerous instances of statistically improbable results, days-long vote-counting, anonymous mail-in ballot dumps, late-night vote-tally flips, and unbelievable hijinks occurring in Democrat precincts where voting machines inexplicably break down, vote centers randomly flood, and ballots are miraculously "found" all add up to a well organized, well funded, and systemic vote fraud operation that has cheated voters and invalidated many recent elections.  Even when it is clear that mass mail-in balloting has enabled Democrat-controlled cities to print enough ballots to throw statewide elections, the Paul Ryan RINO coalition sees nothing.  Even when fifty-plus Intelligence Community officers push propaganda and censorship to manipulate election outcomes, Uniparty Republicans see

The Vote Fraud Monster Is Coming for Ted Cruz.  We deal in a world of imperfect pols — it's just frustrating to see our imperfect pols treated with different rules from their imperfect pols.  Texas, like a lot of conservative states, is run by leftists and RINOs.  Take Wyoming — one of the most overwhelmingly red states — yet its Legislature is RINO city.  In Texas, the house leadership was often, and currently is, RINO.  It's a stupid thing.  It's what elected conservatives do:  they run as a conservative, win, then sell out by electing leadership that will eviscerate conservative programs.  They all do it.  There's a bigger story here.  Texas is preparing to go purple in 2024 and take out Ted Cruz.  To do that, there must be industrial-scale voter fraud from the large cities.  Ken Paxton stood in the way.

AI presents political peril for 2024 with threat to mislead voters.  Computer engineers and tech-inclined political scientists have warned for years that cheap, powerful artificial intelligence tools would soon allow anyone to create fake images, video and audio that was realistic enough to fool voters and perhaps sway an election.  The synthetic images that emerged were often crude, unconvincing and costly to produce, especially when other kinds of misinformation were so inexpensive and easy to spread on social media.  The threat posed by AI and so-called deepfakes always seemed a year or two away.  No more.  Sophisticated generative AI tools can now create cloned human voices and hyper-realistic images, videos and audio in seconds, at minimal cost.  When strapped to powerful social media algorithms, this fake and digitally created content can spread far and fast and target highly specific audiences, potentially taking campaign dirty tricks to a new low.

Catastrophic "Loss of Control" Data Breach in NY Elections.  A peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) confirms a "Loss of Control" breach has occurred in the NYSVoter Database.  A peer-reviewed paper of their results in a respected journal is a hard-won and "significant milestone," according to Marly Hornik, Executive Director of the NY Citizens Audit.  The audit of the voter rolls was led by Marly Hornik and Andrew Paquette, Ph.D., Director of Research, who submitted the paper to JIW.  Paquette "co-founded the International Game Architecture and Design Academy (now BUAS) in the Netherlands after a career in the feature film and video game industries.  He received his Ph.D. from King's College, London, in 2018 for a thesis on the development of expertise."  In July 2021, Hornik and Paquette assembled a group of volunteers in New York that has grown to around 2000 individuals statewide to investigate the state's voter registration rolls.  Hornik presented the group's preliminary findings to attendees at The  Pit, sponsored by True the Vote, in August 2022.

Voter Fraud Convictions Result in Light Sentences.  Election integrity advocates have been warning that the trend of light sentences for those convicted of election fraud will not result in any actual deterrence from further election fraud crimes being committed in upcoming elections.  As reported by Just The News, while prosecutors have been going after those accused of perpetuating voter fraud, the final sentences are often produced as a result of plea deals, and thus often lead to little or no jail time.  "The good news is [prosecutors] seem to be more aggressive about going against these kinds of cases," said Ned Jones, deputy director of the Election Integrity Network.  "But the sentencing is ridiculous.  It's not harsh enough."

KT McFarland: We Now Have Hard Evidence Of Election Interference By Intel Agencies In 2016 And 2020.  K.T. McFarland, who served as President Trump's deputy national security advisor under Mike Flynn for the first few months of the Trump administration, told FBN's Maria Bartiromo on Sunday [5/21/2023] that she believes the FBI, CIA, and the intelligence community will try to interfere in the 2024 election to "protect their own hides" by covering up evidence of interference in 2016 and 2020.  "They will absolutely interfere in 2024.  We're not sure how but they will absolutely interfere, not only because they're not going to like whoever the Republican candidate is, but to protect their own hides," McFarland said.  "They knew they were doing stuff wrong.  They knew they were going to be liable for prosecution."  "They can't possibly admit they were wrong because that undercuts their whole reason for being.  So they're going to continue to have this fake narrative and continue to cover up and pretend that nothing bad went on," she said.

Why Kari Lake Couldn't Close the Deal.  The 2022 stolen Arizona governor's election is an ideal template for 2024 — and it is equally a mirror reflection, with all the moving parts, of 2020.  This week, Kari Lake lost, again, in a court that wouldn't have given her a victory had 240,000 citizens signed affidavits saying their ballots were stolen and changed at gunpoint.  The courtroom exhibits may not have swayed the jurists, but those signature mismatches showed plenty of evidence that Kari Lake's election was stolen by a lack of signature verification — and more.  Kari Lake's election is the template for important American elections from now on.  Lake is a massively charismatic MAGA candidate who politicos know has the legs to go the distance.  She handles the press like how a kindergarten teacher handles unruly kids — except the teacher doesn't make the kids look stupid.  Kari does.  Kari lost because she is naturally gifted and could upend established order.  The leftists pulled out all the stops — just like 2020 and, soon, 2024.

This article is very much like an infomercial, but it may be of some benefit.
Closing Signature Verification Loopholes.  In this FIREAXE.ACADEMY presentation we are going to take a critical forensic look at the Arizona Courts ruling regarding the Kari Lake Signature Verification Lawsuit and its dismissal.  I have already narrated the complete Judges ruling and you can listen to my narration [elsewhere].  However, for the sake of education on this critical matter, for use by a wider audience to understand the importance/relevance of this egregious break in our systems, not to mention those who are interested in assuring our elections in the future are safe and secure[,] I am making this particular FIREAXE.ACADEMY session open for all to hear and review.

A lot of Strange Magic going on with voter rolls and registrations lately.  I do not know how it feels to be a Democratic official, to whom the improbable and miraculous seem to be daily occurrences.  Most times, it appears that even if malfeasance is blatantly obvious as a root cause of said miracle, an "Oops," or "Mistakes were made/lessons learned" or similar pablum is enough to extricate said officials or officials from any serious jeopardy.  Then on they go to the next wonderous happening to appear out of the blue.  Excuses, mind you, that would never in a million years fly for the opposition should they find themselves in similar circumstances.  Getting busted on something blatant is a bump in the road to political dominance for Democrats.  It's been a good couple weeks for examples.  The biggest miracle of the week was in the Republican stronghold of Nassau County, New York.

Leftist Reporter Starts Swearing at Press Conference After Kari Lake Shoves the Truth in His Face.  Kari Lake held a press conference on Tuesday following her three-day Maricopa County Superior Court trial fighting Maricopa County's fraudulent mail-in ballot signature verification procedures.  As revealed at trial by Lake's attorneys and Maricopa County's own data, Maricopa County did not accurately verify tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of mail-in signatures; they couldn't possibly have.  Judge Peter A. Thompson again ruled in favor of Defendants late last night, claiming that "level one and level two signature review did take place in some fashion."  This is a complete lie and he knows it.  But it plays into the Democrat Party's integrity-free election plans.  Anything goes.  Everything will be counted.  This is the end of America.  But Democrats want power.

AZ State Senator Borrelli Orders County Supervisors to Comply With SCR1037 Which Bans Foreign Voting Machines in Arizona.  Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli put Arizona County Supervisors on notice this morning with a notice to stop using foreign machines in their elections.  Article 1 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution gives State Legislatures the power to "regulate the 'Times, Places and Manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives.'"  As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The Arizona House and Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, setting official requirements for the use of electronic voting machines in the state and banning the use of those that use foreign components.

Judge Hands Kari Lake Another Loss in Arizona.  A Maricopa County judge on Monday night handed former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake another loss in her latest election lawsuit.  Lake, a Republican and former local news anchor, lost the battleground state governor's race to then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, by roughly 17,000 votes — less than one percentage point — in November.  However, Lake has refused to concede the election and filed a lawsuit over the results, alleging that irregularities in Maricopa County prevented her from winning the county, and disenfranchised Republican voters.  She faced her latest courtroom loss after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson rejected her claims that Maricopa election officials improperly verified the signatures on thousands of ballots, tilting the outcome in the state's largest county that is home to Phoenix against her.

Election Integrity Experts Release Video on Ranked-Choice Voting.  The Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with the Honest Elections Project and Save Our States, has released a video detailing their concerns over the push to implement ranked-choice voting in states and local jurisdictions.  The video features Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, and Trent England, founder and executive director of Save Our States.  Ranked-choice voting is a confusing and chaotic process that forces voters to rank multiple candidates in every race from first to last choice instead of just voting for one candidate.  If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the first-place votes, then the candidate with the least support is eliminated.  Voters who selected that candidate as their number one choice automatically have their votes changed to their second choice, and another round of vote tabulation occurs.

Maryland Election Technology Not Certified, Requiring Immediate Decertification Of Machines.  Election integrity activist Chris Gleason has uncovered information which may show that technology used with Maryland's election machines was never certified, and therefore Maryland election machines must be immediately decertified.

Governor Hobbs Thumbs Nose at Election Integrity and American Manufacturing.  The integrity of our electoral process is vital to maintaining the foundations of democracy.  Reliable and secure voting machines play a crucial role in the faith, trust, and confidence of our elections.  Knowing and understanding this, the Arizona Legislature just passed H.B. 2613, which would have mandated voting machines used in state elections be made in America.  Furthermore, this legislation would have required all those voting machines to have 100% of their parts and components sourced and assembled in the U.S.  Unfortunately for the people of Arizona, Governor Hobbs vetoed the legislation.  In doing so, she turned her back on American manufacturing and election integrity.

Information Warfare in New York.  [Scroll down]  Although there is a question why the algorithms exist in the voter rolls, it is hard to find a legitimate explanation for their presence.  They perform no clear security function, largely because the voter rolls are public and none of the data is masked.  Likewise, the algorithms likely were not designed to optimize database performance.  This is because, if anything, they seriously retard database performance.  Every county official I've spoken with about this subject (they wish to remain anonymous) has stated they had no idea the algorithms existed.  None had seen any sign of their existence.  This raises an important point.  The algorithm relies on CID and SBOEID numbers.  County officials do not have direct access to SBOEID numbers.  They can access them on an as-needed basis.  Therefore, using the data that is normally available to them in their offices, it is literally impossible for any county official to discover the presence of the algorithms.

K.T. McFarland: FBI, DOJ, and CIA rigged the last 2 elections, and they will rig 2024.  Former deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, who worked for General Michael Flynn — unjustly forced from office, offers a chilling and highly realistic view of what we face: a coup by the deep state that they are planning to repeat in 2024 because they don't want their crimes prosecuted by a Republican president and AG.  Speaking with Maria Bartiromo on her Fox Business Network program, McFarland laid out the grim reality that, strangely, does not bother any of the people who rage about "protecting democracy" from Donald Trump.  Kanekoa The Great summarizes her views and presents a two-and-a-half minute clip of her.  I urge you to watch the whole thing, as there is a lot of richness that doesn't make it to this summary.  [Tweet with video clip]

'298,000 Ballots in 36 Hours?': Arizona Trial Exposes Suspicious Election Activity.  Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake just dropped a bombshell regarding election integrity in Arizona as the trial for her lawsuit against Maricopa County continues. [...] The Maricopa County trial commenced Wednesday, placing the spotlight on serious allegations concerning election procedures and the rapid processing of a substantial number of ballots.  Lake's claim takes center stage, accusing Maricopa County of failing to comply with state law by neglecting higher-level signature reviews for early ballots flagged by low-level signature verifiers.  Moreover, questions surrounding the astonishing speed of processing 298,000 ballots within a mere 36 hours have sparked additional concerns about the integrity of the electoral process.  Lake's specific allegation focuses on Maricopa County's failure to perform higher-level signature reviews for early ballots with inconsistent signatures.  According to the claim, instead of conducting the necessary scrutiny, all flagged ballots were counted without further examination.  This alleged non-compliance with state law and election procedures raises fundamental questions about the accuracy and fairness of the electoral process.

President Trump Responds on Pennsylvania's 2020 Election.  Here are just a few examples of how determinative the voter fraud in Pennsylvania was:
  •   71,893 mail-in ballots were returned after Nov. 3, 2020, at 8 p.m., according to Audit the Vote PA.  None of these should have been counted according to the U.S. Constitution and the state Legislature, which didn't approve this change.
  •   10,515 mail-in votes from people who do not exist on the Pennsylvania voter rolls at all.
  •   120,000 excess voters are not yet accounted for by the Pennsylvania Department of State — far more votes than voters!
  •   From 2016 to 2020, during my term as president, Republicans out-registered Democrats 21 to 1.  This translated to a 659,145-vote lead at 12:38 a.m. on election night, with "Trump" up a full 15 points.
  •   Hundreds of thousands of votes were unlawfully counted in secret, in defiance of a court order, while Republican poll watchers were thrown out of buildings where voting took place.
  •   39,771 people who registered to vote after the Oct. 19, 2020, deadline, still voted in the 2020 election — simply not allowed.

Every Registered Voter In Republican-Leaning New York County Turned Democrat After 'Human Error'.  Republican and independent voters in Nassau County, New York, this week were shocked to find out that they had changed parties after all the voter information cards mailed out before an upcoming primary mistakenly identified every voter as a Democrat.  The mistake, which drew condemnation from local Republican leaders, was made by "human error," according to Phoenix Graphics, the company responsible for sending out the voting cards. [...] According to local outlets, there are over 500,000 non-Democrats in the county and the mistake will cost about $300,000.

Printer Error Turns Almost a Million Registered Voters in Nassau County, New York Democrat.  A printer error in Nassau County, New York turned every registered voter in the county Democrat.  The printer reportedly botched over 976,000 voter registration cards and labeled every voter in the county Democrat.  Republicans make up over 60% of registered voters in Nassau County which left many Conservatives in the county feeling absolutely blindsided by the error.  Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told NBC 4 News "We're already starting to get phone calls from people, saying 'I'm a registered Republican, I'm a registered Conservative — how come I'm being identified as a Democrat?  Who changed my registration?'  And they're quite upset about it."

The Editor says...
Isn't it strange that every accident, error, machine malfunction, and coincidence benefits the same political party?

Expert Testifies During Second Day of Kari Lake's Election Contest That 3-Second Signature Verification Was Impossible.  The second of three days scheduled for Kari Lake's second election contest trial, which focused only on signature verification problems, wrapped up on Thursday, with Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson declining to grant the defendant's motion for a directed verdict.  Witness testimony focused on the speed that signature reviewers went over voters' signatures on mail-in ballots, with many reviewers taking less than two seconds to compare signatures to see if they matched.  Lake tweeted after the second day of the trial concluded, "John Hancock was one of our founding fathers.  He was a truly accomplished man.  But the thing we most remember him most for is signing his own name.  A lifetime of service summed up with a signature.  A signature means a lot to this country.  It means nothing to Maricopa County."

The Cataclysm to Come.  [Scroll down]  And it all culminates with the elections in November 2024.  Democrats can win only by cheating, and since they did it successfully in 2020, you can expect them to do it again.  While some election integrity measures have been increased in some states, almost nothing has been done anywhere to require open-source computer programming code of voting machines so we can be assured they are counting votes correctly.  Moreover, nothing has been done to prevent voting machines from being hacked to alter election outcomes.  At this point, the left has become brazenly indifferent as to whether anyone even knows of its cheating.  Court challenges almost always go the leftists' way.  Regardless of who is declared the winner, there will be unrest.  There could be a breakdown in civil order nationwide.  If the left loses, leftists will riot and loot in a replay of the 2020 BLM riots.  If the right loses, this will be a turning point, as we can't go on being lied to and threatened by the left.  Another stolen election will break our country.

We've won the culture war, but that's not enough.  True Americans are fed up with being reviled and forced to accept the vilest things as normal.  But as Joe Biden said, "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."  And no Republican Party organization I am aware of is actually tackling the fraud that the Dems have put in place in Elections and Post offices.  Even Donald Trump, with his focus on personal loyalty, has no interest in hiring people who will actually get the job done.  Jay Valentine has extensively documented the fact that Democrat election fraud has many tentacles, all of which can be chopped off easily by local officials if they are willing to look.  We all know about dead people who vote, and there are some, but not enough, of these votes to swing many elections.  Changed zip codes that allow mail-in ballots to be gathered by a cooperating postal worker for Democrat workers to vote are another tentacle.  Multiple elderly people registered at college frat houses, and empty lots with multiple voters are others.  The list is long and distinguished.  And it points out a simple fact.  We have already won the hearts and minds of most Americans.  The truly radical Left that runs the Democrat Party is a small minority of the population.  As long as candidates "paint in bright colors," the Dems won't have a chance to win the vote.  But they can still put more ballots in the box.

The Fingerprints of Fraud.  The General election of 2020 was perhaps the most contentious election in our country's history.  It was certainly the most contested and displayed the most concerning irregularities.  Since the election, many researchers, election experts, and concerned citizens have performed an unprecedented evaluation of the election procedures and data.  Many have found hard evidence of manipulation and fraud at the state, county, and local levels.  To date, the judicial systems of those locales have been unwilling or unable to give a fair hearing to the findings, leaving our country in a divided condition where a majority of the population no longer trusts the election system.

Rensselaer County Officials Indicted for Civil Rights Conspiracy.  Richard W. Crist, age 55, of Nassau, New York; James R. Gordon, age 42, of North Greenbush, New York; and Leslie A. Wallace, age 35, of Troy, New York, were arrested and arraigned today on an indictment charging them with conspiring to violate the rights of Rensselaer County voters in connection with elections held in 2021.  United States Attorney Carla B. Freedman and Janeen DiGuiseppi, Special Agent in Charge of the Albany Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), made the announcement.  Crist is the Director of Operations for Rensselaer County, Gordon is the Director of the Bureau for Central Services of Rensselaer County, and Wallace works for the Rensselaer County Executive's Office.  The indictment alleges that during local elections held in 2021, Crist, Gordon and Wallace conspired to use their official positions, and actual and apparent authority over Rensselaer County employees, to obtain absentee ballots in voters' names through fraud and intimidation; these voters did not intend to request absentee ballots, nor did they seek voting assistance from Crist, Gordon or Wallace.

Biden DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss Major GOP Election Lawsuit.  The Biden administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss a high-profile case in which Republicans want the court to recognize state legislatures' power to regulate federal elections without interference from state courts, which they say the U.S. Constitution requires.  At issue is the once-obscure independent state legislature doctrine, under which Republicans argue that the Constitution has always directly authorized state legislatures alone to make rules for the conduct of federal elections in their respective states.  Democrats say the doctrine is a fringe conservative legal theory that could endanger voting rights, green-light partisan gerrymandering in the redistricting process, and cause upheaval in the electoral process.  The doctrine is at the heart of a case, Moore v. Harper, that's currently being deliberated by the justices after it was argued in December 2022.

The Editor says...
The case has already been argued, and is now in deliberation.  By demading a particular outcome, the White House is interfering with the operation of the Supreme Court.

2024: The End of Elections — or of Election Fraud?  Try this: Trump's popularity and national fatigue with leftist outcomes — transgender beer, rampant crime, invasion of illegals — and America has enough and gives Trump more votes than the other guy in 2024 — obvious to all.  Then, the election is stolen!  The Trump campaign focuses on not getting screwed with ballot-harvesting — blind to the dozen other forms of fraud coming their way. [...] Election fraud infrastructure is layered and multifaceted — it's not simply about mail-in ballots.  Voter registration time-series data shows the active intercession of governmental election commissions altering data, illegally changing voter rolls, giving non-government, leftist actors illegal access to voter rolls during elections — thus rigging elections.

Trump Takes a Hammer to the Carefully Maintained Delusions Inside the Left-Wing Bubble.  But it is left-wing commentary around the 2020 election that is most fascinating.  Pundits like Anderson Cooper speak about it as if only kooks at the local Elks Lodge would be raving about a rigged election, but because Cooper and Co. live in a left-wing bubble, they don't understand that skepticism around the election is far more pervasive than that.  First of all, you don't have to believe that voting machines were hacked, or that millions of fraudulent ballots were collected and counted, to understand intuitively that the election was rigged.  The very best explanation as to how that happened was delivered by a pro-Biden conspirator at TIME, Molly Ball, who speaks of how a "shadow campaign saved the 2020 election":  ["][T]he participants want the secret history of the of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a fever dream — a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.["]  I'm not sure that her confession was necessary, but the American people believe her.  According to a poll observed in late 2020, 40% of Americans believe the election was "rigged or stolen."  Of note, only 36% disagree would say that it wasn't "rigged or stolen."  The remainder said that they "neither agreed nor disagreed" or "didn't know."  That's hardly a consensus against the "rigged election" theory.  And when you look deeper, it gets more telling.  Of that 36% who disagree that the election was "rigged or stolen," one-in-three find it "understandable" that others would think it was.  What this means is that only one-in-four Americans agrees that the 2020 election was absolutely honest and fair.

Pressed by Judicial Watch, Pennsylvania Cleans Up Its Voter Rolls.  Judicial Watch settled its election integrity lawsuit against Pennsylvania after the commonwealth acknowledged it removed more than 178,000 ineligible registrations on its voter rolls, the watchdog group announced Thursday [5/11/2023].  The settlement commits the commonwealth and five of its counties to publicly reporting the number of registered and eligible voters, both active and inactive, for the next five years.  "[Pennsylvania] also agreed to publish the total number of address confirmation notices sent to registered voters and the number returned as undeliverable or not responded to," according to Judicial Watch, and "the total number of voters removed from the registration rolls on account of death, or for failing to respond to an address confirmation notice and failing to vote in the two most recent federal general elections."  Additionally, Pennsylvania must cover $15,000 in Judicial Watch's legal costs and fees.

IRS, Inmates, Obamacare Eyed in Biden's Get-Out-the-Vote Plan, Liberals Boast in Report.  President Joe Biden's Executive Order 14019, which requires federal agencies to get involved in boosting voter participation, is a little over 2 years old.  However, members of Congress, the press, and watchdog groups unsuccessfully have sought information on how Biden's order is being implemented.  The Justice Department has claimed presidential privilege to shield related documents from release.  Yet, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights spearheaded a "progress report" on implementation of Biden's get-out-the-vote order.  It was joined by more than 50 other liberal organizations, including the SPLC Action Fund (affiliated with the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center), the American Civil Liberties Union, Demos, Public Citizen, and the Sierra Club.  "The executive order is unconstitutional.  States are supposed to be in charge of election laws," Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Monday. "The administration has not been telling the American people what they are doing."

Conservatives, Get Busy Ballot Harvesting Or Get Busy Losing.  Joe Biden has announced he will seek reelection as president.  This comes as he is experiencing the lowest approval ratings of his presidency — 37 percent, according to Gallup.  Former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will almost certainly be the GOP nominee.  The blunt reality, however, is that regardless of who the GOP puts up against Biden, they will lose if the party isn't prepared to get down in the mud and beat the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at their own dirty game:  ballot harvesting. [...] While voter fraud exists, the reality is that there was no massive election fraud, the DNC simply worked harder, played dirtier, bent every rule, and didn't care about how they looked as long as they won.  It is a mentality that the Republican National Committee (RNC) will have to adopt.  In politics, it is better to be a dirty winner than a gracious loser.  So what will winning require in 2024?  The first step is to get meaningful voting integrity legislation passed in time.

Kari Lake Lawsuit: Attorney Kurt Olsen Makes Claim of "Extraordinary Findings of Misconduct" By Maricopa County.  Kari Lake and her attorneys appeared in a Maricopa County Superior Court status conference earlier today outlining the schedule for the remanded fraudulent signature verification claim.  Judge Peter Thompson previously dismissed the lawsuit on Christmas Eve, despite the evidence of massive voter disenfranchisement targeting Republicans and obviously false trial testimony by County Elections officials.  As The Gateway Pundit reported, The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in Lake's favor and remanded the "erroneous[ly]" dismissed signature verification fraud count back to the trial court for further review; however, Maricopa County still refuses to allow her legal team or We The People AZ Alliance to review ballot affidavit signatures from the 2022 Election.

How Corrupt Is Our Current Situation?  It's Worse Than Most Can Fathom.  Everything that preceded the 2020 federal election was a complex system of control by a network of ideologues, federal agencies, allies in the private sector, financial stakeholders and corrupt interests all working toward a common goal.  There's no need to go through the background of how the election was manipulated and how the government and private sector, specifically social media, worked to influence the 2020 outcome because you have all seen it.  Whether it was local election officials working to control outcomes, federal agencies working to support them (CISA, FBI, DHS), financial interests working to fund them (Zuckerberg et al), or social media platforms controlling the visible content and discussion (Twitter Files, Google, Facebook etc.), the objective was all the same.  It was a massive one-sided operation against the freewill of the American voter.  In the aftermath of the 2020 election, those same system operators, govt officials, corporate media, private sector groups and social media platforms then circled the wagons to scatter the evidence of their conduct.  If you questioned anything you were a threat.

Patrick Byrne [Publishes an] Article About Smartmatic.  Overstock founder Patrick Byrne has been fighting to expose massive, widespread voter fraud since the stolen 2020 election.  His latest efforts point to an article from Venezuela of all places that highlights the corruption within Smartmatic, a company that has been at the heart of election scandals... at least it would be if our corporate media did its job.

Arizona Supreme Court Reverses Their Own Major Decision.  Arizona's Supreme Court delivered a slap on the wrist to Republican Kari Lake's attorney on Thursday while demanding one of Lake's core concerns finally get attention.  The good news-bad news ruling came as part of Lake's effort to show that misconduct impacted the 2022 election for the governor of Arizona to the point where the victory of Democrat Katie Hobbs over Lake should be thrown out.  Although Lake has lost most of her court appeals, in March, Arizona's Supreme Court directed a lower court to hold a hearing into Lake's allegation that Maricopa County did not follow its signature verification process in the 2022 election.  That has not yet happened, but it will now.

Savor Trump's Electoral Landslide — Until the Phantoms Vote.  RINOs, psyops, controlled opposition like Breitbart and Fox and the grifter consultant class are selling the narrative that Trump wins the nomination bigly — then takes the Electoral College.  Joe Biden is on wobbly knees, at the edge of the actuarial life chart, leaving America with the most ridiculous replacement president.  His own party doesn't want him to run — but the party owners are stuck with him.  That too favors Trump.  Blissfully count the new Senate majority, the expanding House majority, and the keys to a White House that will finally drain the swamp.  Then, have a coffee, sit down and remember 2022.  That felt great too — until the day after the election.  To become president, Trump must win a bunch of swing states.  To win each state he needs more ballots in his pile than the other guy.  It's baked into the data — which we look at every day — that Trump is not going to win those swing states.  None of them.  It's not his fault.  He will probably get more votes, just not more ballots.

Elon Musk Responds To Jarring Ballot Irregularities In Maricopa County.  Maricopa County's ballot irregularities have been making headlines, and now Elon Musk has added his voice to the conversation.  On Twitter, Musk commented on the strange events surrounding Maricopa County's ballot counting and pointed to the county's inability to provide a chain of custody for a number of ballots, which was twice Kari Lake's opponent's margin of victory.  "Strange", he simply said in response to a few jarring irregularities.

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century.  In February 2021, a long article in Time magazine by journalist Molly Ball celebrated the "Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election." Biden's victory, wrote Ball, was the result of a "conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes" that drew together "a vast, cross-partisan campaign to protect the election" in an "extraordinary shadow effort."  Among the many accomplishments of the heroic conspirators, Ball notes, they "successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears."  It is an incredible article, like an entry from the crime blotter that somehow got slipped into the society pages, a paean to the saviors of democracy that describes in detail how they dismembered it.  Not so long ago, talk of a "deep state" was enough to mark a person as a dangerous conspiracy theorist to be summarily flagged for monitoring and censorship.  But language and attitudes evolve, and today the term has been cheekily reappropriated by supporters of the deep state.

This Red-State Election Reform Is A Big Mistake.  America's descent to hyper-partisanship has led to blindness, especially about our elections.  The Left has become the nothing-to-see-here crowd, where every election is rainbows and butterflies.  They tell us that elections are free from any blemish, any ineligible voters, and any flaws at all.  But the Left's willful blindness is sometimes met with fanciful fears.  Consider the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). [...] After a campaign against ERIC, accusing it of partisanship and refusal to agree to reforms, seven Republican-controlled states left — Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, and West Virginia.  Now, the Texas legislature is considering a bill to withdrawal from ERIC.  No state should leave ERIC until a replacement exists to deal with people registered in multiple states, and that includes Texas.

Democrats Are The Nigerian Princes Of American Politics.  Finally, in 2020 when Americans went to bed with Donald Trump ahead in the polls in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, only to wake up the next morning to find that Democrat-run cities had stopped counting the votes for hours and, then, when they restarted, Biden was magically ahead.  Again, with straight faces, they tell us a guy who couldn't fill a phone booth for his rallies beat a guy whose supporters overflowed football stadiums across the country, and the guys we see on video walking around with flags inside the Capitol on Jan 6th represent the biggest attack on America since 9/11.  The Nigerian Price scammers are pikers when compared to the Democrats.  All they want is to empty someone's bank account.  Democrats want total control over everyone's lives.

Irrefutable Evidence That the 2020 Election Was Stolen.  On The National Security Hour on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network, Dr. Mike Scheuer and Colonel Mike were delighted to have U.S. Air Force Lt.  General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) and auditor/author Joe Freid for a discussion of the manner in which Democratic scoundrels and their lackeys cheated Biden into the presidency in 2020.  Though this is a much-discussed subject, the combination of Mr. [Joe] Freid and General [Thomas] McInerney offers a fresh look at the way human and cyber cheating worked to create the absolutely false impression that Biden won more votes than any other U.S. presidential candidate.  To accept that as truth, of course, you would have to believe that 81 million Americans were ready to vote for a barely animate person whose only accomplishments in life — as was clear then and as is clear now — are successful criminality and deliberate treason.  Mr. Freid's most recent book on the 2020 election, called Debunked, An Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election — and the lessons learned, and especially his discussions therein of the obvious cheating in the swing states, the refusal of the country, state, and federal governments to act on the overwhelming evidence of Democratic cheating, and the assistance the Democrats received from government agencies at all levels and in both Republican and Democratic states is breathtaking.

Michigan Democrat Sentenced For Sabotaging 2020 Election Ballot Box.  Yes, the Mockingbird media continues to claim that there is zero evidence of election fraud during the 2020 election.  Yet, here is just another case in which a Michigan Democrat, who was running for town clerk, sabotaged a ballot box in order to win the primary for her town clerk position.  Kathy Funk, 59, was sentenced Monday to six months house arrest by Michigan 7th Circuit Court Judge Mark Latchana.

Michigan Dem Sentenced To House Arrest For Sabotaging Ballot Box In 2020 Election.  A local official in Flint, Michigan, was sentenced to six months of house arrest Monday for misconduct in office after sabotaging a ballot box in her own election in 2020.  Kathy Funk, a Democrat and former Flint Township Clerk, was accused of breaking a seal on a ballot box to ensure that the votes couldn't be recounted.  Funk must wear an ankle monitor and write a public apology for her actions during the election, the Associated Press reported. [...] After votes were cast in the 2020 primary election for her seat as township clerk, Funk sabotaged the ballot box, making the ballots ineligible for a recount, according to investigators.  There was no recount, even though the township clerk won her primary election by just 79 votes.  She went on to win the general election later that fall.  Funk told police that someone broke into the township hall where the ballots were kept and broke the seal on the ballot box.  At her sentencing, the judge admonished her for her break-in theory, the AP reported.

Florida Scores Huge Win for Free and Fair Elections Over Marc Elias and an Obama Judge.  On Thursday, a panel of the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals handed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a huge victory over Marc Elias, judicial overreach, and industrial strength stupidity.  By a 2-1 decision, with an Obama judge dissenting, the panel upheld nearly all of Florida's overhaul of voting rules in May 2021.  I would call it controversial, but it was only controversial to people whose lives depend upon supporting vote fraud. [...] Because all of this is common sense, it must be racist.  And almost immediately upon Governor DeSantis signing the bill into law, Marc Elias's Democracy Docket sued using the Democrat AstroTurf group, League of Women Voters (this is the kind of thing that can convince a feminist that the 19th Amendment was a bad idea) as a plaintiff.  The suit landed before Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker of the Northern District of Florida, who was appointed by Barack Obama.  So despite Chief Justice John Roberts getting the heebie-jeebies whenever someone comments on who appointed a judge to the bench, that does make a difference.

Pinellas County Elections Officials Refuse To Provide Data Required By Law Which Could Prove Machine Election Fraud.  The Miami Independent has reported for months now on alleged election fraud taking place in the so-called 'free state of Florida'.  Florida is anything but free.  We have highlighted the issue of 'blank ballots' allegedly being produced by election machines and their alleged ability and track record of forging votes unbeknown to the voter.  According to analyst Chris Gleason, this is being done by the machines designating a high percentage of ballots cast as 'blank', and then adjudicating them with software.  We have highlighted the attempt by the GOP-controlled Florida legislature to cover up this alleged fraud by changing legislation (SB 7050) to prevent disclosure of the machine data, which is currently required by Florida law.  Now Pinellas County election officials are refusing to provide election data that is required by law to be released to citizen analysts.  Analyst Chris Gleason has filed court documents to force the release of the reports that could prove machine election fraud on a massive scale.

Virginia Elections Department Discovers Nearly 20,000 Deceased Registered Voters.  The state released a notice last week concerning a Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) update.  Integral to an improvement initiative, the department is making multiple changes to its "current operations, spurred by both feedback from the field as well as internal evaluations of existing processes."  As part of the upgrade, ELECT has "streamlined the reporting of voters who are known to be deceased."  Going forward, family members will be able to report the death of a relative directly to their general registrar.  And a national database will allow registrars to verify deaths out of state.  Previously, "general registrars experienced difficulties confirming the death of Virginia voters who died in out-of-state hospitals or facilities."  The change seems especially important, given a major Department of Elections confession.  Apparently, administrators haven't been sticklers for accuracy.

Judge Rejects Arizona AG's Attempt to Revoke Elections Agreement With County Recorder.  An Arizona judge has rejected state Attorney General Kris Mayes's attempt to terminate an agreement between Cochise County and the county recorder in a Thursday ruling.  The agreement, which was drafted in February 2023, permits the Cochise County's recorder to be granted control over "almost all of the powers and duties of the election conferred by statute upon the Cochise County Board of Supervisors," the document states.  After the initial agreement was written, Mayes filed a lawsuit in March on behalf of Arizona against the three Cochise County supervisors and the county recorder, citing that the agreement violates the Arizona Constitution and Arizona law, according to the documents filed.

Fried: Here Is the Rot in the Fox-Dominion Settlement.  When Jeff Zucker ran CNN, he famously had company-wide conferences every weekday morning at 9 a.m., and he would instruct his TV personalities regarding the appropriate messaging for the day.  Some employees lamented the straitjacket.  For example, CNN media coordinator Nick Neville candidly expressed hope that CNN "could let the news people decide the news and have the executives stay out of it."  Fox News does not use the CNN approach.  For example, the views of Tucker Carlson on the Ukraine war are diametrically opposite the views of Sean Hannity, and it is also clear that people at Fox had differing views about the 2020 election. [...] This morning I saw a few minutes of MSNBC (my limit) and heard Joe Scarborough wonder if Carlson will now have to stop questioning issues related to the Jan. 6 "insurrection."  That is wishful and rather obtuse thinking.  The Dominion-Fox case was very narrowly focused on the claims of Powell and one particular voting machine vendor.  The issues of election fraud and the Jan. 6 riots are immensely larger.  Unfortunately, people like Scarborough may try to use the Fox settlement as an argument for the increased censorship of anyone who questions the validity of any aspect of the 2020 election or its aftermath.  That could affect people like me because, when I appear on a radio show or podcast, I itemize numerous irrefutable facts that call into question the validity of the 2020 election.  I plan to continue.

After Englebrecht and Phillips Publish Proof of Election Data Compromise, Konnech Corp Drops Lawsuit Against True the Vote.  Last year, True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht and election data security analyst, Gregg Phillips, were held in contempt of court and placed in jail for failing to outline the participant sources in a 2020 hotel discussion that revealed a Konnech Corporation election data compromise that was transmitted to Chinese networks.  Eventually a higher court dismissed the contempt charge and forced the release of Englebrecht and Phillips, but the lawsuit brought by Konnech against them continued.  On Monday Englebrecht and Phillips dumped the Konnech election data into open public source format showing the scale of the election security compromise.  On Tuesday, Konnech dropped the lawsuit against Englebrecht, True The Vote and Phillips.

Gov. Youngkin's Election Officials to Remove 19K Dead People from Virginia Voter Rolls.  Election officials, appointed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), are set to remove nearly 19,000 dead voter registrants from Virginia's voter rolls.  This week, Virginia Department of Elections Commissioner Susan Beals, appointed by Youngkin last year, announced that close to 19,000 dead registrants were recently discovered on the state's voter rolls.  The dead registrants were found after officials reviewed death records from the Virginia Department of Health dating back to 1960 that were not previously shared.

Fox News Settles Dominion Voting Systems Defamation Lawsuit for $787 Million.  The trial of Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit against Fox News was to start today.  When the opening statements were delayed by several hours, I suspected there was a last minute settlement.  And there was.

Arizona House Expels Republican Legislator Liz Harris After She Presented Witness Who Alleged Crimes by Officials.  The Arizona House voted 46-13 to expel State Rep. Liz Harris (R-Chandler) on Wednesday after conducting an investigation into her bringing a witness to testify to the Senate Elections Committee, who accused legislators and other public officials of committing crimes.  Jacqueline Breger told the committee that Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, State House Speaker Ben Toma (R-Peoria) and others executed fraudulent deeds as part of a bribery scheme involving the Sinaloa drug cartel, along with other accusations.  Various legislators say that Harris was not truthful when she said she did not know what Breger was going to say.  But Harris told The Arizona Sun Times it wasn't that she didn't know about the criminal accusations — she had instructed Breger only to address election integrity.

Can We Do Anything About America's Decline?  America's former strength — the most transparent, accurate, and trustworthy elections in the world — have descended into its greatest liability.  In the space of a mere eight years, and especially in reaction to radical political changes made under the cover of the COVID lockdown, we have gone from 70 percent of the electorate in most states voting on election day to a mere 30 percent.  Yet the ballot rejection rate somehow diminished, with the flood of non-Election-Day ballots that overwhelmed accustomed audit and verification.  Election night is a mere construct.  It is mostly meaningless.  Local, state, and federal election results are stalled and descend into days, weeks, and sometimes even months of bickering, counter charges of ballot tampering and fraud, ballot harvesting and curing, and a loss of confidence in the integrity of the final result.

2020 election: The evidence of fraud is abundant!  Why aren't people talking about the 2020 election anymore?  Is it old news?  Millions of us believe it was rigged — which raises the question: Why vote again if the system is rigged?  On Nov. 3, 2020, our votes for president were counted.  Our choices were 1) pro-abortion (senile) Joe Biden who drew no crowds to his rallies and stayed in his basement, and 2) pro-life (energetic) incumbent Donald Trump who drew huge crowds to his rallies and who in only four years had boosted our economy, lowered unemployment, strengthened our military and protected our borders.  The choice was a no brainer.  We watched the count reported on TV.  Trump won.  In the middle of the night, however, everything mysteriously changed.

School board throws out duly elected member, claiming election as an error.  A lawsuit has erupted in Wisconsin after Eric Meadows was elected to a three-year term on the Kenosha Unified School District board, and then after the election he was told it was for a one-year term only.  The Thomas More Society said the controversy developed when a Wisconsin Elections Commission worker said there was a clerical error in the vote.  Now the society has filed a petition in Kenosha County's Wisconsin Circuit Court that details how the public school district insisted Meadows vacate his seat after only a year in office, despite being elected to a three-year term.  Orders from the district came on Feb. 1, 2023, that Meadows vacate his seat.

Envelopes.  Nothing, not one single thing about candidates, debates, endorsements, media support, branding, imaging, leadership, effectiveness, policy, polling, communications, digital outreach, social media platforms, rallies or love of country matters in the 2024 election.  None of it matters.  The outcome of the 2024 presidential contest will be determined by only one thing:  ENVELOPES!  That's it.  That's the sum total of what matters.  Envelopes containing ballots. [...] Debates don't matter.  Did you forget Arizona 2022?  Katie Hobbs giggled when asked about why no debates.  Candidates don't matter.  Did you forget Pennsylvania 2022?  When grunge clad, hoodie-wearing, John Fetterman promoted pancake syrup as the best solution to the Medicare crisis (or something equally as [...] crazy from his compromised mental state).  Rally size doesn't matter.  Did you forget the Biden campaign audiences that could fit into one mid-sized SUV?  Qualifications do not matter.  Intelligence, policy, legislative accomplishments, executive experience, success or lack thereof in any life endeavor, NONE of this matters.  All of these former aspects of the political industry are gone, they have absolutely no bearing on the outcome of federal elections.  The only reason these insufferable discussions still exist is to maintain the illusion of a political business that generates money.

Two More Reasons Why The GOP Has No Chance In 2024.  The GOP has done virtually nothing to prevent the 2024 election from being rigged in the same manner the 2020 election was rigged.  What's the plan to prevent regime-media/Big-Tech censorship?  What's the plan to combat "Zuckerbucks" and copycat Zuckerbuckers?  What's the plan to compete in vital swing-states where election-day has been replaced with a month(s)-long ballot-harvesting contest?

Biden is the most amoral President in US history.  Biden is a dim bulb and the people who engineered his installation as president surely knew that.  Whoever his handlers are, they committed many serious crimes, many breaches of the Constitution, to rig the election, secure in the knowledge that "they," whoever they are, would be running the show.  They surely knew that Biden is a schlump, an empty suit, a man without a moral core; a man they could manipulate and manipulate him they certainly have.  There is more than enough proof that Biden is indebted to China; his family has been fabulously enriched by the CCP's purchase of his servility. [...] Biden will go down in history as the most corrupt, the most nationally and globally disastrous and the dumbest President in American history.

Why 2020 still matters and what to do about it now.  Imagine what things might have been like had the 2020 election been honest. [...] All it took was a manufactured virus that could be used to spread fear and justify suspension of nearly every Constitutional right for almost two years.  Most importantly, it would justify use of near universal voting by mail.  As I wrote in a prior article, a thirty-year-old law had prepared the ground for massive election fraud by enabling the accumulation of invalid voter roll entries — ghost voters — throughout the nation.  Voting by mail allowed these ghost voters to be mobilized to vote for the candidates of the Left.  Because the chain of custody was destroyed by the vote by mail process, millions of votes could be generated, inserted into the election system and counted just like legitimate votes with virtually no risk of discovery.

Idaho Takes An Axe To Ranked-Choice Voting In Elections, And North Dakota And Arizona Could Follow Suit.  Idaho scored a major win for election integrity last month by banning the use of ranked-choice voting (RCV) in elections, with North Dakota and Arizona potentially following suit.  On March 24, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed HB 179, which prohibits county election offices from using "ranked choice voting or instant runoff voting to conduct an election or nomination of any candidate in this state for any local government, statewide, or federal elective office."  The bill passed the Idaho House of Representatives (56-12) and Senate (28-7) earlier last month.  Under RCV, which critics often refer to as "rigged-choice voting," voters rank candidates in order of preference.  If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes in the first round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his votes are reallocated to the voter's second-choice candidate.  Such a process continues until one candidate receives a majority of votes.  In addition to Idaho, South Dakota banned the use of ranked-choice voting last month.  Florida and Tennessee also passed similar bans last year.

Is 2024 Only A Mirage?  Will the Democrats again attempt to rig the elections as Biden did in 2020?  Some may say, "We won't let them do that again this time around."  But that assumes they will even care whether you witness their cheating in 2024, which, in turn, denies the truth that, at this point, they have become completely indifferent as to whether anyone even knows of their cheating any more.  This was clearly demonstrated in 2022 with the otherwise inexplicable upset of Kari Lake in Arizona and the equally inexplicable victory of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

Kari Lake claims 2024 candidates who do not believe her election was stolen is 'a big red flag'.  Former GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has argued it is a "big red flag" if any 2024 Republican presidential candidate does not believe her 2022 contest was stolen from her.  "I ask you that every candidate who comes through — when they stand on this stage, when they're shaking your hand, when they're walking through town, taking your questions — that you ask them where they stand on election integrity," Lake said at a GOP event in Nevada, Iowa on Thursday, according to the Hill.  "And I think you should get even more specific, 'Was the 2022 election for governor in Arizona stolen?'  And if they won't say 'Absolutely, yes,' that's a big red flag.  That's a big red flag.  Ask all of them."

Donald Trump, Tiberius Gracchus, And America's Imminent End.  [Scroll down]  America has become a tyranny where the people in power no longer feel the need to seek validation from the citizens.  They decide on the outcome and manipulate the numbers to produce the result without even a fig leaf hiding their disdain for citizens.  Whether it was Bernie Sanders in 2016, Donald Trump in 2020, or Kari Lake in 2022, the Democrat party and its entrenched government comrades have decided they no longer need to subject themselves to the will of the citizenry and, if anyone objects, they use the judiciary to crush that person.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Marred by Yet Another Voting Machine Malfunction.  Another contentious election, another voting machine controversy.  As reported by local Fox affiliate WLUK, a voting machine in Green Bay broke down and needed to be replaced during Tuesday's election.  "City clerk Celestine Jeffreys said the machine at the Green Bay Botanical Garden wasn't working," WLUK reported.  "Backup machines also did not work."  The city had to borrow a voting machine from Brown County.  "Those machines had been serviced, so we have to take a much more close look after this election as to whether or not we need to purchase new machines and exactly how we can ensure that that doesn't happen again," Jeffreys said.  "It's the same problem we've been having at that ward for a couple of different election cycles."

The Editor says...
Oops!  The voting machines malfunctioned, and the leftist won the election.  Where have I heard that before?

Missouri County Goes Completely Machine-Free with Paper Ballots Only — Massive Win for Election Integrity.  There is now one place in America that will no longer have to worry about faulty machines plaguing our elections.  Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and one of America's foremost election integrity advocates, made a historic announcement on Frank TV yesterday that Osage County, Missouri became the first place in America to completely ditch machine voting and move exclusively to hand-counting election results.  Make no mistake:  this is a game-changer for election integrity.  Osage County is not alone.  Several counties across the US are moving to paper ballots.  Shasta County in California voted to go to paper ballots recently.  And Nye County in Nevada counts ballots by hand now.

Republicans Need a Tech Manhattan Project.  Republicans are burdened with obsolete infrastructure in both national voter integrity organizations and national party apparatus, that desperately fears change.  They are happier losing than changing. [...] Republicans have no shortage of national voter integrity organizations.  The Fractal team had calls with over a dozen.  In every case, they were completely cool with current technology — ancient SQL-based databases — to fight voter fraud even though it failed in the last two major elections.  They are about donors and Zoom calls — not winning elections.  We showed them tech innovation and they did not want to see it! [...] In the Kari Lake election, you see the elected voter commission changed people's zip codes when ballots were mailed out.  Voters didn't get them — but someone did!  In Nevada, 4,000 or more people are allowed to register at vacant lots!  There were 1,000, then over the 90-day time series (invisible to all current tech from current voter integrity orgs), the number grew to 4,000 as the 2022 election approached.

Exposed: RICO Election Crimes in Washington State.  If you think that the Organized Racketeering (RICO) Elections Crimes being exposed around the country (Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and other states etc.) are not happening in Washington State, then you are sadly mistaken.  We are on to them, and are finding many ways the criminals are illegally manipulating (stealing) our elections.  As just one example, to see how large scale and serious the election fraud is in our state, go to the Federal Election Commission Website [elsewhere], on the left side of the page type in ANY Zip code in the provided field, and Not Employed in the Employer filter.  You will then see a screen of the names of the Contributors, notice the vast majority of their donations (.01 to $20) end up going to ActBlue (Dem Operatives).  The problem being, the record reflects that many of the individual donors are EACH donating, in many cases, hundreds or THOUSANDS of times between 01/01/2021 and 12/31/2022.

How Was ERIC Used to Steal Elections?  Keeping America's voter rolls "up to date" seems a worthy mission for a non-profit.  That's why 30 states signed up (at one point) to use this supposedly "non-partisan" system.  It turns out that ERIC was not really a "non-partisan" system of course — since it was used by Democrats to cheat in our recent elections.  How was ERIC used maliciously in recent elections exactly?  In a bombshell report, Hayden Ludwig has uncovered records full of coordination between state election officials using ERIC and Mark Zuckerberg's Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) going back to 2020.  Emails showed election officials in Georgia and Rhode Island sharing voter information from ERIC with Zuckerberg's Democrat activists.  Georgia elections officials actually sent ERIC data to CEIR to generate a list of eligible-but-unregistered individuals (to target with registration mailers) that was sent back to ERIC and then sent along to Georgia!  In other words, ERIC was a Democrat activist group pretending to be a non-partisan voting rights organization.

AZ Senate Elections Committee Chair Senator Wendy Rogers Fires Off Public Records Request to Inspect Maricopa County 2022 Ballot Signatures.  Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers demanded an opportunity to inspect "the affidavit envelopes and signature exemplars from Maricopa County records used in the 2022 election" from the Maricopa County Recorder earlier today [4/3/2023].  Senator Rogers, Chairwoman of the Arizona Senate Elections Committee, fired off the following tweet with a photocopy of her new public records request.  [Tweet]  Maricopa County refuses to provide Kari Lake's legal team with the allegedly fraudulent ballot signatures.  This is despite a recent ruling from the Arizona Supreme Court ordering the trial court to reconsider the issue of signature verification fraud.  Senator Rogers' public records request for "legislative purposes" comes after Maricopa County denied a similar request from Kari Lake's legal team.

Stolen Election Confirmed Again.  Audio recordings from a 1977 interview detailing how the late President Lyndon Johnson stole the 1948 Senate contest in Texas were posted this week on the archival website of the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. [...] When the polls closed in the hotly contested race between Johnson and Texas Governor Coke Stevenson in 1948, it appeared that Johnson's political career was essentially over.  He had lost a previous race for the Senate in 1941, and this second loss probably meant that Johnson would be a mere footnote to history.  In the days following the election, however, it was announced that some uncounted votes had been found in a ballot box, known as Box 13, which, amazingly enough, were all for Johnson, except for two votes, enough to swing the election from Stevenson to Johnson by a margin of only 87 votes — out of over one million cast.  Mark Lawrence, the director of the LBJ Library, said that later research conducted by Robert Caro, who wrote a multi-volume biography of Johnson, including The Path to Power, "essentially reaffirmed" Mangan's 1977 story and built on it.

LBJ's stolen election.  The Associated Press has an interesting walk down memory lane this week discovered in a set of tapes that were donated to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum last summer.  On the tapes, a former South Texas election judge told a reporter that the 1948 Texas Senate primary election was stolen in favor of LBJ and he described exactly how it was done.  Democratic officials "found" some extra votes for Johnson in a box that became known as "box 13." [...] As I suggested at the top, the method of election fraud used in 1948 isn't much different than stories that we sometimes hear in the modern era.  We still have election officials "finding" boxes of ballots at the last moment.  Some of those may turn out to be completely legitimate votes while others seem far more suspicious.  Look no further than the boxes of ballots found in an election official's car putting Al Franken over the top in the 2008 election.  So when you see things like that happening, don't be cowed into silence by claims that it's all a conspiracy theory.  Demand transparency.

Forget 2,000 Mules; O'Keefe Points to 2,000 Donors.  Remember the documentary 2,000 Mules, where it was alleged that Democrats were illegally stuffing drop boxes by hiring agents to drop off ballots in the middle of the night?  Well, turns out that's not the only way Democrats have been manipulating elections.  James O'Keefe brings a new allegation of illegal campaign work.  This time via donations.

NY Citizens' Voter Audit Challenges Blue-State Hegemony.  When you first hear about the group New York Citizens Audit (NYCA), you wonder why it took so long for regular citizens to start scrutinizing their own voting rolls. [...] Whatever happens, it's clear that NYCA has started a movement of the people to ask questions and demand answers.  Their goal is an end-to-end audit of the voting process, from voter registration to certification of results.  [Marly] Hornik sees their work as a way forward, toward exposing the corruption of what she calls "blue state regimes."  She concluded:  ["]The Democrats have put their stake in the ground here. ... In the minds of the vast majority of Americans, New York is just crazy.  People in New York are nuts, and they vote for this.  But when you say "New York is gone forever.  California is gone forever.  Illinois and New Jersey are gone forever.  Looks like Arizona's on the fence.  Pennsylvania's gone forever"...you realize they'll never win again in the Electoral College.  So supporting this effort in New York State is actually a national issue for anyone that's interested in ever electing another conservative president.["]

Voter Suppression Is Real And It's Not What You Were Told.  Luzerne County was coal country and once a Democrat stronghold, before Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, when the county voted Republican.  The county's election administration in 2022 was, according to the lawsuit, a "catastrophic failure."  More than 40 precincts had an insufficient number of ballots, many running out early in the morning on Election Day.  The county implausibly blamed high voter interest, but Pennsylvania law requires counties to have enough ballots for every registered voter.  Election workers were sent scrambling to office supply stores for paper, and were left untrained for the disastrous day.  A court had to intervene to allow a few more hours of voting.  Judge Lesa Gelb wrote in her order, "Voters in Luzerne County through no fault of their own, were disenfranchised and denied the fundamental right to vote."  Left-wing groups pressured the county election board to certify the election results, even though the first vote to certify failed to pass.  The county election board bowed to the pressure.

Maricopa County Superior Court Rescinds Order Setting Dates for Kari Lake's Ballot Signature Fraud Challenge.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a Minute Entry on Saturday, rescinding his previous order outlining the schedule for supplemental memorandums of law and oral argument.  As The Gateway Pundit reported, Thompson, last Thursday, issued a new order, setting the schedule for review of Kari Lake's signature verification challenge after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the trial court must reconsider this issue.

Was Massive Vote Fraud Confirmed with a Fishtail?  Sometimes fraud is so far beyond the pale, so egregious, that it is difficult to accept that it happened.  But evidence can be too blatant to explain away, especially when two totally different sources of information confirm the existence of the very same fraudulent activity.  Such a convergence of evidence occurred in the 2020 election.  An explosive allegation was made: In Pima County, thirty-five thousand (35,000) votes had been added to each Democrat candidate in the election, including Joe Biden.  The allegation was made anonymously by someone claiming that he or she met with Democrat Pima County election officials on September 10, 2020, where a plan to rig the vote was hatched. [...] What does it mean?  It appears extremely likely that those extra 35,000 votes were dumped into certain Pima county precincts, and/or votes were switched between the two presidential candidates.  Adding in the 35,000 phony ballots is what made the turnout rates so high and caused Biden to win the state.

Meet the Young Attorney Who May Have Saved Kari Lake's Election Challenge.  Ryan Heath is a 31-year-old new attorney in Arizona who started The Gavel Project, an "anti-woke nonprofit" that fights for "civil liberties on behalf of victims suffering from the abuses of woke ideologues."  He's filed and threatened lawsuits over masks, CRT, and mutilating children in the name of "affirmative care."  In January, unlike most "conservative" attorneys who run from cases involving voter disenfranchisement of Republicans, due to the risk of being disbarred by left-wing dominated state bars, Heath jumped right in and sued the judge who dismissed Kari Lake's election contest with a writ of mandamus.  He demanded that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson vacate his ruling and award the election to Lake.  Heath relied on Reyes v.  Cuming, a 1997 Arizona case involving similar circumstances, where voters' signatures on the ballot envelopes were not compared to the voter registration list, which violated a non-technical statute so the court held it was material.  Strangely, the Reyes case was mysteriously suppressed from legal research, so it was almost impossible to find until Heath stumbled on it.

Dominion's Weak Case Against Fox.  The mainstream press has reacted predictably in recent weeks after Fox News's internal communications and witness depositions were disclosed in Dominion Voting Systems' defamation lawsuit against the network.  Blinded by resentment at Fox's success as an alternative media voice, many media organizations offered a distorted narrative — largely parroting Dominion's spin — that the disclosures doom Fox's legal defense.  Commentators from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and other outlets, gleeful at the prospect of a Fox setback, cheer on as the defamation case heads toward a trial date.  But the real significance of the disclosures is exactly the opposite of what these media outlets claim.  Two things are clear:  First, if the applicable law is faithfully applied, the facts completely upend Dominion's defamation claim against Fox.  [Paywall]

Jenna Ellis Settles Her Ethics Complaint, Saving Herself But Damaging Trump and Election Integrity.  The left is upping the lawfare against conservatives, even attempting to prosecute them, as they proceed to indict former President Donald Trump.  The 65 Project was specifically created to disbar conservative election attorneys.  Any election attorney who dares to get involved in litigation regarding the botched 2020 presidential election, or other elections like Arizona's 2022 midterm where Republican voters were disenfranchised, risks losing their license to practice law due to left-wing dominated state bars.  The 65 Project filed a legal ethics complaint against Trump's former attorney Jenna Ellis in her home state of Colorado a year ago, demanding discipline — including possible disbarment — for public statements she made defending Trump and his efforts to combat election fraud.

Election System Discovered — Used in Multiple States — Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Govt Agencies.  A team of election experts in New Mexico uncovered an election system that is being used in that state and multiple other states that do not comply with election laws.  Election experts in New Mexico established that the post-election canvass reports in all 33 New Mexico Counties are being illegally prepared.  Complete election records are being uploaded to an uncertified, centralized software under the control of the Secretary of State (SOS) called SERVIS, which is then used to create the official election results.  Use of any uncertified software for this part of the election process is a violation of federal and state law.  And according to state law, the SOS is not to have access to the complete election record from any county until the election has been certified.

Kari Lake on the verge of conquering the hell that is election impropriety.  Over the years, Arizona has been in the hot seat for mismanaged and questionable election processes — there's probably not a more well-known county in America than "Maricopa."  Highly-suspicious problems on election day that disproportionately (or entirely?) affect Republican voters and candidates, especially when they occur consistently would indicate the potentiality of a scam; [...] Lake and her legal team alleged that under the direction of Democrat Adrian Fontes, the Maricopa County Recorder's office failed to follow the law during the signature verification process for mail-in ballots.  The overwhelming number of potentially problematic ballots has the possibility to alter the victor of the governor's race, and if these ballots are in fact fraudulent or invalid, the installation of Katie Hobbs could transcend plausible speculation and become proven fact in a court of law.

Arizona Supreme Court Greenlights Review Of Kari Lake Election Fraud Claim.  The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday a lower court must review one of gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake's election challenges that alleged a ballot counting issue.  Lake lost the election to current Gov. Katie Hobbs by approximately 17,000 votes but has challenged the results.  Lake has argued that a ballot printer issue and the application of signature verification processes in Maricopa County were to blame.  A court of appeals denied Lake's request for review in February to toss ballots she alleges were riddled with errors, thus overturning the results of the election.  Lake's team argues that Republican voters were disadvantaged in Maricopa County because the chain of custody for ballots was improper, according to KOLD.

Auditing Biden's 'Victory'.  I've never heard of Joseph Fried before, and it was only a few days ago that I became aware of his four-month-old book Debunked: A Professional Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election.  But it turns out that this veteran MBA and CPA, who recently retired from his own auditing firm and now writes at Substack, has given us what must surely be the definitive work on the topic.  Having "professionally conducted and reviewed hundreds of audits," he brings his decades of experience in that field to bear on the administration of the 2020 presidential election in each of the six swing states that were awarded to our current dotard-in-chief, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.  Throughout the book, Fried's objective is to "analyze the major claims of fraud or irregularity, the credibility of those claims, the available evidence, and the threshold audit standards the states applied, or should have applied, relative to those claims."

Arizona Supreme Court Sends Essential Part of Kari Lake Election Lawsuit Back To Trial Court.  The Arizona Supreme Court issued a new order on Wednesday, sending a key piece of Kari Lake's Election lawsuit back to the trial court for further review.  "IT IS ORDERED denying review of issues one through five and seven.  The Court of Appeals aptly resolved these issues, most of which were the subject of evidentiary proceedings in the trial court, and Petitioner's challenges on these grounds are insufficient to warrant the requested relief under Arizona or federal law," states the order. [...] As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Kari Lake's lawsuit went to trial in the Maricopa County Superior Court on the issues of missing ballot chain of custody and Election Day machine failures.  The issues regarding fraudulent mail-in ballots and signature verification were tossed and were not considered in trial.

There Are Compelling Pragmatic Considerations Behind Supporting Trump Or DeSantis.  [M]any patriots respect both Trump and DeSantis and would gladly vote for either man.  But they also think that without election integrity, it does not matter whom the Republican party nominates for president.  They believe Democrats plan to steal the 2024 presidential election just as they did in 2020.  And through it all, they are convinced that the UniParty GOP will have done little to nothing before, during, or after.  Patriots must contact their local and state GOPs and ask what they are actively doing to promote fair and honest elections. [...] Many local and state GOPs form election integrity committees that rarely or never hold meetings.  Instead, these committees were created primarily to make Republicans think the GOP is doing something.  Then the GOP uses the nearly non-existent election integrity committee for fundraising.

Fulton County, Georgia, is also contemplating lawfare to derail Trump's presidential run.  Fulton County, of course, is one of the counties in which vote counting stopped for six hours in the middle of the night after the election.  Going into that six-hour pause, Trump was in the lead.  Coming out of it, Biden was in the lead.  There were other significant irregularities in Fulton County, all of which the political establishment protected from any investigation.  And of course, that's all Trump was asking for: An investigation.  Anyone with more than a handful of active brain cells understands that there wasn't some devious plot to undermine elections in Georgia.  Instead, it was a request for an investigation, something that the Georgia political system wanted to block at all costs.  What we're witnessing here, two and a half years after the election, is not the rule of law playing out.  Instead, we're seeing a determined effort to use the legal system to prevent a strong opponent of the Democrat party from running for office.

Biden's Plan to Rig the 2024 Election for Democrats.  Roughly two years ago, President Biden issued an executive order that went relatively unnoticed and has been mostly forgotten by now, but which endangers the integrity of our elections.  Executive Order 14019 instructs federal agencies, some of which are unrelated to election administration, to collaborate with external private groups to "promote voter registration and voter participation."  As innocuous as this sounds on its face, the White House is emulating billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's efforts to influence the 2020 election and turning it into a publicly-funded operation.  That's right:  who needs Zuckerbucks when taxpayers like you can fund Democrat voter outreach?  And before you say that's unconstitutional, since when has that mattered to the radical left that feels entitled to power and will do anything to preserve it?

A Gigantic Egg All Over Brad Raffensperger's Face.  Last week, when Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger publicly supported ERIC after it was tossed out of Florida, West Virginia, and Missouri, we issued the Raffensperger Challenge.  The Raffensperger Challenge is the application of Fractal analysis to any entity that currently uses ERIC.  This week, we finished the first, in Washoe County, Nevada.  Brad Raffensperger says anyone outing ERIC is "extremist."  Today, two more extremists joined in: the secretaries of state of Iowa and Ohio.  Looks like lots of extremists showing up for work.  Is there anyone in politics who believes that elected officials in the two most benign states of Iowa and Ohio are extremist?

The coming Trump arrest is a very dangerous power play.  The economy was booming, China was being constrained, illegal immigration was diminishing, peace was blossoming in the Middle East, and there were no new wars or concentration camps.  Something needed to be done.  Enter COVID.  Democrats use COVID to shut down the economy, close schools, censor speech, and institute mail-in balloting that, in many states, was illegal according to their own constitutions.  Most significantly, they use the self-inflicted death of a felon with major heart disease who'd taken fatal levels of illegal drugs as an excuse to launch the BLM revolution.  And it was a revolution, designed to overthrow the government through hysterical racial division and attacks on America's infrastructure: cities burned, and activists targeted the White House, law enforcement, and the federal judiciary.  The election results are ludicrous.  A hugely successful president who managed rallies with tens of thousands of people despite COVID and who had caused significant numbers of minorities to cross to his side lost to a corrupt, demented, racist, and very stupid puppet who campaigned from his basement, in an election riddled with manifest problems, everything from mail-in voting (with all the evidence and envelopes immediately and illegally destroyed), to counting stoppages in the middle of the night.

Report: Leftist Groups Have a Billion to Spend Influencing Elections and Voting Procedures in 2024.  Left wing groups have a fortune to spend on election and voting procedures in 2024, which means what began in 2020 is only going to get worse.  This is not money that will be spent on campaign ads.  It will be spent on vote harvesting, election workers, getting out the vote, and mail-in voting.  This is what worked for Democrats in 2020 and 2022.  They are not going to drop these methods, they are doubling down on them.

Legacy Media Ignored Voting Irregularities in 2020 Election.  From "Russiagate" to the origin of COVID; from Hunter Biden's laptop to the efficacy of masks; and from Critical Race Theory "only being taught in law schools" to the "security" of our southern border, everyone now knows (including those who know but aren't unhappy about it) that the media have devolved, on issues with a political dimension, into propagandists for Democrats and the woke.  But there's another issue, indirectly related to the Fox case, that the media have bungled ... by ignoring it almost completely:  the many anomalies that attended the 2020 election results.  None of these anomalies turn on questions related to the Dominion machines, but instead, like those here, here, and here, raise compelling questions about the bizarre nature of the vote patterns by time of day, historical results, and multiple other metrics.  Virtually none of the legacy media examined or even reported on these baffling anomalies, instead suggesting that all challenges to the vote were "misinformation," and that all such that went to trial were thrown out by the courts. (That the courts rejected almost all of these cases on procedural grounds without even considering the merits is rarely if ever acknowledged in media accounts.)

Democrat Activist To Resign From Voter Roll Operation After Pressure From GOP States.  After Missouri, Florida, and West Virginia announced their withdrawal from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) last week, nonvoting board member and founder David Becker tweeted that he would not accept renomination to ERIC's board.  As previously reported by The Federalist, ERIC markets itself as a voter roll management system used by at least 30 states and the District of Columbia.  It operates under the guise of helping states update their voter rolls by removing dead and duplicate registrants and comparing data with other member states.  But ERIC does more to inflate state voter rolls than clean them, as it requires member states to engage in partisan voter registration outreach.  Becker founded ERIC in 2012, but later changed his role to be a nonvoting member of ERIC's board.

Elections Have Consequences; Stolen Elections Have Catastrophes.  "Put the adults back in charge," they whined.  "Donald Trump will break the world," they lied.  Well, they manipulated election rules to certify suspicious vote totals that preposterously portrayed senile Joe Biden as the most popularly elected president in history; censored and locked up anyone who complained; and covered up their crimes with J6 show trials drenched in untruths meant to hide from history the Uniparty's underhanded machinations in outright stealing a presidential election.  The whole mess was so banana-republic-yucky that Biden was inaugurated behind barbed wire and a show of military force befitting the small junta who attended the successful coup's celebration.  And as a result of the Uniparty's installation of Dementia Joe as White House marionette, the American people have been plagued with crime, inflation, political persecution, COVID tyranny, deadly battlefield retreat, open borders, staggering drug deaths, proxy wars, bankruptcies, bank runs, endless new regulations, a plummeting standard of living, economic panic, and social volatility.

Whistle Blower Speaks Up On Illegal Ballots In 2020 Election.  A former top election watchdog in Florida who was fired for citing misconduct among Orange County officials is coming forward with more to say about the alleged mishandling of ballots in the battleground state.  Brian Freid, a whistleblower and former information systems director for the Orange County Supervisor of Elections, submitted an affidavit with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement alleging he witnessed a "gross lack of governance, oversight, rules, ethical standards, and regulations" in the handling of ballots during the 2020 presidential election.

Media Slander GOP States as 'Conspiracy Theorists' for Rejecting Voter Database that Compels Pro-Democrat Outreach.  After Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia announced last week that they would be withdrawing from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a leftist-controlled group that fuels partisan voter outreach under the guise of simple voter roll maintenance, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media have been quick to label such states' concerns as conspiracy theories.  As previously reported by The Federalist, ERIC markets itself as a voter roll maintenance organization made up of over 30 states and the District of Columbia.  It was started by partisan, left-wing activists under the guise of helping states clean their voter rolls, i.e., remove dead and duplicate registrants by comparing DMV and social security data across states.  But according to good government group VerityVote, ERIC does more to inflate state voter rolls than clean them.  Under the ERIC membership agreement, states are required to send voter registration mailers to unregistered but likely — and usually Democratic-leaning — voters.

RNC, Vermont GOP Sue City Of Winooski For Letting Noncitizens Vote On Spending State Funds.  On Thursday, the Republican National Committee and the Vermont Republican Party announced they are suing the city of Winooski, Vermont for allowing noncitizens to vote in school board elections and on education budget referendums.  Two concerned Winooski residents are also a part of the lawsuit.  The lawsuit comes after the Vermont Supreme Court ruled against the RNC's previous lawsuit asking judges to find noncitizen voting unconstitutional.  While the court argued the Vermont Constitution did not categorically bar noncitizen residents from voting in municipal elections, it did find that votes with statewide implications would require United States citizenship, an RNC spokeswoman told The Federalist.  That is why the RNC's lawsuit is narrower in scope this time.  It only argues that allowing noncitizens to vote on Winooski's school board members and education budget is unconstitutional.

Mexican president threatens to meddle in US elections with 'information campaign' against Republicans.  Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday threatened to launch an "information campaign" in the U.S. against Republicans, telling Mexicans and Hispanics not to vote for them unless U.S. lawmakers change their treatment of Mexico — an apparent threat of election interference by the head of state in response to U.S. calls for action against cartels smuggling fentanyl across the border.  "Starting today we are going to start an information campaign for Mexicans who live and work in the United States and for all Hispanics to inform them of what we are doing in Mexico and how this initiative by the Republicans, in addition to being irresponsible, is an offense against the people of Mexico, a lack of respect for our independence, our sovereignty," he said.

The Editor says...
AMLO is wasting his breath, for indeed, Mexicans — even if they "live and work in the U.S." — are not supposed to vote in U.S. elections.

Some are now trying to turn a blind eye to the massive security failure on January 6, 2021.  [Scroll down]  Also, why is it hard to understand that when an election takes place during a pandemic, with millions of people shipping ballots rather than showing up at voting centers on election day, many people would be skeptical about the results of that election, especially when the candidate who lost won the election day vote?  Instead of labeling people election deniers, is it not better to ensure that even the appearance of fraud is eliminated by having most people vote in-person on election day and with proper identification?

Activists Are Screwing Up Wisconsin's Elections.  It's Time To Stop Them.  As Wisconsinites get ready to cast their votes for Supreme Court justice on April 4, one leftist group is busy bungling the election across the state.  Earlier this month, the Center for Voter Information flooded Wisconsin with pre-filled absentee ballot applications to gin up support for Democrats, most notably far-left Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz.  There was only one problem: The center botched voters' names, creating confusion and alarm in a state already troubled by election mistrust and security.  It got so bad that the Wisconsin Elections Commission issued a warning to voters about the center's "misleading mailers," adding that even the center didn't know how many mailers it had issued statewide.  Worse, no one seems to know what will happen to the countless mis-delivered ballot applications, a further recipe for fraud and election mischief.  But this is far from the Center for Voter Information's first offense — or its worst.

The American Left Rigs Elections Everywhere Else, so Why Wouldn't They Do It Here?  "If we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win," said then-Sen. Hillary Clinton in a 2006 interview with the Jewish Press.  She was talking about an election of the Palestinian Legislative Council (the legislature of the Palestinian National Authority) that was won handily by Hamas, to the chagrin of the United States.  The UK Observer, which listened to the one existent audio recording of the interview, quoted Hillary in October 2016.  At that time, Donald Trump was catching flack for saying that the upcoming presidential election was already rigged.  Hillary's nonchalant admission — that rigging elections is SOP for America's establishment elite — remains just as shocking and revelatory today.

Why Judges Won't Rule There Was Voter Disenfranchisement When it Happens to Republicans.  As Arizona experiences a repeat of the 2020 election, where MAGA candidates allegedly lost to poor Democratic candidates like Katie Hobbs who refused to debate, some are turning on the MAGA candidates and blaming them instead of election fraud.  The candidates' lawsuits are predictably going nowhere, as judges throw them out for supposed "lack of evidence" or narrow technical reasons such as "lack of standing."  The judges pretend that witness testimony and affidavits don't constitute evidence, but every first year law school student learns that of the 11 sections of the traditional Rules of Evidence in law, an entire section, section 6, is devoted to witness testimony.  Witness testimony throughout history has been the smoking gun in many cases; defendants have gone to the death penalty based on witness testimony alone.  Jenna Ellis, former attorney for Donald Trump, tweeted on Friday about Kari Lake's election contest lawsuits, "She hasn't and won't win any of her lawsuits.  It's just fundraising at this point (ie grifting).  I was one of the first that endorsed her and supported her as a candidate, but this will set back the conservative movement for election integrity."

Now convicted felons can vote in Minnesota.  Formerly incarcerated felons in Minnesota will now be able to vote after a new law restoring their rights was signed by the state's governor.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a bill on Friday which gives convicted felons who have completed their jail time the right to vote.  Now, 55,000 individuals who were previously deprived of those rights can register to vote, the most significant expansion of that right in Minnesota in a half-century, according to the governor's office.

If The Dominion Defamation Lawsuit Is A Slam Dunk, Why Are CNN And The New York Times Lying About It?  Maybe a jury will decide Fox News really is responsible for tarnishing the reputation of a vote-tabulating tech firm.  I don't care.  But if not, maybe CNN viewers and New York Times readers should get ready to sue those two for lying about the details of the lawsuit.  As gleefully told by CNN and the Times, new legal documents prove that prominent Fox executives and primetime hosts knew that allegations from Donald Trump's 2020 campaign advisers about machines manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems corrupting the 2020 election were false, but repeated them to the Fox audience as true anyway.  That would mean Fox is liable for the defamation of Dominion for the purpose of, Dominion says, satisfying the cable channel's Trump-loving audience.  The evidence to back it up — or, as CNN and the Times suggest, indisputably prove it! — is in the court filings by Dominion, which include comments made publicly by Fox personnel and private messages between primetime hosts and executives.

Drop Box Ban Passes in South Dakota House, Bill Heads to Governor.  The use of ballot drop boxes has effectively been banned in South Dakota, with the state House passing the final version of an election bill on Wednesday following the Senate's passage earlier this week containing the amendment adding drop box changes.  The bill is now headed to the desk of Republican Gov. Kristi Noem for her signature.  Noem has in the past expressed support for banning drop boxes in the state.  The bill, HB1165, is a clean-up of absentee voting laws, Republican state Sen. Jim Stalzer said prior to the bill's passage in the Senate on Monday.

How to Lose in 2024.  Industrial-scale fraud, committed by organized actors, accelerates over time like a drug-resistant bacterium.  If you want to know how America is going to get screwed in 2024, follow the dough.  That is the Zuckerberg dough.  Zuck and pals are spending tens of millions of dollars, not padding voter rolls, not fighting lawsuits, not getting voters out early... they are spending the dough infiltrating and controlling election commissions.  For those who think cleaning the voter rolls and voting early are enough protect 2024, our data proves you are delusional.  The Left is all in controlling election commissions.  Expect Kari Lake's outcome to move from an outlier to a standard outcome in 2024. Election commission fraud, which we coined as sovereign fraud two years ago, has attractive characteristics for the Left.  It always works — because it is invisible.

Biden's DHS Just Revealed How It Plans To Use Your Tax Dollars To Interfere In U.S. Elections.  In its latest attempt to interfere in the electoral process, the Biden administration announced on Monday that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to award millions of taxpayer dollars to local governments throughout the country for so-called "election security" purposes.  In an agency press release, the department revealed its plans to provide "more than $2 billion in funding for eight fiscal year 2023 preparedness grant programs," which it claims are designed to "help state, local, tribal, and territorial officials prepare for, prevent, protect against, and respond to" so-called "acts of terrorism."  Under Joe Biden's presidency, DHS has routinely identified targeting "domestic violent extremism" as its top priority.  Of course, such proclamations are never in reference to violence carried out by leftist groups such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter, but rather right-of-center people and organizations that threaten the regime's narratives and policy goals.

Election Reformers Get New Tool to Pressure States to Clean Up Voter Rolls.  A new interactive website database is now available free to individual citizens and election reform groups across the country to help in the fight to get all states to obey a federal election law mandating regular voter roll maintenance.  The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a national, non-profit, law firm dedicated to election integrity, announced the launch of the website on Feb. 27.  The data provided on the website is designed to encourage some defiant state election officials to comply with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).  "We hope this interactive database will draw attention to the hundreds of thousands of errors in the voter rolls.  Every error in the voter rolls is a vulnerability in our elections that can lead to fraud and abuse.  Election officials must do their job and keep accurate voter rolls," said PILF president J. Christian Adams in a press release.

Chicago mayoral election results may be delayed DAYS due to mail-in voting.  Paul Vallas, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools is the first candidate for Chicago mayor to advance to the April 4th runoff election.  The AP announced Vallas' victory at 7:45pm EST.  If no candidate wins 50% or more, the election on April 4th will be necessary.  Local News ABC 7 reports that an initial slow turnout "may be due to a surge in voters choosing to mail in their ballots — which could lead to a dayslong delay in learning who makes the runoff."  As a result of this, the results of the election may not be known for days[.]

DC passes bill into law allowing illegal immigrants, other noncitizens to vote.  The Washington, D.C. city council made it official on Monday, illegal immigrants and other non-citizens can now vote in local elections.  The Democrat-run district that serves as the nation's capital went so far as to allow foreign diplomats to cast a vote.  That's according to various reports that the city council passed the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act after a 30-day congressional review period ended — the GOP-led House pushed to block the D.C.  law from taking effect but the Democrat-run Senate let the clock expire without taking action.  The law requires a person to be 18 and to have lived in D.C.  for 30 days to be eligible to vote, providing they do not claim voting residence in any U.S.  state or U.S.  territory.

With A Split Congress, Democrats Are Taking Their Election Takeover Scheme To The States.  In blue state legislatures, leftists are working to advance election bills that seek to dramatically overhaul state elections by enshrining Democrat-backed voting practices into law.  The widespread effort is an attempt to implement national Democrats' HR 1 policies in states across the country.  Deceptively labeled the "For the People Act," HR 1 was a bill supported by congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden during the early months of 2021.  The legislation was a concentrated bid by Democrats to cement many of the unsecure practices used throughout the 2020 election into federal law and allow the federal government to oversee and control the electoral process.  The measure's many changes to election administration include provisions effectively banning voter ID requirements, mandating universal mail-in balloting, and legalizing widespread use of ballot drop boxes, among others.  The bill furthermore violates core provisions of the Constitution, such as the Elections Clause of Article I and the Electors Clause of Article II, which stipulate that the states, not the federal government, are tasked with administering and overseeing elections.

Proof Kari Lake lost her election.  [Thread reader]  Expert Witness: Democrat Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, who was Secretary of State presiding over the gubernatorial election against Republican Kari Lake, has a long and demonstrable history of corruption that includes using Mexican cartel money to steal multiple state elections.  The witness Jacqueline Breger, an insurance agent in Arizona, presented compelling testimony and evidence to the Arizona Joint Elections Committee on February 23, 2023, regarding massive corruption and collusion between appointed government officials, and the Sinaloa Cartels.  The money laundering and racketeering scheme allegedly uses fraudulent mortgages, real estate transactions, and insurance claims in Maricopa County to hide money made through drug trafficking, and bribery of elected officials, and to rig elections.  Harris/Thaler Law Corporation has been investigating multi-state racketeering and corruption.  In 2018, Mr. Thaler discovered, in an independent matter, a series of trust deeds evidencing that cash laundering through single-family residences in Arizona was pervasive and ongoing.

Chicago Inmates Claim Guards Are Trying To Get Them To Vote Illegally For Mayor Beetlejuice.  Chicago inmates have claimed they are being pressured to illegally vote in the city's mayoral election.  The inmates, some who are accused of murder, argued guards at Cook County Jail were pushing them to vote - despite some being registered in a different jurisdiction.  They claimed the guards were receiving orders from higher up and were 'just doing what I'm told' when confronted over the move.  It comes amid fears of ballot harvesting as insiders claimed the jail was the 'ideal environment' due to no cameras or election observers.  [Video clip]

Los Angeles County Scrubs 1.2 Million Names from Bloated Voter Rolls Thanks to Work by Judicial Watch.  Los Angeles County removed 1,207,613 ineligible voters from their voter rolls as part of a lawsuit settlement with Judicial Watch.  [Tweet]  Judicial Watch reported in January 2020 that the organization had found MILLIONS of extra registrants on voter rolls across the country.  The organization warned several states that lawsuits were coming if they did not clean up their voter rolls.

Writing code to flip votes 'very easy to do' but 'hard to stop,' programmer warns Arizona Senate.  A computer programmer testified this week to an Arizona Senate committee that voting machines are susceptible to manipulation as the panel seeks to require that voting machine components are made in the U.S.  and that the source code for the machines used in the state is available to government officials.  Attorney and computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis told the Arizona Senate Election Committee Monday that there are multiple ways voting machines can be hacked to change election results.  Curtis, a Democrat, began his presentation with a video clip of him testifying before Congress following the 2004 presidential election about how he believed that the election in Ohio was hacked.  In the video, Curtis explained that in 2000, at the request of a Florida politician, he created a program that "would flip the votes 51-49 to whoever you wanted it to go to and whichever race you wanted to win."  He added that elections officials wouldn't be able to detect such a program.

The Solution to Ballot Fraud.  The irresistible force is mail-in ballots, nonexistent signature verification, phantom voter rolls, a feckless Republican Party, Republican governors donating tax money to a George Soros-funded entity to clean voter rolls — election commissions changing ZIP codes so mail-in ballots stack up — courts refusing to remove dead people from voter rolls unless they miss two consecutive elections, and a Republican presidential candidate who thinks he can win with ballot-harvesting.  What could go wrong in 2024?  In 2000, the national realization was that election fraud is industrial-scale, committed by election commissions or with their acquiescence.  It is a sovereign crime.  The 2020 realization is that voter integrity teams cannot remove phantoms from voter rolls — even with death certificates.  This irresistible force will not dissipate.  Wisconsin advanced the state-of-the-scam to further flood voter rolls with anyone claiming existence.  Forty years of Republican acquiescence and temerity brought us here — the end of free and fair elections.  Election fraud is baked into every state's voter rolls — protected by government.

Social media mogul funds recruitment of progressives to administer elections.  The injection of private money into public election administration — or "Zuckerbucks" — is continuing in a new form, as left-leaning candidates are being recruited to run for local elections offices by an organization that receives funds from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  The U.S.  Alliance for Election Excellence, a project of the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), is awarding funds to counties and municipalities under the Centers for Election Excellence program.  The alliance will provide $80 million over five years "to envision, support, and celebrate excellence in U.S.  election administration," according to CTCL.  CTCL poured nearly $350 million into local elections offices managing the 2020 election, with most of the funds donated to the nonprofit by Zuckerberg.  The nonprofit has claimed its 2020 election grants — colloquially known as "Zuckerbucks" — were allocated without partisan preference to make voting safer amid the pandemic.

Trump rages at Mark Zuckerberg amid claims group linked to Facebook boss gave $2 million to Georgia elections board.  Donald Trump is calling for Mark Zuckerberg to be prosecuted amid revelations a group linked to him gave $2 million to the Georgia elections board.  The former president laid out the allegations against the Meta CEO on his Truth Social platform on Sunday while sharing an article about the controversial donation.  'He [Zuckerberg] cheated on the Election(s).  The whole system is RIGGED.  Why isn't he being prosecuted?  The Democrats only know how to cheat.  America isn't going to take it much longer!' he wrote.

Election-Rigging from Abroad?  I Am Shocked, Shocked!.  Forget about the stories about the Israeli judicial reforms. Its critics are exaggerating, but now we have another exaggeration about Israel floating up to the top of the news.  Some Israelis — supposedly affiliated with a firm called Team Jorge — have been caught rigging elections. [...] I have no doubt that something was going on.  But the fact that it was exposed leads me to believe that the firm was not that competent, or it would not have been exposed.  When it comes to hacking, it is a signature of teenage hackers to brag about their exploits.

AZ Senate/House Elections Presenter Claims That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Bribes, Money Laundering, Election Fraud to Control Elected Officials.  Tempe Police Interim Chief Josie Montenegro, Phoenix DEA Special Agent in Charge Cheri Oz, and questionably elected Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes held a joint press conference Thursday to discuss the massive narcotic seizures in the Phoenix area, including over four and a half million fentanyl pills and over 140 pounds of fentanyl powder.  These dangerous drugs primarily come from criminal illegal drug traffickers with the Sinaloa Cartel, says Cheri Oz.  It is unclear how many narcotics were seized in 2023 to date.

Why the 2020 Election was Unverifiable.  Joe Biden acquired his job through a legal process.  However, he did not earn enough verifiable votes to justify the certifications in six key swing states.  This issue is addressed in my new book, but here is some of my reasoning.  I have limited myself to one example of unverifiable votes for each of those swing states.  At an Arizona Senate Committee hearing on January 24, 2022, we learned that precisely 95 percent of Maricopa County overseas military members (and their families) voted for Joe Biden.  That is an amazing (as in phony) percentage, given that the overall county-wide vote was fairly even between Biden and Trump (51 to 49%).  Winning the military vote in Maricopa County with a 90 percent margin strongly suggests the likelihood of fraud.  The findings were presented at the Committee hearing by Paul Harris, a corporate executive who had been asked to conduct the review during the Cyber Ninjas audit.  These are key points from the presentation.
  •   The "ballots" were simply unsourced sheets of copy paper.
  •   The number of ballots had jumped dramatically, from 1,600 in 2016 to 9,600 in 2020.
  •   Exactly 95 percent of the votes were for Joe Biden.  Harris estimated that these copy paper ballots provided 8,000 net votes to Biden, who ostensibly won the state by just over 10,000 votes.
Paul Harris analyzed just one county.  In Pima County, a witness named Kathleen Alby testified that "thousands" of "military faxes" were processed:  "At one point that's all that they were processing were the faxed ones."  And, as in Maricopa County, there was no chain-of-custody documentation.

Key Dominion exec admitted company products 'riddled with bugs' days before 2020 vote: Fox lawyers.  Dominion Voting Systems employees have acknowledged serious problems with the company's technology, saying, for example, that a bug led to "INCORRECT results," according to discovery cited in the defense brief in Dominion's defamation lawsuit against Fox News.  Dominion is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion for defamation after becoming a target of alleged conspiracy theories regarding its voting machines being hacked and flipping election results.  In a legal brief made public Thursday, the news outlet cited information obtained from Dominion through discovery.  In a 2018 email Fox News obtained from Dominion Director of Product Strategy and Security Eric Coomer, he acknowledged the company's technology was marred by a "*critical* bug leading to INCORRECT results."

SCOTUS again denies hearing 2020 election case alleging Biden, Harris, lawmakers ignored fraud.  The Supreme Court announced Tuesday [2/21/2023] it will not hear a 2020 election lawsuit against former Vice President Mike Pence, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, 291 House members and 94 senators, after a petition to reconsider was filed last month.  The lawsuit alleges the respondents violated their oaths of office by refusing to investigate evidence of fraud in the 2020 election before accepting the electoral votes on Jan. 6, 2021, allowing for Biden and Harris to be "fraudulently" inaugurated.  The court held a private conference Friday to vote to reconsider whether to hear the case, releasing its decision Tuesday.  Four of the nine justices must vote to hear a case for it to move forward.  After the Supreme Court initially declined on Jan. 9 to hear the lawsuit filed by Raland J. Brunson.  He filed a petition on Jan. 23 for reconsideration.

To Save Wisconsin Elections, Republicans Must Kill Automatic Voter Registration.  On the extensive list of ugly election "reforms," you'll find automatic voter registration at the very top.  No wonder Democrat Gov. Tony Evers, who's never seen a far-left idea he didn't like, wants to dump it on Wisconsin.  Republicans, don't be fooled by claims of "saving democracy" or "protecting voting rights" — thin cover for a "progressive" power grab.  Automatic voter registration is the surest way to cripple Wisconsin's already questionable voter rolls and hand Democrats a permanent advantage in future elections.  These are the facts left-wing activists don't want you to know.

California Democrat Arrested, Charged With Mail-In Ballot Fraud.  A California city council member was arrested for allegedly committing election fraud.  Lodi City Council member Shakir Khan, a Democrat, was arrested on Thursday for multiple election fraud charges, including allegedly stashing 41 mail-in ballots at his home, falsifying voter registration documents, and pressuring residents to vote for him.  Investigators claim, based partially on body cam footage of police interviews, that Khan registered 23 people to vote at his home address and used his phone number to register 47 people to vote.

Supreme Court or Bust: Kari Lake Is Taking Her Lawsuit Onward and Upward.  Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is setting her sights on the highest court in the state after the Arizona Appellate Court affirmed the superior court's decision to confirm Democrat Katie Hobbs as the state's governor.  Lake has previously filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials and former Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, presenting evidence of widespread election irregularities and problems on Election Day in November 2022, therefore challenging the legitimacy of the gubernatorial election results.

The Democrat War on Election Integrity Continues.  ntil a couple of decades ago, voting in the United States was a straightforward exercise that required registered voters to appear at local polling places on Election Day and cast their ballots in person.  A small number were permitted to vote absentee if they were stationed overseas in the military or could show that they were otherwise unable to get to the polls.  This system, with minor variations, was used in all 50 states and revealed the winners of most elections with alacrity.  Though not perfect, it was generally efficient, secure, and trusted by the vast majority of voters.  Nonetheless, in the late 1990s, the Democrats began pushing for a number of fundamental changes to this system.  They insisted that it contained all manner of "flaws," but the actual impetus for "reform" was their decreasing ability to win majorities in federal and state elections.

Fox vs. Dominion Discovery Docs Show Employees Admitting Product "Riddled" With "Critical Bug".  In the wake of the 2020 election, there were widespread questions about the legitimacy of the election and even accusations of fraud, specifically pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems.  Fox News was willing to discuss the questions and concerns of many Americans even though they didn't fit the reigning Leftist narrative of a free and fair election with absolutely no ballot harvesting or manipulation of votes.  You know, the narrative where it's totally normal to take days to count votes and end up with middle-of-the-night ballot dumps overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats, ending with demented Joe Biden being the most popular president in history.  So Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News for daring to report these questions and concerns.

Judge Overrules Board of Elections' Refusal to Recount Ballots in Sharp Rebuke.  It starts at the precinct level — the smallest political entity that may be a few city blocks or, in less populated areas, a few square miles.  And here's the deal in the Keystone State:  If only three voters in a precinct think there's a problem with an election, those voters can file a petition with the county election board and, until the issue is resolved, the election board cannot certify the election.  But the Chester County Board of Elections thought otherwise, despite valid petitions to recount ballots from the November election.  When the voter recount petitions went before Judge Jeffrey Sommer in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, Sommer scheduled a hearing to examine the claims, the Delaware Valley Journal reported.

Kari Lake vows to take Arizona gubernatorial defeat to state supreme court.  Election denier Kari Lake promised to take her gubernatorial defeat lawsuit to the Arizona's supreme court after it was tossed for the second time on Thursday — less than two months after it was rejected by a Maricopa County judge.  The ruling from the Arizona Court of Appeals — the second and penultimate tier in the state's court system — came as the latest defeat for Lake, who in December lost the race to be Arizona's next governor by about 17,000 votes.  Immediately chalking up the loss to voter fraud, the 53-year-old former Phoenix journalist filed a suit alleging that problems with printers and election day protocol cost her a victory over Democrat Katie Hobbs.

The Editor says...
If the entire state of Arizona is corrupt, it won't do any good to appeal to the state supreme court.  And if that is the case, it wouldn't do any good to hold the office of Governor.  Or to vote.

Mattress Mack files lawsuit over elections issues in Harris County.  Houston businessman Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, affectionately known as "Mattress Mack," has filed a lawsuit over issues with the 2022 midterm elections in Harris County.  McIngvale made the announcement Tuesday alongside media consultant, Wayne Dolcefino.  According to a news release, the lawsuit was filed as a way to "force transparency in our elections."  The lawsuit alleges the case is about providing the public with access to information to "ensure trust and confidence" in Harris County elections.

The 'DeSantis Is Trump Without the Baggage' Crowd is in for a Rude Awakening.  The first and most important angle to consider when analyzing this stance is the present reality of American elections.  President Trump's seemingly insurmountable election night leads in 2020, which were significantly larger than his leads throughout the night in 2016, somehow vanished into slim Biden victories.  In other words:  Without our corrupt election systems being corrected, it doesn't matter who runs since the winner is predetermined.  Trump didn't cost us; the election was stolen.  But for the sake of this discussion, we'll say that our elections are free and fair.  Despite his alleged loss, Trump gained more than 12 million votes from 2016 (and likely more,) the largest increase in vote total for any sitting president in American history and the highest vote total by any presidential candidate ever, aside from Biden's highly suspicious 81 million votes that same year.

The GOP will win by making voting harder for everyone.  Now that the midterms are over, this is not the time to relax.  Here is an early warning for the GOP:  Today is the day you must begin securing 2024's election.  Not a year from now.  Not six months from now.  Not next week.  Today.  Make voting much, much harder for everyone. [...] Vote harvesting must end.  No one should be permitted to submit ballots in any other person's name.  Thousands of "harvested" ballots were submitted by live people on behalf of dead ones, people who were coerced into voting a certain way, and people who were paid for their Democrat votes.  We learned via Dinesh D'Souza's expose, 2000 Mules, that drop boxes were being stuffed with phony ballots to a degree that would make Chicago blush.  Suspect machines and printers were used in Arizona, no doubt tampered with so that wait times to "fix" the machines were often several hours long, disallowing a voter to vote.  In this way, votes were suppressed.  Kari Lake should have won her election, but her voters were turned away and told to go to another precinct sometimes hours away and with long waits once again.  This was deliberate and obvious fraud in only her heavily Republican county.  All voting machines should be tested a week before the elections, again on voting day before polls open, and any anomalies fixed before polls open.

It's time for Republicans to get creative in the election integrity fight.  It goes without saying that voter fraud is nothing new.  Think Tammany Hall and Chicago's "city bosses," including Cook County in the 1960 presidential election.  Or read "Means of Ascent," Robert Caro's masterful account of "landslide" Lyndon's shenanigans at the ballot box during his 1948 Senate run-off in Texas.  And who can forget (except the media) the more recent FBI investigation into the corrupt "community organization" ACORN that resulted in the arrests of eight workers in St. Louis for a host of election law violations?  Pretending voter fraud doesn't exist is political strategy, not reality.  That's why partisans screaming the loudest at so-called "election deniers" have to rely on gaslighting and online censorship.  The Democrat/Media complex looks at ballot integrity precisely the same way it looks at climate change or vaccine mandates — there is no debate.  Of course, it's political crossdressing on an epic scale.  Democrats who've made a career of questioning elections suddenly irate over the sloppiest one in modern memory?

South Dakota House Passes Bill to Ban Use of Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes.  The South Dakota House of Representatives has passed a bill that would make it illegal to deposit absentee ballots in drop boxes for all elections.  This bill, which would require all voters to return mail-in ballots either by mail or in person, was advanced to the state Senate after the lower chamber voted 57-11.  The new legislation would prohibit the distribution of pre-filled mail-in ballot applications, as well as increase punishment for mail-in voting misdemeanors.  In addition to the restrictions placed on turning in absentee ballots, county auditors will also be unable to send out absentee ballots following the Monday before Election Day.  Republican state Rep. Kevin Jensen praised the legislation, saying, "It will clean up our elections.  It doesn't infringe on anybody."

Maricopa Heat Maps: The Story Keeps Getting Worse.  Last week at the "Save Arizona" rally, Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake made a startling revelation.  She started by showing a picture of the "Heat Map" of Republican voter turnout located in the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC).  The heat map was first disclosed by Richard "The People's Pundit" Baris and reported on by UncoverDC (UDC).  Lake next showed a map of voting centers that experienced highest rejection rates of ballots being run through tabulators on Election Day 2022.  When the two maps were overlaid, the results — though not completely unexpected, as Baris had alluded to it on his Inside The Numbers podcast — were stunning nonetheless.  A closer look at the map really tells the tale.  The red "pins" represent the Voting Centers that had a 50% or higher ballot rejection rate with their tabulators.  The blue pins represent locations with lower rejection rates but still experienced issues.  The Voting Centers with the highest rejection rates almost entirely fall within the heaviest concreted Republican areas or just on the outskirts.

Christina Bobb Knocks it Out of the Park.  One has to admire the brilliant highjacking of the American election process.  It was multi-level, using hundreds, if not thousands of tactics, and planned down to the last compromised County Councillor and State Elections Official.  Laws were ignored, ridden over, broken, transduced and corrupted into worthless paper.  Last week Christina Bobb, one time OAN anchor, former Marine and Judge Advocate, now President Trump's attorney, released her book describing what happened after the 2020 steal.  Bobb covered the election on the day, and in the weeks afterwards travelled ceaselessly, reporting on the aftermath.  At one juncture she started raising money to fund investigations.  She flew politicians to the Arizona audit and followed every court appearance.  Her book is an exciting, infuriating, massively valuable account of what happened.

Arizona is corrupt.  Just the News published a great article that I encourage you to read.  The recently stolen role of Secretary of State in Arizona is currently occupied by Adrian Fontes.  Fontes is seeking to have Lake prosecuted for tweeting evidence from the public Senate hearings, specifically regarding the mismatched ballot signatures that we've all seen a thousand times by now.  So what's really happening here.  Well, Katie Hobbs and her organized crime crew — the same Katie Hobbs that abused her power by requesting her political opponent be censored in an election she was overseeing and competing in and who threatened to have election officials arrested for not certifying her fraudulent election — is now attempting to intimidate Kari Lake for questioning her and her gang's corruption.  If we the people, don't stand up to this, we can kiss our elections goodbye; our votes will never count.  This election was stolen, and the evidence is as clear as day.

Your Government Wants to Keep You from Seeing Voter Rolls.  The narrative about "free, safe, secure elections" changed 180 degrees since November 2022.  Almost nobody is crazy enough to say America has free, fair elections.  After Kari Lake and Adam Laxalt, the most wimpish George Bush RINO hesitates to say "elections are fair."  Since our team processed billions of election roll "snapshots" taken since 2020, we run the largest election database in the world.  We concluded that U.S. elections are rigged by both parties, and they are rigged with the active help of election officials or their acquiescence.  Sovereign fraud — institutional election fraud by your government, first discussed on American Thinker — is real.  We have the data to prove it! [...] Why was the election fraud, which existed years before Trump became a candidate, so invisible?  Election officials of both parties do not want pesky citizens looking at voter rolls.  We know this because we have been in the room with them, virtually, demonstrating the most egregious voter roll anomalies, and they just refuse to see them.

When Will California Realize Its Vote By Mail System Is A Total Disaster?  The California Secretary of State just issued data that show the 2022 election was a mess.  Why?  Because of vote by mail.  Indeed, this was California's first election that relied on the United States Postal Service to get the mission accomplished.  In September of 2021, Sacramento passed new legislation that said everyone registered to vote — dead or alive — is automatically sent a ballot in the mail, every election.  That might sound good, but the new data prove that mass vote by mail should have remained a pandemic experiment.  An analysis by the Public Interest Legal Foundation shows over 226,000 mail ballots were rejected by election officials.  That's a quarter million citizens who thought their ballot would count, but it didn't.  The number one reason for rejection was the ballot arrived too late.  That's what happens when you put the post office in charge.  The United States Postal Service has a 94% success rate for timely delivery of political mail.

Arizona voting patterns challenge the Democrats' 2022 election narrative.  Did Trump-endorsed candidates really lose in Arizona?  Currently, the debate is about specific acts of election interference in Maricopa County.  However, looking at election patterns across Arizona, there's a compelling argument to be made that Trump did not lose Arizona and that only chicanery can account for Maricopa's gubernatorial and other high-office outcomes.  Kari Lake has been busy assembling evidence showing that Arizona's 2022 November election was manipulated in the statewide races thanks to shenanigans in Maricopa County.  However, it's easier to understand the corollary evidence for this accusation, which lies in the simple reality that, statewide, Arizonans voted for House Congressional Republican candidates by a large margin — 56.4% to 42.8% over Democrats.

Who is running our government?  [Scroll down] Pelosi's Congress was no slouch either and impeached him a second time, even after he left office (with the first impeachment over a phone call!).  Then came the most stunning election upset in history, after Joe Biden stayed in his basement for the entire election campaign while the media campaigned for him.  Biden brought nothing to the election — no soaring rhetoric, no catchphrases, no crowds, yet somehow not only unseated Trump but also garnered the most votes in American history.

Governor Abbott: election irregularities in Harris County may necessitate new elections.  Harris County Texas is huge.  If it were a state it would rank 25th in population, just behind Alabama.  Almost 5 million people live there.  Nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives hail from or represent the county, as well as 24 state representatives.  At its center is Houston, which is reliably Democrat, but the county as a whole is a swing district these days with both Democrats and Republicans winning elections.  In other words, how well the elections are run matters a lot, not just to the citizens of the county itself, but to the overall balance of power in the state and country.  Guess what?  The elections were run rather poorly last year.  So poorly, and suspiciously so, that Governor Greg Abbott is suggesting that new elections may have to be held.

State Lawmakers Should Follow The RNC's Lead And Reject Ranked-Choice Voting.  While most corporate media coverage of last week's Republican National Committee (RNC) meeting was devoted to the contested leadership race between Ronna McDaniel and Harmeet Dhillon, the organization's conference yielded a significant win for election integrity.  During the meeting, RNC members unanimously passed a resolution rejecting the use of ranked-choice voting (RCV) in U.S. elections.  In an RCV system, voters rank candidates in order of preference.  If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes in the first round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his votes are reallocated to the voter's second-choice candidate.  Such a process continues until one candidate receives a majority of votes.

This #GoogleLeaks thread could be a bigger deal than the Twitter Files.  In a "Twitter Files" style thread, one independent journalist made the case for Elon Musk to further expose the unseen machinations of his social media company based on 2019 leaks that demonstrated Google's influence over elections.  Going by the name KanekoaTheGreat, the previously banned account that was restored by the billionaire entrepreneur, took to Twitter Monday with a link to a September substack he posted that declared "Google Rigged The 2020 Election."  The piece called back to the 2019 report by Project Veritas which spoke with Google insider Zachary Vorhies who leaked nearly a thousand pages of internal documents that detailed alleged censorship and suppression of conservative content.

Arizona Regime Is Investigating Kari Lake For Exposing Election Fraud.  The newly selected regime heading up Arizona's top statewide offices is now targeting Kari Lake with potential felony charges for speaking out against the rigged election in Arizona.  Questionably elected Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a former lawyer for Mexican drug cartels, sent out a new letter on Monday, asking questionably elected Attorney General Kris Mayes to "investigate and take appropriate enforcement action against Kari Lake" for sounding the alarm about the stolen 2022 Election.

The Case against Trump 2024.  [#2] Elections.  When asked if the 2020 votes were fairly counted, my response is "I don't know, and neither do you."  The numerous anomalies make the answer unknowable.  What we do know is that the often illegal changes in the election laws in several states mean that the election was neither free nor fair.  For example, the mass mailing of ballots invites votes from people who either are dead or have moved away.  The bigger problem is that mass mailing denies everyone a secret ballot.  A ballot-harvester who knows you have a ballot could be an employer, a union leader, or a gangbanger.  Trump used these anomalies to naïvely insist that he be installed as president and that Kari Lake be installed as governor of Arizona — too little, too late.  That talk more than anything else will cost Trump the 2024 election, by costing him independent voters, who view these demands as attempts to override the Constitution[.]  The time to fight voting problems was before the election.

Top-to-Bottom Vindication for Georgia's 2021 Election Law.  As Dominic Pino pointed out yesterday, a recent University of Georgia poll hammers yet another nail in the already firmly shut coffin of the spurious "voter suppression" allegations about Georgia's voting laws.  In the poll, none of the respondents had a poor experience with voting:  ["]That's right:  0 percent of black voters in Georgia said they had a poor experience voting.  Zero.  On the positive side, 72.6 percent of black voters said their voting experience was excellent, almost identical to the 72.7 percent of white voters who said so.  Only 0.8 percent of black Georgia voters rated the job performance of election officials[."]

Tracking a Fraudulent Ballot in Real Time.  If you do not think the government's election commissions are in on the massive voter fraud inherent in every state's voter rolls, you can stop reading here — because they are, and we can prove it in state after state. [...] Anyone can compare voter rolls with NCOA (the National Change of Address database) and find people who moved.  Any high school math kid can run statistics against voter rolls and find anomalies growing on trees.  Any tech quant, living in his parents' basement, can run an obscure algorithm showing vote numbering inconsistent with historical patterns.  Come to think of it, in 2021 and 2022, these guys were everywhere — and they didn't remove fake voters.  Time to move on — they failed, and the Republicans failed with them.  We know phantom voters are the seed bed for fake ballots.  The ballots aren't fake — they are quite real, but called "fake" because they aren't voted by the name on their envelope.  We know that fake ballots are mailed, at industrial scale, to legitimate voters, fake voters, dead voters, voters who moved.

'I'm going to win': Kari Lake sets the record straight on gubernatorial fight, Senate rumors.  On Wednesday, Arizona's Kari Lake addressed speculation that she may be angling for a Senate run following her unsuccessful gubernatorial race.  While speaking to reporters at the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach where the Republican National Committee winter meeting was taking place, Lake completely dismissed the rumors.  "I'm going to win this," she stated, referring to her lawsuit regarding the 2022 gubernatorial race, which was called for her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs.

Shelby Busch Discusses Over 1,800 BLANK Ballot Envelopes, Dead Voters, Incorrect Signatures In Maricopa County.  We The People AZ Alliance co-founder Shelby Busch joined Steve Bannon's War Room on Wednesday to discuss the bombshell findings from the group's Monday presentation on 2022 Election failures in Maricopa County.  The newly formed Arizona Senate Elections Committee, chaired by State Senator Wendy Rogers, heard this presentation on Monday.

How Democrats Stole Pennsylvania in 2020.  My former OANN colleague Christina Bobb has shared an exclusive excerpt from her new book Stealing Your Vote — which came out today. [...] From Stealing Your Vote:  ["]Despite Congress's failure to act, Pennsylvania could well go down as the worst case of election theft in our country's history.  When election officials halted the count on election night, President Trump was ahead by 700,000 votes.  But three days later, they declared that Joe Biden had won.  President Trump was winning by the greatest margin on election night, that I believe Democrats were convinced they couldn't catch him.  So, Democrats stopped the counting, blocked Republicans from even entering the building, and then somehow counted an alleged 1.4 additional million ballots without oversight.  That gave the race to Biden ... three days later on November 7.  Pennsylvania voters wanted an explanation for how Joe Biden made up a 700,000-vote deficit with no oversight, and then won the state by 80,555 votes.  So, where did the votes come from?["]

There's Another Bombshell in Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit.  In a court filing from last week, "Governor" Katie Hobbs (D-Ariz.) requested that Kari Lake's election lawsuit be thrown out, claiming that Lake failed to prove that Arizona voters were disenfranchised in the 2022 elections.  "Despite seven witnesses, hundreds of declarants, and thousands of pages of exhibits, Lake failed to demonstrate any violations of Arizona law and offered no evidence that absent alleged violations the outcome of the election would have been different," the filing reads.  But on Monday, Lake's team indicated that more evidence is on the way, and this evidence could be game-changing.  "Yesterday @katiehobbs filed to get our lawsuit thrown out," the Kari Lake War Room account tweeted.  "Today, records revealed nearly a quarter of a million ballots were rejected on Election Day in Maricopa County in a race that came down to just 17K votes.  She's illegitimate & she knows it.  More evidence to come."  [Tweet]

Do You Trust the Integrity of Our Elections?  We can no longer allow some states to cheat by allowing non-citizens to votes, or by allowing political operatives to cast votes on behalf of unsuspecting residents.  That is why we need a national baseline of a few essential voting requirements, such as these:
  •   A ban on ballot harvesting, with a few limited exceptions for spouses or for people with disabilities
  •   A hard ID requirement — preferably with photos
  •   Mandatory citizenship verification when a person registers for the first time
  •   A uniform national Election Day cutoff for voting

What Would Happen if They Held a Voter Suppression Election and No Voters Got Suppressed?  Last January, Joe Biden set the Democratic base ablaze with the incendiary charge that Republicans were suppressing the votes of minorities.  "Jim Crow 2.0 is about two insidious things:  voter suppression and election subversion," Biden told a crowd at Atlanta University. "It's no longer about who gets to vote; it's about making it harder to vote.  It's about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all."  "It's not hyperbole; this is a fact."  At the time, it was a supposition, not a fact, to claim that the Republican election reforms would suppress the black vote.  And as it turns out, it certainly was hyperbole.  It was a supposition that was so pervasive that it forced Major League Baseball to cancel its all-star game set for Atlanta later that summer.  And numerous corporations punished the state for its supposed efforts to suppress the vote.  So where does Georgia go for an apology?

Removing Phantoms With Technology and 'Gentle' Persuasion.  If incoming email is any judge, there are large swaths of our citizen friends who want to get involved in fighting voter fraud — "just do something!"  Two years ago, most Americans thought phantom voters were comic book characters.  Nobody had ever seen one.  This week, we reached our 5,000th volunteer request (in 60 days) to help clean voter rolls — and we never asked for a single volunteer.  We are just technology guys.  Americans are fed up; they get it that their elected officials are not going to clean voter rolls.  Perhaps some people did not dig the Big Steal for the Trump election — but after Kari Lake, the Senate in Nevada, and dozens of local races, they are on fire now.

Watchdog Finds That 10.9 million Ballots Were 'Unaccounted' For In California.  As concerns continue to grow over mail-in ballots, a new report from a watchdog organization known as the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found that almost half of California's 22.1 million mail-in ballots cast in the 2022 midterm elections were unaccounted for.  While PILF concedes that many of the ballots were likely thrown out or not sent back in, it is impossible to know what exactly was done with them after they were mailed to California residents, leading to 10.9 million of the state's mail-in-ballots being unaccounted for.  The organization is concerned that some of the ballots were withheld for their intended recipient or mailed to the wrong address, disenfranchising voters.

In Arizona, bombshell new evidence of Maricopa County election wrongdoing.  Maricopa County is the most populated part of Arizona.  When it comes to local government, it's strongly conservative.  However, abruptly and surprisingly, in both 2020 and 2022, Maricopa County suddenly started voting Democrat. [...] Maricopa County had 4,420,568 residents according to the 2020 census, making it the fourth most populous county in America, with over 60% of Arizona's total population.  Historically, it's been a consistently conservative county.  Before 2020, the county voted for every Republican presidential candidate going back to Eisenhower's first run. [...] Kari Lake filed suit alleging that election wrongdoing in Maricopa made the difference between winning and losing the race.  What happens in Maricopa matters because Lake allegedly lost all of Arizona by a hair over 17,000 votes.  Significant wrongdoing in Maricopa should invalidate the whole election.  So far, the judge hasn't yet tossed the case — and, after today's bombshells, he may not be able to do so, no matter how much he wants to.

Biden's 'Jim Crow 2.0' Lie About Georgia's Election Law Just Got Shredded.  The election security law passed by Republican lawmakers in Georgia and signed into law by the Peach State's GOP Governor Brian Kemp drew some of the most outlandish claims from Democrats who, for some reason, oppose making it harder to cheat and easier to vote in elections.  President Biden called the election security law "Jim Crow 2.0" and urged Major League Baseball to yank the All-Star Game from Atlanta, which they did — all based on a lie.  Woke corporations signed an open letter and used it to virtue signal their opposition to what they alleged would be racist disenfranchisement of voters in Georgia.  Celebrities took to their Instagram and Twitter followers to smear the law, furthering false claims.  Failed Democrat candidate for governor Stacey Abrams declared that the law proved definitively that Georgia Republicans were racist and wanted to return, as Biden had hinted, to some revamped iteration of disgraceful Jim Crow policies.  But then the 2022 primary election happened, and voter turnout records were broken.

Here Are Over 1,400 Proven Cases of Election Fraud, and That's Just the Beginning.  According to the Democrats, election fraud doesn't happen — except for when Republicans win elections... in those cases, it was probably Russia, who somehow hacked in and changed votes.  I mean, how else could a Democrat lose?  Right?  Meanwhile, we're all supposed to collectively turn a blind eye when Democrat wins an extremely close election under suspicious circumstances.  When that happens, we're told that election fraud is a myth, that our elections are perfectly secure, and if you dare ask questions, you'll get censored by social media because you are a threat to democracy!  But election fraud is not a myth.  In fact, 1,412 confirmed cases of election fraud have been documented in the Election Fraud Database maintained by the Heritage Foundation's legal center.

To Save America, Repeal the 19th Amendment.  The only iron law of history is that imbalances will be corrected, sometimes violently.  Based on current voting patterns, if women didn't vote, there would never be another Democrat president.  Now, who wouldn't make that trade?  Come on, ladies, do your duty to God and country, and give it up for America.

Vote machine tabulation error shifts one local race in Monmouth after irregularities discovered.  A possible malfunction of the vote tabulation system in Monmouth County led to the double counting of votes in six voting districts in four municipalities and appears to change the outcome of a school board race in Ocean Township.  Election Systems and Software (ES&S), Monmouth County's voting machine vendor, has acknowledged an error in their vote tabulation system that caused irregularities that were not discovered until an unrelated issue caused the Board of Elections to launch an internal investigation, according to an election official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.  The company called the issue an "isolated incident occurred due to a human procedural error.  An audit of the system yielded this information."

Election Integrity Watchdog Finds 10.9 Million 2022 Midterm Mail-In Ballots 'Unaccounted For' in California.  An election integrity group said 10.9 million out of a total 22.1 million ballots that had been mailed out to registered voters during the 2022 midterm elections went "unaccounted for," according to a Jan. 18 report.  "Mail voting practices have an insurmountable information gap," the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) said on Monday. "The public cannot know how many ballots were disregarded, delivered to wrong mailboxes, or even withheld from the proper recipient by someone at the same address."  The watchdog released the two-page report detailing what it called "the failures" of California's first mass-mail balloting election following the passage of Assembly Bill 37 (AB 37), which requires that ballots automatically be mailed to all active registered voters statewide.  The bill, signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom in September 2021, makes vote-by-mail ballots, a practice implemented in the 2020 general election in conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic, permanent for all elections.

California: 10.8 Million Mail-In Ballots [are] 'Unaccounted For' in 2022 Elections.  More than 10.8 million mail-in ballots went "unaccounted for" in California's midterm elections last year, data published by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) reveals.  In 2022, California election officials mailed out more than 22.1 million ballots to registered voters, the data published by PILF shows.  Of those, more than 10.8 million went "unaccounted for" as researchers said election officials can only make assumptions as to what happened with the ballots. [...] Meanwhile, more than 226,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in the 2022 primary and general midterm elections in California, including more than 120,000 mail-in ballots that were thrown out in the general election.  The data published by PILF finds that more than 800 mail-in ballots were rejected after California election officials discovered the person who cast them had already voted.

2024: Republicans on Course to Get Blown Out by Phantoms.  Trump or DeSantis?  It doesn't matter.  Phantom voters will decide 2024.  The phantoms are not voting for either.  Those working deep in swing state voter rolls can tell you with 100% certainty that unless Trump or DeSantis wins with a 5%-to-18% margin in swing states, they will lose every one.  Let's do some electioneering math.  To win the presidency, about a dozen swing states matter — we all know who they are.  Some will add Georgia, Virginia, and Arizona, some not.  President Trump won in 2016 because he caught the leftists off guard.  Perhaps even Trump was surprised on Election Night — the surprise was so complete!  In 2020, the Dems took no chances.  They had everything wired — but our boy Trump surprised them again — so they shut down the election apparatus at 11:00 P.M. and took matters into their own hands.  Nine hours later, problem solved:  Joe Biden emerges from a basement, incoherent, to take the oath of office.  That, people, is hardball — professional, take-no-prisoners electioneering.  You may hate that the country is being lost, but you must stand back at the sheer breathtaking gall it reflects.

Fox News MIA on Lake lawsuit.  "Fair, Balanced and Unafraid" is now a distant memory.  Whatever the cause, considering the Fox News Channel to be a name to trust is a complete waste of time.  The fix is in.  Fox News reports on what they are told, not what is important for the country.  This includes the most popular shows in the evening, Jesse Waters, Tucker Carlson, Shawn Hannity, and Laura Ingraham.  All four still appear to be fighting for our country, but only on approved stories.  This has been going on for quite some time, but the absolute proof is that — based on what I saw — Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake's lawsuit against election fraud in Maricopa County wasn't given even one second of airtime last night, even though she has appeared as a guest on most of those shows in the past.  The lawsuit was filed at close of business Friday, and I'm sure that Lake could have appeared on one of the shows last night, but nothing — nada. [...] As far as I can tell, there has not been a peep on all of Fox about perhaps the most important lawsuit of the year, contesting the greatest political crime in history.  In an article yesterday, I explained why the numbers in Arizona are impossible without massive fraud.  Other networks and newspapers have covered the story — usually to declare it as a desperate move from a failed candidate.

Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases.  The Heritage Foundation's Election Fraud Database now includes 1,412 proven instances of election fraud, and our legal center is monitoring many other ongoing prosecutions.  The database, which provides a sampling of recent election fraud cases, demonstrates the vulnerabilities within the electoral process and the need for reforms to secure free and fair elections for the American people.  The database doesn't list potential fraud discovered by election officials and others that is never investigated or prosecuted, and it obviously cannot list fraud that goes undetected when states with poor security don't have the tools in place to even realize such fraud is occurring.  But states — especially now that many state legislative sessions are beginning — should make stopping fraud and ensuring the integrity of their elections a top priority.

The Manic Methods of Mad Democrats.  Before any presidential or midterm election, strict news suppression ensures that all bad news will follow, not precede, the voting.  The Twitter files, Project Veritas ambush interviews, the Podesta emails, and occasional left-wing braggadocio like Molly Ball's now infamous post-2020 election revelations in Time magazine, confirm the fusion between the media and the Democratic Party.  To the degree there is any independent journalistic inquiry about Biden — such as we are only now seeing with Biden's security violations — it is likely only because the party wants the 80-year-old enfeebled Biden out of office.  The Democratic-media-deep-state nexus quashed all 2020 pre-election revelations about the embarrassing Hunter Biden laptop.  Its contents more or less proved that the Biden family was corrupt.  Twitter and Facebook confessionals show how, in lapdog fashion, social media forbade coverage of the truth about the laptop.  More than 50 former intelligence officers, organized by the confessed liars John Brennan and James Clapper — both of whom have admitted to deceiving Congress while under oath — used their former titles to fortify the pre-election lie that Hunter's laptop was likely Russian disinformation.  A poll conducted after the election revealed that those voters who knew of the story might have changed their vote had they known the truth.  Neither Clapper nor Brennan nor any of their subordinates has ever apologized.

Wife of Woodbury County elected official faces 52 counts of voter fraud.  The wife of Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor faces 52 counts of voter fraud for an alleged scheme in which she fraudulently filled out absentee ballot requests and voter registration forms and cast absentee ballots on behalf of others during Taylor's unsuccessful run for Congress in the 2020 primary election and his re-election to the county board in that fall's general election.  Kim Phuong Taylor, 49, was arrested Thursday and pleaded not guilty to 26 counts of providing false information in registering and voting, three counts of fraudulent registration and 23 counts of fraudulent voting.  She was released on a personal recognizance bond and ordered to surrender her passport and may not apply for a new one.

Just What Kind Of A Republican Is Mitch McConnell?  The 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election was eerily like the 2020 presidential election.  As highlighted in Republican candidate Kari Lake's lawsuit, there were massive and obvious voting irregularities.  The first sign of trouble was the elongated time frame that Maricopa County (home to 60 percent of Arizona voters) required to "count votes."  How could it be that the Election "Day" was November 8, but the final vote tabulation was not completed until November 21?  Signature verification issues and boxes of ballots bundled with no seal or chain of custody documentation alone amounted to hundreds of thousands of possible illegal votes that could have easily changed the outcome.  Consider, too, that Arizona's population is 7.3 million.  Texas, with a population of 29.1 million, and Florida, with 22.25 million, completed their tabulations on Election Day eve.

House, Senate Republicans Seek to Overturn D.C. Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote.  House and Senate Republicans are seeking to overturn a new law, approved by Democrats on the Washington, DC, City Council, that extends municipal voting rights to illegal aliens.  In October 2022, the D.C. City Council voted 12-1 to advance a bill that will allow foreign nationals, regardless of if they have visas or are illegally in the United States, to vote in local elections such as school board races and mayoral elections.  About 50,000 foreign nationals and illegal aliens could be eligible to vote in local elections across D.C. if the measure is not thrown out by Congress before taking effect.

Fulton County 2020 Election Case Has Been Reinstated.  A 2020 election case that had been dismissed by a county superior court for "lack of standing" has just been reinstated by the Georgia Appeals Court.  The appeals court reinstated the Garland Favorito, et al. v. Alex Wan, et al. case, which alleges that counterfeit ballots were included in Fulton County's absentee votes in 2020.  The lawsuit against the county Board of Registration and Elections was originally filed in December 2020 by VoterGA, an election integrity nonprofit organization.  Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero had dismissed the case in July, which was upheld upon appeal.  "A judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit that alleged fraud in Georgia's most populous county during the 2020 election," the Independent had reported.  "The suit sought a review of some 147,000 absentee ballots in search of illegitimate votes, but no evidence emerged to justify such a broad search, the judge said."

Arizona Court Of Appeals Schedules Conference In Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit, Agrees Case Should Be Expedited!  The Arizona Court of Appeals has ordered an expedited conference to be set for February 1 in Kari Lake's historic lawsuit to overturn the botched election in Arizona.  The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the court scheduled the morning of January 24 for a conference and oral argument in Kari Lake's appeal against Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson's dismissal of her lawsuit to overturn the 2022 Midterm election.  According to a new report, the court date would likely have been in March.  However, the court issued a new order setting a conference date and agreeing to consider Lake's 'Petition for Special Action'.  As The Gateway Pundit reported, the Maricopa County 2022 Election was a disaster.  In Maricopa County, over 50% of tabulators and printers failed the moment that polls opened, causing voters to be turned away from the polls and creating long wait times of four hours or more.  According to cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh's testimony, this was an intentional act aimed at disenfranchising Republican voters who turned out 3:1 for Trump-Endorsed candidates.  This and other election catastrophes in Maricopa County possibly stole the election from Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh, and other Republican candidates.

Like Paul Revere, a Massachusetts Republican Sends Warning.  [Scroll down] Florida's election proved it — 'If they can't cheat, they can't win.'  Florida made a national laughingstock of itself during the 2000 presidential election.  It was a three-ring circus, complete with 'hanging chads'.  Since 2000, successive conservative governors and representatives in Florida, including Ron DeSantis, have worked to repair all the loopholes that enabled that embarrassing debacle.  Cheating in Florida was prevented through ironclad voter I.D. laws, tight absentee ballot rules, and keeping accurately maintained voter rolls.  Florida enacted prohibitions against mail-in ballots and ballot-harvesting.  These steps are essential to protect every state, too.  In addition, legislators must insist on paper ballots only and set a firm deadline for accepting ballots — no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, no exceptions.  They must commit to finishing the count on election night, and plan to announce the results by 11:00 p.m.

Colorado Deploys Smokescreen To Avoid Explaining How Foreigners Received Voter Registration Notices.  When 31,000 foreign nationals are mailed information from state election officials about how to register to vote, there is a problem.  That happened in Colorado just before the 2022 elections.  After the news broke about these mailings in October 2022, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold didn't have an answer why it happened.  The office blamed the invitations to register to vote to the 31,000 ineligible residents on a comparison between the Colorado statewide voter roll and the master listing of licensed drivers in the state.  The Public Interest Legal Foundation, of which I am President, investigated how this error occurred and how to prevent it elsewhere, particularly in states that are members of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

Court of Appeals Agrees to Expedite Kari Lake's 2022 Election Case.  The Arizona Court of Appeals agreed to expedite consideration of Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake's lawsuit alleging that the 2022 election was flawed.  In a brief order, issued on Jan. 9 and made public the next day, the court ordered a reset of "the matter for conference on February 1, 2023," and agreed with Lake's arguments that her challenge should be handled as a "special action petition."  The court date was reportedly scheduled for March.  Lawyers for Democrat Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, the state's former secretary of state, has until Jan. 17 to respond and argue why Lake's challenge should be rejected, according to the order.  Lake had petitioned both the state's Appeals Court and Supreme Court after a Maricopa County judge rejected her case after a two-day trial in December.  But earlier this month, the Arizona Supreme Court denied Lake's petition to transfer her election lawsuit to the high court and said it will be heard before the Appeals Court first.

Ranked-Choice Voting Keeps Rigging Elections.  As different states and municipalities across the country adopt ranked-choice voting, it's become obvious this mind-boggling election system deserves a new name: rigged-choice voting.  After nearly two months of tabulation, Alameda County, California, — one such ranked-choice voting (RCV) adoptee — announced it got the count wrong for its Nov. 8 election.  As The Wall Street Journal reported, the California county admitted it made systemic errors while tabulating ballots.  As a result of the snafu, an Oakland School Board race flipped:  The top vote-getter (and certified winner) must now hand his board seat over to the third-place finisher.  While gross negligence on the part of some Alameda County election officials is not only probable but likely, RCV's Byzantine election system must also take the blame.  In it, voters rank candidates in order of preference.  If no candidate receives a majority of votes in the first round, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his voters are reallocated to the voter's second-choice candidate.  The process continues until one candidate receives a majority of votes.  For the Oakland mayor's race, it took nine baffling rounds of RCV for one candidate to receive the narrow majority.  The local NAACP chapter demanded a manual recount but scrapped it due to the expense.

Has election integrity fallen between the cracks?  Last week, we all watched our Congress in an upheaval, largely because a few courageous conservatives refused to auto-endorse a swamp-creature to be Speaker of the House.  Although Kevin McCarthy ultimately prevailed, the conservatives are heralded for enforcing compromises to obtain their votes.  That's all good as far as it goes.  But did any of the concessions the House conservatives were requesting include mandates that the integrity of our elections be restored?  If so, many of us out here beyond the Beltway have yet to hear anything about it.  Funny how those already elected to office don't seem to care a whole lot about discussing whether the elections that put them there were honest.  Meanwhile, the much-lauded election integrity case brought by the Brunson brothers was not surprisingly turned away at the door by the Supreme Court.  Again, the message the justices are sending us is clear.  If there is any election cheating going on anywhere out there in any of the 50 states, the Supreme Court just doesn't seem to care and don't want to even hear about it.

US Supreme Court Also Decides NOT to Look at Bonner Case on Legality of Mail-in Ballots.  The US Supreme Court not only decided not to look at the Brunson brothers' case, but also decided not to take up the Bonner case challenging the legality of mail-in ballots.  Such a shame.  The US Supreme Court is absolutely frightened to take up strong cases that challenge corrupt elections or corrupt practices.  Yet this is the biggest issue facing our country right now and the biggest threat to our Constitution.

Election Fraud Infrastructure: Your Government At Work!  There is nothing so unnerving as government-initiated election fraud, perpetrated by both political parties, hiding in plain sight.  This is the world we live in — the one Republicans are about to encounter.  The most basic ingredient for industrial-scale voter fraud is the voter roll, fat with phantom names and addresses.  Someone may be able to transport 250,000 paper ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, leave the truck in the parking lot, and find it gone when he returns.  Those ballots are useless paper if not tied to an identity at a real address.  The hard part is creating people and addresses — it is an industrial-scale operation.  Just think how hard it would be for you and your pals to create 250,000 fake names and tie each to a real address.

The Uniparty Sure Hates Democracy!  [Scroll down]  It is much more elegant when ballots can be printed, signatures forged, and elections certified according to the wishes of the ruling elites.  The appearance of democracy in the absence of it is ideal.  The practice of actual democracy would bring the whole government's house of cards crashing down!  Huge majorities of Americans, after all, have for decades despised illegal immigration, wasteful government spending, central bank money printing, endless foreign wars, the purposeful offshoring of America's manufacturing and industrial self-sufficiency, the forced replacement of cheap hydrocarbon energies with windmills and "green" dreams, and multinational corporate lobbying interests superseding Americans' wishes.  If democratic majorities of Americans were actually allowed to get their way, the small faction of Uniparty elites running the country into the ground would have no means to money-launder their poor decisions into personal financial gain!  Chalk this up as yet another gloriously enlightening example of piercing through the Uniparty's lies and illusions.

If You Live In a Western Democracy, This is How You Have Been Disenfranchised.  Look at any set of problems we now face:  the corruption of public health, the economy built on debt and financialization, the stolen voting, the theft of our resources, the growing biomedical security state and you will find this same methodology.  It works for every problem.  It is the Mark of the Beast.  Everywhere there is injustice, theft of the people's energy, this is the system they use to oppress and silence us, to impoverish the future, to ruin the present.  This is how they steal elections and destroy independent businesses.  I illustrate these steps with excerpts from a SCOTUS case before the court now, regarding the theft of the 2020 election in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  In that case, 327,000 mail in ballots had no chain of custody.  None.  Evidence was illegally destroyed.  Hard drives were lost.  Tens of thousands of misdemeaners were committed by election officials[.]

DSCC paid illegal alien for campaign services, a likely FEC violation.  During the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats paid half a million dollars to an Arizona company called La Machine Consulting for canvassing work and other campaign services.  There's nothing wrong with that since many such companies do business all over the country and both parties make use of their services.  Or at least there wouldn't be anything wrong with that except for one potentially glaring problem.  As Chuck Ross reports at the Free Beacon this week, La Machine Consulting is owned by Antonio Valdovinos.  And Mr. Valdovinos proudly portrays himself as a "dreamer," meaning that he's not a citizen and is not in the country legally, even though he received a deferment under DACA.  And the FEC frowns on that sort of thing.

Maricopa County announces investigation into Election Day printer issues.  Officials in Arizona's largest count have launched an investigation into significant issues reported with election center printers during the 2022 midterm elections.  Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates and Vice Chairman Clint Hickman announced Friday the investigation via a statement released on Twitter.  "This Board of Supervisors has always been committed to continuous improvement.  When things don't work, we find out why," the statement said.  The two chairs said former Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor will lead the inquiry.

Colorado Won't Name 31,000 Foreign Citizens It Sent Voter Registration Info, So Counties Have No Idea If They Voted.  Colorado officials are still refusing to cooperate with local counties after the secretary of state's office sent more than 31,000 foreign nationals postcards on how to register to vote in time for the 2022 midterms.  According to a newly released report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), the Colorado secretary of state's office has refused to give county election officials the names of foreign nationals who received voter registration instructions in their counties back in October.  According to documents obtained by PILF, Deputy Secretary of State Christopher Beall refused to give the names of 54 foreign nationals who were mailed the voter registration postcards in Moffat County.

A Mulligan for the Supreme Court.  Many would argue that the Supreme Court had a terrible "first shot" in regards to the election of 2020, when they refused to become involved in the many issues raised by the Presidential election.  Perhaps the most notable of these was Texas vs.  Pennsylvania, in which the State of Texas asked that Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin not be allowed to certify their 2020 election results because changes in their election procedures made by courts, governors, and election officials violated the Constitution, which rests the power to define the "times, places, and manner" of federal elections solely in the hands of state legislatures, an argument commonly referred to as the "Independent State Legislature" (ISL) theory.  The Court refused to consider the case, not on the merits of its argument, but on a technicality, claiming that Texas had not demonstrated a "judicially cognizable interest" in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.  As a result, we have seen nearly two years of the rapid destruction of our nation, including fiscal irresponsibility that is led to staggering inflation, a steady decline in the stock market, enactment of policies that have reduced us from energy independence to a nation that must look to countries such as Venezuela and Iran to meet our basic needs and, perhaps most frightening, the politicization of the Department of Justice (including the FBI) into organizations resembling a third-world police state.  Fortunately, there are cases currently before the Supreme Court that offer them the opportunity for a "do-over."

As Republicans launch new legal strikes, Arizona's largest county says 4,849 ballots [have] not [been] counted.  Arizona Republican candidates Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake have launched new legal maneuvers to contest the November election as the state's largest county gave its most detailed explanation to date on why it did not count more than 4,800 provisional ballots cast two months ago.  Hamadeh, the GOP's attorney general nominee. on Tuesday filed a motion for a new trial after a Mohave County Superior Court judge dismissed his and the Republican National Committee's election challenge just before Christmas.  [Tweet]  While Hamedeh lost Dec. 23, he forced into public new evidence of voting problems in Pinal County that even Arizona's new Democrat secretary of state concedes was troubling.  That new evidence is one focus of his request for a new trial.

The Coup We Never Knew.  Did someone or something seize control of the United States? [...] Since when did the people decide that 70 percent of voters would not cast their ballots on Election Day?  Was this revolutionary change the subject of a national debate, a heated congressional session, or the votes of dozens of state legislatures?  What happened to Election Night returns?  Did the fact that Americans created more electronic ballots and computerized tallies make it take so much longer to tabulate the votes?

Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Accused of Suppressing Election Fraud Evidence from 2020 Presidential Election.  Wisconsin election integrity expert Peter Bernegger went public last week publishing an exhaustive list of apparent election fraud evidence in a string of over 100 Twitter postings and appearing on the conservative Talk Show, The Schroeder Show, WTAQ, in Green Bay.  Bernegger implicated Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) in a cover-up of evidence that clearly affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin.  Twitter has not pulled these postings down nor have they censored Peter Bernegger.  The 2020 Wisconsin Presidential Election was allegedly decided by just 20,682 votes with President Trump leading by some 110,000 votes at midnight with all precincts having reporting their results.  Then at 3:26 A.M., a massive vote dump from a supposed missing flash-drive on Wednesday, November 4th, of some 170,000 votes by the City of Milwaukee Elections Director Claire Woodall-Vogg, showed President Trump's lead having completely evaporated in an 18-minute time-period.

They are the insurrectionists.  The Brunson v Adams case focuses on a breach of national security that could, if ruled on properly, unwind the corruption that led to the 2020 election debacle.  The case would see most of the congress dismissed for that national security breach by failing to investigate charges brought by members of the House that election laws that were not obeyed during the 2020 election led to a breach of national security, i.e, removing a duly elected president in favor of an illegitimate one.  Which is what obviously happened.  Bill Barr, head of the Justice Department, went on national news programs and declared there was no election fraud in the 2020 election without having a single investigation into the multitude of charges and accusations referred to the Department of Justice from around the country.  He simply lied and said what it would take to keep the coup from being exposed, nothing else.  This is a serious violation of law, a serious violation of ethics, protocol and morality for which he has paid no price.  Had Barr instead honestly investigated the charges brought to him, the outcome of the election would have been in doubt until that investigation was complete.  It would have forestalled the inauguration on grounds that until an election is verified as free, fair and legal, there should be no change in the current administration.

Dem-Led Swing States Are Seizing The Opportunity To Rewrite Voting Laws.  Democratic-led swing states are jumping at the chance to rewrite voting laws ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Politico reported.  Currently, more than 100 election-related bills have been pre-filed for the 2023 legislative session, according to the nonpartisan group Voting Rights Lab, which tracks election laws across the states.  Democrat-led states are more likely to favor laws which loosen voting restrictions, such as by expanding early voting or adopting automatic voter registration, according to Politico.  In Minnesota, where voters swung for President Joe Biden by 52.4% in 2020, state leaders may consider proposals to restore voting rights to convicted felons and adopt automatic voter registration, which immediately registers citizens to vote who interact with any government agency unless they request to be opted out.

10 Scandals To Keep Your Eye On In 2023.  [#5] Eugene Yu Versus True the Vote:  Last year ended with the L.A. County district attorney's office dismissing criminal charges against Yu, the founder of the Michigan-based election-management software company Konnech.  The L.A. County D.A. had previously announced Yu's arrest, stating in a press conference on Oct. 4, 2022, that "under its $2.9 million, five-year contract with the county, Konnech was supposed to securely maintain the data and that only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it."  Yet according to the press release, "District Attorney investigators found that in contradiction to the contract, information was stored on servers in the People's Republic of China."  Shortly after Yu's arrest, the self-proclaimed "nation's leading voters' rights and election integrity organization," True the Vote, announced that it had "played a small role" in the investigation of Konnech and applauded the L.A. County D.A.'s office for its work on the case.  True the Vote's involvement in the case apparently prompted the far-left D.A. to rethink the charges and eventually led to the dismissal of the criminal case, because of its concerns "about both the pace of the investigation and the potential bias in the presentation and investigation of the evidence."

Over 333,472 Misdemeanors Committed in Kari Lake's Election, But Trial Court Judge Shrugged Them Off.  Distrust in the justice system over its refusal to stop voter disenfranchisement is spiraling after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissedKari Lake's lawsuit challenging the results of Arizona's botched midterm election, where Democrat Katie Hobbs was declared the winner.  Hobbs was losing in almost every MSM poll and didn't bother to debate Lake, prompting one of the most prominent progressive journalists in the state to denounce her hiding in her basement as "political malpractice."  Hobbs was such an unremarkable candidate that she has only 177k Twitter followers to Lake's 834k followers, over 400% fewer.  The Republican Party has a 4% voter registration over Democrats in both Maricopa County and statewide.  Despite this, 14% of voters supposedly flipped to oppose Arizona's top Trump candidates.  Just like how no one believed Donald Trump lost the state in 2020 when he led Joe Biden three or four points going into the election, no one believes Hobbs won.  This is why instead of being happy and gloating at their win, the left is reacting with a bizarre level of intense anger towards the right.

Fishing as a Guide to Election Integrity.  Some people think my hometown of Cleveland is a dull place, but we have plenty of excitement here.  For example, there were two men who nearly won $30,000 in a 2022 walleye fishing tournament on Lake Erie.  And they won lots of money before, including about $150,000 worth of prizes in 2021.  What was their secret?  Their fish weighed more than anyone else's fish.  It's pretty simple, right?  In the last competition, however, a skeptical judge did something that had never been done before:  He sliced open one of the fish, and inside he found an amazing amount of weight that looked like lead balls.  Unless those were humongous kidney stones, the men were cheating.  They are now charged with multiple criminal offenses, including attempted grand theft and possession of criminal tools.  In a fishing competition, it is not good enough to merely count the pounds:  It is necessary to make sure you are counting pounds of real fish, not lead balls.  That same principal should apply to our elections.  In most cases, however, election administrators simply count the ballots without making sure that they represent real voters.  We just saw a great example of this with the Kari Lake-Kattie Hobbs governor's race in Arizona.

GOP's Hamadeh calls to inspect all ballots after recount narrows opponent's lead.  Arizona Republican attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh called on Thursday for the inspection of all ballots in the very close statewide race after a recount saw his opponent's lead narrow by nearly half.  Democratic candidate Kris Mayes emerged ahead of Hamadeh by 511 votes in the original tally, which subsequently dropped to a mere 280 following the recount.  Hamadeh contends that such a discrepancy warrants further review of the contest.  "This is a battle fighting for the transparency of Arizona elections and we continue to uncover significant issues within our flawed systems including over 4000 provisional ballots that remain uncounted.  Transparent elections are fundamental to a democracy," he said in a statement.

Poll shows huge majority of voters want election changes scrapped.  Mass mail-in ballots, sent out whether a voter asks for such a ballot or not, and done off dirty voter rolls full of dead people, people who have moved, illegal aliens, and voters registered at Mongolian restaurants, as Jay Valentine noted in his piece here, with corrupt secretaries of state temporarily changing an address letter or two to ensure non-delivery of the mail, are wide-open opportunities for ballot-harvesters.  The latter gather ballots and fill them in based on who's paying them for their "deliveries" and the stuffed ballot boxes, often arriving well later than election day, becomes the election result.  The failure to enact voter-ID ensures that anyone can claim any identity and cast a ballot.  Illegals, felons, people with multiple names, people with fake names, people who have registered their dogs to vote, people voting in the name of other people, you name it.  Once the cast ballot is into the tub, it's gone, off to be counted even if it was cast illegitimately, and if the real owner of that name comes in asking to vote, too bad for him.

Maricopa County Election Director Scott Jarrett Testifies He Had No Idea How 19 Inch Ballot Image Could Be Printed On 20 Inch Paper.  Maricopa County Election Director Scott Jarrett likely perjured himself in a court of law by lying about the ballot printer settings that caused tabulation failures and disenfranchised thousands of election day voters.  Jarrett testified under oath during Kari Lake's historic election contest trial against Democrat Katie Hobbs and the Maricopa County election officials.  On Election Day in Maricopa County, over 50% of tabulators and printers failed the moment that polls opened, causing voters to be turned away from the polls and creating long wait times of four hours or more.  According to cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh's testimony, this was an intentional act aimed at disenfranchising Republican voters who turned out 3:1 for Trump-Endorsed candidates.

The End of Free Elections?  Leftists and RINOs have spent the last 40 years transforming election machinery to end your right to vote — and they are about to finish the job.  This week, the governor of Minnesota took the lead by planning to register, automatically, teenagers not old enough to vote.  On election day, there will be tens of thousands of names, with little history, who can be voted by election commissions when needed.  Democrats are proposing laws making it a felony to question an election.  Of course they are!&nb sp; Breitbart, Fox News, and about every other mainstream controlled opposition are cowed into submission.  Election commissions regularly add to election rolls, automatically, every person using any state service — even if that person has not requested to be an elector.  Your illegal migrant, getting welfare or a driver's license can be automatically added to the state rolls.

Harvesting Low-Effort Votes Is Working Great For Democrats, So They're Going For More.  The dust of the 2022 midterm contests has barely settled and Democrats — invigorated by the Red Wave that evaporated under extended lax voting policies — are out to make sweeping changes to our nation's election laws once again.  Think back to 2020, when Democratic governors and unsuspecting Republican lawmakers made unprecedented changes to state election policies in the name of Covid that included mandating universal mail-in balloting and a month of early voting.  Some states have kept these changes permanently.  But Democrats are not satisfied, and why should they be?  With their gubernatorial power retained (they kept all but one of the governor's offices) and newfound control of state legislatures in both Michigan and Minnesota, Democrats are keen to ram through a whole gamut of unprecedented and unconstitutional changes.  It's working, so they're going to keep doing it.

Kari Lake Finally Scores a Win Against Katie Hobbs.  With the dismissal of Kari Lake's lawsuit over Arizona's 2022 election, a contentious saga was brought to an end.  Despite issues with voting machines and questions about the chain of custody of ballots, the judge in the case said the Lake campaign did not meet the legal threshold needed to provide any remedy.  Ultimately, as I wrote initially when the lawsuit was filed, it was always likely to be too difficult to prove intent (required under the law) and that voters were actually disenfranchised.  Supposition, as much as it makes for good internet chatter, wasn't going to do it here, and without direct evidence that ballots were improperly discarded or tampered with (i.e. votes changed somehow), the end result was inevitable.  Regardless, Hobbs, being the insufferable Karen that she is, couldn't just walk away victorious.  She instead requested the judge sanction Lake as punishment for even challenging the election.  On that front, Lake has finally scored a win, albeit one that probably won't be much consolation.

Lake v. Hobbs, the Ruling.  The court permitted two counts from the original ten in the Complaint to proceed to Trial: 1) the claim that ballot-on-demand ("BOD") printer malfunctions experienced on Election Day were caused intentionally and that these malfunctions resulted in a changed outcome (Complaint Count II); and 2) the claim that Maricopa County violated its own election procedures manual ("EPM") as to chain of custody procedures in such a way as to result in a changed election outcome (Complaint Count IV).  After laying out the "clear and convincing" burden of proof Lake needed to carry, the court summarized and evaluated the witnesses and evidence Lake presented.  The court looked to Arizona case law going back to 1898, before we became a state in 1912, for the proposition "it is ... unwise to lay down any rule by which the certainty and accuracy of an election may be jeopardized by the reliance upon any proof affecting such results that is not of the most clear and conclusive character." [...] Much of Lake's case was hearsay.  Ms. Honey relied on what another person said in an affidavit about ballots being added to the stream of ballots by Runbeck employees without a chain of custody for them and in violation of law.  She did not see this happen with her own eyes.  Defense counsel was unable to cross examine the person who allegedly saw the deed take place.  Freshman law students will tell you those statements were not made in person inside the courtroom, were not subject to cross examination at trial, and are hearsay on their face.

Katie Hobbs, Maricopa County File Lawsuit Demanding Sanctions Against Kari Lake.  A new lawsuit has been filed in the ongoing feud over the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, as Secretary of State (and incoming Governor) Katie Hobbs joins the Maricopa County board of elections in taking gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake to court over her claims and previous lawsuits.  According to the suit, Maricopa County contends that "Before a single vote was counted in the 2022 general election, Kari Lake publicly stated that she would accept the results of the gubernatorial election only if she were the winning candidate" but that "she has not simply failed to publicly acknowledge the election results."

Kari Lake failed to meet a standard that is impossible to meet.  Kari Lake has just lost her trial to overturn the election in Arizona.  She presented uncontroverted testimony that the dimensions of the ballot on Election Day were changed from the dimensions that were tested before the election.  This caused the ballot readers great difficulty, since they are programmed to look for marks in specific locations, and the size change moved those marks.  This then led to great confusion, delays, and departure of voters who could not continue to wait their turn.  Those non-voting voters were mostly in dark red areas, so the "errors" disenfranchised Republicans.  Lake presented uncontroverted testimony that the printers were reset to print on the different-sized paper, showing that election officials knew that there was a problem.  She presented even more uncontroverted testimony that election officials did not tally the total number of ballots before transmitting them to the central office, contrary to bright letter regulations and law.  And finally, she presented uncontroverted testimony that over a quarter million ballots were counted but had no chain of custody, again contrary to law.  That "oversight" could allow many thousands of ballots — not votes — to be snuck in to be counted.

The Dismissal of Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit Shows Voter Disenfranchisement No Longer Matters.  The trial court judge in Kari Lake's election lawsuit predictably threw out her case on Saturday, putting on a sham trial that on the surface looked fair to the general public that doesn't know any better, but to legal minds was a travesty of justice.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson only gave her two days for a trial and issued his ruling immediately afterwards, even though he could have taken several days, and it was one of the biggest, most important cases in the country.  Legal experts believe his decision was ghostwritten, they suspect top left-wing attorneys like Marc Elias emailed him what to say.  The standard should have been whether voters were disenfranchised, not all the additional hoops Thompson added.  If inner city blacks had been disenfranchised, Thompson would not have added all those extra requirements, he would have made the law fit.

Judge Peter Thompson Rules Elections with Broken Machines in 60% of Precincts and No Chain of Custody for Ballots Are Free, Fair and Certifiable.  A gutless Arizona judge on Saturday dismissed Kari Lake's election lawsuit against Democrat Katie Hobbs in the stolen 2022 midterm election.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson found Kari Lake's lawyers had not proven Maricopa officials committed any kind of misconduct.  Kari Lake will appeal the ruling.

Don't Buy What Democrats Are Selling as Reality.  Under their new pseudo-reality, the Democrats would have us believe that all U.S. elections are free and fair when many are plainly not.  Democrats act as though once an election is complete, it is automatically fair and finished.  They then label anyone contesting election results as a perpetrator of fake news.  The facts are that in the 2020 and 2022 elections, the Democrats ignored or discounted hundreds of sworn and [plausible] affidavits by disenfranchised voters, poll-watchers, and ballot support personnel.  They ignore credible expert testimonies from statistical analysts and auditors who say the chances of Democrats to have won some elections in the way they did are astronomically tiny (unless fraud is factored into the equation).  Regarding election fraud accusations against Democrats, they choose not to prove their innocence, but instead just declare themselves innocent absent proof.  Meanwhile, they fight commonsense election reforms like voter ID and signature verification (and a whole list of others) with every ounce of opposition they can muster.  These denial actions project guilt, not innocence.  Democrats label non-Democrats who doubt election results as election deniers.  The Democrats themselves are obviously election fraud deniers in the face of massive evidence of election malfeasance.

The Arizona Printer Problem.  [Scroll down] Taking the list of ballot IDs not counted at the polling location, and running that list against the ballots accepted and counted at the main tabulation center, this would then validate the number of ballots that had an issue at the polling place being counted.  The final audit check I would perform is to take some samples from this data set, and run them through the machine to confirm the proper tabulation of the ballots.  I.e. hand count 200-300 ballots that you run through the machines and confirm the results.  Optical readers are set pretty precisely, and reading a ballot not printed perfectly could directly impact the ability to read that ballot.  I think it possible with the right technical expertise to properly scope the problem and answer the question — were enough voters impacted by the problem to change the election?  And were all the ballots cast properly counted?  I write this in part because Maricopa County and the Secretary of State seem determined to swear in Katie Hobbs.  Maybe she won the election outright.  But after admitting there was a problem, the courts now owe the good people of Arizona a thorough vetting of the problems, the troubleshooting, and the final counts.

Judge dismisses remainder of Kari Lake's election lawsuit following two-day trial.  An Arizona judge on Saturday ruled against Kari Lake in her challenge of Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs's (D) victory, dismissing the highest-profile case challenging the midterm election results.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson following a two-day trial found that Lake had not proven that election officials committed intentional misconduct sufficient to change the race's outcome.  Lake, who lost to Hobbs by about 17,000 votes, had alleged election officials in Maricopa County intentionally sabotaged her victory by causing Election Day printer malfunctions and violating chain of custody procedures.  Lake asked the judge to declare her the rightful winner or order a new election in Maricopa County.  Hobbs will be inaugurated on Jan. 2.

Judge Rules Against Kari Lake in Election Trial, Confirms Hobbs as Governor-Elect.  Maricopa Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a ruling Saturday in the case of Lake v.  Hobbs, ruling against Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on the two remaining counts in her lawsuit challenging the results of the election.  As RedState has reported, during the two-day trial it was revealed that a change in printer setting that occurred on Election Day resulted in massive tabulation errors, as the ballots printed with those faulty settings were unable to be read by the machines.  In addition, Lake's team presented the court with evidence of chain-of-custody issues and affidavits from voters who were unable to vote due to the chaos that ensued.

Maricopa County Attorney Argues That Voters Who Wait Until Election Day to Vote Then Encounter Problems Reap What They Sow.  During day 2 of the Kari Lake election trial in Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy argued that it was "political malpractice" for a campaign to tell voters to vote in person on election day instead of voting early, and that "you reap what you sow," meaning that Lake's campaign lost because of strategy, not because of a printer malfunction error that rendered the ballots incapable of being machine read, long lines that led to voters being unable to vote, or other malignantly incompetent actions on behalf of Maricopa County officials.  Now, playing devil's advocate, it may well be that even with all of the malignant incompetence on behalf of the county that Hobbs still won.  However, for a county attorney to excuse all of that away with references to those who want answers as "election deniers" who shouldn't have any expectation of working voting machines on Election Day is reprehensible.

Ballot printer questions in Arizona.  I am pretty technical.  I was surprised that shrink to fit became a talking point at the hearing on Thursday in Maricopa County.  I primarily know of one program that offers a shrink to fit option: Excel.  Shrink to fit is, in my understanding, an application-level setting.  Some copiers have a shrink to fit option, but it takes a literal picture and resizes it.  That process does take some time and computing resources, and that copier is usually on the expensive side of the equation.  What I missed Thursday is where they allege that the shrink to fit option was set.  If they are alleging that it was set in the voting application software, the software should have audit trails for changes, and we should be able to see if that was indeed the case.  If they are alleging that the change was made in the printer, then did anyone check the printer manual to see if that was indeed an option?

Expert in Kari Lake election suit: 'No doubt' she would have won without Maricopa Election Day chaos.  Election modeling expert Richard Baris said Thursday in the Kari Lake election lawsuit that his projections showed as many as 40,000 voters were disenfranchised over Election Day chaos in Arizona's Maricopa County, causing him to "have no doubt" that she would've won the gubernatorial election had there been no problems at polling centers.  Baris is the final witness for Lake in the scheduled two-day trial for her election lawsuit.  Baris testified that 25,000 to 40,000 voters were disenfranchised in the county as a result of roughly one in five vote centers suffering problems with ballot tabulator machines in the first hours of Election Day[.]

Texas 2020 election audit find 'serious issues' in Harris County, 'phantom voters' in Dallas County.  The Texas Secretary of State office has released the final part of its 2020 general election audit for Collin, Dallas, Harris and Tarrant counties, with the most serious issues reportedly occurring in Harris, the state's most populous county.  The report released Monday states Texas voters overall can have a "very high level of confidence in the accuracy of the outcome of Texas elections" when state election code and local procedures are followed.  However, the audit found Dallas County had two large problems including "phantom voters," according to the Epoch Times.  Secretary of State John Scott ordered the full forensic audit last year amid concerns about voter fraud.  It was designed to represent the two largest Democrat-controlled and GOP-controlled counties, Dallas and Harris and Collin and Tarrant, respectively, according to the report.  In Harris County, the problems were severe enough that the Secretary of State's office notified the county of the audit's preliminary findings ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, the 359-page report also shows.

Maricopa County Elections Director Confirms 'Bombshell' Error in Arizona Election That Was Caused ON Election Day.  There was a 'bombshell' revelation divulged in court on Thursday in a lawsuit brought by Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake against Secretary of State and Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs.  Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett confirmed in court that the ballot printer and tabulation errors that sowed widespread chaos in the Arizona election was caused on Election Day.  [Video clip] [...] Also in Thursday testimony, election modeling expert Richard Baris said that his projections showed as many as 40,000 voters were disenfranchised over Election Day chaos in Arizona's Maricopa County.  Baris said he would "have no doubt" that she would've won the election had there been no issues at polling centers.

Texas 2020 Election Audit Finds 'Very Serious Issues' in Harris County.  Secretary of State John Scott's office has released the final phase of its 2020 general election audit of Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant Counties.  The audit released on Monday showed the most serious issues occurred in Harris County, followed by Dallas with two large problems, including "phantom voters."  Tarrant County administered a "quality, transparent election" with minor findings, and Collin County "proved to be the model of how to run elections in Texas."  Overall, Texas voters can have a "very high level of confidence in the accuracy of the outcome of Texas elections" when state election code and local procedures are followed, according to a state election audit report.  Scott ordered the full forensic audit last year amid concerns about voter fraud.  To ensure the transparency of the assessment, the 359-page audit represents the two largest Democrat-controlled counties, Dallas and Harris, as well as the two largest Republican-controlled counties, Collin and Tarrant, according to the report.

Kari Lake Expert Witness: Missized Ballots That Caused Election Day Chaos Could Not Have Been An Accident.  On the first day of trial in Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake's election challenge Wednesday, her lawyers focused on the Maricopa County election equipment failures that caused chaos on Election Day and disenfranchised voters.  Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson previously dismissed eight out of the ten claims Lake made in her lawsuit.  In his order allowing Lake's case to go forward, Thompson said that she would have to prove that misconduct occurred, and that it resulted in "identifiable lost votes" affecting the outcome of the election.  Lake's lawyers attempted to make that case with their bombshell revelation that a review of random ballots found that 48 out of 113 (42.5 percent) were "19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper," causing them to be rejected.  Clay Parikh, a witness who examined the defective ballots on behalf of the Lake campaign, said someone must have changed the printer configurations.  "These are not a bump against the printer and the settings change," he explained.  "There are security configurations.  I've reviewed the evidence, and the printers are configured via script, which by any large organization that has to do multiple systems is the standard."

House GOP to Investigate Biden's Secretive Order on Voting.  The House's new Republican majority is poised to investigate the Biden administration's secretive, all-of-government effort to get out the vote.  President Joe Biden's executive order of March 2021 calls for every federal agency, in partnership with private organizations, to "consider ways to expand citizens' opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process."  With some exceptions, most federal agencies haven't provided records on implementation of Biden's executive order after requests for public records were made by Congress, news organizations, and government watchdog groups.  In October, the Justice Department invoked "presidential privilege" to shield related documents.  "Our federal agencies should never be utilized for partisan, political purposes," Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wis., a member of the House Administration Committee, told The Daily Signal in a statement.

The Election Integrity Battle Must Be Won before It Is Fought.  Republicans should have learned that once the votes are cast, it is nearly impossible to litigate fairness.  They did not.  It's fair to say that in spite of all the talk after the 2020 election about fixing election integrity, very little was done that actually improved things.  I must have heard Jenna Ellis bloviating a hundred times about how her Election Integrity Alliance was going to make sure everyone working on integrity was moving forward, getting it done.  Fail.  It's even worse, as the left is now refining its tactics and focusing on taking over the election process for good.  Leftists even enlisted the federal government in registering voters who are unlikely to cast a ballot so they can cast one for them.  Democrats have a long history of fiddling with elections.  Fast-forward to 2022, and we find ourselves with a disappointing outcome, particularly in same five states as in 2020:  Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

Kari Lake's Lawsuit Is Looking Anything but 'Frivolous' Now.  While much of the country is in full holiday "wait until next year" mode, Kari Lake is spending her run-up to Christmas weekend using the legal system to get some answers about what went wrong in Maricopa County on election day.  Last week, I wrote of my admiration for Lake's unwillingness to roll over and play dead for the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media.  The lawsuit brought by Lake's legal team was originally dismissed as "frivolous" by an Obama hack judge.  A new judge took it more seriously and some weirdness is being unearthed now.

Judge Allows Case by AZ Republican AG Candidate who "Lost" By 511 Votes to Go to Trial.  Adding to the fight against Arizona's Maricopa County election results, an Arizona judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed by Republican Attorney General Candidate Abraham Hamadeh's lawsuit can go to trial.  Hamadeh, who lost his election to Democrat Kris Mayes by just 511 votes out of 2.5 million, filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County alleging "errors and inaccuracies" at voting locations.  On Election Day, Maricopa saw significant issues at its polling locations including malfunctioning voting machines and improperly printed ballots.

In Elections, It's Not The Votes That Count, It's The Ballots That Count.  Politics may be a blood sport, but frankly, when the stupid party (Republicans) insists on "issues," the evil party (Democrats) quietly laughs.  When you're at war, you must overwhelm the enemy, and that's what Dems do.  With ballots, not votes.  Ballots are the lifeblood of politics, while graft is the mother's milk.  Get enough ballots, and you win.  It's just that simple.  Until the Republican Party understands this, it will always lose, and America can't survive much more losing.  Mail in ballots.  In-person early vote ballots.  Election Day in-person ballots.  Ballots that arrive days after the election is "over."  Those are what get counted, and that's not what should be counted.  The audit of the Maricopa County election in 2020 recounted all those ballots, and came up with... Bupkis.  The machines did a good job of counting ballots.  They couldn't identify bad ballots because that's not what they're built to do.

The Problem With Voting Machine Certification In Arizona.  During the 2020 election, COVID meant many things were ignored or exploited, e.g., voting machines, mass mailing early voting ballots, late suspicious ballot drops, and delays in counting that altered the final count. [...] The DOJ, the FBI, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and others have gone rogue and full Stasi in support of the radical left.  This criminal enterprise aimed to overthrow a duly elected President and undermined his election in 2020.  We must have confidence in our elections and accountability for those involved for our constitutional republic to survive.  We are facing a situation that WWII American soldiers returning to Athens, Tennessee, faced in 1946, only to discover that corrupt local politicians had rigged elections.

Commentary: We watched a New York ballot 'audit.' What we saw was a sham.  New York state election law guarantees that volunteer observers can watch 3 percent of the ballots, selected at random, as they are manually counted and the numbers compared with the official public machine count.  If we can see the ballots and count the votes ourselves, and if the numbers we got agree with the machine count, and if those ballots were truly a random sample, then we can safely and confidently assume that the rest of the ballots were also correctly tallied.  It is called an "audit" and it is the best way to assure the public that the counting is being done honestly.  At least, that is the intent.  The problem is, the audit itself has been corrupted.  It is not working as intended.  The two of us attended the 3 percent audit for Rensselaer County on Nov. 18.  We were treated to a show, not a true audit.  The election commissioner selected the three ballot scanners to be audited using a bingo ball machine.  That part was fine.  We were assured that the machines to be audited were selected at random.  The rest was more or less a case of take-my-word-for-it.

Katie Hobbs Files Emergency Motion To Quash Her Subpoena For Appearance At Kari Lake's Trial — Lawyers Withdraw Hobbs' Subpoena.  Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has filed an emergency appeal in Kari Lake's historic lawsuit asking the court to reconsider a previously filed Motion to Quash Subpoena for Appearance at Hearing.  Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and Katie Hobbs filed Motions to Quash their subpoenas earlier this week, alleging that they will be subjected to undue burden or expense.  Hobbs also argued that she "was not served with a subpoena to testify in her personal capacity.  She was subpoenaed to testify at trial in her official capacity as Arizona Secretary of State.  Indeed, she was not personally served with a subpoena, and no one contacted her lawyers in her capacity as Governor-Elect to accept service."  Judge Peter Thompson denied these motions last night.

Not Your Grandfather's Election Day.  Republicans are still recovering from the midterms hangover after suffering a stiff dose of how probabilistic mathematics, statistics, blood-red election maps, armchair predictions, and century-long historical trends are collectively no match for the underhanded ground game of one's opponent.  Giddy Democrats have again put one over on the American people, somehow dodging retribution for a miserable economy and two years of demonizing half the electorate.  Even with majorities in both houses, the Dems faced stiff political and public resistance in their failure to pass H.R. 1, For the Peoples Act, a misnamed Democrat effort to federalize state elections.  Undeterred, state Democrat parties have teamed up with Democrat national campaigns to achieve a permanent, quasi-legal destruction of the election process and institutionalized fraud through the pursuit of early mail-in voting and extended ballot deadlines in states that prohibit or curtail these practices.  This campaign is virtue-signaled through baseless and easily refuted claims of voter suppression, racism, and vintage pandemic concerns.

Kari Lake scores major win as Arizona judge orders trial on election challenge.  Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake's election challenge will head to trial after a judge declined to dismiss her case and allowed the suit to proceed.  Lake announced the development via Twitter, saying "Katie Hobbs attempt to have our case thrown out FAILED.  She will have to take the stand & testify.  Buckle up, America.  This is far from over."  The Arizona Republican lost her gubernatorial bid to Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, but has since alleged that rampant voting irregularities in Maricopa County prevented many would-be Lake voters from casting their ballots.  Last week a Maricopa County Superior Court judge approved Lake's request to inspect random ballots from the county, both in-person and mail-in, in order to prepare for a potential trial.

Kari Lake's election fraud case WILL go to trial.  Kari Lake on Monday said she was confident of victory when a court finally hears evidence that the election was stacked against her as a judge in Arizona said her voter fraud case will go to trial this week.  Lake lost the race to be Arizona's next governor last month by about 17,000 votes to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs.  But she has argued ever since that problems with printers and election day protocol cost her the election.

Maricopa County Judge Orders Two-Day Trial in Kari Lake Election Lawsuit.  Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake's lawsuit against Maricopa County will go to trial, a judge ruled late Monday [12/19/2022].  Lake filed the lawsuit December 9, alleging that "hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots infected" the Nov. 8 election and led to Hobbs being declared the winner, and "contains more than 270 exhibits of evidence."  Lake's suit also relies on expert witness testimony.  [Tweet]  Last week Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson agreed to allow Lake's legal team to "inspect a small number of printed and early ballots from the election, including 50 that were marked 'spoiled' on Election Day."  That inspection has not occurred yet; it is scheduled to begin Tuesday, December 20.

Ballot Harvesting: How Democracies Perish.  Judging from so many disputed elections and the resulting court cases, there is ample evidence to doubt the outcomes of the 2020 and 2022 elections. [...] The Prog victory in 2020, such as it was, rested on the usual ineptitude of many Secretaries of State, the usual failures of the U.S. Post Office, improvements in "flaps and seals" technology, the pandemic-induced flood of mail-in ballots, thousands of unmonitored ballot boxes, the advent of computer software and sophisticated printers capable of producing virtually undetectable counterfeit ballots, the hacking of some voting systems, and most importantly the money to train and hire an army of foot soldiers to pillage unprotected ballot boxes, to go door-to-door, to go to senior centers and nursing homes with offers to "help" homeowners and senior citizens understand complex ballot issues and — here's the key — to allow the harvesters to gain physical possession of millions of ballots.  Some Secretaries of State fail to purge their registered voter database of the dead, of convicted felons, and of those who moved to other States.  In all mail-in ballot States such as Colorado; the all-too-often incompetent U.S. Post Office is given millions of ballots to deliver to a list of addresses that is approximately over twenty percent in error.  Incompetence, however, is not illegal.

Kari Lake says she will take her fight all the way to the Supreme Court.  Kari Lake promised Sunday [12/18/2022] to take her fight all the way to the Supreme Court if her case that is thrown out in a hearing on Monday.  Lake was the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona and has launched legal action to have her defeat overturned or have the election rerun because of problems at polling stations.  'I'm not going to stand down,' she told supporters at a gathering of conservatives in Phoenix.  'These people are corrupt.'

10 Steps to Save America.  Elections are a mess.  The greatest political revolution in our election history has been the change — accelerated under the cover of COVID and the George Floyd riots — in many key states from a 20-30 percent "absentee ballot" vote to 70-80 percent early/mail-in balloting.  In a mere four years we have all but destroyed Election Day voting and Election Night final tabulations as we had known them for decades.  All discussions of voter IDs, fraud, and charges and countercharges of election denialism are irrelevant if there is no real mechanism to validate the authenticity of mail-in ballots that have incomplete or false addresses, names, and signatures, or do not match registration rolls.  Third-party ballot harvesting and ballot curing should be outlawed at the federal level, and we should return to the requirement of requesting absentee ballots rather than automatically sending them out.  Otherwise, no future election will again win the confidence of a majority of Americans.  And without trust in balloting, consensual government becomes nonexistent.

Mohave County Board Of Supervisors to Discuss Litigation Against Maricopa County Following Fraudulent Election.  Mohave County certified the fraudulent election under duress after corrupt Katie Hobbs, who oversaw the disaster of an election as Secretary of State, threatened to jail the County Supervisors.  The issues that occurred in the bellwether for statewide elections, Maricopa County, on Election Day disenfranchised all voters in all other Counties.  On November 8, 2022, more than 50% of the tabulators or printers were not operating on Election Day in Maricopa County.  This caused up to four-hour wait times and voters being turned away from the polls.  Thousands were told they could vote at a different precinct after they signed in, which they couldn't.  And tens of thousands were told to dump their ballot into a bin that would be counted later.

Top Maricopa election offices couldn't reconcile 15k disparity in outstanding votes: internal email.  Recently disclosed internal communications between top election officials in Arizona's Maricopa County in the immediate aftermath of Election Day reveal that they struggled to reconcile a discrepancy of almost 16,000 in outstanding ballot totals.  The governor's race in Arizona was decided by a margin of just over 17,000 votes.  Maricopa County was plagued by numerous issues with ballot machines at many of its vote centers on Election Day, resulting in delays and long lines.

A 16,000-ballot discrepancy in Arizona?  Another chip falls for Kari Lake.  Fresh from a court victory granting her the right to examine a random sample of Arizona's ballots from its skeezy midterm election, Kari Lake has managed to notch another advance in her quest to halt the obviously fraudulent election of her Democrat rival, Katie Hobbs. [...] Obviously, somebody knows the answer as to why there were nearly 16,000 more ballots than estimated ballots to be counted, and they aren't saying anything.  Weeks may pass and they may cook up some explanation, but if this were an honest operation, the answer would be right out there now, with no need for an FOIA query and unanswered calls for explanations to shake it out of them.  Something is going on and those nearly 16,000 ballots need to be explained somehow.  Were they 'ghost' voters from dirty voter rolls where ballots were mailed to errant addresses or vacant lots or nursing homes or group homes for the mentally disabled, as described by Jay Valentine [...]?  Were they stolen ballots?  Were they from some trunk stash of ballots collected with the cooperation of Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs who just conveniently for herself was both running for office and in charge of counting the ballots to her own election?  Each and every one of these deets forms the mosaic puzzle that explains a monstrous picture of electoral fraud, which seems to have gone on in Arizona.

Arizona judge approves Kari Lake's requests to examine midterm ballots.  A judge in Maricopa County, Arizona, has approved Republican Kari Lake's requests to inspect some ballots before the trial in her challenge to the Arizona gubernatorial race results.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a ruling Thursday that approved three of Lake's four demands for inspecting random ballots from the county.  The three types of ballots Thompson approved Lake's team to review included 50 random "ballot-on-demand" printed ballots that were cast on Election Day, 50 random early ballots cast from "six separate Maricopa County batches," and 50 random ballot-on-demand printed ballots that were marked as spoiled.  Lake's request to inspect 50 random early ballots from ballot envelopes was denied due to state law, per the judge.

Arizona 2022 Midterm Elections and Election Fraud — Ballot Harvesting.  While political polling is an art, statistically rigorous polls are generally within the ballpark — yet Arizona 2022 election results don't make sense.  For those seeking integrity in elections, the Arizona midterm election is a hill worth dying on.  Maricopa County, Arizona, was problematic in the 2020 election.  Maricopa County officials stymied legislative and court oversight.  The Board of Supervisors and others allegedly obstructed Arizona's Senate 2020 election audit: "In every way imaginable, the county refused to cooperate with the Senate's designated auditors, the Cyber Ninjas." [...] According to the Gateway Pundit, Maricopa County had another problem in 2020:  It lacked proof of chain of custody for at least 740,000 ballots.  Why?  What is Maricopa County hiding?  The Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs race for Arizona governor was very close, with Hobbs leading by less than 0.6%.  There are many irregularities, including Hobbs's refusal to recuse herself, even though she was responsible for the election as Secretary of State.  Therefore, a real forensic recount/audit is necessary regardless of what Maricopa County may say.The least of which was that 20% to 30% of the vote tabulation machines failed, forcing people to submit their ballots via "Door 3," which then led to reports that Door 3 ballots were comingled with counted ballots.  However, an election judge reported that the tabulation machines were working the night before.  These machines must be isolated/quarantined.  The log files must be examined before they can be altered.

Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper than Anyone Can Imagine.  Multiple polls conclude that upwards of 70 percent of Americans think our elections are filled with fraud.  But we're learning it's deeper and more organized than just a few thousand mules dropping fake ballots into election boxes.  The corruption involves both political parties.  Big Tech manipulates search engine results, and takes down "dangerous" websites.  With Elon Musk's revelations, we now see that our own FBI is working actively with Twitter to censor conservatives and silence dissenting speech.  It's next to certain that Twitter wasn't the only social media giant the FBI was giving orders to.  And the mainstream media are all in on ridiculing, dismissing, or attacking people willing to speak out.  Anyone who floats the idea that the Republican red wave disappeared because of poor GOP tactics, or inadequate candidates, is either stupid or part of this conspiracy.

Wisconsin, Drop Boxes, and the Taint of "Zuck Bucks".  Time has only revealed more evidence of serious irregularities in the 2020 election.  Millions of Americans are asking important questions about the trustworthiness of our elections — and the corrupting influence of professional partisans in them, starting with Wisconsin.  The Badger State was the first to be targeted by COVID-19 "relief grants" from the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), a sleepy Chicago nonprofit raised to national infamy after Mark Zuckerberg pumped roughly $350 million into the group a few months prior to the 2020 election.  Donald Trump won this battleground in 2016 by just over 27,000 votes — a stunning defeat for Hillary Clinton that Joe Biden's presidential campaign had to reverse to win the presidency in 2020.  Biden ultimately took the state by less than 21,000 votes.

Why Moore v. Harper Terrifies Democrats.  he U.S. Supreme Court finally heard oral arguments in Moore v. Harper last week.  The case involves a mundane constitutional issue concerning the definition of "legislature" as used in the elections clause.  Yet it has produced panic among Democrats and a torrent of portentous predictions about the death of democracy from various leftist law professors.  In the Washington Post, for example, Harvard University's Noah Feldman expressed alarm that the court took up the "insane" case at all.  Is Moore v. Harper really insane?  Of course not.  The case arose early this year when the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down a redistricting map produced by the state Legislature, then replaced it with a redistricting scheme of its own.  The North Carolina General Assembly petitioned SCOTUS for relief on the grounds that this action violated Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.  Moreover, the petitioners are on solid legal ground, as constitutional lawyers David Rivkin Jr. and Andrew Grossman explain in the Wall Street Journal: [...]

Cooking the Books: Why Republicans Always Come up Short.  Election records begin with the voter registry.  A voter, candidate, election official or a curious person with too much time on their hands can review these.  They are usually available to candidates and political parties; sometimes costing thousands of dollars — sometimes free.  Depends on the state.  Republicans don't understand there are two sets of books.  One set we just noted — election rolls — everyone sees.  The hidden set of books contains the ballot and phantom and address inventory.  These three ingredients win elections.  NGOs, leftist entities like homeless shelters, churches, and other groups sponsor registration drives whose registrants are frequently people of no known address who will depart the area shortly after their registration is complete. [...] We ran the voter registration rolls against church addresses in a dozen states and found thousands of people registered at a church in which it was clear there was no place to sleep.  The leftist objective is not to build an army of homeless and get them into civics; it is rather to create an inventory of identities who never vote.  It's important that they never vote — or if they do, their manager fills in the ballot.

Showdown in Arizona: Will Kari Lake Prevail in Her Election Lawsuit?  The election contest alleges that several separate actions or omissions on the part of elections officials constitute "misconduct" within the meaning of the Arizona statute.  The suit also alleges that multiple categories of illegal votes were erroneously included in the canvass.  Finally, the suit alleges Federal Equal Protection and Due Process violations.  Among the claims made in the suit:  (1) The tabulator and printer errors encountered by Election Day voters in Maricopa County were far more widespread than the county claimed, causing extraordinarily long wait times at vote centers all over the county, resulting in disenfranchisement of in-person voters who favored Lake by a 3-to-1 margin. [...] (2) The tabulators and printers used in Maricopa are claimed to be uncertified in violation of ARS §16-442 (which requires the equipment to be certified and in compliance with the Help America Vote Act of 2002), based on the declaration of cyber-expert Clay Parikh, who spent nine years performing security tests on vendor voting systems for the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission. [...] (3) many of the voters who encountered the tabulator or printer "malfunctions" on Election Day were prompted to place their ballots in "Door 3," which was for uncounted ballots. [...] (4) The Maricopa County elections officials failed to adhere to the signature verification requirements of ARS §16-550 with respect to early ballots. [...] (5) The Maricopa County officials failed to generate and maintain the chain-of-custody (COC) documentation required for drop box votes. [...] (6) The suit further alleges First Amendment violations and conflicts of interest against secretary of state Katie Hobbs and Maricopa official Stephen Richer.

Election integrity volunteers 'afraid' to attend recount after Michigan AG threatens prosecution.  An apparent threat by Michigan's Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel to arrest and prosecute local activists promoting election integrity and anti-voter fraud efforts caused many of them to steer clear of a contentious monitoring effort out of fear of being targeted by the government, according to a Michigan attorney deeply involved in the situation.  Across Michigan on Wednesday, dozens of counties and hundreds of precincts began a recount for two controversial ballot proposals that were approved by voters on Nov. 8.  The first measure in question is Proposal 2, which establishes early voting, expands access to absentee voting and preempts Republican efforts to enact more stringent voter ID rules.  The other measure is Proposal 3, which enshrines abortion rights in the state's constitution.

Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh Files Election Contest Lawsuit.  Trump-Endorsed Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh filed a lawsuit on Friday, contesting the fraudulent Midterm Election in Arizona.  Hamadeh is down by 511 votes out of more than 2.5 million ballots cast in his race, and there is an ongoing recount to determine the winner.  The Gateway Pundit reported on Friday that Kari Lake filed a lawsuit to nullify the election for Governor and approve a full audit of signatures and machine failures.  It was revealed by a Runbeck whistleblower in Lake's filing that hundreds of thousands of ballots did not have any chain of custody documentation.

The terrible consequences of stolen elections and government corruption.  The left cheats; they can't win if they don't cheat so they regularly cheat.  Nothing makes that clearer than the 2022 midterm elections in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Polls show that about sixty percent of the American people believe the 2020 election was stolen; those people are not all Republicans.  Chances are that in their heart of hearts, ninety percent of Americans know it was stolen.  The Democrats steal without shame, as if it's their divine right.  They do it blatantly because they know they can get away with it.  The GOP leadership are spineless pushovers as it happens; Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis, et al. who gladly do the Democrats' bidding.

Kari Lake Files 70 Page Lawsuit to Throw Out Fraudulent Arizona Midterm Election Results.  Republican Kari Lake on Friday filed a lawsuit to nullify the 2022 midterm election results for the governor's race in the state of Arizona.  On Thursday Trump Attorney Christina Bobb previewed this historic filing.  [Tweet]

Maricopa or Die.  It's been a month since the November elections, and it's obvious that serious irregularities exist in our voting systems.  Unless they are exposed and fixed, our country will have been taken over by our internal and external enemies, and we will never recover.  All of the efforts to fight back against the fraud nationwide have been unsuccessful except for in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Kari Lake, the gubernatorial candidate, is still fighting — filing lawsuit after lawsuit in an effort to overturn the "results" in her campaign, where the current secretary of state in charge of the election, Katie Hobbs, was her opponent.  Hobbs wouldn't recuse herself despite the fact that she would be overseeing her own election.  Unbelievable!  When outrageous election problems caused some counties to withhold their vote certifications, Hobbs threatened them with class 6 felonies.  Not only did Katie Hobbs bully her own county supervisors, but Elon Musk's recent revelations show how she worked with Twitter to silence her critics.  The mainstream media have been working overtime to repress the story and trash the credibility of Kari Lake.  But there are a few brave souls tilting against the windmills of organized propaganda — if you know where to look.

Kari Lake Moves Forward With Lawsuit Challenging "Fraudulent" Election Results.  Just days after Arizona Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certified all but two contests in the November 8 midterm elections — including her own race for the governor's seat — her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, has filed a second lawsuit challenging the outcome, claiming that thousands of illegal votes cast "far exceed" the 17,117-vote margin of victory for Hobbs.  Lake earlier this week guest-hosted Sebastian Gorka's radio talk show America First, telling listeners, "We have a lot to fix here in Arizona.  And that's why our movement is so powerful."  The former TV anchor has repeatedly called out the mainstream media's slanted coverage of the voting issues on November 8 as the reason why these issues are not known or understood on a national scale: [...]

Philadelphia Man Charged With Postal Crimes Was Also Found With Stolen Mail-In Ballots.  Authorities say a Philadelphia man found with about 15 mail-in ballots that had been stolen from U.S. Postal Service collection boxes faces numerous postal-related charges.  Zachkey James, 27, was charged with impersonation of a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Mail Carrier, unlawful possession of three USPS arrow keys, mail theft, and possession of stolen mail, U.S. Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero said in a statement.  The arrow key is a universal master key that opens USPS mail boxes and the master door panel for clusters of mail boxes such as those found in apartments.  A July 2022 indictment alleges that while pretending to be a USPS mail carrier, James stole undelivered mail from a collection box near the Kingsessing Post Office in Philadelphia.  In October 2022, while again allegedly pretending to be a mail carrier, James is accused of stealing undelivered mail from a collection box near the East Germantown Post Office in Philadelphia.  And in November 2022, James possessed three arrow keys and approximately 15 mail-in ballots that had been taken from USPS collection boxes, the indictment said.

Yes, the 2020 Election Was Stolen.  For two years, the constant shouting of childish epithets at anyone who would dare question Joe Biden's legitimacy has suppressed a necessary reckoning with an election that was, in every sense, a complete aberration.  It's true Donald Trump and many of his supporters did themselves no favors by embracing some of the more outlandish theories about what happened.  But the story we have been told again and again — that the 2020 election was not only fair, but some miracle of democracy — is propaganda, pure and simple.  Despite the media's heavy-handed narrative, we do not and never will really know what happened in the early morning hours of November 4, 2020, and those chaotic days that preceded Biden's media coronation.  It is disingenuous to dismiss the role of fraud in such an unprecedented scenario:  an election with historic turnout that, thanks to the widespread adoption of an unconventional voting method prone to cheating, was not decided until an unusually dilated, shadowy tabulating process had run its course in a handful of heavily partisan jurisdictions.  If an election so strange had gone the other way, we can be sure the Left would not be mocking voter fraud theories but treating them like orthodoxy.  In the end, Trump lost the Electoral College by about 50,000 votes in a few swing states.  It has never been proven that the election was stolen at the ballot box.  But to anybody not blinded by partisanship, it has never been an implausible question.

The media loves to pretend that the 2020 election was clean.  The media is making a big deal about President Trump's recent expression of frustation at the electoral rigging that went on in the 2020 election. [...] The author knows that the media, including Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, intentionally buried the well-researched article by the New York Post about massive corruption in the Biden family, but they still doesn't want the public to know.  Meanwhile, all of these same entities that buried the truth about the Bidens also interfered in all the elections since 2016 with the intentional lies about Russian collusion to destroy Donald Trump.  The media is excusing their non-reporting on the Biden family corruption by stating that they couldn't verify the story but that is [false].  They repeatedly will parrot or reprint stories from the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR without doing any verification.  They repeat stories that push the leftist agenda and go after Republicans while intentionally hiding the truth about the candidates they support.

Maricopa Mulligan.  I must ask the obvious question:  why was the Arizona Secretary of State, the office responsible for overseeing elections, not forced to recuse herself from overseeing an election where she was running for Governor?  You can bet that if this were a Republican SecState, the leftists would have again been screaming from the rafters.  And then there is the Supervisor of Elections in Maricopa County who was running to be the next Arizona SecState.  Yeah, move along, nothing to see here, just everyday coincidences in the largest voter population county in Arizona.  Why is it, in a State with a Republican-controlled legislature and governor, that all this was allowed to happen?  There is no argument, unconstitutional voter disenfranchisement occurred in Maricopa County, Arizona.  This level of incompetence, or possibly purposeful nefarious actions, resulted in the failure of election systems that should have been Beta tested prior to election day.  Therefore, honest Arizonans looking to cast their ballot were denied.  What happens now?  I do not think it is wrong to say the 2022 midterm election in Maricopa County, Arizona must be redone ... in golf it is called a Mulligan.  If that is not the case, then we have accepted the unconstitutional practice of voter suppression and disenfranchisement in the United States ... meaning there will be more.

More Circumstantial Evidence of Vote Fraud: Arizona's Numbers Don't Add Up.  Florida and Arizona are, respectively, 52.7 percent and 53.2 percent non-Hispanic white, with Latinos comprising more than a quarter of each state's population.  Yes, Hispanics, who traditionally lean Democratic, comprise a larger share (32.3 percent) of Arizona's population than they do of the Sunshine State's (26.8).  On the other hand, black Americans have for decades been more solidly Democratic (90-plus percent) than any group, and they comprise 15.5 percent of Florida's population but only 4.7 percent of Arizona's. [...] DeSantis and Florida's legislators had taken steps to eliminate vote fraud in their state — in particular, the mail-in ballot variety, the kind most prone to fraud.  And now there's yet more circumstantial evidence of vote fraud, another anomaly within the anomaly:  That up-ballot Arizona blue wave was, oddly, accompanied by a down-ballot red wave.  American Thinker's Dennis Lund provided the numbers recently.  Calculating an average of the votes for the four up-ballot races won by Democrats — governor, Senate, attorney general, and secretary of state — informs that the Democrats got 1,285,500 average votes per candidate while the Republicans got an average of 1,219,750, for a differential of 65,750.

President Trump Was Correct About the Constitution and Elections — Kari Lake's Lawsuit Shows Why.  What President Trump is noting, is the exact same reason why Kari Lake's lawsuit, like every other election lawsuit before it, will fail.  Our U.S. Constitution permits election fraud and manipulation, as long as that state level election fraud and manipulation does not break federal law.  [Video clip]

Supreme Court Makes Decision on Dominion Voting Systems Case.  The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case alleging that Facebook and Dominion Voting Systems had an illegal and undue influence on the 2020 elections.  The court rejected the appeal from eight Americans without comment.  The group was led by Kevin O'Rourke and had lost two previous rounds in court.  In May, U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Tymkovich rejected the suit.  The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals followed suit, leading to the request for the Supreme Court's intervention, according to The Hill.

Interesting SCOTUS case hit the docket: Brunson vs Adams, et al.  Their case hinges on constitutional amendment violations of the right to due process.  When an election has concerns of fraud, constitution allows for a 10 day investigation to look at the potential fraud questions and determine if fraud did or did not occur.  This case is NOT one of election fraud, it is about congress and the senate NOT doing their oath of office and violating Amendment I to the constitution, Article VI of the constitution, the 14th Amendment of the constitution, section 3, the 5th and the 9th Amendment of the constitution, as well as a couple of Utah State Constitution articles.  Most pertain to due process, the right to investigation, and not performing the 10 day investigation when questions of election fraud were presented to congress.  It began in the state of Utah, then transferred to federal court when there were originally 3 defendants listed, Biden and Harris as well as Nancy Pelosi, and then 381 other defendents AND over 100 Jane/John Does to the defendent list.  All are Federal Government members that are named so far.

Extreme Danger: "Boring" Election Issues.  People say to me, "Was the 2020 election stolen?"  Answer, "Yes."  But the hard part is how.  There were three main things that made the difference.  Number one, suspension of the rules.  In other words, because of COVID, the laws we agreed to ahead of time to run an election were suspended.  One of the beautiful things about a democratic republic is you agree on the rules in advance. [...] The second thing that happened, and this is the most important.  Philanthropy, primarily through the Center for Technology and Civic Life, started pouring money through 501(c)3s.  The Mark Zuckerberg-funded C3s, poured money into state and local election offices.  They would give the state and election office money and say, you now need to enact these policies.  In the old days, giving a government official money and telling them what to do with it was called a bribe, right?  It was.  It was a bribe.  If I were to give money to a government official and say, you need to now do this, I would be arrested.  But that is what happened all over the country to the tune of almost $600 million, according to 990 filings.

Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History.  The 2004 Washington state gubernatorial contest between Republican Dino Rossi and Democrat Christine Gregoire ended with Rossi up by 261 votes.  A machine recount left him still ahead by 42 votes.  The state Democrats paid over $700,000 for a hand recount, and whaddaya know...  Votes started appearing from any and all conceivable sources.  A bag containing votes here, an electoral official's car there, it's surprising they didn't start falling out of the sky like the frogs in Magnolia.  By the end of the year Gregoire was ahead by 130 votes and was inaugurated on January 12.  Rossi [...] continued fighting, taking Gregoire to court over the blatantly illegitimate votes.  A Pierce County judge tossed the votes out, only to be overruled by the Washington State Supreme Court.  A final decision didn't come for six months, when Judge John Bridges, a Democrat appointee, tossed aside the concept of "chain of custody" to find in favor of Gregoire.  Rossi should have continued on to the U.S. Supreme Court — after all, a critical legal concept was being overthrown — but he does get an E for Effort, since he did more than any other Republican in recent memory.  The Washington case enshrined the concept that all Democratic votes, whether they emerged from a portal into hyperspace or were discovered in a 2000 B.C. Sumerian temple, had to be counted no matter what the circumstances.  GOP votes... not so much.

Twittergate — The Fix Was In.  After years of denial and deplatforming of those who dared question the collusion of Big Tech with Leftist deep state officials to influence the 2020 presidential election and make sure that Donald Trump was not reelected, the facts have been revealed.  Elon Musk on Friday night revealed through Matt Taibbi (who though he is a Leftist seems actually to be a genuine journalist), how Twitter spiked the story of Hunter Biden's laptop and prevent the sordid details of his influence-peddling for The Big Guy to get out to the public, and possibly tip the election in Trump's favor.  Since the revelation, the establishment media and leading Democrats have been in furious damage control mode, insisting that the revelations don't reveal what everyone can see they reveal, and even if they do, they don't matter.  But it's undeniable now:  the fix was in.

That stench from Arizona grows.  It wasn't just Democrat operatives from Biden campaign who were directing Twitter to censor posts unfavorable to Joe Biden's presidential prospects behind closed doors.  Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, whose job at the time was sitting secretary of state, also got in on the act. [...] The Post Millennial doesn't mention the topic, but the tweets in question concerned claims by some obscure character with a low follower count that Arizona's electoral system was owned by foreign interests.  Why that was so important at the time is something of a mystery, given the variety of claims out there, but it is known that Chinese involvement in electoral infrastructure did result in an arrest in California shortly after the New York Times reported that the claim was absurd.  That Twitter jumped to the request to make the deletions without verifying whether Hobbs's office was telling the truth is questionable activity right there.

The Left is Using Lawfare Including Threats of Prosecution to Ignore Massive Voter Disenfranchisement.  We are living in an unprecedented era, where the left has now mastered voter disenfranchisement and suppression, largely by controlling the legal system where statutory violations and crimes normally would be stopped.  Instead, the left comes up with excuses to explain away every anomaly, even though the statistical odds of all of them taking place — almost exclusively hurting Republicans — are unbelievable.  Of the 70-plus vote centers in Maricopa County that were plagued by bizarre printing problems affecting people's ability to vote, almost every one was located in an extremely Republican area, averaging more than 300 percent more Republicans than Democrats.

If They Want To Win, Republicans Must Beat Democrats At Their Own Game.  Turns out, perpetually masked Covidians afraid of their own shadows do vote, or at least they can be convinced to turn in their mail-in ballots to Democratic operatives for delivery to the nearest polling place.  You can cry cheating, and many, including Trump, did ad nauseam, but you can't argue with the effectiveness of the strategy.  Use Covid as an excuse to send a mail-in ballot to EVERY voter, then make sure as many ballots as possible that are returned survive any challenges and are counted.  You don't need hacked voting machines to ensure victory if you do that, because we know who is most likely to commit shenanigans on those things during the [...] many points of contact they have before they are actually in official — even honest official — hands.

Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs certifying her own election in her favor seems like an actual 'threat to democracy'.  It is certainly not a "threat to democracy" when people challenge elections, especially when many state election officials intentionally violate their own state laws.  Speaking of which... Arizona law, A.R.S. § 38.503 dictates that:  ["]Any public officer or employee who has... a substantial interest in any decision of a public agency... shall refrain from participating in any manner as an officer or employee in such decision.["]  Well what's a "public agency"?  Well, per A.R.S. § 38.502, a public agency is, among other things, "[an] administrative body of the state" — and whether intentionally or not, A.R.S. § 38.510 requires that anyone who violates the aforementioned law, "shall forfeit his public office[.]"  [Indeed], now of whom does that remind you?  If it were me, I'd say that Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (a public officer) has a "substantial interest" in the certification of election in which she is a candidate, and the only appropriate, and more importantly, as it appears, legal response to "decisions" ought to be one of recusal.  But I'm no lawyer, so what do I know?

'Twitter Files' Fallout Rains Down On Arizona.  Elon Musk's release of information detailing how Twitter suppressed speech during the 2020 presidential election is only the beginning of the story, according to one Texas congressman.  "Investigations are coming," Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas tweeted Friday [12/2/2022].

Did postal workers steal thousands in campaign donations to Elise Stefanik?  You might have thought you were having trouble with your mailman (or woman) but hopefully, it's nowhere near as bad as what allegedly happened to New York Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.  In a complaint filed with the Postmaster General, Stefanik's attorneys claim that postal workers ripped open packages destined for her campaign offices during this year's election, stealing as much as $20,000 in campaign donations and exposing hundreds of donors to potential identity theft or fraud.  Photographic evidence of the destroyed packages was provided, but the USPS doesn't seem to have made any progress in tracking down the thieves.

Katie Hobbs' Office Threatened County Board With Arrest, Felony Indictment If They Didn't Certify Results.  Democratic Arizona Secretary of State and Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs' top deputy threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with prosecution if it didn't certify her election results before a Monday deadline, according to emails and documents reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.  Arizona State Elections Director Kori Lorick wrote several letters and emails to members of the board, warning them of criminal charges if the refused to certify the results in time.  The letters included threats of lawsuits against the members for "nonfeasance," as well, per the emails.

Deposition Reveals Complex Plot by the FBI to Influence the 2020 Election.  The 2020 election remains one of the most contentious in history, and the more we learn about how deep the government's interference went, the more disturbing things get.  According to Eric Schmitt, the current attorney general of Missouri and its newly-elected senator, the FBI was having weekly meetings with social media companies prior to election day in 2020 to collude on suppressing information.  That was revealed in the deposition of Elvis Chan, the FBI's liaison in the scheme.  [Tweets]  According to Schmitt, the FBI was colluding with social media companies, giving them specific direction on what content to suppress.  That means specific URLs and accounts.  The social media companies, all led by leftwing hacks at that point, were apparently more than happy to play along. [...] In this case, the FBI was running a complex scheme, colluding with social media companies to target specific accounts and news stories, with seemingly all of the moves made being politically beneficial to Democrats.  In doing so, they shut down a verifiably true story about Hunter Biden's laptop that could have swung the entire election.  The suppression of information regarding COVID-19 just so happened to help Democrats as well.

Advice for Kari, Blake, and Mark.  It appears that Democrat candidates won most of the Arizona midterm political contests, and that is a fact we should all accept.  However, many citizens have doubts about whether it was fairly counted, and those doubts will not be resolved without analysis, testing, and transparent reporting.  Standard ballot recounts will not suffice. [...] If there was fraud in this election, it won't be detected by a simple recount.  A real audit should be designed to determine the validity of the ballots that were cast.  Until we restore election integrity by requiring hard forms of identification to accompany all mail-in ballots (not just signatures), post-election auditing will have to be expanded and strengthened.  There will be much opposition to these audit procedures, and some may be blocked; however, it is essential.  Without it, the public will be skeptical of election results, and with very good reason.

Ohioans Vote In Favor of Banning Non-Citizens From Voting In Local Elections.  Ohio Republicans are seeking for Ohio to become the seventh state to ban noncitizens from voting in elections.  On November 8th Ohioans voted on Issue 2 which was an amendment to the state's constitution that would no longer allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in Ohio.  Over 3 million Ohioans voted against noncitizens from voting in local elections whereas 900,000 voted in favor of noncitizens voting in US local elections.

Secretary of State's Office confirms it has received Cochise County certification.  Compelled by a court order, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors certified the results of the Nov. 8 election Thursday on a 2-0 vote.  The vote means all Arizona counties have agreed to send their results to the Secretary of State's Office and ends a weekslong election drama spooling out of the southeastern Arizona county.  The board's two Republican supervisors since October have raised doubts about the reliability of vote tabulation machines.  Their actions resulted in a series of losing court battles, the most recent coming Thursday, when a judge ordered them to canvass the election results and get the results to the Arizona secretary of state by 5 p.m.  The Secretary of State's Office confirmed Thursday evening that it had received the Cochise certification, which will allow it to proceed with the statewide canvass, scheduled for 10 a.m.  Monday.

Poll Worker Turned Whistleblower Exposes 84% Of Maricopa County, AZ Poll Workers Think the Election was Rigged.  How many more elections are people going to let Democrats flat out steal before people finally rise up and take back their state legislators and arrest the criminals behind it all? [...] Anyone who believes Democrats won this past election or the 2020 election need to have their heads examined.  [Video clip]

Apparently, No Lawyer Wants to Defend Cochise County's Refusal to Certify Election Results.  The increasing ridiculousness of the stance of the supervisors in Cochise County, Ariz., appears to be another hard lesson of, "Don't elect lunatics to positions of serious public responsibility": [...] When no lawyer wants to take your case, that's probably a sign that you've stumbled into a position that is exceptionally difficult to defend in a court of law.  If you are a Republican officeholder, you enjoy the same First Amendment rights as anyone else and have every right to publicly argue that the Arizona election had too many problems to be legitimate.  You would be wrong on the facts, as Maricopa County's elections department — and county lawyer Rachel Mitchell — have declared, repeatedly, that "every voter was afforded the ability to legally and securely cast their ballot," despite the problems with the printers printing too lightly to be scanned.  Every ballot was legible to the naked eye; it was simply a matter of whether those ballots could be tabulated in the machine at the polling place.

Election lawsuits pile up in Arizona, as counties, candidates challenge 2022 midterms.  As the 2022 midterm election is nearing certification in Arizona, lawsuits and court rulings are piling up amid continuing revelations of myriad failures in the administration of the election in Maricopa County.  After Maricopa experienced a host of problems on Election Day at many of its vote centers, one county subsequently chose not to certify its election by the Monday deadline, while another county certified "under duress," according to two supervisors on the county board.  The Mohave County Board of Supervisors received an email from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs' office on Monday saying that they could face felony charges if they didn't certify the election that day.

Democrat Katie Hobbs Demanded Mohave County Certify Election Results for Her or Face 2 Years in Prison.  According to a bombshell new report by the Daily Caller, Democratic governor-elect of Arizona, Katie Hobbs' top deputy sent a shocking threat to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors, demanding that they certify election results in her favor or else be met with prison time.  Arizona State Elections Director Kori Lorick sent multiple threatening letters, saying they would face lawsuits and prison if the election results were not certified.  "The Secretary of State did contact our County and cited A.R.S. Section 16-1010 as a statute that could be used to prosecute [the board] if they did not certify the election," said Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith, the Mohave County Attorney.  The cited statute is a Class 6 felony that could result in two years in prison.

PA County Cements Suppression Of 'Thousands' Of Voters By Flip-Flopping To Certify Disaster-Plagued Election.  After refusing to certify its general election results due to widespread failures that potentially disenfranchised voters, the board of elections for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, has flip-flopped and voted to certify its election results anyway — after pressure from a lawsuit by known Democrat election meddler Marc Elias.  This past Monday, Luzerne's board of elections voted against certifying its results from the Nov. 8 election after voters experienced significant problems casting their ballots.  About a third of Luzerne's precincts were out of ballot paper as early as 9 a.m. and turning away voters for several hours, according to election observers affiliated with the Committee on House Administration, a U.S. congressional committee that helps oversee elections.  As a result, thousands of Luzerne County residents were affected and likely did not cast ballots.

Katie Hobbs' Office Threatened County Board With Arrest, Indictment If They Didn't Certify Results.  Democratic Arizona Secretary of State and Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs' top deputy threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with prosecution if it didn't certify her election results before a Monday deadline, according to emails and documents reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.  Arizona State Elections Director Kori Lorick wrote several letters and emails to members of the board, warning them of criminal charges if the refused to certify the results in time.  The letters included threats of lawsuits against the members for "nonfeasance," as well, per the emails. "The Secretary of State did contact our County and cited A.R.S. Section 16-1010 as a statute that could be used to prosecute [the board] if they did not certify the election," said Matt Smith, the Mohave County Attorney, to the DCNF.  The statute is an Arizona felony statute regarding election officials who "fail to perform their duties" under the law; as a Class 6 felony, upon conviction, it could result in up to two years' imprisonment.

Pennsylvania's Delaware County, Pennsylvania, is the undisputed leader in ballot harvesting.  [Thread reader]  Nearly [two thirds] of all Democratic Mail-In Ballot Applications happen in the Spring.  That's because counties are statutorily required to mail the prior year's Mail-In Ballot Applicants if they wish to re-enroll for the current year.  Essentially, Democratic campaigns "chase" those county mailers with digital ads, texts, robocalls or even their own mailer to get Democratic voters to re-enroll for a Mail-In Ballot.  Democratic campaigns leverage taxpayer-funded mailers to do most of their ballot harvesting and save money.

Here's How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud.  Database latency — a geeky term, but that's how they did it! [...] County election managers change the zip code of 31,000 voters on September 3.  Ballots go out that week.  Those 31,000 are undeliverable.  Someone collects those valid ballots.  On September 15th, those addresses are quietly changed back.  National Change of Address Database (NCOA) will not pick up those address changes.  They didn't happen because there is no history.  The 31,000 citizens were getting their mail just fine — except for ballots.  Ballot addresses were driven by the county mail-in ballot database — the one that was changed, then changed back.  Many states send ballots to everyone; the recipient is none the wiser that they never received a mail-in ballot.  They may vote in person.  Oops!  "You already voted!"  Ever heard that?  Welcome to database latency.  Our bad guy pals know they can change voter rolls, take an action, then change them back.  Who would know?  A thousand voters are changed from inactive, voted, then changed back, and how would you ever know?  With lots of complex footwork, you could eventually tell from their voter history file — months after the election.

Citizenship and Intervening in Elections.  With the ongoing invasion over the last two years by millions of foreigners at our southern border, America has a much bigger election integrity problem than before Joe Biden became president.  So, just how did California, Arizona, New Mexico and other states with large enclaves of illegal aliens ensure that the recent invaders (as well as the millions of previous invaders from decades past) didn't vote in the November 8 federal elections?  You see, noncitizen voting in federal elections is illegal.  But Democrats seem to see nothing wrong with the invasion.  Indeed, the Left wants illegal aliens to be able to vote in America's elections; see "Why Non-Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote" by Ron Hayduk at Jacobin.  (Americans who believe in the ideal of citizenship won't approve of Mr. Hayduk.)  However, if anyone can vote in America's elections, then just what is the value of American citizenship?  Given all the freebies the feds are handing out to the invaders, some citizens may see the invaders as having more rights than they have.

Election Predictions and Other Mistakes.  [Scroll down] Beyond the lies, there were also possible Democrat shenanigans.  For example, in Maricopa County, Arizona, ballots were not printed dark enough to be read by tabulation machines.  This reportedly caused problems at 70 out of 223 voting centers, or roughly 31%.  A second report claimed that the number of voting centers affected by printer/tabulator problems was almost 63%, accompanied by long lines at most voting centers.  Was this a simple mistake?  The voting system was tested before Election Day as required by state law.  However, Republican Party chair Mickie Niland said pre-election testing of the printer/tabulator system had been largely ceremonial and insufficiently broad to catch the printer problem. [...] Many of our present election problems began during the run-up to the 2020 vote.  Some states altered election requirements under cover of COVID-19.  Universal mail-in balloting was allowed in some places, and early voting was extended in others.  In some cases, ballot-harvesting was allowed, and rules for signature-matching for mail-in ballots were relaxed in others.  Judges or state election commissions made some of these changes in violation of established election laws.  Why are these changes significant?  Mail-in balloting and early voting favor Democrats because turnout is often a problem for them.  If you give every registered Democrat a ballot, maybe fill out a few ballots for the deceased and those in nursing homes, and give them lots of time to get those ballots submitted, you solve the turnout problem.

The New Voting System that Gave Democrats a GOP House Seat is Dangerous.  Alaska's sole congressional seat, which had been in GOP hands for 49 years, was recently captured by Democrat Mary Peltola.  The victory has been touted by liberals as either vindication of their agenda or as portending the end of the career of Sarah Palin, Peltola's most high-profile opponent.  Yet the result, which took weeks to finalize, was easily explainable:  It was a function of Alaska's new ranked-choice voting (RCV) and Top-four Primary (TFP) system — a system electoral engineers would like to institute nationwide.  In essence, this system created a situation in which Palin and another Republican, Nick Begich, were both running against Peltola in the general election and divided up the GOP vote.

Is this the Supreme Court case that will drain the swamp?  Loy, Raland, Deron, and Gaynor Brunson all witnessed what they believed to be the theft of the 2020 election and decided to file suit.  However, the interesting approach that they have taken is not to make a formal complaint that the election was stolen; instead, they have chosen to sue members of the U.S. Congress who voted not to investigate whether any election irregularities may have occurred that could have affected the outcome.  In other words, the Brunson Brothers were motivated to sue because these elected officials broke their oaths to protect the Constitution of the United States.  The Brunson Brothers believed that, to support and defend the Constitution, an investigation into possible fraud needed to take place.  Otherwise, how could anyone know with certainty whether the election had been secure?  What shocked the Brunson Brothers was that only 147 members of the US Congress voted in support of the proposed ten-day audit of the election before certifying the ballot count of the Electoral College, while, according to the Washington Post, 377 members voted against the proposed ten-day investigation, and eight abstained.

Arizona County Chair Reveals He Was Forced to Certify Katie Hobbs' Election 'Under Duress'.  The Chair of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors stated earlier that he was only voting to certify the state election under legal duress.  "I found out today that I have no choice but to vote 'Aye' or I will be arrested and charged with a felony," Gould said.  The Arizona Secretary of State has threatened to charge election officials with Class 6 felony charges if they don't certify her election.  Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has filed a lawsuit against Cochise County, which refused to certify the Arizona state election by the Nov. 28 deadline.

Republicans in Arizona county refuse to certify 2022 election.  Republican officials in one Arizona county said Monday they will not certify the 2022 election results that have Democrats winning races for governor, US Senate and other statewide offices — setting up a showdown with the Democratic secretary of state and governor-elect, who vowed to sue if the deadline was missed.  Two Republican members of the Cochise County Board of Supervisors voted to delay certifying the results amid claims that the county's voting machines weren't properly accredited — even though state election officials have said they have provided proof that they are.  "In that group's opinion, the secretary [of state] has not been responsive in providing proof of lawful accreditation of voting machine laboratories," GOP Supervisor Tom Crosby said.

Arizona county voted to certify election "under duress".  The 2022 midterm "election that never ends" in Arizona is still managing to stir up controversies even after the deadline for certifying the election passed yesterday.  Maricopa County remains the focus of attention for much of the current clown show.  They somehow certified their election results last night, though court challenges are still playing out.  But other counties have been witnessing additional drama as well.  Mohave County, located in the northwestern corner of the state, is far less densely populated than Maricopa, but their Board of Supervisors raised eyebrows last night when two of the members voted to certify the election results, but only did so "under duress" after they were threatened with jail time if they failed to vote "aye" during the roll call.  One of the members raised the obvious question of why they should bother to have a vote if the decision to certify is mandatory.

Arizona county board supervisors say they voted to certify election 'under duress'.  Two members of Arizona's Mohave County Board of Supervisors said Monday voted to certify the results of the Nov. 8 elections "under duress," claiming he was forced to do so under threat of jail time.  "I vote 'aye' under duress.  I found out today that I have no choice but to vote 'Aye' or I will be arrested and charged with a felony," Gould said while casting his vote.  "I don't think that that is what the founders had in mind when they used the democratic process to elect our leaders." [...] Arizona has been mired in allegations of electoral fraud since the 2020 presidential election, when President Joe Biden narrowly edged out former President Donald Trump and the state became a focal point for his narrative that mass ballot fraud altered the final result.

Recording Shows Warnock Campaign Calling Out-of-State Residents for Votes.  The Georgia runoff election is quickly approaching, with Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock battling it out for the last undecided, US Senate seat of the cycle.  Naturally, that means electioneering is in full swing.  Warnock has famously received a metric ton of out-of-state cash, and now, he's apparently contacting out-of-state voters to vote for him.  Yeah, I'm as confused as you are.  Dom Lucre, who is a resident of Tennessee and hasn't lived in Georgia in years, was called by the Warnock campaign, and he recorded the entire exchange.  Here's what it sounded like.  [Tweet]

How Will Anyone Trust The Georgia Runoff Results When There's Enough Illegal Voting To Tip The Scales?  Initial data from the November 2022 general election indicates more than 25,000 Georgians may have voted illegally in the general election.  And the problem appears poised to repeat itself when voters cast their ballots in the state's runoff election for senator on Dec. 6, 2022.  Absent a win by a substantial margin by either Republican challenger Herschel Walker or Democrat incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, litigation, with the potential ordering of a new election, seems likely — a scenario that would have proved disastrous to the country had control of the Senate remained in play.  In a complaint filed earlier this month with the Georgia State Board of Elections, Mark Davis, an expert in voter data analytics and residency issues, alerted the state to data indicating that in both November 2020 and November 2022, thousands of Georgians may have voted illegally by moving but then, rather than re-registering to vote as required by the state's election code, casting ballots in the county in which they no longer resided.  Davis's complaint noted that due to space constraints, he was providing his supporting data in a detailed letter to State Board of Elections member Ed Lindsey.

Maricopa County Response to Arizona AG Materially Conflicts with Instructions on Election Day.  Maricopa County sent a haughty letter to Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright in response to her office demanding answers regarding voter suppression on Election Day.  The Gateway Pundit reported on the serious issues in Maricopa County's General Election on November 8.  Due to the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept Republican voters waiting to cast their ballots.  Republican voters were told to drop their ballots into "box 3" to be counted later.  Election experts and election workers later reported that these uncounted ballots were mixed with already counted ballots, leaving no way of knowing if all legal votes were counted!  Republicans had at least 72% of the turnout on election day, and this was a deliberate attempt to silence the largest County's Republican voters.

Two House Races Still Wait For Final Results More Than Two Weeks After Midterms.  Seventeen days since voters went to the polls to cast their ballots in the midterm elections, two U.S. House races remain undeclared.  Republican John Duarte leads by fewer than 600 votes in California's 13th district against Democrat Adam Gray with 99% of the votes in, according to the Associated Press.  In Colorado, incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert declared victory after her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch conceded last week, but only 550 votes sit between them, triggering a recount and more delayed results.  Both races that are holding up the final results of a tumultuous midterm election season sit in blue states with lax rules on mail-in ballots, marking a stark contrast between the laws that allow for quick results from some Republican-led states.

The Uniparty, FTX, and Electoral Fraud.  Our country may be nearing the conclusion of the most dangerous game of political "chicken" in history.  We have just experienced the second great election steal in two years.  Will the Uni-Party of Democrats and RINOs succeed in evaporating the Red Wave?  RINO politicians and media are complaining that conservatives were too lazy to vote in November, but Republicans, independents and even Democrats turned out in such huge numbers that the cheating had to be so blatant that it is now impossible to overlook.  The "big four" shows on FOX, normally famous for exposing Democrat stupidity and corruption, could have focused on the fraud in a different city or state for each segment since the election, but instead have prattled on about every shiny object except 2022 fraud.  Will corrupt legislators, governors, and politicians succeed in quashing the protests and legal challenges?  A series of developments is providing hope that the entire web of deceit, manipulation, and corruption may soon be unraveled.  People all over the world are figuring out what is going on with tainted elections and are protesting.

No-Spot Dice and Modern Elections.  For a long time now, but especially in 2020 and 2022, American elections have been compromised by vote fraud.  New York's Tammany Hall was the most famous example in the 1800s.  Everyone knew that LBJ stole his first congressional seat in Texas with Ballot Box 13.  It's been so well accepted that Chicago vote fraud put John F. Kennedy over the top in 1960 that politicians, including JFK himself, have joked about it for generations.  So, Democrat vote fraud in America is nothing new.  It's been so deeply factored into American politics that every Republican candidate, in planning his campaign and reviewing his polling, asks not the question "can we win?" but rather, "can we overcome the margin of fraud?"  Three things have changed in recent years.  First, the universal knowledge that vote fraud was baked into the system has suddenly become an unspeakable statement.  Acknowledge its existence and you're called an "election denier."  You must join the establishment in parroting the pretense that "there is no vote fraud at all," or you are cancelled.  Second, Democrats have become more and more blatant about it.  If we were told that Republicans lost cities like Chicago, Cleveland, and New York by margins of four to one, or even five to one, we began to believe that such wipeouts might indeed be possible.  It probably never was.

Voter Suppression?  Average Wait Time To Vote In Georgia Is Two Minutes.  Georgia polls have an average wait time of two minutes per voter across the entire state according the Georgia Secretary of State's office, WABE News reporter Rahul Bali reported Tuesday [11/8/2022].  Bali reported that the polls had maintained a two-minute wait time, and pointed to results as early as 7 p.m. EST, despite claims that Georgia's voter laws are "suppressive."  In past elections, Georgia voters have reported voter suppression after waiting in long lines, but early voting and an updated voter information page seem to have brought wait times down.  When early voting opened for Georgia in October, record turnouts were reported with 434,567 Georgians casting their vote; however, Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams continued to criticize Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, claiming he was working to suppress voters.  "It does not mean voter suppression doesn't exist," Abrams said during a rally.  "But we're stronger, better, and faster than it."

California Still Has More Than 250,000 Uncounted Ballots.  While Arizona's handling of the midterm election has been the focus of media outlets and pundits for some time, California still has more than 250,000 uncounted ballots across the state.  It's been more than two weeks since America voted in the 2022 midterms, yet the largest state in the country is still counting ballots.  The vast majority of the uncounted ballots are from people who voted by mail, with Sacramento County failing to count a whopping 84,000 mail-in ballots. [...] The remaining ballots represent a tiny fraction of the total votes cast in the Golden State in 2022, but it's prompted some to ask what is taking so long.  The answer is simple:  In 2020, during the pandemic, California, along with other states, began mailing ballots to all registered voters.  The practice became permanent in 2021, CNN reported, and ballots postmarked on or before Election Day must be accepted for up to seven days after the polls close.

Surprised by the Midterm Election Results?  Take a Look at the Data.  It is just a theory, but I believe that aggressive ballot-harvesting is the most likely explanation for the disparity between pollster predictions and actual results in the 2022 midterm elections.  In the movie, 2,000 Mules, True the Vote (TTV), the organization run by Catharine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, described the prevalence of ballot-harvesting in the 2020 election.  Although its estimates are only rough approximations (based on cell phone analysis), TTV believes there were up to 200,000 and 275,000 harvested ballots in Arizona and Pennsylvania, respectively.  Nevada was not included in the TTV analysis, but since the end of 2020, Nevada has taken all restrictions off of harvesting.  It is now legal to harvest ballots in Nevada, and it can be done anonymously in any quantity with ballots from unregistered homeless people, drug addicts — anyone.

Hard Truths and Radical Possibilities.  Mollie Hemingway showed in her excellent book, Rigged, that the technically legal though unscrupulous maneuvers undertaken by the Left — including legacy and social media propaganda and censorship, last-minute changes to election laws, and private money poured into partisan "voter education" efforts — were more than enough to alter the outcome of the 2020 election.  This new reality became even clearer this month.  The highly manipulative practice of ballot harvesting — which reached new lows of cynicism in the recent midterms — makes a mockery of elections as an expression of popular deliberation and rational will.  As Daniel Greenfield has written, the Democrats didn't beat back the red wave because the voters chose them; they won by choosing their voters.  It is hard to see how elections under these circumstances are substantially different from the artificial voting rituals practiced by the "people's republics," i.e., communist regimes of the 20th century.

VoterGA Announced Yesterday that It is Suing Certain Counties in Georgia.  Garland Favorito and VoterGA held a press conference yesterday [11/22/2022] where they announced that they were suing three counties in Georgia to prevent them from destroying ballots from the 2020 Election.  VoterGA shared its press release from yesterday where the team is demanding from the court that certain counties in Georgia retain their paper ballots from the 2020 Election.  These same counties destroyed their electronic ballots, which is against the law during the period that the law stipulates they be maintained.

Anatomy of the 2022 Steal, Part 2.  Delaware County was in court for 9 hours Monday [11/21/2022] on a chain of custody issue.  The thumb drives and votes disappeared into a closed building for six hours and no official poll watchers were allowed in.  In Arizona, there is so much evidence of fraud, three of Arizona's 15 counties have delayed certification. [...] In almost every township or county, the people who run elections are funded by those men (generally) who provide county services.  It is absolutely critical to them that their gravy train continue.  Stenstrom and Hoopes describe the pattern in Delaware County, Penn.  It is a "very tight-knit collaboration between the Uniparty and variously {sic} business interests that include closely held law firms, family accounting firms, local and county law enforcement departments that might be cooperative, local justice departments, and members of the judiciary.  All of whom work together when it suits them, and any other personage with a substantial financial interest in creating an integrated political, law enforcement, and justice environment that will be favorable to them in myriad legal and financial transactions between elections.  It is within this corporate fabric that the machinations of election fraud are perpetrated."  In essence, The Machine consists of everyone who profits off the contracts and public money given out by the politicians who win.  The Machine is a malignant co-operative, a unified malevolence.  It consists of the men and some women in the community who sit on your county council or work for the Board of Elections.  They are criminals involved in a criminal conspiracy.  This is why, despite the 2020 mess in Maricopa, the same election officials were "reelected".  They are not elected, they are installed.
[Italics in original.]

Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh Files First Lawsuit Contesting Rigged 2022 Election In Arizona.  Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh has filed the state's first statement of election contest in the Arizona Superior Court.  Abe Hamadeh currently trails radical left Democrat Kris Mayes by just 510 votes, and there is expected to be a recount.  However, the Arizona election was an uncertifiable mess due to voters having their ballots stolen, not counted, or being prevented from voting altogether.  The Gateway Pundit reported on the serious issues in Maricopa County's General Election on November 8.  Due to the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept Republican voters waiting to cast their ballots.  Republican voters were told to drop their ballots into a separate container called box 3 to be counted later.  Election experts and election workers later reported that these uncounted ballots were mixed with already counted ballots, leaving no way of knowing if all legal votes were counted!

Arizona AG Demands Maricopa Officials Answer For Reportedly Mixing Counted And Uncounted Ballots.  Arizona ballots that couldn't be counted due to broken machines were mingled in some locations with already tabulated ballots, according to the Elections Integrity Unit of Arizona's attorney general's office.  State officials listed numerous ways Maricopa County, Arizona, election officials failed to properly segregate, count, tabulate, tally, and transport ballots during the midterm 2022 elections, which likely resulted in significant disenfranchisement of Election Day voters.  In a letter sent to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office by Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright, the Elections Integrity Unit of Arizona's attorney general's office notified the county that they had "received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election" and as a result, are demanding Maricopa County election officials provide answers for the chaos, confusion, and mismanagement of the voting process in a report to be submitted on or before Nov. 28, when Maricopa must send its official canvass to the secretary of state for certification.

If Ray Epps shows up, just ignore everything he says.
Patriots In Arizona Plan Huge Protest In Front Of AZ Capitol This Weekend.  Patriots in Arizona demanding a redo of the 2022 general election have organized a protest near the Arizona Capitol this Friday at 9 am and through the weekend before counties canvass the results.  The protest will include a peaceful gathering and opportunities to hold signs and banners on highways across the state.  The Arizona election was an uncertifiable mess due to voters having their ballots stolen, not counted, or being prevented from voting altogether.  The Gateway Pundit reported on the serious issues in Maricopa County's General Election on November 8.  Due to the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept Republican voters waiting to cast their ballots.

Arizona AG Opens Inquiry into Maricopa County Election Irregularities, Possible Legal Violations.  The Arizona attorney general's office has opened an inquiry into Maricopa County's handling of the mid-term elections, demanding a full report of well-publicized irregularities and warning there is evidence of "statutory violations."  The letter from Attorney General Mark Brnovich's election integrity unit marks a major escalation in the dispute over how voters were treated on Election Day in the state's largest county, where scores of ballot tabulators had problems because of printing problems.  The problems have delayed the declaration of a winner in the razor-thin state attorney general's race and led GOP gubernatorial candidate KariLake to question as premature the media's declaration that her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs, won that race.

Elections for dummies.  It is clear that Americans consider it very important to vote in order to be an upstanding member of society.  Less certain, though, is whether our voting system is on the up and up.  With each passing election, evidence mounts that the U.S. electoral process is flawed, and voters are not supposed to notice.  It's elections for dummies — but without one of those yellow guidebooks to explain it all.  A recent Pew Research Center survey finds that 69% of U.S. adults consider voting a civic duty.  Only 46% of eligible voters, however, actually bothered to cast a ballot in the 2022 midterms, according to statistics gathered by The Associated Press and the U.S. Elections Project.  As the world's oldest continuous democracy, the United States should be a natural leader in voter turnout.  It is not.  Rather, the U.S. ranks 31st among 50 nations surveyed — between Colombia and Greece — according to Pew.

Understanding Why This Arizona County Still Has Election Problems.  On Election Day, Cathi Herrod received calls and emails about problems in Arizona's Maricopa County about voting machines not accepting ballots, ballot tabulators being broken, and other questions regarding paper ballots.  "Voters are skittish in Maricopa County about election integrity," Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative think tank, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Thursday.  "People wonder why it is that Florida is so quick to count votes and it takes Arizona days."  For the second consecutive election cycle, Maricopa County is in the national spotlight for problems during and after the voting.

Have the Democrats Destroyed Our Election System?  Do you get the feeling that you've been had?  That terrible sick-in-your-stomach sensation when scam artists laugh and you realize they've done it again?  When all of our hopes for the conservation of liberty have been destroyed by the same type of schemes that we all should have seen coming a mile away?  How does a party trying to destroy our constitutional republic for two years with poll after poll screaming that we are on the wrong track avoid a humiliating defeat at the ballot box?  How does a party steeped in the worst aspects of fascism and socialism in a collectivist witch's brew even have a chance after everyone has seen what they are at their core?  What did they offer?  More of the same only worse, and we were supposed to believe Gen Z and everyone else couldn't wait to get all their ballots in?

Alabama Withdraws From Democrat Operative-Controlled Voter Registration Database.  Alabama's Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen has announced that he will withdraw the state from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a voter-roll management system with politically compromised ties.  "I made a promise that I would withdraw Alabama from ERIC and I am keeping that promise," Allen said in a statement.  "I have informed them, via certified letter, that upon my inauguration on January 16, 2023, Alabama will immediately and permanently cease to transmit any information regarding any citizen in the State of Alabama to their organization and that we will no longer participate in any aspect of the ERIC program."

Voters Aren't Choosing Dems, Dems Are Choosing Voters.  Democrats began by choosing a new electorate, one that was strategically defined by Senator Ted Kennedy and others as being more demographically friendly to its political machines.  Into the urban political machines that had begun to lose their old immigrant bases as the Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants that had sustained them moved on to the suburbs, mass migration poured in a new electorate that would be more pliable and obedient to the party.  The combination of open borders and third world mass migration reshaped the political landscape.  Cities, always prominent, became the 800-pound gorillas of politics, turning entire states in their direction.  The nation's demographics changed as rapidly as its politics did.  But that was only the first step.  The second step, now well underway, was reshaping the structure of elections to allow Democrats to find the voters, instead of the voters finding them.

Arizona attorney general wants report on voting machine problems.  Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich's office has demanded that Maricopa County officials provide a report on the voting machine problems that caused some delays in the battleground state during this month's midterm elections.  A letter dated Saturday by Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright calls for county officials to report by Nov. 28 on the specific problems related to the printers at each location as well on how poll workers were trained.

Has the GOP Learned Anything After the Midterms?  [Scroll down] Republicans focus on winning votes while Democrats concentrate on gathering ballots.  There are quasi-legal ballot maneuvers including ballot-harvesting, mass mailings of ballots weeks or months before the actual election, extended counting, ranked voting, and similar election procedures enacted with Republican support or minimal resistance.  Then there are seemingly illegal maneuvers, many outlined in Dinesh D'Souza's documentary, 2,000 Mules.  Funny how vote counting stopped on election night in swing districts, only to resume the next day with a winning Republican on election night replaced by a winning Democrat when the sun came up.  Or voting machines mysteriously malfunctioning on Election Day in high GOP turnout precincts.  For example, in this midterm, 48 percent of Maricopa County election centers suffered problems.  Or random vote count spikes always favoring the Democrat candidate.  Or phantom ballots and voters based on neglected voter rolls.  2022 was a repeat of 2020, with Republicans caught flat-footed once again, or else complicit in another "selection" rather than an "election."

[Suspicious activity] at the Maricopa County Dropboxes.  Watch as vehicle after vehicle pull up to these Maricopa County dropboxes and individuals drop off what seems like dozens of ballots.  Dropboxes are legal in Arizona but ballot harvesting is not.  You are allowed to drop off ballots for your family but many of these individuals seem to have freakishly large families.  Just before election day, The Justice Department stepped into an ongoing Arizona election lawsuit supporting a claim by the League of Women Voters of Arizona that monitoring ballot drop boxes can amount to illegal voter intimidation.  [Video clip]

Saving Arizona and Other States: 10 Proven Reforms for Fairer Elections.  Did someone say election day was a "great day for democracy"?  Maybe it was in states such as Florida, Tennessee, and Missouri.  They welcomed eligible in-person voters, also offered absentee paper ballots with proper safeguards, counted votes quickly, and reported totals on election night and the next day.  Election results in those states were not totally unpredictable.  Most reasonably corresponded to prior polling, midterm election patterns, and voter expectations.  But in other states such as Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, it was a great day for compromising democracy.  They seemed to care more about collecting ballots than counting real votes or serving real voters, some of whom they turned away.  Based on 2020 "COVID" election changes in 17 states that favored absentee ballots over more secure in-person voting, these states cranked out endless paper ballots, dragged out counting for days, and reported results defying predictions.

Universal Suffrage in an Age of Rigged Elections.  Now, I believe that the elections, at least as far as I can tell, were rigged.  Whether or not there was any actual vote tampering or fraudulent counting, I of course cannot prove in a legal sense.  However, I cannot see why anyone thinks that politicians would not break the law in order to steal votes.  They already steal your money.  Why should we think they won't steal other things too?  In addition, the fact that the Democrats repeat the phrase "free and fair election" over and over and over again is, for me, almost a guarantee that the opposite is true.  I have about as much confidence in a politician saying, "free and fair election," as I do in a politician saying, "safe legal and rare" or "safe and effective."  Furthermore, given the dodgy nature of mail-in voting and the fact that people can vote without ID, I think I would have to be an idiot to think that a political opportunist would not take advantage of such a loophole.

GA SoS Raffensperger's War On Coffee County.  On April 7th, Georgia Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffenserger announced his office would investigate three counties for failing to complete mail-in ballot drop box transfer forms in recent Georgia elections.  The forms are required to be filled out to document transfers of mail-in ballots picked up from locations where drop boxes may have been installed throughout a county.  One of those counties that Raffensperger announced he would investigate is Coffee County.  The problem with the announcement is that if there is anyone in the SOS office who wanted the truth they only needed to make one phone call to know there is nothing to investigate.  Coffee County did not place any drop boxes in remote locations.  The only drop box was located at the county elections office.  County Elections offices have never been required to fill out forms if they receive mail-in ballots at the office.  So, what was the real motive behind this obvious publicity stunt and latest example of disinformation emanating from the SOS office?

Maricopa County: Eyewitness Accounts Suggest Election May Be Uncertifiable.  The Maricopa County election may be uncertifiable if the accounts of election workers at the polls are true.  Multiple Arizona poll workers have come forward, sharing documentation of their election day observations with UncoverDC. These poll workers — an election judge, three clerks, and an election marshal — worked at the same voting center all day on election day.  None of these poll workers knew each other prior to working on Election Day.  There were a total of 1 inspector, 2 judges, 1 marshal, and 7 clerks at this location. [...] Cynthia Schlesinger was the Marshal at the voting center.  She noted many of the issues described by Karla Sweet.  However, as Marshal, one of her duties was to assist with curbside duties.  She states that the county election workers — Mark McCall and Yamille Martinez — "[did] this against all rules."  As a result of McCall's presence outside, the poll workers had to repeatedly go outside to retrieve him when they needed assistance.  Schlesinger reports she was "supposed to be spoiling the ballots as needed, but Mark gave this job to his cohort Yamille [Martinez]."  Schlesinger also noted that her colleagues, Pam and Sue, counted the ballots, noting a discrepancy from Monday.  Schlesinger writes:  "Mark said there was 767 ballot paper in the box, there should have been [many fewer] as we had more than 30 voters and test prints.  When we brought this to his attention his response was 'oh well, they can fire me'."  Schlesinger also states that she and the others were not sworn in according to the rules but were merely "signed in."  Additionally, she said the mail-in ballots were "left in the collector box overnight when they should have been picked up."

Breaking: Ariz.  AG Takes Action - Ballots Reported in Black Duffle Bags - Officials Broke Election Laws.  Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright — with the Elections Integrity Unit — wrote a letter to the Maricopa County officials Saturday demanding an accounting for the widespread ballot tabulation and ballot printer problems seen during the general election on Nov. 8.  Among the most troubling issues raised in the letter directed to Thomas Liddy with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office was the apparent co-mingling of ballots in black duffle bags in at least one polling location, which were successfully run through the on-site tabulators with those put in "Door 3" to be sent to the Election Department's downtown Phoenix tabulation center because they could not be read. [...] Wright recounted that based on information provided by the county at least 60 polling locations' ballot on-demand printers were configured improperly, leading to the inability of the tabulators to read the ballots.  Ballots are printed on demand because voters are able to check in at any location in Maricopa County, which includes multiple congressional, state and local districts.

48 Percent of Maricopa County, Arizona Election Centers Had Ballot Processing Malfunctions on Election Day.  News from Rasmussen Reports shows that 48 percent of election centers in Maricopa County featured significant malfunctions on election day, with none of those problems being reported from computers during the early voting period.  [Tweet]  Some of the abnormalities that happened on election day in Arizona can be seen here:  [Tweets]  There have been multiple whistleblowers who have come forward to attest to the fraud that happened in the elections in Arizona:  [More tweets]

Georgia county election officials reverse course after finding more votes.  Election officials in an Atlanta-area city were left with egg dripping from their faces when they were forced to reverse results in a city council race after the results had been certified due to a memory card with additional votes being discovered, not exactly something that bolsters voter confidence with the critical Senate runoff between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock only weeks away.

The Editor says...
[#1] The election was eleven days ago.  Why weren't all the "memory card" devices accounted for within a few hours of the polls closing?  [#2] When votes are "found" and the outcome of the election changes after more than a week, the entire system reeks of corruption.  Let the polygraph tests begin!

Ohio Sees a Red Wave Amid Secretary of State's Election Integrity Measures.  As vote counting continued in the Arizona gubernatorial and Senate races days after Nov. 8, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose shared his outspoken opinion about the subject on Twitter.  "Dear Arizona, need some advice on how to run an election the right way?" said LaRose, a Republican who was elected to another term.  "Your process is obviously not working."  LaRose praised his office's emphasis on election integrity and the commitment of county election boards to produce timely reports on races.  "Election night results were reported on election night, and that is something Ohioans expect," LaRose told Fox News last week.

Georgia judge hands Warnock, Georgia Democrats a victory on early voting rules.  Fulton County Judge Thomas A. Cox handed a legal victory to Georgia Democrats and Raphael Warnock's campaign on Friday.  The Georgia Secretary of State cannot prohibit counties from voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving as is currently stated in Georgia election law.  The Democrat Party of Georgia sued Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office to allow early voting on Nov. 26, the only Saturday in the early voting period for the run-off race between incumbent Democrat Senator Warnock and Hershel Walker, his Republican challenger.  Georgia election law reforms put into effect by state legislation shortened early voting in a run-off election to a week.

Mysteriously Discarded Ballots That Were Found On A Highway Have Been Verified And Most Of Them Will Be Included In The Election Results.  The United States Postal Service and the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters have launched an investigation to determine how a dozen or more Santa Clara County ballots wound up in a ravine in the Santa Cruz mountains, according to communications officer Michael Borja of the registrar's office.  As for how the ballots ended up on side of the highway, it's still a mystery.  On Nov. 11, a member of the public reported that ballots had been found near Hwy 17 along with other mail and parcels.  The ROV says it appears that the ballots had been returned by mail and went missing while in possession of the USPS.  The ballots were discovered in a pile of other mail, discarded in the woods near Sugarloaf Road off Highway 17, Borja said.

The appearance of impropriety.  Unfortunately, our election rules are riddled with appearances of impropriety.  Consider voter ID.  Most advanced countries require ID to vote.  Under our Constitution the right to vote for federal elections is limited to U.S. citizens of legal age (18).  State laws cannot change this.  The only way to verify these two criteria is with a government-issued ID.  There's a lot of bluster about voter ID laws being unfair or racist, but this is spurious because no one expresses outrage for the long list of other activities that require ID:  bank account, welfare, Social Security, job, airline travel, marriage, cell phone, hotel, etc.  In fact, suggesting that some groups are incapable of obtaining ID on their own could itself be construed as racist. [...] The solution is simple:  pass a federal voter ID law and offer free IDs to every U.S. citizen before the next election.  The same goes for voting by mail.  If people are allowed to vote in the privacy of their own homes, how do we know if they are the ones who voted or made the choices?

The 2022 Steal - Part 1.  The 2022 midterms were meant entirely, entirely, to weaken MAGA, to weaken populism world-wide, because if there had been a red wave, populists the world over would have taken heart and swept the polls.  The polls are, in every country, cheated.  The WEF, with the most brilliant (and unethical) people at their command have figured out how.  And we're finally figuring it out too.  Brazil is on the streets, demanding the election be redone.  Mexico is on the streets, refusing mail in ballots, because they know it's a cheat.  Berlin has decided to repeat their elections.  Why?  Weaponized incompetence, one of the main methodologies, as I will describe.  November 7 was a WEF take-over, just like the installation of Rishi Sunak in Britain.  Not even the conservative caucus wanted Sunak, much less the voters.  Lula in Brazil, ditto — Trudeau, Macron, that weird girl in New Zealand — same.  Stolen, manipulated, cheated.  Nor was November 7 just the Democrats.  It was the Uniparty, RINOs who want their power back, their license to loot — Romney, Lindsay Graham, Karl Rove and the Bushies.  They are so transparent, they don't even try to hide.  They know they stole, they know we know, but they don't care.  They don't care because they are desperate.  What happened in Florida would have happened in state after state after state, if they hadn't cheated.

Lazy Voters Enable Democratic Fraud.  First, let's take a step back and lay down some background info: Anyone with any semblance of either lucid observational powers or intellectual honesty/courage knows that Joe Biden is not the president.  He never has been.  Biden has been nothing more than a figurehead, a placeholder, ever since the astonishing fraud of the 2020 election was perpetrated upon the American electorate.  The Democrats successfully orchestrated their deception and left the naïve Republicans twiddling their thumbs and crying foul.  No amount of outright lying from the liberal media can even remotely explain how Republican poll watchers were forced out of several tabulation areas, the filmed evidence of Democratic mules stuffing ballot boxes late at night, how so many precincts had over 100% voter participation, how thousands of new ballots mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, always to the Democrats' advantage, and how state voting laws and deadlines were illegally changed, again, always to the Democrats' advantage.  None of this has been explained, much less "debunked," to use the liberal media's favorite word.  The fraud was simply ignored and swept under the rug, and if you bring up any logical counterarguments, protected by the 1st Amendment, you're somehow a threat to national security.

What Happened?  As of this writing, most states have counted their 2022 election ballots.  California, being California, continues to turtle toward its final vote tally.  About 2 million ballots remain to be counted there.  We nevertheless have a rough idea of how things are poised to shake out. [...] Obviously, this is not the result that Republicans had hoped for.  What makes it all the stranger is that it looks like Republicans will notch a significant victory in the popular vote.  As of this writing, they've received 51.0% of the vote to Democrats' 47.1%. [...] As things stand, we are seeing roughly a 7-point swing from 2020, when Democrats won the popular vote by a 50.8% to 47.7% margin.  Had you showed any major analyst these results, along with exit poll findings that Biden would be at 44% job approval, no one would have expected this outcome.  Overall, it's a strange election.

Arizona's numbers don't add up.  [Scroll down] In other words, it would appear that approximately 163,000 more votes were cast for Republicans than for Democrats.  Now compare that number to the up-ballot numbers, which indicate that about 98,000 more votes were cast for the Democrat candidates than for the Republican candidates.  The conclusion would be that about 68,000 voters who preferred the Republican for Congress voted Democrat for governor, senator, A.G., and secretary of state.  Additionally, the numbers indicate that 150,000 more people voted for all nine Republican candidates than voted for the four statewide offices under consideration for this exercise.  Both of those facts defy logic.  When we consider the travails of Election Day experienced by many voters, the unacceptably high numbers of equipment issues, and the fact that the Democrat secretary of state refused to recuse herself from the election tabulation, one has to believe that there were serious issues regarding the fairness of the election.

Election Fraud 2.0! O.K., So What Are You Gonna Do About It?  Only in politics could 2022 players be surprised by the "innovation" of a mail-in ballot-led strategy exactly the same as was used in 2020. [...] The next morning, I had to present the voter roll phantoms to its Secretary of State, via a Zoom call.  I had two hours to find at-scale phantom voters in one of the reddest states and present them to a group of 20 lawyers after my first cup of coffee the following morning.  It wasn't hard.  Voters registered in prison.  People voting from homeless shelters — for 20 years.  (Homeless shelters do not have 20-year residents, don't email me about this).  Active voters in a frat house who were 106 years old, and a voter who was 1,900 years old who registered to vote, just before the 2020 election.  The response from this Republican secretary of state was complete denial.  No matter how crazy the phantom's address was — like a jail — he refused to concede there was any phantom inhabitation of his state's voter rolls.  We now run about 20 states and they are all like this.  Phantom voter fraud is the heart and soul of ballot-harvesting election-stealing.  If we eliminate phantom voter fraud, people will still screw with machines, Maricopa County will make sure its voting machines do not work in Republican precincts, but the fake-ballot harvesting at scale will end.  It's where the big votes are!  Election fraud is an industry.  It is core to the fabric of both Democrat and Republican establishments.

No Way to Win?  Then Fix the Machine!  Currently, 28 states are governed by Republicans who could enact new laws clearing the rolls of ineligible voters if they have the red legislature to support such changes.  Unfortunately, Congress also has the power to overturn state laws so it would be a must for the GOP to control Congress.  But even if a Democrat Senate tried to undo that attempt, conservatives have to pull out all stops and demand why.  Why would they want ineligible foreign votes to decide how this country is run?  Why would they think that insisting voters show IDs would be voter suppression when everyone who receives government checks has to have proper government issued ID?  What we have now is pretty much what we used to call a "banana republic' in the sense that elections there were always a slam dunk for the dictator in charge because they were rigged.  The Deep State and the left have built a massive voting machine designed to favor their candidate and it has been in place for years.

How the Game is Fixed.  Imagine a Super Bowl where the Reds were ahead 27-25 with a minute to go.  All of a sudden, the power went out in the entire stadium.  When the lights came on after a couple minutes of chaos, fans noticed the scoreboard showed 27-29.  Anyone witnessing such an event would be beyond outraged. [...] So why is it that multiple unusual occurrences in a nationwide election are ignored and voters are expected to just accept the results they are given?  In Dallas, Texas there are reports of hundreds of votes being added at poll closing time.  A Democrat in New Hampshire was awarded 1,106 votes in a town with about 700 people.  Why is Maricopa County, Arizona the only place in the country where there is no chain of custody for mail-in ballots?  In the same county an elections clerk claimed that uncounted "Slot 3" ballots were mixed in with already counted ballots.  In Maryland there were 1,000 votes left to count in a House race, but overnight 10,000 votes were added, leading to a Democrat victory.  In Santa Clara, California, a bag of mail-in ballots was found deep in a ravine.

PA Gov. Elect Josh Shapiro Arrests Democratic Consultant For 'Wide Scale' Ballot Fraud.  Democratic Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro charged a former campaign consultant Wednesday with "wide scale" voter fraud, according to authorities.  Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews was arrested Wednesday and charged with forging signatures on nomination petitions so that he could get his Democratic clients on the ballot during the 2019 primary races in the city, Shapiro's office announced.  "In advance of the 2023 municipal elections, this arrest is an important reminder that interfering with the integrity of our elections is a serious crime," Shapiro said in a statement.

Just Call It What It Is: Massive Election Fraud.  Nothing works in America 2022:  there's inflation through the roof, expensive food, expensive energy/gas, war in the Ukraine with the potential to go nuclear, debt through the roof, everything sucks basically.  Yet, the Democrats managed to pretty much remain in power after the midterms.  The Senate is 100% in blue hands and keep in mind that Republicans always betray their voters and join Democrats when it's something big that needs to pass through the House.  DEMs never do that by the way.

Early-Vote Malignancy Metastasized in Midterm Elections.  The mad rush toward early voting accelerated thanks to another disease:  COVID-19.  Like so many things wrong in America today, COVID lurks just beneath the surface.  Because voting in person was "too dangerous," opportunistic Democrat lawyers sued like ambulance chasers in 2020 to widen and deepen early voting beyond its earlier, lower profile.  This year, with COVID in the rear-view mirror, 2020's "emergency" measure has become the new normal.  The Democrats' ever-leftward ratchet mechanism always works this way.  Yesterday's temporary concession becomes tomorrow's permanent civil right.  What [...] is the hurry to cast ballots before seeing the complete picture that voters face each federally defined Election Day?

Philly Dem Consultant Accused of Faking 1,000 Signatures.  As bad as Arizona may be, there's a reason that Philly still leads the nation in fraud in contested statewide elections.  (I'm not going to bother mentioning New York or Los Angeles, where Karen Bass was predictably appointed mayor by way of a whole lot of late-arriving ballots for the second time.)  What's remarkable is not that things like this happen in Philly, but how unremarkable they are. [...] What's striking about these stories is the sheer level of chutzpah, the brazenness of the corruption in question.  That's a fundamental characteristic of the kind of hard-core corruption in the urban Dem political machine.

Google attempts to deter 'election fraud' searches with suggestions like 'ejection fraction'.  Google appears to be attempting to deter searches on "election fraud" by using auto-fill suggestions unrelated to elections.  Upon typing "election fr" or "election "fra" into Google's search engine, instead of auto-suggesting phrases that begin with "election," as would be typical, Google primarily suggests variations of "ejection fraction."

Another Brick in the Blue Wall of Fraud.  There is an international consensus that secure, trustworthy elections means strict voter ID requirements and in-person voting rather than drop boxes or vote-by-mail.  In response to the chaos of the 2020 election, in which many Detroit precinct totals simply didn't add up, the Michigan legislature passed an effective voter ID law, which Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed.  To prevent any threat of honest elections in Michigan's future, Michigan Democrats came up Proposal 2, amending Michigan's Constitution to mandate drop boxes, allow unlimited third-party funding of ballot harvesting, prohibit election audits except as conducted under the supervision of the secretary of state, and ban effective voter ID laws.  Drop boxes and ballot harvesting means that canvassers can cajole, bribe, or scare you into voting their way and then drop off the ballot anonymously.  The prohibition on legislative or independent election audits means that there is no effective check on any fraud scheme to which the secretary of state is a party.  The ban on effective voter ID laws means that all anybody has to do to vote as somebody else is to sign in as them at the polling place.

The Unpopular Cure for Our Electoral Woes.  Here we are, a week after the 2022 elections, and we are still in the fog of ballot-counting.  A nation who put a man on the moon a half-century ago somehow cannot tally the votes of the people in a day.  Read into that whatever you wish.  Over at the Conservative Treehouse, site owner Sundance provides an excellent article distinguishing the difference between ballots and votes.  Votes are the expressed intention of a voter for a particular government leader.  Ballots are filled out pieces of paper that express the choice of a particular leader.  Both are counted for an election.  In the current system, ballots are gathered or harvested either, legally or illegally, and submitted.  Given the lack of prosecution, the legality of it apparently does not matter.  Votes represent the will of the people; ballots may or may not.  This disenfranchising process could not happen if one political party vehemently opposed it.

Harris County DA Kim Ogg launches 2022 election investigation, asks Texas Rangers to assist.  Harris County District Atto